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No. 754044

A thread to continue to discuss pro-anas, wannarexics and attention seeking mental health/recovery "warriors".
previous thread: >>>/snow/697266

No. 754086

File: 1545794838452.png (831.1 KB, 750x1334, 9919959E-7F0F-45FB-8DFA-CA4B45…)

I think she’s officially hit the weight where she needs to stop photoshopping. If it wasn’t obvious before it is now. Amy’s whole world is shaken now that she’s been posted on illnessfakers. People are on to her eating disorder and munch munch munching! Does anyone think she’ll come out and say she has bulimia or ed behaviors? Or is she in to deep with the lies. She could say that the ed gave her gp but most ppl return to normal motility when they recover and she also has EDS which apparently can cause stuff like GP. she also has the munchie holy trinity anyway of EDS, Dysautonomia and MCAS so it be hard for her to explain away every condition. Once she gains weight I’m wondering what her next moves will be, hopefully she gets the line out and doesn’t continue with infusions Bc y’all know she’ll be bloodletting again. I really hope when the Tpn is done they yank it, but Ik she’s going to angle for pots saline infusions

No. 754107

File: 1545797631602.jpg (807.4 KB, 1080x1611, Screenshot_20181225-211156.jpg)


No. 754211

File: 1545836434310.jpeg (605.15 KB, 1800x1800, 1342E78C-EFDA-4922-B3AA-8CEC0D…)

Smorven’s story posts from a few days ago.
(For those that were asking earlier in prev thread; she has always been for at least the last 2/3 yrs, on a type of section called a community treatment order which basically means if she doesn’t engage with her treatment plan at hope she can be recalled to hospital for enforced treatment under the mental health act. She is in a private psych unit on a specialist ed ward (still all funded by NHS) and she is still claiming there is absolutely nothing wrong with her and everyone is making a big mistake…. she now claims all her weight loss/difficulty eating stems from her extremely severe GP (claims can only tolerate liquids) and her self harm and headbanging and manipulating staff and family is all her Autism and not actually the BPD she was diagnosed with when she first ended up in the system !

No. 754215

File: 1545836609664.jpeg (447.26 KB, 1800x1800, 97A4D140-6429-45AD-9D55-F8CE5D…)

More recent smorven posts. Interestingly she always posts way more and takes suggestive sickly selfies with medical equipment when shes in hospital but never normally posts when shes home

No. 754225

File: 1545837713466.jpeg (75.48 KB, 704x638, 395FA7B9-EE1E-4F1F-BD2A-222DA7…)

Smorvens awful and repetitive claim she’s absolutely fine (personally i think she really does want to appear as if she doesn’t have any insight because it ensures/makes it far more likely that care and treatment will be enforced on her but she can rant about how awfully the world is treating her)

No. 754230

File: 1545837807641.jpeg (72.41 KB, 708x638, F7B84B2C-C239-4E51-9212-A100F2…)

Any finally ….

No. 754243

Someone should point out to her it’s winter not summer .

No. 754247

As anon said in the previous thread post- take away her phone and give her a fixed ng or peg tube . Her behaviour is far more BPD than autistic- she’s too manipulative and autism gets more of the sympathy vote than BPD. She reminds me of that Laura Jones weebabe girl on IG.

No. 754248

stop replying to yourself and use sage

No. 754250

Wasn’t me

No. 754255

For someone who claims to hate their body and be ashamed of it , she is showing off an awful lot of it. Dress looks more like it is designed for summer not winter.

No. 754396

File: 1545879623478.png (1.44 MB, 1614x588, Kelsey.png)

>But that means that that I’m going to have to start being a bit more strict on what I eat. The last thing I want is to be a fat lump in a swimsuit sitting on the beach.

Kelsey is a very sick girl, and even though she photoshops a lot of her photos (to a ridiculous degree) she is still super spoopy, but these captions make it harder and harder to feel bad for her, the attention seeking here is so obvious, yet her fans just feed straight into it.

No. 754498

posting extremely photoshopped photos and sending them in the ed universe which is notoriously competitive. She knows exactly what she’s doing and she continues to shop for the asspats. Pro anas would unfollow her if they realized she wasn’t ~goals~ It’s clear her need for attention far outweighs the severity of her eating disorder

No. 754553

Oh yeah I understand why she photoshops her photos, eating disordered people are notorious attention seekers. I just don't understand how her followers don't realize it, the shit these people comment and the way they excuse the attention seeking behavior of these anas is making them so much worse. How many of these anas do you think would be in treatment or recovered right now if not for their idiotic followers.

Not excusing the insta anas or saying they aren't idiots too, fwi.

No. 754571

Nina Hansen is one of the skinny fetishists from VK.

No. 754588

Good lord she annoys me, I've followed for a while and I just couldn't see how others didn't notice the obvious shops. She knows what she's doing and it's damaging. I've no sympathy.

No. 754621

I think some people do notice the shoops, but how on earth do you call her out on it? It's obvious something is wrong, and sometimes people are just plain bad at confrontation especially if they have an EDs or mental health issues themselves. I think this is where anonymous hatred and bullying via sarahah and tellonym thrive. People too chickenshit to say how they feel, yet they put their anger somewhere so it's interacting with the cow (or just plain ED sufferer) behind the background and making situations worse. (though sometimes it's with merits, some cows do block you for trying to burst some sort of public bubble they're creating).

>>754571 can you screenshot anything from them at all? VK requires an account.

I do wonder if she can see at all how bad her photoshops are at all. As with art, sometimes you can come back to a piece and realise "holy crap, what did i do? that's all wrong" after taking a break. Not exactly the same thing but could a waning in mental state affect the way they perceive the shit-shop too? They might think it looks healthy.. "sort of"? or am i off the mark?

No. 754652

Paris sends herself hate messages on sarahah and Ig then puts posts on IG to get the sympathy vote /playing the victim - it’s obvious they are from her as the spelling and grammar is awful and makes the same mistakes she does ( your /you’re , their/there). I can’t understand why her mum lets her carry on and why she’s not in hospital .

No. 754716

File: 1545942409114.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1337x623, nh01.png)

This is all the page is. S/he comments on noteable spoops from ig and I don't think they realise she's one of the vk pervs. Pretty sure her latest profile is all screen grabs from hardcore skinny fetish videos, but not 100% sure (99% though).

No. 754717

File: 1545942441415.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1337x623, nh02.png)

No. 755778

I've seen that curvesbetweenmyribsss girl comment on lots of Smorvens posts- anyone know anything about her? She must a pretty special for Smorven to interact and be civil to her.

No. 755786

File: 1546099355800.png (641.45 KB, 750x1334, E95C1A0B-530F-4127-B582-0460E2…)

Uhm what… is she saying she has five years to live Bc of a google search?

No. 755822

File: 1546103287276.png (542.21 KB, 640x1136, 1FE7594E-E919-49C2-9B2B-20CD74…)

Yep apparently that’s exactly what she’s saying. This is just embarrassing kek

No. 755828

i'm pretty sure most, if not all the spoop fetishists on vk are thirsty men

No. 755902

It’s kind of hard to believe people ask her these questions and really mean it. Like whose using her for thinspo and why is she acting like she never had an eating disorder is she trying to do the old spoony swap!?kek. She has a good amount of followers but sometimes I feel like she asks herself questions from another account.

No. 756022

That must be a self ask. I've never seen her used as thinspo. Not that I look for it for thinspo, but I'm one of the anons who look for the fetishists. Even She Who Can Not Be Named once made it with a heavy shooped pic of herself. Never this one though.

No. 756128

File: 1546133475535.png (Spoiler Image, 829 KB, 1048x778, dR8z6d1.png)

here's one actually pandering to the VK fetishists

No. 756129

File: 1546133486290.png (Spoiler Image, 848.63 KB, 774x781, eHoSnbt.png)

No. 756131

File: 1546133499840.png (Spoiler Image, 478.59 KB, 910x762, KIxpldu.png)

No. 756132

File: 1546133513796.png (Spoiler Image, 887.61 KB, 1044x767, Vdrr9x7.png)

No. 756133

File: 1546133528521.png (Spoiler Image, 469.46 KB, 888x571, jG9RNHX.png)

No. 756134

File: 1546133546739.png (Spoiler Image, 345.83 KB, 807x739, 0jflFTr.png)

No. 756202

File: 1546140567895.png (41.38 KB, 811x170, nina.png)

This girl is friends with Nina Hansen >>754571
and Markus Pfennig, who fetishizes Eugenia >>>/snow/756016

No. 756227

Ninas pprofile pic isn't even her. It's Gemma Walker. Smh

No. 756258

File: 1546149219222.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.88 KB, 592x513, g.JPG)

They're all in a big old skinny fetish circle, including big old Henry Roth.

Img: TW TW TW Henry Roth nude body check

No. 756260

File: 1546149555650.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.16 KB, 696x573, bleck.JPG)

While on the subject of pro ana VKers, there's one called Nina Hamilton (friends with the others). She (if it's a she) posts kids who need a good feed.


Img is one of the sickest things I've seen on their pro ana fap sessions.

No. 756272

Pedophiles attracted to skeletal bodies… disgusting x2

No. 756277

Spaceship posted a live. She is pretending her hair is almost gone despite having eyebrows and eyelashes. She is also smoking cannabis on “immuno suppressants”

No. 756317

is there a way to report the skinny fetishist on the site? It made me feel sick.

No. 756359

I doubt they'll do shit, pretty sure VK prides themselves with the whole "muh free speech" shit, which technically protects these people

No. 756377

She’s desperately trying to pretend she’s got anaplastic anemia and is getting chemo, when all she’s gotten is very normal iron infusions. Too bad for her that the only thing killing her is her ED

No. 756386

Tinyboosteps is slowly getting on the road of asking for stuff, she talks about lack of money and has her amazon wishlist on her bio.

No. 756410

Well, this is disturbing. It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that a community like that actually exists.

No. 756497

File: 1546214153948.jpg (218.38 KB, 1080x1776, 1945965419250398140_5756744959…)

Vk doesn't really care about pro ana stuff. I think it's because it's a Russian site and I've known of other Russian based sites that allow far worse things (ie pedo shit) and don't do anything about it. Pfennig and the Hansen woman have had profile's deleted for breaking ToS but they only make a new one.

The fact it's so public is disturbing as well. (Not to mention why is that little girl so underweight??)

This bugs me. I hate when snowflakes think that ~nobody understands muh struggle~. I read this and can relate but I don't take a pic of myself crying and post about it. Experiencing PTSD, depression, anorexia, anxiety, personality disorder ALL AT ONCE is … what happens. To everyone. They're all mixed together yet she won't try to recover because she thinks there's too much going on? Sounds like excuses. Yeah, she's sick, but she's in a hell of a fortunate position having a mother who waits on her 24/7, free accommodation and the offer of treatment (which some would kill for) that she won't take because ~too much going on~.

No. 756536

File: 1546217468136.jpeg (240.65 KB, 750x1097, 4949D5D5-EE18-47F1-AB15-0DDB6B…)


kek literally just came here to post this, she’s one the worst imo. pic related - doesnt feel ‘able’ to try something as simple as breathing exercises yet manages to go shopping every day

No. 756545


It feels like aly is fucking coaching her now that she's no longer a spoop herself. Aly, STOP LOVING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH OTHERS.

No. 756563


What the hell, that's an actual little girl, like. A whole ass child. Disgusting. I hate thinspo, but using a child is beyond vile.

No. 756570

Further scrolling and there are hindered of pictures of children on the page. It's making me angry and sad at the same time. It's horrible

No. 756574


Controlling breathing's THE thing that helps stops full blown panic attacks. Personal blog but from experience relaxation tapes (yeah I'm old) and breathing exercises were the thing that eventually helped/still help with anxiety attacks. Helps A LOT.

Doesn't see she's ill enough yet wants people to know she's iller than they think, Huh.

It's the grossest page I've seen on vk tbh. Bonespo is bad, but when they're posting kids it's a whole new disgusting level.

No. 756579

There's a lot of pictures of one girl and I'm so worried now, I legit can't do anything, but in some she's in inappropriate poses and I am scared shes being forced. God what a disgusting page!

No. 756589

I mean a girl was kidnapped and held captive from MPA so I don’t doubt there may be multiple cases

No. 756597

I only got to the end of August so didn't see it, but if you're seriously worried you could report it to the Internet Watch Foundation under category C if it's a minor.

No. 756608



No. 756609


Hold up! Seriously?

No. 756610

Even if they can't remove the content (with vk being Russian based) at least they've got it logged and they'll look into it.

Not the anon who mentioned it but google Hailey Burns. She was missing for a year when she ran away to be with an "ana coach" she met on mpa.

No. 756611

File: 1546224084713.png (577.27 KB, 1024x768, image.png)


Scene from near the start of the film on Netflix called Bird Box.- remind you of anyone?

No. 756647

They’re fucking disgusting, some of those girls are like 10 yrs old. Wtf is wrong with them. Cannot unsee this shit.

No. 756749

The girl in the circle picture was prominent on ig a while ago before she committed suicide. She was underage as she was ip in a Camhs unit so lol nice bit o kiddie porn

No. 756755

Relaxation sessions aren't always easy for people with anxiety, taking control of your breathing or becoming more aware of your breath & body, for example, can send you into a panic attack. It's one of those things some might need to ease into and to keep trying before they find any benefit/are able to sit through it, not everyone's experience is the same.

No. 756773

Oh please. This bitch wouldn't try at any point. She won't accept any help.

No. 756853

File: 1546274068431.jpeg (250.55 KB, 750x1207, 7AA2BF17-87CE-43E8-892C-7C8017…)

No. 756894

Who is it? I used to be active in UK instagram and she looks very familiar to me.

No. 756914

I dunno if I can say as she was underage when she died etc

No. 756934

File: 1546283763092.jpeg (205.96 KB, 750x1209, 7D92110B-C6B5-407E-B219-553E75…)

No. 756955

File: 1546286751470.jpg (52.46 KB, 556x489, 1.JPG)

She's popular in this … community.

No. 757053

File: 1546301804181.png (547.91 KB, 1080x1349, IMG_20190101_001605.png)

Who does she think she is kidding?

No. 757055

File: 1546302009979.gif (11.77 MB, 450x337, tbs.gif)

Her knee to foot is longer than my entire leg…apparently.

Spoopy new year, guize! Hope it's a better one for milk.

No. 757071

probably won't be

No. 757154

File: 1546321661240.jpg (698.9 KB, 1080x1546, Screenshot_20190101-124556_Ins…)

Nourisht0flourish continues to post increasingly disgusting pictures of her food with hairs on the plate, dead insects in the background, filthy surroundings.

And how is this a huge challenge when she exclusively posts junk food ?

No. 757155

File: 1546321784495.jpg (698.35 KB, 1073x1241, Screenshot_20190101-124901_Ins…)

No. 757156

File: 1546321825834.jpg (615.83 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_20190101-124928_Ins…)

Honestly, if she really eats what she posts then how is a slice of cake a huge challenge compared to this garbage plate??

No. 757172

Claiming she deleted it because “too many people reported it” more like too many people noticed it’s shopped

No. 757188

File: 1546328950700.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1485, IMG_20190101_074851.png)

On the post she has even photoshoped her hand, all it does is make her look arthritic

No. 757236

who could even eat this lol it reminds me of those irregular holes memes ugh

No. 757243

Crumpets with baked beans is just weird.

No. 757277

I had the same thought!

No. 757323

None of that looks even a little appetizing.

No. 757413

It’s a British thing

No. 757619

She must fart so loud after that.

No. 757693

It really isn't. It's a weirdo thing. I've never seen or heard of anyone having crumpets and baked beans in my entire life. This is some next level shit.

I hate that this made me laugh out loud.

No. 758058

File: 1546477178390.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1366, IMG_20190103_005717.png)

Damn what is it with all these anachans and their bendy floors/wardrobes/ mirrors. It's almost like they're so skinny that everything is sucked into their black hole thigh gaps.

No. 758063

The body dysmorphia and eating disorders warping the way they view themselves, probably?

No. 758067

You gonna give context for who that is or ?

No. 758069


Sorry its kelsey.ed or kelsey.xx.00
She is now

No. 758071


Fr though why does nobody call them out on their photoshopping?

No. 758103

this is what always got me and forgive me for being offtopic, but… wouldn't the dysmorphia make them want to photoshop themselves bigger? especially if that's what they see in the mirror or feel. i don't understand why portray something they know is a lie? (not saying they aren't already thin, they clearly are.. but like.. this stuff has to make them feel worse when they look at their insta and then a mirror) idgi

No. 758192

They have eating disorders and a strong desire to be thin. Seeing themselves as larger than they are/other BDD beliefs wouldn’t cause them to make themselves look bigger???? If you were insecure because you though your nose was too big you would edit it to look smaller, not bigger. How Kelsey sees her body is not based in reality; her highly edited and anatomically incorrect photos may look normal and healthy because her brain makes her view her body as larger than it really is

No. 758284

Or they want to look spoopier than they are being cause competition. Nobody calls them out because it's thinspo fodder even if it's edited?

No. 758285

Because* not being cause. damn autocorrect.

No. 758286


thanks for your insight, anons. i guess it is a lot more macabre than i gave it credit for.

No. 758378

If I was insecure about my nose I wouldn't post photos of it on the Internet - which is why I think a lot of this anorexic 'I hate my body so I'll just post multiple exposing shots of it for thousands to see' doesn't ring true. If they really hated their own body they would hide it away. Paris is a prime culprit.

No. 758444

it's not showcasing their bodies, it's about seeking validation that their body isn't as bad as they think it is.

No. 758462

Clearly posted this to see if it's something else she can sponge off her followers…and some sucker fell for it. She just posted that it arrived in the post this morning. Jeez, some people.

No. 758463

File: 1546541264242.jpg (518.78 KB, 1080x1658, IMG_20190103_184715.jpg)

No. 758505


These anas who say they don't deserve to eat or have nice things sure do have a go at getting free stuff regardless.

No. 758632

She previously posted asking how to “win stuff” from her wishlist, as if she is THAT OBLIVIOUS. She doesnt has the face to call it what it is: ask followers to buy her stuff.

No. 758636

File: 1546554935169.jpeg (215.56 KB, 587x912, A20BAF8E-92C1-4C8F-A439-8C67FD…)

I don’t understand how no one is noticing. Especially here where you can tell her upper half is not emaciated or as deathly thin as she making her legs out to be. Like those shoulders would be pointy and boney and same with her collar bones. Like it’s worrisome to me that her followers could be that stupid

No. 758648

File: 1546555965457.png (66.18 KB, 1139x525, oookay.png)

No. 758654

I'm p sure most of them know but don't say anything. It's like when Aly was pulling her pint parties shit but nobody said anything, or if they did they'd get blocked. I even think a lot of them humour her because it's sick fun.

She's private so I can't see her other pics, but yeah, that's a healthy face, good skin, good teeth. Looks like she woke up from a really good sleep.

No. 758668

File: 1546557850410.png (Spoiler Image, 4.4 MB, 1125x2436, 9603862B-C259-444F-9BD7-9E128C…)

Bella please brush your fucking teeth

No. 758706

Jesus Christ, thank you for the spoiler.

No. 758873

That girl is rancid inside and out

No. 758881

anyone know about kate kusmina? she posts spoop pics and denies anorexia, although she used to have her bmi in her bio (it was 13)

No. 758887


fucking hell thanks for the nightmare fuel

No. 758931


No clue, I mean she's shooping to look like before hospital (also shopped pics) but her upper body is nowhere near as bony.

No. 758942

If you zoom in you can even see how bumpy the top parts of her legs are, I’m shocked at how she thinks it looks remotely “real” at all. If you’re going to claim this is how you look, atleast learn some shop skills first. I agree, there’s no way her top half looks 10x healthier than her legs.

No. 758951

Too bad most people here can’t speak Russian. Used to be just another tumblr ‘spo spoop but that malnourished brain truly thinks itself a ig model/influencer even though literally most of her followers are wannarexics. Completely delusional about her man face mouth breather jaw and outlandish shooping.

No. 758961

For sure, she looks reletivly normal up top, just, sucking in.

No. 758968

Do you have more info on her? I don't really speak Russian but I went on her IG and she's spoopy as hell. I've also stumbled upon quite a few Russian spoops on IG.

No. 758985

i can translate her posts/stories but she speaks too fast for me lol
but basically she writes(? maybe copies and quotes) these long ass poetic captions never addressing her disorder at all and promotes other russian spoops
she's apparently 5'6" and 'walks a lot' to get as skinny as she is, and posts pics with pizza with comments saying she obviously never eats it. her followers all just say stuff like 'body goals' in russian with the occasional question about anorexia but she doesnt really reply

No. 759120

(russian fag is here)
I've been following her for nearly a year, and she always denies having ED. When someone asks her how did she lose weight her answer is always the same: "my body burns more calories than I eat", she says she never starved herself and never was on a diet, just "simply changed her lifestyle and lost some weight". She posts her before/after photos sometimes, but deletes it anyway later on.
To sum up she's just a spoiled kid who lives in small town in Siberia and makes her parents buy her stuff, while her flat is not in the best condition. I mean, why would you make your parents buy you an iPhone X (this shit is really expensive for an average russian salary) and live in post Soviet Union trashy flat?
Besides wasting parents' money on brands and being spoopy she doesn't seem milky at all. And she is underage (17), don't forget bout it.

No. 759188

Is she eating moldy fruit again?
She’s so gross, but seems convinced she’s genuinely better than anyone or everyone. How do you get a superiority complex when you live like such a pig you gotta take photos hanging out the window?

