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File: 1604004455628.png (841.7 KB, 828x816, C513A756-4953-4D7A-87A2-3F02D2…)

No. 1070574

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

Thread #1: >>>/snow/867400
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1031751
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1049217

No. 1070582

I'm glad my shoop made it as threadpic and I am also glad that I don't have to look at the horrors of the previous thread anymore

No. 1070584

Pic made me laugh again, thank you anon! I am gonna repeat my reaction to the frankenpussy: made me wanna go hatescroll transpassing, yall would enjoy that sub as well i think

No. 1070585

First time making a thread and not sure what I did wrong but third link goes to a random comment not last thread even though numbers are the same. Unsure how to fix or if a farmhand can.

No. 1070588

It's not the same number, last thread was >>>/snow/1049127

No. 1070593

File: 1604005966197.png (179.52 KB, 592x703, 1603918671742.png)

Suspending someone from twitter is, "Blatant abuse of a vulnerable trans person"

No. 1070635

Lurked the profile of the dude in the thread pic on Reddit and found a NSFW "trap" photo session… at least it confirms how much he overfilters himself https://www.reddit.com/r/traps/comments/6fufxb/youre_gonna_love_these_a_few_of_my_favourites/

No. 1070699

This is just sad.

No. 1070711

kinda not fitting for this thread since that‘s a ftm, but i don‘t get why they don‘t just get their uterus removed or get sterilized if they‘re so dysphoric about getting pregnant? just watched the first half tho

No. 1070736

File: 1604018827730.jpg (562.05 KB, 863x845, womenwantprivacywut.jpg)

Tranny wonders aloud why women won't brand themselves as TERFs, thus nuking their social lives and all future financial/career opportunities while possibly endangering their physical safety, but instead choose instead to quietly create communities where they can discuss womens' interests together with other like-minded women. These men demand complete access to women at all times. It's despicable, and such behavior will continue as long as it remains unchecked.
Favorite quote from the comments:
>it's the whole "you can't have a place for sheep and wolves because the sheep will all leave and then you just have a place for wolves" thing.
This is why I don't use public restrooms or changing rooms, why I am extremely hesitant to post on womens' topics forums, even to seek help or advice. These fetishists stand like a neon sign and they hijack a place and tanturm until it's all about them and their weird dickhole-gazing.
NAYRT but some women will claim ftm to get sterilization surgery because there are so many barriers between women and bodily autonomy. IDK if it's a good idea because they'd probably put her on T first and that will mess you up permanently.

No. 1070752

Because that will actually fuck your hormones up

No. 1070761

For accuracy:
A total hysterectomy with oophorectomy will remove the ovaries as well as the uterus and you'll be on hormones for the rest of your life. A hysterectomy removes the uterus and may increase chance of vaginal prolase. I can't find info on whether or not this risk increases for women who have not given birth (which is itself a risk for prolapse), but penetrative sex after hysterectomy seems to be risk-increaser. Also, just plain old age.
A bilateral salpingectomy is the removal of the fallopian tubes. This prevents eggs from reaching the uterus. You can also get the tubes cauterized or tied, though ties might come off/float around in the body and that freaks me out. You keep your ovaries, so no hormone pill dependence, but you also keep your uterus so you still get periods.
Back on topic: Men can't get any of these surgeries even if they change the words on their legal documents.

No. 1070767

Watching this rn and sorry for ot because it's a ftm but they are genuinely whining about fucking a "woman" aka a dude with a dick and sperm, not wanting to get preganant. It's also unfair how they !!!can get cervical cancer too because it's so awful for ftm to go to the gyno, jesus christ no woman enjoys that shit.

No. 1070782

Just fyi, snew is a weird as fuck site coded and hosted by pedos trying to argue that CP laws are unconstitutional. Read the footer:
>I think all censorship should be deplored. My position is that bits are not a bug
>That we should create communications technologies that allow people to send whatever they like to each other.
>And when people put their thumbs on the scale and try to say what can and can’t be sent, we should fight back - both politically through protest and technologically through software

>"Bits are not a bug" is a link that leads to:

>In the US, it is illegal to possess or distribute child pornography, apparently because doing so will encourage people to sexually abuse children.
>This is absurd logic, and almost certainly a violation of the First Amendment (although the courts have decided otherwise, apparently based on the assumption that all child pornography is abuse).

Saged for OT, just thought it'd be in every farmer's interest to not use

No. 1070785

we can just call anything abuse now, huh?

No. 1070789

Thanks for the warning! Here is an archive

No. 1070804

File: 1604026058777.png (60.36 KB, 536x705, Capture.PNG)

this whole thread is fucking lol. rping your way through twitter as "plural" sounds fucking exhausting.

No. 1070821

File: 1604028452101.png (33.11 KB, 598x508, da wap.png)

lmao the thread those idiots are referring too is fucken hilarious too. I'm just over here clinging to irrational beliefs, I suppose.

No. 1070830

File: 1604030509281.jpeg (126.26 KB, 828x425, F021DA01-867D-489B-BAE5-E2FB3F…)

Why do they make anything about being a woman sexual? Also women don’t jerk off, so no.

No. 1070831

File: 1604030546191.jpeg (195.17 KB, 828x501, 09487DB6-3D4B-4EA5-B245-CE120C…)

More craziness.

No. 1070837

How do transes know what constitutes passing then?

No. 1070840

File: 1604032020157.png (259.67 KB, 592x571, sure.png)

if people look surprised (scared shitless) when you inform them, then you know you pass, anon.

No. 1070853

File: 1604034175656.jpeg (542.48 KB, 828x1145, 01054485-EC47-4983-A1DC-275F27…)

… why would twitter explicitly stating anything resembling minors in sexual content is banned target transgender people? Are they just lowkey predators or what?

No. 1070854

they basically out themselves as pedos on a regular basis and nobody even asks

No. 1070871

No one on twitter has a functioning brain.
Damn xie's right tho, everyone's always getting done in by terf smear tactics. Whenever some creep's loudly talking about wearing his sister's underwear, all it takes is a single terf raising the alarm and his reputation is ruined and he is shunned.

No. 1070872

Woof this Tweet is not a good look. Like, those are some major and quite specific sex crimes that trans Twitter just happens to be constantly accused of?
Right. Not suss at all.

No. 1070909

File: 1604046243038.jpg (688.03 KB, 1080x2220, 20201030_041707.jpg)

Trans widow here. His transition on the right apparently just means steal his wife's clothes, makeup, and glasses. Those divorce papers printing are the best sound, especially because tomorrow morning I'm grabbing all my shit from the house. Thank fucking God I didn't have a child by this degenerate

No. 1070917

Wishing you well, anon. A lot of people stay in bad marriages, not even factoring in troons. Good on you for getting out.

This is the exact logic that Aggy uses. Nasty.
Totally not a fetish though!

No. 1070925

File: 1604050240874.jpeg (251.55 KB, 750x1158, 57408FEB-03E8-4CAB-9521-51A728…)

Some incel troon is sperging out on the r/bpd subreddit. He made a post whining about somebody misgendering him on a discord server and now he’s replying to other people’s posts saying weird misogynistic incel sounding shit about how cis white women are evil and abusers and reinforcing gender norms and other spergy shit. Just thought it was pretty cringey but I have nobody to share it with except you guys.

No. 1070927

Next we'll be hearing that sex offender laws need to be globally abolished for being transphobic.

No. 1070933

This reply was shockingly insightful and well written, only trans people can make BPD look good in comparison.

No. 1070934

File: 1604052599577.jpeg (179.39 KB, 625x785, EF2AA09B-165D-4CE4-A92E-B509E1…)

I’m stupid and dropped the file sorry y’all

No. 1070935

>you don’t need to pass! Passing isn’t important! You’re beautiful without passing!!

>But I DEFINITELY pass tho, everybody. Just so y’all know, I pass, it’s really important y’all know this. Wouldn’t want you guys to think I look like a man

(He does look like one but that’s beyond the point) I love how they always try to preach about how you’re totally valid and don’t have to pass and then in the same breath brag about how they pass lmao. Clearly it is important to you guys then.

No. 1070937

It's an amazing pic and makes me laugh every time I see it anon.

This whole post checks all the things why spaces like this are born.
>Belittles the female experience and the need for places where to discuss it by calling it "bad reasoning"
>Witch hunt for the people running the place, calls them bigots with no proof because muh hurt feelings are enough
>All female-centric places must be especially specified to be "trans friendly" even when the subject matter has nothing to do with trans issues
>Belittles the female gay experience (comphet) by making it all about him
>Can't leave the places alone, must hatelurk and get mad that there's a single corner in the internet where women get to share a space that isn't centered around tranny validation
>Can't hold his sperg anymore mid-post, vomits out a wall of text about terfs and transphobes and "allies" not throwing themselves under the bus being traitors

That "But I know I'm not allowed to show any aggression or that just proves I'm a man (misogyny much)" line really got my ruffles shuffling. He can't make the distinction between being aggressive and exhibiting traits of entitled male socialization, another prime example of how he has no fucking idea of how women have to live. It's not something you read about in the books or achieve by spinny skirts, the nuances and experiences are something only that who has to grow into adulthood in a world hating women can understand.

No. 1070939

What the fuck?
>Twitter announces child abuse isn't welcome anymore and pedos grooming and exploiting children and sharing child porn are banned
They're so fucking aloof about being degenerates. They could literally say that sexually abusing a little girl is validating to their gender because muh missed girlhood pajama parties. I'm sure there already are predators who have used this excuse.

No. 1070952

They truly tell on themselves all the time.

No. 1070971

Good luck in your journey. He's ugly so you're far better off.

No. 1071005

I obviously don’t know what you look like, but I know for a fact that you deserve better than him in literally all ways possible. Good you left his ugly ass. Good luck sis

No. 1071034

File: 1604072190100.png (Spoiler Image,2.9 MB, 750x1334, DAD4A82B-36B6-4D7C-8B07-820566…)

spoiler bc nsfl
the dude in the thread pic and the tranny he shot porn with are so unfortunate looking kek

No. 1071040

Of course… they all want to be porn stars lol. Those are some hideous mantits.

No. 1071044

Because all they care about is sex and their fetish.

No. 1071058

File: 1604076137644.png (217.1 KB, 764x1780, kek.png)

I'm in some the last of us speedrunner's server and there's a girl's only channel full of trannies saying they envy women for having periods. Alas, this is something I stumbled upon on the meme sharing channel. "Fat Geralt" is a The last of us Part II meme. I just find this incredible lol. Literal tranny seething

No. 1071063

Genuinely hilarious. When women only discords have to be changed to cis-women only discords, the seething will increase 10 fold.

No. 1071066

Maybe off topic but I'm stumped by how I'm supposed to read mtf (and i guess also ftm) actors in tv and movie when it's never explicitly stated they're trans. This goes especially for historical settings, modern-day i can just pretend all the characters know and are just woke enough not to mention anything.
I started watching The Queen's Gambit and in the first episode set in the fifties there is a character played by an obvious mtf and I'm not sure if I was a viewer am supposed to know that or should I assume they are just a manly woman, because either would say something about the character and also other characters and how they interact, because surely in fifties usa trans woman would have quite a different status than today.
I'm certainly overthinking this for a minor character but soon enough we'll have trans actors playing non trans main characters of their pretended sex and my head is probably going to explode

No. 1071068

Samefag, so sorry for the horrible runon sentence

No. 1071077

File: 1604077824609.jpeg (860.02 KB, 828x1333, 6C9753E3-AAB0-4FA7-A431-8065EE…)

Looks exactly how you’d expect for a pedo apologist.

No. 1071078

Why are they all so uwu quirky and pretentious?

No. 1071083

File: 1604079521803.png (314.74 KB, 750x1334, 0A0917A0-2A19-4AE1-B197-2E1402…)

slightly OT but continuing this I googled out of interest and it seems this particular user is guzzling more than their share of the kool aid.
How dare you question it! Transphobe! Reeeee

No. 1071088

Pretty sure that's sarcasm dude.

No. 1071094

File: 1604080573905.png (16.33 KB, 561x479, tumblr_601a17d4706565e3ac133d4…)

No. 1071098

This made me snort hard

No. 1071101

They've managed to convince everyone that TERFs are genuinely evil and dangerous and deserve to die, so all they have to do is call something TERF rhetoric and people won't even touch it. It's sick, and I really wish people would wake up to it. Nobody wants to fucking say it except for women who actually, genuinely love and care for women, not womxn who care about the womyn and the kweer community.

No. 1071105

Exactly which part of this do you believe to be sarcasm?

I agree with you anon, it was super distracting. I think I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop, because cross-dressing characters are usually the joke in and of itself if they’re meant to be perceived (and unquestioned) as women (e.g. John Travolta in Hairspray, Hugo Weaving as Nurse Noakes in Cloud Atlas, etc.) despite the obvious man-in-a-dress look.

No. 1071114

Nayrt but that second post reads as sarcasm to me as well, especially because no one who’s drunk the TRA Kool-Aid would use the term TIM.

No. 1071120

nta but i think it's sarcasm too
>how dare you question why a TIM would be a teacher at an all-girl's orphanage in the 60's
>until they've had the transphobia conditioned out of them
trans activists would never put it so honestly

No. 1071126

File: 1604083812790.jpeg (484.68 KB, 2048x2048, 93467E4D-5646-4731-8390-C7EDCE…)

Filters not working in their bottom pics.

No. 1071129

File: 1604084262871.jpeg (743.03 KB, 828x1272, 8F98CBCE-45FC-43B3-9CD4-BD421C…)

Chest hair is so womanly.

No. 1071133

He would have had to have some serious plastic surgery to feminize his face to look anything like this from how he originally looked (threadpic).

No. 1071163


Nta, but that post is from ovarit, which is a site made by the "terf" cast-offs from reddit. It's definitely sarcasm. Everyone there is gender critical.

No. 1071165

God I hate that huge eyed stare they try to pull off to make them look feminine or whatever. Shit is unsettling.

No. 1071176

Of course he has a BDSM-collar on with every outfit. Of course.

No. 1071186

File: 1604090464142.png (1.54 MB, 937x1881, man.png)

He does that because he has super manly hooded eyelids. Pic related is him before transitioning. You can see his potruding caveman brow ridge in this. Pulling up the eyebrows and hiding them under bangs is him trying to look more feminine, but it makes him look like a schizo showing his three whites.

No. 1071194

oh god it's bobby moynihan in a dress

No. 1071195

"x is a female trait" is a meme.

No. 1071209

This dude would look decent as just a feminine man. Japan has these kinds of dudes, even ones who take HRT and they still calls themselves males. Trannyism is very rare there, too. Idk why this exploded in the west, and everyone just goes along with it? Like you can't even question why there's a ton of lesbians and gays trooning out because it's "transphobic"

That popular Twitter tranny TafTaj does this too, he has the face of a 16 year old boy but chasers are always talking about how much he passes when really he's hiding behind filters, raising up his eyebrows, and sticking out his lips.

More evidence physiognomy is real

No. 1071222

Terre des Femmes Germany said there are 10times FtMs than MtFs in Munich alone. They think it'a combination of womanhood being sexualized once girls turn 10, homophobia (lesbophobia) and the fact most rapists are men raping women.

No. 1071246

File: 1604097594248.png (315.45 KB, 524x551, Screenshot_20201030-153813.png)

Definitely still bald under that beret.

No. 1071248

because unlike america youre still considered a mental health issue if you want to change your entire fucking gender, japan doesnt play around or fuck with mental health to begin with and would rather provide femboy outlets for males to crossdress and get it all out if they wish

i wish these freaks would acknowledge transitioning isnt normal and still kept it in the DSM-5 as a mental disorder

No. 1071249

If that isn't an example of 'becoming the girlfriend' …

They always make themselves look like cartoon network characters.

No. 1071258

people look surprised when he tells people he is trans = those people didn't realize he was supposedly trying to be a woman. this is the case most of the time gorillas like this say they pass.

No. 1071259

He pulled the bra up to hide the area where his cleavage should be

No. 1071263

Looks like a great next thread pic.

No. 1071361

File: 1604107915579.jpeg (176.55 KB, 828x917, 20EEEA90-F4A2-46B7-952F-AD261E…)

Here’s the thread to this tweet because this dude really went on forever.

No. 1071376

Why is it always speedrunners? With out fail, they always end up being a degenerate or into degenerate shit, every time.

No. 1071377

Genuinely one of the most retarded takes I've read. He's basically arguing that men are discriminated against in women's sports because equipment and standards are made with women in mind. Yeah, no shit dumbass, that's the whole point of having two separate categories for the sexes– it's literally impossible for adult co-ed sports to be fair. He also tries to make the argument that a woman competing against a man is the exact same as competing against another woman with genetic abnormalities. In reality, competing against a man is basically like competing with a woman who's been on steroids for years, because testosterone is a biological steroid and the effects of having it in your system since childhood don't go away no matter how much horse piss you inject. Male puberty is a permanent, physical performance-boosting drug. The only troons I would even consider allowing to play against women are childhood ones like Jazz Jennings, but even that's questionable, since Nikki Tutorials is a hulking ogre despite never having a male puberty.

No. 1071378


No. 1071381

Can someone explain to me why fat Geralt is transphobic to these people? It's just an NPC that looks like a fat version of Geralt from the Witcher, I don't get it.

No. 1071516

File: 1604119927447.jpg (29.41 KB, 663x171, 916341.JPG)

>women's issue
>WAHHH trans people have it WORSE, not just in this issue but in EVERYTHING we are literally dying in the streets!!


No. 1071527

do you have a screencap of the mtf character? image search brought up nothing

No. 1071532

File: 1604122782266.jpg (77.19 KB, 661x623, 132.jpg)

This is funny to me because the trooner who goes "no fat geralt" in the screencap I posted has mod priviledges and he clearly harasses some rando who just posted the meme and asked why it was deleted, then trooner started going on a ramble on why it is transphobic and they can't take criticism and clearly harassing the the other guy, and was like "ok I'm out"…
but troon is so BRAVE and STUNNING

This is fat geralt btw, it's just an edit that comes from an in game scene

No. 1071533

A little more context. This is a scene from The Last of us Part 2, where a sterotypical redneck guy runs in a punches a trans kid for reasons.
Sage for off topic

No. 1071538

Abby and Lev are both punched because they were ambushed, not just cause lmao

No. 1071584

>It doesn't encourage us trannies to do anything!!11!!1!
MtFs are encouraged. The had the benefit of growing up as one of the most empowered demographics on Earth and chose to forfeit that adulation by drinking the horse-piss Kool-aid. You can't just down some pills and say that you're functionally identical to a group of people who are treated like lesser human beings for their entire lives. The lack of encouragement is literally part of being a woman in our culture, get the fuck used to it or stop pretending to be one.

No. 1071602

kek, maybe bc there are usually women competing in women's sports

No. 1071621

File: 1604141831328.png (63.62 KB, 733x576, tranny.png)

I could only find one person who called them out on this bullshit. I assume all opposing opinions get immediately blocked and reported to twitter.

No. 1071622

It's like.
>wuhhh women have a thing that's for women
>I grew up as a man who has had options and opportunities women can only dream of but I decided to abandon that because I was too lazy to put effort into competing with men who are more competent than I am and started colonizing female things
>so make this thing that's for women about MEEE
How anyone can look at this and nod and smile agreeing that it's brave and stunning is beyond me.

No. 1071690

File: 1604156025563.jpg (193.27 KB, 1200x900, ElfKqhuXEAIN1G9.jpg)

No screen cap but here is the actor in character. Tbf Rebecca Root looks pretty passing especially when there's noone else to compare too in the frame, but the scene started off with just the voice that is very clockable. And later on he sings in a beautiful baritone.

Stupid blog, but actor autocorrected to scrote kek

No. 1071768

>posts delusional bullshit
>someone points out they are wrong with obvious explanation
>screeching meltdown full of insults
Classic twitter trannies

No. 1071962

File: 1604182989470.jpg (107.78 KB, 640x1138, fr4b95dq1dw51.jpg)

No. 1071973

what's with trannies and having terrible teeth

No. 1071974

Poor fuck looks like onision

No. 1071985

File: 1604186144816.png (92.81 KB, 312x244, acmwh8cginm41.png)

Holy fuck I can't believe my fucking eyes, this troon had to tatto the fucking womb tatto hentai fetish on his body
First, wow womb envy much?
Second, hentai really be rotting brains. I fucking hate autogynephilia

No. 1071988

Hold up it's from some hentai? Fucking disgustingggg

No. 1071989

You have a bunch of different hentai that feature the womb tattoo thing. It's pretty common.

No. 1071990

That's fucked up lol

No. 1071994

Unpopular opinion it’s cute but not for an irl tattoo and it looks horrible on the troon

No. 1072011

What the fuck is a hentai womb tattoo

No. 1072013

"A Womb Tattoo, or Inmon 淫紋 (lit "lewd crest" or "sexual demon tattoo"), is a tattooed crest or magical rune located on a character's crotch or lower stomach that, as a trope, indicates sexual power emanating from or being forced upon the character.

As a trope, the presence of an inmon on a character's body signifies that the character is incredibly lewd and erotic, sexually powerful, or has a curse or magical power influencing them into being lewder than normal (with the inmon acting as a magical rune that symbolizes that curse).

An inmon is referred to as a "womb tattoo" not only because of its location being just above the womb, but because its design is reminiscent of and intended to evoke the shape of a womb. Designs can range from simple hearts or circular silhouettes that are stylized to represent the shape of a womb, to intricate patterns that not only represent the image of a womb but may also include the vaginal canal, Fallopian tubes and ovaries."

No. 1072020

I don't watch any so I didn't know, still gross. I mean a nice placement yano for a woman.

No. 1072021

a tranny with a womb tattoo even though he doesn't and never will have a womb kek

No. 1072024

File: 1604189258086.jpg (55.72 KB, 720x564, 98830039_2646979712212661_1764…)

Here's a bunch of examples that I found on google
I'm going to be gross for a moment but for what I have seen, basically it's the opposite of cute lol. The tattoo glows when the hentai character has sex and a guy cums inside her. Or it could mean that she is a succubus. Or that they're into prostitution and casual risky sex. And seeing one on a character means that character is a super horny whore. Basically, they take something innofensive as a womb and degrade it as something that needs to be "filled"

No. 1072026

File: 1604189321859.png (41.87 KB, 426x260, ERarwOmU0AUsIzC.png)

Samefagging but this is one of the worst examples I have seen on google

No. 1072029

File: 1604189469035.jpg (68.59 KB, 800x632, основные-rgb-163365328.jpg)

now compare it to something like this, an actual cute meaningful tattoo… it's a completely disgusting fetish

No. 1072031

The worst part is that troons declare this sort of art made by women to be terrible and terfy, but never say anything against the womb tattoos because it gives them a boner.

No. 1072053

>The only troons I would even consider allowing to play against women are childhood ones like Jazz Jennings
Puberty blockers cause brittle bones and a slew of other medical issues, so even that's out of the window.

No. 1072093

only in photos i guess, you can't see the whole skull shape, shoulder width or gait in photos. i can see how out of place it would be to see in a 50s drama, implying TiMs are identical to women, but they don't transition into women they transition into trannies.

No. 1072103

I think there's more than one trans actor in this show. So they put the obvious trans in so the other actors look more passing, a technique seen in other movies with MtF female leads and "joke" men-in-dresses characters.

No. 1072111

File: 1604196078447.png (2.87 MB, 1440x2136, caption.png)

Samefag, I was trying to find pics of this 30 year old guy and noticed this "accidental" misgendering in this article. Because transitioning has become so common among normal folk I think it's becoming easier to spot in celebrities. Also observe the height and size of the female chara. She has a very feminine face but is the same size as every male chara.


No. 1072114

File: 1604196346755.jpg (779.86 KB, 1600x2192, iu3EV5GBAY.jpg)

(for those who haven't watched, girl in pic is his girlfriend, not the female chara)

This is her in another role.

No. 1072119

Am i habing a stroke or are you calling this dude on the right a troon? He was a child actor

No. 1072127

Transitioning young = definitely a thing. Jazz jennings was supposed to be trans when she was 2 according to this thread (idk anything about her)

Not saying anything for certain, just offering an explanation for why an obvious trans character might be in a show without it being referenced, as anon was questioning.

No. 1072130

No. 1072132

Are you high? He is obviously a cis male that happened to be short. He was a child actor and you can easily find multiple films of him clearly being a boy. Some people are born to be short men.

No. 1072137

Don't let them drive you into hate. That'll stress you out. Take comfort in the fact this man fucking hates himself every day of his life, is probably suicidal on a regular basis, and if he doesn't get himself an expensive, festering neo-hole, he'll hate his dick too.

No. 1072139

Depends where you live, but at least in the UK they won't sterilise women who haven't had children unless they have severe health problems that would be made worse by pregnancy. It's cheaper and less risky to give vasectomies to male partners instead.

