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File: 1601753760356.jpg (784.82 KB, 2289x1526, 1601750911179.jpg)

No. 1050976

Last thread we had a laugh at Georgie's, (aka Squelch), old tumblr posts. They were very confusing because one post she says she binged on 7000 calories, the next she isn't sure if that's a binge and actually she never ate more than 1500 calories. Not surprised she would make such a mistake because her brain is so starved of nutrients.

Currently out of hospital (for a break at home), expect an IP stay during this thread.

Gym bunny Dharma realised she needed to try recovery how professionals suggest she do it, but hastily fled after three days. There's a surprise.

We gazed in wonder at Ganer's transformation from skele to future bodybuilding competitor (her delusion, not ours).

Our other gym bunny, Dharma, decided to do recovery how the professionals suggest she should. She hastily fled the treatment centre on day three! Well, that was a surprise.

Journey to Emma is dehydrating herself and being the most seriously ill ana the world has ever known. She's been vomiting some strange looking objects the doctors AND nurses AND dieticians have never seen before. Yes, she's THAT sick and unusual.

We continue to be repulsed by n2f's meals which have mostly consisted of pick n mix and the usual spreads and syrups. Inspired by her baking account, a farmer donned her apron and got stuck in to making a couple of n2f's recipes from scratch even using her family as guinea pigs. Nobody died of poisoning, and the biscake was quite edible. No more shots out of the window, but we're getting her food presented on an increasingly filthy fluffy blanket on the window ledge and the occasional plastic toy. She promises a lot of Halloween treats later this month, as if her creations aren't horrific enough.

Laura has been given more privacy when she goes to pee and is so happy about it she is posting lots of videos and pics of herself dancing. Remember your place mat motto, Laura - "recovering for dance". We hope for more leg kicking, tarantula walk poses very soon.

Recent pics of Kennedy/Kelsey have emerged. Looking better than her old pics, but can't really compare because nobody really knows what she looked like pre-photoshop.

Our Russian friend Dasha is busy buying expensive things, dining at the Grey Goose and dressing as a medieval NPC.

Smorven is finding comfort in the arms of gentle Jesus.

Molly earned a Golden Raspberry Award for her attempt at "cry face". She revealed her fear of biscuits, and we all high fived when this trooper wolfed down seven whole biscuits. Could be some friction between her and her role model, Elzani, in the future as both battle to be sponsored by @manilife PB.

New sows on the block are flourishing Jessy and tiktok's version of Georgia, Mihaela.

Here are some links:


If I've missed anything, add to the post right below.

Last thread >>>/snow/1042033

No. 1050978

Yes, I just noticed Dharma mentioned twice. I'm getting the Georgia forgetfulness.

No. 1050979

oof. the comment about dharma is mentioned twice

No. 1050982

shit sorry, we posted at the same time didnt see you write ur reply pointing this out

No. 1050987

Yeah, I was saving as I wrote it and must've hit copy. I should take Ganer's advice and not do something if it's not going to be perfect. Now I do a Molly cry face.

No. 1051000


this girl is just a dupe of molly and elzani. Shes milky to me tbh. this vid especially. Her food challenge and she gets a fucking water and small fry

No. 1051014

To be fair, dharma is an under appreciated cow around here. I think if she got some more followers and commenters encouraging her to churn out content we could get some seriously delicious milk.

No. 1051024

… and a burger

No. 1051025

More specifically a filet o fish. Which is probably one of mcdonalds lower cal meals(which she got cause of her restrictive diet shes on S0o000o00oo recovery of her)

No. 1051033

Nitpick I'd say. Sorry anachan here but the filet-o-fish is more than both regular burger and cheeseburger

No. 1051041

As pointed out, nitpick and possible vendettachan, but fwiw: never order the fillet of fish. So few people order it that it’s quite likely you’re getting an old, nasty frozen fillet that’s been collecting freezer burn in the back of the mcdicks fridge for at least a few months.

No. 1051046

File: 1601762050337.png (846.96 KB, 711x815, crippling hardships.png)

I guess. She's also at oxford lol literally Molly.2.0.
What strikes me watching this shit is how unaware she is of her privilege. In her video where she tells her ED-story (lol) she mentions how her having to wait a month to be referred to an ED-clinic was "ridiculous". (~7.00 min in)

Sweetheart, a months wait is fuckall. Trying to get a bed through the NHS unless you're at deaths door can take 3-5! And once there you're in an underfunded pit.
My hunch is that she went private, cause hey- £££.

She, an oxford student, sits in her massive beautiful kitchen, not having worked an honest day in her life, silver-spoon in mouth- and feels sorry for herself when she "struggles" with some yoghurt.

Piss off.

No. 1051049

(3:00 mins in the video)
even has a QuIrKy chubby sibling she forces to talk about "what its like to have a sister with an ED"

No. 1051072


Gotta say I don’t find her that milky. Annoying, pretty cringe, privileged and unaware of it - yes, but not much good milk.

Off topic but her sister seems really sweet and her mum also didn’t bug me in any way. Maybe I should watch more of her videos to find the real milk…

No. 1051082

tbh if you dont find her milky from 1 vid then you most likely wont on others. Her videos r all the same really.

No. 1051084


Urgh maybe I’m desensitised beyond hope from Porgie, n2f & co…
Hard to beat them and that new ticktock chick!

No. 1051096

File: 1601767805160.jpg (465.35 KB, 720x1261, Screenshot_2020-10-04-00-30-39…)

Just elzani making pancakes at midnight, no food obsessions here.

No. 1051097

File: 1601767836492.jpg (337.91 KB, 717x1285, Screenshot_2020-10-04-00-30-53…)

She looks so dead.

No. 1051099

Maybe I’m desensitized by the horror of Porgie’s dead, dilated eyes or N2f’s handlebar moustache, but E actually looks kinda cute here. Better than usual imo.

No. 1051102

Thank manilife peanut butter legit looks like dog diarrhea.

No. 1051125

This is the most flattering pic of her I've ever seen, so agree with >>1051099 She's not making one of her manic faces which helps.

It looks like human decomposition. Runny peanut butter should not be a thing.

Can't tolerate another posh kid worrior, so sorry can't watch BUT there's no way their families don't pay for private care. It takes forfuckinever to get treatment on NHS waiting lists (less than 6 months pre-covid you were doing well), and getting a bed for IP hahahahaha. Still, NHS funding is shite because Trident (weapon, not gum) and other things. The richER girls have no concept of what it's like to live in the regular world. No envy towards them, I pity them (though private health care would help at times).

No. 1051126

(got to say though, it's sad that even though Elzani's starting to look quite pretty/attractive, it's sad her best life is holding pancakes up to her forehead).

No. 1051376

anyone got the milk on what went down with savingshan? apparently she uploaded something ~triggering~ and people went off at her and now shes playing the victim?

No. 1051404

File: 1601805497076.jpg (547.17 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20201004_105704.jpg)

that all-dominating breakfast time question; savoury eggs or sweet eggs with my cereal, banana, custardy, grapey mash up? OBVS a frozen cadbury's creme egg to top it off is the clear winner! anyone who guessed right - you're thinking more and more like n2f every day. beware!

No. 1051410

Is that creme egg-flavoured protein powder? Science has gone too far

No. 1051413

How can you eat all this food when it looks so disgusting…

No. 1051414

Fuelling the bp theory: who rips into a box of shredded wheat like that unless they’re in the middle of a bp session? Just open the box like a normal human, that way you can close it when you’re done making breakfast. Maybe nitpick, but come on.

No. 1051417

File: 1601807423786.jpeg (1.14 MB, 828x1499, 9AC44E3E-5B11-40F9-9FB7-0C794B…)

So is she saying today’s session was nightmare fuel? Because that’s all I’m getting from this pic.

No. 1051419

Can people stop saying N2F isn't purging because x food is hard to purge? Nothing is hard to purge once you're at the stage of daily bping. You get good at shoving just the right combination of liquids and solids in your mouth to make it easy to get back up. This 'omg bread/pb/chocolate is impossible to purge' shit reminds me of 13yr old wannarexics on myproana threads.

No. 1051422

I don't understand how she seems to have a new protein powder every other day. Does she have like 20 open packets of the stuff, or is she drinking like 5 shakes a day?? I'm a gym fag and it takes me months to finish a bag

No. 1051424

If she lacks the fine motor skills to apply lipstick, i think its fair to say she'd have trouble opening boxes too. I'm still backing the ASD theory.

No. 1051429

File: 1601808899392.jpeg (339.12 KB, 1125x1662, 4AEAE11E-43CB-45B8-A5FC-8E0E0F…)

This is an old post from n2fs personal account and holy shit, just look at the state of that bed

No. 1051434

File: 1601809731051.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1679, 2B7E6D58-FE19-4646-BFBB-7B951B…)

Pretty sure that’s a microwave

No. 1051439

File: 1601811769234.jpg (317.27 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20201004_124256.jpg)

i found her decision to wear literal see-through dresses - and white see-through jeans in other pg
photos - pretty bizarre. i mean SURELY she can she her underwear is visible?!

No. 1051440

I don't believe the theory that n2f doesn't purge just because of what she eats. Some people will purge weird stuff like hot cheetos, fried chicken, eat lots of fiber or something to give themselves really horrible painful diarrhea. I think sometimes you just eat whatever in a frenzy and then feel bad after. I think she probs does a lot of different behaviors not just one.

No. 1051444

Looks like a radio. Too small for a microwave.

No. 1051456

I think she just had loads of them open all at once.

No. 1051457

I hate this video so much holy shit

No. 1051460

File: 1601815301070.jpg (462.54 KB, 719x911, Screenshot_2020-10-04-13-42-32…)

Huh. Surprising meal from n2f today.

No. 1051464

She's so preachy! No one's going to be triggered by you saying you have binge eating disorder, girl. She's clearly so embarassed about being overweight and not getting an ana diagnosis, she preaches ed at every size but you know she just wants to be tiny.

No. 1051474

she posted a picture of fresh headbanging self harm and people called her out on it, resulting in several stories and posts about "bullying in the recovery commujnity"

No. 1051476

oh kek and looks like shes becoming a DID-chan…her latest posts are her talking of someone else.

No. 1051484

At least lolcow isn't getting the blame this time. That one would say Mother Teresa was ~bullying~ her (if Ma Teresa was alive).

What?? How…minimal.

No. 1051524

Good god this was painful to watch. She refuses to disclose her diagnosis because is might invalidate people…? Whether she has BED, OSFED/EDNOS or bulimia…I really don’t think anyone cares. She’s just trying to LARP anorexia but is too afraid to say he’s diagnosed with AN because she clearly isn’t. Sigh.

No. 1051527

Does she bp?

No. 1051533

Who is this person? Image board.

No. 1051546

Image board is especially useful for profiles that're private.

No. 1051548

wow alright queen anachan.

No. 1051550

File: 1601829271926.jpg (509.08 KB, 720x1275, Screenshot_2020-10-04-17-16-15…)

Molly wanted biscuits again .

No. 1051555

File: 1601829705058.png (5.03 MB, 828x1792, C226C390-E68C-4C86-BF83-A851FF…)

Kek, she’s also begging for free artwork of herself rather than commissioning it. Not like she can’t afford it either.

No. 1051557

I hate this "we" business. That and referring to herself in third person.

No. 1051558

File: 1601829885975.png (4.68 MB, 828x1792, A0686D24-250E-41D9-92F4-DCDDB1…)

It gets worse, she actually refers to herself as a “smol bean”

No. 1051562

She really thinks she's special omg.

No. 1051565

Ew she’s so obnoxious. Also she thinks she is absolutely adorable when in fact she is not cute at all and takes fotos from terrible angles.

No. 1051569

File: 1601830774188.jpeg (276.87 KB, 836x754, C0642A97-029E-489C-99BA-1D881D…)

she asked, i gave (excuse repost, i fucked up first time)

No. 1051570

Nitpick but why does she always do this puffing out cheeks thing? You'd think an ana-chan would stay away from making herself look chubbier

No. 1051572

Oh c’mon at least commission them. People who beg for free art are trash.

No. 1051573

Beautiful work, anon. The pro ana thread is so talented, I can't believe we're blessed with both bakerfag and artistfag!

No. 1051574

I've gone through her tagged posts before for milk and she's already had fanart drawn of herself, why not use that?

No. 1051576

She's trying to look "cute" because she thinks she looks like a 12 year old.

No. 1051578

possibly tinfoil but I think it's to hide her actual cheeks? like she's obviously puffing them out so no one can tell if she actually has a chubby face or not?

No. 1051582

File: 1601831920252.png (389.03 KB, 1055x642, mol.png)

No. 1051584

urgh, people who beg for free art are literal trash. if you haven't got the skills to draw yourself, then you commission someone who can to do it for you. y'know, just like you'd pay a plumber or an electrician. literal scum.

No. 1051585

What sort of family has four different packets of biscuits open at the same time? If I did that my mum would freak - but I guess if your child is a sooper speshul recovery warrior you couldn’t say anything in case you ‘trigger a breakdown’

No. 1051587

File: 1601832324179.jpeg (87.85 KB, 540x540, bickies.jpeg)

True. My family had these when I was a kid, but those biscuits she has don't look like cheap crap. That shortbread's a separate pack as are the biscoff things. I understand maybe two packets open at once - say a custard cream and a digestive, but more than that is too decadent.

No. 1051590

is this not a thing? can't you just clip the pack closed so they don't go stale?

No. 1051594

Nice work but cheeks aren't round enough for our puffy gal

No. 1051596

File: 1601833432027.jpg (589.4 KB, 720x1205, Screenshot_2020-10-04-18-44-55…)

I'm sorry but does she not always have desert after dinner? Is it really an anorexia win when you've been doing it every day for years?

No. 1051602

She's apologising for chili stains on her plate. That's funny.

No. 1051615

Just been looking at #edrecovery for milk (nothing much) but I have a question. Why do some many anas have Bellavita for breakfast? If it's 56 calories in one biscuit, and Ganer has 4 or 5, she could have something really nice instead of some shitty biscuit. Especially considering she has more than those. Aren't they for people who haven't got time to have breakfast so eat them on the bus to work or whatever? OR is it just another Manilife type ana club thing?

No. 1051623

File: 1601835646112.jpg (106.66 KB, 637x773, ant.ana.army.JPG)

While looking at the # I saw this one and noticed Georgie likes some of her posts. She's anorexic, loves the tube, eats crap and now has a stomach tube. Also #spoonie. Anyone have any experience following her? Georgia following her gives me a red light and also … anorexia.

No. 1051624

I think those are “snacks” and not part of the meal.

No. 1051625

#tubie #supertubie #cutiewithatubie #jtube #gtube #feedingtube #tubefed #bodyimage #bodypositivity #bodypositive #gastroparesis #gpwarrior #gastroparesiswarrior #anorexiarecovery #edrecovery #anarecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #selflove #weightrestoreddoesnotmeanfat #lovelife #positivity

No. 1051637

maybe i’m just poor but in my experience, it’s not common to buy more than one pack at a time, whether they’re clipped shut so they don’t go stale or not. it’s definitely a rich bitch thing to have 4+ packets open.

No. 1051660

File: 1601839257339.jpg (356.1 KB, 720x1263, Screenshot_2020-10-04-20-20-27…)

No. 1051662

Is that a before and now or has she tried some high coverage foundation?

No. 1051668

File: 1601839799860.jpg (248.04 KB, 1080x1726, 20201004_142117.jpg)

No more scratches! Just doped up with droopy eyes

No. 1051675

What DOES she say when someone asks what's wrong with her? I'm sticking with Bell's Palsy.

No. 1051687

File: 1601841840941.jpg (471.09 KB, 1080x1701, 20201004_150448.jpg)

Elzani is just trying to share her best life

No. 1051688

i mean, yeah. sometimes we have multiple packets of biscuits open - you just clip the pack or store them in a tin to keep them fresh. i wouldn't call that milky.

No. 1051693

File: 1601842252344.jpg (5.07 KB, 299x168, genuine lol.jpg)

No. 1051701

I laughed hard ty anon

No. 1051702


Why does she always do that weird expression with her mouth open? Makes her look gormless

No. 1051709

You gave the answer. She's really is dim. If someone said she'd never been to school, I'd believe them.

No. 1051766

Being watching a few of this girls videos (no life atm but w/e) there's no way she isn't still actively an anachan. She's only eating 1600-1800 at the absolute max, i'm sick of these fake ass recovery warriors.

No. 1051769

I guess for a family where money is non-issue, they don't need to worry about biscuit budgeting. Get as many as you like, if they go stale toss them out.

No. 1051771

this past year has aged her dramatically i feel

No. 1051774

alot of anorexics stuggle giving themselves nice things (even if they are equal in calories) and/or stuggle with volume, fear of feeling full or bloated etc. again, just proving ganer is not at all recovered

No. 1051777


No. 1051778

gormless is my new favourite word, ty anon.

i cant tell if shes faking a smile really badly on the second picture or if her wonky dead fish eyes just make her face look permanently soulless

No. 1051806

all she has to do is google willy wonka fan art

No. 1051807

fuck off AN b/p for 15 years and and old so I do know what I'm talking about. Yeah I know blog but whatevs. Daily b/ping doesn't even begin to describe it nothing is impossible but you learn to avoid foods unless you want to have to flush 30+times maybe if you don't care about actually getting food out it doesn't matter so much but if you want to lose/maintain low weight you have to be sensible about these things. Does she purge? I have no idea bc clearly everyone has different experiences. I'm cool with donuts/pizza/meat/ride/pasta/spicy shit but avoid oreos. Just because someone has a different preference doesn't make them some 13yo wannarexic. I fuckn wish(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1051823

No one cares how much you b/p anachan lurk moar or go back to MPA

No. 1051837

N2F must live above her.

No. 1051845

File: 1601858360045.jpeg (268.97 KB, 1125x1434, 2CBF2FB8-DD78-4ECA-A5A6-CC1DA5…)

I’m not one to call photoshopping easily but dear god. Let’s discuss this….. wow. As someone who has been really sick…. that is horribly shopped. Yikes. Also it’s super sad she feels the need to do this.

No. 1051847

Oh my God no way does she think this looks real! Noooooo way,her bones aren't even that small. God this is embarassing!

No. 1051849


No. 1051852

If severely underweight then bones and veins would be protruding. Muscle wastage would be obvious. Face sunken. Hair would be terrible.

No. 1051881

Really showing her theatre girl personality

No. 1051886

I can’t stand these faux-motivational posts ganer makes to disguise the fact that she’s so unhappy. She’s made several posts recently about not comparing yourself to other people’s progress etc and it’s so clear that she’s talking to herself. She isn’t making progress because she’s still disordered.

No. 1051888

File: 1601861807769.jpeg (920.51 KB, 1242x1770, 83ACD3CF-5D15-4FB7-8191-F5E41C…)

Dropped pic

No. 1051895

File: 1601862091363.jpeg (375.49 KB, 827x1522, F3E633EE-4FE3-4751-858A-C3B51E…)

I just saw this highlight from some weeks ago and it’s adding to my confusion about how long she’s had an eating disorder

No. 1051909

Looks like she nuked her account kek

No. 1051911

This needs to be the image for the next thread. I’m dying it is too funny.

No. 1051917

File: 1601863423771.jpg (426.11 KB, 892x1792, 20201004_210313.jpg)

Here's another from her stories

No. 1051919

File: 1601863543794.jpg (337.43 KB, 1058x1610, 20201004_210648.jpg)

She deleted the first one from her stories, probably because it was obviously shopped, and replaced it with this

No. 1051931

Dont understand the fascination with shoop cows. Insecure anorexic girls. Its just sad.

No. 1051935

looks like she shrunk her legs with one of the slimming tools on the app Snow lol

No. 1051948

This is the funniest series of shoops I've seen a cow do on the scumbag threads, ever. All hail the totally realistic spoopy queen!

No. 1051950

It makes me mad because she uses these pics to constantly beg for attention and now money online! To go back to treatment (obv only acute will do) when we all know she just wants to go, trigger as many people as possible, and then leave to relapse again. And repeat! Just stop asking people for money if you're only going to treatment for extra sympathy points(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1051954


She may have had disordered eating not to the point of an ED or was dieting (safely at first) before her brief foray into anorexia. Or, more likely, she was limiting her diet for a long time but the stress of university pushed it into overdrive.


No adult has kneecaps that small!
Where is this cow from anyway?

No. 1051955

File: 1601866156084.jpg (219.61 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20201004-214940_Chr…)

But it's severe and unexpected!!!

She posts these pictures on her Facebook page and gets all sorts of asspats for it

No. 1051968


So shocking! She only resisted every bit of treatment the whole time and talk about losing weight immediately. How brave she is to go validate her eating disorder again! Last time in treatment my ass that's the exact opposite of what she wants. This whole thing is hilarious

No. 1052005

Needs a J tube, eats shit, and is overweight? She probably needs IV fluids and is malnourished, too kek. One of these things is not true. A j tube is for someone who can’t have things going into their stomach, and anyone with one has their nutrition (and calories) carefully monitored and measured. Which means she shouldn’t be visibly overweight like she is. But anything to be a speschul rare warrior, amiright? How is she not completely ashamed of her porker self?

