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File: 1602087967557.png (913.18 KB, 811x839, 1602069989343.png)

No. 1053792

A thread for YouTubers/Vloggers that don't warrant an entire thread, but are still involved in drama. Previous topics discussed include:

>H3h3 and James Charles drama over a hoodie

>Trisha Paytas being gross and dating Hila's brother
>Eugenia Cooney being anorexic and still on youtube
>Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood from Rooster Teeth sending nudes to (underaged) fans and hooking up behind their wives backs

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/980242

No. 1053805

File: 1602088730152.png (27.26 KB, 601x232, hustle-png.png)

so Adam Kovic's wife is using the fact her husband cheated on her and had his nudes leaked by a catfish as a chance to shill her merch, my empathy for her is dwindling

No. 1053812

>all the YAAASSS QUEENing in the replies and QRTs
I'm going to be sick! They're meant for each other actually.

No. 1053813

@ all the ryan fans saying he's hot

Love yourselves. He's a washed up wannabe daddy dom who tried to play the "male feminist" card to get pussy. Did you guys not hear what he said to Lindsay on the Astroneer stream about "how women don't have it harder than men"? He's not your ally, he just wants some teen puss.

No. 1053815

cant really blame her for trying to make a buck off of this shit, what else is there for her to get out of this besides pity points or a divorce? shes probably directing this at all of the "ADAM AND RYAN ARE VICTIMS" takes on twitter. this is clearly going to be a bumpy ride, so strap the fuck in anon.

No. 1053844

if adams wife doesn't care idk what there is to care about with him. seems like he still has her approval so an adult sending pics to another adult is not that milky. i dont think i can watch any videos with his face in them for a while b/c i still need my memory wiped after that dildo shit, but if he didnt do anything his wife actually disapproves of idk what the issue is

No. 1053862

She hasn't said anything yet that shows if it was cheating or if they are poly. Shilling your merch is not approval.

No. 1053872


kek, everyone here is misunderstanding her reaction to this and I don't get it, I thought you all were smarter than this? Has she said anywhere that she is okay with his behavior or forgives him? Not at all!

Her behavior to me is more akin to a meltdown, but not a "flinging shit everywhere" meltdown. More of an executive dysfunctional meltdown where she literally can't do anything quite yet. We have no idea what's going on in her head or behind the scenes, if she's even talking to divorce lawyers or doing marraige counseling, but tbh if this shit happened to me, I'd probably be doing the same thing. It doesn't seem like she's "#thriving", I think she is just very removed from the situation, mentally

Imagine the person you love did some stupid shit like this AND shared your pics. You have two choices: delete social media (no one wants to do that if they have a good following) or face people's judgement. And while you're facing that judgement, you might as well shitpost.

No. 1053903

>obscure low effort top gear meme
>Pushing your shit take (that nobody agreed with REEE) that the underage girl is the real villain here
>four point quarter-assed thread summary

God grant me the confidence of the mediocre scrote who made this shit thread

No. 1053905

her "enjoy the show" was pretty nonchalant. if she was terribly bothered by all this you would have expected a statement about how ~someone she loved broke her trust & invaded her privacy~ by now

No. 1053944

What else is she going to say? "oh my God you're terribly right my life is ruined" as if she didn't know already?

Nah I still see that as a sign of being in such deep shit that you just can't feel anything.

Why does she need to make a statement about anything and why does she need to validate anything? It's only been a little while anyway.

Like >>1053815 said, she will likely only receive pity points if she makes a big public sob story and based on her attitude she probably doesn't want that. There are people like that, you know that right?

No. 1053945

Make a better one then, cry baby. God some of you are insufferable.

No. 1053947

new thread is already a mess

anyway, i thought an anon said the 17 year old and him never actually had sex, unless i read incorrectly but others are saying they did actually meet up and had sex. what is the truth?

No. 1053957

the victim made a video

No. 1053961

She basically chickened out when it became too real. Other girls on twitter have said they know fans who actually did have sex with him so that’s where those are coming from. I really can’t imagine the trauma that would come from actually being a teenager that was coerced into sex with some famous almost 40 year old gamer guy with a family.

No. 1053964

im just saying if shes not mad theres no milk, and she really doesnt seem mad

No. 1053969

In less dramatic news, is anyone following the Phil and Dan brouhaha right now? I feel like they were only popular because they were such obvious fujo bait.

No. 1053974


What's happening? You can't just not provide details, anon

No. 1053976

Just fans speculating if they’re married or not

No. 1053994

File: 1602112185536.png (63.09 KB, 694x376, Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 7.10…)

Saw this on twitter right after this thread. Seems like business as usual.

No. 1053998

I am actually really enjoying H3H3’s Frenemies podcasts. Both Ethan and Trish are really problematic but I find it hilarious and entertaining

No. 1054008

sorry but dan and phil have been baiting teen girls with their gay ass friendship for years and then get mad that people ever shipped them together…like you brought this upon yourself. i find it hilarious that they're trending because people think they got married when the reality is they were just complaining once again that people think they're together lol.

No. 1054012

>>reee everyone who disagrees with me is a scrote
Some farmers think shes a wee baby and a victim. Others think she's a clout chasing ugly hoe. Its okay for us to have different opinions, stop flinging shit because people feel differently than you. I hate the bitch and I think she and Ryan both deserve to be eaten alive by the public. Its okay for you to feel differently. Damn. Grow up.

So has Funhaus made a statement regarding Adam yet because we only have the info on Ryan being fired. I don't follow Funhaus but don't know if anything has gotten out about what might be happening.

No. 1054014

File: 1602115092564.png (107.29 KB, 746x435, image_2020-10-07_195940.png)

kek hes already flat out said they have dated before, why the fuck does he keep milking this shit. this is the same shit he did with "agoraphobia" until everyone started to call him out for it picrel

No. 1054019

File: 1602115427310.png (130.58 KB, 704x606, roosterteethannouncement.png)

Rooster Teeth (both Achievement Hunter and FunHaus' parent company) have issued an official statement. No official FunHaus statement, but employees here and there have been liking tweets from fans sending them love and replying to tweets about wanting more potential victims to come forward.

No. 1054023

i saw both james and elyse liking supportive tweets. adam must be gone too then, probably bc he was having a wank in the FH bathroom regularly kek. i wonder if we’ll hear anything from him at all

No. 1054046

tbh it was kinda 'known' in the fandom that Ryan slept with fans a lot (though when I was paying attention to the chatter it was all people in their 20s). I find it hilarious though because so many of them thought they could ride his dick to fame and now they're just 'another fan he slept with'.

No. 1054138

File: 1602136682396.png (996.55 KB, 1536x2048, 31640F2D-F3D1-46FB-8EAD-8EB0D7…)

No. 1054140

File: 1602136907870.jpeg (399.41 KB, 1333x888, 9CEF64EB-FC17-4475-A8D5-C65A01…)

No. 1054146

so he did take those pictures without her consent then. that's so fucked.

No. 1054147

Currently watching the Boys and funny how it reminds me so much of The Deep apology and well crafted and marketed those faux-pologies are these days.

It’s like pick a template and use it. Especially if you were a “feminist” family-man that people trusted (ahem Jared)

Nothing rings true, it just feels like a hollow “ I know I did wrong but if you give me enough time and believe in me, I can come back with just being away for a bit and maybe attending a sexual harassment class. Maybe donating once to a charity. Hopefully after a year you’ll see how much I’m hurting and stop the hate towards me. I hope we all can be civil. I know it’s all my fault, but let’s stop blaming me so much, yeah?”

No. 1054161

a simple "i fucked up i'm sorry to those i hurt and i'm leaving the internet for good" would be fine, but they just have to gain sympathy by talking how damaged their family is lmao like they think they're entitled to some forgiveness

No. 1054173

Right? Ryan is like "stop threatening my family u guize!!!1!"

I can guarantee you NO ONE threatened his family. Who goes "hey, you cheated on your wife, let me call her and your other relatives and tell them I'll kill them"? No one, that's who.

No. 1054180

File: 1602146268687.jpg (76.12 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1602146125452.jpg)

It's a desperate attempt to be seen as the victim, and not another cum-brained scrote

His wife needs to drop him, and gtfo of there

No. 1054188

Ryan's was the most poorly written faux apology I have ever seen. Cheats on his loving wife numerous times. Abuses his position of fame and power to fuck barely legal, mentally troubled teens. Manipulates and deceives his close friends/man servants (mods) to cover up the whole issue years in advance. And still has the gall to use the family he BETRAYED as a human shield in his faux apology. STILL trying to manipulate and control the situation. Without question the worst human being and completely irredeemable.

He made what Adam did look tame by comparison. And what Adam did was fucked up. Jfc

No. 1054192

Maybe Lindsay should check her husband's phone. Y'know, just in case. I like Michael, but at this point I don't trust any of them anymore. I feel like Ryan's male co-workers had to have known about him sleeping with fans. Men can't resist bragging to each other. We already know Gavin and Geoff are creeps because of connect the hots. The other guys at AH probably turned a blind eye to Ryan's shit or even covered for him. I think Gavin is next to screw up. There's no way he hasn't slept with underage fans.

Like another anon said, Ray was smart to bail when he did.

No. 1054193

File: 1602151390628.png (257.93 KB, 597x415, benernst.png)

anyone know who this guy is and if he is married/in a relationship?

Cause his nudes are also leaked, not as many and no penis pics but > https://kiwifarms.net/threads/adam-kovic-ryan-haywood-the-dead-pixel-koko-pikovic-and-james-ryan-haywoood-iron-ryan-the-mad-king-vagabond.77130/post-7497400

No. 1054202

Not this shit again, lol.

Me too. Weird opinion, but I think Trisha is a good buffer for Ethan. She doesn’t coddle him like everyone else so he actually has to think about what’s coming out of his mouth for once cause she will call him out on his hypocrisy and bullshit. It will blow up eventually but it is way better than just him autistically spitting into a microphone while Hila drools onto the table.

No. 1054203

File: 1602154279071.jpeg (331.22 KB, 1372x1015, 2E536712-AE77-4828-8C4B-4107D2…)

jaclynhillcloset account (which “isn’t her” despite rampant advertising and specific information about her closet) coming in hot with the aliexpress “luxury” bags kek

No. 1054204

samefag but i get the feeling a lot of the posts on this account are advertisements / paid promos. correct me if i’m wrong though i’ve just found out about this account while stalking the lilee jean thread

No. 1054205

File: 1602154643855.png (1007.14 KB, 750x1334, C64CDC4C-B6D2-4596-8CF2-528748…)

also currently on the story, definitely doing paid promos based off jaclyns ugly fucking closet

No. 1054207

>>1054012 obviously not everyone who thinks she's less than innocent isn't a scrote, I didn't say that. I said this shit thread was made by a scrote and he didn't even deny it. When the fuck has any female used a Jeremy ballsackface Clarkson meme as a thread image anon?

Phew tranny mod really made the kiwifags comfy in this place and y'all are letting it happen because GiRLs cAn hAvE dIfFeReNt OpInIoNs oKaY??

No. 1054217

i just googled what connect the hots was and wow that's disgusting

No. 1054219

cool it with the bait retard. how are you going to spew this when you cant even sage your bullshit?

too bad thats the ugliest fucking top, whoever buys this deserves to look as swollen as jaclyn does

No. 1054223

I can't believe more and more employees are getting this stuff leaked. Sure this one is waaay tamer but still it's definitely intimate photos now leaked that are linked to the bigger RT leak storm so I think that's hilarious. Imagine the company memos going out about this these days. I'm dying. "Dear staff, can ya'll please stop exposing yourself over the internet. Thanks"

No. 1054228

File: 1602158124407.png (965.51 KB, 1912x1252, bigthunk.png)

No. 1054230

>women can't meme

Shut the fuck up. I made the thread and I'm not a scrote just because you disagree with me. The meme was mostly to shit on Ryan for picking a (self-admitted) mentally ill teenager over his loving wife. I don't think a fucking scrote would write nice things about his wife, they'd probably say "lel ofc he wants to fuck the younger model".

If we're gonna throw out baseless accusations then maybe you are the fat ginger e-girl and you're mad that we don't think you're a victim for being a homewrecker? Isn't it fun to say shit on the internet?

No. 1054232

File: 1602158569772.jpeg (167.61 KB, 1177x1500, 8e549a49-c3d5-40cc-b73f-515d5a…)

oh my fucking fuck dont be this much of an idiot. paint splatter on clothes has been popular in fashion for a long ass time. since the early 90s tourists have been buying ugly clothes with big text paint splatter designs.

No. 1054233

Paint splattered clothes aren't exactly an original concept.

No. 1054235

oh my god, you mean to tell me the ugly white paint splatter skirt i bought from justice in 2009 was a teddy fresh copy? poor ethan he’s only a multi-millionaire

No. 1054236

i think theyre trying to say that ethan stole the design from dollskill?

No. 1054237

Ok maybe you haven't been paying attention to the last thread, but H3H3 recently accused James Charles of "stealing TeddyFresh designs" even tho they were extremely unoriginal 90s colorblocking hoodies. It's funny cause this painsplatter hoodie is also unoriginal and he could be accused of "stealing the design" the same way that he accused JC.

Some of you are really tonedeaf to humor.

No. 1054238


I mean, I'm not anon you were replying to, but I understood it like it's just another case of unoriginal merch that has existed somewhere else..

No. 1054240

File: 1602159585818.jpeg (604.9 KB, 828x1279, 1600408211242.jpeg)

No. 1054241

Maybe if you took a second to read that the paintsplatter shit form Hila is "available this Thrusday" and the dolls kill shit has been out there for a while you would understand the point I am trying to make.

>H3H3 accused JC of stealing his unoriginal design

>H3H3 releases another design
>That design is already out there on Dolls Kill
>H3H3 looks stupid cause he just recently accused someone of stealing his designs when they are obviously unoriginal and he's probably stealing them himself (or Hila does cause she's the designer)

No. 1054243

i dont see what the point is if we already agree james didnt do anything wrong. the colorblock shit probably wasnt selling as much anymore anyways, i assumed this was a james/ethan pr stunt to sell merch from the beginning. i mean fuck the colorblock design is already 3 years old isnt it?

No. 1054246

File: 1602161137777.png (2.15 MB, 1200x1102, C9494DA5-9C68-428C-8633-41C9ED…)

If you don't get why it's funny when someone gets caught doing the same shit they have accused others of doing in the past then I can't help you.

I mean Ethan is literally dressing up as James Charles cause he is so salty about him "stealing his original design". Meanwhile Hila goes on to keep pumping out unoriginal designs that were stolen from other places. It's funny cause he's a hypocrite.

No. 1054248

mfw the dollskill one is much nicer than the knockoff

No. 1054249

are you all really that dense. It's about h3's hypocrisy, getting butthurt over JC while doing the same shit. Yea paint splatters ain't original, neither is teddy fresh's stupid ass hoodies they got so snowflakey about.
Also this splatter pieces are really identical to dollskill, so they deserve some backlash imo, even if the design itself isn't anything new.

No. 1054251


nayrt, but anon please, they are being sarcastic about poor uwu millionaire ethan being "copied" from a 2009 justice design, that's exactly their point, it's been around forever

pollock would be rolling in his grave is2g

also love ethan fighting for hila's brand, because something terrible would happen if hila actually speaks up about this, perish the thought

No. 1054254

KEK he's retarded but this got a laugh out of me

No. 1054255

some of you shield your eyes from this controversial hot take but those underage girls that fucked him are absolutely retarded, no ifs and buts about it. i was that age once too and not once did i WILLINGLY put myself in situations that allowed older men to seek me out online, continue talking to me, and eventually meet up with me and pretend i didn't know what his intentions were. at the end of the day it comes to getting fucked by someone in the public eye, who they assumed would want to be with them (lol) or leave their wives (LOL) but in reality they ended up feeling used, which they shouldn't have because i damn well know teenagers guard their intimacy when they feel like it. who is it helping to pretend these mentally ill tumblrina girls are uwu helpless babies that got coerced or some shit? certainly not real victims.

No. 1054262

Not sure if you're ready for this non-controversial cold take, but you're absolutely retarded.

No. 1054263

Teenagers are immature and bad at decision-making. More ay 9. Most of the blame falls on the adults in the incident than people who's brains haven't developed fully yet. I mean, they are still stupid as fuck, but that's teens for you. I did somethings similiar at the same age which I now realize was dangerous and retarded but back then I thought I was being so cool and rebellious and edgy.

No. 1054264

I agree and I think obviously most of the blame should be on the adult man who fucked a teenager while he had wife and kids. But it's fair to say that the teenager who fucked an adult married man is also retarded. It's not like she didn't know he wanted to have sex with her and to cheat on his wife with her. She knew and she sent him nudes despite knowing that.

Idk about you guys but when I was 17 I already knew that doing that kind of stuff was wrong.

No. 1054266

File: 1602163974322.png (1.42 MB, 1066x630, tessa.png)


Are you shitposting from the graveyard, Tess?

No. 1054269

Imagine throwing your whole career away to try to fuck a fat mall goth instead of just having a happy marriage with your wife and kids. Men will continue to be trash . I wont be shocked if he's forgiven for this because we all know this internet loves to forgive trash men, but i hope he does love a lot of reputation and credibility

No. 1054273

Teenagers know right from wrong, but the part of our brains that can properly weigh risk vs reward isn't fully developed until mid-20s. That's why teenagers do risky shit and make piss poor decisions all the time. It's still on the adult, not the teenager/child. I'm in my mid-20s now and wouldn't dream of doing things I did even at 19 now, much less 17. Really weird that you want to blame a teenager for a grown ass, married man for stepping out and seeking the affair in the first place.

No. 1054277

my post:
>I think obviously most of the blame should be on the adult man
>Really weird that you want to blame a teenager for a grown ass, married man for stepping out and seeking the affair in the first place.

you clearly lack reading comprehension cause I said he should be blamed for it, but she's also clearly retarded. You can call someone retarded and lacking morals without assigning the blame to them.

No. 1054280

The entire company is probably shit, considering it's run by scrotes, cucks and pickmes. If nobody was upset over Monty Oum then why would anyone think that anyone in that social network woild be a decent person? They went right on banking off RWBY after his death.

No. 1054283

i get thinking that the girl is to blame too, but seeking out her instagram and including it in the OP and calling her "mentally ill crazy retarded" just seems like you have a personal vendetta against her when in reality she's mostly irrelevant to the drama

No. 1054286

All the scrote-apologist victim blaming ITT has me sick for the future of women. Imagine being THAT brainwashed, that you think holding a 17-18 year old mentally ill girl exactly as accountable, or moreso than, a middle aged grown man with a career and efame is at all reasonable. It smacks of either envy or offense, but still, enough with the "e-girl" witch hunt. I get the feeling she wouldn't be shit on this hard if she had fucked him and not backed off, it seems cows who don't fuck up as bad as others and show even a shred of remorse or accountability get dragged harder than the liars who play victim.

Focus on the scrotes, because without them none of this would have even happened. No blame goes on the girl bc that takes blame away from the whole grown ass man who absolutely knew better, but bc of his job and efame felt exempt from basic human decency.

No. 1054287

File: 1602166909050.png (1.13 MB, 1974x1397, Tweets.png)

Screengrabbing some creepy tweets from Ryan from the timeline that Tess said their affair lasted, and two bonus interesting tweets from Tess long after their affair was over.

Notes of interest:
Forgot wife's birthday, probably was distracted by sexting Tess and possibly others
Creepy Twitch titles about killing/ditching wife for brothels… even if that's what happens in the game at some points, it's a bit weird to make it your Twitch title. Sounds like resentment towards his wife, guessing they were going through trouble at this time
Why was he streaming at night on Valentine's Day instead of spending it with his wife?…
Clearly he didn't learn about the "dangers of cosplayer fornication"
Creepy replies to Meg
Tweeting about being "the best dad to his kids" while cheating on his wife and wrecking their family… the irony
Tweeting about dominance/bondage and tweeting creepy pics that match up with the screen recording of snapchat texts between him and Tess and the further leaked pics

I may have missed some stuff, I was going quick.

I also noticed that his quote tweets from Michael are gone. Looks like Michael went back and deleted any tweets mentioning Ryan. Don't know if other members deleted tweets, just noticed Michael's. I wouldn't be surprised if Michael and Lindsay are extra pissed at him, being parents of children and all.

No. 1054288

>You can call someone retarded and lacking morals without assigning the blame to them.
It comes across as assigning blame regardless is my point, especially since it's tangentially in agreement with >>1054255 which is just sperging against a mentally ill teenager.

No. 1054289

File: 1602167194354.png (556.72 KB, 1440x902, ejs1ttju8aaowcx-jpg (1).png)

No. 1054290

Disgusting. But it was still HIS choice to cheat. If he didn't want to, no amount of luring and tempting should persuade him.

No. 1054291

While I think she was majorly also in the wrong, this seems more like a sarcastic reply than bragging.

No. 1054292

everyone who disagrees with you is a scrote or a pick me, we get it. never change lolcow…

No. 1054293

This is why you dont date men heavily into gaming. They are really all like this. He's disgusting. RT was already a hot mess before Monty's death, but it's clearly on fire for years after his death.

No. 1054294

>holding a 17-18 year old mentally ill girl exactly as accountable, or moreso than, a middle aged grown man with a career and efame is at all reasonable

Stop strawmanning, nobody is doing that. The whole point is that HE IS A RETARD for attempting to fuck a mentally ill teenager with attention deficit who will obviously make a video about it cause "victimized uwu". He is retarded for cheating on the mother of his children who has a fucking DOCTORATE (and as far as I know no online presence) with a girl who you have to take one look at and know she has some serious issues.

No. 1054295

I feel as if we got an influx of newfags from twitter or pull who dont get that this site is majority women who have different opinions on various subjects. Do i think the grown ass adult is responsible fully? Yes.
But the teenager who is still old enough to know not to go around fucking with a MARRIED man should also take partial blame. She is definitely not some innocent victim either. I hate when people think both sides cant be blamed, even if the man who manipulated people is the majority asshole here. You dont fuck around with married men, period.

No. 1054297

THIS, but because that places ALL the responsibility on the man, it can never be accepted as fact.

She had 0 accountability in this once he responded to her, because it was his job as the married adult with a public image to say no. Was she stupid for messaging him? Yes, it was wrong and stupid, but he messaged back instead of blocking her, so it's on him.

Or is the implication somwhow that, because any female shows any interest at all in a man, he should be allowed to respond to it without any accountability that isn't shared? It has to be her fault that a married father replied to a horny, damaged teen's DMs?

Sorry, but that just sounds completely retarded and makes him seem like he's incapable of making a decision unelss he can share the blame if it goes badly.

No. 1054298

yeah exactly, especially with the aforementioned scrote vs pick-me shitflinging, i'm thinking they're definitely newfags because it definitely didn't used to be this bad. completely agree with your post but we all know that everything is black and white, you must take a side!!! /s

No. 1054301

File: 1602167919948.png (263.54 KB, 442x873, ew.png)

Went and looked for this stream, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMp1k1_bwAA

I don't feel like scrubbing through it for reactions, but they're both disgusting. I almost vomited several times reading their exchanges especially knowing the persona he put on for the public.

No. 1054308

I disagree that she has to take no accountability. If she stole a black lipstick from hot topic is she without blame cause "lol well teenagers are just retarded and can't control themselves"?

And fucking NOBODY HERE says that Ryan isn't to blame or that she is alone to blame. Nobody. Stop fucking strawmanning you are really making it look like you are Tess who found this site and is know whiteknighting herself.

No. 1054311

The infighting in here, holy shit. Tess fucked up, sure.

But Ryan's a predator and I hope his wife divorces him and takes the kids. I wouldn't want to stay together with this sad sack of a cheater who gets his rocks off by pretending to be some kind of "mad king" persona and sends his pecker to barely legal fangirls online.

No. 1054331

File: 1602170109904.jpg (28.16 KB, 816x565, EW_NfPWXYAAFU6e.jpg)

>soaked pussy
Always a turn off to read. Scrotes are disgusting.

No. 1054342

Are you seriously comparing a lipstick to an adult man with a brain? lmao

No. 1054343

I'm not sure. Maybe Michael is one of the trustworthy ones. totally didn't have a crush on him years ago.

This could be the reason Geoff and Griffin divorced, maybe they just kept it under wraps since calling out partners on social media/cancel culture wasn't really a thing at the time.

No. 1054345

No I am clearly not. How dense do you have to be to read my post and take that away from it? Or are you just pretending to be retarded?

No. 1054347

Ryan is 100% responsible for his relationships and his career. So yeah he is 100% to blame for any damage caused to any of those things, not some random barely legal (and potentially not legal) teen who slid into his dms. Fucking dumb to keep bringing up any blame the random e-thots share because they share none.

Imagine defending a middle aged man against the evil tempting teens instead of, idk, recognizing he could’ve blocked them or just not replied. Real easy to not cheat on a spouse and ruin your career by hooking up with fans.