(apols for off topic)

No. 1072147

No woman would let that eyebrow piercing grow out that much, jesus fucking christ

No. 1072151

I giggled because I thought you meant X as in chromosomes so saying X is a female trait is great

No. 1072157

File: 1604200689479.jpg (1003.77 KB, 2480x3307, tCf9wDNPebwxvRRiutwwG97RdDsSzl…)

Okay I just found this on the subject. This is so wrong in so many levels, fuck
According to this chart he has a "triggered cumdiction" lol. IDK if this chart applies to all hentai but even if it didn't it doesn't make it any better

No. 1072170

What in the dysfunctional pornsick dumbassery is this

No. 1072185

There was a whole genre of youtube vids called "transvestigation" that got basically removed from youtube. One account was Mr. E. Some of it is tinfoil shit with proportions, some people just had low testosterone/estrogen exposure in the womb and poor growth in childhood and have unique proportions.

It probably does happen with some elites, but accused 'trans' celebs Kaya Gerber and Kendall Jenner simply have "odd" proportions, marfans or something like that.

Someone posted a candid photo of Kim Petras in another thread that shows that even early childhood transitions can be unconvincing.

No. 1072207

Top middle is the goddamn Taco Bell logo I can't

No. 1072241


anon lmao thats the kid from love actually

No. 1072272

imagine being this crazy for tacobell that you become a dumb slut for it lol

No. 1072282

File: 1604219336857.png (Spoiler Image,3.55 MB, 1576x2152, EW.png)

I hope I'm not derailing because I'm still talking about troonery but I think that the problem here is that you can really tell when a woman makes art vs when a male does. Male art almost always portrays anything relating to women as something inherently sexual, so when they try to replicate it (even worse, try to be a woman) it just comes off as something pornsick and fetishy, rarely ever males are smart enough to understand anything… not even women's anatomy, this is how you also end with "neo-vaginas", they know nothing about an actual vagina at all
You can tell when a woman made art about her own experiences instead of some man pretending to be a woman, even if you go abstract about things, they completely strip anything to do with femaleness and want to control our sexuality like in >>1072157
And yeah, it goes to show how hypocrital they are as mentioned by >>1072031 and >>1072021
One can cancel you because you're "terfy", the other is treated as a "harmless kink that helps with trans dysphoria". I just don't get it

No. 1072283

File: 1604219385592.png (357.72 KB, 1132x382, Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 1.27…)

this whole image is fucking insane but this stopped me in my tracks. WTF

No. 1072285

>>1072157 why did I start my day reading THIS

No. 1072302

Kind of afraid to ask but wtf is that pink plastic looking thing in that photo? Some kind of chastity cage?
Yeah this one was especially disgusting. The egg laying one was pretty bad too, but this one is more "realistic". Whose fucking fetish is liquifying fetuses? Christ

No. 1072320

File: 1604226010241.jpeg (287.96 KB, 750x1154, CA4AFCFB-0575-4CBA-97B9-D5F14D…)

i hate them so much. fucking degenerates

No. 1072321

Why is their hair always so frizzy and unkempt? Is it the testosterone or are they just dirty and unhygienic in general?

No. 1072329

i think its from the bleach and also just a lack of understanding how to take care of hair properly

its a cock cage lmao

No. 1072346

coomer womb good
artsy womb bad
you're literally killing trans people by denying them the sexy wombs! /s

No. 1072352

File: 1604232439980.png (Spoiler Image,472.77 KB, 663x663, grandpa body.png)

samefag but i just found this specimen

No. 1072353

File: 1604232462932.jpg (Spoiler Image,242.95 KB, 1536x2048, grandpa hairline.jpg)

No. 1072375

very femenine hairline.

No. 1072376

Holy fuck lmao i did not expect that hairline

No. 1072382

File: 1604238780375.jpg (424.26 KB, 2289x1016, PicsArt_11-01-02.47.30.jpg)

On a post about women and the lgbt community banding together to take down the patriarchy the first two comments you see are a "gamer girl" troon and a he/him mlm with an anime boy icon shitting on women. Libfems really think trannies are their friends but the moment they need to support women they throw us under the bus, while we are supposed to lick their boots or suffer the consequences

No. 1072388

File: 1604240008479.png (6.52 MB, 3456x2016, thatpoorbaby.png)

This troon is gonna feed his baby his nipple discharge full of meds.

No. 1072389

Is anyone else here an artist or involved in fandom? I'm a f/f artist and I'm sick of transbians following me and trying to act like we have anything in common. It makes me feel so dirty knowing they're looking at my art.

No. 1072395

imagine being such an enabler that you let your mentally ill husband give your child his nipple fluids so he can live his fetish of larping as a mom. what the fuck. i can't even fathom what it must be like to grow up as the child of an mtf nutcase. i'd rather just have an absent father

No. 1072396

>Wedding Dress includes choker to hide adams apple

No. 1072397

I'm an artist and I completely understand you

No. 1072399

File: 1604242214481.jpeg (62.84 KB, 509x603, 519FFBCB-DD50-442E-A27C-2C7D1D…)

Kinda late, but his “boobs” reminded me of those Michelangelo memes about his statues with dented-orange breasts, and I can’t stop laughing.

No. 1072400

This is all self serving. This is for validation and it sort of feels like fucking child abuse.

No. 1072403

It's okay. They'll probably be so deterred by the hell-shits that the Fenugreek gives the baby that the won't want anything to do with it anymore. Imagine how thrilled that couple will be when the baby sprouts breast buds from the cocktail they're giving it. Perverts.

No. 1072416

Reminds of an f/f artist I follow who can't stop pandering to troons, making some of her OCs trans and nonbinary (she draws unappealing dicks as well, so it's entirely pointless) and tweeting shit like "some women have dicks, get over it ffs", thus most of her fans are troon males now judging by the commissions she gets.
I feel like a lot of f/f artists are now pandering to troons, probably because most of them are libfems.

No. 1072420

I feel like I know who you're talking about but maybe it's just so common that there's several artists doing this lmao. Whenever I see someone who draws lesbian nsfw they always get bombarded with requests to draw trans women and it's fucking obnoxious.

No. 1072425

Wait what, fenugreek does what??
I just thought fenugreek helped you get bigger boobs or something? Idk I read it somewhere once

No. 1072449

AYRT, and without giving any name, is she German? I'm considering unfollowing her, I used to follow her for her horror drawings, but now all she ever draws are her mediocre OCs, plus she seems like a very unpleasant person.
If you have any good anti-troon f/f artists to recommend, please drop some names!

No. 1072458

In 2k20 hating on women openly is woke. Yes, those pesky karens beating and murdering gay and trans people and making anti-LGBT laws.

How the fuck do doctors allow this? Your body must already be in overdrive with excessive hormones to induce male lactation and you're putting that shit in your child just so you could feel ~validated~? Literal fucking psychopath behavior.

At some point there was an artist who drew a picture celebrating different naked female bodies with flaws and all and immediately troons started commenting about how it's hmmm kinda transphobic u kno??? that she didn't include one with a dick. Sadly she gave in to the demands.

No. 1072461

I can't remember her nationality and tbh I unfollowed her a while back and can't remember her username… she has a lot of horror/monster girl OCs though and the last straw was some cat monster transbian she drew naked all the time with its dick hanging out.
And man I'd love to recommend some of my friends but I'd be afraid of outing them since we're all pretty stealth about being terfs, sorry anon.

No. 1072463

It's a galactogogue and helps increase milk. It also makes you smell like a McDonald's pancake breakfast that someone left out for a week. It fucks up babies' stomachs if you take a ton of it, and 3x 600mg caps 3 times a day would make adults shit themselves unless they're used to it.

No. 1072464

I mean I’ll be getting that tattoo now that I know it exists kek

No. 1072469

Yep, that's her, the cat"girl" thing being her latest monstrosity. I don't think she interacts with a lot of transbians irl to put so much of them in her drawings.
Aw, what a shame, but totally understandable. Ngl, everytime I come across a decent f/f I scroll back a bit, and unfortunately many of them have drawn TiMs, or have at least retweeted art or positive opinions of them.

No. 1072470

I can't imagine a doctor or rather, pediatrician, actually agreeing to any of this insane shit. Two of those are just supplements that the troon could buy anywhere, and the Domperidone is also a GERD drug, so troon could claim they've got bad reflux and get it. But its apparently not commonly used in the US, so its probably just some shady Indian online pharmacy horse piss, as per usual. If their pediatrician had any idea what they're planning, they'd call CPS…I hope.

No. 1072473

Yeah I end up unfollowing almost every f/f artist I find eventually because they start pandering to transbians, it really sucks. I really wish I could give you my nsfw twitter because it's locked and I refuse every follow request from troons but unfortunately my online reputation would be ruined.

No. 1072479

dude, try to convince me this isnt a fetish/sick obsession with womanhood. that man has to take 4 different drugs to induce lactation and additionally feeds his baby with antidepressants instead of letting his wife do it or using baby formula.

No. 1072485

Yeah isn’t coming off meds like antidepressants something docs suggest before getting pregnant/breastfeeding? At least some? What a fucking psychopath, and the wife is disgusting too. I would NEVER. If I found out a male forced me to breastfeed on him as an adult, I would feel betrayed and disgusted tbh.

No. 1072487

Depends on the meds, but a lot of antidepressants are not recommended to use during breastfeeding. It is one of the main reasons moms will opt for formula, because they need to continue to medicate themselves in order to take care of the infant. Moms (and normal dads) of course actually giving a shit about their infants, and not being selfish euphoric sex pests who can't conceive of being selfless for even a moment.

No. 1072500

File: 1604250382273.png (38.43 KB, 668x201, itdontaddup.png)

No. 1072576

File: 1604256344800.jpg (478.27 KB, 1221x1019, 435q6356.jpg)

>>begs for $155,000 for a house
>>badmouths the person who's allowing him to sleep on his couch for free
>>"If you donated $50…"

No. 1072581

Lmao, male wish fulfillment is so overtly pathetic I love it

No. 1072584

Grindr or Reddit. Seriously, I saw a bunch of gay dudes complaining about all the trans women escorting and trying to find hook ups on grindr.
Crazy how these straight women are on a site for gay male hook ups, but then again what do I know?

No. 1072585

it's almost as if they are gay/bisexual men cross dressing with tits looking for gay/bisexual men, nah, that can't be it.

No. 1072591

Why are men like this

No. 1072620

File: 1604261364106.png (978.33 KB, 748x1024, 1604258123850.png)

Reposting from the digibro thread on /w/

Jesus christ I feel so bad for the old lady that donated her clothes to this crackhead looking pedo

No. 1072621


Obvious autist but one with 1705 dollars. The real wtf that you missed is not having time to get on disability if staying with a friend.

No. 1072623

Yeah it's a delicious ingredient in many curries and south Asian dishes, but it's also the stuff that gives you the doom shits afterwards and makes your sweat smell like curry for days after. That poor baby!

No. 1072636

File: 1604262322323.png (676.9 KB, 1011x707, JessieBuckley.png)

I need some expert opinions on the matter of actress Jessie Buckley. I can't find anything online saying she is trans, but this has to be a man. What do you think, friends?

No. 1072638

File: 1604262458007.jpg (19.5 KB, 400x323, IMG_20190827_160428.jpg)

f/f artist who peaked somewhat recently and used to draw troons frequently. Can confirm, a lot of f/f artists are either fetishistic men (whether 'cis' or trooned out) or typically younger 'queer' (usually bi, sometimes actually lesbian) females. As a result, troonery is highly represented in the latter's art as most of those types buy into libfem; it's pushed so hard you'd really have to go out of your way to find dissenting info, and if you're young, you've had the whole tranny mantra hammered in by this point.

A lot of f/f artists also hang in LGBT circles where you must suck the girldique or suffer the consequences, too, so excluding troons entirely means basically branding yourself an evil terven and losing any shot at a career before you're off the ground. Plus, esp if you're doing nsfw work, much of that is expected to cater to the male gaze - either hot sexy (cis, because of course) lesbians, or r18 work that centers penis. It's depressing, and a lot of artists I know personally just play along. I know how you feel though, just know you're not alone. A f/f artist I really liked started pandering to troons lately and it was a real blow.


No. 1072640


Don't be autistic, anon. She's got a strong face but she's not a man.

No. 1072644

File: 1604262713780.jpg (298 KB, 1667x2500, Jessie-Buckley.jpg)

She has a very manly voice and frame as well as manhands.

No. 1072645

Absolutely retarded and worse that he even got $1 much less $1,700. Pathetic people that donate to these don’t deserve their money.

>will have to start paying rent against terms of their lease
I hope they kick his ass out. I bet it’s just his parents kek.

No. 1072646

Because they hate women even when they pretend to be us

No. 1072659

Are you talking about coffinated/extrashot because the description ticks all the boxes, went from drawing casual porn to "dick GIRL riding non binary monster"

No. 1072664

I see the "this celebrity has to be trans!!!" tinfoil sperg is back again.

No. 1072676

I'm hoping anon eventually gets around to Tilda Swinton.

No. 1072680

It's fucking tiring and just insulting to the real women they post kek

No. 1072696

File: 1604267601316.jpg (27.8 KB, 278x420, 5c0da1fea2d5a_m.jpg)

She looks like Trinity Bree (female who's on T now, but wasn't during this shoot), not really seeing her being male tbh.

No. 1072706


When my ex would wash his hair he would gather it all up to the top of his head and use a shit ton of shampoo. I tried to explain to him nicely that it's better to leave the hair down, use a small amount of soap mainly on the scalp and then loosely run the soap down his hair. And I explained conditioner. He got so fucking pissy because he said he knew how to wash his hair lmfao, like yeah dude you wash your hair like a shampoo commercial. Also this is the same guy who couldn't figure out how to ever put a dress on and needed my help, all of a sudden he's the hair washing expert. He was always so fucking mad that my bleached hair was always softer and smoother than his virgen hair kek(blog)

No. 1072707

Samefag sorry about the sage slip

No. 1072711

I wish you had a blog where i could read all about your retarded ex, anon

No. 1072714

File: 1604270228788.png (280.27 KB, 417x512, yPVzxyu.png)

Celebs are trans sperg, what do you think of Billie Eilish?

No. 1072718

Have you seen the recent pictures of her that went around? You might think she’s unattractive but she’s pretty obviously female.

No. 1072719

NTAYRT Pretty sure that anon was making fun of the trans celeb tinfoil-chan

No. 1072721

These girls are hot, this is what MTFs wish they were

No. 1072775

Let me guess..he also used 2-in 1 hair and body wash?

No. 1072871

File: 1604291070921.jpg (208.03 KB, 1280x1920, iuENQINMT7.jpg)

I think she's a more chonky looking cis woman, she is large-boned but still kinda reads as female on video. picrel she has large shoulderblades for a woman, but anterior tilt, a short neck, and normal shoulder width.

No. 1072886

fuck off you fucking misogynistic idiot.

No. 1072888

would this not count as child neglect? this cannot be okay to do, feeding an infant drug-induced unnatural fluids?! i'm horrified

No. 1072899

>idk if i wanna do anything with them.
This is unironically good. Let them get a reality check with males and see if their BS is handled with kid gloves.
Still makes me laugh that /lgbt/ posters come all the way here to complain about TERFs when all the neighboring boards full of scrotes are 100 times harsher than this place.

No. 1072907

Of course they hate women more than their fellow man

No. 1072917


Tilda Swinton is an androgynous goddess who gives no fucks.

No. 1072920


I'm more concerned that the "milk" the trans parent produces won't be as nutritious in quality as the mother's so the baby won't gain weight. I hope if this is the case the health visitor or whoever keeps track of these things will slap some sense into them.

No. 1072931

they won’t even produce enough to fill up a bottle. i’m sure the bio mom will be pumping or they’re using formula too. even pretending like he’d be able to produce anything substantial is delusional.

No. 1072933

Have you noticed how many libfems who cater to transbians basically just draw them as cis women who happen to have dicks, so literally just futa? I'd love to see the shitstorm if someone drew them realistically with the cone tits and shrunken dick from hrt lmfao.
It's an interesting contrast to ftm artists who seem to love drawing characters with big grotesque top surgery scars and those massive engorged clits.

No. 1072936

File: 1604299045133.jpg (21.26 KB, 435x343, enhanced-mid-1637-1459385408-1…)

lol Old Mich would absolutely be a troon these days. Leonardo would call himself nonbinary so he could eat dick and not be cancelled for being a privileged cis gay.


So this article's pissing me off. Maybe it's just me, but if someone told me I had to wear Y fronts for the rest of my life, it wouldn't be in the top 100 of my problems. I'm not the type to cry "first world problems!" but I envy a lifestyle cushy enough to act like "VS doesn't accommodate my nuts" is a valid concern.

No. 1072938

Kinda wondering/worrying that maybe this has something to do with the mom being a they/them and potential dysphoria? Idk but hopefully she's not taking/taken any T - just a thought that occurred to me after reading about all their difficulties/methods trying to conceive. Though the "father" being on god knows how many hormones (and who knows what else?) could simply be the answer there.
I just gotta wonder, like some other anons, why the fuck a mom would let ANY man do this to her baby. I can't imagine that being pregnant would be LESS dysphoric than breastfeeding so it's just baffling me. I'm probably grasping for logic where there is none, I guess. Hope that kid isn't actually subjected to that.
If I found out this happened to me, I'd be scarred for life 100%.

Can't they, yknow, make their own and sell to their communities? There are tons of female-centric products (like period underwear/cloth pads as examples off the top of my head) which I don't think I've seen sold in stores in person. But yeah male entitlement.

Besides, they don't REALLY want trans underwear, that wouldn't give them their "gender euphoria" of wearing women's clothes after all! And since it's a fetish, obviously actual women's underwear is basically the most important.
You literally cannot win with troons.

No. 1072942

god you just reminded me of one of the massive rants posted in the previous thread from a MTF talking about how easy FTMs have it while listing a bunch of things that young women were clearly doing for each other. Like "there is so much information on binding on tumblr but almost nothing on tucking!!" and it's like, who do you think is providing that information? He complained about how many "binder give-aways" there were. Why aren't you complaining about other MTFs not being more generous? Why is this trans-misogyny? Who is supposed to be fixing this?
Men don't give a shit about each other and they think that it's women's responsibility to do it for them. They're jealous of our willingness to provide for each other and they know that if it weren't for women there would be NO compassion in any community they tried to form. A new community of just MTFs would be 4chan in no time.

No. 1072944

Because most MTFs are just dedicated troons, so they're still mentally male. No amount of surgery and hormones and ugly dresses is gonna opt any man into any female-based support network because the network exists because of men to begin with. Women wouldn't need to support each other so much if they had the resources to support themselves independently.

Men don't support each other because nearly every man has a deep rooted inferiority complex next to women, that's why they hate us so much. They can't do anything in life without getting something from it for themselves, even if it's just "feeling like the better/bigger/smarter person" via extortion and manipulation of vulnerability, so watching women help and support each other, even when it's a complete stranger, is a kindness no man can ever truly know because the world caters to them already.

TL;DR: Male entitlement, "mommy/sissy do this for me waaaaah"

No. 1072949

This is why they always wanna invade female-only spaces rather than have MTF-friendly safe spaces. They don't really want to be women, they just want what the fantasy life they think all women have where everything is "easymode" and every girl in public compliments your outfit in the bathroom. Troons have an extremely rose-tinted fantasy idea about womanhood, and that's what they're trying to become, not actual women.

They just want a female "passport" that allows them to invade female-only spaces to access their support networks and spy on them for the sake of their fantasy of skinwalking a real girl, reverse-Pinocchio sryle.

No. 1072960

What exactly is this diagram showing?

I remember seeing something a few years ago where someone was trying something similar. Female clothes, but made for men. Can't remember what it was called or what happened to it though.
But I think the issue isn't about making feminine men's clothes. It's about the fetish. They want't to be "girls" so they need to wear stuff made for women, not for men regardless of design.

No. 1072961

Tucking. I didn't realize nuts traveled but the male body's a damn mystery lmao

No. 1072973

To "tuck" the penis and balls, the testicles are pushed back up into the abdomen where they descended from and the penile shaft is tapes back by the butthole, and the nutsack skin is taped or glued around it to mimic the appearance of labia. I watched a detailed howto video years ago bc I couldn't wrap my head around it, and I regret it now, but it can be done pretty easily with practice.

No. 1072978

Because they've been told that trans women are basically indistinguishable from real women once they've transitioned, and the only troons they see are celebrities lr the vaguely passing ones who get thousands of notes on Tumblr and Twitter. They don't go to troon critical places where the freaks are showcased (the tranny general thread on KF is what peaked me kek), so they stay in the echo chamber that trans people are little angels that do no wrong. Also I think some troon has made some posts where they go "don't draw transwomen with broad shoulders and a square jaw, that's transphobic", so they draw them as fem as possible.
At this point I don't even mind futa anymore, it triggers troons so much while it's not even about them.

No. 1072982

Well today I learnt something new, and I wish I hadn't. But now my question is, How does someone figure out that they can do that? What where they doing, that figured that out?
The things they'll do for a fetish…

Actually that reminds me of some faux pussy panties (could you even call them that?) I saw on a sex store ages ago

No. 1072989

>Well today I learnt something new
Same anon. Well, I didn't know about the balls (similar to >>1072961 ). I actually was explaining tucking aside from the balls-travel-into-the-body part to a male friend recently and he didn't believe me. I don't remember how it came up, making fun of troons some way or another.
>How does someone figure out that they can do that? What where they doing, that figured that out?
It's been going on for a while. It's definitely been used in drag. If you've seen Ace Ventura, which is now considered transphobic kek, it shows that a guy pretending to be a woman has tucked his dick. As a kid, I really didn't understand that… now I wish I understood it less.
But yeah I ASSUME that it was primarily created by/for drag queens until the troon explosion happened.
>faux pussy panties
Now this I've never heard of.

No. 1073007

They rly should just check the selfies of all their followers begging them to draw their lesbian ocs sucking girlcock lmfao. I swear nothing peaks you faster than having to interact with troons and seeing what they're really like.

No. 1073010

File: 1604314292009.jpg (314.03 KB, 1084x993, tumblr_nadfd8WDWP1s92rato1_128…)

>Because they've been told that trans women are basically indistinguishable from real women once they've transitioned
And then they push the narrative that pic related happens

No. 1073012


men always cry and whine about how women in my city get candlelight vigils whenever they're raped and murdered, but MEN don't get candlelight vigils when THEY'RE raped and murdered!!! won't someone think of the MEN?!?!

like, who do you think organises these vigils? if you want one, make one yourself? not that you'll ever likely have to considering scrotes are the ones raping and murdering women but ok lol

No. 1073013

File: 1604315038810.jpeg (6.95 KB, 203x248, images.jpeg)


Pic related is the author of the comic

>"I am very attracted to you"

No. 1073014

It's really not that hard to figure your body out, tho? I'm pretty sure most guys will at some point realise their balls can move around quite a bit.

No. 1073017

File: 1604315514800.jpg (137.15 KB, 536x562, faux.jpg)

Took me awhile to find them, but here you go
Yes, I'm sure they would. But who then goes "I'm going to push these up inside me and tuck my dick between my ass checks"?

No. 1073023

File: 1604316836155.jpg (56.68 KB, 960x784, 1568758609025.jpg)

how the fuck do the trannies use this shit?

No. 1073025

That is some Buffalo Bill shit.

No. 1073026

tf am I looking at? can't wrap my head around these, what's going on, how would you use these?

No. 1073041

Fitting, since most models for classical sculpture were actually men and tits were just added on. I guess men still haven't developed a proper sense of how tits work over the centuries.

No. 1073045

fandom/art trannies peaked the shit out of me like 3 years ago, it only took a couple of interactions with fakebois and troons to sour any good favors i had for them. they're so demanding and entitled. they constantly step over boundaries and refuse to be held accountable. they subtly exclude you, shit on your art and make you feel like shit for just drawing the stuff you like to draw. and don't you dare get upset that they go out of their way to tell you what to like and draw, they just want representation. it's very weird, very entitled behavior.
it legitimately regresses to preschool-tier behavior if you're better at drawing than them. it's like they'll get mad at you for not using your skills in the way they want you to.

No. 1073046

I need someone to sit these people down and explain that vaginas aren't front facing. I swear, all the fetish gear/gross hentai/dumbass fantasies always include it.

Is it to normalise it so they don't realise their surgery hasn't replicated a convincing vagina?

No. 1073047

A lesbian/wlw isn’t attracted to dick. What a concept.

No. 1073065

File: 1604327526532.png (52.64 KB, 923x490, 1578029939244.png)

No. 1073068

File: 1604327731617.png (1.05 MB, 984x3840, muffing.png)

No. 1073070

Been trying to wrap my head around the logistics of it too. First I thought you put it on after you tuck, but then the opening didn't make sense. Then I thought maybe the dick was supposed to protrude through the opening, but again that didn't make sense.
I'd love for someone who's used one to come on by and explain the logistics of it all.

I'd also love the designer to explain the choice to paint a giant skid mark on it?

No. 1073071

Thanks I hate it, I just gagged a little reading that.
How do people figure that out? Who is just poking their balls around and deciding that this needs to be a thing?

No. 1073072

Penises are front facing and men have considered female bodies to be faulty or inverted versions of male bodies since at least the time of Aristotle, so it’s not surprising that they’re going to think the vagina is in the same spot as the penis.