Didn’t she just do this exact same thing? It was less than a year ago iirc. Air ambulance to Acute, then ERC res and then to EDCare, while begging for the money to make it happen. Except she left ERC ama (again) when she started to gain weight, but because she was “in recovery” (kek) and could “do it at home” (more kek). Also because she’s a sooper famous writer who had a book coming out (Newsflash: Any idiot chan can get poetry published. She’s not anything special). This is not the first time she’s begged for money for treatment, either, nor is it the first time she’s claimed it’s her last time in treatment. And it’s not a surprise, she left ERC AMA not that long ago, still underweight and obviously not in recovery. No one thought she’d recover at home, so who’s supposed to be surprised? Her whole shtick is gross, from the ebegging just to leave AMA, to her weird fake-child behavior and giant hair bows, all while claiming to be some sort of famous and revered writer. Hopefully people save their money this time, tho I doubt they will since everyone loves enabling poor fragile little Laura.

No. 1052012

But she was doing the harm reduction method! How could she have possibly relapsed on that?!

No. 1052015

who is that?

No. 1052029

File: 1601873179628.jpg (366.13 KB, 1080x1702, 20201004_234627.jpg)

N2F is covering expiration dates again

No. 1052035

File: 1601874830423.jpg (1.26 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201005_151518.jpg)

Has been talked about but uh, speaking of bad shoops. Even if this is a joke, still pretty embarrassing.

No. 1052037

I know she's just going to puke it up anyway, but still, god, she has no shame kek.

No. 1052103

File: 1601887942498.jpeg (273.77 KB, 1536x1247, 3B8CB7C3-5FBA-4584-8DE3-C94DD9…)

Sage because not exactly milky and only one video, but I still think it belongs here. Made a video of her sooper severe anorexia where she eats 200 calories every day but doesn't exactly look like it

No. 1052105

damn this girl is fucking retarded

No. 1052116

File: 1601890087035.jpeg (1.14 MB, 828x1493, 1613A050-7E15-48D6-9911-4FC744…)

Plz explain the rationale behind taking the absolute least flattering picture possible for these IG stories Georgie posts?! Actually though, why? I’m not even saying she should get changed, put on makeup, anything like that, but why take the picture from an angle that maximizes that double chin and dead-eye vibe?!

No. 1052118

File: 1601890393202.jpg (237.01 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20201005_103405.jpg)

cannot resist sharing a video of her removing her ng tube. such a sooper sick anorexic.

No. 1052132

We love a morbidly obese recovery qween

No. 1052136

there is some comedy gold on her reddit account kek, she engages in fatshaming on /r/fatlogic.

No. 1052155

File: 1601898896029.png (472.15 KB, 401x672, moll.eats.png)

our "smol bean" is having a hard time. guess she'll need to challenge her biscuit fear again.

No. 1052168

Where is her hair going? It's like it's escaping her face!

No. 1052170

Her face reminds me of a slimmer amberlynn reid's for some reason.. but amberlynn is prettier.

Kek she has the recovery spoon

No. 1052172

our brave recovery warrior with a triple chin!

No. 1052193

receeding hairline lol i'm sure she claims "MUH MALNUTRITIONZ"

No. 1052214

There was a comment on there about 3 weeks ago that said “this looks like larping”
This video really is milky af I love the cringe though

No. 1052257

It's mad how some anas/wanas can come out with such bs and think people are going to swallow it. It's not just kids either. In the documentary Desperately Hungry Housewives and the Louis Theroux one, there're two older women who say they barely eat anything and walk for HOURS to burn off half a cracker, but in the GP surgery they discover they both gained weight. Obvious lies yet they think we're all gullible fannies.

Yep - she's got that Cockney geezer fat darts player look down to a T. Whatever company gave her an internship, they must be a really fucking shit scammy company.

Molly's a twat. She's more or less recovered. All in the blink of an eye. How long do you think she'll keep this worrior cherade up? She needs to get back to uni and join the fucking drama club. Brush up her acting skills.

No. 1052268

File: 1601913951944.png (421.11 KB, 452x727, send me stuff.png)

Yeah, Ash has her own thread but it's dead. Jsyk she's back to begging for gifts again. In her latest stories video she does a baby voice fake crying at how happy she is this jerk sent her a gift because nobody sends her gifts any more. When she's in her coffin in 2090 her scrawny arm's going to come out with a banner saying NO FLOWERS, GIVE ME GIFT CARDS FOR WHOLEFOODS.

No. 1052301

Some of the comments are funny.

How does this girl claim that she can't even finish off an apricot because her ed is too serious but then look like that?

No. 1052306

File: 1601916965962.jpg (189.55 KB, 719x1112, Screenshot_2020-10-05-17-47-59…)

Oops meant to attach screenshot of comments lol

No. 1052347

If her hairline shrinks any futher she'll look like a pinhead from AHS.

No. 1052396

File: 1601925922045.png (595.23 KB, 482x699, ana expert.png)

Sorry to break it to you, Molls, but it never really leaves you.

It's so disgusting how she writes as if she really does have a long history like her role model and the other 4 real ana cows. If Paris or some other terminal ana had the opportunity for private treatment and cozy family atmosphere (and anorexia for 3 weeks) would they have turned out very different people? But yeah, this one really ruffles.

No. 1052411

not trying to white knight, but your ana-chan is showing, no one cares how long you've been sick. so what, she hasn't been ill that long? everyone deserves to recover and imo this post is harmless.

No. 1052414

Did Laura ingram delete her IG?

No. 1052420

File: 1601928538155.jpg (409.38 KB, 1080x1843, 20201005_150751.jpg)

N2F dropped a new recipe!

Deactivated, probably, and will come back eventually under a new name

No. 1052422

File: 1601928588072.jpg (560.68 KB, 1079x1439, 20201005_150839.jpg)

The finished product. Peng.

No. 1052426


what the hell does the spoon even say? Run something the what? sage for mostly irrelevant but I'm so curious and I can't seem to resolve the letters into English words

No. 1052431


"Run towards the fear"

No. 1052442

File: 1601929764732.png (461.06 KB, 640x1136, DC26992B-6BAC-4A91-B60A-CC3DC8…)

One of my personal cows (haven’t posted here before but lmk if I should share the milk) fell for molls and her looking for free art BS

No. 1052444

Yeah Laura deactivated her main "here are all my body checks" Instagram and now all she has are the somehow even more cringey vent and side accounts lolz

No. 1052448

molly reeeeally needs to get back to acting college soon, if her anorexia larping, her crying selfies and her #recoverywin faces are anything to go by!

No. 1052456

File: 1601930768332.jpg (97.63 KB, 1080x373, Screenshot_20201005-164635_Fac…)

Ahhhh yes this definitely happened because of course we all forgot how tiny and sick you are of course

No. 1052459

File: 1601931078557.jpg (41.06 KB, 714x721, 120995688_3779712772058563_166…)

She's since locked most of her posts, but I saved this less drastic leg shoop before that

What are the accounts? I only know of one vent account because she opened it up for followers a few years ago before she got criticized and dropped almost everyone

No. 1052464

looks like we have another head-banger

No. 1052466

whats her reddit user?

No. 1052467

>> 1052459

I'm not going to give the vent accounts publicly. I do genuinely think shes manipulative and cringey AF but she needs ED and probably personality disorder treatment, not people dissecting what she puts privately

No. 1052468

Go back a thread or two. We talked about it at length already

Then why mention them?

No. 1052472

The video has been privated lol.

No. 1052476

Listen. I've lurked on Laura for years. Been in erc with her. Sure shes annoying and childish but I think we need to pump the breaks here. I dont doubt that she shoops but jesus fuck the girl needs treatment and a long social media detox.

No. 1052480

I remember watching that video a few weeks ago, pretty sure she said in the description that she no longer struggles, she was recreating what her days when she was struggling where like.

No. 1052486

File: 1601933260070.jpeg (973.36 KB, 828x1471, 79F0BAFE-34DE-48FA-B9FE-715A35…)

Why does she insist on speaking like a toddler in all her posts, it’s annoying as fuck

No. 1052510

This is how people up north mockingly immitate how southerns speak, I never knew they ACTUALLY spoke like that though. Cringe.

No. 1052526

She looks like an overstuffed sausage, I can smell her through the screen…

No. 1052534

KEK! Darts player. I’m dead.

That’s the best slur I’ve heard in a while. Thanks for that anon.

No. 1052537

They don't, she's just acting like a 6 year old

No. 1052538

She must talk this way to portray being a smol bean. If she talked like an actual adult then she wouldnt come off as sooper dainty/'smol'

No. 1052540

second link on thread description. its like wallerflowerbitca or something

No. 1052568

looks like porgie deleted her tumblr? https://www.tumbex.com/wallflower-bitca.tumblr/ some old posts on here though

No. 1052572

No. 1052579

It was gone for a bit then returned. Might have been a glitch

No. 1052611

The teddy-bear, referring to herself in third person, calling herself smol bean. Do we think maybe she's a "little" ?
This isn't the way a normal well-adjusted 20 year old acts lol. Also the mention in her instagram bio of "looking 12". Did she ever pull the CSA card?

No. 1052627

You kinda sounding like a cow yourself anon…

No. 1052641

In her slight defense it’s her dog not a teddy bear. She infantilizas herself in other ways for sure but it is kind of in line with most Ana-chans. Doubt she experienced abuse seems more anxious type A personality kind of ED.

No. 1052659


You totally took the postt in the way it wasn't intended, dear sensitive anons.

The point is nothing to do with being ~the sickest~ because I'm not even someone who understands that whole need to be sickest or not sick enough.

I was pointing out how being well off gave her the opportunity to nip her ed in the bud. Before it became as entrenched as those who have to wait MONTHS for an assessment.

It's a fact that the longer a person endures any illness the more difficult to recover. Molly fortunately didn't have to wait long and had better care and help than offered by the NHS. Her experience was different. Ofc everyone deserves help whoever they are, but she'll never know how much more difficult it is to get to grips with recovery is a person doesn't have access to immediate help as she had.

No envy because she's from a financially comfortable family, but her experience of not having waiting lists and inevitable increasing decline makes her less able to understand how not everyone finds recovery as relatively less of a struggle.

No. 1052790

File: 1601972267305.jpg (484.28 KB, 720x1232, Screenshot_2020-10-06-08-51-59…)

I don't like how it's gaping

No. 1052791

File: 1601972318732.jpg (505.55 KB, 720x1218, Screenshot_2020-10-06-08-52-18…)

I guess she got the job then? Or is this that other thing that she thinks she's wayyyy too pro to have to do.

No. 1052792

File: 1601972368083.jpg (459.55 KB, 720x1214, Screenshot_2020-10-06-08-52-28…)

That smirk. Go rest, Georgie! I'm sure reading articles online was a lot of work.

No. 1052793

File: 1601972405373.jpg (560.72 KB, 720x1270, Screenshot_2020-10-06-09-18-31…)

And our recovery warrior is triumphant once more!! Good job, porgie!

No. 1052794

thats not a little bowl. can georgie learn what the average portion size is? 2-3 scoops of icecream is not "little", its normal if you do it once and excessive if you do this everyday for a week smh

No. 1052797

it's an internship, not a job = she most likely isn't getting paid

No. 1052799

she looks like a fucking cartoon character

No. 1052800

i mean she's morbidly obese, naturally she doesn't understand portion size

No. 1052803

>"little" bowl

But it's especially baffling since she only needs to look at store-bought ice cream cones and popsicles to see what the standard serving size is. It's not like it requires differential calculus, just a working pair of eyes. She'd need to buy several of those to fill up her "little" bowl.

No. 1052805

the question is, how does the ice-cream feel about her? i mean, the poor bugger already gets a bad rep for being 'unhealthy', but now that it's been seen/associated with this overinflated chunk of a human it's probably afraid of how it will be perceived by the other foods in the fridge.

No. 1052811

File: 1601976154284.jpg (543.47 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20201006_102245.jpg)

jfc, if you want coco pops just eat a bowl of cereal! adding a couple pieces of cereal to literally every meal and dessert is just bizarre.

No. 1052815

It's like she doesn't even understand food anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if she will start adding none edible things to her concoctions. Stuff like pot pourri or colorful beads.

No. 1052824

Those "coco pops" look a startling amount like rat droppings.

No. 1052844

i mean even if she WAS afraid of the ice-cream, maybe that's not a bad thing. It's crap for you, crap for the cow that has to make it and … well she really needs to start losing weight if the doesn't want to develop some non-fictional health conditions.

No. 1052846

File: 1601985241153.jpg (579.94 KB, 1080x1882, Screenshot_20201006_125240.jpg)

Our favourite cube donning the autistic look.

No. 1052848

idk looks ok size wise to me isn't that a teaspoon?

No. 1052853

Only as a one-time indulgence, not every fucking day. There's at least 4 scoops in there, how is that a sensible amount of ice cream to eat daily? It's not. Nobody I know eats like that.

No. 1052858

definitely dessert spoon.
also i know it seems nitpicky but farmers are talking about this portion size because she acts like this "little" thing scares her so much when its just a normal bown of ice-cream, she eats this and more daily.
if ur gonna larp as an ana-butterly, at least dont say "uwu i ate this 7 times but i was really scared :c". i wonder what percentage of her followers believe this shit.

No. 1052860

I initially thought so too, but I'm pretty sure its a tablespoon.

No. 1052864

Sorry to state the obvious, but porgie don't need no ice cream

No. 1052896

Why not work on a bowl of vegetables?

No. 1052897

Regardless of the spoon size, a serving of ice cream is 1/2 cup; that is at least 2-3 servings. One serving of full fat ice cream is close to 200 kcal so that bowl could easily be around 400-500 kcal. Once in a while indulgence? Sure. Every night for an already obese perdone? Nope.

No. 1052905

File: 1601993377756.jpg (130.48 KB, 750x1176, c81e0d6481aea3a9f07ec0636fb630…)

Especially seeing how she claims POTS. Never see her eat foods recommended to help with the condition and she drinks alcohol often.

No. 1052915

Thank you for your calculations. It seems, contrary to my previous statement, that differential calculus is in fact needed for the disordered eaters itt to understand portion size.

No. 1052937

Do you know what differential calculus is lol ? This is more akin to childrens' arithmetic

No. 1052942

kek, she's drinks all the time, and those meals ain't small or low-carb either.

Wonder how long it'll be until she starts claiming the other muchie favorites like EDS and gastroparesis (caused by her sooper severe anorexia, obvs)

No. 1052966

I'm genuinely surprised she doesn't already say she has them. Watch this space

No. 1052975

Saying she has EDS would be as ridiculous as anorexia. She's never shown any flexibility. The only part of her body she flexes are her forehead muscles.

No. 1052996

Imagine not understanding what a joke is.

No. 1053003

File: 1602001692359.jpeg (82.77 KB, 361x640, 36FB94E6-DEC7-4162-90A7-F33EA6…)

ah yum a leaf

No. 1053008

Woah, steady on - a WHOLE leaf?

No. 1053010

File: 1602002750801.png (608.31 KB, 430x737, erm.png)

Only if the only ASMR she ever watched is the one next post…

No. 1053011

This video is horrific.

That pasta looks n2fesque

No. 1053012


No. 1053024

File: 1602004238874.jpg (706.25 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2020-10-06-18-08-51…)

Just spread it, nourish. She's practically eating plain dry toast, that can't be pleasant at all. What's the use in having a million spreads if you only put a teaspoon on each time.

No. 1053031

Miniscule sugar balls on toast. Why?

She's put her holiday top on top of the unwashed fleece blanket.

No. 1053041

I don’t know if this is a thing you britfags eat but this looks absolutely repulsive to me and the combo sounds equally disgusting. This is the complete opposite of visual

No. 1053047

Ewww why is she eating in her bedroom???

No. 1053053

Idk but she eats like a savage and I wouldn't have her in the dining room.

No. 1053059

File: 1602007004952.jpg (102.99 KB, 1383x666, l.JPG)

Okay, who cowtipped?

No. 1053062

Kek you can tell she glued the heart candy to the plate

No. 1053063

File: 1602007188396.jpeg (448.19 KB, 750x763, 5D5C62C0-284D-429C-9279-EEAB94…)

The way n2f frequently puts like 5-10 kidney beans on her plate a lot. She must really slowly go through a tin and keep it open for about a week as she goes through it. I’m guessing she doesn’t cook them, probably because raw kidney beans can make you puke/shit yourself. Wouldn’t put it past her.

No. 1053071

4-500 for dessert every day does seem just
a tad excessive. I don't eat the stuff myself and may be thrown off as comparing with those I live with who do but they're skinny 6ft males not well…Porg.

No. 1053072

except the salt thing some of her meals are literally crusted over with salt and pepper so she's doing something right!

No. 1053074

idk but that likeness is uncanny

No. 1053093

Ah come on, she's like the only cow who doesn't know about lolcow yet let's not ruin that!

No. 1053095

File: 1602009650902.jpg (729.07 KB, 1080x1675, Screenshot_20201006_194057.jpg)

a real carb treat for n2f tonight - uncooked pasta with a sprinkle of tinned spaghetti, AND spaghetti hoops as an added extra. with some tuna around the edge of the plate for decoration ofc. poor mario has passed out at the sight of it.

No. 1053096


At 30:39 is she really saying "thingaling"

The whole video made my ears bleed. If i would have to eat with a person who eats like that she would have a smack on a face. Maybe i'm nitpicking but i can't stand people who eat their mouth open.

No. 1053100

ah the classic spaghetti hoops and kidney beans salad. The kids incapable of having just one spread, just one type of pasta. Her savoury meals tend to be slightly less visually horrific than her sugar laden concoctions but she still manages to make them weird af

No. 1053101

that is such a meagre portion of biscuit spread - she's no stranger to layering that shit on THICK, so i'm assuming this heart-shaped approach is to disguise the fact that she's eating less. but it's definitely weird to eat dry toast, i mean if you're not gonna spread the topping over the whole slice, at least add some butter!

No. 1053103

You watched the whole thing!? You're stronger than me, anon.

No. 1053104

She placed each of those spaghetti strands by hand, taking care to place them evenly over the fusili.

Here the strangest thing is not even that she placed the beans one by one, it's that she painstakingly arranged that 4 grains thin stripe of rice.

By the time it's photo ready, she's thoroughly touched and fondled every grain and bean, sauce crusted on her hands.

No. 1053108

I laughed so hard at the mario line kek

No. 1053115

Everything's unusual about n2f's choices, but she really must be used to tepid food. Cold lettuce, cold tomatoes, cold tuna with some hot/warm food.

That video's a test of endurance. The pasta slurping I can deal with, but when she starts on the salad I feel the equivalent of road rage. It's the worst eating I've ever heard and I like some asmr eating videos. Open mouthed obnoxious eating needs the death penalty.

I wish n2f would do videos. I'd do without anyone else's just for a n2f youtube channel.

No. 1053157

File: 1602013415627.jpg (216.67 KB, 1245x846, bunny.JPG)

Heads up. New bake.

The most presentable yet?

No. 1053158

I'd sell my soul for a 'day in the life of n2f' video

No. 1053160

Yes. If required. I'd give my soul and by Patreon donate any blessings.

No. 1053162

how can something be "chocolate bunny" flavoured?

No. 1053164

its just the brand named flavour. Its most likely chocolate flavour but the brand named it a stupid name instead of just "chocolate"

No. 1053166

File: 1602014208996.jpg (475.67 KB, 1500x1000, AD-COMPOSITE-Easter-Protein-Po…)

Googled. It was a flavour myprotein released limited edition for Easter. I guess this is to match her hot cross bun biscakes.

No. 1053198

Regular bean eater here, that's only with actual raw/dry kidney beans, you can eat kidney beans straight from the tin as they've already been cooked. N2f is far too lazy to be buying and semi-cooking dried beans, but let's not give her any ideas.

No. 1053199

I'm old enough to remember before it was known about the poison in kidney beans. For once I'm with n2f though. Life's too short to be soaking beans for days when they're done in the can (even though overcooked).

No. 1053217

File: 1602019225475.jpg (259.72 KB, 1078x1916, 20201006_162117.jpg)

Hmm, I wonder how she found this

No. 1053220

Why would she even post this? It's not about her.

No. 1053221

File: 1602019579297.jpeg (150.64 KB, 1024x1024, 6CDBD1F8-21C4-4F18-88AC-791E3C…)

Wtf is this cowtipping shit?!

Also it’s hilarious how closely Porgie is monitoring lolcow kek

No. 1053222

File: 1602019707184.jpg (60.98 KB, 720x592, Screenshot_2020-10-06-22-28-53…)

The cowtipping instagram is getting their attention. Please don't do this, farmers.

No. 1053225

File: 1602019877063.jpg (332.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-10-06-22-32-23…)

No. 1053231

No. 1053233

my bet is georgia made the account because it has no likes, no follows, etc and how could she have seen it otherwise ?

No. 1053236

File: 1602020936137.png (290.48 KB, 664x498, cow tipper.png)

the account tagged georgia so that's probably why she saw it.

No. 1053237

That makes sense. I didn't bother to look at the account when I saw her story since it was already posted here

No. 1053253


No. 1053257

Porgie is dumber than I thought if she thinks this isn't at all suspicious..

No. 1053273

File: 1602024575080.jpg (395.62 KB, 719x1020, Screenshot_20201006-184839_Chr…)

not worth wasting brain space on, she said?

