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File: 1458674668928.jpg (49.07 KB, 500x484, tumblr_inline_n98xxsV6cC1sw5w6…)

No. 109130

For mocking the luls that are Internet Multiples, aka people who heard about Dissociative Identity Disorder and thought it'd be totally kewlsies to have the entire cast of Inception living in their head.

No. 109138

I don't understand systems. I'm hoping they can't possibly be literal or serious about headmates and actually BEING a fictional character and that its just roleplaying they do because they're bored teenagers. But that's optimistic.

No. 109142


Thanks for starting this thread.

I was going to post in the other thread that I've got that "Sybil Exposed" ebook and I could upload it somewhere if there's any interest from anyone wanting to read it. (Got a massive headache atm so getting off internets for a while. Look forward to input from DID anon).

No. 109143

It's the same thing as RPing, literally. The only difference is that RPing on the internet isn't cool anymore, so they're latching onto the biggest new things - mental illness, and self-identity. On top of that, passing off this shit as "Oh there's other people living in this body it's not just me??? :'(" allows them to go full autismo and act like complete cunts without being held accountable. I've read weeaboo horror stories on Tumblr where people would do this very thing, and no one backed them up because they were obviously full of shit. Crazy to see it's become an actual trend.

No. 109145

My favourites are the ones who have real people, like Benedict Cumberbatch or Jennifer Lawrence, as their headmates/alters. If I was famous, I would be such a bitch to people who brought my name into this bullshit.

No. 109149

I'm hoping that its all just some very weird roleplaying.

No. 109151

This is hard to not get angry at, as my brother suffered from DID before committing suicide in a more aware moment. It starts as a coping skill to dissociate from yourself so violently, but quickly becomes very scary to the sufferer and their family. It doesn't work like this, at all. Also how can you be dmab and dfab in the same body? It would make more sense, and seem less trans ignorant, to simply state the gender of each head person or whatever. Does this person morph? I've seen this too many times to think that this is an aware joke. :/

No. 109152

Sorry for your loss. I agree in that I would assume real dissaociation to br completely terrifying. It's absurd to say the least how the internet community it out to be a bit of fun.

No. 109153

Sorry for your loss. I agree in that I would assume real dissaociation to be completely terrifying. It's absurd to say the least how the internet community makes it out to be a bit of fun.

No. 109170

Please do, when you feel better, anon! I'd be very interested in reading it.

No. 109173

I'd be so inferested in that, please do!!

No. 109178

The people I've spoken to in the past with DID say it took a long time to figure out which personality was coming forward. I know everyone's different, but the three I communicated with didn't suddenly know every trait of every alter like the tumblrinas. When I look at the way these kids give full on identities it's like they're writing characters for rpg. I expect to see Defence:77 Attack:93, etc.

The formulaic way they write, signing off ~ and throwing an animal into the mix proves to me they're copying one another.

It makes me angry too because they're belittling what real sufferers go through. Whatever DID is, it's not a cute, hip rpg these wankers portray it as.

There's a hashtag on ig #multiplemates. Nice, flowery terminology for a serious illness.

No. 109179

Ha, I just posted above. Nurofen took the edge off. I'll sort out an upload later when I'm on my laptop.

No. 109184

Bless you, anon.

No. 109189

File: 1458686167481.png (38.85 KB, 514x726, part 1.png)

I wonder what it would be like to interact with these people in public.

No. 109190

File: 1458686173872.png (44.83 KB, 515x740, part 2.png)

No. 109192

IRL most of them would probably drop the whole pretence and act normally.

No. 109193

File: 1458686573252.png (2.96 MB, 1135x1408, Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 18.3…)

No. 109217

Here's a link for the Sybil Exposed book. It's in mobi form.

I first read it on that Kindle for PC thing at amazon before I had a Kindle, so there should be a way to get to read it. It's good.

No. 109219

>am I fake for having so many

No. 109231

I love how they'll send each other asks like that. It's the same way the wannarexics ask each other for tips. "Am I fake for having so many alters/kins?" "~*~i think I might have alters how can I tell"

No. 109238

You can read .epub/.mobi using Calibre it's good and free: https://calibre-ebook.com/

No. 109239

File: 1458689137692.jpg (92.64 KB, 597x562, urban dictionary.JPG)

This is how they describe it at Urban Dictionary.

I've been reading some things about the systems and it's still really confusing.

No. 109240

And this is just wtf

No. 109241

These are insane?! Where is this? It's like reading gibberish.

No. 109242

No. 109246

They say they're not faking but on their website
>We are a natural system and were not created from Trauma and have no correlation with DID/MPD and function as normally as any normal Singlet would in day to day life. (With the obvious exceptions)

Fuck this shit.

No. 109248

So, they're magical and defy science and logic. Seems legit.

Fuck these people.

No. 109249

RPing on the internet has never been cool. Still do it.

No. 109251

"Sam" is to blame for chickpea cutting herself. Sam wears the same clothes as Phoebe.

No. 109254


No. 109256

The best one is the one that's like "my alter is blind will i go blind if I pretend to be him???" Amazing.

No. 109258

I like the blank space. It's like there's a vacancy for more bullshit.

No. 109280

The multiple system tag on fictionkinfessions

No. 109281

>Fujisaki Chihiro
>dmab trans girl
>trans girl
No. Stop.
I bet they get all offended when people say Chihiro is male and says something like "Um no lol I'm literally Chihiro and I'm a trans girl."

No. 109325

Pretty OT here but… tikself?!

Is this a thing?

Do people actually go out in public and ask someone to refer to them as ti or tik?

All I can think of is the little blood suckling bugs on animals

No. 109336

Phoebe is her other alter. Chickpea must've ran out of style ideas for Sam because that one wears Phoebe's clothes.

Her ED unit must be really lax because she's always outdoors somewhere and obviously has access to blades. Maybe they're sick of her and let her get on with it.

No. 109351

File: 1458696622494.png (13.34 KB, 521x192, Screenshot_1.png)

Hopefully not.

On a related note, can anyone translate this?

No. 109363

File: 1458697346993.jpg (90.18 KB, 435x1033, stuckaboo.jpg)

They're all former stuckaboos. Amazing.

No. 109372

Giving it a shot:
>watching star wars because one of my bullshit head people is from starwars teehee and also their pronouns are fae/faer
>now i can't watch star wars but all my friends are watching star wars because theyve deluded themselves into believing they have star wars people in their deluded 13 y/o minds

No. 109375

she's basically saying her and one of her super omg so special best friends forever watched star wars but then while watching it she realized she was left out since all of her friends play pretend star wars together and she decided to be a storm trooper and now she's triggered by star wars spoilers in ways never thought possible

this is bullshit.

No. 109376

good god. this is like that whole 'this song is about me!!!' shit that i used to do when i was younger. expect it's about fucking everything and they don't think it's cringe.

No. 109393

No. 109433

A while ago I stumbled across a series made by Internet Aristocrat (aka Mr Metokur) explaining tumblrisms. He explained headmates in this one and I thought it was pretty entertaining.

No. 109435

Oo! Just started watching this. I think I'm going to have to watch the others in the series. Scanned the comments, and I see lots of mental illness sufferers are pissed off too. Ta for posting.

No. 109436

No problem! I'd recommend pretty much all of them, don't think there were any that were boring or uninteresting to me. Glad you're enjoying it so far! I think he explains the topics well.

No. 109440

File: 1458705528501.jpg (13.42 KB, 608x79, t.JPG)

I love him ripping into this shit.

Amazing that making up these "systems" is a hobby. Who the hell would invest so much time into it. I'd freak if I met one.

No. 109444

It's probably bad PR to be mean to the mentally ill.Man that OP has everything. I wonder is it just a joke?

No. 109445

File: 1458706173465.png (202.71 KB, 889x642, please dont reproduce.png)

Oh boy, here we go.

No. 109446

Literally Stan from South Park?

No. 109447

thats funny because south park is such a "problematic!!!!" show with ya know the racism, transphobia, and stereotyping lol.

No. 109456

I'm pretty sure actual famous people are too busy rolling around in piles on money to care what some dumb teenagers are posting on the internet.

No. 109457

So, it's pretty much waifuism. 'These are my favorites! Do not steal'

No. 109459

My favorite snarky podcast did an episode about multiples where they do dramatic readings of people's tumblrs. You all should give it a listen: https://thefpl.us/episode/83

No. 109464

I can only imagine how much time these tumblrs waste time thinking up all this shit.

No. 109546

Thank you very much, anon!

No. 109794

Anyone know what's going on with ohchickpea.?

No. 109802

She's blaming her…alter…for people saying she's a liar because this alter told the baby eating bs.

Now there's a tumblr calling out her fakery and chickpea's speeging about it.

No. 109818

Ooh, do you have any links to the tumblr?

No. 109844

No idea. Cassie only found out by this post on her ig. I've looked around tumblr and can't find anything, but Cassie deleted her own tumblr.

I wish I'd saved more than this

No. 109846

File: 1458777545011.jpg (42.51 KB, 298x343, Capture.JPG)

Dropped pic >>109844

No. 109850


Why do they all share these hurtful things with the people concerned? Like I get it but it's so double edged? "Hi I'm so nice to you because I'm telling you about these really horrible things people are saying!!"

No. 109855

Bleated her tumblr. Too many personal things, people being hateful, saying we're fake, wah wah wah. The usual. Wish I could have archived her tumblr tho.

No. 109861

They think they're better than farmers because they give themselves a username and a face. They like seeing people distressed and like the drama. They don't care about who they're following.

No. 109863

Right, so anon on ED thread posted her new url

No. 109871

Ty, gonna lurk a bit. Would rather not set her off again yet.

No. 109894

I've been around tumblr long enough that whenever someone goes "I'm irl this character" I just :). I can't tell if they've otherkin or just dramatically saying that they relate to a character. Just because this character has your personality or you relate to them does not mean that you are them irl or "kin" with them, don't make everything about you. I also hate how this is so linked to mental illnesses and transgender people. They're making them look bad and it's a terrible them to be associated with, it's just all made up.

No. 109901

If you want to raise your bloodpressure really fast, try combing through the plethora of blogs who are all "we support self diagnosis! Reblog/message to compile a group!" I had to walk away for a few minutes.

No. 109917


lol their youtube channel is so fucking amusing. I just watched all their videos. The one of their different "fronts" playing a video game is particularly special.

No. 109963

Kids will do anything to glorify being in a relationship these days, I feel old, I don't understand young ones.

No. 109995

i am so done with tumblr oh my god this shit is completely out of hand. i am too old for this.

No. 110032

I'm hoping that they don't act like this in public and they have enough sense to know that their tumblr persona would never be tolerated in the real world. I wish this self diagnosing special snowflake headcase trend would die out. They're making people with real illnesses look like a joke.

You can't really argue with them though. They cry ableism and get triggered. Even though most of them have no real disabilities. They make it sound like it's loads of fun to have Loki and transgendered demisexial autistic Pikachu living in your head.

Just imagine having to look back at this in ten years and be so embarrassed. Hoping you managed to nuke every account associated with your cringeworthy multiple system headmate phase.

No. 110045

This reminds me of those stories about satanic pedophile cults that were going around in the 80s. Books were written on it and it all turned out to be fake. False memories induced by therapists.

This tumblrina's story about her alter eating her own baby sounds a lot like something right out of those books. I wouldn't be surprised if she saw a website about it and copied a story directly.

No. 110057

Remember when being emo or scene was the worst thing ever? At least you could explain that stuff to others but this…

No. 110073

This tumblrina's story about her alter eating her own baby sounds a lot like something right out of those books. I wouldn't be surprised if she saw a website about it and copied a story directly.

An anon in another thread pointed out a in the last few days that she most likely copied the "I ate my own baby" story from the documentary "The Woman with 7 personalities". And after watching the documentary myself yesterday, I'd have to agree with that idea.

It's really pathetic to see that she is so uncreative that she'd rip the story from the documentary and claimed her "9 year old alter" posted about it, but didn't even bother to write as as if it were the words by of someone who was 9 years old.

No. 110087

How do I get these freaks to stop tagging my fan art with "#me" >:/ It makes me so fucking mad and I can't even explain why.

No. 110090

There are a couple of artist that straight up tell people "don't tag #me, don't tag #kin" and if they have a big enough following, their fans usually back them up and keep away the crazies.

No. 110091

File: 1458829722702.jpg (68.39 KB, 547x1196, 0l9veuK.jpg)

No. 110092

File: 1458829762786.jpg (77.72 KB, 643x347, Capture.JPG)

I've written this before, but I'm convinced she's spending too much time on the internet and googling DID and SRA. I'm half expecting her to start talking about the Illuminati and lizard people.

Of course, if anyone asks her to elaborate, she doesn't because this alter that knows about the RA doesn't want Cassie to know about it. If you throw out I WAS IMPREGNATED AT 11 AND MADE TO EAT MY BABY, people are going to ask questions.

She's mentally ill, but what she's doing for attention/whatever is out of order. Sometimes mental illness isn't a Get Out Of Jail Free card for bullshit, the way Ash plays it.

Got to say, the way these people allegedly suffering from DID say "we" instead of "I" is really annoying.

Speaking of SRA, this happened last year

I could tell the kids were bullshitting the way they spoke about it in their videos.

No. 110100

No. 110103

Also, all of these posts were posted to the same instagram account. Surely she could look back at literally the post her supposed alter just made a day or hours ago for reflection and awareness of her supposed blacking out/dissociation periods. Also surely if you have gone through abuse like that ypu wouldn't post such personal details online as A. most abuse survivors feel shame/guilt over their experienced (wrongly as it's not their fault but still), abuse survivors would surely feel that posting about themselves and their abuse could potentially put them in danger, and incase she forget Cassie is in inpatient how the fuck csn she post so much online, especually so many personal/fucked up/attention seeking posts without it being banned by her team? Posting about self harm, child abuse, your friends suicide would definitely mean internet access would be onitored or removed.

No. 110112

I REALLY like that blog. Idk who runs it, but I'm glad they outed chickpea and even the posts not about her are interesting.

No. 110133

File: 1458835748096.jpg (87.92 KB, 640x480, Photo 5.jpg)

I feel bad for her parents going through this. I found her mum's old blog. They seem like a "nice" family.

No. 110166

captured the whole blog to date ty.


What pisses me off more than anything about the SRA scare is that actual ritualistic abuse of kids does happen. But these fucking pieces of trash make it sound like a dime a dozen situation. Do they know by claiming shit like this that then gets disprove makes life for actual abuse survivors more difficult? Maybe they just don't care.


I thought this site was all "waohhh look at this, does this really happen that much!?!" Searched a bunch of cases on google, most overturned but hasn't been updated. This fucking site is the first thing that pops up when you search "RA survivor" and shit. Wtf.

No. 110172

I thought that was just hyperbole at first, but I've seen several blogs that have about a dozen 'kin' and one character that's LITERALLY THEM, which is somehow different than a kintype.

No. 110216

Shocking how things have changed so much, even her changeing her name to "Cassie" seems out of sorts and the start of her disorders.

No. 110232

What accent is she trying to do on her latest post? It sounds Australian vaguely.

No. 110240


No. 110263

It keeps going back to my dashboard. The blog is stuck on the right side of my screen. Maybe it's Chrome.

No. 110269

I cant place which regional accent she's going for. So are her alters not all Scottish?

Its smthing to do with having to be signed into tumblr. It only shows in the side bar on that setting. Same with me, but haven't tried Firefox.

Too many people on ig and tumblr who claim to have DID call an alter Skye or Luna. Haven't seen a male DID sufferer yet.

No. 110279

>all this over art
The entitlement is ridiculous, though. What is stopping them from creating their own art, if they have this uncontrollable need to identify with fictional characters?

What ever happened to creating shitty OCs? Kin folk should go back to that, instead of claiming other people's content as their own.

No. 110284

It's an option that people can turn on to prevent people without tumblr accounts from viewing their blogs. Probably an attempt to deter 'haters'.

No. 110340

File: 1458870821406.jpg (6.35 KB, 488x53, GVKC8dA.jpg)

No. 110354

I noticed chickpea marked her appointment at the new unit she's going to on the calendar. THE PRIORY. Private. Her parents must be loaded if they're paying for all the time she spends in hospital.

No. 110374

So does she not read. I can't grammar for shit but I am not going claim to be triggered.

No. 110378

If that's the case, the amount that person doesn't read at all is staggering. No online journals, articles, books, zines - christ. It's like an elaborate "I'm ignorant and proud of it! Also if you tell me it's bad don't it triggers me." piece of shit.

No. 110396


Here's a blog of zoobes narrating kin confessions.

No. 110415

I assume Rachael/ohchickpea is under 12 month inpatient sections that have just been getting renewed, and that the transfer to the priory is NHS funded.

I think it's quite odd how she never talk about her ward routine/goals, interacting with other patients and staff, if she attended art/music etc therapy what her ward room and the food is like.

No. 110501

She does write about art therapy occasionally. I guess when you've been IP for as long as she has it gets dull.

No. 110502

Oh how precious. Who is this snowflake?

No. 110504

File: 1458919105589.jpg (Spoiler Image,259.4 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nvsudbxQII1sk7s0lo5_128…)


Boy, this one's a doozy. (NSFW and ugly tattoos)

No. 110515

Ew ew ew his 13 year old female alter is interested in sex


No. 110535

I can't understand how she's been sectioned for so long. I'm surprised they found her a flat before she was discharged. It's all odd.

No. 110540

Only on tumblr can everyone's alters be so into pronouns. Thanks for spoiler. It was needed.

No. 110554

I think she just cannot function outside of a setting where she will always be looked after and catered for.

No. 110556

File: 1458928557629.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.66 KB, 640x481, image.jpeg)

I've only ever seen women with these kinds of nipples. Good thing (s)he's mtf?

No. 110557

Good fucking lord those are revolting

No. 110570

Usually people like her are sent to live in halfway houses to adapt to independent living but with an on site carer. This happened with my SO before he moved into his own place years ago.

It pisses me off that she's hogging a place for someone who seems more in need of ED treatment. The only people I've ever known to be sectioned for so long were really, really mentally ill and on secure wards because they were a danger to others.

Idk, it's all so sketchy.

No. 110571

Ew god. Even when I started developing, my nips were nothing like this. Oh god, this is really disgusting.

No. 110583

Her areolas are most likely puffy because of hormonal changes. If not that then it's an infection.

No. 110584

I feel sick even thinking about that. There's no shame in having weird nips, but to flaunt them on the Internet is just weird.

No. 110615

Holy shit, this is giving me warriors flashbacks.

No. 110714

The closest I've seen to that is in certain cases of gynomastia (AKA "bitch tits") on men who've abused anabolic steroids long term. Fucked up hormones. I'm sure our snowflake here isn't roiding up, but it's gotta be fucked up hormones here as well… probably

No. 110715


No. 110739

That sounds unpleasant,…

No. 110870

Has anyone seen Chickpea's letter from her supposed T?

If that was my therapist, I would be worried with the lack of professionalism and competency.

I'm convinced more than ever that she really does have BPD and/or HPD.


No. 110924

I don't have screenshots but I have this variations of this many times

No. 110927

Sounds like her therapist is even calling her out on her bs in that letter. In the nicest way possible. So nice chickpea hasn't picked up on it.

I say HPD.

No. 110930

Adding, I don't really think the therapist sounds incompetent. More like s/he hasn't encountered such fuckery before and is struggling to find ways of addressing her fake DID without sounding like she's calling chickpea a liar and risking her sperging out.

No. 110969

I meant there were various typos and things, but I guess that could mean anything.
I am likely to agree with you there, anon.

Same goes for you, anon, with what is stated above.
Which brings me on to this:

A mnemonic that can be used to remember the characteristics of histrionic personality disorder is shortened as "PRAISE ME"

Provocative (or seductive) behavior
Relationships are considered more intimate than they actually are
Influenced easily
Speech (style) wants to impress; lacks detail
Emotional liability; shallowness
Make-up; physical appearance is used to draw attention to self
Exaggerated emotions; theatrical

No. 110996

Yeah that sounds like it fits a ton better. What kind of person getting taken to task over her 'fakeness' on tumblr decides it's appropriate to post proof, specifically of her inpatient area? Also her new blog dissociative-daze has been updating a fuck ton.

No. 111017

This account popped up a couple of days ago. They're spawining. I'm scared. Hold me.


No. 111023

File: 1459023818997.png (486.76 KB, 836x576, wahhhh.png)

First it was ADD, then autism, then transgender - is this going to be the new vogue-issue? FML.

Also this new Instagram pic reminded me of crying emily and I had a good chuckle in the midst of this fucking horror show.

No. 111028

Is it normal for a therapist to write/give/mail their patient's letters? Or contact them outside of their sessions? I would assume that all of this would be discussed in person or on the phone and not written in a letter that literally anyone else can gain access to? Like what if she didn't pick up the mail and someone else read it? Sounds like a liability to me. I'm very confused by this.

In my limited experiences with doctors and mental health professionals they either talk to me when I have a session with them or call me directly or I reach out to them. Is it normal in other parts of the world to have a more personal/friendly relationship with your therapist? Where is she from again?

No. 111030

File: 1459024912482.jpg (39.88 KB, 449x238, Capture.JPG)

All written communication sent to me by my therapist(s) is sent to my GP and psychiatrist also, like a snail mail CC version of email.

Not sure where she's inpatient, but she's from Edinburgh.

I think her DID is bs, but I saw this on the expose tumblr
> The notation of being in the US from 9-13 was posted on May 30 2015. The notation of being in the US from 4-13 was posted on November 18 2015. Which means the age range could have been changed to include the age range in which DID is shown to develop in. Especially if she ever came across posts on Tumblr or elsewhere about how DID develops by the ages of 6-9. How interesting!

Image is a ss of a post her mum made on that family blog, so I'd say Cassie was definitely living in America at the age of 6-9.

No. 111033

That was me. Just to add that there's never been anything that informal written to me by a therapist. I'm pretty sure that there must be some kind of code of conduct where if she was given this letter, it had to be checked over and a copy given to her team.

No. 111035

I'm the one who asked the question about the letter. I only saw the instagram pic of the letter and right away it didn't sit well with me. Just something about the writing seemed odd and the fact that it's a letter from her therapist.

And same here regarding the information being shared with the rest of the network. Like my doctor sessions are shared with my mental health professional and vice versa, but I think that's normal and expected.

What I meant was that the letter on the instagram looked printed out so I'm assuming it was mailed to her or handed to her physically? Like it didn't have folds so I guess it was just handed to her? It looks like she made a word document and than printed it out. But if it was handed to her than why couldn't her therapist just talk to her. And because it was a word document or physical letter it could have been snatched up by anyone or delivered to the wrong patient/person which seems like a big risk to take.

Unless I'm being stupid about this whole thing and there's something I'm just not seeing or am misinterpreting.

No. 111039

Ohhhhh, I get what you mean now. I hadn't even thought about it not being folded and that IS odd. You'd at least put it in an envelope. If I was given an unfolded A4 letter I'd be pissed off. I'd probably even tell the therapist I was pissed off about it. Privacy ffs.

No. 111042

You're right. Even if it was handed to her, she'd probably fold it up right away and put it in her purse or pocket. The paper looks too fresh.

No. 111044

From my experience inpatient no. Especially when you are under a section, everything is recorded officialy, a therapist session would be recorded in notes and everything bar care plan points would be surely spoken to the patient in person then hand written in their notes afterwards.
Also three years is a long admission for anorexia, 1 year is from my experience the longest average. It's like she doesn't want to see a life for herself outside being detained in a psychiatric unit. Whereas most people can't wait to get the hell out!

No. 111045

Anytime I was given paperwork bar a careplan sheet or ward timetable it would have been folded and placed in an envelope with the hospital header printed onto the papers

No. 111046

I understand feelings of institutionalisation. It feels safe in some way having staff around 24/7. I felt vulnerable when I was discharged, but like you said, after a while of being on a psych unit, there's a point where it just isn't helpful and you need to get out and actually live in a normal environment. /personalblog

I can't see them keeping her in hospital indefinitely and I'm really surprised she's been in continuously for such a long time. She's throwing in something new (DID) so she'll stay in longer, but I don't get how anyone can WANT to live in a hospital. It's not living.

No. 111049

They wrote a detailed post on the letter.
Even the font and lack of signature looks off.

No. 111051

I am in love with IWWTTTT right now, they're doing such a fantastic job at exposing all of this and hope they continue to do so because her enablers are like a pack of rabid dogs!

No. 111055

File: 1459029306399.jpg (139.44 KB, 570x821, 4e9913a1584b47a6c74b59b8ba77df…)

I feel the bond because they get shit for calling out the fuckery too. People are too gullible.

No. 111060

I'm surprised that she hasn't sent her lackeys over here to defend her corner.

I genuinely have so much respect for them and it's ridiculous that they're getting this hate, but I do believe that they're getting more support than hate.
People have already been saying they've opened their eyes to her obvious fakery.

No. 111061

I meant the above in reply to this message but whatever.

