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No. 980242

A thread for YouTubers/Vloggers that don't warrant an entire thread, but are still involved in drama. Previous topics discussed include:
>Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie
>H3H3 aka Ethan & Hila Klein
>Emilia Fart
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>Lifestyle Bloggers
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No. 980247

soo is anyone following the keem vs ethan thing? I've watched the newest h3 video without context, decided to watch his previous vids but as I saw one part is 50 mins I gave up. Can someone summarize please?

No. 980335

File: 1590684396301.jpg (60.43 KB, 727x638, riywab8x5f151.jpg)

No. 980336

No. 980348

Influencers are trash, youtubers are trash.

In a different context (i.e one that isn't monetized) I'd be more empathetic and understanding, but this bitch and her shitty family just took the money and ditched the kid. Just absolute shitstains.

No. 980361

This is so sad. They adopted him in 2017 and he's 4 now. How do you give up your kid after that long? I hope he has a better life now away from these people who used him as a fucking cash grab.

No. 980374

File: 1590688652742.jpg (Spoiler Image,211.74 KB, 1178x2048, EZCL2XCXYAAidGX.jpg)

No. 980377

Ethan called out Keem for a lot of things including doxing and swatting/the issue where he accused the old man RS streamer of being a pedo but mostly implied that he had a place in Etika's suicide. A lot of people called out Ethan for how tasteless the accusation was, and then Keem shifted the blame onto Ethan for other stuff. He also accused the old man of being a pedo again, and then reuploaded a documentary length video from 2016 that another youtuber made exposing Ethan after Ethan made the final video about him. Youtube took it down, even though it didn't go against any of the guidelines and now there's conversation about if Ethan has friends in high places at YT. I've probably missed out a bunch, but so far that's what's happened.

No. 980382

Garbage humans.

No. 980387

Damn what the fuck. No wonder he was acting out, they fucking duct taped his hand. He was probably treated like shit outside of their happy little family videos. I can't believe nobody called CPS on these assholes.

No. 980388

Holy shit, he was only 2 and more importantly is autistic? He probably has a whole lifetime of similar 'stimming' behaviours ahead of him! You can't torture those behaviours out of an autistic person. It's a source of fucking comfort, he's self-soothing.

Shit on here rarely pisses me off this much.

No. 980390

Okay, he starts off with the old dude pedophilia claims and Etika. The second video goes on him first going in calling Jessi Smiles a liar for saying her boyfriend had raped her, just for him to year later say that dude always gave him bad vibes as he got convicted for rape.

>Keem keeps on trying to contact people wh o have told him to get lost

>He kept on asking Etika when Etika was super manic why he hadnt killed himself and daring him to do it
>Kept on validating Etika's mania
>pretended that him and etika were the best of friends, but Etika had had him blocked for the last few months of his life
>Caused multiple people to get swatted by saying their dox on his stream and then saying "haha sure would be funny if someone swatted this person!"
>At best 15mins later the person would be already swatted
>Had a witch hunt at Jessie Smiles for saying her boyfriend raped her
>Year later as the guy gets convicted Keem pretends he always thought this dude is an ashsole
>Constant pedo claims towards everyone he doesnt like
>Keem compilation of him claiming people are harassing him and he dindu nuffin
>Video compilation of Keem hopping back and forth saying Onision dindu nuffin and is a victim to that he is a pedophile
>Keem has made 10+ pedo accusations claiming he had hard proof and then backtracked he never said he had any proof

No. 980398

Looking at the comment section it's nice to see how all the comments wishing huxley the best are left without hearts but the rare comments licking her ass about her being 'so wonderful for even giving him a chance' are all hearted, lovely!

No. 980403

continuing this
>Keem constantly goes after channels advertisers and contacts them asking why are they supporting such schummy channels
>G-Fuel drops Keem for his bad behaviour
>Keem has a meltdown on twitter and video over losing his main sponsor and spergs out at people on how would they be so terrible to they and make him broke
>Later on Keem plays a revisionist and says he walked away from G-Fuel because they kept on getting harrassed by Ethan and H3H3 fans and he did it to protect the innocent workers at G-Fuel
>WoodysGamertag calls out Keem by spilling the tea that Keem had tried to get G-Fuel to drop him and other creators for ages because Keem is threatened by them
>Keem had made 13 tweets about Woodys kids "jacking off his dog", because in some livestream Woodys disabled 8-year old kid was sitting next to their male dog and touched the dogs penis accidentally
>A mutual of Woody and Keem go ask Keem to stop it
>Keem replies that if he wasn't making fun out of a disabled kid, someone else would so he is not gonna stop
>Keem comes out with another video claiming Tony is a pedophile, because he showed up in Ethans first video saying that due to Keem he got death threats and people trying to assault him
>Keem doubles down and brings up the fake screenshots from 2017 against Tony and tells his watchers to go find out the truth from Tony i.e. harrass him
>The screenshots arent explicit at all, but Keem makes them out to be smut
>In said screenshots some dudes catfished Tony for a year saying they were 25 but then photoshopping the screens to say 15 and releasing them
>All of the conversations were boring and mild
>Keem gets called out for lying by people
>Keem pretends he never accused Tony in this video, he was just mentioning it because he tells the NEWS
>Keems meltdown continues and he makes some vague threats on Ethans life

No. 980406

File: 1590693965661.png (17.31 KB, 852x132, totalbiscuit keemstar.png)

non video spilt tea
>someone who used to work for Keem gets on the drama thread and says he abuses his wife and is verbally abusive to her with his workers present on the regular
>someone else brings up the time he tried to scam a 12 year old to do free labor for him on Minecraft
>Keem was a part of the CSGO lotto scandaland was making money out of it, which was the reason he stayed quiet about it
>Keem convinced an adult woman to masturbate in front of kids on cam on the channel he had before drama alert
>Keem has doxxed random people who thought they were his friends when he got mad at them, never admitting it was him behind it and playing sympathetic to the people for getting doxxed

No. 980417

thanks anon, appreciated! Honestly I have no idea how 1) he still has a platform 2) he has defenders. Why is it so easy to cancel non-problematic people for some minor shit but someone legitimately evil to the core like Keemstar still operates happily? Blows my mind there are people on his side.

No. 980421

I honestly wonder if maybe CPS really was involved here. Maybe the kid wasn't "rehomed" so much as "taken away" from those monsters.

No. 980439

Wasn't the fact that he abuses his wife already known? I remember in Idubbbbz's song about Keemstar he mentioned Keem "slapping his girlfriend" and this was years ago.
However, Keem really is bottom of the barrel trash. I see people being all against Ethan (who is a dick, for sure) but this dude is 10 times worse, how does he still have supporters?

No. 980446

It is completely mystifying to me as well. I can only imagine his fans must like the fact he is so hated?? They are the kind of people who thrive on negative attention from the "mainstream" because it validates their view of being brave rogues or some shit.

Ethan is meh.. He is personally not my cup of tea but he is infinitely more tolerable than "clownstar." But like this is all so stupid, nothing is going to happen it is just making people hate each other.

No. 980447

>how does he still have supporters?

It's a good question. You can still see "LET KEEMSTAR KNOW ABOUT THIS" in lolcow threads as if anything good ever comes of that.

No. 980450

Complete and total moral bankruptcy. Just a quick peek at their socials (a fucking business for them ofc) and it's all that positive vibe crap.. FUCK YOU!!!

No. 980451

Everyone I've seen defending Keem justifies it like "well he's an asshole but at least he doesn't pretend to be anything else!" as if that's a good reason.
I guess they view him as like a heel in wrestling. It's stupid.

No. 980480

I wish youtube would just ban Keem and H3H3 to set an example

it's ADpocalypse all over again

No. 980484

Well all the Keem scrotes on r/samandtolki seem to like how Keem doesn't pretend he is a good guy unlike Ethan. It makes no sense to me because Keem is constantly skirting responsibility and then trying to literally buy good press by giving away small amounts of money (for him) on Twitter. He doesn't pretend he is a saint but he hides behind shitty excuses constantly which is just as bad.

No. 980582

Ethan sucks but Keem should've been de-platformed ages ago. Like it's literally no secret that Keem is a shitty racist dumbfuck and he's been doing awful shit for years that would've gotten anyone else ~cancelled~ in a heartbeat so I have no idea why he's still around.

No. 980608

I used to like Ethan's content before he became a self important, self absorbed douchebag. He really changed after popularity and money started rolling in. As for him having connections, from what I understand a lot of the OG youtuber's, particularly the ones with a lot of subs/views (money) tend to have "special" connections in YT, like pewdiepie.

No. 980609

This all makes Keemstar sound borderline psychopathic. Creepy shit if even half of it is true.

No. 980632


>Why is it so easy to cancel non-problematic people for some minor shit but someone legitimately evil to the core like Keemstar still operates happily? Blows my mind there are people on his side.

Because you have expectations or standards for most creators.
If they fuck up, their fans will be disappointed and expect better.
Keem built his entire platform on shameless dramawhoring, so literally nobody who knows him cares or is surprised by his history.

No. 980650

>accused the old man of being a pedo again
What the fuck why? Tony is cool.

No. 980703

Doesn't Youtube dislike Pewdiepie?

No. 980711

most people I've seen take the stance that Ethan and Keem are both awful, but Keem is unapologetic whereas Ethan tries to moralise his stupidity. Personally I think Keem is also slimy, and if he weren't known as an asshole he would also be trying to hid just as Ethan does behind his whole "it's just the news" schtick, but he's accepted that the cat's out of the bag there.

There's also a lot of backlash against Ethan because a video made by Gokanaru criticising him (released back in 2018) which was taken down after Ethan had a meeting with youtube's CEO about creator-on-creator harassment. It's known that Ethan had seen it as he briefly addressed the video (not by name) in a podcast before it was removed, so the conspiracy is that he hated it so much that he may have influences higher-ups to take it down along with the other videos that were removed. The kicker is that Keemstar uploaded this video in response to Ethan, editing all footage which "simulated violence" to fit the TOS. But this one also got removed; memulous then uploaded the video completely removing the skits, and now his channel is being removed after being hit with a strike. So the big controvery is that a)Ethan had something to do with the removal and stayed radio silent for a couple days, until he announced he would react to the whole video in his next podcast and b)Youtube has the power to blacklist videos but doesn't seem to use this for any good (see SOG video attached).

Overall this drama is so ridiculous, but I am enjoying watching these dickheads go at eachother's throats. Plus the gokanaru video is quite entertaining. Keem is a cockroach, not sure why Ethan thought a nuke would stop him.

No. 980720

File: 1590749365076.png (44.31 KB, 613x496, h3.PNG)


Anon you took the words out of my mouth. Keemstar wasn't taken down when youtubers with much cleaner reputation presented evidence that he is a sociopathic piece of shit, Ethan thinking that he will be the one who is going to deliver the final blow.

Gokanaru's original video getting removed under suspicious circumstances, Ethan refusing to acknowledge it and pretending he doesn't know his name (while blocking it in the comments) and now the fact that youtube auto-removes his video even when it's edited to be fair use just gave Keem even more fuel and now everyone is focused on how will Ethan fail next.

Pic related won't help either, he can't really defend himself over what was shown in the video and the other option is admitting he is a piece of shit. Either way, Keemstar is gonna keep cockroaching

No. 980730

Gokunarus video had edited together clips from different podcasts to make Ethan seem terrible. That was the main reason it got taken down, like it included a bunch of clips from the JonTron podcast smashed together making it seem Ethan was insulting JonTron. It also included edited screens and fake screens

No. 980743

"Seemed"? Dude, no. JonTron expressed several times he didn't want to talk about the Destiny podcast drama and Ethan, the great buddy he is, just continously brought it up. JonTron gets uncomfortable as fuck. It isn't fun to watch at all, regardless of what happened during the podcast that wasn't Ethan going "No totally I get why you don't want to talk it and I know you're not racist.. but anyway man that was a wild podcast what did you learn I imagine people still don't like you what a hard thing that must be to deal with" Ethan and Hila are the snakes in the grass sucking on bossman's toes in a bid to stay employed, rich and upright on their fictional high horse. Gokunaru's video was damn good but, if Ethan has the balls to actually react to it… uh, who'll get the revenue from that episode? How will good man Klein justify profiting from a video when the original creator had to watch the video be burned off the platform? Will it be Spotify exclusive? Lol

No. 980747

there’s comments on this from before gokanaru’s video pointing out how uncomfortable the podcast felt, feel free to slog through the podcast and judge for yourself (the debate discussion is around 46 minutes according to the comments)

As for edited/fake screens, can you point them out? I haven’t seen anyone talk about them so I’m curious, I wouldn’t be able to tell since I stopped following Ethan a while ago

No. 980748

samefag but rereading your post, just would show how full of shit YouTube is if that were the case. From what I understand you’re saying it got taken down because it “made Ethan look terrible”, wouldn’t that incriminate him more? There’s so many trashy videos on people, making them look bad, including on H3H3’s own YouTube channel. If it were really taken down for that reason, it would expose a huge bias, which is exactly people’s issue

No. 980752

Ethan can fuck off for all I care. This all seems like ClownStar trying to divert the narrative from him causing people to get assaulted irl and encouraging people to kill themselves into "my dudes Ethan is like way worse than me, he got a video deleted off of jewtube".

Almost all of their podcasts are cringe. Almost all of youtuber podcasts are cringe infact. Infact, they can all fuck off.

No. 980756

Keemstar’s actions are unforgivable. I just wish they would both just get off YouTube at this point.

No. 980760

Keem and H3H3 are both garbage, shady human beings and should get out of the platfrom. Ethan is milking it only to earm fame because he is a whiny, jealous manchild who cries that he is not popular enough anymore.

No. 980764

File: 1590760783929.png (273.69 KB, 1208x689, keemstarboogie.png)

Yeah, but the point is people Keem has caused to go suicidal or encouraged straight up kill themselves whilst in maniac state or otherwise mentally very unwell.
>FouseyTube was having a bipolar breakdown and Keem went out of his way to encourage him to kill himself (theres a clip of him shouting to Keem about it in the video)
>Etika got encouraged to kill himself continously by Keem
>Keem went after Boogie and told him he's weak and just needs to stop being sad
>Bashuverse got encouraged by Keem to just kill himself after Keem decided to accuse him of being a pedophile with no proof
>Toby Turner/Tobuscus rape claims that Keem pulled out of his ass because he found a random google article that turned out to be fake

Ethan is a broken clock, right twice a day.

No. 980781

Keem has done some seriously shitty things in the past. The brevity of his accusations for the sake of drama was not something he (or anyone else, really) thought about a few years ago. He's done shitty things and his history with Pyrocynical is a perfect example of Keem throwing out the pedo accusations for views and to jerk off his own dick.

However, Etika was a fan. He shouted out Keem directly with love in the video he uploaded as a suicide note.
The Toby Turner claims were fake, but not faked by Keemstar. Keemstar took advantage of a "victim's" story for views, and the backlash ended in Toby getting cancelled. The victim was iirc a dramatic ex with a vendetta.
Boogie is a complicated character in everything because he's a fence-sitting and self-pitying blob who difficult to sympathize with. Being a fat mentally ill righteous YouTuber doesn't immediately warrant applause.

And FouseyTube? They BOTH exploited his mania for laughs. Ethan completely disconnects from the people who are his entertainment or his audience's entertainment. And when he apologizes (lol the handful of times) he's not totally genuine. His Tourette's eyebrows are his giveaway. Whenever he has to remind himself of a point to make that he doesn't want to, maybe it's because he doesn't agree with it or it's filler that has to be said, he gets the twitches.

I don't agree with this VS shit. What's important now is whether or not commentary and similar channels will have a leg to stand on, given the constant boohoo mommy mommy help exploitation of YouTube's anti-harassment policies.

No. 980784

I don't know why people think Etika speaking well about Keem during that video is proof. He was clearly not in his right mind for who knows how long and his words should not be used as his actual opinion.

No. 980797

His ex girlfriend and mom said not to blame Keem, people don't care about that. Ethan is using a dead man's body for some fucking wack ass drama.
They are ALL trash.
Both don't deserve a platform and Boogie is CONSTANTLY suicide baiting and is known to do this to people.

Neither side is innocent, but it's pissing me off how Ethan brings up Etika and Keem, when people close to him want it all to be let go.
Ethan's fans even bullied his GF and caused her to lock her account for speaking out.
Regardless of anything, it's fucked up.

No. 980798

Etika's girlfriend and mother have both stated that, no, Keem did not have anything to do with Etika's suicide, and yes, Etika did like him. Stop this bullshit narrative, nobody (not even his loved ones) knew how bad Etika's mental health really was.

Etika's girlfriend came out and tweeted this but of course H3's fanbase caused her to delete them from all their sperging. It's the same as when Ethan blamed teenage kpop stans for the recent suicides of some idols.

Keem is a manipulative snake, Ethan is a manipulative snake.

No. 980801

This fuck them both honestly. I thought Ethan would be cancelled after he went agaisnt puberty blockers, but I guess not.

No. 980807

From what my basic bitch ass understands Etika was a young man dealing with a form of Bipolar while working towards being the controversial avant-garde entertainer that made others laugh and think. He wasn't just a mentally disturbed dude who may have been out of his mind every time he opened his mouth. Etika was well respected and his videos were hilarious, especially when reacting to Asian Jake Paul. And, for his own reason, he made the decision to end his life by jumping off a bridge.

People are not always "not in their right mind" when they commit suicide. Call the act whatever you want but people can be perfectly lucid when they off themselves. It's a terrifying reality that people LIKE ETHAN who supported the BetterHelp data mine do not understand because they don't know shit about mental health.

Or, they don't care besides their own quick anti-anxiety relief so they can sing about their own p00r mental health problems. They're all fake ass bitches pushing the positivity horseshit without an ounce of education on the matter. Any YouTuber who sells any kind of self-care #bekind merch or shills for a big company that preaches good intentions without receipts is just as dead-eyed as the main greedy contenders on the platform.

No. 980808

H3h3 was cool when they just made stupid cringe videos but now Ethan thinks he’s a god and spews his bullshit opinions instead of making good videos.

No. 980812

File: 1590769071014.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.23 KB, 722x1061, ECxcOdRU8AAjgf3.jpg)

Ethan became so fucking bad. He always was immature, but now he's absolutely out of touch

The fact that he invites gross ppl like no neck ed on the show, befriend them and defend them is disappointing
And that keemstar drama is cringy on both side, even tho keem is a piece of shit

No. 980843

File: 1590772642979.jpeg (412.74 KB, 750x1075, 1816A8A7-CC19-4C5A-B0B7-15DCB3…)

Saw some more shit about this situation. They’re disgusting and I hope they lose all major sources of income.

No. 980895

As if these people were so impatient with their autistic child that they get annoyed at him simply staring at them eating food. Disgusting, I can't believe they have the nerve to consider adopting another special needs child just so they can seem like "inspirational" parents

No. 980898

My god, such a fuss about him watching people eat. He's toddler age so it's hardly even strange. Why exactly are they seeking out autistic children specifically when even totally expected/typical toddler behaviours like thumb sucking trigger them

No. 980909

Wow, she really asked "what's actually easy but looks hard" so she can adopt a seemingly difficult child and look like such a saint.

And how is it annoying that a toddler is watching you eat? Every kid does weird shit like that. Maybe they shouldn't adopt any more kids if that drove her husband so "bonkers."

No. 980937

True, he doesn't get the preferential treatment he got back when he had google ad sense but he's still been there a long time, and he's definitely wealthy enough to get noticed by the owners, a double edged sword I suppose. He still has some connections, or so I've heard.

No. 980947

>It also included edited screens and fake screens
If there had been anything presented disingenuously in Gokunarus video someone would've called it out and backed up their claim with evidence. No one ever did. It's obvious Ethan didn't like being exposed and chose to censor him by tattling to his friends (rats) at YT corp. Ethan's two faced.

No. 980961

He's really tried so hard to make himself into the Howard Stern of youtube - one of his idols. He's just a borderline misogynist, asshole edgelord who's bitter he's not as popular or relevant as he used to be.

No. 981097

I’m sure anons will get a kick out of this clip. He is truly a moral leader

No. 981109

don't forget ethan stole vape nash from filthy frank. nobody in the filthy crew/the aussie youtubers like him, the opposite actually.

No. 981111

Are Keem and Ethan fighting because they both want to be the one that fucks Trisha?

No. 981112

Never heard of this influencer before but she's made a mess of her online reputation over this. I didn't even think it was legal to give back adopted children.

No. 981117

I don't understand why hila is so fucking brain dead, i know a lot of people like her but jesus fucking christ, why is she so fucking passive over all of his bs when she seems to actually be open minded

I couldn't handle living with such a manchild who tries really hard to pander to an audience mainly made of young adults.
His weird pseudo ironic obsession with belle delphine was also super creepy
I also don't like one of the guy who works for him, idr his name but he is the ginger one with the beard; he's as equally out of touch as ethan

No. 981128

Ethan is cringy and a case of delusion of grandeur but he's nowhere Keemstar's level, who actually destroys lives, doxxes and swatted people. Why are you even focusing on Ethan here, he's a harmless idiot. Keemstar is so shitty that no one expects any better from him, I find it scary that someone so bad can achieve such a universal pass. "Welp he's unapologetic about it". And? That changes what? Jesus, sometimes I feel like I'm already too old for internet culture and I'm in my twenties

No. 981129

It's always acknowledged that keem is a piece of shit, and there have been so many efforts to get him off youtube that haven't worked. I think he has done more harmful things than Ethan, but Ethan is not "harmless". Look at how he treated Shoenice.

Nobody is giving Keem a pass, but what is there left to talk about? Unless new information is surfaced, he sadly won't be affected. Pushing back against Ethan is way more entertaining, rehashing shitty things Keem has done is boring and he is already "cancelled" in the eyes of most normal adults. His and H3's kiddy fans don't care either way, they won't truly ever go away. This is petty drama that doesn't need moralising, it's not like anyone will win or lose.

No. 981135


I'm an adoptee myself and reading about this made me really mad.
It's clear that nasty woman has some kind of white savior complex. They adopted the kid and made tons of money of him via their youtube channel.
They used him for youtube bucks and ego boost.

Myka Stauffer shouldn't be allowed to adopt anyone.

LSA user Dragon PoTANTUM summarized all the shitty details in this case:

"- The family accepted money from fans to help fund this adoption…

- Still were able to do a $700K renovation on their home while also mentioning that therapy for their autistic soon was ~too expensive~ and also showing off $500 Golden Goose shoes.

- They duct taped this little boy's thumb to his hand to keep him from sucking it and it's my understanding that the older bio children sucked their thumbs and never received this punishment.

- Myka was active in adoption groups on FB. They wanted to adopt again soon after Huxley. She specifically asked the group what kind of special needs are out there that look hard but are actually easy.

- One of the posters in one of the groups mentioned that while the Stauffers claimed they never knew Huxley was special needs until after the adoption, apparently they knew full well about Huxley's autism.

- She also asked about adopting out of birth order (adopting a 9 year old child from China) even though that is strongly discouraged (they would be older than their bio children as well).

- The kid disappeared from YT and other social media channels a few months ago. Any and all comments asking where he was were deleted. Apparently around the time they said Hux was "trying out some families" the rest of them went on a tropical jaunt to fucking Bali.

- She says in her video that Huxley has been adopted and has a great new mommy…HE IS STILL IN FOSTER CARE. It is my understanding that the foster family is actually making moves to officially adopt Huxley which is great news. But currently he is in the US foster care system."

Abandoned kids adopted from overseas are in very vulnerable position. There is article about how the system and adoptive parents has failed those kids: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/adoption/#article/part1

No. 981136

They looked for a legal loophole and they found one. They specifically wanted a kid with special needs, he had several scans that they looked over (he's not just autistic, he has a brain abnormality) and they consulted with docs to find out the extent of his disabilities and still took him on.. then they used the loophole of "oh but the agency didn't make us aware of his conditions". They're pieces of shit. Their videos document the fact that they certainly did know in advance.

No. 981139

There are screenshots of her asking on Twitter what kind of disability is perceived to be hard to deal with but actually isnt. So she definitely wanted to have a disabled child of colour for clout, definitely a rotten cunt.

No. 981145

Years ago she said that her first choice would be an african child. Seriously I don't know how her odd attitude towards kids wasn't picked up on during the adoption process.

No. 981233

not all adoption agencies are very ethical unfortunately. i’m not sure who she adopted her son through but maybe that agency just didn’t give a shit. it’s a grim, grim world out there for kids in the foster system with disabilities.

No. 981435

I'm glad she didn't, that bitch and her husband sound demonic as fuck. Countries need to ban more of these people.

No. 981488

here's his reaction

No. 981504

They could have started off fostering in-need children from the US as a starting point to see if full adoption was the right fit for their family. It's absolutely blatant that they went for the most clickbaity option they could, which is adopting a cute Asian boy with disabilities from the other side of the world.

Adoptions can and do fail, sadly, but I have never heard of one failing after nearly three fucking years of attachment.

From what I can see from clips of their videos, and I know they probably show only the happy moments, but Huxley seems like a sweet kid, with problems sure, but not ones that couldn't have been dealt with with the correct care. He's only like 4-5 years old, for fuck's sake. Plenty of time to develop.

No. 981506

She also has a video about Huxley's adoption that is sponsored by laundry detergent, and she talks about the product as making him 'smell like a newborn'. So fucking weird to be trying to turn a toddler you've just adopted into your precious newborn fresh-from-the-womb doll as if they haven't already been living their formative years in another country. She obviously didn't respect his personhood and the circumstances from which he came.

No. 981518

I generally dislike Ethan but I think this was a fair response.

All I would say is that Shoenice apparently had left a comment on Gokanaru's original video actually thanking him, so I'm skeptical of what he said when he called in to be honest. Instead of passing off the blame of the video's deletion to the first person saying they flagged it, I think it would have been wise of Ethan to say he doesn't think it should have been deleted. His reaction to the final skit was exaggerated imo, but that's to be expected of his ego.

Gokanaru is making a response, I presume he'll bring the shoenice thing up. I'm just bored of this now if I'm honest, as predicted basically nothing has changed after this shit-flinging fest. At least Gokanaru got some exposure and we'll finally see William as a proper guest on the show.

No. 981528

Well now Huxley himself is in the foster sytem in the US. Myka tried to tell us he's in his 'forever home' already but people found out he's in a foster placement. I've seen some say that the only good thing to come from this is that he got to leave china and he is a responsibility of the US system now which will hopefully work out better for him. I'm not from the US so I don't know if US foster care is seen as generally superior or not.

Been watching clip of his progress that she shared while still keeping up the 'happy family, thriving Huxley' facade and she talks about him learning several hand signs to communicate and him getting up in the morning and pulling the blinds open, arranging his pillows and putting his dirty PJs down the laundry chute. He was doing some small chores independantly. Like yeah myka he really sounds like a handful??

No. 981592

100%. I don't see a child that is out of control to the point of requiring this kind of response. He seemed able to play with toys with other children, smile, laugh, reach to his "parents" for support, communicate in his own way, etc. I've seen what severe autism looks like and this really is not it.

No. 981596

The US foster system is a massive shitstorm of abusive foster families in it for the money. That poor kid was thrown to the dogs.

No. 981620

>They could have started off fostering in-need children from the US as a starting point to see if full adoption was the right fit for their family.
They could have if it was something they actually cared about, but you can't put videos or images of kids you are fostering on social media, so they wouldn't have been able to milk clout or adsense coins out of one.

Take this with a pinch of salt because it isn't verified, but someone who claims to have worked with the husband contacted this youtuber and provided more background info.

No. 981653

I cannot fucking fathom having a child for nearly three years, who you believe to be and mostly treat as if they are your child for life, only to give them up when it gets hard and be fine with - even glad - that you will never fucking see them again.

No. 981670

I knew that the adoption 'industry' was controversial but this takes the cake.
I find it really quite horrific that these people were basically able to choose a special kid from a catalog and given one with not nearly enough oversight. Any idiot would be able to note that a kid with brain damage and processing issues would be unlikely to gel well with a family life constantly in chaos. The nature of their vlogging lifestyle pretty much guarantees disorienting changes in their household all the time- room and house renovations, changes in diet, more kids being popped out all the time, cameras on, lights on, loud noise, and numerous kids all of a young age who will all require a level of individual attention.

No. 981712

The fact that they had another child after taking in huxley seems like terrible family planning. She claims they were struggling with all sorts of issues behind the scenes so why have a baby so soon? A crying baby would be a sensory nightmare for him and would put further strain on the bonding process with him. She always appeared to overestimate her own abilities though. She completely exaggerated her experience in nursing so I imagine she has to be aware that she's putting on an act. Oh and she wanted to adopt another child, again she wanted that child to have a disability.

Also strange that she was the one who had to beg and convince her husband to open up to adoption and then once they had hux it was the husband that he seemed to bond with. Maybe it's old fashioned to think this but it set off alarm bells to me when she mentioned this way back. The bonding issue was exclusive to her and he had attached himself to dad just fine. She posted on fb about some of his behaviours 'driving my hubby mad' or whatever but he was still the one huxley bonded with. I imagine that hurt her ego.

No. 981720

Literally from the first video where they go to pick him up everything feels off. He meets every single member of the family immediately, and all the kids - bless them because they don't know any better - are pushing various toys in his face. Then Myka stuffs a lollipop into his mouth, and proceeds to cling to him and get really in his face whilst he's obviously distressed and confused. It just seems so immediately overwhelming and inappropriate, and given what we now know, I don't doubt that he was thoroughly overwhelmed regularly by the years in their care.