No. 1053275

THeres only 1 follower and its this one personal cow of mine that is some hideous doped up ana gorl who can't lose weight. Im assuming maybe its her page.. should I post the @ to her insta? Or should I just let people find out on their own

No. 1053278

Sweetheart, canned beans are not raw…

No. 1053279

Now this is a sad, but interesting turn of events. The obvious choice for tipper would be Porgie (perhaps as revenge for our ridiculing her nightly 500 calorie ice cream inhalation).
HOWEVER. Do we really thing Georgia is clever enough to tag herself in the cowtip in order to create an alibi for herself when posting it to her own account?
Personally, i doubt it.

No. 1053280

yet she engages in /r/fatlogic and other mocking comments about other people. shes a faux positivity fraud. she undoubtedly posts about people on here.

No. 1053282

glad I am not the only one who thought it was her

No. 1053284

Is she 18 or over? Then yes.

No. 1053289

The one follower of the cowtipper is from aus.

Even before I saw that I thought it was the work of sausage fingers.

No. 1053294

File: 1602025334712.png (74.09 KB, 689x280, Literally unedited .png)

Her tellonym is a goldmine, went through it a while back to gather receipts. Its so painfully obvious which tells she sent to herself.

No. 1053299

Yes she is, her page is actually "18+" because she mentions drugs so much.
Shes the only follower of H_ann1995 so I assume she made the page or she DEF lurks here its @badthoughts.bongs.n.bandaids

No. 1053305

Sorry, the one I posted is private, she has a personal acc. though. Its not as milky as her "restricted" one though so I wont post it

No. 1053313

too late anon, she links to her unprivate one in the bio of the acc you posted.

No. 1053314

she def lurks here, i think shes self posted b4

No. 1053316

EDS patients have hypermobility, which is different to flexibility. Flexibility can be trained (see: gynmasts, dancers) but you can't train someone to dislocate their kneecaps.


It's quite nice if you like tuna, but it isn't a particularly pleasant image close up.


At least she doesn't have a sad saggy caved in butt like spoops do.

No. 1053319

She is definitely one of us cuntheads kek. There is ZERO chance she is not a farmer herself.

No. 1053320

File: 1602026930546.jpeg (461.02 KB, 1125x1468, 533D90D2-317B-4DF3-B617-4B4E31…)

45 mins leave daily when she posted a pic of herself in anti lig clothing just a few days ago? I’d say that’s pretty generous, unless someone’s been lying about their risk all this time

No. 1053325

omg she did? oh please pretty please anon, could you post the anti ligature fit?

No. 1053331

File: 1602027764786.jpg (582.23 KB, 720x1425, Screenshot_2020-10-07-10-31-15…)

Georgie's daily little bowl of ice cream is regular-sized ceramic dinnerware packed with no less than four generous scoops, of course.

Even the really sweet-toothed fatties I know wouldn't eat that much plain ice cream every day, nor would they bother to teehee about that being a 'little' bowl of it.

No. 1053336

you gotta scroll up before you post, we already talked about this >>1052793

No. 1053339

She's been mentioned here before. she definitely lurks, and she probably made the insta page too.

No. 1053344

The way her & Laura have toned down the ana larping since being booted to these PDU/locked units is remarkable. Ausfags do you not have anything similar?

No. 1053348

the outback.

No. 1053351

There's been so many repeated posts on here lately. No one can scroll up or read old threads

No. 1053357

File: 1602030408478.png (3.86 MB, 828x1792, BA4279AE-7708-4444-92BC-AE9C48…)

Oh but guys she’s ignoring us!

No. 1053362

100% guaranteed she posted this after seeing her tellonym screenshot calling us boolies posted on here

No. 1053365

She's ignoring us by telling us she's ignoring us

No. 1053398

Is this supposed to be sexy? Because no. But it’s not a spoopy bodycheck, either. What is she going for?

No. 1053414

This supports my theory that n2f has autism because otherwise I have no idea why she would post this for other people to see

No. 1053460

I think it’s more like below average IQ. She is way too experimental with textures for most people on the spectrum.

No. 1053504

Yeah I suppose retardation is more likely

No. 1053546


No. 1053550

Calm down autist

No. 1053559

> haven't looked at lolcow in a month
> has posted about things we've discussed mere weeks/days ago

good thing porker isn't a little wooden puppet, her nose would be longer than the earth's equator by now.

No. 1053570

Aussie public hospitals really push for short admissions

No. 1053581

File: 1602059738417.jpeg (702.31 KB, 2048x2048, 6D840699-37C5-4399-861B-D0D87E…)

W/E PORGIE!!! Can’t stand the way this cow tries to frame everything as some super special, brave “challenge”. You want to eat the lasagna. You’ve clearly eaten plenty of lasagna, burgers, ice cream etc. in your life. Stop trying to assuage your guilt over your own inability to lose weight by LARPing a mental illness.

No. 1053582

it used to be that an autism diagnosis required an iq of 70 or under.

No. 1053585

File: 1602059979327.png (85.36 KB, 690x247, Porgie of the people.png)

reminder: she just finnished bitching about how she might lose her rights to benifits. Now she goes out to eat… again. Come on Porgie, stick to one storyline please.

No. 1053587

4 year old statuses are kinda irrelevant for her current being/situation

No. 1053590

now autists all claim to have high IQs to make up for their insufferability

No. 1053592

Georgia has the AGP smirk AND the AGP forehead wrinkles going on. I vote she staples on a cock and tries for a different demographic

No. 1053595

Well, no. It goes to show how little she's changed.

No. 1053604

only eating disorder she has is "eating dis order of fries"

No. 1053611

File: 1602065327155.jpg (443.16 KB, 1074x1969, Screenshot_20201007_110810.jpg)

Don't even know what this page is supposed to be lol. Smorven asked people to report it

No. 1053614

File: 1602065847395.jpeg (301.32 KB, 1280x1280, 25C2EEC2-7118-4779-B9E7-4DB220…)

Not sure if tal.recovers has been mentioned? Not extremely milky but yet another body checking super spoop, also active on mpa. I'd say dasha level for this one

No. 1053615

"" "they're now baiting me here" - pretty sure none of the posts on that account are even about porgie. sure - unsurprisingly for miss the-world-revolves-around-me - she took one look at the biscuit face collage and - without even seeing that numerous tags were attached to the post - immediately assumed it was a mockery of her own food loving face, because obvs lolcow revolves solely around her, and if she's not self posting, we're obvs gonna have to find another way to get her attention. i'd actually pity her if her desperation to get attention wasn't so hilarious. kek.

No. 1053617

probs because that distorted black and white photo on the left IS smorven. there were a few others of her posted on it last night, but they've obvs been deleted.

No. 1053619

File: 1602066426033.jpeg (437.04 KB, 1242x1814, 01CE8FF7-6E82-4015-9643-F86764…)

No. 1053621

She loves posing in her anti lig suit, just like she loved showing off her catheter bag

No. 1053622

Um…I know…

No. 1053624

Underrated comment, ily anon

No. 1053625

that was hilarious

No. 1053626

It’s a Cyanide and Happiness joke. Not original content. I’ll still commend the very relevant application to this Porgie fact pattern.

No. 1053627

Doesn't seem milky to me, just sick. Body checks yes but otherwise no proana tendencies

No. 1053629

I’d say no more or less than Dasha

No. 1053635

Dasha blatantly tags and edits all her bodychecks for max attention seeking though and then whines about the haters.

No. 1053636

File: 1602068620739.jpg (497.46 KB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20201007_120422.jpg)

a real #recoverywin from n2f - three dry rice cakes with a few slices of unpeeled carrot.

No. 1053637

she definitely checks here and she posts other people. I do not doubt she posted >>1053614

No. 1053638

File: 1602068671608.jpg (613.95 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20201007_120553.jpg)

saying that, her breakfast was almost normal!

No. 1053639

She's been mentioned a few threads back. Not milky, just sick both ED and chronic medical issues stemming from birth defects.

No. 1053640

She's got half the condiment aisle in her bedroom and she's going with a dot of burger sauce and carrots as topping? Also wtf is on that toast in the background…marmite cheese a bean and ketchup?

No. 1053642

Molly's got competition!

No. 1053647

Speaking of, the cowtipping posts no longer come up in her tagged posts so I guess she's blocked them or untagged herself. That means she knows about us now?

No. 1053654

File: 1602071090985.jpg (770.32 KB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_20201007_124356.jpg)

weirder still, it's apparently pickle and melted cheese on toast, dotted with tomatoes and a few stray baked beans. knowing n2f, they probs weren't origiepart of the meal, she probably found them stuck on her plate from days ago, and saw the perfect way to decorate her lunch!

No. 1053655

she's forcing out tears and everything! actress molly really has to up her game!

No. 1053667

File: 1602072776067.jpeg (1.14 MB, 828x1677, 4F6CC5DA-FA30-4F40-A4F6-3ADEAC…)

Notice the top of the bag is open but she’s ALSO torn into the middle like a savage?

No. 1053669

I went to her IG to watch the video, so pathetic. You can hear a support worker or someone is there with her encouraging her (though even they sound fed up), which makes the fact she was filming herself ugly crying and rubbing a biscuit against her lip even more cringe.
45 comments of "omg so proud of you" from well intentioned morons not realising that they're inadvertently feeding into this ridiculous attention-seeking and reassurance-needing behaviour.

No. 1053671

File: 1602073148481.jpg (776.46 KB, 1080x1769, 20201007_132010.jpg)

Molly is actually tagged in that post kek

No. 1053690

Georgia updates posts at some online radio station's webiste? https://westbremerradio.com/
It's a start, I suppose. Definitely needs to keep giving herself that ice cream ~fuel~ Well done, Georgia (even though I know you won't see this wink, wink).

No. 1053692

File: 1602077930696.jpeg (628.21 KB, 1242x1908, E1BE689F-912C-443E-9925-171868…)

She has being mentioned in older posts but we should bring this gem to the light again. She posts 1 meal or snack every day or every 2 days and she talks about how she CoNquEred her fears. She is extremely underweight (I follow her personal as well) and it’s obvious that she compensated for everything she eats. She has being posting her so called recovery challenges since idk when, and she has not gained anything haha.. if you look her captions you will understand. She just eats a snack 150-250 cals max which she can EASILY fit into her daily calorie intake and calls this a victory. Pathetic

No. 1053693

File: 1602078183085.jpeg (463.56 KB, 1242x2014, CE6AE8F2-5167-428E-A5D0-D74ED6…)

Looks like someone spit on it

No. 1053694

not to whiteknight but sometimes something like that IS progress for some people

No. 1053695

not to whiteknight but sometimes those cheap rice cake wrappers tear right open

No. 1053697

Not seeing any milk.

No. 1053699

It’s not progress if your weight stays the same for 2 years.. if no the same, even less. Anorexics do not always have orthorexic tendencies. Some choose to spend their cals on junk food which also helps them with sugar cravings and binge urges. So no, that’s not progress. It’s another way to “hide” your disordered habits behind a snack that most people would consider as a victory just because there’s a widely held assumption that chocolate bars make you fat or sth

No. 1053700

Self post much?!

No. 1053701

File: 1602078585276.jpeg (450.23 KB, 1242x1961, 735826EB-11FC-479F-A075-CFA322…)


No. 1053704

Well her name is Alicia Savage

No. 1053708

No. 1053715

Photo equivalent of her sticking her fingers in her ears and saying “LALALA I’m SO BRAVE for CHALLENGING MYSELF to eat double the calories that I need every single day in the form of ice cream and lasagna and garbage when I clearly do NOT need it LALALAAAA!”

Genuinely embarrassed for her. Do her friends and family not cringe when she talks about being some sort of recovery warrior as she scarfs down twice as much as them at every meal while also probably being the biggest one at the table?

No. 1053717

tal.recovers is actually pretty sweet.

No. 1053719

It's funny how often Georgia likes to draw attention to lolcow. I'd be keeping it quiet and not sending people to come and look at all the ridiculous claims and lies that've been unearthed on these threads.

No. 1053739

Ausfag here, Our public locked psych units (PECC) don’t even let you have your phone or any electronic device.
You’ll notice most Aus cows will go to the emergency dept but transfer to private quickly. They wouldn’t know what hit them if they had to do a few days locked away.

No. 1053740

Do you think she might be proud about being included on an anorexia thread? Obviously she's not on the same level as the actual spoops but maybe being categorised alongside them is validating for her? I can't think why else you'd want people to know you're on a gossip sight. Honestly, if I ever end up on lolcow I'm changing my name and going private forever- like hell am I gonna have potential employers come across this site!

No. 1053745

it's kinda milky when she shares identical posts almost every day claiming that she is challenging yet another fear food, she claims she is in recovery, yet she hasn't gained any weight, despite her daily challenges. she obvs compensates for the foods she claims to challenge, if she even eats them at all - but as stated, they're usually 200 calories max, so easily fit within a very restricted diet. she's larping recovery in order to seek praise and attention when she is quite clearly still in the depths of restrand food obsession.

No. 1053757

lolling at how she very specifically covered the Web address, but left it visible in her tabs.

No. 1053760

Reminds me of old Elzani posts!

No. 1053762

She's definitely one of these "takes a photo of a single chocolate bar from every bloody angle" obsessive recovery-win kind of accounts

No. 1053765

I can just picture her fishing out those single beans out of a can with her fingers. Same with the spaghetti bits with her other meal. Excuse me whilst I go heave.

No. 1053767

File: 1602085288793.png (94.83 KB, 239x275, EEK.png)

I think it's just her illness. It's not as if she's doing an Aly and posting all those cakes and burgers she claimed to eat out with Ma C while turning more skele. Wanting attention and praise for everything is a bit much, especially if she hasn't progressed, but the food she isn't claiming to be eating ridiculous calorific things and saying recovery's amazing. It's sad she's stuck in it. Can't say anything about her weight or how she looks because you didn't post her.

When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Becky with more weight on her face. Looks a lot like her. Same cry face.

No. 1053768

Exactly- just because someone is weird doesn't make them autistic .>>1053582
Autism isn't based on iq.

No. 1053790

it used to be iq based though (70 or under), until that american twat came up the the ~spectrum~. yeah thanks, now the aspies have to deal with being lumped into the same bunch as N2f

No. 1053800

File: 1602088471888.jpeg (625.7 KB, 1242x1745, AEED6C21-7524-4559-A2EE-C0EE20…)

That’s recovering mary bxtch last year

No. 1053801

File: 1602088523467.jpeg (316.03 KB, 1242x1683, 25DA855B-C409-4B23-BD3C-1D5126…)

And that’s her 2 weeks ago. It’s obvious she has lost even more weight.. eating aaaall her “challenging” food lol

No. 1053831

File: 1602091259759.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 3175E1A4-7607-49B8-92A8-967565…)

She obviously lurks though, if someone didn't cowtip

No. 1053833

does she use photoshop? her face looks relatively healthy for someone so spoopy but I'm awful at spotting it

No. 1053835

Tinfoil but I feel like she posted herself and then reacted histrionically when no one here actually gave a shit. It's a win-win !

No. 1053839

i was thinking the same thing, but it might just be the far away blurry mirror pic.
i bet if you saw her face closer she would have those ana forehead/smile wrinkles and stuff

No. 1053843

No she has also posted videos and her face and body looks emaciated

No. 1053845

File: 1602093201346.png (1.71 MB, 1242x1683, shoopsus.png)

I'm not an expert by any means but I feel like it's been doctored in some ways by looking at the mirror/wall reflection. Not saying she isn't emaciated bbbuuuuut it would be really sad if she still felt like she had to. Need a PSfag to confirm tho

No. 1053850

I remember this girl, so fucking sad. Its scary too how she got so bad so fast. Like from a normal girl with friends and a life to a full on household-name anachan cow in sub 6 months. Not that milky though, its a lot of the same.

No. 1053853

Lolwtf she’s trying so hard. It all feels so self-posty. She wants to be included so bad guys give her a chance come on.!

No. 1053877

Looks like something a rabid dog just threw up??

No. 1053900

File: 1602100225316.jpeg (510.25 KB, 1242x2063, FE8960E9-B07E-4EF2-AA67-055F79…)

What’s the deal with concoctions for anorexics? Who would eat this for breakfast ew

No. 1053902

What is it? Other than the cucumber I don’t know what I’m looking at.

No. 1053906

I think yogurt and peanut butter

No. 1053907

looks like greek yogurt, cucumbers and peanut butter ?

No. 1053908

File: 1602101307956.png (7.29 MB, 1242x2208, E7CC8497-9AC5-4A68-B170-787C96…)

Is she stoned?

No. 1053910

Most likley? Isnt she always doped up on some kind of drug and/or alcohol?

No. 1053911

File: 1602101472906.jpg (68.64 KB, 1154x581, fucking foam fuck.JPG)


I remember when this spit stuff was a thing. Gordon Ramsey is correct.

Yogurt and cucumber is nice as a riatha , but chop them the fuck up. Is the shit at the side supposed to be a dessert? Is it in a tall cup or a bowl?

And stilol nobody cares, except her eyes look like they're staring in different directions.

No. 1053913

I mean DIP not dessert. I was too appalled looking at the food to think right.

No. 1053915

File: 1602101819365.jpg (5.1 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

>>1053908 Good God, she looks like Crazy Eyes

No. 1053917

File: 1602101988892.jpeg (1.65 MB, 3490x3490, 3BFAF3C8-718C-4597-9939-BC4F62…)

Why do they have to make their food look this disgusting?

No. 1053918

Please please feel free to sage.

That shit does look disgusting though. What the hell are those maggot things right pic on top of the brown stuff?

No. 1053919

Maybe they make their food look as disgusting as possible because they will never be able to view food as something nice and delicious.

No. 1053920

At least they're not the OTT OCD anas who have to separate everything and not let things touch one another.

No. 1053940

this comment just sent me to jupiter lmfaoooooo

No. 1053963

The pretend OCD thing is cringeworthy, yes- but its nothing compared to back in like ~2010 when girls would do a full on Cassie impersonation.
(context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw8ZW_DqOxo)

No. 1053965

File: 1602107874900.jpg (414.09 KB, 719x1349, Screenshot_2020-10-07-22-59-15…)

Molly apologising for asking for artwork.

No. 1053970

File: 1602108190322.jpg (185.53 KB, 720x1235, Screenshot_2020-10-07-23-02-51…)

Don't know if it's milky or not but Sarah just posted this from a very very proana account, plus the post is over a year old so she must have been scrolling through the account to find it in the first place. Weird to post something from "anything_to_be_thin" on your eating disorder recovery page.

No. 1053995

What did she do? I'm not on Instagram

No. 1054003

lurk moar

No. 1054011


Not sure if apology will be accepted, but you can use the Molly Digestive art if you send a £50 donation to The Fox Project. I know I'm underselling myself, but I know that things are financially unstable during these unprecedented/worrying/changing times.

No. 1054021

Wow, now she talks like an adult. DId her mummy type this out for her?

No. 1054029


She's learned a life lesson here. Not everything's for free.

Now she needs to deal with the over inflated ego she has because 7k followers, riding Elzani's coattails isn't a lot.

No. 1054044

Reads like a tween throwing out as many big, fancy words as they can to try to sound more grown up, tbh. And pretty melodramatic.

No. 1054049

Tbh, good on her. She realised that she effed up and apologised maturely.

No. 1054071

File: 1602123481510.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1242x2144, 48877397-23B4-4E95-80BD-9216AC…)

sage for bsing but wtf is going on with ghostofmes eye. her appearance is disgusting and she’s deteriorating rapidly

No. 1054078

It was posted on here 3 days ago. Just scroll up

No. 1054080

Someone posted about this 6 hours ago.

No. 1054092

She's just got retarded eyes. Like a cows eyes

No. 1054135

File: 1602135308171.jpeg (956.94 KB, 1242x1236, 93247B78-87E9-448E-A5F2-4DE97D…)

Ganer posted these with the caption saying they were 22 week progress pics. Sage for fitnessfag but 22 FUCKING WEEKS on a competition training program, almost six months, and she’s made absolutely zero progress. She looks exactly the same as she has for the past two years.

Assuming she’s entering in bikini (because there’s no fucking way she could enter any other category), she’s going to need to gain around 20 pounds in her bulking phase. In six months she’s gained zero. Girls who haven’t been working out for years like she has go from zero to stage ready in 12 weeks.

Not to mention, a large portion of bikini competition is essentially a beauty pageant. Hair, makeup, nails, and overall looks are taken into account and she’s certainly not excelling in those categories. Anorexia destroyed her skin and hair.

I guess I feel a but bad for her, if this really is her dream, but her overall preachy attitude makes it hard to feel that bad.

No. 1054143

the only thing this woman will be taking home from the competition is a reality check. she'll be the laughing stock of the competitors. i've seen cucumbers that look more meaty.

No. 1054197

File: 1602152204560.png (1.14 MB, 720x1116, Screenshot_20201008-111721~2.p…)

Dry as a menopausal woman's vagina.

No. 1054198

File: 1602152344321.png (1.02 MB, 720x1122, Screenshot_20201008-111940~2.p…)


No. 1054201

its probably Georgia routinely posting people she calls her recovery buddies

No. 1054206

File: 1602154715518.jpeg (881.95 KB, 828x1473, 77E663E7-22A7-4A2B-8B31-D38506…)

Bakerchan! This recipe is SO doable! Please indulge us.

No. 1054215

Never baked in my life but isn't a main ingredient missing?

