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File: 1598356353263.png (329.26 KB, 670x804, 1589361853117.png)

No. 1028465

Last thread: >>884793
>37 year old Russian self-proclaimed pick-me, pro-ana BDSM "tradwife" who's been on European forums since 2004
>does BDSM shit in public, and in front of her kids
>uses her kids as props for photos
>used to wear a hijab/gimp mask in public and claim it's part of her religion
>is a weeb who draws her own manga/comics
>runs her own subreddit, r/pickmes, where she posts videos of herself ranting about Tinder or other women, opening "gifts" for her man, her disastrous cooking, spam about sex dolls and random news articles, gives tips on how to have a hot tranny Auschwitz survivor body like her, and posts her autistic comics
>brags about "buxing" her man (using her mother's money), doesn't go to work, husband doesn't work, they have 4 kids
>believes feminism is a "cope" for being rejected by men, and that women would be better off as sex slaves
>threatened to her mother that she'd never see her grandkids if she doesn't support her and her husband's lifestyle
>her husband, Vlad, is a morbidly obese, short Romanian man who cheats on and physically abuses her
>believes herself to be a 10/10 Stacy with who's "too pretty to work", gets "paid to exist", gets mistaken for a high schooler, can wear clothes from the garbage and still look good because decent clothing/styling is a cope for ugly bitches
>believes all women are inferior, including her daughter
>in reality is rated 5 or below on Reddit, has to dumpster dive because decent clothing is too expensive, body looks like a cryptid
>is obsessed with 4chan culture (virgin/chad memes, greentexts, misogyny)
>has a hateboner for non-white women (with a special focus on Arab women), infamously posted her own idea, a "race ladder", on European forum The Apricity, hates "fat" women, young women, career women, hates herself
>insists all women but her hit the wall at 30, and she will be eternally "hot"
>claims society is heading for a "pick-me" future, where women will have to pay men to fuck them
>is a cuckquean who lets husband fuck other women, and lets other men fuck her, husband keeps her in the basement
>conversely, she's incredibly paranoid about other women trying to "poach" her man, and claims they're always eyefucking him and following him around IRL
>thinks rape doesn't exist and shouldn't be punished
>believes women are "creatures in the basement" that exist for cleaning and having children
>considers herself in the top 1% of attractive/desirable women due to her ana chan body, "trad" lifestyle, BDSM autism, short hair and self-abasement

>posted a photo of herself holding what looks like a fake gun after a previous one looking completely broken, with a newly shaven head (she had been trying to grow her hair out previously)
>she had a shitfit and dumped photos of her wedding certificate, rings, her children's faces
>looking into buying a sex doll for her husband
>reason to believe he's been making some of the posts from "her" Reddit and forum accounts, posing as her
>she's running a Discord server, but demands all members must be female and verify with their faces
>more pro-ana body checks
>more comics
>earlier, an anon found her sister's IG account (who seems to be well-off and physically attractive/normal) and testified on her being intensely jealous of her
>screencaps of her advocating pedophilia on Discord

Social media/Forum presence:

Please feel free to add anything I might've missed. There's a ridiculous amount of shit this woman has done and said.

No. 1028468

File: 1598356470755.png (400.93 KB, 862x1040, ik4.png)

Dead-eyed as ever.

No. 1028469

File: 1598356707348.jpg (54.12 KB, 640x444, m8ppc5a6pwi51.jpg)

>Going Pick Me will make you happier (Self Improvement)
The Becky/feminist/"career cunt" she drew this time is actually kind of cute.

No. 1028470

File: 1598356817918.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.9 KB, 640x853, hnyc2tt4mei51.jpg)

>Weight check: still 46 kilos/ 101 lbs
Most recent body check, featuring cleavage no one asked to see and her tongue.

No. 1028474

File: 1598357669563.png (469.7 KB, 874x552, 9838953.png)

Video of her opening her "love gift of the month" to her husband, a camera lens she found on Ebay.
She rambles a biit about how she, as a married woman, needs to make her man happy, then plays around with packaging, and uses it to make herself a cat tail, joking "This is a furry shoot now", "You like cats, don't you, girls?", tries to make a "sexy face" and meows (ignoring the fact that she looks more like a monkey than a cat).

No. 1028476

File: 1598357866280.png (1.17 MB, 856x1284, 8998a.png)

She's made videos and posts claiming it's "over" for all sorts of women if they're not tall/rich/white/skinny, but she somehow doesn't think it's "over" if you have to buy a sex doll just to "lure" a guy.

No. 1028478

File: 1598357978026.png (599.29 KB, 848x640, h1z.png)

>Hiding in My Room video
When cows collide.

No. 1028480

File: 1598358103366.jpg (104.46 KB, 640x892, 5w6vuh0zowi51.jpg)

New chapter of Harem Queen.

No. 1028481

File: 1598358237752.jpg (93.31 KB, 640x883, vk1gfapzowi51.jpg)

>calls the woman a loser even though she has a career and above average looks
>no career listed for the man, or rating for his looks

No. 1028482

File: 1598358301042.jpg (101.55 KB, 640x896, om98p4e0pwi51.jpg)

No. 1028484

File: 1598358394127.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.06 KB, 640x917, uwdg5bt0pwi51.jpg)

No. 1028497

File: 1598360629257.jpg (100.45 KB, 640x897, sxya5wb1pwi51.jpg)

No. 1028500

kekking at zlata standing naked in that corner like a monkey

No. 1028911

Is that Tara babcock? Lol according to Mary, Tara is already a lost cause for being 30+ and single

No. 1029100

File: 1598453310553.png (149.31 KB, 1016x764, 98429.png)

Mary is offering the chance to date her husband if you bang one of the incels from her Discord (which I thought was supposed to be female-only). What a steal.

No. 1029102

File: 1598453408205.png (101.6 KB, 984x520, 093901.png)

Samefagging because this exchange is too funny not to post.

No. 1029114

I kind of doubt that this is actually her and not vlad tbh, just a feeling.

No. 1029126

It’ll really be something else if Mary gets cancelled by her audience for being ~twansphobic unu~ instead of being a flaming, batshit misogynist that exposes her young children to her nasty kinks.
Quelle surprise— there’s an immediate overlap between the people who think it’s okay to disrespect women, sexually denigrate them and view them as objects who exist for satisfying dick and the people who insist on calling themselves stunning, brave women for putting on thigh highs, popping a boner and making online murder threats if you dare disagree that a penis bars someone from womanhood.
>she’ll probably get called a TERF despite not even being a feminist in any shape or form

No. 1029128

Of course this is the audience for her subreddit full of her weird sex doll posts

No. 1031599

She's kind of mad about her threads here. She also thinks everyone posting just wants to bang vlad…yes

No. 1031607

wait… she knows about this thread? post caps of whatever you're talking about

No. 1031612

I got kicked from the server before I could get caps, sorry.

No. 1031663

she's desperately coping, her life is all a lie and clinging to bullshit is all she has. it's very sad

No. 1033211

File: 1599196199795.jpg (116.03 KB, 640x900, nc7w7t3ugdk51.jpg)

New chapter of Harem Queen.

No. 1033212

File: 1599196229872.jpg (112.24 KB, 640x903, 8yj2g7ougdk51.jpg)

No. 1033213

File: 1599196329564.jpg (108.07 KB, 640x907, uu6hdb8vgdk51.jpg)

No. 1033215

File: 1599196490861.jpg (101.08 KB, 640x901, 0734n4hiidk51.jpg)

Preview for the next chapter. The cover and two pages.

No. 1033216

File: 1599196571827.jpg (109.72 KB, 640x893, mqejmsziidk51.jpg)

No. 1033217

File: 1599196711256.jpg (93.96 KB, 640x903, czar9kfjidk51.jpg)


No. 1033218

File: 1599196798518.jpg (20.34 KB, 320x481, 2ysbdfj3jdk51.jpg)

>This time I borrowed my son's shirt
>How to get picked
Even her sons' clothes aren't safe from her obsession.

No. 1033220

File: 1599196909161.jpg (24.61 KB, 320x481, vn5m0v34jdk51.jpg)

And she's still using them as props.
>same haircut
What exactly is the appeal of this? Is she trying to tell us her husband is a pedophile who fantasizes about his own children?

No. 1033221

File: 1599197029292.png (523.84 KB, 856x1450, 6754.png)

Admitting her husband beats her and she just "deals with it".

No. 1033224

File: 1599197248667.png (272.22 KB, 850x1374, 988.png)

>There's girl-hot, and guy-hot. I might be girl-beautiful, but I'm not girl-hot.

>However I am guy-hot. That should settle that.

No. 1033227

I really hope this boy doesn't grow up to be a POS, I hope he can move out and take custody of his siblings

No. 1033280

idk why but she always looks so darn miserable on her pictures as if she is coping with all the shit she is going through along with insecurities. Her face is too sad to look at.

No. 1033303

That is a really cute dress tho, what garbage can do I have to go to to find that?

No. 1033538

Even with all the blur/soft lighting, she clearly looks her age. Women don't turn into old prunes at 37 kek.

Based on the interactions, I really think it's her husband behind the account. It sounds more like a man being butthurt that he's not married to Adriana Lima than a woman being jealous of a supermodel.

No. 1033746

The way she is holding her son actually tells a lot about how she is feeling. She is kind of squeezing him with her left arm and has the need to hold his hand tight as well. Don't know if I had too much tinfoil soup but the vibe she's giving me is that she is trying to protect her son somehow

No. 1033846

I know Im late but this got me crying

No. 1033929

Likely a case of resting bitch face. Slavic women are known for it. Even when they do smile they still look pissed off.

No. 1033931

Of course a Troon would find the idea of gimp girl hot. 99% of her presumed female audience are likely males.

No. 1033933

Holy shit I think this is her husband posting on behalf of her. Her facial expression and the tone of her posts just don’t match. This is uncanny valley.. someone report the husband please??

No. 1033981


I agree. A few months back an anon tinfoiled that the husband is the one running the account and he's making her pose for these pictures. The more I think about it, the more I think it's plausible. Her face is looking more haggard and as time goes on she's looking more distressed in the pictures, imo.
Her poor children..

No. 1034129

what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1034301

File: 1599391337272.jpg (76.03 KB, 667x1211, san1dgvaqhl51.jpg)

>I got my man a love gift to cheer him up during the dark and cold season
Are these photoshoots even her idea?

No. 1034304

File: 1599391460757.jpg (61.95 KB, 1080x720, qluu9r8eqhl51.jpg)

Samefagging to point out she looks like she's just been crying in this one.

No. 1034305

File: 1599391646336.png (441.53 KB, 988x1132, 38n.png)

Old (and it's not really gone), but I guess she and/or her husband hate-reads r/FDS.
It probably pisses Vlad off to see younger women not falling into the same trappings Mary did.

No. 1034307

I don't think it's her husband posting this stuff. I think she is just absolutely batshit insane and possibly Schizo. Schizophrenia in women presents a lot different than in men as they get obsessed with different paranoias, usually focused around relationships, sex and family.

I don't wanna armchair diagnose her but I can totally see an insane women develop paranoia like hers that is focused around sex/youth/appearance.

No. 1034316

While I think she may someday snap, it doesn't seem like Mary is really being forced to do these shoots or weeping between then. She just seems like a very delusional, worn down woman. Fully believe it is really her and not her husband posting

No. 1034369

She's not smiling on these, like, at all… It's as if she may be trying but being forced to do so. Honestly she looks super scared on these pics.

No. 1034373

File: 1599406215171.gif (850.87 KB, 498x207, ugh.gif)

The tinfoil is getting out of hand.

No. 1034395

NTA, but I agree. Look at her eyes.
IMO the posts are 50% hers and 50% Vlad's (same goes for old forum posts, I think one anon said she claimed it was "normal" for your SO to post from your account in the past thread), and judging by the videos she makes, she's not entirely outside of the whole ideology.
She just seems like a heavily coping abuse victim (and a pick-me, of course). I'm willing to bet that sometimes things get ugly before/during/after their fucked up little routine, and she just brushes it off. I'm not sure whether to feel more sadness or revulsion/annoyance when I see this woman, to be honest.

No. 1034434

Of course she's not happy, she's a fucking psycho and trapped herself in a nightmare of a life. Her posts online are her justifying her choices to herself, she is trying to convince herself most of all that she is happy, hot, to be envied. She doesn't actually believe this deep in her soul, that's why she looks like that.

Women can be crazy without needing a man to force them to act that way.

No. 1034596

This is the one. Hard agree.

No. 1034605

The Harem Queen comics really make me wonder about her. Sometimes you can tell a lot about someone by their creative output…it seems to be a total reversal of the role she plays irl. It's still got BDSM and female slaves or whatever, but the female characters seem to have more agency than she does and are more likeable than she makes other women out irl. It reads like total wish fulfillment. Mary is a mess but I genuinely like reading her retarded comic, her art is very 00s female weeb cute even if it's not the best or professional.
I think she's genuinely batshit but I have a sliver of hope that's she's a kinky weirdo who's been brainwashed and abused into staying and eventually she'll snap and gtfo before more damage can be done to her children. Her misogyny is abhorrent but I'm not sure how much of her posts are written by her uggo husbando. There has to be something seriously wrong with you to act like this online, even if it actually is all her, but there has to be something seriously wrong with you if you let your partner do this either.
sage for no milk

No. 1034754

Call me tinfoil but this lady looks like an abuse victim to me. Ofc the lines must be blurred after years of being trapped in this relationship but damn.. look at her face.

No. 1034755

Personally I think she's playing a character and wants the attention that comes with it. Her posts seem to read as tongue and cheek and she seems to enjoy deliberately shocking people. I think she's an eccentric character and I don't think her husband is behind her persona. She looks miserable because that is her natural facial expression. Saying a woman looks miserable because she's not smiling is something people do all the time. If a man had those facial expressions people wouldn't even comment on it. Women who don't smile all the time and look more sullen exist, get over it and stop expecting women to smile. Her comics represent her real personality more than the character she plays. It's all a creative pursuit and a desire for attention.

I do believe that she is a housewife with a lot of time on her hands.

That's my theory based on her behavior and the evidence presented.

No. 1034763


Schizophrenia is characterized by episodes of psychosis in both sexes which is not what can be seen here. She seems perfectly aware of what she's doing and is deliberately presenting herself in such a way to gage a reaction from people. She seems perfectly aware of physical reality, time and space.

No. 1034775

I agree with you anon. She's just ugly and old looking, There's nothing that reads as "sad" to me, and I don't think she "looks like she's just been crying" here >>1034304

No. 1034782

Well she posted a picture of herself getting dp'd by a huge cucumber and some other large vegetable while holding her infant years ago on flashback so I guess she's just very passionate about the character…

No. 1034784

And also a picture of her giving birth in fetish gear if I’m not misremembering

No. 1034789

And on a milder level, the photos of her at an actual playground with her hijab on, skirt short as fuck, panty shot, kids playing in the background.
Kind of evil to include your children in your weird decade-long social experiment/shock art/internet troll persona.

No. 1034821


Believe it or not, there are people who want to shock and seek attention to that degree. It's not that incomprehensible that someone would do it over a long period of time and go to great lengths to create controversy for an internet persona.

I haven't seen both those pictures of her mentioned so I can't comment. I think I may have seen the one in fetish gear and the one where she was flashing at a park.

No one can really comment on what things are like behind closed doors, either. I mean child abuse is a very serious accusation and not to mention it's illegal. I can't imagine she would be stupid enough to reveal anything along those lines if it was happening. I mean an accidental on purpose thong flash in public and giving birth in fetish gear is very contraversial and will draw attention but I can't imagine that it's illegal or can get her into trouble. Unless children are directly involved in the sexual stimulation then from a legal standpoint it's not classed as sexual abuse of children and wouldn't hold up in a criminal case. The children just happened to be present.

She could play whatever she's doing off as a persona or it could be something more sinister. It's not easy to know. Any speculation beyond what one can observe online is tinfoiling and no one has any evidence for it.

No. 1034825

I wonder if she's getting paid for this, it wouldn't surprise me if she does a lot of this for money.

No. 1034828

A cute dress? It looks like something a loli loving cross dresser would wear. It's ridiculous. It might look OK if it was a darker color, wasn't floral and didn't have so many ruffles.

No. 1034837

She would 100% get her kids taken away if she stayed in sweden (if anyone had actually reported her). I can't really speak on how it works in other countries, but that kind of shit would go for sexual abuse here.

No. 1034884

I'm pretty sure she's in Poland. Families actually flee to Poland from northern Europe to avoid getting their kids taken by often over zealous child welfare agencies. Some have even been granted Asylum by the polish government in such cases. The polish court relies on evidence of a crime, she would actually have to involve her children in her sex acts. Courts in Northern and Western Europe rely on conjecture and hearsay evidence. She would certainly lose her kids in Sweden for much, much less than what she's doing.

No. 1034887

Those pictures made me think it was her husband's idea as he's presumably the camera man behind all her public panty shot/hijab photos. I got the feeling he was trying to humiliate her. I don't think giving birth in BDSM gear was her idea either, but she went along with it. Whoever's taking the pictures is usually calling the shots.

No. 1034889

dont forget shes russian and in russia no one gives nor ever gave a fuck about child abuse. The parental abuse law got removed long time ago because it was way too common (im from russia). Considering her brainwashed personality I think she believes that even beating up your own child is not a big deal.

Her entire ideology really fits the brainwashed-pickme trope from russia, at this rate I feel like she suffocated all of the posts from """men communities""" like a sponge and is desperately trying to become the perfect waifu of cucks who want nothing but fish and beer, TV nearby and a woman living off somewhere in basement just so she could do nothing but cook food for him and let him fuck her. Tragic.

No. 1034890

She's obsessed with her appearance.
Some people don't fully smile because they're ashamed of their teeth.
There are probably lines on her face when she smiles that tell her age.
She makes the same face that she probably believes makes her look "young."
Some narcs do this kind of thing, where they are careful to always look a certain way in photos, never spontaneous, because they don't have control over their appearance.
I don't think it's fear or sadness you're seeing; just crazy.

No. 1034891

That's untrue. If you are investigated and it has been proven that you have abused your child and can be convicted as a result they will be taken away and given to a family member or foster home unless the abuser is removed from the home. It's exactly the same in Poland. Most countries have such a system unless they are really underdeveloped. Russia gives sadistic criminals painfully short sentences though. Polish child welfare would probably investigate her and if they found no evidence of anything they would close the case.

I do believe that Mary is in Poland. There have been pictures of her that prove this.

No. 1034910

not to derail but ive been staring at this for ages and where is her belly button?

No. 1034914

Her face is like textbook bulimia look? I’ve never seen a photo where she doesn’t look tired and bloated

No. 1034917

>Courts in Northern and Western Europe rely on conjecture and hearsay evidence

are you even from here or on what do you base this shit. this is just cope by shitty people who do shitty things to their kids but who wanna play victim.

No. 1034923

File: 1599508705247.jpg (Spoiler Image,189.76 KB, 640x853, 1598356817918.jpg)

No. 1034927

Go and look at the law if you don't believe me, it's been that way for many years. I grew up as a child in the system myself in a western country and am in touch with many others who did also, I know a hell of a lot more than you with your sheltered life I'm guessing.

No. 1034928

I didn't think Mary shooped her pictures of all people.

No. 1034929

>She would certainly lose her kids in Sweden for much, much less than what she's doing
lmao, what do you even base this on? Social services in Sweden always try to help the families to better their home situation before taking children away from their families and into foster care and I doubt that what we know about her would be enough for them to just take the children away.

No. 1034930

Wait, what? What shoop are you even talking about?

No. 1034932

Actually they don't. All they need is hearsay evidence and conjecture, go and look at the law if you don't believe me. It's absolutely the case in every single western country. That's not to say that they absolutely always act on their ability to do that, but they often do and will. You don't have to have criminal charges of cruelty /abuse to lose custody of your children.

On the flip side if someone with a lot of social status is a child abuser they often look the other way and ignore it.

Mary's parents are rich I hear. If she does live in Sweden then she's probably OK in that case.

No. 1034933

Usually her belly is all loose wrinkly. It looks like she has blurred it out.

No. 1034934

I don't think it's shooped, I think it's just due to the image quality, the camera angle and the fact that her belly button is already so loose that there's no real contrast

No. 1034935

Yeah I have noticed that a lot of her pictures are taken with a potato cam. She probably does it to hide signs of aging. I don't think she would ever want to be called out for using filters.

No. 1034943

Honestly Mary would look better if she gained some weight. It would fill out her loose skin and she would look less sallow. Thinner doesn't necessarily equal more attractive especially when you are a saggy bag of bones. I have seen the Pic of her at 160lbs or at least that's what she claimed to be and she didn't look bad at all. It surprises me that she can even become pregnant at such a low weight to begin with.

No. 1034949

That's just not true. They need hearsay evidence and conjecture for an intervention but in most cases they will try helping the child without taking them into foster care first. I've lived in two Western/Northern EU countries, Sweden is one of them.

>"Ett omhandertagande med stod av LVU ar en mycket ingripande atgard bade for den unge och den unges familj, och far bara komma ifraga om det nns tungt vagande skal. LVU ar en skyddslag och vad som ar bast for den unge ska vara avgorande vid beslut enligt lagen.142

>Vid en ansokan om LVU-vard stalls hoga krav pa att socialnamn- dens utredning visar att kriteriet pataglig risk for att den unges halsa eller utveckling skadas ar uppfyllt. Det ska som namnts vara fraga om en klar och konkret risk.143
>Det ar samtidigt viktigt att notera att risken for skada inte alltid behover ha intraffat nar ett ingripande med stod av LVU aktualise- ras. Det kan t.ex. handla om att socialnamnden behover omhanderta ett nyfott barn. Detta kraver att namnden av naturliga skal behover gora ett antagande om en framtida sannolikhet for skada. Ju yngre barnet ar desto svarare kan det vara att underbygga antagandet med tillrackligt konkreta omstandigheter."

I'm not gonna translate all this, but it's from the Swedish social service's handbook and states that a child will only be taken if there are severe circumstances and that it needs to be certain that the criteria of "risk for the young one's safety" is met

No. 1034959

'There is no specific legal criteria as to what constutes a 'severe risk' and it doesn't rely on a criminal conviction. It's all up to the individual interpretation of a social worker and then the judge to make the final decision. Judges almost always side with the welfare agency. It's in their occupational and financial interests to do so. That's not to say that they do 100% of the time, but only a small percentage of orders are rejected even when the case is completely ludicrous.

I could tell you thousands of stories of corruption from my time growing in the system but I would be blogging in that case.

I always find it funny on here how everyone always thinks government agencies are completely benevolent and they only seem woke when it comes to the republican party or the police for some reason. Any agency or corporation viewed as liberal gets a free pass and you are suddenly an evil conspiracy theorist if you speak ill against them. It's pathetic.

No. 1034997

as a romanian i can guarantee no man that comes from this shit hole has the mental capacity to reach an internet forum, let alone plan such an elaborate internet presence/persona. Now the mindless abuse on the other hand, you dont need a lot of brain for that

the name vlad also sounds like a tard ngl lmao

No. 1035016

>thinking you're better than others for browsing forums
This is so funny, and it's not like there's anyone who has never heard of reddit. I've seen romanian anons on here, too.

No. 1035055

Yeah, her breasts won't come back to what they were before child birth & age but they would fill out a bit, and look saggy but not SO deflated. Right now she's built like Iggy Pop, it's not a great look.

No. 1035174

Nta, but I think someone who is not used to seeing such "nakedness" in a woman of her age could definitely see it as deep sadness. It is the nakedness in her expression, her underweight physique, compounded with zero makeup and an unstyled grown out buzz cut, that can be a very stark image for some. Depending on where you live, seeing as woman looking this way in public is pretty much unheard.

Personally I lean to the side where is ultimately fine and living out her humiliation fetish online. The only part that doesn't make sense of course is the contradiction between her narc-like characterization of her appearance and the actual images she posts of herself.

Tho also I wish she would keep the kids out of it.

No. 1035288

Speaking from my own experiences, children can very well be placed in foster homes without an LVU if the parents are deemed abusive/unsafe for the child, but the parent is still allowed contact and are still allowed to make some decisions regarding the child. I've seen teenagers with LVU's which tends to mean that social services/the goverment has all the say in where you're placed and how you'll be treated. It's not ideal, but better than the shit that her kids have to live with now.

No. 1036044

I heard somewhere that her family are very wealthy and that she and her husband don't have to work. Poland is relatively poor and for someone who has to 'support her man' and has 5 kids she has a lot of time on her hands, seems to purchase a lot of stuff and has a decent home. She seems like any other spoilt trust fund baby to who has never lived among everyday people. I very much doubt she dives in dumpsters for clothing like she claims. She says and does whatever she can to feel important online.

When you have that type of wealth it all goes to your head and makes you a bit of a strange character to outsiders particularly when you have never had to work a day in your life.

No. 1036049

The criteria for risk isn't well defined by law. It's completely up to professionals to decide what risk is. Risk can be as small as feeding your kid too much toast or putting them to bed too late when professionals really don't like a parent.

As a result social workers can pick and choose their targets. It happens all over the west. Take it from someone who has been inside the system and has seen all manner of corruption and horrors.

It doesn't take a lot for a parent to be deemed a risk but by the same logic social workers will justify leaving kids with pedos when it suits them.

Judges generally rubber stamp orders because it is in their occupational interests to do so. They might deviate every now and then but it's not a fair or just system.

It's just a horrible, horrible system.

Mary could get away with whatever she wants most because she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and she comes from a powerful family with social status. They probably wouldn't care if she was sticking cucumbers up her kid's asses unless it suddenly became public and they had to take action to save their reputation.

No. 1036068

Everyone’s saying that she comes from a rich and powerful family but is there even any proof of that?

No. 1036070

I thought that was already debunked? That she was working at a school while her lazy husband stayed at home? I think her mom wanted Mary to bring her family closer but didn't approve of how Mary and vlad were acting

No. 1036073

Honestly, I don't she's rich or from any kind of 'powerful' family. She lives in her own delusions. Have you seen her lump of a husband?

She probably lives frugally, based on the stark, empty house she lives in. But she has more than a lot for people. She doesn't compare herself to her peers but to absolute randos she knows she has 'an advantage' over.

Sure, she might not have much, but it is more than younger first year students who have to fend for themselves.

As for her children, they are in a bad situation. But not the worst by a long shot. Or at least, not yet. They have a clean space to live in with like one sober parent. That's enough to be a good parent according to some standards.

And that's sad.

No. 1036086

I believe in one of the older threads, Mary herself said that her mother’s family is wealthy and gives her an allowance so she doesn’t have to work and can support her husband.
Who knows if that’s true or not though.

No. 1036492

I can believe it's a possibility since she seems to have a lot of time on her hands so she can't be working. Either her husband is working and she's lying about supporting him or her family is giving them money. There is no indication that she has a career and Poland is a relatively poor country with stagnant wages. Her house looks like a decent house.

No. 1036495

If she was working at a school in Poland she wouldn't have nearly enough money to support her family. A school principal wouldn't even get a high enough wage to support 7 people and run a big house.

No. 1036518

Agreed. They live like they're poor. Easy to afford house bills when 1. She doesn't eat so as to maintain her mantis body, 2. Spends her time mostly naked so she doesn't need new clothes ever, 3. Is plain and shaves her head so spends nothing on personal products, 4. Doesn't go anywhere or do anything, 5. House is barebones and empty.

Let's not pretend she lives greatly, she has a pathetic life and sadly her children have to suffer that too.

No. 1036728

i thought that was a weird blurred c section scar

No. 1039129

Have u ever lived in russia?

No. 1043194

File: 1600796831251.png (526.41 KB, 844x584, nlfjw1.png)

New video, after a bit of silence. She says she's starting a new video series called "Pick-Me Handbook".
She refers to her tactic of "buxxing" men as "the gilded cage". Her whole idea is to reel a man in with money and/or use it to keep him with you. Seems like she read a list of abuse tactics and is switching the genders to bait.
Basically what she says:
>"Think of yourself as his captor. You have now captured this man, you're going to tie him up and keep him in a cage. That's pretty sinister, isn't it? And because we're women, we can't exactly kidnap them, tie them up and keep them in an actual cage (as much as we want to)."
>You're essentially making a comfy cage for this guy. Some of this will seem sinister, but bear with me.
>"Make sure he has no money or bank account of his own. Say you'll pay all the bills, so you don't need the bills."
>"Make sure he has no job. If he doesn't have a job, he doesn't need a bank account. No job, you are supporting him."
>"Cut him off from friends and family. Family and friends might influence him to leave you, become interested in other girls or leave you."
>"Convince him that the outside world is bad, and your world, this gilded cage, is good. Tell him that everyone on the outside is somehow bad, somehow out to get him. You're not. If he stays with you, he gets financial support, he's comfy, he'll have a good time with you. Other girls aren't like you. You're not like other girls. This is true most of the time, anyway, you're just doing him a favor."
>"If you want to do this yandere-style, you'll want him to not have a phone. You take away his phone, he doesn't need one, or at least give him a phone with tracking, using Google Maps. You can have a phone without internet access, or with no money on it, so you can call him, but he can't call anyone. Maybe he can't call anyone but you. There are ways to set that up on a phone, look it up."
>"Another thing is that he has no cash. Not only does he not have a bank account, he also doesn't have cash. You tell him he doesn't need a wallet because you have all the cash anyway and will pay for everything. You'll pay for his meals, his things, whatever he wants. My man doesn't own a wallet."
>"No cash, no bills, no coins. Can't even take the bus in order to leave you. An extra point is moving to a country where he doesn't speak the language. Where will he go now? He can't talk to anyone."
>"Make sure he doesn't know his way around town. He doesn't know how to get to the airport or take public transport. If he left you, he would not get by because he doesn't know his way around."
>"Keep him comfy, serve him food, spend time with him, you're nice to him. Then he'll be so comfy that he will not want to leave. That's a gilded cage. Think of it as a kidnapping scenario, except as a woman, you're not his captor. He won't want to leave a mansion."

No. 1043219

Jesus christ… I think the only thing that made me kek was how consistent her self confidence is when spewing pathetic shit like this.

No. 1043227

File: 1600801107531.jpeg (54.41 KB, 501x551, 256555AD-B8FD-47E1-86E5-5A20F5…)

She repeats the same shit over and over again, we get it! He doesn’t have a bank account, and he’s in a retarded cage, gosh.

No. 1043352

Again so bizarre that she larps as a sub gimp pick-me when this reads as a weird blend of pickme and domme

No. 1043427

Jesus Christ, you’d think someone who wanted a dude they could sugar mommy would pick an attractive dude instead of the personification of tobacco-and-garlic-smelling tracksuits.

No. 1045034

File: 1601028680048.png (764.64 KB, 888x750, jgytf.png)

>This is the guy I scored with this morning
The way they have the same haircut, lmao.

No. 1045058

What the hell, he looks hideous!? How? This woman thinks so low of herself that she thinks the only men she deserves are… Basement tier ones?

Also they not only have the same hairstyle but are also wearing matching clothing it seems like.

God I'd understand her obsession with locking a man if she actually had any taste. But who am I even talking about… She is a pickme.
Everything about this picture screams sadness to me.

No. 1045060

His hair is so thinned it's transparent, she wants to pretend this guy is some stud?

No. 1045123

They both look simian

No. 1045149

Is he making her post this to humiliate her? Seriously, I can’t think of any other reason. No one is jealous. He looks like every dude I’ve ever avoided at a party

No. 1045324

He looks like an amateur backyard wrestler who got accosted by the methed out neighbour who has all the cats and smells of piss.

No. 1046498

File: 1601226395528.jpg (96.99 KB, 640x905, gl8fc1qedkp51.jpg)

New Harem Queen chapter.

No. 1046500

File: 1601226476201.jpg (92.29 KB, 640x866, ozz62bdfdkp51.jpg)

Guess Mary likes younger men.

No. 1046501

File: 1601226530694.jpg (89.59 KB, 640x914, crd4oktfdkp51.jpg)

No. 1046504

File: 1601226786616.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.68 KB, 640x900, fcjlj4cgdkp51.jpg)

No. 1046508

File: 1601227008311.jpg (Spoiler Image,109.9 KB, 640x876, ed91zpqgdkp51.jpg)

>having sex in your workplace to own your boss
Getting kind of communist there, Mary.

No. 1046513

File: 1601227533996.png (557.76 KB, 858x576, nlkge1.png)

In case anyone was interested in how to dress in pick-me kei lmao
>Pick Me wear - signal to the boys that you're a Pick Me
She talks about buying "lolita" dresses and shoes from AliExpress. She also mentions wearing cheap sex costumes/accessories and combining pieces from them with regular clothes.
>"Now I'm 200% more interesting, just because I'm wearing this slave collar"
Also, she holds up a child's dress and admits that she likes wearing actual children's clothing to show that she's a "smol" pick-me.

No. 1046716

>pick-me kei
im laughing so hard jesus fuck

No. 1047540


She considers THAT scoring? A fat pasty, greasy looking guy with a giant beard? She doesn't exactly advertise the pick me lifestyle very well… Between Mary, kiwi, shuwu the tradthot community I'm not convinced that they do better than other women.

No. 1047573

Mary is the only actual woman I have seen who dresses like a trooned out straight guy.

Also why are all these people weebs? What is their obsession with all things wapanese and anime webtoons?

No. 1047702

>Also why are all these people weebs? What is their obsession with all things wapanese and anime webtoons?

It's always weebs. Maybe South Park was right about the japanese brainwashing people through anime and cartoons.

