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File: 1597643222129.jpeg (191.66 KB, 900x675, 6817C8E6-220E-408F-86A7-415DF8…)

No. 1024103

In light of recent popularity of socialism, there is now a distinct breed of pickmes who flirt with leftist politics due to not meeting the looks/purity bar for overt tradthottery and because Marxist rhetoric allows them to vent their personal resentment towards their more successful/attractive peers under the guise of caring about the poor. Common examples include Anna Khachiyan, Dasha Nekrasova, Amber A'Lee Frost, Aimee Terese, Heather Habsburg, Caroline Debnam, Liz Franczak, and their gay woman-hating buddy Jack the Fragrance Fascist.

>Anna Khachiyan, Mr. Bean doppelganger and top cow of the group, persists with her PickMe ways, seethes about every woman more attractive than her, befriends every fascist on Twitter, yet doesn’t understand why everyone hates her: >>>/snow/1023964
>Dasha Nekrasova, pro-ana poster girl with an IQ of 20, copes with her incipient middle age crisis: >>>/snow/1019312
>Jack the Perfume Nationalist uploads photos of his disgusting beer belly, melts down about women 24/7, and tries to solve the problem of his body odor
>Bug-eyed Liz Franczak of TrustFund Anon podcast tries to salvage her clout and continues to avoid all mention of Jack: >>>/snow/1019091
>How long can Aimee Terese, @HeatherHabsburg/Rachel Olson, and @as_a_woman/Caroline Debnam remain away from Twitter and what hijinx will occur when they inevitably return: >>>/snow/1021669
>Sydney/@custardloaf bonds with Anna and Jack in between intimate sessions of sticking her hairbrush up her butt: >>>/snow/1019401
>Cameo appearances from the extended universe, including Kantblimp, philosophical sex pest Fred Nietzky, and failed Sam Kriss wannabe Mike Crumps: >>>/snow/1020523
>Virgil Texas’s ex confirms he has a tiny penis: >>>/snow/1018818
>Lolcow has the Dirtbag Left shook: >>>/snow/1020107

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1020452

No. 1024108

Lmfao Eli is a trust fund fag

No. 1024109

File: 1597644663187.jpeg (465.33 KB, 1195x1021, 9B4E0982-CA62-4664-9778-7FA803…)

This brand of white knighting is hilarious. I wish I had screenshotted the tweet from Aimee’s original account in which she explicitly stated she’s not a Communist. The tweet was from this year too, not from when she was a Warren fangirl a few years ago.

No. 1024110

File: 1597644752495.png (128.21 KB, 455x551, eee.png)

dirtbag left personality @discourse_stu_ offers his thoughts on the thread

No. 1024113

he just described stupidpol, redscare and chapotraphouse

No. 1024115

“Insanely mad” is a weird way to describe the threads. Is he projecting?

No. 1024116

File: 1597645681370.jpeg (68.36 KB, 675x900, EflOlmDXYAYsjDN.jpeg)

the wall…

No. 1024117

It sounds like Discourse Stu and his fellow Red Scare orbiters in his group DM are “insanely mad” about us.

No. 1024118

>implying anyone is simmering with mad except him and his hugbox that no doubt has a discord where other unemployed polispergs publicly shit triggers over a girl anime forum

petition to move this thread to /pt/

No. 1024119


Am I understanding this correctly or is their monthly haul now at around 34k? How is their life so dirty and basic looking if they have so much money? I get Anna is just wasting her bag going on pointless vacation trips with Eli, but Dasha? She has the same energy as a greasy white girl version of Kari Ferrell circa 2008.

No. 1024121

$34,434 and they had just hit 30 like last month i think lol

No. 1024125

I read this like 5 times and I genuinely don’t understand what he’s trying to say

No. 1024126

First post had 40 something likes and the incomprehensible second one 4, you’re not alone.

No. 1024127

Mods should definitely move this thread to /pt/ because these leftythot cows won’t stop and they’re overflowing with milk more so than Momokun or the literal who’s like Loki.

No. 1024130

she is marxist and that is not the same

No. 1024131


How the fuck do you not understand it? He's saying like minded people congregate in online spaces and rile each other up to the point of insanity. Are you retarded?

No. 1024134

Yes, but it’s ridiculous to claim that Aimee is “more Marxist than thou” when she rejects a Communist society as a worthwhile long-term goal. Generally Marxists have held that the final and highest stage of history is the establishment of a classless, i.e. Communist, society.

No. 1024135

I understand the first two but I don’t get how they’re really applicable to the examples he gave, and also understand it in relation to the thread. I don’t get if he’s talking to the thread or about the thread - like if he’s trying to explain he thinks the sentiments in the thread are a result of us being likeminded people riling each other up or if he’s trying to say that we (the thread) should understand what we see (their posts) are a result of them riling each other up in a group chat and we only see the public eruption

No. 1024136

Both tbh. Everyone online is just in
cliques making each other more and more mad at perceived outgroups. It's just done anonymously here lol

No. 1024137

File: 1597647984375.png (1.05 MB, 700x871, cows.png)

>Anna Khachiyan, Mr. Bean doppelganger

No. 1024138

Holy shit, kek. This thread just started and we already have the official image for the next thread.

No. 1024144

>paul blart
I'm fucking dying.

No. 1024146

it's hilarious just how off every attempt at pathologizing these threads is. i've seen us called language policing sjws, femcels jealous of hot girls, seething mad, obsessed, etc. these people have spent such a long time picking fights with easy target "libs" and various bluechecks and journalists while their sycophants cheer on them that they can't even imagine them and their friends could also simply be funny for others to mock. they have no idea how to react when their go to insults like "i bet you read harry potter!" and "more female drone pilots!!!!" don't apply anymore so they keep projecting.

No. 1024149

more like discourse stfu am i right ladies

"hitting a wall" implies the person was attractive before, anon. jack will never hit the wall, he was born on it

No. 1024151

File: 1597649723718.jpeg (45.34 KB, 339x607, 335421E6-F215-4509-8222-C8491E…)

Snow filter or..?

No. 1024153

this whole website it pathological lol. finding joy in mocking people is pathological psychotic behavior how have you not admitted that to yourself?

No. 1024154

Is mocking people only psychotic when it’s done on an image board? Because everyone mocks other people.

No. 1024155

The entire side of twitter we're discussing here is essentially based on mocking the same people in quote-tweets or DMs. The only reason this thread looks "psychotic" to you is because it's you and/or your friends being laughed at and not acceptable targets like Sady Doyle or some similar literal who.

No. 1024156

no lol everyone on left twitter is psychotic. its just a fact. not really a judgement

No. 1024157

i think in this case anon meant the actual wall behind him

No. 1024158

no i agree with you. its all just psychotic behavior tho

No. 1024159

yes as well all know the only acceptable targets of mockery are neoliberal girlbosses and women on tiktok

No. 1024160

We're not reactionary or hyper-SJW like those subreddits, though.
The thing about LC is that if you're not a complete retard or a trainwreck, you don't end up getting talked about. You have to be something of a walking joke. No one cares about your politics or personal infights if it's not part of a larger, more entertaining narrative.
If you end up getting talked about repeatedly and mocked on this website, there's a very high chance that you are the problem, not everyone else.
He and his fellow orbiters need to accept that they're just a pack of clowns. A morbidly obese gay man who has mental breakdowns on Twitter, a cringy wannarexic who failed at living out her favorite Lana Del Rey songs, a haggard, embittered Russian woman constantly seething about other women, fat rockabilly trailer trash, a mentally ill Catholic, (former) FtMs, skinwalkers, a girl who got dragged for sticking a hairbrush up her ass and still simps for the men who mocked her. This thread is like an entire sitcom cast, but with nothing heartwarming and no lessons learned.

No. 1024161

bitch did i fucking say that.

No. 1024162

Do you think psychosis is when people are mean?

No. 1024164

Then what brings you here? This isn't exactly Twitter where you can just stumble on shit-talk by mistake, you kind of have to dig.
Are you pathological and/or psychotic, anon?

No. 1024165

i think you probably have some kind of mood disorder yeah and are an unhappy cunt lol

No. 1024167

suck my dick you loser

No. 1024168

lol sharting moid spotted

No. 1024169

You’re really sensitive

No. 1024170

This post definitely reads like it was written by a healthy, happy person who doesn't have a psychological disorder, lmao.

No. 1024171

you're so fucking corny

No. 1024172

No one here's going to suck your dick, sorry.

No. 1024173

how much do you want to bet this is jack having another schizo breakdown? take your meds and lose some weight.

No. 1024174

im putting my money on this guy >>1024110

No. 1024175

wrong quote>>1024173

No. 1024176

it is i hate u

No. 1024178

hey Jack if this is really you I have a few questions
1.why do you use the internet even though you know it is so bad for your mental health, are you just really dumb and stubborn
2.is the reason you so are insecure and block your "fans" on twitter all the time is because you realize everyone is just there to laugh at you
3.when are you going to grow up and get off the internet and lose some weight and stop spouting your dumb takes?

No. 1024180

File: 1597652343236.jpeg (133.51 KB, 826x786, 82C5CA94-F9DF-4AB2-9228-180166…)

This “joke” is somehow worse when you remember his Waif0000 cum tribute

No. 1024181

You Leftthot white knights can’t come to grips with the fact that your social circle is one of the most pathetic and unintentionally hilarious ensembles online right now, and the people you hold up as incisive cultural/political critics are embarrassing, self-absorbed, vain, resentful, stupid cows. Your crowd is like an entire subculture full of WASBAPPINs, but even more ridiculous and delusional. Cope harder.

No. 1024182

i know it may be hard for you to believe this but i do not like those people and i do not really like you people either

No. 1024183

1. for fun
2. yes
3. later on

No. 1024184

“You people”? Are you a saint watching over this thread? You should leave this evil place

No. 1024185

Why are you so fat?

No. 1024187

i ate too much food and didn't exercise

No. 1024188

This is some epic irony guy RPing as Jack, probably that discourse stu guy from earlier in the thread

No. 1024190

you're fucking braindead and you should sage your posts

No. 1024192

It’s a cluster b rando, stop giving them attention

No. 1024193

if you are really jack post pick with a time stamp.

No. 1024194

File: 1597653268935.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.37 KB, 596x441, Jabba_the_Hutt_(cropped).jpg)


No. 1024197

Yeah, that much is obvious. The boring responses aren't very Jack at all. It sounds like some pathetic reply guy (or girl) seething and trying to "epically troll" after this thread was linked in their group chat.
The type who's not interesting enough to be noticed much, so they ass-lick, beg for crumbs and (poorly) pretend to be detached from everything, while actually being hyper-fixated on literally anything people say.

No. 1024198

File: 1597653547380.jpeg (Spoiler Image,242.84 KB, 1536x2048, FC364760-E0C0-4F8F-821C-BAE88B…)

No. 1024199

This is literally the exact type of person I imagined behind those pissy all-lowercase posts, lmao.

No. 1024202

Fucked up hair, dirty glasses, and looks underage. This thread attracts so many mentally ill people.

No. 1024209

this. it's fucking pointless and contradictory to actually call yourself a marxist but not a communist, it's gutless and academic marxists are the biggest cowards on earth. aimee is just an edgy succdem who likes marx's critiques of capitalism when they suit her narrative!

No. 1024212

is this the first time he's been mentioned on LC? he definitely would bring lots of milk lmao

No. 1024217

File: 1597658021657.jpeg (45.16 KB, 620x341, F45A3F24-7BDF-406B-A046-5CC7F9…)

Frankly I’m more surprised we’ve made four threads without any mention of Anna K’s good buddy Michael Tracey. Dude has all the classic cow personality traits and recently self-owned on his birthday.

No. 1024220

KEK, talk about meltdown milk. i used to really like tracy because he was the most outspoken about the russiagate hysteria being BS but ever since the protests started he's been unraveling and showing his true manchild colors

No. 1024222

Does he live at grandmas?

No. 1024224

He cranked up the petty bitch meter once Tulsi dropped out and endorsed Biden, but the Maxine Waters altercation is one of the all time great Twitter meltdowns. He spent like 24 hours responding to people about it with hardly any breaks in between.

I get strong Norman Bates vibes from Jack, lol

No. 1024227

A fat man in a death in june shirt gives off a lot of different potent vibes

No. 1024229

File: 1597660080924.jpeg (1011.2 KB, 1199x1677, D907B9E6-A1B5-42AC-8CCF-AC754C…)

Sometimes I think these cows were all created in a lab for our amusement. They all gravitate to each other.

No. 1024230

File: 1597660201417.jpeg (224.77 KB, 750x619, C1CB145D-1F88-4B6B-A14D-426811…)

They really do act like gay men.

No. 1024231

File: 1597660230557.jpeg (392.65 KB, 1192x926, 2737E84D-C81A-45AA-8DC9-258C7C…)

Can someone more familiar with gay subcultures tell me if “bear” is a word loosely used to describe homely men no one in their right mind would find attractive? Also lol at Anna praising Bronze Age Mindset.

No. 1024245

File: 1597664582993.png (296.02 KB, 418x254, da burs.png)

it's such a cope, bears are supposed to look like pic related, but every fat fag who grows some stubble to cover his double chin calls himself a bear to make himself feel better. they're just like ugly dudes who take hrt to get gyno and call themselves sissies

No. 1024253

It's 100% Jack, no doubts.

No. 1024255

I've found the pathologizing of who we are seems to be 100% projection & cope. The well has run dry as far as the 'dirtbag left' grift has come and now we're left with a bunch of hanger ons who need a justification of why their 1-3 years of sycophantic social climbing never paid off..

No. 1024264

File: 1597666876033.png (506.71 KB, 998x628, Screen_Shot_2018-03-07_at_2.08…)

Jesus, does he just log off and go punch his walls in the shower?

No. 1024265

The way he pathetically crawls up her ass and she’s just totally cool with it…so sleazy.

No. 1024277

i-is his phone case a perfume bottle? the autism

No. 1024278

Julia Fox comments on these threads are dumb. I agree with anon noting Anna came up with that tweet cause being a known artsy it girl in NY for ages overlaps her social circle and all that microcosmo, more than recent media attention -and worldwide thirsty fanbase- to JF.

Anyways, she exudes sexyness, gorgeous face, and her ass have always being round and big (she has thick thighs, more pear shaped than hourglass). This is literally the last obscure thing to aknowledge !!?

No. 1024295

Congratulations Stu you just rediscovered the concept of echo chambers. Not mad though, just entertained. Putting the *lol in the lolcow.

No. 1024296

It's that look she's into, or cope

No. 1024298

But a lot of people, farmers included, didn’t know who JF was until she was in uncut gems. How were they supposed to know those nuances unless someone informed them? She’s done an entire 180 in persona. You can’t blame anons for being on the fence. There’s no doubt in my mind Anna is just jealous of her newfound success and attention, yeah. She will never be charming or attractive enough to captivate a real audience.

No. 1024325

File: 1597678211313.jpg (290.77 KB, 1898x1200, sbENmANxANQN5Lu5cAvuaYK3tG-AqC…)

I think Julia Fox is hot and Anna is def jealous that Eli would rather fuck Fox any day but she didn't always have dat ass

No. 1024331

He's trying to say that dirtbag leftism and its horrible takes is a result of intellectual inbreeding stemming from desire to outmarx other people

No. 1024334

You're right, wonder if it was weight gain and squats or something. She still looked amazing though - 100x better than Anna or Dasha ever have! Now granted, they are skinnier so uh there is…that.

No. 1024336

File: 1597679755147.jpeg (144.24 KB, 714x326, 2F31D7CB-902F-4B88-B3FB-8EA6E9…)

apparently this dude was one of the men on the shitty media men list and claims that it ruined his life. because of this, you can find him in every post on the red scare sub proclaiming the evils of pmc white women

No. 1024338

can you link the thread?

No. 1024340

File: 1597679912600.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 1590809360850.jpg)

>wking yourself on an anonymous forum
>still thinking le irony detached tumbler lowercase typing style can conceal your butthurt

No. 1024341

Love how all these creeps think adding "white" to their misogynistic screeds and critiques of women elevate them beyond incel rhetoric. Stupid white pickmes think they'll be able to pass as anime racially, or something.

No. 1024342

No. 1024344

misogyny magically becomes perfectly socially acceptable and even morally good if you just criticize WHITE women. all "leftist" men and even "feminist" men figured this out like 3 years ago and it still slides

No. 1024347

File: 1597680749683.png (20.02 KB, 777x174, the average person who uses re…)

thanks this is too golden

No. 1024351

Aww, the white boy can't succeed because of his white penis anymore :^(

No. 1024355

>literally uses "I'm a victim of feminisms" identity victimhood

It's not idpol when it's me arbitrarily assigning people to various made up identity teams!

No. 1024364

File: 1597682907305.jpg (36.64 KB, 600x563, 1590445462250.jpg)

Very anti-idpol to utilize intersectional sjw oppression ladders to avoid backlash for standard reactionary talking points. Bet the cowardly fag wouldn't dare to say anything like this publicly about black women - his caucasoid incel ass would be handed to him immediately even in edgescold circles.

I know that pretending that everyone else only succeeds because of some sort of "identity cheating" is an appealing cope to a has-been white male mediocrity (see: muh joos), but it really is much simpler. Your prior success was never based on merit, you just suck and your membership in a particular group can no longer carry you. Seethe harder, maybe you can become one of those professional victims of culture wars like James Damore et al.

No. 1024368

Lol I love having this figure. Women with this kind of body are way hotter than someone like Dasha ever will be

No. 1024384

shit you're right, i didn't see that. i've been avoiding the full size jack pictures and just commenting on the thumbnails because he's so ugly kek

No. 1024391


Totally agree with everything said here. Especially with the podcasters, they’ve built their brands off of “cultural critique” which is a sugarcoated way of saying “getting into everyone else’s business and pretending their personal lives are up for political debate.” Play shitty games…

No. 1024401

No I'm here, not pretending to be anybody else, just watching. I'm old enough to know trolling trolls is pissing in an ocean of piss.

Yes, exactly lol.

I'm not scolding, just here you can vividly observe social/information trends that are all-but universal online.

No. 1024405

post a pic with time stamp or stop larping

No. 1024411

>Muh beobiberal birlbosses
>You are a glamorous, successful international business person who can move labor and capital freely across borders and harbors no particular attachments to provincial horseshit like muh family values or muh working class

Do classcels actually believe this is an own?

No. 1024416

the bourgeoisie is the bourgeoisie, it sucks even if it's female. but they're so obsessed with trad-left larping and being the "cool, right-wing acceptable" leftists that instead of attacking idpol-fueled acceptance of the bourgeois, they just end up reinforcing values that marx and engels themselves criticized relentlessly.
love your family? cool, that's great. but don't pretend that women aren't essentially property in most marriages, don't pretend that women aren't often actively oppressed by expectations of doing all the housework and caring for the children alone while being locked away inside (or, now more commonly, sending kids to daycare while working which sucks too).
it's actually dystopian that women feel like their only chance at freedom is just becoming a slave to capital or becoming the oppressor themselves.

but you'll never hear them say any of this, they just resort to right-wing talking points like "eww her eggs are running out! she's a cat lady crying into a wine glass, all for money!"

(sry for deleting the post twice i kept noticing typos)

No. 1024417

File: 1597690240300.png (1017.55 KB, 1200x1200, 71B99871-3C1B-48FD-9584-B70EE8…)

No. 1024422

>Men are so repulsive even wagecucking is more attractive by comparison
>Clearly women are the problem

No. 1024423

File: 1597690965721.png (41.26 KB, 891x277, who let this happen.PNG)

i can not believe she unironically said a pol copypasta in an interview. is it really that hard for them to read a book instead of getting political opinions of 4chan

No. 1024425

imagine thinking ann coulter and candace owens are anything but painfully boring
also funny how anna picks and chooses when to condemn girlbossery, huh? here, she praises them for being "self-determined" women, but if they were leftists, you know she'd call them bitter old girlboss hags. can't have no competition!

No. 1024427

looking like a poster for f. w. murnau's "nosferatu"

No. 1024428

>Stephen Bannon, Roger Stone, Ann Coulter, Candace Owen
literally how? bannon i could maybe understand going purely on memes, but seriously how

No. 1024429

seriously, just because you weren't exposed to neo-cons during the 2nd Bush era doesn't mean they didn't exist, Anna. Nothing eccentric about Ann Coulter or Roger Stone for christsakes.

No. 1024430

whats really funny to me is that this is a copypasta that is only ever posted very obviously ironically or satirically but she somehow took it seriously.

No. 1024431

for real, she could have at least said glenn beck

No. 1024439


>expecting Anna to not be a corny autist


>this conservative is the new punk cringe in 2020

No. 1024441

NOTHING more contrarian or rock 'n' roll than supporting the current sitting president!

No. 1024446

>Kari Ferrell
have not heard this name in years anon, wow. what is she up to now? does anyone know?
for any curious anons, kari ferrell was notoriously known as the "hipster grifter," a compulsive liar that scammed probably hundreds of thousands of dollars from people by lying to them, saying she worked for concert venues, she even got a job at vice for a while by lying about this. she'd tell her bfs she had cancer and she made them cash all kinds of fraudulent checks for her, lied about her whole life, threatened suicide if anyone tried escaping her web. she was on all kinds of national wanted lists


No. 1024447

mainly a critique against a very few being almost dumbfounded that ppl would lust for her or whatever.
Plenty are super young around here, and detached, or plain ol retarded as 'our' ladies would say. I do agree with the rest. Anna could have just name dropped her cause anyone (perpetually online especially) was talking about that movie. Petty and relevant to snark about that tweet but not that deep? Now I wonder if it was a one time comment or not.