No. 981923

I kind of stand with Suzy Lu striking channels that keep on harassing her and talking about her, some of them are batshit obsessed with making fun of her appearance. It was so obvious she was their new punching bag (not saying she didn't anything wrong as well)
Although she is still wrong for stealing anime and streaming it for free, making profit off it.

No. 981935

File: 1591012193347.jpg (40.4 KB, 470x306, fKN0S2K.jpg)

Sorry for the potato quality. Screen grab from a YT video.

I wonder if they knew Huxley had reactive attachment disorder when they adopted him (as the hashtag seems to claim)? Not excusing them being shitty "parents," but RAD is extremely difficult to handle, and these children can be downright scary, killing pets and other children.

No. 981952

To summarize the vid. People who've known the Stauffers IRL are starting to come forward with stories of her shady behaviour going back years. Including her being fired from a nursing job for assaulting a coworker (who was pregnant) and basically jumping from place to place and losing more nursing jobs, eventually downgrading to working in a nursing home that had quite a poor reputation in the area. One neighbor said they always had people coming and going from the home as they were selling alot of goods through craigslist and the neighbors suspected it was stolen goods, though she said it was from dumpster diving.

They describe her as impulsive and a moocher aswell as a compulsive liar, always telling exaggerated stories. She used neighbors for free childcare all the time, dumped them on elderly neighbors who found it hard to say no. Basically 3 neighbors came forward and their versions of her all seem to corroborate with each other.

No. 981984

Ethans body is so disgusting, I feel sorry for his poor wife who has to have sex with him.

No. 981992

I'm pretty sceptical about her claims that he had reactive attachment disorder. How can someone confidently diagnose a nonverbal autistic 4 year old with that? He also has a brain cyst and tumor to complicate things.

The main symptoms of RAD and ASD overlap massively. A lack of eye contact is present in autism, difficulty connecting with people..autism, and emotional outbursts or what look like tantrums. She showed him having what were clearly autistic meltdowns from sensory overload and she labelled his autistic meltdowns as tantrums? That lovely clip of her telling him to 'get over himself' is her mistaking a very common and easily recognised autism behaviour and then literally saying "look everyone Huxley has been tantruming all day" He likely does struggle with some attachment issues like a lot of adoptees (and again a lot of autistics and nonverbal kids) She's insanely uninformed about autism despite him definitely being diagnosed with level 3 autism. Tbh I think she realised that based on that level of autism alone he'll need some sort of support for life and she noped out on realising that.

No. 982016

Trisha said they have a dead bedroom but it's Trisha so take it with a grain of salt.

No. 982020

Speaking of Trisha she has been in some drama with a thot called Nina unrated.
Nina basically made videos saying how she got so much money from trisha because trisha used her affiliate link to sign up for onlyfans.
Trisha then saw that and cancelled all the affiliate money.
Now Nina says she wants to sue Trisha over that.
Now the reactions are mixed I see some people blaming trisha and I see some blaming Nina.

No. 982193

File: 1591063547354.png (5.37 KB, 1011x109, Screenshot_2020-06-01 Reactive…)

Holly shit, I was reading about RAD and one of the symptoms is showing more affection to strangers than to the caretaker and it fits so well with her saying he 'wanted to be re-homed' because he showed more affection to other people in their weird underground re-homing thing.
Shit, this woman is a monster.

No. 982327

> it fits so well with her saying he 'wanted to be re-homed'
The problem is though.. you can't believe anything she says. I mean the whole reason this story blew up is because she made that video shifting the blame onto everyone else including 'docs telling her to rehome him'. If she was just honest and didn't bullshit her way through the vid we might not of even heard of this. She was caught lying about alot of the details already. She wanted to adopt him so badly, her and her husband are the only ones responsible for taking him in in the first place and her and her husband are the decision makers behind him being given up.

This is the same woman who claimed he's 'in his forever home' and when people looked into it he was found to be in foster care. She's trying her hardest to paint a narrative where she didn't damage or further traumatise this child. That can't be true. This kid has no say in where he goes. It wasn't too long ago that the husband while filming a vlog of huxley said that he had a mental age closer to one than to four.

No. 982392

Man. I used to really like their content when I was younger but Ethan is just so dumb. He plays so much into youtube drama, makes really uneducated political statements, and uses his platform to highlight some really awful people (Jordan Peterson, Joey Salads, for ex.)

No. 982534

Anyone keeping up with situation between john swan, repzion and drama and opinions? (mostly between the latter two)

No. 982845

>Trisha said they have a dead bedroom
What the fuck is wrong with people? I can't think of anything that's more "not your business" than what goes on between a couple in their bedroom. I hate when ppl use that shit to hurt others.

No. 983364

Didn't want to necro her thread, but Amberlynn has uterine cancer

No. 983366

holy shit what
"womb cancer"
i can't take the hyperventilation

No. 983369

She admits that her weight is part of the problem and says it's her fault, but I still don't think this will be the wake up call she needs to lose weight. If she gets treatment and lives, I bet she'll be right back to stuffing her face.

No. 983370

She'd had extremely heavy bleeding for ages. First time she ever went to a gynaecologist, at age 30. They did a D&C and a biopsy and it came back positive.

No. 983412

This is going to sound heartless, but even if she's finally not crying wolf, she's done so so many times in the past I honestly can't even feel bad for her. She's still not going to fix her other shit. We'll hear "updates" when it's convenient for her to use to deflect criticism, as usual, and it'll be her new go-to excuse. My bet's on her gaining even more.

No. 983428

Apparently uterine cancer has a very high survival rate with a hysterectomy, but I wonder if she’s too fat to get any surgery right now. I hope this is a wake up call and she finally turns her life around but part of me doubts it.

No. 983456

Dude wtf you’re on lolcow, the epitome of gossiping about shit like this lmao

No. 983675

I think it's strange that trisha was somehow allowed to retroactively cancel the affiliate gains but I also think it was stupid to brag and say "look at all the money I made off of this person" and not expect a person like trisha to hit you with action. Like girl your bragging cost you 16k that Trisha would've never missed if you had just kept your mouth shut.

No. 983682

I hate to say this given the new diagnosis but.. she got so much support after the ER trip and so many kind comments with 'haydur reaction channels' even going easy on her and wishing her well.. and then she made another video where she complains about people being 'sociopaths and sadcases' if they dare to critisise her.

It's very hard to sit through being told 'you're all jealous and pathetic pieces of shit with no lives' in one vid and to then cry for her now.

No. 983729


I feel like a lot of that stems from this jadedness he has developed around internet culture. He seems really over it but at the same time, he wants to get as much coin as possible for the future, so he caters to the retards online because they bring in the bucks.

No. 983752

File: 1591379613873.png (156.46 KB, 680x468, 1591351957080.png)

No. 983760


Ethan is fucking insufferable.

No. 983762

Just came across this video from a whole 2 years ago where amber had been sharing symptoms and this woman with uterine cancer warned her that she had the same symptoms before diagnosis. Has she been walking around with cancer all this time?

No. 983767

Trishas annoying and dumb but tbh does this girl really think she can sue someone because she's not getting free money from someone else's popularity on onlyfans kek.

Is trisha really obligated to stay signed up with an affiliate link if she doesn't want to? Its certainly petty but I don't think she has any ground to sue someone just because she's butthurt she's not getting east money anymore. Trisha didn't sign a contract with her.

No. 983774

Seems pointless to sue when trisha can pay for better legal advice than most? And I'm not a trish fan by any means but it's hard to feel bad for someone when their bragging backfires on them.

No. 983791

I mean, he isn't wrong

No. 984091

Haydur nation is shaking that they might lose their cash cow. Afraid that they might actually have to get a job.

No. 984112

YDHB has still been crapping on amber during all this, saying shit like "even horrible people don't deserve cancer" Gorl just say amber doesn't deserve it without calling her horrible at the same time?? Seriously can't understand what personal issue young dumb bitchy hun has with her.

I mean I've seen all the stunts ambie has pulled over the years and still can't fathom the level of hate this woman clutches to. It's been days since the cancer diagnosis, have a fucking heart or some awareness on when it's best to shut up.

No. 984120

Ethan is such a piece of shit.

No. 984168

Her ego has doubled ever since she started doing her face reaction videos and more cash started pouring in

Out of all the reaction channels, YDHB comes off as the most vain and money hungry, i don't know if it's that she trolls Kiwifarms or that she developed a vendetta over the years but you can tell how much she detests Amberlynn on almost to point that she's just no longer reacting but just straight up bullying like she's in high school or something

No. 984464

Funny thing is, Amber had cancer the whole time YDHB was bitching about her and calling her a shit person who deserved no sympathy. This despite Amber obviously being mentally ill, a troll but mentally ill.

No. 984465

Life by Jen is a lolcow and massive troll in her own right, fyi. A lot of people doubt she really has cancer. But at the same time, yes, Amber probably had symptoms going way back that she ignored.

No. 984857

Myka Stauffer is now copyright claiming a bunch of vids that were made on her, have seen a few different tubers mention it today. It's the type of claim where the vid is left up but all income from the vid now goes to Myka.. meaning she's still making money off of Huxley

No. 984879

YDHB is so full of herself, you could tell when she reacted to Tom Harlock's ALR video she was fully expecting his compliments and attention in return for what she was saying about him, basically just fully asslicking him and talking about how charming he is. Then mentioning that she has a bf? She's got some severe ego issues.

No. 984910

She's going the route paved by Onision and many others like her. Everyone already hates her so she might as well just keep playing the role of villain.

No. 984912

I think the initial compliments she received after her face reveal gave her a false sense of confidence. Congratulations, you're the most average looking person in the Haydur Nation.

Being a soft 6 (with makeup) in a group of 3s and 4s isn't an achievement. And neither is trying to one up a morbidly obese person with mental health issues

No. 984930

i mean this is lolcow but who cares if they have a dead bedroom, they just had a kid and they've been married for a long time. sometimes that's just how it is after you get comfortable

No. 985130

trisha thinks this is the ultimate insult bc she gets attention and validation for her "sex appeal" (vomit). afaik most ppl think she's ugly af and pathetic and just laugh at her gross patreon and horrendous boob job.

trisha is probs just jealous of all long-term relationships bc she's a sugar mama cum dumpster who can't get a man to stick around

No. 985184

File: 1591718366437.png (375.76 KB, 1080x631, Screenshot_20200609-164950~2.p…)

Yeah the compliments really went to her head, like you pointed out the haydur nation isn't exactly made up of beauty queens. Seeing her without makeup on a Livestream lately was interesting… Got me wondering how she'd feel if people took still frames of her looking like a potato and made line art in the same style she did with amber?

No. 985191

Nta but is pic related because that looks like light make-up to me?

No. 985195

I can see light make up too but she claimed to be make up free in the stream. Looked noticably different than in all her vids so it's at least pretty scaled back from the full face she wears.

No. 985360


Super tinfoil but I swear at times trisha strikes me as someone who isn’t really into sex despite how she acts. She is way more into food lol.

No. 985388

She definitely has some makeup on in this despite how potato she looks. Lip gloss, brows, and looks like a bit of eyeshadow and blush.

No. 985421

Where's the tinfoil anon? This is blatantly obvious

No. 985423


I thought it was just me being crazy so I wasn’t sure if anyone else noticed lol. After seeing her sad attempt at “porn” with Chad Johnson, it really clicked for me that she is clowning us all.

No. 985453

She isn't ugly, but she has a punchable face due to her permanently smug expression.
If she hadn't tried so hard to seem like a bad bitch she might have skated by with her dry personality. But instead she ruined her future career prospects for some quick coins

No. 985537

Funny seeing her now scramble to find new things to react to, ambers cancer sure is getting in the way of that easy coin

She's suddenly covering family channels, child abuse, DID and playing up her knowledge on psychology cos y'know she took a class on it.. I can easily see her getting in more drama by overestimating her knowledge on these topics.

No. 985561

Countdown until she contradicts herself and starts shilling BetterHelp for those sweet dollar dollar bills.

No. 985583

File: 1591799090112.png (1.63 MB, 1030x966, Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 9.24…)

The psych content is cringe. No one with an undergrad degree in psych is remotely qualified to educate others or speculate about a stranger's mental health. There's been a huge surge in true crime and psychology content on YouTube, but 95% of the people just use Wiki or basic psych resources to pass as experts.

I can't speak for the UK, but her online footprint would be a huge red flag to any reputable psych grad program. She has no empathy, the most important tool for psych.

But on a more basic note, she's so into herself she posted this pic on Twitter herself. Nice to see how painfully overdrawn her lips are in natural light…

No. 985594


Ffs, she should just get fillers instead of wasting time and effort (shoddily) overdrawing them. It’s so obvious. Her natural lips aren’t even thin or anything.
Anyway, I always laugh when she chimps out on her community posts when god forbid, anybody has any criticism about her, she’s a major cunt.

No. 985622

You can tell she's pretty insecure under all that posturing she does. I mean she had that whole rant of
> I'm an educated woman, I have a boyfriend and my skin is clear, honey!
Why would any secure woman need to rant like that? or constantly compare herself to a 5 hundred pound woman. Yes ydhb we are all doing better in life than amber, that goes without saying and is hardly a brag.

No. 985626

Insecure people bully those who are lesser than them to feel secure and validated, to ignore that they don't like themselves or their own lives.

No. 985630

God she is so fucking insufferable, she's honestly cow material.

No. 985651

I genuinely don't understand why people always call her pretty, even when critiquing her. She looks like a smug below-average ethot or even a younger Moo.

She's obviously such a massive bully because she's insecure about herself, and if she picks on an easy target (aka someone as easy to dislike as ALR) she knows she can get away with it without much pushback.

No. 985660

imo she looks really pretty in thumbnails but in actual videos average or slightly above average depending on her makeup. i find it uncomfortable how she acts like such a bully and can't sit through a video, i feel like an irl bystander to a helpless kid getting picked on by some older bully.

No. 985663

YDHB seems to genuinely hate Amber, whereas most casual viewers just find her amusing or pathetic. To be that emotionally invested in someone on the internet is weird.
She uses X/Y/Z excuse to make videos about Amber because she's a "bad person" for things she's done years ago, but the truth is it's because she's fat. The Haydur Nation is about making fun of fat people, even as they try to virtue signal about ~mental health~. And all of them are about to get reamed by the new YouTube TOS

No. 985668

She's very pretty BUT once you start to dislike someone and find them arrogant you kinda ignore that and their ugly personality kinda merges with their face. Now she just seems like every mean girl in school.

No. 985671

It's ironic cause all of them at least are carrying a little extra weight, if not outright fat like Charlie Gold.

No. 985673

agreed. personally the only "haydur" who i have seen videos of that i didn't find insufferable is zachary micheal but even with him i'm nt a huge fan. there was one who is obese and also has an obese gf like ok we get it you aren't AS fat as nearly 600lb amberlynn, congrats! such a weird community lmao

No. 985678

In the livestreams with less makeup on she looked younger and plain imo. She controls her angles to flatter but has slight jowls in the angle shown on stream.

Got to wonder though, if all she has to do is put on a bunch of make up to soak up compliments.. then what is she so bitter about? Very early on into watching her I remember wondering what her upbringing was like because something clearly isn't right with her.

No. 985682

Nta but, I watch 'the gaining ground' and he's the only one keeping it light hearted and comedic enough for me to enjoy. Charlie gold and co turned on him lately when he spoke out about the ydhb merch being a step too far. A week later amber announced her cancer and they all suddenly fell silent lol. What a difference a week can make! C'mon haydurs tell us how amber is a monster and deserves everything that she gets..

No. 985683

ydhb is the ultimate retarded psychology student, it's hilarious. middling intelligence bitches will go to one undergrad class and think they're Sigmund freud now lmao

No. 985687

> ydhb is the ultimate retarded psychology student
This. I looked through the comments on a couple of her latest vids expecting people to point this out, but I'm guessing she watches her comment section closely.

I watched her early videos where she only did narration and she could barely string a sentence together at times. She comes out with the same retarded shit that amber does where she mixes two different popular phrases together or muddles up two words to make a whole new one.

No. 985696

Eh, I think this is disingenuous. There are plenty of morbidly obese YTers who don't get constantly talked about by haydur nation. People like ALR and Chantal are legitimate cows: they're bitchy, train wrecks, and manipulative. They are, of course, incredibly fascinating to watch, as they're literally eating themselves to death on the internet for thousands of people to see, but they certainly aren't hated because they're fat. That logic is what bitter fat women come up with as a sad excuse to condemn haydur nation.

The sheer magnitude of their fatness is certainly fascinating, but that alone isn't enough to make reaction videos to. It's the cow-behavior that makes them perfect targets.

I think Charlie Gold and YDHB are huge cows themselves, but I digress.

Big facts. She acts so "enlightened" and she's still in fucking undergrad. It's actually so cringe that she speaks about mental health as if she has any authority on the topic whatsoever. Newsflash: any of us can read some psychology textbooks, and we'd be just as qualified as your dumb ass.

No. 985705

YDHB is natively Polish.

No. 985711

i second this, the gaining ground seems to be one of the few "reaction" channels that isnt fattie picking on fattie for being fat. plus he actually includes health advice which is ten times more useful than anything regularly coming out of hayder naysh. would recommend.

No. 985715

Of course they're cows, but they're fat cows. If the haydur nation had diversified their content (before all of the recent events) and covered non-fat cows I would get it. But there's a very obvious common dominator in the majority of their targets.

But yeah, some of them turned in to cows themselves and earned their own threads on the other farms.

No. 985718

File: 1591827237060.png (718.55 KB, 1272x681, lmao.PNG)

Sometimes I feel like YDHB and Amberlynn give off the same vibe.

Especially when people called out/criticised ydhb for selling her ugly amberlynn line art, her reaction is basically how Amberlynn would react to her "hayders"

ydhb and amberlynn are basically have the same ego, wannabe bad bitch personality, lack of empathy and money hungry.

The only contrast is the 400 pounds difference, Amberylnn is hungry for food while ydhb is hungry for compliments.

No. 985723

Zachary Michael is a lot more tolerable than the others and seems to offer good advice when compared to the others for sure. He's not as vitriolic as YDHB, that's for sure.

No. 985744

The fake freckles she draws between her eyebrows look like acne scarring. And once again she's overdrawn her lips like a chola

No. 985753


You’re right. It’s like how Charlie Gold seems to genuinely hate Chantal. YDHB is like those people where you’re like kinda light heartedly roasting your friends and then the one asshole comes in and says something way too real or out of line and everyone is just like wtf? Like bitch, it ain’t that serious, get your lame, unfunny merch and gtfo. You’re not funny, you’re just trying to get some low hanging fruit ass pats off reacting to/making fun of Amber. At least be funny if you’re going to be mean, otherwise you’re just a bitch.

No. 985885

He is the best, I hope he takes care of his mental health.
I don't think he will be making any more content he said :( hope i am wrong, he makes me smile!!!

No. 985978

iirc he's just on an extended hiatus due to his mental health, right? He'll probably come back eventually.

No. 986032

Sorry if this has already been touched on elsewhere but is anyone following the Bon Appétit drama?

No. 986042

Go on…

No. 986047

What do you guys think of michaelbepetty/michael lawrence?
He can be really fucking mean but I think he's the funniest haydur. Zachary Michael is wholesome and I love seeing his dog judy in his videos.

No. 986060

File: 1591899425410.jpeg (86.34 KB, 750x1066, EZ_x3PPXYAczCMN.jpeg)

I'm on mobile so forgive me if this isn't the best summary but a photo surfaced of the editor in chief, Adam Rapoport, in what some people are calling "brown face." Soon afterwards one of the chefs, Sohla, came out and revealed that white editors are paid for their video appearances whereas she and other people of color were not. This has led to an avalanche of employees past and present corroborating Sohla's experience and voicing their own stories with regards to BA's toxic work culture and lack of representation/diversity, as well as people digging through other employee's social media for dirt. One chef, Alex Delany, is currently being canceled after people found a picture of a confederate flag cake he made on his tumblr and a vine where he uses the f slur. So far Rapoport and head of programming, Matt Duckor have stepped down and many of the chefs are refusing to appear in videos until the situation is resolved.

No. 986065

File: 1591899861252.jpg (1.18 MB, 2560x2560, IMG_PITU_20200611_142224.jpg)


Here are Sohla's IG stories where she denounces Rapoport and calls out BA and a link to the buzzfeed article she spoke about the situation in which provides a bit more info: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/skbaer/bon-appetit-adam-rapoport-brown-face-racism

No. 986068

I don't think he deserves to be canceled for the cake, he was a teen when he made it and it seems he made it as a joke for his friend who was moving down south, like to make fun of her kinda? The vine is fucking ridiculous though, he would have been 21 when he made that and should have known better. Of all the test kitchen chefs to do some dumb shit like that, it'd be him that does it.

The stuff about Sohla does my fucking head in though. I've watched hours of test kitchen vids and never would have guessed she wasn't even getting paid for her work.

No. 986070

Honestly I found YDHB through her shitpost ytp-style Amberlynn parodies which I thought were pretty funny, and I didn't have a problem with her until it started to become clear that she didn't just find Amberlynn amusingly pathetic, she definitely hated her and it was weird watching her trying to justify her hatred through her ignorant Psych videos when in reality, she's just as immature as Amber. People were once calling her for saying that her viewers love her so much and were requesting personal life videos (ie grwm videos), when in reality she gets only a few thousand views at most on the videos focusing on herself and tons of views on the videos focused on Amber.

Also gotta point out how much she facetune her thumbnails, clicking on her thumbnail and then seeing her mildly chunky, average and flabby face in the actual video is kind of jarring. But she'll say the people who point that out are jealous, I'm sure.

No. 986073

>People were once calling her for saying that her viewers love her so much and were requesting personal life videos (ie grwm videos), when in reality she gets only a few thousand views at most on the videos focusing on herself and tons of views on the videos focused on Amber.
I remember when she first started showing her face and uploading vlogs people were complaining about her deleting their critical comments. She's as big of a narcissist as Amber. She can delete comments all she likes but the views on her vids tell the truth.

No. 986104

File: 1591904440288.jpg (237.65 KB, 1119x1905, z6na1aa5v3451.jpg)

The drama is crazy it's like a circular firing squad going on! The myth of a quirky workplace just imploded in a mater of days. Someone conveniently has dirt on someone else. It's like high school but with knifes Apparently Andy had someone's story almost get shelved because he didn't like that Antoni Porowski was the subject.

No. 986112

I used to enjoy watching them, but Michael became a lot less funny over time. I also thought it was weird how angry he got when Amber pointed out he wasn't losing weight in a passing comment. Even when she apologized, he wouldn't accept it and continued to be salty.
He shouldn't be that fragile when he makes snide comments about literally every aspect of her life. A lot of it is still funny, but it just revealed how insecure he probably is about his own weight gain

No. 986117

We can only guess but imagine Andy getting passed over for Queer Eye and holding a huge grudge.

The Bon Appetit clickbait homemade choco taco 40 minute videos had really started to get to me. Even the cooks seemed to know the videos have no reason being that long.

No. 986123

he really shouldn't be talking about amber's weight with how big he is. i feel like with these bigger haydurs they're projecting their hatred of themselves onto amber. that's not to say amber's behavior doesn't warrant criticism because she does.

No. 986145

Have you seen screenshots from the facebook pages dedicated to shitting on her? I'm not nor have I ever been a part of any, but I've seen plenty of screenshots and purely 85% of the women and men cracking jokes about Amber and criticizing her weight are whales, and if they arent whales they're well on their way to being her size. So many of the comments and posts are coming from women who post pictures of themselves freely, and you can tell they're obviously projecting because they're fat as fuck and salty that Amber makes money off of it. They're at their happiest when they're posting selfies of themselves at torrid talking about how they're only a 2XL compared "their gurrls" 6XL. Even YDHB is a chunkster when she's not wearing oversized sweatshirts to hide it. When people were pointing it out in her comment section, she got salty and started deleting comments and replying in her usual immature way, and that's when her face tuning got more intense. Sadly, it's hard to facetune chunk hands.

No. 986156

File: 1591910819674.png (726.54 KB, 896x700, Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 4.27…)

Most of the Facebook and Reddit pages were taken down for bullying, causing the slightly less obese women to wring their hands about where to post their Torrid comparison pictures. There were some hilarious ones, but I could only find a pic from the other farms

This is why YDHB sees like a 10/10 in their community

No. 986158

> I also thought it was weird how angry he got when Amber pointed out he wasn't losing weight in a passing comment.
Yeah, this made me start to find him weird for sure.

YDHB is absolutely chubby, she just uses angles but she has no knuckles or wrists.

No. 986175

This is my first time hearing about YDHB but she literally has a neck tattoo, a wire mesh at that, you can hardly get any trashier than that, so why is anybody even listening to her, one would think that the people shitting on Amberlynn would rip somebody like her apart as well.
I never found Amberlynn funny as a cow, it was always obvious that she wouldn't grow old, cancer or not. There are so many videos with thousands of views solely about counting how many calories she eats, who is entertained by that?

No. 986214

I am a Judy fan too!

I have never watched Michaelbepetty is he worth watching?

No. 986227

File: 1591922367185.png (748.67 KB, 1184x565, cringetats.PNG)

She also has tattoos that say "not yours" and "erotica" under her tits and posted it on the internet, as if her neck tattoos aren't cringe enough.

No. 986233

I know these days the medical / psych field is a lot more open-minded, but a tacky neck tattoo, pics of your boob tattoos, and an extensive collection of videos hating on a 600 lb woman is not a good look as a potential candidate

No. 986280

I know people were also upset that only white crew members got shows. POC are only reoccurring guests. I’ve also seen someone point out that Delany isn’t actually a chef, they call him a drink maker or some shit, but he’s just a graphic designer. According to his Linkedin, he’s a web editor turned production manager, with zero culinary experience (compared to Sohla’s 15 years of experience), yet who got a whole series? Of course you could say maybe they didn’t want a whole show, but it’s most likely they were never offered once in the first place.

No. 986291

Anyone who's not a hamplanet themselves wouldn't even see a difference between the two. Must be embarrassing to only "look good" in comparison to a morbidly obese person.

No. 986339

Honestly, I totally feel for Hawa about only getting paid $400 per video when she was on, but I also think she was pretty boring. I rewatched her 4 eps when this all happened and like.. I get why they turned her down for her own show when she pitched one.

No. 986349

I'm pretty fucking mad about Sohla not getting paid bc she is the most intelligent and interesting chef they have at BA. She tends to go into food chemistry which is fun and tries to experiment with ingredients/processes.

Can't believe Molly gets her own series. I like her personality but the bitch just slathers things in butter and salt and calls it a day.

No. 986350

File: 1591939708153.png (125.19 KB, 1134x1137, rt_drama.png)

Not sure if this is necessarily the right thread since they are youtubers but also have their own site, but has anyone been staying up to date with everything going on with Rooster Teeth? Does anyone else here care about the drama? If not, I'll see myself out tbh. There's just no where to talk about it without the fans getting butthurt if you dare criticize them.

Mica makes tweets regarding the company being racist and allowing racism in the community. Was told they cared more about her famous dad, essentially. Then Fiona goes on podcast and claims "if you don't find me funny, you are racist and sexist" which seems to make BLM somehow about her unfunny ass when it's a much more serious issue. THEN we find out co-founder Joel Heyman is leaving the company after "a thing" happened, meaning some bad blood since they apparently just stopped bringing him in.

I don't know, I want more details about all the drama inside the company but they seem to keep things very closed off and hard to get answers for. The company definitely seems on it's last fucking leg at this point, though. In the past year they laid off, what, 15% of their company? Then blamed it on the fans for not being there. After they priced jacked their sponsorships. Geoff crying about having to fire people because the fans essentially didn't support them enough. The whole company is a sinking ship and it's a real disappointment.

No. 986355

I’ve been a consumer of their content for the past 6 years and it really makes me sad to see them come to the points that they have. I’m hoping they pick up steam once more eventually in the future but with how things are going now, RWBY, Camp Camp, And Achievement Hunter seem to be the only things that have future longevity lmao

No. 986358

Even RWBY has gone down hill a lot, though. Every since Monty died, their was a noticeable degradation of the story and RWBY brand. That fucking chibi show seemed in such bad taste, you know Monty wouldn't have wanted it. Plus they fired a bunch of the animators and actors after Monty died and kicked out his wife who had all of his notes and vision in mind. Shane Newville released that open letter full of clear bitterness towards what Rooster Teeth did to Monty's work. I think that was the beginning of the end for them, it's all been down from there.

No. 986369

I couldn't give a shit about Mica, she was cringy and unfunny as fuck, and so is Fiona, but that's the first I've heard about Joel. That really fucking sucks.

No. 986374

I was also shocked. She gets so much love from fans and has so much interesting experiences to share. I hope she gets her check and more checks in the future.

No. 986400

I used to be big into rooster teeth, but stopped watching everything a while back around when Geoff and Griffin got divorced. I want to know more about what happened with Joel, I had no idea he even left until now. There’s gotta be a lot of shit going on behind the scenes.