No. 1047827

I suspect everyone itt that doesn't recognize that this woman is literally being kept by a man as his sex slave, must be underageb&
I refuse to believe this many adult women could look at this haggard, battered ass psychotic breakdown of a person, have this much info on her family, and not immediately understand that this is a horrific abuse case
She is wearing a gimp mask and her son's shirt holding a toy gun and calling herself basement trash openly admitting that her husband beats her
You would have to literally be a child to see all of that and think, "Yup, I could see myself doing that under particular circumstances of my own volition"
You would surely, I pray to god, have to be heartless, embarrassing teenager to still think that way

No. 1047870

What I'm not understanding is how she's saying the whole pick-me logic with confidence on camera, how he's giving her the freedom to work on what basically counts as gentle femdom manga (and even attempt to sell it), how her mother can visit her/her grandkids for holidays without doing anything to save them, how the two go out in public for their bizarre photoshoots, and how her captor is a short, morbidly obese neckbeard she could probably destroy in a 1v1 fight if she trained a bit more with those weights for a few months and wasn’t so much of an ana-chan.
Her facial expressions in her photos, and the obvious Vlad-posts on all her accounts give me abuse vibes as well, but then I get confused when I think of everything else. If this is indeed a case of sex slavery, it must come with a serious side of Stockholm Syndrome. Her chains must primarily be mental. By now she's known him for way over 10+ years. Maybe she can't even imagine life without him (especially since she's already had kids from him), regardless of her ability to walk away.

No. 1047875

File: 1601387024781.png (609.1 KB, 994x714, j bhkfnr3.png)

New video, "How to poach a man".
She says if you're already at "The Wall" (25 years old), it's too late to find a good man, and your chances are "about as slim as [her] arm". You're going to have to poach a guy from a relationship and take him for yourself (and "it might not seem moral, but hey, if his girlfriend is a bitch and can't keep a man or please him, she has it coming"). I think the most noteworthy thing we learn here is that Mary doesn't own a car.
>You have to be hot, or it'll never work ("Your chances are even slimmer than my arm, completely non-existent")
>Become friends with his girlfriend or wife, either through work or university, and naturally meet her boyfriend
>When you start meeting her boyfriend, don't be cringy, have a bit of finesse, but flirt with him and make it clear that you want to sleep with him - be hot, dress a bit provocatively, show off your cleavage ("My boobs are not my biggest asset, but maybe you have that going for you")
>If you start flirting with him, if he is in a so-called "dead bedroom", you have it made, you won't have any problems
>Start doing pick-me stuff for this guy. It seems counterintuitive since you're not in a relationship with him, but at 25, this is what you're going to have to do - his wife or gf doesn't do pick-me stuff for him, that's almost guaranteed, few women do this
>Apply the pick me principles: Bring him stuff (don't directly bux him, it'll be weird and cringy), for instance if you go and visit him and his gf, or go somewhere together, bring him some coffee if you're having coffee together. It's a nice gesture, he'll see and appreciate it. If you visit him, bring him completely mundane things you think he should have, like car wash/car shampoo ("I don't know, I don't have a car"), razors, toiletries, cups ("Hey I just had this lying around, and it reads "cool guy", it reminded me of you, maybe you should have it" just to make him feel appreciated) etc, non-overt pick me stuff so his gf doesn't wonder what you're doing
>Have a better body than his wife, be slimmer if she's fat
>Be nice, show that you like him and be friendly towards him, because chances are, he'll think of that when he has an argument with his girlfriend and she's being bitchy towards him
>Apply those few principles, and you'll have it made. Once you get into his pants, it's a done deal, you'll poach him
>You can also go into desperate mode, which means you point out the flaws his girlfriend has ("Your girlfriend's kind of fat, she should lose some weight, I'd never let myself get that fat, and show off your skinny arm, I don't know why I'm so obsessed with my arm today")

No. 1047877

File: 1601387065001.png (53.77 KB, 842x232, nkj.png)

More delusion.

No. 1047880

Thanks anon for the summaries, I appreciate it.

>My boobs are not my biggest asset

Lmao at least she's a bit self-aware

No. 1047945

>>1047875 Does she ever get any engagement on her posts or is she just posting for herself as a diary?

No. 1048060

>the chains must primarily be mental
I mean if you've seen an episode of dr phil or grew up in a shitty neighborhood, you know how strong those chains are

also Romania has a shit track record for women, as if any country doesn't, but they're one of the cultures where you can get away with punching your wife out in public, just throwing that out there too, that'll be why her parents aren't helping, they were garbage and they made another garbage person, that's what happens when you live in a garbage culture
No hope

No. 1048079

Aren't her parents Russian? Not sure if they're any better

No. 1048109

There's this one dude that started commenting on all her stuff a while ago and now makes posts on the sub. And some of her selfies get a few upvotes from time to time, but most of the random articles and videos she posts get no engagement or even get downvoted

No. 1048284

Not her, but can confirm that those two countries are very similar in that way, but like anon said, a lot of places are

No. 1048372

File: 1601461738464.png (87.04 KB, 736x328, nkjjb8.png)

Took another look at her profile, she was arguing with someone and now she's claiming to have "never been into anime". Not adding up.

No. 1048378

Didn't she literally put anime characters like Tuxedo Mask in one of her older comics? Like weren't the femzombies in the Omega Gimp comic obsessed with actual anime characters?

No. 1048379

No. 1048513

no way that she isn't into shoujo anime, this to me confirms that her dude is running the account partially if not majorly. even if she was tracing or heavily referencing the style of the comic, she has all the little bubbles and sparkles and flowers too nailed. even the fashion she draws looks heavily inspired from lolita and styles in manga like Nana. someone only familiar with anime style from learning from some how to draw anime book wouldn't have the complete aesthetic package.

even this could be excused with "it's a pop culture reference" if they were just random appearances from cartoon characters, but you're right, why is it only anime? her comic very much has the aesthetic vibe of the old sailor moon manga, that has to be her inspiration.

No. 1048675

Maybe she's trying to skate by on a technicality. Sure, she hasn't seen a lot of anime, but the little she has seen has clearly had some kind of impact. You don't need to be a super consumer of a form of media to draw inspiration, 'inspiration', from it.

No. 1048682

Not defending her, but you can draw in that style/art and not really be into anime. She says she's never been into anime shows which isn't unheard of. It might also be because she's not a technically gifted drawer and that easy style is the only thing she can really do. She doesn't really have reason to lie about that.

She clearly has seen some anime, most likely sailor moon etc, but outside of that not much, and you can kinda tell from the dated drawing style too.

No. 1048827

It's weird she has my favorite art style compared to any art cow.

No. 1048885

I agree.
I think she may have read mangas in magazines. There was one targeted to girls in the 90s so she technically didn’t watch anime but could’ve read manga.

No. 1049058

It was made up to discredit the woman that was held hostage because she pointed out the police were incompetent, and used wrongly (like in the situations described in your article), but that doesn't mean it never happens.
Realistically, how else can you explain a woman who smugly, in multiple videos, defends a man who physically abuses her, whores her out, cucks her and wears down her self-esteem so much she thinks she (and all other women) are nothing more than creatures in the basement that should only be let out to cook, clean and fuck?

No. 1049061

She was talking about being "yandere style" in one of her most recent videos, and often posted about Mirai Nikki, Chobits, High School of the Dead, etc.
IMO, either it's her husband posting, or she's just downplaying her interest for the sake of the argument. Wouldn't be the first time she's been dishonest or self-contradictory.

No. 1050638

File: 1601705945267.jpg (170.57 KB, 909x906, Screenshot_20201003_091942.jpg)

Talking about giving birth in shackles

No. 1050675

ah yes, jealous of giving birth to an ugly broke manlets offspring in shackles. i'm so very envious

No. 1050796

Right, I swear she posted Chobits clips on her subreddit multiple times when she first got onto her sex doll/robot kick

No. 1051452

File: 1601813828088.png (505.93 KB, 860x586, kjnk2.png)

New video: "Female Hierarchy". Mary educates us on what the "female hierarchy" entails while seemingly wearing her underwear back to front. She says that men have a hierarchy that other men can rise in, but women don't, and are constantly competing with each other and putting each other down (and that's just how it goes). She describes "alpha" females (girls who get all the guys), "beta" females ("Beckies", average or ugly girls who get their pick of the "beta" males that are left over after the "alpha" females have taken the best ones - she says they get surgery and try to be alpha females, but it's just "overcompensation" and "Faking"), and "omega" females (femcels that no guys want).
She says each of these females need to "stick to their league", that "beta" females need to stop trying to get "alpha" males who are rich or really good, because they'll never want them, and that "omega" females need to stick with incels, hikkis and NEETs (guys who have absolutely nothing going for them, or are weirdos).

No. 1051462

File: 1601815312262.png (613.87 KB, 846x584, 878.png)

She made another video on this subject, "Why you can't compete". She complains about the light glare on her whiteboard, and at the end, she walks up to the camera to show her "alpha female" doodle. She also excitedly mentions wearing heels (even though we can't see them)
>As I said, we have the alpha female, she is really the only one who can compete with other females for men. So, I guess I'd say that alpha females can compete with each other for men with no problem, because alpha females compete on traits that men actually want and appreciate in a woman. The other females in the female category, the beta and omega female don't have any traits that a man wants. They might compete on certain traits, but those are not traits that men want.
>The alpha female is skinny, happy and has shapely legs. The alpha female competes on looks and sex. Okay? There can be more stuff, but let's keep it simple. TThat's what men want. All men want a prety girl, and a girl that is sexual.
>Now we go down to the beta female, the fugly girl, and she competes on, for instance, personality, or her job and career. Now, no man is interested in girls' personality, which basically means "I'm a really nice girl, and I'll have long conversations with you", something like that. And job and career, well, no man is really interested in a woman with a career. No man is interested in a career cunt, a woman that takes herself very seriously and her career very seriously. She's very independent. Those are not traits that men want. That is not attractive to males.
>Now we go down to the omega female, the complete loser, the femcel. And honestly, I don't know what the hell they compete on. I don't know, maybe gossip. Maybe cats? I'm really not sure, but I'm really not sure. But they have some traits that they probably compete on, that are not relevant because they are not interesting to men. Men don't want this. Men don't want girls who knowo about gossip, or, I don't know, have a load of cats. Men don't care for it.
>The only way to compete, really, is to compete on traits that the alpha females compete on. The problem is, you're stuck within your category. You're a beta female, you're stuck to beta males. You're an omega female, you're stuck to the omega males. So what will happen is that the beta males will not get any of the traits that the alpha females compete on, because they can't get an alpha female. The alpha females are untouchable to them anyway. So, they're stuck with you girls. Omega females and the beta females. So, what they do is that they don't want the personality or the job and career, or the cats or whatever.
>But they will settle. They will settle for the beta female that is the closest to the alpha female. So, if we say that we have for instance, uh, a skinny beta female and a fat beta female, or, I don't know, "small fat". Whatever. One is a little bit chunkier and one is skinnier. Then he will go for the skinnier one, not because she has a great personality.
>A great, great personality is for alpha females. It's like you are Dicksucker. That's your personality, for instance, but you wouldn't know anything about that, so just never mind~
>Okay, and the omega females will, of course, have to settle for omega males, and omega males will have to settle for them. They can't do any better.
>I know a lot of you think that both males and females can move up in the hierarchy, but it doesn't work that way, you can't. So if you are an omega female, then if you are the one omega female among all omega females that is the closest to the alpha female, then maybe, maybe, an omega male will pick you. In this day and age, it's not likely, because all the omega males think they can have an alpha female. They think that they deserve an alpha female. Anyway, um, but if you are the slightly chunky omega female, as opposed to the landwhale omega female, you stand a better chance. But again, now you're competing on traits that an alpha female might compete on. Not all these…I don't know, other imaginary things. Like cats, and uh…gossip. Whatever it is you compete on. Cat shirts? "I have the best cat shirt"? I don't know. So, ladies, that's how it works. You just have to stick to your own league. Your own category.

No. 1051463

File: 1601815406965.png (Spoiler Image,419.28 KB, 850x816, eojgenk.png)

>You have no chance with the boys
Reverse BDD, again.

No. 1051466

File: 1601815536488.png (181.01 KB, 844x1030, jof1.png)

Lmao this argument.
>I don't have time for therapy, I have a family to take care of.
The most cogent thing she's said. Sad.

No. 1051472

> that "omega" females need to stick with incels, hikkis and NEETs
I thought her husband was a NEET lol

No. 1051475

Her dating strategy sucks and it really shows that she’s a secretly domme.

If you give hygiene products as a gift for a random person he’s going to assume you think he’s poor/stinks. Or that you are just a weirdo which is true in this case.

Also: if having a career makes you undesirable then how you are going to afford all the gifts you give to your sugarb.. I mean, husband?

No. 1051512

"Women with careers and personalities beyond 'dicksucker' are betas"
That's one hell of a cope.

No. 1051538

>you say that your own daughter is inferior to men
>well you dont even have a daughter

Kek what a great come back 10/10 she sure showed that person how normal of a mom she is

No. 1051549

Doesnt that mean that she is an "omega female"? Since her husband is an obese beet neckbeard and she has to support him? Kek

No. 1053952

File: 1602106219390.png (473.15 KB, 858x588, 98hj.png)

New video, "Pick Me mindset: the guy is the prize".
She first tells us this is how she dresses every day. Cheap graphic “ride or die” tee, a little boy’s sports jacket, the skirt from her AliExpress maid costume and white stockings. “Perfect pick-me outfit”.
>So, today, we’re going to talk about how men are the prize. You, as a pick-me, are supposed to be the one chasing boys. You’re not sitting in a chair and letting the guy do the chasing, because you are the pick-me. Doesn’t mean you sit in a chair and let yourself get picked. Essentially, you’re the one picking the guy. You’re the one going after him.
>The biggest problem with all these pick-me principles I put out is that none of you girls have the right mindset. You don’t have the right thinking. Even if you do all of these things, for instance: You stay fit, you are sexual, you are nice, you cook and so on, if you don’t have the right mindset, you’re going to stumble and fall along the way, and I don’t think you’re going to make it.
>So, I will tell you what mindset to have. Mindset is that men are the prize. “How do we see men as the prize, gimpgirl? I always thought that girls were the prize, they’re just sitting on a pedestal being the prize and then men pursue us” - No, that’s not how it works. Not anymore, anyway. No, you have to be the one pursuing the guy.
>You have to see the guy as the prize, as something that you get as a prize for being a pick-me. >The best way to start seeing men as the prize is to start seeing men as sex objects.
>I know, this is counterintuitive to everyone, to both men and women, but you need to start seeing guys as an actual sex object. As someone that is sexually attractive. You’re going after him to get sex out of him. Think that way.
>So, if you see him as a sex object, it’ll be a lot easier for you to see him as a prize. Or maybe it’s just me, maybe I just see guys as sex objects, I don’t know. Maybe you never will, and then you’ll fail at life.
>Okay, so if you start seeing men as sex objects. “I’m after him for the dick”, okay? You apply all these principles, you’re skinny, you are sexual, you cook and so on and you wear pick-me outfit, you will get dick. He is the prize, he is the trophy. You have to catch him, you have to go out there, grab him and take him. Yeah, that’s what it like, girls. I know it’s counterintuitive to you, but that’s how you have to think.
>When I was very young, there was this idea that men were sexually attractive. We haven’t always lived in complete feminism, you know, and yeah, “Everyone is completely unattractive unless you are Mr. Darcey or you are some billionaire guy”. No, it was like this, that men were actually seen as sex objects. Now, it was hot to see a guy shirtless, for instance.
>Men with hot bodies. That was a thing. It’s hard for you to understand, hard for you to imagine, but that’s what it was like.
>Okay, nowadays, we don’t have that anymore, but you need to start thinking this way. That men are the prize, they are the sex objects. That is the easiest way.
>There are of course, other benefits with men, such as, yeah, you get companionship, you might get children, you might get family, and so on, but the easiest way, I think anyways, as my opinion as gimpgirl, that you see men as sex objects. Okay? That someone you have to catch and fuck, basically. Like, you get dick if you get this guy.
>So, think about that, girls. That men are the prize. In reality, they are the ones that bring the most into the relationship because, you know, they’ll stay with you, they might give you children, you’ll have male company. Um…but yeah. This is the easiest way. Men are the prize, girls. Just remember that, let it swirl in your mind. Bye-bye.

No. 1053989

>you need to start seeing guys as an actual sex object
>we should be objectifying men
based tbh

No. 1053991

I would be curious to see what she thinks about someone like say, Pokimane that doesn't have to be overtly sexual at all and essentially gets riches just to exist. Would she be seen as an Alpha female giga stacy? By GG's own model, does she put herself in the Beta tier because she has to provide?

No. 1053992

mayb we should ask her

No. 1053996

Guys just categorically aren't the prize though. What is the point of setting yourself up with a shitty relationship where you have to do everything? Plenty of women are ugly/below average and still get husbands. If you just want sex, it's even easier to get laid without much effort.

Why does she act like men won't even notice you unless you're a doormat pickme? It doesn't take much life experience to realize this isn't true.

No. 1054001

She really has the strangest world view. Its like she sees men as kinda stupid, vapid, good for little more than sex…just a "prize", like the way PUAs see women. But she also thinks they're superior and should be worshipped? She is an interesting case for sure, I'd love to be a fly on the wall in any therapy session she attended.

No. 1058489

File: 1602680551546.png (471.91 KB, 844x566, gwknw.png)

New video. She admits that she goes digging in the trash because she's more likely to find children's clothing to wear.
She also talks about giving the dumpster clothes to her children, finding toys for them there, getting vegetables and dried food in it, etc.
>Even if you're buxxing a guy, if we say that "I'm low maintenance", that usually means a guy is financially supporting you, but you do not demand he spends a lot of money. You don't demand expensive trips or clothing or whatever. [rambling about fitting into a shirt] Even if you're buxxing a guy, which you should be doing. You shouldn't be spending the money you're making on yourself, you should be spending it on him, and by finding things in the trash, you are saving the money you would've otherwise spent on this shirt for your kid or yourself, for instance, and you are spending it on the man.
>Now, it yes it happens that I do buy stuff, too, not so much for myself, but definitely for my kids, but if you do find something good in the trash bin, why not? If it's nice, and clean, and saves you money, why not?
>Okay, finally have a script this time. Have too many unscripted videos. Don't know if that's good or not.
>Okay, so about dumpster diving. The fun stuff you can find in the dumpsters. You can find, for instance, my leg! Just kidding, I just like putting up my leg.
>You can find clothing, as you've seen, lots and lots of clothing. Just make sure that it's not overly dirty, old, broken, and so on. You can find lots of good clothing. With broken clothing, use it for rags. God this is big, think it was a mistake to wear this.
>I found a shirt once, for instance, that had no buttons. I found another shirt that was broken, but it had buttons. So I took the buttons of the broken shirt, and put them on the buttonless shirt. That's why I have a whole of perfect shirt. Okay, there's other stuff you can find. Items for your home, containers, flower pots, and toys. I do buy my kids expensive toys, but they often break, and it's a shame. So, when I get them toys from the trash, they can break them whenever they want.
>You can also find food. Yeah, that's right. I know, I know. It's disgusting, it's in the trash, but it happens that people put food in the container, but in the container. You find packed, dry food, conserves, that's fine. I have found things like vegetables too. There's usually like an old lady who buys two tomatoes, but she can only eat one, so yeah, I take one tomato. Yeah, so, I know you're laughing now. "Ha-ha, you find your stuff in the trash, gimpgirl", but think about all the money yous ave. If you take this latest haul, and there's a lot more, like, 10 pants and double as many shirts, I just don't have it all here - just count together the money you're saving. 10 Euros, another 10 Euros, another 10 Euros. 30 Euros. That's a lot of money. Money you could be spending on your man! That's what you should be doing as a Pick-Me. So, the other thing is that I think there are plenty of guys who are laughing at this too, like "Ha-ha, look, she's like a trash-woman, bum lady, searching for food and clothes in the trash", but that's guys who have never actually had a high-maintenance woman, because if you had to pay for all of these things yourself, for your woman, that I just found in the trash…. Imagine if she wanted all this clothing, just imagine this is women's clothing and not teen boy clothing. Imagine you had to pay for this whole pile with your money. Ah, you could be buying a new X-box game, but you have to pay for all of this. With your money. To give this to her.
>Now, you don't have to do that, because your Pick Me dug it out of the trash. Now you gt to save your cash and buy that new X-box game. That's how it works.

No. 1058497

She's on some raccoon ass shit, good that I earn tons of money so I can buxx all of my men and treat myself to store bought tomatoes too

No. 1058509

File: 1602683262689.png (466.53 KB, 844x602, 783981.png)

Another new video. She talks more about how to be low-maintenance other than dumpster-diving. She cuts her hair so she doesn't have to care for it, doesn't buy skincare products (no wonder), goes foraging for berries and other fruit, relies on her mother, eats expired things and more. She stresses at the end that men who know what it's like to pay bills don't want a high maintenance woman, even though having a man who pays for anything or works goes against what she said in other videos.
>Wear less clothing, that way you can just throw away half your clothing. I'm just kidding.
>What you can do is - people HATE this about me! - shave off your hair. Take it all off. That way, you don't have this money mop on your head. Now, you will not need any shampoo, you'll be saving on shampoo. Now women go through one bottle of shampoo per week or something, you won't need that. If you have a guest, you should probably still keep at least one shampoo bottle around, cause if women ever come over to your place, and you don't have shampoo there, they're not gonna be happy. So, um, keep one bottle of shampoo. It can last you a year. No hairdresser. Now you don't need to cut your hair, dye your hair, fuck with your hair, whatever it is that women do at hair salons with their hair, and it's very, very costly.
>There will be no other maintenance products for your hair, like the mousse, and the gel and the spray, and the this and the that. Horns that you put on your head. And no hair accessories! No hair bands, clips, little scrunchies. I remember when I had hair. I had so many hair pins everywhere and hair nets, and you'd lose them, and you'd have to buy new ones and they'd break, and it was a pain in the ass. You don't have to buy hair accessories. I know they're cheap, but it adds up. It adds together and you have a pile of money instead of a pile of hair stuff.
>The other thing in connection to the hair - Short, cropped like this is fine. Just wash with soap, works great.
>With hair, don't use beauty products. Don't use makeup, for instance, makeup is very costly. Don't use creams and whatever shit it is that women put on their faces. Nail polish, you don't need it. It comes off, anyway. If you work, if you do anything with your hands, you take care of small children, you do dishes, you grab stuff, that stuff comes off within like a day. You have to reapply it.
>Okay, about eating. You can save on food, you can eat little and eat cheap. First of all, don't eat out at all. That's very costly in the long run. If you're gonna buy food, you can, for instance, buy in bulk. You can buy in bulk in larger grocery stories, or buy grains in graineries, and so on. Let's see what else…Now, you should eat cheap food. Healthy food is usually the cheapest food, so for instance, if you eat cheap vegetables like carrots, onions, you can even fry them, boil them. Oats, like I eat, just some oats, milk and a little raisin. That's your breakfast, lunch and supper. There you go. Very cheap food. Buy it in bulk, as well.
>Um, so, skip expensive food. I skip meat, saves a lot of money because meat is expensive. Another thing you can do is look for deals in supermarkets. Start saving little coupons, it works too. If you want to be a bit more advanced, you can look for free food. There are ways of getting free food, and not just necessarily going to the food banks, because they're not going to give you food, but you can go foraging, you can pick apples, berries, mushrooms. There are a lot of things you can forage for. Some people go fishing, hunting. On the other hand, it's expensive to have all the gear required for fishing or hunting, so I'm not sure that's such a good idea, but some people do it. They say it saves them on meat, I don't know.
>Okay, gifts…look for people that actually give you food, like my mom will often ask, "I'm coming over. What should I bring you?", I'm like "Uh, bring me some kind of food". Now that she knows that I want food, she's like "Hey, should I bring you some nuts?", like some expensive food.
>Alright, um, you can also look for - and this is unusual, you're not gonna find it in all stores, especially not bigger supermarkets - but you can look for leftovers in stores. Like food stores. Some of them still have a little corner where they have older foods. These bigger supermarkets, probably you're not gonna find them there, though they might have a section for semi-expired or "expires today" food. You won't find a lot there, but look in smaller food stores, sometimes they will have leftover food that has just expired or is about to expire. You can even ask them, like "Hey, those leftovers you're about to throw away, can I have them?" and they might give it to you.
>Okay, then there's also food-sharing. Now there's apps for these things. You can sign up for an app, check which app applies in your country, and you can get free food. Someone asks, "Hey, I got this sammich here. You want it?" and then you go and get it, and you get a free sammich. It varies, sometimes it'll be like private persons, and sometimes it'll be a restaurant or coffee shop, like "Hey, we got some bagels here. You want to like…buy bagels, come and pick them up".
>If you need to buy something you can't find in the trash. Like your washing machine or TV is broken and you need to buy a new one, and there's no way out. Okay, then you should either find deals, or buy used. If you buy used, you can also try to bargain a bit with the seller. Like "Hey, can I buy a bit cheaper?". Many will agree, some won't, but many will.
>You can also use your feminine charm. If you're a girl, "Oh, please, can I have it a bit cheaper?", then if it's a guy selling, he'll usually give it to you cheaper, or he'll give you some kind of deal, like he'll throw in a little extra, or he'll drive it home to you, or if you pay him for the transport, he'll carry the item up to your home although it's very heavy. So, use your feminine charm. Once, I gactually ot an item of furniture, just for because I'm me. The guy was like "Oh, nevermind, I don't want any money from you. Can I have a hug, though?" so he got a hug, and I got an item for free. It was very cheering, if you're wondering.
>Another thing you can do is buy stuff that retains their value. Some things you can resell. Keep them for a while, and when you're tired of them, you can resell them and get pretty much all your money back. You can also go to secondhand stores, if you have any in your area. Thrift stores, that's also a good way to save money, you can find very good deals there.
>Okay, so what else can you do? Make your own stuff. I make my own detergent for the washing machine, I make my own liquid soap, cleaning agents, you can make a lot of them. Dishwasher detergent, I make that too. It's pretty simple and doesn't take up a lot of time. The problem is you have to store the ingredients in your home for the soaps and detergents, and they take up space. But if you're willing to do that, you will be saving a lot of oney on that. Some other stuff you can make on your own that you haven't thought of. How about these little cereal bars? Yeah, I know they're cheap, you can get them for like a Euro or something, but it's cheaper to make your own. Alright if you're on eperson or two people, you can but it for a Euro, but If you're like my family, six people, that's a lot of Euros and you gotta make your own.
>You've got to look at the time consumed versus the savings. If it takes you too long, it's too annoying, it's not worth the savings. For example, I tried to make cornflakes, and it just took too long, it was too annoying, I just couldn't make enough of it in one go, so I decided to skip it and just start buying cereal. In fact, I stopped buying cornflakes altogether and went for oats and other cereals. Okay, that's it.
>Okay, there are other ways to save money, but maybe they're not relevant for anyone. I, for instance, don't have a car, but hey, maybe you need to have a car, you live in an area where you don't have very good public transport, so that saves a lot of money.
>Um, I have brought up how to save money when you have kids. How to save on kids. Some of you have a baby, for instance, doesn't need to be that expensive. These are the main ways I save money, and I also suggest that in addition to my video, you learn from other people that like to save money, such as people who have large families, extreme cheapskates. Do learn from other people.
>This is gimpgirl, with the Pick-me Handbook, on how to be low maintenance. As a pick me, you are always low maintenace. Remember that, girls. It's not attractive to be high maintenance. I promise that's not what men want, at least the men that actually have money and know what it's like to pay the bills. This is gimpgirl, I hope you enjoyed my video, bye.

No. 1058511

She will fuck up her kids' lives and mental health but at least she's frugal enough to leave them a bunch of money once she's no longer there.

No. 1058514

File: 1602683731146.png (453.58 KB, 876x600, 029032.png)

Third new video, another "What I Eat in A Day".
She talks about eating 3 bowls of oats with milk and a bit of raisin, one deep plate with salad, a third of salad, and one rye, crisp bread with three tomato pieces for the whole day. She says she knows it seems ridiculous, but food "just doesn't taste [her] today". She doesn't feel bad from it, worked out a bit with kettle bells, swings, and lifts, doesn't feel tired or low-energy, and she's just used to eating that way.

No. 1058517

Lol the DFTBA shirt

No. 1058522

If she doesn’t have a real job, I doubt she’ll be leaving anything for them except maybe piles of clothing from the trash. I have a feeling she does this dumpster diving shit out of necessity and spins it as “being smart with money”.

No. 1058525

> Once, I gactually ot an item of furniture, just for because I'm me. The guy was like "Oh, nevermind, I don't want any money from you. Can I have a hug, though?" so he got a hug, and I got an item for free.

The dude probably thought she was recovering from cancer treatment, given her hair and her dumpster clothes.

No. 1058545

OT but thank you for making me notice my horrible typo/grammar errors, holy shit lmao.

No. 1058561

I just assumed you transcribed faithfully how she talks

No. 1058630


I find it hard to believe that she finds wearable clothing in the trash living in Poland. People in Eastern Europe don't throw things away. People will literally hoard clothes and shoes, rotten old furniture and moth eaten old blankets until they fall apart. Gypsies will find anything that is only remotely broken and re-sell. They actually make it an occupation to dig through the trash and they rise very early in the morning to do it.

This woman is making it up for publicity or attention.

No. 1058639

I'm calling bullshit.

This woman is full of bullshit.

No. 1058671

File: 1602695563764.jpeg (11.63 KB, 265x190, pobrane_1602695574288.jpeg)

maybe she steals from those charity containers? From time to time I see clothes in a box near trash so someone can get them if they like, but it doesn't happen regularly. She absolutely may be finding clothes in a trash if she lives in a big city (Gdynia?)
it should have stayed in the trash

No. 1058760

wat, lol. That's such a weird stereotype I don't know what to say. Are you Polish or just taking this all out of your ass? I live in Poland and people often leave bags of old clothes near dumpsters, for others or less fortunate to take. Not to say there's a lot of fb communities that hunt for dumpster stuff together, post pics, locations etc, and it's not considered weird or trashy, but "no waste". She may be in such a group.

No. 1058808

God, her existence seems utterly MISERABLE. Even disregarding how she expects to be treated like garbage by males it's like - never going out to eat, barely eating in general, never buying new things, doesn't even have the time for hair apparently, her whole life is so frugal and joyless it's depressing.

No. 1059309

I don't live in Poland but I live in a surrounding country. People don't really throw clothes away here. I just assumed Poland could be similar as the average salary isn't much higher.

No. 1059330


Unwanted baby dumpster.

No. 1059360

Man I like her comics so much. They seem like they were written by some sweet teenage girl. Why did she have to be crazy

No. 1059412

>Now we go down to the omega female, the complete loser, the femcel. And honestly, I don't know what the hell they compete on. I don't know, maybe gossip. Maybe cats?

They "compete" on being a pickme, Mary. Their selling point is how convenient, low maintenance and nice they are, and their best hope is to become a settle piece. You of all women know it very well.

Alpha females don't compete over, they're competed for. They don't need to be nice, low maintenance or convenient in any way or form. Men don't care about that anyway, remember?

No. 1059422

Her comics are just generic weeb shit. She's not talented or special.

No. 1059540

none of this bizzare content is generic

No. 1059780

It's like any other mediocre animu style kink comic on deviant art. This woman is simply just a leg beard, middle aged weeb with too much time on her hands whilst she sponges off of her rich parents and her fat stinky husband doesn't work. Her whole life is an embarrassment. That's what makes this whole spiel ironic.

No. 1059784

File: 1602841687286.jpg (494.27 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20201016_124844.jpg)

I knew she was lying about finding ALL her clothing in the trash and was just saying that to evoke a response.

Her parents likely have her on an allowance. Lol

No. 1059787

File: 1602843315102.jpg (235.81 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20201016_131202.jpg)

I have looked through this woman's reddit account and she's like Andrea Hardie with more autism thrown in.

This woman apparently has a daughter. I really hope that she's just a shock jocking troll.

No. 1059791

From this post it looks like she hates pick-mes, but she mistakes them for feminists. It's sad and funny at the same time.

No. 1059807

File: 1602848246710.jpg (435.97 KB, 1080x1660, Screenshot_20201016_143707.jpg)

No. 1059809

File: 1602848325302.jpg (333.93 KB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20201016_143719.jpg)

No. 1060498

File: 1602949793163.png (473.57 KB, 842x584, knjn.png)

She bought her husband a hard drive, mentioned people laughing at her in public for wearing a gas mask (and said it happens all the time), and said she might "surprise" him by putting porn on it for him.

No. 1060525

>you don't know of poor people or how they live
They go dumpster diving for clothes furniture and food, mary. Just like you

She's almost 40 and making her mom still give her an allowance. She really pushed herself into a corner by saying that all women shouldn't have jobs or careers, not realizing that job = money.

No. 1060714

Not only is she an omega Becky paypig AND caretaker, her mom is too, by proxy.

Are you jealous yet, ladies?

No. 1063170

File: 1603310754799.png (58.42 KB, 910x809, maryqa.PNG)

There's a new Q&A post from her this week, where she reveals she doesn't plan on sending her daughter to high school. She uploaded two videos today too, so I will try to summarize them.

No. 1063174

File: 1603311356721.png (504.4 KB, 860x478, maidmary.PNG)

The first video https://www.reddit.com/r/pickmes/comments/jfccul/how_to_keep_the_man_out_of_the_work_force_and_in/

>She's supposed to be dressed like a bang maid, she says this several times

>Talking about how to keep your husband from working
>Can't seem to decide if women in the workforce are repulsive to men or conniving temptresses who will steal your man if he becomes their coworker, she says both of these things
>She starts using the word 'shefag' a lot which will continue through the next video
>Says that you need to make your man think that he is a 'cool guy' for not working, or "a man of leisure"
>If that doesn't work, make him believe conspiracy theories about how everything and all companies are controlled by evil rich people, "or some shit like that"
>Convince him everything outside the home sucks, especially all other women
>Advises if you are still a student and can't work, you should apply for student grants to spend the money on your man
>Interestingly says that she wanted to be a career woman at one point, but that it's pointless because men don't like it

No. 1063183

File: 1603312199157.png (575.25 KB, 847x473, petticoatmary.PNG)

Second video https://www.reddit.com/r/pickmes/comments/jfczg9/the_art_of_buxxing_getting_him_trinkets/

>In this video, Mary is wearing her "lolita" dress with a petticoat and a horrible headbow

>Says it is the first time she has worn a headbow since she was 5, says they were very fashionable in her childhood
>Shows her full outfit and comments that she knows 'shefags' are interested in her outfits
>Says you should keep little trinkets like candy or small hobby items around to give your man if he is depressed, or is having a "cranky" day
>Shows two lens hoods she got for Vlad, says one is rare so it's worth bonus points (sidenote: I wonder what kind of photography he does with all this camera shit she buys him?)
>"It is like little treats for the man" (kek)
>Says you can buxx your man without always buying expensive things, that sometimes trinkets are enough
>The best way to use trinkets is to keep them stashed so if your man is sad you can pull one out and impress him
>She says that you can also use trinkets if your man is angry or "does not think you're so great" then implies that you'd probably guess that wouldn't happen to her, but this part was kind of sad

No. 1063207

again the strangest domme energy from this

No. 1063217

Yeah, she's constantly bringing up how easy to please and/or trick men are, but then also says all good women should be subservient to men? It's such a weird mix of ideals and she's always contradicting herself

No. 1063256

It's all a desperate bid to feel like the one in control of the relationship.

