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File: 1608831138686.jpg (591.43 KB, 2048x1485, 1608820723165.jpg)

No. 1114184

As a shitshow of a year draws to end, farmers of the pro ana scumbag/LARPers ~community~ of the lolcow ~community~ wish all other farmers a milky new year!

UKbaker anon has collaborated with nonUKbaker anon (location not disclosed) to gift us their Christmas fayre in the form of n2f bakes with pics and with reviews!

Last thread tolerance levels towards new cow, Hannah, affectionately known as "Ham" continued to spray her fake ana recovery warrior milk all over our faces. It felt good. Her ~snack plates~ would not look out of place on Henry VIII's dining table. She was unphased at being cowtipped and had a jolly good laugh about her ridiculousness being posted all over the internet. Strong emoji.

Georgie is having problems getting her purple hair dye to stick. How much can one poor waif deal with? She's out of NF for now, but already has another vacation booked at NF in the New Year. Nose hose is imminent.

Future medic, bored_with_ana posted her wishlist after NUMEROUS requests. She was gifted a gonk which will be invaluable as she pursues her dream career.

A fatty was triggered. Yes we know we're evil and disgusting calling out toxic individuals showcasing their proana lifestyles.

Bookish farmer read and reviewed Paige's memoirs of a life with an eating disorder. Much appreciated. Thank you for being a valuable member of our ~community~! With a second book already being written (badly), we look forward to learning more about her ~journey~ to recovery.

We discussed Tabitha Farrar and agreed she is full of it.

Shay is back at NF, fighting something with a nose hose.

Ganer has been embraced by her new gym ~community~ and continues to post videos of her constipation face lifts and repetitive "meal" of protein slop. What a sorry Christmas lunch that will be.

Jen Bridges has been jumping on the YT ana video bandwagon, reminding us what a lovely time she had on proana forums. Ahh, those were the days!

May took the blue pill (not viagra, although her chaterbate viewers probably pop those), and ranted about how disgusting Big Pharma is and encourages everyone to pretend there is no pandemic. It's tragic to not see a lady smile behind her facial covering.

LittleLee has joined the camp at NF, with tube of course. She hates it. Of course she does.

Sharni is being prosecuted for something bad. Maybe a shank or stick in someones eye. It's serious.

Laura is stuck in her special clinic with occasional posts. She'll be alone this Christmas because of Tier 4. May would say just go home and visit your family. Institutionalised Laura would say otherwise.

Morven resents women who manage to get out of abusive relationships and find accommodation that is comfortable. If Morven would have to live in a squat, why shouldn't everyone!

2021 promises more of the same. Overeating anorexics, bizarre food combos and bakes from n2f, nose hoses at NFC, Hannah bingo and, please Santa, bring us some new cows.

If you're struggling, Ham invites you to watch her #challenge herself by stuffing megasized pies into her cakehole. You're not alone. She knows your pain of restriction. We can get through this. Strong arm emoji.

Special thanks to HamBingo creator, baker anons, Paige book reviewer and thread pic artist.

Merry festivities, anons!


Last thread:

No. 1114189

I fucked up. Start as you mean to go on and all that.

"tolerance levels towards new cow, Hannah, affectionately known as "Ham" continued to spray her fake ana recovery warrior milk all over our faces*"

"Last thread tolerance levels towards new cow, Hannah, decreased at a rapid pace…"

No. 1114196

I keep meaning to say before a new thread that @d.parxom is now @dp.trendsetter. Don't know why we have her there anyway since she's rarely milky I guess there are others out there like me who just like to check on her once in a while.

No. 1114222

Yeah, I never go to see her latest designer trainers either. We should ditch her. Totally forgot about her name change.

No. 1114253

File: 1608837397152.jpg (158.88 KB, 1080x982, 20201224_131358.jpg)

Bingo time, anons.

No. 1114254

File: 1608837470494.jpg (141.44 KB, 1080x1023, 20201224_131613.jpg)

No. 1114255

No. 1114256

You're kidding me. She's faking scary about generic Pocky?

No. 1114257

>Henry VIII's dining table

Actually loled thank you anon

No. 1114260

File: 1608837708610.jpg (187.12 KB, 769x898, 1608254032386.jpg)

Uploading Han Bingo for easy access. Now I'm going to see if we have a HOUSE! moment.

No. 1114262

There's like 20 calories in those two pocky sticks she's holding. Ham regularly wolfs down 500 cal snack plates to ~honour her hunger~ but the caloric equivalent to a few strawberries is tewwifying!!! Make it make sense.

No. 1114264

certainly looking a bit wobbly. As in increasingly gelantinous. Hannah luv you need to stop challenging yourself ♥

No. 1114266

Not enough calories/sugar. She’s triggered

No. 1114269

File: 1608838444463.jpg (901.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201224-123128_Ins…)

Ham "struggles with exercise" now. I beg to differ.

No. 1114282

So she's Porgie but fake nice. All these compensatory behaviours we keep hearing about, not very effective are they.
Porgie was her size once right? High end of healthy/borderline overweight bmi? We shall see what size this one swells to. She'll stick around, unlike Molly v.1 being posted to lolcow didn't frighten her off the face of the internet. In fact she seems to revel in it.

No. 1114284

File: 1608839605521.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, no full house.png)

When she speaks to her mum, I've never seen anyone less interested. Think her mum is close to telling her to stop the LARP.

No. 1114287

File: 1608839863999.jpeg (244.21 KB, 448x585, 177B44DB-8A40-4F9B-92CF-DEA01C…)

what's up with the ~dainty anas~ and their biscoff obsession? am i crazy or is biscoff really not that fantastic?

No. 1114288

Woah woah woah PLEASE tell me you britfags don't eat your bacon and egg sandwiches with barbeque sauce. Please tell me it's just ham

No. 1114290

Her and n2f only.

No. 1114292

File: 1608840060706.jpeg (255.72 KB, 3464x1071, E9E83305-FA77-4024-9A57-39B8DF…)

KEK. called it

No. 1114293

File: 1608840261674.png (1.15 MB, 1864x727, ana larper kit.png)

I'm building an ana larper kit. What's missing so far?

No. 1114294

Never had it but those biscuits from Costa that they taste like are really boring to me.

No. 1114297

Not just you. I find it is OK in baking but otherwise too sickly - worse than nutella, even.

No. 1114298

you almost got a line tho anon! in the spirit of Christmas we should allow it. angel delight, mince pies and microwave rice coming your way xxx

No. 1114299

I think I've seen more brown sauce with bacon in this country of great cuisine. Which is still disgusting. Oh Britain.

No. 1114303

Porgie without the medicated deadpan stare.

No. 1114306

>Henry VIII's dining table
Came here to say the very same.

Trite phrase handbook, the kind shit that Ham wheels out on the daily.

No. 1114307

sage for blogpost but this is something i massively noticed. everyone i knew was fucking obsessed

No. 1114310

My favorite from this video was "I usually only have one. But two means it'll be more filling" about beans on toast. No duh, biscoffbrain.

No. 1114317

File: 1608842491536.jpeg (300.34 KB, 960x1815, 24926482-AFCD-487E-9E93-C89CB1…)

To add to the bingo - claiming it’s scary then taking a massive fucking bite (she’ll eat her fingers if she’s not careful)

No. 1114321

>party rings
She's going to end up with type 2 diabetes.

BBQ sauce in a bacon sandwich is abnormal. It's either ketchup or brown sauce.

No. 1114322

Self-painted bowl/ mug with recovery phrase

No. 1114324

File: 1608843586228.jpg (489.83 KB, 719x833, Screenshot_2020-12-24-20-59-25…)

Someone came in N2F's sandwich

No. 1114328

I think we should BECAUSE her just woken up face makes her look like she's had a cry. Perhaps she'd had a dream she was anorexic and woke to the reality she doesn't so had a good cry. HOUSE!

Thanks, I need to add whatever's replaced Winter Girls or something. Or insta motivational quote accounts.

Her beans on toast was a large tin, I noticed! Wolfed those motherfuckers down.

I wish more of these outpatients would post their journals (made for other people to see, ofc) or mood boards. Recovery crafting.

Now the mayo looks like spunk. Skinny Foods are like a sperm donation bank. Sardines again. She's eeeeeviiil.

No. 1114332

I saw a new upload on youtube about mukbangs and why they're popular. (Doesn't go into eds, except binge eating mukbangers). It got me thinking that Georgie and Ham should go into eating channels instead of recovery accounts. They'd make friends and also gets cash or food donated!

Dropping the video because it's p good. I did not know colour vision evolved so we could find food easily.

No. 1114340

Hopefully she’ll ~challenge~ some vegetables tomorrow, lord knows at this point they’re a special treat

No. 1114345

good video, good channel

No. 1114355

File: 1608846797629.jpg (46.62 KB, 1280x720, mayo.jpg)

I wouldn't have known that was supposed to mayonnaise if the bottle wasn't also in the picture. It's not even the right colour.

No. 1114360

File: 1608847993793.jpeg (851.63 KB, 828x2679, 2B14B2BC-E9A6-41EB-AF69-BC133D…)

Don’t know if she’s been posted before, but major ana chan vibes from her. Claims to be in IP with multiple organ failure, yet gets Christmas leave.

No. 1114363

File: 1608848054334.jpeg (303.17 KB, 828x1461, C0401679-F132-4002-A915-C72139…)

Bonus body check pic, toob on display

No. 1114364


Out of curiosity I looked up the ingredients:

>Water, Salt, Thickeners (Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum), Acid (Acetic Acid, Lactic Acid), Flavouring, Colours (Titanium Dioxide, Caramel), Preservatives (Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate), Sweetener (Sucralose).

It's literally water, thickener and salt kek

No. 1114365

File: 1608848179474.png (701.15 KB, 444x623, Saint Elzani.png)

I've added this to the kit.

No. 1114372

God this is just sad. There are really women out there putting salty lotion on their food like it's normal.

No. 1114376

File: 1608849433996.jpg (45.7 KB, 975x156, Capture.JPG)

I remember there were diet aids made from guar gum because it's supposed to expand and make a person feel full. I think they were withdrawn because they were giving some people blockages or something.

No. 1114377

To add, googled and found I didn't have false memory syndrome.
>Twenty-six domestic reports of suspected adverse reactions from the guar gum-containing diet pill, Cal-Ban 3000 (filed with the FDA) were reviewed. There were 18 instances of esophageal obstruction, seven instances of small bowel obstruction, and one individual who was reported to have died after ingestion of Cal-Ban 3000 ETC

It's banned in some countries. That article's from 1992. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1329494/

No. 1114391

Jfc Imagine waking up, walking out to your kitchen and seeing that face with all the expressions to the camera over a bowl of slop

No. 1114392

File: 1608851232150.jpg (363.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20201224-210629_Ins…)

Becky isnt dead

No. 1114399

File: 1608851997524.png (4.06 MB, 750x1334, AF8C2220-EFFF-4D83-9CEB-A69AB8…)

Of course Ham is following her. All these spoops look like they are wearing adult nappies.

Picrel, the wrist joint into gammon joint. Jfc. When is she Deathfat bound? Imagine her coming to this thread to lurk, and discovering she’s been put in the right thread.

No. 1114404

She's not going to make it to NYE without a readmission. The attention is so fleeting.

No. 1114414

Seems to think ECT is s magic fix?! How a WEEK out of a psych admission is anyone 'in the best place in years'?!
Same as Ham taking a bite and in one second being convinced food is great because it tastes nice.
This instantaneous recovery (and relapses that are a few hours long) are baffling..m

No. 1114427

Happy holidays, my fellow farmers. Have a good one

No. 1114453

I love the new thread pic. I see Georgie isn't keeping her eyes on her own plate at the dinner table though

No. 1114462

wobbly? lol>>1114256
tragic since pocky is actually not high in cals.>>1114269
yes, she struggles to exercise at all

No. 1114469

Just to build up the anticipation (and apologise in advance) this is baker anon just preparing you for tomorrow's post- I won't post all 7 bakes I intended to do because one bake has made me so incredibly ill that even the thought of eating more is making me nauseous. I have thrown up lots of times now so get ready for an emotional baking review tomorrow ! Good night and merry Christmas, farmers

No. 1114495

oh my god, bless your beautiful soul. don't torture yourself, we'll be ecstatic with even one bake. merry christmas anon, treat yourself to some human food

No. 1114518

Samefag, checked on @pro_recovery_stigma_free and she deleted her account. I'll try to remember next time a new thread is made

No. 1114535

Baker anon we love you but you ain't gotta make yourself sick. Fucking kek the dedication. But seriously I could not brave her creations you are a mad woman.

No. 1114540

File: 1608869015194.jpeg (287.39 KB, 828x1391, 417056BE-08D8-45C4-9353-CA1871…)

Finally no ana chan bragging from former skelly Ellie but wtf happened to her eyebrows?

No. 1114548

Her head is bigger than her entire chest.

No. 1114554

She's been doing this for a while I think. They do seem pretty ramped up in this picture lol

No. 1114557

Wow multiple organ failure?? You must be so sooper sick, top ana (/s, eye roll)

No. 1114573

I was hoping you were kidding us. Terrible news that you're not doing good and very queazy. Don't worry at all about amount of bakes you present us with. Each one is amazing. Please feel better very soon. You will win a medal for this as most dedicated farmer.
Lots of love and get well soon.

This confirms n2f has either a stomach of iron or she suffers your fate intentionally.

Enjoy your day, anons. Whatever your food situation is, we made it this far in 2020, we will survive. Remember our cows and tonight thank God it's them instead of you.

No. 1114575

Deathfat? Could pass for the m2f tranny thread! What happened to her January check in at NF for her serious oesophagus tearing bulimia?

No. 1114579

A Christmas angel, truely. Hope you’ve managed to have a good holiday celebration despot the n2f induces sickness

No. 1114608

Get well soon!

>This confirms n2f has either a stomach of iron or she suffers your fate intentionally.
There's a 3rd option. I have personally tinfoiled many times about n2f not actually eating most of her concoctions precisely because I couldn't believe anyone's stomach could handle it. I mean there were raw chicken breasts and months expired yoghurts among other things. It's probably just wishful thinking though, there are many vids of her biting into her bakes.

No. 1114627

File: 1608887479260.jpg (456.47 KB, 1515x1473, PicsArt_12-25-09.09.07.jpg)


OKAY THE ELEPHANT IN YHE ROOM- I HAVE NOT DONE AS MANY BAKES AS I SAID I WOULD. EXPLANATION? I LITERALLY GOT TOO SICK. yes, these bakes poisoned me so I had to stop early, it was too much for my poor stomach to cope with.

Here it is, the N2F Christmas surprise! Sadly I lost contact with the other baker anon so there's no bake off this Christmas but maybe soon! Anyway, as an explanation, I started baking at home but then I moved in with my boyfriend and so the baking was put to a sudden stop- I couldn't let him think I was insane already. Anyway, I got through as many as I could before I got sick so here we are, welcome to my n2f Christmas bake off!!

(Disclaimer: it was dark so I couldn't use the window, so instead I used another n2f special viewing location: my bed. Ffs.)


So, straight off the bat: TOO SWEET!! Eating one gave me a headache and I have a massive sweet tooth. Why are there so many flavours? Why? Somebody needs to teach her that less is more because I could literally taste nothing but "sweet". The icing was creative, evidently she forgot to mix it properly because she has random white clumps in it but it wasn't awful just insanely sweet. everything she used for it added an extra layer of sweetness; even the milk she used to bind it all together was a vanilla milk shake- it's just too much. her taste buds must be dead. My poor teeth. I wouldn't say these are actually safe to eat just because of the sugar content, I really like my sugary food but after eating only one I had a massive headache and my back teeth were absolutely aching, I ended up throwing them out because they just weren't right. oh, I'm not sure why mine are so pale compared to hers… Maybe it's the lack of added grime?

No. 1114628

File: 1608887552749.jpg (526.89 KB, 1515x1473, PicsArt_12-25-08.50.23.jpg)


Last bake in my old house, say good bye to the window! Well these are only the base of what she made, I don't like wafers and it doesn't take any skill to smush them on top so I only made the cake part. Mine were a lot less wet then hers were, they actually came out really dry and burnt looking but they tasted fine, couldn't taste the mint but the chocolate was there- the only issue was the weird, skin like texture on the bottom. She had the same issue on the flapjacks I made last time, it tastes literally like cold, congealed fat? No idea what caused it but it's a running theme. This is another case of "it's okay but not very good". I do feel a bit bad for her, she's using these weird expensive ingredients to make not very nice things.. I don't know why she doesn't use normal ingredients to make tasty bakes?

(I'm going to get banned for flooding.)

No. 1114629

File: 1608887698817.jpg (447.38 KB, 1515x1473, PicsArt_12-25-09.04.45.jpg)


I profusely apologise for the lack of pecans for the top, someone either ate or moved them. Anyway, these were absolutely the best thing which may simply have been for the topping because the bake in itself was quite average. Again, I don't know why hers are so much more orange-y than mine? I think she must have left an ingredient out or maybe she bakes things in used bowls which has left a residue because I was extremely vigilant with the ingredients so I can't see where I would've gone wrong. Oh well. Anyway, these were fairly nice but again they would've been so much better if she'd stuck to one flavour (or even two, for fucks sake.). These didn't have that congealed fat texture on the bottom which was a welcome surprise! When I left them for a bit (literally 30 mins) and came back to them they had solidified into a kind of shortbread texture which although wasn't disgusting, was a little off putting when you remembered they were supposed to be cakes… I'm going to hope it's just them getting stale very fast rather than any sinister alternative.

Random extra point- when I zoomed in on her pictures I noticed they're covered in tiny hairs. Gross. An ingredient I didn't add.

No. 1114630

File: 1608887769049.jpg (543.39 KB, 1515x1473, PicsArt_12-25-08.54.24.jpg)


Dare I say… Hers look better than mine?!!

This one looked the absolute worst of everything on her account so I decided to make it! My thought process was that it was absolutely impossible to fuck up a mug cake so I was very intrigued as to what she had done. I used a normal Mars bar rather than whatever special edition one she had though, oops! It stayed a rather sad and depressing lump at the bottom of the mug, I think it must have risen a little seeing as it left some chocolate round the sides of the mug but then it sank again. I bought protein powder especially for this and it ended up… Well, shit. A bit of a waste honestly. It tasted like any generic chocolate mug cake (probably a bit worse as it was slightly rubbery), she doesn't need to waste her time with weird extra ingredients, just needs to follow a normal recipe. Oh, I'd like to remind you all that this is one of the pictures the protein powder company endorsed her for lol- whaaaaaat were they thinking, it would've been better advertisement just to shit in a mug and dust it with their protein powder.

Best part about this was the mars bar!

No. 1114631

Merry Christmas bake anon, and so sorry you got sick. You're doing the lord's work!

No. 1114632

File: 1608887916191.jpg (444.65 KB, 1515x1473, PicsArt_12-25-09.00.18.jpg)


Okay, here it is. The one that made me sick. The batter was too thick and goopy, insanely gross to look at, I know brownie batter will never be the most breathtakingly beautiful thing but it looked like actual shit. I noticed when I made it that there was nothing to make it rise- literally nothing- so I had my reservations for this but nothing could prepare me for the taste. Oh yeah, and the bourbons she instructed be stuck in them did absolutely nothing. Weird skin like bottom again- why does that keep happening? Bananas didn't blend properly despite me putting the mixture in a blender, took triple the amount of time instructed to bake as they simply wouldn't rise- in the end they never did and I had to fold them over twice just to give them the appearance that they were brownies.. okay, now for the taste. imagine eating mushed up banana which has solidified into a skin-like rubbery paste that gets stuck in to the roof of your mouth so it's hard to swallow despite it being so incredibly slimy from the coconut oil, and when you eventually manage to get it down you're left with an after taste of unsweetened cocoa powder and absolute death. Oh yes, and every couple of seconds as you're eating it the texture changes from slimy and stretchy to weird bits of chewy randomness which I still can't even explain away. This one was too much, it made me throw up multiple times which perhaps was a good thing because I don't trust her weird skinny syruppy and protein powdery ingredients anyway… I think my digestive system was doing me a favour.

None of her bakes have been good- not even nearly- but a couple of these were really really really bad. I feel a bit sorry for her, she either has no taste buds or a death wish…. Or both, honestly. I love sweet food, I've had my fair share of crappy mug cake experiments and failed cookie disasters, all of which I've trialed and tested but these? No. I think some of them were dangerous to consume (too much sugar!!) And some were just down right fucking GROSS. nourish, if you're reading this, put down your apron and follow somebody else's recipe! It'll be worth it, I promise.

Well, that concludes this baking session! I hope you anons enjoyed, have a very very merry Christmas and please eat better than I did last night! Don't make ANY n2f recipes, just enjoy whatever it is you enjoy. I love this thread!!

-lots of love, your humble baker anon.

No. 1114633

File: 1608887951903.jpg (201.71 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20201225_010430_836.jpg)

One last gross pic of the bake that made me sick!

No. 1114637

girl what is nourishing to flourishing about this?

No. 1114640

Still reading through the posts, I'd just like to say I appreciate the contrast between the wretched food abominations and the festive Christmas ornaments and themes in the pictures. It's hilarious

No. 1114642

Hiding your special bakes from your lover like a dirty secret lol.

Cherry Bakewell is demonic, so wouldn't eat these during a famine. Pumpkin spice is a very distinct flavour, so can't even imagine how disgusting this tasted. Bad decayed teeth and sardine breath. This sounds like 5he one that'd make me ill. They look as pale as a very sick person's face. Big fail.

I was excited about the raisin chocolate mint until I saw her final pic. Yes, dry af. Shame no mint flavour. That skin texture is worrying and ultimately very off putting. I think I'd brave these, though.
You will never be banned!

The skin again? I suspect she has a secret ingredient she keeps from us. I'd hate to imagine what what is.

I think she tries to be inventive with her bakes, knows they don't work but thinks nobody's going to try them so says they're delicious. Her mug cake could've been a shop bought mix. I won't say what it looks like, but seen similar on that hoarders programme.

I'm looking at pics on my phone. Cba to get out of bed but will look at large version on laptop.

One day she might bake something surprisingly nice if she learns about food anatomy or w/e it's called.

Did your family try any? How did the bakes smell when in the oven?

Again, severely disappointed with the mint raisin things.

Many thanks for this. Happy cohabiting and I won't say a word about this experiment to your loved one.

The bed photo was a nice touch. Also refreshing to see clean bedding! You're not taking these to your Xmas feast I'm guessing, ha.

Wonder where baker jnr anon went to? Hopefully didn't succumb to her first bake induced sickness.

No. 1114645

Wow, this was actually a dangerous undertaking.
>now for the taste. imagine …
I did it, I imagined all that. Literally winced while reading.