No. 986434

I never thought Bon Appetit of all channels would be caught up in a huge racism controversy like this, 2020 is truly a year to remember

No. 986444

File: 1591972596471.jpeg (299.2 KB, 750x1098, B6D752D9-8B43-418B-8AE3-2602CB…)

In regards to BA drama, apparently Carla has been caught up in it too, though it’s iffy. I haven’t seen the email for myself 1/2

No. 986445

File: 1591972631846.jpeg (380.2 KB, 750x1090, 9F068922-7165-4DD6-ADD7-08CE05…)

No. 986454

File: 1591976571150.png (68.06 KB, 720x397, EaLYR_BX0AcxNVq.png)

Here's the email, which Carla posted. I honestly don't think the email itself is that bad, but the fact that Delany got the same email and yet continued to break the rule without consequences is definitely representative of the culture at BA which Carla herself said in one of her tweets about the issue

No. 986459

File: 1591977582030.jpg (55.3 KB, 549x576, Capture.JPG)

not wking her but come the fuck on, she isn't chubby. Focus on her shitty behaviour instead of nitpicking her weight.

No. 986475

She has babyfat (or whatever it's called) in her face and like another anon said she wears oversized sweatshirts so as someone who just followed her on yt and not on other social media I was never sure what size she is.

If she's slim it's even weirder that she does the constant comparison thing with amber. We know that most other reaction channels are projecting their own fat-hate into her but what shit is ydhb projecting? Cos it very much feels like a form of projection.

No. 986479

has anything come up about Claire?

No. 986487

Not that I've seen but here's the statement she made https://www.instagram.com/p/CBTz1adjppL/?igshid=1fxwbb8vf0x1l

No. 986516

File: 1591988167899.png (1.48 MB, 1116x1314, Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 1.54…)

Not trying to be an ana-chan, but she heavily face tunes almost all of her instragram posts. Sure, she's not obese, she just has an unfortunately round face and is an in-between size that looks chubby in baggy clothing

No. 986534

Nice job picking a facetuned and angled picture to wk with, instead of one of the various stills from her videos and livestreams that showcase her sausage fingers, jowls and cankles.

No. 986536

> Jowls
Exactly, she has them in all live vids

No. 986692

File: 1592022500376.png (201.31 KB, 614x720, b1Lgm5s.png)

No. 986696

That looks obese fam.

No. 986720

File: 1592031518019.jpeg (29 KB, 413x395, C71FF568-D201-4AC6-8B4B-92DE39…)

why would she post that when people could clearly see how she really looks like. If you’re gonna deceive people at least be consistent

No. 986811

She shoops the hell out of her insta pics because whether it's obvious or not she needs every compliment she can get

No. 986850

Jeffre Star got exposed for his weird hate obsession with James.
A drama channel also exposed him for telling her to go and make hate videos about james.
Im guessing he has done this to other drama channels as well and people were right about some drama channels being on his payroll.

No. 986883

I know it's literally not the point, but imagine LeVar Burton coming for you and your company publicly because you couldn't be normal to his daughter damn! I was a big RT fan until around 2012 when I just sort of grew out of it, and every update I hear about the company is more insane the last.
lmao anon please check out the threads on sheena here before you cry any tears for her.

No. 987047

NTA but I used to be really into RT back in the day and IDK what Mica expected since she used her dad to get noticed by the company in the first place. She was just a normal fan but then they started noticing and talking to her after she chose to send them a signed headshot of her dad and even before she started working there she got on their big extra life stream cause she brought her dad with her.

She's all talk too if you look at her feed half of her BLM posts are her talking about how it affects her and calling other people to action while doing the bare minimum. She's so obviously a spoiled rich girl who never worked for anything in her life.

No. 987214

What I hate about this bitch is, she changed the offensive merch without ever taking any real criticism for it. All was forgiven a day later. But even now, weeks later, any other youtubers who dared to say the merch was offensive are still being harrassed by charlie G and her mob.

Gainingground has been dealing with it for weeks, I watched a couple of livestreams where he's mad from all the harrassment and people are labelling him manic for simply being pissed off. There are fake claims that he's racist and a fucking pedo. They're baiting him and then using his annoyance to make out like he's mad.

Right after he spoke about the merch he had brand new twitter accounts being created and tweeting at him all day. He tweeted back at one real account saying she should spend time with her kids instead of spending hours on him.. that's somehow escalated to him being 'obsessed with my kids, someone needs to check this mans harddrive' Charlie gold liked the tweet. Oh and they've found his address, tweeted it out a bunch of times and told his employer that he's a pedo. That is the insane snowball effect of not agreeing with her shitty merch or with these peoples opinions.

No. 987238

Those psychos just doxed GainingGround yesterday too. When Charlie was doxed, everyone flipped their shit, but all off the sudden its ok to do it to a man that has done nothing except comment on some ugly merch? Kek. He is one of the few reaction channels who I can tolerate. He doesn't sperg out with hateful comments that go way too far like most of the others.

Also, just to mention, Michaelbepetty is gross. The guy can't get on camera with a clean shirt on ever. Funny how he berates obese women when he himself is obese, and he looks like he has been doused in all sorts of food grease.

No. 987252

Same. Her entire time ar RT had multiple people going "She's only there because her dad's famous and they like him" only to be met with "No, she's there because she' talented, funny, etc" and this… kind of just proves she was hired on because of who her dad is. I tried to like her when I still watched AH, but she wasn't anything special and didn't really seem to bring anything to table.
( I did, however, like her when she did OWL post-match interiews.)

I am curious as to what happened between Joel and the rest of RT. I liked him. I remember a few years back I had a conversation with him on Twitter where we exchanged cat gifs for, like, two hours.

No. 987254

I wonder how many of those fake accounts are actually charlie (or the others) I mean pedo allegations out of nowhere..I don't even see diehard charlie fans being that invested. His mother has dementia and he has troll accounts asking him whether his mom recognises him today or if she's dead yet.

All this because he disliked young dumb honey buns merch and because his style of reaction is a little kinder and more humor based, haydur nation is acting unhinged at this point. They can't attack cancerlynn so I guess they're just directing their hate anywhere now?

No. 987467

Exactly, haydur nation fans are obsessive but i don't see any motive for them to cancel GG. If anything, Charlie appeared to be in the wrong in most viewers eyes according to the comments on her last youtube community posts. They cant go after Amber, because of the health issues. And they can't go after Chantal, because GainingGround has humanized her and made her seem somewhat likeable. So these cows have no one to milk but themselves haha!

No. 987847

File: 1592258230955.png (321.1 KB, 759x521, creepshow.PNG)

Anyone else think Creepshow Art is kind of a cow? She's 26 and married yet constantly liking tweets that are against her, even if they're from small accounts. Plus her bio speaks for itself.

No. 987851

Yes creepshow is a cow and I'm glad others are taking notice. She's too self-righteous and made false accusations in her videos. I genuinely hate YouTubers who steal content from lolcow and kf.

No. 988371

Wait her name is familiar… wasn't she the one who linked a lolcow thread in her community tab as evidance or something?

No. 988805

File: 1592462145634.png (54.11 KB, 739x383, 54456.png)

dunno if anyone here gives a shit, but PeachSaliva/Paige (girlfriend of Pat Boivin/PatStaresAt, formerly of Two Best Friends Play) posted a vaguetweet about being assaulted by a prominent youtuber, and another about her and Pat taking another prominent youtuber to court. I still follow Pat and Woolie post-TBFP-breakup so I'm dying to know who it is lol. I definitely remember there being a time when Pat missed the Super Best Friends Podcast because he was in court.

No. 988806

File: 1592462176748.jpeg (616.23 KB, 1242x1837, 080A12AC-245E-48E3-B183-D630F9…)

post about Paige and Pat taking someone to court

No. 988807

File: 1592462259137.png (175.75 KB, 1223x490, 25158641657486186454.png)

and some speculation taken from kiwifarms

No. 988808

>What do you guys think of michaelbepetty/michael lawrence?

Landwhale male going after a woman a bit more obese than he is so he can feel better about still being a fat piece of shit. At least Zach is actually likable and entertaining, I like that disgusting little twinky cackle/laugh he does in his videos, and he's actually fair/nice/not fat to be commenting on ALR.

No. 988821

I don’t think the person they’re talking about is that popular of a YouTuber since the people the TBF group is pretty small.

My only guess would be someone from normal boots?

No. 988826

Idk but I’ve accidentally clicked on her videos then clicked off because of that awful annoying voice. It’s Ike nails on a chalkboard

No. 988843

Did she say when this happened?
Ughh, my heart still aches from the TBFP breakup. I wonder what happened that led them feel like they can no longer make videos together

No. 988877

From what Wooly and Pat say, Matt wanted complete financial control and to make them employees.

No. 989008


is that it? because I understood the total opposite, that matt was starting to zone out of TBFP and pat/matt were having increasing arguments and disagreements. Considering Woolie was the common link between them, it reads like they were never really friends to begin with; not to mention Liam vs. Pat going poorly, Liam hangs out with Matt still and I think he may hang out with Woolie, but he avoids Pat

I think Matt wanted to put more control and creativity in his solo channel for reviews + crymetina his wife would encourage this (idk some people have some bad feelings about her and I'm on the fence but she seems overall harmless just maybe a "yes man" to matt) + the liam thing + he wasn't getting on with pat

No. 989119


They've never talked publicly about what caused the breakup so it's all speculation.

Liam is the only window with his salty tweet (now gone) about Pat being hard to work with.

As for Paige, I don't think it would be hard to figure out which YouTuber did this.

1. Most of them aren't relevant anymore
2. She said it was the "fake positivity" type
3. It was at a con that not only Paige but Pat also went to. Considering how little Pat goes out, this means it's likely MagFest, which narrows it down but I'm having trouble finding lists of past guests aside from the musical acts

No. 989314

these guys have tried to pawn mega64 for years, glad theyre finally dying

No. 989370

I have no trouble believing pat is hard to work with tbh, he seems incredibly neurotic. Leads to entertaining moments like the centipede story, but actually working with him every day is probably exhausting.

No. 989509

unrelated but what's the deal with mega? I see them paraded like thwy're this untouchable comedy gods or beloved to the level of RLM, yet their comedy sketches are so subpar. Why is there such an untouchable air around them?

No. 989562

gokanaru made a response to ethan

No. 989574

same here. I rewatched some episodes that he did with Matt right before the breakup and he's insufferable, constantly shouting over him and barely letting him speak

No. 989579

On the heels of this: Burnie Burns is leaving RT but still doing contract work for them. However, he's also moving out of the US.

That leaves Gus, Matt and Geoff left as the originals.

I was really sad to have seen Bruce and Lawrence go from FH.

No. 989580

she's a total cow but to save myself a spergfest ill copy and paste this reply from one of the previous bad artist threads (18 i think?) that summed up a lot of shared feelings pretty well:

I'm gonna sperg for a moment but I honestly prefer her not having her own thread. Don't get me wrong, I despise her unfunny pickme ass, her inconsistent stories, her obvious clickbait and bullshit uploads for attention, and her obvious lurking on here which she consistently brings up to show how 'self aware' she thinks she is, but giving her her own thread is exactly what she wants.

i don't even think it's about her being boring either. her voice is annoying, her videos are poorly made and mass-produced and she doesn't even use her own shitty art for them anymore, so many of her stories are obvious exaggerated, pure bullshit, or her putting herself in an angle to where her edgy preteen fans who believe anything she says will continue to push the narrative that she's a victim (even though most of her drama she starts or inserts herself into). I'm sure if someone cared enough to look into her stories or claims, she'd have plenty of milk.

but she barely makes art, creepshow art as a name at this point means nothing because all of her videos are clickbait surface level drama channel bullshit with art that isn't even hers playing behind it. she obviously lurks here for ammo to use, so giving her the relevance of having her own thread or mentioning her is just feeding her ego. i'd rather she just stay in the corner looking like the irrelevant clout chaser she is

No. 989592

If Pat's the unreasonable one, why are he and Wollie still working together and Matt is solo?

Common sense people.

No. 989598

I'm >>989370 and I definitely think Matt's worse because he's sensitive and a downer, it's just easy to see why people would burn out working with Pat. Woolie has the personality to put up with him and is also able to clown on him and call him out without sounding like he's going to cry (see: Liam).

No. 989612

well its not as complicated as "untouchable comedy gods", they've just been making comedy bits since before youtube even began. fans have been following 10+ years of content of podcasts, sketches, vlogs, side channel stuff, etc, so there's a lot of inside jokes the community has and quite a bit of lore you can learn w them. oddly they also shaped a lot of the early internet, but you'd never really know that. also they have really good merch

i guess the other end of it is theyve done a really great job at keeping their personal lives out of their work, unless you're a buddy or they randomly mention their personal lives on recording you'd never really know anything about the members

skit-wise i think a lot of people are aware they fell off around 2014, but really badly after adpocalypse in 2016. they dont have good patreon content, and their content that got them popular doesnt do well anymore since youtube ruined the western world. i think people respect that they died because of landscape, not because they had drama

No. 989623

I don't like ethan but this dude is so embarrassing. Like reddit as a personality

No. 989626

Anyone else interested in Leafy? He isn't really milky anymore but I find him fascinating.
I don't think she deserves her own thread either, but she's still a relatively new e-celeb so who knows what the future holds. I read somewhere that "Creepshow" came from a schoolhouse bully that called her that, so she made it into her brand. Props to her for owning all of this, but it comes off as very insecure and reactionary to make your brand so reliant on haters. Especially at her age, I kind of feel sorry for her because it seems like she isn't truly over whatever bullying she suffered as a child. It seems like she's still compensating for it a lot. She'd fare a lot better not making it so obvious in every online interaction she has.

No. 989627

You got anything interesting about him?

No. 989631

Meh I disagree, he's just young and sullen. And I feel like the human embodiment of reddit would worship science they understand, and exude unearned moral superiority a little more.

No. 989636

I wish. He's the only YTer I'm craving milk on.

No. 989963

Jeffree has done this kind of bullshit for years. Nothing new.

No. 990507

Matt cared so little by then that I don't doubt it may have pissed off Pat further

No. 990509

Speaking of Mega64, was Rocco still creepshotting videos of people at Disney World before the lockdown?

I remember him doing that constantly and posting it to one of his alt YouTube channels, and at least a few were focused on kids which was super uncomfortable.

No. 990521


At this point, I would say to Gokanaru…

No. 990720

To be fair Gokanaru was only responding now because it took ethan a year and a half. And he did a knowledge he’s ready to let the drama die

No. 990833

i love that the respirator he’s wearing in the first few seconds hasn’t been fit tested and has huge gaps, and there are no filters on it. what’s the point of even owning a respirator if you can’t use it properly even for an intro

No. 991339

So a few ancient neurons fired last night and I remembered the 'first crossover star of youtube', Brookers. The most subscribed yoooouuutube celebrity of 2006.

Go to 4 minutes in and I think it sums up how life is going for her now.

No. 991448

Rocco is kind of a creep in general. Simped for Kinuko for years.

No. 992553

File: 1592927755702.jpeg (22.76 KB, 750x346, EbKmCQxXQAYAIeY.jpeg)

Repzion is getting called out for a clip that surfaced of his experience living in the "ghetto" of "Africa"

I don't know how to link Twitter videos

No. 992557


I'm pretty sure Morocco is in Africa.

No. 995294

Jenna is possibly quitting youtube

No. 995313

Jenna has been on her way out for awhile. Her lack of interest in the platform has been very apparent for at least a year now.

I am honestly worried about her mental health… To be so sensitive about so many things that she makes hour long apologies for fish dying and quitting after being called out for things that happened almost a decade ago. I hope she is in therapy.

No. 995314

Have there been a lot people attacking her over her old videos? This just seems kind of random.

No. 995317

Why are people attacking her? I hope it's not as dumb as the fish bowl shit again. I really hope they don't cancel Jenna, I feel like she's the only Youtuber I've 'grown up' with whose relatable and wholesome.

No. 995318

I tried looking on Twitter, but the topic of Jenna Marbles has been clogged by an outcry of fans. I feel like this is coming to light because of so many people upset over Shane Dawson, and digging up his past and looking into his connections. I'm sad that Jenna had to leave this way, although as a previous anon said, she did grow out of YouTube.

No. 995319

File: 1593121439576.png (282.09 KB, 607x433, jenna.png)

Nicki Minaj impersonation and also she did a whole asian bit in the bounce that dick video

No. 995320

people brought up her old videos and said she was doing blackface (she was playing Nicki Minaj and put on a pink wig, people had collective amnesia how she worked in a tanning salon at the time and would overtan A LOT), as well as saying in a rap song "ching chong ding dong". Shes addressed these in the past but with the shane and jeffree drama (that she lightly addresses in that vid) people have been going rabid over anything remotely bad.

No. 995323

File: 1593121683019.png (129.81 KB, 520x312, jenna2.png)

this is literally it. she quit because of these.

No. 995337

This sucks, she's leaving the platform while people like Jeffree Star, Onision, Shane Dawson, and Trisha Paytas, and Logan Paul have done way worse and just take quick hiatuses/breaks and come back. I hope she takes care of herself and her mental health.

No. 995348

YouTube has become a pretty toxic environment where only extremely toxic people like all of the aforementioned can flourish without having any of the drama drastically affect them. Those who are more stable and healthy eventually move on specifically because they aren't shitty people, and realize that it's become a burden on their mental health.

Honestly, at this point I think it's a sign of maturity and genuine self-respect when a popular YouTuber steps down from their platform to focus on something else, regardless of whatever it was that led them to do so.

No. 995367

be real anon, if this wasn't Jenna Marbles you'd think this person was being at least a little problematic, right? The coincidence of her being nearly black in skintone when doing a Nicki Minaj impression, come on. Not that I really care because I do believe people can change and grow, but if people are getting cancelled for things they did and said in the past then it should be applied equally, right?

No. 995371

For a more thorough read on Jenna's problematic YouTube past, here's this Reddit post from 2 years ago that goes into deeper detail about the videos Jenna listed: https://www.reddit.com/r/BeautyGuruChatter/comments/7lfpn5/a_summary_of_jenna_marbles_problematic_history/

No. 995373

Holy shit. I can't believe she deleted all her videos and sketches on male and female stereotypes (which were most of her older, I'd say pre-2016, content), because apparently "joking about your gender isn't funny" and is "harmful" to the poor genderspecial snowflakes. And she seems so distraught in the video, I think she genuinely does feel really guilty and ashamed of whatever horrible things the Twitter mob convinced her that she's done. One one side as a fan I'm mad at whoever attacked her and told her those videos were offensive (also unironically upset that she privated the "what a girl's x means" videos because that shit was comedy gold), on the other I'm surprised that someone managed to survive on the internet for so long being this sensitive

No. 995380

The sad part about her leaving is that she actually became a better person unlike the rest of these people. She got better and nicer and doesn't wanna do anything bad like she said in her video.

>>995367 like I just said, I think the thing is she actually changed unlike Jeffree and Shane who did awful things and don't really seem to feel guilty and in Jeffree's case still does say shit like he said in the past. I don't think she deserves to be cancelled for it but I think it should have been addressed without her leaving possibly forever. I hope she lives a happier life without feeling any guilt about that.

No. 995386

She's made enough money off YT, she can just quit and live her damn life with her dogs or whatever.

No. 995392

Just learned from Twitter and Guru Gossip (which I know is such a woman hating platform, but hey sometimes they have good info), that apparently this dude whose memes were heavily featured in Jenna and Julien's meme reviews was perving on their fans. Follow the twitter link below to read up on it:


No. 995399

Jenna and Julien distanced themselves from Bush and made a statement about this before. Unfortunately, they only addressed it on their twitch stream and didn’t outright name him. I wish they could have at least also put out a video on their podcast channel (where they do put serious msg videos sometimes) or even a tweet about it, rather than burying it in their twitch

No. 995407

I’m really sad to see her go. I rediscovered her just a few years back when she was really leaning into the “I’m gonna make silly and ridiculous shit because I want to” sort of videos, and it’s great content. She’s stayed in her lane all these years and while she isn’t perfect, I appreciate seeing her grow as a person and using her platform to just try and put out silly, wholesome content instead of capitalizing on drama. It’s a shame that she’s still probably friends with Shane.

I also wonder, since she said she was going to leave “this” channel, will she continue her podcast and twitch? I know money is no issue for her and I’m not concerned for her future income, but it’s just something I noticed when she said it.

No. 995459

I'll be sad to see her go, and she's definitely a YouTuber who's changed a lot over the years, mellowed out and grew up. But I think it's because she's matured like a normal 30-year-old that she's thinking about leaving compared to someone like Shane.

It seems like she's going through a lot personally, probably mental health, so quitting/a break is a good decision for her.

No. 995487

kek I had just unsubbed from her last week because I found her videos boring. I can’t say I’m surprised, she seemed kind off disinterested? with YT lately, so I guess she probably needs a break. I wonder if she’ll keep streaming though.
It does suck that someone who actually changed and became a better person is leaving YT because people brought up her old stuff she had already apologized for while people like Shane, Jeffrey probably haven’t even considered taking a break.

No. 995516

Jeffree is a narc so he's going to stay until the bitter end, and Shane seems like someone who couldn't emotionally function without YouTube.

Jenna has seemed less enthusiastic about her videos since the pandemic so I think this current drama is more a contribution to her decision to leave rather than the actual reason. She might have been looking for a sign to step down or take a break and this was it.

No. 995616

God it's pathetic how sensitive people have gotten. This shit is like a puritan cult at this stage. We're going to see so much satire of these cultists over the next decade

No. 995705

I'm kind of incensed that people are buying Jenna's bs so thoroughly. She's been looking for an excuse to leave YouTube for years now because she's made enough money off of it and is clearly depressed and wants to live her slob life without doing the bare minimum low-effort content that's she's been putting out. The efforts to 'cancel' her for what she's said in the past were negligible at best and instead she made it all about her with that half-assed apology knowing well that her fans would defend her and eat that shit up. She couldn't even mention J* by name and it's not like she really took responsibility for her actions in the past wrt the Bush stuff. She just wanted an easy way out and did it in a way that wouldn't tarnish her reputation and didn't really take responsibility for anything.

No. 995728

Idk, I thought her content was really boring. I don't care if she stays or not. Personally I'm just getting sick of millionaires crying on YT.

J* is like a cockroach, I can't stand him.

No. 995767

File: 1593141455078.jpg (267.23 KB, 720x1280, 20-06-25-22-15-26-133_deco.jpg)

Ready2glare got doxxed for considering making a video about ED Twitter

No. 995770

File: 1593141533694.jpg (98.33 KB, 1200x872, EbZ6kQxUwAATcDy.jpg)

No. 995792

Your hot take sucks. She was overly apologetic about shit that doesn't even matter. These people bend over backwards to appease you easily triggered drama-mongers but nothing they do will ever be enough. The only winning move is to ignore people like you.

No. 995844

I really don't give a shit about her being problematic in the past especially when it was so many years ago. My point was that the efforts to cancel her were negligible and could've easily been ignored - but she was just looking for an excuse to quit youtube

No. 995848

how did you even get that from anon's post? It isn't drama-mongering to point out that Jenna is the one cancelling herself here. Every post I've ever seen trying to cancel her was inundated with fans pointing out that she has clearly changed and grown from her mistakes and is entirely unproblematic now. If she wanted to she could have come out of this unscathed, but she either doesn't want to, or she is genuinely so fragile at this point for whatever reason that she genuinely couldn't remain on youtube knowing she's a "racist" to a handful of children on twitter who were probably still in diapers when her Nicki video came out.

No. 995853

You're probably right that she wanted to leave anyway, I interpreted your claims she didn't take enough responsibility as you caring about her being problematic.

No. 995858

She says it's not doxxing while providing the info and basically encouraging people to fuck with her. Is she stupid?

No. 995920

i don't think she quit youtube for good though and she'll eventually come back to do her podcast & twitch. i think just doesn't want to make her main channel videos anymore because they require effort and it's obvious that she's depressed.

No. 996033

Perfect time to leave that dumpster fire of a platform.
100% agree. Her content is really low effort now. I would say she’s being shrewd if I didn’t know she’s naive and kinda dumb. Both she and julien seem super uneducated for college graduates

No. 996059

RTG is kind of annoying but this is a stupid overreaction to her wanting to cover an anachan twitter group.

No. 996108

I used to enjoy her, but her content is a bit hit or miss now and a lot of it is reading articles verbatim with a bit of commentary.
I also think it’s weird she takes such strong stances on bullying and EDs but is friends with MichaelBePetty and other people in the Haydur Nation.
That ana girl jumped the gun though

No. 996139

File: 1593186715752.jpg (62.78 KB, 591x900, EbDU981WsAEVLpt.jpg)

i know none of you care but a few days ago emma chamberlain uploaded pic and people got extremely mad, accusing her of yellowface/making fun of asians. she left it up for a while before deleting it and apologizing on twitter: https://twitter.com/emmachamberlain/status/1274783355783938048

a lot of people have been coming at emma recently because she "hasn't posted enough" about BLM, which she has posted multiple times about on her twitter + youtube (very rare for her, her platforms are completely apolitical).
here is an image from one of old videos where she did a dollar store haul and unintentionally chose a dark shape of foundation: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EbEgG_3WkAASM7B.jpg:small
and she apologized for that too: https://twitter.com/emmachamberlain/status/1274826516048695296

i think this is bullying and it's concerning how she's been posting less and less and doesn't seem to be going out a lot. i think her depression is returning. she just moved into a big house further isolating herself from other people in the industry. she already gets comments every day about how she doesn't shower and is too basic and other nitpicks/lies. in her last video she talked about how she hasnt been getting up and dressing herself and she seemed low energy.

No. 996142

The anachan's bone got rattled. looking thru RTG's tweet so many of them are like "we feel attacked" "stop talking about us" and she hasn't even made a video about them yet.

No. 996180

that picture just looks like one of those generic ig model poses but combined with the eyes I can see why it looks bad. the foundation thing is just dumb but after that dote drama people have been looking for reasons to drag her since she was the face of those teen girl vloggers for awhile.

No. 996188

One thing that really pisses me off about this is her privating tons of her old content. Of course because this is mainly the content I enjoy, but Jenna's channel served as a history lesson of YT and now it's gone.

Her videos relied solely on her personality, creativity, and her humor. You had all kinds of varied content, what girls/guys do, drunk tutorial, what a girls blank means, comedy sketches, impressions, songs, or just sitting down ranting, which was entertaining just by the force of her personality. When YT was just normal people putting themselves out there for the world. It can show that just being yourself in the right place at the right time can change your life and make you a success.

You can see all that whither away and die on her channel. Her content became incredibly stale, boring, and low effort as the production increased, because she had to play it safe to keep her success. She went from a feisty, energetic, creative, funny, vivacious woman, to an extremely weak, depressed, timid, tired, low effort fucking slob shitting out videos of her dogs eating off the floor because she's lost. Watch you watch Tik Toks? Fuck off.

It's also disgusting to see her, a titan of the platform, leave with absolutely no fucking dignity whatsoever. This is how you want to leave things? Delete almost your whole channel, grovel and beg for forgiveness over old videos that people are wrong about in the first place, cry, and just give up and admit defeat? Instead of admitting that you and YT don't work anymore, and bowing out with some grace. I didn't think she could get any more pitiful after crying at the fish bowl shit. This was a pathetic display.

Her fans have to have been in such denial to be in shock. I don't know how anyone couldn't just look at her and see this coming. Fans would tear you to shreds for suggesting something was wrong when clearly there is something terribly wrong with her. She's so successful and rich and yet has never looked or acted worse. She needs some kind of change in her life anyway. Sorry for the rant, I've been dying to get this off my chest.

TLDR; This is no surprise, it's probably for the best, but she's a fucking asshole for privating her old content. An entire history of YT gone.

No. 996197

That's so sad, her Sarah Palin cooking video was gold.

No. 996264

I prefer the content she put out the past few years over any of her old stuff, personally. It seems like her old stuff was her trying very hard to get views while her attitude the past few years was more "I'm just going to do what I feel like" which seemed much more natural. A lot of people think she is depressed, and maybe she is, but as someone who is the same age as her I feel like maybe she just…grew up?

The melodramatics of her fish apology and the video yesterday was a bit much, but she just seems like a very sensitive person. I don't think she should have privated her old content. I just personally don't agree that she "withered and died".

No. 996278

God who cares about Jenna Marbles, literally just find a new bitch to watch. Some of you are acting as if your life is over now that she's not uploading anymore.

No. 996280

Shit like this is why I literally despise twitter.

No. 996289

Drama board
Talking about Jenna drama
Bummed/annoyed bc her old videos are gone

>uR aCtiNg aS iF uR LiFe iS oVeR!!!!

lmao who pissed in your Cheerios, ya wretch.

No. 996297

File: 1593195125089.jpg (45.92 KB, 540x609, OaBcNkLev2Rh69J2tnMc5lnlUENmOG…)

Couldn't have written it better myself Anon.
That video destroyed any dignity she had left, which wasn't much considering the amount of footage of her wearing the same pajamas for weeks, greasy hair on the brink of traction alopecia and dirty glasses, acting like an apathetic 80 year old narcoleptic. Crying so miserably like a little girl that got scolded, even tho she has enough support and influence to be the voice of reason on this. But nah, 16 years old allegedly find her problematic so she bows and begs for forgiveness. It's disgusting.
Also anyone saying she was 'just doing whatever she wants!' is retarded. What kind of person has a breakdown bc they can't make a hot wheel go down their hair. Someone who has a happy life, friends, goals and dreams doesnt fucking do that. It's not even a fun video to watch OR make. And that applies to most of her recent stuff.

Sorry to sad fans but she's lazy and pathetic. I hope she gets a therapist with her millions, would get her out of the house at least.

No. 996298

That's totally fair. I know it's an extreme opinion and many people really enjoy her current content.