It's not that her man doesn't respect her, it's that women should be subservient bangmaids who allow their husbands to cheat anyway.
It's not that she has to bribe her man with gifts and service to stay, it's that all good women should do that as a default.
It's not that she bred with a chronically underemployed man who cannot provide, it's that she takes pride in financially supporting him as all good women should.

"Domme" energy? Please. She's a very unfortunate-looking and bland woman with baggage who's too scared to be left to rot with children if she dares demand her scrote pull his own weight. And it's true, she demonstrates that she's only as valuable as she is a useful servant so the man would probably pack and leave for the next greener pasture pickme if she did. That's not very tricky or clever to have backed herself into this kind of situation.

No. 1063278

File: 1603320029439.jpeg (108.06 KB, 1024x676, EF105AF7-1274-4C43-99F9-AC262F…)

Thought she looked familiar

No. 1063351

How does she plan on keeping her daughter away from school? Claim homeschooling?

No. 1065527

So women shouldn't work they should stay at home, and men shouldn't work they should chill. How would people survive in her ideal pick me society if nobody works?
Her worldview is just a collection of sad copes that make no real sense.

>sidenote: I wonder what kind of photography he does with all this camera shit she buys him?

I have a very bad feeling about this.

No. 1066182

>teehee I will teach my daughter to be a lady, no education for her!
>women need to work harder so men can relax
Literally how? How’s her daughter going to support a man when she has no education?

This is honestly sickening, I feel so bad for this little girl. I have no doubt she’s either being abused or will be soon. I honestly hope Mary’s mom isn’t turning a blind eye to this bullshit and does something to help the children. They’re completely reliant on her money, she should threaten to cut them off or something.

No. 1066362

>sidenote: I wonder what kind of photography he does with all this camera shit she buys him?
Definitely creepshots.

No. 1068096

File: 1603684963535.jpg (28.27 KB, 334x336, waog36zqr8v51.jpg)

New (old) drawing by her.
>Only for Pick Mes [old art work]

No. 1068217

File: 1603741252499.png (551.91 KB, 848x584, 8778.png)

New video. Mary offers up some meanspo in her "sex robe".
>I wore this to a club once. You're supposed to wear sex outfits and lingerie, but I was so cold, I had to wear something over it, because I was so skinny, and that's today's topic.
>I'm very skinny, so I get easily cold, so I had to wear something over my outfit.
>Today, we're going to talk about being skinny. What I want to tell you, girls, is that none of the pick me principles that I bring up, like being nice, being sexual, cooking, buxxing, and so on - None of them are going to work unless you are skinny. That is the #1 premise for the pick-me principles to work.
>I'm also wearing this cool little choker here, where it says "harlot". Yeah, harlot. Not like anyone ever uses that word anymore, but yeah. It's cool.
>But, bit big. That's what it's like when your skinny. All the chokers are too big. And I've tightened it as much as I could, still too big. I think I should have one custom made.
>Okay, so, none of the pick-me principles are going to work unless you are skinny. Now, imagine if you're going to bux, for instance. Can you bux anyone if you are not skinny? If you're a fat girl, and you say "Well, I'm going to bux this guy, so he's going to stay with me"? Well, he'll never stay with you. He might take advantage of you for, I don't know, sneakers and meals at McDonald's, but he will never stay with you. He will never have a long-term relationship with you, he will never marry you, he will never have kids with you. Alright? No one really wants to be with a fat girl. Okay?
>If you're going to be nice? What, you're going to be a "nice fatty"? That doesn't work without getting skinny first. If you're both skinny and you're nice, then yeah. Okay. You have something going for you.
>If you're sexual? Now, I know from experience that people don't want to fuck fat chicks. That should be obvious, but I know women still think that "Yeah, sure I'm fat. But if I fuck, then that's going to count". Well, as I've said, I've been to clubs, and uh, I've seen fat women get rejected. Or there's been like one guy that's fucked them and nobody else, okay? No one wants to fuck a fat chick. Even if she's willing, if she offers it up for free, no one wants to fuck a fat chick. So, you're fat and sexual, really now? You have to be really good for that to fly.
>So, girls, without being skinny, nothing is going to work. That is the premise for the pick-me principles, working. So this is the #1 thing. Some principles are more important, more valuable to men than others, where some are less valuable, and some things you just can't do without, and I've concluded that being skinny is one of those things. Gotta step up your game, girls. Being skinny doesn't just mean "I am not a landwhale, I do not stuff my face with cheesecake every day", it means being actual skinny. Showing definition on your body.
>Let's see if I can strip down a little bit, get my boobs out of the way. Yeah, you gotta show some collarbones! (laugh) Someone's gonna make this into an animated meme/gif kind of thing. COLLARBOOONES! (laugh) Oh, okay, I'm laughing at myself. I am also not wearing underwear, so I'm gonna make sure to button this loose button on my robe, okay, so I don't flash anyone. Oh, you'd love it, you hoes. You'd love it, faggots, if I'd flash you.
>So, you gotta have some definition, okay? Doesn't mean you should be like a steroid monster or anything, but you gotta have some lines. That's what's beautiful about a woman. It used to be appreciated back when ballerinas were a thing. They're not anymore, but they used to be, and people appreciate a woman who's skinny and had these bones showing, the bony shoulders, they were thin, kinda looking like a cloth-hanger, you know, with shoulders looking like a cloth-hanger, okay? You probably have no idea what I mean, but okay, that's what it was like in the past.
>Now you have to like, have a fat butt and twerk it. No, no. That will not do. These women who wear mom jeans and they're like "Look, I have a fat butt! I will squash all that fat in those mom jeans, and have like a gigantic butt".
>Gonna see if I can put a pillow under my dress to illustrate without showing that I'm not wearing underwear. Yeah, it's gonna be funny, faggots, I promise.
>"Yeah, their fat butt." No, no. "Don't worry, guys like booty" No, no. Weird guys like booty, okay? Incels like booty. Alright? But incels will say anything. Alright, so, you're not gonna get anything if you're not skinny, girls. Remember that. This is GimpGirl, running in her robe, being skinny. The, um, handbook. Pick-Me Handbook. Can't think straight today.
I seriously thought she was going to say "Can't think straight today. That happens when you're skinny, it's often hard to think".

No. 1068244

>Oh, you'd love it, you hoes.
She's really been pushing this lately

No. 1068314

File: 1603747426213.png (368.37 KB, 654x470, onflsk.png)

New video, where Mary explains the dangers of not having sex with men. She basically projects about being addicted to porn, says that women obsess over other women because they get dick and they're living vicariously through her (cope), shit-talks her "doctor friend" and calls her a "doctor bitch" (I'm surprised she has friends) and says women need men for "the dick".
>Helloo, ladies. This is GimpGirl. This is my outfit today. Socks unmatching, but I don’t care because my legs are cold. So, why is there a purple glow to this video? I have no idea, this is so weird. Yes, today, ladies, we’re gonna talk about dick. Yeah, that’s right. Dick. Oh, um, I know that a lot of you are on the “I’d rather be alone than with a man” argument, and well, I’m gonna tell you why you need to have a man. And hence, why you need dick. It’s kind of connected, that’s what you have a man for. Let’s not kid ourselves. So, alright, um, I’m gonna talk about today what happens when you don’t get the dick. And this will hopefully tell you why you want a dick in your life.
>Alright, I actually have a script this time. So, uh, let’s see…so, let’s talk about myself first. I can’t go without it for more than maybe about a week. After a few days, it starts getting bad. Now, I’ve actually been without a few days, and I’m starting to not, not quite be myself. For me, I mostly get kind of angry, frustrated, can’t think straight, um, make all these sex jokes all the time, but I do that anyway, so I don’t know, but that’s… anyway, not important.
>Uh, so a few days for me is bad. So, uh, what happens then to a regular woman who is not me and has my libido? What happens to a regular woman who does not get the dick for a longer time? Uh, well, I , uh, will tell you.
>You know how before they used to say that women would catch hysteria? It was a disease. Right, hysteria. You would become hysteric. Um, I think there’s some truth to that. So, I think that essentially what happens, we don’t get dick, is that you catch the hysteria. You become a hysteric woman. AAAA!! (Laugh) You think I’ll catch hysteria soon? AAAA!! (Laugh) Me in strait jacked and shit.
>Okay, so, hysteria. So basically you become a bit crazy. You kind of lose it. And that’s what I’ve seen with women. I’ve seen women that are quite crazy and I realise “Wait a minute. Is this because they don’t get the dick? I mean, they don’t hardly crazy, there’s nothing wrong with them as such. They’re just not getting the dick.”
>Okay, so what happens? It messes with your mind, right? And you might become porn-addicted. Whatever it is that women watch usually that don’t get dick, which is, let’s see, BDSM, hentai, rape porn, facial abuse. Right….you know you watch it, ladies. You know you watch it, you she-fags. I know you. Okay, so we struggle with porn addiction as a woman.
>Okay, then, um, uh, a lot of women have this fear of sex. Fear of men. They have a fear of the dick. Like “Oh my god, it’s going to come and hurt meee! It’s out for meee, RAAAH!!” Ohhh, my god, how can you be afraid of a body part? Seriously. Like it’s, it’s, it’s not a knife. It’s, it’s, it’s a dick. It’s, it’s nice to make you feel good.
>Um, okay, so, you have a fear of sex, you have a fear of the dick, and you have a fear of men. That’s part of hysteria, right? And then, uh, you might become obsessed with certain men. You just see a man on, on the internet, I dunno, some YouTuber or some guy on Instagram, and then you, you become obsessed with him. You start stalking him. Sometimes, women become obsessed with women. I’ve seen it. Become obsessed with a woman, and then they stalk her, because maybe she’s getting dick.
>Okay, so, you can live vicariously through her. “She’s getting diiick…what’s that liiike?”. Okay, um, what else happens? Well, you get into all sorts of strange things. Strange obsessions, uh, like rape. “Rape….oh my god…This guy, he looked at me while I was a ta library. I think it’s rape…” Okay, you get into kidnapping fantasies. You get into BDSM fantasies. “Any guy would totally just like, tie you up, and kidnap you and rape you….” Okay, get into abuse fantasies. “That’s abuuuse…” Okay, and then, uh, I think a lot of women, they kind of lose their purpose in life, become apathic, they sort of just…drift, for just [slouches over, rolls her eyes and sticks her tongue out].
>They need dick, obviously. That’s, that’s the solution, okay? Married women who actually have sex, they don’t have these problems. They’re not, you know, adrift in their minds. Uh, okay, then you have all sorts of just crazy imaginations. You start imagining things. Right…“That guy is probably following me” Okay, nah, he doesn’t want to follow you, okay? Nobody wants to follow you. Mm [swallows saliva], okay. ‘Cause if you don’t get the dick, you’re probably an ugly woman. Uh, alright.
>Then, uh, I’ll, I’ll tell you the doctor’s perspective on this. I do have a doctor friend, and she told me this. That, uh, uh, on a woman…She, she’s like a tit expert. She’s an expert on tits. So, she works with, you know, ageing women and their tits, uh, like in breast cancer patients, uhh, women who have a botched tit jobs, those kind of things. Right, and she told me that, “Well, you see, on women, the brain, the tits and the uterus (and hence, the, the pussy, everything that comes with, with the uterus), they’re, they’re all connected. Uh, so, they’re all hormonally connected. So, if, uh, one is botched somehow, if one is out of balance, then, uh, the, the rest will also be out of balance.
>Uh, so, if you are not getting the dick, then maybe your brain will be out of balance. Right, and uh, he, she actually makes sure to get laid. I’ve heard her say, you know, “I’ve slept with this guy, and it was wonderful, I’ve slept with my new boyfriend. It was great”. Um, yeah, she’s one of those women who, you know, dates different guys ‘cause she can’t find the right guy, and so on. Right. Doctor bitches.
>Okay, she also told me that this female system is a lot more sensitive to stress. So, if you have any kind of outside stress, like mental stress, the wrong diet, not enough vitamins, then that can fuck you up too. So, if we are this sensitive, if our systems are this sensitive, ladies, then you should make sure to take your daily vitamin D. (Laugh) Ohh, that’s a good one. I…laugh at myself. This is GimpGirl, with what happens when you don’t get the dick. And that’s why you want to go Pick-Me. Because you want dick. You want to get a dick. (Laugh) Okay, bye bye.

No. 1068318

She has a shy and almost sweet/kind demeanour, it's strange. I always feel like she's reading a script or being forced to make these videos, there's something almost apologetic about the way she talks.

No. 1068326

File: 1603748394405.jpeg (56.88 KB, 630x576, 214DE809-E117-4124-8F6D-B582D0…)

No. 1068357

>if you get dick you'll be a paragon of mental health, like the woman who dumpster dives for clothes and raises her children to partake in bdsm

No. 1068377

I think so too! No one ever talks about her actual personality. I find it quite endearing. Just like you said, sweet and kind, seemingly. Awkward in a charming way. I like watching her videos, even though the ideas behind them are off the mark.

No. 1068381

I agree and disagree. I feel like she could have a good personality if she wasn't so mentally ill. When she laughs or something, you can almost tell how she'd be a nice, friendly person.
In some videos, though, she definitely doesn't seem "sweet".
It's basically the same way I feel about her art/manga (and I wonder why she hasn't posted any updates lately).

No. 1068453

"ballerinas don't exist anymore" what
ballet stars are thinner than they were before.. dancers used to actually be slightly plump in the 1950s. not sure what any of that meant.

No. 1074954

File: 1604523326492.jpg (59.49 KB, 640x472, 4towr6hzh8x51.jpg)

New drawing. The hands in both pictures look pretty feminine. Her art is always full of these Freudian slips.

No. 1074955

File: 1604523512408.jpg (117.48 KB, 640x903, z6g3yda4j8x51.jpg)

Another new drawing.
>If you promise to be nice to men I might give you a treat for New Years
New project, I guess. If she's been working on this, it explains why she hasn't been updating on the other comic.
I really wonder if she's ever had a deviantART account.

No. 1074972

It's her voice for me that's weird. It just kinda soft and asmr ish but the topics she chooses is opposite of it.

>women have to masculine providers so men can be delicate lazy uwu dolls to shower gifts with. Those guys are the real alphas

No. 1075184

>tfw you've been starving your brain so much you can barely get your thoughts together
I actually really dig this, minus the retarded pickme shit.

No. 1075199

What I’ll never understand about her is how she acts like she wants to be a submissive housewife yet supports her husband like a sugar mommy practically? I can’t imagine what a woman would have to go through to lead this kind of life. If she had even an ounce of self respect she would make him financially support their family

No. 1075302

I mean she gave the "advice" of telling women to take out loans to buxx men, so clearly she thinks women should put themselves through hell if necessary for this shit.

No. 1075308

File: 1604560476752.jpg (82.85 KB, 820x663, misa-amane-light-yagami-death-…)

her art and pickme vibe are very misa amane. i wonder why she draws long-haired women but shaves her own.

No. 1075605

she's said it herself that she shaves her hair like that because 'her man' likes the emaciated nazi prisoner look, and that she's 'so hot' she doesn't need long hair because it's considered a bandaid to being pretty. Though if she's forced by her cavemanbu because of a fetish a la onision, or doing it willingly for him is up to debate.

However, I'm 100 percent sure she likes having long hair as evident by photos of her when she was younger, and the girls she draws.

No. 1076125

File: 1604642607548.jpg (291.87 KB, 1077x918, Screenshot_20201106-165913_Chr…)

Why does her stomach look like it's hiding its smile behind a sleeve while wearing sunglasses?

No. 1076649

maybe unresolved diastasis recti from pregnancy?

No. 1079840

File: 1605072719211.jpg (113.76 KB, 640x909, 9y8igftbetx51.jpg)

New chapter of Harem Queen. 1/7

No. 1079841

File: 1605072791673.jpg (98.58 KB, 640x892, h8ltlzbcetx51.jpg)

No. 1079843

File: 1605072900934.jpg (102.58 KB, 640x906, qzis74scetx51.jpg)

>I don't do those kinds of things, Tyler
That's not very "pick me" of a character created by Mary. Kinda based

No. 1079845

File: 1605072999713.jpg (109.07 KB, 640x898, sh0q0g8detx51.jpg)

No. 1079846

File: 1605073138788.jpg (96.04 KB, 640x901, jwqce6udetx51.jpg)

No. 1079847

File: 1605073208367.jpg (89.82 KB, 640x896, p43vfsceetx51.jpg)

Getting uncomfortable.

No. 1079849

File: 1605073434757.jpg (141.92 KB, 802x1145, jvbnq9veetx51.jpg)

>I love dick.

It's kind of interesting how non-monogamy is basically normalized in this comic, while on Reddit and The Apricity, Mary is basically obsessed with cucking and being cucked as a form of humiliation.

No. 1079853

File: 1605073617281.jpg (94.55 KB, 640x824, v6rzmeae8zx51.jpg)

New drawing.
I thought no men wanted anything to do with feminists, Mary.

No. 1079860

Fuck yeah, cats' rights!

No. 1079865

File: 1605075217839.png (496.36 KB, 908x610, m98.png)

Mary "explains" feminism while she opens a camera lens she bought for her man (she calls it a "funky box/gift" a few times), and talks about the previous drawing posted in a makeshift maid costume.
>She's been thinking a lot about feminism, and she's tired of it. Says girls should "go pick me" in 2020, and they don't want to be caught being a feminist
>She pulls out her drawing, says she did it on a whim, and it's not super good artwork, but it explains how feminism works
>The "instigators" are "main" feminists, blue hair or red hair, "Big Red" types, dress like boys, "messed up". They are loud and obnoxious loser women with no man, no jobs, no life and no kids who will say anything to instigate other women to follow them
>The followers are normal women, a "throng of foids", who are too dumb to understand that the instigators are losers. Women who aren't pick mes like herself are all followers, and they're brainless amoebas
>Women's rights and gay rights are complete nonsense
>Cucks orbit the followers, support their causes and offer them things like bike rides to try and fuck them, but not really the "super-feminist" instigators
This is funny, because she describes being a pick-me as working very hard for men's attention, buying them things, and essentially having to trap them mentally/emotionally just to keep them.
Meanwhile, she portrays feminists with men fawning over them and offering them things just for existing. If we go by Mary's "Having a man is the best thing in life" logic, wouldn't the easiest route to getting guys be by being one of the "followers" and just picking out any of the "cucks" throwing themselves at you?

No. 1079866

File: 1605075329362.png (481.81 KB, 856x798, jhjhb.png)

No. 1079874

It’s weird how utterly miserable she looks in every photo, even when holding her child. Everything is so carefully posed. No candid shots of her smiling while playing with her kids. Depressing.

No. 1079887

>I love gay
>cats rights
Same tbh

Her kid is adorable. Makes me wonder how they’re gonna grow up with gimpy as their mom

No. 1079888

yeah, she's projecting. she literally looks like a "messed up" "feminist" or more accurately a prisoner of war with her buzzed head. i'm surprised her subreddit hasn't been trolled yet. i feel really bad for her.

No. 1079899

For real. She looks like a stock photo for depression. But like, one of those weird stock photos that feels like it came from Ukraine or something.

No. 1079999

Since she lives in Poland, I think she was inspired by the recent protests regarding the change of the abortion laws. She is a fucking moron. Like many anons I used to feel some sympathy toward this obviously unwell woman, but this really made me view her as a complete fucking idiot. Rights for cats is not exactly what these women were marching for, Maria, this is not the West where this stereotype would even apply? Eastern European feminists are actually based as fuck. I am sincerely hopeful that her behaviour is mostly influenced by her troll of a husband.

No. 1080054

I had a feeling as soon as she started talking about how she was tired of feminism "lately" that it was about the protests, her brain is so broken.

No. 1080104

Why is her color so off from her child's? Is that poorly matched makeup or is she ill?

No. 1081297

ill, looks like anemia and jaundice

No. 1081497

File: 1605277253144.jpg (126.52 KB, 640x917, k84hharc9uy51.jpg)

>Gimp vs Wagie… in the cagie
New drawing, shitting on women with jobs. They both look like clowns, but one is only doing it briefly for work, while the other has to do it all day every day (and also shave her head), or she'll get cheated on and/or abandoned.

No. 1081509

File: 1605279679004.jpg (66.56 KB, 850x400, quote-the-way-we-treat-people-…)

This would be infuriating had gimp not played herself in an attempt to humilate women with work.
She portrays herself as an asshole that abuses people who have no power or way to say no. Any sane person would see who is the loser in this situation.
Sometimes I really want to believe that she is trolling for attention.

No. 1081599

What if Wagie is working to save up money to give to her man like you do, Mary?

But really, none of this power fantasy over women with responsibilites like a job means anything when in reality she has to literally beg to fuck this creature >>1045034 for free

No. 1081640

I know she thinks being employed and wearing a silly hat is humiliation but has she looked in the mirror…?

No. 1081853

where is she delivering your "finest steak" from? a dumpster?

No. 1081865

she acts like she's on babebux when in reality her mom is her man's paypig

No. 1083692

File: 1605530309124.jpg (77.26 KB, 640x528, gv2yx8jrb7z51.jpg)

New drawing.
>Gimp vs Wagie… on the road (Stark reality)
"My boyfriend's baby" lmao.
Also, what a flattering way to draw her bald, morbidly obese husband.

No. 1083694

File: 1605530438245.png (548.94 KB, 852x606, jglje.png)

New video.
She claims she's ordered a silicone sex doll for her man. $1600 with shipping.
She customized every part of it, and is thinking of taking pictures/videos with it.
She talks about how it's "really cute", somewhat anime-styled, 150cm, has a 50cm waist, and she's going to be sharing outfits with it. She also says she hopes her neighbor doesn't see her from her window, making this video.

No. 1083708

She's going to force her slave I mean husband to fuck it for her amusement. Meanwhile she fucks his friends. I really feel sorry for the kids stuck in the middle of all this carry on.

No. 1083731

From my experience, most (if not almost all) uber eats etc. delivery people are men. So I think that men are the losers that she portrays, kek.
Also I've never seen weirder interpretation of male supremacy and submission. She really is secretly domming and emasculating her man.

No. 1083817

Is this supposed to own the gimp? Also, someone should draw gimp vs Stacy - Stacy gets babebuxed, does zero housework and fucks other men while gimp dumpster dives for clothes and robs her senile mother to sugar a fat neckbeard.

No. 1084942

File: 1605650473518.png (535.33 KB, 856x590, gmp.png)

New video.
>This is my loli outfit. I'm too old to be a loli, but I try. It's so hard to put on this belt and have it stay. I had an acquaintance once who had no problem holding a belt under her boobs, and it was because she had a huge tummy! If you don't have that, it'll slip off.
>Many women think they can do one simple trick for men, and they'll stay with them forever. They have sex with a man a certain number of times and think he'll stay with them, but then he leaves them for another woman, and they don't get why.
>You can't just do one thing. That's not how it works, unless it's a huge favor.
>You have to keep doing things for them. It's not enough to be skinny and dress cute, because he'll leave you for someone who can cook or give him sex. It's not enough to be trad, he can leave you for someone who will give him money and give him sex.
>You can't do one thing and assume you're safe.
>You baking an apple pie is not worth him staying with you for life and putting up with five children and all the annoyance that comes with that. You should keep doing whatever pick-me shit you're doing throughout the relationship. You can't be a pick me, get the guy, then lie back and let yourself become a blob because you like eating. You have to stay slim, keep being nice, show him a good time in bed, keep up the cooking and everything else.
>Now you know, girls. You are never safe.

No. 1084946

She really is nuts, you've got to work hard to keep a man for what, dick alone? How does she justify how important men are in her worldview, because she isn't even the classic tradwife where he at least supports the family? Does she really live in a world where it is difficult to find men to have sex with? Her husband is such a troglodyte.

No. 1084957

File: 1605651690081.png (487.52 KB, 858x592, kni.png)

Other new video. "For many girls it was over before it began".
>Hello, everyone. This is Gimp Girl, and today I'm going to talk briefly about how it was over for many girls before it even began. I guess it does go in the pick me handbook. I'll put it under that this time.
>Okay, so this my outfit for today. I have a tail–No i don't, I'm just kidding. There we go. Bit of a rocker chick aesthetic. Yeah, I listen to Evanescence! Evanescence, though, that was for dorks back in the day. That was not the cool bands to listen to.
>I'm also gonna open a gift for my man, so I'll be doing that while talking. The cool bands to listen to were called like really dumb things, like Limp Bizkit and Nine Inch Nails. You probably have no idea what that is. >Yeah, like "limp biscuit", except with "z". It's like a biscuit, it's limping and it's really cool! It was dumb, it was dumb. Back in time, with gimpgirl. You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you, you youngfags?!
>Okay, so let's take a look here: Oh, a love letter. Nah, it's just a bill. A receipt. So, for many girls it was over before it even began. Now, sometimes, you see like dating profiles of girls who are 30+ and you know, single moms, maybe pregnant, with several kids from different men, and uh, male MGTOW Youtubers do love to bring up these women.
>They're like "Haha, look at them! They're a single mom, what the hell do they offer a man?" Umm, while that's true, they're just pointing out the obvious.
>What they're missing is that for many girls, as I said, it was over before it began. I'm gonna try not to cut this item. It is a rare, and somewhat expensive item. Okay? So, for that single mom, that is both fat and pregnant, and obviously trash on top of it. Seems to be a lot of trash in the US. It was also over for her.
>She was the girl that was rejected by boys in high school, no one wanted to date her. No one wanted anything to do with her, because she had nothing to offer a man already at 16. And at 16, and 17 and 18, there's little that you have to offer a man in order for him to get to you. You have to look pretty, be skinny and sleep with him. You don't need to have any cooking skills, homemaking skills-WWAAAAH!!(laughs because she almost dropped the lens)
>Because you're living with mom anyway, right? And uh, you don't need to have any money, anything like that. You don't need to have any special skills, you don't need to be overly sexual. It's enough that you just sleep with him, do some regular vanilla boy/girl sex. He will be happy with that, he will be your boyfriend. Don't be weird. So that's all you have to do that. But they missed doing even that. I know lots of girls who were like this. The boys rejected them already in high school. So they cope that everything's going to get better later on, maybe in college, maybe in the workplace, and one day, they are 30+, and they are alone, maybe several children, maybe pregnant. And now they are on a dating app looking for a man. So, these are the girls it was over for before it began.
>Or maybe they are alone and they don't have children at all. They don't have children to begin with, which is, I don't know if that's even sadder. I'm not sure. But anyway, a lot of girls were rejected already in high school. They were rejected in college, because already back then, they were useless. They were ugly, fat, they had a terrible attitude, and well, it was over for them many years ago. It's not like "Pro-tip, honey: Don't have this in your dating profile, don't be fat and have your three children from different men in your dating profile. Be nice and cook." That's not gonna work for her. It was over for her long, long before. Like, pro-tip, pumpkin: Go back in time when you were 18, be nice, be skinny and put out. But they can't do that. So, that's how it works. It was over for many girls before it began. So, if you're young, make sure you're not one of these girls.
>Right, so this is a cool lens. That's what it is. A green, green ring. Pretty cool, huh? I've been dying to wear this T-shirt. It says "decadence" on it! Yeah! It's cool. But my 3 year old took it and didn't let me wear it. He decided it's his. Okay, so, uh, I will now stroll over to my man, and present him with this cool present. Hope he likes it.
>So, girls, don't be that girl that it is over for, before it begins if you're young. If you're older, you can change your ways, you can become a pick me, but you can't count on getting a premium man by being a pick me after, I don't know, 25. But you might be able to get a man.
>Okay, so, good luck in your pick me journey, ladies. This is gimpgirl, goodbye.

No. 1084963

I really wish I understood what mental illness caused this.

even hideous girls have pathetic boyfriend's who chase them around, what is this girl doing??

No. 1084965

Completely agree. I think she was really unpopular with men growing up and so she internalized that men are hard to get (because it was hard for her) and so she she thinks that even her disgusting husband is a prize. What a clown.

No. 1084971

tinfoil as hell but I actually think it has to do with her sister in law. She and her mom were abandoned by their dad for a younger wife, and her sister in law is far prettier and more successful than her and rich. I think she internalized what happened to her growing up and seeing what her dad did to her mom that she copes by acting like this because it's all she's ever known (that men will always dump their wives for younger/prettier girls) because maybe her mom was too naggy, wasn't doing something enough etc, wasn't a pickme, whatever. She thinks if she behaves this way she's 'won' and is in a better situation than her sister in law.

early childhood shit is no joke lol.

Don't understand why she's with her husband though he's so ugly in every way possible. Not that she's attractive herself but still.

No. 1084975

File: 1605653839430.jpg (48.77 KB, 625x415, so-ned-from-neds-declassified-…)

her trying to be a "rocker chick" and failing miserably made something click in my head. this bitch is ned from ned's declassified.

No. 1084993

there are also hot girls who have the gimp mentality and thus struggle to get any quality dick at all while butterfaced stacies gather babebux and have a scrotation.

moral of the story is if you want to never get picked, be a pickme

No. 1085031

Shoeonhead was a huge pick me for years that did and say everything that incels did yet got dumped by her fat scrote just shy of 30 (the cut off age for incels) for an older woman. Pick mes will never win ever.

No. 1085058

So, basically, daddy issues

She looks like she's wearing a wetsuit.

No. 1085128

I know her mom sends her money but how does she advise other women to bux their man but then makes fun of women with jobs constantly? How is the average woman supposed to afford to bux her man?

No. 1085225

100% this. If you are desparate men will treat you like absolute garbage no matter how attractive you are, they'll just fuck and dump you. Men can smell desperation and they'll never take it seriously.

If you're confident and moderately attractive it's easy to have power over men.

Its really depressing looking at her and all the other wannabe trad-wifes who don't seem to understand that by worshipping men they actually make themselves less desirable (and if you want any further proof, look at all of their husbands. MMW is decent looking and married to a loser-redneck who looks like a thumb.)

No. 1085269

She’s either trolling or straight up insane.

Her whole pickme gimp girl shtick makes no sense. Sane women don’t want to be slaves to a very average man who’s not even allowed to work.

By her logic, if you do crazy wild sexual stuff, you will never be divorced and alone. Just for extra safety, don’t allow your husband to have any financial independance so he’ll never leave you. Also be extra sexual and let him cheat with other women.

Either Mary is straight up a nymphomaniac and covering it up under the pretence of keeping a man or she’s delusional if she thinks average dudes need all of that to not run off and leave her alone with the kids.

Also she keeps saying that if you’re not skinny, not cooking 24/7, not doing all of her dumb stuff your man is going to run off to someone else. But who’s that someone else? Certainly not another insane woman doing all that crazy stuff. So either half the population is an insane pickme as well or men are willingly choosing normal women who don’t need the pickme handbook to get some dick.

No. 1085279

She's straight up insane. She goes out in public wearing a gas mask, nobody's that dedicated to trolling.

No. 1085333

Makes me wonder as well unless she has a very low key side hustle. Also what mom on the entire planet earth happily sends her daughter money that she can give to her husband to pay him to cheat on her and get prostitutes?? I know most slavic women are self deprecating but they're not THAT low. Maybe she telling her mom she has cancer and needs money for chemo?

No. 1085338

>Maybe she telling her mom she has cancer and needs money for chemo?
tinfoil of the year

No. 1085345

She said in her previous video that women should take out fucking loans to buxx men, so she clearly has no idea how money works when you aren't depending on your mom.

No. 1085350

I think she's just insane. She gets really minimal engagement on her consistent reddit posts: one or two upvotes and maybe one comment at most. Only once in a blue moon does she get into a fight with other redditors. And she also only posts in the pickme subreddit. That makes me thing she is just a lonely sad psycho because trolls want to inflame others and interact with them.

No. 1085412

File: 1605713760644.png (549.7 KB, 858x480, potatopilled.PNG)

>"Today we are talking about the potato pill… you probably do not know what the potato pill is"
>Shows her outfit and calls us shefags again, asks if we have "been a bad girl this Christmas" and says "gimp girl will cuff you up" while joking about her military belt
>She says that most people lack comprehension of reading and deciphering images, and some even simple speech
>She shows a drawing of a potato and reveals that we are the potato
>"Most of you look like a potato, you act like a potato, and if it were not modern times you would be digging in the fields for potatoes to eat. There are kings and queens living in royalty, but that is not for you. You are the descendant of potato pickers."
>"You are poor, and everything you do just is wrong, and looks wrong. You have the wrong ideas and worship the wrong ideologies" (lol, rich coming from her)
>"I know it is mostly females watching this subereddit"
>Describes Paris Hilton, who we "think we are" by comparison to who we really are (potato)
>Makes a weird impression of Paris while saying she loves to take off clothes for boys and loves boys
>Skinny women can be potatoes too, but look more like carrots(?)
>Shit talks women for wearing makeup again and draws makeup on the potato image. Says this is why she will never wear makeup, she does not do what potatoes do
>"Okay potatoes, back to the potato field. You are not Paris Hilton, you are a potato with makeup. This is gimpgirl, bye!"

A lot of the video is just her repeating the above over and over, so it would have been redundant to put her whole rant in bullet points, but that was the bulk of it.


No. 1085418

This is my favourite video of hers yet. It's like a parody, but I'm not sure what of.

