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File: 1597605042614.jpg (443.58 KB, 800x1200, large_3PH1tWrCAtAb7ws5BNYN9j0D…)

No. 1023845

Last time:
>Shoe and Preg break off their engagement, Preg unexpectedly announces they broke up, Shoe delets all of her Tweets deactivates her Twitter >>992316, 993743
>Preg follows an 18 y/o slavboo IG and Patreon thot, Sunset_Kiwi, that skinwalks Shoe. Preg gets criticised, says Shoe followed her first and denies seeing nudes >>993222, >>994028
>Shoe is back on twitter after 2 weeks (of course), posts about their break up >>999745
>Vaush can't stop bringing up Shoe in his streams >>1016897, even went on a public whiteknight campaign against Shoe's alt-right ex-fan. Shoe also publicly flirts with him >>1014634
>Preg is pathetic, desperate and salty. Blames losing his followers on Shoe, refers to his ex-fiance as "some hot internet girl". Even Jaclyn Glen calls him out on it >>1009556 . Also posts a bunch of cringy photoshoots in hopes of getting a boyfriend-free girl >>1010621
>Shoe starts posting post-breakup glow up pics ( >>1009518 >>1016727) most noticeably the sexy schoolgirl ones (>>1022151) which seem to trigger her skinwalker Kiwi, who proceeds to post creepy shit like >>1022290 >>1022239 , lowkey bashing her for being the "older version" and saying she the "last Boxxy" >>1022387.

June's Twitter: https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead?lang=en
June's Main YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shoe0nHead
June's Second YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UiChjgT_LDKcr_8NEEbMA
June's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shoe0nhead/?hl=en

Preg's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArmouredSkeptic
Preg's Main YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/armouredskeptic
Preg's Second YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1iroepad-o5w2il-06Gjg
Preg & June's Side YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shoe0ffHead
Preg's Shitposting YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtb3OOZwXGjwYMIXTu5zMKw

Last thread: >>994580

No. 1023846

File: 1597605221321.jpg (28.02 KB, 501x277, Capture.JPG)

No. 1023848

File: 1597605579779.jpg (39.19 KB, 540x450, Capture.JPG)

Comrade June is fighting for men suffering under capitalism

No. 1023926

why is she still so retarded?

No. 1023973

Isn’t she friends with Ashley Coffin? Why does she need to be a bitch to every girl in her life and constantly pick men over them?

No. 1023981

Kek I love the Thread pic, anon. It shows how ugly and creepy kiwi is

No. 1023983

File: 1597623675133.jpg (79.07 KB, 640x877, 1OJKkOCjT70mOAGtpT_ZBGeO_HatAO…)

So June originally skinwalks Boxxy

kiwi skinwalks June

Now June skinwalks kiwi?

No. 1023990

She probably saw how much attention kiwi is getting and decided to get in on it like she did with boxxy. Yeah its a weird circle back but I guess she gotta stay relevant to her neckbearded followers.

No. 1024022

Ashley Coffin is the one making the Shuwu-tier point in this cap, June is agreeing with her. But you still aren't wrong, if she could throw Ashley under the bus for more attention from men she would definitely do it in a heartbeat.

No. 1024025

File: 1597628935435.jpg (68.8 KB, 600x425, glass.jpg)

So wait who posted first?

No. 1024036

File: 1597629963799.jpg (95.6 KB, 900x900, 100957078_250836002899894_5185…)


some say you can still hear her voice moaning "take me back preggoryyyyyy….." in the wind.

No. 1024042

Not wk-ing shoe, but she posted before Kiwi. Kiwi is actively skin walking June, who, besides following Kiwi, is m ok stay ignoring her skin walking.

No. 1024045

Samefag but all of this was also already posted in the last thread.

No. 1024049

File: 1597632045808.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200727-233010.png)

damn men really are desperate to fuck children. There is nothing extraordinary about this girl except her being the size of a 5th grader. Her face is hideous even with her 4inch winged liner. But she somehow has 616k followers. She plays the pedo game better than you June

No. 1024050

File: 1597632084192.jpg (140.57 KB, 1026x501, 1463029129735.jpg)

Ashleigh, Kiwi and Shoe are all just pickmes, where fans and simps is all there is in life.

The only problem is, Ashleigh can't start an onlyfans, unlike the other two because her boobs are mostly padding/inserts, or photoshop… If you've seen her pics with her wearing a low cut shirt rocking C cups at best with some drawn in cleavage

No. 1024054

Damn, Kiwi really out here looking older than June even with meitu/Snow filters

No. 1024055

she literally looks like a tv mom for one of those clotheswasher commericals lol

No. 1024058

File: 1597633035130.jpg (66.9 KB, 342x512, kiwi.jpg)

she looks like a different species. A midget neanderthal

No. 1024114

File: 1597645509810.jpeg (66.83 KB, 425x640, 52FFCB37-BAEB-4927-8CFB-B9CF59…)

She photoshopped her nose, her face looks weird just straight from the front so she’s using the side of her face for this picture
I like how she called herself the last boxxy in the other thread but pic related is boxxy without the eyeliner, and she’s so pretty. miles prettier than both June and Kiwi

No. 1024124

Responding to a single negative tweet with zero likes or RTs.
This whole breakup has confirmed the (obvious) fact that his false bravado was a result of insecurity and a persecution complex. So much for "big daddy supreme alpha male."

No. 1024186

File: 1597652677874.jpg (27.92 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

It's like Wrong Turn case. The next generation is uglier than the previous one. Only it's asexual reproduction via internet.

No. 1024284

Her lack of chin is disturbing

No. 1024297

Does anyone else think Kiwi kind of looks like young toopoor? https://youtu.be/wl6ALGVjxvM(imageboard)

No. 1024335

That fucking blur on the jaw.
Her face looks legit deformed from all angles

No. 1024456

File: 1597693513443.jpeg (86.75 KB, 828x1168, EfgQHy5XsAEtXPS.jpeg)


No. 1024461

No kidding. Imagine checking for Brittany Venti's thoughts on anything.

No. 1024463

It's hilarious Brittany just mopped the floor with June w/ June's own words actually. June never responded

No. 1024467

I keep feeling bad for June but then i remember what a bitch she is against women. This is what she deserved. I hope kiwi will comment more on shoes tweets making fun of her age.

No. 1024472

Exactly. No sympathy from me

No. 1024493

File: 1597697913549.jpg (41.68 KB, 453x599, iml00115d8z31.jpg)

No. 1024497

I just hope that people will learn that pickmes never win.

No. 1024534

I really dont see why they would not get back together, I know anons here think its over but personally I dont think it is, they are both desperate and pathetic, they are made for each other.

No. 1024536

kiwi really is ugly. her massive deformed bloated face on this weird scrawny dwarflike body is creeping me out. june looks like a model in comparison

No. 1024537

She's far too old for Preggory. Preggory prefers their age to begin with 1, beginning wit 3 disgusts him

No. 1024544

jesus she looks white trash. she keeps blurring off her entire jaw line.

KEK June really got what she deserved

No. 1024566

Has this dumb bitch moved on to that Fat idiot neckbeard Vaush yet? Saw them flirting on twitter

No. 1024861

I could see them getting back together if Kiwi didn’t seem interested in Greg. Kiwi is the freshly 18 year old one with the height of a ten year old. Why wouldn’t Preg choose to be with her instead? And does anyone know what Kiwis actual name is?

No. 1024895

I'm calling it now that kiwi would never meet greg. She's incredibly insecure. The way she photoshops obsessively means she damn well knows she doesn't look like her pics irl, and her pics aren't even good. If she isn't photoshopping her bloated jaw shes hiding it with her hand. She can't do that constantly irl.

No. 1024909

File: 1597724822183.jpg (97.74 KB, 610x604, kiwi_.jpg)

I went to see if she actually flirts. Most of the time she is just sucking up by backing up his shit "hot takes". God just reading through it gave me brain damage.

kiwi is far more interesting, like how you imagine a modern teen thriller going where June finds kiwi in her house wearing her clothes and pretending to stream as her. Great movie idea.

No. 1024930

File: 1597727065605.png (163.94 KB, 1204x776, 1597712284167.png)

vaush grooming a 16 year old boy and receiving asshole pics. his discord mods are banning anyone who mentions it and they are deleting everything

No. 1024967

so she moves on from a tranny chasing ugly fat dude, to flirting/being friendly with a bisexual, fat ugly, tranny chasing, weirdo in a weird poly relationship now accused grooming 16 year old boys?
All the men she surrounds herself with seem to have a lot of disgusting traits in common.

also fuck this fat ass and anyone who defends him.

No. 1024968

>same guy who was talking about how CP is okay because computers aren't ethically sourced
>same guy who felt the need to talk about children having sex randomly
>same guy who talked about how there should be "no limits" in media, including children in sexual situations
Yup, saw this coming.

No. 1024970

wow, he said all that? Last thing i heard about him was his love of horse dick and THIS is the guy people like??

No. 1024980

I think shoe herself is a pedo. Not that she jerks off to kids but she gets off imagining herself as the kid/teen.

No. 1025009

Preg would be happy to date someone this insecure though, because who else would abide his gross ass. I mean, not even abide but worship him.

No. 1025106

I could say that Vaush will drop Shoe the moment kiwi shows any interest in him, but then again, people don't change easily.

No. 1025139

Supposedly it's a younger brother of someone who browses /pol/.

If it's true, then Vaush got mass tipped to the fbi.

Will June call it just another side-kink?

No. 1025140

File: 1597759843666.jpg (86.08 KB, 1440x565, fatpedo.jpg)

>Socialism will let me fuck kids!

Wow June, you know how to pick them

No. 1025142

I've never seen someone so happily build a case against himself, lmao. 50/50 between Shuwu pretending not to see all this shit (and blocking anyone who brings it up in her comments), and her not commenting on the situation, but distancing herself from him for obvious reasons. Maybe claiming to still be on his side in DMs.

No. 1025143

That's a juicy development kek.

Wow so many freaks thinly veil their pedophilic inclinations with political idealism. He's in the same boat as the creatures discussed in the mtf thread, but somehow I suspect that prospect would excite him rather than insult him.

No. 1025146

I hate these pedophiles so much holy shit Shuwu and all the orbiters who support her and those she WKs rot

No. 1025149

File: 1597761000488.jpg (424.06 KB, 2752x1656, 1597740153560.jpg)

He's having everything about this deleted, and had his fans mass-report the /pol/ thread so it'd get taken down.
Makes you think, if it's all fake, why is he locking everything down and mass-reporting? What is there to hide? It's not like anyone hacked him, or there's anything to this, unless.

No. 1025159

Even without the obvious reaction this is the most in character thing cheese fingers has ever done. I wonder if Shoe is going to double down and actually continue associating with him?

No. 1025165

>No one noticiting that Ms.Venti selfposted this.

No. 1025167

Holy shit, you're right. Fucking kek.

No. 1025178

Omg I love you anon, this revelation has made my night. Hammerhead is big desperate for farm approval kek.

No. 1025198

Kek hammerhead is a bigger cow than shoe at this point. Remember when she tried convincing farmers she was hot lmao

No. 1025204


I noticed , and I’m sure others did but really who cares about hammerhead

No. 1025208

She's always the only one mentioning herself. At least she had the sense to post a "I like Brittany Venti's content!" in Unpopular Opinions, so she knows.

No. 1025213

Good catch. She's been pretty open about using the site and takes the stuff from this thread to pad out all her videos on June, so she's probably selfposted herself in here before but just got careless this time.

No. 1025224

Oh no you caught me kek

No. 1025227

If a moid gave you attention you'd be acting like June in no time. Be thankful your sid-ass head has saved you from public embarrassment

No. 1025231

Can you stop doing this cringy self-promo shit all the time, and stop ripping shit from here even though you're thirsty for the exact same male attention Shuwu is (except she moved on from fat alt-right neckbeards to fat leftist neckbeards, I guess)?
Didn't you sperg over Pearnisa and some other Twitch thots for a while, too? You're almost as transparent as Digibro's girlfriend with this jealousy shit, just quit.

No. 1025235

I have no idea what a moid is or who Persia is. Is this a running joke on this forum? Anybody who post something an e-celeb posts is automatically that eceleb?

No. 1025238

File: 1597773504133.png (518.77 KB, 640x638, 1597433012759.png)


No. 1025240

there's no way it's not a troll

No. 1025242

Are you really this dumb, or are you just hoping we are?

No. 1025246

I'm not trying to troll, kek. I came here to post something I thought was funny

I am dumb

No. 1025247

You can see the "see activity for this tweet" that's only visible to whoever made it.

No. 1025249

Kek, so that's why you guys thought I was Brittany? I downloaded it from her Twitter- she posted it for people blocked by Shoe. I was so confused, I'm rolling rn.

No. 1025258

Were you logged into her account as well?

No. 1025260

I'm not smart enough to hack accounts just yet

No. 1025261

File: 1597776345760.jpg (30.02 KB, 644x399, 20200818_204536.jpg)

No. 1025265

No. 1025267

Oh… Then learn to fucking sage, newfag

No. 1025286

You can ban me for this reply and i know it's unrelated but i would honestly do highly sexual acts to Brittany Venti. You fat apes rag on her but she's hotter then 90 percent of you. Venti please take some trips to Europe.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1025291

They got the screenshot from her, off her Twitter. She posted it herself. I wish it were her though

No. 1025305

File: 1597780792705.jpg (31.75 KB, 499x383, Capture.JPG)

>showing off your cool girl powerlevel to a pedophile

just June things, uwu

No. 1025307

She’s fine with it as a “side kink”, remember?

No. 1025309

File: 1597781150446.jpg (192.09 KB, 1200x800, DDB_YiIWsAQGNpX.jpg)

It's pretty obvious Shoe has no morals like most of the people who chase Youtube/Twitter popularity.

They'd sell their Grandma to slave traders if it meant 100 million views.

No. 1025402

I love how greg jerks himself off on how much of an "alpha man" he is, yet he blends into this nu male zoo perfectly

No. 1025442

Fake. In this screenshot >>1024930 'Vaush' uses a zoomed-in avatar, which seems to be ripped straight from his Twitter. However, he's used the full-body avatar pictured here >>1025140 on discord for a very long time.

Vaush denied it on stream today, also saying that he hates being called 'daddy.' Don't believe everything you see on /pol/, kiddos.

No. 1025459

File: 1597799744339.jpg (59.23 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

ok well if he says he hates being called daddy and changed the zoom on his icon that proves it then. great work detective

No. 1025464

File: 1597800668188.png (458.27 KB, 787x720, vaush twitter.png)

I mentioned the 'daddy' thing because it was funny and stupid. I wasn't saying it exonerates him.

His icon in -all- the other discord screenshots provided (old and new) is the zoomed-out one. At no point in time has the cropping been like in the fake screenshot.

Grabbing somebody's discord profile pic is non-trivial. However, grabbing it from twitter is easy as can be, and the cropping is the same.

Use your damn eyes. It's fake as hell.

(Also, what are the chances that somebody who browses /pol/ would go through his 16 year-old brother's discord account, find nudes he sent to Vaush, know who Vaush is, and then post about it on /pol/? Doesn't mean it didn't happen, but the story isn't especially plausible.)

No. 1025518

>I noticed I just didn't say anything guyz
LOL sure you did.

No. 1025532

Yeah youtubers never get caught sexually grooming teenagers lol… oh wait!

No. 1025536

Kek, that's exactly what I thought about anon's post.

>Yeah youtubers never get caught sexually grooming teenagers lol… oh wait!
Big agree.

The post is plausible because Vaush is a greasy pedophile apologist fuck. If the story is just a troll, the retard made his bed a long time ago.

No. 1025618

lol almost all the people I recognize in this pic are cows. isn't one of those guys Dan Olsen and didn't he also have pedo drama and I'm pretty sure hbomberguy also had a sexual assault claims too. Then there is contra who is also a cow with there own thread who is a degenerate tranny that hates women. while I don't know much about
lindsay ellis she always seems to be indirectly involved in drama because she surrounds herself with friends like these.

No. 1025631

Is this why everyones shitting on kiwi? isnt the problem pregory and shuwu for encouraging that shit when she was with him?

No. 1025637

I think it's the lack of self awareness, particularly when making creepy repetitive posts about being Shoe. If she actually looked like her I think anons would be less harsh. And yes, Shoe definitely made her bed when with Pregory.

No. 1025645

Dan Olson downloaded and posted CP on 8chan to defame Gamergate. hbomberguy supported his friend after a trans man accused him of being a sex pest (can't remember if it was harassment or assault) and it was a huge thing because he didn't believe the victim and made excuses for the creep; he did later apologize over it but only really because people kept bringing it up against his role as a male feminist.

No. 1025679

>If the story is just a troll, the retard made his bed a long time ago.
Exactly, it wouldn't be so easy to believe if he weren't already known for saying things like >>1025140

No. 1025728

>downloaded and posted cp
how is he actually not in jail, also how come none of these people are legitimately cancelled, shouldn't the rest of breadtube call them out cause this is the type of shit they are always cancelling people for.

No. 1025739

Because it's okay when people they like do these things and horrible when people they don't like do those things.

No. 1025742

Someone needs to legitimately deplatform these fucks, here is a rant on why buy child porn is not bad.the worse part about this is that most of these guys audience is teenagers that are just getting interested and politics and look up to them because they are to dumb to realize they are scumbags.

No. 1025751

No. Everyone shits on kiwi because she does all the same shitty stuff as June does.

No. 1025776

Yeah Kiwi is fucking gross and creepy, posting semi nudes calling herself an "ero model" making shots jokes about a ten year old fan and recently sucking up to shad man talking about she wants to fuck him. She's no better than any of these other dumb whores and her obsession with Shoe is disgusting especially when she clearly gets off on being seen as her "replacement".

No. 1025786

Someone tell Vaush the reason CP with actual children is indefensible is because unlike other industries that use exploitative labor or abuse to run, child porn CANNOT exist under any current circumstance without a child getting fucked.

The video game industry could potentially make hardware that doesn't rely on sweatshops and blood diamonds. We could eventually make synthetic meat products that taste accurate but do not require animal killing.

At best, we could get "legal CP of human children" with lifelike child sex doll robots, sometime in the year 4670.

Until then, there is no defensible alternative or route to consume child porn that doesn't directly require child abuse.

No. 1025792

And even then it's still sexualizing and putting real children's bodies at risk oh my god I haven't watched whatever that idiot said but don't think I can bring myself to if he truly defends CP consumption in the slightest. All of these pedophiles and apologists need to be exiled.

No. 1025794

>At best, we could get "legal CP of human children" with lifelike child sex doll robots, sometime in the year 4670
uuuuhm anon, is there something you want to tell us?

No. 1025799

He is extremely deranged when it comes to sexual shit… he basically is a “dom” and brags about fucking twinks and submissive women on stream. He says all sorts of fucked up shit about femboys and shotas. When he was 25 (and in a position of power cuz youtuber) he was sexting with some barely 18 year old femboy telling xe/xer about horsecock. And that’s just one of four of the suspiciously aged mentally ill people he has sexually harassed (That we know of). He relies on one set of chat logs (that he probably edited) to prove that he didn’t do anything wrong with the other three… careful talking about this or his discord will brigade this thread… and he will contact his lawyers and sue lolcow (lmao)!

The weirdest thing is it’s all accepted and no one challenges. They justify him making 100k/year off youtube by saying he “converts” people to the “left” so it’s good! But is him converting a bunch of greasy pedo NEETs who would otherwise be nazis into neoliberalism a good thing? He’s obviously doing it to attain a platform so he can shill his pedo shit.

No. 1025807

Saying that the only possibly morally neutral cp would be robots isn’t defending cp. Sage your ridiculous accusations.

No. 1025824

there is no such thing as "morally neutral" cp pedo. sexual attraction to kids in any way, shape or form is a mental illness. stop making literally vaush tier arguments.

No. 1025828

I agree with you but also do understand what >>1025807 is trying to say. I disagree with it as I'm the one that said it still sexualizes and puts real children's bodies at risk, but if humans did want to try something, I dunno. Children-esque real dolls would wow I can't even finish the thought, it's sick.

But like, I get it–I don't think they were trying to defend or endorse it, just make the best case scenario of something reprehensible.

Wow. Hate that. Thanks for the TLDR of Junes gross new flabby.

No. 1025833

why would they challenge him? There's a lot of people who watch him who are into the same gross shit, dudes, women and trannies who are like, "oh this "famous" woke youtuber, likes what I like, maybe he'll fuck me!"
A lot of people either look past the bad behavior like they do a lot of breadtubers or they also take part in the bad behavior.
His audience is full of weirdos and he's disgusting.

No. 1025834

Breadtube is full of sexual deviants, trannies and mentally ill LGBTQ+ members who don't even hide any of it.
I say this as someone who likes a few Btubers, it's hard to find someone whose normal 100% and isn't into some weird gross shit.
So basically, if shoe dates this guys, she has to compete with women, trannies, barely legal twinks and horse dicks.
She deserves it at this point, she actively seeks out disturbed fucked up men.

No. 1025843

>cp CANNOT exist under any current circumstance without a child getting-


No. 1025864

File: 1597877449750.png (344.98 KB, 498x568, 1596594512020.png)

i cant believe i'm whiteknighting dan olson the epitome of soy.
he wrote an article about 8chan and took screenshots of cp posts to shine a light on it being a hub for cp.
gamergate fags spun it as him posting the cp even though he was screenshotting the posts and people actually believed them. if you're gonna shit on breadtube at least find some actual facts to shit on them with.
by all means take a dump on contra he's just another greasy agp and the only thing mockable about hbomb is also that he's soy.
the story about him was his genderspecial friend accused his friend of harassment and he didnt believer her. it's pretty scummy but tumblrina gender specials always twist anything into sexual harassment and abuse, like for instance not using the proper pronouns is considered abuse to them.
breadtube are a bunch of betacuck men but theyre not comparable to shit heads like groceries or vaush and the rest of the dirtbag left.

No. 1025901

File: 1597883598591.png (208.86 KB, 819x874, dan and friends.png)

first of all you should not wk dan olson because the whole " he was taking screenshots" thing has been debunked also he is friends with multiple convicted sex offenders and rapist(read his kiwi farms thread if you want more info on that).hbomber guy has been involved in multiple sex pest controversies not just the defending his friend thing. also it is 100% reasonable to assume the rest of bread tube is just as bad as vaush because they keep getting involved with in creepy sex pest controversies like vaush also even though they know he is a creepy sex pest who has gotten caught and had to make a apology for trying to groom fans and also they know the fact that he literally defends pedophilia they still associate with him.

No. 1025912

lmfao nyberg of ffshrine fame

No. 1025923

That thread seems to confirm that he was taking screenshots though.
I think the accusation that someone would post CP to make 8chan look bad is dumb as hell. Everyone knows 8chan was a hub for pedos.
Being friends with Sarah Nyburg is bad enough, no need to exaggerate.