I'm very biased because old Jenna videos were more of my thing and also represents an era of YT that I loved. Jenna reminded me of good friends and the kind of girls I loved to hang out and party with. She was so vibrant and confident, and I found it painful to see her become so fragile.

Her videos were just fun and more real, and to see that phase out to a tired rich girl fucking around her McMansion with her dogs and annoying boyfriend just wasn't for me. I would watch because I'd watched for so long and get this feeling that something bad was going on behind the scenes.

There's nothing else quite like her old content anyway because of how different the Internet is in general, and I can't even re-watch it. And I fucking hate Gen Z humor so idk.

No. 996310

this bums me out, I mean she really meant no harm she and she is actually owning up to her past unlike pig dawson and lord voldemort over here. She is an example of how an actual apology is suposed to be made, ffs she even apologized for putting fish in a bowl that is not right for them, are you kidding me? she is the least problematic person in the plataform, this shit is so tame compared to what other creators. Honestly it kinda pisses me off that onision, shane, projared and other retards are still out here living their best life on the platform. But then again maybe Jenna used this as an excuse to bounce off the platform, I hope she gets help because she does seem a bit distressed.

No. 996332

File: 1593196450669.jpg (45.32 KB, 540x405, 1472400892905.jpg)


>What kind of person has a breakdown bc they can't make a hot wheel go down their hair.

What I find particularly fucked up about that was the comments of the apology video being like 'omg Jenna is so precious she LITERALLY apologizes for not being able to make a video what a wholesome queen she's so perfect at taking accountability blah blah blah.'

Like, really? Is this the fucking behavior that people want? That is absurd, how can you supposedly love this girl so much yet encourage her to have absolutely no self-respect and beg for forgiveness over nothing? Is this really where the platform is going?

Even now people are like 'even the way she quit YT is perfect, she apologized for everything omg' No. The Nicki Minaj shit she had a ton of spray tan on. The Bounce That Dick asian lyric is making fun of lazy rap lyrics. The what/guys girls do videos making fun of gender roles, I have no words for how retarded that is. The old slut shaming video, ok you had a different opinion like over 7 years ago, so what? She was quitting and didn't even have the balls so stand up for herself one last time.

That fish bowl apology bullshit was the first time I was disturbed at peoples reactions. She was fucked the moment she did that because it let her audience knew they had her by the balls. It sets a precedent for how some people want YTers to act when in trouble. Why stand your ground when 'well Jenna made a 40 minute apology for a fish bowl, that's how it's done.' That's the standard now? Don't actually apologize, explain your actions, or defend yourself, just weep and grovel at your subs feet for forgiveness. Fuuuuuck that.

No. 996342

Isn't twitch more lucrative these days for sponsors? She's living like a neet. Her streams are awful. She does seem depressed. Julian should get her pregnant

No. 996346

She kept stressing she is done with "this channel" aka she's not even quitting the internet or maybe YouTube in general. She just wants to make different content imo and was looking for an excuse to pull the trigger.

No. 996347

They just signed an exclusive streaming deal with Twitch, so they probably make more money from streaming. She doesn't really stream though. It's basically Julien's channel and she is on voice sometimes.

No. 996353

She comes from the Bay Area there’s no fucking excuse for doing that racist shit lmao

No. 996357


>Julien should get her pregnant

Ehhhh I highly, respectfully disagree. Very unpopular opinion but I don't think Julien is very good for Jenna. He seems quite comfortable in this neet lifestyle and has it made. Obviously we don't live with them and see everything but I don't know how he could see her in her current state (depressed, dirty clothes, dirty hair, shut in) and not say something or try to help her change. If anything I think he enables this lifestyle because it's comfortable for him. He got fame, the vlogging and twitch career he always wanted, and Jenna's fans kiss his ass 24/7, while Jenna deteriorates. At least their relationship could use some work.

I don't think Jenna wouldn't be a good mother, I know she has talked about it, and some actual purpose and reason to get up in the morning would be good for her, but having even more commitment with Julien doesn't sound like a good idea. Also, they probably aren't pregnant for a reason.

No. 996378

How the fuck does Jeena get kicked off, Shane's getting the heat and Jeffere is still standing? Is he that too big to fail? He's not fucking pewdiepie, how can he be this powerful with a bunch of retarded girls supporting him.

No. 996381

perfect reason why anachans are shit and will always be shit and I can't wait for RTG to go even harder on their nonexistent ass

No. 996385


agreed anon. always thought Julien is in only for the comfortable lifestyle. also, this is a personal opinion but I find him a completely annoying manchild and can't see him helping parent a kid when he's an obnoxious one himself.

No. 996388

File: 1593200164117.png (72.25 KB, 741x654, ojedj.png)

No. 996396

my dude just say what you wanted to say
That you don't want to leave the internet like your sugar momma did

No. 996404

Damn, it feels good to know I'm not the only one. Just because they get along doesn't mean the relationship is good for either of them. You don't have to be in a screaming, fighting, abusive relationship for it to be unhealthy.

But what about playing video games and cooking greasy vegan junk food all day? He'll actually have to acknowledge his girlfriends depression, neetdom, and zero life motivation he (probably) helped create instead of hopping on twitch? So precious.

No. 996416

Fucking thank you. I'm not a fan of "Julie", he's so fucking annoying, immature and seems to have stalled at the level of an 11-yo little shitweasel. As you said he's got it made - he's living in a McMansion with his rich shut-in girlfriend who wouldn't kick him out if she dumped him because she's so codependent on him. He's got her right where he wants her, not interacting much with the rest of the world, not growing her career, not changing as a person. It's really convenient for Julien that Jenna is so "sensitive" these days that she barely leaves the house or sees other people. She's changed so much, and not just for the better, since they got together and particularly after they moved into their "dream house" together.

I reckon they aren't married and don't have a kid for a very good reason, too. I know she's said it's just a piece of paper, but I think she's smart enough to know Julien would bounce with half her money sooner or later if they got married.

No. 996429

File: 1593203520885.png (330.26 KB, 392x493, Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 21.3…)

jenna hasn't had much interest since her car accident which seems to have kinda fucked her mentally, so 2016

i miss when she actually made an effort with herself and wasn't desperate to get off youtube and have a baby that julien clearly doesn't want to give her

No. 996437

I agree about her downfall and shit being better when she made an effort, but I don’t know about the baby. They’re not even married and that feels intentional. Julien has it made and I doubt he would do anything to disrupt his lifestyle of being an immature slob that plays video games all day and it’s because of her that he has that. If Jenna wanted to be married they would be married. I think a baby follows that same logic.

No. 996443

Christ, could you imagine? Julien gets praised for literally doing nothing and is put on a pedestal as a perfect boyfriend, at least on YT, obviously. Fans adored him and praised him for just doing annoying shit and acting like a child in Jenna's videos. Literally, the comments were amused, fake exasperation at how he is just a hyper child Jenna has to take care of, as if it wasn't the truth right in front of them.

I remember reading comments and being floored when people are saying 'I can't wait for them to have a baby! Jenna will have two children to take care of!'

Can you imagine him as a father? Doing absolutely fuck all because he's just a big kid and Jenna is the grown up. Being a kid's playmate instead of a parent, and getting adored for it.

She's 33 and if she's going to have a baby she should do it soon, but with Julien? Oof. The slob can't even take care of his girlfriend, at least from what we can see.

No. 996446

cancel culture is absolutely toxic and BULLSHIT. You can't pull up receipts from 10+ years ago. if she apologised, then that's it. Unlike Jeffree star, shane, etc. Jenna hasnt posted anything offensive in a long ass time. 2006 youtube was a wild ride and i guess comedy is dead now because nothing is fun anymore. I'm shocked Niga Higa hasnt been cancelled.

No. 996448

Her 'what a girl's xxx means' were my favorite, especially the lipstick and nails. I also loved her weird drunk hair and makeup tutorials. Jenna seemed down to earth and fun to hang out with. I also love how she always made fun of her college degree. It does seem like she'd been wanting to leave for a long time now, but her being bullied is sad, all things considered.

No. 996460

>I remember reading comments and being floored when people are saying 'I can't wait for them to have a baby! Jenna will have two children to take care of!'

That type of mentality is so sexist. Women are expected to be mature, handle the fiances and house, etc etc. Jenna worked her ass off to get where she is and get enough money to buy her dream house too. Julien just rode the coat tails. Having a man who cant do simple tasks and care for himself is a giant red flag. Jenna deserves better and i hope she gets the mental health care she needs

No. 996472

I found it really telling Julien stopped working outside their house when they got their "dream home". He really is content with NEETing away their money - and who do you think is footing most of the bills? Julien had a lot of unexpected success with Last Minute Trips and was almost breaking through with it, and they just stopped out of the blue.

I agree with the anons who think there's a reason they're not married, and that if Jenna wanted to marry Julien it'd have been a done deal years ago. Subconscious or not, she has to have misgivings about tying herself legally to someone who seems to be a disgustingly slovenly manchild and happy about not doing much beyond streaming stupid video games and junk food recipes. He's ridden her coat tails and her success to find an audience and sponsor deals from the first.

No. 996485

File: 1593207603842.png (329.53 KB, 780x502, safsdgdbsfg.png)

It's funny because the commenters saying that are the kind of 'woke' little girls who think they know shit about the real world and would totally be against sexism if it were presented to them.

It's that generation that seems think that that when you like someone's content, you have to absolutely adore totally and completely or else you're guilty by association if that person has flaws. They take shitty stuff they see right in front of them and spin into something quirky and charming and lovable. Jenna is so 'wholesome' (that word is a huge red flag for me now) and perfect and this weird relationship is 'goals.'

Yet somehow these appear to be the same people that froth at the mouth for any overt mistake she makes, and are only satisfied when she pitifully begs for forgiveness, then she's alright again.

That fish bowl video, Jenna (imo) should have simply said 'The guy at the store told me this is what I should get. I figured he would know. Now I know otherwise, returned it, and learned to do some of my own research first just in case so this doesn't happen. My bad.' Not 'oh god I'm so sorry I need to learn from my mistakes I don't want anyone else to do what I did, etc.'

To have to debase yourself to stay in your audiences good graces is really fucked up. Her audience sees her falling apart and in a fucked up relationship right in front of their eyes and twist it into something to admire. I've seen comments about her disgusting hair like 'Can we just appreciate that Jenna is so real she actually shows her dirty hair and doesn't feel the need to be perfect so amazing.' No, there is something probably not right if that's how she's looked on camera most of the time for over a year now.

Her relationship with Julien just doesn't seem right yet her fans delude themselves into thinking everything is fine.

No. 996492

>Her relationship with Julien just doesn't seem right yet her fans delude themselves into thinking everything is fine.

For real. They aren't "goals" and it's been a minute since they seemed like they loved one another. I don't mean like lovey dovey shit but they seem like roommates at this point. Maybe they're meh about each other but both of them own the house together, IDK.

There's been something going on with Jenna for a long while now, and she hasn't seemed genuinely happy or interested to be filming in her videos for ages. That and Julien being a literal manbaby who has to be in her every video hogging the camera, being annoying and just pointlessly there… maybe she'll take this break to reconsider her content because she really needs to do that.

Unless she wants to spend the rest of her life "streaming" on Twitch in old dirty sweats with greasy hair, I mean.

No. 996604

Didn’t think I’d be reading these comments but lowkey happy cause I’ve had my own tinfoils about her wellbeing for a while.
Watching her get so upset over stuff literally 90% of other people did 10 years ago was hard, who brought this to the internets attention? (However that being said no it doesn’t make it okay, yes she was right to apologise)
What is making her think she is such a bad person? She has made such an effort over the years to show her growth, address any mistakes etc. It makes me think things like I wonder if she went vegan because she felt pressured by comments on her videos, like she just wants to appease everyone so everyone’s happy.

No. 996721

I have been watching Jenna since 2011 and it has been depressing in recent years to see her falling out of love with her career. But I really can't say I blame her because I know a big part of the reason she is doing lame shit on her channel now is because JewTube has cucked its creators into being kiddy friendly 24/7. So it's either do more mid thirties Claire's Makeovers and TikTok reactions or say fuck it and be an adult and move on. It just isnt the same place anymore and I do agree with previous anons that are saying this was her out.

She has a lot of younger fans now and I don't think they can see how much life has been drained from her over the years. And wtf is going on with Julien? He looks like he is devolving into a 2edgy4u highschool fag and its pissed me off to the point that now I just see perpetual unfunny manchild.

I do agree with >>996188 sentiment (your whole post but especially this):
>It's also disgusting to see her, a titan of the platform, leave with absolutely no fucking dignity whatsoever. This is how you want to leave things? Delete almost your whole channel, grovel and beg for forgiveness over old videos that people are wrong about in the first place, cry, and just give up and admit defeat? Instead of admitting that you and YT don't work anymore, and bowing out with some grace. I didn't think she could get any more pitiful after crying at the fish bowl shit. This was a pathetic display.

I was also really put off by that. She knows these people are holding her up to a ridiculous standard but she "doesn't want to offend anybody"? what happened to the Jenna that was like "It's the internet and I don't give a fuck!" Gone. I wish they could gtfo out of LA but they bought a mcmansion there so I guess the cuckening wont end anytime soon. RIP.

No. 996728

idk they seem like a normal, longterm couple who both have bad habits to me, and julien seems like he plays a lot of his shit up for the camera. i think the two of them have just been mentally rough since the accident and never had actual therapy, plus like everyone else is saying, they're probably just sick of youtube altogether.

the work they put into rehabilitating bunny was probably the most worthwhile, productive thing they've done in years.

No. 996796

Yeah, I really don't get all the shit about Julien. He is annoying as fuck but they seem like a normal adult couple to me. Plenty of shitty couples get married or have kids, yet them having neither is a sign that something is wrong? Maybe they just don't feel the need. A lot of people don't get married nowadays.

Maybe she is depressed but shaming someone for not doing their hair or wearing comfortable clothes around their house? Idk, doesn't seem that deep. She seemed miserable and insecure when she was with Max, which was probably the time when she put the most effort into her appearance. It seemed like Julien stopped doing work outside their house more when they started looking into adopting Bunny, which makes sense. Yeah, it sounds like my WKing, but I don't get what Julien is actually guilty of other than being a horribly annoying showman.

No. 996877

It is because she seems unhappy while he seems content. That is a very unbalanced and thus bad dynamic.
Usually when there's such a dynamic, it's the man that's the problem, he is dragging the woman down feeding on her energy, and all she has to do to be content again is dump him.

I don't follow these two so I can't say for sure that's what's happening, but Occam's razor suggests that's the most likely case. Tread carefully on the razors edge, don't let your sympathies push you over it.

No. 996888

really hope julien's name isn't on the house. please dont tell me jenna was that fucking stupid

No. 997105

>>987847 lol she is always on ready to glare and dangello's dick.

No. 997146

I'm pretty sure she's just depressed. Just because she's unhappy doesn't mean it'd be magically fixed by dumping Julien.

No. 997172

This. Not to White Knight lol but I listen to their podcast and watch their streams and they seem really happy, it's really just youtube that she seems down. She's been dropping hints forever that yt is hard on her, from being self-conscious to taking longer breaks. Look at the state of the world, she actually seems to care about what's happening, it's probably wearing her down.

We'll have to wait and see but it seems like it's depression and walking away from YouTube is probably for the best.

No. 997173

i definitely agree w how bad youtube has gotten because of how woke everything is now. probably going against the majority of people on lc, but id take shane dawson circa 2009 with his racist jokes and all over the pathetic fatass who makes 40 minute videos of him gasping at jeffree’s hand bag collection.

No. 997180

It definitely use to be much more fun, can’t go on the internet now without having to read about social issues, now I want to escape the internet when internet use to be the escape. Now we don’t even have lolcows as they are driven away by sjws.

No. 997213

File: 1593288522850.jpeg (556.76 KB, 1242x1713, C986AD81-3695-4A95-BE76-B3C388…)

What would cause these marks on someone’s legs? Is it from injecting?

No. 997215

File: 1593288569408.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1005.24 KB, 1242x1528, 8A65852A-427A-42CE-B317-060C0D…)

She has a lot of marks like this on her arms too but it’s hard to get a good picture, she edits it out a lot

No. 997218

I looks like she just got bitten by mosquitoes and scratched herself too much.

No. 997219

File: 1593288793236.png (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1212x794, Screenshot_2020-06-27 mosquito…)

It's fleas or mosquitoes, maybe even bed bugs.

No. 997220

Looks a bit more like shaving knicks, bug bites, and assorted skin irritations to me. Looks like she picks at anything on her skin, maybe.

No. 997271

she claims it's from her pool in this video, but most people in the comments say they're meth sores

No. 997275

It is strange they are only really on her legs and forearms

No. 997281


I think I get false widow spider bites in my sleep because they take ages to heal and scar really badly it's the venom or bacteria I guess.

No. 997282

She previously admitted to doing meth and then went back and wiped all traces of her admitting it. If she was trolling she always leaves it up and posts a follow up of “haha I troll u guize so hard.” My money is on meth sores.

No. 997375

not sure if this has been mentioned but apparently the Smith family has been flipping out at Shane on twitter because an old clip of him pretending to jerk off to Willow Smith when she was 11 has resurfaced


No. 997378

File: 1593300360922.jpeg (385.81 KB, 828x1187, 73F71C2D-9360-4334-9FDB-FF1274…)

We all miss the old youtube. The funny thing is overt racism still exists on the platform, so their over zealous policing of everything is just surface level at best. You can still find white nationalist videos if you look hard enough.

No. 997594

Agree 100%.
Fuck Nicki Minaj I still think that skit was funny. Adult public figures are fair game and frankly, the majority of them deserve to be mocked.

No. 997599

Yeah that's the perfect time to have a baby, when your mental health is on the skids.

No. 997606

I hope so. This word police/overly PC retardation is more toxic than anything else.

No. 997617

if it was black face she deserves to be called out (looks like black face) I wouldn't give a fuck if she just maked her but making her face that dark is black face which is fucked.

Either way, I think her apology was well thought out and unlike Shane I truly believe she's not that person anymore.

No. 997620


and also yes fuck Nicki Minaj but I'm not defending Nicki or saying not to mock her, Black face is wrong.
Not mocking Nicki.

No. 997644

For context >>996332
>The Nicki Minaj shit she had a ton of spray tan on.

Jenna used to work at a tanning salon where she'd over tan the fuck out of herself. She literally came home from work one day and put on a wig, she wasn't trying to do blackface. lol
Also this >>996188
>It's also disgusting to see her, a titan of the platform, leave with absolutely no fucking dignity whatsoever. This is how you want to leave things? Delete almost your whole channel, grovel and beg for forgiveness over old videos that people are wrong about in the first place, cry, and just give up and admit defeat?

Jenna had nothing to apologize for. Hers is a case of mob mentality/cancel culture horseshit.

No. 997903

Blaire White going after Jeffree Star, James Charles and Shane Dawson.

Summary of video:
>Blaire said on Twitter a month ago that she was going to make a video about J* and Dahvie Vanity because their past together was sus
>Despite having Blaire blocked J* saw this, DMed her and asked to FaceTime
>During the call he convinced Blaire not to make the video because the receipts she had were all fake (but later went on with Chris Hansen and proved to be lying about that)
>In addition to this, he played a voice memo that he had on his phone that Blaire believes to be credible which features a famous YouTuber accusing James Charles of molestation. This is the receipt that J* has teased about having all this time and joked about with people like Keemstar.
>Blaire won't name the person speaking in the voice memo because it's their choice to go public with it but she did private message them and say she supports them going public
>J also accused another famous YouTuber of raping someone, Blaire won't say who becaues J didn't prove it, however she thinks that accusation is credible too
>At the end of the video Blaire adds a clip where she says she cannot support Shane anymore because he has crossed a line with the recent Willow Smith/pedo stuff

No. 997907

This video doesn't expose anything about Jeffree that we didn't already know. It makes James look really bad though because she is backing up the existence of a recording of someone saying James molested them.

No. 997971

"he didn't prove it but she thinks it's credible?
Also why the fuck is a possible rape being used as drama? Everyone knows something but no one gave a fuck until it was time to make a video and get attention.
I could swear that Blaire or James, were following eachother? Or talking?
James needs to start suing people at this point.

No. 998025

File: 1593376544329.jpeg (37.49 KB, 386x402, C446F6C7-7E7A-4678-829D-F8ABB5…)

Tinfoil but.. would J be so cunning to push Blaire to do this video so the alleged victim would feel pressured to come out and divert all negative attention to JC, thus making J survive another round of cancellation?

No. 998029

>would J be so cunning…
the answer to this practically always yes lmao. The thought also crossed my mind, that he was showing it to as many people as possible to hopefully drum up enough drama behind the scenes the person would feel pressured to come out with it.

No. 998031

It must be exhausting to constantly be secretly playing 4d chess when interacting with people but I guess it's always worked out for him in the end. This will be no different I bet. What a sad little person lol

No. 998037

see that's what I always used to think but now I feel like it's probably just second nature? I wonder if he's even fully conscious of it, I find it hard to imagine someone actively being that way to this extent, like you said it would just be so extremely draining. I agree I doubt he will face any consequences, I think most people know he's extremely manipulative and probably sociopathic but for whatever reason choose to overlook it.

No. 998058

people were saying this in the comments. most of the comments were speculating js manipulated blaire into making the vid

No. 998087

Julien seems like a good dude, they have such a good rapport especially in their podcast. I don't really get hating on him

No. 998091

I swear to god this man is some sort of warlock, he just has the weirdest power over people and plays them like a harp.

>I don't really get hating on him

lol anon it's lolcow, it comes with the territory.

But honestly, the few times I have actually watched Jenna, Julien comes off as one of those dudes who isn't really bright and overcompensates for the lack of brain power by being really autistic and hyper. It's the same thing with Ethan. Average dudes always either act really goofy or try too hard to be edgy.

No. 998093

>the recent Willow Smith/pedo stuff
Isn't that vid from 2011-12? It's ancient. I'm glad his fake ass is finally getting what he deserves but that video's been online for ages.

No. 998099

File: 1593384919179.png (83.28 KB, 608x295, Screenshot 2020-06-28.png)

I was gonna say JS sounds like as much of a manipulative, conniving douchebag as Onision, and then I saw Blaire's tweet. I know some people don't like Blaire and think she's fake but I personally haven't seen it. She's obviously done with JS and Shane.

No. 998150

yeah julien is annoying. he's only tolerable when jenna is with him. i've never watched a single video of julien by himself and don't plan to.

No. 998228

Id watch more of his food content if he wasn’t trying to be all special with his camera angles.
No we don’t need 5 different camera angles for you to make mediocre vegan food

No. 998257

>id take shane dawson circa 2009 with his racist jokes
The racist jokes are one thing, but he has video after video (now deleted on his channel) making legit sexual comments directed at either a specific child >>997375 or children in general. That shit is above and beyond. If he hasn't raped a child he's definitely thought about it.

No. 998341

Must be nice. To say you’d take a gross racist borderline pedophiles videos because YouTube is too uwu4u says a whole lot about how gross you are. Tbh id rather Shane got cancelled back then so we wouldn’t be here having to see this vile garbage from 2009 OR his shitty content now.

No. 998344

Also can’t we just all agree racism and pedophilia are both disgusting? Do you know how many black kids watched his shitty content back in the day and thought hmmm white dudes shitting on black people is totally normal in fact they get to be millionaires off of it ! If he got cancelled for blackface back in the day we wouldn’t have been subjected to his pedophilic content and damn near grooming of children. Idk it’s just pissing me off that people are like “I can excuse racism but THIS” like how about we all agree that BOTH is indefensible, reprehensible, disgusting behavior. Honestly wish Jenny Craig sued him and won lol

No. 998374

I completely agree, you explained exactly how I feel

No. 998633

i hope lisa is getting just as much shit for this bc that's disgusting. i don't think she does/would have done this on her own, but that's still gross as fuck and she allowed her bf to talk to that child like that and participated graphically. wow. nasty.

No. 998644

File: 1593453958951.jpeg (765.77 KB, 1242x2194, 39CEFCD2-59E6-4A53-BB13-5475D5…)

From Blaire’s IG story

No. 998653

I find it funny, that Tati is not getting any pointing fingers at her, when she and Shane orchestrated all that. I watched the videos of James yesterday. Jeffree did not have anything against James at the beginning, then Jeffree wrote to James, that Tati and Shane told him that James talks badly about jeffree all the time. So Jeffree went berserk and then every person around jeffree started to tell him things. Now I know why Shane might not have posted the drama in the documentary, because he was scared of the consequences. Tati tried all she could do to destroy James and even getting Jeffree on her side. Then a bit later she had a make up brand. She behaved like a little kid not getting her sweets.

No. 998654

>She knows these people are holding her up to a ridiculous standard but she "doesn't want to offend anybody"? what happened to the Jenna that was like "It's the internet and I don't give a fuck!"

I think that Jenna is legitimately depressed and has been for awhile now. She hasn't been herself for years. I agree with what others are saying that her content has become much more kid-friendly due to pressures from the community, but I remember when she used to be this vibrant, happy, funny person who dyed their hair crazy colors, wore lots of different kinds of make-up, etc, just because it was fun for them. She hasn't dyed her hair or worn make-up in years, it seems like. She's just looking…deader and deader. Her videos are dull and lifeless. It's sad.

I don't know if this is all related to aforementioned pressures, or if something else is going on additionally. Tbh I don't really get the impression that her relationship with Julien is abusive, or anything like that. They just seem bored of each other. Maybe they've grown apart and can't admit it because they've both invested so much into the relationship?

I also remember her stating that she actually doesn't like LA, despite having lived there for years now. Having lived there for several years myself at one point, I can definitely attest that it inevitably sucks the life out of you if you weren't born and raised there and still have family there, or are a fame-seeking narcissist. LA is truly a different kind of hell.

No. 998656

the whole thing started because she bitter that james promoted another company selling the same kind of product as her. it was all about money. tati is a grown woman who set out to ruin the reputation of a 19 year old over something so petty. they made him out to be a predator as well. also i think the reason tati isn't getting much heat from this is because jeffree and shane have shady pasts of racism and other shit that makes people want to cancel them more.

No. 998658

yeah because unlike you i can turn off the computer if i see something i dont like. im supporting shanes downfall because i hate the boring fatass he is now, and its funny to watch sensitive idiots like you ree about it

No. 998664

I know. Still I think she is the witch behind all that. I see it from her face, that she wanted to have money and she is not that nice of a person that many of her followers believe. Jeffree is an open book. But Shane, what I hate about him, is that he wants to give out that he is the nice, sensitive and humble guy. But I don't believe the facade that he shows on YouTube.

No. 998678

She wears makeup quite often, and she stopped dying her hair because it was literally breaking off. How many people are putting on a full face of makeup just to putz around the house though? I don't really get that.

I do think she hasn't quite been the same since her car accident. I also think maybe she is just tired and wants to chill for once. Her and Julien seem happy and normal every time they are together on camera though. It feels like a lot of people are projecting their own dislike of him onto the relationship. I personally find him annoying as fuck but they seem very loving to each other in the tiny sliver of their relationship we see.

No. 998687

I can understand why people are offput by him, especially if they only see him through Jenna's videos, but he's significantly more tame in his own videos/on the podcast lol.

>I also think maybe she is just tired and wants to chill for once.

I'm surprised she hasn't burnt out sooner. After years of doing weekly videos (which she admits is never planned in advanced, but filmed and edited all in one day), her radioshow, a weekly podcast, and now twitch streams, she's got a lot on her plate.

No. 998734

>I also think maybe she is just tired and wants to chill for once.

She is, but if she went out and said how she really felt - I am tired of youtube, if you guys hate how bad the platform is it is 10x worse for content creators, I feel like I am a commodity not a person, blah blah blah - rabid fans would attack her for "abandoning" them and whatever else they say when someone admits they can't do it anymore.

No. 998774

About the LA thing, I had no idea she said that? I no a lot of youtubers inevitably come out and say the same thing though, which is why I get so confused when so many of them choose to stay there instead of going somewhere better where there's equally a cool amount of new, cool things.
That being said, maybe it's just because I've never lived there, but I don't understand why they all hate LA so much? Is there a reason?

No. 998826

>That being said, maybe it's just because I've never lived there, but I don't understand why they all hate LA so much? Is there a reason?

LA is deceptively competitive and we have a little hierarchy with the old money hollywood fags and then the new money hoes. You can be a fucking billionaire but if you aren't connected to so and so's family or if you live in the wrong kind of rich neighborhood, people won't talk to you. It's not as laidback and chill as people think it is; Angelenos can be really cruel.

No. 998896

>Do you know how many black kids watched his shitty content
It's up to parent's to teach their kids self confidence and human dignity, not some fucking youtuber. Youtube isn't a substitute for good parenting. There's "disagreeable" content all over the web, kids are going to find it regardless.
>can’t we just all agree racism and pedophilia are both disgusting?
I don't condone child abuse or racism. I'm drawing a distinction between a joke said by a comedian however "offensive" it might be, and what Shane does (who's obviously NOT a comedian) who has video after video of him making sexual remarks about children, directly to a child, calling them "sexy", getting them to simulate fellatio on camera, and similar disgusting shit.

There's a difference between a comedian making a joke with words that might offend others, and someone like Shane using "it's just a joke bro" to cover over what's obviously a very serious mental problem.