No. 1085454

Did she imply that she is not a descendant of "potato pickers"? She has a face of a common Eastern European pleb, how does she not realise that? What, with the heavy brow, short chin and a nose shaped like a playground slide, she is ugly and common. It is infuriating to see how she pretends that she is soooooo attractive. She is completely insane.

No. 1085462

While she never said explicitly that she's descended from kings and queens or anything, she makes it very clear that she is separate from "potatoes." Not sure what to make of that, maybe just her forgetting how to be consistent again.

No. 1085472

I suppose that makes sense in the gimpgirl world.

No. 1085483

File: 1605720129858.png (Spoiler Image,667.65 KB, 578x793, fromthedumpster.PNG)

And some bonus content from her subreddit, she posted a photoset called "Maids have more fun" where she snaps pussy pics on her kitchen floor while in her maid costume. She's reclining on what looks like a bag of trash, but she commented below to clarify it is a 35 kilo bag of oats. Since she has her phone and is taking selfies in these images, I suspect Vlad may have photographed these (possibly with one of his cameras.)

No. 1085525

Lmao I'm a slav and I assure you, she has the most potato picker pleb facial features ever. Ain't nothing "noble" about them.

No. 1085669

Totally the disinterested face I make when I take a sexy pic of my body.
Also right on the kitchen floor, not on my bed or in my bathroom, yep.

No. 1085738

File: 1605741851853.gif (5.77 MB, 400x400, lolgimp.gif)

Weird to see her laugh about something normal when she's 99% of the time looking like she is being threatened. Like a glimpse of normality in a crazy ass bitch

No. 1085739

I vaguely knew about gimp girl from the olden days on 4chan but I always passed on her until this very thread. Now I'm hooked on her harem queen manga. How can she draw something so sweet and fun.
Those anons that say her manga is nothing special and garden variety deviant art amateur stuff, can you point me to similat artists? I want… More of this..

No. 1085750

Excuse the scrote-tier comment but wow, she has a… pretty pussy? and body, she could actually be very attractive if she weren't a psycho. Sage for no1curr comment, I don't usually visit this thread and visit Shayna's a lot and the contrast between their bodies is insane

No. 1085751

I’m just so….confused

It seems like she’s in a miserable, gross, abusive situation and has created this fantasy world where she is Paris Hilton and the rest of us are potatoes to cope.

No. 1085924

She's known on 4chan? What boards, and what do they say about her?

No. 1085999

You’d feel differently if you saw her actual nudes. Her tits are saggy and deflated and her stomach is covered in puckered loose skin.

No. 1086044

I feel horrible saying this but her haircut and facial features along with no make up whatsoever (that,'s pretty radfem of you, Mary!) make her look like an Auschwitz victim of unspecified sex. Like a 14 years old kid having a last photo taken moments before being led to a gas chamber. Why is she doing this to herself?

No. 1086067

I stopped frequenting 4chan in ~2010 but after quickly googling gimp girl and 4chan and not finding any reference of her being memeified, I conclude that my dumb brain must have mixed something up. I just don't know where else I should have known about gimp girl from though

No. 1086071

I feel bad saying it but her body is straight up birth control for me. She's obsessed with her weight and exercise but even being so slim isn't enough to make her look decent after having a bunch of kids.

No. 1086179

There are surgeries you can have to correct the cosmetic defects you get from having kids. Breast lift, abdominoplasty ect. She could get these if she wanted to. I guess it just doesn't bother her.

Every person on this planet is also going to become old and ugly.

If you don't want kids otherwise fair enough but I wouldn't let concern about your physical appearance alone put you off.

No. 1086309

Literally looks like she's showing off a self portrait

No. 1086329

She looks like a plucked emaciated chicken and her vulva looks like the part where you pull out the giblets. I don't know what planet you are on but this is not an attractive look.

Her and Shayna both look homeless at least. I don't think she looks better than Shayna.

No. 1086384

She's had 3 kids, with each pregnancy your body changes more - age of course also factors in, as the other anon said we're all going to get old and wrinkled. She's what, in her late 30s with 3 kids she had in rapid succession? She also is obviously fucking crazy and probably lost weight really quickly which would not give her skin a chance to catch up - rapid weight loss makes that loose skin worse than just slow, steady loss with exercise. Her boobs, well, sorry anon but boobs do sag with breastfeeding but age too, no one over 50 has a perky rack anyway. Basically don't use gimpgirl as THE example of what happens to a woman's body after pregnancy, she is a pretty crazy example. If you don't want kids that is fine but your body can recover pretty decently if you give it time and aren't a psychopath.

No. 1086400

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, and I’m not trying to WK her, but I think her body alone looks decent after having 3 kids at her age. However she should really invest in her hair and maybe some makeup and nicer clothes. It doesn’t matter how well you keep yourself if you dress like a homeless person who has lice

No. 1086411

this is true, if she was wearing normal clothing and had normal hair she'd look normal. She makes herself into a horror show for whatever reason, still not convinced she isn't being Delia Day'd by her toad husband.

No. 1086458

File: 1605820862858.png (169.12 KB, 968x633, marystats.PNG)

Her body is definitely recovering worse from the pregnancies than it would have if she weren't an anachan obsessed with maintaining such an extremely low body fat %. According to the stats she has on her sub, I'm shocked that she even has been able to keep her fertility and keep having kids for as long as she has.

No. 1088355

File: 1606008684242.jpg (Spoiler Image,117.99 KB, 640x880, 0wtdkvlxul061.jpg)

New Harem Queen chapter. 1/7

No. 1088359

File: 1606008829607.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.78 KB, 640x892, yy6noq3yul061.jpg)

Probably the most pornographic chapter yet.
>Don't worry, honey. I'll just take the back door.

No. 1088361

File: 1606008870756.jpg (Spoiler Image,90.48 KB, 640x898, m2l97nlyul061.jpg)

No. 1088362

File: 1606009005965.jpg (101.83 KB, 640x904, g66skd3zul061.jpg)

No. 1088366

File: 1606009142673.jpg (94.77 KB, 640x894, s8d97vmzul061.jpg)

No. 1088367

File: 1606009235007.jpg (98.77 KB, 640x896, 1fdald20vl061.jpg)

>Thank you, mommy.
She's not even hiding that she's into femdom at this point, lmao

No. 1088369

File: 1606009461005.jpg (76.33 KB, 640x899, i51cjhf2vl061.jpg)

So, Zlata gets punished with beans for not cooking.
I guess Mary's logic is that even if she acts submissive, she's ~*truly*~ an empowered kween by being a pick-me. Not much different from a libfem, I guess.

No. 1088484

reminds me of kenta's horny mom, an arc in an old webcomic called sexy losers

No. 1090541

ngl but if i didn't know any better i'd think this is very endearing and almost cute. It all looks like some weird comic written by a 13-14yo who picked a "how to draw manga" book a month ago.

No. 1090855

File: 1606260499185.png (466.02 KB, 802x467, settledownlady.PNG)

New video: "Don't be a bore- Be a fun girl!"

>She is opening a secondhand phone she bought for Vlad, a Samsung s10

>Jokes about being fun 'or else' as she wields the knife she's opening the package with, laughs a lot and seems to be having a good time
>Says a fun girl, for a man, is an image of a certain girl. Her examples are a young girl running in a bikini on the beach, a stripper, a college girl who likes to party, or a maid. More of an image in the guy's head than something to actually 'do.'
>An essential part of being fun is being a "yes person" and always having a positive attitude. Always enthusiastically say yes to everything. Examples of things to say yes to: going to a club with your guy. doing anal, making him coffee.
>Guys love fun outfits, anything sexy or feminine.
>Complains that sometimes there are notes or perfumed smells in boxes when she buys secondhand items, says it's because they can see a girl is buying.
>Sex is always fun, should be your main priority. A fun girl should take it in the ass, take her man to sex parties, etc. "Sex sells, to guys."
>"When he has coomed" you can't be a bore, you still have to take him fun places.
>You can serve him fun food, snacks, like a fancy cake.
>Always take notice of and take an interest in his hobbies.
>Vlad's interest is in photography, so Mary models for him, buys him lenses, and is going to be setting up a light studio for him.

No. 1090859

File: 1606261114355.png (553.44 KB, 851x470, holidaypill.PNG)

Video: "The Holiday Pill pt. 1"

>Maid outfit accessories again.

>Says that all 'pill' references are truths, it's like you take a pill and learn the truth. Complains it sounds like a "druggie reference."
>The holiday pill is about Christmas and New Year's, the biggest holidays of the year.
>She opens a Christmas gift for her husband, another camera lens.
>You prep by making a menu for Christmas food in advance, make sure you buy and prep in advance as much as you can, and wrap presents, decorate with your kids (…is this not just normal prep for the holidays? How is this pickme specific?)
>Christmas cleaning is especially important.
>Christmas outfit, says she usually she wears the same red blouse with something.
>Shows a dress she wore when she was pregnant one Christmas, says it was big enough to accommodate her belly but is actually a dress made for a 12 year old girl.
>"So you won't have to spend Christmas with your aging parents, get a man before Christmas"
>Offer to cook any lonely guy you know a nice Christmas dinner
>If you are a shy girl this year, make is your New Year's resolution that you will have next Christmas with a man.

No. 1090867

File: 1606261932088.png (364.54 KB, 852x475, methheadfoundindumpster.PNG)

Video: "How to survive the winter as a skinny girl"

>Immediately in frame with disheveled hair and a giant hoodie, looking extra jaundiced.

>Repeats video title a few times.
>"When you are a skinny girl like me, you will be freezing all the time, in winter especially."
>"Here is how to keep from freezing to death, if you are as skinny as me."
>Comments on her own hair, says she knows people will watch the video and speculate on what it means, if she switched pillows or what. "Rather than thinking further about my hair, girls, let's get to it." (it sounds like she lurks)
>The sweater is Vlad's, he gave it to her because she was too cold in the morning. Underneath she is wearing one of her son's zip up sweaters, and two long sleeved shirts of her own. She also wears a bra and camisole underneath and lifts each layer to show us.
>She clarifies it's not just that her home is cold, but her guest room where she films is particularly cold.
>She recommends thermal wear.
>"You are only meant to need one layer of thermal wear, but I am special, so that doesn't help me… It's just me, because I am so skinny."
>She is growing out her hair for the winter just for a little extra warmth. She says she will wear hats, though.
>Shows a beanie she bought at the sports store, says it makes her look "like a tard" but keeps her warm.
>Hoods are warm, although she says they make you look like a tard as well, and also an egg.
>Shows her veil again as well, but says that all this stuff is only for indoors and she needs even more layers on her head and body to go outdoors.
>Recommends portable electric radiators to carry from room to room with you.
>Says exercising more will help, and also drinking hot tea all the time.
>Wears her maid skirt with it to "remind my man I am still a girl and not a yeti."
>"This is gimp girl, stay warm!"

No. 1091016

This is so funny. What is she, a polar bear?

No. 1091050

why does she think that anything about her lifestyle is aspirational in any way? imagine being her if you want a bout of suicidal depression. bleak af.

No. 1091103

Who wears six layers inside the home and why is it so cold inside? I guess having a heated home isnt considered buxxing for a man? Not fun enough?

No. 1091318

You silly potatoe, you don't hear the house so your man has to rely on you for warmth. Trick him into staying in bed so you can have the sex with him.

No. 1091435

File: 1606326387769.jpg (19.39 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

real onision vibes

No. 1091965

Freezing and jaundiced in her shanty slav hovel because her husband won't let her touch the thermostat. Poor kids.

No. 1097474

Damn, I really start to like gimp girl since I read all of her retarded comics (and enjoyed them), now I clicked on a video the first time and i find her endearing in a trolly way. I do think all of her extremely weird contradictions in personality boil down to her being a spergy troll. Also, she would be objectibely cute if she'd get an actual haircut and wore normal clothing.

No. 1097476

Gimpgirl should become the ironic mascot of FDS.

No. 1097494

File: 1606943388499.jpg (361.14 KB, 1072x894, Screenshot_20201202-220756_Joe…)


New vid with vlad. What rabbit hole have i gotten into, anon. They are so fucking weird, I can't even.. i do find them endearing, they seem like extremely geeky people that haven't interacted with other people in years

No. 1097508

They look like a polyamorous board game couple or two ugly compsci gay men who begrudgingly settled for each other

No. 1097510

they look like brother and sister and act like it too

No. 1097511

Anon help me out, what's FDS

No. 1097512

Lol yes, I agree

No. 1097515

Spoiler: the gift is a fancy Japanese chef's knife, complete with oil and whetstone. Apparently she enjoys cooking. I thought it was gonna be some weird fetish gift, but this is practical and thoughtful.

I really expected to dislike Vlad, but this was adorable. He clearly enjoys making her happy and seemed proud of getting her something nice. They're weirdos but they have chemistry.

Kek at the "hunk" tag though

No. 1097593

ntayrt but “female dating strategy”

No. 1097597

Ahhh of course, thank you anon

No. 1097629

noooo not the beans! anything but that

No. 1097924

They're kinda cute together in their own strange way

No. 1097972


Lol I'm glad I'm not the only being positively surprised and sort of touched by this vid. I also expected to dislike vlad, but the gift is really cute and thoughtful and the way he's fidgety and awkwardly trying to be funny/confident for the camera for her is sweet. Also, i found it endearing how earnestly shocked and embarassed he seemed when gimp went full gimp and made the anal lube joke at the end. They're a strange and funny couple.

No. 1098010

Was she inside a closet at the start of the video? The way he moved her around by the shoulders was a bit weird. I'm not seeing what everyone else is seeing.

No. 1098550

I don't think it's as serious as you think it is, he was just playing around because she was pretending to be shy and she obviously thought it was funny.

No. 1099921

File: 1607153508896.jpg (14.99 KB, 480x360, 1321993728002.jpg)

i've been laughing at this post for like 3 days jfc anon

No. 1099924

Guy just looks like your typical high functioning autist neckbeard that collects toy trains, stamps and plays magic of the gathering. He appears to be fairly harmless. In fact he looks like he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag.

They're an eccentric couple that's for sure.

No. 1100015

This video isn't as bad as I expected, but when I remember that other video of them together when Vlad is taking creepshots of women outside their window, shitting on their appearances and talking about how women "stalk him constantly", coupled with the creepy/fucked up shit we already know about this couple, I find it hard to see them as endearing.

No. 1100018

File: 1607171146324.jpg (100.14 KB, 515x736, 9gsv9jn5hq261.jpg)

Preview of her upcoming manga, My Little Zombie Waifu.

No. 1100024

File: 1607171850896.jpg (92.17 KB, 567x780, 6jfzr2d6hq261.jpg)

No. 1100025

File: 1607172005127.jpg (87.96 KB, 554x818, i2kbnty6hq261.jpg)

No. 1100026

File: 1607172121227.jpg (86.98 KB, 551x849, s56kxtj7hq261.jpg)

No. 1100028

File: 1607172180826.jpg (139.23 KB, 640x916, n6cgwru4p5361.jpg)

Another preview. She mentioned before that she's not "particularly fond" of the female protag in this one.

No. 1100030

I adore her comics. I don't even know why, must be some sort of guilty pleasure.

No. 1100052

The way this guy puts on his glasses is sending me

No. 1100058

Hey her backgrounds have improved.
Me too. They're cute if you don't know the author is insane

No. 1100073

I see, I have only recently started to engage with gimp milk, albeit having known her as a weird internet figure for quite some time.
I didn't know that he took part in her vids before and that they involved irl women like that..
It must be that retarded sweet comic of gimp that clouds my judgment

No. 1100182

File: 1607189324243.png (275.54 KB, 627x422, mangamaniac.PNG)

She mentioned in her recent video on this comic that since this is a shorter one-shot story she's putting in the time to use real screentoning on her backgrounds, which she does not use for Harem Queen.


No. 1100420

This. Not to mention if Mary is not lying, he is going to brothels which is disgusting.

No. 1100569

File: 1607214528876.png (218.26 KB, 541x312, superfilters.PNG)

Sorry for repost, fucked up the first draft before it was done

Video: "What to do when you've hit the wall– finding a guy"

>There is a musical intro and title screen this time, where Mary shows the wool skirt and "Better Late Than Never" shirt she wears under her dress

>Calls the dress a loli outfit
>Says that size M is the smallest this dress came in, that for some reason the dresses on Aliexpress are made for "huge girls" and does an impression of a fat girl trying to dress as a loli
>Unwrapping another lens for Vlad
>Says that she will tell you what to do if you are post-wall, which means any age over 25. She says no matter what anyone says, the wall is at 25
>If you are over 25 you will be seen as a "roastie" by guys, she says although this is not very nice it is simply how men perceive you
>If you are this age you need to be prepared to get with older guys, "as in much, much older guys"
>Says there are many old men whose wives no longer have sex with them, and if you are willing to provide a lot of sex these old men will be really happy to have you
>Says if you can't do this, the best option is to get with a NEET guy, maybe a foreign NEET guy you import
>You can even "adopt" a NEET man from your own country. If you offer him a place to stay, make him good food, and give him video games and anime he will be happy
>She says some people find it annoying to live with a NEET though, like people she knows with NEET kids, but that if you are over 25 it is your best bet at this point
>Unpacks some new filters for Vlad's gas mask while pretending they are big tits
>Compares the filters he uses for his mask to hers
>"This is gimp girl, good luck, ladies"

No. 1100571

I'm a little disturbed that simply by not being an absolute troglodyte on camera, everyone suddenly think they're a cute couple. The bar is so surprisingly low here.

No. 1100602

File: 1607215804915.png (393.17 KB, 641x372, lookinrough.PNG)

Video: "Summary of my sex doll research"

>Mary starts the video in a pink collar, opening some phone accessories she got for Vlad, and claps excitedly as she says the topic of today is sex dolls

>"I happen to love that topic!"
>This time she is in her own bedroom and not the guest room, so she is warm enough not to be bundled up
>She has ordered a silicone sex doll but it has not arrived yet, interestingly she does not say it is for Vlad
>"Have you thought about getting one? You probably have. Most people are curious about getting them."
>Says they are not just for weirdos, but for all kinds of people.
>"Older guys who have money for several. Young men, women, transgender people, gays, lesbians, all buy them."
>You start by getting over the shame of owning a sex doll by researching and reading about people who have one, so you know it is nothing to be ashamed of
>Got a "nice and petite" 150 cm doll so it is not too heavy
>Taller ones can weigh up to 40 kilos and "that is too heavy for a girl like me to lug around," further implying the doll is for her use
>Shows us the phone accessories
>She compares material, face design, "love holes," breast size (she prefers smaller so the doll will not be front heavy), fingers, etc.
>Just spends several minutes obsessively sperging about sex doll construction, it really seems like she is going to fuck this thing
>"I will see how I feel about these considerations once I actually get the doll"
>Pulls out a rubber duck and squeaks it
"I say quack quack my friends, goodbye"

No. 1100613

I hope she leaves Vlad and elopes with the doll lol

No. 1100660

this woman is so weird because hearing her talk and have fun in her own way it seems like she wouldn't even be that bad to be around or hang with but then her beliefs are fucking horrifying.

No. 1100694

Has it ever been discussed that gimp might be a closeted lesbian? I feel her whole stick is clearly targeted at girls, getting girls attention by provoking them with her overidentification with trad hetero gender roles that she obviously in a very manifest sense doesn't conform to at all.

No. 1100743

Based on how much she seems to project by calling her female viewers 'she-fags,' plus discussing the fingers and breast size of her female sex doll, I think it's a pretty solid tinfoil that she has some repressed attraction to women. Though she seems too serious about her whole dick-love thing to not at least be into both.

No. 1100764

She has been with girls before, "as a kink" as she put it. "It was just for vlad blah blah blah"

No. 1100824

They look like any couple you would see at a dungeons and dragons board game meet up.

No. 1100854

This 100%. They're really reminiscent many dnd playing couples I met. Except they're just playing Dungeon, no Dragons.

No. 1100859

Tbh this is why I think her husband is running her accounts. Her whole pickme ideology makes no sense and she seems way too concerned with what other women do, even to the point of making a subreddit and discord to influence them. Feels way too much like scrote larping.

No. 1101035

>Except they're just playing Dungeon, no Dragons
I can't stop laughing at this

No. 1101089

She looks like a medieval peasant girl who got her head shaved for the sin of harlotry or perhaps lice

No. 1101099

File: 1607270605634.png (4.47 MB, 2870x1800, p19.png)

She did a progress report video on her newest comic, Zombie Waifu.
Says she doesn't have much time because of her kids, so she works on her comics when everyone in the house is sleeping, and that she's done inking page 19 (pic related).

No. 1101741

No. 1102450

File: 1607371178429.jpg (Spoiler Image,449.24 KB, 647x1036, bda0db5.jpg)

Her titties are SANDBAGS Jesus

No. 1102518

Sage for autism but, is the plot of her new comic about some girl who voluntarily lobotimizes herself?

No. 1102895

Sounds like it

No. 1104355

File: 1607596974785.png (101.68 KB, 1562x710, jnjkjnjj.png)

She set her subreddit to private. I wonder what happened.

No. 1107183

Is anyone subscribed to it? It's been a few days now and I'm curious.

No. 1112306

me too, not saging for bump

No. 1112905

Just recently started reading about her and holy shit she's insane. She needs some hardcore therapy, but I clearly doubt she'll ever get it. Saged cuz no one cares.

No. 1115126

Tbh I doubt she'll get therapy. I do wonder why she locked down though, surely someone's in her subreddit? I'm almost worried. She's a cow I can't help but pity despite how venomous she is.

No. 1118310

File: 1609370771163.png (65.03 KB, 982x304, gm2.png)

No. 1118564

File: 1609391074075.png (856.04 KB, 861x479, Screenshot_1.png)

She uploaded an updatey video as well

>busy doing holiday stuff with family, and cooking and cleaning

>currently working on My Little Zombie Waifu and will upload it soon and move the content to r/HaremQueen instead of r/pickmes
>opened a package she ordered for Vlad, it's a vintage camera

Well, I'm glad she's okay at least. I wonder if we'll get some shots of Mary with the vintage camera in the future.

No. 1118885


shame she wasn't getting mental heath help, at least she's still alive

why does she look like projared here?

No. 1119870

File: 1609545018587.jpg (34.97 KB, 803x738, h5l8k8q17r861.jpg)

She looks like she just finished crying or something

No. 1119871

File: 1609545055800.jpg (16.23 KB, 400x400, L4b1guuv_400x400.jpg)

She looks like this and like she's being held at gunpoint or something.

No. 1119874

Her skin is extremely yellow… looks jaundiced…

No. 1119970

It looks like foundation that oxidized

No. 1119984

but makeup and hair products are against her ideology, she doesn't wear foundation

No. 1120482

yeah like her entire face is covered in just one light bruise

No. 1122007

File: 1609792061556.png (334.02 KB, 876x598, se35.png)

r/pickmes is open again, and she's opened it up with a POV/RP video of her husband telling you to lose weight. The gift that keeps on giving.

No. 1122009

File: 1609792139051.png (555.25 KB, 852x822, o9.png)

How does she not find these photos unflattering/cringe? She looks scary here.

No. 1122012

File: 1609792297043.jpg (190.05 KB, 640x900, 8xsm5qj9ey861.jpg)

Full color version of her cover for her upcoming comic, My Cute Little Zombie Waifu.

No. 1122020

File: 1609793092326.png (583.87 KB, 868x606, 58391.png)

>She locked down r/pickmes for the holidays to keep it out of her mind and get a break
>Women who didn't follow her "eat like gimpgirl" challenge/meal plan should cope because it's over for them, they can never catch up with women/pick-mes with great bodies, and she will help them
>This year, r/pickmes will focus mainly on "Copium", to help sad girls to accept that it's over for them. She'll be making more comics/artwork, porn (because they "cope like the pope" with it), making boyfriend RP videos with her man, and a section called "Keeping Up With GimpGirl" where people can "keep up with her life", and she wants viewers to give her ideas on what about her life she should post ("I have no idea, because I'm not a coper myself, I have no need to cope, so I don't knows what copers like")
>She also has some personal goals: Working on and taking the first steps to moving her man to a warm country (whether it is to live there, live there for just a while, or for holiday), to do more swinging and finding couples to have fun with, and getting to 11% body fat, hiring a porn star for her man (depending on cost, whether it's any good and the pandemic), finish the first part of Zombie Waifu, and continue working on it more (it'll be long), then continue with Harem Queen, draw more art in color with colored pencils, and focus on more photoshoots (she bought some more light stands), will be getting her sex doll "any time now" (within the next two weeks) and is trying to make space for her and clothes/wigs to put on her

No. 1122021

File: 1609793160225.jpg (63.55 KB, 640x456, 71nweof945961.jpg)

No. 1122025

File: 1609793370291.png (535.48 KB, 640x1368, snvs1.png)

Sperging at someone for showing worry about her ana-chan tendencies and basically accusing them of being a concern trolling femcel, kek.

No. 1122033

File: 1609793938519.png (296.45 KB, 648x464, 4531.png)

New video.
>Men want women under 25, not over 30 (even if they say they do, they don't), so if you're older you're competing with younger women, you need to be sexual and have an exceptionally fit/skinny body
>She believes that her body beats a 20 year old who's just slightly skinny/fit, and she has an exceptional body
>You're not competing with the older crowd, only with the younger crowd
>No one finds a 30+ year old desirable, because they're average and make the man feel like a loser when there are hot/skinny 20 year olds, and he'd rather not have a woman at all than an older woman
>"You are an item, that's how men see you, there's no getting away from that"
>If you're younger than 25, you need to start working on your body and dieting ASAP because it'll only go downhill with time

No. 1122034

File: 1609794047644.png (50.12 KB, 640x294, r539.png)

Asking for feedback on the RP video. Not sure what she wants anyone to say, lmao.

No. 1122051

That person was so nice about it and sounded genuinely concerned too….

No. 1122069

I don't follow this woman, but at first I thought someone had photoshopped a teenage boys head on a camgirl's body for some reason.

No. 1122119

the most awkward, cringe wink. she's trying so hard, but she is spergy with no sex appeal

No. 1122124

I can't tell if the phone light illuminating his moob before he tells you to loose weight, or his terrible acting voice was the funniest part. He's trying to sound like a gravelly Hollywood actor but it doesn't work

Thanks for compiling all the updates, anon

No. 1122155

What is wrong with you? This is a normal unflattering picture of someone not wearing makeup and not actively smiling. The "looks like crying" suggestions is such a creepy projection tbh

No. 1122161

no… Her skin is definitely pretty yellow. If you compare the colors of her hair, hoodie etc, the lighting isn't atrocious. She looks like she's malnourished skin wise.

No. 1122340

Whoa, that answer was super dark. It's like she's just the empty shell of a person who willingly killed off her own sense of self and personality, and replaced it with a dead, creepy, brain-rotted version of the person she could have been. She really is a horrorcow; her type of horror is subtle but it really creeps up on me sometimes and genuinely freaks me out, like in this instance. Shudder.

No. 1122406

Does she really think most men (or even a significant portion of them) are attracted to skellies? Sure maybe most men would prefer a thinner girl to a landwhale, but curvy or "thick" bodies are considered most desirable nowadays.

I imagine fucking a girl that thin probably feels like sticking your dick in a box of legos. Just…pointy and unpleasant.

No. 1122461

I think she does know that they're unflattering. I think she might get off on the humiliation.

No. 1123446

File: 1609906033207.png (1023.76 KB, 1152x1384, 438943.png)

She's at it again. This is about a video she posted of a woman seducing a boy.

No. 1123447

File: 1609906074515.png (118.3 KB, 1144x550, 4893.png)

No. 1123452

>If I was a 13yo girl
If. What about when her daughter turns 13? Chilling.

No. 1123462

File: 1609907383910.png (1.05 MB, 1150x812, inks4.png)

She posted some anime clip defending pedophilia/lolicon, and saying that a woman who thinks men who sexualize middle school aged girls (and younger) are sick actually "envies the young".
I really fear for this woman's daughter. She's going to have zero protection if she gets groomed.

No. 1123469

File: 1609907755177.png (988.68 KB, 1168x790, jknvs.png)

New video. She basically goes on about what she considers "bad" and "good" copes. This really felt like a roundabout way to express how she deals with her own depression, and her scorn about other women's hobbies.
>After you realize you've failed and are not good enough for a guy, you cope. She's going to give good tips on how to cope, because there are a lot of bad copes
>You first have to admit you're coping, you can't be like "Yeah, I am fat, or I'm a man or I've failed or whatever, but that's okay because I'm strong, independent and I can still make it. It's gonna be fine" that's pathetic and will make you look tryhard/cringe
>"I have a really good personality" is a cope for failed/ugly/fat women, and if you cope that way, you probably don't have a good personality
>Going to dancing classes is a cope, you're not a hot girl because you dance, you're just a fat or pathetic girl who is dancing, you're not picked, just moving, and it's cringy
>Owning a cat and/or cat paraphernalia is a cope and makes you look like an old/crazy cat lady, don't be into cats
>Food is a cope. Becoming a "foodie" just makes you fat, it's bad for your health
>Wine is a cope, you become an alcoholic
>Body positivity is a cope. "I'm fat, but that's awesome", but it's actually awful
>Man hate, gold-digging ("Yeah, I could get a guy, but guys suck anyways, take their money"), no one is going to like you and you're a terrible person and no one wants to hear that
>Age coping ("I'm old and that's cool, it's cool to have a lot of life experience"), you're just an old lady
>TV is a cope. Watching Netflix and lots of series is a cope because most of them are cringy and made for spinsters, but she wouldn't know because she doesn't watch things because she's not a coper
>Before taking her advice on coping, understand that she's not a coper and doesn't cope herself, but these are her thoughts
>As for good copes, working out to keep your body in shape keeps you healthy, some man may take an interest in you and it makes you feel good, work out cope is excellent
>Rent a family cope is a good experience. Go to someone with a family, a man and kids, get in and spend time with them, maybe help out with kids. Help your sister or something with her kids, not watching videos with some family on YouTube
>Diet cope. Trying different diets is a great cope.
>Anime cope is good, a lot of anime is quality content because it's not spinster cope. Anime also has a lot of sexy girls, so that might inspire you to become better, but she knows it's not about getting better, it's over for you anyway and she accepts that
>Imaginary boyfriend cope. Imagine you have a boyfriend and use otome games. If it's related to guys, it's good. It's better than the rope. Before you take out the rope, take out the imaginary boyfriend.
>Another good thing is if you have a productive hobby. For instance, she draws. Things like writing, crafting, sewing. Something you can make money off is great, productive, healthy, etc.
>Cope at least with semi-good copes that don't harm you in any way

No. 1123476

>Anime cope is good
Do you think she copes with anime? I mean, look at her comics, and then look at her life.

No. 1123478

Lol why the hate for dancing, it's so random

No. 1123485

Based off a clip of herself she posted like months ago, she can't dance. It probably makes her pissy when other women can.

No. 1123487

File: 1609908665315.jpg (112.56 KB, 640x902, 1ju77k3sql961.jpg)

She posted the first 10 pages of her comic, My Cute Little Zombie Waifu.

No. 1123489

File: 1609908693817.jpg (100.96 KB, 640x899, zt1r13usql961.jpg)

No. 1123492

File: 1609909038891.jpg (99.3 KB, 640x902, gq4kbjttql961.jpg)

No. 1123494

File: 1609909157641.jpg (112.33 KB, 640x907, 78nso4guql961.jpg)

No. 1123495

File: 1609909251041.jpg (106.25 KB, 640x896, w385w3avql961.jpg)

No. 1123498

File: 1609909347868.jpg (82.74 KB, 640x904, 8bcl057wql961.jpg)

No. 1123500

File: 1609909471958.jpg (96.65 KB, 640x886, ftbi0x0xql961.jpg)

No. 1123504

File: 1609909638650.jpg (112.95 KB, 640x911, q0jr5etxql961.jpg)

No. 1123507

File: 1609909741399.jpg (102.88 KB, 640x901, 2zb4p2myql961.jpg)

No. 1123508

File: 1609909903971.jpg (123.8 KB, 640x913, 8a5693lzql961.jpg)

No. 1123535

So is the girl meant to be an actual undead or just retarded? Wouldn't zombie gf reak of decaying flesh and death?

No. 1123755

Right, that's more like a tranny fantasy lol

No. 1126796

File: 1610208269329.png (35.29 KB, 620x522, lezdom.PNG)

Um, holy shit

No. 1126819

File: 1610209609415.png (261.9 KB, 679x340, garbagetray.PNG)

New video: "How to be more like me"

There was a lot to digest in this one, I really recommend just watching it cause tldr does it no justice
>"Hello girls and boys, but mainly girls"
>Shows a gift for Vlad on a tray that's wrapped in a lot of packing tape
>The more of her content her audience consumes, the more she understands them
>"Some of you might want to be like me, or you may be wondering 'what's it like to be gimpgirl?'"
>Starts explaining the steps of how to be more like her. Says some girls try to be like the girl they like, so it is nothing strange
>Step one: You can dress more like her
>Step two: Follow her principles, think about what it would be like to buxx a guy etc.
>Step three: Buy the same items as her, shows off her Aliexpress slave collar and suggests cosplaying as her
>Suggests buying a man a gift, even your dad if you know no other men. Think about what he likes, as a man
>Another lens for Vlad
>Asks if any ladies are interested in "lezdom" content
>Asks the audience a few questions: In roleplay video or audio, how would you want her to act? Should she be butch or just a domme?
>She starts tilting her head around and making her voice deep while she asks "do you want me to dom you?"
>Says she knows "you all need a spanking" and slaps her hands loudly
>She's laughing now and asks if she should be gentle or rough
>Asks if anyone wants a mommydom and starts acting out a mommy/"baby girl" roleplay a bit, stops and says "but that's just an idea I have"
>Asks for feedback and signs off

No. 1127038

I know she's a dumb 35 yo woman from bumfuck nowhere, but still, ew.

No. 1127082

She looks so old for her age.

No. 1127134

I honestly 100% buy into the theory that she's a deeply self-hating lesbian in denial and literally nothing can change my mind on this.

