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File: 1607736345480.png (2.75 MB, 1493x744, the season to be jolly.png)

No. 1105462

Last thread a new cow was welcomed into the herd by the name of hannfightsthis. We can't figure out what exactly she's fighting because, despite being very much a healthy weight, she claims to have a hospital bed with her name written on it. We will follow her journey to recovery, watching her stuffing copious amounts of junk food down her throat.

Speaking of which, Georgie is currently IP having her sooper serious depreshun zapped away. She desperately wanted a tube, so larped violent purging and gave herself adramatic mallory weiss. She'll begrudgingly spend Xmas at home, before admitting herself to EDU in the New Year.

Ganer is overjoyed the lockdown is over and is back in paradise at the gym (until January's lockdown).

N2f is still being disgusting with sardines and grime, but we have a very special event in progress where two farmers from different lands are doing a Bake Off using n2f's recipes!

bored_with_ana is all confused about her length of time as a severe anorexic but showed us her recovery spoon with the words "Boobs Brains Babies Bum" engraved on it. To gain these things are her goals. Gl with that!

Dharma is poor as a church mouse and asking you donate to her gofundmepage. Her abusive parents (who shower her with expensive gifts and love) are toxic to live with and after her gym membership and protein powder bill, she can barely afford the rent on her waitressing wage.

Solostinmymind may or may not have passed away.

Shay is jubilant about getting ECT and jumps on her bed in a tiktok video.

Smorven scratched the f out of her face and apparently tried to be an hero.

Lego head Sharni has spoken about doing something "awful" on the ward and will likely be prosecuted. She almost died after trying to hang herself. Apparently.

Other potential cows dipped in the thread. We touched on Jenn/Dorian Bridges' proana videos, Australian healthcare system and the effects of starvation research.

If you'd like to donate to a cow's gofundme or buy a plushie from their wishlist, you're likely to find them spamming their link on their pages:


If I've missed anything, post it below or forever hold your peace.

No. 1105463

Previous thread:

No. 1105464

It measures volume, as in the amount of space the gas or liquid occupies.

No. 1105473

Ugh thanks for the N2F creations in the header image. I am now anorexic.

No. 1105477

If it has the same effect on Georgie and Hannah then we've given them their dream Christmas present!

I hope n2f is cooking the festive meal for her family this year.

No. 1105478

File: 1607737685615.png (18.88 KB, 498x256, E-89000.png)

No. 1105481

I still don't get it, but thanks anon.

No. 1105488

File: 1607738180895.jpg (34.64 KB, 645x400, p.jpg)

I'm dubious about the info about net worth. They claim asmr darling Maria Gentlewhispering is worth $1.6 million. I can't see that tbh, even though she's popular. Maybe yt is legit Elzani's work now. Eek.

Scrolling through the last thread I noticed the video of the noisy eater who filmed her binges has been banhammered:
>This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.

Idk if yt are finally cracking down on ED content (other than recovery) or if her gross open mouthed smacking is the violation.

Physics/science dumbo here. Just tell yourself it is because it is. I googled for an explanation and it threw up img. Just smile and nod…

No. 1105628

Medical Oxygen is supplied and stored as a liquid at very low temperatures in 02 tanks. It is converted to Medical Oxygen at normal temperatures. In hospitals, the converted Medical Oxygen is supplied via a medical gas pipeline system at room temp or just a bit colder.
The pressure inside the tank also help sort out how much is left in the tank. Full tanks are heavy AF

No. 1105665

Water takes up space, eg a bottle. That space is measured in litres. 1L = 1dm³. Gas also takes up space. So take a 1L water bottle. The water in there takes up 1L of space. When you drink the water, the space left over is taken up by air. If you close the bottle, the bottle now contains ± 1L of air.

No. 1105683

File: 1607767779200.png (3.86 MB, 750x1334, B319B279-84BD-4E0A-9C7F-8C1196…)

there is never too much kek

No. 1105684


FFS, is the milk that dry that we have resorted to sperging about the fucking volume of gas?!
i'd rather look at a photo of Porgie's hairy butthole than read another "im a medfag's" posts… no1curr about how ~smart~ you are.

No. 1105687

she's been listening to "too much is never enough" by florence and the machine kek

No. 1105694

I find medfag anon's contributions interesting, even though they're too ~smart~ for you to read easily kek. Their post was relevant to some cow's fake suicide attempt and medfag anon called them out in an informative way.
You're the one sperging. Instead of being a crybaby why don't you find some milk to post?

No. 1105699

File: 1607772590799.jpeg (185.24 KB, 738x881, 188C4E28-F6A6-43E4-9D50-B967D1…)

Has Sophie shopped her arm in this photo? It’s twice the width of her thigh?

No. 1105702

And her legs are different sizes

No. 1105708

Why is she dressed like a 5 y/o?

No. 1105719

File: 1607778880709.png (3.72 MB, 750x1334, 66C316CB-5768-4ED4-ABC7-8B58F9…)

Not what I wanted exploding from my screen this morning.

No. 1105721

Is she that light blomde naturally? Her roots are so light (or her hair is thin….)

No. 1105722

Because anachans are in a constant state of arrested development

No. 1105732

she's dressed fine. some cows actually infantalize themselves, sophie isnt one of them

No. 1105733

We all know she has no choice but to buy clothes from Zara's child department like Laura does.

I wonder what she does all day. Isn't doing A levels, doesn't have a job.

Hardcore rar!

No. 1105742

File: 1607781710921.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 463.29 KB, 750x1085, 23EBA34E-49D5-4725-97A5-BA6BE5…)

She has natural mousy blonde hair, obvs darker dye makes her roots look lighter. She recently passed comment about her super healthy, thick hair. I beg to differ…

Picrel, spoilered cause frightening. From >>1090861

No. 1105762

File: 1607786783486.png (1.19 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201212-152613.png)

She's pretending she just did a scary eat.

No. 1105764

… guessing it was a vegetable.

No. 1105765

> food literally can't hurt you!

tell that to type 2 diabetics. this trend of telling girls with a healthy weight that weight GAIN is NEEDED is weird and ott.

No. 1105771


Also future clogged arteries. Has she ever eaten something actually nutritious? Isn't that the point of food? "Fun" food in moderation, but not as an entire diet.

No. 1105820


I take issue with this too. I know it’s some anachan mantra to convince yourself the food isn’t gonna kill you, but when you’re already a normal weight and all you eat is junk and packaged stuff full of sugar and salt, well…yeah. It’s dumb.

No. 1105846

File: 1607800206130.jpg (648.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201211-175529_Ins…)

She always looks so uncomfortable in her eating videos


No. 1105849

She looks dirty as hell and totally dead behind the eyes.

No. 1105854

Aw I would’ve made a thread pic but I haven’t been keeping up with this thread recently. I would have photoshopped Georgia as Santa and everyone else a reindeer or elf or something

No. 1105857

File: 1607801182795.jpg (2.24 MB, 2560x2283, 20-12-13-05-23-21-638_deco.jpg)

We got a live one boys!

Since we now know she definitely works here, hi! The ideas you perpetuate about ~recovery~ are dangerous and disingenuous, acting like you're oh so scared and then taking a bite only for it to be the best thing ever immediately is so obviously fake and yes, there is such thing as too much food. Would you tell someone with bulimia or binge eating disorder that there's no such thing as too much food when there have been cases of stomachs rupturing from binging?

Anyway, whose money is on our favourite Porgie cow tipping?

No. 1105859

Sorry for samefag but **lurks here, not works

No. 1105861

It was definitely porgie. Smug, moon-faced ana larpers gotta stick together, after all.

No. 1105862

There's always next thread, anon!

No. 1105866

File: 1607801562848.jpg (259.56 KB, 1079x1601, 20201212_133211.jpg)

Hanbutterfly getting ready to send over the white knights

No. 1105870

She does NOT look well at all.

Yeah, I don't have photoshop so had to quickly put that shite thing together. I was hoping for a Christmas pic by an anon, but feel free to post your artwork. I'd appreciate it for sure. Probably print it out for my diary lol.

It's lolcow, hannah. We don't like your post, we post you here because you're toxic. PS you look 40 in that pic.

and your fried split ends need trimming. Keep scoffing down that shortbread, warrior.

No. 1105871

Imagine being flattered at being called out for being a chubby lying cow with no interests or real life friends.

No. 1105875

Well done, you made it to a website that catalogues internet retards for fun.

No. 1105877

why do I get this weird feeling that hannah self-posts here? does anybody even care about her? she's just so boring

No. 1105880

File: 1607802983389.png (3.85 MB, 828x1792, 1C4DF919-AFB1-4642-AA93-A35640…)

….the ebegging paid off then

No. 1105881

Congrats Han because now you’ve let a bunch of other recovery warriors know that they’re being talked about on here too. So kind of you!

No. 1105882

That lanugo moustache is appearing again

No. 1105883

Like porgie, she probably views being posted here as some sort of badge of legitimacy. Famous enough to be talked about. Any attention is good attention. Probably got off on having her name posted in the same thread as actual anorexics like ganer and elzani. Shoot for the moon, molly 2!

No. 1105884

You guys are just horrible leave her and others alone if you think it's fine to make fun of someone you need help!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1105886

such huge peopleofwalmart energy

No. 1105887

Ngl, I’m digging her hair here though

No. 1105888


>Any attention is good attention.

#1 cow priority

Piss off, fatty.

No. 1105889

We've got a live one!

No. 1105890

Ahah ur funny wise up I'm not letting u call me fat relapse you clearly have no idea

No. 1105891

I'm totally calling you fat.

No. 1105892

Okay I'll tell my therapist you said that you cant even see my body so wise up

No. 1105893

Begone fangirl. Go back to your hug box.

No. 1105894

It's called sticking up for people now good bye I dont have time for your shit

No. 1105895

No matter your weight you will always have that fat girl energy and writing style luv

No. 1105896

And it begins.

Please have a critical mind rather than guzzling the uwu recovery inspiration bullshit people like Hannah shove down your gullet. It illegitimizes actual eating disorders and makes them seem like a joke.

No. 1105897

Go cry to your therapist then. We don't care

No. 1105898

File: 1607803722229.jpg (41.75 KB, 341x512, unnamed.jpg)

No. 1105900

In fairness, you do look drastically unwell. Please take a rest. No food is bad food!

No. 1105901

sage for being a dumbass but why does this cow have a green anonymous when all the rest are blue?

No. 1105903

Well said anon.

Imagine just not putting all this shit on the internet. Imagine that!

It starts with you, then we laugh. Simple as that.

No. 1105904

Because they don't know how to sage. Nothing in the email field = green

No. 1105905

Because they posted unsaged.

No. 1105906

This sounds like n2f/Alicia.

No. 1105907

The green anonymous means it's a fat person posting.

No. 1105910

Trying to pull your clothes and stretch them forward so they look baggy against your (normal) body while pretending to make a grossed out face and chew a regular snack slowly is totes how you overcome your non-existent anowexia!


No. 1105914

thread creator anon you forgot to put dharma’s gym rat account in the links so we can donate to her gofundme and help her afford more zero calorie noodles to feed her roommates child

No. 1105921


No. 1105922

She hasn’t posted in a week. Probably too embarrassed to admit that she’s already scurried back to her ~*~aboosive~*~ mum and dad.

No. 1105923


bored_with_ana needs plushies more (wishlist in her bio).

No. 1105924

I miss Molly, at least she was cute. Molly 2 looks like a perpetually greasy, shiny rat.

No. 1105925

Honestly same. I miss bingo and Molmum and Hilarious Jamie. Molly 2 has none of that.

No. 1105926

File: 1607805675667.jpg (134.3 KB, 968x812, lol.JPG)

She's doing THIS? What a turnaround.

No. 1105941

same, plus Molly seemed wise enough to not interact with the anons, greaseball had to show that not only she's a pathetic larper that has no interesting qualities about her to grab people's attention, but she also has a huge stank-ass attitude

No. 1105944

hannah please explain to us why you're at a normal weight despite restricting "for years"

No. 1105953

Seriously leave her alone it's her life none of your business(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1105954

Thanks anon, I think I get it now.

No. 1105955

Then maybe she shouldn't broadcast her life so publicly.

No. 1105956

File: 1607808647050.jpeg (7.74 KB, 217x233, images.jpeg)

No. 1105957

if it's no one's business then it shouldn't be on the internet, full stop. Anything anyone posts is fully open to any kind of criticism. Grow up.

No. 1105959

Han, you don't need to gain weight if you're not underweight and don't have a restrictive ED. We know you lurk here. The cure for BED is weight loss and self-control. The cure for Bulimia is to stop purging and learn self-control so you stop bingeing. You are not Anorexic. You don't need to gain weight, kek. You're almost as "famished" as ol' Porgie.

No. 1105961

We do leave her alone dumbfuck. No one makes her come here and read what's posted.

No. 1105963

I know hannah over instagram and i can tell you she is an amazing person, so kind sweet and caring who is recovering physically and mentally from this illness. What you clearly cant get into your thick skulled tiny brains is that eating disorders are mental illnesses and you cannot always tell what is going on physically inside someones body.
and if you actually properly educated yurself, and choose recovery, youd learn that there is no such thing as junk food, or health and unhealthy. just items that have higher and lower quanitites of nutirtion and pleasure. But i dont think you will ever have the capacity to understand that.

No. 1105967

Whatever you say, Victoria

No. 1105974

>eating disorders are mental illnesses and you cannot always tell what is going on physically inside someones body
when it comes to anorexia you can. if hannah was starving herself as she claims she would be underweight yet she's not

No. 1105977

To add, if she claimed to be weight restored she wouldn't be as milky; but she claims not to have had rice/chocolate etc for years and to be so weak she can't wash herself, which clearly isn't true.

No. 1105979

huh okay, tell me why then i have had BED, Bulimia and anorexia, yet it took 2 years for me to become underweight. Yet yes, i have been inpatient multiple times, and still even though i am a healthy weight (and clearly have a much better life than you guys) have not comepletely pushed through the restrictive mindset. If you genuinely were suffering from anorexia or and eating disorder, youd know its a mental illness. It takes longer for mental restriction to ease even when you nourish yourself.

Dude, i had a relapse a few months back when i was still a healthy weight. I starved myself for a month, yes lost some weight, but not much noticeable, but my bloods and physical symptoms were awful. Everybodies body reacts differently.

No. 1105982

>there is no such thing as junk food, or "health" and unhealthy
Yes. So smart. So educated. Such knowledge.

No. 1105983

File: 1607810410270.jpg (208.51 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20201212-155953_Ins…)

This you? Kek

No. 1105985

Oh honey.. There is such things as junk food and unhealthy food.. The junk feels so goood because it's been made in a lab. They want you to get addicted to it. It is not healthy. Stop eating yourself to the grave.

No. 1105987

also, you dont have to be physically underweight or ill to have anorexia.

educate yourselves

and no? my name is spelt Vickie. and i have a nickname for my account.

No. 1105989

Sure Victoria

No. 1105990

File: 1607810587363.png (149.94 KB, 738x728, Screenshot 2020-12-12 at 22.03…)

the nhs disagrees with you

No. 1105992

File: 1607810784044.png (111.47 KB, 283x485, Screenshot 2020-12-12 at 4.05.…)


No. 1105993

what i dont get is your problem with people. thats why im here. because if you dont agree with hannah, you dont have to. just leave her be and stop slagging her off.

ever heard of Atypical Anorexia?

and also, hannah does have some of the signs listed there.

what is your aim from slagging people off? i just dont understand it and i want to know why. thats t basically

No. 1105996

well id like it you respect my privacy? ill make my account private on insta, i dont care f you slag me off thats all people do anyway to me so im used it it :D

No. 1105998

You have BED, bulimia and anorexia? Not all at once you don't keep
And yes AN is the only one with a weightish criteria. DSM-V disagrees with you

No. 1105999

I just love how dumb you are

No. 1106000

So she has atypical anorexia, not anorexia? Why can't you analarpers just admit that you binge and have ednos or something and quit claiming you have anorexia when you restrict for half a day once in a while

No. 1106001

have had… it says have had.
currently coming out of a bulimia relapse, and getting my life back.

ooohhh that burns, might need some ice for that. im going to cry my eyes out now, because thats the worst comment i have ever had

No. 1106003

im not afraid to admit that i have ednos. ill be honest about that. i just have messed up eating habits. non specific anymore. been thru a period of b/p recently but coming out of that. probs be restrictive or avoidant soon, who knows.

No. 1106005

No one cares, Victoria.

No. 1106006

no one cares

No. 1106010

oh no did we cause you to relapse because you want to prove to us how anorexic you are?

No. 1106011

haha i gathered.not the first time ive heard that and not the last.

im wasting my time with you lot. you will all probs die from your ED's or whatever. but again, same to you.

no-one cares.
because im a no-one and i dont care

No. 1106015

lmao, no, im not relapsing. i have my life back, and im finally living. im happy and i dont care what you say about me.

have fun wasting your lives.

im actually here now because this is entertaining

No. 1106016

What a way to recover. Planning to restrict instead of FIGHTING the EVIL ana!

No. 1106020

lol im not planning to restrict. thats just how i usually fall into weird patterns.

im watching out for it so i can avoid it.

No. 1106021

funny how you are all anonymous

No. 1106022

You outed yourself because you're dumb..

No. 1106025

ooohhhh burn…. hot hot hot… hurts so much agghhhhhhhh

i just got called dumb, better phone samaritans pmsl

No. 1106027

im sorry this convo is so dead now, im really fucking bored tbh. well it was nice to meet y'all.

good luck reaching your goals of being buried 6ft underground after wasting your whole life.

No. 1106028

I'm not trying to hurt your feefees dummy I'm just enjoying this shitshow.

No. 1106029

Sure Vickie

No. 1106037

it’s ok she says she’s gone thank fuck. so boring what a waste of posts on the thread. just waiting for the pasture notice

No. 1106039

You guys are insinuating that this girl is 17 but still discoursing with her…. yall….(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1106042

No. 1106043

not surprising when yall act like your 5 lol.

actually i was just messaging friends, ive been here the whole time

No. 1106044

Normies just finding out about the chans/farms will never cease to make me chuckle.

No. 1106049

you immaturity makes me laugh

No. 1106051

Laugh/LARP away, no1curr

No. 1106052


No. 1106053

oh i will… i will…

No. 1106054

Waiting on that ban, farmhands. Let’s get rid of this wannabe bone rattling child pest.

No. 1106055

> has a better life than us
films multiple videos of herself shovelling rice in her gob whilst having simultaneously "crying" and having an orgasm over it… Yea I think i'll take my life thanks hon. X

No. 1106056

if i wanted to be bone rattling, you would have ella worse from me. shame your banning me, i was having a good laugh at y'all

No. 1106057

File: 1607812832910.gif (230.18 KB, 400x175, elderchan.gif)

side note and definitely not relevant. I wish teenagers would stop diagnosing themselves with EUPD. Don't most medical professionals hesitate to diagnose before 18 because the symptoms are kinda common in teens but tend to resolve in adulthood? I'm guessing she's self-diagnosing because the NHS does not like to diagnose mh conditions.

Also why do they put their 'diagnoses' on instagram like a badge of honour? What's so great about conduct disorder (if that's what C-D is?) Am I too old?

No. 1106058

Oh come on rattle away while you still can

No. 1106061

dude i am diagnosed with EUPD. theyve been hesitating for the past few years, just waiting. i got my diagnosis literally 2 weeks back.
and its not a badge of honour, its so that other accounts who have similar difficulties can connect. and no its a connection disorder.

No. 1106063

You’re bang on. BPDfag here.

No. 1106065


Go to bed Victoria. People here aren't going to stop posting, and you're only going to get yourself in a fuss.

No. 1106068

lol, ill keep coming back for fun.

and nah mate, what you gonna do? make me?

No. 1106070

I await for the day we can add little Vickie on the list of cows

No. 1106071

go ahead, ive already told you im prepared

No. 1106072


Oh to be a seventeen year old keyboard warrior again.

The farmhands will ban you, but at this rate when you're old enough you'll be commented about on this board. And good grief, stop saying y'all, you're not American.

No. 1106074

You got the internet police dialed already?

No. 1106075

Cool story bro

No. 1106076

Isn't the age limit 16?

No. 1106077

well tbh, i do have a relative who does work for the cops… but im not that petty

No. 1106078

oh shit guise, she knows the COPS!

No. 1106079

oh shit, your another anon hiding behind a unknown identity(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1106080

File: 1607813639495.jpeg (430.05 KB, 750x1028, C2BE4E7C-896F-4ABD-A977-B2A520…)

It is. From her account. No bulimia mentioned.

No. 1106081

File: 1607813642276.jpg (44.4 KB, 455x300, Good_Luck_I_m_Behind_7_Proxies…)

No. 1106082

> Hiding behind anonymity
Go back to twitter, retard.

No. 1106083

And you're hiding behind a private account now

No. 1106084

This is why Britain has turned to shit. Shit parents raising kids like Vicky. Bet she never worked a day in her life either.

No. 1106085

yeah thats my anorexia story as thats what i started my account for? at the time i wasnt struggling with bulimia. and i dont post everything about me or my recovery on there.

No. 1106088

Nobody cares about your~anorexia story~ on Instagram.

No. 1106089

File: 1607813837266.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, B51FEDC7-90C9-4C81-94CF-29D890…)

Just thought you might all like a treat. I haven’t spoilered in the hope that it might scare off Lil Vickie.

No. 1106091

> you dont have to be physically underweight or ill to have anorexia
Yes you do. If you have all the other symtpoms of anorexia but you're not underweight, you have "atypical anorexia", which is a subtype of OSFED and isn't the same thing as anorexia nervosa. Coveting the ED with the highest mortality rate (also the least common of all EDs) is pretty pro-ana and scummy imo.

