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File: 1572083885717.jpg (95.31 KB, 718x1080, ugh.jpg)

No. 884793

>spooky skeletal 'trad'wife
>has her own subreddit r/pickmes where she gives tips on how to have a hot tranny Auschwitz survivor body like her and posts her autistic comics >>477043
>believes herself to be an eternally youthful Stacy with pretty privilege, 'too hot to work', who is 'paid to exist', wears designer clothes
>in actuality rated <5 on Reddit, has to dumpster dive, supports her 'trad' husband financially, body looks like this (enough said) >>477097
>considers herself in the top 1% of attractive women due to her ana chan body, 'trad' lifestyle, BDSM autism, short hair and self-abasement >>477278
>believes long hair is for ugly women >>477110
>roleplays bdsm shit in public in front of her kids >>477058
>wears a hijab/gimp mask in public >>477059
>married to a short Romanian who cheats on her
>hates non-white women, 'chubby' women, young women, career women, herself
>lets other men fuck her, husband keeps her in the basement
>thinks rape doesn't exist/shouldn't be punished
>believes women are things that exist for cleaning and having children
no social media apart from autistic reddit and old theapricity.com posts; if you find them please post

No. 884801

File: 1572085039267.png (3.12 MB, 1882x1470, 000000.png)

This post doesn't even make sense. In her example, the doormat is getting abandoned for a woman who isn't one, but women should strive to be doormats?

No. 884805

File: 1572085658372.png (536 KB, 879x642, 1572038063719.png)

OP, it looks like your posts are accidentally linking to random /snow/ posts instead of the posts from the /ot/ thread (>>>/ot/476533)
I guess I could just repost them here for ease.
>has her own subreddit r/pickmes where she gives tips on how to have a hot tranny Auschwitz survivor body like her and posts her autistic comics

No. 884807

shit, I think it's because the original thread was on /ot/, I could post them as ot links I suppose

No. 884809

File: 1572085850508.png (367.88 KB, 2070x1320, 98989.png)

>I'm too pretty to work uwu

No. 884810

File: 1572085955914.jpeg (435.38 KB, 550x1029, 1572006016045.jpeg)

And what she actually looks like.

No. 884812

This dumbass doesn’t know that “pick me” is an insult for women desperate for men right? She doesn’t realize that she’s the pick me?

No. 884816

File: 1572086233644.png (Spoiler Image,770.24 KB, 930x2229, 1572045746261.png)

>in actuality rated <5 on Reddit, has to dumpster dive, supports her 'trad' husband financially, body looks like this (enough said)
Reddit thread where she got rated:

No. 884817

File: 1572086314478.png (59.92 KB, 1224x284, oof.png)

One person rated her a 6, and they got a 3-day ban for "rate inflation", lmao.

No. 884818


She looks like a man cosplaying a woman! The absolute state of ugly losers projecting.

No. 884819

File: 1572086486406.jpg (Spoiler Image,385.98 KB, 1256x1024, 3f8896534167161.jpg)

>considers herself in the top 1% of attractive women due to her ana chan body, 'trad' lifestyle, BDSM autism, short hair and self-abasement
"Ugly fatty" vs her, a "hot, skinny bitch". She posted this comparison herself.

No. 884821

She looks like she crawled out from under a bridge somewhere, imagine being delusional enough to think you're the hottie in this comparison (also reads as male on first glance)

No. 884823

She's literally the Becky in this comparison —

No. 884824

File: 1572086946087.png (333.59 KB, 2440x536, 1572049155080.png)

>believes long hair is for ugly women
Long haired hags BTFO.

No. 884825

File: 1572086978567.png (379.58 KB, 2444x594, 1572049223170.png)

No. 884826

File: 1572087107405.png (425.44 KB, 2456x714, 1572049317523.png)

>I don't need hair, only old, fat and ugly women bother with such things

No. 884827

>Calls herself Stacey
>Boobs look like this

Women who use reddit are a breed unto themselves, that 5 rating she got was too generous

No. 884828

File: 1572087224444.jpg (284.26 KB, 560x627, 1572039585918.jpg)

>roleplays bdsm shit in public in front of her kids
From an anon >>>/ot/477070
>She definitely did it intentionally. I saw another post of her bending right over in front of her kid in the middle of the park, talking about how all the dads loved it and the moms hated it. Didn't take a screenshot because I was so skeeved out, she can't even exercise a little restraint around children.

No. 884830

File: 1572087379002.jpg (397.59 KB, 602x799, 1572039650499.jpg)

>wears a hijab/gimp mask in public

No. 884831

File: 1572087481374.jpg (351.63 KB, 558x850, 3894c1586808283.jpg)

>married to a short Romanian who cheats on her
Her testimony:
>My man is above average in looks. This is what he looked like when I first met him, he was the hottest guy in class and I had to compete with other girls to get him.

No. 884832

That poor kid,Imagine having these 2 imbeciles as parents

No. 884833

This lady is the biggest cuckquean of all time

No. 884834

File: 1572087530960.png (352.52 KB, 2224x634, 92904.png)

As for the cheating, she encourages it now.

No. 884837

>dresses like this in public
>thinks people stare at her because she's hot but doesn't realize it's because she's dressed like a nutter

No. 884839

yes, format is >>>/ot/postnumber

No. 884840

File: 1572088453684.png (422.05 KB, 2274x684, 43343.png)

>hates non-white women, 'chubby' women, young women, career women, herself
Her infamous "Racial Ladder" thread. It's hidden on the actual site, but I found a snapshot of it on the Wayback Machine.

Thread where she spends multiple pages bitching about non-white women (especially Middle Eastern women and East Asian women) and calling them dark, ugly, fat, overrated, etc:

Her extremely long pro-ana thread where she bashes "chubby" women, posts photos of herself and shares her quark concoction meals. Most milk I've seen of her so far:

Her Reddit post history, where you can see her attacking career women, younger women, feminists, the works:

No. 884842

this is absolutely just some weird fetish shit

No. 884843

File: 1572088727320.png (50.02 KB, 2068x188, 1-0.png)

>Rape is not a thing.
I really, really hope she has no daughters.

No. 884844

File: 1572088855309.png (338.86 KB, 2068x1164, 1-.png)

>You need a man, a man doesn't need you.
>A man's oldest son is his right hand, you're the creature that lives in the basement and is let out to do the cleaning.
>At least I've got my spot in the basement secured. A comfy cage, a blanket, sometimes I even get a pillow! What more can a girl ask for?
Some anons theorized that she was raped in the past, and it explains a lot of her mentality.

No. 884846

File: 1572088981389.jpg (62.26 KB, 835x492, image.jpg)

A Swedish Anon said Mary/gimpgirl is a frequent user of a big Swedish forum.

Can any Swedanon give us some info on this?

No. 884848

The people must be protected from her beauty

I am thinking her manlet is the root of most of this madness, or maybe she is just very mentally ill.

No. 884850

File: 1572089463343.png (543.07 KB, 2214x1232, 9094.png)

>I would keep giving him money even if he left me. As long as he's happy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-l2_OTRT6Q

>Let me give you a counter example: what should all the men in dead bedrooms do? That's a form of abuse too. Should they leave their wives and kids and travel to Pattaya? Or should they see a therapist, sort it out, and move on with life?

>"Cheating" just like "abuse" is a bogeyman that lives in your head. I think you get this image of your man laughing while he sleeps with some model looking woman and they talk about how much you suck or something.

>I watched my man have sex with a hot blonde last month. It was hot and fun and then we went home. No one felt abused or cheated on.

>I don't feel that my man is walking all over me. Why is that the first thing that you think of?

>If you're nice to a man, and you keep your mouth shut and do your work, he's not going to look at you and think "haha! She's a doormat, time to fire up the disrespect machine!"

>I had a phase like this with my man once when he felt like a cuck every time he had to help out with the kids. It took me forever to explain to him that taking care of his own kids did not make him less manly.

>That's paranoia on your part. No man is going to treat you badly for no reason. Especially not if you work hard and you do what you're supposed to do.

So many issues here, but the thing about her husband feeling like a "cuck" at the prospect of being an actual father says a lot.

No. 884851

File: 1572089588698.jpg (73.5 KB, 613x1199, qxlcwwh9juu31.jpg)

A new body check. Looks like she actually has hair at the moment. What happened to long hair being for ugly women?

No. 884855

File: 1572089828587.jpg (Spoiler Image,279.05 KB, 1880x4608, 0gh98t2z0du31.jpg)

And some "gimpspiration", from 2 days ago.

No. 884857

File: 1572090415465.png (578.96 KB, 2268x1050, 9898999.png)

She's posted a lot about how women are worthless compared to sex dolls and robots.
If that's the case, why doesn't she just give up? Why even try to appease men?

No. 884858

It's weird that red pill women are actually pretty pink pilled when it comes to mens true nature but still want to stay with them instead of telling them to fuck off.
Feminists are more optimistic/charitable for some reason.

No. 884859

File: 1572090745830.jpg (454.46 KB, 720x936, 1571980852540.jpg)

Everything about her appearance just screams "the struggle".

No. 884860

File: 1572090793540.jpg (223.72 KB, 1051x954, batshit.jpg)

Looks like her Christian beliefs are part of the rhetoric, but I don't remember the verses about swingers and gangbangs in the Bible?

No. 884861

File: 1572090833717.png (429.61 KB, 1572x722, 985983.png)

I say this particularly because she confirmed that she got that T-shirt from the trash, and that it's for 10-11 year olds. Classy tradwife things.

No. 884862

She looks like a slav boy.

No. 884865

File: 1572091300283.png (360.34 KB, 2584x800, 99991.png)

>Not doing laundry by hand? The least you could do is have anal sex, then.

No. 884867

File: 1572091739549.png (381.71 KB, 2554x716, nknkjn.png)

Apparently, she stops feeling maternal instincts for her children after a year.
>4) Don't get me wrong you still might want to hold you child, feed your child, but by then it's no different from what the father feels.
>5) Think about it like this: what does the mother do that the father doesn't do?
So, she equates her own feelings about her kids to her husband's feelings. Considering her account of him not wanting to take care of them because it makes him feel like a "cuck" >>884850, I think it's safe to say she's not the best mother. Don't forget all the sexual activity in front of them, too.
God help those children.

No. 884868

File: 1572092136012.png (574.48 KB, 2798x1214, 89983.png)

Someone tried to talk some sense into her, but she wasn't having it. Kind of sad that her only reaction to someone pointing out that her life revolves around outside validation is basically "no u".
>If a man is wasting his life away on being with me I need to give him something back. Being hot is the least I can do.

No. 884869


> hottest looking guy in class

> is a pig-faced manlet

Wew, lass.

No. 884871

File: 1572092768621.png (1.33 MB, 1834x1256, 9503902.png)

>young girl or woman: exists near model/singer/actress/female public figure/Mary herself

No. 884872

File: 1572092855201.png (196.46 KB, 1596x420, 8989000.png)

She really has a racial complex.

No. 884874

File: 1572093330691.png (823.85 KB, 2808x1294, 90042904.png)

Here she goes full ana.

No. 884875

File: 1572093388797.png (Spoiler Image,1.6 MB, 2238x1440, 0942094902.png)

Like…she's unbelievably vile.

No. 884878

File: 1572093580731.png (358.72 KB, 2216x1188, 84982842.png)

>There is no such thing as underweight.
If she has female children, I bet she's starving them.

No. 884882

File: 1572094499082.png (933 KB, 1724x964, 894893.png)

She's posted and linked to some videos of herself.
This is like a deleted scene from Gummo.

No. 884883

Here's my evidence:

>links to scene from forgotten 90s movie that nobody is using as a bar of beauty or aspiration

If anything, she's pointing out that the ana body was trendy 20+ years ago and nobody wants it now

No. 884885

File: 1572094897347.png (2.16 MB, 2298x1204, 593853.png)

She speaks in this one, but I have no clue what she's saying, or what language she's speaking.
In this one, she's lifting, and you can see a baby's legs kicking.

No. 884886

File: 1572095031286.png (668.54 KB, 1384x1424, 94029111.png)

How can someone who looks so much like a tranny be so narcissistic?

No. 884887

File: 1572095177068.png (1.65 MB, 1008x1462, 89842.png)

>Victoria's Secret models are cows. I'm skinnier and more attractive than them.
In what world?

No. 884889

File: 1572095461064.png (212.97 KB, 2612x382, 98892.png)

Such a cope. She even admitted to her husband cheating on her before, then fetishizing it to deal with it.

No. 884891

muscle weighs something so the person would gain weight. also she does eat carbs despite being too stupid to know she does.
what a find, great cow who combines a lot of ideas together in one.

No. 884892

File: 1572096038444.png (206.42 KB, 1948x416, 98-0s.png)

This is just sad.

No. 884894

File: 1572096357001.png (566.62 KB, 2456x1358, 7666667.png)

She briefly tried to claim that she eats a vegan diet, not realizing quark is a dairy product.
Going malnourished for so long must have left her with brain damage.

No. 884897

File: 1572097161385.png (302.79 KB, 2612x714, 898.png)

She also thinks she knows better than actual doctors.

No. 884900

Whew. Never have I ever seen such denial, projection, and massive delusions in a person. Her face is so unfortunate no wonder she hides it with masks and blurs it and her body is nasty.Manly looking all around. She ain't even that thin compared to other anas. Even her manlet husband has to get off elsewhere lmao he sounds wacky too. Yikes. They ought to have their children taken away honestly. She's actually insane if she believes all this bullshit.

No. 884902

She seems to have at least one daughter and I feel so sorry for her. Imagine being brainwashed and punished so hard from birth for your sex by your own mother.

No. 884903

Swedish I think? It sounds like a scandinavian language and apparently she lives in Sweden.

No. 884905

File: 1572100547064.png (1.76 MB, 2642x1480, jknjkn.png)

For real. Imagine having a mother who teaches you that since you're female, you're a filthy animal, a parasite, a creature to be locked in a basement, etc.

No. 884910

omg you guys made a thread about her lol.
But there is something very mentally wrong with this woman.

I get the feeling that she is a self-hating dyke who regrets marrying her husband and this is how she copes by hating on other women and shilling marriage.

No. 884922

File: 1572103459148.png (Spoiler Image,626.49 KB, 1678x842, 4893.png)

>the bodies are same-same
I can't anymore. No. She has to be doing this in hopes that people mock and body-shame her so she can get some masochistic glee.
She can't possibly think those two photos look alike "besides the presentation".

No. 884923

File: 1572103539190.jpeg (Spoiler Image,513.64 KB, 801x750, 54972e624348073.jpeg)

Full view.

No. 884926

This woman has fucked up her body so much with her ana diet that her body looks like 80 year olds womens.

No. 884929

I think a lot of it probably has something to do with childbirth. Seems like a massive cope to me.

>because i now have a conventionally unattractive body i've somehow gotta make out like this was my plan/ideal all along! trad hubby loves my childbearing bod even though he's repeatedly cheated!

No. 884933

Ethnic wommen trigger her so much especially Middle Eastern women. Kek lad

No. 884934

File: 1572105921659.png (341.77 KB, 2030x852, 93932.png)

>3) You rarely, if ever, see women in the prettiest 5% (women like me) because we make other women feel really bad about themselves.

No. 884939

File: 1572106687774.jpg (152.63 KB, 640x480, ac1be3571009013.jpg)

Old pic of her. She claims she was 60kg in this one. She looks leagues better here than she does now.

No. 884941

File: 1572107018411.png (494.27 KB, 2032x1186, 1572043779513.png)

>pregnancy makes women have deformed bodies
You are just as mentally ill as this woman if you believe that.
So many women give birth and they still have normal-attractive bodies.

The reason why her body is so fucked up is because she is UNDERWEIGHT,43KG AND LIVES ON A HORRIBLE DIET.

Here is a body pic when she was 60kg and she looked normal so dont try to make this a ''child-birth'' thing.

No. 884942

She's a 5 or 6 rate here lmao painfully average. What happened to her face? She truly looks like a man that survived the holocaust now. With saggy old lady tits. Idk where she gets her fucked up delusions and idealism from but she's probably beyond help.

No. 884943

File: 1572107135366.jpg (285.51 KB, 868x588, 5d92ff619682433.jpg)

A picture of her at 18. This is the only photo she's posted where she looks undeniably pretty IMO. She actually has life in her eyes, and a nice smile.
I almost don't believe it's the same person, but the wall looks the same as in other old photos she's posted.
It's a shame she turned out to be so horrible on the inside and out.

No. 884947

As a previous poster already mentioned here.
She was probably molested or sexually abused at a young age which has fucked this woman up sexually.

No. 884950

Anon, I think she's said this because on the more recent photos she has notable sagginess around her belly area, where she would have carried her children and the skin has stretched, and fairly extreme sagging for such a small-framed woman. That's likely from pregnancy+a really unfortunate absence of skin elasticity, which won't have been helped by whatever starvation diet she's been on. Maybe she got really fat when she was pregnant and then lost it all too quickly.

No. 884954

>90% of women are fat and ugly

it’s easy to think that when your standards for fat are just not being underweight.

No. 884956

For someone who adamantly claims women are "animals" with "the mental capacity of a chicken" and only "exist to be used by men" she sure talks over other people and argues a lot. It's so strange how she fails to take pretty much all of her own advice to heart but won't shut up about it either. She wants to be trad yet is a swinger. She draws an ultimate tradthot Stacy with long blonde hair then claims long hair is for uglies and she's hotter by shaving her head. Says women shouldn't be career women but then shills out money for her shit tier trophy husband.

No. 884957

File: 1572108521994.jpg (293.95 KB, 584x850, 9912e5619728943.jpg)

She posted a photo of her body at 18 here >>>/ot/477010 where she looks emaciated and miserable.
Based on the photos and her post history from Reddit and The Apricity, I suspect that she first started struggling with an eating disorder at 18, before or after having had a lot of sexual encounters that worsened her issues (past sexual abuse most likely being one, and disordered eating habits maybe being even earlier, but coming to a head at that age), then she started dating her husband and recovered from her ED (hence becoming 60kg), but slid right back into her mess after he ditched her.
When he came back, she most likely believed that going back to being ana was the same as "getting her act together". She's probably still like this, because "Well, at least I'm not getting fat after having babies, unlike those "body posi" mom bloggers!", ignoring the fact that she has still destroyed (and is continually destroying) her body, her mental health and possibly the lives of her children.
Her husband probably encourages it because she's appealing to his pornsick fantasies, she lets him fuck other women while she fucks other men (so he never has to be bothered by the sight of her, plus, she can self-harm and get that "sexual attention/recognition" high from letting random men use her), and most importantly, he doesn't really care about her as a human being.
This "arrangement" lets her live her worst, most self-destructive life, while her husband gets to be a horny, lazy NEET that never leaves her. A "happy" ending for a fucked up, self-loathing person with issues that have gone unaddressed and untreated all her life.

No. 884959

Looks like an actual skinwalker (not slang, the folklore creature)
She can’t seriously think these photos make her look hot she probably has a humiliation fetish or is trolling these people are discostang wtf at least we have an idea of what all these “muh women should be good wives to men and are their doormats” really look like (kinda reminds me of Zastrix on Instagram)
needless to say, her appearance is probably the reason she puts down other women for being “dark ugly fatties”

No. 884960

nah she's just a cuck.

No. 884961

File: 1572108871889.jpg (430.11 KB, 860x658, c578fb514997501.jpg)

Forgot to add: As long as she hates herself and believes she has nothing to offer, she will keep financially supporting him with her family's money, acting as a slave, and fulfilling his every sexual whim. Why would he try to get her help?
She said this picture was 10 years old, so I'm guessing it's her at 25.

No. 884963

>im guessing 25
She is 40, so she was probably 28-30 in these pictures

No. 884964


Yeah, it's Swedish. The sound quality is terrible though, it's hurting my ears. Something about her new white shoes and then something about sex that I didn't even bother to try to hear tbh sorry. She looks and sounds super awkward, just as I expected she would.

No. 884965

Not even zastrix is this mentally ill.

No. 884967

File: 1572110101626.png (1.4 MB, 2154x1338, 989842.png)

Mary herself filled her own thread with multiple examples of women looking great post-pregnancy. It was so gratuitous, obviously directed at herself for mental self-flaggelation and OTT that I didn't feel like taking screenshots, but then she changed her tune when people criticized her body, insisting that pregnancy leaves your body fucked and unsalvageable.

No. 884968

File: 1572110228698.png (291.83 KB, 2634x672, ok.png)

No. 884969

Could she possibly be from the Russian Caucasus ?,The People their are predominantly Muslim but follow a much much looser form of Islam(depending on what region) and often have very racist beliefs,even more so then regular Russians

No. 884970


I think she even looks.. sort of pretty here? She has the type of body and face that looks better like this than underweight (let alone skele tier like she is now, which makes her look trans). Mental illness is a hell of a drug.

No. 884972

File: 1572110507066.png (1.94 MB, 1216x1480, 9842983.png)

I wish someone had quoted this post at her and asked her to explain why her stomach doesn't look like this woman's if she's part of "the prettiest 5%".

No. 884973

Just a quick translating, not exactly word for word but you'll get the gist of it.

She describes what she's wearing then goes into women not really liking sex
>which is true because women don't feel that much when they have sex
>for them to be able to feel something it needs to be rough
>I know some of you will say "well I had a girlfriend and she loved sex, she enjoyed it so much she was screaming from pleasure"
>but I have a question for those guys who say that, has a woman ever paid you for sex? Directly or indirectly
>and for those women out there who say they love sex, have you ever been so horny that you have paid for sex?

No. 884974


if you're so worried about the pussy you can always have a c-section lmao she is an idiot. in a lot of countries even in europe c-section is actually more popular than vaginal birth. of course it leaves a scar too but bruh.. if you really want kids it's kinda worth it no?

she shouldn't have had her kids at all.

No. 884975

No, her 23andme genetic results that she posted on biodiversityforum show she's a regular ethnic Russian, besides I remember her disliking people from the Caucasus (from when I used to lurk biodiversityforum, I wouldn't be able to link to a specific post).

No. 884976

Honestly this crazy bitch should have her kids taken away from her but I doubt they would ever in Russia lol. Someone in the /ot/ thread said they predicted that she would sexually abuse her kids and I wouldn't be surprised if she did or if her kids grow up to be absolutely fucked up

No. 884978

This woman is your brain on severe mental illness and ultra-misogyny shoved down her throat for years, literally harming and torturing women and in turn having them torture others (her children). It reminds me of the two Russian sisters who have a thread here. It seems so toxic in Russia.

No. 884980


I am assuming your not from (western)Europe because your not allowed to plan a c section, you can only get one when during giving birth it can happen "naturally", because of the surgery being more consequential. Healthcare isnt a mcdonalds menu in Europe and you cant pick and buy what you want.

No. 884981

I ment can't sorry

No. 884986


Err, of course it's not a McDonald's menu but in my country (yes, in Northern Europe) you definitely can request a c-section even if you don't go to a private clinic or anything. They will pressure you to go through "natural" delivery, of course (because it's cheaper for them, not because it's somehow better!) but if you're very determined to get a planned c-section you are going to get it. Especially if you claim you're afraid of giving birth or whatever. They will try to scare you with horror stories about complications etc. but conveniently leave out all the complications that even the so called natural birth more often than not also has.