No. 1025936

File: 1597887030338.png (274.2 KB, 846x695, dan and friends part 2.PNG)

yeah sure im exaggerating. even though it was proven one of his friends created the board and had multiple people spam it then he wrote an article right after the board was created. how could anyone think he was one of the people posting cp on it?(derailing)

No. 1026073

File: 1597923950068.png (39.8 KB, 651x189, Screenshot_2020-08-20 r OutOfT…)

this doesnt even prove anything.also this is from the page you linked and literally reiterates what i said. and citing kiwi farms that literally has an extreme bias towards the betacucks doesnt prove anything. i dont think dan olson is a good person or anything but accusing someone of being a pedo is a serious allegation. it's unfortunate that you have a hatenoner for shitty youtuber and cant even provide factual evidence for your argument.

No. 1026089

Why is it always shadman that they choose to appeal to?

No. 1026228

dae think that june's transition from center to full left is a direct result of her lust for vaush? Given the time period on that, I'm pretty sure she was at the very least emotionally cheating on preg long before they broke up.

also kinda tinfoilish, but did anyone watch her latest live stream where she went on about ADHD and how much it sucks? i really hate how much she victimizes herself with that shit and wonder if she even actually has it. it's obviously not that bad if she's able to finish and put out videos on a semi-regular basis.

some people are just sort of scatterbrained and disorganized by nature. i don't understand why this has to conflate to ADHD. i was like that all throughout my adolescence and was constantly accused of having ADHD (never got tested), but got better about it once i reached adulthood and it was made abundantly clear to me that if i don't get my shit together, i'm never going to be successful in school, keep a job, etc. somehow i feel like june would have ended up the same if she'd ever been forced to get a real job and fully support herself

No. 1026236

>>why would a pol user know vaush?

vaush is one of the loudest and most embarassing destiny fans produced and is a political content creator. are you fucking stupid?

the argument that vaush heavily runs w that destiny created is that pedophilia is like being gay and its not by choice– its a mental illness that has to be curbed. therefore legal CP should be developed and used for people who are actually pedophiles in a therapy setting or to be distributed to since they have mental damage and it "cant be cured" but treated much like BPD or depression

vaush is a moron and heavily alters this theory not realizing it just exposes him for being a child hungry sexpest. thats why, just like shuwu, hes alienated from most communities and doesn't interact with many people outside of his own community.

to reiterate >>1025828 i think the other anon (>>1025786) was talking knowing this context, not necessarily justifying it.

No. 1026251


IIRC it was CP according to Canadian law, but not US law. like crotch shots of kids in swimwear or something.

No. 1026267

But why does that matter? shoe tried to skinwalk boxxy now someone else is doing it to her, isnt it just ironic (and funny in a depressing way) at this point?
Then whats with all the wk'ing shoe in these threads. Its hypocritical.
shoe did similar things, she used to brag about pregory being obsessed with her "huge 17 yr old tits, sorry feminists" and made fun of college rape victims claiming they are lying to then delete the tweets when she gets pushback among many other shitty things which some farmers have said also border on sexualising kids. They are both attention whores in the worst ways possible.

No. 1026305

does shoe ever post here herself? someone is over in /ot/ raging about shoe whiteknighting her. fucking weird.

No. 1026314

Because he draws sexualized smol little girls and they want to be sexualized smol little girls

No. 1026461

“Smarter and hotter than me”?

Surely she’s not referring to Vaush… lmao

No. 1026622

Considering this entire site was built for her to keep tabs on her haters, it's not too far fetched to think she does lurk or post sometimes. Some posts raging against Kiwi did look quite… charged, for someone who's supposedly not involved with the ordeal.

No. 1026666

I mean disliking Kiwi's skinwalking in a similar way to Shoe's because it's current milk isn't mutually exclusive, or at least not in my mind. I don't think either one cancels each other's cringeworthy behaviour out and that you can think they're both a unique kind of special. Kiwi just happens to be the (subjectively) less attractive, and more active tard who's deluded herself into thinking she's Boxxy's final form (secretly hoping the Boxxyception trainwreck continues long past the both of them ngl). Maybe I missed the WKing posts? I definitely think the irony of the whole situation is hilarious and I look forward to more of their adventures together kek.

Nta but that I did notice. Idk if anons have experienced something similar, but there were some pretty seething posts. I assumed in their own weird little way they've started to root for Shoe since she got dumped and has been relatively quiet. I won't discount that she really could be lurking in the shadows just waiting for the next opportunity to point out Kiwi's weird shaped head, or make fun of her nipples.

No. 1026678

I never understood the Boxxy comparisons. I know June used to orbit Boxxy back in the day but nothing about her personality is reminiscent of Boxxy. Same with Kiwi especially seeing as her personality is just “uwu I’m so tiny and smol and cute, look at me!”.

No. 1026685

It's only a skin deep comparison, they didn't adopt the persona but rather garnered their "fame" by being an aesthetic imitation. Their aim was to appeal to the scrotes who hated/worship Boxxy. It worked, but idk if I'd call it a success.

No. 1026724

So does kiwi think she’s gonna be the last girl to ever put on that stupid heavy eyeliner look? Fuck, she’s pathetic. When is she going to get her own thread?

No. 1026728

Agreed on that. She is an embarrassing catfish who fakes being russian for clout.

No. 1026852


I agree, I think the comparisons were because it was obvious that shoe was trying to skinwalk boxxy, but the only thing they had in common is eyeliner.

No. 1026865

maybe i missed the specific post you're talking about, but i saw that thread and it seemed like some anons were just saying she was stale milk. that's not exactly white knighting

No. 1026878

Women that hate women like this will be the biggest psychos when they hage a boyfriend. They will be incredibly jealous and possessive. June's cuckqueaning is fake AF

No. 1026891

File: 1598065737212.jpeg (168.05 KB, 747x1049, 12332717-78F5-4513-AA66-36140F…)

Anyone have the context of this exchange? I saw another tweet via Kiwi in reply to this saying it was a trick and she donated 20 simp bucks. Did June dunk on Kiwi live? That would be hilarious.

No. 1026898

lurk moar every anon talking about this, shoe used to heavily skinwalk boxxy on various imgboards many years ago and even made youtube videos lipsyncing to boxxy trying to look just like her. she has the reputation because she FORCED it into everyone's gullets.

No. 1026915

it doesn't even matter but you missed it. you're replying to a day old post. someone had a meltdown and were talking about how they saw themselves in shoe then called everyone that takes part in her thread a nasty bitch.

No. 1026931

at around 1:05:26, shoe dismissively answers a question about skeptic and mentions that they broke up, then immediately after (ouch) she responds to someone asking if her and kiwi would ever collab >>1026891

lol at her asking "doesn't she do porn?," feigning naive uwu while bringing attention to the fact that she's a little skank

No. 1026942

File: 1598074318842.png (540.03 KB, 1375x625, collab.png)

cow crossover: hiyaitsmiya, june's old troon skinwalker, shit talks shoe to kiwi. at this rate maya will begin skinwalking kiwi. i guess even troons want newer, younger, bouncier coolgirls to emulate

custardloaf also weirdly orbits her

No. 1026944

Yo I don’t even care, I‘d pay June to beat the fuck out of Kiwi’s wannarexic ass, like just smol beans clock her in them bloated cheeks. I’ll forgive shoe for everything if she did such an extremely poggers thing.

No. 1026947

kek at hairbrush sucking up to these cows too

No. 1026949

this is 100% a logging but extremely funny and i agree

kiwi vs shoe boxing match when

No. 1026953

Second this anon. When does the final battle begin? I grow tired of the passive agression.

No. 1026957

Is that Maya the tranny? Wasn't he skinwalking her for years, and posted that he was literally crying about her and her sped boyfriend breaking up?
I guess he's seething now that he can't self-insert on her as the "lil tiny uwu anti-feminist based internet girl getting railed by a fat, ugly neckbeard daddy".

No. 1026994

i dont understand why you tards think kiwis gimmick is anything more than gathering subs for her patreon. shes sitting at over 400+ playing a character and you retards are trying to do a deep dive on her

hint: shes doing it for the money

No. 1026995

Everyone here is just a psychopath who wants to hate on everyone they see to make themselves feel better about their pathetic lives. They're bigger lolcows than anyone they make fun of(whiteknighting)

No. 1026996

Kiwi is just hilarious bc she must be driving June completely mad. June probably is not doing well after Kiwi said maybe June could be her mother kek. Kiwi is June's karma

No. 1026997

No one gives a shit about her paythot numbers and skinwalking Shoe for money doesn't change the fact it's hilarious

Hint: no1curr

Kek, try harder to obscure yourself with this one.

No. 1026999

im not even trying to defend kiwi but its so obvious shes just doing it to grow her own brand and you have mongoloids like

saying "fakes being russian for clout."

no bro shes being ironically cringe to the tune of what, 10k a month just posting lewds? and dabbing on a girl she kinda looks like?(whiteknighting)

No. 1027001

Nta but her and Shoe's brand is called autism. Making money from being autistic doesn't make it less retarded. I don't disagree with you otherwise though kek.

No. 1027002

i would happily be autistic for 10k a month taking pics of my nipples poking through a shirt

No. 1027005

Get out of the thread no1curr

No. 1027007

File: 1598089321856.jpg (44.98 KB, 349x642, 6kGliTj.jpg)

>no sage
>"s-she totally makes $10k a month guys (and that makes her not a trainwreck), believe me!!1 she's only pretending to be retarded, too! it's irony!!"
Are you the obsessive skinwalker herself, or did she promise you special good boy nudes for defending her on Lolcow?

No. 1027008

Kill yourself and stream it

No. 1027024

File: 1598093611083.jpg (38.09 KB, 640x480, 1411636283980.jpg)

we all know you're samefagging retard. please keep posting though, you're totally changing our minds about kiwi. any other things we missed about her?

No. 1027030

Speaking of, I love how lighting fast Russian anons were able to tell she wasn’t Russian and called her a slavaboo KEK

No. 1027200

We all know Kiwi isn't making $10,000 dollars a month pandering to retards. And if (in your dreaks) she was then she should use her money to get her rat face fixed.

June is hardly pressed by a little fat cheeked skinwalker when there are plenty of other things to be bothered by. But keep dreaming.

No. 1027277

kek @ preg simping for all of june's haters

No. 1027324

super late and ot but this anon was just playing devil's advocate to show how ridiculous Vaush's whataboutism argument in favour of CP production was. doubt that immediately makes them a pedo

No. 1027388

lmao did kiwi find this thread? Even if she's making 10k a month, I'd genuinely rather have my dignity and not have to spend my days pandering to incel pedos that would celebrate my death if it happened. Plus I have normal cheeks.

At some point these onlyfans girls are going to realize the long term ramifications of this shit.

No. 1027393

but anon, its taking back your body!

No. 1027430

Hey Kiwi youre the ugliest boxxy installment, I think FAS not only affected your appearance but your intelligence as well

No. 1027451

File: 1598165447659.jpg (7.03 KB, 480x360, jpJtcBQupieJZGPrLVCAuJVIk7h8qR…)

i guess you were never around when she was big on unichan

No. 1027459

Shit. I actually brought up the whole boxxy comparison thing during her livestream and even paid the thingy to elevate the message or whatever.

I never meant to annoy her or anything, and I haven't been to this site for years.

She might be aware that you're all trash talking in here, and lump me in with you, despite that not being my intention.

June, I'm some random from the Sphere and I never meant to drag that shit up in a way to make you feel uncomfortable.

I'm not simping here, and I don't agree with most of your positions, but in case it's stressed you out, please be aware it wasn't coming from a bad place and it wasn't part of the lolcat/kiwifarms chat (well, I mean, now it unfortunately is).(cowtipping)

No. 1027462

you seem lost. Either get out or stop cow-tipping

No. 1027476

wow troon mayu switching up after years of obsessively spending his life posting about her and @ing her everywhere on twitter and instagram.

No. 1027478

christian? is that you?

No. 1027484

In the very beginning of the video preg says "<…> where I got to lean into the right side of my brain"… what does it mean? does this "skeptic" believe that hemispheres function independently of each other, and as he's obviously so LOGICOL and RASHUNAL then his right side is mostly asleep or what?

probably holds a grudge on june for ingnoring him, and kiwi might be a more fitting role model. like, she's even SMOLER bean, and has onlyfans while june doesn't even behave as uwu sub anymore. smol uggo trans disappointed.

No. 1027539

I can't believe even Mayu turned on June, too. It seems like just yesterday it was 2018 and he was ready to make a lampshade out of her skin.

No. 1027565

File: 1598182291333.jpeg (530.43 KB, 1242x752, B2B2790E-2475-44BB-8FC5-74374F…)

>Plus I have normal cheeks.

No. 1027590

Have you guys ever listened to this?

No. 1027596

It's embarrassing and cringy but I noticed she enjoys rapping. She used to rap a lot during her guido phase, she most likely stopped because it isn't very smol bean of her.

No. 1027604

>Mad lib
I keked at those mad rhymes. Now to go and end my suffering.

No. 1027639

I was surprised when I saw this and she wasn’t The Worst. Pregory “““beatboxing””” sounds like he’s trying to corona cough or something kek.

No. 1027746

File: 1598212112187.png (919.39 KB, 1202x1570, Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 11.5…)

What do you mean anon, you aren't jealous of her many (creepy) fans?

No. 1027749

Can't help but appreciate that even her simps assume she reads her own thread.

No. 1027800

Vaush also relentlessly mocked the girl who started to cry when her school gave troons the OK to whip their dicks out openly in the girl's changing room, where before all they had to do to use female facilities was change behind a curtain so the actual girls wouldn't be subjected to seeing perverted boys flashing them. IIRC he also sperged out over the teenage girl athletes who sued to keep troons out of their sports.

Like all male TRAs, Vaush is mostly likely a pedophile.

No. 1027801

she's gonna encourage this shit a be all shocked when someone starts trying to turn up at her house

No. 1027804

>damn men are desperate to fuck children.
You don't get it anon, they're BIOLOGICALLY INCLINED to want to fuck girls as soon as they start to menstruate! Men are oppressed by those evil roastie wall-hitting 20-olds who keep them from hitting up their local middle school! Girls are most fertile at 13 years old, it's just science! All that about teenage mothers being much more likely to die by childbirth? Lower rates of conception and higher chance of miscarriage? Massively increased risk of birth defects and complications? All feminazi lies!

In between Shoe's little-girl roleplay, her cozying up to multiple men with suspected or confirmed pedo tendencies and her constant whiteknighting for troons, I can't help but think she has some nasty skeletons in her closet we don't know about yet.

No. 1027826

File: 1598224245031.png (354.64 KB, 556x612, image0-11.png)

Degeneracy all around.

No. 1027838

she is so fucking embarrassing. I wonder what all these uwu wittle girls do when they hit the wall. Do they have to form a whole new personality? Officially retire from the internet and go into middle management at a JCpennys? Off themselves? I guess shoe will make a good case study.

No. 1027853

Can you fuck off with this scrote wall shit?

No. 1027856

not a scrote. They literally build careers pandering to males that believe it and shit on "post wall" women not realizing they'll be 30 one day too. There it's in quotes can you calm down now?

No. 1027869

I'm so QUIRKY and COOL, lulz look at me thirsting for this child porn creator XDDD

How old is this bitch?

No. 1027912

Kek we've literally been documenting it happening to Shuwu from the end of the last thread into this one, but don't mind that, anon's gotta reee because she's illogically self conscious about her age.

No. 1027925

Oh my God this is so embarrassing. He's a literal child and hurting his throat lmao.

No. 1027942

File: 1598245642874.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 276.24 KB, 1174x1025, 1CC22840-33AF-4A6E-8248-EE00C5…)

She wants him to draw her like he drew neekolul and belle Delphine
Here you go, I drew you without begging, I noticed you Kiwi-desu

No. 1027972

take this shit elsewhere. >>1027912 she's just getting older retard. She's not attractive but there's no "wall" she's going to suddenly hit and become undesirable overnight. Grow up.

The cheeks kek

No. 1027974

She claims 18 but I'm pretty sure she's older
She's so transparent. It's so obviously what she wants to continue "building her brand" kek
Summerfags are out in force lately here. The wall is dumb af and so is anyone that uses it.

No. 1027986

Kek anon was clearly just referencing the perception of the audience they pander to when talking about age. Preg is a massive proponent of this ideology despite how retarded everyone here thinks it is.

Today I've learnt "the wall" is literally the lolcow equivalent of "Voldemort" kek.

No. 1028101

Of course she lied about being 18 like she does with everything else (being from Russia, most likely her height too, etc)

She's also extremely unknown, didn't she claim to make 10k a month? The vast majority of simps and ethot chasers have no clue who the hell she is, she has 447 followers on patron, that's probably less than 3k a month which I'll give her that but she overhypes herself as if she's a world star e girl. she's also deleted all tweets and patrons before March 2020, even though it's obvious she's been posting before that since her "oldest" tweet is a retweet of fan art so she either has explaining to do, made and sold child porn or is lying about her age. If any anon is able to do more research about it that would be helpful

No. 1028121

You can ask June.

No. 1028184

can anons quit sperging out everytime "the wall" is mentioned in a thread? No one here believes in it, we're making fun of the cows and scrotes that do.

No. 1028275

>most likely her height too
I don’t know, she looks super short and that’s also her whole thing. It would be stupid of her to lie about something she’s constantly talking about.

No. 1028280

True, her height is probably the only original thing about her, otherwise it's "smol shoeonhead uwu"

No. 1028307

Legs not stubby enough lmao

No. 1028311

not saying "shes DEFINITELY at least 5'9" or anything but tbh i think she just has an insanely long torso which makes her look so short, i think she knocks off a couple inches for extra uwu points

No. 1028354

File: 1598322148770.png (36.16 KB, 656x644, Untitled.png)

She looks horrible. Her cheeks are absolutely fucked it ruins everything for me.

No. 1028362

File: 1598323348914.jpeg (35.08 KB, 555x553, kek.jpeg)

KEK this is almost too accurate artanon

No. 1028386

I could believe she's 5'0 but says 4'10 because it sounds xxxtra childlike for her pedo followers uwu
she has the ugliest eye color I've ever seen. It's diarrhea green/brown

No. 1028445

I don’t know, June is 5’2 and all of kiwis body parts are really short compared to hers. I hate to say it cause I know she’d probably take that as a compliment despite the fact it makes her look really fucking weird.

No. 1028450

File: 1598353366422.png (650.82 KB, 724x1236, D5392D59-AA6C-4E58-BE07-379280…)

Wasn’t June taller than that one girl who was 5’3” in the picture of her with septic? I remember the tweet in an old thread. June was kneeling? Sorry to derail but Shoe is a liar about her height and her skinwalker probably is too

No. 1028501

How embarrassing. Look at her facial expression!

No. 1028503


>that hover hand

No. 1028509

File: 1598363145597.jpg (347.25 KB, 1080x1835, 20200825_161244.jpg)

Sargon is subtweeting Shoe according to this breadtuber Big Joel. I dont know how he knows it's directed at her. Are Sargon and Greg even friendly enough for him to do this?

No. 1028515

File: 1598363867009.jpg (24.73 KB, 750x225, 20200825_165547.jpg)

Samefagging, apparently it is because of the pic attached. That Robin Hood account that retweeted the wall tweet may or may not be Sargon's ban evading alt.

No. 1028522

>late teens
>l a t e t e e n s
Yeet these men into the fucking sun, they're not safe to be allowed around people.

No. 1028528

The way she must've been hoping that whoever posted that picture would have the goodness in their heart to crop the legs out, lmao.

No. 1028531

men who think like this will die alone and uncared for anyways

No. 1028536


These wall fags always have some loli-looking anime avatar.

No. 1028537

The only people to believe that "women hit the wall, men age like wine"-shit are the ones that hit it straight out the womb.

No. 1028539

File: 1598367567417.jpeg (241.64 KB, 734x547, 1C952F8E-D463-47EE-B546-490AE5…)

Ah, of course.

Free markets and the right to be a chomo.

No. 1028540

June is definitely like 5’5”. I’m 5’5” and Preg is the same height as my ex and our height difference is exactly the same as June’s and Preg’s.

No. 1028545

File: 1598368738757.jpeg (12.67 KB, 423x348, images (1).jpeg)

>Ah, of course. Free markets and the right to be a chomo

No. 1028564

The hair, the forehead, the nose… and obviously the cheeks.
Very accurate 10/10 kek tyvm

No. 1028657

>She's also extremely unknown
She has shitloads of instagram followers, somehow though, and seems to get lots of post engagement so they must not all be bought. It's weird.

Blaire is also 5'5" and those two always appear to be the same height when they're in videos or pics together.

No. 1028689

Eh not really. She also has a low end patron and even her own followers complain about the quality of her ~ero modeling~ posts

No. 1028692

june lied about being 5'2 then was exposed for being 5'4/5'5 aka dead average lol according to multiple photos and other evidence collected in past juicier threads

No. 1028721

While this guy is disgusting, most women who are 30 are in long term relationships with guys that love them, both having successful/happy careers and good family vibes at the very least… begging for online fame and relevancy is something people do in their late teens and early 20s. When you are 30 and still doing it it’s kind of cringe.

Men loves to cope by saying the wall only hits women but it hits men just as hard. If you are 30 and don’t have your life together, no career, no real relationship experience (dating internet losers doesn’t count), barely any real education, and nothing to show for the last 15 years except for a YouTube channel… you’re in trouble. Nothing is going to change for Shoe in 5 years. She will just be 35, breaking up with Vaush, and clinging onto the next trendy political ideology that appeals to neckbeards.

No. 1028757

He has an anime pfp and banner. That's enough for me to kek and move on. Nothing he and others like him say mean anything. It's just smooth brain angry autists dribble. Guarantee he's among those bitter that they are undesirable by women and are hoping that by chanting ~the wall~ enough times, it would make all women scared enough to be desperate and choose them as bfs/husbands. Or they just want to shit on women as they age because it's "karma" for having high standards, like requiring proper hygiene and not being a retard, when they were younger

But June pandered to them so much so of course, those leopards ate her face when it was time. Same will happen to kiwi. I think though June will end up another leftythot with vaush.

No. 1028910

Isn't Sargon a stepdad? So by their standards Sargon is a cuck? LOL, o well, June deserves this for making these sorts her audience

No. 1028930

File: 1598417593838.png (463.01 KB, 1078x1746, Screenshot_20200825-235343(1).…)

June explaining herself for the tenth time

No. 1028935

Her profile picture is very befitting of that sperg nobody asked for. 10/10 autism.
>Guilt by association is lame
So is hanging out with a merry band of pedophiles, neither cancels each other out.

No. 1028941

File: 1598418545690.jpeg (64.17 KB, 428x267, 02037886-ACE5-4AC0-9978-2B851E…)

:/(emoticon use)

No. 1028952

>ive always been left wing
She keeps lying about this, and omitting her racism.

No. 1028953

Is there a full-body version of that photo? We know how desperate she is about these things, based on >>1028450.