There's a difference between a comedian standing up on stage using the N-word in the context of a joke vs going up to a black person and calling them the N-word to their face, that would be verbal assault and a hate crime. There's a difference between making pedo jokes vs someone like Shane pretending to masturbate to the image of a child and is recorded doing this very same thing over and over again, saying he googles pics of naked babies and jerks off to it. Shane obviously has serious psychological problems. No one would even know his fucking name had he never been on yt. He's never been funny, he has zero talent. I hope he fades into obscurity where he belongs.

No. 998899

but how come you're so quick to criticise his 'it's just a joke bro' thing for the pedo shit rather than the racism? If you think that Shane's is using the idea of it being just a joke to cover his 'very serious mental problem' (I agree), then would it not follow his using racism as a joke this extensively for this many years would also likely be covering up his sincere beliefs? Plus a lot of it didn't even seem like a joke really.

No. 998904

Based on the mountian of evidence (Shane's own words AND actions), the case for him being a pedo is a lot stronger than the racist accusation imo. A lot of people have done blackface or made "racially charged" jokes over the years, some were definitely racists, others were just dumb and did it for an edgy skit.

No. 998907

I guess agree to disagree, I don't think that anyone is doing blackface in a way that isn't racist, especially as a grown man. That's one of the main things that makes me feel like he is genuinely racist, because there was never a time while he's been online that blackface was acceptable, there's no way he genuinely didn't know the history, he just didn't care.

No. 998918

File: 1593480834495.jpg (89.43 KB, 640x360, Tropic Thunder Downey jr.jpg)

Just to use one of many famous examples from recent history: I don't know if you've ever seen Tropic Thunder, it's a comedy. Robert Downey jr, a white man, portrayed a black character. Watching the movie back then I at no time got the sense it was supposed to be racist, and I feel the same way today. Nor do i think Downey intended to be or was a racist. It was just a ridiculous film not meant to be taken seriously. That's not to say blackface doesn't have a contentious history but that's another story.

Personally, most of the racially charged rhetoric I see on the net cracks me up. Not because I think hating another person for their ethnicity is hilarious but because the shit some of these people say is so incredibly stupid i can't help laughing at it.

No. 998920

Matt and Pat were never really "friends" to begin with, they were business partners

No. 998927

>making shitty shaniqua stereotype jokes
>simulating masturbation in front of an actual 12 year old
if you think these are equivalent you are stupid.

No. 998929

He did a lot more than that though, he made 'jokes' about Trayvon Martin, an actual black kid that got murdered, he got his fans to stand up at vidcon and do their 'best impression of a sassy black woman', he included a story in his book about how he wasn't racist because he was only making fun of the 'coonish' black people who act 'foolish and ridiculous' etc. And he got criticism for all of these things for literally a decade, so he unequivocally knew it was causing harm and the problems with it and made the conscious decision to keep doing it.

No. 998934

I mean, the whole point of Downey's character is that his character WAS doing blackface and that it was wrong as seen near the end of the movie.

No. 999020

Does shane discussion continue here or his thread? It's getting confusing

No. 999144

She literally just used pity and cried on camera. That is not how an apology should be made.

No. 999151

Honestly they're both as bad, a middle ground would be best. Imagine how many kids watched Shane make those racist, homophobic, pedo jokes, thought it was okay and replicated it. Imagine how many black kids watched those videos and the impact it had on them. I don't despise dark humor but his "jokes" were too far.

No. 999276

Yes, it was made really clear in the Tropic Thunder script that Downey’s character was a racist asshole.

“What do you mean, ‘you people’?” he asks.
“What do YOU mean, what do you mean, ‘you people’?” asks the actual black dude.

No. 999277

File: 1593533459744.jpg (64.97 KB, 640x640, 1.jpg)

It obviously wasn't just her regular spray tan. And no, she wasn't being cancelled. Prior to the apology the only people talking about her old videos were a handful of twitter snowflakes with 20 followers who got (rightfully) ratio'd by her fans saying she's a changed woman. Look at the tweet upthread from June 12, it has 0 likes and 2 replies lol

Shane literally has videos of himself screaming the n-word at black people, and clips where he laughs at Treyvon Martin's murder. You realize we wouldn't even be here talking about the pedo stuff if black twitter didn't make the Willow Smith clip go viral? The two are linked and honestly it's a little psychotic to sit here and debate whether racism or pedophilia is worse, like it's some sort of competition. All this just to argue the point that we should go back to 2009 where all these "jokes" originated from… have some self respect.

No. 999331

Tati's made her "statement" and completely deflected any blame and basically blamed Jstar and Shane for all of her drama involving James Charles

She basically cries the entire time, saying she was victimized and traumatized by making that video and was "manipulated" by Jstar and Shane into turning on James Charles

This is disgusting, all three of them are drama queen manipulators. James Charles isnt a saint, but he was a literal teenager when three grown people with huge fanbases decided to collectively "cancel" him for the sake of clout

On the bright side, I'm sure Shane and JStar will be making their "statements" now so we'll get a new wave of trashy beauty guru drama

No. 999336

"i promised my dad i wouldn't cry" "i'm so emotional forgive me" uwu shut up and edit it out then

No. 999341

File: 1593538390155.jpg (217.17 KB, 700x394, AAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSS…)

nintendo switch really wants to advertise on this eh

No. 999377

She’s a fucking monster, just as fucking bad as jeffree and Shane, I don’t believe any of her shit. Manipulative hag.

No. 999388

Tati cracks me up because she really is way too old for this shit, I lost a lot of respect for her with the James Charles thing. It's no surprise that a catty queen like Jeffree Star would be filled with drama no matter his age, but Tati had a nice thing going when she was just the older, luxury lifestyle lady. There aren't a lot of women her age on Youtube in the beauty community and she had a good niche. The stupid ass vitamins not withstanding.

No one was asking for Tati's stupid take, even if she is involved. She takes drama and makes it boring. That being said its tasty to watch Shane get cancelled, it was only a matter of time because before he became a queerbo innocent darling he was a YT edgelord.

No. 999390

She's incredible at playing the victim.

No. 999394


Clip from Shane’s live about the Tati video

No. 999398

it dosent sit right for me for a man who has pedophilic and racist behavior that's used his trauma as an excuse for his past disregards the fact that Tati has been sexually assaulted. total empath behavior lol

No. 999402

kek, this is too much. he's lost his marbles

No. 999404

>It's up to parent's to teach their kids self confidence and human dignity, not some fucking youtuber. Youtube isn't a substitute for good parenting. There's "disagreeable" content all over the web, kids are going to find it regardless.

You can make the same digusting argument for little kids watching Shane with no parents around. It's the parent's fault for letting them watching a predator then. You aren't slick.

No. 999411

Tbf the beauty drama community have been speculating/hoping for Tati to drop a video on this for the last couple weeks, there was demand for her to come out with her side of the story.

No. 999438

These people are so gross.

No. 999463

Honestly this. She made her racist bullshit about herself and her widdle feelings, and because her fans really really love her, it becomes about Jenna feeling badly and not about racism… and then she takes her ball and goes home because she's upset??? And the whole thing becomes about her leaving Youtube and not dismantling racism lol

I dunno why I expected better from her, she didn't even encourage her fans to donate to bail funds or charity, just made it about her fweelingws. It's so fucking typical of white girls confronted about their racism - the tears come out and then everyone is supposed to feel bad for THEM and forget any fuckups ever happened at all

No. 999565

I thought Woolie stated that Matt and Pat "weren't friends anymore" and that's why tbfp stopped? I didn't actually watch the final video because I've never really liked their content, but I'm super curious about what actually happened. I know it's probably just plausible that Woolie was just saying that to save their image though.

No. 999775

Why would she? She doesn't post anything political, she tried to appease everyone, she said it in that video too that she doesn't want to offend anyone.
She posts comedy/beauty/baking she doesn't have to get involved in politics to suit a percentage of viewers

No. 1000241


You're not dismantling racism by losing your shit over things people did years ago. If she encouraged people donating to charity you would be complaining how that isn't enough and how it's a gesture.
If you actually care about racism why don't you start with non-white youtubers who currently express racist beliefs, like nikita dragun.

No. 1000325

I haven't checked out a Markiplier video in years. It's like I'm not even subbed to him.
I think I truly dipped out around when him and Sean announced CLOAK. It was such a blatant cash grab. They acted like they put so much thought into it, but it's literally just clothes with the labels obscured. No special designs, no neat gimmick.
I checked back in on him about a month ago? I saw he was starting a new Minecraft series. I checked it out because I liked the original Drunk Minecraft. What do I find?
Mark completely forgot everything about the game. Literally everything. He's not playing this because he wants to. He's playing it to promote CLOAK merch that has Minecraft designs on it. It's not funny or endearing watching someone struggle to play Minecraft, a game literally designed for children, that pretty much everyone knows how to play.
What makes it transparent is that he didn't even know about the Nether update. Anyone who enjoys Minecraft knew about the update. Can you make it any more obvious that you're just doing this for money?

No. 1000377

I subbed to his Unus Annus channel at some desperate point during quarantine boredom and every video is just an excuse to be shirtless and doing weirdly suggestive shit. No idea what the average viewer is, teenage girl maybe? But it's weird, really blatent that everything is designed around Mark having to be topless and either getting wet, putting stuff in his mouth, flexing or bellydancing, gyrating.. it's like really softcore porn for teens and his gf is filming the whole thing. Weird shit.

No. 1000381

I remember watching a video where he eats sour patch kids cereal, and it was that video that made me realize how he wasn't worth watching. I don't even know what it was about that video, but he was just so fucking grating and not into it and it felt like he was dragging his feet through the mud for content. I'm still subbed to him and the Unus Annus channel, but I never watch anything.

No. 1000443

This is so fucking stupid and late but the character he's playing is a parody of ridiculous method actors (particularly Daniel Day Lewis) who go to absurd lengths to 'become' their character, instead of just doing their job properly and, you know, acting. DDL not only nearly fucking crippled himself for My Left Foot, but acted like a cripple the whole shoot and pissed everyone off because they had to take care of him instead of just stopping when the cameras aren't on.

The joke is that some actors are so self absorbed about their 'craft' and skill that one would go so far as to literally do black face and not realize how offensive and stupid that is because their ego comes first. It's a great piece of satire.

If you're going to use someting like this as an example, 'RDJ actually played a black man' stop and do some fucking research first. Just google it or watch the movie again. Stop putting out an outright lie.

No. 1000680

wtf happened to markiplier?
did he lose half his iq when he moved to la?
why even bother making content if you dont enjoy it any more? he doesnt need the cash. hes loaded. if he uses it properly, hed be set for life.

No. 1000772

Any milk on Justin Whang? This guy looks like a fucking creep. He has good content but his music is fucking terrible lmao also he follows jailbait-y egirls like kiwi

No. 1000780

Gabbie Hanna is so irrelevant that nobody on the internet seems to notice or care that she deleted all her social media

No. 1000788

not to be that guy but you noticed/cared lol

No. 1000790

God I hope the YT 'drama' community goes down in flames & soon.

No. 1000796

I was following him on twitter when I had an account back in March and April to keep up with the covid hysteria. I think he's either some kind of MGTOW/fart-right dum dum as his feed was full of Krazy Karen stories and pussy pass shit, and he followed a lot of really retarded anti-SJW reactionary accounts and some dog whistle white supremacists. He's short so he thinks he can't date anyone because he's not a 6'3" Mongolian warrior.

No. 1000804

Yeah, was just going though his feed and he comes off as a closeted incel and typical women today are all thots kinda loser.

No. 1000822

nta but I found out through a tik tok comment

No. 1000826

Jenna had nothing to apologize for.
I've seen dozens of her old vids where her skin tone varied and sometimes i thought she looked cartoonishly dark, that was how much she loved slathering on that stupid fake tan back then. You act like 2 ss proves something. Mocking Nicki Minaj in a video doesn't prove she hates black people, to imply otherwise is top tier retarded. "Oh no she wore too much fake tan in a video mocking a stupid cow, she's a racist." That's dumb sjw shit.
>Shane literally has videos of himself screaming the n-word at black people
Then why wasn't he arrested? Isn't that verbal assault? Willow's family made the Willow Smith clip go viral lol.

It's not about a competition between pedo jokes or racist jokes, you're missing the point. Going up on stage using the N-word in a comedy routine isn't verbal assault. Making edgy pedo jokes isn't child abuse. Learn some context and nuance.

Shane was recorded calling a 6 year old he met IN PERSON, sexy, and that's just one of many many things he's done that obviously weren't in the context of a joke. Shane was never a comedian. He's a no-talent retard who got lucky on youtube. Only idiots think he was ever funny.

No. 1000832

Slick? lol. How are parent's not responsible for teaching their kids human dignity? How are parents not responsible for making sure they know what their kids watch? The parent's should be a childs role model, not some asswipe on youtube.

If parents do their jobs their kids won't be watching people like Shane Dawson in the first fucking place. It's baffling that losers like him ever appealed to anyone.

No. 1000834

Some sjw's are making it all about racism when it obviously isn't. Jenna had a public meltdown that's been brewing for over a year now because apparently her mental health isn't so great.

No. 1000841

Yes I know it was satire lol. He played an australian man who gets “pigmentation alteration” surgery in order to authentically portray a black sergeant.

No. 1000863

I can't pinpoint where exactly it went wrong but from some of the rare videos of his I still check out he's clearly stuck. Mark is basically an adrenaline-junkie in the sense that he finds a rush in pushing himself to the point where it's unhealthy. He peaked a few years ago and makes a few "jokes" about his decreasing success. What he really should do is make way less videos, take some time for himself, maybe travel. Might give him some inspiration on how to diversify his content again. Unus Annus is just an excuse for him and Ethan to do whatever dumbass idea that comes to mind. Some of them kind of work, most of them don't.

No. 1000916

I hate his content but tf do you think YouTube is? It's his fuckin job, ofc it's for the money. Open your fuckin eyes you zoomer ass. These are people who are sometimes admittedly likeable but are ultimately there to make money.

No. 1000923

there's a difference between making entertaining content that you enjoy that also makes you money, and completely shilling out. youtube videos are a product designed to entertain the viewer. like all products, they have to have a balance between what the consumer gets and what the producer gets. in youtube's case, that's entertainment and money, respectively.
i doubt anon cares that markiplier makes videos for money. they're upset that the balance between money and entertainment has been lost, and money has clearly been prioritized over everything else.

No. 1001308

Did Jenna just private/delete her apology video? I can't play it..

No. 1001318

File: 1593737988812.png (8.55 KB, 567x298, private.PNG)

No. 1001325

Nothing on her socials about it, or Julien's.. I really hope she's okay..

No. 1001691

File: 1593813852789.jpeg (268.56 KB, 750x722, B48D463C-0230-4349-B980-DC4EA8…)

For once I’m actually extremely impressed with h3h3

Imagine helping to reinstate monetization to those “hate channels” you hate so much. Double amazing that creepshow in particular made a video dunking on idubbbz girlfriend lmao. Based.

No. 1001712

I hope she deleted it because she realized that it was completely unnecessary and that she was giving into unwarranted attempts to cancel her by people who don't have anything better to do with their time.

No. 1001717

ethan and his stans are cancer of the highest order and there is nothing he can to erase that. also, fuck teddy fresh.

No. 1001727


He’s being sarcastic, isn’t he?

No. 1001729

Didnt she say she was going to eventually delete the vid because "it's embarrassing". Although i didn't expect it to be this quick

No. 1001774

I'm sure she's fine lol. Worst case scenario she can bawl into her millions.

No. 1001775

I thought so but everyone’s been thanking him. He’s even helped gradeAunderA get monetized again too

No. 1001787


Weird. It’s funny how his argument when he was accused of talking to Susan about taking Gokanaru’s video down it was “you think I have a direct line to YouTube and can just tell them to take videos down? huehuehue don’t be ridiculous.” but now…. that’s literally what it sounds like he’s doing but in reinstating monetization?

No. 1001791

tbh i think he's just a major shitposter who likes to piss people off. since he also follows non far right accounts and e girls.

No. 1001841

It's really weird how ethan's suddenly done an about face right after he was going in on several yotuber's, including a few smaller channels. I don't think he's the worst person in the world, but he's changed over the years into something less authentic than when he started. This also confirms all the rumors that he has connections at YT.

No. 1001845

Same. So what if she upset a few pc faglords who don't know what a joke is? I still laugh at some of her old vids when I catch them mirrored somewhere.

Youtube uses "safety" as an excuse to implement sitewide PC sanitization, and yet somehow they still can't manage to get the pedo channels off their dumpsterfire platform. Retards in charge.

No. 1001904

>>Shane literally has videos of himself screaming the n-word at black people
>Then why wasn't he arrested? Isn't that verbal assault?

what? thats harassment not assault and you wont be arrested for that. at most its just "disturbing the peace" and you'll be escorted away from the location. did you really think it was illegal to yell nigger at someone? in AMERICA?

No. 1001928

File: 1593835031949.png (94.03 KB, 612x663, 20200703_235613.png)

Saging for old milk, but Liam is the one who said that he and Pat weren't friends (and Pat was very upset about it because he thought they were, but just had conflicting personalities).

Matt and Pat both said that they started pretty much as mutual friends of Woolie, and over time became friends, but there clearly was strain after Liam left. I still have a tinfoil theory that Liam was stoking the flames while Matt was starting to have doubts because he CLEARLY had it out for Pat, but, as I said, just a theory.

No. 1001964

Jenna said she was going to remove the video. It was towards the end of the video where she said she wasn't going to keep it up and just have it like she never uploaded

No. 1001983

File: 1593844061289.jpg (350.67 KB, 627x1241, 1544984688796.jpg)

Matt and Liam are both pretty liberal and were more willing to be vocal about their politics than Pat. Pat's girlfriend Paige was a guest on The Dick Show, which is not exactly the most PC podcast, and the last episode of the Super Best Friends podcast had Paige as their special guest (and she also apparently plugged The Dick Show during her appearance). Liam undoubtedly aired his grievances with Pat to Matt when he left the show (he was sensitive as fuck tbh there are times during the podcast when he sounds close to tears arguing with pat about shit that literally doesn't matter), which probably started or built on Matt's growing resentment of Pat. Matt's wife Leana doesn't like Pat either and was openly shady toward him on twitter, which probably didn't help (in pic related you can see her subtweeting Pat after he innocently tweeted at Liam for context of the pic you posted).

ALSO my favorite bit of skim milk from this whole situation is that you can view an account's downvoted posts on Reddit, and on Liam's account he had downvoted EVERY post on the Two Best Friends subreddit involving Pat or his gf. It was so blatantly petty and childish and it totally supports your theory that Liam was stoking the flames.

honestly I feel the worst for Woolie out of all this, there's a clip of him on Twitch playing a kirby game shortly after the breakup and he starts flipping out at the game asking him to choose between his friends lmfao.

No. 1001988

File: 1593844706806.webm (1.39 MB, 640x360, 26545165116.webm)

samefagging with the woolie clip

No. 1002027

Woolie seems to be the nicest and sanest of the bunch. He should seriously stop stealing pies tho

No. 1002033

just adults acting like children on the internet not surprised

No. 1002157

Thinks about the wedding video and how I thought they were such good friends, damn that’s sad

No. 1002224

Yeah I really feel for Woolie. He seems like such a nice guy just trying his best.

No. 1002379

i feel like i'm alone on the farm thinking jenna marbles isn't problematic, similar with julien, however i have been on twitch streams and jesus the chat on jenna and juliens twitch is a fucking mess, the twitch fans would crucify you in a hot second, it was disgusting, and they don't acknowlege it at all. i don't know if its worse though, acknoledging it or if they moderated it more people would still be shitty.

No. 1002393

Yep, that tweet pretty much confirms to me that Ethan lied out his ass when he said he had nothing to do with Gokanaru's video on him being hardblocked from the entire platform and pointed the finger at shoenice…

I find creepshow's voice unbearable on my ears even when she does something I have interest in (maybe because she seems like a pullfag lol) but it's nice to see Ethan do something kind for once, still really miss his older authenticity but I know it'll never come back.

No. 1002442

i personally dipped out when Mark, a millionaire, asked his fans to donate 15K for a funeral for his niece. Did I mention he's a millionaire? And before that, I just realized (and got tired of) how fake he is on camera. Just gets annoying, same as Sean, when they always act so over the top, make dumb jokes every few seconds in attempt to be interesting, never seem genuinely interested in gaming, suck at all games (Sean can never play Hitman properly for instance), fake try not to laughs etc etc. Plus their opinions on social issues and politics are always so vapid and shallow and just an attempt to look good for the audience. I don't think they're horrible people compared to other Youtuber's though, but they have no appeal anymore once you see through their facade.

No. 1002510

File: 1593961904573.jpg (787.12 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200705-111035_Gal…)

Spent longer than I'd like to admit trying to refind this, but Woolie deserves the world, and Liam is still such an absolute cow in his own right. Imagine being triggered because someone who you were supposed to be good friends with IRL was able to grow his brand with someone who hurt your feefees. I really have no doubts he got Matt on the obnoxious sjw train and thus HAD to get rid of the ultimate evil ginger baby.

No. 1002952

I don’t find her problematic either, she’s just boring as hell. Julien is such a try hard fuckboy I can’t stand him

No. 1003000

You summed it up well. I didn't know Mark asked his fans to donate money for a funeral, though. When did that happen?

No. 1003017

Not milk but RTG is really scraping the bottom of her content barrel.
Tl;dr epitome of every edgy guy you knew in high school makes a clickbait drawn-out 'series' about how he was a totally emotionless psycho killer but then he fell in love with his gf so he's a good man now. RTG shows us all of these videos in turn and reacts to each with her hot takes about how they all shock and concern her.

RTG usually tries to present herself as a self aware commentary channel but here she somehow acts like this guy is anything but cringe and then drags the whole thing out so long which no actual take-away. Imo it's so obvious that the only reason she doesn't call out the guy for splitting his story into contrived segments is because she's benefiting from going past that sweet ten minute mark by showing each clip individually. What's next, is she going to show us Bowie's Ziggy Stardust music video and tell us how shook that she is that a real live alien played rock and roll for us on earth? This is on the same level of content quality as Shane Dawson's Chuck E Cheese pizza conspiracy

No. 1003025

For some reason I feel bad for saying this but RTG just really annoys me. Multiple times I've tried to sit through her videos but I dont think I've ever made it past the 3 minutes mark and I dont know why. Same thing with Kurtis Connor

No. 1003049

File: 1594029267119.jpeg (103.25 KB, 445x346, 40966406-6491-4E84-8389-9B36B0…)

Majority of her videos have just become dumb thumbnails of her looking like an idiot staring into space
I can’t sit through any of her videos because she just looks…off.
She has very tiny beady eyes and her eyelashes make it more obvious
Her wigs also look very obvious and misplaced and her make up style in general really messed with her facial structure
In this photo without all that she looks way better and like an actual human being.
In these videos she also was more entertaining and laughing and smiling, it’s obvious she doesn’t enjoy making her content anymore.

No. 1003051

File: 1594029468991.jpeg (93.25 KB, 423x295, 56EC5897-1A8D-4DBE-B2C1-2D49C5…)

She genuinely looks out of place here and in most of her recent videos

No. 1003067

lmfaooo I hadn't seen these, thank you anon. What a fucking child and cowlet.
>im soery guys
>literal crytyping
incredible. this also reminds me of the time he apologized for misgendering someone…in a dream…

No. 1003079

To me, I dislike her because her whole channel started as a result of her showing the "abusive" messages she got off Onision after she stopped being a patron of his. The fact that she was giving him money in good faith to begin with is enough for me to be like yeah, nah.

No. 1003087

My main problem with her is that she doesn't put anything on her face other than foundation. I'm sure it's deliberate and she thinks it looks cool, but it just removes dimension from your face and makes you look old and lifeless.

Other than that, I do think she's annoying in general lmao

No. 1003098

She's another talentless hack drama channel who makes money off pontificating about other people's slightly worse bullshit.
Can't stand channels like that as a baseline, but the fact that she used to be an Onion stan makes it even funnier. As if we ought to be listening to her as an intelligent moral authority lmao.

No. 1003102

I like RTGs true crime stuff, but she falls flat for drama commentating. It's obvious she doesn't like it but she literally asks her famd what to talk about. That just shows she's gotta be boring irl.

No. 1003120

Honestly, Matt and his wife are obnoxious. I used to love to watch Super Best friends, like daily after work and I could see where the tension really got bad. Matt's wife would interject herself a lot in the conversations and she's a big SJW, so most of Matt's tweets started to get worse over time. I think Woolie was the only decent person in all of this, and he tried to hold the crew together but couldnt.

No. 1003221

Could be a lot of things. She has a very stiff, grating voice. She always looks like an odd mannequin that was supposed to be female but the sculptor only knew how to sculpt males. She never gives any interesting or new information/opinion. Anything she says is very bland and standard, such as, "I cannot believe this happened." "Wow, that's so creepy." "How messed up do you have to be to do this?"
There's no extra effort made to make the videos interesting. No extra research to give insight. No theories as to what happened. Never any shocking or controversial opinions. It's basically a Suzy Lu-tier reaction channel, just for news articles instead of anime.

No. 1003241

I'm glad other people feel similar to how I do about RTG. I swear I almost never think this about other women but she just gives me basic bitch vibes and for that reason I don't think she's well-suited to the type of content she makes. She annoys me because I really wanted to like her channel, I think she has some interesting video topics and features more niche things that don't have a lot of videos about them, but no matter what she's talking about she just bores me.

I have to hand it to her though, she's putting in the work, I just looked at her channel and didn't realize she had so many videos.

I probably wouldn't even give a shit at all about her but I'm very very salty at how much "internet analysis" youtubers have consistently disappointed me by being basic as fuck and giving normie ass takes no matter what. But I guess that's what I get for expecting more from youtube.

No. 1003288

Never4get RTG received an email in broken english from someone claiming to be a counselor who just had to inform one of her patient's random random e-pals that he had killed himself, fell for it hook line and sinker, kept defending him when he admitted to faking his suicide and accused her of scamming, and only disavowed him once he shitposted about her on lolcow and called her a pill popper. >>>/snow/455803


Someone this gullible shouldn't be parading herself around as some sort of rational drama analyst and smug commentator. Same goes for her "wifey" CreepShowArt who loves to lurk LC for video material.

No. 1003509

Anyone familiar with this guy? He makes videos about the Dark Web and he claims he receives sd cards from a stalker containing video footages of him and his house. His videos are obviously staged and he's soo fucking annoying

No. 1003851

File: 1594190588571.jpeg (361.39 KB, 750x831, 63B15C05-033D-4330-ACF7-890EE1…)

the fucking audacity of this dude…..

No. 1003852

File: 1594191064870.jpeg (266.66 KB, 750x665, FBF92E27-1CFB-4F5B-8D62-F93E53…)

I just feel like the bare minimum you can do is include the suicide prevention hotline number? or maybe not immediately try and sell crypto currency?

No. 1003853


Holy shit, I always thought she came off as a bit gullible and stating-the-obvious in her videos - but I didn't realise she was an Onision patron haha, it all makes sense now.

She comes off as really annoying when she plays up this "oh, I just HATE pedophiles so much! You guys KNOW how much I just can't stand them" as if that's a personality trait? That and using "I gO tO cOlLeGe!" all the time to remind her audience of 12 year olds that she's smart and they should listen to her suface level psychoanalysis

No. 1003854

it's her horrible wigs

her family is allegedly rich and she dresses horribly and gets crap quality wigs….do better, girl

No. 1003866

all i remember about this girl is that video she made where she said she got hooked on coke in china lol

No. 1003868

She needs to drop the alt girl look because it makes her look so harsh. She has tiny eyes and a pretty meaty face, she should go for a softer look imo.

Also her content sucks. She never has anything worthwhile to say, nor does she ever present receipts that are new. Who needs her stale commentary on such nothing topics idgi.

No. 1004117

RTG seems like the least milky YouTuber ever honestly, she's too vanilla.

No. 1004119

I found her content hit or miss at first, but it's become even more boring these days. She reads from articles and reports almost verbatim, with only some commentary thrown in. It's barely transformative and her takes are always obvious ("He burned all of his clothes. Seems pretty suspicious"). Plus, being an Onion patron means you have to have a skewed sense of judgement.
Her constant rotation of cheap wigs is also getting on my nerves. It really doesn't suit her and seems wasteful.

No. 1004425

Whoever told James Charles he could sing deserves jail time.

No. 1004572

Why do all his friends look like rapists

No. 1004576

It isn’t really that bad, it just doesn’t sound like what you would imagine coming out of him.

No. 1004616

Anyone got that hilarious clip of AugieRFC's "cOmEdY iS dEAd" Twitter video when he got demonetized?

No. 1004645

I didn't know she used to be an onision stan
or about this, thank you anons for educating me

No. 1004673

File: 1594297650902.jpeg (280.04 KB, 1400x1400, 80E77AE2-122D-46E1-B066-51FA79…)

honestly I see it

No. 1004698

Regarding a baby, I think it's pretty obvious Jenna/Julien are having fertility issues. If you watch some of their older vlogs (which I believe have now been taken down for some reason) you will see them both talking openly and enthusiastically about "WHEN" they have kids… all that casual talk stopped at some point. Around the same time Jenna put out a now deleted tweet about "fertility issues", she also apparently had an ovarian cyst removed in hospital, and the car accident damaged her bladder (pretty close to the reproductive system). This makes the new dog adoption and the depression make a lot more sense. Fertility issues would be a trigger for depression. The car accident clearly changed something in Jenna too. Being almost 34, it's pretty much crunch time if they want to have a kid. But instead they adopted a very high effort dog… I can picture her expanding the dog furbabies thing as a way to cope with not being able to conceive naturally.