No. 1106092

Is she doing purple again? I thought she said something about permanent purple dye which is hilarious because literally no novelty colors are permanent. And God damn is Porgie ever ugly. These close up selfies always make me audibly gasp

No. 1106093

File: 1607814087770.jpg (31.82 KB, 400x300, permanent.jpg)

No. 1106094

Look at that glorious, thick, luscious head of hair! Chii would be jealous!

No. 1106095

Aside from that, she doesn't suit the colour at all.

No. 1106096

>ever heard of Atypical Anorexia?
Atypical "anorexia" isn't anorexia. It's OSFED/EDNOS. You need to be UNDERWEIGHT to have anorexia. Hannah is OVERWEIGHT (or at least, a healthy weight but she looks very chubby). Ergo, Hannah is not anorexic.

No. 1106097

Maybe you should understand that there are benefits to anonymous imageboards? Not sure if you'd find any though, since I'm sure you do everything online for personal validation and asspats. You're critiquing people for being anonymous on a medium intended for anonymity. For example, people that tie everything to their egos only deflect criticism by talking about their own feelings and experiences instead of actually attempting to understand the criticism (sound familiar?).

No. 1106104

File: 1607814844199.jpg (251.57 KB, 1080x1792, IMG_20201213_091109.jpg)

Not sure if this one has been mentioned. Can make daily Tiktoks but needs sooper serious ED treatment in between. Coffee Cats Recovery 2.0. Loves a good toob selfie and chimped out about her therapist not getting her pronouns right.

No. 1106105

File: 1607814869419.jpg (456.05 KB, 1080x1777, IMG_20201213_091044.jpg)

No. 1106114

File: 1607816433527.jpeg (528.56 KB, 686x1061, 2EEC3B7C-080C-4AC4-BFAD-83BBCE…)

Seems kind of milky. Definitely a year or so ago.

I hate that these cows choose to document everything yet pretend it’s not for asspats or to be Queen ED. They totally buy into a lifestyle online and live in a little hugbox whilst competing with each other at the same time.

Bitch, I hope you get well and whatever but you do be hitching your cart to wagon, purely for popularity. Deny it al you like.

No. 1106125

She is in and out of private treatment I believe. Angering how psychs are coddling this behaviour. Anything for some pay.

No. 1106128

I can believe that. Another Ausfag.

No. 1106129

File: 1607817506448.png (3.77 MB, 750x1334, CEE1F371-85C1-4FBD-BF07-B1A8DF…)


That sneaky little eye.

No. 1106132

she looks like my grandad

No. 1106142

File: 1607818526223.jpeg (82.22 KB, 590x350, AC04FA9C-91BF-4BE3-9C0E-92A7A7…)

True that. I have been getting strong Ronnie Barker feels recently.

No. 1106149

Ronnie Barker was actually funny though, personality wise. Georgia is a dead fish.

No. 1106162

Shes been public for ages.
Not really milky more so unwell. Multiple other MH issues along side

No. 1106232

as an amerifag, reading through victoria's autistic onesided arguments in a posh brit accent is hilarious

does porgie not realize that bright fashion colors fade incredibly quickly?

No. 1106236

Forearms of emaciated people can be larger than their upper arms and even legs because of the whole "two bones" thing making it naturally wider.

No. 1106275

File: 1607832086521.png (3.8 MB, 828x1792, B75B555B-3BEC-48F3-98E9-893948…)

back to all the pizza she was eating before the
>depressive slump
aka attention craving

No. 1106318

now i feel cringy because i thought it was a cute outfit lol. i feel like she isn't the type to infantilize herself though.

No. 1106321

Don't feel cringy. I think it's cute too. If she is trying to dress young, she's not going as hard as other cows are.

Anyway, only 3 WKs for Molly 2? I thought there would be more.

No. 1106326

Kek Porgie says she’s never coming back to NF every time, hasn’t stopped her yet. She’ll be back IP in a month if she doesn’t fake some crisis before that.

No. 1106346

Whenever I see her hair posts I think to myself it's weird when older women dye their hair non-natural colors. Then I remember SHE'S 22

No. 1106374

Noooo, say it ain't so. This is worse than Lauren Southern.

Also infuriating. Who would actually willingly waste their early 20s as a habitual inpatient if they didn't absolutely have to? She is going to regret this larp so badly one day.

No. 1106387

Sage for inconsequential sperging, but her sitting her partially-inhaled sandwich on the printed paper menu slip is just grossing me out… put it down on the serviette or back in the container fgs. Everything she does is so sloppy, her claims of being an anxious perfectionist are about as believable as her restricting and purging.

No. 1106416

File: 1607854328315.jpeg (323.31 KB, 750x747, 3CEFCE4C-5348-4AF9-A06A-C8693E…)

No. 1106422

the fact they think we’re all neckbeards is such a massive cope. the reality is we check lolcow when going to work/uni or whilst taking a shit.

No. 1106425

I don’t know about you anon, but I check it constantly from the security of my parents basement

No. 1106433

She’s always going on about how important weight gain is for recovery & how she shouldn’t b scared of it… like right fair enough, but SHE is a healthy looking weight & weight gain shouldn’t b her treatment plan

No. 1106439

Wow. I'd cut it off at that point and start over. Why would you dye your hair and fuss with it when it's thinning that bad? She looks like a troon…

No. 1106442

unwell with attentionwhoreitis

No. 1106444

File: 1607861427328.png (150.75 KB, 941x496, Screenshot 2020-12-13 at 12.07…)

it reminds me of those around the dinner table parents who think the 'dietichans' know nothing and their kids need to weight restore to slightly overweight.

No. 1106445

Those parents are terrifying. They preach 'state not weight' and don't get physical weight restoration will happen before mental recovery so make the poor kids gain until they 'stop displaying behaviours'( i.e. learn to shut up and pretend to be mentally recovered)

No. 1106446

To add, I bet most of the hypermetabolism kids have just snuck in purging/ exercise/ hiding food etc. 6000 calories would be like a kg gain every 2 days even with increased metabolism.

No. 1106447

So in her opinion ed patients should binge and gorge on fats to get better? That sounds like a quick fix. A crash diet but in the opposite direction.

No. 1106448

Fuck sorry forgot to sage

No. 1106451

aw man she looks like she's lost weight, guess anon was right about her restricting again

No. 1106459

One thing that kind of gets to me about accounts like hannahs is not only are we supposed to believe they've been living off air and sunlight for years but now suddenly overnight they're recovery experts and they take things that used to be helpful/meaningful from ppl like megsyrecovery etc and rebrand as their own wisdom but in such a trite/exaggerated way that all meaning is lost in the process. You can start with a good message(in the context of a restrictive ED) that's meant to help with assigning moral values to various foods and after going through the likes of Elzani then her imitators and then THEIRS the message is just FOOD GOOD EAT MORE

No. 1106464

And if their kids lose even a reasonable amount of weight they clearly have a severe ed.

No. 1106468

Queen’ed by tabitha Farrah who holds herself up as a professional recovery coach / expert while every video she makes is literally just her screaming “eat all the food. Chocolate cake and chicken nuggets. Obesity is a myth”

No. 1106472

No signsof their past history of their ED, just straight into real recovery guiz.

Could you imagine if the AN diagnosis got rid of the underweight criteria? More of these ED larpers would appear.

Thought of food? EAT EAT EAT

No. 1106476

i don't get how they can preach that "no food is bad" "calories don't matter" when people get medical complications from obesity / poor nutrition all the time.

No. 1106480

But also eat if no thoughts of food and you’re completely stuffed because that’s probably just you being brainwashed by diet culture and you can never be too careful EAT! And none of that healthy shit, either. Chocolate and pudding only.

No. 1106485

They haven’t gotten rid of the AN weight criteria yet SO many dainty ana LARPers claim that you can have anorexia at any weight
You can have atypical anorexia at any weight, but this also comes with significant weightloss in a sort time, not just on/off restricting & bingeing & the occasional purge.

I bet these girls started their disorder when tumblr was all black & white ~a e s t h e t i c~ depression blogs that reblogged Cassie from Skins and Wintergirls quotes… but what’s cOoL now is being a ~woke~ #anawarrior who eats everything they want

No. 1106513

Tabitha Farrar really pies me off, the whole intuitive eating if you even have a 1 second thought of food then you need to eat a whole cheesecake is dangerous imo. The whole your body automatically knows best bullshit makes me seethe to, sorry for the blog post but former addict and I still crave that shit nearly 3 years later. What i' trying to say is having a craving for something doesn't automatically make that thing something we actually need.

No. 1106514

Sorry for grammar shit I got overexcited, kek.

No. 1106517

No. 1106519

Shit sorry I accidentally posted. What bothers me is how misleading it disrespectful the whole ‘never too much food’ sentiment could be for someone with bulimia or BED. Like, people claim BED doesn’t exist and is just fat phobia/ a result of diet culture but that’s equivalent to saying anorexia is perfectly healthy and everyone else is just brainwashed by junk food adverts.

No. 1106524

This! It's so harmful that these bodyposi intuitive eating fucks claim that you can eat whatever, whenever and however much you want. They were probably not given candy/junk food as kids whenever they wanted and were told it's unhealthy and are still bitter about it..

No. 1106527

File: 1607880566761.jpeg (113.36 KB, 750x572, 9A95B999-0A9C-42C0-9C03-0C9F2C…)

In fairness, she does acknowledge binge eating exists in her ‘recovery for adults’ document. Although then in the next page she says you can’t order a salad at a restaurant. Sure, not a plain undressed side salad but many restaurant salads have ~800 calories.

No. 1106529

File: 1607880768857.png (788.14 KB, 796x1099, Screenshot_20201213-172653.png)

One book was not enough for Paige!

No. 1106530

Other shit she says: you have to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks every day for the rest of your life!!!!! I understand not getting complacent but many people who are truly recovered can eat more intuitively than this.

Also: you have to eat a meal at a restaurant every week! Who can afford that long term?

No. 1106537

Too much of the bs about eating doesn't take into account that if you live a normal, active, working life you can't take time out to sit down and have a meal. Maybe you have to grab some toast on your way to work or school, or a sandwich for lunch when you've only got a 30 minute lunch break. Also don't take into account NOT ALL ED SUFFERERS ARE UNDER 25.

The ones who do this intuitive shit NEED to regulate their eating and THEN think about planning when to eat during the day.

All these rules are either impossible to live by or ridiculous (to think it's okay to eat non-stop junk).

Why aren't they taking advice from their nutritionist and relying on internet people?

These kids also need to hydrate more, and not sugary coffees. Hunger and thirst are often confused by the body when you need TO DRINK WATER.

No. 1106544

File: 1607882368651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 806.98 KB, 1440x2727, Screenshot_20201213-175805_Chr…)

Her website is worse than I imagined, what qualifications does she even have to make the claim that nutritional science knows basically nothing?

No. 1106545

Accidentally spoilered.

No. 1106546

Now that's just bs

No. 1106551

No. 1106571

Nutri/medfag here, what a fucking idiot. We know precisely how much bodies require energy for various levels of activity, including the basic metabolic rate, and we have tools to measure that. Jesus, I will get a stroke from this.

No. 1106573

For the unimportant activities of the body such as blood circulation etc, but bet you don't know the important stuff like pinky fingers and blinking. The REAL important stuff.

No. 1106595

No thank you. Not only is her ‘writing’ fucking awful, who wants to be preached to by a conceited, self-obsessed child who only seems to ~thrive~ in a hospital ward

I hate everything about this

No. 1106669

(blog) I used to swallow Tabitha Farrar's bullshit when I recovered from a mild ED, and all that happened was that I justified binging to myself as "extreme hunger" and swung in the other direction of disordered eating instead. Of course it's my own fault, but I'm glad people are bringing her up.(Blogfagging)

No. 1106687

She will if she ever wants to focus on anything else… but if/when she's not into this anymore I think she'll always frame it as "recovery" rather than "getting honest".

No. 1106713

this is just hilariously bad. she's gotta be delusional to believe she's a good writer. i needed that laugh though

No. 1106760

>This is worse than Lauren Southern.
Wait, what's wrong with her? Genuine ignorance. In any case, I don't see how she's comparable to Georgia? At least Southern makes money? Porgie is just a drain on her parents and society, kek.

No. 1106763

nayrt but p sure anon meant this bc lauren also looks older than her age, although not as shockingly so as georgia

No. 1106769

>Bold statement I know

Anyway, how is book review anon doing? Do you feel better?

No. 1106825

"Making money" is a pretty low bar, Southern regularly looks and sounds like an idiot… maybe an inability to assess yourself objectively is something they both share, at least.

>>1106529 I'm so embarrassed for her… I hope she has someone in her life that will help her reconsider her authoring until she's both recovered and older.

No. 1106857

File: 1607905356995.jpg (477.72 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20201213-182225_Ins…)

Baker anons! We have been blessed with a new recipe

No. 1106865

File: 1607905827005.jpg (152.65 KB, 694x748, Capture.JPG)

Not a baker, but thanks for the heads up. Went to look at the pic expecting usual n2f, but dare I say they look shop bought?? I'd actually eat one if baked by someone else

No. 1106868

Zoomed in, found a fiber. Definitely wouldn't eat one from this plate. Also zooming in, the chocolate looks a bit like a puppy had a toilet training accident. Still, it has potential.

No. 1106870

yeah I meant it as >>1106763 said

At least Southern spent her 20s boating in the mediterranean, lol

No. 1106871

File: 1607906047649.jpg (17.41 KB, 166x196, Capture.JPG)

Adding dropped pic and adding NO I WAS WRONG. Didn't see pics 2 and 3. Dry as fuck.

No. 1106887

File: 1607907907499.png (476.48 KB, 1280x688, F0FC2753-6D56-4B81-84CC-53D945…)


an uncanny resemblance

No. 1106888

The only people who would ever consider reading this are other anorexics. (Or helpful farmers taking one for the team, of course!)

No. 1106894

fucking kek

No. 1106927

I'd rather read War & Peace in Welsh in one sitting than endure some random's pretentious theorising/conversations with her therapist. Gawd.

No. 1107049

it was MEANT to be a saying for underweight anorexics to feel better about eating a normal nutritious meal, not give healthy weight people an excuse to snack on junk all day.

No. 1107053

Southern's a heck of a lot easier on the eyes than Georgia, despite her cosmetic enhancements

No. 1107054

File: 1607923686400.jpg (246.71 KB, 1079x1744, 20201214_152649.jpg)

People who put love hearts on their NGT are so pathetic. She literally spends her days at new farm dancing on beds and in her room tiptoeing. Must be the best holiday there for munchies

No. 1107057


omg they legit treat the tubes like some sort of fashion accessory. Surely those pretty 'tube stickers' are meant for young kids who have cancer or similar.

No. 1107068

Shanaya is obsessed with cancer kids so that fits. Her ED obsession only started 3 years ago after meeting a heap of kids with cancer. Pathetic

No. 1107084

Why she wears a wig?

No. 1107090

File: 1607933853579.jpg (569.69 KB, 1080x1969, Screenshot_20201214-021617.jpg)

Ash update. She's still alive, but going blind.

No. 1107095

Her bullshit mask wearing is infuriating. Fuck you ash and your cesspool garbage swamp home, Florida. The land of selfish asshats. Also KEK what is she even talking about??? The only thing she has out effort into is being the sickest, most useless human in the internet.

No. 1107096

Why is the proportion of flour so high? Still, I might try to make these the next time I am home alone (so as not to discredit my baking skills)

No. 1107097

She shaved her hair and eyebrows off in a cancer munching rage disguised as supporting a 13 year old who had alopecia

No. 1107098

> nothing is going to change unless you put in the effort
Yes, exactly Ash. Stop whining and go back to your care home to disintegrate quietly.

No. 1107117

disconomnomz at it again

No. 1107132

she’s fucking immortal at this point. Is there a world record for longest living spoop?

No. 1107147


>mint chocolate

Enjoy your cake induced vomiting, anons. What a combo!

No. 1107152

She's wearing it under her beak to show her cheekbones hahaha never miss an opportunity to body check

No. 1107164

Might have some loved ones around if she hadn't treated everyone like shit. Yes, her life continues to be miserable. That's what happens when you decide recovery isn't for you and use therapy sessions to reenact Pokémon episodes.

No. 1107186

File: 1607960041952.jpg (101.66 KB, 688x736, ~vegan~.JPG)

Not sure I've ever seen that mint choc and raisin combo before. Honestly would be a guinea pig for baker anons. N2f is experimental if nothing else.

Searched and found this mint and raisin vegan chocolate, but there are other proper chocolate ones. It gives health benefits - mint helps treat the common cold, reduces stress and helps an upset stomach. (The latter will help for the tasters).

No. 1107190

Does anyone know if she's actually losing weight still? I'd imagine not, because I don't think she'd survive if she lost a even a shred of weight at this point, but I also don't see her eating enough to maintain. If she is eating, she breaks the mold of all the other spoops posting all of their gross diet food as a "recovery win", "challenging" themselves all the time as long as those "challenges" don't entail an increase in calories/weight

No. 1107209

File: 1607962997089.jpeg (98.83 KB, 750x986, 91C99871-94C4-42D6-9E0A-8E42B6…)

Bored_with_ana is getting a ton of criticism for romanticising AN and her FDOE videos. It’s so cringe because in every second video she has to mention her tube and ~OMG it was so embarrassing I hated it, I hid in cupboards so people didn’t see it~ when she has selfies with it plastered everywhere

No. 1107210

My theory is she’s still loosing but only because when her dead skin falls off she doesn’t grow any back, and is peeling like an onion. Her BMR must be very low and she does have restaurant gift cards on her Amazon wish list so maybe she’s just about keeping enough down?

No. 1107212


Ages ago she mentioned having food put in the blender. Her stomach's going to be so fucked I imagine she has to pulverise everything she eats. She used to have baby food on her wishlist. All the larpers who PLEAD for tubes, but never seen one up her beak. Funny, that.

No. 1107242

According to an old post she made in her(now defunct) secret insta, Ash's safe foods are grapes, cranberry juice, and some shirataki noodle thing from Whole Foods. She stated that she is so comfortable with grapes, that it's the only thing she can eat bowls of and not freak out. I guess she lives off grapes?

No. 1107246

File: 1608031706809.jpeg (443.9 KB, 2048x2048, F223B902-2120-449A-BA4C-B28F17…)

Ganer is aging in hyper speed

No. 1107250

That forehead…..

No. 1107252

Was the site down for anyone else? I was getting a Cloudfare Error 522 (host problem) all day yesterday (Monday).

No. 1107253

Yep. Only just came back in the last hour it seems

No. 1107254

Yeah had the same problem this morning. Was it under construction, maybe?

No. 1107256

File: 1608033391678.jpg (91.32 KB, 1000x766, nosferatu-1922-001-max-shreck-…)

No. 1107267

File: 1608034952480.jpg (340.31 KB, 1080x1605, 20201215_165204.jpg)

Hannah and shay seem to be drinking from the same pond

No. 1107272

yeah i wasn't able to access lc for about 24 hours

No. 1107289

sage for detailing/blog posting but i thought i’d been banned lawl

No. 1107290

File: 1608037597289.png (4.28 MB, 1242x2208, 0DD0172E-F7DC-4D4B-B16B-FBF50F…)

Is Han trying to let us know that she binges? Because we already knew that, kek. You can't justify it, Han. It's not "extreme hunger". You're not exactly a waif. Glad you're calling it bingeing now instead of lying to yourself. That's progress, I suppose?

No. 1107292

sage but same i was shitting myself

No. 1107294

It happens every few months. Don't worry about it.

No. 1107297

So sick of the word ~valid~. It's thrown around so nobody can ever question their larping.

Of course Hannah binges. Her fear foods are best that she binges on.

No. 1107298

The ones*

No. 1107321

Does she not see shes invalidating her own ED and that of others by pretending the ED she has is Anorexia?

No. 1107333

I doubt she cares. TBH I think instead of the whole 'you can have anorexia at any weight' thing people should be saying 'even if you never had a fully fledged ED you can still be struggling and deserve a healthy relationship with food and your body' and then the LARPers might not be compelled to self diagnose as much

No. 1107335

Saw this & immediately thought.. then why do you claim to have anorexia?

No. 1107342

That’s a really good way of putting it anon, but unfortunately the larpers want the attention that comes with being ‘most sickest waif’. It would be hard to admit their super restrictive ED was more like going on a crash diet because they had poor body image, something (unfortunately) a lot of women do.

No. 1107344

Too much nuance. It doesn’t give sufficient permission to binge out on all da ~fear foods~.

No. 1107348

File: 1608044418474.jpg (657.39 KB, 2161x1715, Slop.jpg)

Ganer posted this in her stories yesterday.

Pre workout, post workout, and, coming soon, mid workout

No. 1107356

Is she autistic?..

No. 1107358

File: 1608045864476.jpeg (845.91 KB, 828x1696, 17FBAC8A-2F49-4607-AE32-CF9B84…)

Are you sure it wasn’t just another pre from the next day? Because I thought her usual post was that white rice, low-density vegetable, ground turkey and all-the-condiments-and-pickles meal?

No. 1107362

Check the time stamps. The second was posted 4 hours after the first. Doesn't make sense for her to work out, sleep for an hour, and then get up.

No. 1107364

File: 1608046192198.jpeg (925.16 KB, 828x1466, CF401E8D-CA4A-47C4-8D91-543B5C…)

I don’t think so, but definitely a horrific case of OCD, anorexia and orthorexia.