No. 759466

File: 1546674014912.jpeg (538.53 KB, 1242x2000, A3398772-1383-45AF-9356-C27353…)

the way she’s posing… i’m so confused.

No. 759608

File: 1546706291851.jpeg (387.87 KB, 1125x1970, FDBEF549-8F29-402D-BC93-3B58C2…)

She’s disgusting. Here she is mushing up her raw salmon. Also she has been going on about how she won the lottery - that’s why she’s 20 or so and does nothing except live like a filthy bitch.

No. 759616

That looks like a perfectly healthy body to me kek. I love how she’s like I’d hug my parents and tell them I love them more often Bc they never showed me affection.. really spaceship sounds like your projecting and that you didn’t show them affection. She is so delusional, I’ll try and find the story post or whatever but did anyone see that she’s basically done with her AE treatment? I thought she only had 5 yrs to live…

No. 759617

That looks like a perfectly healthy body to me kek. I love how she’s like I’d hug my parents and tell them I love them more often Bc they never showed me affection.. really spaceship sounds like your projecting and that you didn’t show them affection. She is so delusional, I’ll try and find the story post or whatever but did anyone see that she’s basically done with her AE treatment? I thought she only had 5 yrs to live…

No. 759618

That looks like a perfectly healthy body to me kek. I love how she’s like I’d hug my parents and tell them I love them more often Bc they never showed me affection.. really spaceship sounds like your projecting and that you didn’t show them affection. She is so delusional, I’ll try and find the story post or whatever but did anyone see that she’s basically done with her AE treatment? I thought she only had 5 yrs to live…

No. 759619

That looks like a perfectly healthy body to me kek. I love how she’s like I’d hug my parents and tell them I love them more often Bc they never showed me affection.. really spaceship sounds like your projecting and that you didn’t show them affection. She is so delusional, I’ll try and find the story post or whatever but did anyone see that she’s basically done with her AE treatment? I thought she only had 5 yrs to live…

No. 759621

Sorry for the multiple posts, wasn’t showing that my post uploaded and now it won’t let me delete. Sorry y’all

No. 759668

File: 1546715335104.jpeg (210.61 KB, 750x366, 0948D117-5884-42EA-A0ED-27940C…)

asking for a phone

No. 759675

She should dip into the 1k people gave to that fund she set up to send her ma on holiday.

No. 759696

File: 1546719040553.jpg (255.66 KB, 1080x1796, IMG_20190105_200801.jpg)

Adding more onto her wishlist. Come on guys, you know you want to buy her a brand new laptop lol

No. 759697

Wait for the post saying her laptop is slow and rubbish like her phone

No. 759711


Fucking hell I'm in such a state. I necked all my valium way before my next script is due and I can't cope with my shitty life. I've no one to phone and the Samaritans even told me to stop bothering them cough https://www.cgarsltd.co.uk/marlboro-red-kingsize-pack-cigarettes-200-p-23972.html cough I don't deserve little gifts but if I COULD AFFORD SOME FUCKING CIGS maybe I'd hold on a while longer. They remind me of my dead grandmother who was the only person who ever loved me.


No. 759720

>>759711 is that you aakkii?

No. 759811


Who the hell would photoshop the size of the eyes to an almost alien-version size?

Literally Generation stupid on Instagram that nobody seems to call out her amateur shoop…

No. 759824

Crying Emily was infamous for this

No. 759826

If someone has a lot of ass kissers calling them out for shit becomes a dogpile of fans all competing to defend their chosen one the hardest. It’s not worth having forty teenagers screech “JEALOUS” at you for pointing out that someone’s eyes can’t be the size of their fist.

No. 759869

File: 1546747243894.jpg (467.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190105-215855.jpg)

If this story from Morven isn't the most ironic thing, i don't know what is. She's literally doing all the same things as everyone else on the ed "recovery" community

No. 759952

I have never seen salmon that looks like this wtf. It looks like raw chicken.

No. 759961

Sure morvy, and your XL men’s jumpers worn with stockings aren’t so everyone sees your skeletal knees and thinks uwu smol bean so sick. Needs more reference to unbearable torture and dreadful dreadful sadness.
Surely it takes work to be more pretentious than an entire intro to psych class, she could stop slamming her face into walls to get out of meals and like..be a person who’s not so unbearably miserable.

No. 759965


Apparently she is well off enough to buy a small house. Yet in another post she said she will have to get a job in a few years. Doesn't add up chief.

No. 759966

File: 1546766886751.jpg (596.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190106-162741_Ins…)

So that's where the lottery money is going

No. 759968

Further proof that you can’t buy taste. I wish she’d post more because she’s got the personality of an ideal cow. Vain, arrogant, ignorant, and gross. She’s a perfect storm. Once she freaked out for a week because someone pointed out that she has ten inches of split ends on a post bragging about having perfect princess hair.

No. 759984

File: 1546773290557.jpg (363.98 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20190106-181414_Ins…)

I assume you were talking about these split ends?

No. 759992

Nah way older. She had a huge tantrum over it. Wtf is wrong with her mouth there tho?

No. 759999

File: 1546780068761.jpg (524.25 KB, 1080x1255, Screenshot_20190106-200621_Ins…)

Lmao her lipstick was looking particularly bizarre and tbh I would expect nothing less from someone who chooses live amongst piles of filth ??

No. 760033

Sage but Bird Box

No. 760078

Is she still in the hospital? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again, her funding needs to be cut. People are dying while this lazy, malingering cunt who clearly has no aspirations for her future besides wasting NHS money, thumping her head into any hard surface she can find and lounging about in her parents’ house laps up the attention and the much needed, and very hard to come by, resources. She should be thoroughly ashamed of herself tbh and so should her parents who seem to enable this bullshit, why else would it have gone on for years?

Sage for rant. NHSfag here and knowing how much she’s bound to cost the system is infuriating.

No. 760084

Same person as above, sorry, i totally forgot to hit reply. I was talking about smorven.

No. 760309

Couldn't have said it better.

No. 760329

Check out her Russell's scar on her hand. Typical bulimic. She still purged.

No. 760380

oof had no idea she was 17

No. 760426


It's like she isn't even trying, the background has so many warps, also, she didn't change her arm so it looks healthy. And her legs don't look as spoopy.

No. 760428

There's such differences between each photo in her leg size… Like at lease be consistent kelsy girl

No. 760430

File: 1546883525268.png (2.26 MB, 1222x1849, IMG_9902.PNG)

does she seriously think people are buying the idea that her leg is smaller than her arm? (deleted and re-uploaded bc my dumb ass forgot to crop out my user pic)

No. 760431

how are people not calling her out for this shit?

No. 760436


No consistency in editing the pics the Christmas jumper one had match stick legs, the one before this had bigger, and this just isn't even close, like, i seriously don't get how people aren't noticing? Or how she herself doesn't realise how crap the edit looks. Like you have to notice the wardrobe is warped when you're editing?

No. 760458

Doesn't look to be, it's got vivid clear lines no warps

No. 760487

the lanugo on that leg is loud n proud, thats really the giveaway. if this were shooped you wouldnt be able to see the light hitting those fine little hairs so distinctly youd just see smooth leg. the shadows look consistent too

No. 760493

She sure as hell doesn't look it. Though it's not necessarily a problem since the rules state not to discuss anyone under 16.

What the hell am I looking at? This instantly reminded me of The Rake from a creepypasta.

No. 760519

Well somehow people are buying it. My stupid ass replied to a comment about how she doesn’t need to pose like that because she’s already very underweight, so I said she also doesn’t need to photoshop and pointed out how her arms were the same size as her legs and I was instantly blocked. Shit

No. 760551

I sent her a DM
She has a bunch of followers on there(cowtipping)

No. 760558

You’re not supposed to post about under 16s and Mia is only 15.You need to delete your post

No. 760646

File: 1546906414451.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190107-180608.jpg)

Is Becky @tinyboosteps just using an insane amount of photoshop on her posts, or is this water retention? Despite her twiglike legs that she proudly displays in her outfit posts, her leg looks pretty… normal? here

No. 760725

weirdest way to have your legs in a foot bath wtf

No. 760781

She looks spoopier than she is because her legs are long and she wears black tights. She's a spoop but not as much as you'd think. It really is the fact her legs are longer than most people her height and black tights are very slimming. She wears short skirts so her legs are nlwhat your eyes are drawn to.

When she isn't wearing tights her legs don't look as thin.

No. 760785

File: 1546921435186.jpg (19.49 KB, 308x324, 6tag-5756744959-18500663801307…)

No. 760858


I also commented something similar and she blocked me immediately

No. 760935

Not sure how diluted your Ana chan brain is, but those are some spoopy ass legs

No. 760941

File: 1546958496503.png (725.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-08-06-19-33…)

I noticed she also stands super far away from her mirror when she takes outfit photos. She's a spoop no doubt but she does go out of her way to make herself look thinner.
I assume it helps her case when begging

No. 760946

Not an ana chan, m8. I said she was spoopy. Brush up on those comprehension skills.

No. 760951

File: 1546961043408.jpg (623.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190108-222349_Ins…)

Pretty sure nobody wants your disgusting second hand vape

No. 760952

Yeah, soz but talking about you is banned. >>703909

No. 760962

File: 1546963564235.jpg (41.15 KB, 419x623, snowflake cookie.JPG)

Looks like some mug bought her that candle from her wishlist. Appropriately named.

What's self care about lighting a fucking candle? In my household it's called trying to cut the utility bills down.

Also, how is aplying makeup every day and getting a new ootd together not self care? I mean, who the fuck can be arsed doing that most days (depressed anons, amirite?)

No. 760968

Make up and outfit could be just routine, I still did things like that even when I was at my lowest.

Self care is different for everyone

No. 761026

File: 1546973000312.png (226.05 KB, 278x500, magic bean.png)

And more wishlist stuff. Deffo Ash tier now.

No. 761028

File: 1546973068001.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-08-18-41-32…)

Yet another freebie for the sponge. She's totally gonna leach as much as she possibly can. Man, that wishlist is gonna be ridiculous soon, watch.

No. 761154

File: 1546987304422.jpeg (206.47 KB, 750x1222, 1DDA532A-66EF-42F7-912B-4CD23E…)

someone has to tell her to stop asking for stuff.

No. 761173

I just saw this. She's seriously taking the piss. But the people stupid enough to waste their money on a sponge are just encouraging her. It's just gonna get worse

No. 761174

I just saw this. She's seriously taking the piss. But the people stupid enough to waste their money on a sponge are just encouraging her. It's just gonna get worse

No. 761177

I just saw this. She's seriously taking the piss. But the people stupid enough to waste their money on a sponge are just encouraging her. It's just gonna get worse

No. 761194

File: 1546991429134.jpg (30.56 KB, 971x172, orly.JPG)


£37. Nobody bought me the Marlboro Red and those things literally keep me alive!

No. 761200

She's not even being subtle in her asking

No. 761212

i recognize that lipstick look

No. 761727

File: 1547072153029.png (1.19 MB, 720x1146, Screenshot_2019-01-09-14-07-37…)

Most cows in this thread are unfortunate looking, but this girl is ugly as sin. Even if she wore better make up or were a normal weight she would still be ugly. If she weren't a spoop she would be completely irrelevant

No. 761738

I’ve seen photos before she was sick and she looked pretty, anorexia has consumed her

No. 761739

1) who is she?
2) why is she a cow?
3) what's her milk?
4) be more specific

No. 761768

Stop demanding explanations like a lazy ass, do your homework and just scroll up a bit.

No. 761845

How is you thinking she’s ugly milk?

No. 761868

File: 1547084345880.jpeg (84.04 KB, 749x679, A4B2DE28-011E-44AF-9A09-6B6412…)

Spaceship went private, I’m not a follower but can anyone that still does follow her provide any insight into this? Did she make a long wordy pseudo intellectual post about why she’s no longer publicly craving internet attention?

No. 761877

File: 1547085682284.png (518.77 KB, 750x1334, A14CDA22-8470-45E5-80AF-EE52E0…)

Seems like she’s started some sort of end of life Instagram lmao

No. 761879

File: 1547085771574.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 0A372E1E-2150-4939-8E94-7FC4EB…)

And the first post

No. 761892

Oh my this has potential for some serious milk, kek! So is this all based on the fact that she’s going to die like I’m confused. I looked into this “dream foundation” and the front internet page says “Giving life to final Dreams”
“Serving terminally-ill adults and their families by providing end-of-life Dreams that offer inspiration, comfort and closure.”
So now she’s terminally ill even though based on the treatment she doesn’t even have severe aplastic anemia and medfags I think have mentioned that usually the treatment is different and she looks like she is receiving tx for a simple and less serious iron deficiency that could result from AN. Anyway this is outrageous and the account photo is the dream foundation logo. Looks like she’s going down the path of milking handouts. How fcked up and narcissistic do u have to be to actually take away opportunity away from an actually terminally ill person.. this is fcked up and cringe on so many levels.

No. 761909

I didn’t post that. You asked where’s the milk, and three posts above you can find it instead of demanding someone to sum it up for you.

No. 761914

File: 1547087721536.jpeg (2.03 MB, 3046x3046, E44C1ACB-71D4-45CD-8DD7-F1E07A…)

These are her current story posts leading up to her goin private. Holy shit has she lost it or what

No. 761922


that last pic has me CACKLING

No. 761932

Omg…….. Thanks for sharing this btw I can’t believe I would have missed this lol. Anyways I always knew she was delusional but this is extremely OTT like what the fuck she just bragged about her house showing pictures and how rich she is and we are suppose to believe that her parents won’t pay for tx? This is insane. Besides the fact she’s young and likely still on their insurance. Idk this all seems too rediculous to believe. What a stunt to start of 2019. Round of aplause for this milk. Please post anything else from her “final days” on spaceship account if you can op!

No. 761947

how old is spaceship again?

No. 761966

File: 1547090857260.png (300.66 KB, 990x575, 15574093861723f9e78205372485a2…)

No. 761968

File: 1547090973877.png (843.49 KB, 916x552, 292f4d928279245b90a152b8eec20b…)

No. 761969

Yes she is def on her parents insurance. Thanks to Obamacare children can stay on their parents insurance until age 26. Oh the irony that she loves trump. She lives at home and her parents seemingly financially support her 100%. They would totally pay if she was dying
21 I believe

No. 761971

she has lost it, maybe she was schizophrenic after all

No. 761974

I’m curious about how is she gonna continue this made up story.

No. 761979


I feel like I've received a glorious harvest after a long family. Thankyou. Thankyou spaceship for this glorious milk.

No. 762034

File: 1547096526075.jpeg (80.88 KB, 734x259, 9A47B5ED-EF97-47F5-9C79-FC8A5A…)

very difficult situation, one they could not have prepared for -> having to pay 490 dolars?

No. 762036

File: 1547096928947.jpeg (63.85 KB, 750x261, 17955283-E6C9-4259-8B37-91788D…)

Nothing makes sense. Without treatment she will die, but the post says her parents are in fact gonna pay her apointments, so even if her “aplastic anemia” is real she is not dying

No. 762047

Age also takes your life in time lol. This is so OTT it’s amazing.

Wait the big question who is running this new account? It’s not supposed to be Natalia as it’s in third person, but who in their right mind believes her “I’m dying” stunt

No. 762053

It’s definitely Natalia, kek.

Rip Nat

No. 762073

That last panel would make a fine future thread pic.

No. 762128

File: 1547112450196.jpg (270.95 KB, 908x1009, IMG_20190110_092404.jpg)

Top marks to this follower for commenting this (on spaceship's last post).

No. 762137


She literally posted an Insta story the other day bragging about her huge house, all of a sudden we're expected to believe that the pauper parents of darling little Natalia Marie Parisi La Fleur are just land rich and bankrupt ????

No. 762138

File: 1547115427051.jpg (503.33 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20190110-171632_Ins…)

Becky is even begging for gifts from J.K.Rowling now ??

No. 762157

File: 1547120208971.jpg (54.59 KB, 727x583, q.JPG)


Did you see she wrote to Ma Windsor to tell her about her MI ~struggles~? As if that reptilian gives a fuck about a pauper in Bolton.

No. 762168

i know we're not talking about T** but does anyone have access to @theriseofrosie's account/posts? it sounds like there could be some milk to be found

No. 762218

File: 1547134937355.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-10-15-38-13…)

Stop beating round the bush Becky and just point blank beg for the freaking game. Some sucker will fall for it I'm sure

No. 762227


Why is she suddenly begging for shit in like… Every post?

No. 762250

Lurk moar, these were already posted idiot

No. 762267

Take a second look, idiot. Because they haven't.

No. 762272

Not that anon but yes, they have been posted. Scroll up.

The first set was 16 hours ago, the second set 15 hours ago.

No. 762278

we dontactualy hae

No. 762279

where is the actual proof that spaceship is ill? photos of her in a beanie in a random room with a tube? anyone could buy tubes to fake that.

No. 762283

File: 1547145769181.jpg (319.68 KB, 1080x1650, IMG_20190110_184133.jpg)

Well that didn't take long

No. 762284

File: 1547145795028.jpg (590.16 KB, 1080x1704, IMG_20190110_184201.jpg)

No. 762286

What an absolute load of utter tosh

No. 762288

File: 1547146357173.jpg (428.35 KB, 1080x1683, IMG_20190110_185120.jpg)

Also on the other account (supposedly not spaceship, yea right..)

No. 762301

File: 1547148490520.jpeg (255.1 KB, 750x1207, 548526D6-4195-42A4-BA9B-36FDD5…)

when will somebody call her out on this shit?

No. 762305

Makes up dramatic story about being on the verge of death and her parents abandoning her to die alone.
Ah yes exactly how I remember schizophrenia. The bpd really jumped out

No. 762321

No. 762324

her hair looks exactly as it usualy does. it is not falling out. i hope everyone who gives her money gets it back. scamarama

No. 762348

She's at it again begging for a sewing machine and postal presents

No. 762349

Tinyboosteps on the scrounge check it out

No. 762352

Can someone just get this cow to stop with the begging it's getting ridiculous and comes across so desperate. I feel sorry for her poor mother who can't even enjoy a museum trip without Becky going into breakdown mode after 5 mins. Why don't they just put her in a unit and leave her there? How old is she? She acts about 10 it's pathetic

No. 762355


Hand sew your little embroidery patches, Becky? Just a suggestion.

My, my, what a materialistic world we live in with begging for dumb shit on wishlists and gofuckme.

How do they have the balls to ask others to spend their cash on sending them free things? If boosteps was actually showing any signs of doing anything to improve her ED then fine, but seems like she wants rewards for breaking down in Aldi and museums. Good that she gets to pose for fun pics before the breakdowns though.

No. 762356


She won't go IP because it gave her PTSD. It's too traumatic to want to get well. Sadface.

No. 762357

Those little machines don’t even work for machine embroidery. The machinery is cheap loose crap and they either break or tear your fabric. A decent machine is still cheap, but not 8 bucks. Those machines are only good for kids learning to sew and small hems.

No. 762363

File: 1547155567078.jpg (22.59 KB, 603x104, twatter.JPG)

She does it on twitter as well, although less of an audience there.

No. 762386

This is so over the top and immature I can't even handle it.

No. 762420

File: 1547163983390.png (17.17 KB, 388x133, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 6.45…)

talks in 3rd person but it the creator of the campaign. top kek.

No. 762428

Lol how much you want to bet she didn’t know people can look that up. I can’t get over this “Parisian girl image” she seems to be pushing with posting her “full name.” Fluer is nonexistent in French. Imagine creating your own last name to appear fancy and it’s flu-er. Influenza isn’t cute

No. 762552

File: 1547176342536.jpeg (435.08 KB, 750x983, 5A235DA2-7C7A-44BE-9C25-5B527D…)

Genuine ?

No. 762714

File: 1547206415627.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 488.11 KB, 1125x2139, 1C6ED858-F034-4E9D-889E-952129…)

Mmmmm thanks babe for zooming in on old bits of skanky food stuck to your plate… is that a bit of broccoli I spy?

No. 762726

God her food looks so gross and she's so fucking disordered, her life revolves around food. What the hell else does she do?

Every time I see her grotty plates and nails it makes me feel physically ill. And almost nobody calls her out. One girl commented on how she eats things semi-frozen and kindly asked if it was disordered and she went off on a caption. It's clearly not something you do when you eat normally, neither is arranging food, taking multiple photos and videos that NO-ONE wants to see and doing whatever the hell she does with the plates she eats off (probably wipes them with a skanky cloth and eats her next meal without washing them properly lol).

Anyway rant over, the recovery community is mostly fucked and she's one of the worst imo.

No. 762729

I saw that! She went off on one earlier about how we should praise her for having two bagel THINS and a single millimetre of spread loooooool

No. 762741

File: 1547215418683.jpg (Spoiler Image, 259.09 KB, 1080x1510, IMG_20190111_140236.jpg)

I think I was sick a little seeing this close up. Seriously eww!

No. 762748

For real lol, who goes through the trouble of using FOUR different spreads on a bagel, that's enough to show that she ain't eating this shit. Not to mention the frozen yogurt and the overuse of the kitchen scale.

No. 762754

File: 1547217693820.png (71.66 KB, 750x1334, 61C0B8A5-B958-4A86-9601-77B515…)

“not accepting funds” anymore. so does she just get to run away with almost $300? There’s no mention of her special insta that’s being run for her on spaceship anymore.

No. 762757

File: 1547218901802.png (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-11-15-01-21…)

Just, no.