Derail, I know, soz.

No. 884987

File: 1572112158117.png (1.37 MB, 1582x1328, 87878.png)

>this woman looks sort of like me with a ton of work. Without it she's just some bitch.

No. 884988

File: 1572112245447.jpeg (866.08 KB, 1000x1246, 3aa7b8625703793.jpeg)

And this is the photo of herself she used to compare.
>1) Okay let's go with that. The point is that I don't have to bother with hair and styling because I'm already pretty. I can get away with shaving my head and finding my clothes in a dumpster because no one cares.

>2) If you are not pretty, doing your hair and make up, buying clothes, wearing perfume, getting a manicure, and so on is a waste of time. It will not fool anyone.

>3) The only women who benefit from styling are above average women like Kate Moss and some of the VS models for example that can be bumped up to entry level pretty.

>4) Allow me to illustrate the point, this is me serving afternoon tea,

>- I bought the dress at Tally Weijl for cheaps. It also has baby puke on it.

>- the pantyhose I found in the trash.

>- I'm wearing my mom's old golf socks.

>- I got the collar at a sex shop several years ago.

>but to the average guy it's probably a model shot,

No. 884997

sage for ot
Yes you an plan a c-section in europe lmao what kind of shit are you spouting.
You can plan a c-section its just thats its more expensive than vaginal birth.
The majority of people who shill the ''vagina birth is better'' are the anti-vaxx bedder mommies and because its cheaper for the surgeons.

Unless you are poor and cant afford a c-section i dont really see why women should go through the stress and pain of having a vagina birth.

No. 884998

>Convinces herself she's a hot uwu goddess
Is she an lolcow humblebragger as well?

No. 884999

this woman borders on being a horrorcow but i just can't take her seriously because of that insane delusional reverse-BDD lmfao

No. 885005

uuh, you know that a c-section is much more painful and has much more annoying after-care, right? it's extremely invasive and requires you to cut through a bunch of muscle and into the uterus.

No. 885020

File: 1572115406733.png (126.09 KB, 2220x384, 67677.png)

Seems like she bends the truth at times. Here, she says she was a virgin when she met her husband, and stayed home while her boyfriend went to uni, but her older posts tell a different story.

No. 885022

File: 1572115499208.png (75.09 KB, 2206x212, 989999.png)

>I worked part time for a few years while my man was in university. Then I went to college myself.

No. 885024

She was never more than a 5 in her life.

No. 885025

File: 1572115720744.png (123.78 KB, 2230x348, 3434.png)

>Do not sleep around. Trust me on this, I have slept with a lot of men.

>If you sleep around, you will have a series of terrible/mediocre/forgettable experiences which will put you off sex forever.

>Forget about your N-count no one cares about that once you grow up.

>No you are not missing out on anything. Either take my word for it or learn the hard way.

No. 885026

she's acting like she's reached trad-thot nirvana or something.

No. 885036

File: 1572118914666.jpg (42.72 KB, 540x303, 1493003402303.jpg)

okay, i don't even know what to feel after reading this summary, how can this be a real person lmao

No. 885038

I almost want to admire her confidence but since it comes at the cost of her insulting other women and being an insane misogynist I can’t.

No. 885041

I didn’t want to say it, but some of her comments sound familiar to me. She wouldn’t have been out of place on lolcow 3 or 4 years ago, before we had pinkpill threads.

No. 885054

Weird how she has all these photos of attractive women saved in order to make mental posts about them. Very male behaviour.

No. 885060


No. 885061

What happened to her boobs to take them from this to >>884923

It seems she maybe was pretty once, but still has the opinions about herself to match what she looked like at 20 when things have changed dramatically.

No. 885064

File: 1572122176647.jpeg (798.94 KB, 865x1733, D0A9E0C7-2F6C-48B9-BF1A-663CB7…)

probably her having two more kids and putting herself on extreme anachan diets. rapid weight loss will ruin your breasts if you aren’t careful.

The men on that forum aren’t even as extreme as her. Here a man says he would rather spend time with his wife instead of have an orgy but Mary refuses to believe him.

No. 885065


Breastfeeding happened. Funny how she's supposedly so obsessed with her looks and doesn't go get her tits fixed. She compares herself to pornstars with implants and says she looks "basically the same" with her tits hanging down to her navel. She makes no fucking sense to me.

No. 885068

File: 1572122399829.jpeg (467.08 KB, 922x1057, 8909FFB6-4234-444E-870D-9F5C25…)

>If they have modesty why don't they wear a burqa like I do? Modest women don't hang out on Instagram and social media. I don't do those things.

Instagram is for whores but posting nude on weird racism forums is a-okay!

No. 885071

all this shit is so contradictory to everything else she said

>modest because of burqa

>shows off her dumpster dive granny panties in children's parks


No. 885072

File: 1572122969112.jpeg (485.63 KB, 806x1000, 11B46C28-57A8-4A6D-8849-3B6B20…)

>If you're over 30 then you're an old hag.
>[No that does not apply to me because I'm hot.]

No. 885073

I refuse to believe this is a real woman and not an elaborate (male) troll.

No. 885074

So, she's dumpster diving for little girl shirts to wear, posting the most unflattering droopy naked pictures she can take, spending way too much time on some weird internet forum talking about racial hierarchies, and somehow thinks she's the epitome of women? I'm distraught. Was she abused or something?

No. 885075

lmfao i was not expecting the ‘ugly designer bag for maximum cope’ i am feeling rly personally attacked, this is actually funny
‘is considered traditional housewife even while hosting sex parties’ and ‘looks like she’s wearing heels but is actually barefoot’

No. 885076

she also mentions that the trad bitch is wearing designer clothes

No. 885084

File: 1572124266162.jpeg (Spoiler Image,539.55 KB, 929x1367, B368F569-B8C8-453C-8171-653D76…)

I found photos of her shoving zucchini up her ass. And she said later in the post that she cooked them after.

This is your brain on porn.

No. 885085

The cope with this woman is real.
I wonder if something happened to her during her marriage and her husband drove her to insanity or if she was also insane

Also the way she puts pornstars on this huge pedestals is so funny, not even the libfem pro-sex work lobby shills as hard for porn as she does.
She literally acts like being a pornstar is basically the biggest human achievement a human female can do.
She needs to be put into a mental hospital

No. 885087


I was about to comment the same thing. This shit is beyond bizarre to be real, but at the same time it's a mess that I can't stop looking lmao what the fuck

On a side note, this mary chick reminds me lookw-ise of this plasticandproud girl for some reason …


I fucking hope she didn't fed her children with afterwards CHRIST

No. 885089

while these clearly aren't in, thank god, this is fucking gross.

No. 885096

I cannot really enjoy this cow, she's beyond fucked up for me. Her life must have been absolute hell if she ended up like that.

I predict she's gonna kill herself sooner or later, let's just hope she won't go for infanticide along with it. Not even a-logging, it just seems like a logical conclusion to whatever has been accumulating in her head. She obviously won't get into therapy.

No. 885098

File: 1572126398331.jpg (33.47 KB, 564x380, hbgghjk.jpg)

What the actual fuck happened in her life to convince her of this??

No. 885099

In the Netherlands your not allowed to plan one in if its possible to go natural

Also its more problemetic cause your uterus will keep scartissue and therefore its possible they recommend you not to have more children after a c section cause you cant keep cutting in it

No. 885102

At this point im just surprised how she didnt mention some serial killer like while you are at it why not mention ted bundy too. lol

No. 885110

Wow, she just wants all women to feel as badly about themselves as she does. At least anyone with a brain can see how pathetic she is. She should be friends with Dev.

No. 885112

File: 1572129482416.jpeg (450.7 KB, 869x1151, 60CD9A53-DB56-4EB1-862E-CEDDEB…)

>she will now be pumped and dumped by a series of losers and weirdos, until she eventually settles for supporting a bum.

But Mary, you ended up with a bum. You got a man who you admits doesn’t work who you need to provide for, pay for, and have sex with. You do all the cooking and cleaning, you dumpster dive so you can have more money to spend on your husband.

No. 885113

File: 1572129870755.jpeg (215.43 KB, 1095x683, CC4F94B7-E654-4D54-AF3A-424539…)

Mary admits here that her ideal body is that of an anime character, and she compares the photo of her in the OP to a literal Victoria’s Secret model and says the model is “below average”.

No. 885116

It's crazy that men kept telling her she's fucked up and wrong on so many things yet she doesn't believe them either. And still speaks for them kek

Did she really get banned from r/redpillwomen? I assume they wouldn't like her bdsm so much

No. 885124

Models usually have a bmi of 16, hers is 17 (yet she looks a lot more unhealthy), so what is she on about? She claims to have been 60kg at her heaviest, but her boobs are deflated as if she once was deathfat. Definitely made me reconsider my weight loss goals, being this skinny is gross and scary.
She's so delusional. Same here >>884874 why is she calling a girl from Germany a jewess? That's just so odd. I guess only russian women are aryan enough for her. And she really sounds as if she wouldn't even care if somebody starved themselves to death.

For me definitely a horrorcow. Close to every single person on here could potentially get at least somewhat better, but her level of mental illness goes beyond anything. I can totally picture her eating insects while laying on some stained mattress in her hubby's basement while furiously lecturing the masses on the internet. I've never seen somebody pose as disturbingly as she does in her nudes. And those mini-dress + hijab outfits also look like something straight out of a horror flick.
Nothing adds up with her, she's lower than a dog, yet dares to talk back at men who tell her she's wrong? At first glance she seems to be a self-hating trad wife, yet sees being a slut as a necessity, something to be proud of? She seems to have been horrible abused (or still is), but at the same time always had free access to the internet…?

No. 885125


>she looks soft while I am firm I'm better reeee

Hilariously enough most men would think her body is firm in a bad way. Masculine kind of firm. Whereas those VS models are firm, but the softness still makes them feminine. Nothing wrong with androgynous looks but in her case it's pretty funny that she chooses to look like that when she knows that a lot of men really aren't into it. Since appealing to men is her life's purpose, lol

No. 885127

File: 1572131839797.jpeg (597.6 KB, 933x1274, 55B8B675-A8C0-46A3-9336-8FE715…)

Mary gives some fashion advice


No. 885129

File: 1572131863396.jpeg (495.88 KB, 1125x1480, 0845374A-9B9A-4C65-9B52-6B876A…)

No. 885130

File: 1572131967690.jpeg (307.64 KB, 765x1357, 655C336E-D185-4B88-B472-4676D1…)


Considering her love for anime I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten into japanese fashion, but I guess even aliexpress is out of her budget.

No. 885131


…why would anyone wear little girl clothing to attract a man? What kind of a man? Bottom of the barrel, surely. Why would a Stacy alpha bitch whatever she calls herself want that?

I can't believe she is for real. She must be very bored to troll this hard.

No. 885133

Did she really link Mirai Nikki as the ideal date attire? This has to be an elaborate troll.

No. 885139

>why is she calling a girl from Germany a jewess?
Because the girl's name is Homberg and Mary is so dumb she probably thinks every name ending in -berg is Jewish (I saw several white supremacist Americans thinking the same).

No. 885144

Other than her account on theapricity and reddit can someone link me her posts on other sites too?
I remember someone mentioning seeing her on other sites on the reddithate thread so can yall tell me which ones?

No. 885193

Nothing makes a man drool harder than clothes fished out of a literal dumpster. Absolute crackhead.

No. 885216

are we sure that most of this insane shit isn't a ruse? like what if she is trying to trick her competition?

No. 885217

This is entertaining but I think you guys are completely blind. This person is almost certainly a troll. The actual posting of the asymmetrical saggy tits pic proves it. I just wonder who the person in the photos actually might be and what she would think of this vile person being attached to them.

No. 885223

File: 1572141934247.jpeg (263.24 KB, 450x853, 886ab7624336223.jpeg)

I doubt it, anon. According to forum users, she's been at this since 2011, and if >>884973 wasn't bullshitting about what she was saying in >>884885, it's likely that she's for real.
If it's simply a real person trolling, I do wonder why she picks this shit as a recurring theme, and why she's okay with exposing herself and even her kids (to some extent) this much just to rile people up with this false, fucked up narrative.
I'll be surprised if she hasn't been doxxed before. It seems like she wasn't particularly well-liked, even on her favorite racist forums. At best, they tolerated her with some teasing about her nuttiness - at worst, they absolutely despised her, like one of the admins, who argued with her a few times and repeatedly called her a subhuman (which would be a fitting insult, considering her antics).

No. 885226

File: 1572142299505.jpg (1.8 MB, 1342x2365, gimpgirl555-7.jpg)

What is the point of trolling by posing hundreds of photos of your body on a weird racism forum? There is no way this isn't real. Theres video clips of her. She has this proof photo from her reddit thread.

No. 885235

>stores that are see clothing for teens
>the children's department

this has to be a bit right

No. 885240

File: 1572144578574.png (2.21 MB, 1816x976, uihu.png)

Another video from her:
This is just her talking about a cookbook. Not much milk, but you can hear her voice clearly, and she's speaking English. She refers to herself as "Mary" repeatedly, basically confirming her Biodiversity Forum and The Apricity identity. She also briefly shows what she describes as her Russian birth certificate in a "Personal Documents" binder at 4:08, and that the crustaceans in a meal are "terrible" and she hates them at 7:35.
She sounds strangely normal, almost pleasant. You can hear one of her kids wailing in the background for the first part, and she just ignores it.
I'm surprised (and a little disappointed) that midway through, she didn't segue into some insane rant about how your husband has no use for you, and will definitely abandon you if you don't even know how to serve him quark-topped sushi on your naked body while a live eel is being shoved up your ass, or something.

No. 885252

What is fun and sexy about clothes you found in the trash?
Good god. Mentally deranged, bald, middle-aged, bad-bodied, in an abusive relationship, unemployed, spending all your money on a man, resentment toward your mother, anorexic, sharing photos of ugly meals, four kids you don't feel maternal instinct for, running a failing subreddit, having an awful enough personality to make your fellow actual racists and pick-mes hate your guts, and getting all your clothes from dumpsters and children's stores? How is this winning at life?
I swear she's turning her own "race ladder" upside down, one step at a time. She's like a hideous fusion between Margo, Shay, the Eunuch sisters and Shoe0nHead.

No. 885274

File: 1572150718239.png (122.58 KB, 1127x337, 6432.PNG)

another female user of that form posted body photos in mary's "becoming a skinny bitch part 3" thread. this woman was attractively curvy and skinny and got lots of attention from the orbiters there. mary responds to this by calling the woman fat and accusing the men complimenting her of having no self respect

No. 885275

I know this might sounded a mean spirited but the fact she gets her clothes from the garbage and kids/Teen sections at stores is really funny to me for some reason,it feels like its something right out of Its Always Sunny…

No. 885278

File: 1572153531074.png (364.25 KB, 889x502, 786.PNG)

This is horrific and borderline pedophillic. She admits she goes into public places with children to flash her panties and take photos of it.

No. 885285

those grandma pancake titties though! idk if i'm buying her peacocking, i think she's just putting on a show to convince others and herself of her (nonexistent) hotness. i mean, her body is far from todays ideal body. she looks more like a demented praying mantis. she looked a lot better with more weight, and she's obviously peaked a long time ago… like 20 years ago kek. i don't feel bad saying that because the way she thinks about women is vile.

i'd like to think she's a troll but there are fucked up people in the world, they definitely exist and the internet gives them a worldwide platform. she's one of them. you ought to feel sorry for her really, what a sad way to think of yourself, your fellow women and even men. to believe its not possible for them to love you as an equal… because of course its possible. something tells me she's never experienced that though, and that she never will. she will attract men who think exactly like she does. obviously, her husband doesn't love her, thinks of her as the fuckdoll she thinks of herself as. she's a proufoundly sad person.

No. 885288

I am now 1000% convinced she's just trolling the tradthots and natsoc incel forums. She must be.

No. 885290

lol exactly. all of her points in >>884844 are reasons for having a career and not relying on men. actual stacy housewives do not think this way at all. they don't think of themselves as less than dirt and they don't think of their men as tyrannical sociopaths. she really comes off like someone who used to openly despise men but gave up for one reason or another and is constructing this cartoonish world to cope.

No. 885294

>This is similar to what my body looks like
>Now I'm terrified of looking like her when I get older

No. 885296

Unless you intend on being 45kg at 166cm when you're older, chances are you wont.

Actually I look like that too and it's kind of a relief that I'd look worse at a really low weight, discourages me from getting too ambitious with dieting or feeling bad about not being super skinny.

No. 885299

she still has that crazed stare though

No. 885304

I thought I was the only one. What is it with this bodytype that it looks disgusting the moment you come close to becoming underweight? Immediately the ribs and spine pop up.

No. 885305

what's this burqa thing about, why does she wear one?

No. 885306

Maybe this >>884969

No. 885308

but does she wear it seriously - while hanging her ass out? or is it an extension of her gimp thing.

No. 885309

Mary is Christian and an ethnic Russian guys…
Look at these posts:

No. 885315

If I had to guess she's essentially fetishising the sexist connotations of the burqa as well as the anonymity of it. It's very obviously not a faith thing, but it is sort of funny to think that she would idolize that culture while simultaneously embracing the freedom she has to dress provocatively and share nude photos of herself without any real risk beyond embarrassment.

No. 885316

File: 1572168395480.jpg (85.42 KB, 748x363, Screenshot_20191027-092613_Chr…)

rip to her daughter, she never had a chance (answer to question about children's genders)

No. 885317

100% this. It's not a religious thing, it's a fetish thing under the cover (heh) of "Christian modesty".

No. 885318

someone should contact cps

No. 885337

It can't be troll. Where would they get the panty + burqa shots from? That's not something anybody would do just for the lulz

>the Eunuch sisters
She also immediately reminded me of them

No. 885341

Nobody even knows where she exactly is. We are not even sure that she even is in sweden.
She did say she is the moneymaker in this relationship and the she financially supports him so that means that she works somewhere.

I wonder if her employers know what a crazy bitch she is. Sadly they are the only ones who can report her to the cps since we have no idea what her address is.

For her childrens sake i hope she gets doxxed.

I dont want my mind to go to the worst but i wonder if she molests her children……..

No. 885343

Yeah, there are way too many weird pictures+videos, besides her forum antics go as far back as 2011.

No. 885347

File: 1572175981028.png (35.06 KB, 630x318, Untitledhhhhhhhhhhhh.png)

Lmao if she really was this ''alpha stacy'' she would be able to chose and pick her sex partners instead she sleeps with anyone desperate enough.

No. 885349

According to her Reddit history, she is rich but does not work.

No. 885352

File: 1572179141750.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.84 KB, 949x658, horror.jpg)


4:22 minutes of nightmare fuel (in english).

No. 885353

>She say she's rich
>literally gets her clothes the trash

No. 885354

File: 1572179491008.jpg (83.97 KB, 968x674, horror2.jpg)


Another one with her baby in the background.

No. 885358

haven't seen this posted yet, what's the deal with the location?

No. 885359

They went on a trip to Germany and the food she bought for herself was 500 Gr of bread. She says she does that to show him she is low maintenance.

No. 885360

there is photos of her being outdoors if they seem familiar to swedeanons

No. 885366

God help those children who she's probably gonna molest because I feel that's the type of sick freak she is

No. 885380

Isn't this considered a crime? Purposefully flashing at places meant for CHILDREN?

No. 885382

Please point out where I said deformed. If you're trying to deny pregnancy can stretch skin and breast feeding can have an effect on the chest, I don't know what to tell you. Many bounce back, many don't.

I've got no doubt the mad weight loss/diet exacerbates things, but my angle was coupled with the fetishization of being a trad broodmare. Simmer down.

No. 885393

How did you find this Anon?

No. 885400

and she's proud of this for some reason.

No. 885404

flashing in general is a crime…

No. 885406

This is a very creepy picture.

No. 885418

File: 1572195891015.jpg (107.03 KB, 1366x768, thread.jpg)

There are people who thinks she's making excelent points lol

No. 885420

What do you expect? They're nutters and stormfags. Especially someone whose listed taxonomy is "Tenshi-Saint-Uncaged", lmao.
Bet there's even more cows on that site, but harder to spot.

No. 885422

She has a few children, starves herself and overexercises for how little she eats which has definitely massively decreased her skin elasticity and ability to bounce back from pregnancy and breastfeeding. Don't worry about getting that sunken in if you're healthy, you won't. The lifestyle choices she's so proud of are what has fucked up her body and deep down she probably knows it which is why she has to spend all her time bragging about being a top 5% beauty despite looking like a water hag at an age that most healthy, fit mothers look amazing.

No. 885429

Its not biodiversity its from theapricity.

But she also has a account on biodiversity but its not as milky and you need to have a account if you want to look at her post history there.


No. 885435

a few image searches. not a lot of info on there tho

No. 885444

Is theapricity the one where people come up with batshit theories about how white people wuz mesopotamians and egyptians and chinese such and as such can claim all historical accomplishments?

Biodiversity Forums is not a white supremacist community by any means, but the topic does attract that type of person like flies to shit. The thread you posted is actually pretty funny- Mary was referencing her concept of a race ladder at various points in the thread and getting BTFO'd.

No. 885451

>Is theapricity the one where people come up with batshit theories about how white people wuz mesopotamians and egyptians and chinese such and as such can claim all historical accomplishments


No. 885454

>Is theapricity the one where people come up with batshit theories about how white people wuz mesopotamians and egyptians and chinese such and as such can claim all historical accomplishments?
That sounds more like Stormfront, if I'm not wrong The Apricity is more centered on European culture preservation and less outwardly racist although obviously you still get people like Mary who are into race ladders, lol.
Like >>885444 said, Biodiversity Forum is not a racialist website but there is a lot of crossover in userbase with The Apricity, just browinsg the Mary threads I saw a lot of users that were in Biodiversity Forum several years ago (when I used to browse the forum).

No. 885456

The members of theapricty are all autistic right-wingers who have are koreaboos but even they see how mentally fucked up this lunatic Mary is.

They have a couple of threads made about her, some of them are defending her….



No. 885459

Old video of Mary from her full-burqa wearing days. She talks about how a good Christian woman is submissive to her husband and explains how she wears it.
There is also a video in Romanian on her channel.

No. 885465

So she somehow has the intelligence to speak russian, romanian, english and swedish but is still a complete nutjob?

No. 885474

Probably the same way Venus and Margo can speak four languages, but are still the way they are.

No. 885476

I think it’s dehumanization thing.

Also dumpster diving clothes also sounds like it’s humilation thing. Like she’s not worthy to wear anything but rags

This is the real horrorcow. I hope it’s some farmer trolling us for Halloween because this is just too much

No. 885477

She has been doing this since 2009.
Not a troll.