No. 1028957

File: 1598422507057.jpg (47.58 KB, 865x218, 1514508042621.jpg)


forgot what video this was in the comments of but

No. 1028958

It’s from this video. You can see at 1:35 Blaire is significantly taller.

No. 1028960

No. 1028975

jesus shes actually popular enough to have legit antifan art?


No. 1028980

>implying men go for teens to throw money at them
>implying it's not to low-ball them by assuming inexperience

LMFAO cope, if anyone gets money thrown at them it's women who know to expect money, aka hot 30 year olds. if by "sexual value" he means being hounded by fugly, horny pests who expect to be entertained for free, then yeah, that decreases steadily as you learn to become more unapproachable to them. maybe that's why hot 30 year olds live rent free in their heads.

No. 1028993

Lol what a load of bullshit. June, you just wanted to be famous on the internet and the easiest way to do it was to appeal to various imageboard incels. Now you are fearing being canceled so you pretend you were on the "right side" of history all along.
Just tell the truth and say that politics never interested you, you just wanted to simulate high school on the internet and pretend you are the Stacy.

No. 1029003

really, they just know that no grown-up woman with developed boundaries and self-esteem will put up with their shit and take them seriously. All they can hope for is some inexperienced and susceptible pick-me, in a best-case scenario, but more realistically just staying lonely or finding a desperate woman of approximately their age that just wants to have kids and doesn't mind even the most abominable scrote.

No. 1029004

File: 1598434828555.png (40.98 KB, 736x873, soft_cowards.PNG)

No, I know here I am.


Not a simp, I stated that much in my post, and I feel sorry for your former English teachers.

I know for a fact she comes here. She also stalks kiwifarms as well.

You all do know that June and Ian (Eyerev) made this site originally, right?
It was to catch people that were trash talking her on Unichan.

You all seem rather young and desperate to hate on other people none of you have ever met.

I wonder what kind of people spend their lives on sites likes these.

I was just stopping by, but if any of you think you're better than other people simply because you gossip about them, please realize it just indicates you're all trash without lives of your own.

Pic related.
You're all soft cowards.(derailing)

No. 1029006

this bitch went turbo pickme-republican to please incels for twitter clout and youre worried about us TALKING about it? fuck out of here.

No. 1029007

>please realize it just indicates you're all trash without lives of your own.

and you're not? why wasting your time on preaching on a site like that? if anyone wants to assert oneself at the expense of others, it's you.

No. 1029019

Well Blaire could easily be lying about being 5’5. How many males do you know that are actually that short. Was he wearing heels though?

No. 1029024

I'm the anon who initially mentioned their height being similar and could be mistaken, but the reason I thought they were the same height was because of that old vidcon photo from previous threads of June, Blaire, and Greg where June and Blaire are standing level.

No. 1029028

June is at a point where shes deciding which way to pivot for simps. if Trump wins she will go right again. if Biden wins expect her to up her socialism.

No. 1029165

Has this bitch ever had an actual political standpoint? Come to think of it, she just spewed whatever was a hot topic at the time, She never stated what she was. She can't lie about her not trying to be a stupid MRA

Hope she sees this and gives you some "post-wall" pussy

No. 1029176

the only real political stances she has are being anti establishment and ""anti sjw"" because they're vague and meaningless enough that both her socialist and lolbertarian simps can get behind them

No. 1029213

They made up these rules for themselves like adopting kids is being a cuck then they get eaten by their own words. If he wants to save western civilization wouldn't they want to raise as many kids as they can?

Once again, being a fence sitter

No. 1029264

File: 1598475073955.jpg (146.57 KB, 1080x1103, 20200826_225010.jpg)

Her fans don't remember Shuwu also started her career the same way Sargon did? (And they were also very buddy-buddy and part of same circle too)

But Shuwu is not victim of Sargon, uwu.

No. 1029321

Kek she really has studied up on shuwu's tactics.

No. 1029327

yeah okay christian kek go back to simping for her and now kiwi on twitter

No. 1029354

I assume jokerifiedsnake doesn't know June was a gamergater

>Thinks anyone on this site is trash
>Admits June reads this website all the time and was involved with staffing it
>simps June and begs her to unban anyway
Make it make sense

No. 1029434

> Not a simp, I stated that much in my post
You went out of your way to apologize to her on here after making a comment on her livestream (that you PAID to elevate) out of fear that it was misconstrued. You don't cease to be a simp just because you preface your ass-kissing message by saying you aren't one. "I feel sorry for your former English teachers." Lol, I feel sorry for your lack of critical thinking skills.

>I never meant to drag that shit up in a way to make you feel uncomfortable.

Lmao you've obviously read the thread, you think your silly little comment is keeping her up at night or some shit?

No. 1029482

>If he wants to save western civilization wouldn't they want to raise as many kids as they can?

No. 1029506

> someone apologizes
> therefore simp
do all of you losers not understand what logical fallacies are, or is that something that something that only applies to some of you?

let me help you:





No. 1029518

File: 1598532706890.jpeg (14.13 KB, 512x288, m'lady.jpeg)

Back from whence you came pseudo-intellectual anon

No. 1029522

File: 1598534294971.jpg (86.98 KB, 750x494, chamomile-tea.jpg)

>is that something that something that

try to calm down, sweety, you're stuttering

No. 1029524

File: 1598535619673.jpg (12.88 KB, 720x438, 10000.jpg)

>even paid the thingy to elevate the message or whatever
>I never meant to annoy her or anything
>I never meant to drag that shit up in a way to make you feel uncomfortable
>not a simp

thanks for the content. now go cry in shoe's patreon discord you pathetic scrote.

No. 1029534

Ok, but by your own apparently super superior logic you called June trash, and when she reads here next she's just going to see that and block you for good for it. If the userbase of a site is trash, what is someone like her or you who stalks it?

No. 1029857

File: 1598591234902.png (38.25 KB, 597x418, Untitled.png)

No. 1029860

>Voices of reason

No. 1029901

File: 1598598553122.png (428.49 KB, 503x446, voosh.PNG)

Vaush and Shoe were streaming last night. The stream is 5 hours, dear lord. I am skimming through it, they're just talking about the kid in Wisconsin as I type this. I notice Vaush has trimmed his beard. Is he trying to look "cleaned up" for June? His eyes are more noticeable.

No. 1029902

File: 1598598640099.png (6.23 KB, 158x83, OH NO.PNG)

This is the thumbnail of the stream too, oh my god.

No. 1029935

File: 1598610351155.jpg (44.2 KB, 616x518, JxcKTzf5qAU.jpg)

finally some self-awareness

No. 1029941

Wow, after two years of getting mocked for it this bitch is still uwu-ing unironically

inb4 Lauren Chen comes for him for stealing her brand because they're both in the same Canadian retard-pandering sphere

No. 1029989

this is so pathetic. June just bringing up Gamergate memes when she first started supporting it to get attention, she admitted she hadn't played a Gameboy in years. And she still hasn't ever streamed videogames.

Her entire schtick is gravitating towards what will get her the most likes. That's all she ever does.

She must feels shes hit rock bottom if shes interested in Vaush though, Jesus Christ.

No. 1030039

Saged for not milk I dont think, if its milk I can post screenshots after I edit them, since it was me she was replying to. Was trolling around but not cowtipping on Trainwrecks tweet Kiwi replied to, she is PSYCHOTIC. she replies 10 seconds after I do and call me a psycho, but toying with this highly insecure person is really fucking funny. She genuinely has a mental illness if shes monitoring and refreshing twitter as hard as she has in the last 30 minutes, what a fucking weirdo, I almost feel bad for June that this thing has to walk around impersonating her. Sorry for blogpost.(cowtipping, blogging)

No. 1030044

Stop derailing about Kiwi and don't cowtip.

No. 1030168

>Hoe that makes money from the internet, spends most of her time on the internet during quarantine? Shocking

No. 1030247

If you're @CoolHeteroGuy sorry but you're the one that comes out looking like a loser. Seek help.

No. 1030296

Someone posted a clip in the leftthots thread of Vaush saying he can't stand women who build their platform on antifeminism, wonder how June feels about that one >>1030206

No. 1030401

no I wasn't, but I had a run in with that magic simp guy. he's truly pathetic.

No. 1030604


So that's why recently she's been constantly repeating how she has supported feminism all along, just made fun of "bad feminism" (and bad feminism is basically everything except maybe suffragette movement according to her)

No. 1030639

It’s disgusting that most men are ephebophiliac. They’ll go for the butter faced 18 year old than a beautiful 30 y.o

No. 1030658

It's because it's the one thing women can't change about themselves so of course men all flock to it, instead of obsessing over skinniness, boob size, skin color or whatever women can 100% cannot change their age without lying and we all know men love to shit on women. Plus most pedos only go for younger girls because those girls tend to have shit self esteem and beg for crumbs of attention

No. 1030664

File: 1598731015837.jpg (12.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>beautiful 30 y.o

No. 1030700

>beautiful 30 year old


No. 1030724

not defending all men but a good majority of men in real life who don't use shitholes like twitter would absolutely choose a hot 30 year old over kiwi. these are males who live online and purposely go after slutty 18-22 yr olds. they are also vastly ugly loser neets/simp incels on there.

No. 1030750

A butterface implies kiwi has a nice body to make up for her tragic face. She's a curveless stick with the tits of a breastfeeding tribe woman

No. 1030772

File: 1598749548740.jpeg (14.08 KB, 340x191, F0F8286E-CACD-4528-8404-096407…)

>kiwi is a butterface
That bitch is built like a fridge with an obviously creepily deformed spine, not to mention. She’s short and stubby as shit. Her face is indeed heinous
>June is a beautiful 30 year old
I mean she is a 30 year old kek

No. 1030783

>She has an unflattering picture(s) therefore she's ugly
I hate to break this to you but most beautiful women have ugly pics

No. 1030817

I can't get the webm to upload, but there's a 5-6 minute clip from this where Shoe, Vaush, and Vermin (his girlfriend) are laughing at that one widow while she's crying about the death of her husband. Around the end of the clip once Vaush and Vermin get done Shoe does her cringey uwu giggle and says "this is great."
Link to the mp4:

No. 1030818

all of her pics are ugly pics though

No. 1030835

Maybe not ugly but just average

No. 1030842

Maybe if you're a scrot who looks at models all day she's ugly, but compared to an average person? Eh

I get it she's shitty and she doesn't know how to style herself but she has a decent base to work with, she's definitely not ugly

No. 1030857

Can you wk elsewhere? People are allowed different opinions to you and that doesn't make them male. Also it's scrotE, newfag.

No. 1030863

She's a 5 on a good day

No. 1030873

Anon, stop. Ntayrt but not everyone who thinks she’s average is a fucking wk. I’m pretty sure it’s just you (and maybe one other anon) who keep circle jerking acting like she looks deformed and it’s getting really annoying to read.

No. 1030875

File: 1598776098001.png (104.28 KB, 597x616, little dumb baby.png)

kek this screenshot. Honestly her worst feature are her giant bulimia cheeks that she could get rid of by not purging
nta but you're the one shitting up the thread with the constant crying over people being too mean to this ugly little pedo baiter. Go away, you're too sensitive for here.

Anyway Kiwi is currently pandering to her fanbase. Her incels are praising her for "stepping outside progressive politics unlike most camwhores". Think she's going to try and pivot into a youtube politics thing like June? Interesting she's doing this after getting her fans to bug June for a collab.

No. 1030890

This is a pretty sane take anon. The only insane thing about this cap is the backlash she's likely to receive. That being said, the incel echo-chamber will surely drown out the dissenters.

No. 1030892

people are going to gravitate to kiwi because shes 18. at the end of the day shes young and has a tight body(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1030894

I'm pretty sure this faggot is just butthurt that ~le skeptic intellectual~ is out and "foul mouthed edgy communist" is in. On top of that he's probably also furIous that he would never be able to fit in with that crowd while June pulled it off with ease.

No. 1030901

That just makes her existence more sad if you ask me, becoming a prostitute the second you turn 18 seems to be the future of many girls of this generation tho, so many wait until their 18th birthday just so they can finally be a whore on the internet, cause that's cool now.

Ruining their lives before they even started. It's fucking sad. I am curious what the fallout will be in like 30 years when we have a whole generation of 40 year old women who have never worked a day in their life and can't get a job because all they ever did was porn and now they are too old to do it.

Also her body isn't even great, she has no hips and her tits are really saggy for being barely there, the giant pepperoni nipples don't really help either. She can only appeal to pedos and she knows it.

No. 1030910

File: 1598788390188.jpg (124.74 KB, 829x793, stillnotbi.jpg)

She's still pretending she's bisexual so she can complain about lesbians and pretend she's oppressed.

No. 1030959

I like how Junesimps are not even being subtle anymore

No. 1030970

My favourite was the obvious chomo scrote simping for kiwi
>She's young and has a tight body
>User has been put out to pasture

No. 1030972

Her nipples are normal. Most women have much larger nipples than men. Large nipples are a sexually dimorphic feature in females. Honestly she's really average looking, a solid 5/10. Her height and her cosplaying and geek girl persona appeals to neckbeards. I sure hope these girls save money.

No. 1030974

I think people are being way too hard on June and Kiwi for the way they look, making them out to be way below average when they are not.

Most women are not hourglass shaped beauty queens with perfect faces where everything on their bodies is small and pink.

I mean June is OK looking, I would say she was slightly more attractive than Kiwi, but neither of them are below average.

No. 1030975

I see where you’re coming from. I dislike June a lot but I never thought she was super ugly or anything. Just a pretty average girl…
but kiwi looks so deformed it makes her seem like a supermodel

No. 1030976

Nah, kiwi is below average and June is right at the limit between average and below average (4.5 without make-up and 5 with make-up).

No. 1030979

I find it funny how people believe this. A man like Vaush will sleep with ANYTHING (including animals if he could get away with it), yet women and trannies are fanning themselves going, "Oh king! He has standards! He cares about women! He hates anti-feminism terfs like we do!"
Like this dude wouldn't fuck or date someone whose morals aren't the same as his in a mintue.
Like >>1030604 said Shoe JUST started acting this way, he'd date her if she was acting like she liked him but was 100% the opposite of everything this fat dude believed in.
He does not care about women. He just hates women who don't think the way he does, but he'd still fuck/date those very women if they gave him the chance.

She just looks like a normal chick to me, nothing offensive, nothing special, for the men she dates and orbits, I guess she's above average to them.

No. 1030990

>Her nipples are normal
>Most women are not hourglass shaped beauty queens with perfect faces where everything on their bodies is small and pink

I always thought to be a successful whore you had to be at least above average in looks. But it seems nowadays every girl who can use photoshop can make top dollars on onlyfans even if they are painfully average or even unattractive. But then again, if they were truly attractive they wouldn't have to beg for attention this hard in the first place I guess.

She's putting her body out there for the world to see (and pay for) so we're allowed to make fun of it. Kiwi is obviously super insecure, which is why she always contorts her body in super awkward looking poses, making sure her ribs stick out as much as possible and squatting like she has to take a shit to give the illusion of hips.

I wouldn't say anything about her if she was just a normal girl living her life, going to school and hanging out with her friends. But she's out here shoving her nudes in peoples faces and simping for literal pedophiles (Shadman). So fuck her and her ugly pepperoni nipples.

No. 1031000

Anon above said it right: June is a 5, and so is Kiwi. That's average: not horribly deformed, not beautiful. Anything else is a matter of personal taste (or vendettas)

No. 1031004

June has a nice body and Kiwi does not. Kiwi also has a pretty fucked up face because of the cheeks. I'd give her a 3 or 4 and June a 5 or 6. It's not a vendetta to acknowledge that, I've hated June since unichan days.

No. 1031020

June has the exact same body except for the bolt-on implants. They both look like they came straight outta Whoville. They are average only because most women nowadays are fat, so if you maintain a slender figure and polish up your butterface with some make-up and filters you can easily be average compared to what you see in your local Walmart.

No. 1031072

It would look fine if she wasn't constantly gassing herself up to be some perfect titty sex goddess or a ~better version of june~ and call herself a Loli then walk around with African titties. If she was just humble or tried to work with her current body it would be fine but she doesn't do that like most cows do

No. 1031081

June has pretty decent implants (I think any implants that cause debates about their realness should at least be considered good implants)
June also has more muscle and fat which is a good thing compared to how boxy kiwi is, June looks more womanly. June has nice eyes, a decent face shape and nose but June and kiwi kept desperately trying to fit an aesthetic that doesn't fit them, objectively, most people who don't go through lolcow would say June is somewhat attractive. And before someone calls the "someone said a cow isn't hideous" police. There's only like 5-6 genuinely ugly cows, a lot have bad style but I'm referring to face and body

No. 1031107

June is average looking imo. She can be pretty in an average kind of way if she puts effort in. However Kiwis face looks literally deformed and as for her body, she’s 4’10 and has weird nipples so…

No. 1031202

While June isn't a knock-out, I think she's cute, especially when compared to Kiwi, who looks about 40 with her forehead wrinkles and jowls. June has a nice body than kiwi too, tbh, kind of petite and thin but with nicer curves, while Kiwi just looks like a boney box. As another anon said, I'm not at all a fan of June but if we're comparing their looks she's definitely better looking than kiwi. June would look good if she wore 2010's and onward Aubrey Plaza outfits, and even though it's a stupid style she pulls off the thigh high e-girl stuff.

No. 1031230

NTA but don't be purposely dense.

Also this thread is always a shit show of pathetic anons that feel bad for shoe because they identify with her sad-ass and feel personally attacked by criticism of her. sorry but if you look like shoe you're not hot, you're average at best. Like wtf are creepy ass comments like this >>1031081 and >>1031202 kek

June photoshops the shit out of her photos to give herself a waist and hips how are some of you this fucking stupid?

No. 1031231

you never see this level of discussion over if a cow is hot or not in any other thread. i think it's two-fold. june and kiwi both comment here and defend themselves so im always skeptical.
also anons on the off-topic board were talking about how they see themselves in june. i think a lot of anons here know theyre worse off than june looks and life wise so them throwing her a bone is them coping with their own shit. they cant just call her fat and feel better with themselves like they can moo and they cant laugh at her plastic surgery like they can pnp.
truth is june and kiwi wouldnt be looked at twice irl which is exactly while theyre so extremely online in the first place, same with some anons here.

No. 1031277

Maybe in LA, most men I know who know who she is think she's attractive. She looks good, I don't know why so many anons think cows that aren't literal supermodels are average

No. 1031293

She has a fucking weird face. Men have really low standards, which is why even ugly women can make money on onlyfans. I noticed they also seem to like buck-teethed rat faces cause both Belle, June and Kiwi got that going on.

>June has pretty decent implants
lol, google her nudes. Nobody who is not a retarded scrote would debate if those are real, they are bolt-ons that don't match her body at all.

>June looks more womanly

she shops herself to be more curvy while kiwi is going full on in on the pedo-aesthetic

>June has nice eyes, a decent face shape and nose

Just completely disagree. She looks like a Who. She's not hideously ugly when she does decent make-up. Recently she tried to look more like Belle instead of Boxxy, but if she takes off the eyeliner, lashes and wig she would not be attractive. She's the definition of a butterface.

You sound like June. Kiwi doesn't look 40, she looks underaged, which appeals to her pedo audience. The bulimia cheeks look like babyfat. I agree that she looks better than Kiwi but they're both not as hot as their simps make them out to be. If you met them on the street you wouldn't look twice.

No. 1031306

I would honestly like to see what most of the women commenting here look like. Only 8% of women have an official hourglass figure and women have bigger, darker nipples than men. Pepperoni nipples are more common in adult women than small light pink ones. Most of you probably look like June or Kiwi or worse.

I'm kind of getting tired of all the trashing of women's appearances on this board. I admit I have done it in the past making fun of bad surgery and poor fashion sense but that's a different thing imo.

There are plenty of other things to pick at when it comes to June and Kiwi.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1031308

June still looks like she is stuck in 2008 with many of the things she wears. I did my eyeliner like that when I was a teenager and I'm in my 30s now lol. She dresses like a soft emo from 2008.

I don't think the style you are mentioning is really something women can be expected to wear day to day and it's a bit outdated.

I think she would look decent if she just updated everything.

No. 1031311

The difference between us and them is that we don't post our nudes on the internet and make money off of simps. When you put it out there you open yourself up for criticism and when you build your whole career on being "hot" then you can expect people to judge your looks.

Kiwi is literally just a prostitute and attention whore on the internet, her entire person is based entirely around her looks. What else are we gonna talk about? Her hot political takes? Come on, nobody cares about what she thinks, not even her simps.

The same goes for June, let's be honest. She wouldn't have a career at all if she didn't look like Boxxy and was "cute quirky politics girl".

June has never said anything that a man (Vaush, Skeptic, Sargon) hasn't already said. She just says it "pretty". Nobody would give a shit about her if she didn't show her face in her videos. Their "careers" are based on their looks so we talk about them.

Nobody cares what Becky from next doors nipples look like cause she doesn't ask you to pay money to see them.

No. 1031315

>thread derails into nitpicking about appearances
This is worse than the height sperging, Shoe really is a boring cow without Preg. Congrats, Shoe and Kiwi shop and use filters, more news at 11.

No. 1031342


Preg 2.0 being this ridiculously overconfident is hilarious. The only women who want his attention are troons and pick me e-thots. Normal women wouldnt even breathe in his direction let alone have a tinder hook up.

No. 1031344

this is an image board, you need to provide a pic not a link

No. 1031345

Apparently being "non-monogamous" is a skill instead of a fear of commitment stemming from emotional trauma.

Unable to experience true love, forever sleeping around and betraying each other and they are proud of it. Poly people make me vomit.

No. 1031348

File: 1598881167542.png (10.98 KB, 821x252, Egs95umVgAIA53h.png)

this is like the navy seals copypasta of "I have sex"

No. 1031357

I saw this image before the video on Twitter. I seriously thought it was a copypasta lmao. He is delusional. Can’t believe he actually said that.

No. 1031388

>this is a pretty sane take
Everybody knows not to tweet shit like that especially because of the political/social environment going on nowadays. This tweet goes to show who she's really trying to pander to..

That'd be hilarious. She'd probably flop given how her fanbase doesn't even take her seriously.

No. 1031403

>Implying people should refrain from innocuous statements like this due to societal pressures.
Fuck kiwi, but GDR here we come.

No. 1031527

File: 1598910938743.jpg (574.98 KB, 1069x1540, Screenshot_20200831-235449_Sam…)

No. 1031528

cuck on head holy shit

No. 1031529

Didn't she learn from the sad attempt to be poly with Greg?

No. 1031530

I'm fighting the urge to post Vaushs girlfriend, but I will say this, i think she'd be fine with being apart of vaush's relationships because she'd easily be the best looking woman there compared to the women and trannies. That may be her biggest reason for wanting this, clout and being the best looking person in the room.
Also, kek, at Vaush acting like he gets so much play, dude if you have no standard then of course you have more options. If you'd fuck ANYTHING, then yes, it's very easy to find something to fuck.