No. 762762

You can clearly see a hair on it and what looks like dirt. Seriously who would think this is okay to eat or post online?

No. 762766

File: 1547221772550.jpg (207.32 KB, 1078x1726, Screenshot_20190112-024453_1.j…)

Paris's instagram story, why though

No. 762771

Looks real enough

No. 762772

Neither do we Paris! If you stopped wallowing in your own anorexia and made an effort at trying to recover or get a place in an EDU you might get some pity.

No. 762778

Nah, wonky floorboards.

No. 762779

he doesn't care cus he's already mourned you and wants your bedroom for storage and maybe a treadmill

No. 762780

Even the cat don't give a shit.

No. 762844

Idk how gofuckme works because I'm not a scrounger, but do you think she's shitting her pants because too many people are on to it being a scam? Does gofuckme prosecute scams?
Another naive question - do they ask for proof that someone who wants cash actually has the illness they say they do?

No. 762850

gofundme will shut down a campaign if it is reported as fraudulent for the following reasons:
+Breaking the law
+Lying or being misleading about your identity as a campaign organizer or your relationship to the beneficiary of the funds
+Posting misleading statements in the campaign description
+Not delivering funds to the stated beneficiary
+Not using funds for their stated purpose

Not sure if she was expressly breaking their rules and would qualify as fraud but it is possible.

No. 762910

File: 1547243026456.jpeg (191.9 KB, 750x1216, 0046537F-92D6-491D-BC45-D370F5…)

she has no shame

No. 762917

Oh god she doesn’t even wash her plates. Low key want her to do a room tour, she could be dirtier than Luna and Lurch.

How do you reach a point where not cleaning anything becomes so normal you show it off proudly?

Thank god someone has left her eternal pity party. Jesus Paris how long do you expect anyone to tolerate you and your moping and your creepy little demotivational print-outs for your dinner plate?

No. 762981

Hey scumbag bitches, hows your miserable farmer lives treating you lol!!! 😂😂😂😂

No. 762984

better than yours, clearly. move along.

No. 762989

Na.Here for the show love and to laugh at how screwed up you all are 🤣

No. 762990

Great thanks for asking

No. 762993

>has organs that aren't being digested by my own body

No. 762995

Don't need to ask you anything thanks.
Just checking out IP addresses, don't need your permission thanks!!!!
So go ahead and pipe down while I do my work 🙌🏼🖕🏽

No. 762999

take your emojis elsewhere “anon”

No. 763001

Hahaha thats really told me, fuck I better not post an emoji in farmersville!!!!!!

No. 763002

Oh wait hang on!!!!

No. 763004


No. 763005

LOL you’re so full of shit
Stop lying, you’re just embarrassing yourself. You better hope admin doesn’t remove your anonymity kek

No. 763006


you are the dumbest fucking specimen on this thread, the fact you can't even see that makes you more of a "show" than the rest of us.

No. 763019

File: 1547256116875.jpeg (210.51 KB, 750x1116, DC179CE1-F161-4DB5-B34C-7F7BA7…)

They’re both awful but rlly, Spaceship?

No. 763020

File: 1547256159235.jpeg (248.76 KB, 750x1136, 4FA59B4D-6DAC-41F2-9565-75143F…)

Sorry here’s the photo she commented on

No. 763046

She's such a shitty person

No. 763047

She's such a shitty person

No. 763075

Bit rich coming from the girl who's fucking lying about being terminally ill

No. 763100

I dont like tinyboosteps begging for stuff, but she doesn’t seem bad. Spaceship on the other hand is a heartless cruel bitch

No. 763107

to be frank, she isnt wrong, just not the right person to deliver that message. a lot of these ~ana qweens~ just go around shops taking spoopy body checks or complaining about mom and dad and doctors caring about them or taking crying selfies.

that gave me the big kek

No. 763116

Go back to IG Paris

No. 763130

File: 1547266721965.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190112-151743.png)

Someone's lurking

No. 763131

I was just thinking the same thing. Spaceship is being crass and reactionary as always but she's definitely not wrong. Becky's life is going nowhere and she's pathetic

No. 763167

Can someone explain what this even means lel

No. 763199

They're pointing out that paris's organs are being digested by her own body.

No. 763206

Yeah, her mum's almost 60 and looks done in. She doesn't need Becky's crap at her age.

Crying photos will never cease to amuse me. More so when snot is involved.

No. 763249

The thing with Paris is that she doesn't want to recover- she still basks in the drama and pity party of her anorexia. If she really wanted to get help she would easily get given a hospital bed or place in an EDU. But without her anorexic identity she has nothing- her life revolves around the following she has built up on IG and her days are filled with her food counting/measuring - she has no life without her ED. Sad really.

No. 763256

Does anyone know if Paris has ever actually been in an ED /IP ? Or had a ng tube?
If she was as sick as she makes out by now she would either be dead or been sectioned .

No. 763266

Really stressing that I’m not WKing Paris here but what’s happened to Paris is literally just what everyone says they want to happen to Smorven etc, the NHS has decided she’s a lost cause and until she’s dying in a real imminent way, nobody is going to do anything. Her behaviour isn’t excused by this but it’s obvious that Paris is what happens when the NHS just decides to “cut someone off”

No. 763269

The NHS doesn't cut anyone off. They cut themselves off when they don't attend appointments.

No. 763272

Not that anon, but yes, the NHS does cut people off. There's plenty of us where due to funding or other issues the NHS has to drop people. Not just for eating disorders either. Where as people like Emma, or Smorven, i have no idea how they manage to leach so much off the public health system. It's probably a case of if you're in IP it's harder for them to dump you without being responsible as to any outcome, instead of OP.

No. 763289


I wonder if that other leech who was anorexic then turned DID still lives in hospital? She had the NHS paying for her to stay at the Priory. Bet she's still there planning what her next personality's going to dress like.

No. 763292

Greta the grumpy Pygmy or whatever her stupid user name was? She’s still in hospital and spends all her leave getting tattoos but can’t get herself out the hospital

No. 763293

She was ohchickpea then changed it to something I can't even remember. The one who said she was satanically abused and ate a baby. Sounds like the same one because she treated hospital like a hostel.

No. 763297

File: 1547313766635.jpg (49.73 KB, 960x958, 49209724_10213277882318674_838…)

Found her fb. She's trans now or it's an alter or something.

No. 763302

>>763297 i didnt get caps but she is no longer claiming DID she said something along the lines of a therapist planted it in her head??

No. 763305

These people really get to me, some of us really need and beg for help but we can't get it (or you get a glimpse of help and then the whole hospital team has to move because funding dropped from the hospital and now they're just a medical side or what not) and cling to self help books that do jack all – years pass and it's such a waste of life.

Granted these people are also wasting life, but they're wasting life not getting anywhere and it feels like they need to be a part of the system in a sick way. I shouldn't rant, but i am sick of it. There's people who the NHS could help and then there's these people who use it to their own means for attention and to play into their own sickness.

I hope these people manage to move forward one day, then at least the time and money in the NHS and the lives lost due to them taking up space meant at least - something. But it doesn't feel like that's going to be the case.

No. 763308

File: 1547315281469.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-12-17-45-59…)

Another freebie. No wonder her wishlist keeps growing. People need to stop encouraging her. Also it's interesting she says about getting hate for it. Lurker maybe?

No. 763310

No. 763312

File: 1547315689803.jpg (143.64 KB, 1080x804, IMG_20190112_175403.jpg)

No. 763313


She fell back on the anorexia for medical attention then.

She's basically getting rewards for lounging around not bothering to recover. What a fucked up world. What a shitty item to put on a wishlist.

No. 763314

How can you be HELLA GAY if you're a gender-neutral "them"?

No. 763322


my exact thoughts. what's the opposite gender of neutral.

also i love how these cows try to make chronic diseases and syndromes into a collectathon.

No. 763325

But that’s the thing- the NHS in the UK doesn’t just give up on people ( unlike the US where if your insurance stops paying then that’s it)- they keep forcing treatment / keeping people safe- like Smorven the drs won’t just let her do her own thing, or the twins Katy and Maria who still keep getting sectioned . It’s why people end up being revolving door patients . I don’t think Paris has any form of capacity in terms of if she had a MHA.

No. 763342

>>763325 not the original anon, but yeah the NHS gives up on people all of the time. It normally happens to those with bpd after a few rounds of treatment as they then have nothing else to offer you. These cows are the exception.

No. 763355

The NHS refused to fund Journeytoemma and the hospital was discharging her still underweight as they couldn’t do anything else. Her mum went to the papers about it and then she all of a sudden got the funding to the place in York and she spent like 4 years IP. From her recent posts, she’s headed back there now. The NHS only has so much to offer people, especially those with personality disorders. It’s also not that easy to get admitted either. I’ve been sectioned myself and it’s not taken lightly. Same goes for those who refuse to do the treatment offered whether meds or therapy, they tell you they can’t help unless you cooperate unless you show you have no capacity.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 763396

File: 1547327829340.jpg (290.62 KB, 1080x1784, IMG_20190112_211523.jpg)

Ghost in my pocket has joined the band wagon with an Amazon wishlist, including sachets of baby food…I mean, seriously?

No. 763397

File: 1547327903334.png (909.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-12-21-18-13…)

No. 763428


She's had her wishist link in her bio section for a century! Well, a month before her birthday. What does she mean she only knows how to put it up now?

Sorry, Ash but I can't swipe. I look at insta on a laptop so I can't buy your cutsie, nonsensical items for you.

On the subject, why do they want utter trash? Like if Becky put fucking protein bars on hers I'd be more likely to send some, or some shit to help get her dumb self healthier, but they want fucking childish wall fairy plaques and baby food.

No. 763568


There is no way Paris would pass a mental health act assessment - everything about her is "sectionable".
I can't understand why her mum doesn't do something.or why Beat haven't taken down her IG and offered her help.

No. 763601

What can you do when she runs away and throws herself off a bridge rather than do therapy?

Paris has adamantly chosen to be a lost cause. She can complain about not getting sympathy for being wheelchair bound but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s wasted four years of opportunities to avoid the wheelchair. She’s chosen to not attend appointments, not to go inpatient and get refed, not to go to CBT or DBT like she clearly needs.

NHS is right to quit spending on her. There’s people willing to stop killing themselves and prioritising them over people like Paris is the only way to help them.

No. 763608


not to mention she's only in the wheelchair cos of a fracture, no one's forcing her to be in it

No. 763663

File: 1547385468201.jpg (38.23 KB, 316x550, send me shit.JPG)

But she must heal her bones to do her lovely dance.

In other news, queen of scrounge is even accepting cast offs no. It's getting desperate, guize.

No. 763667

File: 1547388417957.png (181.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190113-133839.png)

Ashley is back, (ashleyshalleat)

No. 763669

Noooo. How can she be? Homeless? Playing guitar?? Has she been replaced with a new Ashley?

No. 763679


Ahahah, who knows, her other video has clips of her in it, from the whole insta time

No. 763681

>>763667 i fail to believe mumma bear would kick her out

No. 763684


Maybe she escaped, that's what the song is about, getting away from abuse

No. 763691


She needs to take it to a talent show on tv!

This is really bizarre to me.

No. 763694

Well said.

No. 763704

Nobody has called her out?

No. 763711

File: 1547396519238.jpg (27.08 KB, 640x145, scrounge.JPG)

Don't think so. Thinking of tweeting here something though.

No. 763724

Wow…That didn't take long for her to just flat out ask for stuff directly, instead of her usual obvious hints.. I don't understand how she doesn't feel ashamed of herself

No. 763728

Fuck me is she for real? she can’t even handle a museum without having a meltdown five minutes in and This Morning Live gets PACKED.

No. 763732

File: 1547399198386.jpg (46.61 KB, 442x784, HOgThiIWoE8.jpg)

I was looking at the scrounger's list of who she's following and it reminded me to ask if any of you follow Emily the Skeleton? All I know is she's pro ED and a prime fap figure for the VK skinny fetishists.

As for who she's following it's like a cast list for this thread - Bella, kelsey, smorven, Ash, secret livez, solostinmymind, nina hansen the VK perv, sassii. She follows a lot of really shit telly celebrities and FOUR model agencies.

No. 763733

soz, shoulda spoilered.

No. 763737

File: 1547399905690.jpeg (269.93 KB, 1920x1080, 818C9733-706E-435B-A84E-B6C9C9…)


All I’m seeing is Pepe tbh

I’m absolutely revolted by what I’m seeing.

No. 763744

Speaking of sasii, is the assumption that she’s dead? Anyone have any proof or update on her?

No. 763748

File: 1547404108663.png (868.71 KB, 750x1334, 84566551-4C8B-47D8-B05A-925194…)

It’s def her.

No. 763751

I'm still not sure though. She was a mess and now she's weight restored and together? It might be whoever's singing's way of getting attention. Last time we saw her she was left for dead and now she's doing Ashley Unplugged on youtube? With THAT mother??

No. 763781

I saw that tinyboosteps had commented on her last post that she's never known sasii to go quiet for this long so i think it's a reasonable assumption that she didn't make it

No. 763802

I've been following her for a while and I fucking hate her. How proudly she is flaunting her eating disorder absolutely disgusts me

No. 763803

holy shit, only yesterday I wondered what happened to that girl.
That youtube channel seems kinda fishy though. What if somebody saved all her terrible instagram videos back then and is now uploading them alongside sad music, pretending to be her?

No. 763808

I mean, anything is possible. But if you look back at the old videos, there are really old videos of Ashley (like from 3 years ago when she was at a more normal weight). Seems like a long time to be leeching off someone else's content. Also not even sure if those vids were ever posted to insta and/or if insta even supported video back then?? I do think the hair color of the singer makes it confusing, but the singing voice sounds a lot like Ashley's; in the songs there are a bunch of vids of her talking interspersed. It also kind of makes her insta make more sense. She has been videoing herself crying/cutting/falling apart for years and she uses it as content in her creative outlet. Just one annon's thoughts…

No. 764698

Wtf is Paris’s mum doing it not doing to help Paris? Seems like nothing at all.

No. 764808

Hypothetically I wonder what would happen if Paris was reported to social services as a vulnerable adult who lacks capacity and who is suicidal.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 764822


she definitely seems like she lacks mental capacity. maybe that would fly. but it's cowtipping.

No. 764848

I'd be surprised if she hasn't been reported already. It's not like she lives locked in a basement. Neighbours must be concerned (you'd hope so)and she has contact with medical staff. Either we see a tiny part of her life where she's playing up being crazy and most time she's not so crazy or idk. Whatever, her physical state's awful but I know adults spoopier who're off the radar because they'd never show for appointments. I don't get how her mum doesn't force her to go seeing how she lives at home. All the ones off the radar live alone with no family to make sure they go to blood checks, therapies, etc.

No. 764857

As lolzy as they can be, I do feel pretty bad for the anas on instagram who have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of followers. They must feel like if they recover all their followers would leave.

No. 764954

She is totally off radar- she doesn't even see her GP- the only person who checks her weight is her mum once a week on the machine in boots ( she got in a real tizz one day when it was broken).

No. 764955

And if she is stupid enough to post her address publicly on Instagram- it's asking for trouble.

No. 764973

She’s fallen off the radar and if she doesn’t engage with treatment then adult services will take zero interest in working with her which is presumably how I assume she’s like this now. They only coddle the ones with rich parents like smorven to avoid a hefty lawsuit. Plus, cow-tipping is against the rules. We came here to laugh at cows, not deliver them to therapy.

No. 765010

File: 1547491532165.jpg (27.44 KB, 604x119, pick me im ill.JPG)


No. 765031

File: 1547495055287.jpg (244.13 KB, 1080x1178, IMG_20190114_194144.jpg)

Poor girl had to go buy her own game…poor thing

No. 765033

File: 1547495595317.jpg (15.13 KB, 281x65, 0.JPG)

Things are "diar" and there're money worries and debt yet she uses cash from selling games and buys ANOTHER GAME! Hard times indeed.

No. 765037

File: 1547496852016.png (322.71 KB, 306x532, devastated.png)

She must feel as bad as I did in September when I had my gas cut off. Even the fact she's nice and warm and I'm fucking freezing my tits off must make things even harsher in some way.

No. 765040

Totally agree with this, not diar enough to use the money to help her mum with bills instead. Um ok. Selfish af!!!!!

No. 765041


The 3DS is backwards compatible.

No. 765043

Why would she lie about it though. If it works she doesn't need to lie and beg for another one?

No. 765044

Are we talking the hand held game here? I don't do games, but my old dad uses his old games in his 3DS hand held (fun fact, he's 80 and a gamer).

No. 765045

I love how she casually mentions her amazon wish list in this post yet again, the desperation is real

No. 765046

So someone will buy her the other Mario game on here wishlist.

No. 765048

Omg there's another one in the pipeline? Seriously?
What a joke-can't get over how brazen she is about duping people out of their money.
Also not to repay her mother or do anything nice for her. Just herself.

No. 765050

File: 1547498834188.jpg (25.82 KB, 460x182, parteh.JPG)

This one.

Bet some dickhead buys it for her.

No. 765054

Ffs yeah makes sense now. The more she gets the more ramped up the hinting, scrounging and begging tho. Makes me cringe as it's greed rather than need. Some d* will get it for her.

No. 765058

I mean c'mon it's £13.99 her mums a cater and they get a huge payment for that plus she must get disability. Don't tell me they can't afford £13.99.
What went down with her holiday for her mother she got loads of money on the fund website for?
It's all bollocks the 'I'm poor' crap

No. 765064

Ikr, it's not like they have to spend much on her food.

No. 765094

spaceship has been silent for a few days now, but she did delete my comment asking about the gofundme and blocked me! I feel like she’s really going to double down on her bullshit when she comes back and I’m excited.

No. 765101

Catnip ping would ruin the fun

No. 766032

File: 1547510478814.jpeg (226.65 KB, 750x1176, 3135AABE-C52A-4B30-AF24-9EFBA9…)


No. 766041

I have the same question, why are you like this, Kelsey? Why are you (poorly) shooping every photo you post of yourself?
It's painfully cringey to see how hard she's trying to keep up appearances here- you can even see her sucking in to make her ribs stand out underneath her tshirt

No. 766046

File: 1547512785791.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1469, IMG_20190115_003742.png)

Guys, i think this is who the channel claiming to be Ashley belongs to, sh was the one who said she was friends with Ashley. They look similar and she posted the lyrics to the song with all the videos of Ashley crying and stuff, ill post a screenshot below. Idk, maybe I'm over thinking, they just look like the girl in the youtube profile picture, and the lyrics…

No. 766051


Never mind, the lyrics were different but similar, sorry.

No. 766075

Urgh Kelsey aint got anything new. Any milk on Aly or twin wannarexics Bets and Em? Starring Megs? Improving Lexi has gone off radar too?

No. 766087

How stupid does she think people are?

No. 766093

her comments are always full of bull shit when she posts these. that’s why. “oh ur so skinny kelsey please eat” and “goals”

No. 766125

File: 1547521528130.png (922.57 KB, 615x777, paris.png)

imagine taking a selfie with your friend, and they make this the caption

No. 766141

It's her brother ( once sister) in the photo.

No. 766152


her mother and father should never have had children lol

No. 766157

That doesn't make it any better, it makes it even worse imo

No. 766172

That sounds pretty transphobic ngl

No. 766179

Anon you’re not exactly in a Troon hugbox. Nobody is here to defend some autogynophiliacs or insane women.

Jfc Paris, this is the sort of thing a sad 13 year old girl posts, not a woman who’s deliberately rejected opportunities to get better. For a skelly her wallowing puts pigs to shame.

No. 766180


Her parents spawned two majorly fucked up people. You think believing you're the opposite sex isn't a fuck up of nature?

No. 766184


ty for responding for me guys, couldn't have said it better.

No. 766219

Aly is still posting badly translated captions accompanying cheesy posed photos and Starring Megs has a new care plan which includes "regular planned admissions" to avoid getting to the crisis stage. Her eyebrows continue to terrify dozens.

No. 766222

This milk is more like it lol. Those eyebrows. I don't know which YouTube tutorial she followed but I'm pretty sure she's promoting their pencils. Defo one pencil per brow at least. Fuck.
Also anyone think her suicide is imminent or a cow cry for continued attention. Just think if you want it that bad it's not that hard is it?
Dunno what is her actual issue anyway apart from headbanging head eggs like it's every seasons accessory?

No. 766224

Aly milk is dry I'm bored by her non life she promotes these days

No. 766225

Anon is this the meg who just got let out of IP? She's a total drain on NHS just let her get on with it. I can't deal with the screaming crying munched up face selfies every 2 mins saying goodbye

No. 766226

Yep you got it, that's the one!!!!!

No. 766228

Is Paris brain damaged after her bridge jump fail

No. 766233

Yep, that one. I don't fully understand what's going on with her because a week ago she was saying she was under section and now she's back out living at home with her guinea pigs
And holy fuck, yes. Head eggs and sharpie brows are the new must-have combo for any aspiring anorexic

No. 766265

She claims to be but I think that's an excuse- just like she uses the 'I've got BPD/EUPD so everyone should be kind to me' line.

No. 766275


Get the fuck out

No. 766282

what’s up with so many transphobics here

No. 766283


Mate…are you lost?

Please learn to sage.

No. 766290

File: 1547571940868.jpg (668.35 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_20190116-000430_Ins…)

Yet another 'challenge'for our little warrior.

Seriously, how is this a challenge when she's b/ping kilos of this shit every single day?