No. 1054348

Michael might be the only one I have any trust in, and that's just because of how strongly he reacted to the Connect the Hots incident years ago before there was any community backlash

No. 1054349

File: 1602171735831.jpg (55.03 KB, 1024x569, KrwA19hh.jpg)

can you guys just stop infighting

No. 1054350

do you think either of them will get divorced? imo Ryan’s wife is more likely to leave than Jess lol but I feel like they probably both will stay because it was just a harmless mistake and not like they cheated on their wives for years… obviously not a significant breach of trust or relationship destroyer or anything

No. 1054352

File: 1602171793514.png (70.48 KB, 588x760, becauseliberals-.png)

Imagine delighting in someone's pain because the company they work for said "Racism/Sexism bad" a couple months ago…

No. 1054353

Honestly, Michael and Jack were always the ones I felt were least likely to cheat. Ryan always played up the image of being a "devoted family man" way too much.

I hope they both leave, but alas, women have been conditioned to forgive and keep the family together for centuries. So I don't count on any divorce shenanigans, milky as they might be.

No. 1054355

File: 1602172013652.png (40.28 KB, 590x472, civilrights=pedophilia.png)


It really sucks that Ryan's coworkers are taking the most heat for this.

Also is this a thing with QAnons? Like, apparently if someone is pro civil-rights they're automatically a pedophile or something?

No. 1054357

File: 1602172265536.png (195.57 KB, 625x605, male-feminist-comic.png)

It's a known fact that men use the cover of "I'm a woke feminist" to distract from them being perverted deviants.

No. 1054358

imagine thinking anyone ITT is the defending the retards that cheated on their wives just because (rightful) blame is ALSO being put on the sluts that hooked up with married men. genuinely don't know how you twitterfags found this site.

No. 1054359

Can we not use alt-right bootlicker and women-hater Stonetoss as a counterpoint? He's as much a predator as some of these men at RT are.

No. 1054360


I think it’s because lately all these left leaning places/people with “woke” ideologies are coming out as degenerate.

They pay a bunch of lip service to some cause and act all righteous against the evils of the world, only for them to later be outed as the very thing they were spouting off against. It’s like men that claim to be feminists so they can have access to women’s spaces/be viewed as harmless.

No. 1054361

He's right tho.

No. 1054363



Shit like this has been happening for a long time. It's called a PR-move. Companies like to make you feel like you're always 'safe' with them to keep from losing customers…

No. 1054364

>He's as much a predator as some of these men at RT are.
Ugh, I shouldn't be surprised. How did it leak though? I thought he hadn't been doxxed yet?

Apolitical men are the only option

No. 1054366

I just can't get over how stupid so many men are. I'm starting to think I need to quit my job and start catfishing e-celebs for nudes to sell. I mean, holy shit, you know how the internet works

No. 1054371

Revenge porn is illegal in many states, so maybe reconsider.

You can just sell pics of your feet and scrotes will buy them, much less effort.

No. 1054373

File: 1602173660318.png (217.18 KB, 582x628, civildiscussion.png)

I feel bad for the rest of AH. They must be feeling very betrayed right now.
Also, leave it to scrotes to shit on them for not coddling him.

No. 1054374

"omg u guize are condemning a cheater and ephebophile???? how dare you block me for shitting all over you! MUH FREE SPEECH!!!1!"

No. 1054375

File: 1602173852048.png (18.84 KB, 544x162, getadivorce.png)

Honestly, I didn't know chasing strange pussy was such a mind-altering affliction…

No. 1054380

File: 1602174262379.png (66.72 KB, 588x586, mistakesweremade.png)


Also, if anyone knows Ryan on a more personal level, you'd think it would be, y'know, his coworkers at AH.

Who knows what the hell went on behind the scenes?

Who's to say they haven't reached out & helped him several times already?

Who's to say this might be the straw that broke the camel's back for some of them?

Always gotta love stans who think they know some e-celeb better than their own friends & family do!

No. 1054383

I hate that "celebrities are human too!" shit people do.
If they became a celebrity because fans thought they weren't a garbage person and they turn out to be a garbage person they it's perfectly normal for them to get more hate.

No. 1054387

"celebrities are humans too!"

Great, humans are usually condemned for cheating on their partners.

No. 1054391

File: 1602174841569.png (133.52 KB, 588x920, family.png)


I wouldn't be surprised if the alt-right crowd starts courting Ryan now as well with the narrative they seem to be building up here.

No. 1054395

>"the alt right" = someone with a Trump avi
oh lolcow

No. 1054398

Aaaaaaaaaaand, time for her to prepare for even more retarded Vic Mignonga/ProJared fanboys in her mentions forever

No. 1054400

On the r/roosterteeth subreddit there's another woman posting about her own affair with Ryan. I can't screenshot right now, but I can copy the text:

>I can't stay silent anymore. I still feel guilty and ashamed for my part in this and it has taken me over 12 hours and a lot of conversations to get enough strength to post this.

>I have been a fan of Achievement Hunter since the beginning and have watched them grow and change over the years. For the most part, I really enjoyed everyone on camera and never had a mean thing to say about anyone in the AH office at any point. My favorite AH member for the longest time? You guessed it. Ryan Haywood.

>I've always been a silent fan just enjoying the content and discussing it with others close to me that would indulge in the same fandom. Never really got caught up in social media stuff and all that and just lurked around.

>Back in September of 2017, I was unhappy with my marriage and felt that I wasn't getting the attention or support that I needed (yes I deal with anxiety, depression, and self esteem issues and it's a horrible battle when you barely have anyone for support). I would join Ryan's Twitch streams and talk to other fans to try to escape reality for a bit. It didn't help as much as I thought it would but I then discovered that Ryan had a Snapchat account. I had heard that he was a very supportive and sweet person to others who came to him for advice and support so I decided to send him a message. We began talking innocently about my issues, life, family stuff, etc and I even sent him some of my stories that I wrote and he commended me on how good they were (huge boost to my self esteem to know that someone actually saw that I wasn't worthless and I actually felt wanted for once in a long time).

>The conversations were pretty innocent for a bit and we did exchange innocent pictures (both parties fully clothed mind you). Then the conversations turned. He commented on how sexy my body was and that I should have guys all over me. He knew just what to say to sweeten me up and take advantage of someone he knew was in a vulnerable, weak place. I was hooked to say the least. I was eating up his compliments like a kid in a candy store, desperately wanting more.

>The conversation turned even darker. He kept flirting with me and I, again desperate for this love I felt I wasn't getting at the time, decided to flirt back with him. Everything was consensual. He told me of all the things he would like to do to me and yes we exchanged nudes as well (mainly when his wife wasn't home and yes I am very ashamed of this) and even indulged in sex talk. We then planned for me to drive to Austin to see him in person and hook up.

>I took the drive to Texas in November 2017 and made it to my hotel. He was still in the office so I went around the city for a bit and came back to my room to wait. I accidentally fell asleep for a short nap (it was a long drive) but when I woke up and immediately messaged him, it was before his normal leave work time of 5 pm. He responded that he can still meet me, but was unsure if we could do anything. I gave him the info and we met up at my hotel.

>When he got there, we said hello, gave hugs, and talked about my travel. It honestly felt a little awkward at times since we had all these conversations over Snapchat but might not even do anything. Well we didn't do anything besides talk and make dirty comments to each other. It was mostly because he admitted that he wanted to have more time with me to do stuff and needed to get home to his kids, but I also kinda got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. We said goodbye to each other and hugged and he left.

>Soon after Ryan left, my husband found out about what was going on and had somehow saved screenshots of conversations and maybe a picture but I don't remember. He threatened to expose Ryan for this scandal but I succumbed to his demands and was able to keep all this quiet. After I came back home (I immediately left TX after this so I drove a really long distance in a short span of time), my husband and I began fixing the damage to our marriage from this. I admitted my guilt and shame and it took a long time but we finally reconciled and my husband agreed to delete the proof. (I will admit right here that it was honestly dumb to do that now that light has been shed on this issue). At the time, I put myself under a lot of stress, pain, and suffering to save Ryan, his family, and his career thinking that I was trying to be the good guy for not wrecking someones life that I shouldn't have talked to.

>Not too long after all the dust had settled, I tried to contact Ryan again a few times over the last 3 years just to talk as a friend about it and try to gain some closure and to be able to move on. I felt that I couldn't move on. I was still attracted to him and I wasn't going to stop watching AH content just because of him. I felt that the only way I could forget him and move on was to talk to him and agree that it was a mistake, apologize to each other, and say goodbye and good luck.

>But no, it wasn't that simple for Ryan Haywood. All he had to do was just listen for a moment to understand that I didn't want to ruin his life or cause anymore trouble. I just wanted closure and to let him know that the proof that used to exist was gone so he could have peace in mind that nothing would come of this. But I guess he was too good for that. He either ignored me or told me he's been too busy to talk. He never allowed me to gain closure.

>I never wanted to speak up and this haunting truth that I've kept secret has been eating away at me for 3 years. I battled with myself and my anxiety and mixed emotions all day on whether or not I wanted to come out with my story. I never wanted to hurt him or his family, but I now realize that I'm not the only victim and he used me as much as he could when I was vulnerable. But when he faced trouble, he turned away and tucked his tail like a scared fucking dog.

>Again, I will reiterate that I admit I am also in the wrong here since I too am a married woman (now 31 years old so I was 28 when this happened) and should know better than to talk to other men and be unfaithful (if you want to call it that since nothing physical even happened). I have carried this guilt and shame for 3 years now and I know it will haunt me for the rest of my life and I'm prepared to battle with it now. I finally have some of this guilt lifted off my shoulders knowing that I was taken advantage of when I just needed a friend for support.

>I want to wish everyone in Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter best wishes with getting through the intensely difficult time and just know that I will still be a fan after the dust settles.

>I also want to thank the one person who listened to me when I decided to speak up to someone and helped me gain the courage to write this post. You know who you are and you are amazing.

>Side note: I may post updates as they come. As I have stated, I lost all proof of these events that happened but I do have backup support from a few people and I may be able to gain access to the lost materials. I'll work on that tomorrow if my mental health is ok.

No. 1054402

File: 1602175699053.jpg (150.36 KB, 1242x1243, Ej0iu4tWAAAlXCA.jpg)

…And then there's this take

No. 1054404

File: 1602176079819.png (37.95 KB, 590x364, shoedrop.png)


>"It simply implies that they knew about it this whole time"

>"they have to protect themselves before the other shoe drops."

Yeah, the use of words like 'betrayal' & 'heartbroken' clearly indicate that they knew all along & are now scrambling to cover their own asses! /s

No. 1054408

right just the avi, not the entire twitter feed or anything

No. 1054410

File: 1602176489319.png (63.46 KB, 534x548, realnice.png)

>"Why not just sweep this under the rug and not make a huge spectacle about it?"

Because they'd probably get even more shit if they stayed quiet about it.

They're damned if they do & damned if they don't here.

No. 1054411

I'm just going to let you stay sheltered.
Don't go to /pol/, word of advice.

It's these people that enable cheating, CMV

No. 1054414

Ugh, can’t someone please make a Rooster Teeth thread soon?

No. 1054420

>Back in September of 2017, I was unhappy with my marriage and felt that I wasn't getting the attention or support that I needed (yes I deal with anxiety, depression, and self esteem issues and it's a horrible battle when you barely have anyone for support)

Just as bad as Ryan, move along thot. You get no sympathy and you're not a victim.

No. 1054430

I found the reddit thread


The comments are hilarious and treating this ADULT MARRIED WOMAN as a victim of Ryan who "manipulated" her. She was 28 years old and MARRIED. She drove all the way across the country to hook up with Ryan and only didn't cause her husband found out. How the fuck can you have sympathy for this woman? She is just a cheater like Ryan is. Redditors are fucking retarded.

No. 1054439

File: 1602178426544.png (47.98 KB, 594x207, socialmedias.png)

Here's a tweet from Ryan himself in 2017 confirming his social media accounts (RyanThePic, RyanTheSnap, and RyanTheTwit) in case any scrotes play the "you faked the screenshots" card

No. 1054441

Yeah I was at least a tiny bit on board with the teenager (though 17 is more than old enough to have morals and she's certainly a bad person) but this thot whining about depression as an excuse made me angry.
I was going to say "what if Ryan had issues? Does that make it okay?" then I remembered >>1054410 these arsehole and figured yeah they probably do.

This coddling of bad behaviour has to stop.

No. 1054442

File: 1602178474997.png (686.38 KB, 1131x1375, tweets1.png)

Here are some more creepy tweets that didn't age well

No. 1054444

File: 1602178527468.png (71.85 KB, 390x674, helpingpeople.png)

Hoo boy, this one's fucking loaded with the most piss-poor assumptions:

>"When you have no support system, it’s hard to figure things out in your own."

He wasn't 'on his own' though? It's pretty clear they wanted to be there for him.

>"Yet, the people inside the workplace don’t do those exact things."

…And how do you know this?

>"They have become money hungry and don’t want to upset their company to support a friend."

…Or maybe they're just disappointed in him?
Also who's to say they're not speaking to him right now?

Their tweets are pretty vague. They don't even mention his name.
You can offer condolences for those who were hurt AND confront the offender as well, right?

No. 1054445

>…and should know better than to talk to other men and be unfaithful (if you want to call it that since nothing physical even happened).

This was my personal favorite little bit kek

No. 1054446

File: 1602178587315.png (437.55 KB, 1194x492, tweets2.png)

And here he is interacting with the one account who claimed that he took his condom off midsex because she's a virgin. I vaguely remember these tweets when they were first posted and the deleted ones were about him signing a tit or some shit

The account in question is now deleted, but wasn't earlier today. I had to get the screenshot from an earlier post.

No. 1054449

Why is it so fucking hard for people to talk to their spouses???

No. 1054452

Ugh. What a creep.

No. 1054454

I was never that close to rooster teeth but looking back on this guy he always seemed creepy

No. 1054456

Big oof. At 1:03:15 they start talking about how Ryan stays an extra day at hotels. A lot more makes sense now…

No. 1054459

File: 1602179268080.png (78.25 KB, 582x576, unprofessional.png)

Imagine being this mad that a wife & mother is mad at a coworker for betraying his own wife & kids & refuses to take back what she says about it.

No. 1054462

File: 1602179422778.png (56.27 KB, 524x540, joshuasmad.png)

Okay, this reply is pretty hilarious!

No. 1054464

Lindsay always gets treated like this by a huge proportion of the fan base, they've hated her for a long time for being a not typically pretty women who speaks out and isn't 'ladylike'
Honestly hope more butthurt assholes like >>1054462 unsubscribe so the community can be nicer

No. 1054465

File: 1602179628495.png (123.62 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20201008-194917.png)

>And my dear husband of now 13 years was in denial of others being victims too until he saw the other posts and he now sees that I was played by the same man that did this to many other ladies.
Well well well, what a sly manipulative cheater. She gets to paint herself as a victim to her husband (see honey, it's not my fault I cheated, bad man made me) AND get revenge on her idol who ghosted her and went on to sexy talk many many other fans. And everybody fell for it. Wild.

No. 1054468

Sure, he stays at the hotel an extra day to "sleep in". WOW, holy shit. How has no one noticed this before?!

Also lol @ Michael going "Ryan loves his kids very much. He's probably doing kids stuff today!"

Like. Sure. I'm /sure/ he's doing 'kids stuff' that day. Suuuuure.

No. 1054469

Really gross how many guys lowkey try to justify their actions by going "well we don't understand how tempting it must be!!' like then don't be married. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

No. 1054470

File: 1602180112719.png (51.45 KB, 592x438, 2yrsago.png)

No. 1054471

They always want the best of both worlds. A loving wife to take care of the house and kids to come home to AND wild sexual adventures with strangers.

No. 1054472


>punished by RT for doing that

Damn, what a loser.

No. 1054473

maybe you should take a second to integrate better and explain that in your original post instead posting a vague collage with fucking android emojis you weird autistic fuck

No. 1054474

File: 1602180209297.png (45.61 KB, 584x396, 2yrsago-.png)

No. 1054476

File: 1602180484112.png (56.29 KB, 528x498, jonesfamily.png)


Oh look, they joined forces.

>"I figured the Jones family would want to help a family in need. I was wrong."

God I hope Michael 'Rage Quit' Jones calls these fucks out…

No. 1054477

File: 1602180484732.png (24.04 KB, 676x155, cucked faGGOT.PNG)

Her husband seems to have replied to the thread aswell. Fucking hillarious.

No. 1054478

It's so gross. If you want to lead the rockstar life then don't marry.
I've even seen people go "well we don't know if they're poly or not!" like I know it's all those guys wet dream to have a poly wife that will let them have hot threesomes with other girls, but that shit is extremely rare.

No. 1054481

File: 1602180733122.png (13.54 KB, 668x98, cucked faGGOT.PNG)

No. 1054483

File: 1602180820903.png (21.53 KB, 629x150, cucked faGGOT.PNG)

Apparently its the husbands fault that she cheated on him.

No. 1054485

>thank you my sweet strong husband

What are the chances of this being some LARPing bullshit?

No. 1054488

File: 1602181451437.png (143.72 KB, 478x560, joshuawut.png)

Okay, nevermind, Joshua's got a narrative to sell & he want's Michael to respond.

I have never seen someone who claims to be a fan of AH 'from the start' to be this fucking stupid…

No. 1054490

File: 1602181640797.png (37.94 KB, 592x264, ryansname.png)

>"everyone is trying to throw mud on Ryan's name"

>None of the AH members have mentioned Ryan's name.

No. 1054491

>scrote-apologist victim blaming
>has me SICK for the future of women
>imagine being that BRAINWASHED
>grown ass man
>18 year old girl
ntayrt but you kind of just sound like a retarded tumblrette.
gotta agree with the hot-take anon. i dont think she should be held accountable and theres not really any blame on her because the older obviously married man shouldnt have continued talking to her, but you're actually a fucking idiot if you believe she had 0 input or couldnt stop to think for herself, that MAYBE, she shouldnt pursue someone whos so NOT in her dating category. shes not retarded and she could of stopped, JUST like she did when she didnt want to fuck him.

if she ever goes to therapy i hope both you and her know that at some point she'll need to take accountability for HER repeated actions of engaging in behavior thats bad for her lmfao

No. 1054493

File: 1602181785422.gif (890.04 KB, 490x368, original.gif)

No. 1054495

There's zero receipts, but nobody's asking for them. On the contrary, in the reddit thread they were quick to say "no, no, no need for receipts!". People still haven't recovered from being overwhelmed by 4 fucking gigabytes of penis, nobody wants more of that now. I certainly don't.

No. 1054496

holy fuck read through the rest of the thread, where did this influx of shitty twitterfags come from? alt-right on trump avis??? asking people to not use art because the author is politically aligned even though the image has a strong point relevant to the discussion??

can you roosterteeth fuckers go make a new thread and clog all your shit takes in that thread? maybe you all can learn to integrate over there.
jannies where u at

No. 1054498

because the teenager was LURING him anon. clearly, he had no other choice but to have sex with multiple random fans behind his wives back like the poor, damaged (rich, famous) celebrity he is.

No. 1054500

File: 1602182469988.png (43.41 KB, 582x378, snowflakementality.png)

>"Enough with the snowflake mentality."

Yeah, ignore the fact that he just said:

>"To be completely blindsided by something like this and to find out how long it's been happening is staggering"

Finding out someone's been lying to you can fuck you up, & finding out they've been lying to you for a long time can really fuck you up.

No. 1054502


>"asking people to not use art because the author is politically aligned even though the image has a strong point"

Aww, someone hurt your feefees anon?

No. 1054508

File: 1602183030230.jpg (433.37 KB, 1079x1521, Screenshot_20201008-143815_Twi…)

glad someone else grabbed this, saw this comment in ref to the same incident

No. 1054510

File: 1602183255990.png (35.17 KB, 584x376, antagonistic.png)

>"The extremely antagonistic tweets from the Jones’ family and such hurt me from the harshness alone."

The Jones' family are rightfully angry with him, holy shit what fucking snowflakes.

No. 1054511

why does this man sound like a pickme. are you defending ryan or trying to fuck him? lmao

No. 1054514

are you kidding or just this fucking stupid? she wouldnt have to go to therapy if he didnt fuck her in the first place, kek. of course shes going to have to admit that, but then she gets to spend the other 95% of the session breaking down the fact that a 40 year old famous dude preyed on her for easy teen pussy!

No. 1054541

Love how these dudes say it's nobody's business but the wife's whenever a male e-celeb cheats on his wife, but you know if a big female internet figure like Pokimane had some kind of cheating scandal these dudes would never shut up about it

No. 1054544

File: 1602186255023.jpg (121.46 KB, 1125x1113, 2vXddW8.jpg)

>If you don't get why it's funny when someone gets caught doing the same shit they have accused others of doing in the past then I can't help you.

NTAYRT. Agreed. James got mad at Wet n Wild for duping his palette, so I thought this was about him at first.

Ethan is very annoying, but that photo is hilarious.

I'm not super into JC, but I believe this is a friend of his who ended up modeling James's merch? Samefagging in a moment to embed a video.


To simplify: yes. Granted, QAnons will believe anything.

>feminist point with a stonetoss pic related
Good take, anon, but poor execution.

Painfully true

No. 1054545


He's asked about the merch situation around 0:42.

No. 1054551

Idk about that, when Katerino cheated on Carson with his friend plus a ridiculously large amount of other dudes in a short time span, everyone was mostly just memeing on her. Even despite her abysmal "apology" video, there were no pitchforks and it all quickly blew over.
People won't make a big public deal out of cheating if there's no other degeneracy involved.

No. 1054559

Interesting. Maybe you're right, anon. I just don't have much faith in the ability of these reeing twitter reply guys to be consistent

No. 1054561

anon shes apparently very mentally ill uwu, she should already be going you moron

No. 1054577

How much of a fucking beta does someone have to be to whiteknight for his wife on a Plebbit post she made about cheating on him. Christ.

>Married man repeatedly solicits sex from underage, mentally ill fangirls
>He goofed
By this logic, the Grand Canyon is a ditch.

No. 1054585

>People won't make a big public deal out of cheating if there's no other degeneracy involved.

They should tho. Cheating is disgusting and makes you a horrible human being and the only way to teach people not to cheat is to drag it out into the open so people will know not to engage with that person in the future. Tar and feathers for cheaters.

No. 1054587

How hard is it to understand that both parties involved in cheating share some of the responsibility if they were both aware one of them was married? I'd say the fangirls are 15% to blame, and Ryan 85%. Clout-chasing by trying to fuck a married person is wrong and that's common sense. Normal teenagers make mistakes like cheating on tests and stealing their parents' liquor– things that are stupid and wrong certainly, but they don't destroy lives. These women knowingly hurt Ryan's wife by enabling him, or at the very least chose to ignore her. Again, Ryan is mostly to blame, but cheating isn't a solo crime.

No. 1054616

Is it just me, or is this fag acting like Ryan's big mistake was getting caught more than cheating on and sharing nides and sex tapes of his wife without her consent?

No. 1054618

Are we all just going to ignore these or..

No. 1054648

it’s kind of funny to me that Dahvie Vanity and Onision in all of their ugly manlet glory actually managed to get better looking groupies to fuck than these guys.

No. 1054654

Yeah, although the RT drama is really milky I do feel like its clogging up the thread pretty fast.

No. 1054685

So what? That vampirebambi bitch or whatever is clogging up the egirl thread. No one wanted to make a new roosterteeth thread. Why don't you make one?

No. 1054690

File: 1602199445568.jpg (18.42 KB, 275x261, 1597557458925.jpg)

all making a separate thread in these cases accomplishes is:
>anons infight about it until it's made
>people keep using this thread anyway
>new thread dies either because people are using old thread or after the drama stops
>everyone returns to talking about it in this thread anyway

so can we just skip this and all yall clutching your pearls over h3h3's bottom-tier "trolling" just scroll past the AH posts instead of clogging up the thread to complain about it?

this shit is delicious, men are so fragile that even by proxy their feefees can't handle it. i can't wait til michael snaps and shows them what harsh really means from the dude famous for cursing

No. 1054728

Ray made a good choice leaving around that time.

No. 1054745

It'll happen ITT, it'll happen in it's own containment thread. It doesn't make sense that you don't want a separate Rooster Teeth thread if you're so bothered by the RT discussion taking up this thread.

No. 1054755

i'm none of the anons i quoted and i just want yall to stop complaining about because it clogs up the thread worse than anything yall are considering distracting enough for its own thread. take it to meta if you wanna have a debate about which is the better option and stop derailing.

anyway, since RT took all their videos with ryan down, i wonder if they have any legal ground to come after him for lost money. wonder if he made his wife sign a pre-nup either or if she'd take him for all he's worth. her being a vet, she probably makes more than him anyway.

No. 1054761

>I never wanted to hurt him or his family, but I now realize that I'm not the only victim and he used me as much as he could when I was vulnerable

Um no. She was a grown ass woman who made a selfish decision because of her wahh poor me low self-esteem. I feel bad for her husband.

No. 1054776

The whole point of a containment thread is so the discussion moves elsewhere, to stop clogging up a general thread. You… don't want that? I get that the "should there be a RT thread?" is what annoys you in particular, but literally a RT would eliminate that. Win-win.