No. 885478

File: 1572206839574.png (135.01 KB, 1657x567, image.png)

If she's 35 then she grew up during an extremely turbulent time in Russia. Sorry for the armchairing but she could have some sort of trauma either from that or some sort of fucked up childhood happening. Sorry to keep armchairing but she comes off as autistic as well.
Holy fucking shit

No. 885479

She was 35 back in 2017, I think.

No. 885483

That would mean that she spent a good portion of her childhood in the death throes of the USSR and came of age during the complete shitshow that was 90's Russia. It would be interesting to know what her life was like during those times; it could shed some light on why she is this uniquely fucked up.

No. 885485

File: 1572207413956.jpg (347.31 KB, 1351x1786, marysmom.jpg)

According to Mary, her mom was a feminist and kicked her out after high school because she didn't want to leave her boyfriend.
All from this thread https://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?254420-Feminazis-in-our-midst/page8

No. 885487

She is 37 now.
If she was 35 in 2017 that means she was 29 in 2011 and 27 in 2009.

She has been doing this since she was 27.

No. 885489

File: 1572208376092.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.77 KB, 1179x1044, marysmom2.jpg)

More on her mom.(spoiler stuff like this)

No. 885493

File: 1572209448095.png (427.58 KB, 2742x1476, 8998.png)

In this thread, Mary defends domestic violence and beating one's wife as a form of discipline. She confirms that her husband beats her.
The way the page is formatted, it's hard to discern at first which posts she's quoting to reply to, versus which are her words, but you can basically tell by the content of the posts themselves.

No. 885497

File: 1572210157917.png (389.51 KB, 2428x968, 002.png)

Nvm, the thread's actually still up in "normal" mode. That's better.
Here: https://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?47065
Here, she confirms that her husband beats her. If this is how they operate, how do they "discipline" their children? How will the daughter fare in this deranged couple's care?

No. 885500

File: 1572210558879.png (674.51 KB, 2510x1264, 78998.png)

>3) A woman should not have a phone, Internet or money of her own.
Then, Mary, what the fuck are you doing talking to strange men (and even other women) on internet forums for years on end? Aren't they a bad influence?

No. 885502

File: 1572210918746.png (406.04 KB, 2438x774, 8992.png)

She accused someone of being "jealous" of her friend, who is in a domestically abusive relationship.
Well, maybe they get those comments for a reason (ie that it's the truth)?

No. 885503

File: 1572211045414.png (337.5 KB, 2460x682, 09000.png)

This one is a bit haunting, because that's exactly what happened to Mary. She looks sincerely happy in >>884943, and now, just in her 30s, she looks like a miserable, unhealthy 60 year old woman.
She threw away her youth and any semblance of happiness she could attain on a shitty, abusive man who doesn't love her, and self-destructive, humiliating cumbrain shit.

No. 885505

File: 1572211140564.png (356.65 KB, 1716x656, 978.png)

Her stating that her family doesn't care if she gets beaten.

No. 885506

File: 1572211486281.png (517.86 KB, 2474x838, 9000.png)

Mary, showing us the fruits of choice feminism.

No. 885508

This is sad she needs to get her kids taken away. I hope someone in some way doxxes her and finds her address.

No. 885516

File: 1572212307774.png (602.49 KB, 2476x1292, 7878.png)

>If I have misplaced his stuff, lost some important paper, if I don't please him well enough sexually (doesn't happen a lot), sometimes when I am sarcastic and he doesn't find it funny and happens to be in a bad mood. Those are the ones I can think of right now.

>It used to be more when I was younger, but I've improved.

>Well, I don't believe in talking, because if you talk about it you let the woman have a say, which is something I don't believe in. Even if he says: "Hey! This is the way it's going to be and that's the end of it" you are inviting the woman to talk back.

>(when asked how he can get away with this in Sweden) Honestly, because as long as it's consensual nobody cares.

"Consensual" abuse. Sounds familiar, like certain fetish communities.
Funny how in her "guide" from >>885493, she states "When it comes to actually hitting the woman, he needs to do this as a form of discipline and punishment, in order to better the woman. He should not hit her just for the sake of hitting, or to "neg" and "humiliate" her." and "It should strive to improve the woman. You should do it because you care about her, not because you feel a personal satisfaction from "getting back at her for being a bitch", but as the thread progresses, she admits he hits her whenever he's personally in a bad mood or just feels like it, and that since he "owns" her, it's okay.

No. 885518

It can't be that hard to find out who she is, given how prolific her posting is and how much information she's leaked about herself. Wouldn't be surprised if she has a strong local internet presence or some sort of local reputation that'd be easy to find if her city or neighborhood was known.

No. 885520

Ok so now i get it. I finally get why this woman is so fucked up.
She is coping.
Years of abuse and cheating by her husband have left her to cope with it in a very insane way.
Thats why she tells other women to be doormats and let their husbands hit them…because she wants them to be as miserable as her.

No. 885522

File: 1572213331297.png (339.71 KB, 2432x688, 0993092.png)

She says she doesn't leave her home here, but she's posted photos of herself outside with her kids (and alone), and on Reddit, she talks about going to clubs for swinging purposes and having sex parties.
I wonder if she's ever specified which city or town she lives in.

No. 885523

Yeah no, let's not blame this on russia, other people her age are completely normal too. It's 100% on her husband and probably her parents (or some other adult) during her childhood abusing her.

No. 885524

File: 1572213733024.png (343.38 KB, 2454x690, 0900.png)

That's highly likely. She denies that, and will probably always deny it, but I can't think why else she'd be posting all this shit.
The thing is, barely anyone validates her. They all say she's sick, disgusting (mentally and physically) and that her outlook is fucked. She's a simultaneous laughingstock and a horror story online. Her real life is miserable, and her online life is full of negativity. Why wouldn't that make her want to break away from either one? Is she too afraid, or simply too far gone?

No. 885526

I found her profile on the swedish forum flashback.org, her name is "babianen", and she was last online today so there might be some fresh milk. It's all in swedish but google translate is pretty good these days.


No. 885527

File: 1572214394261.png (92.48 KB, 2070x346, 6756453.png)

Here's some proof that she hasn't changed her stance on domestic violence since 2012. This is from her Reddit account.

No. 885528

File: 1572214744251.png (169.37 KB, 1698x762, 39019.png)

"Babianen" translates to "Baboon". "Baboon" is the alias used for her husband (and "Baboon1234" is the username her husband used for 23andMe), according to one of her Forum Biodersity threads (https://www.forumbiodiversity.com/showthread.php?t=19264).
This might be the husband's account. Even if it's not, great find, anon.
Here's a "charming" post from this account talking about rape.

No. 885532

File: 1572215270699.png (1.01 MB, 1862x1180, 0921.png)

From the Flashback account, she posted a video of herself, apparently talking about women liking to be raped (I don't speak Swedish).
I think this is it. We can't reasonably call this a fake using some woman's photos or a troll anymore. She's verified herself too many times, and confirmed it's her in all these online arguments. If this is "trolling", she's been carrying on for years, showed off her children, shown her face, showed her birth certificate, the list goes on.
Source: https://www.flashback.org/sp63093738

No. 885540

File: 1572215598478.png (324.89 KB, 2792x1310, sivush.png)

Screencap of the post.
What's even more of note to me is that she's had this account since 2004. She's been at it online since she was at least 22 years old. If this is a troll, it would have to be the internet's most dedicated, unwavering one.
If anyone has an account on Flashback and can go through her post history, we might be able to get a look at her first few posts and see how her mental health has progressed (or, rather, regressed).

No. 885550

File: 1572216632115.png (112.13 KB, 1694x596, 091.png)

Samefagging. I made an account to look at her posts.
There's over 26,771 posts, but I can only see up to 1,000 posts in her history. Searching "Babianen" on the site itself seems to only go back to 2014 at earliest. Kind of a letdown.
Still, it's wild to know how long she's been doing this.

No. 885554

There's a thread about him/her (she took over his account) here:

No. 885556

File: 1572217387016.png (252.7 KB, 1738x1242, 02901.png)

Here, she says she's 32 (in 2016), which would actually make her 35 now (not in 2017), if she's telling the truth. I'm pretty surprised to have guessed her age wrong.
I never would have thought she's only 35, she looks to be in her mid to early 40s, or even 50s.

No. 885559

File: 1572217587023.png (318.06 KB, 2028x656, 95839.png)

Thanks for the confirmation, anon. She alluded to her husband having an online history on The Apricity, too.

No. 885560

File: 1572217670632.jpg (386.35 KB, 1617x904, image.jpg)

Thanks Anon. btw EliasAlucard is the admin of Biodiversity Forum where Mary used to post (and he's pretty racist and sexist himself, although he's ethnically Assyrian so a lower race according to Mary, lol).

No. 885570

>red blue car
>Hello, this is the baboon on flashback and today I will talk about rape (of women) which is the subject of the thread
>I don't think a lot of people understand my point of view when it comes to rape
>I see it like this, if you rape a woman then it's free sex for her. Like, how can you complain as a woman about free sex? I mean, it's sex :) If you get free sex how can you complain?
>Most women, men don't want to fuck, most women aren't very fuckable
>So if you as a regular woman gets free sex, i.e. rape, then how can you complain? at all?
>bye bye

Woah, rapist really out there blessing women with free sex.

No. 885579

>Careercunt is fat
>Draws womn as thin as the Stacy Homemaker

No. 885607

>ate less during pregnancy to not have a "fat" baby

>literally justifying domestic abuse
>listing ways to get away with being beaten so people don't call authorities

>this entire fucking thread

What the actual fuck happened to this woman? If she thinks she deserves a literal beating for burning dinner, imagine what these kids are going through. And one of them is a girl. This is horrifying.

No. 885640

are you trying to imply that russia is not fucked up? domestic violence was decriminalised there two years ago.
No, this woman's is not an isolated case of whatever abuse she obviously has gone through. as the other anons point out, it has something to do with the terrible effects that the Soviet regime had on people and the subsequent chaos in the 90s.

No. 885667

They left Russia when she was 3. So the country itself didn’t have impact of her growing up.

No. 885686

NTA but trauma is intergenerational

No. 885691

A manlet that she has to support financially, no less. by her own standarts, she's a failure. This woman's life and mentality are incomprehensible. Has to be trauma and coping mechanisms, imo.

No. 885692

that's such a myth. average height in sweden is 5'10 at best. shit ton of swedes are shorter than that. plus isn't her husband a romanian? who knows if they even met in sweden

No. 885704

I just checked the average male height in Sweden is just 5'10 1/2 Which is 2nd Shortest in Scandinavia after Finland

No. 885711

this. it's not something you leave behind by simply moving countries. if anything, the cultural shock could have potentially made things worse.

but the bottom line is: it doesn't matter what happened to her. many people suffer terribly, but there is always a choice on how to act. one can work to transcend trauma or take the slope down into perpetrating the evil. it is obvious what she chooses every day.

No. 885717

Her boobs are absolutely TERRIFYING.

No. 885721

I'm more terrified of her ribs, face, ass, legs, etc
Her boobs just look like a normal woman's that breast fed for years. Most mom boobs aren't glamorous

No. 885742

File: 1572273239389.png (541.4 KB, 2634x1234, 09191.png)

In one breath, she says women do not enjoy sex with men, and that sex (with men specifically) is inherently gross. In another, she posts scores of porn, obsesses over having sex that pleases men, takes hormones to increase her sex drive, and says rape is just "free sex" for women, so it doesn't count as bad.
What is the truth? That self-hating lesbian theory from >>884910 seems to have a grain of truth to it.

No. 885743

File: 1572273409484.png (486.27 KB, 2626x1236, 878.png)

She sounds like she hates straight sex here.

No. 885744

File: 1572273452154.png (839.87 KB, 2628x1310, 7890.png)

>some woman had to fuck Louis CK. Try to imagine that.
What happened to worshiping men, Mary? Isn't it women that are ugly, gross ones?

No. 885753

File: 1572274993455.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1299x935, 16f18a662569863.jpg)

>1) Let's put me to the test to see if I'm just making things up, please click the pics to see the full picture,
>how do you compare? When are you going to meet the standard?
I can't with these comparisons. I didn't even realize reverse BDD was a thing until running into her.

No. 885755

File: 1572275466283.png (1.06 MB, 2682x1468, 879000.png)

In case you forgot Mary is a weeb for just a second. She also mentioned watching hentai on VHS when she was younger.
I know dumpster-diving, cheap lingerie and clothing sections at normal stores are where her passion lies, but it'd be fantastic if Mary got into J-fashion. No doubt she'd relentlessly body shame literally everyone with a bit of popularity, calling them "fat ugly bitches" while trying to look "kawaii" with her bald head, lack of makeup, jaundiced skin and wrinkled body/face/existence.
Imagine her in the gyaru community, especially. The amount of shit that would get flung.

No. 885760

File: 1572276380994.png (378.41 KB, 2686x918, 09091.png)

>calls her own husband weird, annoying, short, stocky (ie fat) and pushy
>then insists that makes him "fuckable"

No. 885762

File: 1572276634164.png (607.68 KB, 2668x1330, 89o0.png)

But then
>2) My man is above average in looks.
Also, apparently, women who enjoy sex all want the Max Hardcore experience, not someone who's actually attractive.

No. 885779

You know you are fucked up when even racist and sexist users from race forums say there is something wrong with your relationship.
>She was normal in the beginning ,that is,or atleast she pretended to be normal,then traced well when she started with burqa autism,homemade porn,anorexia and advocated female abuse and rape etc. The baboon seems to have ruined her greatly.

So apparently she was normal at first, i wonder what happened to her to drive her insane other than her abusive husband.

Also i knew her husband was a manlet but i thought he was 170cm or something but nope he is 160cm lol
>160cm according to his own statement.

No. 885787

is she saying that cameron diaz in the mask could lose weight? what the fuck is she really THAT delusional about her looks that she's disparaging one of the most beautiful women from the 90s

No. 885795

ted bundy would make more sense than all of these literal whos. She's pornsick as fuck.

No. 885804

So, I read through a lot of her Reddit posts.

Everything that she says has to be taken with a grain of salt.

She claims her husband works as a bank-teller, then says she works, then claims she is a stay at home mum.

This woman is deeply deranged and nothing she types should be taken at face value. She is fucked up for sure, but what is behind this is anyone's guess. I assumed she was on meth for most of the time (hence her energy levels and skinniness) but I think she might just be deeply, deeply fucked up.

No. 885808

i can't with this psycho bitch. look at her face. she doesn't give a fuck

No. 885822

Please tell me she's wearing blue sheer stockings and those aren't the actual color of her legs

No. 885837

>Men ONLY want fun models and pornstars
>ugly men with shitty personalities are the most attractive to women

This HAS to be an elaborate troll or the result of a mental illness. I refuse to believe that this is anything other than a deranged, miserable stay-at-home mom posting for attention.

No. 885845

How many times are anons going to keep on repeating the same thing over and over.
Yes i understand that this woman is bizarre and fucked up that you believe that this is a troll but this is real.

She has videos of her saying the same thing and a ton of pictures confirming this is real.

No. 885846

She looks miserable. I can't decide whether to laugh or feel bad for this cow.

No. 885847

>If you say something enough times on the internet, it must be real
Is it, though?

No. 885867

If you do it for tens of thousands of posts, including nudes of yourself and photos of your family, over a period of at least a decade, that in itself is milky and an indication of mental illness. Normal people won't even come up with the shit she does, let alone post about it constantly.

No. 885873

So apparently her husband used to be active on both biodiversity and theapricity before she took over the accounts.
Does anyone have any screencaps or anything showing what kind of posts her husband made when he was still active?

No. 885888

I mean she keeps posting on reddit, so I get that there is potential milk with her, but this thread is going to be one tone, because she herself is.

The gist of this bitch is that she is ugly af with a gross, saggy body and a very ill mind that makes her act like she's hot shit to the extreme. She's got mental disorder(s) and/or a weird masochistic fetish possibly due to trauma/major grooming and malnutrition damaging her brain.

I think she's cow, but I don't know how milky if the same things are being brought up again and again, but I guess all farmers can do is keep digging into her reddit and whatnot.

No. 885905

I'm hoping she explains more of her family situation, and starts to talk about how her children are raised, because I have many concerns.
I find it insane looking at her old internet tracks, finding old accounts, all the random videos of her, and the countless measures she's gone to humiliate herself online. She's truly an internet relic, especially considering how dry most of our cows have been lately.
It's honestly movie material how twisted she is, and I understand why some anons think she's a troll (even though we've established that she's for real).

No. 885907

Thanks for the translation Swedanon!

No. 885913

File: 1572298134845.jpg (124.85 KB, 748x1125, 40238bd761b69c1524554b3252135b…)

Hey, I only just noticed but the title page says her name is "Mariana S". Mariana could very well be her real first name.

Btw, doesn't she look like a happy, fulfilled 35 y.o. woman in this picture? Given how awful her hair looks (hard to grow beautiful hair when you're anachan) it's no wonder she insists hair is for uglies.

No. 885914

File: 1572299095538.jpeg (177.78 KB, 360x727, fc7f7a01e4dd2120dc13d59927e304…)

>"#molestationok" photo above two photos of her holding her infant daughter in the gallery
Probably nothing, but knowing her thoughts on female humans and how she feels about rape (aka, "it's not a thing"/"free sex"), I don't like this at all.

No. 885934

Horror fuel. She and Nathan Larson would get along well

You know it's bad when sexist think you're too sexist

No. 886029

File: 1572314239535.jpeg (243.88 KB, 536x782, 2e3754551543532.jpeg)

No. 886031

File: 1572314358810.png (117.95 KB, 1142x315, 009.PNG)

She admits she does everything at home, but then admits her mom and her man "help out a lot". Which is it, Mary?

No. 886033

File: 1572314458033.png (101.46 KB, 625x241, 86.PNG)

She currently has 4 kids but she wants two more, and maybe another after that. Some of her comments on the Skinny Bitch Part 3 thread imply that she changed her diet temporarily to better increase the chances of having a boy.

I feel terrible for the little girl she has, but I feel even worse for the future girlfriends and wives of the boys she's raising.

No. 886038

File: 1572314575954.png (Spoiler Image,249.75 KB, 521x462, 098.PNG)

She posted a photon of her giving birth (hence the spoiler) and am I crazy or is she wearing BDSM collars and cuffs while fucking giving birth? I'm horrified.

No. 886041


She absolutely is. Holy fucking shit

No. 886048

… Is that the umbilical cord… God help that baby

No. 886050

i dont like how shes holding the baby in these photos. its like shes holding a football

No. 886057

She mentioned losing her maternal instinct after her babies turn a year old. I'd argue that it's questionable she even has much maternal instinct to begin with.

No. 886085

Any sane mothers first response to having given birth is to hold their child close to them, not.. this. What the fuck am I looking at. Is she seriously posing for lewds while her baby is still attached, in BDSM gear. Where the fuck is CPS.

No. 886131

File: 1572346842869.jpg (37.21 KB, 480x580, IMG_20191029_120032_026.jpg)

Even her own daughter is "inferior"……

No. 886134

That kid is definitely in danger. I really, really hope someone doxes her the way those furry zoophiles were doxed. CPS needs to take these people's kids away yesterday.

No. 886162

Her “sexy” pictures give off such a weird serial killer vibe, even the ones without her kids (god). I would not be surprised if it comes out that her and her weirdo husband are doing fucked up things to those poor kids

No. 886679

File: 1572449618538.jpg (50.35 KB, 456x418, mary and vlad.jpg)

Hey guys,
I first encountered Mary on Theapricity and have seen her posting for years.

Some things to note:

She likely wasn't abused from what I've seen. According to her, she was born to a wealthy Russian family in Sweden.
Neither her or her husband work. She lives off her mom who is well off and works as an engineer in Sweden.
She posted once on TA that her dad cheated on her mom constantly and her mom deserved to be cheated on. Apparently, her mom also worked to support her POS dad.

Mary hates her mom and talks shit on her a lot(which you can see by searching her posting history on TA). Her mom supports her and her husband now as both refuse to work.
Mary essentially extorts money from her mom by threatening to not let her see her grandchildren.

I think Mary might be the one in charge. She is def a fetishist and her husband is a cuck and watches her get gangbanged by other men.

Also, her husband isn't even white! He has a parent from Costa Rica and scored native and african on a DNA test. I told her this means her kids are mixed, but Mary said it doesn't matter because they still "look white".

No. 886683

Yes. That kid is in actual danger.

No. 886688

That guy is her amazing alpha chad husband she must stay skinny and hot for?!

No. 886689

That guy is her amazing alpha chad husband she must stay skinny and hot for?!

No. 886691

File: 1572451538644.png (236.36 KB, 372x656, Untitled.png)

Hello, interesting that people have found out about our precious "Mary"

I can give you a bit of information.

Her parents are Russian, her dad was much older than her mom and her mom was probably his "Trophy wife"
He left Marys mother for a younger tatar russian woman and had a daughter with her.
When he died he left all his wealth to his new wife and daughter and left mary and her mom with nothing.
Mary and her mother moved to Sweden and her mother married a wealthy Swedish man, probably via some russian bride thing. Marys mother started working as a cleaning lady, and Russian women are known for being demanding with money so her mother have probably leeched of her well off husband and mary and her boyfriend leech of their mom.

When mary moved out of her mothers house she moved into her boyfriends house and lived with his family, after a few years they got kicked out because his mother and sister hated her, they have also found her videos online but i don't know exactly when it happened.
They then had marys mother take a loan so they could buy an apartment in a small suburb in the "ghetto" part, they moved around in different ghettos for some reason, could be due to people finding out about them and their ways.

She claimed that her boyfriend in the first years tied her in the kitchen and only let her leave to go to the bathroom because he was afraid she would leave him.
Stockholm syndrome then appeared (Probably)
If this is true the roles have now changed, hes her hostage, he has never worked in his life and has no income except welfare, he can't leave her since he don't own anything or have any money what so ever.
She worked part time as a "chef" at a kindergarten.

Her boyfriend has been accused for raping a girl in Sweden, not sure if he was convicted or if they left the country to avoid conviction.
They currently live in Poland, I have gotten her IP twice time inbetween the two times and the ip didn't change so she didn't use a VPN, it would make sense since its much cheaper to live there and she isn't known by the people, her career online is wellknown and she has a user on the biggest forum in Sweden where she has 26k posts counting.

She is very envy of her younger sister who lives in Russia who drive around in fancy cars and posts it on her instagram, i don't have her instagram but Mary follows her and copy her younger sisters poses and talk about being wealthy which probably is some mental instability thing because she was left with nothing and her sister got all the wealth from her father.

No. 886693

her mom only gives her a certain amount. and even that is just because Mary basically said "give me money or you cant see your grandchildren"

No. 886694

File: 1572452023312.png (22.95 KB, 86x84, Screenshot 2019-10-30 at 16.09…)

The baby looks as horrified as we all feel. I hope Russian social services get involved somehow.

No. 886696

she does not live in Russia. she lived in Sweden and lives in poland now. most likely trying to abuse the welfare system there

No. 886774

Update on my former post.