No. 766292

Because it's not half frozen? Because it's not drenched in melted chocolate stars??

No. 766294

Get lost on your way to tumblr, tranny?

No. 766318

literally no one likes trannies outside of a few online spaces they've infested and guilted people into humoring their delusions like the npdfags they are, sorry

No. 766326

File: 1547576492080.png (279.08 KB, 467x650, 1461500800935.png)

Not that we exclude the trans fad ~community~ Why, we even had a wannarexic on this very board in the past. A fine specimen of a him/his/hers w/e

Probably got her penis now she's on "T" (trans slang for artificial "testosterone")

No. 766351

File: 1547578345554.jpg (13.39 KB, 250x88, faulty.JPG)


>my DS is cough faulty cough hint, hint #wishlist

No. 766372

kek, i’m a cis woman. get back to the past century
yeah sure that’s why there are so many laws in many countries that recognize them, and also its no longer a disorder acording to DSM-V… don’t extend your sick discriminating views to the rest of people(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 766374

I give her two days, bet all my money she will ask for it

No. 766375

Look, Ms Pronoun, if you aint got anything to contribute to this thread ABOUT ANAS, fuck off.

She must've had to call the crisis team over her broken Nintendo DS3. She's late posting an update. Probably get a crying pic tho.

No. 766381

She's given everyone a temp break today from the snot shots. There's still time though

Any farmers getting milk on aimeearchiga87 and her constant obsession with her therapists? Another gofuckme abuser who whinges daily about treatment cutting her off because she stalks them!

No. 766402

Fuck the ds she's hinting for another holiday right now

No. 766404

File: 1547584657804.jpeg (337.27 KB, 640x851, FE20EA40-D4A6-4388-ADAC-ED2020…)

No. 766408

I gotchu pal
She had her gofundme page (for a trip to the middle east for thousands of dollars) taken down a couple of times and wrote lengthy captions making accusations and calling names.
I think she got the cash in the end somehow.
Her most recent post includes her talking about going inpatient again, this time focusing on trauma and it looks like she's gone back to the gym. Still posting a lot of old bodychecks etc

No. 766409

I mean she says it was to give her mother a break yet she goes along with her. Urm no Becky. The whole point was for your mum to be able to get away from you and your poison

No. 766413

File: 1547585027958.jpg (48.35 KB, 444x568, skylar.JPG)

It would've been a real break for her mum FOR REAL if she'd not tagged along with her. Wherever she spergs out it's still going to piss her ma off.
Beat me to it.

Oh, I looked up the ana trans to see how masculine all that "T" had made her. Here she is 2 months ago…

… and this is why it's difficult to take the trans thing seriously. /transchat

No. 766416

File: 1547585129736.jpeg (544.84 KB, 640x1063, 8B60BED1-3410-4AB7-9977-946E06…)

Anyone wanna answer this tor her?
Branching out from the classic egg!!!!

No. 766459

File: 1547589799676.jpeg (486.13 KB, 1470x2634, 106F26BD-24C5-4E06-8C95-36DA27…)

Mmmm delicious, raw processed meat, Such #foodporn. How are there not more people calling her out for her foul food/living conditions??

No. 766478

File: 1547591429233.jpeg (510.44 KB, 1482x2604, 293CE77B-7C94-4A3E-BB1A-EA4D67…)

I don’t think she’s been posted before but then again she’s probably an anon here. Anyway she’s a cunt. Babe no one gives a fuck about your shiritaki noodles. The true ana queen as she only eats mushrooms and fucking ‘low cal’ noodles, is very keen to tell people she wouldn’t eat x and y in the comments of her strictly junk food posts, oh and wears a ‘nothing tastes better than skinny feels’ bracelet.

No. 766503

I don't follow this one but notice her in the list of followers of all the cows here. Possibly an anon.

The bracelet sounds wonderful!

No. 766528

The fact that there's even a market for those bracelets is concerning, let alone the idea of someone actually producing them

No. 766671

File: 1547605708109.png (360.4 KB, 1440x2252, Screenshot_20190115-202428~2.p…)

I thought this was an interesting debate today.
The whole debate with Keemstar talking about Eugenia.

These small nobodys think Keem is actually cancelled they have nonidea.

No. 766684

So. Fucking. Sick. Of. Cooney.

What makes her so different from a thousand other ana chans? Why all the god damn drama omg smfh pmsl etc

No. 766701

Is it because she won't admit that she has an ED? I've wondered that a lot myself.

No. 766827

I think that may be the reason.

Her veil is ripping though. It’s so obvious she’s not “fine”. I recently saw where someone pointed out she lied about wearing wigs, in her “2girl4ever kawaii outfit haul try on!” video, you can see the mesh over her ear.

No. 766835

Cause she screeches like a banshee for hours about it (her hair and weight)or flat out ignores it (the moldy food and dirty dishes)

Imo she’s never been far enough from a trailer to realise that she’s gross. She may go weeks without contacting someone who bathes daily or washes dishes between use.

Train wreck in motion. Rubberneckers gonna do their thing and watch her rattle her bones to death. Being on YouTube means more normies see her than would see pro-anas.

No. 766874

Not sure what you’re talking about anon. She may wear a wig or extensions, but not from what I can see in that video. I’ve never seen a lace front that believable even in movies. Plus you can see her ears from time to time throughout the video but there’s no mesh.

No. 766909

Ha is she for real? Stop smashing your head on shit and then maybe you wouldn't look like such a freak (minus the eyebrows 2 tho lol)

No. 766921

She's a weird one- loads of anas on IG follow her. She just posts random photos of food- seems to travel an awful lot though.

No. 766952

You can see it at about 2:04 - 2:30.

No. 766966

File: 1547661310119.jpg (41.32 KB, 409x477, cuticura.JPG)


I think she geotags random places in the world with every post.

No. 766967

The board fucked up on me, I added to this how she should check out the hand lotion aisle. How sore does that look? (Hand, not croissant).

No. 767117

I think she claims to be a model? Not sure if she actually travels or just posts food pix she find in the interwebs to make it look like she travels. Also not sure is she British? Appears she live in NY and claims she was hospitalized there. Weird that she never shows her body or face. Could be a 500lb gorilla wannarexic for all we know.

No. 767119

Actually now that I looked for her again it appears she blocked me. I guess because I unfollowed her after she made a hostile reply to a harmless comment of mine. She is a total cunt but not sure if she’s particularly milky or interesting.

No. 767160

File: 1547685050192.jpg (213.17 KB, 871x1280, thumbnail_IMG_1203.jpg)

I'm very curious about Amy and her TPN. She has said that it was her last resort since her stomach can't function on its own and it couldn't tolerate feeding tubes and the feed formulas. Shouldn't she NOT be eating things like this at all? I see her posting/eating and drinking stuff like this AT LEAST once a week. She even drinks alcohol, which for someone with digestive issues, it should be a complete no-no as you could easily get alcohol poisoning.

No. 767178

Milk products are a huge trigger for throwing up with gp. But we all know she’s faking it so…

No. 767202

Digitalghost is supposedly a model. She's obsessed with food. Not sure if she had an ed but only posts food pics.

No. 767302

Couldn't get a screenshot but Becky/tinybootsteps recent story had her flat out begging to have someone send her on a vacation because she NEEDS A BREAK!!! Ha! She may not have asked for her mental illness but it is her responsibility to recover.

No. 767312

File: 1547776365681.png (2.26 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0427.PNG)

No. 767530

File: 1547803851981.jpg (48.8 KB, 588x477, 0.JPG)

This is either another wish list freebie or she suddenly found the cash to buy these.

Why can't she use those foam ear plugs like normal people - oh yeah, she's ~special~.

No. 767543

File: 1547811312621.png (1.52 MB, 640x1136, 49268434-444B-4C82-BFD7-8A4E8C…)

What the actual fuck???

No. 767544

Can someone please put this cow in her place jeeez I can't bear it any more!!!!!

No. 767547

Wonder what rate of PIP she gets (assuming she does) because that can cover a decent amount of bills and stuff depending. No way are they as destitute as she makes out. But ok if they were…how about saving money on petrol by not haunting garden centres every day and taking cringe selfies with your poor knackered mother ????

No. 767567

Hahahahaha yes totally agree. She blatantly gets pip and probably esa because she states she incapable of functioning as a human. Mother probably gets carers allowance as she gave up work to look after her full time. That's a hella lot of money stacked there. Why the need to beg Becky and claim you're poor. Total bollocks.
Someone commented rudely recently and she went into meltdown only to beg again a few hours later. Are people actually falling for this?

No. 767569

There's also such a thing as a crisis allowance of benefits have messed up. No need to rob others of their hard earned money while you take bathroom selfies and make your mums life miserable.

No. 767592

Not sure what the benefits fuck up is, but right after Christmas the DWP paid a week of ESA too early ( I get ESA btw). A week later another early payment. I'm a bit stuck myself because it's a long wait til the next proper payment but GUESS WHAT - I didn't overspend and think it was a bonus from the government (as some actually did).

Exactly what I was going to write about the petrol money. Nice to afford to run a car. Could cut down on coffee at Costa as well and the drive into Manc to go to Primark. She has STACKS of clothes. Unless she shoplifts, she's been spending on those.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 767593

>any extra funds could help out massively with saving up for possible therapies like floating etc

Floating. She said floating.

How about checking into a unit and fucking starting to eat and not sperg out because the nasty doctors tell you what to do. Ffs, she's becoming my most hated cow.

No. 767605

File: 1547822630601.jpg (31.92 KB, 306x533, lol.JPG)

No. 767608

File: 1547822897477.png (366.18 KB, 308x513, Untitled.png)

Me YET AGAIN. Just saw this [img] and yeah, it's what happened with me. However I'm grateful for the benefits system. It stops me being homeless with LITERALLY nothing.

Learn to deal with money ffs. Her mum's 60, you'd think she'd know by now.

Ungrateful twat.

No. 767666

Kek she has complained about every gp, therapist, doctor she has gone to. They are not cruel nor evil shitty dick heads, they just don’t follow her delussion or allow her ilness like her mom does (out of love i guess).

No. 767719

Her face infuriates me. It's like she's always constipated.

No. 767753

This legit made me spit my tea out ha!!!!
Do you think her mum enables her to stay unwell? A bit like Paris's parents or did they just give up?

No. 767776

Her mum 100% enables her. She's so ungrateful and does not know how fucking lucky she is to live in the UK where she's supported by the NHS and supported financially. I'm from the UK myself so know how much help she obviously gets. She's making out that they have nothing for the sympathy she craves from her followers, to make out she's struggling in every aspect of her life. Utter lies. It's shameful.
She insults every medical professional that tries to help her, it's disgusting. She's made out her IP stay has given her PTSD so is refusing the hospital treatment she needs. Of course it's not going to be easy, she needs to be sectioned and fed, not to be allowed to leach off of her delusion-encouraging followers.

No. 767789

every time I see this thread I get an imaginary whiff of ammonia and stale piss

No. 767800

It really pisses me off the way she slags off the NHS. Recently she commented how her and ma are looking into private treatment. Good luck with that. I checked up on a therapist I used to see under the NHS and her website gave her private fee as £120 for 50 minutes. Yep.

No. 767806

File: 1547845657597.jpeg (226.44 KB, 748x1129, D9300EBF-FAC9-4D2B-A3A0-C8C1F6…)

Possible new cow. I’m not sure if she starved for a few days to be tubed, or if she actually thinks she’s clearly starved.

No. 767810

File: 1547845907019.jpeg (133.34 KB, 750x1051, 13C9107B-F996-4C72-9595-7334DE…)

Georgia also thinks her set point is 26-27, when she’s clearly overweight already.

No. 767815

oh no! Some DOCTOR didn't coddle her and told her that the only way she will get better is if she actually starts working on it!

No. 767817

File: 1547846402201.jpg (208.88 KB, 540x776, Untitled-14.jpg)

>>767806 she totes wasting away

No. 767831

How can she claim amenorrhea at an overweight bmi? Why do fatties want anorexia so badly though?
Much anorexia so starvation wow many bones 45%bodyfat is death

No. 767834

I've been reading through her tellonym since anon posted her. It's a goldmine.

No. 767855

Post caps. She sounds like the kind of person who once skipped breakfast and then told everyone at school all day that she caught anorexia.

No. 767874

Kek I love shit like this, she hasn't even made an effort at all.

No. 767879

Not sure what you mean?

No. 767881

How bout you bring some milk to the table then?

No. 767884

The ptsd thing is definitely an excuse. Don't know just think any kind of parent would section their child if they wanted them to survive. Seems quite sus that she goes along with the ptsd bs and watches as her daughter eats herself from the inside out

No. 767906

File: 1547853838826.jpeg (204.88 KB, 750x555, AE897873-266E-4E2B-B466-DB5425…)

No. 767914

Uh it’s obviously ~atypical~ anorexia anon. EDNOS/OFSED is so dated didn’t ya know

No. 767972

Don’t forget to show off those collarbones!! She’s also claiming ~atypical anorexia~ while self admittedly b/ping. She’s clearly too spechul for a bulimia diagnosis. I’m sorry but I can’t with this “well I restrict so I’m anorexic!” bull

No. 767983

Okay, but why do fatties keep getting tubed? Like you can't even get someone to take you seriously at underweight bmis u till its scary here. And yet you see all these "atypical anorexic" getting tubed and all. And why so damn desperate for the an diognosis, there's legit a bmi requirement for it, I'm sorry but if you're overweight you don't have anorexia, fuck sake. Not saying what they're doing isn't dangerous but they aren't anorexic. It's not a badge of honour or something. It's so you get appropriate treatment, say you land in hospital with a bn diognosis they can check your electrolytes. And so on

No. 767986

File: 1547862538032.jpeg (265.5 KB, 750x899, 92D57696-2A7F-475B-B569-08AE51…)

After being in the doors of death talking about last wishes, she is back with this BS, nothing about lack of money, being homeless, just crying to her dad for a lock on her door.

No. 767991

File: 1547862829075.jpeg (112.17 KB, 665x527, 185ED6F2-A7E9-423C-AC4A-74C690…)

Someone calls her out about not saying anything about her gofundme, not even thank you, her response:

No. 768025

Same with Paris

No. 768038

Mostly to make them hush and quit fighting treatment just because there are actual anorexics on the ward. They get what they came for if they’re tourists and if they’re really sick they know they can’t play around.

No. 768071

I mean medically they can’t let someone starve themselves no matter their weight. But it really feeds the delusion that they’re on their deathbed from starvation and encourages the “sick” role. The electrolytes are more likely to cause death than starvation itself

No. 768121

Georgia has been mentioned before. She has atypical anorexia. Or shit. Morbidly obese. Currently IP I believe

No. 768125

It's private. Basically you don't eat 2 meals and bam you get a tube. insert generous Oprah meme here she was triggering actual anorexia patients by not eating and her bloods were wack from her purging so she got the trophy tube they all want

No. 768132

She’s overweight but she’s not morbidly obese lol. Calm the reaching.

No. 768198

but like… her instagram is just pics of food. thats what i eat in a normal day and im not starving. she must see how bizarre this is.

No. 768244

File: 1547915889694.png (27.52 KB, 752x304, Untitled.png)

How convenient!

No. 768262


she sits and sends herself tells all day long. argues with herself. it's pretty clear lol.
to be honest it would not surprise me if she's the one bringing herself up on lowcow for ~attention.
she's a cow but not an lolcow, idk why she does this

No. 768264

File: 1547920157625.png (923.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-19-17-47-33…)

How convenient lol…

No. 768267

File: 1547920218454.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-19-17-47-45…)

Such coincidence

No. 768274

File: 1547920939321.png (568.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-19-18-01-31…)

No. 768276

File: 1547921243753.jpg (99.04 KB, 400x400, sure.jpg)

Must get hella board on her own farm.

No. 768289

she doesn't even qualify for this thread so please stop spamming things about someone who is not a cow. after looking through her tells it's clear that >>768262
is onto something as anons phone screen shots are from an Australian phone service. stop posting in here for attention, dude. go listen to your doctors and stop blowing up a thread for cows who actually have milk.

No. 768294

I'll never understand why people nominate themselves as cows. I mean, if you're sending screen shots at least hide your avatar and don't post things posted "a few seconds ago".


No. 768308


exactly. also I notice it's a screenshot from insta story of shots from her own phone, but the vibe I get is needing attention.

I think she's bored and trying to get recognition on lolcow and posting herself here.

there's no way she would be recognized enough to be a cow LOL

No. 768310

File: 1547926702584.png (872.73 KB, 1536x1005, EFA3FB43-5277-45DB-80B0-5A1672…)

Did you really just post yourself here, calling yourself fat, then sending yourself asks pretending you had no idea and victimizing yourself, just for attention?

Eh, guess you really are a cow, congratulations you insufferable munchie wannorexic.

No. 768319

File: 1547927805491.png (434.99 KB, 855x439, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 6.54…)

Anybody been keeping tabs on this chick Elzani ? how she claims to be in recovery yet still has that typical anorexic obsession with food to the point were it clearly pisses even her family off. Sniffing her food before eating it, playing with it. She has hardly gained since she started recovery and hasn't made any mental progress as far as I can see


No. 768325

Hi, Georgia!(hi [cow])

No. 768355

Fatorexics are THE WORST. I get that you can have an eating disorder at any weight, but losing your period when your BMI is under 26/27? You're still a fucking fatty at that weight. At least the skellies are actually dying, this tub of lard is just a massive att whore. What a delusional autist.

How does someone who claim to lose their period with an overweight BMI because of their ~eating disorder~ not qualify?

No. 768372


Do they have to have a certain amount of followers?

No. 768378


Holy shit, I lol'd so bad at this.
I didn't know people were still so thick. I'd understand if she would actually severely underweight and malnutritioned, but considering she is of healthy weight and most likely functions normally within the limits of her delusions, it's incredible she would be dumb enough to leave evidence of selfposting.

Or maybe she did cause she sees lolcow as her only opportunity to gain internet notoriety, and just doesn't think she's considered a cow yet with her delusions alone?

No. 768384

File: 1547931931716.gif (488.12 KB, 240x184, nomnomnom.gif)

You have a particular way of posting that makes it obvious that it's you posting, Georgia. I'd tell you to go away, but you'll be put out to pasture soon anyhow.

No. 768400

Y’all are actually dumb. When people post their Tellonym answers on their insta story they’re screenshotting from their Tellonym app and it says a few seconds ago because that’s when they answered the question and so they screenshot it as soon as they answer. And your Tellonym avatar just gets taken automatically from the insta it’s connected to, hence why it’s showing in the screenshots she posted to her story. When someone takes a screenshot of someone else’s story it takes up the whole screen and their own service provider etc doesn’t get captured in the screenshot. It very well could be that she’s self posting, but the reasons that you brain dead detectives are claiming are empty

No. 768402

I thought this, didn't know how to explain though. If you look at her story posts of her tells, it has her profile pic in the corner, so whoever screenshots that will obviously still have her photo in the corner.
It's still funnily coincidental that she's talking about lolcow, but doesn't mean she's posted all this about herself.

No. 768403

Go to sleep, for fuck's sake.

No. 768406

>>768400 is right but so is >>768310
>you insufferable munchie wannorexic

No. 768418

It’s 4pm why would I go to sleep anon? Sorry you can’t handle being corrected

No. 768425

georgia is such a hypothetical person and not even worth bashing on here because she spends all her time bashing herself and then saying semi sweet things to people (who are most likely H E R S E L F) in her tells just to pass the time, while saying none of the hate is bothering her, when it's truly H E R S E L F sending the hate. she doesn't seem genuine to me. she's probably getting off that she put herself on this thread and she's being talked about. still think she's self posting. I think she did it last year too somewhere on her because the same screen shots that we're posted this time we're posted then and they aren't even on her Instagram anymore. also those screen shots have the Australian phone company up in the corner. There's no way someone is bringing her here. she's nothing.

No. 768427

Hello georgia, that is not how this thread works.(hi cow)

No. 768432

>>768425 *hypocritical

No. 768479

Sorry just wanna go back 2 Paris a sec since she posted another vid 2night.
Who do you think actually videos her. Is it her mom?
Shes posted replying to fact she never answers comments ( mentioned here recently) potentially lurking again?

What does she do with all the food she eats when she's out with possible mom?
It's high fat foods yet still skelly?

No. 768567

On IG or YouTube ? I bet she's still lurking here

No. 768568

Yes still trying to figure her out .

No. 768570

I’m from North America, but nice try detective dumb ass. While we’re telling people how the thread works, how about you sage your shit

No. 768573

File: 1547957550006.jpeg (158.66 KB, 750x1259, E1A594D9-4B3D-4EDA-95F7-3C89A4…)

Tina’s threatening suicide after trying to stir up drama

No. 768609

I can’t believe all the drama that transpired between two ppl who are literally one in the same, both chronically mikayla and tsfight are anorexics who pretend not to be to get gastroparesis spoonie asspats. They couldn’t be more similar and perhaps they see themselves in each other and secretly hating that aspect, attack each other. It’s all very ott and rediculous but definitely milk

No. 768612

File: 1547963079353.png (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 750x1334, D2635446-BE5D-46E5-AE51-4401BF…)

She’s definetly a wanarexic but attempting after “bullying” on lolcow is pretty ott. I would say she’s worth talking about, the tells that don’t come from herself are pretty hilarious. It’s also hilarious seeing overweight ppl with the ng claiming AN. Tw photo mentions suicide

No. 768624

This is the worst attempt at integration I've seen in my life

No. 768643

I think it started with Tina being offended at miakylas bloating. Def some jealousy brewing. They’re both on tpn and gaining quickly so they’ll have much bigger fish to fry than competing with one another when they have to find other ways to lose weight

No. 768649

File: 1547971511237.jpeg (145.73 KB, 750x961, 15AB2474-EE2B-4B00-8A2B-FB8BE6…)

No. 768748

File: 1548001095723.jpg (717.1 KB, 1918x1307, IMG_20190120_161016.jpg)

Spaceship reminding everyone of all her money woes again. Making sure to also mention her parents "empire" that they built. I love how it ends of how she hopes to leave an impression on her descendents hahaha…what are you, a fucking martyr. No one idolises you bitch, dream on

No. 768785

she’s such a hypocrite, talking about compassion and nurturing after the cruel comment she made to tinyboosteps

No. 768807

What she say about her, Screenshots?