No. 1073073

I guess men just play with their dicks all day long from the day they are born and are always looking for new ways to get off, that's why they do things such as fuck watermelons, raw chicken or muff themselves into oblivion.

No. 1073075

>Bellwether refers to these parts of her body as her "cunts"
He wishes. Women can't even have their own biology for themselves, fucking degenerates

No. 1073076

Lmao simple yet effective

No. 1073083

File: 1604329323288.png (1.01 MB, 1192x4928, trannies.png)

The same site also had this article which teaches you how to "give cunnilingus to a pre-op trans woman" aka how to suck a dick.

It's hilarious how they try to relate their male anatomy to ours. "My penis is my clit, my ballsack canals are my cunt and my prostate is my g-spot, just liks a real woman teehee!"

>Mara says her interest in rimming has increased since taking hormones. “My penis doesn't work like it used to, and having an orgasm that is penis-only is pretty rare,” she says. “So, getting rimmed has become kind of a lot for me. … This also goes a long way into accessing my prostate, which I've started to basically just call my G-spot.”

>Mara also recommends a rimming technique she’s not sure has a name. She called it a “blow out,” which I loved. To be “blown out,” she says, means that while being rimmed, the person “fills [the rectum] with air, then uses both hands and/or mouth to finish.”

It's really a mysterie that lesbians don't want to fuck them.

No. 1073086

If only an embolism could travel all the way up the anus.

No. 1073093

>blow out
Sounds like a fart fetish with extra steps.
These same people will eat ass but be disgusted by a chef who doesn't wash their hands. Eating ass is just foul in general honestly.

No. 1073094

lol did anyone else notice the wife of the TIM w a lactation kink has "fujoshi " in her bio?

No. 1073100

A lesbian likes people with vaginas? Those fiends, who would've seen that coming. Imagine being so far into your delusions you seriously think this is the sign of some ignorant bigot.

i swear i busted a rib laughing at the tom preston bear in the end

No. 1073101

>Mara also recommends a rimming technique she’s not sure has a name. She called it a “blow out,”
Blow out is also a well known slang term for when you fuck til your ass prolapses.. both such beautiful and dainty/femme (totally not just gay male) sex acts

No. 1073104

File: 1604332452639.jpg (281.7 KB, 2172x3862, Why.jpg)

My curiosity got the better of me and I went looking for an explanation for how you're supposed to wear them. I found out there's a large variety of these, some more accurate than others, but this was the closest I could get for an explanation.
I also found a site (unsurprisingly) dedicated to selling and teaching men how to "transform" into a woman even going so far as to teach what hormones to take.
I'm cursed with this knowledge and wish I could travel back in time to forget it.

No. 1073111


No. 1073112

Retard but does that vagina tube go ass?

No. 1073114

I think its supposed to just kinda sit between tucked between the tight?

No. 1073115

Lmao i was just trying to figure that out and yeah that has to be what it is. You stick the vag tube up your ass

No. 1073120

>Blow out is also a well known slang term for when you fuck til your ass prolapses
Honestly that's exactly what I thought it was until I read what he was describing.

There is no point in trying to figure out how these function, just be happy that you have a real, functioning vagina and that they will never kek.

No. 1073126

Why can't women have anything for themselves withoht it being claimed by men? Wtf is wrong with them.

No. 1073152

Better than mutilating your dick

No. 1073163

This looks like a pedo sex doll with a child body part

No. 1073200

Are there any penis-free spaces I can just talk to women without being yeld at? Even these gender neutral bathrooms are alarming. I just want to change a tampon in peace. I started using the family washrooms in public places. Surely, this movement will rupture soon and I can go back to being able to complain about mensuration without a man saying that murders him.

Sage for blogging.

No. 1073252

Trannies are narc pieces of shit, I read that around 60%-80% of them have personality disorders.

No. 1073254

What degenerate timeline I must endure to live. As a dyke I prefer to date a normie man than a MTT, at least I don't have to fill air into the butt, also, nice way to get an embolia fucking idiot.

No. 1073256

the gender neutral bathrooms make me paranoid about the toilet cameras, there has already been some cases of that happening in gender neutral bathrooms in my country

No. 1073264

File: 1604345043508.png (474.14 KB, 640x1173, CttDWlWeuL-HAfeVUNGKPECiS0_19f…)

I really do think that idealized trans-positive art is a huge reason why the trans movement took off among young people. It really sold the idea that trans people could feasibly pass using fiction and cartoons. Trans-positive art that basically just drew TiMs as futas would be really influential to teens who had never been exposed to real trannies before.
Now that trans people are becoming more and more visible in response to the initial positivity towards them, we're starting to see more pushback. Once people realize they're dealing with balding misogynistic men in dresses and not cute dainty girls who just so happen to have penises like pic related, they jump off the TRA train pretty quickly.

No. 1073269

Can anyone recommend any gender critical / debunking the trans meme YouTube videos to show my bf, we keep arguing about trans shit & I can't seem to get my point across.
Sage for ot I just don't know where else to ask(derailing)

No. 1073273


Check out radfem tumblrs and ovarit's radfemmery board

No. 1073278


Anything by Magdalen Berns is pretty good

No. 1073279

Dump him before he troons out on you, anon kek

No. 1073280

I don't think anyone had a problem with this post considering how many resources are being shared but okay redtext

No. 1073286

If we aren't allowed to talk about general troonery in this thread just bring back gc(read the thread OP)

No. 1073289

Dump him, he will troon out and drain you. Trust me, it starts with shouting trans rights on Twitter and it ends in him asking you to validate his womanhood by eating out his ass like a pussy.
I am not sure he will listen, remember that they are evil white supremacists terven according to Troons.

No. 1073296

TIL straight men find it hot to degrade lesbians by having them suck farts and shit particles out of their asses and people celebrate them for it. Absolutely terrific.

No. 1073298

i'd rather have troons castrated and lose their libido, thanks

No. 1073301

sage for out of subject cooking side-note, (personally never had an issue with fenugreek) but if anyone is looking for a smokey spice substitute for fenugreek after hellish shits, use galanga. It's delicious.(derailing)

No. 1073305

red text why? tranny mod strikes again

No. 1073312

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your bf is probably secretly trying on your underwear

No. 1073313

File: 1604347591523.jpeg (259.44 KB, 750x925, 5E2BF46A-4500-4358-A647-24FA5F…)

Anyone know @cher_stauberry on Instagram? He has a 45.8k following, makes absolutely ear raping music (think shmorky trying to squeeze into the skin of a riot grl) and has been featured on girl skating pages. My personal fav from him is a music video where he sings into a vibrator with a 5 year old girl

No. 1073315

File: 1604347662345.jpeg (164.78 KB, 750x977, E4CE7FEC-6A48-4FC2-8282-A6D8DF…)

pic related of ‘Cher Autumn’ singing into a personal massage wand with a toddler

No. 1073317

What the fuck is wrong with these people and those who enable it? There is no reason for any child to be exposed to or touching sex toys. That’s so vile, I hate them.

No. 1073318

domperidone is actually banned in the US because it can induce sudden cardiac arrest. if he's american, who knows where that supply even came from

No. 1073328

No. 1073335

WTF? That's some fall of Rome shit. I fear for the day when troons screech that fucking kids is a right because they didn't have their fucked-up gender childhood and they must experiment. Where is Vulpes Inculta from New Vegas when you need it? He sure must have a field day with those lunatics.

No. 1073341

The fact that people are saying shit like "OMG THE WAND HAHA" instead of fucking pointing out the fact that this predator is letting a child play with it makes me want genocide of the human race.

No. 1073346


No. 1073365

Not a single one passes or even looks decent. Yikes

No. 1073369

File: 1604351821667.png (1.03 MB, 1123x688, beforeandafter.png)

This one was so much cuter before

No. 1073390

File: 1604353185038.jpeg (Spoiler Image,133.68 KB, 1192x894, ElxKvQyVcAAVUXo.jpeg)


Notice how men who are actually attractive and know how to take care of themselves never transition

No. 1073399

because ugly men think that transiting will be a fix all to their ugliness until they come to the disappointment that women, do not, in fact wake up perfect and drown in simp money

No. 1073403

File: 1604353863019.jpeg (207.94 KB, 1080x1080, 1C402CD0-3102-4207-A893-5F1BB1…)

The only one who looked okay in that thread is this one. He makes a decently cute fat girl actually, probably because being fat helps hide his masculine features. And the makeup is done well.

No. 1073410

File: 1604354374322.jpeg (35.41 KB, 275x275, stwawbwewwymilk.jpeg)

Eh, not always true. picrelated

No. 1073411

Any anons from Spain here? A trans law ala Canada is going to pass soon in the worst time possible.
This law would mean that AGPs will shit up women's spaces and psycho parents will fuck up their kids because they dared to be GNC. Also, this happens in a time when a pandemic is fucking us badly and the economy is crushed. Imagine thinking that the feelings of a mentally ill minority are superior to the needs of the majority, fuck about working class families choosing between eating or paying their bills, the TIMs and TIFs need their hormones and surgeries because they are no totes mentally totes.

No. 1073418

Just give him time on getting more fat and degenerate

No. 1073432

File: 1604355552088.png (246.89 KB, 590x376, Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 5.17…)

Think we can call off the hunt for the Zodiac.

No. 1073437

File: 1604355798611.jpg (24.74 KB, 387x516, IMG_20201102_232245_333.jpg)

Found on AliExpress reviews

No. 1073442

I think that may be just a babushka, anon

No. 1073451

There is an entire fucking country between his eyeliner and his lash line and no dimension. If it’s the best of the worst, then yeah, it’s a pass.

No. 1073472

Same. And I think Western feminists are being really naive if they think this can't become a problem the way it has in South Korea – I'm from a super normal, educated, liberal-ish US suburb and last year there were cameras found in the women's room of a mall I used to work at. I'm thankful those badass Korean feminists have set such a good example for us to follow, at least, if we have to start dealing with this on a mass scale

No. 1073484

My favorite thing is when troons claim all day long that we can’t ever tell the difference. Well, the only time we’re confused is when we’re trying to decipher if it’s a really ugly woman or a man. So sure, I guess y’all can have that “victory” kek.

No. 1073503

Even when they look vaguely passing in the distance, they are usually cheating by applying a fuckton of filters, and they are not even standing next to a real, which is a consistent giveaway, you can't escape from biology kek.

No. 1073507

Yeah, no confusing any of these freaks for America's Next Top Model. And that's not even getting into the fact that women are socialized to be more polite and more importantly afraid of male sexual violence to the extent that none of us outside of a nice anonymous venue such as this would ever dare call out one of these 6'0 monstrosities, under threat of being introduced to their girldick right there in the lady's room.

No. 1073509

Pretty sure that's an actual woman, anon.

No. 1073514

He's a chaser or a closeted troon. Dump him while you can.

The reason why they "pass" is usually because
a.) normies don't meet actual trannies or consider the possibility, they just think it's a very masculine, ugly woman
b.) the rest are too nice to say anything. Like people probably won't just scream "that's a tranny" pointing at you.
c.) They share only photoshopped and filtered photos of themselves online and bathe on the clout. I can admit that Blaire White looks pretty passable on his videos but putting him next to a woman shows a world of difference. I've met FTMs who have passed so well that I've just thought they were regular manlets but that's just biology, testosterone's effects can be added but not undone. And that's exactly why MTFs are always so seething over them.

No. 1073602

Sorry for blog but holy shit I feel bad for this girl I know. She was married for about 5 years before her husband came out as trans but she decided to stay with him anyway. Fast forward a year and a half later he is now coming out as STRAIGHT and divorcing her as he is only attracted to men. She was stupid to stay.

No. 1073605

EXACTLY. I can’t stand when troons (or even MRAs/incels [actually is there even a difference with them and troons??]) say shit like that. “Women have so many DV shelters, WHAT ABOUT MALE DV VICTIMS HUH??? Women have x why don’t men have x!!!?????” Like we have these things because we LITERALLY FUCKING WORKED FOR IT, we literally got up and made these shelters or products or women’s rights or whatever they’re bitching about OURSELVES. Never have men just decided to hand over rights or safe spaces to us unprovoked without us fighting for them first.

Men are so goddamn entitled, selfish and lazy because they’re so used to everything being handed to them on a silver platter for literally millennia, that they can’t fathom that maybe THEY actually have to establish men’s shelters or products or laws to help them THEMSELVES, just like we did. But no, they’d rather just steal from other people like they’ve done throughout history, instead of making their own. The stupid shit like “men die more in wars, men get custody less often” is right up there too. Somehow they’ve genuinely deluded themselves into thinking this makes them oppressed when the literal reason these things are the way they are is because they’ve oppressed women to the point they literally couldn’t fight in wars if they wanted to until recently, and because they’ve created and reinforced the stereotype that women are the ones to stay home and raise children. Then they moan and blame WOMEN when their misogyny comes back to bite them in the ass and children are more likely to be given to moms when they are the ones shoving the notion of child rearing being a “women’s job” to begin with???? Blows my fucking mind

No. 1073606

File: 1604365370037.jpg (58.36 KB, 570x329, 57094-full.jpg)

I just found out about Gabrielle Ludwig and I'm seething. This pervert is likely using college basketball as an excuse to change with young women. I am mad on the internet. Women are already underpaid in sports and now they don't even have a spot on the team.

Sage for blogging yet again.

No. 1073622

Holy fuck the amount of trans flag colored things in that drawing's just embarrassing. I immediately thought of it screaming "Trans! Did you know this is trans? Trans though! Guys look it's trans!"
Like jesus for people who claim to want to be treated just like anyone else, they certainly do not behave in any normal or at least not-embarrassing manner.
Literally this. Even if dude isn't an "egg" it's a huge red flag and it sounds unlikely he'll listen (also he should care most about your views but this is sadly not abnormal behavior with scrotes).
FUCKING NO. Just no. I'd say get me off this planet, but on second thought: Get these people off this planet.
Sounds like something above anon's sketchy bf might think kek
I really don't want to see Aggy get fatter or more degenerate than he already is. Also, he laughs about people saying he ruined his looks and acts like his current… form… is an improvement.

No. 1073625

>>1073605 Fucking this. Thank you. Couldn't have said it better myself.

>>1073606 We're living in Clown World, I swear to god. This shit makes me so angry. Troons are one of the reason I'm straight up scared to reproduce. No child is safe from this bullshit whether it's school sports or goddamned brfeastfeeding FFS. They must have it all. Womanhood is but another frontier to be conquered. Hopefully society will one day be 'woke' enough to recognize this nonsense for what it is.

No. 1073627


I can not believe any pediatrician is allowing this to happen. This is beyond troons living out some retarded fantasy at everyone else's expense. All these drugs will 100% harm the development if their baby, potentially permanently. people have had their children taken by CPS for having traces of THC in their bloodstream but this isn't illegal? This is the first and only time I have ever seen something on lolcow that made me want to cowtip to law enforcement, this is actual child abuse of baby at the most vulnerable stage of their life. What the actual fuck.

also how the fuck do they have money for IVF and all this other shit when her job is listed as nanny and he is clearly a sociopathic freak?

No. 1073636


all these female sports leagues should just switch to height/weight/BMI reqs. A lot of High School football teams already do/did that to prevent really big/ fat kids from hurting other kids by accident. It would honestly cut out 90% of buffalo bills while still allowing the occasional 5'7/140ilb passing tranny that doesn't really pose a threat to the woman they play with.

No. 1073650

File: 1604368490219.png (122.43 KB, 597x254, 7e3d8ae74d7c8bb34958524d0888eb…)

It's so easy to clock trannies, it's not even funny.
A clip from this video came up in another video on my YT autoplay while I was working, and I immediately paused it because I realized the developer's voice sounded off. I googled the developer's twitter, and sure enough, it's a transbian.
The funny thing is I probably wouldn't have clocked him if I didn't already have so much exposure to trannies. I probably would have just assumed he was an average-looking woman with a wierd voice a few years ago, but being exposed to so many makes it easy to notice them nowadays.

No. 1073652

(Alas) this wouldn't cause an embolism, sam way a surgeon pumping air into a thoracic cavity doesn't. Air has to get into the bloodstream to cause an embolism.

No. 1073691

Paradox institute is good.

>just bring back gc
But anon, we’re all “rich white bitches,” we don’t deserve the gc thread!

It’s never a surprise when a TiM has pedophilic tendencies. Paraphilias come in clusters, after all.

His old picture looks like a 1970s serial rapist(keep the pitbull and complaints in meta)

No. 1073706

My husband is 5'7 and 140 (at least he was when we first met, I'm pretty sure he's gotten quite a bit softer) and I am 5'3 and obese, around 190 and his pinky finger is stronger than my whole arm and he can walk faster, outrun me and carry much more weight than I can.

He's not athletic or anything. In fact he's a couch potato.

I tend to date small, unathletic Asian men and they have all been significantly stronger than me (Asians score the lowest in weight lifting competitions).

Men are stronger than women, period. BMI and height don't matter.

Height and weight means fuck all when accounting for strength differecenes between men and women.

Heavy women don't tend to be muscular, they tend to be obese. Fatty tissue doesn't do anything to improve strength or physical performance. I'm sure not many athletes are obese but you get the point.

Serena Williams who is considered a pro and who is taller and far more muscular than the average woman gets beat hands down by male tennis players who are completely mediocre.

Even if a woman does have the advantage of muscle mass, a man's muscles will still be stronger.

Any biological male without a disability is going to have an unfair advantage even over women larger and heavier than him. This accounts for troons. Nothing can undo male puberty.

Males do not belong in women's sports.(no1curr/blog)

No. 1073728

sage your sperg and go on a diet anon.

No. 1073743

A few weeks or months ago there was fun Twitter discourse about how to finger a "trans woman" that involved sticking your fingers into the ducts where testicles retract to. I'm happy I don't remember the term.

No. 1073762

File: 1604376339419.png (Spoiler Image,117.62 KB, 421x172, 1FF87205-3858-4F08-AE77-E7CDE5…)

It’s called “muffing.” You’re welcome

No. 1073819


>"just because what's in my crotch looks like a penis doesn't necessarily mean it works like a penis"

These people are so fucking deranged jesus christ. They have no grasp on reality. It's like someone telling you to look at a dog that very clearly looks, acts and sounds like a dog but they're saying "but it's not actually a dog!!! Don't say it's a dog otherwise you're bigoted!" You have a dick and it behaves like one, get over it.

No. 1073823

Estrogen typically makes dicks stop working like dicks. I figured that's what that line meant given "doesn't mean it works like a penis".

Not that it makes jamming your fingers up into someone's testicle pockets any less concerning of course. kek

No. 1073826

anon i want to murder you for making me aware that this exists

No. 1073829

Doesn’t that just make them the same as an impotent old man with low testosterone?

No. 1073852

>The Last of Us II
Maybe Abby was really a tranny in the end (incidentally TLoU is what led to my brother peaking kek).

No. 1073868


read this >>1073068

This is still being updated with troon pics and I am starting to think that one of the common denominators of trooning out is being extremely ugly. These incels are all buying into the meme that "a woman can have sex even if she's ugly." and that's why they are transitioning. Instead of like… working out, styling their hair and eating a vegetable they just become ugly women and fuck each other. Hilarious.

No. 1073916

Anon from Spain here, are we really surprised?
Men's feelings ALWAYS matter more than women's safety, you dummy!
If they actually get the law to work, many women and girls will stop feeling safe at all in bathrooms, and that's a fact.

No. 1073921

Same anon, wanted to add that this law will also make other laws, like the law about violence against women, basically useless.
A man who rapes women will say he "feels" like a woman and the law will not work, plus probably will get to enter in a women's prison and keep on raping women!
But let's not forget that people with mental illnesses or rapists' feelings matter more than women's and girl's (and even little boys) safety!

No. 1073924

File: 1604407602734.png (453.57 KB, 586x446, hffhg.png)

im laughing so hard is there even a difference in the two pictures besides his hair?

No. 1073927

The lightning def looks different!

No. 1073935

lol from regular nerd guy to bad hair “Betty”

It’s so interesting to me that so many of these men want to become the “alternative chick”.
It really gives me the vibe that they couldn’t get the girl of their dreams so they’re trying to become her. It’s very gross and very apparent.

No. 1073937

File: 1604408841572.png (397.78 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20201103-135857~2.p…)

Found picrel while scrolling the tag, made me kek, too bad more people are not trying to sabotage it. The delusions of these people though, autism is one hell of a drug.
Also, there were like three FtMs admist all the ogres, once again proving TiMs dominate the trans discourse unlike what they claim (just like #girlslikeus, never saw #boyslikeus).

No. 1073950

File: 1604410670090.jpg (107.71 KB, 906x501, Screenshot_20201103_133657.jpg)

This one too, I guess being fat actually really helps them out.

No. 1073952

Being fat and using b&w and filters, sure.

No. 1073957

Yes, but it's not like they'd ever have the self awareness to realize that. I've seen so many trannies on HER and reddit claim lesbians should be into girldique because it's softer/more 'feminine'/doesn't work like a penis without realizing nobody wants soggy old man dick on an uncanny valley troon.

No. 1073961

Feminine dick. I cannot. I don't think lesbians want to deal with a sluggy broke dick when they could just date women kek.

No. 1073976

Anon I'm dying

No. 1073977

Why do you even want force somebody to date you, who is not into your genital? There are plenty Bi/poly people with whom you can have a more fulfilling sexlife with and who are actually into you.

No. 1073979

Please don't ask bi people to date trannies, the sane ones don't want to deal with them either.

No. 1073990

I just find it so male that instead of focusing on people that want them, they'd rather force themselves into spaces with women that obviously don't want them and then try to guilt/shame them into wanting them.
Then they don't even attempt to look nice or presentable. Sometimes it feels their hygiene decreases when they troon out.

No. 1073991

Because they're men and men always feel entitled to everything, especially women. Dating a lesbian is the ultimate validation of their "womanhood" bc someone who ONLY dates women is dating them uwu. That's why they try to force it. That's why they're transbians–because they don't want dick, they're not gay. They just want to trick and degrade women that sleep with them on a whole other level. It's disgusting.

No. 1073995

It's the hugbox, they constantly compliment eachother then TRA women who wouldn't touch them with someone elses clit, come in and start telling them they are brave and stunning.
It's amazing to watch them one minute talking about how hot they are and the next, they don't pass, they are under attack because they get clocked, no one wants to date them etc. etc. etc.

With HSTS chasers play a part in making them think they are better than women or look better than they do & they usually hang with woman hating gay men, who also think they are better than women.

No. 1073997

So what is the actual science behind stuff like this? I mean are most men genuine narcs? Are their brains wired to make themselves believe they’re more attractive than they actually are? (Some type of reverse body/facial dysmorphia?) has there ever been a study done on this phenomenon? Because I can’t understand how troons look in the mirror, and see their boxy, beer gut body, hairy chest, limp, frizzy oily hair, 5 o’clock shadow, and manly face and think “yup, I’m a hot girl, hotter than most women actually” yet men also have such ridiculously high standards for actual women.

You always see stuff online like:
“OMG my girlfriend has a few armpit hairs should I break up with her?” “My girlfriend won’t shave her pussy completely smooth so I refuse to go down on her, AITA?” “how do I tell my girlfriend she’s unattractive and gross since she gained 5lbs?” And straight up calling women ugly whores for not having a literal plastic Barbie doll perfect proportioned body, perfect, perky yet also large boobs, perfect airbrushed makeup and completely hairless body with waist length smooth, silky hair. Like????? How do they have such high standards for women but see a troll in the mirror and somehow convert that into a sexy goddess in their brain?

It’s not just troons either, as most straight men hit on girls WAAAAYYY out of their league. It’s a male phenomenon. Attractive 20 year old girls literally constantly get hit on by entitled 50 year old men with micro penises and beer bellies. How often do you see ugly older women hitting on (read:harassing) attractive young guys? It happens, but not nearly as often, and not nearly as insistently or explicitly.

Incels are the damaged males because they’re the opposite and actually have extremely low self image/self esteem. “Normal” males are genuinely wired to see themselves as sex gods no matter what.

This is one thing that makes me glad im not currently living in Canada, or any of those troon pandering countries. It genuinely scares me. I hate how nobody ACTUALLY listens to rape victims or even sexual harassment or other forms of sexual assault victims when we say this. Everybody acts like they care about rape victims on social media and is all #metoo believe victims uwu, but then when we actually try to tell them our fears and things we need for safety they call us liars and bigots. They don’t want to hear about how using mixed sex bathrooms literally makes some rape/trauma victims have panic attacks because they have literal ptsd, they just care about abusive, manipulative males’ feefees. They’re so fake woke it’s gross. While I have been raped and harassed significantly more in my current country, which is more misogynistic and old fashioned, I still feel loads safer than in Canada because at least there’s safe spaces for women here. And nobody will dismiss a male in the bathroom as being “trans” they’ll take it seriously and he’ll be treated like the pervert he is. Pretty fucked up that the more misogynistic countries are now SAFER for women because they at least acknowledge women and men are different and give us protection and safe spaces from males, and they won’t force you to stand up in court and call your rapist Erika and “she/her”. We’re definitely going to see rape and sexual harassment and spycams on the rise in all these libfem majority countries.