No. 1054820

There is definitely enough milk to make a separate RT thread

No. 1054932

Long time farmer here and yep, completely agree.
Scrotey incel raids are destroying this site and making me feel insane, the "meme" in OP is so shit quality that it doesn't even make any sense.
I'm not very up to date with this roosterteeth drama but if a dude with a big following is a pedophile and cyberfucking fans how mentally corrupt does someone have to be to jump straight to "let's focus on the teen girl a grown man was going to have sex with"?
Incels hate egirls with a raging passion, it's very clear to me that this is a calculated raid. Why won't mods do something?

No. 1054939

why won't mods do something? because people having different opinions than you isn't a bannable offense. get help you freakoid legbeard

No. 1054947

"Longtime farmer" you would know the answer to your question of you weren't LARPing as an oldfag: they don't hand out bans and chase ban evaders unless they're causing a notable disturbance, and then they're more likely to autosage the thread to contain the sperging. Derailing the thread or posting shit you don't like isn't a bannable offense, snowflake.

No. 1054959

How many more times are you gonna post this? The only reason people are even talking about this uninteresting e-girl is because people like you keep bringing it up in attempts to make us feel bad for her.

The fucking point of the meme is not to make fun of her (stop projecting so much maybe then you won't be as offended as you are) the POINT is to make fun of Ryan for chosing a mentally ill child over his adult, loving, wife who is a fucking doctor. Nobody cares about the e-girl in question aside from that her being underaged and a nutcase makes RYAN look bad for trying to get wiht her. She is a dime a dozen and I couldn't give less of a shit.

No. 1054966

>"lolcow isn't being run the way I want it to! I'm a longtime farmer! WAAAAAAAAHHHH!! I want people to agree with me or stop talking about it, not have a separate thread to discuss why they think I'm wrong!"

it you

No. 1055077

Another girl's come forward with her story

No. 1055105

File: 1602264613222.gif (473.38 KB, 500x289, LYd80MQ.gif)

No. 1055111

I feel so bad for this girl. Ryan made an effort not to confirm she was a legal adult, how there are people blaming the girls more than seeing him for what he is is beyond me.

No. 1055132

he certainly has a type, doesn't he?

No. 1055135

So he made it out like fucking these girls was helping his marriage because it gave him the physical intimacy he needed to be happy with his wife? What a fucking scumbag. His wife should cut ties with him forever.

No. 1055140

She said that was how she justified sleeping with a married man to herself, not that he said it to her.

No. 1055144

nayrt, but imo telling the girl you've been hitting on about how your sexless marriage gives you blue balls is heavily implying that you want someone to help you out with that

No. 1055146

Yeah obviously that's how he also justifies it to himself. He was also the first one to start making the conversation sexual.

I hope he goes to jail tbh. This is the second 17 year old and even tho he didn't fuck the redhead, he got her "pussy pics" (vomit) and now we got statutory rape and stealthing cause he took off the condom during sex.

No. 1055149

File: 1602268605320.png (6.03 MB, 3044x2092, screens.png)

she got pictures of him in the hotel room and everything

No. 1055153

Same. I'm honestly so impressed by how well-spoken she was, especially because you could tell how close she was to breaking down. Also, props to her for recognizing that he was specifically targetting insecure and/or mentally ill girls.

Side note: If we assume Lori caught on a couple of months ago and that's why he was sleeping in the office, I bet he became a lot more brazen with a "nothing to lose" mentality and stopped taking so long to connect with and vet the girls he exchanged pics with. That's probably why nothing leaked for years and then the catfisher was able to get pics so easily

No. 1055162

Ryan likes fat tumblr looking chicks, never would have guessed that was his type kek
Or he specifically picked less good looking chicks because of the insecurities making it easier for him to do his hurrdurr daddy dom shit

It's sad that this is almost an improvement to how Ethan normally looks which is unwashed and greasy. Still nightmare fuel, though, imagine this sitting in the corner of your room late at night, screeching

No. 1055163

File: 1602270843605.png (1.65 MB, 1886x832, michelle.png)

looks like she only porked up recently

No. 1055166

But there's a photo of them together in the collage where she's clearly porky, that's a bit confusing. I'm guessing that's when it happened, she said she was at a con right? A little confused on the timeline, forgive me.

No. 1055196

File: 1602272699790.png (172.26 KB, 548x258, anxiety.png)

Yeah she might have porked up before they met then, but he clearly looked at her instagram when she was still slim so I don't think he's really into porkies, since the redhead catfishes like crazy on her instagram as well, it's just what he can get

but what we can agree on is that he likes his chicks underaged and mentally ill

No. 1055205

why the fuck would he take the condom off because she was a virgin?? why would he let her take photos of him in the hotel room?? a grade a dumbass.

at least now we know why one person in the marriage is a veterinarian and the other mashes buttons and stares at computer screens all day. like, this man is a real life jerry. this poor woman should’ve gotten out of his grasp when she had the chance.

No. 1055209

Trash attracts trash, jfc. I wonder how many more chicks are going to bust out youtube videos now. She was smart to take the hotel photos sneaky like that. You can tell he didn't know. But that means she clearly knew eventually she could use them later for this purpose, they really are all clout chasing hoes.

No. 1055235

Cause a virgin can't give him an STD and he doesn't care if he gives her one (or gets her pregnant I guess). And I don't think he knew she was taking those pictures, doesn't look like it.

No. 1055236

>why the fuck would he take the condom off because she was a virgin??

no chances of getting an STD. of course he doesn't care about spreading whatever he has tho.

No. 1055241

File: 1602275732892.png (293.46 KB, 392x840, RTX-2018.png)

RTX 2018

No. 1055242

File: 1602275863565.png (486.05 KB, 483x664, 09-23-2017.png)


Hotel Sex took place September 23, 2017

No. 1055243

Who the fuck cares if a 17 year old "clout chases" its based as fuck she took photos of Ryan to use against him in the future because he sure as hell was using these girls in the present kek. Without this pics he still has "reasonable doubt" he didn't do anything illegal like he said in his dumb fuck apology.

Wouldn't have to worry about clout chasing minors if he didn't use his fanbase as a fleshlight carousel

No. 1055251


She also says:

> "I knew he had me loyal in every single way because on the second time we saw things back up I admitted to him that I was underage when we had sex and he told me 'Well I trust you more than anyone'."

No. 1055260

File: 1602277188174.png (56.43 KB, 428x532, rtreddit.png)


>"…Based off the comment I saw that this took place during the Lets Play Family Reunion when he 'Left early to get home to his kids.'"

Fucking hell…

No. 1055277

File: 1602279134047.png (102.04 KB, 612x660, ryansimp.png)

When you're that dedicated at being a pickme

No. 1055294


Wait wait wait, ANOTHER girl came forward and said she fucked Ryan while she was a minor? And she has pics of him in the hotel room?

He's finished. I hope she presses charges.

No. 1055310

File: 1602281803327.png (57.08 KB, 598x568, MadHouse.png)

No. 1055311

File: 1602281863766.png (172.28 KB, 466x650, Trixtweet.png)


>"He told another one of our group members that screenshots don’t count as evidence."

No. 1055312

I vividly remember Ryan talking about how he was worried about not being able to pick his kids up in time when he left the reunion
I feel sick to my stomach

No. 1055315

File: 1602281911446.jpg (104.97 KB, 576x1024, Ej64h0GXYAcybUA.jpg)

The pic

No. 1055317

File: 1602281975699.png (56.42 KB, 594x410, Trixtweet1.png)

No. 1055319

File: 1602282117896.png (52.77 KB, 590x432, Trixtweet2.png)

No. 1055336

File: 1602283462603.jpg (380.85 KB, 2896x2047, 20201009_164320.jpg)

is this distractify article mistaking the milk about ryan for adam or did more shit come out i hadnt heard of?

No. 1055338

File: 1602283582827.png (53.92 KB, 596x450, CMD_Shepard.png)

Oh just go fuck him already

No. 1055340

so this man lied to his bosses, his friends, his family, his wife, his fans.

he goes to hook up with a fan and she says she’s a virgin so it’s cool to go bareback and he’s like “oh okay” and takes off the condom without hesitation. she then tells him afterwards she’s underage but won’t tell anyone and he tells her he trusts her. is he autistic?

No. 1055347

I’m pretty sure he just took off the condom in the moment and she didn’t give him permission or anything. In the video she says he didn’t do any foreplay so he decided to take it off so it was easier for penetration? Scumbag logic, just an excuse. Can you imagine if he actually did get a fucking 17 year old girl pregnant????

No. 1055350

File: 1602284609885.png (96.53 KB, 727x763, lmao.png)


Speaking of pick-me twitter users…

No. 1055355

File: 1602284990401.png (17.75 KB, 578x140, pivkme1.png)


Behold, the ultimate pickme

No. 1055356

File: 1602285121076.png (45.81 KB, 590x396, children.png)

>"Children can and have been tried as adults in the court of law"

When it comes to things like murder, sure, but this, not so much.

No. 1055358

File: 1602285220272.png (53.52 KB, 590x468, condom.png)


I think this person might be going insane…

No. 1055361

Men on the internet can get away with anything so easily, even statutory rape I guess. Can’t say I’m surprised people would be lining up to coddle this middle aged man.

No. 1055365

File: 1602285692442.png (40.46 KB, 592x342, CMD_Shepardgivesup.png)


"Oh yeah? Well… uhh… FUCK YOU!"

No. 1055376

File: 1602286692157.png (51.34 KB, 590x434, ps.png)

His diehard stans really are… 'special'.

No. 1055389

Why do weirdos always use words like this?

No. 1055390

File: 1602287937213.png (12.69 KB, 274x156, CMD_Shepardpickme.png)


>"Hates the concept of women being the only victims in the world."

Should explain everything.
Just another keyboard-warrior in their twenties who tries desperately hard to be 'not like other girls'

No. 1055396

File: 1602288515445.png (41.99 KB, 590x374, notraped.png)

Umm… the second girl had sex with him in LA, not Texas. God damn people need to fact-check before weighing in with their precious opinions

No. 1055401

File: 1602288880361.png (52.75 KB, 592x484, CMD_Shepardpickmepickme.png)


Ah yes, the old "Anyone who was raped should deal with it the exact same way that I did or they're LYING!" take.

>"beet the fuck out of him"

No. 1055402

Sooooo… how likely is it that this is a guy posing as a woman?

No. 1055404


Pretty high from the looks of it.
Either that or an edgy 'not like other girls' type

No. 1055410

File: 1602290110956.png (36.76 KB, 582x292, poormiddleagedman.png)

Poor wittle middle-aged gamer-dude….

No. 1055411

File: 1602290275153.png (44.08 KB, 586x292, nou.png)


lmao, some people corrected them, they deleted their post, then posted this.
God these fans are ridiculous.

No. 1055418

All the victim blaming and the "Commander Shepard" layout this account has just brings up the mental image of Holly Conrad. These types of people are all the same.

No. 1055419

"someone recognized they were taken advantage of after getting older and learning more? that could never be" t. alayna

No. 1055421

samefag, because your comment didn't appear until after I posted. agreed, I was thinking that these twitter users were pj2.1s!

No. 1055425

File: 1602291464452.png (44.87 KB, 586x374, CMD_Shepardpickmeplzgod.png)

Just go after him & fuck him already, damn!

No. 1055431

File: 1602291926161.png (33.12 KB, 588x316, Shephardfkmeplzryan.png)


Again with the 'harlots'

No. 1055435

File: 1602292310065.png (13.18 KB, 582x108, PROVEIT.png)

Gotta love their failproof 'gotcha!' line

No. 1055451

File: 1602293630937.png (83.19 KB, 1224x416, harlots-vs-ryan.png)

compare & contrast

No. 1055461

File: 1602294450648.png (26.32 KB, 596x226, KarenShepard.png)

Unsurprising she's a Karen too

No. 1055464

why are random twitter users defending pedophiles relevant. we already know people online will defend anything can you stop posting these

No. 1055473


I couldn't resist considering this person is just so dedicated while being so asinine & obtuse, it's incredible!

No. 1055487

She seems too obsessed…

No. 1055489

File: 1602298085300.png (38.34 KB, 580x380, onlyonewaytovictim.png)


One more though:

>"If you have been raped you can recall every detail of the moment because it becomes the most significant and traumatic part of your life"

Not true.
Plenty of victims have repressed it or were made to believe that they weren't really molested/raped or that it was "no big deal" or something to that effect.

Also, if I recall correctly, the woman in the video was 'reading a script' to stay on topic, & hell, she still painted a pretty clear picture of what happened. Sounds like Karen Shepard here still hasn't watched the entire video.

No. 1055504

File: 1602299873681.png (51.95 KB, 474x582, rtcase.png)

RT might be building a case against him…

No. 1055508

remember kids! unless you remembered your rapist’s exact face, what color/brand their shirt was, and the weather that day— the rape never happened and you’re a liar.

No. 1055510

File: 1602300770755.png (86.91 KB, 590x448, hubris.png)


They seem awfully confident that he is 100% innocent & these 'harlots' will be locked up, huh?

Just like Michael shouted at Ryan that one time "HUBRIS!"

No. 1055511

i wondered in an earlier post if they were going to take any legal action against him after taking all those videos down and this might be the start of it. idk shit about law but could having some formal evidence of ryan's misconduct somehow… idk financially benefit RT? constitute a lawsuit?

No. 1055513

File: 1602300972416.png (50.47 KB, 472x636, puritan.png)

>Calls everyone else SJWs, snowflakes, puritans, etc. despite getting butthurt every time someone even suggests that Ryan might have done something wrong.

No. 1055514

who is this rando, anyway? why did RT send this privately to them? has anyone else tweeted like this?

No. 1055525

Top kek at how this keeps on getting worse and worse for Ryan. It's become almost tragic how Adam got bunched up in all of this. Ryan continues to be revealed even more of a serial cheater and sex predator to the point where Adam's shit absolutely pales in comparison. Makes it seem like Adam is just an obnoxious sexual deviant scrote who slipped up a few times and did some awful scrote shit, while Ryan is purely diabolical, intentionally criminal and predatory over the course of many years. Ryan is incurable. Born to prey.

No. 1055527

>Born to prey.

that's even his "character", the closet psycho sadist who's too good at killing and enjoys it too much. idk who was stupid enough to fall for this 'family man' disingenuous shit when there's plenty of videos where someone else reacts in genuine surprise/horror/disgust to something he says when he slips too far past the mask. and of course he's a cringy tumblr dom type too, i'm waiting for the DM where he calls one of these girls 'kitten'.

No. 1055533

>could having some formal evidence of ryan's misconduct somehow… idk financially benefit RT?

In a roundabout way. If they bankroll victims' cases, it might save their reputation and bottom line in the long run. That would take a huge investment upfront, though.

If his contract has a morals clause, evidence of wrongdoing has straightforward value to RT. However, personally I do not know why public silence would ever help them enforce a morals clause.

No. 1055534

well, the public silence aspect would be so that in a later lawsuit, a lawyer couldnt go "well you just said abc but you tweeted xyz on this date" and fuck over a whole case over some tiny mis-remembered details. i'm guessing they put some kind of clause into these contracts to prevent them from being totally boned in event of a projared situation, so maybe there's a monetary punishment for breaking it.

No. 1055535

Ayrt. Ah yes, that makes sense. Thank you.

No. 1055545

I guess it’s entirely possible that his wife never watches these things but if she did, surely she’d have figured out something was up? If my husband was telling people that he was in a hurry because he would be picking up the kids that day while I knew for a fact that I or someone else would be doing that, I’d be very suspicious.

I had to do a triple-take to make sure that it wasn’t Holly Conrad.

I feel a little bad for the anons in the previous thread who were going
>oh Adam is so gross, Ryan’s pics are so tame, he’s such a wholesome family man

No. 1055617

I honestly can't even remember what Adam even did since the Ryan shit came to light.

No. 1055627

File: 1602324573341.png (64.06 KB, 896x124, statuteoflimitations.png)

>He's finished. I hope she presses charges.

Bad news my frens

No. 1055632

He cheated on his wife by sexting with an obvious gay catfish who asked him for holepics and also recorded AND SHARED videos and pictures of his wife without her knowing or consenting. Let's not forget this, mhkay?

He's really lucky that Ryan actually fucked fans (unless it turns out Adam did too, which wouldn't surprise me), but Adam is still a huge fucking scumbag as well.

No. 1055640

So by the time a minor is old enough to know to report their rapist, it doesn't count? What a scrote-tier law, jfc.

No. 1055641

Sounds like Adam is a closetcase ngl

No. 1055653

Almost all laws are scrote-tier, anon.

No. 1055677

At least Adam's fuckup is somewhat funny. Like you have to admit it's kind of hilarious that he was willing to do such humiliating homoerotic things for an obvious catfish. Honestly the only part that pisses me off was how he involved his wife and cheated on her.
Ryan's situation on the other hand is fucked up even without taking his wife and family into account. He literally committed statutory rape, and the fact that in doing so he was also cheating on his wife and neglecting his children makes it all the worse. Then the dude turns around and uses them as a shield, which makes sense given that beforehand he was using them as props for his "family man" image. It's incredibly grim.

No. 1055684

>somewhat funny
You can almost see both of their coomer brains melting in realtime from these caps.

Ryan boning an underage girl without a condom "for better penetration" is some pants on head retarded shit. I'm shocked not one of these girls has gotten pregnant or contracted some sort of disease/infection from this fucking coomer-brained einstein.

No. 1055687

Adam's was perhaps a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. Weren't for the catfish (assuming it's the only incident) he would still be a relatively normal scrote, although he may still have ended up cheating. Whereas, Ryan has always been quite literally, a serial rapist and cheater who preyed on emotionally vulnerable teens. Without exaggeration, Ryan belongs in the upper echelon of evil.

Given more power and influence, Ryan could have been on par with Weinstein/Epstein in terms of criminality. Fortunately he never reached this stage, but anons, I must remind you, what he was busted for, wasn't even his final form. Kek

No. 1055690

Well, the last victim that came forward says there are much worse stories than hers, and some of the RT employees said we don't and never will know the whole story.
It's very possible someone got pregnant, but we won't be getting a video from them.

No. 1055699

Samefag, but what we know is just a tip of the iceberg. The two minors that came forward were very brave, but they said they know of other victims. We're never going to hear from all of them.

No. 1055716

I'm, like, 95% sure he mentioned getting a vasectomy. I think it was after he and his wife had a third kid pregnancy scare.

No. 1055719

Good. Pity he already breeded.

No. 1055786

In 2065 will children just have to come to terms with the fact that their parents nudes are available on the internet?

No. 1055795

At this point I wouldn't be so sure he hasn't spread any STDs, but I hope not for his poor wife's sake

No. 1055797

Seems likely. Your friends googling your naked dad and wondering why he looks like the inside of a laundry hamper you've been ignoring for months.

No. 1055808

doubtful that he's dirty, that's the classic way that a partner finds out they're being cheated on. even if you want to call the girls he was with "whoreish" for being so forward with him, none of these little nerdlets were doing all the dirty things irl that they were typing to him on the internet. his wife probably works long hours which is why she didnt catch subtle hints of him fucking around but there's no way he would have suddenly developed an STD and she would have just been like hmm, from a toilet seat huh?

No. 1055858

>Men on the internet can get away with anything so easily
Not really. Only celebrities male and female get away with this easily. If you talk about normal people then females are the only ones that can get away with it. In the public eye a female cant be a pedophile or rapist.

No. 1055862

Yeah I meant mainly dudes with a real following because you get all these fans defending them because he changed their life by being funny charismatic gamer man. Once you establish a connection with someone it’s harder to see their actions through an objective lens without being blinded by who you wanted them to be.

No. 1055882

>even if you want to call the girls he was with "whoreish" for being so forward with him
Whoa anon, that wasn't what I was saying at all. I just meant cause he's slept with so many fucking people that nobody can know who or the real number. But fair enough, if he had fucked up that much his wife would have noticed sooner.

No. 1055883

Sorry, samefag, but also the fact that he felt so comfortable stealthing makes it seem like it might be a habit for him. The whorish one here is Ryan.

No. 1055885

Ok farmers, what are your predictions on who the next youtube/e-celeb revealed to be a degenerate that fucks (underaged) fans will be?

My vote is on ArmoredSkeptic.

No. 1055886

Thomas Sanders

No. 1055890

the meltdowns on tumblr would be hilarious.

I personally predict a mcelroy brother. If it's griffin i think people will literally start an heroing

No. 1055891

No underage girl would go for Pregory. He wishes

No. 1055892

I love RLM but I'm now way too skeptical of any group, small or large, on youtube that consists of only straight white dudes.

No. 1055894

File: 1602360330072.png (49.03 KB, 470x536, pleasefail.png)

Shepard sure does contradict themselves a lot


No. 1055900

My money's on CinemaSins.

No. 1055904

I mean, "she" also says the girls are lying for not remembering every exact detail with 100% accuracy and consistency, but also tells the story of her own alleged assault differently whenever she tweets it at someone to try to excuse her takes. A hypocrite at the very least, if not just a troll.

No. 1055905

File: 1602361421345.jpg (476.38 KB, 1500x1200, laaaaaaadies.jpg)

Can't wait for Commander Shepard to shake off her thorazine and defend those hotties.

No. 1055906

something about Thomas always reeeeaaaally rubsbed me the wrong way (other than the rage-inducing fake Theater Kid antics)

No. 1055915

I know Tumblr tried to frame him as a pedo a few years back (as leftist-4chan does with most men), but Thomas honestly gives me more of a "domestic violence" vibe than anything sexpesty.

No. 1055919

I always thought it was super weird how he reblogs weird nsfw fan art and fanfics of himself

No. 1055930

File: 1602363839323.png (60.36 KB, 584x394, third.png)

No. 1055936

File: 1602364296803.png (56.85 KB, 648x502, 10-10-2020.png)


The highlight of this story is that he reached out to her today

No. 1055937

this girl initiated the entire thing by adding his snapchat and sending him pictures of her nipple piercings. not gonna read the rest of the bs. some of these fangirls are fucking delusional if they don't they they have at least 30% blame in it

No. 1055941

also, that chick was 20 years old when she fucked him. she had every bit of consent on the table and there is literally zero ways to paint her as a victim.

No. 1055943


The big take-away from this one is that it further confirms that there are definitely more women.

No. 1055948

Markiplier. He’s too “perfect”

No. 1055951

this. i have a very bad feeling about him lol

No. 1055952


…And that he's been doing this as late as 2019

No. 1055962

File: 1602365555494.png (31.91 KB, 650x284, 10-10-2020-.png)

Oops, forgot the last bit.
There's some interesting details in there.

No. 1055976


>"He told me how his marriage & career were gone."

Hey Shepard, looks like he's single! Go get 'im!

No. 1055977

There was some hubbub about him screenshotting a fan's nudes on Snapchat, but I haven't heard anything about that in ages.

No. 1055982

I am so fucking glad his wife left him, she should try to get full custody. This is going to be so life altering for her, but hopefully in the long run it all works out for the better that she isn't still with this cheating scumbag. And while he and this chick and both disgusting in this story, the thing about him using his kids as a bargaining chip right now is especially repulsive. Wow.

No. 1055991

File: 1602370478055.png (429.06 KB, 460x600, leigh.png)


She's posting proof now

No. 1055993

File: 1602370571543.jpg (218.55 KB, 1152x2048, EkAG3ZcWAAIalzo.jpg)

Wearing his jacket

No. 1055994

File: 1602370618518.jpg (123.71 KB, 1370x2048, EkAF9fsWAAI-YRm.jpg)


>"I still don't know if you're going to add to the fire at this point. And I hope you won't for my kids sake."


No. 1056004

File: 1602371347061.png (54.14 KB, 578x344, streamermoney.png)

No. 1056005

File: 1602371369107.png (27.02 KB, 582x190, streammoney.png)


Mod confirms the source

No. 1056008

im fucking rolling

No. 1056009

The parallels between the ProJared situation and this one are incredible. It's like they have the exact same playbook, except Jared was more successful at deflecting.


Would not surprise me at all

No. 1056014

File: 1602372406947.png (4.8 KB, 506x46, ionlycheated.png)


No. 1056018

Imagine being an even stupider version of ProJared

No. 1056042

File: 1602374352252.jpeg (48.21 KB, 400x400, DFBEBED6-F245-49FE-9AEB-B43855…)

Wonder why Ryan changed his profile pic to this

No. 1056045

It's the only pic on his camera roll that isn't his ex-coworkers, his (ex-?)family, or his nudes.

No. 1056062

isn't that small thing on the left some kind of computer fan?

No. 1056069

Holy shit, no wonder scrotes are pissed off.

No. 1056072

silly anon nobody has children anymore, just dogs

No. 1056080

someone's said it's a door alarm he made for an episode of technical difficulties, i think

No. 1056082

The argument isn't that they're 100% blameless, it's that holding the girls as responsible as Ryan or more is fucking ludicrous and an obvious and pathetic scrote tactic to weasel out from under the bulk of the accountability.

Again, replying to an underaged fan as a middle aged married man with an online following > being a dumbass teenager with mental and self esteem issues who thinks she has a shot with a public figure she admires

Ryan knew exactly what he was doing, and that itnwas wrong, he just arrogantly assumed it would never come back to bite him in the ass.

No. 1056133

Corpse Husband. Everyone is all over his dick right now but he gives me weirdo pervert vibes.

No. 1056137


Had the same thought today after listening to his music.