No. 1107381

How does she gain on this? Can't say she isn't shaping up (however oddly).
I wish these people who fell the need to bang on about EDs would fuck off. Everyone's~aware~. Making an illness your identity but saying you're not your illness. LOL.

No. 1107395

This is so depressing. At least n2f has variety in her slop, Ganer has no joy left in food. It's just numbers and macros for her to calculate. To n2f cooking remains an art and work of love.

No. 1107400

I was beginning to think the Internet police FINALLY cracked down on us neckbeards ahaha

No. 1107410

How old is she!? The amount of lines she's collecting on her face is worse than my nan

No. 1107419

I hope someone buys her a fucking good moisturizer for her birthday.

No. 1107422

she eats the same things every damn day, surely she doesn't have to calculate since she must know everything by now. Tinfoil but maybe she eats the exact same amounts of the exact same things for this reason? like actually calculating and making meals "perfect" takes time and effort, this way she only had to do it once and it's just measuring the food out from then on

No. 1107429

My thoughts exactly

No. 1107450

File: 1608052975916.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.61 KB, 695x519, botox.JPG)

It really is dry skin giving her those lines because before she lost weight she had them. Sometimes her skin looks painful it's raw dry patches on her chin. Her mum's a bit wrinkly, so could be part genetics, but being a "nutrition coach" (ahem), you'd think she'd know what to put into her diet for skin health.

Spoilered because.

Her treat to herself for her birthday will be… (extra lifting session? an extra green bean?)

No. 1107499

Oh, she really suits the blonde hairstyle. I love mocking these cows but Ganer always makes me really sad

No. 1107513

Ganer and n2f are the ones who make me sad. Ganer because she's obviously trying but she's got it all wrong and stepped into another addiction, and n2f because she's so stuck in hers. I'll never feel bad for Becky or the long timers who don't even bother to recover (Ash included), but when they've been really spoopy and they've made an effort but they're stuck, it makes me sad. Especially when they don't see it as a problem.

No. 1107516

Oh yeah, and ones who gained a bit but turn their life into a gofundme. I hate those ebeggars.

No. 1107578

File: 1608060771439.jpeg (1007.42 KB, 828x1447, 8B8BB1B9-4C08-4FDF-A506-590620…)

Yeah, I’ve never hated an ED cow more than Georgia until now. This girl is insane. Completely healthy weight, very full face, strong teeth and yet she talks like she’s Ashley Isaacs size. In every single video she’s always soooooo scared. The ultimate larp.

Autistic middle aged mtf vibes off the charts

No. 1107581

Why is this breakfast soooo scary? She has snacks of the same size (500 calories kek like she needs to gain) all the time

No. 1107588

"wahhh food scawy"
has literal candy canes hanging off that xmas tree.
Sage for nitpicking but im surprised our little recovery warrior let her family hang up those terrifying treats.

No. 1107606


She's Georgie2.0 kek.

I agree anon. It's really disappointing and sad, I always wonder about Garner's family and what they think about her exercise addiction. N2F seems to have some people- family around, sometimes but I never hear a peep from Garners family.

Also N2F creations may be disgusting but at least she shows how unglamorous eating disorders really are, unlike most other cows here who's worst moments are trying to eat their 3rd try of ' fear food ' yogurt and chocolate milk lol.

No. 1107612

I think Georgia, Georgia 2.0 and so on should be made to shadow people like n2f and the twins to show them just how unglamorous EDs are (although that might just give them more ideas …)

No. 1107615

No. 1107618


Chocolate milkshake
Rice Krispies
A (literal) kid's yogurt
Kinder chocolate

Breakfast of champions eh.

She's a deffo reverse body dysmorphia Georgia. Who the fuck would tell this one she needs to gain weight? Her head looks like a damn balloon already.

No. 1107621

I think Hannah is worse than Georgia personally. She posts quite frequently, and they’re always these long diatribes of her staring at food she knows damn well she’s shoveling down her gullet at rapid speed when the camera is off, but always prefacing it with these long rants about how terrified she is. She’s a fucking joke, cannot believe her mom enables this. She’ll realize how retarded she is in a few years hopefully and will die of embarrassment.

No. 1107625

File: 1608063406442.png (522.92 KB, 933x573, law of hannah.png)

No. 1107628

File: 1608063503531.png (669.39 KB, 500x792, Untitled.png)

How about challenging yourself to a piece of fruit? More junk.

No. 1107632

>food isn't the enemy
No, but it isn't the fucking hero either

No. 1107636

File: 1608064235121.gif (866.24 KB, 480x271, preach.gif)

No. 1107652

Holy shit, I found an old youtube upload of twin Maria's. She pulled her jeans down for a leg check in COSTA.

No. 1107656

15,000 views …wow…

No. 1107664

The wording of it all, the "ahhhh" is so insincere. Defs an ed larper

No. 1107679

I reckon they're too terrified of relapse to say anything about the exercise addiction still being an issue.

She's not healthy by any means but she is much better than she was 2-3 years ago (super-spoop). I can't imagine her family is over the moon about how obsessive she is with food still, but at least she's not as close to death as she probably was.

Tbh if she was doing this in private, I don't think I'd care at all. She's ill, but she is (very very slowly) gaining, and maybe one day she'll figure it out… but then she posts it all online like she's a fucking expert and gives advice to other people, so.

No. 1107684

File: 1608066918524.png (57.43 KB, 393x737, blahblahblah.png)

>Recently I've been slipping

Should've listened to your body and stopped pouring sugar down your throat.

Even the quotes are copypasta from some place or other.

She's a creepy feeder who wants to see thin girls gain lots of weight.

No. 1107685

If Hannah HAS a diagnosed restrictive eating disorder, her account is weird and insincere.

But I keep thinking about the possibility that she doesn't - not that it's wild that she doesn't have a severely restrictive ed because she's a healthy weight. But what does her life as an adult look like? It's not that wild when you're a young teen to lie about/exaggerate that shit to your friends. But her mum is involved. If she's straight up lying, how is she getting her mum involved? How does her mum believe it and want to participate? And if she is getting treatment under the NHS, how? I might be dumb, but I just can't get my head around the idea that Georgie and Hannah are just straight up lying.

idk maybe lockdown has got her super bored.

No. 1107686

> She's a creepy feeder who wants to see thin girls gain lots of weight.


> no weight gain = no freedom

what does this even mean?

No. 1107697

Doubt she’s under services. Most trusts have strict criteria.

No. 1107698

I read this thinking of Hanna the Gainer and I'm thinking wtf you think she doesn't have an ED.

As for her mum, idk either. It's easy to imagine Molly was taken for treatment because of her private health care and fussy parent, but she must lie her way through assessments (if she's had any). It'd be easy to get a diagnosis by saying her period stopped, yes I over exercise/take laxatives/throw up, yes I;m terrified of gaining weight etc. BUT the one thing she couldn't fake is weight loss. She was either a porker or she lied about how much she weighed before an assessment for an eating disorder. That's all she'd need for outpatient treatment. She said she was threatened with a tube and hospitalisation, but she'd have to be under bmi 13 to get a section.

This is what happens when people glamourise anorexia.

Thing with Hannah is her lack of back story. No mention of trauma or what she deals with in therapy. She said she has appointments, but clinics are only doing video/phone appointments atm. Something's way off.

No. 1107708

File: 1608069304136.jpg (67.18 KB, 708x820, pants on fire.JPG)

I just had a look into what help she'd be offered. She lives in Burton on Trent, and going off this https://eatingdisorders.mpft.nhs.uk/children-and-young-people she'll be under CAHMS for treatment. Looking at the changes because or the 'rona right now most of the workshops are online, so I'm guessing therapy's online too.

Pic is when she decided to recover
>Last night I ate an entire sharing bar of chocolate to myself. After feeling ill and collapsing a few hours beforehand

and says
>I have been given ONE LAST CHANCE from my team. This is it this time. If I restrict, refuse or not try then I have a hospital bed with my name on it.

Really? Oh wait, it doesn't matter what weight you are, right?

No. 1107712

CAMHS tend to discharge older teens as soon as you're a healthy weight to avoid needing to give therapy (she is 17 and you leave child services at 19). I smell bullshit

No. 1107714

>I have been given one last chance from my team
you mean…the voices in your head?

No. 1107722

It's the same with adult as well, though. If you don't make progress after 20 sessions are up and you're not about to drop dead you get discharged. You have to be re referred at a later date if you want to. In that pic she is definitely not a pale waif ready to drop dead. She ate that whole bar.

No. 1107724

At this point I can't even tell if she's roleplaying, a munchie, or if she really bought into the HAES notion that not eating garbage 24/7 makes you anorexic

No. 1107726

All she needs is a dog looking up at her plate and she's got the roleplay down to a tee/tea/t (what is that??)

No. 1107728

i'm big enough to admit this is what makes me so bitter. they make it look like getting support for mh problems is so easy under the nhs.

No. 1107732

I'll admit that we're fortunate enough to get what passes for help under the NHS, but it's not a lot. Even when you get offered help for anything - mental health, physio, something not cancer (pre covid) - the waiting list is massive. Really you DO have to be ~sick enough~ for THEM to give medical help, ie something where they can stick a drip in your arm then send you on your way. This is why it's difficult to believe she's been under mhs for "years".

No. 1107733

shoo, newfag

No. 1107736

ah yes fully recovered and eating only low calorie healthy food.
anorexia to orthorexia

No. 1107738

Not even going to watch it but perhaps she's recovered and chosen to eat healthy food instead of pancakes.

No. 1107740

Exactly. I swear there was a whole thing with CAMHS telling parents to get private therapy for their kids recently? That's how bad MH waiting lists are, even for patients who do meet criteria (i.e. are very sick).

No. 1107742

mmm okay. ricecakes and eggwhite omletes isn't recovery

No. 1107744

Depends on your NHS trust I think. She wouldn’t get an assessment at adults in my area.

No. 1107766


there’s something about her face that’s deeply redolent of the woman who played ms trunchbull in the 90s matilda movie. maybe the eyebrows? i don’t know but i can’t unsee it.

No. 1107770

File: 1608073124565.png (691.4 KB, 766x437, genetics.png)

I see it.

No. 1107771

Agatha Trunchbull : [Talking about the cake] Smells chocolatey, eh? Now, eat it.
Bruce 'Little Brucey : I don't want any, thank you.
Agatha Trunchbull : EAT IT!

No. 1107773

thought this belonged here since jen/darien has been discussed in these threads. interesting video but i rolled my eyes SO hard when she said "the guys on these anorexia fetishists sites were talking about ME guys…" like of course you live vicariously through talking about and reminiscing over your eating disorder obviously you have to tell us all that eating disorder fetishists were specifically obsessed with YOU cause you were sooo skinny kek

No. 1107774

She really jumped on the bandwagon, eh. Thanks for the heads up. I'm off to watch this shite.

No. 1107777

Those rice crispies say thin on them, I'm surprised she's even letting it near her

No. 1107781

File: 1608073723190.jpg (194.23 KB, 1080x1921, IMG_20201216_090636.jpg)

Here we have HappiHealingJac who loves a comparison photo and asspats. In and out of hospital admissions with real recovery mantras to boot. Likes to overexaggerate her anorexia.

No. 1107783

i think we can expect her to make more and more videos every month on this topic lol. makes me wonder if we will see her lose weight, why else would she suddenly be so reminiscent of her "eating disordered days".

No. 1107788

She moved from Florida to I think Mississippi.

No. 1107795

both arms look skinny but not emaciated "omg so sick" skinny lol

No. 1107799

Jenny, you were never emaciated. Why is she so shocked about ana fetishists like she only just found out about them?

Is she talking about this old 4chan thing where they were taking the piss about her? https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/78385157/

No. 1107801

>living in burton on trent
Explains literally everything, breeding ground for freaks.

No. 1107808

Mental health appointments have been face to face where necessary in most NHS Trusts since July.
CAMHS is much easier to get admitted than adults. But also CAMHS bullshit and threaten admission more. Especially due to her age they'd have to section her unless she was voluntary. Meaning there would have to be a lot else going on other than restriction.
Basically it's quite possible they did say that/ see her at CAMHS but either there is a lot else going on (needing medical admission due to SH/ suicide/ purging) or it was a completely empty threat. Especially if they saw how much she cared about being 'valid' then saying shit that she then merrily follows kinda solves their problem. Obviously doesn't mean they meant spend all your time on social media being a Warrior Queen

No. 1107825

Looks healthy in both

No. 1107837

File: 1608077713943.jpg (Spoiler Image, 173.37 KB, 817x908, progress.JPG)

There was no point to that video. Reading some fanfic porn. Why? Why does she want links to more of the same? The "D" woman is Denisa, a favourite on skinnyfans. I believe that's the forum she ~infiltrated~. In no way am I an expert in porn or fetishes, but just following the breadcrumbs from that Henry Roth freak leads you down the rabbit hole. Never seen an emaciated Jen on there, but that's her private fantasy eh.

Nothing milky there. If you were talking img, then you'd have a point.

No. 1107854

She should do one of those "what I eat in a day" things. Show us all of her anorexia warrior meals.

No. 1107855

sage, but who gives a fuck

No. 1107857

At least Georgia pretends to not actually eat, this cow is constantly guzzling sugar does she ever actually eat a substantial meal? I admittedly have a sweet tooth but everything she eats is just sugar.

No. 1107902

I thought CAMHS ended at 18?

No. 1107907

What's the context behind this? Why were they making fun of her? The pics aren't loading and I don't know the context.

No. 1107928

she was in that one big youtube video talking about some lgbtbbq genderqueer bullshit and they thought she looked funny and wanted to know more about her. they were really intrigued by the fact that she styles herself to look like (well back then i guess) some weird nonbinary alien and found it hilarious. but in the old pics you can totally see she was never "eugenia cooney level emaciated" like she likes to tout about kek

No. 1107943


wait.. who the heck is that??

No. 1107946


How is she still alive? Her body must be so freaking tough and she's ruined it.

No. 1107952

Actually speechless, imagine drinking your morning coffee and seeing someone doing this? Surprised the staff didn't do anything.

No. 1107956

Maria of Maria and Katie ana twins. They live in Costa and eat Canderel.

No. 1107966


>calories are not a law you have to live by

i mean they literally are but okay.

No. 1107975

sage and no WK but i’ve followed for awhile & this is her longest stint out of hospital, seems to be doing well, now is kinda late to start picking on her plus a lot of her admissions were psych not ED so it’s not a georgia situation of exaggerating ed symptoms to get into hospital or anything

No. 1107976

Am I reading this right? It's basically telling me anyone can have an eating disorder no matter what they weigh or what they do/don't eat. We're all so sick, anons!

No. 1107977

Voluntary admissions under CAMHS aren't unheard of. I don't want to PL, but if they're concerned your behaviours/ED habits are escalating to the point of causing serious harm and there's a bed free somewhere they'll likely suggest it. Saying that, she's bigger than any anorexic inpatient I have ever encountered.

No. 1107978

Shit, when I saw the thumbnail I assumed it was in the toilets or something. But no, right there in the shop. How lovely for the mummies and babies club to see!
(apols for samefagging)

No. 1107979

I hate to break it to you, anon, but if you're not constantly eating sugary food and having a "snack" between dinner and dessert…you have a severe eating disorder

No. 1107987

You mean those yearly woke YouTube videos Google puts out that get downvoted into oblivion? If not, I'm not sure which video you're referring to. How'd she find out she was on /pol/?

No. 1107992

I'm diagnosing myself over WebMD with T2Diabetesphobia and Irrational Fear Of Cavities.

No. 1108016

still LOLing over hannah 'increasing' her breakfast like she's on a weight restoration meal plan

No. 1108024

Totally agree. Georgia and the others all have some mental issues and issues with food, this cow is so bizarre because she just seems fine… really wish I knew her angle.

No. 1108030

Maybe she really wants free manilife peanut butter

No. 1108083

yeah they do. It was a typo, sorry

No. 1108096

anyone knows the name of the site that she's talking about?

No. 1108098

Im guessing VK, a Russian social media site where a lot of the. fetishists can be found, but I can't bring myself to watch the video.

No. 1108102

VK isn't a forum

No. 1108103

pretty sure it's skinnyfans

No. 1108106

I didn't watch this video, but yes, she was emaciated and her underage pictures were posted on a fetish site. This happened in 2012, maybe.

There was another girl who posted in a forum about the site because her information was being shared there, and that's how she found out. The pictures they were passing around were old, she was maybe 14-15 in them and not presenting as male/nb.

Whatever you think about this person now, this was a pretty awful thing that happened and probably continues to happen. Back then the notion of fetishists taking photos of adolescents from a private community and salivating over them alongside nudes of emaciated junkies / skeleporn… idk. I think it did shock people.

One member of the fetish site had also been a member of the support/harm-reduction* forum, so it was also a wake-up call about privacy. I never understood why that creep was tolerated or why people didn't guard their info better there, but mental illness can make people stupid.

*this forum was never really proED, but it wasn't antiED either.

No. 1108107

yes, it was skinnyfans

No. 1108112

well, I don't know what pictures have been shown but are we really using Eugenia as some gold standard for emaciation? You can be emaciated without looking like that; the cut-off is many BMI points higher. But damn it makes me angry that you feel it's appropriate to set that standard for what constitutes "sick." Grow the fuck up. Eugenia should be dead, who knows why she hasn't keeled over yet. Just give it time.

OHaA was emaciated, end of story. From what I've seen, OHaA's fanbase flips their shit whenever the topic contains too much ED stuff. I've never seen her post her worst photos.

It wasn't as common to have huge amounts of photos before smartphones took off, though some people did manage to do it.

No. 1108118

lol that’s ridiculous

No. 1108119

Psych2go thinks wannarexia is a real eating disorder, so looks like Georgie and Han are gonna get properly diagnosed!

No. 1108121

Yes, also known called Munchausen's

No. 1108122

> Fans flip their shit over too much pro ana bs
Idgaf whether she was emaciated or not, but her fans lap this crap up. She posts millions of videos going into great detail about skelly porn and taking coke for goddess ana. OHaA is at best using her ED for shock value to get that YouTube revenue. Her non ed videos get 10k views in a month, the skelly porn one has 40k in less than 12 hours. I give it a few months before she's posting her uwu ~recovery journey~ TW!!! With pictures.

No. 1108127

Are you from Latin America anon? (I’m not gonna say the country for privacy)

No. 1108146

File: 1608118285603.jpeg (111.79 KB, 1152x2048, 7E30C809-C4BB-45CF-88C6-B73D85…)

Porgie 2.0 is at it again, kek. We can tell you don't need to eat as much as you do just by looking at you though, Ham. I mean you're visibly a healthy weight (perhaps even overweight). You don't need to restore weight, and all you do is eat sugar and junk. What exactly are you "fighting"? Does 'Ham' suit her as a nickname?

No. 1108152

>not presenting as male/nb.

I think we all know what's happening here.

>OHaA was emaciated, end of story.

Difficult to at for a smirk.

No. 1108154

To stifle*

No. 1108156

i wanna kiss you anon i was thinking the same

No. 1108158

Great name for her, anon! I don't get how she thinks she can fool people with her "fears". Everything she fears are stereotypical fear foods and she somehow eats them with ease for her challenges. If she didn't eat these things before, how on earth did she become the Ham we see today?

No. 1108159

it does. if you’re not stable they transfer you to adult services

No. 1108162

Maybe Ham used to be Porgie's size and convinced herself losing weight means that she's anorexic because she'd have to have had ~restricted~ her intake, which is obviously disordered!

No. 1108164

Just like Summer/a_wintergirl_thawing_2

No. 1108166

File: 1608123311853.jpg (1.86 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201216_125238529.jpg)

"I'm in hella Christmas spirit this year" = an excuse to jump back on that ebegging train

No. 1108168

File: 1608123683055.jpg (530.02 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20201216_125747.jpg)

Speaking of which.."did one session and they made me fat then dropped me". Ermm you were never skinny kek

No. 1108173

She dipped into the wildly ridiculous pond when she showed her snack containing a pack of iced gems, yet she was scared of lotus biscuits. Biscuit base topped with much icing sugar are okay, plain Lotus, to quote Ham, AAAARRRGHHH.

No. 1108174

Nitpick I always thought her makeup was awful but without it she looks like a man. Reminds me of the hide yo kids guy

No. 1108178

The true spirit of capitalism.

No. 1108180

she's hilarious. the continued larp as a ~delicate anorexic~ while also making all these posts about not stigmatizing EDs based on size…like girl just say you have BED and go, at this point it's the only ED I would believe she has.

tinfoil but I think she's a typical "dieted a little and think it's a severe ED" type, except unlike molls she couldn't even keep up the dieting patch for a few months, instead sage yo-yoed between a day of dieting and a week of eating packaged sugary shit, and now instead of going to see a nutritionist to learn what food is actually good for your body she's trying to justify her overeating with this larp.

i'm so bored of all the "everyone needs to eat all the time!!! gaining weight it great and needed!" thing as though obesity isn't way more common in developed countries than anorexia is. it's wild how most "recovering anorexics" aren't even underweight these days, how woke.

No. 1108181

she* not sage, kek

No. 1108182

File: 1608126140052.jpg (158.03 KB, 1900x797, HamFightsThis.jpg)

A star (cow) was born…

No. 1108184

It's depressing how these recovery accounts all focus on food and nothing about developing a personality or interests outside of food because they think eating is the only thing you need to do to recover.

No. 1108185

…and I don't classify "colouring in" as an interest.

No. 1108189

Ham will now be like "got called a pig so I just HAD to eat an entire bag of Percy Pig lollies!"

No. 1108194

File: 1608128813026.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, CryingBehindMask.jpg)

"That'll show them!"