No. 1004752

I don't think the car accident alone fucked up Jenna. Accidents can be traumatizing (been there), but by her own admission she wasn't seriously injured beyond bad bruising/whiplash. It's been 4 years. She clearly has other shit going on. One car accident where everyone walked away relatively unscathed won't turn someone into a depressed hermit.

She's been conspicuously absent from twitter since around the time RawBeautyKristi (who had fertility issues) announced she was pregnant. They follow each other and Jenna likes and occasionally comments on her tweets, but has yet to congratulate her or like any of her posts about the baby. It was announced on like the 16th of June and Jenna hasn't posted or liked anything on Twitter since the 22nd. Probably a coincidence but yeah.

No. 1004822

> It's been 4 years. She clearly has other shit going on. One car accident where everyone walked away relatively unscathed won't turn someone into a depressed hermit.

That’s not true at all, a car accident could trigger PTSD or agoraphobia. A relatively small incident can trigger a mental health crisis lasting years in anyone, if the conditions are right (or wrong). Disproportionate reactions are kind of the hallmark of mental illness…

Since Jenna isn’t online at all now it may just be a coincidence that she hasn’t interacted with other people’s baby tweets.

No. 1004877

No. 1004883

there's an episode of the podcast where they talk about it, and they said they don't plan to get married bc they both grew up with their parents divorced and it kinda fucked with them, and they don't feel it's necessary, but that they do plan to have kids. i don't know about julien wanting them SOON because he's at a different life stage than jenna is, but at least as of like 2019 they def said they wanted kids

No. 1004946

Yeah, no. The car accident was unpleasant, but neither Julien nor Jenna got hurt beyond some bruising. Hell, Jenna made a point about how she was abstaining from pain meds "for personal reasons", so it wasn't too severe.

She's been pulling away from her social media account for years now. YEARS. Which she's absolutely entitled to - she's made more money than most people will in a lifetime of struggling, and she's done her time ass-kissing the whims of her fans.

No. 1005438

Julien posted a livestream talking about Jenna. She's completely and 100% offline and hiding from the internet. She isn't going to be participating in twitch livestreams or in their podcast. There's no timeline of when she will be back, and she might never come back. Comments speculate she has depression which I 1000% agree with, but of course her stans are jumping on these with R U A DOCTERRR U CANTT JUST DIAGNOSE PPL WITH DEPRESHUN. Julien will continue to stream/game on his own and take on the podcast alone (lol k), just maybe stream a little less. He sounds like he's getting choked up while addressing all of this which is really strange imo. He also keeps referring to her going through a "transition" whatever the fuck that means.

No. 1005440

>He sounds like he's getting choked up while addressing all of this which is really strange imo. He also keeps referring to her going through a "transition" whatever the fuck that means.
Jenna FtM confirmed. Joking, of course.

Also bordering into tinfoil territory, but shit, maybe they're breaking up?

No. 1005446

My guess is she tried to an hero and is in a mental health facility, hence being "totally offline"

No. 1005451

i wouldnt be surprised if jenna was ftm to be honest. remember that beard video? and she grew up as a tomboy who tried to overcompensate by being a blonde tan bimbo in college. i know a lot of trans people sometimes go hyper masc/hyper fem to hide their transness. not saying she is but i wouldn't be surprised.
but really, i just think she's depressed. maybe not an hero levels, but spending all of your young adult years in front of the camera on a platform no one expected to get so massive took a toll on her. i'll miss those ugly little dogs.

oh fuck me, i hope one of those ugly little dogs didnt die

No. 1005452

Yeah, it's totally weird to choke up while talking about your partner struggling. It's not like having to address her fans and tell them she might never be back online is a difficult position to be in or something.

She's probably just hanging out playing ESO all day like she was before but without the burden of social media and content creation.

No. 1005454

Jenna being trans is one of the most retarded tinfoils I've ever heard, christ.

I'm assuming she just has really bad depression. She's getting older, coming to a threshold in her life where a lot of things are going to start changing, specifically regarding the years she has left to become a mom. She did say once in a now deleted tweet that she was struggling with fertility issues, and that could be having a severely negative effect on her seeing how she so often talked about wanting kids. If anything, she's probably quitting the internet to focus on her physical and mental health so she can possibly have the chance to become pregnant one day and be a mom. Either that, or her and Julien aren't doing so hot as a couple.

No. 1005459

I can't find any proof of this deleted fertility tweet ever existing. She could have fertility issues but ovarian cysts are fairly common and don't automatically mean fertility issues. Also there hasn't been any sort of hint that anything is up with their relationship. They always seem super affectionate towards each other.

I really think she is just depressed or burnt out. Also it's possible she just wanted to peace out before having to be constantly bombarded by people asking her why she is friends with Shane. Anyone who is openly friends with him is going to get some blowback.

No. 1005468

How is it weird he's choked up? Watching a loved one struggle is hard, especially when there is nothing you can do to really help, and it's even harder to talk about. It'd be weirder if he wasn't emotional.

Even though he's being vague it's pretty obvious, and has been for some time, that Jenna has become more and more depressed. The last few years she's become a complete shut in. A lot of her videos you can tell she hasn't showered in awhile (dirty nails, greasy/flaky hair etc). She lives in sweatpants and hoodies even on the rare occasion she does go somewhere to the point where it became a meme and in one video from a year or 2 ago (the plant one I think?) she was actually wearing jeans and a nice blouse for once there were hundreds of shocked comments. Either way it's sad to see that she's struggling so much when she's one of the few e-celebs who doesn't bother anyone.

No. 1005472

Considering this person couldn't even decipher what "transition" meant, I'm not really surprised. How the fuck people took that literally and thought she was trans is beyond me. Obviously he meant she was transitioning from being a public figure on the internet to being offline. It must be weird as fuck for someone who has posted a new video almost every week for 10+ years, plus her radio show and the podcast. People hate Julien so much for simply being annoying (he is) they can't comprehend he'd be upset his partner is having a hard time.

No. 1005522

It seriously is a damned if you damned if you don’t situation for Julien. He gets emotional, somehow that’s wrong, but if he didn’t, that would still be bad. This is why people leave the internet, lol.

No. 1005598

This is actually interesting, because Julien has relied on Jenna so much in terms of his online persona and his content - his Aries Manchild bullshit falls so flat when he doesn't have her to bounce off of. Maybe he'll zero in on gaming more, and do the odd greasy vegan junk food episode.

I'm still sad they trashed Last Minute Trips, that concept had something good going on and it felt fresh. Maybe this new oh-shit-what-now period will do Julien good and he'll get creative again. They've both been stuck in an algorithm rut.

Hope they both rediscover their spark. Jenna's upload schedule has been super regular for years and years, I just honestly want her to have a proper break for once, if nothing else.

No. 1005635

I think last minute trips ended because he was accused/he accused someone of stealing the idea? It was really stupid drama

No. 1005968

File: 1594577080598.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20200712-115512~2.p…)

Trans person I used to watch on Youtube. I know people change but I do recall them being dumber than a sack of bricks while in grade school. Even in the comments there are people asking if the degree is real without a reply which I consider strange due to how active/involved they usually are with their page. Tried looking up the school but not really finding anything. Should be California based if that helps.

No. 1005975

This school doesn't exist and the writing on the cert is photoshopped.

No. 1005978

Lmao it's so crooked.

No. 1005984

I know she was offered shit like opiates but to not take ANYTHING just screams past addiction to me.

No. 1006014


> Even in the comments there are people asking if the degree is real

“International Astronomy School”??? GTFO!

No. 1006026

Or family with addiction. We don't hear much about her dad and I've always wondered about that.

No. 1006116

File: 1594596913303.png (218.76 KB, 720x662, 20200712_193411.png)


Damn, & to think I used to respect Creepshow Art…

No. 1006304

I had to unfollow cuz something about her being soo cool with keem cuz he offered her job security just didn't sit right with me lol. Plus she has called out Onision but turns a blind eye towards keem blatant defense of him

No. 1006338

File: 1594644609108.jpg (586.74 KB, 2960x1440, 20200713_073511.jpg)

Sorry this is soo stupid but it kinda irritates me Felix has been watching and doing commentary on this stupid reality TV show lately. From what I've seen it appears to showcase these completely surface level relationships where essentially the man "buys" a young hot wife and is then suddenly surprised when it turns out she doesn't actually care about him.

The most recent video posted he actually highlighted this comment which pissed me off tbh. I wonder if he feels that way about Marzia or his own mother? It has 6.6 million views in 3 days.

No. 1006349

If anything, he feels that way about Marzia, especially with the way she presents herself. Pewdiepie’s mum and sister are very successful in their own right, so it’s sad to see all the derogatory comments he makes about women.

No. 1006408

Julien's posted the new J&J Podcast, but it's just Juliencast now. Wonder how that's gonna work out without Jenna there to keep him somewhat contained - I don't know if Julien has got the chops to do an hour solo and be actually entertaining.

No. 1006410

weirdly enough i feel like he'd be kinda better at doing a more serious/chill discussion topic based format than trying to keep up the funny/chaotic vibe. it seems like if he was being comedic he'd just continually keep escalating his energy until it became unbearable but on his cooking videos where he's not trying to be over the top aries energy (man am i sick of that) he's more pleasant to watch

No. 1006482

True that. He's only Chaotic Manbaby when Jenna is in the video because apparently some people find the old, stale "straight man who needs his wife/girlfriend to parent him like a child" trope absolutely hilarious. Julien can be funny, and thoughtful, and chill on his own, maybe that's something that'll come out more now since he doesn't have to be acting a cringy fool in every video Jenna puts out.

No. 1006520

File: 1594679438318.png (30.15 KB, 590x247, 69bc2980-cc88-4c1d-9924-.png)

>keemstar defended Onision
When did he do that? I wouldn't call doing a dogshit interview for $$ defending Onision. It's douchey but what else is new?

No. 1006521

If he liked that comment then it sounds like he's probably projecting on his waifu. She's been dragged a lot here in previous threads for some of the autistic shit she's done.

No. 1006524

Defended was not the right word word, but yeah he showed how poorly he did his research in his approach to the onision situation and more recently is making some dumb point that onision deserves credit for calling out Shane first when we been knew that Greg never cared if Shane was an actual pedo and just wanted an excuse to harrass him and have a go at his reputation when it was still in good standing

No. 1006526

File: 1594680109615.jpg (707.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200714-003233.jpg)

Forgot pic

No. 1006535

Nope don't see a problem here. People get shit wrong sometimes, so what? God I fucking hate this shit stirrer.

No. 1006543

>making some dumb point that onision deserves credit for calling out Shane first
Was he giving Onision credit? It sounds like he's pointing out the hypocrisy of the people who defended the jokes back then and are criticizing it now that they can bandwagon on it. He's just as full of shit as they are because he does the exact same thing but i don't think he was giving Onision credit here.

No. 1006550

Someone said Jenna pretty much cancelled herself and i agree. I think Jenna's been on autopilot for a while and now she's having the equivalent of a mid-life crisis. Julian mentioned that Jenna felt a lot of pressure and "building anxiety", I think part of that is because deep down she kinda hates what she does for a living and would rather do something actually fulfilling with her life. I enjoyed Jenna's content a lot more before youtube sanitized everything to appease a few pc lobomites. Youtube used to give creators reasonable free reign and now creators are penalized by the algorithm for swearing.

The censorship is why a lot of youtubers (including Jenna) resorted to making boring ass hours long podcasts because it was the only way to make decent $$/get ads on yt, so they end up neglecting their main channels like what happened with H3 ethan who became an insufferable shekel grabbing taint.

No. 1006551

lobomites = lobotomites

No. 1006599

That's definitely not giving him credit. He's just saying that people didn't listen to Onision because he's shit, and so all the commentators defended Shane against Onision. But now, two years later, the commentators are making the same points Onision did because it's the trending topic.
He's calling out hypocrisy while also saying that just because Onision is shitty, that doesn't mean literally everything he says is immediately invalid.

No. 1006632

Sorry I must've missed the part in the tweet where he expresses that Onision is "shit" or "shitty" ?? Or that people didn't listen to him because of that.

No. 1006655

sorry i must've missed the part in the tweet where he expresses that onision should be credited as the first person to call shane dawson out for blackface and pedo shit

No. 1006837

He became as out of touch as Ethan, jesus christ.
Imagine lacking so much self awareness when it comes to your relationship that you like a comment saying "Women are more like spoiled little children now" wo realizing that your wife is the exact embodiement of that kek.

No. 1006849

I can't find it, could someone link the video please?

No. 1006853

He literally only said that he agrees about calling the cops. And Marzia has always been a uwu trad-chan who would dedicate her life to Felix.

No. 1006879

Doesn't matter he still liked it and theres no way he didn't read the rest. And theres always been evidence that he hates marzia, i still remember a video where she made cookies or something for him and his only comment was "as a woman should do" or some shit.

No. 1006885

That's fine but he could've chosen another comment without the misogyny to put up on the screen for 6.6 million views in 3 days?

No. 1006891

lol wut?

I'm responding to >>1006599 here:
>He's just saying that people didn't listen to Onision because he's shit
>He's calling out hypocrisy while also saying that just because Onision is shitty, that doesn't mean literally everything he says is immediately invalid.

Where does he say either of these things in >>1006526 ?

No. 1006932

i saw this clip from his twitch stream and it really seems like jenna left youtube for mental health reasons and not because of her past videos like she made it seem

No. 1007008

File: 1594753479444.jpg (169.46 KB, 960x1200, EQ_y6UKWoAIEB8x.jpg)

I used to like Gab so much, loved her old content where she translated indie japanese games.
She is so unfortunate looking and became boring after ditching the only thing that made her stand out, which was translation.
She always had a weird "not like the other girl" hypocritical vibe. I remember her saying that she would never wear makeup while streaming/making yt vids bc it was such a hassle, which is such a shit claim and a weird jab to all of the other streamers btw, and yet here she is now, wearing boomer tier makeup and shit drawn eyebrows in every vid and stream since she is with JSE. Wouldn't even be surprised if she ends up associating herself with entitled yt personas like pewdiepie and marzia bc of her new relationship

No. 1007038

This was posted here like last week, keep up

No. 1007052

Right, he hates the woman he married and dedicates his success to. Turn down the femcel reach just a little bit, you lot are starting to sound extremely bitter.

No. 1007055

Yeah it’s a reach saying he hates his own wife but he is a definitely a sexist piece of garbage and she is a bland brainless tradwaifu.

No. 1007064

I hope she doesn't turn out bad, I really enjoy her videos plus she plays a lot of stuff other YouTubers in her genre don't, I also like all of her friends (bar Sinow) so it'd be a shame. Tho I do think that's a bad picture of her, she looks really nice when she's open mouth laughing or smiling.

No. 1007067

File: 1594760811313.png (485.83 KB, 910x481, Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 2.04…)

Has anyone else noticed that Dan Bell has started jumping on the ghost train after stating multiple times in the past he wasn't a really into the paranormal and would never make these kinds of videos?

No. 1007075

>she looks really nice when she's open mouth laughing or smiling
Kek imo that's when she looks the worst. She has horse teeth and an overbite that gives her a weak chin

Dan Bell content went downhill, so I'm not even suprised he went for it. I remember liking "Dirty Room" at first, but it became a shitshow rather quickly. Also, Rick doing disgusting shit isn't funny or quirky

No. 1007077

these comments are so obnoxious, i hate pdp too but pretending that he acts any negative way towards women esp after all of his rightie drama hes had is just downright stupid
i went to one video to go find where he made whatever atrocious comment you're talking about and nearly the whole video he's criticizing the reality tv show people (first for.. being reality tv) and that its obvious the couple doesnt like eachother because they're both props only there for money/big tiddies

can you find something real to criticize instead of like out of context pulling a comment with no video link
inb4 "OoOoOaoO A stan god mad!!!"
no, theres just a lot more to criticize then a random one-off comment about some stupid tv show you've over analyzed and then didnt provide anything for anyone else to see

No. 1007079

I wonder what happened? I never really liked him but I did watch his videos every once in a while. I know him and Will stopped talking after he had gone off about Will's girlfriend, and then the scandal with Trapped & Terrified being fake.

No. 1007083

Idk, he always stroke me as an obnoxious and mean fat cunt just by the way he speaks to his ((friends))

>I know him and Will stopped talking after he had gone off about Will's girlfriend

I have no idea what this is about kek. I did assume something went wrong considering Will got basically replaced by Brennen

No. 1007089

His content really did go downhill. I finally unsubbed. It's a shame because I genuinely liked some of his old content but I can't take anymore of this fat egotistical fuck, an obnoxious 20-something frat boy, and a disgusting alcoholic weirdo getting drunk and hooting and hollering in random hotel rooms.

No. 1007090

File: 1594764043980.png (99.99 KB, 563x442, Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 2.58…)

>I have no idea what this is about kek. I did assume something went wrong considering Will got basically replaced by Brennen

It is really messy and confusing. It's hard to find info but apparently from everything I have put together: Will had been dating a girl (supposedly a fan) for a while and Dan didn't like her for whatever reason. He had gone off about her on his podcast and called her a bunch of names and some sexist shit, like that she was "controlling" Will and she was a manipulative bitch, etc. Just your typical gay male misogyny. Will was either already pulling away from Dan or had cut things off completely after the podcast meltdown. No one really knows as they don't talk about it and the fanbois get mad if you ask.


No. 1007100

My fav video of his was this one and it's insane to think about how he used to be regarded as the king of urban exploration only 3 years ago
Ty, well this fat slob obviously had a crush on Will, thought they were actually together for a bit. if I recall correctly he kissed him in one video when the both of them stubbled upon mistletoe or something

No. 1007104

File: 1594765166449.jpeg (838.88 KB, 828x1538, F47450A3-49C0-41F3-9DD1-383A16…)

his entire bulge is popping out oh god

No. 1007110

i noticed a lot of these youtubers who cancelled shane are following keem, who has said things like “every call [user] a nigger in chat”, and many things that are way worse than what shane has done. tana was responding to his tweets a week ago about how the shane situation is “so much to process”… both of you have been more racist than he ever has, repeatedly calling people the n word

No. 1007123

I used to watch him way back when he started off and only did obscure LPs on youtube. Then he went to twitch and i dropped him because twitch streaming is always so boring compared to a prepared LP on youtube. What is he even doing now?

No. 1007124

Proving that men will be men no matter what

No. 1007143

>says someone is sexist
>insults their wife for presenting more traditional online

I don't think pewds is the misogynist, here

No. 1007154

Are you the Pewdfag from the Shane thread that kept sperging about how it was impossible for Pewts to hate women because he was married to one? And claiming you didn't know anything about him or watch him while you were derailing the thread to wk him? Glad you're in the right thread now at least, bummer he's still a nazi tho.

No. 1007155

Why do PDP stans flock here? There’s obviously a difference between living a traditional life and pandering to tradthot ideals with a husband that incidentally has a massive right wing/fascist following.
Pls go.

No. 1007158

Scrote detected.
Are you also the newfag on /w/ sperging about how Marzia opens her legs for Pewdiepie in exchange for shit, even though this sounds disgusting because Marzia is HIS WIFE and therefore their sex life is not your business?
The one who says that Marzia doesn't deserve her success because you're an artsofartso and how you feel so jealous of her?
Yeah, you're a fucking loser. You're the cow here.
I don't even give a shit about Marzia.

That anon is as mysogynistic as pewdipie probably, hence why they're so obsessed.

No. 1007168

Aren't him and Rick like secret butt buddies or something? Dan constantly surrounds himself with young dudes who entertain him just to get work, which in itself is rather gross.

No. 1007231

Awh cmon she's not ugly by a longshot, she looks better in motion than in pictures.

He just collabs with his imo, way more entertaining friends, he gives me kinda off rude vibes, like a sad puppy hanging on a much cooler friend group

No. 1007234

I really wish Dan Bell would focus on the quality of his content. The Motel series were really funny and interesting until Rick started getting shitfaced every episode.

No. 1007238

>hes nazi
>hes fascist
>hes right-wing

this is my point, nothing different is said about pdp. theres a random joke with barely any information sprinkled in every 30 posts about how hes still some raging nazi rightie something or another. why can't you post content instead of ad hominem for days on end?
good content tho thx for the input
then (inevitably) when y'all reply to every single post you dont agree with, the jannies dont even ban you. wish u'd do the service of not replying to the thread 45056825 times to call someone a stan or nazi. frankly nikitas cock hanging out is more input then whatever this garbage is

i dont get it because he clearly supports whatever she wants to do looks/dress/hobby-wise. doesn't mind supporting her financially and possibly.. perhaps.. emotionally.. otherwise she wouldn't of gotten married and moved to a different country with him?
just like pdp her parents are rich business/fashion people, shes wealthy with a family to lean on and has no reason to roleplay some weird trad petwife that people INSIST on saying she is

No. 1007252

ITA and I like Felix and watch him regularly. I just didn't like that he put this comment up on his screen. (hell idk maybe it was sive?)

It's not that deep.. hence why I prefaced the whole post with "sorry this is soo stupid."

You sound exceptionally triggered, might want to look into that.

No. 1007260

Tbh I think he gave up after his “Leakin Park” docu-series didn’t take off like he thought it would.

No. 1007262

>why can't you post content instead of ad hominem for days on end?
tbf has this thread ever been about posting content for the sake of it? i thought we are here to take the piss out of youtubers.

No. 1007264


Sorry anon people aren’t allowed to criticize the almighty white privileged YouTube power couple.

No. 1007269

File: 1594777444441.jpeg (Spoiler Image,79.81 KB, 675x900, Ec3oPWuVAAIfiTG.jpeg)

Trisha tweeted this and I'm just….so confused about everything that's going on here.

>why can't you post content instead of ad hominem for days on end?
because he's a woman-hating nazi lmao

No. 1007280

Legit plastic surgery horror.

No. 1007284


Frankenstein girls will seem strangely sexy

No. 1007308

>because he's a woman-hating nazi lmao
Nice, fuck Pewdiepie, his nazi ass, his secret rich family and his fascist gf.

No. 1007343

>White privileged
Oof this thread is cancer

Thanks >>1007308 for making legitimate critisisms

No. 1007368

File: 1594783887217.jpeg (179.14 KB, 2000x1000, 1*egrJI9hG_8qzFeZz3yT9Cw.jpeg)

hell yeah dude good point

No. 1007420

File: 1594790475633.jpeg (82.98 KB, 814x753, CD5916DF-9C11-43DB-B615-FB88CB…)

For the curious, I finally found some of the mean ass comments Dan made on Insta after he and Will fell out. Such a bitter bitch.


No. 1007421

File: 1594790511764.jpeg (125.28 KB, 828x1046, 5D4785C8-9799-487A-8360-5E1F91…)

No. 1007471

Wasn't the whole Jenna fertility thing just her telling people to stop asking her/other YouTubers if they are pregnant, just because they might have gained some weight? iirc she said it can be rude because some people have said fertility issues.
I guess she could've been speaking about herself though.

No. 1007505

The only thing that I have to say about the two of them is that they should stop buying pets for their looks

>2 pugs who struggle breathing but it's ok because they're ugly cute

>Axolotls that Marzia couldn't take care of and had to return

>Got a toad for the memes that freaked Felix out

>A hedgehog who seems to be the only one to be fine and well

No. 1007511


Dan can be such a big bitch baby. He chimps out on Twitter a lot and it’s kind of embarrassing. I liked Will.

No. 1007527

>facist gf
Didnt her family un ironically have dogs that are named after mussolini and his mistress claretta?

They travel so much yet buy weird animals for the aesthetic. The pugs arent even fully house trained yet they both especially marzia have all the time in the world to do that

No. 1007591

File: 1594826755905.jpeg (Spoiler Image,462.82 KB, 828x1346, 15906BD9-E555-4619-B742-DE1B5C…)

His twitter is full of gross man angst. I remember he had this one disgusting ass tweet about how some underage boys could like do something sexually with him. I am trying to find that shit. Spoiler because I don’t want to ruin someone’s meal.

No. 1007595

File: 1594826801472.png (622.22 KB, 682x384, ew.png)

Simply Nailogical did a video with her dumbass boyfriend where he sits there talking about how toxic the beauty community is, whilst riding on the coattails of his gf by inserting himself in her videos/podcasts and making a living off of the community. He knows nothing about nails/makeup etc naturally, but for some reason his pov is important enough to her channel she started a podcast with him?

Honestly though, Simply Nailogical is awful at what she does. Someone convinced me to try her tips for strong nails video and it destroyed my nails. She has this whole thing where she insists all you need is a little bit of vitamin E and something else on your nails and you should never use nail strengthener because "none of them work" but then her nails peel and chip constantly and she admits she can't grow them too long because they bend kek

Her stupid nail topper is ridiculously overpriced, too.

No. 1007598

File: 1594826919337.jpeg (Spoiler Image,295.82 KB, 828x625, 40A3813D-1F07-4CAA-B71A-5F1F81…)

I hated doing it but just type in dan bell twitter dick or cock and you get dozens of tweets of him obsessing other other men’s penises.

No. 1007600

God. I don't even know this guy, but he is so whiney and unlikable.

No. 1007626

I never fully understood why Will left end why Dan has such animosity towards him. What happened?

No. 1007675

Dan claims it was Will’s girlfriend. Will has never said anything so who knows what the true story is. >>1007090

No. 1007678

funny how Simply was in Jeffree Star's ass and made a slick comment about him calling a make up "Snowflake" fuck her. Never liked her dusty ass.
Imagine getting all this work done to look like a woman, in the hope of attracting men, but always looking lonely as fuck and sex-obsessed.

No. 1007687

Kinda OT but god I hate Ben. He's way too fucking smug. Don't like Cristine much either tbh. I don't get the appeal of their channel and humour.
Plus what is it with so many youtubers starting podcasts? Simply, Kurtis, etc.

No. 1007690


Well, Dan is the one that looks like a petty little bitch. No matter the reason, if Dan acts this catty publicly, can you imagine what a diva he is to work with creatively? Must have been an absolute nightmare to work with. Will was probably glad to get out and hopefully he’s still doing film stuff and staying outta Dan’s little bitch fest. I love Another Dirty Room but it’s definitely not because it’s Dan holding the camera - that goes for all of his content, actually.

No. 1007696

i watched that podcast and i find it so funny how ben went on this rant about how people keep asking him to talk about the beauty community drama since he made shady comments about the beauty community in the past and he says "i don't want to be known as that guy who hates on the beauty community" and proceeds to talk about how they're all shallow because they do makeup for a living lol. he's so smug it hurts.

No. 1007699


Another shitty beauty YTer that reddit/YT circle-jerks over that I never understood the hype.

No. 1007706

following the h3h3 trend. podcasts cost less money and take less time to make than regular vids. with all the sponsorships and ad breaks available it's a low effort way to cash in.

anyway Cristine seems nice and levelheaded but Ben is boring and takes all of his opinions from the reddit hivemind.

No. 1007714

I can't tell if he too stupid to realize he's contradicting himself or if he's really throwing shade at marzia.
He said lip injections never look good while marzia had them, he said to stay away from women with brightly colored hair while marzia had pink and so on

She wanted an albino pug too as if they weren't cursed already

No. 1007770

Ugh. Simply Nailogical. Her channel started out with gimmicky nail tutorials, which worked well for her. Now it's mostly full of random gibberish. You can maybe watch one or two videos of hers without thinking anything is wrong, but after you start watching more of her videos she starts grating on you. Her voice, her unfunny humor, her stupid opinions, and especially the way she yells "Beeen" and makes him get her drinks.
She's never had a personality worth watching. People just watched for the gimmick. I don't know why she would make a podcast, or who would watch it.
And yeah. It should be obvious she doesn't know what she's doing. How many people do you know who have yellow nails because they managed to stain them with nail polish, who simultaneously refuses to buff or soak them to remove the stains? I certainly don't, and I especially don't know anyone who is supposed to be a nail authority who doesn't.

No. 1007786

>very obviously breaks flag himself
>crazy eyes

man, this dude really has come unhinged since the election, and even further with the pandemic. He seriously seems like he's going to snap and shoot up something

It's a shame, wranglerstar was pretty neat back in the day

No. 1007821

tbf pugs are high maintenance gremlin dogs but you're right. there was even a video they did on her channel together and they were talking about a poop chilling on the other side of the room that neither of them had cleaned. they were both perfectly ok with poop sitting around for who knows how long like wtf. no wonder the dogs aren't house trained properly.

No. 1007871

>just chilling with actual poop nearby
How do they tolerate that. How fucking lazy and nasty can you be. A while ago it was said that for her first job marzia was a dog walker but it was felix who did the work. Why is marzia so lazy and why is felix so complicit?

No. 1007878

she should apply for botched

No. 1007884

He is trying to appear more relatable to his fanbase, the type of guys that go around saying “thot patrol” and reee about stinky evil thot women. I mean look at how his personality has changed in the past 7 or so years due to his viewer demographic changing.

No. 1007959

I disagree that he is a Nazi. But the fact that his mom is a CEO of a multi-billion international corporation and is one of the wealthiest women in Sweden is not really a secret. And the fact that Marzia's parents named their dogs after Italian Fascist leader and constantly post racist/ anti-black stuff on their Facebook page. No one is really hiding anything.

No. 1007961

I found that post and it clearly doesn't say anything about her doing stuff in exchange for something, it literally just says that Marzia is being an idiot for thinking that just because she happens to spread her legs in front of someone who bought a house in Japan, she thinks she is now Japanese and the crap that she sells says that it was designed by "Marzia from Japan".
Bitch you are from Italy, you don't even speak Japanese.