No. 1127148

Same or a deeply closeted bisexual. I used to think it was just part of her weird grandiose delusions but she's pushing it so far that there has to be something more to it.

No. 1127483

The latent same-sex attraction, lmao. She said something like "Do you like being in bed with gimpgirl?" midway through.

No. 1127484

File: 1610275656922.jpg (140.95 KB, 640x915, wqly8yhsyba61.jpg)

New Harem Queen chapter.

No. 1127485

File: 1610275689404.jpg (87.17 KB, 640x891, 8iswqbatyba61.jpg)

No. 1127486

File: 1610275804771.jpg (85.69 KB, 640x903, n1kuxkytyba61.jpg)

No. 1127674

Speaking of teenage boys any details on how exactly she treats her sons ?
I mean I can honestly see her being the type who molests her own child

No. 1127712

Do you think gimpgirl sees lolcow as her main audience? Her subreddit is dead but she's clearly talking to an audience of women. I think it's for us.

>you are a very nice little girl, let mommy take care of you

Yes please gimpgirl, give us more

No. 1127782

really hope she makes a mommy dom video or something. this will be wonderful
>Do you think gimpgirl sees lolcow as her main audience? Her subreddit is dead but she's clearly talking to an audience of women. I think it's for us.
This exclaims why the fuck she is constantly posting about copium as she calls it. She is trying to be snarky.

No. 1127783

I have been morbidly curious about this as long as I've known about her

No. 1127857

If you've been here long enough, you'll see that a lot of the stuff she says or draws (her chad vs virgin memes etc) is a direct response to opinions or concepts she's seen here. I actually remember noticing that one of her reddit posts was a perfect reversal of a post I've seen in /ot/ (something about men not having a wall because their wall is puberty)

No. 1128039

She's definitely aware of us as we have seen before, plus I feel like the 'shefags' shit was targeted at her "new female audience" from the start

No. 1129780

File: 1610490945257.jpg (227.93 KB, 1058x1159, IMG_20210112_233343.jpg)

I would like a link to those studies, Gimpgirl because my research proves that you are a retard

No. 1129781

File: 1610491047452.jpg (315.5 KB, 1080x1609, IMG_20210112_233333.jpg)

Can't get over her looking like an librarian while spouting all that crap. Not a porn actress playing one, just a mousy and sexually repressed woman from a small town

No. 1129782

File: 1610491161405.webm (Spoiler Image,9.64 MB, 1920x1080, GimpGirl scores again!.webm)

Please don't unspoiler if you don't want to see Gimpgirl bouncing (supposedly) on Vlad's dick (off screen) or to hear her sex noises. You've been warned.

No. 1129787

Wow, she just looks like your average unwashed weeaboo here

No. 1129788

File: 1610491655638.jpg (164.61 KB, 1080x1222, IMG_20210112_234405.jpg)

She also reposted a movie scene of domestic violence in order to praise abusive scrotes. I know it's business as usual for Gimpgirl but still, wtf is wrong with her. especially since her hubby isn't even a breadwinner, so how the fuck it's 'his house'? They are both bitches of gimpgirl's mom

No. 1129796

File: 1610491903320.jpeg (29.72 KB, 540x540, 02A976CE-511F-4270-AA7D-39FDAC…)

she could be a cute dyke

No. 1129803

File: 1610492103255.jpg (265.67 KB, 1080x1024, IMG_20210112_235223.jpg)

There is also this video but I'm not putting myself through this shit. Hope kund transcript anon makes a summary as usual.
I would just like to say that I am confused by the huge door and wall… it looks like in a museum rather than in a normal house? How rich is she and why does the rest of her house is so poorly furnished?

No. 1129804

File: 1610492163313.png (836.43 KB, 1114x768, 43431.png)

The thumbnail alone looks like something off the deep web. It's actually almost aesthetic how creepy it is.

No. 1129814

As an eastern yuro: possibly inherited from mommy as privatized socialist property. They're broke as fuck but could live in an apparatchik quality house - they didn't really buy it.

No. 1129865

why does her face actually look terrifying in that mask. had to click off it really made me nervous lol

No. 1129882

why does this feel more life a femme dom rape fantasy than a submissive uwu pick me pleasing her husband?

No. 1130299

File: 1610548587844.png (383.58 KB, 589x288, lostunwashedweeaboo.PNG)

This video is kind of weird to transcribe because she gets really incoherent in her points and self-contradictory, I tried to just write down things as she says them through paraphrasing and quotes, but some of what she says just doesn't really make sense or seems out of place

>Starts out with something new, a photo slideshow of Mary posing with happy music

>Says a lot of girls are pickmes but have a hard time coming to terms with it
>Shows off a "70's" style scarf, says us youngsters would not know that women used to dress this way even as recently as the late 90's when she "was a young woman"
>She is opening a package for Vlad
>First rationale is for buxxing
>Maybe you don't want to admit that you are buxxing because you are a pick me, or even buzzing at all
>Stops mid sentence and reveals old camera she got for Vlad, ponders whether it's in good shape
>You can rationalize buxxing and supporting your guy by saying he is between jobs, to make yourself feel better
>You can also tell yourself he is good company and that that makes it worth it even though he doesn't work
>If none of that works, say to yourself that you are a strong woman who can support a man
>Second is how to rationalize him cheating
>You can tell yourself that you are a cuckquean and find it hot, or that it was only temporary or a one time thing and that he won't do it again
>How to rationalize being his transportation (driving him, buying him a plane or bus ticket to come to you if you are long distance)
>He takes too long to get ready, driving to him is easier for you, or that you are just a generous person if you are paying his fare in some other way
>How to rationalize being a side chick, instead of thinking he wasn't the right guy you can think that soon he will leave his girlfriend or wife to be with you
>Rationalizing kinks
>You can get into anal or BDSM by telling yourself it is progressive, liberating, will make you feel good an empowered, even if you are not into the kinks
>If a guy is dumb, you can say that you are better at organizing than him and take care of everything for him
>Says that you can be used and not picked if you are trying to be a pickme for some guys, kind of contrary to her philosophy about keeping a man by being pickme
>She says in her relationship they waited 6 months before they had sex, and that while it was frustrating for her it kept her from getting "pumped and dumped"
>Finishes up by asking if it is necessary to rationalize being pickme at all as opposed to just admitting it and standing for it, says she stands for being a pickme
>"But I know a lot of you feel bad, it feels bad to give someone money for nothing, to do all these things… so it's okay to rationalize them"
>However, these rationalizations will come to an end once a woman comes into the picture and questions them, you'll need to tell her you stand by them and "tell her to fuck off"
>"She" will come around and call you out, in the end you have to say you've chosen to do this and am enjoying it
>"In the end, you have to stand for being pickme"

No. 1130302

Samefag, but I forgot to include the direct link
Video: "How to rationalise being a pick me"

No. 1130309

File: 1610548926487.png (401.3 KB, 655x929, newzombiewaifu1.PNG)

Plus some new pages of her Zombie Waifu comic

No. 1130310

File: 1610548977617.png (443.74 KB, 657x923, newzombiewaifu2.PNG)

No. 1130313

File: 1610549018967.png (399.73 KB, 649x929, newzombiewaifu3.PNG)

No. 1130314

File: 1610549052280.png (435.17 KB, 654x925, newzombiewaifu4.PNG)

No. 1130316

File: 1610549116728.png (438.26 KB, 655x922, newzombiewaifu5.PNG)

No. 1130323

TLDR how to brainwash yourself into being a slave for a coomer kidult scrote.
IMHO if you are gonna do that much mental gymnastics for literally no reward, you are better off 'creating' a tulpa of your husbando. You are brainwashing yourself either way, but at least an imaginary lover will not give you stds or ruin your wallet! I imagine sex with him will be more satisfying as well, kek.
>Rationalizing kinks
>You can get into anal or BDSM by telling yourself it is progressive, liberating, will make you feel good an empowered, even if you are not into the kinks
>>However, these rationalizations will come to an end once a woman comes into the picture and questions them, you'll need to tell her you stand by them and "tell her to fuck off"
At least she is honest about all this being bullshit, contrary to most libfems.
Thank you so much kind anon for taking the bullet for us all and providing the summary!

No. 1130367

>pickme admits that she needs to cope with being a pickme

No. 1130912

if she wasn't batshit insane i'd kinda enjoy reading her comics, i find them weirdly endearing

No. 1130916

File: 1610585531272.png (584.89 KB, 990x688, vsw1.png)

New video, "What To Do On Dates". Pretty long, I just transcribed it as I watched/listened.
There were lots of clicking noises throughout the video, and she said that her husband was off-camera taking photos of her.

>This video is for a friend of hers.
>If you're 30 or older, it's over for you and you should go adopt cats.
>If you're a young girl, pretend you're someone else (her, an escort, your idol/a cool girl from a TV show)
>Let him talk about himself, and ask him leading questions if he doesn't talk
>Buy him things to impress him, and show you're not a gold-digger or a burden
>Try to relax/be chill, keep pretending to be someone else
>Don't be afraid to touch him, don't shy away from letting him touch you
>Don't be on your phone unless you have a dependent in hospital
>Dress like a woman ("signal that you're a woman"), or else it'll just feel like dating a retarded guy for him

This is the transcript I got, in case I missed anything:
>Hello, this is Gimpgirl and today I’m doing a little video mainly for a girlfriend of mine who needs some tips on what to do on a date. And what better person toast than me?

>Okay. So, what to do on a date. I guess it goes for all of you ladies. Right, first of all, we need to talk about the end goal of a date. Why are you going on a date with a boy? You’re a young woman. Never mind, all of you 30+ers. Just go away, it’s over for you. Go to the cat home, adopt cats. But if you’re a young girl, you then, umm, the end goal of a date, is to get a boyfriend. You want the guy you go on a date with to be your boyfriend. So, if you like him, the end goal is to get him to be your boyfriend. Okay, so I’m going to give you a few dates. First of all, throughout the date, you need to kind of make him feel special. We’ll talk a little more about that in a while. This problem that you’re having right now is that you feel self-conscious. You don’t quite feel confident, and you’re afraid it’s not going to go well. You’re nervous, basically, “Oh my goddd, it’s a boyyyy!! AAAHHH” (Laughs) Okay, but it’s okay. I guess it’s normal. Not for me, but for all of you other young people, that’s perfectly normal. So, my tip is this: that, when you go on this date, you imagine that you’re someone else, you’re not yourself. That way, you don’t have to feel self-conscious, like, “Oh my god, I have to impress him, like oh my god, what if I do something wrong, oh my god, he thinks I’m dork” and just think that you’re someone else. This will involve a bit of theatrics. It’s not so that you’re not yourself, you’re not showing who you really are. No, it’s just for your self-confidence. So, you won’t come out as awkward, so you won’t feel bad. So imagine, for instance, that you are not sad girl. You are me. Gimpgirl. A woman who’s very confident with men. A bit of a seductress with men. And, um…That might work for you. So, you imagine that you’re me. Like, “Hey, how are you doing? Uh, why don’t we go and…grab a coffee? And uh, get to know each other better”. So, that might work. But uh, maybe that doesn’t work for you. So, you can imagine that you are an escort. Okay? This guy has paid you money to go on a date with him, and to kinda show him a good time. So, now you are uh, an escort.

>So, what an escort does is that, uh, she makes the guy believe that she is his, uh, girlfriend for the night. And this guy’s snapping pictures of me. (laugh) Don’t worry, he lives in my home! I mean, uh, don’t worry, I’m married to him! Um, okay, that comes out wrong. That makes it seem like I have a stranger in my home taking pictures of me. No, my-my-my own man is taking pictures of me. Okay, so um, alright. So, what else am I saying here? Alright. So try being an escort. Alright, that doesn’t work for you? Maybe you feel awkward, maybe you have to be like, awkwardly sexy, “Ohh, yeah, I’m an escort, ohh”. If you’re really awkward about that too, try being okay…anyone else. Say, who is your idol? Someone you’ve seen on TV. Some girl you think is cool. Try imagining that you’re her. Don’t overplay it, of course, but just imagine that you’re her and might help you with your confidence. It will give you a bit of distance to yourself at the date.

>Alright, other things that you can do. We’ve talked about impressing him. Okay, so um, when you talk to him, don’t talk too much about yourself. Let him talk about himself, instead. That kind of makes him feel special. So, but if he is the silent type, he is just as nervous as you are, probably even more. He doesn’t know what to say, so he doesn’t say a lot, then you ask him leading questions. You ask him “How was your day? What’s your hobby? How does this hobby work? How is it going at school or work?” And so on, right? Uh, don’t talk too much about yourself, uh, preferably only talk about yourself if he asks.

>Alright. Then, now, what you do is, uh, you should be the one, uh, buying, ‘cause he’ll be really impressed with that. So, uh, you ask him out for a coffee. While you’re walking somewhere, you say “Hey, come, I’ll buy you a coffee, let’s go to this coffee shop”. And you buy him the coffee, and maybe buy him an item. You walk past, I don’t know, a small store, a stand maybe or at a mall, like “Hey, why don’t I buy you this thing here? This is for you”. He’ll be really impressed with that. And that also makes you come out as not a gold-digger. So, cause uh, a lot of guys, they fear gold-diggers. They fear that you’re kind of only dating them for uh, their money, and if you don’t have any money, you’re dating them to get some kind of benefit out of them. Right, so if you’re the one buying, that’s not gonna be a problem.

>Alright, uh, you wanna show that you are not a burden. You can take care of yourself. So, that’s where the buying comes in. You’re the one buying the coffee. Maybe you’re the one bringing the coffee to the both of you. Take the tray, you bring the coffee. Um, then maybe you carry your own stuff. Maybe even open the door for him. Um, so yeah, that’s gonna show that you’re not a burden. That’s very impressive. It serves to impress him. The other thing, be chill. Be relaxed. Just try. You feel that “Oh shit. I am not chill. I am nervous, and I’m stuck and up-tight, and I don’t know what to do” again, imagine you’re someone else. Just detach yourself from your self, so to speak. Another thing, be physical with him. Don’t be scared to touch him. Don’t be afraid to put your hands on…the guy. This will build a sort of connection, a physical connection, if you want. But, it’s good. Trust me, it’s good.

>Uh, okay, then I’ll tell you what not to do. Now, we talked about the physical touch. Don’t shy away from touch if he touches you, just happens to touch you, don’t-don’t like, shy away from it. Let him touch you. It’s okay, it’s good. Touch him back. Alright, then, um, don’t be on your phone. Never be on your phone. There-There’s no legit time to be on your phone, unless you-you have a dying dependent in hospital (laugh), no, there’s no reason to be on the phone. Like, your mom is in the hospital or something, yes. Otherwise, just turn it off. Put it away. Don’t have your phone handy. If you get nervous, don’t start fiddling with your phone. Do something else. Again, imagine that you’re someone else. It’s better than picking up your phone.

>Alright, so the other thing: You have to dress like a woman. Okay? You have to signal that you are a woman. If you show up in pants and a T-shirt, or a sweate— “Ah, but it’s winter, I’m cold!”. No, you can wear skirts and dresses in the winter. Just wear tights under it. It’s fine. I do it all the time, even during very cold winters. Okay, so dress. Like. A woman. That’s one thing that men get right. If they get to dress up a woman, they will dress her like a woman. And, again, you should feel kind of comfortable in your clothing, so you know, start fiddling with your clothing, it’s too tight, it’s not comfy, and yes, but do signal that you are a woman. Otherwise, it’s like dating a retarded guy.

>Alright, and once again, if you can, do try to pay for everything. Unless the guy really insists on paying, do try to pay for everything.

Okay, so, uh, that’s what to do on a date. I hope, uh, it was help to you. Good luck on your date!

No. 1130918

Damn, this turned out even longer than it felt.
Forgot the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/pickmes/comments/kwpemg/what_to_do_on_a_date/

No. 1130953

>Be 30
>cry about not being able to find a man that will assimilate your entire personality to become his mommy and BSDM slave so your life slowly has no future prospects besides live in kink toy
>or live happily alone with a bunch of cats

This woman's life is a stress induced nightmare.

No. 1131003

File: 1610593334496.jpg (Spoiler Image,31 KB, 405x298, 1607795760104.jpg)

>pretend to be anyone else
>pretend to be gimpgirl

No. 1131125

She has to be a paid shill hired by cat ladies to promote their lifestyle. I have never seen a more effective PR campaign.

No. 1131301

I love how detailed you were with this anon, thanks. I found this video and particularly Vlad photographing her during it interesting. Why rapidly take so many candid photos of her talking to the camera, I wonder?

No. 1131315

File: 1610633694027.png (278.65 KB, 679x343, buxer.PNG)


Video: Buxer vs Buxee - why it's over for tradwives
>Today she will once again be opening a package for her man, and talking about how it is over for "tradwives and tradthots"
>The female buxer who buxxes the man will win
>She drops the parcel, almost on her foot, and when she does this a child can be clearly heard giggling
>"My daughter is laughing at me, she thinks it's really funny"
>Says she's too dumb to open boxes, struggles to get the parcel open then shows the "trad family" in the stock photo on the box
>She takes a camera lens out, and is standing next to a dresser stacked high with camera lenses
>Mentions the "guy" she bought the item from perfumed the lens for her again, that she will write the guy and thank him
>She starts to talk about the buxer again, but her daughter is loudly cooing
>The buxer will always win over the buxee/tradwife/tradthot, cause she will always repay the man in the relationship
>The tradwife will not, she wants to stay at home and be buxxed. Men will sooner or later see all tradwives as gold diggers, for aspiring to stay at home.
>Tradwives will often have horrible post-baby mombods, gain weight, and are simply no fun anymore and not sexual
>The buxer will always have money, is always seen as fun
>Tradwives are just "Karen in a dress," you thought as a man you would have a cute tradwife in a cute little dress and then eventually you only have an old Karen in a dress
>She says if you are a young wife in your 20's like she was it might work out, but probably will not work out nowadays cause she did this 20 years ago
>Mary was a young wife who wore long skirts, was modest in dressing, cooked, homemade, did traditional holidays, and it worked
>It can be okay if you are in your 20's still maybe, but if you are 30 nobody will wife you up to be a tradwife no matter how traditional you are; You are old, a gold digger, and it's not going to happen
>Buxer will win and take the prize
>Complains about her script because her eyesight and handwriting are both bad
>If you want to be a tradwife, who will wife you up? A millennial man, is that what you're thinking? Millennial men are unable to buxx and will think you are a gold digger automatically if you want to stay at home
>Millenial men are doomers who probably had single moms and do not understand what trad even is, and he cannot buxx because he has no job and lives at home with his mom
>No matter how romantic young people think this is, it's not going to happen
>Just being a buxer is not enough to be a pickme though, you still need to homemake and wear trad clothing, there need to be combinations
>This is gimpgirl, the buxer

No. 1131344

Her views are such a weird mixture of pink-pill, libfem, and conservative nonsense. It's like she only takes the worst parts from each branch. I find her so fascinating…

No. 1131362

I had unrealistic hope that all this crazy pickme shit is just BDSM larping and she does not expose her children to it.

I feel sorry for especially for her daughter who is going to grow with extreme internalized misogyny. When other kids in school want to kiss boys she will use her mother's BDSM tips to please boys so she can feel worthy enough
Oh god I hope not

No. 1131388

File: 1610639809421.png (Spoiler Image,249.75 KB, 521x462, are you sure you want to unspo…)

>I had unrealistic hope that all this crazy pickme shit is just BDSM larping and she does not expose her children to it.
They were exposed to it literally from birth. There are multiple instances of it in the previous thread. She does it in front of her kids, and she does it in public

No. 1131535

The Virgin catholic fundie trad wife vs Chad gimp girl

No. 1131720

File: 1610663225819.png (362.56 KB, 678x340, giverfromthedumpster.PNG)

Video: Givers vs takers"

>"Oh hello, this is Gimpgirl, I just bought something for my man and now I can talk to you guys"

>She will be talking about givers vs. takers, because pickmes are givers
>Opening package for Vlad so she will not get distracted during the video, says it is a "love gift"
>Pickme is a giver, and a normie girl is a taker
>Pickme will always give. Her money, herself, she will always be giving. The first thing she gives you as a guy is money. She gives you cash, pays your bills, buys you things immediately in relationships
>Normie is a taker. She will want money from you, expect you to take her out, to pay for dates, and buy her gifts
>Pickme accepts you as you are, likes a guy for who he is
>Normie wants a guy to change for her benefit and "profit," if there's something about him she doesn't like she wants him to change. Normie girls might ask their man to get a better job to spend on her, and not himself
>Pickme will give things up, and even sacrifice herself
>Normie will not risk herself
>Pickme will find out a guy's hobbies and do them all with him, will always go where the man wants to go
>"You like biking? She will go biking with you, maybe she buys you a new bike. Maybe she will take you to a brothel, cause she wants you to have some fun."
>Normie doesn't want you to have fun, she wants you to be bored so you will do the things she likes with her, she will only want to do things she finds fun
>Says the takeaway is that a pickme is a giver, and a normie is a taker
>"Remember, if you are a pickme, then you will have a long and happy relationship!"

No. 1131732

Every time gimpgirl posts I honor her by buying an expensive, useless trinket with my husband's money

No. 1131908

How many fucking camera lenses does one person need?? I stg she buys him like 3 a week and he never seems to use them for anything other than taking unflattering candids of her

No. 1132059

thank you legend

No. 1132936

Yeah, I wanted to write exactly the same thing. It's getting ridiculous with the lense hoarding.

No. 1132939

Yeah, I wanted to write exactly the same thing. It's getting ridiculous with the lens hoarding.

Btw. is it just me or is the Zombie Waifu comic much worse than the Harem Queen one? At least the HQ one was occasionally funny/endearing…

No. 1132953

She should really make a video about her family dynamics and her views on raising children (plus, what is the reason she chose to have so many children and wants to have even more - isn't that off-putting for a man, since it "ruins your body" and all that?). I keep wondering about those topics and I don't think she has really spoken about them so far - but it's been a long time since I read her threads; maybe I just forgot.

No. 1133418

File: 1610831805715.jpg (108.68 KB, 640x881, 9n8p5xwohpb61.jpg)

She posted a continuation of this chapter of Harem Queen.

No. 1133420

File: 1610831910584.jpg (105.79 KB, 640x914, 1l5h85lphpb61.jpg)

No. 1133421

File: 1610832011820.jpg (109.62 KB, 640x898, kxodxbaqhpb61.jpg)

No. 1133422

File: 1610832079613.jpg (100.75 KB, 640x889, sao39twqhpb61.jpg)

Crossing into shounen territory, almost.

No. 1133446

What are they winning?
The prize of going into debt just to have gross sex with a fat man who most women would be embarrassed to even be seen in public with?

LOL, I personally like to refuse to have sex with my husband, then buy myself a series of designer keychains I will never use with his credit card. While picturing her face in absolute horror.

No. 1134429

File: 1610926077087.png (Spoiler Image,394.07 KB, 729x802, youmaynotlikeitbut.PNG)

More gimpspo from Mary

No. 1134440

A ftm with constipation?

No. 1134447

File: 1610927186271.png (259.77 KB, 668x343, 20210117.PNG)

Video: "Good gifts for a guy - Valentines Day is coming up…"

>"Valentines Day is coming up. Today I will be talking about good gifts for a guy, good gifts for a man. Maybe you don't know what to get him."

>Mary has a gift for Vlad that she will open first and foremost before she does anything else
>Her baby is there laughing at her opening the parcel again
>The gift is a large lens in a big leather case
>Mary's baby is shouting so she shushes her
>Ask yourself what a man's hobby is, if his hobby is different from Vlad's and is like art, sports, something else you should buy him something that pertains to his hobbies
>Mary is holding a pink dress and says "so you know, my baby wants to wear this, that's why she's excited"
>Mary bends down and dresses her baby offscreen, with some more laughter
>Next suggestion is to cook food for a man and give it to him as a gift
>You should get men flowers as a gift, because they are used to only girls getting them
>Mary often gets Vlad flowers. She says he has never even given her flowers once, but she has gotten them for him many times and that he appreciates them
>You can take him out to the park, pack a picnic like sandwiches you made yourself and drinks. Talk and have fun, it will be special. It seems like a regular outing, but it's one you made for him
>Make a creative card. "Write 'Happy Valentines, my dearest man,' or something like that…"
>Make him feel chosen, picked. She laughs and says you should try this and pretend you picked him, when really he's the one who has picked you
>The older the guy is, the more advanced and expensive the gifts are in her experience, or it may depend on how long you have been with or known the guy
>Perhaps if you are younger and just started dating, you might get him a keychain. But if you've been together a long time you give him something more advanced related to his interests

No. 1134699

I mean, that's all nice and cute advice period, for a man or woman. It's kind of a crazy gender flip how she treats Vlad (if you remove all the sex/brothel stuff) and in a way, quite progressive. SHE gets HIM flowers, can't deny, it's kinda sweet. If only she wasn't also completely insane.

No. 1135244

Women courting men, buying then shit while also statistically doing most of the housework, childcare and emotional labour is not progressive or cute.

No. 1136290

I agree, and i think it's obvious that she doesn't comply with a lot of female norms, contrary to what
>>1135244 seems to think.

No. 1136427

Its cute when you don't let men be lazy.

No. 1136524

harem queen chunin exam arc when

No. 1136822

But she says herself she does everything for Vlad and he doesn't do shit. She says she courted him, fought over him, now cares for children for him, cleans in sexy clothes for him, cooks all the meals, lets him cheat on her while she also buys him expensive shit all the time, pays his bills and he just basically lazies around. How's that progressive, shattering gender norms or cute?

No. 1136874

Nta but is she kinda shattering gender norms ? A normal woman wouldn’t put up with this shit lol she’s a hardcore masochist

No. 1137058

File: 1611163186905.png (388.2 KB, 648x925, zw1.PNG)

Going to start dropping the new Zombie Waifu pages

No. 1137059

File: 1611163219434.png (422.92 KB, 679x924, zw2.PNG)


No. 1137060

File: 1611163257968.png (443 KB, 644x921, zw3.PNG)

No. 1137061

File: 1611163286095.png (351.42 KB, 653x906, zw4.PNG)

No. 1137063

File: 1611163337360.png (405.29 KB, 653x918, zw5.PNG)

And finally the lobotomy thing is confirmed, this page makes the boyfriend seem much more sinister and creepy than before

No. 1137068

this is giving me dork diary art vibes

No. 1137094

someone posted that same comparison upthread kek

No. 1137187

That's why I said if only she wasn't also insane, anon. I think buying a guy some flowers on Valentine's Day is cute, if your partnership is otherwise fair and decent. Obviously gimpgirl's isn't but her valentine's day video specifically isn't BAD advice for people in good relationships. Not saying hers is at all because obviously it's fucked up, I mean, she goes by gimpgirl ffs.

No. 1137222

File: 1611173831891.jpg (299.85 KB, 658x734, Ludwig.Kakumei.full.266054.jpg)

Agreed, the panel where he's smiling is disconcerting.
I wonder if Mary has read Ludwig Kakumei. It's about a prince who collects female corpses (he thinks they're beautiful), so the concept is slightly similar.

No. 1137271

File: 1611178426720.png (349.54 KB, 683x339, copium.PNG)

Video: Why you need the copium

>]'Hello everyone, Gimpgirl, back once again with another video"

>Shows outfit off, leather skirt and lace camisole, but she is really cold so she must wear a shirt with it
>She is opening a gift for Vlad, but today's gift is special so she will be wrapping it
>Today she will be talking about why "you girls" need copium
>"It is very important for you sad girls"
>She burnt the hot sandwiches for her kids that were in the oven, and she was crying that she couldn't believe she had done that. Vlad told her not to be 'such a housewife' over it, and she realized this was a very housewifey thing to do
>Then she realized the simple answer to this is that we are all set in our ways
>She realized that spinsters, too, are set in their ways, and do not know how to be a housewife or a girlfriend
>They are too set in their ways by now. If you spend 20 years being a spinster, or a houewife, you will be set in your ways
>And she came to her realization about copium like this, because she realized she was so set in her ways as a housewife and that the spinsters are the same, but if they always stay the same way they will never change
>This is why copium is a key part of their lives, cause otherwise how would they cope?
>That's why spinsters need cats, and wine, and "whatever else they need" to cope with their lives
>She throws some packing peanuts from the package and says at least her kids aren't there this time to play with it
>"These girls, they can't help being spinsters, drawing spinster stuff. In the same way, I don't know, do I draw housewife stuff?"
>Complains there is a hair in the lens package, checks it over, and starts opening another package to wrap with it
>The smaller package is some kind of camera adapter
>"Like I make videos of wrapping a gift for my husband, a spinster might make videos about… I don't know, how all men suck, or what else?"
>Cuts to long clip of Mary wrapping the gifts with cheerful music playing over it
>Comes back onscreen to sign off by showing the wrapped gift and saying she understands now why coping is so important for sad girls

No. 1137337

I don't really think most housewives spend time humiliating themselves online and watching porn.

No. 1137354

But why do you all buy what she says? Her personality, her demeneor, her looks, her styling, her sexual aggressiveness, outspokenness- all of it contradicts the uwu submissive housewife slave ideal she tries to sell her audience. I defo think she's primarily trolling (to get girls attention) or doing some sort of post-ironic parody. Not saying she's not insane though lol.

No. 1137364

Yes they do

No. 1137473

because she has posts in race science forums going back 5+ years that all deal with the same bullshit confusing ideology? shes been doing this too long to be a troll. she turned the act of her literally giving birth into a BDSM thing.

No. 1137599

thank you for transcriptions anon, such a trip for the sad girls out there

No. 1137787

Lol agreed.. but as I said, I don't want to defend her on her sanity. I just find it to be not credible that she wouldn't be aware of the stunning tension between her looks, demeneor, etc. and those of her husband's and her ideology. It must be or must have been ironic at some point.

No. 1137795

Samefagging, I also don't think it's possible that she's so delusional that she'd actually think she does comply with all the housewife ideals she puts forward, as she doesn't even try in the slightest to succumb to any sort of heterosexual male gaze. She dresses like a boy, doesn't wear any make-up, doesn't have a hairdo.. imo it takes a lot for a heterosexual woman regardless of attractiveness to not give in to stuff like wearing makeup etc.

No. 1138000

File: 1611243507088.png (193.52 KB, 556x278, vdayseries2.PNG)

Video: "Gifts I've given my man on Valentines"

This one is a couple days old, I missed it somehow when doing the last one

>Next part in her Valentines' series

>It's all about gifts for the guy
>She will talk about previous vday gifts she has given Vlad
>She opens a vintage camera with a matching camera bag for Vlad
>For the longest time, Mary didn't celebrate Valentines' because she just thought it was a Western holiday, it was fun as a teen but she stopped caring about it until two or three years ago
>She knows Valentines' Day is a big deal for lonely women because they have nobody to celebrate with, so she felt she should get back into Valentines' as a way to celebrate having a man
>The first Valentines' gift she got for Vlad was when they were in high school
>"Imagine high school 20 years ago… All the girls were ugly, except me. I was pretty."
>Gushes over how great the camera and bag are some more
>Opening another lens parcel
>Goes back to talking about the first gift she gave him, a red rose. Says it is a great gift to give to a boyfriend, your male friend, relative, father, coworker, or boss. The guy will feel appreciated
>Her kid is playing in the packing peanuts so she stops to talk to her a bit
>Pink tulips are also good, she has ordered them to his home back in the day, and got him to meet her at a train station so they could walk back together and she could see him be surprised by the bouquet
>She has given him a nice dinner for Valentines' before as well
>On Valentines' two years ago she took him to a club for a night out
>These are her experiences, and all were appreciated by Vlad. If you don't know what to get a man, start with flowers or dinner
>"Good luck with your future Valentine, bye!"

Considering this is gimpy, I'm really surprised getting Vlad a prostitute or suggesting one as a gift never came up, was waiting for it the whole time

No. 1138009

File: 1611243734980.png (761.67 KB, 644x771, lifesaverdiet.PNG)

Plus some bonus content from her subreddit that made me lel

No. 1138027

>>"Imagine high school 20 years ago… All the girls were ugly, except me. I was pretty."
Nice cope, Mary. I honestly believe that all guys were ugly though, including Vlad. That's how it usually goes.
Scary how the girl on the left isn't even fat, just not skelly. Where the fuck does gimp find those nightmares?

No. 1138065

Nta but iirc she is emulating a porn star her husband likes with her shaved hair, bdsm and bare face.

I honestly think she's just mentally ill. Not enough to go full crazy but enough to fixate on one concept (pick-me shit) and have full on delusions about herself. I've seen people like her before.

No. 1140037

File: 1611411589193.jpg (103.68 KB, 640x897, ncspdjxx33d61.jpg)

More Harem Queen pages

No. 1140038

File: 1611411672395.jpg (98.42 KB, 640x899, zd2ppsmy33d61.jpg)

No. 1140042

File: 1611412482615.jpg (92.17 KB, 640x906, c5gndq5z33d61.jpg)

No. 1140047

Sorry but its 9 am and this thread made me want to crack open a bottle of wine.
Kinky shit while being lol worthy im actually kind of worried about the kid. Her son can grow up to abuse more women because his mom is too much of a fucking degenerate to parent properly.

No. 1140068

she posted a video in which a grown woman seduces a young boy, I low key suspect she maybe molesting her own son

No. 1140074

Oh wonderful it gets worse, betting pool on whether her son grows up to be the modern day desade open now. my money is on yes, in the next twenty years or so her son will make headlines kidnapping and enslaving girls.
This reminds me of certain local story apparently one of my friends in kink know a couple who had a 17 year old daughter who saw their parents do kinky shit irl and wanted to become a sex slave, so they help trained her and then handed her off to a man twice her age, she was dead in a month.