No. 1108204

File: 1608129944903.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x1537, 54BF5CE8-462D-4288-A17C-54054A…)

Imagine you bump into Han out in public and you see her wearing this wristband.

No. 1108208

Unnecessary ‘b’ in the wristband.

No. 1108209

File: 1608130206360.jpeg (245.79 KB, 1242x893, 46369A6E-8727-4AF5-BB3F-3F2A8F…)

A quick google search and here she is

No. 1108214


No. 1108218

Omg thank you for pointing out. I do not get cows who must proudly let the world know what a brave wittle wawrior they are with tattoos, jewelry, and NEDA branded apparel. Such cringe.

No. 1108220

Rebrand as ED LARP Kit Essentials

No. 1108221

Ham is my new favourite cow. So much potential.

No. 1108229

We need to make our version of a kit for these threads. Different tiers as well, as in larper to tube fiend.

No. 1108234

It reminds me of people who pretend to be another ethnicity and how they buy all of this tacky tourist merch that anyone of the actual ethnicity would never wear.

No. 1108245

File: 1608134539469.jpeg (699.82 KB, 1242x2208, 7E2613A7-A7CA-4653-A86F-C7E5D9…)

I was scrolling my discover page & found this fantastic LARPer! another classic ~dainty waif~ #anawarrior who believes in anorexia at any weight & eating sugary bullshit to overcome her sooper serious anowexia guiz!!! emilys.anorexia.story

No. 1108251

I can guess why she "keeps having seizures" and doesn't appear to be under any medical telemetry. They know exactly what is happening kek

No. 1108254

Love than Han is both porge 2.0 and molly 2.0 at the same time. Truly the bravest little warrior!

No. 1108257

Lol I see it. Ham (excellent nickname btw anon!) is like the Rachel Dolezal of anorexia

No. 1108258

File: 1608136010758.jpeg (236.34 KB, 712x1118, 73485B40-F067-4A4A-85FF-84479D…)

Ham eats fruit most days, guize! Totally not filling up on sugars and fats!!

No. 1108260

i dont use eugenia as a gold standard dude, jen HERSELF does. she has a video on her. she literally says in it "i used to be as skinny as eugenia" jfc why dont you look into jen herself first than accuse me of that bullshit. what a retard

No. 1108261


nice to see another rare user here who hates the martyr covid bullshit. i miss the site before it was totally overran by holier than thou pseudo-liberal types lol

No. 1108265

sage for samefag but also jen says herself that she took tons of photos when she was emaciated and there are tons of photos from that y2k era she speaks about, she looks skinny but not really that sick. my point is jen is lying about being "ohhmygoshh sooO skinnYY" because its a weird fantasy of hers. 'd bet as well that she was never posted on any of those skinny fetishist sites and she just wishes she was because even though i believe she for sure had an ED she never got to the goal weight she wanted so she probs just is pretending she did and livng vicariously through these stories she tells on YT.

she really has HUNDREDS of photos online if you look up any of her names, dorian nothing bridges, jen bridges, etc. not one does she look "eugenia cooney thin" like she herself SAYS. she is skinny sure and i do believe she definitely had an ED but she needs to stop purporting this weird skinny fetishist fantasy, its fucking weird and obviously a lie

No. 1108267

Yeah fuck those people and their perfectly reasonable questions!
Apparently the theme of the next ED ~awareness~ week is BED so I for one am looking forward to Han’s profound thoughts on that. This is one she miiiiight actually be qualified to speak about kek

No. 1108269

Ham and this one both have double d’s - donut dimples. In fact they even have upper tier double d’s. The top joints.

Why is she such a salty, sassy bitch? Top of the charts.

No. 1108270

Photoshop anons, pls do!

No. 1108272

her hands and face look so bloated

No. 1108274

her constant abuse of laugh/cry emojis and insistence that she finds the "haters" so funny is telling. the lady doth protest too much

No. 1108275

I would love this too (plz. am incompetent with ps myself but if no one else does I might give it a go)

Because it’s haaaarrrd when you’re called out and the truth hurts. Here’s a thought: if she doesn’t want people asking shit and rightfully questioning her claims of being a super restrictive anorexic, maybe - just maybe - don’t publicly style yourself as some shit hot aNa rEcOvErY QwEeN when literally everything down to your bloated trotters contradicts that story?

No. 1108282

a few of her photos were on a lot of pro-ana websites, so I think you just don't know what you're talking about. I've done my research on OHaA because I was on forums with her since 2006 or something. I don't call her Jen because I know her by her username there and it feels stupid to call her Jen or Dorian.

I'm not close friends with her, we have never met or talked much aside via the forum. I don't give a fuck what you think constitutes emaciated or how she compares to EC. And ok, if she compares herself to EC, that's dumb. She was emaciated according to the medical definition of emaciation. Her very underage pictures were posted on skinnyfans, and the thread in which this was discussed extensively is still on the private forum - I just checked. So I suppose you can assume a lot of things - that I am OHaA, that I'm some simp, whatever. But the reality is: parts if not all of this are true. I don't feel like watching this video, but she didn't make this up. There were a lot of witnesses when that went down.

I won't post anything from that forum here because it's a bannable offense to do so.

No. 1108284

File: 1608138578282.jpeg (243.04 KB, 1200x1030, A060D589-CE10-486F-8028-5BECF2…)

Reposting for context

Tsk tsk these better not be farmers on Hannah’s scawy breakfast post. We laugh from AFAR guise

No. 1108290

I’m in two minds about this girl. Just peeped her YT, she’s not really milky, just a bit cringe. Says she’s been underweight since she was 11, but the last two or three years she was at her worst. Says she’s still technically underweight but has been in recovery for a year.

Tbh I think she’s genuine.

No. 1108292

File: 1608139203441.jpeg (284.09 KB, 1242x1294, 02AB0A50-BBFA-4E47-A10A-9B2544…)


i saw this earlier today, like why would ppl assume she eats ANY fruit or veggies when she never posts them?

No. 1108293


This girl ain’t underweight ,

No. 1108296

Yeah. Ayrt maybe I’m just going soft in my old age.

No. 1108305

File: 1608140215702.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1242x1826, 5D76E384-A477-40F6-B090-90C39E…)

This post just confirms she is a food obsessed anorexic who doesn’t eat what she posts

No. 1108309

when Kevin the friggin carrot looks comparatively thicc next to you. oh dear

No. 1108311

To be fair, they are this mean to each other, though. Who was the figurehead anti-proana woman on tumblr back in ~2012? She was literally like 29 years old bullying teenagers, when in the end it was just a cope, “I’m the REAL anorexic you guys!!!! All these proanas using thinspo to starve are FAKE!” because she recovered but still wanted to be the most sickest and valid uwu

No. 1108321

Ohh this rings a bell but I could have them mixed up with someone else (pretty sure her actual diagnosis was EDNOS, name might have been Sarah?)
I hate all that competitive bollocks but tbf it’s so common with anorexia, I find it more forgivable than whatever Han’s doing

No. 1108326

Not a psych/medfag and obvs the focus of their accounts are different too but does anyone else find the differences between her and Han, Molly, Shay, Laura et al. quite telling? Not just weight wise but

No. 1108336

I espy low calorie veg in her basket

No. 1108367

>>1108282 little baby nothing Jenny never was deathly thin. Skinny fetish sites aren't this ~underground community~ that she gives some woooo value to. These people are attracted to skinny People. They're allowed we'd their own place to post pictures and write fic. It's not illegal.

She tries anything to be seen as interesting. She's not. She was thin not emaciated and never even halfway thin enough for those people to fap over. Don't even need ~inside shots~ , non member forums are searchable and post similar content. Never seen Jen.

No. 1108376

File: 1608144387929.png (3.8 MB, 828x1792, IMG_6505.PNG)

Even a fellow cow agrees that the _ghostofme gift begging is stupid, kek. (Formerly wild struggles or something of that sort, i'm sure some of you remember her. She hasn't been mentioned in a while)

No. 1108396

I wasn't talking about the perv forum being private. The forum where Jen found out that her photos were posted on skinnyfans (and she wasn't even the topic of that thread) is private. I don't think it was legal for fetishists to steal & repost scantily clad minors' content there, especially since there was a fetishist who would digitally alter photos so they were nude. These guys used to fake befriend teenagers and get access to locked ljs, fb photo albums, whatever, and then post all the photos along with their real names/info there. I mean, obviously you know that. At the time it was a big deal, because a lot of girls were stupid or just didn't know there were ED fetishists. They would accept anyone who was friends with enough forum people.

You hate Jen, I get it. But you are only showing yourself to be a creep who haunts fetishist boards often enough that you know whether or not Jen was ever a topic there in the early 2010s(!) Maybe take a step back and focus on hating her in another way? Try the gender stuff or NEETdom or goth stuff? This story happened, her pics were there.

Your obsession with whether someone else had as tragic an ED past as they claim… idk, it's pretty weird. Your argument is basically, "she didn't look that sick to meeee" and "I never saw her pics on fetish sites!" ok bro.

I watched her pro-ana forum meet video and it didn't focus on her. And I'm pretty sure she didn't exaggerate those stories, but of course I can't know either way.

No. 1108400

File: 1608146468823.jpg (7.71 KB, 183x275, wk.jpg)

I don't hate her, she's a nothing. She isn't even goth. Of course I'm a creep who haunts fetishist boards, son. She's lovely, amazing and OOOooooOOOO kooky. Now piss off.

No. 1108402

File: 1608146860066.jpeg (321.74 KB, 750x1008, FAB6C526-EE71-4AD8-A8C3-0A1289…)

I scrolled all the way back to the beginning of her account (2015) and she’s always been about this thin, albeit with frequent fluctuations. I’d like to think it’s natural because she seems like a sweet girl but I suppose vegan + food obsessed = unlikely

No. 1108406

I haven't paid much attention to her before, but she's not healthy here, vegan or not. Her trainers make her legs looks thin, but she's way out of proportion. It shows around her waist/hips area and her arms. More than that awkward tall girl going on. Her hair's really brittle too.

No. 1108417

Yeah not to WK but she comes across an ok person. Her reusing food pics is iffy but at least she’s not playing *~recovery warrior~* I hope she gets some help

No. 1108418

File: 1608147923107.png (2.59 MB, 1909x867, Untitled.png)

Looking at Ham's favourited items on etsy THE SPOON!!!

The full kit n caboodle.

No. 1108424

Guess they didn’t all come free then with her “diagnosis”

No. 1108427

Oh cute, accusations of white-knighting. All I'm doing is corroborating that this one thing happened.

>Don't even need ~inside shots~ , non member forums are searchable and post similar content. Never seen Jen.

kek. During your time spent searching fetishist boards, you probably noticed that just like pedophiles, ED fetishists come in a variety of types and get off on different types of bodies. But I'm sure they are glad to have ppl like you to keep the giant fatties and their wannarexia out.

If you watch the video she says, "They were talking about me, and some of the other members of the anorexia forum." @1:12

You must have quite the hate boner to take that out of context and make it about Jen seeking special attention. Of course she is gonna talk about her pics being stolen and used to make fake profiles to bait other anorexics - since that happened to her, and her YT channel is a dump of stuff that has happened to her.

Stay strong, hunny xoxo

No. 1108433

~anorexia spoon~ +.+

No. 1108438

Before the anorexia hit, there were lots of ~flower prints~ and travel posters. One of the posters is of where I live. I'm keking at the thought of running into her.

No. 1108440

File: 1608150072648.png (120.31 KB, 341x320, Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 2.20.…)

Samefag. That ~cringe~

No. 1108446

Taking bets Ham gets a NEDA (totally irrelevant to the UK) tattoo for her 18th next year.

No. 1108447

>the nurses aren’t nice
You know when I was a teen, I used to think this too. Now as an adult I understand why most of them really don’t want to coddle grown women that refuse to eat for attention. You see enough actual pain and suffering in a day and then on top of that, you have to babysit women in the hospital because they don’t want to eat food? God.

No. 1108450

File: 1608150431375.png (579.21 KB, 843x543, Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 20.25…)

Haha! Excellent. Second time I've seen this fucking thing today. In the Starter Kit it goes.

No. 1108451

Neck fat? M&S sarnies are okay. There's a theme here, Georgie wants the nurses to be her confidential, caring friend and this one does too. They're not there to hold your hand. There's a ward full of young women to tolerate.

No. 1108452

She's also studying nursing…make of that what you will.

No. 1108460

"I can't believe the nurses who are there for the whole ward won't take time out of their busy schedule to coddle ME"

No. 1108462

File: 1608150900029.jpg (24.52 KB, 415x216, Capture.JPG)

She has an account for her dog too! Omg.

No. 1108471

File: 1608151322097.gif (3.46 MB, 377x372, 1577225799517.gif)

>that key chain

No. 1108472


I just remembered, she had a pre sliced apple challenge, so she mustn't even have eaten fruit when she was deep in her disorder.

No. 1108484

File: 1608152491122.png (2.4 MB, 1909x867, in the kit.png)

Another nomination for the kit. Nutella and Biscoff.

No. 1108491

or dietetics/nutrition!

No. 1108492

Aren’t they all. That & psychology are the typical ana/bpd/munchie routes until they inevitably realise it involves work and thinking about those other than themselves. Just a socially sanctioned way to stay in services

No. 1108493

Sorry anon reposted to add a couple words but yea

No. 1108506

Anyone interested in a Han bingo a la Molly? I was thinking of a tier system for them all cos topical but don’t have the skills

No. 1108511

The LARPing and nutrition mentions reminds me of this documentary where the girls "can't wait to be anorexic".
The main one in it, Lavinia, obviously has ~issues~ but sees her brand of anorexia as crash dieting which makes her hungry so she eats McDonalds and ends her diet. She walks past Rhodes Farm and envies the kids because they're thin.
>Lavinia, who logs on to pro-anorexia websites for inspiration and support, is a fierce defender of the movement. She says it has helped keep her alive as well as providing her with information about how to starve herself ‘safely’.

She worked at Oxford University and had a degree in nutrition.

The second one's more cringe because she also ~attempts~

Don't know if you've seen it, but they reek of cowdom. No idea how they're doing today. In 2009 there's mention of her here https://www.oxfordhealth.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/MC14_Minutes_2104091.pdf and she seemed to be involved in mh work.

No. 1108513


No. 1108517

Oh yeah, I remember that one. She always came off as try hard. Not sure if I'm not mistaking it with another ED documentary, but isn't the other one (not Lavinia) dead? Suicide comes to mind but again, I might be wrong.

No. 1108519

sage for dietetics sperg but the entire concept of "your body knows what's best!! eat whatever you want" is bullshit. like ideally yes, intuitive eating should be the ultimate goal, but for anyone with an ED or disordered eating (or the fucked up relationship with food most people have in western countries with abundant processed food, a sedentary lifestyle, and nonstop food and dieting advertising) it's a DISTANT step and in no way the first thing you attempt in ED tx, weight management, etc. if you have an ED, dieting history, and/or are an unhealthy weight (high OR low), your body literally does not know what it needs. this is the fucking point of meal plans and nutrition education. you start off with a plan or exchanges. EVENTUALLY you will develop normal hunger and fullness cues and, combined with an understanding of what foods provide nutrition vs fuck all, you can then "eat intuitively" rather than portioning shit out, ganer style, until you die.

you have to DEVELOP THAT, and that happens with time and work and a fucking nutritionist, not just bingeing on sweets and hugboxing about it until you balloon up to 500 pounds and become a bopo influencer

No. 1108520

>Food is needed no matter what size you are.
Well, yeah, but you need different amounts of food depending on that size.
And you, definitely, don't need THAT much.

No. 1108522

I don't know! I've had a look around for her online and found nothing. I wouldn't be surprised. There were rumours (unfounded) that Brittany from "Thin" was dead, but I hate when I can't see if people recovered or grew out of their phases.

No. 1108549

I did the molly one, I'll make a hannah bingo if nobody else is up to it. Any suggestions from farmers?

No. 1108554


No. 1108560

ata. honestly nah i believe you then cos u sound legit. really kinda surprised she was chased by skinny fetishists but whatever. i agree she was underweight but she acts like she was way skinnier than she was. still underweight yeah but in her EC video she literally says she was that skinny and i dont see it personally. saged

No. 1108562

holy sanpaku eyes

if she approached me in class or in public i would instantly think "do not trust this bitch say anything you need to GET HER AWAY"

No. 1108567

hi Molly bingo anon that shit was brilliant. I know we don’t have mollmum or hilarious!Jamie but if you do this plz include the ~haters~. A salt shaker for her gross attitude and a balloon for her big face

No. 1108568

File: 1608158258776.jpg (35.13 KB, 348x428, at the trough.JPG)

That fucking bath robe because she doesn't ever seem to bother getting dressed.

No. 1108573

File: 1608158420077.jpg (90.25 KB, 640x619, cIMcL7U.jpg)

Perhaps Jen should quit posting these pics public if she doesn't want her tits being discussed all over the internet.

~Cooney vibes (probably lower weight)~

No. 1108575

She's not in school or working. Getting dressed is probably optional. Do you think her mom helps her pick out clothes and helps her dress?

>is it ok to wear jeans?

>of course it's ok to wear jeans. here, put them on

No. 1108576

Absolutely! Hammum chooses her snacks so of course she chooses her clothes. She lets her stay in her bed clothes because she needs to rest and not burn calories.

No. 1108582

Unless mum’s driving her to McDonalds

No. 1108585

How is it called?

No. 1108587

File: 1608159923860.jpg (50.12 KB, 1288x328, Capture.JPG)

No. 1108588


No. 1108592

The N2F merch yes queen slay the house down boots

No. 1108594

File: 1608160306640.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x2005, 33F9BC53-A70A-406D-BB38-2A8CB8…)

May aka @_ghostofme on Instagram has an OnlyFans :/ pretty gnarly(:/)

No. 1108596

File: 1608160547710.jpg (37.73 KB, 750x1000, ur,kids_mask_7x3_flatlay_front…)

On trend n2f facial covering yo

No. 1108599

File: 1608160845084.gif (14.93 MB, 600x1233, delicious.gif)


No. 1108600

Grim. I was gonna ask earlier what’s going on with her posting nudes and lewds, if she’s still doing it. Someone found them a couple of threads ago. Then she got that druggy bf, iirc.

No. 1108606

The shiny little crinkle on her hand like dried discharge

No. 1108607

I'd forgotten that consciously. Flicking her bean in a hospital bed iirc. Ack.

No. 1108610

File: 1608161403843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 222.69 KB, 1080x1765, IMG_20201217_092825.jpg)

Spoilered because used tampon… Mariarecoveryjourney,attention seeking to the next level. Showing your period!

No. 1108612

File: 1608161440097.jpg (461.52 KB, 1080x1801, IMG_20201217_092837.jpg)


No. 1108614

File: 1608161739953.jpg (Spoiler Image, 326.32 KB, 1455x723, onlyfans.jpg)

She needs to change the absorbency or change her tammy more often. She's like that one who used to post discharge on her knickers who had her own thread. Dirty.

Speaking of onlyfans, this is Georgia's friend.

No. 1108615

And that fucking disgusting pea green wall!! I cannot believe she is in a home with actual adults, that’s a design decision some drunk college kids make.

No. 1108617

How did you even find this, anon? What were you looking for?

No. 1108618

I think I’ve seen enough from this one. Christ.

No. 1108621

-laugh/cry emojis or PAHAHAHA!!!! @ the haters
-fake self-coaching ie "it's going to taste nice"
-calling really mundane food DO NICE/AMAZING, with o face
-terrified to "SO DELICIOUS" light switch
-new ED swag, like the bracelet or spoon

No. 1108623

>$22.99 per month
HAHAHAHA. Wow. Utterly delusional.

No. 1108628

you can easily find lavinia's FB so i guess she's alive but all you can see is her prof pic, she's about 40 now

No. 1108629

honestly anon. virtue signallers have no place here

No. 1108631

This is the big question I have with the LARPers, if you're so invested in being a famous anorexic why not just crash diet? Take stimulants if needed? Losing weight sucks because food is good but I'd think it'd be worth it given that their lives revolve around this

No. 1108633

File: 1608163202002.jpeg (46.18 KB, 512x512, 1D7DAAD3-E217-4A94-8744-301202…)

what the fuck

No. 1108635

It’s linked on her Instagram bio. She posted something lewd and weird the other day (since deleted) and mention her OF in the caption. I haven’t been paying any attention to her recently and she rarely comes up in my feed so I missed any previous lewd shit she’s posted. Major bad vibes from her boyfriend. He must be a death fetishist.

No. 1108636

Comparing having anorexia to being an Olympian is pretty god damn milky itself jfc

No. 1108639

Xanned.6. large ED larper sharing quotes about wishing she was underweight. Always appearing in court and manipulating people with her bpd, threatening people, taking ods and live posting them on her story

No. 1108641

File: 1608163557646.jpg (858.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201115-133152_Ins…)

I'm not surprised she has it in her bio. I rarely look at her stories now either. I screencapped this a while back but never cared to share it before

No. 1108645

Smells like self posting

No. 1108649

don't forget AAAAAGHHHHHH!

Thanks, I'll check it out.

They skip the disorder and just do recovery. Normal people find it hard to lose a couple of pounds, so these ones have no chance of ever losing weight by diet. No will power and no eating disorder laying down food laws.

No. 1108664

File: 1608166641537.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, D27C9095-25FE-4971-8EF6-D1CE56…)

checked up on mihaela for the first time in a while and thought she was holding anal beads

No. 1108670

File: 1608167036106.jpg (534.64 KB, 1125x1651, square.jpg)

anyone know what she did to be prosecuted?