No. 1054216

Got it, BUTTER. My mum made buns with butter…

No. 1054218

There's so little liquid that goes in that. Imagine literally eating Nutella and flour

No. 1054220

nutella, flour and sugar! literally the opposite of previous recipes which were 80% water!

No. 1054226

You can see they broke up like brittle clay when she tried to cut them to stick the filling inside.

No. 1054227

My guess would be that the oil in the Nutella (if she used real nutella, not that skinny spread brand we know she loves) it would replace the butter as it has a decent amount of fat.

No. 1054231

Nope. These do not tempt me. Looks like a cyst burst on them. Amused at her Easter themed creations in October. Curious if these taste as bad as they look.

No. 1054272

It's me, I'm on it tomorrow! I don't have egg molds though so that may be an issue!

No. 1054274

Hers aren't even egg shaped! If they don't crumble, chisel them egg shaped but otherwise no probs. More interested in the taste.

No. 1054276

While I'm here some n2f thoughts… I would've thought she'd be into Stevia. 2) Molly was hunting at ASMR, but I want an n2f ASMR eating channel. 3) I wish someone would encourage her to do a cake decorating night class.

No. 1054278


But Molly…she was scared of pudding and cheese but she ate a whole load and is now ok. Recovery is so easy. Why do the others complain?

No. 1054281

And finally, my train of thought, remember ASMR woman divine munchies? She had scars up her arms, a dodgy marriage, flip flopped vegan, admitted to being a binge eater. I see she has a new channel and is now doing tarot and has lost weight. Claims she no longer binge eats. Take note, Georgia (if by chance you ever see this wink,wink). She's started mukbangs again though because non binge eating bids lost her subs.

No. 1054296

File: 1602167727644.jpg (385.97 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20201008_153605.jpg)

Imagine having a friend that flashed their pussy at the camera everytime you took a picture with them

No. 1054302

Anyone who intended to not be an attention seeker any longer wouldn't post this to remind everyone and their self that they used to cut their face up like Chucky.

No. 1054304

fucknthis post made me want to keysmash like a kpop fan on twitter

No. 1054312

File: 1602169257947.png (6.52 MB, 1125x2436, ACB69521-EC52-4FA3-84A9-0FF0CE…)

Just going to leave this here…

No. 1054314

cannot contain my laughter

No. 1054319

How is she still alive??

No. 1054320

Mercy me

No. 1054323

File: 1602169820800.gif (76.65 KB, 937x648, spoopy.gif)

Skinny legend!!

No. 1054329

I mean, it would be a start. If she really wanted to start getting healthy, which she obviously doesn’t.

No. 1054330

Georgia I'd go a bit further than that love.

No. 1054332

Wonder how many she has on her close friends list, cos you know she's gonna be hunting you haha

No. 1054336

Looks like she's gonna start restricting her already poor frail frame. Nose hoses at the ready

No. 1054337

She waits for the messages “no sweetie, you look better now.. in that picture you looked emaciated, sad and cold </3”

No. 1054338

Don't lose any more weight, Georgia. You're beautiful just as you are! Don't let ana win.

No. 1054386

Is one of her legs way bigger than the other?

No. 1054390

I thought that at first but think her knee is bent

No. 1054416

Her legs are fucking massive

No. 1054425

It's all the Weetabix she hid in her Uggs. Her soles sucked the calories from the squelchy mess and fed her legs.

No. 1054440


No. 1054515

I never used to lurk proana scum threads in the years past but it's consistently making me fucking cackle every time I browse it now. incredible takes

No. 1054524

and they say black is slimming…
btw, watch your back anon

No. 1054538

if you ever watch her stories she just constantly reposts her old insta posts on there?? why tho???

No. 1054540

Cause she was underweight back then? Maybe she just had more stuff going on back then. Isn't she just sat in a locked ward all day now? Not much to post about.

No. 1054543

Isn’t this just Ana-chan nightmare fuel?

No. 1054552

Of course the friend looks fat, dumpy and unwashed to make her look better by comparison. What a good friend!

No. 1054568

God, imagine if she had ever actually been skinny. She would be posting bitter throwbacks 24/7, and the lack of them is the number 1 reason I don't believe her for a second that she was ever underweight. She's never even been slim.

No. 1054572

File: 1602188439798.jpg (643.48 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20201008_212155.jpg)

spaghetti hoops, rice, peas and a jelly spider. standard n2f.

No. 1054573

THIS. exactly. i mean, if she had ever been underweight, she'd be posting photos of herself at her lowest weight and wishing she was back at that weight. we all know how much she wants to be skinny. there's no way that she craves being slightly less overweight than she is now!

No. 1054576

File: 1602188705080.jpg (609.41 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20201008_212133.jpg)

mushy brown banana slices topped with a decorative sprinkle of….coco pops. right. what is the deal with her topping all her desserts with a handful of cereal?!

No. 1054595

that rice does not look cooked

No. 1054596

Imagine feeling superior for being a different kind of autist.

No. 1054608

File: 1602191553157.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x2001, B2811A2B-DE1C-455B-A5A7-DEF716…)

So Sophie has adopted a monkey. I. Is that even legal? I’m kinda at a loss for words. Didn’t she just have a medical emergency with her cat and had to crowdfund for vet bills?

No. 1054627

what. The. Fuck. Oh God it's gonna rip her face off, they are NOT pets!! Get a cat or something, not a monkey.

No. 1054629

A detective anon in the previous thread proved Georgia was never underweight, as the timeline she claims doesn't add up whatsoever.

No. 1054632

File: 1602193468513.jpg (482.54 KB, 719x1271, Screenshot_2020-10-08-22-45-28…)

Okay I think she's trolling and it's a toy? Some of her followers think so too, the rest are just upset at her for not releasing it into the wild.

No. 1054637

wait… it's not a doll? s-she actually got a monkey???

No. 1054640

thank fuck, crisis averted.

No. 1054653

Oh thank god, I was really thinking that she’s lost it.

No. 1054669

It is very obviously not real….

No. 1054670

Ash is fucking shaking we have a new queen of the skellies on the block

No. 1054674

Zoom in and the fur, esp the ear area is acrylic. Good toy though.

No. 1054675

Georgia's treading the fine line between thinspo and bonespo.

No. 1054681

I'm really worried about her… How is she even alive??

No. 1054686


You just added a year to her life. #savegeorgia. We need Shane Dawson to help her.

No. 1054700

man that video aged like fine wine

No. 1054744

File: 1602204559319.jpeg (141.58 KB, 714x510, AEA10921-49D4-4E7F-97F9-AEF63E…)

I keep getting this ad in front of all my YouTube videos about this chick giving you a custom macro plan and today it hit me that she’s got the same terrible bun and eyeliner combo as Ganer. Maybe it’s a fitness thing?

No. 1054757

File: 1602205875463.jpeg (649.63 KB, 828x1242, 14E628A9-46DF-45A1-8CC7-D3F649…)


People think it’s real because of this pic. Most likely one of those toys that have flexible limbs which would explain it touching her face in this one. At the same time if you look at pics of these monkeys they hardly look real. Gonna do some more sleuthing but honestly, I wouldn’t put it past her to literally adopt a fucking monkey.

No. 1054769

Hansa Creations make realistic life size animals of this quality. The faces give it away they're not real because they obviously don't have the real life monkey skin look.

No. 1054786

Okay? but it looks like this lady actually is healthy and works out so why nitpick her….

No. 1054805


I just looked, they're good looking. Like Steiff but cheaper.

No. 1054833

File: 1602217719432.jpg (54.77 KB, 650x425, Proboscis-Monkey-4.jpg)

heres a side profile of a adult proboscis monkey. have never heard of anyone really keeping these as pets as they are endangered and likely very illegal to have as a pet. she's for sure trolling js (just compared the fur between these. that one has very dense fur compared to this0

No. 1054834

File: 1602218244763.jpg (403.22 KB, 669x1000, 465-3191.jpg)

(same anon) here's a photo of a juvenile. it is very clearly a doll just because the hands in that photo look so stiff and the skin isnt very close to this. i can't imagine she will stick with this long

No. 1054836


I think it's a toy, she's just pulling a prank and it's pretty funny and harmless. I enjoy the monkey pictures it has resulted in though.

No. 1054840

OMG make a monkey thread stop clogging this one up

No. 1054917

Wait…how are people actually thinking that's a real monkey…

No. 1054918

I think gamer wishes this is what she looks like, but just doesn't lol

No. 1054919

File: 1602235048044.jpeg (880.81 KB, 828x1525, FA4424F0-B8FE-4A12-B71C-591CAD…)

So she knows she’s got a follower base of people in recovery and she thinks it’s all cool to post her low calorie, no fat, excessively protein-laden recipes under the guise of gainz? Nice job doing it your own way dharma, the treatment facility where you spent a whole two days definitely just doesn’t know as much as you do about gaining weight and recovering.

No. 1054922

Some of us are dumb, okay!?

No. 1054926


No. 1054934

File: 1602239806096.jpg (363.01 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20201009_113210.jpg)

seriously?! gotta find a way to let all her followers know she's taking phosphate supplements, so she compares it to…a yummy fizzy drink and shares a photo. sidenote: phosphate is disgusting.

No. 1054937

ffs anon i nearly choked on my tea

No. 1054938

Had it been only the soup, I’d agree with you- but explicitly having it with the sarnie makes this a pretty well balanced meal honestly. If maybe a bit tight on the fat.

I much prefer recovery meals like this to the molly/elzani approach of spam-posting about how they haven’t eaten X junkfood for YEARS and how it was sooo scary but tasted DIVINE~~

No. 1054941

this girl is so attention seeking.just makes stories all day detailing her behaviours while IP and while not…then complains about being readmitted but loves it.

No. 1054943

File: 1602242352081.jpg (645.41 KB, 1080x1808, Screenshot_20201009_120846.jpg)

I think I've seen this girl mentioned before. She constantly posts her breakfasts as a can of zero cal Monster, says she's purges whenever she eats, or takes pictures of how much of her food she leaves, but has pretty much been the same weight since I've followed her. (I'd say a healthy bmi). She said yesterday she was starting a fast for however long she can keep it up, and her last one was 15 days long (.. yea right).
This post just made me laugh. Had to throw in her apparent tiny bmi numbers, but just like Porgie, she's a massive attention seeker so you know would be posting old body checks like anything - if they actually existed.
Her photos of her holding cans of monster and whatnot are always made sure to included gammy bandages from her last self harm sesh. She wears her sliced up arm like a medal in her body checks. Also mentioned before that she always uses numbing cream before she cuts, which I've genuinely not heard of before and makes me think it's All for show.

No. 1054944

I love that you shit on her telling her audience that she's taking it but you basically tell us you've taken it too. Nobody cares anon

No. 1054945

It's a_wintergirl_thawing_2. Bit hard to read at the top

No. 1054948

Also, the amount of selfies of her shitty make-up with her fat tongue hanging out is cringe beyond belief. She needs to learns angles when taking pics of her face cos all I see is her fucking massive chin lol

No. 1054951

No. 1054952

File: 1602243551334.jpeg (92.24 KB, 500x671, 0A247A26-D08B-452C-8771-9F33F2…)

Hahaha. Omg I didn’t even catch her last sentence until you drew attention to it. Delightful farmer-cow crossover moment.

No. 1054955

File: 1602244393107.jpg (406.75 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20201009_125415.jpg)

soupy rice! this is a whole other level of n2f food creation!

No. 1054957

That rice genuinely looks maggoty

No. 1054958

um, you do realise that people can have low phosphate levels for multiple reasons other than anorexia, right?

No. 1054962

Genuinely. I wish I never saw that close-up, it's going to be a while before I buy whole grain rice again.

No. 1054963

File: 1602246197915.jpg (549.24 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20201009_132447.jpg)

what's the deal with mixing EVERYTHING together?!

No. 1054970

Is that alpro dated for May or am I misunderstanding something?

No. 1054972

yeah it is, but it might be May 2021. in n2f's case, probably not, but those Alpro dessert pots are long-life and tend to have a long best before date.

No. 1054975

Okay, I mean, it looks like 2021 but there is no alpro in my country and I was under the impression it expired along the same timeline as yogurt (ie a month and a half). Thanks for the clear-up.

No. 1054977

File: 1602248296715.png (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 2172x851, 1602244393107.png)

You can't convince me those "rice grains" aren't maggots.

No. 1054987


No. 1054988

OH God, I fucking gagged.
How does she do it? Everytime I think 'nah, it's the most vile thing she posted no way it's going to be grosser than that' and every time it's worse. Why does she do it? How? It's awful but it impossible to look away.

No. 1054994

Has anyone seen rice that looks ribbed like that? I mean it HAS to be maggots right?

No. 1054999

Undercooked rice looks like that. It’s straight up crunchy at the very least

No. 1055000

given the subject of the thread… i mean come on lol

No. 1055001

Omg, those are 100% maggots!! Is this like a thing with these ED warrior people or just N2F? Do they do this so they don't actually have to eat the food? I'm so perplexed

No. 1055002

please god can N2F farmers start putting spoilers on this shit

No. 1055008

I've never ever seen rice like that and my family eat rice nearly every night. That's so so gross.

No. 1055009

File: 1602252271300.jpg (173.88 KB, 719x774, Screenshot_2020-10-09-15-05-40…)

Is she trying to poison herself? The plot thickens.

No. 1055015

File: 1602253539406.jpeg (488.98 KB, 1242x1722, 5D0D3B04-D686-4440-AE78-1A756C…)

What is this shit

No. 1055016

File: 1602253643173.jpeg (311.07 KB, 1242x702, 9306C0C0-F7E7-48C8-AB35-94FBF6…)

Sage cause it’s a Twitter cow and I’m not sure if she’s milky or been posted already. Which is surprising given she hosts a fairly popular podcast. Her alt account is all pro Ana shit with bonus ballet shit.

No. 1055017

File: 1602253690651.jpeg (556.49 KB, 1242x1715, E8342F59-84B6-400A-B1BC-91343F…)

A series of “how to make your orthorexic meals look like real meals by cutting vegetables and spread it all over the plate”

No. 1055018

File: 1602253725392.jpeg (976.83 KB, 1242x1389, 4F540B7E-E5FD-4230-BF8B-C64B43…)


No. 1055020

File: 1602253845735.jpeg (288.25 KB, 1242x722, BBA54A4A-CDF5-4D95-9250-32BBC6…)


No. 1055023

That’s not rice. That is 10000% a spoon full of maggots. Rice is never ribbed, nor do the grains have dark spots on either end. You know, like maggots do.

She’s eating maggots and posting it on Instagram like it’s a delicacy. That is beyond fucked up. Why the fuck haven’t her parents taken her somewhere for treatment???

No. 1055024

Anon you know we have a whole ass redscare thread right?

No. 1055026

Apparently it's not super unusual to find larvae in rice, dear god I hope she isn't eating fucking maggots.

No. 1055027

one of the "rice" grains looks like an egg sac of some sort but ill own the tinfoil. but yeah the one rice grain with the black at the end and inside of it, thats a worm no doubt. rice doesnt do that, grains dont even grow like that, but a transparent worm with visible head organs would.

No. 1055028

Fuck me. That's larvae.

No. 1055030

It's funny how obvious Dasha's wannarexia is when she's in this thread for once with all these spoops. Maybe she and Georgia should link up to discuss anorexia larping!

No. 1055031

Ok, my mum worked in catering. Said that a larva, cocoon or insect was usually in a catering size can. N2f has what looks like a TUB of lbino mealworm in her food…guys, she is actually eating maggots. Social services should step in.

No. 1055045

File: 1602257809083.jpg (Spoiler Image, 171.85 KB, 1600x956, WildRice.JPG)

While it does certainly look like maggots, Google is full of pictures of people sharing basmati and wild rice looking just like this. I know N2F is nasty but I really don't think she's eating bugs folks. Image is rice, but spoilering because it looks just like maggots.

No. 1055047

Why would she do this? She's not blind, she has to know those are maggots. And who the fuck is following this account and supporting this kind of content?

No. 1055048

I highly doubt she'd even notice if that were a spoonful of maggots or not. She's so used to gummy worms and gross looking sweets, and everything is always so overpowered with whatever the hell she's decided to mix into her meals that day. Nevertheless, I'm still gagging

No. 1055050

I think it’s a tiny PB banana sammy made with the end nub. Sorry anon, doesn’t look like anything too weird or gross though maybe most people don’t eat that last part? I personally always leave it in the peel/never use it if I’m cutting a banana but don’t know about other people

No. 1055054

I was going to reply and say the same. It's just the tip and ofc unless you're picky, you eat it. But then I eat all of an apple except the stalk. Waste not, want not.

No. 1055055

File: 1602259129800.jpg (319.78 KB, 1080x1749, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-ftxC…)

I looked up what n2f was eating for everyone's sanity. It could be the wild rice looking like maggots. I hope.

No. 1055057

I preferred the monkey pictures.

still say it's maggots

No. 1055060

File: 1602259454326.jpg (336.23 KB, 720x725, Screenshot_20201009-110432_Ins…)

If you squint, the expiration date is 2021. She covered it up with some chocolate in her post. I think she's messing with us.

No. 1055061


Yeah despite nightmarish food photography that is definitely just wild rice and not maggots, only parboiled rice tends to have smooth even grains and cheaper or wholegrain rice is often wiggly/bumpy. It probably is undercooked though since wild rice needs cooking like 3x as long as the regular kind and I doubt she rinsed/soaked it which would contribute to the gross appearance.
In theory though this is one of the more approaching-normal meals she's made - it's like some kind of depressing struggle version of a risotto? I wonder if she tried cooking the rice in the soup, which could also partly explain the horrendous appearance.

No. 1055063

God damn debunker grrr.

But yeah, Alpro that comes in the milk carton type things has a long shelf life and doesn't even have to be stored in the fridge, like ready made custard.

Adding to the anon here though, >>1055009 reheating rice can cause food posioning, so watch out if you save some after an Indian takeaway. jsyk.

No. 1055064

The rice is pre-cooked /microwaveable according to >>1055055 so makes sense knowing she had a microwave in her room and her cooking skills are minimal.

No. 1055065

Debunker here, sorry, do you prefer to think that n2f is eating food that old? (not being snarky, just wondering kek)

No. 1055066

I thought that could only get food poisoning if you eat rice that has been left out a long time at room temperature. Reheating should kill harmful bacteria, no?

No. 1055071

File: 1602260592347.png (502.76 KB, 3828x866, rice saftety hands face space.…)

Rice is a dodgy territory.

No. 1055072

Yes because I don't like change and usually it's legit out of date because she buys from cheapfooduk

No. 1055073

File: 1602260712661.png (485.45 KB, 1763x851, AGAIN.png)

That was too small and must make sure anons are SAFE WITH RICE

No. 1055096

File: 1602263599561.jpg (196.59 KB, 915x824, 1.JPG)


Less Easter because jelly spider.

No. 1055097

File: 1602263639177.jpg (112.36 KB, 894x708, 2.JPG)

No. 1055098

Less Easter? It's made with Reese's eggs. How many does she have stashed away? Why does she still have any?

No. 1055101

That wrapper looks OLD, I know.

No. 1055116

i think its a little funny (or sad) she uses common, normal baking terms/instructions but obviously doesnt understand them. "gradually fold in the dry ingredients and mix really well". if youre folding ingredients, youre supposed to do it until just combined and avoid overmixing.

do you think she looks at normal recipes at all for inspiration and has to actually think about switching ingredients to her protein powders and syrups, or she just comes up with this stuff off the top of her head and hope it works?

No. 1055117

i think you were responding to my comment sorry i reposted cause forgot to sage

if she does just make it up (which is also what i agree with) im so curious to see any "fails" she hasnt posted

No. 1055129

File: 1602267297065.jpg (62.62 KB, 469x420, Capture.JPG)

I copied some of the instructions and googled, but nothing came up. She really must make these by herself. Not surprising because they're rank.

If she didn't gradually fold her ingredients in, can you imagine the mess! Her room's slattered enough with food!

I think it's sad. She obviously enjoys baking, even if ED driven. It really would be good if she could do a college course eventually. Not a fancy qualification, a basic night class. She goes out of her way to find egg shaped and donut molds, so she really likes playing with food.

Not sure if the arrow's pointing at something she was munching on, or if that was indeed a fail that didn't make it to decoration stage.

No. 1055183

She's one of the most attention seeking cows out there imo to the point where i feel sort of bad for her cause she seems quite smart overall. Doesn't surprise me she'd use her ED to get a rise out of people. If you're that desperate, all attention is good attention even if its criticism.

No. 1055202

i agree anon, in a way its kind of cute

No. 1055207

File: 1602273108195.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.84 KB, 1568x764, q13.JPG)

Quarantine 13 still e begging. Anyone know what she means by "a new feeding therapy"?

No. 1055227

File: 1602274907574.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 33AA901E-64BB-49E0-B955-438E10…)

Weren’t we wondering about N2F’s age some time ago btw

No. 1055228

In general I think N2F is sweet. She's harmless anyway, not like these other cows who get involved in drama and shit on people for everything. Yeah she preaches recovery when she's clearly very sick but she's not as bad as the others IMO

No. 1055231

It looks like she got given the cake by her family and then ran upstairs to take a picture of it whilst hanging out of the window lol

No. 1055250

That's cute but wow, wouldn't chance it sliding down to the ground.