No. 1031531

haa and with her current loser she's orbiting no wonder she's claiming she wants to share a man with another female. vaush is gonna love this once he realizes he can have her as his little commie cum slut. shoe never ceases to amuse me with her stupid choices in life

No. 1031560


lmao ew. Get some female friends and you won’t have to stoop so low as sharing your boyfriend just to have some female companionship/bonding.

No. 1031561

File: 1598915446817.jpeg (18.01 KB, 250x176, 37D2B6B4-9375-4476-A514-75B2ED…)

I’ll do the honour. At this point I think Mr Vaush and Ms Unvaushed need their own thread but whatever

No. 1031602

June acting like she’d kiss a man’s other woman just to get a fat, greasy pedo’s approval.

We all know she wouldn’t actually make out with this Unhygienic sow.

No. 1031634

Ashleigh Coffin is next level cringe. She'd make a great thread on her own but she just posts about her giant mammary mommy milkies so ironically no milk

No. 1031676

File: 1598936598538.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.46 KB, 866x488, tacomawept.jpg)

imagine shoe and the ogress wearing matching outfits with their fat spilling out of taobao knee socks and june being absorbed in their beloved lardo's embrace

No. 1031685

File: 1598937962593.gif (99.67 KB, 220x256, myeyes.gif)

These creatures and that mental image is beyond disgusting, time to an hero

No. 1031688

I never, ever use the term pick me but this is the epitome of it right here. These women are so genuinely sad and desperate it is scary. What leads you to be like this? They aren't even ugly nor fat compared to most Americans. Is it internet/porn culture?

No. 1031703

Not to derail but why are so many women doing this these days? WE are biologically wired to be the picky ones, since we are the ones that have to give birth and shit. I've noticed that most pickmes aren't even ugly anymore, they're just average or even sometimes pretty. It's so annoying, the fact that she's doing this for for this obese tiny penis having subhuman is beyond me

No. 1031716

June is a run of the mill FAS emogirl and Ashleigh used to be a deformed horse with an enormous jaw that she fixed on Peter Coffin's dime. You don't magically get a hot girl mentality after getting surged up, and it's not like she has career options outside of e-blowing neckbeards. Besides, now she's just a provincial kind of pretty - definitely not a trophy or something you'd show off/go out of your way to land. A rich or attractive dude would likely be embarrassed to be seen with her in public, which doesn't mean that he wouldn't bang her in private.


That being said, looks mean very little past the point of slightly above average. If you don't have game, you can be a 10/10 splitting bills with Preg while a 6/10 who knows how to fuck with men's heads has multiple Chads competing to bux her. What men say they want and what they actually want are two entirely different things.

No. 1031724

File: 1598947168073.jpg (714.19 KB, 1080x1518, 20200901_093748.jpg)

No. 1031728

It's just the usual suspects here.. lack of real female friendships, low self esteem, spending too much time online especially in male dominated spaces/bubbles. My own personal opinion is women like this might have challenging relationships with their own mothers while growing up.

There are poly women out there who are legit and mature about it tho, so the above doesn't apply to them.. but June does not strike me as poly at all. Especially considering she has never had any serious attempt at it during 10-15 years of dating. It's not like she doesn't have options so what I'm saying is that if she truly wanted to be in that kind of arrangement, it probably would've happened by now.

No. 1031730

She has her thread in /pt/, it's been there before the great /pt/ /snow/ divide.

No. 1031732

Also being constantly exposed to porn and male fantasies that women used to laugh at. Now they grow up watching this and think "This is normal. This is how I am supposed to be and act." Same for men, they grow up watching two lesbians competing to suck a dick, girls being slapped in the face and having their mouths spit in and orgasming from just having their tits grabbed. So they think that is how women should act and that's normal.

Girls like Kiwi can't wait to open their Onlyfans on their 18th birthday so they can act out men's fantasies all day long and get paid for it are another symptom of a porn-sick society.

Porn should be banned. It's ruining a whole generation.

No. 1031733

>There are poly women out there who are legit and mature about it tho, so the above doesn't apply to them..

Also hard disagree. Poly people are all sick in the head and I have never once not seen it end in a big shitshow cause it's just natural for people to be jealous and people find ways to cheat even in an open relationship. Look at Projared and Heidi/Holly. It always ends like that.

If you're not the least bit jealous when you watch your partner be intimate with others then either you don't love them in the first place or you fetishized your own misery and get off on humiliation aka you're a cuck.

Don't be a cuck girls. Don't be like June and let men cheat on you cause you have no self respect. It's not "a woke poly relationship". You are not "a cool girl unlike other girls". You're a cuck. Grow a spine.(derailing)

No. 1031737

I posted that and I am all of those things you described and always have been. I really don't think it's that. I disagree with poly being able to be 'legit and mature' at all, though. It is inherently immature and shows inability to commit.(warning: stop derailing)

No. 1031740

Too lazy to find but, I remember there is a cap of Shoe's askfm replying someone asking if she'd go poly with Preg and her reply was something like "I'd become jealous!" but, she was totally ok with threesomes and him flirting with other women online.

On a side note, what I hate about poly relationships where all parties claim to be openly bi/pan, it's always just one guy with multiple women 90% of the time.

No. 1031798

5 bucks says he's shitting triggers about multi-male arrangements, though. Just look at the kiwifarms polyamory thread, it's literally all asspained moids wailing about men being cucked while cheering on the likes of Vaush. Inb4 muh evopsych - this is retarded, females are hardwired to cuckold males to the point that males physically evolved multiple anti-cuckoldry adaptations.

Sage for off topic, have this beautiful video.

No. 1031812

I love True Anon after this saga. They have gotten us so much milk.

No. 1031816

The only “men” Vaush has ever fucked:

>troons (men dressed as women)

>aidens (women dressed up as men)

The thought of a normal guy doesn’t turn him on. It’s all a power fantasy for him - dominating people he sees as weaker

No. 1031841

Mod is poly confirmed. How is this derailing?

June is talking about getting into a poly relationship with Vaush who is already in one and June is even mentioned in the post. If we can't shit on poly relationships in this thread then it's gonna be boring forever cause that's what it's eventually gonna be about since June has not learned her lesson and is still a cuck.

No. 1031899

>many others simply don't want to commit. It isn't necessarily an inability to do so.
what is it then? cope.

No. 1031901

No personality and sub par looks so June relies on her desperation to get men

Poly, if used right, is mostly for older couples who have been together a long time and want something new but too many young people jump on the trend because of Tumblr and expect it to work when everyone involved has the maturity of a 12 yr old

No. 1031907

Look at his house..are they doing this on twitch? And like I said, June would be 100% cool being in this situation why?
She's a troll, she thinks she'd easily be the best looking one and Vaush will worship her, she wants clout, she's thirsty and she dates men who are physically below her because it makes her feel better about herself.

Most Poly relationships aren't with super attractive people it feels like 90% of them are with people who look like this.
People who'd fuck anyone/anything. They mindfuck people into thinking they are desirable but it's just not being picky.

June would LOVE being in matching outfit with this chick.

No. 1031990

Desperation + very hard to find decent men so women resort to doing that stuff because they lost all hope and want to try to own the fact that they'll never find a decent man

No. 1032021

File: 1598997408335.png (22.96 KB, 631x276, one dick policy.png)

Does this include transwomen?

No. 1032130

File: 1599009205961.jpeg (207.28 KB, 750x1107, 697DC387-4156-4E9D-ADE9-4535EF…)

The video of the woman getting catcalled went viral again and *~coincidently~* she asks her followers for this, knowing damn well the lonely neckbeards who love her will be sperging about they don’t get complements, cause catlcalling is compliments to her STILL. She hasn’t changed at all, lol.

No. 1032141

This is so fucking pathetic
Men get complimented all the time. On everything they do. They only acknowledge it when it's a hot women saying it, if even that.

I know obese men who get complimented daily, most men with girlfriends get complimented daily, even average or sub average men get complimented doing normal things, Shane Dawson is literally the definition of a 5 and gets tons of female fans begging for them, same with social repose and Onision, they get free nudes from female fans for existing and they don't even have to work out, eat healthy or have proper grooming habits. Average or even above average female social media presents barely get anything at all. I've never seen a non-debatable average looking woman get complimented as much as average or below average looking men do

No. 1032186

Men do get complimented, just not random men irl. Because complimenting random men is always taken as a come on and can possibly put you in danger. I told a male his haircut looked good once and it led to him fucking stalking me for months.

June is so retarded and because she never gets hit on outside of the internet she has no idea what it's actually like.

Honestly June needs to realize she's no considered a hot girl outside of her online photoshopped pictures. She gets the scraps of male attention and she thinks that's the norm. It's honestly sad.

No. 1032247

>complimenting random men is always taken as a come on and can possibly put you in danger

Very true. Men think if you compliment them it must mean you want to have sex with them, because that is the only reason they compliment women.

And I assume most of these guys whining about it on the internet don't interact with women in real life at all except for strangers (cashiers, doctors, receptionists). It would be very weird for those women to make them compliments. And if they have girlfriends they probably don't notice how much they get complimented cause men are fucking oblivious.

Now if the hot waitress at Applebees for some reason compliments their shirt because she wants a bigger tip, I am sure they will remember it forever cause the hot waitress totally wanted to sex them.

Also this is such a huge fucking Pickme move by June, it just screams desperation. UwU I would compliment you fellow men, I am not like mean other women who don't realize how amazing you are~~~ I will worship your dick 24/7 in our super lewd open BDSM relationship!"


No. 1032326


I felt like she toned down her pandering coolgirl shit last few months and was focused on politisperging, but I see the original Wig is back now that she's getting desperate to get picked again.

No. 1032398

Notice how it's always fat, ugly men who say stuff like this. They're beyond bitter.

No. 1032404

Go outside. In the real world there aren't many of these middle school menacers outside of your local Libertarian convention.

No. 1032408

Kiwi has forehead wrinkles? How? I though you only started getting them at 35+(nitpicking, samefagging)

No. 1032483

No. 1032519

It's from her raising her eyebrows to make her eyes look bigger and be more kawaii.

No. 1032804

Men who say this shit are always just ugly kek like you're not getting complimented on your looks because you're not hot and your personality is off-putting. Grow up and move forward.

No. 1033133

Original Wig is back desperately trying to get picked now that preg dumped her and her past orbiters are all moving on to kiwi. it's just so fucking cringy. this is not how men/the world is whatsoever but as always, sheltered spoiled pandering wiggy has no clue. if a man is actually good looking, nice enough and especially is talented or genuinely hard working snd smart, they get tons of compliments and i see this every single day.

No. 1033867

I'm 24 and people generally assume I'm younger than that yet I have some wrinkles on my forehead, it's just really hard for me to relax my muscles there and I keep forgetting about it. Other people clench their jaw etc. Tension can cumulate in many parts of your body. In highschool I saw girls with wrinkles bigger than mine now and I never judged them because of it, I don't see the point in nitpicking thigs that women have no control over(blog)

No. 1033948

Being 24 and looking "younger" is not noteworthy, 24 IS young

No. 1034088

well according to modern standards it's only one year from hitting the wall(ban evasion)

No. 1034096

"The wall" isn't a real thing, and "modern standards" are not 16-year-old socially inept Redditors' opinions on women.

No. 1034102

Congratulations? Fuck off pulltard,with your blogging about how much more uwu you are than a cow. No1curr

No. 1034105


The Wall is glorified cope. Even if it did exist, who really cares? The women they keep using that shit on STILL lived better lives in one day than they ever will. They're that desperate for validation, they think in such childish terms:

>h-hey, if she's miserable like me, that means I win!

It's all so tiresome.

No. 1034167

File: 1599356755599.png (294.54 KB, 738x661, BEBF5201-76EB-467A-A70E-178C92…)

Just going to leave this here. YIKES.

No. 1034176

aw she really is becoming his antifa commie cum slut. how cute

No. 1034181

do people forget vaush already has a girlfriend?

No. 1034185

the real question is does vaush care he already has a gf? I mean there was that whole underage boy he was grooming that got leaked recently. so he obviously doesnt care he has a gf

No. 1034186

> Shoe
> radical

> Vaush

> anarchist

This is why I don't talk to leftists on the internet

No. 1034208

It's good for a look into political illiteracy.

No. 1034222

I thought it was a polycule of rejects/trannies/fat women who can't get sex?

No. 1034277

They are in an "open relationship". He recently bragged on stream about having Tinder and one of his best skills is picking up women.

I assume until now it was only his gf fucking other people and she will probably want to close the relationship once June tries to slide in there. Most women aren't actually cool with their boyfriends fucking other women, especially ones more attractive than them.

No. 1034306

He's a greasy commie fighting for pedophile acceptance under the guise of being progressive, he definitely doesn't give a shit how polyamorous his love life becomes kek. I hate to say it but Preg is an upgrade next to this insidious neckbeard… At least with Preg he's too stupid to conceal his less than ideal qualities.

No. 1034331

She just downgraded to a more gross neckbeard, wow.

No. 1034370

File: 1599405320433.jpg (691.27 KB, 1080x1569, 20200906_171350.jpg)

Pick me's doing the same shit they did 4 years ago but instead of pandering to rightwing incels it's leftist neckbeards.

No. 1034371

File: 1599405407229.png (899.86 KB, 601x1225, Democratic_Skinwalkers_of_Amer…)

No. 1034388

they are in an "open" relationship. he also has a live-in femboy who looks suspiciously young. @conureCC

shoe is probably just hesitating because being in this harem will be the beginning of the end of her life. not even the girls in the leftist thot thread are this fucked up - cringy, sure… but not this…

No. 1034390

Clip? Will serve for a good video

No. 1034391

literally reminds me of the "4 horseman of the apocalpyse" picture Skeptic posted years ago

No. 1034393

No. 1034396

Its like she gets off on being humiliated in some way shape or form. Oh well her thread will probably get alot more active once she decides to be his lil harem ho.

And yeah sadly preggory was a huge upgrade compared to this guy but june gonna june I guess in men choice

No. 1034403

File: 1599408635018.jpg (111.39 KB, 1280x658, kkkkk.jpg)

>I tried asking this on Twitter and was blocked by shoe after 4 years of being a fan and a $20+ patron. Let that sink in.
>I was also blocked by Greg for the same reason

No. 1034429

No. 1034454

kek i know right? Words don't even mean anything anymore.
I agree. Preg is fucking disgusting but he's an upgrade from fucking Vaush.
online standards are so low. The girl on the left looks like a walmart mom. Ashleigh and June both photoshop excessively.

Can you remember when June put on her purple wig and a floppy hat and anons here were talking about her glow up and how she can grow now without Preg? SHOW YOURSELVES

No. 1034457

someone should make a "real" version of that image w/ unphotoshopped pics of all of them

No. 1034465

Seconding I would if I had a pc

No. 1034467


>Ashleigh and June both photoshop excessively.

oh shit I thought that was kiwi in the picture/collage >>1034370
and was laughing at people who actually like june preferring kiwi as the "face" of shoe0nhead or being unable to tell them apart or whatever

No. 1034522

File: 1599426398647.jpg (373.92 KB, 1071x984, Screenshot_20200906-230641_Chr…)

>where are her organs?

You mean everyone can see you and Ashleigh shooping like crazy.

Return of disney princess waistline when?

No. 1034531

shuwu is really coming full circle lately, right back to where she was 5 years ago

No. 1034557

In 10 years when she's 39 she'll be doing the same shit on a different platform probably unless she really ghosts the internet on her 30th birthday and never comes back. But that would also mean she would have to get a job and go to school for something

No. 1034564

its fun watching her trainwreck play out. Just hurry up with the vaush drama already shuwu so we have more to laugh about

No. 1034572

Idk whats worse

June sucking right wing ass and pretending to be the ultimate uwu wife

Or June sucking left wing ass and pretending like shes the face of breadtube even though less than a year ago she was making anti feminism videos

Still love how each itteration of shoe she still has to objectify herself and shit on women she thinks her opinion is better than. It really doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum shes on as long as 1. She gets attention and 2. She feels superior to any woman in that content sphere.

No. 1034664

kek at first I couldn't remember if that was Kiwi or June, tbh thought Kiwi at first. If I hadn't seen the original photos by the two of them, it would have been harder.
Hard agree.

Also I hate these kinda people who responded whining about that stupid picture, because it's not really a matter of "omg objectifying girls is wrong!" but instead "objectify ___ girls too!" and it's just gross and embarrassing all-around. All simps and pick-mes.

Is the far left (no pun intended) one a troon? That's the troon flag. I dunno who any of these girls are besides Shoe though. #3 is actually kinda cute, especially in the sense of not having an uncanny valley face.
Being lumped in with Shoe says a lot about these other women though. Unfortunate.

No. 1034683

File: 1599454322931.png (834.38 KB, 1000x2000, s-sorry im just a little cuckq…)

No. 1034705

File: 1599466148547.jpg (64.97 KB, 483x815, Capture.JPG)

>close the gyms
>uwu i love dad bod and fat men

She's really into cucking herself like that huh

No. 1034736

This is somehow even cringier than watching her "simp" for Preg

No. 1034760

Idk why I thought this bitch might be turning a new leaf lately.. she obviously hasn't grown at all.

No. 1034762

God I didn’t think she would get cringier after the Armoured Skeptic days. Holy shit

No. 1034811

So a teen is living with them and fucking their fat asses? Also, am i the only one thinking they are trolling us? Maybe I expect a little more out of shoe not to simp a ugly dude and his unattractive gf, but come on? Is this just them playing with everyone?
And why do so many people online think this is normal? It's proof their audiences is full of unattractive women, troons and men.
I just cannot imagine being a fan of any of these people.

No. 1034816

Vaush met the femboy in 2019 in Destiny's twitch chat

>[2019-01-16 07:24:38 UTC] Irishladdie: conure I never have before but I'm not opposed to the idea!

>[2019-01-16 07:25:41 UTC] Irishladdie: conure oh, man! Uhhh. Could you @ me on Twitter? So I can keep my art stuff organized. I'm at https://twitter.com/Wacheneide and very flattered youre interested!

Wacheneide was his twitter where he kept cartoon shota and loli pics retweeted/drawn.

no idea how old this person is but they look VERY young

No. 1034830

I hope Shoe dates Vaush. Imagine being a decent looking girl wanting to date into Vaush's situation or even flirting with someone like that.
even if this is trolling she still looks disgusting.

No. 1034831

I truly think that June has an incel/neckbeard fetish.

She gets off on the idea of being the only attractive woman in a man's life.

Some people are excited by being an object of desire rather than doing the desiring.

These ugly, loser men are simply props for her fantasy when it comes to being the center of attention.

I think Kiwi could be the same.

Looking at the type of character that follows both these women there is absolutely nothing to envy.

No. 1034835

The amount of people that thought June was Kiwi instead of vice versa is funny. The skinwalker becomes the skinwalked kek

I think June also needs someone who has a following but not as much as her. It's like she needs her relationships to play out in front of an audience like a fucking romcom. Will they/won't they, make little jokes and drop clues. It's honestly really sad.

No. 1035029

File: 1599516581370.jpeg (2.27 MB, 1534x1854, 66D73810-A417-47EC-9CCA-6DAF18…)

No. 1035065

it is hilarious how people in that thread devolve into callng shoe ugly and talking about how hot kiwi is. i think kiwi is pretty unattractive but im a woman, not a man… men are weirdly brained and shoe must be seething

No. 1035072

they're only lying saying kiwi is soooo much better because she's allegedly only 18 and isn't a big scary leftist. as soon as kiwi gets older and quits being a desperate pickme attention whore for right leaning neckbeards and ugly incels/sex abusers on twitter she will also become ~ugly~ in their eyes kek. personally, i already think she looks horrific, she doesn't even look as good as belle delphine and she's no looker either, kiwi is legitimately deformed. we thought june was unfortunate kek. but kiwi's terrifying face and scrawny body is perfect to appeal to these lowest of the low twitter obsessed losers/some chan using neckbeards

No. 1035078

agreed, i just find it funny that these are the people shoe panders to.

No. 1035081

HA right? they're even pettier than anons on here.

No. 1035096

>culture war
It's been bizarre watching internet retards play and speak like they're in an actual war when it's literally just a pointless meme that holds no value except to attention seekers like tradthots

No. 1035155

You just know it’s only because she’s so young and has the body of the average twelve year old lmao

No. 1035184

Don't insult the 12 year olds anon. They probably struggle with their self esteem. Enough without being compared to a creepily deformed bulimic ethot

No. 1035199

This. Do you think she will change her ways now or still try to pander to a group that clearly have no interest in her?

No. 1035221

bet your ass kiwi sunset was self posting in that thread lmao

No. 1035263

File: 1599560425482.jpg (192.45 KB, 1080x979, Screenshot_20200908-201547__01…)

I keked

No. 1035309

she will keep pandering to the same group… incels of [x] political denomination, while seething that the whole group doesn’t accept her. she keeps reliving high school every 5 years since she graduated it’s pathetic.

it will be worse than the altright this time, because at least on the altright the “cool” kids accepted her… this time around the “cool” kids mock her and find her cringe. she played this completely the wrong way by trying to appeal to a literal-who neckbeard (Vaush) who most people dislike, because now when she tries climbing the irony poisoned ladders to CTH, she will inevitably get shunned.

No. 1035311

that thread is mental illness encapsulated. can the internet die already

No. 1035332

June definitely has a neck beard / incel fetish. Have we forgotten the Mexico photos? All the dudes she traveled with looked like they did nothing but play WoW for 14 hours a day and only ate pork rinds and crackers. MasterGRed was chunk like Vaush is now. We shouldn't forget there's women like June who try to make themselves out to be the most attractive person ever by surrounding themselves by fatasses. We've had plenty of cows like this before.

No. 1035334

>Shoe dumped her boyfriend
Did June post this? Cause we all know it was her who was dumped.

No. 1035347

File: 1599576222037.jpg (503.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200908-212035.jpg)

The obsession continues…

No. 1035387

Even genderbent version of chinless Leafy looks more attractive than her.

But so fucking strange to forcibly insert herself into every tweet that's about June's looks.

No. 1035396

Does she like, search "shoeonhead", go through Tweets mentioning her and reply to anything she can squeeze herself into? She's an embarrassment.

No. 1035404

I think June looks like a fucking Who out of Whoville but Kiwis is absolutely delusional if she thinks she is more attractive than her. She has all of the features that make June ugly but cranked up.

When Leafy has a better jawline than you… jfc.

No. 1035406


Did anyone notice
>female leafy looks like a more attractive shoeonhead

>more attractive shoeonhead

>kiwi immediately claims she's female leafy

First Kiwi was lowkey shitting on Shuwu for being older, now she's the "more attractive one".

This is the same shit that was happening back in 2015 when Shuwu was lowkey claiming to be "more attractive" anti sjw Boxxy, history truly does repeat itself.

No. 1035408

File: 1599583019765.jpg (65.84 KB, 483x834, Capture.JPG)

The forgotten fat one is also back with his cringe selfies

No. 1035410

she's got the confidence of a fat neckbeard.