No. 1056145

Wasn't there already 1 creepypasta/scary story youtuber that was outed? MrCreepypasta? I can't remember his name but he knocked up a fan, paid for her abortion and got married to someone else?

No. 1056146

He is definitely faking his voice/making it lower. That is just not how an adult man with a deep voice sounds.

No. 1056155

Ephemeral Rift, aka the asmr guy who apparently does lolicon rp for patrons

No. 1056165

Do you guys think getting fired from RT means Ryan and Adam will have to get regular jobs now?

No. 1056168

ryan will retain enough edgelords to keep streaming as his own personality, i'm betting. he'll find new stage 5 clingers like commander shepherd up there to mod the shit out of his channel and eventually a new generation that missed the drama will begin following him because he has enough views to hit front page. see what happened to projared, especially if he decides to shack up with one of these girls as a way of licking his wounds.

adam has significantly less personal pull (look at his personal streaming numbers vs ryan's) so he'll probably be fucked for that avenue. what he did wasn't reprehensible, but pretty fucking humiliating and he'll be meme'd into eternity for it on any platform he tries to take hold on. the factor for him is if his wife decides to do anything about the pictures/videos he distributed seemingly without her consent. he'll probably take a quiet video editing job while desperately hoping to regain a twitter following.

No. 1056171

eh he seems young. can't really say an alleged 23 year old is a pedophile (in the non-traditional sense)… he definitely alters his voice though and he's not even mildly entertaining so i can't understand why he blew up recently. even the sun (lol) has an article on him

No. 1056176

Honestly he just gives me typical coomer zoomer vibes with his catgirl anime weeb shtick

No. 1056181

People already tried to out him as a pedo on tumbr in 2016 or 2018 I don't exactly remember when but people were making it up since he was thrown in to Ace discourse which for some reason is very polarizing on the internet.

He also gives me weird vibes but I'm leaning more towards narc more than anything. I'm just worried with all this new found popularity he'll go the same route as Charlie where he reveals his face and proceeds to make mediocre content. But it's not like creepypasta/ r/nosleep reading is award winning content ether

No. 1056194

Yeah, but ProJared didn't take his condom off while fucking anyone. Honestly, hearing about him taking off the condom changes everything for me, I went from "eh, YouTuber fucking young idiot costhots who cares" straight to "holy fuck that's rape lock him up".

No. 1056195

Not this again, plenty of women here feel like the chicks are also to blame. It's perfectly fine for you to feel differently but stop calling every other woman who disagrees with you a scrote. They were old enough to know better, they were shitty ethots who didn't care about hurting his poor wife and kids. Throw him and them all in a dumpster together. It's twitter logic to assume there must be good guys and bad guys. Sometimes there are only bad guys.

I definitely get creep vibes from him these days. I think Markiplier has gotten to a point where he probably considers far too highly of himself and I just think there must be something that's going to knock him off that pedestal because it always, ALWAYS happens to men with that much prestige.

No. 1056203

Thats because you're 30, anon

No. 1056219

wasnt there some drama about him being super into the bdsm shit or something and that an ex gf talked about him being too rough, no idea tho but i've never cared for his content

No. 1056227

>holding the girls as responsible as Ryan or more is fucking ludicrous and an obvious and pathetic scrote tactic

ok you seriously have to stop making this exact fucking post again and again, nobody here is saying that Ryan isnt the more responsible one and nobody agrees with you that 20 and 28 year old women can not be held responsible for fucking e-celebs

only one of the women he fucked was underaged and even she admits that it was wrong of her to fuck a married man, yet you still can't, what's going on in your life, anon?

No. 1056235

gee, maybe they’re just tired of this retarded fucking argument going on and on and on and on in one big circle. you all sound like socially crippled idiots.

No. 1056238

He gives me huge creep vibes because he really does seem to be a manipulative faker. I can't feel anything genuine from him.

Wasn't there some drama about him with one of his ex friends?

No. 1056246

Maybe go back to tumblr if you think a 28 year old married woman and a 20 year old adult who fucked their favorite youtuber while knowing he was married are "victims".

The only actual victim here is the porky asian chick cause fucking her was actually a crime. Nobody blamed her for it, so shut up already.

No. 1056259

Rhett from Good Mythical Morning.

No. 1056262

I never liked GMM. Not for any rational reason, I never knew much about them, I just don't like the tacky way they edit their clickbait thumbnails in that specific manner. Hope this is true.

No. 1056264

i don’t watch gmm anymore bc i’m not autistic but i’d be pretty disappointed if either of the hosts turned out to be degen

No. 1056278

I cant see that happening.

No. 1056282

In this tweet thread, a fan explains that Ryan often tried to steer conversations with fans into sexual banter:


No. 1056286

Not surprised based on how Michelle mentioned he went straight to talking about sexual things

No. 1056288

File: 1602419103186.jpg (312.29 KB, 1536x2048, Ei2sZ_DWoAAaATy.jpg)

Do they make these girls in a factory? I decided to check the recent girl out and she is exactly like the others (maybe a little more gross cause of that TikTok video of hers I saw where she talks about wiping shit on her thighs).

She's whining on twitter about victimblaming and slut shaming. Sorry hun but you were 20 years old and fucked him like 6 times. That's a personal choice.

No. 1056290

> TikTok video of hers I saw where she talks about wiping shit on her thighs

kek'd anon. It's more like this is RT's target audience. I've seen the occasional person on my college campus wear RT shirts. They are always so tragic looking. It was hard not to smirk at them passing by. I totally did not have a cackle at them with my dumb bitch friends.

No. 1056291

File: 1602420966644.png (2.64 MB, 1068x2260, catfish.png)

I mean all of this started out with Ryan and Adam being catfished by a gay man. It seems Ryan especially has a weakness for people who catfish cause none of these girls look like their pictures.

No. 1056296

Yeah it was MrCreepypasta, he has a thread somewhere on snow I think.

At best he goes the Charlie route, at worst he goes the Cry route lmao.

No. 1056300

Not to defend him, because I'm heavily on the train of seeing him show his entire ass with all this sudden popularity, but he's explained that his voice is so low partially because of GERD and it makes talking difficult at times.

That being said I hope he doesn't go the Charlie route but he's young so who knows.

No. 1056301

Oh my god if one of the RLM guys turned out to be a creep, I'd be devastated. Particularly if it was Rich or Jay.

Holy shit what is with Ryan and fat Tumblrina types? I'm really beginning to wonder if he's low-key a chubby chaser.

No. 1056304

Please just stop already. You act like we're all jumping on the girls with pitchforks and saying he's a victim. Ryan and the girls both deserve equal amounts of blame. If you're old enough to seek out someone to fuck, you're old enough to know that you shouldn't screw a married or taken man, the fact that he was their "idol" and they had stars in their eyes doesn't change that at all. They went after him knowing he was married, and Ryan in turn didn't do what a responsible human being would and turn them away.

Not holding these girls responsible for fucking married men who knew better themselves is akin to defending Holly for fucking Jared behind his wife's back because "They were in love!". Defending these girls is only going to make other women think they can pull this shit and get away with it because all the blame will go on the married men they fucked. Ryan wasn't holding them down, and they weren't holding him down either.

No. 1056306

>I can't feel anything genuine from him.
same anon, from the very first moment I've seen his videos he seemed so disingenuous and creepy
so weird to see people lust after him on tiktok especially for some reason

No. 1056309

do you guys think a game grump will ever be outed as a perv?

No. 1056315

Didn't one of their editors get outed for being a creep?

No. 1056317

Please don't say this! Partially because it's so true. I just want them to be the awkward midwestern boys I imagine them to be

No. 1056322

IIRC Dan got semi-outed as a sexpest but I don’t think it caught on.

No. 1056323

always thought he was the most likely to tbh, the man is a coomer

No. 1056324

File: 1602425931788.png (251.89 KB, 746x566, victim.png)

No. 1056325

Can someone tell this whore a 20 year old is not a victim

No. 1056330

By her logic a famous man can never have sex with anyone ever again, aside from maybe a woman of exactly equal levels of fame, otherwise it will always be a "power balance" and "manipulating naive fans".

It really sucks when you decide to send your favorite youtuber your nipple pics in DMs without him even so much as asking for them. UwU very victimized.

No. 1056334

Women like this make me ashamed to be a woman because they really do prove that women fall to herd mentality so easily. She hears victim victim victim and suddenly she thinks she's a victim? Really? Doesn't she have a brain of her own?

No. 1056335


another one who was 23/24 and decided to fuck him despite knowing he had a wife

These GROWN WOMEN should just come out and say "yeah we fucked as well, my bad, he's an asshole for cheating on his wife". They are not victims and actually make the real underaged victims look bad by putting themselves into the same category.

No. 1056337

there is also no proof in this at all, the others had screenshots and pictures

No. 1056338

>I did send the first (non-nude) photo of a photoshoot I had done, thinking “He’s married and he’s connected with other ladies who cosplay/model professionally so I’m sure it will be okay!”

honestly why don't they just admit that they wanted attention from an e-celeb they like and knew that sending sexy selfies was the easiest way to get it

No. 1056341

File: 1602427133445.png (102.38 KB, 736x557, uwu.png)

Cause they also want the attention of being a broken little flower that was preyed upon and needs to "heal"

No. 1056365

The main thing I’m taking away from the 20-somethings coming forward is his tactics for initiating. He must have gotten very good at spotting insecure horny fans by the end of it all. As well as the mentally ill and underage.

No. 1056376

They both contacted him first by sending him pictures, one of her nipple-piercings and the other of her "modeling". It's not hard to figure out they wanna fuck at that point.

No. 1056395

I feel bad for that 17 year old girl he stealthed, cause what happened with her was genuinely awful with elements of grooming, and excusing the age thing when he found out about it etc. but in spite of that now she's going to be lumped in with all these adult women who don't care about cheating. Yes, what she did was wrong, but the situation with her is still worlds apart from the new stories coming out.

No. 1056399

While the 20-somethings themselves should have known better, their stories do reveal other shocking details, such as Ryan using his streamer-money to pay them while claiming it was for his kid's college fund.

No. 1056405

File: 1602432857292.png (25.73 KB, 650x312, timeline.png)


This is the woman Trix was talking about

The takeaway from this story is that Ryan was made aware that this was a problem & he dismissed it.

No. 1056408


To elaborate; Ryan had already been advised not to have relations with fans as early as 2017

No. 1056410

>got bullied to "borderline" suicide, whatever that means in a Discord

lmao ok. just log off discord. leave the group. god these bitches are so overdramatic and pathetic

tho to be fair the kind of woman who reads "I will slide my tongue into your soaked pussy" and decides "yes, this is a man I want to fuck" has to be mental

No. 1056413

File: 1602434068539.png (71.65 KB, 472x664, anotherone.png)


To clarify: This is what happened to a fan who refused to sleep with him.

No. 1056416

File: 1602434579902.png (32.47 KB, 640x292, bullied.png)


Overdramatic? Possibly.

However we shouldn't rule out other possibilities…

No. 1056424


>Ryan using his streamer-money to pay them while claiming it was for his kid's college fund.

This is so fucked and needs to be highlighted more. He used his power and e-fame to be a sugar daddy

>He must have gotten very good at spotting insecure horny fans by the end of it all. As well as the mentally ill and underage.

This. I know a lot of comments about how these women are "adults" but mentally vulnerable young adults aren't much different than underage fans (although not illegal). The big issue for me is that like ProJared he used his fame and social power to manipulate fans into having what they thought were relationships with him. Yeah they are in the wrong for going along with an affair but his participation in this is worse because he was coming from a place of "power" it's like a college professor fucking a student. Not illegal but gross AF and he should absolutely be "cancelled" for it.

>actually make the real underaged victims look bad by putting themselves into the same category.

It's tricky. I wish they didn't play up the "abuse" portion in their stories because it absolutely takes away from the underage victim(s) but it's still morally corrupt to be fucking fans and making them think they had a chance at being his gf or whatever.

No. 1056426


> like ProJared he used his fame and social power to manipulate fans into having what they thought were relationships with him.

Ugh, that "If only you could see what I see" line from Michelle's video immediately reminded me of ProJared & his """Body Positivity""" bullshit…

No. 1056428

ntayrt but that stuff is why it makes me so mad when I see people use Projared as an example of "when cancel culture was wrong" as if he wasn't still the biggest fucking creep

No. 1056444

Stop falling for obvious bait and report the samefag whiteknight.

No. 1056446

File: 1602436733030.png (15.11 KB, 662x280, forthekids.png)


Speaking of, I'm surprised Holly Conrad hasn't swooped in to waggle her finger at 'the hate mob' & tell them "Shaming is WRONG!"


Someone on reddit also brought up an interesting point…

No. 1056448


Ayrt was speaking more to his MO of escalating things. Granted a lot of the 20-somethings are just victims of their own bad choices, his behavior is clearly predatory.

Them feeling victimized is reasonable, even if nothing illegal happened it was still manipulative and coercive of him to engage the way he did. He still deserves 100% of the blame for the consequences of his actions, he was the one with a career and family etc.

Deleted my previous comment after reading the more recent info.

No. 1056459

File: 1602437560997.png (39.17 KB, 590x396, modsfault.png)

God, I hope his former Twitch mods come in & give this person a verbal ass-whoopin because that is a BOLD claim right there!

No. 1056461

Good point, anon.

Yeah, Holly can usually never keep her mouth shut about cancel culture when it comes to nerdy online sex pest dudes, shocked there's no cow crossover with this yet.

No. 1056465

i really hope they don't and this person keeps getting ignored, they're so obviously thirsty for attention. whether a male larping or queen of the pickmes, this sad bitch is living for the chance to play victim (of cyberbullying for her opinions, of her supposed violent sexual assault). if they're not saying anything milky in relation to someone who's a notable name, this is just the sad cries for attention from a seriously damaged person.

>Ryan using his streamer-money to pay them while claiming it was for his kid's college fund.

This is so fucked and needs to be highlighted more. He used his power and e-fame to be a sugar daddy

agreed. this is the kind of thing that, if his wife divorces him (which she really fucking should), her lawyer can nail him to the cross for that. especially since there's receipts of him sending that money (venmo transactions or w/e) that can be produced for the court, he could be on the hook to pay back all that money into a college fund on top of the alimony/child support she'd take him for. no way he was smart enough to have a prenup - he probably married her for her good job, figuring if AH didn't pay the bills, he could coast doing nothing but being a manbaby. not to encourage cowtipping, but i hope she has enough of a social media presence (or her lawyer is good enough at internet research) that that information gets back to her somehow.

No. 1056506

the gmm guys have the perfect grift. they can do low effort, ad friendly content for all of eternity because they grew up in evangelicalism, I don't think it would ever occur to them to do something "edgy" for views or otherwise. leaving the kind of environment they grew up in takes a pretty strong backbone, which leads me to believe they wouldn't do anything behind their spouses backs.

No. 1056510

I hope his wife takes everything he has. It's the least she deserves after he ruined their family and betrayed her in so many ways.

I hope he has to get a proper job and work 9 to 5 to pay alimony and child support and every woman he ever tries to date googles his name and shoots him down.

If you get "bullied" in a discord just leave. If it's so bad for your mental health, just leave. Sorry but that's retarded. I am sure this adult man could give less of a fuck about teenage-tier discord drama and didn't actively encourage people to bully his "victims" into submission so he can swoop in and abuse him. That seems like a reach to me.

No. 1056622

File: 1602455057762.png (168.54 KB, 592x398, Capture.PNG)

Anon I was JUST about to talk about him lol I've followed him for a while now since I like scary stories even though I don't think he's a very good narrator (best is Lazy Masquerade for sure). It's very weird how much he's blowing up lately, but I didn't know anything about his "music" lol it's so bad and the major reason why I think he's a creep.

I also think he makes his voice sound lower, listening to some of his videos it sounds higher. People are acting so cringy, even asking for hand pictures on his twitter. He sells the fact he's super shy but he seems to be enjoying the attention like crazy.

No. 1056626

He sounds unstable as hell, even if he screamed as a "joke". He's also constantly saying bitch and things like that which is such a red flag to me. I'm sure he'll do a face reveal shortly and go the Charlie route, even though he's always stating how "ugly" he is.

No. 1056660


Lazy Masquerade fans unite. He's so pleasant to listen to. I liked Corpse Husband for a little while, but then I came to put his voice alongside the image of a wannabe school shooter and now I can't listen to him.

No. 1056664

I’m almost positive he’s mentioned in a video that they’re high school sweethearts.

They were married before they moved to Texas though, and they must have moved there for her work because he joined RT from a Craigslist job listings.

No. 1056677


Would it be a bold statement to say that his children are the true victims of this saga? They didn't ask for their dad to be on the prowl for fangirls, they're the ones apparently losing out on college money because daddy is paying said fangirls, and now their family is going to be split up while daddy tries to use them as an emotional shield to hide behind.

Yes, what happened with the 17-year-old was bad. But all these grown consenting women claiming to be victims when they got something out of it? Nope. The kids are the victims.

No. 1056681

File: 1602461138338.png (84.61 KB, 594x492, turned.png)

>"Also they turned on him fast"

lmao cry more snowflake

No. 1056683

>But all these grown consenting women claiming to be victims

why are people getting so hung up on this? aside from whether the power dynamic or hypnotic halo effect of fame constitutes coercion, he's still an absolute piece of shit for sleeping with them. there's such a weird amount of focus ITT on the girls and their amount of responsibility for this when that has no bearing on the larger point: he was a serial cheater who used his kid's college money to have excruciatingly attainable-looking splenda babies. he doesn't have to be a child rapist on every count for his actions to be reprehensible. he used his fame to take advantage of clearly damaged women who were looking for attention.

No. 1056684

File: 1602461263864.png (65.67 KB, 710x688, jeremyscomment.png)


Jeremy explains further in his stream

No. 1056689

File: 1602461999212.png (56.07 KB, 586x568, poorryan.png)

…And I thought ProJared's fanbase was bad…

No. 1056690

File: 1602462148076.png (203.26 KB, 1440x576, Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 8.23…)

No. 1056692

File: 1602462241568.png (35.37 KB, 580x284, butbut.png)


>"Also it’s fine if she (Lindsay Jones) blocked me. She just doesn’t like the truth I said to her."

Imagine thinking Ryan's own coworkers know less about this shit than you, a fucking fanboy do…

No. 1056694

File: 1602462503899.png (44.38 KB, 594x434, butbutbut.png)


Aww look! They found each other!

No. 1056695

Something I’ve been thinking about is the strange tumblr culture of fandom that conditions girls to sexually obsess over any popular grown men. I know groupies have been around forever but some of these girls (looking at their twitters from the time) are just WAY too obsessed with this middle aged man which is probably why they’re upset now that he was banging so many other girls practically back to back. I don’t blame them because it’s really not far fetched to fall for that when you idolize a person but I wonder how they’ll look back on everything when they grow up.

No. 1056697


Not just tumblr, social media in general sort of brings fans closer to their 'idols'

No. 1056701

Hes trolling us with his music right?

Kek they sound decrepit. How old are they?
All of his fangirls are feeling so uwu sad for Ryan only because they wish it was them who fucked this mediocre man. They want to be those "harlots" and since they realized they could have been, they're angry over a missed opportunity

No. 1056703

File: 1602463617724.png (51.74 KB, 588x420, ilujack.png)


Sadly, she's 25.

No. 1056704

Really? Because you seem to be willing to set yourself ablaze in the name of "Our Mad King"

She's also been kissing up to Gavin as well.
I'm sure Jack appreciates her harassing other fans as well…

No. 1056705

File: 1602464098038.png (132.98 KB, 597x584, corpse.PNG)

Lol I think he genuinely thinks it's good, I've seen his fans asking for people to stream his songs too.


No. 1056706

Those rockstars that groupies chased were widely popular young talented men in their early 20s. Not middle-aged button-pusher niche z-list e-celebs. Thots of yore would never be caught dead fucking those losers.

No. 1056707

File: 1602464355592.png (551.42 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201011-205703.png)

Speaking of ARG youtubers, anyone utd on Rebecca Pisano a who has been obsessively harassing Nexpo, NightDocs, Loey Lane, Mamamax, Snitchery, etc, for months? They are apparently ALL pedos bc they don't agree with her that r.abbit was "taken down by the FBI' bc it was being used to distribute cp. She seems really disturbed.

No. 1056709

I blame the development of discord communities for streamers. It's the text communication that allows the girls to ignore how their faves actually look

No. 1056711

And another thing, rockstars are rich and groupies get to indulge in that high lifestyle a bit. One of these chicks paid Ryan. I think we can stop with the rockstar analogy for good.

No. 1056712

File: 1602464689235.png (45.3 KB, 586x464, proveyoureawoman.png)

Okay, this response killed me lmao

No. 1056715

File: 1602465454657.png (98.21 KB, 478x692, potentialvictim.png)

Another girl comes out.

No. 1056718

File: 1602465486053.jpeg (66.04 KB, 593x427, AA87CB74-7AFD-44D6-BF28-28C341…)

I didn’t mean to compare any of these guys to actual stars, just pointing out how that mentality has shifted to include literally anyone who says funny things and has an audience. Back when I actually used tumblr as a minor there was a fandom for literally everything so I think those communities played a part to encourage girls to overinflate the egos of these men. And idolizing random dudes gives you a higher chance of being involved with a gross creep who takes advantage of that status.
One of the girls got the coordinates for Austin tattooed on her arm after she had sex with Ryan there (think she was a virgin too). She said the city has special meaning to her. That was never going to age well.

No. 1056719

File: 1602465515862.jpg (361.31 KB, 1536x2048, EkEG60qWkAIa7s-.jpg)


Of course Ryan suddenly cares about his wife after he gets rejected.

No. 1056722

When she rejects him and he’s like “haha well I was just joking”
He texts like a high school boy it’s creepy as hell

No. 1056723

it's a fucking gossip forum. we can only say that ryan is a piece of shit that should be in jail so many times. i don't understand why calling out these weirdo whores is a problem for people as if it somehow goes AGAINST saying he's scum

No. 1056724

Anon are you retarded? Angles and filters aside the one on top isn’t wearing make up in the comparison pic, and the one on the bottom just isn’t posing and mid-sentence.
they don’t stop coming. what’s the estimate on how many girls ryan has done this to if so far we’ve had around 10 either come out or be spoken for by someone who knows them?

No. 1056731

he's saying that because it's a justification for his behavior ("my wife is a shrew, help me be happy"). by spinning it as some scandalous, alluring, naughty aspect of a relationship with a famous person, he's keeping these girls from realizing that what they're doing is probably against their usual moral code. these damaged girls get swept up in the idea that they're special; he plays a pitiful character so they feel like they're swooping in to save him from some bad situation. it's a classic tactic that any good manwhore uses, famous or not. pickmes are desperate to be not like other girls, and isn't the peak of that being the hot young mistress vs the old shrew wife?

No. 1056733


>"my wife is a shrew, help me be happy"

I'm sure his poor wife really appreciates being humiliated like that.
I*'m so fucking glad it looks like she's left him.

No. 1056734

File: 1602467436282.png (22.39 KB, 672x272, youngfans.png)


>"They often spoke for him for help and advice."

No. 1056749

Agreed, it's weird to see Corpse Husband blow up so much from the Creepypasta and LNM scene on Youtube and collabing with the hugest creators. Even Let's Read is far better than him in terms of content, it makes no sense. Based for saying Lazy is the best one though, you're right anon.

No. 1056774

That checks out. Just based on what I recall of his streams and a handful of interactions he had with other fans, he definitely seemed to frame himself as the type who was more than willing to offer guidance.

As a casual fan I thought it was sweet and surprisingly down-to-earth, but hindsight really highlights the predatory aspects of a forty-year-old celebrity trying to cultivate "friendships" with his mostly young, mostly female fanbase based primarily around the latter's vulnerabilities and insecurities.

No. 1056775

I can see that happening, markiplier fans are very cult like and can do no wrong in their eyes. Also Didn’t Supermega come out and say what a fucking jerk he was?

No. 1056780

They tend to make jokes about one day airing out all the dirty laundry they have against him but part of me hopes it's real because with how long they've been friends and worked with him for they've probably seen a lot.

No. 1056781

File: 1602472861288.png (43.16 KB, 582x374, urvaliduwu.png)

There's wishing people the best, and then there's… this.

No. 1056785

File: 1602473452766.gif (1.31 MB, 505x212, download (1).gif)

lmao All of these people respond with shit like "It was just ONE girl & she LIED ABOUT HER AGE!" & it's like…

No. 1056788

This really reminds me of those hardcore ProJared stans lol

I’m really hoping for a cow crossover

No. 1056794

File: 1602475183193.png (20.37 KB, 580x196, 17.png)


Bitch says shit like this, then 'likes' a tweet insisting that "A 17-year-old is NOT a child"

Pick one.

No. 1056797

File: 1602476066047.png (67.05 KB, 914x336, kitten.png)


>"they knew what they were doing and got off on the attention"

You know who also did?