No. 768827

The only thing she's left her descendents is a mention on lolcow.

No. 768829

Omg, scroll back, lazy. Stop sleeing in class >>763020

No. 768842

File: 1548013546274.jpeg (156.03 KB, 750x528, C3B1C3FD-5C2B-4CA3-BE6E-279E5B…)

No. 768858

Maybe she doesn’t envy her life but she’s definitely envious of how thin tinyboosteps is. And tbh not whiteknighting tinyboo but she does way more shit than spaceship does. So many people could say the same thing about spaceship, Natalie is this all you want out of life? A pseudo intellectual who bashes her parents that spoil her with a great life? At least tinyboo is grateful (not including her begging for money and things) spaceship is nothing but an egotistical holier than thou a hole. She’s jealous of boos skelly bod and so she attacks her lifestyle. Ridiculous.
And this, this is just garbage. Maybe your parents don’t want to pay for an expensive unnessesary treatment for basic anemia spaceship… ppl have already debunked her aplastic anemia claims in that she wasn’t exactly receiving the customary treatment or whatever. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a job and is on her parents insurance so as much as she bitches and moans about her parents, they are obviously paying for her tx. My gosh she is deluded.

No. 768871

> At least tinyboo is grateful

Sorry, but can't see any evidence of that. She gets free medical treatment and bashes it, free cash on benefits and bashes it. The only free stuff she likes is useless crap people send her.

No. 768880

Lmfao I cannot believe this dumb bitch

No. 768883

I think she means grateful to her mom, while spaceship has complained and bitched about her parents several times

No. 768890

File: 1548017735854.jpg (21.6 KB, 379x218, 0.JPG)

Oh, I see. Yeah, spaceship definitely falls into the Ashley camp of parent hater as opposed to the ana chans with mother fixations.

I notice her magically appearing/disappearing sticky out ribcage has receded here. Must've forgotten to inhale and hold.

No. 768925

admittedly I know jack shit about angles and stuff but wat she looks perfectly healthy here

No. 768930

Fair enough but Becky doesn’t seem that grateful for her mum either. Just because she doesn’t post tirades about it doesn’t mean she’s not bleeding the poor woman dry, her mum’s probably too scared to stand up to her unless she tries to neck herself and she knows that

No. 768933

On IG but she's kind of subtlety replying to the fact someone mentioned here recently that she's rude and never answers back to her anorexic wannabes when they leave her nice comments. She ignores everyone.
Thought it was strange since there posted after comments here.
Lurker for sure

No. 768938

If she cared about her mum she'd sort herself out. I don't even mean with her ED, but getting therapy for her other mentals would be a start. It's not fair to put a 60 year old woman through her shit. I got to an age when I removed myself from the parents home so they didn't have to deal with my crap. She should do the same. She'd get housing and a CPN and other help. She couldn't be more selfish if she tried.

No. 768946

File: 1548024114304.png (2.01 MB, 1125x2436, 2C52CCDE-39DD-45D1-A3BB-695E90…)

Shoot me if I’ve missed this, but is anyone aware of befreehannah. Danish/English girl. Has claimed DID, sketchy about being inpatient then claiming she’s an au pair at times. When I first found her it’s because she had posted about having chemotherapy and cancer (turned out to be false) always posting attention based things.

No. 768959

She was mentioned in the Munchie thread ages ago when she cut her hair short

No. 768960

Oh right, is that still going?

No. 768961

Nah, it got banhammered. It's here though >>297072

No. 769059

Can you please repost it? I can't find the video on her profile. I'm guessing she deleted it.

No. 769091

Bugger don't have Instagram anymore

No. 769111

File: 1548047347989.png (849.91 KB, 598x589, eatinglul.png)

so Paris is back to posting videos of her eating, this time with dramatic music!

I'd post a gif but I don't really have the time to do that right now, it's the same as all the other eating videos she posted before

No. 769140

She’s gonna keep doing it until she’s dead. She’s as stagnant as any milk about her is.
Completely incapable of change or growth and expects to be coddled for it.
Paris is fucking boring

No. 769269

And who wears a tshirt when it's the middle of winter- unless of course like Paris you claim to be totally ashamed of your body and want to show off your arms and scars.

No. 769272

I think Paris should take up the challenge on YouTube that all the anas seem to be doing on Instagram/my boyfriend controls what I eat for a day.

No. 769278


but then she cant have her exactly measured 97 grams of asparagus tips or one (1) sliced cherry tomato!!!!!1!

No. 769313

She's like those dickhead guys who're walking around in this temperate wearing shorts to show off some crappy leg tattoo. Seriously haven't seen anyone wearing short sleeves under a coat though.

No. 769325

It pisses me off because asparagus and strawberries aren't cheap in the uk at this time of year, and it's the tax payer funding her. She's a very good example of people who scam the system not to work.
Didn't see her wheelchair in the photo.

No. 769333

Benefit scammers are cows in themselves. I've never dobbed anyone in, but some of the munchies on ig I see who claim constantly post junk they've bought while out shopping. Expensive junk. Idk how they do it. I buy groceries at Lidl and Home Bargains and they're posting fucking Moomins merch and OPI nail polish. Not envious (don't need to own crap), just really pissed off. Someone like Paris shouldn't even really be entitled to benefits if she doesn't live independently.

No. 769334

(forgot to add, the worst case being one who claims EDS yet takes trips across Europe all the mofo time).

No. 769361

File: 1548100056293.jpg (433.96 KB, 1080x1575, IMG_20190121_194635.jpg)

Becky dropping hints again lol

No. 769367

Does anyone else remember the drama that went on a few years ago on YouTube and Instagram between Paris and Emily Norely?

No. 769377

I wonder what part of her thinks she deserves freebies when she says she thinks she's worthless.

She asked for a makeover on twitter as well. I legit think she thinks she's model material. She even started following model agencies.

The face us a canvas but so is the body, so sort yourself out, scrounging bish.

No. 769393

For real. Around birthdays and xmas you see all these people posting about how "guilty" they feel for being given stuff, and yet here she is literally begging for it.

No. 769424

File: 1548105414709.jpg (438.27 KB, 1080x1730, IMG_20190121_211357.jpg)

I don't want sympathy. I don't want advice… Nah you just want their fucking money hahaha

No. 769461

File: 1548108152829.jpeg (308.08 KB, 750x1209, FFFE0363-037F-4959-B1C4-31A7AB…)

Weekly shop fail

No. 769473

Shit! Makes me feel dizzy just looking at that.

No. 769522

Wtf is her arm?

No. 769586

Tfw you're old enough to remember when thinspo was actual photos of women and not insanely bad shoops.

If anyone is actually anorexic and say, 12 or 13 and a bit gullible, this is so bad for them. The weird thing is, to shoop yourself much thinner suggests you THINK you look like that which means = no anorexia. If she was clinically anorexic she wouldn't see herself as SMALLER than reality. It's just a dumb popularity contest with these people.

No. 769614

Photoshopping herself smaller doesn’t mean she sees herself smaller than she is. Shame is driving her to photoshop; no mentally healthy person would aim to look emaciated or try to pass off pictures like this as reality

No. 769658

Driven by the need for attention more like.

No. 769683

Im the one who commented on georgia. Her reasom for "attempting suicide" with a not sharp blade
Im dustbinflower. Her self post is hilarious. Shes also selfposting anom on my tumblr(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769711

Who is Emily Norely ?

No. 769766

File: 1548144795727.jpg (37.34 KB, 1080x276, IMG_20190122_080745.jpg)

I'm surprised there's not more comments pointing out how bad this has been edited. Bet she must be watching her ig like a hawk to delete them. God her profile is ridiculous.

No. 769778

File: 1548151292334.jpeg (50.62 KB, 610x602, image.jpeg)

She's a weird one- occasionally puts up YouTube videos - when she sounds drunk. And sorry Paris (if you are lurking) - this ana is even thinner and sicker than you .

No. 769779

Don't cowtip. Your bullying isn't something to be proud of ffs

No. 769780

Someone I follow called her out in stories. Doesn't matter who, but people are speaking up.

No. 769782

I've been wondering how she is (or more honestly, if she's still alive). I subbed to her channel ages ago when she uploaded regularly. I like how she sits there smoking a fag.

Haven't seen her vids for a while, but she used to have a problem with alcohol and it was damaging her liver. P sure she still drinks because yeah, she sounds like she's been on the sauce.

No. 769783


and also, you might want to clear up your own backyard before pot kettle black with suggesting cows.

No. 769784

File: 1548153450426.jpg (247.71 KB, 898x989, 20190122_203615.jpg)

Cow tipping, don't do it. We are here to laugh at them not to engage with them

No. 769787

Can’t believe this dweeb wants to be known by farmers enough to start this for it.

No. 769789

Emily Norley is terrible. Can we get a recap on that milk?

No. 769800

you can't sit with us.

any screen caps or anything? dont think i saw it lol

No. 769823

What happened? Or are you Paris ?

No. 769858

(Apparently an ex social worker as well).

No. 769865


SOS where's a farmhand?

No. 769924

File: 1548183818960.jpeg (65.49 KB, 750x273, 3C4543D3-4B3B-44B6-AC9F-C704DD…)

I wish someone would call her out in her shameless begging

No. 769937

File: 1548185184610.png (109.18 KB, 1337x623, Untitled.png)

Sure, some random's going to pay for your holiday. I mean, right after Christmas everyone else is loaded with cash to send someone who isn't giving an iota of her time to recovering to a sunny place. No one else experiences #desperatetimes. We're all rich and want to shower no marks with gifts and holidays!!!

Must be so draining having to avoid discussing why you let your mental and physical self deteriorate day by day without an excuse other than "HOSPITAL GAVE ME PTSD!!!!1"

No. 769966

it’s the internet equivalent of sitting on a corner. except she’s asking for a holiday for two not a pound.

she has to be an entire other level of delusional to think that she would be medically cleared to go anywhere sunny.

No. 769987

File: 1548192929040.png (330.62 KB, 303x484, can you spare any change.png)

She's complaining her boiler's broke and how hard it is. Lol. I mentioned earlier in the thread how mine's been dead for months. NOW YOU ALL HAVE TO SEND ME FREE DOG STICKERS!!!! (and a phone, a Mario Bros game, a holiday, a new Nintendo DS…)

No. 770039

man this is a cow cross over for me, an old personal cow. i don't have much milk to bring to the table but i can say >>769787
if she's still claiming she's a social worker it's not true. she used to post photos of her psych ward paper work on tumblr

No. 770042


Sad part is, without this stupid cowtip, Georgia was already pathetic and self posting herself on this thread for attention.

No. 770074

Nah, the thing I read about her said ex social worker. I googled her name and it threw up something about a psych unit she attended and she was talking about it.

Definitely meets the cow criteia - ana poses, full on SH gashes, had a gofundme yet posts high end makeup purchases, pics of being on a hospital gurney, etc. How the fuck did she get to be a social worker? Posting confidential paperwork…just wow. Smfh.

No. 770077

Oh wait, think I got that wrong. She didn't post her clients info. Makes things slightly better.

No. 770106

File: 1548203822006.jpeg (168.35 KB, 744x1135, 4161FD00-59EB-49BF-8189-FFF63E…)

>ex social worker
Her insta goes back to 2013 and it’s all of her being a professional patient at McLean, a state psych hospital, and another ed program. I’m not sure how she could’ve gotten a degree in social work, or anything else. McLean is clearly her favorite second home
>where girl interrupted was written.

No. 770111

Kek couldn’t just say psych hospital, had to put that girl interrupted was filmed there, smh
I definetly agree she meets the cow criteria. Especially since we’ve been discussing cows like tinyboo and others who beg for money. Also the Anachan poses are reminiscent of bekah bending all the way over sticking the but out for that forced thigh gap. Can’t believe no one brought her up, and low and behold she presents herself on a silver platter right here >>769683 fingers crossed she’s a public account, or at least this anon >>770106 has access

No. 770114

Hey it’s Georgia here. This is my first and only self post - I haven’t posted anything here, it is all by dustbinflower who has been relentlessly bullying me across multiple platforms including telling her tumblr followers to report my account. I don’t know any of your weird cow terminology, but I’d appreciate no longer being discussed here and for dustbinflower to kindly leave me alone because schoolyard style bullying is just the lowest of the low and is honestly just pitiful.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 770120

File: 1548205515682.jpg (62.63 KB, 821x284, b.JPG)

She had a kickstarter for a book she was writing (release date 2016). I bet that totally happened.

Yeah, we wasn't going to discuss you and agree that dustbin's a POS.

No. 770127

Not Paris. Emily annoys me because she is a pro powerlifter and her form is always terrible.

No. 770165

File: 1548209189523.png (Spoiler Image, 580.66 KB, 899x578, unknown.png)

im the anon you replied to. i have known of dustbin since 2016/2015. i have no way to prove the milk currently since i lost track of her but i will dig. she was SUPER popular on tumblr aka her old lurking grounds but it seems she switched to IG since tumblr canned her blogs. she's been in and out of IP for years ontop of being in residential. her biggest reasoning for egging on georgia is that her arm looks like raw chicken from cutting it open. not just her arm either.

one thing i can say from memory is that she seems to get a lot of expensive things but complain about no money so i have always thought she stole stuff. she also had a off and on again bf who's just as mental. >>770106 from what i know is she went to school for it and finished somehow but obviously she never will have any work. which doesn't make her a real one.

alas sorry for no proof of her past antics but i will try my best to find some. she is milky but it's all been deleted since tumblr deleted for the SH photos.

No. 770180

File: 1548210794917.jpeg (118.63 KB, 750x1334, 53D2FCEB-4888-49F1-98D4-D47251…)

Looks like she also had a go fund me for all that expensive makeup, products and clothes

No. 770183

File: 1548210963982.jpeg (149.4 KB, 750x1334, 89252861-85CB-4832-AD91-E002D8…)

Overdosed but still managed to dye her hair???? What the heck is this nonsense. Why can’t she just put dyed my hair, like nope must tell everyone I od

No. 770185

File: 1548211099254.jpeg (128.19 KB, 750x1334, DC6D058E-84FD-493B-8B3D-8EE618…)

In addition to the eating disorder does she regularly abuse drugs? What’s wrong with her eyes? Also notice what she commented about her former therapist… very odd

No. 770190

File: 1548211836087.jpeg (406.28 KB, 1936x1936, 7972B4E8-FE29-4657-A67F-08A85C…)

This comparison really showcases the anachan poses. look at the difference between her arms and legs on the left, an obvious candid, Vs. the right a clearly staged, Anachan posed photo. Those hulk shoulders remind me of another girl a few threads back who would pose the same way to show off the collar bones but just looked beefy instead kek, I looked back and tried to find her but I couldn’t, enjoy this hilarious hulk instead.

No. 770193

can you please just stop self posting. I hope you get help one day.

No. 770195

How is bekah? Any milk or is she full munchie now

No. 770198

I was in Rhodes Farm with them both….

No. 770203

It’s not a self post… I thought we were introducing a new cow smh. Plus the mods can check my IP address with the one where dustbinflower self posts her own account name and they’ll know it’s not a self post from her, and is another user posting kek! Don’t derail the thread and make room for more milk. Your probably a follower of dustbin trying to get us off her as a topic anyway.
She’s boring as heck now, does lives on insta, has a care taker, shes full munchie

No. 770210

Her Tumblr is dustbinflow3r77. Use to be dustbinsunflower or someshit

No. 770214

File: 1548213833298.jpeg (172.6 KB, 750x1334, AC3D78E6-6514-4256-8213-C35D35…)

130 dollar palette yet she needs a go fund me and a Kickstarter, this is rediculous she has so much expensive makeup posted in photos and yet she begs for money… how can u brag about having money and then ask for money on the same account kek!

No. 770218

File: 1548214423302.jpeg (123.79 KB, 750x1334, FB5BBE35-2961-4B4F-93DB-4A889D…)

The most honest caption spaceships ever posted

No. 770221

File: 1548214696038.png (14.06 KB, 554x245, Capture.PNG)

first post is an anon about lolcow. nice.

No. 770224

File: 1548214962227.png (29.14 KB, 544x547, she will never learn.PNG)

here's the post the self post is taking about >>769683
she's already changed her url

i'm p sure she does drugs often. kpin is a benzo called kolonipin i believe? not her first overdose on it

No. 770274

No. 770300

Who cares?
She’s a self posting autist, and wants to be famous to 200 odd bitchy strangers so badly she’s begging them. There’s no milk.

No. 770316

Yes that's her tumblr. Token ecg leads as cover pic kek

No. 770610

File: 1548276690460.jpg (106.41 KB, 621x681, scroungewatch.JPG)

No. 770625

the fact that she's getting away with this kind of behaviour is insane
she's so manipulative and subtle in her asking for things (begging) eg. by talking about how gifts from followers make her suicidal thoughts lessen

No. 770931

File: 1548297316707.png (650.87 KB, 750x1334, 5F31B31D-ED13-4C8D-A4FD-F80364…)

so sooper sick and speshul. The sickest most frail and dainty icu patient…. smh

No. 770933

File: 1548297418845.jpeg (244.44 KB, 750x1238, 287613FB-51F8-40D7-AB74-6C421E…)

No. 770942

File: 1548298699557.jpg (1007.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190124-125249_Ins…)

Guess who got her tube taken away??

No. 770944

Cue breakdown because doesn't have trophy tube any more. Cue restriction to get tube back

No. 770947

File: 1548298787137.jpg (959.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190124-125256_Ins…)

No. 770958

It’s going to be quite a while before she starves to death kek.

Took you off feeds Bc you claimed on your story that you gained weight Georgia! Your overweight so the goal is for u to lose lbs not gain lol, ugh smh. She is so deluded

No. 770965

Kek all the kek in the world.
But srlsly. A tantrum because her tube got removed?

No. 771012

File: 1548308659779.jpeg (135.38 KB, 750x1334, 3B9CF52A-4193-4BA2-AB1A-9CA611…)

Kek at the cover pic - so sick much ill lol.

Well apparently she gets paid… is that by the government or what? There’s no way she could work a job when she’s a full time patient, managing a sooper successful tumblr blog and insta account.
Obviously ppl care Bc they are posting about her, there’s plenty of milk and that’s already been discussed by others if you’d scroll up but since your so intent on getting us off dustbin here’s your proof
Along with every other screenshot of her insta that’s been posted. She’s ott, attention seeking, abusing the healthcare system and probably leaching off the government while begging for money on the same account she posts pictures of expensive high end makeup so please, stop derailing and ignoring the obvious milk. Take your dustbin boner elsewhere.

No. 771014

As if having a tube makes you look more thin or sick kek, she’s admitted on her story that she is indeed overweight and on a weight loss/maintainence meal plan (yea right to the maintainence part kek) and she said on her story she gained weight while on the feeds and her nutritionist ordered the tube be pulled after that! Is she delusional or just denying the obvious?

No. 771026

File: 1548311017739.png (40.3 KB, 572x494, r11.png)

No. 771030

File: 1548312481750.jpg (777.03 KB, 1080x2082, 20190124_164723.jpg)

Didn't last long

No. 771031

YES FINALLY someone called her out

No. 771037

Is this a cowtip?

No. 771042

It looks like a cowtip. The Instagram account is fresh and new and only follows three people. I'd say it's a cow tip for sure

No. 771084

File: 1548333335791.jpg (318.56 KB, 1080x1297, IMG_20190124_123253.jpg)

"I haven't mentioned Amazon in ages…" No you just not-so-subtly hint it at any given opportunity lol

No. 771088

she's like the new kadee konstantino

No. 771097

Too soon,anon. Too soon.

Never asks…
Posts calling people out sometimes have the opposite effect and they use it for pity and more free shit. I really did benefit from knowing the Mario Bros game exists though. Helped my mental health enormously.

No. 771196

File: 1548355104157.jpeg (181.14 KB, 750x1115, F23AB6DF-4391-42D1-A2A0-482E20…)

I agree, I think she’s an ott attention whore. And apparently a manipulative, spiteful brat too. How dare her therapist go on vacation or have a life.

No. 771206

Kek, it almost sounds like she’s on a hunger strike because he wasn’t there lol

No. 771221

File: 1548358358380.jpg (461.91 KB, 1080x1696, IMG_20190124_193048.jpg)

Dropping more hints

No. 771230

That's what happens when you OD
The gofoundme page is from 2017. She doesn't strike me as milky, unless you like to watch somebody trying to kill themselve.

No. 771232

We'll ask if there's any way we can get cold weather funding.

Bahahaha, good luck with that. You don't get extra until it's been below zero for two (maybe three) consecutive nights and then EVERYONE on benefits gets it, not one super spoopy snowflake.