No. 1108678

Can you post the pic? I don't have Facebook

No. 1108684

File: 1608167697581.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, DEFCC51F-DF6A-4E09-8F1C-056F0F…)

I read this as “rolled my ankle from walking”

No. 1108688

I think you’re talking about @edcynic

No. 1108692

Assault iirc. Hitting someone in a unit rings a bell?

No. 1108693

File: 1608168007428.jpeg (384.16 KB, 739x883, BB68A11D-A23F-45F0-8A63-F8F759…)


No. 1108698

Samefag sorry forgot to underline the top bit. She didn’t go into detail.

No. 1108706

how the fuck does she have access to instagram at this point. i'll never understand how wards think this is a good idea. recovery should be 100% the priority

No. 1108712

well you know what they say about legs Porgie, if you don't use em you lose em. exercise is good for you. give it a try sometime.

No. 1108716

Even in adolescent psych wards the nurses aren't there to be your friend and indulge you. They can be lovely people, and it shows, but they don't take shit when it comes to recovery or damaging behaviours. That's literally the kind of thing that keeps people sick for the attention and concern.

No. 1108723

Switches from "I'm so scared!" to gobbling it all up within 2 seconds.

No. 1108726

File: 1608171463953.jpeg (771.08 KB, 1242x1096, 1B0354B1-B0F4-438F-936A-C6AEF6…)

I wonder if she slapped this nurse up lol

No. 1108727

Ah old mate Lavinia. I’ve watched that documentary more times than I care to count and I genuinely think she’s autistic. She comes across as extremely immature, has an extremely annoying whiny/baby voice, there’s no mention of any real relationships except for the one bizarre male “friend” who filmed her while nude on the scale. She’s obviously got some intellectual capacity if she can get a degree/hold down a job/buy a property. But fuck. She’s just so weird. I can’t even put my finger on what it is, whether it’s the fetishising anorexia or how she insults herself in the most insincere ways possible (like she’s just rehearsing what she’s read on mpa) I really dunno

No. 1108733

I wonder what she did. She may have caused some actual damage to a staff member or other patient. It's hard to say this without blogging/PL but I know of incidents where patients and staff have been hit, kicked, etc by other pts having major episodes but no charges brought. Either things have changed in the last decade, or she did something seriously bad.

No. 1108736

This is hilarious, anon. HamFightsThis, kek.

No. 1108737

Is it furry?

No. 1108745

File: 1608172546338.png (1012.13 KB, 1536x788, very-hungry.png)

The way she eats reminds me of this for some reason

No. 1108746

This. Also don't how to say without pl/blog but things haven't changed that much. It must have been bad for them to consider prosecuting and then actually go through with shipping her out to secure.

No. 1108753

Please can Very Hungry Hannahpillar be in the next thread pic

No. 1108758

>inb4 this picture appears on her Instagram with a "LOLOLOL THEY HAVE SO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HAND I'M SO UNBOTHERED U GUIZ" caption

No. 1108775

This bitch is legit crazy.

No. 1108785

File: 1608176626692.jpg (409.76 KB, 1080x1715, 20201216_214149.jpg)

>2 day relapse
>2 protein milkshakes
£3 biscuits because fuck you anorexia

(I don't remember seeing this but feel free to yell at me if it had been shared)

No. 1108786

Damn it that was supposed to be
>3 biscuits etc

No. 1108790

>two days ago I relapsed
>today I'm totally fine and eating 3 biscuits
no wonder she thinks her week-long diet was an ED, if one (alleged) day of not hitting her delf-prescribed meal plan = rELaPsE

No. 1108807

File: 1608179139625.jpeg (927.45 KB, 828x1373, C3BDB951-6027-4276-8416-3EA08E…)

our recovery warrior getting in that fruit and veg as usual

No. 1108813

man i really can't get over how much she's trying to make her collarbones pop in her pfp

No. 1108815

Ham-mahpiller *

No. 1108818

IMO she isnt milky just because of how boring her videos are..

No. 1108820

I thought this was n2f from the thumbnail.

No. 1108824

I'm going to guess she's willingly chugged down the Tabitha Farrar flavor-aid.

No. 1108856

WHAT THE HELL I’ve seen the same caption on another “ed fighter” account fuck I’m trying to remember who it was

No. 1108868

I thought this too lol. Using all the ED recovery lingo, cringe. Who told her she had to increase her breakfast? If she doesn’t calorie count then surely breakfast is just breakfast

No. 1108869

I’ll probably get removed for this but there is a chance Hannah really is underweight. I have an underweight BMI (in recovery) but a face that looks normal/round. You wouldn’t know I was underweight, truly only my ribs look thin and we never see that part of Hannah/want to!

No. 1108873

File: 1608190839367.jpg (1.02 MB, 1440x1604, Screenshot_20201217-073815_Ins…)

She looked at the absolute most Borderline underweight, honestly it's hard to tell. (blogpost) but i'm almost overweight fatty but my collar bones and shoulder bones all stick out.

No. 1108875

No. 1108877

It was discussed in the last thread (#46) .. this post >>1104692 . Maybe that's what you're thinking?

No. 1108890

she acts like she has a minimal breakfast…eating junk for breakfast is ridiculous, same with adding a supplement when you have an easy time packing down the carbs

No. 1108892

Three bisquits and TWO protein shakes??? Her gut must feel horrible jesus…

No. 1108895

I'd kms if I was underweight but still had a face that chubby. Christ.

No. 1108896

if she was underweight it would show in her arms/wrists

No. 1108903

she tries so hard to pop her collarbones because it’s the only ~dainty~ feature she can fake

u see it all the time with non-recovery accounts; popping collarbones, pulling back thigh fat to make a gap, sucking in EXTREMELY then sucking in a little & saying “sucking in vs normal”, but you can always tell when someone isn’t as underweight as they say. A bmi of 18.4 or lower is classified as underweight, my bet is as soon as they hit 18.5 or 18 they start their “recovery” accounts & ~journey~

No. 1108908

she’s acting as if she’s on a rapid weight restoration plan. blog but i only had shakes with each meal during that period - albeit only one

No. 1108912

File: 1608196170241.jpeg (32.46 KB, 722x406, 85359A26-1861-41BD-8ECA-C5FE67…)

yes you can. who needs more

No. 1108914

yes, it sucks. Fortunately she clearly isn't underweight (Look at her hands/arms/torso) and her face is proportionate to the rest of her body

No. 1108915

I honestly can't get over how pig-like she looks with these tiny eyes and upturned nose.

No. 1108918

that's a bit mean, anon

No. 1108920

We don't call her Ham for nothing!

No. 1108925

i think this is a little far. personally i don't think she looks fat at all, but she's definitely not underweight. looks completely healthy

No. 1108935

Of herbs and altar literally says she used to be THINNER than Eugenia


No. 1108936

Fellow nurse here. We see so many fucked up shit on a daily basis, to see this person complaining about not being coddled is honestly disrrespectful to other patients and health workers. If I had to parent every single patient I've had I would kms.
Sorry for blogpost/derrailing

No. 1108949

It looks like she’s tired or has been crying which can make anyone look unwell. Her transformation pictures could be taken on the same day with no makeup on vs with a full face but she’d bang on about how sick she looked before

No. 1108954

File: 1608203558855.png (3.61 MB, 828x1792, C919E298-E317-4E7A-AA81-1C5A49…)

anyone remember this one? friends w shay and a bunch of other random Ed-munchies. Being moved to icu after a code blue but they have time to pack up her room after they move her?? sure thing kiyah

No. 1108968

No. 1108979

…no. Just no.

Doesn’t look underweight at all. Her face, neck, arms show that. Hair and nails look healthy too. This is not someone who ~needs~ extra biscuits

No. 1108980

Right? I've also heard Polly died. I know why others would want to go private, but after seeing these documentaries many times, you can't help but care a little.

No. 1108983

aside from the hunched shoulders to force her collarbones she's also had the picture taken from a slight downward angle, the "look thinner" trick since literal myspace, and she's tucked her upper arms back to hide their size as well as done this "broken wrist" thing like she does in the pic her pfp is from.

she's not underweight or she would 100% be flaunting it in every picture rather than hiding her body and forcing her collarbones in her two attempts to look thin. she looks healthy, borderline overweight, in every other picture. more importantly it's obvious from her face and arms and overall fat distribution that she is a weight her body "wants" to be rather than lower. she really doesn't need to gain and she def is not yet.

No. 1108984

def is not underweight* sorry

No. 1108988

She was making tiktoks 1 hr ago with her pink blanket thing…. highly doubt shes in icu in a public hospital

No. 1108989

She's a cute kid tbh - she looks like she should be listening to Taylor Swift and figuring out what she wants to major in at uni, not pretending to have an eating disorder for online attention. Fucked up that her mother is letting her ruin her life like this. She needs to learn some basic nutrition before this recovery LARP ruins her health and she develops diabetes.

No. 1108990

File: 1608210407547.jpg (139.34 KB, 1024x1024, 20201218_000341-COLLAGE.jpg)

Ham self harming? It's the only 2 pics of her arm, in the rest she hides it or does that self conscious sleeve over the hand thing.

No. 1108993

She’ll be headbanging next

No. 1109003

"I have an underweight BMI (in recovery)" kek that's not how that works

No. 1109007

Has she claimed that she used to be or currently is underweight, or that she's having all the medical complications from being underweight? She still strikes me as different from these other cows because from what I've seen, she's not even talking about being super sick (except for the hospital bed with her name on it kek).

No. 1109015

Won't have to do her exercise session. Handy.

No. 1109019

She says she has anorexia so yeah, by definition she is claiming to be underweight. If she ever actually had complications from skipping a biscuit nobody would hear the end of it.

No. 1109020

File: 1608213936190.jpg (386.67 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20201217-140455_Fac…)


Katy? Nah she's alive

No. 1109021

they will move all your belongings though if you move to other parts of the hospital, they’re not just going to wheel you off and leave all your crap behind? at least in my experience. stupid thing to get pissy about imo

No. 1109022

File: 1608213980648.png (107.09 KB, 720x515, Screenshot_20201217-140414~2.p…)

Sitting was uncomfortable, hinting at ass bones/spine sticking out, hair loss…

No. 1109028

Lol nevermind. So she had was sick of hospital threats and sick of not being allowed out, supervised bathrooms, etc., which, by extrapolation, were conditions she was under… at home? Is she not old enough to just leave even if her mom said no

No. 1109029

these days you can claim anorexia on social media despite never being underweight and pointing out thats not possible is labelled "fatphobic"

No. 1109032

File: 1608216068689.jpeg (166.6 KB, 750x1211, A7F5F4EF-09C3-4C02-8336-50B9FF…)

Imagine making some fan art for someone and instead of taking the time to properly thank you they need to emphasise they were in CAMHS AND SO SOOPER SICK AND HANGRY

No. 1109042

“extreme hunger etc.” lol.

Who even is this?

No. 1109050

Suuuuure Han. If she was “fainting every day” and needing supervision on the toilet she’d be in a general hospital or home bed rest at least. CAMHS may be underfunded but they don’t fuck around- if anything they’re MORE likely to admit so this speaks volumes

No. 1109057

It honestly just looks like she turned up the contrast to look ~sicker~ there's something uncanny about this picture.

No. 1109064


No. 1109070

Thank you for replying! I must have mistaken her for Brittany then. Glad to see she's alive.

No. 1109072

is this bored with ana?

No. 1109075

File: 1608222415115.png (436.91 KB, 706x851, 1603393430748.png)

Thank you anons! Molly 2.0 bingo coming as soon as I get home from work

No. 1109090

File: 1608224264214.jpg (378.73 KB, 1080x1609, 20201217_105711.jpg)

We've been blessed again

No. 1109091

File: 1608224299610.jpg (939.28 KB, 1080x1242, Screenshot_20201217-105806_Ins…)

No. 1109097

File: 1608225605023.jpg (544.21 KB, 1053x1938, 20201217_111823.jpg)

If you have a passing thought about food, eat.

If you see food, eat.

Your cat is asking for more food? Feed that cat immediately! She has extreme hunger

No. 1109098

It’s like Katy in mean girls when she’s trying to make Regina fat. “Is butter a carb?”

No. 1109108

No ED is invalid except BED because that's not disordered because there's never too much food.

No. 1109116

They just look hairy to me

No. 1109117

Her presentation needs work. Ew cherry Bakewell. Does she get freebies from the skinny company or is she really a massive fan and buys it herself? Ew donut creamer.

No. 1109118

BMI is crap. Bitter.

No. 1109121

She dances around the idea that she may or may not be underweight. But by all the "you can have an ED at any weight", she's basically suggesting she's not underweight, just too embarrassed to admit it straight up. Also, I agree with anon cos if she was underweight, we all know she'd be posting it, instead of hiding under her dressing gown.

No. 1109122

I'd be SO surprised if the skinny Co looked at all the tagged posts from her and would want anything to do with the abominations she makes kek

No. 1109124

Idk, sometimes they like her posts. Any attention is good attention when you make a product aimed at people desperate to be skinny at any cost, even if it means choking down horrific perversions of baked goods to try to suppress cravings.

No. 1109147

File: 1608230648021.png (723.77 KB, 750x1334, 93FC26AF-E514-4F12-8564-0CD917…)

Not-so-Littlest Lee having a beef.


No. 1109149

File: 1608230684030.png (797.09 KB, 750x1334, 00862E44-816C-408B-BFEB-28CF85…)

No. 1109150

It's Dusty lol

No. 1109155

Of course it is. She jumps at any chance to prove she’s the sickest ana waif ever. Has she mentioned lately how her therapist wrote his suicide note about her? Because that fantasy never gets old

No. 1109162

They look really faint, like they’re old and super shallow. She probably went just deep enough to give her an irl bat signal to other larp—I mean, survivors.

She isn’t underweight but christ, she’s 17, of course she has fat in her face. I’m assuming you must be 17 too, given the dramatics over something so silly. Come on, it’s so embarrassing when farmers come into a thread talking like the cows in question.

No. 1109163

File: 1608231583051.jpeg (485.59 KB, 750x1047, EAF61DC3-2770-4E58-B42B-60E705…)

This is more a question than anything…where do we stand on literal pro-ana scumbag wannarexics?

This dickhead posts mainly thinspo but does a lot of story Q&As which run along the lines of
>your dark eye bags are good, it means you’re getting skinny bb

Hopefully obvious this isn’t a self post.

No. 1109166

I know, kek. I unfollowed ages ago so can’t see the other side.

I’m dying to see what she’s saying about it.

No. 1109170

Provide milk and the tribunal will decide

No. 1109185

M’lady, the case for the prosecution needs some time. That is to say I await the next lactation.

No. 1109194

>eyes on ur own plate !!!!!

Someone’s bitter.

No. 1109195

If those are marks, they look like recent surface scars like when someone scratches (rather than cuts( and the scab dropped off. That colour stays a week or so. Cat scratches look the same.

No. 1109213

They're scum but not interesting enough to be cows (sometimes I do come across some very laughable depressed tumblr quotes a la Cassie/Emma chota though which might be fun if compiled into a collage) I report them if they offer coaching/ ~ana buddies~ though. Does that count as cowtipping?

No. 1109219

No. Even if they were one of our cows I'd hope farmers/farmhands would turn a blind eye to that. That's legit abuse.

No. 1109221

File: 1608236860759.jpeg (309.77 KB, 557x875, 093A4B5D-F091-4EE9-B098-BE00B1…)

is it just me or has our recovery qween begun to pork up rather quickly from all these challenging yummy treats?

No. 1109224

That's some real middle school bullshit, she doesn't like what Dusty said so put their private convo on blast, to what? Make her ED Internet buddies pick a side?

No. 1109228

Lee’s a moron but Dusty’s been doing this shit for years, it’s pathetic. Anything for a scrap of attention

No. 1109233

I agree with a previous anon that at 17 she could have puppy fat on her face, but looking at this she's actually got a fat girl face and there's a difference. Her hands are meaty also. Wouldn't matter to me what her size was if she wasn't larping anorexia.

Whatever went on with Molly, she was a petite thing who could actually get away with her claims (to an extent), but Ham's actually not petite. She HAS gained in three months, but she doesn't need to so fuck knows what's going on in her head. I can't help thinking if Ganer was Ham's current size she'd have good material to build those muscles. I don't think this one's only exercise is food shopping. I can't even understand where she's taking her account. Is it going to be endless copypasta from motivational quote pages?

No. 1109237

Ayrt I’m inclined to agree. Just wondered what the general consensus is and good to know about the report not cowtipping, >>1109219.

It has been decided. No case to answer. Let’s move on to the next.

She getting chonk.

No. 1109241

File: 1608238530537.png (535.82 KB, 533x653, dainty waif.png)

this was ham at the start of her "recovery journey" and she already looked a bit chubby

No. 1109243

i theorize that she's going to continue to balloon up and eventually turn into a HAES/body positivity account like some other ~ed warriors~ have. this is why actual eating disorder recovery should be carried out with a registered dietician's guidance, to prevent unnecessary weight gain and so starved patients don't become addicted to processed sugar-loaded diets, but it doesn't really matter in ham's case considering she never had the sooper severe restrictive tendencies she claims anyway. she isn't going through extreme hunger, there is literally no reason for her to be eating these ungodly amounts of chocolate and pastries and sugary treats. but that's all she's seen from the other ~recovery warrior~ instagram accounts, so she thinks that's how anorexia works.

No. 1109244

A cow I posted here ages ago turned out to be a sex offender (of minors). I reported the fuck out of him. Sometimes you just can't sit back and watch grooming, which a lot of those "ana coaches" are doing.


Hell yeah! Shame there's NEVER too much. I'm popping to Tesco Express as soon as I've demolished every crumb in the cupboards. She makes me dizzy with empowerment!!

No. 1109245

Oops forgot to consume my entire body weight in biscuits today. Thank god for these daily reminders!

No. 1109246

Fucked up green linkage
2nd comment was for >>1109239

No. 1109248

No. 1109252

File: 1608238990222.jpeg (33.4 KB, 680x670, EgLr1tWX0AAwqlX.jpeg)

s-svensk anon?

No. 1109254

I know Ham probably never had any "real" help for anorexia, but she has the mindset of those who don't like what they hear in therapy or hear from their dietician. They really do want to eat crap and not put any work into sorting out their issue (real event or embellished/imaginary scenario) that kicked off the ed. I kind of value the recovery accounts suggested by therapists or the workbooks you can buy or download for free if you were a pirate. Too much work for Ham to invest so much time in their larping, and fuck recommended portions of protein, carbs, etc - CHOCOLATE! WAFFLES! DONUTS! BURGERS! Absolutely no helpful content to her account at all.

No. 1109257

Oh aye, wanted to add that she said a side effect of her ~anorexia~ is "extreme hunger". She uses those words out of context. She would've been extremely hungry because she wasn't eating and not experiencing the effect of refeeding.

No. 1109258

(which she would've known about if she'd had her ~team~ for YEARS.

No. 1109263

Yeah and not to mention if she ~starved~ for years, wouldn’t her hunger cues be non existent, or at least all kinds of fucked up?
Nothing she says makes any sense.

No. 1109285

File: 1608241131369.jpg (182.94 KB, 1080x1557, 20201217_153844.jpg)

>we need every single calorie we can get
>it doesn't matter what size you are

No. 1109290

She looks very distressed faced with her huge fear.

No. 1109292

Wasn't she tagging well known recovery accounts in her posts early on?

Her latest hot choc saga has her saying she could have chosen the lite whipped cream as thats what the ed wanted but she didn't…sure jan

No. 1109293

File: 1608241597958.jpg (926.48 KB, 2218x1788, all the calories.jpg)

It looks like she's wearing a coat in the most recent post. Trying to hide the weight gain, Hannie? I thought you weren't ashamed.

Also, why no collarbone popping anymore?

No. 1109295

File: 1608241816565.jpg (514.18 KB, 1080x1830, Screenshot_20201217-154750_Ins…)


>>1109292 Samefag

She did it with two of her early posts. Probably didn't net her the attention she wanted.

The brownie video has over 11k views. Why?

No. 1109299

Her latest post does say "it doesn't matter what your bmi is" lol think she applies that to her perception of the anorexia nervosa diagnostic criteria too

No. 1109308

File: 1608243224032.jpeg (118.1 KB, 600x500, 47299D8E-0117-41C3-90ED-FA68E0…)

HUGE FEAR. HUGE. It’s MASSIVE anons can’t you see she looks terrified

No. 1109324

File: 1608244696785.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, DF691029-7177-4C42-BA31-0798AC…)

Who mentioned Remi the other day? She’s got potential milk rising to the surface.

No. 1109339

File: 1608245830171.jpeg (845.1 KB, 828x1792, CF674E10-91D3-4C4B-ADAF-D42D40…)

I’m so confused she said she had an impatient bed reserved like don’t you have to be very underweight

No. 1109341

I will never understand why these bitches want to be inpatient so bad

No. 1109343

She didn't want to go because her meal plan would've been way under the quantity she likes to eat. Nitpick but why tuck her t shirt into her jeans?

No. 1109346

Hahaha great point. She’s a great actor in those videos

No. 1109348

Same I’ll never understand like I’ve been IP twice and it’s NOT NICE I did NOT want to go(emoji)

No. 1109352

I get that being anachan fries your brain but can you read the rules before posting?

No. 1109353

dustys starting drama so that means she's out of mcclean for the 100th time. i wonder if her psych is still not talking to her.
checked her tumblr (her current one since she gets deleted so easily), only talking about how shes been w/ the psych she obsesses over since that poor bloke killed himself for 6 years like its a good memory. he basically told her to f off a while ago then she was back in mcclean living out the girl interrupted dream.