This is her sisters instagram


No. 886778

She looks surprisingly normal. Does Mary mention her anywhere, or vice versa? IG gives me that stupid log in pop up when I try to look at her page.
If this is for real, I wonder if she knows how messed up her sister is, or if she'd want to help at all.

No. 886780

**by help I mean with the children, I'm sure Mary has burnt her bridges with her sister long ago
It's obvious some gross shit is happening in that house

No. 886792


So is her mom a wealthy engineer or a cleaning lady?

No. 886794

imagine having a literal stacy for sister while looking like golem yourself and screeching that you're an überstacy kek. wonder if she thinks her sister is in her level or a fat careercunt. this is so weird and funny if true.

No. 886795

Wow her sister looks great (aside from her lips) leagues ahead of her sister.

No. 886803

Shit, what if she actually based the "Becky" in >>884805 on her sister, lmao? She even has an "ugly" designer bag.

No. 886807

Mary claims that her mom is some wealthy CEO and that the cleaning lady job was just a side gig. Obviously that's bullshit. No rich person would take up such a side job for the lolz and since they were both broke immgrants in Sweden after her dad left them with nothing, the version where her mom is a simple cleaning lady providing for her hopeless daughter makes more sense.

No. 886832

This is one of the most interesting cows this site has had in a long time. Hope we keep seeing her blossom into the horrorcow she truly is.

No. 886842

File: 1572474532665.jpg (31.99 KB, 480x494, IMG_20191030_232704_359.jpg)

No. 886844

File: 1572475131929.jpg (53.91 KB, 788x1050, Pan-Monster.jpg)

Why does she remind me of this…

No. 886849

Wow, this is something else. Do you have links to her forum accounts, e.g. on the Swedish forum?

No. 886853

She is "Mary" on https://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?201873-Becoming-a-Skinny-Bitch-part-2

The owner of the site, Loki aka Gerrit Pretorious is a bit of a cow himself. He bans people for disagreeing with him, but lets Mary expose herself, post porn, including pics of her shoving a zucchini up her ass and never gets banned.

Ironically enough, she takes advantage of being a female in order to stay unbanned. Loki is very susceptible to catfishing.

No. 886927

Russia sure seems to produce some crazy-ass people. Yes, I know America does too, but just saying.

No. 887008

Russian crazy is a whole 'nother level

No. 887041

Some people flee Scandinavia in order to not have their children taken away from child protective services, and they usually go to Poland where it's… less strict. Could she have moved to Poland because cps was on her case?

No. 887283

File: 1572582859553.jpg (434.33 KB, 2660x1684, ax23puuulpu31.jpg)

i cant get over how insane this is
>Is considered traditional housewife even when hosting sex parties

No. 887286

The fuck are you bumping a thread for with an image that was posted at the start of it? Learn to read/post moron.

No. 887287

deal with it autist

No. 887293

File: 1572584589160.jpeg (59.97 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

Thank you for bumping this thread I always laugh when I see it pop up it reminds me of those artsy fecal matter models but it's funny because she thinks she's hot
FUCKING LOL I'm screeching the resemblance is accurate

No. 887319

Mary's pics have a weird but consistent aesthetic. I wonder if she does it consciously or not. To spite being completely deranged she's fairly intelligent.

No. 887430

File: 1572626794286.png (1.94 MB, 1780x1248, 90201.png)

She posted this on her subreddit yesterday. Doesn't really fit the script on women being inferior to men or whatever.
With this and her affinity for women with lots of muscles (going by her The Apricity thinspo thread), is it safe to say Mary has femdom tendencies she tries to downplay?
She even stresses that she prefers financially supporting her husband, because it means he can't leave her.

No. 887436

How so? It kind of looks like she just rehashes poses and backgrounds.

That sure is a weird way to go about femdom. Bizarre, the contradictions don’t even give the impression of her being a switch. More like a dominant woman deterred by whatever the fuck happened that let her self-confidence be like it is thus making her behave sexually like a sub while being in a markedly female-led relationship despite her personal ideology/philosophies. Incomprehensible.

No. 887643

God Sub/Doms and their moronic dynamics aren't a real thing,just something kinksters made up

No. 887683

Your point seems kinda retarded, possibly-radfem anon. Some people partake in such dynamics…making them real. People in said dynamics assume roles based on their personalities or fetishes…making the choice of being a dom or a sub…real within the aforementioned dynamics. Our gimp girl herself thinks she’s in one though in her case it’s just thinly veiled abuse. If you don’t see fetishism involved in the milk of this narc you’re missing the mark imo and you should stop policing(unsaged, even) who does. The tinfoil about her being dominant in denial, albeit a reach, is still an interesting thought that would bring gallons of milk if it turned out to be true. Kinda how people got (abusive) domme vibes from Usagi Kou for ages, and >>>/w/71470 happened

No. 887694

It still doesn't change the fact that doms and subs aren't actually real

No. 887719

It could just be because they are taken are a decent camera and the lighting seems good. I can’t really explain it. It just seems like her pictures and aesthetic are heavily curated

No. 887749


No. 887750

Yay ban lifted, didn't know i couldn't post her sisters IG.

Anyway, here you go, her bitchut account with videos me and some friends made her do


No. 887752

The owner of the site theapricity Loki is known for banning people for nothing but he claim hes for free speech.
I questioned him about allowing Mary to post a bunch of pictures where shes half naked with her kids in public that its borderline cp, instantly banned and post deleted.

No. 887765

in "easter cooking 1", Mary refers to her daughter as "baby Stacy". I wonder if that's what she actually named her, kek

No. 887772

Her husband Vlad is a huge cow himself, old fat broke manlet thinks random women shopping at the mall follow him around, or rub at him in public transportation when he is probably taking too much space and invading their seat, or straight up lying. The 'Vlad by the window' series are comedy gold.

No. 887795

File: 1572699651217.png (1.64 MB, 1732x1226, 90294.png)

Thanks, anon.
It's really weird hearing her say "Your bitch will cuck you with her boss" while one of her babies cries in the background.
It's gross how they expose their kids to their fucked up shit.
As usual, she takes the opportunity to remind us that this doesn't apply to her because she's "rich". She also adds that if your wife refuses to wear a veil to cover her face, she's looking to cheat.

No. 887800

File: 1572700928831.png (764.16 KB, 1708x1218, 9090.png)

Mary blesses us with her own version of the pink pill.
It's the typical "If you're fat/ugly, don't bother" shit, but here's some stuff I haven't seen her explicitly mention in her TA/Reddit posts:
>If you're boring, it is over you. If you're a boring girl who likes to sit on her laptop and chat on Discord and look at boring things on your laptop, then it is over for you.
>If you're ethnic, it is over for you. Boys want white Stacies, they don't want boring ethnic girls. Ethnic girls are automatically ugly, they are dark, they have dark eyes, dark skin, big noses, ethnic features. Nobody wants an ISIS girl. Everyone wants a white Stacy.
>If you have an education, if you think you are smart, it is also over for you. Every man will find you invisible the moment you say "I'm smart".
>If you're poor, it's over for you. Nobody wants a poor girl, everybody wants a rich Stacy. Rich Stacies are busy buying their men fast sports cars and other expensive gifts. Everyone wants a rich Stacy. Nobody wants a poor girl.
>If you don't have your own place, and you live with your mom, it is also over for you. A Stacy has a nice place and can give a home to her man.
>If you're a tall girl, it is also over you. Nobody wants a giantess next to them. Boys want a small, petite girl who looks feminine, like Tinkerbell. Nobody wants a giant.
The first and last ones are funny, considering she posts on forums all day, is visibly taller than her manlet husband, and she posted this video on her subreddit >>887430. Always contradicting herself.

No. 887817

But she's both Poor and Tall and she's also clearly not a blonde haired blue Aryan Stacy but rather a poor dumb Slavic village girl

No. 887973

File: 1572722296424.png (446.02 KB, 780x458, mary.png)

Mary and her fat obese,short 160cm manlet husband talk about how all women flock to him,want him and stalk him and how he constantly has to avoid women because they all want to have sex with him.

No. 887999

>women flocking to that dj khaled lookin ass

lmao they expect people to believe that?

No. 888011

Broke DJ Khaled, lmao

No. 888046

She is getting cucked by that thing? He looks like a garden gnome, his arms are so short.

No. 888062

This mentality is exactly like the extremes that incels see in. If this were true almost no women would have partners because this describes about 1% of women.

No. 888258

He actually fancies himself and amateur photographer and takes creepshots of women in public and tries following them around with a camera.

No. 888420

>Says no man wants a tall girl
>Is taller than her boyfriend

No. 888444

File: 1572809149466.png (464.9 KB, 820x458, wew.PNG)

Mary teaches us about genetics by repeating "ur gf ugly" and something about Stacies being nice and not egirls while her baby cries in the bg.

No. 888450

File: 1572810067659.png (1.17 MB, 1828x1096, 989.png)

Did she find some trinkets in the trash and put them in little cardboard boxes for her husband?

No. 888453

Fuck, this woman is busted. Put the mask back on, Mary.

No. 888475

She does seem to live in a really nice spacious place. Who tf is paying for it? Her rich house maid mom?

No. 888511

This might be an unpopular opinion but I feel mary and her Husband deserve each other,they both seem like horrendous human beings beyond any redemption and maybe only they themselves could probally handle each other

No. 888513

>>If you're ethnic, it is over for you. Boys want white Stacies, they don't want boring ethnic girls. Ethnic girls are automatically ugly, they are dark, they have dark eyes, dark skin, big noses, ethnic features. Nobody wants an ISIS girl. Everyone wants a white Stacy.
I wonder what caused her to have such a hateboner for "ethnic" girls? The other bullet points are somehow understandable from her weird fetishy redpill perspective, but her insistance on how "ethnic girls" are undesirable kind of stands out from the rest.

No. 888515

Anon, she lives in eastern Europe. Cost of living is much lower than you'd imagine.

No. 888517

This goes into my theory that she is not really a ethnic russian but rather belongs to some minority group with in Russia,like how she supposedly says tall girls are all ugly but she herself is tall

No. 888518


probably got bullied in school by some Arab girl or something

No. 888534

I agree with you, so it's not as unpopular as you might think.
The dark part of this is not their relationship, it's that they have many children.
And they certainly didn't deserve this.

No. 888547

She’s a horrible person and as plain as a fencepost. The only things she can take “pride” in are being white and being gaunt. What a fucked up life.

No. 888551

This reminds me of something that I read about how racism is different depending on class. Higher or upper-middle classes racism is about believing in biology as the reason for differences in "races", while in working class circles racism is more about resources. Of course, this can blend into each other but it was roughly something like this.I do think her racism might be more due to her experinces in Sweden rather then in Russia

No. 888553

she's just racist because she knows on some level that she's a loser and being white makes her superior to others without having to do anything.

her kids are technically mixed along with vlad, but she says it doesnt count because they can pass as white

No. 888556

I still think that she herself is self-hating Russian minority

No. 888580

I seriously feel so badly for their kids. I wish some child service in Poland would get them the fuck out of there. This is sickening and there is at least so much evidence (some of it criminal) against Mary.

No. 888581


she likely lives in Gdansk poland. someone who speaks Polish could try contacting the police there(cowtipping)

No. 888587

>she lives in Poland
Any proof of that? And if that's the case, we won't be able to do much. As long as kids aren't literally severely beaten or raped they won't do shit.

No. 888588


I was able to grab her IP twice over the course of 2 month and it went to Gdansk Poland

No. 888608

And what would we say? That Mary posts disturbing pics and has fucked up views? Even with stricter child service that wouldn't be enough. I will gladly contact the service when there's proof of neglect etc, if you can dig up anything feel free to post it. Otherwise, sadly, there's nothing to do

No. 888614

Russia and Poland are both very racist with blooming neo-Nazi scenes. The very same type of sites she writes in. You can live in another nation, but if the house you grow up has certain values, you tend to adopt them.

A lot of expats chain themselves to certain extreme believes from their country of origin.

Also note how her husband is in no way any ideal. It is odd how she never talks about the qualities men should have. Women have to be a very strict way, but nothing similar is applied to men. Not even the basic 'A husband should work to sustain the family'. I wonder if she even is married. I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't. To be honest, I wonder who might be the father of her children. Her being a prostitute would be a fully conceivable option. That would explain some sort of income.

I find it notable she never talks about her father. She has mentioned her mother, but as usual, with changing backgrounds.

No. 888615

I think the easiest way is if Mary would open up about how she raises her kids, and how she plans to raise her daughter specifically.

No. 888616

>Her being a prostitute would be a fully conceivable option. That would explain some sort of income.
When someone in her TA thread called her a whore or something, she said "I work the nights now" with a photo of her on the street in lingerie. When someone outright asked "So, you're a prostitute now?", she didn't respond. That struck me as kind of interesting, considering how much she likes to "set people straight".

No. 888623

File: 1572869458602.png (163.43 KB, 2248x500, 78679.png)

I found a post of her talking about her father. Wonder if it's true.
>2) My dad made my mom pay him rent before they got married. Afterwards he only worked part time while she worked full time. He also cheated on her constantly. Eventually he dumped her for a woman that was 20 years
Also, according to Mary, lesbians aren't attracted to women.

No. 888624

File: 1572869719642.png (241.69 KB, 2240x726, 5678999.png)

>b) Paying for a man is nothing strange to me because my mom did that.

>c) Second it makes it more important to asses his other qualities. You need to look at guys by taking away their job and then seeing what kind of men they are.

No. 888625

File: 1572870012597.png (729.47 KB, 2720x852, 90111.png)

>If you're skinny and pretty people will want to be around you and help you out (that's my mom next to me),
This coming from the woman who had to threaten to never let her mother see her grandchildren if she didn't do as she pleased. Wild.

No. 888626

File: 1572870050649.jpeg (958.26 KB, 1203x800, 5ca2a5669581373.jpeg)

Full image.

No. 888629

those poor babies

No. 888645

File: 1572874198257.png (685.42 KB, 2722x1432, 13jk.png)

She seriously sounds like a neckbeard, especially in that second post.
>2) I have already been shamed for the glasses in less than a day (by my mom).

No. 888646

File: 1572874510122.png (474.83 KB, 2718x1028, 87654.png)

>4) For example I'm currently trying to convince my 60 year old mom to get implants. If we get to the point where female pensioners keep fit and have implants (and I think that we will) do you realize how tough the competition will be?
What the fuck?

No. 888652

File: 1572876152522.png (46.12 KB, 400x290, Screen_Shot_2019-03-30_at_12.p…)

The letters are small (screenshot of a comment that's been deleted several months ago), but I believe you'll still be able to make out what she wrote. It's some truely sick stuff, but at this point I doubt anyone will be surprised.

No. 888657

God, I hope she's done sort of advanced 4d chess troll social experiment bitch because if she's for real I feel so so bad for her daughter. Kinda memed earlier upthred how she never had a chance but like if her mother is genuinely like this then she really doesn't.

No. 888658

Exactly. Like I mentioned earlier, Poland is the country Scandinavians flee to if cps want to take their kids from them. I feel bad for the kids, but we can't help.

No. 888665

This could be good for building a case for child services. What server is that, even? I didn't realize she has Discord.

No. 888714

Exactly someone should egg marry to get her talking about her daughter.
If she ends up making a video and says really fucked up stuff about her daughter that along with prostitution claims >>888616 and pedo statements >>888652 will be enough evidence to call the cps.

No. 888749

Something isnt adding up here….
So mary said she got married at 18 so why do all her children seem to be super young (1-3 years old) toddlers.
I mean mary does say how she is this trad women and most of them have children young and mary does say how she and her husband are sexually active so i dont understand how mary didn't get pregnant in her teens and twenties and instead has toddlers at age 40…..

No. 888754

spoopy skeleton anorexics tend to lose their periods and normal cycle so she might have not been physically able to get pregnant

No. 888757

Honestly think it was to keep her husband tied down. He has an ego just as big her.

If he left her before she had the kids, he wouldn't have to pay for anything. But now they have like 3 or 4 kids and if he leaves, I feel like she would totally use the kids to bribe him.

They both lie or exaggerate shit to look better so I wouldn't be surprised if their marriage is constantly in shambles because they were each other's last and only options.

No. 888768

even with her face blurred you can tell she isn't "pretty". her delusion is my new favorite thing. i just wish there weren't children involved.

No. 888993

No. 889094

Fred and Rose West vibes. Some of their kids were fathered by Rose's paying customers.

No. 889356

LMFAO, I can't with this reverse BDD.
-the model has long and shapely legs what she'll never have. Even with her anachan diet her legs are still shapeless with chunky/stubby calves in that pic
-the model is objectively genetically superior to her, notice how elegant the model looks because of her long limbs. She could never model at her short height. I personally can't wait to see the cope when her kids grow up to be dwarf looking idiots as a result of starvation and having short genetic reject mutts for parents.
-The model has a beautiful complexion, with glowing healthy skin. On the other hand, she looks like a golem that's been living in a cave for hundreds of years.
-The "work" she's talking about is minimal other than some makeup on set and minimal hair styling, she works far harder than the model to attain her pathetic appearance. On the contrary models hardly exercise as muscle definition distracts from clothing, they look the way they do solely due to genetics.
-i won't get started on the clothing and tacky accessories. I showed this picture to my boyfriend and he said she looks like a "aged hipster dumpster thot" which I suppose is true.

No. 889397

Honestly I doubt she is being abused or cucked, these may very well be lies or fantasies that she's posting to get validation from trad extremists and cumbrain degenerates.

In the video you quoted, her husband is insanely delusional. However even in his wildest fantasies of women chasing after him, he claims to avoid these women and has no interest in them. If he was the abusive cucking alpha king she claims he is, wouldn't he be talking about his exploits with these women instead of how he's avoiding them (as he's paying more attention to his child than Mary is)?

Mary is acting very insecure in this video too, pushing him to tell her how he acts when she's not around. In the beginning she made it seem as if this will be a part of a series of discussion videos with her husband, yet they never posted another one again. It seems as if she just wanted to find that bit if info out and made this whole video to do that.

No. 889551

File: 1573007916566.png (239.61 KB, 576x479, 98.PNG)

Mary has similar fantasies of women being jealous of her and men wanting her whenever she leaves the house.

No. 889552

File: 1573007944306.png (822.15 KB, 776x1328, 876.png)

No. 889555

File: 1573008078481.png (537.46 KB, 1095x561, 765.PNG)

No. 889559

this is so funny because obviously they were staring because this is just a bizarre outfit not because they were horny/jealous

No. 889626

I kek'd. 10/10 would steal your man ladies

No. 889665

She thinks she's cucking women because their husbands glanced at her in public?

No. 889692

I'm sure her Husband was weirded out by this sight

No. 889718

>This is what her man saw while having his picture taken next to the woman above
This is like something put out by a shitpost bot. What exactly is that last photo supposed to convey? Seductiveness?
I don't understand how she can be so delusional.

No. 889736

File: 1573043576870.gif (1.32 MB, 200x185, b45.gif)

It's getting harder and harder to believe Mary is serious. I know she's not a troll but…how delusional do you have to be to think wearing only a head burqa is attractive or her being bald and dressing like a toddler playing dress up? Does she think she looks like Natalie Portman? Does she not do ANY research to see what men actually want?

No. 889743

That weird slenderman arm, she legit looks like cryptid.

No. 889750

File: 1573048507507.png (557.01 KB, 2394x1440, 8939853.png)

Some details about Mary's marriage and father.

>1) Yeah I'm the one with the money my man didn't have anything.

>3) For example my father was 41-42 when he had me, and 51-52 when he had my sister.

>My man is the victim, not me,

>a) he's never had a job. Every time the considers getting a job I dissuade him. Because then he would be independent enough to leave me. He would have an income of his own.

>b) he doesn't have a bank account.

>c) we live part of the year in a country where he doesn't speak the language.

>d) he doesn't really know how to pay bills.

>e) he doesn't have any contact with his family.

>f) he doesn't have friends.

>g) he's soon going to have four kids so he's not likely to leave them behind.

No. 889751

File: 1573048683309.png (942.72 KB, 2394x984, 8765789.png)

One second, she's posting cuckquean porn. The next, she's essentially calling herself yandere. >>889397 is probably right.

No. 889753

File: 1573049025480.png (1.44 MB, 2408x2384, 9876578.png)

>they all prefer the bigger girl to my right on this pic?
Who's gonna tell her?

No. 889754

File: 1573049096780.jpeg (206.26 KB, 504x454, 1408b1534430212.jpeg)

Full image. Just think, her creep of a husband most likely took this photo.

No. 889756

One could imagine she's pretty behind her niqab. Maybe that's why she wears it.

No. 889806

Its things like this that make me believe the theory of mary originally not being insane and being driven to insanity by her abusive and cheating husband. Thus now mary copes by pretending she is a trad,cuckqueen who is inferior to men.

>The people on those forums where mary posts,said she was normal in the beginning.

>Mary's cuckqueening is a coping mechinism and the proof is in how from time to time how she shows that she is really insecure of her husband being with other women.

>If mary thinks she is this irresistible supermodel then why is she so scared of her husband getting a job? Didnt mary say that if you are a doormat like her your husband would never leave you hmmm…..

>Calls her self a yandere

>In the beginning of the marriage her husband used to put her in the basement and wouldnt let her leave.

No. 889879

her outfit isn't even particularly sexy or revealing. it's just a dress. she's so delusional

No. 890527

File: 1573194433193.png (453.97 KB, 2400x1030, 0931.png)

Mary admitting that she creeps on men, not her weird fantasy of all men wanting her.

No. 890533

File: 1573195740975.png (565.53 KB, 2270x1366, 89891.png)

>3) The real reason for all this maternity care nonsense is that women are fat and unhealthy while pregnant. If you keep a good diet, exercise, and take your vitamins, you don't need any of this stuff.
>4) Oh, and about surgery: that's for when your intestines start falling out because you don't squat.
A redpill from Dr. Mary.

No. 890613

Is she saying men are retards? Lol.

No. 890684

I fear this crazy bitch is gonna molest her son's

No. 890786

Her delusion is funny because she thinks it's definitely the insecure wives and not that maybe the dudes she was creeping on felt uncomfortable and decided to go to a different park. Or ten other possibilities that may not even be related to her.

Or the guy looking at her while shooting his wedding photos. That was TOTALLY because he lusts for her not because he was wondering what her freak hijab wearing ass was doing.
Like I can only imagine how she lurks and tries to pose in public while creeping on guys.

She's so narcissistic it's baffling. Like most of these cows are but this bitch's delusions and wild ideology really take the cake.

No. 890815

Home births are dangerous even with trained midwives, which I doubt Mary has. I feel so bad for her future children if she gets pregnant again.

No. 890854

>he was wondering what her freak hijab ass was doing
This. It's pretty common to see women wearing hijab and niqab where I am but they're always wearing modest clothing - long, loose fit, dark colours. If I saw her Pan's Labyrinth looking ass hanging out at a park in a miniskirt and niqab of course I'd stare. I'd wonder who the fuck thought she was safe to be around children. Hasn't she talked about deliberately flashing her panties as well?