I'll give you 3 guesses…

(Bio included because it makes this even more depressing)

No. 1056822

>has a 17 yr old
>shamelessly protecting a grown man that doesn't even know her existence
Imagine seeing your mom like this

No. 1056925

He’s not blowing up because of his horror content though, he’s blowing up because either Jacksepticeye or Dave (who’s worked with Pewdiepie) invited him to play Among Us with them and tons of people heard his voice and wanted him back on their streams (assuming it’s one of those two because he knew them before blowing up and meeting other big name streamers from playing more). I found him the same way, just watching a JSE stream and suddenly hearing a new, super deep voice, and wondering “woah who the fuck is that?” Now he frequently streams with Sean, Jack, Julien, James Charles, Pewdiepie, Pokimane, etc. and getting his voice out there to tons of new people. It’s his voice first, horror content second. It helps that he’s good at imposter and meshes well with whoever he plays with.

No. 1056943

If he gets signed maybe he’ll go the Joji route and switch from explicit rap to just putting out fuckboy lofi music lmaoo.

No. 1056955

Holy shit I remember coming across her when I was just trying to figure out what happened to rabbit's successor. Her rabbit hole doesn't really lead anywhere though, since her rambles just go in circles. I know she starts randomly attacking/harassing creators who even just ask "hey does anyone know who she is?" because she must fervently google herself. Maybe she'll even make an appearance on the farms kek

No. 1056975

File: 1602510462693.png (49.58 KB, 736x378, homewrecker.png)

Honestly this bitch makes all the other girls look really bad.

You were 20 years old and you met up with him to fuck him SEVERAL TIMES, pointing out that you also did something wrong is not being a "Ryan apologist".

She's retweeting every single person who calls her a victim and is just reveling in all the attention. It's sick.

Honestly as a woman this personally offends me, because of people like this, valid claims of abuse against men are not taken seriously.

No. 1057001

>as a woman
do you know where you are retard?

No. 1057022

Do you know how language works? I meant to empathize that this is an issue that specifically is upsetting to WOMEN because WOMEN in general are the ones always accused of making false accusations. Not to let you know "hey people I am a woman".

No. 1057024

fuck off bitter fattychan

No. 1057029

I think they both provide a buffer for each other.

No. 1057035

at least sage your autism

on a forum of women run by women, you dont have to explain to us why women problems make you, a woman, upset. kek.

in a recent pewdiepie video, everyone in the comments was making a big deal about his voice compared to lilypichu, so i wouldnt be surprised if higher-pitched content creators want him for the sake of the vocal contrast.

No. 1057046

File: 1602521623275.jpg (113.76 KB, 1079x1465, EkIYmoCU8AEFQpr.jpg)

No. 1057047

File: 1602521645301.jpg (107.42 KB, 1079x1162, EkIYm1OVoAE0M9s.jpg)

No. 1057051

File: 1602521763438.jpg (223.94 KB, 1076x1505, EkIYnCZU0AIVHN2.jpg)

No. 1057054

File: 1602521856094.jpg (94.75 KB, 1079x958, EkIYnNNVcAAenKY.jpg)

No. 1057055


There's a subreddit that is now collecting accounts:


No. 1057064


>"On the first of January 2018 I finally accepted money from him as he threatened to stop speaking to me if I didn’t take it and he knew that he was pretty much my entire support system."

Holy shit…

No. 1057066

File: 1602522590310.jpg (142.77 KB, 945x2048, EkIY2-0UwAEF6j0.jpg)


He also contacted this girl recently.


No. 1057068

File: 1602522644170.jpg (164.8 KB, 945x2048, EkIY3RGVgAEwQ0k.jpg)

No. 1057074

File: 1602523786485.png (52.36 KB, 590x526, CMD_Shepardwantstofuck.png)

>"Yes we know you are upset Ryan didn't fuck you."

That is some major projection my dude.

…Also I thought Jack was your favorite?

At least keep your deflections in order, damn!

No. 1057081

why dont you just create a thread for this single random twitter account at this point anon. what are you adding to this thread?

No. 1057090

very excited to see the ryan defense brigade try to rationalize this behaviour

No. 1057093


Oh they're still trying!

Although at this point, it just seems like a typical Gish gallop.

No. 1057095


Buy a massage… at least you aren’t selling your body… fuck me at rtx (joking)…

What a scumbag.

No. 1057099

File: 1602526479878.png (13.71 KB, 460x140, virginity.png)

>"If he caught an STI, he would have a very hard time explaining that to his wife."

> "If he's manipulating virgins, no risk of an STI and significantly lower chance of getting caught."

Huh, didn't think about that.

No. 1057101

yup, that's a huge part of it. the commonality between these girls shows that he intentionally seeks out damaged girls in bad situations, especially younger ones who have less experience with relationships. the more inexperienced or in a worse place they are, the easier it is to manipulate them. this money thing is another part of that. he didn't just sleep with random fangirls, he picked prey that seemed unlikely to put up a fight and cause him trouble.

No. 1057106

File: 1602527043923.png (250.93 KB, 586x462, adothop-proof.png)


This one has now posted their proof

No. 1057108

File: 1602527135326.jpg (475.75 KB, 1843x2047, EkIdTqXWoAAC399.jpg)


The pictures

No. 1057109

File: 1602527210654.jpg (522.82 KB, 1536x2048, EkIdTqWX0AEbnZD.jpg)

No. 1057110

File: 1602527329554.jpg (430.82 KB, 1536x2048, EkIdTq9WsAEahCg.jpg)

No. 1057111

File: 1602527455488.jpg (428.15 KB, 1536x2048, EkIdTspXkAAGV_j.jpg)

No. 1057120

File: 1602528439258.png (106.37 KB, 1816x1324, groomer.png)

stolen from the other farms

No. 1057147

File: 1602532038186.png (28.06 KB, 580x282, RyanStillGood.png)


Photo evidence?

No. 1057160

File: 1602533260790.png (144.11 KB, 586x562, guilttrip.png)

He's still talking to them???

No. 1057162

So much for trying to fix his marriage. He's still talking to these girls. What a loser.

No. 1057166

File: 1602534800163.png (32.11 KB, 486x508, 08-29-2019.png)

Here's a tumblr post from 2019 that people are looking back to

No. 1057176

Fucking yikes

No. 1057190

File: 1602536868053.png (440.94 KB, 1074x672, joke.png)

Sure, turning it into a joke makes it better…

No. 1057196

File: 1602537294235.jpg (279.71 KB, 1079x1181, Screenshot_20201009-150518_Twi…)

im loving the potential throw-away milk. even if its just speculation for now, some of these are killing my curiosity. he seems like such an unhinged loser, i wonder how many of these are completely real?

No. 1057237

File: 1602543312795.png (37.03 KB, 588x368, failproject.png)

You've unlocked a new alignment:

No. 1057241

File: 1602543439214.png (177.18 KB, 616x690, poorbbyryan.png)

The amount of staunch RH stans who are also parents is beyond depressing…

No. 1057245

Well shit….. Guess I shouldn't expect a new season of camp camp anytime soon then. Damn.

No. 1057269

File: 1602546594386.png (164.1 KB, 474x638, RyansStatement.png)

Ryan has made a new statement

No. 1057276

File: 1602547061164.png (56.71 KB, 478x566, plsryan.png)


Gotta squeeze out those last drops of sympathy!

No. 1057282

File: 1602547367792.png (202.84 KB, 472x1224, weforgiveuwu.png)


I wonder if this tweet will reach ProJared's "YOU'VE BEEN LIED TO"-levels of successful audience-manipulation?

Seems to be working so far!

No. 1057290

The second to last paragraph should not have been in there. Woof

No. 1057291

File: 1602548191596.png (37.94 KB, 734x644, redditreacts1.png)


At least the responses on the subreddit are sane

No. 1057293

File: 1602548392706.png (92.24 KB, 476x482, better.png)

This, pretty much.

No. 1057294

File: 1602548610102.png (104.42 KB, 476x644, sharedconnection.png)

Some of the girls responded

No. 1057295

It really cements how young some of these women still are considering they still talk like tweens

No. 1057296

File: 1602548685644.png (95.34 KB, 474x598, mod1.png)

One of his (former) mods has responded

No. 1057298

File: 1602548785016.png (93.75 KB, 470x458, threatening suicide.png)

No. 1057300

File: 1602549921077.png (35.95 KB, 472x446, iluryan.png)

ffs, this is how he was able to groom fans in the first place

No. 1057310

File: 1602551751192.png (164.45 KB, 532x608, fixed.png)


I'm fucking screaming

No. 1057311

File: 1602552077035.png (16.66 KB, 522x176, caught.png)

Important note

No. 1057313

This is nauseating. How the hell does anyone speak like this to each other?

No. 1057317

I wonder if the way he was messaging her was a manipulation tactic or if he really just flirts like a socially-clueless twenty-something.

No. 1057320

It's honestly disturbing how genuine his "socially-clueless twenty-something" flirting is. Like, a part of me is almost (though not quite) willing to believe he's really just that stupid. Well, the genuine tone combined with how stupid/bold he was wrt the entire shebang.

No. 1057323

No. 1057328

File: 1602556486694.png (177.31 KB, 392x268, cupcake.png)


Fucking hell…

No. 1057334

File: 1602557315750.png (316.67 KB, 353x472, Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 10.4…)

This is just straight-up rape by deception, no?

No. 1057337


How fucking fitting is it that ANOTHER story comes out after his notes app 'apology?

No. 1057339

File: 1602558081091.png (9.56 KB, 692x110, bbygurl.png)


How's that for 'shared connection'?

No. 1057341

File: 1602558317228.png (15.17 KB, 692x150, disconnect.png)

No. 1057344

Literally nobody is threatening his family, where tf is this guy getting that from lmfaooo omg

If anything, everybody feels sorry for his family. He continues to use them as a shield.

I really hope he doesn't turn around and pull a Chris Watts on them.

No. 1057345

I mean, Kiwifarms did post his address and his wife's work. Assholes probably are sending empty threats

No. 1057347

They're probably sending him threats, not his wife and kids. I'd hope.

No. 1057355

that woman is literally ghoulish looking, holy shit, no wonder she has to simp for mediocre men on twitter

can you repost the other messages in the screencap?

No. 1057357

File: 1602559933996.png (15.52 KB, 444x266, bbygurl1.png)

This man has a very young daughter…

No. 1057361

Livvy needs to be taken far faaar away from this man

No. 1057364

I'm not one to yuck one's yum, but this is capital-c Creepy.

No. 1057366

>uwu yuck yums
twitter ======>

No. 1057368

holy shit, if you usually don't click links in threads, let this be the one. this is outright vile. he was literally hurting this girl, tearing her, and she told him so and he kept doing it! the sadistic self that slips out from behind the mask in his streams has always been his real self.

No. 1057374

God please tell me his wife got her kids the fuck away from him. I’m so worried for them

No. 1057381

yeah this really begs the question of how his wife has been treated all this time. if the "my wife won't sleep with me" excuse is true (1% chance), it's probably because he murders her pussy in a bad way every time. he's shown to be a manipulative suicide-baiting gaslighter, so he's probably threatening suicide to his wife right now to hasten the inevitable divorce. i'm sure she had little or no clue, but i'm also sure a lot of little "hm"s are adding up for her right now. i hope her lawyer is internet-savvy enough to find all of this and take him for every cent he's worth.

reality sucks so we'll end up at projared instead of onision, but a girl can dream

No. 1057387

File: 1602562148669.jpg (165.49 KB, 1280x1440, EkLmLJrXgAExnfB.jpg)


From Twitter

No. 1057396

I was bored and skimming some past but pretty recent AH content and so many top comments are people thirsting over Ryan. It’s a fact that creeps like him are able to use their charm and generic looks to win favor with people and it just made me feel gross seeing how much praise he received for nothing which is probably why he felt he could get away with abusing so many fans for years and years. He realized he found a perfect job that would help the victims come to him and indulge in his pedo fantasies.
I hope he faces severe repercussions because after reading the most recent experience I am convinced there is no chance of reform for him. He doesn’t deserve anything he has now and I hope he has the feelings necessary to actually feel pain at the results of his actions and not just be upset at the evil teenagers for ruining his life/future attempts at grooming.

No. 1057406

Do you guys think the third child pregnancy scare that he talked about one time (I forget where exactly) wasn't actually about his wife, but was rather about a fan?

Also I can't remember whether or not he has had a vasectomy. If so after the pregnancy scare, that's a bit suspicious.

No. 1057417

File: 1602566927113.jpg (180.93 KB, 1280x720, SukUkJB.jpg)

No. 1057421

File: 1602567662915.png (200.63 KB, 473x302, A84AAC95-9814-4731-8761-D077DC…)

No. 1057429

jesus this guy is disgusting. exactly what they mean by "sexual predator". the end where she almost offhandedly mentions him choking her without asking…i'm angry now.

No. 1057439

Could you please explain why? I love that show but never looked at their dev team.

No. 1057444

File: 1602573248587.png (83.23 KB, 425x369, fb.png)

He might want to change his fb profile pic topkek

No. 1057448

>"shared connection"
Ah yes, otherwise known as "entanglement". Groomers and their euphemisms, kek

No. 1057449

He's just a minor VA in the show, he voices one of the kid's (forgot her name) gay dads who also happend to be feds. Though, if he's voicing other major characters in other RT shit, then that could fuck with their productions.

No. 1057453


This sounds really interesting, and I follow a lot of those ARG/creepy YouTubers, but what is r.abbit? Nothing came up on Google or YouTube, and I follow these threads closely.

No. 1057461

File: 1602577139731.png (971.69 KB, 1156x808, pukevomitblurgheughretch.png)

No. 1057462

can someone explain this backwards logic of virgin = cant get pregnant? Or am I missing something here?

No. 1057463

She mentioned she has a condition concerning her ovaries that prevents her from getting pregnant.

No. 1057465

I was confused by that too but read the document later and the girl says that she has a condition that makes her infertile. I wouldn’t put it past him to believe some dumb shit like that though since he’s proven to be pretty retarded on top of being a rapist.

No. 1057466

File: 1602577801727.png (53 KB, 339x101, virgins.png)

No, he literally thinks virgins can't get pregnant. He said the same thing to asian chick when he took the condom off.

No. 1057493

What a fucking gentleman. Only giving out his STIs to virgins. That's some dreamy stuff right here.

No. 1057494

Totally OT but this reminded me of Ninja of Die Antwoord fucking girls who look like carbon copies of his daughter. Same level of creepy.

No. 1057497

It's honestly amazing how much worse this gets by the day. I hope his wife makes sure he never sees his kids again.

No. 1057501

do you know why she was so hesitant from the start?

this is the most disgusting nightmarish thing i've read in months. he's genuinely a sick predator not just a cheating husband.

No. 1057507

OT but have any of you seen this? It’s the fakest bullshit I’ve ever seen and the way Anthony totally humors it like it’s completely legit and acceptable is hilarious.

No. 1057509

She might not have anything else going for her. Sure, she's a vet, but could she keep working full time and raise their kids alone? Sad facts are that lots of women would rather stay with a cheating privider than have to do it all alone.

No. 1057512

At this point cheating is an understatement tho. The latest reveal shows he's choked one of the girls which is like the nr. 1 indicator of abuse turning murder. So I don't trust her safety if she'd stay with him now he can't let those things out on young unsuspecting fans.

No. 1057513

She'll get child support and alimony to help her if she divorces him. Since she was cheated on and the divorce was entirely his fault she can ruin him in court, get the house and custody and all of his future income will go mostly to her and the kids. No reason to stay with him.

No. 1057520

I hope his genitals are removed by blowtorch.

No. 1057521

Rabbit was a sort of shared video streaming website. You could create a public or private room, pull up netflix or hulu or youtube and watch videos and it would stream simultaneously to all parties in the room while connected on voice and text chat to talk. Very convenient to watch shows with friends. I don’t doubt that there might have been some questionable public rooms here and there, but I think Rebecca stumbled into one and suddenly thought everyone using rabbit was using it to stream cp or some shit.

No. 1057530

I read this as
>because you are a virgin (so free of STIs) and because you can’t get pregnant
rather than
>because you are a virgin and therefore can’t get pregnant
but maybe I’m giving him too much benefit of the doubt.

No. 1057531

Yeah Nin has a kiwifarms thread, she's kind of a cow- some of her alters are indigenous or anorexic and stuff it's really odd.

No. 1057535

Mikey was a topic a few threads ago when she announced her relationship with Anthony Padilla and recently an ex friend of her 'outed' a few things about her and I'm not really surprised by it all

No. 1057561

There’s a kiwifarms thread on the girl in that video and it was weird shit, her partner has a sneezing fetish and just… makes videos of her alters sneezing.

No. 1057570

Jake and Logan Paul or Mumkey Jones.
Pretty sure there was some evidence from parents of teenagers on Facebook that their teenage daughters were roofied at his party and ended up in hospital.

Mumkey is less likely but he’s going deeper and deeper into actual inceldom and left a cute girl to be with a girl who cheated on him with a teenager so…. who knows

No. 1057571

File: 1602592785587.png (61.96 KB, 512x512, 53a476727ec4c.png)

> I want to feel your wet pussy slowly engulf me
the only thing I can think of when reading this is The Day After Tomorrow, you really have to be a scrote and 100% of your blood resource dedicated to your dick to think this is sexy in any way imaginable

No. 1057572

Am I the only one who doesn’t think this is damning of Mykie in any way? The girl blocks out her own texts, adds a bunch of exposition to manipulate- tries to frame her as a bad person for gossiping with someone she trusted? Acts like a bunch of normal friendship shit were actually super srs racist microagressions? Get off it. Not even a fan just a truly insane petty video to make.

No. 1057573

Thnx now I know how I’m killing the next hour

No. 1057583

yeah I have to agree that she isn't showing the full chat had me weirded out as well I think they are both 'toxic' I guess

No. 1057584

Anyone else feel like the only reason he didn't go any younger is because below 17 he'd be more likely to be caught? After all he got those girls to travel to his hotel and if it's any younger that would raise much more suspicion.

No. 1057588

>muh microagrressions
>muh systematic racism
>muh cultural appropriation
bitch bye, lmao

No. 1057591

>>1057535 wow is Spankie still trying to get e-famous lmao, it's been eighty four years

I remember subbing back in the day and trying so hard to like her, but she just has a shitty attitude and no charisma. Mykie is a hack too so no surprise they hate each other, the real shock is that either of them have any viewers left to give a fuck.

No. 1057593

Omg this is the fakest bullshit ever I love it. The comments are insane. Why does kiwi get all the good cows these days.

No. 1057594

This is so embarrassing, I can't watch it

No. 1057595

Kek I knew mykie sucked, unsubbed from her forever ago bc she was, like Spankir said, has always been very public about how she is. So she’s also a LA clout chaser, shock. Her channel stopped growing bc she stopped doing what made her interesting. Fuck Jeffree and James, but he uwu wah I’m white shit in response to everything in this chick’s video is legitimately a good thing to expose her for/generally explain to her audience.

Her video is very good and I feel for her overall.

No. 1057600

File: 1602599407533.png (280.87 KB, 1024x619, crocodiletears.png)

LMAO wow, I just got into her work not too long ago because I thought her makeup was cute but god what a cunt. To make a makeup tutorial about an asian man beaten on a plane?? Like c'mon, that's fucked. I'm interested in seeing how JC and JS will react to these texts now that they're out in the open.

Spankie does get fairly preachy at some during this but good for her for speaking up about it at least.

Also kek at her fans not falling for her apology.

No. 1057607


Tried watching some of her stuff and looked at her insta. She produces really sub-par content. A lot of it is very scattered; most of her videos piggyback on trends such as "Getting my nails/hair/face done by worst/best reviewed [insert place]", Jenna Marbles tributes, a lot of crying vlogs. Insta is also not cohesive and full of cringe essays filled with baby talk and ellipses.

She has a very shrill voice so I couldn't listen to her talk the whole way through. Yikes.

No. 1057609


I didn't know lolcow.farms supported cancel culture over stupid shit like "microagressions" and "cultural appropriation". I mean I turned the video off after 5 minutes cause I can't listen to retarded SJW safespace speech about how white people are terrible, but has Mykie actually done anything bad or is this just some bullshit reason to "cancel" her over cause you don't like her?

Cause if she's done anything post proof, this is an imageboard and that video is terrible.

No. 1057610

lolcow isn't some homogeneous mass, but congratulations for including that many twitter terms in one post

No. 1057613

Why the fuck should we spoonfeed you information that's right there?

Watch it yourself and make your own judgment and stop bitching about ours.

No. 1057622

Alright, based on the fact that it opens with a bunch of bullshit about microagressions and white priviledge I am making my own judgement that this terrible video is full of bullshit pandering to "woke" folks and cancel culture. If you can't provide any actual images on this image board I guess there's nothing really going on. You can't expect people to watch an HOUR long video where the person says "WHITE boyfriend, WHITE friends, WHITE PEOPLE BAD" in every second sentence. come on.

No. 1057624

I’d argue being racist, having a victim complex, and manipulative to your friends is bad but if you’re not going to watch the video then what does it matteR? Idt they’re cancellable offenses per say, but I stopped watching her a while ago and the shit she says in the video is why, she just confirmed how she is BTS too.

No. 1057628

Watch it, you're on lolcow you don't have anything to do so get over your whitey ways and have a gander.
The most damning stuff is probably her texting people really nicely and then immediately slagging them off to her friend.
And her claiming that white people have it bad is cringier than anything the woman said in the vid.

No. 1057629

That sounds almost as bad as sharing your friends DMs with the entire world in a youtube video out of spite that she's more popular and masquerading it as virtue signaling about racism.

Women gossip behind peoples backs and other horrible truths are revealed today.

No. 1057665

If those were real DM's then there's no question, Mykie has problems with POC. Also difference between gossip and being completely two faced. That doesn't effect us, but it's not gonna do well for her image.

I think the only thing that kinda annoyed me was her calling a lot of things that weren't gaslighting, gaslighting.

No. 1057674

It won't hurt her in the long haul lbr. Her image will be bruised but people will move on to be mad at someone else. Like with most, she'll just lay low, apologize via iPhone notes, then some time after get back to normal

No. 1057680


No. 1057691

File: 1602606260635.png (211.7 KB, 720x678, 20201013_122409.png)

This must be the groomer-version of "You're recording me? (whips out phone) Then I'm gonna record you too!!!"

No. 1057693

>being this new
lol you sound retarded girl, sit your ass down and actually research, in fact you kinda sound like a mykie fan.

No. 1057698

File: 1602606671168.png (146.08 KB, 720x524, 20201013_123132.png)

Further proof that he's been trying to guilt-trip these women out of telling their stories

No. 1057701

File: 1602606724318.jpeg (41.6 KB, 1242x665, EkNlZErX0AAZYkH.jpeg)

The screenshots


No. 1057702

File: 1602606786305.jpeg (156.79 KB, 946x2048, EkNlZElX0AEaGJ-.jpeg)

No. 1057706

File: 1602606889259.jpeg (78.64 KB, 1241x1200, EkNlZEpXYAEsSkF.jpeg)


Mmm-mh! Lay that guilt on THICK Ryan!


No. 1057707

I really dont get these male influencers why do they do shit like that, seriously you had a nice a wife, kids and a lot of money. Basically living the dream and you ruin it just to sext with some dumb ass girl who thought it would be fun, omg fucking scrotes I can't with them, if you were so desperate for sex you could have hired a hooker or something not pry on some teenies that will later bite you back in the ass, I hope he fucking rots like the coomer scrote he is, the wife better lawyer up and divorce his ass.

No. 1057741

That is the most generic attempt at manipulation I've ever seen in my entire life. I'm sure people would absolutely be eating it up had he done this a week ago, but we've got—what, five?—people who've already shown him using similar tactics in their own DMs. Nobody's buying it anymore, except for the people who wouldn't admit a negative thing about him if he run over their dog in front of them.

No. 1057743

File: 1602608563908.png (238.89 KB, 720x902, 20201013_130259.png)

Is he fucking serious rn???

No. 1057745

File: 1602608770981.jpeg (157.45 KB, 1079x1518, EkMP3YzVcAAhwgn.jpeg)

No. 1057795

I REALLY want to believe this is fake simply because essentially going "you'd be a prostitute without me" is just too disgusting

No. 1057797

>I love you
I count two retards in this screenshot.

No. 1057798

tbh I am not even surprised this is real, honestly the guy knows he has power over this person so he knows whatever he says she is gonna believe him, thats why they pry on the young because they are stupid and dont know any better than to believe some disgusting scrote.

No. 1057802

A hooker wouldn't kiss his ass the same way, it wouldn't be genuine fan worship. That's why he did it- to feel like an idol. Men prey on vulnerable women when it feeds into a fantasy of theirs.

No. 1057811

I sincerely hope that "I love you" is some manipulation on her part to keep him from doing something extreme (although, let's be honest, his implied suicidal feelings are probably just another underhanded attempt at gaining sympathy).

No. 1057815

I'm so confused by this post. On one hand it's very milky and funny how stupid Ryan is. On the other, why is she posting her weird love confessions to him- she's shooting herself for nothing. I guess it's just further proof that he was manipulating emotionally vulnerable women.

No. 1057821

Assuming the prostitute thing is true I think we can assume she's extremely vulnerable and perfect for manipulation even in the face of abuse

No. 1057824

File: 1602612176093.png (734.34 KB, 1651x2048, Screenshot_20201013-110145.png)

Fucking yikes. Imagine having a tattoo of your groomer. I wonder if that gave them extra "special connection" points with him

No. 1057825

This is probably it.