No. 1074064


Please leave bisexual women alone. Just because I am bisexual doesn't mean I like fake femininity and terrible wigs and unfitting clothes and having to validate someones mental illness every ten minutes

No. 1074065

I'm bi. Would never date a trans woman. Most queer cis women would never date a trans woman. That's why they always end up with each other.

No. 1074067

Anon isn't saying all bisexual women are obligated to date trannies, just that there are pathetic bis out there that will do it bc they're libfems/TRAs with no spine.

No. 1074078

File: 1604423214025.jpg (Spoiler Image,390.85 KB, 2048x1536, chins.jpg)

more sad troon boobs

No. 1074086

Still has that creepy troon stare

No. 1074093

File: 1604423861102.png (30.3 KB, 725x237, Capture.PNG)

Just girly things: the societal pressure to feel bad about your natural state and cover it up! Except this troon wishes he were a part of it. He's choosing to try and put those chains on his ankles and is equating his stupid gendershit fetish to the scorn real women go through for not painting their faces. how brave.

No. 1074106

File: 1604424631666.webm (13.13 MB, 404x720, tumblr_qj3rb7aJxQ1t4au3n_720.w…)

samefag, here's the troon in question

No. 1074116

This dude could look cool as hell if he dressed more like Hunter S. Tompson and had more self esteem.
And having "watermelon" size titties isn't going to make you a hot girl, Sir.

No. 1074117

File: 1604426444589.png (39.78 KB, 189x300, Mr_Burns.png)

No. 1074130

File: 1604428255287.jpeg (329.47 KB, 1242x1926, E3C029F4-5BCA-4033-BCDB-91FF5D…)

troons are honestly taking over most dating apps, you can’t even look for other lesbians to hook up with without encountering shit like this

at least make an attempt to pass ffs

No. 1074135


No. 1074136

File: 1604428736197.jpeg (254.6 KB, 1242x1733, 1860DC3C-5AD3-4F93-97E8-F239DB…)

kek, either they look like a dad cross dressing for the first time or a full blown stripper that no one wants (always “polyam/queer”) can they not just stick to getting with tranny chasers?

No. 1074143

No. 1074148

File: 1604429259632.jpg (157.03 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_pobtripuzj1tx7e57_1280.…)

Reminds me of this character from that Monster Prom game who apparently is a trans woman. Just kind of makes me laugh how they drew her with a female skeleton and female proportions. They really gotta cater to men and try to pass trans women as just like the cisgirls uwu

No. 1074160

why does this look like heather sparkles

No. 1074163

I disappeared off Twitter just because of that reason tbh.

I also feel bad how my favourite f/f only artist ended up drawing trannies as "whamen". I didn't mind her deciding to become a furry, but I am happy she stopped drawing "dickgirls" later. Sometimes on her other social medias personal blog it seemed like as if she is going to open her eyes (she hated men a lot, along with her male fans. In the end she didnt allow any men to join it), but last time I checked on her she started a poly relationship with her long-term gf artist and some other random artist-chan. I hope she's okay, but from an outsiders perspective its weird as hell. Still happy that I commissioned one piece from her back in the days, many years ago before she even came out as a lesbian.

No. 1074164

Wow, wtf, I had no idea Canada was like that, I'm from a third world country and always thought first world countries were far superior in every aspect I could think about, but seeing something like that, it's really disturbing and enraging.
Trans are taking our spaces even in third world places, a trans won elections for university students presidency because he was trans (transwoman) even if he didn't have enough votes (quorum) to be considered as a valid election. If you're a radical, then you're a terf and they kick you out of women spaces and libfem back them up. Men support them because they don't feel threatened by them at all. I'm so tired of this shit.
Sorry for blogposting.

No. 1074192

File: 1604433623173.png (402.11 KB, 482x714, Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 19.58…)

There's just so many, each one uglier than the last. This one super liked me the other day

No. 1074206

He looks like Dayton Hypernova. Please keep these coming.

Nah, in Canada troons can really get away with anything cause of how human rights protections work there.

No. 1074211

File: 1604434309398.png (278.95 KB, 1080x1277, Screenshot_20201103-180839~2.p…)

And another f/f artist who drank the trans kool aid. This just in, lesbians who don't want dicks in their lives do not deserve to call themselves lesbians, the world has gone mad. She's married to another woman though, so it's not like she has to put herself on the dating scene and be harassed by troons, it's very easy to say "trans rights" when you don't have to fuck one.

I see this fucker pop up a lot on Warhammer 40k blogs, and this is what he looks like, what an attention whore lol. What do they keep using the word cute when none of them are even trying to be?

No. 1074214

Kek is that h3h3?

No. 1074215

Oh god give me strenght. I wanna school bully this man, these kind of cringefucks should have been bullied more so they would've been put in their place, wtf is that hair and the glasses. Not very uwu of him.

No. 1074217

File: 1604435043115.png (137.14 KB, 226x333, zurg.png)

wait… what?
that's a fucking eldritch god that decided to turn into a highschool girl. it doesn't have a gender. it can't be "trans". please tell me that isn't official. zoe was my favorite

No. 1074220

really sucks how they prey on womens' conditioning to be caring and not say no or be assertive. forcing their way into f/f art spaces.

No. 1074228

The way they frame it as being victimized for not being drawn in dickgirl porn is so insidious too. Libfems who'd whinge about hating men bend over backwards for these literal males even though those males would throw them under the bus in an instant (see: lovevenustas, not an art twitter but a cis lesbian who was hugely trans positive and ended up suspended bc she was uncomfortable with a troon who was harassing her, or literally any f/f artist who gets harassed to draw trannies).

No. 1074234

It's sadly official.

No. 1074235

File: 1604436199579.png (104.8 KB, 594x578, Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 20.42…)

'vulva people'

No. 1074236

Seconding this. Anons seeking women on dating apps, what's the lay of the land from your pov? A friend of mine is gay and just deleted Her b/c she's so sick of men on there – I wasn't exactly shocked, but I was a little surprised b/c she lives in a pretty low-key rural-ish area that isn't near a big lefty city or anything. I knew it was a problem, but I didn't think it'd gotten that bad–but then, entitled straight boys are everywhere, I guess.

No. 1074238

File: 1604436289451.png (23.98 KB, 568x244, depends.png)

sorry for ot but I guess kind of? they said it's up to interpretation but supposed to be a monsterish version of transition. Anyway, they might have said it more to appease fanbase rather that what they really think. Milo in MP2 really made me wonder if they really are sjw lol

No. 1074239

I guess it's nice that they leave some kind of room for interpretation, because I for sure don't want to bother with transidentity bullshit while playing a game to relax.

No. 1074241

VULVA PEOPLE, disgusting. What is the context?

No. 1074243

And the worst thing is that both right and left supports this. The right knows that this will crush women's right so are delighted, and the left are knee-deep in this con.
Fucking hell, I just wanted to better my public healthcare and our economy.
Mark my words fellow Spanon, the VOX fuckwits will win the next elections, and the left is to blame. Whichever party is in power women are screwed, like always.
And if non Spaniards anon are asking about why this happened is because trannies are perceived as HSTS not the disgusting AGP they are, also, a fucking tv show, yes, they are naming this law the Veneno Law, a biopic.

No. 1074246

Bi anon too, I don't date trans people because they are trans, they are mentally ill fetishists.

No. 1074284

Hopefully the law will get rejected..
But yes, I agree both parties are in love with the trans law. Will also help the right wing to make gay kids "straight"! Such a fantasy for them. And well, the left doesn't care at all about women's rights. You see, this will benefit TiMs only (who'd knew!): It's always men the ones who benefit from taking women's rights away. What a sad country and what a shity future.
And kinda off topic, but I remember La Veneno making an interview in where he said he wasn't a woman, that he only felt feminine (correct me if I'm wrong) and it's quite funny they want to name a trans law knowing that.

No. 1074286

sage bc small blog but fuck, i remember watching maticks get pressured last year by ugly trannies on her fb to start drawing dickgirls. it was and is heartbreaking to me as a lesbian because her art is so beautiful. nothing like a floppy microcock to ruin an otherwise lovely piece. also it is absolutely hilarious to see her draw TIMs w female bodies and proportions.

No. 1074288

But then we're the ones who treat women as if we were our genitals!
"Vulva people", fuck off.
First it was people with vagina, now we're just "vulva people"? Holy shit

No. 1074295

It's fucking crazy, naming a law like that to a man that truly knew what he was, LMAO.
Fuck stimulus check to filthy cis families, trans goes first. Your teeth are truly bad and can't afford a dentist? Fuck you privileged ass, Aiden needs a tube flesh and Alice a penis pocket.
I want a giant meteor to wipe us out at this point. We are degenerating.

No. 1074308

Ugh, wtf is this, a Prodigy song? "MAGIC PEOPLE, VULVA PEOPLE"
Seriously though, I've never fucking heard these TRAs say "people with penises/prostates", much less "penis people" (lol). The misogyny is so extremely apparent in TRA spaces that I wonder how on earth women don't just connect the dots and realise what's going on here - peer pressure aside, like, a lot of these women genuinely believe in protecting these "frail trans women". Are they dense? Genuine question.

No. 1074309

Lesbian here; I've basically stopped trying online dating apps because all I get is fugly TiMs + got recently harassed by one for saying I wasn't interested in MtFs. So yeah, not that great

No. 1074310

Women have been raised into believing that our feelings don't matter at all, and that men are entitled to treat us like shit for being women, that's why.

No. 1074318

Fuck women and girls getting raped, fuck poor people who have to decide on whether they're going to pay their bills or eat, fuck people with serious illnesses that need a lot of medical attention! Cissies are privileged, while us, trannz people need to mutilate our bodies or else we literally die!! Pay my cosmetic surgeries, cisscum!(samefagging)

No. 1074319

I am just tired by this point. Women are being hoodwinked by men in spiny skirts. How do we dismantle this insanity without being cancelled? What can we even do?

No. 1074323

I'd say nuking the whole earth but that'd be too costly + many of us still want to live so..

No. 1074330

The only thing I can think of is instilling anti-gender-norms values, accepting your body as it is, informing young women that escaping misogyny, internal and external, isn't achieved by making yourself into a frankenperson, and teach boys to be functional members of society and, obviously, to think of women as, y'know, people.
There are many reasons people who don't have actual, crippling gender dysphoria transition, but it all comes down to self-hatred to some degree.
I talked my friend out of being a genderspecial by telling her that being GNC or masc is much more liberating - you can choose exactly what kind of women to become, instead of trying to fit a mold. I suppose this could also work for men, just tell them its okay to play dress-up, watching romcoms and shit doesn't make them less of a man.
Also, talking about the horrors of neovaginas, the constant maintenance it demands, the negative side-effects of any artificially introduced hormones to the body, etc. Basically, "Trans bodies are rarely 'cute' ".
Also, if you're a parent, tell them about trans social contagion.

No. 1074334

The worst part is that they dab in and out of HRT after they realize their dick stopped working and they can't masturbate anymore. So they're constantly in a state of messed up hormone levels. Add substance abuse to that since a ton of them use drugs and you get all the lunatic troons that you see posted in these threads.

To be honest the market has always been shit for lesbians, before troons it was couples looking for a threesome and now it's both. I feel like all the people I know just met their girlfriends at a bar or through friends or hobbies.

No. 1074347

guitarist here. surprised no one said this yet. using vibrating wands on guitars like that is actually a thing. makes the strings vibrate forever and produces a pretty cool sound, like an electronic harp. nice way to get a unique sound on a budget. hope that helps people feel a little less weirded out? Lol. there's some pics of people using it on google.

No. 1074352

This makes me sick to my stomach. Men do not belong in women's sports

No. 1074354

Yeah, but I'm sure this guy didn't buy the wand specifically for the guitar effect. That little girl's probably holding a sex toy someone used beforehand, even if the wand is used in a purely non-sexual context - that's still inappropriate. Besides, I checked the video, and I haven't seen it used on the guitar like you said, they're just singing into the wand like it's a microphone. So, yeah, he certainly has a… "different" understanding of what's normal.

No. 1074362

phew. at least it's not caving to troons and is just ambiguous, as it should be. eldritch horrors are not your representation.

No. 1074372

I feel more hopeful after hearing you, Anon. I just don’t want to identify as a Vulva person or a cis. Being around so many troons day in and out is like mental gymnastics. One asked me if they should be a man for a job interview to get it. I just don’t have that option.

Sage for blogging.

No. 1074377

>men also have such ridiculously high standards for actual women

I have to disagree with you there. I think women have ridiculously high standards for themselves that they believe men share. I can't picture any man asking the internet if he should break up with his girlfriend over 5 pounds. That sounds like a pretty effeminate thing to do. Most guys don't like plastic looking bimbos either. If you go to any board where men share images of beautiful women nobody is posting fake looking pornstars, they're posting natural women with tits that aren't inflated and gross. Maybe dudes jack off to fake bimbos sometimes, but that doesn't mean anything. You're making a lot of claims and I get the sense that you're insecure and are projecting your insecurites onto men. I understand that maybe you're just venting though.. In which case carry on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1074379


No. 1074381

Where are these men you speak of? I have absolutley seen men bitch on the internet about their girlfriends or wives putting on weight and struggling with attraction to them. Men hardly ever post regular women when circle jerking about who they find desirable. It's always actresses and models with lots of money to burn on plastic surgery they drool over. Even the troons have a misguided idea of what an actual normal regular woman is

No. 1074385

Where are you that you're around so many troons? Are you the anon from /ot/ complaining about buying shit for guys in your office?

No. 1074388

>>1074377 this scrote has obviously never seen the r/relationships sub lmao

Don't worry girls, it's all in our insecure feminine minds. Definitely not the result of hundreds of years of social conditioning and sexist standards. #Notallmen, amirite?


No. 1074394

what makes this a woman?

No. 1074416

15 seconds in and I can already tell he's autistic

No. 1074418

File: 1604452033810.jpg (1.67 MB, 1800x2400, YouWishThisWasYou.jpg)

I relish in the fact that these degenerates want to be real women so badly. I relish in their womb envy

No. 1074420

genuinely don't know what planet you think you're living on

No. 1074423

It's weird the jannies haven't banned this scrote yet. This thread is anyways so SUS

No. 1074429

>She's married to another woman though, so it's not like she has to put herself on the dating scene and be harassed by troons, it's very easy to say "trans rights" when you don't have to fuck one.
Honestly that seems to be the case for a ton of lesbian/gay public figures that kowtow to the troons. I get why they're trying to avoid the backlash, but it's depressing how they're willing to throw younger LG people under the bus because they don't have to worry about putting their money where their mouth is.

No. 1074442

this is a weird post

No. 1074468

The horse face and the combination of him sticking his manly ass out is just disturbing to look at.

If a woman dares to post a photo that could be seen as unflattering it often goes viral but we are not allowed to make fun of how ugly these men are. Maybe someone should post this photo on r/trashy on a throwaway account and see where it gets them.

No. 1074475

I hate being pregnant and just feel ugly and disgusted with myself the whole time, not to mention how uncomfortable it is but it's the only way to have kids. The day I can grow a baby in some machine outside my body will be the day that I'm happy.

Men will find a way to fetishize everything.

No. 1074476

Just wanted to point out that the artist for this picture used to draw tons of traps/crossdressers as well as normal girls (although a lot of those girls had comically huge boobs) a few years ago before jumping into tranny bs. Kind of telling if you ask me.

No. 1074477

File: 1604455319431.jpg (469.12 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20201104_040150.jpg)

No. 1074478

File: 1604455340365.jpg (70.13 KB, 1080x320, Screenshot_20201104_040138.jpg)

It's already getting these comments

No. 1074479

File: 1604455469259.jpg (57.69 KB, 1080x313, Screenshot_20201104_040428.jpg)

No. 1074480

File: 1604455534601.jpg (110.33 KB, 1080x623, Screenshot_20201104_040533.jpg)

No. 1074482

File: 1604455986157.jpg (157.88 KB, 1080x692, Screenshot_20201104_041257.jpg)


I rest my case

No. 1074485

I could tell by the thumbnail.

No. 1074489

Yeah he did say in a few interviews that he knew he was not a woman, I remember him saying “my mum was a woman, the one that gave birth to me” and he always said he was just a fag (maricón in Spanish slang)
I’ve been out of the country for a few years now but it’s crazy to see how much they’ve drunk the trans kool-aid. Even my friends keep repeating twaw and they don’t know I’m a closet terf

No. 1074490

what sub reddit is this anon?

No. 1074493

those screenshots remind me how many trans women are on gossip sites and those reddits judging cis women but suddenly it's not okay to do to transwomen.

Lipstick alley is full of gay men calling women everything under the son but will come in trans threads telling women we are horrible, the same for some women there.
They have more loyality for men who think they are women, then actual women they talk shit about.

No. 1074494

*sun not "son"

No. 1074523


No. 1074525

No. 1074527

Why are they just concluding that person is trans? I thought trans women didn't have a look.

No. 1074531

Where you can identify the sex of the people getting triggered by this thread they are all male.

No. 1074540

File: 1604460111985.jpg (100.97 KB, 750x736, joanna.jpg)

OMG I love Joanne The Scammer!

No. 1074541

I love the, "trans people are valid" post, like what?
If it is men defending them it makes sense. Reddit has more Chasers than those Body Builder Forums where the guys swear they aren't gay bro.

No. 1074589

Even worse, that man is FIFTY YEARS OLD.
Imagine turning up to play a college bball match and seeing that.

No. 1074620

They do have a look. They look like men. Sexual dimorphism is a bitch.

No. 1074641

File: 1604481843016.jpeg (310.32 KB, 1242x1751, 593B3AA0-BF40-4035-9B72-D5891C…)


it gets worse

No. 1074642

File: 1604481901640.jpeg (400.56 KB, 1242x1753, 49C374E5-EB9A-4E35-A6B2-08FCBB…)


nightmare fuel

No. 1074645

Always with the trashy finger-in-mouth pose, amiright ?

No. 1074651

do they know what cis lesbians are attracted to? If he goes fishing for dicks he might actually be successful…

No. 1074655

ah yes, the shit makeup and greasy unkempt hair combo

No. 1074662

>>1074418 Honestly I get it anon. Like, pregnancy is, by all accounts, a miserable experience. I can say from personal experience that periods suck. But it's weirdly satisfying that these retards get their (stolen) panties in a twist over the fact that they DON'T and CAN NEVER have the proper equipment to perform any of the many functions the female body is generally capable of of performing naturally, often with no/little assistance, like: creating life (which, while excruciating, is dope as fuck and makes men jealous because we can do it independent of them via sperm bank, but they can't do the same because surrogates have to give permission), breastfeeding, maintaining a (painful, annoying, but functionally pretty awesome) menstrual cycle, squeezing one or more screeching humans into existence, etc.

"Feminine power" sounds like hippy shit, but it's real in the sense that it's what these delusional scrotes in dresses envy: that which they can never have. They think, "Beautiful women get attention. Pregnant women and new moms get attention. Girls get attention when they get their first period." And that's all they see.

They DON'T see that beautiful women (all women, actually – real ones at least) get unwanted attention, pregnant women often don't wish to be pregnant, or do but have no way to defend themselves or the baby against male violence from the baby's father, and have little medical autonomy. They don't see that new moms are at risk for post-partum, that a girl's first period is often a scary (not to mention painful and embarrassing) experience – none of that registers because they are not and never will be women.

So I can certainly see why an actual woman, esp in this thread, would relish the fact that these tards want what they can never have AND that what they want is generally so unpleasant in reality that should they find a way to "attain" it in some form (neovaginas, V8 period popsicles, what have you), they'll eventually grow to wish they hadn't.

(sry 4 blog, back OT)

>>1074493 Surprise surprise, scrotes stick together.

>>1074642 No no, you don't understand, you evil terves. THIS is a beautiful woman, not a mentally ill sexual deviant with womb envy. But you? All you Karens with your two X chromosomes? You could never compete with TIFFANY here.

Honestly IDK who has it worse – I pity the lesbians, esp with these dating apps, but those of us who are bi get hit with "Well then you have NO EXCUSE because you like dick AND vagina!"

Yes, how dare I not be into eating pseudo-snatch and/or sucking a meat tube made of thigh tissue! Shame on me! The delusion.(no1curr)

No. 1074668

The dream girlfriend every real lesbian wants!

No. 1074670

why do they always choose names like this

No. 1074672

Because it sounds bimbo imho (no offense to any Tiffany's on this thread)

No. 1074674

File: 1604486690654.jpg (313.84 KB, 945x900, bs4mTF9.jpg)

I always thought he passes quite well, but I'm not sure anymore. and, of course, his voice is horrendous. when troons boast about being mistaken for a r34l woman and the shock of their date when they find out, I'm like bitch please, your voice is a dead giveaway…
he's a writer for a big german newspaper and makes ~political~ youtube videos. at least his hair is fairly nice. no tagged photos, makes you wonder why kek

No. 1074675

Wtf no, this is so obviously a man, look at that jaw, the weird pout he does can't conceal it.

No. 1074689

is he a HSTS?

No. 1074694

God the way they manipulate people into thinking they just want representation uwu and are terrified of lesbian artists in case we're secretly big meanie terfs for not drawing girldicks drives me insane. They already have 90% of women who draw f/f drawing them but when a woman sticks up for herself and refuses to pander they turn nasty immediately, just look at how they turned on the Heartbeat devs.

Look at his wording, artists who aren't 'outwardly trans-inclusive'. Even if you just keep your terf views to yourself and keep your head down it's not good enough because you actively have to be drawing them and pandering to them at all times. Fucking parasites.

No. 1074703

File: 1604493919625.png (493.71 KB, 678x960, 123730833_645982466099606_9003…)

Witches are a supersition invented by men to oppress and kill women they didn't like (or who didn't want to abide by their rules) and now we have men wanting to BE witches to oppress and kill women.

It all comes around full circle, doesn't it?

No. 1074710

Why are the crazy ones always trying to look like either an 8 year old hooker or a 6 day binge addict? Is it a festish thing or something?

No. 1074712

from the looks of it probably not

No. 1074713

He looks like Bubbles cosplaying as Wednesday Addams

No. 1074714

File: 1604496201603.png (2.17 MB, 2226x1572, knifewitch.png)

This person literally just posts pictures of them holding knives and swords while threatening violence towards TERFs.

No. 1074721

I love how men are just out here threatening women and no one gives a shit. Terf just means women, I've never seen them call the dudes who murder transwomen "terfs" or even threaten violence towards them.
In fact it's always, "We need to talk about this and that, cis men and women need to protect us!"
they never directly target the issue, men. Yet they do this to Terfs endlessly.

No. 1074727

Libfems and TRAs refuse to see it for what it is: men finding a loophole to openly threaten violence and murder to women. Women who love and are unapologetically woman. That's the part that pisses them off most, and instead of calling it out, they've been sucked in or are just too afraid of being cancelled to call it out. It's disgusting, it really is. The way TERFs (who truly aren't violent or damaging to trannies in any way, let's be real) are treated by troons has been the biggest eye-opener to this bullshit.

No. 1074730

File: 1604499247041.png (2.6 MB, 1816x1166, hmm.png)

This is just the tranny equivalent of whatever this is. The male behavior is showing.

No. 1074738

they're all crazy

No. 1074743

Trannies are literally just incels with rage. They thought transitioning would get them pussy and when they realize that women still don't want them they become violent.

No. 1074777

lmao spot on anon

No. 1074840

Incels are deeply jealous of women, so trooning out is par for the course.

No. 1074865

Mental illness.

No. 1074869

I wish people could see post like this one and really see how misogynist trans are, but you can't really share something like that with everyone, because people will exclude you, call you a bigot and say "but not all trans are like that"…
I remember seing a poster in my university saying there are women with penis. Jfc they are so delutional.

No. 1074909

I did post this somewhere and some tranny responded with "outrage farming" with nothing else to say kek, okay buddy. I'd be more inclined to listen if they'd denounce this bullshit, but they never ever do. Fuck women with vaginas or anyone bothered by this because ~terfs~.

No. 1074950

File: 1604522903818.jpeg (133.33 KB, 750x923, 6476E418-3D36-43E1-8107-AF1120…)

How many brain worms are necessary to achieve this level of retardation.

No. 1074952

it's society worms at this point, where it's normal to make a tranny cough YouTube video and freely admit to being drug users. these people are too comfortable

No. 1074984

File: 1604526445790.jpg (37.07 KB, 308x436, stocks.jpg)

we need to bring back public shaming as punishment

No. 1075001

File: 1604527260923.jpg (1.46 MB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_11-04-11.56.09.jpg)

Sorry about messy collages but I browsed through the womb tattoo troon's post history and it all reads exactly how you'd think.

No. 1075002

File: 1604527339570.jpg (1.13 MB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_11-04-11.58.55.jpg)

Bonus, not very ladylike

No. 1075009

Im new here but goddamn this board makes me want to get the boat already

No. 1075020

how the fuck do you treat a dick like a vagina

No. 1075030

I've seen men point and laugh at troons irl, but I think the internet is good pro-tranny propaganda, tbh. Just show your average braindead normie a heavily filtered and shooped picture of Kim Petras/Indya Moore, blab something about evil terf boolies, people fall for it. Funny enough, these people who fall for this nonsense will whine about "transracial" people.