N2f is cute. I really like her. I'd like to see her make her life more content and recover or at least change her horrendous eating habits.

No. 1055256

Dasha and her grifting adventures and doughy escapades can be best contained in the Leftthot thread imo

No. 1055265

christ… everyday is a gift as this point

No. 1055266


No. 1055288

File: 1602280165436.jpg (436.28 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2020-10-09-22-48-04…)

Mix mix mix

No. 1055303

I mostly agree but don't forget she's told people who've left comments to kill themselves, which I wouldn't call harmless.

No. 1055313

Firstly, our Molly is so so sorry for her absence! Secondly, she is so so sorry this video was filmed ages ago! Just wanted to document her recovery in its entirety, definitely not milking the short time during which she was underweight for all it's worth!

No. 1055316

I don't really want to watch. Is her hilarious brother featured?

No. 1055322

Yeah he's in most of it. The two share a peach. Molly spends ages sniffing the fucking sliced peach before she eats it kek

No. 1055328

You can’t convince me she isn’t purging at this point, why is she soaking the cakes in yogurt drink???

No. 1055334

The first 5 mins (all I watched) is completely sounding like Elzani. It's freaky.

No. 1055337

shes probably trying to emulate her for da views~

No. 1055343

The little intro thing she does before the video starts is the same as elzani and she even uses the same speech patterns and soft voice thing E used to do when she started her channel. What the fuck. Skin walker alert!

No. 1055345

When she pours her cereal (3:45) she asks her mum if she's put too much in and then pulls a nervous face to the camera as if she's unsure if she can eat that much then the next second she pours even more in- THEN she adds another brand of cereal and some fruit. It's like she pretends to be all anxious and "poor anorexic girl" then forgets herself. The serving in it's entirety wasn't overboard or anything it's just weird; I don't think someone who was truly worried they'd poured too much cereal would then add more toppings.

No. 1055346

I noticed in the small amount of other videos of hers that I was able to tolerate that she smells her food excessively to the point of being really fucking gross and weird. I feel like that is a weird ED thing that internet anachans inspire each other to do. But seriously it is disgusting.

No. 1055348

Okay samefag and also my last comment because I'm already sick of her: at 5:26 she holds her cereal bowl outside (just like E) and says ohhhh yeah, divine!! (You guessed it, just like E!)

No. 1055351

remind me, was it drama she studies at oxford?

No. 1055357

English language and literature. She was apparently in lots of plays/musicals in high school (or whatever it's called in the UK)

No. 1055359

File: 1602285239607.png (299.65 KB, 534x515, Screenshot 2020-10-10 at 01.13…)

not to clock, but is her hilarious brother wearing a chest binder at ~10.10?

No. 1055360

can't forget about her beloved mcdonalds coffees! at the rate she's going she'll turn into a coffee bean herself.

No. 1055363

Woof. I made it less than 10 mins in. I’m sorry but whoever said this is when she looked spoopy….??? She doesn’t look spoopy. I know people can have EDs at any size but she feels like she is kind of LARPing anorexia. Same with her enthusiasm about food. Seems way to excited and happy and not at all stressed or regretful. Again, every ED is different but most people with AN are not able to just switch it off like that and go from having extreme anxiety about food and their body to eating so freely and joyfully. It just feels really contrived. I don’t think she is totally making it up since early on her mom reflects on when she “couldn’t eat,” but I do not believe she really fell completely into the grasp of an eating disorder. Which honestly, is great! EDs suck. But like, maybe don’t build a brand around recovery from something that you didn’t really have?

No. 1055368

Imagine having such a boring life that you freak out over having an iced coffee

No. 1055370

lets be real guys, she puked whatever it was straight back up anyway.

No. 1055372

Samefag >>1055368 but thanks anon, now I'm staring at his chest. More interesting than Molly rambling about cereal, at least

No. 1055373

Imagine having such a boring life that you have never had iced coffee? Whaaaat? I don’t believe it.

No. 1055374

would explain him having his pronouns in his instagram bio before his sister did

No. 1055380

What's his instagram?

No. 1055382

tayrt, I'll admit I hadn't properly watched the video yet when I posted and was mainly going off what looks like her trying to make her collarbones pop in the thumbnail

No. 1055386

in your defence, anon- she really did pick the most anachan-y selfie for the thumbnail

No. 1055387

pleasant surprise, he's actually a good artist… which begs the question why molly didn't ask him for free art for her channel lmao

No. 1055406

probably didn't want him stealing any attention away from her

No. 1055407

yeah I like his art and he's way cuter and more endearing than Molly is. He looks like a young keebler elf and plays along with his sister's delusions. super loyal and lovable 8/10

No. 1055412

He was really annoying in the "eat what my brother eats" video. He hasn't seemed as bad in the others. Molly has taken his place as the most irritating

No. 1055415

This girl needs to learn to edit her videos down there’s no need to make it 40 min jesus

No. 1055437

File: 1602292457788.png (194.84 KB, 640x1136, 8D30CCBB-42BD-415F-9E71-352B51…)

No. 1055438

File: 1602292520019.png (370.56 KB, 640x1136, 58008569-D811-4053-9E20-021588…)

They asked a reasonable question and she got offended

No. 1055445

Crispy? Wrong adjective? This is up there with the grossest food creation.

Just woke up and interested in the Molly video so going to tackle it.

The chest binder seems to be a beat under his t-shirt. Or a crease. Thanks for his IG account. Farm day has started off good.

No. 1055448

File: 1602293430690.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x2307, 80E6DCD9-E028-4ACA-B25E-716311…)

this cow was mentioned earlier but is getting milker by the minuet

No. 1055459


Couldn't tolerate any more after 10:21. She's unbearable. Her claims about not eating, not having iced coffee ever, being scared of food then eating double without an issue is so sketchy. Can't stand her. I see why she had problems finding friends at uni. Awful. Not divine or amazing. Acting skills 2/10.

No. 1055485

But she says she's scared before taking a bite!

Knowing that her brother is an artist makes her asking for free art even worse. I mean, she's clueless but that was way more than normal

No. 1055494


Rice confirmed in >>1054572

No. 1055496

the cringe wintergirl larp hurts me

No. 1055498

And she totally didn’t send that to herself kek. She’s not a SEED patient but sure wants to be one.

What insult? Even if she didn’t send that ask to herself, there’s nothing insulting about a simple question. Anything for her to remind people she’s sooooper sick.

No. 1055541


I don't get it. I know everyone experiences things differently, but I certainly wouldn't have wanted to record myself eating when I was in recovery let alone show it to the world. Maybe she's sharing this to try and justify her status as a "recovery warrior.

No. 1055568

File: 1602309442867.png (9.93 MB, 1242x2208, 2D87B586-5DA5-4945-9469-1C50FD…)

she wore her NEDA necklace to a wedding, jeeeesus christ. the tattoo's bad enough.

No. 1055570

a wedding? looks like she's attending a funeral. also nitpick but what is it with these cows and their shitty eyeliner skills? first ganer, now porker…

No. 1055583

File: 1602313728207.png (Spoiler Image, 8.01 MB, 1242x2208, 2C20A6B8-4643-4038-9106-ED6FC6…)

No. 1055584

File: 1602313795251.png (Spoiler Image, 9.05 MB, 1242x2208, 8AB5F61C-A923-4DD3-AA27-F70561…)

No. 1055585

Her SFS requests are so annoyingly frequent

No. 1055586

A pretty reasonable question seeing as though she looks the bloody same

No. 1055587

File: 1602314609456.jpg (1.78 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201010_082207072.jpg)

So scared about weight restoration? Hmmm

No. 1055591

i wonder if elzani is aware of molly's existence

No. 1055618

File: 1602323720557.jpg (241.8 KB, 720x1316, Screenshot_2020-10-10-10-55-56…)

I don't think Jamie is trans, his facebook posts have pictures of him when he was really young (they date back to 2013) and he looks like a boy in all of them. I think his shirt was just wrinkled(derailing)

No. 1055619

Samefag- he does have a trans name though

No. 1055620

imagine its one of the most beautiful moments of your life, you look into your partners eyes and say "yes"- but just as the priest pronounces you wedded you spot her. Sitting in the aisles is this massive lump dressed in all black, eyebrows raised, her huge eyes disturbingly dilated- her dull face will forever be etched into the moment, unblinking.

No. 1055622

you sure you got the right profile anon? this kid looks nothing like jamie

No. 1055625

dont blame her, maudsley can be horrific for some people.

No. 1055629

File: 1602324626730.png (4.23 MB, 750x1334, E98532C8-5C22-45E9-BF9C-A8EBAB…)

Who the hell dresses like this for a wedding?

No. 1055631

File: 1602324697293.jpg (268.31 KB, 1600x720, Screenshot_2020-10-10-11-12-24…)

Maybe I did, I just searched for Jamie Jones London and I thought they looked the same oops. I'll search for James Jones maybe

Also I don't know why molly looks like she wants to fuck her brother in this screenshot

No. 1055636

She's hardly underweight but posts this as if she's so unwell. They wouldn't make someone a normal bmi gain weight. With what she's posts as her intake everyday, she would be spoopy asf, but clearly isn't .

No. 1055645

sage for possible derailing but look up the "around the dinner table" forum, lots of the parents there make their kids gain to overweight BMIs.

No. 1055654

I’ve followed for years (i can’t stop, it’s like a disease) and her weight has never, ever changed yet every day she’s fasting or restricting and blatantly lying about how much she eats because if she was being truthful she would be far thinner. It is so depressing tbh, every single day she posts about is the same. Old. Shit. “monster ultra for breakfast, mum made me eat but i purged it, having this insert low cal item that was clearly not all she ate for tea”, i find her posts more depressing than N2F to be honest.

No. 1055657

Georgia did Maudsley according to her old blog lol
The huge udders on display, terrible makeup, face and chest acne. She looks like absolute shit. Time to put down the sugar and alcohol
Can't argue with facts. You won't find any pity here, May. I'm probably the only person who gave your self post a second thought

No. 1055660

dem extreme hunger binges eh?

No. 1055711

File: 1602336395259.png (2.47 MB, 1242x2208, A3683739-98CF-4495-9EB1-43B237…)

For anyone who said that her posts on her recovery account showed that she was trying.. lol. She even admits at her personal that she lost even more weight since discharged.. so her posts at her recovery account are just so pretentious, she even claims that she gained “0.5 fairy points” (cringe, she’s referring to weight) as if 0.5 kg is enough weight for someone so emaciated. Someone tell her that 0.5 kg is also water. Ridiculous

No. 1055712

File: 1602336562000.jpeg (685.04 KB, 1242x1764, F305CD32-F975-4477-A8C1-E80667…)

Ok what the fck ahhahahahaha

No. 1055714

File: 1602337233660.jpeg (621.64 KB, 1242x2208, 1D46766B-C544-43EE-845A-81A6FA…)


No. 1055720

Jesus christ she is the most painfully boring, annoying person. Typical posh girl who has never had any real problems and never developed her own personality. Of course she's into drama and shit like that too, she's exactly the sort of annoying person who would be. She's so childish and vacant, watching her prance around and stare at herself eating makes me wanna slap her. Completely insufferable, I doubt she has any friends outside of her annoying posho family.

No. 1055722

I wouldn't have thought twice about asking Jamie for art considering he appears in her videos. He's not trans. He's very camp which doesn't mean he's gay, but yeah. His work's good.

Aye, the world doesn't care. Everyone's too busy having their own dark times with being locked down/losing employment/not seeing family/etc during a fucking pandemic to give you a second thought even on a proana scumbag thread.

She doesn't even have the thing where she sparks an is she on the spectrum debate, like Elzani has. She really is incredibly boring and her bids come across as a showreel for future acting endeavours.

No. 1055726

I can't believe how old she looks. Why even bother taking the time to apply eyeliner if you're gonna do it that shittily??

No. 1055742

she refers to weight gain as "gaining fairy dust". kek. not that she actually gains any, but y'know.

No. 1055756

File: 1602343707575.png (1.47 MB, 1483x645, aspirations.png)

She's not bothered how she looks. She only went for the cake.

I hope she found some inspiration for her future wedding. Img is her boards on pinterest.

No. 1055805

Well this is just sad. Her hair and makeup always suck and fat chance with finding someone to put a ring on it and ask to raise a child with her. The diet and nutrition stuff…lmao

No. 1055809

She calls it fairy dust because like fairies her weight gain is make believe

No. 1055819

File: 1602350537167.jpg (205.83 KB, 1481x766, Capture.JPG)

On her FUTURE board it's mostly wedding cakes and skinny brides. Not one fatty in a wedding dress. How fatphobic! Even under BABY it's cakes for a baby shower.

Img is her NUTRITION board. Cakes.

No. 1055820

Also, fairy dust weighs 0 so yeah, she's achieved that.

No. 1055854

that's because trans men take little boy names but he actually is a little boy

No. 1055859

His middle name is Elliot, also a top 5 trans name. Males called James shouldn't be called Jamie after the age of 6. It really is a little boy name. Jim or Jimmy is too downmarket for him though, of course. He's p immature though.

No. 1055861

Posho infantilisation

No. 1055864

Will she ever sht up

No. 1055866

File: 1602357112536.jpeg (656.11 KB, 1242x1758, 9E5D5AA0-668E-4694-9AF2-42011A…)

No. 1055869

Like 100 calories is going to make a difference. She must know that.

Oh, and a four finger bar.

No. 1055877

File: 1602357676480.jpeg (342.41 KB, 1242x1862, 01AE94A9-A22E-4A90-99FF-8248E6…)

yes, you challenge it because it fits your daily calorie intake and restriction

No. 1055878

Push the mashed potato flat so it looks like there's more than there really is.

No. 1055880

Lol that’s exactly what I thought

No. 1055931

That's a small side plate,she can bang on about her portions and not having an anorexic two sausages but having three instead but she's made no progress, these captions only seem motivational for a bit then you realise she's not gained an ounce or even changed anything except she washed her feet for the first time in six months. Or she used toilet paper for the first time in a year.

No. 1055947

kind of glad i don’t have to sit across from mary in seminars any more with all this social distancing, because this thread would be all i could think about

No. 1055978

Looks like just a wife beater undershirt to me. Not uncommon for boys to wear undershirts like that under their tshirts.

No. 1056031

on a scale from 0 to "how are you still alive", how spoopy is she irl?

No. 1056032


as a male, i can vouch for this.
also, dont discount the fact that you have to be ftm trans to wear a binder.
body issues can happen to anyone, maybe he has delicious man-boobs that he is trying to cover up.

either way, he is cute af and i'd still tap it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1056048

… isn't he like 15?

No. 1056060

no wk….but what about jamie oliver though?

No. 1056063

File: 1602376489207.jpg (369.13 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20201011_013448_com…)

that face will haunt my dreams

No. 1056064

Jamie Oliver is literally the epitome of British poshness

No. 1056077

Public schools, rampant political nepotism, owning big lush holiday homes abroad or out in the country? All NOTHING compared to the absolute bourgeois bastion that is Jamie Oliver.

No. 1056079

She also puts cauliflower in it to decrease the calories lmfao

No. 1056084

Do we know for a fact his name is James? I know people who are named Jamie, fill stop. This feels like an egregious nitpick anon.

No. 1056093


Mockney. Also remember Jamie Oliver was a special needs kid. Also remember his own kids have names that are ridiculous af. Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow, Buddy Bear Maurice, River Rocket. I rest my case.

No. 1056097

File: 1602381687488.jpeg (127.12 KB, 750x973, BD5C000E-670C-4C0A-87A6-239939…)

What kills me about Georgia is she posts in r/BadMUAs. Scrolled through her reddit comments as well and it’s her thinking she can comment on other makeup looks when she herself looks like a pig wearing lipstick

No. 1056098

extremely, to the point where you have to wonder why she’s at uni and not in a hospital

No. 1056100

Held back in posting the same because I slag off miss and my skills aren't great. Those posts were my first thought though.

Back to Molly, I notice she's FB friends with Lesley Ann Jones, the journalist and rock biographer. She's not a decent writer and I have a few of her books. She's daughter of a big shot journo. Wonder if they're family? Same well off background and location. I don't suppose this info means much, but an interesting detail if they're related. Esp considering Molly's choice of degree course.

No. 1056104

Deleted edit cos more typo spotted

I slag off MUAs and LA Jones IS a decent writer. It's 3am. Soz.

No. 1056167


I feel bad for her in a way, that forehead scar really ages her face and makes her look like she has deep set lines already.

No. 1056169


I can definitely see feminine features in her brother, but that's not a dead giveaway. The nose is the same as the kid in the photo so I reckon that's the same person.

No. 1056178


I honestly can't find anything wrong with this makeup. Maybe a brown-pink lip would have been better and I'm not hot on the eyebrows but it's hardly a disaster.

No. 1056184

I think it's the fact that her face doesn't match the skin on her neck/shoulders

No. 1056260

This woman looks fine? Georgia is so insecure, goddamn. And also Georgia's make up always looks crap, alaays McDonald arch eyebrows and crusty foundation kek, how is she so deluded? Man.

No. 1056269

File: 1602411909826.jpg (847.69 KB, 1079x2026, Screenshot_20201011-052436_Chr…)

Something about the mods reading personal PMs and banning people for what they say in private doesn't sit well with me. It's like an extreme hugbox.

No. 1056271

Welcome to the UK, pretty much anyone that is anyone in media or politics went to oxbridge and has friends/family also in the profession. Smarts has little to do with it if someone as thick as Molly can make the cut no problem.

No. 1056272

Fucking lmao. Honestly what were they thinking making a PC ED community. Shouldn't all the anachans get instabanned for fatphobia?

No. 1056275

My Pancake Addiction is filled to the brim with ED larpers….all binge eaters with insecurity issues wishing they could be thin but can't pass up a donut for barely an hour

No. 1056279

I know of 3 out of 4 of those members, and they were all creepy af esp oberth. Not surprised they were stalkers who got banned tbh. Also don’t think mods or admin were reading dms. They just said they were “made aware”

No. 1056302

I mean the color matching in that pic isn’t good but agree that Georgia always looks like shit. Also it just goes to show how hard she tries to make herself feel better by putting other people down. Further proof that she is likely a farmer here herself.

No. 1056303

she is. she posts other people…such as the people that get called self posters. she also tries to befriend spoops and tries to relate to them

No. 1056310

File: 1602424705106.png (7.15 MB, 1242x2208, 9AB47EF5-ECE9-4AD1-9811-26AF10…)

Yes my emaciated girlie because (I searched it) this shit has 65 calories so ofc it won’t affect AT ALL your weight. Stop posting your food like it’s an accomplishment

No. 1056312

File: 1602424813522.png (8.04 MB, 1242x2208, 0C5C784B-7540-4BE4-A202-AFF181…)

she looks so stupefied

No. 1056326

I wrote this earlier, but eating an extra 100 calories and expecting asspats for it over and over is ridiculous. You get told how many extra calories you need DAILY to start gaining, and it sure as hell is more than 100. If she actually tried an extra 300 EVEN ONCE, then I'd feel really good for her and say well done, etc. but this is going to go on for months and months until she's hooked up to tubes or dead. She's the most frustrating worrior. Definitely one that's going to die because of her ED.

Georgia's addicted to lolcow. She starts to follow anybody new mentioned. The most recent being that Kusmina girl. I suspect she's the one who cowtips. She thinks she's above us, but she's a nasty POS.

No. 1056342

File: 1602427193801.jpeg (795.91 KB, 828x1715, CD55C579-2CE6-4CF1-B29A-2A2A99…)

Are steamed prawns on a dry bagel Considered an actual legitimate sandwich in the UK?

No. 1056349

File: 1602427601154.jpg (26.91 KB, 563x329, preview.jpg)

Only for anas I expect. Not a bagel fan (can't be doing with the hole), but googled and this is how normal people do prawn bagels.

That thing is a sad prawn bagel. N2f needs to share her dressings and sauces with her.

No. 1056353

I'm sorry but I have never seen a more basic bitch tier boards in my life, it's borderline repulsive

No. 1056367

File: 1602428860842.jpg (57.95 KB, 564x1003, fortishit.jpg)

You haven't seen her YOU ARE STRONG AND WORTHY board.

No. 1056370

Can you post the link to her Pinterest? I couldn’t find it when I searched. Also never ceases to disquiet me when I see the contrast of a Fortisip griped by her obese ham hands

No. 1056371

File: 1602429275966.jpg (31.32 KB, 736x377, Capture.JPG)

No. 1056375

He does look pretty feminine and the picture of when he was 4 doesnt help sway me either way.
he could just have man boobs hes self conscious about,a male friend of mine wears one because hes overweight and his chest is large and he wants to wear fashionable clothes… but the way he (jamie) dresses also seems like hes trans, its baggy but not very masculine more non gender.(derailing)

No. 1056386

unless he's got an eating disorder and is personally grifting it on youtube, can we please stop talking about Jamie, his gender, his name, or his chest ? Like why are you all interested anyway - even anon above saying they'd fuck him? like?? guys?

No. 1056388

Yeah this is getting a biiit too creepy, he's a kid for fucks sake.

No. 1056391

Then go away - no one is forcing you to stay here.

No. 1056392

I think anon was talking about Georgie's pinterest board.