No. 1109356

Yeah? Nobody gives a shit learn to integrate

No. 1109357

Jesus take a chill pill bruh

No. 1109366

Sage your sperging

No. 1109371

File: 1608247889238.jpeg (347.37 KB, 1200x1800, A6EA63B7-4C81-4581-8BD3-7A69DA…)

Full fat whipped cream. “ED” wanted the lighter option apparently, but our brave warrior forges on

No. 1109373

I just hope her future employer doesn’t find her account cuz he’s gonna be like whatta weirdo

No. 1109374


She always has that smirk a couple of microseconds before she eats\drinks her fear food\drink.

No. 1109375

Most CAMHS beds are not specialist ED CAMHS beds so it would have been an adolescent psych ward so more related to what was going on with her mental health/ safety.
There must be something going on for her not to be in education or training but under 18 or her mum has deregistered her.

No. 1109378

Kek this is the first video on her account I’ve watched and it was so cringey and embarrassin, she wanted to drink it so bad the whole time. She’s fucking funny.

No. 1109379

The system's changed since I was at secondary school, but I was wondering why she wasn't doing A Levels or something. She says she isn't studying. There doesn't seem to be a dad around (or two mums). No siblings either. Something might've fucked her up to make her LARP.

No. 1109384

wooow she looks straight up retarded here. why girl

No. 1109386

hunchback of notre dame vibes

No. 1109388

She looks like a Dickensian orphan who only ever dreamed of drinking hot chocolate with squirty cream being given her wish. NOT an anorexic with a HUGE FEAR of what she has to face. Her inspiration was definitely Moll over Elzani. Strange how in retrospect Elzani's videos seemed so authentic compared to this shit.

No. 1109393

File: 1608249567955.png (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 1864x1174, Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-18 um 0…)

i don't remember her name, just that i saw her posted here, so i'm posting just in case anyone finds it interesting i guess?

the girl in this pic (nsfw) who made a camgirl video apparently registered to the skinny fetish site that of herbs and altars talked about in his last vid (the username may_mystical is listed on the forums as the last person to register to the site)

so if there was any debate as to she was purposefully making anorexic fetish porn there's your answer

No. 1109394

She's used may_mystical on porn sites as well. Must've found some filthy perv to pay her subscription.

No. 1109395

Wait, you need to be a member to access the forum.

No. 1109398

it was almost like she was waiting for her to script reading to be over so she could start slurping away

No. 1109399

Future employer? She will just gain and gain until she is immobile so she can be a spoonie and unable to work

No. 1109400

yeah, i wasn't able to register, but it still says at the bottom of the login page which members are currently online and who the newest member is, even if you're not registered to the site.

No. 1109402

I know she's sick but (also taking into account her past sociopathic behaviours) May purposefully fetishizing her anorexia genuinely makes me feel sick, what sort of freak can even get off to this shit????? This girl needs taking off the internet and put into a treatment centre asap. Camwhoring her skelly body on chaturbate is one thing, posting pictures of yourself to an anorexia fetish site is another ball game.

No. 1109406

>what sort of freak can even get off to this shit?????

serial killers and shit like that. I can even get men being into BBW because they like all the softness and - folds - yeah, I know but it's healthier to get turned on by a body that has flesh than something that looks like you dug it up. I reckon some of them like to treat them as if they were submissive or needed protecting. If a skele sat on some guy's face it'd be like cutting it up with razor blades.

No. 1109411

I also think there’s a lot of crossover between people who are into this and people who are into… minors.

No. 1109412

Wow, perfect description. I'm so embarrassed for her.

Agree that this is next level. Why doesn't anyone intervene? Especially after the car accident. Does she literally see anyone outside her cokehead boyfriend ?

No. 1109419

Yeah. They wouldn't get busted for adult porn with skinny women as they would with child abuse images. I get all wtf when there's the section of skinny fans who like the emaciated women who have ridiculously large breast implants. What's the deal with that?!?

No. 1109432

of herbs and altars mentioned this in that video. I thought it was a good point

No. 1109439

You don't still have puppy fat at 17, stop WK'ing.

No. 1109440

File: 1608254032386.jpg (187.12 KB, 769x898, I LITERALLY COULDN'T WALK YOU …)

Took me a while since she's new and despite being a bigger cow than Molly she has less of a personality. Hope this will suffice nonetheless!

No. 1109444

File: 1608254252336.gif (35.87 KB, 220x172, ahhh.gif)

YESSSS! You injected the bingo fun back into the thread. Ty, anon!

No. 1109446

Oh and HUGE LOL at the I bEAT anorexia guy

No. 1109451

IIRC she just binges and purges, she probably maintains or gains/loses on whatever calories she can't throw up

I know she's an awful person but I feel very sorry for her, nobody deserves the kind of life she has

No. 1109469

Nta but think anon is meaning at 17 her face will still have youthful volume, most women don't start losing volume in their face until they are in their 20's.

No. 1109471

True but I think it's fair to say hers is a bit beyond youthful volume >>1109293

No. 1109472

Yes they do.
so you conveniently ignored the part where I mocked her cat scratches and said she was a larper all because you were mad I said teenage girls can have plump faces?

No. 1109475

>stay strong
Had to be included. The Hangry Caterpillar sent me. ILY anon.

No. 1109487

Ah but nutrition is fatphobic and counterintuitive to eating whatever you want to eat, anon.

No. 1109493

Having a bed ready at the hospital to potentially save your life is the worst thing ever? I think she was just scared they'd take her phone off her!

No. 1109539

> Why doesn't anyone intervene? Especially after the car accident. Does she literally see anyone outside her cokehead boyfriend ?
No I don’t think anyone likes her not even her family because she’s a massive cunt and completely useless

No. 1109647


Considering she started here as a self-poster, something about the wording of this and her sudden reappearance is kinda suspect to me

No. 1109651

this video infuriates me. she’s acting a role which is built on her media induced romanticist perception of anorexia. jesus christ

No. 1109652


No. 1109656

you’re right anon. I think it’s a power thing - emaciated bodies are weak and prepubescent like

No. 1109658

“recovery is about saying yes to things instead of no” sage for blog but that attitude was detrimental to my recovery. recovery is about moderation and learning to say no in a non disordered way - it’s perfectly normal to say no to food

No. 1109662

agree. also what about saying no to exercise or purging or other habits, stepping away from unhelpful conversations/relationships etc. These cows never seem to realise food is only part of the equation.

No. 1109665

exactly anon. a massive part of recovery is saying no to these behaviours - if you wanna word it like ham

No. 1109666

in addition there is the childlike behaviour/ Disney obsessions a lot of Anas have. It is probably easy to manipulate them as well with their reduced mental capacity.

No. 1109671

Tinfoil, but considering she lurks here she might have watched OHaA's video and thought the skinny fetishits site was an easy way to make money (She recently created an onlyfans and posted stories wanting to sell lude content to her followers, so it'd be no surprise)

No. 1109677

That's not tinfoil, it's obviously what she's done. She doesn't care what danger it might put her in so long as a bunch of perverts think she's hot and she makes some $ out of it.

No. 1109704

I'm not sure that's the case cause I'm fairly certain they closed down regristration after she posted the video, maybe even before. Would be a pretty big coincidence if she was the last person to get in after the video was posted.

No. 1109716

File: 1608299415669.png (3.38 MB, 750x1334, CD3150C4-DEFC-4F79-898C-917DBB…)

>feeling so happy and free

No. 1109724

File: 1608301135884.png (3.66 MB, 750x1334, DDC3F8A2-7346-421A-8DC0-4364CD…)

Merry nose hose Christmas

No. 1109725

File: 1608301201665.jpg (82.51 KB, 640x1138, f52.jpg)

stay strong skinny qween!

No. 1109729

No pizza or wine for a day is malnutrition in Lee's eyes.

No. 1109730

looking more like Georgia by the day

No. 1109733

File: 1608302500603.jpg (722.93 KB, 1439x2162, Screenshot_20201218-093533.jpg)

Saw this chick begging Grimes for attention on IG. Claims to be recovered but posts a bunch of pictures with her head enlarged like a 90s Steve Madden ad.


No. 1109735

File: 1608302549804.jpg (704.85 KB, 1440x2093, Screenshot_20201218-093430.jpg)

2/3 posted this with her head the same size as her calves

No. 1109737

File: 1608302600407.jpg (1.06 MB, 1440x2309, Screenshot_20201218-093709.jpg)

3/3 and then posted this pic where she looks kind of normal

No. 1109740

File: 1608302820289.jpg (649.47 KB, 1440x1515, Screenshot_20201218-094438.jpg)

Got more pics. The deleted chin is fascinating.


No. 1109741

File: 1608302874133.jpg (746.37 KB, 1439x2252, Screenshot_20201218-094517.jpg)

Another super scary spoop masturbation post


No. 1109744

Wow, she's even bigger. What the hell is she eating.

No. 1109746

File: 1608303770723.png (364.2 KB, 720x917, Screenshot_20201218-150202~2.p…)


No. 1109749

File: 1608304045610.png (1 MB, 699x958, Screenshot_20201218-150453~2.p…)

Aaaand more nourishing goodness!

No. 1109755

I love how they all have their own justifications that makes it very healthy and necessary to post themselves undressed at a low weight, because we all know ~real recovery~~ means not fantasizing over that stuff so they each give themselves some sort of special exception

No. 1109756

Weird that they chose to put it on the side with the piercing, nurses are told not to do that here.

No. 1109762

why are the ingredients on her bed

No. 1109769

Saged for speculation question: I am genuinely flummoxed as to how Ganer can think what she's doing is healthy. Many anorexics know enough about nutrition and dietetics to understand what they're doing is unsustainable in the long term even as they also feel they're an exception or can somehow "make it work". Is orthorexia different, since the fixation is on so-called health? Does the denial run deeper? Or do many have an underlying recognition that they're hurting themselves, too?

No. 1109774

I will never get used to that face

No. 1109778

File: 1608307470439.jpeg (393.45 KB, 828x937, 5FD9E969-921A-495C-9DC7-0B6EF9…)

Whatever you’re expecting, I promise you aren’t ready for this treat

No. 1109780

It’s not just a bed. It’s a whole culinary experience “n2f style”

Once you’ve learnt to sage lurk harder.

No. 1109787

Anon’s going to shit herself when she sees the window (and fallen sauces) display if the bed is strange to her.

No. 1109791

No. 1109794

Please someone make it a concept restaurant, like dining in the dark or the robot cafe etc.

No. 1109798

A vape for very cool girls indeed, bet she sucks on it constantly to get by between meals.

No. 1109799

Is it me or does it look like there has been an attempt to clean the goomba and the jars?

I guess pizza isn't the only thing she inhales.

No. 1109800

She’s sick and in denial over how miserable her life is. Same with n2f. It’s why they’re generally the two cows for whom we farmers have a bit of pity / empathy. Ganer celebrated her birthday a few days ago by finding a “better” gym (better lifting equipment but it looks less posh than her usual place and is in a dingey basement. Definitely a bro-gym) and probably gulping down the exact same protein powder slop she’s eaten every day for the past three years. Maybe she put a candle in it or something. It’s just really sad to see that much wasted potential and self delusion.

No. 1109802

You love it there, Lee, and you know it. You and all the other uselessly immature Munchies whose greatest fear is having a single responsibility.

Try your hardest to get admitted →
Get admitted →
Whine, complain, and regularly insult all the staff who are obligated to follow protocol to "help" you →
Get kicked out/Leave because your attention quota has been met→
Try your hardest to get admitted →

It really should be boring to me by now, but somehow it continues to make me really angry still, so I keep watching. Fuck her and people like her!

No. 1109811

Lissy's Sleepover Midnight Feast. The hipsters would go for that.

No. 1109812

Her old gym was a chain. It's not posh as such but always really hygienic with good equipment.

No. 1109855

She'll be fucked when she inevitably gets the coof over exercising/ no rest/ poor kcal intake is probably worse for you than not exercising at all

No. 1109884

File: 1608317743314.png (600.71 KB, 483x780, not even all in.png)

Seems like Ham didn't notice her view count until she read about it here. Nothing to do with people looking at things tagged on Elzani's account, ofc.

Nice self congratulatory post there. Never get those views again, so don't get hooked on the one-off dopamine rush.

No. 1109917

File: 1608320306879.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, 683B22D3-ECBC-4F24-91F6-61F833…)

def lurking. we were just talking about the views on this vid

No. 1109920

ah shit sorry anon. just refreshed and saw you’d posted the same thing

No. 1109930

No problem. Only confirms my suspicion.

Unclear when bingo happens. Is it with a video post? HANNAH IF YOU NEED US TO SEND HELP BLINK TWICE. Marina Joyce will always be my favourite interwebs happening.

No. 1109938

N2F saw the plans for a bake off and decided to give the baker anons more recipes to choose from.

No. 1109939

File: 1608322988554.jpg (907.48 KB, 1079x1749, Screenshot_20201218-142130_Ins…)

Begging for sponsorships now

No. 1109941

Disgusting stuff. Literally tastes like chemicals.

No. 1109943

File: 1608323244697.png (109.35 KB, 720x903, Screenshot_20201218-202624~2.p…)

Oh wait…


No. 1109948

Everything about this video was painfully embarrassing, pretty sure the view count is so high from how many times it’s been shared in group chats making fun of her. That’s how I discovered it.

No. 1109950

File: 1608324008984.jpeg (121.33 KB, 750x687, 4391C6A1-8252-4D03-BA6A-4D1627…)

Your wish has been granted
I guarantee we will still get ana-chans using ‘awareness’ as an excuse to post emaciated body checks and needing to emphasise they have never ever struggled with anything as dirty and shameful as BED themselves

No. 1109966

File: 1608325618574.jpg (576.78 KB, 1080x1384, 20201218_150518.jpg)

I saw this and did a double take. This is the most normal looking meal I've seen from N2F

No. 1109977

That's HER plate?? What the…

Hey, I saw mince pie flavour and gingerbread flavour skinny syrup in Home Bargains today. Disappointed she hasn't used it in any bakes.

How so they make spices "skinny"?

Impressed with the size of the sprouts.

No. 1109984

File: 1608327112725.jpg (118.67 KB, 1080x1178, 20201218_152847.jpg)

I'm sure you're shocked to find out that it's just a gimmick because they want to sell more shit. They're currently £0.99 on the skinnyfoodco's website! What a deal.

No. 1109985

Just watched it for the first time, I rarely watch anyone's videos because it's just too cringe-y. But this seems to be implying people with anorexia don't know a brownie tastes super good and if they did they'd be happier to eat them? I'd assume most anorexics anxiety actually goes up once they've started eating a food they've been awkwardly frowning at in public.

No. 1109987

Lord, she looks like she's wearing oven mitts. Bet she's pissed she's not going to be in NFC for Christmas, no extra tragedy waif points this year.

No. 1109990

Spices are 99p at Tesco. They missed marking the "skinny" brand up a bit.

No. 1110003

i love her.

No. 1110008

File: 1608328249835.png (688.23 KB, 728x426, gm.png)

This is really bad. She makes Divine (who she looks vaguely like) look slim.

No. 1110012

tinfoiling a bit but does anyone else think ham formulated how to imitate anorexia by watching skins? her facial expressions and the 'wow's scream cassie wannabe to me

No. 1110016

This looks so clean and normal. She even seasoned her vegetables.

If you're ever tempted to try Skinny Sauce, my advice is don't. There was some Skinny sweet chili mayonnaise in my local Home Bargains so I thought I'd see why it's so popular. It was one of the most disgusting things I've ever put in my mouth. The taste wasn't terrible but the texture was like semen mixed with congealed vomit.

No. 1110019

Not sure if that's how she educated herself on how to LARP anorexia, but definitely not a tinfoil that she just acts like any TV show/movie/book anorexic. She must have docunmented herself so much!

No. 1110020

Recently mentioned I bought the marshmallow syrup from HB as a tribute to n2f. Medicine flavoured spunk. I binned it. If you want a lighter spread type thing, Choc Shots are best. Being on sale at HB makes me wonder if they have a lot of over stock because they don't sell well because it's shit.

Btw, really think Moll and Elzani are the ones she copied. Esp. Molly. She seems to have little knowledge about actually being anorexic/eating disordered.

No. 1110035

I'd love to do a taste test and compare with proper full sugar syrups but I don't want to give them money if they are actually using n2f, an anorexic, to promote their products. Also don't want to risk It at 4 quid a bottle for if it is going straight in the bin. Anyone anons braver or wealthier than me up to it? Molly 2.0? Elzani?

No. 1110045

£2.99 at Home Bargains, but…don't. Anything "zero" calorie is horrific (although only tried that syrup and those noodles that stink of fish and are impossible to digest).

No. 1110048

Forget about anorexics, absolutely NO ONE looks so lovingly at food after they've taken a bite. Not even deathfats. The way she does that is a tell that it's all for show.

No. 1110050

I eat low carb so I can't comment on full sugar syrup. I use the Bulk Powders zero calorie syrups and they work as a sweetener in hot drinks and protein shakes.

No. 1110051

She looks like Kyle / Fupa. The ultimate cow crossover: secretly being the same person!

No. 1110060

Full sugar coffee syrups are always a bit sickly if it's more than one pump and it overpowers the flavour. I imagine the skinny syrup for coffee would be really saccharine flavoured. The marshmallow thing smells how it tasted, really vile.

I'd even eat her bakes (despite grime) if it didn't have that zero shit on it. Anything with reduced sugar makes the product lose its taste.

No. 1110066

I just watched one of her videos where she's talking and I noticed she really talks in the same sort of stalling speech pattern as Elzani. Very uncanny. I think it's meant to sound profound and a bit nervous, but I just think of Elzani. Moll is much livelier. Elzani stops and starts.

No. 1110078

manilife peanut butter saga 2.0

No. 1110084

I spent 5 minutes looking at this trying to find something wrong with it. The sauce bottles aren’t even grimey. I’m flummoxed

No. 1110095

Her mum or dad's plate? She borrowed it?

No. 1110164

kek, I did the same thing anon, the marshmallow syrup is one of the worst things I've ever had in my mouth and I'm not a fussy eater. Absolute garbage, idk how n2f manages to pour spoonfuls of that crap on her food.

No. 1110179

File: 1608339087596.png (270.5 KB, 211x669, huh.png)

I was tempted to buy the gingerbread because it was cheaper than the real stuff. Checked my brain and shelled out for the real thing. I've used the marshmallow in a yogurt (binned) but my partner tried in coffee. He said you'd have to pour so much into the cup to get any taste it'd be 1 part coffee, 99 parts syrup. I can't believe it's popular. If I couldn't tolerate sugar for any reason, I'd rather do without.

I find natural sweeteners (fruit derivatives) are good (like in Choc Shots), but chemical sweeteners are junk. At least that one is. She needs to discover another brand or just bite the bullet and and buy real syrups.

Img. Ham's words translate as:
>you don't even have to look ill or underweight to be anorexic. It's RUDE and UNACCEPTABLE to doubt I'm healthy!!1

No. 1110202

her forced facial expression screams “god i wanna be elzani so bad”

No. 1110204

Divine may have been a fatty fat fat but he wasn't in denial, plus had actual personality.

No. 1110211

The konjac root stuff? Damn that's like pure fibre content, slowed down ana gastric transit would struggle with it.

No. 1110216

I remember a post on MPA from years ago where a girl said all she’d been eating was those noodles. Raging constipation. A few weeks later and they came out whole apparently

No. 1110236

IRL, going off a biog, he had a shitty personality but he was amazing and funny so he was allowed to have bad personality flaws.

They kind of hold on to any water in your stomach. Difficult to get down. Not pleasant. Idk, if someone relies on zoodles and tasteless muck then they need help. I hate being sucked into thinking mmmm this alien food must be good. Then realise it's restrictive who rave about it. After suffering the bowel issues with zoodles they deserve to experience egg noodles. The rice is worse. Like lumps of erasers. Even astronaut space food is more appetising.

No. 1110240

File: 1608346546577.jpg (321.47 KB, 1080x1038, 20201219_125236.jpg)

Poetic timing for both these cows. Ma DeHydRaTiOn. For those non aussies, its between 30-34 degrees (93F) most days in these areas with 60-90% humidity.

No. 1110242

File: 1608346577731.png (1.1 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201219-025544.png)

Oookay, place your bets!

No. 1110262

konjac noodles are a asian thing - in Japan they're like a special occasion / holiday thing. usually they're prepared with a super decadent sauce & loads of veggies & high quality meat. they're supposed to be incredibly thoroughly rinsed rinsed and then boiled for just a few minutes - that helps with the "fishy" flavor and keeps them from getting so rubbery they can't be digested.

so yeah, zero calorie or super low calorie but they're actually really nice and pleasant when treated right. it's just all these fucking ana-chans hard boiling it and then dumping their walden farms alfredo sauce saying it's nasty.

saged for weaboo culinary sperg

No. 1110264

end of Feb / beginning of March

No. 1110275

Georgia is so fucking obese her hands look like they belong to a very fat infant.

No. 1110277

no later than valentine's day

No. 1110296

Before Valentines Day.

No. 1110319


deffo not before Xmas & New Years. Bingers gonna binge, amiright?
I give it 1-2 weeks after the fuckton of calories from food & booze she consumes over xmas/new years to return to asspat HQ for some well needed tube feeding and coddling.

No. 1110332

I've been looking for a gingerbread syrup for coffee so bought the skinny one from HB also as a tribute to n2f, but then bought a sugar one because lord knows I'm terrified to try that shit. ngl if she creates a bake with it I might have to put it to good use

No. 1110359

If Aus goes in to lockdown again it might be sooner than we think…
No better place to ride out the pandemic than NFC!

No. 1110381

Porgie is an autist isn't she? Maybe her special interest is EDs.