No. 1024464

She is so high on her own supply (twitter takes, the only three authors she always references) lmao
This is kind of cringe when you are 33

No. 1024473

Lefthots are classcel failed girlbosses, their marxoid mewling is motivated by nothing but pure envy. They do not object to bourgs, they want to be the bourgs. That makes them similar to male leftists in that regard.

No. 1024476

lol yes I remember reading about her on hipsterrunoff
this seems to be her instagram and twitter

No. 1024481

ty so much for the links, she has so many anti-cop and anti-prison posts. which, like, good for her, but it has me laughing so hard bc she totally deserved jailtime, probably one of the few young americans that did. anyway, makes sense regardless since she experienced all the prison abuse first-hand. no hate tbh
she seems to have been totally rehabilitated, looking at her stories, she went through hardcore therapy and is closer to her family now. calls herself an influencer though, kek

No. 1024482

File: 1597697232397.jpg (38.84 KB, 400x400, dSq2YDVo_400x400.jpg)

Male leftists who pretend that there is a shadow council of girlbosses that commands women to work instead of tradwaifuing need to find a better way to rationalize being undesirable.

No. 1024484

definitely edited, she's indian trying to look like an asian loli. she seems self conscious about her nose. she's wearing black circle lenses to make her eyes look bigger

No. 1024486

File: 1597697536927.png (536.61 KB, 747x554, hotdog.png)

kari confirmed suitable for the leftthot thread

No. 1024487

File: 1597697670641.png (581.64 KB, 720x914, Screenshot_20200817-164809~2.p…)

He wishes he was a hot white woman soooooo bad

No. 1024490

There is no way for a person like this to be rehabilitated, she's a pure sociopath and now just doing another grift.

No. 1024495

probably true, i'm hoping for the best though. compulsive lying can be helped but she went way further than that

No. 1024512

I mentioned him before on a previous thread but he and his groupies like SailorHaumea etc. are massive cows.

No. 1024514

I like how you think the working class is "provincial" but the bourgeoisie is not.

No. 1024520

File: 1597700754722.jpeg (167.81 KB, 640x909, FF8F2919-70AC-4E1A-8817-050F65…)

Not everything is a conspiracy by muh Pee Emm Cee Liberal White Women. I’ve seen both men and women in fields like law, scientific research, engineering, tech and computer science, grad school, etc. talk about feeling like this, not only just media people who have bullshit make-work jobs like they believe.

Also, that doesn’t surprise me because most of the men on that sub and probably most their male listeners are perverts.

No. 1024539

men love projecting their pathological horniness.

No. 1024540

i think avina @warmtoned posted about this thread earlier today but deleted it… never seen a group of flakes so obsessed with their own thread lmao. is it because of how terminally online irony poisoned desu they all are? idgi

No. 1024546

lol what did she say?
and yeah it's because they're internet addicted and narcissistic they are. srs i know girls that get harassed by internet freaks and they never publicly acknowledge it, yet these people are obsessed with themselves and secretly get off on the attention even if it's negative

No. 1024547

>And what feminists don’t understand is that you can use this stupidity to your advantage.
She really believes other women aren't aware that they can manipulate men and that "playing dumb for profit" is a groundbreaking idea she came up with all by herself doesn't she?

These are all so shallow and basic, it's always so clear she hasn't read any of the literature on the shit she talks about. She really, honest to god, thinks that defying woke dogma and questioning the concept of "patriarchy" is something only she has ever done. I wonder if that's why she only namedrops Lasch and Paglia, they're the only authors she has read in her entire life. I just searched her twitter for most household names and didn't find even a single instance of her talking about anyone other than fucking Lasch and Paglia

What a fucking dimwit

No. 1024552

the one household name feminist i've seen her mention by name was dworkin in some instagram story from last year, obviously she was critical of her.
it's really weird, she wears a shirt all the time that's just some sweatshop-made crop top that says "feminist" all over it lmaooo

No. 1024553

File: 1597703526840.jpeg (153.14 KB, 749x863, 21EFCD4C-3403-4521-B7AA-BF7362…)

Idk if this is what they were referring to but this was yesterday, didn’t look today

No. 1024555


To be fair to her, you are indeed a crowd of desperately sad and bitter morally haggered wretches.

No. 1024556

this is an anonymous forum, i come here to lol at people that we all lol at on twitter anyway. if you'd bother to look at /ot/ or /g/ you'd see that plenty of people here are happy and normal successful people.

>old woman
she seriously thinks we're all envious of her? lmao, i'm 19 and in her friend groups, there's nothing to envy.

No. 1024557

she loves to go on about what a beautiful tiny adorable princess she is compared to other women who are fat old ugly bitches

No. 1024558

also samefag but
>morally haggered
it's unironically morally good to make fun of skinwalkers, fat neonazis, and people who deny autism in women just for clout.

No. 1024559

I honestly don’t think she deserves to be on here. She really does just mind her own business and post fashion & art for her friends, doesn’t seem like she wants attention from any strangers. If she annoys you it’s probably your own problem. She doesn’t fit in with the rest of the freaks being discussed.

No. 1024560

sage your post newfag.
i say exactly the same things i say here on twitter, you are just seething because you can't block everyone posting here and you can't tell who's who.

agreed with this though even tho i don't care for her

No. 1024561

lmfao why? for criticising and making entertainment out of morons online? myself and i’m sure a large amount of anons are gen z and probably younger than most cows posted in the thread. why make us out to be sour aggrieved old sows who are frowning and fuming at our computer screens? we’re having fun, girly

No. 1024563


>i come here to lol at people that we all lol at on twitter anyway

What gets posted on here is well beyond twitter snark and you know it

>if you'd bother to look at /ot/ or /g/ you'd see that plenty of people here are happy and normal successful people.

You could literally say the same thing about /b/ and other 4chan boards. this board being an open sewer doesn't change because other boards on the same site aren't lmao.


lol there's like a dozen women being mentioned in these posts and the majority aren't guilty of any of the shit you're presenting as justification. Going through their linkedin or digging up old videos of them being a cringe liberal.

This shit is sad and for every decent point there's half a dozen outright lies by absolutely deranged stalkers. Lame shit.

No. 1024564


this post is the first I've ever heard of warmtoned. besides being mutuals with Caroline there doesn't seem to be much overlap with left twitter

No. 1024565

File: 1597704470939.jpeg (503.14 KB, 828x941, 8CCBB9D2-FA0A-46F8-8696-04DD91…)

Its funny cause she looks 30

No. 1024567

File: 1597704503892.png (12.08 KB, 596x111, sensible chuckle.PNG)

I wouldn't expect her to have read any feminist authors, I just searched normal stuff that you'd expect someone who tries this hard to pass for a hot public intellectual to mention at least once. Had a hearty laugh that this was the only time she ever mentioned the name "Sartre". Nothing on modernism or modernity, nothing even on postmodernism, none of the big names… no wonder she latches on to the alt-right and admires them, they're geniuses in comparison to her. What a sorry excuse for a human being.

No. 1024568


She doesn't at all you're just sick with the illness that is terminal jealousy.

No. 1024570

It's always the chicks who talk the biggest shit who end up being super underwhelming looking kek

No. 1024571

I don't think she's talking about us, we barely even mentioned her here? She's a literal who even among these literal whos, the only thing she has going for her is that she's friends with Annie

No. 1024572

the lines on her philtrum look like trenches

No. 1024573

>What gets posted on here is well beyond twitter snark and you know it

They collect thousands of dollars in patreonbux for insulting other women's career aspirations to amuse an audience of right-wing men, but okay, whatever you say.

No. 1024578

now you sound like the old hag. /b/ is just porn now.
just tell us who you are already

no one's jealous of a literallywho leftthot orbiter who is currently sperging in a thread that didn't care about her until she brought even more attention to herself with said sperging. she's below average for her ethnicity, her eye bags look like a 50 year old woman's. she'd be completely ignored overseas

No. 1024583

Isn't she 26? A lot of us here are probably younger than her, so that cope doesn't work, she's just retarded. Probably thinks this is Mumsnet or some shit.

No. 1024587


'It's bad when women get a lot of money to shit on women. It's good when I do the same thing for free. You see the problem with shitting on women was obviously taking money to do it. I am very smart.'

No. 1024588

unironically yes, podcasters are petite-bourgeois.

No. 1024589

You’re boring. I literally do not believe that you have never gossiped about women before. Sorry that you/your friend got picked on, or that you’re deranged enough to identify with the people addressed here.

No. 1024590


Ah - and you and everyone else on here are actually proletarian, lmao. You'd be better off just saying you hate them and enjoy hating them. You're all the same shade of mediocre malcontents as Anna et al.

No. 1024591

As opposed to Anna's gimmick, which is "It's bad when women shit on women for free. It's good when I do the same thing for money."

No. 1024592

It will never cease to amaze me how all these people want to be famous but can't handle any anonymous criticism.

Even the women that THEY love to make fun of never complain, or acknowledge it at all. They don't post screenshots of the "harassment," they don't care. Obsessed!

No. 1024594

Yes, I'm actually proletarian. Don't project your 30-year old sugar daddy onto me, thanks.

No. 1024597


Is there a single “tehe I’m so pretty all the other girls are jealous is me” thot that actually looks above average attractive? Why are they ALL mediocre/unattractive in some way?

No. 1024599


Do you really think this perverse shit smearing is 'gossip' lol. Do you think this is 'water cooler tittle-tattle'


You are oh so close to having your mind expanded. Imagine for a second, Anna is a cringe contrarian. Imagine then alongside that, the sort of unhinged fixation on her and others that goes well beyond gossip or snark, is 'bad'. Imagine those two things both being true. Now imagine you're one of those two groups and can unburden yourself from coming together to sit around shitting in eachothers hands and clapping.

Imagine a world where two things are true. Incredible.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1024601

Because they shit on women for the simple fact of being women and throw all of them under a bus for money from misogynistic men and help to normalize casual misogyny in political spaces.

Meanwhile, we shit on these specific women not because they are women but because they are people who are capable of having their bad opinions criticized. Plus this is an obscure forum for cattle ranchers so in the grand scheme of things this doesn't even matter. Not all of the people discussed here are women anyways. Jack is our biggest bull.

No. 1024602

She got her ass done

No. 1024605

nope. I've never seen an actually hot woman call herself hot obsessively. all the twitter girls that do this look like loaves of bread or a tan mr bean.

No. 1024606

why are you whiteknighting someone who denies autism in women and opposes BLM protests and drags women down every day for her own career

No. 1024607

Why does it go beyond normal gossip? Did we call you ugly?

No. 1024610

you know that's what happened lmao every time a cow randomly shows up its because they saw they got insulted

No. 1024611

Ah, so a group of women milking a few thousand paypigs have the insane amount of sway to make life harder for women in political spaces across the board, far beyond their meagre listenership, but a few thousand women shitting on other women doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

Pure, utter projection. Nobody irl gives a shit about Anna and Dasha and any of that gang, they're irrelevant, that's what's so pathetic about them, they're failed grifters. Emphasis on failed. Don't moralise this, just say you hate them and enjoy hating them. This isn't a moral crusade lol.

No. 1024612

in fact i bet she posts here herself as long as it doesn't "cross the line" aka insult her or her friends

No. 1024613

it's both fun AND moral, like throwing shit at cops. we win all across the board

No. 1024617

this isn't winning in any respect it's possibly the single worst way to spend your time, but have a good night girls

No. 1024618

Since you're triggered, just leave the thread. If you think this commentary is bad, you must not go on the other threads because lolcow can get worse than this.

No. 1024619

File: 1597706647530.jpg (76.23 KB, 420x420, bait.jpg)

>actually arguing with the cow over whether or not what we're doing is moral instead of mocking them for actually coming to the thread to defend themselves

No. 1024621

File: 1597706729115.gif (913.2 KB, 500x341, wipe your tears.gif)

True, they make 34,000 dollars a month (~400k/yr) doing nothing but churning out shitty low-effort podcast episodes twice a week. Am I supposed to feel sorry for them when they get slightly criticized online?

No. 1024623

for real these threads are at least half actual fans of some of these people, they should be grateful it's not worse if anything

No. 1024624

"But what if the child consents tho" - leftists in 2020.

Someone search this moid's computer, he's salivating over teenage cunts way too much. Also lmfao @ Lacan username being a pedo, every fucking time.

>still expecting males not to warp any ideology to meet their penile needs

No. 1024628

if anything proves how unsocialist these people are, it's how uppity they get about making fun of rich people

No. 1024631

Except if it's the dreaded UMC girlboss white women they love to blame everything on.

No. 1024636

Their gossip is corrupted by the pursuit of profit while ours is pure and untainted. They’re beholden to their simps while we’re free to say what we will. Despite all the “subversive” posturing, they’re cucked and boring.

No. 1024638

You clearly do it for free, too, so what's your problem?
Maybe you should make a podcast dedicated to shitting on on women who shit on women who shit on women. It's a valuable use of your time, and I'm sure plenty of people would pay for that.

No. 1024639

Is she really Indian? She calls herself central asian

No. 1024641

File: 1597708034858.png (175.02 KB, 356x258, lip.png)

mb nitpick but, every. single. time. they really don't realize how bad overdrawn lips look.

No. 1024643

Her existence offends no one. She was mentioned maybe once before and iirc the anon was saying they liked her account.

No. 1024645

of course she calls herself that how does is she supposed to pander to scrotes.

No. 1024646

What is there to be jealous of? There are a few pretty women being discussed in this thread but she isn’t one of them, plus she’s boring.

No. 1024652

Unironically, I first really got into these threads after Azealia Banks called Anna and Dasha's podcast boring, and it made all their simps seethe with rage.
I tried giving their podcast a listen to see if she was right, and it unironically put me to sleep. It was crazy how she wasn't wrong about them at all, but now I've realized it's actually a whole fucking circus of people who lead ridiculous lives, but only ever say boring, low-level shit. It's like some sort of parody.
I don't really know why their orbiters go on about how we're all obsessed and jealous. These people are literally just funny, some of them barely even seem real. How do they not see that?
Like, imagine being the kind of person who actually admires these people and thinks they're smart. It's insane.

No. 1024655

File: 1597708611543.png (100.74 KB, 597x405, artists.png)

The most influential artists of today are making memes about video games and word-salad tweets about neoliberalism.

No. 1024659

File: 1597708715586.jpeg (466.07 KB, 750x811, 290C8AC1-7AB3-467A-BCE9-5426F4…)

got em

No. 1024665

So she gets away with not only skinwalking her way to a few thousand followers but also race faking?

No. 1024668

she should just come out as a trump supporter already

No. 1024670

File: 1597709123535.jpeg (844.43 KB, 1242x1456, 6B10BB64-67A3-4731-B3B3-CCB78E…)

No. 1024671

"every selfie is a cry for help" - ben mora

No. 1024675

>”don’t politicize my vanity”
>is wearing a dress covered in mao

No. 1024677

Poor Dasha, she tries so hard to be edgy but she's still the same retard who sperged out about muh fascism when Trump got elected. The people in both photos are the same type of retard lmao She's cheering on a CIA plot, love to see it.

No. 1024678

if you pay attention she always says she is SEA but not specifically chinese, japanese, korean ect. because india is still technically part of south east asia so im 90% sure she will just play the semantics if she gets called out.

No. 1024688

I’m pretty sure she’s Uzbeki or Kazakh based on how she posts about her ancestors all the time. Eurasian people generally look more European than Asian but there is a lot of variety especially between mountain/city dwellers. It’s so cringe that she thinks it’s cute to roleplay “turco mongol empire steppe gf” when women in these countries are still being kidnapped for arranged marriages & honor killings are totally fine and normal.

No. 1024692

The cow who's mewing here about "stalkers" is no other than Jack. He can't help but insert himself and gives himself away every time. He's done this time and time again on the RS sub as well. Sorry Jack! Just like you are free to talk shit about anyone and everyone on your pod and twitter, so are we! And stop being butthurt about Jugs being doxed. She made a decision as an adult to go on podcasts and put herself out there. She also made herself a huge target by acting insane online. Take a hike loser, literally. A hike would do you some good!

No. 1024695

i suspect caroline bc the writing style is a little stupider than jack’s, but who knows

No. 1024699

anna summarized tbh

it's so weird, why would she even wear a dress with mao on it? because he's an "icon" and she's "so political?" maoists despise her, she'd despise maoists. she complains about capitalism but does nothing but herald the commodification of socialist ideas and figures
insecure hipster irony never died, they just all make podcasts now

No. 1024703

>eccentrics such as Bannon, Roger Stone, Ann Coulter and Candace Owens

Man, Anna K is such a retard. What an embarrassing take, just consistently poor judgement,

No. 1024714

if she's subtweeting the new models podcast and politigram "researchers," she's not wrong

No. 1024723


Can someone dox this subhuman please?

No. 1024726

samefag but I just realized he is talking about rose mcgowan, who I think is a cow and a drama queen in her own way but who was known to be in a fucking sex cult that exploited children when she was growing up in Italy, what the actual fuck

No. 1024733

File: 1597712798462.jpeg (195.64 KB, 1195x394, 9C70FB1C-912D-4B8E-8BDE-2064D4…)

Surprising no one, Caroline is back on Twitter. These cows can’t survive without attention from their simps. Only a matter of time before Heather and Aimee are back.

No. 1024735

File: 1597712923967.png (53.61 KB, 274x284, honk honk.png)

Rachel Olson (Heather Habsburg) is livetweeting the DNC with her new personality, "Natasha Rostova". Follow along!

No. 1024736

This. Stop moralfagging. The cows exist for entertainment, don’t act like this is some cringey moral crusade.

No. 1024737

File: 1597712957792.png (128.13 KB, 594x534, lol.png)


No. 1024739

Her skinwalking and racefaking are so obvious I don't think anyone feels the need to call her out

No. 1024743

>Bernie should just shoot himself on stage

sewww edgy!

No. 1024746

does she have schizophrenia? this is like the fifth internet pseudonym she's larped under

No. 1024748

As if Dasha has anything other than genetic background in common with the "angelic" women on the left. She'd be happy to wear a pussy hat and a smile if a director scrote told her he get her a role in ANY movie.

No. 1024750

Lmao, Heather/Rachel wishes she had the hairline of the girl in that avi instead of the creeping chromedome she has.

No. 1024751

File: 1597713519926.png (297.54 KB, 592x404, autism.png)

Has Anna seen this?

No. 1024753

File: 1597713821427.png (45.55 KB, 604x190, femcel.png)

locked again! too bad

No. 1024754

File: 1597713825762.jpeg (94.86 KB, 800x800, 233937E5-A8E4-4A46-9A2E-CAAD36…)

>Kill me if I become Anna Khachiyan

Every smol ingenue kinderwhore cow who's pushing 30 thinks she's "angering" everyone including the imaginary milfs in her head when it's likely a bunch of teens being amused by her embarrassing self infantilizing antics and shitty "babygirl" style she's about 15 years too old for.

Especially given that warmtoned looks like someone's 37 year old sleep deprived Pakistani auntie.

No. 1024756

File: 1597713888109.jpeg (292.47 KB, 1194x1066, 9B2558FF-334A-4DA6-980D-2B7293…)

kek, she already went private, which means she’s definitely checking this thread frequently. whenever this happens, i have a mental image of her gnashing her teeth and ripping out more of her hair as she reads our jokes about her.

No. 1024757

File: 1597714047547.jpeg (371.01 KB, 1242x1177, 9BF04E5E-5889-4ACA-B115-EB3AED…)

Kek she’s purging her followers

No. 1024758

>I'm better than you because my insufferable nagging about the evils of capitalism makes me money

Lefthots are failed porkies uwu

No. 1024763


Rose McDowell

I haven't heard anything about being in a sex cult in Italy, but if someone was in such a place as a child then they are a victim not a perp.

No. 1024765

>about younger women
Why is their cope always UR OLD? pretty sure most of the anons on this site are like, 19 anyways kek

No. 1024766

lol that was under 10 minutes. she's glued to this thread. there's no way the lurking cows don't post

No. 1024768

lmao i deleted my post bc i realized i had the wrong rose in mind, rose mcdowell had an abusive childhood too so i got confused

No. 1024769

does anyone know the twitter etc of caroline’s parasite?

No. 1024770

>joined may
how many alts does this cow have laying around

No. 1024773

because they're ageless women who will never, ever get hoisted by their own petard! If you were as young, beautiful and carefree as they LARP you wouldn't give a shit about a bunch of us old ladies here saying you've got crow's feet.

No. 1024774

File: 1597714857894.jpg (10.24 KB, 360x257, unnamed.jpg)

I'm not familiar with her, but after a precursory google: did she adopt the Habsburg moniker because she's self aware of how tragic her jaw is or…?

No. 1024776

allegedly (allegedly) she has actual distant habsburg ancestry

No. 1024779

…and that's something to brag about? Kek

No. 1024780

It’s the ultimate cope. It wounds them to realize that they’re aging bitter hags being mocked by younger women. It’s probably only going to get worse for them.

No. 1024781

someone in the first or 2nd thread confirmed she didn't

No. 1024783

File: 1597715148822.jpg (61.67 KB, 640x811, 8qjb2aa81zd51.jpg)

This is her right? Is she trans?