No. 1035417

Yes Preg, you do look significantly better with most of your face covered.

No. 1035424

Has he always been this ugly and annoying or has his insufferability increased 100 fold since splitting from June?

No. 1035431

He looks like an Iranian woman with PCOS.

No. 1035441

Why does he make this horrible expression. Good god. He literally looks like a meth head with that hair and the stroke face and now the bank robber scarf too.

No. 1035477

the fact that shoe graduated high school almost over a decade ago gets me

No. 1035478

kind of an over reaction to a hyperbolic pol thread, cmon guys. this isnt even a real thread on there (like its literally made by a bot), but also nobody who browses pol cares about their opinions or what they do. thats why kiwi wins over shoe in this case- because shes nearly underage shadowing boxxy doing nudes. but they dont care in the end and this isnt even milky.

No. 1035483

File: 1599592717793.jpg (20.97 KB, 400x400, tangled.jpg)

I'm guessing Shuwu with her disney obsession made him watch Tangled one too many times and now he thinks he is Flynn Rider doing his sexy face. Except in the movie it was a joke.

No. 1035486

Anon I'm dead

No. 1035623

Ewgh kiwi is so annoying maybe that's why all these anons saw June as less cowish

No. 1035723

Spot on lmao

No. 1035739

>Uses this photo of kiwi to prove she's more attractive than June
Neckbeards really be pedos huh? Kiwi looks like a literal inbred (actually literally looks like someone I know who is inbred) but gets attention because she is young. When will the pedophile trend end and women can finally be determined as attractive based on their facial features, style, health, etc and not how young they are/look?

No. 1035751

>Did anyone notice
Literally the post above you?
Also it seems pretty obvious, at least that is what I saw her as saying immediately. The "female leafy" doesn't even look like her, so there would be no point to her retweeting this if she WASN'T shitting on June (and the original tweet already is). Well unless she WK'd June but I won't hold my breath on her ever doing that.
>bank robber scarf
A-anon, that's a face mask…
Remembered his post promoting them a while back >>1020741

No. 1035794

Lol Shoe probably started that thread on /pol & likely began tearing her hair out when simps began simping for Kiwi

No. 1035818

I mean you're taking about the preferences of neckbeards so probably never. Stable men have normie preferences.

No. 1035823

It seems to be a trope common to all "intellectual" and "critical" youtubers. It's as prevalent as the "soy face" but not discussed as much. I don't know from where it stems from but I hate it and I wish those fuckfaces would stop that, they don't look smart or sarcastic or cool, just very awkward.

No. 1035832

File: 1599644194199.jpg (152.18 KB, 1080x974, obligatoryjuneretweet#791.jpg)

Design wise, Gogita is a objective downgrade.

No. 1035834

File: 1599645021904.jpg (39.25 KB, 1183x355, Capture.JPG)

Just archiving this here, in case it changes

No. 1035893

Why is chipmunk faced Kiwi using a chipmunk faced filter to make her look like she has buck teeth on top of her droopy cheeks kek

No. 1035980

>jokingly simp for women on Twitter
kek her own fans don't believe she's bisexual.
They are showing off their high t alpha hunter eyes.

No. 1035983

This girl is so ridiculous lmao. No one thinks your 4/10 ass isn't real.

No. 1035990

Weird theory:simps are separate profiles operated by kiwi

She blew up out of nowhere and her tweets only go back to March but she's still also replying and has fans which means she has a long tweet and onlyfans history long before March which proves my theory that she is either
1.Lying about her age
2. Posted child porn
She deleted everything before March because people would easily backtrace that she isn't 18 like she claims to be

As for my theory that she operates various male accounts

No. 1036016

the more parsimonious explanation is just that men really are pathetic

No. 1036069

Does anyone know if this is real?


>Vaush has allegedly been reported to the FBI by a former friend after expressing his controversial take on child exploitation during one of his live streams.

>“I’ve been a friend of his for a while and he often brings this topic up in private conversations. I’ always just assumed he was trying to be controversial because that was his entire spiel, but once I saw this clip, I just knew,” an alleged friend of Vaush’s told us.

>“He went off on a tangent once and admitted that he once saw child p*rn and that he believes people that say they haven’t are lying,” she added. “I think it was in relation to 4chan or something. It happened a while ago.

If so… good job Shoe. You picked a total upgrade from Skeptic!

No. 1036072

File: 1599687735537.jpg (80.26 KB, 555x487, Untitled.jpg)

She's really pressed about appearing "leftist" all along even though pandering to alt right (with focus on woman hate) is what made her gain audience in the first place.

No. 1036075

File: 1599688091799.jpg (132.93 KB, 776x1252, Capture.JPG)

Also Kiwi selfposting on shoe0nhead subreddit kek

No. 1036076

appearing l as a lefty would mean she has taken a side and she's desperate to remain neutral and pander all incels, both commies and alt right. Too bad they're now too radical for fence sitters who only talk in political memes. She really should of stayed off Twitter, made 1 vid explaining her
taking a hiatus and gotten a hobby. Guess now she'll just ultimately end up in vaush's harem while he gets arrested by the fbi.

No. 1036085


She went From a fat skeevy pedo perv who jerks off to lolis and 19 year old thots to an even fatter actual pedophile neckbeard who defends watching cp

No. 1036095

What takes? Pandering to moids doesn't count.

No. 1036109

Lol this bitch is getting on my nerves I can't imagine how Shoe must feel.

No. 1036110

Kek and then kiwi jumped in posting her own pics and calling herself hot
Go back

No. 1036112

File: 1599691487064.jpeg (90.71 KB, 750x309, 8F8C5819-33DC-432E-B988-E2C660…)

Saying “reddit tier” has somehow become a Reddit/Normie thing to say ffs

No. 1036128

calling them men is too generous, i have the misfortune of knowing one of kiwis current simps and he's literally a fat, genuinely ugly in the face creepy lonely almost-broke 30 yr old loser (still living with parents of course, never moved out) who preys/attempts to prey on 16-20 year old girls and he has severe mental health issues and lives on twitter and instagram 24/7 and was also a prior june orbiter (he even followed her around at vidcon years ago and wouldn't stop obsessing over bragging about how they were totally friends after that etc) not to blog but i just feel like it should be stated the calibre of "men" that orbit her publicly kek.

No. 1036150

This bitch nuts. Who the fuck spends everyday trying to convince people you're a "better" version of some random 30 yr old woman who can't even make it on her own

No. 1036197

File: 1599701856613.jpeg (35.12 KB, 686x341, 39AEC65B-B289-493B-B663-DD67B8…)

how the fuck does this have 86k likes. it’s twitter so the bar is non existent but still

No. 1036249

I saw a tweet like this a week ago. Shoe doesn't know how to do anything unless it's regurgitatesps stuff she already saw online.

No. 1036267

File: 1599720226231.jpeg (77.9 KB, 1080x668, ED139C61-ECEA-430A-96E7-D75393…)

Heh yep

No. 1036284

File: 1599723260173.png (958.72 KB, 1101x501, kiwiateabee.png)

Simps on the internet really overinflated this girls ego. It is now almost the size of her cheeks.

No. 1036287

File: 1599724515752.png (97.97 KB, 1160x516, tweet.png)

No. 1036310

This is the best photo I've ever seen of her and the comparison still does the dog dirty.

Ah, regurgitating someone else's tweet for likes. That's almost symbolic of June's existence as a whole.

No. 1036423

that hair and eyeliner doesn't do her any favors, why would one strive to be so damn plain?

No. 1036523

File: 1599773496585.png (1.59 MB, 2364x1246, Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 2.28…)

Pregory deleted all the videos with Shoe on his Armoured media channel, as well as the few vlogs they had together on the Armoured Gregory channel. Meanwhile, shoe still has all her videos with Pregory on her channel, and the Shoe and Skeptic channel is still up (although neither of them link to it anymore).

No. 1036525

Reminder that the "Shoe and Skeptic" channel was originally June's second channel, "Shoe0ffHead" so she's most likely the one who has the password.

No. 1036748

File: 1599814743748.png (766.66 KB, 599x791, shoeyoudork.png)

What are you doing June?

No. 1036756

He must be pissed because his movie review with June were big part of Armoured Media.

No. 1036761

If she's into older fat guys for real, it would be so easy or her to find a fat guy who treats her basically well and wants to get married - especially if he's in his late 30s or early 40s and unmarried still. Just saying, if all she wants is to get picked, well she could go get picked.

No. 1036762

File: 1599818474625.jpeg (269.74 KB, 1125x917, 1593297202304.jpeg)

i dunno about that man. groceries is just as insidious and pro pedo. i think theyre equals. theyre foils of each other tbh.
and i think vaush is slightly better by like .05% because of his pseudo leftist leanings.
a guy who spouts feminism despite not being geniune is better than an asshole who constantly degrades women and has a weird god complex.
and kek at vaush being a commie not even close. i just love how people always conflate anybody with leftist leanings as a fucking commie.

did all y'all just conveniently forget how much of disgusting asshole preg is? i hate how this thread has vocal people that think anything remotely positive about preg. dont get me wrong vaush is a nasty greaseball neckbeard but preg is a loser almost 40 year old with a failing youtube channel who thinks he's jesus.

No. 1036764

June is a feeder confirmed

Woww, I didn’t remember this tweet. The narcissisim and lack of self awareness is astounding..

No. 1036771

File: 1599822161440.jpg (435.01 KB, 2664x1068, vaush.jpg)

Oh you screeching harpies are just mad that you don't get picked by winners in life like Vaush and Preg.

No. 1036782

Can we not just agree that both Voosh and Preg are gross and no woman with self respect would ever fuck them?

They're not even hot, I don't understand self-hating thots, like you can find a hotter guy to abuse you on every street corner if you're into that.

No. 1036807

File: 1599831867379.png (445.82 KB, 1110x931, junesfatfetish.PNG)

The girl who runs that account is known as an unironic fat fetishist, so this is pretty much fat/feeder fetish confirmed for June

No. 1036808

Wow she wasn't so explicit about being into fat men in the past, she called it "dad bod", hunky, beefy, whatever, but never "fat"… probably just to bolster preg's delusions?

No. 1036821

if you reverse search her nudes you will see they are a little older than march. Probably deleted a bunch of stuff once she was gaining traction.

No. 1036827

Someone else said in this threat that people like Shoe want to be desired, they don't want a man who is physically hot they want a guy who desires them, appears 'high status' and who is 'socially dominant' even if that is obviously laughable outside the micro-culture she's in like preggory and vaush, this gives them a magical aura that your average street fatty with way too much confidence doesn't have.

No. 1036836

Right? Like lets ignore Vaush defending child porn, liking horsedick, having a gf, a young looking femboy living with him, bragging about how much women he gets and everything else.
They both are shitbags, but Vaush is on the same levels, fuck his politics. He only uses them to get sex from boys, troons and women anyway.
He only cares about women as long as they believe what he wants, he's on the same level as Preg and he looks even worst imo.

No. 1036837

So she's picking wrong, both men seem like they want to be with multiple people at once. It's not like she's looking for a chubby loser who only wants to be with her, she's walking into relationships with men who want her plus other people.
She wants clout and attention for her relationship, but knows she can't get anyone thats actually decent looking and acting. She just goes with the easiest choice.

No. 1036841

>people like Shoe want to be desired
Then she should just date one of her simps. Preg never seemed to desire June ever, I only ever saw him openly lusting after other women and trannies and literally cucking her and fucking other women in front of her. That is the opposite of being desired.

I think she is attracted to douchebags who abuse her and have clout. That's it. Although she might legit be into fat men, to each their own.

No. 1036851

Yeah I think that is the big drawback of wanting this type of relationship, and only existing in an online space where the most ""credible"" men to her, are horny assholes who view everyone as expendable to them. Who knows though she could change things around, like the other anon said there are lots of fat overconfident guys in the world.

No. 1036856

Yeah I take your point, maybe desired isn't the right word or it's desired in a particular way, as a subordinate basically who is protected, not by somebody she veiws as subordinate to her or loves her more than she loves. Pure speculation, but I think the 'aloofness' of pregoary is part of that dynamic and every time he's an asshole to her it just reinforces that he is dominant and stuff.

No. 1036948

She did like a picture of Hassan, that is the only time she's ever expressed interest in a decent looking guy.

No. 1036956


Does Vaush have his own thread? That shit show sure as hell needs one.

No. 1036998

>"gonna rape capitalists wives"
>obsessed with virgins

Nice praxis i see you really took on board that whole "the first oppression historically was of females by males for procreation" bit on board, Vaush.


No. 1037015

Yeah but here >>1034705 she implied she wants Hassan to get fat too.


No. 1037059

File: 1599862791353.jpeg (50.62 KB, 1079x340, 4117E590-BCF2-4F2D-A3C1-ABEA9A…)

Is it safe to assume June shares the majority of her beliefs with vaush because…

No. 1037063

Whats up with their obsession about Finland?

No. 1037065

>I only ever saw him openly lusting after other women and trannies and literally cucking her and fucking other women in front of her.
This is somewhat tinfoil and I don't mean to wk preg by saying this, but I heavily suspect that June was doing the same to him at least towards the end of the relationship. We already know that she was talking with preg and possibly even flirting with him while she was still in her previous relationship with the black dude whose name escapes me atm. She was interacting with vaush regularly long before she and preg broke up, and anons were even speculating that she was having an affair.

I really think that june and preg were equally toxic to each other in their relationship. June is just a bit better at hiding her cheating tendencies.

No. 1037108

It's obvious June can't be alone or without male attention so this makes sense. She'll always have another guy lined up before her current relationship ends

No. 1037156

File: 1599872106318.png (10.18 KB, 122x72, Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 5.55…)

Even his own Discord thinks he's disgusting. That's a whole new low.

No. 1037192

Wtf are they even saying? Wtf is the finland bit about also horse cocks? Discostang.

No. 1037193

In the previous thread or the one prior someone posted a pic of greg having liked a pic that kinda implied june cheated on him. Add in vaush and his I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR BREAKUP for no reason comment and its not an odd assumption to think she cheated on preggory like she did the guy she left for preggory. I dont care for preggory the guy is a total skeeze but I think their breakup was more a june/vaush thing going on their preggory and his tranny liking.

Tho for whatever reasons preggory hasnt outted her for it and probably never will cuz she has dirt on him also.
In the end I will continue to always think at least a tiny bit June cheated cuz its june and male attention is required to continue breathing for her

No. 1037245

Kek Preg is such a creepy tard, nice cap anon. And I see your point but respectfully disagree. If I had to choose, I prefer the evil that's not obscured by pseudo-feminist diatribe, it makes him much easier to avoid right off the bat.

Uhm, I'm just referencing this post >>1025140. It was a harmless bit of hyperbole in response to literal pro-pedophile sentiment. My use of the word "commie" wasn't in anyway the focus of my post. I'm surprised you focused in on that considering the context.

>Remotely positive about Preg

That's a massive stretch of the imagination anon. Vaush is so insidious that exclaiming Preg is a miniscule improvement is by no means positive. In my mind he is only a subjective improvement because of his inability to conceal his misogyny, rendering him somewhat less of a danger to society. My post was 5 days old, I genuinely don't know how you managed to misconstrued it so thoroughly or how it even elicited this response kek. They're both awful people, I didn't think that needed to be said.

No. 1037258

I feel like there's a middle. I feel like June didn't technically cheat but she was showing attention to another guy which in gregs mind was considered cheating, needless to say Greg got his ass handed to him because he is stupid if he thought "oh I get to do whatever I want but she can't" was going to work out in his favor

No. 1037274

File: 1599884769884.png (364.29 KB, 601x873, surejune.png)

And more from June and whatever the fuck she thinks she's up to

No. 1037307

Ken exactly. Preg is an improvement on Vaush in the same way it would be an improvement to only have to punch yourself in the tit instead of both of them.

Preg is gross about young girls but Vaush is out there trying to make a case for lowering the age of consent.

Honestly Preg prob just took it as an out thinking he'd be rolling in thots once free, only to find out most young girls don't actually like gross old men unless they're willing to pay for them to pretend.

No. 1037432

I only think Vaush is popular because the guy is the next Chrischan of the political sphere, but more retarded.

No. 1037457

THIS guy isn't a feminist? Shocking.

No. 1037459

>Preg prob just took it as an out thinking he'd be rolling in thots once free, only to find out most young girls don't actually like gross old men unless they're willing to pay for them to pretend.
It's june's fault for fueling his ego, and pickmes fault for doing it too, and fatlovers69s fault for trying to convince fat guys they're the shit (which is why she constantly repeats it because she's trying to convince herself more than she's trying to convince others). Reality is very little women like fat old greasy men and even fewer genuinely like them, preg is use to getting everything handed to him from beckybuxxing June so. The closest preg will get to upgrading from June is to either pay his way into a superior woman's pants or just flirting with ethots who only want money but he lost his main source of money so who knows how that will go

No. 1037470

I don't think June cheated on him cause she doesn't seem to leave the house. Unless it was some kind of online-thing.

I think they just realized that there was nothing in their relationship that held them together, apart from him wanting a slave to fuck and cuck and her wanting a dominant asshole boyfriend with internet clout. Those are things teenagers base relationships on, not adults. That obviously never could have lasted.

Preg made it clear he had no intention to follow through on the engagement, he didn't even want to move in with her.

Idk what the hell June wants, cause I can't see her as a wife and mother, she's the kind of girl who doesn't want to get pregnant cause she wants to "keep her figure" and she'd be less UwU qt little girl if she was a mom. But maybe as she got older she did want more commitment from him and tried to push him into a more serious relationship and he ran cause he doesn't want to stop fucking other women.

I think it was obviously Preg who broke it off cause June would never have the balls to do that. For Preg, having a girlfriend probably made it harder to pick up chicks cause "uuhhh don't you have a girlfriend? I follow her on twitter!". Even tho random thots don't care if a man is taken, a lot of women are hesitant to jump in bed with a man in an "open relationship".

I think June is going after Vaush as a fuck-you to Greg, cause it probably did bother him that they flirted before. I don't think she actually wants to be in a throuple with him and his manatee, she is just pretending for cool-girl points. Her next boyfriend will probably be a Preg-clone.

No. 1037473

I don't know anon, I've definitely noticed june's maturity and willingness to call preg out on twitter, but at the same time it seems she's trying to get him back? With edible arrangements and "I want to fuck other women too!" Shick

No. 1037478

She would take him back if he offered.

No. 1037521

It's sad the amount of ethots regurgitating his Chris-Chan tier debates like whoever it is was BTFO. All I see is a an morally ambiguous autist, with a deadly mix of pseudo-intellectualism and a grandiose sense of narcissism. I'm genuinely just waiting for him to troon the fuck out like CWC and fullfill the prophecy kek.

No. 1037549

The fact he's even "Popular" proves that people need a e-daddy to tell them what to think or what they are thinking is right.
It's just funny how barely any of the e-daddies of breadtube are attractive and aren't coomers. Either they are troons or decent looking guys on the verge of trooning out & are coomers.
It is starting to feel like Shoe just wants the clout from Vaush because I don't she'd date him, I'm sure Vaush wants someone actually decent looking (and female) in his stables, so he probably really wants Shoe deep down.

No. 1037557

The replies from that tweet ub ironically wanting incet to be legal is an argument to being back shaming
>pro incest
>pro lowering the aoc/pedophilia
June is so desperate not to end up a single woman in her 30s that she's aiming for this. Pathetic

No. 1037560

Spot on. Bread tube, especially Vaush, caters to the lowest common denominator of their political sphere in the same way Preg does his. They realise their short comings and in a similar fashion to Shuwu, pander to their audience for attention in whatever way is attainable to them. Being hideous simply requires parroting the mainstream and putting on their fedoras as "nice guys". That's why Vaush pretends to be a feminist, it garners him easy attention (and obscures the fact he's probably a sexual predator).

On the subject of Shoe/Vaush I agree. Vaush would sodomise anything with legs and Shoe is playing the shipping game for free publicity/sticking it to Preggy. He's far from a prize but Vaush is Chris-Chan 2.0 in not just looks alone.

The most apt comparison I can think of is Preg looks like he smells of BO and too much Axe, whilst Vaush looks like he smells like a combination of manboob sweat and urine.

No. 1037665

Now I see why June is into him - he makes fun of women who have gone through sexual assault and June loves shitting on women.

No. 1037727

i don't understand how these freaks think incest is just illegal because of genetical deformities, not because it's sexual abuse

No. 1037741

File: 1599954729802.jpeg (197.97 KB, 750x976, E00A43EF-CC7B-46C0-934E-4DD694…)

No. 1037759

How does a girl who looks like she just walked out an arkansas trailer park who's shaped like a brick with udders for tits have such an ego?

No. 1037762

blame the thirsty eternal virgins that orbit her thinking they have a chance at her

No. 1037776

Imagine raising a son and having him turn into one these simps or ethots, where does one go so wrong in their early life?

No. 1037780

Wow, for the first minute I didn't get what you were on about but wow fuck. He also turned it into something the woman in the video didn't even say.

No. 1037801

Tbf anyone could have a chance with her. Dating/fucking Kiwi is like scraping the bottom of the barrel.

No. 1037803

Exactly! Most incest is sexual abuse, even when both of the age of consent. There's obvious power imbalances in family situations. It's like that 19 year old that married and had a baby with her Dad, as soon as she left him he killed her, the baby and himself.

Sorry to rant but losers have been amping up the pro-incest shit ever since that stupid Rick and Morty episode.

Imagine being this desperate for attention. Also:
>your stuck here
kek i guess this is why she has to sell her body online to make cash.

No. 1037804

Makes sense, probably why losers also over hype mcdonald's and taco bell, it's shit but it's all they can get

No. 1037809

Whenever someone on 4chan or 8chan says something outright dumb or reprehensible, a pickme e-celeb will eventually parrot it.

No. 1037816

And a cuck, just like everyone who dates someone who sells nudes

No. 1037822

>June is so desperate not to end up a single woman in her 30s that she's aiming for this.
That's what baffles me tbh, she could easily download tinder and find a decent normie if she's really that scared of being a single woman in her 30s, why vaush?

No. 1037829

Because she likes comparison comments about how better she is in comparison to the other dude. If she gets a normie guy all the hamster eating a banana, "what's a beautiful submissive rich pure waifu doing with a fat nasty grease bag" comments will end

No. 1037846

Also add to the fact that most normie guys wouldnt feel comfortable with their nearing 30 yr old gf call youtube and tweeting about shallow politics a career. She really fucked herself over for guys on chan boards that have long since hated her. All she really has left is her incel/mgtow audience and vaush. Tbh I can't see June continuing to exist online much longer. Like can you imagine her turning 40 and acting like this still?

No. 1037864

For these guys the power imbalance is a feature, not a bug.

Random normies on Tinder don’t come with an audience, though.

No. 1037880

File: 1599984746055.jpg (398.29 KB, 1057x1244, 20200913_101251.jpg)

This is sad

No. 1037886

Holy fuck anon. He was almost the archetypal Chad meme (comparitively I'm sure he always looked pregnant) and has done a complete 180 into open mouth cuck territory. I wonder if he was once a /Pol/tard who switched sides, just like Shuwu?