Perhaps she could wear those sweaters going moldy on vinted.

No. 771283


She's bragging about being on pro source? A simple protein supplement?

No. 771289

Yes likening herself to other ICU patients apparently lol. Just trying extra hard to be a special snowflake

No. 771376

So special anyone who wants to can buy it off Amazon and numerous other websites, no prescription or doctors order needed. What a dainty lil snowflake kek

No. 771380

Autosaged. See >>>/meta/8261 for more info.

No. 771410

Did you see any of Emily's old YouTube videos about her ED before she took them down?

No. 771423

Kadee was grade A milk. This girl definitely has potential, but no one can fill Kadee's shoes.

No. 771496

File: 1548414217871.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-25-10-40-12…)

It's hilarious she says she never mentions her wishlist, yet basically every post has obvious hints.
There was no need to even mention a fucking heated blanket here Becky, but you already know that.
I get the feeling she's trying to tap into her followers sub conscious, like some sort of derren brown shit.

No. 771560

Surprised Paris doesn't promote her Amazon wish list.

No. 771568

File: 1548431149090.jpg (4.4 KB, 300x168, dez.jpg)

The blanket's gone from her wishlist.

No. 771573

File: 1548431921629.jpeg (134.11 KB, 750x830, AFEF96CF-721E-4859-BDCE-6D8AEE…)

Wipe your fucking nose jesus christ no one wants to see your pity photos stop self wallowing in your own snotty shit & make an attempt to feel better instead of posting these pathetic posts on social media.

Like the idea that she clicks upload, and actually sees her photo again before uploading it and thinking hmmm yes thIs WiLl hElP gIvE mE pItY

No. 771576

These people have so many issues with impulse and instant gratification. Why put long-term effort into restrained behavior, introspection and self-improvement to create a more stable and satisfying life and sense of self when you can resign to give yourself over completely to all your base negative desires and get showered in pity, attention, and/or short-term bursts of endorphins?

No. 771581


It raises all kinds of questions about society to me (strokes chin). At what point was it desirable to be seen as so weak you want a world of strangers to see your snotty cry face? I totally get how opening up about feelings is important and I encourage it, but this … THIS…I don't get.

This question >>771576 I ask myself all the time when I see these people on instagram. If they have therapy, they take NOTHING from it.

No. 771584

(asking the question in reverse, I mean).

No. 771626

I can’t remember the account name but I’m wondering if the description I give may be like someone you follow
Her mum has to feed her much all her meals/snacks and she is on a thin line to being ip , but s she doesn’t believe it and is planning relapse. I realised she sent this girl hate from another account and then uses it as a backup, so the message show and the girl found out it was her. Then she out on her story that someone had some way logged in to the account and done it when it was clearly just her covering it up. And she thinks there’s this account copying her with almost identical usrname and bio with what she does

No. 771633

Fucking hell, anon, that's some Twin Peaks shit there.

> I realised she sent this girl hate

Who sent what girl?

>uses it as a backup

Backup what?

>she out on her story that someone had some way logged in to the account and done it when it was clearly just her covering it up

I'm confused.

No. 771665

File: 1548443622201.jpeg (833.91 KB, 1125x2003, 11C09243-C745-40D1-B9DD-B90CDA…)

People aren’t posting her here because she’s anorexic. People are posting her because she’s attention seeking and money grabbing. If anything she should use what’s shared here to actually change herself/faults.

No. 771682


You mean Ellie, she's like 14 we can't talk about her

No. 771688

File: 1548446374900.jpg (125.55 KB, 400x321, childish hole commhnity.jpg)

too much malnourished brain slush

No. 771689

>>771030 / disgusting self posting fat fucking cow.

No. 771730

That wasn't a self post….

No. 771733

That wasn't a self post….

No. 771916

She doesn't get pity she just makes herself like a drama seeking twat. And who photos themselves crying?

No. 771934

Did you see a while back her mother forked out for her to go to hypnotherapy twice (even though claiming ptsd) something that if you did in fact have this, you would never contemplate. But of course Becky bailed on it and wasted her mums caregivers allowance on a waste of an excuse that she is. Hence the fact they are poor.
If you can afford that shit you can get a £15 electric blanket at b&m love or a second hand one on fucking eBay.
She makes me want to shoot myself in the head.

No. 772002

If no one with PTSD would ever consider hypnotherapy, why is PTSD listed as one of the most common disorders hypnotherapy deals with?
At least come with real milk

No. 772011

Um If you have ptsd where it apparently stops you having any input from any kind of services what so ever then I find it hard to believe you'd willingly go to hypnotherapy where you end up exploring what happened.
She's already said she can't be anywhere or do anything that even mentions it anon.
Do your research!!!!

No. 772017

I wonder if the hypnotist made her eat a raw onion like they do on telly.

If she's expecting a big, cosy electric blanket I don't think that's what the one on amazon is. I had one like that and it was just a small, thin heated pad about a third the length if a single bed.

Maybe she bought it herself seeing hw she got paid on Thursday. Niw her mum can have the hot water bottles instead of shivering while enabling her daughters self-centred behaviour.

No. 772040

File: 1548510254664.jpg (268.3 KB, 720x944, 20190126_134320.jpg)

No. 772106

File: 1548526019416.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190126-120154.png)

Pregnant (again after her recent abortion) and fasting non-stop even though she is going to be having this one to term and giving it up for adoption. This is fucked up honestly

No. 772112


That child is going to die inside her or be fucked up for life because of her.

No. 772138

Yeetus the fetus!

No. 772180

Is she preggo with twins?!? “Having themselves…”. WTF

No. 772379

this georgia girl is full of it, she’s from my home town. the clinic she’s in is private - if you pay the fees you can be admitted there for whatever reason you state. she’s paying to be on a tube. if she was as ill as she claimed she would be in the hospital that she stated would give her “no psychological support” wrong again, considering that hospital is for really ill ed patients and also has an outpatient clinic. lol.

No. 772383

Australia's public mental health system is a fucking joke. Can't blame anyone for going private.
Private has an upstream approach.
Public has a downstream approach.

No. 772431

God when you think it couldn't get worse..that would be so tragic. I assumed she said "themselves" as it's probably too early to know the sex or she just doesn't want to know.
Her recent post showing a whole tray of weed her friend gave her makes me feel physically sick. (Not against weed at all…I smoke myself). But if you're truly doing this along with everything else, just get the poor thing aborted. Shit man.

No. 772461

Her dad smells..wtf?

No. 772503

File: 1548612446094.jpg (132.77 KB, 1080x1776, 1966023111926896898_5756744959…)

Real bad

No. 772520

File: 1548614538006.jpg (888.65 KB, 1920x1575, IMG_20190127_184038.jpg)

Kelsey's daily Photoshop failure for everyone

No. 772525

That pose on the right where they stick their arse out always gets me. I stand like that when I'm desperate for a pee.

The colours in her room would drive me crazy. Nice aqua or w/ever that is, but walls of it, no.

Anyway, just saying I wish some of these people weren't private. I'm glad they are (kinda) but maybe they choose to be so they don't get deleted.

There's a story in the news in the UK at the mo about a teen girl who an heroed after looking at self harm on social media. I reckon it's going to put pressure on ig to do more about getting accounts closed down.


No. 772527

(I'm including pro ed as self harm - just sayin so you don't think I'm being random).

No. 772529

an heroed? The fuq is that

No. 772531

File: 1548616790097.gif (25.28 KB, 200x267, an hero.gif)


No. 772586

She’s also wearing this in -40F weather. Home insulation ain’t that good so she stood there shivering in shorts to take these lol

No. 772589

If you look on her right upper thigh on the right picture you’ll see a bump like it was edited too.

No. 772597

Her right thigh looks 1/3 bigger than the left lol

No. 772604


Everyone of her pictures her legs are different sizes, she needs to try better to shop them the same at least? It's like she doesn't even try to hide it?

No. 772608

File: 1548626581042.jpg (1.04 MB, 1500x1500, pt2019_01_27_22_02_15.jpg)

Good to see she's gaining. But seriously, why bother photoshoping if you're not going to make it the same?

No. 772616

I mean she’s shopping these and thinks they’re convincing. She’s obviously not very bright. I don’t think she would even think of making the pictures consistent

No. 772681


They are the same….
black is a slimming colour so obvs she'd look smaller on the left it's an illusion…

No. 772682

Are you kidding? The gap between her legs is way bigger on the left image, it’s not an uwu ilLuSIOn

No. 772684


Not only is the gap way bigger in the first but her calves are twice the size in the second, in the first it looks like she's just badly erased her calves…

No. 772695

Hahahahahaha!!! Brilliant!!!

No. 772711

her dad needed her to "google something for him"? Who would visit their (estranged?) daughter just to ask her to google something for him?? And then of course she had a temper tantrum so he left, typical

No. 772728

File: 1548645450415.png (15.96 MB, 3087x3087, F79060D1-8FD3-41FC-B772-5038FC…)

Someone with a thigh gap about the same size as Kelseys supposed one. This is what someone would actually look like. I’m so sick of Kelsey’s desperate and obvious photo editing.

No. 772731

im from brisbane too lol and she wouldnt be admitted to a public system by any means, because she doesn't fit the fucking weight requirement, which is like the first part of anorexia

No. 772832

Why do spoops strive to have as much attention on them as humanly possible? Short shorts and an obnoxious outfit to go along with the nose hose. She looks like a deranged hippie

No. 772838

Bekah is begging for nannying jobs again with a tube sticking out her nose she’s hopeless.

No. 772841

She can and she has been. There is 17 QuEDS criteria and you only have to meet ONE. Weight loss, refeeding risk, low systolic BP, postural drop >20, tachy or bradycardia, postural tachycardia, high or low body temp, any arrhythmias on ECG, low BSL, low Na, low K, low phosphate, low mgs04, low eGFR or a 25% drop within 1 week, low albumin, elevated liver enzymes, neutropenia or BMI <12 or a certain % of body weight lost in a certain time.
Weight is not the sole indicator and all that does is adds to people thinking they aren't sick enough to get help.

No. 772856

Not trying to WK but that girl is really sick and has no milk. She looks like a deranged hippie because she is kind of a hippie and always looks like absolute shit due to a severe and enduring ED. Even sooper spoops might be warm enough to wear shorts in 90 degree weather…

No. 772857

BMI < 12 are you fucking kidding?!? The DSM-V weight criteria classifies <15 as extreme.

No. 772860



No. 772862

>>772841 how do you even know so much about georgia lol

No. 772868

All her videos are the same- there has to be a limit where she will stop saying " this is my first time trying such and such a food". She seems to be trying but haven't noticed much weight gain and I worry for her that she needs a focus rather than just her ED. no milk though.

No. 772881

I agree not milky, she seems sweet but so utterly in the grips of her disorder. She's gained a minimal amount, I think she should be in hospital or at least seeing a dietitan. It's clear that whatever she is doing isn't working

No. 772900

She was first posted here three years ago and still hasn't got out of the wanna be the sickest mindset. She's a bragger and even though not particularly milky, she loves the attention.

Full length store mirrors plus insta plus anas. Moths to a flame. She's always been pro ana.

No. 772908

Welcome to our public MH system

No. 772909

We are from the same state and she posts updates on her Instagram accounts 24 thousand times a day

No. 772928

Is Ashley Isaacs RIP?

No. 772929

No. She will never die.

No. 772931

File: 1548701223250.jpg (42.71 KB, 630x429, baleet.JPG)

This knocked me sick tbh. "Sexual content". ASH. SEXUAL.

No. 772932

(Want to add for farmhand's benefit, I know there's an Ash thread, but the q was asked here so that's why I posted this).

No. 773084

What happened to her account did she delete or rename? she was a cow that incited many lolz and I’m curious what happened to her

No. 773181


@georgiakcollings she's still around, full of shit

No. 773230

File: 1548781296507.jpg (189.69 KB, 1080x1065, healingtillie.jpg)

It really grinds my gears when people claim to be recovered and then remain obsessed with how thin they were.

That they act like that's recovery is what does it for me.

No. 773248

stop selfposting it’s so obvious

No. 773254

also when people claim to be recovered and then post something like this as an 'after' shot
she still looks really sick and it's clear she's obsessed with her physique

No. 773515

Honestly I’m going to defend Tillie here. As far as I know she doesn’t claim to be “recovered” ? She’s very honest about recovering on her own, is open about the fact that she still struggles and sometimes posts progress pictures because she has done a lot of work to gain a lot of weight. She has a job, has a life, and is actively working to get better without going IP. The opposite of a cow imo.

No. 773523

replying to myself here, these before/after posts are crap and seeking asspats but i don’t think this paticular instance is worth someone being labelled a cow.

No. 773552


Lmao, Georgia actually self posted a while ago and can't post any more.

No. 773616

File: 1548841434214.png (268.39 KB, 468x861, wannarexia.PNG)

don't fucking cowtip she'll go private or something ffs

No. 773620


this person is almost more annoying than Tilly to have to read about.

No. 773628

File: 1548855224378.jpeg (253.5 KB, 750x1042, D109C389-1DA1-4D71-8CFF-5FD4DE…)

>despite much protest forced to be tubed
Yea fucking right. She was upset and told the dietician she wasn’t going to eat when they tried to take away her precious tube.

No. 773639

Has Smorven been up to anything? Or is she still IP?

No. 773687

Kelsey looks like a frog in this grey hoodie photo. Look how short her torso is compared to her legs. She's not fooling anyone.(emoji)

No. 773767

Umm except she is fooling the majority of the imbeciles that comment on her pictures …

No. 773782

File: 1548901756561.jpeg (192.33 KB, 637x915, 4135EE80-B8B5-4AC0-BB8D-A34644…)

I got a follow request from this girl a couple weeks ago and I KNEW she looked familiar. Went through this thread and previous thread trying to see if I could find her, low and behold: it’s the girl who somehow still hasn’t moved on from wannarexic era circa early 2000’s when forcing your collar bones out somehow wasn’t an obvious wannarexic pose. Please can someone explain to me how a person with an apparently normal IQ could possibly think every single person with working eyes doesn’t see right through this bullshit? Fucking kek

No. 773856

File: 1548934543164.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-31-11-33-44…)


No. 773882

I thought we weren’t discussing that person here anymore?

No. 773890

I thought we weren’t discussing that person here anymore?

No. 773964

File: 1548962908407.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-31-19-25-02…)

ps. here's a picture of the game on 3ds…y'know, the consol I own…and the game I don't

No. 773985

We're not. She's a banned subject even if this thread's on autosage.

Yeah but she's triggered by the death of an absolute bitch she was in hospital with who was horrible to her and died just now. Even in her death she's being the shittiest person alive making poor Becky feel so bad. Fuck her grieving family and fuck thinking part of the girl's (alleged) shitty behaviour was part of her illness. Buy poor Becky Spyro to take her mind of it.

No. 774459

Anyone got anything interesting to share?

No. 774473

File: 1549123382415.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-02-15-59-05…)

"I want this life to be as healthy as it can be"…
If you actually gave 2 shits, you wouldn't be poisoning the child with smoke and harming it with your ed behaviours. If you can't give this up, (not saying it's easy) then you shouldn't be choosing to be pregnant.

No. 774555

Nope. The self posters, vendettas and lack of milk has anesthetised the thread for a while. Kind of grateful to be on autosage for a while because it might flush the twats out of the system.

No. 774564

What has spaceship been up to? Now that she’s gone private

No. 774581

This is fucking disturbing. There are plenty of safer options to deal with stress while pregnant. There are even medications which have been studied extensively and determined to be safe during pregnancy bc they don’t cross the placenta (which THC and other chemicals in marijuana do). I have no problem with weed in normal circumstances, but not while you’re growing a human fetus inside your body. She is total trash.

No. 774674

I'm just waiting for Becky to off herself or the ed to take her down. Its terrible to say but she needs to have some kind of accident which lands her in the hospital. Its the only way she'll get sectioned.

No. 774731

File: 1549193340155.jpg (828.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190203-203057_Ins…)


No. 774734

No one has even talked about her recently

No. 774741

she definitely self posts

No. 774760

Has tinyrecovery ever been discussed?

No. 774770

it's actually really weird to see someone at such a clearly healthy (if not over) weight with a tube?? especially knowing she's been given it for 'anorexia'

No. 774773

File: 1549209894436.png (3.42 MB, 1080x1438, IMG_20190203_160231.png)

Kelsey shows her real size? She looks relatively healthy here, not the weird skelly frog shoops like her other pictures

No. 774790

What a delusional cow. Probably wants to be all frail and delicate, but unfortunately looks like kfc muncher. Probably is treated for binge eating disorder but anorexia sounded more glamour.

No. 774791

Looks like normal thin girl but with wide ribcage.

No. 774793

Just sucking in her breath for dear life

No. 774803

What milk does she have to discuss? She seems pretty genuine to me, not wallowing in an ed or some bullshit like some.

No. 774804

Jeez, if she sucks in any harder, I'm pretty sure she'll turn inside out

No. 774811

She photoshops her pics heavily and blocks anyone who says anything in the comments.

No. 774823

For real. 95% of atypical anorexics restrict in the day and binge at night and think they have anorexia but don’t know that’s textbook BED. Poor therapists have to lie to these girls just to get them out of the system

No. 774836

So disinterested and uninvested I’m getting out of hospital, she’s trying to get picked on.

Hospital is cozy and coddles you and she doesn’t wanna leave. Post self on lolcow>cut self over being on a gossip site>sympathy and extended stay.

Being overweight and avoiding life by wallowing is negativity isn’t milky. It’s a one man show so nurses might coo and pat her head. Gross.

No. 774868


I agree completely. At this point she's just posting things to screenshot and self post. She keeps getting hospitalized and would keep
tellonym.me up just to write in her own ask to post in her stories, along with other things, create hate to cry about, etc. Pathetic. She doesn't even take the help that's given while she's there. I know a lot of people don't, but she's making herself seem beyond help when she's not. Claims to have tachycardia when there's certain healthy cardio that can be done to help her lose weight healthily with tachycardia. She chooses to "starve" and doesn't even appear to lose. Cries about losing too slowly when she's not even trying.

No. 774869

File: 1549240185895.jpg (968.82 KB, 1080x2088, 20190204_102841.jpg)


No. 774870

File: 1549240245813.jpg (252.58 KB, 1080x689, 20190204_102828.jpg)

Samefag. Saw this under one the of she many pics with the tube

No. 774872

Nope, BED sufferers don’t use compensatory behaviours (I.e. fasting/restricting before/after)

No. 774880


georgia does self post. there's no question about it. i don't understand why she does, if she's in the such terrible shape that she claims to be in…

No. 774887

Was she not "put out to pasture" by farm hands?

No. 774888


She was indeed. Is there ways around it? Genuinely wondering.

No. 774889


It's easy af. VPN. Proxy channels. Dunno if she'd be too lazy to bother though seeing as she's a fat slug.

No. 774890

File: 1549248207069.jpeg (283.21 KB, 640x924, 5AB76ED2-0150-4726-9073-004F20…)

Kate kusmina on ig “not starve or smth like that”

No. 774891

File: 1549248228665.jpeg (114.88 KB, 640x635, BB7B8A5B-7958-441E-8C09-A674EA…)

No. 774897

File: 1549251318079.png (732.21 KB, 750x1334, 0C48CE4E-2DD6-430C-ADA4-1E125D…)

Part 1
A hilarious string of multiple call outs from Georgia’s followers kek looks like we aren’t the only ones who think she’s rediculous

No. 774899

File: 1549251450082.jpeg (256.66 KB, 750x1334, ABAB8C9D-CFF3-4A43-BD1C-190379…)

Part 2

No. 774900

File: 1549251543378.jpeg (156.94 KB, 750x1334, B5BE9809-04F6-4EA8-8A6C-BA0E6F…)

No. 774902


Im so glad others are calling her ass out. At this point she's just abusing the system where she lives and it's disgusting as fuck. What the fuck is her god damn problem?

No. 774907

>>774899 LMAO the fact that she used a smiley face after saying she has atypical anorexia makes her seem proud to tell this person she has it.

No. 774910

Yes and she posts food she never eats. She's in and out of hospital so many times.

No. 774913

Nah for bed you can’t purge (would be bulimia) but you can restrict. The binge restrict cycle can be osfed or bed depending on the frequency. It’s pretty difficult to remain obese if you aren’t binging more than you restrict

No. 774914


She clearly is proud, otherwise she wouldn't post this kind of trash

No. 774918

I don't understand how they can't just focus on their healing and stay off social media.

No. 774925


That's mental illness. Shame they can't put the social media aside and realise it does nothing to help.

No. 774929

File: 1549260756508.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, F3ACCC2C-9637-465C-B55B-AA0076…)

I know the answer is “because she’s paying for it” but jfc how many times is she going to lose the tube, throw a massive fucking hissy fit and then get her precious nose hose back. this has to be the most obvious thing in the world to every every doctor there. also, no clothing, no books but don’t worry! she still has a phone and can spend hours taking selfies for when she’s inevitably discharged but needs to remind people how sick she was.

No. 774930


Her fat ugly face makes me ree

No. 774931

No clothes?? Wut dafaq. Is this because she self harmed again? It's the third time she's done that since being there. They probably removed all that stuff for her safety and the safety of other patients. Her clothes probably had drawstring etc. Kek massive tantrum about her feeds being stopped. If she was actually serious, she'd leave the clinic and go home where she isn't forced to do anything

No. 774951

Saying that it's harder to get off the tube and onto eating real food is complete bullshit. No clinic or hospital would do that if you would actually EAT! (I know from experience)
Being tube fed is not a realistic way to get your nutrition in real life and for your recovery. Obviously there are exceptions (Georgia not being one). But if you can physically eat food then no hospital would give you a tube just for the LOLs…

No. 774953

Holy fuck this bitch frustrates me beyond belief.