I wonder how she reconciles her hate of everyone non-white with her decision to wear muslim clothing? I know christianity and other religions have hair-covering traditions as well but nuns don't hide their face and they certainly don't have their pussy hanging out.

No. 893035

File: 1573682302975.jpg (27.79 KB, 503x698, caa49a2.jpg)


No. 893056

She legit terrifies me. And I don't mean by the shit she posts online, I mean how fucked her body is. Even without the mask, her face is wrinkly and and saggy.

EVERYTHING about her is and it's gross. I've never seen anyone, even grandparents over 60 - 70, look THAT old and haggard.

No. 893090

dude this image could straight up be used by some terrorist organization.

No. 893171

Someone earlier in this thread said that’s what having kids will do to you, but I think it’s just her being very scrawny and putting barely any muscle or fat on. I’ve seen women with kids who weren’t nearly as flabby and sad looking

No. 894101

hot isis wives coming for you kek

No. 894147

I posted in the skinny bitch threads years ago posting women who had kids and had better skin than her, and she kept pointing out stretchmarks that were nonexistent

No. 897419

Is there any updates or more information on her children?

I suspect this woman will pimp her daughter in a couple of years unless the cps take her children away.(necro)

No. 897438

If there was an update, I guess it would be posted…
Her kids are doomed, with luck they will wipe out some of the lowselfsteem and anxiety problems she will create on them and leave when they are mature enough.
If not, that girl will end with a "chad" that this woman will try to hook up with and brag about it on line.

No. 898564

File: 1574879624015.jpg (38.68 KB, 600x902, ertu74kv01141.jpg)

No. 898565

File: 1574879795726.jpg (16.15 KB, 537x123, sad.jpg)

Also: bonus comment.

No. 898578

She looks impoverished and dirty, like a stowaway who snuck onto the cruise in secret. For someone who made an entire comic claiming other women are "meant to be potato-pickers", she sure looks like she comes from a long line of peasants herself.
She doesn't even look happy, you can see the struggle in her eyes and the lines on her face.
How is she still LARPing that this is the life?
If I didn't know any better, I'd think this photo was from a news article about a woman who was kidnapped and held captive for years, and is only now telling her tragic story to the press.
Though, I guess that would fit in with her rant in >>884844 where she says "At least I've got my spot in the basement secured. A comfy cage, a blanket, sometimes I even get a pillow! What more can a girl ask for?".

No. 898587

File: 1574884085531.png (1.58 MB, 1838x1028, 9035095.png)

Another trashy video of her from her TA thread. This one is just titled "career", and she's speaking Swedish again.

No. 898591

File: 1574885260387.png (851.25 KB, 2734x1398, 28921.png)

Imagine running into a 35 year old woman proudly wearing your daughter's old socks that you threw in the garbage earlier.
Fucking cringy. Just imagine having Mary as a neighbor.

No. 898597

ot but jesus is that video pedo pandering shit, it's about being 16 and ~enjoying lyf~ and a good half of the video are crotchshots.

however, funnily enough, the singer is also 35 kek, is this what mary thinks she looks like?

No. 898611

She’s probably a personal lolcow for everyone in the building. Bet they have some sweet, sweet milk about how she’s really behaving

No. 898643

The anon who knows her address needs to call the cps asap before she starts pimping out her daughter.

No. 898730

I love how people here think that Polish child services care about how immigrants treat their daughters.

No. 898764

And you know she thinks the mother was staring at her because she's jealous and threatened by how thin she is, not because it's gross and weird

No. 898772

Her recent comments on her own daughter being less than men…ffs. I followed rpw for shits and giggles for the psycho members but this is fetish with her own children.

No. 898890

I'm kinda curious. how does her husband have a Costa Rican parent? He's from Romania, which was communist until 1989 (and obviously he was born well before then), so obviously travel to and from there was restricted for average people. Like everywhere in the eastern block. So, when would his Romanian parent have met a Costa Rican? What were they doing in Costa Rica? Or what was a Costa Rican doing in Romania? This has to be more bullshit she made up.

No. 898905

I figure his Romanian parent immigrated to Sweden and met his Costa Rican parent there.

No. 902482

File: 1575643430776.png (211.81 KB, 2578x798, 789898.png)

She's active on Reddit again.
>I wouldn't want my son to be "successful with women" in the first place. Nothing good comes from that. I'll just give him money for hookers. Then I'll set him up with one of my friend's daughters.
God help whoever ends up having their daughter set up with a son raised by Mary. Then again, to be "friends" with Mary, you have to either already hate yourself, or be as much of a degenerate as she is.

No. 902484

File: 1575643721631.png (125.15 KB, 2554x356, 09529042.png)

>Does sleeping with lots of guys damage women? That's like saying that brushing your teeth damages women.
I guess she's changed her mind on what she said in >>885025 about how it's bad to sleep around.

No. 902486

File: 1575643902940.png (895.98 KB, 1328x1202, 989889.png)

She was posted about elsewhere on the site, too. As expected, no one believes she's really a woman. They're in for a very rude surprise if they do some digging, or just find this thread.

No. 902489

File: 1575644491313.jpg (97.78 KB, 600x902, c24m0rjwho241.jpg)

New photo of her in public. This is probably one of very few times she's vaguely looked like a normal human being, and even now she looks like a bag lady.
Are we sure she's still in Poland?

No. 902491

File: 1575644886043.png (145.76 KB, 1830x924, 059303.png)

Looks like someone cowtipped. I'm not sure why they would do this. Her reaction wasn't even interesting.

No. 902492

File: 1575645066383.png (684.21 KB, 970x770, 098765.png)

Her "message".

No. 902494

File: 1575645255487.png (1.65 MB, 1336x1164, 87788.png)

Seems like her cooking hasn't improved since the days of quark, either.

No. 902511

It's central station in Stockholm.
Hope she'll stay in Sweden, Poland is shitty enough without her lurking here.

No. 902619

I thought she fled due to the allegations against her husband? Or maybe she's just visiting

No. 902733


Dear god, that's officially the most pathetic attempt at making sarmale I've ever seen.

No. 902766

Not going to lie after finding out she was cowtipped I thought she was going to come here.

I guess she was to stupid to find this thread.

No. 902855

horrible golubci, how can she be such a trad womyn when her basic cooking skills are this bad, what happened to >>887283 kek

No. 902959

File: 1575735156339.png (1.37 MB, 1820x1074, 905395.png)

No. 902960

File: 1575735532250.jpg (37.62 KB, 600x903, m0w2aofff1341.jpg)

No. 902964

File: 1575735711488.png (155.1 KB, 1472x754, jbhvgcf.png)

>We're hot and we make more hot people

No. 903004

She really just wears anything, huh. That really drives home to me that she's straight up crazy.

No. 903033

Good lord, she dresses like she's blind and her family decided to play a trick on her.

No. 903216

She literally dresses like a toddler, but maybe that's the look she's going for?

No. 903230

Sexy babushka child?
I wonder how much of that outfit she dug out of the trash.

No. 903258

Ah yes, this is exactly what you picture when you think of an attractive, traditional, trophy wife. Ladies like Mrs Midwest on youtube are what she wishes she could be.

No. 903288

How can somebody like her even be fixed? Clearly the first step is put her on nunmode for a few months because all the hentai/porn has fried her brain and the next step would be for her to hang out with actual women and not more pickmes.

Fuck she's the living embodiment of what unironic fascists and fundamentalists would turn all women into if they had the chance. It's scary as fuck.

No. 903320

It's kind of hilarious that she mostly gets downvoted to all hell and told to get psychological help on her own subreddit. The only positive updoots and comments seem to be on her cuckquean stuff from fetishist men.

No. 903345

what's ironic is that mrs midwest lies about her whole life online while mary is too damn honest about her creepy life.

Fixed? Idk but intensive therapy and zero internet will help. Losing the dead weight cheating husband will too

No. 903347

She truly belongs in the mental ward. She'd probably think all the male staff would think she's a goddess but at least she wouldn't have internet access to spare us from her trash.

No. 903373

Even if she gets help, it's to late for her,she is 40 and has had this opinion for years.
Maybe she will be less of creep but she will still have the same sexist values.

No. 903429

I don't get how she justifies this. Her husband is objectively not a Chad. Doesn't provide for her, not rich, not tall, not good looking. He offers her nothing and her mom is still paying her bills. Isn't the whole point of a trad wife to get your man to provide for you? How does worshiping your deadbeat husband make you a Stacy?

No. 903543

I somewhat suspect that Mary was bullied a lot as a kid, I know some men and women like her who believe their own delusions and and begin to think highly of themselves even though their lives are pointless and they've accomplished nothing

No. 903566

>Isn't the whole point of a trad wife to get your man to provide for you?

The point of trad wifes is just being submissive to another man either out of tradition(hence the "trad") or because he's the provider of the family(as was the case in the world before suffrage).

I seriously feel bad for any woman who takes up the trad wife shit in 2019, so much potential gone down the drain just to be a babymaker and a live in maid to some chump who doesn't even make 6 figures a year.

No. 903621

She seems to be under the belief that men are so above women that women need to constantly alter and better themselves just to catch any man and then work harder to keep him. She isn't "trad" the way some women are regarding certain details, this being a good example.

No. 906272

File: 1576523334156.jpg (384.91 KB, 747x1052, w6gf2piia1441.jpg)

New comics.

No. 906273

File: 1576523425033.jpg (298.92 KB, 747x1052, 4e9omj08a1441.jpg)

No. 906274

File: 1576523476587.jpg (347.84 KB, 747x1052, jor2dttzzf441.jpg)

Another one. This time, she actually mocks incels. How rare. I wonder if her husband can cook.

No. 906277

File: 1576523543819.jpg (390.4 KB, 747x1052, dphmd2swzf441.jpg)

No. 906279

File: 1576523646109.jpg (340.53 KB, 747x1052, erl2y9ktzf441.jpg)

No. 906281

File: 1576523771096.jpg (295.28 KB, 747x1052, 8aset8oezf441.jpg)

No. 906286

File: 1576524630812.jpg (346.27 KB, 747x1052, 03wdz0lttk341.jpg)

More. 1/3

No. 906288

File: 1576524668777.jpg (327.2 KB, 747x1052, zes69w17uk341.jpg)

No. 906291

File: 1576524815026.jpg (321.7 KB, 747x1052, 5rex8avfuk341.jpg)

3/3. Femcels BTFO. Kind of ironic, considering she looks like a bald version of the ponytail femcel IRL.
Also, interesting Sailor Moon reference in the second page.

No. 906295

File: 1576525392866.jpg (402.4 KB, 1283x2328, jiFDLDAncBD6os_SrfmfzD9mI6oR-C…)

Her other drawings haven't been posted here, so I guess I'll share those.
They're childish, like something from a kid or teen's deviantART account in 2010. Knowing these are by a mentally ill mother in her 30s is weird.

No. 906296

File: 1576525494497.jpg (228.13 KB, 1183x1195, yPe8vfD5Rkhc4drtdjwK1VqxyQXO9W…)

The same character is also in her header image for r/pickmes. She hasn't stated any name for it yet.

No. 906297

File: 1576525546878.jpg (282.29 KB, 1398x1345, i6NgfmcWQkDQ6RZwaj-XJJL06TYvMw…)

No. 906301

File: 1576525749237.jpg (398.98 KB, 1154x1981, HF1fn3TPGYZt5hxYARojy_-lMUidSy…)

>Be in shape
I kind of wonder why this character isn't drawn looking extremely muscular like those bikini models Mary is obsessed with, or just blond with massive tits/ass like her "Stacy" in >>884805.

No. 906302

File: 1576525848939.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 1616x1576, Wtv8qH5.jpg)

>Put out

No. 906306

File: 1576525992802.jpg (267.74 KB, 1055x1625, DyNueGBv0JWQs_VjOPkWMzDUyKwYiy…)

Even the girl in the drawing looks sick of this shit

No. 906307

File: 1576526116283.jpg (618.96 KB, 747x952, C3txOxm.jpg)

>Always go the extra mile
Interesting that the girl doesn't get any gift, just like in >>906286, lmao.

No. 906308

File: 1576526214425.png (584.5 KB, 1620x1126, 8789000990.png)

Mary herself, displaying her unwarranted self-importance.

No. 906311

File: 1576526431875.png (86.34 KB, 1528x312, 7888890.png)

>If a woman genuinely likes a guy she'll do anal with all his friends too. Cuz you gotta show that you're better than other girls.

No. 906317

File: 1576527013099.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.74 KB, 800x1203, td9nibioyq441.jpg)

New self portrait/nude. She somehow looks even more miserable than usual in this photo.
A troll commented calling her "hot", and she took it at face value.

No. 906328

this is so fascinating. she seems like she hates incels but is still a pickme? has she talked about incels before?

No. 906341

I thought having hair hides a women’s beauty? So why does she draw her weird pickme characters with such big, fluffy hair?

No. 906350

Ok, serious question. Is she autistic?

No. 906359

At the very least she's a weeb.

No. 906368

the subject matter is bad and she’s awful but somehow her comics are better executed than the “professional webcomic artist” cows on here

No. 906370

lol yes. she reminds me a bit of sapphirecrimsonclaw, where their comics look visually interesting and engaging, but they waste this skill drawing the most stupid propaganda ever (or in sapphire's case, her interacting with serial killer ghosts)

No. 906373

File: 1576535897516.png (80.36 KB, 2012x250, 909090nvois.png)

A weeb with a hateboner for Japanese (and Korean) women.
>Don't kid yourself. In Asia I'd be a goddess.
She fumed and insisted most Asian women are actually ugly IRL, even on The Apricity years ago.
Middle Eastern women seem to make her seethe far more, though, probably because her husband is Middle Eastern.

No. 906376

File: 1576536272579.png (227.85 KB, 1262x944, 9839289398.png)

From the same thread.
>I went to school with a couple of Korean girls. None of them had boyfriends. The Korean boys wanted nothing to do with them.
I swear she's said this same shit, word for word, about Middle Eastern girls at her school.
Between these claims and >>884831 being the "hottest boy in her class", Mary must've gone to a school for the most unfortunate femcels and incels.

No. 906380

File: 1576537122946.png (287.71 KB, 1158x1246, 567877887.png)

She seems to fixate heavily on certain subjects (sex dolls/robots, cuckqueaning, etc) to the point where it almost doesn't even seem like a fetish, so I often wonder the same thing. Might even be OCD.
She's said before that she thinks she has a "male brain", which I've seen a fair share of autistic women say about themselves.
If she is autistic, I wonder if part of the "real" reason she shaves her hair is because it causes her sensory issues/discomfort if it grows too long.
Whatever she's dealing with, it's definitely gone untreated her whole life, just like the rest of her personal issues.
Also, I noticed that she didn't acknowledge the person here who brought up the possibility of her being trans, but responded to everything else.

No. 906386

File: 1576537409462.png (665.91 KB, 502x902, 84fff91327705231.png)

>holds up a sign that reads "I'm not Japanese"
>still tries to dress as "kawaii" as one can when they only have clothing found in the garbage
>ends up looking more elderly than ever
Never change, Mary.

No. 906388

File: 1576537669042.jpg (220.13 KB, 452x597, b3699c1327705894.jpg)

Second pic.

No. 906392

File: 1576538254866.png (124.14 KB, 2014x402, 4567897654.png)

She flip-flops between worshiping men, and then talking shit about them. Here, she badmouths her husband, claiming he has a bad personality (big shocker), and says most men aren't good in bed.

No. 906395

File: 1576538482345.png (77.56 KB, 1994x204, hiuekge221a0.png)

She calls them "unfuckable" here. Funny, since in the past, she's stated that ugly, weird guys are sexually attractive. She praised Ron Jeremy as a desirable man before, and even said the same about her husband here >>885760.
On Reddit, she's claimed she doesn't care about men's looks, just that they can fuck her.

No. 906400

I knew he was a manlet but damn

No. 906450

its bewildering how delusion she is. it's both impressive and sad.

No. 906606

She looks like someone kidnapped her and forced her to do this shit. I don't understand her.

No. 906676

Her skin is yellowish, I feel bad for her, she probably has some kid of hepatitis or even worse, a pancreatic cancer. I feel so bad for her.

No. 906765

I would feel bad, but she's such an awful person that I'm enjoying the show.

No. 906808

Hepatitis is probably more believable if all her stories are taken at face value

No. 908627

File: 1577032686089.jpg (165.73 KB, 747x1052, y9yrhpfhuc541.jpg)

I like the bauble hanging off of one of the antlers. Very festive.

No. 908628

File: 1577032807215.png (159.63 KB, 2262x404, 04920429429.png)

Pro-tip: 20 is the wall for women, now.

No. 908630

File: 1577033068939.png (60.98 KB, 2254x162, 45678908.png)

>Mary: You NEED a man, he gives you kids and companionship. He doesn't need you. I almost lost my man, but I got myself together and now he's back. I actually prefer him not working, because it means he can't leave me. I had to compete with all the other girls in school to get him.
>Also Mary: I didn't even really intend to be my man's girlfriend, I just wanted sex. He stayed on his own. I would just have been cool banging him.
She's operating on so many different levels of cope.

No. 908632

File: 1577033438497.jpg (177.74 KB, 685x744, 2x1czjroa9541.jpg)

More pick-me art.


This one's kind of an edgy change of pace. What happened to all the pink?

Looks like she might have heeded this. I guess we can expect some bald-headed pick me drawings, soon.
Wonder if she'll also add her yellowed skin, signature frown and wrinkled face/body.

No. 908634

This woman is so fucking insane

No. 908679

Imagine being so delusional that redpillwomen bans you.

That or an std from the amount of sex she has allegedly had with strangers.

she has to be horrocow of the year

No. 908846

I love how she blathers on about generic incel terms, like the wall and being a Stacy, but jumps through hoops to show how it doesn't apply to her. Every post is a contradiction.

This is the most disturbing one yet. It looks like a cry for help. I wonder if on some level she realizes how fucked up her philosophy is.

No. 908932

i dont understand her logic. pick mes become cuckqueans more often than not. hasn't this psycho said she has a thing for being cucked? her husband is like 4'11", right? for fuck's sake.

No. 909406

File: 1577198458696.jpg (36.64 KB, 750x499, f1a549567cee0f8bde95cdebc2db9e…)

It almost reminds me of the art of Kim Noble, an abuse survivor with DID.

No. 917125

File: 1578874313794.jpg (230.88 KB, 581x818, bcnji6el51a41.jpg)

She's back. This time, she's taking aim at r/FemaleDatingStrategy.

No. 917126

File: 1578874345929.jpg (198.47 KB, 581x818, 7e5cthok51a41.jpg)

No. 917128

File: 1578874446944.jpg (255.29 KB, 581x818, udr46v2k51a41.jpg)

No. 917132

File: 1578874563378.jpg (233.74 KB, 581x818, 5n4bdxaj51a41.jpg)

No. 917134

File: 1578874677631.jpg (222.53 KB, 575x730, uql2x4gi51a41.jpg)

No. 917137

File: 1578874766586.jpg (184.03 KB, 581x818, d163fueh51a41.jpg)

This one was weird, especially considering how much her husband looks (and seems to behave) like the male. Wonder if it's just her way of shitting on younger women who don't want to live the life she currently has.

No. 917139

File: 1578874960193.png (Spoiler Image,651.23 KB, 1616x1038, 9843983.png)

She posted an uncomfortable nude to celebrate her return, as well.

No. 917142

This is just her own life

No. 917146

cant believe this self/woman hating bitch draws animu comics with the humor of a 12yo girl

No. 917165

Ew why is she bald it’s so ugly and doesn’t even match her

No. 917166

Ew why is she bald it’s so ugly and doesn’t even match her

No. 917167

File: 1578877590099.jpg (252.35 KB, 1200x1805, 679uuarzkba41.jpg)

No. 917169

File: 1578877647327.jpeg (640.56 KB, 800x915, 60881d1330638303.jpeg)

No. 917170

File: 1578877723147.png (1.04 MB, 1616x896, jknkjn.png)

It's hilarious how she really is a 12 year old weeb on the inside.

No. 917198

this entire comic makes no sense. she's talked in the past about how men are ugly, that you need to fuck men all the time, that women don't really like sex, and that women should pay for their men. nothing about the comic has anything to do with r/femaledatingstrategy. its more like her own dating strategy.

No. 917201

File: 1578881221514.png (9.08 KB, 786x87, gimpgirl1.PNG)

here she says that most men are attractive and that women who don't think so need therapy.

No. 917203

I think that gimpgirl just truly, deeply hates women/herself and is disgusted by female sexuality and sees it as corrupt and evil or something, and her feelings of hatred and disgust precedes any conceptual opinions about women. She'll just go with whatever statement makes women look bad, even if it completely contradicts a previous statement that makes women look bad for an entirely different reason. Your garden variety misogynist hates women because of what he's come to believe about their behavior, but GG is the reverse, her beliefs are just an afterthought to her primordial hatred. She reminds me of some male serial killers in that way, where they have a ton of sexualized anger but their explanation of it doens't really make sense even in a sexist framework

No. 917204

>kids are a huge burden and you're busy with them 24/7!

>still has time to draw weird anime comics, take nudes, post misogynist shit on reddit, etc

No. 917207

File: 1578881453057.png (16.66 KB, 784x137, gimpgirl2.PNG)

dropped my photo like an idiot

No. 917208

File: 1578881706700.png (19.7 KB, 786x229, gimpgirl3.PNG)

mary always uses being cucked as a "gotcha" but shes a swinger. she is the one cucking her man.

No. 917273

Half the time she considers herself, and advocates being, a cuckqueen and says it's inevitable no matter what, something you owe to your man, something you should enjoy, etc. Then she turns around and uses it as a threat against women who don't act just like she does lmao.

She pretty much just thinks women deserve to suffer at the hands of men no matter what and it's the best we can expect out of life so we should embrace it.

No. 917289

Is the term moid common on reddit?
Glad to see more of this crazy bitch's content, I've missed her.
If you zoom very hard into this photo, one of the scribbles says SOPOT 2016. So this photo was most likely taken at the beach in Sopot, Poland. Would confirm the Gdansk (or whatever other city) theory.

No. 917311

Fucking this. I don't even think she actually likes men. She just sees them as a punishment that women deserve.

No. 917360

Her face/skin looks less dead and rough than usual here. If she wasn't crazy and took better care of herself (and got rid of the dumpster clothes) she would look normal. It's crazy that she really thinks she and her husband are hot people, though.

No. 918003

Same here. I'm 56kg but I look almost the same… Definitely getting a breast lift and tummy tuck after I have kids. God this woman needs help.

No. 918672

Yes, there are other scribbles with polish names and words

No. 918832

File: 1579141870983.png (27.56 KB, 905x236, gimpgirl4.PNG)

here mary admits that her husband once left her for two weeks

No. 918837

File: 1579142579667.png (19.62 KB, 900x174, gimpgirl5.PNG)

there are times when it seems like mary is self aware. she could almost be describing herself. her man is a disgusting manlet who doesn't work, but she is convinced he is a high value chad.