No. 1008010

Their pugs nails are so long they curl. How can you have so much money and neglect your animals so bad?

No. 1008052

He said in a video that Maya's (like most of the other pugs) nails grow really fast and he does cut them but not too short because it creates problems (bleeding). Maybe it's as short as they can go without bleeding.

I had to take care of a pug with similar-ish breed and their nails would grow super long in a span of a week. It would be a pain in the ass to make sure pug is okay.
Another (crazy imo) option would be to cauterize them after cutting them to a decent length, but for such old pug as Maya that would be too painful because this process
Hurts pugs a lot.

Never understood the hype around pugs, they look like sad gremlins and I always felt bad for them.

No. 1008056

Kek anon I love you

No. 1008075

frankly it's funny to me how people connect marzia's parents opinions with marzia herself as if the majority of us don't have a nutso racist family member or two

No. 1008079

Uh, we don't…

No. 1008084

Lucky to be you, then. Nayrt but my stepdad is the same as Marzias opinion-wise.

Dont want to blogpost, but even twitter-chans are always whining and complaining over having racist (and such) family members. Good for you that yours aren't.

I am not QPMarzia or whatever her name is stan cause I never cared about her, but I hate it when people assume that if someones parents are shit, that means they are shit too.

Are you the same anon who kept showing her year-old milk and spregging on /w/? There are a lot more interesting cows to be obsessed with. She's cringe as hell, sure, but that's about it.

No. 1008092

File: 1594893586892.gif (6.01 MB, 720x404, AlaNPeF.gif)

>mfw I watch a new ADR hoping they find cum stains on the lamp or something instead its just Rick getting shitfaced fucking around in a bathtub while everyone stumbles around laughing

No. 1008102

File: 1594898074576.png (407.04 KB, 602x466, main-qimg-11a6ade8b763c9d11c2f…)

Every ADR eps that I ever watched be like
>Rick getting drunk
>Everyone spraying water on Rick
>Everyone bullying Rick
>Rick eating hand soap bar
>Rick touching disgusting things with his bare hands
>Dan gagging
Yeah, nice ass show

I'm going to be a dog moralfag, but standard pug breeding should be illegal, and I don't understand how most people still buy them and support this shit. Those dogs are so fucked up that they barely can function

>I hate it when people assume that if someones parents are shit, that means they are shit too
Yes I agree, you don't get to choose your parents. She's also Italian, and a good amount of middle-aged ppl over there are midly to downright racist.

I absolutely forgot that she also wrote a horror book, I remember that someone did a video review on it, saying that it was mediocre, and everyone got mad

No. 1008131

File: 1594901199052.jpeg (219.02 KB, 828x607, F0F9784B-D86A-45BE-AA32-4C3D7D…)

Kek don’t forget all the times Rick has tried to give himself Hep C.

I don’t think we will be seeing much of his original content anymore. I am not sure if it was the money or the attention but he us fully on the ghost faggotry train.

He still bitches about Trapped and Terrified, which were the infamous fakes that he likes to act as though they don’t exist.


No. 1008138

But look dog ugly and make funny noises hahaa
For real though, as someone who lives close to someone owning a pug, these things look like they're suffering 24/7 and a lot of owners don't really give a shit, they just buy them because they're tiny and have huge eyes and a squashed-in face.

Also while I don't think Pewdiepie and Marzia are racists, they can be huge hypocrites. I can't take seriously someone who likes to preach about greek philosophers and criticize relationships and materialism while being a millionaire, owning multiple houses and designer clothes, buying exotic and weird pets without properly caring for them and having a not so good relationship himself.

No. 1008157

File: 1594904594058.jpg (59.95 KB, 548x465, e96e206604d0b67a580175466e3859…)

Baltimore is associated with criminality even in France. I don't think he even realises that by faking Trapped and Terrified he unnecessarily fueled its already bad reputation. Drug traffic issued from mind and wealth poverty shouldn't be treated as a spectacle, and shouldn't less be monetizated by some fat fuck wanting to impress its audience. I don't know, I kinda wonder what black people think of this.
If I remember correctly, he has a kind of storytime video on his channel in which he describes his childhood home, he seems to be from a rather privileged background. However it might be him bullshittin, the story sounds fake as fuck

No I don't think they are racists either. But as much he likes to call himself "dumb-intelligent", Pdp really is dumb as fuck. He can read Plato all he wants, that won't fix his obvious lack of self awareness. He has the same overall vibe than men who unironically call themselves "Alpha" because they read Cizia Zike once. Funnily enough, this community also preaches greek philosophers to no end kek.
Oh yeah and he also unironically likes Elon Musk, right? How suprising. Is he also going to play the victim and cry about how all the odds were against his success despite being a more than wealthy white person from the get go

saged for my palpable autism

No. 1008180

For a while he actually did some ghetto tourism videos about Leakin Park, which was just him essentially running around the hood talking about “gunshots!” and literally begging for someone to kill him. There was never any point to it so it never went anywhere.

No. 1008197

I only watched him during the really early phase of his career when he played scary video games, partially because he was from the same country as me and partially because I was 12 and shitty humor and screaming appealed to me. Looking back, I'm a 100% certain he would be no different from neckbeard MRA-s by now if he hadn't gotten lucky with youtube. I know people find him handsome on the internet, but he really looks average in sweden and his cringey personality likely didn't net him any friends. I don't know much about him now outside of what I see others say about him, but it doesn't seem like he's actually ever changed beyond getting more full of himself.

No. 1008219

I watched it (it was banned here in Germany) and I'm so confused why his dumbass fans are harassing Anfisa over this shit. If you watch her yt videos, you can clearly see how much she has changed and improved over the years. Her social media is filled with cringy ass comments like "You're a golddigger" "Go back to Russia" and "You broke his heart and used him for the green card". Fucking pathetic.

Felix should know better by now, he has MILLIONS of followers, many of them are young and impressionable. If he talks shit about someone, you know that some of his dumbass fans are going to harass said person. This shit always happens and I'm so sick that he's doing nothing over it.

No. 1008230

He probably should know better but definitely doesn't care until it blows up in his face. Then comes the garbled "sorry you felt harassed" apology.

No. 1008334

Anfisa and Jorge both deserve eachother, but it was still scummy of her to make her husband go to jail, even HOPING he would get life sentence. Both r equally fucked up.

No. 1008528

Trimming pug nails is honestly the worst. They have really long quicks and their nails naturally curl and grow into the paw pads. That's not unique to their pugs. It's also so stressful for them that they can end up not breathing properly and dying. Most pugs I've seen have to be sedated (which you wouldn't want to do very often if the dog is older like maya) and need like 3 people to trim their nails. Not trying to defend them, but it's really the only thing regarding the pugs that's not their fault.

Chilling with poop around and being ok with your dog wearing a diaper 24/7 is actually fucked tho.

No. 1008769

That’s what’s funny to me. He insults plastic surgery, women with brightly coloured hair, Alinity selling her bra, but Marzia has done all those things too. I like clowning on both of them because people get so offended, even if they’re not fans. Also, pewdiepie’s fans flock to Marzia’s post and call her the most beautiful, but if they knew all the cosmetic procedures she had they would go full incel on her.

No. 1009726

smokey glow is fat and looks like an orc

No. 1010068

>hes nazi
>nothing different is said about pdp.

I see some speds autistically repeating the same barely coherent reee'ing like victims of a fresh brain injury (muh Nazis!/alt-right!), and much like the insides of their heads, there's nothing of substance to their screeching. As opposed to someone like this >>1007505 who obviously possesses at least some fucking brain matter.

And before some retard calls me a PDP stan, I think his current content is lazy effortless crap. i know because I tried watching it a few months ago and clicked off after about 5mins. I don't know how he still gets millions of views. Probably bots.

No. 1010175

Wait she doesn't clean her nails from stain???

No. 1010291

Everyone knows that, anon

No. 1010395

I don't watch her so I never understood the hype around her, just saw one video of her and she was acting like Jenna Marble so I clicked off

No. 1010457

That's fair. She talks about it often in videos (or at least she did years ago).
Obviously, she can do whatever she wants with her nails. But I really don't understand the mindset of refusing to give nail polish a rest from time to time. She says in her video that she doesn't because then she wouldn't be able to make nail tutorials often, but she only made a nail tutorial every few months anyway.

No. 1010466

>Do you really want to rub bleach or other chemicals into your nails? They may seriously dry them out
As if nail polish isn't made of chemicals, doesn't dry out your nails, and is a perfectly healthy thing to apply to nails in general.

No. 1010749

What do you guys think about Trisha’s post-coitus pizza munching?

No. 1010754

Everyone involved is trash and disgusting.

No. 1010790

I get why she made this video as it must be annoying to have a horde of kids commenting about it on every video she made but at the same time she should have thought of a better way to get her point across
At the time of this video youtube recommended me another video about how to remove the stains and all the comments were from idiotic kids repeating the same shit: B-BUT YELLOW NAILS DON'T MATTER!
I don't really know if she is to blame tho… having literal kids and tweens as your audience must be draining
she keeps getting questions about marriage because for kids that's the logical next step for couples

No. 1010841

File: 1595374807938.jpeg (202.87 KB, 828x1238, 4076B566-FD46-4748-B63F-3556C8…)

If you look in the comments people are mentioning how gross it is, and of course, her little fishies still defend her. If you actually have the patience to scroll through this quagmire. It is a lot.

No. 1010853

Sorry to break it to you, anon, but women engage in sex while pregnant (at various terms) all the time. The only reason that'd be remotely "milky" aside from the involvement of YouTubers is because it involved a third person, and whether either of those things are reprehensible or not just depends on one's personal preferences. If they wanna share that with a huge online audience, they can, I guess.

No. 1010882

i know i missed the train on this but i'm so relieved to finally find others who can't stand her anymore. i quit watching her channel when her videos became a lowkey incel/mgtow hosting ground. it's not consistent but at times she really acts like a complete pick me and borderline encourages the incels/mgtow males in the comments but of course acts so mutual and ~rational~.

No. 1010914

I know anon. I apologize if it came off as I was picking on Lena being preggers; that wasn’t my intention. I was more looking at Trisha and her weird downward spiral, and the strangeness that surrounds her persona.

Same, anon.

No. 1011022


I mean…….. lol. But really, I don't understand where the huge cult following for her came from, either. I remember watching her and it came off like some privileged 17 year old basic bitch background, talking about the same shit that's been talked about and then she gets her own palette and everyone licks her ass constantly now?

No. 1011039

She gets ALL her info from r/BeautyGuruChatter, might as well just read that and the comments there instead of watching Smokey repeat every single line 10 times. Also she's bad at makeup.

No. 1012914

if he's average in sweden then i'm moving to sweden

No. 1013019

This is depressing. Lena and Adam are nasty, I know women have sex while pregnant but that is usually with their partner, not with mentally ill, botched basket cases with herpes on OnlyFans. If you want to have threesomes whatever live your life but have some standards Jesus.

No. 1013441

lol. I hate PDP for his shitty personality but I agree. He's a good looking dude

No. 1013687

File: 1595904687455.jpeg (202.98 KB, 821x1535, 649861EE-55F2-4E9F-8F8A-060CF9…)

Everyone is clowning Nikita rn for getting more surgery done and for it looking terrible.

No. 1013850

File: 1595939747790.jpg (193.22 KB, 1124x1529, Ed-hOFgXoAETLDl.jpg)

Sometimes I check in on Eugenia's channel and it makes my heart ache. She looks worse than before she was admitted. I wish her mother or anyone else who's close to her admitted her in a treatment facility but I don't think it will ever happen. It's like she's committing suicide in slow-motion and it's so sad

No. 1014472

It makes me sad, too. I don't think she is ever going to get better as long as she has an account and gets attention from people for being skelly.

No. 1015627

She is known only because she's anorexic, and as a Youtuber she's nothing without that. I'm pretty sure she likes the attention she gets, even if they're all comments by people trying to tell her to get help.

Besides, that's how treatment facilities work. They keep you there for like three months, then you're out, then you get in again after some time becuse you have a relapse and so on.

No. 1015630

File: 1596297882884.jpg (87.38 KB, 1280x720, kalel.jpg)

Does anyone else watch Kalel? I have a weird fascination with her and her constant identity-changes. I wonder what her latest persona will be

No. 1019500

nobody probably cares lol but anyone else watching the weirdness/last month's full on controversy with AnxietyWar (mainly on his ig)

i have some shit to say but don't want to be annoying or clog up the thread if nobody else here ever watched him or knows him.

No. 1022547

File: 1597353773184.png (303.35 KB, 677x387, Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 2.22…)

Not the usual cows we post here but, Imogenation posted a random ass vlog of herself and because she gets a ton of asspats for milking her "stomach condition" all the time, she had to include a segment of her taking a shit on the toilet, including poop escape face.

No. 1022553

i used to watch kalel a lot and even back in the day with WULAS. it has been insane to watch her constant identity changes documented on the internet and even more insane to watch her fall from grace after breaking up with her last boyfriend. it's so uncanny to watch someone slowly wither away into irrelevancy. she mentioned in one of her most recent videos that she's been eating canned food; burning through all the money and potential anthony left her must feel so bad.

the last i heard from her she was still learning korean, so unless something changed (which is usually the case when she takes these extended breaks), she's probably still in her koreaboo phase.

No. 1024521

omg i watch anxiety war and i was wondering what was happening that one of his vids kept getting taken down? i was wondering if he was going down the lawsuit route like before.

could you elaborate on what happened?

No. 1024532

Jenna and Julian are quitting the podcast, it sounds like it was something they didn't want to do but had too for some reason, most likely because of Jenna being absent. She said at the end that shes currently "getting help"

makes me tinfoil that she spiraled.

No. 1024542

is that bitch for real…

No. 1024701

I was really looking forward to her downgrading faze but it’s still the same old shit. She only posts when she absolutely needs money/sponsorships.

Watching her is like watching a train wreck I love it

No. 1024826

Contracting herpes could hurt the baby so much

No. 1024835

I guess that's that. Not really a secret that Jenna's mental health has suffered in recent years and we can only speculate what caused things to get so much worse the last few months. Between quitting her channel and the podcast I don't think we will see her return to the internet in a really long time, if ever. Hope she's getting the help she needs.

No. 1024919

i feel like they’re going to end up splitting up in order for jenna to continue focusing on her health

No. 1024999

Id like to know about this, what happened with him?

No. 1025002

I can easily imagine her getting an OnlyFans when she runs out of money. She likes easy money and I cannot imagine her getting an office job

No. 1025006

File: 1597736896738.png (1.46 MB, 1334x738, anxietywar.png)

hmm.. could it be about this? Him being a Trump supporter and showing his gfs ass on Insta? Strange choice

No. 1025036


Trump is at best the porn star fucking type of catholic conservative so everything checks out.

No. 1025084

Either the cancel bullshit did a number on her or her lowkey incel lifestyle is worse then speculated, or both I guess. From what I understood she just sleeps all day and has stopped giving a shit about her appearance. Seems like a good idea to finally put her degree to good use.

No. 1025116

Aw man I used to find him funny/cringe but didn’t realize he was this lame.

No. 1025145


I never expected him to show up in these threads but agreed, thought he was like really awkward/goofy funny. Kinda strange, doesn't seem like the type to be a Trump supporter but whatever, guess it's hard to tell with things like that sometimes. His videos still make me lol.

No. 1025411

my guess is he's an autist that will vote how daddy tells him. I've met many autistic males that lean hardcore conservative because of daddy or their obsession with guns

No. 1025745

No. 1025795

Just looking at the thumbnail how are bitches still orange in 2020 come on

No. 1025800

I'm not surprised, he loves guns and he has a big american flag in the back of his videos (not that that makes you a Trump supporter).

I find showing his girls ass on Instagram a weirder choice, cause he pretends to be super righteous going after perverts and hoeing out your girl for likes is kinda degenerate.

No. 1026012

I wish them well but their podcast wasn't that good lol. I tried to sit through a few of J&J's casts, they were at best uninteresting.Youtubers didn't start doing these until after YT changed monetization rules making it more difficult to pull decent ad rev through "normal" content. Most of these people don't actually give a shit about podcasting, which is why the majority are so boring low effort and not worth watching.

No. 1026016

idk if they're going to split but there's definitely a weird aura around the whole thing.
I get the sense her mental health's been deteriorating for awhile and she's been forcing herself to make content. Jenna's not unique tho when it comes to youtuber's getting too caught up in sm and the negative effect it ends up having on their mental stability. Youtuber's in general aren't exactly well known for their unproblematic mental states.

No. 1026864

File: 1598057966376.png (14.02 KB, 1112x308, gm3SFuP.png)

Leafy was terminated

No. 1026867

No one here gives a fuck

No. 1026872

Fuck off, I do. That's great and I laughed.

No. 1026875

>I get the sense her mental health's been deteriorating for awhile and she's been forcing herself to make content.
Completely agree. Judge me if you want, but I loved Jenna's older content and still watch it sometimes. I loved how raunchy and unapologetic she was, yet never felt like she went too far with anything and was always well-intentioned. I haven't been able to sit through any her videos for years because it was so obvious that she wasn't into it anymore, and was struggling with something behind the scenes.

I'm actually really curious about the source of Jenna's depression. She always struck me as such a chill person who didn't have any serious baggage. Her bf is kind of annoying but he doesn't seem like the abusive type. I wonder if it was just the Youtube culture in general that made her spiral like this. She was friends with some pretty nasty people like Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson long after they fell out of favor with everyone else.

No. 1026908

I do. Not wk-ing Leafy but I don't see how his content was worse than half the retarded, subtly racist and "triggering" content that was out there (drama channels, Idubbz+Filty Frank's old content that's still up using the n-word all the time, J-Star I giess)

No. 1026920

If leafy got banned can we please terminate onion once and for all?

No. 1026921

people are saying it's because of this clip he put at the end of one of his vids.

No. 1026948

So they draw the line at bullying content cops but still allow h3h3 and idubbbz to release them? Tin foil h3h3 did it lmao

No. 1026989

File: 1598084777359.png (312.16 KB, 640x346, hitqvo3ihsz21.png)

that's not even tinfoil it's probably true.h3h3 talks to the CEO of YouTube all the time and after one of there meetings alot strange "coincidences" happened.a popular video by a guy called gokunaru criticizing alot h3h3s shitty actions got taken down along with a a video leafy made on him. Those videos also got bot banned and anyone who tried to reupload the vids instantly got them taken down.alot of leafys newer vids got demonetized right after that too.also when leafys vids would hit the trending page they would instantly get age restricted and taken off. so obviously a ton of people started calling him out so what he did was he got tons of channels remonetized (not any of the ones that called him out). And he was pretty much like "look at how good I am, I would never abuse my clout at YouTube" but I'm pretty sure everyone saw through that Bs since he has been bleeding subs.

No. 1026991

I used to watch him and always though there was something sus about him, I kinda got the vibe he was a low key racist type but could never quite pin it.

No. 1026992

THIS! Also, I fail to understand how sarcastic voiceovers over gameplay videos are not okay, but deranged psychopaths having meltdowns and bullying other people is fine?

No. 1026998

Jenna got into a car crash a few years ago so her physical health plumetted, she couldn't work out anymore despite being a total gym bunny and never started again. She probably has image and self worth issues because of it, her whole spiral down started from there.
I wish someone close to them would spill the beans.

No. 1027015

I mean this has been tinfoiled with 0 evidence for like the last 2-3 years and you have morons like Keemstar & TheQuartering claiming it’s true and people take it at face value. I’m not a fan of h3 but it’s getting tiring hearing the same speculation again and again. Theyve talked about their podcast episodes being demonetized & I don’t really understand why that would happen if they’re such good friends with Susan

No. 1027026

I remember watching a few of his vids all in one sitting lately and it struck me as odd that each video had that one sentence in it that was obviously going over youtubes set line. God knows what emotional pay off he's getting from repeating the same old shit but he absolutely saw this coming. He dived into that ban head first.

No. 1027039

File: 1598099367850.jpeg (237.53 KB, 449x1007, 0453869B-9E9B-4124-8C21-FD99E3…)

The ban was probably in combination with what he was saying outside of YouTube. He can’t claim to be commentary when he says things like this. And especially now that YouTube is “family friendly”

No. 1027053

File: 1598104213616.png (60.75 KB, 619x550, 10c602a6a5f5c1d2e2ff7da0544044…)

>airsoft gun
gets me everytime

Everyone has such a thin skin now a days its getting a bit disturbing.

No. 1027057

Yeah h3h3 did it.

No. 1027062

Good. Tired of seeing his ugly ass

No. 1027131

I thought it wasn’t demonetized but they lost their sponsors like old spice etc? They have a 17mil house iirc and I doubt they’re actually losing much, they just want extra handouts

No. 1027144

File: 1598116274423.jpg (122.45 KB, 829x1200, EYmtBxFWsAEVK1N.jpg)

what happened was keemstar and h3h3 were beefing for the millionth time but this time h3h3 got extra mad(probably because of all the videos calling him out and shitting on him) and told his fans to report bad things and controversies he had in the past to get his sponsors taken away. Then keenstar did the same but they both backed off and asked people to stop once tons of people who hated them realized they could get all there sponsors taken away. also it didn't stop anything all it did was start a trend of people getting rid of sponsorships for YouTubers they don't like.

No. 1027266

Eugenia is looking extra bad in her newest video.

No. 1027282

I don’t get why she leaves the comments open when they’re all insulting/telling her to get help. Does she get off to it or something?

No. 1027287

I’ll never understand how youtube will allow this content on their website and give onision a platform for years and plenty of other predators but ban leafy…

No. 1027288

She wants people to tell her she’s thin… the thinner she gets the more revealing her costumes are. I can’t imagine what’s going on in her brain but wow she needs help.

No. 1027292

Wow. Relapse hit her hard. Unless someone outside the situation intervenes again, I don’t think she’ll make it another year. It’s been made clear time and time again that her mother has no interest in getting her help. Sad. She’s my age but she’s permanently stuck at 13 and that’s the way her mom wants it, it seems.

No. 1027302

Are her nipples somewhere around her elbows? She wears any bra or top that low and on a lot of women it would be exposing nip. What a strange sad person.

No. 1027303

the fact her Kairi cosplay vid is still up - the one that caused outrage for her to get help - speaks volumes.
She's never going to get help and i'm honestly waiting for all of the vids on drama channels about her death. It's really sad to watch.

No. 1027379

I feel for the people who seem to genuinely care about this ungrateful lollipop bitch. She is never going to get healthy. As long as people continue to stare at her, and react to her body, she will continue to be a scary skelly. I would like to think that maybe if people stopped interacting with her directly she would finally disappear.

No. 1027382

>Eugenia is looking extra bad
thought you meant bad as in sexy kek, im retarded

No. 1027394

At this point, her videos are literally going to be a timeline of her inevitable early demise. Her Kairi video was just awful to watch because she looked like she was at death's door at that point. The human body's ability to survive is amazing - but I wouldn't be surprised if her heart gives out at some point.

I think the saddest thing is that when she gained some weight after being sectioned, she was able to articulate her thoughts properly (less ums and all that), but you could tell she was unhappy because she barely showed any skin. Now that she's on the decline again, she's wearing revealing outfits and her ability to communicate clearly has gotten worse as well.

No. 1027411

she's still alive?

No. 1027481

Horrific. She's almost back at her pre-hospitalization weight. She's not going to make it 'til Christmas
>Are her nipples somewhere around her elbows?
I think her skin is super saggy from her weight fluctuation

No. 1027488

File: 1598170434754.jpg (32.39 KB, 851x258, Screenshot_14.jpg)

There are more and more comments like these…I wish she realized the effect she has on young girls who follow and look up to her

No. 1027516

Yeah, I wish the constant barrage of onision-type comments on her instagram would stop, a total rando telling her "I'm so worried about how thin you are" just encourages her. It's not helping.

I'm not sure about her being dead by Christmas, she might hold on like Ashley Isaacs.

No. 1027521

>she might hold on like Ashley Isaacs.
Statistically unlikely.
Eugenia's restrictive type of anorexia is far deadlier than Ashleys binge/purge type. Survival rates for it are notoriously low. Ashley at least eats, even if she purges most of it, and that enables her body to keep functioning.

No. 1027542

ANY engagement helps a vid in the algorithm, including dislikes. Most people are doing the smart thing and unfollowing/unsubbing from her. Other than reminding her she needs rehab, there's nothing they can do.

No. 1027545

I think she just loves the attention

No. 1027552

File: 1598180165599.png (185.14 KB, 715x298, Jaclyn.png)

Pic related is from a short vid Edwin Generations did with Jaclyn Glenn.

EC's home life is real strange. According to Jaclyn, she's not allowed to go anywhere by herself. They hired a chauffeur to drive her around and keep an eye on her. There's more i can't recall rn but it almost seems to me like she's a captive in her own home. And yeah, she's in her mid-twenties but her bedroom looks like an elementary school child's? Jaclyn predicted she would relapse if she didn't move out of that house/get away from her family and that's exactly what happened. It's a toxic place.

No. 1027556

This bitch is never going to change. She loves to be like this and loves the attention she gets by being like this. At this point I don't feel sorry for her, her first hospitalization should have been her wake-up call but it didn't work, probably because she's enabled by her mother, or she's controlled by her but mistakes that for genuine affection. She's super happy being skeleton thin, look at how she smiles and shows herself.
Even after being discharged by the hospital, you could tell she was still insecure and full of issues. She made a make up video but refused to move those disgustingly long hair away from her face (she still does this too) and covered herself a lot.

Attention-seeking cunts.

No. 1027561

You'd think youtube would remove EC's vids for promoting self harm or something. I guess uploading vids of yourself literally starving to death while your audience begs you in every video to go to rehab just isn't "harmful" enough for youtube's "standards". But hey at least wrong think and wrong speech can get you banned. Makes sense.

No. 1027625

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pregnant women having sex, it’s normal and common. Hell, have a threesome if you want, it’s your body. I also don’t give a shit if someone wants to upload a video of their threesome. But I find it really eerie when pregnant women do sex work and post porn while they’re growing a kid inside them. Idk it just feels wrong, it’s hard to explain because obviously it’s not really a living human yet, but I’d be really disturbed if there was a video of my mom getting railed on the internet while I’m visibly growing inside her. I know pregnancy is a lot of people’s fetish but it just seems grim to me.

No. 1027627

I agree, Youtube's standards are inconsistent and ridiculous

No. 1027837

I don’t get it either. If you look hard enough you can still find some gnarly shit on there. I have no idea how a half dead skeleton is family friendly.

No. 1027840

It's ironic that google (owner of yt) used to have as their motto "don't be evil". I think now it's "do the right thing". Looks like doing the right thing includes letting content like Eugenia's slide, along with pedo channels and similar shit, but don't use profanity guise that's a no no and you'll get punished by the algorithm for it. With literal retards in charge it's no wonder that platform is so fucking cancerous. Nowadays I mostly go there to pirate music.

No. 1027964

Her face is terrifying to behold now.

No. 1028259


The Google don't be evil thing is depressing but it's not quite the most perfect example so far: Cinnpie had "Speak up" in her twitter bio until she got exposed then she changed it to "do your best" and dipped.

No. 1028686

There's always been something off about him. His fans (I used to be included in that category) just see him as being awkward and cute and that his weirdness is a product of his anxiety but if you actually look at his behavior it's fuckin strange. Not surprised he's racist lol.

No. 1031930

File: 1598983916692.jpg (84.47 KB, 1105x571, Screenshot_9.jpg)

So Eugenia's latest video is basically 'haha guys, I've TOLD you my hair is REAL haha'

No. 1032331

Emilia Fart posted a video for the first time in months. looks like she has a girlfriend and wants to keep youtube at arms length now

No. 1032352

>her first hospitalization should have been her wake-up call but it didn't work

Not at all surprising. Most anorexics are hospitalized and go to rehab at least a couple of times before getting better. The first one almost never takes cause they are usually forced to do it and rebel against it, then they try to get the weight off as soon as they are released.

Your low has to come within yourself. You have to realize that you are dying because you have been killing yourself for years and that you have done damage to your body that is irreperably unless you change NOW and that you want to continue to live. If you don't get to that point you won't change.

It's not like she is an anorexic 13 year old who has been starving herself for a couple of months. She has been doing this for years. It's a choice. Addicts who don't want to change will never change, their addiction is most important to them.

Anorexia has one of the highest death rates out of all mental disorders, it's like 20%. She is completely enabled by her tard mother and will continue to live like this until her body gives out. Maybe she has Isaacs skelly strength and chug along for a while… we'll see.

No. 1032403

File: 1599065644401.png (677.48 KB, 1920x864, markdickler.png)

No. 1032495

Maybe she's not a cow but I don't understand the appeal of Emilia Fart at all.

No. 1032638

Me either. Unless people watch for the cringe

No. 1032653

markiplier is so annoying

No. 1032723

god I fucking hate critikal now

No. 1032799

Mark made a video about getting a strike and youtube pretty much immediately re-instated the videos and apologised.

No. 1033103

Not gonna bump for this because I'm sure no one cares but has anyone else noticed that Safiya Nygaard has been inactive for the past 3 months? I was never a fan of her but I used to see her everywhere, but I realized I've completely forgotten about her and it seems many other people have, too.