No. 1057826

Unfortunately Ryan’s wife won’t qualify for alimony in Texas.
It seems to be mostly for homemakers who have been out of the workforce for the majority of their marriage.

Infidelity does affect how shared property is split but can’t be used in the child custody hearing unless directly effected the children.

I’ve never watched one of Ryan’s streams so I’m not sure how serious he was when promising to put the donation money alway for his kids education, but if he did make a promise, to his wife, that’s where the money was going and spent it on fueling his affairs, I feel like that would be fair game to mention.

No. 1057828

Nah I think these girls and women are all beyond delusional and to them it's like breaking up with a boyfriend. They all thought they were the only ones and "special" to him. That they were starstruck lovers, it was all so exciting and romantic and forbidden UwU Ryan you were my first and I love you so much! ~~

Yikes indeed. Why the fuck would you think getting that as a tattoo would be a good idea? Oh yeah… impaired decision making in all of these people.

No. 1057831

I wonder if he knew and encouraged them to get the tattoos

>Let's make our connection permanent babygirl

>Now you are my princess forever

No. 1057856

"Signature" tattoos never age well and rarely look good to begin with.

No. 1057888

File: 1602619299779.png (1.63 MB, 1280x1748, tatoo.png)

A story in two parts

No. 1057901

this makes me want to puke in my mouth. "the people being shitty about this tattoo don't understand that my dad abused me and ryan is my new perfect father figure!!" i would die if this were me honestly. this whole thing is just a huge lesson about how naive damaged unstable teens/young people can be and that if you want to find a ~healing father figure~ you need to at least think and act rationally and not choose some 30 something internet persona who surrounds himself with nothing but awkward clearly immature insecure teen girls at nearly age 40.. and that you can't trust very many men lol to put it lightly.

No. 1057909

File: 1602620352226.png (70.6 KB, 662x586, blublublublu.png)

No. 1057911

She was fucking 28. Fuck off thot.

No. 1057916

Her age doesn't make him any less of a manipulative shitstain though.

No. 1057921

Yes it fucking does. As an adult woman almost in her 30s you should know better. Her "mental illness" she claims made her vulnerable is fuckind ADHD.

Maybe I'd feel a little bit bad for any of these grown ass women if they hadn't known he was married with two young children. But they all knew.

No. 1057924

He was also her boss

No. 1057951

It makes her look worse that she recruited some other girl for him and then called her “dense” for not falling for his manipulation creep bullshit. There’s a lot of fucked up things he did but this woman seems like she’s trying too hard to paint herself as a victim in the doc which takes emphasis off things like lying about his other relationships and not using condoms.
News flash: sleeping with a married man might make you feel like shit and regret it during/after the fact. If she felt so bad about it idk why she would contact some other girl that could possibly go through the same thing?

No. 1057960

Jfc. Can male youtubers handle an ounce of attention?

No. 1057965

call me a bitch but imma be real I dont feel sorry for this thot at all! she fucking knew he was married, she could have sent the messages to his wife, she could have done so many things instead she chose to suck his dick, she is as shitty as he is. This kinda reminded me of holly and pro jared, seriously she is only sorry because this guy caught caught and she was like "better pretend to be a victim too uwu" seriously she is an old hag that knew he had kids and had a family. I hate the guy but yeah this girl is a piece of shit as well.

No. 1057979

File: 1602626279502.jpeg (178.68 KB, 1080x1079, E395650A-5A67-4715-BA66-2F40A5…)

She also made sure to point out that while she’s the oldest of the girls so far she gets mistaken for being 18 so often. Like yeah because that was so necessary to include?? Wonder if he did the babygirl daddy act with her too or if that’s only reserved for the virgins…

No. 1058012

Caiti posted a long video on her Instagram talking about Ryan. Don't know how to post that here it's like half an hour long

Is it bad that I thought this was Ryan in a wig

No. 1058014

Completely unnecessary comment here but woof. Why the fuck all these girls so… woof. Yikes. Also every one of these girls are stupid and are really trying to be the biggest uwu victim. The wife and kids are the only victims. Period. No one else. Hope she divorces his ass and leaves him destitute.

No. 1058020


They're stories do help in that they provide enough evidence for his wife to take his ass to court & get full custody of the kids.

No. 1058024

God, I hope none of his victims are naive enough to become his rebound.

No. 1058026

Since he’s a predator he takes what he can get and has proven he’s not really choosy besides testing whether fangirls are dtf. It’s a power thing for him obviously, he gets off on how these girls are obsessed with him which lets him live out his fantasy knowing they’ll still want more or he’ll be able to continue manipulating them for sex. The daddy role play is fucking cringe that I’m sure most of these people would write off as gross and desperate from a middle aged dad but when it’s coming from their idol they’re able to play along with it.

No. 1058029

>Ryan with a wig
lol cant unsee it now, that pic is cursed af now. But for real this girl is so stupid, she deserves as much hate as him and as for the other girls well I cant blame them they were young and easy to influence, man I swear male influencers are such coomers they think with their dick and kiss their careers goodbye, serves them right for being so disgusting.

omg I hopee she does, take his ass to court and get them kids gurl! seriously but omg what if she forgives him and blames the girls instead? lol like footface did with shreg blamed the girls instead of her disgusting pedo husband.

No. 1058030

looking for a father figure also doesn’t mean you should be looking for a guy to fuck, confused ass people all over this shit.

No. 1058031

File: 1602628710209.png (79.85 KB, 474x528, thinkoftymychildren.png)

Regardless of what you think of this one, he is STILL trying to stop anyone from coming forward

No. 1058036

you love to see it, he really is digging himself deeper with trying to stop this. Wow just own up to it and maybe seek some therapy.

No. 1058038

Eek, sad how they are still so attached to him despite knowing how he lied to their faces and used them for his own perversion. If some dude who manipulated me called me begging and saying some sob story about his life I would laugh in his face and hope he gets what’s coming to him. Guess they really do have mental problems if they’re that dependent.

No. 1058041

you know one of them is ready and willing. more than one, probably. fucking sad.

No. 1058044

this bitch tried to get some girl he wanted for him and has the nerve to call her dense when she turned his ass down? someone is dense here yeah but it’s not the girl who told you two no, what an asshole

No. 1058073

Saving face and being nice to someone you don’t like who is a professional contact necessary to maintain for your career is literally something everyone with a job does. Seriously the stupidest callout ever.

No. 1058106

Lmao gets mistaken for 18? More like mistaken for a troon, girl is delusional & too old to be playing this little 'victim' card like she is.

No. 1058170

File: 1602637993442.png (300.48 KB, 593x497, iTp1Y4l.png)

No. 1058225

File: 1602641027025.jpeg (116.74 KB, 828x1792, 8211AD37-96A8-4166-92EF-FE17FA…)

Ryan’s recent messages to the 17 year old Asian girl he had sex with who made a video about her experience. Typical manipulation tactic of threatening to kill himself.

No. 1058230

Why not offer her something tangible like money? Fucking scrotes man

No. 1058231


Jess Kovic removed all pics of Adam from her insta

No. 1058234

File: 1602641747700.png (622.85 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20201014-041528.png)

Eugenia Cooney has some wisdom to spread to her subscribers in her latest community post on YouTube.

No. 1058246

File: 1602642317626.png (404.28 KB, 832x720, 1.png)

No. 1058252

This scandal is never going to die out if this idiot keeps fanning the flames while burning on the stake.

No. 1058253

That's a little disappointing lol, they're funny together! I'm sure Trish will be back though.

No. 1058274

File: 1602644681301.jpg (39.44 KB, 275x229, 1581459692789.jpg)

>dont kill yourself because itll ruin my double life of cheating

FUCK THIS GUY. seriously, im so glad this is all crashing down around him. he could have just shut the fuck up but now he's continuing to dig and it's just getting worse and worse and worse. i hope he keeps trying to "damage control" like this and it truly ruins the last dregs of his "career".

No. 1058275


Is that his number? did she just dox him? God i hope she did and twitter has a field day with it…

No. 1058280

File: 1602645414143.gif (1.69 MB, 480x366, giphy.gif)

Please let the phone number be his

No. 1058283

Says “Ryan Haywood is not available” so yes

No. 1058285

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA thank you for confirming! we don't do that cowtipping shit here but i'm sending psychic waves into the universe that someone else does

No. 1058290

Imagine begging people for money online to help pay for your shitty dumbass mistakes. God do people have NO accountability anymore?

No. 1058292

Yeah this is not a woman tbh. So Ryans into troons too. Cool.

No. 1058339

I’ve always had not great feelings about him but pushed it off as not my style of content, but I definitely get disingenuous vibes from him too. He has this Disney Channel fakeness to him.

RLM and The McElroys seem way too genuine of people to me to have a controversy like this but I also really enjoy their content so I may just be biased.

No. 1058348

File: 1602655307768.png (320.69 KB, 720x1001, 20201014_015747.png)


Looks like he keeps making sock-puppet accounts in order to reach them after being blocked.

>"Thank you for not saying anything."

>"Please don't say anything."
>"Think of my kids."

Bruh, you hurt them more than ANY of your 'side-pieces' ever could.

No. 1058353

File: 1602655784584.jpeg (114.28 KB, 828x1792, EkQmF7pWAAAiMHL.jpeg)

He's STILL going…

No. 1058355

File: 1602656000235.jpeg (518.84 KB, 750x563, D21D4E7B-0D87-4150-93A9-BB3622…)

it took maybe 5 minutes of scrolling through her twitter to find a 2010 photo. there’s also photos of her with ryan and she’s like 5’ max. not every woman without feminine features is trans

No. 1058357

he's not just trying to shut them up with this, he's testing the waters to see who'll believe the pity story. he's going to keep doing this with every single girl who lets him, even as his marriage and career crumble into dust. he's going to go straight from this into a lainey kind of doormat fangirl and put 2nd places as mods on his streams.

No. 1058364

This appears incredibly fake to me

No. 1058366

File: 1602657526243.png (242.9 KB, 720x820, 20201014_023911.png)

No. 1058367

That's what I'm thinking. Wouldn't be surprised if he ended up with a rebound before next year.

No. 1058369

The podcast episode came out a few hours ago and holy shit the fight he and Trisha have at the end gave me so much anxiety.

No. 1058382

i’m so uncomfortable. i feel like trisha had some points but like halfway through she just went for the throat. i almost never side with ethan on anything

No. 1058411

>"Think of my kids."
He should've done that before fucking all of the mentally ill teens
No sympathy for him, let him burn and I hope his wife and kids get through this and absolutely destroy him

No. 1058419

Ryan the boomer really is learning how the internet works the hard way. He probably thought things on Snapchat couldn't be screenshotted and saved (AND HE MESSAGED ALL THESE GIRLS FROM HIS PUBLIC ACCOUNT) on top of that he also seems to be under the impression that if these girls delete their videos and tweets then this shit will be gone from the internet.

lol it's literally on the frontpage of Kiwifarms and will be archived forever

Can the mods please shut the fuck up? You should be ashamed you contributed to all of this and allowed it to happen while also running some weird-ass grooming and bullying discords. Of course you are all getting demodded, how is that something you are legit upset about if you don't even want him to come back? Unless of course you do want him to come back and still work for him. Why didn't you quit?

No. 1058426

>>1058382 nah Trisha was holding back because Moses was there. You could see her trying to come down and talk about something else like Belle Delphine but Ethan kept pulling her back into the fight.

She's absolutely nuts but she wasn't really in kill mode, just upset. I don't think it'll be the end of the podcast. She's too much of a narc to walk away from views and drama.

>>1055890 I'm so glad someone else thinks Griffin has creep vibes. The baby talk grosses me out. And in general he tries to bend over backwards to be woke but can't stop himself making edgy and sexual comments constantly which is a red flag.

Honestly all three McElroys have faces that wouldn't be out of place in a sex offender mugshot

No. 1058431

Trisha was vile but I kinda get why she had enough. I kinda like how he's honest with her tbh, but he criticised her too harshly and pushed her too far. What I hate most about him is that he's been questioning her relationship with Moses in every episode, like saying that he's certain that they will break up. Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't, but it's definitely an insensitive thing to say. He also questioned her dream of becoming a mother and as I definitely agree with him on that too, for many women that's like a knife in the heart.

No. 1058436

Those are all good points but I also think if someone dated my brother in law initially to make me mad, I'd question the longevity of the relationship too. Relationships born out of retaliation like that don't have a tendency to last.

No. 1058437

Didn't Trisha always say she couldn't have children?

No. 1058446

I definitely agree with that but I also think that he took it too far. I like that he's honest with her but he really kept on pushing and I think almost anyone would've taken offense in her situation. I think that this is a problem Ethan seems to always have had, sometimes he just doesn't know when to stop or take it down a notch.

Also, in regard to her comment about Ethan's issue with "pills" (I guess benzodiazepines?), I think she was either out for revenge or she just didn't initally understand that this topic was "off limits", since Ethan has been prying about intimate details about her life and reading aloud their text conversations during all five episodes.

She said in the podcast that she has partially blocked fallopian tubes and that it's not impossible for her to get pregnant but harder/unlikely. She also said that Moses and her don't use contraception and they both seemed on board about having kids (I couldn't hear Moses' reply but Trisha and Ethan's reaction seemed like he gave a positive answer).

No. 1058463

Nta but I was thinking the same. I came across some comments on a vid of them and it was discussing how the brothers used to be really edgy in the early episodes and some are hard to listen to. I think the brothers are STILL edgy but they just tone it down because their current audience would rip them apart. Kinda like what happened to Egoraptor/game grumps.

No. 1058464

File: 1602675962424.png (384.37 KB, 604x726, corpsehusbandagain.PNG)

Corpse Husband is in the top trending on twitter right now because of his weird looking hands, he poses them so much he got mistaken for having an extra finger

No. 1058465

iirc clarified at the end that he was misusing Tramadol in Israel because he hated his job, it's an opioid pain medication.

I can sympathise why Trisha felt hurt but I was actually surprised that Ethan dealt with it almost maturely at the very end but I wasn't expecting to feel bad for him.
I started off hating both of them but I kind of worry what could happen if Ethan and Moses are basically trauma bonding with her.
I'd feel hurt if I was her too but holy shit, I wasn't mentally prepared for her to project on him that viscously. Ethan's a shitbag but I hope people like Keem don't treat the opioid abuse as dirt on Ethan, Tramadol is one of the scariest meds to have a dependence on.
I never was entertained by h3h3's podcasts til Trisha became a co-host because her chaos kind of balances him out, it's a shame but she obviously has pretty deep trauma causing her to lash out like that. I hope she doesn't have kids until she's more stable though with treatment.

No. 1058466

>Muh ADHD caused me to sleep with a married man
Taking a page from Moo's playbook with that one lmao

No. 1058468

File: 1602676211310.png (1.9 MB, 885x880, okdude.PNG)

Samefag but he's probably going to cave and do a face reveal soon at this rate

No. 1058469

>She also said that Moses and her don't use contraception and they both seemed on board about having kids

Kinder with a Goyim? Oy vey.

No. 1058470

Ah, okay, damn. I didn't expect it to have been Tramadol. I only watched snippets of the end of the podcast. I agree that Ethan handled it very well though, especially considering how completely off the rails Trisha went.

No. 1058471

Is that shoop wtf is going on here? How does one even pose to make themselves look "6 fingered"?

No. 1058472

Just wait till KF finds out. Ryan will have retards calling his phone and yelling "JUUUULAAAY" for months.

No. 1058473

Pretty sure its just a ring or pen on his lower index finger that just looks like the nail polish on his nail

No. 1058482

File: 1602678595009.jpg (487.42 KB, 2400x1800, 20201014_082925.jpg)


Ignore the bad quality because phone, but, I tried to show how his finger goes. Definitely an optical illusion thanks to ring at the base of his pointer finger and the way it's cropped, but he's got 5 fingers for sure.

No. 1058485

It's what he deserves.

No. 1058487

File: 1602679983205.png (29.02 KB, 595x216, corpseh.PNG)

Honestly if I was him I would not do it, I don't think he can live up to the "hype" right now unless he looks like an emo anime boy.

It's best for him to go the gaming channel route since there's practicaly no horror stories to read anymore and gain more subscribers. He's also stated he suffers from social anxiety or something like that so I doubt it's a good idea for him to be recognized in public. But his ego is clearly through the roof right now lol

No. 1058488

>muh social anxiety

I have only heard of this guy through lolcow and he seems insufferable

No. 1058491

You did a good job anon, I can actually make sense of the photo now.

No. 1058498

File: 1602681784788.png (139.98 KB, 1480x470, ryansnumber.png)

KF already knows and they have the same rules about cowtipping as this site.

No. 1058502

I had a look at his wife's pinterest and it made me really sad. She is such a wholesome normie. It's all shit like "cooking ideas" "kids lunch ideas" "baby shower ideas" "backyard decorating" and wholesome stuff like that. Also she looks really nice and is way prettier than any of the underaged girls he fucked. I feel really sad for her. I hope she finds a wholesome man who isn't even on social media to make her happy and treat her right.

No. 1058507


The best revenge is finding happiness, the second best is inverting Ryan's anus through the divorce courts.

No. 1058515

Well she is a vet and probably knows how to castrate an animal.

No. 1058526


Critikal set the bar very high, so if he's even vaguely average to fully, better to pull a Cryaotic and avoid showing his face.
But can't say it won't be funny to see his newfound ego crash into the ground if he does.

No. 1058537

File: 1602686674110.jpg (777.43 KB, 2400x1800, pt2020_10_15_01_38_33.jpg)

Critikal is a manlet with average looks, zoomers just "simp" for any male with long hair and a deep voice.

Speaking of… outside of the six finger intrigue, what's with the obsession with Corpse Husband's scrotum hands?

No. 1058550

Veins probably, I do like them in men so I can't judge. Critikal is not that handsome but he was a lot more handsome that I expected because of his content. Corpse started already with the "sexy" voice so people probably have higher expectations that they did for Critikal.

No. 1058555

A lot of wannabe “daddy doms” regularly post pictures of their veiny-ass hands/arms with cringeworthy captions that would make the average pornhub user roll their eyes. He’s just skipping out on the usual captions, probably because his fanbase is fifteen and it’ll give him the plausible deniability down the line when he’s inevitably caught fucking them.

No. 1058578

Is corpse's voice fake? I only ever heard him on a pewdiepie among us video and I had to turn it off because it pissed me off so much, surely no one's voice actually sounds like that?

No. 1058594

I thought it was artificially lower at first but then I heard him laugh in an among us stream and it sounded normal/more high pitched. His "normal" speaking voice might sound different but I'm leaning towards him actually being able to talk like that

No. 1058609

In his older videos it sounds higher but he was also fairly young since he's only 23 now I think? I agree that he has a deep voice but makes it sound deeper on purpose, I don't think he uses anything to modify it. Also people say he has a lower voice because of GERD? Is that possible? I guess it can make it more hoarse, but not deeper.

He was also on Anthony's Padilla video and it's clearly his voice.

No. 1058628

Ryan deleted all SM

No. 1058658

Probably the only way he could get himself to stop messaging all the women he banged.

No. 1058661

I'm honestly so gagged about the Trisha/Ethan fight from the podcast. Ethans "what the fuck?" reaction to her bringing up his past problem with pills made me gasp lmao I've never seen him so thrown off his game.
But also it was so fucked up how Trisha implied that Ethan can't do any better than Hila what is up with Trisha and her constant projecting into Ethan and Hilas relationship? She's constantly trying to get Ethan to admit that he's not happy in his relationship and that hes somehow dissatisfied. I'm def no fan of Ethan but i've always had a soft spot for Hila idk it's just bananas to me.

No. 1058668

GERD can weaken the voice and cause a raspy or hoarse voice. Has he confirmed anywhere he has GERD?

No. 1058676

Yeah, he talks about it whenever people ask how his voice can get so low and mentions that eventually it will get lower because of how bad it is iirc? I feel a bit bad because he mentions how irritated his throat can get because of it, but I imagine all of the singing/screaming that he does doesn't help.

No. 1058699

In one of his past livestreams where he talks about his health problems, he mentions how he first discovered he had gerd I think. He said his gerd got so bad that the acid fucked up his throat/vocal cords to the point where he lost his voice for a little bit and the doctors had to shove a camera down his throat to look at his vocal cords.

No. 1058701

She wants to fuck Ethan, obvs. I don't even know these cows and I can tell.

No. 1058715

File: 1602697902834.png (288.04 KB, 441x934, X3PPmLz.png)

No. 1058716

I think she just has a deeply broken view on relationships cause she's never been in a functioning one. Ethan and Hilas relationship must be incredibly alien to her and she is insanely jealous, so she tries to find flaws in it.

Or she knows something we don't, she was kind of implying she could "share more" about Ethan than just the pills stuff especially in relation to him and Hila. I mean I wouldn't be surprised if Ethan has cheated on her in the past. The way he thirsts over Belle is absolutely revolting.

No. 1058717

I take it this might be a burner account since he seems to have deleted all his socials

No. 1058720

LMFAO get fucked scrote, honestly I love this! I feel bad for the wife but gurlll she better dirvoce him after all this bullshit and also she needs to check if her scrote of a husband gave her some stds, who knows with how many women he slept with. Wow he is totally ruined, but its all his fault he could have kept his reputation clean, continue to live his life with his wife and children but nope, its always the same thing with male influencers theres never no exceptions.

No. 1058726

>My family can't handle another story coming out..

Lmao then you shouldn't have abused your power and fucked so many fans. What a disgusting piece of trash. Literally all of his problems are self-inflicted and he has the nerve to still try and manipulate these girls behind the scenes.

No. 1058743

>MY family
Pretty sure you don't have one of those anymore dude

No. 1058745

I think shes never been in a relationship that's normal because she's just a toxic human. She's a narc who has these ridiculous breakups because it means she lost power over someone.

Feel bad for her sister who already started an OF, fucked some random for it and ballooned up to trishas size. Fillers and fake tits doesn't look good with obesity

No. 1058746

His sons are like 7 and 9 too damn, I though they were younger. They DEFINITELY know what's going on and will have to live with this during highschool. Imagine going to school and everyone has seen your dad's sad dick online, and not even that, also videos of both parents fucking. I hope they change their last name.

No. 1058749

>my family can’t handle another story
Well Ryan you should’ve thought of that when your stupid ass slept with the very first girl. Seriously feel so bad for them, especially the wife.

No. 1058750

>Feel bad for her sister who already started an OF
I don't feel bad for any thot with an OF, lmao.

Trisha will seriously never find love, cause she embodies every negative white female stereotype in one person and is unironically shallow, stupid and posessive. Some parts about her can be endearing, like when she has self-aware moments and makes fun of herself, but she makes up for it by being a total bitch most of the time who is hard as fuck to be around.
Also since her whole career is built upon scandals, fake relationships and crazy break-ups it would kill her channel if she did find a guy, stopped being crazy and started a family. Nah, she will be that 50 year old plastic surgery victim at a cheap dive in LA who tells people about how much of a star she was years ago until she dies of a "glamorous" overdose like her idols.

No. 1058763

Jack and Michael talk about the Ryan situation for the first 20 or so minutes of this stream

No. 1058764


Are you mixing up Adam and Ryan because I don’t think theres a video of Ryan and his wife fucking?

No. 1058767

Lol yeah sorry about that, they both looked the same to me honestly. They are both trash and hope their wives leave them. Is there any comments from them? I hope Ryan's wife is seeing all of the shit he did, it's better she knows.

No. 1058771


Yeah both Ryan and Adam made statements. Adam immediately nuked his sm and Ryan has recently followed suit (though other farms are speculating he has an alt account that he’s still using to try to silence other girls/women from coming forward)

All statements have been archived in various places including itt

No. 1058773

Oh yeah I meant the wives, I think Adams was playing like she was OK with things and selling her merch or some shit? I don't think I heard anything about Ryan's wife but maybe she doesn't use social media.

No. 1058784


I don’t think we’ll hear anything from Ryan’s wife, I doubt she wants the attention. Who knows though, most of what is known about her seems to have come from Ryan and he’s proven what a stand up trustworthy guy he is!

Don’t think Adams wife made a statement either and her sm got deleted too if iirc

No. 1058848

I wonder how honest they're being when they say that they had NO idea Ryan was doing any of this. I'm kind of inclined to believe them but what do you all think? I think it was a pretty okay statement to give. I wonder whats up with Geoff tho?

No. 1058859

Trisha will probably drop sooner than her 50s. She hates anything healthy, vegetables, vitamins and is morbidly obese at 32. I'd say late 30s early 40s will she realize shit rolls downhill

Her sister I felt bad for since it was so obvious that when she was on her own and without trisha, she was a fit gym bunny with a boyfriend and a job. After the breakup trisha just took advantage and made her sister as ugly as she.

No. 1058891

lol she stated that she believes all humans wants to be her or fuck her. And I mean she makes porn with her own family, watching Moses & Ethans family be normal and healthy probably has her seething to her core. She can bullshit about her free-spirit open minded sex work shite all she wants but deeps down she just wants a normal boring life like Ethan.