No. 1024785

File: 1597715224057.png (1.55 MB, 1200x944, rus_ukr.png)

That dumb whore had a total of like two and a half mentions, so that butthurt is pretty disproportionate. Either she has BPD or just really wants to be uwu relevant and have hAtErZ.

In any case, blogging about an imageboard and showing up here to wk only makes her a bigger cow. Congratulations, your public chimpout has likely promoted you from literallywho to cow that will no doubt be mentioned in the next OP.

No. 1024786

no, just ugly with a skin problem

No. 1024792

File: 1597715515653.jpeg (146.87 KB, 1024x768, 84585F6E-76E1-4EA6-B654-AF1795…)

And suffering from one of the worst cases of incipient female baldness I’ve seen.

No. 1024795

found it. >>1015245 this farmer said she has an autoimmune disease and was a heroin addict. doesn't sound like a good combination, surprised she doesn't look more dead.

No. 1024798

You know what PMC stands for? Things like law and academia are part of the PMC.

No. 1024800

Does anyone hate how these people go on about universal healthcare? That's one of the most retarded ideas in modern American politics.(derailing)

No. 1024802

No. 1024804

…you're joking right? keep it OT either way

No. 1024805

every other nation does it this way, even much poorer ones. most of here are leftists.

No. 1024806

File: 1597716368146.png (269.27 KB, 609x535, dash.png)

starved for attention, filtered to hell

No. 1024807

File: 1597716498149.jpeg (123.18 KB, 721x1200, ECDB006F-4D3C-4DEF-B521-9A3F3C…)

No. 1024811

Universal healthcare is good. But it is a safe bet that many of these leftthots will rapidly lose all interest in “socialism” if universal healthcare and student debt forgiveness get enacted in America.

No. 1024812

what filter is this

No. 1024813

kek, easily one of the funniest candid pictures I’ve seen of Dasha

No. 1024815

I mean half of them went from "medicare for all! green new deal! bernie 2020!" to "biden is literally trump i'm voting third party who cares if trump wins" in like, 6 weeks so

No. 1024819

universal healthcare is good but so many of the twitter socdems just tweets about it for clout

No. 1024822

No. 1024827

>250 replies in less than 24hrs
all of left twitter is probably here by now. no way all these posters are farmers.

No. 1024830

why do you think there is some people who keep defending them

No. 1024832

Pretty sure it’s been confirmed that the cows and their orbiters know about the thread and cry about it in their group DMs.

No. 1024834

lmao that wasn't the post i meant but these are sooo much more tilted and damning, good catch! the ones i saw were about like, comparing/shitting on women's bodies on the internet being morally reprehensible, so in that sense it's funny that the best comeback she can conjure is to call a bunch of strangers old and ugly lmao

No. 1024841

Low-key yeah, as in they think universal = single payer, which would be a truly retarded system for America. Also, their first world huwiteness is showing in thinking that single payer in shit tier poor countries that can't afford it is somehow good and you don't have to pay under the table.

No. 1024844

off topic but don't most euro countries and the UK have single-payer?

No. 1024877

lol this girl lives about 2 miles away from me (she lives in the hood btw, like the kind of place you'd be afraid to walk around alone) pretty sure ive seen her at parties before. I wonder if we have mutual friends

No. 1024879

So is her adult dependent just her security guard

No. 1024881

does she live in New York?

No. 1024885

no. raleigh nc

No. 1024915

No. 1024920

No, many have privately funded universal coverage like Germany and France.

No. 1024922


>all this newfag

>mfw the cows think that this thread isn't at least 30% people they think are their "friends" on twitter


No. 1024925

A tubby fridge that looks like it's missing a chromosome. Absolutely angelic.jpg

No. 1024926

NTA but people in these circles don't look like they know that either, for them PMC is just an elevated way to say "made-up job"

No. 1024928

Remember when Red Scare were talking shit about Jia Tolentino because they were jealous of her and because she's Filipino?

No. 1024933

I’m sure it only gets worse in their minds…she has a successful career that’s respected by OG intellectuals AND normies. Worst of all, she just had a baby…without being married to her (long term) bf. THE HORROR. They’ve always been skinnier though!

No. 1024945

Yeah I admit I didn't word that post that well, but in the thread they were saying that it's all just journalists who are "over-compensated for jobs that are not particularly difficult or productive" and "they are actually correctly diagnosing the fact that they’re intellectually vacuous frauds", when if you do a google search you can find articles about imposter syndrome in all sorts of legit professions including things like teaching which many people consider to be underpaid.

No. 1024946

lol especially when anyone with a brain could see that her parents did nothing wrong

No. 1024956

She owned up to that story pretty well imo. I’m not a Jia stan but she’s leagues above Anna and Dasha. They’d have killed each other for the chance to be featured in a Fyre Fest doc or to be the critical “millennial voice” of Juul. Oh well…maybe Vice is hiring.

No. 1024961

false flagger pls go

No. 1024972

I like her but come on. it wasn't illegal per se but her parents were definitely exploiting those immigrants. her clarification was based in shallow idpol, especially galling b/c she isn't even middle eastern/muslim

yeah, I was the anon who brought her up as a left twitter acct who wasn't annoying and racist. didn't think it would spiral into this lmao

No. 1024990

I'd be fine with non-single payer universal health insurance provided it does cover everyone one way or another, but why would single payer be retarded for America?

Also single payer advocates usually cite Canada and UK not developing countries.

No. 1025007

File: 1597737194029.jpeg (178.32 KB, 828x1274, 92C7EF8F-9465-4504-8BD6-834EF7…)

The crying Wojak really does capture every Anna K post

No. 1025010

Try navigating this thread since he posted there to white knight.


No. 1025012

You forgot Houellebecq and Surkov/Dubovitsky

No. 1025018

File: 1597739688665.jpeg (317.88 KB, 1186x781, 954CB07C-87D6-4D06-BE5A-7850C8…)

We have eyes and ears everywhere, moids.

No. 1025022

I think they as a collective have taken this thread worse than literally any other cow, even like 16 year old bpd e-thots. Considering how much it’s been discussed on twitter I wonder what % of posters are regular farmers, this thread seems to move a lot faster than the rest of the site. I feel like a lot of the posts are the cows themselves because I really can’t see these random nobody twitter intellectuals having followers passionate enough to come here and wk them.

No. 1025023

File: 1597740553604.jpeg (987.61 KB, 1242x1883, 5D2B61D3-6968-4563-A89A-C17EB0…)

I guess he’s trying to go viral a second time

No. 1025025

This shit again? Found this reaction video to Anna's tweet in the replies. 25,000 views so far.

No. 1025028

>digging up old videos of them being a cringe liberal.
late to this sperg-out but didn't the video feature caroline protesting some anti-muslim event? at least that had some real world impact. oh wait, i forgot - real leftism is just sneering on twitter and doing anything at all in the real world is neoliberalism. the "online left" is absolutely useless.

No. 1025030

There’s an entire genre of minor Twitter account such as the GoodOlBoys podcasters whose entire existence revolves around boosting and replying to Anna, Aimee, and the other thots. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from that side of Twitter showed up to white knight for them here.

The video of Caroline as a CodePink activist - from February 2019 - was posted to point out how quickly she went from that to being a scarethot ironically tweeting “fuck the kikes.” These broads will change their entire politics and personality within months to seem cool online.

No. 1025042

Strong Dominic Monaghan energy.

No. 1025049

I would probably never say this about another woman, but why doesn't Dasha just wear better makeup and put effort into her appearance if she wants everyone to think she's beautiful and 5 years younger than she is? Her hair colour really washes her out - even going darker would help if she wants to keep makeup minimal (which I can respect) and she could be uwu doomer girl instead of a kinderwhore tradwife.
Wow you sure showed us how you totally don't care about these threads! I would respect them more if they were genuinely annoyed or upset instead of failing at ironic detachment.

No. 1025054

File: 1597747290301.png (12.16 KB, 441x167, p.png)

Genuinely thought this was actually from her at first.

No. 1025055

ugh why do we have to use these dumb labels

No. 1025056

File: 1597747753145.jpeg (101.09 KB, 660x660, 99699CBD-89C7-40A0-9753-2B23E3…)


>The experience was an eye-opening one. “I had a moment at the after-party when I was watching these beautiful and perfect models, who were drunk and coked-up out of their minds and everyone was admiring them,” Nekrasova recalls. “They were like, partying and dancing and lying down on the floor with their thin legs, and I was like, Wow, my life’s okay, but I would literally trade it all — the podcast, Adam, my status as a socialist icon… — I would trade it all to be an extremely hot and relevant model for five seconds. I think that’s probably the best feeling a human being can have. It’s probably heavenly to be desired and frail.”

>Khachiyan agreed. “I’m with you, Dasha,” she said. Adding: “I think it’s only a matter of time before fashion people take note of us. You look like a Russian schoolgirl and I look like a Chechen urchin who sells MDMA by the subway tracks.”

>Apparently, all it takes is around seven months for a Russian schoolgirl and a Chechen urchin to get noticed in this town. Comey told the Cut she’d listened to Red Scare, and Nekrasova also mentioned in September that the brand sent her a pair of heels. So how did it feel to live the dream? “It was everything I wanted,” Nekrasova said backstage afterward. “People put lotion on me.” Plus, there’s “the rush of not eating.”

No. 1025057

she had a natural dark brown bob for a few years and it was her best look imo

nta but it just makes communication easier, i hate the atomization of identity too but considering all these people also use this jargon it's just the easiest option

No. 1025058

>Khachiyan agreed. “I’m with you, Dasha,” she said. Adding: “I think it’s only a matter of time before fashion people take note of us.
on instagram she constantly screenshots any woman she sees with a dark mullet and says "i should get compensation for influencing all these hoes!"
she used to do this like once a week

No. 1025061

>my status as a socialist icon
worst part of that whole blurb

No. 1025062

> I would literally trade it all — the podcast, Adam, my status as a socialist icon… — I would trade it all to be an extremely hot and relevant model for five seconds
wow what a surprise that relationship did not last

No. 1025064

File: 1597749344086.jpg (175.57 KB, 1080x1351, EfrE9zhXsAUZDdN.jpg)

>insecure hipster irony never died, they just all make podcasts now
if she just makes herself into a schizophrenic political collage with no coherent stance on anything so she can just deflect with "it's ironicccccccccc it's aaart"

No. 1025066

File: 1597749573974.png (21.02 KB, 592x205, 2434645768974.png)

Sydney trying hard to suck up now that the frogpeople she usually panders to only see her as a brushfucker

No. 1025068

File: 1597750054519.png (54.07 KB, 600x299, quote.png)

I don't need to waste my time listening when their twitter alone gives me more than I ever need to know.

No. 1025071

File: 1597751416921.png (309.32 KB, 479x608, tiktok.png)

He was just in this girl's tiktok video which got 2 million views and 500k likes about reacting to "incel twitter comments" on another video of hers. A lot of people are starting to get sick of these cows.


No. 1025082

File: 1597752088108.jpeg (143.29 KB, 828x831, DDEE9AF8-6ACE-47D4-A68A-72B59E…)

No. 1025090

Holy shit I just looked thru this thread on Twitter and have never cringed so hard

No. 1025091

She’ll never have a personality of her own. She’ll always be known as the hairbrush up her ass girl. Also lol at the idea that you need to waste time listening to their podcast and get to know them personally before you can make fun of their retarded tweets.

No. 1025099

She's talking about a porn actress though that goes by the name Charlotte Sartre

No. 1025103

Ashley liking the post brings us yet another reminder that 4/10s are the most delusional about their appearances. The girl in the pic is objectively more beautiful and ethereal than Ashley, but Ashley will cope by saying this girl is wearing makeup and isn't the same age so it must not count.

No. 1025104

Samefag, but it's also hilarious that Ashley complains about "haters" making fun of appearances yet she constantly likes tweets just like that. There is no difference between that tweet and this thread except the tweet isn't about her.

No. 1025105

She’s dramatic and a narcissist

No. 1025118

lol but it's us who are the psychotic obsessed jealous hags who are so much crueler about people's looks than anyone on twitter

No. 1025120

She’s routinely hypocritical. She made fun of twitch streamers on her podcast (along with prostitutes and orgies, like the three are comparable) and I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be self deprecating because https://clips.twitch.tv/FragileAntediluvianEmuDoritosChip

No. 1025121

File: 1597757165204.jpg (30.88 KB, 584x266, sad.JPG)

This is so incredibly sad and pathetic. She just switched her theology. Went from one cope to another. Fucking hate idealists.(newfag)

No. 1025123

You’re right. She’s literally just gone to another circle of mentally ill narcissists. If she actually wants to reconcile with family and religion she needs to log off. She can go be a cloistered nun that plays the church organ or something

No. 1025124

What is up with the worship of Elizabeth Taylor?

No. 1025126

she's literally said they resent her for being gay lmao

No. 1025128

Lol did Caroline's twitter already get deleted again?

No. 1025129

Ashley had that retarded rant a few days ago about how there’s no use for any more poetry, everything has already been done. How do you even come to that conclusion without realizing that maybe you’re just bored with the English language. Try to learn another language, Russian for example since you have it in your username purely for ~aesthetic~. Imagine thinking “this art form is over because I’ve seen everything” and not realizing other languages have poetry you are too lazy to appreciate

No. 1025131

A lotta talk here about what the leftthot ideology is. I think Crumps put it best in his Justin Murphy piece: "Petersonian, anti-SJW, postmodern, authoritarian performance art." Its just heavily aestheticized reactionary liberalism.

No. 1025133

She’s so pressed.

No. 1025152

Is it just me or is Liz Franczak way too old to be putting on such a ridiculous voice all the time? It's so affected, worse than the Red Scare vocal fry

No. 1025153

I’ve never listened to an episode of TrustFund Anon but people who have tell me that Franczak mostly interjects with “Brace, that’s so craaazy” and similarly vapid contributions.

No. 1025157

guarantee she did not talk like that when she was a mid 2000s bard college hipster. brace’s voice is also jarring because it really emphasizes what a cringe dork he is.

No. 1025168

Anna and Dasha themselves attract these wierdos, 90% of there demographic is only slightly better than him

No. 1025177

This is the most cringe leftist attempt at being cool since #hotgirlsforbernie, a tag famously filled with fat autistic women and tranny furfags

No. 1025179

Are some people so unaccustomed to people coming on to them that they are completely delighted to be creeped on by randos? The absolute state of scarecels and pickmes.

No. 1025180

The intensity of their desire to live a vapid, consumerist, anti-family, globalist neoliberal lifestyle is fucking hilarious.

Lefthots are failed corporate girlbosses.

No. 1025181

Love it when Anna acts like the only thing that keeps from having children is "not being able to afford it"

No. 1025182

Do they even realize that their whole life is just them trying to glamorize that they're degenerative alcoholics? Of course they don't want to have to stop drinking for 9 months, and then they have to care about another person? It's not happening any time soon.

No. 1025183

>revolt and destroy
half of the people in that thread are too fat to run a city block, how are they gonna overthrow the government

No. 1025184

I think the same thing about Dasha and Anna. If you want to play vain, go all in. Why do neither of them ever wear blush? From an aesthetic point of view it really annoys me how flat and one-dimensional their faces look. I wouldn't care at all if they were just normal girls, but their whole gimmick suggests a certain level of attention to their physical appearance that they just don't do. It really, truly isn't enough to be "skinny".

I'll give Anna the benefit of the doubt on that stupid, avant-garde haircut she had for a long time. Maybe it is some NYC thing that she thought she was striking enough to pull off, it's okay to be wrong sometimes, but both of them, seriously…a little rouge wouldn't kill you. You'd probably gain more female-obsessed gay male followers like Estee Lardass.

No. 1025186

File: 1597768461789.png (66.09 KB, 1080x584, Screenshot_20200818-175720~2.p…)

No. 1025189

5 bucks says it's because men dread impregnating her. She wouldn't be seething about men who use condoms if it wasn't precisely the case lmfao

No. 1025194

Why do moids believe in this myth that all women secretly lust over “powerful” men? It’s such an adolescent lana del rey type fantasy. Most women who’ve been close to those kinds of men know how unfulfilling it is to be with them. It’s literally only dasha types who do this shit

No. 1025195

Conversely, scarecels should just admit that the only reason why they're mad about metoo for pseudo-marxist reasons is because they wish they were rich enough to get away with being shitcreeps towards the caliber of women that's inaccessible to them.

No. 1025196

lmao I consistently enjoy funny bait pics that I haven't seen before. ty anon

No. 1025197

and yet she was engaged to adam lol, who looks like jeff goldblum and nick kroll’s aborted lab baby

No. 1025219

They're basically Karens in denial.

No. 1025229


Why do Marxist moids pretend that it's only some nebulous "elite wealthy men" who can be predators and poor widdle working class scrotes dindu nuffin because they're poor?

No. 1025232

Nobody pretends this, weirdo. Sorry about your autism

No. 1025233

File: 1597773037347.jpg (33.53 KB, 945x812, 104371044_1383396521861738_468…)


Because moids have evolved to rely on sexual coercion to mate with women that wouldn't otherwise pick them. Obviously they project their own masturbatory obsession with these nebulous "powerful alpha men" on women to avoid being held accountable for hoarding resources and actively seeking out attractive women who have no economic options outside of entering consortship with a rich beta moid. Said moid is aware that these women would otherwise aim for a man of similar genetic value. A pretty standard male cope, really.

No. 1025234

File: 1597773281929.jpeg (105.33 KB, 750x569, 29C8D10B-0E16-4379-AB0F-3EBEEC…)

Never forget.

No. 1025252

That's anon point…

No. 1025262

Female autism isn't real, sperg(autism)

No. 1025268

lol jia sage your posts

No. 1025271

>Female autism isn't real, sperg
then how do you explain half the people in this thread?

No. 1025273

Psychopaths who don't want to be mommies faking it to obtain clout anonymously, shitlib(autism)

No. 1025282

>who make internets esoterica

The most intelligent people are able to deduce when they’re being pretentious and take it down a notch because there does actually reach a point where your constant prose of word substitution sounds like you’re trying way too hard. This bulldog faced bitch is too contrived to even say the word meme.

No. 1025283

File: 1597778006302.jpg (1.14 MB, 1988x2107, 1597777139350.jpg)

When edgescold pickme goblinas publicly cuck themselves just so they can experience something as trivial as being uwu manhandled but their rhetoric and attitude only appeals to the very cucked betas they shriek about. Reminds me of her cringe 50 shades tweets about how alpha it is when a man doesn't ask you what you want in a restaurant.

I'm sure deep down you know it, Aimee, but every man is "cuckolded and emasculated" for a woman he really wants. You're just the kind of girl who's not worth anything besides "alpha" disregard. Keep seething about how other women are treated though, maybe someone besides a couple of homosexual podcasters will finally deign to whiteknight you.

>uwu save me internet prince ;-;

No. 1025303

Have you considered not being retarded for once

No. 1025304

>A lot of people are starting to get sick of these cows.

Not to WK them but I don't think anyone gives a shit about what snowflakey tiktok zoomers with pink hair and generic e-girl make-up think. More of a 'when cows collide' than an own.

I doubt she even knows a lot of english language poetry, they're all just like Anna, never read a thing but enjoy shit talking people who no one with real taste and real knowledge would take seriously. No shit they think the art form is over and denouncing woke neoliberalism is groundbreaking, bad teenage poetry and twitter wokescolds are all they know.

No. 1025310

Aimee really started revving up this rhetoric when she started to get the full attention of neo nazis like Eric Striker and co. They also are her biggest defenders and rush to her side when she cries about being bullied. She is truly wretched. Once she full on sent her followers to harass a girl half her age for tweeting about some perfume or skin care products, calling her an AWFL when the girl was literally asked for reccs, meanwhile she's a private school educated lawyer who talked at length about her expensive perfume collection on the Estee Fatass show.

No. 1025314

Working class men are working class women's biggest enemies, cock flaps. Maybe if you get your lobotomized low T head out of Brooklynoid twitter wokesphere and look at the actual violence stats, you'll see that it's not Harvey Weinstein and muh neoliberalism beating and killing them, it's their fellow Cletuses and Tyrones.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1025328

File: 1597784651621.png (88.69 KB, 575x604, E24F46B5-88AD-4E49-BD4D-BF9B1D…)

No. 1025344

Nice "black on black" crime rhetoric. Nobody denies that working-class men commit domestic violence anymore than black people commit crimes. The point is wealthy men can get away with abusing both women in their own class as well as those less privileged with them and that the existing economic system often traps working class women in abusive settings if they are financially dependent on their partners.

No. 1025355

Working class white women in the US have experienced a drop in life expectancy in the last couple of years while most other groups have had rising life expectancy. Do you really think this is caused by being beat to death? In reality it's caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

No. 1025384

Ok sure, do it by race too!

No. 1025400

isn't she having a skype affair with a married neo-nazi? someone's got the story

No. 1025422

She is, the dude ignored his newborn daughter and gf to Skype with her all night. Unreal. The gf is really pretty and has her own business while he's an unemployed neo nazi, great catch there Aimee!

No. 1025432


a troon sockpuppet account skinwalker dasha is even more pathetic than the original

No. 1025436

What’s his name?