Effeminate annoying gay males took over LSA. It was originally a site where groupies/etc were sharing tea. The gay males invaded it and all they do is shit on black women, and run to the transformers' defense. All the "women" who defend them are trannies, too. Do you remember that thread where the troon was talking about how straight men couldn't tell the difference and all that mattered was "feminine energy", the fuck is that? LMAO

No. 1075042

No idea, love how they think vaginas are just NUMB and we are never horny

No. 1075048

"treat your dick like a vagina now" what? they set eachother up for failure, they can't just say, "Hey, hormones fuck with you're dick."
They just lie and play pretend

No. 1075071

File: 1604531328685.png (73.21 KB, 370x320, 1573306829394.png)

Good to see he's miserable about his decisions kek.

No. 1075116

Was anybody around for the very darkest days of the Adventure Zone fandom?

It's a podcast, so there were no canon designs for characters. The fanart basically went balls to the walls.

One character was a Confirmed Trans Girl (tm) named Lup, and after Lup was Confirmed Trans, there was a great divide over whether drawing correct manly proportions was "violent," or if expecting trannies to have petite bone structure was the more violent option.

No. 1075127

Does treating your dick like a vagina just mean sounding or what? Do they think vaginas are dainty little fairies they gotta tickle in a special way, instead of an organ that doesn't even feel that good compared to the clit?

No. 1075135

File: 1604536217290.png (1.5 MB, 800x1423, Lup_and_Taako_by_Larndraws.png)

Do you have any old screenshots of milk?
I looked up some fanart to see what you meant, and ss someone who's only tangentially familiar with TAZ, I can appreciate that I have no idea which character is supposed to be the flamboyant gay guy Taako, and which one's supposed to be the TiM twin.

No. 1075136

wonder if lup hsts or agp

No. 1075151

File: 1604539401808.png (1.04 MB, 950x633, kTt83Ti.png)

So apparently last night Delaware elected the 1st trans Senator ever. A TiM of course, named Sarah McBride. Twitter folk saying "queen" and shit when they probably know nothing about this person or their policies (I sure don't). But yeah, praising/glorifying the TiM just for being trans.
It was a matter of time and I'm not surprised by the reaction, yet still disappointed.

Also, just found while looking for pics that another TiM, in Vermont, named Taylor Small, got elected state representative, also a first for the state.

Here they are. Sarah left, Taylor right. At least Sarah seems to look passing in the photos I've seen, but couldn't find one right away showing Sarah next to an actual woman (the real test) so who knows. Taylor, on the other hand… Riley Dennis vibes.

No. 1075154

Funny how the first trans senator has the same birth sex as 75% of the rest of the senate.

No. 1075170

It's a mystery why, when it comes to troons, mtfs are known for being the first tranny CEOs and politicians and models etc and ftms are known for being pregnant """men""" lol.

No. 1075188

File: 1604544083269.jpg (76.7 KB, 1024x683, Sarah-and-Andy-3-1024x683.jpg)

Here for comparison is the MTF with a real woman, their "husband", an FTM.

Look at those skulls…

No. 1075225

I thought the FTM was Ben Shapiro for a minute.

No. 1075231

lmao i clocked the ftm before even reading your caption. she's so petite

No. 1075276

Are there any places or countries where doing this degenerate shit is illegal but also not a shithole place to live in general?

No. 1075291

Weebland has a fairly high barrier for transition both socially and legally so unless you’re hanging out with foreigners in tech (Google), heavily Online people, or nichome westaboos you’re golden

No. 1075294

>cutting in front of people on Omegle
what the fuck?

No. 1075312

What else can I say ? Mental illness.

No. 1075331

I’m surprised nobody is calling Japanese women TERFs for having women only train cars, photo booths or bathrooms. Also there’s quite a few women only events or places.

There was that line mtf who sperged about the female only lesbian bar or whatever but I’m kinda surprised it didn’t blow up into more since Japan is quite popular with Mtfs as well. Kinda interesting they don’t criticize it’s TERFiness more.

No. 1075341

I mean, the bar received so much online harassment from that and were dragged all over twitter by troons, so they don't really ignore it. They just seem to think that except for a few meanie TERFs everything in Japan is like their animes.

No. 1075344

Spunds like you need your ass eaten.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1075349

File: 1604568743692.jpeg (146.01 KB, 750x688, B95FC3E0-6A8D-4CC2-B321-4E498C…)

“Vaginal cavity hair follicle cauterization” was a phrase I could have happily gone my whole life without hearing.

No. 1075399

File: 1604579507697.png (3.31 MB, 2382x1546, terfhunter.png)

so, this is "kim" or "magdalena" johansson, a mtf in sweden
>previously named kristoffer johansson
>he was convicted in 2013 for murdering and dismembering his ex girlfriend
>he then trooned out in jail and demanded to be moved to a womens prison due to experiencing sexual harassment in the mens prison
>the state financed his transition and complied, moving him to the womens prison of hinseberg
>while in jail he threatened staff and other inmates with violence and even murder, was very defiant towards staff and misbehaved in general
>he also threatened to kill a rabbit who resided in the establishment, if he wouldn't be moved to his prefered section in the prison
>this is evident in several disturbing letters written by him to other inmates etc
>he has been released from jail 3 years earlier than the original sentance due to "good behaviour", despite his behaviour actually being aggressive and defiant
>he now posts pictures of himself posing with guns on social media, calling himself a "terf hunter" and engaging in various feminist and lgbt groups on facebook
>he has also messeged random women accusing them of being terfs and threatening them
>pics related, sorry for the editing mess

No. 1075401

Holy shit anon that is one hell of a dangerous man you're presenting to us. It always baffles me how stereotypically male their bahavior is while they claim being women.

No. 1075402

File: 1604579896298.png (273.65 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_2020-11-05-19-35-39…)

save the baby!

No. 1075415

>>1075399 hol up he served 7 years for murdering and dismembering his girlfriend? And posting violent threats online isn't a parole violation or anything?

Is it because he's stunning and brave trans warrior or is murder just nbd in Sweden?

No. 1075416

This needs to be shared around as many places as you can, this is horrifying. Bet if you put this on reddit it'd be deleted or people will start dismissing it.
Trans privilege no, MALE privilege is killing a woman, getting a little time in jail becoming a woman and then still presenting urself as a threat to women online.
How can he even get a gun? I really feel like this dude needs to be back in jail.
People need to be aware of this retard running around talking about "killing terfs" when he LITERALLY killed a woman.
I'm so fucking disgusted.

No. 1075418

becoming a "Woman"

No. 1075421

Because there is no death penalty, he should be kept in jail until death.
What a crazy piece of shit.

No. 1075424

>>1075416 agreed

Can we make "Dude for the crime, dude for the time" a thing please??

If we can't keep troons out of women's prisons at all we could at least stop this obvious predatory shit happening where they transition IN prison.

For a guy like him it probably had double benefits: get access to more women to abuse AND escape the men's block where he was just another scrawny balding beta instead of the hero of his own fucked up Orange is the New Black spinoff.

No. 1075426

or at least put into a forensic instiution. trans or not, dismembering someone is not normal behavior, he's probably a psychopath and a general danger to society

No. 1075429

Are the "feminist" groups he in aware that he killed a woman? I'm not even going to speak on the "LGBTQ+" groups. I have so little hope they aren't 90% trans women who will ignore the information or flat out excuse it.

No. 1075430


This gets weirder the longer you look at it
>that grin
>baby on the floor
>angle of photo looking down, randomly sitting next to baby on the floor for ??
>giant long manfeet

No. 1075433

>am I attention seeking????
>has a womb tattoo

they're so delusional and know nothing about female anatomy. Maybe this is why they get womb tattoos lol

They probably think that you gotta be ~gentleuwu~ and ~ladylikeuwu~ when masturbating lol. They'll never know how it is to be a woman, so they can only pretend in the most schizo gendered way possible.

anon none of them look "passable" lol


Most troons are weebs and degenerates and Japan is full of that, so they can't critizise it

No. 1075434

File: 1604585451968.jpg (903.96 KB, 1920x1080, aphex.jpg)


He literally looks like Aphex Twin wtf

No. 1075469

I love when there's at least some cosmetic shit the Canadian healthcare system refuses to cover for TIMs. If you want body hair permanently removed, even from inside your wound, go to a salon and shell out money like actual women who have body image issues are expected to do.

I hate knowing that probably nothing will be done about him until he hurts a woman again. Sick fuck should be in jail for the rest of his life for killing someone and desecrating a body.

No. 1075471

File: 1604592340144.png (50.96 KB, 498x638, pdf.png)

i'm not sure, i think a lot of people are aware but discussing him will lead to transphobia and misgendering accusations and being asked to "chill" and whatnot. he has a lot of friends and gets a lot of likes etc on his facebook page at least. he runs his own airsoft/lgbt "activist" group, pic related. it seems very fucking sketchy to me, especially this part considering his criminal history.
>prepared to actively participate in actions against these evil groups in society
he describes these "evil groups" as nazi organizations, but only ever talks about terfs in the other posts i've seen from him. except one comment where he talked about killing nazis, pic is in the original post about him upthread.

No. 1075484

Regular coughing isn't really a "tell". Men typically cough louder but that's a volume issue, not a pitch issue. But a man trying to replicate a high pitched "eh eh" fake cough would be far more clockable.

I watched the stupid video and I don't know any women who actively vocalise vowel sounds while coughing. It sounded like somebody kicked Dobby. If somebody coughed like that I think I'd be more inclined to think about their voice, whereas a normal cough would just be shrugged off.

No. 1075496

>>1074418 Ah yes, a natal male in a dress teaching other natal males in dresses how to accurately imitate femininity in the most convoluted way possible.

And they wonder why they don't pass.

No. 1075497

He's from Sweden, so unlikely that he'll get punished for anything.

No. 1075518

File: 1604596378964.png (692.88 KB, 531x786, abrokenmanonhalifaxpier.PNG)

I don't even know what to say about this one. The Maritimes are a lot troonier than they used to be.

No. 1075533

>LGBT people and allied cis people
so being "cis" means you cant be LGBT?

No. 1075559

When these people say LGBT, they always mean trans people (but mostly transwomen) and associated weirdoes like enbies.

No. 1075560

Sage bc this could come of bloggy but theres a personal army troon cow on my fb and he periodically has meltdowns and posts the most unhinged shit. The most disturbing and memorable for me was a time he stared seething with rage because of this group of gorgeous real women on the bus he was on. He said it filled him with rage that they were seemingly so effortlessly feminine and beautiful which made him want to kill them!he literally posted this on the internet like nbd.. And the enablers in the comment on this post he made just gave him asspats on how much he passes as to make sure his fragile male fee fees stop hurting (spoiler alert- he doesnt pass..at all). You would be surprised how many of them fantasize about killing women out of jealousy

No. 1075566

Can you post screenshots? Sounds milky and abhorrent. Men wanting to kill women for no reason outside of jealousy is nothing new, I'm afraid.

No. 1075567

I’d like to see screen shots of this

No. 1075572

You can post that on Facebook? Send it to the police

No. 1075576

how do troons still believe they are oppressed after all this shit, literally no one else can go on public normie spaces under their real names, say shit like that and get away with it + receive validation for all their deranged retarded feelings. traninis are literally the 1%

No. 1075580

> traninis
kek anon

No. 1075585

I don't undertand, if he's a "transwoman" why does he use "they/them… I don't get it.

No. 1075588

It's strange because you see trannies trying to argue it's a joke or a cope. Trannies joking about raping or killing people is just a joke, but if anyone even utters a slight dissent towards trannies it's literally killing them? Why are only troons allowed to joke about horrific shit?

No. 1075589

People who mention suicide on face book have gotten visits from the police. People like Elliot Rodger can post whatever they want, "there's nothing we could do to prevent this"

No. 1075592

wow, almost like taking cross-sex hormones is bound to fuck with the organ whose functionality nearly entirely depends on an appropriate level of your natal sex hormone!
>troons confirmed retards

>that AGP smile
jesus christ, how horrifying.

No. 1075620

He probably couldn't find anyone who would remember to call him "she" with that dome

No. 1075644

File: 1604604231653.jpg (Spoiler Image,542.29 KB, 3264x1154, sHeS7000yEaRsOlD.jpg)

Man I haven't kept up with trannies in a while (off/on since GC banwave since MTFs just depress me even more as a woman) but I saved this guy's profile and rediscovered it today. Kek, the milk just keeps on delivering.

No. 1075645

File: 1604604303912.png (112.51 KB, 976x498, Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 2.15…)

Same OP, he's also been arrested a few times apparently.

No. 1075659

haha my god, you can already tell he looks like the supreme overlord of sex offenders
also that subreddit is great. they already put this in the title and description
>Transition Goals: Lighthearted trans memes
>Because the internet needs more trans memes.
yes… memes. no coomers here, move along. making fun of trans memes literally kills trans people. /s

No. 1075664

kanna… slays terfs??

No. 1075685

late but sapphic here, tinder in the uk is fucking awful i genuinely think about half are troons

No. 1075699

Another UK lesbian here. I swear every time I remade my dating profile the same troon would end up liking me within minutes even though we lived on the other side of the country.

No. 1075702

Is it possible to block the trannie? Not that it's any less tiring but still

No. 1075710

You know these people have extreme mental illness(es) when all of their 'goals' are existentially impossible 2-D anime waifus.

No. 1075712

Exactly, if a natal woman ever said her fitness goal was this doe-eyed cartoon child society would either point and laugh at her obliviousness or understand she was a deeply troubled person. If a tranny does it, it's cute and quaint and goes unquestioned. If they understood their limitations better I'd find them less hilarious though, so I'm glad most of them don't make their 'goals' realistic…like passing as the ugliest woman in a 50 mile radius, but at least being seen as a woman.

No. 1075726

File: 1604610954385.jpeg (242.08 KB, 1242x2064, F79705E9-F00D-46A4-91E2-D5D596…)

thought this was matt lucas for a sec kek

No. 1075774

File: 1604613612866.jpeg (753.45 KB, 1242x1671, 6AACFD08-EF3C-43BB-8580-55708E…)

Finally have a contribution to this thread, spotted in the wild. Women are having our bodily autonomy taken away and some fetishist with an anime icon is using it to insult a woman because he could never be one.

No. 1075782

File: 1604614025393.png (448.7 KB, 417x521, danielavega.png)

What do you think about trans in the entertaiment media?
I think Daniela Vega's movie (a fantastic woman) won the oscar only because he's a trans, because his acting skills are trash and everyone knows it. But you can's say anything like that irl

No. 1075804

I think they're being held to a much lower standard than everyone else and applauded over weak shit like that movie, for instance. It cracks me up that they get mad whenever a ciswoman portrays a trans character (should take it as a compliment, as if any of them could even dream of passing as Halle Berry) or when a cisman plays a trans character (just realism)

Truth is there is no good trans actors, if there were they'd do a much better job of acting like women and we wouldn't have threads like this dedicated to pointing out how retarded they are.

No. 1075868

File: 1604620227838.png (10.31 KB, 583x100, nbrijp.png)

this dude really pisses me off

No. 1075913

File: 1604622826739.png (29.12 KB, 590x310, 1604593627408.png)

It really shows

No. 1075940


> sexual minorities

something about the wording of that makes me very uncomfortable, like there's going to be people attracted to children counted in there

No. 1075953

“Default settings” kek what a cope. He’s so salty. We all know he would trade places with us in a second if he could.

No. 1075982

File: 1604628133327.jpg (168.89 KB, 1079x1470, ed5d2b43-8a4f-4c5d-b130-c84c03…)

Oh no

No. 1075991

Sleep paralysis demon.
These terms just keep getting worse

No. 1075995

feminine energy sounds like whatever contrapoints was going on about in his traps video. Considering men get horny when random objects vaguely look like women I'm not surprised they fall for troons initially. As usual, cuntra's ideas made very little sense and have become very popular

No. 1075998

I thought they were supposed to be identical twins, of course Lup'd look like a man (albeit an elf man). I cringed when Lup was introduced, and that was back before I was a nasty phobe. Griff's such a suck-up to his army of teen tard enbie girls. You can hear his self-satisfaction whenever he says something woke lmao
Sorry for OT.

No. 1076005

File: 1604630349461.jpg (2.29 MB, 2400x2400, pt2020_11_05_21_34_50.jpg)

Army-troon watching anon here. I saw your requests for caps. This post was years ago and I'll have time later to autisticly comb through his posts for it, in the meantime enjoy these pics of him

No. 1076018

Jesus christ seriously what is UP with the smiles on these dudes? Is this how they see us or did they all inhale Joker gas?

No. 1076023

He looks like beans from even Stevens

No. 1076035

fuck this thing for calling women, literally what he wishes to be, „bio-holes“

No. 1076036

How is this real??? How is this lunatic not a lifer??? Who gives a fuck that a woman got murdered and butchered. Man’s feelings come first. This moid will kill again. Your country is cucked and fucked.

No. 1076059

Oh my god, Danny De Vito, I love your work

No. 1076072

Lmfao you wish, meat dildo.

No. 1076073

At least he uses the men's room, can't hate him in that account

No. 1076144


I've never any seen normal people smile like this except on purpose. Their smiles alone show troons true nature, it's radiating pure unbridled insanity.

No. 1076160

File: 1604647901833.png (16.48 KB, 535x254, Screenshot_2020-11-06 Emily Da…)

Saw this post on Twitter (liked by someone I follow and am going to unfollow kek) and for a split second thought it was how some girls say they have a dick but then the realization dawned on me. Did a little digging and finally found trans 100% confirmed on his Twitch(https://www.twitch.tv/radicaldreamr_/about but seems unused), but his Instagram is literally ONLY autogynosmiles. It's terrifying. Also, of course, has an onlyfans.
IG: https://www.instagram.com/radicaldreamr_/ going to post a photo in next post

No. 1076161

File: 1604647993845.png (539.05 KB, 480x600, Screenshot_2020-11-06 Emily Da…)

Samefag, here's his BY FAR most clockable pic on instagram.

No. 1076164


No. 1076168


that file name, thanks for the laugh anon. halifax is swimming with troons now, i think they’re drinking the harbour water. doesn’t help that gender neutral bathrooms are popping up everywhere too.

No. 1076199

hooooly shit i remember seeing this, it was either a tattoo or cat group?? either way, fuck all anime pfps

No. 1076211

saged for blog.

When I didn’t care about troons at first (they weren’t present in my life by any capacity) I didn’t mind. The most prominent troon I could think of was Cher’s kid until 2013 when Orange Is The New Black came out and Laverne Cox became the troon of the hour. I thought it was good to have that kind of character in the story. But his character’s struggles put side by side with the female inmate’s struggles in the same prison, along with him acting “like a man” to scare women made me reconsider. Then Bruce came out and got woman of the year in 2015, and from then on out of the around 5 trannies I can think of in Hollywood it became apparent that TiMs are just regular males in makeup. Sexist, patriarchally benefiting, violent and obvious males that quite clearly live a fetish instead of a truth.

When it’s a TiF in entertainment there’s an effort to prove their machismo because that’s how reeeeal men are, but in the same vein when TiM’s behave the way that they do we can’t criticize it because they’re trying so hard to be a helpless demure woman? That’s what I see and understand from entertainment media portrayals. The more weak and pitiful the troon is, the more convincing he’s supposed to somehow be as a woman. A key point being a lot of these characters TiMs play are also written by men.

Jules, a second protagonist from Euphoria, is an example of this. Mentally abusive and manipulative troon, and his character was created by a 30 something year old white man named Sam Levinson who considers the main character in the same over-sexualized tv show about a mentally ill and drug addicted Black high school girl as his own self-insert. Coincidentally enough, in 2018 his movie Assassination Nation came out that’s also about over-sexualized high school girls, with an obvious TiM amongst them.(blogging)

No. 1076221

File: 1604658380572.jpg (70.64 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1076224


Right turn, Clyde

No. 1076236

“drug users” lmao anon just because they’re troons doesnt mean you have to sperg over weed

No. 1076242

File: 1604662305093.jpg (456.53 KB, 698x900, FB_IMG_16046619292901913.jpg)

Let me guess this comic was definitely made by a woman, totally not an incel troon.

No. 1076243

totally, just look at "her" totally-non-trans-leggins, just like irl, you just can't tell trans and cis apart uwu

No. 1076257

I have no mouth and i must scream

No. 1076260

Thanks anon, I was hoping someone would get a laugh out of the name. I only left the city this year and before that I was seeing them at my work all the time, so really not surprised.

No. 1076271

Biological women who are burn victims on over 98% of their body are more beautiful than this man. Biological women who are born with any physical disabilities or medical facies are more beautiful than this man. All biological women are more beautiful than this man.
Why? Because they are actually born women.
And the amount of misogyny to call women bio-holes is astonishing.

No. 1076276

These comics are made by actual woman.

No. 1076284

Why is it blue?

No. 1076288

File: 1604671287699.jpeg (104.64 KB, 750x595, 20F9ACAE-119B-425E-A7FA-A49A85…)

I hate how they keep perpetuating blatantly sexist stereotypes with no consequences. “Teehee women so stupid/forgetful/shy/bad at x/weak/emotional” The same women that would freak out if a “cis man” said sexist shit like this laugh and think it’s so cute if a troon says it. Decades of progress in women’s rights is being undone before our eyes.

Wow I really wish I hadn’t searched online to fact check this. Came across a video on her YouTube of her 30 weeks pregnant, in underwear, and grinding her ass on her husband. Apparently it is a woman though.

No. 1076292

yap, sorry anon, thisis def made by an actual women, apparently shes pregnant

No. 1076295

He looks like a man but at least he’s better than makeup than most of the troons that get posted.

No. 1076296

File: 1604671974372.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1773, D796DD25-E20B-42B8-8D30-E195B4…)

No. 1076298

Link anon? Did the other troons on the sub agree about this totally teehee female experience?

No. 1076314

File: 1604674293268.jpeg (427.4 KB, 1080x1920, 2D0850B5-5D54-4EF2-9A8D-D20BA3…)

This is just taking the piss…

Both of these photo sets depict him before (left on both) and after (right on both) transition. Got the agp smile down to a science at least.

No. 1076369

File: 1604680966635.jpg (490.77 KB, 1536x2048, 57d033a9-c1d9-42ce-aab6-e9df9d…)

Another troon e-begging on Tumblr (who's a self proclaimed Stalinist and a "dyke")

No. 1076370

where those "nasty messages" telling him he looks like a man either way? because that's not nasty that's just true kek

No. 1076403

ah yes the trans “dykes” on tumblr are the ones that peaked me peteseger

No. 1076405

File: 1604683785475.jpeg (158.53 KB, 680x1280, EmKAbUeVkAEghLv.jpeg)

Even with a filter those dead troon eyes are terrifying

No. 1076418

File: 1604684537481.jpg (64.68 KB, 640x641, 1cm9ekxvcgl41.jpg)

And no filter

No. 1076464

File: 1604687681328.jpeg (9.19 KB, 218x231, JOnathan-yaniv.jpeg)


His face reminds me of Johnathan "Jessica" Yaniv kek

No. 1076465


same anon as above, accidentally replied to wrong one

No. 1076486

He actually seems to try, still a man but with nice makeup

No. 1076528

Honestly I really don't know why non-passing troons who are good with make up just don't stay that way. The world see's you as a man in make up anyway.
I think thats why they loathed Fem boys so much, so many of them put a lot of effort into make up, clothes and now they are getting work done to their asses and shit, yet they don't think it makes them a woman.
Funny how they don't hate the Fashion Gender aka Non-Binary which really makes a mockery of trans people but hate regular men who cross dress and present in a fem fashion.
really makes you think.

No. 1076581

Some women have small titties. But obviously the trans don't want to be just ANY women, they want to be the pinup girlfriend of their own desires.

I love how IRL the tranny would be the same size as the partner and not so cute and "smol" (a term that makes my skin crawl now).

This is going to be like, 90% placebo effect and 10% not wanting to join in team voice chat because they'd get clocked instantly.

I agree. I've known some men who were amazing with makeup and made a career out of it. They never said they were women because of it, just gender non conforming men.

No. 1076596

Exactly, the worst are the ones who want to be pinup drawings or anime girls and not, you know, actual normal women like they claim to be.

No. 1076738

None of them pass, though. Kim Petras and Nikki started trooning out very young and they're still easily clockable. I don't get why the "passable" troons won't just acknowledge their feminine male features and emphasize that. They know they aren't real women. If I were some fem gay dude, I'd rather be a good looking "femboy" than have uneven wide-apart cone tits. Not to mention the constant filtering of pictures and surgeries just to still end up looking like a man. It would be better for all of them to just accept biology and take the logical and rational route.

Isn't that the show where the "lesbian" character is dating a troon (a cross-dessing ugly white boy)?

No. 1077035

I feel like reading this made my insides scream, holy shit. They do this all the time and it's somehow supposed to be seen as woke.
>ummm guys after transitioning I get reeeeal moody every now and then and start breaking shit and going on spergouts… could this mean that women are mentally unsound and hysterical after all??? I mean it must have nothing to do with the fact that I'm mentally ill????