No. 918839

File: 1579142809828.png (14.24 KB, 899x111, gimpgirl6.PNG)

and here mary says she is hoping to have a 5th child. i feel so bad for her kids. imagine if you need your mom to make you dinner or help you with homework and shes too busy taking nude photos for reddit and talking about red pill theory.

No. 919491

File: 1579238914990.png (44.59 KB, 1200x166, 94092.png)

Her, of all people, saying this is insane.

No. 919496

Random but does anyone know her real name? Cause Mary isn’t a russian name, although it could be a english version of marina she never lived in a English speaking country so her choice of Mary in general strikes me as odd.

No. 919547

Mary is a romanian name though and her husband is romanian, so that must where it comes from

No. 919549

kek the projection

No. 919668

Considering she's literally bragged about finding kids' clothes in the trash so she can wear them while she larps as a ~barely legal teen~ it's probably a matter of time until she starts making her kids wear trash clothes too. Is that grounds for CPS?? Because as much as I love watching her crazy someone needs to get those kids out of there before she has her daughters raped as 'training' or something.

No. 919775

I think she and her useless husband fled from Sweden to Poland to escape any form of cps.

Having a man be around her is the most important accomplishment in Marys life. He doesn't give a fuck about her or the kids. He's only a Chad because he stuck around her, his punching bag that pays him to do nothing. He'll leave for good once there's something better. And it's her kids that'll pay.

No. 922305

File: 1579778131364.jpg (174.77 KB, 876x623, uqjehx96byb41.jpg)

New art. This one just kind of betrays that she feels hopeless, like there's no escape from a shitty life as a woman.

No. 922308

File: 1579778555476.png (567.21 KB, 850x1426, hjbbhjbjh.png)

She uploaded a new video. In this one, she complains that women starfish too much in sex, so men should replace them with fleshlights, porn and sex dolls. She gushes a bit about the "magic" of sex dolls, and says it's like having someone who will do "whatever you want", because they're made that way.
Someone gave her some lighting tips. Kind of a shame, since I find the sinister atmosphere of her videos both fitting and hilarious.

No. 922310

File: 1579778710992.jpg (321.13 KB, 660x672, bwmqcjtclwb41.jpg)

She's back to the pink.

No. 922311

File: 1579778873442.jpg (122.74 KB, 640x901, 642yi4lrkwb41.jpg)

No. 922312

File: 1579778975708.jpg (133.89 KB, 640x901, ykcbl2zskwb41.jpg)

No. 922313

File: 1579779120790.jpg (114.26 KB, 640x901, dd30blstkwb41.jpg)

No. 922316

File: 1579779256530.jpg (117.33 KB, 640x901, 7f7kzajukwb41.jpg)

No. 922320

File: 1579779349975.png (120.15 KB, 856x524, k98787877.png)

This is just a little sad.

No. 922322

File: 1579779554763.png (133.79 KB, 852x610, 95495984.png)

>Plenty of women would be perfectly happy having a guy just for sex. Guys aren't that much fun to hang around outside the bedroom anyway.
Doesn't this fly in the face of all her "Men don't need you, you need them" screeching?

No. 922324

File: 1579779707713.jpg (32.99 KB, 552x979, dyr8smx6dxb41.jpg)

>I just another got another delivery for my man. Of course I was the one who paid for it.
Looking as miserable as ever.

No. 922325

File: 1579779798421.jpg (31.25 KB, 552x780, dvpnt9ujkic41.jpg)

>Challenge: shave your hair off and post a pic with no make up - are you still good enough?
Reverse BDD in full swing.

No. 922328

File: 1579780188468.jpg (478.58 KB, 1125x701, hhbusprzl6b41.jpg)

>Always bring the Bangmaid along on vacations
Yay for taking great pains to dehumanize other women for your husband/boyfriend, I guess.

No. 922329

File: 1579780230810.jpg (102.04 KB, 640x936, clyvbjr327b41.jpg)

No. 922330

File: 1579780279657.jpg (95.7 KB, 640x901, g1836or627b41.jpg)

No. 922331

File: 1579780424078.jpg (108.79 KB, 640x901, vy4k96y827b41.jpg)

Pretty sure this one was just her seething about other women who can afford plastic surgery, considering she used to praise and encourage it.
Also, I guess from this page, we're to assume she thinks she looks like >>906295 under the gimp mask.

No. 922332

File: 1579780576119.jpg (51.88 KB, 550x1067, ilxuosqn8ta41.jpg)

>I got my man a present
She's almost smiling in this one.

No. 922335

File: 1579780726248.png (294.19 KB, 858x1408, 765467.png)

>It's time to liberate men from depending on bio-females for sex.

No. 922336

File: 1579780826019.png (82.04 KB, 976x362, 879898.png)

She must really be in a bad place, financially, if she has to consider dumpster diving to buy him gifts. I guess it makes sense, considering she has multiple children and they're just living off her mom's credit.

No. 922337

File: 1579781129061.png (46.62 KB, 850x212, 349839853.png)

She says here that her husband wanted her to do this to herself.

No. 922338

some pictures you can just smell

No. 922345

Unwashed and fresh out of the dumpster

No. 922360

Straight up looking like a man in a bra here. Maybe the commenter asking if she was a trans man was on to something.

No. 922448

She wants every woman to loathe themselves as much as Mary loathes herself. This is just pathetic reading this. Fucking incels telling her that they don't want to genocide women and she's being too much. Is she back in Sweden? Or has she permenantly left to stay in Poland indefinitely? I'm starting to believe that she's moving around so much because her husband is a fuck up and people see her dumpster diving with kids then report her

No. 922707

It also is a contradiction to her “women don’t actually like sex they just have it to scam men” belief.

No. 922774

Everything that comes out of her mouth is a contradiction, thanks to her conviction that all of her random whims are The Universal Truth For All Women Everywhere

No. 923050

>best man in the word

No. 923723

File: 1579981789959.jpg (271.76 KB, 747x627, 7p0zi3o21yc41.jpg)

No. 923724

File: 1579981955865.jpg (98.52 KB, 640x901, zhxdzezrasc41.jpg)

She's been drawing more comics lately.
>heh…these dumb zoomers probably don't even know about tomeo and juliet!

No. 923726

File: 1579982017414.jpg (84.77 KB, 640x901, 570w3k2tasc41.jpg)

No. 923728

File: 1579982062690.jpg (85.34 KB, 640x901, jnt70zxtasc41.jpg)

Wonder if browsing /r9k/ is part of her daily brain-rotting routine.

No. 923729

File: 1579982256306.jpg (27.14 KB, 600x902, eax6tckqmqc41.jpg)

>Best Pick Me outfit for seducing men in 2020. I also got him a new toy so that he'll continue sleeping with me. Post your own Pick Me outfits!

No. 923732

>again with the miserable face.

I’m convinced Mary’s gross husband has some kind of humiliation fetish and forces her to act it out, while she internalizes it and pretends like she’s a superior woman and an ultimate man-pleaser to preserve the last dregs of her self esteem.

No. 923746

her house looks nice af. love the wainscoting and it looks spacious. kind of annoys me. is real estate cheap as fuck there? doesn't change the fact that she looks like mark zuckerberg though i guess.

No. 923754

Reading all her weird ass comics and honestly, her art has the potential to be pretty cute. If only she drew normal things.

No. 923775

No way. I refuse to believee someone can be this unhinged, she has to be a self aware troll and wear wigs and normal clothes in public

No. 923802

I can’t imagine walking away from sailor moon with the message “women should be slaves for men and dumpster dive for clothing”. Mamoru bought shit for Usagi all the time, he spoiled her and doted on her.

No. 924025

File: 1580034761375.jpg (339.02 KB, 1055x1891, IMG_20200126_112826.jpg)

No. 924038

shameful but i like her comics and art. they have potential. it's too bad this bitch is so dumb and hateful.

No. 924097

I won't get over how she's, on top of all this, a weeb too. Anime was truly a mistake kek

She's been like this for years. Banned from red pill women for being too extreme and been told from incels that shes too much. Imagine banned from a sub where men larp as self hating women for being a self hating woman.

No. 924554

File: 1580138019819.jpg (88.54 KB, 640x639, 5ybk2y9vu4d41.jpg)

>"I'm not like the other girls"
I've got to hand it to her, though. She really isn't like other (read: sane) women, lmao.
She literally just copy/pasted what incel males say and changed the genders with the "Government gives boyfriend?" bit, too.

No. 924555

File: 1580138227228.png (97.5 KB, 968x394, 8302903.png)

And now, she's contradicting what she said in >>922322.

No. 924556

File: 1580138351921.png (170.89 KB, 956x738, 878787.png)

>Women aren't attracted to muscular men, TV just makes them think it's cool.

No. 924558

File: 1580138473868.png (63.32 KB, 942x254, 853934893.png)

>REAL women aren't attracted to Jason Momoa or Henry Cavill, only femcels
Is this how she copes with her husband looking like >>887973?

No. 924560

File: 1580138793358.jpg (103.98 KB, 640x824, lncw5j2nh5d41.jpg)

>A Pick me Production
Looks like she's still obsessed with Middle Eastern women.

No. 924561

File: 1580138948195.png (97.78 KB, 806x604, 785678.png)

>Men who don't date white women are not right in the head
Her, of all people, mentally evaluating anyone is hilarious.

No. 924562

File: 1580139090845.png (101.84 KB, 968x474, 8765454.png)

>If you're straight as a woman then you're sexually attracted to most guys, just like how guys are willing to bang most women.

No. 924564

File: 1580139194383.jpg (47.22 KB, 583x778, 4d8aw6psrbd41.jpg)

No. 924610

I feel so bad for her kids. Almost every other day she's posting pictures of useless crap she bought for her husband. She has a rotating closet of weird clothes, lingerie, and kink shit. Neither of them work. Who's paying for the kids? And who's taking care of them when she posts all day and her husband ignores her? Their house must be a total shit show.

No. 924683

Maybe her mom gives hthem money because she wants to keep her grand children fed and clothed?

No. 924691

File: 1580158439648.png (47.31 KB, 925x484, mombod.PNG)

Mary defends abuse here, and somehow thinks shes exempt from having a "mom bod".

No. 924692

Despite being a weeb, Mary thinks that women who get off on gay porn/yaoi are just gay men pretending to be women. She also thinks the otome genre isn't sexual and once again doubles down that women aren't sexual and don't like having sex.

No. 924694

File: 1580158624467.png (37.4 KB, 785x388, hentai.PNG)

oops, dropped pic

No. 924731

She's in complete denial. I don't understand how she makes the jump from "Women would be happy to just have guys for sex" to "Women don't even like sex, they just want money and resources".
Then again, she also thinks most women find Ron Jeremy and Max Hardcore attractive, and that only women who've never had boyfriends would find Jason Momoa attractive.
I really wonder if she says these things because she feels like no attractive man would want anything to do with her, and she also hates herself way too much to like yaoi, otome or reverse harem (or any situations with attractive guys).
She strikes me as someone who uses men to punish herself, and thinks all other women do the same (or that they should do the same, or be forced into it, otherwise they're not real women), but then she goes on tangents about how both she and her husband are attractive people, and at that point, it seems like she's just 100% delusional.

No. 925966

File: 1580416796337.png (202.71 KB, 962x820, 89787i7.png)

Mary's kids are fucked.
Anyway, what happened to her "If you haven't experienced young love, it is over for you" posts with photos of her and her husband, who she claims was "the hottest guy in class"? If she doesn't allow her kids to socialize with other people their age, how will they experience that in their teens?

No. 925968

File: 1580417074045.png (211.68 KB, 816x1050, 092929.png)

She's going to raise her daughter to hate herself for being female, avoid learning anything because "Men don't like "smart" girls", and wear clothes from the trash.
Her sons will be raised to think of women as subhuman, also wear clothes from the trash, and none of her children will be allowed to have fun, travel or go out.
It almost sounds like Mary had an empty childhood, so she's trying to inflict that on her children, as well.

No. 925970

File: 1580417295724.jpg (40.19 KB, 564x988, zisbnwwq7id41.jpg)

No. 925971

File: 1580417411511.jpg (65.21 KB, 640x1228, 921q6ph1jhd41.jpg)

>Daily reminder: I could steal your boyfriends
How can anyone compete with this?

No. 926210

File: 1580450554092.png (44.81 KB, 842x576, captainamerica.PNG)

according to mary, no woman wants to be with chris evans. they'd leave him for a beta office worker.

No. 926337

tinfoil time but these make me think that mary actually has a very low opinion of men, she's probally more misandrist then most pinkpilled anons

No. 926346

I can believe that, she appears to be a very controlling person.

No. 926619

File: 1580539849453.jpg (495.91 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-01-07-40-38…)

A few days ago she went on a crazy sperg about Furiosa from Fury Road. She called her a 'pick me inspiration' and posted a music video shipping her with Max. My brain is frying from all the contradictions. The only thing Furiosa and Mary have in common is the hairstyle (roughly). How can a self-suficient badass warrior be a pick me? She is not fitting the patriarchy slave image at all!

No. 926649

since there seems to be not much hope for the kids now i at least hope that she isn't smart enough to be subtle about this so her kids start spewing her weird ass ideology in school and so on so that other adults start paying attention to them and the crazy things they say

No. 926771

Im really worried for this crazy woman's children,especially her daughter.
Didnt she also say how grown men should date 10 year old girls?

What if she starts pimping out her daughter once she turns 10?

No. 926776

she definitely does. she portrays men worse than most feminists ever do. the only difference is that she thinks women are so vile that we all deserve them as a punishment. when has she ever said anything positive about a man or men in general that wasn't just praising them for abusing women or something? she doesn't like them. as much as i dislike tradcon shit, a lot of them seem to think that men and women have different POSITIVE qualities and attempt to build gender roles around those qualities. mary's gender roles are literally unironically based on women being subhuman and men exploiting them and doing nothing. she's like a radfem's fever induced nightmare that came to life one night.

No. 926792

She might be too jealous of her to do that and might try to keep her isolated so she wouldn't take away any attention from her

No. 926850

File: 1580603777362.jpg (332.79 KB, 1600x1600, 46023-m.jpg)

She definetly likes her because of her hairstyle. She's always contradicting herself, don't even try to make sense in her tastes…

No. 926884

File: 1580609917119.png (236.08 KB, 946x1018, 0593853985.png)

Mary defending keeping her kids away from other kids.
Leaving your children to only socialize with adults isn't a recipe for abuse or exploitation at all, nope.
Notice that she completely ignored the question someone asked about how a kid is meant to get away from an adult they don't like.

No. 926885

File: 1580609970843.jpg (105.86 KB, 640x901, ny4ot69b7ee41.jpg)

No. 926886

File: 1580610081818.jpg (91.62 KB, 640x901, hvdkm5oa7ee41.jpg)

She misspelled "world" in the first page. This is the second time she's done this, see >>922332. Weird.

No. 926887

Honestly, this is the most disturbing part of learning about this woman. She has 4 kids and genuinely believes women are property, can't be raped, can't be skinny enough, draws shit like >>908632 and has said weird stuff about wearing kids clothes/underwear. With her logic, there is nothing to stop her or her husband from abusing their daughter. I hope her family is at least aware of what's going on and keeps an eye on the kids.

No. 926888

File: 1580610209096.jpg (85.16 KB, 640x901, m2xc10z97ee41.jpg)

No. 926889

File: 1580610307736.jpg (89.97 KB, 640x901, jo97t3c97ee41.jpg)

No. 926890

File: 1580610340510.jpg (71.44 KB, 640x901, d7pypgl87ee41.jpg)

I really thought she was going to go down the incest route with this one.

No. 926891

File: 1580610462090.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.94 KB, 537x962, q9gxpl2cb6e41.jpg)

>no pantsu
The weeb aspect to all this is both funny and embarrassing.

No. 926984

I don't believe this myself, just presenting a tinfoil for your consideration. Does gimpgirl's online presence remind anyone of that woman who seemed to be writing a blog about her sex life, complete with photos of her, that ended up being written by her captor? I can't find her name anywhere, but gimpgirl's scared-looking eyes reminded me of that lady.

No. 927007

that sounds so familiar, please let us know if you eventually do remember/find out the name!

No. 927010

Dalia Day I believe is what the other anon was referring to (correct me if I'm wrong) and honestly with how terrified she looks in some photos I wondered about this too

No. 927022


Yes, Delia Day, that's exactly who I was thinking about. Thank you.

No. 927240

I don't believe this entirely, but there is obviously abuse. She openly says her husband hits her and wrote a "plan" on how cover up her domestic violence in >>885493

No. 928489

File: 1580927391927.jpg (98.87 KB, 640x901, pq54obkgbre41.jpg)

No. 928490

File: 1580927419677.jpg (95.28 KB, 640x901, khtrislhbre41.jpg)

No. 928491

File: 1580927475716.jpg (113.36 KB, 640x901, 1t5r11aibre41.jpg)

>You all just hate me because I'm beautiful and none of you could ever keep a boyfriend

No. 928492

File: 1580927516539.jpg (92.53 KB, 640x901, 3i5yutwibre41.jpg)

No. 928494

File: 1580927800040.jpg (81.05 KB, 640x901, jz2ugefjbre41.jpg)

No. 928497

File: 1580928036962.png (745.12 KB, 956x1138, 9042942.png)

>"I'm so hot, you all just hate me because I'm beautiful"
>literally has to bribe her own husband to sleep with her

No. 928498

Her whole story seems like a bullshit, we can't tell whats reality and whats fiction when discussing her

No. 928499

File: 1580928444140.png (98.44 KB, 964x494, 903094.png)

>Right, but can you call somebody a partner if you dont even like them?
>I don't know, at least you're not alone.
First time I've seen her sound non-delusional and less defensive about things.
There must be moments where she questions her living situation.

No. 928500

File: 1580928687819.png (689.66 KB, 976x710, 803092.png)

>men pay for sex and companionship with female prostitutes
>"Men don't even NEED to have relationships with women anymore! This is paradise, buy your man a hooker today"
>women pay for sex and companionship with male prostitutes
>"It's OVER for many females, this is pathetic. Can't get a real man? Sad!"
Not that prostitution in itself is good, but the double standards know no bounds.

No. 928502

File: 1580928744564.png (116.82 KB, 958x452, 765475.png)

>IMO the average man is about 2-3 points more attractive than the average woman.
What is she smoking?

No. 928504

File: 1580928970840.png (137.44 KB, 968x574, 98hikjn.png)

>A bracelet is kinda like a little man shackle "mine forever" lol.

No. 929157

File: 1581056589327.jpg (37.65 KB, 640x720, ljw43f2sedf41.jpg)

No. 929158

File: 1581056648394.jpg (90.75 KB, 640x901, zgpgbiefbcf41.jpg)

No. 929159

File: 1581056706186.jpg (90.37 KB, 640x901, au4en7dgbcf41.jpg)

No. 929160

File: 1581056775132.jpg (94.45 KB, 640x901, rq1hx85hbcf41.jpg)

You know, it's interesting how she only ever seems to draw weak men who play secondary roles to herself.

No. 929161

File: 1581056837720.jpg (102.25 KB, 640x901, kwpcoithbcf41.jpg)


No. 929163

File: 1581056909001.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.93 KB, 640x901, j5f6kodibcf41.jpg)

Mild femdom undertones.

No. 929164

File: 1581057038809.jpg (99.14 KB, 640x901, 9m2g87wibcf41.jpg)

I guess the moral of this story is that all young feminists need is a weeaboo NEET to fuck them to "cure" them of their opinions. Also
>Mary calls herself a sexual predator

No. 929166

File: 1581057294432.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.38 KB, 640x920, ennuf2e7n9f41.jpg)

No. 929167

File: 1581057429632.png (85.76 KB, 962x450, 675465768.png)

Sounds like Mary's parents tried to prevent her current lifestyle.

No. 929213

Well, yeah, this comic has a random NEET raping a woman who is out of it 'thanks' to Mary. She is a sexual predator.

The one aspect of her I find odd is that she doesn't have long hair. Wouldn't that be a good anchor for men to grab unto her as they fuck or something?

No. 929236

guessing she can't grow her hair due to food restriction/anorexia.

No. 929374

>Looks like she's wearing heels but is actually barefoot
Toe walking is a sign of autism. Hmm…(emoji)

No. 929413

File: 1581113223728.png (77.95 KB, 956x368, 897879.png)

One day, she's insisting women are greedy, selfish gold-diggers. The next, she's saying all women only want a man with a steady job and home.
Hilarious that her current husband has neither of those things.

No. 929443

File: 1581119315247.png (110.62 KB, 948x500, 86678.png)

>IMO the father's role is to be a role model. And a guy who gives away his resources to a woman is not a good role model.
Yes, Mary. A jobless man who doesn't even know how to pay bills and lives off his wife's family's pickets is an excellent role model for your children.
>divorce raped

No. 929593


If she would introspect for a moment, she would see that these two things are not worlds apart.

No. 929614

File: 1581155441658.jpg (37.06 KB, 552x1003, 212xntb9vnf41.jpg)

>I'm thinking of wearing a tan to the beach this year - yay or nay?
She looks like a cryptid here.

No. 929620

I thought her head was photoshopped on

No. 929623

Not weird at all, that's very common for ESL people. For some reason it's easy to confuse the spelling of the words that sound similar to each other, especially if you do not often write in English. You want to write one thing and your brain pulls out the other instead. Used to happen to me all the time (and still does occasionally).

That's completely delusional. It's the opposite! Fat women look better than fat men because it enhances feminity (big boobs, ass etc) while fat diminishes masculinity. Not to mention most women at least have pretty faces and cool styling. Fat men have nothing going for them (unless they fit the thick lumberjack type that some find appealing). The same idea mostly applies to underweight and healthy people. The average man is ugly AF.

I love her autistic comics, funny how she keeps dunking on neets and delusional weebs while claiming that men are the superior half of humanity lmfao. Does she justify it to herself with the neets/weebs are not Real (read: Trad) Men? There are so many women that whine about wanting a Real Men like they don't realize that the type usually was an openly abusive dick lmfao.
What animes does she watch in which anyone is called Fifi?
>Sexual predator
>and I will readily admit that this is a fucked up comic
She truly does have moments of clarity lmfao
I don't understand why she doesn't buy a wig, you can get nice ones for 30 dollars or so on Aliexpress? It would look better than her bald head. I know she dumpster dives but she must have some money to buy gadgets for her husband…
Same, why does she think it's attractive? Why get a tan when your face is white like a sheet of a paper? Maybe I'm biased because I like pale skin but never got the appeal.

No. 929731

Why does her skin colour looks so uneven ? It looks so odd

No. 929733

Big boobs and asses only look feminine if you have a good ratio to make up for it, most fat girls end up losing their ratio and looking like blobs, fat women and fat men look pretty similar naked unless you constantly get fat transfers

No. 929743

If this doesn't prove she has a humiliation fetish, nothing will

No. 929801

she uh.. used a self tan i guess and didn't apply it well? Looks hilarious

No. 929866

File: 1581208572393.png (10.79 KB, 583x122, gimp.PNG)

i almost admire this type of reverse body dysmorphia

No. 929878

imagine bragging about being mistaken for a 13 year old boy

No. 929879

With this parched skin and 50 year old face ? Yeah right.