No. 1025447

File: 1597797918239.png (292.29 KB, 884x1160, Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 7.44…)

Any idea what's going on with @prinxfern? I've never heard of them before the other day but this is the third time I've seen people make pretty serious allegations against them


No. 1025450

File: 1597798055671.png (458.37 KB, 890x914, Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 7.46…)

samefag. sounds like they're holding homeless men hostage? what the fuck is going on https://twitter.com/pjharveystan/status/1294075540320780288

No. 1025462

File: 1597800327432.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, Girls.jpg)

But it's Aimee's uncucked alpha conservative man who doesn't ask her what she wants to eat in a restaurant.

(Since she'll be paying)

No. 1025465

"Only rich men bad" is a staple in dirtbag leftist word vomit.
Yeah, I wonder what can cause alcoholism and drug abuse?
Like, black men being #1 murderers, rapists and abusers of black women and girls? That's a pretty standard observation in black feminism.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1025467

Hey @custardloaf

No. 1025483


Goes by "Hoob" his twitter is @hoob_mark

No. 1025492

He literally just deleted lol

No. 1025494

wtf is literally everybody monitoring the thread???

No. 1025503

File: 1597804189499.jpg (20.42 KB, 400x454, q5lmof6992231.jpg)

Just how many people exactly are sitting and watching this thread 24/7? They delete their shit within minutes of it being mentioned.

No. 1025512

Shitty jobs and inability to pay medical bills

Who is she? She is sooo hot

No. 1025513


LMAO Aimee must be monitoring it and let her sexy neo nazi lover know

No. 1025517

File: 1597805491028.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1461x1569, F9E95332-54BA-4674-BB60-115A11…)

Aimee really knows how to pick em.

No. 1025519

Anyone got pictures of him? I wanna see what true muh skuleenity looks like.
>non-saging twitterfag cringe

No. 1025530

I unfortunately do not have a picture of him but he's got red hair and is a bloated looking motherfucker. Not cute!! How he pulled off getting an actual attractive woman to even look at him twice, not to mention got her to have his child, I have no idea.

No. 1025538

Pickme or desperate for a family.

The best part of this is how Aimee's decrepit cunt is dripping at the thought of a benignly chauvinistic alpha male taking care of her - as she e-fornicates with an unemployed internet tendiebot who's getting buxed by his neolib girlboss wife.

No. 1025555

She had a really rough childhood, lots of abuse and started dating this creep at a very low point, the baby wasn't planned. Not a trad or pick me at all, not sure she was even aware of his politics until much later.

No. 1025558

Aimee Terese is a mother?

No. 1025568

No, I was replying to the q if Hoob's gf was a pick me or desperate for a family. Aimee is def not a mother and will never be lmao

No. 1025570

all enbys carry some sort of strain of histrionic personality disorder… I’m afraid you made your bed sir

No. 1025647

I wanna feel sorry for Aimee but this just matches her ugly rat face so well. It's probably the best she can get too.

No. 1025670

File: 1597840479345.jpg (20.46 KB, 400x400, wA-P4Y8U_400x400.jpg)

Does "Syrian Girl" count as a leftthot? I don't necessarily disagree with her overall politics but she has a lot of simps and she revels in that, piling on that lip gloss and pouting 24/7. Most of her simps and admirers are from the very far right, because of her stance on Israel and they think she's an "ally", but this girl doesn't give a fuck about their political plight lmao and let it slip a couple of times, she's only interested in getting support for her pro Assad thing. Watching an interview or video of hers is so cringe, she thinks she's Angelina Jolie or something. Anna has called her a "10" which def means that Eli, the self hating Jewish dweeb, has the hots for her. Twitter handle is @Partisangirl

No. 1025682

File: 1597843384831.png (3.56 MB, 1758x1114, syriangirl.png)

>this is what a 10/10 looks like

lol, she looks a lot worse in interviews than in her pictures, she only has that one good angle and she really doesn't need to pout cause she already has blowup-doll lips.

She's just as much of a politithot as every other woman who makes her whole existance about her "based politic views" and thinks people watch her for her takes instead of wanting their own opinions repeated by a "hot grill". Idk why everyone pretends this is not the same exact case here.

No. 1025683

She's giving me Laura Loomer vibes. Dunno why.

No. 1025695

File: 1597847349041.jpeg (197.11 KB, 750x512, E71600DE-4645-4381-A539-EE7846…)

No. 1025704

>I deradicalized from Chapo, /pol/, and the doomsday cult I grew up in. AMA

>This sounds amazing tbh, where can I join?

>I seriously miss it quite a bit. Now that I've been out in the "World" for a bit, I can see that the secular way of life is severely lacking and unfulfilling.

Tradcuckery is the central sewer drain for all these smoothbrains, Left or Right

>I was a socialist and then I lived in Britain for a couple years and saw absolutely horrific things I can never unsee, had all of my worst fears about humanity confirmed, and now I’m like a Lee Kuan Yew’s Baby Girl type of politik. Like I believe in a strong state and social welfare but only under strict controls of a benevolent dictator because people are completely selfish animals.

I dont think this bitch read the thread title

>I used to be your classic 'murica-hating lib but spending time around Europeans, especially after 2016, actually made me somewhat patriotic for the first time in my life. I felt myself reflexively wanting to defend America because they couldn't stop talking about how much we suck so I had to really think about what I like about living here and it turns out there's quite a lot even if we are the world capital of rapacious capitalism and retarded politicians.

"Having annoying Euro friends turned me nationalist because I'm too stupid to get new ones"

No. 1025713

No. 1025715

File: 1597852968248.png (107.68 KB, 631x521, lol.png)

At least some people in that sub have some self-awareness.

No. 1025717

easily the worst thread ive seen on the entire sub so far, these people have no convictions. politics is fashion for them.

No. 1025721

File: 1597853828638.jpeg (759.83 KB, 3464x3464, 9F90D621-75E9-436B-975E-E8A5B9…)


No. 1025724

Samefag but funny how they can be as misogynistic as they want there but now that it's a different group (immigrants) they're getting upset and crying idpol.

No. 1025726

Sure, the left is a big fan of INFOWARS

No. 1025733

This subculture might have more cows than the furry fandom.

No. 1025736

File: 1597855749361.jpeg (46.04 KB, 686x441, C10D6A31-CA61-4099-B56D-8580E2…)

looks like tradwyfe couldn’t handle the backlash so she deleted her account lmao. which is too bad because she was as big of cow as anna or aimee

No. 1025737

lol they had thousands of redditor points so it wasn’t a new account or a throwaway, what a loser deleting because they couldn't handle feedback on their ‘so blackpilled’ post

No. 1025743

File: 1597857986818.jpeg (919.67 KB, 1242x2124, 3B10CA26-2CF5-4E69-AFD2-6D9095…)

It’s funny that she’s draws the line at fat shaming kantbot

No. 1025744

Same deal with Jack. The only people they see as human beings are their friends.

No. 1025747

“kick rocks buddy, this is MY incel friend!” I can’t believe she’s 35.

No. 1025748

edgy teenager trapped in a 35 year old body that looks 42

No. 1025749

ikr? it’s like lady, you put it out there. own up to it. but now all her simps are out in full force defending her and bemoaning her cancellation

No. 1025750

File: 1597859249313.jpeg (81.88 KB, 1000x565, 0DE42A37-CC5C-4173-A886-74FD08…)

Noooo, don’t make fun of the fat ugly pseud who spends his life on Twitter and namesearches himself to respond to every insult.

No. 1025754

File: 1597859568143.jpeg (140.99 KB, 900x674, D5F817BD-071E-404C-BC1A-B3A091…)

What does Kantblimp even contribute that makes him worth defending? He looks hideous, he’s not funny, he has a terrible personality, and on top of that he doesn’t even know much about German philosophy. He gets constantly humiliated and exposed as an intellectual lightweight when up against specialists who actually know what they’re talking about.

No. 1025759

At this point it's like they're building a meat wall of sycophants to brute force some kind of Leftist "community" that doesn't exist in normal people world

No. 1025762

it's a symbiotic clout leeching so they feel obligated to defend each other lol

No. 1025775

It's crazy to me how Anna portrays herself as this really fair person who is only interested in truth but she will defend these insane bullies just because they're nice to her.

No. 1025789

dem alt-right eyebrows

No. 1025805

"kick rocks buddy" what is meant by this

No. 1025806

it's the early millennial version of the old boomer favorite "make like a tree and leave"

No. 1025809

Because they’re not leftists at all. Actual leftists are out running mutual aid groups and protesting and doing shit. They’re just retard conservative chuds cosplaying as leftists because they like to drink and use drugs and fuck whoever.

No. 1025810

shame that the first interview justin murphy did with alex lee moyer was deleted, bc she obviously was on drugs in that one

No. 1025814

I wonder what the ketamine budget for her boring movie was. apparently Ariel Pink financed most of it

No. 1025826

File: 1597869917111.jpeg (559.22 KB, 1229x1995, F19558B8-7293-4247-A2DD-DB8F2A…)

Just looked her up. Damn Jack is ugly, and she looks pretty methy herself.

No. 1025831

she looks like a mix between Amber Frost and Anna Khachiyan

No. 1025845


I’ve watched a few of her interviews, she’s like a ethnic Martina Markota- could be reasonably attractive but not supermodel and ruins whatever natural beauty she has with but ruins it with her repulsive personality.

Compared to the rest of the leftthots that get posted on here tho she is def a 10.

No. 1025847

The caption suggests that she wasn't gonna post it but Estee Lardass bothered her until she did.

No. 1025849

Off topic but is there a discussion about Martina Markota? What's her deal? Every time I see her on the timeline, she's bitching and talking about what a victim she is. Also, why is she so chummy with the Alt Right yet her husband wrote a book warning against the far right?

No. 1025851

>estee lardass
lmao anon. best jack quip since these threads started

No. 1025861

File: 1597876645327.png (115.27 KB, 698x600, Screenshot_20200819-183119~2.p…)

Am I retarded or is she saying that Léa Seydoux has a "serious, adult & weary" face????

No. 1025863


No. 1025867

File: 1597878007553.jpeg (247.93 KB, 828x668, 88E31C99-ACA3-4D4E-8C6D-45926B…)

“I see the best in people”

No. 1025868

it’s a rorschach test, anon

No. 1025870


She would pop up occasionally in the tradthots thread but has generally exhausted her shelf life as a lolcow here. She still has ongoing milk in the comicsgate world and on kiwifarms but even thats pretty mild.

Both her and her husband are trying to exit altright politics/internet culture for a while now and integrate into normie life but neither have any skills and assets to build meaningful relationships or assets outside the fringe/internet world. She's a failed mid-00s modelmayhem tier burlesque dancer/ and he's a alibaba version of JPW. There is a good milk on both of them and their collective delusions of grandeur, but its most old at this point

No. 1025871

File: 1597878414137.jpeg (673.43 KB, 828x1409, 99D731A4-12A4-4E5A-B9F7-535036…)

Half of her tweets are truly just some variation of this

No. 1025880

What the hell, Jack looks like he's in his late 40s here, he should ask his bff Anna for skincare tips

No. 1025884

>I’m devils advocate to help people, but they’re so mean to me and it’s not my fault :(((((((

No. 1025886

He looks like a bloated corpse that just washed up in a swamp.

No. 1025891

Anna’s posts are always formatted so strangely, and it has nothing to do with having superior intelligence as I’m sure she rationalizes it. Everything she types is odd, she needs to unclench and stop trying so damn hard kek.

No. 1025894

File: 1597882299565.jpeg (504.71 KB, 828x1435, 6AE30F15-B2A0-43E8-A83F-860DF5…)

Seems like this is in reference to ashley

No. 1025897

File: 1597882423805.jpeg (196.36 KB, 828x595, 20B170B9-CDDD-433E-92C9-9B6BD3…)

Likely a response to this

No. 1025898

These kinds of subposts are always so funny because they honestly make no sense, they’re far too specific. It makes them look completely insane. What’s the point of even posting them.

No. 1025905

i was curious and listened to ashley on the perfume nationalist to see what both her and jack were all about. if I am honest Jack is not as bad as his twitter spergouts made me anticipate but Ashley is ridiculous. so pretentious and acting as if she's a perpetual victim. the biggest cow on this thread probably.

she acts like she is so traumatized by sex work so i expected her to be a full service escort but she was just a twitter dominatrix. yet somehow her evil ex forced her to do it and also to marry some guy to get his military benefits then she was violently raped by him for days? the story is so sketch.

No. 1025907

I’m so confused… Ashley is a girl? Is she a troon? Wtf

No. 1025920

she is AFAB but identified as a trans man for a short time

No. 1025926

She speaks like she desperately wants to be a male, I guess I understand now. I thought she was a weird femboy-wannabe, suppose that’s not too far off.

No. 1025930

Were they dating? I thought they were two MTF friends but I guess I don’t know anything

No. 1025932

they are both actual women. only Ashley was trans but she was FtM.

No. 1025933

I know enough about these other tards but I suppose I’m truly oblivious to Ashley, I tried scrolling her twitter for answers but I’m sure you can imagine how that went.

If any anon doesn’t mind giving me the rundown—why has she been wearing a mask everywhere since 2018? Is she just being a cow or? I genuinely just thought she was an underwhelming-looking autistic troon…

No. 1025937

she is disabled with some sort of disease. she crowdfunded the surgery cost on twitter.

No. 1025939

I noticed she had a cane, and had surgery, but the mask thing just evades me I guess because I fail to see what that flimsy thing was accomplishing.

Also the pathological Christian thing. I can’t believe I never noticed what a cow she was.

No. 1025942

They both look gross and about 15 years older than they actually are.

No. 1025945

File: 1597888214335.jpeg (111.09 KB, 1052x1200, 302D6316-95E2-4359-B096-D03D99…)

lol imagine herding all of these cows into a single room. No wonder circus business declined over the last decade. You can watch all the freaks you want online for free.

No. 1025949

File: 1597888864681.jpeg (196.09 KB, 1169x595, FC1EDB5F-92F0-49AA-9CE0-5E74CA…)

It’s a near certainty that this Dustin simp has posted in this thread at some point. This dude gets up in the morning and spends his every waking hour white knighting for the cows in this thread on Twitter.

No. 1025952

Is there a way to listen without subscribing?

No. 1025955

>looking more embarrassing and pathetic than anna

I don't think it gets any worse than a barren thirty-five years old failed girlboss with a soy bf and bald head talking about how women are supposed to be married and have children with a masculine chad. Everything she does is motivated by how miserable she is about her own life.

At least gimpgirl actually has a kid.

No. 1025965

If she has to pretend like she was incapable of making decisions for years in order to cope with her phone sex stint that’s one thing but why does she feel the need to drag her ex through the mud when she’s clearly miserable?

No. 1025967

She would get a lot further if she were to modify her behavior to actually fit the descriptors she loves using on herself when she feels the need to defend her character

No. 1025985

Spot on. Her entire persona is literally just cope for being ugly.

No. 1026037


No. 1026044

This is like a throwback to the heyday of Tumblr when people would fly across the country to meet and then write callout posts for each other after the break up.

No. 1026063

Anna talks about looks and attractiveness more than incels.

No. 1026068

When she said about "ideal hip to waist ratio" here >>1025007 it sounded like weird incel "looksmaxxing" terminology.

No. 1026075

relax it's a rorschach

No. 1026155

File: 1597940727088.jpeg (319.02 KB, 750x904, 87AFBBF8-4129-4020-B14E-6CC34E…)

She says this like it's an own but Eli still won't let her move in with him lmao

No. 1026170

She says like she isn't splitting bills or straight up buxing.

No. 1026187

File: 1597946347514.jpeg (138.28 KB, 1242x1425, DAABA5FB-E489-4EA9-9CE4-218F63…)

just jack alienating half of his fan base

No. 1026193

Who convinced this sentient headcheese anyone cares about his thoughts?

No. 1026195

He's right tho - none of the dirtbag leftists actually give a shit about MUH DRONE BONBINGS, they just irrationally hate Hillary and Obama.

No. 1026197

She talks like a desperate teenager who needs to tell everyone that she finally has a boyfriend.

No. 1026198

Dude is a neo nazi, he doesn't care that brown people get droned, what a surprise.

No. 1026200

If you looked like her you'd do this too

No. 1026211

File: 1597950253109.png (1.39 MB, 1564x892, Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 1.59…)


this photo/caption announcing her engagement in 2018 should've been a wakeup call for all of their listeners that their only motivations are spite and aesthetics. she couldn't drop the act even to announce her engagement to the fans she only got because of Adam.

No. 1026215

She looks miserable or pissed off in practically every photo with or taken by Adam.

No. 1026235

>complain about neoliberals 24/7
>don't care when neoliberals actually kill innocent people

nothing jack posts is in good faith, and he's not right, sure it's talked about a lot in this corner of the internet but the average shitlib and neocon don't give a flying fuck.
why is jack "right" for also not giving a fuck?

No. 1026241

Doesn't she have her own thread on /pt/?

No. 1026243

Replace "neoliberals" with "normies" or "Stacies/Chads" and you'll get a better idea for what this is all about.

No. 1026244

"Right" as in being honest for once, unlike his fellow classcels who still think that their anti-capitalist LARP is fooling anyone.

No. 1026245

Oh yeah I forgot. Deleted

No. 1026250

He has no morals, if tomorrow he got praise and acceptance from Antifa, he'd be talking about how great antifa is. All he has is his dusty collectables, movies and books that only a sheltered teenager would find edgy. Oh yeah and gluttony.

No. 1026270

File: 1597958784044.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x2145, AEA0951D-B65F-429A-A6FC-5E56C5…)

No. 1026271

File: 1597958801698.jpeg (486.52 KB, 1242x2070, 384D610A-7EED-4559-BB92-778050…)

No. 1026274

He's very mad at Mother.

No. 1026275

He has such a persecution complex for literally everything as if he’s been systemically oppressed for liking movies

No. 1026276

>I am great because I make money
>Wealthy white women bad

Ok classcel

No. 1026278

Literally no white women or any women are saying ‘quar’ other than Dasha

No. 1026279

So whatever female relative he’s lived with for the last decade has finally made him snap by pleading for him to move out and support himself lmao

No. 1026281

I can’t believe he’s 33 this sounds like a 15 year old who’s mom just confiscated his x-box

No. 1026282

File: 1597959598972.jpeg (47.64 KB, 640x640, 963D5AAD-CA4E-4E3B-82DA-AE11CF…)

No. 1026283

“Parents just don’t understand” is so unseemly from this angry potato who looks like a regional manager for GameStop.

No. 1026284

I think you'll find that mommy issues is the typical reason behind leftist white male mewling about white women.

No. 1026299

Plz don’t roast me for asking this but do Dasha + Anna consider themselves white or does something exclude them from that most hated category?

No. 1026300

File: 1597962710699.png (130.07 KB, 714x557, libravibes.png)

Jugs was on an astrology and fortune telling show lmao she fits the exact type that the far right is supposedly repelled by: obese, vain, lazy, 30+ no kids, lives with parents, into astrology, epic fag hag, covered with tattoos, former sex worker that still brags about it and used to fuck black guys.

No. 1026301

They do. Anna will sometimes troll about not being white but got really butthurt when some Armenian chick said Armenians were POC.

No. 1026304

They half joke that slavic prejudice in the US is real and even though they came here when they were 4 and 9 they said during the start of the BLM protests that they aren't white americans so they're not like other white people or some bullshit. Dasha literally said "not my fault, not my problem".

No. 1026306

he is genuinely unwell. does he have any actual irl friends who are willing to help him?

No. 1026309

No, that's why he had to start the podcast with his brother, he admits to having no friends IRL. There is a boyfriend but he is barely ever mentioned plus Jack constantly flirts and hits on guys on twitter, his bf must be a major cuck. One dude told me that Jack kept pestering for nudes and when the guy told him no, he's in a commited relationship, Jack threw a fit and made 100000000 tweets about how homos who are monogamous are retarded and "living a lie"

No. 1026312

Jack's boyfriend being a desktop wallpaper of that Burt Reynolds Cosmo centerfold he found on Pinterest

No. 1026317

File: 1597964394733.png (725 KB, 624x710, Screenshot_2019-10-16-21-17-53…)

Jugs aka Chris Murgo a few years ago when she managed to lose some weight, this was during her "sex work" phase.

No. 1026319

File: 1597964494564.png (841.6 KB, 711x700, Screenshot_2019-10-16-21-15-04…)

No. 1026324

Damn so many transplants itt, fuck these unfunny twitter reaction pics

No. 1026330

File: 1597965889084.png (272.37 KB, 512x288, EE950604-8D36-46EF-BA0D-562390…)

Dasha knows she’s white. Anna thinks she’s white because, for whatever reason, there are people who tell her she is. On the sub, someone jokingly asked if a rap lyric meant Armenians were POC, Anna genuinely answered no.

No. 1026332

File: 1597966071802.jpeg (35.99 KB, 828x224, 42EBDF60-5379-48CC-908A-12FD90…)

Samefag, here’s the lyric so the post makes more sense

No. 1026333

off topic but Armenians are considered white by American demographers and the US census.

No. 1026335

They are white and if you asked any Eurofag or native Armenian if they were POC, they'd think you're crazy.