No. 774969

File: 1549279911835.jpg (631.6 KB, 1080x1920, 20190204_213115.jpg)

No. 774970

File: 1549279942104.jpg (968.66 KB, 1080x2095, 20190204_213136.jpg)

Lies, you love it.

No. 774981

so she said she had to go to the royal (a very big hospital in brisbane) to her stitches. she’s currently in a private residential facility with other patients, if she was self harming that much - she would be admitted to the mental health ward at the royal. when you enter private treatment you usually sign something that says you will not participate in that behaviour. i really do think it’s all a massive performance for her. sure she may have hurt herself, but not to the point where she needed stitches. non compliance often gets you kicked out of private and admitted to a ward anyway. christ, i skipped a few days of my outpatient program and got admitted last year - she’s a joke.

No. 774984

Restriction can be used as a form of purging. Purging isn't just vomiting, it's more complex than that.

No. 774988

The picture she uploaded of her plaster would surely be a lot more bloody if it was deep enough to need stitching up.

No. 774998

The photos of food she posts on IG aren't even her own- she just lifts them off other web sites.
Wonder how much she got paid for her story about Lindt chocolates in the daily mail. Maybe Paris should follow her example .

No. 775015

Kek okay mate this isn’t about your opinion though, it’s literally in the DSM criteria for BED that there has to be an absence of compensatory behaviours, which obviously includes restricting or fasting

No. 775031

File: 1549304896155.jpg (469.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190204-182220_Ins…)

No. 775057

Two crying pics in a day.

She's pre-motherhood Crying Emily without the gas huffing.

No. 775071

I think it's funny that the screenshots stop as soon as she claims to go to bed lol

No. 775077

I think her mom is onto something kek. What a waste of hospital space.

No. 775080

her shirt looks like it says "BARF" kek

No. 775089

Georgia the thread is on autosage you’re barely getting attention from your selfposts what are you getting from this aside from hurt feelings and external motivation to not eat breakfast for the anorexias. That hospital bed could be used by someone really sick not just malingering

No. 775103

File: 1549324535690.png (692.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190204-235416.png)

Amy teaching people how to purge cough I mean, vent through the tube

No. 775114

>>775089 seconded.

No. 775125

No. 775127

That was really disturbing. She’s bulimic pretending (or exaggerating) illness.

No. 775129

Fasting is not considered "compensation" in the medical community.Regardless, Georgia has BED or bulimia. I think we all agree on that

No. 775132

File: 1549332282538.png (173.87 KB, 750x1334, 06C4D4AC-A646-43F3-8C31-43273B…)

Not sure if she self posted her own tellonym but let me just share these hilarious and exaggerated responses she gives “her liver was failing due to malnutrition”……. sure Jan

No. 775134

File: 1549332368070.png (179.56 KB, 750x1334, 8BDA8C5A-5047-4361-82ED-73208F…)

“I refused to eat” meaning that you deliberately chose not to in order to get a tube, kek come on!

No. 775140

She didn't self post. I posted her link

No. 775143


These are hilarious to read. She's actually such a dumb person and comes off so cold and rude and the same to everyone on there. So hypocritical as well. "Water off a ducks back" is how the hate feels to her… Then takes link out of bio. I feel like she sends herself stuff in there to answer too. Part of the reason I believe this is because of all the years on Tumblr. She had Tumblr too and I followed her. Also if I have to see her say "my truth" and shit one more time I will barf.

And you're safe. Australia doesn't have Verizon.

No. 775145

>>775140 they meant self posted in her asks, not on here lol

No. 775151

Did anyone see korey was nominated for Australian of the year ? Like seriously, she posts spoopy pics of herself and fruit and has literally made no progress in like 2 years but she’s just soooo inspirational kek

No. 775155

File: 1549336002332.png (164.95 KB, 750x1334, FA8CF6A5-ACB4-44D1-9237-C284A8…)

“I always end up relapsing into severe restriction” I think she’s going through a binge and a binge cycle, or at lest some useless purging. Not to physique critique but she’s actually a significant bit overweight, surely if this restrict/binge/purge cycle has been going on for years she would be at a significantly lower weight right?! I meant first she’s going anorexia or atypical whatever and then she says purging…. she either is totally lying about it all and is just a binge eater, or she doesn’t purge “well”

No. 775158

File: 1549336202773.png (171.53 KB, 750x1334, D233F583-ED0E-460A-8A85-8A5282…)

“I couldn’t maintain my weight outside of treatment” Oh my gosh these just keep getting better and better, trying to chronicle the best ones before she deletes telly

No. 775163

Gaining weight doesn’t count as not maintaining weight with anorexia Georgie-porgie.

No. 775178

File: 1549339833521.jpeg (191.58 KB, 640x1084, 65ABC2B0-4856-4907-8683-BCE782…)

Ah that’s really rich considering I am doing my residency in a psychiatric hospital with an eating disorder unit. So I’m sorry you’re having such a difficult time with this, but I know the DSM inside and out and this is my job day in day out, fasting and restricting are very much so compensatory behaviours and categorized as such. We’ve had many non-purging bulimic patients because they would binge and then not eat for a couple days, or restrict excessively and then binge again a few days later. I’m out right now but when I get home I can gladly take a picture of the page in the DSM

Sorry for minor blog posting but good lord it irritates me when people tell you you’re wrong and they don’t even know what they’re talking about

No. 775180

Sorry samefagging, but the cap is the DSM criteria for bulimia, in case that wasn’t clear

No. 775203

File: 1549345006884.png (242.86 KB, 750x1334, ADDE3B69-BD75-4F70-AE09-B60DD4…)

Your psychfag flex and the compensation vs fasting dichotomy doesn’t matter, Georgia does neither of those effectively or even probably at all. The truth is she’s gained weight in and out of treatment Bc like most ppl with BED they have a warped perception of what a lot probably is Bc they are used to stuffing it in, kek! I could almost gaurentee she has BED based on what she puts in her story and her consistently rising weight this op is right >>775129 that she’s a binger. A true anorexic or even atypical wouldn’t beg for the tube back that made them gain weight in tx when they are already overweight. She is so delusional I honestly wonder if she thinks she’s really this sick dainty frail anachan. Especially with her earlier tellonyms I was just reading through and ppl were like asking her advice on things, as if shed know any successful ana tips
This is where she asked herself tells to look like an all knowing skelly

No. 775204

File: 1549345273745.png (160.09 KB, 750x1334, A26ED647-A693-4B71-B52D-331A34…)

It doesn’t matter apparently if she gained weight lol, “she was starving to death”! Have some sympathy for this malnourished frail ana kek!

No. 775216


No. 775259


I find her comment about cherries actually rude because if that was a person who was actually struggling, and someone told them that it was "nothing" when it was something, that could really fuck them up. I bet if someone came to Georgia and told her that her choice of snack or whatever was "nothing" she'd call them unsupportive and call it bullying. She's insufferable.

No. 775265

You have no eating disorder, you’re just a munchie.

No. 775266

Her „muh malnourished” is possible, as a result of just living off kfc buckets. I agree there’s plenty of fat people who are deficient in many vitamins etc, it’s not an illness, you don’t cure that with tubes and ED center. You just go to dietitian to ask how can you stop eating garbage and to start eat more fruits.

No. 775268

File: 1549369787474.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190205-122836.png)

No. 775271

Why is there quotation, did the doctor finally tell her? Or she thinks she is debunking her obesity with that picture? Because kek

No. 775278

She just recently posted about getting ECT soon for "bordering on psychosis". Either that doctor is legit retarded or a complete sucker or they really will just take the paycheck and do whatever is demanded from their paying patients. No bloody way has she got psychosis, eating disorder stuff doesn't count as that. What a load of shite. Sounds like she just wants to be more "sick" than the others she's competing against on instagram. Bunch of bollocks.

No. 775281

I sent her a telly letting her know that she was morbidly obese And delusional(cowtipping)

No. 775282

Bro, I don't think you can do that, I mean n she was "diognised" with dilutions or whatever, perhaps she is deluded and thinks she is not morbidly obese

No. 775291

Anyone watched a channel on YouTube Hannah Gane ‘ganer_gains’ ? It’s worrying that they even let someone clearly that ill into a gym.

No. 775296

Not really. Doing weights and building strength is very beneficial in anorexia recovery. There's been a lot of studies surrounding it. Especially when it comes to bone density

No. 775305

Agreed, plus it’s like with cancer patients - best way to survive malnutrition and death from starvation is to have spare muscle to use as protein source.

Maybe this doctor heard her saying she is not obese and called that psychosis lol. What do we know also about munchies, maybe they are borderline psychotic. After all who with their right minds would subject themselves to unnecessary doctor/hospital visits and unnecessary medical procedures.

No. 775307

As in https://youtu.be/reRup9WbWik(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 775314

I just think her videos are so cringe, like is she actually kidding herself that she thinks she's healthy? The list of exercises she includes in the description to that video is beyond excessive.

No. 775322

File: 1549385978699.jpg (437.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190205-115800_Ins…)

No. 775324


Fat and a troon, gross.

No. 775325


Fat and a troon, gross.

No. 775326

File: 1549386162899.jpg (445.74 KB, 720x1232, Screenshot_20190205-120118_Ins…)

No. 775327

OH CHRIST! I'm eating my dinner reading here and now I won't be able to eat for a WEEK. Jesus fucking Christ. There's a nip slip. Reportable. Actually, that whole pic is reportable because it's all wrong.

No. 775328

Think I just vommed in my mouth a little bit

No. 775330

yep, looks morbidly obese to me
fatties with BED who think they are frail anachans are always good for a laugh.

No. 775331

File: 1549387778532.gif (1.06 MB, 477x268, huey.gif)

Mine was projectile.

The way the back of her leg fat hangs that way confirms morbid obesity (source: common sense)

No. 775338

File: 1549389792189.jpg (628.96 KB, 720x1235, Screenshot_20190205-120542_Ins…)

No. 775343

U fucking wot m8! Also, is she self posting cuz she only has 66 followers soooo

No. 775345

FYI, liking posts with so few likes, and so few followers it's possible to be outed. If it's not a self post that is.

No. 775353

Lol, that's blackcurrant juice.

No. 775360

Eurghh dafuq!???

No. 775368

File: 1549398109990.jpg (413.06 KB, 720x1232, Screenshot_20190205-143829_Ins…)

No. 775369

File: 1549398851444.jpg (33.06 KB, 303x297, no time for doing life stuff l…)

Bedsheet as a rope with which to hang.

Hey, you know Becky's awful cash situation? It's so bad they went to sort it out and had to wait a WHOLE 30 MINUTES before they found out they were at the wrong desk. After ALL THAT TIME they decided to not bother.

Does this bitch ever not complain. I mean, just one post where she isn't complaining?

No. 775372

It's an anon with a parody account. Hope she makes it public so we can post our heart emojis and concern comments.

No. 775378

I follow her on Instagram. She is actually inspiring and is making a lot of progress. She never claims to be healthy. She is striving towards a healthier life. Her food intake matches her expenditure and then some. Exercise is extremely beneficial in recovery and some UK clinics even have gyms IN their clinics for this reason. She has no milk.

No. 775379

She doesn't want to die now because she has a roommate?? Wutdafaq? Clearly was never actually serious. What's with these obese people having tubes ffs.

No. 775381

She's trans??? Wut?

No. 775384

File: 1549401747488.jpg (313.83 KB, 720x1137, 20190205_162111.jpg)

No. 775385

File: 1549401818155.jpg (383.6 KB, 720x1135, 20190205_162150.jpg)

No. 775388

File: 1549402007505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 447.09 KB, 720x1139, 20190205_162647.jpg)

No. 775389

Fuck the state of the vitals, DEAL WITH THOSE EYEBROWS OMG

No. 775391

Jesus Christ, thank you for the spoiler.

I don't get it. If she's a tra s girl, how dies she get periods?

No. 775392

File: 1549402952273.jpg (Spoiler Image, 292.9 KB, 720x1234, 20190205_164215.jpg)

No. 775394

the fuck could her reason for posting that shit possibly be?
what was the caption?

No. 775398

Not trying to wk Georgia, but bulimics often remain overweight or a normal weight.

Being overweight does not mean the absence of compensatory behaviours.

No. 775404

File: 1549405112864.jpg (Spoiler Image, 411.3 KB, 720x1134, Screenshot_20190205-171812_Ins…)

No. 775406

Oh god scrolling through her page, she's a mess, she's clearly very very messed up, she posts pictures of some of her anorexic friends and talks about how jealous of them she is…

No. 775409

I agree- watched a few , yet she claims to be in recovery and have a personal trainer and nutritionist . She should be on bed rest not in the gym . Her face looks awful.

No. 775422

I’m one of the anons you replied to and that’s exactly the point I was trying to make, sorry that didn’t end up being articulated! But yeah I was trying to say that just because she’s overweight doesn’t mean she doesn’t use compensatory behaviours. And using compensatory behaviours excludes one from a BED diagnosis

No. 775423

Yes Georgia.
You’re an Australian size 16+. That’s enormous. You are the exact width of a door. Over 30 inches around your waist. You are obese and your doctors have that in their files despite your claims of starvation.

Skipping some meals and binging to compensate is not bulimia or anorexia despite your creepy wish for either of those.

Are you really surprised that yournkbese body was described as obese? Were you angling for emaciated despite the pannus?

No. 775427

I ask myself this question a lot when I'm her. Can BDD act in the opposite way, can an obese person see themselves and feel themselves as being thin?

No. 775428

HERE not her. God I'm never her, what a fate that would be.

No. 775429

Oh, and that wasn't a Freudian slit…SLIP…I'm not her self posting.

No. 775439

File: 1549411962507.jpg (Spoiler Image, 630.63 KB, 1080x1672, 20190206_101158.jpg)

Oh she is intersex. She was born with both male and female organs.

No. 775442

Probably but let’s be real. She knows she’s fat. She doesn’t see a waif in her back rolls. She just wants to stay in hospital where nothing but navel gazing happens and she gets patted on her back for eating breakfast instead of skipping it to binge five hours later. She wants to be an anorexic because she’s fat and she wants to be picked on here so she can call herself a survivor and join the thousands of other Instagram girls who rest on their fat laurels saying ‘but I was sad once so this is a god like acheivement’

She’s doing the fat girls rendition of MPDG because she’s got nothing else going on. It’s hard to go to uni and get a job but it’s easy to “battle depression” full time in exchange for asskisses. Never mind the millions of people with depression who don’t turn it into a song and dance.

No. 775445

I think img is the cause of a lot of her problems. She could do a year backpacking having an amazing time and learn about life but she prefers her family waste the dollar on her staying in hospital taking selfies of her nose hose.

No. 775446

File: 1549412927787.jpg (32.92 KB, 493x173, 00.JPG)

bollocks, dropped img

No. 775467

Imagine puking in your own lap and stopping to take a pic before cleaning it up. She has very serious issues. I feel for her growing up intersex but there’s some real serious mental illness going on
For an “anorexic” she sure doesn’t have an understanding of the BMI chart or mirrors

No. 775521

So is that bulge the penis then? I always thought they were inside when someone is intersex. But that don’t look like no camel toe

No. 775531

It looks like a penis. Most hospitals will do a surgery depending on the size of the penis at birth. I’m not sure why she has both sex organs

No. 775547

File: 1549443081823.jpg (174.34 KB, 1072x958, IMG_20190206_084618.jpg)

Surprised she deleted her newer followers (I'm guessing?) with all the attention she was suddenly getting lol. Now changed her insta name to something even more attention-seeking-bullshittery.

No. 775552

File: 1549446322353.jpeg (261.13 KB, 750x1113, AE41AA11-4867-4FDD-8FF8-3C8684…)

This is pitiful

No. 775553

self posts then gets upset when people realise she has bobs, peen and vagene

No. 775560

File: 1549450917965.jpg (387.03 KB, 720x1232, Screenshot_20190206-060011_Ins…)

No. 775561

File: 1549451038260.jpg (Spoiler Image, 382.28 KB, 720x1140, 20190205_162130.jpg)

No. 775578

Self post man, how'd she even find out otherwise

No. 775589

I used to follow her, and not only is she one of the most godawful ugliest people I've ever seen (I would kms with a face like that…it's even worse when she tries to wear makeup), but she's also the kind of person that it's useless to be concerned about because she has a new crisis every single day, and by the time you've tried to support her once, she's gotten over it and had two more "this is the end I'm going to kill myself etc etc" moments. No wonder she writes about how everyone's leaving her in real life if she acts the way there she does online.

No. 775590


It reeks of self post in here

No. 775624


"She" doesn't.

No. 775632


Also agreed.

No. 775636

I'm confused, the has tidies, and das a damn peen looking bulge?
Also, don't they remove it so the baby can be classed as one? And she has a damn big peen for an intersex person usually they're lil tiny nub things. But damn I'm no professional so who even knows.

No. 775669

Maybe it's a sock lol.

No. 775671


I don't think it is. Lol.

No. 775705

I think she was born intersex (both sex organs aka penis and ovaries) and her penis was large enough at birth to be considered the primary sex organ so it was not surgically removed. Then in adolescence she realized she identified as female and started hormones to develop breasts and menstruate
Hi Sami, this is not a pro Ana board. It’s about as anti pro Ana as you can get. Because this is not a pro Ana site, we do not engage in thinspo or fatspo. Also, we were talking about Georgia legs, not yours

No. 775741

( be kind - not visited lolcows much) - yes have read the rules etc, but what I don't understand is why can we not just discus any person with anorexia who decides to put it all over YouTube or Instagram? Why do they need to have milk? I'm not talking about pro-ana just public anas in general. Or is there another thread on here?

No. 775749


go visit MPA.

No. 775761

This is not an anorexia discussion board. It is only to discuss those who have milk beyond their EDs. Generally speaking posting pictures of food or unphotoshopped pictures isn’t milky. If you’re looking for a general eating disorder discussion board head over to MPA or EDC

No. 775775

For sure, I was using your response to explain why I was replying to anon claiming BED.

I don't know if Georgia has BED, atypical anorexia, bulimia etc, and I think she's problematic at best, but I thought it was important to l stress that being fat doesn't mean you don't have a restrictive/compensatory ED.

No. 775783

I was kidding, that's definitely a dick XD
Although I wouldn't put it past her to make up some willy shit for weirdo attention seeking, along with all the other bullshit she comes out with.(XD)

No. 775784

Has she posted anything new since claiming she was gonna do herself in? I got deleted

No. 775790

File: 1549534627178.png (56.14 KB, 654x469, images.png)

There are different levels of being intersexed. If she has periods I'd assume she also has a vaginal opening and thus more hermaphrodite

No. 775813


The ones we post here are generally shitty people. Beg for money, lie about recovery, fake recovery, etc. They do it continuously and the point of the thread is to keep track of them. Posting some intersex who's a bit (or a lot) ugly is funny, but not the point of the board.

As anon said >>775749 MPA have discussion of random anorexics with popular accounts. I don't use that site much, but they discuss people like Cooney and occasionally Ash and other known wonky anas.

I'm of the opinion that our intersex person account is a troll. Too few followers and OTT posts in their feed. Next…

No. 776142

No. 776183

Now it's rugby season Smorven should be full of the joys of life.

No. 776184

Isn't she sectioned and in hospital at the moment? Don't think she'd be going out to watch the rugby with her support worker any time soon. Possible salt in the wound? Unless she can stream it on a device of some sort or tv.

No. 776279

File: 1549657409247.jpg (246 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190208-202125_Ins…)

No. 776287

File: 1549661425103.jpeg (262.09 KB, 750x1194, B554C232-58F7-4293-855C-28F3C2…)

Dang girl pick a year of onset already

No. 776291

For someone that has no money, she's always fucking shopping

No. 776302

whats been going on with alexys lately or jonzie whatever she goes by?

No. 776304

Yeah, her mum took her to Patisserie Valerie today. Plus, more mugs have been sending her stuff and she's selling really shitty bracelets a 5 year old can make.

No. 776306

You can see her waist outline and it's hardly waspish.

No. 776308

File: 1549667235504.png (465.2 KB, 1125x2436, 5326A94F-CBCB-42B6-AFF4-4553FF…)

Why does it come up like this when I try to follow Becky?

No. 776309

It won’t let me follow. Then I went back to follow and it says page not found

No. 776318

I'd say you're blocked. I don't have that screen

No. 776342

File: 1549681569388.jpg (337.41 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20190209_140446.jpg)

Her account is still up
(live photo). I'd say she's blocked you.

Don't worry, a fw cows have blocked me and I haven't interacted except to follow.

No. 776398

File: 1549718540132.jpg (294.13 KB, 1080x1588, IMG_20190209_132050.jpg)

Dropping those hints again

No. 776400

I’ve never spoken to her!! I was going to tell her how wrong what she’s doing is, but I can’t. So I guess she’ll just have to read it here.

No. 776408

No heating.
Short skirt.
Thin tights.

No. 776438

Exactly. I'm sitting here with 3 pairs of trousers on. The cold must really go to her head if that's her idea of "layers". Gotta make sure she still looks as fucking skeletal as possible for her daily prance around town.