No. 1056400

File: 1602432244292.jpeg (325.83 KB, 1280x1280, 1A05817F-B743-4FF7-A9B7-02EC5E…)

A cow that has been mentioned previously wrote some kind of shitty poem where she calls recovery the r-word. Not the kind of r-word I think of when I think of her

No. 1056402

I've read worse, but "Wrapped in an anorexic blanket of fear" should be "wrapped in a blanket of anorexic fear". Blankets can't be anorexic. I give it a C.

No. 1056432

HAHAHAHA she's so fat why tf does she need fortisip. It's for underweight people holyyyy.

No. 1056451

I'm begging you, learn how to read

No. 1056469

Does she smell as bad as you'd imagine?

No. 1056475

File: 1602438691959.jpg (144.6 KB, 910x824, yum.JPG)


New bake with recipe because mmmm.

No. 1056513

File: 1602441440251.jpeg (668.61 KB, 828x1530, 10F9EB70-0BC0-4FAE-A122-A376BB…)

28.4g of butter. Wild and crazy. Bakerchan take note, you wouldn’t want to fuck the whole thing up by mismeasuring by .01

No. 1056528

Only 28g is required for the actual "cake". The .4 is for smearing on your hands and staining your velveteen cover/bed/fluffy blanket/clothes.

No. 1056532

Who the fuck still has Reese's eggs in October other than N2F? Unless they're still being sold in the UK for some reason

No. 1056533

File: 1602443550909.jpg (39.62 KB, 744x442, Capture.JPG)

She buys them from places that sell expired/near to expiry date food.

No. 1056566

I know that's what she does. Does she think that everyone else is buying expired (though the amount of sugar/preservatives in the PB eggs is enough to keep it from spoiling for years) food?

No. 1056576

sorry if this has been talked about recently but was there ever any info about saasisadness? last I remember she'd been silent for months and people speculated she might have died but no one knew for sure. I've forgotten her real name

No. 1056579

She hasn't posted for about 2 years I'd assume she died or recovered but I don't hold high hopes

No. 1056585

Is there any lulzy action from spaceship re Trump and the elections/his apparent catching of the China flu?

No. 1056586

Amazon is obviously the place to buy your kitchenware. Donut moulds and casserole dishes. Every penny of her state handout must be used on food or cooking equipment. Apart from those fugly trainers this week but they were from a cheap online shop.

No. 1056591

no wonder she keeps on gaining

No. 1056593

Plenty of people do it, usually doing their part for the environment or cause of their financial situation. If you're poor yet have plenty of mouths to feed, large bulk packs like this are a good solution.

No. 1056600

OK, you got me there. I feel like they're not the types to be following N2F for her amazing recipes, though

No. 1056603

N2f and family are definitely not poor.

No. 1056604

File: 1602450336712.jpeg (277.8 KB, 1242x1939, 2C04F15B-497A-4BCF-B431-35C421…)

I’m sorry the sad af meals you’re eating and presenting them as recovery wins became too much to handle

No. 1056609

That caption. How did she get a place at uni?

No. 1056611

Maybe the saw her depressing posts on Instagram and they hoped that she would find a better thing to do than taking photographs of a Kit Kat and bagels from every possible angle.. but guess that did not work

No. 1056614

They should at least correct her lousy spelling and grammar. Red pen marks might be too harsh for this snowflake?

No. 1056621

No, but N2F is. I very much doubt the family pay for her binge food.

No. 1056631

File: 1602457336499.jpg (521.18 KB, 810x2264, 1533074786917.jpg)

i might be a late with this , but she clearly cant handle the slightest critisism well

No. 1056632

File: 1602457399653.jpg (245.83 KB, 720x1004, 1533073242796.jpg)


No. 1056634

Shopping at Poundland would be cheaper and the products still in date. She shops at the big 4 supermarkets, so she's not that hard up. Lidl, Aldi, Home Bargains, all MUCH cheaper.

No. 1056640

i wouldn't call that slight critisism

No. 1056644

>Sort your sen out

Aww reet Yorkshire lass. I like that she doesn't cry boolies and p much infuriates the trolls trying to get to her.

No. 1056646

i agree on that,
i have never seen her post a crying selfie or that her life is soooooooo hard.
so probs to that.

No. 1056655

coffee.cats.recovery is going in for another one of her asspat admissions….I do not get why these cows are allowed so many planned admissions they do not need.

You can't be that unwell if you can CHOOSE whether to be "sick enough" or not for admission like its a play act. Her caption of "’m considering an admission for my ed and my brain has already gone to ‘when are the nurses handovers so I can engage in xyz ed behaviours’, how much weight should I lose to be ‘acceptable’ for an admission." is disgraceful.

No. 1056663

Her response is quite funny but I can't figure out what she's saying half of the time! Why is her grammar so bad?

No. 1056667

File: 1602460018207.jpg (60.25 KB, 180x505, Screenshot_2020-10-12-00-47-16…)

Nourish's bedroom floor in her recent post

No. 1056672

Her room must be teeming with bugs.
I'm afraid to ask what's wrong with that apple.

No. 1056673

that commenter reads suspiciously like a farmer idk idk

No. 1056686

The fact the screenshots were after a short space of time after posting tells me you're right.

No. 1056693

Whoever posted that is clearly a farmer or lurks here. "dirty nails, chipped nail varnish and unwashed hair" is clearly an insult too and I'm not gonna fault her for responding like that if you slide into her comments section to insult her appearance.

No. 1056696

Are they old screenshots though? That's not her current profile picture

No. 1056743

Wasn't this her profile pic like 2 years ago?

No. 1056766

I'm convinced haof the posts on this board are from N2F herself, it's not funny, she sounds like a concieted madam, she's average at best and her hair makes her look like a deranged witch.

No. 1056790

File: 1602474226985.png (321 KB, 500x500, 2F390559-7F2C-4AB8-8886-7B3BB8…)

She looks like V-Nasty lol

No. 1056795

that's hell of an accurate description… being a pro-ED site, it is kind of amazing the huge number of huge members. there's a handful of regulars that are healthy weight and an even smaller subset of underweight members, but they all kind of hang out in one subforum of the site.

Our very own porky Porgia would fit right now.

No. 1056803

she would! shes barking up the wrong tree. she should try and fit in there rather than the doorway of newfarm!

No. 1056805

File: 1602478377438.jpeg (384.54 KB, 828x1455, 332F2424-10C5-474C-8F53-21B5FD…)

Pretty sure that’s not what her dietician is worried about…the dietician would probably be thrilled if Porgie stopped stuffing her pie hole for a minute and dropped a little weight. Looks like ole Georgie’s trying to line up another IP admission, too, apparently going wannarexic goth to a wedding wasn’t enough asspats for her.

No. 1056806

eating mechanically like a binge eating robot

No. 1056816

Normal people don't run to get hospitalized just because they feel a bit depressy, you disgusting beast. Stop shoveling food down your gullet and get a job.

No. 1056823

people die trying to get treatment and this one runs to it for needless reasons, making a game out of it. she is a disgusting person.

No. 1056824

what really gets me isn't just the drinking of unnecessary fortisip but complaining about it at the same time. Those things are bloody expensive and if she needed meal supplements there are cheaper options anyway. But she has to have fortisip because I guess it makes her feel like a super sick anorexic

No. 1056886

File: 1602495773066.jpeg (468.4 KB, 1242x2028, 15B1ACD2-0489-47D2-B9EB-E17F6F…)

actually they WILL kill you because it’s just 70 freaking calories.. 70 cals won’t do sht to your body, 70 cals won’t repair any of the damages your body has gone through all these years lol, so you’ll end up dead anyways

No. 1056895

This. Fortisip are gross, fucking expensive and in her case 100% not needed. For a sooper sick anorexic she sure isn't putting up much of a fight to stop drinking something so dense in calories.

No. 1056905

She should take the opportunity to eat healthy, balanced meals and a little under her DTEE and she could learn how to actually lose weight the right way. But no, instead she decides she needs to drink high calories meal supplements??? The mental gymnastics she must do to justify to herself why she does what she does are incomprehensible.

No. 1056911

I’m guessing all these times she’s adding “extra” it’s from the same baseline. So, say she usually eats 200 calories and is giving herself asspats for having 270, I doubt that the next day when she gives herself asspats for having an extra 100 she’s eating 370, more likely she’s having 300 and calling it a recovery win. Without consistent increases she’s just spinning her wheels and demanding people praise her for it like she’s some kind of inspuhrashion. Essentially, we’re just watching her kill herself.

It would be so easy, too! Her DTEE is probably pretty high given her current weight! I really wish she would pivot her account / life from an ana LARP to being about healthy weight loss and recovery from a pathological need for attention

No. 1056915

>achshually extra calories will kill you
Come on, please think before you type.

No. 1056924

She looks like lumpy mashed potato, idk how she looked at that photo and thought “this’ll be the one”

No. 1056941


It was an old pic. Chill

No. 1056947

I think she meant eating only that 70kcals throughout the whole day

No. 1056961

It's only impressive the first day you have extra and keep having extra, you can't keep demanding praise for an increase in a still far too low an amount. She really thinks people are fooled by her, she's consistently stayed spoopy for years yet wants the attention as if she's actually put any work into recovery.

No. 1056965

There are only like 4-5 regulars on the low BMI forum and anyone who “feels” underweight is welcome there regardless of size. Extreme hug box

No. 1056969

File: 1602509991007.gif (8.47 MB, 600x1067, ezgif-3-38edf7c4721a.gif)

Some beautiful, inspiring, amazing dancing from our favorite fxiry

No. 1056970

File: 1602510019097.jpg (374.17 KB, 663x837, Screenshot_2020-10-12-14-41-22…)

Since when does she care what the food looks like?

No. 1056971

She doesn't care. AnOrExIa cares

No. 1056973

best we will get is HAES positivity. Which is funny because her alleged health problems are due to her weight

No. 1056990

Gorgeous. That slack jawed stare.

Wouldn't anorexia tell her it was too much? Why would it care if it's burnt. It'd think she deserved it burnt.

No. 1056998

Just a reminder to when she was thinner.
Still got the derpy face though.

No. 1057071

I'm no professional ballerina, but been doing it since I was little, and goddamn is her form bad. That weird back squinch and awkward lean.I'd love to see her pirouette or even something/anything besides crotch airing. Like, girl, flexibility is not the whole trip. Show us what a graceful uwu waif u are, frail faiwy. Unless you're just too delicate~

No. 1057085

her supporting leg is always bent as well! No use being flexible if you don't have the strength to control it

No. 1057124

There's no form there at all lol, does anybody know what kind of dancer she used to be? Was it ballet or something else? I can see her doing modern dance flashbacks to her flailing around on the forest floor in a leotard

No. 1057127

From what I remember(I'll go back and check), she started dance classes. Img was 2018. She was never a "dancer", just went to classes which look like modern dance. Clips where she's filmed herself "dancing" is just stretching and waving her arms around and sweeping the floor with her hands. Kate Bush stuff. I think that's all she does. Never seen her do ballet, only dress as if she does (while IP).

No. 1057130

File: 1602529572754.jpg (30.78 KB, 337x488, Capture.JPG)

oops dropped

No. 1057131

At this point, I'm starting to think it isn't dance that she likes. It's showing her crotch on the internet. Laura OF when?

No. 1057135

You could be right. When she started her classes and it was documented here (seems like a year ago but it's a lot more), all she was concentrating on was using those resistance bands to stretch her leg up. No other exercise or any impression she's working on dance moves, it was all sticking her leg up and padding videos out with some arm waving. It's like if someone went to learn the piano but just practiced chopsticks over and over.

No. 1057195

someone should inform her that being able to hold a leg by your ears doesn't make you a dancer.

No. 1057206

She's trolling us, this seals it for me.

No. 1057272

File: 1602546808091.png (1.01 MB, 1200x1038, eleanor.png)

not sure if milky so forgive me, but this girl on quora posts body checks as if that is a legit answer to people's (mostly teen girls') ED-related questions

No. 1057278

The shooping on that bottom pic is insanity - she’s made her hips smaller than her head

No. 1057304

Isn't this the girl who said she got euthanized on mpa???

No. 1057306

isnt that still.ill from MPA who claimed to be having euthanasia?

No. 1057308

that wavy door…

No. 1057322

File: 1602554762116.jpeg (154.18 KB, 602x1070, main-qimg-75e1de5eade00be75792…)

Question was "Does anorexia ruin your metabolism for life?"

Text with photo: "I mean, after 26 years of having it, I don’t think so?"

>that wavy door

No. 1057422

File: 1602567662936.jpeg (287.08 KB, 746x1190, 54CFE903-408B-4552-81BB-B16BB2…)

I swear to god all this girl does is post body checks glorifying her eating disorder and complain about going into hospital

No. 1057457

Fuck she’s gotten brazen lately. I can guarantee she burnt that in her toaster. We all know you don’t have enough brain cells to operate an oven, nourish, and that this is just another sad meal of slop you’ve prepared in your shit stained den. Stop trying to prove that you actually cook lol. She’s eaten literal mould and rot, food that is YEARS out of date, unheated canned goods, uncooked meat… and yet she wants to act like she cares about presentation. Fuck she’s starting to remind me of that cooking with hoarders YouTube channel

No. 1057511

Def my first thought when I saw these…that whole euthanasia thing was obvious fake

No. 1057532

File: 1602586497320.png (4.65 MB, 750x1334, DEF102A1-E04D-4640-9203-134534…)

nourish posting this shitty slop at 7 in the morning? such a yum breakfast… so nourishing….(it’s allegedly raisins, milka and reeses peanut butter slopping all over that stale hot cross bun btw)

No. 1057534

Girl… this is straight up sewage

No. 1057547

oh god pls spoil this shit

No. 1057562

She must have a 24 hour sugar rush. And I thought Coco Pops were a useless start to the day. I hope she takes supplements.

No. 1057575

File: 1602593630909.png (445.46 KB, 750x1334, E8338085-581C-4C78-8650-4D871B…)

I'm getting farmer vibes from her


No. 1057577

File: 1602593668200.jpeg (161.43 KB, 1280x1280, 7C9E1D68-62AB-4133-A3F4-EA17B1…)


No. 1057580

i know some people have other theories, but i'm 100% at this point that she's just a plain ol' bulimic. these concoctions only make sense in the context of a raging b/p cycle imo, not to blogpost but it reminds me a lot of my BN days. it also explains why she's maintaining and at the same time looking like death.

No. 1057638

Definitely not usual to wake up and think, oh I really fancy a hot cross buns and a bar of chocolate for breakfast. Like, cold pizza's a weird thing to eat for breakfast, but also kinda normal the morning after a pizza night. I'd rather she throw it into the garden than throw it up, but her bizarre choices are too disordered to be anywhere near normal.

No. 1057658

File: 1602604885614.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x1823, 9DF9C54D-10FB-46A7-BAB2-78AB11…)

Nice poop

No. 1057685

I don't understand the ana frozen fruit thing. Is that a banana that's thawing? Is that what the gunk is?

No. 1057705

Bitch, that's like 300 at most. With that logic all food is fear food. Its like Molly having to underline how scary everything is once she's done screaming about how excited she is to eat it.

No. 1057740

I hope she soaked those chia seeds first, otherwise she’s in for a real digestive treat as they absorb all the fluid in her colon and expand to multiple times their size. This is also the most pathetically orthorexic “challenge” I’ve seen. Like having a pint of halo top and calling it a pint party.

No. 1057757

This has to be the unappetizing “food” I’ve ever seen. I’m not going to say what I thought this was when I saw it but it wasn’t frozen banana that’s for sure…

No. 1057770

I'm pretty sure even n2f would yack at the sight of that. Jesus. Looks like a really sick dogs arse exploded.

No. 1057771

File: 1602609640698.jpeg (4.35 KB, 180x204, images.jpeg)

Imagine the smell

No. 1057804

Why doesn’t she wash???

No. 1057845


it's probably because if it's frozen it's more difficult/takes longer to eat

No. 1057849

File: 1602615419824.png (838.75 KB, 654x656, marys 6 braincells assemble.pn…)

>I washed a part of my body every night with shower jel for first time this year for a week tonight!!
ffs she's barely literate

No. 1057853


sage for ballet sperg but good god. i just trawled through her entire grid and her ~fragile ballerina~ skinwalking is wild. does she just wander around treatment facilities and public parks in cheap poly leos flinging one leg up and hoping someone will think she's nina from black swan? she's always in "ballet" outfits no dancer would ever wear (impractical material, unflattering cuts) standing with people in street clothes. she's 24, this is something a preteen would do, except a preteen would have actual technique. it's cool if rolling around doing fake lyrical brings her joy but she seems to want others to think she's an actual dancer whose career has been tragically stolen by ana~~~. bb at your age actual dancers have been in a company for 5-7 years.

No. 1057855

How are these bitches soo open and proud of how disgusting and filthy they are?

No. 1057857

Not using toilet paper's the worst part of her anti hygiene thing for me.

Yeah, Idk how the fuck she managed A levels/uni. HOW?

No. 1057865

alright, now she's doing it on purpose

No. 1057871

Her videos are so fucking long jfc. Anyone care to recap?

No. 1057875

Might do but I find I have to close the browser after the 4th burst into song on a particular word.

No. 1057878

File: 1602617992635.jpeg (404.37 KB, 1242x1618, 8C705DB4-9D60-4990-B2F9-7BF16A…)

looks like an old man’s pubic hair.. yum bon appetit

No. 1057885

Edit: it's all out of order

First of all she gushes about how inspirational Elzani is to her and how she's dressed like her for the video. She's going to eat like her.

She has scrambled egg which is scary. On seedy bread. She's scared of cooked breakfast. Sings "there it is, scrambled egg". She's scared but OW WOW IT'S SO YUMMY. MMmm, it's so nice. She can see why Elzani eats it all the time.

Breakfast part two because Elzani always has two breakfasts. Coco Shreddies. She wants amazing cereals like E has. She's scared and shaky. Sings "Here we go". She's scared the milk goes chocolatey. Mum says SPLENDID.

She has a body dismorphic moment. Mummy holds her hand and is her therapist. Molly looks bored. Her mum says it's so brave what she's doing.

She goes out to get a pastry to run towards the fear because that's what E would do. She's scared of pastries. Sings "Laaaa".

Mummy says go for the scariest pastry. It's a croissant she ordered herself.

She's called her bloat Belinda.

Sorry, I can't watch any more of this shit.

No. 1057889

Why did I think this was a picture of a used pad

No. 1057890

Molly is scared. Molly eats. Mom plays along. Molly is scared. Molly eats.

No. 1057895

File: 1602619673216.png (112.56 KB, 266x304, tumblr_mb53m3s6jM1qhb2os.png)

7am seriously? she gets up early just to get a jump start on the b/p cycle for the day?

No. 1057899

it even looks like its on toilet paper at a glance k e k

No. 1057906

this is pretty much it honestly

No. 1057918

File: 1602620742948.jpg (10.2 KB, 480x360, ok.jpg)

The most middle class thing I've heard for a while, "Mum made me a matcha latte". Nescaff not good enough for ya?

No. 1057932

sorry anon i don't think it's clear… did you say she was scared?

No. 1057933

File: 1602622360116.png (79.98 KB, 1698x250, Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 21.54…)

well, elzani's seen it

No. 1057934

it gets worse, in the threads before this one she was talking about her nursery job.

No. 1057976

Yes lol, coupled with the depressing béton brut kitchen+dining area. Its like they live inside a bunker. At the same time I'll admit its kind of interesting to get such an unfiltered look into the day to day of a contemporary bourgeois family.

No. 1057988

Senpai noticed her. Molly is walking on clouds!

Most of the time.

That's the difference between her middle class and Elzani's. E's is more conventional rural-ish walks and bike rides, whereas Molly's is very "Islington". Even her mum dresses like an old art teacher.

No. 1058007

she is the least authentic cow on this thread. every gesture and inflection is so damn contrived, like she is straining so hard to be this airy fairy struggling princess. it makes her ED itself seem unbelievable bc her "so scared!! so inspired!!" act feels put on for the audience. for all her insistence that she's afraid she doesn't look/act it at all.

No. 1058033

I can't work out what makes molly so dislikeable? Elzani isn't my cup of tea by any means but there's something about her which makes her so much more pleasant than molly. I could watch a full elzani video but even 5 mins of molly drives me insane and I have to turn it off- what is it that makes molly so fucking unbearable?

No. 1058034

I know what you mean. There are times when she's having her little ~meltdowns~ and mum's there for support and words of wisdom and it's like something scripted straight out of Eastenders or whatever.

Being afraid of cereal in her last video then helping herself to another bowl doesn't sit right. You've got >>1057658 (legit long term disorder), and Elzani legit showed a lot of anxiety in the beginning, but Molly has this ability to polish off plates of what she says are fear foods and then have seconds.

One thing I noticed recently, she's been doing the Elzani thing of saying it's the first time she's had such a thing (eg iced coffee, yeah right).

Something's really off about her. Not saying she hasn't had a bout of disordered eating, but it was so short and dealt with so fast that recovery videos for anyone who's had one for over a couple of years aren't seeing what it's really like (as Elzani does, my god can't believe I'm defending her). Yep, she's a drama queen.

Also wondering how much Molly wants to gain. Obv haven't seen her in her scanties, but she seems an ok/petite weight. She's eating as if she needs to gain A LOT.