No. 1026336

literally just stop eating shit it actually isn’t hard. eat 1 vegetable

No. 1026338

File: 1597967034934.jpeg (111.15 KB, 1226x548, FullSizeRender-10~3.jpeg)

These people really do be thinking they be important lmaoooo Bitch, you don't make art, you sound like a retarded valley girl with literally zero contribution to either TPN or the Eric Striker podcast you were on. People were curious about who you were, and ultimately doxed you, because you were obnoxious on the internets

No. 1026339

File: 1597967384973.jpeg (Spoiler Image,152.25 KB, 828x783, FB2A00B5-E734-4D7B-AAC3-B6E1E5…)

OT but she’s mixed and white as a label means nothing anyway

No. 1026342

White as a label doesn't mean anything? How about black? Iranians are also white FYI Only in America would an Armenian or Iranian claim POC status for points lmao

No. 1026343

File: 1597967854895.jpg (148.77 KB, 1080x719, Screenshot_20200820_195650.jpg)

No. 1026344

File: 1597967911432.jpg (129.23 KB, 827x1641, IMG_20200820_195757.jpg)

Bitch lmao

No. 1026346

Is the pic of Timothee Chalamet on his wall his thinspo?

No. 1026348

I thought he was gay?

No. 1026350

why do these people act like they are the experts in femininity and masculinity

No. 1026351

File: 1597968563978.jpeg (139.96 KB, 750x374, 5F683FB5-EB18-46CD-B9DB-344417…)

the girl literally attempted suicide because of the bullying. also the “leftist candidate” is only 19 so it’s not like it was that long ago. jfc these people will defend anyone

No. 1026372


No. 1026387

She’s… literally white. Please don’t try to claim Anna as a pee oh cee she’s literally just an ugly white woman. Next!

No. 1026388

uhh what is this about

No. 1026389

File: 1597971581572.jpeg (727.12 KB, 750x1287, 35749766-28C0-4651-A0EB-49C7BC…)

this is from the other cohost of the girl chat podcast. I’ve never listened to it but I’m so curious what Ashley needed surgery for. I saw on twitter she said brain surgery and also facial masculinization surgery… she seems like a horrible person I hope her brain can be fixed!

No. 1026393

This stupid reply couldn’t have been written in a stupider way.
She described it here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-me-afford-neurosurgery

No. 1026395

Thanks! That is such a scary thing to be dealing with, it gives me more perspective on why she acts so fucked up. Brain abnormalities affect mood and personality so much it's immeasurable. I'm trying not to pass judgment anyway but she is still very unlikable!

No. 1026399

I’m really starting to wonder what kind of transients we have here now. Calling a white woman white is stupid? Reality must be so painful for you people.

Actually, this gives a lot of insight into why he hates women so much. He seems to have a lot of built up resentment from spending so long in the spare room of whatever female family member (grandma? aunt? mom?) he lives with. If he hates being surrounded by women so much, why doesn’t he just move out instead of writhing in anger that he can’t host grindr orgies? Boo boo.

No. 1026400

File: 1597973223292.jpeg (377.28 KB, 750x1090, 63BF1152-FFF7-4F26-9FF8-9E753E…)

No. 1026405

File: 1597973965149.jpeg (403.28 KB, 1024x576, D14E0AAE-7FFF-4C96-BCE3-9590DE…)

Exactly how i imagined him to look

No. 1026406

File: 1597974259173.jpeg (725.74 KB, 1020x1804, 15094ECC-1116-4EBF-A2FF-E860CA…)

No. 1026412

He looks mentally challenged, like an extra on Gummo.

No. 1026413

No. 1026422

He looks like that kid Die Antwoord toted around for years

No. 1026430

What are chapocels gonna do when most feminists are non-white and non-american?

No. 1026432

Sex crimes are okay if you're a minor!!!! - leftist losers

No. 1026482

>free press is the enemy of the people

No. 1026483

Chapocels don’t want feminists. They want anti-feminism pickmes like the Red Scarers.

No. 1026513

why do all these DSA gay men think they have a say on women

No. 1026520

File: 1597999992820.jpeg (199.93 KB, 828x1135, 95ABE6AD-7E9B-41B8-9B8F-D1B55F…)

No. 1026522

…so Pritchard's friend Ashley is hanging out with (ex?)neo-nazis who goad Pritchard into attacking bug-eyed Liz for going on a neo-nazi podcast?

No. 1026523

why does all this twitter word salad completely ignore the fact that there is an actual neo-nazi on the podcast

No. 1026524

The ex nazi isn’t friends with Ashley, but with Ashley’s ex(?) maryhailer, but apparently the ex nazi is obsessed with Ashley?

No. 1026525

That’s what doesn’t make sense. Do you think Sam wants to make nice with Jack?

No. 1026526

Jack liked the tweet, so

No. 1026528

This sounds to me like Sam using some barely relevant story to backpedal. "I know I said the neo-nazi podcast was bad when someone I don't care for went on it but now that my friend did, it's actually good". Sam's a massive suck-up. If his friends say they like Jack, he will act like he's always liked Jack too.

No. 1026532

File: 1598003583859.png (592.01 KB, 598x600, i.png)

A lot of these people look filthy especially Dasha

No. 1026535

this is the fag dasha moved in with after adam kicked her out

No. 1026537

god i might hate this dude the most out of everyone posted because of his gender fuckery. shitlord into shitfemale happened overnight and everyone said “word. she/her”

No. 1026559

I mean the joke in that line is that Armenians are like "the black people of white people", it's a Donald Glover/Childish Gambino lyric that he basically recycled from one of his stand-up sets.
Armenians are literally Caucasian, Anna being able to acknowledge her own whiteness is one of the few things she's actually right about.

No. 1026561

Of course he’s reading Camille Pagalia kek

No. 1026562

File: 1598012021286.jpeg (635.6 KB, 1193x1722, 41BEDC90-3881-4F59-A197-93A00A…)

I don’t think he’s backpedaling but he handled the Franczak matter like a retard by not making it very clear what kind of podcast it was and focusing on a Death in June shirt. In any case, he’s referring to @BigMoneyElly, who is Jack’s other Nazi friend.

No. 1026565


>in case you aren't comfortable being in contact with a neo-nazi

>but actually the neo-nazi podcast dude I called out in the past is fine and you should all be OK with him now

The cognitive dissonance with these people is something else. Each of them has like maximum 3 brain cells that are constantly at war with one another

No. 1026566

I don’t think he’s saying Jack is okay now? I don’t understand how he was “set up” though and his statements aren’t clear on the matter.

No. 1026567

File: 1598014012474.jpeg (26.68 KB, 680x375, Ef7IXm4XYAEIiMi.jpeg)

Reposted by Milo Yiannopoulos on his Parler.

No. 1026570

Reminder that Red Scare guest and Dasha friend John Garry aka Mecha was a Milo ghost writer at Brietbart when he was 17.

No. 1026583

He's gonna be on Jack's podcast, just watch. They're gonna kiss each other's asses. Jack used to make so much fun of Aimee Terese but they're besties now.

No. 1026589

File: 1598019745608.jpeg (810.99 KB, 1188x1639, 47D17405-C78D-4CE8-A5A7-0BA58F…)

On that episode, Mecha tried to blame the Catholic pedo crisis on secularism, kek

No. 1026590

It doesn't help that Sam is an annoying retard who's routinely mocked even by his friends so everyone went "lololol this scold is trying to get someone cancelled for wearing a shirt!!!" to get the easy dunk on him. The fact that an actual neonazi is on the podcast was completely ignored.

No. 1026592

Yeah, euro here and I've never heard anyone consider native Armenians anything other than white. Look at them?

No. 1026600

RIP that shower wall

No. 1026633

That's what's so crazy, they focus on a dumb shirt instead of, you know, hours of Jugs talking about being a neo nazi or Jack telling people they need to read Culture of Critique. People get called out and cancelled for the smallest things but these people slide by

No. 1026636

Some Americans think the only white people are like, Germans and the English, it's so bizzare. White people come in so many diff shades of skin tones, hair and eye color. It doesn't help that some Armenians want to exclude themselves from demonized whites in the US so they will claim POC status, but that's a very small minority of them. I heard some girl claim she's not white because Armenians experienced genocide lmao like genocide is this thing that only happens to POC.

No. 1026656

File: 1598028476931.png (1.26 MB, 1552x993, spotted!.png)

liz in the bg of this old brace documentary… her snow cam filtering is insane

No. 1026667

Yeah, but what will their rhetoric be when "muh huwite wemen" no longer applies?

No. 1026672

AOC is literally one of those "serious faced striking beauties" Anna claims to like kek

No. 1026692

She should just embrace her natural “jolly middle aged aunt” look instead of fucking with those weird filters that only look good on chinese girls. She’s not exceptionally ugly like ashley or anna, but she looks old and editing her photos like a teenager only makes her look older

No. 1026708

Dasha took a pic of her perfume samples and posted on her insta stories, I can tell that a few of them are Jack reccs, plus he's said they've been in contact so I'm assuming that she's going on his podcast soon. She already follows them all, plus all their orbiters.

No. 1026709

Gross, at least Anna slightly had the benefit of the doubt about who Jack and the rest of the people on his pod are.

No. 1026737

That’s so nuts kek. Jews faced genocide and they still don’t fit under the poc umbrella because they’re… white. The acronym is literally people of color, dunno why people are so in denial about their skin. Is it an oppression points thing?

I don’t understand the perfume thing. Even when you toss the fact that avid use of that shit is generally bad for your lungs and skin aside, it’s just such a Buffalo Bill thing to be so obsessed with as a grown man. Is it even a real interest or some sort of pretentious need to other himself? Because it just reminds me of that German netflix show about the serial killer who was obsessed with perfume. Also everything he says about it is redundant and regurgitated.

No. 1026744

File: 1598038846335.jpeg (174.3 KB, 750x411, 58CD13BF-4378-412B-B3A8-C2A6B0…)

So Paul Blart: Perfume Genius loves to dish out criticism by the bucketful but absolutely crumbles into pieces when people don’t care about his shitty interests? K

No. 1026748


Sage for blogsperg, I think attaching yourself to BIPOC narratives as a med/former ottoman empire/whatever is the height of retarded idpol gone wrong and middle class kids having nothing better to do, but I also see the other side of the fence being from that part of that world myself. I don't have anything in common with white "old stock" americans, I don't have the same cultural values, history, or even look like them but I'm expected to just assimilated into the monolith. Even out of the famous "attractive" people from my looks pool 90% get plastic surgery to look more in line with old stock white phenotype (Emily Rat, Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian ect).

No. 1026753

Thank you for answering earnestly, it’s appreciated. At least those examples are extremist and not an actual example of the phenotype—EmRat is considered exceptional because she is, and Bella and Kim are both surgically modified to the point that I’d hardly consider them valid examples of anything except body modification.

No. 1026763

File: 1598042137374.jpg (29.15 KB, 553x521, boobs-1.jpg)


You think she would be were she is today without her significant nosejob and fillers? She literally looks like a different person kek. Never understood why Anna K simps so hard for her, out of all the big tiddy e-thots she orbits, EmRat has to be the least attractive

No. 1026766

lmao don't do perfume genius like this!

No. 1026769


>Never understood why Anna K simps so hard for her

Because Emrata's husband is a friend/peer of Anna's BF Eli. It's all sycophancy towards peers in friend circles. We all know what Anna would be calling her if she didn't know her.

No. 1026773

Anon lol I wasn’t aware she was surgically enhanced my bad. So just throw her on the list with the other two, damn.

Please that fat tard will never be mistaken for sweet and adorable homosexual musician, Perfume Genius.

No. 1026774

File: 1598044006002.jpeg (145.85 KB, 686x894, 05E1C76E-1F23-4D88-ACAB-3211DC…)

it’s a rorschach test

No. 1026775

Anna go one day without trying to other yourself from society challenge

No. 1026776

File: 1598044410526.png (47.03 KB, 603x264, anna khachiyan crypto reaction…)

don't make me tap the sign

No. 1026782

why the fuck is her neck so long????

No. 1026805

Emrata was briefly a twitter berniethot which is funny given that she and her SO scammed NYC affordable housing programs despite being millionaires, pretty fitting

No. 1026812

She’s an elegant statuesque model, anon

No. 1026815

What? Her whole job is her publicising her views on things, often political things?

No. 1026820

File: 1598050793984.jpeg (1022.51 KB, 1242x2338, 06275FF8-A57B-4CE5-B98D-023F1B…)

She’s getting dragged for this on the subreddit

No. 1026821

File: 1598050822013.jpeg (1021.16 KB, 1242x2279, 4ABF30C5-EAF8-4EB3-9052-AB2E75…)

No. 1026827

She's so full of shit it's almost unbelievable lol Yeah, she cares about people. Just happens to be the most vile bullies who also happen to be nazis.

No. 1026845

File: 1598055614981.jpg (222.72 KB, 1000x1293, 1500384952670.jpg)

Anna thinks she's at least thirty times smarter than she actually is.
>I don't publicize my political views
…said the woman who has ran an explicitly political podcast and called herself a socialist for the past few years.

No. 1026846

anna thinks she's playing 4d chess but in reality she is just a petty-bourgeois opportunist contrarian

No. 1026847

File: 1598055804046.jpeg (121.6 KB, 717x760, E05B9D8F-89C8-4844-AF5F-64A35F…)

No. 1026848

>in all fairness nobody know what my political views are because I don't publicize my political views
She has an opinion or hot take on every single notable thing that happens in news or politics.

No. 1026851

every single reply to the post on the sub is criticizing her, honestly shocked

No. 1026857

The thing is with the base calling the hosts retards, is that it's not for show or a joke lol.

No. 1026871

Anna has no real political views, that's why her entire twitter is incoherent pseudo-intellectual word salad

No. 1026874

File: 1598061625655.jpeg (542.38 KB, 1242x1999, 2737B95D-0B45-4CFC-A758-E2911D…)


No. 1026876

File: 1598061794903.jpeg (487.68 KB, 1242x1605, FC324A98-797A-4CB6-8512-E3528D…)

samefag but here’s more. So true about the circle jerking and cross pollination. It’s extremely transparent to anyone outside the bubble and apparently even to their former sycophants.

No. 1026884

Or a more likely reason - Anna is an old, promiscuous, childless druggholic hag who only clings to right wing nonsense because she's not hot and/or refined enough for the art hoe circles she wants to be part of. Being a "political enigma" is her only choice since neither Nazis nor libs want her.

No. 1026886

She literally has some fucktarded 3deep5u politicized take on every random thing that has nothing to do with politics, in the vein of "vibrators are products of neoliberal alienation"

No. 1026887

>right wing
>not idpol

No. 1026889

File: 1598065416477.png (464.12 KB, 500x761, 98E0257F-E7B4-4609-9696-D14A24…)

>Foolish program. if you are finding yourself thrown off by the three-part word salad I’m serving re: the legitimacy of mental disorders in females if said females take birth control pills, you should know that your utterly perplexed reaction means I’m actually being clever because I actually was trying to get you to react like that, confused and not understanding what I mean, which of course is making you angry Америкос. These are Řơrscȃrchs. They are not meant to be understood at first, and so there’s no way you’d get it. The concepts of “words,” “meaning,” etc., the components needed to make a cohesive point, are irrelevant here. My point will make itself fucking clear only when you look at it through a few more retweeted lenses. Yes, you are outrageous and confused about the fact that I so smartly anticipated your outrage and confusion following my outrageous and confusing posts… it is all as I expected. I win no matter what, don’t you get it? This game of intellectual oneupmanship will always belong to me, program

No. 1026892

Of all the narcissistic shit she pulls, this whole “anyone who listens to my podcast can tell I care deeply about other people” act might be the worst. Just a complete inability to take responsibility for her own words and actions.

No. 1026897

Why does she keep insisting that she cares about people? Does she think that if she says it enough time people will stop paying attention to her actions and believe her words?

No. 1026900

File: 1598067557598.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1536x1875, F5D19990-AFBE-49FB-9300-E1A08B…)

Hahaha she’s still going and now Anna is insisting that JACK the Perfume Nationalist and Kantbot are “not particularly political” and then adds “I like Jack’s aesthetic sense and sense of humor; he’s basically a independent entertainer.” Holy shit the delusion.

No. 1026913

>I’m skeptical of people
>I care about people

No. 1026914

It’s interesting how she’s been trying to rearrange so many facets of her personality since these threads spawned and gained a little traction

No. 1026916

Dasha confirmed on the podcast that she's doing Paul Bart's podcast next month, they really don't care.

No. 1026922

File: 1598070718460.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1896, E26E912C-500B-44EC-BA65-07F8B7…)

I’m begging…. One of you has to know what’s going on here. Both sides are claiming abuse but there are allegations against @prinxfern of a pattern of behavior of her luring guys to live with her and then try to entrap them with a pregnancy?


No. 1026923

anna always criticizes people like aoc or taylor swift for trying to make people think that they’re nice but that’s exactly what she is doing here

No. 1026924

Kantbot is a full fledged communist now tbh, and distancing himself from the alt-right at record speed. He's more of a leftist than Anna.

No. 1026927

>believing anything fatty does is sincere

You don’t know his long history, do you?

No. 1026928

it's all an act. this current phase is just an outgrowth of his years-long troll of getting into twitter arguments with tankies where he tries to "out-Marx" the opponent to the extent that they come away from the exchange questioning their beliefs.

No. 1026929

this is sort of OT but he's a literal contrarian. he always has to be counter to whatever other people are doing. now that everyone on twitter complains about cancel culture, he's pivoting to libertarian anarchism (not communism)

No. 1026933

She’s literally like every other empty, juvenile twitter pickme who says shit like “i am a sweetheart and it should be illegal to bully me”

No. 1026934

He’s always been one of those right wingers (like Francis Parker Yockey) who admired Stalin and the Soviet Union for its totalitarian qualities rather than any commitment to Marxism. Plus he’s angry lots of his former friends decided he was a fat loser for appearing in the incel documentary.

No. 1026935

>he's pivoting to libertarian anarchism
Source? I don't follow him but last I saw he was literally quoting Losurdo

No. 1026945

>he was literally quoting Losurdo
none of it's sincere. he's gone through this phase before, iirc Angela Nagle spent her final day on twitter in December 2017 before she permanently deactivated chatting about the virtues of Stalinism with Kantbot who had a NazBol-Stalin avi for several months.

No. 1026946

Liz Bruenig also chimed in for a bit. Wish there were screencaps.

No. 1026958

File: 1598077546574.jpg (30.86 KB, 399x500, b7540a6f2e1d35400b2d745f75e17c…)


he's always struck me as the NEET, philosophical version of like a meatloaf song

No. 1026967

>looks at this tub of shit

And I’d do any thiiiing for love, but I won’t do that

No. 1026990


is this person even a leftthot or part of the circles discussed in the thread? They look like they're fully insane and probably worthy of discussion on here but you might have better luck looking for a more relevant /snow/ thread like fakebois or digging up enough background to make a thread yourself instead of just wasting posts in here where no1curr

No. 1027006

File: 1598089196308.jpeg (21.64 KB, 300x210, 015331EA-3DEF-4F66-9401-E82284…)

Yeah Liz Bruenig was friends with lots of far right people on Twitter until they started bullying her about her marriage and suggested that Matt wasn’t satisfying her sexually, lmao

No. 1027009

File: 1598089659782.jpg (69.64 KB, 720x1120, liz bruenig owns matt.jpg)

>Matt wasn’t satisfying her sexually

No. 1027012

File: 1598090753389.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1475x1911, 4E1603AF-24AC-4DA8-AC52-639471…)

Yup lol, lots of Frog Twitter people thought BAP and Dr. Stud were influencing Bruenig to leave her husband.

No. 1027014

File: 1598092249784.jpeg (725.8 KB, 1191x1125, 0AF053A4-0C29-4AC2-8A88-15C5AA…)

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

No. 1027060

She messages people if they want to be guests? Like Bannon, who even took the invite, and she also said she messaged Houellebecq

No. 1027067

File: 1598108266946.jpeg (836.19 KB, 1180x1247, 30926677-0981-4862-9740-8407BD…)

Caroline reactivated. Let’s see how long this lasts.

No. 1027080

I’m not even a huge fan of AOC but it seems so obvious these girls are jealous of her

No. 1027089

she lives in their minds rent free

No. 1027094

There’s a socialism joke to be made here

No. 1027096

Why delete and reactive every few days? Just log out?

No. 1027097

Maybe these cows think we’ll forget about them if they deactivate or lock their accounts for a few days? Heather pulls this shit a lot too.

No. 1027113

Because she’s following this thread and gets freaked out every time new information about her gets posted which is understandable, I guess

No. 1027115

He's always liked Marx. He think he's a accelerated libertarian.

No. 1027117

people don't use twitter so much to tweet anymore, it's just become a new chat tool like Facebook was when they tried to pivot to "private circles" and chat. the minute someone creates an app that effectively migrates group DMs from twitter elsewhere, people will leave twitter en masse.

No. 1027119

I wish it were possible to watch the cows freak out in real time, kek

No. 1027148


We need someone on the inside of these group dms 👁

No. 1027166

Scarecels are also becoming more critical of lefthots after the threads making fun of redscare retardation gained traction, which is pretty consistent with their flakiness and neurotic obsession with being "on trend" and "not corny".

No. 1027175

Actually the 1st pic is what she looks most alike ahah, just a yung casual conservatively clad (for her standard, at leats from her persona) Emily. Wether she'so fixated to pout and/or getting some subtle visage enhancements doesn't matter, she was canonically hot and sexy 10 years ago as she os now.