No. 111064

The staff could have placed the letter in her treatment folder without tampering with it otherwise. The therapist may have many, many patients and this was the easiest way to say a goodbye. Also, it would be addressed to all of her alters, so there can be no disagreement between them if she wants to place blame on the therapist for being transferred from the unit. She has been treated kinder inpatient, with no pressure to advance in her life or even get better. The psych hospital she is in must be handling this created phenomenon well, so they are transferring her. How lazy of them… I am disgusted by this entire situation.

No. 111065

File: 1459030650215.png (142.96 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Posted to the wrong thread before…oops. Anyways, the major thing that makes me question Cassie is if you google SRA one of the very first things that comes up is her story.

No. 111066

*must NOT be handling
This woman is largely a neurotic with micro psychotic features. I don't detect any dissociative identity, but an unsure sense of self. Her compounding diagnosis is a thinly veiled coping skill for this.

No. 111549

File: 1459169499992.png (357.19 KB, 478x641, wp_ss_20160328_0003.png)

I noticed chickpea posted a pic as Cassie on her main account then quickly became Sisi so she could delete everything on what was her art account, take a pic of herself as Sisi, upload it and caption only 19 minutes later.

No. 111658

Her inconsistencies are laughable, honestly. So, Sam and Pheobe apparently wear the same clothes and are pretty much gender swaps of each other.

It's like a little real life drama for this kid.

So what, is that account "Sisi's" now? Or wot?

I will say this; Cassie's eyebrows are en point. I'm jealous, ngl.

No. 112088

Aww, she beleted her tumblr(s)
Now where do I go to get my daily entertainment?

Anyone know her new one?

No. 112146


She irritates the fuck out me but I'm gunna agree here.

No. 112154

No idea what her new tumblr is but she likes attention, so I'm sure we'll find it soon.

I agree with the eyebrow thing. They're impressive.

No. 112157

here is another gem, not sure what the fuck this is.


No. 112166

nice find

"Ask this question ‘ Are you really pretending Alice from Alice in wonderland is one of your personalities?’ I’m sorry hunny, if you are asking that bullshit and having it be phrased that way, you’re clearly not from the community."

you mean the 2edgy4me community of asspatting bullshitters? also she made another tumblr for one of her alters to argue with herself


to me the shittiest part is how people like this discredit those who are dealing with stuff for real reals

No. 112172


Oh god, this is gold.

They've also been sending inappropriately detailed descriptions of sexual abuse (as well as CSA) and self harm/suicidal idealization to a few user I'm in contact with.

No. 112174


Same anon; which is disgusting and an actual trigger for someone, especially someone with a genuine trigger for that kind of shit.

More kids playing more harmful games.

No. 112184

Oh my god how many times can her Alice "alter" say queer? I want to slam my head against something.

Like someone else has said in this thread, these kids are going to be quite embarrassed in a few years remembering when they did all this cringey stuff and faking mental illness for attention. And unless they delete everything this stuff will follow them.

I remember being her age (she's 16 now I think?) and going through an Alice phase where I would read the books over and over again and where puffy skirts and striped leggings and all that crap and drink lots of tea. I never actually thought I was Alice, I just liked her aesthetic I guess? I have no fucking clue.

High school years are some of the most embarrassing for a lot of people, but at least we never posted all our shit all over the internet. I almost feel bad for these kids. I understand that they're just trying to figure out who they are and stuff, but please keep this shit to yourself. Your future self will thank you.

No. 112195

I've definitely done some embarrassing shit in my younger days, but christ, it was never anything on this level of special.

I almost want to archive this shit :']

No. 112209

Jesus christ, I've just been reading through her "Alice" blog. I swear, I read the word queer with attempted olde english writing and I'll bust a nut.

No. 112259

How queer.

You'd expect this person to be 12 years old. Sometimes I really do wonder if David Icke is correct and there's some kind of chemicals being sprayed making kids mentally retarded.

No. 112263


Oh, but how very queer.
Now where, oh where, is my sweet little Dinah?
smh omc

No. 112274

File: 1459266539272.jpg (22.96 KB, 293x177, Capture.JPG)

Chickpea's slacking. She refers to herself as "I" in her latest post. It's been "we" since she started playing DID. Oops.

No. 112379

File: 1459276994607.jpg (41.85 KB, 321x460, Capture.JPG)

She posted more.

Can anyone explain what an "(introject f an abuser)" is and co coning. Is she learning this shit as she goes along?

(She forgets to write the name of whoever's (supposedly) writing sometimes. Oops again.

No. 112390


oh but she'll probably say it's "I" as in just her, Cassie, that feels that way.

Except that she says us at the end?

"I have basically lived in […]"

Oh dear, oh dear indeed :)

No. 112391

I think introject refers to a character in their "system" that isn't the host. (Based on alicesdissociativewonderland's blog description: "Fictional Introject in an DID system".)
I'm wondering if introjects mean they aren't an original creation. In which case, she might have been trying to say "introject for an abuser."

And finally, co-coning may mean that two characters are out at the same time.

No. 112392

I'm 99% sure she's just googling DID and adapting to the first things she finds.

No. 112393

Introject of an abuser is basically an alter created to do the job of the abuser. I have one, it's horrible.

Co-con is when two or more alters are present at once, maybe one's driving the body and the other is doing something else, like talking. It's weird and I'm only just getting used to trying to notice the nuances – but I digress.

She is obvious bullshit. Entertaining, but bullshit and it's an insult to those of us with DID.

She's probably reading up on things on actual DID pages instead of ripping it from the first two posts in Google-fucking-search.
It's easy to find this information if you want to as badly as she seems to.

No. 112411

Thank you for this thread, lolcow gods. I know this cow who claims she has DID, always threatens to kill her main personality when she's upset, and has characters from FNAF as her alters. We were in a skype call once when she "switched" personalities and all she did was make her voice a little bit higher and start acting super edgy. I feel like shooting myself whenever she talks about her DID because of how ~spooky paranormal magic fun~ she makes it sound.

No. 112431

Basically what Cassie and broken-plaything do.


No. 112473

have some fuckin standards guys, Jesus. her eyebrows are over plucked and the wrong shape.

No. 112476

Mine are fucking caterpillars buddy, no matter what I do, they're shit.
So, that's a step up for me since I'm a talentless gimp.

No. 112477

Honestly, I hated her brows for so long, but now I kninda like them.

Tbh I like Cassie in general. I don't know why, she just seems neurotic, but not a bad person.

No. 112481

Just throwing this out there, but it seems to me that she's using "Adrain" as an excuse for when she inevitably lashes out before she ends up being transferred to a new ward. She's telling us this now so it won't come entirely as a surprise.

It seems like instead of wanting to be moved to a new place and getting better/more accurate treatment and some sense of normalcy in her life she wants to stay in wards and be looked after her whole life.

I haven't been following this DID thread for a long time, but I do know that sometimes patients that have lived a big chunk of their lives in psych hospitals really are afraid of changing and being left out in the world so they continue to regress and get better and than suddenly worse right before transferring or being released.

No. 112487

Exactly this. They've spent so long being "Iill" and sheltered that real life becomes scary. On a psych wards you're doing "well" and "achieving" if you manage to read a bit of a book, or do some craft work. In real life you've gotta get a job, interact, pay bills; exist outside of the simplistic and tangible goals of the psych ward.

It's much "easier"to become a professional mentally person than it is to get over it, move on and move out.

No. 112553

Thanks for explaining. That makes sense. I wonder where she does get her information. I know if you're diagnosed with any illness you get all kinds of leaflets, print outs, etc. but her psychiatrist doesn't want to diagnose her DID so she's getting it all from the internet? I hope there's a stricter internet policy where she's going.

DID people online and even non DIDs have sussed out she's fake as fuck. Imagine being her mental health workers. They know but they've got to tip toe around her.

The thing I like about her eyebrows is that they're symmetrical. I always fuck up on that. They're not the shape I'd want, but the symmetry's good.

There was a schizophrenic kid at the psych unit I was at. He would get violent and sexual during episodes. He ended up being transferred to what was more-or-less a psychiatric prison.

They need to get her out somehow. Seems like she survives okay on all the weekend leaves she gets. They should work on that more because as much as she's a dick, I'd hate to think she's going to waste her life in the system (although I suspect they'd kick her out at some point).

No. 112752

Oh, wow, so broken-plaything now has a Morinth in their system.

Morinth was a bitch in Mass Effect :P(:P)

No. 112777


tbqh, I'm always skeptical when someone has more fictional introverts than anything else.
Never really sits right with me, especially when someone is self-dxing DID or anything on that level and are fucking 16.

No. 112800


fuck sake I meant introject. autocorrect can kiss my ring.

No. 112858

There's a wealth of information, here for example: http://did-research.org
Which has been fantastic in sharing with my family but–
It's easy to pull this stuff out if you've been lurking tumblr too much. Which is essentially what she has seemed to have done. As well as IG.

Same. Same.

I've had the same experience, anon. I personally think she wants that to happen, pulling a new illness out of her ass just to get attention and care for it.
She'll use her ED and SH to make sure of that, and try to be the craziest mother fucker there. Mark my words.

Plus, what does she even have to worry about? She's got no bills, barely any expenditures.
I'm fucking jealous but I'm not a twat, and I try my hardest to stay out of IP.

No. 112880

File: 1459343296799.png (15.49 KB, 523x272, derp.png)


Thanks anon for that link, I'm having a blast!

No. 112898

She probably doesn't even have to do simple things like wash her dirty plates, do laundry and hoover like most adults her age do. It can be a world completely devoid of adult responsability, and it seems she wishes to become or already is deeply institutionalised. Guess there will come a point where family and medics just give up, like Ashley.

No. 112916


Sadly enough, I don't think you are wrong. Some of the stories that I've heard about the shit she's done to get back into hospital is ridiculous and beyond attention seeking.

OD and leave the evidence when your care/case worker comes around?


No. 112921

>>that psychiatrist didn't know the difference between psychosis and dissociation and used DSM IV so I wouldn't trust them that much
Is this psychiatrist an alter of hers too as I doubt a practicing medical professional would be using 1) outdated guidelines that are nearly three years old to 2) diagnose a 16 year old with BPD and 3) somehow doesn't know the difference between psychosis and dissociation.

Checking her blog, she's going on about how she now has an Alice (in wonderland) fictive who is "7 years old", anons are saying the fictive is fake and so she's claiming they're "bullying a child" because "Alice is 7". In that case, can we get her blog shut down as she's blogging as "a 7 year old" on a site that is for those who are 13 years and over? A site that doesn't moderate porn and abuse blogs is clearly not safe for a "7 year old".

No. 112932

Like what?

No. 112954

I love how a lot of people in general believe that they know more than doctors/psychiatrists/etc because they read shit online. There's a reason why these jobs take 10-12 years to qualify for.

Yes, there are crappy medical professionals out there, but they still most likely know more than their patients. These people also have to release that it's not as simple as typing your symptoms into google and getting a result. Mental illnesses and physical illnesses can take years to treat not because your doctor is incompetent but because different medication effects everyone differently.

Fuck people who disrespect doctors and therapists like that.

No. 112960

most of them think that it's a scam. to be fair, america especially has a problem with deciding on a diagnosis and then throwing pills at it, because a good chunk of doctors get paid on the number of patients they get, that leads to quick diagnoses. it's only been recently that things have come into play that actually pay them less per number and more per quality.

even so, most people don't actually know that much detail, and just think they're trying to get their money and don't realize that self diagnosing has any bias because they're the same idiots who think everything they do is based on fact.

No. 112969

You make a good point. I'm not from America so I guess my experience and knowledge of my health care system would be different than yours or other people from differing countries.

Also, just wanted to point out, if the patient in question is showing malingering behavior it's written in their notes but is usually never actually told to the patient until they can confirm it through many visits and different professionals. During this time the patient is treated like they actually do have the problem they are experiencing symptoms for. Whether that be physical or mental illness.

Also a lot of people believe that if you have medication for a certain ailment that confirms you have a diagnosis for it. So for example if you were given anti-depressants that means you have been officially diagnosed with depression which isn't true. You may actually have it but to be officially diagnosed you have to see a mental health professional that has the ability to diagnose you.

So I think in these cases some of these people that believe they have DID/BPD/etc are either making the whole thing up, have mistaken that being given medication = diagnosis, or are actually malingering, but their doctor's haven't confirmed it or are not yet ready to break it to the patient.

I also want to mention that just because you don't know your diagnosis or aren't being treated does not mean you don't have depression/anxiety/did/etc. There are many cases where a doctor or mental health profession would prefer their patient not to have an official diagnosis or be put on medication/go to therapy etc.

Sorry for the wall of text.

No. 112972

File: 1459354166381.jpg (162.47 KB, 796x588, alice in wonderland is fiction…)

I say yes, we can report it.

This is such bullshit though. We are not "bullying a child." We are calling out a 16-year-old who is playing at being a fictional 7-year-old. It's just pissing me off that she's trying to claim this, and that someone else is backing her.

No. 112987

File: 1459354872013.gif (499.48 KB, 475x225, 1flQhW1qmy72oo1_500.gif)

>literally bullying a child

No. 112997


>Guess what kind of behaviour causes DID/OSDD in the first place

I thought it was severe, repeated abuse not questioning a person who seems to be lying about a highly stigmatized mental illness on the internet. My bad.

No. 112998

Good afternoon /snow,

This is J from IWWTTTT. I will act as the spokesperson for SN. If XXX wishes to reply, I will leave it up to them.

I wanted to address a couple of points, one of which we could use some help with.

1. We are aware of the situation with broken-plaything. We were actually alerted of issues with them at the beginning of the month, but with the recent name change of theirs, lost track. They were toxic then and they are toxic now. What I want to confirm is that yes, the claims of RA appear to be new. When we were originally checking out the blog, they were not claiming RA. That's one of those claims that we pick up on quickly when someone brings something to our attention, so I can say with reasonable confidence that it's a new addition as of two days ago. This doesn't account for posts that are previously deleted between the beginning of the month and today, as they have a tendency to delete posts rather quickly. They're also talking about deleting the blog - so we need to collect what we can /fast/.

The problem is that the blog is massive and difficult to read for me. I have accessibility addons to address the latter, but we could use some help for the former. If anyone has an archive or is willing to make one, we would greatly appreciate the help. Both XXX and I are full time students, and with that on top of our DID and other illnesses, we have a limited amount of time to be spending on Tumblr. Spring break made for a useful exception but that's not going to last.

(I don't know if I'm doing this right, forgive me, I don't post on these kinds of forums)

If you were referring to trauma and dissociation specialists, you would be right in that they'd know and be able to detect the difference. However, the majority of professionals cannot. Many are not familiar with the more recent research regarding DID, and may interpret certain symptoms as symptoms of psychosis (such as hearing alter's voices). Additionally, there may be communication barriers between the patient and the professional. If the patient does not know or cannot express that they are actually hearing an alter's voice and not a hallucination, the professional may assume that it's symptomatic of psychosis and diagnose accordingly. This is something that researcher Paul Dell has been trying to address and is part of why he created the MID, one of the primary diagnostic tools for dissociative disorders. This tool, when in the hands of specialists, is meant to be able to differentiate between those subtle differences and allow the professional to make a proper diagnosis. Most professionals do not have access to the MID or know how to use it. Misdiagnosis does in fact happen, and it's happened to me. I was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia while inpatient. Now that I'm out, have been away from the environment that was causing problems at the time, and am working with a professional directly instead of indirectly as part of a unit/ward, I've been properly diagnosed with DID. The awareness of how DID functions, for the general field of psychology and not specialists, is terrible in the US despite the mounds of research in recent years. Inpatient is even worse unless you wind up in a specialist ward, which are few and far between.

3. It won't be possible to report the blog I'm afraid. Alter ages work differently than physical age. Taking on the guise of a 7 year old child alter doesn't have the same weight as being a physical, chronological 7 year old child. Since the blog states on the side that they are 16 and the blog that Alice has on her own notes that she is an introject of a character, neither are reportable.

No. 113005

I'd be willing to help with archiving. http://archive.is/ is the best place to archive because someone could always say screen shots were faked, but with archive.is you see the page as it actually was.

No. 113023


That would be preferred, yes. I really appreciate the help. People have accused others of faking screenshots before and we'd prefer to have the most secure case as we possibly can. No one has accused us of faking screenshots before but for more malicious or aggressive fakers, it's definitely a concern. This situation has the potential to blow up so a solid case is crucial, and is part of why we haven't said anything on IWWTTTT yet.

J (of SN)

No. 113037

>Alter ages work differently than physical age
>Alice has on her own notes that she is an introject of a character
Do you really think Tumblr staff knows or understands that?

No. 113043

Broken-plaything was archived the minute it was posted here.
alicesdissociativewonderland.tumblr.com will be archived once I make this comment.

No. 113044

…No it won't. I'm an idiot. Let me try that again: http://alicesdissociativewonderland.tumblr.com/

No. 113048


Probably not but considering the fact that it frequently takes them ages to remove actual neo-Nazi blogs who are actively sending gore to blogs and the fact that Alice sounds nothing like an actual 7 year old, I have reason to believe they wouldn't really be quick to do anything about it. It could just as easily be interpreted as a form of roleplay, which isn't a violation of the terms and conditions. Though I don't support it and actually feel that it's an idiotic thing to do, people in the Tumblr DID community post as alters under the age of 13 all the time. Their posts or blogs aren't removed for it. The community is quick to circulate drama and what they view as "oppression", and that's definitely something that people would spread.

No. 113054


I've got the links - thank you very much for the help, it's appreciated and will make things a lot easier.

No. 113057

Why does she keep saying "queer"?

No. 113059

I knew a girl who claimed to have this and insisted it was 100% real, result of trauma etc. Weirdly, all her "alters" had stereotypical "goth" names and there seemed to be an alter for each J-fashion she wanted to wear. I don't know if she has it or not, but tbh it always sounded like bullshit to me.

No. 113073

It's how she think girls of Alice's age spoke in 1865. Obviously hasn't read anything else set in that time period.

No. 113078

No. 113097

I've nearly finished the 70 pages. Whenever she posts something new, just go to archive.is and it'll ask if you want to update the page, so just click yes.

No. 113109

No. 113171


Thank you all so, so much. This is going to be a huge help, especially if they do try to delete or wipe the blog. We've been keeping an eye on the harassment they send to other users as well for further proof of their toxicity. We'll do what we can on our end as well.

No. 113208


I would like to share some of the messages that have been sent to me, although unfortunately I was pulled in and realized too late that it was pretty much bullshit, but I was new to that side of Tumblr.
Like, I genuinely feel so embarrassed by our interaction with broken-plaything even though I was incredibly triggered, I didn't question it due to my nature and willingness to listen/talk…

But thanks to IWWTTTT, my eyes have been widely opened to the controversy and toxic drama within the DID community due to people like this.

I'm just concerned because I feel like I've been taken for such a fool, wanting to help them and now I'm just here like


So in sharing said messages, as previous states, I don't want to come across as a total idiot for falling for it at first.

No. 113250

File: 1459378022993.png (12.12 KB, 527x229, derp.png)

No. 113439

File: 1459397216100.jpg (252.42 KB, 1024x680, disgusted-face.jpg)

>mfw reading this thread

No. 113489

File: 1459413594074.png (63.27 KB, 671x705, Untitled.png)

My name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.

No. 113490

same anon here, but legit, I'm confident that all their 'alters' are suicidal just so that they can move in on people for attention.


No. 113494

I have a great one of these multiple system tumblrinas whose also a fakeboi. Not gonna say too much in case she lurks and deletes all her pages. Will post soon

No. 113498


Niiiice :P

No. 113501

File: 1459419337653.png (80.58 KB, 701x721, bp-mar.png)

But you co-con with pretty much all you're alters and make things up. I don't understand this person at all and I feel kindve insulted, dk.

No. 113504


Why does she spend so much of her time writing this shit? If she wrote less, there'd be less negative attention directed towards her. Unless she gets off to any attention.

I'd feel less aggravated by her fucking Alice fictive if it didn't write "queer" every damn post.

No. 113505


Thrives of attention is my personal guess. Regardless, something needs to be brought to light regarding all of this.

It's becoming way too toxic, including their blatant attempts at garnering sympathy with the things that they write.

No. 113512

The more information she posts the easier it is to catch her in her lies/attention craving. I guess this goes for every lolcow as well.

No. 113514


I just fail to understand why people have the need to garner attention and sympathy by acting like it's all a game with super edgy bullshit like this.

There is just a portion of my brain that will never understand the need for it. Especially when it makes a mockery such as this entire thread or tumblrinas.

No. 113518

Oh, I completely understand where you're coming from. I struggle with understanding as well.

For the younger snowflakes/tumblrinas/etc I think it's mostly because they're around the ages of 13-18 and that's when you're trying to figure out who you are/cling to an identity or label. I think most of these kids may even believe they have did/bpd/whatever else which is why they get so defensive and are so hurt when people question them. They feel like it's a personal attack when we're just trying to educate them for the most part and make them realize that it's not cool to want to be the most -sick- person around.

Hell. When I was their age I did TONS of cringy shit that I'm still trying to erase from my mind. Thank god I wasn't the biggest fan of Facebook/Myspace.

No. 113520

We used to learn instruments and form our own bands for a laugh at that age. Identity was a lot about music. Now they want their personality to be defined by a (fake) mental illness. #outraged

No. 113529

broken-plaything's link doesn't work. Has she changed url?

No. 113533

#highschoolmemories has now changed to #highschoolmentalillness

For me, our groups were more isolated by fashion and interests like video games or fitness. Though I was part of choir for a few a years. But the music kids are our school had people of all cliques. It was really interesting. But this is incredibly off-topic…

A year or so after my class graduated it drastically switched to which drugs you used, what mental illnesses you have and how popular you are on social media being the main identifier of the person's social group. I just recently learned that the year after I graduated the drug of choice switched from pot to heroin and prescription pills. What the fuck happened to teenagers?

Back on topic, can someone explain to me how fictives come about in people with DID? It's kind of hard for me to understand. Basically from what I've read are they created when trauma is associated with certain fictional characters?

It's hard for me to believe that the brain would create a personality based on a tv show or book. I'm open to understanding though. And how can you tell if the person is just role-playing vs. having a part of them actually be a fictive personality? (sorry if I'm using the wrong terminology)

No. 113536

I'd be pretty pissed if my art was tagged by some otherkin multiple system snowflake attention whore.

I was logged into my tumblr though. Oh well. She nuked that blog too anyway.

No. 113547

The more someone writes about it the more it points to the 'did' being a coping mechanism, like, a fabricated world in their head to cope with life currently and not a coping mechanism (real did) from early childhood.

Like, you can easily get sucked into that whole ~*~did community ~*~ world with all their lingo and shit when you spend a lot of time on Tumblr reading these snowflake stories that your mind automatically imitates some of it.

No. 113554

She just changed her URL: http://the-girl-of-shattered-glass.tumblr.com/
(That was pathetically easy to find, btw. She kept Alice's URL the same, so you just go to Alice's blog and click the original poster of something she reblogged. Also, I'm saying it was "pathetically easy" not because you didn't find it, but because you'd think she'd know enough to change both URLs to avoid this.)

No. 113556

Oh for fucks sake, she changed from "Scarlet" to "Skarlette," and now she's an angelkin. How much of a special snowflake can you be?

No. 113576

Thanks for new url.

>I guess I should wait for the anons …telling me I’m not really an angel, like I know I’m not really an angel but I just figured out I identified as one and it helped keep me from suicide so if y’all don’t mind.

Okay then…

No. 113580


Oh mate, I just got back in today and the development here is spot on.

Skarlette? Angelkin?

Where is this going because I'm about to grab the popcorn.

No. 113634


I posted this awhile ago somewhere else but here's my main thought on stuff like this, outside of it disgusting me:

What sucks most about it is that the people who get caught up in this stuff are mostly just teenagers, like a good amount of the stuff you see on TiA is just kids doing dumb shit kid stuff to fit in because they don't know any better. Most of them don't have IRL social circles. They're also searching for their identity, and unfortunately they turn to Tumblr, which tells them they're special individuals that can define themselves however they want to and exposes them to all of these weird counter-culture "role models." It's a really toxic environment to grow up in and further alienates them from the rest of "normal" society, so they grow up to become weird adults.

Some of the stuff that they do makes me rage, but then I remember that I started using Tumblr myself when I was what, 12 or 13? I never fell into this trap because all I did was reblog Hetalia and Homestuck stuff, but you can't argue that it isn't appealing to a young and impressionable person. They want to be noticed, so they identify as "aethergender" or some shit, and when someone calls them out, they fall back on calling them "transphobic" and whining about how "nobody understands me!" since Tumblr validates that kind of mindset.

I hope it's a fad that most will grow out of and be embarrassed about looking back, and I'm interested to see what kind of people they will become later on in life honestly. I hope non-binary people kind a good niche to live in and be accepted too, but I don't realistically think we're ever going to live in a total "post-gender" society.