No. 929894

she looks like shes rolled around in cow shit

No. 929913

She, or her husband. I'm seriously wondering if she is an actual Delia Day redux, because she looks disgusting AND disgusted in these pictures. The shaved head all but confirms it to me tbh, thats a classic male abuser (often under the guise of 'hardcore bdsm') thing since the assumption is women are vain with regards to their hair. Its meant to complete de-feminize them…which would be an odd choice for a woman who claims to be a pickme to make for herself.

No. 929991

Delia Day is exactly what comes to mind, if this isn't an extreme humiliation fetish. Her shaved head, controlled diet, insane frugality, weird tan, all displayed on the internet for everyone to see…

No. 930044

I wonder, does her husband have an internet presence at all besides showing up in her videos? I can still believe she's genuinely fucked up based on the sheer amount of personal details she's shared online, but it is weird that we barely know anything about him.

No. 930123

She's wearing that hijab thing in public, so I guess she likes labeling herself as a worthless object.

No. 930743

The first thing I thought of when this thread appeared was Delia Day. She looks dead inside and the head shaving and weight controlling seem like pretty big red flags plus she stated her husband beats her and she seems too fucked up for it to be consensual?

No. 931198

File: 1581475204037.jpg (Spoiler Image,284.41 KB, 747x1052, 3d3bze6ordg41.jpg)

No. 931202

File: 1581475337677.jpg (261.61 KB, 747x1052, rrkiftwordg41.jpg)

No. 931203

File: 1581475423881.jpg (248.97 KB, 747x1052, 3erui4gprdg41.jpg)

Hasn't she been arguing that women like ugly, weird men like Ron Jeremy before? Or is she the only woman allowed to have preferences?

No. 931204

File: 1581475526507.jpg (320.08 KB, 747x1052, 94ivui4qrdg41.jpg)

She's almost 40 years old

No. 931205

File: 1581475563879.jpg (287.44 KB, 747x1052, mhz74hpqrdg41.jpg)

No. 931208

File: 1581475658340.jpg (277.26 KB, 747x1052, 6an6567rrdg41.jpg)

No. 931231

File: 1581480824074.png (354 KB, 779x606, gimgirl.png)

Yes he did. Kiwifarms is under the impression that he's the one posting on her accounts, they have more screencaps but here's some of her disgusting husband's posts.

No. 931232

File: 1581480873137.jpg (114.49 KB, 862x538, 01_work.jpg)

No. 931233

File: 1581480996962.jpg (96.39 KB, 855x568, 02_age.jpg)

No. 931234

File: 1581481089778.jpg (132.82 KB, 856x585, 04_ratio.jpg)

No. 931235

File: 1581481264470.jpg (565.09 KB, 865x3055, 05_ratio6 b1.jpg)

Cropped out racebait on bottom. Possibly proof he roleplays as his wife (mentions "boyfriend")

No. 931313

This is supposedly the husband’s account? The boyfriend thing is weird, is it possible that whatever language this forum is in isn’t his first language so he just misused the word? None of this seems like role playing as he’s clearly talking about being a man.

The more I read about this whole situation the more it just seems like a massive cope on Mary’s part. She ended up in this horrible relationship that she’s now trapped in with five kids so she’s trying to convince everyone else that This Is The Way because misery loves company.

No. 931413

Yeah, I'm not sure whether or not I believe it's the husband posting on her account. I thought the mention of boyfriend might have meant he slipped up and posted on the wrong account or something. Someone who speaks the language might want to see how well he types, and if it matches Mary's typing style at all.
It seems like they were together since high school, Mary thinks he was a catch at that age and never let go even as he became progressively more disgusting and porn addicted.
She's definitely not rping about being abused, like some thought, she's coping about her shitty manlet husband.

No. 931965

I can't. How does a man like this convince any woman his demands are valid?

No. 932264

Specially since Mary dreams about having a gangu bangu with fucking Fabio. Look at this woman and convince me that euthanasia is not a solution.
Tinfoil, he abused her verbally and then gave her to his friends.

No. 932315

Guess he never got the chance to "trade her in" after all, huh? They're both roughly 40 now? What an absolute waste of a life.

He was up to 90kg at only 5'3" in 2009. Imagine throwing your whole life away to be married to an abusive, middle aged, obese manlet who has never held a job.

No. 932375

she has to be stockholmed or something by this literal dingleberry

No. 933742

File: 1582134826174.jpg (41.76 KB, 574x901, 0xiono5wtvh41.jpg)

>Guess the character!
She's owned this wig since at least 2012.

No. 933743

File: 1582134863444.jpg (40.36 KB, 562x965, we10tqb4tvh41.jpg)

>When you want the dick you need to let the boys know

No. 933744

File: 1582134898586.jpg (53.71 KB, 583x778, 5g66h8q2gvh41.jpg)

>I was getting banged when the delivery guy came with the package

No. 933745

File: 1582134992806.jpg (41.44 KB, 494x944, 3pw7o1p6uvh41.jpg)

>The girl your boyfriend wishes he was dating
These fucking captions make the whole thing seem like some self-humiliation attempt. She can't be serious.

No. 933748

File: 1582135254921.jpg (39.15 KB, 475x800, y10rh1staph41.jpg)

>Grow up and get a job.
Does she have any self-awareness? She doesn't even have a job, and she's playing with her kid's nerf gun.

No. 933749

File: 1582135562684.jpg (67.47 KB, 600x902, zd0crvc48dh41.jpg)

>I exist. You wear pants.

No. 933751

File: 1582135635957.jpg (63.07 KB, 600x695, 795ravgm7dh41.jpg)

>How to spot a Pick Me
This is probably the least shitty recent photo I've seen of her.

No. 933753

File: 1582135798356.png (512.49 KB, 1024x566, 911.png)

She also uploaded two new videos.
In this one, she claims getting a job and supporting your man makes you a better person, because all other women are "too sheltered". She's cosplaying as her own OC, which makes the "Grow up and get a job" caption from before even more ironic.

No. 933754

This is what will become of every edgey pickme that spends their time appealing to 4chan scrotes, if they don't murder them first of course.

No. 933756

File: 1582136221972.jpg (55 KB, 572x729, mkjuut65vag41.jpg)

In this one, she tells women to spend their money on their men instead of themselves.
She holds a dirty wine glass full of water, and comments:
>And this is water, because I'm not a wine mom or wine spinster. And the glass is a little bit murky, because I make my own dishwasher detergent because it's cheaper. Save that money! Spend it on your man.
This honestly seems like she's mocking herself, but I don't know if she has the mental capacity for that.

No. 933759

File: 1582136389717.jpg (176.08 KB, 1024x768, ccc5bd1105161604.jpg)

She also posted some old photos of herself from when she was younger recently. She looked like Putin in this one.

No. 933760

File: 1582136439124.jpg (953.56 KB, 1566x1536, 2f1e03510720009.jpg)

No. 933762

File: 1582136599407.jpeg (386.76 KB, 438x768, 8f5a9f646689953 (1).jpeg)

No. 933763

File: 1582136647773.jpeg (478.38 KB, 500x1024, 0198ff646689933 (1).jpeg)

The yee-haw agenda.

No. 933765

File: 1582136684433.jpg (76.46 KB, 833x859, sj0o6j6ziqg41.jpg)

More pick-me art.

No. 933766

File: 1582136727512.jpg (90.13 KB, 581x468, m09ec2yaykg41.jpg)

No. 933769

File: 1582136971901.jpg (155.01 KB, 480x421, fxdq9pfbgph41.jpg)

This is the second time I've seen her draw her ideal male to look at least somewhat conventionally attractive, instead of like her husband.
Even she can't keep her lies up for long.
Also, it's funny to think she believes she looks like pic related here >>933742. Couldn't even be bothered to dumpster dive for a new dress for her cosplay.

No. 933771

File: 1582137137435.jpg (797.84 KB, 747x1052, ks5mialajqf41 (1).jpg)

And this is the third. Not a Ron Jeremy or Max Hardcore type in sight.

No. 933774

File: 1582137518320.jpg (659.76 KB, 914x723, c2fmdjujwwg41.jpg)

No. 933775

File: 1582137573264.png (77.32 KB, 1046x440, 909.png)

>Please clone yourself
Her daughter is in for hell.

No. 933811

at least she wasn't as offensively ugly as she is now?

No. 933826

I think she was cute when she was younger. This is quite sad.

No. 933850

this photo is taken at Warsaw's central railway station.
And this one >>933751 most likely at a mall next to it. It's crazy to think I could run into her someday! Most cows are based in the USA.
Adore how she is a big moonie to this day, kek. Too bad that all the doms (and other men that expect women to serve them) are shit tier neckbeards on the outside as well as on the inside. You will not get a Mamoru (who was extremely supportive and loving bf, especially in the manga though in the anime as well to an extent).
Agree. She should really grab a wig.

No. 933876

She looks way less shitty in these, a bit more hair suits her better. Too bad she'd rather chop her hair off and wear glittery party city wigs from the dumpster.

No. 934724

She's using a PANTYHOSE that she found in the trash? Yuck! What's next - wearing used panties from a dumpster? She's revolting.

No. 934756

I wonder why she's blurring her face here? She has no problems showing her face in other pictures.

No. 934880

If her kids even go to school… I'm worried she's the type of person who would home-school and totally isolate her kids.

No. 934884

I actually had the same impression. I wouldn't be surprised if her husband is writing all that shit. And then posting humiliating photos of his wife with her head shaved, etc. because he has a fetish for that. Ugh.

No. 934892

Eyes kinda remind me of Venti's. Do all pickmes have a crazy deranged look in their eyes?

No. 935212

File: 1582353689806.png (149.28 KB, 1110x594, 81.png)

Asking her subreddit which escort she should pick to cuck her.

No. 935216

File: 1582353879774.jpg (353.18 KB, 747x1052, vg4zlyky7ai41.jpg)

And a new chapter of her comic.

No. 935217

File: 1582353958751.jpg (299.42 KB, 747x1052, 3p0h3p9z7ai41.jpg)

No. 935218

File: 1582354085568.jpg (296.77 KB, 747x1052, g6yehl908ai41.jpg)

No. 935219

File: 1582354194545.jpg (291.24 KB, 747x1052, ikribd818ai41.jpg)

She misspelled "bitches" as "biches" at first, lmao.

No. 935220

File: 1582354260996.jpg (304.19 KB, 747x1052, ven1ojr68ai41.jpg)

>I will save you, my prince!

No. 935221

File: 1582354365840.jpg (324.29 KB, 747x1052, 9fdf4h878ai41.jpg)

That last joke was actually a little bit funny, in a silly way.

No. 935223

Why Germany? It's not like she's going on a business trip. Not to mention she'd be leaving her kids with her husband and a hooker

No. 935234

Maybe cause it borders Poland and prostitution is legal there.

No. 935284

Oh great, looks like she’s coming to my city. Chances of actually seeing her are next to none but I’ll keep my eyes open

No. 935296


It's the country closest to Sweden that has legal prostitution. (She does live in Sweden, right?)

No. 935326

I think she means she's taking her husband to Berlin for prostitutes, they did that before. Thankfully her kids won't be with them during her cucking, but god knows what she does with them while she's gone. Maybe her mom watches them? Hopefully?

No. 935356

save for like, being an actual cracked out prostitute and/or kidnap, rape and abuse victim, or afflicted with severe, debilitating deformity, this woman has the saddest life i have ever seen. this is legitimately dystopian.

No. 936689

Does she say anywhere why she actually wants to have so many kids? I don't think I've seen her mention liking her children or writing anything positive about them, mostly just complaining about what a burden they are and how they ruined her body, etc.

No. 940752

File: 1583316412911.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.71 KB, 618x1136, zwwy7nwt5ik41.jpg)

She's back from her vacation. I guess this is her response to the Coronavirus epidemic. Classy.

No. 940753

File: 1583316494492.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.38 KB, 600x902, n3jmsu9y5ik41.jpg)

Also, it looks like she's bringing back the hijab.

No. 940832

Coronavirus looks?

No. 940860

File: 1583340775205.jpg (55.52 KB, 570x822, il_570xN.1411047655_k74p.jpg)

It's a plague doctor mask.

No. 940873

Thanks Sherlock, definitely wouldn't have recognized it without you

No. 940897


Right, why ask then?

No. 946512

File: 1584445584544.png (52.32 KB, 1106x224, pr1.png)

So, I guess this is why she's been a bit inactive.
Knowing she digs in the trash, I wonder what her prep looks like.

No. 946513

File: 1584445635519.jpg (37.04 KB, 640x838, jguqa4ky24n41.jpg)

>Weekly reminder: I'm still prettier than you

No. 946515

File: 1584445872273.jpg (89.69 KB, 640x901, dvxk8x1q84n41.jpg)

She also updated her comic. 1/4


This is a good point. She's very fixated on the idea of being replaced or cucked, either by porn stars, escorts or sex robots. Pretending to support it, and even finding her husband prostitutes, is probably her way of coping with being cheated on, emotionally neglected and abused.

No. 946516

File: 1584445911194.jpg (113.61 KB, 640x901, m1bup1er84n41.jpg)

No. 946517

File: 1584445971559.jpg (100.82 KB, 640x901, i192l9gs84n41.jpg)

She probably uses /r9k/, /adv/ and /b/ a lot.

No. 946518

File: 1584446019965.jpg (114.97 KB, 640x901, 6zopgwbt84n41.jpg)

No. 946887

this is giving me serious Megatokyo vibes. Wonder if she read it back when it was popular.
Or maybe it's just generic OEL 'manga' content.

No. 948329

File: 1584831303964.png (139.02 KB, 2302x416, 189198.png)

She's back again.
>Women should not be allowed to learn how to read.
And yet, here she is.

No. 948331

File: 1584831417211.jpg (78.62 KB, 640x685, byeqn62uhon41.jpg)

>If you've prepped here's your chance - lure him with deenz

No. 948335

File: 1584832052059.jpg (227.99 KB, 2388x1342, f050c91ztx321.jpg)

This is what she's referencing with the "deenz" thing, by the way.
No doubt in my mind she got off to this, no matter how ridiculous it is.

No. 948337

>get to live that 1950s life
How? She gets money from her mom to financially support her deadbeat husband. That's more of a "crackhead in a trailer park life" if anything.

Nothing she says makes sense.

No. 948404

Has she ever made any sense? First women hate sex, then me are stupid, then men are great and all women secretly are whores and deserve to be wiped out and replaced. She wants to wear a niqab but also wants to flash her underwear at a children's playground

I wonder how she'll be in her 40s and 50s

No. 948443

>"Cheating" just like "abuse" is a bogeyman that lives in your head. I think you get this image of your man laughing while he sleeps with some model looking woman and they talk about how much you suck or something.

Lmfao this is me but when I cheat on men.

>If you're nice to a man, and you keep your mouth shut and do your work, he's not going to look at you and think "haha! She's a doormat, time to fire up the disrespect machine!"

You heard that girls? Take her stellar advice and truly profound insight on the male psyche and you can also become a paypig cuckqueen to a slavlet.

Are you guys sure this isn't her moid ghostwriting this because he saw the FDS subreddit once and is now coping/hoping to psyop someone who doesn't look like a goblin into being a she-simp? The way "she" talks really reeks of scrot copefic.

No. 948455

She's so far gone, I think she'll never see that she could do better than this and that she doesn't have to live like that

No. 948469

Her entire philosophy is that if you aren't an anorexic nympho doormat who funds your mans existence you're doomed to be cheated on. Why does she pretend cheating doesn't bother her when she treats preventing it as the ultimate incentive to be just like her?

No. 948485

Her art and characters have this kind of charm to it that in another life, if she was born japanese and made manga or if she had normal human views she would've madeit. The cutesy art and being a middle aged mom could've been a hook.

No. 948622

I feel the same. Her art is somehow enjoyable, in a nostalgic way. If only she wasn't batshit insane.

No. 948715

File: 1584921554655.gif (220.39 KB, 500x378, tumblr_mt7bv34T2v1rwcmrwo1_500…)

And not only does she get cheated on, she also pays him to cheat on her. She has to be a pinkpill psyop to demonstrate what being a pickme will get you. Literally the "be a good girl so your low value bf can spend your money on a bad one" meme in action.

Many normal tradstacies don't give a shit if they're cheated on, it's true. They marry rich without a prenup, so the husband is the only one who gets truly fucked if he cheats. Plenty of them can't fucking wait til it happens so they can look good in divorce proceedings, if anything.

Urban careerfems have the option of banging model quality himbos and throwing them out the moment they ask for as little as coffee in the morning - in exchange for paying their own bills, which is something most of them are more than happy with.

This absolute cow has somehow achieved the cons of both liberal and trad lifestyles with none of the pros.

No. 948742

This is what really baffles me. She's bragging about getting absolutely nothing out of her relationship. Why is the goal to get "picked" by literally any random trash man who will look at you? At least tradwives usually have husbands who work.

No. 948758

At first I thought it's her husband's art because of the Sonichu-like wish fulfillment, but it looks kinda girly, 90s shoujo style. If she lives in Eastern Europe, it's probably because of all the old classic shoujo they usually have on daytime TV.

No. 948767

>This absolute cow has somehow achieved the cons of both liberal and trad lifestyles with none of the pros.
It's bizarre, even the most brainwashed redpill tradthot would think she's crazy for wanting to be both the breadwinner and the bangmaid.

I honestly think her entire life is a form of self harm. She hates herself, she knows men hate us, and convincing herself that indulging in that hatred is beneficial is the only way she can cope.

No. 948781

Exactly this. she puts so much effort into convincing other women this is what they should want, but there's literally no benefit. At least normal tradwives get taken care of and don't have to work. The only pro of her lifestyle she can seem to come up with is that she "gets" to support and have sex with her gross manlet husband, while he cheats on her and she pays for the escorts he sleeps with. It makes absolutely no sense unless she just gets off on being completely used and treated like shit. In which case, just admit you have a bizarre fetish and don't try to convince other women that this is the ideal way of life.

No. 948785

That's kind of the point of fetishes. Literally no fetishist is capable of keeping it to himself, it just doesn't feel good unless others are participating in the LARP.

As for gimpgirl specifically, it might have to do with her origin. Eastern European women are typilly either stone cold pinkpilled gigastacies who don't even speak to men until they're paid or completely deranged paypig bangmaids who still believe in the "muh shortage of males after ww2" meme. They perceive literally every woman as competition and typically see sexual degradation as an honor, since this is the only type of attention they can get from men. These omega females are extremely resentful of women who speak against rape or sexual harassment, because it's something they wish they could experience more due to their idea that rape = desirability. Those women are "ungrateful" in their eyes. Typically they seek to punish other women for having higher sexual value, but being unable to do it through conventional means, they do it through self-degradation, hoping to inspire an attractive female into a similar lifestyle. Obviously no one but a small minority of other mentally ill goblins see the appeal, hence the ever increasing desperation. Sane and attractive women simply see gimpgirl as a living example of what happens to pickmes, which encourages them to do the exact opposite of what she says.

That being said, she's on a whole new level of retarded. This is what I imagine Anna Khachiyan is going to become when she hits 40.

No. 948806

jfc where are you from? I'm curious what nationality is someone who has such idiotic views on Eastern Europe because goddamn

No. 948807

You need to go out more or at least visit less chan boards.

No. 949028

as an eastern european, are you an eastern european? or just a slavboo

No. 949050

lmfao come on she can't possibly be real. why the fuck would i want to do all this shit when i can get a non-manlet who pays for dinner AT THE VERY LEAST by doing absolutely nothing. hoe is crazy

No. 949312

kek your retard is showing. You either had some bad experiences with shitty 'eastern european women' or you've watched too many 90 day fiance episodes. Either way, lumping an entire group of women into that binary sum is literally incel/femcel logic.Go outside anon and make friends.

Gimpgirl clearly has some mental issues/is doing some weird 24/7 fetish. Most likely she's doing this for attention/fetish reasons because her manlet is busy cheating on her or some shit.

No. 949315

im eastern european and while that assessment is burger level she isn't really that wrong about the pickmeism lmfao. the rape apologist dick worshiping is strong in russia.

unless you're talking about russian americans of course

No. 949323


I feel like this is the same one anon that has a massive haterboner for Anna k and won’t stop talking about it the breadthots thread and that long ass assessment was also a back foot attempt to talk more shit on Anna (who is basically an American at this point and barely even speaks broken Russian like what you trying to say anon)

No. 949325

File: 1585101205566.png (332.48 KB, 628x426, cap.png)

She has some new video up on her subreddit.

>says everyone else now gets to "live my life" because of the quarantine

>your man is probably already getting tired of you because you're a bitch

It's also kind of weird how many random news articles she posts. Does she just spend time searching for anything that could possibly paint women in a negative light?

No. 949525

I'm the anon youre responding to and I'm russian too and the anon saying >>948785 is literally lumping al eastern euros together for that pickmes shit not just straight out out of europe, that's why I'm saying that.

I'm curious if she herself raises her kids or her mom considering her mom pays for everything…

No. 949925

File: 1585231500544.png (700.32 KB, 954x920, 09321.png)

This quarantine is making her mask slip.

No. 949926

File: 1585231644246.jpg (104.14 KB, 610x820, 1alwubebhgo41.jpg)

She shared a few pages from an old comic of hers, Meaning of Life.

No. 949927

File: 1585231677285.jpg (51.45 KB, 610x667, 1qqbmvachgo41.jpg)

No. 949929

File: 1585231823551.jpg (83.58 KB, 610x845, gzkci4hdhgo41.jpg)

This might be the first time I've seen her draw a female character in a good light (helping those in need) that doesn't require being a bangmaid/pick-me/whatever.

No. 949930

File: 1585231916348.jpg (79.41 KB, 610x865, p0f6vp5ehgo41.jpg)

So, she actually talks back to her narcissistic neckbeard husband and pokes mild fun at him, or at least she used to. Interesting.

No. 949931

File: 1585231947669.jpg (35.11 KB, 610x501, fvdqkwsehgo41.jpg)

No. 949932

File: 1585232013882.jpg (59.1 KB, 610x857, 17w6au9hhgo41.jpg)

I guess this is what she meant by "politically incorrect".

No. 949933

File: 1585232086091.jpg (83.14 KB, 610x866, dpc6sp0ihgo41.jpg)

No. 949934

File: 1585232181311.jpg (111.45 KB, 610x866, gb0ogwoihgo41.jpg)

No. 949935

File: 1585232282306.jpg (109.46 KB, 610x884, 7x2sitgjhgo41.jpg)

Random Ingmar Bergman reference.

No. 949936

File: 1585232356457.jpg (100.74 KB, 610x867, jmj2hj4khgo41.jpg)

No. 949937

File: 1585232455422.jpg (60.98 KB, 640x962, mpqiurlrlgo41.jpg)

>Remember: this is the girl who draws the comic
She struggles so much.