No. 776441

File: 1549738635881.jpg (448.41 KB, 1079x1577, IMG_20190209_185455.jpg)

Newest photoshooop failure

No. 776448

I genuinely have no idea how anyone believes this shit. Her leg is the same size as her arm, not to mention how her arms arent even the same size. Youd think with all this shooping she'd get better at hiding the evidence

No. 776455

Has she ever been super underweight? Or we’re all of her old pictures heavily shopped as well. Im only asking because she seems to genuinely believe these are convincing. Does she know what someone with legs like that even looks like?

No. 776461

File: 1549746915432.jpg (507.24 KB, 1080x1080, l-XdAZ7M8_M.jpg)

I can't see her account because it's private, but found this on one of the skinny fetish vk users page. She forgot to do something about the top of her arms.

No. 776465

She does have a few photos on her insta that look genuinely horrifically skeletal. Just lying to herself and thinks she can just shop herself to shit. Don't know who she's kidding. Seriously girl, it looks shit, get a real job.

No. 776466

File: 1549747847288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 281.06 KB, 1080x1078, IMG_20190209_213032.jpg)

No. 776468

This is still heavily photoshopped

No. 776492

Do you guys only think she has photoshopped it because her legs look thinner than the rest of her? Cause um, that's normally what happens.

No. 776494

A bit more passable than the shit she's been uploading recently, but I agree

No. 776577

Share your skills! I can’t spot it here

No. 776585


nta but follow the muscle on her right thigh, it's wobbly.

No. 776596

We’ve already dissected these in previous threads. I’ll save you the scrolling: inner and outer thigh, rib cage, hips (check out the towel warp), calf (sand warping). Contrast was also upped to make bones stand out more. You can also tell how hard she was inhaling by the distance between the top of her rib cage and the top of her hip bones

No. 776597

Also on the closer leg, her calf is larger than her thigh. This is pretty much anatomically impossible and that tendon-looking thing doesn’t make sense either

No. 776599

What I meant was that she probably blocks at the drop of a hat.

No. 776676

File: 1549800465454.jpg (1.93 MB, 1242x1864, IMG_1552.jpg)


funnily enough, she-who-must-not-be-named did a post on Kelsey's shoops (see above)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 776680

File: 1549802852435.png (533.34 KB, 1242x2208, 816B800E-2102-46E7-A3F6-45BD31…)

replied to her story about how shes growing a child inside of her, and she cant eat 200 calories ect. This is part one.

No. 776681

File: 1549802880275.png (548.04 KB, 1242x2208, 9E6B13D7-9706-4E7D-97A8-56FF47…)

Part two.
Someone save this unborn child.

No. 776700

Stop cowtipping

No. 776732

File: 1549815022255.jpg (1.76 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190210_155949402.jpg)

So she's still in complete denial that she's even remotely harming the child. All she's taken from the messages is that they were saying that anyone with an ed can't carry a child… literally the whole point flew straight over her thick skull. People with ed's CAN have kids, the point is the majority might actually take a moment to consider what their actions could be doing to effect the well-being and health of the baby they're carrying. I know it's still a mental illness and it's not easy in any way or form, but she's clearly in the mind set that she aims to give the child up once it's born anyway, so whatever happens with it, being born perfectly healthy or not, she's gonna palm off to whoever. Not her problem. Not a single shit given. More concerned about the next time she's gonna get high…because weed is the only thing that helps anxiety or whatever.

No. 776743

How many months is she? She's massive, but she's talking like she's only first trimester even.

I think she's milky too, but I agree with anon to stop cowtipping.

No. 776757

File: 1549822497774.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-10-18-13-52…)

By the size of that bump, she definitely looks further along than that.

No. 776767

What cows post and what reality is aren’t always the same. She looks much further along than the 1st trimester. I also doubt she’s eating 200 a day, despite her claims. Her kids gonna turn out however it will. Its not your problem. Stop cowtipping

No. 776784

That’s 6-7mos pregnant most likely

No. 776793

That wasn't me. I don't cow tip

No. 776803

The baby is already damaged, if its that big already. Poor child.

No. 776834

How am i cowtipping? I didnt talk about lolcow in the screeanshots?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 776888

Cowtipping is directly engaging with cows. Doesn’t matter whether you mention lolcow or not. Messaging her and posting screenshots here is cowtipping

No. 776892


>>776888 is right, and it just makes you look like a dumbass.

No. 776978

File: 1549881411359.jpg (524.54 KB, 1242x1906, IMG_6946.jpg)

Jeez.. smallest I've seen her.

No. 777018

Those tights lol I can’t. What ‘freezing’ person decides to choose tights, and not just that but opt for the thinnest, flimsiest pair of they have instead of, idk, leggings or joggers or something? The woolly hat plonked on as an afterthought just tops it off.

Wishes she “managed to get” an electric blanket. Becky speak for “wishes some poor sucker was dumb enough to buy one from Amazon” …here’s a thought: SAVE UP. Cut out the unnecessary shopping trips, won’t even take a week.

No. 777032

Unfortunately she can't wear anything less revealing as her BDD is telling her she's a fat blob…such bullshit. How does it even make sense? I honestly don't understand how she complains about having BDD on a daily basis, yet does not wear anything other than the thinnest tights she can find.

As well as the whole boiler breaking-That's fine, wrap up warm in those tights Becky.

No. 777061

File: 1549906537992.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-11-17-34-42…)

No. 777076

File: 1549908138883.jpg (557.89 KB, 1080x1569, IMG_20190211_175947.jpg)

They need a holiday? Bitch, you just had a fucking holiday…for free.

No. 777094

Amazing how she loves taking multiple selfies a day despite BDD. I don't even have that but only have 2 candids of me from the whole of last year because nobody wants to see that shit.

All Becky's followers are enablers. She does fuck all to get well yet they give her free shit and say there, there. I notice she starts hinting about having no cash the week after she gets her benefits paid. Her next one is a week on Thursday. Expect lots of e-begging!

No. 777142

How do you visit it?
Sorry I just can't find it

No. 777147

How do you pick a particular person you want to talk about from catalogue? You can't search or am I just missing something?(newfag)

No. 777234

If you can figure out how to post here you can figure out how to google. Stop spamming

No. 777271

File: 1549929607352.jpeg (200.8 KB, 1024x1012, A8C3C444-0573-4CDD-B187-451232…)

No. 777273

File: 1549930374007.jpg (342.81 KB, 720x1137, Screenshot_20190211-191042_Ins…)

No. 777274

I don't frequent this thread (just saw this pop up in new posts), and I don't see much about her besides what is posted on the Onion thread. Has it been proven yet that she has anorexia?
I can't believe how she looks now. But how come her features aren't Ash-tier? Like she doesn't look like a walking corpse besides her weight? She looks almost as skinny or getting there.

No. 777306

idk about her proven anorexia, but peoples bodies can be really weird with weight distribution. i remember there were photos of this model and she was skinnier than eugenia, yet still had some fat in her cheeks.

No. 777309

I’ve wondered if it’s the lighting in her home? Your bones can be more or less visible pending on the lighting.

No. 777337

Pretty sure her face looks “normal” because she purges

No. 777376

Haven’t seen anyone post on spaceship in a while is she worth “DMing For Follow” now that she’s private? She’s always been public and I’ve never actually followed her but I wonder does anyone know if she’s still doing aplastic anemia charades

No. 777382

ash also purges sometimes. maybe Eugenia just does it a lot more.

No. 777383

Please, no, Keep the farm a space space from EC. I'm so sick of her popping up everywhere like she's the only damn spoop on the planet.


No. 777403

Current charade is talking about how she is against abortion. Would attach pics but it’s honestly mind-numbingly stupid argumentation

No. 777437

Besides fat distribution, could be differences in what and how they consume. Some skellies have huge problems with staying hydrated and getting enough sodium. People who restrict salt and water have a much scarier, drier look to them. Same reasons why bikini competitors restrict water and spend hours in the sauna before competitions to be as cut as possible, and also why they never look exactly the same as on competition day literally any other time of the year.

No. 777441

Was wondering when Bella would pop up again. She’s so goddamn dumb. The second treatment starts working she says it’s torture that makes her sicker or says she has refeeding syndrome from some iv saline. Regularly signs herself out of hospital and then publicly claims the hospital refused to help her.

She’s gonna be one of those rambling toothless anorexic women on YouTube in a few years, provided she doesn’t die.

No. 777451

please post it I want to have a laugh

No. 777455

File: 1549955960696.jpeg (435.44 KB, 750x1205, 3EBD4F9C-9B23-4EEE-AD81-2B38BB…)

No. 777473

Lol this is a joke, “what does being a women mean anymore”
Go out and adopt some unwanted babies kek

No. 777537

aborted up until birth or after its born???? TOP KEK she has no idea how it works, she should try to inform herself before giving her opinion, so stupid

No. 777569


No. 777572

Anothercow claiming anorexia is betsjourney.spams and she's legit 5'1 and has tree trunk thighs! Claims she's vegan but binges on meat and dairy. Never been a thin photo of the girl or her twin myjourney. It's hilarious! Anyone else follow these desperate bitches. Munchasen by proxy with the amount of things they think is wrong with themselves

No. 777573

She has bulimia in her bio…

No. 777578

I honestly dk what her deal is. She claims no one can help her but then is so desperate to get help. She obvs is playing the game of get sick, go to hospital over and over again. All she talked about on Insta is which hospital is good or bad for her symptoms and yet she just wants to stay sick. Total cow.

No. 777617

If anyone follows meganster and Hannah on Insta, Megan passed away(derail)

No. 777645

who is that?

No. 777699


Megan was part of the ED/mental health recovery community and friends with Hannah @that.mckee.girl. The cause of her death hasn't been shared but it was presumably a suicide?

No. 777700

She's talking about fetuses "surviving" the abortion, I think.

No. 777709

What a fucking moron. She tries so hard to be edgy, but has no clue what she's talking about.

No. 777716

Suicide and complications from her eating disorder.

No. 777731

File: 1550028655553.png (6.1 MB, 2208x1242, FF4FC08E-078D-4179-B308-7AA123…)

Amy has gained some weight…

No. 777735

Anyone knows if @penrose.triangle did kill herself? She never accepted my request but I have been checking every day after she announced she was suicidal and she has not posted anything since… Anyone knows anything?

No. 777756

File: 1550036830718.jpg (507.2 KB, 1080x1665, 20190213_154640.jpg)

She's apparently very happy about weight gain. >>777731

No. 777765

Absolutely not a fan of hers but she looks good at that weight.

Id guess obvious troll got bored of trolling when troll became obvious.

No. 777770

I’m so so interested to see what happens in the next few months, especially if she’s taken of Tpn (newb so don’t know if that happens) and goes back to the good ol purge

No. 777777

File: 1550049953383.jpeg (296.97 KB, 734x1086, 5ADDAA77-8AD1-4676-85D9-F5CD18…)

Another family member has died. Better post a body check with that caption. Just like the one with her Grandma.

Honestly. Can she think outside of herself for five minutes?

No. 777828

How did she ever get health cover to move to Australia? All her medical stuff must be expensive.

No. 777839

the way she writes her captions is hilarious like she thinks she's the next virginia woolf or some shit

No. 777954

that kitten is cute as fuck tho

No. 777993

File: 1550106336589.jpg (12.9 KB, 256x83, 000.JPG)

tinyboosteps now wants people to tell her she looks ill because it helps her recognise she's "poorly"

No. 778004

My thoughts exactly

No. 778239

And how can you be so thirst of attention, self-posting fag?

No. 778304

Seriously reeks of a self post - just really wants us to start discussing her but we aren’t taking the bate hun,

No. 778367

hey tilly(newfaggotry/hi [cow])

No. 778446

She's changed it then because she's always going on about her anorexia and bulimia but dunno why she adds in the anorexic part. Clearly she's not!!!! Just been posting saying she needs blood transfusion for bulimia but she's not gonna go lol. Wtf!?
She's huge and has munchausen by proxy for sure

No. 778447

Yeh I saw that. Says her haem level is 6.9 which is hilarious. Mate if it was 6.9 you wouldn't be at home chilling out and decorating your chin man hands with henna

No. 778448

No. 778450

File: 1550244102537.png (847.25 KB, 750x1334, 36C47FA6-58D7-4076-A106-15CFC2…)

She’s so happy about her weight gain she had to make a video all about when she was underweight, I haven’t watched it but she’s talking about it in her insta story like it was the glory days, and gushing about how ppl already messaged her saying they were crying. Like she feels validated in that she was sooper skinny and “almost died” Bc ppl are sad. Amy u r f*cked up

No. 778456

Is that the girl who has a fat 'eating disordered' twin as well?

No. 778482

File: 1550252728528.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1738, 7B0335B3-E203-411C-BA19-474006…)

holy shoop

No. 778483

File: 1550252790941.png (71.69 KB, 1242x288, B22906C5-169D-4BD6-97F2-3097E1…)

I wonder how long until Kelsey deletes this comment. Still at a loss as to how no one calls her out for the blatant misuse of the liquify tool

No. 778495

Damn her jeans are blury and misshapen I'd take them back

No. 778498

Bringing that up on this site is totally unnecessary and disrespectful. She legitimately suffered from her mental illnesses and had never been mentioned here until now because there was no milk ever.

Stop polluting this thread with unrelated stuff that you clearly think is gossip-worthy when it is actually a devestation for a lot of people & it doesn’t meet any of the criteria to be discussed here.

No. 778503

Stop trying to whiteknight, respecting someone when theyre dead means nothing. If you respected them you would have taken this site down.

Annoying that youre defending someone on a site meant to denumanize and witch hunt people,

No. 778504

File: 1550257643455.jpg (223.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190215-190644_Ins…)

No. 778513

File: 1550258538069.jpg (414.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190215-192200_Ins…)

No. 778514

Lol isn’t she 163 cm/5’4? 70 pounds my ass. There’s no way she’s under 85 here. I know she likely has an eating disorder but this lying about her weight is so dangerous considering how many people with EDs don’t see their bodies realistically. She’s gonna cause some children to lose even more weight and actually put them on “the brink of death”

No. 778553

Yes that's the ones have you seen their elephant style dancing videos too. It's like spit the odd one out. Theres literally only one miss piggy on the floor sweating like giant warthog pmfl.
She freely tells people she shits herself too

No. 778558


She buys from Zara anyway because the stuff she was selling was from there. If she was singed up as a Zara influencer thing she'd have to wear the stuff they sent her. That's really going to happen.

She needs to discover charity shops. It'd give her something to do ass well.

No. 778562

File: 1550268337733.jpg (319.76 KB, 1080x1002, IMG_20190215_215432.jpg)

She's just trying to blag more freebies and hopes the more she mentions how much she loves Zara, the more likely they'll magically send her vouchers or free shit.
Seriously, if she ever became an influencer, that would be so fucked up.

No. 778565

Like she needs more fucking clothes. She wears a different outfit every day.

Those chunky trainers would really accentuate her twig legs though.

No. 778628

File: 1550279306712.jpg (70.3 KB, 581x393, scav.JPG)

No. 778629

hahahahaha that told her

No. 778631

the way she so shamelessly begs is embarassing
it's no wonder people have a certain view of the lower class/people on benefits when this is the kind of example that's being put out there

No. 778635

Yeah, it's weird because being working class I was always brought up to have self pride. There's probably always been scroungers like her, but ~these days~ people have no shame about begging. I don't mean people who're really fucking needy and genuinely need a food bank or whatever, but it's all clothes and make up for her and her #hellishlife.

Benefit handouts are poxy if you don't know how to work the system, but you get the basics with it. With her though she thinks Zara clothes, makeup, coffees and Nintendo games are essential. Waste of oxygen.

Strange how she thinks she's model material yet BDD.

No. 778641

Agreed. She's a bad example of the working class and also of today's society. The whole "I'm so ugly, I hate myself, I want to die" thing, all the while (and sometimes even accompanying) a selfie or 8 is beyond me. It's not just her, so many of the younger members of the """"recovery""""" community are constantly doing it. But Becky should really know better seeing as she's supposedly an adult.

No. 778683

what about Hannah ?

No. 778692

Image board post caps

No. 778694

Image board post caps

No. 778718

File: 1550299500297.jpg (Spoiler Image, 352.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190216-013133_Ins…)

No. 778726

Is this a boy? I’m all for small tits but this is one unfortunate chest that has none. What was even the point of this picture

No. 778764


Pretty sure it's a girl lol

No. 778773

To quote >>778726 What's the point of this picture?

It's an average size woman (?) who forgot to put her drawerz on. Her other account is food. She eats burgers, bacon and egg and owns a fitbit. Self post or are you lost?

No. 778794

Very unfortunate one. I’d say its impressive she has confidence despite having a body of a prepubescent boy, but her pictures scream „i am insecure and want to be desirable, please give me attention”, so nah, not gonna fly.
And you know it, insecure, attention-whoring self-poster. Can’t even sage. Go away. You’re not Interesting.

No. 778808

Yeah is she even if age to be posted here?

No. 778828


I don't know what the fuck your problem is. I'm not self posting? I don't even know who the fuck that is, I can have an opinion

No. 778830

Yet you didn't give an opinion. Why post her?

No. 778832

Thirsty blokes follow for more semi nudes, and call her pretty. She just wants to be called pretty.

No. 778845


Uhhh I didn't? Lol. I was just engaging in conversation.

No. 778847

Can you sound less obvious, boring, basic fewfag bitch Becky, self-posting for attention, and acting like an idiot when called out?
Moving on to actual milk please.

No. 778849

This board is anonymous. You know you don't need to reply, right?

No. 778850

That’s really sad . I vaguely followed her on Instagram - she seemed nice.

No. 778874

ok instead engaging self posters… can I get their name or link or whatever cos I’d like to see that lol

No. 778884

File: 1550386120378.jpg (Spoiler Image, 452.38 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20190217-084756.jpg)

What tf even is that

No. 778895

Looks like a blood blister. Could be from chewing her tongue.

No. 779062

File: 1550463073239.jpg (311.99 KB, 1080x1099, mango.jpg)

She wants asspats for having urges to hurt her baby.

No. 779065

And why take a photo of it?

No. 779067

Glad I wasn’t the only one getting annoyed af by her. She also constantly acts like she has sooper speshul ~anorexia restricting type ~ and I think it ironically just works against her because she really hasn’t ever been emaciated, which isn’t necessary for someone’s suffering to be valid. But the fact that she makes such a big deal out of it and that she has such a superiority complex with her speshul anorexia and it’s like she doesn’t even know it

No. 779082

Ask Paris?
I’m not her photographer.
Probably because she’s a vampire who feeds off attention and it might get questions/pity from followers.

No. 779097

Isn’t this the girl who made YouTube videos about how much she hated veritas and canopy?
Her reasons for hating treatment were so dumb. She said the patients were in middle school and it felt cliquey. Duh they were 13! She has a serious attitude problem and it’s clear she thinks she’s better than everyone else from her yt channel. Her poor child. Can’t imagine how bad her account was. Ps post caps

No. 779137

Used to follow them both - Bets (the worst twin imo) is @betsbullcrap and Emily is my.journeyy_

No. 779200

File: 1550518047413.jpg (544.63 KB, 1080x1562, IMG_20190218_192325.jpg)

Little miss beggar strikes again. Love how she immediately adds £50 Tommy Hilfiger scarves and £30 Joules wellies to her wishlist. Makes me sick.

No. 779201

File: 1550518070184.jpg (196.01 KB, 1080x1343, IMG_20190218_192307.jpg)

No. 779202

>ignore the bullies
>ignore the people who call me out for my outrageous e begging.

That's a new level of incredible begging. JFC. Should be a reportable offense.

No. 779205

File: 1550519365918.png (55.52 KB, 610x515, a.png)

She's going to get advice at a monastery.

No. 779210

File: 1550520156001.jpg (605.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190219-060158_Ins…)

Tpn weight gain is obvious

No. 779232

So she constantly slags off any advice she receives from medical professionals, but is looking to visit a fucking monastery for answers!? Bitch, no amount of prayers to baby Jesus or social media scrounging is gonna cure your shit. Come on, pull your finger out, stop whingeing about how hard every fucking day is and get admitted. Make a fucking effort. Hopefully the monks will tell her the same.

No. 779235

File: 1550525972555.jpg (101.41 KB, 1071x630, IMG_20190218_213749.jpg)

This person offers to send a card and Becky just responds with a like. Either an expensive scarf or nothing bitch.

No. 779242

File: 1550528301718.png (537.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190218-221733.png)

Is she seriously claiming a bmi of 11 here? How stupid is she?!

No. 779254

That is no way bmi 11

No. 779255

You can even see how much she's contorting herself to make her ribs stand out more in her back. She's so full of bullshit it's actually laughable.

No. 779273

File: 1550530993976.jpg (309.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190218-230221_Ins…)

No. 779282

The only world this is 70 pounds in is one where she is 5 feet even

No. 779285

The arms are always a giveaway, imo. And the thighs/hips.

This isn't 5 stone. After physical illness I've looked like this (unintentionally) and was in the lower 6stone (without contorting back) and my arms were like toothpicks (at 5ft 1in). At least she aint wearing those big baggy granny pants favoured by a lot of anas.

Still, good for clickbait, eh.

No. 779286

…and not a tear was shed. Manipulating twat.

No. 779288

same i was bmi 11 at 4’11 and i looked wayyyy smaller than this?? i’m kinda offended she lied, make it believable(no one cares)

No. 779292

I looked like that and my bmi was barely 14, let alone 11

No. 779323

File: 1550540448532.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190219-014018.png)

She's 5"6

No. 779324