At the same time it makes me kind of sad seeing a bunch of adults pick on them. Saying "remember there is a person behind the screen!" is trite because "triggering them" and "causing them PTSD" is really not a big deal overall, but I think a lot of people forget they were embarrassing teenagers too who put a lot of stock into what others think of them.

Mostly it's just a shame.

No. 113671

I agree with most of this except the last part. Fortunately my teenage years were pre internet and so wasn't exposed to the weird world of tumblr or anything like.

Still, I post throwback pics of my dodgy make up back then and laugh about it. I've never felt insecure and seemed approval or validation but I can understand (kinda) some of the st00pid things kids do for attention. Faking illness, especially mental illness/disorders though is beyond unacceptable. I think they know that it harms the people who are genuinely ill but don't care.

This Alice girl should admit she's doing that screwy fictitious rp "system" thing and not pretend she's got DID. I hope she gets into the otherkin bollocks and drops her DID self-diagnosis.

No. 113682

I agree with everything you said except the whole "adults picking on them" thing. I can't say for the rest of the people on this thread, but I would never make fun of someone for liking something like Homestuck/My Little Pony/whatever or something trivial like that.

What makes this thread and I suppose the Pro-ana thread different is that these people are children/teens/adults pretending to have mental illnesses that are horribly stigmatized and they continue to further the stigmatization of said illness. That's what makes me angry.

From where I'm from it is insanely difficult to get into an inpatient or treatment center for mental illness. The waiting lists are months to years long depending on what mental illness you have. And this is coming from a place that has a free health-care system. It's off-topic but if I needed treatment for my eating disorder that requires inpatient I'm looking at almost a year's wait unless I'm willing to fly to other parts of the country.

Some may think that they're not hurting anyone by staying on Tumblr or Instagram but it couldn't be further from the truth. They're taking resources away from people who need them and putting a drain on the healthcare system.

No. 113758

File: 1459474227201.png (303.87 KB, 478x679, wp_ss_20160401_0001.png)

Cassies new tumblr.

No. 113759

>Fortunately my teenage years were pre internet and so wasn't exposed to the weird world of tumblr or anything like.
>I've never felt insecure and seemed approval or validation

That's where you and these people part ways, unfortunately. Half of these kids are regurgitating information that they have seen other kids have social success with. A lot of them probably have shitty home lives and want attention, but

>Faking illness, especially mental illness/disorders though is beyond unacceptable.

– even then, they don't really understand that it's unacceptable if they're in an environment where it's validated by what they believe to be their peers, especially when they are provided the defense of "you are oppressing me!" It could just be hedonism (and probably more than half of it is) but I think a lot of it is just not understanding the consequences that it might have on other people.

Yeah, the context that specific thing was typed in was more along the lines of being confined to the weird gender shit. It isn't to say that isn't harmful too, though.

That said, I hope this isn't condescending but I hope your situation improves. Sounds shitty.

No. 113763

File: 1459475347788.png (14.87 KB, 517x237, skarlette.png)

No. 113765

File: 1459475964958.gif (67.23 KB, 350x197, danny and tony.gif)

One day someone's going to fake the Danny finger thing. And you know what? These dickhead tumblrinas would believe it wasn't fake.

No. 113766

Sorry, I skimmed through your post too fast before responding. That was my fault. (I was >>113682)

I think it still rings true though. If we take out the "mentally ill" part and replace it with transgender/non-binary people. I'm sure there are people who fake being trans or having gender dysphoria and take up resources from those people who need it too.

I've heard some horror stories about Tumblr almost forcing gender dysphoria on people and those people still have to deal with the irreversible consequences today. It's one thing to want people to call you by he/they pronouns but it's an entirely different story to start taking hormone blockers and getting surgery. It makes me so sad and scared for the many vulnerable young people you see on Tumblr. I'm hoping that as time goes on and more resources are available for transpeople/non-binary that "diagnosing" (I don't know if this is the right term) them gets more accurate.

Tumblr is a mixed bag and I guess it really depends on what's on your dash and how susceptible you are to people and an never-ending amount of "You're never wrong" and "You may have/be xyz." I know I had to leave it because it was making my mental state a lot worse, but it can be really easy to stay and "feed" the negatives of your mental illnesses because your friends and everyone else is doing it. That's enough bullshit about me though.

I know it's been mentioned before but a lot of these people need to get the fuck away from social media and focus on getting better. Psych wards, hospitals etc should never allow anything with internet access to be used it's too much of a risk.

Has Cassie had access to her phone while in the ward or just during the week-ends/free time? I don't know too much about her situation except for what's posted here.

No. 113767

Cassie has her phone all the time. She took pics of areas on her ward/unit as "proof" she was inpatient.

No. 113770

This fucking delete - remake - delete - rename bullshit really grinds my gears.
If you have to do that it should be obvious that tumblr is not the place for you.
Just stay the fuck away.

No wonder they're all living in their own head space when they can't even stay off tumblr for a day.

No. 113798

You don't happen to be from Ontario, do you?

No. 113823

I find this quite odd. Mobile phones are usually confiscated and internet use within wards is usually heavily monitored or just outright unavailable. The idea of being allowed to take photos of your experience in a ward and upload it to a public website just to me seems weird, but I guess it's the modern way and staff don't care or know about what their patients have access to online.

No. 113833

hi kate, cunt.
brain damaged newfag moldy samefag. pedo

No. 113904

File: 1459515146671.jpg (63.69 KB, 750x420, FullSizeRender.jpg)

the nasolabial folds

No. 113909

nice blog.

No. 113929

File: 1459522507344.jpg (121.79 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

jesus christ look at those nasolabial folds

No. 113935

you batshit crazy goblin flabby crackwhore

No. 113936


fuqq off dakota

No. 114178


holy christ youre such a brain damage snowflake.

No. 114191

File: 1459586412303.png (231.21 KB, 580x635, goodmorning lovelies.png)

the greasy hair!

No. 114192

File: 1459586532480.png (17.55 KB, 555x296, goodmorning lovelies.png)

god i hope she gets bitten by an ox tho

No. 114194

File: 1459586712323.png (28.39 KB, 550x546, moarqq.png)

i'm dying ook at dat butterface

No. 114251

File: 1459611696328.jpg (135.06 KB, 538x800, image.jpg)


lolll u haggard whore. fuccig tool

No. 114320

File: 1459633204004.png (290.73 KB, 480x538, wp_ss_20160402_0004.png)

this girl really looks like tyra banks

No. 114330

not at all u childish self obsessed fagget.

No. 114407

No one gives a shit tbh

No. 114413

Just reading over IWWTTTT's post about B-P (thanks for all of this guys, you've done an amazing job.)

And it legitimately just sounds like she's trying to write a damn novel here.
Even I didn't know about some of this information and it disgusts me just about terrible the entire situation is.

No wonder you guys (IWWTTTT) have been having such a difficult time with all of this.
You guys are legendary, to be honest.

No. 114416

File: 1459677755448.png (Spoiler Image,40.09 KB, 601x430, justasnippet.png)

Is it just me or does this sound like a bad fic?

No. 114462


That is defintley someone's creative writing exercise. Christ, it's really bad.

No. 114465

I honestly think that this person is just a troll trying to get as many people in the DID community pissed off as possible. There is just no way this person doesn't see how cringy and try-hard all of their posts are.

I couldn't even read half of those PsychCentral posts she made that IWWTTTT posted in their call-out post. I'm so sorry that they (and the rest of the DID community) have to deal with people like this.

No. 114474

I'm both worried and interested in this B-P's argument against all this.

$10 she cries wolf on suicide or some shit.

No. 114984

What's up with ohchickpea? Did she catch on to lolcow?

No. 115071

She moved to the new place today. Her last six posts have been signed "Cassie" and she's referring to herself as I and not WE. Not very consistent.

No. 115072

Ugh. She gets a double bed at the Priory.

No. 115336

File: 1459875137553.jpg (34.59 KB, 540x461, IMG_20160405_124658.JPG)

Semi related

No. 115388

File: 1459882709808.png (134.02 KB, 480x640, wp_ss_20160405_0001.png)

I like that Cassie doesn't like the new place.

She might drop the FID thing if she wants to go back to chilling like a useless twat forever on a child's psych ward.

No. 115392


Sounds like she's in a specialist personality disorders unit where she can't get away with manipulating others as much any more.

No. 115397

Good. This is the kind of ward that she belongs in.

No. 115399

It just shows how lax her previous unit must have been if she is finding these rules to be strict. Maybe as said if she is treated in such a manner that doesn't enable self harm/E.D/bored out of your nut so you make up disorders sje might want a life outside and start to see that she can and will have to have one at some point rather thanlive out your adult years not being allowed to pour your own hot drinks as you like them.

No. 115413

The Priory (if that's where she is) has always been that way. A friend of a friend was in for depression/alcohol problems and he used to get someone to sneak in a jar of normal coffee. Even time allowed outdoors was regulated.

When she reaches an age, and/or she gets stuck on a regular psych ward with older people she's going to really hate it. It must be like a social club for her having girls her age around.

No. 115415

I was on an adult psych ward at 15 because they didn't have specialist units in my area, were very rare anyway.

That'd give this girl a fucking wake up call.

No. 115935

Yeah I hope it makes her realize that treatment isn't fucking summer camp, and that she starts to want to try living in her own.

Those descriptions about how the new unit is approaching the """did""" are kinda vague, and it makes me think they also suspect that it's fictitious.

No. 115972

I'm so happy she's finally getting the help she needs. I hope they'll take away her cellphone or internet usage too because she really needs to be away from the did and ed online community. It's safer for the communities and for her.

No. 115999

I thought Cassie was over 18 anyway? I swear the previous ward and now her new one have always been adult wards but just in the private sector… ?

No. 116026

Yeah, she said that apparently there's someone who works with DID there.
I can see them seeing through this bullshit soooo fucking easily and, as mean as it sound, I can't wait because I suffer fucking tremendously with my DID right now and I get NO FUCKING HELP.

So, yeah, I'm a salty little bitch :')

No. 116027

From my understanding it's always been NHS.
She has a 'I have to be the sickest' complex and it disgusts me.

No. 116033

Afaik she had been in her old unit for a few years so it's possible that it was a ward for adolescents.

No. 116038

It's going to be fantastic. Cassie will finally be treated seriously, meaning that they are going to destroy her little fantasy life.

No. 116072

Oh I love this!

Took the words right out of my mouth.

No. 116081

afaik she's already pared her alters down to eva and anna, i don't think she's mentioned sisi or any of the others since the blog exposing her blew up.

No. 116095

Cassie has been in a private adolescent ward (funded by the NHS). The ward that she just left was the NHS eating disorder unit (mainly an adult ward but can take teenagers).

No. 116104

I'm salty that she gets to stay at a private clinic. The Priory's £3k a week for residential.

She must've been pulling a lot of weird BS to stay so long IP. From my own experience of NHS psych IP, they like a quick turnover and send the really severe cases to care homes as soon as possible.

I hate how she talks about putting fairy lights up and settling in like she's moved to a new flat. Yeah, it's a struggle getting help when you really need it and there's a fuckwit like her who think it's a game and gets it handed to her easily. She knows how to play the system.

No. 116114

Her parents must be fucking loaded.

No. 116126


Her parents dont pay - in the UK if ur sectioned like she is, its down to your local (government) health authority to fund your care; hence why they generally try to keep people's IP stays as short as possible and in local NHS facilities… However the UK also has a massive bed shortage and many ppl r sent to private facilities using NHS money because there r no NHS beds available. Another reason ppl get placed in private facilities on NHS funding is if their local area does not provide the "specialist" help required (i.e. Eating disorders, personality disorders, child & adolescents, forensic patients, "complex cases" etc). Shes just managed to ensure she needs "specialist" care this whole time and when she realised her old ward were giving up on her ED, along came a new disorder requiring specialist assessment and treatment to keep her in the system and in a "nice" unit for as long as possible.

No. 116253

I was thinking about this earlier. Most adults will have to save up to buy a double bed frame, then the mattress which can cost £100s. Then you have to make your bed and launder the sheets every week. Basic adult expectations yet Cassie at what 20? is able to live like a 7 year old getting someone else to clean up after her and buy everything she needs whilst living inpatient. From my experience inpstient I felt so uncomfortable having someone else wash my dirty dishes, hoover my room etc but she must enjoy being treated like she's incapable.

No. 116254

And she gets to put up cute little fairy lights. How is that not a safety hazard, anyway? Someone could hang themselves with those.

No. 116275

I got my damn headphones taken off me.

No. 116564

Jesus, nothing about this isn't horrifying.
I'm especially disgusted that the two 13 y/o alters are the ones interested in sex.
Those taglines, cards etc made me cringe so hard.

No. 116614

File: 1460143698152.png (410.91 KB, 1198x922, wtf is this.png)

came across this person through a mutual friend's twitter, apparently she's a multiple system and each multiple is "kin" with five billion different fictional characters


No. 116618

Jesus… This sounds like a joke. Do these people even believe in their own "alters"?

No. 116621

This is what happens when kids don't have enough time outside

No. 116720

Yup. I was in a psych ward with a girl when I was 15. She "borrowed" traits of other patients and would do anything to avoid being released. Last I heard she was in prison, so I guess she's getting her wish of not living in the real world.

No. 116726

No. 116767

that was really interesting but just made me sad. sudden change in behaviour at age 9 and a need to be cared for? screams child abuse

No. 116787

Bpd-chan here, I'd disagree with you there. Possible CA, sure, but not necessarily. Maybe just some other traumatic event. My issues emerged when I was 10, right after my dad died. I wanted (and still do, to a certain extent) to be protected, cared for and to have attention whenever I wanted it. I even got to the point where I'd pretend to have anxiety attacks, or deliberately self harm in a place where it would be seen just to get attention. Seems like this girl was fairly similar.

I'm just glad I'm aware enough now to know not to do shit like that.
Sorry for OT

No. 116844

I'm kind of glad that DID is 'in', if only because it gets these Tumblr kids off my damn lawn and stops them making having BPD even more shameful.

No. 117118

File: 1460291249473.png (49.95 KB, 651x513, i cry.png)

I just died a little inside.

No. 117258

Do these people really have nothing better to do? Seriously?

No. 117296

It's like she went crazy with a woe-is-me tumblrina random name generator

No. 117297


Woah i just finished trying to read that legal document - can i just clarify, is this about the girl anon posted about being in a psych ward with at age 15 who "borrowed" other ppls symptoms, and if so how did u find this latest document about her?!! just mega curious what the actual outcome of her trial was and what happened to her now…

No. 117317

I'm with you there, anon.

No. 117337

Hey! Yup, I was in hospital with her in 2005 and the stuff that the document mentioned happened in 2009. I googled her a couple of years ago after bumping into another former patient and reminiscing about Gemma and how put on and deliberate her behaviour seemed. We wondered whether she had 'given it up'.

I wish I knew what she's up to these days and what the outcome of the trial was, but sadly I don't.

No. 117354

Thanks anyway - it was an interesting read anyway as i also have bpd, so was curious to see how "stereotypically" it is treated in instances like these.

Are you from where shes from too?

No. 117366

No, I'm from London. She has hospitalised here, I guess because Jersey doesn't have suitable adolescent mental health facilities.

Sorry if this is all too OT, I thought that it kinda tied in the whole issue of faking
illnesses/symptoms. And that there must be something wrong with people who go to such extremes.

No. 117627

File: 1460391970504.jpeg (153.22 KB, 640x954, image.jpeg)

Opinions: is this a slip up?? Just seems a bit odd as shes usually pretty consistant with her "we, us" even when writing as one of her alters. Yet this post is completely all "i, me"…

Wondering if shes got too involved with actually being her true self during her ward round that shes forgotten she is a "system" ? ??

No. 118083

Cassie has seemed really off recently… She's starting to refer to herself as "I"…

No. 118085

No. 118088

She's probably on the right drugs and getting the right therapy. Finally.

No. 118089

Moving to a new facility after being in the previous one for years must have shook her up enough to drop the act for now anyway.

No. 118429

B-P/Girl-of-shattered-glass is at an even worse game at the minute, guys.

I'm seriously fucking concerned for the people she's already pulled in.
This is disgusting.
And it's right on her page.
Why are people still buying her shit? Because this is just… this is honestly out of hand.

Here (http://the-girl-of-shattered-glass.tumblr.com/post/142730741477/too-bad-so-sad-took-my-username) is just one of the instances as of late for her fishing for more people to come to her aid validating her, giving her more and more attention.

No. 118432

Same anon, archived just in case. The post was too long to screenshot.


No. 118439

Did she change her url AGAIN?

No. 119202

I think so.

Of anyone finds her new one feel free to share

No. 119206

oh my god what am i reading

haven't found the new blog yet but still looking

No. 119208

No. 119442

Yup, you got it.
She has yet to ever change http://alicesdissociativewonderland.tumblr.com/ so you can just go to that blog and find her new one. So easy.

No. 119460

Great, thanks!

No. 119483


now september-mourning

No. 119489

woah that was quick. ty

No. 119501

File: 1460638473170.png (24.39 KB, 653x212, uguys.png)

No. 119740

File: 1460669154563.jpeg (76.94 KB, 623x899, image.jpeg)

Why does chickpea get to have hoodies with strings? Or so many personal clothes in general? You'd think that'd be a safety concern with someone who could potentially dissociate into an unknown, possibly violent or suicidal personality. Hmmm seems like the staff is taking her DID very seriously.

No. 119744

"Luvin' the thug lyfe". She looks uncomfortable herself coming out with this crap.

I previously agreed with anon that her eyebrows were good. Seeing them in motion they look like fat tadpoles and I no longer like them.

No. 119750

Dat sum cringy acting.

No. 119758

Yes, in both regards!

No. 119821

That, coupled with how poorly written it is, makes me think Chickpea wrote it herself, to be honest.

I wonder if any of the "DID" people on this board http://www.psychforums.com/dissociative-identity/ would put up with her? I'm surprised forums like that haven't been flooded with these instagram teens who claim to have DID.

No. 119823

I'm the anon who attacked her eyebrows in response to your earlier post and I'm thankful you've seen the light

No. 119826

Idk, seems like a lot of what it takes to be validated on that thread is to know the jargon

No. 119840

This made me laugh my ass off.

And seriously, she says "queer" so many times it makes me feel like slamming my head into a wall. But only because I can't slam HER head into a wall.

No. 119854

Too many people blindly and willingly believe bullshit like this. From the photoshopping, scammer wannarexics with their sycophantic followers, to this fake DID nonsense. It's disturbing. Too many people are afraid to call bullshit. That's why I like lolcow, tbh. I've met too many people in my time who faked serious illnesses and got away with it while hurting others in the process, so seeing these assholes getting called out is a nice change.

No. 121631

File: 1460997419674.jpg (42.13 KB, 306x322, Capture.JPG)

This Cassie chick might as well not even be in the Priory (which would free up a bed, yo). She's wandering around Glasgow with her girlfriend (odd how she's never an ~alter~ when her gf is there), going to a garden centre, they're no longer monitoring her eating, and this tells me they're looking for SOME KIND OF diagnosis, but she's convinced it'll be a DID diagnosis [img].

Why is the therapist recommending "local" trauma groups when she's in THE PRIORY? I feel like they're wanting a diagnosis of something easier to deal with so they can kick her the fuck out to a usual psych ward. I hope they do.

No. 121651

File: 1461000624612.png (134.05 KB, 720x1280, 1452171826601.png)

pic related.

I laughed so hard at this one… Just imagine being someone famous, going on the internet one day and seeing this fuckery.

No. 121670

File: 1461002833425.jpg (137.79 KB, 870x642, defense-mechanisms.jpg)

>if you don't believe that i'm LITERALLY helen keller then you hate mentally ill and are jealous
i feel like these "kids" (like that matters lmao did is lifelong effects from child abuse) are just walking defense mechanisms. what would freud say? (not that freudianism isn't dogmatic but ya know)

No. 121684

why are these kids obsessed with being mentally ill? their therapists seem to validate it.

>>The prevailing posttraumatic model of dissociation and dissociative disorders is contested. It has been hypothesized that symptoms of DID may be created by therapists using techniques to "recover" memories (such as the use of hypnosis to "access" alter identities, facilitate age regression or retrieve memories) on suggestible individuals. Referred to as the "sociocognitive model" (SCM), it proposes that DID is due to a person consciously or unconsciously behaving in certain ways promoted by cultural stereotypes, with unwitting therapists providing cues through improper therapeutic techniques. This is enhanced by media portrayals of DID.

No. 121801

>>she thinks [practically]

So she didn't literally say that. Cassie is trying so hard to pretend like the doctors are buying into her bullshit.
Proper DID wouldn't be "treated" via support groups especially that early on after being discovered, as its extremely complex and laymen aren't equipped to handle what comes up.

>>to get more appropriate treatment

Sounds like the doctor practically said she is full of shit, aka there is some trauma, but the underlying issue of her histrionics is something else.

No. 121824

I refuse to believe this isn't a troll.

No. 122389

Unfortunately BPD still seems to be very popular as well.

No. 122763

File: 1461293803719.jpg (88.34 KB, 808x595, Capture.JPG)

Here's Cassie. Wearing a woolly hat but not for attention.

This is Sam. It's the bad ass alter that cuts. It's been listening to Enimen and linkin park.

Her ~alters~ are such stereotypes.

No. 123097


This site talks extensively about false memory syndrome and also talks about DID/MPD and satanic ritual abuse in it's "myths" section.


So, suck on that, chickpea.

No. 123127

File: 1461367278231.jpg (72.1 KB, 777x417, damn.jpg)

Has anyone located her anonymous wordpress yet?

No. 123133


No. 123169

Thank you so much, anon!

And also, I'm kek'ing at her "actually DID" tag.

No. 123188

JFC, she's writing on her blog about some "trauma dream" of her father raping her. It's too long to screencap, but it's the first thing on the page:


Is her father still alive? Because if this isn't true, it's the kind of stuff that destroys people's lives.

No. 123196

Idk about her dad. There might be some info on that family blog her mum wrote, but not much to go off on her mum or brother's facebook. I'd look at the blog, but kinda busy atm.

No. 123204

It's all good. There's almost nothing on the blog anyway.

No. 123235

>a mother who i was unable to talk to and was too unstable to stand up for herself and children

No wonder this bitch is institutionalized.

No. 123236

She went from
>I told my mom I was abused and she was surprised
>My mom was crazy and knew I was being abused

No. 123238

What's Cassie's full name? What's the link to her mom's blog? Sorry, I looked and can't find it.

No. 123307

http://temple-simpsonsinscotland.blogspot.co.uk/ and she's Cassie Temple on Facebook, but honestly I'm a little confused because it seems like her mom refers to her as "Rebecca" on the blog, unless I'm misunderstanding something…

No. 123308

Cassie's name was Rachael. He changed it recently.

No. 123310

That blog is private. Are there are journals on there applying to her daughters abuse/mpd?

No. 123311


From what I read on there when it was public, no. It was just normal family stuff. Pretty boring.

No. 123312


Oh that's right, Rachael not Rebecca. But now in wondering… Since "Cassie" has "Rachael" listed as one of her alters, going by Cassie's own story would that mean "Cassie" is actually an alter herself and not the actual original person she was born as?

No. 123315

Impressed her mum can remember the password still after 7 years of inactivity. When did it go private? It sure as hell wasn't private last month.

No. 123316

File: 1461416967352.jpg (408.3 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_2741.JPG)

This is the family business

I think her dad's name might be Colin. This is from an archived shot of the blog.

>Colin is no longer with his employer (mutual agreement). We are all very happy about it. I finally feel like we are home because our family is complete again. We had nine months of Colin being away from home, working very long hours and generally us all being a bit out of sorts with the situation.

No. 123317


Very possible it's connected to a still active email account, in terms of remembering the password. The greater question is what line of bullshit did Cassie feed her mother in getting her to make it private. Because I'm sure as fuck her mom didn't just spontainiously decide to do it herself.

No. 123334

Honestly, I get the feeling that Cassius father actually did abuse her… The other DID related thing is bs fantasy, but I think there might have been some real shit done to her.

No. 123337

Fucking what

Y'know. If Cassie is ~soooo unstable~ why the fuck does she get so much time out and off the ward????

No. 123344

Oh yeah, she's Cassie today because her girfriend's visiting. I really do feel the hospitals are sick of her. For someone who self harms and could pick up blades on a trip out, and for someone who has an ~alter~ who can be violent, none of the staff bother to keep her on close monitoring. On a normal adult psych ward you need permission to go out for a smoke even if you aren't sectioned. Idk why she gets such an easy time of it.

No. 123401

Yes, and usually when your sectioned and new ;to the ward you would be on 1:1 obs so staff would be standing within arms reach of you, then it would progress to maybe staff would be staring at you from the wIndow. For being sectioned and showing she is at risk of self harm/ delusional behaviour etc it's like the hospital treats her as if she was just staying at a hotel.