No. 1114649

Waking up to these on christmas morning is just the best, thank you so much baker anon, you made my day. We're all thankful for your sacrifice

No. 1114650

These all look so foul. Poor n2f! Someone really needs to feed her some actually tasty bakes - she might truly recover as quickly as young Han then.

N2f reminds me of a less put-together version of my friend who is definitely, chronically underweight and weird about food. Her bakes are not as foul as n2f's, but usually dry and a bit flavourless. They usually replace sugar with dates or use gluten-free flour for no reason. But she bakes all the time and is clearly quite proud of them.

Always best to go back to basics with baking! Beautiful and terrifying recreations, bakeranon.

No. 1114652

File: 1608890894445.png (2.55 MB, 828x1792, 4AB0D276-1DFC-4C2B-8C46-B19A49…)

scrape that plate porgie

No. 1114653

I mean, she ate some corn (a vegetable!) - a Christmas miracle.

No. 1114670

No offence but this is a bit sad, pathetic and obsessive.

No. 1114675

No offence but this is lolcow, we're all a bit sad, pathetic and obsessive

No. 1114676

Merry Christmas tho

No. 1114685

and also sexy

No. 1114687

Mostly sexy

No. 1114694

Baker anon really put their life on risk for this show some respect grinch bitch

No. 1114700

+1 show some respect on baker anons name you grunch, bet you cant even use a microwave

No. 1114712

Kek at Ham's facial expression.

No. 1114718

the scrapings left were too healthy she had to quickly move
to the desserts
life? too much time on her hands
Nice to see a cast member of The Witches out in public

No. 1114724

Thank you for service baker anon. As someone who does alternative baking this was interesting reading.

No. 1114728

Wow you guys really don't like my bakes, huh? Well think of it this way: we're all wasting our time on this site anyway, at least I'm doing something creative with my time wasting! And I bet you guys didn't get nominated for best anon content or whatever that thing is lol. (That was a joke, btw)

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed! I don't feel sick anymore just queasy at the thought of what I ate yesterday.

Oh and to answer that other anons question, didn't give any to my family this time but my boyfriend ate the ingredients- he didn't want the finished products.

No. 1114729

thanks for your service, anon

No. 1114738

what you do is so funny and entertaining anon. don’t let this bitch get you down

No. 1114740

Not to be greedy on Christmas no less but this is just making me wish we had a chefanon who would replicate n2f's most bizarro meals and try them. I'd love to do it myself but I cant afford to buy food I don't need atm.

No. 1114742

Did she post this on her story recently? If so I seemed to miss it. Was she talking about being on lolcow again, or is this an old screenshot?

No. 1114752

I wouldn't call myself a chef but I have tried to replicate n2f's bowls of protein powder slop. It always ends up as some sort of stiff chocolate mousse and is usually edible. I have no idea how she gets it to look so watery. Maybe I should try making Gainer's cream of rice abomination instead.

No. 1114754

Girl!!! No wonder you got sick, imagine all those chemicals then baked your poor stomach (in high doses they’re probs carcinogenic) pissing myself about having to be sly around your partner. God bless you baker anon!

No. 1114755

> comes to sperg central
> gets angry with spergs acting like spergs
Go back to twitter anon.

No. 1114757

thank you bakeranon! this looks postively like shit, we appreciate the sacrifices you make

No. 1114788

God bless you anon! If you don't win for user-submitted content I'm going to declare that the whole thing is a fraud because my feelings are hurt, as is the new American tradition

No. 1114789

File: 1608918273721.png (4.52 MB, 750x1334, F2484B2F-7ABB-4709-A16F-9A740E…)

A bar.. on top of this milky cereal.. ew

No. 1114809

Ignore the Grinch. Imagine having no sense of humour or real joy engaging with the board. I pity that anon.

I'm longing to see the full size pics but at my man's for dinner but looking forward to it tomorrow. You rock, star!

No. 1114817

The cereal is just dry though? There’s no milk in it. Otherwise that would have to be an extremely buoyant candy bar.

No. 1114819

bakeanon, you are the real mvp here. thank you for risking your relationship, your bedding, and even your digestive system for our amusement.

> it would've been better advertisement just to shit in a mug and dust it with their protein powder.

this is fucking brilliant also

No. 1114827

File: 1608922315484.gif (76.96 KB, 220x141, 1FEE630B-677C-4858-9317-D40B68…)

Oh bakeranon you spoil us so! A+++++ dedication right there, you da best. Merry Christmas!

No. 1114829

I love you and care for you anon, sending you kissies

No. 1114830

Thank you, bakeranon. You saved Christmas. Sorry you got sick though

No. 1114856

Yeah this shit is kiwifarms tier. Watch the cow don’t be the cow.

No. 1114868

let us have our fun

No. 1114891

File: 1608932332116.jpeg (222.86 KB, 828x1472, 729A5520-33B3-4ADF-824A-01FC1E…)

not a vendetta i swear and sage bcs not sure if this is rlly milk, but @rorecovering on instagram continuously plays the victim on her stories, saying how huge she is and sending herself tells about how skinny she looks, and then these obvious shoops (bendy/straight tattoo??? wonky fridge??) seem to send a very begging for attention, look-how-sick-i-am message ?? idk

No. 1114894

Go back there then scrooge

No. 1114897

File: 1608932907029.jpeg (890.55 KB, 828x1403, B2F09E76-6263-4C61-8002-9B9E18…)

Our N2F copycat is back and with some interesting meals

No. 1114905

File: 1608934010228.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, No fun ever.png)

No. 1114924

ngl that looks good except for the fake butter

No. 1114935

This is so petty but I hate her big fat face.

No. 1114946

Not even petty, was thinking the exact same thing. Her facial features are dwarfed, almost like they're drowning in her facial fat. Hey eyes, nose, and lips looks strangely small.

No. 1114947

File: 1608939285709.png (4.71 MB, 1920x1440, medjoul_1920x.png)

if i didnt know better, i thought it looked like

No. 1114952

> If 2020 was a Christmas dinner

No. 1114958

How hungry do you have to be to think that looks even remotely appetizing?

>processed plastic turkey ripped into pieces

>sprouts that have probably been boiled to oblivion
>crumpets covered on one end with spread made from industrial waste products

No. 1114969

Cockroaches shrivelled in the sun.

There's an influx (and reflux) of particularly bad food this season.

No. 1114989

Jesus that meat (?) is so pink

No. 1114995

File: 1608946055923.png (4.66 MB, 750x1334, 12FEB432-CD3F-459E-9573-3F3A47…)

made by her nan? baked beans on a roast?so grotesque food combinations run in the family then. either that or she’s bullshitting and it’s another concoction à la microwavé.

No. 1114997

Okay this may be a tinfoil, but I was looking at the crumpets wondering why she hadn’t toasted them - because I don’t know many people who eat them untoasted. Is it so the butter doesn’t melt into the holes and she can just scrape it off, possibly to reuse the same crumpets for later meals? It’s not even spread, just a nice removable clump.

No. 1115035

Looks like she’s pinched a bit of chicken and veg/mash from her family’s Christmas dinner and added the beans and sauces herself. Not sure why the beans are making such a frequent appearance lately, probs to make the plate look filled up while not exceeding a certain calorie limit

No. 1115042

Normal people eat much more than that for their Christmas dinner, right? Because this portion to me just looks anorexic, but I don't think this N2F copycat is even anorexic?

No. 1115044


This is so depressing…whether she's eating dinner by herself in her room or she's eating with the fam but ruining it with gross chemical spunk. And the bbq sauce(?) with gravy and beans.. big sad N2F.

No. 1115054

File: 1608954794686.jpg (307.61 KB, 1080x1888, 20201226_164831.jpg)

They turned Miha away, how disappointing.. maybe she isn't struggling to eat as much as she wants to believe!

No. 1115137

The time of year that keeps on giving. Woke up to amazing bakes on 25th, this hilarity on 26th. Wonderful!

No. 1115175


Agreed that it's pretty weird, but I know old fashioned East London families who consider baked beans on a roast (especially their Christmas roast) an integral part of the meal. Not sure where N2F is from in the UK, but it's not impossible that her family include beans on their crimbo dinner

No. 1115186

File: 1608978221595.jpg (383.99 KB, 1080x1886, 20201226_042254.jpg)

Looking a little moon face here

No. 1115204

She's a Yorkshire lass.

No. 1115227

Wow. I'm guessing antipsychotics did this to her face?

No. 1115231

someone needs to tell her about NF!

No. 1115247


For sure.

No. 1115249

Considering she's got a filter over this pic as well, must be even worse irl

No. 1115251

File: 1608989644348.png (651.94 KB, 708x999, Screenshot_20201226-132500~2.p…)

Potential new cow/LARPer. Ham follower. Could be milky.

No. 1115252

File: 1608989684037.png (538.7 KB, 720x1397, Screenshot_20201226-132852~2.p…)

No. 1115254

File: 1608989779641.png (130.99 KB, 720x729, Screenshot_20201226-132533~2.p…)

No. 1115259

File: 1608990558705.png (959.14 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201226-134856.png)

No. 1115261

Weight gain doesn't being shameful thoughts, love. The thougt if weight gain brings intense fear for numerous complex reasons.

No. 1115262

had a quick peek at her account. No evidence of milk yet and she could well be underweight but the night is still young.

No. 1115263

(Scuse typos,"BIG HUGS" turns my fingers all snowflake)

No. 1115264

Yep but this pic >>1115252 and oh, the poor amateur dramatics. Keep her on the back burner.

No. 1115266

Yes its nothing to be ashamed of but it isn't required if you are already a well healthy weight.

No. 1115322

Why do antipsychotics do that? I notice psychs seem to put anorexics on Olanzapine. Is it because it makes them fat? Kek.

No. 1115333

Copypasta this:
>Olanzapine, a second-generation antipsychotic, is used for management in a number of psychiatric illnesses. Here we report two cases of olanzapine-induced facial edema which resolved spontaneously on stopping the drug. Although a benign side effect, it led to patient and caregiver distress.

Here's some deeper shit I do not even claim to understand: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2825016/ A medfag will explain probably.

BUT I've never known anyone to have this (inc blogpost self), but seen rapid weight gain with some med prescribed for schizophrenia. Not just the face though. And I mean RAPID.

No. 1115336

It’s notorious for increasing appetite but I think one of the other reasons is to try and help the obsessions/compulsions/distress (not a medfag btw just anecdotal)

Risperidone is another. Nasty stuff (reposting to add: if you reallly can’t avoid it. Not at all against psych meds when used properly)

No. 1115341

File: 1609002141183.png (1.11 MB, 918x740, DO IT NOW.png)

No. 1115342

this is gold, thank you anon

No. 1115343

Blogpost but yes: I had a doctor who was part of a study where they intentionally used olanzopine for anorexic patients instead of an antipsychotic with fewer side effects because they wanted to induce weight gain. There are many drugs now with less pronounced effects on weight / metabolism.

Not saying that olanzapine isn’t legitimately used for anxiety and intrusive thoughts, but docs are well aware it causes most people to gain weight, often rapidly and above what would be expected based on diet alone.

No. 1115344

>if you want a biscuit HAVE A BISCUIT
>if I can have some SO CAN YOU
Right, because it’s that easy. The NHS need to employ her QUICK - no need for specialists, SEED pathways or year long admissions after severely anorexic patients hear these profound nuggets of wisdom!

No. 1115358

File: 1609004040271.jpeg (164.54 KB, 669x867, DCD0D5A1-AE19-436A-B60F-2F0FC9…)

Has Laura ever had an actual ED? The photo on the left seems to be her typical ‘transformation post’ photo and she does seem underweight but it’s also clear she’s posing HARD. I don’t believe her ‘haven’t eaten in 2 weeks’ claims but was wondering if there is any truth in it.

No. 1115361

Yeah, as >>1115343 says, it does seem to be used because it gives people an insatiable appetite. It also makes most people very sleepy and sedated, so can reduce over-exercising.
Also favoured by psych wards because it can be given intramuscularly as well as orally, so if someone refuses oral meds or has a serious incident they can be given a dose via injection under restraint without having to mix antipsychotics.

No. 1115369

Doubt it. I always put her I have an ED thing down to the attention seeking part of her BPD. She's never looked worryingly thin, but knows how to make her face look as though she's unwell.

No. 1115375

I don’t think she was ever a sooper spoop but I do personally believe she has had an ED, albeit probably secondary to her personality disorder. She abused lax to the point of losing consciousness and shitting herself at her dance studio IIRC and her weight has definitely fluctuated somewhat dramatically even though her skinniest was not deathly.

No. 1115381

I think she did/does. She was quite thin at one point and in the Stacy dooley documentary she looked skinny even though the bone rattling anons here tried to deny it

No. 1115404

If someone wants attention, they can lose some weight…just enough for concern,if they want it enough.she was in Emily And Gracie's orbit so the tips n tricks would've been passed on. She's eaten enough to avoid tube feeding. She's more a case of restriction by osmosis than a stand alone anorexic. Posing in her dance wear isn't usual behaviour for ana body image mentality.

Yes, she was underweight on that document, so despite dubiuclaims, I don't believe she had depression et al MI causing her to not eat, but anorexia, I don't think so.

No. 1115405



Yes, she was underweight on that documentary, so despite dubious claims, I do believe she had depression et al MI causing her to not eat, but anorexia, I don't think so.

No. 1115407

I mean BPD and EDs have a huge crossover because using food, starvation, laxatives are all a way to deal with the PD chaos.

No. 1115411

>doctors hate her for this one simple trick!
Seriously, it's like saying "just get over it! That's what I did!" to people with depression. The ones that say it never actually had depression.

No. 1115438

File: 1609010794450.jpeg (182.77 KB, 750x1188, 89C5295B-E472-4CE3-8F04-5DCA6D…)

Bored_with_ana was kicked off TikTok again, kek

No. 1115456

Personally I’m one of those who doubts she had a full-blown ED - not anorexia, anyway. Lots of people with PD use ~behaviours~ and yeah lots also legit fit the criteria for a comorbid ED so it’s not impossible, but literally every thing Laura does is for attention, she’s incredibly transparent. Wouldn’t be difficult for her to pick up ~tips~ throughout her ridiculous number of admissions and she’s clearly a fan of the ol’ collarbone pop too. The didn’t eat for two weeks claim is just…nah. Not buying it

No. 1115459

File: 1609013143218.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20201226-135117_Ins…)

Upon closer inspection, the eggs are partially peeled with the shell sitting in the sauce

No. 1115468

>constantly trying new filters on my posts
>yellow eggs reddish hand
>Again, I don't know why hers are so much more orange-y than mine
>oh, I'm not sure why mine are so pale compared to hers
It's the filters. This one is so strong it almost manages to hide the dirty splotches that are always on her eggs.

No. 1115485

File: 1609018694450.jpg (2.35 MB, 2400x1920, PhotoCollage_20201226_22355611…)

Ik y'all have probably seen it but I cringed so hard when she looked with a disgust on her face at that sandwich, shook her head and smiled again

No. 1115501

File: 1609020574071.jpg (275.84 KB, 1059x1739, 20201227_080814.jpg)

She's going to break a bone if she pushes her shoulder any harder for collarbones

No. 1115554

Don’t give her any ideas. She’s already a munchie too, she’d just claim brittle bones or some other disease she can milk for asspats. But yeah any normal to slightly overweight person can purposefully pop out their collarbones like this, doesn’t mean she’s underweight like she’s pretending it does.

No. 1115576

One of the hallmarks of BPD is multiple forms of self-harm, like actually feeling the need to do them, not the need to pretend to do them. So if she's faking the ED and just head-banging etc. for attention (and her doctors knew it) she'd probably be diagnosed with facticious disorder or histrionic PD or something… it's hard to imagine her doctors don't know what's up, but maybe they thought she'd be more amenable to treatment if she wasn't diagnosed as basically just making it up

No. 1115577

it screws with blood sugar and increases appetite I believe

No. 1115598

Yes it's the appetite that causes the weight gain- normal people get hungry, eat more, put on weight- there is reputation for causing weight gain. There's some technical term for it.

No. 1115643

her arm is somehome the worst part of this picture even tho the idea of eggshell in sauce is just gross

No. 1115724

thanks han you just cured anorexia

No. 1115807

Looked back at her mother too because she needs that extra encouragement to eat something that isn't pure sugar
Remember when she posted her own nurses' notes? She outed herself as faking anorexia.

No. 1115811

Don't we all. There was a lead up to it with her self posting and arguing with people here then posting her meal plans and psych feedback forms with her sticker details on show. She had to go down the munchie route with bowel issues as no one believed her wannarexia pleas after that odd staging of her own notes. Basically no one in the public system would touch her so she went private and has been malingering there ever since. Such an odd specimen

No. 1115812

Kek what thread was this?

No. 1115823

thread 24.

No. 1115832


I know we're a bunch of meanies here but looking back on that past thread, elanzi has come so far, so good for her. Nice to see someone make progress, warms my little cold heart.

Also Georgia admitted on myproana that she has BED kek, proving this charade of uwu my anorexia, my super serious bulimia is the biggest lie going. Not that we ever believed her, just funny it came from her own damn mouth!!

No. 1115833

> If I can, so can you
Sorry but any anorexic person is going to look at her face/body and it’ll only make them want to starve more

No. 1115844

Do you have the pic of her saying so?

No. 1115845

File: 1609079457276.png (13.57 KB, 434x414, 1556452289425.png)


Here it is!

No. 1115850

With respect to Elzani: bitch was looking downright radiant on Christmas when she let her sister(?) do her makeup. I didn’t think the screen cap and the story has now timed out, but I’m of the opinion that she has entered a “post-cow” phase and may indeed go on to accomplish something more than gobbling 12 pancakes and coasting on mumzani & pazani’s money. Or she’ll relapse eventually. Knowing that she lurks here: elzani, go back to school!

No. 1115855

daintyaly has been crying and whining about how her psych said he doesn’t think she has an ED, and one follower’s comment saying they were glad she gained weight and wasn’t dying anymore. This of course lead to 50+ stories about how shes fat and no one cares about her now that she’s not sickly. Imagine being 27 and having your parents buy and pay for everything (she STILL doesn’t have a job) and you’re sitting at home whining about not being anorexic anymore.

No. 1115858

File: 1609081601797.jpeg (754.91 KB, 828x1385, AC6A4070-DBA6-4079-A365-6BE335…)

Soz, meant to attach this

No. 1115889

The only time it's good to be proved wrong imo is when a cow does well with recovery.

Georgie's said she's been diagnosed every ED by herself

No. 1115899

this is classic mpa in general. some overeating? BED. restrict for a day? anorexia. like to eat healthy? orthorexia.

people love a label.

No. 1115901

although georgie is consistently inconsistent so she's a law unto herself.

like she's also said she's never binged in her life hasn't she?

No. 1115908

Yeah. Recently some mpa posts here contradicted how many calories she ever ate at once. One was low, the other significantly higher.

No. 1115910

is she shooping now too? her eyes have never been angled like that she looks busted

No. 1115912

I think it's a filter, she always uses them on instagram

No. 1115918

File: 1609088817468.png (951.49 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201227-170558.png)

Ham bingo tonight. Shes posting a pig out video!

Looking frail…

No. 1115919

File: 1609088941502.png (254.76 KB, 352x449, Screenshot_20201227-170805~2.p…)

We'll believe she ate all of it.

No. 1115920

How spontaneous is it if you have time to take your phone out, pose for a selfie and write a faux inspirational caption about how spontaneous it is

No. 1115932

Did anyone notice how she said repeatedly in the last one that it wasn’t a FDOE? Yet it was most certainly close to a full day worth of calories, just completely devoid of fruit, veg and protein (except for an egg and ham sammy).

No. 1115936

She needs to be stopped

No. 1115955

Was it an Instagram post?
She's done well- still would have liked the IP unit video ! Also she is very fortunate to come from a family who clearly love her and can support her and (I assume) some form of ED support etc. Looking back two years I wouldn't have thought it. Good for her.( and no this is not a self post)

No. 1115957

She was only doing an OU course, so to add - ELZANI - do a college course!

I'm surprised she didn't relapse. A good surprise. Well done to her. I may not like her, but if she does something with her life it might make these LARPers who worship her do the same.

No. 1115967

File: 1609094584854.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1080, photoart.collagemaker.picgrid.…)

I can't be the only one that see's it…

No. 1115971

Agree 100% with Elzani needs to go back to school! Honestly, she's done well with gaining as much as she needs to rather than gaining 5 lbs. and considering herself recovered. If she gets out on her own now, interacting with the world, she has a good shot imo

No. 1115973

File: 1609095032957.jpg (25.11 KB, 480x360, ham.jpg)

I know Timothy Spall from so many things to see it, but I do see img.

No. 1115984

Not even necessarily going back to school - uni isn't for everyone. Getting a job/ some kind of training/ volunteering/ even just picking up a new hobby would do her good just to prevent her falling back on her identity as Elzani the Anorexic.

No. 1115985

File: 1609095861424.jpg (5.31 KB, 183x275, monki.jpg)

Before we get her #challenges, I'm going to be that blogposter to say it. Eating at Christmas was fucking hard. Really fucking hard, as it is for EVERYONE (no exceptions) with ~issues~ in that area. Actually working hard at it and yes, tried a few really fucking ~scary~ things. Was there any "LITERALLY IN LOVE" thoughts? Was there a MMMm this is really nice, I'll spontaneously have another? Was it easy to finish everything? Or even finish something? Did Ham spend an entire day feeling physically and mentally like shit with anxiety and faced with having to eat more as usual and HATE it?

I predict not. Everything was yummy. Everything was mega sized. Everything was great as she went from one #challenge to another. She went to bed longing for breakfast to be sooner.

I don't know how anyone in recovery can watch her and believe she's not a fake. How long has she pretended to be in recovery - 3 months? From eating NOTHING (apparently) to being able to scoff everything. Not possible. Maybe with Molly who didn't pretend she'd been anorexic for YEARS. She nipped it in the bud. But this one…

Oh, there's the obligatory "you don't see everything from an insta post so here's a cry face".

Okay, gimme the red text, but I want to say to farmers who're in this for real, one day the war's going to be over.

Finally, you lurk, so Hannah, you're fucking scum. Seriously, what you're doing is disgusting.

Here's a cute img to lighten the mood.(blog)

No. 1115994

Baking would suit her. She could drag n2f along with her.

No. 1115995

In motion!

I tried to make a gif from the video but it was too big to post kek

No. 1116004

About to do bingo.


Why do they always want to be thought of as ill? I know it's an illness, but god damn, why focus on that when you're working to being not ill. Okay, bingo…

No. 1116006

her acting is improving i think! It's a little less overdone now. Bravo! Encore!