No. 1110405

Interesting reading on Skinny Food
It seems the only people that are able to eat this slop are anachans with no sense of taste.

No. 1110411


I get so mad that people are dying on waiting lists or not getting any valuable help for years despite living such a crap quality of life due to their ED. People like ham and porgie just wave a magic wand and get what they want claiming they are the skeletal patients I just described. It’s so messed up

No. 1110454

File: 1608380339585.jpg (585.19 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20201219_121307.jpg)

So yes, a normal person has snacks, but I for one have never heard of a "snack plate"…literally a whole plate of snacks. An IP meal plan for weight gain wouldn't even have this much as a snack. Ham, I think you'll find this is a "binge plate". Now step down off your pedestal and stop encouraging this ED behaviour.

No. 1110461


That's a lot of snacks in one sitting just as an average person unless you plan on having a night of movies or something like that, that's not normal. Most people will grab one or two snacks between meals and once again nothing healthy in sight! She's having these "fear" foods of sugary processed junk most days.

This girl does not have anorexia and I don't believe she ever did, I think she's just an Elzani wannabe by the way she acts in her cringe videos of trying foods, it's extremely fake and forced, it comes across so unnatural the way she acts. This girls only mental problem is munchousins and a case of skinwalker.

No. 1110467

File: 1608382161277.jpg (414.72 KB, 719x1163, Screenshot_2020-12-19-12-40-47…)

Recovery accounts need to be taught the difference between binging and listening to hunger . This girl has been recovering for a while so it's clearly not extreme hunger. Thinner than Han so she gets a pass… For now….

No. 1110473

If this was throughout the day and if there was a piece of fruit or two in there then it wouldn't be an excess of snacks, especially if the angel delight was a desert after dinner but yes just the fact she eats them all at the same time, and will do this multiple times a day

No. 1110508

that biscuit alone is 59 cal. thats 400 calories on a plate not including the tea.

No. 1110511

I know I'm breaking the rules but…
I was on here a while ago, and actually I was being a bitch and trying to defend people but got kicked, I've been lurking a lot and realised that actually I was Hella wrong.

What you guys have been saying makes complete sense.The lack of context and the "snacks" and expressions. It makes so much sense.

No. 1110514

But I've also realised shit about myself and I've tried sorting that crap out.

I never looked to her as an inspiration but it's made me realise things about myself but also how fake she is.

So thanks guys, I can't be following people who will teach me the wrong stuff in life.

No. 1110515

Which wouldn’t even be a problem if any of the following were true: it was a once in a while treat, part of that 400 calories was comprised of something nutritious, she actually needed to restore weight, she was treating it as a meal. But none of those are the case here. It’s a slap in the face to anyone actually suffering from any eating disorder for her to take the typical recovery mantras, which are helpful for someone who actually has something to recover from, and just use them to justify eating shitty food for attention.

No. 1110516

I also purely lurk for entertainment if I'm honest.

Pretty funny and interesting to see the truth behind stuff.

I'm a pretty ignorant person and gullible as fuck(no1curr)

No. 1110519

it's like ham saw actual recovering anas posting their inpatient gainer meals and assumed that's how human beings are actually supposed to eat 24/7.

No. 1110520

yeah an average snack would be like? one of those nakd bars. sorry for a bit of blog posting but my meal plan had a nakd bar and a piece of fruit as a snack and that was weight restoration lol. idk what this girl is on. i wish she’d actually give us some backstory or even photos of her looking even slightly anorexic. the diagnostic criteria literally sets out a certain weight, otherwise it’s OFSED/EDNOS.
I think she decided larping anorexia would get her out of any responsibility, as a prev anon mentioned, she doesn’t seem to work or go to any kind of education.
My thoughts are she has MH issues and maybe is with CAMHS and used depression/anxiety whatever to get out of going to school but realised she wasn’t getting enough attention for that so decided to pretend she’s anorexic. Low self esteem and eating her feelings, maybe. But she is NOT anorexic.

No. 1110526

One doesn’t even need to look at hospital meal plans to start larping by eating recovery amounts, because I don’t know a single treatment facility that doesn’t include some sort of actual structure and balance to their refeeding protocol. This new age of cows are spurred by the Elzani’s, Molly’s and tabitha farrars who trumpet that recovery is just eating whatever you want all of the time.

No. 1110529

I’m not a Britfag so I could be wrong but according to google the calories in that snack are 363, which actually is not crazy for a snack in recovery (350 being very common). However the problem with that snack, as other anons have pointed out, is that it is completely devoid of real nutrition. It is basically sugar and fat. No complex carbs, no protein, no fiber. This girl obviously has never been to a dietitian. What a weirdo seriously. Why not try to LARP something more believable? This is just a farce.

No. 1110584

File: 1608399292457.png (849.62 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201219-173326.png)

Her #challenge was a chicken sarnie instead of a ham one.

No. 1110597

No dietician would say this plateful of sugar is a "snack". Soz to blogpost, but as mentioned above, a snack fom my old ward was also one of the nakd bars and a milky coffee, or a piece of fruit and a milky drink.
I can just imagine the face of any qualified dietician if this is what she said comprised of one "snack". She's doing more harm than good to her followers by saying that it's remotely okay. And just how she ogled over elzani and molly, there's gonna be some cow ogling of Ham, probably going the step further to challenge Hams "snack plate" with something ridiculous like a double snack plate…just because the ED voice said it was toooo scawwyy.

No. 1110608

What's her YouTube channel?

No. 1110610

But she has no problem ~spontaneously~ eating brownies, biscuits, hot chocolate? Nah Han I’m not buying what you’re selling here

Yeah even for weight restoration it’s like an eat natural/nature valley/nakd bar or toast with pb/jam or biscuits with milk. Not platefuls of junk. Her blood sugar must be all over the place. These ~all in~ “warriors” always slate meal plans but you can’t argue they don’t have their purpose. Han’s probably never seen one in her life though

No. 1110611

File: 1608401314687.jpg (65.88 KB, 1012x892, lt.JPG)

Not going to be an uber cow blogposter and post a meal plan, but this is a shot from the Louis Theroux "Talking to Anorexia" documentary. Snacks are pretty balanced, adding something ~scary~ plus some calcium, protein, y'know, something nutritious which Ham doesn't do.

You might want to take notice of THEIR plate, Ham. Get some perspective about recovery snacks.

No. 1110613

Nta, but she posts video clips with her normal upload in pieces.

No. 1110615

Oh yeah, Ham, you chose ONE of the items, not ALL.

No. 1110617

inb4 we see her ~challenging~ a Twix or Kit Kat chunky lol
(you’re welcome, Han)

No. 1110618

File: 1608401769361.jpg (91.05 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

No. 1110619

That's an item on the list for those requiring more calories, so obviously she needs to choose something from list B.

No. 1110620

(soz for no sage)

No. 1110641

Yes, that’s what I’ve been saying kek. Lesbian autist who shamelessly boards herself up in wards like hotel rooms so she can get her fix.

No. 1110642

Imagine if she was completing meal logs & had to put all that in the snack box? Kek. Her lead professional/dietician would have a fit.

No. 1110646

Bearing in mind 3 snacks a day, that’s just one snack, fuck me. How much laxido must she need to get a bowel movement?

Wait we’ll get a post about how she makes it in a large glass with squash like they all do.

No. 1110647

How is she a lesbian

No. 1110649

She said she's bi. She's had girlfriends, so that is what a lesbian relationship is.

No. 1110652

I wonder if she's mistaking the awareness of these foods not really meeting any nutritional needs as "fear"?

No. 1110653

Good to know, definitely missed that

No. 1110659

On her tellonym someone asked if it was easier for her to come out because her mum's married to a woman. She wants to breed at some point, so she'll either be at herself with a turkey baster or get a guy drunk to impregnate her. If there's enough beer in the world.

No. 1110662

File: 1608406259528.jpg (1.35 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20201219-192934_Ins…)

GanerGains new gym looking clean and fresh and not like a coof reservoir

No. 1110663

OH WAIT. HAN ISN'T A LESBIAN AS FAR AS WE KNOW. I was talking about Georgia from here >>1110641

No. 1110666

File: 1608406504129.gif (645.4 KB, 214x208, ewomg.gif)

I've seen cleaner squats (as in accommodation, not exercise).
Is that FOAM? It looks like n2f's scrambled egg.

No. 1110667

File: 1608406757958.jpg (137.11 KB, 1201x773, lol.JPG)

No. 1110673

literal crackden.

No. 1110681

File: 1608407239685.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3464x3464, D9F11001-D509-4D07-871B-A83C2B…)

what's up with the quirky side smirk?

No. 1110682

File: 1608407423620.png (341.62 KB, 1000x750, download (4).png)

No. 1110685

File: 1608407628690.jpg (6.39 KB, 150x197, greasy.jpg)

No. 1110686

Pixar-face looking bitch. I think because you purse/pout the lips slightly when you do that she thinks that it's flattering, or de-fattening, when she does it.

No. 1110690

File: 1608408187467.png (2.93 MB, 3016x939, plus-equals.png)

No. 1110691


No. 1110694

File: 1608408816437.png (935.77 KB, 1234x815, it gets weirder.png)

No. 1110696

Am I being dense? That gym/crackden is in Bristol? Isn't gainer in Liverpool? Or did I get that wrong?

No. 1110697

When you're 17 and doing nothing other than "challenging" yourself, eating probably will be your only memories

No. 1110700

>Food is nutritious

Aldi rice cake bar
Dark Chocolate Coating (72%) (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Emulsifiers: Lecithins (𝐒𝐨𝐲𝐚), Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate; Flavourings, Orange Powder), Puffed Brown Rice (28%).𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐑𝐆𝐘 𝐀𝐃𝐕𝐈𝐂𝐄: For Allergens, See Ingredients In Bold. May Also Contain 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐤.

Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil (palm oil from sustainable and certified plantations, rapeseed oil), candy sugar syrup, raising agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate), soy flour, salt, cinnamon.

Angel Delight
Sugar, Modified Starch, Palm Oil, Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder, Gelling Agents (Sodium Phosphates, Diphosphates), Emulsifiers (Propylene Glycol Esters of Fatty Acids, Lecithins), Milk Chocolate Powder (2%) (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Skimmed Milk Powder), Lactose (Milk), Milk Proteins, Colours (Plain Caramel, Carotenes), Whey Powder (Milk), Calcium Carbonate, Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), Flavouring

Jammie Dodgers
Ingredients: Wheat flour, Raspberry flavour plum jam (23%) (Glucose–fructose syrup, Plums, Humectant (Glycerol), Sugar, Gelling agent (Pectins), Acidity regulator (Sodium citrates), Acid (Citric acid), Colour (Anthocyanins), Flavourings), Sustainable palm oil, Sugar, Glucose syrup, Raising agent (Ammonium carbonates), Salt.

Looking for nutrition

No. 1110710

> Food is nutritious
eats 4 different sugary/fatty snack foods that don't fill you up or provide nutrition, ok Ham!

No. 1110717

Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate has great body healing properties.

No. 1110734

File: 1608411008007.jpeg (2.58 MB, 3464x3464, 9BFF9773-2F3B-49AF-AE87-78718F…)

sage for blogpost but here are some of the snacks from the biggest treatment center in the us. note how even the gainer snacks in second pic are still nutritionally balanced.

No. 1110740

File: 1608411469987.jpg (264.38 KB, 1080x1709, 20201219_145646.jpg)

Ganer either thinks she looks like this or thinks she will on her current plan of cream of rice and rice

No. 1110741

She doesn't even realise those are breast implants, no doubt.

Idk, it's sad about Ganer, but I really can't wait to see her with all the fake tan on.

No. 1110772

File: 1608413640100.jpg (264.79 KB, 1080x1679, 20201219_153322.jpg)

Laura announced that she was on level 3 two days ago. Now she's back to where she had been. Shocking.

No. 1110776

What do you mean “back where she had been”? The government only created tier 4 today

No. 1110780

She might mean "total lockdown" like in March onwards. Even then I don't recall any regs about not being able to leave or visit a tier 4 area.

Who gives a fuck, really. It's only a day. Celebrate when it's over ffs.

No. 1110781

I mean, I don't remember there being areas we couldn't leave or visit.

No. 1110782

Oh wait, silly me again. I remember not being able to travel to Liverpool.

No. 1110784

Is anon getting section 3 confused with the tier system, or blaming the creation of tier 4 on laura ?

No. 1110789

Dumb amerifag here. I'm just used to Laura going back and forth between levels so I fucked up

No. 1110795

Ganer's new gym is very bro, but a tiny part of me hopes it'll help her. She might actually interact with real people who call her on shit like just not eating enough. Maybe being around genuinely big/strong guys will snap her out of some issues.

Unlikely though.

No. 1110801

File: 1608415676826.png (3.75 MB, 750x1334, 6B1F3854-2B1F-48E9-B8F3-78A153…)


No. 1110806

Nah, you're not dumb. Even UK people don't understand the tier system or know how other countries governments are doing a piss poor job of dealing with a pandemic.

Looking at that gym's account, they do big up the fact there's a ~community~ spirit, so yeah. They kind of embraced her. Pure Gyms are where you drop in and out and that's it. I want to see her do well.

The stench must be ungodly. Looks like spaghetti comes out very undercooked from the kettle.

No. 1110829

Ham's not eating ham for once. Maybe she could ~challenge~ herself to not binge?

No. 1110890

No self respecting woman would go near her. Seems the desperate sort.

No. 1111062

File: 1608443090404.png (Spoiler Image, 845.57 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201220-054406.png)

No. 1111067

WTF?! i wouldn't even call them sausage fingers, those motherfuckers are some chorizo level digits!
and that palm… im speechless!
i know our Porgie is an obese whale, but fuck me, how could ANYONE in their right mind would tube that lil piggy, regardless of how much they are getting paid?!
how is this NFC not been exposed on A Current Affair or a medical negligence lawsuit been slammed on them?!

No. 1111072

All I want for Christmas is a "Georgia wakes up to her real condition and blows the whistle to hard-hitting humanitarian journalist Tracey Grimshaw about New Farms grossly mismanaging her mental health and weight" arc. Can you fucking imagine.

No. 1111088

Han and her are pre type 2 'beetus posterchildren

No. 1111093

jfc, even her thumb has it's own fat roll.

No. 1111099

Or a feeder.

Doesn't help that she has stubby fingers

No. 1111102

Holy fuck.

Anyone else imitate that “slimming” hand pose themselves and look between their own hand and the picture in disbelief?

No. 1111137

poptarts, candy, and oreos are balanced?

IF she was actually a recovering anorexic I wouldn't say Hams snack is too outrageous, sure it's mostly carbs and not a whole lot of anything else but with a weight gain meal plan it's not hard to get essential nutrients fibre etc in, sometimes empty calories are needed to get a surplus because they're not as filling. Have seen registered dietitians recommend things like fish and chips, meat pies etc to patients like the elderly who aren't able to keep their weight up so sometimes just getting enough energy is the main nutritional goal. And no Ham doesn't need it and yes she's annoying/fake af but kind of feels a bit nitpicky

No. 1111171

I keep looking at this picture like it's some sort of optical illusion. It's like her nails are waaayy too small for the massive meat hooves she calls hands

No. 1111172

I don't think it's nitpicky at all. She's promoting the idea that you can have way over recommended portion sizes whenever you want, when at the end of the day, it's just as harmful to think like that. She's promoting binging. I understand challenging the ED voice, but because we can all tell she's fake af, it could be detrimental to someone following her with genuine ED struggles

No. 1111174

File: 1608467776241.jpg (312.46 KB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_20201220_123412.jpg)

These clips sound like ganer is trying to give birth to a hippo

No. 1111176

No, I'm fat. I was actually surprised she used that pose with her hand all scrunched up and close, I thought it'd be more slimming to extend fingers and take a pic from above.

No. 1111181

Not arguing with the general idea of her cow status I just find some of the specific criticisms a tad ridiculous.I find her larping as a recovery queen but skipping the actual being sick part pretty funny and she definitely needs to stop dispensing advice about things she lacks any knowledge of. I don't agree with her promoting eating whatever you want whenever and her challenges seem forced/fake. On the other hand eating 400 cals of processed crap for a snack is pretty normal. Unlike anons who apparantly never a consume a meal without a perfect balance of macros and micronutrients much of the general population manage to escape morbid obesity and vitamin deficiencies while partaking in any number of shockingly processed snacks/meals.

No. 1111182

A true Christmas miracle. GOD Can you imagine Tracey Grimshaw, stonefaced, interviewing Porgie about her ~anorexia~ admission

No. 1111200

All the HAES recovery accounts would then view her as Mother Theresa.

No. 1111202

File: 1608474696871.png (4.67 MB, 828x1792, BAC26B1B-B19B-4443-AE22-F5212B…)

is bored_with_ana actually acting as if she’s a newborn baby who’s never tried bloody cereal before ???? also we love the wide legged stance all the anachans are adopting

No. 1111207

Nah. All the crap Ham eats is too much for a snack. Who the hell has a dessert and a fistful of biscuits between meals. I'm not even asking for her to be the personification of a health5lfe magazine, but fuck me, a natural yogurt with some fruit in it would do wonders for her bowels. If she really eats all this, she's going to be huge.

No. 1111210

Waitrose. Of course it is.

No. 1111247

Mind boggling to imagine she's going to be a medic one day. I'd have to ask for someone else to treat me. Once found my shrinks FB. Pics of her out at night pissed out of her head. I liked her for that, but to see your doctor posing with a box of cereal like a shy 6 year old is a different kettle of fish. I bet she'll only get a placement to be the token disabled employee.

No. 1111262

Pretty sure the appointment would be "You're getting arthritis and have a broken leg and need heart surgery but at least you're not me. I don't have boobs or a bum! I'm soooooo sad! poor little me tehe"

No. 1111263

Stirring her tea with her recovery spoon.

No. 1111301

File: 1608488754144.jpg (142.48 KB, 491x871, fs.jpg)


No. 1111302

Chocolate has fucking milk in it and she doesn't have ~problems~ with that. Full of shit.

No. 1111308

Cannot believe we have a cow more punchable and irritating than Porgie

No. 1111312

hot chocolate and cream both contain milk ffs.

No. 1111314

I wonder how many times she took that still picture of her AMAZEMENT expression before she found this one she liked best? Oh god. Yeah, at least Georgie's mental somehow. This one's just a boring bitch who probably got bullied at school and found a way to get people to be nice to her. By giving her asspats for something she always does.

No. 1111316

File: 1608490123116.jpeg (286.58 KB, 573x907, B5D7C02A-FFAF-41D2-94F4-47C2D4…)

Hunchback of Norte Dame looking ass

No. 1111335

This one initially struck me as more boring and less milky than Georgia, but it seems like she's going downhill and is getting increasingly embarrassing… I hope she starts getting involved with treatment in the new year like the other cows.

No. 1111366

Why does she have to cram as many ~recovery~ mantras as possible into every single photo? If anything it makes her shit look MORE bogus

Treatment for what? I mean it’s not gonna be a restrictive eating disorder kek

No. 1111369

Call me soft but I find it touching how they're sort of inducting her into the gym, hope they give her some help with her nutrition. Take her out for some "cheat" meals so she eats something other than cream of rice

No. 1111372

I'd love to see her drop calum and get someone else to coach her and actually make her gain

No. 1111375

Kek not a problem if she can get to New Farm! (No idea where she lives.)

No. 1111376

lmao I agree. It looks like a bit of a juice gym but she might meet some friendly lady powerlifters who won’t be afraid to tell it to her like it is. Force feed her oats, get her onto GOMAD etc

No. 1111381

She doesn’t live in Australia so I doubt she’s going to get the attention from it that she wants.

No. 1111385

She’s from the UK so nah. Good luck to her if she ever has the nerve to try adult ED services tho

No. 1111389

Fundraiser to get Han to AUS and into New Farm so she and Georgia (and Lee?) can bond over their anorexia?

No. 1111391

File: 1608498086927.jpeg (1.12 MB, 824x1299, A7CB0E37-671B-4B56-87FA-979FED…)

dare i say n2f’s meals are becoming … more …. normal ?????,?,,???

No. 1111392

File: 1608498266819.jpg (721.3 KB, 1080x1850, 20201220_150330.jpg)

She's throwing curveballs here and there. For the most part, it's the weird shit we know and love.

No. 1111393

She's in the kitchen!

Having cucumbers with chips and beans is still… a choice, but this does look cleaner and more normal…

… aaaaaand there it is.

No. 1111398

File: 1608498736870.jpg (652.3 KB, 1080x1852, Lissy's brekkie.jpg)

There was also this interesting combo this morning. She dumped a protein shake on it and mashed it all together.

No. 1111400

File: 1608498864860.jpg (490.22 KB, 1080x1949, 20201220_151402.jpg)

Here's the final product

No. 1111401

File: 1608498895943.jpeg (1.11 MB, 828x1696, FE4AEFBE-FC0A-4011-BC6C-E14D0F…)

Ham’s nightly snack plate. How many of these things contain the oh-so~scaaawyyy~ milk?

No. 1111407

What is biscuit tea? It clearly has milk in it …

No. 1111408

cherry bakewell
pumpkin spice
salted caramel
peanut butter
mince pie

I just…..what is the point of mixing all these different flavours together. Why.

No. 1111409

File: 1608499694037.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20201220-152655_Ins…)

Here's another one from this evening

No. 1111411

File: 1608499779571.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1118x1676, ADFD162A-CC82-4F0F-A674-06FFB4…)

Accidentally came across this while looking at dharmas instagram (trying to familiarize myself on account of a recent post ab her since shes one of those cows who’s almost always dry) aanyway and i now feel like there has to be an explanation to this pic…like a crossover origin story episode?