No. 123402

Don't think it's fair to tar family members as being abusers. They seem like a pretty normal family, from what we know. Being institutionalised fucks you up, as does being a victim of sexual assault, lets leave it at that.

No. 123408

Can anyone else figure out why her 'gf' Fi literally does not acknowledge her existence? They obviously kick it together and know each other. It's just crazy that Fi, struggling as she is with anorexia, has the capacity to handle the 'alters'. Being in a relationship with any kind of mental illness is hard enough, I'm doing it myself and it's a blessing to have the support. It's concerning to think that (since both struggle with an ED), they're just keeping each other sick.

No. 123412

They don't seem to be physically with each other a lot though, just the occasional ice cream date. IE they aren't doing normal adult things such as budgeting, doing housework together so it's still quite a teenage relationship. I guess the GF for the most psrt is just getting on with her life and doesn't have to see and manage whatever persona Cassie is going to be that day.

No. 123421

File: 1461437719198.png (476.54 KB, 545x534, cassie.png)

I guess she's not allowed razors in IP, kek.

If she really has other people living in her body, isn't getting a highly visible piercing unfair to the rest of them?

No. 123423

Maybe she's doing this so that when she's called out on her lies, she can say that "Cassie" said it, not "Rachael".

No. 123449

I hate septum piercings so hard. I hope when she gets her tattoo the aggressive alter Eminem is out and has something offensive inked. (Sorry, I forgot for a moment her alters are bullshit and so this would never happen).

No. 123450

File: 1461440947917.jpg (7.23 KB, 220x229, images.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 123492

Dying rn lol.
No but seriously, would that not be extremely weird for her 'alters,' especially the 'kids', to suddenly feel something oddly dangling from your nose? I've had my septum piercing for 3 years now and it still geeks me out if it tickles my nose at night.

Lmao if one of her alters hates it and takes it out and it closes up, money down the drain.

No. 123496

Same here. I think they look stupid on pretty much everyone.

No. 123497

She might take them out for her "alters".

No. 123523

Not for at least 3 - 4 weeks unless she's willing to get a gross shit in there from infection :P

No. 123672

Did she just get this piercing? If so, isn't that typically against ward policy? I thought they usually had rules about not getting tattoos, piercings, dyeing hair, etc, anything that alters your appearance while on the ward.

No. 123673

Yeah… this facility is treating as if she's far more stabilized than she claims to be. I wonder if that's dawned on her yet or if she's laying low and gearing up for a big DID explosion.

No. 123682

She's acting like she's on vacation and it's maddening.

No. 123726

Yeah, staff wouldn't let someone who is/pretends to be 5 sometimes get a permanent body mod. They definitely wouldn't want someone who self harms get a sharp piecing. Was there ever any proof that she actually self harmed so badly need needed sitches? She posts inappropriate things to "prove" that she is sick/in hospital often, the fact there wasn't a blood or bandage pic surprises me.

No. 123737

Before she went private on IG there were pics showing her arms and she had extensive scarring. She definatly has/had self harm issues. I don't recall seeing blood or bandage pics though.

No. 123741

She has posted bandages, iv drips all that.

Just absolutely NOTHING this time.

No. 123751

Should shave her head then.

No. 123756

God knows what the other patients who are spending thousands every week, or are there on insurance think of her and her pretend play.

No. 124289

File: 1461622447478.jpg (51.95 KB, 580x193, Capture.JPG)

Seriously. Why is she even there?

No. 124344

Because she's a 21-year-old baby who will do anything to be taken care of.

No. 124488

She is so full of shit.
I need serious help with my trauma, AN and DID and this bitch gets it all.
I am so salty.

Fuck this chick. srsly

No. 124517

Seriously bitch stop referring to your undiagnosed dissociative symptoms as DID.

And ditto to "why is she even there". Apparently her eating disorder is "stable", her trauma can be managed via support groups according to that one therapist, and after "severe self harm" she gets to go on outings and get piercings straight away, so clearly she's just twiddling thumbs there.

No. 124583

She has no job and claims that her father rapes her. They're getting money to keep her there. They're probably trying to figure out what to do with her.

No. 124585

File: 1461684012552.jpg (48.73 KB, 312x475, Capture.JPG)

She stepped up her pretend drama. Now Cassie knows about the abuse Anna was keeping from her. Fake DID soap opera.

No. 124587

Her poor parents. Fuck.

No. 124590

Her mom's pretty Internet-savvy. I wonder if she reads this trash that her daughter is spewing.

No. 124628

Oh you mean the "memory" that "Anna" already casually shared with thousands of followers on both instagram and tumblr, but that "Cassie" obviously didn't see, because it makes total sense to have a "system blog" with the purpose of system communication but then not reading back.

No. 124706

Imagine you'd "just found out" you'd suffered horrific child abuse. You're in the Priory because you're mentally unwell. You find out THAT HOUR you were abused as a child and you had no idea beforehand.

Would you be as calm about it as Cassie is? Would you think, "Oh god, this is a mindfuck innit. Gunna post about it on instagram! Phew".

I'd probably be throwing my guts up and sedated to fuck if I found out, but no. She's so casual about it.

No. 124729

Exactly what I've been doing since uncovering a trauma my system didn't want me to know and now I'm a complete fucking mess!

This girl is full of shit. Honestly.
I'm not going into details of my own because it's not needed, even on anon here, but there's no way she's supposedly suffering like she seems to.

I have been a complete wreck, nausea, hysterics, full on flashbacks that my SO is terrified over watching me go through it.

Ugh. She sickens me.

No. 124741

Seems a bit odd that The Priory would be so "accepting" of a sectioned patients self harm. By "punish" I guess she means risk assesments leading to stopping of time out (risk of buying sharps and harm), room searches and higher level of obs. The idea that a self harming patient could have ther behaviour justified like that by medics then go out alone to get piercings doesn't sound professional at all.

No. 124743

Maybe "Cassie" is an alter of "Rachael". The only way I can rationalise her version of alters is like when a man cross dresses to go out on the town at the weeknight, to be that sassy tart like persona that he himself needs as a release and for fun. Just because he adopts this persona/look it doesn't mean he is tran or multiple personalities. It's a bit childish even, but somehow it now translates to being a valid mental illness rather than a bit of pretend play to get you through.

No. 124748

Does her mom call her Cassie or Rachael?

No. 124749


On the old blog as Rachel, but nowadays on Facebook she says Cassie.

No. 124750

File: 1461702910225.jpg (18.09 KB, 303x219, Capture.JPG)

She said she wanted to change her family name at the same time but didn't have the money, which is BS because you don't pay for each individual name you change.

She dealt with the abuse revelation by writing things down and talking to a nurse. The Priory must be humouring her to a large extent.

No. 124924

Also in Scotland you don't have to get any legal verification to change your name. If you want to get your birth certificate changed costs between £15-£40.

Many people in Scotland have multiple surnames but go by only one, or use middle names as first names. Money isn't an issue unlike in England where the process is more costly/formal. In Scotland as long as you are not trying to commit a crime through your name chane, you can call yoursel whatever you like.

No. 125085

i'm in scotland and changed my name via free deed poll - you don't even have to pay to get your birth certificate amended unless you really want to. Even the passport office will take your birth certificate and free deed poll.

You can pay online for a deed poll but really, you're paying for the fancy paper it's printed on. Mine is printed on thick card and it's no different from one that costs £40

No. 125118

File: 1461774335235.jpeg (120.29 KB, 626x1053, image.jpeg)

Back at it with the dead fetus story

No. 125122

Wheres this from? I thought one of the "alters" had deleted the foetus stuff she put all over ig to "protect cassie"

No. 125123


Her "secret" blog. The latest development with that is supposedly her alter shared the memory with her yesterday via boredom doodling. I really wanna see this supposed doodle of her eating a fetus, ngl.

No. 125146

On Cassie's blog, it seems like she's claiming that she lives in her own apartment:

>Discharge was mentioned once again. I panicked. Things had been going ok again but I couldn’t return to the abuse. I took the leap and told them, and my God I am glad I did. They helped find me my own place and safeguard me from future abuse.

No. 125167


Because the medication used to simulate childbirth is easy to get hold of.

So the fetus was dead, but she killed it after it died?

What's this url, because I'm confused. Is this an old post? She didn't want to return to what abuse? Is someone supposed to still be after her? I thought all the weird shit happened in America?

No. 125169

File: 1461781893154.jpg (75.94 KB, 893x588, Capture.JPG)

Forget the last part, just found the url scrolling up.

No. 125174

I don't get it either, she seemed happy enough to post about her immediate family visiting her then she was sectioned and inpatient until she got the flat so not living in her family home for years. She seemed happy about living alone/with psrtner then she seemed to not want to be part of the real world where you have to get a job, clean up etc and started invenenting all these "alters" and posting online about it all.

She's only spoken about the rape, the childhood abuse/baby eating hasn't it just only recently been posted about same time as she started posting about the alters?

No. 125177

No. 125191

Also then. if her family were abusing her or causing her distress it would be known or visible to the psych team surely? She says her brother was violent yet posted about having a great time going out for the day with him and her mum, and posted about him visiting the ward. Surely the team would be able to pivk up on body language, do risk assesements etc to prevent further trauma? It just seems odd

No. 125254

I've known of people being forbidden to visit patients because there's domestic violence in the home even when the patients have wanted the abuser to visit.

With her being so ~fragile~ I'd expect if he was violent he wouldn't be allowed to see her.

No. 125278

Is this supposed to be a dead newborn baby? Why is it on a swing? Is this the drawing she's talking about?

No. 125283

Naw. Looks like she's making herself look fucked up by drawing mutilated children and letting the world see them.

No. 125310

Makes sense. I think most 13 year olds go through that phase. Too bad she's what, 21? 22?

No. 125367

File: 1461804298234.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.57 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

She posted a fuck tonne of scary self harm stuff on her venting account

(It's very graphic)

No. 125415

Private, but JFC. Why take a pic of the door covered with blood? Oh, attention, I forgot. She ripped the stitches out?

No. 125421

>It wasn't me! It was Sam! Sam did it!

No. 125438

Fuck, has she no consideration for the patients who will see that and the domestic whose probably on a zero hours contract that will have to clean it up? I just cannot care for the people who self harm then smear it about the place so others will see, it's attention seeking and causes harm and upset to others.

No. 125439

That's the first thing I thought od too, someone has to clean that shit up. What a brat.

No. 125540

Smearing blood on the door is a perfect allegory for "making things appear more dramatic than they are" ,which is all this girl is ever doing seems like .

No. 125543

That was the peak of her unbelievability. Didn't she claim to be really young when that happened? There's no was her family or even school officials wouldn't have noticed a pregnancy.

No. 125547

If she's ever been for a smear test they'd see she'd been pregnant at some point. There's no way a child would carry a fetus so long it wouldn't be noticeable and done some damage internally. Therefore, bullshit confirmed.

No. 125567

My friend is a mental healtu nurse on a bpd unit and they have a policy that states if a patient SH or intentionally leaves ANY bodily fluids (yes u read right- some of these pts have particularly nasty habits/"behaviours"), they are asked to clean it up themselves and are given the appropriate materials to do so. Otherwise all staff would ever be doing is clearing up pts blood, vomit, urine and feaces all the time to keep the communal areas safe for everyone else!! They shuld make her clean up her own mess

No. 125633

I agree, but as far as I'm aware most units use domestic service to deal with clean ups (as well as doing the daily grind). There usually are only a few at most employed, sometimes just one on the ward therefore it's quite selfish to deliberately go smearing blood like that.

No. 125772

File: 1461887920301.jpg (62.22 KB, 597x492, here we go.JPG)

She's remembering ~the Satanists~

No. 125799

Ah yes, the Satanists. Why, I remember my first sacrificial newborn too. It was a common thing growing up in the suburbs. Those child abuse rings can be nasty, but when Satan gets involved they're downright evil!

No. 125800

I wish they wouldn't let patients wear long black robes in psych wards. It's a problem here too.

No. 125808

File: 1461892369365.jpg (110.77 KB, 604x543, dont-make-me-go-back-mommy3.jp…)

No. 125963

Does Cassie deserve her own thread at this point?

No. 126001

No, the milk is pretty slow for that.

No. 126058

Surely you don't just remember such traumatic events when you are "bored"? When you are bored you day dream about what to have for dinner etc! If her different personalities are all hiding from each other (as seems the norm with DID/) why would they leave such thoughts open for the host to read? Also why would you publically post claims that your father anally raped you and a satanic cult forced you to eat your child that you conceived as a young teenager all done in not a very anonymous way? Why would you try to upset your alters like that, and your family and if it was R.A would you not be concerned for your safety by posting all of this? If you "space out" then surely you can't recall anything that happened, hence the need for some log book to rememember your past but this isn't how it appears online.

Anyway ramble done.

No. 126076

File: 1461955796275.png (243.42 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She's trying so hard and it's so sad. She can't keep up with her own bullshit. Here's a photo she posted yesterday, notice she forgets to write down which 'alter' is talking.

No. 126077

File: 1461955900259.png (944.55 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Here yesterday, gone today! Oh and she just accepted me on her private 'venting' act. I've never talked to this chick (lol) in my life. So much for only adding people you know right?

No. 126085

File: 1461957739991.png (Spoiler Image,514.34 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Apparently Anna is a 'self-harm assistant'.
Right. This girl just has no idea how to identify with herself and in turn, gave herself alters to pick and choose and blame a certain ego for all her actions. It's amazing how all of her alters have very strong personalities but 'cassie' herself is just vanilla pudding perfect and sweet and no issues at all. It's her alters that have the problem. Ok cassie.

No. 126087

File: 1461957962074.png (Spoiler Image,611.67 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Here's a drawing to go with the story she's also posted in a caption on her ohchickpea account. eternal sigh

No. 126100

Thanks for posting ss from this account. Was Kurt Cobain one of the sacrifices?

Is she trying to validate her ~DID~ here by telling us THE STAFF call her by her alter names?

Now she's stable with her ED, when she leaves the priory I can see she's going to be sent to an adult psych ward. It won't be a private place like the Priory and she'll be in a shitty dorm at best. Surrounded by ADULTS. She's going to hate that, so I hope she does and starts living independently.

Her education must be poor if she's spent so long in hospitals. She's going to be regularly assessed for disability. There's nothing too unstable about her that makes her unable to get some kind of employment (they have companies who give placements to mentals and the physically disabled on benefits).

In summary, her days of malingering are going to be over sometime during the next few years.


No. 126103

Sauce on her chin? I swear to god I've seen this in a documentary about sleepwalking before.

No. 126104

I almost wonder if she's only doing the DID thing online. I feel like the staff would immediately shut her down if she tried the things she's been saying in real life.

No. 126111

I wondered that too because on her fb she didn't do an alter thing. Wouldn't ~the others~ post on it seeing how they access all her other internet accounts?

No. 126115

Right? I mean, clearly "Sam" has so little respect for her body as to slice it up. Surely one of them would post to Facebook, maybe to expose her parents for allowing Satanists to diddle her?

No. 126126

I hate to say this because I don't like to think people would lie about such things but I don't believe Cassie's "story" about her father. If it were true, why would she splatter it about online, knowing it would be linked back to her name. She's hardly discreet. She has also barely spoken about the police investigation.

No. 126128

I highly, highly doubt her father touched her, and I am extremely tempted to contact her mother. (I won't, though.)

No. 126131

Even if he did then it'd be shitty to post about it to the world knowing how her mum would feel about it. Her mum would be devastated to know something like that had happened because, I'm not a parent so guessing, she felt she hadn't protected her child or seen the signs.

Idk if the family still have the catering business, but who's support it if they were too the msn had diddled his daughter? So she's potentially fucking that up.

If he 100% did diddle her she's only going to hurt her mum by getting it out there.
Everything is too sketchy and I wouldn't even believe her if she told me she had cereal for breakfast because her whole life is her dream world.

No. 126132

Fkin typos- who'd support a company if people knew he'd done it *

No. 126134

On her blog, she suggests that her mom was aware of the abuse and was "too weak to protect her." However, when I first followed her, she was claiming that she had only just told her mom that she was sexually abused and that her mom was shocked and was bringing her to the police to report the person who did it. Mom is still with Dad and is posting fondly about him on Facebook, so I assume Cassie told her mom that someone else had raped her.

No. 126147

Ohh, I missed this
> she suggests that her mom was aware of the abuse and was "too weak to protect her."

Yeah, I was under the impression it was a new revelation for her mum.

I'm still confused about the abuse. Is she claiming she was abused by a group of people with her dad a part of the group, or he did separate from the Satanists?

I was thinking about how she said her brother's violent. It's shit that she's also putting this out there. It could affect him in future. Employers or something. I know it's not a big news story, but it's bad that already some people could be judgemental about members of her family when they might be ordinary, decent people.

No. 126250


fuck she wont accept my account! i want to see all the self harm pics.

No. 126314

Awe chickpea made her Wordpress private :( boo. Wonder if she's caught on to the thread.

No. 126341

File: 1462037019463.jpg (27.88 KB, 733x225, Capture.JPG)

She's a special snowflake therefore thrives off attention. She'll post her bullshit somewhere else. Tbh, I'm glad she's made it private because those allegations about her dad aren't good.

Her tumblr suggests more drama is forthcoming…

No. 126527

File: 1462096496712.jpeg (36.81 KB, 640x664, image.jpeg)

Just saw this on her "vent" account

No. 126533

B-but which alter read that message? Will they informs the others?!

No. 126559

Exactly, maybe the little girl alter or the bear alter who don't even know what a password/internet account is surely? will read them. Oh wait the alters are just pretend play :P

No. 126583

$10 says it was Emily "Emilyologist" Crocker, butthurt that she can't self-post anymore. Fucking Emily, always spoiling the milk.

No. 126586

File: 1462118513466.jpg (465.08 KB, 536x3159, 656Gg.jpg)


No. 126630


Theeeeere goes the milk. Hope she realises people are onto her hospital malingering!

No. 126632

Well, if she really is as desperate for attention as she's come across so far , I doubt it will be long before she's back to spewing more bullshit for everyone to see.

No. 126639

Welp, if she's about to run dry, someone might as well let her mum know what she's been paying for.

No. 126641

File: 1462139059221.jpeg (81.17 KB, 640x726, image.jpeg)

Her mother's name is Catherine, correct?

No. 126672

You should be ashamed this is a person who has been in hospital for a long time they wouldn't keep her in if she didn't need help and posting all of this on here is disgusting. I'm only here after being alerted and because I think you should really think about whether you have anything better to do than gossiping and insulting someone you don't know.

No. 126674


>I'm only here after being alerted

sure ya are

No. 126676

Think what you like I didn't know such a hideous site existed until a few hours ago

No. 126679

You know how to close a browser? Then this is what you should do.

Tbh, I'd never get in touch with any of the snowflake's famiy members, but I can't tell other anons what to do.

No. 126682


It's really only a consideration at this point (esp since i don't want to contact the wrong person) and besides- if she really is that ill and everything she says is true then no harm should come of it, right?

No. 126683

I'm the anon that said someone should contact her mum, but tbh I was only baiting and trying to get her to show herself. Looks like it worked.

No. 126687

I only just found out about this site. Who contacted u? Censor the name plz I don't want these trolls going after them, but I have a theory. So like if it was Sasha1234, censor their name like S**1234.

No. 126696

What like she's going to give that information? Gl with that.

No. 126700

if its the person im thinkign of, they run a hate tumblr and message ppl pretending to be concerned.

No. 126788


lol hi cassie and her pretend mental illness

No. 126805

i wonder if she got the idea for the bear alter after watching the revenant

No. 126812

You yourself have said on your WordPress how you would always go into crisis mode when discharged because you felt unsafe outside of treatment. Using the mental health system to your advantage because you know they can't discharge or deny you back in because of liability.

No. 126828

File: 1462197297512.jpg (10 KB, 275x173, 1456803855705.jpg)

this person makes me mad!

she should just get treatment. what kind of person wants a horrible disease like this? do they even know what kind of feeling it is to have no consistent identity

No. 126830

Many of the people commenting are completely uneducated on dissociative disorders in general it appears by all of the confusion and false information.

You do realize the main people who exposed we-notme/ohchickpea has DID themselves?

Maybe before you spew your opinions on multiplicity you should research it first.

No. 126838

Ok, annnnd moving on.
No one is claiming snowflake doesn't have a personality disorder, that much is freakin' obvious. It's the stories and attention seeking and Internet feeding that brought us all here.
Snowflake obvs has self harm and ED related issues but what's keeping her in the system?
She's a scared little girl with no life skills so staying in hospital is her best means of survival. These games she's playing will help her stay in that system. Until she's able to cope with the idea of living out in the real world facing real world problems, she's gonna keep entertaining her viewers with random nonsense that she will convince herself to be true and hence keep her in the system.
If no ones caught on, since now everyone's brainless and without free thought, ready to jump on every bandwagon they can defend..her online persona just helps feed her disorders. She will never 'recover' until she hops tf off the internet because making her entire life public to the internet where anyone can judge or comment is just fuel to the fire, a constant reminder for her to stay trapped in a system where she can ease on by life with everyone's love and support and yay hospital life where you essentially have no responsibilities other than to go to therapy and act like you're recovering. Again, no ones saying she did not experience trauma and she does not have ED or a personality disorder but she's certainly not looking to recover yet.
Or who knows, maybe admitting online that the main 'alter' now knows of the trauma was a sign that she's attempting actual recovery. That's what I'm rooting for.

Now where's the milk

No. 126839

Same anon from above, she's got 12.9k followers on a private account. I mean come on guys, forreal? Lol

No. 126848


As a person genuinely diagnosed with DID, I feel entirely within my right to criticize her SELF DIAGNOSED bull shit role play version of it. Don't assume everyone here is uneducated.

No. 126849


my comment wasn't about whether or not she is faking -
it was about all of the false information on DID in general being spread on a forum about people faking DID.I am just saying people should show some decency for true sufferers by educating themselves before comments implying DID is a fake disorder, and that it is therapist or socially induced.
There are people who truly suffer from DID on here…have some consideration before knocking a valid disorder.

No. 126851


Chill. I said MANY not all… I have been diagnosed for 5 years and care about the stigma we have to live with from false info and fakers.

No. 126855

i am chill, but that post defended Cassie as truly having DID and came across to me as saying people suggesting otherwise are uneducated/ignorant to the disorder.
I will never believe Cassie has DID, and it's a valid point that even a variety of professionals from multiple wards have refused to diagnose her with it.

No. 126864

Anyone who's educated themselves on DID should know that there is a lot of contradictory research on the traumagenic etiological theory, while iatrogenic and pseudogenic cases are known to be valid. It's not necessarily false info, just controversial info that a lot of psych professionals believe.

No. 126868

True DID is traumagenic, with the trauma having occurred between ages 6-9. This is widely accepted as fact. Sure some patients may truely believe they have DID but that doesn't mean they really do.

No. 126875

Who was this message aimed at?

No. 126909

No, that's exactly what's not widely accepted. There's no consensus about whether traumagenic DID even exists and a shitton of conflicting research.

No. 126925

You're blatantly wrong. DID by nature is traumagenic. It's not my job to educate you but God damn pick up an actual reputable medical journal. I'm honestly starting to think you're one of those 300+ "systems" on Tumblr filled with fictives from your favorite tv shows.

No. 126944

How or why it happens is still hotly debated but it's almost universally acknowledge to be coming from a pinpoint event in their life (even if the event lasted months or years). A lot of research is done to see how valid it is, and while they agree DID is real, they are still deeply concerned with reports of hypnotherapists and psychologists saying they've had an increase in 'recovered sexual trauma' memories and an increase in 'ritualistic abuse memories' being reported by patients.




No. 126945

I've had that feeling the whole time.

No. 126946


Imitative DID is definitely a real issue, as well as therapists creating false memories. I'm wondering a bit now if maybe the is the case for Cassie… Perhaps it's true that no the SRA didn't happen but through someone's suggestion at some point she's come to establish false memories…

Anyways, for those of you who still really need some education on the disorder I would suggest http://did-research.org - the articles seem to be backed up with reputable cited sources.

No. 126947

I think you're mixing me up with another anon because I'm not claiming to have DID or be a "system" jfc. I'm not even taking a side. All I'm saying is that there is a lot of conflict among professionals over whether most, some, or no cases of DID have a traumagenic etiology, versus being therapy induced, malingered, whatever. If you've been reading medical journals you should know that there is a massive debate and a lot of studies on either side begin with something along the lines of the diagnosis and etiology being controversial. The traumagenic theory is just not considered fact at this point.

No. 126949


I suggested you're one of those snowflaky tumblr systems because of your insistence that DID is not traumagenic. There is controversy around DID, but not to be point that you believe it is. It is a recognized disorder and widely accepted to be traumagenic. Please see my previous reference to http://did-research.org - a site with easy reading for quick education that from what I've seen cites reputable sources for their claims.

No. 126950

I'm not saying DID isn't traumagenic, I'm saying that the traumagenic theory is the major point of controversy. Go read the actual studies instead of looking at a single website trying to prove one of the theories.