No. 1037888

I wanna believe it's mostly lifestyle. He looks like he drinks a ton.

No. 1037890

>How does a girl who looks like she just walked out an arkansas trailer park who's shaped like a brick with udders for tits have such an ego?

Just the same way Brittany Venti does, even tho she looks like Sid from Ice Age and has national geographic titties. Simps will tell them they are the most beautiful creatures in the entire world cause they think "hey, she's not really hot so she must have low enough self esteem to maybe date a loser like me." They seem attainable. But the math doesn't work cause by orbiting these thots they get an ego bigger than Kiwi's hamster cheeks.

He got fat and stopped putting in any effort cause now he has girls like June orbitting him. Also his gf is fat and gross so she probably doesn't expect him to keep up his appearance and they both let themselves go together.

No. 1037893

Definitely. Aging isn't the culprit here, it's that he let himself go.

No. 1037915

This is the result of only ever doing what you want with no real regard for sanity or health. Coomer mentality, food addict mentality, and many more.

No. 1037977

Why did so much fat concentrate in his earlobe?

No. 1037983

File: 1600010240393.jpeg (9.41 KB, 219x230, download (1).jpeg)

KEK anon. If this doesn't catch on and become the new nasolabial folds I think I might just die.

No. 1037985

I heard rumours he used to photoshop his older pictures because no one has actually ever seen proof that he looks like the pics on the left. He would post pics like the one on the left & claim he looked like the left up until the day he started streaming…. suddenly that’s how he looked “5 years ago” lol idfkm

No. 1037992

Anon this made me laugh irl, his stretched ears do look like balls of fat

No. 1037994

File: 1600011957020.jpg (34.54 KB, 600x603, 1598366645599.jpg)

Vaush 2025

No. 1038008

Holy shit, is this just a great picture or something? I know someone said it was rumored he'd photoshop back then, but even so, that's an insane drop off. Does anyone have any more pictures of him from around this time to compare to?

No. 1038016

File: 1600014599242.jpeg (325.86 KB, 1536x2048, 3F294E3D-4334-4E7C-A41F-D867DA…)


I think he legit just let himself go here’s a framed photo at his parents house.

No. 1038017

He just got fat and a retarded haircut.

No. 1038026

>National geographic titties
Wow who would've guessed human breasts look like human breasts
At least Brittney is curvy and despite the natural sagging looks uniform, kiwi looks like a goblin
I still feel like June could get a man at the very least marry some labor worker and live in a small house or trailer but in that means a fit 35 yr old construction worker would be equal to her and she is obsessed with looking better in comparison, also probably why she hangs around trannies and the atheist community

No. 1038035

File: 1600017366214.jpg (77 KB, 750x791, C3I0RkHWYAA3qoQ.jpg)

Well if that doesn't remind me of young Preg.

(Ignore the retarded caption, just got it off google)

No. 1038043

conservatives could actually use these before/after ear pics as a persuasive argument against getting pierced

No. 1038044

File: 1600018127890.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 35 KB, 456x672, images (4).jpeg)

Un-posed/un-edited, without something high-waisted pulled up to her tits, she looks like she's built like Anisa if Anisa's bolt ons were real. Kiwi is particularly prepubescent and kind of frightening kek, I agree both Anisa and Britney look like curvy goddesu compared to her.

Transition from a pussy obsessed frat boy to a pussy obsessed satanic lesbian, marvelous.

No. 1038051

>Wow who would've guessed human breasts look like human breasts

Hey Brit, I know you read here cause you repost shit from this site on twitter all the time, please put on a bra. You can't help your bad genetics, but it's not a nice sight anyone wants to see.

He looked better before. Now he looks like the kind of guy who wants to show you a magic trick at the bar and afterwards your wallet is gone.

No. 1038066

>he looks like the kind of guy who wants to show you a magic trick at the bar and afterwards your wallet is gone.
I am dead.

No. 1038077

>but it's not a nice sight anyone wants to see
Speak for yourself tbh

No. 1038080

"Men age like fine wine"

No. 1038082

Ok Coomer.

No. 1038088

derailing and nitpicking, who the fuck cares about a little sag cuz of gravity, you sound bitter over your mosquito bites. they're tits, get over it anon.

No. 1038104


It looks like Preg really hit the wall, head first out of a Cannon.

No. 1038105

Is that what's wrong with his ear? I find him unwatchable just because of this (not counting everything else) why doesn't he just fix it?

No. 1038106

File: 1600026539096.png (265.53 KB, 1185x692, shoethechildpornapologist.png)

link related

i've actually tortured myself watching clips of him defending this take–he proclaims he's anti-cp but at the same time is equating the morality of buying a computer with unethically sourced silicon to buying videos of child raep. my theory is he gets off on defending what we have collectively conceded to be a totally unjustifiable moral wrong, he feels intellectually superior for attempting to do so. i'd really like to believe he's not an actual ped0 but his disgusting physiognomy combined with his leaked discord chats and his cp apologist bullshit isn't helping me see the light.

No. 1038108


he looks like he's sucking a lemon


that face, though.

No. 1038116

his private twitter was discovered and it had loli anime cp and shota on it, the second ppl started taking screencaps on twitter he privated it (@wacheneide) and purged…

then there was the whole shota search history stuff.

dude is a pedo

No. 1038132

can't believe preg looked not hideously ugly at one point, he unironically hit the wall. now i see how he was married a long time ago, before seeing this old ass photo i was genuinely very confused lmao

No. 1038140


No. 1038147

A cautionary tale of making a face so often it really did get stuck that way

No. 1038154

reminder not to marry a young handsome dude because they will turn into a fat edgy pseudountellectual atheist neckbeard on youtube and as soon as they get crows feet and a beer gut and jerk off to trannies, Shuwu swoops in and steals them right up

No. 1038160

receipts NOW

No. 1038184

Aaahh I’m dead I didn’t realize his ears were stretched

No. 1038186

His after looks like those indian facebook creeps who overexposed their profile photo

No. 1038212

Nta but her boobs just look like normal big boobs? Unless you're a pornsick scrote who thinks tits that don't look like perfect perky globes = nat geo tits, which is probably the case if you think wearing a bra fixes boobs

He looks like a 2000s dadrock drummer like in bush or three days grace but his band kicked him out for pedophilia

No. 1038214

its in the kiwi thread but the dude likely needs his own lolcow thread by now.

also these two twitter threeads


the shota search stuff is in the kiwi thread at pg 19 i thnk

No. 1038224

lmao do people think the photo on the right is an actual improvement or did preg write this caption

No. 1038234

nta but stop lurking this thread obsessively national geographic. saggy tits are natural but undesirable like big noses you dope, minimodding to defend yourself top kek

No. 1038241

NTA you're responding to but big noses aren't that undesirable either if they aren't super deformed or anything. There's nothing milky about every cow not looking like a sex doll, begone scrote

No. 1038248

lmfao holy shit, literally the chad meme on the left and a virgin on the right

No. 1038256

you guys are so quick to call out cows for selfposting it's so cringe. it's a shitty take, DD tits aren't going to be perfectly perky and plastered on like you see in your porn, anon.
lul a spade is a spade, her tits are brought up in every shoe thread for no real reason. it's beginning to look a bit fangirlish, she's not even milky to begin with so what's the point?

No. 1038265

Link the kiwi thread

No. 1038266

Nta you're replying to but stop trying to control the discussion. Kiwi is milky due to the fact that she skin walks Shoe because she's jealous of her and panders to the lowest common denominator on twitter like a retard. The people obsessively defending her saggy bcup flaps sound as stupid as the people constantly talking about them.

No. 1038267

Hate to break it to you but it ain't about her tits it's about her fridge body. Cope.

No. 1038272

>>1038266 don't care if you're nta, you really wrote all that thinking it was about kiwi. read the posts retard, anons derailing again with another hyperinspection of venti's tits when we should really be talking about shoe coming to vaush's rescue with his pedo allegations. ignoring actual milk to nitpick an unrelated cow lol, how bored can you be

No. 1038273

neither of them were handsome, they both had shit facial structure, obviously subpar or plain poor genetics, ugly mouths/ugly noses, very poor body shapes and obviously were gonna get typical fat beerguts etc the signs that they were gonna get ugly the second age wasn't a huge support was blatantly clear. i'm well versed in spotting men who will likely age well vs only okay-looking from youth kek

No. 1038274

Shoe goes, "i'm not his mom" but defends his dumb take anyway. I also hate how everyone's whining about "Context' the context does not make it better esp. when it's coming from a horse cock weirdo lover like vaush.

No. 1038275

Considering the majority of the thread has derailed into talking about how Vaush is fat and whether he or Preg is more attractive, I don't see the point in crying about people discussing June's obsessive stalker who interacts with her posts and tweets made by other people about June 24/7.

No. 1038278

Wtf vaush. Nobody should really sit there and be edgy ~thinking against the grain of society~ because it's fucking child porn. kids are kids and can't fucking consent to shit. how fucking brain dead retarded was June too to be to really struggle to come out and bluntly say "I fucking hate cp. Any and all of it. Burn the pedos" because she knows pedos and incels are a large part of her audience. or was. Kiwi is absorbing the degenerates without the politics

No. 1038279

File: 1600051112873.jpeg (18.63 KB, 640x480, scumbag.jpeg)

>Complains about derailment only to disregard their own part in derailing

I think the point was they were comparitively attractive.
>i'm well versed in spotting men who will likely age well vs only okay-looking from youth kek
So you can tell when someone's going to get fat, a faggy haircut and get their ears pierced? Please give me some of your foresight kek.

No. 1038280

Junk food, hectolitres of alcohol and an obvious descent into degeneracy. Shame, he was kinda qt despite being fat.

Pls spoiler this, I'm getting a heart attack every time I scroll by.

Conservatives could us that as an overall argument against becoming a liberal.

No. 1038285

Fatlover has legitimate autism she's said as much many times that's why she makes that tard face in all of her photos, I think her fetish for fat guys is genuine

No. 1038296

I'd bet it's a mix of both

No. 1038302

No. 1038306

She's a fucking pedophile or at the least and enabler, don't know how many times it needs to be said lol

No. 1038312

shoe wants to help vaush diddle kids so she can be a proud antifa commie cum slut for him. the level of pathetic she is can not be properly stated

No. 1038334

about the fat part actually yes i can typically spot that one fairly easily. the haircut shit you need to judge personality and their interests etc to get an idea of.

No. 1038336

I don't know how you preemptively spot future fatties, but the douchebag personality is definately an indicator of the potential of a douchebag haircut. Please teach me your ways anon.

No. 1038350

>Nta but her boobs just look like normal big boobs? Unless you're a pornsick scrote who thinks tits that don't look like perfect perky globes = nat geo tits

I don't want to keep derailing to talk about Ventis tits but apparently I have offended plenty of you with my comment.

No. 1038351

File: 1600074111409.png (1.07 MB, 1104x399, tits.png)

dropped my picture

Her tits just are saggy and look better in a bra. I don't care about natural sag, my tits aren't perfect either, but I don't flaunt them on the internet or swing them around in public.

And natural geographic titties are wonderfully natural, maybe you're the scrote if you think that comment is offensive and not a compliment.

No. 1038352

Nta but definitely some insecure anons here. That or Brittany needs a hobby outside of Shoe. I'm sure they're fine the way they are, it's just a touchy subject for them thus the jumping to "well you must be a scrote" logic. Big boobs are fine, Brittany as a package isn't.

No. 1038358

File: 1600075495244.jpg (185.81 KB, 1080x1338, 20200914_112550.jpg)

No. 1038360

File: 1600075868486.jpg (500.9 KB, 1049x1615, Screenshot_20200914-113212_Chr…)

No. 1038362

>Vaush is a retard and I will die on this hill trying to explain away his morally ambiguous statement because I am also retarded.

No. 1038363

File: 1600076535145.png (385.32 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20200914-044304(1).…)

I want to barf

That reply had me cackling. I love these replies.

No. 1038364

disgusting female…fighting so hard to be his lil cumslut and get senpais attention cuz she's mad preggory lied to her for 5+yrs. someone outta slap this ho(integrate)

No. 1038365

Did she delete this tweet already? Damn, she's fast.

No. 1038367

I just checked and it's still there.

No. 1038376

I can't get over how she's (almost) 30 and talks like a teenager

No. 1038396

June was a guest on Chris Raygun and SomeBlackGuy's podcast.

Also, KF has been pointing out June's been deleting multiple tweets hinting at the amount of wealth she has, including older tweets such as one from 3 years ago pointing out she was close to making $800 on Patreon.

No. 1038413

I think June should do an interview with another cow from here, gimpgirl

I was gonna say they could bond over their shared views of how you should be a pickme doormat slave and buy a man presents, but they both hate women so they can never have female friends. Would be an interesting crossover tho

No. 1038436

File: 1600086481502.png (139.34 KB, 542x436, gagmer.PNG)

>gentleman gamer
Even if this is ironic it fails to come across that way because Vaush is like the human embodiment of a fedora

I give it another couple months before these two give us a twitter copypasta as good as the "material for our next salty beta video" one where she was sitting on a leash for Groceries

No. 1038464

File: 1600089666032.png (73.42 KB, 200x241, 1593442120509.png)

>the human embodiment of a fedora

No. 1038524

receipts for that please

No. 1038535

I don't think this girl has a fat fetish, just a severe case of pick me-ism appealing to bottom barrel guys.

No. 1038569

She only goes after fatties and even says normal handsome dudes should get fat. She likes fat dudes, and it probably has something to do with liking to appear/feel tiny.

No. 1038585

Either way she's pretty much a cow herself.

No. 1038593

Anon are you saying she's fat? Not to wk but if you think she's fat go inpatient or something jfc

No. 1038604

Stop bringing your personal insecurities into the thread femcel, I have triple D's that are perky like "my porn" that I don't watch, (no1curr but it's possible and not super rare is what I'm saying) you can't get mad we are making fun of cows for their bad traits just because you have them. Back to pull you go. The fuck is going on in this thread with Brittany and Kiwi saviors.(blog)

No. 1038608

Women with fat fetishes don't state they have a fat fetish every five minutes and make it part of their personality
>probably has something to do with liking to appear/feel tiny.
thats the case with most women who go after greasy, fat losers, they want to feel better in comparison and think dating down would make the man worship them until reality hits and they get treated like shit by these men anyway

No. 1038609


No. 1038612

If you have the bad traits we are mocking on a cow just keep browsing. You cannot deny the abundance of "Uhh kiwi isn't that ugly scrote" "Uhh brittany's boobs aren't saggy scrote" post-PULLpocalypse.

No. 1038615

Now that you mention it, the intensity did increase kek.

No. 1038618

No I just find it cringy that you come to the June thread to tell everyone about your perky big tits just because people said she had normal boobs

No. 1038623

The fact that you felt it was necessary to blogpost about your "superr real dd natural perky tits" in a June thread is probably 2× as cringey as the stuff you're complaining about. This thread may be cancer but you're adding to it.

No. 1038625

Like I said the point was femcels calling scrote and claiming anything besides natgeo tits are unnatural porn tits I fap to!!!1! when we constantly shit on natural unattractive traits on this imageboard. Keep it in your journal.

No. 1038627

No one said anything about fake tits though, they just said Brittney had normal tits, which she does. You're sitting here raging just because no one cares enough to join you in screeching about some girls tits not being perky on the internet.

No. 1038631

It's hard to even understand what you're sperging about at this point

No. 1038634

I wasn't the original poster of any of the appearance related comments about Brittany or Kiwi's saggers. What purpose does saying "um those actually don't look saggy to me mine are like that" serve in this thread? Normal doesn't mean goodlooking. Just move on.

No. 1038636

>constantly shit on natural unattractive traits
Just say nitpicking. Don't beat around the bush, and no. Not everyone likes reading through 200+ posts of anons comparing their imaginary bodies or idealized bodies to cows. Fucking stop.

Didn'tcha know anon, as long as you're self-aware, all the cringey shit you say and do is totally based and poggerz. Especially when it comes to being an obese anime connoisseur who fantasizes diddling little boy- I mean, shotas.

No. 1038640

If you don't like it get off the imageboard that's about making fun of people, I guess. Happens in every thread where images are posted of the cows.

No. 1038641

>You don't care to bash an unattractive trait therefore you have that unattractive trait
You're really not doing yourself any favors to not sound like a scrote. Kiwi does have some wonkey tits I admit but Brittney looks fine, even then who the fuck cares? How is not have big perky perfect tits milk? Again sorry that the internets women isn't filled with perfect sex dolls

No. 1038645

It's not milk, it was literally just someone calling her natgeo titties for selfposting and every insecure femcel and/or pulltard jumped out of the woodworks to whine about it.

No. 1038648

No it just gets tiring to hear the same things repeated over and over all. If you want all women to look like sex dolls that's your own problem

No. 1038650

No one is saying that. We can make fun of fatties for being fat, ugly freaks and geeks and saggers for saggin'. The jump to wanting all women to look like sex dolls sounds like sjw shit or insecurity. Agree to disagree so we can stop shitting up the thread with crying. Have a good night.

No. 1038653

Well what exactly am I supposed to think? You act like normal drooping big tits is the saggiest breasts in the entire world, cows get bashed for being skinny, fat, fit, chubby, having fake tits, no tits, big tits and so on. And then you get so offended for people not agreeing with you that you start sperging about how it's everyone else that's insecure and has the feature, all because no one cared enough to start bashing Brittneys tits with you. YOU are the insecure one, no sane person goes around flipping out just because someone said that someone's tits aren't that bad.

No. 1038699

Titty implants don't count tranny

No. 1038703

holy femcel seethe

No. 1038710


No. 1038713

I dunno, when you dislike someone you insult everything about them. I'm guilty of this too. But I wouldn't nitpick random people, so don't take things personally.

No. 1038723

Lmao she has to have a fetish for public humiliation.

No. 1038725

File: 1600112702942.jpg (7.17 KB, 246x205, ladies please.jpg)

No. 1038728

File: 1600112855487.jpg (112.36 KB, 1080x448, Screenshot_20200914-214828_Chr…)

No. 1038730

is this real

No. 1038731

Trannies that come in here bragging about their fake bits they got to mimick women & then try to get something over on women w/ it aren't "ladies"

No. 1038733

It is indeed real. June got sick of all the derailing of her thread talking about Brittany Venti's tits, she needs our attention back.

Brit and June, you both need to stop reading this thread. Brit, put your tits in a bra and I swear I will never mention them again.

No. 1038738

june trying to be one of the farmers now

No. 1038756

Now I'm starting to worry she comes here to get off on being made fun of or something.
I know she only claims to be bi to appeal to straight guys, but I have to wonder.

No. 1038786

off-topic but this picture is so cute <3

No. 1038819

it's a keloid scar - I don't know if it can actually be fixed

No. 1038837

Your tits are perky because they are supported by a fat stomach shelf kek

No. 1038838

That word has been ruined by one who does not have the permission to use it, it's like a white person saying the n word. A pick me using an insult towards the males she needs for her succubus attention

No. 1038841

like when they stole pickme and drove it into the ground

No. 1038844

You can get them surgically removed, but I doubt Vaush would leave his greasy, smelly, shota cave long enough to get that done. Plus he doesn't look like he cares about his appearance, like, at all.

No. 1038845

File: 1600122240824.png (64.79 KB, 842x507, 2020-09-09 (1).png)

No. 1038846

File: 1600122279937.png (93.53 KB, 800x770, zx4RptFKKgUwQOMPsucQfmYt5iP2oo…)

Also this one of her bragging about being able to literally buy a whole house

No. 1038854

File: 1600122731276.png (58.13 KB, 824x174, Screenshot_20200914-173245(1).…)

The video was supposed to drop an hour ago but she deleted the tweet lol

No. 1038856

lmao fuck off June, you sustain yourself on scrotes and their attention.

Has she ever lived independently from her parents? Because her apartment is theirs. Fuck her life is so sad.

No. 1038888

lmao this fucking petit bourgeouis should litcherally redistribute her wealth like, right now and 'go buy a house' for a couple of her most loyal and fat simps to share smth like, who do u think you are???? why r u bragging about being able 2 buy a house while hundrends of vulneranble comrades are homeless and dying on cold streets??

No. 1039010

Lmao at this getting redtexted for derailing while talking specifically about june and her new belief system

No. 1039030

File: 1600149217488.png (349.83 KB, 601x554, shoethefurryantifacommiecumslu…)

Shoe the furry antifa commie cum slut. Vaush must really be loving his pet slut these days

No. 1039034

New video

No. 1039054

In true shoe fashion, she spends most of her time talking about memes and internet articles and reaction than the movie itself.

I’m haven’t really followed Shoe much but did she go to college? Not to shit on anyone who didn’t, but after watching a few videos of hers, you can tell that she does not know how to properly review something, think about it and give an insightful and well constructed review.
Full time working on meme reaction and vapid videos really show that she does not know how to review anything in any kind of professional manner.

It’s hard to believe she’s basically my age. At the end she reveals that the main protagonist is not forced to go along her family traditions and just goes back to playing like a normal kid. Shoe can’t put two and two together and realise that maybe, that whole twerking was a rebellious act (Especially at a sensitive growing age) considering no adults in the movie was encouraging her to do.

And I’m so tired of Americans not bothering to look up how to pronounce anything, couldn’t she take 2 seconds of her time to go on Google translate and listen to how mignonne is pronounce? It’s not even a difficult word to say for English speakers. And cool thing butchering the director name.

Also, pretty funny she cringes at twerking tweens, but totally encourages jokes about grooming and only dating girls aged 18 to 25.

No. 1039062

The pronunciation is definitely an ignorant American thing but with June, she's not about to put any extra work into her videos. Basic research is work and I have a feeling she didn't bother to finish the film because that was work too, there's a synopsis on twitter no one will ever know.
When she speaks I have trouble believing she graduated high school, let alone attended college.

No. 1039065

Seriously, that is literally a post making fun of June since we finally got back on topic after all the off-topic posts about saggy tits, which seem to be fine. Makes sense.

Anyone care to tell me what her opinion is? Cause I can't stand to watch her cringy ass try to be funny and act cute for scrotes. Does she do an ahaego face while pretending to masturbate to the little girls? Cause that's kinda what I assume this video is gonna be since she went from copying Boxxy to copying Belle the pink haired whore.

No. 1039076

Tbh to make a genuine review not focusing on articles does not require a college education. There are 16 year olds on YouTube who do a better job reviewing media compared to June. She even admits her ADHD medicine "isn't working" she's just retarded kek.

No. 1039085

I mean June stance on pedophilia is basically:
>diddling real kids bad
>but if they're not real then it's totally cool
I didn't expect her stance on cuties to be anything other than, "mmm yeah. pedos bad. BUT FIRST, lemme read some vox article discussing it."
Lmao at her trying to act as if she's so against the sexualisation of minors and doesn't actively encourage shit like this. Especially when she's out here skinwalking girls nearly 20 years younger than her and openly defends degenerate pedos like Vaush.