No. 1116013

File: 1609098533400.jpg (198.05 KB, 1080x1390, 20201227_133324.jpg)

>not a FDOE

In video: chocolate chip brioche, bag of crisps, pigs in a blanket, croquettes, turkey, chocolate coffee, chocolate assortment (truffle, two squares of chocolate, some sort of biscuit), the honeycomb chocolate from her story, scrambled eggs on two pieces of toast with sauce, more chocolate (fake pocky, squares of chocolate, Oreos?), new sauce on a sandwich (ketchup), biscuit assortment (including really scary ones!), mini candy bars, having leftovers ( pigs in a blanket, baked beans, some sort of bread?), scary snack plate, biscoff porridge, leftover turkey, potato waffles…

She's wearing the same sweatshirt through most of it, but it does seem like this is over a few days. That's still a lot.

No. 1116017

i’m so fucking proud of you anon. also i agree with everything you’ve said - han really is a pro ana scumbag

No. 1116027

based blogposter

No. 1116029

File: 1609100015175.jpg (636.57 KB, 1920x1080, hamxmas.jpg)

M8. I ran out of space to post all the fucking food. I might've missed some bingo things but I couldn't listen to her advice.

So much food. Really wtf.

Notice her "new hoodie" is XXXL. Preparing for the near future?

No. 1116032

I think her "hestitancy" face needs working on. At least she's not frantically trying to tear the wrappers off pies n that though.

No. 1116038

File: 1609101611461.png (3.83 MB, 750x1334, A46E180E-0037-466F-B658-7990DE…)

what the fuck. does her mum have munchausen‘s or something

No. 1116043

KEK at the grapes on her plate. Finally challenging herself to some fruit.

No. 1116044

holy fucking kek. truly the very image of disordered eating.

No. 1116084


>I can do this. It's going to taste good and help me

For the love of GOD when has anorexia ever been about not liking the taste of food? For a LARPer you'd have thought she'd have known this by now, but no. The "challenge" to her and the fear for her is always the anticipation that the food she's about to eat will taste bad, evident from the instant stupid "wow" face she makes after one bite. I've never seen someone be more obviously fake in my life.

So congrats Hannah, you've beat Georgia and even bloody Shay. Take your crown, I hope asspats and internet attention is worth it whilst taking the absolute piss out of real sufferers. How any of her followers buy this is astounding.

No. 1116087

> ed loud. having a wobble
Yes, a chin wobble Han. Christ she has ballooned since starting her ~recovery~

No. 1116102

Whatever she does, she would need to do it gradually. She can drive and loves animals so maybe she could volunteer one day a week at the local animal shelter or something. She's withdrawn back to only interacting with her family members for years and the stress of having to relearn how to deal with other people could cause her to relapse. I do wonder if she suffers from social anxiety.

>Elzani eating n2f bakes
This needs to happen.

No. 1116113

>I’m the exact same as you

No. 1116115

She could even just work part time for her dad’s business doing some sort of paperwork or client follow up or inventory. She wouldn’t even need to leave the ‘zani household bubble. She’s at such a pivotal place in her recovery where she’s done so legitimately well that she could absolutely ricochet this momentum towards a functional existence. COME ON E, WERE ALL ROOTING FOR U!

No. 1116132

hannah is making a mockery of us who suffer with this bitch of an illness. if you're reading this hannah, go fuck yourself.

No. 1116138

sage for blog and samefagging but ham is the first cow to ever make me truly angry

No. 1116145

Agreed. It’s the toxic positivity and complete lack of knowledge of actual suffering for me.

No. 1116160

Hanmum wears specs. Should've gone to Specsavers?

No. 1116161

You're amazing, anon. Proud of you.

No. 1116173

She spent all that time filming herself eating. At Christmas. That's desperate. Obviously felt fine apart from the chin wobble to think about these fear foods ahead of her all day AND prop up her phone. She needs friends or interaction with her parents. Take that tip from Elzani. Board games or some shit.

No. 1116175


Ahh! Yeah, who'd even want to fake it eh? We'll all sort it out. Kisses.

No. 1116179

File: 1609111359624.jpg (180.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20201227-232131_Ins…)

No. 1116274

Probably. That image alone gives me so much anxiety. What a waste of calories.>>1116043
Next she will say she is orthorexic

No. 1116277

thank you. sick of coddling these people for their feelings. they wouldn't understand the fear of weight gain or the body dysmorphia

No. 1116286


Oh god, are we getting a journeytoemma-style "im super special and complex" saga? Place ya bets

No. 1116330

Speaking of journeytoemma, does anyone that can see her Insta want to give an update?

No. 1116336

Also totally agree with this. Doing something totally unrelated to the ED where no one knows she has/had one would probably be big growing pains but would really help her keep moving forward

No. 1116346

File: 1609128726358.png (264.5 KB, 3047x1030, Yikes.PNG)

Some ridiculous MPA content

No. 1116349

What the fuck, what the actual fucking fuck.

No. 1116360

How incredibly selfish. I hope this didn't actually happen.

No. 1116365


ew she showed him? that would be such a turn off surely.

No. 1116368


I hope Ham, or even better, her MUM read this thread & pull the brakes on this seriously out of control “anorexic” LARP.
Yo Ham’s mum: your daughter needs serious psychological help, but not for her fake eating disorder, but for whatever makes her crave this type of sympathetic attention that she can only get by pretending to be a ~wittle baby anawexic twying sO SO hard~ how do you even justify enabling this? y’all never met an anorexic, i know she’s saying this is what they all do in recovery, but it’s not what she needs

& Ham: anorexics don’t not realise food tastes good. We don’t just need to eat eat eat. You’re just ballooning yourself for a play-pretend. You need to explain yourself or fuck off outta the recovery community, ya cow.

No. 1116369

I’d break up with a bitch lol
but he sounds enabling as fuck so

No. 1116481

File: 1609150576799.jpeg (364.13 KB, 1171x1090, DFD63432-B7FF-4409-B367-23AE15…)

Just came across this in Urban Dictionary from 2010. Ham is a ham, kek.

No. 1116498

File: 1609154100796.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1125x2007, 5B7EB9D7-3F9C-4FD6-8C72-65F402…)

A few months ago wasn’t this cow begging for money and saying her family were going to lose their house? Now in this long ramble (which just screams jealousy) she says “my dad is a multimillionaire” um? Sorry, what?

No. 1116513

File: 1609156113973.jpg (203.7 KB, 1080x1333, 20201228_114257.jpg)

what the fuck is this

No. 1116520

Context pls?

No. 1116524

File: 1609157686195.png (4.06 MB, 828x1792, 594B5C6A-DFFC-4B32-96FE-414F48…)

bored_with_ana couldn’t resist posting a super spoopy toob pic not

No. 1116529

So I'm not the only one who finds her insufferable? She mentioned in a live her school didn't even notice so she really can't have been as sickly as she likes to imply.

No. 1116534

she made a post about how she would over exercise for ED reasons

No. 1116558

rooting for culinary school
the education and hard work would be good for her and might help her brain where food is concerned
she could be successful and really make something of herself imo

No. 1116562

forgot to sage

No. 1116566

Im genuinely curious; how would more focus on food help her? I get that she was a spoop for so long that the obsession will take a while to fade, but how can she, let alone us, be sure its what she wants to do for the rest of her life?

No. 1116617

She's in the same hospital Journey ToEmma was in and it's got a really bad reputation.
As much as I don't like Laura a family and solicitor would have to be pretty fucked up not to try and get their relative/ client moved to a different unit!

No. 1116638

She's literally bitching about her friend in order to write about how she'd been an IP once upon a time ago, and poor her, didn't get loads of presents for it. I think she lives with her mum and step dad? (Don't quote me on that), but the mention of her multimillionaire dad is still a fucking piss take. Just proves even more the fabrication of the near-homelessness bullshit she put out to beg for money. She's literally a sad little priveledged liar.

No. 1116660

File: 1609175418880.jpg (652.85 KB, 1080x1472, 20201228_110733.jpg)

Alicia, sweetheart, you're supposed to shell the pistachios…

No. 1116661

Just curious, which hospital is it?

No. 1116668


I stand corrected if it's actually that bad, but at the same time, my sympathies can only go so far for her when she was pulling stunts left and right and doing the most. What does she expect? Even the best unit in the country isn't going to be pleasant, its the nature of the place. No unit is going to be the fluffy hugbox she wants.

No. 1116670

Blueberry, cheesecake and pistachio. Nuts in shells. O God.

Now bakeranon confirmed dryness of her bakes, I'm trusting my eyes that these could be parts from a board game.

I wish for once she'd use a recipe and not make one up. No protein powder or skinny syrups. That way we'd know if she CAN bake but her ingredient mix of her own recipes are off.

Not into the whole pistachios, with or without the shell. Not on a donut omg.

No. 1116672

Gonna say it, Laura DID make the situation this bad for herself. She wanted to go to a special unit. She got there, they wouldn't put up with her games and she discovered that now she's stuck. Still she ramps up the MI thing, posting gormless pics.

No. 1116686

>>1116672 I think this is the first place that has taken her phone off of her. Not always of course, but she often goes without. To Laura that must be torture kek.

No. 1116694


Because she’s in a PD unit they can see through all her bullshit. They don’t reward attention seeking behaviours with hugs and won’t coddle her like a child. She’s in that unit because her behaviour needs properly addressing. She wants to move units because she can’t self harm or pick at her face without consequences eg. bedroom locked, phone taken away, no leave. She’s probably beginning to realise that a super speshal PD unit isn’t as fun as she thought and if she ever wants to be discharged she’s going to have to be an independent adult instead of a delicate fairy ballerina baby.

No. 1116696


Yeah, she treated the last place like a youth club. She even self posted here when she was having jolly japes and doing leg kicks on top of the tv. She reminds me of ohchickpea in some ways. She sorted herself out to some degree when she was shipped off to the DID unit.

No. 1116702

Or something music.
Interesting that as she's recovered she's got far less autistic traits - so maybe it was just her starved brain- looking back at her first video.

No. 1116707

File: 1609180591534.png (5.1 MB, 828x1792, 526C6270-D639-42BF-B8AE-DFA4F0…)

just in case anyone is feeling low and needs a good laugh xxxx

No. 1116718


Exactly, she'll move and soon find out that any unit worth their salt isn't going to put up with her bullshit. What she wants and what she needs are polar opposites.

No. 1116722

idk, there's still something ever so slightly off about her but it's not really worth pathologising.

No. 1116724

I like that Elzani doesn't gaf about the status her fans give her. She hasn't tried to make herself more well known (with collabs etc), and she doesn't speak as though she's an authority. She just gets on with her life. Idk if that's an autism thing, or if she really doesn't care about being liked.

She doesn't seem to make any plans or have the mildest ambition to move on though, so there's something a bit wrong, even if it's her being terrified of leaving Mumzani behind and living by herself. I'd be giving her a rocket up the arse if I was her parents, though. She's spent enough time doing nothing.

No. 1116758

File: 1609185510696.jpeg (915.86 KB, 828x1033, BC444BE9-32AC-42CD-B164-88F703…)

okay okay a day late but THIS LOOKS ALMOST NORMAL??? (albeit the bedsheets).

No. 1116761

File: 1609185811622.jpg (13.65 KB, 135x289, hello you.JPG)

Moving to the kitchen's really improved her cooking and choices. Kinda think her mum made this. Everything properly cooked. It's just too normal and there aren't any faces made on the food. The bunny wedge is cute though.

No. 1116770

File: 1609186907761.png (802.52 KB, 882x767, wow grapes.png)

A sparse looking ~snack plate~

No. 1116779

this is a lot of food jfc, usually in britain you'd have beans or the veg not both because it's just too much food. this is a huge portion.

No. 1116782

Tbh, I can't see baked beans going well with fish fingers. Is fish and beans a thing?

No. 1116784

sure, but seems a bit of an ana-chan thing to point out. She is most likely underweight

No. 1116785

yes! beans, chips and fish fingers are a classic childhood meal here.

No. 1116787

Ohhh, we never strayed from the mushy pea.

No. 1116798

beans, fish fingers and chips is a regular meal for families. even if she is under weight you really think she's going to eat all that food? it's just a waste and not even a normal person could finish all that.

No. 1116799

Fruit?? Is she okay?! It’s funny how she so obviously lurks. She never used to mention compensating (likely bc she’s never had those thoughts in her life, let alone known the term for it) until someone here mentioned it. Same with the smaller snack plates and with the fruit.
(Seriously Ham, gtfo. Stop using us to try and make your LARP more convincing lol)

No. 1116841

who the fuck in god's name would read all that shit. not directed at you anon, just her and all these other cows who post like 540 stories a day and/or novel length whining and dramatics. almost makes me nostalgic for spaceship or whatever her name was

No. 1116874

Meh, we were given beans and veg with chips growing up - maybe not as much as that, but this is a nitpick.

No. 1116876

I'd guess that n2f really did have that talk with her parents and she's been given a good sized meal because she needs it. Idk how filling fish fingers are, but I'd feel stuffed after the wedges and beans. It doesn't really matter what we think of the portion size because she's lost weight recently and if she's cooking in the kitchen, or her mum's making her meals, that can only be a good thing. Just hope she doesn't barf it up.

No. 1116890

I’ve been kinda thinking about the fact that she’s using lolcow for inspiration like it’s fucked because A LOT of the info on here is because some farmers ACTUALLY have an Ed?? Like way to make a mockery out of suffering but also I guess I have to give her some props as she obvs doesn’t give a FUCK about what anyone has to say since she’s still online and hasn’t ran off like Molly or others lmao

No. 1116903

She might give a fuck when future employers google Hannah May Blackburn, Burton-on-Trent.

Still wonder why she doesn't go to school.

No. 1116915

poor girl. i wanna hug her. she really seems to try

No. 1116919

Same just wish she'd drop the nasty skinny syrups

No. 1116921

File: 1609199267314.jpg (387.03 KB, 1080x1810, 20201228_220409.jpg)

she has been "incident free" for 20 days. so basically since she found out she was being "prosecuted" for whatever it was she did in her last "incident". funny how as soon as she realised there are consequences to her actions she can miraculously gain control over her behavours kek

No. 1116922

Joined the hugbox. I want to see her make cheesecake. YES definitely ditch the syrups.

No. 1116934

File: 1609200316811.jpg (534.91 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201228-235245_Ins…)

also porgie changing the story yet again, she apparently started getting ill at 11 now

No. 1116936

>I'll end up the size of a house.

End up?

I disagree with the parental advice. Some kids are obese. They need weight loss. And fuck me, I wouldn't let my kiddywink scoff shit all day and not say why it's bad for them.

No. 1116939

"Keep stuffing your face, sweetie. Don't let anyone tell you cake is bad".

No. 1116968


Off topic but this doc angered the fuck outta me. That shit is straight up abuse imo. No kid learns to eat that much unless a parent is encouraging it. Munchie by proxy at its most heartbreaking, poor kid.

No. 1117084

Ugh this kid makes me sick to my stomach. The mother is delusional and stupid. When I hear the kid was 5 (I didn’t see the title at first) I was shocked. What 5 year old looks like that for real I thought that kid was like 8 or some shit. Ham might want to be more careful shes gonna end up like that kid

No. 1117096

There are thousands of people in this world doing far less than Elzani. She also has plenty of time to move on and find something she enjoys. It's not a problem that she is still at home because they're all happy together, maybe more parents should be like hers..

No. 1117100

>Is fish and beans a thing?
Fish fingers and beans is, yes. Anglo here.

No. 1117101

Ohhh lmfao… her caption says she has been deemed medically stable to exercise in small amounts. More like prescribed exercise to lose weight and prevent obesity related illnesses.

No. 1117102

What are the "5s" she's referring to? And she has to be patted down when she goes to the loo? Jesus. I'm guessing that's a medium secure thing? I'd have thought they'd just watch her while she's on the toilet, kek.

No. 1117108

Jesus Christ, Elzani has certainly packed on the pounds. She's catching up to her chubby sister fast.

No. 1117114

I think its 5 minute obs

No. 1117121

Kek another anon compared her to Peter pettigrew in the last thread. She scrunches her face to look cute but she looks like a rat

No. 1117133

>There are thousands of people in this world doing far less than Elzani. She also has plenty of time to move on and find something she enjoys. It's not a problem that she is still at home because they're all happy together, maybe more parents should be like hers..

Those thousands of people aren't as sheltered as Elzani. It's not healthy for her to live with her parents indefinitely. She's not learning basic skills to deal with adult life or social skills. She needs to learn how to firm relationships with people other than family and boring stuff like paying rent, bills, economising, etc. Living in her safe bubble in her 20s isn't going to prepare her for independent life.

No. 1117145

File: 1609230486478.jpg (170.78 KB, 880x753, 20201229_182538.jpg)

Lee is desperate to get back to new farms eating disorder program because she is sooopa sick after her last dehydration episode. Her psychiatrist said no to an admission so shes having a tanty.

Side bar, does shay own any other clothes other than those gross peter Alexander pjs and a grey hoodie??

No. 1117155

if you're able to eat well Lee, it means you do not need an admission for your eating disorder.

No. 1117156

It’s very interesting to watch the overweight/obese cows beg on their knees to go to treatment but the legitimate anachans refuse to go/refuse treatment.

No. 1117157

That is how you can pick the real from the larping.

No. 1117159

Shhhh, the skelly rattling sets off my migraines.

No. 1117171

So sick yet not at all pale.

I think the Aus cows have mailed it as best LARPers. UKcows don't bother their GP enough despite dubious claims of hospital beds with their name on it. Damn NHS.

No. 1117172


Went to look at recent Elzani pics after comment you're referring to. Yep, bone rattler. She looks great.

No. 1117179

Her family is probably just glad that she's alive and aren't thinking about what's going to happen to her in the long term. She's still in her early 20s so she's got time to decide what she wants to do with her life.

No. 1117201

ntayrt to be fair she would be very isolated if she moved out during this pandemic as we are basically going in and out of lockdown in the UK so her moving out may not be a priority until she can have a good support network outside of her home.

No. 1117211

I went to look at elzanis socials after anons in here were criticising her for being fat and binge eating and it's like… I can see why screenshots aren't posted much anymore, because she's barely milky and her relationship with food isn't as bad as some people in this thread like to make out.

"oh my god she eats 12 pancakes in the morning she's not recovered she's gonna get fat!“ except the rest of the meals she'll post that day will be relatively low calorie sandwiches or some shit and she rarely posts snacks, maybe she's just someone who likes to have a heavy breakfast jfc.

No. 1117216

File: 1609246270879.jpg (495.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201229_124729.jpg)

Jfc listing them off like achievements. And she's still bitching about her friend gloating being sicker than her cos she's IP.

No. 1117217

does AUS even have any spoops? All I see posted here are overweight tube lovers

No. 1117218

File: 1609246621082.png (351.42 KB, 434x595, elzani.png)

elzani does look bigger in her latest photos but i don't really think that's something to criticise. it seems like this is just her natural body type when she's not a spoop.

No. 1117222

I think it's more that all our Aussie cows seem to be from New Farm, where they are more than happy to coddle anyone with money. The only major spoop I can think of is/was Korey, but also to an extent she-who-must-not-be-named. I think anorexiadiary or something like that was briefly mentioned here but can't be arsed to look back through previous threads.

No. 1117227

Thank God she looks bigger, some of the farmers on this thread act like they wish she was still bmi 10 just so they have something to criticize. She's done really well .

No. 1117228

Agreed! Have any other cows done this well? I know Crying Emily has improved and Aly is at least weight-restored if not mentally recovered, but are there any else?

No. 1117234

I actually suspect Elzani is going down the overweight-obese route. Don’t get me wrong, she looks lovely at the moment and genuinely the best she has in years, but people who develop anorexia to the extent she did often ‘recover’ in one of two ways: border on a normal weight for the rest of the lives but still remain thin and slightly disordered, prone to relapse, never really gain over their new safe weight/bmi (think Korey, ganer, recoverychii). Or, they become binge eating deathfats who gain weight really rapidly and often end up overweight or obese like heartoftee and libbyfordxo. I can see Elzani’s 2 brain cells and autistic obsession with food causing her to go the other way

No. 1117236

One of the weird things about her family is that they go out together dressed almost identically. I guess when the weather is shit there's limited options as to what you can wear.

She might get a bit chubby but I don't think she's ever going to reach Georgia levels of ham planet because she enjoys going outside and exercising.

No. 1117237

File: 1609250365782.gif (159.55 KB, 220x164, tenor.gif)

Wondering if wintergirl thawing wants to hear about my recurring mouth ulcers. Need to follow her cos I'm dying to hear about her involuntary limb movements.

No. 1117241

was Libby Ford ever thin? HeartofTee is certainly not overweight or obese. Bone rattling much?

No. 1117243

You’re drawing you conclusion from a very skewed sample. You’re looking at people who post their ~*~recovery journey~*~ on Instagram and develop an internet identity around it. Plenty of people go to treatment, recover and go on to live normal lives at normal body weights, they just don’t make a big dog-and-pony show of it on the internet, so you don’t hear about them.

No. 1117251

The problem is a lot of autistic do not work, have never worked, and are incapable of working or living alone. Employment statistics (in the UK, at least) for autists are shockingly bad. It might be expecting too much of her to move out and be more independent, and I imagine if, push came to shove, that she'd relapse if forced to be more independent or move out.

No. 1117255

NTAYRT but I think she's looking pretty chubby too. Having a different opinion isn't "bone rattling". It's a sincere opinion. If she gains much more weight, she'll be overweight, if she's not in that category already.

No. 1117257

Christ those thighs/hips. I'd hate to be that shape.

No. 1117274

Look, I know Elzani has been milky in the past but can the bone-rattlers stop projecting their own issues onto her? She’s seems genuinely happy and has made progress in doing non food related stuff (slow, admittedly, but we’re in a pandemic so what do you expect) and quite frankly I’d prefer her to be overweight and happy rather than having to hover at a BMI of 18.5 for the rest of her life

No. 1117275

honestly thank you anon. and in addition, that is a really bad photo of her, the angle, the zoom and shit. In her recent personal on insta she looks so happy and glowing! can the ana chans stop obsessing over somebody who's genuinely found recovery and is happy.

No. 1117278

File: 1609255098650.png (2.95 MB, 1198x1188, Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 15.17…)

forgot to sage sorry.

No. 1117279

She ain't an autist though

No. 1117281

exactly, her brain is probably still recovering. Plus atrophized brains from anorexia induced shrinkage never fully recover to their original size. she's been through so much shit.

No. 1117286

I'm pretty sure she is? She certainly comes across it.

>quite frankly I’d prefer her to be overweight and happy rather than having to hover at a BMI of 18.5 for the rest of her life
Kek, I'm not "projecting" anything. I'm expressing my opinion. I genuinely think she looks on the heavier side. That's not bone rattling. I'm glad she's not emaciated anymore. She just has to be careful she doesn't go too far. It's not an either/or thing, anon. Besides being underweight is just as bad as being overweight. Hard to post on here when people are constantly accused of self-posting or bone@rattling.