Anyways, wrong. She wouldn't have her career if she without keeping up with marketing herself like she did (hypersexual by all means, at all times)

No. 1027178

I specifically remember Anna making fun of EmRata showing her tits for abortion rights. Then she met her at a party for Uncut Gems and said she was actually "very smart and cool" kek. She deleted the tweet, but it was posted in 2019.

No. 1027184

Yeah, and I remember they briefly talked about her at some protest last year or something on the pod

No. 1027187

Franczak is deathly scared about the Jack thing blowing up lol

No. 1027190

are you a groupchat insider anon? give us milk if you've got it

No. 1027225

She should be, she went on a podcast that has literal neo nazis. Dasha is going to go on, fully aware of this btw, she follows Jugs and sees the shit she posts.

No. 1027271

File: 1598130500515.png (85.86 KB, 694x428, jugsisawignat.png)

I just want to make sure everyone is aware of just how toxic Jugs is and just how bad it is to go on TPN. Eric Striker, her good friend that set up her failed podcast for her and who came to her rescue when she was doxed, just started a political party called The National Justice Party with all his neo nazi friends. Here is all the info:

So when you see Jack posting about how dumb wignats are, remember that his co host is a wignat and all her friends are wignats, her boyfriend is a wignat and Jack is a wignat too, judging by his own words on his own podcast, especially the first season. His aw shucks, I'm just a Trump supporter act is just that, an act.

No. 1027275

I only know of Jack from the thread so didn’t know he was a white nationalist but I don’t find it surprising. Is that how he used to describe himself or did he say something that made you think that?

No. 1027280

He explicitly stated it multiple times on his podcast and on his banned twitter accounts. The first season is very explicit and the named his pod The Perfume Nationalist not be cute, he meant it. Not to mention that he met Jugs on twitter, they were in the same neo nazi clique. Just after Jugs was doxed he changed his tune and made some bs up about the name being ironic and how the first season was just an "experiment" or whatever

No. 1027301

people on the sub have always been critical of anna and dasha, have always in threads called them stupid tryhard retards. i honestly don't think these threads are changing that for them. keep in mind the sub has grown by like a third in the last year and it's mostly cumboys, chapobros, and neonazis lol, the 'girls and gays' are on their own sub now.

No. 1027319

Emrata is literally the definition of pussy hat girlboss libfem, look at her twitter. Lately she's been performatively whining about neoliberalism for radical points though, especially since she's past her expiration date for modeling. Maybe when she's ugly and completely irrelevant she'll become a dollar store Amber Frost.

(TL;Dr as if we needed another confirmation that Anna's butthurt about Stacy libfem girlbosses stems from anything other than being rejected by them. What a pathetic femcel.)

No. 1027342

they called them retards endearingly, usually, there's definitely been a shift in tone

No. 1027353

If anything the sub is nicer because of the girls that want to be Dasha. In the early days it was very similar to the cumtown sub with people saying Dasha looks like she has FAS.

No. 1027366

File: 1598144163850.png (419.37 KB, 600x437, BC9732EB-4FF5-45B6-8E99-C03A3C…)

Samantha Pritchard and Ashley’s equally fucked up ex @maryhailer are fighting over god knows what

No. 1027369

File: 1598144367749.png (28.18 KB, 590x128, 62F70859-54A9-4698-BF07-10ECE6…)

Lmfao of course everything goes back to Jack

No. 1027387

really want to see the conversation where ashley convinces sam that akshually jack tpn is based and not a wignat

No. 1027402

Did no one link him to that Reddit post documenting the fascist nature of Jack and his buddies? Sam is such a retard.

No. 1027405

File: 1598153578912.png (73.23 KB, 247x247, gwen-peek.png)

No. 1027409


No. 1027431

When has any cow ever understood that the only way to stop being a cow is staying away from the internet?

No. 1027446

>the minute someone creates an app that effectively migrates group DMs from twitter elsewhere
Anon… are you retarded? Most twitter cliques have several off-twitter group chats, I'm just a rando who knows some people on this sphere and I'm in some of the discords and telegram groups

No. 1027460

File: 1598166228412.jpeg (469.87 KB, 1242x1707, 0915BCB0-C5F1-4FC9-95E7-C4E08B…)

Yeah Jugs and Jack are totally not racist and are just misunderstood aesthetes

No. 1027467

File: 1598167479418.jpeg (96.98 KB, 828x555, B5602F62-02B0-4CE2-91C3-D4AC7F…)

No. 1027469

@burgerkrang isn’t wrong there, lmao

No. 1027470

I feel almost bad when she gets posted, she sounds like she has brain damage (which is the point, I guess)

No. 1027477

Do you think that’s why the majority of the guys on there are much nicer to her, because they can sense something’s wrong?

No. 1027486

File: 1598169949452.jpeg (204.28 KB, 828x847, 91C8B7A6-06C2-4ADC-BF21-C68EAF…)

No. 1027491

File: 1598171043975.png (73 KB, 620x407, liz bruenig marxist catholic c…)

he's not wrong that Catholicism and Marxism are thoroughly incompatible, though at least she acknowledges the cognitive dissonance

No. 1027492

File: 1598171060447.jpeg (691.94 KB, 1188x1132, 5BCBF9C8-FAA3-40DC-A279-A3D4D4…)

Brutal. Less than two years ago people like Bruenig were still boasting that Catholics on Twitter were able to put aside political differences in the name of their common faith.

No. 1027497

I don't think there's anything wrong with her or that anyone thinks there's anything wrong with her, but yeah, she puts on such a silly act, it's like she's constantly dunking on herself. Probably why Annie doesn't get posted as much either.

No. 1027498

>the only left there is is the woke left

Stop posting this retard, he's not left-wing and all his posts are stupid on purpose for the sake of engagement.

No. 1027501

Annie and a few of her friends have said she’s creepy, although Annie has only mentioned her on her alt
Jack isn’t left wing either and he’s posted all the time. This isn’t about politics it’s about a social circle.

No. 1027513

Samememe was responsible for one of Anna’s recent meltdowns and interacts a lot with her crowd. He’s relevant.

No. 1027578

File: 1598186011602.jpeg (225.35 KB, 1185x628, EF81CF84-554B-4717-A7E0-527503…)

Fatty is cracking under the pressure too.

No. 1027620

File: 1598193002910.jpeg (387.94 KB, 828x1005, E971E90E-F782-4EA0-B245-07EB32…)

Angel is, of course, insane in her own way but she’s not wrong here!

No. 1027636

This thread has many instances of cow on cow violence.

No. 1027645

holy crap that is.. wow, i actually almost can't believe he posted this publicly, when is this from?

i'm trying to imagine anna being questioned on her adoration of samememe in real time, on the pod or something, by someone who isn't a total sycophant. she'd have no real excuse, she's only able to backtrack and equivocate with the leisure of reddit. if she were actually confronted IRL i can imagine she'd have nothing to say

No. 1027646

No angel is a trans woman who used to go by rebeka refuse & has previously experienced leftist microcelebrity on 2012 tumblr. She is insane but at least she has been consistent & honest

No. 1027666

This year, in February. That's pretty tame for what he used to post and tweet

No. 1027698

File: 1598205248873.png (149.15 KB, 1192x644, Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 1.54…)

People are still defending this piece of shit just because he has a rose emoji in his display name

No. 1027745

File: 1598212086198.jpeg (184.92 KB, 750x698, D182706F-5992-4A96-B57B-0FF0B4…)

they’re going to accidentally create the fourth wave of feminism

No. 1027751

File: 1598212478691.jpeg (429.37 KB, 1179x1658, 81AE18DC-48B1-4E19-BBE9-0E67DC…)

I’m pretty sure these two are Red Scare fans but nonetheless that last tweet about Leftists giving up on materialism and only caring about diverging from the aesthetics of “neoliberalism” definitely applies to Anna, Dasha, and many of the other cows in this thread. It explains so much about their interest in Bannon, TradCath bullshit, etc.

No. 1027790

>they’re going to accidentally create the fourth wave of feminism
wtf i love scarethots now

No. 1027815

It's Anna's 35th birthday today lmfao. Geriatric pregnancies can be quite dangerous, chop chop!

No. 1027825

there’s stuff out there from his account before that one straight up having holocaust denial discussions and Jewish conspiracy stuff- like Jews controlling the world and every antiseptic stereo type you can think of- he still follows all and talks to all of the same white nationalists from those threads but is careful not to like their anti Jew posts anymore as to not lose his clout with the “leftists” who platform him.

No. 1027834

He stopped being explicit when Jugs got doxed, I think it really freaked them out. Jugs was in Upstate NY for the National Justice whatever the fuck neo nazi gathering they had there last week. Supporting her good pal Eric Striker.

No. 1027835

>Jugs was in Upstate NY for the National Justice
holy shit, sauce? so much for leaving the wignat shit behind lmao

No. 1027842

File: 1598227694981.jpeg (297.36 KB, 1536x2048, 180BD72E-24BD-4EC3-8CDB-A39527…)

No. 1027844

She never left it behind, her and Jack just agreed to tone it down publicly. She's engaged to a huge wignat, his twitter is @blestnbeheaded, you can check out what his beliefs are. I heard from a very reliable source that she went upstate to that ~historical event~ lol She is very, very dumb and trusts some people she maybe shouldn't, if you know what I mean

No. 1027849

File: 1598228545797.jpeg (48.89 KB, 828x227, 9A2E5A21-2190-4315-A986-FAA4D5…)

She can take as many tricky angle selfies as she wants but she’ll always have grotesque droopy dog eyes.

No. 1027850

I bet her and Jack are going to have so much fun chatting with Dasha about the racist old ads Ghost World storyline. Does Dasha not know about this thread and has ignored the RS ones or is she just as secretly racist as everyone thinks? Has she just given up on trying to have a career?

No. 1027851

u/speakingintonguez is the one who first snitched on the thread 4 months ago


No. 1027854

her body looks so odd….

No. 1027858

pure projection on her part. she identifies as a femcel and admits to loving r/vindicta

No. 1027864

Honestly she looks trans

No. 1027865

The femcels that idolize her will somehow see this as a compliment. “Wow queen, you have such STRIKING, REGAL, ANDROGYNOUS features.” All ugly-cope vocabulary

No. 1027867

Dasha absolutely knows, she's been made aware several times and been sent the two eps of the "Jugs and April" podcast, which was Eric Stikers brilliant idea, a fascist Red Scare lol

No. 1027874

she makes ~35k a month on her podcast but can't get a headboard?? why does her apartment look like 22 year old's with a part time job?

sage for useless nitpicking tbh

No. 1027875

She thinks of it as a "transitional" place, you know, before Eli proposes and they buy a home together lol btw are they engaged yet or??

No. 1027881

File: 1598234405419.jpeg (84.52 KB, 750x370, 4289B7EE-1FB0-4F82-B252-785B97…)

i will keep them in my prayers

No. 1027884

She has a habit of completely burning bridges with people, future divorcee

No. 1027900

Spends all day talking about how women are supposed to marry, have kids, and not get involved in politics… only to end up unmarried and without kids, talking about politics for money, at 35. kek

No. 1027903

That's what all these political internet women do.
>All women should be living this particular lifestyle but me. I am the exception, because I came to point it out. I'm special, not like the other girls.
All this tradthot/lefthot shit really is NLOG syndrome, but for 30+ women.

No. 1027906

She's a Christian socialist, she certainly isn't a strict adherent to Marxism even if she uses some Marxist economic analysis. Even Matt is more eclectic in his socialism despite being atheist.

No. 1027918

Liz is more of a bourgeois socialist, maybe not even a socialist but a European Christian Democrat. She seems more leftist than she is because both American parties are so controlled by corporate interests and won’t even give the population universal healthcare.

Nice to see this girls gossip board is still living in their heads rent free.

No. 1027922

File: 1598243289999.png (41.38 KB, 668x93, liz bruenig catholic marxist.p…)

>she certainly isn't a strict adherent to Marxism
Dual loyalty, the cognitive dissonance is washed away in the pineal gland.

No. 1027934

She was raised a Methodist and converted to Catholicism while at college because of one of her professors, kek. That and mistaking an epileptic seizure for a holy experience (many such cases).

Orwell had these trendy middle class adult converts nailed a century ago:

>The most immediately striking thing about the English Roman Catholics–I don't mean the real Catholics, I mean the converts: Ronald Knox, Arnold Lunn et hoc genus–is their intense self-consciousness. Apparently they never think, certainly they never write, about anything but the fact that they are Roman Catholics; this single fact and the self-praise resulting from it form the entire stock-in-trade of the Catholic literary man.

No. 1027945

Why is Dasha even cath and not orthodox? Isn't she a slavshit?

No. 1027947

Belarus is about one fifth Catholic, they've historically had a strong minority presence there

No. 1027950

Looking at her face makes me feel really, insanely grateful and appreciative of my own genetic lottery bounties

No. 1027952

When has any patreon "creator" built any sort of meaningful wealth with their impressive monthly earnings? They're mostly mentally ill maladjust attention whores, you better believe all her money goes towards buxing Eli and amassing piles upon piles of nondescript "designer" basics that look like ASOS and will be out of style in about 6 months.

No. 1027955

Does she really think her veiny, kangaroo feet are attractive? Why does she keep showing them off?

No. 1027956

Eli probably has plenty of familial wealth, but the notion of her having a sickly looking manlet parasite to match caroline’s is too good

No. 1027970


I don't get why so many farmers think she is buxing him. I really doubt he has girls lining up to fuck him. Im fairly certain he would be an incel without her, he's like 5 at best if you have a fetish for early 00s jewish hipsters, a 4 to everyone else, and has zero clout outside of their niche NYC art world scene. I do, however, agree that she has the money between the two of them and is paying for all their exotic vacations

No. 1027979

Eh, Christian Democrats in Europe accept basic welfare programs but they've been pretty supportive of austerity and neoliberal policies in recent decades (look at Merkel re: Greece). Liz is at least a left-wing socdem like Bernie, if not a demsoc.

No. 1027983

File: 1598253865591.jpg (47.85 KB, 416x263, 80189157_2881882368529328_9607…)

Speaking of Orwell:

>He is either a youthful snob-Bolshevik who in five years' time will quite probably have made a wealthy marriage and been converted to Roman Catholicism

No. 1027992

Yeah, that passage describes effete hipster LeftCaths like @go_oat and @weevilofdoubt perfectly. The latter freak had a Stalin avi before he deactivated. Of course they’re total pampered nerds who would wet their pants with anxiety if they had to live under a genuine totalitarian system like Stalin’s.

True, and the Italian Christian Democrats were supported by the CIA but that hasn’t stopped some “LeftCaths” from praising the compromises the Italian Communists made with the Christian Democrats which only had the effect of neutering the Communists, pissing off part of their base, and ended with their complete humiliation. Twitter Left shit isn’t particularly well thought out.

No. 1028003

lmfao implying he would share any of his trust fund with Anna when he wants to bang the likes of Julia Fox

No. 1028027

Because she isn't really a lolcow?

No. 1028029

she has a small army of simps, but her takes are just lukewarm berniecrat stuff. the appeal is in the mystery of who she really is and why a bunch of media bluechecks debase themselves for her

No. 1028030

…is Paul Blart already setting up camp in the perfume thread in /g?

No. 1028031


These two are definitely Red Scare fans but at least they care about a world beyond anorexia and internalized misogyny. Their beliefs on China are spot on. China has concentration camps for Uighur Muslims, is committing mass genocide against them, and is harvesting their organs without anesthesia while they're fully awake on the operating table. I'd like to see one of these cows care about that.

No. 1028039


Thousands of leftist pro-democracy protesters have been tortured, raped, and murdered by CCP police in Hong Kong and all Anna and Dasha do about it is go to China to buy Balenciaga knock off handbags.

No. 1028042


Belarus is about one quarter Muslim (Crimean Tartar). How much do you want to bet Dasha's family is Islamophobic?

No. 1028043

Wow go off queen! Never heard this one before!

No. 1028045


You haven't heard about it? I thought people here would have educated themselves about the Islamophobic genocidal fascism behind Anna and Dasha's iPhones and fake Chinese Balenciaga speed trainers…

No. 1028046

It’s pretty messed up that they call themselves socialists but they use iphones. That’s definitely my biggest problem with them

No. 1028048


They call themselves "socialists" while using blood-soaked iPhones manufactured by Uighur Muslims in concentration camps

No. 1028049

File: 1598272591910.jpg (94.8 KB, 814x578, iphone bad.jpg)

>this exact "hot take" for the 25824th time

No. 1028052


You cannot call yourself a socialist and support the Uighur genocide. I see a lot of complaints about fat Jack the Perfume Nationalist and his sidekick Jugs on this thread but at least they aren't raging Islamophobes and actually see China for the fascist genocidal monster that it is

No. 1028053

Did Matt Stoller find this thread somehow?

No. 1028054

File: 1598273405325.jpg (126.84 KB, 1000x750, john bolton jimmy lai.jpg)

>Thousands of leftist pro-democracy protesters have been tortured, raped, and murdered by CCP police in Hong Kong and all Anna and Dasha do about it is go to China to buy Balenciaga knock off handbags.

No. 1028056


I'm not talking about any random Chinese guy, or the Han Chinese people, who for the most part are good, solid people. It's important to distinguish between people and governments. I'm talking about the CCP and their Islamophobic genocidal campaign against Uighurs, who are being rounded up, sterilized, harvested for their organs and then thrown in pits just because they are Muslim.

And yes, all lolcows in this thread who flaunt their iPhone selfies and knock-off designer clothes Made in China are complicit in that genocide.

No. 1028057

An iPhone is not a necessity, it is a luxury.

No. 1028058

>I'm talking about the CCP and their Islamophobic genocidal campaign against Uighurs
fake news, no one's being killed, but even if it were the case, what grounds does the united states government have to criticize them when they've spent the last thirty years bombing the shit out of millions of muslims across the middle east?

No. 1028059

Cringe cia derailer

No. 1028061


I'm a European Muslim. I used to listen to Red Scare before I realized they were tankies.

No. 1028064

all this eli kesler, khachiyans boyfriend, talk is pure speculation, besides from him being some shitty musician. where is any proof?
I stopped listening to the podcast three month ago though

No. 1028067

Very stale bait. Apply yourself 0/10, and obviously this very comment is matching that staleness

No. 1028070

Literally what are you talking about

No. 1028076

Uhhhhhh they seethe about Jews, deny the Holocaust and loathe minorities, I highly doubt they are fond of muslims!

No. 1028080


I'm from a predominantly Muslim European country and a genocide survivor. It is offensive to compare every genocide to the Holocaust. It relativizes genocide and is frankly Islamophobic. Muslims have been more oppressed than any other group in history. Comparing what we have been through with Jews and the Holocaust is an insult and a slap in the face. This kind of thing is part of why I don't listen to Red Scare anymore. When Anna talks about the Armenian genocide, she is claiming victim points that aren't hers because she is non-Muslim.(Blog)

No. 1028084

I was just pointing out that Jack and Jugs hate muslims too and I have no idea why you think they don't? Bizzare tbh. Just last week he made a tweet how he doesn't GAF that Obama droned the ME.

No. 1028085

File: 1598276816260.png (184.52 KB, 720x967, Screenshot_20200824-093807~2.p…)

So last year Anna re tweeted Bronze Age Pervert and everyone got upset bc he's a neo nazi and she was playing innocent LMAO one year later and she admits to buying his book for everyone and interacts with him all the time.

No. 1028086

She's Armenian and can talk about if she wants to, why does she need to be a Muslim to talk about the Armenian genocide? It was perpetrated by the Turks, guess what their religion is? I think you're a troll.

No. 1028088

There was no genocide in Bosnia baby

No. 1028092

I love Oppression Olympics.

No. 1028093

Lmao every muslim has victim complex ingrained in their identity. Fucking pathetic.

No. 1028104

Why do people follow Annie (@w0a0i0f) lmao, she's boring as hell and her tweets are just recycling the same bit about having a jello-bodied, emasculated bf who works in <whatever STEM field> who graduated from <whatever top university in Ontario>

No. 1028108

File: 1598281790255.png (797.7 KB, 1280x720, yooger prop.png)

sage your US propaganda libtard

anna and dasha are social democrats, they are not marxist leninists. they are not authoritarian or remotely left at all. not everyone you dislike is a tankie, retard. read a book

No. 1028111

You're not wrong, anon, but a majority of this thread is farmers calling cows communists when they aren't actually communists, because those cows call themselves communists for clout when they're just social democrats. The source is the problem.

No. 1028112

No ugly forevergirlfriend who's buxing is buxing a 9/10, and each and every one of those ugly men deeply resents her for being living proof that he'll never get the babes he wants. Anna is looking for commitment and family, not a hunky hookup to show off.
That being said, I don't think she's paying all his bills or some shit, she's just the one always paying the tab (in-between tweeting about how men need to take care of their women and how marrying rich is the dream).

No. 1028115

It's men who follow her because of her looks and they like the gamer bf thing. I think she actually used to be more interesting but she toned it down a bit. She had a pull thread so maybe it got to her. Or she got a life and realized looking for attention from random loser men on twitter is lame.

No. 1028144

File: 1598285291442.jpg (38.26 KB, 512x622, hello anti china glowie.jpg)

what the hell is this unsaged samefagging about CIA propaganda lmao get out or at least try to cite some sources not from adrian zenz or random african videos or thai bdsm porn being passed off as chinese torture. hate china all you want but stop spamming the thread with this shit

bet you also think saddam had WMDs

No. 1028168

Han people are disgusting shiteels lmao

No. 1028179

She’s a non-obese young woman who posts lots of selfies, that’s all you need to amass a legion of simps. She’s not even attractive, just a very very average Asian woman but that’s good enough for the simps.