No. 1140121

I really dislike it generally when anons on here make assumptions about parenting skills via a public persona of someone. I like to harvest all kind of lulz from cows but I find it intuitively off-putting to include their children. Noone of us knows how the cows are off camera. Perhaps gimp is a great mom and shields her children from the internet, idk and neither can you, as far as i know. Because of this uncertainty and the high moral stakes involved when potentially falsely accusing someone of being a bad parent, I don't think one should speculate about it. Just my two cents, sage for offtopic

No. 1140178

girl, she puts her kids in her videos and pictures. She goes to the parc where children play and takes pics spreading her legs in a burqa. She openly said on reddit that she hopes she manages not to send her daughter to high school but instead train her to be a pickme. I'd otherwise agree with you but gimpgirl has proven herself to be including her children in her madness and even if she's not as hardcore irl as online, the mere fact she already included her kids in her kinks this much is proof enough she's a horrible mother.

No. 1140454

Stop this.
No good mother would ever stand holding her baby on one arm, and a sign reading "RAPE OK" on another.

No. 1140546

I agree, involving one's children in one's kinks would defo reach my bar too. Did she really do that though? I thought she only leaked "normal" pics with her children of her holding them wherein their faces were always blurred.
I also agree that the photoshoot at the parc in a burqa you mentioned sounds insane kek. But, benefit of the doubt, perhaps she made sure noone was there?

No. 1140556

Didn't she make a video of herself working out in her gimpgirl mask with her baby crying/being vocal in the background at some point ?

No. 1140674

you can't be a "great mom" when immerding yourself in 24/7 weirdo BDSM-paypig bullshit, anon. i cannot emphasize enough that she gave birth while wearing a bdsm collar and uploaded the photos to a race science forum.

No. 1140763

>But, benefit of the doubt, perhaps she made sure noone was there?
See the links in
They do it in public because they want people to see them. She's an exhibitionist, she's not hiding.

Lurk moar newfag and stop shitting up the thread. Instead of jumping in to comment and everybody having to correct you, read the old thread and inform yourself before posting.

No. 1140834

Allright anons, kek, I guess the bar is sufficiently reached. Thanks for enlighten me.

No. 1142809

File: 1611695473284.jpg (32.75 KB, 440x766, iod70cr8l4d61.jpg)

The dumb quotes she sticks on awkward photos of herself are so stupid

No. 1142813

File: 1611695602783.png (425.46 KB, 858x481, Screenshot_2.png)

"Seduction maxing with the boots"

>just her showing off some knee high boots

She could've at least gotten a full body shot instead of awkwardly kicking her feet up to show the boots?

No. 1142816

b-but gimp-sama you said to be like gimpgirl

No. 1142842

File: 1611696711417.png (550.25 KB, 860x483, Screenshot_1.png)

Sorry, forgot to post the link to the boots post: https://www.reddit.com/r/pickmes/comments/l4qlvi/seduction_maxing_with_the_boots/

12 minute long video: "What does an old Pick Me do?" https://www.reddit.com/r/pickmes/comments/l4rraj/what_does_an_old_pick_me_do/

>Has a package, it's for her this time

>It's the knee high boots from the last picture on this thread
>They're custom made cus she's such a small girl!!111!
>She giggles about the new leather smell of the boots
>Number one selling point for you to stay in competition with younger women is to have a better body than the younger women (fit and skinny). If you're a pick me, you don't need a food cope
>It's not that hard to be fit and skinny, just diet and exercise! Younger women don't have the discipline to do this
>Second, you need to provide better sexual entertainment than the youngfag does. You will be more experienced and have no issues with stuff like threesomes, your partner cheating, etc.
>Third, you have resources because you have more stuff like property and money to buy your man stuff and provide
>You also have more skills unlike younger women, paying bills, job experience, etc.
>If you're an old pick me, your man will sleep with younger women, there's nothing you can really do about it. The important part is the man wants to stay with you
>If you aren't demanding, he will pick you over a younger woman who is demanding
>If you follow all of these things, the man will definitely pick you over a younger woman. He will also prefer you if you gain muscles (Mary flexes here), younger women will be pudgy/fat/undefined and have no muscles even if they're slim
>The older woman will put money in your pocket, a younger woman will take it out of your pocket, so the man will always choose you
>"Why should I try to retain a man, why not just let him go?"
>Even if you don't like him that much, you will need a man cus you don't want to die alone

I tried not to miss any important points, listening to Mary spew the same shit she always does for 12 minutes was grating.

No. 1142859

File: 1611697471024.png (631.7 KB, 860x481, Screenshot_3.png)

"Everyone wants to get picked": https://www.reddit.com/r/pickmes/comments/l5fy75/everyone_wants_to_get_picked/

>Everyone wants to be a pick me and get picked

>Has ANOTHER package, it's for Vlad. It's another lens for one he already had but it broke
>Mary tries to act "dumb" for the boys, she can't talk and open packages at the same time
>She makes herself act less smart in front of boys because they like it
>If you're not picked, you're a leftover woman
>"I don't have to try, I'll get picked anyway!" Well, what kind of man will pick that kind of woman, who doesn't make an effort to appeal to men? There will be nothing he wants, and instead just take advantage of her (money, a place to stay, vehicle) because there's nothing in it for him
>If you do try and the best you can do seems like you aren't doing anything, you might as well take the copium
>Mary shows off her hideous outfit incase any "foids" need inspiration. She's wearing her child's jacket
>If you're a woman who doesn't want to try to appeal to men and be popular with them, you're just in denial cus you can't compete with pick mes. No effort you make will get you picked. You can't compete, so you cope
>Deep down, we are all pick mes

No. 1142880

I’m gonna print these and hand them out as valentines lol

No. 1143072

>There will be nothing he wants, and instead just take advantage of her (money, a place to stay, vehicle) because there's nothing in it for him
Isn't this what she says women/"pick-mes" should be providing to men, anyway? She's basically admitting it's the same result either way. What the fuck, Mary?

No. 1143389

It's wild how she says the wall is at 25, yet she also makes older women out to be better in nearly every way. Like how she claims guys are the prize then waxes poetic for several minutes about the body of her female sex doll.

No. 1143621

File: 1611780498046.jpg (34 KB, 586x767, 0txyw9x0dvd61.jpg)

She literally looks like she's grimacing in pain lol

No. 1143625

File: 1611780711290.jpg (163.54 KB, 850x1190, z1.jpg)

New My Cute Little Zombie Waifu update


No. 1143629

File: 1611780753688.jpg (130.58 KB, 845x1193, z2.jpg)


No. 1143631

File: 1611780846966.jpg (134.4 KB, 840x1193, z3.jpg)


No. 1143634

File: 1611780946586.jpg (124.66 KB, 845x1186, z4.jpg)


No. 1143635

File: 1611780994271.jpg (135.8 KB, 842x1202, z5.jpg)


pretty cursed

No. 1143637

File: 1611781030315.jpg (208.61 KB, 640x901, z.jpg)

Also, new Zombie Waifu art in colour this time.

No. 1143640

I don't know why I expected just a normal lobotomy

No. 1143669

I only come here for the zombie comic, it's so weird. Gimpgirl herself got pretty boring.

No. 1144565

Honestly, I half expected her to pull some nemu shit and fetishize Misa's literal brain or something.

No. 1149048

I crave new content, especially the comics, so much

No. 1149050

File: 1612255442345.jpg (41.17 KB, 480x480, 41a.jpg)

Sage for no real Milk but someone brought it up in the Shoe but if ou think about it Mary is the real life Harley Quinn, she's crazy and fearless and has her own Joker, I mean Mary is what I imagine Harley Quinn would be IRL(derailing)

No. 1149056

Same here. I'm patiently awaiting harem queen's tournament arc and the next chapter of zombie waifu.

No. 1149197

You imagine a "real life" Harley Quinn to be a sad, ugly housewife who stays at home doing domestic labour and drawing fetish comics with one crotch goblin and zero tits…?

No. 1149305


yeah, anon updating gimpgirl stuff is really committed and i appreciate the effort. i dont know how someone can go through more than 30 seconds of her weirdo content. i agree that the comic is the most amusing thread about her. she sure is a cow, but god a boring one at that. gimpgirl anon deserves some award for digging through her lame shit to try to get us something entertaining.

No. 1150396

File: 1612334687500.jpg (Spoiler Image,121.96 KB, 790x1126, hq.jpg)

I did the last batch of updates, but there is at least one other person doing updates as well. It's honest work lmao. You can also visit her subreddit for updates if nobody has posted it here yet, Mary seems to be posting a lot more frequently these days.

Anyways, new Harem Queen update, just one page this time.

No. 1150400

File: 1612334929285.png (972.6 KB, 862x482, vladohgod.png)

"Vlad date roleplay teaser trailer": https://www.reddit.com/r/pickmes/comments/l8w0o7/vlad_date_roleplay_teaser_trailer/

>Vlad is in a wrinkly button up.

>Cue Mary moaning/breathing heavily and Vlad is laughing manically?
>He puts on rubber gloves and tells her she can't get away from his dick now lol

Super cursed, watch at your own risk. Full version coming soon apparently

No. 1150402

Here's hoping one of this month's love gifts is a flea shampoo.

No. 1150405

File: 1612335596562.png (616.06 KB, 860x483, feb.png)

"I threatened to gain wait if my man doesn't cheat on me with younger girl!": https://www.reddit.com/r/pickmes/comments/la7imn/i_threatened_to_gain_weight_if_my_man_doesnt/

>New series Mary will be doing, "keeping up with gimpgirl"

>Another package for Vlad
>Lately, she's been trying to get Vlad to cheat on her but he doesn't want to, so she threatened to gain weight if he didn't do it
>"oh shit now i have to cheat on u"
>She's been looking for girls on IG and OF but Vlad doesn't really like younger girls, he likes bimbos who are all around Mary's age
>to her, that's pathetic (oo power dynamic reversal??)
>Surprise, the package is another lens
>She cleaned her oven all by herself!
>She's almost done the first part of Zombie Waifu
>Has been doing a lot of roleplay videos with Vlad, that involve actual porn
>She wants to make Vlad an OF to put his roleplay videos
>She's looking at houses in Spain to live in a warmer place for her man (idk if this means they're fully moving there?)
>She cancelled a porn shoot she had planned in Germany cus there's too many covid restrictions (maybe in the future it will happen)
>She might take a break from Harem Queen and focus on Zombie Waifu instead
>She's waiting for a sex doll she ordered in the mail 3 months ago, should be done this week (it's custom apparently)

Okay, so assuming that the Vlad POV's will only be on his OF, someone's gonna bite the bullet and pay for it right?
Also her outfit is so fucking ugly and she looks extra jaundiced in this video. It's gross.

No. 1150406

File: 1612335644777.jpg (56.73 KB, 624x936, 52c85x40bwe61.jpg)

New "motivational poster".

No. 1150407

File: 1612335699880.jpg (45.95 KB, 575x767, pyyvoi8u61f61.jpg)

New weight check, Mary's at 44.8kg/98.7lbs.

No. 1150408

And for everyone who's here for her comics, Mary has a poll up for which comic you like best: https://www.reddit.com/poll/l8il9f?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=usertext&utm_name=pickmes&utm_content=t3_l8il9f

No. 1150412

File: 1612337015049.png (707.02 KB, 860x482, Screenshot_1.png)

"The daily grind of a Pick Me - and GimpGirl's struggle with unboxing furniture": https://www.reddit.com/r/pickmes/comments/lb3ss8/the_daily_grind_of_a_pick_me_and_gimpgirls/

>Mary ordered a "throne" for Vlad, it's a black stool with jewel buttons

>Fun part of being a pick me is being hot, clowning infront of the camera, and buying fun stuff and doing fun stuff with your man
>The hard part of being a pick me is the daily grind
>Cooking, cleaning, laundry, every day chores, bills, accounting, etc. Just the same stuff she says every time.
>She makes her own soap and laundry detergent and cleaning supplies
>You have to be skilled and practice these things and if you don't practice you're not good at being a pick me even if you're hot and fit
>Alongside doing sexy stuff for your man and the daily grind, you also have to manage your relationship and make him want to stay in the relationship, make him feel successful and fulfilled
>You should also give him guidance and help him in areas he has no guidance
>You should also give him info without "womansplaining"
>Figure out how to support him during big life events, like when giving birth, moving, world disaster, death, etc., which will pay off.
>Mary's child cries in the background and you can kinda hear somebody yelling/talking loudly? Not sure if it's another child. Timestamp is 13:19
>This is advanced pick me knowledge!

No. 1150428

mary is the most baffling cow on this site. At least with the others I kinda get what they're thinking even though they make shit decisions. Shayna's issues all stem from the fact she likes to eat and is insecure. PT is clearly developmentally delayed and stuck in a mentality younger than her years. Onision is just a shithead narcissist who can't live without attention. Nika & jaelle are fucked up on drugs and fueled by toxic codependency.

Mary? No matter how hard I try I just can't figure her out. Her belief system is composed entirely of contradictions that are obvious to anyone that is not retarded. And she seems decently intelligent, which makes me wonder how she can sit there explaining her contradictory advice day after day when she should be able to see, by all logic, that it makes no sense. She seems to be pretty good around the house and keeps her kids healthy, yet imposes weird dietary and lifestyle rules on herself. And then you have her comics, which again, seem to be full of contradictions to her own philosophy even while she insists they are representative of it. anons this woman hurts my brain

No. 1150432

Those plants are healthy looking, nice. She's one of the rare cows that don't live in a pigsty and take care of their surroundings. It's unusual for such freaks and coo-coo's to live in normal conditions. And I don't think it's just because she's a pickme and thus obliged to clean, those plants look genuinely loved.

She's baffling to me too. I think she's very mentally ill, but a very mentally ill person would not take such good care of her environment? But no way she's sane.

No. 1150435

File: 1612339121058.jpeg (291.64 KB, 1125x1809, 595A48B7-381D-4D47-B01F-5DA41B…)

Not a real contribution but she reminds me of this model some hype brand used

No. 1150442

I mean she's intelligent enough to speak russian, romanian, english and swedish but is still a psycho

No. 1150446

You don't have to be non-functioning to be mentally ill. Sorry for armchairing but I've met autistic people similar to her, very detached from reality, with very specific contradictory beliefs and fixated on one thing. Who knows what is her kind of crazy though.

No. 1150529

Nicely put thoughts, anon. I personally am still convinced of the repressed lesbian theory. The purpose of the things gimp says is provocation to trigger girls reactions/get their attention. She doesn't live by her ideology one bit, it's also obvious to me that she's not submissive in her relationship either.

No. 1150532

>repressed lesbian theory
moar like thirsty tinfoil

No. 1150659

inb4 she is a sadistic lesbian in denial. vlad is her beard and she likes to humiliate him by doing these cursed videos and posts.
she is a walking contradiction

No. 1150757

One of the other update anons, thanks for doing so many recently when her output of content is increasing so much. I'm surprised she's jumping to get him to try to cheat again before the sex doll she ordered even arrives.

No. 1151027

I kinda disagree with the other anons. She's perfectly fine mentally but this is really obviously a roleplay/fetish thing for both of them. She/they probably go through phases of sometimes wanting to be super door maty, other days more domme. I'm sure she also partly believes the shit she says because she's extremely insecure about how she was raised (her mom being cheated on and dumped, her sister being far more successful/prettier and rich) and uses this whole thing as a cope… But the lengths at which she goes to are very obviously a fetish/roleplay.

No. 1151373

>She's perfectly fine mentally
Hahahahahaha no

No. 1151712

File: 1612424979961.jpg (115.54 KB, 640x909, xbe6l6av88f61.jpg)

New My Cute Little Zombie Waifu update

No. 1151714

File: 1612425045516.jpg (96.62 KB, 640x881, vj4y1xzv88f61.jpg)

No. 1151716

File: 1612425163628.jpg (115.66 KB, 640x911, h31ejfqw88f61.jpg)

No. 1151718

File: 1612425321372.jpg (112.9 KB, 640x889, 2q6zf5jx88f61.jpg)

No. 1151719

File: 1612425411666.jpg (149.91 KB, 840x1186, x42d584y88f61.jpg)

Guess she's more sentient than her boyfriend seems to realize. The face in the second panel of >>1143629 was a clue.

No. 1151721

>Doctor getting eaten

No. 1151740

>have to sign up to reddit to vote
Lol nah.
I'm wondering if this is foreshadowing her killing her boyfriend's friend.

No. 1151758

Panelling's nice. Man she's getting better everyday. I wanna join that /ot/ anon in living inside gimpgirl's walls. I wanna see how often she studies drawing

No. 1151854

Is her art looking extra nice now or am I just ovulating?

No. 1151856

Oh wait, you noticed too. Yeah she must actually be improving, working on a non-pickme attribute.

No. 1151860

Yeah I can't help but feel like she's just shitposting. As much as she claims to be the queen of pick-me's she seems to be the one in charge, like she's the one forcing Vlad to stay and play along with her tradlife.

No. 1151886

nice crocs

No. 1151931

This update looks really good, her art in this is such a big step up from Harem Queen, and the story is more interesting too

No. 1153050

Love it too

Lol nice catch

No. 1153797

>Panelling's nice.
Yes! I really like it in this comic

No. 1154698

File: 1612683238752.jpeg (271.04 KB, 1573x1151, A1D329AC-74E6-4FFF-82CF-CC6395…)


In a pseudo maid outfit

>“Trying to look like a real pick me”

>The less I wear the better I look
>Today I’m going to be talking about sucking up on an everyday basis

>Opening a new “suck up” package

>Sex doll update
>Is finally finished
>Got an email that they’re sending it soon
>Whole ass camera not just a lens this time
>Contarex camera

>Small things to do to suck up to a guy

>What to do as pick me: ask him “how can I suck up to you today”
>Admits this is what she does

>Tell him stuff that flatters him

>Tell him he’s handsome, smart
>Compliment his clothing
>Tells vlad his clothes “accentuates your chest”
>Flatter one of his body parts
>Thinks her man has really nice legs
>Compliments, “you have really nice legs wow nice legs”
>Simple it’s stuff you just say

>Food serving category

>You can do a lot here a lot of freedom
>Go up and ask would you like something would you like a snack can I get you some coffee
>Serve said coffee pour it to him in his favorite cup
>If he has no favorite cup, get him a favorite cup
>Sometimes makes three course meals for vlad
>Make his favorite food
>Focus on details of food like a piece of parsley or carrot cut into a star
>“Men love little details in food”

>Buy him flowers

>Just because you like him “cause it’s for you baby because I like you”
>“You can do all those things that women hate”
>Put on his socks
>Involves you getting down on your knees and physically putting on his sock
>Tie his shoelaces
>“Women hate that”
>Sometimes I’m outside and my man’s shoelaces would get untied…I get down in public and I tie his shoelaces”
>In reality he’s holding something or can’t bend down

>Carry his things

>Open doors for him
>Be the lady that opens the door for the gentleman

>Buy him small things

>Coffee, water, a snack, a trinket

>Back rubs a good way to suck up



>Say things like “can I suck your dick please sir”
>Beg for sex it’s a “killer”
>Present some “chicks” to him
>Find some chick on IG, OF, swingers
>Present her to him and ask “do you wanna fuck this chick”
She said this so seriously I was taken aback (8:07)
>“you wanna fuck her is she pretty come on don’t you wanna fuck her”

>Show interest in his interests

>Stamps and vidya examples


>Give him surprise cash
>She shows him her bank account
>Shows him money coming in “this is for you”
>Before would give him physical cash
>Then realized “internet banking money”
>Used to present money on a tray
Says there’s a picture of her doing this

>Do all the annoying stuff he doesn’t want to do

>Paying bills, sorting papers, remembering stuff

>Will go much further than focusing on “big ticket” suck up items and gestures

>Do this everyday over and over for years and it will go a long way

No. 1154707

samefag but sorry this is so long this is the first time I try to summarize/transcribe a vid

There’s also gif of her tied up to a bed and a new harem queen update but I’m having trouble posting it

I also wanna clarify that when she says “trying to look like a real pick me” she stands up and shows her fit. She’s wearing white knee highs. Very nice coord gimpgirl.

Also when she says “the less I wear the better I look” she’s taking off her lace headband and she sounds a little sad. She doesn’t wear it for the rest of the vid.

No. 1154716

>If he has no favorite cup, get him a favorite cup

No. 1154733


>Put on his socks

Idk why this cracked me up so much

No. 1154734


Samefag but I want to see more G'Coords (gimp lolita cords). I felt kind of bad about the headband thing like Queen we get it you hate yourself…

No. 1154746


just the picture alone was disturbing me but then

>Say things like “can I suck your dick please sir”

>Present some “chicks” to him
>Find some chick on IG, OF, swingers
>Present her to him and ask “do you wanna fuck this chick”
>“you wanna fuck her is she pretty come on don’t you wanna fuck her”

oh my god, gimpgirl is really out there cucking herself. i love it. she's insane, i love it. please gimpgirl keep doing your thing. i hope she has more clothes like this i gasped at this shit.


>like Queen we get it you hate yourself…

LMAO anon. i dont know whats best, that tragic headband thing. or the idea of her one day putting on some amazon wig terribly. i love this era.

No. 1154751

File: 1612690444933.gif (4.39 MB, 654x368, o6q6fgsldtf61.gif)

>Don't you want to be tied down too? Don't wait any longer - go Pick Me today!

No. 1154752

Zombies who detect each other through brain waves, that's new!
The headband thing is unreasonably sad to me. I know she's batshit insane but her life sounds so depressing. Maybe in a better world, she could find the self worth to dump the scrote and focus on making her little comics and posting coords…

No. 1154754


literally NOTHING this woman does surprise at this point but this gif and caption actually made me recoil. i cringed. she won this round.

No. 1154763

>"You have really nice legs, wow nice legs"
I died laughing here lmao. And that pink floral dress could look cute if she wore it by itself. Also btw what's her day job again?

No. 1154766

Being a mom (hopefully) other than that, she's a neet larping as some successful seductress who caters to her sexy husbands needs in their totally hot bdsm relationship that normies/potatoes like us just wouldn't understand.

No. 1154771

Good story, she is good at making comics. Wish she would drop the pickme shit and become a webcomic artist instead

No. 1154776

No anon I think she has an actual day job. Iirc from the past threads her husband is unemployed and she's the breadwinner of her family?

No. 1154782


If you scroll up earlier in the thread she's already established that she gets money from her parents because she doesn't work because she's the full-time mother and her husband doesn't work

No. 1154855

If you lurk the old threads you can find pictures of her cosplaying her pickme subreddit mascot character in a cheap wig, I feel like it would be right up your alley anon

I love how Mary thinks this looks appealing when it looks like a clip from a found footage horror movie

No. 1155048

File: 1612723844653.png (306.59 KB, 607x880, hq1.PNG)

Five new pages of Harem Queen, since it received the most votes in her comics popularity poll

No. 1155049

File: 1612723890740.png (328.45 KB, 605x904, hq2.PNG)

No. 1155051

File: 1612723927712.png (290.19 KB, 629x904, hq3.PNG)

No. 1155052

File: 1612723959407.png (289.25 KB, 644x900, hq4.PNG)

No. 1155053

File: 1612724007041.png (402.55 KB, 592x872, hq5.PNG)

Pussy Sweep is my new favorite part of the comic

No. 1155067


gimpgirl continues to be the feminist icon we deserve

No. 1155086

I'm dying are we really having a magical girl training arch.

No. 1155098

Can we all agree that Tyler is worst boy?

No. 1155156

Honestly I agree. I also just have a soft spot for george really.

No. 1155190

She looks like a pile of hangers waiting to be fucked.

Valentine's arrived early.

No. 1155284

This is turning into a Gainax studio anime. I’m living for it. I wanna see other genitalia themed attacks.

If I remember correctly, she once said she is so hot that no other female recruiter want to employ her. Even when it’s a phone interview, they can tell she’s extremely hot and won’t give her a job. Apologies if I can’t remember it correctly but that was such a funny cope to me. I just like to imagine using it as an excuse myself.
“Anon how did your interview go, did they call you back?”
“Nah I was too hot yet again”

No. 1155575

File: 1612763959338.png (461.46 KB, 956x926, 1590146654371.png)


>“Anon how did your interview go, did they call you back?”

>“Nah I was too hot yet again”

absolutely based.

imagine being a job recruiter, having her resume. its probably written in a napkin with crayolas. you google her and find this post. you rage and hire the other girl. you will never be gimpgirl.

No. 1155775


Anons these posts are incredible, now I just wish we could get a chance to see her resume

No. 1158473

File: 1612995508871.png (758.1 KB, 958x674, inknj.png)

New video. She has illustrations in this one, neat.
>opens up a lens for her man, talks about the polls, shows off her outfit (an actual normal outfit for once, a blouse, black skirt and a hat)
>says many women go pick me for a guy, but then he eventually dumps them, and then they go into angry man hate mode, unless they get desperate and start dating again, they find a guy, go pick me for them, he dumps them, they go back into man hate mode, etc in a toxic cycle (and that they deny being pick-mes and claim it's just a phase they're over, before going back to it)
>says it's because women pick the wrong guys - there's a type of man she likes to call "Moid". She knows it's a general term for males, but she uses it to describe one type. Moid is like the village fool, and women keep choosing him over another type of guy, who she likes to call Square Guy
>women know Square Guy is the guy they're supposed to pick, but they keep subconsciously picking Moid, even when presented with both options, because Moid is the guy they're not supposed to pick
>Moid will let women do whatever they want, which is usually dumb shit while Square Guy will have boundaries and not allow them to do dumb shit like hanging on the internet, hanging on social media, having dumbass friends that influence them to do dumbass things, traveling, spending money on dumb shit, waste time etc
>Square Guy is better for them in the long run, but Moid will put on the appearance that he's a "good guy", playing into all the desires and insecurities have, a "nice guy"
>Moid will care about them, maybe go out on a date with them, tell them they're intelligent, that their personalities matter, that they're really pretty even though they're obviously overweight
>Square Guy might be honest and might have boundaries, but is in the long run, a better guy
>Moid doesn't actually care about women, he's just in it to take advantage, so when you go pick me for Moid, he's only happy to take
>If you go pick me for a Square Guy, he'll like you, stay with you, and might actually give some back. Moid isn't going to do that
>Mary has seen this IRL with women she's known, both younger and older, and she's even tried to introduce her friends to men who fit the Square Guy category, but they always choose Moid, or simply choose to be alone
>A lot of women are presented with a Square Guy, a "proper guy" who has a job as an engineer or other proper job, doesn't work at a fast food restaurant or is unemployed/homeless, single, and available for date, and they say they don't want him, then end up with Moid
>That's how they end up in a toxic cycle of pick me/man hater/pick me/man hater and can't just stay pick me
>Pick a Square Guy, and they're not on dating apps. They're the guys you get to know through friends, relatives, other sites, venues to meet people, niche stuff like engineers on tech forums, photographers on photography boards, or if you advertise as a model, but not on dating apps
>Meet a Square Guy, and stay pick me for the Square Guy
>"Tell me about your experiences with Moid in the comment section"

No. 1158475

File: 1612995580367.png (145.87 KB, 324x324, krnv.png)

Samefagging, her anime self-portrait has hair that's actually a bit similar to hers now, kek.

No. 1158478

File: 1612995633403.jpg (121.78 KB, 640x895, ez6yknt9tng61.jpg)

New Zombie Waifu chapter.

No. 1158481

File: 1612995715796.jpg (122.72 KB, 640x903, yj1fzn1ctng61.jpg)

No. 1158483

File: 1612995856181.jpg (118.65 KB, 640x899, u9mtllggtng61.jpg)

No. 1158484

It's so cute
I think she gives good advice mostly. I hope she would become like just a normal dating coach for women and help them set boundaries but she's too crazy.

No. 1158488

File: 1612995989206.jpg (124.16 KB, 640x902, w4xq1a5jtng61.jpg)

No. 1158494

File: 1612996102591.jpg (110.95 KB, 640x912, faqsqlvltng61.jpg)

No. 1158498

File: 1612996251471.jpg (150.7 KB, 640x912, t8tjtsz9ung61.jpg)

New drawing.
This is most definitely just an attempted jab at all feminists on Mary's end, but it kind of reminds me of libfems.

No. 1158502

File: 1612996424646.png (262.27 KB, 958x752, lmkkm.png)

And of course, more ana body-checking.

No. 1158507

Conspiracy that Mary is a TERF is growing.

No. 1158560

It's good advice to date a man who controls your weight and appearance? Who bosses you around?

why does lolcow treat mary with kid gloves?

No. 1158573

she used to be skinny but kinda muscly, now she's just skinny. She looks worse and worse. I wonder when will her organs start to fail and what will that saga bring. Can her lazy ass bum husband even manage the kids or the house, when she ends at a hosital? Doubt

No. 1158593

If that happens, the best case scenario is that Mary's mother takes care of the children.
I don't even want to imagine Vlad raising children, it's too bleak.

No. 1158790

I agree kek, I also revise my initial pro-stand on the repressed lesbian theory- I still think mary farms for attention from girls, but thr motive might also be homophilic

Where does that vision come from? Do we know anything about the mother (and do we know anythibg about hiw vlad is with the kids?)

No. 1158829

>don’t have deflated squidward nose titties
why live when I will never look like this

No. 1158858

Mary's said before that her mother is a "career cunt" and a "feminist" who didn't want her to be sexually promiscuous, so I'm thinking (hoping) that means she's just sane and not an insane pick-me like her.
Mary's also admitted that her mother is their source of financial income because she tells her "You'll never see your grandchildren" if she doesn't, so she's already supporting them.
Also, Mary said in one of her early Reddit posts that it was a struggle to get Vlad to care about the children. I can't even imagine what would happen if they were straight-up left to him.

No. 1158960

In the early /ot/ thread where Mary came up there were photos of her sitting closely on a bench outdoors with an older woman whose face was obscured but was almost certainly her mother, along with the kids. It wasn't weird and fetishy like the park pics. iirc it seemed like the mother wanted to see her grandchildren more from Mary's posting on that old forum. So it's possible that she is a normal grandmother to the children but can't see them much because of Mary and Vlad's hermit lifestyle.

No. 1158963

>anythibg about hiw
take your meds

No. 1159428

Most loser normie snap back on the farm

No. 1159436

Zombie waifu is growing on me

No. 1159663

File: 1613110507775.jpeg (211.5 KB, 1283x1215, FF1B6EEE-9E34-497D-809D-10B568…)


I know this is a little old since it was from 2 days ago but I can’t get over the shit in the parentheses

No. 1159685

File: 1613113836245.jpeg (219.73 KB, 1220x912, ED65B013-6D60-4759-9C26-67ED5A…)


lmao the video kept warbling from the auto focus, seeing good use of the lenses I see
Also new video series it seems

>”Hello ladies”

>“School of Pick Me” how prestigious
>Part one of this
>Upside down radar ladies
>Only detecting moids not squares
>She has only a square radar
>Been to brothels and swinger clubs and only talked to squares
>Sure mary
>If you detect a moid do not talk to him
>If he approaches you, tell him to go away I don’t want to talk to you
>You need a list to realize your broken radar
>She will teach us these in later installments

She’s really latched onto this moid subject

No. 1159693

>only has square radar
>is married to a moid

No. 1159726

Kek Mary I'm dying here

No. 1159727

Mary is a radfem op. No doubt about it. Hates hypocritical dicksucking libfems and advocates for women to choose normie offline men over online male feminists who are only pretending to see you as human to get into your pants.

No. 1159792

File: 1613131046598.png (357.61 KB, 682x348, maryoncheating.PNG)

Video: "GimpGirl, why do men cheat?"