She doesn't look that bad in this picture, admittedly.

No. 1117289

File: 1609256650667.jpg (965.09 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201229-154158_Ins…)


No. 1117299

Isn't that girl who was posted a thread or so back anirexiadiaryy from aus? She's the only spoop I've seen from there.

No. 1117305

I honestly think I a lot of people, especially Americans assume she's autistic because of the way she talks. She generally speaks in received pronunciation which is standard for the English middle class, sometimes though she definitely has local character to her speech which is perfectly normal considering where she lives.

No. 1117325

I also think she's not too bright. Not special needs, but didn't do great at school. She isn't great at conversation and that makes her seem a bit…odd. she can rave about Taylor Swift but that's about it.

No. 1117329

Agree. I think she's falling into the category of cows actually getting better. Also, I'm sure her weight gain has her brain working a bit better, so maybe she'll be able to see for herself how to move forward, naturally wanting to be independent. I hope. If she recovers, I hope she sticks around long enough to shed some light on what has been going through her head all this time

No. 1117337


All I see here is a happy, healthy young woman. Jfc, give her a break. When she was too skinny, not good enough, when she's actually put on weight and maintained it, she's apparently fat? How? Because she carries her weight on her thighs? Newsflash: body types are a thing and natural weight distribution is different on everybody.

This thread is to call out pro ana scumbags and LARPers, not join in with them.

No. 1117345

>give her a break
You do realise where you are, don't you?

No. 1117351

I swear if she's going down the special EDS zebra route….

No. 1117354


Fair, the hate train be rolling, no matter how unwarranted and delusional it is.

No. 1117359

Elzani now looks to me like how I imagined her pre spoop when she was swimming. She looks sturdy as opposed to anything else. She's milky these days for still overdoing it with posting about food. She should've moved on by now. It's good to see ~recovery is possible~ but she can't drag this on for ever. All we're doing is looking at her holding a plate.

No. 1117367

Geez, I'm beginning to think some farmers don't WANT to see the cows recover.

No. 1117370

I'm sure they don't. It's the same as back in the day when Aly got hate for her size after she gained

No. 1117372

I forgot to add: this doesn't make much sense to me - surely the bone-rattlers would be glad there is less 'competition'?

No. 1117381


No. 1117387

That's what I was saying for ages when people on here kept saying she was!

No. 1117391

Wouldn't surprise me- food is pretty central to their family.

No. 1117395

I thought her sister looked like she had lost weight.

No. 1117401

Noooo. Her gain wasn't the milk. It was her diet if only McDonald's and posing in her thong on Ma's bed with Our Lady on the wall.

No. 1117407

Me too, I was going to make a post on here about it but I was worried about being banned because she's not a cow.
My tinfoil is she's going down elzani's anschsn route- she doesn't eat as much on camera anymore, she's deffo lost weight and she got really upset in that vlog when she couldn't fit into those jeans but her mum could. She ran out the room and they made fun of her bum for being too big.

No. 1117415

anorexia can be genetic so it's not unlikley

No. 1117437

File: 1609268138716.jpg (137.31 KB, 744x662, 20201230_045457.jpg)

She took herself to the emergency department

No. 1117465

I feel like fake anas cross over with munchies because of the faking/over exaggerating symptoms. Not a surprise she would turn full spoonie warrior. My favourite thing about people who fake chronic illness have to mention every little (mostly faked) condition they have, like a ‘ pyogenic granuloma’ is basically just a blood blister. Mentioning gastroparisis is always a red flag too.

No. 1117468

I'm not sure I would describe her as having low intelligence. It's more that she is just a bit basic. She doesn't seem to have any real hobbies or interests beyond food, her family and mainstream pop culture.

A while back Elzani showed her sister lifting weights in their garage. I can't remember what exact video it was.

No. 1117472

File: 1609270397879.jpeg (420.25 KB, 828x1412, 4CA5FAB0-9496-4838-A17C-B9C8AC…)

Only two months out of date. I think that’s an improvement?

No. 1117489

Nah British psych-fag here. She isn't diagnosed but she fits the female autism presentation perfectly. Including having anorexia.
Autism doesn't mean intellectual disability. There are significant numbers with autism AND IQ <70 but most autistic people have a normal IQ.

No. 1117495

Oh wow, I didn't realize people would be interested in that sort of thing!

Blog but I have periodic limb movement syndrome and

No. 1117507

All these cows seem to think their issues are somehow interesting or unique when they're actually just boring

No. 1117508

The people hating on Aly weren't bone rattlers.

> Her gain wasn't the milk.
Certainly seemed that way considering how often it was brought up.

No. 1117510

This. Exactly. Thank you. And I think Elanzi would relapse if forced to move out and be more independent. Most autistic people don't work.

No. 1117524

don't be a cunt, anon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1117539


kek, take your own advice

No. 1117540

File: 1609276894697.png (558.76 KB, 816x449, Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 08.1…)

Korey is actually looking healthy now, I think it took her a while but she's got there

No. 1117541

Says the person who didn’t sage themselves. If you can’t follow the rules yourself, you probably shouldn’t bitch at others for doing the same.

I don’t understand all the Elanzi fangirling that happens all the time here. While yeah it’s good she’s not a spoop any more, she’s still obsessed with food, has no life beyond it, and has an unhealthy attachment to her past sick self, including the fact she’s left up all of her body checking IP videos, despite knowing how many ill people obsess over them. Lots of people recover without still being a scumbag, but she’s not one of them.

No. 1117554

she was slim, bmi 20 minimum, but likes to act as if she was a skeleton. (a very common theme amongst fake anas turned obese)

No. 1117561

Pretending it’s some huge feat to sit on her fat ass and eat snacks, aka what she does every single day

No. 1117562

File: 1609279767520.jpg (577.15 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_2020-12-29-22-08-35…)


No. 1117572

The noodles in a wrap is not something I've ever seen or had or want but I feel like this would look like quite "normal" for nourish if she didn't put the weird filter on it.

No. 1117573

Stop whiteknighting, nigger.

No. 1117576

you better be poc.

No. 1117577

Both of you STFU or I'll make you eat a n2f noodle wrap.. and I won't go easy on the skinny syrups.

No. 1117578

I thought this was 4chan for girls, what are you, a triggered nigger? Think only muh poc can say nigger? Very Low I.Q.(infighting)

No. 1117579

If she is actually autistic why was she able to have a normal school life before dropping out due to anorexia?

This doesn't actually look bad at all. Noodles in a wrap is a bit weird but it's not disgusting idea or anything. The Japanese eat fried noodles in bread so why not a wrap?

No. 1117589

File: 1609281388014.jpg (436.45 KB, 1073x1908, 20201229_163517.jpg)

Hannah can't stop thinking about food. That means she HAS to eat

No. 1117599

File: 1609281744387.jpg (320.8 KB, 1079x1832, 20201229_143733.jpg)

Samefag. I can't tell if that's a shadow or gigantic bruise on her leg (wrong pic first try)

No. 1117601

File: 1609281782267.jpg (372.59 KB, 1080x1874, 20201229_143751.jpg)

The marks on her knuckles…hmm.

No. 1117610

Jesus Christ, obviously if you condition your body to snack at random times you WILL get hungry past 10. You shouldn’t feel hungry around that time unless you ate way too early or too little.

Just grab an apple, a few slices of fruits or make an herbal chamomile, it’ll fill you up.
Those advices are soo so bad, I wonder if she’s not trying to get all of her ana followers to gain as much weight as she did to feel better about herself.

No. 1117617

File: 1609282977568.jpg (457.11 KB, 717x1282, Screenshot_2020-12-29-22-54-39…)

Okay that wasn't gross enough for you farmers, I hear you. How about this?

No. 1117620

File: 1609283536706.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1722, 89263F9B-A884-4915-A21A-0A3770…)

N4N pretending to be recovering again and deliberately posting her abysmally small "meals" to trigger her followers and get attention

No. 1117623

Oh my god this girl is positively FERAL and needs help. WHEN will we get our 90's movie makeover starring N2F?? WHEN???

No. 1117628

Wow, haven't seen nightwear like that since 1970s soft porn!


Don't skimp on the biscoff generic, Ham!

No. 1117630

That "meal" is less than 300kcal but sure,she's recovering for sure

No. 1117637

Christ, how old are you, anon?(ban evasion)

No. 1117651

File: 1609286553193.png (573.38 KB, 720x924, Screenshot_20201230-000108~2.p…)

I look at the vintage section on porn sites for a laugh and if I feel nostalgic for public hair.

And I like 70s sitcoms. The "dolly birds" wear them.

No. 1117652

All hair is public hair

No. 1117656

Oh dear, sweet child. This photo makes her look like a deranged, strung out junkie about the get her next fix. Quite literally this looks like how I imagine roadside motel prostitutes probably look. And this is her attempt to be cute and sexy?
I honestly think there’s more wrong with her than just a malnourished brain at this point. The complete lack of self awareness / of how she is perceived, to think this doesn’t look absolutely horrifying, suggests she’s probably intellectually challenged and/or autistic.

No. 1117663

See, even my phone hates "pubic hair"

No. 1117664

farmers love calling everyone autistic or bpd, kek.

No. 1117681

Okay, the greasy hands make this picture like at least 50% more disgusting than the last despite a cheesy hot dog being at least a somewhat normal combo, A- N2F level of gross.

Also the crumpet in the background with a hot dog?

No. 1117686

File: 1609289562624.jpg (753.45 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20201229-185031_Ins…)

It was a sweet potato.

No. 1117687

survivingtal/taltrying was another but shes fallen off the face of the earth kek

No. 1117690

AND chocolate raisins.

No. 1117691

File: 1609289741471.jpg (1.14 MB, 969x1954, Screenshot_20201229-173332_Ins…)

Not necessarily gross on first glance. Definitely weird.

No. 1117724

She threw whole pistachios with the shells there. What the

No. 1117769

File: 1609297805777.jpg (134.03 KB, 819x1078, 20201230_130721.jpg)

Loves claiming to be "mentally unstable." Yeah Shay you're not mentally unstable in the way you think you are. Munchausen is your thing.
Also, get new pyjamas.

No. 1117782

File: 1609298428750.png (3.96 MB, 750x1334, 40227385-B2BD-4F79-87AB-C3A81D…)

This photo, along with others from previous threads (remember the time she stood outside in her underwear to take pictures, or when she took pics of her see-through “new dress” where you could fully see her knickers) is unsettling. Her personal Instagram is on private now but when she’d put pictures up there would be strange men in the comments. Along with all her other weird behaviours, she gets her vagina out to her ED Instagram followers? Why…

No. 1117808

Uh it’s not a romper??? Unless that’s what you call that in the UK but a romper is a jumpsuit (one piece number with pants/shorts) that’s a body suit or a leotard…. I wonder if it’s because she is proud of her body and it’s her own retarded way of showing it off? I’m telling you the girl is low IQ.

No. 1117833


She looks just fine, there's no debate about her body, it's pretty normal. Her brain tho, really curious if she fucked it up for good.

Also if I may, her older sister is getting more and more beautiful, or is that only my perception ?

No. 1117857

Tbf, the choices did suck. Z
Even if you were kidding, I still applaud your efforts

No. 1117887

File: 1609307127837.jpeg (230.48 KB, 750x1089, 8A15A11C-3E75-4CA3-BD69-34AE23…)

This chick is back posting half naked spoops, not sure if she’s considered milky but she’s certainly attention seeking

No. 1117893

she is milky at times. in and out of IP and getting toobed but then staying a low bmi.has nothing going for her other than her ed.

No. 1117914

Nice to see that it looks properly cooked, and not cooked over a candle.

No. 1117915

There was Korey and others around the same time she was being posted on here plus the odd one pops up every so often e.g. c.hronik a few posts up. It's just they tend to be less milky than the new farm crew.

No. 1117919

Honestly.. I think you're just nitpicking. Like who fucking cares if it's not "healthy" that she lives with her parents indefinitely… you jealous that your parents won't let you?? Why does she NEED to do what you say.. she is perfectly happy the way she is, and she can continue that way for many years. Her parents and grandparents are not going anywhere. I totally get that this is lolcow, but you can't pull apart her entire life to try and find something wrong with her. If we criticised every aspect of these cows lives we'd be on thread 200 by now.

No. 1117921

Wow that's fucking low. Let's not body shame someone who has just weight restored herself from a pretty severe form of anorexia.

No. 1117922

I hate how some of you go this hypocritical passive aggressive route like you aren’t here too doing the exact same thing

Lc is fairly niche. There aren’t threads about just anybody. You have to be particularly cringe to get noticed here and garner regular attention, and who is more cringe than autists and bpdfags??

No. 1117923


Nitpicking over one of the major reasons she was milky in the first place? She's a notorious mother attached cow.

No, I don't live with my parents. I moved out at 21 to move down south for a job. You know, to build a life?

Fuck off, wk. One day her parents will die. You want to see her in supported accommodation because she can't even count coins? You got it bad, girl.(no1curr)

No. 1117926

>weird space
>you got it bad, girl

I mean we all know n2f is just feeble-minded. I can’t justify anything that she does, truly the most chaotic neutral we’ve had itt.

No. 1117928

You asked, m8. You sound like a Ham carbon copy.

No. 1117930

Wasn’t that anon, just thought you sounded cringe. Nobody wants your blogs.

No. 1117933


Don't gaf who you are. Read original post with a 6 year olds comment about how I must be jealous because she lives with her parents.

Actually,don't bother. Meh.

No. 1117949

File: 1609317740932.png (2.19 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201230-033743.png)

Aly updates: quit her job (again) that she had for probably a couple weeks, living in basically a drug den with seemingly endless weed, financed either by her parents or her codependent bestie
having a birthday meltdown bc "I'm old and fat wah" and is straight up doing meth

No. 1117950

File: 1609317769248.png (1.53 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201230-033745.png)

No. 1117952

Ewwww who the fuck brags about smoking crystal meth? Enjoy losing your teeth Aly…

No. 1117962

I can’t believe she’s bragging about using hard drugs. As if this isn’t the definite beginning of a drug addiction. No doubts she’ll love the weight loss it brings but bitch about all the other negative side effects she’ll cause herself

No. 1117967

Can we start a gofundme to get n2f a decent haircut

No. 1117976

She loves her hair, she always talks about how long and soft it is and how it's a "fuck you" to anorexia because it isn't falling out

No. 1117983

>>1117949 why did she quit her job? To do drugs with her roommate?

No. 1117985

She is strangely attached to her mother for a woman in her 20s but it's obvious that her mental development has stagnated due to anorexia. Even if she did move out, where is she going to live and how is she going to pay for it? The rent and property prices where she lives are astronomical and who is going employ her? She hasn't got any qualifications or job experience.

No. 1117986

I saw this “romper” on boohoo, looks like a thong bodysuit thing from the photos. Just what you need to parade round the house in…

No. 1118010


No. 1118011

As soon as I saw it I hoped she didn't walk around the house in it. Her brother would be mortified.

No. 1118015

So instead of being dependent on her parents, she's dependent on the DWP and lives in council flat while claiming JSA?

No. 1118023

Shit a hair cut might be asking too much even just like ONE deep conditioning would be a vast improvement

No. 1118030

No. On JSA she has to be actively seeking work and after a while she gets a placement on a scheme.

Housing benefit isn't only for council/housing association flats, it's for any place under the capped amount.

She'd get into a routine by herself, learn to spend time alone, deal with money, do housework etc etc. A better alternative to ending up at home in her 30s with no idea how to look after herself and not having find employment.

No. 1118036

don’t let her hear you say that, didn’t she basically tell a follower to kill themselves after they suggested the same? (actually they might have been commenting on the food or something else but w/e, this is why I don’t find nourish as endearing as some other farmers do. she might not be playing with a full deck but she’s so. damn. rude.)

No. 1118038

omg i cant wait to watch her face & teeth deteriorate rapid af. i hope all her ass-patting followers stop idolizing her after this

No. 1118043

Anything for attention, eh? She’s unstable enough without adding freaking crystal to the mix but hey, maybe she’ll finally lose some weight? Not sure the meth mouth is worth it, myself

No. 1118057

She’s so stupid. That road is only gonna lead to ruining her life. That nose job she had? Yeah she’ll just fuck it up with meth along with the rest of her face. She actually is a pretty girl too. So sad.

No. 1118082

They're phasing out JSA. She'd need to claim Universal Credit, and it is possible to get that without having to be looking for work or provide fit notes. Blogpost but that's the case for me.

No. 1118083

This girl just seems to be describing ARFID but not claim it lol

The fuck is this

No. 1118084

99% sure Ganer's area's going Tier 4 at midnight - NO GYM.

>Somerset Council (Mendip, Sedgemoor, Somerset West and Taunton, South Somerset)

No. 1118086

Update, I just checked and she's in South Somerset. Awaiting agony face.

No. 1118099

I thought she was North Somerset so staying in tier 3? Gyms ahoy

No. 1118103

File: 1609345570407.jpeg (331.96 KB, 828x947, 738E9AF5-4F68-44C8-AA86-599AF4…)


No. 1118105

Do you have the link to porgie’s MPA account?

No. 1118108


Maybe she means only needing to buy one plane seat.

No. 1118110

So much confusion.. she isn't thin ?

No. 1118115

File: 1609346779748.jpeg (1.77 MB, 3464x3464, CAE7B425-5478-45A5-9DE7-8A7181…)

don't worry! she's also written a book about her ~journey~ to recovery (read: obesity) full of very deep and meaningful poetry and is very, very adamant that we should all read it.

No. 1118119

File: 1609347535396.jpg (30.21 KB, 464x282, s.JPG)

She might've moved, but I'm going off her fb where she says she lives in Street.

Agony face? or maybe she'll move tiers JUST for the gym.

No. 1118120

Has anyone ever told her she's a fatty, because…

No. 1118123

Iirc she said she just didn't vibe with it. Literally no big reason, just didn't want to work there

No. 1118125

Maybe too obsessive but I checked gov website and apparently Street is tier 2, moving to tier 3. She goes to the gym in Bristol anyway, doesn't she? So I think she'll get away with it.

Should we take bets? Agony face or none?

No. 1118129

File: 1609348379290.jpg (55.21 KB, 981x284, Capture.JPG)

Obsessive also. Everything about this system is too fucking confusing.

I saw somewhere S Somerset went level 3 on Boxing Day.

W/e the gym's in 3. If she's a 4 welllllll she'd be breaking the LAW if she strayed out of her area. I see she'd go to jail willingly for the gym.

No. 1118133

File: 1609348447841.png (1.3 MB, 1317x619, had to.png)

No. 1118135

At this point I'm trying to find out information about SW tiers from ganer's instagram. UK gov is dumb.

Agreed that she'll definitely break the law for the gym. We all do crazy things for the ones we love.

No. 1118142

I don't get how Somerset's broken up. It's not like proper boroughs. You know where you are when you're in a borough.

No. 1118147

File: 1609350083434.png (136.08 KB, 621x728, MAP.png)

Have a map instead

It's retarded. Why is Exmoor in tier 4 when hardly anyone lives there?

No. 1118155

kek at least ganer is still grinning from tier 4! Poor ham looks very concerned about it all - but at least she can't overexercise anymore.

No. 1118156

ntayrt but maybe they have a high number of cases per 100 of the population or their health services are close to being overwhelmed or there's significant presence of the new variant in Exmoor, could be various other reasons as well.

I wonder if gainer will just drive to her gym in Bristol and not post any evidence on her socials.

No. 1118158

I thought N2F was from Nottingham?

Did I just make that up?

No. 1118166

Anon it’s perfect and I love you
Was her recent holiday to notts?

I’m so used to uk ana cows being from southern counties (and all being the same middle class clones) that I enjoy hams midlands wilko-chic attempts to recreate that certain IG brand of recovery. In my eyes n2f is a working class northern hero

No. 1118169


She lives in Yorkshire and she went to Norfolk for her holibobs.

Almost everywhere's tier 4. They should just say it's another national lockdown and stop fannying around.

We need Laura on the map.

No. 1118170

And yes, I always warm to the working class ones. They have their own twist with food whereas middle class recovery's all oatmeal with blueberries or banana wall. And meditation.

No. 1118174


Yeah NtF is in Normanton near Wakey.

No. 1118175

File: 1609353196390.jpg (112.61 KB, 640x336, normanton2.jpg)

This is where n2f lives:

>I’ve lived in Normanton for over 25 years and I made the biggest mistake of my life moving here. Firstly it’s all about how rude some people are. Walking into town, is like walking into field head prison. Surrounded by mental weirdos. The worst part of Normanton is Smirthwaite, that area is so bad, that I don’t dare go near it on the bus just in case I don’t get glassed or ** up.

No. 1118176

No. 1118180

I thought n2f lived in Wigan?


She's somewhere in south east?

No. 1118182

Definately Normanton. Laura lives in North London. London-ish anyway.

No. 1118188

File: 1609355916978.png (138.8 KB, 621x728, map-updated.png)

Updated map.

No. 1118189

File: 1609356272397.jpg (520.49 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20201230_142413.jpg)

Don't worry Porgie. One thing noone would ever accuse you of is using filters lol

No. 1118191

That looks better. The east needed cows. Laura looks like a really bad custom Blythe.

No. 1118192

What like all her pics aren't gross? She looks blurry so something's gone on.

No. 1118194

Laura's face: Antipsychotics, not even once.

No. 1118197

I thought she was finally admitting to having BED at first kek

No. 1118203

>bad custom blythe
kek I love u anon

No. 1118206

File: 1609358933781.jpg (616.44 KB, 2154x2162, Roice puddin.jpg)

I enjoyed Mollybingo, but Hanbingo? I can't stand watching her videos for more than what it takes to get screenshots.

No. 1118209

Big fat neck

No. 1118210

Sage for pointless nitpick, but she's gonna regret having that facial expression as her default in 10 years when wrinkles start appearing disproportionately on her forehead

No. 1118212

No. 1118213

Does she not realise the scary rice is also (usually) the main ingredient in rice pudding? Kek

Will be fun to see when Hanmum stops giving a shit.

No. 1118214

File: 1609359975759.jpg (322.22 KB, 1080x1512, 20201230_142357.jpg)

No despair from Ganer yet. Just another spoop pic.

No. 1118215

File: 1609360011966.jpg (100.16 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20201230-142429_Ins…)

Samefag. Her unethical coach acknowledged her publicly.

No. 1118219

Hey, that’s not even one of the before pics she usually uses. Nice to see her shaking things up! Especially since her “after” photo never looks any different no matter how hard she flexes and strains!

No. 1118223

this chick looks like someone on an opiate-abuse recovery billboard near my house, right down to the squinty eyes! that's so weird

No. 1118226

These cows aren't known for their intelligence, but it's not like they can blame it on malnutrition, kek.