No. 1028189

File: 1598292985994.jpg (67.25 KB, 507x500, MUH YOOGIRS.jpg)

there are literally thousands of mosques across all of china you dumbass. all of which are completely open and ran legally.
they only lock up extremists and it's temporary, they all get released. they teach them english and deradicalize them, then let them go.
sage your cia-funded autism next time

No. 1028191

File: 1598293188990.jpeg (579.3 KB, 750x1096, 25FF0E0E-4ACB-466D-B4F9-E4F29C…)

idk if these two qualify as “leftthots” but they’re equally embarrassing. onlyfans marxists

No. 1028195

Seems like there are a bunch of glowniggers shitting up this thread

No. 1028198

They're hot

No. 1028213

Quit with the politics derailing. This thread is about discussing the personalities and their cow-ish behavior not your twitterfag politics garbage. Anyone who continues with this will receive lengthy bans

No. 1028246

File: 1598301210509.png (212.58 KB, 332x458, Screenshot_20200822-210616~2.p…)

When Jack makes fun of the septum pierced SJW nerds but his co host looks like this. Always remember how he described her as a Russ Meyer/Ava Gardner femme fatale before we all found out about creepy Christina Murgo!

No. 1028247

File: 1598301390969.png (280.45 KB, 448x456, Screenshot_20200822-210333~2.p…)

Sex toys are gross, except when my hot femme fatale co host Christina Murgo aka Jugs, is into them.

No. 1028268

That sleepisocialist girl is all over twitter and fucking annoying, she acts like she's the first egirl ever to call herself a communist on the internet by mentioning it in every post she makes.

No. 1028272

Any milk on that CIAGoFundMe guy? He seems like another Dirtbag left Tiwtter user that seems super misogynistic but it's okay because it's always towards "white" women /s/

No. 1028286

Can you find the tweets of annie calling shasti creepy?

No. 1028288

File: 1598307419656.jpeg (209.93 KB, 828x1435, 68A0D12B-BB68-4F20-8B39-5D0803…)

I’d like to see them too. I remember replies to a similar tweet being posted on PULL since none of the users there actually followed her alt, all they could grab were just a few of her mutuals responding “oh my god” “what the fuck” and one of them with a screencap of one of Shasti’s tweets. I can’t access the site because I guess it’s finally down and it was so long ago it’d take forever to find again. There’s also this.
Does anyone here follow her alt?

No. 1028289

looks like ghost wife @eponawest deleted her account and moved to an alt, anyone know what it is?

No. 1028306

no cap, i heard from 2 different girls that his dick doesn't work

No. 1028309

"Dirtbag" and "class first" leftism is literally a way for Tumblr bluehairs and manbuns to say "misandry" and "reverse racism" in a SJW approved way because the right doesn't want them. They are SJWs, as evidenced by the fact that they need to bother maintaining this veneer of having a leftist cause in the first place instead of just being topkek magahats. And that is because most culturally conservative and truly working class people are not interested in whatever chapocels think is "leftist economics" (paying for their barista degrees).

No. 1028318

So he's still a virgin

No. 1028341

He’s cautious enough not to post anything milky in his public account. I do know he was friends with that InternetTara slut and let her follow his private and she used to make fun of him for crying about not having a girlfriend all the time.

No. 1028363

File: 1598323421638.png (32.36 KB, 592x201, caroline as a woman rnc.png)

long way from codepink.
is it true she's an op?

No. 1028368

wamen have such high expectations. wanting a working dick and a house that doesn't smell like 9 cats

No. 1028370

kek, InternetTara herself is a single mom who ignores her kid to spend her entire day posting on Twitter and had her nudes leaked.

No. 1028373

Wasn’t Caroline living with some ugly moid who posted a novel here to defend her honor? That must me going well if she’s making these posts on Twitter. It would be funny if she found a sugar daddy who was an SJW soyboy and changed her politics once again to reflect that.

It’s not so much that the “right doesn’t want them” since the right has no standards either but that the lefthots want to retain some of the prestige and connections that come with left-leaning social circles, especially in the big cities, and they wouldn’t be able to do that if they went full MAGA. But since there are already lots of educated and talented women in these circles, the only way mediocre, aging PickMes can compete for attention is by stirring up lots of controversy and increasingly edgy takes.

No. 1028377

File: 1598326527962.png (1.18 MB, 2336x1434, Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 11.3…)

apologies if this got posted already but the RS sub found these goofy ass tweets and has been rightfully laughing at perfume nationalist. a couple of them figured out he looked like a bearded beanbag chair too. I was worried by attractiveness standards were fucked from being from Jew Dork City and i was overestimating his ugliness so im glad to see others agree he is truly, swamp-monstery horrific to look at

No. 1028384

She’s too messy and too much in debt to be a fed. She just works for an insurance company

No. 1028385

File: 1598328376720.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1536x2048, EgN5qxqXkAAZJb9.jpeg)

I gotta admit, dude got a bunch of losers to buy his terrible perfume reccs, perfumes that admits are foul on his fragnatica account, plus he got his idols Anna and Dasha to come on his pod. All while looking like this and preaching about aesthetics. Gotta hand it to him, impressive.

No. 1028390

i'm an unironic radfem and honestly in my unpopular opinion she's attractive to me she's exactly my type even with her flaws(no1curr)

No. 1028399

Nah aside from a couple of dedicated fanboys who always rush to his defence literally nobody on that subreddit ever liked him

No. 1028400

at least you admit it’s an unpopular opinion

just when I thought this guy’s photos couldn’t get any worse, now he’s wearing sandals groosssss

No. 1028402

File: 1598332351713.jpeg (76.95 KB, 626x586, 3F71B779-5F1D-4F39-BE6B-A19076…)

It’s always a fat man in a death in june shirt

No. 1028403

Trannies are your type? Respect yourself

No. 1028409

This is the most boring and basic look possible. What happened to the mullet and weird wrinkled cottage-core, oops, I mean REALLY INTERESTING AND RARE designer vintage shit? Did EmRata get to her?

No. 1028418

Or she’s been told she’s dogfaced enough times to finally try to look like women she’s always condescended

No. 1028419

She’d be decent if she gained a few pounds and grew her hair out.

No. 1028423

>Leftists defending literal child pornography
Sounds about right!

No. 1028425

up next is sausage curls and increasingly fashion nova tier dresses

No. 1028442

she doesn't look like a tranny get a grip. no humongous hands, no huge head, actually has hips.

No. 1028452

Class first leftism is retarded. Most poor people especially males are idiots. They’re poor for a reason.

No. 1028457

lived with dasha in ktown AMA

No. 1028458

interloper, shoo.

is her body count as high as she claims? what kind of men was she with?

No. 1028463


yeah. mostly pale, doughy guys that were "connected" (she was trying very hard to get in with the jack kilmer crowd)

No. 1028464

did she confirm having any STDs?

No. 1028471


Where do you think her acting career is going?

No. 1028477

Prove it

No. 1028485

I had a one night stand with Caroline in college AMA

No. 1028486

A smartphone or tablet or whaterver is a necessity to most. A different brand from Apple is same unethical thing, but we haven't options, and is very ubiquitous, sure buying one avery release or a new one, or not disposing it correctly is another… A similar argument is fabrics and fashion industry (ofc getting a h&m or primark piece youre guaranteed is coming from some shitty working conditions, but buying from pricier brands that still aren't transparent doesn't say shit).
Or think about people in meat plants.

Doesn't mean we shouldn't care or try all together in the areas we have feasible options.

Derail sorry

No. 1028488

Anna K once tweeted that she would work for the Chinese government in exchange for a Huawei phone. That is the pinnacle of unethical. Equally bad, Anna and Dasha push the Michael Tracey line that RuSsIaGaTe WaS a HoAx

Sorry if this is too "political"

No. 1028491

it's an anon board for a reason loser. if you're not dasha, it's also not anastasia or alicia :-)(:-))

No. 1028493

i know you guys are gonna hate me for this, but i think she honestly has promise when it comes to super niche shit if she can get over her self-consciousness. everyone in our apartment was so obsessed with themselves, it was nauseating. literally worst year of my life living with other girls looking at themselves in the mirror while i was doing the same

No. 1028498

File: 1598360927840.jpeg (727.22 KB, 1440x810, EgNWwFxXgAEx3Q2.jpeg)

No comment

No. 1028499

File: 1598361017293.png (443.07 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20200825-150857~2.p…)

No. 1028502

Is alex jones or fragrance fascio?

No. 1028504

everyone reading male fantasies lately

No. 1028506

You were one of the Exquisite Mariposa girls? Hated the book btw

No. 1028510

File: 1598363148057.png (35.46 KB, 568x400, kantfuck.PNG)

The things that come out of this circle, man.

No. 1028513

File: 1598363664960.png (291.63 KB, 1434x1424, Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 9.55…)

Alright who the fuck is Bloobird lol can someone please settle this once and for all?

No. 1028516

File: 1598363993374.png (183.38 KB, 505x584, ash.png)

This is sad

No. 1028518

lmfao I’ve been wondering about her for a while, I remember someone making a post in /ot/ about the subreddit and how psycho she is. i think she’s definitely in this thread

No. 1028519

File: 1598364787972.jpg (8.23 KB, 239x211, wojak.jpg)

"So lonely.. So tired.. After a long, hard fight, scouring the left for a future husband, I grow weary.. But this does NOT make me a femcel, okay? I am not a foreveralone loser.. I just need to scour the right for a husband, that's it.. that's why I'm foreveralone.. because.. politics"

No. 1028520

Jack immediately bought copies when Dasha had the shirt last year, Jugs bought a Male Fantasies shirt too bahahahaha

No. 1028521

bloobird is an amoral troll. she has no opinions of her own, she just shitposts to piss people off and I sort of love her for it. I'm sure if she had a twitter and blogposted about her life she'd be just as much a cow as the rest of these people but she mostly keeps to trolling people on redscare, which is hilarious.
>incoming ban from psycho mod who thought I was paglia aroma
I think this is referring to alexandrawallace
she is definitely in this thread

No. 1028524

She's such a pickme. "I-I'm not like those other vanilla girls cause I have a cool relationship where I can post my shooped tits online too, btw anime girls are better than 3dpd am I right boys?"

No. 1028526

Bloobird was thought to be Jugs based on her posts calling a lot of women ugly, bullying and boasting about how hot she is, literally in the same style as Jugs did on twitter. Multiple people came to this conclusion independently and finally someone made a thread about it on the Red Scare sub. It turns out that it wasn't maybe Jugs but proves that a lot of people remember Jugs being extremley nasty before she oh so cowardly privated her account.

No. 1028527

russiagate literally was a hoax, hillary got the popular vote and the electoral college voted trump like they voted bush in 2000. why are so many radlibs itt not saging their braindead posts

i saw a girl reaching out to her in the replies of one of her posts, saying that she doesn't know how ash does it because every time this girl posts a selfie she just gets death threats. ash's advice was to just masturbate to the death threats. politics is an aesthetic for her, she's selling sex appeal for attention at the end of the day. i have noticed more fascists and centrists following her than any leftist men

No. 1028529

File: 1598365870024.png (518.32 KB, 700x1144, Screenshot_2019-10-09-15-21-04…)

Jugs being the exact type of woman that she makes fun of now all the time. She accused several places of racism, hiring rapists etc. Always been a bully

No. 1028533

yeah lol i hate the book too. also imagine living with the person that wrote it. every move we made fiona somehow made into some autistic ideal of transcendence. like no…. we're were a bunch of girls with eating disorders and no jobs

No. 1028535

she's just saying what everyone is thinking, calling ppl subhuman and poor because they have bad genes

No. 1028541

>Anna and Dasha push the Michael Tracey line that RuSsIaGaTe WaS a HoAx
>Anna K once tweeted that she would work for the Chinese government in exchange for a Huawei phone
true, these people think they're being more America-loving than the Democrats but they literally hate our country
>Class first leftism is retarded. Most poor people especially males are idiots.
this is true, all the cows ITT are just classcels. Middle class or upper middle class children of PMC parents who couldn't cut it. look at Anna's father, a famed computer scientist and mathematician and then look at what she did with her life before she got a bunch of incels and misogynists to hand her free money every month for being edgy. I think she said she was a hostess?

No. 1028542

>why are so many radlibs itt not saging their braindead posts

Because they’re interlopers/false flaggers. The cows will feel better about themselves if they think the people making fun of them are mostly Russiagate hashtag retards or Gwen Snyder types.

No. 1028551

I swear it has to be one of the cows trying to make everyone here look bad

No. 1028565

File: 1598373199147.png (190.67 KB, 1468x612, Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 12.3…)

Anyway this is the pic Bloobird posted of herself lmao anyone believe it?

No. 1028570

>literally thinks she's too good for commitment
she must be trolling, there's no way

No. 1028577

File: 1598376971397.jpeg (235.55 KB, 750x667, 0DB3CAE1-C542-4F54-A968-A71BBB…)

Yeah the anti lolita tweets from libfems are kind of annoying but the way leftthot adjacent dudes are so defensive about it is really weird

No. 1028579

I'm pretty sure everybody already knows this about Lolita… this isn't some intelligent revelation. Even while knowing the point of the book, there are still some people who have an issue with it and think it shouldn't have been written.

No. 1028580

jugs lives in richmond???????????

No. 1028581

Any thoughts about the possibility that Anna and Dasha receive money from the Kremlin? They had Bannon on RS, Bannon helped get Trump elected, the Russians are in possession of video of Trump and other high-ranking Republicans engaged in sex acts with minors. They're "socially conservative" and are obsessed with Surkov. This has always been a suspicion in one of the group DMs I'm in with Ukrainians. They've done more to normalize Putinism and spread apathy among impressionable gays and young girls than Rachel Maddow. I think they are working for the Kremlin.

No. 1028582

Can we just ban anyone who posts this retardation already? It’s probably the same one or two idiots.

No. 1028586


You'll lose credibility among many who harbour suspicions about them, but be my guest. Ban me.

No. 1028587

People don’t like puritans and scolds who want to censor art. It’s an understandable reaction, especially when the work in question possesses obvious artistic merit.

No. 1028588

who cares, go post your retarded conspiracies on Twitter

No. 1028589

You don't think Bannon's appearance on Red Scare was suspicious? You don't think Glenn "KGB" Greenwald's appearance on Red Scare was suspicious? I guess all you care about is Dasha's weight. This is not a serious board. You are not serious people.

No. 1028595

there are like two or three people with puritanical or scolding opinions regarding lolita compared to the endless identical posts like "um ackshually you're not supposed to like the main character"

No. 1028600

She grew up there, her father was (is?) some big shot in the military. Her parents moved to Jersey and she moved with, she still lives with them.

No. 1028601

Go away, Jack. Nice try.(hi cow)

No. 1028604

Your """theory""" is easily debunked with the position Dasha took on the Belarus protests. Now stop being retarded

>Greenwald = KGB
Just stop posting lol

No. 1028605

Are you aware that Belarus and Russia are not the same country?

No. 1028607

Are you aware that they essentially are? Putin is the one backing Lukashenko and it shouldn't take much to key in that it's in his best interest that Lukashenko stays in power instead of a US/EU-backed coup out of his control

No. 1028608

File: 1598380982742.jpeg (68.77 KB, 686x644, 26537D2B-DD4D-468D-83F3-94FE2E…)

liz really enjoyed the rnc last night

No. 1028609

File: 1598381240999.jpeg (239.4 KB, 750x916, ADBB7E5E-B8E8-4268-8A31-1A278C…)

this chick runs in the same circles as samememe and logo daedalus

No. 1028610

They are not the same country, and no it is not a US/EU-backed "coup". All you tankies just love to deny foreigners agency by centering the US and not the people protesting. This was a grassroots uprising against Lukashenko. He has been in power for close to 30 years. Putin wants Lukashenko out too, just like other neighboring countries like Lithuania. Dasha is pro-Kremlin, anti-Lukashenko. Read a book, tankie.

No. 1028611

Lmao why would Putin give a shit about some coke addicted podcasters in Brooklyn? He has bigger shit to worry about.

No. 1028618

File: 1598382491020.png (426.72 KB, 828x1792, 77B0AE29-9CAE-4AED-9BC6-861677…)

Ashley is really out to ruin Angel’s life

No. 1028620

can someone explain why glenn went on girls chat?

No. 1028631

why the fuck are you so obsessed with china and the cia??? get help

No. 1028632

it's hosted by a disabled repressed trans man and a schizophrenic autogynephile, he probably felt right at home.

No. 1028636

She was obviously joking. The radlibs who want to deplatform redscare by hyping them up as like enemies of the state are just as cringe and retarded as these people. This is a site to ridicule harmless cows, not to help any dumb careerist canceling agenda

No. 1028644

How would Ashley manage to do that? Do they have a joint account still from being together or something?

No. 1028646

Ma’am this is a gossip board

No. 1028655

american politics is a joke

No. 1028677

This is kind of baffling, I know both of them are total nutcases but Ashley is clearly screwing Angel over more than the other way around. All of Ashley's complaints boiled down to "i don't like Angel anymore," meanwhile she's draining Angel of what seems to be her only source of income while bragging about how rich her family is.

Honestly what the hell is this? Dasha supports the protests in Belarus which consist entirely of the anti-Putin crowd since the president of Belarus is in bed with Putin.
They're not working with the KGB, mostly because the KGB literally does not exist anymore and has not existed for decades.
Amazing you listened to Red Scare in the first place, sounds like MSNBC is more your speed.

No. 1028681

File: 1598391158600.jpeg (205.82 KB, 1334x644, 7FDDD59E-D120-4638-869E-EF3C6E…)

is starbuckskween bloobird’s new account?

No. 1028684

File: 1598391434663.jpeg (241.78 KB, 828x413, 74C6DCBE-41ED-4973-A60D-B0BC11…)

Angel’s like weird or whatever but she doesn’t seem like a sociopath or a cloutchaser like other people in this thread. I wish her well tbh. Screenshot from her Reddit account

No. 1028694

She has maybe a spoonful of hip. Her face literally looks like a haggard lad’s face superimposed onto an androgynous woman’s body. I wasn’t saying she is a tranny, but she literally has one of the most manly faces I’ve seen on a young condescending white woman.

No. 1028695


You ever consider the idea that they just…paid him his speaker/guest fee? Just a thought anon

No. 1028702

You can think the RNC was effective while finding the GOP platform horrid.

No. 1028707

Did you know the CIA bankrolled Jackson Pollock and the Paris Review? It's very likely that Anna and Dasha receive money from the Putin's Russia. Anna's father was a Soviet scientist. He would have had the Soviet equivalent of a security clearance. Wasn't he working on nukes? Has anyone here bothered to look into their connections with the Russian emigre community in New York?(ban evasion)

No. 1028708

You're insane, shut up. If anyone is giving them dark money it's American republicans like Thiel.

No. 1028710

Please develop a new trolling gimmick this one is so boring

No. 1028711

In the 80s ex KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov gave many lectures on long term Soviet strategies to demoralize and subvert during Cold War era.

No. 1028715

hey you saged this time good job

No. 1028726

And "clever" ppl scoff at the notion of supernatural entities influencing humans in a divine struggle for our souls

No. 1028731

File: 1598395166935.jpg (79.91 KB, 728x931, lemin.jpg)

dude, anna and dasha aren't communists but they're not right wingers either. putin is NOT a leftist and they are not working with the cremlin

please take your meds

No. 1028738

I’ve only heard a few Girls Chat episodes way back before their falling out but she was always less crude than Ashley and seemed generally kinder/more thoughtful with her words so it’s strange to see she’s the one being cancelled now

No. 1028740

Who care, buzz off already

No. 1028741

she was one of the organizers of that Epstein NYC Meet-up coterie that Dasha promoted last fall

No. 1028743


No. 1028744

>This was a grassroots uprising against Lukashenko
there's real angst on the ground against Lukashenko, but the protest leaders are literally a billionaire porky, some fascists, and the wife of a YouTube blogger who receives funding from NATO-backed NGOs. That's the Color Revolution playbook, piggyback off legitimate grievances to install a Western-friendly leader who'll introduce neoliberal reforms, privatize everything, and leave the country in a worse state than it was before.
>He has been in power for close to 30 years
Dukanovic has been leader of Montenegro longer than Lukashenko's been leader of Belarus, but the EU never makes a stink about him because he's a pro-Western neoliberal.

No. 1028745

nta but i didnt know angel was trans until somewhat recently, does a good job at hiding it

No. 1028750

Tim Scott is a wet blanket though, everyone hates him, especially Trump's more wignat/alt-right base. Just seems like a troll on Liz's part, she was clowning on him on twitter last night too.

No. 1028751

also used to publicly identify as "alt-right," even long after that term became anathema among the online frog/nazi-sphere due to Richard Spencer's cringe antics.

No. 1028761


I know there are a lot of radfems on here but stop sperging out, it's getting repetitive

No. 1028762

Some of us just want to talk about people without sperging over pronouns

No. 1028783

well dasha was still talking about pepe memes as late as february of this year

No. 1028785

meh, pepe really transcends the alt-right, despite their attempts to co-opt it in 2016. Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry posted pepe memes ffs. Also Dasha posts apu memes, not pepe.