No. 1039086

she is probably jealous of those little girls cause given the chance, her pedo-sccrote audience (also her ex and her new flame, Vaush) would prefer actual children to a 30 year old woman who acts ~smol~

No. 1039098

She kinda contradicts herself because she says it’s not as terrible as people say but they didn’t have to put so many twerking moments and she inserted clips of her cringing and pulling her head in her sweater during the twerking moments. At the same time, she keeps saying how it’s terrible and referencing other reviewers (because frankly, I doubt Shoe would be able to produce one original opinion if she wasn’t stirred in one direction by her audience beforehand)
I feel like in the end, she still decides to go along the popular crowd of “this is a creepy pedo movie” because that’s what the internet has been saying.

She can’t even realise how hypocritical she is when in the same vain, she’ll defend her next dick ride Vaush by saying he didn’t really mean that child porn should be legal even though he literally said that. But a movie about a woman and her own childhood struggle in a very particular religion/culture, probably meant to shock her audience without it being CP, is totes creepy. Ok right June.

No. 1039121

not to get too off topic but i don't blame people for not liking this movie, some "art" is just blatantly transparent and only exists as shock value, like this… and the only reason it gets justified is because people read too deeply into it. like they do with most art. but yeah she is definitely a hypocrite

No. 1039126

I think the message (if there ever was one, and it wasn't just shock value) is lost when you start to perpetuate the same issues you're supposed to be shedding light on. The end doesn't justify the means. I'm with you both on the June being a hypocrite though. As if defending and excusing a legitimate predator (at the very least in the making) isn't infinitely worse than a movie people are already condemning? Imagine having moral priorities that don't heavily factor in internet fame and views, cause Shoe can't.

No. 1039132

She's probably trying hard to go with the popular opinion while not offending her pedophile friends. Don't want daddy Vaush to be angy and put lil June in time-out with a soggy diaper.

No. 1039143

Nta but I'm willing the bet money you're right kek.

No. 1039170

You're probably right and that's so gross. Imagine having no spine/opinion for the sake of fat pedo chode.

No. 1039173

oh god he probably does put her in diapers. ugh those 2 disgust me as a "couple"

No. 1039177

Vaush is probably into it because he's every type of disgusting that exists, but even June isn't that degenerate… to participate. Probably fine with it bc she supports kink though kek.

No. 1039179

Oh I doubt she's into it but for daddy vaush I could see her wearing them for him. cant have daddy vaush mad cuz he'll "punish her" . ick I creeped myself out typing that

No. 1039182

File: 1600177410090.webm (848.55 KB, 640x360, destiny.webm)

>Imagine having no spine/opinion for the sake of fat pedo chode
She never had one, even before Voosh or Preg. She has no personality, she's like a Dito. Except a Dito is cute and useful.

No. 1039183

>how is not have big perky perfect tits milk
sorry but out of context this is hilarious

No. 1039186

…then she should do it. Rent is literally throwing money down the toilet. I don't want to spoonfeed ideas to her, but there are plenty of ways she could buy out properties if she doesn't want to live at them right now yet maybe later when she's ready. Not having money to buy a house is at least a good reason that the majority of people have as an excuse. But that's not her reason.

The real reason why June doesn't want to buy a house is because she has no concept of being an independent adult. Could you imagine June trying to run and keep an entire household? She couldn't handle that responsibility. So it's better that she rents and even she knows it. It's still pathetic.

No. 1039194

Does she even rent though? I never saw anything about having her own place outside of the one her parents own. I thought she moved back in with them after the preg breakup.

No. 1039198

File: 1600179628395.png (15.67 KB, 593x125, gargle some more cockbreath.PN…)

but it was cute when her obese hermaphrodite ex boyfriend did it

No. 1039214

> In true shoe fashion, she spends most of her time talking about memes and internet articles and reaction than the movie itself.
I tried watching one of her videos for the first time in a while and you’re spot on. She just reads tweets the whole time, I can’t sit through a full video

No. 1039218

She's not smart which is obvious, but what I think is less obvious to her orbiters/viewer is that she's not funny. All of her humor comes from other people. She reacts with memes and jokes that other people have created, there's nothing organic or personal about her content. Even her delivery is standard ironic cool girl cadence, she has no personality or insight but Internet Funny.

No. 1039243

Not only that, but she will read tweets one after another that are all just repeating the exact same thing almost verbatim. I swear she just does it to reach the ten minute mark.

No. 1039272

I also didn't understand why that got flagged for derailing

No. 1039275

What adult "can literally buy a house" but chooses to live in a shitty apartment in the fuck middle of nowhere? What is she waiting for?

No. 1039277

Can you stop derailing further about your ban with unsaged posts and take it to meta if you care that much about it?

No. 1039281

She’s waiting for a man. She wouldn’t buy herself a house—that’s not how pickmes work.

No. 1039327

Only a retard would ever listen to June about the economy, she doesn't have a real job. She made fun of the findoms but she basically does the same thing. She lives with her parents and sits on Twitter all day. She just repeats whatever Vaush and the breadtube crowd says without actually grasping anything she says.

No. 1039491

>Especially when she's out here skinwalking girls nearly 20 years younger than her
Anon she's only 29, I don't think she's skinwalking a 9 year old wtf

No. 1039529

Nta but who's she skin walking? All of her personality aspects, style, etc seem pretty basic

No. 1039545

File: 1600214551999.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.08 KB, 749x1292, 16A4CD70-8801-4E91-9AB8-990113…)

For future reference, found this in “Women You’re ashamed you’d fuck” over in /g.

They posted this same “Brittles” pic fawning over here in this thread. >>1038044

Brit’s got a thin skinned simp in here so next time there’s a ton wk posts we know exactly why.(derailing)

No. 1039551

Who the fuck cares if she's posted in a thread specifically for women you find attractive that you're ashamed to? Why are you so pissed off that people think she's attractive? Newflash; any fairly young, healthy looking woman without any real deformed features (no anon her eyes being far apart isn't a deformity) is going to attract simps. I've literally never seen someone so mad that people are attracted to another human being wtf

No. 1039567

at least she's ashamed ?

No. 1039569

It’s the fact that they were in here derailing to white knight. And the fact that the Brit simp has done that in this thread MULTIPLE times before.
Idgaf if they want to fuck her, but their horniness for her sperging out here is what’s fuckin annoying.

No. 1039571

And to be clear, this is my first post about her. I’m just sick of her constantly being defended in here and seeing that post just shed some light on it. Some horny idiot is mad their masturbation material is being slandered.

No. 1039574

No1curr if it’s your first post about her, you are the only one continuing the derailing that we’ve already moved on from (while another anon upthread got redtexted for shit that wasn’t even derailing lel) over something that no one gives a fuck about. Take it somewhere else.

Kek anon I noticed that too, wtf

No. 1039579

The worst defending here is that people are saying she isn't ugly lmao

No. 1039614

Idk ask June.

No. 1039652

I wish anons would hop off the Shoe skinwalkers dick. She thrives on farmer attention, let's not line up to give that to her.

No. 1039673

Shoe's skinwalker is Kiwi.

No. 1039694

No that's just Brit selfposting. Did you ever look at her twitter? She steals a ton of content from this site and I'm sure reads about June cause she posts about her a lot.

No. 1039719

Sorry poor choice of words anon. Brittany aspires to be everything Shoe is (kek) but better. BPDfag was probably a better descriptor.

No. 1039736

why do people on this site act like only people who post on here know of particular milk lmao

No. 1039757

God damn it you a-logs! Brittany Venti is a beautiful half-black queen with wonderful titties and totally does not look like she stinks of catpiss! She also totally does not post here to defend herself all day long! That beautiful woman has TONS of simps who love to whiteknight her!

Just stfu Venti or make your own thread.

No. 1039802

File: 1600260609891.jpg (197.08 KB, 1080x784, 20200915_232354.jpg)

"I am so bi!!!1"

No. 1039804

the reason everyone keeps linking shoe to vaush is cuz she constantly defends him and sticks up for his pedo loving views and goes in his livestreams. and you know that whole referenceing her for sex a few times in his livestream.

maybe dumb peasant thats why people think she's his ho

No. 1039874

File: 1600272167082.jpeg (16.62 KB, 480x360, 3609C6E5-1160-48F1-9627-B6A3F0…)


Agreed. Baldie has a track record of not leaving her former relationship without one waiting for her or in the works.

Just like with shrekdic, so it makes perfect sense it’s shes at minimum highly considering vaush. She a blink away from 30 and addicted to internet attention. She isn’t about to date a normie and she’s definitely won’t let people say she’s hit the wall she by being single when she turns 30.

No. 1039890

being the third-string partner of an obese idiot isn’t a victory even by pickme standards

No. 1039893

She probably thinks Vaush will either leave his obese gf or will ignore her and become second place bc Juwune is cuter and skinnier. Competing with that in general, and for Vaush of all pedopigs, is embarrassing, though.

No. 1039898

I hope Vaush stays with his fat gf.
June would rip out all of her hair if a man chose a fatty over herself despite all her simping and wking and tradpandering.

No. 1039960

I don't think she actually wants Vaush, she just wants the attention she gets by going after her and she probably sees him as a conquest, especially since he has a girlfriend. Also makes Preg angry maybe.

I think she will end up with a Preg 2.

No. 1040052

Isn’t Vaush in some kind of threesome thing with a main long term ugly fat gf and then a third plain chubby gf?

No. 1040060

I thought one was a troon?

No. 1040076

I think he lives with a troon and there's a femboy, he just fucks whoever will have him. Then he pretends like it makes him some kind of player who gets mad ass.

No. 1040230

No. 1040232

sorry, to be clearer: main girlfriend is just a horribly ugly woman; “third” is ftm

No. 1040631

Does she really think her makeup looks good like that? With the pink lighting her nose looks like a fat pimple that is ready to burst

No. 1040705

I don't understand the fad at all, looks like an old drunkard man's nose

No. 1040734

I really thought that over the top highlighter went out of style. I haven't seen women with heavily pearlescent faces for a year or two now.

No. 1040743

Lol my bad, t. stupid anon who can't math.

Was trying to tie it back to this post, sorry if that wasn't clear. >>1023983

No. 1041006

She's trying to do the overly highlighted and blushed nose egirls like Belle Delphine do, again, but she's just making herself look like she has tumblr artist nose kek

No. 1041265

File: 1600464660712.png (429.99 KB, 598x607, dirtypervjune.png)

Welp Shu confirmed once again for being a dirty perv. Vaush will love this kinda of stuff

No. 1041281

If she's going to do this why does she simp after the most disgusting men? Is there no handsome chubby men who are gross and like Vaush?
I never got that about people like her, they go for the worst of the worst but are judgemental as fuck.

No. 1041288

She might feel like a disgusting slob is less likely to complain when she takes off the wig and hip pads. It's a struggle being June.

No. 1041492

File: 1600502163518.png (149.08 KB, 598x711, shoebeingapoliticaltwat.png)

Nire iez shuwu and her political takes

No. 1041524

i feel dumb, what's this implying? that the car keys are inside of her vagina?

No. 1041528

The "car keys" are the remote to the vibrator between her legs and every time he "checks for the car" it turns the vibe on hence her reactions in the background to it going off.
shoe is implying she wants to be put thru this kinda treatment. Most likely by her "bf" vaush

No. 1041559

File: 1600504846801.jpg (32.02 KB, 479x592, 1598644205173.jpg)

Jeez, that's fucking stupid. Not surprised shoe liked it, gotta pander to degens

No. 1041613

Is there a name for people who can’t talk about politics without referencing pop culture

No. 1041623

Idk but they all seem to be twitterfags. No clue if this is just a coincidence.

No. 1041624


No. 1041685

late response, but the femboy looks "suspiciously young" because she's a fakeboi–an ftm that pretends to be a trap

No. 1042337

File: 1600647801861.png (14.56 KB, 296x258, crypto_commie.png)

Crypto-commie? Does this mean she invests in crypto currency and is commie about it? I cant figure this girl out. hilarious to follow tho you spot such interesting things she likes as shown in this thread

No. 1042344


No. 1042345

ohhh… I have never heard it used that way.

No. 1042377

I think her bio is just a collection of things that have been said about her so she's put it up there "ironically"

No. 1042398

How is it crypto if she never shuts up about it

No. 1042400


No. 1042534

well than explain instead of just shit posting

No. 1042540

That would be "cryptic" not "crypto".

I think these are just quotes from other people who have called her those things. Hence the quotation marks.

No. 1042544

People online use crypto for whatever reason - crypto-terf, crypto-nazi, etc.

No. 1042547

"Crypto-_____" just means the person doing the name-calling can't prove jack shit, so they project that the object of their ire must be successfully 'hiding' the 'fact' that they're '_____'

No. 1042553

File: 1600683361052.png (29.55 KB, 888x313, crypto.png)

No, it's most definitely crypto in this case too, can we drop it now?

No. 1043134

File: 1600787629040.jpg (350.04 KB, 1080x1604, totallynotapedoguys.jpg)

Did you guys know Vaush is actually against child exploitation?

No. 1043135

File: 1600787793621.jpg (276.06 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20200923-011708__01…)

Here's mommy shoe to back him up

No. 1043138

good good keep being a good lil antifa commie cum slut for him shoe im sure he'll marry you someday and give you babies. what a fool she is

No. 1043141

crypto means basically "nu"

No. 1043180

You're very passionate anon. I appreciate that kek.

No. 1043261

why do tards act like people can't be mad at more things then once?
Like if he cares so much, he could've posted the damn thing without trying to get back at people he's mad at.

No. 1043294

Vaush probably watches cuties with his hands in his pants and justifies it by saying "oh uhm the immigrant children tho"

No. 1043483

Absolutely this post.

No. 1043581

How can you be upset about the starving children in Africa if you haven't finished your dinner???? Checkmate, hypocrite!

No. 1043660

I like how people call vaush a master debater and smart person but all his arguments boil down to “if you don’t agree with me you’re a hypocrite and bad” and assumes everyone who criticises him fits his straw man description of a right winger

No. 1043675

File: 1600864428505.jpg (273.63 KB, 1572x831, blackfaceshoe.jpg)

fresh from twitter lmao

No. 1043677

another fat incel manbabby trying to win shoe…she'll probably bite since she loves her fatty boys with clout online

No. 1043710

He's an abusive degenerate too, if I remember correctly, so right up her alley.

No. 1043711

Yeah theres tons of vids acting like a manbabby asshole to his now ex wife and trying to control her and all sorts of stuff. lying casually to her face about spending her money and insulting her weight that 1 time.
Shoe probably loves him and he's one of her secret bf's she has

No. 1043732

What is the context of this picture, is it from an app? If so, which one?

No. 1043749

Fucking boogie… June, he's your type. What are your waiting for?

No. 1043806

Is it wrong I think blackface shoe is hotter than real shoe? Am I becoming Boogie2988 kek?

No. 1044221

its more attractive than shoe because her eyes aren't bugged out

No. 1044261

Lmao. He's right up her alley.

No. 1044288

File: 1600938797500.png (14.25 KB, 598x241, oh june you love trans penis I…)

I know june is probably clowning but there's a part of me that thinks this is tied into vaush and his ftm sexpet he keeps around.

No. 1044291

funny thing is rather she's joking or not, I bet a large portion of the people liking it thought she was dead serious and agrees with this.
We know Vaush does

No. 1044294


Isn't this a a dab on trannies? Because it's them usually calling people transphobic because they won't fuck them.

No. 1044298

She's trying REAL hard to cater to both sides and it's really funny to watch her try to juggle her old fanbase and the new Voosh crowd.

No. 1044305

Both sides? Junes trying to juggle like 6 sides at once.

No. 1044343

Shes 100% always been pro-trans at least. Not transtrenders, but pro “real” trans people.

No. 1044389

>Not transtrenders, but pro “real” trans people.

What's the difference?

No. 1044394

People who kiss up to her can be "real."

No. 1044403

Gradient AI

No. 1044417

Her friend Derrick versus Twitter fakebois and troons that don't take hormones or get surgeries. Realistically, people who transition and try to be normal/actually live as the gender they transition into and not attention seek for it. June thinks Blaire technically falls into that category too, but frankly the attention seeking and bimbofication is still laughable. Not WKing for troons, just June's pattern of trans slacktivism.

No. 1044443

File: 1600962582971.png (540.8 KB, 733x713, desperation.png)


No. 1044464

June’s a big fan of gender roles, so the ones who adhere to strict gender roles (men being dominant and “rational”, women being submissive cumsluts whose life revolves around male validation) are fine with her.

No. 1044614

"June’s a big fan of gender roles"
You mean like 99% of the human population is?

No. 1044619

Kek, women would be dead if they didn't rely on men. XD
What are you mad about exactly?(ban evasion)

No. 1044626

File: 1600979380914.jpg (79.07 KB, 590x594, really.jpg)

So these tweets ended up showing on my timeline despite not following either of them. She got a lot of praise for saying this, I guess the trans community is where the money/attention is? Personally I dont think shes lying here but its hard to tell with her.

No. 1044628

Lmao do it then June. We can all say we would do it but go and prove everyone wrong.

No. 1044632

Trans man as in FtM? Oh I doubt that. June would miss cock too much and the high test smegma musk.
Oh and a FtM would probably treat her more like a human than Preg, which is an even bigger problem as we all know June likes that kinky struggle love.

No. 1044633

Hahahahah oh shit this lines up with vaush and being his cumslut and his ftm sexpet…. junes gonna fuck a dude with a vagina.

No. 1044638

>junes gonna fuck a dude with a vagina

also known as a woman

as much as June pretends to be bisexual and into threesomes, I highly doubt it, she just says that to appeal to men

June sees women as competition, not potential partners

No. 1044639

vaush doesnt care what she sees it as if she wants to be his lil commie cum slut she's gonna fuck chicks or she doesnt get picked

No. 1044679

Can you chill with your commie cumslut fetish

No. 1044681

can you chill with your telling others how to post fetish

No. 1044752

sage your shitposts, scrote

No. 1044754

File: 1600988180819.png (25.49 KB, 1418x82, Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 6.56…)

kek they've said it a lot this thread

No. 1044757

oh god I didnt realize I said it that often. yeah other guys right i'll chill on that one

No. 1044902

File: 1601000274581.png (59.54 KB, 882x373, 01.png)


No. 1044954

let's talk about how you'd only deign to fetishize an mtf if she passes, june

No. 1044976

She used to be all over Contrapoints and he doesn’t pass, though.

No. 1044985

lmao though this definitely fits shoe im pretty sure this is about @merrickdeville, who has been getting roasted for the last two weeks or so bc of some thirst-trap tweet she made about mud wrestling with kaitlyn bennett or something like that

No. 1045004

Doubt he means Shoe, but this is peak scrote logic. He just can not concieve that someone would criticize a hot girl for being an e-thot and pretending to be politically interested on the internet to get more simpbucks for her lewd selfies. Why would you have an issue with that if she was HOT tho? Cause like… HOT GIRLS can never be criticized cause then she might not want to fuck you!
But now if she wasn't hot… and she's just a girl on the internet that I can't even jerk off to… REEEEEEEEEEE

No. 1045014

File: 1601025476491.png (1.67 MB, 1024x756, 848484848484848848484.png)


He's definitely talking about Merrick.

No. 1045043

panderng to trans folx has a lot of money in it. She also hates women so women who want to be men and men who want to be women seems like something she'd support. She'd never date a trans person.

No. 1045053

Which one is the hot one?????

No. 1045071

File: 1601038913389.webm (349.94 KB, 360x640, NMkU25-ptuNoVHND.webm)

When even teenagers on TikTok can easily shit on your whole existence.

No. 1045116

funny, shoe just seems like a crazy far leftist to me. if she wants to pander to all sides she's horrible at it.

No. 1045121

The smug smile at the end and the way she drags out the word "chill', I just can't

No. 1045130

She might "date" one and just starfish during sex like she's probably used to, no damn way she'd go down on a pussy lmao

No. 1045131

File: 1601046749456.jpg (437.42 KB, 1045x937, Screenshot_20200925-171301_Chr…)

The forgotten fat one is still alone and without a harem I see..

No. 1045140

Did he trim his beard into a square shape in hopes that it'd make his jaw/chin look more squared?
This bitch just looks like a minecraft block

No. 1045144

File: 1601048312092.jpeg (232.55 KB, 1252x1252, preg.jpeg)

dat shrek smile

No. 1045146

How did he lose weight and get uglier kek he looks like megamind in a wig

No. 1045148

He really looks like he's trying to attract one with that hair/beard styling. Someone needs to inform him that middle eastern women won't like him anymore than we do.

No. 1045150

megamind looks better than he ever will

No. 1045155

It's fascinating how his weight loss transformation took him from classic reddit neckbeard to PTA mom with facial hair

No. 1045163

Gretchen doesn't have to take hormones to appease you, transphobe.

No. 1045206

Fuck off back to tumblr, tard

No. 1045207

God, you are so annoying. Can you just leave?

No. 1045209

Maybe he should reach out to gimpgirl. She loves fat, bearded neckbeards, and she's a bald pick-me, just like June. It's perfect.

No. 1045218

the other two anons didn't get your joke but i've been giggling steadily, love u anon

No. 1045258

Thank you, queen!

No. 1045260

…who or what do you think she’s talking about? Kek

No. 1045261

im dyin.
when is groceries gonna troon out? he already looks like he's on the road to it. what happened to starting his onlyfans lmao

No. 1045263

Holy shit this made me snort out loud, thank you anon

No. 1045280

I dislike June as much as you. Shit I used to be mad that she didn't have a thread for the longest time but you guys needs to get over her tits.
Some people just have nice tits. I'm a c cup and my boobs look a lot like hers do in those potato phone pics and I've never had surgery.
I wouldn't say June is pretty but there isn't anything wrong with her body aside from her retardedly needing to pretend she's smaller than she is.(no1curr)

No. 1045284

Tinfoil: June is doing all of this to insult Preg and indirectly call him a fat pedo by officially making it her "type"

No. 1045287


whoa thanks, i had no idea. she sounds like a witch. too bad she's still hotter than shoe

No. 1045295

Nah, June's too obsessed with making herself look good to take an L for that. See: her changing per political beliefs whenever the tide turns to stay liked

No. 1045301

You're probably right but my tinfoil makes me cackle because it's what he deserves

No. 1045314

She looks like every mom at Walmart with a minivan kek male standards are so low

No. 1045340

Bringing up a month old post to brag about your tits, where do you think you are anon?

No. 1045347

It wasn't to brag, retard
I can't exactly brag about how I look while remaining fucking anonymous
I'm trying to make a point that perky tits doesn't equal fake
You don't have to lie about June to make fun of her
There is more than enough material as it is

No. 1045374

>you guys need to get over it
>replies to a 1 month old post, brags about their own totally super perky perfect tits XDD

literal retardation + likely bait anyways

No. 1045444


No. 1045504

File: 1601101151216.jpeg (11.23 KB, 229x220, cri.jpeg)

This exchange made my day

No. 1045571

I know I'm late, but just now it occured to me: did he dump Shoe after he lost weight and assumed he's totally deserving someone hotter than June now?