No. 1118238

Why is she always surprised that food tastes good?

No. 1118241

File: 1609362558516.jpg (296.31 KB, 720x1059, Screenshot_2020-12-30-21-08-07…)

Cmon, what's making her nervous about plain chicken breast? That's literally every anorexics safe meat. If she wants to seem authentic then she needs to start freaking out about the 500 calorie snack plates and stop pretending the plain chicken breast frightens her. Or maybe she's scared of eating something healthy.

No. 1118245

I wish she'd start making vlogs on YouTube already. The overemotive eating is getting stale and I'd love more insight (milk) into her life.

No. 1118247

File: 1609363644573.jpg (415.64 KB, 720x1251, Screenshot_2020-12-30-21-26-58…)

Another binge eating recovered ana?

No. 1118248

You keep trying to get us to talk about you. You’re not interesting. Squeeze a little more milk outta dem tiddies and maybe.

No. 1118254

woah didn't realise Ham lived so close to me! Where is she exactly located? Maybe I can keep an eye out at Aldi and Lidl

No. 1118257

Burton on Trent

No. 1118258

Oh and yes, you can look but don't touch

No. 1118261

Ok, usually I jump on the bingo but shattered tonight.

Got to get this off my chest though. I'm really thinking she was a farmer, or long time lurker at least. Google Elzani and lolcow is a top hit.

No way is this bitch serious. No. Flippin. Way.

No. 1118287

Who? Han?
I wish I could understand why anyone on earth would want to be on this website

No. 1118288

yet here you are?

No. 1118289

Was she ever in the hospital? How do people's families let them get to this point

No. 1118292

I'm not Han etc.etc.etc. Seriously though, you didn't tag a post to give yours context

No. 1118295

In retrospect though, I do see how these two comment together seem suspicious

No. 1118296

It's Ham, newfag.

No. 1118297

Same, if I ever get posted on lolcow that's it I'm ending my social media life forever and becoming a hermit

No. 1118305

Laura is from London but her PD unit is in Northampton

No. 1118306

I can sort of understand when it's a rapid decline and the first time someone has got ill that the family might not clock how serious it is or understand how to go about getting help but Ganer was a spoop for years, if I am not mistaken. Same as how Elzani's family let her sit around until she was like a BMI of 10 during her relapse. I guess people see what they want to?

No. 1118314

Ham literally cringes me the fuck out. “Omg it’s so good” it really grates me! Like all she does is smile eat pull a sad face and eat. Surely she’ll get tired of this facade. “I got an extra big piece because I knew it wasn’t enough” WTF man, literally cannot deal with her. Out of all the cows she’s the one that annoys me and angers me the most

No. 1118325

Yeah, I guess for some families it's some sort of avoidance thing…? But I'd consider it child abuse to let them just hang around until they're almost (if they were underage, or just incompetent otherwise). Idk how old Gainer is though, and I haven't seen her post about family

No. 1118331

From my own experience British middle class families seem to live in denial about any sort of dysfunction and try to keep up external appearances until it gets to the point where it can't be ignored.

No. 1118335

until they're almost dead, sorry

No. 1118336

Same, she's in a different realm than the others, like not even attempting to come across as having a genuine eating disorder… I really, really would love to know more of her backstory. Current story, too, actually

No. 1118339

File: 1609373361348.jpg (215.19 KB, 768x898, 20201231_000705.jpg)

probably missed a couple because i couldnt bring myself to rewatch her shitty videos. shes so fucking fake its infuriating

No. 1118350

File: 1609374611912.png (3.88 MB, 828x1792, ACE30802-4D7B-4173-A20A-2FADDA…)

sage for no milk but bless E she’s given us the goods over time but here’s hoping she moves on (gets a job!!!) and POSTS THE DAMN INPATIENT VIDEO

No. 1118352

File: 1609374672736.png (814.82 KB, 656x614, E mug.PNG)

Just noticed Ham has the same mug as Elzani

No. 1118359

The real thing

The cheap knock off

No. 1118360

They were on sale with fucktons of Friends merch at B&M. They're I the sale now

I held back but might have a go. The jumpy clips are as annoying as the ham. Her mum comes out with some stupid things. Where did she learn all the motivation shite from?

No. 1118361

My aunt has an eating disorder. My uncle and their kids are in denial about it. It's currently ruining her life and might kill her. Maybe I should ask Ham for some tips since she's so good at ~recovery~

No. 1118364

Awh, she looks absolutely gorgeous.

No. 1118377

Agreed. She really does look happy and healthy, it's nice to see.

No. 1118380

What inpatient video?

No. 1118384

She's been moved from my shitlist to the category of cows I care about, a list previously restricted to N2F

No. 1118391

File: 1609377914792.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 867.42 KB, 828x1792, 8464463A-C269-463D-BA2D-60AFA8…)

sage because there’s technically no milk but i just cannot believe what the ‘recovery’ community has devolved into LMAOO please ….. georgia vibes with the claims of recovering from EVERY single eating disorder yet clearly the only thing she’s suffering from is obesity

No. 1118392

didn’t mean to spoiler but i mean it’s nothing pretty to look at so

No. 1118399

File: 1609378184529.png (2.18 MB, 1914x898, my fear is that i won't like t…)

She's unbearable.

No. 1118411

Okay imma rattle my bones but like really??? All these kind of cows talk about how “important” fat people are and how “being in a bigger body doesn’t invalidate my anorexia” but it DOES. Anorexia is about weight, period point blank. These bopo/haes cows ramble on about “letting fat bodies be recognized and create safe communities” well sorry not sorry anorexia is a safe space for spoops and those with “thin privilege” so keep your fat ass out of it

No. 1118428

File: 1609380112633.jpeg (495.5 KB, 828x1312, EF595B51-DB04-4CD6-9042-D43D80…)

Someone tried to call her out for the same thing. Her ‘bowels and reproductive organs were failing’, of course, known to the common man as ‘constipation and amenorrhea’.

No. 1118432

Saying "anorexia" is only shorthand for AN is a weird flex. But yeah, if you're fat but not losing weight it kinda fundamentally means you're not anorexic

No. 1118437

She should get some better dishes if her bowls are failing.

No. 1118440

kek exactly. No matter how wild and crazy your eating disorder is, unless you've just been left to kill yourself off, you're not having multiple organ failures when you're young. People who aren't anorexic (or LARPing it) actually view this as a good thing.

No. 1118442

Lmao the e in that picture cut off to look like an f, eating disorder now says fating disorder

No. 1118446

Elzani looking good, no longer deranged or milky, healthy and happy (maybe a lil dysfunctional) - praise be!

No. 1118447


No. 1118453

What are you talking about anon, she still has the same deranged expression and crazy eyes like before lol, i see literally no change other then her body size. Idk how that is so much healthier tbh

No. 1118460

Really? An unusual spin on bone-rattling you got there… being physically well and kinda crazy is much, much better than being extremely medically compromised and kinda crazy.

No. 1118470

File: 1609383563094.jpg (1.04 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201231_125642.jpg)

Just stopping by with my favourite ~atypical anorexia~ twitter cow because this made me laugh out loud. So dainty and smol uwu. Saged because this one doesn't seem to have caught on despite pulling the same shit as porgie.

No. 1118527

She's got body dysmorphia alright… Just the wrong way around …….

No. 1118533

I was trying to say that she only cured a symptom or a side effect of her general craziness by gaining weight but she still doesnt seem to have figured out the underlying issue.. idk anon i wasnt bone rattling im just really high tbh

No. 1118536

Do you have any other caps? The pro ana scene on twitter is crazy, I feel like even the community on tumblr in its prime didn’t have as many munchies

No. 1118584

File: 1609393893631.png (2.98 MB, 828x1792, 14A47FFE-D4E0-47E2-94A3-870B00…)

Meanwhile she’s now begging her followers to send her birthday money so she can get food (to probably b/p) since she “hasn’t eaten in like 3 days”
No money for food yet you can do meth? The audacity

No. 1118594

nyart but she'll let you follow if you requests, she's a total narc and posts a selfie every day

No. 1118608

this is what gets me
the last thing i wanted to see when recovering, even now 10 years down the line, is a video of myself eating food, any food.
x10 for anyone else viewing said video

she's absolutely tryin to find some kind of e-fame as a recovery account a la Farrar but she's way too dumb to do it properly

No. 1118626

Well I am 26 and live with mum, and I'm still able to build a life. Some people can do that with their parents you know. You honestly think she is useless just because she lives at home longer than you did.. pretty silly of you to say that!

No. 1118629

nta but if you too are unemployed and your only friends are your younger sisters then you like elzani do not have a life. it's not about the fact that she's living at home. it's her lack of direction/independence that people are critiquing.

No. 1118630

File: 1609402379978.jpg (Spoiler Image, 851.11 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20201231-021230_Ins…)

You're welcome for spoilering this

No. 1118631

omg nothing could have prepared me for that

No. 1118653

Ngl, her make up looks good for once. Those colours suit her with her hair. She could smile
Not sure about the outfit… why black… why a zip in front….

No. 1118658

File: 1609406341155.jpg (336.67 KB, 1073x1908, 20201231_031759.jpg)

Well, at least we know for sure that she does it. I was mildly concerned.

No. 1118665

She made a notorious video she filmed when she was in a general hospital to stabilise/ get to a BMI where she could be at an EDU. The second part (in the EDU) was never released.
I don't understand why so many people want to see it since the first part was basically an hour of her crying and showing off her spoopy body. It was notoriously triggering and got a lot of backlash, I'm sure there will be threads about it on MPA

No. 1118672

Ngl, she looks like awful. Foundation is too pink, eyeliner looks like it was drawn on with a wax crayon, bright and blotchy lipstick to really draw attention to that horrendous lip shape. What the fuck is that face she’s pulling? Why is it so close up?

No. 1118676

this got me thinking… have we ever seen Porgie smile. or does she have fucked up teeth or something?

No. 1118678

dw I wouldn't, in case her fake anorexia is contagious

No. 1118698

File: 1609413825478.jpg (1.59 MB, 1920x2560, 20-12-31-21-22-18-963_deco.jpg)

Happy New Years, anon.
Caps include; more larping, her using suicide baiting in an assignment and expecting her teacher to bump her grade because of it and at the top, sheer delusion. She easily tips at a 9.

No. 1118699

I'm concerned about her cat, it looks like a major chonk. But I forgot! if you're hungry you need to eat, no matter what, and the same goes for your pets!

No. 1118713

she looks absolutely stunning

No. 1118714

File: 1609416878345.jpeg (698.7 KB, 828x1463, 83F3E631-0625-45BA-BFD3-10C9A9…)

Even better here, imo. She could bag a husband and continue coasting!

No. 1118722

>The second part (in the EDU) was never released.
Thanks. I knew about the first video, though I've never watched it. Surely they wouldn't have allowed her to film in the EDU?

No. 1118750

I don't think we'll ever see the edu video because I don't think she wants to go through the footage. She talked about how hard it was to make the first part and see herself in that situation and she wasn't even fully recovered there- it must be difficult to look back and see yourself in such a dark place.

No. 1118751

why the fuck is everyone simping over Elzani all of a sudden?
…or is this really Ham posting whilst imagining slipping a digit into her idols meat wallet?

No. 1118752

because she’s done well retard

No. 1118756

File: 1609422773174.png (2.8 MB, 1923x1221, teeth of common household pig.…)

samefag, but i really did just get curious and searched through ALL of Porgies insta posts and in only ONE photo can you see her chompers!
Bitch sure got her stunned deer in the headlights look pretty solid though

No. 1118761

bless her heart, baby huey-looking ass

No. 1118765

cold ill and hungry my ass, does she not realise that real anorexics are cold due to a lack of fat?? no, she doesn't

No. 1118766

she probably thinks its from lack of junk

No. 1118767

We're proud of her, dipshit.

No. 1118783

Every time I see this larping landwhale my eyes go straight to her name and I can't help but picture Alexander Ovechkin running a shit 'recovery warrior uwu!!!' twitter account. They're probably around the same weight.
sage for complete retardation

No. 1118784

OP here. What >>1118629 said. You're obviously motivated and you're doing life. Elzani lives a cushy life at home. She also has little experience of life and is stuck. If she wants to live off her parents all her life, that's fine but she's missing out on forming other relationships. There's nothing at all wrong with living with her parents, but she isn't paying her way. One day she's going to have to and she won't know how.

With her yt and if being popular she could start volunteering to talk to people in recovery about her experience. Her area probably has a recovery college where they do that. Idk, it's frustrating that she put so much into getting herself well but she isn't making the most of it.

No. 1118792

Does the cat only have one front leg?

Most of the real anachans posted in these threads never recover, some of them even die. It's refreshing and wholesome to see someone improve over time.

No. 1118794

I agree apart from I don't think she should be speaking to others. She definitely didn't go about recovery the recommended way: no therapy for example (not to bash her, just saying she probably wouldn't be a good influence) and she'd probably just end up as thinspo for some of them.

No. 1118823

a-logging whatever but i hope she has a terrible birthday lmao. she's already starting to show her age & the meth is only going to exacerbate that. e-begging crackhead leech

No. 1118826

Italian Aly's recovery was a massive surprise. I know she clings to the lower healthy end, but she gives it a go with jobs and Berti. She's still got milky traits, but I suppose it's just how she is. She didn't bother with therapy either. She probably should have, but it's true the genuine skeles here rarely get weight restored.

Still not a fan of Elzani because she's dull, but nobody can say what she's done isn't admirable. She spawned too many LARPers for whatever reason. That's bizarre.

No. 1118828

I never thought about the thinspo potential. She could talk about how to deal with weight gain but again you're right. Most people had support from a treatment team.

No. 1118830

And she never really talked about struggling with weight gain did she? It seemed more like she just didn't want to eat (until she wound up in hospital).

No. 1118851

I don’t think she has that sort of insight; it just seems to be a “food is good” thing for her (at least as far as we’ve seen). While her progress is inspiring, I don’t think she’s in the position to give advice yet. She has become soooo much more eloquent since weight restoring though so who knows what will happen.

No. 1118854

Yeah, in her earliest vlogs she would cry about how difficult it was and how she didn't want to do it but afterwards she never ever mentioned the difficulties of recovery, only the positive parts.

No. 1118858

One of the things I've noticed with Elzani is that she shows what she's doing in her videos but doesn't elucidate on her own feelings about it much. When she does though, such as when she talks to the camera in the car, what she says is usually very insightful.

No. 1118960

Shut the fuck up you racist bitch

No. 1119012

File: 1609442928410.png (5.61 MB, 828x1792, 7A68FCFD-E621-4103-ADDA-592236…)

So I thought the chicken in the middle was looking a little pink, then I read the comments and see N2F is there! Ham has been getting cooking tips from the one and only it seems

No. 1119026

File: 1609443522366.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3464x3464, 1F85B720-DEF5-4A24-B51B-AB10CC…)

why are all the ~recovery accounts~ obsessed with binging and overeating nowadays like that's a normal, healthy relationship with food? haes is a fucking disease

No. 1119067

they probably use "extreme hunger" as an excuse, when realistically extreme hunger id bullshit if you haven't been restricting for long or at all.
cravings, sure but straight up binging disguised as that is bullshit it pisses me off

No. 1119070

File: 1609447392808.gif (18.01 MB, 600x1233, never dont give up.gif)

I noticed that they followed each other a few days back and had a small kek over it.

Anyway, more eating videos from n2f. Here's a link to the whole series! https://streamable.com/zfxqhc

No. 1119101

fuck me she looks so ill

No. 1119106

Seethe moar, nigger.(infighting)

No. 1119109

She literally looks like she's eating shit. Ewww.

No. 1119111

What’s her Instagram @

No. 1119112

Go back to twitter if you don't like spergs saying naughty words anon.

No. 1119115

Yeah it probably has something to do with those videos by Stephanie buttermore and going “all in”

No. 1119118

Well if she gives herself food poisoning she might have an excuse to quit shoveling "recovery" down her throat long enough to maintain her already normal weight for a few days before resuming her journey to obesity.

Blog but I dont even have an ED and I find Ham triggering as fuck. Is she a troll or is she honestly so deluded she doesn't understand what a mockery her larping makes of people who actually struggle with disordered restriction?

No. 1119119

They totally ignore the part where Stephanie still tries to eat healthily and still works out consistently. I guess it’s easy to “forget” the parts that don’t fit the “eat whatever you want all the time” narrative

No. 1119146

The fuck are you, twelve years old? Or is it brain damage? Tell us.

No. 1119148

Can you get some self control and stop replying to stale bait. The poster who said nigger has been banned, let it go and stop shitting up the thread.

No. 1119164

I thought lolcow was like "4chan for girls", what's wrong, can't handle seeing the word nigger? Kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1119165

File: 1609454331153.png (1.25 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201231-223107.png)

In her last post she kept talking about how she needs a full packet of rice to fill her up. She's saying it tonight about food. P sure a recovering anorexic would struggle with feeling full up and not bang on about it.

Therefore, more evidence she's making the whole thing up.

Anyone else get a nasty bitch vibe from Ham? Like you can imagine her being two faced and a shit friend? If I was to take a guess why she isnt5at school, I'd say she was kicked out for being disruptive.

Yep, she looks ill. Her phone cam's not great but her skin colour don't look healthy.

No. 1119168

Maybe she just refuses to eat anything other than junk food, so when she refuses a healthy dinner her mum panics and gives her what she wants. Like a toddler.

No. 1119182

Annoying that all these pro-ana fuckers have something about recovery (or thriving, or nourishing etc etc) in their user named despite not being in or trying to achieve recovery

I always hated the US not allowing internet/cell phone in treatment because it makes it harder to go in if you have a job/school/any actual responsibilities, but never considered that people would actually like to live-blog their time in a hospital and need to be prevented from doing that… what a gd world

No. 1119194

Yeah she looks great here. I hope that in the new year she keeps moving forward and becomes one of the cows that actually moves upward and onward. I don't like her videos but many many people do, so she could maybe go in the direction of marketing? Journalism? Business of some sort? others? It's not easy to get and maintain the amount of internet attention she's garnered for herself.

I just watched her hospital YouTube yesterday, and it's kind of weird because it seems like from the very beginning of her hospitalization she wanted to gain weight and recover- had her family bring her chocolate, actually chose to eat normal, high-calorie foods when allowed to eat off the unit with family, and when she wanted to leave she said it was because she just doesn't like the hospital and would rather gain weight on her own at home with good food. I would assume someone with anorexia would not actually feel like that and is probably lying, but her actions have always backed that up. Which is awesome, but if she was able to pull a 180 so quickly and be good with gaining, why didn't she just do that at home instead of almost killing herself

No. 1119197

She probably felt like she had 'permission' to eat once she was in hospital; it's not uncommon. Once she got back home she was definitely restricting for a good while though (in her earlier videos).

No. 1119199

It can be a thing where anas do eat without too much effort when they go IP, because the control's been taken away from them. The Rhodes Farm woman talks about it in the docu about Dana the 8 year old anorexic. Like they're given permission to eat.

No. 1119201

She's still in such early recovery though, I wouldn't expect most people at her stage to be ready to essentially start their own business. I'd also not expect most places having recovery speakers to want a speaker that's so newly recovered.

No. 1119204

grow up

No. 1119214

oy vey, shut it down(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1119224

File: 1609458985571.jpeg (357.07 KB, 828x1481, 3A6C9392-EA69-4A70-AE30-C4BB6A…)

Has Paige been tubed AGAIN

No. 1119235

Needs material for the next book, anon!

No. 1119252

Good point - she suddenly changed. Although I wonder if her early vlogs eating always had her mum there to keep check on her.

No. 1119295

File: 1609469017863.jpeg (62.62 KB, 294x312, BB2BC621-554B-44AF-A3DF-E3F64C…)

happy NYE from gainer!

No. 1119305

Gyms are banhammered then?

No. 1119320

Any cow predictions for 2021?

Georgia nose hose soon is a given.

No. 1119321

Not even a bad Blythe, one of those hilarious bad knockoff Blybe ones or something.

No. 1119324

File: 1609472738046.jpg (42.53 KB, 533x576, laura.JPG)

Yeah, she's too bad for a factory girl. She's deffo a knock off.

No. 1119325

They look even and white enough. I guess smiling ruins the ECT-worthy depression LARP.

No. 1119328

This is definitely a thing. It's like, legitimised because it's prescribed. You are not deciding to eat XYZ, the doctor is saying you need to eat XYZ. There's still a lot of struggle and pushback (I saw many people take up purging) but the loss of control can help, bizarrely.

No. 1119398


this one fucking triggered me
cold, ill & hungry… anorexics are cold cuz they’re underweight! this is the most uneducated, idiotic LARPer ever. it’s disrespectful as fuck. Ham PLEASE show us a photo of you when you were disordered or get fucked lol

No. 1119406

Who else thinks Kate Kusmina has such a gift in literature/poetry?, i mean, i cant believe i just noticed this for a while But do you guys ever read her captions under her posts?. it’s absolutely beautiful written letters of love. at first i thought she just wrote gibberish that didn’t make sense and her captions just didn’t make sense but now i think it’s beautiful. can’t believe i just realized haha.(no one cares)

No. 1119413

Has anyone ever spotted a negative comment on any of Ham's posts? I really just can't fathom how no one is calling her out on her grift.

No. 1119414

I saw one or two negative comments on one of her posts from early to mid-December. I went to look for them and couldn't find anything. She's probably deleting any comments that aren't 100% ass kissing.

No. 1119415

Same thing Ganer does, or deletes the post before her “true followers” can see the legitimate criticism

No. 1119428

She could have put the black text a tiny bit further down if she wanted to hide the toob but instead she had to have it peeking out. She knows exactly what she’s doing but I bet she’ll deny that if anyone points it out

No. 1119435

File: 1609493653808.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 575.38 KB, 805x1134, FD3E589C-1A1C-4996-9507-31895B…)

This girl is delusional to say the least

No. 1119438


No. 1119458

legit. sage for no milk but am I the only who finds ham genuinely triggering. I want to show her up if that makes sense

No. 1119459

>If she is actually autistic why was she able to have a normal school life before dropping out due to anorexia?
replying to this super late to sperg derail but autism in women is often missed. The way the symptoms manifest in girls makes it a lot easier to go under the radar, medical professions quite often miss it so there are some autistic girls who manage fine in mainstream schools not even knowing theyre autistic. Kids might have thought she was weird, but it's not like every autist is headbutting walls and biting people constantly.

The way N2F dresses herself is kinda autistic imo lol - like a lot of overly bright colours, gaudy patterns or colour pairings, and regularly over/underdressing for the social situation. I dont remember N2F wearing any dangling jewellery (necklaces, bracelets, etc.) either which is another sign.