>I think thats why they loathed Fem boys so much, so many of them put a lot of effort into make up, clothes and now they are getting work done to their asses and shit, yet they don't think it makes them a woman.
Basically. A lot of them are extremely resentful of gay femtwinks because they look beautiful and put together as men, never crossing to that uncanny valley of trying to pass as a woman and ruining everything like they did. I recently read a thread in which effeminate young gay men were telling about how they almost fell for the troon meme because people were pressuring them to transition and it makes the whole situation sound like a crab bucket.

No. 1077187

Kek someone posted this ugly freak in the tranny hate thread on 4chan

No. 1077195

File: 1604766153659.jpeg (78.11 KB, 804x804, E5D80635-A8E1-44CD-BA43-B9B8AE…)

No. 1077196

And btw in the show this bitch literally said sleeping with grown ass men was apart of making her feel like she mastered femininity. Even in tv shows the troon characters believe being a women comes down to getting validation from scrotes.

No. 1077270

Can someone explain these sudden "beautiful gorgeous, cute femboy" comments? And I think I recognize one of them being a poster on Altcows who used to post his channel and shit all the time. It's literally a dude who larps on here and KF as a woman while whining about trannies.

Apparently the man who created this creature is known for making sexualized teen characters. Probably picked up a fetish for shemale porn and added a teen troon.

No. 1077320

I'm not a KFfaggot but I'd much rather encourage gay twinks to stay as a femboy than to try to colonize female spaces and biology. Let closeted bisexuals fuck them instead of shilling for troons. Gay twitter femboys are often insufferable altright dirtbags who hate women but at least they're not trying to erase the whole female sex. And regardless of gender/orientation I don't want anyone to mutilate their healthy bodies irreversibly.

No. 1077454


What confuses me most is that he doesn't wear a wig. Why you no wear wig? Wear wig!

No. 1077567

I don't even know what the fuck a femboy is compared to a troon, or a drag queen. Is it like James Charles or something, just a guy who wears makeup and tries to look femmey? I don't have a particular problem with it but I also don't care about them enough to defend them or hold them up as like, virtuous troons.

No. 1077589

They're not "virtuous troons", they're simply not troons. And at this clown world state that's a fucking accomplishment to be honest. The pressure to transition for being an effeminate male/masculine woman is tremendous.

No. 1077594

File: 1604797287110.png (167.86 KB, 524x763, Screenshot_20201107-165624.png)

Guess I was always taking being weaker than men for granted. Such a fulfilling feminine feeling.

No. 1077657

Doesn't HRT just make them gain fat in random areas? That's not weakness, that's him becoming a fatty, also:
>Bottom surgery
Beautiful! All of them should do it, tbh. Why have a dick that doesn't work when you can have a bloody pus filled hair hole?

All the GC places suck imo. They all inevitably end up infested with "based" troons who only raid those places just so someone can suck up to them, detrans teenagers flopping back and forth from troon to enby to normal, and women who brag about being better than other women for being hairy and moving furniture or whatever the fuck.

No. 1077684

I dislike femboys' overall misogynistic leanings, but I think a lot of people like them because they're one of the few groups willing to stand up to troons nowadays. Troon's assertion that if you get off dressing like a woman, you must be female, goes against their desire to be femmy cis gay guys so they are vocally against troondom. Plus they're usually treated less critically than terfs, so in some ways they feel like a nice dose of sanity outside of GC-spheres.

No. 1077693

File: 1604804957685.jpg (226.76 KB, 1459x2048, 20201107_151221.jpg)

transbian in picrel tried getting me twitter-deleted for calling him a straight man kek

No. 1077766

File: 1604812368188.jpeg (58.49 KB, 851x668, F00CE6F9-8C8B-4087-A317-F6DD4E…)

He looks so pathetic.

I just can‘t with trannies anymore. I am not sure if its a person problem or a tranny problem; my co-worker is an insufferable bitch. (S)he just passes if you close one eye and feels the need to one-up everyone in anything. You were sick last week? Well (s)he was ALMOST DYING. You baked cookies? (S)he COOKED A 3 STAR MEAL FOR HER/HIS HUSBAND. You lift 50kg? (S)he LIFTED 75 LAST WEEK. I have selfharmed in the past and avoided wearing anything with short sleeves so no one would notice at work until it got to hot one day and I took off my cardigan and this bitch has the audacity to walk up to my supervisor and me talking, interrupting us to point to my scars and say „Oh You are Borderline? I am too but I would never selfharm scars are so ugly.“ Bruh.(nobody cares)

No. 1077769

Jesus, who the hell says that to someone? That’s super fucked up, I’m sorry anon.

No. 1077773


Let's face it, that thing needs a niqab, not a wig.

No. 1077775

> BPD but has the self control not to cut self

> Press X to doubt

No. 1077800

File: 1604818656779.jpeg (93.08 KB, 828x960, 1D436728-F473-42BA-8924-5437BE…)

I felt pretty dumbfounded because I told her/him I was not diagnosed borderline but (s)he insisted I was because I SH‘ed. We are talking someone that spent 700€ on fireworks for new years eve!! At least My supervisor got a good laugh out of it.

No. 1077824

File: 1604826050665.jpeg (804.83 KB, 2048x2048, CD46C648-CA1E-450C-AB0A-DD8E36…)

God I feel so sorry for you anons in countries drinking this koolaid.

At any moment you could misgender one of these gorillas at target or wherever and get screamed at or “throat punched”

I was about to say “at least you can avoid visible troons, or strike their ego just long enough to get away” but not really. I’ve seen a lot of news stories of prostitute ladyboys like beating up or throwing acid on people who turn down their advances. Even the more “delicate Thai ladyboys” are still filled with rage and violence it seems. There are no “safe” troons.

No. 1077931

Hello guys, sorry to bother you but I wanted to ask for help.

Could You consider to report this account? It's harrasing women they consider terf. They expose them and then call to harrass the girls.


Sorry again, sage for ot(not your personal army)

No. 1077968

File: 1604853638696.png (1.48 MB, 748x3356, be0b7ca.png)

What's up with trannies trying to butcher female characters?

No. 1077971

The creator "figured out" they were trans and since madeline is their self insert she has to be trans now too.

No. 1077987

Another example of people not being able to separate themselves with their creation. Ugh.

No. 1078040

File: 1604862600315.png (175.93 KB, 1146x500, 36b314fab008988d8508354ea4c323…)

Gross, he literally named himself after his little girl oc.

No. 1078078

>All the GC places suck imo.
Agreed, it makes it hard to stay in a community solely dedicated to GC issues even if there are plenty of good psoters. In addition to the problems you listed there's also a ton of homophobic tradthots, bible thumpers, right wingers and such who think the cure for troonery isn't to help gender-nonconforming people to accept their birth gender regardless of how they choose to dress/behave but instead everyone should learn to be the perfect assigned gender stereotype.

Literal digibro effect. Create a little girl OC and become the little girl OC. These emotionally immature, spoiled incel motherfuckers really do think that if they wish really hard they'll be the pampered tiny fantasy girl everyone wants to give headpats to.

No. 1078090

Honestly, where? The main GC sub on reddit was frequently accused of being infested with right-wingers, sometimes by its own members, and I lurked there for years, and never saw it. The worst that takes place is some off-topic posting by FDS types, who want to participate in all female spaces, including those made for radfems, which they quite obviously are not. FDS women are sad and delusional, but they don't meet the criteria for rightwing, regressive bible thumpers lol.

No. 1078097

Since she wasn't initially planned as such and it was probably added mid to end game we can consider it non-canon to some extent, also the creator is just non-binary but it's only a matter of time before he starts going down I guess

No. 1078110

Kek I can't believe I met this dude on OkCupid like 8-9 years ago. Got weird vibes.(nobody cares)

No. 1078145

He has a fairly asymmetrical face, so many of them do… I'm pretty convinced troonery is the result of developmental stress. They have so many issues. Have you ever noticed how many troons report illnesses, learning disabilities, etc? Tho it's likely bullshit, knowing them. But then what does that indicate? Personality disorder? kek.

No. 1078155

How the fuck is this tranny passing to you?!

No. 1078177


I'm confused by this exchange. Do people believe he "was" a girl (definitely not true, as anon said, he's a famous child actor) Or are there rumours circulating that he's transitioning (MtF)?

He's babyfaced & skinny but not short. Online, he's listed as being of average height (5'9 - 5'10), which is believable IMO. In group pics he's as tall as the other men and is always taller than women wearing heels.

I expect he's your classic low T, nerdy type tis all. He could be gay too, even today, most gay actors deny their sexuality publicly, and agents arrange actresses to beard for them.

No. 1078205

It's one anon who made this routine their gimmick.

No. 1078208

What's FDS? I tried googling the term.

No. 1078220

Female Dating Strategy.

No. 1078231

Lends credence to the old idea of monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo. But also there are really documented links to autism and transgenderism: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-17794-1

Its interesting to me just from a scholarly level, we accept that schizophrenics experience religious ecstasy and it can by symptomatic of their illness, but I suppose suggesting in polite company that autistics experience gender ecstasy as a symptom of their illness is less welcome in polite society. Some of them I do truly believe are mentally ill and pitiable because of it, but the vast majority of the non-passing troon type we discuss here are just trendy sex pests with probably high functioning autism.(armchairing)

No. 1078246

I feel sorry for the solely ASD troons, not AGPs. Autistics believe they're troon & non-binary otherkins bcos of a legit condition, and doctors have enabled it, allowing them to be effectively experimented on.

ASD/AGP… It all stinks of odd neuro development, genes, maternal stress, pathogens w/e… it's clear to everyone sane they're a fucked up bunch.

No. 1078271

File: 1604887957355.jpeg (296.69 KB, 940x1602, EmVwJvCUcAEsk7N.jpeg)

This webcomic artist I liked long ago trooned out this year and made some retarded reasoning for it.
I knew he would have done it, too

No. 1078275

>Do you feel like a guy?
Wtf is “feeling” like a man or woman? God I hate that political shit has invaded mental healthcare.

No. 1078290


Passable until they start speaking…

No. 1078294

>therapist who specialized in LGBT issues
I would like her name so I can blacklist it forever. How can anyone suggest transitioning at all? It’s retarded.

No. 1078298

Like this, probably

No. 1078331

AGP lesbian fetishist wonders why he had a hard-on for 'yuri' as a youth. I wonder.

They always try to memory hole their youths to fit with the TruTrans™ narrative but every single one I've seen who does this is cut out of the same AGP lesbian fetishizing mold.

Sorry lads, you being a male into content largely aimed at straight men isn't exactly odd.

No. 1078333

Seriously, and being mocked in school for sitting like a girl or whatever? Way to explain your humiliation/forced feminization fetish! Girl brains in male bodies don’t exist - but cumbrains are 100% confirmed.

No. 1078334

All this readoning about being a tranny just reminds me of the saying

“The Genius admires simplicity, to fool admires complexity”

The fool admires “gender is a social construct” and “gender and sex are different” while the genius recognises gender is genitals and chromosomes and nothing else.

No. 1078336

This game really helped me when I was in a dark place and was super cathartic for me. I hate this tranny bullshit. It's bad enough that the music composer for the game is a tranny too. This kind of shit makes it hard to replay Celeste even though I love it so much.(nobody cares)

No. 1078366

ntayrt but before he starts speaking and with the early 60s styling, he doesn’t come off as entirely unconvincing as an older white woman, when there’s no actual women standing beside him. In the show majority of other characters in the same setting are children, and the camera angles are from their heights. So his huge build doesn’t feel as easy to clock.

No. 1078383

Discord and troons go hand in hand. I lurk in some art discord servers and troons infest servers once they're let in, it's kind of scary in a way.

No. 1078398

Any female-oriented space gets flooded wih them. Honestly, to some extent I've had better experiences with anti-PC 4chan servers full of moids, to some extent. Servers like that are infuriating for other reasons, but at least they tiptoe around trannies like a lot of women do online nowadays.

No. 1078400

I think I'd rather tiptoe

No. 1078405

TRAs don’t believe that gender is a social construct, they believe gender is innate and biological sex is a construct or on a spectrum that renders it meaningless.

The show is pretty careful not to show him at full height next to other adults, but hilariously they also have him lead the choir with his obvious man voice. Did they think no one would notice or wonder why a mid-century Christian girls’ orphanage would let a man in a dress teach the children?

No. 1078409

Troons are anywhere that says women only or only girls. A bit of a blog post here, but i joined some “women’s only” groups on Kik and we always had at least a guy pretending to be a girl for the attention and handmaidens sucking their dicks for extra brownie points.

No. 1078418

Your first mistake was using kik

No. 1078428

r/truscum is kinda GC, believes in biological sex and that transness is the result of mental illness, and hates nbs, pronouns and those who don't try to pass. Still gotta watch your tongue tho cuz it's filled with boomer troons of course

No. 1078432

Btw, why do troons hate truscums so much? It's not even just the tucutes (do people still call themselves that?), even trannies who take hormones hate them, I often see in their bios "dni if transmed/truscum" along with the usual -ists. I'm not trying to defend them, all troons are batshit in their own ways, but I find it hilarious there's so much infighting in their community when they want to pretend they are united against the cistem.

No. 1078435

Because most truscums hate TRAs and just want to stealth. They even support JKs claims and keep shitting on AGPs and fake bois. Also most of them put effort into passing and non passing troons usually hate passing troons.

No. 1078437

Celeste wasn't done with the intent of her being trans, just see it as the dev's headcanon (which he tried to force down at the very end of the game with DLCs). The whole point of the game is accepting your issues and working with them. The dev literally shits on his own game by doing the exact oposite and trooning out instead of trying to live with himself like Madeline did.

No. 1078438

woops samefag, i actually wanted to reply to this anon >>1078336

No. 1078443

File: 1604918397500.jpg (688.99 KB, 1080x1347, 20201109_113832.jpg)

Ew, I used to like his webcomic ("Girly") too. Back then I though it was overtly sexualized but in a fun way but now I feel dirty knowing it was all AGP fantasies. My only excuse is that I was barely out of my teens and didn't know how to spot signs of degeneracy.
This is how he looks like now, by the way.

This is neither here nor there but I remember there was some drama a few years ago when he announced his suicide attempt on twitter. It later turned out it wasn't his first time and he regularly responded with nuclear meltdowns to people who didn't like his art.
It doesn't suprise me in the least that someone this mentally unstable has trooned out.

No. 1078445

The unwashed nail polish kek. I always see trannies with that.

No. 1078449

Oh shit, I read that too as a teenager. I always thought it was made by a lesbian/bi woman and when I realised it was made by a guy I felt skeeved out enough to stop reading. I’m surprised it took him this long to troon out.

No. 1078450

I never hear the "straight" troons say that they found their gender identity by watching straight porn. I only ever hear this from fujishi ftms with yaoi or agp mtfs with yuri.

No. 1078466

File: 1604922680574.jpg (432.25 KB, 810x2156, 20201109_124241.jpg)

For posterity: here's one of many instances of him chimping out.

This one's over a female publisher rejecting his scuzzy porn. Classic troon behavior.

No. 1078470

Isn't Iron Spike super woke? Wonder how she'd react if people dug those tweets and accused her of transphobia.

No. 1078476


I can't see how any of that is even subjectively transphobic unless just being told no is transphobia now.

No. 1078481

File: 1604925056305.png (845.8 KB, 1000x690, bodyckeck.png)

No. 1078486

>look at picture and decide I am most like C
>all the troons pick C
>they’re actually just walking two by fours in skirts
I’m upset I ended up picking the same. When we all get totally erased as women, we will just have to make a new colony in Northern Canada, where fucking no one wants to live.

No. 1078491

The bodies are very similar tbh. I'm have an inverted triangle body type and it's a shame that almost all of the bodies represented here lean a lot to the pear shape (which isnt the only shape a woman can have).

On the other hand seeing troons trying to identify with those bodies is hilarious as fuck

No. 1078494

File: 1604927254067.png (21.75 KB, 616x211, fetish.png)

T-totally not a fetish…

No. 1078495

Of course they’re all anime girls. Not even women are ever going to look like anime girls, I don’t understand the obsession. Anime girls are annoying as fuck too, but maybe that’s the connection.

No. 1078503

Difference is that women understand that anime girls are drawings therefore not reality, but for some reason the trannies are convinced it's real.

No. 1078507

Enjoy this trump troon causing a scene for benig told to wear a mask in costco

No. 1078510

ugh, always feel the worst for food/retail employees who have to deal with this.

No. 1078517

>>1078481 how porn/hentai sick do you have to be to see these pictures as human body types

At least half of them are anatomically impossible without major surgery, but I guess that's the name of the game for troons.

Is it weird that I find it super satisfying some want to be these fit, toned feminine body types that they can literally never achieve? Even if they got rid of their beer bellies and got fit, they'd look like fit men, never fit women.

Bodies like type K don't come from popping titty skittles, but from being a very specific type of natal woman + working hard on fitness. Good luck getting to your goal skeleton, boys.

No. 1078518

He was already a spectacle before he opened his mouth.

No. 1078531

It’s funny that they’re all heavily pear or hourglass shaped because that’s a shape these men will never be able to achieve. They can wear corsets, get ribs removed, get breast implants and even ass/hip implants but they can never develop the female pelvis shape and tilt required for every single one of these body types.

No. 1078532

In my area even places with signs on the door saying please wear a mask have given up trying to enforce it.

No. 1078534

File: 1604932860368.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1305, Screenshot_2020-11-09-08-25-56…)

I usually don't scream fetish at every troon, but the utter NEED to mention underwear gives it away.

No. 1078542

this transexual is at least putting a large effort into passing. They probably have a stylist but that's a good thing. Do they pass? Depends on who you ask I guess.

No. 1078565

Classic troon tent dress and leggings kek

No. 1078567

Imagine a cis girl posting that caption with normal pics of them fully dressed in their car and at the shops. Like that's an obvious fetish caption accompanied by everyday photos. Make it make sense.

(Oh yeah, because "being a woman" is the fetish for that person)

No. 1078572

Jannies all over this thread huh

No. 1078577

Jessica yanivs long lost twin

No. 1078619

Straight or not, why would anyone admit they decided their gender because they enjoyed a porn genre so much. That shit's embarassing. Is it the autism?

No. 1078623

I care. Also fuck troons and retards that try and push that there is no difference between troons and women.
If there wasn't a difference why are they called "trans" women then? Why do we need to pass laws to have these things in the same room as us? God, these people are delusional.

No. 1078641

I think people itt care kek it’s literally the MtF thread. Thanks for sharing anon, that’s disgusting.

No. 1078672

How the hell is this a "nobody cares" blogpost? It's literally dishing out prototype tranny behavior witnessed in the wild in an appropriate thread and it's an amusing story. Jannies need to fucking grow up.

No. 1078718

Maybe they got kicked out of anon’s discord

No. 1078755

Karens are awful enough but a tranny Karen? I pity the service workers who have to smile and try to reason with these assholes. They aren't paid enough to put up with this entitled man. You would think trannies would like the mask because it covers their man chin and jaw, right?

Blogposting is literally a bannable offense, no one cares about your personal experience. This is /snow/ not /ot/. Some of you are actually retarded.

No. 1078801

File: 1604951082154.jpg (244.79 KB, 940x1261, EmRfd3QUcAAcMx7.jpg)

God I didn't realize this was Josh Lesnick at first lmao. Figures that a failed porn artist
in his 30s-40s, obsessed with lesbians and working a dead end job would troon out.
Here's a summary of the old webcomic drama he was in, that pretty much shot him into irrelevancy. tl;dr, he's just a prick to women: https://thewebcomicsreview.tumblr.com/post/166797471400/so-wait-whats-going-on-with-josh-lesnik-on
I wonder if him trooning out would give him enough points to join the "cool" kids in webcomic circles again, but I doubt he'd see much success when his current art looks like pic rel

No. 1078856

don't know this perv but lmao he calls himself a "transgirl" on his website………. even though he's 43 that's creepy af

No. 1078871

File: 1604956644502.jpg (126.74 KB, 1080x1080, b22ca00d41437aa5908935faa56b81…)

How the fuck do men with the most turbochad features start getting off to sissy shit make it make sense

No. 1078888

it's because they're literally pornsick. they've watched so much porn that the only titillating thing left for them is to be the girl that's been getting railed and dehumanized in the videos they watch.

>trans girl
imagine a 27 year old cis woman of sound mental health describing herself as a girl

>peak mediocre white man syndrome
what i would give to have the confidence of a deluded tranny

No. 1079003

File: 1604971028602.jpg (83.88 KB, 258x2048, R1SNZ9G.jpg)

Sounds exactly like something a real lesbian would write! The ladies must be falling all over themselves to respond to him.

No. 1079078

File: 1604979846759.png (29.86 KB, 128x128, 3442.png)


No. 1079081

in general they didn't, actually. apparently even they have their limits on retardation in this case

No. 1079153

please throw away your life supply of 58 in 1 shampoo dude, your hair looks like shit

No. 1079155

A lot of trannies seem to be running from reality, and if you're really unhappy being a masculine man, maybe it makes sense to you to do a complete 180. But then, transcels are a thing, and they were never the peak of masculinity. So it must just be porn addiction and envy of any positive attention women get. Like they're even inserting themselves into pregnancy discussions now.

No. 1079184

Anybody care to explain how the fuck you can be a lesbian and pansexual? Those things directly contradict each other.

No. 1079252

>pansexual lesbian
men are women, tryhard bisexuals are lesbians, words don’t mean anything
>killed everything but my sex drive
>here to be objectified
go to fetlife and stay there, freak, no one wants to date you.

men posturing as women and blatantly stating that they WANT to be objectified as if that’s something any woman who isn’t a retarded broken coomer would want is so fucking infuriating. they will never understand the femal experience and instead mock and sexualize the worst aspects of it. I genuinely hope they all die from infection post “gender affirmation” surgeries.

No. 1079391

>here to be objectified
No mentally sane person, especially women who have to carry being sexualized all the time, would say something like this

No. 1079408

That chin, lol.

Men are so degenerate, they all think in sex all day long…
It amazes me, because the usual justification they use is that they think that much about sex because of testoterone level, but trans are supposed to be under hormone treatment.

I guess men are degenerate by nature.

No. 1079419


He looks like he's ready to join a rock band in the 70s. I hate these new restrictive gender boundaries where man with long hair = female regardless of how obviously male everything else about him is

No. 1079427

god i legit thought this was noel fielding for a sec

No. 1079474

Was just about to say, anon

No. 1079514

am I the only one who's getting tired of people thinking that because HSRS typically aren't the one acting like pervy gross creeps towards women means that trans is a real thing?

I'm sorry but just because these gay men are not the ones acting gross towards women typically unlike the straight men (AGPs), it doesn't make them any real trans then these AGPs and I get tired of people acting like these gay men are "true trans" when they are just that, GAY MEN. nothing wrong with them wanting to wear makeup or have long hair or wear dresses but that doesn't make them women and if you're gonna criticize the ideology, you need to do ALL of it.(armchair derail)

No. 1079540

HSTS have many AGP tendencies too, just in a different way. They are generally extremely pornsick and hypersexual and many of them get off on 'tricking' men into bedding them. They also get off on replacing, policing, and silencing women, except this time it's because they are legitimately disgusted by our bodies and not sexually attracted to us. Same cake, different frosting.(armchair derail)

No. 1079554

how dare you compare fielding to that… thing

No. 1079583

sorry newfaggotry but what does HSRS stand for?

No. 1079585

samefag again but what about HSTS what does that stand for lmao ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1079595

This anon >>1079514 Anyway I meant "HSTS" and "HSTS" stands for "Homosexual Transsexual". In short, it's just another word for super effeminate gay men who think they are women because they like to be feminine. The other stereotype is that they tend to look better than AGPs since they like femininity but aren't getting off from sexualizing women like the AGP does.

Hm I think you're right. Some of these men are the ones who say that they make for "Better women than CIS women" no? I don't think AGPs say that since most of them are "Transbians" and they don't want to sleep with each other for the obvious fact hat they're straight men.

No. 1079657

File: 1605052703476.jpeg (4.28 KB, 144x144, images (6).jpeg)

caitlyn matusevitz morimesusie ghostkeit europaghost medusamints makes cp, shares cp, pedo apologist, hag + cheater + liar + did I mention hag, constantly complaining about drama they start, nurplee supporter. sick of em https://youtu.be/xgIC1XGfPfc(no your personal army)

No. 1079692

>>> caitlyn matusevitz morimesusie ghostkeit europaghost medusamints makes cp, shares cp, pedo apologist, hag + cheater + liar + did I mention hag, constantly complaining about drama they start, nurplee supporter. sick of em https://youtu.be/xgIC1XGfPfc

You’re calling it a hag but is it even a menrally ill scrote then? Because as great as it is to call out degenerates as you described, this thread is for the male ones pretending to be women.

No. 1079925

Thats not a tranny in the video.