No. 126954


I'm done arguing in circles with you. I referenced that "one website" because it cites those many other studies and it's not my responsibility to make sure you're not an uneducated twat.
You're obviously a lost cause on this matter, at this point I'm just gonna have to walk away and hope your misinformation doesn't manage to spread too far away from your hard head.

I'm ready for this thread to get back to its original purpose.

No. 126957

Cassie sure is a faking fakey faker tho.

No. 126959

There is literally a section on the controversy on the site that says DID "is still considered by some to be controversial, extremely rare, or even iatrogenic or sociocognitive in origin" which is exactly I'm saying. It also says straight up that there are cases of both iatrogenic and sociocognitive DID. That particular site is iffy anyway, with that "under construction" research section with a link to a single study. It cites the ISSTD too, whose founder was sued for convincing a former patient she'd been involved in SRA.

No. 126961

File: 1462227102324.jpeg (135.74 KB, 640x1027, image.jpeg)


I missed some of the questionable sources but you literally are retarded I see. Read the whole page, not just what you want to see.

No. 126963

Yes she is. Let's get back to that Jesus h Christ.

No. 126964

You missed some of the questionable sources but I'm the one reading what I want to see? I'm not even taking a side, I'm just saying that there is a controversy. Which the site you linked supports. Why would there be a controversy section if there is no controversy? Anyway, Cassie's case is clearly not a case of traumagenic DID and I hope everyone can agree on that.

No. 126965

The fact that you are using a term for a disability as an insult just shows how unintelligent and classless you truly are. That's sick.(please die in a fire, retard)

No. 126975


Go back to tumblr.

No. 126977

Also, dude, you're on a fucking HATE thread and that's what upsets you?

No. 126981


I didn't say it wasn't controversial, just that's it's not as much as you're making it out to be. That's not my issue, my issue is the statements that DID is not traumagenic when it absolutely is. Yes, there have been IMITATIVE cases presenting otherwise, but legitimate DID is a clearly defined traumagenic disorder. End.

No. 126985

I don't have or read tumblr.

Yes, making fun of a disability does upset me. You can make fun of faking malingerers all you want to, but I think it is low and classless to use something that was meant to be a medical and neutral term for people who are handicapped , as an insult. That is super disrespectful of people who are mentally disabled.

No. 126986


I'm actually disabled myself so honestly I really don't care. I do acknowledge why you find it offensive but honestly sites like this are not where you should be if such terms are so upsetting for you.

No. 126987

how about you both just stop it and we can all agree that ohchickpea is full of shit.

do any of you think it's possible that a therapist created false SRA memories during her therapy?

this woman seems to be relatively manipulative and i don't think she's mentally helpless in the DiD sense, obviously in other ways though she is quite ill. but i really can't believe a word she says based on her actions. maybe something bad did happen but certainly not in the scope she describes it. she's really discredited herself

No. 126988

I am absolutely down with that. And yes, I agree, I mentioned a few posts above that I'm wondering if Cassies SRA story is actually false memories as opposed to an outright lie.

Do we have anything from her that backs up that possibility?

No. 126989

Absolutely nothing. She's lying.

No. 126998

personally don't think it's likely - but it is an interesting thought. i wonder how the experience of legitimate DID compares to someone being convinced by a therapist that one has DID? that has to be confusing honestly

it would be helpful to be able to see a timeline of her posting as alters. i wonder why she started doing this in the first place. were 'regular mental illness' not dramatic enough to keep her safely entrenched in the system? if this is the case i do pity her in a way - inexcusable of course, but it's just not enough to be regular ol fucked up anymore is it. you have to have been forced to eat your baby or something jfc. i wonder how aware she is of her lies.

No. 127005

Check out these posts from the pro-ana scumbags #8 thread:

Looks like the DID stuff just showed up suddenly and then that's mostly what she talked about. Including knowing all their names, ages and personalities.

No. 127012

wow thank you. interesting to watch her very controlled spiral into pretend DID. all for the sake of likes? is IG the new Tumblr - nobody expressing dissent for fear of being labelled insensitive or bullying?

i don't know what kind of treatment explicitly she is in but i am surprised she is allowed to keep her internet access if she's inpatient somewhere. obviously it's a massive hindrance to any kind of improvement

No. 127015

I don't think it is therapy induced. Look at the letter her therapist wrote. It barely even looks as if she believes her. Referring to her alters as different sides. She wrote her old therapist had no training in D.I.D. and said it was a learning experience for her too. It may be that she has a dissociative disorder and has personified her parts to an unrealistic degree and not stopped by her inept therapist.

No. 127016

Thank fuck the squabble ended.

Cassie wants to stay living in hospital. She's on the internet all the time. She saw that DID is a new trend and jumped on that. It's not like she hasn't got time to figure out all her pretend alters in her mind.

I don't believe for A SECOND that she has DID.

No. 127260

I feel like it's difficult to tell how much of this is people roleplaying and how much is them actually being convinced they are these people.

If it's just roleplaying, why is that even bad? Lame, maybe… but is it bad?

No. 127294

It's wrong when they're convincing others that they have a serious medical condition that completely inhibits their daily activities. This would be an example of taking it way too far. So far that she's using her alters to blame for her actions. This is an attempt to stay small and feeble and not take on adult responsibility. And using these online personas is a vessel to channel that disordered behavior.

I doubt her therapists have any idea what she's doing on these social media websites.

No. 127303

Also NHS inpatient services are very stretched, they aren't a place to just escape the real world from and treat like a hotel.

No. 127312

Snowflake changed her username. Maybe an attempt to dissociate her account with online threads. Fat chance. Anyone have access to her vent account?

Splintered.soul is her new insta

No. 127315

Coffee.fi (the supposed girlfriend of mentioned snowflake) seems to have a username update too. In.fi.nite_

No. 127337

File: 1462311910979.jpg (66.6 KB, 585x308, Capture.JPG)

The Priory are going to boot her out. She wanted to be discharged by September. Yeah, riiiiight.

No. 127434

I wonder if she just thinks her life will be getting transfered from psychiatric unit to psychiatric unit, rather than working to a discharge to the community.

Why though would you ever wish to spend your life sectioned with no control over what city you are sent to, the comforts of inpatient surely must lose their novelty. Pretending to be a girl, a bear, a sassy teen boy might seem kooky and cute when you are a purple haired twenty something but when you are a a 30, 40, 50 etc year old woman? I think she needs to stop identifying herself by her trauma and mental illness, and her care teams should hopefully be working on this too. I don't understand how she has so much access to the internet, but maybe that's just how things are these days.

No. 127459

It concerns me that she has so much unmonitored access to the internet while in a treatment facility. I thought the point was to have limited contact with those outside of the facility at first so they can focus on themselves. A long time ago I was in a treatment center for depression all electronic devices were confiscated when you arrived and you had earn the right to have access to them. Is that not how it's done anymore?? She had a recent self harm incident and was allowed to get a piercing! Are they just letting her do whatever until they can dump her off on some other facility?

No. 127520


Perhaps she has OSDD and is confused. Her account of her life thus far may be not accurate but she could have OSDD and is confusing passive influence for a switch.

No. 127532

Is that a trauma induced disorder because apart from her sketchy talk about black hooded figures getting her pregnant at 12 and eating fetuses that's the only thing to base any trauma on and … it sounds bullshit. As does her dad diddling her.

No. 127538

Yes, it is similar to D.I.D but without amnesia and more fluency between states.

I agree that the satanic ritual abuse is untrue. Though there's little evidence of her lying about her father aside from her character and that she has lied already.

No. 127847

Apparently she has been diagnosed with DID according to her latest posting.

No. 127900

Awe our little snowflake found our thread laying out the facts that she's completely incompetent as an adult and now she's motivated to get out of hospital :')

And she wants to go home. To mommy and daddy? Diddling daddy? Violent brother? Hm. Home sure does sound good. She's realizing everyone is seeing through her bullshit and she's having a hard time coming up with new milk so now the only thing left to do is recover

…and then inevitably relapse and end up back in hospital! She can't handle change hence why she self harms every time she feels uncomfortable and then blames it's on Sams personality. Bologna.

It happens every damn time. Hey Cass, done playing games yet?

No. 127914

I hate how she takes being IP as a given. So many people waiting for beds for mental illnesses. So many who suicide because they can't get a bed, yet she's so confident that whenever she clicks her fingers she gets put in a cushy hospital/clinic.

Self harm isn't enough to get admitted. Unless she goes full ana again, I doubt she'd get a place easily. Don't most people with DID and severe mental illnesses live OUTSIDE of a hospital? She's nowhere near as far gone as some schizophrenics I've known. They usually get put in care homes. I hope she does if she decides she can't be arsed to deal with bills and shopping and living in a nice flat of her own.

No. 127935

I was under the impression that psych wards and inpatient treatment were for people who were in CRISIS mode. Or in serious danger of hurting themselves or others.

This whole ~teehee so mentally ill i'm in a psych ward let me take a picture~ subculture is disgusting. If she can go outside unsupervised, have dates with her gf, get piercings and manage an instagram account and blog she does NOT need to be there. Like what the actual fuck? Are all members of her mental health team completely incompetent?

Take her fucking cell phone away, throw her into some "how to be an adult" classes, rev up the therapy and medication and ship her out. Like you're supposed to be doing.

No. 127938

That also doesn't ring true. She's under an inpatient section, then will presumably moved to a CTO. No way would they move someone to a home situation or have contact with people that are sexually and physically violent. I very much doubt her social and mental health teams would be allowed to move her back home, if her claims of abuse are true.

No. 127939

She wants her own place "for a few months" and she wants to get a cat. A fucking cat. A disposable cat that will end up in the pound.

No. 127942

It's not based on upfront insurance/fees so you can stay in sn NHS hodpital until they deem you fit for community teams or until they have arranged supported housing. Being in crisis gets you admitted, but until you are physically weight restored and mentally stable you are inpatient, that can take months even years. So cassie having an "overdose" or inventing another "alter" whenever she looks like she is progressing just means she gets hekd back from duscharge and gets to live in an inpatient bubble for another few months.

No. 127943

I think I am going to send screenshots of all of it to the priory, and express the concerns people are having.

No. 127944

sorry about poor spelling!

No. 127946

Anyone else notice that she only started talking about wanting to be discharged after she was tipped off? If she found this thread then she obviously read how everyone believes she's doing her best to stay inpatient and now right after she's talking about being all desperate for discharge…coincidence? Or more proof that she's full of shit?

No. 127947

Ordinarily I'm against making contact with the cows and interfering with their personal life, but in this case I support letting the Priory know about the cat.

No. 127952

agreed, it's one thing if she wants to jack up her own life up but fuck bringing a cat into it. that bitch

No. 127955

Plot twist: because she cant get a cat irl, she discovers another 'alter' - its a cat.

No. 127956

Plot twist: The bear comes out and eats the cat.

No. 127962

Surprised no one has talked about finnthefaeprince and the gofundme campaign to get a service dog. She has links plastered all over her blog and it even pops up at the top of every page because apparently the concept of overkill is confusing to her. It's so tacky. Why the fuck this idiot feels entitled to a service dog is beyond me.

No. 127963

File: 1462474870770.png (151.77 KB, 933x418, dumbdumbdumbdumb.png)

sorry. dropped my pic.

No. 127965

This person, who uses we in reference to herself, needs a dog to bring medications and make phone calls? Yet she (he/they/the system/?) manages to keep a part time job and is moving in with roommates…

No. 127966

Kek only 5 dollars out of 8500

No. 127967

That's cause we're discussing splintered.soul and her bs.
Don't go trying to change the subject, start a new thread lol

No. 127969

Hey wow that's more than we can say for Cassie!

No. 127972

Cassie has had roommates for years, they're her fellow patients.

No. 127975

We only see/read what Cassie writes on insta or a blog BUT, as anons have said, she has so much time away from the unit and she's had leave to go to her parental home that she's at the stage where patients usually are at the point of being discharged.

There seems no point keeping her in hospital. She's coherent and posts regularly, so it's not like she's severely depressed and can't get out of bed. She goes for fun outings so obviously isn't a danger to others. As for self harm, that's no reason to keep her in. Every day of the week there'll be someone in A&E who's getting stitched up because they cut themselves. They don't get to LIVE in a hospital for years.

I bet she's trying to get admitted here:
It looks like a stately home.

I doubt she's been given an official DID diagnosis. She hasn't had intense monitoring and wtf was her trauma anyway?

Cassie's become my most infuriating cow. Even more annoying than Ash. At least Ash rots at home and not in cozy surroundings.

No. 127983

File: 1462477814611.png (185.52 KB, 526x554, cringe.png)

at least 10 people i have added on facebook claim to have undiagnosed DID, it's all cringey pseudo-roleplay shit like this. they'll make new accounts for 'alters' or have 'alters' introduce themselves in status updates saying "I'll be fronting for a little while uwu feel free to ask me anything!"

this was quite a gem on my news feed today

No. 127989

No really though her care system at this point is just a joke. They keep her because as mentioned before, every time a change comes around she becomes a danger to herself. She'll never get out of hospital because she doesn't wanna grow up.

No. 128117

Maybe if she were truthful/open about her real insecurities that I'm sure many people her age who have been institutionalised could relate or empathise with such as fear of independence, adult expectations, further/higher education, work etc rather than cop out and create these dumb bear, child alters and saying she was forced to eat her aborted kid it would actually helpers her recovery and progress. I'm sure many of her followers could share their own experiences rather than play along with her pretend world, thinking it's a game to respond to whatever kid she's pretending to be that day. Hopefully she at least talks to her psychiatric team about the fears of moving on and being an adult, rather than wasting time and resources by pretending to be a baby or a angsty teen boy.

No. 128135

not that anon but really? this thread isn't cassie-specific. you're like the PA scumbag anons that cry whenever people stop talking about ember for 5 minutes

No. 128137

Awe looks like someone's offended, gag.

That message has been passed already, move on.

I hope so too. Like I've thought, maybe she's really different in hospital. Cause we can only see and hear what she posts online. So maybe her whole online persona is just a game she created to help keep herself busy while she's been in hospital for so many years and in hospital she's dealin with the real stuff.
I am quite sick of hearing people say she didn't experience trauma because she obvs did or her care team would not seek a trauma unit to put her in.
I'm thinking this new unit will be a reality check. anyone know anything about the new unit? Isn't it an adult unit? As in 16+ or 18+?

No. 128140

project much, kek

No. 128147

>I am quite sick of hearing people say she didn't experience trauma because she obvs did or her care team would not seek a trauma unit to put her in.

It's not obvs she experienced trauma. Nobody knows which hospital to stick her in because she's anorexic one year and then she's pretending to be DID because Satanists made her eat her fetus at 12 years old. There is NO evidence of trauma, but she's going with this DID pretense and so the professionals are scratching their head wondering where to stick her.

No. 128151

File: 1462541066170.jpg (14.87 KB, 465x370, foreheadpalm.jpg)

>obvs trauma

the only thing "obvs" here is that she makes stuff up, which is really despicable in regards to people who are actually dealing with trauma. she's a parasite

No. 128152

Just because someone experiences trauma doesn't mean they get to live on a trauma unit their whole lives. Most people who experience trauma go through counselling, therapy and take medication and are able to function. They WANT to get better and go out and live a relatively normal life.

Most people who have severe psychological problems don't cling to them as a coping mechanism or make up new symptoms in order to be babied their whole lives. These trauma wards are for people who have so severe flashbacks, disassociation, psychosis, etc that they literally cannot function. Cassie runs an instagram page, blog, goes out unsupervised/minimally supervised, gets piercings, dyes her hair, goes on dates etc.

Is this typical of someone who is currently staying in a trauma ward? I don't think so. The way she acts is like some teen obsessed with "Girl Interrupted" and managed to land herself in a psych ward. She probably has gone through some traumatic things in her life, but that gives her no excuse to fake DID and "relapse" when she's about to get out and take up services and room that would be better used by someone who actually needs it.

No. 128155

File: 1462542231347.gif (431.22 KB, 430x315, amen.gif)

No. 128200

File: 1462564929009.jpg (55.35 KB, 914x457, teh violence.JPG)

Another of Cassie's accounts. An old one.

No. 128291

No. 128309

File: 1462611244423.png (866.93 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

old? she posted there 3 days ago.. how many accounts does this girl have

No. 128324

File: 1462620595919.jpg (145.66 KB, 915x597, cassie.jpg)

Damn… I can see why she's anxious about leaving all the facilities. I hope the therapists can help her with her real problem.

No. 128330

inb4 one for each alter

No. 128379

It goes back a long time though. Anyway, I'm finding it odd how she is allowed so much internet and camera access considering most of these pics and accounts would have being created whilst in an NHS adolescent/adult psych unit. For teenagers usually any tech that has a camera is confiscated. Sorry for personal comment but I recall the only time any photograph was permitted of patients on an teen unit was taken by the consultant of each ED patient, a "body check" so we could basically say how horrible we looked, then the photo was never seen or spoken of again. Odd but it shows how forbidden photography and self taken face and body checks/documents are on NHS wards.

No. 128380

Also, you weren't even allowed to take photographs of you and your family on the ward, maybe her unit was just lax at these things.

No. 128414

File: 1462641533198.jpg (18.17 KB, 322x153, Capture.JPG)

How many flats has she been fixed up with over the years?

No. 128430

She painted one 8 weeks ago. WTF.

No. 128509

these people, jesus christ!

On the topic of Cassie, it's really obvious that she's completely institutionalized. If/when she eventually gets discharged, she'll be in for one hell of a shock living in the real world, but it's gotta happen sometime. She can't spend the rest of her life locked up in a hospital.

No. 128521

File: 1462661048878.png (129.93 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She used to be rachy_poo as of 87w ago which would be about a year and 6 months ago. Cassie is a typical 'ana' girl name because of the U.K. Teen drama Skins. Cassie was anorexic and 'goals' for many girls. In her case I'm wondering if taking on this new name 'Cassie' was a way to try and start covering up her online tracks and from there, she heard about DID and took a running leap with it and started creating alters so she could remain in hospital. If her dad really did rape her at 19 (2013), every mention of discharge probably made her cling to that story harder. Currently looking for more specific dates of when other alters started popping up

No. 128525

I've seen mentions here of her being raped at 19, did she ever do into any detail or discuss the circumstances of that incident?

No. 128527

She's been in a relationship with her girlfriend for a while and genuinely seems to love her. I can't imagine not wanting freedom from hospitals and independence do they could develop what they have.

She could be waking up with her every morning instead of waking to a meds call and the smell of hospital food.

I understand institutionalisation, but she's going to get a lot of support when she finally gets kicked out. A part of her therapy should be preparing her for independent living.

No. 128528


Sketchy references to discussing it with the police recently is all I remember from her posts.

No. 128541

More than anything else it's super sad to watch.

As someone with mental illnesses I've always been scared of ending up like a person like cassie (disregarding the fake alters ofc)

No. 128557


"She can't spend the rest of her life locked up in a hospital."

…but shes gonna give it her best shot!!

No. 128576

Did they meet whilst in hospital? That could be hard for the GF who is out in the community and progressing with recovery meanwhile Rachael still wants to be that teenage psych patient who has no obligations in life but to follow a meal plan and take her meds.

No. 128577

No. 128578

> the last time i went out with anyone other than my mum/brother or girlfriend was November 2nd, 2013. it was my 19th birthday. that night someone attempted to rape me.

It doesn't sound like it was her dad though. It could have been, but it doesn't sound like it.

No. 128587

They kind of had to if she's been inpatient since she was 14. (Plus it appears so from the cassiebo.o Instagram. She mentions her girlfriend getting discharged.)

No. 128588

I expirence dislcoation/ depersonalitzion due to having a panic/ anxiety disorder and it was stressful and made it hard to function and socialize I wouldent wish it apon anyone and I don't see why anyone would want to go through it once more so depresonalsation its kinda of where you are aware of dislocating no I don't have mutiple personalitys I just don't feel attached to my body sometimes and I sometimes feel like I'm not viewing things from my own body I thought I was going crazy it was scary I take effoxor and clompazan for it and it's really settled down I don't tell anyone about it and I will for the sake of this form and I'm anonymous anyways but I don't know why pepole on tumblr throw the word dislocation around so easy when it's hard to function in real life when your out of reality(thanks for the life story, please link your blog next time though!)

No. 128589

Sounds edgy.

No. 128594

That sounds super shitty, anon. Go you for trying to deal with it though. Ignore any of the arsehole anons, you do you.(snowflake enabler)

No. 128601

Thanks for the blogpost. You sound exactly like those tumblrinas.

No. 128607

File: 1462710357512.jpeg (59.55 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)


Pansexual AFAB agender snowflake with totally 100% real diagnosed schizophrenia and DID.

You'll forgive me for being skeptical of someone with DID who always remembers to tag their posts with which "alter" is "fronting".

No. 128614

Why are these people always fully aware of all their different "alters" and what they do? And why does every "alter" always use the same social media sites and apps as the others? Realistically wouldn't they be like actual different people who wanted to do different things with their lives instead of slight variations on the original person's main hobbies

No. 128622

One of my favourite books as a child was "All around the town" by Mary Higgins Clark. It's a story about a girl who was abused and then grows up with multiple personalities and has no idea (as it is)
The personalities get figured out by friends and police and stuff along the way. It's a more realistic view of what these people are calling "DID"
I want to call it "MIFD" (multiple imaginary friends disorder)

No. 128630

Yes & they were in the same ward together until maybe 1yr ago or a little longer. (I used to follow cassie before she brought out all the alters, but she was definitely still a special snowflake back then too) In fact i have this faint memory, but i might b wrong, that her gf had never expressed any lesbian tendancies until she met cassie. It seemed to most of us following her at the time that it was more of an unhealthy intesne BPD style friendship with blurred boundaries and so ofc cassie decided they were in love. Its been said b4 but cassies gf is a med student (must be nrly qualified by now), so thats even more interesting as its possibly the gf's med knowledge & care-giver nature that cassies attracted to the most cos it enables her to continue playing the sick patient who needs looking after in every part of her life!

No. 128660

It's called "maladaptive daydreaming".

No. 128672

Ohchickpea aka splintered.soul is now aka mendingmyselves.

I think they're relationship is just, comfortable. Cassie is inpatient and Fi does her thing and they spend time together but, it's hard to hold a relationship with someone who doesn't want to leave hospital.

No. 128951

File: 1462825491612.png (86.08 KB, 457x449, wp_ss_20160509_0001.png)

She's gone from being too complex and fucked up to everyone wanting her discharged.

Doesn't take a psychic to predict she's going to kick off very soon. (Sam's fault, ofc).

No. 129773

It seems like this new place has seen through her bullshit and isn't going to indulge her any longer. I'm delighted that a bed will be available for someone who actually needs it. It fucks me off that I work hard, pay taxes and people like Cassie just mooch around on social media whilst wasting precious NHS resources,

No. 129810

this so hard :')

No. 129813

Looks like she deleted her splintered_soul account. Or one of her alters did.

And may I suggest you have to wait ages for an appointment or a referral? Yup, she doesn't need to be IP. Whatever the fuck is wrong with her can be dealt with as an out patient. Next time she does an attention "suicide" attempt to get readmitted they should tell her to fuck off. Sick of this shit x1000

No. 129817

Forgot to ask if any anons know if her venting/self harm account is still there.

Slightly OT, but seeing how the attention ho thread turned into an Ember thread, here is some bad self harmer attention ho. TW IT IS REALLY BAD. I'm quite fascinated by the burn bubbles.


No. 129857

If you are factkin and your kin are from another timeline then you can't be the real Pete Wentz or Pewdiepie. Because your version does not exist in this timeline.

It seems trollish. But maybe they just have a really terrible grasp of multiverse theory they got from a cartoon or a poorly informed Youtube video and just ran with it.

I have a hard time believing that even if your soul could jump universes between incarnations that you could literally be another person in one timeline who is not you in this one. It doesn't even make sense. If two people in two timelines have the same level of fame and profession why would they have two different souls/minds whatever this person believes in. It's just really stupid fanfiction.

No. 129873

Yeah that account is still up but she hasn't posted on it

No. 130075

i especially like the ones with evil sociopath alters that are "dangerous"

No. 130141

Splintered_soul is now mendingmyselves

No. 130159

Thanks. She takes her urls very seriously this one.

No. 130205

>events of yesterday landed us on 2:1 observations. i don't really remember what happened but when i asked "was it really necessary to have two people at arms length of me?" the staff said that it really was with the state i was in. i'm not sure if i even want to know what happened.


No. 130221

Newfag here but is she called Cassie for the Skins character of similar mental illness fame persuasion or is that just her actual name? I've seen anas rename themselves Effy before.

No. 130231

So far there's been no confirmation that's why she chose Cassie, but some anons (me included) reckon that's what inspired her choice. Her real name is Rachael, but she changed it by deed poll to Cassie.