Autism doesn't answer why she throws bottles of condiment out of her window, where she's getting the 4 peas for every meal, or the majority of the questions people have for N2F so it's not that relevant either way.

she FASCINATES me atm, so many weird fucking habits. Why does she buy so much fast-fashion rip-off catwalk clothing from boohoo to show off, when the rest of her body is either filthy or unkempt? the unbrushed hair, food-stained hands, the hefty moustache she's got going on, can she not see it? It wouldn't take long to deal with those things and it would make her look so much better?(armchairing)

No. 1119472

File: 1609502460318.jpg (7.49 KB, 146x151, Screenshot_20210101_115925.jpg)

Happy new year y'all. Here's to a milky 2021 for us all kek

No. 1119475

Totally valid about the control being taken away making things easier, but also think about what Elzani didn't show in her video. It's essentially a compilation of her crying and saying she wants to go home, and she says on a couple of occasions that she's eating so she can go home. She was on bed rest in a hospital away from her family and desperate.
I'm sure there were many incidents of screaming,crying, begging, and trying to leave, where she was always ultimately told by hospital staff and family "you can go home (go outside, go to the shop, walk around, etc) - if you eat." That's a powerful motivator.

No. 1119481

>can she not see it?
correct me if I'm wrong but didn't she say that she was legally blind/had bad eyesight, so maybe she literally CAN'T see it

No. 1119490

File: 1609506307981.jpeg (404.6 KB, 461x824, EE3E92E1-8D44-41AF-AC4F-235B4C…)


No. 1119500

That was madzemoji

No. 1119518

My bad, thanks anon!

No. 1119546

File: 1609512961740.png (2.44 MB, 1242x2208, 0AA75F75-3BBD-442C-8C0D-DA047D…)


she’s totally delusional (from yuckgender’s story)

No. 1119587

kinda ot but she doesn't look out of place by Normanton standards. Her buying gaudy cheap looking clothes may actually be her trying to fit in

No. 1119598

File: 1609519258137.jpg (495.38 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20210101_163910.jpg)

Something really braggy about the "hour walk" comment. Her orthorexia is really showing

No. 1119600

File: 1609519435044.jpg (390.47 KB, 1080x1899, 20210101_104147.jpg)

I was just about to post that. An hour to the gym and an hour back? Obvious why she picked this new gym.


>rest day

>out walking

No. 1119603

Okay but seriously where does ganer live? I thought she was in street which is an hour's drive from bristol - but how is she only an hour's walk from the gym? this isn't important, i'm just confused.

No. 1119624

Everyone at her gym(s?) and her trainers 100% think this is weird as fuck and probably discuss it behind her back. It's sad that she thinks she fits in and this is her "community" when she sticks out like a sore thumb. Hopefully she recovers and actually becomes a body builder if that's what she wants and can look back on this to see how far she's come.

No. 1119628

How strange she chose a gym that far away.

Nice bike.

No. 1119630

Not strange, she's so disordered and delusional, gotta burn off all the calories from those frozen raspberries and that slop she eats

No. 1119641

She might have picked the gym because it isn't on a bus route so she'd have to walk or cycle. How is she not knackered without people food? Her calorie intake can't be much with the slop.

No. 1119642

Her “trainer” is online. I can’t imagine any gym irl would allow a trainer to keep exploiting her very obvious mental illness for profit the way he does. She’s made zero progress over the past 2 years of working out. Essentially she just gained enough muscle to get to a less-spoopy state and can’t bring herself to go past that. 100% she will be laughed about by everyone else at the body building show she’s so excited to be in.

No. 1119643

File: 1609524011580.jpeg (589.52 KB, 828x1565, 57F16043-600D-4F25-A3E1-268006…)

I see zero muscle definition here and, guessing by her constipated face, she’s posing / flexing reeeeaallly hard.

No. 1119648

Betting everything she looks exactly the same 1st Jan 2022

No. 1119652

He clearly just sees her as a constant income so tells her what she wants to hear without giving a single shit.

No. 1119656

major tinfoil but he might've been the only one to accept her as a client? Like she spoke to multiple people and since everyone could see through her shit they all declined, hence her ending up with one that pretends what she's doing is healthy bodybuilding

No. 1119657

I do wonder if anyone has ever tried to message her with some truth or a bit of a reality check, but, thinking she's being professionally trained, I can't imagine any of it ever gets remotely acknowledged.

No. 1119687

She took down that post where she did a progress thing, she looked the same in both and she didn't like it when people said so.

I can't figure out why she gets well done comments FROM BODYBUILDERS. HUH?

No. 1119699

She looks like she has bell’s palsy or something… That or she’s straining so hard she’s had a stroke

No. 1119700

File: 1609529583581.jpg (182.57 KB, 1098x1081, Gainer.jpg)

6 September - 30 December

No. 1119726

File: 1609534850262.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1160x2076, 5481E21E-E5D6-49B2-A3C7-28C1BA…)

pro ana scumbag sarah is trying to sell skinny syrups to her anorexic followers. what are the odds on n2f buying some?

No. 1119727

Mmmm opened bottles of spunk. Why bother selling them when they're £1.99. Postage would cost more.

She obviously hasn't tried them in coffee.

No. 1119733

That's WAY too much cardio for someone who is trying to gain muscle. She's shooting herself in the foot. She posted the other day about biking in the freezing rain and not being able to feel her hands. I'm sure it's a compulsion, she could easily take the train or bus instead.

No. 1119749

File: 1609537027765.jpeg (412.02 KB, 1800x1800, AF5E072A-8671-4D1D-AA40-624DCA…)

I haven't seen this one mentioned before. Active on tiktok and definitely a pro ana scumbag. Posts a bunch of body check videos and "challenges" like low fat cream cheese on pepper or this one, low fat yoghurt with blueberries she calls parfait. Also does day vlogs where she exercises and doesn't eat at all

No. 1119754

But you burn more calories when you're cold, anon.

No. 1119793

File: 1609539673072.png (1.39 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210101-221822.png)

These ~challenges~ are getting more ridiculous. A new mini chocolate.

Squash. Even her drinks are full of chemicals.

No. 1119813

>the louder the thoughts, the more I need to eat
Fuck off, that is not recovery. I struggle to even put in words how retarded this statement is. I guess it is a part of recovery to stop being afraid of eating etc but just stuffing your gob with crap everyday is not what is going to help, you need to learn to have a healthy relationship with food.

No. 1119857

I bet you're right. Why else wouldn't she have an irl trainer given how serious she's trying to be about this?

No. 1119860

oh no, she hasn’t spread the jam all the way to the edges of the toast, I hope she doesn’t miss out on any vital calories! she’s withering away for god’s sake!
Jesus Christ how toxic can you get, selling skinny syrups to your thousands of anorexic followers. besides, anyone can go into B&M and buy them for £1/£2? sarah is looking extra spoop recently. how tf did she get discharged from ed services when she’s that skelly?

No. 1119862

what a disgusting pos., she's basically implying: 'I'm too thin and frail for skinny syrups but I'm sure YOU'RE fine and can have diet products'

No. 1119866

Okay so she's doing so great with "challenging" herself yet is still scared of everything- does that mean these challenges aren't helping or what? (Eye roll)

No. 1119893

She can keep posting a challenge indefinitely if everthing new in the chocolate and biscuit world is scary. Crunchier, Mars, snickers, Topic, Reese's, Dairy Milk, Galaxy, Whole but, as nauseum. Custard cream, Oreo, bourbon, ginger nut and nauseum.

She had no problems shoving that luxury biscuit and Christmas chocolate into her gob.

When she said she'd put more turkey on her plate because she didn't think there was enough…that was 100% confirmation this cow can't eat enough.

Bet that was one of several slices of toast she ate.

No. 1119896

F me, typos. Ad nauseum whole nut and etc

No. 1119933

Does anyone remember Joltography from like 2015? Whatever happened to her? What about Emily Hazel? Is she still around? What about Gretchen, the mother with the Littlest Pet Shop obsession? I'd seriously love an update on any of the older cows. Erika Oysvuk? Jessie Nizewitz? Fuck, there's so many I've lost track of.

No. 1119941

Double post, but I looked into it more.

It appears that never2old2recover is dead:

imskinnybeautiful2 is dead:

Anyone else?

No. 1119980


Oh that's sad about never2old.she had a long time hate boner for Whann. I had her on my IG but it was an account I got locked out of.

Skinny beautiful… didn't like her, but sad news.

Emily Hazel had a daughter. The bf left but she's an amazing mum. Yes, seriously! She still looks like she needs some weight on her, but she looks like she's doing good. You should be able to find her on FB.

Joltys still around, now known as joltopsy.

Last saw Erika under a fake name as a FB friend of the skinny fetishist bill bockman. She looked great. Gained weight and looked beautiful. Haven't found her since then.

I need to have a think about the old time anas. 3.37am brain foggy.

No. 1119988

File: 1609559139440.png (764.18 KB, 456x1319, Screenshot_20210102-034326~2.p…)

Here's Emily. Cut the kid out for obvious reasons but she's a cutie and I rarely say that about children.

No. 1119991

Is Whann still banned? She’s still milky af but went to the Instagram “spam” community.
I didn’t like them either but they don’t deserve death.

No. 1119993

I hope Emily is doing well.

No. 1119997

File: 1609561117428.png (358.23 KB, 720x1033, Screenshot_20210102-041808~2.p…)

I'd say she is. She adores being a mum.

I've been trying to find what happened to Jenna lord–swoldemort. Faked anorexia, faked cancer then started camming

No. 1120132

File: 1609588157514.jpg (363.85 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2021-01-02-11-46-53…)

Some of the anons who know how to post videos should get on this but N2F uploaded a bunch of videos of her eating and she looks miserable in all of them but the most concerning thing is she keeps grimacing, shaking her head and rolling her eyes as she eats. It's reaaaaally odd.

No. 1120134

damnnn those lymph nodes. if there was any doubt about her purging, here's your evidence

No. 1120137

They should use this pic to teach medics how to identify signs of purging. I'm so bad at identifying the lymph nodes and they're obvious even to me.

No. 1120144

The filthy hoodie, the skin colour, the bulimia cheeks…this is so grim, I actually feel sorry for her. And then upthread we have people like Ham who thinks eating disorders are all fun, games and friggin snack plates. Sigh.

No. 1120146

She really doesn't look too well…
Has n2f ever been IP?

No. 1120150


i was thinking the exact same thing! LARPers like Ham and Porgie claiming to suffer from an ED, yet i am sure theyve never been as low as NtF, posting selfies of her manically chewing food while wearing a clearly vomit splashback covered jumper!

No. 1120154

goddamn this is so sad. I think the worst thing is she still lives at home with her fam, probably turning a blind eye thinking "at least she's eating". Only so long before something's gonna give; her heart's working overtime.

Fuck you Han. This isn't a joke so you can finally be the popular girl, you're absolute scum.

No. 1120161

I think she thinks it’s cute? Like those stupid boomerangs girls do with the “silly” faces? I feel like that is what she thinks she’s doing but unfortunately that shit just be cringe

No. 1120163

I'd love to trap the LARPers inside the body of an actually sick girl like N2F. They're honestly living in the - delicate depressed Tumblr girl reality and it shows. Ham has not once done something as unglamorous as purging into bags or sticking ice cream into her bra or shiting herself via laxatives.

No. 1120164

only for a day or something, I'm not a sadist

No. 1120194

maybe her goal is to just eat herself into a coma so the “thoughts” stop?????

No. 1120200

Yeah, and/or in the head of someone truly restrictive, obsessive and addicted to exercise like Ganer. Would make a cracking Black Mirror episode!

No. 1120205

You’re too kind, anon. I’d give her at least a week - then again I haven’t genuinely, actively hated a cow this much since Phoebe Tickner

No. 1120211

>pls excuse the chocolate round my mouth

a mid-manic binge selfie in her dark goblins lair… I hope this girl gets some proper help. Apologies if this comparison is in poor taste but she reminds me of Genie (the feral child). Her habits are so odd even for a disordered person. Her family deffo need to do some kind of intervention for her

No. 1120240

She has in 2016 I believe. Her parents letting her continue like this is so wrong, surely they must be aware?

No. 1120250

it's denial. It's baffling how many parents/families straight up deny their child has a problem until it's extremely obvious. Especially EDs where the child is sneaky and hides stuff, lots of parents seem to think it's just the kid being weird or growing taller before their weight catches on. Then bam one day the kid is literally on death's door tier skele. At least that's how they view it; they refuse to see the gradual decline until they can't deny it anymore

No. 1120258

Why does she post herself eating? I'd be forever in debt if a farmer could upload the possession footage.

No. 1120262

File: 1609603375860.png (834.63 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210102-160148.png)

Her name with 'zani. She must be wetting herself with excitement.

No. 1120279

slight blog but n2f reminds me of myself during a psychotic episode after a drug binge. definitely more than just an eating disorder going on in that brain.

No. 1120287

I think there’s an element of ‘boiling a frog’ too. If you live with somebody you’re less likely to notice gradual changes until it gets really obvious. Considering n2f has probably always been a little bit odd her parents would be less likely than the casual observer to go ‘this girl obviously has an ED’.

No. 1120290

Her lips look awfully cracked and sore

No. 1120291

she’s a legal adult, they likely can’t make her get help as long as she doesn’t purge herself into the emergency room

No. 1120301

Plus we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, it's not like n2f is going to spill any of those details.

No. 1120307

Yeah I think we're underestimating how hard it is to get support under the NHS. I think parents can't easily force support on an adult child until they're at death's door. And even if you are seeing your GP voluntarily about symptoms you likely won't get offered support beyond IAPTs (which will offer you CBT) and meds. It's pot luck on getting a GP who will listen, even if you are clearly at risk and have a history of MH. Then if you get referred the services are rammed. And it's a postcode lottery and I don't think the midlands is known for its extensive support. This is why ham is so infuriating.

No. 1120315

File: 1609609231935.png (1.07 MB, 705x1052, Screenshot_20210102-173825~2.p…)

Need a glass of water to look at this. Dry?

No. 1120318

File: 1609609373638.png (347.25 KB, 502x341, Screenshot_20210102-174135~2.p…)

I don't think it's a filter. Her skin really is getting yellow.

No. 1120320

Aw she looks amazing, and yeah holy crap her kid is adorable. I'd heard that she was better but hadn't seen a pic of her since the deepest darkest Crying Emily era. Good for her.

No. 1120322

This. So much this. Although I think Ham’s under CAMHS and in some areas they’re much quicker to threaten admission. Personally don’t believe a word of her “bed with my name on it” though. Anyone know if she’s legit been diagnosed with an ED? She never mentions anything like obs, weigh ins, dietitian, meal plans… (but just wait for it! She will be after reading this!)

No. 1120328

Never heard her talk about obs etc. but I guess she'd put this down to Covid - although services have been opening up for a while, and if it was that serious I think they're still working around it.

CAMHS is definitely quicker to get involved, and crisis teams (or similar) make empty threats about hospitalisation/your impending death. Like in that documentary about the pro-ana girls, one of the mum's said she'd been told 'one more paracetamol od will kill her' - that's not how it works, but classic crisis team threat to shock you out of your behaviour. So I can imagine someone said that to her just to scare her into behaving herself and she took it seriously? But god knows.

No. 1120338

Yep. I thought Emily would end up a junkie, n prison or dead. Getting pregnant saved her. The best story ending from these threads.

Hospital here's been doing obs for a long while now. Had ECG and other shit and nowhere near an urgent case. All she does is copypasta the same things over and over. Stuff she pinched off other accounts.

No. 1120339

>I don't think the midlands is known for its extensive support
I grew up in the Midlands and still have family there. As far back as I can remember it's been public services black hole. The local health trusts and social services are nearly always going in and out of emergency measures due to scandals. Where I live now things get done in days or weeks instead of months.

No. 1120343

soz for slight blog but in my area obs remained the one face to face thing throughout each lockdown. Don’t know about other trusts but you’re right she’d probably use that as an excuse anyway. She’s not only clueless about what an ED is and how it feels, she also has no idea how typical treatment works. It’s almost like we’re giving her tips to improve the LARP here haha. Place your bets for when she suddenly ‘remembers’ all those unfortunately missed blood tests and weigh ins, anons! (I give it two days max)

No. 1120346

She never mentions her weekly therapy sessions with her psychologist. Hmm… Has she ever talked about Georgia's favourite thing - refeeding syndrome? To go from eating air for YEARS she's playing a dangerous game eating a while snack plate and whenever she wants to.

No. 1120351

I definitely didn't think she'd be raising her own baby.

I guess she just needed a slap in the face from the universe and to realize she wasn't the most important person in the world.

Good for her.

No. 1120354

Live in the same county as ham - there’s no way she’d get actual ED help at her size, you have to be actively wasting away. Our hospitals aren’t as terrible as the recent docudramas make them seem but the specialist services have always been dire.

No. 1120363

File: 1609613915168.jpeg (556.35 KB, 750x1108, CDB4F733-EC44-4C7D-8EEA-54452A…)

Chii emphatically insists that she’s weight restored yet also admits she still has amenorrhea. Eye roll. How about you make your 2021 resolution to actually try to recover instead of faking it for 60k followers????

No. 1120366

Weight aside, if she went for assessment they’d quickly realise she’s full of crap

“What does a normal day’s intake look like for you?” Porridge and sugary biscuits. Jam on toast. Scary!!! Microwave rice and turkey wiv extra turkey. SCARY. Chocolate, solid & liquid form. Grapes when I REaLLY wanna ~challenge~ muhselv. If ahm hungry ah’ll just EAT MORE. Mostly sugar WIVVOUT compensating (strong arm emoji) food TAsTEs GUD

No. 1120368

ARGGH. So proud of mahselv

No. 1120369

Vendettachan? Not to blogpost but I was weight restored for over a year before I got my period back.

No. 1120373

No1curr that you got to a BMI of 18.5 and still didn’t have your period, anachan.

No. 1120379

avin a wobble but PUSHIN FRU

No. 1120380

The NHS sucks. Wish we'd abolish it in favour of a healthcare system like Germany. Sage for rant.(derail)

No. 1120381

It wouldn't be milky if she was honestly weight resorted but come one a) look at her - she's clearly not at a BMI of 18.5 b)even if she was, that's not likely to be her 'set point' (at the risk of sounding like Ham, but a lot of people do need to go higher to get their period) c) her hair is falling out as well - she's clearly not in great physical shape and d) she preaches like she's a ~recovery worrier~ when she has done the bare minimum

No. 1120387

Her story was fuckin disturbing. She looks horrendous, her skin is practically yellow and her dry cracked lips had me reaching for my lip balm in sympathy. I think she’s seriously damaged her brain, it’s upsetting to watch but out of morbid curiosity I wish she would share more of her personal life

No. 1120402

File: 1609617252416.png (2.79 MB, 828x1792, A712A688-7481-4A70-8EC0-456486…)

Bored_with_ana’s igtv video of a life is so bloody triggering. She mentions what her bmi is under so many times and relates every question to the fact that she doesn’t have her period. How can she think that her content isn’t so harmful?

No. 1120403

File: 1609617515049.jpeg (567.18 KB, 828x947, 06D3A13D-8D94-4D01-BC2F-40FA0A…)

this girl was never even remotely underweight and is now a mini celebrity in the recovery community. why???

No. 1120404

File: 1609617821375.gif (19.23 MB, 439x800, In motion.gif)

All of her eating videos are weird and uncomfortable to watch, but this one was so bad.

No. 1120405

speaking of old tumblr cows, I wonder where odolnost / kayla jones is this days. she was SUCH a cow in the golden days of ed tumblr with her "five hours of intense yoga a day is healthy and a bmi of 17 is recovered" refrain. n2f reminds me of her a bit, they the same defensive mannerisms and lack of social skills, although kayla seemed to have a more aware family and therefore wasn't quite as grody, despite her natural tendency to be that way (she would talk shamelessly about not showering/changing after hours of work, running, and vinyasa)

No. 1120410

wtf is this word salad. Just pick a flavor, jesus christ.

No. 1120411

what's it under? she doesn't look 'that' thin in most of her videos and I'm surprised she was ever IP under the NHS. She's definitely exaggerating, don't feel bad anon. But yeah she seems to have 3 topics
1) muh period
2) soooo sick for all of 3 months or something, got pulled out of school !1!!
3) wow I'm such a speshul medical student

never talks about recovery aside from the physical aspects. Also has got tons of negative comments on her FDOE reels but hasn't addressed any of them.

No. 1120412

because she’s preaching that it’s okay to say “it doesn’t matter if i’m unhealthy, i’m happy shoveling my face with food, and you should be too”

No. 1120413

Where does she mention her bmi? I haven't heard that

No. 1120418

File: 1609619344657.png (702.9 KB, 603x602, Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 2.26…)


I still follow her on Instagram, although she doesn't post much anymore (unless she has an alternate one that I don't follow). She's looked genuinely weight restored for a while and mostly posts pictures of her and her boyfriend's dogs and random vegan food. She's posted on and off about having a problem with drinking, but seems to be employed, paying her own rent/bills, etc. Kinda not surprising that the same issues that created the eating disorder made her vulnerable to substance abuse.

No. 1120422

File: 1609620094728.jpg (68.44 KB, 850x850, 93cc6df6e1803f2a1516e9c379e9ab…)

She should wear this t shirt.

No. 1120435

She says things like “I don’t get my period back until my bmi is at 17.5” and “I don’t think it’s helpful to do ootd’s until my bmi is 18”

No. 1120437

File: 1609622314217.jpg (156.37 KB, 1080x1348, 20210102_210658.jpg)

couldnt even do Ham bingo, she annoys me too much. she genuinely just tries to be Cassie from skins with the repeated "wooow"s and the way she pretends to "avoid eating" by talking to her mum. even her manner of talking about her "ED" pisses me off. its so fuckin fake and shes blantantly just saying what she thinks people with EDs say. and ffs a hotdog isnt "amazing" or whatever the hell she said, especially not that one. shit bread, shit sausage and far too much ketchup (yes Ham, your "ED" was saying it was too much because it was - not cal wise, mind, more like taste and salf content jfc)

No. 1120441

The videos on this one annoyed the fuck out of me. Even if it’s not fake, and she believes it’s real, it comes across as fake. Personally, to me, it’s obvs fake. Also, her mum is a moron. The pair of them need a brain transplant, preferably not with each other.

No. 1120443

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. She also talks about the occupational health requirements to be fit to study and how 'the BMI requirements vary between areas so don't assume you know I'm above a certain number'; I'm pretty sure it's under 16 where you can be made to leave uni.

No. 1120458

Absolutely no one with an ED has ketchup as their fear food. I think she wobbled over it on another video too. Where is she getting this?