The part where she says “I know you’re unhappy and that you hate your life and you only settle for Hila because you can’t do better” while also saying she hates their family is fucked up, but again she’s projecting her own insecurity.

No. 1058907

I believe Jack, mostly because he couldn't keep himself together when talking about the situation and you could tell he genuinely felt sorry for everything that happened, especially since he sat right next to him and didn't notice. Some people really are just that naive to others and I think this was one of those times.

Not gonna lie though, I didn't feel the same way about Michael talking about it. He was super composed and I'm sure he's just exhausted talking about it and wants to move on but something just seemed off about it.

No. 1058911

I feel bad for Michael since he’s a dad and he probably had some sort of bond with Ryan on the basis of both having kids and maybe even getting advice about that. It must be hard to process that something like that could happen with someone you trusted who also had a wholesome family/father image.

No. 1058914

Idk anon I've never followed RT that closely but Michael looked fucking miserable in that video.

No. 1058917


Michael always has this weird air about him whenever they have to make official or very serious statements. I think that's just him being stiff having to deal with serious situations.

In another though, I didn't think they'd go through with taking down all the videos with Ryan in them. That's most of 8 - 9 years worth of backlog they'll be losing. I bet the Ryan apologists are furiously downloding as many videos as they can, but with that amount some are just going to be lost completely.

No. 1058923


I’m always skeptical about when people in these situations say they had no idea as well. Maybe it’s my cynicism, but I feel like people in certain industries and professions enable each other and all keep each other’s fucked up secrets when they’re being unfaithful, because most of them are doing it, too. But perhaps they really are just living their own lives and are too busy to be engulfed in what their coworkers are doing but yeah.

No. 1058929


That's very true, I really didn't consider the family aspect when watching. I think I was stuck on how Jack was acting and to see a complete 180 from Michael threw me off.

That makes sense. I stopped watching them a while ago so I really only remember him being super goofy with Gavin.

I'm glad they're taking the initiative to be hones. It's a lot being lost but it shows they really don't want to be associated with him whatsoever, but also I imagine it might involve some legalities in some shape or form as well to avoid him ever trying to get money from them later down the line.

No. 1058933

Maybe they had an inkling that there were relationship issues but I doubt he would be telling them “hey I just flew out this barely legal virgin to have sex with see ya later”
he knows he’s doing shitty things and doesn’t want it out in the open which is why he’s so desperate to keep anything else from coming out. Especially since it seems Ryan and his family are less involved than others were in the company so I assume there was that extra layer of privacy and separation to keep things under wraps

No. 1058946

.I didn't think they'd go through with taking down all the videos with Ryan in them.

they took down a huge amount of them immediately after the news broke, so it sounds like this is just cleaning up anything they might've missed. i was surprised too that they did that, especially before it came out how deplorable his conduct was and how young some of the girls were. it'll hurt them financially for sure, which is why i was wondering earlier ITT if RT has grounds to sue for lost wages if there's a conduct clause in his contract or something.

No. 1058952

i'd bet money that there's a predator just like him operating in your workplace or school or social circle that you have no idea exists. the other half to the predator coin is an abundant amount of artificial charm, which is how he got a fanbase to do this with in the first place. he very obviously knew what he was doing was wrong and that he'd have to take lengths to hide it, so of course he'd do the same to the others. they might be "friends" outside of work, but not all of them are actually as close as it seems on screen and some conversations are just awkward to have with acquaintances. if your coworker in the break room seemed upset about something but told you they didn't want to talk about it, it's not like you'd keep pressing to find out the truth. things like him staying multiple days before/after conventions to meet with fangirls, he'd tell them "i just wanted to explore the city" or "i'm making it a little vacation", why would they have any reason to pry more? it just puts them into an awkward social situation where they seem nosy or odd for prying too much. this kind of shit is way more covert in action than it seems from the other side of the blowout.

No. 1058964

File: 1602718344892.png (170.15 KB, 471x662, jackie.png)

Jackie just either quit or got fired

(this is not Jackie Butler who is Alfredo's fiance, this is Jackie the community manager)

Funny seeing how she would stream with Ryan on Twitch a lot lately and he was always making semi flirty comments at her that she would respond to. And she's been quiet this whole time.

No. 1058977

Another victim has come forward. Lolcow is giving me issues on posting screenshots so here's the twitter account:

No. 1058982

Brand new account and no evidence/screenshots. Blah.

No. 1058987

This seems to fit all the other accounts almost exactly besides the fact he dropped her for gaining weight. Idk why people don’t just spill all the shit and tiptoe around the worst shit he did because they “don’t want to make it public” when it’s written anonymously in this case anyway. If you’re already remembering and reliving everything why not give more proof of how abusive it was?

Also why do so many people think that sex is SUPPOSED to be painful the first time? It’s a gross stereotype that just allows dudes to dismiss any uncomfort or pain as being normal for a virgin.

No. 1058990

ok the video’s been privated as far as i can tell and i’m feeling generous so a summary in no particular order. i might miss some stuff
>they’re gonna be scrubbing as much content possible from the archives involving him, either by full deletion or editing. might not be able to get rid of everything since he’s so ingrained in their content
>they won’t be addressing ryan after this on any episode or podcast, these 20 minutes are it
>michael seems angry/annoyed but collected, jack cries once or twice and says he sat next to “that monster” for years
>urges fans to come forward at what i believe is their HR email if they know anything else or if ryan did something to them too
>they really didn’t know he was doing this and they “feel everything we’re feeling” and went a counsellor during their week off
>waited at first to react because maybe it was a deepfake, lie, or manipulation of facts in some way but after one or two days it was undeniable
>urges everyone to leave his kids and wife alone because they’re bigger victims in this than ah/rt
>michael basically says if you’re being a ryan apologist to get it through your heads that he’s gone and never returning, or just leave ah/rt content if you can’t
>they just want to move forward with it and build a stronger community going forward even though people will probably trust them less
>says they’re upset because they’ve sank their heart and soul into ah/rt and ryan was sabotaging everyone’s hard work
>michael says there’s a lot of stuff said by ryan in hindsight that looks really fucking bad; essentially says there’s no way they would’ve caught on that since saying dumb/humorous/ridiculous things is their job and no one’s going to be like “wow hmm that’s kind of a weird thing to say we better dig into that a bit deeper”
>this is just me talking but i imagine an example of that is the “i love to stay in hotels alone without my family because i like the peace and quiet.” that made him look like an irresponsible dad but it’s only really alarming knowing what we all know now

No. 1058992


Good points, anons! I never really thought about those, as obvious as they may be. I just assume everybody are fucking depraved enablers from the amount that keeps coming out in these situations in general.

No. 1058994

File: 1602722037973.png (250.29 KB, 589x723, new.png)

Some more

No. 1058997

File: 1602722427871.png (191.62 KB, 939x518, another.png)

No. 1059003

“I’m literally shaking” meme
These random fans who reciprocated nudes seem to want to be the same level as the other girls when all that happened is they realized they’re dumb for sending nudes to some YouTuber who turned out to be a predator. Most girls even as teens know men are trash and horny so the fact he gets inappropriate on Snapchat isn’t shocking. We all have regrets from when we were young adults but treating it like it’s so traumatic seems very overdramatic. It’s like when a tragedy happens and people are like “holy shit I could’ve been there and it could’ve happened to ME”

No. 1059055

0% surprising. these kinds of predatory pussy-hounds will run their game regardless of the situation. this behavior didn't magically spring up because he became famous too quickly and was mesmerized by these gorgeous groupies throwing himself at him (barf), working at RT just widened his audience and made it easier to start the process. thats why i'm certain he's taking note of which of these girls buy into his suicide-baiting and forgive him and go ultra pick-me so he can select his lainey before he gets booted out to the extended-stay. at least there's solace in that this kind of behavior being so publicized has ruined whatever professional potential he had. burning the bridge with RT definitely destroyed any professional network he built while there and blacklisted him from however far in the industry RT reaches (which is pretty far, considering the spectrum of their content, from animated/not, scriped/not etc). i can't see a future for him that isn't projared if he's lucky or onision if he isn't.

No. 1059064

You have successfully discovered that a man's likelihood of cheating or engaging in life ruining degeneracy has nothing to do with his relationship satisfaction. If anything, having it all makes them feel even more hollow due to their innate narcissism.

A scrote is a bottomless pit of desire, devoid of any logic and common sense. Aiming to make a man happy (or "please him" as he said kek) in any capacity is simping in its purest form - it won't affect the way he views the relationship because a man isn't designed to be happy. He is designed to pursue, which by definition requires never being content. And the transient state of pursuit, not the reward itself, is the closest thing to "happiness" a man can experience.

The optimal strategy is to give, them crumbs - just barely enough, but never everything. Thankfully, his wife will rob him blind.

No. 1059069

If "pedophile who sexualizes fatherhood" doesn't qualify as something that affects children, the divorce system is beyond fucked.

No. 1059072

>T-the single woman is to blame, not the married man!

Fuck off, cock flaps. Alternatively, fuck off pickme cuckquean who still thinks that her scrote cheating on her is the fault of some succubus and not caused purely by his desire to cheat.

No. 1059082

Anon writing a masterpiece post like this on a throwaway Youtubers thread

No. 1059085

The only younger women who would agree to this sort of thing would have to be all kinds of autistic and unattractive. There's a reason why old farts who claim to date young also seethe about "muh wall" and the hot 30 year olds who wouldn't look their way. The other part of the story is that this is the only kind of teen they're reasonably able to land - and that's only if they have money and clout.

No. 1059094

If my father was a cheating pedo who literally cums to the idea of fucking his daughter, I would want to know. What's with this meme that it's best for kids to be lied about how much of a dangerous piece of shit their dad is? What if one day he decides that this uwu daddy LARP is no longer enough and starts diddling them for real?

No. 1059102

Someone posted the full thing here, found it off reddit. Just in case anyone wants to watch it as well.

No. 1059109

File: 1602738797103.jpg (60.5 KB, 1242x739, Kxonvoc.jpg)

No. 1059128

Wow, you can hear him struggling to keep his voice from breaking when he mentions it…

(also who is Jeff? Why are they asking ppl to leave him alone? I thought it was just R and A?)

No. 1059133

I assume they're talking about Geoff Ramsey the co-founder of RT and AH. I'd imagine he's struggling with this pretty hard.

No. 1059156

they both look miserable it really just breaks my heart how many people were affected by this and will be affected by this in the longrun

No. 1059172


No. 1059173

If he's been doing this for the better part of a decade, then more victims will probably keep coming forward. I can't even think about how many there must be, I can only hope he ends up in jail for being such an obvious and unashamed predator.

No. 1059188

I can't imagine what Ryan's wife is going through, all of these lies dating so far back could ruin a person forever

No. 1059200

File: 1602755083625.png (7.01 MB, 1242x2208, A6BA52B1-8948-479E-B67D-8CF954…)

surprised not many people are talking about corpse husbands music and the girl he basically keeps @ing
he released some song with a d-lost celeb savage ga$p and put @emmalangevin (tiktok e girl) as the photo seemingly randomly because she reacted to it after it blew up. she implied she had no idea he did this. she is also the only person he follows and she had to address it bc of the random fame.

it’s very awkward and if i was this girl i would be immensely bothered by this up and coming e celeb man using my photos and singling me out by only following me w/ a very active online audience. cant say she looks especially bothered by it atm tho. claims now that they are friends. pic related is from a week ago

it makes me feel that, unlike cryaotic, we won’t have to wait 10 years to hear about this guy going on a sex rampage

No. 1059230

highly doubt he will face jail time unless he really raped some minors the other ones coming forward were all of age iirc (although I wish he'd be thrown into a cage ngl)

No. 1059233

Can people stop the Corpse Husband sperging? It's not milk and it's all 100% tinfoiling, he hasn't done anything until this point and it's frankly weird that people are hating him this much for basically no reason.

No. 1059249

File: 1602762615609.jpeg (580.39 KB, 765x1236, 93EE701F-77A6-40F6-A758-0C1B0D…)

They asked her to use her photo tho

No. 1059267

>anyone saying victims should feel bad bc Ryan is a married man with children should stfu because he's been pulling this stunt for at least 15 years

these women are exceptionally stupid lmao. "It's ok to sleep with a married man because he has been a cheater for a long time" like… ????????

No. 1059337

like yeah, it's fucking disgusting but that's not a good excuse lmao it just makes you look worse since you're aware he's been doing that shit for a long time

No. 1059344

File: 1602776206154.png (11.94 KB, 806x84, thot.png)

another adult whore is coming forward as a "victim"


I am getting really sick of these grown ass women trying to lump themselves into the same pot as actual underaged girls who were taken advantage of.

No. 1059346

How many fucking woman has this ugly scrote fucked outside of his marriage?? Does anyone have a tally thus far?

No. 1059348

I think this is number 9 or 10, Kiwifarms is keeping tabs on it.

No. 1059350

>I am getting really sick of these grown ass women trying to lump themselves into the same pot as actual underaged girls who were taken advantage of.
My thoughts exactly anon, but don't say it too loudly or you'll be accused of being anti woman. Apparently in 2020 outing yourself for being the other woman makes you a twaumatised victim uwu. The 30 year old screeching "muh mental illness" made me kek ngl.

No. 1059352


literal attention whoring

No. 1059353

omg you must be a scrote to think this woman, who is almost the same age as Ryan and also married is not a victim!!!! She gets really sad some days when she watches sad movies and he manipulated her!!!

Seriously. She is the same as Ryan and a piece of shit, so is everyone over the age of 20 who sleeps with people in relationships. Crucify me for my hot take, but they should know better and being a married man's affair does not constitute victimhood in any ways.

No. 1059358

File: 1602777416708.png (4.11 MB, 2568x1324, fat.png)

Hey if this "polyamorous" married woman over 30 wants to feel special as one of "Ryan's victims" here you go:

You are the fattest one he fucked so far! Congrats!

No. 1059359

>I'm 32 and married
So Ryan found his fucking twin. Yet said twin wants to be a victim? Grown ass fucking adults can't take an ounce of responsibility to realize ryan messaging them was fucked up?? At thirty fucking two, I'd expect some semblance of self awareness to shut him down. Especially since she's fucking married

Men cheat with women that are always uglier or fatter than their wives and gfs. But Ryan at this point definitely has a type.

No. 1059363

Men will really fuck anything

No. 1059364

KEK he's most defo a chubby chaser

No. 1059382

No receipts for this new one. She might as well be falsely claiming she fucked Ryan just for the clout, it's not like he's going to reactivate his accounts and post "hey everybody, I didn't fuck that last chick, she's too fat and old for me."

No. 1059400

Neither her appearance nor her relationship status make her any less of a victim of this sociopathic scrote. An "ugly" victim is still a victim. A cheating victim is still a victim. Hell, if someone comes forward and confesses actively trying to get him to leave his wife, she would still be a victim. An absolute piece of shit, sure, but still a victim.

It's not that difficult a concept to grasp, folks.

No. 1059406

Fuck off back to tumblr/twitter/reddit or wherever you came from, snowflake

No. 1059409

They're disgusting animals.

No. 1059420

He did send her money on PayPal from his twitch account “SortaMaliciousGaming”

No. 1059424

Uhh what part does make her a victim? Willingly talking to and pursuing sleeping with a married man? His YouTube clout is hardly a massive power imbalance regarding this woman. I doubt she even regrets sleeping with him.

No. 1059434

She can be a dumbass and still be a victim.

If you don't think his YouTube clout doesn't count as a power imbalance for this particular victim then you probably don't think it counts for any of them, do you?

No. 1059435

Sleeping with a famous men will always make you a victim and more bullshit news at 9 on tumblr

No. 1059441

If they're underage/freshly 18 maybe even 19, sure, but not the 28yo and this 32yo at all.

No. 1059453

Considering how he used her mental illness and idolization of him to start a sexual relationship in the first place, yeah.

It's not as bad as the statutory rape or sexual assault that his other victims have recounted, but her story still stands as emotionally abusive, no matter your personal opinions on the matter.

Any person, regardless of their age, can be a victim of a predator/abuser. They're culpable to an extent (because I agree, they should have known better at their respective ages), but he was still a famous person using his career to pay for – or financially pressure – them to sleep with him while on his company's business trips.

No. 1059493

Oh boo fucking hoo, fuck off to r9k, faggot whiteknight. He deserves at least 20 more women coming out as his "victims" to ruin his asshole even if he doesn't know who they are. That's what you get for being a sex pest and it's glorious.

>muh ruined relationship


Pick one. There was nothing to ruin in the first place.

No. 1059497

The retards in this thread are reaching. It's like the dumbass twitter fags talking about how they are having nightmares of Ryan "assaulting them - crying emoji" - I think way too many people want to be a "victim" like wtf this case becomes more and more removed to me with all these weird clout chasers coming out of the woodwork. Why does everyone want a piece of the victim pie.

I would crack up if a women came forward and was like "I slept with him but I wasn't a victim, I just did a piece of shit thing and own up to it" sorry" like I would have respect for someone actually owning up to anything at this point in this situation because not one person has, not Ryan or any of the girls. Fuck.

No. 1059503

No one is saying he doesn't deserve what he's getting, anons are just saying that other married, adult women are retarded for sleeping with him and not victims kek

No. 1059541

Oh, they definitely aren't. That said, I hope there's more of them, to assist his wife in his inevitable anal annihilation in the divorce court.

No. 1059584

File: 1602804886746.png (939.58 KB, 768x1024, 1602776286718.png)

very much a victim

No. 1059590

>pay for – or financially pressure – them to sleep with him while on his company's business trips.
"financially pressure" is such bullshit wording to use here, it was a transaction. they wanted to fuck so he flew her out. if he was buying her dinner and a hotel room + trip to pressure her into having sex with him in return, yeah that's financially pressuring, but they explicitly met up consensually to have sex. That's the whole reason they met up.

No. 1059591

he even slept with pt?? this guy is ruthless

No. 1059607

I had never even heard of the guy before all this. What does he even do besides post pics of his hands?

No. 1059609

I cackled. She really is the ugliest one so far. I physically can not grasp it, did they really sleep together? I can't picture it, she's so… ew. I know others have said he "took what he could get" but…. Trust me, better looking fans have been thirsting after him hardcore for years. He definitely could have had his pickings of attractive, thin dumb fangirls over the years. Is their a fetish men have for like… getting gross girls? Like… is it a superiority thing? I feel like men would of course be capable of that given all the gross fetishes men have had but idk.

No. 1059612

All the girls so far have obvious mental illness and dependency issues with trauma in their pasts. He can probably sniff out the most desperate ones. It takes a certain kind of fan to go through all he put them through and still have that trust or connection to keep going because they crave the attention. Looks don’t matter much to predators like him because his behavior is based on manipulating and holding power over his partners.

No. 1059613

File: 1602810490710.png (506.74 KB, 618x699, cmonnow.png)

Hmm thank you for explaining it, that makes a lot of sense. The mind of creeps like this are hard to wrap around and understand to me.

In other news, Rooster Teeth seems to be attempting to legit scrub him off of years worth of merch. As much as I think he's a dick, the more time that goes on, the more I just think he's another prick and people are making it out like he murdered someone. Idk, it feels like there is a dissonance between what he did (which was gross and bad yes) and the way the company and community have reacted. It makes his worst actions feel imbalanced compared to the reaction, if that makes sense?

No. 1059619

Does horror narration and plays Among Us with big names like Pewdiepie and Pokimane (blew up because of the latter)

No. 1059634

It's not what you asked but there's something about his whole emergence that doesn't feel authentic. He went from no one with few views to loads of views, high profile collabs, people joining discussions just to talk about him.

No. 1059635

How did he even get in those groups of big let's players to begin with, though? I had also never heard of him until he was brought up in these threads.

No. 1059638

I don't watch enough of any of these people to know for sure, but I know from the among us videos that jacksepticeye knew corpse somehow before he blew up and was the one who invited Corpse to play on stream. IIRC he's the only one who says he knows what the guy looks like.

No. 1059639


He is friends with boy in a band and jacksepticeye. That how his among us streak startet I think

No. 1059649

He was on Anthony's Faceless Youtubers video too which gained him a lot of traction, on top of being really good friends with his girlfriend Gore&Glamor who also has a big following, so it seems like a perfect recipe type situation.

No. 1059655

Learn to tag replies and cry less fangirl. He's a cringy anomaly that anons are curious (potentially suspicious) about, if you don't like it, don't read it.

No. 1059670

>jon risinger proving yet again he's the funniest person in RT

can someone with more knowledge of this kind of industry explain the implications of all this scrubbing for ryan? like, is it possible his contract gave him some kind of royalties for the adsense dollars and that's why they're adamant about really removing him? would make sense too then why RT wanted victim testimonies, they may need to prove he violated some code of conduct so ryan can't argue it's some kind of unlawful termination.

No. 1059683

You're a fucking retard lmao. I didn't even know about him until people started talking about him in the thread, please take your idiotic tinfoiling to kiwifarms or something. Doesn't matter if you're "suspicious", it's not milk.

No. 1059694

What they said bc tbh when my ex cheated on me, i literally stayed in bed–our bed that he still slept in– for 3 days straight and only got up to use the bathroom and share shitty memes on social media.

I imagine anyone in that position would be in shock.

No. 1059719

I agree. He is scum, but the responses have be over the top. Overcompensating for something perhaps?

I’m unsure about royalties and his compensation, but scrubbing him does seem very extreme unless if they know something worse that we don’t. I don’t understand why RT is setting this kind of precedent for themselves. If more personalities get exposed for shitty behavior will they just erase their whole library? It seems like a risky standard to live up to.

No. 1059724

File: 1602826619346.jpeg (307.61 KB, 1242x959, 7530B4DB-91AA-46DF-9B35-0E8DA0…)

My pussy dried up looking into this dudes rap. Cringe

No. 1059731

It seems like an appropriate response honestly. It would be weird to keep the videos he’s in because the company doesn’t want their image associated with a statutory rapist who was banging mentally ill teenagers left and right. It sucks that he’s one of the main bunch but I feel like others would think it’s weird to keep all the videos despite his behavior because then it’s still being monetized and promoted to a whole audience. Plus he made a lot of sketchy jokes that look bad in hindsight.
Wonder what he’s going to do now that his name is tarnished and his cushy YouTube job is gone forever. Think he’s too much of a narcissist to really off himself.

No. 1059736

Slink back to Twitch in a few weeks and hope ProJared doesn't mind sharing his idiotic audience, most likely. There's no way he's going to get a regular job.

No. 1059739

Damn I hope not. I don’t know much about twitch but with this many allegations and how serious they are hopefully he’s not able to use the platform anymore. It would be nice for him to face real legal repercussions and not have an audience of even more naive virgins.

No. 1059741

I have some predications. He will probably wait for the heat to die down then start back up on twitch but only let his subscribers comment. Maybe make a statement and apology. He'll need a new mod staff, though. He's been on youtube for so long now, there's no way he's leaving the internet forever. People get used to this kind of life, I feel like he wouldn't deal with a normal job. Plus he'll need the money when his wife divorces him which is extremely likely. I hope we can find out if that really happens. That might mean he's scrambling to get himself a shit apartment right now, a woman probably doesn't want this sleezy guy just sitting in her house at this time. Especially after finding out he has still been messaging the chicks. He'll probably move to a one bedroom and have to re up his whole set up but when settled in, he'll come back. This is all my speculation, though.

No. 1059756

Anime was a mistake.
Hope that guy isn't older than eighteen because that is some major cringe

No. 1059759

he's 23 lol

No. 1059768

File: 1602837858297.jpeg (8.87 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg)

Corpse Husband is fucking laughable, I can't believe he has simps. Jfc. I can't tell if I dislike him or feel bad for finding him so cringe, either way, ew.

No. 1059770

Nailpolish (especially black) on a man is a huge red flag. He is either gay or thinks of himself as some kind of goth hipster dark magic cult leader who will want to pretend to drink your blood. And they are almost always wannabe musicians, which is also a red flag.

No. 1059772

I don't understand why everyone's simping for this guy, the bar is really on the ground for men huh. His hands look dry and stubby and and he seems insufferable on twitter

No. 1059775

The craziest part is that the simps don't even know how he looks.
To these girls having a YouTube channel is sexier than having a face.

No. 1059825

This is unequivocally the truest thing

No. 1059834

I hope his stans here read this and realize how retarded they are.

No. 1059840

>trust me, I’m a Leo Venus

What the fuck does that even mean lmao

No. 1059848

Romantic (Venus) attention whore (Leo) if you believe in astrofag stuff

No. 1059916

I don't get it either, peeked in recently and the guy's livestream chats go at high speed with compliments piled onto him, and people trying to get his attention

No. 1059933

File: 1602865219399.png (81.2 KB, 411x860, shit.PNG)

Haha how can people actually like this shit, I can't with all the anime references. "Don't call me that I'm not a weeb" yeah right dude…

No. 1059940

File: 1602865792159.png (67.16 KB, 748x398, homewreckersofryan.png)

No. 1059958


literally only the underage/barely legal girls are victims here holy shit

No. 1059962

Didn’t read very closely but did he just tell her she looked good in the several pics she sent him? That’s it? I gotta say as someone who was raped it’s very frustrating to see some of these girls call themselves survivors

No. 1059963

If girls get to be “survivors” because they get ghosted and later find out someone was hooking up with other girls on the side then everyone on tinder needs to get to a google doc PRONTO
Obvi he is still a shitty person jokes aside. I guess the more the merrier with this situation. We may never know just how many girls he was cringily flirting with.