No. 130234

Oh dear and she was SOOOOO looking forward to a discharge, wasn't she. Something always happens just before she's in with a chance, doesn't it.

>i remember when i first realised we were multiple. it was scary but i felt such a sense of relief. everything added up. it all made sense… now i find myself constantly hating the fact. aimlessly wishing and hoping that i could just be one person.

But you ARE one person, Cassie, you ARE.

No. 130236

File: 1463165301670.jpg (18.64 KB, 579x59, Capture.JPG)

Haha, oh look! DID expert Jolto chimes in. Fool.

No. 130253

Isn't the treatment for DID aimed at turning all the alters back into a single person? Tumblr-style DID seems to involve "living in harmony" with your imaginary friends instead.

No. 130259

It's very en vogue as far as self-dx goes. I think Tumblr used to stress the difference between being multiple/fictionkin/factkin/whatever more but recently it feels like they've just stopped giving a fuck. It's all cut from the same shitty cloth anyway.

Weird to think that Skins still has that snow appeal when Effy's series finished in 2010. Purveyors of childish taste in media I guess.

No. 130265

File: 1463176862359.jpg (39.42 KB, 596x601, example.JPG)

I was a bit old to get Skins, but tumblrinas /ig ~suicidals~ really spoiled American Horror Story for me. (Plus the fact AHS ripped off the Siouxsie and the Banshees font).

No. 130313


How do you let a social media site ruin something for you? Grow up lol.

No. 130322

Damn jolto is thirsty af

No. 130336

Also "Cassie's" real name was Cassandra.
I wouldn't have called skins childish though, it was aimed at 16 plus, and was an extremely popular show at the time.

Calling yourself after a character simply because she was recovering from anorexia is childish though, like when every English internet personality claimed they were just like Emma Watson for a while.

No. 130338

Seems a bit obvious to go for the child/ angsty teen/ sex worker stereotype mix it up with a Cambridge educated Soviet spy, an IRA freedom fighter, a Mossad agent, a green peace protester who is living on a boat protesting about whaling. Bit more creative :)

No. 130505

File: 1463252830767.jpeg (189.79 KB, 636x908, image.jpeg)

Aaaaand guess whose in crisis again

No. 130572

Yes. Yes she is.

No. 130577

File: 1463264141873.png (147.63 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

There's the suicide threat guys, >>>128951 called it.

No. 130588

Seriously, this chick is a walking cliche for a personality disorder.

No. 131951

File: 1463590714521.png (Spoiler Image,444.07 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This snowflake suddenly adopted 3 more personalities when she was denied discharge because she refuses to even try recovery. If she wanted out of hospital so bad she'd suck it up, put on the damn weight and get discharged because that's literally all that she has to do. From there she can do whatever she wants aka lose the weight again, step infront of a train, adopt more 'personalities'.. But she's about as bad as mendingmyselves with staying in the system. Difference is she bitches every day about not being able to get out but hellooo. Losing weight while being in an ED unit is the exact opposite of what she's there for. sigh I've been rooting for her for a while but she's starting to make me sick.

No. 132226

these types of people follow me all the time, every single one has an elaborate set of links on their page for their kin and alters and they're all so formulaic and the same from one another, they all just copy each other. they all claim to be autistic and psychotic and they're almost all minors so if you try to call them out on anything they will make a callout post because you're now an abilist bully who harasses children yadda yadda. they all are legitimately convinced they have DID and schizophrenia

No. 132760

I used to believe her but now i'm not so sure…

No. 132784

Why did you believe her?

No. 132801

I wanna know why females to have female only alters. Surely an alter could take on any gender, right?

No. 132802

*tend to have

No. 132876

Well, it's a female body so it makes sense all the alters are female. Unless you believe in genderqueer theory.

No. 132939

File: 1463841367243.png (313.79 KB, 478x695, wp_ss_20160521_0001.png)

No, Cassie. What's happening here is the doctor believes that Sam is something you use to blame for self harm, and isn't an alter at all. Hence "Sam".

No. 132949

What's shitty is that your interpretation of this is wrong. Either she isn't lieing or she has them fooled.
They wouldn't write due to her DID… it's not a patient account it's a ward round meaning interpretation of events are allowed to happen. It looks like they are interpreting it as legitimate.

She has enough access to information and real survivors to gather enough information for malingering and faking effectively and may even be confusing her symptoms as people in cluster B personality disorder category tend to have this happen. She likely has histrionic pd, or bpd and is personifying her self states to an unhealthy degree egged on by her need for attention.

Whether they want her discharged or not like mentioned in the previous post, also is not telling of what they think about her disorder as most people with dissociative identity disorder are treated outpatient.

No. 132952

She hasn't been diagnosed DID though. Why would they write she has DID on a report if it isn't even officially diagnosed? That's like if you're winging being anorexic and they write "due to her anorexia nervosa".

No. 132959

She mentioned recently she has been officially diagnosed now

No. 132961

Tbh that's exactly what he is though: something to blame for self harm. Before she made up all these personalities, she posted a picture of her scars and owned them as her own. This whole "I don't have self-harm thoughts and it's only Sam" thing is bullshit.

Though perhaps it has something to do with being Cassie instead of Rachael. Cassie doesn't have self-harm thoughts, but Rachael took responsibly for her own actions. If her DID were even real, what they should really do is stop honoring Cassie as the host. She's not the original personality; Rachael is.

No. 132963

Sauce? On ig she said they were putting that theory forward, but there was no diagnosis.

No. 132967

Yea valid. its like backward DID.
And Sam is totally an excuse. I hope her care team does see that.
I never thought about how she used to own it and now doesn't. That's very backward. It's one thing to discover alters and see how they influenced you in your past - but she only developed amnesia since coming up with this.

No. 132970

File: 1463849678132.jpeg (167.53 KB, 636x878, image.jpeg)

No. 133007

>still unsure if this is totally correct

Nah. You're pretending it is.

No. 133010

Yeah, either you are or you aren't. A consultant wouldn't use language like "to the best of my knowledge". He would state that she was formally diagnosed with xyz on this date, by these professionals. All this would be in her care plan.

No. 133011

This has to be the case, as many patients have problems processing information therefore everything has to be in black an white and available to the patient. I would imagine anyone with memory issues like Rachael claims to have would have every case not anf care plan pinned to her wall so there is no lack of transparency and she can always check.

No. 133017

Also there is diagnostic screening that happens to be diagnosed with this disorder and I typically takes 1-1 1/2 hours & the person is well aware they are engaging in a diagnostic test.
She would know if she was diagnosed because she would have participated in the screening and then assessment of the disorder which she hasn't done. Therefore anything anyone says is speculation (though it's doubtful anyone's speculating anything other then facticious) because she doesn't have s diagnosed as she has never been assessed for it. She had simply seen an inexperienced therapist who went along with this because she had no way to know if it was accurate or not we she wasn't trained.
It says so in the letter C posted from her therapist that her therapist was "new to this".

It's a huge frustrating mess that is actually hurting other people, herself and stealing resources from the community.

No. 133020


She's claimed to have one of the specific tests done, but it was in the comments when someone brought it up so I really can't be bothered to find it. Not like i believe her anyways.

No. 133027

File: 1463862115075.jpeg (122.52 KB, 639x993, image.jpeg)

take note of this and how NOT Sam this is….and then..

No. 133029

File: 1463862192517.jpeg (137.49 KB, 640x978, image.jpeg)


Now read how Cassie hates tea and only Sam drinks it Lol.

No. 133031

File: 1463862332630.jpeg (213.98 KB, 640x893, image.jpeg)


This is from 2014 and clearly and is not Anna or Eva talking. Apparently they are the only ones who experienced abuse… But…who's this one and what is she talking about ?

No. 133033

File: 1463864486845.png (361.48 KB, 478x648, wp_ss_20160521_0002.png)

She SO wants to be discharged so she can be independent. Those damn alters always fuck it up.

Every aspect of her time-wasting pisses me off. The paperwork and meetings that go into assessing her suitability for being discharged only for her to then cut herself then complain how someone has to sit outside her room. Guess what, Rachael, that nurse has better things to do than be bored shitless because you got blood everywhere so you look too unstable to gtfo off hospital.

Again, note she is never ~an alter~ when her gf visits. What a cutesy, cozy visit. Damn, she's an infuriating twat.

No. 133065

File: 1463877576368.jpg (98.83 KB, 855x581, sam is fake 1.jpg)

Here's the post I was thinking of, where she "owns it" and implies she did it to herself.

No. 133066

File: 1463877611132.jpg (86.74 KB, 610x610, sam is fake 2.jpg)

And here's where she probably got the name inspiration.

No. 133071


What the fuck is this

No. 133073

Retarded nicknames kids give to personify their ~pain~

Got to admit, Isaiah for insomnia had my laughing.

No. 133081


This must have been created before DID became the latest trend. Wonder what the secret names would be for that? …

No. 133082

Diddy. I really hope it'd be Diddy, for both boys and girls.

No. 133084

I nominate DeShawn and Delores.

No. 133089

Don and Debbie

No. 133099

What about Don and Donna like the did character in trailer park boys?

No. 133261

File: 1463943155504.png (501.78 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

More SH predictions from 'Anna'.

No. 133268

Her dependence on having someone hold her hand is increasing if she's hacking at herself to get a childminder permanently with her.

Deb's already depression. I like Diddy. For the fakes like her it can be P Diddy, as in pretend Diddy.

You just KNOW did is going to get a person slang name soon.

No. 133277

File: 1463945903046.gif (484.44 KB, 450x236, e49a732ed925bc3641285700cae36b…)

we need to infiltrate them and make p diddy a thing.

No. 133560

Because having a fellow adult stand next to you with their back tuened whilst you are on the toilet, or taking a shower is something you WANT to have?

No. 133677

File: 1464053373359.png (80.98 KB, 454x535, wp_ss_20160524_0001.png)

So now she's Rachael again


Continues to play up to ensure permanent IP status. Christ.

No. 133680

File: 1464054098059.png (244.96 KB, 477x755, wp_ss_20160524_0004.png)

>when the fuck will this end

When you drop the pretense, Rachael.

No. 133720

Does anyone have the url of that one person who claimed they were raped/abused/had to watch their friends be murdered for torture porn in a warehouse from the age of like, 8? I don't remember the url/their handle for the life of me but it read like a bad rapefic.

No. 133723

What the hell… maybe this is actually progress though?

You're thinking of Soren. His second thread is here: >>112039

No. 133818

File: 1464106567151.png (272.92 KB, 586x375, Untitled.png)

1. People are homeless and she has a flat on hold for her return.

2. Wtf with pretending to be Rachael again. She's docile as hell but she can do "harm". Oh wait, is Rachael the anorexic? Does she know she's not going to pull off this DID BS so she's going to stop eating again to stay IP.

No. 133829


How much you wanna bet the "doesn't believe in DID at all" is more like doesn't believe in HER DID?

No. 133859

the fact that cassie says she "took over" from rachael as host is pretty telling

No. 133863

"Cassie" has the exact same typing style as "Rachael".

No. 133868


Honestly that's the only believable presentation of DID she's done. Having DID isn't as United States of Tara as she seems to think, switches and differences in alters can often be very subtle.

No. 133869

Who was paying for the flat whilst she's been in hospital?

Honestly, when you think of the stress some psych patients are in with trying to keep up with paying for a family home, she has it so easy. Most people her age can only dream of having a flat of their own like that, even when in work.

Maybe her team have talked about supported accomadation instead of treating stretched inpatient services like a home?

No. 133870

And yet it's obvious that the "Cassie" persona is her excuse to escape from progressing and dealing with adult life. "Cassie" is the oh wow, lovely quirky frail and ill teenage skins character. Rather than the adult Rachael.

No. 133875


Yup. Her role playing is so blatant it's painful to watch.

No. 133991

Sage for no contribution, thank you anon-sama.

No. 134781

All the 'alters' sound the same. Why do her followers not question how her small child 'alter' knows about social media at such a young age?

No. 134783

I think the instagram community is very overprotective, therefore no one of the "recoverycommunity" can be called out for their behaviour as instagram is seen as such a safe space where every behaviour is to be tolerated.

It really doesn't seem a postive environment for recovery at all, because it allows people like Rachael to adopt mental illness as their identity, even encourages it. All her followers respond well to her new alters thinking it's cute etc which just validates it all to her.

No. 134802

This thread is over-concentrated with Rachael. She must deserve her own thread by now.

No. 134805

Maybe at one point, but the milk has slowed drastically since she caught on to the thread.

No. 135600

She's just having fun in hospital, dicking around on yet more social media.

No. 135708


Yuck, she looks like a fucking man with thwt huge heavy dark moustache area. Fix your disgusting dead hair.

No. 135731

Yeah i don't get how people can believe this when they all type the same and whatnot.

No. 135747

im so tired of this shit. i emailed the priory and informed them about her online shenanigans.they need to give that bed to someone else by sending her home to the flat she is renting from her mother,or to a trauma center so someone can say to her face that she is malingering.

No. 135797


Keep us updated if they actually reply. I'd like to think a mental health facility would take this seriously considering the reputation she's brought upon herself within hospital. Social media is detrimental to her situation because she's seeking validation from strangers to continue 'being sick'. Strangers are not her support system. Where's mom? Where's her brother? Her gf? The nurses and doctors who have been assigned to help bring her back to society? It takes an army to bring someone this far gone back, and gripping onto all of these 'outlets' is just sick at this point. A sick sense of validation for the nonsense she comes up with. I know better than to accuse people of lying about everything but, if what she's put online is true, her safest space is off the internet, in the hospital. Not on her phone on tumblr, Instagram, wordpress and whatever else she has. Writing outlets are a beautiful thing but they can be reduced to a written journal or if she feels more comfortable typing things out, monitored computer time would great. Who the hell has that much internet access in a mental facility? I was in inpatient for less than a week and it was intense. Monitored group meals. No electronics period. We had an old button-dial phone that we could use if we needed to talk to someone outside of hospital and that's it. I had no contact with any of my friends via social media, text and even call cause I was too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it. And it was SUCH a good thing. Because every time my mom visited I ended up saying or doing something that made me stay a day longer. It was hard to recover until I was able to just be on my own. I talked to the other patients and my doctors and I was out in no time, whether or not I should have actually been released. My point is, I think she's afraid to lose her 'community' once she recovers. Which is sad because I would imagine thousands of her followers are either spam accounts, people who only follow for ridiculous drama (cough us), people who pretend to give a shit but are actually fueling her illness for selfish human reasons, and then people who are just plain ignorant of what games she's playing. She probably has a handful of genuine people who care about her online and she doesn't know that anyone that doesn't stick around when she's better was never meant to be in her life anyway.

Sorry, rant. The whole situation is just sad cause it's a perfect example of someone who desperately needs to be validated as a human, and consistently turns away and fights the people who could do that and instead seeks validation from people who in real life could give two shits about her and her well-being. She wants every person she knows to know another side of her. She wants to reinvent herself every time she gets to know someone new because anxiety tells her she's not good enough.

No. 135823

So she's pushed up the number of her imaginary ~alters~

> 15 alters ranging from the age of 2-38 trying to live as one

Is it possible for someone with real DID (not her, obv) to have an alter that's a lot older than her? How can she even know what a 38 year old's life experiences would be? I thought alters were younger/same age as the person because they represent that time in the persons life.

Of course, with her it's it all play acting. Waiting for her to have a 93 year old alter that pisses herself, hoovers the grass, etc so her followers can comment how quirky and cute she is even though she's taking the piss out of dementia.

No. 135825

I've been told one of my alters presents more middle aged, but I have no idea how that works. So from personal experience, it's possible, but I can't really offer an explanation. I don't really see it as any different from non-human or opposite gender alters though. Just based on the brains interpretation of these things I guess.

No. 135834

I hope you included screenshots.

No. 136275

When people describe an alter as "older" they most likely mean that they act in ways which are more commonly associated with adults than delusional edgelords.

No. 136311

File: 1464790685191.jpeg (185.87 KB, 625x878, image.jpeg)

"Sisi" we don't have deep rooted insecurities we just are not easily manipulated. If what you mean by atrocious is others pointing out your malingering then okay, just validates you value lies and you see the truth as atrocious. Reality: Cassie doesn't have DID or if she does she has discredited herself by her lies and proven inconsistencies.

No. 136315

I am still bewildered at how much access to social media she has whilst being inpatient and under a section, it's ridiculous and obviously not helping her progress.

No. 136316

Well Sisi doesn't agree so….

No. 136317

kek that end part is true, instagram is the only thing really sustaining these fragments of her imagination. i'm convinced she couldn't keep up the real life DID facade without instagram.

No. 136322

I agree. I always wonder how her girlfriend will react when she comes out of her enmeshment and sees what's going on her. Isn't her gf going to be a doctor ? You'd think she would look into some of this..

No. 136350

Her girlfriend rarely gets spoken about, I guess they are both growing apart from each other as they seem physically very distant apart from the monthy? trip to a cafe. Considering how wrapped up in social media Rachael is, she never crosses paths with the girlfriend.

It's like she is fine pretending to be alters whilst in hospital, but she was always Rachael in the odd trip out.

No. 136404

Since you're reading Cassie, can you explain how small children "alters" know how to log into Instagram, let alone even know what it is?!

No. 136450

She also rarely speaks of Rachael. They seem to have the same dynamic as those awkward tumblr relationships. I was really surprised when she directly linked to Fi's instagram on her mendingmyselves account once because I wrongly assumed she kept her DID shenanigans to the privacy of 13.5k strangers.

No. 136608

Anyone know what happened to Headcha0s?

No. 136629

kids are smart, and they pick up things when living with older kids who use social media all the time?

No. 136649

Not when their purpose is to hold memories of extreme trauma and abuse there babe, sorry. Ask a 9 year old who has went through ritualistic abuse, they are not interested in social media. 4 year olds even less. Everything about this is completely uncharacteristic of the disorder being claimed.

No. 136651

>>136608 she deleted and it likely has another somewhere.

No. 136678

File: 1464892112431.jpeg (164.12 KB, 640x906, image.jpeg)

What a waste of fucking space. I see she forgot to sign off on which "alter".

No. 136681

>tfw so high u forget about ur fake DID

No. 136700

She refers to herself as I and not WE when she forgets. She told someone "I" buy a lot from H&M. She never signs that other account as an alter either.

Don't know what she's high on, but if it isn't prescribed drugs she's a stupid twat fucking around with chemicals when her brain's supposedly mashed already.

No. 136701

Oh, it's weed. Twat confirmed.

No. 136743

I just read her gf tumblr and I feel horrible for her. She is genuinely struggling with mental illness and incredibly low self worth and I think Cassie is taking advantage.
Her girlfriend seems intelligent and honest - so I bet it is her disorder keeping her attached to C. Really sad.

No. 136782

I doubt she's high on anything.

No. 136785

More milk on fragmented? Is this a new account?
You know what's really bullshit? Somehow her 'alters' manage to remember all of these usernames. from my understanding the dissociative part means you don't know what the others are up to. You cant tell me one day that when you dissociate you don't know anything that happens. And then say the opposite the next. But then of course it's her choice what she remembers because it's obvs a show. The kid is psychotic true but I'm so sick of this fake as fuck DID shit. She's probably legitely just schizophrenic which is why they keep her in hospital because she's a danger to herself and others. I bet she'd hurt Fi if they lived together. Then blame it on Adrian.

No. 136798

Yea, it's her new account only has like 40 followers and it's on private. Looks like she's trying to keep it anonymous unless you follow her because the bio is vague.

No. 136799

Do you know her in real life?

No. 136844

It's like she is stuck in the mentality of a 14 year old.

No. 136860

Where are you even going with this question bro?

No. 136881

I just wondered because it sounded like it from the other post.

I'm mostly curious how she acts in real life. Outgoing, childlike, annoying…etc.

As much as its angering yet somehow still amusing but also saddening too, I'm just wondering if she is this crazy in hospital as well as insta.
Is she a silent crazy or are her online stunts how she acts in real life too?

No. 136906

I would imagine physically pretending to be all of those alters as well as dealing with a real eating disorder and other commitments to be exhausting. Writing a few instagram posts in an alters tone whilst pulling an angsty or manic face takes is easy though.

I guess when she is around her girlfriend and family she just acts like the normal adult Rachael, as mpst people in real life have enough going on than to pander to a 20 odd year old woman who pretends to be a bear or a child.

No. 136912

How in the world is she getting weed if she's in hospital all the time? Not sure what the medical marijuana laws in the UK are like at the momdnt but I feel like most psych/ED wards kick you out if you use drugs

No. 136913

Totally second this… I also can't imagine wanting to broadcast my whole life on social media if I was really that severely fucked up/abused,even if I didn't have/claim to have MPD.

No. 136914

Nah, other patients do to I see from her post yesterday. They don't yet see marijuanna as medicinal in the UK. It's decriminalized though.

No. 136915

Can't get kicked out of a psych ward if you're "suicidal". That's "Sam's" whole job isn't it ?

No. 136930

It's still illegal in the UK (I think it's a Class B which has a max sentence of a few years in prison). The law is more lax if it's only for personal use and I think fines and cautions are more common than prison in those cases.

I don't know how easy it'd be to get drugs on a psych ward though.

No. 136933

It's weird how all the alters are social media junkies that love instagram selfies. Surely the ones holding onto all of the problems have bigger issues than likes?

No. 136960

I think it's pretty easy, especially with weed. Typically there is at least one guy on a ward who will have access to edibles and the staff won't question someone dropping off homemade cookies/food for a patient.
Lots of other drugs are small or have no scent and are usually brought in hidden pockets or inconspicuous packaging. If you are on a ward long enough, have privileges and passes and the staff trust you, it gets easier and easier to bring in contraband.

The interesting part is imagining how Rachael could possibly manage this, when she has us believing she has no passes, no privileges and is on 1:1 constantly.
Nothing adds up with her shit malingering.

No. 136961

File: 1464977954293.jpeg (128.04 KB, 640x653, image.jpeg)

traumatized people especially children are marked by avoidance….she's just itching to talk about it.

No. 136964

I was going to post this because of her linking Fi again. This confirms she's lurking here and wants to keep up the appearance that they have a real relationship.

No. 136975

The thing about her having access to weed in The Priory is that it's one of the clinics that specialise mostly in drug rehabilitation (used to be the trendy place for "tired and emotional" celebs to check into). If it got out to the media that a patient was getting any drug in there, the shit would hit the fan, especially since the Priory group have been in the media the past few days.

No. 136978

Tbh, I've never acted on anything that's been posted concerning a cow/snowflake, but this pisses me off so much I'm seriously thinking of sending that ig pic to the Priory.

No. 136998

Please fucking do it.

No. 137010

All it proves is that her girlfriend gave her some stuffed toy a long time ago, before she started all this DID blogging.Shes been posting that toy for over a year randomly.It says nothing about their current relationship which appears, yes, pretty distant.

No. 137019

I'm wondering who to send it to. Maybe their public relations department would be best.

There are people who spend THOUSANDS there to deal with addiction, yet she's making it look so easy to get stuff in there. It doesn't make them look good, and they need to tighten up on it if they're going to justify the fees they charge.

Idk, I'm pissed off at her wasting time and treating hospital like a holiday, but also pissed off that a place like that is really shit at keeping drugs off the premises. Even on an NHS psych ward I've never seen drugs smuggled in somehow. Alcohol's a different matter, but still…

Yeah, definitely doing this in the morning.

No. 137020

I don't condone contacting cows or interfering with their life in any way, but if I did condone that I would suggest grabbing a few more screenshots and sending them in.

No. 137022

Yeah, I'm looking for the one where she's lying on the grass bragging about being high.

I won't even name her, but express concern about the availability of drugs. I mentioned before how a friend of a friend was in one of the Priory places and he used to get coffee smuggled in because he wasn't allowed caffeine. They mustn't gaf any more.

No. 137026

Exactly, but I took it as her indirect response to us criticizing their relationship here.
With that said, if she is lurking and sees >>136978 >>137019, she might start deleting things. I don't really condone tipping the cows either but you might want to work quickly.

No. 137027


Someone screen capped it here if you have no access to the acct lol.
There are archived pages of her tumblrs and junk if you keep scrolling back and reading. Some of the best stuff is right in this feed. This kids got years of nonsensory to go through, but I'm kinda tired of seeing her on the internet all yippee inpatient and I'm never recovering. There's someone out there who actually needs her bed.

No. 137028

I've worked in an NHS psych ward. It's easy to get drugs in and people did all the damn time. I'm not saying how but trust me, people are inventive and sneaky.

No. 137031

I knew some of the ones in for heroin addiction used to get to go home at the weekend and came back with track marks. I take your word for it though seeing how you've worked in that environment. I was only there for a few months and not many patients were in for addiction. I suppose it's not much different from smuggling in sharp things to cut with.

Sage for kinda OT.

No. 137139

Send your concerns to them

No. 137675

I'm married to someone who has DID and I really, REALLY wish it was this, fun and ~cute~

It's a fucking nightmare. Now I know why people are still so on the fence about this shit, I had no idea that people RP'd having DID/DDNOS.