No. 1120463

Seriously? Yes they do! Ketchup is pretty much just cream-of-sugar. At least the one ham uses undoubtedly is. Not arguing that ham isn’t a complete larper, but ketchup definitely can be a fear food. If she starts claiming mustard or pickles or vinegar (ganer style) are fear foods, then it’ll be entering the realm of complete absurdity.

No. 1120469

File: 1609624664509.jpeg (1023.39 KB, 828x1505, FAB301F8-6D10-423E-BA2F-B8C502…)

Silly ham, THIS is what an anorexic actually eats. High volume, low density, served with a side of salt and self delusion.

No. 1120470

File: 1609624783192.jpg (62.99 KB, 647x706, pYNpeB1.jpg)

Speaking of Ganer…

Two injuries in a week (earlier she mentioned a swollen ankle, don't know what the other one is), at least bad enough to go to A&E during covid… and she's back training!

No. 1120483

I can't face bingo right now. The thought's like being faced with a greasy breakfast when you've got a big fuck off hangover. Sad (not so little) cow. Oh yeah, her mum does sound educationally subnormal. Well done that she manages to read her lines though. Keep packing in that cheap nasty food and Georgia's going to be your thinspo.

No. 1120492

File: 1609626334026.jpg (45.68 KB, 640x853, what.jpg)



No. 1120511

Her food descriptions read like a wish title

No. 1120513

My memory's shite. Who's the ana with kids who ate gherkins all the time and gave her kids miniscule portions of cheese?

Ganer likes that tang at the back of the throat. Sorry, but pickled beetroot is an abomination. #Eat beet natural.

No. 1120522

kimhoeltje i believe

No. 1120528

as much as i hate Ham, yes they do.

No. 1120529

File: 1609628827264.jpg (200.29 KB, 1257x763, well f me.JPG)

Thanks. I wanted to check on her and…wh…what happened??? She turned into a sugar fiend!

No. 1120530

weird question, but if you saw ganer w/o the flexing, gym wear – just out and about, would she look like she's got muscle, on her legs and such? >>1119700 this looks like an average skinny womans body

No. 1120531

I think she was always this way? posting freakshakes and the like but never eating any of it?

No. 1120532

I was thinking the same. I wonder if drugs/alcohol are a factor, i really do

No. 1120535

I might be confusing her with another cow. I need to go waaaaaay back and take notes some time during lockdown.

Where would she get them from? She's very speedy, that's true. I can picture her baking as if she's on coke or speed. Even titles her bakes on speed. Eats it like she's on speed, You get the point…

No. 1120536

File: 1609629168510.png (802.02 KB, 1020x750, pbs.png)

Speaking of (sort of) old cows, prettyboishady is now shademasterlia and is…modeling?

No, it's definitely kimhoeltje. She might have only posted that stuff in her stories.

No. 1120538

File: 1609629317073.jpg (54.54 KB, 540x960, 10947702_1021560791193014_2051…)

Mortuusequusphobia - fear of ketchup. If she fears ketchup, it's not related to her ~anorexia~

No. 1120539

Normanton and the surrounding towns do have a lot of drug users living there. But she'd have to leave the house to get anything

No. 1120543

File: 1609629669778.png (186.57 KB, 1837x537, Screenshot 2021-01-02 at 5.20.…)

Doesn't have her username in the screenshot but, yes, it's Kim.

No. 1120544

fun fact: mortuusequusphobia translates as 'fear of a dead horse' (or something like that) from rhyming slang 'dead horse' (red sauce). So Ham is scared of dead horses … because she's beating a dead horse with her LARPing? I don't know, I'm just convinced she's a troll at this point and is just playing us.

No. 1120546


I already had the old threads open because I was looking for cows that haven't been discussed in a while.

No. 1120548


Keep packing in that cheap nasty food and Georgia's going to be your thinspo.

Haha that made me laugh

No. 1120551

online i guess. she orders an insane amount of shit online so i wouldn’t be surprised if alcohol was being ordered or even drugs. she shares so little of her life online that we can’t really rule out anything

No. 1120556


>she'll love the weight loss it brings

i fully think this is the reason why. correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think she's done meth before and since she's clearly spiraling about being a healthy weight and "not anorexic anymore" i feel like she's gonna do literally anything to drop pounds in addition to her usual drug use

i dont get it . just do adderall if you really want to tweak a little

No. 1120560

In the second video in this IG post (the third slide) hammum reassures ham with ‘the louder it screams, the more you need to do it.’ However, ham transcribes it in the CC as ‘the louder it screams, the more you need to eat’. I’m now fully convinced she’s some sort of covert feeder porn - any time she has a fake ED thought she just has to stuff herself with food - she just has to eat more!

No. 1120563

What pro Ana documentary are you talking about?

No. 1120583

Why is her gym still alloowing her to train? She's a liability and if she doesn't seriously damage her bones now she's got hell to pay in 15-20 years (if she makes it that far)

No. 1120591

I think this one.

No. 1120594

Honestly she looks like an alcoholic, but ED's especially the pruging sort can be very physically taxing so idk. I doubt drugs though she doesn't have the brains to get them online and she doesn't seem to have any friends.

No. 1120625

That may have been Gretchen, Ashley Isaacs's friend.

No. 1120627

Thanks again for that. I hope she's feeding the kids more adequately. The image of those snack trays with those morsels has haunted me since she was mentioned.

No. 1120632

I can't imagine she's a drinker, but if she could get hold of something speedy, for sure. I don't think she has the knowledge to buy anything from online pharmacists without messing herself up even more. Anything uhlegal she'd have to buy online on deep web with bitcoin and how much cash can she have at her disposal when it all goes on grocery shops and deliveries?

40mg Adderall generic is £86.62 for 20 tabs online. (Googled, never dabble with that shit). That's mad expensive and can you really trust what's in it or hygiene in the production area?

No. 1120635

you guys never heard of the dark web? we don’t know shit about her parents either, who she knows or what she does outside of her heinous food crimes. all i’m saying is let’s not shut down the idea that she’s a fucking addict, i don’t know how else to explain her behaviour

No. 1120638

>you guys never heard of the dark web

Mentioned it here >>1120632 and again, buying bitcoin aint cheap. She has regular bloods, and if she was taking anything to fuck herself up I'm sure it'd show up in the results.

No. 1120641

Ntayrt, nah it's very unusual to monitor someones drug toxicology on a regular basis with blood tests, it would be quite costyly.

No. 1120643

she’s a shut-in NEET who’s destroyed the limited intelligence she had with purging, she does not have the ability to buy speed off the dark web.

No. 1120647

Hmm. That's that debunked then. Has she ever mentioned any prescribed meds? How is she such an enigma? We're usually p good at figuring them out.

No. 1120648

Every single food is a fear food for her which is ridiculous cause she's eating chocolate every night. You'd think she would have some eye for measurement or calories but she doesnt, with anything. And she tries to wear oversized clothing to hide her body but she doesn't look like she's ever skipped a meal. At this point she's just frustrating to watch. At least other wannarexics like porgie are entertaining

No. 1120651

File: 1609638054208.jpeg (893.8 KB, 828x1561, F1166E80-6418-42B1-BD66-5D4395…)

What is it with young anas these days basically LARPing as older anas ?? First meg.recovers from a ways up this thread, complaining of organ failure at 17 (and hardly underweight to boot) and now this one in my recommended. Claiming her doctors are about to slap the chronic label on her and uh, leave her to die? At 16? Do these girls just not understand how these things work in reality?

No. 1120653

File: 1609638584019.jpg (35.92 KB, 269x794, Capture.JPG)


Recoverforfairies? Jesus.

Treatment will stop when she's had 20 sessions and hasn't improved. She'll be referred back to her GP and in future she could ask to be assessed for treatment again. They do not "monitor people so they don't die".

I see a Ham style metamorphosis in action. Yawn.

"There's a hospital bed with my name on it!!!1"

Does NOT look on the brink of death.

No. 1120654

File: 1609638686123.jpg (35.8 KB, 441x425, Capture.JPG)

Oh wait, Biscoff detected. Definitely a ~recovery warrior~

No. 1120664

Where the fuck is the protein???? That little sliver of what looks like maybe salmon? If she's building her meals should be mostly protein, not a giant plate of carbs and useless stomach filler

No. 1120666

No, she wouldn't. She doesn't look like she has any even with all those things. The only reason you can see any muscle on her is because her body fat is extremely low.

No. 1120677

File: 1609641008061.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1854, 4D954F58-A344-4DFB-8CC7-9F8592…)

Had a look at her acc - completely public recovery acc bs, though she is a minor and posts no bodychecking. In her second last post she claims that cahms is going great for her then suddenly she’s chronic? I had to laugh at her being 16 calling herself a ‘professional anorexic’. Oh honey. Hopefully her idiocy can be equated to her age

No. 1120679

What even is that slop with pasta on the right???

No. 1120680

I was under CAMHS while anorexic and didn't get threatened with hospitalisation until I was under BMI 18. I'd guess maybe they've sent her to therapy or to see a dietician outpatient?

No. 1120683

Wish the Tories wouldn't fucking withdraw funding from it.

No. 1120702

Actually NHS funding has increased since David Cameron took power back in 2012. Part of the current issue with NHS funding is that health trusts are stuck with debt from the part privatisation schemes from when Blair's New Labour was in power. Before anyone accuses me of Margaret Thatcher worshipping Tory, I give no fucks for either party but saying that the Tories will kill the NHS is just simply untrue. Part privatisation of the NHS was a Labour policy.(derail)

No. 1120811

File: 1609662197696.jpeg (430.17 KB, 640x1014, D051C2E1-9804-4A60-A903-9BF955…)

Safe to say this didn’t happen, especially as it reads like a fanfic

No. 1120822

Does she realise images like this are triggering. Any anorexic/anorexic in recovery would look at this and freak out about the possibility of looking like this.

No. 1120823

agreed. shit like this is why I refuse to go "all in". I don't want to become a binge eater.>>1120437
the acting gets worse and worse. does she really think this is how people act? that bun looks like the most processed thing ever(blog)

No. 1120827

sage for blog but the all in attitude was detrimental to my recovery lol(blog)

No. 1120845

>muh evil tories underfunding are enhaychess
This is a myth.

Well said.

No. 1120864

Truly a record for punchable faces per minute.

No. 1120886

File: 1609681618637.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 576.11 KB, 828x1553, 3B71719A-B203-4936-B4B3-CD2C8F…)

I’ve never seen anyone as obsessed with their spoopy progress pictures / videos as ganer. I’m amazed she doesn’t get called out more by the SJWs for not using trigger warnings and whatever. I constantly reposting her spoopshots is her way of still reminding everyone that she was the best anorexic, since she abysmal at lifting and body building. We’ve all gotta have something we’re good at, I guess!

No. 1120887

File: 1609681956970.png (3.62 MB, 750x1334, B1981DA8-8669-41F0-A4E9-F137BD…)

fuck off ham also why does this look like a vag

No. 1120890

surely she’s trolling us. SURELY.

No. 1120901

File: 1609683385143.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 1D2F3796-8920-41D4-A790-2043B0…)

starfish reminding us again that she has “medical emergencies”. yeah, we get it, you document every detail of your weekly hospital admissions. I know she’s been mentioned before but surprised she isn’t mentioned more on here, she’s one of the most triggering cows tbh.

No. 1120909

Literally every food is a “challenge” why does she never struggle with the amount she has to eat? I don’t get her logic

No. 1120926

File: 1609686921400.jpeg (408.48 KB, 828x1231, 8A2F380D-C722-43C7-8DA1-8F9963…)

Oh boy here we go

No. 1120929

All in is the new Minnie maud and it’s dumb.

No. 1120955

>my everyday makeup routine!
Ummm. Think I’ll pass.

No. 1120960

It's the vague posting for me! She never actually says what's going on, just likes to worry people

No. 1120986

File: 1609692875183.png (304.84 KB, 688x1072, Screenshot_20210103-165010~2.p…)

Feeder theory. More evidence. Found this in Ham's tagged pics. The girl had cocoa and 4 fancy Millie's cookie type biscuits. Ham sounds delirious.

No. 1121002

File: 1609694205665.jpg (428.06 KB, 1080x1503, 20210103_111359.jpg)

So you're saying you don't want to look like this?

(Also says she's "eating good" and bloated but is clearly just rocking an anterior pelvic tilt.)

No. 1121009

If she thinks that's a recovered body, she's going to be stuck at that weight forever. Any more gain and I see her relapsing.

No. 1121043

I asked a friend who works in a detox if she thought people lied about how much they were using, and she said they pretty much always assume that younger people are exaggerating their use x2, and adults are usually minimizing their use by 1/2… seems to be about the same trend with anorexics, these cows acting like their cases are super unique and they're on deaths door, while the twins think they're pretty much good to go kek

No. 1121046

Is it a thing the internet spawned? Pre internet young people were p much same as older ones with eds. They wanted to keep it hidden. I'm all for hashtag ending the stigma, but it went all wrong.

No. 1121050

Anyone who reports a lowest weight ending in a 9 (69, 79, 89, etc.) just to put them self in a lower “decade” automatically loses all credibility. It’s a dead giveaway that they’re more caught up in trying to make their case sound as dramatic as possible. Under any other circumstance you’d round up to the 10.

No. 1121053

File: 1609698539115.jpeg (127.43 KB, 828x1792, A1B60448-CF23-4D7D-ABF5-AE8211…)

Quick Smorvy update, probably not very milky though. Same story every day.
Oh and she claims she tried to off herself with bedsheets (while on 1:1, mind you… recipe for success) and then complained about having her sheets taken away. Soz forgot to take a screenshot!

No. 1121060


That’s really sad about never2old! Do we know how she died? Couldn’t find anything online about cause of death, just a couple of brief obits.

No. 1121061

Jeeessuuuuss her face!

No. 1121064

Wtf is on Morven’s face

No. 1121065

Need more morv milk(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1121066

I noticed her last comparison pic featuring her old skelly self was removed, which I highly doubt she did herself and probably got reported and removed. The fact she KEEPS uploading shit like this is 100% in keeping with what you've said about showing her followers how gross and skeletal she once was.

No. 1121070

I tried finding out but I wouldn't be surprised if it was suicide. The whole reality show scandal left her really damaged imo. She was doing good with recovery and yeah, I was shocked. Really sad.

No. 1121071

Same anon, but I'm sure I've also noticed this happen before where her skelly comparison posts suddenly disappear. She thinks it's her recovered self showing where she's come from and how much she's grown, when it's definitely a flaunt and reminder that she was sooper anorexic

No. 1121073


She’s hopped on the face scratching train, the head banging wasn’t in fashion anymore. Claimed on tell she’s always had skin picking d/o but weirdly never showed any signs of it till it became the latest insta trend

No. 1121075

Looks like a splayed vadge on her head. Probs not though.

No. 1121081

Really good point
I think it's gotta be. I wonder if, as the young cows become adults and adults who grew up without the Internet die off, exaggerating/LARPing EDs for attention will become the rule rather than an exception

No. 1121085

I think exaggerating is already the rule, at least among people who are absorbed in their ED enough/ self-centered? enough to have an account dedicated to it. Probably among the general population of Anas there is less exaggeration, its just were being a skewed sample.

No. 1121086

*seeing, not being

No. 1121087

I'm not sure how ED treatment works outside the US, but I'd have thought that given SEED guidelines and long wait times for IP beds, Smorven would be discharged so the treatment could be given to someone that actually wants it?

No. 1121097


She keeps claiming that she has no care plan, no goals to each whatsoever for discharge (illegal & that shit wouldn’t fly for very long, esp seeing she has parents and an advocate, so it’s a blatant lie).
I don’t know if she’s super milky bc it’s literally the same shit every day from her (life’s the worst it’s ever been) but her antics make me angry beyond belief. She’s in a very very sought after EDU bed and is the most arrogant shit human being ever

No. 1121098

True. Anorexia definitely has attention-grabbing tendencies anyways, just fundamentally, so I guess social media in the mix makes it a "perfect storm" scenario

No. 1121101

Why wouldn't they just kick her out? Isnt that what they usually do for noncompliance? In the US people get put into state hospitals after a while if they're noncompliant, you don't get to just pull the same shit indefinitely

No. 1121102

Might keep her in because of threats of being an hero.

No. 1121103

In spite of everything that's happened in the past year … it's reading these threads that actually makes me feel the most sorry for healthcare workers. These horrible, histrionic, toxic losers making their lives miserable for their personal attention needs. I'm sure they did make some "truly awful comments," the poor nurses. Because she is truly awful.

No. 1121104

Ntayrt could be that she's too much of a danger to herself and/or others for the hospital to feel comfortable sending her home and they don't have a bed anywhere else for her.
I wouldn't be surprised if they end up trying to move her somewhere with more appropriate resources and more staff at some point this year, similar to laura.

No. 1121105

It would probably be a death sentence for her; there would be lots of criticism and investigation around her death, and the NHS 'failing in their duty of care' or whatever so they need to cover their back. But tbh, what sort of quality of life does she have stuck on a section pretty much constantly? And I'm sure she has indirectly caused other peoples deaths by taking up a bed they needed (either due to suicide risk or danger directly due to an ED)

No. 1121108


She’s too risky to discharge, had at least one stint to PICU not too long ago. She’s a manipulative cunt who had zero intention to get out of hospital, what would she whine about then?!

No. 1121109

I agree the staff probably said awful things, because she's behaving awfully. And its terrible to watch someone hurt themselves, and have to restrain them and forcibly inject them. And it's the same every week - she goes to ward round, doctor says "you can't go home because you haven't complied with your treatment plan" and she subsequently attempts suicide/self-harms. It's a pattern only Morven can choose to break and yet she chooses not to - it's behavioural, not a mental health issue like she's psychotic and randomly hurting herself. She's just has a big old tantrum when things don't go her way and takes it out on herself.

No. 1121110


She’s also repeatedly taken pics of her 1:1 staff, that little arsehole. I’m kinda glad I don’t know what unit she’s in, I’d be so tempted to inform the ward about her online behaviour.

No. 1121111

> it's behavioural
This is literally it. She’s a horrible, horrible person.

No. 1121114


Oh anon, what about her super severe and speshal aUtiSm?! Totally understandable she mutilates her face if she’s not allowed her headphones or the only mug she’ll attempt to drink black coffee out of!

No. 1121126

Nurses get it easy on medical wards compared to psych. There's always the odd nurse on psych with a shitty attitude but who can blame them. I don't clap for care eorkers out of my window, but f me, they deserve a pay rise. Imagine waking up knackered knowing you had to deal with arranging Smorvens requested bath at 10 seconds past 7am or hissy fits and face scratching.

No. 1121141

File: 1609704603900.jpeg (207.67 KB, 828x1792, 9E394FBE-8729-489E-B57F-025200…)

I’ve missed n2f’s hairy plates!

No. 1121149

I didn’t know who y’all were talking about until I realized she must have changed her insta handle; I only knew her as pseudo.adult.nyc. She was a mild train wreck but so sad to hear that she died. I would assume suicide too, especially since it doesn’t specify in any of the obits and it says they didn’t have a funeral.

No. 1121163

is she on some kind of antipsychotic that is giving her weird facial tics?

No. 1121172

Since old skellies have been brought up, what happened to hancesolo and sassii? Or Bella (thane_of_wmdhelm?

No. 1121173

I think everyone took for granted sassi died. Not sure if it was ever confirmed. Hope Bella changed her knickers whatever she's doing now (which is probably the same as ever while having life threatening twisted intestines).

(You got the adjective right the first time >smelliest ) lol

Odd how some of them are so prolific with their attention seeking then they drop off the edge of the flat earth.

No. 1121174

I swear I thought Morven was thane of windhelm? It's such old milk that I might have gotten them mixed up.

No. 1121175

If you know the city Morven lives in and the fact that she is clearly on an NHS ward (read the bedsheets), then this information is easily found.

No. 1121179

File: 1609709301002.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.62 KB, 586x852, 1501226286140.jpg)

Upload from old thread. Bella's the one who gets posted as thinspo a lot. Her underwear was always disgusting (except looks like she put a clean pair of drawers on here). SHe always had a red bed couch in the background.

No. 1121183

If she was on an antipsychotic surely her face would be huge like Laura's? Speaking of Laura, she posted a new ~update~ asking people not to comment on her obvious weight gain. I guess she still lurks here? Antipsychotics: Not Even Once.

No. 1121184

File: 1609709476607.png (Spoiler Image, 926.71 KB, 640x1136, 1508171153350.png)

I scrolled that old thread and found n2f. She looked healthier then (3 years ago).

No. 1121185

OOps didn't mean to spoiler. Her skin looks normal tone and not yellow. Fucking hell, Alicia, sort yourself out.

No. 1121186

I’ve heard she’s gone down the munchie route and is friends with Tina/Anal Ease but I don’t know what her new ig is.

No. 1121192

She keeps posting them because it's the only "progress" she has. She's been the same she is now for the past 2+ years. When she posts spoop pics she gets asspats for being soooooo inspiring, but when she posts her recent progress pics she gets laughed the fuck out of dodge because she looks exactly the same.

No. 1121205

Yes, so reminiscent of elves in their skanky half-naked-on-insta selfies

No. 1121209

File: 1609711282634.jpg (154.49 KB, 1111x790, nom.JPG)

It was at this point she went all munchie.

No. 1121218


I don’t cowtip and learn to sage.

No. 1121223

Who's sassii?

No. 1121225

No. 1121228

File: 1609712518780.png (736.87 KB, 720x806, 1526653584259.png)

Another old thread pic.

No. 1121230

File: 1609712858681.png (127.45 KB, 1165x350, Screenshot_20210103-172344_kin…)

Can you imagine putting 20 years of sweat, blood, and tears (and time and money) into a kid and this is what you get

No. 1121234

Her parents were legally responsible for her for the majority of her life and appeared to be financially well off enough to afford treatment if they wanted to. They tried to get her weight restored at home and we speculated that this killed her.

She’s probably been dead for years, find a live one.

No. 1121240

File: 1609714059810.jpeg (110.73 KB, 828x898, 06A68EE4-4979-4401-A033-9FD852…)

Becky (plants and peppermint tea/ solostinmymind) died judging by the comments on her insta

No. 1121248

Seems there's been quite a few of em dropping the past 12 months.

No. 1121249

Is this the same Becky who's heybooxy on insta?

No. 1121251

File: 1609715153898.jpg (37.44 KB, 275x275, 1486658312790.jpg)

No. Bone popper Becky.

No. 1121252

She is dead for like 3(?) years now. I remembered that I reported a skelly pic because it was horrible to look at and it got removed, she complained about that and she was loosing weight despite trying to gain. Complained about the refeeding-syndrome. After that she didn't post anything ever again

No. 1121258

Damn I followed her for a long, long time. It's strange that someone can live this long being a skelly

No. 1121259

Yeah, I wonder if they ever think they're going to die.