>Following her newer more produced style, with music and her icon edit and so on while she greets us

>Today she is a 'harlot,' and shows off her letter choker that says it
>Opening a parcel once again
>She's going to cover a topic a girlfriend of hers requested after Mary asked her what to create a video on next
>She shows off her outfit, says she is trying to mix and match her clothes in ways she hasn't before
>"First of all, all men cheat, or they want to cheat. There's no getting away from it."
>Asking a man why he wants to cheat is an accusatory question, phrasing it that way is like asking him "why do you want to be a bad person?"
>Whatever answer a guy would give you about why he cheats would not satisfy you, so what you really want when you are asking is to know whether he really loves you or if you are good enough
>You wonder if the other chick is better than you or has something you don't
>There are four (she shows us four fingers in case we can't count, lmao) reasons that men cheat, typically. She says there may be other additional reasons that she has just not figured out yet, but she has determined these four reasons
>The box she is opening is really difficult, she rips it open and throws the bubble wrap everywhere and puts some on her head to ham up for the camera
>More flinging bubble wrap, at the camera
>First reason men cheat is that they want sexual variety, they just wanted to try something different than they have
>Second is sex, he maybe doesn't like the sex you are having or you aren't giving him enough. Maybe you are not having the kind of sex he really wants, so he gets it elsewhere
>There's an impact sound off camera, maybe something outdoors, but Mary never addresses it so it could be an audio glitch
>Third reason is love, maybe you do not love or like the man enough. Sex is men's love language, so to him if you do not like sex with him there is no love
>Many women like intimacy like "that otome shit" but for men love is expressed through sex
>Forth reason is that he wants to be cool, maybe he has a male role model online who has a lot of women around him and the man wants to be like that
>The questions girls have can all be answered if you apply these four reasons why men cheat
>'Does he love me?' Reflect on his reasons
>'Am I not good enough?' The same, consider that if he is cheating for variety then maybe you are good enough. It could be as simple as you being a brunette and he wants to try a blonde or redhead. Maybe you have small boobs and he wants to try big boobs for a change. Maybe she even looks almost identical to you, but something about the way she acts is different. Maybe there is something forbidden about her
>'Is the other chick better than me?' Not always, maybe she's just different
>If it's for the second reason, the other chick might be better at sex or certain types of sex than you
>If it's number four and he wants to be cool she is probably not better than you, maybe she strokes his ego better, but if he cheats for reason four it is more about his self image than the woman
>Maybe he wants attention from you and cheats to get it
>If you have questions about if you have done something wrong. Variety, sex, love, or cool will reveal the answer right there
>She has a cutesy YouTuber like outro screen with pink and peaches which links to her subreddit

No. 1159819

delusional take

No. 1159834

she won't pick you, sis

No. 1159974

>All men want to cheat it's just in their nature

No. 1160369

File: 1613187107249.png (643.84 KB, 954x684, bhk8.png)

New video, part 2.1 of the "Your Man Radar is Broken" series. She's actually almost based in this one, lmao.
>Hello, friends. This is GimpGirl once agan, and welcome to part 2 of Your Man Radar is Broken. Today, I am going to give you Gimpgirl's Moid detection list for how to detect Moid. So, today, I’m wearing pretty much the same outfit as the other time. But this time only with a pink shirt. Also trying out a slightly different video mode soon my phone because last time the auto-focus was just very off, didn’t function properly. Let me know how you like t.
>Alright, so I’m going to tell you a few things before. actually start with the list. First of all, me personally, I know only what you would call high tier normies. So, when I see Moid, he really stands out to me. It’s very obvious. So, imagine if you’re in a gathering of only high tier normies. Of only what I would call normal people. And then Moid walks in. Wouldn’t he really, really stand out? It’s like “It’s that guy…with the tats”. Or with the weird piercings, or with the cap that’s on the other way around on his head.
>Uh, so I’ll tell you a few personal examples of Moids that I have met and they have really, really stood out to me. So, for me it’s pretty easy to detect them. Like for instance, there’s a store clerk at a store that I visit frequently, and he is all covered in tats. He has neck tats, he has some face tats, he was whatever those behind the ear tats are, and, well, he has tats. He is a store clerk (laugh) Not, not really a good sign. And he’s worked there for years. Like, he hasn’t progressed. It’s not like “Oh, it’s a temp job at a store, and then, no, I progress. I, uh, move forward in my store clerk career.” (Laugh) No, it’s like, he’s in the same place, and still with the tats. Only with more tats! He gets like, more, more tats every year.
>Okay: a bum guy that I got to know once when I was traveling. We both spoke Russian, so that’s how we got to know each other. But he…he was an actual bum. He preferred to stay homeless most of the year. Yes, he preferred it.
>Okay: My courier. One of my couriers that comes and brings me packages you see me open. He is obviously a Maid. He has these big earrings, he’s a courier. He’s a guy with big…big earrings (laugh). He has harem pants. Yeah, those, those pants that emphasise your, your butt. They’re supposed to make your butt bigger. Kinda like a diaper, only pants.
>Okay: Guys who hang out at your local pub. If you’re hanging out outside a pub, not a good sign. So, obviously a Moid. Like, you, you, you’re an adult. What are you doing?
>Alright so, w-what I need to tell you is that a-all of these guys, these Moids…They are not cool. Like, there-there’s nothing “cool” about them. They are losers. You, you need to know this. Moids? They are losers. Okay? But, if you as a woman, you are sheltered, you have complexes, you have issues, maybe you’re missing attention from guys, then you might think that Moid is actually very exciting. Alright? Now, uh, you have to admit to yourself that you want to…date Moid. You want to go there. No one has forced you to date him, Moid did not drag you by the hair and force you to spend time with him. He did not hold a gun to your head. It was your decision. So, you are the one who invited Moid into your life.
>And, uh, I need to tell you that, um, like you…you’re obviously looking for some kind of excitement. You think Moid is exciting, you think he is cool, and even if someone gives you the advice to not date him because of all these red flags, you will do it anyway, because you want the excitement. You have no excitement in life, you want excitement. You think somehow that Moid is exciting, you don’t realise that he is actually a loser, and uh, you want his [???]. You want things to happen. You want, as my mother calls it, scandals.
>Alright? And that’s why you date Moid, because as long as you date him, it is all exciting. There’s scandals, there’s drama, then once Moid dumps you, or when he just pumps and dumps you, that’s when, uh, you see the red flags. Because before this, all the red flags, they’re kinda like green flags to you. So, um, you only start complaining when this thing with Moid goes bad. Like, he stops dating you, or something bad happens, then, um, there is no fun anymore. But what you’ve done so far is you’ve gone along with what you perceive as this excitement, and you’ve gone Pick Me for Moid. You’ve gone Pick Me for the wrong guy. Okay, so, um, you’re going Pick Me for Moid when you’re excited. Yeah? You have a lot of Pick Me energy, girls, I know this, but you’re directing this Pick Me energy towards Moid.
>So, it’s uh, I would call it Misdirected Pick Me Energy.

No. 1160375

Gimp looks and dresses like a dementia-ridden psych ward escapee, she has no place to talk about normal people.

No. 1160395

File: 1613190499996.png (606.28 KB, 960x686, bjkbjhj.png)

Part 2.2
Kek. She briefly talks about coomers and guys who are into BDSM in this one. Rich coming from her, though.

>So, I’m going to give you now GimpGirl’s Moid detection list. And, uh, with this, you will be able to detect Moid, you will be able to see the red flags, and you can, if you want to, write this list down, but later I will try to actually write it out for you, and you’ll be able to print it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get to it.

>Okay, so whenever you see a red flag, uh, you can write this list down, “I see a red flag”, then I want you to draw a little red flag right next to that specific point. And I will also tell you why those points are not cool, and not exciting and why it’s for losers. Okay? Moid is a loser, and if you date him, you will become a loser too. He’s not cool, and he’s gonna make you uncool.
>Okay, so #1 red flag: He’s an aspiring criminal, rapper, streamer, influencer. Okay? It’s not cool to be any of these things. Okay? Because it shows that the guy is basically a bum. ‘Cause these are his aspirations. Like, he can’t be in any better than this. Some women think that “Okay, he is an aspiring rapper today, and tomorrow, he will be a billionaire. He’s just chosen to be an aspiring rapper or, I don’t know, a low-tier rapper, whatever. And he’s just chosen to be a streamer right now, um, but he could choose to do better, and uh, to become the CEO of a company. That’s, that’s how it works. All he needs to do is go to school and finish a degree. No. This, this is the best he can do. He is a loser, so he will never do any better than being an aspiring rapper, or a streamer, or an influencer. That’s the best he can do, cause he’s a loser. Not cool. Not cool, ladies.
>Okay: Currently in a gang. Used to be in a gang. A hang-around. Um, he has backup, or he is the backup. Okay, now, there’s, there’s nothing cool and exciting about it. Oh, he is this way, once again, in a gang, because, not because he chooses to be, because this is all he can do, because he’s a loser, and he’ll drag you down with him. Okay, so, not cool. Not cool, once again.
>Okay: He has tats, and uh, I know that’s a big thing because uh, you’re gonna say that there are a lot of people who have tats. “I have tats myself”. That doesn’t mean that you should date a guy who has tats, because he is a loser. Now, what kind of guy puts drawings with a needle on his skin? Or has somebody else do it for him? And who is that guy? He works with drawing in ink with a needle on people’s bodies. That’s his job? That’s the best he can do? Why didn’t he go to school and have a normal job? He’s a loser. The guy who gets the tats? He’s a loser. Okay, you’re a woman, maybe you don’t know any better, you can be excused. But a guy? Look, he-he’s a loser. Oh, don’t go there. So, anything with tats. Tats, visible tats, prison tats, gang tats, homemade tats. Don’t, don’t go there.
>Okay: He uses drugs. He has used drugs. He sells drugs. He asks about…nutmeg. Or I think it’s called nutmeg. I don’t… some, some people smoke other things like banana peel, I’ve heard. (Laugh) Uh…no, that’s…that’s a loser. If he uses drugs, he is a loser, because that’s, that’s all he can do. It’s not because he’s a “really cool guy, just kind of bad boy, just chosen to use drugs right now, but you know, tomorrow, he’s gonna uh, go to school, get a degree and became a CEO of a company, practically the next president” (laugh) No, no, he…he, he is, he is a loser. Nothing good comes, comes out of a guy who does drugs. He’s not going to become a winner, and he will drag you down with him. So, no. Uh, okay, what else do we have.
>Okay: Sex stuff. If he’s into femdom, or BDSM, cradle-robbing, grave-robbing, and “Here’s a pic of me with (x) porn producer, or (x) porn star at a porn con. I go to a porn con.” You know, these guys aren’t cool. They’re not into a cool, alternative lifestyle. They’re just looking for various ways to get laid. Or, I don’t know, get to fap. So, not cool.
>Alright, umm: so-called kitchen bitch. He pretends to be a chef, although he doesn’t actually work as a chef, and doesn’t really know what he’s doing. No, that’s just a way for a loser to try and get in your pants. He has absolutely nothing else, so he takes out the kitchen tools.
>Alright: NEET. Or, a so-called hikki, a shut-in. Oh, he really has nothing going for him. I, I promise. He’s not going to get any better, because these people, they are the biggest losers, they do not want to leave their homes or better themselves, like, develop a skill, get a hobby, help their mom, get a job, even just leave the house. No, just no.
>Carries a shank, a knuckleduster, a screwdriver, although he’s not a carpenter or handyman, an axe handle, an aluminum baseball bat. It still counts if he keeps it in his vehicle. Okay, now these guys are not cool. Okay, now, alright, so he is, I don’t know, 25, he carries um, a home-made shank. Yes, sharpened toothbrush counts (laugh). One day, this guy is going to be 50, and he will still be that guy who’s carrying a shank. Like, do you want to be with that guy? Or do you want to be with a guy who’s actually normal? You know, that doesn’t carry that, maybe he’s gainfully employed, I don’t know. Has a business, a hobby? Something other than carrying shanks? Okay, so that’s not a cool guy.
>Alright: How does he transport himself? Let’s see: Skateboard, kick-bike, trike, van, even though he’s not a carpenter or handyman. No, th-those are dubious guys. It’s okay if he walks, or he takes public transport, or he doesn’t have a car, that’s fine. But a guy on a kick bike? That’s for children. It’s a guy who’s acting like a child. Okay, so uh, don’t…don’t go there.
>Uh, okay. What else do we have? He is a metrosexual. This means that he’s very, um, well-groomed, focuses a lot o grooming. Now, straight guys, they will usually be groomed and well-dressed on occasion, and in private, they will be kind of a slob. Now, that’s normal. If he’s groomed all the time, even in private, he is probably a homo. I’m sorry. And no, no, you don’t want to get with a homo. It’s…it’s not cool. Like, he doesn’t like you. You’re a woman, and he likes men…Look, he, he’s a loser, and if, imagine if he’s with you instead of (laugh) with an actual man, then he’s obviously a loser. Right? Maybe he can’t even get a man!
>Okay: He’s socially awkward. Just don’t go there. He doesn’t get social cues. That’s not a good thing. That’s not someone you want to have around. People are going to laugh at you for being with him.
Okay: Cucks, soy boys, male feminists. They’re only out to use you. They’re only saying that they’re male feminists and they’re all pro women’s rights or whatever only to get into your pants. These are the guys who are going to string you along, uh, just to get a shot at your poon, and then dump you. They’re losers. Stay away from them.
>Bizarre appearance. Oh, I understand if you work in the entertainment business. Maybe you need to wear a jester hat, and I don’t know, have a bright red hair or whatever, but otherwise, if you have a bizarre appearance, you have a so-called chin-weird beard, then you’re probably a loser. Like, if, if you…lack the intelligence to understand that you can’t look this way for every day, you’re a loser. Don’t date that loser.
>Okay, um: If you’re on steroids. Oh, yeah, it’s hot, six pack abs. No, you’re injecting yourself with stuff you’re not supposed to be injecting yourself with. That speaks of bad decisions. If he makes bad decisions about his body, he’s going to make bad decisions in his relationship too.
>…Uh, okay. So, I hope that this will help you um—Oh, forgot. One more thing: Sometimes, it’s good to take a look at a man’s parents. Okay? Sometimes they’ll be like, a Moid in disguise, and “Yeah, I’m perfectly normal”, and you won’t be able to see the red flag because your man radar is off. After all, we have established that. Then, you can take a look at his parents, and if they happen to be trash, well, then, he probably is too. Avoid him. Oh, sometimes it’s the other way around, that his parents are kind of square, and he is a Moid. It, eh, it does happen. If his parents are square, it doesn’t mean that, uh, he is so suddenly a Square Guy. So, beware. Alright, so I hope this will help you turn your man radar around, and not try to seek excitement in Moid. Don’t be a loser. Don’t date Moid. This is GimpGirl, I hope you enjoyed my video.

No. 1160417

>Don’t be a loser. Don’t date Moid.
Kek. She’s so close to being based but then Mary brags about bagging the most mediocre, useless man alive whose existence she supports with The Bank of Mommy.

No. 1160418

I meam do we really know anything about Vlad(even his name is probably fake), I mean she does often lie about facts in her life, So its possible that Vlad had a stable Job and is possibly be a normie

No. 1160428

I do think she lies about a lot of things, but her whole persona and “advice” that she’s touted for years is that women should be perfect housewives while financially supporting their man. Whether Vlad actually works or not is kinda beside the point. Her whole shtick was about supporting her deadbeat husband, now she’s saying “don’t date losers,” lmao what? It’s all contradictory.

No. 1160432

Have you seen his face? Besides, why would she lie about him being unemployed when it's bad for her image?

No. 1160452

> They’re only saying that they’re male feminists and they’re all pro women’s rights or whatever only to get into your pants. These are the guys who are going to string you along, uh, just to get a shot at your poon, and then dump you. They’re losers. Stay away from them.

This part is not a lie.

No. 1160454

I mean … Sure you don’t want to date someone in a fucking gang. But the whole tattoo thing is so old school come on. Tattoo artists actually make solid money, it’s a very stable job that’s here to last.

Or like, a kitchen bitch? What’s wrong with guys who have some hobbies on the side like cooking. It isn’t weird at all, if anything they know how to take care of themselves like grown adults and don’t order take out every day.

So basically according to Mary, you have to be picky to not be with a loser (even though if you’re over 50kg that’s it, you’ll be alone with cats for years to come). But even if he’s a “square”, you need to forbid him from having a job (so what’s the difference with them trying to be artists anyway?). At the end of the day, you need to do all the leg work and bring in the bux and gifts or he’ll leave. Even if he’s a square. But even then, you have to accept that he’ll cheat because reasons. So you have to be cool with it, even though you went through all those efforts in the first place.

So really what’s the different between her moid and square? The square will not just up and leave, that’s it? That’s her one and only requirement: just don’t leave her with the kids?

Honestly I get the feeling that Vlad does work. He doesn’t help with the household or the kids, so what else does he have going on in his life? Any adult would be seriously bored of just staying home and being barred from working from their wife.

No. 1160455

Literally what Image, she changes her ideology and beliefs every couple months and even then it's so inconsistent that you never can get her

No. 1160532

I too think it's likely she's actually a radfem subverting - judged from her deeds/behaviour and not her words. Not that sure how conscious she is about it though

No. 1160533

True she did say that all along, but i don't think it's meant to be taken at face-value. She's a troll and she says those exaggerated and insane things that she obviously doesn't live by herself to trigger people, I don't get how this isn't more obvious to people. With this I'm not saying she's not insane kek, but def not in the way her words at face value imply imo.

No. 1160572

Lol Mary is just a crazier FDS. It really does seem like she has pinkpill/radfem views (albeit teisted) but is unaware of it or is trolling and pretending to be a ditzy dumb girl

No. 1160584

I think the latter, she's an exabationist who spends to much time online amd is just shitposting, every detail she may have given about her life is likely fake or greatly exagarated

No. 1160636

I find it interesting that she doesn't want guys to have nontraditional hobbies like cooking, does she think that Vlad's cameras are some kind of alpha male masculine hobby or something?

No. 1160684

No matter how thin she gets she still has that lumpy Bobby Hill face. It's uncanny.

No. 1160716

there is nothing pinkpill or radfem about having your mother pay the bills so you can pamper your gross tracksuit husband

No. 1160921

Yeah, it’s a little weird to see anons saying she must be a secret radfem because she hates libfems. She posted >>884844 about all women needing men only about a year ago. None of her posts make any sense. She borrows from a lot of different ideologies but she’s certainly not a feminist of any kind.

No. 1161223

Yeah, trying to track gimpgirl's ideology is pointless. She is 100% insane. A broken clock is right twice a day so I'm never too shocked when she says something that makes sense, but she'll follow it up with something crazy. She's not just a shitposter though as evidenced by all the photos of her out and about in fetish gear with her children present or the photo of her shackled while giving birth.

No. 1162356

File: 1613418673862.jpg (57.75 KB, 640x452, my4u0jtn7hh61.jpg)

Mary made Vlad an OnlyFans, lmao.

No. 1162358

File: 1613418751871.jpg (78.81 KB, 640x911, rv84nez2d8h61.jpg)

New Harem Queen chapter.

No. 1162359

File: 1613418804250.jpg (92.89 KB, 640x896, szksngz2d8h61.jpg)

No. 1162363

File: 1613419042447.jpg (91.21 KB, 640x907, rq0rjgz2d8h61.jpg)

No. 1162364

File: 1613419133474.jpg (115.63 KB, 640x914, s6p6tgz2d8h61.jpg)

No. 1162389

File: 1613421236924.png (337.22 KB, 678x338, order.PNG)

Video: "Your man radar is broken part 3 - Why you need a square guy"

>Today is a continuation of the series "Your man radar is 1broken"

>She adds the title on with some really flashy effects
>She shows her "plain Jane" outfit of the day, just a shirt and black pencil skirt with tights
>Today we will talk about why we need a square guy, she will make this video as easy to understand as possible
>"Most of you, you are dumb as fuck. You are also fat, and you have a problem that you are picking moid."
>You have many, many problems, "a lot of you are not doing anything productive in your life."
>Things are not the same for men as for women
>If you get with moid, he is also dumb as fuck, so now you are two stupid people in a relationship. She says it is like the movie Dumb & Dumber if anyone is old enough to remember that
>That's why relationships with moid never work out
>If you get with a square guy, he has command of himself and his life in order. If you start a relationship with him, your life will be in order too
>Even if your life had any order before you got with moid, and you choose him, your life will be full of disorder and chaos
>She shows drawings of moid and the square guy in picrel
>You have been told by people that you are very smart, that you are a smart woman. Smart women get married young, stay with that guy, and make it work
>You made bad choices if you didn't get married young, what this says about you is that you should have a guy making choices for you
>You need a square guy to make choices for you, if you make choices yourself you will make dumb choices like being fat, dating moid
>Remember if you are making dumb choices, fat, and annoying, with a bad attitude then no square guy will want to be with you or invest his time in you
>If you have too much disorder in your life, a square guy will not come into your life to fix it
>But moid is drawn to disorder, will come into your life when you are disordered and cause a lot of disorder together
>You might think moid is a cool guy and not so bad, but you need a square guy in your life, you cannot make these choices on your own
>She wishes us a Happy Valentines' Day, says she didn't want to do another Valentines video on vday
>"If you are lonely, if you're still dating moid off tinder and moid has ghosted you, you can take a look at my man's onlyfans."
>He will do boyfriend and husband roleplay videos

I checked out the OF link and it seems to be free to subscribe as well, for now

No. 1162399

File: 1613421771046.jpg (108.58 KB, 640x912, a1dong03d8h61.jpg)

No. 1162402

It's funny she says all this, but probably doesn't think her own life is full of chaos while married to a Moid of her own.

No. 1162404

File: 1613422144028.jpg (Spoiler Image,98.26 KB, 640x711, 2ei4iv2brgh61.jpg)

Valentine's Day Harem Queen Drawing, with worst boy. Spoilered for nudity

No. 1162421

This is hilariously funny, gimp becomes more and more based

No. 1162441

anytime an anon writes a comment that tries to defend mary by saying shes a secret based radfem, that birth photo should pop up.

No. 1162449

Shame. Should have been George.

KEK. What the fuck is this?

No. 1162565

He's so fucking short, lmao.

No. 1162795

File: 1613462399968.jpg (18.59 KB, 241x400, s-l400.jpg)

Lmao, his voice and stature. "Vladkun" is an actual gnome.

No. 1162813

I hope someone will bite the bullet and subscribe to Vlad-kun's OnlyFans kek. At this point the farmers seem like his target audience. The milk shall be plentiful.
Does anyone feel like she's kinda pimping him out? Maybe that's a wrong word, but I feel like it's another one of Mary's insane idea to troll farmers.

No. 1162821

Yes kek I agree

No. 1162833

The sudden cutoff at the end makes this so meme-y kek
I hope they make more

No. 1163007

File: 1613493467091.png (567.2 KB, 599x610, vladof.PNG)

Got you covered, anon

No. 1163008

File: 1613493651079.png (364.18 KB, 598x497, vladkunintro.PNG)

It's only the two posts so far

No. 1163013

holy shit, him taking the belt off was even better than that scrawny tumblr guy, my siiiiiides

No. 1163051

this is the best Toast of London spinoff ever

No. 1163580

I can't- My fucking sides! I still have no idea why Mary denies being a massive weeb when she openly posts about anime on her sub, has 2 webcomics that are clearly inspired by anime or hentai, and even buys cheap aliexpress shit.

No. 1163594

Holy shit kek

The orchids, the handwritten xoxo, vladkun's OF is killing me

Pic is so rel, I can't anon, kek

No. 1163595

This looks like an old drawing, no? Her style in recent comics is much more advanced. Or is this an issue of different pencils?

No. 1163607

Her arms and abs are somewhat attractive but her lack of leg and ass definition is really off putting. How do so many people exercise not to get round perky butts but just those ugly male looking square buttocks instead

No. 1163608


okay Janis Joplin

No. 1163704

File: 1613564276666.png (736.15 KB, 699x685, heresheismissamerica.PNG)

Vlad updated OF, also noticed Mary has an account too with a matching icon but it seems to be made just to interact with Vlad. Getting ready to post a video transcription of man radar part 4 in a few.

No. 1163713

File: 1613566234599.png (386.6 KB, 677x355, sageadvice.PNG)

Video: "Your man radar is broken part 4 - Square guy detection list"

>"Welcome back to the school of pick me"

>Says her hair is freshly washed and blow dried, it makes her look like she's from the 80's
>Shows her outfit, a long skirt and polo
>Why do you ladies not want the square guy and insist on dating moid? It's for several reasons
>You don't like someone to tell you what to do, you think you are smart after all
>You think dating moid is fun because it can be exciting
>Well adjusted women don't even talk to moid, so if you are dating moid you are not well adjusted and should remember that
>You may be sheltered, living in your little girl room and believing in fairytales of princes and white horses, like in Jane Austen
>This means you are dumb, although you think you are smart you are delusional and have fantasies that will never be real, like a fantasy about a guy with a face tat
>Because you were bullied, which means you're a dork. You aren't a cool girl, you're only into dorky stuff. Maybe you went to band camp at some point, you read Jane Austen, you are not a cool girl
>Cool girls are all dating a square guy
>If you date a bunch of moids you are not a cool girl with confidence who is "based"
>When you watch tv shows they tell you to date a fuckup, and you listen to this so you think it's cool to date fuckups
>The people who make the tv shows have never done this, dated a fuckup as well, it is complete fiction
>You want a square guy
>The impact sound from the previous video hits twice along with some shuffling in the background but Mary never acknowledges
>Starts playing some hardcore bg music which I guess is meant to be a theme for tattoo moid, and starts into a scenario
>You want to date a guy with tats for example, and you decide to marry him and have kids
>He doesn't get a normal job or office cause he has tats, nobody will hire him except for a tattoo studio
>"You see how bizarre this is, right?"
>He has piercings and gets on a skateboard, if you think this is a good idea and there's nothing wrong you need to rethink your choices
>Square guy list is as follows, will help you find a square guy
>She gives a disclaimer with some somber music in the bg now, that your chances with a square guy are only good up until you are 25, once you turn 25 your chances are as good as zero
>Before 25, you settle down and stick to that guy
>If you are still dating moid after 25, she has little to no advice for that. After 25, the square guy is gone and off the market unless someone divorces him, and even then he will be snagged up quickly
>Her toddler is crying in bg, she adds text picrel
>Number one trait about a square guy is that he has standards, it means you can't be fat, ugly, stupid, or trashy. Most square guys will not take you if you are those things, he has high standards for himself which means he has higher standards for women
>If you are fat, drunk, and stupid, you will never date a square guy
>Square guy has boundaries, if a guy lets you do anything you want it means he doesn't care about you and isn't invested in you
>"Us women are kind of dumb, I know that at some point our mind kind of tends to drift" and that's when we need a square guy to sort us out
>Square guys are not afraid to make decisions, moid is indecisive and doesn't know what he wants to do
>Square guy looks like a normie, a grown man, he does not dress like an overgrown child or circus escapee
>He has no vices, he must not like drinking, smoking, gambling, doing any drugs, or "cooming" all day
>He should have sex with you in a relationship and like sex, but if he is obsessed with looking at pictures of "armpits or something" all day, he needs a new hobby
>Square guy sticks around, although society encourages leaving since there is no reason for a men to stay with a woman
>If he marries you, stays with you, has children with you, he is simply choosing to do the right thing
>His job doesn't matter, you need to look at the guy without his job. You can't meet a guy with a good job and decide he is square based on that alone, basically
>Most of the time the square guy will be a conservative guy and not a progressive guy, cause conservative guys are the ones most likely to set boundaries for you and do the things she has described
>Look for a conservative guy, but it's not about his politics as much as his traits
>He should be reliable and there for you in difficult times, he needs to be there for you when you or your kids are sick, he's there during the delivery of your kids, etc. which is a scary experience
>Ask yourself, if you became wheelchair bound would he still be there? Do you think there are many men like that?
>You must snap them up before 25 or it will be too late

No. 1163715

File: 1613566563733.png (399.36 KB, 661x934, zw36.PNG)

New Zombie Waifu dropped too, it's getting as risque as Harem Queen

No. 1163716

File: 1613566595927.png (416.51 KB, 660x933, zw37.PNG)

No. 1163717

File: 1613566618585.png (Spoiler Image,403.57 KB, 660x933, zw38.PNG)

No. 1163718

File: 1613566658919.png (Spoiler Image,405.06 KB, 644x930, zw39.PNG)

No. 1163719

File: 1613566713865.png (Spoiler Image,494.27 KB, 656x934, zw40.PNG)

Final page of the new Zombie Waifu update

No. 1163721

File: 1613567342247.png (112.11 KB, 370x270, 8an.png)

No. 1163724

TFW when Mary has more artistic skill then me

No. 1163768

Mary is kinda based for all these MxFxM scenes in her comics. It's pretty rare in media to see ye olde devil's threesome. Also I do not like the main lead and hope she eats him or something.

No. 1163778

grammar too

No. 1163785

why is this wholesome lol

No. 1163859

Maybe his gnomelike looks combined with a genuine looking smile appeals to the parts of our brains that used to believe in Santa, anon

No. 1163872

File: 1613582272529.png (64.4 KB, 265x257, E64DA515-7E6B-4A29-84E1-B6F725…)

I’m trying to figure out if her comics are better than Holly Browns tbh I’m torn

No. 1163880

Wait where do this comes from? it rings a distant bell

No. 1163883

non-meme wise, as an amateur I'd say Mary's art is superior, in terms of panal compensation, character consistency and dynamic action
For factors of why Mary's art is better then Holly's it maybe due to Mary's always drawing and working on her art and Mary being inspired by Shojo manga's from the 90's, while Holly was inspired by poorly drawn Fujo doujins

No. 1164057

I just popped by to say that almost every time I scroll by this thread I think the thumbnail is ProJared in a bra and a skirt. That is all.

No. 1164283

she's literally pimping him out, it's funny kind of but also creepy!

No. 1168996

M'ladies, the love doll arrived at gimp's.

No. 1169028

I know he was never gonna be hot because of who Gimp is and what kind of man her behavior would attract, but god damn Vlad is a fucking bridgetroll.
Worse than Sh0exPreggory.
He's so hairy it's fucking disgusting, bet he sheds all over the domicile like a dog.
This is who she simps for? A guy that looks like any other neckbeard?

He must be super fucking fat too since he hides behind a beard and baggy clothes >>1162449, look at them stage this skit next to weights he never uses LOL.

No. 1169235

File: 1614154535429.png (931.6 KB, 962x1338, uinki9.png)

She did two videos, "Why You Are Frigid"
part 1.1
>"Gimpgirl's Amateur Psychologist Theory of Frigidity"
>she opens a package for herself for once, talks about the results of the "what part of you do you wish that you could improve" poll
>her package is a very old plastic box with disintegrated foam and an old fat caliper inside, and says she'll be making a weight loss series
>her outfit is meant to be a "sexy psychologist outfit"
>admits she's not a psychologist, but she thinks there are different stages of development when it comes to women's sexuality, and similar is true for men but she'll be focusing on women
>there's the child stage, then the pre-puberty/tween stage (when you develop a curiosity for the opposite sex), then the teen stage (when you build an actual interest, not just a curiosity, in the opposite sex and maybe get a boyfriend and have sex for the first time), then the adult stage (which involves co-habitation with a partner, marriage and then kids)
>in each one of these stages, there is interaction with the opposite sex, so if you are not interacting or have not interacted with the opposite sex, then there's really something wrong with you
>if you feel like you should be into men, but you're not, like something is wrong/off about you, you have a hard time sexualizing men, your sexuality is off, etc, then this video is for you
>comments that she's filming late at night with her phone and the focus is wobbling
>the result of this (having an "off" sexuality) is that you're not into men, but something else, like cupcakes, or men that are "not really men", like anime boys or twinks (very young-looking boys), or men who are otherwise non-sexual or non-threatening
>you might have an aversion to sex, "dick fear", "rape fear", the thought that sex is gross, men are going to hurt you through sex
>she's sure that there are other issues that she doesn't even know about
>the answer to why some women are this way is that they got "stuck" on one of the stages of development, and did not pass on to the next one
>which stage you got stuck on depends on how you relate men and sex, so you need to figure which stage you got stuck at
>if you're at child stage (any age under 12 or 11), you don't like men or sex at all, are not interested at all, and in fact find it gross and scary, (because to a child, sex might be scary and something "gross"), and to you anything sexual is obscene, you might not even masturbate
>if you're in the preteen stage, you might have a curiosity toward sex and the opposite sex, you have tried dressing sexy and/or sexy cosplay, and you don't think that things like sexy music videos where women shake their asses in thongs are obscene, perhaps you masturbate and perhaps you're into guys who look like they could be or are in a boy band. the preteen stage would refer to a child between 11-13

part 1.2
>you're in the teen stage if you have sex, are dating, have boyfriends or have had boyfriends, but have a fear of any kind of sex that is not vanilla, a fear of anal sex, group sex, etc - maybe you're curious about it but grossed out by the thought of doing it. the teen stage would be after the preteen stage, 13-18, 20 at latest
>she's mentioned the ages where each stage is supposed to happen, and if they haven't happened, that's bad, it means you're stuck at a certain stage you're not supposed to be, like you're 30 but you're mentally/sexually 13
>she thinks most women her age are stuck at the teenage stage, that's where all this dating comes from, because teenagers keep dating and if you evolve to the adult stage, you have a boyfriend, date him, have sex with him, settle down and get married, you move on to the next stage
>the teenage stage is where 30 year old women dating, the idea of sleeping around and the "cock carousel" comes from, because at the teenage stage you date a boyfriend and have sex with them, but these women keep doing it over and over again instead of moving on to the next stage
>in the adult stage (20+, if you're over 20 and not in the adult stage, there's something wrong with you), you're married and having sex within that marriage, sex to you is not a big deal and you're willing to do most kinds of sex - group sex, maybe girls, maybe anal, because you don't have "dick fear"/sex fear, you don't have any aversions to sex
>she doesn't mean you're Fem Coomer obsessed with a certain type of sex (even those are stuck on earlier stages might "rub the beaver to grape porn" constantly, but that's a disorder), just that you're not afraid of sex
>you've got to figure out what stage you're at
>why all of you are stuck at the wrong stage is because society used to function by directing hormones in puberty and pre-puberty towards curiosity and attraction for the opposite sex. when this doesn't happen, all the energy gets directed elsewhere instead of the opposite sex (eg disney movies, cats, ice cream, Netflix)
>the viewer's homework for next time is to figure out which stage they're stuck at, and her homework is to figure out how to get them out of it so they can progress to the next stage, and hopefully to the adult stage. that will be for next time
>in the meantime, you can always read her comic, harem queen, which is "girl manga, basically" that should appeal to all pre-adult stages, but it has sex in it, even "advanced sex, not just regular vanilla sex", which might help with your issue, and all the men are seen as actual sex objects. they are sexualized. "go ahead and read that, little girl, until you become a woman"

No. 1169260

>if you are not interacting or have not interacted with the opposite sex, then there's really something wrong with you
>if you feel like you should be into men, but you're not, like something is wrong/off about you, you have a hard time sexualizing men, your sexuality is off, etc, then this video is for you
>the result of this (having an "off" sexuality) is that you're not into men,[…] or [are into] men that are "not really men", like anime boys or twinks (very young-looking boys) or men who are otherwise non-sexual or non-threatening
>you might have an aversion to sex, "dick fear", "rape fear", the thought that sex is gross, men are going to hurt you through sex
>the answer to why some women are this way is that they got "stuck" on one of the stages of development, and did not pass on to the next one
>in the adult stage, you're married and having sex within that marriage, sex to you is not a big deal and you're willing to do most kinds of sex - group sex, maybe girls, maybe anal, because you don't have "dick fear"/sex fear, you don't have any aversions to sex

so at this point, we can safely assume the reason Mary is so bizarrely fixated on sex, pleasing her fat husband and pickmeism is because she's a closeted lesbian trying to conversion therapy herself, and she believes she's done so successfully. the projection is palpable and couldn't be anymore obvious. here she is deriding women for being into bishounen when she spends her free time making fuck novels with the same fictional anime pretty boys. you're not "off" for not being into real men, Mary. you're just a would-be carpetmuncher. it's clear Russian gender roles and homophobia did a number on her, and it really explains all her neuroses well. she'd be happier as a free dyke. it would at least go with her haircut.

No. 1169285

No. 1169286

She's not, she seems like a trad normie. Funny, because she's more of a real trad than the internet tradthots.