FFS ps people with DID don't change their clothes when they, "switch." This is so fucking cringe worthy.

Also, considering DID is a failsafe for stressful situations and is meant as a cover for the core personality why the fuck would these people want it to look like their alters are using their own accounts or their own? Alters' existences are literally only to confront pain/stress and then go away. When that trigger isn't real they can fuck around, but I DOUBT an alter would give a shit about a twitter account or something like that, and would just fuck some stranger or smoke a whole pack of cigarettes/do drugs/use up all the money in the host's bank account etc. They're not people, they dont have hobbies or anything, it's just a last resort effort of the actual person to close their eyes and yell NANANANA I CANT HEAR YOU.

Some people have kids as alters, but they just throw tantrums IME.

This is all so fucking mind blowing to me. Gross, and sad that these people want to have something that fucks your life up so royally.

No. 137688

>I really, REALLY wish it was this, fun and ~cute~

That's what I get from these DID faker accounts. The people commenting are dickheads for encouraging her and telling her acting out being a 4 year old inside a box is cute and fluffy.

Nail on the head there about the social media accounts. Oddly enough, her ~alters~ are all obsessed with tumblr and instagram.

No. 137717

Some people with DID do have alters who interact with the world in a normal way and therefore would or could use social media but perhaps under the guise of the host.

However her traumatized "alters" seem just as interested in social media and that is almost never how traumatized alters function, especially children.

"Anna" has claimed trauma that is extremely severe yet seemingly can walk around outside just fine, play at the park, feels left out because she wants to play with the other kids, even once thought she was going to be the host in past post?
I think if I was 9 and endured that, I'd be a screaming mess and most assuredly locked in trauma time not 2016 watching frozen and playing at the park.
If Anna had a role outside of enduring abuse then she would have filled that role as somewhat apparently normal and a fragment likely would have formed to hold such intense trauma.


No. 137806

Did anyone actually contact the priory? Cassie/Rachael has finally stopped posting.

No. 137823

If they did, I hope to God they included a shot yon of screenshots.

No. 137840

I hope so. Any anons want to spill the beans?

No. 137880

Yes, I emailed them last week.
Another person had said they were going to as well.

No. 137932


Did they reply?

No. 137934

No reply.

No. 138332

She's back at it so I guess not much came of it.

No. 138345

I haven't emailed about the "getting high" comment…yet. I'm compiling a dossier.

No. 139367

Any updates?

No. 139446

probably not because it probably never happened lol

No. 189308

File: 1477598171505.jpeg (202.09 KB, 730x1119, image.jpeg)

The Priory actually did end up sending her back to her old unit, which I believe is where she still is now. Her and Fi broke up too, but she doesn't say why and they're supposedly still friends.

No. 189444

So she's still claiming to have DID?

How come people never lynch-mobbed her for the obvious lie about the satanists eating her baby and the rest of the bullshit? Also, a tumblr that specialized in DID called her out so why was she able to get away with it?

No. 189543

I'll never understand how people are just allowed to be on their phones all the time in psych units, in Aus you're not even allowed anything with a functioning camera on the ward, let alone a phone with camera and full access to the internet.

It seems to defeat the point of it being so enclosed to me, being that you can tell what's because of outside influence and what's actually illness if they're isolated, and you get heaps of young people come in with a pseudo-suicidal thing and then are out within a week because they're bored as fuck in there.

Is it really so much more lax overseas?

No. 189556

That's not entirely true, on the ward I was in at an Australian hospital we all had our phones and laptops. It depends 100% on the facility.

No. 189567

Was it a public facility? Because I've been in several at points, as from my knowledge, for an acute psychiatric ward, you're not allowed any unmonitored contact with the outside world apart from phone calls through the hospital phones.

You can do whatever when you're on leave though, and your phone is usually locked in the nurses office so you can get it when you get some day leave.

No. 189588

It was at a public hospital that had two psych wards (one serious business straightjackets-and-padded-rooms kinda ward and a general psychiatric inpatient ward) and I'm talking about the babby loony bin, for what it's worth.
Admittedly not the best example of psych ward rules, but I figured some of these ~DID~ ~multiple system~ kids would probably be in low-level care as well and might be allowed to have their phones.

No. 189593

>It was at a public hospital that had two psych wards (one serious business straightjackets-and-padded-rooms kinda ward and a general psychiatric inpatient ward) and I'm talking about the babby loony bin, for what it's worth.

Might have just been my experiences then, do you mind saying what state though? Maybe it's just a NSW thing, because I've been in a few across the state (never enough beds), and they all seem to have this no phones rule, though there is usually one that's like, sort of inpatient that doesn't. But those ones are usually either eating disorder ones, or mainly outpatient (no idea why they need beds in an outpatient facility, but they're there anyway.)

No. 189619

QLD here, they don't allow anything with cameras in kids, adolescent or adult

No. 189649

She slipped up there. "it hasn't hit me yet".


not "us".

No. 189657

>in Aus you're not even allowed anything with a functioning camera on the ward

thats def not the standard in Aus. some of my fave "hospital yippee lets take lots of selfies+videos" attention whores are from aus. esp at Hollywood clinic and 1 other, the name escapes me atm, Monash maybe?
The US actually seems to be the strictest when it comes to cameras/internet in psych units+residential facilities, its like the 1 thing we're doing right with mental health over here.

No. 189674

Well, as I said, I'm just talking about public wards, I doubt private ones are held to the same standards.

But yeah, any device with access to the internet or with a camera that works is contraband here. Cameras violate the other patients right to privacy as well as being possibly distressing to some, and a bit part of our psych wards is controlling your environment, so they can stabilise you and try to tell what's the outside world, and what's actually your illness. A phone with access to social media would just toss all that out the window. You could spend all your time looking at pro-suicide sites, or ones that obsess over mental illness.

It just seems really bizarre to me that there'd be any acute inpatient setting that wouldn't take them off you.

No. 189688

>bizarre that any acute inpatient setting that wouldn't take them

Maybe I'm a huge cynic, but perhaps the private facilities allow them because they are first and foremost, for profit businesses and the happier the patients are, the more likely they are to return. It's almost like letting them do things that inhibit a full recovery is good for business. Ok, I'm a cynic.

I wonder if any of those anon emails influenced the priorys decision to transfer her back to the NHS unit. bragging about getting high, and going to therapy high, while in an expensive private unit was really stupid.

No. 189820

Why would she keep posting using the same account when for all we know she got busted for it?

Also does anyone know her inevitable tumblr account?

No. 190056

Nah, that makes complete sense to me, it's what I figured it was too. People in private wards tend to not be as acute as in public ones as well from my understanding, they generally are for longer term treatment instead of just stabilising you and getting the bed free for the next person.

So it makes sense that they wouldn't take your stuff off you, because people could end up getting sick of that and just leaving, meaning they miss out on money.

I'd assume she was moved for that reason too though, yeah, it's fucking ridiculous to boast about that sort of shit in a unit known for treating those sorts of disorders. Plus, she does seem to be pretty obviously full of it, I'm surprised she wasn't just kicked out completely after that stuff.

No. 191583

File: 1478024983201.jpeg (330.64 KB, 750x1294, image.jpeg)

>so she's still claiming to have DID

Yup, and continuing to get assessments for it. She says it's the second opinion? But I feel like this assessing has been going on for years. She turns 22 tomorrow, anyone think she'll be out of hospital before she's 30?

No. 201603

So this is Cassie's new account
I'm surprised she is still inpatient/daypatient? with the NHS. Her posts are mostly about eating in NHS general canteens and a few trips out so it wouldn't seem odd to assume inpatient as you are NOT allowed phones or cameras there (unlike the priory from what we can assume)

No. 306426

nah it aint its mendingmyselves

No. 306432

Little late?

No. 306455

yeah, that said I only just found the thread. Followed Cassie for ages tho, total fake.

No. 306476

I'd get a kick out of reviving this thread for other DID fakers besides boring Cassie or shudder otherkin? Hesitant as always to summon any tumblrinas, though.

No. 306501

Please do, although cassie has been MAJOR dramawhore as of late.

No. 310420

I have a million favorite "otherkin" cows on Tumblr but I don't know if that belongs here, in its own thread, or if anyone is even interested?

No. 310479

Similar kinda fruitloop, I reckon put it here; I would totally happily read!

No. 310507

sounds too boring to make a whole thread about. if you've seen one, you've seen em' all.

No. 311087


I had an online friend, well more like acquaintance, like this once. They were multiple fictional characters and a "fairy" and a "mermaid" apparently.

Its nauseating how many people encourage this mentality. A lot of them don't have their own individuality and try to compensate by doing this. Sad.

No. 311117

And then they claim DID or some shit. I know a guy who assaulted a bloke for no real reason (he disrespected him or something) then, on several separate occasions attempted to rape different women. He claimed DID, pretty sure the police did nothing.

No. 311213

File: 1494613862753.jpg (93.36 KB, 966x568, agender elf.JPG)

You need a collection of wigs and ridiculous names to be an ig DID case

also helps if you have a lesbian/fakeboi alter.

This one (img) has a god and an elf.

No. 311289

Those creative and unique names

No. 311303

If I'm reading this correctly, Gretel claims that their only original traits include liking sleep, and disliking thunderstorms and bugs
are they a dog?

No. 312065

Does anyone remember wearyturtle, or know if they're still around anywhere?

No. 312321

File: 1494720549781.png (275.86 KB, 750x1117, IMG_8360.PNG)

Found this on Cassie's girlfriend's instagram - at the end she speaks about being involved in repressed memory retrieval. Yikes, that's a therapy red flag is it not? Incidentally, did Cassie ever get moved to the dissociation & trauma specialist ward? She seems to have toned down the act a bit on her main account. I don't know the @ for her "vent" account though, so I could be wrong about her being more chilled.

No. 312335

I am in the minecraft fandom (I know, I know) mostly just to send asks to budding artists who feel neglected or overshadowed. I like to be supportive. But I follow this person on tumblr who thinks they're actually a minecraft enderman, and I think their partner is a creeper? I don't know, I think he tags his as aidenmates on his blog though.


he's super entitled and whines about everything in his life, calls himself a spoonie, self diagnosed autistic, the works. He's obscure in the fandom now, but he used to be active back in 2012 which is when I followed. He's not your typical kawaii pinku pastel multiple system, just someone who feels really sorry for themselves without putting in effort to feel better + has some crazy beliefs

No. 312336


wrote this wrong whoops


No. 312342

She may just mean remembering them, not necessarily in recovered memory therapy. Im not even sure if recovered memory therapy is legal, but she might mean she "recovered" them without trying to. Cassie is not in the dissociation unit.

No. 312348

>a therapy red flag
it would be, yes.

No. 312521

How come Cassie didn't go?

No. 312530

I think she is still going, there's just a long wait. She posted last week about someone coming from the trauma centre to do an assessment with her

No. 312535

omfg this person has tooo much i coukd say about them and honestly belong in more than one thread here (munchausen, tumblarinas, scammers etc)
they have been self diagyever since i sent them an anon msg saying they reminded me of my autistic sister and obviously took that as a diagnosis.
ive followed them for years for fun and they have never changed and will never change being an entitled faker.

No. 312559

Scammers? Please elaborate, I'm very interested. I've always really disliked this person and thought they sucked but I never knew they scammed people too.

they got in a fight with another tumblr person who I asked what happened to and the poor guy showed me stuff that was said to him and told me how the system person treats their partner, it sounded awful. Apparently the guy even visited them multiple times in person and talked about how they would guilt him if he didn't want to visit every month. Something about how he has anxiety? Idk he seems genuine though, and isn't anwhere near as crazy as the multiple mentioned above. Decent guy, really mad about how batcat treated him. Apparently Batcat even posted a suicide letter and blamed the dude but I didn't see it/must have missed it? Haven't bothered to look for it

but yeah that's all the dirt i have unless anyone wants me to talk to the other guy again lol. You should let me know what you know anon, i'm curious

No. 312562

Yeah she's still going, there's just a long wait. Honestly people like her fuck me off, the NHS mental health system is so underfunded and overworked and people like her just stay in the system for asspats and attention. She also claimed to have "self harmed to a life-threatening extent" and that "resus were called" yet like a day after she was in the garden… like bitch nah. I would get caps but I unfollowed cause she fucked me off so will wait till she accepts request.

No. 312563

Which account are you following?

No. 312594

File: 1494763919257.jpg (72.07 KB, 923x442, oh ffs.JPG)

Same feels. I hate how she takes for granted she's going to be fed and cared for for free in a hospital and doesn't have to work. I hope the person who was assessing her saw through all the bullshit.

>the Dr is even going to work with my current team to help me in the meantime. the waiting list is 6-10 months at the moment but that can change. they are giving our current ward resources, information, things to help/get us started on and offering mentoring to people who work with me etc. (we shall see if that happens from this end though). so! things are finally getting somewhere. i feel very lucky and grateful right now. it's been a long wait for the right treatment (already been in the mental health system for about 8 years) but finally an opportunity is in sight. i really hope one day treatment is more accessible for DID. it is still so misunderstood even in the mental health system. - Cassie

I'm still following, but don't look at her account much because her face is disgusting and she's so full of shit.

Not that anon, but it's Cassie's new girlfriend's account in the screen shot https://www.instagram.com/shannonanitaa/ I remember looking at it when she first hooked up with Cassie and her profile read that she's on a "weight loss journey". Great. Wants to lose weight, goes out with an anorexic. She's a mental as well.

She said that she had flashbacks to a bad thing on May 1st. She's been doing witchy research. If she's going along with this SRA thing, she's looked into important days in the calendar and May 1st is Beltane/Walpurgis Night.

Imagine how much she's robbed from the NHS with all this crap.

No. 312599

Her therapist totally did not, she's just glad Cassie isn't throwing bitchfits because the nurses let her behave like a toddler for attention. Whatever happened to her dating Fi? I remember Cassie did an "I'm polyamorous" post but Fi never mentioned her… Also if she's been as badly abused as she claims there's NO WAY she'd be trusting enough to have a relationship, much less several a-la poly style…

No. 312600

Weeeell, fuck knows because the people she mentions here (being "poly") are the same person. This shit gets worse.>>312599

No. 312601

File: 1494765624562.jpg (112.96 KB, 924x596, bs.JPG)

Pic dropped

No. 312608

so she's dating 2 gals, cause shannon & Aoifa aren't the same person?? ALSO you DO NOT mention sexual trauma that casually, she's literally going "I have special identities and a special sexuality BUT I WAS RAPED AND YOU MUSN'T FORGET THAT AND YOU CAN'T QUESTION ME ABOUT IT BECAUSE I WAS RAPED AND QUESTIONING ME WILL TRIGGER ME!

No. 312613

Wow, I know Aiofe in RL and she has a bf. I wonder if he knows. Also, Aoife's the chubby chick in >>312594

No. 312638

From her instagram it sounds a lot like she's going to the hospital I was assessed at. The Dr she was assessed by will have seen straight through her facade.
I'm struggling to understand how she has been on an acute psych ward so long. I've never ever heard of anyone being in this long. Like why isn't she discharged to the crisis home team? Where is CMHT?
It's infuriating given the bed shortages etc and she's just living it up in there taking the piss.

No. 312651

File: 1494771753392.jpg (84.59 KB, 798x577, Capture.JPG)

I think one of the reasons she stays in hospital is because she's said she gets violent against her brother and implies her dad's one of her abusers. When she's given a flat, she does a suicide attempt and that'll get her put back in. Meanwhile a decent flat is left vacant while people are homeless and the DSS are paying her housing benefit.

She treats hospitals like a hostel. She's always out on trips then goes back when it's bedtime.

Beats me about the crisis home team though. It kind of proves she doesn't want to live independently. Soz for personal blog, but last Christmas I opted for the home team because fuck no for a hospital stay. She must come out with some major bullshit to get to stay in hospital. I hate how she brags that she's been given a years funding for this DID place.

Yeah, it's odd that someone who was abused so terribly, made pregnant at 12 and made to eat it is so casual about relationships. Here she doesn't look like struggles with intimacy https://www.instagram.com/p/BRwP1ZRjvh5/?taken-by=shannonanitaa

No. 312686

I know someone I was in hospital with stayed in for like ten years BUT she was way more extreme than Cassie with her self harm and shit. I hope he does see through her shit.

>>312651 Yeah, no way in hell. ALSO whats with her casual mention of drink spiking because IF she'd really been abused like she claimed she would have been drugged for RA stuff and wouldn't casually be mentioning it to make their date seem romantic or whatever! That's also the post where she claims the resus team were called and shit I think? My brother is a nurse, shit has to be REALLY severe for the resus team to be called. They weren't called.

No. 312931

almost all of these people are into BL or like to ship gay fictional anime characters. what the fuck is it with ~systems~ and anime?? is this was 21st century weebs are like now??

No. 312943


Oh my god, fuck this person. This is exactly the self-victimizing kind of crap that makes me hate the entire internet these days. Forgive my sperg rage, I genuinely hate these types.

No. 312944

Only mendingmyselves.

No. 313056

- makes up fake emergencies to pity ppl into donating money, like how they always are short on rent money and they say ot because of vet bills or roomate refusing to pay rent but it's actually for them to smoke weed and they always conveniently come up with the money even after no one bites then try another scam after a few weeks when people have forgotten
- was never homeless. chose to sleep on the library steps for punk points and said their parents kicked them out but it was actually cuz they wanted to leave cuz their parents kept suggesting they get a job
- says parents abusd them their whole life yet still continues to visit them and get money and other things from them when they want
- said their dad was a monster but now loves their dad on occasion and says heir mom is he monster when it was the opposite a few months before hand
- manipulates their partner with suicide threats daily
- abuses animals
- lied about many exes
- developed their 'did' after it became popular among their trans friends


No. 313105

File: 1494830094218.png (22.51 KB, 552x143, Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 6.33…)

'Are any of them dating each other'

this is some stupid shit

No. 313121


I didn't know the homeless thing was a choice omfg i thought they legit got kicked out. And yeah the dude I talked to said batcat really talked bad about everyone in their past, everyone was a bad guy except for batcat who is just an abused poor soul.

Abuses animals? Oh wow i'm gonna have to ask the guy who visited them about that too. I'll post a screencap of his response here if he says it's ok. I always thought batcat was a joke but a complete liar and abusive person is new to me.

No. 313125


They do it all of the time, it's so irritating. I followed for the lol-factor in 2012 but lately it's been really bad

No. 313147

File: 1494838082012.jpg (155.5 KB, 1072x456, email1.jpg)

he didn't say a lot abt the last two things but here's some relevant screens

No. 313148

File: 1494838100897.jpg (238.29 KB, 1038x466, email2.jpg)

No. 313149

File: 1494838130822.jpg (187.09 KB, 995x384, email3.jpg)

No. 313150

File: 1494838148225.jpg (170.68 KB, 1036x407, email4.jpg)

No. 313286

It's like they literally have a mental script for how they want other people to behave in every situation, and if anyone goes off-script..REEEEEEEEEE!!! But god forbid anyone have set expectations for their behavior, otherwise OPRESHUN.

No. 313390

File: 1494871194720.jpeg (86.93 KB, 643x820, 1466814161964.jpeg)

No. 313524


tl;dr is him basically confirming all points and talking about being manipulated plus some abuse examples

No. 313698

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, so please bear with me?
WHat are the reasons people think Cassie is faking DID? I understand the whole baby eating thing being false. I mean the way she talks about it. But the actual DID I'm a bit blurry on still.

No. 313704

She's had an internet presence without personal boundaries for years and years, but came out with DID out of the blue relatively recently, with the ridiculous stories, and at the same time it was becoming a diagnosis du jour among snowflakes. If you look further up in the thread, there's a lot more discussion about her, with more knowledgeable anons who took the time to dissect the way she presents herself.

No. 314186

Also check out http://if-we-were-to-tell-the-truth.tumblr.com/tagged/we+notme/ for plenty of info on why she's a massive faker.

No. 318497

It's spreading, Cassie's friend satsuma_fairy has DID now too.

No. 318778

Oh for fucks sake. Anyone noticed that Cassie is getting more and more able to do stuff, like go to the Borders, yet is still like ~I'm struggling so much u guizeee mah DID wah~ ?

No. 322838

I'm going to the same hospital and ward that Cassie says she's off to. Pisses me off that this malingerer is in the same damn wait list - and based on assessment dates - she's infront of me. She's already HAD years of inpatient and has blatantly taken the piss out of professionals. It's so damn difficult to get funding from the NHS for this type of treatment. The wait lists are so long too. This type of fuckery I see online makes me rage.
sage for blog/rant/no-one curr

No. 322962

Yeah she's taking a place form people who really need it and aren't malingering. She also implied she's not in hospital 5-6 days a week so she really doesn't need a bed there.

No. 323033

File: 1495916697048.jpg (21.12 KB, 316x181, fuck you.JPG)

She should be in a halfway house type of thing. There's one near where I live and it helps people who've been on the psych ward adjust to life or get help because they have problems with their condition.

Thing is with her though is that she gets a flat, paid for by housing, then fakes a spazz out so she gets put back in hospital. Then the flat's left vacant for months while there're people sleeping rough.

She's so fucking selfish it makes me rage too.

All she does with her free time is go to Costa, go to restaurants, go out with girlfriends, GO ON HOLIDAY, shed loads of social activity. It's sickening.

DID anon, I really hope something happens to make her slide down the waiting list a bit. I can't believe they fell for her shit.

She was at Wagamama's last night.

sage because I'm only saying what everyone knows, but I feel the rage.

No. 323100

Yeah, she's not that ill. If she can do all that stuff she can be a day patient or in a halfway house like you say. And yet after going out she's all "OMG I'm so dissociated guyssss I'm so sick and triggered by everything." Like, nah. Hopefully she's lying about the referral and will get discharged. Surely the nurses can see through her shit.

No. 323475

I don't have DID I have BPD. The Ward is for BPD/DID/PTSD. She's right when she refers to it as a "trauma ward" in a sense but it's not specifically for DID.
Hopefully they picked up on her bullshit in the assessment but who knows.
I think she's become institutionlalised and that's what she needs help with. Adjusting to the real world, not being transferred all over the UK to different hospitals so she can continue living out this fantasy life. Like, why not get supported housing? She'd have her own place but have access to professionals 24/7.

No. 323878

Ah okay, the way she talks about it I'd presumed it was for DID because she said she needs a super specialist ward (because she's suuuper sick) Oh yeah she's institutionalised for sure, surely the staff must have picked up on that?!

No. 323886

I was >>323033
There's a DID anon on the board and I thought it might be you. If you're there at the same time you'll have to observe her for us for research purposes.

My longest stay on psych ward was only 4 months and when I left I missed the "safeness", so deffo she's institutionalised. Saying that, if you want a real life you've got to get out of there. It's not that difficult to adjust (especially since she's out all the fucking time).

No. 324064

Its been ten years since my last admission to a psych ward and on bad days I still miss the "safeness' of hospital, so like you say institutionalisation is an issue. Although her ward really aught to have picked up on it.

No. 332198

This shit breaks my heart. I know these two as well, have met them in person more than once. I could tell from the surface that Wally was being abused, but I had NO idea how bad it was.

Aiden really does dominate every interaction. It is so hard to get a word in edgewise.

No. 333405

Any idea what their new tumblr url is? The batcatenderbat one is dead as a dead cow

No. 336370

File: 1497607340168.jpg (657.82 KB, 2044x1645, 01B15C1D-519F-4D45-97D9-5DDDAE…)

"""Adrian""" self harmed again

No. 336373

Well she does have to flip out every now and again so it doesn't look like she's using hospital as a hostel (which she is).

She didn't even have the mental energy to watch Netflix. Oh dear. That must be awful.

No. 336782

I bet you she'll be the garden tomorrow but mysteriously still on 1:1 (they don't let you out on 1:1) because she's sick you guizzze! I really hope this manipulative cow gets discharged not sent to the specialist ward because her DID is faker than Katy Price's tits in the mid 2000's

No. 337049

File: 1497717552989.jpg (887.11 KB, 2048x2048, 7DA56FF3-497A-47AB-A1AE-79038B…)

Right on, anon!

No. 337232

I know batcat's URL is dead. I don't know the new one but is anyone concerned for Wally? Two people say that they're being abused. Has anyone checked on them? Anyone know what their URL is?

No. 337295

wallys tumblr iss wigglewolf
and they are just as shitty as aiden in the fact that they abuse their animals to and beg for un needed donations. they put themself in this situation of living with aiden when they chose to leave home and live on the streets with him because they had never had any real friends or boyfriends before aiden and jumped at the opportunity to get attention from someone. they put up with aidens shit because they think they r too ugly and fat to find anyone better

No. 337336


Are they too fat and ugly to find anyone better?

No. 337447

Sage for OT, but I'm a mental health worker in a private hospital that treats children, adolescence, and adults and reading this "DID" creatures posts makes me so glad our patients cannot have electronics of any kind, especially cell phones.. Cause holy shit this bitch in entitled and borderline as fuck.