No. 1045588

I personally believe he's felt like that even before losing weight. Can't link the video but it's one of those "aged like milk" moments. Shoe joked that Preg is out of her league and without hesitation, Preg "jokingly" agrees.

No. 1045601


No. 1045621

So your natural tits look like the most unnatural bolt-ons? My condolences, lmao.

I can only hope for her that since she aged, gained a bit of weight and maybe the implants settled a bit more that they look better nowadays. But since she only dates pornsick dudes they probably like the bolted-on look.(continuing the autism)

No. 1045817


No. 1045828

Omfg why does Kiwi look so different here? I thought other anons were exaggerating her cheeks and being ugly, but now…

No. 1045913

Let us hope that she gets "cancelled" for some dumb shit because she wants to pander to the left now

No. 1045927

oh man june getting canceled would be so interesting to watch. her private meltdown off cam would be a damn shame to miss

No. 1046027

No. 1046031

at least post a pic of your perky tits if you're not gonna sage

No. 1046048

I have doubts it would happen. She's already aware a lot of people dislike SJWs. I do wonder if commie types would go all out for the cancelling though.

No. 1046081

somebody take a picture of him and then show it to him alongside these messages

No. 1046675

well, small tits tend to look perkier than the bigger ones.(continuing the autism)

No. 1046708


I have perfect quadruple D's that defy gravity and I am 45 years old and have had 5 children. Like, some of us just have won the genetic lottery, losers! Don't be so jelly!

My tits are so perky and big that people say I have had them done, but nah I was super lucky to be born with these big natural perky tits… fap fap f- uhhh I mean… big perky porntits totally exist naturally ok!! You jealous legbeards!

Anyways, I have to go play with my perfect perky big tits now that look exactly like Junes!! Sometimes I bounce quarters off them just for fun, cause that's what we do, amiright fellow feeeemales?(supreme autism)

No. 1046909

get a life

No. 1048199

File: 1601432987236.jpeg (258.12 KB, 750x960, 687C3AB7-38E2-45A0-83CB-F6710B…)

I just found out today she blocks if you call vaush a pedo in her mentions.(cowtipping)

No. 1048228

lmao jesus christ

No. 1048234

Shoe confirmed pedophile defender

No. 1048236

all this for vaush… I do not get her brain at all… she must be so massively insecure its caused brain damage or something

No. 1048243

this is so fucking funny and pathetic. shoe is a joke.

No. 1048336

She's a parasite who can't survive without a host

No. 1048470

Someone made a Shrekory and Donkey parody account and anyone who followed it got blocked by shoe

No. 1049041

I mean, I get why she went after Greg. He's tall, has nice hair, and gained some popularity due to Dawkins taking a notice of him.

I don't get Vaush. He's fat, unattractive, he yells in his videos, and he's a cringy sophist.

Is it because he said he was socialist and she likes bernie?

That seriously can't be it.

Does Vaush get more money than Greg?

Someone explain the switch up to me.

No. 1049042

You're whats her face that made the videos about june because you were jealous of the attention she got, right?

I can't remember your name but I think it starts with a V or B or something.

No one cares about your memes but you.

No. 1049082

June didn't switch up anything. Greg dumped her and she went for the next z-celeb sperg she knew with an inch of clout, cause she can't have any opinions of her own and needs a guy to tell her what she thinks. It's that simple.

No. 1049217

Pickmes have no standards. She wants someone to exhibition as her fat self insert by for her audience

No. 1049252

Lmao, I got accused of being Brittany Venti just cause I brought up something I remembered in the shoe thread?? Im only implying that its pretty pathetic how she really does search herself up on Twitter and probably lurks. You seem unhinged.

No. 1049256

Judging by the lack of sage it's probably just another June orbiter or the guy from before on a vpn

No. 1049599

File: 1601592763664.png (81.62 KB, 720x738, Screenshot_20201002-065154~2.p…)

We stan a commie queen!!~

No. 1049664

Kek at the limited replies.

No. 1049950

Karl Marx was a TERF though.

No. 1050216

there is literally nothing wrong with terfs

No. 1050385

true but shoe would disagree lol

No. 1051346

File: 1601794837375.jpg (1.26 MB, 1308x1900, boxxymorphs.jpg)

No. 1051366

groceries already peaked years ago. skeptic youtube disbanded or whatever. they fizzled out and june wants whats trendier now.
vaush unfortunately is gaining popularity while preg's is dwindling.

No. 1051426

One evil replaces another, thus is the cycle.

No. 1051468

10/10, definitely next thread pic

No. 1051626

OMG yes plz kek

No. 1051751

Not in Education, Employment or Training.

No. 1051907

File: 1601862833597.png (18.72 KB, 647x145, yuck.PNG)

imagine simping this guy for clout

No. 1051910

this is the penis she defends this is the man she has chosen as her hill to die on and for

No. 1052743

File: 1601958175097.jpg (2.66 MB, 656x28800, carl at shuwu.jpg)

>dump or get dumped by the armored shortbus
>simp for vaush
>get "negged" by a very thirsty sargon

it's all downhill from here, June!

No. 1052747

she's gonna be everyones cum dump at this rate.

No. 1052775

File: 1601967410134.jpg (276.06 KB, 1440x1051, shoe0nL3afy.jpg)

Guess Shoe hasn't forgotten about her little brother.

No. 1052970

No. 1052977

File: 1601999450429.jpg (329.67 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20201007-024959__01…)

Some caps, there's to many to post. Some of which Vaush related. Big disgust

No. 1052980

File: 1601999586097.jpg (132.02 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20201007-025005__01…)

No. 1052982

File: 1601999677199.jpg (226.51 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20201007-025010__01…)

No. 1052983

File: 1601999796491.jpg (106.87 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_20201007-025015__01…)

No. 1052987

File: 1601999957653.jpg (101.97 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20201007-025020__01…)

No. 1052988

Is she still friends with Blaire?

No. 1052997

I dont understand what these people see in Vaush. While Preg is disgusting, at least I could understand some desperate women finding him attractive but Vaush is just so greasy and appalling all around, just looking at him makes me feel like throwing up.

No. 1053001

I honestly dont know but find him repulsive and disgusting. hilarious tho june gets off to being bullied by him. sums up her entire life of failure right there. vaushs bully bitch

No. 1053019

No. 1053048

File: 1602006447904.jpg (48.19 KB, 711x1007, EjoS1_PXcAAEvmk.jpg)

Is she like, talking to an actual group of women or troons?

No. 1053055

my bet is on troons

also smh those gender stereotypes are not very current year JUNE

No. 1053077

File: 1602008021834.jpg (54.6 KB, 750x848, Ejm9R5GWAAEUh87.jpg)

Ok how wrinkly is her face nowadays that she has to blow out her pictures and add 100 filters like this?

No. 1053106

Yeah the party of working people is perfectly represented by a bitch who has made money talking at a camera, never lifting a finger to actually work, and her parents take care of her for almost 30 years.

Perfectly sums up all these new "communists". They really think that if they're useless under capitalism they would cut it under a dictatorship? Get fuckt.

No. 1053109

You just described most of these types of youtubers tbh, like Vaush a fat bisexual freak who has the answers to everything but never DOES anything.
They just sit in their homes screaming at people what they should think and do but don't do fucking anything.
Why the fuck do people care what Shoe thinks? She's not going to go out and do anything.

No. 1053113

File: 1602010806736.jpg (28.05 KB, 749x290, Ejm35ErWsAgXH4L.jpg)

you go june, prove that all men are lying pieces of shit by being their cumdumpster

No. 1053116

File: 1602010992128.jpg (43.62 KB, 502x513, Capture.JPG)

No. 1053118

based ngl lmao

No. 1053140

lol proving me right shes's a lil cum dump. guess big daddy vaush lets her play with the other boys in their lil circlejerk

No. 1053147

these leaks are hilarious because shoe makes it sound like she thinks she has become a better person.like congratulations you gone from pandering to alt-right pedo incel misogynist racist to left wing pedo incel misogynist that are only sometimes racist.

No. 1053150

File: 1602012893718.jpg (47.22 KB, 693x1061, EjoS1_PWkAA6INl.jpg)

Continued, she tries so hard not to simp for Vaush but still fails

No. 1053355

Yawn. Is any of this shit seriously surprising to anyone? She has been like this for years now, it's only been getting more cringe and visible.

This. It's strange to think she is ~30 and still do clueless. Though I gotta say it's pretty funny seeing her trigger these faggot redpillers with her softball "takes."

No. 1053894

The only thing thats surprising is those who pity her and talk about her like shes been manipulated and needs sympathy. She knows exactly what shes doing.

No. 1054150

some people have to have this she's a victim mindset cuz they dont wanna cope with the fact june is not a good person and that breaks their white knight save june fantasy they want so desperately

No. 1054368

File: 1602173307312.png (213.47 KB, 1036x607, Un234324titled.png)

The fucking audacity.

No. 1054378

My sides, anon

No. 1054392

why do anons say shoe used to be alt-right? Pretty sure she's always been a liberal.

No. 1054397


No. 1054399

She's never had any real opinions, but she used to pander to alt-right. Now she panders to commies.

No. 1054403

there is plenty of evidences of her pandering to poltards and using their memes, even making references to A. Wyatt Mann racist cartoon iirc. She's a spineless schmuck who get a pass for her physique and being a scrots ally

No. 1054407

She pandered to skeptics.
You may not know but there was a whole issue where the skeptic community tried to run the alt right off of youtube. I'll put together a post later if you want

Everyone uses /pol/ memes, lolcow included and especially the edgy left scene

No. 1054419


Belle Dolphin level of filters, who does she think she's kidding?

No. 1054428

I didn't know about that myself so sure why not

No. 1054505

Shoe you're not Emily Youcis sit the fuck down

No. 1054512

File: 1602183635971.jpeg (477.46 KB, 750x1081, 55963008-C59A-4DE7-A077-8794B8…)


She kinda is in that they’re both unremarkable women that cater to scrotes.

No. 1054513

And they both have weird whoville ratfaces and are pickmes who pretend to be political to get simps.

I don't think anyone wants to be Youcis tho. Not even Shoe. Not even Youcis. lmao

No. 1054519

Are you new or something? She's been a /pol/tard from the start, it's just recently that she switched sides because she didn't want to get cucked out of her YT bux. She defended calling a black woman a gorilla and everything.
The only reason she wasn't sent out on her ear is because the whole "breadtube" thing is full of horny men and she's a massive pick-me.

No. 1054520

File: 1602184285585.jpg (48.42 KB, 750x422, D2qYBYAW0AAdw16.jpg)

If they didn't want white supremacists on the same social media platform as them, why would they be comfortable hanging out with them irl? I'd be interested to see what Greg or June actually did to remove the alt right from YouTube

No. 1054530

File: 1602185112405.png (147.62 KB, 365x352, image_2020-10-08_152649.png)

i was referring to how emily youcis used to wear those retarded "dictator" outfits
sage for derail

No. 1054542

Yeah idgi, there are plenty of online assholes on the internet but she seems to have some hardcore WK's about, are people really that stupid that they think shes genuine and not an attention whore like the rest of them?

No. 1054546

File: 1602186407002.jpg (16.63 KB, 521x112, Capture.JPG)

No. 1054549

It's just a recurring thing, June's history is always under revision.

No. 1054563

What a trad-panderer. She's making it out like any man could beat her in a debate cause she's so smol and weak without the intellect of the big men uwu, when in reality she would only get "steamrolled" by literally anyone because she can't research anything for shit and has no real opinions

No. 1054581

Also cause it wouldn't be very pickme of her to say anything against a man and not be smol and submissive.

No. 1054617

>She's making it out like any man could beat her in a debate cause she's so smol and weak without the intellect of the big men uwu
nitpick but isn't her tweet kind of saying the opposite of that?

No. 1054644

Men not following clearly stated rules and talking over women is sexist. Sorry you can’t admit that men aren’t perfect, June.

Agree that she would be shit at debating, though.

No. 1054698

Why else would she assume she would "inevitably" lose to a man without even trying? Unless she's just admitting that she's uninformed about anything she could possibly debate about

No. 1054753

You just know June would probably call them all uggos if someone showed her that photo in private. The only thing that's changed about her is, a few years ago she would've said it publicly. Now she has to pretend to be woke and body-posi for her new marks.

No. 1054794

Lauren Chen decided to make a whole segment responding to June's tweet about her.
June is turning into the people she made fun of 3 years ago, it's amazing. I felt bad for Lauren when she started tearing up mentioning her father being on a wait list to get cancer treatment. It's funny how June doesn't know jack shit about Canada's healthcare system despite dating a Canadian guy for 4+ years.

No. 1054819

Two retards fighting each other over shit neither of them understand

No. 1054832

Cow vs Cow

No. 1054837

Hot take but i dont know if i can neccessarily blame her for switching sides. Most people in the 2016 anti sjw era either went to the left or the extreme right. Left doesnt like her because of her past pandering, the right doesnt like her because half either hate her because she threw them under the bus plenty of times, or just cause shes no longer the token cool girl that thinks misogyny is cool. Being centrist is clowned on too now. I dont really think june is that original in her political thoughts, i think she just follows whats safe in current year but then manages to piss off everyone by switching sides constantly. I do pity anyone who makes their name in politics and doesnt have a thick skin. June should have just dipped once her popularity dropped off and became an accountant or something

No. 1054848

I don't think there's anything wrong with changing your mind when you get a new perspective or whatever, but what pisses me off the most is she likes to pretend ~I was lib all along u guys~ which is obviously not true. She's had no opinions but those of the men around her all along.

No. 1054856

i think we can all agree we have changed a couple opinions we held even a little bit after a while, but i agree, the way june changes her mind is based on what's "in" and what brings her an audience. she even fence sits on her leftist label every so often. you can see from the discord leaks she is so focused on the political philosophies names and what to call herself rather than the ideologies.

No. 1054857

Would she have made this video if Shoe was a man? Kind of doubt it. I don't like either of them, but Lauren's comment about "muh homogeneity" she lifted from /pol/ and/or her ugly boyfriend was pretty retarded.
Also, the fact that she literally cut and added footage of herself crying on camera and brought personal anecdotes no one asked for into it strikes me as manipulative and weak.

No. 1054860

It is. I mean imagine legit crying then stopping the camera inf ront of you. Then go on your laptop, edit it, revise and upload it. Lauren C is kinda like Lauren S but a weaker version. She can't talk about white fertility it white genocide or the replacement theory since she's half asian and white nationals hate that half-white anything exists. She picks to low hanging fruit like June did and her audience of alt right weebs lap it up.

No. 1054866

Lauren Chen is a watered down tradcon clown, she also supports crisis pregnancy centers which are known to be wackjob anti-choicer shitholes

No. 1054867

Shuwu, Lauren Chen and Lauren Southern all mingled among eachother at one point or another, because birds of a feather…

No. 1054870


YES she also does this same thing as Blaire White, she makes herself look as cute as possible and then compares herself to other women, although she is more sly about it.

Old “karens” vs her, “wine moms” vs her.

No. 1054878

This is embarrassing, from crying on camera to taking shoe's meme literally.
Also tbh the people who made the tweets (at the end of the video) are cows too, they have such a weird fixation on race.

No. 1054894

Lol I can't believe people actually take shoe seriously as a socialist when all she's done is parrot popular talking points. You can tell Lauren believes the shit she says but shoe is more concerned with how she's viewed than any actual ideology she claims

No. 1054914

I swear Shoe used to constantly make fun of Snapchat filters like "I don't need filters because unlike other girls MY face is already TOO small uwu~"

Satisfying to see it's come to this.

No. 1054956

WS love Asians though if any

No. 1054960

File: 1602245749304.jpeg (82.23 KB, 828x753, CB7B2B81-71E0-4B0D-9157-5E5E00…)

Preg is rebranding since his cult leader daddy dom plan never took off

No. 1054971

File: 1602247224075.jpeg (248.56 KB, 828x605, 6957AF0C-8D7D-4E96-8561-F3E93A…)

She constantly did this. Projecting how insecure she was and tearing every single other woman down because they weren’t like her “disney waistline legal loli ass”
So fucking embarrassing that an adult woman constantly bragged about how her boyfriend thought she looked like a teenager only to get dumped

No. 1054974

does she imply that someone use d"nice big eyes, freak" as an insult to her or am i misunderstanding something?

No. 1054976

This is the most autistic humble brag disguised as insults no one asked for.

No. 1054978

Why does June pretend people say this shit to her?

No. 1054979

why do u say that anon? im sure people ALWAYS insult people by focusing on conventionally attractive traits.

ffs june u you don't look like a teen. you just look like a heavily filtered adult woman who puts on 10 pairs of eyelashes and an aliexpress wig every single day

No. 1054981

>omg everyone hates me because I'm just sooo hot

No. 1054991

It's all shit no one ever said.
For her, it's more along the lines of "Why do you squat to look shorter whenever you stand next to actual petite women?", "What's it like being bald?", "Do you have fetal alcohol syndrome?", etc.

No. 1054996

She's clearly taking insults and twisting them to sound like "compliments"
"You look like a teenager" = "Why do you dress like a child in public" etc.

No. 1055034

File: 1602256849319.png (410.32 KB, 467x440, humblejune.PNG)

Can't believe June did this meme unironically before it was cool

No. 1055079

Some do because they're weebs and fetishists. Other don't because muh white race > chinks. Don't count on WS do be consistent

>you look like a teenager
Imagine she keeps saying this in her 30s and 40s

No. 1055106

File: 1602265032390.jpg (185.99 KB, 1596x1376, 20201009_123755.jpg)

June retweeted this from a user named ShoeSimps

No. 1055194

I think shuwu is drawing attention to the fact that she's 30 while filtering herself to enforce her false "legal loli" image

No. 1055195


Big eyes where lol

No. 1055200

She must mean big eyelashes, kek

No. 1055208

File: 1602273163917.png (108.33 KB, 301x340, JUNE1530890209348.png)


Ok sis.

No. 1055213

Everyone who lied to her about those eBay wigs has something to answer for.
>u look amazing

No. 1055214

No. 1055221

>Unless she's just admitting that she's uninformed about anything she could possibly debate about

That's actually how I read it since June regularly insinuates she is stupid and not well-informed.

Which in itself is just a way for her to protect her ego in anticipation of people actually calling her out. I don't think she actually believes it.

No. 1055281

Jesus she was 25 when she wrote that tweet..

No. 1055297

But she’s a teenage-looking-big-eyed-cock-sucking-hettie-hotty-beauty, anon! That’s totally just a bad picture with bad lighting.

No. 1055427

Dear lord, you're right anon. How embarrassing for someone to still be acting like that by 25.

No. 1055467

Emily is actually talented though.

No. 1055600

Does she really think chokers are age-appropriate for her to wear?

No. 1055609

She looks like a rodent.

No. 1055610

I was about to say, "uh oh was somebody lurking and get their feelings hurt?" Till I looked at the date. None of that shit makes sense without knowing about lolcow since most scrotes mainly comment on her ~uwu smol body~
Though it would've been funnier if she tried to call herself a ~kawaii whovian~ or some shit "ironically" but she'd never have the balls to admit she's anything BUT a ~sexy irl loli uwu~
Kek at a five year old post from shoe getting more of a reaction from anons.

No. 1055642

File: 1602325225031.png (943.11 KB, 1080x1281, vitheknight.png)

No she's not, have you heard her rapping? It's not only terrible, but also she is a white supremacist who makes "black music" while also pandering to /pol/tards and literal neo-nazis. She doesn't even look white, yet they all cream their pants over her. It's fucking hilarious. Also stop bringing her up, fanboy, she's not relevant.

Anyways here is Voosh whiteknighting for Shuwu. If you ask me, Voosh is what she fucking deserves. She will play the poly-game until she's 40 and then she will realize she wasted her life, will never have the husband and kids she always wanted, isn't attractive enough to have simps anymore, even with all the filters and cry herself to sleep every night cause she has absolutely nothing.

No. 1055644

I'm just glad Shuwu never gave Septic a "cute daughter"

No. 1055650

Her animation work shows obvious talent. She's a piece of shit obviously (I knew her personally for years and met her irl, worse than you think) but she is definitely talented in animation and her old music was nice as well. Shoe has absolutely nothing going for her and has never put out anything showing any semblance of talent or skill.

No. 1055656

didn't shoe get a boob job long ago? she might as well profit off them like kiwi since preggory isn't into her anymore, she's getting older and her content (and fanbase) is getting stale.

No. 1055661

Shoe is a great example of why you shouldn't believe incelloid forums

No. 1055678

>will never have the husband and kids she always wanted
Did she really though? I feel like it was only a fantasy so she could contradict feminists. Also she was probably influenced by hormones and being in love with 'tradman' preg. I'm pretty sure she doesn't care about it now, and will happily accept if her future bf is childfree.

No. 1055680

She looks like a 30 year old roleplaying as a manic pixie high school character.

No. 1055709

she kinda is just that…

No. 1055725

For a second I thought you said chonkers like the men she surrounds herself with are only accessories. Lmao yes and yes.

No. 1055741

>(I knew her personally for years and met her irl, worse than you think)
Could you post more on this in the tradthot thread >>989990 or something? I'd be interested to hear how fucked up she is/was offline.

No. 1055776

Lauren is equally annoying as June, but I don't think she attacked her. It was just one retard calling out another.

I feel like June would be the type of mom to be jealous of her own daughter, and if she had a son she would raise him to be an asshole who treats women like shit, so it's really just better she never had kids

No. 1055853

File: 1602355546445.jpeg (7.86 KB, 214x236, images.jpeg)

All of you dunking on this photo please stop making us look like normies, of course she looks like a caricature because that's what she's portraying. It's the egirl wojak meme

No. 1055893

She hit up ebay for shitty wigs people like Blaire White told her were pretty long before that meme became oversaturated.

No. 1056125

Nta but unironically calling us normies because "muh meme" makes us look like normies.

No. 1056196

Lmao memes are normie as fuck these days what are you talking about

No. 1056274


Are you one of those boring people anon who thinks that every woman who is no longer college age should wear 'sustainable' potato sacks in biege and autumnal hues, midi skirts, riding boots, hi low tunics and indoor scarves?

Please get lost.

No. 1056277

This woman needs a serious style update. June still dresses and does her make up exactly like it's 2012. She's going to be one of those unfortunate relics who get eternally stuck in a fashion time warp unless she actually becomes aware of this and pays at least some attention to current trends.

Believe it or not it's actually far more aging to stop following trends and to stick to things that were fashionable when you were young.

No. 1056297

Her future is pretty much becoming Vicky Shingles but with less hair and shitty tats.

No. 1056308

Well it's nothing surprising since last time she actually got out of the house was in 2012.

Her sense of style won't evolve since she is addicted to internet communities that are full of trannies wearing stripped socks and anime school uniforms.