No. 1058040

What really bothers me is that she says "I'm scared" before eating anything. I've never watched a full video but I can only assume she does that every time. In the ones I have watched, it looks like she's going in to take a bite, remembers that she's supposed to be ~in recovery~, looks at the camera, and says "I'm scared, this is scary". Clearly it isn't if you then dig in without an issue.

No. 1058042

File: 1602629381863.jpg (366.74 KB, 1080x1939, 20201013_174945.jpg)


Samefag as >>1058040, Molly creamed herself on her stories over Elzani's comment

No. 1058049

File: 1602629594610.jpg (100.4 KB, 960x960, 38763904_2183599411874967_1661…)

Doesn't she know Elzani's channel's a well known recovery channel or something?

This pic is from a year ago. She looks no different. Except the hair.

No. 1058051

Ironically her hair looks better here …

No. 1058121

Where did you find this? She looks about 20 pounds heavier so this may add to the theory that she had a very short barely spoopy period and overexaggerated it

No. 1058159

It's from her facebook. She has a bunch of public profile pictures.

No. 1058236

That footage is from June and it’s now October, what has she been doing that it took so long to post the video? Afaik she doesn’t even work or go to school at the moment?

No. 1058248

She's so busy challenging herself and being scared that she barely has time to do anything else!

No. 1058251

I agree with you here anon, I've had a feeling that there's something kind of off with this one since I first saw her videos.

No. 1058360


I'm sorry, she doesn't fucking use toilet paper?? The dirty mare!

No. 1058370

File: 1602657740229.png (883.08 KB, 750x1334, CC503497-49D9-46F2-9477-F107D1…)

What do you think, is this our porgie fighting with tal?


No. 1058371

File: 1602657788363.png (968.53 KB, 750x1334, 4D821170-1160-4EB3-A06A-A86B9E…)


No. 1058385

I’ve worked it out: if I had all the time and money in the world to purchase a pantry full of food inspired by warriors instead of eating whatever the fuck I can on a shitty income with a full time job, I’d have been rEcoVeRed years ago. Epiphany sponsored by a certain yt vid

No. 1058386

Kek gotta love the whales perpetuating the lie that obese people are nutritionally deficient and need tube feeding. Maybe they’re deficient in vitamins and minerals since they stuff their gullets with junk 24/7, but they just need normal, over the counter vitamins, not tube feeding. Porgie is the obvious example, she’s done nothing but gain weight despite her rheeing about “muh malnutrition”. Cows love to sperge about anorexia not being about weight, too, but weight is in the literal criteria. People who are maintaining an obese body weight cannot be anorexic, no matter how much they try larp into it.

No. 1058392


your userpic is showing, anon

No. 1058398

No it's not, it's her tellonym profile picture

No. 1058410

Bottom right

No. 1058413

Its a screenshot of a screenshot she posted on her story, stop nitpicking

No. 1058421

still her tellonym profile picture

No. 1058449

My bad. Just seen the actual posts. Apologies for trying to keep you anon, Jesus christ

No. 1058450

oh waddle back to your cave porgie

No. 1058451

it is funny that its obvious tal.trying is referring to porgie too

No. 1058452

File: 1602673467448.png (890.54 KB, 750x1334, 818551A8-3FF3-4968-9F94-B490E3…)

This HAS to be porgie, dad's insurance and all

No. 1058453

All the replies about new farm has got to be grating on porg. Every single one highlights the money making priorities this place has. They literally take anyone as long as they got the funds to hand over. How invalidating for our precious Porgie

No. 1058454

It probably is and she is pretending to be someone else. From what Tal says in her other tells she tried to relate to her or something.

No. 1058457

It's just so clearly georgia??

No. 1058460

or notsolittlestlee

No. 1058478

File: 1602678054892.png (186.48 KB, 506x560, Screenshot 2020-10-14 at 14.18…)

Ending with an "x" (or several) is a thing i've seen her do before, though i'm not fully convinced its her without better proof. It's a shame she seems to be using a spell checker, otherwise some detective anon could probably identify some of her most common misspellings and ID stuff she's written.

No. 1058490

Bakerfag here, in making two of our lovely N2F's recipes today and I've just realised how often she re-uses ingredients and recipes, I think she must go through a cupboard cleanse because she suddenly has a phase of only using X weird ingredient. At the moment it's those reese's eggs. Do you think she suddenly realises the sell by date is getting a little ridiculous or it's her bulimia cravings?

No. 1058500

Two? You spoil us! I checked out her latest last night and was disappointed that she used the same ingredients again. Judging by that egg wrapper a few days ago, I'd say she needs to use them up. It's cute how she's obviously inspired to make more gorgeous cakes because Bake Off's on, but she needs a challenge to not use chocolate and pb.

Look forward to your recreations!

As for >>1058370 that sounds like Georgie. She loves lolcow drama. She loves NFC because they're the only place that'll take her because they need a malpractice suit slapped on them.

No. 1058501

i'm glad someone is calling her out

No. 1058508

I doubt she craves anything in particular other than sugar.
Her concoctions always seem like there's too much stuff piled for it to have a distinct taste. It all looks like it tastes the same.

I'm curious whether your taste test will prove me wrong. Will you find differences in the aroma, or will it all just taste like plain toothache.

No. 1058530

What’s this lady’s deal? Just say you like the sympathy and attention you get from being uselessly tubed and go, Porgie.

At your size, you’re not getting tubed and pumped with thousands of extra calories by any reputable doctors. If you’re “malnourished” (aka lacking simple fix shit like vitamin d and potassium like every person who’s diet consists of nothing but grease trap scrapings), get some multivitamins from the pharmacy, learn that vegetables are food and not poison and be on your way. Why pretend to be in a harder spot than you are?

No. 1058544

ugh thank you. loads of these ~atypical anas~ (at least some cows we see here & 95% pancake users) are hypocrites. preaching how you can die at any weight, there shouldn’t be a ~hierarchy~ of diagnosis….yet in their own case can’t accept the dx of OSFED/EDNOS which probably would benefit from increased ~awareness~ tbh? sry for sperg i just. idgi.

No. 1058586

I wondered that too.

I thought elzani was irritating but Molly is even worse.

Elzanis videos are getting fewer and fewer.
Molly will give up soon - they all do.

No. 1058589

File: 1602691446516.png (2.28 MB, 828x1792, 2D363404-EA35-444F-B31D-FF8266…)

Did anyone else go ??????? At this story of Laura’s or is that just me

No. 1058592

Imagine the rage of these atypical anas if someone skeletal said “I have BED. You can have it at any size. Stop invalidating me”

No. 1058593

It's painful to watch Molly's videos. Elzani's were plain dull but it was interesting to try to work out what exactly's wrong with her. Molly didn't start off her videos looking thin, so there's not even any debate about if she's gaining/really eating. She can't keep making videos of her eating cereal speeded up. Unless she decides to use her channel as a life vlog, there's not much else she can do about recovery right now because it's all the same.

No. 1058601

I dont understand how Georgia squares the circle of being obese in a country with high food cost/taxes (meaning her fam has to pay for it), buys alcohol and fast food frequently, but cant bear to budget for nutritional supplements or a bloody at-home garden if she is 'under nourished'… esp as she is provided a reading of her bloods semi regularly by ip visits ? The LARPing and tales of dying just translates as lying - beyond any debate of willful ignorance. Surely fortisip is as expensive as a 50 tablet 10-30kcal general supplement. I dont know, maybe I'm the anachanner here, but I feel as if it would be stupid easy to be motivated to lose weight in a healthy way for the above reasons. It doesnt make sense. But I suppose that's where the endless luls come from

No. 1058606

Porgie is your typical future infinifat who will utilize any excuse to keep stuffing herself so she doesn’t have to take accountability. She was fat as kid, she’s fat now, and she’s getting fatter. She will always be fat and never the frail ana waif she wants to be

No. 1058625

We're all being spoiled, you'll be excited to know the bakes are an absolute mess! One of them turned out okay just a little.. sunk.. but the other one is ridiculously failed and I'm not sure if I know how to salvage it! Wish me luck, anons!

No. 1058647

Georgia wants attention, and I'm guessing she latched on to eating disorders. She doesn't have to have any bad x ray or blood results that she can't control by shitting herself dehydrated with laxatives or whatever. Mental illness is relatively easy to fake because, as we know, you can't see it. All she had to do was read up a lot about eating disorders and tell a shrink that she fits the criteria in some ways. Same with depression. She says she needs ECT yet I don't know anyone genuinely so fucking depressed they post multiple stories on ig during the time they "need" ECT.

She can't fake physical non fat related problems for attention, so she goes for mental illness.

Remember it was dustbinflowers who outed her? I often wonder what went on before she posted Georgia here, but I don't think any genuine ED people communicate with her. Barely anyone posts comments on the pics she uploads. I honestly think that she's treated as a joke by genuinely ill people. I'm not even being a bitch when I say she gives off vibes as not a nice person to be friends with.

KEEP IT REAL! Show us how it actually turns out. We know N2F patches up her wrecks with butters and chocolates. If they taste too funky, don't swallow! Pepto Bismol at hand.

No. 1058664

Weirdly Molly makes me appreciate Elzani a bit? I always thought she was OTT and her complete 100% devotion to food kind of weird but at least the girl went from very very ill to being a healthy weight. She did actually document a real recovery process and even though she is a weirdo and lives a sheltered life she did actually at least gain the weight, which is rare in the online recovery world. Molly on the other hand seems like she is just copying Elzani except she started off at a slim normal weight. It just all feels kind of disingenuous and contrived. I am not at all a suggesting that she should go get herself a severe ED but just like, maybe relax on the recovery preaching because she doesn’t really have a perspective on what it’s like for people who have been ill for more than a fraction of a year, who don’t have endless funds to pay for private health and all the treats anyone can desire and who have been at medically compromising weights.

No. 1058669

If Molly was under the NHS, she'd probably still be on a waiting list for outpatient therapy.

No. 1058673

Afterthought: that'd be a good series of videos really. Someone who's starting their 22 weeks of NHS therapy. More real for most people in the UK, I think.

No. 1058675


Can you fucking imagine having to deal with that in a group session? kek

No. 1058679

22 weeks?! I only got 12 sessions and that was after waiting almost a year

No. 1058682

No group sessions! All you get is an hour with a clinical psychologist, one meeting with nutritionist and if you gain weight they let you have a few more sessions after the 22. That's if you're not a massive skele who needed hospitalisation to begin with, like Molly wasn't.

Must be different in different regions? Did you have travel miles and miles? It's a shit system. Oh for private health insurance, eh.

No. 1058684

Dunno what the criteria is where she is but she legit would not get treatment on the NHS.

No. 1058687

I only went there for assessment then covid kicked off so the rest were on zoom, but it was a little bit far. yeah it is a bit of a postcode lottery, some areas have better services than others

No. 1058690

Fucked, yet people like our frail hambeast get shipped off to new farm for her jollies when there is legitimately no need to be tube fed. Sorry it’s for the vitamins, I forgot.

No. 1058713

Yeah, I know it can't be helped, but zoom's really shit for ED therapy. It's not like they can check your weight. Keep asking for help though if you need it. And yup, if Georgia lived in the UK, even if she was as well off as Molly's family, there's no way she'd get her precious nose hose.

No. 1058739

what's confusing you? just looks like she's fishing for some asspats by posting her psych paperwork

No. 1058740

no you're 100% right, she's just a cow

No. 1058781

File: 1602704636797.png (970.23 KB, 720x1054, Screenshot_20201014-204300~2.p…)

More fucking chocolate bunny and more fucking Nutella.

No. 1058782

File: 1602704669988.png (183.11 KB, 720x1062, Screenshot_20201014-204428~2.p…)

No. 1058799

Does she just add words to try to make her recipes more appealing? Like wtf constitutes an 'upside down' donut?

No. 1058809

Also isn’t donut cake redundant? Unless it literally was a cake made out of donuts, which it isn’t.

No. 1058811

Kek she says “pop” 5 times in that recipe. I really think she is special needs.

No. 1058816

the way she types reminds me of a chinese product on amazon. with the title just being a bunch of key/related words mashed together, and the description making no sense whatsoever "PREHEAT YOUR OCEN YO"

No. 1058817

You gotta read it as: Preheat your ocean, yo!

No. 1058836

>Eat within 5 days

They won't last 5 minutes binge, binge.

No. 1058844

Probably the “anorexia nervosa“ thing

No. 1058856

Georgia's case is the prime example of why mental health has such a shit stigma attached to it, because anyone can claim they have a mental illness and no amount of physical testing can prove otherwise.

No. 1058860

Probably more confusing as to why she posted it to begin with, specifically with the BPD part underlined like she's trying to prove a point? She's a fucking loser.

No. 1058871

P. Sure she was blacking out the name of whoever she is supported by.

No. 1058881

That's true. The fad for self harm as an accessory really fucked up peoples attitude towards it. Whereas pre internet it was p much something a person kept secret because it felt shameful, the attention seekers put it out there so it was all about seeking attention because angsty teens. Either way, it made the genuine self harmers feel shameful about something they shouldn't. Yeah, it happens with most of the mental illnesses that aren't "difficult" to play at. I mean, depression and they'd get given anti depressants, but they don't fake schizophrenia because those drugs are woah. DID is easily faked (see YT lol) and that really made even me question the validity of genuine DID behaviours.

No. 1058882

shit forgot sage soz

Hope bakerfarmer is okay popping her bakes into her mouth.

No. 1058938

with elzani you could atleast see where she was coming from.
molly comes over as someone who had some sort of disordered eating but wanted to come over as a rEaL sPoOp for more pity points and some dick sucking from elzani.

No. 1058943

Looks like it's covered in ants

No. 1058944

Bakerfag here, thank you for the concern! Haven't tried the bakes yet, I'm having to leave one to set overnight (yup.. told you it was bad!) Expect a post from me in the morning! I can't wait to show you the bullshittery I went through today.

No. 1058958

If this is about Georgia that sickens me that she tried doing that with Tal. I follow Tal and she is quite unwell on the ED front and with preexisting conditions. Honestly wouldn't put it past Georgia to try and relate. It always has to be about her.

No. 1058961

Early morning is my weekly Tesco shop for the ol' parents so I'll be spurred on by the thought of coming home to your posts. I might suggest to their bakery department they try some n2f recipes. Could win her all the for the skip bread and oops! items she could wish for!

No. 1058980

File: 1602719898970.png (26.26 KB, 718x217, Screenshot_20201015-005508~2.p…)

I'm surprised Molly got into Oxford with a lowly A. I thought you had to have straight A*s.

Spanish, eh.

No. 1058991

Idk if it's the same now but when I was applying for uni a few years ago the standard entry reqs for Oxford was AAA and A*AA for Cambridge

No. 1059005

Can someone explain this to an an amerifag because I have absolutely no clue what you’re on about.

No. 1059015


A level grades. At secondary school we do GCSEs and then, if you want to, you take two years studying for A levels, usually 3.

The grades go from E (lowest) to A (A star). Depending on where you want to go to uni, you're told which grades you need. For shitty uni's like the one I went to, they'd say, oh you can study here if you get two D's and a C or higher. For Oxford and Cambridge, you need As and As.

No. 1059018

Fuck, the asterix stars made it italic, but A star is the highest grade and for top uni's you need em. Idk if it's still the same now, but they also need a reference from your A level tutor and take other things into account during your interview - extra curriculum activities etc.

No. 1059044


They also look for extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and you have to pass at interview too where they look for things that make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. I presume she pretended to have some kind of personality for that.

No. 1059142

File: 1602744326315.png (794.1 KB, 750x1334, 9838CD0B-06CD-4845-8BDC-A520C9…)

More shade towards porgie

No. 1059152

File: 1602747272117.png (377.94 KB, 394x691, Screenshot 2020-10-15 at 08.30…)

i don't get why she's still eating so much, she wasn't that spoopy to begin with and she certainly isn't now. it seems unnecessary.

No. 1059161

But the biscoff is so scary. She needs to challenge herself with the whole jar

No. 1059171

Should this kind of eating be celebrated though? I'm not ana-chan, I'm not saying people should never ever eat out of the jar but it's not the healthiest habit to get into especially at the frequency molly appears to do it. I get eating a spoonful whilst you're putting it on your toast etc but she goes to the cupboard specifically to eat out of a litre bucket of peanut butter.. doesn't seem normal to me.

Not claiming Molly is going down this route but so many people "recover" from anorexia and go straight into bulimia because once they stop restricting they don't understand how to eat normally and overeat. I think it's a problem that really doesn't get addressed enough because people celebrate the binging/overeating as "recovery wins".

No. 1059175

File: 1602751603671.jpeg (734.09 KB, 750x1102, 74B2E5B3-A093-4A54-87A2-2E731F…)

Oh sweet dirty hands. This is just the worst. How do her hands even get that caked in shit?

No. 1059176

has anyone spoken about d.parxom on Instagram here yet? long time lurker here but she takes the biscuit and thrives off shock (excuse the irony)

No. 1059177

File: 1602751780466.jpeg (348.68 KB, 750x1062, 1F69B84A-0990-42B6-BCD2-45C0C1…)

HER OCTOBER PIES ARE BACK! because the last ones were so memorable of course! some flour and butter mixed and popped in the microwave to make a hard, dry ‘pastry’, stuffed with 3 pieces of raw pasta and unmelted plastic cheese! just like grandma used to make!

No. 1059181


Yep, maybe not this thread but I’ve definitely seen her mentioned before. Honestly baffled that she’s still alive at this point.

No. 1059192

Urghhh the dry butter beans

No. 1059196

Added a year to her life.

No. 1059197

Yeah. We were shocked and saddened by her rapid demise, but her bitchiness, celebration of spoop and materialism made us turn against her. Google "d.parxom lolcow" or "Dasha proana lolcow" and you should find specific threads about her.

No. 1059199

File: 1602754989147.jpg (548.81 KB, 720x1273, Screenshot_2020-10-15-10-44-26…)

Happy breakfast, farmers! Have a great day!

No. 1059201

File: 1602755252472.png (4.47 KB, 246x205, images.png)

Elzani DID need to eat a lot when she began her vlogs. Her arms were like spaghetti and she looked half dead. Molly doesn't need to quickly gain by eating crap. She's just skinwalking.

Pies! That's what Halloween makes me think of too! Pumpkin pie though, not Asda chicken pies or w/e tf that is.

No. 1059203

>Healthy living

No. 1059207

Right. Let's get to it! So first of all I tried the Nutella egg cakes but I don't have egg molds so I just used cupcake cases.
They taste okay, not good enough for me to make again or want to serve to anybody but they aren't bad.
They didn't rise, you can see they really sunk in the middle. They're also crumbly AF as an anon speculated they'd be, they're dry and full of holes. They look spongier than they are, they're just sad dry cakes.
Added cookie butter just like N2F which was actually hard because they started to fall apart! Anyway, this was the better of the two bakes.

No. 1059208

File: 1602756507792.jpg (2.48 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20201015_110612195.j…)

Forgot to attach pic!

No. 1059209

Love the obligatory pic by the window, anon. kek

No. 1059210

Pic 1 they look like sad dry cakes, but look ok with butter filling! The close up looks like choc sponge pudding with the holes. I'd try one with gallons of coffee so as not to choke on the dryness. What's the problem with her recipe? Why so dry? Weird how she either eats sloppy goop OR dry veg and other foods. Nothing in the middle.

I hope you can take our appreciation and use it to somehow lessen how underwhelming her bakes are. Could be okay mixed with granola to not waste food if anyone makes a large batch.

No. 1059211

File: 1602757237389.jpg (2.5 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20201015_110428153.j…)

Okay, here's where it gets bad. Flapjacks.
I've made flapjacks many many many times so reading this recipe pained me greatly but I stuck to it! So normal flapjacks consist of oats, golden syrup, brown sugar and butter- not alicia's. Hers consist of oats, syrup, butter, egg, agave syrup, honey and milk. Yeah, you read that right. EGG. I already knew it wouldn't work but I didn't know it would be this gross.
So basically it was a very liquidy batter, I baked it and left it to cool for an hour as she suggested but it was still completely liquid so I set it in the fridge overnight and when I came back to check on it it had completely congealed.
The honey and milk mix had gone to the bottom of the flapjacks and turned into a weird lard-like substance which came off onto my fingers when I picked it up and felt like goose fat or something. Shudders. The top wasn't crunchy, they fell apart when I cut them and they look really gross.
She put an entire apple in too and didn't peel it so there were unpleasant pieces of skin inside it that just looked like flesh lol.

Anyway.. taste test. I did it for you guys and I immediately regretted it lol. It tasted like cold sweet milky apple mush, admittedly I'd taken it out of the fridge so the coldness was on me but that taste was NOT my fault. I spat it out, didn't want that in my body. The texture was horrible, the congealed stuff on the bottom was extra cold and slimy and just all round grim.
Not happy.

She could have improved this recipe by ten fold by simply not adding random extra ingredients- I just don't get it! She HAD the right ingredients which would have made really nice chewy flapjacks but instead she made these. Also, she should have peeled the apple and only added half. And increased the amount of oats. Okay, I'll stop nitpicking now.

No. 1059212

Bahahahhh. I missed that. I love our bakeranon

No. 1059213

any word from Porgie? is she jumping to NFC defence?