No. 1059965

Same, it’s not really something most people would want to label themselves just to go along with the flow of asspats and twitter sympathies. Being a victim is not a fucking Girl Scout badge.

No. 1059969

It feels like it has been since 2013 unfortunately

No. 1059977

File: 1602871456857.png (10.01 KB, 598x400, Harlot.png)



Aww, is a certain someone butthurt they got suspended for harassing people?

No. 1059979

OT but Luka Magnotta is a real person though, he killed people and shit I think.

No. 1059980

Listening to the accounts of the victims was horrifying but I can't help but feel mostly bad for Ryans wife. These girls (who are victims of Ryan and im not dismissing that) kept saying "I thought i was the only one" but how could they think they were the "only" ones when his wife was literally still his wife? Saying "oh I thought it was just me and his wife so that's why I said unprotected sex would be okay" kind of irritates me? Only for the reason it seems this mother who had no connection to the internet and who was trying to live her normal life is getting less sympathy than the women coming forward. I think its super shitty she gets brushed under the rug even though she lost her entire life basically. He lied to her too and who knows how he sexually treated her. The celibacy thing could have been a lie for all we know I mean they had to have sex at some point in their lives, they had mutiple fucking kids.

I hope she's doing okay. I wouldn't be able to even get on with my day if there were graphic recounts online of the father of my kids statutory raping virgin minors so hard they bleed. Disgusting scrote deserves to rott. I hope he has zero support system and everyone in his life sees him as the predator he is.

No. 1059982

I think I'd actually feel more empathetic to these women if they were delusionally in love with him, thinking they are the only one and that he is going to leave his wife to be with them. Like, obviously that would be retarded and dumb, but it would actually show that yes, they are vulnerable, young, naive girls.

BUT THEY ALL KNEW THERE WERE OTHERS! This chick even talks about that they had a whole group full of girls that Ryan sexted simulataneously. There is not even an illusion of some kind of romance going on, except for I think one, none of them even say they had feelings for him. They just send out nudes willy-nilly into the world to guys they admire to get attention, knowing that he fucks around behind his wifes back all the time. It's such fucking whore behavior.

Like they are all saying he is this great manipulator, but he really didn't have to do fuck-all and you all fell over yourselves sending him shit, most of them even initiatated contact BY sending him nudes, he doesn't even have to ask. That doesn't sound like you were manipulated, it sounds like you are just hoes.

No. 1059998


Everyone says they feel the most for Laurie & her kids, they just don't linger on that note because Laurie doesn't interact with the community, so there's doubt that she'll get to read what they have to say.

No. 1060001


>most of them even initiatated contact BY sending him nudes

Most of them were saying that Ryan would progressively get more flirty/sexual during conversations…

No. 1060016

Nah at least a handful of them started out by sending him nudes. The most recent and then the girl in >>1055930 literally the first thing she sent him was pictures of her new nipple piercings.

No. 1060021

nta but lmao i was wondering when she(?)'d get the banhammer.

No. 1060030

at least the older ethots are helping to paint a very clear picture: he pursued anyone

Any opportunity to fuck someone or sext with someone (whether they instigated first or he had to push for it). How many young fans does that include? Like let’s keep in mind this guy wasnt checking IDs and clearly didn’t care who it was or their receptiveness to it. Dude just went for it, not a care in the world! Brazen as fuck (a whole group at the same time!?). Dude is clearly a sex pest and predator

No. 1060049

I think that has always been the consensus in this thread. As much as people like to pretend that crizizing grown ass women sleeping with a married men is somehow "whiteknighting Ryan" or trying to deflect from what he did. Nobody here is defending him or saying he is not absolute scum. It just gets boring talking about it, cause theres no point of contention.

No. 1060053

Men will go for average/ugly girls over pretty/hot girls to wifen the rift between females, to undermine the prettier women's self esteem and to pit the uglier women against the prettier ones and give them a complex. It's how men get back at hot women they never bother to approach, they know a lot of attractive women seethe at seeing a handsome man with a landewhale butterface.

No. 1060055

Losen your tinfoil a bit. It's not that deep, men will still go for prettier women over ugly women, they just will chose ugly women over their hand. Men stick their dicks in between couch pillows and into watermelons, any hole's a goal.

No. 1060056

sage for OT, but if you wanna know who Luka Magnotta was watch "Don't F•ck With Cats" on Netflix, it's about him.

No. 1060057


Love how any time someone tries to clue women in abt straight men's logic they get like this, kek. You all keep getting played bc you refuse to accept how deeply shitty a large number of men really are.

No. 1060062

File: 1602880022386.jpeg (89.9 KB, 599x601, 797C39D9-3067-4354-9F63-05F1D5…)


No. 1060143

File: 1602889289022.jpg (13.52 KB, 512x288, 17I8Q6_0XILybYW00.jpg)

lmao, right? I feel like these girls are totally in his league. I'd be more surprised if one of them was attractive.

No. 1060147

i felt the same way when i saw how much money he was spending, like he could have just had one straight-up sugar baby who would never blab. but it's not about attraction, it's about power, and these low-tier-looking women obviously have self confidence problems, it's painted on the tin. when you're looking to control and abuse, of course you're not gonna manage it with some top-tier stacy unless she belongs in a psych ward.

No. 1060194

So many delusional, seething groupies here thinking they're so much more beautiful than his mistresses and pretending that he's Adonis when he's been banging his exact looksmatches.

Honestly, scrote delusions about the way they look are at least partly fuelled by women like this.

No. 1060197

>attractive women seething over some unfuckable going for another unfuckable

I think you might have a loose definition of attractive

No. 1060198

Corpse Husband? More like Cringe Husband, amirite? I'll see myself out.

No. 1060251

File: 1602904045485.png (513.9 KB, 692x818, cupcakelicking.png)

No new milk, but I felt like compiling this.

No. 1060355

File: 1602925320671.jpeg (383.67 KB, 1280x853, Ryanstwitchmeetup.jpeg)

I think it's just that usually when you are rich and famous as a man (idk how much money RT people make but to a teenager on allowance I guess he is rich) you can bang hot women even if you are ugly.

A lot of women don't care that much about what the guy looks like if he has other things to offer (charisma, sense of humor, intelligence, fat stacks of cash hes willing to part with) and to them obviously he was hot because he was an e-celeb and they had a weird parasocial relationship going on. That's why people are questioning why he didn't go for some hotter groupies.

But just looking at this twitch meetup picture, this is just what all the fans look like.

Of course he could have paid an attractive escort instead, but what gets him off is being worshipped, looked at with big goo-goo eyes and the girls squealing over "OMG INTERNET MAN WANTS MEEEEEEEE!" that last chick that came out said she almost pissed herself just being in his presence. That's what he likes.

No. 1060562

Im a slut for deep voices but goddang this is so cringe

No. 1060676

Where is the anon who called him a dilf? I feel bad for the teenagers who lost their v card to this crusty leatherfaced stubbly perv.

No. 1060710

File: 1602969268351.jpg (13.52 KB, 275x255, 1586793028634.jpg)

Regardless of what scrotes would like you to believe, sex is about a lot more than just nutting to a man. A big part of it is narcissistic supply, feelings of significance and delusions of post-coital ownership.
Seasoned johns grow resentful of prostitutes fairly quickly, because what they're buying is essentially a reminder that no woman of comparable desirability would entertain them for free. They graduate to sugaring, and sugaring is an advanced form of GFE. But the goal is to find a hot civilian girl who's dumb enough to not see this as a transaction on her end, and will spend all her time bending over backwards trying to prove that this is about "genuine connection" and she's "not a gold digger". The john in question almost always wants something more than just paid sex/relationship, he wants her to love him for real. A big thing in sugaring is "avoiding pros" - sugar daddies are terrified of sugar babies who know that it's just business.

The short answer is, he is not with a hot woman because the only way he can get one is by paying, and her knowing it's a transaction upfront injures his ego. In order to get "genuine connection" with a hot girl, he'd have to be her looksmatch. Ergo, he settles for beckies he can emotionally toy with - it's better supply than paying a stacy you know doesn't even think of you when she's not on the clock.

If you need to understand it further, read john/SD forums:


No. 1060716

anyone else getting gimpgirl vibes from this?

No. 1060719

>>1060710 what has that to do with nasim aghdam?

No. 1060729

He's like cryaotic, but way more obvious and pathetic. I can smell the fakeness from his fake deep/cool voice and reading his lyrics you just know he's a freak. Just wait a few years.

No. 1060761

File: 1602975841122.png (14.14 KB, 580x98, ryanjaredcharles.png)


No. 1060805


I watched the thing about masked YouTubers that Anthony Padilla did, and Corpse came off as VERY uncomfortable with being famous. I'm guessing this was filmed before his whole breakout fame by streaming with Pewdiepie et al, but he mentioned then that he felt he could never do a face reveal because people have such an expectation of him now that he couldn't possibly live up to. Which honestly sounds fucking horrible.

But the simping on Twitter especially does make me physically cringe. These girls are basically frothing at the mouth for him, and they don't know anything about him, save his voice and music. That's it. And then you have people like fucking Creepshow Art going googly eyed over him as well, it borders on sad. Really fucking sad.

I kinda hope he makes a ton of money and just disappears. He probably won't because he's young and really famous now, with famous friends and a whole army of 'Corpse Wives', living the dream all because he dresses like a goth e-boy and has a deep, unique voice.

No. 1060813

I saw him say somewhere he couldn’t stop fiddling with his rings and bouncing his leg because of how nervous he was, but none of that really made the cut of course lol. Pre-covid he’d still go out with a face mask just because he doesn’t want people looking at him.

I saw some tweet that I can’t find again where some girl was like “No we don’t like him JUST because of his voice!” and went on and on about staying for his personality and how ~*~wholesome~*~ he is, it’s funny watching some of his fans try to one up each other on who’s a better fan, as if just admitting “yeah I like his voice and stay to listen to his voice” is a bad thing when it’s the number one thing his fans first come for.

No. 1060818

A vocal fry isn't "unique."

No. 1060881

Another day, another person with a Ryan Haywood story- except this one includes Geoff too (while he was still with Griffin). Was the whole office busy sleeping with fans?



No. 1060883

File: 1602995246178.png (Spoiler Image,732.75 KB, 376x1364, Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 00.2…)


samefagging to add the Geoff pics. Not taken by OP directly but by her friend, who was the one who met up with Geoff apparently, OP only sexted with him allegedly.

No. 1060884

op has ryan screenshots but nothing from geoff at all besides a fully clothed hotel creepshot? did i miss the milk or is that a bit weird?

No. 1060888

Yikes. If this is true I rescind my statement about Geoff having a hard time dealing with the Ryan drama. I guess they're just all trash, huh.

No. 1060895

Holy fuck, what a development. I assumed the milk was pretty much over but this was a shock. I wish these girls wouldn’t still coddle him after all that time. God damn, they might as well just be done with the company.

No. 1060898

oh god millie's gonna find out

No. 1060903

File: 1603000252409.jpg (113.46 KB, 640x1126, leavemilliealone.jpg)

No. 1060935

These girls are not going for him because of his voice, but only because he's Internet famous. If he were a nobody and tried to talk with them I guarantee nobody would fawm over him like that.
It's just cloutsluts who don't care how you look or who you are, it's your follower count that makes them wet.
Same type of person that simped for Ryan Haywood despite him being a balding, flabby, middle-aged married man.

No. 1060962

Going out with a face mask pre-covid makes me think dude's got something more than anxiety, sounds like some kind of paranoia

No. 1060979

File: 1603015397501.png (480.81 KB, 1648x1600, anotherone.png)


This one also came out, but again we have a fully grown woman who just regrets sexting him (while she herself was in a relationship) and wanting to be a victim as well. I underlined the interesting parts. This could have been summed up in one paragraph, but they just love to make these as long as possible and include many useless details.

She never fucked him, but she got real bad PTSD from the sexting and was so triggered she couldn't watch a lets play for like a year. Very sad. Very victimized. Oh did I mention she also has no proof?

What we can all take away from this whole thing is: if your man has a Snapchat account he is definitely cheating on you.

No. 1060981


They're harassing his daughter? Fucks sake. Back when I actually followed RT stuff, she was still very young and it was clear both her parents adored her. Yet another case of a man putting his dick before his family.

I'm still trying to work out how any of these women found Ryan attractive. He's got an okay face but that hair and hairline… Come on now girls. Love yourselves. (I know I know, flattery and fame get you everywhere)

No. 1060990


I read somewhere that there has been incidents where people have been stalking his house and bothering him and his family a few years ago so it's not unlikely he is a bit paranoid

No. 1060994

Yeah. He's had people stalk his PO Box to the point where he doesn't go anymore and instead asks his friends to go pick things up to avoid being seen.

Something about his past kind of made me sus though, ngl. He mentioned somewhere that he dropped out of school at 12 and has pretty much been on his own since then and never graduated. I'm probably going to sound like an idiot to ask but if you drop out and you're not being homeschooled can't that get your family in a lot of trouble?
I think hr mentioned that they tried to force him to go (police dragging him to school) but eventually gave up because he would end up sleeping during classes because he suffered from insomnia but like…it all seems a bit edgy, right?

No. 1060996

People get that obssessed with random youtubers that just read shit? How lame

No. 1061001

File: 1603018713630.jpg (Spoiler Image,109.12 KB, 576x1024, wfICBdc.jpg)

Trisha's doing even more porn with Ethan's brother in law

No. 1061003

File: 1603019043053.png (1.06 MB, 1916x1092, wtf.png)

What exactly is the point in messaging him this bullshit about how you will never tell your story, only to come out with the story and put the screencaps in your google doc? Cause this only makes her look bad, if anything.

It is funny tho that he wants to go to Australia now.

No. 1061004

I think he said he was in/out of a bunch of different high schools so he got forced back into the education system until he was 18 and no longer required to stay in. The story doesn’t really match up but I’m assuming he means he dropped out of full time education at 12 and after that doesn’t consider his high school education as education since he was constantly getting kicked out of the schools.

No. 1061005

File: 1603019185261.png (15.53 KB, 843x161, whore.png)

this is why I can't feel bad for any of these "victims"

No. 1061013


and another fat mentally ill whore releases her statement, here is a summary so you don't have to read it:

Ryan: hey bby you wunt sum fuk? Ill make your pussy bleed real good

No. 1061015

>might need an anchor marriage
I hope his wife reams his ass in court

No. 1061019

File: 1603022897851.png (180.77 KB, 2024x472, sadasjdgauidguhskjdgf.png)

No. 1061025

I have to wonder about Geoff. The girl says he cut it off when he got with his new GF, and he and Griffin announced their divorce publicly in November 2017, and this dates to March of 2017.

I wonder if they were already split up and contemplating divorce before this point or after. I can only assume it wasn't a snap decision and the choice to become public about it took quite a long time to sort out.

No. 1061078

File: 1603031264728.png (167.24 KB, 592x534, Nov-16-2017.png)


Confirmed; November of 2017

No. 1061088

He really creeps me out

No. 1061092

File: 1603031992539.png (46.36 KB, 618x476, AgedLikeSpoiledMilk.png)

In my search for more information on their divorce I stumbled upon this depressing little nugget.

No. 1061103

File: 1603033221254.png (36.92 KB, 482x412, anonupdate.png)


The doc has been updated

No. 1061106

I imagine Corpse Husband to look like some kind of Leafy clone.

No. 1061107

them divorcing because of geoff cheating would make sense tbh. i was wondering about this the other day, like a 13 year relationship doesn't just end for no reason.

No. 1061120

A+ summary, thank you.

Why do you think all awkward 15yo boys want to be YouTubers? They know that lame guys who would otherwise be completely ignored start drowning in a sea of pussy if they have a popular enough Youtube channel.

No. 1061135

File: 1603035611033.png (133.45 KB, 442x654, abtgeoff.png)


Also, someone on Twitter pointed out a few flaws in the part about Geoff:


No. 1061136

Possibly, I just wonder if at this point (March) Geoff had already emotionally broken off from Griffin or if they were still together etc.
As shitty as he is for sleeping with fans, it's odd that if he was indeed cheating on his wife, why he'd stop cheating with the gf.

It could be that they were either
A) Already distant from each other and separated before the divorce was final and public

Or B) There was cheating involved and it wasn't excusable by Griffin (good on her if this is true) and she left him.

They didn't seem too angry at the divorce though from what I remember so honestly they could have grown apart and he did struggle with issues like alcohol, so… maybe they just wanted to divorce and started seeing other people in March without making it public they were divorcing.

No. 1061149

>it's odd that if he was indeed cheating on his wife, why he'd stop cheating with the gf

obviously he didn't love his wife (cause you wouldnt cheat on someone you love) and the new gf he fell in love with and didn't have a desire to cheat on her during the honeymoon phase, but he is probably cheating on her by now, cheaters don't change.

No. 1061178

agree 100% with option B. they definitely had a lot of issues and im sure that, with them growing apart, they had multiple breaks or explored an open relationship for the sake of keeping the marriage together for the kid. he's very conscious of his image in front of millie and, unlike ryan, he really would be devastated to lose her trust in him as a good father. he's also dealt with psychos before, someone sent him pictures of his own house with a threat about the podcast a bunch of years back (before even gavin and meg got attacked), so i doubt he'd mess with the kind of suicidal psychos that ryan was. imo if the fangirl was adult and consenting and geoff wasn't predatory about it, who cares.

No. 1061224

File: 1603044075777.png (60.05 KB, 1040x578, hoe.png)

Someone found this confession she made before posting the google doc on reddit. This hoe has no remorse (and I honestly doubt most of them do).

No. 1061228

>if the fangirl was adult and consenting and geoff wasn't predatory about it, who cares

Fuck off, cheaters should get the rope either way. I would definitely stop watching my favorite youtubers if it came out that they destroyed their family for some pussy, have no moral compass and did irreparable emotional damage to their loved ones. That means they are fucking scum and I could no longer enjoy their content. Morality is a thing some people care about.

No. 1061231

>That means they are fucking scum and I could no longer enjoy their content. Morality is a thing some people care about.

I agree with this anon outside of >"cheaters should get the rope"

It's not the affair that bothers me, because that's their business but having affairs with fans is fucking disgusting.

It's like a professor who sleeps with an adult student. The power imbalance and the fact that these girls are fans freaks me out. I would never want to watch someone who sleeps with their fans because that means if I ever met them or commented on their content they would not see me as a fan just saying hi but instead as potential groupie which is fucking gross.

No. 1061233

Yeah the bar is set pretty low if we're going to defend some scrote cheating just because it wasn't "predatory" but like anons have discussed no one knows what point they were at in their marriage at that point and unless Griffin comes out and says she was cheated on the split didn't seem messy

No. 1061236

>cheated on bf. No remorse
>I hope this eceleb leaves his wife for me
>I feel no remorse about anything
>guys please listen to me I'm a victim in this mess too

No. 1061242

to be fair, she did state pretty much up front in her story that she didn't feel like a victim at all.

No. 1061245

File: 1603046456413.jpg (92.51 KB, 1600x758, vp.jpg)

sage for no milk and something no one really cares about

I've been loosely following venetianprincess since she was one my favourite youtubers back in the day and it's sad to see the once queen of youtube looking like a fucking snapchat filter from shitty fillers.She had shit going on the past few years but she seems she can't really get back from that and she is stuck at being somewhat of an influencer taking sponsorships to make ends meet.

No. 1061257

Holy shit that's her?!?! I used to love her back in the day
Do you know what's happened to her?

No. 1061262

No. 1061281

Open relationship to try and safe their marriage… what a retard.

No. 1061282

What a bitch. Seriously this woman was in her late 20s when she reached out to Ryan yeah? Seeing her say she knew he was married but didn't give a fuck because she wanted to "play a game"

That woman ain't no victim. She's a homewrecker and ain't even sorry.

No. 1061285

>Wanted to keep private life private
>Sexted fans

What an idiot, I guess it's good he realized that was stupid.

No. 1061286

She lied about her age in the document, someone on Kiwifarms did some digging and found out she is 35.

Look at all the reddit fags sucking him off. I can't wait to see them be disappointed when the next google doc on him drops and we learn he is just as much as a scumbag as everyone else.

No. 1061288

they want to be hopeful because he is a pillar of the company without him the company as a whole could topple to the ground its like them finding out gus is a pedo/nazi/serial killer

No. 1061295

>without him the company as a whole could topple to the ground
Good. Seems their company is a breeding ground for creeps.

No. 1061301

File: 1603051879257.png (1.2 MB, 886x998, griffin.png)

so I was wondering what kind of person thinks an "open relationship" would fix their marriage and…

yeah, makes sense

No. 1061313

Oh shit I randomly was thinking about her yesterday, maybe our minds are connected. YouTube popularity has changed so much. She has over 50 million views on her old stuff and her parody from 3 years ago only hit 75k. I feel she could’ve been a good insta influencer with her past looks and styling because she seemed creative and fun. Too bad she became an MLM mom.
Her lips are so huge in that video it looks really uncomfortable and scares me to watch. It just doesn’t look real to me I can’t process it.

No. 1061318

>wife is asexual

yeah this chick is developmentally delayed to believe lies like that

No. 1061325

I'm willing to bet the mysterious marriage issues were all about sex, since he ended up fooling around with much younger women with no remorse. "polyamory" to solve issues like these aways ends badly.

No. 1061561

Well his wife is obviously a raging lesbian. I would even be willing to bet that maybe she wanted the open relationship to try fucking women, liked it and left him.

No. 1061562

jaclyn Glenn's wedding looked surprisingly nice (I also really liked her dress etc) but I've always had such insanely strong gay vibes from the guy. when I was watching one of their streams people were even asking in the chat and he was like "what? I'm straight" so I'm not the only one

No. 1061585


>Do you know what's happened to her?

I haven't watched too closely,but in 2014 she lost both her grandparents and her mom.Her father also died at an unknown time so her whole immediate family is dead.This would fuck anyone up.She also has a daugher she takes care of alone as she broke up with her husband who has pulled some shit on her.

I believe she could have gone the influencer route too with her channel and have decent viewership and make the occasional parody every now and then.But it seems her mental problems have taken over her and she struggles with depression,weight gain(she is all about keto) and financial stuff so the MLM shit is probably the way she tries to make ends meet.She could have specific sponsorships from decent companies but from what I've seen, her sponsorships are random and all over the place.

No. 1061647

… She got married? Haven't they been together for only 2 years or something?
>I've always had such insanely strong gay vibes from the guy
Honestly same

No. 1061669

>If you do view me as a villain, take it out on me. Not my daughter, girlfriend, ex-wife, or co-workers.

Even if he does end up being as big a creep as Ryan and Adam, he gets points for this at least. Although, he glazed over the affait with the Australian woman and diminished it so he is clearly hiding something.

No. 1061964

Yeah, the way he talks about her/the channel/ "YoU gUyS" and their shared brand or whatever gives me the impression he just tried to latch on and insert himself in there really hard.

No. 1062250

File: 1603187575653.jpeg (882.54 KB, 828x1339, 505D6F3E-5AD4-4664-86EE-FCEDDC…)

Anyone have opinions on Alex Myers? He makes those videos criticizing usually dumb teen movies/popular Netflix shows/general bottom of the barrel stuff with titles like “this show is SO WEIRD” or “this movie is PRETTY DUMB”
Recently he released a crappy match 3 game app and people are really upset because it’s obviously just cheap bullshit and has literally nothing to do with his content besides the pictures of his character. It’s also really sketchy and costs money to play. It’s weird that such a popular YouTuber would sell out like this for no reason but all the comments are just roasting him for it. Reminds me of that H3H3 app fiasco from back in the day.

No. 1062252

Why does he get points for that? Nobody is going to "take it out" on his family, why the fuck would anyone do that? It's the same deflection Ryan does "pls think of my family in all of this!"

No. 1062256


I used to like him because he had a comedic way of explaining the absurdity of dumb shows, like Riverdale.

Unfortunately I think he just found a formula that "works" (ie the serialized titles), has been selling merch of the shows he watches with zero personalization (like it's not alex meyers merch that's referencing the shows, it's just.. generic show merch?), and I believe he also got recently divorced based on the dog not appearing in his videos anymore, neither the female figure, and he made vague comments about it

I saw that game post but didn't watch the video. It felt icky to think about. I dunno why he'd even go down the game route, if he can draw he has so much potential for better things. I am just tinfoiling that he's really needing the money and is grabbing whatever he can which is sad because when he wants to he can make entertaining content

No. 1062258

Yeah it seems like the kind of sponsorship email most creators would move to spam immediately. He would get way more support actually using his talents or providing paid content/merch instead of selling himself to a generic app developer. (Idk if he does do sponsorships regularly but the videos I watch usually have some and with his popularity the pay is usually easily into the 5 figures range which is why this decision is confusing me)
This also reminded me I hate how YouTubers are treated like uwu baby victims by their fans. People really are trying to figure out if he’s hacked or got manipulated into a contract when he just made a shit decision as a grown man who’s been doing YouTube for years.