No. 1079977

File: 1605096115152.png (Spoiler Image,480.29 KB, 931x595, 1595395316818.png)

Sissy alert, he's a transbien who talks with this weird "sassy black aunt"voice at times, he looked 10 times better as a man and can easily go back if his dick works, but i guess it's easier to try to get girls as a sissy who thinks he's a woman then an decent looking man.

No. 1080012

File: 1605102820974.jpg (16.82 KB, 250x383, dc0c5bf8665bc5e9158ede1cf0485f…)

henry rollins?! wh- what happened to you, man…

No. 1080261

File: 1605126497329.jpg (58.34 KB, 871x279, Capture5.JPG)

I'm cackling. Imagine getting owned this hard by your phone's autocorrect.

No. 1080268

The absolute privilege of this being a thing that can send you into an emotional tailspin. I cant.

No. 1080273

okay this is my first post so sorry if wrong but this post & the comments are so rapey:

also the op's post history is hilarious. literal last 3 posts:
>my neovagina is falling apart
>how to stealth during sex?
>i feel used and like garbage(imageboard)

No. 1080282

That's how they get themselves killed. They literally put themselves in those situations. Fucking unbelievable.

No. 1080296

This is an imageboard. Post caps

No. 1080299

>I consider myself cis now. I got the voice the boobs snd the cunt, no need anything else.

Yet hes complaining about his one night stand possibly clocking his frankencrotch

No. 1080302

Its such a first world luxury to get this angry over something so trivial. I'm sure we've all been misgendered at least once in our lives and I'm also pretty sure most of us didn't give a shit.

No. 1080310

This fucker has a great thread on kiwi. Payed hot young girls to party with him and act like his friends.

No. 1080332

this is what the ones with dicks think too though, the need for sex overrides all their common sense. Almost like they are men, who have EXTRA entitlement to people's bodies and sex once shown ANY signs of attraction.
I think the neo-vaginers are even worst because they seriously don't give a fuck if a man or woman, sticks or licks their holes without knowing. I remember someone posted a story of a troon not telling a lesbian & the lesbian going, "it's better than the real thing" or some shit. It made me so disgusted and mad.
In a way I think they get off to telling them after to see if they pass or not.
It's fucking sick.
Imagine thinking you are the most vulnerable group of "women" on this planet, yet constantly yourself in danger with men JUST for sex. Sex in a hole they may or may not work. Or a quick fuck in the ass.
Sounds like a man to me. Putting themselves in danger, risking their lives, families, health for sex.
Women are the reason men kill them but I barely if ever see them talk about how not disclosing can get them fucked up without push back from other troons.
Or even them calling out the trans women who expose relationships with men who get killed, they blame that on women or "transphobia". They never speak about how their own actions are risky.
There's enough trans attracted men and women for them NOT to have to do this. So they want to get validated and get off from fucking people who don't know.(no1curr)

No. 1080351

File: 1605135679607.jpeg (138.36 KB, 750x419, E3CFEAD4-DE1F-4F12-89DE-DC832A…)

“Stealth” sex?? The way it’s described on that Reddit post just sounds like either borderline or straight up rape by deception, sure just turn down the lights and don’t tell them anything. Fucking hell

No. 1080354

Samefag, I know you already said it was rapey but I’m just actually in shock at how much they encourage eachother as if it’s some kind of uwu supportive community

No. 1080356

no need to get mad, most of those stories are made up fantasies

No. 1080360

I really hope so… I worry so much for lesbians, especially young ones with the way some of these transcels speak.

No. 1080382

Why do the homosexual ones "pass" better than straight ones? is it because they are used to performing femininity more? I always knew that hulk nikkitutorials was trans just because they acted like a very stereotypical feminized gay male in a way that not even one of those gay male female orbiters do. I had seen previews for the christine mcconnell show on netflix and immediately assumed it was a drag queen or trans. I was surprised that there's no mention of this much anywhere? They seem to be living very stealth. Their wiki makes no mention of them being born male. And there are no articles about how brave and stunning he is. On reddit he denied it when asked. I watched a bit of their youtube and lo and behold, he is in a relationship with a man. Like nikki. I wonder if the dude is also oblivious, like Nikki's boyfriend was?(armchairing)

No. 1080392

Didn't know who this christine was and checked out a video. Yea that's a tranny, weird voice cracks and the face, quite pretty though.

No. 1080404

maybe the dude is a chaser or the person no longer has a dick, has a bf who knows whose okay with it.
I once found out a shady looking person was a trans woman because I looked at the guys facebook and he was dating a drag queen back in the day, even though his obviosuly trans "girlfriend" denied being trans everytime when asked.
Maybe the guy has a history of dating men/drag queens or trans. They usually do.

No. 1080407

homosexual men usually put more effort into their looks then straight men to get male attention, so it'd make sense some of them would put extra effort as trans to get male attention.
All don't pass but they are usually more put together and clean then transbiens who don't even have enough respect for "Women" to even try to look decent or do the bare miniuim.

No. 1080408

File: 1605139331271.jpeg (129.58 KB, 828x608, 5AD8BD17-0221-4948-9C2D-02A586…)

I found this interesting because I remember seeing “her” posts all over reddit. Did some googling and I found a guy who claims his wife knows him IRL. Few more posts in this forum about it https://www.graffes.com/forums/showthread.php?80318-Curious-creations-of-Christine-mcconnel

No. 1080426

Honestly, this is weird because looking at their videos they seem likeable and charming, if they are trans & "hid" it from the public, then…I don't know.
As long as the people he's with knows then it's okay. He's not making a huge deal out of it, seems talented.
However, I feel like somewhere down the line he'll admit it and suddenly won't shut up about it.

No. 1080451

File: 1605141500442.png (208.07 KB, 750x1334, F0BCD414-4DC2-4953-AB69-39635A…)

No. 1080458

I wonder if doctors tell them it's just like the real thing? Like isn't his "Clit' just a tiny piece of his dick head? I can't imagine rubbing a dick head with ur finger as a man is all that pleasurble so why would anyone think it'd be amazing with just a tiny piece?

No. 1080465

File: 1605142439485.jpg (671.3 KB, 2916x2868, okthenbro.jpg)

How is it a secret that this is a guy?

No. 1080467

Yeah people on the farms found some crumbs on him, a yearbook I think, and a mention of him in an obituary for a grandfather. Birth name Mark Christopher Trent, later Evers? (step father's name). Now Christine Mcconnel. This was around the time the terfs got banished from reddit so it's pages and pages of sperging and I can't find the yearbook anymore.

No. 1080474

Who else is uncomfortable with this guy calling his mangled genitalia/dick head a 'clit'? And what's he going to do if he can't get that orgasm he wants?

No. 1080486

I didn't clock her but I knew something was weird about this bitch when i saw her using power tools in her lace cardigan and kitten heels on her show. I was like who wouldn't put on boots to do manual labor??? Probably a troon

No. 1080508

He uncannily looked like a former coworker down to the hairline, wtf. I know it's obviously not him, but I still had to double-check.

No. 1080548

No. 1080574

File: 1605152337483.jpeg (82.55 KB, 750x270, 7AF91A51-F40D-4179-927D-591BCD…)

I would think so, it‘s the same as retail workers being nice when you shop at their shop. It all plays into their delusion that they will be women one day.

Pic related: its disgusting how this is all a huge sexual thing for them, why cant they let themselves heal up properly instead of trying to force an orgasm or ~go and have stealthy sex~

No. 1080613

>chops off his penis
>cries that he can no longer masturbate

No. 1080619

File: 1605156189850.png (51.05 KB, 733x322, 8635132.png)

where you been anon, troons done been calling their dicks clits for years now, both mangled and intact ones

No. 1080648

Regarding that “Bio women have natural dry vaginas sometimes”:
I’ve seen a pattern of trannies trying to convince themselves that because women with vaginal difficulties and defects exists it’s supposed to relieve and solace their tranny “difficulties” concerning their neo vag lul
>Tranny A to Tranny B: Some women have natural dry coochie so it’s fine if you do too >Tranny convo: So many women are infertile and some don’t have uteruses so don’t worry if you can’t achieve your pregnancy fetish dream, the fact that a female somewhere in the world can’t have kids should make you comforted enough right?

Fucking hell it’s annoying to see. Sorry for ESL

No. 1080657

You forgot how they took the “vaginas come in all shapes and sizes!” sentiment to mean that all their puss filled colon constructed ditches are muh valid too

No. 1080667

There is absolutely no evidence McConnell is trans, she used to get shit on by Redditors calling her a tranny/horseface before she stopped posting her content there. Show me some evidence that isn't fucking gossip perpetrated by men. She's been well-known for nearly a decade now, she talks about her family/personal life regularly, she's not hiding anything.

Accusing actual women of being trans just because they're not conventionally pretty is really disappointing to read here.

No. 1080670

File: 1605163373706.png (90.87 KB, 730x737, barf.png)


I know some straight couples like pegging but I will never get over the shamelessness of straight men who think gurls r bully for not wanting to go near their crusty un-wiped asses. Know why men enjoy penetrating? Feels good on their dicks. Oh but lesbians penetrate girls! Yeah. You are not with a lesbian, dude. You are with a straight girl who did not sign up for this.

No. 1080671

File: 1605163458493.jpg (50.68 KB, 486x511, c0c.jpg)

samefag, but "I want us to be this amazing couple" lel

No. 1080674

File: 1605163886385.jpeg (86.34 KB, 252x336, 4F1C2786-1B69-4D74-9B76-9D3E6A…)

No horse face woman in her late 30s has this physique. It would be plausible if she was older or something, but a relatively young woman in her soon to be forties, with no kids I assume wouldn’t look like this. Even androgynous masculine leaning women don’t.

No. 1080677

File: 1605164025075.jpeg (599.99 KB, 1242x1180, 7CC3819C-4CC6-4356-A800-638DA4…)

This is the same line of thinking as
>some rare exceptions to XX/XY exist (ie: intersex)
>therefore biological sex literally does not exist

No. 1080679

“I want us to be an amazing lesbian couple”
For fucks sake, he got into a relationship with a straight woman as a straight man with a penis what fucking lesbianism is there?
Peak mental retardation, guess that comes with being trans kek

No. 1080682

I always knew men didn't believe lesbians were real but I didn't realize they didn't think straight women were real either. I swear to God, they don't think we experience attraction. They just think we prance around like nymphs until we are instructed it is 'time for sex' and then we do our duties. It might be why so many dudes don't realize grooming's important.

They think the only thing women are attracted to is money and personality. I could armchair and say it's because mothers are supposed to love them unconditionally where girls are raised having our appearance scrutinized even by our parents, but I find the whole conversation exhausting tbh.

No. 1080683

this looks like mike pence in a wig

No. 1080686

You hit the nail on the head.
It's only a problem that she doesn't want to do anything other than PIV. There's nothing about him compromising, or realizing that he can't get what he wants sexually from her and they are just incompatible. It's the woman's fault for not wanting to engage in fetish, because she only exists to fulfill his sexual desires.

No. 1080688

What did he expected? So delusional, and I had a good laugh at what his girlfriend told him. Hope she leaves him, it must be pretty boring and exhausting to live with someone like that

No. 1080698

File: 1605167079246.jpg (25.52 KB, 686x400, GDNQ7JE.jpg)

I did a quick search and found the farms post, “Christine” Mcconnell was born Mark Christopher Trent. Anon was also right that his previous last name to Mcconnell was indeed Evers.
I censored the mom’s maiden name in picrel, and it does match up with what was the family name on his grandfather’s obituary, and the details there also matched what was publicly on her facebook. The same name, birthday, and general details gathered from his birth record also match up with everything on her facebook.

He may resemble his mother, but it’s certainly not enough to pass let alone with his other obvious tells. He went to San Gorgonio HS during the end of the 90s and started trooning out at least by the mid 00s, so he’s had a lot of time to not broadcast his pre-transitional life online like most trannies featured itt.

No. 1080705

I'm going to leave this alone cause if she is a troon, she's not an annoying ass troon & is just living life.
If she's a woman? It's kind of fucked up. Thats just me though.

No. 1080706

troon fucks up his dick 10 years in and gets mad at his girlfriend and i bet they all blamed HER.
I hope she leaves his ass, if this is real it's disgusting.

No. 1080707

File: 1605168574418.png (4.4 MB, 1800x1800, 97ED3F8F-D839-4A13-9D94-904E19…)

>I feel like I killed our relationship
He did, and I’m glad he feels like shit about it. So selfish.
Yeah, looking at pictures of him, this is definitely a guy. Imagine these pictures without the makeup and long hair. If you look at his youtube videos (heres one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=IlaqGtqZTO0), he has the same bass in his voice that Blaire White has. He has the classic HSTS voice, imo.

No. 1080729

They can call it whatever they want, it won't make them cum

No. 1080730

>on her show

because it’s a tv show, anon. she also didn’t have a rusk muppets helping her make stuff. it’s pretend.

No. 1080732

File: 1605172317990.jpeg (494.18 KB, 874x843, 5CBEDE36-E4CC-46BC-8D28-FABE8E…)

No. 1080736

what do we gain by accusing random people of being trans? until they are out just leave it be. they mind their business and aren’t involved in any trans activism

No. 1080740

sage for science sperg.

Their whole “intersex” argument doesn’t even make any sense because people with chromosomes like that are STILL male or female.

XXYY for example are MALE:

> XXYY syndrome is a sex chromosome anomaly in which males have an extra X and Y chromosome. Human cells usually contain two sex chromosomes, one from the mother and one from the father. Usually, females have two X chromosomes (XX) and males have one X and one Y chromosome (XY). The appearance of at least one Y chromosome with a properly functioning SRY gene makes a male. Therefore, humans with XXYY are genotypically male. Males with XXYY syndrome have 48 chromosomes instead of the typical 46.

And usually these chromosomal abnormality don’t even result in messed up genitals or anything, because they’re still male or female. They often only affect things like facial features, height, hearing, sometimes intelligence. There might be symptoms such as low testosterone or undescended testes or infertility. But they aren’t like literal hermaphrodites or whatever trans people are trying to make them out to be. I feel like so many people have been misled about this whole intersex argument thing and literally believe now that intersex people with xxyy or xxx or whatever chromosomes are out there with like full on both vaginas and penises or some weird alien genitalia. That’s not the case. Most have normal fertility and genitals that suit their biological sex.

There is one condition in humans which causes individuals to be born with ovarian and testicular tissue but it’s extremely rare that both the ovarian and testicular tissue are functioning. Usually only the ovarian tissue is functional, not the testes, and it occurs in literally 0.0012% of births with only a few hundred known cases in the world. I’m sure most people would be willing to make adjustments for the rare individuals with conditions like this but that’s literally not the case for people who just have multiple Y chromosomes or too many X’s or just have “gender identities” or whatever.(medfagging)

No. 1080741

Kek you’re on a pretty much Terf thread and you’re concerned about anons protecting the identity of a TIM, who fucking cares only you do aren’t u tired.

No. 1080760

File: 1605175277621.jpg (1.38 MB, 1242x1881, IMG_1785.jpg)

Anon is right about his previous last name being Evers. In this IG post from 2012 (which is also an obvious creepy bodycheck), he tags his brother, whose name is indeed Evers.

I'm surprised I never clocked him. I think his anachan body, fake tits, use of corsets, and Spoopy Stepford Wife styling do a pretty decent job of feminizing him. But once you know what to look for there are certain tells. Aside fromthe masculine face (which can happen to natal women, so i mostly excused that), he has large feet and hands, very narrow hips and nonexistant butt, and while he has pretty narrow shoulders he has straight-across collarbones that are indicitive of a male skeleton. I learned this from an anatomy teacher when I was in art uni - women typically have collarbones that curve slightly downwards, whereas men's sit straight across. If you're having trouble clocking someone, that's a pretty good way to tell.

No. 1080761

File: 1605175417364.jpg (548.35 KB, 1242x1403, IMG_1784.jpg)

Samefag but this picture pretty much confirms troonery for me.

No. 1080764

File: 1605176182793.jpeg (611.85 KB, 2048x2048, 4AA1AED2-63EF-4D87-8C39-CB62DE…)

I can’t even get on a WLW dating app without being bombarded by these abominations. Not a single one of them looks like they don’t jerk off to their own cross dressing ass in the mirror. The last one got me cackling because the level of photoshop he utilises is beyond delusional.

No. 1080766

If you're going to live as a woman, invest in a fucking human hair wig, goddamn. They're so fucking lazy. They'll spend money on hormones and botched boob jobs but won't pay $500 for a decent quality wig?

No. 1080767

idk how anyone can look at this guys face and think this could possibly be a woman. I clocked this tranny when they first popped up all over reddit and imgur. Very talented baker with good taste and I like the stepford aesthetic cause I think it works for him, but it's an obvious LARP of "hyper-performing femininity" to make up for his dick. And he comes off very much as "Why can't you real ladies keep up with me? I life a picture perfect life!" well… try birthing a child.

No. 1080770

Myka, 38 looks like two different people kek learn to keep your shops consistent, that's just lazy

No. 1080771

File: 1605176520368.jpg (73.2 KB, 600x594, cher.jpg)

Women with masculine faces exist…his face reminds me a bit of Cher who is definitely a woman, but has a deep voice and a masculine face. But given all the other evidence…yeah, it's a man, baby

No. 1080775

I appreciate you repping those women but his head shape/size, brow, nose, & jaw are way more masculine than hers and therefore clockable. comparing them is an insult to cher tbh

No. 1080777

I was arguing with a troon and he was saying that “male and female” do not exist, only “clusters” of people with the same characteristics. He kept saying that because of intersex people, there is no “universal trait” that makes women female. Like it seriously felt so hopeless arguing with this person that was straight up denying sexual dimorphism because of the existence extremely rare intersex disorders. What do you even say to these people? Genuinely.(blogging)

No. 1080778

The reason sex is so important is reproduction. Afaik biologists determine it that way like in animals. The way that sex cells interact in reproduction, you need a male and female, that is the proof of 2 sexes. I'm not phrasing it the best but I hope you get the idea.

No. 1080783

There's no point in trying to argue with someone who's completely out of touch with reality. Spare the headache, anon.

No. 1080784

Looks like they shopped his head onto a woman's body.
How old is this picture? Because they look very flatchested

No. 1080785

damn i didn't mean Cher, I meant- >>1080761

No. 1080786

File: 1605178106988.png (272.03 KB, 388x628, cher.png)

Cher trannified herself with plastic surgery. She had a very feminine face before.

Sarah Jessica Parker would be a better example. She is a real woman but she has a very unfortunate horseface. Mostly cause she is super jewish and ana-chan tho.

No. 1080792

File: 1605179346530.jpeg (715.2 KB, 2560x1920, 2D669FB8-EB4C-4AA0-8937-753A56…)

Here's a comparison with Sarah Jessica Parker. I don't know what it is about men's face shapes but you can still tell which one is a man.

No. 1080793

around this time last year. His breasts are hidden behind his hand placement in the screen cap.
It wasn’t really a random, baseless accusation in the end though. He’s a literal HSTS and this is an mtf thread, anon.

No. 1080795

File: 1605179567442.png (787.45 KB, 752x448, Bez tytułu.png)

women don't have fucking v lines bruh

No. 1080803

File: 1605180310864.jpeg (44.21 KB, 554x554, images (5).jpeg)

This picture convinced me that she's a troon. I have irl feminine troon friends (that try hard to pass) and their legs always look exactly like that in skinny jeans, I can't explain why. That and the fact that there are no pictures of her with light or no make-up. Even the most horsefaced and manfaced women like SJP have pictures of them w/o makeup where it's obvious they're a woman.

No. 1080813

File: 1605181231974.jpeg (294.23 KB, 664x813, 9597FC19-7915-4D1B-ACFB-996C49…)

I'm >>1080792 and decided to share,
An earlier anon mentioned art class teaching them about male/female clavicles. It's not a medical textbook, but here's an excerpt from an art book about faces. It probably accounts for the pictured differences.
Honestly anons, if you want to go hard at knowing what specifically is different in what you see, and already own art books, look there. This is what pic related is from, warning it has pictures of naked people lol: http://online.fliphtml5.com/eegq/hsya The text is Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist and on page 224 (pg 234 in the link) sex differences are discussed.
Just thought it might be interesting and helpful for this thread. Some of what we notice visually but can't put words to is in there, and stuff anons have already said. iirc somewhere in the text it even addresses belly buttons, which obviously isn't enough on its own but it's very interesting. You see it laid out how sexual dimorphism presents, it's rather intriguing to me.(stop derailing)

No. 1080814

is this Nikita or Eden? I'm guessing Eden because it looks like a little boy in drag instead of a older drag queen.
crazy how his stomach so manly, all that work and he only looks passing at glance, i can only imagine how odd he looks in real life.
It's kind of funny how Eden is always the ones redditers pull up to say, "See? I'd date a trans woman like this!"
Did Eden get the snip? Last I checked he had a obviously gay boyfriend who looked like more of a bottom then eden.

No. 1080816

Some do, fatty chan

No. 1080818

I’m an expert at clocking troons at this point.

No. 1080820

File: 1605182006012.png (756.99 KB, 1144x634, fdgffdfd.png)

you mean the ones that take testosterone?

No. 1080823

File: 1605182191365.jpg (647.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201112-115525_Goo…)

No, I mean the ones below 20% bf. reeee real women are curvy reeee
Inb4 ana chan.

No. 1080825

File: 1605182211098.jpeg (45.44 KB, 500x701, EB584249-3304-4C9C-99F1-53B5EF…)

nta but athletic women can develop v-lines. It's about genetics. I bet they don't form/look the same exact way as men's though

No. 1080829

File: 1605182694694.jpg (482.32 KB, 1080x2220, 20201112_052622.jpg)

The troon that can't dress himself and washes his hair with ass & shoulders is now complaining that he no longer has access to his ex wife's clothes!

Is that properly in the "not a blog" format mod? Didn't realize that talking about personal troons was against the rules ffs

No. 1080831

File: 1605183048043.png (165.8 KB, 412x450, 46851672.jpg.png)

im not talking about weight dumdum, but about the way women and man have different anatomy and muscle placement.you are saying people are build the same exept some have vag and boobs and some have donger? you good??

No. 1080832

File: 1605183414843.gif (1.81 MB, 410x230, 570.gif)

Late, but some of these actually made me gag. What kind of turbo-virgin, hyper-misogynist would someone have to be to find this arousing?

No. 1080834

Well obviously but he physically builds furniture on the show and just, wouldn't wear safety gear or anything remotely practical for those bits. Just the same tiny heels with sawdust falling onto them. It threw me off because I don't know a single female fabricator who wouldn't wear work appropriate clothes when it matters? I know that's hella specific but that one detail tipped me off that something was Very Wrong Here lol

No. 1080836

It's the super prominent brow line I think

No. 1080846

> When J took their stuff and bailed

They're acting like their wife left them out of spite, just to take away the girly things. Ugh.

No. 1080922

NTA but men and women literally have the same abdominal and hip muscles they are just different sizes and have different fat distribution.
The only muscle variation would be the internal muscles and ligaments holding your reproductive organs in place.

No. 1081005

>different anatomy and muscle placement
Yes human beings all have the same muscles in the same place, obviously individuals vary in proportion, but it's not like women don't have the same muscles men do. People have different size noses but they're always underneath your eyes.

No. 1081050

File: 1605210856438.jpg (207.49 KB, 1057x700, 2fsj37j273148.jpg)

Troons are always begging everyone to pay for their shit, do they think that now that they are "girls" everyone will want to spoil them

No. 1081057

The huge manhands, jaw, upper body shape and height are a pretty dead giveaway.

Wait, isn't this just explaining why the tweet is scientifically wrong in a pretty informative way instead of "medfagging" which is usually in the context of overanalyzing cow behavior? The janny monitoring this thread needs to learn some reading comprehension.

No. 1081062

I hate the way that it's become so acceptable to beg for money online.

No. 1081085

Yeah we can't get healthcare during the pandemic but we'll buy you fucking videogames. Sure.

No. 1081102

File: 1605217530267.png (1.05 MB, 1312x1156, am lady bcos cry.png)

>I know what it means to be a woman
>because I'm irrational, overemotional, and cry over stupid shit

No. 1081107

>men: “Women are so irrational!”
>puts on wig, behaves irrationally

No. 1081127

I guess that means I'm actually a man, should i open a gofundme to transtion?

No. 1081145

This post made me snort because it's way too accurate.
>"Oh, you mean women can't be rapists or pedophiles? Well you'll change your mind when my black market estrogen comes in the mail!"

No. 1081146

I hate how men have convinced women that we're the weak, irrational, more emotional sex. Biggest fucking lie of all time.

No. 1081187

File: 1605227284730.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1240x912, 52C8CB75-B137-4A12-9F9A-4F5326…)

Not to derail but, here’s Christine age 38 and Sarah in her early 40s.
You can easily tell who’s a female and who’s not. Even butch lesbians still have traces of femininity in their face lel

No. 1081195

Just realized this
and this
are the same person
>curled up and cried uwu my delicate feminine feelings

No. 1081274

On the Netflix production, yeah. She does episodes herself now on youtube and Patreon and she wears the correct PPE lol don't worry.