No. 1121262

im pretty sure she knew, she'd often boast about being in palliative care

No. 1121266

At least she could laugh about it.

No. 1121271

Wow that's terrifying. Very hard to understand. Not to get too deep but jfc

No. 1121275

Was just wondering about her today. Does anyone know what happened? I assume people aren't actually starving to death but more are just medically compromised and dying from things like the flu and infections that healthy people can fight off?

No. 1121278

Usually organ failure.

No. 1121280

i think she more used it as ammunition to validate herself or prove her top tier sickness. she was notorious for intentionally triggering other people over DM
of course it's tragic to hear of anyone dying, especially someone so young, but she wasn't an angel in the slightest

No. 1121289

File: 1609717181771.jpeg (331.95 KB, 828x1656, A2E42E06-EB2A-4CB5-9F87-6FDCB8…)

Has this one been posted before? She role plays a baby and claims it’s a type of anorexia therapy [not sexual at all you guyz!!]. She’s also the mother of an actual baby.

No. 1121290

File: 1609717241012.jpeg (560.19 KB, 828x2976, 499A2A8D-62D8-4584-A1DD-E91AAF…)

Soz for double post

No. 1121291

Whew, I’m getting Jonzie vibes

No. 1121301

self-administered “therapy”, (no way would this ever be recommended for obvious reasons) not to mention traumatising for her child kek

No. 1121312

She was not 20 years old, she suffered from anorexia for 20 years. She was 29 or 30 when she died.

No. 1121315

I read the caption from the pic of her baby with all those Xmas toys and it made me gag to think she'll be using them for her ageplay thing.

Poor kid. You'd think she'd quit that shit when she had a real child to care for.

No. 1121325

Looks like someone took To The Bone a little too seriously

No. 1121326

So to recap, the following cows have passed away:

- never2old2recover
- imskinnybeautiful_2
- saassisadness
- thane_of_windhelm ?
- emily_the_skeleton
- solostinmymind

No. 1121329

>>1121326 claire is also dead. her username was like clairehtroughthelookingglass iirc

No. 1121330

File: 1609719010045.jpeg (433.59 KB, 828x889, 75720878-91D2-4EE9-AFD9-7A41A9…)

Not all heroes wear capes
Ham gets EXPOSED

No. 1121332

File: 1609719099218.jpg (60.49 KB, 612x816, 132828717_10158053496112987_71…)

no clue if this is an old photo or not but here's what hancesolo's current facebook profile pic is.


No. 1121335

She was a horrible person to some people, good riddance

No. 1121338

does anyone have any caps of becky being awful to others? I don't doubt it, but caps would be good

No. 1121340

File: 1609719499691.png (2.94 MB, 828x1792, FF6A0365-9A85-4D58-B1AA-A0FF94…)

bored_with_ana so kind in reminding us about her beloved and short lived toob

No. 1121341

Must be noted that never2old was originally a farmer.

No. 1121343

File: 1609719597208.jpeg (22.33 KB, 218x275, 1518635689876.jpeg)

No. 1121348

>it's not a choice
>it just happens here and there

And she just "happens" to have the perv-magnet outfit on and the correct accessories on hand, sure sure. Very reasonable and believable.

No. 1121355

Definitely from a farmer/lurker but nice to see it actually got some likes.

Will she address it? Absolutely not! Hard to see criticism in a sea of constant asspats.

No. 1121367

shes still alive as @koneko_yuri, has gained weight and now is trying the munchie-non binary schtick

No. 1121374

Nice to see someone finally catching her out and other people actually agreeing. She must be stopped frl

No. 1121382

File: 1609721945266.png (1.76 MB, 1914x863, roll eye.png)

No. 1121387

No. 1121393

Another cow who offed herself like a year or 2 ago was that Ashley Doonan chick who was kind of a fatty claiming AN and who used to talk about how smart and extremely attractive she was, when she was neither.

Anybody know what happened to chronic skelky Jen starchild something or other? She might be dead too.

No. 1121394

Bella isn’t dead. I searched her account and she had requested me this week. Still milky. Kind of sad.

No. 1121396

She's definitely put on a fair bit of weight going by her face

No. 1121415

Can anyone find any of Hans other social media? I've been searching her full name (hannah may blackburn) but to no avail, she's nowhere ! Just want to see if there's any spoopy pictures of her at all

No. 1121420

Can’t remember her name now, but the hula hooping proana girl with Disney cameo tattoos on her legs also died, presumably by suicide or OD given the vague nature of her obituary. Sierra (or Sienna?) something. She might’ve had her own thread at some point, but it would’ve been around the freelice times.

No. 1121425


i asked Ham a question similar to this with fewer words like a week ago & she immediately blocked me so let’s see how long that stays up

No. 1121442


Stop cow tipping ffs

No. 1121457

Anon read the rules. C'mon.

No. 1121503

What about this chick. Used to be raw vegan "for the animalz" then admitted she had orthorexia so went "normal vegan," but 'vegan for lyf for the animalz, health and environment' then claimed veganism was actually really bad for her and a way of restriction (duh), so now eats all the meats. Gained a good amount of weight, then went on some crazy exercise scheme and did this.. briannajacksonpt is her username

No. 1121505

File: 1609732971172.png (894.24 KB, 882x877, 2021-01-04.png)

What about this chick. Used to be raw vegan "for the animalz" then admitted she had orthorexia so went "normal vegan," but 'vegan for lyf for the animalz, health and environment' then claimed veganism was actually really bad for her and a way of restriction (duh), so now eats all the meats. Gained a good amount of weight, then went on some crazy exercise scheme and did this.. and despite 95% of her comments being 'you look sick' she's just sarcastically responding, claims she is the healthiest she has ever been. briannajacksonpt is her username

No. 1121506

Samefag to follow up on my low-effort post. It was Siarra Culbertson aka birdb0ness, 99lbss, and cuntformity(y). She died in 2017.

No. 1121508

oh wow, didn't know she'd lost the weight again. Her body looks healthyish (hard to tell in that pose, think it makes her ribs look more dramatic than reality) but her face looks malnourished ala Ganer with those lines.

No. 1121512

samefag to add her youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/BriannaJackFruitson/videos

she doesn't have much body fat at all, would be worried about health if she's walking around at that weight and it's not specifically for a comp or something.

No. 1121528


Oh yes her youtube channel, haha it's funny going back watching her old videos "why I don't eat cooked food" and listen to her garble on about how amazing she feels and that she's the 'happiest and healthiest' she'd ever been and can eat an abundance of fruit which has cured her ED. LMAO… kudos to her for keeping those public tho!

No. 1121600


wasn’t cow tipping necessarily cus she popped up as a suggested on my main & I didn’t mention lolcow, or broadly, the opinions we share. i simply asked a question about her video vs other recovery accounts (kind of as an experiment to see if she deleted anything vaguely unsupportive that isn’t an asspat)
boohoo bitches

No. 1121640

It was pretty obvious when she got in to body building that it was just another obsession. But this kinda makes me sad.

No. 1121643

I doubt that’s even her real name tbh

No. 1121666

File: 1609758519097.jpg (388.24 KB, 719x839, Screenshot_2021-01-04-11-08-05…)

Is she trying to make it look mouldy

No. 1121675

what post was this on? did ham reply?

No. 1121681

Are we sure it isn't?
That mandarin looks like it has two different shades of blue-green-ish. Maybe the filter is hiding it.
I mean, a normal person would just choose not to put a mouldy fruit in a picture, or, you know, anywhere but in the trash, but this is N2F, so

No. 1121683

it's a biscuit and a tangerine, she put a filter of blue mist going across the screen which makes it look super mouldy- you can see it on the frosties box too

No. 1121685

Odd choice to picture the Jaffa cake upside down. I couldn't even tell what it was until I saw the package.

No. 1121686

its on her recent and no she didnt reply, some random person did but it got 0 likes whilst the original comment is now on 15 likes!

No. 1121692

Anyone have pictures of her weight gain? She was really spoopy before so I'm curious to see what she looks like with some weight put on her.

No. 1121695

It’s the most liked comment, which confirms most people are just watching for the lulz and know she’s full of shit.

No. 1121704

Read the rules and shut up

No. 1121711

File: 1609765924166.jpeg (667.25 KB, 828x978, 48317BCC-A815-4829-B5E8-25113D…)

New year same Paris

No. 1121714

she has 100k followers on tiktok. how the hell.

No. 1121721

File: 1609767725798.png (1.23 MB, 796x1446, Screenshot_20210104-133301.png)

I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing her get on stage because frankly n2f is more muscular.

No. 1121723

I think abt posting this girl a lot but think if she ever saw any negativity she’d literally die (khs)

No. 1121726

she's going to look ridiculous and comparatively malnourished in a line-up of actually muscular women

No. 1121727

Hams first Insta post was August 2020..

She had to of had some kind of social media presence before this recovery account right? There's no way this is her first and only social media presence, considering she knows how to use the platform and seems too comfortable with filming and photographing herself it's not her first account.

Why start a recovery account when physically, she looks well and beyond recovered and had been for quite a while, why start so.. late? Why not start sooner?

She has no calorie knowledge,
No concerns about weight gain, body image, healthy eating, fats, carbs, sugars, portion control, her food knowledge is so lacking it's laughable, she didn't even start posting fruit until it was mentioned here several times. She's also the first girl I have ever come across who revolves their life around their ED but has absolutely no body checks or before and afters and given how attention hungry she is, you'd think she'd jump straight on getting them pics up for sympathy.
Taking that into account with everything else it's beyond obvious that this girl is bullshitting and I feel sorry for all those people who are dumb enough to believe her.

People fake all kinds of Illnesses for attention, there's entire documentaries about it and when certain evidences are lacking, people need to question the validity of their claims because her parents going along with this charade will do far more harm than good.

Ham seems like the kind of girl that would go full Deedee and Gypsy if she had a baby, especially if everyone around her keeps praising this type of insanity and buying into it. It's only bound to progress with constant enabling, once ED recovery wears off, it'll some other illness she's conjured up.

No. 1121735

Hams just turned her comments off on every post, that doesn't make her look suspect at all.

No. 1121739

i think she's deleted her account now

No. 1121743

It still appears to be there

No. 1121744

File: 1609771292935.jpg (28.51 KB, 480x360, honestlyham.jpg)

>>1121735 >>1121739 Yep, totally normal reaction to one single instance of criticism. Definitely not sus at all. /s

Anyway, this is why you never cowtip. RIP milk.

No. 1121745

oh it wouldn't load for me for some reason

No. 1121746

Looks like you got blocked.

No. 1121748

Ham also deleted a post. Think it might be the one with a bed with her name on it.

No. 1121749

The amount of likes the critical comments received compared to praise may have spooked her too.

No. 1121750

File: 1609771875205.jpeg (569.74 KB, 828x1713, FA67918B-85D0-41B3-B036-5679C1…)

“Rest day” as she walks around obsessively.

No. 1121752

question that’s been on my mind: why are all of these bitches british
why are all of you british

No. 1121754


Has becky’s account been deleted?

No. 1121759

A few factors:
- Because US psych wards don't let patients have access to phones or internet, so we don't get as much milk from there
- Also the lack of public health in the US probably means LARPers can't get nice cushy hospital treatment
- English speaking board, so cows will largely be from the US, UK, Canada, NZ and Aus.
- The UK is just a shitshow in general
Just a few explanations off the top of my head, probably a lot more

No. 1121763

Because we all fucking suck here

No. 1121764

There's a Ham portion of Aussies as well.

No. 1121765

but we're on the pro ana board cos none of us swallow

No. 1121769

Looks that way.

No. 1121770

holy shit. I liked this comment, no other form of interaction, and the bitch blocked me. Did she block any of you for liking it as well? Thank god I have an alt account lol

No. 1121771

samefag but I checked on my alt and she's turned comments off

No. 1121772

am >>1121745 and yeah it seems like that's why i got blocked lol

No. 1121773

>why are all of these bitches british
It's probably a consequence of easy access to free healthcare and generous social welfare. These cows get all the medical attention they want without having to pay for it and once they get diagnosed with something they use it to apply to PIP and ESA or UC.

No. 1121774

kek don't swallow their bs

No. 1121777

sage for self doxx but this girl literally goes to my temple, what the fuck. it's legit concerning that the trend is "eat until you're obese and pretend all hunger is valid" even though actual eds fuck up hunger cues and it's common to swing from AN to BED or BN, aka real recovery REQUIRES learning appropriate portions. but i'm sure the iNflUencErs would think a meal plan is ~unhealthy~ bc it doesn't ~honor extreme hunger~

No. 1121779

I think benefits are a major reason. In the US they need cash to live and their parents don't seem as willing to indulge their kid's ana fantasies. As good as benefits are for genuine cases, it's shit for allowing larpers and pro anas to stay with mummy and bring in an income for being ill and not bothering to recover (eg Becky the dog, Paris maybe, etc.)

No. 1121780

>this girl literally goes to my temple

Ugh, the envy when a farmer has a cow on her doorstep.

No. 1121786

She changed her acc to plantsandpepperminttea a while back deleted her posts , and that account is still up. She used it to post graphic pro-vegan stuff (think bloody pics of dead chickens) and berate people who eat dairy for having “clogged arteries”

No. 1121789

She changed her username to plantsandpepperminttea

No. 1121794

Paris lurks here. She used to request a follow (so you'd follow her, then she'd unfollow you) for anyone who started following some of the cows here. She knows she's posted here. She's tried to off herself in the past as in "cry for help/attention".

No. 1121795

Ham blocked me too for liking the comment lmao, she can't deal with the fact that we're not falling for her bs "uwu so frail and thin i need 10k calories a day" bs

No. 1121797

File: 1609774980107.jpg (60.62 KB, 800x450, tastes good.jpg)

I'm looking forward to her ~hesitation because scary~ face when she starts eating a block of butter because she hasn't had any for YEARS. The followers are feeding (lol) Ham things to do, it's ridiculous.

No. 1121800

I feel like the value of ham milk just went up tenfold because a bunch of you suckers got yourself blocked. Lurk moar applies.

No. 1121811

Has she advertised or talked about her book at your temple?

No. 1121813

I’m interested to see what Ham’s reasoning for Turing off comments will be.. will she claim haterz & address the claims made? will she mention lolcow, thus cowtipping herself as a LARPer? has her mum given ‘er a prOPER tellin awf yet? who knows

No. 1121818

Surprisingly that one’s still there…I wonder which one she deleted.

No. 1121823

Hold your horses, Ganer. Lockdown announcement at 8pm. No gyms. Awww.

No. 1121826

Idk but I bet it was a plate of food she's going to claim she hasn't had for YEARS in a new video.

No. 1121842

File: 1609781343091.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1767, 088EDBC6-CF60-4D38-A80F-F7DEEE…)

She left this up though, kek

(I still have access btw so worry not farmers, am happy to keep bringing the fresh full fat milk!)

No. 1121843

File: 1609781395930.jpeg (315.38 KB, 828x1540, AC03315A-EBA2-4663-B82D-4AC6BE…)

Rorecovering is hopping on the all in trend on tik tok (body checks included as a bonus)

No. 1121844

Sage for old stuff, but I just revisited Ham's brownie video, and I don't think anyone's mentioned this, but hammum jokes 'horrible, isn't it, disgusting, vile' and Ham just laughs and keeps on eating. A real anorexic would NEVER. Those words describing food, even jokingly, would be extremely triggering for someone who's genuinely struggling with food. She really hasn't done any research for this larp, has she.

I'm wondering if she's crying into her Nutoka bowl right now.

No. 1121848

This comment >>1121727
I've thought this all the time. Her name's pretty common, but there really is no/very little digital trace of her. I don't get what she's doing. Tin foiling she was kicked out of school or was home schooled. She really is dense and there's a reason she's not in education.

No. 1121857

i haven't been since covid started but it hasn't been in the newsletter that i'm aware of. she's in college now but i'm sure she'll do a signing or something when things are more normal, she volunteers in mental health related things at jewish summer camp and is v open about her ~struggles~ and the intersection of jewishness and EDs (in terms of exempting from religious fasts etc)

i only know her in passing, but basically she's exactly like she is online irl, and recovery is a huge part of her identity/life (imo more than the ED itself ever was, which seems common with the girls who make an entire huge sm presence out of being Recovery Warriors TM)

No. 1121865

was she ever actually spoopy? even in her earliest pics she looked chunky.

No. 1121868

File: 1609783745019.jpg (93.21 KB, 760x662, nyet.JPG)

No. If this was the day she ~decided~ she could scoff a slice of cake after starving for years, she was chunky while eating oxygen.

No. 1121869

if you're talking about ham then no she's never been spoopy. i think we've established that she's just larping

No. 1121871

She always pulls arranges her top so her spoopy chest bones show as well

No. 1121872

There are no spoopy chest bones. She has an ample bosom. Nobody cares.

No. 1121877

featuring the first and last time ham has ever had anything to do with a calorie counter

No. 1121878

Who is the man she's with?

No. 1121880

her dad, I think

No. 1121884

Her parents look old to have a 17 year old daughter.

No. 1121888

So both her parents go along with this bullshit?

Not really, if her mum is in her 50s she would have had Ham in her mid 30s.

No. 1121890

if anything, having older parents might explain the mollycoddling… disciplining their uwu miracle baby uwu might be too tough for hammum and would explain the complacency in the continued enabling

No. 1121891

They both look early 60s to me.

Either her dad went along with this "reborn" Ham day or it really is a photo from her birthday, unless she was in borstal or something. No idea what's going on.

No. 1121892

YES! Miracle baby. I was thinking that. Last shot at IVF.

No. 1121896

From what she’s shown it doesn’t look like she was ever even mildly underweight

“borstal” gave me a laugh considering we’ve worked out she’s a big fat pathological liar

Or adopted? Could be another reason for the coddling?

No. 1121910

Paris jumped off a bridge when she was 17, so obviously she is a little nuts.

No. 1121914

Done worse when pissed. That was ten years ago and she reminds everyone about it every single day. There's no milk to her now. Same old, same old. Her cafe gifs were good but now she just bangs on about her pain.

No. 1121918

>fainting every day
>not being allowed to go out
>hair loss
>shaking constantly

Congrats on resisting the urge to highlight ALL the numerous lies and exaggerations…this girl cannot be half the things she claims to be.

No. 1121921

Bet she claims she's having a ~relapse~ after haters but she'll strong arm emoji at the voices and eat the butter tomorrow.

No. 1121926

Her account is still public (can't get as many asspats on a private account!) so there's no concern for losing her milk.

Re: other social media, I dug around not long after she was first posted and nothing. She has the same last name on her etsy profile, and she's dumb enough not to come up with a fake name. Like other anons have said, it's just a very common name.

No. 1121929

i was talking about lucie. even in ham's collarbone popping sickly pics she looked average.

No. 1121932

Learn to link, learn to sage. We know you were talking about yourse…I mean that tiktok girl.

No. 1121938

i'm not an obese jewish woman and she doesn't have a tiktok. read the thread before you sperg.

No. 1121948

You've got to be kidding me she's wearing a happy birthday badge for her recovery 'rebirth' I'm dying

No. 1121950

Please learn to sage. Stop self posting.

No. 1121963

File: 1609789761962.png (4.26 MB, 828x1792, 06D39CB1-F80C-4678-8D0C-1C100C…)

and photoshops all of her pictures…. exhibit A

No. 1121967

I'm really bad at detecting photoshop. Can someone please point it out for this idiot anon?

No. 1121972

File: 1609790431562.jpeg (171.03 KB, 828x1329, AE1F5C99-9071-419F-8874-17D121…)

Had to get those chest bones on show again

No. 1121976

The irony of somebody who can’t link or sage saying this. lurkmoar etc
Because she weighs about the same as 15 year old? She’s definitely fucked around with her legs in this.

No. 1121978

File: 1609790686601.png (1.13 MB, 828x1792, 1609789761962~2.png)

do you see how the outline of her body is sharper in these areas, and areas where she did not shop are blurry like the rest of the outlines of things in the picture? also the arm shoop left a little skin in her sleeve there

No. 1121980

and the grey blanket shrinks by her legs

No. 1121992

File: 1609791270056.jpg (93.67 KB, 781x695, we are trojan we are closed.JP…)

No gyms until at least mid Feb. Oh dear. Wonder if Ganer's going to do the daily ritual walk for motivation.

No. 1121999

>we will 100 hand out kit
what does this even mean? whoever wrote this message is borderline illiterate

No. 1122005

File: 1609791998694.jpg (14.71 KB, 565x153, Capture.JPG)

No idea, but I've sgtarted to believe too much protein damages the brain.

Ganer sent them pleas and prayers or w/e that emoji means.

No. 1122006

Think they just mean they will "100%" hand out equipment so people can still train.

No. 1122008

File: 1609792131561.jpg (68.44 KB, 443x807, Capture.JPG)

That's jolly nice of them. Will she be able to carry the leg press thing on the back of her bench? Some BBC crew went to her gym.

No. 1122010

back of her bike*


No. 1122014

I just got an image of ganer trying to pull weights through the snow on a sled… and tbh it wouldn't surprise me if she tried it at this point lmao

No. 1122016

Or she could just buy a set of free weights from amazon or ebay and get them delivered for free.

No. 1122017

File: 1609792736596.jpg (45.73 KB, 680x610, hannah asks.JPG)

Thank god there's a cold snap predicted. She can do this all the way to Bristol.

No. 1122031

She already has them. She has plenty of equipment at home.
Sage for minor blog but my city has been in lockdown for almost a year, no gyms, and I've been making great progress. You don't need fancy equipment, and if ganer knew anything about fitness she would know that. I'd say she could even do a lot with body weight, but since our girl can't even do one pushup, maybe not kek

No. 1122047

File: 1609794919478.jpg (55.33 KB, 452x793, Capture.JPG)

Gotta get an extra sesh in. Shame it's immediate lockdown.

No. 1122063

She seems to be dependent on machines instead of dumbbells and barbells.

No. 1122064

Omg Princess Di is deaded.

No. 1122066


Would Ganer feel like her ~recovery~ is more "real" by going to a gym as opposed to doing it at home? Does it make her feel like a more serious professional? She makes little progress at the gym so I don't see why she bothers.

No. 1122068

Yep, i got blocked for liking the comment lol

No. 1122074

If hams parents are oldies it would explain why they feed into her Larp, they probably have no idea what real eating disorders look like apart from the information ham feeds them, they see a teen being picky with their food like a 3 year old and they'd be ignorant enough to believe that's a disorder and go along with it.

No. 1122077


I think you guys are thinking of secret_livez and not kimholtje.

No. 1122079

no. it’s kim and the screenshots were from her account too.

No. 1122086

Also in the comments was one telling her to get off social media/stop broadcasting her "recovery" because it wasn't healthy or something. I didn't get a screenshot of it, unfortunately. I only saw that and the one poste