No. 1111417

But what is going on with the fork??

No. 1111425

Some positivity for the grinches :)
- Georgia, your blue eyes are gorgeous!
-Lee you can make everyone laugh on a bad day with your wicked sense of humour.
-Hannah, your positivity is inspiring, you are such a motivated and hardworking beauty!
- Alicia, you have such courage for trying all these different flavours of food, you are amazing.
- Hannah, you have gotten so much stronger and you can see how far you’ve come!
- May, your skin is to die for!
- Elzani you are the most beautiful pure soul, our kind warrior. Thank you for always giving us the inspiration to keep going!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1111427

>>1111062 as if you spoilered the image kek. But the state of that hand… smh, anorexics are supposed to LOSE weight, not GAIN it fgs, Georgia! Now I'm having flashbacks of the pic littlest lee posted of them both and porg looked much larger than we expected

No. 1111451

No. 1111453

This was a farmer trolling, right?

No. 1111455

Surely. Too much knowledge of too many warriors for a casual viewer?

No. 1111456

File: 1608504815110.jpg (34.81 KB, 625x450, 460006fbe40d91ba57436fbe88494b…)

She's the most self unaware person with her face expressions and appearance

No. 1111460

No. 1111469

And it reads like they're taking the kids.

Honestly thought
>Hannah, you have gotten so much stronger and you can see how far you’ve come!

Far said fat

No. 1111500

Nit pick but those curls need brushing/teasing out kek

No. 1111509

Nah, she needs the dead bleached bit hacking off. Nobody's going to outshine n2f with their hair.

No. 1111515

File: 1608508865371.jpg (53.32 KB, 615x435, 0_range-shots-landscape-1_LR.j…)

It's biscuit flavoured tea. I looked it up because Paris drinks the toast and jam one. They like their novelties these cows.

No. 1111523

Ham the Milky Cow had milk, kek.

No. 1111529

I can picture Molly grimacing at this pauper tea.

No. 1111530

Jesus, those beans are practically falling off the plate. Should've put them in a bowl.

No. 1111542

Molly may stoop to faking anorexia for attention, but drink a tea named after a place up north? Absolutely not.

No. 1111555

I think Georgia might be the biggest cow ever featured on this thread, should we send her over to deathfats?

No. 1111557

Elzani explained in her latest video how important it is to drink milk for calcium in recovery and now Ham is also posting about it. Coincidence?

No. 1111558

File: 1608511854338.gif (970.44 KB, 500x213, up north.gif)

Gosh, a tea from North of Watford. Those poor, poor people and their grim lives.

No. 1111583

This reads like the scene in Mean Girls when Lindsey Lohan throws a piece of the plastic crown at the fat girl.

No. 1111616


Elzani has also made a bunch of brownie videos and tried them way back in her anorexia "docco" and Hams now doing the same.

I honestly think ham just wants to be like Elzani, she tries the same foods and even tries acting like her with her stupid facial expressions and horrible acting.

No. 1111623

>Elzani explained in her latest video how important it is to drink milk for calcium in recovery
The vegans must be triggered by this. Are there many comments from triggered vegans?

No. 1111629

File: 1608518683030.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 359.23 KB, 821x609, B50E6FA4-CE80-4CA2-A9E4-743671…)

I can only apologise that this has taken me probably the best part of like 6 threads to do, but ya know, health stuff. Here we are though: the long awaited review of Paige’s book (and I use that term very lightly having had a skim through.)

It’s 206 pages long and features no body check photos, which I was really surprised to see. It’s also not divided into chapters at all which makes reviewing it kinda hard as I don’t know where to stop or where things end. Beyond that, it really doesn’t get any better than the excerpts she’s posted. Bad grammar, self-congratulatory nonsense, endless run-on paragraphs about absolutely nothing. A real fucking headache to read.

The first 3-4 introductory pages consist of Paige breaking up with her anorexia and a long, fake-inspirational spiel willing her readers not to give into their eating disorders,
followed by some stuff about how we live in a society where money and politics reign supreme and no one cares about ~imagination~ or ~love~ any more. Very r/im14andthisisdeep-esque, very painful to read. Does anyone know how old this girl is?! The whole thing reads like someone trying way too hard to seem intellectual and inspirational. This book is classified under the ‘self-help’ category on the site I bought it from as well. I’m not going to share my thoughts on that.

There isn’t much to say about this part. She goes on about how anorexia is her security blanket but she needs to let it go and this book is her way of doing it. Which is funny now that she’s releasing another one. She really needs to stick to her day job, writing isn’t her calling.

She finishes this ‘section’ - I am classifying it as a section as there’s a heading marked ‘DNA’ directly under this after which I’m presuming she moves onto the ‘plot’ - with a statement about how she isn’t a writer, she just wants to tell her story. I swear it’s a real phenomenon with these anachans where they think their particular cases of anorexia are special and unique enough to warrant 200+ pages of rubbish. The realisation that I paid six quid to read what are essentially the ramblings of an attention-starved wannabe Marya Hornbacher is sinking in now. God help me.

I tried to summarise this as best as I could without waffling on about unrelated crap. Let me know if you want a review of what I’m going to call chapter 2 (or 1? If we’re considering this to be a prologue) and let me know if you guys want more detail/direct quotes etc. Normally I would include screenshots of quotes but there wasn’t much to this bit at all despite how long this ended up being but consider it an early, on-going Christmas gift. I’ve included the first part of the intro as a screenshot. Peace.

No. 1111630

File: 1608518720525.jpg (598.48 KB, 1080x1760, 20201220_203712.jpg)

Spent three hours walking around a grocery store and picked out six things. That seems off, but maybe it's just me.

In another post, she's showing off "fakeaway sauces," which come from N2F's favorite fake syrup maker.

No. 1111647

The comment section is all ass pats. I don't know if she moderates them though.

No. 1111653

Thank you for your service, reviewer anon. More quotes would be good.

No. 1111702

> three hours pissing about in tesco
why do anachans not realise how much of a threat covid is to them?

No. 1111710

Vegan here and was literally so triggered I haven't stopped convulsing since she uploaded the video.

No. 1111720

Thank you! Can't wait for next part. As other anon said, quotes or screenshots would be good.

No. 1111738

Calcium for bone growth which you can get from non-dairy milk, but it's only needed in larger quantities if you were amenorrheic, which I can guarantee Ham never was

No. 1111763

File: 1608539901290.png (2.43 MB, 1080x1817, Screenshot_20201221-023413(1).…)

Just found this cow on TikTok jen.peach
She flaunts her abs around and claims she's eating 4,000 calories a day. A few days ago she mentioned she just started eating cooked foods, however her past "meals" before that have been cooked foods. Always plates of frosted fruits and powdery mush.

No. 1111791

Omg thanks anon, can't wait for the next part

No. 1111801

Aw you’re the best anon (hope your health is improving too!)
So it’s basically what we expected then, a load of self-indulgent drivel from someone neither fully recovered or fully literate. Marya you are not, Paige luv

No. 1111864

File: 1608560268844.jpeg (161.81 KB, 750x933, F34EAAFA-4C61-4056-A5A0-318AC8…)

Wtf this girl is so disgusting. I know we shit on Georgia and Ham for only eating fats and carbs but Jen is straight up prompting orthorexia

No. 1111873

More would be fantastic. It truly is awful.

>we live in a society where money and politics reign supreme and no one cares about ~imagination~ or ~love~ any more.

Bit difficult to sit around zoning out to Alice in Wonderland when you're in the red and can't afford a Costa and cake every day and ~cocktail nights~. Another cow who has no idea how life works.

No. 1111931

Sage for absolutely no input but this is a desperate call from uk baker anon to european baker anon to please reply to my email! Ive done a couple n2f bakes but waiting for the collab!

No. 1111932

File: 1608568925062.png (148.38 KB, 720x730, Screenshot_20201221-164011~2.p…)

Saw this and thought of n2f. Spam burger with crushed Oreo and mayo.

Btw, she's given us a new bake.

No. 1111934

Shouldn't have saged. This is Interpol level search. Xmas joy depends on your collab!

No. 1111936

File: 1608569603727.jpg (813.56 KB, 1079x1449, Screenshot_20201221-105122_Ins…)

Kill me

No. 1111938

Tinned meatballs just look like that to be honest. It's basically balls of dog food in an insipid watery sauce.

No. 1111941

The face is smiling, but inside it weeps.

Meatballs are probably dog food. Veggie but seen these being eaten and the diner said they're soft and require no chewing. That goes against nature.

No. 1112009

File: 1608574585824.jpg (522.23 KB, 2164x2238, mfw.jpg)

Oh, I wasn't saying that for myself. It looks like the face bowl is covered in tumors and needs to be put out of its misery.

Anyway, Hannah does what she's wanted to do for years: eat a mince pie

No. 1112015

And author Paige said people have no imagination. Ham's whole charade is make believe.

No. 1112018

I see it's a video. Need to do that on laptop. I notice it's an overpriced~cafe~ mince pie. Why are these cows always with their mothers?

No. 1112019

Because they don't have any friends so mom is their BFF.

No. 1112029

she looks absolutely demented. how is anyone falling for her larping? she looks like she puts away those pies on a regular basis.

No. 1112033

I'm doing it. What a nice gem for a boring day!

Of course she wanted a Costa pie, it's fucking MASSIVE.

No. 1112036

She was nice enough to include more video in this one! Enjoy your bingo.

No. 1112048

File: 1608576868899.png (329.67 KB, 505x721, OMFG.png)

No. 1112060

File: 1608577951810.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, NO BINGO.png)

Hamum joined the irritating mother club.

No. 1112065

I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I

No. 1112066

File: 1608578299875.jpg (457.8 KB, 1080x1613, 20201221_131738.jpg)

RIP in peace, baked bean.

No. 1112067

It threw itself off that Hell. I see the blue cheese sauce looks as much like spunk as the other products by skinny foods.

No. 1112079

I knew it the minute I clapped eyes on her. Major irritant.

No. 1112084

File: 1608579542641.jpg (217.47 KB, 1080x717, 20201221_133654.jpg)

Sorry if still a banned topic but am I allowed to laugh at using a body check for a fucking house tour thumbnail? Because I did. I absolutely did.

No. 1112090

bitch you are not fucking elzani, nor have you any reason to be identifying with her

No. 1112097

It's like Ham gave her mum a bunch of Elzani videos/Molly videos to watch and told her to act it all out. She can't be so dense she thinks her daughter needs to eat a shit load of junk.

Inb4 >still having my snack plate despite eating that mince pie!

No. 1112098

Not really banned, just not discussed because the wks swoop in and derail the thread

No. 1112100

Lol wtf. Mince pies don't even taste immediately sweet like chocolate, do they? They're a bit of an odd taste. Not a ~life-changing experience~. (yea i'm nitpicky)

No. 1112101

that and a rich woman from youtube isn't interesting as the common ana on the street.

No. 1112103

I wonder if she wears crop tops like that around the house all the fucking time or if it's just for youtube.

Like doesn't she still live with her parents? It's fucking weird.

No. 1112104

Everyone "misses out" on these for a long time, you only eat them once a year that's like the whole point

No. 1112105

File: 1608580710640.jpg (47.61 KB, 695x305, yum.JPG)

I think mince pies are sweet, but it'll be the icing sugar on top and no doubt a load of sugar in the pastry making it sweeter. Yeah, sugar's the second ingredient.

No. 1112115

>”what’s on the top is it flour or sugar”
uhhhh girl u would know know full well what it was if you cared about calories/macros/ingredients that much
I have never seen a supposed “anorexic” look LESS ~scurred~ confronted with a pastry. jesus. I’ve gotta go for a bit before I get into a-log territory. what a fucking prat

No. 1112121

She displays no signs of the food being fearful to her. I wonder what she, as someone who doesn't have a fear food, thinks the feelings are when confronted with having to eat something as small as a chunk of chocolate, let alone an xl mince pie. She's going to have to up her game soon and do a mukbang where they eat an entire cream gateaux.

No. 1112122

She wears it for the skelly fetishists that send her £1000's on twitch

No. 1112132

How well started a successful recovery vlog: your weight doesn't matter to be real either. 1 don't forget the positive quotes 2 say that you have never eaten any food even apples or that it is 450 light years since you have not had any.3 do not hesitate to punctuate your speech with "scary …" 4 have secretly sponsored products and try to eat them successfully each time at least 20 times in a row 5 also have one or more products where you admit sponsorship

No. 1112166

holy fuck. the amount of beans on there. I’d hate to be her toilet tonight.

Elzani has made the whole ~r3cOveRy WaRriOr~ community so much worse. So many annoying faker cows have tried to follow in her footsteps with omg soOoO scawwryyyy! food posts with their insufferable mothers pampering them. Except Ham is worse than Elzani because at least E was genuinely ill.

No. 1112194


is this bitch serious i wanna puke

No. 1112198

sweety we can see all the fat in your face, you have not "missed out" on any food in a very long time.

No. 1112206

Right about Elzani actually being ill. We used to wonder if she was purging, whereas with fauxcows, nobody would ever accuse them on it. Even if one (Georgie) longs to be labelled a purger when, well lol.

No. 1112209

File: 1608588505496.png (1.1 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201221-220742.png)

Greedy bitch back at the trough

No. 1112215

One of these is a snack, all three is just eating a bunch of junk

No. 1112224

Do u LiKe mY sNaCk pLaTes UwU
She wants allllll the asspats, doesn’t she?
Please keep posting them Hammy! They’re gr8 for a guaranteed chuckle

No. 1112228

File: 1608590439849.gif (Spoiler Image, 16.93 MB, 600x1233, why alicia why.gif)

Dear N2F:



No. 1112232

I for real thought you added the text, anon. The audacity of this LARP queen.

No. 1112243

The fake anachans probably copy Elzani because she makes money from her channel.

No. 1112247

Reminds me of this pro life propaganda video I once saw.

No. 1112249

in fairness I find mincemeat too sweet - I don't really like shop bought mince pies because there's too much sweet filling AND sugar dusting the pastry too. I like homemade because we usually have far less mincemeat to pastry so it balances it out a bit better. I'll give Hanny that.

No. 1112251

She really manages to make anything look inedible.

No. 1112253

She's trying to turn her mum into the Hilarious Jamie figure.

No. 1112255

Deep filled pies never work, but neither do tarts. Homemade shortcrust are best. Mincemeat is very sickly.

No. 1112259

Okay like wow she had three things on the plate instead of four??? Is she okay?? Don’t want a relapse!!!
Also the fact that she has the picture where she looks the “sickest” as her pfp is too much like come on girl love yourself and stop being cringey on the internet

No. 1112266

I'm shipping Georgia and Lee

No. 1112273

Is she even trying to pretend she's anorexic anymore? At least Laura in that documentary did things like looking like shit, acting anxious, talking softly, etc. that plausibly seems like behaviors one could gleam from ana (""recovery"", sorry) Insta. Her entire shtick just seems more like someone normal eating something good, ramped way up.

No. 1112279

She says things like she finds foods scary and she doesn't want to be scared any more and she wants to keep eating things. That's the only hint of an ana-in-recovery thing she says. Still faking she's not recovered yet.

No. 1112317

Best to shit Georgia and Shay, both lgbt autist ED larping munchie kweens. Lee is just a BPD pub crawler.

No. 1112370

File: 1608604785659.jpeg (22.12 KB, 400x284, 6F5EEED5-36AD-49F1-BA0B-9B58FE…)

No. 1112447

Shit I’d forgotten these existed, thanks anon, very apt. Put me more in mind of a uterine prolapse now than what they are intended to be

No. 1112512

File: 1608630757085.jpeg (579.16 KB, 817x1113, 09AA31FF-8C37-43F0-8F66-54E942…)

everyone’s wearing a mask but her and she’s the one in the hospital munching around (soz for shit edit on pic)

No. 1112515


I feel like out of every disordered cow on here- Eugenia is the most sinister. She comes off as very innocent, (her constant body checks and clothing haul videos aside) the refusal to oust predators from her streams just make her cross over into criminally negligent, IMO.

She’s not just self destructive, like every other person posted here- she’s the epicenter of some really fucked up shit.

No. 1112526

I entirely agree. I went down a bit of a eugenia rabbit hole as of late and when watching her streams o noticed she snaps out of her "nice Innocent girl" persona and you see her true colours. It's soooo fucking creepy.

No. 1112530

Can we get some snippets or timestamps of that please

No. 1112585

Sage for rage

But is ham fucking dumb? Like she acts so surprised every time she eats something as if she doesn’t realize eating disordered brains and tongues don’t give a fuck what it tastes like. Putting it into your mouth doesn’t suddenly and miraculously change your brain. Obviously food tastes good. That’s a thing. Enjoying food is also a thing. But acting like a pizza or a brownie is going to be some foul tasting slop only to make that stupid fucking “omgzzzzz as if” face is making me so irritated I’m about to walk to the UK and very dramatically sigh in her general direction.

No. 1112592

>food tastes good.

Have you tried N2fs creations?

Yeah I hate how Ham looks at the food item as if it's a piece of dog shit.

No. 1112597

But anon, she wants to a sad little ana princess everyone wants take care of and feed even when she's chubby. How else is she going to get that?

No. 1112598

Right? She seems to think anorexia is when you don't know what certain food items taste like and are super pumped to find out universally popular food tastes good

No. 1112601

You've literally hit the nail on the head. HAM HAS DISCOVERED THE CURE FOR ANOREXIA! All you had to do was eat a fucking mince pie and a plateful of sugary shit and then you just keep eating it cos its nice cos you never knew it would be nice and now you don't have anorexia anymore. Slow claps for Ham.

No. 1112604

Especially having a super special rare kind of anorexia. She might be happy giving herself clap emojis and congratulating herself. Amazing recovery. One bite of something she has been so so scared of for yeaaaars and it's THAT easy. Not a regular size mince pie, a HUMONGOUS size one! No panic and terror, crying you're a disgusting fat fuck, just wolfing the whole lot down THEN having not one other snack, but a PLATE of them! So brave!

No. 1112605

Oh dear, ham thinks anorexia is being scared of the food itself, not the weight gain that happens when you eat…

No. 1112606

it especially irks me when she does it about the most mediocre trash food, like mcdonald's nuggets or packaged microwave rice. like good lord, that shit is not worth your AMAZED face, put it away

No. 1112627

I'm pretty sure that smiley bowl that N2F is using is a slow feeder dog bowl.

No. 1112628

lmao im dying at the british accent in text

No. 1112680

Wouldn't want to copy her new flares though…

No. 1112682

To be fair, in Australia patients in hospitals aren't required to wear masks but visitors are.

No. 1112690

Wouldn't see her t00b if she wore a mask, so ofc she won't wear one if it's not mandatory.

No. 1112703

File: 1608664003621.png (666.38 KB, 810x740, YOURE WELCOME.png)

Saved you a job, Hannah,

No. 1112724

Aye I agree she's just terrible, she has such a large audience and clearly doesn't care that she's essentially showing off her eating disorder for money. All the shit with the pedo mods shows how much she actually cares about her young fans.

No. 1112733

Kek at the bag of sugar. That's what's gonna be next, right? Just tossing back spoonfuls of sugar?

No. 1112740

Thanks for coming through with this anon! Is there any chance you could upload the file to google drive or mega or something so we can read it too?

No. 1112778

File: 1608671767519.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1906, 8180A8F1-C19B-46DC-BEE8-2C6C4A…)

is this bitch for real for real for real for real

No. 1112782

File: 1608672025663.jpg (192.21 KB, 1395x837, Capture.JPG)

Ham started following this account. Don't think this girl has/had an ED and not a cow, but guess Ham really does want to eat junk non stop.

She reminds me of a very much less fucked up n2f somehow. She was sent some sugar free cooking sauces called fakeaway. Anyway, yeah, I see our warrior getting chippy chips soon, being scared and then literally in love.

No. 1112786

File: 1608672240063.jpg (811.53 KB, 1079x1689, Screenshot_20201222-152236_Ins…)

Seems like they're sending the sauces to all of the vegan instagram types

No. 1112787


Stfu, May. Take the vaccine or don't. If you don't then you probably won't have permission to do certain things. Nothing's going to change it so suck it up, snowflake.

I conclude from this the stuff takes like shit.

No. 1112790

File: 1608672416042.jpg (56.18 KB, 683x454, jfv.JPG)

Oh! Slight coincidence. Saw this on junkfoodvegan's account. It's not THE Molly Jones.

No. 1112804

File: 1608673310446.jpg (283.78 KB, 1080x1895, 20201222_154110.jpg)

I had a breakdown because someone smiled at me and I couldn't see their mouth!!!

No. 1112813

Don't be silly - that counter top is not nearly middle class enough.

Do you think Molly's mum is anti antidepressants?

No. 1112816

File: 1608674369512.gif (636.02 KB, 498x278, warrior.gif)

When she gets busted for doing something incredibly stupid (as she does), she'll know what freedom really is…or isn't.

Molly's mum definitely was into recreational drugs at one point. She looks like she enjoyed a bit of acid. Possibly still smokes a big fat spliff when she's having a deep conversation about theatre.

No. 1112817

Kek go take the vaccine and get your face permanently disfigured anon just like the rest who took the vaccine, but then again, having a melted face like you suffered a stroke probably isn't any different to how you look right now! lol Fucking idiot. People like you are cancer. I really do hope you take the vaccine and just, die.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1112818

May decided to stop by the thread again!

No. 1112820

File: 1608674572557.jpg (9.51 KB, 211x239, kek.jpg)

Obviously. Hate masks but the longer that one covers her face in public the less horror on the streets.

No. 1112836

I can't believe how many of these girls idolize elzani, saddest thing imaginable

No. 1112849