No. 337491

>>337049 If she was on 1:1 like she claims it would take days for her to regain the trust of nurses/privileges to go outside and she would not be allowed headphones with a cable, she'd have to remove her piercings and probably not be allowed a hoodie with toggles
.>>337447 she shouldn't be allowed electronics. Has anyone ever tipped the unit she's in about her online behavior? Tbh I wonder if she even saw a DID specialist. She's never shown us any referral letters or anything.

No. 337898

Personally I don't think so. They're not outstanding looking when it comes to beauty requirements but I think they look like a normal person

Sad to hear about batcat's blog being dead, I wonder if someone tipped him off

No. 337933

At least two different people told wally. aiden/remy's been whining about deleting for a while, so if he did hear about it, he may not be coming back.

No. 338434

Good riddance imo

No. 338457

She's so pretty
What makes such a pretty girl become such a retarded attention whore?

No. 338718

According to her, daddy touched her in the name of Satan.

No. 339032


They blurred out their latest selfie but I do like that red hair they've got going on. Their older selfies with blue hair are pretty cute too.

Do you think they're with Aiden because he's manipulating them into staying? If he guilts them with suicide like their friend said he wouldn't doubt Aiden doing, what else could Aiden be doing to them?

No. 339126

It's definitely possible, he gets mean when he gets mad and the people who are closer to him seem to get it even worse, but imo he probably is also actually suicidal. Whether he uses that as leverage, I'm guessing probably, but honestly, genuine pity is also probably involved. I remember him talking earlier this year about a vague "really deep wound" that he had to go to the ER to get sutured, so who knows. Seeing him acting pathetic, actually IN the hospital… I'm sure he must milk that. He posted a picture from the ER once and then deleted it, probably because nobody other than wally bit the bait.

It also almost seems like a symbiotic thing to me… wally keeps talking about feeling useless, and remy does demand a lot of help (except the mental help he desperately needs). Wally might choose to keep him around, in the apartment remy doesn't pay a penny for, to feel like he's helping someone, whether or not remy manipulates him on top of that.

No. 339544


What if Wally keeps saying he feels useless because Aiden makes them feel that way? Or tells them that to make them stay and try harder to help him? Aiden would be benefitting from someone that works a full time job to support two people plus whatever pets they have without lifting a finger.

Hol says that Aiden never helps out with the animals. Is it fair to also call Wally an "animal abuser" if the one, manipulative, mean boyfriend isn't helping with anything at all?

No. 341244

File: 1498422422474.png (572.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8556.PNG)

Koujaku - Host. He/Him pronouns. 17 (born February of 2000), ages with body, since it is his. Many kintypes, main kintype is Koujaku from DMMD. Also goes by the name Jace Blackblood.

Mizuki - Second main fronter. 17, ages with body. Birthday(game/anime canon): March 7th . He/Him pronouns.
Some kintypes. Is literally Mizuki from DMMD. Does not like being called a fictive.

Ross - First headmate in the system who actually introduced himself as a headmate. Protector. 28, ages with body, despite being older than the body. He/Him pronouns. Anthropomorphic maned wolf with a robotic arm.

Yazoo - Protector. Age uncertain. He/Him pronouns, fictive of Yazoo from Final Fantasy.

Scourge - He/Him pronouns. Fictive of Scourge from warriors. Takes on human, anthro, or full cat appearance.

Brooklyn - fictive of Brooklyn Masefield from Beyblade G-Revolution. Has a subsystem that consists of one member named Zeus, who is a humanized version of Brooklyn’s bit beast.

Leaks - fictive of Leaks from Lamento Beyond the Void. He/Him pronouns. Does not age. Protector.

Shui - fictive of Shui from Lamento Beyond the Void. He/Him pronouns. Does not age. Ghostkin

Firestar - fictive of Firestar from Warriors. Takes on human form most of the time. Age unknown. He/Him pronouns

Graystripe - fictive of Graystripe from Warriors. Takes on human form, age unknown. He/Him pronouns.

Firi - fictive of Firi from Lamento Beyond the Void. He/Him pronouns. Appears to be around his late teens. Does not age.

Miki - Ermine that is Mizuki’s allmate. She/Her pronouns. Takes on human/rhyme form 50% of the time. Ageless. Her brother is Dax.

Dax/Drei - Another Ermine that is also Mizuki’s allmate. He/Him pronouns. Takes human/rhyme form more often than not. His sister is Miki.

Valzor - Crow demon. Around 20 feet tall, ageless. He/Him or It/Its pronouns. Ageless.

The Mimicker(Mimic for short) - A dragon-like entity that shapeshifts. It/its pronouns. Ageless

Iblis - Anthro Red Dragon. He/Him pronouns. Goes by any name that is associated with demons/devils.

Morgan - Succubus/Demoness. She/Her. 1,000 years old, but appears around 21 in headspace. Purple hair and wings. Part of X and Z’s team.

Sei - DMMD fictive, He/Him pronouns. 17. Very shy, but usually approaches first anyways. Too kind.

X - Anthropomorphic tiger. Wears goggles, 23 years old. He/Him pronouns. Pilots high-tech space craft with Morgan and Z.

Z - Anthropomorphic cat demon, 19. He/Him pronouns. Part of X and Morgan’s team.

Soul - Kitsune, age unsure. Appears young. She/Her pronouns. Has human and anthro forms.

Ivan - Russian emo kid. 15. He/Him pronouns.

Lily - Anthropomorphic Dragon. Feminine non-binary. She/Her or They/Them pronouns.

Zira - Lion King fictive. She/Her pronouns.

Koujaku - @irl-koujakuu
Mizuki- @morphinemizukii
Leaks - @temple-of-s0ul
Shui - @the-singing-cat
Firi - @top-snek
Ross - @oceanman-ross

Mainblog: cantarellasystem.tumblr.com

No. 341372

File: 1498437272613.jpg (775.22 KB, 2048x2048, 8C7CCE3E-4A5C-41D1-9791-CF45E8…)

No. 341634


so some dumbass parents are taking their child who's playing pretend serious as a TEWTELLY YOUNEEK BEING. we're fucked.

i'm also curious about how a bunch of spergy middle-school kids can come up, distribute and consistently use this many complex-sounding terms for their online playing pretend bullshit.

No. 341647

In middle school I learned the entire Vulcan alphabet for ~nerd cred~. Never underestimate media's influence and the ability for it to normalize certain behaviors.
Sage for no contribution

No. 341818

File: 1498513484913.png (36.05 KB, 640x256, IMG_8636.PNG)

I refuse to believe this is not an elaborate troll

No. 341908

the more i read, the further away from the screen i found myself physically cringing. this is the lowest-tier weeaboo bullshit i've ever seen. i cant wait for this person to eventually be smacked out of this and have this legacy follow them forever, wew lad

No. 344468

File: 1498918144349.jpg (709.01 KB, 2048x2048, A2009EB4-716C-4F61-A347-6EB896…)

I really don't understand the whole "system littles are actual children!!1!"

No. 344474

what is the username of this person? I followed a girl awhile ago who looks JUST like this person, except without the piercing. but I haven't looked at her page in awhile so it's possible she got it afterwards. the acct I follow is "normal" she talks about an eating disorder and ~*anxiety uwu*~ and shit but doesn't mention any multiples or ddlg shit. if they're not the same person they look like twins, seriously. if they are the same person I'll find her other account that I follow and post screencaps

No. 344485

Fashionablegore.tumblr.com is their main blog
smolfruits.tumblr.com is their "little" blog

No. 345856

File: 1499136813190.png (176.99 KB, 1242x1379, IMG_2805.PNG)

I've been following this person for awhile. FTM but I think they go by they/them. their IG is a dramatic MESS - lots of drug abuse, mental issues, whining, etc. this is my first time learning they have multiple personalities. I find it hilarious and ridiculous that people are making fbs for their "multiples" and each one supposedly has a different "lover" too? seems like an excuse to be slutty and ~different~ imo.

@diiopside's main personality or whatever dates @instagrodyy ("Ezekiel") who is a heroin addict and also FTM. but @diiopside's alter Jack was dating @people.parts who apparently overdosed and died.


No. 345857

File: 1499136837866.png (639.42 KB, 1242x1828, IMG_2806.PNG)


No. 345858

File: 1499136872034.png (431.51 KB, 1240x2000, IMG_2807.PNG)


No. 345859

File: 1499136893015.png (171.58 KB, 1239x957, IMG_2808.PNG)


No. 345864

>Don't contact Steven
>It didn't happen (like that?)

No. 345869

I thought the same exact thing. they seem to be going a little too hard about the whole "DONT CONTACT STEVEN!!!!11" thing. seems a little fishy tbh

No. 346125

File: 1499181053007.png (3.02 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_2341.PNG)

I can't. ✌?Out.

No. 346351

omg i thought the same thing when I saw this on her story kek

no rachael/cassie/sam/whoever the heck youve decided to rp as for the day, your eyes look exactly the same as they always do

sage for ranting

No. 346650

Kek they look exactly the same. Also anyone notice "Rachael" has been posting an awful lot lately. Maybe she's going to try and phase out the DID because it's obviously completely fake and she's probably approaching discharge.

No. 346654

She thinks she's a fucking Blythe doll. I haven't checked her profile recently but should do. Isn't she on a waiting list for a special trauma hospital for her ~DID~

No. 346713


She claims she is but she could be lying, and when there's no referral say she was ~too complicated~ for them to take her. I hope they see through her bs and discharge her. Another post by "Rachael" today, I wonder if it's because she had to meet her girlfriend and by being anyone but herself her little DID charade game would be exposed.

No. 347515

File: 1499381774440.png (120.59 KB, 640x835, IMG_9667.PNG)

No. 347523

File: 1499382153864.jpg (77.6 KB, 1434x895, dragabond.JPG)

Legit I went to Highschool with this girl (she was in my math class) so I decided to check up on her…. I don't regret not contacting her after we graduated.

No. 347546

Of course a two year old would be aware of their lisps and deliberately type them in. All toddlers are literate and are aware of their bodies and personalities as seperate and distinct beings whose actions influence how others feel.

No. 347940

abysmal_amalgam there is the same guy as "Hol" in the emails from a few posts up. Absolute nutcase. If you ever hear from him more than once about who supposedly hurt him and why he's whining about it yet again out of nowhere, he'll have a completely new and different story to tell every time, even about people that it's part of his story that he hasn't spoken to in however long. For example he's been talking publicly on tumblr for years to that same person he was bitching about for five and a half pages, and almost right up until he deleted his blog, none of it actually lines up with what he's in those emails. In fact they both got a lot of questions about whether they were dating for a long time, if that tells you how much of a flip-flop this guy is.

My favorite part though. This "Kavas" headmate he refers to is supposed to be one of about a dozen parasitic aliens that, he's very specific about this, reproduce by laying eggs through their tongues into other headmates' stomachs. Two others of the same species he claims he invented include an abusive father/son duo that, if I remember right, he took amusement in drawing a lot of. He used to call most of these guys endermen OCs but now will rip into anyone who remembers, complete with the "All Original Characters Do Not Steal" kind of rage (because the autist thinks nobody other than himself has ever seen Alien). Reblogs the "it's not fun to have headmates/schizophrenia", which he also doesn't seem to know the difference between, and "serial killer fandoms are creepy" kind of stuff, while also viciously defending the murderers and incestuous rapists that he's so tortured to have to pretend he has in his head.

He recently deleted both his tumblrs but if anyone can get onto that private insta, its bio includes a warning for "negative eating disorder/depression. heads up for your wellbeing". I'm sure it's a goldmine.

No. 353791

Yeah, one of his "friends" gave it to me. It's @inobscuramanumittentis but in terms of lulz it's been pretty quiet so far.

Laughing though about his single text post being Zelda shipping. He literally made the friend in question cry once claiming her favourite 'ship in the game was toxic/abusive, and apparently now he's shipping that same character with someone who's a million times more unkind to them.

Honestly she relayed so much bullshit to me about Remy in the short time she knew him. I'm glad I never had to, she was this close to introducing us.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 354244


I know who you're talking about and I feel like your friend, Wendy, being so oversensitive that she'd actually cry about a video game ship is, 1, her own fault, not the fault of whoever might dare to have different opinions, and 2, infantile. Who the fuck CRIES over what other people ship? I knew she acted like a child but is your friend like, actually for real 12 years old? (No, she's not, she's like 19, and that's pathetic.) Plus if someone says she's shipping something abusive, I wouldn't be calling attention to her doing that and then pointing fingers at other people.

I do remember batcat getting into some discourse with "wendycorduroy" (now "sonansu") before he went dead, and looking at that and every other fight she's picked with someone, this Wendy person has always been extremely oversensitive about every topic they talk about (because they're super for real autistic guys so it's totally ok and you can't get upset about it or you're ~ableist~ and she'll send her personal horde after you) and will bail on an entire conversation as soon as she gets a little sad and/or she can't win the other person over to her opinion. She's stubborn, babyish, and narcissistic as hell. She also said in a public post around the same time that people who don't ship the Zelda ship she does "make her feel unsafe." Oh, and the reason for that is because she has said video game characters living in her head, and it makes them upset. For real.

>My friend's imaginary friend cried because someone shipped him with the wrong person. Therefore, this other, random, anonymous blog is a cruel and insane person.

Ok. Sure dude.
So if you really wanna talk about WendyCrybabyroy on this thread, let's.

No. 354288

its password protected

No. 354295

password is "fucker" and it's empty. the blog didn't exist and I like the url so I grabbed it.

No. 354806

Wait so if you're the guy Wendy was going to introduce to batcat, that makes you Ven right? The hardcore furry who believes he's Zelda, plus also whatever fursona shit, in a human man's body? Aiden/Remy/whatever was talking about meeting Wendy's crazy best friend before his tumblr died, and from the looks of it she really only has the one real friend.
So you and Wendy ship yourselves, AS Link and Zelda, and nobody else is allowed to see the FICTIONAL CHARACTERS in any other way or you both flip. Even ignoring how insane that is, you guys have always had a really, really bizarre dynamic to me, and a pretty sad one really. Hilarious to see you both post about though.
But knowing who you and your friend are, and having seen for myself how batshit insane you both are, it's also hilarious that you come here practically screaming both your names, and broadcasting your friend's insanity, on this thread of all places, to try and hurt some other crazy person. Two MONTHS after the guy has disappeared. Throwing your friend under the bus, for an old grudge about video game ships, against a dead cow… damn, dude. Your relationship with her always seemed super sketchy and unbalanced to me but that's some disturbingly underhanded shit for a "friend," that you're covering up with some serious pettiness. Especially with her talking all the time about all her haters and actual in person stalkers who are always waiting for more info about her.
Does she know you're posting about her here?

No. 355564

wait are you series?? the 2 year old types like that but can write actuallytraumatized??????? i kno tumblr has predictive tags but seriously, no 2 year old alter would actually write like this and then be able to remember all those tags

No. 363798


No 2 year old alter or otherwise should be able to write, interpret ideas like hashtags and trauma, period. Which is why anyone who is writing as an under 5 yr old, pronouncing perfectly their speech in baby talk, or going in depth about things should be taken as utter rubbish.

No. 366261

why would an alter feel the need to write out their name? people don't do that. these people couldnt be more obvious and retarded.

No. 368257

You bitches should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. As someone who's spent lots of time in psych wards I've seen this with severe trauma patients. Cassie's wording and behaviour is on par with trauma related dissocistion. It seems childish because the trauma happens at a young age when dissociation and externalising through fantasy helps keep the host safe from thinking it happened to them. They block it the fuck out. When adults experience trauma it leads more to ptsd because they know it's real. DID is in many ways a psychotic illness filled with delusion which is why many are diagnosed as such. Trauma is also known to be associated with schizophrenia. A person with 2 or more alters is almost always the result of severe sadistic abuse over a long period of time in childhood. Eating disorders are common in DID patients especially during puberty years, as well as self harm. I myself did not realise my own sexual abuse til I was in my mid twenties and it resulted in a severe psychotic episode where I spilt into 3 personas that were very hazy. I can only recall flashes of time. I was batshit crazy and apparently started talking like a 2 year old. My life was carefully compartmentalized up until then and I appeared normal until it gradually dawned on me over time that it did happen to this body and I had deeply repressed it. The more real it got, the more I split. I also learned in hospital that physical and sexual abuse happens to people from "normal middle classed families". It's rampant. Parents with jobs like CEOs, lawyers, even doctors. They look normal on the outside but fucked up shit happens behind closed doors.

DID alters often do leave there names in notebooks etc when they are "out". In fact they use it as a way to communicate and know what's been going on while they've lost time. You armchair psychologists don't have a fucking clue and I'm glad you don't in a way because this level of abuse splinters the mind into fragments that often can't be put back together. Integration is the aim of DID therapy but it can be very hard to achieve. This is what Cassie's reality is and she's allowed to share it online if she wants. There's no shame on being an abuse victim or being severely mentally ill. It's who she is. Not having to hide it is cathartic.

Also FYI not all facilities take your phone/internet away. The main rule is to not post pics or info of other patients due to their right to anonymity however posting ones own experience is up to the individual. Also people on 1:1 can go outside, I've seen it many times. The nurses just go with them.

Don't judge what you do not know.

No apologies for blog post. A lot of you need an education. Sources include actual doctors I know plus treating psychiatrists. She's not faking. Mental wards suck, no one wants to be there. They stay for a long time when they are at high risk over a long period of time. It's like having dementia. Don't see anyone having a go at old people for being in a facility long term because they have lost their minds beyond repair.

You people are sad, I suggest enjoying your time as a free person instead of hating on seriously broken people who have been violated in some of the most unspeakable ways.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 368260

File: 1502116104622.jpg (10.72 KB, 308x164, mkmkmk.jpg)

No. 368279

File: 1502117413420.gif (662.09 KB, 300x169, lol.gif)

anon please go back to larping on tumblr

No. 368290

some of this bullshit would get you a ton of notes in the traumaslut community on tumblr, anon. bravo. you've really shown us the light.

No. 368308

Try being raped and tortured as a young child and then come talk to me you sanctimonious cunt. Y'all just self righteous vile detritus. Scum of the earth. Such a desperate sense of entitlement from you snot nosed fuckers. Go outside, be thankful you're not Cass and then re evaluate your life…

No. 368314

I was raped as a child, too. I just didn't gain this trendy, highly divisive illness from it, or make it the entire theme of my Tumblr blog. It just made me a big meanie to you extra-special CSA victims that happen to act like toddlers sometimes! Oh no! Actually dealing with my issues makes me a sanctimonious cunt, who knew.
You'd do good to get off Tumblr for a day and remember that the world doesn't pander to CSA victims.

No. 368318

Want fries with that aborted fetus?

Go away. This site isn't for you. Friends of the snowflakes who come here to WK aren't tolerated. Thanks.

No. 368320

Then I'd expect you'd have a bit of compassion for someone struggling with that…but no, your attitude is the very definition of the word "sanctimonious". Trauma can trigger some very fucked up psychotic illnesses. Be thankful you didn't get one instead of being a massive shit to those who weren't as lucky. This is a human being who's deeply troubled, suicidal and you're acting holier than thou spouting bout how people should just get over it. Doesn't always work like that sunshine. You're putting the girl at risk down grading HER experience

No. 368322

You are a truely disgusting person devoid of any empathy. Seriously you guys are the sad fucks.

No. 368323

she puts everything out there, she's gonna get negativity. if she were really so fragile she'd realize how dangerous this is for her, but she's not, she's just pissed off.

No. 368337

The nature of psychotic illnesses are that people don't have insight into the fact that their reality is warped and that it might not be the best idea to say/do certain things publicly to a large audience. That's exactly my point in saying this thread about her is not right. You're all just potentially making it worse for her if she reads this. Have you seen how hacked up her arms are? The fact that she's suicidal? And you're all here just laughing at her and insulting her state of mind. Solid gold people you lot are…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 368358

There're hundreds of suicidal people. I'm deeply troubled. Deeply troubled that this pathetic cow is wasting taxpayers money and hogging a bed that's needed by someone with genuine illnesses andteeats a hospital like q hostel. Troubled my ass.

Nobody gives a flying one about her here any more. She was flavour of the month over a year ago on some other thread detailing her ridiculousness. Why are you talking about her ridiculousness. Seriously, fuck off with your personal blog and (((hugs))) for whoever she's pretending to be today.

No. 368366

I'm not going to be a cunt to you as I see no point in that. Just going to say that what you posted…this really isn't the place.

No. 374821

is still on the internet harrassinf people with their unwanted walls of txt on instagram
their user name was remdemon for a brief moment until user joanaskullen made a about them and they disappeared again before i could get anything. but it seems no mentions of their 'alters' since being called out here, along wih their partner wendys alters have majikly never been mentiond since

No. 375493

show proof. remdemon's IG is still up and hasn't been doing much of interest afaik.
and who the hell is rachel?

No. 375499

File: 1503176718403.png (384.83 KB, 838x614, joanna1.png)

Joanna's post about him starts with "this is not a hanging," and the two of them kept talking, not yelling, in the comments after she screenshotted. All of it is still up for absolutely anyone to read on the correctly spelled account name joannaskullena, where you can find remdemon's very much still up account.
If his account disappeared to just you, you probably got blocked for being a desperate cunt or something.
The "not a hanging": https://www.instagram.com/p/BX7Zs7HAhHw
The original post with their reply: https://www.instagram.com/p/BX5g14yAqhX/

No. 376018

eh I have a 4 year old alter who can type pretty okay, but she's been 4 for decades, so I guess she's not really 4, she just is stuck at that age

No. 386098

Looks like "cassie"has given up the DID charade - mass deleting on her IG and near constant signing as Rachael. one of y'all called it.

No. 391167

I doubt it. She just isn't using the public IG and is probably still parading around the unit as "Anna" or "Eva" or whoever the newest alter is. I do wish she'd keep the IG up though, it's incredibly fun to watch.

No. 434477

There should be a wikia to explain this crap(necromancy)

No. 497505

How many of y'all actually have DID/OSDD though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 497508

i have a formal diagnosis. from the uk too, not america where you can “doctor shop” until they give you a diagnosis you like. it’s nothing like this lol. this alter stuff is just cringey online roleplay

No. 789522

File: 1553380249569.jpeg (601.3 KB, 750x1220, C529E427-E9E7-4C6F-9F2E-52386D…)

Update since this hasn’t been active; so now Cassie goes by Casper and is non-binary and says they no longer have did because they misdiagnosed themselves.
They’ve abandoned all other accounts that had popularity due to backlash. But they do have a WHOLE bunch of other mental ailments and disorders so apparently that makes up for it all

No. 789620


>using "their" pronouns


No. 789644


What happened to her being satanically ritually abused and forced to eat her own fetus? Did her ~alters~ disappear in a puff of smoke? Is she still being a big ol' snowflake and too scared to live in her own flat?

Calling her "they" is tumblr millennial bullshit. It's a she. What a stupid fucking fad pronouns is.

No. 799339

File: 1555859543632.jpeg (695.93 KB, 750x1112, 52B50BE5-DB2E-40B9-90F6-36E06D…)

Casper is now posting more since their thread has been updated. It went from silence to regular posting.
They also seemed to stop posting when the thread went dead.
They also took down their Instagram highlights talking about the personality disorder.

No. 799401

don't feed the genderspecials anon(Derailing)

No. 902082

File: 1575562662490.png (1.25 MB, 1065x1660, Screenshot_20191205-160944~2.p…)

Sorry to necro the thread but I used to follow this mess a few years ago, and apparently Casper is 7 miles away from me and looking for "queer buddies" on tinder. Should have grabbed the full profile before I swiped left.

No. 902139

Go find them again and ask what hairdye they use, that color looks great.

No. 902144

I still follow her. She's a fucking annoying mess lol.

I missed where she suddenly became a non DID person. All I saw was her scrapping her fake alters and being all ~queer~

No. 902145

File: 1575574843393.jpg (28.93 KB, 321x223, hairs.JPG)

No. 902185

>>902144 she's STILL in hospital, although she seems to get leave constantly

No. 916055

File: 1578690407350.jpg (505.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200110-210205_Ins…)

Possible milk? This might be for a deposit and first months rent for a place? I cant really think of why else she would need that much money asap.(necro)

No. 916117

File: 1578699166879.jpg (482.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200110-233153_Ins…)

No. 916409

File: 1578757340755.jpg (532.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200111-144201_Ins…)

No. 916410

File: 1578757475074.jpg (477.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200111-154026_Ins…)

No. 916412

File: 1578757585615.jpg (606.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200111-154047_Ins…)

No. 920123

anyone know what happened to remdemon/aiden/rachel and wigglewolf? neither have updated social media since june 2018 which is odd since they were both attention whores

No. 922198

>>916412 cassie/casper came to the conclusion they dont have DID when their inpatient psychiatrist or therapist said it's "something similar" but not DID or OSDD-1.

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