No. 1059214

File: 1602757612702.png (565.18 KB, 720x871, Screenshot_20201015-112458~2.p…)

Without your description, going by the pics, I would've thought they were flapjacks that were a bit hard, but.. IMG…dear god. It's like Ed Gein skinned someone for this. It sounds like a recipe for things to hang out for the little birds in winter.

She ATE these.

No. 1059221

haha thank you, i have to channel her, it adds to the authenticity!

if i had made a proper buttercream filling rather than just using cookie butter i think they could have turned out quite nice, it's just the sunken top that ruins it. they won't go to waste if that's what you're worried about, i live with teenage brothers who will eat pretty much anything lol.

i think they're so dry because she skimps on ingredients (okay, excuse me whilst my real baker side comes out!!), nutella isn't super to bake with because it's so artificial it gets molten hot QUICK so it bakes super fast and doesn't really leave proper rising time, you can counteract this by adding a small amount of nutella and then using majority cocoa powder and actual chocolate if you really want nutella cupcakes. Also, nutella just doesn't taste as chocolatey as baking chocolate so the flavour isn't as great, you might as well make chocolate cupcakes and then use nutella buttercream, it'd taste a million times better.. but im starting to think flavour isn't a big factor, she just wants a lot of yield so she can bulk out her binges and keep eating.

alsoooo she doesn't use oil which would make them moist (sorry) and fluffy.

TLDR: she needs to follow a real recipe

No. 1059223

>Ed Gein skinned someone for this
oh god anon, you're making me feel queasy! don't forget I tested one of these to review it! they look even grosser zoomed in.

No. 1059229

Chocolate pop tarts always tasted rank to me, so I'm tasting her chocolate thing as that. Yes, it always helps to be moist. It was obvious the filling was holding her egg together. I used to make buns as a key d and they camout shit, so I'd make them into butterfly buns to make it look better. Even at 7 years old my first attempts at baking were better than N2fs. I'm not sure if I should feel bad for her. I don't get her skimping on ingredients when she bulk buys groceries.

Let us know what your brother's think. Any chance they'll eat the skinflapjacks?

No. 1059244

File: 1602761735306.jpg (226.91 KB, 720x1155, Screenshot_2020-10-15-12-36-31…)


No. 1059245

Oh she posted us some pics of herself and twat friend fanning around in hospital. Notorious self poster, craves attention. Wish that scab faced freak would hide behind a screen. Poor person who sent the question though, doesn't know how to close a browser.

No. 1059247

File: 1602762417656.jpg (128.09 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20201015_124721.jpg)

Love that someone asked kek

No. 1059256

Once again, thank you so much bakerfag. Those flapjacks look ghastly!

No. 1059258

Is nobody going to talk about the dry unpeeled parsnips on her plate? She’s truly off the deep end.

No. 1059259

When the pro ana thread started she got brought up because she was being manipulated by crying Emily and the farmers felt really bad for her, she only became a cow when she self posted and everything went to shit. This is her own fault.

No. 1059260

Yes. I love the horrific details of the texture. They're my favourite posts and a pleasure to read after my soul destroying shop at Asda. I passed the baking section and smiled under my facial covering.

N2fs food is disgusting but anons who provide the updates are the thread's heroes. I hope she goes all out at Halloween. I'm hoping for food colouring.

No. 1059266

File: 1602765727105.gif (665.52 KB, 220x164, tenor.gif)

Sad that Gracie had the dignity to disappear and Emily sorted herself out whereas Laura…

No. 1059292

I can see your pictures match and I found your account so might want to be careful

No. 1059307

I wish n2f had a youtube channel. She could make baking videos and give us a tour of her grimy hovel

No. 1059326

Those aren't screenshots from instagram so no one's profile pic has been revealed

No. 1059336

Idk why people keep saying this, it's not my profile pic kek. It's her tellonym and instagram profile pic

No. 1059339

if you're gonna be this retarded, at least sage it

No. 1059342

is your family worried about you bakerfag? i would be concerned if someone in my house was cooking up this shit and leaving it in the kitchen

No. 1059361

There's a noticeable difference in the size of her cheeks between that photo and the vlog from June . Unless she fallen into BP.

No. 1059368

File: 1602779077939.png (1.58 MB, 1864x741, elzani.png)

I think that pre little bit of weight loss she had a naturally round face.

No. 1059372

Sorry if I missed it, but is there proof that Molly was ever underweight? She appears to be a normal weight in every video/pic I’ve seen. Maybe slightly underweight but it’s hard to tell with her being so young

No. 1059378

Nope. Unlike every other ana, she has yet to post a "before" and "after".

No. 1059387

This is explains everything. Fellow choirfags rise up.

No. 1059423

I hate that I thought this too lol

No. 1059425

Id say in her videos which were filmed a few months ago and some of her earlier instagram photos she looks slightly underweight but definitely not skelly

No. 1059437

just tried to watch Molly’s first video and literally not even two minutes in had to nope out. how can someone be THAT insufferable? idk if it’s just her way of speaking? being? but the whole thing reeks of pretense. you can actually see the cogs whirring as she tries to remember the ‘right’ lines to appear more convincing. kudos to the anons suffering through these to bring the milk - along with bakerfag you’re truly doing the lord’s work here lmao

No. 1059438

File: 1602787430463.jpeg (352.75 KB, 1455x1109, 8C00E713-14F2-4FA3-AFF7-713E58…)

This girl is really into infantilizing herself

No. 1059440

File: 1602787742323.jpg (62.78 KB, 437x823, Capture.JPG)

She even cut her hair the way she had it when she was a toddler.

Fucking hell, though, KICKERS. Ugh.

No. 1059444

File: 1602788020576.gif (1.91 MB, 600x1067, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

Best ever!

No. 1059445

tbf she’s got the wonky primary school fringe (you know when your mam would just cut it at home?) down perfectly

No. 1059457

Absolutely the picture of health and mental well-being!

No. 1059459

I wonder what will happen when she eventually starts competition prep. If she's planning to lose any of the limited fat she has for conditioning, it will play absolute hell with her mind…

Side-note, fuck any bodybuilding coach accepting an anorexic who has never really had treatment. Knowing that you will at some point probably ask them to diet to lose fat or potentially weight is fucked up.>>1059457

No. 1059462

File: 1602789504860.gif (1.02 MB, 600x600, ganer.gif)

She's not going to look so happy when her area gets lockdown level 3. No gym again. Do you think she takes speed?

She's a really poor actor when she keeps on pouring cereal or stuffs in a bowl and asks mummy, "Is that too much?" like being anorexic for four months makes you totally forget ~normal~ portion size.

No. 1059464

Oh, I keep meaning to ask if anyone knows if Ganer actually knows IN REAL LIFE any female bodybuilders. I think if she did they'd really tell her that owning the slut shoes aint all that's to it.

No. 1059467

File: 1602790731287.jpg (469.96 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20201015-144015_Ins…)

No. 1059472

o mate, fack off lol

(tbh I'm not into the lockdowns, but that's another story although for her gym to close then I'd do that whole shit AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN forever to see her pissed off).

No. 1059478

I wonder this too. Sorry I don’t have an answer. Ganer has the body of any skinny basic bitch who goes to the gym 3 times a week. I can’t believe she puts so much effort into looking mediocre

No. 1059484

File: 1602793215518.jpg (Spoiler Image, 328.98 KB, 719x1158, Screenshot_20201015-161838_Chr…)

(from this shit list https://www.boredpanda.com/anorexia-recovery-before-after/) is this supposed to be sharnie/cube head/skylars_safespace's lw pic??

No. 1059485

my blood sugars spiked just looking at this.

No. 1059499

I spy chii, Korey and Aly

No. 1059504

kek at the comment saying 'Loving your love of colour in your after picture. Great job, keep it up' as in, this person thought this picture was the 'after'

No. 1059505

cows, cows everywhere

No. 1059506

File: 1602795728520.png (705.31 KB, 750x1334, 860C601F-7417-4FE0-BB81-1E0028…)


Might be wrong but I don’t think it is her?

No. 1059513

I’m a female bodybuilder and watching her is painful. I started following her more out of pity, but I don’t think she actually knows any bodybuilders (of any gender) in real life. There are a few in her comments that seem to also be there out of pity. She posted the other day about wanting a “training partner” but I don’t think she could handle any actual critique or feedback from someone IRL, and would probably have a breakdown seeing her body compared to theirs. allegedly she’s been in a “gaining phase” for 6 months now and hasn’t gained a pound. >>1059459
Soz for bodybuilder sperg, but her coach is only going to ask her to lose weight once she’s significantly bulked up, and that is never going to happen on her current trajectory. You usually gain a pretty significant amount of fat in the bulking phase, and her body is so fucked that she’s have to gain a LOT to put on enough muscle for competition. A bulking phase usually lasts 6-8 months and most people gain at least 10 pounds. I think eventually her coach will probably just give up because she clearly isn’t following the plan.

No. 1059516

Chii, Italian Aly, Korey…it’s like a cow reunion! Would love to see a part two including Porgie, Molly and Laura

No. 1059532

She's looking worse by the day, i'm sensing a relapse in ganerGains future

No. 1059561

Honestly she never even looks like she's having fun, it's sad. She's always talking about giving 110% for every session, each time she uploads her workout clips she's clearly maxing out what she can do…which is fine sometimes but to have to go that deep mentally on every exercise is madness.

It's still the dark place of obsession and hurting her body to control what it looks like.

No. 1059568

Bodybuilder anon again and yeah, I’ve never heard anyone talk about their workouts the way she does (and obviously I hang out with/follow a lot of fitness people). She even talks about getting literally sick with nerves before leg day. The pretentious captions she writes are just so strange.
Watching her work out is painful because she’s so weak, her weights are like beginner level, and her body movements are so unnatural.

No. 1059577

KEK that chií is on there twice and this list is from 3 years ago and SHE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME. sorry not sorry but she spergs constantly about how amazing recovery is and how grateful she is for all the freedom she feels now, how quasi recovery is a trap, and occasionally we are still reminded that she did it all on her own without any medical support… and she has never ever gotten to a healthy weight! Honestly I can’t believe people don’t post about her here sometimes because she is totally full of shit. We’re like 5 years and 60+k followers in to this charade she has going on and she is still totally underweight and a weirdo about food!! Both her HW pix in these posts (1/2) are definitely below her set point. And I also find it preeeetty hard to believe that there is an almost 30lb difference between HW 1 and HW 2. It looks like 10 max.

No. 1059578

File: 1602804155617.jpeg (195.12 KB, 740x1143, B0270939-F4F7-4B6D-A2BD-23D08C…)

Oops sorry forgot pic 1/2

No. 1059579

File: 1602804189059.jpeg (177.05 KB, 744x1165, 35671AA3-B85C-449F-AFF5-A27194…)

No. 1059580

she is obsessed with her ~journey~
should see her reddit…

No. 1059586

to justify all the bodychecking…

No. 1059587

File: 1602805635256.jpeg (113.62 KB, 959x686, 92DA3EEF-0F33-4412-87BD-15A02A…)

Can’t relapse if you’re not in recovery in the first place

No. 1059589

tfw ultrarecovery warrior needs to stand on top of the bathtub to get both entire legs in the mirror for a body check

No. 1059593

Beat me to it, kek

No. 1059628

File: 1602811659240.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201015-202617_Ins…)

Asking for asspats or just doesn't know what the fuck she's doing?

No. 1059633

Hope her client agreed to have Porgie post her full name / business name. Not very professional

No. 1059636


At least she knows she's a shitty writer

No. 1059641

I mean in her slight defense writing good ad copy is not something anyone can do, it is a very specific learned/honed skill set. So of course she sucks because she’s not a copywriter! Though knowing her she probably is looking for asspats. But also yes, >>1059633 if I were her client I would be super posed about that. Her compulsive need to put every single mundane aspect of her life on a public internet profile is a mental illness in itself.

No. 1059669


Is she trying to sloppily hit SEO for the word “unphotogenic” or is she just retarded? There’s no need to mention three times in three paragraphs that the client “doesn’t believe in it” what the fuck this is horrendous. Also way to doxx yer own boss, dickhead.

No. 1059677

KEK anon at your rage. Having done some copywriting myself I’m pretty sure those are 3 different samples. Generally you have to try to write the same concept a bunch of different ways to see what works and show the client different options. But they all sound pretty terrible and way too similar so yea she probably is a little retarded.

No. 1059680

is this girl diabetic? what exactly is wrong with her physical health wise? seems to me like she’s just another “woe is me” diabetic (possibly?) reminds me very much of recovering_starfish (who constantly seeks ass pats for her physical health issues which are just diabetes related) I’m not saying it’s not serious, it v much is. But she never publicly admits to having diabetes and talks about it all as if it’s a result of her debilitating anorexia.
honestly can’t stand these people who use their otherwise unrelated physical health issues to get asspats for how terribly anorexic they are. pisses me off.

No. 1059686

she has a birth defect in which her organs formed outside her body, she had surgery to fix it but her body s still deformed. It messes with her respiratory function, blood sugar, digestion and probs a lot of other things. She isn't a 'woe is me' kind of girl…

No. 1059698

Yea agreed she has some very serious physical complications. Extremely severe scoliosis which also impacts her respiratory function because her lungs are squished. She occasionally mentions her unusual anatomy and it is due to her birth defects. I believe I remember reading once that it happened because of some medication (maybe an antibiotic) that her mother took during pregnancy. But I think multiple organs formed outside of her body including a large portion of her intensities. A lot of her feeding issues (ED aside) are because her organs are all in weird places and jumbled and mashed together plus I think the defect caused some gastrointestinal dysfunction. Very fucked up situation. But having a super sever ED on top of it definitely doesn’t help. Honestly kind of shocked she’s still alive.

No. 1059700

Samefag but also, I don’t understand what the product is! Is she selling the work of this photographer who can make any dull person look great because of her amazing photography skills, or is it some service that this lady invented that photoshops you with “a few clicks.”?? Georgie I know you read this so fucking work that out because it is not even clear what you’re trying to sell!

No. 1059705

ukfag here, uhhh classic school shoe my ass?! schools i went to shoes had to be black and boots weren’t allowed. what sort of weird fancy private schools did she go to ?!

No. 1059708

File: 1602822994300.png (8.14 MB, 1125x2436, 863C455A-07DF-4A4E-B1D4-D3B809…)

a_wintergirl_thawing_2 (pains me to type that) keeps posting these weird and terrible dances. can’t work out if it’s body checking or what? soz to armchair but wouldn’t be shocked if she had narcissistic personality disorder, especially when you see how she talks about her friends

No. 1059742

I thought it was just me! I've never seen those shoes either so I went to their website and they're £90! My mum would never splurge 90 quid on school shoes kek; it was clarks for me. Molly doesn't realise how middle class she really is.(Blogfagging)

No. 1059743

File: 1602831376840.jpg (146.27 KB, 720x1463, Screenshot_2020-10-16-07-57-17…)

Putting this on your story? Embarassing…

No. 1059744

Hope New Farm left a light on for her, there's no way she can cope with this kind of pressure. She's just wasting away.

No. 1059749

Marketing nitpick, but the word "unphotogenic" is a very bad choice. In general you want to avoid calling your customers negative terms, people are less likely to buy your product/service if you insult them. She should have gone with the positive "so-and-so makes everyone photogenic" or something like that.

No. 1059766

I'm an old anon and remember when Kickers were a new thing. I didn't know any kids who wore them because they were expensive and we're all working class. Not poor, just had school shoes bought from the market because you outgrow them in a few months.

Some kids had knock offs with loads of knock off Kicker tags.

I don't think she's a dick for wearing pink Kickers as a child, it's her mum being a wanker. Like women who buy their kids Viv Westwood Melissa's.

As anon above said, school shoes had to be plain and black.

It's sad when people like Molly and Elzani take goods for granted. Out of touch with reality. Her experience of eating disorders isn't usual either. Bet she didn't have to search for generics when her nutritionist gave her a meal plan. She probably thinks everyone in treatment has access to multiple cereals and fancy on like herself and Elzani. It's sad more than anything to be so out of touch.(Blogfagging)

No. 1059767

Fancy PB* (ie dog squits manilife)

No. 1059781

oh god

No. 1059796

File: 1602845155941.jpg (470.32 KB, 719x1254, Screenshot_2020-10-16-11-46-55…)

Is there anything she can't make relate to her ED? Wtf!

No. 1059802

a bunch of girls in the australian ed community didn't know shay literally shaved her head and eyebrows and thought she had cancer or something yikes

No. 1059804

Absolute cringe-fest. She did even more outfits after this. Its probably what she does now, in between her Monster meal replacements and purging the tiny amounts of whatever her step-dad makes her eat. Slow down there wintergirl, you're really beginning to look frail kek

No. 1059816

File: 1602850344107.jpeg (47.12 KB, 526x473, FCB3720F-4C7E-4A54-934F-8FB372…)

No. 1059823

File: 1602852082446.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x1859, F302CD7A-F5E8-47E4-852D-09871B…)

most orthorexic, boring, tasteless meal I’ve ever seen

No. 1059832

lmfao fuck Georgia, that's the most self-centred birthday message I've ever read.

>happy birthday grandma, you're old and decrepit which makes me feel grateful for my own youth! Thanks for giving me your genes! You've not got long left in the world but I'm glad I could be a part of it!

She makes it sound like her grandma is dying, from the pic on her insta she looks fine (I mean she's literally 100 years old but other than that)

No. 1059841

Georgia can't process life now. A 100 year old woman doesn't need pity. She obviously took care of herself, was fat as fuck and didn't engage in faux MI

No. 1059842

To add…yeah, she's not about to drop dead. My gran lived to 106 and drank half a bottle of whiskey a day and smoked her tits off. Thanks for the genes!

Doubt Georgia's hot longevity ahead with being fat and tachy and depressy.

No. 1059843

WASN'T fat and oops

No. 1059895

File: 1602862241298.jpeg (119.72 KB, 640x1025, 236DCE88-50C8-4D10-8753-B8F651…)

Looks like others are sick of ganer

No. 1059897

haha, is this posh Molly? surprised she cares about anything other than her hilarious brother and biscoff spread

No. 1059899

Hi dusty. You should've stayed anon.

No. 1059902

uh oh dont put your email!

No. 1059903

who's dusty? i saw her post before the delete but i dont know the pancake milk. can you explain?

No. 1059908

File: 1602863034510.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.34 KB, 591x759, c.JPG)

Might not be her because she used a k not a c, but her name's Caitlin Basile. She's the one who brought Georgia to us >>769683 but became a cow herself.

No. 1059911

File: 1602863061384.jpg (46.29 KB, 1768x177, Capture.JPG)

Grabbed it.

No. 1059915

How come you used her name? It's not a common one.

No. 1059922

I saw the email and they did spell it caitlin basille so maybe it is just a wild coincidence

No. 1059925

I believe. Dusty wouldn't hang out at pancake. Spooky shit really happens!

No. 1059926

Pancakes is an extreme hug box but don’t cry about breaking rules you knew about. You can easily DM through kik or something

No. 1059942

No. 1059970

I don’t think it’s the same molly cos I don’t think she cares about anything other than her scary cereals and Elzani

No. 1059971

This is top cringe, her face is so punchable

No. 1059995

File: 1602873107043.png (1.52 MB, 1276x816, welcome snackies.png)

Lmao. Not actively farming, but she's quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Have you seen the posts where she claims to be arriving at an ed-residential?
Now I don't know what burgerfag residential is like, but this looks chokingly like a hotel lobby to me. And then later on she shows her room which looks to have an old wood single bed? None of it screams private medical facility to me. I think its more likely she’s either faking it or is being but in residential for ~depression~ etc. rather than an ed.
(The lobby)
(Her room)

No. 1060008

File: 1602874630851.png (1.44 MB, 800x1404, sospoop.png)

there are also giant mirrors? no ED facility would have that.

No. 1060009

kind of weird, yeah

No. 1060012

That's because shay just wants sympathy munchie points as everyone knows her eating disorder is fake AF so she needs a new angle.

No. 1060013

File: 1602874919981.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1242x1860, 9FF6E70A-1B63-4C02-88F5-99C2B9…)

Wow such a warrior. She increased her meal plan again by 100 calories.. seems like she has increased her meal plan by 100 calories more than 10 times which leads us to 1000 calories more.. yeah sure

No. 1060022

So she paints her nails but can’t wipe her asshole??? Susssssss.

No. 1060024

Sage for OT but just watched her “eating like my brother” vlog & he’s deffo trans. earrings, no adam’s apple, round face that looks puffy because of T, tinny voice, small and thin wrists.

No. 1060025

Typical progression of ana chan/wannarexic —> munchie. Same as other attention whore proanas like Georgia, Amy, JTE, Hannah, Bekah. Predictable and boring.

No. 1060034

I notice since this was posted she took the 'yes I know I look 12' out of her bio. Really, I'm upset we didn't get a sperg out from her after she got cowtipped. I expected a lot of side eye hater posts but all she did was this and put out that apology.

No. 1060040

File: 1602877885130.jpg (468.57 KB, 1080x1729, 20201016_145122.jpg)

No trouble hitting her carbs with all of this low cal food

No. 1060043

We know she got tagged, but we can't be sure she actually saw it. And if she did- we don't know for sure she understood what it meant. I think chances are still decent she doesn't know.

No. 1060048

This a hotel…

No. 1060054

She already had