No. 1033177

she's just so fucking boring, 100 lipsticks? 100 bathbombs? maybe she's pregnant who knows

No. 1033382

Maybe she's gonna come back with a 'I DITCHED SOCIAL MEDIA FOR 3 MONTHS' video

No. 1033839

No. 1033860

Wow what an insufferable post. With the exception of her dressing like the different decades or whatever videos where she actually has to do research, she posts the absolute laziest content on YouTube. There’s no reason why it should be so hard for her to follow her schedule to melt down and mix together some candles or lipsticks or to wear weird clothing items around town other than pure laziness. There is also no reason why she needs to keep living in LA if she feels so isolated there to continue producing the content that she does. All of her videos can be done from Chicago or Philly with zero change. And every single creator has to deal with criticism about their content and comments about their appearance; it’s just part of being a public figure. If you can’t handle it, stop reading the damn comments. What could she possibly be working on every single day? And boo hoo, this (possibly multi-) millionaire feels like a failure. She needs to get off the platform like her idol Jenna Marbles.

No. 1033921

you can say it, anon. she’s fucking boring lmao. she doesn’t have a personality outside of GoT references and talking like she has a brain injury.

No. 1034023

>hand rubbing intensifies

No. 1034182

>I understand why people would say things like “why don’t you care about youtube anymore?” And “what do you even do all day?”. I do. I ask myself the latter question all the time. What I’ll say beyond that is - I do care about youtube, and the channel we’ve built, and making videos. I don’t want to quit. I don’t want to fail. But because I’ve been so ashamed of myself, I’m ashamed to talk to you all about it.

So she admits she's been doing literally nothing the past three months, shocker. She also whined about people making fun of the way she talks and how she's gotten fat enough for fans to notice so it makes her too anxious to do videos. Actual celebrities get shit talked way worse and actually stalked to the point of people breaking into their homes, she's such a god damn whiner.

No. 1034626

Between Jschlatt, Wilbur… why do people keep making mediocre unfunny guys famous?

No. 1035176

No. 1035196

God same I miss classic early 2010s cr1tikal. The day I saw a thumbnail of his new video showing his whole face in front of a mic I knew he was fucking gone.

No. 1035247

File: 1599555661212.png (565.37 KB, 980x551, how.png)

I cannot fathom how she can think that she looks good like this. She looks like a ghoul that's trooning out.

No. 1035266

File: 1599560977716.jpg (294.1 KB, 1080x1061, manlet.jpg)

I feel you anon. That too was the moment I realised he was going to become the male equivalent of "not like the other girls". I hate being right sometimes.

No. 1035294

I remember when everyone used to tinfoil that he was ugly as fuck and fat. it was a blessing from the gods that he actually turned out to be smoking hot (although short) i'd definitely let him piss in my mouth like he did with that storytime girl

No. 1035302

I feel like he's slowly turning into Keemstar, which is a damn shame because his original content was pretty fun. I liked how he would just do one-video snippets of games instead of fifty video long playthroughs. Why he thinks anyone wants to watch him complain by his mic is anyone's guess.

No. 1035319

shame he looks nothing like this now. i physically can't stomach the sight of him these days, especially his mess of a hair

No. 1035327

File: 1599573474884.png (253.74 KB, 590x462, Screenshot at Sep 08 00-50-44.…)

Once again Creepshow most likely lurked lolcow until she found a new video topic. The celebricows thread where this was discussed is in /ot/, as is the artist salt thread where she is brought up sometimes.

No. 1035329

File: 1599573536984.png (243.34 KB, 593x501, Screenshot at Sep 08 15-59-23.…)

She also posts about KT, who is a total nobody only ever discussed in the Holly/Jared/GG thread

No. 1035369

File: 1599578238101.jpg (46.42 KB, 702x578, Capture.JPG)

anon i feel you

i guess this is what happens when you throw away your real life and focus on becoming twitch gamer funnyman

No. 1035413

I think he's goodlooking here but I have questionable taste in men.

No. 1035509

You sure do.

No. 1035617

>Charlie is ugly now that he has long hair

Never change, lolcow

No. 1035636

File: 1599610563151.jpeg (47.25 KB, 246x673, 474551BA-7E76-4F4C-8CA1-0844F8…)

Everytime someone says he’s hot I remember this pic

No. 1035650

File: 1599611111910.png (3.25 MB, 1242x2688, A468ED77-0D39-4C53-8C10-AE31B6…)

God fucking damn. How is Ethan still mentally stable? Here, he’s doubling down on supporting a known doxxer and CP DISTRIBUTOR just so he can keep chasing that unreachable W against Keem, all the while blissfully ignoring his bleeding metrics.

You know, Keem is a cockroach, an ugly disgusting one at that, and this doesn’t excuse the awful shit he did, but this is a new low for H3.

No. 1035671

His face is just OK but that hairstyle and facial hair is vile. Looks like he's really just given up. I don't mind his youtube strike shit but at this point he should just be a podcaster.

Unrelated, and I've only seen a couple streams with her, but does Charlie seem kind of mean and dismissive towards his girlfriend Tiana? He uses her for background chitchat and just kind of…talks over her or ignores what she says. The only time I noticed him being nice to her was when she unwrapped a yugioh card he wanted… I don't know what he's like with her privately but I hope he's not an asshole.

No. 1035675

I haven't seen much of her either but if I remember right he has (or had, I believe he previously said he feels he's worked past the worst of it) pretty severe OCD and anxiety issues, so I'd guess at least part of it is him being "on" for the camera and therefore being kind of on-edge. I've never seen him be actually mean to her, but he seems to act a bit different when there are other people around in general so that's how I see it.

No. 1035683

That's the same feeling I got when iDubbbz streamed with Anisa those first few times. Most of that type of viewer ate it up, sadly.

No. 1035698

back when i used to watch him, I always felt he got annoyed whenever she would come in the room.
IDK Charlie seems full of himself and when I first saw him I thought he was gay, I was surpised he had a girlfriend

No. 1035699

>>known doxxer and CP DISTRIBUTOR


No. 1035700

why does he look like he has a freakishly large ass

No. 1035749


Probably putting up a wall because of his ex cheating on him but then again, they're together for 3 - 4 years now, that wall should've been gone by now.

No. 1035804

i think he looks gross "hot" or present day. his buttlips weird me out.

No. 1035805

he's short and wide

No. 1035840

his long hair is 10/10 imo lol

No. 1035841

hes cute

No. 1035861

She seems kind of like a basic Becky. Boring & bland, lacking of charisma, tbh. Then again, she's not a social media performer/presence, so she doesn't have to be very entertaining. They do seem to lack chemistry with one another on stream, but who knows, maybe they're passionately in love with each other behind closed doors.

No. 1035882

I have no idea who this is but this dude is waaay better looking here than here >>1035266, that hairstyle and body is just icky to me and that apron just makes the whole picture 100% repulsive. Long hair always wins.

No. 1035908

you guys have shoe0nhead levels of shit taste in men jesus christ

No. 1035933

long haired men are god tier
he looks like a gay porn star here kek >>1035266

No. 1036023

I don't think it's the hair that makes him look worse in the second picture…

and most men look like shit with long hair cause they can't take care of it.

No. 1036196

Anon is referring to Britbong, a former YouTuber who Keem and ColossalIsCrazy helped deplatform a few years back. Back in 2017, this guy was behind him taking down a bunch of commentary YouTuber’s twitters. Keem apparently sent enough evidence that Brotbong was doing this to YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch for them to completely shut him down.

Also, he threatened to dox Colossal’s family.

And he sent child porn to Aiden.

No. 1036220

I used to watch his videos a lot and appreciated what he does, then I went to his IG…bruh. What the fuck, like it was a slightly toned down boomer memes nonstop about fActS DOnT cARrE aBOuT yOuR FeeLiNgS, like every single post. I understand airing your political views, thats fine except every view he had was some regurgitated brain dead bad take on practically everything that screamed "i think ben shapiro is good at debating"

No. 1036255

lmao i thought that was a young h3 for a sec.

No. 1036259

I disagree. Gay apron aside, the guy in that pic looks like he takes care of himself. In the long haired pic >>1035369 he's clearly let himself go.

No. 1036264

idk if Ethan was ever truly sane tbh. He's been in a gradual decline for quite a while now. I still remember how salty he was when pewdiepie didn't invite him to his wedding lol he sperged about it in one of his casts.
Britbong is some unemployed 32 year old man living with his parents. His hobbies include doxing, false flagging people's sm and sending CP to minors. Pretty sure he's single, ladies.

No. 1036265

No. 1036275

Agree, I'd prefer a cute Jesus guy over a gay porn star.
>takes care of himself
It's too much. As long as a guy can take care of his hygiene, he doesn't have to style his hair like a 7th grader and work out to the point he looks like a gay Disney villain. Also, look at those forearms

No. 1036276

How does he support anyone in that screenshot?

No. 1036297

sort of ot but the britbong drama and thread is so funny because its the perfect example of how many people hes pissed off. he did weird shit for videos and his fans always loved it but the actual communities hated him. then he did content his friends liked and the fans hated him. dude could never win lol

No. 1036315

Funny you should say that, as cr1tikal defended idubbbz, saying that it doesn’t matter what people do behind closed doors. What if he’s a cuck as well?

No. 1036406


Why would PewDiePie invite him in the first place? Wasn't he the one who threw him under the bus during PewDiePie's darkest timeline?

No. 1036428

The wedding was so small, too…it’s not like they’re close friends

No. 1036456

yeah ethan doing that was the literal first event of ethans podcast downfall
threw him under the bus after defending idubbz' use/explanation of nigger when they were quite literally the same explanation, needed those reddit gold upboats
then went onto a few podcasts after to shit on his fans for the bad reaction to it lol

No. 1036571

He was probably joking about that. I don't think he hates women nor Marzia, I just think his humour tries to appeal to teen boys because they're his main audience.

No. 1036590

>but Marzia has done all those things too
Marzia sold her bra??

No. 1036599

I mean, hair can change how a person looks anon. Some men suit long hair, some don't. He doesn't.

No. 1036639

I think he looks cute here. His hair is long but it looks healthy and clean. His appearance isn't what matters to me anyway, it's his content. He went from being unique and funny to being an autist who complains behind a microphone. He could be the sexiest man alive and that would still be shitty content.

No. 1036668

>britbong drama
@41:50 this guy TommyC went into a 5min rant on the dude. I almost got second hand cringe/embarrassment for brit getting scolded by a dad on the internet lol.

No. 1036672

Yeah that's when ethan's two faces really started showing. He thought he was still "good" with PDP after throwing him under the bus but PDP knew what was up.

No. 1036676

I don't think it's cute either when guys are overly manicured/done up but imo he looks so much healthier here >>1035266. I mean it could just be the lighting but his skin actually has color there lol. Hair length doesn't matter to me.
imo the change for the worse in his content and the change in his appearance isn't a coincidence.

No. 1036715

Does she give anachan vibes to anyone else?

No. 1036729

Yes, she sold some bras on her Depop.

No. 1036731

This. A lot of anons are reaching. Felix is a dumbass, sure, but his sense of humor has always been edgy memelord shit. Let alone the fact that he's been popular for doing nothing but screaming in horror games, come on.

No. 1036732

wasn't that her own creepy brother though? I remember he sold some of her stuff just to leech off the money. His wife also kept trying to become a literal clone of her to a point where Marzia cut her own hair.

No. 1036739

File: 1599812363918.jpg (154.25 KB, 1080x1080, davide_bisognin_41697166_55138…)

I thought the clone thing sounded like a stretch but damn I was wrong

No. 1036742


ppp is absolutely anachan, she looks like she's about to hurt her neck from the constant shoulder hunching to make her collarbones jut out

i think i remember her getting a tummy tuck and lying about it? someone on gurugossip got screenshots of the surgery scars during a bikini video she made

No. 1036743

He does though. The twink look doesn't suit him. We all have diferent preferences. Are you done?

No. 1036750

File: 1599815083061.png (693.28 KB, 585x537, alabama.PNG)

Saging as I have nothing to contribute but damn, I'd be SO creeped out if I was Marzia.

No. 1036752

The brother has similar hair and beard as pewds too..

No. 1036755

Why would he? They are not even friends. And his wife's parents are pretty racist and antisemitic. I'm sure they don't mind that PDP worked with h3 at some point but I don't think they would be happy having jews at their own daugter's wedding when they openly support neo-fascist groups.

No. 1036757

Which groups do they support? I couldn't find anything when I googled it.

No. 1036759

They actually post a lot of random political shit on Facebook but a couple of years ago they reposted a lot from Forza Nuova and Italia agli Italiani that are far-right ultranationalist parties. They also named their pugs Benito and Claretta in honor of Mussolini, so I guess being fascists is a big part of their identities.

No. 1036770

any more milk about this? i didnt think you could get a tummy tuck if you're that young and thing

No. 1036775

File: 1599823925919.png (1.03 MB, 776x769, ppp.png)

nta but she was overweight before so maybe she had loose skin or something

No. 1036776

no anachan but she looks way better now even tho she lowkey still can't dress

No. 1036797

Her brother sold some of Marzia’s stuff on his own depop. The lingerie and swimsuits were sold on Marzia’s personal depop where she sells her worn clothes.

No. 1036927

>ed hardy shirt
what the fuck

No. 1036945

Anachan wannabe. She consistently tries to squeeze herself into a size 2 when it would flatter her to go up a size. She’s secretive about her weight loss but says she hates exercise

Her husband is so grotesque I can never stand to look at him

No. 1037093

Yeah I remember her mentioning in a video about her dying her hair that when she was losing weight a shit load of her hair fell out?? Sounds like she starved herself to lose the weight even if she said she did ~keto~

No. 1037124

>Top fashion choice of any OZ bogan of the early 2000s

No. 1037158

Honestly, I hope they just want to skinwalk the ~Internet famous couple~ for clout because otherwise that implies some serious incestuous inclinations.

No. 1037298

>They also named their pugs Benito and Claretta in honor of Mussolini
Wait what? Any sauce? I heard Marzia's parents were like the equivalent of far right but supporting fascism is news to me.

On a different note, I always got the sense that marzia's mother never liked felix. I remember watching a vid where marzia talked about breaking the news of their engagement and how everyone she contacted was so excited about it but when she texted her mother, the mom's only response was a thumbs up emoji lol.

No. 1037299

I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that when watching it, also the fact that the original thumb nail looked like she almost had her tits out since the dress was falling really rubbed me the wrong way. I can already see her becoming an annoying ana-chan insta-ho now that she got her botched nose job.

No. 1037315

Yeah but it just further cements what a disingenuous shitstain Ethan is that he'd support PDP when it was convenient for him, then as soon as the tide turned he rolled over but expected PDP wouldn't notice? It was hilarious how visibly asshurt Ethan was over not getting an invite, he really wanted that clout.

No. 1037372

File: 1599895107762.png (1.77 MB, 1782x1380, ppp.png)


found the post on gg about the tummy tuck and took a screenshot of the video that was linked. the jury isnt out but considering she's lied about getting lip fillers in the past it wouldn't surprise me if she had it done.

No. 1037374

Honestly the dog names could just be a joke, like when people call a pet "Adolf" or "Cumlord" for fun. I don't get it but it happens. And they could just be really enthusiastic far-right people, not necessarily fascists, there are a lot of them in Italy especially in their region.

No. 1037376

I think that's what they are doing because Marzia's brother kept doing it's hardest to leech off them for years now, not just selling his clothing and this sort of stuff. I remember he used to have some sort of app or a website that he created based off the fact that Pewds was a gaming YT during that time, but I think in the end his website flopped because he havent really done much after asking Felix to PR him on Twitter. There also used to be a bunch of other stuff that I can't really remember about because it's been awhile, but her brother is one big leeching machine because he wants people to talk about him too (which they don't kek) or getting money of sis and her husband profit.

No. 1037388

File: 1599897775197.jpg (250.2 KB, 1200x1200, DvqGZjtV4AEV4nD.jpg)

She used to be overweight and says she lost weight with keto. I get ana-chan vibes from her but it does seem like she lives a happy life (I guess it's biased since she controls what she shares) but still. I don't think someone who was quite overweight could hold her type of figure. Also in her last video (7/11 food) she didn't buy any snacks so I guess she's used to eating 3 small meals w/ no snacks.

No. 1037389

samefag, mb i didn't see that someone posted the same pic

No. 1037391

Being a YTer & constant visits to Japan would probably give you self image issues

I wouldn't be surprised if she currently has weird body dysmorphia seeing that she used to be a fatty-chan and is now constantly trying to fit into J-fashion clothes.

No. 1037392

Not even just from being in Japan but her comment section probably got to her too.

Maybe I am over analyzing but she got an entire nose job just because people kept commenting on her nose (which still looks giant and weird btw)

No. 1037393

PPP seems like a person with unfortunate genes but is slowly fixing herself with YT money,
she doesn't seem to possess any cow features or has cow behaviour aside looking a little ana-chan.

I just wished she had a better nose job and I'm a little jelly about her constant Japan visits

No. 1037440

Yeah she’s not really a cow but she is a desperate YT star wannabe. She used to run a more “high fashion” type of blog until she realized massive yesstyle hauls got her more views. She seemed to think losing the weight would instantly make her beautiful and fashionable, but she’s still got an ugly mug and can’t dress for shit

No. 1037456

All the pics of her with her brother and his gumby wife, she looks either uncomfortable or just over it lol. And of course he has this 12 mile long shit eating grin on his face. It is annoying when normal unrelated people skinwalk, your own family? He seems incredibly irritating.

No. 1037497

I still think it's kind of gross to sell your used underwear. Aren't they millionaires?

No. 1037510

It really is gross, she sold used swimsuits as well it gives me the ick

No. 1037539

Anon, you are super obsessed with this topic because I literally talked only about her brother because I am not her stalker from GossipGuru. I only know about the brother situation.

No. 1037576

How does my reply imply that I'm obsessed with this lol? But her brother does seem pretty creepy as well from what I've seen.

No. 1037750

not real milk but just saw a video by repzion pop up on my homepage called "i trolled onision" from a couple days ago, how much longer is this going to go on? does repzion do anything else? it feels so fucking repetitive at this point. is he ever gonna move on

No. 1037792

There's an autist white knight that spergs whenever PDP and his wife come up.

No. 1037850

Idk it's too odd to have your dogs named benito and claretta as Italians living in a region where alot of far right people are. It's like if you're german and named your german shepherds adolf and eva and you're caught liking far right nationalist pages. It's all just weird.

Whole family is fucking weird. Who thinks that selling your quasi-internet famous sister's used underwear and swimwear is appropriate. The only normal one is the baby

No. 1037889

Kek nice delusion, tryhard-chan. I meant that it was weird of the other anon to reply to me with a topic that I do not know about: depop or whatever its called because I never been a QP fan, only knew about how weird her brother is because I like stories like fawnalee from /w/.

No. 1037904

I'm the first anon and I replied to your post because it came off as defending the underwear-selling with "well her creepy brother did it first". I'm not sure why you're being so aggressive about this, all that stuff you've never heard of was talked about fairly recently in this very thread.

No. 1038015

>the dog names could just be a joke, like when people call a pet "Adolf" or "Cumlord" for fun

If you call your dog Adolf in Germany you will immediately be called a nazi, that name has been ruined for everyone

Seriously tho, who the fuck cares about Marzia's parents political beliefs? Even if you don't hate Jews, H3 is a fucking maggot and I don't see why he would be invited in the first place. It's not like they do a lot together like Felix and JackSepticEye.

Marzia is a total leech with no talents and no personality tho so I wouldn't be surprised if her family are also idiots.

No. 1038074

Alex made a very passive aggressive video at the fact that her body checking try on haul got demonetized and she's blaming it on her being a woman. The later half of the first video she almost had her tits completely out because a dress didn't hold it's self up.

No. 1038100

lol what a surprise she ends up posting to her channel after it's brought up on gossip sites she's been gone for a long time. despite hopping on the pour art train 7 years too late, she's gotten 4 million views from her equally mundane followers. mediocrity pays when you worked for buzzfeed at its internet height.

No. 1038103

I loved Safiya, I have no clue why she has lost all her inspiration lately. Look at Michelle from Buzzfeed, she’s thriving with actual content.

No. 1038109

Maybe now that she's married she wants to focus on building her family and she already got enough youtube bucks for that

No. 1038110

Tbh Saf has barely had any original, creative videos on her channel. It's always been the same trend-following, watch-me-mix-every-kind-of-(insert thing here)-together, 100-layers-of-x, uninspired video. Her content is made for children and it's probably because she realized she could get rich off of copying what every other youtuber was doing. Her content was never special or original.

No. 1038190

I'm calling vendetta
Nobody cares about her anon, she has no milk

No. 1038195

No. 1038647


Not sure why you have such a hate boner for her, wanting her to be ana so bad. I don't get "body checking" vibes at all like I do when say, watching someone like Dr. Dray. It's a try on just like so many other YTers do, and you'd see that a lot of those videos show how fucking disastrous some of these clothes are in terms of practicality, too. Near-wardrobe malfunctions.

How valid her bitching is for not being ad-friendly, though… I can see both sides a bit. YouTube is retarded in that regard anyway and has been forever, idk why she is surprised.

No. 1038668

File: 1600107979399.png (22.82 KB, 699x125, VaW44f1.png)

No. 1038670

File: 1600108361211.jpg (2.07 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200914_122714402.j…)

I'm the anon that posted the second video, I just found it very cowish that she's blaming the demonetization on her being a woman when most of the time she was trying on the dress she was really close to having her tits out and in previous videos of hers she used to hold up or adjust any faulty clothes so shit like that didn't happen.

No. 1038762

NAYRT but I think she's being brought up because she had a thread on PULL. She's "milky" in the way Taylor Wynn is: no true milk, just laughably bad at what she does and goes on angry entitlement rants every once in a while

No. 1038904

sorry but what tits?

No. 1038924

Watch out with mentioning her tits, she already got a botched nose job after some commenters criticised that about her. I am wondering where her nipples went tho

No. 1038958

I saw it. He responded to the sperg emails Onion sent to him like a month ago. I couldn't finish the vid, too boring.
>It's all just weird.
Yeah idk if they legit support fascism or not but I'm pretty sure her parents didn't use those names to meme.
>selling your quasi-internet famous sister's used underwear
That's news to me lol.

No. 1038963

I don't remember her brother having a website but he did have his own yt channel that I think was for gaming. lol her own family trying to clout chase her and her husband.

No. 1038975


Fair enough, anons. I’m subbed to her and have seen a few times where she’s super offputting in certain videos/on other sites, but I think there’s more to complain about her than reaching for anorexia, so that’s what prompted me to reply to those. Thought it was the same person that posted both her vids.

No. 1039100

Natyr but he did had a website, however Pewds did not really promote-promote it. He followed it through twitter and like RTd once because they also asked him to be a part of some sort of event related to that, but over time this guy ditched his project because people were never interested in it and it was purely made to leech off her brother in law success because the website itself was about gaming (i think it also tried to be like steam store ??) and he made the website during the time when pewdiepie was making only gaming videos.

I might find it later if I won't forget. This project of CutiePieMarzias brother had maybe 500 followers on twitter or whatever so that'd be difficult.

No. 1039165

I can't believe she made a whole ass video to complain that ads were restricted on her clothing haul where her tits were out half the time. Aussie YTers seem strangely vindictive

Also, she's half naked for basically all her vids. Idk how she gets any advertisements on them. Put on some clothes, girl. Everything she wears barely covers her ass and is 1-2 sizes too small. I can't believe she actually wears this shit in public. I'd be so embarrassed to be seen with her

No. 1039181

Where r her nips in the top pic?

No. 1039965

Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein are doing a podcast together; in it, Ethan reveals that Hila and him did in fact circumcise their son.

No. 1039967

They have nude tape on them but they're there

No. 1039974

Yeah seriously, this isn't any more sexual than seeing children playing at the beach without a shirt on. You can't flash your tits if you don't have any.

I don't see any milk in this bitch. She looks like Belle Delphine but with a meth addiction.

No. 1039981

Well duh, they’re Jewish?

No. 1040006

Yeah not to WK but this isn't a surprise, it's done at a Jewish ceremony called a bris, not for cosmetic reasons.

No. 1040009

Fewer Jews are doing bris in light of evidence that circ is medically harmful so this surprises me

No. 1040017

He seems to have made the decision mainly for cosmetic reasons.

No. 1040065

>she's half naked for basically all her vids. Idk how she gets any advertisements on them.
It's because she's flat chested. I've seen trans youtuber's who've removed their breasts show off their bare chests and they don't get flagged.

No. 1040234

idk i think she's a bit justified in being annoyed by this. to call a dress slipping down a few times "excessive amounts of nudity" IS sexist and ridiculous. her nipples were never shown, and even if they were, it's bullshit that that would be considered excessive nudity.

No. 1040274

Even if she's never truly naked, nudity is a major thing in get videos. I remember a few with prolonged shower scenes that literally had no actual reason being in there, in the latest she wore a bikini but before she got flagged she just cut off the camera at the top so you only saw her head and shoulders.

No. 1040281

So Kalel finally gave a lifesign on her Instagram…she moved again and apparently has a boyfriend now

No. 1040293

Is that really news? "Kalel has a new boyfriend" is like… thats just what she does. If you're gonna post anything about this boring bitch then post how much more she has botched her face by now.

Yeah but the issue is that… nobody cares. It's not interesting or a revelation that youtube enforces its guidelines arbitrarily.

No. 1040560

File: 1600375884410.jpeg (Spoiler Image,209.45 KB, 1242x1410, 7F67DBA0-CDC7-40F3-BF62-AC452E…)

Speaking of Trisha, she had posted a pic of her sister’s vag on her Onlyfans earlier this month lmfao. Some quick fingers on twitter got the caps. It is gross, but I did not do the black squiggle on her privates in case someone asks. They are all so strange.


No. 1040618

Maybe im just insane but I kind of dig their vibes as a couple? Maybe just because he is so chill

No. 1040650

To be honest, I don’t know if they are really dating or whatever it is she does with men lol.

No. 1040651

Lmao he looks just like Hila. Ethan deserves Trisha as a sister in law.

No. 1040662

Same anon. I like that he calls her out on her bs too

No. 1040670

genuinely hope they last a long time together, I think he's a good influence for her and I'm tired of her dating shitty men

No. 1040762

>little sister following in my footsteps
So, meth addiction?

No. 1040766

I ain't watching 40mins of this shit. Anything noteworthy?
Apparently Ethan's using her to help him get back at Keemstar in their gay little feud since that 32 year old British incel he tried using, failed.

No. 1040840

File: 1600408211242.jpeg (604.9 KB, 828x1279, 7BBC2ABB-CE0B-4F53-BC60-18FDA9…)

H3h3’s accusing James Charles of stealing merch designs

No. 1040841

File: 1600408235812.jpeg (536.17 KB, 828x1179, 87BAFF52-0A2E-42CF-93DF-05E12A…)

James Charles’ reply

No. 1040842

Will every single crusty old man and woman try to feud with this stupid kid? Jesus Christ, these people are desperate.

No. 1040844

Oh my God Ethan shut up. I can't stand this fucking human blobfish. He's so dumb, self centered and entitled. Of course he couldn't resolve this in private, his hands were all tingly and his eyebrows were twitching like crazy for that sweet validation and reassurance of his brainless fans.

No. 1040852

wow, he's super likable. just a normal guy which is a nice contrast to trisha. i typically can't make it through her videos but i feel like their dynamic is good and i like that he's comfortable disagreeing with her. i know trish is a weird ass person but i agree with >>1040670 . i hope this is a healthy, normal, grounding relationship for her.

No. 1040858

File: 1600411320506.jpeg (40.4 KB, 580x580, 2A114931-3864-4CD5-A027-A1FE0F…)

hilarious if either of them think this is original, but man Ethan is an insufferable twat

No. 1040859

He is obsessed with clout it’s disgusting… dude you have a baby and multimillion dollars home, why are you still picking fights with people on the internet? James has more connections and I hope this blows up and makes h3h3 lose more sponsors. Shit is so unprofessional.

No. 1040876

I know anons will take any chance they can to hate on h3 but you guys can't seriously look at James' new merch and not think it straight up looks like the famous teddy fresh hoodie… like I get it, nobody likes ethan, but it straight up looks like a knock off with "sisters" pasted onto it and you're lying if you say otherwise kek

No. 1040877

samefag but fucking kek you guys also suspiciously leave out ethan's response to James' response

No. 1040880

File: 1600415192018.jpeg (454.9 KB, 828x905, BC82587A-753E-40ED-A94E-E830FF…)

No. 1040884

Yeah, I don't like Ethan either but they really look similar. Even the colours are basically the same. I don't think it's a coincidence.

No. 1040885

Yeah Hila pretty much invented the 90s. Nobody ever wore anything like that before she invented it in 1989.

Lel. I had a windbreaker that looked exactly like that when I was a child. Also ASOS has been selling pastel colorblocking shit for years.

No. 1040887

They do look similar, but to be honest it's hard for me to take Ethan serious with how this manchild acts. Also like >>1040885 said, pastel color-blocking has been a thing for years.

No. 1040893

File: 1600417267194.jpg (131.84 KB, 750x1116, Eh-zZfOXgAAnIpE.jpg)

I don't know how true this is but a couple days ago it came out that she punched Moses. It's twitter rumors though, so take it with a grain of salt.

No. 1040894

File: 1600417300350.jpg (90.34 KB, 750x1106, Eh-zZfPXYAEuWyC.jpg)

No. 1040895

File: 1600417321936.jpg (362.44 KB, 2048x2048, EiALDcqUYAATquU.jpg)