No. 1169298

File: 1614163095707.png (593.79 KB, 958x692, sknjbs.png)

In this video, she recommends lent for weight loss.
>Today, she starts her series n weight loss, called exactly what it says on the tin
>She's going to find good ways for girls to lose weight, whether they want to lose just a bit, a lot, or gain self-discipline
>she opens a package, a PayPal box, and wonders where people get those/how they exist, and that there should be GimpGirl cartons that say something like "Gimp for life" or "This box has pick me content"
>she describes the great Lent, and that it seems very popular, even among people who aren't religion
>she smells the package and notes that it's perfumed again, happily. It's another camera lens she says both she and her man have wanted for a while and she finally found it for an okay price
>says it'd be cute if she opened up the lather bag it comes in and a hamster was inside (and that the lens is dusty)
>discusses lent as an Easter/Christian orthodox practice briefly, and says she'll be talking about it for weight loss purposes rather than religious
>jokes more about the PayPal box, and how there should be an app called PayGimp where you send Gimp Coins to each other
>she suggests lent because it's 100% free, no need to go anywhere or really do anything, and if you feel like you've hit rock bottom when it comes to weight loss, then you should try lent this year, or you can wait to hit rock bottom and end up in the same place, on her video anyway
>she says this could be your way to lose weight and actually keep it off, as well as give you better self-control and you might even become less of a bitch
>complains about wobbly focus on her phone again
>explains the Great Lent, starting at March 15th, and that it ends on May 2nd, a 40-day vegan diet where you eat very little food, says to look at weekly article and search the Great Lent, or just let her tell you
>plays with her hair a bit, says she hates hair, and that she might actually cut it shorter because she finds it annoying
>no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, wine and oil
>you can have wine and oil on weekends and certain feast days, fish on two Sundays, and what you eat is boiled vegetables (that's what she ate last time she did lent)
>there's the self-discipline part, which may be beneficial to most, and it's about self-examination, "what the hell am I doing with my life?", confession ("I admit that I have been a dumb bitch since age 18"), personal self-improvement (that means follow r/pickmes), repentance ("I will stop being a fat bitch"), being reminded of your mortality ("I will stop being a fat bitch before I die"), and reception of the holy mysteries (which, in this case, would be the reception of r/pickmes and the messages it has too offer), begging forgiveness of your neighbor ("I, GimpGirl, will forgive you if you lose weight. That simple.")
>the first week is the clean week, which begins on Monday, and you can only eat on Wednesday and Friday and evenings, and if not eating is too strict, you can eat very little once a day
>on Clean Monday, you eat nothing, on Tuesday and Thursday, you can only eat uncooked food, and on Saturday and Sunday, you can eat, but must observe the rules of Lent (no meat, dairy, fish, etc)
>from the second week and onwards until Easter, you can only eat one meal a day on weekdays, and on weekends, you can eat, but you have to within the rules once again, and this goes on until the 6th Saturday of the Lent, and then you will be celebrating Easter and you can eat all the Easter food you like
>she won't be doing it this year, or she'll be doing a light version because she has a bunch of kids to take care of and needs some kind of energy

No. 1169301

File: 1614163454760.png (690.4 KB, 1106x794, nkbd.png)

She's advertising her own OnlyFans. Slightly creepy vibe. Vlad is holding the camera, and she just bobs up and down with her eyes closed. By the end, she either puts her hand on her throat, or Vlad does, before it cuts out.

No. 1169335

Kek, ty based anon, loved the few finely chosen direct quotes

Fully agree, this video seems like an explication of her cope for her own repressed samesex desires. Also, anons go look at the video of her inspecting and reviewing the sex doll. Perhaps she wanted the doll mostly for herself afterall, and uses the oversexualized coomer irony about it and vlads alleged involvement only as an excuse?

No. 1169337

I agree that her actual life style and what she promotes in her online persona has obvious trad elments, but kek, anon, pls, in no sense of the word is gimp a normie

No. 1169363

Why does she often dress like a middle aged government worker or a librarian?

With the short hair and the blouses she wears.

It's such a funny contrast with her personality.

No. 1169390

File: 1614176377184.png (722.12 KB, 1104x806, iege1s.png)

Her long-awaited sex doll is here now. She's really happy about it, to the point where it seems like the doll really is more for her than her husband, lmao.
part 1
>"Okay, time to unbox this strange package. Let's see what's inside"
>dances a little bit and sings while opening it with a knife, clearly excited, upbeat music in background
>"What do you think it iiiis? So excited, so excited!"
>"There's a lot of tape, which is a good thing, probably means the carton doesn't break, but tape is unfortunately my weakness."
>"There we go, oh yeah! Almost there! (laughs)"
>"Still in frame, still in frame, oh yeah!"
>"Okay, putting my knife away and opening the damn thing. Just moving it a bit closer to the camera…"
>hums to herself as she opens it
>"Okay, so, wigs on the outside. Uh, two wigs. Okay. Look nice, look nice. High quality, high quality, high quality items"
>holds up the wigs and comments that they're supposed to be a greyish-purple from the promotional material, but here, they're a more natural color
>holds up another bag, says "Okay, I guess this is underwear?" with text that reads "she won't be needing those" on the screen
>"And, uh, I guess this would be her outfits. And, uh, let's take a look at the lady herself!"
>"Okay, oh, this is beautiful"
>laughs while making clawing motions at the body
>"Aww, that is so cute, I have to poke her booby. Oh, this is so soft! This is so soft, the boobies are really, really soft! Okay, yeah, they're, they're super soft. The rest of the body is a little bit harder. Ohh, and she's really cold, she's been out in the cold…"
>"Okay, toes…toes are very wiggly. Okay, let's look at the rest of the stuff!"
>dances while throwing out the packaging material, "Let's throw packaging material around, as usual!"
>"Okay, so this should be one of the heads. So yeah, I think I need my knife again. There we go. Okay, haha. Exciting? Exciting?"
>cuts open packaging to reveal the doll's eyes in the packaging, holds it up to the camera and says "Hello?" in a muffled voice before laughing
>"Robot helmet, okay. Okay…this is, this is cute. I don't even know which one of the heads this. Oh, it's the one with the blue eyes. Ohh, it looks very different actually from the factory photos that I got. When you have a cell phone, you get that horrible perspective. So, if anyone gets factory pictures and it looks all messed up, "Ohh, it doesn't look like the promotional material!", well, it's because they took it with a cell phone. okay, so this is what it looks like for perspective, and when you look closer, uh, yeah it's gonna look messed up because this is a cellphone! But move it back, and it's a completely normal head."
>"Okay? So, let's put the head back, the queen. Oh, the ear is so realistic! But you shouldn't bite these, you're gonna bite them off. If you like ear biting, this is not for you. Dolls are not for you."
>picks up another head and says "Woah, help, get me out of here!" in a muffled voice, then "Okay, okay, alright, I'll get you out of here!" while laughing
>"Okay. I'm stuck behind this box, huh? Can't come closer to the camera. Okay, yeah, it looks like, this girl had a rough time. Yeah, she looks all roughened up. Yeah."
>holds up the head, it has a wonky eye and an open mouth
>"Now let's see if we can raise (rage?) your eye a bit. Oh, the poor thing!"
>hums and smiles while trying to fix its eye
>"You're looking so confused. Kind of like jelly candy and like gummy bears. That's kinda what it feels like. I have no idea what TPE feels like cause I have never touched a TPE doll. Wow, this is not easy. Messing with the eyes. Now she just looks scared! "What did you do to my eyes, you bitch?! (laugh) I wonder if I can press them back in–oh, that is weird. Ohh, okay, okay, the head is quite responsive when it comes to pushing in the eyes. You push them in, and it's kind of like "plop!". There's a kind of silent "plop", and that way you know that they're in, that they're where they're supposed to be."
>holds up the doll head with the now "corrected" eyes to the camera, opens its mouth and says "Hiii, I'm a silicone doll" in a high-pitched voice
>"Okay, quite a heavy head. Heavy, heavy. Okay, that's very cute. Okay, so, I need to remove some more material, and I'm going to try and sit her up. Here, she…she's inside the bag. Okay, okay. I should move the heads aside. Let's take it here."
>"Okay, heads. Uh, we'll put them on top of some packaging material for now. Here we go. This looks really cool"
>says the extra head she got isn't too bad, and murmurs that it's all "really nice" and that the eyes are some slippery material
>"Okay, I have no idea how to do this. Never handled a sex doll in my life!"
>climbs on top of her and says "Oh god, okay. Okay. Okay, baby, we can do this, ugh! The neck is a bit bent. Okay, I'm going to pause the video here and try to mess with her."
>video cuts to a shot of the dolls vagina/ass, Mary whispers "Yeah, yeah, ass yeah, haha" while fingering its asshole
>"Oh, she has a nice ass. (whispers) And now we're going for the pussy…(out loud) Ohh, my god! Ohhh, my god! Oh, there's all sorts of stuff in there. Just all sorts of stuff in theeeree–Ohh , yeah! (laughs) Here is the lady, here is the lady! I managed to bend her legs up, so she's kind of ready for action."
>"two hours later" Spongebob cut with the voice
>doll is sitting up, no head
>"Yeah, so here's the lady. Here she is. Got her to sit up, bent the neck straight. Okay, so this is her body, and uh, these are the feet, just a little bit dirty. Okay, so these are just regular fake nails, kinda get the feeling that they're gonna come off at any time. But okay, these are replaceable. Just buy fake nails. So, okay, the webbed toes here. They're webbed together, which is pretty practical. I wouldn't want all the toes to wiggle around like this. Okay, so, here's her leg."
>pan up to its hand, she says "And her hand, and the wrist bends. Okay, and that's what it looks like, and this is my hand for comparison."
>pauses for a moment while holding her hand next to the doll's, then says "Yay!" while spreading her fingers
>"Yeah, I don't have a nice manicure like that. Okay, so these are the naaiils. Okay, beautiful, beautiful. I chose the French manicure, I thought it was prettier. The mould lines, they don't really bother me. I, I thought that they would, they don't."
>pans up to its chest, touches its collarbones and breasts, says "And uh, yeah, nice collarbones. Like those. So, yeah, she's, uh, pretty soft all over. And the boobies, oh, they're soft. They're a little bit harder than real boobs. A little bit harder, sort of like silicones. Okay, yeah, it's um, (clears throat) slimy because I actually tried licking on them (laughs and gasps) That's what I've done! I just had to, I just…I just had to. (quiet voice) I'm a pervert, okay?"
>"So yeah, here's the other boobie. Yeah, like there's a difference. Yeah, yeah niiice tummy. It's a liittle bit softer, the lower tummy."

part 2
>"Okay, and let's check the thighs. Now, the thighs are really nice and firm. And I happen to like that. I know a lot of people really like soft thighs, especially soft inner thighs. Well, if you like soft inner thighs, this is not for you. She's quite a fit girl. Okay, the knee is obviously softer than a real knee. Okay, a cute belly-button. So, this is the head connector. It's in there, it's in there. Now I'm gonna try and put on her head."
>cuts to the doll's head (the one with the wobblier eye), with wig, on body
>"I managed (pant) to get her head on. Straightened out the neck here, it seems to be all straight. Yeah, the eyes are a bit wobbly. Yeah, th-they are, but it's okay. Uhh, small, small scratch on the eye. You can see it even on the video. So, it does bother me a bit because, well, the eyes reflect a lot of light, so we'll always be able to notice the scratch. I might ask for a new eye."
>"Okay, so the hair is, um, very nice, very high quality wig. Still struggling with it, gets n her face, but I found that when you put the wig on and all the hair kind of gets in her face, it's really hard to get it out with your hand, so what you do is, you just blow on her."
>blows on the doll a few times
>"Yeah, then it just comes off the face. N-Not sure if I quite put it on right, so you would probably have to fiddle with the wig for quite a bit, but she's very cute. She's very cute, yeah, oh, what a cute noooose! The nose is like, softer than everything else. The makeup, I think, is actually pretty subtle on the promotional material. It looked like, just a lot more makeup. And the moouth is amaaaazing. Amaaaazing! Okay, there's some teeth in there, and there's a tongue in there. Let's open this up and let me show you, yeah. There's a tongue in there. Ohh, that is so cool, it's amazing! And uh, you can feel, umm, teeth here, okay, the tongue. Oh, if you put your fingers even further in (mock-force/grunting noises), like all the way in, then there's some kind of texture, some kind of like, I don't know, some kind of little texture something. I feel right now with my hand, there's some kind of uh, I don't know, rough texture inside of her mouth. And uh, I think, I think that might be, unfortunately, the glue that they use to glue these teeth. Now, the teeth are soft silicone, just like the rest of the doll, but they are glued with a certain glue, and yeah, that feels pretty hard, which is unfortunate. Uhh, yeah, see, here's even some residue of the glue, let's have a look at it."
>shows glue residue on her fingers
>"Okay, so, uh, you probably don't wanna…stick your dick in there…if you have this kind of glue. You don't want this on your privates. I mean, not a problem for me, but umm, for all you guys out there. Well, this is unfortunate, because Elsababe started making their teeth differently. They started recently gluing them with actual silicone, and they were supposed to give up on this glue technique and just use silicone to attach them, but doesn't seem to be the case for, for my version, which is uh, unfortunate. And yeah, there's glue residue coming off, and maybe I can get it off with, with my fingers. Like, I'll try to do that, if I can get it all off. Um, but yeah, that, that's the only thing about it that is unfortunate. So, I, I really hope that, uh, manufacturer Elsababe, is using the new technique from now on, because well, you, you, you don't want an, an accident with this glue. Okay, otherwise, the new mouth is really nice. Really realistic and everything. Amaaazing. Amaaaazing! I wish you could stick out her, her tongue. I know that her model, it can do that."
>"She's pretty amazing. So, you can see further, and see just there residue she's sticking out. It's like a sharp spike. So, nah, that's not really okay, Elsababe. Um, look at this. Teeth are actually…I think they kind of, I think maybe, coming off? I doon't know. Yeah, they're kiinda coming off the mouth, mouth part.
So, that is unfortunate. That is not a good technique, Elsababe, to glue the teeth with whatever glue it is that you're saying, because this is hard glue."
>cuts to doll, spread eagle, ass and vagina showing "Okay, so this is her with split legs. Very nice, I tried to dress her a bit. Hey, baby, you okay? (high pitched voice) "Oh, yeah, fine, thanks". (normal voice) Okay, great, I'm just inspecting your privates. Is that okay? (high pitched voice) "Oh, yeah, sure, just be careful". (normal voice) Okay! (laughs) So, the material stretches quite a bit. Let's try to film into the void!"
>zooms in on plastic genitals, starts sliding fingers inside
>"So you have, I don't what they're called, broken parts? I'm guessing that these were silicone bubbles that popped, and that's how it turned out this way. And I wanna film in there, I just can't quite get the camera in there. Okay, alrigiht, this is what it looks like. And I have the standard in size in her called the "Voice of Pussy". And that ass, ass…oh, it feels really nice in there. That is really nice. Okay, I've had soome like, residual material come out of there. Okay, this gooes really deep. Take a look here. These are my fingers. My hands are pretty small. I'm still not all the way in. Like this is not all the way in, there's still some to go, so…very nice, very nice."
>"Yeah, this is, this is pretty good. It's pretty good, this is a good experience (laughs) Oh yeah, this is kinda what it feels like. This is POV, like fucking the doll and I'm between her legs. Yeah, this is nice. Yeah, oh yeah, baby. So, in my opinion, totally worth the price."
>fondles the breasts, stomach, etc
>"Yeah, so you get a feel for the experience here. Firsthand experience. Okay, so here's me squishing the tummy. Whoops, it's quite hard, quite hard. And lying down, it's even harder. Guys, squishy test? They're not very squishy. So like, the silicone does feel very, very smooth and soft, like I can tottally press my finger into it, but it's firm (slap). Okay, yeah, this is what it'd be like to lick her pussy. (pants) yeah, oh yeah, baby (laughs) Yeah, this is really nice. Really nice. Now let's see if we can turn her over and check out her ass, yeah."
>"One Eternity Later" Spongebob cut with voice
>cut back to doll, bending over
>"Whew, okay, turned her over. Here she is, with her ass towards me. Okay, softtness test. Ass (slap) is (slap) quite (slap) firm. If you like them big, wobbly asses, not for you. Okay, it's only for those us who love firm asses. Oh, yeah (slap) Yeah, that's kind of what (laugh) my ass sounds like when you spank it! And I have a small and firm ass, so yeah. Firm asses for firm ass lovers. Okay, these are the holes from behind. That's what it looks like. Pretty nice, pretty nice, actually. Love hole placement? I don't know. Do you guys think I look at my own holes and am like "Where are they placed? How many cm between each hole?", well, I dont know. You know. Okay, here's the pussy. Quite soft, but still firm. So both soft and firm at the same time. Well, the only thing that's soft about this doll are the boobs. Okay, ass. Okay. Okay. So, if you would have fun with her, this is what it would look like (sudden loud moaning noise, while fingering the doll's ass) And the pussy (loud moan, again) Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, kinda feels like bits and pieces are coming off. And yeah, they definitely are. Yeah, so, uh, but I'm sure if you've had a go at her a couple times, all those pieces will come out. Okay, I should probably clean her first."
>stretches it open with her hand, "I still don't get all the way in, the hole is just that deep. (quiet) God, how would I clean this? Okay, when she's on all four, you've got to be a bit careful with her. Uh, you have to put her on her forearms and her elbows, rather than on her wrsits, because she has really small wrists, really tiny. I have really tiny wrists myself. She's even tinier than me. Okay. It's good, I don't feel alone anymore in having tiny wrists! Okay, so, I know now when I'm on all four for too long, or I do something like push-ups, then my wrists start hurting because I have small wrists, so imagine what it's like for heeer~? Okay? The poor, sensitive lady.
>positions herself behind doll, says "So, if you're gonna have her on all four, and then you, you're gonna have fun with her. Okay? Like this? And you're gonna put weight on her like this, there's just gonna be a lot of weight oon her forearms. So don't, don't put her on her wrists, I just have a feeling that she might break. Okay, and this is what the elbows look like when they're bent. Okay, a little bit ugly, umm, but it's probably all about bending the arms in the right diriection. I think I'm not so good at it yet. And uh, bending all the limbs, it, it's not as hard as I thought it would be, actually. It's not that hard. And I'm, I'm a small girl and it's just, it's not that thard. I hope that they don't loosen up too much."
>she starts humping the doll and spanking it, says "Okay, so, this is the POV angle. Yeah, this is pretty good. I'm having a pretty good experience."

No. 1169391

File: 1614176517745.png (105.47 KB, 954x544, snkbj.png)


No. 1169393

File: 1614176597631.png (198.06 KB, 1118x908, nljvsk.png)

No. 1169395

File: 1614176695497.jpg (64.4 KB, 640x806, hx3d8kulzmi61.jpg)

New Harem Queen chapter.

No. 1169397

File: 1614176728005.jpg (112.29 KB, 640x902, c5ga2zulzmi61.jpg)

No. 1169399

File: 1614176869361.jpg (119.1 KB, 640x905, smzkgtulzmi61.jpg)

No. 1169400

File: 1614176998884.jpg (113.6 KB, 640x904, fg4rixulzmi61.jpg)

No. 1169401

File: 1614177298546.png (182.03 KB, 1098x940, kvna2.png)

She's looking for help moving her Harem Queen content to r/haremqueen from r/pickmes in exchange for rare/lewd content of the manga she hasn't posted elsewhere. I'm kind of tempted to do it mostly for the bonus art, but I've been kind of swamped lately.

No. 1169410

Betabuxxing makes it into the comic huh?

But honestly a pretty nice chapter, I like the characters all interacting.

No. 1169734

Honestly while Mary is not super skilled with her drawings, she has a really good eye for comic flow and dialogue.

Holly for example makes her characters’ faces too animated, or have weird reactions to regular conversations. Somehow Mary knows how to set a tone and not overdo it with the comical parts which makes it land pretty well.

No. 1173741

>in the meantime, you can always read her comic, harem queen, which is "girl manga, basically" that should appeal to all pre-adult stages, but it has sex in it, even "advanced sex, not just regular vanilla sex", which might help with your issue, and all the men are seen as actual sex objects. they are sexualized. "go ahead and read that, little girl, until you become a woman"
based gimpgirl sexualizing men for the good of all of us except the ones who are gay

No. 1178080

File: 1615080533516.png (531.41 KB, 588x580, holyfuck.PNG)

Haven't been able to check up on r/pickmes for a while but this is unbelievable

No. 1178081

File: 1615080818111.png (839.11 KB, 613x874, ohnonono.PNG)

Samefag but the doll is all over the entire subreddit now, she's named it as you can see, and it's just. A lot. A lot of material and a lot of… whatever this is. She is also touching it so much.

No. 1178082

File: 1615080936489.png (Spoiler Image,731.99 KB, 704x792, why.PNG)

No. 1178113

File: 1615084902781.png (426.69 KB, 689x381, amazed.PNG)

Video: “Do sex dolls replace women?”

>”It is me, with my doll, and I have dressed her up as a real pick me. She’s a real pick me girl now, isn’t that cute?”

>Doll has pigtails and a lolita bow
>Jingles doll’s collar bell
>She introduces the doll as Mia and says she will talk about dolls (“Surprise!”) and she is clearly excited and breathless
>Today she will talk about whether sex dolls will replace women
>Lets us know neither of them are wearing underwear
>”That’s how hopeless we are, right Mia?”
>Speaking in fond cutesy voice to the doll the whole time, what the fuck
>Dolls vs. women, how does it work, pros and cons of both? She has divided it into sections
>Asks Mia to hold the script for her, and gently fusses over her and talks to her as she puts the notebook on the doll’s lap
>”There you go, thank you, thank you” to the doll, puts the doll’s hands around the notebook and says “she’s actually holding the script”
>Still thanking the doll, says “that is so comfortable” and goes on to thank Mia yet again
>Staring fondly at the doll, she says she will talk about looks first. Says the dolls are always pretty, strokes the doll’s arm. Says you have the choice of the face and body type
>It’s easier to find a doll that you like looks-wise than a real woman because they are all pretty
>With “bio foids,” few are actually pretty, if you want a pretty one you will have to look long and hard
>It’s rare for one to meet your preferences, so in most case with “foids” you have to settle
>Next section is companionship
>She snuggles up to Mia and makes the cutesy voice again, says with the doll it is calming and relaxing
>Rubs her shoulders, says “it’s very cozy to spend time with her, she’s very cuddly. The only downside is if it’s cold, she is too.”
>You can get them a blanket
>Another thing is that the doll doesn’t talk, Mia can’t talk. But a “foid” can talk to you and hold conversation with you, talk about annoying things and you don’t want to hear them talk anyway. They can refuse to talk to you as well
>Mary says there are voice apps for the dolls with a sensor but she has not tried them so she doesn’t have an opinion on that
>She plays over a voiceover of a high pitched voice saying “nya” and pretends the doll said it
>Whenever you’re in the mood or what you want to do, she’ll be up for it (Speech text by Mia says “I’m up for it!”)
>”Her pussy is very pleasant, I felt the inside, her insides, and it’s very close where she has a certain texture inside. It’s a little bit harder of a texture, but you can choose the texture of the inside”
>You need to use lube and be careful not to break them, but Mia is quite sturdy
>They need internal cleaning after every use
>Girls are never available when you need, or only for a minute, and they can be out of commission if they are tired, on their period, pregnant. The doll will never have this problem unless it breaks
>”Foids are self cleaning, you don’t need to clean her irrigatior out”
>Lays down by doll, “This is cozy, it’s like hanging out with a girlfriend.”
>The doll cannot cook or clean for you, but some women will. And the doll cannot have children, be shown off to your family, etc. “yet, anyway.”
>Strokes dolls hair, says they are so easy to get
>Acquiring a woman involves talking to her, dating her for a long time
>She says she is so happy with her doll

Sorry the tldr is so long, but there was just a lot in this one. I really recommend watching for full impact, words can’t capture her body language toward this thing

No. 1178116

She is super gay. She was too excited to open this doll and seems her attention has now turned to the doll. Imagine if the doll takes over vlads spot as her obsession.

No. 1178120

Is she high?

No. 1178124

File: 1615086012271.png (452.92 KB, 682x384, howtoprocess.PNG)

Video: “Why are you Frigid 2.1 – tips for how to get over sexual issues”

>”Today it is gimpgirl, and Mia is in the picture too today” (Wow, what a surprise!)

>Part two of why you are frigid
>She’s had Mia for three days at this point, says she’s wonderful, conspiratorially leans in to the camera and whispers “I tried humping her yesterday, it was *amazing”
>”Okay, so let’s move on…”
>Asks Mia if she can lay down on her and rests in her lap
>The first reason for being frigid is that you are insecure
>You need to separate frigidity to shyness, being shy to talk to guys is about being self conscious and needs to be separate. Today’s video focuses on issues with sex and men
>Fusses with Mia, sits up, says you can get a female friend or role model and this friend can be really into men, not just sexually, not just good with men, but someone who is really into men
>Often women will go after whoever the alpha female is in the group and take after her, if your role model is a frigid old hag (“your mom?”) you will be too
>When it comes to sexual issues, what she has found, “and also what a therapist might tell you” (gold quote) is that a certain sex act like anal, tits, nudes, think things are degrading, then you have to do it a lot. You can’t discuss it, or cry about it, just do it a lot. Every single day.
>If you feel it is degrading to post nude pictures online, try doing it every day for a year
>If you are scared of anal, try doing it every day if you have time, and it will not seem like such a big deal anymore

No. 1178127

File: 1615086209359.png (324.04 KB, 700x707, gimpspo.PNG)

Some gimpspo for intermission

No. 1178134

She looks like Zach Braff

No. 1178136

For all that she diets and works out, she still looks like a jaundiced, bloated babushka next to that doll.

No. 1178146

File: 1615087484296.png (466.31 KB, 681x378, outro.PNG)

Video: “Why are you Frigid 2.2 – tips for how to get over sexual issues”

>You have to start sexualizing men, not see them as sex objects or in a feminist way, you have to see them as someone you want to have sex with. Your end goal should always be to get fucked by a dick, whatever tip you follow, that is the end goal”

>You can masturbate to a pic of a guy, can be dressed or undressed. This is how you train yourself to associate your arousal with men
>”Not associating arousal with… whatever it is that arouses you now”
>Uses rape porn and self insert porn as examples
>Rubs her doll’s hand, says “I can break these fingers one day. They do break eventually, they do.”
>Holds her doll’s hand, admits she forgot what she was even saying
>Self insertion porn is not good, it’s woman centered so you self insert as her
>Guys are only half shown in form
>She recommends female POV porn, because in real sex you only see the guys, not yourself, so you need to get off on actual guys
>You need to learn to get off to get off to regular guys, not romance guys, not guys from movies. That is how you end up fucking tattoo moid because you saw a guy like him in the Netflix original series Bad Boys from Prison
>You need to like regular guys, maybe a bit older like over 40/middle aged and looks like a regular guy. He will not look like a movie star, you will have to teach yourself to get off to his dad bod and baldness because that’s what older guys look like, basically describes her husband
>You have got to learn to get off on male body parts, like legs, and yes they will be hairy. You need to get used to that hair. If they have shaved legs “they are gay, or else there is something wrong with them”
>You need to learn to get off to the D, she knows a lot of ladies think it is scary
>Asks Mia is she likes dicks, makes a high pitched voice and talks to herself as Mia to say she likes dicks
>Opening a small package for “our man,” giggles all over Mia and says “he’s your man too, now”
>Asks Mia what she thinks the package is and teases her because it isn’t for her
>Asks doll if she has ever seen a lens, makes the doll voice and asks if it is a cock ring, Mary giggles and scolds the doll saying it is a lens and not a cock ring, then drops the lens into the doll’s bodysuit and tells her to hold it with her boobs
>You should look at dick pics and videos of solo male scenes
>You have to overcome frigidity or you will have a lot of issues

No. 1178157

File: 1615088712586.png (436.45 KB, 681x384, millmen.PNG)

Video: “How to pick up a millennial man (for young women)”

>Colorful intro with hearts that announced this channel is now ‘gimpgirl and doll’

>Introduces Mia again, who is dressed in Mary’s clothes now
>”We are opening a package for our man, isn’t that right Mia? It’s funny, he used to be only my man”
>Says Mia needs a wash because her skin is like jelly
>For all young ladies, you might not know why you want a millennial man because you are sitting in your girl rooms watching Disney, not knowing what a millennial(? What?)
>Makes doll voice to ask if the package she is opening is a sex toy, this is some real Bubbles and Conky shit
>Asks herself as Mia if it is a sex toy, and explains Mia is frustrated because Mary has been hogging all the D
>Package is a viewfinder that she struggles to put on the camera, asks Mia if she wants to gift it to Vlad
>Converses with Mia (herself) as she makes her hold the camera
>Explains that millennial is a generation, her generation, but she says commonly young people do not know what a generation is
>She defines a millennial as someone who is between 30 and 40 right now, says this is the age of guy a young woman should want
>Talking to Mia
>Millennial men have money, are stable, and all they want is a young tradwife
>If you are an older woman who wants a man with money this will never work for you, you are simply too old, you can see cases like this under the “copium” flare on her subreddit
>Young women miss out on older men because they are young, dumb, and lack direction in life
>If you marry, you can move out of your parents’, which you still should when you are young
>You can have kids with him
>Asks Mia to read the script but then says she is too shy
>If you don’t get with millennial men, as a young woman you can end up with guys your own age who are dumb and live at home just like you, and may even act like women
>Millennial men can still be manly
>You have to make the first move, for example send him a dm that says he is cute and you want to hang out
>You have to act trad, add the trad component to you as you already are. You are already cute, with your cosplay like outfit and young body, but if you want an edge you need to build cooking skills. Make him things that look very homemade
>Says she doesn’t think young people know what aesthetic means
>Add a porno twist to your outfit, some fishnets, or a thong under a schoolgirl skirt. Add a tint of porno to it because porn became widespread when millennial came of age. Says millennial are obsessed with porn, whether for or against it
>The cosplay angle will keep the bedroom from going dead and the trad edge will keep the kitchen from going dead, If you are young, fertile, and cute, she recommends this for you

Hope there aren't any glaring mistakes in these

No. 1178225

How tall is Mary? I didn't realize how small sex dolls are, kinda dodgy (though I realize they come from Asia half the time where the average height is smaller)

No. 1178227

>Not associating arousal with… whatever it is that arouses you now”

Closet lesbian confirmed

No. 1178234

I misread "gimpgirl" as "simpgirl" for a second in this post, lmao.
Her obsession with this doll really outs her.

No. 1178235

File: 1615102702703.png (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 956x928, nkjnj9.png)

>line-up of different JAV actresses
>"I clicked a link and was seduced by JAV"
Just straight girl things.

No. 1178242

There are definitely bigger dolls (around 160-165cm) bit they are usually heavier and more expensive.
The one she has is probably around 140cm, which can go for like 100 bucks less depending on the doll.

No. 1178253

They always go back to fetishizing East Asian girls

No. 1178254

Crazy how all the women who bang on about this crap and forcing other women to like gross scrotes never actually enjoyed a sexual encounter in their lives. Why should I trust a bitch whos had less orgasms than me?

No. 1178259

sry 4 tinfoil but there's no way she's not a lesbian, right?

No. 1178266

I think there is sometimes a little horseshoe theory going on between cool girl pickme and just straight up lesbian. Gimpgirl is such a strange case, the fact that she bought a sex doll is definitely going the extra mile, its beyond "I like strip clubs too guys!" pickmeism into potentially deeply closeted lesbian, or at least extremely bicurious woman.

also is it just me or does she look ten years younger since she got this doll? kek its like new relationship energy. gotta look good for Mia!

No. 1178271

Shes a faggot who never enjoyed sex with a man which is why she needs to cope for all of this autistic spazzing she does all day when in fact shes a closeted homosexual. Also until her i never realized a woman could be fit and thin but still look undesireable as if she were obese

No. 1178375

iirc when she ordered this doll, she wanted to make it smaller than her on purpose so she could carry it from room to room without hassle

No. 1178382

so many horrendous boob jobs in one photo, yikes

No. 1178906

I didn't think she was a closet lesbian like some other anons before now but this.. this is just sad. This is self conversion therapy

No. 1179280

I was trying not to infer too much about her before this too, but I think her reaction to the doll and these last few videos make it pretty inarguable

No. 1180377

ot but if you look at the spaces between 3+4 and 8+9 etc. you can see its just terrible photoshop

No. 1181724


I am going to assume the same person wrote these transcripts: absolute terrific job! It was such a joy to read your writing and then watch Gimpgirl's videos. I don't know what her version of giga-Chad is, but whatever it is, you are it! Let me be your pick-me. I'll boil us some vegetables and save up to get a doll of your own. After all, you deserve it for all the hard work you do. Maybe your doll-to-be can be friends with Gimpgirl's Mia.

No. 1185427

I'm craving new comics(sage)

No. 1185452

so she bought the doll for herself and she tries to get Vlad to fuck other women so she doesn't have to
I'm gonna guess all this s&m shit is her self loathing manifesting physically

No. 1185498

File: 1615862935378.png (281.86 KB, 592x324, howshefeels.PNG)

Aww, thank you anon. It's been a bit hard to find time to transcribe lately but I will start the backlog just for you

Video: "Are YOU still relevant?"

>Video starts at a low angle while Mary fusses with her hairbow, she says it is so not her

>After intro, she is sitting on the bed with Mia
>She says she needs a better studio, that the dress she is wearing isn't her but she needed more color in the video. Her lack of confidence in this dress and the headbow is an odd change, as she had worn both in a previous video and seemed to feel that it was very cute
>Mia has a mask on, Mary asks her why and removes it because they are indoors and "you only have to wear the mask outdoors" (implying she takes the doll outdoors???)
>Another video about Mia, and lovedolls in general, discussing whether real females are still relevant
>She will be talking about how she feels about Mia so far
>She is opening a package for "their man" while talking to Mia, says she needs to be careful cause she is afraid of stabbing the doll with the big knife she is using to get into the parcel
>Mary says she has been feeling great ever since she got Mia, and that ever since she got Mia she started to feel indifferent to women
>The thing she likes about Mia is that she is always available, and there for "sex and groping"
>"When you need to get your rocks on, she's there" (fucking howling at "get your rocks on")
>Fixes Mia's skirt and says she is a very sexy girl
>Says Mia is not a sex toy, but a literal sex object that is appealing in a way women are not as far as Mary believes, basically a sex doll