No. 1081340

File: 1605245416763.png (108.52 KB, 1439x371, Capture _2020-11-13-00-24-54.p…)

I am just. So tired.

No. 1081341

Leave pokimane alone

No. 1081470

I love the low effort they put in to look feminine. Greasy unruly hair, chipped nail polish, chest hair, 2$ granny clothes from a thrift store.

No. 1081479

How does that even work? Do they have a neovag? Is the strap positioned over their dead dick? I think they just say shit bc they never have sex

No. 1081484


sage for blog kinda, but there’s this transbian in my city that posted a pic of himself wearing a strap on on his Instagram. He always talks about how his dick shrank and his ego got bigger so i don’t know.

No. 1081485

LMAO anon

No. 1081487


lmfaoooo anon - I knew that hair was bugging me

No. 1081528

>I cut my dick off and now my dick doesn't work, please help

No. 1081533

I sympathized with him until he got to the second paragraph. Switching genders in a ltr and expecting your partner to deal with it is an asshole move

No. 1081548

File: 1605285745384.gif (270.54 KB, 357x200, so sad.gif)

No. 1081549

>I sympathized with him until he got to the second paragraph.

No. 1081668

File: 1605297379888.jpeg (350.93 KB, 750x928, F813A452-5619-42B1-B702-F771E1…)

No. 1081672

Sorry 'm no native speaker but isn't kink just another word for fetish????

No. 1081676

No. 1081677

Wow this meme is very invalidating and transmisogynist and could murder a lot of transwimmims….

No. 1081714

File: 1605303162058.jpg (23.43 KB, 512x260, FB_IMG_1605193024260.jpg)

saw this meme and thought I would share it here since it's such a cope kek

No. 1081718

I mean, let them have the 4chan incels who jerk off to futa hentai and femboys all day. No loss to womankind, in fact you are doing us a favor.

No. 1081723

These memes are so funny because none of them look like that kek. The obsession with looking like anime girls or even anime traps escapes me because they don't even practice hygiene, much less the grooming that goes into looking cute.

No. 1081730

File: 1605304291733.jpg (114.96 KB, 768x768, nuqm3b0lck041.jpg)

From the disgusting Reddit tranny files, this elegant older woman slithered out of her cocoon to say "That smell on your fingers after giving that kitty a good friggin. The fact that smell is coming from you is a total turn on. Before transition you could never imagine that sweet smell coming from between your own legs. That smell of pussy in heat coming from your core is a sweet reminder that your dream did come true!"

No. 1081732

File: 1605304336585.jpeg (342.51 KB, 750x871, 4F3E5846-CDD4-4234-AC23-B312B0…)

Straight Pride Flag

No. 1081734

As if losing a closeted gay man is a loss. Bye, Phil-icia. They really use the dumbest copes.

No. 1081735

Isn't it usually the troon feeling dysphoric and uncomfortable with the dick? This just reads as them not giving a fuck, still had sex muh kinkkk. These are hilariously dumb.

No. 1081736

File: 1605304978936.png (83 KB, 720x533, Screenshot_20201113-165630~2.p…)

I thought this juxtaposition was funny

No. 1081737

File: 1605305007714.png (166.1 KB, 584x260, fixed.png)

I fixed it

No. 1081738


No. 1081739

For real, if the only difference between them and natal women was genitalia I'd get it, but they are all clockable. If some fetishist or closet gay dude wants to go with a troon instead of a normal woman, no great loss. Don't these incels believe its incredibly easy for women to get men anyway? So why would we care?

No. 1081742

They see sex as a competition like most men do, the more sex you have the more successful you are. Except instead of bragging about the amount of girls they fucked, they want to brag about the amount of guys they got to fuck them. To them, a cis woman having sex with one less man because he's busy fucking a troon mean she is definitionally failing to them.

No. 1081755

This makes me MOTI honestly. Why do troons always have to be the most degenerate about sex. Its like trooning out goes hand in hand with starting your 18+ NSFW twitter. Its vile how they think becoming a woman means immediately opening yourself to being objectified by the lowest tier of coomers. God forbid you don't think some dirty cat ear wearing freak spreading their crusty asshole is empowering and beautiful. FtMs are just as bad imo but in a different way. It always seems like they have too much sexual frustration built up and they have no idea what to do with it so they become sex obsessed freaks too but instead of pathetic whiney scrotes theyre angry and fucking bitter. I'd like to see one troon MtF or FtM not have a twitter dedicated to their depravity and telling the world how horny they are.

For a movement that claims sex/gender/genitals don't matter they sure are fucking obsessed with sex and their genitals. Im tired of being polite to people who say shit like "my smell is sweet" or "im wearing cute undies" like gtfo no woman talks like that to her fucking friends.

No. 1081780

No. 1081781

I'm just remembering that time Laverne Cox said it's (black) women's responsibility to tell their men it's okay to fuck trannies, and that many men lie about it because they know most actual straight women aren't attracted to tranny chasers.
They want to compete with women so bad, and it makes them very angry that they're unable to because their whole thing is completely offputting to non-coomers. Sorry straight women don't want dick that's been in male asshole, or to fuck someone who's had a dick in his ass. Tough.

No. 1081799

Do they not know that what they are saying is, "Hey let men know they are still straight, so when they fuck with us, when they are through they know they'll still have a chance with actual women!"

So they not only don't expect the relationship to last, but they care about their men being seen as attractive to "cis" women, even if it means their men are saying they don't want to be seen as gay/bisexual because they want to be with women.

No. 1081808

like they bounce around the fact that a lot of trans attracted men don't truly feels straight because they want trans women with dick. They don't want to admit the issue isn't transphobia it's interenlized homophobia.
The man knows it's gay sex/relations, and thats why they hide it.
They want to be with women but they don't want women to think they are bisexual even if they KNOW they are.
If anything trying to normalize bisexual men being open would help troons a lot more then trying to convince women and men that it's "straight".
Men lash out because it's gay, they kill and hide them because they don't want their gay secret fetish out there.
Trans women know this, which is why so many of them expose men when they make them upset.
They expose them for gay sex. Laverene's old boyfriend was a white obviously gay dude, who was very insecure, I remember seeing a insta post of him talking about how straight he was.
Us accepting trans attracted men won't make it better for trans women because trans attracted men need to accept themselves first.

if they cared so much about what we thought, they would act better in so many situations but they don't. This is a trans women & chaser issue.(samefagging to armchair)

No. 1081824

This. Considering the type of people chasers are it's just a blessing to have them leave women alone. Not to even mention the lesbians who would be blessed to have troons off their case. For incels the turn on of this grandiose power fantasy is to imagine stacey grovel at his feet begging him to take her back over the slutty catgirl tranny who magically looks just like a woman but dedicates his life to pleasing men. It's just like the MRAs who can't shut up about muh realistic sex robots and how women will be rendered useless after them and it's like, that's great news, please do remove yourself from the gene pool and stop abusing real people.


No. 1081831

File: 1605311803697.jpeg (239.81 KB, 750x681, 92214893-A99B-40E4-8E65-08001E…)


No. 1081845

i think that particular troon does in fact have a neovag. which is even funnier, imo.

No. 1081893

File: 1605317655785.gif (928.43 KB, 352x498, kuroo.gif)

Jesus christ, anon.

No. 1081955

I dunno anon, this definitely looks and sounds like a lily to me

No. 1082080

File: 1605344056947.png (60.29 KB, 843x824, y3QqF5iYDVo.png)

Massive cope.

No. 1082087

File: 1605346571481.jpeg (450.25 KB, 2048x2048, FA1F8DB8-960E-4547-8A50-B525C2…)

Troon brags about dialating DURING a work zoom call, this somehow got a “wholesome” reddit award.

Also talks about how he scrapes lube off his dialators and keeps it in his wound to “reuse it” later (I’m gagging)

And apparently discussed some sort of “vaginal discharge transplant” with one of his friends so he could get the proper “vaginal flora”

He also has several graphic, disgusting srs post op recovery photos on his account at various stages of healing so be cautious if you visit his profile. I’ll link it.


No. 1082092

All the fucking time,they can never be bothered to pick another name. That courier deserves a medal.

No. 1082099

Personally I dont care much about christine. She's got nice taste and she doesn't live her life playing out a fetish. She acts like a normal functioning member of society so I respect that. I more so care about "Iwannabeananimegirl" incel twitter troons than anything.

No. 1082101

I'd think a natural vagina would have a lower pH than an inside-out dick with intestine spliced in, but I guess if you're hurting so bad for cash you have to reuse lube, go ahead and brew up a case of bacterial vaginosis. For science.

No. 1082112

File: 1605354310822.jpeg (1.26 MB, 3464x3464, 2FC83955-22A9-475C-A093-75ABA1…)

This Troon I know shared this on Facebook yet looks like this and literally is always complaining about being single ps they’re 20 but look 45

No. 1082113

It’s always Lily, Luna or Sarah and Jasmine , sorry hun but a fem name isn’t going to make you a woman

No. 1082128

File: 1605358686127.jpeg (321.1 KB, 1242x839, 6839F060-26EE-4A29-B4A0-B9A809…)


No. 1082135

You don't think larping as a 50s housewife is his fetish? He does lingerie shoots.

It is more tasteful than what most troons do, I'll give him that. It's probably because he's a gay man and not a transbian, so he's good with make-up and arts and crafts and has a nice aesthetic.

But a grown man playing stepford wife and making it seem like the perfect woman spends her days decorating cakes in high heels is pretty cringe to me.

No. 1082136

So he got treated as a disposable object by a man and didn't have any of his needs in bed taken care of? That's the real female experience there, that should feel gender affirmative and positively euphoric!

No. 1082142

>he finished in 6 minutes
Welcome to the female world kek. Be validated

No. 1082156

>want to larp as a woman
>get treated like a woman

rofl men are idiots. And this is why we need feminism.

No. 1082158

I agree, unironically. T shouldnt be in LGB and should have their own community. Bye trannies

No. 1082161

The most gender euphoria he must have ever felt

No. 1082162

No. 1082163

Interestingly what they call 'Stealthing' is a crime: 'Rape by deception' in the UK and a woman was convicted of it (somehow tricked another woman that she was a man for quite some time)

There's a deleted comment in that thread which is probably about this.

No. 1082188

God, I can't believe this dude is just 20.

No. 1082353

Shouldn't that make him feel validated? That's the only female experience he'll ever "have" so, I don't get why whining about it!

No. 1082393

How is this mf "clenching" an inside-out penis? There aren't muscles in there like a real vagina has.

No. 1082401

Surely nothing a little spinny skirt therapy can’t remedy!

No. 1082407

File: 1605395650182.jpeg (261.47 KB, 750x687, 9EB7E436-8EC9-4D80-A819-4D9BCB…)

Imagine being this upset over a fucking video game ( and a call of duty one at that)

No. 1082432

I love how they would show any kind of respect to a war criminal but "all terfs should choke uwu"

No. 1082772

File: 1605427503539.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x1658, 6475DC06-A388-44E5-8768-8D9F07…)

This one follows me on IG. Dresses like an 8 year old girl and is always posing in these super weird ways. Why are they all like this?

No. 1082785

yall need to chill honestly. i had an english teacher in high school who looked a lot like this person. whoever she is. and she was def a woman.

No. 1082793

File: 1605433458163.jpg (76.17 KB, 800x450, 1524114694302.jpg)

Dat 'tism stare, fucking hell, no amount of shooping and make-up can remove it.

No. 1082804

It's been proven to be a troon, anon. >>1080698

No. 1082830

File: 1605442581664.png (693.55 KB, 748x1378, jz91rmUQlmg.png)

So not even going to put any effort in it ?

No. 1082835

File: 1605443478282.jpeg (42.91 KB, 360x450, 35D1B83D-0EB9-420F-9EF8-633359…)

No. 1082838

i love it when the effort trannies get mad at the lazy trannies. They hate that the lazy trannies out them for just being men underneath all their "effort" kek

No. 1082840

I agree with you but I also feel like the high effort trannies have a point lmfao

No. 1082864

woah thank you yes he is a trans woman not a woman, so nice of him to make a clear separation

No. 1082881

a high effort troon is no less of a dude than >>1082830

No. 1082884

File: 1605450392699.jpeg (362.64 KB, 572x889, 1AF5A688-E2EC-48DD-81F5-DCF316…)

This shit comes off as so creepy to me

No. 1082885

bump since i forgot

No. 1082892

I bet Lizzy here looks just like this anime girl irl.

No. 1082897

lawd that's a cubicle, he's at work doing that shit lmao

No. 1082901

File: 1605451982655.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.45 KB, 782x778, photo_2020-11-15_15-44-09.jpg)

somebody sent me this and I wanted to share!

spoiler because mildly gross

No. 1082914

wtf is wrong with his lips

No. 1082915

I hate that I like the aesthetic/outfit, definitely still a man but coordinated at least.
>Visibly transgender
This dude might be taking the piss out of trannies, but the possibility that he isn’t goes to show how pathetic these men are kek

No. 1082948

trannies with money often go for the botched lip filler look

No. 1082966

File: 1605461787016.png (224.08 KB, 521x937, EF8E9C23-53FE-44FC-BFC3-BA4A84…)

ring ring it’s for you anon

No. 1083007

File: 1605468710154.png (51.61 KB, 746x433, true and honest woman.png)

Biowomen: "Making armor look like boobs on women to keep your male audiences' dicks hard is sexist and frankly unrealistic"
Totally not a fetish.

No. 1083008

File: 1605468858450.png (Spoiler Image,96.34 KB, 434x462, true honest woman body.png)

Checking the TIM's twitter and seeing his nudes… sure Jan, you totally wouldn't fit under a male kevlar vest because your body is just so feminine and your tits are just so unbelievably massive.

No. 1083011

Ugh the word “tiddies” makes me want to hurl. I viscerally hate these fucking people and the threat they pose to womanhood.

Delusional, dangerous, SJW-enabled freaks. Every last one of them.

This is PP anon from a couple threads ago. Just got word through the grapevine that parents have voiced some concerns with the MtF “counselor” because he’s been going on outings with some of his underage patients and befriending (read: grooming) them on social media.

No. 1083015

Shit like this is how you know it's a fetish. No protective gear or armour made for women looks like tits because that's actually massively impractical (it's hard enough to find bras that fit correctly for most women, but this guy thinks moulded boob-armour will work?) and only serves to be provocative and not actually protect.

He has nothing there that a chubby man wouldn't have, what the fuck is this. Also love that they're all about the /tiddies/ because they think they have em but they never ask for stuff to accommodate women's hips because they know they'll never achieve those.

No. 1083019

How can they go after each other for not putting in enough effort? Hey, now you know how women feel when you think you can just be one of us and enter our spaces because you got a makeover. This is how it feels when people decide that your womanhood is nothing more than a title they can take.

No. 1083039

i hate seeing people on twitter ragging on a racist and making fun of their appearance and shit but also saying "guys!! their pronouns are they/them!!! so call them fat and ugly all that u want but dont misgender <3"

No. 1083086

File: 1605475686281.png (229.08 KB, 1080x970, Screenshot_20201115-161833~2.p…)

God I can't wait for the day this guy gets his dick chopped off, he's in for a rude awakening. I think troons should be shown some pics of neovagina disasters before the big operation, it would make them reconsider their choices.

No. 1083110

This guy is a massive lolcow. Can't wait til he chops off his dick too.

No. 1083115

File: 1605477352132.png (5.9 MB, 1596x1971, terf.png)

Posts like these are so bad they're end up funny

No. 1083122

Wait, what’s going on? By PP do you mean planned parenthood? Befriending your young patients is so not ok..I feel so awful for these poor girls

No. 1083132

I’ll be sharing this with my fellow terf friend thank you, kek.

No. 1083135

PP means pinkpill

No. 1083151

I wanna go lurk, i need a name

No. 1083154

yes but it's sort of like a cosplayer that makes an effort vs a costhot that puts on a ratty wig and a random bikini and believes that's it. Neither of them actually is the character, but one at least tries.

No. 1083155

No it is planned parenthood, someone in these threads posted the troon who is now a counselor in one for tranny youth.

No. 1083203

holy fuck, trannies are retarded. how stupid do you have to be to get your dick chopped off if you're not even into anal? if you don't like being penetrated why would adding another hole help? how would dilating a neovagina, a wound, be easier than anal?

No. 1083239

File: 1605481964539.jpeg (80.89 KB, 640x354, 45BED60C-DC0C-4E3F-B3F9-8F5B38…)

I’m glad that parents are complaining and hope that pedophile gets to be the girlfriend he wants to be so bad in jail. Fucking disgusting. It’s crazy how they are ALL like this.

No. 1083244

File: 1605482069652.png (685.96 KB, 1234x552, 1605476490486.png)

We should lock them in a cage at this point, they're a fucking danger to children.

No. 1083251

>putting things up my ass hurts and I don't enjoy pain so I'll have a hole cut in my crotch

No. 1083252


Typical goblin behavior, from the looks to stealing children.

No. 1083411

That's Beans from Even Stevens.

No. 1083556

JFC. Why is this so fucking common. The trans woman in my life came out and then immediately started grooming young ftms. And in ways that were so weird and mentor-y like your mtf–"trans help" that went way too fast and close and weird.

This is the mtf that was creepy in the women's locker room, right? Christ, obviously this is isn't surprising but what a trainwreck. Hang in there anon.

No. 1083589

Yep! That’s the one I talked about previously. Fortunately I left PP many months ago and am now self employed. Used to so strongly and staunchly support them, too. It’s criminal the way they are embracing these fucking men

No. 1083593

File: 1605506736007.jpeg (206.41 KB, 750x905, 9B60757C-5FBF-42BF-917C-CF8CC4…)

>claims to have “female sex characteristics” and wonders why they’re considered male
>literally still has a dick and balls.

No. 1083600

File: 1605509129848.png (1.16 MB, 1592x1252, terf-nazi-abuse-Screen-Shot-20…)

I never hear of any terfs saying they literally want death to a random tranny, it's interesting how the trannies actually do death threats to the evil terfs.

No. 1083602

can't wait for him to get prostate cancer…

for centuries doctor treated women just as 'smaller and lighter' men and guess what, it didn't work out, because there are much more medical differences between the sexes…

No. 1083618

Is this the kind of tranny who will take up a spot at the gynocologist to get a "papsmear" to feel validated? "I mean I am basically a woman… what if I get cervical cancer in my neohole?! I just recently had a vaginal flora transplant and I think my body now KNOWS I am a woman and is growing ovaries!"

No. 1083622

>Why, then, am I “medically” a male?

Uh, could have something to do with all the MEDICAL intervention you need to imitate our natural state and how you are dependent on it for the rest of your life in order to keep up the illusion?

No. 1083623

File: 1605514846006.png (928.81 KB, 640x1167, delusions.png)

The absolute level of delusion

No. 1083625


Trannies: All that matters is that I KNOW what I am! You cannot tell me I am NOT a biological woman indistinguishable from cis women.

Also trannies when Siri uses male pronouns: I’m going to kill myself and everyone around me

No. 1083626

File: 1605515281933.jpeg (Spoiler Image,413.18 KB, 2048x2048, DBED5DF5-432D-451A-8826-66BEBD…)

He doesn’t even have a neovag. This is him (>>1083593) (warning literally a pic of his dick)

So I have literally no idea why he thinks he’s exactly the same as a woman except his ChRoMoSoMeS.

People in the replies were recommending he change his sex marker on his ID and everything like wtf.. Please tell me there’s AT LEAST some kind of law against being able to do that when you still literally have a full penis and balls. Please don’t let random innocent female medical staff or security workers have to pat him down or give him “womanly exams” or whatever.


Exactly. Even if you want to play dress up it’s just delusional to think that somehow exempts you from needing male medical treatment and your medications and everything to be tailored for your sex. Isn’t it even a thing that blood transfusions should be from somebody of your same sex? Like it’s not even meant to be “bigoted” they’re literally just trying to give you the best treatment.

No. 1083634

sage for off topic, while its technically true that modern birds share common ancestors they were already of millions of years far removed when the Dinosaurs were still thriving, it would be like if Bats were the only Mammals that would survive some global extinction level event and they would be the only living physical reference for all Mammals

No. 1083640

It’s because transgenderism is literally a cult. Anyone who disagrees with their ill-founded dogma is open to death threats, rape threats, and sexual harrassment. I’ve only seen a couple trannies, like Blair White, speak out against it. That’s why the trans cult hates Blair. It’s infuriating how actual organizations and millions of people are either brainwashed or coerced to agree with it.

No. 1083655

The real cope in these types of troon comics is having terfs ask TiM's upfront if they're trans. Most terfs (and people in general for that matter) can clock men in dresses no problem, especially if they open their mouths.

No. 1083667

>while its technically true that modern birds share common ancestors they were already of millions of years far removed when the Dinosaurs were still thriving
Thing is it completely doesn't make sense to compare billions of years of evolution to gender identity like the comic tries to do.
Also kek at the trans girl drawn with cis girl proportions perpetuating the lie of "if you troon out you will look just like the cis!!!1 <3"

No. 1083669

>I need invasive surgeries and synthetic medication to reach the stage I'm at now and even then can't grow ovaries or a womb, what about that makes me "not a biological woman"???
It just goes off to show you how much these people think being woman is just spinny skirts, makeup and long hair.

No. 1083674

>he’s been going on outings with some of his underage patients and befriending (read: grooming) them on social media.
Every fucking time. Watch him claim that it's "for gender validation because he never got to experience sexy pajama parties as a little girl".

A ton of detrans FTMs have spoken up about creepy middle aged MTFs grooming them in youth trans groups. It's such a well known issue yet nobody is doing anything about it out of fear of being cancelled for "transphobia".

No. 1083698

Why are the evil terfs always depicted as women? I'm sure the male terfs have worse opinions and would even wish rape and genocide on most of them?

No. 1083703

File: 1605533410924.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x1852, 20201116_152858.jpg)

twitter timmies get it

No. 1083704

>shit that would never happen
Why do they fantasize about women being mean to them so much?
If anything, the dangerhair character would see the woman is wearing an "adult human female" shirt and harass her in typical male fashion.
Also, birds aren't trans-dino. They don't have to "identify" as anything, take HRT to treat avian dysphoria, "come out" as actually being dinosaurs or threaten to pull out all their feathers and/or commit suicide if other animals don't call them dinosaurs, lmao. It's basically just what they are in a roundabout biological (not psychological lmao) sense, even if their appearance may not make it immediately obvious. They also don't really give a fuck about it, they just get on with their lives.
Very different from trannies, it's almost offensive to compare the two.

No. 1083705

File: 1605533955673.jpeg (391.06 KB, 750x1074, 640A0682-74D6-44C2-BEB6-D50DE0…)

No. 1083710

I'll make it easier to digest: Transition into something you're sexually attracted to.
These men that want to become tomboys do that because they find tomboys hot.

No. 1083711

At this point just be a gay man, jesus. I guess that's not special snowflake enough anymore.

No. 1083717

File: 1605535863212.jpeg (49.13 KB, 700x399, 2C31BD5F-7BF8-43AA-8F21-6D9DF0…)

I can’t believe burning Harry Potter books has become the “woke queer” thing to do. I remember a decade or two ago when only total religious nutters (picrel) did shit like that.

No. 1083719

It's @mrowgoblin, he's kinda boring because he hasn't done anything stupid yet, he's just very dumb, he's one of those ancoms who want the State to give them everything while they spend their days playing video games and jerking off. Be very careful, there's a lot of disgusting troon and furry shit.

No. 1083732

File: 1605538155531.jpg (34.8 KB, 390x613, Ef_LhAuVAAEzUv0.jpg)

This reminds me of that one 4chan operation on Tumblr with the Steven Universe stuff kek

No. 1083781

>Isn’t it even a thing that blood transfusions should be from somebody of your same sex?
There was a study suggesting that men getting blood from women who have ever been pregnant have worse long-term outcomes, as well as a better known acute immune response of lung damage in men from has-been-pregnant blood. I don't know if they currently sex-match donations, though.

No. 1083815

Ty anon, this gave me the laugh I needed this morning.

No. 1083910

Context please anon, my sides lmfao. Was this when he was deadlifting as a woman to prove men shouldn’t compete in women’s sports? And what was the steven universe thing?

No. 1083990

This needs to be the next thread pic.

No. 1084006

Here's a vid explaining this, make sure to watch til the end kek

No. 1084016

File: 1605555341189.jpeg (301.05 KB, 750x1142, 9F7D5563-D82A-4CB5-A6CC-ED6085…)

Two in one day?

No. 1084023

I've come across a goldmine of schadenfreude..a Troon photo blogging recovery from SRS. Very NSFL…if people are interested I'll post choice screenshots. I have a morbid fascination with SRS because I can't believe people really thing these neovaginas are ~indistinguishable from real vaginas uwu~

No. 1084036

Post it anon just spoiler it.

No. 1084098

please post, srs is the perfect amalgamation of pitiful, full-body cringe and the worst medical gore imaginable. also funniest shit in the world when fetishists chop their cocks off and then are confused that they cant get off anymore.

No. 1084106

Definitely post, but spoiler it.

No. 1084154

This is the exact thing we are craving. Bonus points