No. 949938

File: 1585232581553.jpg (39.44 KB, 461x734, ct5h3j72uro41.jpg)

>Are YOU good enough to be an apocalypse girlfriend?

No. 949950

What's the point of that comic?

No. 950063

There's just no way this isn't a cry for help.

No. 950082

its weird that some bits of that comic were acc funny and kinda cute. but then it went into her husband hitting her and her pickmeism shit. kinda sad to think she could have been a normal if bit weird woman in an alternative universe instead of this thing she is now. still wondering where it all stems from.

No. 950118

I’m sorry but this is the cutest I’ve ever seen her look. Not much to live up to though.

No. 950449

File: 1585387605409.jpg (459.67 KB, 610x876, fl2zv7xh77p41.jpg)

She posted a continuation of her old comic. This is a lot more disjointed.

No. 950450

File: 1585387736876.jpg (113.78 KB, 610x862, berwbvqi77p41.jpg)

No. 950451

File: 1585387933926.jpg (88.19 KB, 610x859, mkla1efj77p41.jpg)

Mary, the lesbian.

No. 950452

File: 1585388003523.jpg (107.24 KB, 610x867, lnlmp1bk77p41.jpg)

No. 950453

File: 1585388118580.jpg (107.44 KB, 610x874, 5a83zqyk77p41.jpg)

No. 950454

File: 1585388284653.jpg (97.54 KB, 610x861, dw3h1eol77p41.jpg)

No. 950455

File: 1585388399293.jpg (113.94 KB, 610x867, ruogbxfm77p41.jpg)

Isn't she always stressing the importance of being a slut and putting out? What gives?
Maybe she started drawing this comic before her husband cheated on her.

No. 950456

File: 1585388462267.jpg (173.84 KB, 640x903, mw8mpv8n77p41.jpg)

No. 950457

File: 1585388539613.jpg (168.24 KB, 640x909, zita6wzn77p41.jpg)

No. 950458

File: 1585388635320.jpg (179.85 KB, 640x910, qfwrldto77p41.jpg)

No. 950459

File: 1585388767360.jpg (138.13 KB, 640x887, rhye7ilp77p41.jpg)

No. 950460

File: 1585388881050.jpg (166.04 KB, 640x879, 24e2puaq77p41.jpg)

No. 950461

File: 1585388992036.jpg (93.63 KB, 640x911, 1ddhd92r77p41.jpg)

No. 950464

File: 1585392358328.jpg (164.47 KB, 640x901, 1fm3xkt0w8p41.jpg)

Preview of a new comic, Harem Queen.

No. 950465

File: 1585392422554.jpg (130.98 KB, 640x901, l75w9sm1w8p41.jpg)

No. 950466

File: 1585392515303.jpg (156.71 KB, 640x901, evagxgb2w8p41.jpg)

No. 950467

File: 1585392613223.jpg (143.83 KB, 640x901, hn821y53w8p41.jpg)

No. 950468

File: 1585392985427.jpg (50.75 KB, 640x960, 5afudx1cr6p41.jpg)

>Daily reminder to serve your man

No. 950469

File: 1585393250982.jpg (64.98 KB, 640x830, 96ed5ogca7p41.jpg)

>The artist at the time when MoL was drawn

No. 950471

File: 1585393454857.png (248.31 KB, 1060x1022, foh.png)

A few drops of milk in the comment section of this.
Her coping and insisting she'll never be old and unattractive (despite being both right now).

No. 950472

File: 1585393549521.png (176.18 KB, 1060x752, uhb.png)

>You need to realize that the wall is a cope for unattractive people.
Is that why she's posted before about other, far more attractive women supposedly hitting "the wall" in the past?

No. 950474

File: 1585393653411.png (1.27 MB, 1600x638, 1f85661197926744.png)

The 15 year difference image.

No. 950475

File: 1585393844194.png (104.84 KB, 952x502, knsggk.png)

No. 950478

I don't like this woman, but the guy in the comments talking about how all women will eventually "hit the wall" sounds like a massive fucking incel.

No. 950492

talking to incels and pandering to their ideology is basically all she does.

are you sure you're so pretty and totally not hitting tHe WaLl when you have to insist to small-dicked losers on the internet that you're the best pickmeisha out there? surely, by her own logic, if she was as attractive and irresistible as she claims to be she wouldn't have to barter sex and being a doormat to get the things she wants in life. how miserable and malcontent with yourself do you have to be when you think your greatest attribute is that you let your short, fat husband sleep with younger women.

No. 950500

tbh shes kind of right here. she's delusional about herself though

No. 950516

These incels really think they're immune to the wall because they're men.

No. 950517

In all honesty her face hasnt changed at all these past years. She just looks like a more homeless and tired version.
If she took care of her hygiene,took care of her hair and her skin she would look the exact same how she used to. But she is to narcissistic for that,she thinks that only ugly women take care of their appearance.

No. 950538

Everyone ages. She obviously doesn't look the same as she did 15 years ago, no one does, but that doesn't mean she's unrecognizable. The problem is she's trying to reconcile these weird "all women hit the wall at 30" incel ideas with her own narcissism of being the hottest woman ever, and it obviously doesn't work.

No. 950550

Like always anon. Men peak young like early twenties since their shit diets and lack of skincare isn't too apparent. Give it a few more years after that of neglecting sunscreen and alcohol consumption everyday after work to see the damage. No amount of lifting weights at the gym will help either. Incels gotta keep coping

Since we've already seen him and he's shorter than her and twice as wide, I really doubt he's sleeping with hotter, younger women that want him despite what incels say to her. She's paying for escorts. That's her accomplishment.

No. 950710

Men hit the wall the moment they're born, their sexual value is negative. Dick is abundant and low value. A man's only way out of this is mitigating the presence of dick either through force or resources, which is becoming increasingly impossible.

Wursties are patiently waiting for the day women lose the race men weren't even qualified to enter. Best of luck to them.

No. 950751

Amen, anon.

No. 950831

File: 1585476987640.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.54 KB, 640x865, qr8gb2mqiep41.jpg)

She "graced" us with a new nude.
>What's your selling point?

No. 950833

File: 1585477041494.png (46.31 KB, 714x308, vskj1.png)

Mean comments seem to be getting to her now.

No. 950856


Hmm, I wonder if she's actually growing her hair out.

No. 950863

She's the best advertisement for celibacy I've ever seen. Also her comics are weirdly cute and childish compared to her bleak life.

No. 950879

Her house always looks so gross and cluttered

No. 950883

>70s porn look
where's the bush then?

her tits are fine for a mother of 4 or however many kids she has but if you think you're going to get compliments for your saggy tits on an incel forum gtfo

No. 951037

Calling a man a dumbass isn't very doormat of you, Mary.

With her focus on her appearance as a supreme doormat pick me stacy, you'd think she would do something for her tits since she knows that the men she panders to wouldn't give a shit if they were the aftermath of having 4 kids. They want perfection according to her.

No. 951056

File: 1585525316173.jpg (50.8 KB, 828x530, IMG_1580010715557.jpg)

You just know she came up with that on the fly because she didn't like someone pointing out her saggy tits. The cope is real.

No. 951271

Her nipples are as big as bottle caps.

No. 952773

File: 1585770430856.png (636.67 KB, 646x1394, hikn9.png)

The fact that she's tagging her own selfies as "over for many girls" (a tag she pretty much only uses for anything to do with women taking losses) makes it seem like she subconsciously feels like shit.
Also, the fact that she can only boast about one guy "loving" her selfie(s) despite her endless rants on being a hot 10/10 pick-me is wild.

No. 952777

File: 1585770606958.png (Spoiler Image,548.14 KB, 638x1242, hgkwj2.png)

>Many hags will be rejected tonight
Yes, Mary, and they'll end up posting lewd selfies that struggle to get even 5 upvotes on their own subreddits (even with over 200 people watching).

No. 952778

File: 1585770729837.jpg (90.07 KB, 640x901, f8ng87nhe1q41.jpg)

A preview of episode 2 of her new comic, Harem Queen.
>You are pathetic, but I will do it.

No. 952779

File: 1585770817990.png (913.72 KB, 864x960, njvels1.png)

Her obsession with fitting into children's clothing she found in the trash continues.

No. 952780

File: 1585770893061.png (722.96 KB, 984x946, 4oi2oj.png)

>"A Pick Me is never alone"
>is alone in nearly all of her photos and videos

No. 952793

what social circle? literally what social circle does she have?

No. 952827

File: 1585776334947.png (365.7 KB, 594x388, garbagehaul.PNG)

She also posted a haul of all the children's clothes and costumes she's pulled from the trash to wear herself. Sad in every way.

No. 952841

She literally looks trafficked in this photo. God her life is so depressed.

No. 952859

Why doesn't she wear makeup? At least if she did her brows she'd look way younger.

No. 952866

Add in some lip color and mascara, that would help her look out a lot.

No. 952915

She says somewhere early up in the thread that spending money on your appearance (hair, makeup, clothes, etc.) is pointless because that's money you could spending on your man. Only ugly women do that to distract from their ugliness, or something.

Only hot pickmes are good enough to dig for children's clothes in the garbage.

No. 953084

This woman gives me some of the weirdest vibes on all of snow, mostly bc she has kids who must witness this shit and this attitude and way of life. And because she looks like a weird combo of homely and genuinely cute and her comics are oddly charming as many others have mentioned. The whole thing makes me really uncomfortable but again, mostly bc the kids

No. 954552

File: 1586079384122.jpg (414 KB, 1200x1600, 1200px-Fontanna_Neptuna_w_Gdań…)

She does have a nice figure (except for the tits), but a wig and make-up would go a long way…
I kek at her delusion that she's hot shit (unless it's a humiliation tactic by her husband, in which case… yikes)
fun fact: this comic takes place in Gdansk, Poland.
What a cope. Basic make-up can be cheap af and doesn't make much of a difference in a budget. Anything would be an improvement in Mary's case.

No. 955663

im genuinely starting to think that it's her ugly manlet using his abused wife to cope with the butthurt of witnessing r/fds. the short hair and garbage digging is definitely some hotwife bdsm shit

No. 956538

File: 1586462467602.png (62.7 KB, 1178x268, 828942.png)

She's asking for questions.

No. 957537

File: 1586699332804.jpg (74.21 KB, 640x833, v0umx1pij8s41.jpg)

New comic.

No. 957538

File: 1586699411985.jpg (163.15 KB, 640x896, obfr10ljj8s41.jpg)

No. 957539

File: 1586699546652.jpg (116.15 KB, 640x887, w6exl1fkj8s41.jpg)

No. 957541

File: 1586699767632.jpg (132.18 KB, 640x862, 62n22y1lj8s41.jpg)

No. 957542

File: 1586699896533.jpg (123.43 KB, 640x883, 7itbdj8mj8s41.jpg)

No. 957543

File: 1586700004594.jpg (126.33 KB, 640x925, ghajz5brj8s41.jpg)

No. 957544

File: 1586700171957.jpg (123.87 KB, 640x924, rnhn49uoj8s41.jpg)

No. 957547

File: 1586700320230.jpg (144.36 KB, 640x882, tejgwflsj8s41.jpg)

No. 957548

File: 1586700418000.jpg (132.61 KB, 640x909, z0bstbytj8s41.jpg)

No. 957550

File: 1586700546210.jpg (139.28 KB, 640x922, pmpf32uuj8s41.jpg)

No. 957552

File: 1586700682586.jpg (137.74 KB, 640x904, btyxzkmvj8s41.jpg)

No. 957553

File: 1586700748272.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.17 KB, 640x909, gk8nn6m959s41.jpg)

New drawing, seemingly unrelated to Harem Queen.

No. 957560

File: 1586701510848.png (597.26 KB, 952x528, ikbjhbj.png)

New video where she talks about her experience looking for girls on Tinder for her husband.
The way she starts off the video talking about having to wash her other maid costume, then leans right into the camera to whisper that it's "Sweaty from yesterday's fuuuucking" is so cringy and r/ihavesex.
She calls IG girls "overaged" for being 30+, and says they must be undesirable/unattractive for not having men. In her opinion, women on Tinder in general are delusional "over-aged spinsters" looking for long term-relationships, and they have no chance.
She concedes that no one normal wastes time on online dating apps, but doesn't acknowledge the elephant in the room (that she and her man are undesirable freaks, too).

No. 957561

File: 1586701613789.png (826.45 KB, 1022x734, kjnge3.png)

Mary: The wall is a cope for unattractive women
Also Mary:

No. 957600

File: 1586707887245.jpg (45.55 KB, 640x534, 72s00rt586s41.jpg)

No. 957603

What the fuck was all her rambling about monkey pictures in this? Is this bitch on hard drugs?

No. 957604

File: 1586709164180.png (280.53 KB, 673x376, gargoyle.PNG)

In this she talks about how she wears no underwear except for when she films but she forgot to put some on that day, and says she hopes she doesn't flash. Then she shoves wrapping up her shirt to make fake tit bulges


No. 957641

truly my favorite cow, i almost believe she's a troll because of how ironic this all is. also she needs makeup, my gawd, it would improve her face so much. how can she talk shit about women on tinder and not even have her brows done?

No. 957642

File: 1586713229654.png (455.52 KB, 849x571, Screenshot (882).png)

lol at her posting whitney cummings videos. i'm not a fan of her but she's not relevant to gimpgirl's brand at all.


No. 958537

File: 1586864510186.jpg (39.69 KB, 542x789, qya4smcew8s41.jpg)

She really looks sick and miserable.

No. 958588

she looks even worse…..

No. 959196

File: 1586956508680.png (415.34 KB, 1472x877, ugh.png)

how does she have time to do anything when she's posting all the time? And is she planning to grow her hair longer now?

No. 959198

File: 1586956850658.png (539.41 KB, 1010x566, ughh.png)

Seems like nobody's posted her morning routine yet
She has apparently already prepared 30 pages of Harem queen… She's fast but I guess she has nothing else to do at home as a useless mother anyway.

No. 959200

File: 1586956954093.png (184.94 KB, 580x1014, ugh.png)

All that exercise to just get this in reply lol

Also seems like she's too poor to buy decent fitting bras… damn

No. 959322

body like a fuckin refrigerator

No. 959328

>Also seems like she's too poor to buy decent fitting bras… damn
You can't be picky when all of your clothes are from dumpster diving.

Those polka dot socks add a really nice touch to her workout outfit, kek.

No. 959375

she looks even worse than she did a couple of months ago (which i thought was impossible since she already looked so homely).
She is 38 right? well she looks like she could pass for 58 in terms of age…..

No. 959423

Shes so SINEWY my god!

No. 959425

You know I've been thinking about this comic alot since I read this and it actually has a lot of creativity and plot and humor compared to other comics out there. And still such a shame it's wasted on a topic like this…
It gave me yuyu hakusho and tsubasa vibes which is comfy but like… such a shame.

No. 959427

File: 1586981228645.png (80.05 KB, 224x231, cryptid hours.PNG)

Holy shit, she looks shocking when she bends and you see her spine and shit. And not in a good way.

No. 959474

Her art is cute and despite the weird subject matter, her drawing ability is the only thing that makes her seem like a normal human being who does normal things other than sperg 24/7, and has hobbies other than being male identified. The way she draws men also shows that she does actually prefer attractive guys.

No. 959501

she has reached ana-chan levels.

No. 959531

She changed her tune about hair on women very quickly. I can't wait to see what her idea of a "hooker hairstyle" is. With her ana-chan tendencies and all quark diet, I doubt her hair would even grow very long.

No. 959837

File: 1587042426184.png (396.76 KB, 698x853, ughhh.png)

She really has nothing else to do. Every time I check her Reddit, there's always a new post from the last hour (this time the latest comment is four minutes ago)

Didn't she say earlier that she'd be too busy being a housewife during these trying Corona days?

Also her body looks kinda whacko. Not sure what to make of it.

I agree. She has that charming (and kinda immature?) humor that shoujo mangas usually had in the 2000's, especially the omakes included in the end of some volumes. Makes me nostalgic.

It's so weird how different her reality is though. I wonder why she started doing it in the first place…

No. 959840

File: 1587042684046.png (Spoiler Image,826.28 KB, 1350x944, ughhhh.png)

holy shit this pic

Spoilering it cuz wtf (or at least I'm trying again to spoiler it… didn't work the first time)


No. 959886

Man isn't somewhere in this thread that pic of her holding her newborn weirdly in bed with some bdsm gear on? It makes me think her home births are just another form of self harm / needless suffering. She should be rich enough to go to hospital.

No. 960065

Here: >>886038

I think you're right. She seems to be bragging about having a painful pregnancy and not having anesthesia. Maybe she thinks it makes her more low maintenance/more desirable.

No. 960379


I do not want to play into her ana chan bullshit- I think her body is nearly horrifying and her personality disgusting.

Butttttt. Her stomach is in amazing shape after 4 kids. Its not saggy or like….lumpy- no noticeable discoloration or stretch marks that I see.

Again, NOT comfortable actually complimenting her…but jealous about that ONE thing

No. 960386

Um, you haven't seen all her pics itt then. You can definitely see the effects of pregnancies on her body. She just usually poses in ways that hide it and has something covering her bellybutton area.


No. 960490

Does 'hooker hairstyle' even exist? She sounds delusional. I bet she thinks that any kind of long hair is hooker worthy.

No. 960711

File: 1587158816667.jpg (95.13 KB, 640x909, lkmuopjhret41.jpg)

New Harem Queen chapter.

No. 960712

File: 1587158850991.jpg (95.39 KB, 640x891, filpbz4iret41.jpg)

No. 960714

File: 1587158985390.jpg (107.23 KB, 640x900, q5dn82tiret41.jpg)

No. 960717

File: 1587159096432.jpg (116.02 KB, 640x909, oqvznrhjret41.jpg)

No. 960720

File: 1587159265538.jpg (115.26 KB, 640x913, vne7ob9kret41.jpg)

No. 960736

Do you think she gets off to this?

No. 960749

these comics make it clear she likes anime/jfashion aesthetics yet shes too cheap to invest in any clothing of that type. you'd think she could justify that as a ~gift for her man~. her comics are full of "cute" anime girls wearing nice clothes, makeup and long hair but she wears dumpster dive trash, hates long hair and doesn't believe in makeup. her entire life is a sad contradiction.

No. 960770

Her husband probably discourages her from jfashion. She said she wears her hair shaved because her husband's favorite porn star does. I doubt her stout goblin man has any interest in anime or anything she likes.

No. 960987

>She said she wears her hair shaved because her husband's favorite porn star does.

If that isn't the saddest thing I've read in a while.

No. 961870

Someone needs to remove her from this scrot so she can become the anime/jfashion girl of her dreams

No. 962334

File: 1587406994966.png (315.43 KB, 1184x1394, jfoianlg2.png)

Mary venting about being slut-shamed.

No. 962417

File: 1587414334124.jpg (72.94 KB, 778x1037, how-to-look-unsexy.jpg)

Today she's sperging about her waist. Lots of new pictures and random youtube videos up about the magical waist number *~23 inches~* are up.

I wonder how much is true and how much is fabricated. Crazy attracts crazy anyway.
"I feel like a teenage hooker"… I guess that's her ultimate dream.

No. 962812

Is she supposed to be pulling in the tape measure that tight? She’s probably wearing the tank top to hide how much the tape measure is cutting into her skin

No. 962814

File: 1587459783803.jpeg (560.41 KB, 1242x1080, 26DB986B-A933-43A2-BD02-590B00…)

If you think women should be able to vote, that means you’re a feminist and women will not fuck you

No. 962816

File: 1587460000098.jpeg (304.86 KB, 1242x448, 71CB8640-A96A-4E03-86CF-E3EAE6…)

From the same post as >>959840, she posted a comment saying she plans on working out more to get super fit and athletic to please her man or else she will be replaced.

She’s already getting cucked and cucking him, she sleeps around and they’re swingers. Her existence is so sad.

No. 962818

File: 1587460301208.jpeg (838.48 KB, 1242x1436, B5855381-FBD1-46D1-AB84-E822AE…)

Here she says

>Most women are a 2-3 (out of 10)

>hot actresses and famous women are only 4-6
>only 10% of women are 6+
>women “hit the wall” at puberty (I thought the wall was a cope, Mary?)

No. 962831

I love how her only argument always is "men don't want you if you behave like that". Like, good god woman. Most women don't want a fat, lazy macho, who hits them, as a husband. Get a grip on reality.

No. 962837

I wonder how skilled and talented Mary could be in another universe.
If instead of devoting 99% percent of her time fretting over the opinions of men, she devoted herself to chemistry, rhetoric, a physical art like gymnastics, anything else really. Maybe even running a farm, or florist shop.
What would it have taken for her to choose an alternate path in life?

No. 963238

You know what else never happens? A man going "wow she's such a nice girl pickme who thinks that women are subhuman, I sure want to babebux her and bust my ass for the rest of my life to provide for her every need".


So "3s" land rich husbands while she's struggling to keep a fat manlet? Comedy gold.

>Hit the wall at puberty

>Never in the game to begin with

Holy shit, I swear I saw this posted here or on r/FDS about men, this exact wording. The "butthurt at FDS" theory is real.

No. 963309

>hit the wall at puberty

Someone check her husband's PC, I think there might be some stuff on there

No. 963422

File: 1587566220476.png (698.55 KB, 1186x794, 893198931.png)

New video. She cosplayed as her own character from Harem Queen, in >>960720. She's gross, but seems genuinely happy/excited about getting to "cosplay".
She also makes fun of her own hair, says she usually shaves it because she doesn't know what to do with it, and that "actually drawing bald chicks is no fun, but being one is". Rest of the video is just her unwrapping a gift for her man.

No. 963424

well in the past she did say that men should date 10 year olds.

No. 963494

maybe YOU have to buy your man gifts because you look like sid from ice age as frank-n-furter

No. 963611

Lmao this. I can't imagine how much she and her goblin seethe at hot women who don't give a single fuck about men and never lift a finger for them while getting babebuxed by multiple orbiters.

No. 964000

I honestly think she seems like she has a fun personality that comes out in little moments like this. She seems to have a good sense of humor too. She’d probably be a cool person if she wasn’t brainwashed by an abusive scrote and forced to put on this bizarre persona as a cope. She seems to genuinely enjoy cosplay, she’s obviously a little bit of a weeb, she’s pretty intelligent, and her art is cute despite the cringe subject matter. It makes me sad that she’s in the situation she’s in, she’d probably be cool and chill if she had a normal life. She’d honestly probably be a farmer mocking cows like the rest of us.

Leave your gross husband, Mary. Start a normal life. And then come here and spill all of the milk.

No. 964043

File: 1587649212593.jpg (103.93 KB, 640x906, drhwc2aq5du41.jpg)

New chapter of Harem Queen. 1/5

No. 964045

File: 1587649238368.jpg (104.11 KB, 640x913, 0gnxwm5r5du41.jpg)

No. 964048

File: 1587649368130.jpg (102.62 KB, 640x909, a6n8qvwr5du41.jpg)

No. 964049

File: 1587649472374.jpg (99.28 KB, 640x914, jzfa7sps5du41.jpg)