No. 1028789

dasha is so nauseatingly obsessed with catering to her idea of "4chan" so bad, she posts screencaps of random 4chan posts about her all the time (even from archives lmfao) and pepes, alex moyer is the same way but a billion times worse. like, these aren't the types of people you want to cater to as seen with custardloaf

No. 1028794

true but it just seemed very “how do you do fellow kids” when zoomers have mostly moved on from pepe

No. 1028804


Lmao my sides, the paper he became famous for writing was on the subject of applied mathematics, not physics of any capacity let only nuclear. Everything online indicates he was a computer programming guy not a sekret kgb scienteest.

Finally, as of he immigrated in 1989 that means he and his whole family would have lost their soviet citizenship, been rendered stateless and have zero political ties to the contemporary russian government. That Tom Clandy novel your ghostwriting would at least have him or Anna the ability to travel to Russia w/o having to apply for a tourist Visa like a pleb

No. 1028814

I cringed so bad when she said Pepe was cute on the pod. I think this was this year. Ma’am you are too damn old.

No. 1028816

File: 1598401088104.jpeg (173.43 KB, 1807x776, E5D9559E-D538-4B46-B347-FA4B71…)

Jack declares his support for Israel

No. 1028817

No. 1028818

holy shit he's insane. remember when he tried saying that conservatism is punk? LOL. supporting israel is so totally punk dude! sure! right on!

No. 1028823

File: 1598401513385.jpg (84.89 KB, 1078x1090, EgOdBMFXsAAmCSt.jpg)

Kantbot has been experiencing a mental breakdown for the past 20 hours


No. 1028824

tl;dr on this latest bap/kb spat?

No. 1028826

File: 1598401977258.png (76.52 KB, 384x269, kantb.png)

lmao it seems like bap made fun of kantbot for being in the tfw no gf movie and theyve been spiraling

No. 1028827

File: 1598402029043.png (27.05 KB, 365x268, kantb2.png)

No. 1028829

So they're all turning on Kantbot now? I'm waiting to see when Anna gets it too.

No. 1028830

Seems like Anna's firmly in BAP's camp, she's been referencing him non-stop lately.

No. 1028832

"physique" shame

No. 1028833

with the screencap i posted it makes it seem way less bad than it is honestly, it seems like BAP has been getting tons of people to engage in coordinated harassment against kantbot and doxxing him and spamming him with random stuff

No. 1028836

it's hilarious how perfume blart mall cop managed to con these uppity leftist ladies into "friendship" when he's just a run of the mill conservative. all he had to do was flatter their narcissism. for some reason they all jump at the chance to court the attention of an arrogant political man with twitter likes in the double digits

No. 1028837

File: 1598402575623.jpeg (87.62 KB, 828x423, BD336D28-CD91-4B5A-AD32-1C419F…)

I don’t care for cumtown but she reminds me of a clip I saw where Nick described a documentary about a woman with chronic fatigue who couldn’t hold a job but could still go on hikes and do things she enjoyed

No. 1028838

that exiled judge guy referenced in the tweet linked here >>1028823 is a psychopath. sick freak. I almost feel bad for kantbot. they're all doing this because he was supportive of the riots, these right-wingers BAP types are scary. Anna Khachiyan still puts herself closer to BAP though, she's really going to regret this eventually

No. 1028839

she seriously has the least self awareness of any cow ITT, she has no sense of humility

No. 1028840

He is definitely not just a run of the mill conservative, do you people read the threads before commenting?

No. 1028842

They're all psychopaths, Kantbot is a repulsive creature who has no redeeming value whatsoever and nobody should feel bad for him. He is getting what he deserves.

No. 1028843

>surely attacking back adds fuel to the fire, no?

maybe it’s because i’m not familiar with kantbot but it’s sort of sad to see a guy losing his mind and being met with detached reddit tier responses and the convo leaked

No. 1028844

same, i really don't like kantbot but BAP is a total psycho and i can't think of many people who'd deserve this

can you explain what's bad enough about kantbot to deserve this? he sucks but i thought he was just a fat philosophy dweeb cryptofash

No. 1028845

I've been here the whole time. he just gives me the impression of a bland conservative trying to posture as an edgier/more inflammatory far right personality. i.e., >>1028816

No. 1028846

he's just some fat dork who tweets, it's not like he has any power like BAP. I have sympathy for anyone getting mobbed by actual fascists

No. 1028850

File: 1598404352755.jpeg (269.13 KB, 828x1310, F4C73CC0-6BA0-4DB9-A1E8-C3BF7D…)

it’s sad the mods shut down the rw twitter thread made a few months ago all because the OP was bad when they’re just as milky, the only difference is they take themselves much more seriously

No. 1028853

epic Asian irony gf schtick that sucks ass and isn't funny. her misogynist followers like to imagine sexually abusing her

No. 1028856

He got his entire following by being an open fascist and now he's gaslighting and pretending not to know his old friends and what he used to he all about. Playing som3 dumb games. He likes to troll people and bully but now that he's up against guys who will dish it right back, he's freaking out. Total loser.

No. 1028859

File: 1598405084101.png (750.21 KB, 703x651, Screenshot_20200817-165014~2.p…)

Uh right, the usual conservetard will make friends and hang out exclusively with far right people, talk about Culture of Critique (peek his desk) and make best friends with open neo nazis who he invites to co host his beloved podcast with him. He got butthurt that the far right didn't accept his gay ass come ons and would make fun of him plus the doxing of Jugs made him decide to drop the far right thing and pretend to be a normie conservative.

No. 1028860

File: 1598405093862.jpeg (122.71 KB, 828x816, 6EDA05DF-B7F8-40DE-AD0A-9F136A…)

the way she spreads her legs in mirror pics makes her look weird

No. 1028862

typical pro ana style posting, she tries to look as ~tinie uwu~ as possible using the most manipulative angles and camera tricks. she's admitted to being anorexic before, she said she grew up obese

No. 1028863

it’s just an anachan trick for making yourself look skinnier. works well when coupled with something oversized & shapeless

No. 1028864

lol at the fact that this sweater is a japanese porn star's merch

No. 1028865

of course the pickme is a porn addict, it all adds up. if she were white she'd be a weeb in an ahegao shirt and tattoo choker

No. 1028868

>watching an asian woman get violently fucked by some insanely ugly white guy
“She’s just like me…!”

No. 1028869

all those unfinished books, kek. what an ugly set up, aren't gays supposed to be good with interior design? he can't even be gay right

No. 1028872

File: 1598406435292.png (180.47 KB, 598x503, 0.png)

She has always been disgusting like that. She tweets about JAV and puts stuff like "joi" in captions of her selfies. She has no sense of what is appropriate to share on social media.

Pic related btw is a porn thumbnail that says Did you cum inside me? I'm your mom and the article is "Motherhood changes us all".

No. 1028876

jeez. as if the fact she has gone to bat multiple times to defend gamer creep Nick “Babylonian” Robinson isn’t enough

No. 1028880

File: 1598407632965.jpg (443.5 KB, 1536x2048, w0a0i0f.jpg)

No. 1028882

thats literally what kantbot did himself. he stirs shit then act victimized. he dishes it out but can't take it.

No. 1028884

fatbot is just jealous that bap has been able to cultivate a loyal cult following whereas he remains an atomized troll without any real friends

No. 1028890

She is so ugly. What a fucking moonface

No. 1028894

File: 1598410357732.jpeg (85.05 KB, 828x558, 20B8D2C9-4769-491D-9241-104C3F…)

No. 1028895

she might have a longer mid-face than Anna

No. 1028898

The type of men she attempts to pander to don't even like her. They easily see through it and despise her for being so attention-seeking.

No. 1028899

File: 1598410982524.png (674.01 KB, 1544x1342, Anna.png)

There's an Anna K thread on /lit/ and half the posts are arguing over whether she has a dick or not.

No. 1028913

I wonder if Shasti is too autistic to see how men treat her victim(kek kidding) or does she think "they won't treat me like that" Really wonder what goes on in her head.

No. 1028920

This dude rocks, he smoked crack with the director of tfw no gf (it was her crack).

No. 1028928

The weird thing is a good amount of her orbiters hate Annie. What goes on behind closed doors? How’d she win so many guys over using the same persona that turned most of them off? She’s probably just friendlier so I doubt anyone will turn on her anytime soon. Annie can be a bitch but we haven’t seen that from Shasti yet at all. Men on there tend to be v loyal to perfect sweetie types.

No. 1028938

> Anna K is a regurgitation of lasch or paglia

That’s generous. Giving her brainlet takes way too much credit

No. 1028951

She's completely irrelevant and boring, she just posts the exact same vaguely misogynistic shit as samememe but without even the edge. I'd ask if this is a selfpost but she's probably too boring for even that.

No. 1028981

File: 1598430514417.png (151.66 KB, 382x318, IMG_20200825_162632.png)

that's a spicy take from a thot who sought a creepy male feminist cuck to make him pay to have her horse maw removed & then proceeded to monetize her tits online

No. 1028996

File: 1598434063864.jpg (54.84 KB, 585x462, hey.JPG)

hey if it helps her sleep at night who are we to judge

No. 1028999


imagine not taking the correct position of a male feminist just because of retards accusing you of doing it just to fuck dsa girls

No. 1029000

File: 1598434473737.jpeg (639.08 KB, 1189x1459, 2DFE1309-6CC8-4522-80B1-396E2F…)

They’re correct that Kantbot probably pivoted so he could grift the Chapo/Red Scare crowd (and Anna fell for it like the retard she is) after appearing in the intel documentary but didn’t expect the backlash from his former right wing friends to be this harsh. Either way, it’s funny to watch this drama unfold since both Kantbot and BAP have similar petty and psychotic personalities.

No. 1029005

File: 1598435059483.jpeg (75.41 KB, 746x1200, E8AFF77C-3CEE-4A68-93B9-9A1811…)

Yeah, that side of right-wing Twitter is very milky, and yet just a few days ago Anna K was ~still~ defending her ties with Jack, Kantbot, and BAP even though anyone with a functioning brain could see that these people are bad news and have nothing positive to contribute:


No. 1029011

File: 1598436075467.jpeg (173.39 KB, 828x1333, 9AD3FBAB-9002-4185-B6A1-1ACE88…)

Did kantbot do something to Tara? Why would someone who hid on a private alt for months after her nudes leaked revel in someone else’s misery? How old is she even?

No. 1029012

lol Tara talks shit about her internet “friends” all the time and will switch sides whenever she thinks it’ll win her some cool points, this entire part of Twitter is psychotic and untrustworthy

No. 1029013

She's in her mid 20's iirc

No. 1029018

>I’m not a misogynist, the people calling me a misogynist for saying misogynistic things are the real misogynists!

No. 1029026

Annie being a former fatty is really the missing piece that ties it all - the attention-seeking, the "smol Asian JAV waifu" act - together. It's pretty sad because the men her shtick attracts are mostly hentai addicted coomers. I imagine a lot of them are RW too, it's common in those circles to fetishise east Asian women as submissive babymakers that you can treat like shit.

No. 1029035

File: 1598442247003.jpeg (733.25 KB, 1191x1497, 0595C498-A20E-44B1-B3F5-CFD48D…)

Judge brags a lot about smoking crack with Alex Moyer, the girl who directed the Kantbot documentary Tfw no gf. One cow leads to another.

No. 1029036

I'm wanna kick this dude in the head so hard it corrects his fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1029040

File: 1598442621190.jpeg (205.58 KB, 828x1024, 7D9CBB50-5845-4B8E-92F2-5BDC0B…)

No. 1029041

I remember when Dasha moved in with this guy after the breakup with Adam and everyone on the Cum Town subreddit assumed he was one of her gay friends

No. 1029042

FUck men who conceal their abusive tendencies behind 2deep4u ideas

No. 1029043

I know these tweets are intended to be ironic on some level but there are so many people on Twitter doing this very same faux-transgressive aesthete schtick that I can’t even tell them apart anymore.

No. 1029044

The idea of this fleabitten scarecrow carrying anyone up a flight of stairs.

No. 1029045

File: 1598443238639.jpg (168.96 KB, 561x404, NS7LP3j-horz.jpg)

has anyone explained to Jack yet that it's a bad look to larp as a fascist when you're the very vision of what fascists considered to be nothing more than sterilised work camp fodder?

No. 1029046

tf this faggot mean. just say i want to beat women but i’m too weak uwu.

No. 1029054

I followed this guy when he first made a twitter and BAP promoted him. I thought there would be some merit to expanding the variety of aesthetics on twitter. It did not take long for him to start imitating 90s & 00s chick flick girls and doing the whole diva act. He must have thought BAP was actually gay and that he could revel in chemsex orgies with the scary gnatsies and "turn" the freakin' frogs gay with his misogyny. He probably also thought doing the Trump/Milo/JBP controversy technique would give him the attention he craves.

If he were really passionate about perfume he would have made big tweet threads with recommended perfumes and being more of an inviting personality. He's less interested in making the world smell nice than overdoing the spraying to provoke and impose on people. He prefers drama, attention, and recently, the patreonbuxxx that comes from grifting and podcasting in circles with "Cashew & Bean" or "Laurel & Hardy". He prefers money and entertainment to beauty and art.

He's a deeply scornful and angry man who says "live laugh love" but is not committed to what that means. Twitter has made him sick and he should take a break.

No. 1029057

You took recommendations from BAP?

No. 1029059

I did not say that. BAP retweeted this perfume guy a while back when the perfume guy's account was still new.

No. 1029062

File: 1598447518183.png (39.06 KB, 393x229, charlottesville rally 17.png)

Even alt-right organizers recognize this and don't want people like him at their events.

No. 1029068

File: 1598449007529.jpeg (707.1 KB, 1539x2048, EgT5DZ6WoAI-3MK.jpeg)

He really does love to hate women and he thought, bless his heart, that by bonding with the far right hot guys over their mutual distaste of women, he could turn them gay lmao This is why he bonded with Jugs so well too, she was the resident "I'm not like the other girls" woman hater in those circles, plus she was fat and nasty so not threatening to him at all. When he stalked and harassed that one girl he was obsessed with, a really thin and pretty girl, he would go on and on about why his mutuals would choose to follow her when he specifically ordered them to stop and it was always "She has a vagina, that's all it takes! They like her more because she has a vagina!!!!!!" Truly bizzare how that girl got under his skin, she was a small twitter account with like 200 followers or less but she talked about perfume and skincare a lot and was sweet, his jealousy of women is bordering on really scary.

No. 1029070

Yeah and this Berto dude is a pathetic loser who sends Jack pics of his penis even though he clams he's straight, they're all nuts and super gross.

No. 1029076

Berto is a fucking loser but I didn’t know he sends Jack pics of his dick, that’s fucking funny. Jack is such a wannabe cult leader, and Berto’s one of the retards who fell for it.

No. 1029077

AMA i did heroin with alex moyer
it was my heroin

No. 1029078

is she really a tranny?
is she still on heroin?

No. 1029079

tell us about the time you did heroin with alex moyer. i heard she did crack with some guy

No. 1029080

but the overdosing of perfume seems rather original and funny
I listened like a year ago to one of his first episodes and thought it was garbage though

No. 1029081

Jack gets all those losers to send him dick pics and the dudes that refuse get a freak out and block from Jack. He is a wanna be cult leader who relishes in people spending their hard earned money on perfumes he admits aren't even good.

No. 1029082

after we did the heroin, she was on heroin
she seems genuinely female

No. 1029083

Overdosing on perfume is what little old ladies do because they've lost their sense of smell. Nothing original about it. But he's not original at all, making it out that Angel is some controversial perfume when it's so normie that it's Hilldog's singanture scent.

No. 1029086

>she seems genuinely female
I only asked because she came out as a troon on her twitter right after Tfw No Gf came out

No. 1029109

File: 1598454474307.jpeg (112.16 KB, 828x739, 2A83AF0E-3568-4264-B8BB-1324AE…)

No. 1029134

she keeps trying to brand “shasti” but it’ll never be bought because it sounds like a laxative

No. 1029163

File: 1598461571021.jpeg (43.73 KB, 800x444, 8C01CA2A-12DF-4583-B1A9-B8EC97…)


No. 1029172

he lives for art, never forget

No. 1029189

>I am better than women! I am so much better than these hoes, I will humiliate myself for a crumb of your attention… please, someone! Anyone! I will drink your piss, I will eat your shit, I will do anything at all!

Yikes. That anon on the past thread was right, Jack really is an untouchable.

No. 1029201

File: 1598466696679.png (21.32 KB, 761x153, Screenshot (1541).png)

lol this bitch

No. 1029212

This tweet is literally her admitting to skinwalking, kek. Every skinwalker ends up thinking what they're doing is truly "being themselves," but deep down they know it's not the case. This tweet is disturbing

No. 1029216

File: 1598468552979.jpeg (78.07 KB, 600x600, DFD7C4C5-3B3C-41F7-8D7D-A50C55…)

Lmao Kantbot crying about physique shaming

No. 1029223

If it was a person outside their circle being upset about "body shaming" they'd all laugh at them and call it some liberal tumblr thing.

No. 1029244

Of course, Jugs and Jack were going after a girl and calling her a "twink" because she was skinny and when she got upset they laughed at her and said she's weak for not being able to "take the bantz" but as soon as someone called them fat they freaked TF out.

No. 1029258

>Let's ignore the concentration camps in China because the U.S did some bad things!

I hate this argument that were not allowed to criticize one side because the opposite side did shitty things too. Just because U.S government is hypocritical in regards to treatment of Muslims doesn't make China innocent. Sage for going OT.(stop)

No. 1029292

File: 1598479655991.jpeg (165.9 KB, 768x1106, FA44D3FC-666C-4097-AEF5-F77B3C…)

Skinny fat and clearly signaling that she’s dating OPN

No. 1029300

File: 1598480083382.jpeg (32.78 KB, 630x339, 2684EB96-71E6-470C-8012-7A9A7D…)


No. 1029319

>Cashew & Bean
ty anon these are the laffs I come here for

No. 1029329

Thank you anon lmaooooo I bet Jack has a full lenght mirror that he dances naked in front of, tucking his dick in, imagining himself being a woman the right wing guys all desire Goodbye Horses plays in background

No. 1029330

this is just part of his stale delaney grind. along the lines that he is no nazi, bc why would he promote this black guy's books…

No. 1029331

Not commenting on her body, that pose makes you look thinner

No. 1029332

File: 1598482671524.jpeg (57.35 KB, 684x352, 6738F6EF-69FC-4D65-9FF2-5C25FF…)

No. 1029334

No. 1029338

She doesn’t even look that thin and you can see her acne scars

No. 1029341

Sub is worthy of checking up and read some posters make it worthwhile, not her dumb comments I started to notice since that meme snitchin. Isn't the same one who brings up loathing herself physically in any "thot" adjacent topics? Maybe we could help

No. 1029360

She look soexactly like this “friend” I have kek(no1curr)

No. 1029361

lmfao anon god bless

No. 1029370

i didn't know about that, but she posts all the time about her male obsessions and calls herself a femcel (she might be a scrote idk). a ton of commentators from the sub and the girlsandgays one (now locked) are just as cow-ish as anna and dasha

No. 1029394

File: 1598497402345.png (632.38 KB, 1222x672, old and trans.png)

No. 1029407

No. 1029430

no idea what she's trying to say here lol. is shasti trans?

No. 1029432

File: 1598507370898.jpg (114.32 KB, 1125x1289, lt28jdv5ka051.jpg)

it's a philosophy meme

No. 1029489

File: 1598525077994.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1185x1723, 012D8329-4EA1-44E8-8F87-7900C3…)

Logo is trying to imitate the Chad meme, lol absolutely delusional

Most of the replies are making fun of him:


No. 1029495

this one made my day, oh god
his facial structure is almost a complete opposite of that meme. I bet it would be even more ridiculous without a beard

No. 1029498

File: 1598527722728.jpeg (127.39 KB, 1125x1028, F36F6A96-237B-4DEB-83CF-2AD352…)

No. 1029531

File: 1598538203833.jpeg (39.04 KB, 606x506, Chaz.jpeg)

I'm getting the strong inclination this man typically takes photos with his eyes and mouth wide open.

No. 1029535


This is next level cringe. The high self-esteem of hideous men never ceases to amaze me.

No. 1029537

inb4 she can't give up drinking because she needs to use alcoholism as a quirky identity

No. 1029549

This dude is losing his shit lmao

No. 1029552

File: 1598541243723.jpeg (367.36 KB, 750x983, 19B6AB9E-0763-4BE1-953F-CC87EC…)


I’m not a Chapo fan, but this was in response to one of the online leftists making fun of his takes. Will and the others never mention him; this just comes off as bitter jealousy.

He’s angry that he’s not getting money for his retarded takes.

No. 1029557

File: 1598541806877.png (127.65 KB, 1246x446, Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 11.2…)

Will never acts like he isn't an Upper West Side fancy lad…and logo/kantbot have never come up on chapo ever and none of those guys care at all about these attention whores. No one is impressed by these wannabe right wing intellectual's "intelligence", they're so clearly just insecure pseuds. I saw that logo and kant were mad at crumps for this tweet and were freaking out like Anna does.

No. 1029562

lol Logo has been negging Chapo for years and they’ve barely acknowledged his existence. Kantbot too though he tries to suck up more to Felix Biederman.

Don’t know why that Crumps dude is talking about “their authentic selves.” The more likely explanation for their recent behavior is this: