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File: 1608943564465.jpg (1.4 MB, 1918x1201, StarcrawlerFeat3_CreditJohnHut…)

No. 1114979

Arrow De Wilde is a lead singer of a rock band Starcrawler and the heavily promoted rock scene’s „It Girl”. There’s a suspicion she and her band got a record deal and fame because of nepotism. Arrow of course claims it’s not true, but there’s a lot of proofs showing her mother was very much engaged in her daughter’s career and band promotion.
An unknown band with a very limited amount of small club shows played suddenly had a Rough Trade contract and was pushed further than any other band on that label, getting unusually wide and positive exposure in music press, almost immediately getting recommendations from world famous musicians like Dave Grohl, Elton John, Beck, Shirley Manson or Distillers, all of them being Autumn De Wilde’s friends or clients. The band got a lot of music and fashion press exposure, even going as far as paying for big billboards and posting films of friend rock stars convincing people to listen to them.
To this day, Arrow and her band gets lots of praise in press, fashion opportunities, tour deals with biggest bands through friends rather than her alleged talent. A lot of people think the hype was artificially generated because of Arrow’s connections.


> Born April 24, 1999

> Comes from a priviledged backgroud, daughter of well known photographer/music video director Autumn De Wilde (director of „Emma”) and a drummer Aaron Sperske, born and raised in LA. Attended LA’s Grand Arts High School.
> Ripoff drama: Arrow frequently steals image and costume ideas, most notoriously entire look of Daisy Chainsaw’s and Queenadreena’s singer Katie Jane Garside, which raised questions in QA fandom.
> Her main schtick is mostly spitting fake blood and walking in see-through, raggy clothes, wearing glittering diapers with stuffed crotch.
> Onstage, she convulses, rolls on the ground, strangles herself with a microphone cord and spits fake blood. She uses the old worn out trick of mixing obnoxiousness with nudity, fake blood and „unhinged” behaviour.
> Cites behaviours of people with mental illnesses as „inspiration”, watches videos of schizophrenics to know how to behave onstage.
> Both Arrow and guitarist Henri Cash like to spit at their fans from the stage, but Arrow also destroys the audience’s private things. During shows, Arrow likes to rip expensive cameras and cell phones out of the fans hands and smash them on the floor. When a fan got angry and demanded her to pay for the broken phone, she whined that he doesn’t understand her „sense of humour”.
> Arrow had to be hospitalized after shows a few times; she often posts photographs of her having bruises/being unwell/getting medical check or a drip on Instagram, making it seem like it’s so „hardcore”.
> De Wilde is 5’11 and very thin, which made people speculate she’s anorexic. It is unknown if she truly has an eating disorder or any other condition. There’s a popular belief among fans that she’s got Marfan Syndrome, but in reality she never confirmed that’s it. She rather made it look like she doesn’t have it; asked what’s the weirdest thing she’s heard about herself she said:
„A lot of people say I have this disease called Marfan [Syndrome] where a lot of people look like me which is tall and skinny.”
> Claims she has a lot of crosses and religious imagery hung at the walls at home, because she thinks being a Christian is „cool, weird and creepy”, while „normal hottopic sluts wear their crosses upside down”.
> Snowflake behaviour: whenever she speaks, Arrow sounds full of herself: „No we’re just not a shitty DJ or something. Sorry we’re like, cool…; „I don’t know if I was ever boring”. Her media caps are crafted to sound ironic, but it gets progressively less obvious, knowing how she writes pretty much the same when serious:
„I am god. I am dog. I am also a cult member of Starcrawler.” „High priestess.”
> Admits in interviews she wants „more money” and more fame, as well as „triple plantinum”, which is a weird thing to say for someone who also claims to be „punk”.


> It’s less known fact, but Arrow modelled for various fashion magazines before Starcrawler, starting in childhood. All of her fashion photos were taken by her mother Autumn De Wilde.

> Also she used to be a fashion blogger (the site is no longer available). Her modeling career wasn’t successful until she got known as Starcrawler singer. Regularly appears in magazines like Vogue or Purple now.
> Apparently tried to be a photographer before, posting her photos on Tumblr (now deleted).
> Starred in other artist’s music videos, „I Wanna Get Better” by Bleachers, „Lying To You” by Keaton Henson in 2013 (both directed by Autumn De Wilde) and „Rescue Me” by 30 Second’s To Mars in 2018.
> Dates Danny Trejo’s son, Gilbert Trejo.

Her Instagram is a mix of „edgy tumblr teen”, trying to be fashion icon (with poor results), trying to be provocative (topless photos) or shocking (spitting fake blood, trying to look disgusting). Currently goes through what is probably intended to be „sexy” phase. Basically a „rock” version of Billie Eilish.

Social media accounts:


No. 1114988

kek anon. I'm sure I hate Arrow/Starcrawler as much as you do, but nepotism goes unchecked all the time in the music industry (including the "alternative" sphere), nothing out of the ordinary. Aside from connections what does this bitch have that necessitates her having her own thread? The rockcows/celebricows threads would probably more appropriate places for this to go.

No. 1115006

Anon you're my hero for making this thread, I had a brief fascination with her/gilbert trejo/her mom who should really know better than let her daughter date a 32 year old and be an extreme edgelord but I thought this topic was too niche to share with anyone else.

Her band is pretty mediocre, I was surprised it just sounds like average california indie rock.

No. 1115008

I meant more her overall vibe is cringe worthy than just connections only, but maybe you're right. Totally forgot rockcows have a general thread, other mediocre ones like Jessica Adams had their own so i made it, but i see your point. But also who knows it might pick up, she has snowflake material potential.

I didn't know he's that old! Do you know maybe when they started dating? The girl was only 21 this year…
It's not surprising when you discover her mother shot her own nudes for insta when she was 18

No. 1115021

>Her band is pretty mediocre, I was surprised it just sounds like average california indie rock.
Ikr! I find it frustrating to listen to because it's so glossy and tinny sounding, you can't properly rock out to it.
Her voice is so boring on their records, I wouldn't connect it to pictures of her performing live at all.
I knew her family was well connected but had no idea how creepy and gross they are, the milk may flow yet?

No. 1115031

File: 1608951861013.jpg (191.3 KB, 1075x714, 108952384_1622290477945901_475…)

That's the whole point, it's literally a well crafted cover but the inside of the package is mediocre and watery. They call them second coming of rock'n'roll but songs are just bad. All that hype and you find that.

Ok do you want more milk on connections first or we skip to other stuff? I have a long post about her connections and a timeline of Starcrawlers career and who helped them, but it's from a message i sent to a friend and it's quite long. I can post it if you want or we can concentrate on her behaviour and people she copies, just tell me which topic and i'll provide what i know.

For now, i'll explain Queenadreena case. If you don't know this band, please check their videos (Pretty Like Drugs, FM Doll) to see where Arrow took her look and moves from.
Here's comparison pics I took from a Queenadreena facebook fanclub.

No. 1115032

File: 1608951922215.jpg (33.49 KB, 419x248, 108052941_1622288857946063_244…)

No. 1115033

File: 1608952045678.jpg (113.85 KB, 590x634, 108060924_1622291411279141_466…)

No. 1115036

File: 1608952379056.jpg (Spoiler Image,337.83 KB, 1249x960, 109223711_1622288984612717_171…)

(honestly i'm not sure how to treat photos like that, it's "nipple in a see-through" dress situation so i clicked spoiler just in case)

No. 1115048

File: 1608954210674.jpeg (753 KB, 1080x706, 9FCD015B-FC2A-4973-975B-653155…)

Jesus, she looks so sickly and emaciated in every picture. All of her bandmates look like they smell bad too.

No. 1115061

File: 1608955274238.jpg (242.44 KB, 1406x1028, lula.jpg)

Something i just found kek, poor guy (MC5 show):

Ok first rare pre-Starcrawler days.
I found her mother's old tumblr and she's got plenty of her childhood photos under #arrow. Her tumblr not only allows to see that she photographs top movie and music stars but also shows something more. I may be reaching but Autumn De Wilde looks kinda like stage mom. There's lots of normal private photos but then it gets different. I know she's a photographer and likes to photograph her child but taking photo for a family album and posting your kid's photos in magazines you usually shoot for is different. That's nothing scandalous ofc, but it seems they aimed for a different career at first.

I don't know if her daughter asked her for that or what, but Arrow started modeling at very early age, either 10 or 11. There's not much of that and it's all taken by her mother, but these shots prove there was some sort of attempt at modelling.
To make it more interesting, it's not really mentioned that much. Arrow De Wilde had Instagram at least since 2012, but i noticed she purged it this or last year. Last time i checked it, she had lots of 2012-2013 photos, but now she only has 4. I remember she used to have more. She left however a post about one fashion shoot in 2015. The rest i took from her mother's tumblr. Her blog is actually rather hard to navigate, so i had to make screens of photos and archive to show the proper date.

I left out most childhood photos and concentrated on fashion shoots or likely fashion shoots only.

Her first fashion photo for Lula Magazine. It used to be included in some inspiration collage section. It was 2009, she was 10 at the time. Photo by Autumn.

No. 1115064

File: 1608955377184.jpg (132.79 KB, 1346x968, lula2.jpg)

It's from Pinterest cause that Lula site is unavailable now

No. 1115068

File: 1608955570508.jpg (640.07 KB, 1700x1538, papermag.jpg)

Year 2011, shoot for Paper Magazine.
Paper Magazine is also one of the first ones that wrote about Starcrawler in 2016, when nobody knew about them.

No. 1115069

File: 1608955754450.png (295.24 KB, 783x749, skinny inspo.png)

people tagging her photos on pinterest with "skinny inspo" very unsettling.

No. 1115070

File: 1608955799574.png (1.07 MB, 1924x1538, keaton.png)

In 2013 she played in Keaton Henson's music video, also frequently photographed by her mother.

No. 1115071

File: 1608955973148.png (3.16 MB, 1812x3310, nero.png)

One of the bigger shoots, a few pages in the magazine, she actually shared this on Instagram.

In 2015 she was also featured in film project about some people driving around LA, which was announced in Dazed magazine.

No. 1115074

File: 1608956321785.png (1.05 MB, 954x680, thinspo1.png)

This photo was on mother's tumblr too.
It's even more unsettling when you know she was 9 or 10 on this photo.
Anyway her mother's comment. Funny how she says "she's not model"

No. 1115078

File: 1608956547154.jpg (520.43 KB, 1911x1163, badlands.jpg)

2015. Anyway this guy is Starcrawler's drummer. I'd say this was the beginning of the band, they didn't even have all squad yet but 50% of the band already had a promo photoshoot, lol.

No. 1115079

i mean rockstars are very odd looking and her body is fucking bizarre and fascinating. i can't help but love it, and you also couldn't pay me enough to listen. if she didn't have her slenderman body you couldn't bribe anything else to listen either. do kids of truly talented musicians ever have kids that end up doing anything as iconic? you'd have to be a real disenfranchised weirdo to bring in "the second coming of rock", and she's hella franchised.

No. 1115080

She definitely is suffering from an ED. Even tall women are not this skeletal. The commenters on this video keep claiming she has Marfan Syndrome but I’m not seeing any evidence for that. Her mother raised her to be a “model” so it’s no surprise.

No. 1115083

I for one always enjoy a good rock cow if only for the opportunity to expand my playlist, but these sound like a forgettable opener
Noone in MC5's audience wanted to ever see that hahaha

No. 1115085

File: 1608957491502.png (796.37 KB, 905x715, 878.png)

No, she never said she has Marfan. Fans read from each other and start to repeat that "she said she has MS" which is not true. I think her mother is also super tall but… she's also far from being thin when you google her? So it's not impossible for someone of this frame to gain weight.
She passes out after shows & later says "heyy remember that time when"

No. 1115086

it says she is 17. her mom's caption is cool, sweet, and protective, and she probably said she's not a model meaning she's not under cruel job restrictions to starve.

also … why is the filename "thinspo1.png" anon
are you from the area why are you so obsessed with her this isn't milky it's just you wanting to talk to anyone you can about her. no one cares about the imdb you created in your brain of her "appearances".

No. 1115089

File: 1608957801422.jpeg (141.6 KB, 640x827, spooderhands.jpeg)

Wait, she doesn't have Marfan Syndrome? Even aside from the slenderman body, she absolutely has the look of it - long skull, small jaw, flat cheekbones, arachnodactyly. If she does, why lie about something that makes her unique and let everyone assume she's death's-door level anorexic, so weird.

No. 1115091

Because i actually taken it from skinny inspo forum and saved it now to find it easier so i can post it. I googled her name and anorexia and got that forum. It's not my thinspo lol.

I'm not obsessed with her, i find her an alternative season lolcow to milk. Also, i feel sorry for her ed problems if she even has them. But she's still laughable.
Since when making new thread is being obsessed? This way you can say everybody here is obsessed with whatever cows that are posted here.

No. 1115102

Seems like an interesting individual, looking forward to some fresh milk! Thank you for bringing her to us, anon

No. 1115103

sorry, i thought you were obsessed because honestly the photography and concepts are so fucking boring i couldn't understand why anyone would keep track of them lmao. but i can now see you're showing "achievements", it sucks she has no real creativity just another la "punk" girl with a connected parent.

does she have milk? her not like other girls statement about how goth sluts wear crosses differently is pretty funny for someone in her position though lol that and overcompensating for mediocre music so hard you "almost die on stage".

i have faith, i do, sorry to interrupt your groundwork

No. 1115127

Pardon for the blogspot.
Anons honestly i was bored too first time i found her. I admit she may be better for PULL discussions that lolcow. Should've probably dumped her in rockcows/celebs. I started digging deeper mostly to have something to bring to the table, also to see if my "wtf" reaction to this band was justified or not. I'm really not desperate to have all lolcow come here and say "omg she's so ugly" or something. The thread will probably die out naturally and it's fine. Hope that clears it up.

I know people expect something better and get irritated cause she doesn't Photoshop, doesn't have argument dramas or racist ones etc. I can write about their timeline and who helped them. If you're interested in more cringe like hot topic sluts and video stuff i'll post too. (But later, i'm going to sleep now) I think she'll actually provide more milk in the future though, she gets more mainstream.

From what i've heard some smaller supporting bands playing before Starcrawler complained that fame got into her head and they act as if they were better than everyone. Anyway it's mostly her and the guitarist, the rest was always quiet. Apparently either drummer or bassist left the band this year.

No. 1115200

pls tell all you know anon! I'm invested now
I already know and love Queenadreena, though (KatieJane's Daisy Chainsaw stuff will always be my fav). Funny seeing them in a lolcow thread about a privileged LA girl.
I'm interested to hear more about her bratty behaviour and interactions with fans, fingers crossed we get #exposingarrowdewilde someday

No. 1115226

File: 1608985948383.jpeg (400.75 KB, 828x1054, 4F6EC7E8-B667-4C95-B32B-801063…)

Seconded, this band initially piqued my interest on account of who Arrow’s parents are. They’re not objectively terrible, but there’s no way they would have been signed to Rough Trade if it weren’t for her dad being Aaron Sperske (drummer with Beachwood Sparks, Ariel Pink, &c.) and having fairly illustrious connections. They toured Australia with the Growlers at the start of the year and apparently they (the Growlers) organised a male stripper as a “surprise” for Arrow (which in itself is fucking odd) and he ended up assaulting her. Here’s an article about it if anyone gives a fuck https://pitchfork.com/news/the-growlers-accused-of-misconduct-by-starcrawler-arrow-de-wilde-issue-apology/

No. 1115287

hadn't heard of her before, i love a nepotism child so spill all you got, anon.

i think the aesthetic is interesting, shame about the music being so forgettable

No. 1115295

Chiming in to say I'm interested! I first heard of this band when I saw them open for The Distillers, and I immediately thought a. There's something off about this chick, and b. This music is so goddamn boring, these people must have famous parents or something.
Glad I wasn't imagining it, and I hope there's milk kek

No. 1115347

> wearing glittering diapers with stuffed crotch.


No. 1115371

Ok anons i’m working on it and checking one more thing but have one about them & Ryan Adams first, i'd say it's important one and people are starting to kind of sideeye them for that association.
I’ve seen the Growlers sexual assault thing. Of course what happened to her sucks but I lowkey wonder if it wasn’t a play on what she does. I’ve seen show videos where she bends and shakes her butt right in some people’s faces. Still that’s a fucked up situation.

Absolutely, Ryan Adams is another friend. I mean she said this:

"He actually saw us on Instagram and was curious. He and my mom have known each other for a long time. They were tight in the ’90s. They fell out of touch but he would see her posts on Instagram and he came to a show. He was really interested in recording us. A lot of people think that my mom got that for the band, but that’s not the case because he wasn’t really on our radar. I would have never thought of having him produce the record and asking my mom, “Can you ask him?” But when he approached us, it sounded like a really cool, really surprising idea. Even if I had asked my mom, she probably would have told me he wouldn’t be interested [laughs]."

If we’re speaking about Ryan Adams there’s actually one shady thing. I think it’s so weird that despite having all that doubtfully pleasant experience with Growlers they hang out with a guy with a much worse drama. Ryan Adams has been accused of sexual misconduct by seven women, including Phoebe Bridgers and his own wife. He was said to offer women career opportunities in exchange for sex and abuse them while they were in relationship. Plus he sex texted some 14 year old. It was apparently reported and investigated by FBI. It all dropped in the beginning of 2019 and Starcrawler was still promoting a new song he produced, Hollywood Ending. I haven’t seen them comment on the case or anything. Devour You album came out in October 2019 and it is commonly said it’s produced by Nick Launay guy but the truth is Hollywood Ending is still included on that album. I can’t say much on the credits cause i don’t have any Starcrawler cds, i’m not even sure they included them, but on Allmusic credits Ryan Adams still figures high as a producer while Nick Launay is much lower listed as engineer, mixing, producer. So he produced at least one song. They ignored the case, threw in the song but used Nick Launay as eventual coverup.

No. 1115373

File: 1609004823405.jpg (162.43 KB, 683x1023, 37816508606_977b5b2d60_b.jpg)

„De Wilde’s mother, Autumn de Wilde, is a successful photographer, while her father, Aaron Sperske, is a drummer who’s played with Beachwood Sparks, Father John Misty, Ariel Pink, and started the Skiffle Brothers with Cass McCombs. But the younger de Wilde is hell-bent on proving that Starcrawler hasn’t evolved out of familial connections. One listen to the band’s debut—produced by Ryan Adams—will dispel that notion. It’s a fascinating blend of old school glam and hair metal, with a forward thinking, punch-you-in-the-mouth rock ’n’ roll swagger. Taking cues from Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana, and beyond, Starcrawler are out to prove rock ‘n’ roll is far from dead, and that kids still kick ass the old-school way. That’s not a metaphor—de Wilde likes to provoke audiences at her shows, even going as far as spitting on people and throwing elbows. If Elton John playing their raucous riffs on his BBC radio show is any indication, their message has been heard loud and clear.”

Ok it’s funny, if she’s so hell-bent on it she’s doing it wrong way. I didn’t know she actually throws elbows but i’m not surprised.

>>1115347 There are better photos but right when i need them i can't find them. Wait i take it back, she made it to some dailydiapers forum kek. They have more examples:

No. 1115390

So basically a spoiled pickme gets handed a music career "accidentally" and uses it to be an obnoxious mess for attention on stage?

Not that anyone cares, but I'm so sick of well off teens and young 20-somethings putting on personas that give them an excuse to act like wild, unsocialized animals at other people and call it "rock n roll". This is what real musicians mean when they say music is dead, it's all a performance stage for insecure attention whores trying to outperform themselves.

No. 1115391

She looks like a trailer park meth mom. This is "Rock N Roll" now? Unstable, unhygenic druggie with anger issues? Oh, wait-

No. 1115410

>If Elton John playing their raucous riffs on his BBC radio show is any indication, their message has been heard loud and clear.
"Elton considers Autumn De Wilde a personal friend" is so much more concise.

No. 1115424

>I think it’s so weird that despite having all that doubtfully pleasant experience with Growlers they hang out with a guy with a much worse drama.
It didn't affect her so her thought process would be "why would I care", its a pretty self centred stance but its a very common one.

No. 1115455

gg would make short work of this loser haha

No. 1115476

Apologize for this being so long, sorry if you expected some killer revelation. It's an expansion of the stuff but people new to her might not know. It’s not exactly secret knowledge, i’m sure there’s more behind the scenes that what i’ve noticed online. Nothing very scandalous but here’s general overview of their career and people they knew.

I scrolled through their accounts to see what was exactly that moment in time when they stopped being beginner band and started to get major attention and there’s something off. In media, they were hyped almost immediately after their 1st or 2nd single out.

Starcrawler played their first show in February 2016. They already had 2 page spread in Dazed magazine in November 2016. But Dazed already posted about Arrow in 2015. She was featured in some film project about people driving around LA.

Their first single Ants was released on vinyl in May or June 2017. On 21st November 2016 it was announced that Elton John will be playing Ants on his radio show. Which means Elton had that recording before it was even officially out. They tell the same old story that oh, one day they suddenly got an email from Elton’s assistant that he’s going to play the song tomorrow on his radio show or something. I believe Ants was available on iTunes or even on Bandcamp, but why the fuck would someone like Elton search for absolutely unknown new band with only 1 song out? I doubt he accidentally attend their tiny, TINY club shows in LA. It’s hard to prove but i think he knows them. First time it didn’t really work, but he repeated the trick next year.

Meanwhile, Starcrawler plays small, often unannounced LA clubs and remains unknown to rock audience. They only played their 9th show in some hole in LA in October. In September they had an article in Paper Magazine which she modeled for in 2011. But what’s odd is how at the same time entire band modeled some clothes in Teen Vogue. Since when Teen Vogue gets interested in completely unknown, niche garage rock bands without any album out yet? Obviously they had more publishing but that’s what stands out to me.

Nobody cares about them on the internet and social media. It’s a really an odd situation – magazines present them as some new cool band that’s already got cult status and Arrow De Wilde is some new praised rockstar, but literally by whom? Where? They had 1 song out, just like thousands of other underground LA bands.If you look back at 2016 and even 2017, you can see that Starcrawler wasn’t newest hottest band in rock at all. Only family and friends commented their profiles. More advertising is needed.

In 2017, Starcrawler’s song Ants was used for Uniqlo clothes tv advertisement shot by her mother. Later Starcrawler is featured on Pancake Mountain event/video (lol why would ever include them in a kid show?).
In the beginning you can see Brody Dalle of Distillers. Starcrawler supported Distillers in 2019 i think. I suppose they know her through Shirley Manson of Garbage, she’s best friends with Brody.

A few days later LA Times interview feature. They’re such big stars, but in fact they play tiny nonexistent bars only. But somehow they’re already on Rough Trade. Elton John plays Ants on his show once again. They’re starting getting more interviews, Arrow does more modeling in the background (Nylon Mag) and there’s only their 2nd music video out which nobody talks about (despite the fact it premiers on Kerrang). Magazines fall over in praise for Arrow De Wilde. Overblown comparisons to Iggy Pop. Recording show for Canal Plus tv. Lots of rock stars (friends or aquaintances of Arrow and her mother) praise her and her band as if they were some cult classic band. But they had no audience at least before I Love LA.

It all shifts when I Love LA music video (shot by Autumn De Wilde) gets released and angrily promoted. 1st album aren’t even out yet. Japanese Tour, they apparently got very popular in Japan, then suddenly Starcrawler gets scheduled for summer 2018 to play before Foo Fighters. They get known in indie circles, and that’s only because of overly enthusiastic magazine reviews. They get well received in Japan and certain places in US, Europe, but it’s kind of regular indie fame level. That fame isn’t comparative to how magazines write about them. Arrow is treated like some modeling fashion and rock icon and when people are getting told this thousand of times, they start to believe it.

I’d say their breakthrough moment was somewhere in 2018, before or after and posting Chicken Woman video on Youtube, mainly because the promotion really has begun. Two or three months before that they play the song among a couple others on some Vevo youtube show. Vevo DSCVR – they’re promoted by Youtube at this point. Guess what’s released as bonus? A video of Shirley Manson convincing everyone that Starcrawler is such a cool new band, that they are „future of rock’n’roll” and „why it should be your new favourite band”. Shirley Manson from Garbage, i think Arrow said she knew her already from childhood. What kind of new band releases a promo video of (ex) big rock name praising you on Vevo along with new live videos? It’s kind of telling when you need your famous friend to convince people they should like you, instead of letting you decide if you like it or not yourself.

At this point this band was angrily shoved down everybody’s throat, promoted by rock stars, radio stations and Youtube equally. Jools Holland BBC show, big festivals. This is the point where everybody wants to be friends with this new „punk”/glam band (they can’t decide what they’re going for, once it’s hair metal/glam thing but also they swear they’re so punk). The persistent promotion finally paid off, finally everybody think Arrow deserves the „new rock princess” title. Now, as they have album out and play important shows, it feels justified: before it was all shouting through bullhorns when in fact it was all hyperbole praises of someone completely unknown.

The rest of 2018 and 2019 is furthering what’s already begun. Rock fans are well aware of Starcrawler (cause it’s everywhere, like it or not) but causal fans don’t know what the fuss is about. They’re not really Nirvana level, no matter how much they would like to push this narrative. So people are rather surprised when this nobody band (in non-rock audience standards) records Ramones cover for the new Pet Sematary remake. I’d like to know how they got that offer, that was so unexpected. Starcrawler supports Distillers, Foo Fighters and other bands. Of course, the boring instrument boys are unimportant, Arrow’s the only one that really matters. Arrow is the new coolest rock girl, so she gets modeling promositions, guest stars in music videos and hangs out with famous people (Ozzy Osbourne, Cherie Currie, Danzig, Dita Von Teese). That includes pushing into every „alternative” red carpet party. Starcrawler releases 2nd album and gets endlessly praised for it. So far that’s all, 2020 is 2020. Either way, Starcrawler is at famous star level, for rock genre that is.
I know promotion is the essence of rock business and all that, but my point is, why Starcrawler? None of the alt rock bands get this level of promotion these days. None. They were backed by brands, top level rock stars, record labels and even fashion world from the very beginning, before they even had a fan following. The media promoted and pushed them as long as it really worked – who really gets pushed for so long?
The case is, if you know anything about punk music, their career is absolute opposite of their ideals and shit. It’s funny how people used to shit on Green Day in the 90’s but they’re fine with what Starcrawler stands for.

To sum it up:
- Shirley Manson is an old friend
- supported Distillers, friends through Shirley Manson
- not sure if supported Queens Of The Stone Age, but at least they know Josh Homme (Brody’s ex husband). Arrow is included in Desert Sessions video for no reason other than it’s trendy to have her anywhere.
- supported Beck; Autumn De Wilde directed a huge amount of Beck’s movie videos
- Henri Cash is on the other hand copies Jack White. He talked something about being backstage/talking to him; Arrow has photographs with Allison Mosshart. Autumn photographed/directed both The White Stripes and The Racounters. The record label Jack White’s bands were associated with, Thin Man Records, released Starcrawler’s single this year.
- not sure if you know another lukewarm indie band Skating Polly, they’re also known to Arrow’s fanbase. They’re big friends and played together a lot.
- They also know band X
- not sure about their relations with MC5
- L7 too, Donita had her on her cringey youtube show this year
- Arrow was photographer with Cherie Currie of The Runaways for some shitty small fanzine. You should see Cherie’s face, she looks as if they forced her lol
- Elliot Smith is another very close friend
- i bet they know Nick Launay too, he produced Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and Autumn photographed YYY and did a commentary for some Nick Cave documentary
- got Danny Trejo to wear Starcrawler t-shirt
- she knows Kim Gordon. She comments on socials. This year Starcrawler had a clothes collab with X Girl brand. She sold it out to someone from Japan years ago bu Kim Gordon started the X Girl brand.
- she even knows Queenadreena ex members. It’s definitely not „family friends” case this time, but Starcrawler was supported by Crispin Gray’s new band Starsha Lee (oh the irony). They follow each other, even Katie Jane follows Arrow. Dude why
- i don’t know who she knows at Amoeba Music but Starcrawler is definitely their favourite
- Jesus she knows The Melvins too? She was recording something with them lately
- also Cage The Elephant, i think they played before, known through mother
- i suspect there was some sort of sponsorship from Fender but not confirmed. Anyway Henri Cash likes to order custom guitars with CASH written on guitar head instead of Gibson or Fender.

Anyway i have a theory Japan is so crazy about them because they remind them of Queenadreena and they were always starved for QA cause they were stars here but only played there only four times or less.
Enough on connections and career, i'll try to find more on her behaviour.

omg gg's shop. glad to see someone else thought this.

No. 1115537

I genuinely don't see the issue with the "nepotism", Its fucking LA of course you're going to chime in and promote your friend's daughter band, whats the problem with it? It doesn't even sound like her parents paid for it, more like "hey check out my daughter's band, if you like it would be nice if you said something about it!"

If thats a problem then people should talk about SWMRS too since they got their head start by being Billy Joe's son band and were almost immediately signed to a medium-ish label, but that doesn't make them a bad band, neither does Arrow's.

Arrow is a bit of a try-hard and cow-ish gotta give it that.

No. 1115538

Are her family stinking rich or what? Her parents are connected in the industry, but they're just a photographer and musician. I can see how some might sporadically mention their friends' daughters band as a favour, but what are they getting so aggressively promoted for? How much did Elton John get to shill complete nobodies lol

No. 1115541

File: 1609024617010.jpeg (652.56 KB, 1000x663, image-asset.jpeg)

They aren't that uber millionaire rich either, just normal niche-LA-artist rich, enough for fancy art school but not enough for funding a fake career, I think they are just very well-liked among the music/art circle, Autumn's dad (picrel) was a friend of Jimi Hendrix and other famous 60s musician so she basically grew up meeting artists and passed that down to Arrow.

No. 1115568

The nepotism stands out in this case because the music is so astronomically shit imo. Listen to one song at random and compare it to the praise and promo the band gets.

No. 1115590

File: 1609031004100.jpg (533.22 KB, 810x1819, Screenshot_20201220-233710.jpg)

I forgot to add Henri Cash's uncle played with Ryan Adams too and Austin Smith knows Steven Seagals wife.

Except the music on its own isn't that great either. The image is stolen from other bands. Excuse me but what exactly has this band done to earn such a praise? Having a singer convulsing on the scene?

For the record I don't think they had to invest a lot in them, like you said asking friends for a casual mention worked, plus friends she had in the press. The treatment they had wouldn't be surprising at all for pop stars but for rock scene it's something. They'd be chased away from alternative scene years ago. That's cool with pop/influencer/movie scenes but getting popularity mainly through names and connections in punk/alternative? Sure not everyone's pure and stuff but i'd say in this genre what makes you big is (or used to) your art and how catchy is your music. In this case it seems like their music is always secondary, it's Arrow's look or behaviour that comes first. I'd have more respect for them if they didn't mention her family, her childhood and her friends in every article & see if the music or shows only are enough to get popularity. Apparently it wasn't enough. You know what I mean? It's like "I know this guy, i know that guy, so i'm cool" same as insta thots & others are like "This is my Louis Vuitton bag, this is my Kardashian friend, these are my shitty hair gummy bears, i'm an influencer".

However I'm not saying you can't enjoy her music anyway ofc.
We can squint our eyes and say whatever to her connections but i and lots of other people couldn't enjoy her music for 3 other reasons, much more than for connection stuff:
a) music is mediocre
b) too much of copying, no originality
c) Arrow gives fakes vibes. Like you said try hard and cowish.

I don't know how much money they make. But i don't agree she's niche artist, she doesn't just photograph rock stars but also lots of movie stars for those fancy magazines. She also directed "Emma" last year, it's not exactly some unknown indie stuff. She made 26 millions on that film. I'm not saying she took all the money of course, just mentioning how much it made in the box office. But idk.

I'm looking at articles now and she always had that "better than you", "not normal and boring like others" vibe. Haven't seen video ones yet. It's this attitude that's actually the most irritating.

(People in comments were like "get over yourself" and she'd say "never" lol. I know this photo is most probably ironic insta cap but she says more snowflakey stuff, i'll post more next)

No. 1115591

I fail to really see the milkiness here, she's definitely no Emilie Autumn (yet). But for some reason the thread reminded me of the existence of Juliette & The Licks who at least had catchy songs I can workout to.
Please carry on, there is a spark of potential.

No. 1115601

File: 1609032306620.jpg (564.72 KB, 810x2022, Screenshot_20201220-235808.jpg)

Ohh Emilie is the (rat) queen of milkiness but even her milk has run dry, fandom is so dead. I wondered if Arrow found EA after seeing she likes to put tacky crystals on clothes too but i don't think she knows her.
I get why people say there's no real milk but fingers crossed she provides us real milk one day, she has the right mindset for that.

She has some need for attention, she said she has FOMO and can't sit alone. These quotes somehow explain it. I can't with her speeches on ridding of shyness though. You need to practice in front of mirror, wow.

>It’s definitely cool to see your face on a billboard,” reminisces de Wilde. "I don’t think you ever get used to that.”

>de Wilde: I definitely wouldn’t ever trade it for any other kind of growing up. When I was little I always wanted to be like the Brady Bunch. I didn’t really realize how awesome [my upbringing] was, or how much I liked it, I guess. I had dreams about having all these siblings and doing potatoes sack races and all that. And now I think it’s disgusting, I’m so glad I didn’t have a family like that.

It was a lot of fun because my mom would take [in] those bands at our house, and I’d get to miss school and hang out with whoever, and they’d stay the night. I had so much fun as a kid, but like I said, that’s why I liked hanging out with adults more. Because I was like “adults are fun.” They could take me places and buy me food and we’d do fun stuff.

>de Wilde: I mean, I’m still kind of shy in person, but it’s not like when I was when I was little kid. Around middle school is when it started to change, but I just didn’t like people, I didn’t like other kids. I thought they were ugly and stupid. I was very introverted. I didn’t like playing. I wanted to not be shy, that kind of thing. I would daydream about myself being super social and doing all this stuff, but I couldn’t do it. I lived in fear or something. I don’t really know why.

>I think if you want to be shy it’s a different thing, then you might never change, but if you don’t want to and you just don’t know how, I think it’s just a matter of time before you kind of figure it out. Once I realized that there actually were a couple kids that liked the same shit as me, kind of similar, it definitely helped. It kind of just happened over time and lots of practice in front of a mirror.

No. 1115612

Semi sarcastic tinfoil that she wrote this thread in order to get more fans / attention. All press is good press etc

No. 1115680

to sum up this thread it's pretty much "Taylor Momsen is too old at 25 and we found some fresh meat to turn into an another rock babe"
Arrow just looks like a malnourished paper boy from the U.K.

No. 1115681

First time I hear of her. Tbh this is pretty disturbing she is so young. Seems like she has been abused by every adult in her life. Her bf is a fucking creep, I don’t see how she’s a cow this is tragic imo

No. 1115685


you just described like every cow

No. 1115689

File: 1609044754761.jpeg (148.28 KB, 1000x922, D54E89C4-88BA-43A8-A41F-7B996D…)

I think Arrow has more artistic cred than Taylor Momsen purely by virtue of her connections. Taylor is conventionally attractive but ubercringey 3edgy5me trailer trash whose entire existence is pandering to basement dwelling scrotes. Arrow is an edgelord too but she has way more art and fashion clout (in addition to Starcrawler making music that is more accessible than the Pretty Reckless).

Seeing her standing next to Gilbert always makes me cackle at the height difference, obviously he is slouching against the desk here so it’s more pronounced but it’s still hilarious to me

No. 1115793

jesus she looks like the zombie at the end of REC down to the diaper outfit. revolting.

No. 1115838

Nepotism is shit bc it's just assholes feeding their talentless friends and family money and ego to do the same shit that's already been done to death just so they can be the bestest starlet at it.

Arrow de Wilde is a plant being pushed by mommy and daddy and probably fucking for shoutouts which is exactly how the industry in LA works. Random 20-somethings pop up trying to build a career as a star by throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks, instead of working on a creative project they put actual effort and thought into, then suddenly blow up from doing shiy everyone has already seen and heard before? Sure.

Japan is a dead giveaway for nobody girlbands to perform as long as they're young and thin, and especially blonde. Any show with moderate promo for any nobody band in Japan fronted by a young blonde woman is gonna sell out, especially if they're affiliated some old celebs for no reason (false intrigue is a big marketing tool these days).

Arrow feels like a less poor version of what Kiki's parents tried to make her into sans all the trashy Florida webcam drama. Talentless anorexic artsy narc wants to have a trashy phase and be praised for it and called talented and beautiful, mommy and daddy dearest call in favors.

It's all bullshit, not because anyone is jealous of Arrow, but because you always end up seeing and hearing the same shit music and shows over and over bc these """musicians""" are only here for the spotlight, the music and image and effort just fall by the wayside. Actual, talented and creative artists never make it because the focus of the industry is promoting selfish narcs who just want likes, views, and to be told they're the edgiest alt to ever alt. Arrow de Wilde strikes me as nothing more than another massive case of LA "not like other starlets" a la Taylor Momsen, except Taylor did it sooo much better.

No. 1115841

Jesus, look at all those red flags. I guess her parents are buying her a music career to make up for fucking her up as a kid by letting her skip school to hang with grown men in bands?

No. 1115843

>I let my daughter skip school as a kid to hang out with adult bandmen
>now she's a drug addicted prostitute who can't dress herself, better repackage it as a Look and make some calls to my old friends
>what? Drugs? This is art!

Hollywood is garbage, evrry man is either gay or a cuck and every woman is a burned out husk with no taste.

No. 1115930

Ok, how does she not have Marfans? Literally every part of her skeleton is elongated. That's not just being tall. Dispite the elongated, knobby limbs she has body mass and isn't ana thin. She was always thin in those child photos too, probably hard to keep weight on with those growing limbs and elongated bones.

Maybe her look is so vital to the bands image she doesn't want to 'credit' it, so to speak, to a medical condition? It doesn't really matter as far as milk, but damn that photo.

No. 1115944

I think you're describing Taylor Momsen circa 2009-2014. She was what Arrow is now, just better looks but as much as i disliked her back then, i have to say she toned it down a bit for later albums and she herself cringes at her 16 year old self. I'm not saying that makes her a good musician but compared to Arrow she's not such a try hard as her, ironically. Anyway Taylor was a well known actress back then because of Gossip Girl so she had mainstream deal & more clout but rock scene hated her. Arrow De Wilde pretty much does the same thing but with worse looks and behaviour, but the same rock elite scene loves her. I think if she didn't throw herself around the scene and stood in her jeans and t-shirt nobody would care but because she does all that she's "saving rock'n'roll".

Couldn't say it better.
I think photos and videos played a huge role in making it "appealing" too. A bit of Courtney Love, a bit of Taylor Momsen, the Runaways, Iggy Pop moves, not even mentioning the guitarist doing all the standard "cool guitarist" moves.

I'm not saying she doesn't have it, everyone thought it's obvious but i learned she never confirmed it, her or her mother, only said that she's healthy eating etc. or said that's a weird gossip. I don't get why she's denying it if she has it, there's nothing to be ashamed about but ok whatever.

Anyway she probably loves when someone calls her obnoxious. She and Gilbert must think they're some iconic trash pair or something.

No. 1115951

Finally found source of smashing cameras info + i'm kinda laughing at her 1st band secretly making a band without her. Anyway she sure isn't creative with band names.
Honey Creeper, Star Crawler

>She leaps into the front rows, grabs a fan's cell phone and tosses it into the crowd, and then takes someone's 35mm camera before crawling back onstage to smash it on the floor. The band hardly seems to notice. Guitarist Henri Cash slashes a raw, hypnotic rhythm from a song called "Chicken Woman," and de Wilde begins drooling fake blood and looking like a woman possessed.

>"I try to control it, but sometimes I can't," de Wilde says of her onstage abandon, over breakfast in Los Angeles, now mostly soft-spoken as she eats a bowl of granola and yogurt. Her hair is bleached to a frazzled blonde. "I just let it happen. Sometimes it happens in my favor, sometimes it doesn't. I forget that people's senses of humor aren't the same as mine."
>There was that night at the desert roadhouse Pappy & Harriet's near Joshua Tree, California, when she spit up water on a table full of people eating ribs. The band, which also includes drummer Austin Smith and bassist Tim Franco, sometimes gets mad over the confrontations. "We did have to pay for a guy's broken phone because I knocked it out of his hand at a Foo Fighters concert at London Stadium. Those fans also hated us," she says with a laugh. "They did not like us at all."
>De Wilde started dabbling in short-lived teen bands. There was one called Honey Creeper that lasted three performances before breaking apart. "They thought I was bossy and didn't really believe that I could do anything," she remembers. "They ended up starting another band without me in secret." She put Starcrawler together while still at an arts magnet high school in downtown L.A. Smith was a Facebook friend she barely knew who played drums. She then approached Cash, a longhaired kid who carried a tuba around school but also played guitar. With Franco on bass, de Wilde's dream band was complete.

No. 1115988

i CANNOT believe she has a thread lmaoooo.

someone suggested her to me bc i love queen adreena and sonically?? it's rotten as well as visually.

it's nothing like queen adreena. starcrawlers music is generic radio rock and it doesn't even fit the aesthetic she tries to present

No. 1116026


haha all that tedious build up to some shit pop nirvana karaoke. Her vocals are so low in the mix, it's almost like they don't want you to hear it.

At least Queen Adreena were good!! I can't believe people will listen to this shit just because she's an anorexic onstage in her knickers

No. 1116050

I unironically love Taylor Momsen and yeah she has matured and grown up. She even ditched her iconic black eyeliner. She may not be an artfag like Arrow but her voice is amazing and at least their band image matches their songs.

No. 1116095

She reminds me of a try harder, less talented Chelsea Wolfe. Before Chelsea Wolfe was what she is now she was a twee hipster acoustic singer songwriter who’s biggest inspiration was jewel. She started lurching off other better musicians and saw how popular tumblr goth was getting and turned her reverb up.

Her edgy personality is an act. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a plant as a more radio friendly Chelsea.

No. 1116104

File: 1609106826885.png (76.58 KB, 898x464, twitter.png)

As a fan of Queen Adreena i couldn't believe she went so far with the copying. It's so obvious where she took it from but Starcrawler fans mostly have no idea.

Yep the chorus is basically In Bloom. And yeah chorus is so badly mixed lol. Or just badly sang. She doesn't even scream, just sings with this normal emotionless vocals, she destroyed Pet Sematary with that quiet whine. They make it look as if it was some Nirvana level angry noisy band and then you hear this.

I'm not hysterical about Taylor but she has matured, changed and doesn't push herself everywhere like Arrow. She has a class now compared to Arrow.

< Tweets. "I'm the original"; sure arrow. Anyway her parent really do have rich parents making child names complex, don't they. What kind of a name is that

Possibly, Arrow follows Chelsea on instagram

No. 1116322

File: 1609125955176.png (669.65 KB, 506x771, kitchen.png)

Someone anon here mentioned Gilbert is a creep, well something tells me if anything her & her boyfriend relationship is going to be the biggest source of cringe guys. I'll show you some screens later but first look at their house


Have some indie girl welcoming you to her kitchen to show bananis and avocadis.
Spoiler: if you ever wondered what Arrow De Wilde has in her fridge, it's champagne and milk

Thoughts? I don't know what i expected but damn they store all sorts of kitsch. It's not the worst house ever but i think they romanticize trash lifestyle but call it "vintage".

No. 1116329


The Queenadreena comparisons are retarded, besides Arrow jacking KatieJane Garside’s aesthetic, the music sounds nothing alike. Starcrawler are so contrived and seeing/hearing them next to legit artfag bands like QA or Daisy Chainsaw is cringe as fuck, but no doubt Rough Trade and mummy and daddy’s ~artiste~ friends will continue to plug them at every opportunity.


Yeah, as much as The Pretty Reckless fucking suck, Taylor Momsen does have a good voice. Now that she has grown out of her edgelordery she looks like a regular Becky, which is good in a way because if she keeps making music people are more likely to focus on her talent than her neckbeard pandering image.


> something tells me if anything her & her boyfriend relationship is going to be the biggest source of cringe guys

I think so too. Famous people with famous parents and a famous SO is the perfect recipe for milk, especially given that Autumn De Wilde is a fucking exhibitionist who has orchestrated her daughter’s career and probably even pointed her in the direction of KatieJane for inspiration.

No. 1116341


The house is trashy as all hell, I’m guessing they can afford something nicer but are romanticizing living in a dump with ugly furnishings because it’s “punk” or some shit. Either that or it’s not even their house and it was just some performance nonsense. Arrow looks and sounds high as fuck in the video too.

No. 1116347

File: 1609128854810.png (41.79 KB, 474x277, sgfghfgh.png)

I mean comparisons are only related to looks and clothes, thankfully they don't steal their music cause they wouldn't know how to do this lol. Katie Jane has a thin body type and was accused of having anorexia too back in the day but she's been small and thin all her life that's all. In opposition to Arrow her moves onstage didn't look tryhard. Anyway there's been suspicions of Katie having schizophrenia at some point (but idk) & Arrow watches schizophrenics on youtube to study her moves for the stage. At the same time she never mentions them as inspiration (she only posted Daisy Chainsaw pic on instagram once).

I hate that she imitates mental illnesses to be cool.

Regarding Autumn De Wilde i honestly think there must have been a certain thinly veiled tension in this family to "not be like the normies", "be weird". Like wtf "tradition of our family to be yourself and be as weird as possible". I mean Arrow loves it & the whole world thinks it's all right but if you exaggerate into this other way it isn't any better. Hence all her disgust to other "ugly, normal" kids at school.
But the irony is she's boring deep inside and she can't take it.

No. 1116355

File: 1609129438936.png (1.08 MB, 1317x790, w834578.png)

I think it's their they have that house in a video and different photos. They sure can afford more but her and Gilbert share the same passion for horror films and old hollywood and places like gas station so yeah

Idk if she's on drugs or not but that would explain this. "Watching drug deals go until 3 am" Um why would you watch someone making drug deals?
She sure drinks though.

No. 1116366

File: 1609130782984.jpeg (285.39 KB, 1200x1502, A4817361-6A9B-4633-ADC9-F0C47F…)


As the child of artfags I’m inclined to agree with this. There’s always the subtext of “normies are boring, and there’s nothing worse than being boring”. Which is ironic in Arrow’s case because her entire shtick is unoriginal and boring. Being that tall and skinny and unconventional looking is the perfect canvas for crafting a unique look yet her entire aesthetic is ripped off from someone else. Her mother seems to have found her signature look in dressing like a First World War era butch lesbian replete with walking cane that she allegedly keeps whiskey in.

KatieJane is known for disappearing off the face of the planet for years on end too so that could well be related to mental health issues. She has also said that new QA material is highly unlikely so maybe Arrow saw that as an opportunity, because the kids who listen to manufactured alt rock aren’t likely to pick up on where she is taking her cues from.

No. 1116373

The "I love H" magnet next to the syringe magnet is very tasteful

No. 1116390

wow that was cringe, that place is so depressing and bland. also she says her bf found it about 2 years ago.. isn’t she 19 and he’s 32?

No. 1116392

omg haven't noticed that
i'm scrolling through his instagram & apparently her boyfriend at least "used to" have drug addiction.
She doesn't have injection marks but maybe she smokes it. If they do anything ofc, hard to tell cause she always pretends to be fucked up either way.

That's almost sad.
I didn't pay attention to their lyrics but they cannot write lyrics either. This is so ironic:

What I want
I don't wanna drink what the cool kids drink
I don't wanna sleep where the cool kids sleep
I don't wanna be anything but me
'Cause I will do what I want
I don't wanna be anything but me
Well, I hand wired everything I own
Built my shit up from the bone
I don't need anyone to tell me no
'Cause I will do what I want

My god. Now that's what i call delusional.
I Love LA is "lyrical masterpiece" too. She also wrote a song about girls giving head for no reason other than lulz we need a rock'n'roll theme, let's write about lesbian sex!

Yeah, KatieJane had a mental breakdown in 90's.
She plays in Ruby Throat and Liar Flower now, they released a cd this year and she has loyal fanbase. They'd probably play shows if not pandemic, ehh.
But Arrow sure benefits from ripping off KJ cause her fans are kids and QA is dead and pretty niche these days so they don't know.

She's 21 now. They know each other at least from 2018, he directed her video in 2018. So she was 19 then or even less if that was before April.

No. 1116414

File: 1609134189403.png (541.15 KB, 700x858, 13467.png)

Kick me out today/Throw me hard on the floor/I only drink champagne/But my pockets have holes
Tripping diamond chips
Stole my grandma's car
When I turned 18
I sold my soul for a star

Given that their 2nd album sounds like it's all written about their puppy love, i wonder if that line relates to him. He's hardly a conventional star but in her mind he is. Famous through parent association, just like her.

God they're giving each other burnt/dead roses. He wrote an entire caption how he burnt a rose for her and threw around dead petals or something but it's not even worth to post it here, it's plain embarassing. I mean i get it he loves her and all but he's 30-something. They behave like a couple of mall goth middle schoolers going through their first love.

No. 1116467

File: 1609148117409.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1415, 78EA93CF-1956-4F13-825B-8B6C00…)


So quirky, much derelicte

No. 1116473

File: 1609149323102.jpeg (319.38 KB, 827x1447, A610EB5C-522E-4D8C-B9CD-7EF670…)

This 30something year old manlet trying to be uwu is what I see at the foot of my bed when I have sleep paralysis

No. 1116537

Spoiled cunt gets dropped from her first band in high school for being a cringetard, so she picks up some background musicians she can control and has her parents call in favors to make her new shitry band big fresh out of high school?

Suuure, she's not a spoiled, sheltered, talentless brat being coddled so she doesn't have a breakdown. Not at all. She's literally Kiki but if her parents had clout and money lmfao.

No wonder she's so well liked by so many old farts though. Nepotism is the nest way to be liked by elites in Hollywood.

No. 1116539

She tries so abysmally hard to be speshul and youneek, and then tries to act so humble about it while she shoves it in your face. I don't see this lack of talent, ugly crackwhore look and not-like-the-normies rich girl lasting long if she keeps acting like Kiki. Being trashy and wearing rags whike frying your hair and flaining like a schizo is about the most "normie" thing you can do for easy attention once you stop trying to be a functional person. Step 2 is claiming your parents raised you to be a sperg so nobody says you weren't raised right. This all looks like an attempt to get a lazy, low brow Zillennial to be anything but a shitstain on society, but with artists clout for her ego

No. 1116549

has an old tv to play fucking vhs tapes but has an iPhone and likely just watches netflix on her MacBook like everyone else.

also her calling other kids at school straight up ugly and boring is so fucking cringe when she is the definition of butterface and fantasized about growing up doing potato sack races instead of her parents unique accomplishments and the lifestyle that came with it. how grossly shallow and lame as hell.

she didn't even explain any of the cool shit she probably inherited, the painting was dope though.

No. 1116578

she needs to stop fucking drinking she's only 21 and her face looks like that, no elasticity. the alcoholism and malnutrition is going to hit her body hard

No. 1116626

Absolutely. I couldn't believe how there's none, literally NOT A ONE bad review, not one negative article, not a single one "meh" opinion on this band online. There's only superlatives. The only place i've seen people criticizing her were lolcow, youtube comments and eventually Fender forums where alot of guitar people recognize it as a shit it is.

But you know what every article/interview has? Mentions of her parents, of being "endorsed" by Garbage, Elton & Dave Grohl.

Look how much of old neckbeards they have as their fans. Not only gen z losers but also people her parents age claiming it's so rock'n'roll. Apparently it's enough to have a scruffy trash chick throwing herself onstage to be called rock'n'roll despite so shitty music.

Don't forget they only use 35mm analog cameras cause they're vintage artfags. I mean i have childhood vhs tapes too but that's a part of their "cooler than you" lifestyle.

She's surrounded by yes sayers calling her sexy and music stars calling such a cute nice talented girl so likely the worse she looks the better she feels. She has a need to shock people & craves attention. She couldn't even brush her hair for the red carpet cause that would interfere with her "brand".

No. 1116674

Chelsea Wolfe has a gorgeous voice and it fits so much better for goth music. Arrow's voice is painfully mediocre. If it was bad, I'd almost be intrigued.

No. 1116730

File: 1609182847474.jpg (95.43 KB, 709x885, 5678679.jpg)

People mentioning Taylor Momsen weren't far with that comparison. With those extensions & clothes she begins to look more and more like her.

No. 1116734

File: 1609183224646.jpg (83.91 KB, 493x681, 23557.jpg)

"Call me a baby 'cause I like to cry
Every time I lose my place I just ask myself why
I called you a baby 'cause you like to cry
Staying up late cutting onions, who knows why
I called you a baby 'cause I know you are
I don't care who you think you are, you ain't no superstar
So cry, baby, cry, put a finger in your eye
If your mother isn't home, you won't have to tell a lie"

Are they ddlg trash now too? He calls her baby in like every photo. I'm not surprised to see that outside of spotlight she's crybabyish and whiney needing to be coddled.

No. 1116911

File: 1609198271476.png (1.46 MB, 1246x996, gkje3.png)

Until this thread, all I've ever known about this group is that the lead singer skinwalks Katie-Jane Garside, and her music is far less interesting.
I actually feel pity. There's some people you can't even blame for their nepotism, it's all they have. You can tell she tries, especially regarding the body aspect (as unhealthy as the while standard/aesthetic is), but everything is still so mediocre. It's like she's just inherently basic and doesn't have "it", like a bad cosplayer or something.
The 2016 picture(s) kind of make the point, but combined with obvious paid/"favor for a friend (her mom)" articles like pic related saying shit like
>the most dangerous woman in music today
Like, it's just embarrassing. I feel bad. How can anyone not?

No. 1116916

I mean at some certain points i felt pity, especially considering how stupid her family raised her to be. But then i remember how full of herself she can be. She's absolutely spoiled. She has all opportunities in the world (in rock music sense), everybody loves her and if someone points out what we point out her fans (and rockstar friends) will come to protect her.
Yes this is tragic but nah i have no sympathy for nepotist brat.
Like dude, if you have no original bone in your body, have no sense of personal style or any sort of original idea for what you do, maybe it's time for a different career not being "glam punk star"

And yes it's pathetic she's called most dangerous woman in rock, like literally what for, spitting fake blood? Wow, don't cut yourself on the edge

No. 1116920

Trashy and pervy young women with tons of old male "fans" amd "friends" are automatically suspicious to me. Rich or poor, they always have problems with drugs, abuse, and hygeine. I wish the gross old man pleaser trend would fucking die, maybe then chicks like Arrow could be famous for something cool like bringing back a vintage fashion that isn't garbage.

No. 1116923

File: 1609199320133.png (1.86 MB, 888x1716, fm.png)

I guess we reached the point where wearing the very same stuff as legendary iconic musicians is praised and not pitied. It's pathetic her most "original" scene outfit were ironically normal t-shirt and jeans.

No. 1116924

This is what her mother gave her when she refused to do anything else with her life, i'd bet money on it. I doubt she has a single friend her own age or gender, or goes anywhere in public unless she's being spotted or filmed.

No. 1116925

Lol yes she said she had a collection of vintage constumes and of course she had them from mother, she was 16 or 17 at the time. She sold some of that shit this year on ebay or elsewhere.
Costumes didn't work out so she had to dig for something "sexier".

Well she said all her childhood she never had friends only 1 that her parents introduced to her & sat all day with adults and rockstars so yeah.
Now it seems all her friends are Gilbert, Henri, some chick from No More Pennies video + rockstar pals.

No. 1116929

File: 1609199895626.png (874.05 KB, 861x786, vgnn.png)

Actually Henri Cash is 19 or 20 so he was 16 when they started band. Her ex drummer was after 20s when they met him so he must be at least 25 now. How did he manage to stand that kindergarten, i don't know. No wonder he quit.

No. 1116993

File: 1609205595263.jpg (41.92 KB, 500x500, 93ef5269990048f1c821684cfcef29…)

>Katie Jane has a thin body type and was accused of having anorexia too back in the day but she's been small and thin all her life that's all.
She wrote an entire song about having an eating disorder, "My Silent Undoing", anon.

No. 1117014

KJG has alluded to an eating disorder and destructive habits in her whole discography kek I don’t know what that anon was on about.

She could pick that man up by his collar and throw him out the window

No. 1117027

File: 1609209288221.jpeg (343.89 KB, 828x1031, 2AF810D5-7E0E-4DD0-AC81-001155…)

I think a lot of that is par for the course if you’re playing music in a genre heavily dominated by lecherous scrotes. Even more so if you’re the only girl in the band. If any of you anons are bandfags you’ll know what I’m talking about. That said, you’d think that with all her familial connections she could have clout association with someone less gross than Ryan Adams, and the only woman besides her mother than has hyped her up is Shirley Manson.

Christ almighty this is so pretentious, no wonder Arrow has to be “not like other girls”.

No. 1117031

File: 1609209597888.jpeg (99.71 KB, 481x700, AAD6ECB5-7E41-4B57-AE8B-88F2F5…)

She’s 6’2 or 6’3, she could pick up most spindly little indie dweebs up by their collars and throw them into the Pacific

No. 1117033

I know - although lyrical subject doesn't have to be always same as songwriter alone. (Anyway the cover here is manipulated graphic of cut-up and arranged back polaroids, not her real body for ppl who don't know.) That's an old speculation, she's always been irritated with anorexia questions or people saying they promote anorexia. I think she might have had it at one point in early 2000s. Then again look at her at various points in her life, even with or without ed she's small and thin body type. She's got a daughter in 2009 or 2010 so i'd say she's better now as she was able to carry a child.
Honestly anon i don't know, not saying 100% she never did but i also don't wanna say she 100% does have it. Just letting you know it's unconfirmed.
I'm inclined to believe she could've had it in 2002. She's been one of the cases when i questioned "ed or not". In Daisy Chainsaw days she was, uh, "fluffier", same thin body type just with no bones visible. So that makes me think maybe she's one of those types that can't get more fat for whatever reason. (And when i say fluffier in DC era, that's huge exaggeration keep it in mind.)
But yeah probably.
Just don't think she suffers it now.

Yeah i know the lyric references & her destructive behaviours.
Don't wanna argue, she most probably had it but she was rather secretive about her own issues & songs are songs,can be about her but doesn't have to.
Saying she was that all her life i meant she had same skinny body type even in childhood photos which always made me confused.

But overall i have a suspicion that she had some ed episode (not in the 90's though) that kinda fucked up it all later and she can't take up too much even if she eats normally now.

I'm not expert on that, hope i explained it all above clear

No. 1117034


i see 2 men in this picture. who is "she"?

No. 1117035

So Arrow is an amplified PickMe 2.0 because her mom was an OG PickMe. Not shocking at all!

No. 1117036

File: 1609210148026.png (76.93 KB, 960x507, asd56r6778e.png)

Ok getting back to Starcrawler

Guys read this. Wtf her mother is tragic. But what's the use of finishing highschool when you have your daughter's career granted…

No. 1117041

Who needs education when you’ve got nepotism paying your bills, right guys?

No. 1117046

File: 1609211382987.png (1.33 MB, 1582x638, billboard.png)

She hypes herself on the billboards, there's so much more examples of her posting billboards than these two, who tf does that lol.

No. 1117048

File: 1609211480417.jpg (148.7 KB, 900x1409, b1551ae2437a9e5ca6271d6797fa0d…)

>"What or who inspired you to follow this path?"

>"My dad, definitely. He didn’t encourage me or talk to me about it or anything, but once I showed an interest he gave me a lot of advice along the way. He [said] one thing that still makes sense to me: ‘Don’t believe the hype.’ Once people believe everything that everyone else believes about them – that they’re this amazing godsend or whatever – it’s over. I’ve grown up in LA, I’ve seen a lot of bands rise up and fall down, and it always kind of happens around the time they think they’re the shit and they can do whatever they want and do drugs and stop writing."

No. 1117056


Since when did shitty indie bands have entire fucking billboards? This is so fucking manufactured, fuck me. The narcissism is stratospheric, holy kek

No. 1117064


>‘Don’t believe the hype.’ Once people believe everything that everyone else believes about them – that they’re this amazing godsend or whatever – it’s over. I’ve grown up in LA, I’ve seen a lot of bands rise up and fall down, and it always kind of happens around the time they think they’re the shit and they can do whatever they want and do drugs and stop writing

Hey Siri, what is irony?

No. 1117070

File: 1609214097834.png (1.08 MB, 702x828, cbcvnvvm.png)

Exactly my point.
Last time rock bands had promotional billboards was in 90's or early 00's and that was for stuff like Warner Bros Records. Rough Trade used to be underground independent punk label but like 20-30 years ago. Looking at what they're doing now they're full-blown corporation manufacturing careers.

These Rough Trade chicks (Amyl and The Sniffers, Skating Polly, Regrettes, Death Valley Girls, i forgot who's the other chick here) are part of a bigger trend, labels understood they can make money on fake punk/fake gothic female fronted bands. Arrow however is always most important bitch in the factory.

No. 1117078

This is literally just rented space for her face, it's not promoting a show or album. Ugly.

So maybe the younger guy didn't get to finish online school because the narc worship project dominated all his time and he couldn't say no?

These girls are being pushed so hard now because the younger generation that got fucked out of a future economically still want a way to live their dreams while they're still young, and gross old men will throw money at any girl willing to act like a goddamn nasty fool to make them look better in comparison and normalize that behavior for "fame".

No. 1117082

File: 1609216214829.jpeg (127.33 KB, 828x468, 107CB85A-203C-488E-A820-0213E3…)


Amyl and The Sniffers are friends of mine, I can confirm that Amy’s schtick isn’t manufactured. The 70s sharpie/commission flats aesthetic (mullets, clothing that’s several sizes too small worn with platforms, and so on) is pretty common amongst Melbourne garage and dolewave bands. The difference between them and Starcrawler is that they’re not LARPing as working class kids. Granted having a female lead singer and an easily recognisable look (especially outside Australia, where sharpies and the dolewave aesthetic isn’t a thing) has worked to their advantage. No well connected parents to call in favours and whatnot.

>I only hung out with my mom’s friends

Why do I feel like much of Arrow’s existence is basically just her mother trying to live vicariously through her?

No. 1117083

Because that's exactly what it is. She's a plain, basic nobody with no personality, and a giant walking skeleton. Girls like her end up living in basements doing OF for weed and toy money, Autumn saw her chance to use an empty husk to relive her own wild youth via her old friends and her daughter. Arrow is Autumn's soulless avatar she uses to be the edgy, wild and cool teen who hangs with rockstars because she's TOO badass for everyone else!

No. 1117085

File: 1609216789593.png (64.7 KB, 947x360, 789.png)

Tbh i don't know anything about that band but it's still lightyears after Starcrawler in terms of being shoved down everybody's throat so what you say appears sensible

Autumn's soulless avatar; well yes Autumn apparently used to play in a band with her husband briefly and they had a music video consisting of their own wedding ceremony kek

< "Thank you mommy and daddy for buying me career"
Nice to see nobody wanted to sign them until they had to ask the right people. How come they rejected the might Starcrawler? This magnificent unique punk sound?

No. 1117089

The other girl is Dani from surfbort— amy and dani were Gucci models last year iirc, wonder if arrow felt left out

No. 1117092

File: 1609218230523.png (843.95 KB, 900x851, 3968.png)

Lol probably. But she pushed herself into a Gucci party anyway, her boyfriend shot some Gucci promo film this year

ohhh boy
her full name is ARROW PLUME DE WILDE.
Were her parents aiming for Plum or did they actually name her after a fucking feather thing?
Why didn't they go full into it and didn't actually name her Arrow Peacock De Wilde, that would sure suit her narcissistic character

She looks here like a white trash trailer park alcoholic mother

No. 1117098

File: 1609219230530.jpeg (219.57 KB, 1500x1000, B4005CA0-4A18-4BA7-9170-469BDF…)


Dani from Surfbort has taken the derelicte lewk to a whole new level of authenticity, she even has missing teeth. And unlike Starcrawler’s kindergarten, her band mates are all crusty middle aged men.

No. 1117104

lol she tries to act so different but that caption is painfully, painfully basic. She sounds like Alyssa Silos or something, sperging about achievements that were handed to her via nepotism.

No. 1117158

File: 1609233374083.jpeg (373.71 KB, 828x965, 71464D52-727F-474C-AD27-06CA4F…)

>proof that I eat

This is such pickme cringe

No. 1117163

It's kind of weird that on IG she has 62k followers, but on Twitter she only has 3k.

No. 1117177

You can tell her every post is just her interacting with herself, with no clue how actual humans do. The shelteredness radiates off her almost as strongly as it does Kiki.

No. 1117186

File: 1609238664018.jpeg (846.77 KB, 828x1425, 060782CB-E93F-4108-BB95-B49B94…)


Not really, followers on one platform don’t necessarily translate to another. People clearly follow her for the visuals, not her wit or intellect.


She’s sheltered in that way that the spawn of successful artfags often are (see also: repugnant ham planet Lena Dunham) whereas Keeks is uncultured white trash home school sheltered. When you’ve got successful artsy liberal wanker parents whose entire circle of friends comprises similarly artsy liberal wankers one can be worldly in some ways but extremely naive in others. Pic related, I highly doubt that Autumn ever had to worry about paying bills, she’s got pretty hefty resume of celebrity photography and music video direction, but Arrow is desperate to prove to the world that she knows what struggle is. She has never struggled a day in her life.

No. 1117230

We shouldn't be so hard on Arrow, thos style is basically the only thing she could even attempt to pull off with a face&body combo like she has.

No. 1117269

are you joking after international tours, famous parents, cosigns from famous musicians, social media interactions with famous people, a famous boyfriend, and a fucking billboard in nyc, she only has 62k followers really

No. 1117283

File: 1609255900988.png (575.38 KB, 837x830, 45646.png)

Because she's only known among artfags, rockfags, altfags that kind of thing. Causal insta baddie/pop music people don't know her yet she thinks she's the biggest shit. But that's still a lot for a new shitty rock band.
Considering she fucked herself into Gucci, Teen Vogue, modeling. I won't be surprised when she models for something bigger one day

I know right the caption about Autumn crying and struggling is such a fucking kek
She's had a photographer father in rock scene too. They're at least 3 generations of LA artfags

Meanwhile Arrow thinks she's a sexy cherrybomb and Rough Trade creeps spend more time liking her sexy pics than taking care of their music business

No. 1117284

File: 1609255975738.png (615.51 KB, 894x867, 4767.png)

No. 1117287

File: 1609256406841.png (646.78 KB, 868x834, dgdfg.png)

Her and Iggy Pop. They played a few slots before him onstage that night. She could have met him backstage if she wanted but nope, she had to push into the crowd during his gig and then crowdsurf to the front so she can hold his hand & hear him say "hey baby" directly to her. And of course that was such a fucking important moment that news websites wrote about it, thinking it was so cute that she was violently "shoving elbows into people's sides just to get to Iggy". There's thousands of people here that would love to do same thing but stayed calmly in their places to let everyone enjoy the show, but Arrow must have a personal moment of course

God she's literally one of those children that if they see someone's in family's center of attention she will shove the kid or push in front of him yelling loudly

No. 1117288

i want that bra though

No. 1117290

She's not crowdsurfing, that's just her standing.

No. 1117291

Wait for more of her auctions then. She auctioned her bra last year.

No. 1117292

In this photo yes, but i say what the article/she said.

No. 1117295

File: 1609257069010.png (734.95 KB, 875x799, what.png)

They were also selling/giving out Starcrawler condoms in Japan

No. 1117322

this shot is grossly art directed from top to bottom lol they literally have a set designer styling their apt. it’s so lame

No. 1117565

File: 1609279845712.png (653.14 KB, 894x874, hair.png)

No. 1117566

File: 1609279978147.jpg (454.81 KB, 810x1719, Screenshot_20201220-233212.jpg)

i suggest to try it out more often, Arrow

No. 1117581

File: 1609280846104.png (2.85 MB, 856x2328, billboardsetc.png)

"Proof that i eat"
I wonder if all she eat is fast food. She posts fast food only & they have no food in their fridge and i bet she cannot cook.
Fast food based diet is no better, she can come out still malnourished and deprived of vitamins etc. & land in a hospital

I doubt they have set designer, she was learned how to shoot with 35mm cameras and he makes movies, but sure they stylize & overthink every photo for their accounts.

Also is it me or they have no books at all in their house?
She probably only watches movies all day and plays candy crush

<More billboards & graffiti

No. 1117659

Kek good one

Lmao anon she's tall but not slender man tier

No. 1117671

Kek us both, i read it as she's sitting not standing
Cause isn't she sitting on someone's arms or something here?

Ok Arrow is 3 meters tall i can't unsee it now, thanks

No. 1117737

File: 1609295229565.jpeg (591.7 KB, 828x1167, B292DB7A-1650-4F22-96C3-F740ED…)

How about that edge?

No. 1117743

not a fan of her avatar

No. 1117748

her mother directed emma. arrow’s house is set designed. it’s not uncommon, the trouble is that as with everything else about her it is masses of cringe and obvious.

No. 1117749

She waits for those moments lol. She's got at least a couple of photos like that. If you're on her inta check her "Tour" stories, she's wheeled away strapped to bed and she waves her hands like some Queen Elizabeth greeting fans

Avatar is horrible and very predictable

No. 1117750

File: 1609296121988.png (672.17 KB, 495x547, nyc.png)

i can't with her fawning over billboards, she even gave a location. someone go make group trips there to see her face on billboard

No. 1117756

File: 1609296599799.png (1.61 MB, 874x1554, kek.png)

This wins it all, look at Autumn
like mother like daughter

No. 1117766

File: 1609297487263.jpeg (463.16 KB, 750x1030, 0464A97B-81F0-4021-9624-9F68A0…)

Looking like that can’t just be normal “tall and skinny”… right??

No. 1117778

File: 1609298241838.jpeg (70.8 KB, 840x560, A6A363B5-F655-465B-81F1-564E93…)

This is so fucking cringeworthy. Autumn is a good photographer, she doesn’t need to do this shit for attention. Look at Laurie Simmons (Lena Dunham’s mother), she’s also an accomplished photographer who is guilty of using nepotism to further her daughter’s career (and is arguably responsible for Lena being as obnoxious, self-important, entitled and loathsome as she is) but at least she doesn’t make a spectacle of herself trying to be ~so weird~ and not like other women. She looks like the sort of person who insists you use “ze/zim” pronouns when addressing/talking about her

No. 1117781

File: 1609298426595.png (3.53 MB, 1388x1776, ttttttttt.png)

Idk she either lies about not having Marfan Syndrome or has ed. No this is not normal, i've seen a lot of very tall chicks with thin limbs but they didn't have protruding bones. Even if she doesn't starve herself she probably eats awful quality american fast food

Her waist size. Photos from clothes auction

No. 1117786

File: 1609299081948.jpeg (260.24 KB, 681x1024, 8ABBBA7F-2281-4FF1-B7FA-1436B5…)

I think she is just that tall and skinny. Look at her bone structure. She would look odd if she had curves. That’s not to say that she doesn’t have an eating disorder or isn’t malnourished on account of drinking/drug use and not eating as a result, of course, but even in her childhood pictures she’s really thin. Picrel she was 14 or thereabouts.

No. 1117790

An inseam of 33 would be very short on her. I'm 6 feet and mine is 36. I feel like after seeing these photos of her with bleached hair and panda eyes we should compare with Taylor.

No. 1117791

Interesting i didn't know about that. I hated Girls series.

When her daughter was a child she called Arrow "my alien baby" or something. Arrow was doomed to become what she is. I bet Autumn would alternatively grant her an actress career if only Arrow had better looks.
I haven't lurked Autumn's instagram but she's such an equal cringe.
Lowkey i wish people could see through all this bullshit and realize it's a nepotism case & fake, but also how toxic it all is. But their fans & all the rock stardom would tell "omg you're all just uglee and jealowss u wish u were as kool as Arrow".

No. 1117796

File: 1609299883358.png (527.49 KB, 663x843, 2.png)

I've seen her childhood photos and you're right but idk she looks kinda better here in this photo? Autumn was same her age but she gained weight later so maybe Arrow will start to gain weight after 30/40 or something but now she doesn't cause she can't

Yep she looks so much like Taylor now with extensions, look at the top of her instagram. Just buy stripper heals and there you go, Taylor.

No. 1117799

File: 1609300054161.png (888.58 KB, 706x835, cr.png)

Overdone cringey cross/christian imagery, we've seen it all before on Taylor & countless more

No. 1117800


I dunno, Arrow is pretty enough, not conventionally but she’s unique and could easily have a career modelling couture. Tinfoil desu but I suspect she hasn’t been pushed into acting because it’s a hell of a lot more competitive than indie rock, regardless of who your parents are. Again, using Lena Dunham as an example, she was picked up as a writer first and foremost, plus her acting is just her playing herself. I’m sure Arrow could be cast in indie films if she wanted to be but I’ll hazard a guess that she prefers being in a rock band in a genre dominated by scrotes because she’s frequently the centre of attention with people fawning over her likes she’s the fucking second coming.

No. 1117815

File: 1609301397239.png (754.34 KB, 885x605, yahoo.png)

Yeah probably. Talent isn't needed in Hollywood these days but even with mommy's connections it's very competitive. Rock/photo scene thing was what they were familiar with best. Anyway there were other attempts, modelling/fashion blogging (?) but she wanted a band so they went with it 100%. It's like "mom buy me a pony" but it was literally "mom buy me rock star position".
She models now more frequently (photo brand promotion) now that she has nothing better to do. I'm sure Gucci or even Vivienne Westood will pick her up eventually (Vivienne no god pls no).
I won't be surprised if they try her to have some limited edition one-off fashion design thing. Except they'd have to design everything for her cause she has no creativity, it would be all pseudo gothic shit with tons of crosses.

<Anyway lol at Billie being pushed to the left and Arrow in the center. Don't know about these two guys but the chicks listed here are all nepotism/plant brats.

No. 1117821


Ngl get some shmegeh vibes from this

No. 1117823

she gives off extreme shmegeh vibes kek

No. 1117824

Off topic but Emma wasn't that great

No. 1117825

Idk i haven't seen it, trailer didn't look good or anything and i didn't even know she directed it yet

No. 1117826

Guy second from left, MNEK, is a songwriter whose solo album sold something like 300 copies. No nepotism there, but Yahoo was slightly off about his rising star.

No. 1117830

File: 1609302327825.png (580.04 KB, 665x895, yyyy.png)

this photo reminded me of Poppy, they have a lot in common in terms of cringe

No. 1117843

Guy second from the right is Kevin Abstract, he's not a product of nepotism as far as I know. Funny though, guess they needed to add a little "diversity" to their all white, female, product of nepotism list? kek

No. 1117854

It reminds me of creepychan. Awkward pose, dress, blood and all

No. 1117863

I wouldn't even care about that stuff in pop music, Billie Eilish is pathetic and her parents acting like they're working class heroes is disgusting but pop music is made of nepotism. But rock scene was mostly free of that shit and if anything people were calling that shit out. Arrow's case is so apparent yet rock/punk artists will always have her back. They all have their own adult children now with their own bands so that's normal for them, idk.

They view her as such a nice, kind, shy girl - sure she is nice and kind to you when you're her idol and you can grant her some bonus clout.

But all her fakery and narcissistic shit aside, she's always copying others and has nothing to offer.
Arrow is always all "blood blood blood spitting goth crosses nipple here nipple there, stolen style one, stolen style too" + typical california indie shit and nothing more. How much longer will she maintain same shit?

No. 1117867

File: 1609304149798.jpeg (830.83 KB, 828x1350, 8C76405F-AE83-4460-8AD1-DA14D8…)


kek you beat me to it, anon


To be honest I think Starcrawler would have been noticed regardless of mummy and daddy’s involvement, Arrow’s schtick isn’t original but it’s still enough to garner a modicum of interest. The music is derivative but not abysmal, all it takes is one scrote at a label to take notice of this sooper edgee not liek other girlz et voila. Whoever runs the Rough Trade Instagram account is a thirsty cunt, the comments on not only Arrow’s posts but Amy’s and Dani’s as well are retarded. I’m betting it’s either an autistic moid or a pickme who wants to be part of the kewl gurl squad

No. 1117868

Jesus creepychan. She has a real rennaissance on Tumblr every fucking "scenecore emocore kidcore eternitycore dollcore" girl here is obsessed with Creepychan now.
Creepychan wasn't even original, there's plenty of people with same thing before her. She's even more boring as she was just some model and nothing besides that
I wouldn't be surprised if she was inspired by creepychan

Spitting fake blood is the most boring, overdone thing ever. It's KILLED. This coupled with "creepy" crucifixes.

No. 1117871

I'm not so sure of it, they've been nobodies for 2 years and everybody hated them as supports, when she had that poodle metal stupid phase nobody cared, their first and biggest most positive crowd yet was Japan. Nobody wanted to sign them until Rough Trade picked them up & Arrow wore more revealing clothes.

However i'm not surprised Rough Trade would have lusted for her anyway
Rough Trade is one exception, as i said they're not really independent label anymore. Do you know this metal label Nuclear Blast Records? They've promoted a lot of new bands but even being on Nuclear Blast it's such a different reality, one of their bands was DIY for years until Nuclear found them and wanted to sign them but even now as they're signed and touring with big metal bands they admit they're working in office/part time jobs cause you can't live off of the band only.
Independent labels never grant such money/clout as Starcrawler or even those other chick bands got.

Rough Trade is kind of different reality, without RT and parents she'd never get anywhere

No. 1117891

this look is bordering bimbofication.

No. 1117902


Rough Trade is probably the cloutiest indie record label there is besides Sub Pop so it makes sense for them to pick up female edgelord fronted rock acts. Too risky for a major commercial label but a mix of artsy and marketable (read: singer who thots it up in her underwear) that’s enough to be a guaranteed meal ticket for whoever signs them. As for them not being liked as supports, this probably isn’t as damaging to their reputation as it would be if they were older, a lot of retarded posturing can easily be dismissed by saying “oh they’re just kids”.


It’s not bordering, it fucking is. As another anon said, it’s what Taylor Momsen was doing before she ditched the 3edgy5me carnival float of cringe that was her early career. As a girl who has played in garage/stoner/doom bands since I was basically a foetus I wish more female musicians in these genres could be taken seriously without feeding in to bullshit misogynistic objectification tropes

No. 1117938


>Talent isn't needed in Hollywood these days

When was it ever needed?

No. 1117990

So they're ripping off eveey successful 80s/90s band? That was a huge pr move for X Japan in Japan back in the day because of HIV iirc. Smart, but obviously stolen idea. I think I hate Starcrawler/Arrow bc everything she does is stolen and copied yet she acts so original DONUT STEEL artfag persona.

No. 1117992

It is bimboification, just with a trashy aesthetic thrown in because not every awkward girl can pull off being a classic beauty, so they get etyled like edgy GNC tomboys while they hang their tits out and talk abt sucking dick.

No. 1118000

People like Arrow are why female musicians in those genras aren't taken seriously. For them, it's about being the most loudest, brightest, biggest spectacle possible for attention, none of it is about music or performance. Arrows passion is only for letting mommy make it look like she isn't a talentless lump of bleh. Most artfag kids in LA at least have hobbies and friends, Arrow had to be shoved into being a stage skank to avoid her withering away in her mom's living room.

No. 1118012

>gg allin shirt
try harder

No. 1118017

Couldn’t have said it better. As long as there are women who are happy to be objectified there will be a strong contingent of scrotes who dismiss women in the genre as being a hypersexual, vapid monolith who are in it for the superficial validation rather than the music

kek I thought the exact same thing. If she wasn’t the child of navel-gazing exhibitionist artfags who shoved her on stage she’d probably be on IG live while hammered, taking her clothes off and giving herself piercings as per Maddie Threse and similar ethot NEET edgelords

No. 1118065

File: 1609341302770.png (665.19 KB, 892x851, 44444.png)

hehe she does, she does
Arrow: 80's poodle metal
also Arrow: Steve Albini

just look at this Karen
not that she ever stopped being Karen

No. 1118075

File: 1609342481356.png (706.68 KB, 722x861, needle park.png)

I unironically think the biggest rebellion ever would be having at least one new good rock band with a level headed working class girl that's at least moderately musical, hard working, not full of herself and yeah she can wear t-shirt and jeans or t-shirt & skirt nothing extravaggant copied from others but she wouldn't act like she's "not like other girls cause she wears jeans" either.

I bet we're all here done with rich hollywood brats deciding to pursue trash lifestyle cause it's so kewl. And yes the anon who said their house was probably movie set designed to use for some movie & later bought or ordered by Gilbert to be specially styled was right. They must have something ready to go with their "artistic" photos

Do you think 2021 bimbo Arrow will undress fully for some shoot/magazine? There's only so far she can go with hanging her tits out or spreading legs and covering it with symbolic dead roses

See the tasteful "The Panic in Needle Park" movie poster above her head?
Damn they're crackheads/methheads or at least Arrow wishes to make everyone think she's one.

No. 1118088

That type of female fronted rock band will never exist, because the entire point of "artists" like Arrow is to trick people into thinking there's some correlation between a druggie-kei lifestyle, 0 social compass and being grosd and obnoxious and becoming rich and famous for """doing your own thing""". I could see it easily leading younger girls who want to be musicians into a druggie whore lifestyle thinking that's what it takes and getting raped and exploited until they're thrown away, then the cycle repeats.

Arrow is only what she is because of her mom. Nobody who likes music likes her, she's a plant and her only purpose is to normalize a shitty, derelict persona and behavior to fuck over anyone in her age group who doesn't have her privileges and connections by making them think they have an equal chance- "If people like it when Arrow copies old stuff, then they'll LOVE it when I add my own flavor to the mix!" But they never get that far before something nasty happens or they get dropped for not being willing to do something shady or sexual.

Indie artists knew the game all along.

No. 1118093

Adding to mt first point, that kind of female fronted rock band will never exist bc thenmusic industry is literally owned and ran by skeevy perverts, the entire core of any deal is to get the artists to sign away all their rights to any $ made from their image or music in exchange for all the marketing and promo to make them rich. Then, when your relevance starts fading and you think you'll settle into your mansion and spend your earnings, you find out all the profits and royalties from your music go to whoever signed or manages you, and they cut you a check for a peice of it as long as you don't start fading out of relevance. It's a fucked up Catch-22, you can't get rich and famous without a contract, but once you're "rich and famous" you still have to keep working and producing at the same level you started at in exchange for the equivalent of pennies or they throw you away.

No. 1118097

Yes. Remember Sum 41? They were once on Atlantic Records but after they fell out of fashion they signed to something smaller & that's only because they fans funded that on Patreon. When Arrow fades in a couple of years - 7 years? 10 years? Sooner? - will she have the same level of fan loyalty to help her? Ah wait, right, she has her mommy to help-

Speaking of Rough Trade, it's fucking sick they kicked out Queen Adreena 2003 for not selling enough records but in 2017 (2018?) they signed her cheap ripoff copy.
And yes you're right with credits shit. Drink Me is forever out of print and seemingly they can't reissue it - they rereleased The Butcher and the Butterfly but not Drink Me.

No. 1118141

No, when Arrow fades she'll rebrand as some ethereal immortal victorian elf and mommy will push her all over again. Attention is everything to celebs, they won't let it fade just because nobody likes them anymore. Bet she has some scandal later on that makes her into some poor victim of the horrible indistry she willingly let mommy throw her into, too.

No. 1118146

If you give the people exactly what they want, they'll be done with you. That's why labels keep shit locked up, they know as soon as they acknowledge the popularity that material has, they have to give the credit back to the artist and either let them perform again or resign them. Rather than pay older musicians enough to live on, they'd rather sign a group of young, dumb kids to rip off the other band who are so excited about being signed that they fall for the same trap.

No. 1118271

Anons dear, i found it. I found the one and ONLY negative (skeptical) article about Starcrawler. Whoever wrote it is my hero. But it seems this website isn't conventionally big, so their approval can't be sponsored.

If you ever need to explain someone why Starcrawler & nepotism sucks but they refuse to read whole lolcow thread ("cause they are so rude on lolcow" kek), send this to them instead. This one gets it.


>>The question of whether class, connections, and/or personal history interfere with the integrity of rock is one I’ve been asking myself for a while. It becomes a grey area, especially with the genres of hard rock and punk. Tony Iommi, guitarist for Black Sabbath who is one of heavy metal’s pioneers and one of Arrow de Wilde’s biggest influences, famously lost his fingertips in a factory machinery accident and was only able to keep shredding by wearing thimbles on the tip of his fingers… that’s rock n’ roll. Johnny Ramone, one of the first guitarists to inspire Starcrawler’s Henri Cash, was part of the biggest punk rock band to come out of America— a band that embodied the pure, unrefined anger of kids in Queens with no jobs, no money, and nothing fun to do, but throw bottles through windows… that’s rock n’ roll. Four kids with a lead singer whose mom landed them a sweet gig as Ryan Adams’ latest project… not exactly rock n’ roll.

Whether they're good rock band or not, that's a personal opinion, although everyone can agree they're not revolutionary and they don't present anything new or especially original. But them being a punk band? Punk rock came out of working class & it is inherently working class.
That's why Ozzy Osbourne's daughter Kelly Osbourne's 00's rock album (despite having a song called Shut Up imitating punk sound) was NEVER considered punk.

No. 1118276

dani grosses me out. she looks like she smells. it’s so funny to me how all these “punk” people come from money/do deals with gucci, etc

No. 1118374

File: 1609376580335.jpg (78.59 KB, 678x1024, depositphotos_120065434-stock-…)

Tbh i'm waiting til she posts something better to laugh at but i'll just say Gilbert sure does have a type lol. Stumbled upon it accidentally, thought it's Arrow with washed hair but this is his actually his ex-wife. He married her when Arrow was still a 17 year old basement dweller pretending to be famous.


No. 1118381

File: 1609377166952.jpg (360.32 KB, 1024x674, gettyimages-612102926-1024x102…)

They look so similar here where she smiles damn. I wonder if Arrow knows. That's such a downgrade after Taylor not gonna lie

No. 1118409

She reminds me of a successful Nicole Dollanger if she decided to make rock kek

No. 1118415

File: 1609378925981.png (1.41 MB, 860x901, ddfghjaasd.png)

Well, she got her costumes and career from her mother just like Nicole took mom's dolls & money
Nicole vibes pic related lol

No. 1118445

Nah, she too raunchy and not uwu sadbbydoll enough. Still a pretentious edgelord though.

Fucking kek, Gilbert is such a manlet. He looks like a Mexican Peter Dinklage.

The fetishisation of poverty/tropes associated with white trash is so fucking gross. Just look at Die Antwoord, it’s their entire brand even though they’re wealthy artfags. They were even more marketable than Statcrawler are because the zef subculture/aesthetic wasn’t known to anyone outside South Africa.

No. 1118469

File: 1609383354894.png (367 KB, 856x594, wwwwwwwwww.png)

I know i know, joke. That baby Jesuses + white dress combo made me think of Nicole and dolls but nah, she wouldn't even dare to try to copy her (not to mention Nicole is already unoriginal). She's not "etheral", fragile and uwu enough, she'd look even worse than that giant black-haired calf that hangs out with Nicole.

Die Antwoords were never on my radar cause that's shitty music but they're disgusting creeps in general, with them dabbling in white trash but actually coming from priviledged place + stealing those poor black kids aesthetic and all they've done to that chick, Zhelani or Zheani.
Bonus: of course she likes them

So much of cows doing that, Lana, nymphets, people like Alida Simone etc. Lana left rich parents to like in "poverty" in a trailer but that doesn't give her street cred or whatever, she's been growing up among money and a few years in a trailer out of your own choice is nothing compared to people living here because they have no other way/can't afford to stand up and change their lives for whatever reason. Arrow may not be stupid enough to buy a trailer but her vintage movie set styled house has only 2 or 3 rooms and kitchen so to appear like this usual regular working joe household to go with her nonexistent "punk/rock'n'roll cred" and private fascination with hollywood & trash. Yuck.
She knows nothing about working class life, having a job, real world, life. No suffering, worst thing that could happen to her is splitting with boyfriend or being left out by Gucci cause they chose to waste clothes on Dani instead. No wonder she has nothing to write songs about.

No. 1118472

jesus fucking christ she's a long woman, maybe the longest woman to ever live. there's a full grown man next to her who looks like a goddamn hermit crab in comparison. if she had to fly she probably literally couldn't be seated anywhere besides the emergency exit row. she's like alien life trying to pass as human by being such a stereotypical boring la white girl so no one would take her seriously enough to question her origin or make her take her human suit off in front of them. i wonder if she knows she has the exact same body type as abraham lincoln.

can't fool me, bitch.

No. 1118476

Everything about Die Antwoord is vile. Their music is objectively terrible, especially that baby voice Yolandi puts on. I honestly believe the only reason they blew up is because they were truly unique, and people were too distracted by the theatrics to notice how dreadful the music is. Starcrawler aren’t terrible, they’re just boring and unoriginal. But then no rock band ever had to be interesting and original to be popular.

Same here, Surfbort in their entirety look like they smell of hotdog water and mildewed laundry. Alessandro Michele is just being a fucking edgelord himself by putting poverty porn LARPers in his couture. In spite of playing dress ups in a trailer park costume box Arrow has nice teeth and clear skin which are a giveaway that she’s not from struggle town

No. 1118497

No. Female musicians are not taken seriously because the people who don't take them seriously and write them off for their gender are misogynists. It's not on the shoulders of other women to look, act, or be a certain way to avoid misogyny, the onus is on the misogynist. Men act every kind of way and it doesn't define other men, musicians especially. Don't blame men being ignorant and hateful on other women, that's bullshit and you know it. Would you tell Debbie Harry to put some pants on?

No. 1118501

Another one of you? The vast majority of famous male musicians are simultaneously known for their expression of sexuality. Just say you're intimidated and move on, stop scapegoating "b-but men will think xyz because of her and it's all her fault!" when you're spreading that misogynist thinking all by yourself for them.

And you're fucking playing yourself if you think men aren't in music literally just for superficial validation, they've been doing that since the dawn of time.

No. 1118511

Not that anon but I think it is more that Arrow is perceived as being fake, not the fact that she is cavorting near naked, or even the speculation that her image is something contrived by men, whether it be directly or indirectly

Rock n roll is the commodification of sex, regardless of gender, and you are absolutely right about men doing it for validation since time immemorial. How many ugly motherfuckers would probably be incels if it were not for the fact that they are musicians/in a band? Ed Sheeran is a prime example

No. 1118537

File: 1609388913507.jpeg (104.98 KB, 710x473, 05B42F4E-DCE3-409C-BF6A-27C626…)

Early pics of Starcrawler look like your generic indie rock band, I honestly wonder if the unwashed street walker look is something their manager/her mother/Gilbert came up with

No. 1118580

This girl is the actual textbook depiction of Marfan syndrome.
I’m not sure why she denied it. In order to maintain that junkie trash aesthetic is authentic and not caused by a medics condition?
There’s zero point in even denying it with how glaringly obvious it is.
The spindly alien fingers, sunken cheekbones, crazy height and zero body fat are all dead ringers

No. 1118619

File: 1609400546453.png (301.2 KB, 400x493, BAB5FB74-A28A-4DDA-A5CA-6CB240…)


What’s more is that she could use the Marfan Syndrome for ~yewneek~ points too, but I guess that’s not as cool as having people speculate over drug use and your edgy trap house lifestyle. Bradford Cox (Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, picrel) has Marfan Syndrome and he doesn’t have a problem with people knowing

No. 1118666

This must have been before she saw pics of KatieJane. kek

No. 1118811

If she was straight up and admitted to having marfans the question about why she looks the way she does would be resolved and nobody would talk about it anymore. Having junkie and anorexia rumours circulating gives her much more of that sweet, sweet notoriety she craves. Pretty fucking sad and pathetic and absolutely contrary to the badass rockstar mythology she wrote and paid for herself.

No. 1119007

File: 1609442511498.png (176.06 KB, 1068x1272, reddit.png)

This is so funny people absolutely hate I Love LA. In 2017 they were still total nobodies and I Love LA was posted on r/listentothis with punk rock description and it was mostly slammed but at the same time upvoted to the top despite comments so people accused them of buying bots to upvote the song.
In the beginning they claimed to be punk but after that they were careful to say they're rock'n'roll or glam rock.

I forgot about that shitty 2 minute intro, on reddit they wrote it's some known skater + someone else. Promo among skaters? Girl that would've worked in 90's not now. Also that's ironic that moment when they have video about working in crap fast food store being bored & tired but they've never worked a single day in their life

No. 1119249

Yeah I agree with what this anon said:
It’s some attention seeking ploy to keep the hardcore no food uwu pUnk RawK edge. If she was just a girl with a syndrome, nobody would give a shit. Nobody says anything about Deerhunter. Hell, I love Deerhunter and I didn’t know Bradford Cox has Marfan’s.
… which, when looking at the pic comparison, even their facial features are uncannily similar. How the hell is she not being called out

No. 1119250

My friend sent me this mv and was like “I love this band check them out”
I didn’t talk to him for a few weeks, I was so aghast at his poor taste lmao

No. 1119256

She's simpbait, designed to cater to the type of men who gave her the career she has now. I have bad news about your friend.

No. 1119262

Because her fans genuinely think she said she's Marfan. The problem is she didn't say that, it were other fans/listeners who pointed this out, others repeated and others took their word as a fact. Before writing summary i browsed net for any info on that and people on skinny glorifying forums wondered about her denying Marfan syndrome too.
If she was put against the wall and confronted she would easily come out a winner cause she'd either admit she has it and spit out some dramatical comment about body shaming/invading of privacy and why she wanted to keep it private cause music is most important (yeah right). But denying having this syndrome she only invites body shaming and speculation. And we know she needs speculation & all this "mystery" around her to keep the interest.

Tinfoil hat here but maybe she likes the notion of her being able to achieve that "hot body" while others are fat & not it being the result of a condition. You know how she hypes herself to hell and back with being hot bitch etc.

Another theory is they actually don't fucking know it's Marfan, maybe Autumn and Arrow think it's just being "weird baby alien" or being "special" and despite knowing about Marfan Syndrome, they're stupid enough to think it's not that but some cool original genetic lottery (and they have extra tall people in family).

I choose "mystery" option, denying everything and seeing what people say cause all clout is good clout. I'm not surprised to see a good, good chunk of their fandom are old men finding ana bodytype sexy and girls wanting to look like Arrow. They keep them famous as much as Autumn's friends and old men with horrible music taste.

No. 1119276

File: 1609467367456.png (1.45 MB, 721x900, japan.png)

I was wrong, they went on Japanese tour much earlier. Every normal band plays faraway places like Japan after their US and European tour but they played Japan like 2 months after cd release.
I think it was a well thought out move. They played a small European tour in January and February and I'd say they're mostly for small/medium beginner bands. She boasted that London was soldout but they played at Omeara which is 320 people max space. Nothing to brag about.

Anyone that cared hated I Love LA anyway, it completely failed to promote them so i bet they were sent to Japan as a result. They had hype prepared there, promotional parties, release parties with cakes, signing, meetings, shirts, stickers that sort of shit & you know Japanese folks love that kind of stuff. Someone told this hot American superstars are coming and they went for it.
Japanese people were going crazy during shows so they grabbed cameras and filmed a video for Love's Gone Again in Japan so that when others see these audiences going mad about them they would think "omg this band is crazy and hot right now". ALSO Arrow changed her style at this point, dyed hair and started skinwalking KatieJane. They came back from Japan as heroes to get a fresh start with America & get media promo from BBC, Vevo etc.
They tried hard to make them marketable

No. 1119381

Meh, 6'3 does't mean Marfan Syndrome. My friend is 6'1, her whole family is taller than average. Another (female) friend WITH Marfan is 5'11.
The thing to look for is armspan wider than height (see actor Javier Botet for example).

Anyway, I used to like Autumn de Wilde for her photos of Elliott Smith. Now I have rather quickly gone off her as she eccourages her daughter in this edgy shit Katie Jane Garside did (playing in her pants) 20 years ago.

No. 1119544

This is how I feel exactly. I own that Elliott Smith book, bought it over a decade ago. That's why the post about her struggling to pay rent rubbed me the wrong way

No. 1119582

During Arrow's childhood she already photographed Elliot Smith, Beck, White Stripes & hundreds of other musicians and models for magazines.
Even if she wasn't as rich as she is now she was a daughter of Jerry De Wilde, commercial and art photographer known for photographing Jimi Hendrix and other 60's icons. That's much more than usual struggling artists life. There's never been any rags to riches storyline cause Autumn was already inheriting her position, journalists and photographers take care of each other, especially in LA. Emma is her first movie but Autumn was already rich. None of them knows what it's like to struggle to pay the rent unless they bought a huge actor hollywood mansion that was too big for their money. And they're snowflakes so i bet they bought something "weird" and "trashy downtown".
Arrow and Autumn should be called out at least for that bullshit.

No. 1120271

Poverty appropriation, never thought I'd see the day. I agree, callouts for making money by pretending to be formerly poor/struggling is borderline evil.

No. 1120355

I found the article where Autumn describes her youth & places where they live/lived. I'm not from America so i don't know how much money these neighbourhoods require to live. Bear in mind it's in her own words and it's from 2020.

She apparently lived in a hippie comune (funny considering Starcrawler tried lame jokes at hippies in a video).
Autumn was an active photographer from 90's. She photographed Beck full time and in she worked with Elliot Smith (and apparently lived with him for a short while?) That explains Starcrawler & Beck shows etc.
Arrow was born in 1999. She's apparently featured as a toddler in that Elliot Smith book somewhere.

No matter what's "rich" and what's "poor" to Autumn, the fact is she worked for Beck and Elliot before Arrow's birth AND she already shot lots of famous stars in her childhood. The woman lies/exaggerates while Arrow straight up made it look like they were struggling during her own childhood. Her mother had a position for years without Emma. This is an insult to anyone who ever struggled to pay a rent. Fuck this whole family, it's disgusting.

Damn it started from suspecting Arrow is a cow to finding out they lie about being poor in the past.
"No more pennies to fill my pocket" sure Arrow

No. 1120602

She’s a fucking good photographer too, like come on Autumn, just let your work do the work, you don’t need to be so fucking pretentious and pickme.

Poverty porn LARPing is nothing new (e.g. Die Antwoord) but given the entire family legacy it’s even more egregious in this instance

No. 1120607

File: 1609634541822.jpeg (415.86 KB, 1080x1011, 306AA03F-31EC-42C1-9571-CE46DC…)

What the fuck is this hillbilly mess, Jesus Christ

No. 1120620

Ok I know you just posted to poke fun, but Parker Day (photographer) is amazing and her creative eye is so weird, cool and freaky. I can for sure get how it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love this trashy look because it’s supposed to be trashy.

No. 1120623

File: 1609635441472.jpg (88.08 KB, 1098x1800, img04.jpg)

No. 1120636

nta but maybe those two pics are just extremely bad examples of her work? It does remind me of when Tyler Shields and his garishly lit starfucker Polaroids were hailed as genius.

No. 1120662

She mainly does portraiture of subjects styled in a really over the top camp/kitsch way, like John Waters characters but more extreme. This seems pretty tame compared to most of her work, it’s kind of… I dunno, half-assed in its trashiness? The pics aren’t terribly well composed either

No. 1120667

File: 1609640236724.jpeg (64.51 KB, 750x750, 1D553E95-8344-4F70-97C5-89BFF3…)

kek, the majority of people who like this 3edgy5u pseudo artfaggotry are probably “soy hippies” too

No. 1120670

File: 1609640573514.png (1.54 MB, 1292x760, 144444.png)

We're laughing at Arrow, not photographer. Her white trash & bimbo glorification is extremely cringeworthy considering she was growing up rich. She cannot look like hairmetal band cause it didn't sell in 2017 and she can no longer skinwalk KatieJane cause covid no tours so she has nobody to copy, so she models and tries "sarcastic white trash look" to have people foaming at how "hot" she is to stay relevant.

I know it's just a look and i'm not saying she has to be literal white trash to wear it but it's something you just can't help but roll eyes at in Arrow's case.
I'm not saying she should wear Gucci and gowns (although i'm sure she will at some point, she already tried designer stuff).
Dress however you like and all that but it's not impressive, iconic, funny, debatable if actually goodlooking. What's with all that recent hype around rich people in trash clothes (younger Paris Hilton)?
However i admit Arrow seems to fit the bimbo aesthetic intellectually

Idk i think nothing's gonna help her cause Arrow's not creative/original/talented person in general

No. 1120676

File: 1609640831563.png (48.37 KB, 500x330, s.png)

From a fanpage

No. 1120684

File: 1609641582462.png (776.58 KB, 881x891, kkkk.png)

Kek the fanpage gets worse. Have a little sample of Arrow's edgy fanbase <

No. 1120686


The cringe

Precisely, this glorification of white trash and bimbo-ness isn’t just for photos, she has adopted (or is making it seem like she has) the whole lifestyle. Case in point: the crack den looking abode she shares with the Mexican Peter Dinklage.

>What's with all that recent hype around rich people in trash clothes (younger Paris Hilton)?

The McBling/Y2K aesthetic. It’s a nostalgia thing for a lot of people (mostly tumblrfags and ethots) and like most trends is experiencing a cyclic resurgence in popularity. I fucking hate it.

>I'm not saying she should wear Gucci and gowns (although i'm sure she will at some point, she already tried designer stuff)

Her mother is BFFs with Kate and Laura Mulleavy (Rodarte) so it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a brand ambassador. Autumn has already shot a lookbook for them that included Kim Gordon, Grimes and Joanna Newsom. Apparently Arrow wasn’t featured because Starcrawler were on tour

No. 1120688

sage for ot but scrolling past I thought this was one of the garden twins crossdressing lol

No. 1120689

>high on water


No. 1120693

File: 1609642489507.png (592.56 KB, 862x882, dress.png)

probably they meant high on holy water or some shit lol

She knows what she's doing. I still have tumblr from my teenage years and Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Anna Nicole Smith are on every old blog no matter the theme, i'd say especially on rockfag accounts. What a time for Arrow to be alive.

Also yes i noticed rodarte connections, she already wore their dress for this gala

No. 1120699

File: 1609643025985.png (533.81 KB, 1283x449, teenvogue.png)

< Or maybe cause nobody wanted them there but their teen vogue article was bought/granted through friends and it weren't their responsibility to babysit some pretend-star nobodies that thought it would be cool to act like idiots.

No. 1120705

Probably trying to be the edgiest of edgelords by flaunting alcohol consumption while being 15/16 at the time

No. 1121617

File: 1609745711218.jpeg (991.01 KB, 828x1136, BDFC4EC3-460B-4DA3-B588-D204D1…)

This is so bad

No. 1121799

File: 1609775357108.png (17.71 KB, 1054x217, asdf.png)

Lol it seems they're not crackheads, they're potheads. Makes sense, weed is legal in LA so they don't consider it drugs. I'm sure Autumn approves. Found info on Stratocaster forums (wish there were more accounts of support bands or venue crew).

She can't decide on her stance towards drugs, in interviews she says they don't take drugs but at the same time she does everything to be seen/speculated as crackhead.

No. 1121841

File: 1609781259133.jpg (227.28 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20210104_182229.jpg)

I feel like she has an pretty apparent dip on her chest between her breasts here. That's another "physical abnormality" of Marfan. I hope she knows that she has Marfans and is just denying it. Aorta Aneurysms are no joke.

No. 1121853

File: 1609782519116.jpg (13.51 KB, 236x296, d3aa2dbd4f3a10174b98310d69fa55…)


I have something similar (LDS) and yeah she definitely looks marfanoid facially too. Receding chin, eyes a bit too far apart and downwards slanting. If she does have it, it will be the most rock n roll thing about her, Joey Ramone had it too (and possibly Lux Interior)

No. 1121889

>"I don't care," de Wilde says. "I've been getting the anorexic thing for [a long time]. I don't want people to pity me. I could speak up about it but I know that if I bring it up to the public I'll just be more …" She struggles to find the right words to respond.

>The band are disappointed that de Wilde is attacked by self-described "body-positive feminists," particularly given her onstage remit. "I don't wanna be considered this amazing woman frontperson," she says. "I just wanna be a frontperson, the same as any other."

But people already pity her. People who think it's ed either express worry, tell her to eat sandwich or obsess over that "hot body" while stupid young fans say "she's got a perfect body omg i'm trying to look the same as Arrow". Those who think it's MS tell everyone she says it's that while it's not true, unless she said it unofficially during show signing or something.

All the fucking scene must pity her. Those who know her through mummy/friends/scene hype her because it's their field but i think pity plays a good role too. "She's sick, she's fragile, she's untouchable, don't criticize her or she cries uwu", that sort of mindset. Music should be judged as music itself, not through the lens of pity over disorder or ed. Nobody fucking cares about other rock star's diseases. I mean they care in purely human way but not in a we'll give you a golden card & career as consolation prize way.

It's her choice to clarify it or not but maybe she was advised to sit quiet cause it's the only "mystery" she has to keep her discussed. Let's be honest, her look is the only thing that baits listeners, if this band was made of her instrument boys only they'd be mocked by enitre scene at most. Or that family is genuinely clueless… I don't know if her mother has MS but they're both 6'3 or 6'2 and she's always like "i've been very tall" like it's nothing much out of ordinary. Interesting how they're always all for anything "weird" and "special" but Marfan Syndrome is suddenly too pedestrian

No. 1121893

File: 1609785306731.png (2 MB, 1503x646, ea.png)

KatieJane Garside + Emilie Autumn = Arrow De Wilde. I don't think she listens to EA but lowkey wonder if someone adviced her to throw it in the mix. Someone comissioned those costumes, they don't look like handmade by Arrow. If it was 2010 EA would be boiling

No. 1121899

my thoughts exactly, I immediately thought of EA

No. 1121908

I thought the same thing. It will never not get to me how bad her face looks in comparison to all these women she copies, though (Katie Jane Garside, Emilie Autumn, Taylor Momsen)
She looks like her face is melted or something. Without the trashy makeup, she looks average, but she's in a rough spot because it's like she can't really "pull off" any of the looks she tries on.

No. 1122078

But Nadia Lee Cohen choosing Arrow to be in her book irks me. There are plenty of other people who have unique identities/personalities that would be amazing to showcase in a book like this. I wish I had milk on Nadia lee too but she has erased any past of hers pre-celeb artist

No. 1122212

Nadia’s brand is similar to Parker Day’s (oversaturated trash/kitsch). I feel like both of them are a bargain bin version of David LaChapelle. Either way, both very much on brand for Arrow’s trap house persona

No. 1122216

File: 1609808910701.jpg (77.89 KB, 1007x560, Starcrawler-Bet-My-Brains--e15…)

I know right. She must go for "sarcastic intentional trashy look" and constantly switch because she doesn't look good in anything. But she'll convince you she just "evolves" from album to album like David Bowie kek
The brow shave/bleach was horrible decision, it aged her a good 15 years if not more and added to the melting face effect.
Now watch her dress like Paris Hilton and think it's her original idea to bring back party bimbo style, as if it wasn't trending on tumblr/insta.

Regarding EA i forgot Arrow uses straight jackets during shows but she might as well have stolen it from Alice Cooper. Medical corset must be a nod to Marilyn Manson. Also this video.

On the subject of photographers I'm predicting her next photo collab will be Floria Sigismondi, they follow each other and Arrow has been to Floria's book release party.

No. 1122227

File: 1609809879174.jpeg (23.67 KB, 203x248, EE1B71DA-C2B7-451D-B4F1-D366AF…)

ot but lowkey love the art/musicfaggotry in this thread, the style threads on ot all seem a too weeb animu oriented, you anons are appreciated uwu

> Floria Sigismondi, they follow each other and Arrow has been to Floria's book release party

Why am I not surprised, kek. That said, I think Arrow has moved past Floria’s aesthetic, if it were a year or two ago it would be more likely on account of the KJG/kinderwhoreish styling but she seems to have evolved (for want of a better word) into more McBling style territory (picrel)

No. 1122230

File: 1609810096185.jpeg (885.62 KB, 828x1471, F1D33F7D-F772-44A4-A9BC-4C7A92…)

Her most recent post

No. 1122233

File: 1609810323877.png (477.11 KB, 596x432, hole.png)

Hole is next. "Hollywood Ending" is a "Malibu" ripoff even down to MTV-styled LA video, stratocaster guitars and sacret heart motif.

"We're not a nostalgia band"
Ok, if they're not a nostalgia band then it's totally right to call them a copycat band. I don't think i've ever seen any other band so recklessly going through next performers one by one and skinwalking them for a period of time before shedding it to try another one and getting praised for that.
They're a fucking cosplay band, how is that different from those pub tribute bands?

I haven't bothered to listen to all of their songs to catch music ripoffs but i remember thinking Love's Gone Again riff is taken from a Joy Division song. I'm sure there's more to find though.

No. 1122238

> We're not a nostalgia band

LMAO okay Arrow. Because it’s a total coincidence the chorus from I Love LA bears an uncanny resemblance to Nirvana’s In Bloom

The vast majority of rock music these days is derivative. Honestly, when was the last time any of you listened to a new band in this kind of genre and thought “wow, this is interesting”? Because I can’t tell you last time I did. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with being derivative, but at least own it.

No. 1122241

fucking kek look at the skulls, she goes for the emo/scene/myspace resurgence trend. bet she has a fucking secret tumblr account to follow all that emo/mcbling shit
it only confirms she's fucking desperate for attention

Same here, enjoying the good talk anons
She missed out on the opportunity on scary/gothic photos from Floria though. Autumn is solid photographer but at least cover art was always mediocre in my opinion, always white/red scheme only.
Bonus: the blonde girl from their first album is Beck's daughter. See her starting her own nepotist band in a few years.
Gilbert used to front some "punk" band too.

No. 1122253

File: 1609813047709.jpeg (39.18 KB, 452x678, 6EAEAAEA-B976-4548-9C12-4B61C3…)

>inb4 Keeks v.2.0 (hopefully replete with spergchan hilarity)

No. 1122256

Gilbert’s band, The Dead Reagan Tour (spoiler alert: they are FUCKING AWFUL)

No. 1122257

File: 1609813530840.png (1.08 MB, 1164x674, carwash.png)

Not exactly the same type of coat but this and setting is not accidental.
That's deliberate playing on people's love for old bands.

No. 1122263

File: 1609814316390.png (715.34 KB, 577x864, 67.png)

find 5 differences

kek that is painful
good that he sticks with film and photography

No. 1122268

She’s like a rip off of Courtney Love, Taylor Momsen, The Runaways, Bikini Kill all in one. Like this trashy angry edgelord uwu so skinny like a snowflake uwu bull shit has been done before. It’s boring.

No. 1122278

>cosplay band
Literally this. This was exactly the term that came to my mind, too. They're a glorified cover band with elaborate costumes funded by the lead singer's mother and her friends.
It'd be sweet and kind of cute/neat if they weren't pushing this as like…actual music.

No. 1122286

File: 1609816892056.png (1.61 MB, 1365x831, fanzine.png)

Speaking of The Runaways.
A fanzine literally made to push Arrow and use Cherie as justification/marketing point. They met once just for that shoot. Wonder if Arrow begged her to give her that t-shirt

No. 1122294

>bikini kill
Surprisingly, queen Kathleen is one person she hasn’t skinwalked. Yet.

And of course it’s Cherie (no shade, I love her) and not Joan, because Joan is too much of a lesbian and not enough of a sexy corseted “cherry bomb”

No. 1122306

Kathleen doesn't concentrate on image but rather on message, to copy her Arrow would have to write lyrics with any kind of meaning and not "i want to be original, she gives me head" or know anything about feminism, we know she's not able to have an opinion on her own, she can only repeat what she learned from Youtube/rock cliches/her mother and sprinkle it abundant "and like i don't like know".
"Pussy Tower" song is all she's got on the lesbian subject and yet she wrote it for brownie points and feels like man bait/pedo fantasy at best. She literally said the song is about her girls only catholic high school.

Joan is a guitarist. Arrow cannot play instruments, not even simple guitar. I think it's telling she's never seen playing anything even for fun.
Joan will give her clout too, if she can give clout to Miley she'll eventually meet Arrow. Another one on the checklist

No. 1122313

Dare I say it, I think Miley is actually more authentic than Arrow. She grew up properly privileged and sheltered. Her experimenting with cringey genre hopping and edgelord fashion/behaviour was actually less cringey than Arrow’s perpetual personality crisis because not only did Miley grow up fucking rich as all hell, she was a child star too. For all her style changes she hasn’t skinwalked anyone.

No. 1122320

File: 1609821053706.jpeg (258.1 KB, 828x1276, A1408923-A690-4C22-990E-F50ECE…)

jfc not only a photo op with donita but courtney love in the comments

No. 1122341

Agree 100%. Never thought i'd see the day when i give Miley some credit but she never played poverty to riches punk princess. She's better than Arrow in every way imaginable.

Omg no way. The same Courtney that laughed at Taylor Momsen?
I knew she likes Bieber and whatnot but that still kind of hurts. Courtney should go back to being friends with Lana if she looks for famous people to interact with.

No. 1122377

Miley is purportedly a really genuine, nice person too. Her music is pop nonsense but she can sing. Plus Dolly fucking Parton is her godmother, that’s way more legitimately clouty than the De Wildes, kek.

No. 1122441

File: 1609836794344.jpeg (557.61 KB, 828x1290, F39E8106-D0DE-4E13-AC5F-C535B7…)


No. 1122521

>Pussy Tower
Not her trying to ahegao at 0:40, lmao.

No. 1122550

kek and the crowd is just stood there motionless. That's how you know the hype is manufactured

No. 1122567

Lmao the clapping at the end was so sad

No. 1122570

File: 1609858669322.png (790.82 KB, 861x764, canalplus.png)

That show was shot in 2017 for Canal Plus channel. In 1st part of 2018 they were still playing nobody clubs for the audience of 50-100 and boasting about selling out 300 people venues at most.
It was 2017 so they were getting even less people, from what i've head about their early shows it was like 50-60 people, no more. Not to mention nobody cared for them & those included were hardly impressed.

Getting 50 people a show and recording a show for Canal Plus tv? Small town folk/christian bands/pub cover bands or even housewife choirs get more audience than that and yet they don't get to be shown on Canal Plus. If that isn't a proof of her mother buying her career then i don't know what other argument is needed

No. 1122919

I'd swear it's a photo of Emilie Autumn. She used to do this kind of shit too. During the FLAG era, she also liked wearing those kind of washed out colors

No. 1123670

What a boring song.

No. 1124300

File: 1609984440954.jpeg (181.63 KB, 827x1461, EA67641E-A3F4-46E8-BAA2-EC17D3…)

So Autumn shot Kendall Jenner for Vogue which Gilbert documented (because that is totally something that needed to be documented) and Starcrawler provided the music.

No. 1124304

Wow. Kendal Jenner and Starcrawler, makes total sense right?
I think Arrow was also already featured in Vogue Germany in her redhaired Emilie/KatieJane ripoff nobody years.
Look at the credits.
Arrow doesn't even have to hide the fact she's using connections because why, she only gets congratulations on having her mom push her into yet another thing.
Gilbert also profits from this, he's got his way into fashion photography probably through Autumn.
Can't listen to the clip at the moment but they were comissioned to write new music for this specifically.
What a nonsense

No. 1124308

> Kendal Jenner and Starcrawler, makes total sense right?

That was my first thought too. No one can argue that this wasn’t a pure clout move.

No. 1124326

I wonder if they will convince Kendall to give a little shoutout to Starcrawler or something. Bet Arrow's thirsty for this.
It's such a success to provide music for a videoclip shot by your boyfriend, for a photo session shot by your mother lol. Literally like every other "achievement" in their career. How are people even serious about this band
By the way music is such a foolish tune, almost simple do re mi scale played backwards + that indie girl emotionless vocals that they always put in fashion/perfume ads. I mean Arrow always had a boring voice but it's apparent they had to fit the mold. Starcrawler is "evolving" and "maturing" kek

No. 1125425


There's nothing original or even mildly interesting about them at all. One look at their videos and you can instantly spot references to other bands and sometimes they're so in-your-face, that it makes them look even more like try-hards.

Also, Arrow's schtick is getting old. GG Allin and Manson acted like weirdos on stage before she was even born. Yawn.

No. 1126596

File: 1610178100165.png (2.52 MB, 828x1792, 5C9DE585-2A26-47D6-8400-3B9A80…)

This backwoods barbie y2k thot aesthetic is so cringe, even more so than skinwalking katiejane garside

No. 1126598

File: 1610178133091.png (4.58 MB, 828x1792, 1606D20F-2137-497E-A2C7-83F0D0…)

No. 1126674

Wow they suck

No. 1126687

Wow the music is so bland. This bitch wants to be Nina Hagen so bad but without any of the actual creativity or charm.

No. 1127215

File: 1610237855024.png (1.7 MB, 924x812, bratz.png)

It is, although i'm glad she stopped wearing same KatieJane copycat fresh from manufacturer rags (for now at least). Not gonna lie i wish more people
recognized the source where Arrow steals from or at least the whole fuckery around this band and not justify it with "it's called taking inspiration" or "they're making references" as if them skinwalking people was something intellectual and sophisticated

Starcrawler is like exemplary proof that even the best shows/costumes are worthless if you don't have good music to go with that, or at least mildly original ideas.
And no, dressing like Paris Hilton/Lindsey Lohan hollywood hillybilly is not original idea,
it's literally Arrow noticing the trend and exploiting it while it lasts

Look at this, she commissioned someone to make her Bratz doll. She's so predictable,
just like your every usual depop mall goth Bella McFadden on instagram. I thought she would go
for country/kitch cowgirl style judging by photos but she discovered Y2k trend
so i think we can safely make bets what she does next lol.

Nina Hagen is too complex for her to copy and like you said Arrow's got no charm.
Imagine her sitting on youtube learning and practicing new moves lol

No. 1127332


Nina Hagen isn’t “sexy” enough, Arrow’s look leans too hard into trying to be edgy while still being sexualized in the way that a bratz doll is sexualized, Nina Hagen’s look is more punk and far more creative

No. 1127398

Yeah this girl is tryin to be Taylor Momsen dressed as Courtney Love.

No. 1129032

File: 1610416185211.png (852.8 KB, 566x831, 555555.png)

New photo, this time with looks taken from post 2014 wavy hair Taylor Momsen. Arrow occasionally tries forest nymph look
Meanwhile on Starcrawler account she brags "they made it to Bratz" when she literally just contacted the creator first and paid for one comissioned doll.

No. 1129050

File: 1610417353529.jpg (33.35 KB, 349x507, 9ab2537958fd9f350a739fba047812…)

so glad someone made this thread, keep seeing her on instagram there is just something so off about her. i just looked up katiejane garside and im honestly appalled by how bad arrow skinwalks her, her weird tan-colored diaper phase is so obviously a ripoff of katiejane (pic related of KJ)

No. 1129075

File: 1610419732240.png (488.41 KB, 700x614, 8996545.png)

Maybe not really diapers, KatieJane wore some victorianesque bloomers not diapers thankfully, but Arrow definitely steals rag dresses, flesh colored stockings, hair, corsets combinations, then adds tacky crosses. Look at this photo, i swear i've seen the same one, same pose with KatieJane. Skinwalking KJ is not even the most shady thing about Arrow to discover but it sure figures high on her cringiest moments list

No. 1129080

File: 1610420388909.png (51.19 KB, 1356x466, 12463.png)

>What i do is completely mine
Ozzy and Alice are her safe answer, out of all the people she copies she rips them off the least

No. 1129117

File: 1610424698953.png (2.56 MB, 828x1792, 1EA6401A-DC0D-4CF9-BA97-7EF897…)

lmao the bratz ig posted this nonsense, because her gargantuan ego needs more fuel

>rock angel

nibba please

No. 1129123

File: 1610424884949.png (2.92 MB, 828x1792, 9A3CBBB1-8E8D-4805-A9B0-C2B33B…)

The fact that he calls her “my baby” is so skeevy given the age gap, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re into some ddlg degenerate garbage

She is definitely moving away from that aesthetic into trashy McBling tumblr nonsense

No. 1129140

>I am a mix between the histrionic and the simple
what kind of fucking answer is that??? tinfoil that she doesn't even know what histrionic means kek

No. 1129168

File: 1610430468728.png (710.75 KB, 900x534, b.png)

I had the same suspicion, every time he mentions her she calls her my baby this, baby that, every photo. She does this shit too, calls herself baby girl a lot, even sings about it. All this obsession with being "babysoft", dressing as angel. Tinfoil hat but they act like they're both little children, she calls him "danger baby" or something. Comments under this post on the right are all heart emojis and "twins", saying they're physically similar, yuck. Everybody say it's such a cute love etc. but they overuse the baby thing, baby as child not darling, and it honestly gets creepy even if they don't call it ddlg

Of course she doesn't, bitch just unknowingly admitted she's obsessively attention-seeking in need of praise (how ironic). She's just a regular attention whore just like her mother, if she knew that it's a real mental illness with such conditions she'd probably never say it, lol.
I mean apparently histrionic can be used as adjective for dramatic and stagey but in a rather negative way like insincere, hollow, show-off, so it's not much better

No. 1129171

Alternate universe Luna Slater aesthetic. Nasty!

No. 1129283

katiejane is a legend with nearly 40 years in the industry, i really want to be a fly on the wall and know what she thinks about her….. also arrow’s eyebags need some hydrocortisone or she has a milk allergy. that’s all i can think of when i see her face.

No. 1129382

She probably doesn't mind cause unfortunately she follows her back but Katie's almost never on socials. Arrow only met Crispin Gray i think. But his new band gets accused of copying Katie (the female singer) and they hate it so tinfoil maybe they like Starcrawler as a fuck you lol. That would be truly stupid and self disrespect move cause they had to open for Starcrawler, not the other way around. Imagine playing guitar in legendary bands for so long and then you have to play before some random 17 year old guitarist kek. I can tell you however Nomi Leonard (last QA bassist) was uncomfortable with her and wrote she'd rather not watch their videos cause the similarity is so apparent.

Idk but people should acknowledge she's 21 going on 22 this year not 16 anymore, there's no reason to be protective over her and excuse being a copycat with being young. Guess being a "baby girl" pays off cause everybody treats her like a child.

No. 1129394

File: 1610464960703.png (67.71 KB, 1139x483, 343434.png)

She literally confirmed all what you anons said about her having old thirsty men as fans. Millenials usually hate this band

No. 1129432

Unrelated but I'm giggling at this post, it reminds me of the way Trump types in his tweets

No. 1129754

Supposedly, Katie approves of her. She probably doesn't care much, maybe finds it a bit flattering that a young girl wants to carry her old mantle.
I guess it's more directly off-putting for fans with a great admiration for her work, Daisy Chainsaw and QueenAdreena. It's basically being presented with a cheap cosplay of something that means a lot to you, which is kind of offensive. KJG herself is probably "above" it because she evolved to other concepts/modes of expression, and doesn't care much about being famous.

No. 1129791

File: 1610491668502.jpg (223.81 KB, 1200x1579, x.jpg)

Exactly all what you said. Katie doesn't care but it's rightfully cringey to everyone else cause that's cosplaying and selling it as Arrow De Wilde. If Arrow didn't know about Katie and Emilie Autumn, she'd just go and dress as Courtney Love in her kinderwhore days. Chicks in rock dressing as Courtney Love get lots of shit while Arrow succeeds cause she picked less known women. Xero copying looks isn't exactly punk or hype worthy.

Arrow had no choice but to find someone to rip quickly cause the album wasn't selling. Hairmetal phase was a flop but look at the 1st year of Starcrawler, it's a whole other level of boring. I've got to say this look is unfortunately more representative of Starcrawler's sound.
Kek at her citing Chopin as inspiration, bitch how


No. 1130634

I can't believe how devoid of personality and talent this woman is. At least shitty popstars who don't write their own songs can dance or have a good voice. All those industry connections and these kids still can't get a plant career off the ground

No. 1131480

Well their "fame" is a paradox. For a post 2010 new rock band, they are famous, most of their peers can only dream of this level of fame. On the other hand, they're only known in specific circles (punk/grunge Hole-Sonic Youth kind of audience) in US, maybe bits of UK and Japan and that's still mostly accidental casual rock club goers in Europe. But yeah other than that they're nobodies, they're nowhere near that level of fame like for instance Nirvana, Green Day, Oasis in the 90's, like where even non rock audiences know your name. Look at their beginnings, it was all media saying Starcrawler are superstars for 2 years straight despite having no fans at all, only their 2nd album gathered some following after tons of advertizing and taking on more sexual look. They're fake and can't write good music, they'll never be a legendary band or internetionally famous selling out arenas (although they clearly crave it). It doesn't mean they won't be trying, of course. I wonder how bimbo Arrow era will look like promotion and music wise. Maybe Arrow will be fishing for bigger caliber of stars to elevate herself

Arrow is absolutely transparent and she can only badly mirror what she likes/considers profitable while in private life she must be even more boring and artless, yet self obsession level is cosmic. "I don't wanna be like cool kids, thank you mommy for not making me boring ugly normie from my school"

Anyway Elton wasn't even the first one to play their song. "Ants" debuted on Apple Beats 1 show hosted by Matt Wilkinson, known pro surfer. Bands put their 1st songs on youtube, eventually bandcamp, not hip Apple radio shows. Guess Matt is not as cool to brag about as Elton, so this part of their "rags to riches" story is now omitted.
Ants is seriously their worst song

No. 1134551

File: 1610934908849.png (Spoiler Image,760.32 KB, 737x892, 475777.png)

Recently in the world of rock's favourite uwu nepotism angel: Arrow guest sings anywhere she can, this time she was asked to spoil a song for Perry Farrell and Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters.

Um did she just post her ass on instagram? Not that it was unexpected but she stripped sooner than we predicted. 2021 will be Arrow 3.0, desperate e-thot edition

No. 1134563

Shoop looks like boweeps a bit

No. 1134747

File: 1610958304751.jpeg (22.36 KB, 480x360, BFFD292A-A162-46D2-BEAF-AFF08C…)

Oh my god she looks like this fucking thing

No. 1134881

kek you're right
She looks as if she puts some sort of white glue on her face, this combined with horrible noodle extensions and no brows makes her butterface look worse than usual

The trainwreck roleplays as Paris Hilton leaking her sex tape, except she "leaks" the screenshots on her own main account and stories for boomers to obsess. Her rockfag friends must be so proud, such a rebel, such a talent

No. 1135648

Even the band's name sounds like "starfucker", everyone who isn't a washed up, delusional tart clinging to the past knows Arrow is shit and won't ever have actual popularity or fame unless it's bought and faked. She didn't take off until mommy dearest started flogging her to all her old pervy friends in her underwear and still nobody cares about her. As soon as she ages out of her quirky-randumbness and her act goes stale, she'll end up a cringey photog just like her mother.

No. 1135650

What ass?

No. 1135764

File: 1611068565439.png (2.34 MB, 1475x948, starfuckers inc.png)

At first i thought she's wearing tight skin toned trousers on that flat bottom. Not saying you've got to have kardashian one but what exactly is the point to show that? It's not even photoshoot purposes, it's literal cheap quality trash for no reason apparently other than personal narcissistic supply and pickme attention grab. But Shirley Manson would probably say she's "challenging society's standards of what is viewed as sexy woman" lol

Anon you cracked this, that NIN/Manson video is where she takes inspirations from now, i'm dying

No. 1135815

So, Autumn turned her lazy NEET daughter into a personification of her old friends' aesthetic to shill to the public as a musician. What a testament to the true nature of Hollywood: clubs of uninspired, basic pickmes and perverts hugboxing eachother and burning themselves out on drugs while fantasizing about being above everyone else. Starcrawler is just Autumn's desperate attempt to pretend she doesn't have a boring normie daughter playing dressup, and that Arrow is just as KwErKy and YoUnEeK as she is but everyone sees through it. The only people pushing Starcrawler are the washed up loser pervs who still want to be quasi-relevant with young people by living vicariously through her youth since she's doing literally fuck all for herself.

No. 1135821

>The only people pushing Starcrawler are the washed up loser pervs who still want to be quasi-relevant with young people by living vicariously through her youth since she's doing literally fuck all for herself.

And by those people I mean Autumn's friends, the old statusfags who kept playing Starcrawler's awful songs on their shows like Elton John. Artists nobody cares about anymore but who are still trying to cling to relevance, just now by pushing Arrow and hoping they get a resurge in popularity due to her namedropping them in interviews. Problem with that is, I don't see any actual young people interested in Starcrawler or Arrow's aethetic, so really they're just pushing her towards nothing.

No. 1135826


Wait wait, is she only wearing a t shirt and belt? That's her actual back end? She barely even has skin flaps, how does she sit down?

No. 1136045

she's also just so shitty and hostile to her peers, especially other women. doesn't seem like other bands like to work or tour with them.

No. 1136326

All what you said tbh. Tom Petty, MC5, Perry Farrell, all are valid in every way but honestly super popular in 2021, not so much. They have their own fans and history, they're not going to die. Notice that they don't collaborate with other new bands or women. Arrow is taken by everyone however, if not song wise then they just want to hang out with her, Donita of L7, Brody Dalle, Shirley as if it granted them exposure. Jesus that's so visibile and pathetic, nobody cares. That's all fucking ingenuine cause where were they in 00's? 10-15 years later these bands wouldn't care, they were all comepetitive, they would shit on stuff like that. Nepotist shit was properly called out, weak stuff too. For example Billie Joe Armstrong and Dave Grohl are all in awes over Billie Eilish but they laughed hard at Avril Lavigne. Now they're more "mature" cause they stick with industry plants for additional 5 minutes in press or to show they're so nice cause they want to "tutor her".
Elton John played their song 2 times and went quiet, there are worse people that keep pushing her, obviously Shirley, Brody etc. Not gonna lie i lose all respect for ones supporting her. I'm most surprised about Courtney Love cause she always hated women rivals in general. She must be desperate for additional 5 minutes through Arrow kek. Wrong method, nobody cares

She probably took it off for the photo but i bet she would roll around in dirt naked onstage if that was in a live setting, cause she's so "quirky hardcore"

Yes, she only likes that chick from Skating Polly which tells a lot about her, they must be shady and shallow themselves to be her best friend. Other than that she's fake friendly in my opinion and that's strictly for 2 other LA bands. Dani Miller goes far up her ass and comments every photo but i feel Arrow doesn't care or treats her like competition. I've seen someone commenting about some small girl band playing before Starcrawler and some other LA band they knew and they told that fame messed up with her mind and she behaves fake and above everyone. Not surprising considering she's been called bossy and stuck up by her ex band members and that's why she was disliked at school. The thing is only going because she's surrounded with yes sayers and old farts treating her like delicate genius child. She can only talk with people her parents age, i'm sure she plays sweet and shy to them but she's looking down on her peers, social media only confirms that. Two faced cringe

No. 1136354

File: 1611103326629.jpg (188.24 KB, 1440x960, 87373739_1114098355598405_4943…)

Here's Arrow and Kelly Mayo of Skating Polly at some club with Melvins and Dylan Carlson if you don't know which one's the Skating Polly girl. Yuck, i thought Melvins have some taste in music and people.

No. 1139686

File: 1611364317200.png (168.79 KB, 1374x1080, wwwsfgbxcvb.png)

Starcrawler is collaborating with DC Comics. Apparently they recorded a song and also lent voices to some characters for an upcoming Batman ebook or tv episode, idk what exactly it is but it comes up in March. Don't know who they know at DC, maybe Chelsea Wolfe plugged them in cause she also participates in the project. First that useless Kendall Jenner video, now DC Comics, they're trying to plug Arrow into more varied/mainstream spaces cause what they already have is not enough. Arrow is going to voice some sort of DC world goddess, if you ever heard how numb & boring her speaking voice is, you can imagine how ridiculous it's going to be lol

Also they don’t even write songs on their own jfc. 1st album is just Ryan Adam’s side project with Arrow’s stupid lyrics

Tinfoil hat theory but quite probable one: Austin Smith either was done with them or he was kicked out of the band cause he talked too much & spilled some things, like songwriting one. Also notice they don't even let their rhythm section use their official accounts, i don't think it's even a joke, it's always Arrow or Henri/PR posting. Drummer and bass players are always transparent in this band. Henri and Arrow are equal cows so they’re best friends but others seem like purely business relationship. They don't hang out with the Austin guy anymore. Fingers crossed, hope he comes out someday and starts spilling tea, there’s surely lots of behind the stage shit. I wondered if he joined some actual decent band after leaving the shitshow but he pretty much vanished, no socials etc.

No. 1140086

>First that useless Kendall Jenner video, now DC Comics, they're trying to plug Arrow into more varied/mainstream spaces
and it's not even working, people still don't want them>>1139686

No. 1140325

File: 1611435732122.png (181.81 KB, 1405x704, rnbxcvnbv.png)

They know Melvins because their 1st song was produced by Steven McDonald who played in Red Kross and also Melvins.
They had Rough Trade people and even management granted by Autumn from the very fucking beginning. All "miraculously" knowing Autumn De Wilde or Aaron from the past and "accidentally" following them on Insta. This is all explained in this article, i can't believe they freely post this online cause this is a proof Starcrawler's fame was bought. To recap, 1st year of Starcrawler:
>Record 1st song with Steven McDonald
>Song premieres at Apple Beats played by famous surfer friend and later by Elton John
>Losers play 1-3 shows in nowhere/charity places for audience of 40 people max, most of them family
>Bought friend press says "they're huge in LA scene" (yeah, already after 2-3 shitty shows)
>Managers and Rough Trade come crashing at their doors mesmerized by this true punk fest, or rather Autumn De Wilde organizes old friends gathering
>The Ants video boldly presented by RT is in fact their 2-5th show at most
>Record deal ready is waiting next 2 years cause they can't write songs without Ryan
>But of course no nepotism, Starcrawler is just Hollywood punk star after 3 shows


No. 1140475

File: 1611442514870.png (881.82 KB, 1032x1080, 3erttfh.png)

So i've been compiling cringiest Arrow quotes and just. The bitch had orchestrated that moment. She made an "artistic performance" with her friend pretending to be "dying". Except nobody knows it was a "funny joke", maybe people at Glastonbury noticed it's fake maybe not, but everyone else on the internet believes she was passing out/dying for real. She never fucking told them it was "performance". If I didn't stumble upon this completely unpopular Japanese interview and didn't run it through translator, i would never doubt validity of this occurence, i thought she had dangerous health problems for real. And i think i know where she might've taken the "inspiration" from (and it's just sickening). In 2000 there was a rumour at festival that Katie Jane Garside commited suicide at QA show. Don't know if that was the same night but once KJ accidentally fell and slashed a major artery in leg on a glass shard. But the difference between KatieJane and Arrow was that Katie was very uncomfortable and deeply hurt about those rumours, started by other people of course, whilst Arrow literally starts the rumour about herself just so people remember them. People STILL fucking think she was hospitalized for real after this show. Comments under that post are all concerned people

Anons, why do you think Arrow De Wilde never addresses alleged Marfan Syndrome rumours? Why she never outwardly denies having anorexia despite slightly hinting at not having ed? Because she doesn't fucking care. She loves attention and people speculating about her having anorexia, her being on drugs, her having problems, it only fuels her, and if it's not enough, she'll arrange fake dying onstage and never explain it anywhere other than this 1 Japanese interview she knows nobody reads where she was directly asked about it. People are still worrying about her health, feeling pity, asking if she needs help and speculating on her alleged conditions while she reposts herself "dying at Glastonbury".

Fuck this, i have no words. It may not be Plaaastic/GG level swindle yet but bitch is getting closer to that level. If she was any more relevant, she'd be fucking cancelled at this point.


No. 1140484

>I thought it wouldn't be remembered unless I did something special.
Sounds like she knows the music is unremarkable.

No. 1141846

damn I like earth, this is upsetting

No. 1142225

File: 1611626442971.png (886.25 KB, 694x724, yyyyyyyyy.png)

She knows. All her talk about training not to be shy, practicing by the mirror, watching Iggy and others and making notes on their stage movements, then watching patients in psychiatric hospitals and the eternal talk about fear of being boring… If she was genuinely interesting person, she wouldn't be constantly worrying about coming off as boring. Interesting people don't waste time wondering if they're cool or boring, they just go on with whatever they're doing, concentrating on making and presenting their art and hoping this art will speak for itself if it's good. Most of music bands's intention is playing music first, show and costumes second. She knew she'd get nowhere with that music without being tryhard. Also if Arrow was passionate about making music, she'd be satisfied even with indie fame and whatever she's got so far, but we know there's always thirst for more, Arrow constantly says she wants bigger success, world tours, legendary status, huge stages, platinum records & acting as if she got notoriety through her own hard work, not connections. So ungrateful. Funny thing is she's the epitome of boring, normal and wannabe yet she and her friends continue to repeat that she's such a weirdo, such a real person, not like those ugly normies. Autumn is horrible mother for raising her to be snobby brat always struggling to prove how cool she is

I lowkey wonder if Shirley Manson is responsible for Arrow's concert tryhardness, she went to Arrow's old band's show when they were 14 or something, Honeycreepers or whatever & told her she shouldn't be shy and believe in herself etc. Damn Arrow constantly is trying to prove something to everyone and failing.

Anyway take a look at Arrow and Gilbert's incredible sense of humour, it's art lol. What they were expecting? And of course the edgy coffin in the garden is a must have

No. 1142246

File: 1611628363822.png (2.86 MB, 1838x1734, qqqq.png)

it is, i know

Anons look at this wonderful piece of prose
Wtf, these people are made for each other. Arrow communicates in emojis and movie cliches only while Gilbert writes fake deep stuff about shit. Son of a millionaire actor dates less millionaire but also filthy rich photographer's daughter, they proceed to live in a rented trash house (as if they couldn't afford villas and ranches) to show their rock'n'roll cred or to try "regular people" lifestyle they've seen in the movies, pipe leaks all over the garden and he makes it into fake deep post about the state of America, or circle of life, or whatever was his point. Why are they like this

lmao rich people & their "unique" perception of the world

No. 1142254

she's also what 20, 21?
i agree with what you're saying, also think about how she grew up around older famous musicians when they were on their off time. she probably doesn't understand how much alone time and work you have to put into creative professions, which means you're not social and naturally turn into a pretty weird person. which doesn't photograph well, like actual psych ward patients. but her mom is a famous photographer, so she learned the opposite since birth, so i don't think she'll ever get it unless she leaves all this behind. the older musicians were clearly being very encouraging and caring, i wouldn't blame them because anyone else would apply those kind words and gestures constructively. it sounded if anything like she was encouraging arrow to have the courage to fuck up and fail so she's not watching other peoples' breakdowns for inspiration, and believe in herself without needing handouts because her mom is famous. she sounds empty and like her moms prop more than anything, and she's young in this culture that just cares about clout.

No. 1142257

File: 1611629723751.jpeg (540.68 KB, 750x1214, 9B909F1B-BF5A-41C9-B24A-857C6F…)

Damn that’s cringe. I’m curious about Gilbert. He seems more active (or is at least credited) with his work, he’s done music videos for some kinda-big names, while simultaneously being an addict? How do you build a career while ruining your life? Is it all just nepotism? Also, it’s interesting to me that his ex-wife still has photos of them on IG, and she looks exactly like Arrow, or rather Arrow tries to look like her.

No. 1142263

Yes of course it was very kind of Shirley and others and if anything she encouraged her, i think Arrow took it all wrong in a way

Jesus yes. Scroll lower on gilbert's insta, she's still there and the similarity between her and Arrow is just some other level of weird

No. 1142304

File: 1611635513835.jpeg (11.94 KB, 358x251, OIP.jpeg)

No. 1142309

& Manson's part in that video was a clown on Courtney Love

No. 1142353

holy shit those are some anorexic shoulders. Like sticks on a ribcage. i say this as an anorexic former dancer

No. 1142390

i’m sorry did this man say that he woke up, breathed in backed up sewage from their plumbing, flushed everything in the house to make it flood and smell worse and then stood in it??

what the fuck

No. 1142626

this guy looks like adam sandler slowly morphing into a horse

No. 1142762

File: 1611692930383.png (735.63 KB, 1001x491, 92.png)

That's really uncomfortable and weird. Idk if Arrow consciously tries to look like her with frazzled blonde hair etc. or it's Gilbert who found an exact same copy of his ex wife. That's odd, it looks like they met, got married really quickly, lived together for a short while then went their separate ways fast too… at least judging by socials, who knows how's irl
That's almost same hair, same face without makeup, similar height and skinny looks.
And he called her baby too. Arrow's not the original baby, lol

No. 1142784

File: 1611693735650.png (1.93 MB, 1920x802, 45678.png)

Imagine being a copy even in terms of relationship

No. 1143143

File: 1611726154702.png (1.81 MB, 1928x1158, Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 12.3…)

Supposedly the growlers apologized for this but idk, i think arrow is lying or at least exaggerating. Probably the other band publicly apoogized because hiring a stripper for your friend is definitely annoying, but they knew no one would believe she's lying for attention.

Also the pitchfork artice about the incident mentions fake blood, so now I think the pic of arrow on the couch with a paramedic is either the stripper or a staged photo like the glastonbury one.

No. 1143144

File: 1611726177872.png (2.09 MB, 1934x1160, Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 12.3…)

2nd part of post

No. 1143200

> Supposedly the growlers apologized for this but idk, i think arrow is lying or at least

The Growlers admitted full responsibility and did not dispute a single detail. Why are you convinced she is lying about her sexual assault? The dude rubbed his bare genitals on her, not just danced.

No. 1143384

I don't know, i think it's true considering how much of drama surfaced around growlers. There's so much of worse allegations against the growlers including sexual assault and harassment with them directly, not random strippers. Because she is who she is her words were treated seriously and Growlers disbanded.

Did it bring her some benefits? Sure, this case was the only thing that granted her headlines in 2020.
I believe her but I wonder however why Growlers were so quick to apologize, most of scumbags don't take responsibility and ignore it or claim they're innocent. Maybe Arrow has something else on them

There's article about Growlers, Arrow and more indie rock cases like that:

>"I think people should be called out on their actions and face repercussions because if they don’t, they’re going to think that it’s okay.”

Ok but following this logic Arrow should also be called out on a thing or too. Just saying.

No. 1144174

File: 1611828439389.jpeg (218.76 KB, 827x1482, 404DB9BB-EE64-483B-B3E4-87B506…)

She’s really working that trash playboy logo into her aesthetic a lot, it’s so cringe and incongruous with people a “rock chick”

No. 1144228

File: 1611834279762.png (93.54 KB, 945x642, feminism.png)

Yeah, i think i've never seen rock women using Playboy logo, cause this is self disrespect by default. Cause what exactly is she trying to say? I see you're posting Playboy logo, does it mean you're downgrading yourself to a sexual object now posing for amusement of pervy man? Not to hate on Playboy girls but you know their position wasn't the most empowering thing for a woman. Cause that's what those girls were, shitty old men's decorations, villa swimming pools toys, magazine naked dolls for men to ogle at. I know lots of people wear Playboy logo as a joke or in a "look i'm hot" way, but it's really unfortunate in Arrow's case considering how much of pervy old men come to their shows to look at her. Her entire career is pandering to older men. She's been posting photos in scant lingerie all year (which wasn't the worst thing as long as it was lingerie) and now she's posing naked for people to thirst over her, there's nothing artistic in there. It's her business if she wants to be seen as Playboy girl, but don't cry in interviews that you don't want to be sexually objectified when you objectify yourself. Nobody called her Playboy girl, nobody called her a bitch, she does it herself. "I'm harassed by girls" but it's ok when she's harassed by old men cause they're old punk rock and enjoying shows, right

But that's hardly surprising considering she can't say a single word on feminism. She's given this answer twice or more already and it has nothing to do with the question. She picked the lamest thing to talk about, other female fronted bands either joke about it or mostly don't fucking care, but she made it into serious issue lol
Question: So is feminism important to you?
Arrow: I'm not like other girls, muh bois are valid, we have more boys so we a boysband

No. 1144528

File: 1611864774588.png (1.51 MB, 1170x672, tshirt.png)

I understand that t-shirt belongs to Gilbert?

Ok so the last time Tayler Treadwell posted photo with Gilbert was exactly mid February 2018 and they were still all in love, kissing etc. Then the first time Gilbert is seen with Arrow (online) is 2nd March 2018 and in April 2018 Arrow was already moving into their pink white trash palace, considering ugly furnishings etc. Or moving at least May/June, they were dating for sure in April.
He didn't fucking even wait a full month between one and another, he just switched girlfriends in 16 days. I ask fucking how? Did he take instant divorce and then met Arrow 2 weeks later? Or was it Arrow that was the reason of their divorce? Is Arrow so fucking dumb and naive or she's not such a saint at all either? Not saying they started dating on that exact day but Gilbert says it was "love at the first sight" so yeah, at least for him it took 2 weeks to switch from A to B. Wonder if he switches Arrow too when he finds next same looking chick kek

Anyway where's the anon that talked about Lena Dunham? Cause they even know fucking Lena Dunham, she commented Arrow's old photos saying "damned proud" lol. It's one big happy nepotist hollywood family

No. 1144875

That's so typical for pick-me's like Arrow. They'll act like/say that they're "one of the boys" and she most likely thinks those old thirsty dudes' attention is flattering without realising they just like her for her trashiness rather than talent. Don't get me wrong,I think it's shitty what happened to her with the Growlers but it shows that she's completely delusional when she thinks those types of people would even have an ounce of respect for her (or any woman). In her world she felt "equal" to them even though their actions show completely otherwhise.

lmao he fell in love at first sight with a chick that looks way too similar to his then-wife.

No. 1144977

File: 1611896022484.jpeg (239.72 KB, 826x1692, 0B2E9835-2CF3-4FBF-A1B6-70F2BA…)

I’m the anon who first mentioned Lena Dunham, this does not surprise me in the slightest. What a massive nlog circle jerk. In addition to the creepiness of it, Gilbert trading in his wife for a younger model of the same make is also unsurprising, Hollywood scrotes are even more entitled than your regular scrote, even the ones that look like they’ve got a congenital defect. And it looks like Arrow’s next skinwalking victim is Paris Hilton, just when we thought she couldn’t be any more cringe

No. 1146031

File: 1612031164711.png (1.03 MB, 695x858, pitiful wannabe paris.png)

>Arrow’s next skinwalking victim is Paris Hilton, just when we thought she couldn’t be any more cringe

There's always a place for more cringe
She's not even trying to hide it
Look at that new Paris t-shirt kek. Funny thing is she acts like "haha look i'm ironic inappropriate like Paris" but… De Wildes are regularly poverty appropriating, she's as tone deaf as Paris

She still doesn't get cosplaying belongs to cosplay scene, not a "punk rock" music career. When each of your costumes is a replica of other people there's something wrong and skinwalking people in private is a bonus

No. 1146036

File: 1612031392183.jpg (84.72 KB, 591x653, romeo-rose.jpg)

No. 1146078

File: 1612032921666.png (565.95 KB, 607x793, 56756755.png)

There's new interview with Arrow:

>I would love to just play the fucking Echo or the Echoplex and just have it be all ages and free or cheap.

Wow, what about huge sports arenas and VH1 documentaries?
>I don’t know, I just love all things trashy
>I’m not trying to be that annoying white bitch that’s complaining about a life that’s actually pretty good
>I would just hope that they remember. It doesn’t have to be the best show of their life or anything, that would be kind of cocky to say, but my worst fear is just being forgotten about.

Lol that last answer. All interview is fake humble but this is fucking desperate. "I just hope i'm not forgotten" she's just THAT bad and she knows it

This is her with horrible orange hair

No. 1147806

File: 1612153002735.jpeg (398.88 KB, 828x1158, A7E2BEEC-0FD1-40A8-BF43-C93C41…)

>as real as it gets

This interview contains epochal amounts of cringe, good lord. And of fucking course Mexican Peter Dinklage was the photographer.

No. 1147807

File: 1612153047183.jpeg (581.74 KB, 828x1435, DE80DB64-2829-46C3-9640-43745C…)


No. 1147820

With this and the "most dangerous woman in music today" from years back, I feel like they're low-key making fun of her with these lines.

No. 1147842

Is there a single person just filling this thread all on their own talking to themselves while a couple considerate anons occasionally reply?

No. 1147858

i don't see any milk here either, but tbf like 1/3 snow threads are just vendettas with like 2 anons going back and forth lol

No. 1147866

This thread isn’t milky as such but it’s tism-free banter (unless you count the fact that most of us posting here are musicfags who like to sperg about authenticity and whatnot)

No. 1147882

Ah, it really reads like a single autist documenting paragraph upon paragraph about her. Purism is really stupid, this thread is just odd.

No. 1147933

Thankfully, you can hide it and move on painlessly and forget all about it.

No. 1148065

Long post anon here, yeah i wasted time researching her (as if most of snow threads aren't waste of time). We're not trying to ruin her career (it's just a thread, come on). Not a lot of people post here besides musicfags and honestly everybody knew it's for a small niche rockfag part of farmers. Amanda Palmer isn't your regular cow but she's got a thread made for few musicfags too. Some are bored by tradwife and pro ana threads, some by Arrow one, hide/ignore and carry on, you'll be fine.

No. 1148250

Sage for no contribution but I enjoy this thread a lot and I did not create it nor do I really comment on it. It was interesting to read everyone’s takes and a lot of farmers are really into music which is fun to read about also.

No. 1148402

Thanks anon and yeah same, i enjoy other contributing ppl's knowledge about music and art. I guess we can carry on with the subject. Ok going back to watch Marilyn Manson's fall from grace for now. Sage and end of derailment

No. 1148799

File: 1612233855618.jpeg (812.6 KB, 828x1165, 011FA27F-6BE2-4E4D-B4AD-106F85…)

Ditto. It’s also amusing because several people I know irl (Amy, Brody, Stevie McDonald, Ryan Adams) are mentioned here, which I would never have expected (except Ryan on account of him being an abusive prick, but I digress).

Picrel made me snort, Autumn just had to flex that Rodarte connection (amongst all the other pretentiousness going on here), tinfoil desu Arrow is going to walk for them/be in a campaign next season, if not open or close their show.

No. 1149902

Lol if you know them i imagine it must be weird to read this. Rockstar mentions are here cause i'm amazed by the span of rock friend connection net they have, plus top hollywood actors observing Arrow and cheering for her. Ryan, Steven, Brody and countless of Aaron and Autumn's friends from Rough Trade and elsewhere don't look at it that way, Arrow is a cute nice friend's daughter and they're helping her cause why the hell not. From a regular man/regular hard working rock band point of view it's big injustice cause Arrow had fame handed to her along with rock star approval before they even played their first show. Fair band in their position would hire strangers to take care of their careers and shut up about famous parents for a second instead of shouting about it each interview and waiting for compliments.

For all Taylor Momsen used to be, she never claimed to be punk rock or that she "worked hard on her own" to get where she is in music. Arrow disgusts people with additional spoiled girl flexing mentality.

Kek at fucking Autumn. Rich people all talk in the same style, Autumn, Gilbert, well Arrow doesn't talk much cause she rarely has anything to say. Oh no doubt Rodarte will take care of Arrow.

No. 1149942

File: 1612313500415.png (2.15 MB, 1864x1920, vogue.png)

She wore Rodarte and Versace before
Her relationship with modeling is so peculiar: she seethes about it but tries it anyway. Check out full Toy Teenager's lyrics, it's tragic how her "mocking" songs ironically could be sang about Arrow. "All you are is a clothing hanger", says someone like Arrow De Wilde. (And it's not even a dig at her body from my point now, i'm talking about her lack of personal style.)

>“Toy Teenager” (a song about de Wilde’s refusal to be abused the fashion industry, and about how “people look at my body and just want to put me on a platter”).

Vile model scene, vile people looking at her body, but she still poses naked for fashion industry? Ok lol

Tinfoil mode, she was rejected from runway fashion, so of course she's going to say shit about runway models. Or just pissed cause nobody reached out to her with propositions. Not saying there's no sad truth somewhere in the song but runway modeling is not posing for your mother's camera for your friend's magazine, it's a hard work. Diets, stress, people in a hurry shoving you before the shows, the sheer competitiveness and worry about getting old. Arrow is the last person equipped to speak on runway modelling with her wishes always granted by mom.

She strikes me as someone lazy and getting pissed/crybaby when she can't have something immediately, so no wonder she couldn't set her modelling career off the ground. She hates it so much but she models anyway? Starcrawler pushed her further so she can model for magazines, photographers and brands now as an "interesting bloodspitting rockstar" however she wishes, on her terms. Smart.

No. 1149962

File: 1612314596895.png (666.29 KB, 1366x707, dior.png)

>"Rock'n'roll bands wear Gucci, they are contradicting themselves in my eyes"

also Arrow: wears Dior, Versace & more

i don't mind rockstars wearing high fashion but it's going to be amusing if Arrow finally collaborates with Gucci

No. 1150361

The eternal conundrum of being in a rock band is striking that balance between originality and authenticity whilst striving to be marketable in an ocean of competition. Ultimately success is contingent on being in the right place at the right time above all else. Arrow could easily have a career as a couture model but her mother is seems to really be working this NLOG angle by proxy, and now cracks are appearing in that facade as evidenced by Arrow veering increasingly closer to full blown McBling bimbofication.

The comment about couture not being rock n roll reminded me of an interview with Cristina Martinez (Jon Spencer’s wife) I read when in high school where she talked about her Gucci shoe collection and people expressed similar sentiments about what it means to be rock n roll”. It was fucking retarded then and it is fucking retarded now, and it really emphasises Arrow’s naivety; Sonic Youth filmed the music video for Sugar Kane at a fucking Marc Jacobs show featuring topless teenage Chloe Sevigny over 20 years ago, no one questioned their rock n roll credibility over it.

No. 1150700

Whether wearing Gucci or Versace is opposition of rock'n'roll values or not, it seems to be personal opinion. Fashion and rock seem to run together, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, etc. Punk was made side by side with clothing equivalent, Malcom McLaren and Vivienne Westwood used Sex Pistols as a walking advertisement of their clothing brand. Maybe the answer is just keeping it moderate and without unnecessary flexing.

In Arrow's case it's naive and hypocritical cause she says it's not rock'n'roll and moans about advertizing brands through musicians but she literally is doing that in the same article. Her first articles, even tv adverts were promoting clothes & she continues to do it more than ever so i don't get what's her problem with other musicians when she practices it even more often than others. Such a stupid thing to say for someone like her

No. 1151398

she must be a nightmare to work with if she can't make it as a model. her natural look is so suited to it, maybe she never figured out that the product is the clothing, not yourself

No. 1154310

File: 1612648053359.png (1.62 MB, 1319x1252, k8888.png)

cringe from a couple days ago, i can't with how she tries to sex everything up these days and types like Lilith Levisis type ethot now, her fans are no better. she's begging for collabs now

apparently she wrote "dont talk to me unless ur ass a getty image" and then had to add "some of u took it too seriously" cause people were done with her shit and starting replying in same rude manner lol. out of all things she had to hype having live photos of her on gettyimages, only Arrow can be fawning over something like that.

No. 1154580

yo she 100% lost weight. in that all-white photoshoot from a few years ago she looks model/young person skinny, but in the rosary photo&the parker day shoot she's got no muscle tone anymore

No. 1155389

So she's in lockdown and loses weight instead gaining? I mean she's not on tour, if anything you'd expect people to lose weight on tour with less regular eating etc. honestly idk how to distinguish what is normal and thinner for someone looking like her… conscious dieting or alcohol use is aging her prematurely? hope she's not stupid enough to try to fit gilbert's stupid look preferences or what

No. 1156082

I'm a creepy/goblin person too, not to her extent which is clearly some sort of genetic disease, but at that age if you're naturally skinny you don't get the saggy muscle atrophy she's showing lately. if you're already skinny losing weight/not eating is also super bad for you and you feel like shit

No. 1156232

File: 1612819750522.png (694.2 KB, 472x663, breakfast.png)

her new stories, "breakfast" kek. was that posted to point out "she's eating, #suck her dick"? eating protein bars for breakfast… dude, how can you be so masochistic. i understand it as a coffee + sugar snack but breakfast? that sorta gives me grimes vibes, grimes is/was vegan but she claimed to eat spaghetti only and she hates vegetables or fruit

drug use might be the key. substance abuse started in teenage years continued heavily further can make you lose alot of weight and make you saggy past 20's… but that would be quite fast for her. she seems to be in a reckless, happy edgelord phase of drinking/soft drugs instead of ongoing life-ruining addiction. maybe it's more and sooner visible on her due to her look

No. 1156295

she strikes me as more of a stoner than a junkie. i was a pretty bad cokehead for 10 years and it fucks your face more than your body i think. there's this weird puffy look that comes from booze+blow but her face looks fine

No. 1167691

File: 1613953319688.jpg (377.89 KB, 868x2656, 021246823.jpg)

she got clout, from halsey lately, some makeup advert of halsey's brand. that's a weird association, can't imagine halsey or yungblood crowd getting interested in her.

it's funny someone in this thread said she'll eventually rebrand as etheral insta elf and look she now changes her face into that "alien baby" shit using lenses or filters

No. 1167700

File: 1613954352044.jpg (274.99 KB, 1058x1516, s2000682997.jpg)

This looks kinda sad. Her mother's costumes were cringey but at least she looked much better in those glam suits than this porn-ish trash parody she wears here. it reeks of desperation

No. 1167732

she follows lilith but she's like 21 so idk this is aimed at her age group unfortunately, she's probably looking for mentally ill people to rip off but jokes on her lilith is doing the same damn shit.

No. 1167773

Her face looks super busted.

No. 1167784


No. 1167817

Not seeing the big deal

No. 1167960

goddamn, her hands are fucking huge compared to the rest of her because of how bone thin she is

No. 1167979

Abnormally elongated hands and fingers are one of the most characteristic anatomical signs of Marfan syndrome.

Her dodging/denying the Marfan question is so ridiculous and pathetic. It can have serious health implications and given the medical care her family wealth gives her access to, it's almost impossible to believe she hasn't been dxed with it if she does have it. But she doesn't want to lose the "mystery" of her extreme look. I hate to moralfag but it's so irresponsible to present herself how she does and deny that it's because of a genetic condition.

No. 1167984

She already did a Gucci shoot w her boy

No. 1168010

she follows lilith for real? i made comparison cause she definitely goes for that lilith ethot oversexed bimbo look but i didn't know she actually follows and treats her as "inspiration" for real lol. I read and enjoyed Lilith threads but this look/behaviour somehow doesn't click with the way Arrow always "presented" herself, this absolutely punk rock girl and rock saviour but also super nice girl. Lilith and Paris looks are like different polars, it's as if she was dressing as a groupie. Kendall, Halsey - no matter who it is, Arrow is glad to be pushed by anyone but don't you get the impression it's no longer about hanging with rock stars but she's now interested in fishing for celebrities approval?

And i agree she looks for mentally ill people to rip. First she was obsessed with "studying" schizophrenia and epilepsy and emulating it onstage, then "died" onstage (more than once i suspect), so what now? Emilie Autumn was given shit for ableism (dancing on wheelchairs and making herself a victim cause they pushed her in a wheelchair in her "asylum" from room to room and it made her feel endlessly hurt and mentally retarded). How is that different? People get pissed when depression is exploated and fabricated by artist to make them more "interesting", this girl is parodying schizophrenics and other mentally ill people and she freely admits it.
Denying Marfan Syndrome is also shitty. She has a whole family of tall people but her mother was the same height as her and looked normal thin.

No. 1168024

Yes but it seems more like they went to Gucci party and she wriggled in to have some photos taken instead of being ambassador. Dani Miller was a face of Gucci. They met a few times and Gilbert shot one of her videos but i bet Arrow's jealous of Dani deep inside. It seems like Dani Miller is much more famous/liked by young people than Arrow, plus she took the trashbag look to the extremes and Arrow has nowhere to go from here.

Actually, trash look is a go-to look for these new girl fronted bands, the idea is so exploated and unimpressive. I can't blame young people that they prefer sweet voiced normal looking indie rock girls. Their following shows what young people really enjoy. I thought Arrow is most popular on socials but i was wrong. I took a look at other "girl wave" new bands and Phoebe Bridgers has 780k followers, Snail Mail 153k, Soccer Mommy 103k. Dani is 77k, Arrow is 62k while Starcrawler has mere 50k. The lowest is Skating Polly with 11k.
There's about grand 1 or 2 fansites of Starcrawler out there, one of them had entire band commenting on their posts, even Aaron Sperske did. It's ran evidently for young people and both accounts have about 400-500 followers at most. 18-23 year olds seem like their target audience but i'd be really surprised if they made even a quarter of their fanbase.
For real, LA bands endorsed by Elton, Garbage, L7, Beck, Courtney Love and others have the lowest following.

No. 1168385

is this the same person did you make this thread maybe you should log off for a bit you're having the opposite effect

if she doesn't want to talk about whatever syndrome or disorder she has or doesn't have that's her business and right. it's not shitty. if you're using the term "young people" you're too old to be commenting on a 21 year olds body and shaming her for having boundaries, not that there's an appropriate age but you definitely know better than to add to the pressure too many girls have to put up with. honestly fuck off.

No. 1168645

Sorry for drunk sperging, it sounded too much like moralfagging. I'm 1 year younger than her, also maybe i worded it wrongly, it's not shitty but weird but yes it's her choice. Idk why she denies it but i don't say she needs to come out with it or anything. Her body is fine, if anything i'm not fond of her attitude. What i find nice about her or her band are some of her clothes and that they take care of visual side of releases, making video promos for tours as if it was still mtv era and so on. Sage for derailing etc.

No. 1169670

agreed she has a genetic condition, but women with marfan's don't actually look the same as men with marfan's. they may not be super tall or thin; a woman with marfan's could have a lot more body fat than arrow does. however, the hands and armspan on arrow are a pretty strong indicator.
i don't think she looks that weird though. naturally skinny people can look super crazy when they're young (source: i definitely did)

No. 1169672

does…does she know that there are people under 30 who remember when that style came around the first time? she knows that like, other people have heard of paris hilton, right?

No. 1169720

i love you m

No. 1170446

File: 1614289181418.jpeg (203.29 KB, 826x1462, 96522310-76F4-414A-B4DD-9D28AE…)

This is some egregious anachan shit, good lord. But so quirky and not like other girls, right?

No. 1170448

File: 1614289222883.jpeg (237.43 KB, 827x1474, 05F21BE1-3F52-4DEF-B04C-B10C45…)

No. 1170473

it's shitty in the context of things like this >>1170446

No. 1170488

I don't know what she means here, like if she means it in a negative way as if the children were bullying her, or if it sounds more like "look i'm quirky"?

She posted a photo of dinosaur skeleton in same story next. Bold for someone who doesn't want to hear comments on being thin, "dinosaur skeleton" is suddenly ok? Or likeling herself to bats elsewhere? She's willingly pulling that shirt and making a story pointing this out with "lol" tone…

No. 1170498


and she wonders why she has thin reedy shit vocals

No. 1170500

File: 1614292843624.png (786.04 KB, 782x794, taylor momsen.png)

Finally utilizing thumb sucking and milk emojis "appeal" in her "art".
I can't shake the impression she looks exactly like Taylor Momsen here. Taylor even made a new video recently looking similar, white backgroud, make up, blonde hair and black heavy boots

Before someone tells me i'm "bodyshaming", this one's not my comment. I keep it she can do whatever she wants and i don't get the purpose of that dinosaur story, although i'd say it looks questionable.

No. 1170530

lol jfc now she thinks she's the first person to be skinny? every skelly got the "IT'S LIKE A DINOSAUR!!1!" shit from other kids when we were little, it's annoying but not new

No. 1170660

she probably got more flack for looking like an extra from The Hills Have Eyes

No. 1170792

the mutants in that movie look like someone cut off their butts and glued them to their faces. arrow's more like an extra from schindler's list

No. 1170796

fucking wow really

No. 1171126

Ok, person with similar "dinosaur" experience here so this will be lengthy, I'll try to explain why some of us find it eyeroll inducing. I wasn't the anon who originally posted story screens, I refrained from posting them myself but now that I see some people had similar impression as me, I'll try to explain. It's not about whatever personal liking or disliking, now let's concentrate on the post itself


Double standard? Ok, give example of a guy that behaves like Arrow in regards to his body. (I'm not saying it's only women.) The reason guys aren't mentioned here (besides the guy from Deerhunter I believe) is that this thread revolves around Arrow De Wilde and (surprise) we talk about her. Lolcow is full of separate threads on people with questionable behaviour, guys included.

>it's not "shitty" for her or any person regardless of gender to go through shit or not go through shit, and to decide to keep it to herself and have boundaries

So what are you trying to say finally? That she has boundaries and doesn't have to talk about eating disorder, yet she's trying to show eating disorder in this post?
I agree with you but these „boundaries” turn questionable after her post. She doesn't have to admit to Marfan or eating disorder and she can show her body all she wants, it's the context of bones talk that's distasteful and questionable. She doesn't want people to have discussion on her bones, but then she herself starts the talk on protruding bones. She can talk whatever she wants but don't expect people not to discuss when she invites the talk herself.

>if she was really trying to show off her potential eating disorder she would've done everything to show off her bones

And before that she was jumping out of her skin trying hard to show she doesn't have eating disorder in various places. Both her mother and band denied ed, while she tells people there's no reason to worry about her health, sending generous "proof that i eat #suck my dick" and fuck offs. Wtf you trying to say? That she changed her mind and shows she has ed now cause she suddenly decided she can use it as a lighthearted funny anecdote?
She denied Marfan Syndrome (and maybe she doesn't have it) but she and her team even more often denied eating disorders. You don't just do everything to show people that you have eating disorder (like in this post, allegedly) while also verbally denying you have eating disorder. Decide, yes or no, and if no, then quit showing quirky "hints" on insta. Idk her point, but if what you suggest is true and she tried to show that she has eating disorder through this story, then showing "yes" and saying "no" is a contradiction and that i will call shitty.

>you can suffer from things like that and not be an "anachan" or trying to be "quirky" or "not like other girls"

True, now what exactly was Arrow saying in that story? Some of us are browsing this site long enough to distinguish snowflake behaviour. Even if we assume that's unintended, what Arrow posted makes it sound like she's so special and weird, as if she was the only person in the world with protruding bones or the only person that had to hear this type of comments in childhood. What pray tell was the deep message and purpose behind pictures she posted? People with similar experiences aren't naive enough to go and boast about being compared to dinosaurs cause… they know it's nothing special, millions of people had such experiences. That's why her post sounds so stupid. But to expect when her own family called her "alien baby" and she was growing up thinking she's exceptionally weird looking.

She doesn't want people to talk about her body, denies both eating and genetical disorders, then goes online and shows her bones with "funny" story. It's not the first time she posts in a "not like other girls" way. Dinosaur stories don't look any better. But that's just my opinion, I thought about it and I still keep it sounds odd.

But let's throw away assumption she hints at ed in that post. So once again: she can do what she wants, she doesn't have to admit to having Marfan or eating disorder. No one here needs her to come out with a statement, although some of us are entitled to our opinions on that. I don't care if she keeps it all a secret. I'm not one of the anons who compared her to mutants or whatever. But to me her post sounded naive and "not like other girls" vibe. This might not have been her intention, but in the end she spoke in a "quirky thin girl" language and to me that's distasteful. Doesn't mean it has to sound the same to you though.

No. 1171275

also the deerhunter guy says "yo i have marfan's" and then keeps his clothes on. even if said clothes are a see-through dress or short skirt lol

No. 1171597

nah not what i meant at all but thanks for the fucking odyssey, homer. i meant men in music have been taking off their shirts since always, and yeah a lot of them are very skinny dudes naturally or from drug use or an eating disorder. think sid vicious. it was always artistic and no one claimed they were trying to "be special", they got to use their bodies as mediums. there's very famous photographs of them and it's fine, this should also equally be made fine for women instead of shaming them with some middle school shit.

she's not trying to "show an eating disorder", that's a human body. you don't know she has an eating disorder, she could have other health issues, you do not know that. i think she just doesn't want to facilitate a discussion on why she's skinny specifically, which could be to protect herself and her fans. and yeah, she does get to be the only one who talks about her body when she wants to, and if all she's asking in return is for people to not treat her like that's all she is, that makes sense. she made a joke, just like dudes do about their bodies.

yeah, maybe she doesn't want to have that conversation, or worry a lot of people who love her. she didn't show she specifically has an ed, she showed her spine. she's not even sucking in or doing those poses. even if she were it's her body and yeah it's an artistic expression that doesn't degrade her actual experience.
they're not "quirky hints" jesus, would you say that about a dude who didn't want to talk about an eating disorder he may or may not have? no. and she does not have to confirm anything to anyone, and if she says no to keep people from worrying and trying to control her or shift the focus to her body, she has that right and i do not blame her.

"distinguish snowflake behavior" oh ok i get it officer, but it's her body she's allowed to try to control the narrative about it. she can talk about it when she wants to and how she wants to, just like everyone else. how do you know that was "boasting"? it's not an accomplishment just a silly story, how did this trigger this novel?

your last few sentences make sense and the response should have just been that, good joke. it's the internet so there's no tone, sorry you never got called alien baby. she's the daughter of a famous photographer, you're shocked she embraces her body and doesn't hide it? good for her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1171831

Holy fuck chill out

No. 1171912

Here you are, i’ll write as much as i like, i’m sincerely sorry you had to dabble in reading if it disturbs you so much! Do you know where you are? Are you new to this site? There's different people writing here, not all of them are going to be nice, especially not in a place like this. I personally don't care if she walks around with or without clothes on and i haven't shamed her for running around without shirt nowhere in this thread. and i'm not responsible for someone else shaming her for running naked or whatever.

I was talking about her allegedly "showing eating disorder" cause you implied "maybe she's doing that", not me. That's what i said "allegedly" and wrote why it's contradicting IF that was what she was trying to do, following your suggestion it could be that. I replied to what you wrote, so don't turn it around now. I can't come back to your full earlier comment cause you deleted it. "If she was really trying to show off her potential eating disorder she would've done everything to show off her bones", that's what you said. Ok, yes she's done everything to show off her bones, a lot of times lol. And IF that was her intention, i wrote why it would be stupid cause she would contradict earlier statements. That’s why i used „if”.

>i think she just doesn't want to facilitate a discussion on why she's skinny specifically, which could be to protect herself and her fans

If she comes and says „look i’m so skinny” don’t get surprised people start to wonder why. I see she doesn't want to discuss why. To protect herself: Yes. But her fans? Are you kidding? How is she protecting her fans? Her fans are treating her as a fucking thinspo. Her socials are full of people saying "they want/try to be as thin as Arrow" or outright send her questions like "What is your diet? What should i do to look like you?" Protecting fans, how exactly? By staying conveniently silent and not ever denying publicly having eating disorder or anorexia, instead reverting to passive aggressive "proof that i eat, suck it" and fueling speculation? And yeah, she's dead silent on that, it's always her band members and her mother speaking instead of her. If that's true, what's so hard about saying "i don't have eating disorder"? She treats anyone that’s genuinely concerned for her as a retarded idiot who can’t see she eats, well has she said anything officially to clarify it all, instead of 1 photo with tumblr edgelord caption? In effect half of the fandom worries about her and the other half yells „She’s Marfan, educate yourself before speaking!!!”

If she cared about "protecting fans", she'd tell them "it's genetic, not an effect of diets or exercise or anorexia", nothing more. How is she even fucking herself benefiting from not denying anorexia? People still continue to speculate about her, body shame her, telling to eat something everywhere while teen fans look up to her thinking it's some achievable thing possible to "work on" with simple skipping a few meals, not an effect of illness or just family genetics.
Her mother keeps it that "they're all very tall in the family" and "absolutely no ed". Great, if that's true, why doesn't Arrow speak for herself and she only waits for her family and friends to correct everyone, then gets pissed when people are misinformed and stick anorexia or MS on her? If she really cared for protecting herself or her fans, she'd clarify she's not "sick and dying and passing out" after shows when she runs with her paramedic friends cause she worries no one’s gonna remember her shitty band uwu, that her body is either effect of genetics/some sort of height altering illness, not anorexia/bulimia. But that would destroy her „rock’n’roll mystery”, right? There would be nothing to talk about, she’d be depraved of attention she so desperately wants!
It's her thing if she's fine with the kind of comments she gets, but cut that bullshit, she's not fucking protecting fans.

That is, of course, if she doesn’t have ed. If she has eating disorder, then these dinosaur skeleton stories seem like glorification of being so skinny.
Great sense of humour if that’s „good joke” to you. To most of us here it’s pathetic cringe.
Calm down, there’s no reason to be jealous of idiotic „alien” obsession and abnormal relationship between her and her pickme mother that always tells to be as weird as it’s possible and god forbid not like other „ugly and gross” kids at school as she says, letting her kid skip school to sit with adults and later funding her career when her talentless daughter isn’t educated or capable to do anything else on her own.
The only person here that sounds triggered is you. Chill the fuck out, you sound really pissed for an average person on the internet, absolutely not Arrow or her people. Are you one of „Crawlers” or one of Arrow’s nonexistent friends? But hey, i guess at least we have a first rabid whiteknight here.
Sage for longpost. Probably it's going to be pointless cause there's no discussion with her fans anyway.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1172920

More like discount 2012 Taylor Momsen after a 3 day drug binge.

Wait, that's probably exactly what she was going for.

No. 1173495

oh my god this chick's music is so bad. it's just so low effort. like what the fuck even is her job title?

No. 1175807

She looks like Lady Gaga and Shmegeh's love child. Gross.(necro)

No. 1176205

>Last post 3 days ago
You ok farmhands?

No. 1176240

I don’t get how this is a necro either. It wasn’t even a full month but a mere three days since the previous comment.

No. 1176288

It's a useless nitpicky comment that was posted without a sage days after the fact for some reason.

No. 1176294

File: 1614892340461.png (809.61 KB, 678x860, 28167295_396021.png)

old speculation but yes she wore gucci before so her comments on rock credibility are amusing. but it was predictable

she's releasing new merch soon i bet it will be some cringey 'lingerie'

No. 1176304

File: 1614892897393.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1920, 87XVg4d.png)

new thing she posted… wtf it's hideous, from lipstick pseudo cuts (i think?) to that face filter

No. 1176327

Wtaf. She either drew on fake cuts and bandaged her arms with fake blood, or she sliced tf out of herself and shoved her fresh cuts into the focal point of her selfie. Either way I hope someone calls her out for glamorizing sh

No. 1176344

nah it's lipstick or paint, if you zoom in it looks like pink lipstick over the bandages although the arm bandage point where "blood" seems to be soaking looks more convincing. kinda made to look as if she slashed vein.
No one's gonna call her out unfortunately, it's just an instagram story and it's gonna disappear in a few hours, most dont bother to watch her stories. plus ppl would tell it's "being unapologetically herself" lol

No. 1176553

wow this is fucking shit. first she pretends to be schizophrenic now dresses up as a suicide case. i wish cancel culture was real so she could get cancelled

No. 1176556

she's lost weight since whenever this photo was taken. no doubt she's naturally very thin but i feel like she's going down the road of making it more extreme via ED because she has no other identity

No. 1176614

well i'd say technically it's hard to cancel someone who's barely relevant (aside from rock press, LA rock and artist cliques) but if she continues to do that shit, she may end up with #exposing sort of tags or websites someday. she'll be fine career wise considering it's dewildes family, but it wouldn't hurt anyone to show the problematic shit she does. i think it could be interesting if some youtuber made a video on her but that's not likely.

i don't get her new weird ways of attention begging, as if she doesn't have enough. or how ppl say "they need to play stadiums not clubs". her band apparently reached as much as they could 2 years ago. if they can't fill a stadium it's not the media's fault cause advertizing was the last thing they lacked.

No. 1176638

File: 1614927822279.jpg (311.68 KB, 1156x770, 35689908.jpg)

in her previous post she tagged this lilynoise chick who seemed familiar to me (another la band as it turns out) & damn her feed is a goldmine of arrow's teenage photos. i can't believe it's the same person lol

No. 1176641

File: 1614927979205.jpg (291.25 KB, 904x880, 35689908764.jpg)


No. 1176643

File: 1614928320437.jpg (229.5 KB, 898x874, 356899087.jpg)

no sense of style but at least she didn't imitate mental illnesses and cutting for clout yet

No. 1176699

That’s… not necromancy, it’s just unsaged faggotry. It was only 2 days. Anyway.
Jesus she looks so much like her father here.
This is such a fucking mess, her muh dinosaur skeleton and fake cuts and bloody bandages uwu 3edgy5u nlog shit is so cringe, she truly has no sense of style, which is frankly astounding for someone who literally grew up in the art/music/fashion world.

No. 1176703

I actually don’t mind this kinderwhore look on her, it’s much better than the y2k tacky pink bratz doll look or skinwalking kjg. It’s not original but it’s not objectively terrible and suits her better (mostly because her legs are covered so it’s not so egregiously anachan)

No. 1176873

she looks like she's being herself, she should go back to doing that

No. 1177772

trippy, she's got really short legs for her height. i believe the 34" inseam pants she was selling now

No. 1177989

File: 1615069719964.jpg (332.69 KB, 1050x1866, Screenshot_20210306-221148_3.j…)

i agree, kinderwhore vintage creamy dresses + brushed/washed hair was best she's ever looked.

and as much as she looked like fucking boring regular becky as a teen, she seemed more natural and nice, not that plastic shallow bitch pose she strikes now complete with katiejane reserved for stage and eternal pressure of pretending. well as nice as she could be, considering she still had superior kid complex

sorry but that looks bad. this way she funded herself huge forehead and vanishing chin. idk if she knows what she's doing, kinda throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks, in a rapid pacing. except nothing sticks.
i lowkey wonder if she had a stylist considering her previous lack of style & forever copying

No. 1177999

File: 1615070826918.jpg (309.85 KB, 1096x838, arrow.jpg)

that must be the angle in the photo, usually her legs are abnormally long especially hipbone to knee ratio, i mean look. but she also wears high waisted pants a lot so idk

No. 1178858

Lol someone called her out on fake cutting on instgram
she reposted the same goblin photo with paint cuts to instagram but she cropped it so that its only her upper arm and top piece of bandage on one hand.
someone left a comment saying she had fake cuts on uncropped version of photo, watches an copies mental illnesses and now glorifies self harm. idk if it's some farmer, thread lurker or someone else done with her shit. either way she left selfies but blocked comments on this post.

i noticed she also trashed that thumbsucking momsen photo, i think it may be cause some scrote lowkey roasted her saying posing this way she only panders to men and fills their spankbank folders. yo she cares alot about singular bad comments. she doesn't seem to mind weight or ed comments on her feed though.

No. 1179058

This is an imageboard, get caps next time

No. 1181310

File: 1615426693020.jpg (185.43 KB, 1004x1322, instagramscreen.jpg)

sure. i have caps, well i got screen while on pc but i originally wanted to post comment and photo separately and accidentally saved under the same name as original and then closed both file & system. (She already closed comments by then) so in result i lost full insta post screen(which probably would be better looking, sorry).
That's all i have. post was already up for couple of hours max i think but she closed comments maybe 10 minutes after i lurked her feed. next day photos were already gone.

she also had one more face selfie and photo of some anime girl but that wasn't worth capping.

No. 1181319

File: 1615427434147.jpeg (244.52 KB, 750x1334, 29F1661D-C9F3-46D2-B187-5ED22D…)

I s2g the level of photoshop used is hilarious

No. 1181321

File: 1615427455953.jpeg (525.26 KB, 741x1071, 6B98EF1C-5C5F-44E5-B66D-DEAEE9…)

No. 1181325

i was just about to post same kek
she's pushing up that ass with the whip but i feel like alot of shoop was in action

also ngl it feels really uncomfortable to discover Jerry de Wilde (her grandfather) left comment "wow" with shocked and heart eyes emoji…

No. 1181401

Her fucking grandfather commented that? Vomit.

I don't understand why she's choosing this look, out of everything. I don't get it. I know the 2000s/Paris Hilton is a thing, but it's not saying anything.

No. 1181415

i bet people wouldn't mind if all she did was post selfies in different outfits. what's annoying people is that she keeps putting on a new costume and saying "this is who I AM now" every time

No. 1181445

File: 1615436775730.jpg (2.17 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20210310_222528494.j…)

He did
Sorry for crappy shoop job, I'm on mobile

No. 1181471

famous people shouldn't be allowed to raise kids

No. 1181680

File: 1615466916374.jpg (Spoiler Image,322.33 KB, 1682x1108, yuck.jpg)

yeah no shit, grandfather should sit and think a bit longer how comment like that would look. but this is a constant in this sleazy "liberal" LA family, her rich friends whistle with approval and family, well family fucking started it all.
Her mother fundamentally fucked her up. Arrow posted these nudes in time they dropped "i love LA", i found 2 now but i could swear she had more originally. She was 18 at the time, photographer: autumn de wilde… sorry, no matter how much of a famous la wanker you are and you don't care for your kids properly by default, shooting your daughter's tits for instagram is not normal. any good mother would yell that idea the fuck out of kid's brain, no matter how famous and trashy the kid is set up to be. 18 years is still fucking young even though it's legal.

You can see fwo3's comment (he was a photographer who took fashion pics of arrow around same time) & notice he got concerned and tagged her mother so she can see what Arrow posts… yeah, except these photos were shot by Autumn, maybe even originally suggested by her.

No. 1181681

File: 1615467117643.jpg (229.05 KB, 622x908, 2i198768d.jpg)

>Arrow's band Starcrawler breathes new life into Rock 'n Roll riffs. Based in LA but time traveling through the 70's, Grunge to the early 00's, Arrow shoots through images, moods and feelings. Slip in that 90’s DVD into that needy slot, and ease into sleaze as you finger the menu. Shot & styled by photographer Indiana Piorek - she sizes it all up with maximum spunk and funk, and minimal outfits packed with stripper store chic, in a motel moment of self-discovery.

what… for a moment i thought they're putting out porn DVD with the magazine for real

Arrow LARPing as Paris porn tape. "using her body as an ~*art medium*~"

No. 1181740

Is that… really grounds for being a cow though? This thread smells like samefag

No. 1181800

Is this ironic softcore fetish? This doesn't even look real. It literally looks like something a farmer would make to mock her

No. 1181815

Nope. I've contributed to the thread and I'm not op or ayrt. Feel free to hide the thread if you're not interested

No. 1181817

It's real, check out kinkkongmagazine instagram, first post, second picture, i can't screenshot now

not that anon but ok thread ain't the best & milkiest yet it exists and it goes on, so i say whatever, really don't see a problem here

is it light or they blurred upper back area

No. 1181960

File: 1615492939416.jpg (108.44 KB, 822x1030, sc2d.jpg)

Ok apparently there is a video (her instagram & indiana420bitch). Doubt it's porn but at least "edgy" crap with fetish gear for photos. what an embarassment. her "artistic" family must be proud tho

Lip fillers? she never had such huge lips

No. 1182436

jesus christ all the adults in her life have failed her.

No. 1182533

I’m not OP or that anon either, and I enjoy this thread. I don’t know why it’s so hard to hide or ignore it.

This is so fucking gross. Thinking that this is “normal” is in the same vein as Lena Dunham thinking it was okay to fiddle with her sister because for some reason artfags get a pass for being inappropriate? I understand nudes not being inherently sexual but Arrow’s cheap hooker half assed kinky shtick isn’t artistic nudity, it’s fucking porn

No. 1183979

File: 1615684016540.jpg (110.09 KB, 838x664, z22556839s0.jpg)

this, artistic photography nudity is fine but this is empty, caricatural level porn for attention & praises. that's basically "ironic" porn mag for ppl considering themselves "artful". no hate for porn actors but that's about as artistic as walmart or kmart. the only thing Arrow shows here is her attention starvation. lol

Unfortunately, that's rich/art people hollywood scene. i s2g every insta girl from LA has obsession with 80's/00's pornstars, stripper outfits, cheerleader mean bitch type. or that one "ironic" kitschy blue eyeshadow every gen z rock girl puts on, especially Arrow (pic related).Take random IG girl & she'll have caps like trash queens etc. Idk is that rich girl complex or their version of exotic? whatever rocks your boat i guess, at least working class peeps can have a good laugh

Props to hairdresser, someone brushed out her extentions finally.

No. 1184011

File: 1615685739477.jpg (765.1 KB, 1582x1440, z2lemontwigs.jpg)

wtf is wrong with her Autumn? first time paying attention to her IG, had no idea Arrow dated a guy from Lemon Twigs, nobody would if Autumn didn't have a need to document & broadcast their dates and bedroom… whatevers. i mean sleepovers are a thing but she let them sleep together like adults, not Arrow in her room and boy on the couch? ok, teens sleep together but when parents aren't home? these are like 3 different sleepovers, the ending of 2015 and 2016 so Arrow was 16 years old and guy 17 i think. It's not from some private account, it's Autumn's public art acc. for all to view & comment

Photo with pink hair is taken in the morning but others look liek they were in a deep sleep. Ik it's not sexual or anything but they were allowed to sleep together as teens and as a bonus, got Arrow's mother sneaking in the middle of a night/morning and taking photos without their knowledge, at least at thst moment. whatever's your parenting policy but a mother taking photos of you & your boyfriend sleeping and posting online, kinda gross. idk but that's a bit inappropriate? wtf. creepy

No. 1184052

Between this and her grandfather this is so fucking gross, they objectify the fuck out of her. It's like they all live vicariously through her and she'll never have room for her own personality because of it.

The problem is that shitty dudes don't care about the irony, all they see is permission to find emaciated broke young women ok to sexualize. Which isn't her fault but this could have been done way better as commentary on that. I wish the hyper sexualization of the 00s that was pushed onto girls and women would just die, not be brought back "ironically".

No. 1184104

see it's not sure it's even ironic for her and most girls either. it's said to be but usually it's secretly or openly serious. the general attitude towards 00's thing is glorification and new found excitement devoid of critique. on one hand people pity Britney now for the first time in years but on the other they unironically love and try to resurrect the exploitative playboy bitch/paparazzi-chased party celeb style (under the guise of empowerment), plus it's trendy to be hyper kinky, that Indiana guys account shows it perfectly. i'm afraid Arrow doesn't see anything exploitative in that scene, she just wants to be "hot bitch". and not we understand why

(Notjust grandfather, grandmother too)
Autumn is gross. Arrow talks "dinosaur spine", Autumn talks about "her spaghetti bones". Seems she always wanted to capitalize her even before starcrawler. so much of sus shit, i'll try to post more caps later.

Arrow would have to change environment completely to wake up, maybe meet some ppl with the right value system. but that's not likely unfortunately

No. 1184110

File: 1615696733870.jpg (116.25 KB, 908x878, z49886.jpg)

clothes they made her wear at 14 or 15 for a magazine shoot. look closely what's under D&C.

No. 1187178

is that even her? am i face blind? this girl's head is shorter and more square

No. 1187678

I think it’s just whatever lense was used on the camera that makes her look different, it’s definitely her you can find these pics if you scroll all the way down her insta

No. 1187810

File: 1616111783613.jpg (278.87 KB, 1348x706, z34878689i0.jpg)

that's her, she just looking down from the side. source is autumn's IG.
Autumn's IG gives more insight into her past, plus i found some article. i'll make it a photo dump in parts

part 1
Arrow was 100% low tier clothes model and Autumn was toddlers&tiaras mom imo. Autumn has now Emma movie to sperg about but 2015-2016 is mostly all arrow arrow more than her work, not just as a mom posting sweet family photos but more as promo shots in fashion outfits i think

she thanks various brands as if it ws endorsement deal. "i got leather pants waiting for arrow" sounds like she planned each detail. She was dressing Arrow at first for sure until they showed her how to thrift vintage hooker clothes.
(sorry for low quality)

No. 1187811

File: 1616112131919.jpg (330.22 KB, 884x880, articleclip.jpg)

part 2
this article, she says she wasn't a model or a blogger. not exactly true. i mean, yes she didn't write as such but she had a fashion blog, it's still on web machine

No. 1187813

File: 1616112401561.jpg (543.52 KB, 924x2376, 4876863.jpg)

part 3
it honestly looks like low engagement tumblr but it's got dot com handle. it presents yet another style. she looks ok imo

No. 1187817

File: 1616113132847.jpg (487.94 KB, 1051x1931, 26987r92.jpg)

part 4
This is an article about LA teens fashion, they crammed her between Will Smith's kids and Zendaya Coleman. Wow "it girl" and "psychedelic guru", she starred in 1 music video and contributed only 2 articles to rookie magazine at the time, and these were just photos of her in the street with no caption. Can't believe they mentioned her at all

you would think she was her own self at least as psychedelic no-styler but maybe her mother was picking these clothes for her too.

full article if you're interested:

No. 1188386

Listing having famous babysitters does her no favours either, just emphasises the clear nepotism that she’s ridden on her whole life. The whole blurb just highlights her lack of personality with the amount of heavy name dropping, and where are these portraits she’s taken?
If she weren’t posting captions about her Getty image status I’d feel bad for her, her mom so clearly wanted her to be this supermodel beauty/voice of a generation but she couldn’t make a name in fashion and her music is waaaaaay off the current pulse

No. 1188760

i don't get why she didn't just become a full-time model. she's competent and would probably be actually respected, even if she never got A-list work (though I think she could have if she'd committed to it). there's nothing wrong with getting paid to wear clothes. why does she try so hard to do everything except the thing she can actually do?

No. 1190780

File: 1616460754390.jpg (191.58 KB, 782x850, honeycreeper.jpg)

same tbh, kinda felt bad after figuring out Autumn but maybe theres no reason to be sorry cause Arrow clearly enjoys the lifestyle it got her. and she comes off as a total self absorbed rude bitch both in captions and interviews, even her former band kicked her out for being a bossy cringelord. btw Honeycreeper played like two shows so you get idea how lame she must've been. she wanted a serious career only after they kicked her out so she lowkey started starcrawler to get back at them

i think music was a backup plan. around same time she sang backing vocals for some band on Conan o' Brien, so she had a lil taste of that business. Autumn wanted her to be famous, which branch exacly was of no importance. modelling would be a perfect route for Arrow, what a bad career choice

this pic lol, she has that selfish territory possesive vibe about her, like "this is me myself and my band"… maybe that's just her height though

No. 1190786

File: 1616461516595.jpg (248.79 KB, 1126x794, 091838756368.jpg)

Maybe it's because Arrow's body would be a norm in fashion world but it's "shocking" in a rock band. Or she's impatient and used to getting stuff instantly with no effort. i read she used to take drum lessons but she quit cause "she decided she wants more attention than that", her exact words. so you get idea, she needs to be in the front not just one of the countless models or mere drummer

it just got to me how badly she tries to look like lilboweep lol. she started shooping/filtering (left brighter arm, filter fuckup? not a normal light/shadow thing) aand is that… a shallow cut on her wrist? i may be wrong idk

No. 1191064

The cut looks more like some kind of accident than self harm. I think she’s too vain to cut somewhere so visible as it wouldn’t fit her ‘girl boss unbothered badass’ persona

No. 1191106

Because she’s fucking ugly and not in an interesting model way anon, kek. Average face and freakshow body

No. 1191110

Sage for nitpick, but goddamn, that styling does NOT pair well with her man face

No. 1191113

This. I was confused about the anons saying she should've become a model. She has a very normal face.
I think the most interesting thing about her is that she was basically born to be "cool" on paper (wealthy artist parents, surrounded by famous rock musicians, tall/skinny, literally named "Arrow DeWilde" lmao), but in execution, she's extremely average/boring. She always looks like a cosplayer or a fan. Literally 30% of our cows here are more iconic than her, it's weird.

No. 1191132

listen to her boring music and you'll know why she's better off as a model kek. but you're right anons, her face is painfully plain. the rest of her body qualifies for a model, at least unpopular brands. she'd never make it without de wilde surname though, it's the only thing that opens doors for her. it's telling she got last name after mother, not father. planning in advance
at least she copied rockstars then, now she copies some of alt IG cows which is just lol

No. 1191298

Isn’t she over 6 feet tall? That’s typically considered too tall for runway and absolutely unsuitable for catalog type stuff. Skinny and tall does not automatically mean one should omg totes be a model like people in this thread keep saying. There really is such a thing as too tall and too skinny. The only modeling I can imagine this chick doing would be for her mommy or mommy’s friends lol

No. 1192310

File: 1616631724884.jpg (311.2 KB, 434x1976, 3c20f14e1a84c71496a4c03cd7be37…)

Yep she's 6'3. Anon i don't think anyone's like "omgg arrow should be model queen uwu". It's just you'd naturally assume she could be a model without specific knowledge of runway rules. I for one didn't know girls above 6 ft are usually rejected by agencies, wow. puts in a whole other perspective Arrow's NLOG shit like "Oh i'd totally rule runway if i wanted but i ~*choose*~ not to cause it's too easy n every basic bitch does modeling now"

My guess is they had big expectations that stopped at collabs with mom only (so now she downplays it). They tried though cause you can see their usual plugging tactics like flaunting Mullevy sister as babysitters.

Arrow models a plenty as a guest "rockstar" now (at least before covid) so her poor model conditions don't matter anymore. last name matters

No. 1192486

she couldn't be a-list, obvs, but i mean she could have a regular job. you can be a low-tier/freelance/"alt" model if you look like her and it's better than having a shitty band everyone mocks

No. 1193297

File: 1616721687923.jpg (506.98 KB, 1280x1732, 20210326-221352.jpg)

seems that's exactly what she does these days, modelling for small unknown LA clothes brands (or calls famous photographers if she wants nice photos for IG). which is totally fine. but honestly, most of her clothes promos are bad, she does not make you want to buy a product at all. she looks out of the place, like she always looks wasted even if she's not. out of these pics maybe one is passable

now i see it's true she's got short legs for her height (as shown on the white pic) so weird. she just covers it with pants ending far above belly button

No. 1193305

File: 1616722614308.jpg (283.86 KB, 1195x878, 20210326-221353.jpg)

holy kek that's not a good promo. she's never been an astounding beauty but her looks really deteriorated lately, doesn't look like a 21 year old wtf

No. 1193460

yeah i think a big part of what makes her look "weird" at first glance is that her torso is extremely long, proportionally. her super-skinny days can be chalked up to age and she's already filling out a little. i don't think she's that crazy looking and defs wouldn't call her straight up "ugly"

No. 1197928

File: 1617144520380.jpg (169.52 KB, 1039x1024, no.jpg)

thanks autumn i hate it

No. 1197959

File: 1617147804917.jpg (461.15 KB, 902x1698, 0438a9b8d.jpg)

Since it's bumped. not her pumping new "sexy" merch and flexing wearing xs in comments (she always avoided size questions). what a generic logo

tees+condoms are clearly aimed at teens/YA but jokes on her cause their audience are almost exclusively boomers

lol. that's some indie rock guy with her btw

No. 1198007

i know, he's my favourite one

No. 1198071


(I’m assuming it’s old, what’s the context?)

No. 1198078

Nta but i've seen it on autumn's blog, she's probably 15 here in mother's studio and there's no context other than autumn photographed Spoon alot and context was prob "let's stuff my daughter anywhere i can"
Starcrawler also supported Spoon. along with beck and cage the elephant (what a coincidence) i feel ya anons lol

No. 1198081

he better be on a fuckton of drugs here cause if not i'm so disappointed in him

No. 1198082

File: 1617160928166.jpg (101.86 KB, 904x658, courtneylove.jpg)

that feeling when all your favourites love arrow

arrow: mimes a gun to her head
kurt cobain's wife: cute

Wtf why is Autumn so influential? There's been alot of semi popular girl bands in the past years, some of them decent or at least better musically but nope, they all only stan Arrow

I don't get why courtney simps so hard for arrow, this woman usually sensed bullshit from afar or at least mocked women she was jealous of. or how Courtney still shits on Bikini Kill for "being biggest hoax ever", "total amateurs" and "sucking" but Arrow is genius kek (all these fit starcrawler perfectly). or her shitting on Amy Lee

on a side note i'm very curious why CL told her to "get her shit together"

No. 1198084

lol they had to hire a prettier girl for the cover instead of arrow

No. 1198086

As someone who actually knows him personally I can almost guarantee that he is, kek. Still, the fucking exhibitionism of autumn shoving arrow into a pic with someone more famous is such a cringe clout chasing move (like pretty much everything else she does)

No. 1198087

that's beck's daughter
"kinderwhore" dressed bleeding girls on cd cover theme is so overused these days

No. 1198091

File: 1617161797149.jpg (8.3 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

that's pretty much consistent for autumn, she literally shot back of Arrow's head for the bleachers cover, pushed her into their video for 2 seconds and for whole song duration into keaton henson vid.
and she wasn't even in any band yet.
whoever autumn knows is also known by arrow, seems she tagged her along on tours, concerts, backstages etc.

No. 1198094

i'm jealous of you i would so have his babies kek

No. 1198102

He’s a huge slut so that’s not completely outside the realm of possibility

Courtney is a salty old cunt who needs to shut the fuck up, she has always been jealous of Kathleen, no one cares about her opinions anymore so she can scream into the void about how much loves Starcrawler

No. 1198104


nta but the high fashion industry has very specific specs for clothing and samples that everyone follows more or less, what is known I believe as size 00 or just "sample size". I am sure she would never be able to fit these clothes correctly. She has a weird long torso, her shoulders are probably massively wide, and is probably way too tall to every get down to the 32-22-32 ideal measurements for the NYC/European market when girls who are 5'10 have to starve themselves to get down to those numbers. Her face is way too ugly for an asian market model, she isn't for high end lingerie or swimsuit either lol. Maybe if she gains like 200 ilbs she can do plus size modeling.

No. 1198106

File: 1617164153477.jpg (302.24 KB, 1009x1200, tumblr_oxm68a2try1s72u2ho1_128…)

kek well said
anyone here likes kat bjelland? now that i think arrow had a photo with her too. her plus skating polly chick and Kat. she was more friends with skating polly though, these chicks are kinda known exactly for wanting to be babes in toyland. Arrow looked super unimpressed though.
here it is

interesting. so yeah seems her only chance is Rodarte letting her run in their clothes or her friends starting nobody LA brands like that fake fur photoshoot

No. 1198111

I didn’t see a photo of Arrow actually with Kat (I love her and Babes in Toyland in general) but she’s been posting on her stories about Kat having end stage liver failure (no caps because those stories aren’t up anymore, sorry fam).

No. 1198114

i didn't see arrow posting it but i know about kat's situation
damn that's so sad, poor woman

No. 1198122

Yeah she needs a transplant but can’t afford it, which is just bleak. Arrow has posted about donating a couple of times now, which, y’know, isn’t the worst thing to be posting about. More substance than her y2k crackwhore aesthetic photos

No. 1198129

agree but um from what i've heard on newest updates, she can afford it (either donation was successful or she had money in the first place) but the problem is with organazing transplant. means at stage 4 they usually don't want to let you have transplant, not even let her on a waiting list. and addicts sometimes don't even make waiting lists just cause they drink/do drugs. kat apparently had huge drug/drinking problem in recent years. she has the money but she doesn't qualify i guess. she prob can't go abroad and even without covid it's a hell of a mess to get transplant on time. she's in a care facility now

props to Arrow at least in this case, hope she donated too not just posted and called it a day

No. 1198140

doesn't his heart belong to eleanor forever though

No. 1198142

what bothers me most about this y2k mcbling stuff is that these girls who think they're being edgy don't remember how actual edgy or different people, especially girls, were treated at that time. The paris hilton look they're copying was basically THE LAW at my school, and it was a really toxic and antifeminist time that cause a lot of eating disorders and smart girls to waste their potential. being called "smart" or "weird" was a massive insult. girls would kick you in the face for being different in any way, whether you were too skinny, too fat, didn't get blonde highlights, wore dress shoes instead of sneakers on the weekend, literally anything.

No. 1198145

Life was hell back then, thanks for the war flashbacks

No. 1198148

i had a complicated system of getting a certain amount of answers wrong in tests so people wouldn't see too good of a grade when we got them back and fuck me up, but i'd still get a good grade in the class. (because we wouldn't see each other's notebooks or homework, you could only really go around and see everyone's mark when we got a test back)

No. 1199790

File: 1617319024314.png (1.23 MB, 1224x996, Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 7.17…)

old milk but i laughed.

No. 1199821

>boss bitch like me
lmao, okay Arrow

No. 1199847

welcome to the club anon, 00's were horrible in this case. ironic how rock-alt girls want to dress like paris now while paris-tier rich bitches dress up as punks and mall goths. and that paris is often glorified now by feminists/SJWs who cancel ppl left and right often for vague shit but same people convienienty close their eyes on paris' bigoted, racist remarks from the past and generally treating ppl like shit. anyway… Arrow was much too young to remember Paris and mcbling shit, she could've been watching hannah montana at most

boss bitch, more like autumn is her boss kek
i found the video, such a fucking shit (her performance). that's hardly recognizable, they edited the fuck out of her voice probably to save the video somehow

No. 1199849

File: 1617323222187.jpg (394.86 KB, 1636x910, vs.jpg)

Is it me or she's sucking in her stomach alot in second one? her panties aren't so loose in first. Idk but this & that other protruding ribs photo (even pushing herself up slightly for a better effect) give certain vibes

No. 1199922

ehh that's kinda just how you hold your stomach when you pose like that. otherwise you get rolls or a weird fold. carrie fisher even talks about how she had to sit with her back tensed really straight and suck her stomach in for the gold bikini scene. what i think is weirder is how arrow's pelvic bones are way less visible that a lot of people who are bigger than her

No. 1200820

File: 1617426749853.jpg (287.22 KB, 1662x942, 392822222.jpg)

Well they had a livestream on twitch just now, i tuned in for a few minutes and this is what she was wearing. Fake self harm cuts and bloody bandages on wrists, veins and knees, she's back at it again. she talked about stuffing microphone in her pants onstage and cutting up her clit or something and going to the hospital and the other girl was like "that's sooo COOL", kek what a cringe.
but damn she was acting like a total dumbfuck: trying so hard to look high, flailing around and constantly tugging n scratching those bandages. i recorded a bit and could upload but maybe they'll post the stream on YT.
couldn't bother to see the whole shit show but that interview, just can't believe how she managed to make herself seem 10x dumber than usual, this is real bimbofication wtf

No. 1200828

The world is upside down.

No. 1200850

Post it anon, bless us. This pic is proof enough to me that she’s capable of being a healthier weight

No. 1200861

Please post the recording blessed anon! Imagine being such a pickme that you get a fucking playboy bunny logo, which is the universally recognised symbol for misogyny and the exploitation of women, permanently branded on your skin. The cringe is stratospheric.

No. 1200981

didn’t katiejane garside cut herself onstage? or is that a qa myth

No. 1201287

Nah, she only fell on broken glass once and it cut into vein so she was taken to hospital. she had sh scars once upon a time but these were evidently nail scratches only. Unlike arrow, katie had evident problems with herself. putting bruises and cuts on drink me graphics might be seen an odd choice but idk it seemed more like an unhealthy page out of diary at the time, not glorification. something she lived and overcame while this is attention whore painting cuts with lipstick cause it looks "cool" idk

i'll try but i've never posted videos here, mp4 format is ok right? all i found is this needs to be 20mb so it took me a while to edit. if it doesn't work i'll just dump it on yt

No. 1201447

what a fucking douchebag. what is this mental illness cosplay shit? does she understand that junkies and self-harmers actually exist and aren't exactly having fun?

No. 1201470

The fake paramedic stunt and fake self harm shit are worse than anything in the celebricow thread imo this is the most morally bankrupt cow without even being a scammer like tuna lol

No. 1201657


No. 1201769

this woman actually upsets me. she just has such a shit personality and hate for other women

No. 1201978

here's full show livestream for context, i recommend you to at least see the cringe beginning, then definitely the song starting at 3:40 and I Love LA (lol horrible singing) and maybe Pussy Tower for the maximum cringe. that song at 3:40 look at her "sexy" moves, my sides

No. 1201982

The new interview. had problems with adding videos so i posted on youtube. idk for how long but so far it's there.

First, apologies for video idiotically jumping in the beginning, stream started unexpectedly and i had a problem with setting vid size for some reason and had 100s of other windows open. hence the cutting/shifting but honestly it's only interviewer talking about shows cut (and beware there's a kind of noisy crash in the middle)

That clusterfuck paired with the show was cringy af but aside from the lulz honestly it's also fucking irritating. her behaviour gets more and more tone deaf and unnerving, she does any wrong shit she wants yet nobody says anything. everyone's fueling her gigantic ego. no imagination, no brains, no morals, nothing

No. 1201983

Its just so. Unremarkable in every way.
If this is the """"future"""" and GREAT REVIVAL of rocknroll i guess im gonna get into polka cuz fuck this.

No. 1202019

polka is unironically based, weird al represent

No. 1202037

I wouldn’t advocate for drug use in anyone but js if she took like anything it would help whatever made her think the frequent leap frogging, awkward posing, and literal complete lack of sexual appeal in a stripper micro bikini.

Not to be that person but fr has she ever experienced tragedy or heartbreak to even pull from? I mean clearly not with the lipstick “cuts”. There’s interesting social commentary on that she could perform but I doubt she will

No. 1202042

No this is why I said she was worse than Luna because she has no pain but wears real life experience that she lacks like a costume

No. 1202065

The thing that gets me is that their music is objectively fine as far as unremarkable generic rock goes but arrow’s voice makes it worse. She can’t sing for shit, and you can really hear it on Bet My Brains (the last track here) much more so than on their recordings. Add to that the fact that she’s a terrible frontwoman, she’s so awkward and all her moves are contrived as shit. Like severe “I watched some footage of Iggy Pop on YouTube” vibes. This woeful performance really makes it glaringly obvious that the only reason why they have any semblance of fame is autumn’s connections. If they replaced her with another vocalist they’d probably be better off musically but they need to keep her for the clout. As a musicfag this shit really grinds my gears, even though it’s nothing new.

No. 1202126

Im mostly a lurker here but wow that was horrible her voice sounds like a goat.
Also i dont want to dunk on anyone's appearance but…if you told me she was a man i would believe you

No. 1202138

kek sis, do you know where you are? This whole site is devoted to dunking on people’s appearances. Seriously though, I don’t think she’s ugly, and her body looks much better than that of a fat person imo, but she has a fairly masculine face. Especially in her younger pics when she wasn’t wearing makeup and had more weight on her. The combination of mcbling bimbo thot and 3edgy5u simulated seizures and fake blood and bandages is so fucking cringe, the complete lack of talent makes it all the more egregious

No. 1202463

You can recognize she can't come up with the good melody cause she doesn't sing, she just does that singing-talking (Bet My Braind as example). Or does the weird gasping in the beginning of each phrase. And she said "her voice evolved and is more varied" or something kek

At this point i kind of wish someone exposed her, like either expose blog, or if someone bigger than her had the guts to call her out. i don't mean this in a vendetta-chan way, it's just weird situation that every other person trying this "self harm/mental illness as a costume" shit gets called out, but Arrow gets ass pats for the very same thing. When will she finally meet someone not buying her shit or caring about her surname and telling her as it is

funny but that's exactly what she said in sme interview i read "I studied Iggy Pop and Cherie Currie videos"

No. 1202469

File: 1617666592564.jpg (87.22 KB, 824x298, wowdeep.jpg)

this was on goodreads, from autumn's elliot smith book my god what a pretentious shit. that book is about elliot not arrow, remember? i'd bet my money that all the "pain" they ever had was autumn divorcing her boyfriend and having to gtf out to some other mansion, i call it. "poverty" story is just them moving into another house.

No. 1202522

this is pretty disappointing imo. they both could have used their position/connections to be pretty good female role models but they both just cowed out.

No. 1202579

Industry plants like this fascinate me. Say what you will about them Billie and Lana's rise to fame as plants was imho justifiable because the connections ended up in a genuine fanbase because of talent and novelty but Starcrawler is some of the most generic indie noise rock shit I've ever heard. Surprised no one has mentioned Karen O/YYYs as an obvious influence. This shit has been DONE for a long time. Their Spotify stats are curious for the next best thing in rock. Fucking King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard bring in more numbers.

No. 1202626

The amount of people I know irl being mentioned in this thread is getting ridiculous, kek. King Gizz are insane performers, when they started out they were out of control. They’ve toned it down but their antics in combination with their music is what got them noticed and there’s nothing contrived about them whatsoever so looking at them in comparison Starcrawler really highlights the latter’s mediocrity. The YYYs have a pretty unique sound, even though they got lumped in with all those early 00s garage revival bands they didn’t really fit. Karen O has a fantastic voice and is a great performer, I don’t see any influence on Arrow to be honest. She was never an edgelord, and her whole look is pretty iconic. She mixes eccentric DIY “rock chick” with being cute and fun, she smiles pretty much non-stop when she’s performing, Arrow is a dour cow who looks like she’d rather be anywhere else and tries to be sexy but only succeeds in being a cringelord

No. 1202751

mhmm karen o has always been quite friendly and positive towards…everyone i think. and king gizzard are actually good, they just happen to be crazy in addition to that. arrow doesn't really do anything.

No. 1202876

I'm convinced there are only 2 anons in this thread going back and forth and they are both fucking retarded

No. 1202941

i'm convinced you cannot count, karen, you make it 3

No. 1202943

Then how come every time you post this comment, multiple anons pop up saying, "not op but I contribute"?

No. 1203059

It's always the same one whining about 2 retarded anons every now and then, cares alot for someone supposedly not interested in this thread. Someone's salty

Let's just ignore. Arrow's a cow and there's people willing to milk it, shocking right

No. 1203067

File: 1617752923949.jpg (513.1 KB, 1364x2016, 1356_4.jpg)

i tried to find more examples of her being bitchy or hating on women. like come on Arrow, not everyone came to see you, some just wanted to buy the food and eat in peace, without your saliva in it. that's a fucking restaurant after all
And suure, starcrawler is defo the only one glam rock band in LA now

I don't think she's inspired by Karen O but Autumn photographed YYY so she knows them too

No. 1203110

lmao r u okay anon? this is one of least retarded threads on the board. I mostly just lurk here because the musicfaggotry is pleasantly autistic. if it bothers you so much just hide it.
Self awareness has left the chat

No. 1203128

I wanted to "Hi cow" at first, but I don't think Arrow is even "cool/underground" enough to know how to post on an imageboard.

No. 1203172

Yeah no, she'd have to know to sage and farmer lingo, without that this site can read like nonsense at times. the only way she could stumble here is by googling herself, on 10th page or so. (not impossible knowing her huge ego)

i got a bit suspicious though when people talked about her losing weight and then she posted pics of chocolate snacks, or when she randomly posted the date she met Gilbert and IG post from thatday as a proof after the question if she was really flirting with the still married man. that is 99% coincidence though

But the weirdest thing was that super pissed whiteknight anon immediately after anachan dinosaur stories, yelling about body as an art, double standard and "would you say it to boys". "You don't know what she meant!" it gives extreme "cow defending herself through sockpuppet" vibes, especially since it constantly refers to "artistic expression" and "she's a daughter of famous photographer good for her!" shit with a slight flavour of idk flattering your own self. It even fits her "i wanna be treated like boys! It's a guy band not girl band!" shit. Or "there's no tone, it's the internet" kek sounds like that anon doesn't entirely get lolcow. reading it back it stands out more than anything else

That's a crazy tinfoil at best ofc. that's most likely a pissed stan only or someone with a liking for anachan but if anything, this sounded like her the most lol

No. 1203197

Wasn’t her, was “super pissed” or wrote like it because I always see people criticize girls with low weight, natural or not, and it’s invasive and puts the target of it in the worst position when in reality they owe you nothing. Other women doing it to each other is a gross vibe, it wasn’t personal to her at all, and without blogging obviously I’ve had my own or witnessed friends go through super objectifying and invasive experiences so the “pissed” came from that and I apologize. I have never in my life read men get low weight critiqued the same way so it was just a bummer reading it from women.

I don’t doubt she lurks though, hopefully she stops the fake cuts bullshit next.

No. 1203207

nta but I feel you, sis. I absolutely hate this utterly retarded “HAES” and “fat acceptance” horse shit that glorifies obesity while deriding skinny women. It’s okay to comment on our bodies but as soon as anyone says something even mildly critical of them it becomes all about muh fatshaming reeeeeeee!!11!!!1!!1111!!! It’s hypocritical and just gross full stop. I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I think she looks fine. She posts dumb shit like the dinosaur comment and pictures of candy which is cringe but besides that it’s not relevant to her being a cow. Her style (or lack thereof) on the other hand, now that’s relevant. I fucking hate mcbling/bimbofication with a passion, and there is absolutely no place for it in rock music (or elsewhere obviously, but I digress). Taylor Momsen dressed like a 3edgy5u hooker but at least she wasn’t bimbofying herself. Arrow posits herself as as some strong feminist woman but has a fucking Playboy tattoo and thinks having a Bratz doll in her likeness is a flex. It’s gross.

No. 1203318

oh ok, sorry! i guess comments like that came because of the type of site that it is first and second i think general consensus then was that she's denying marfan syndrome in favour of a "more interesting" alleged ed version. honestly idk about it what to think. i know her family is tall, her uncle is like 2,18 m. imo she's also capable of gaining weight, that recent stream showed she looked much better (weight wise).
At this point i'd say her weight and reasons are of no importance. Most important is the shit with paint cuts. somebody already called her out and she deletd selfie, i'm very curious if she plans to dress like this again.
another worst thing imo is poverty appropriation

as for her feminism the only thing she talks about when questioned is "i'm not in a girl band" lmao

No. 1203565

agreed bro. i bet lots of us in this thread are anachans ourselves kek and definitely aren't hating on her because we have a problem with skellies. it's her shit personality that pisses most people off

No. 1203594

NTA, but we body-shame fat snowflakes here all the time. Fat-shaming is like second nature to LC. I don't see anything different with skinny cows either, especially if they're obsessed with showing their body as part of their "brand" in the first place and don't actually have an ED (if not Marfan's, I feel like being 6'0+ coupled with all the physical activity she gets makes it pretty easy to unintentionally be skelly).

No. 1203600

Oh I know, the unbridled fat shaming is one of the things I love about this site, I meant in general. “Skinny shaming” is socially acceptable but “fat shaming” isn’t. I’d say that Arrow’s lifestyle contributes to her weight, you know, the type of shit that’s usually consistent with being in a rock band, drugs, fucked sleeping and eating patterns, all that jazz. If her mother is any indication there’s a good chance she’ll balloon up as she gets older and her metabolism slows down

No. 1203604

agreed girls. i'm the anon who wondered if that comment was arrow (lol) and who said "ok sorry". i want to clarify i didn't mean anything offensive to you anon when i said anachan, maybe i should clarify i only thought it was written by arrow stan or someone glorifying ana bodies rather than havign one, like one of those girls wishing to look like arrow. which i'm sorry about. i assumed it cause that post seems quite emotional but now i get what you meant. not that anyone cares ofc but i have problem with losing too much weight too, i hope you didn't take it as an attack on you anon

anyway in case arrow starts to moan about "being harassed by girls" again, i would say this thread exists for so much different reasons than her being thin lol.
it's her being a liar, copycat, careerist and treating ppl like shit that's ugly.

No. 1203614

on the subject of Arrow's habits i'd say her drinking will hit her hard in later years. she talked about touring habits somewhere and she said she drinks vodka before the start of shows… so if it's an everyday tour schedule habit + all the alcohol she drinks post-show/afterparties, all those photos with bottles etc. it's a lot. She boasted about having fake IDs and drinking before 21.

i'll just say… they had a touring crew taking care of them as teens, right? she played locally at 17 and then travelled around the world when she was 18 already. from my understanding Autumn never went on tours with her. was she ok with her daughter drinking alcohol everyday, or that one much younger guy
i wouldn't be surprised if it turned out she was allowed to drink with the adults

No. 1203621

All of this. I’ve been playing in shitty garage bands since I was a teenager, when you’re part of that sort of DIY rock scene the majority of venues you play at are licensed and theoretically don’t allow minors to attend the shows there and are actually breaking the law by allowing minors to perform, but this is rarely enforced. You can bet Arrow has been cooking herself on a regular basis since long before she could drink legally. Autumn carries whiskey in her walking cane for fuck’s sake, as if she’s going to care about what Arrow is doing, she probably encourages it as part of her sooper cool mom nlog living vicariously through her daughter shtick.

No. 1203630

File: 1617839577143.jpg (313.19 KB, 1094x1342, 1.jpg)

whiskey in a cane, woah what a cringe. i may be a little dismissive cause in my country you can legally drink at 18 not 21 but what i mean is everyone around is cool with her drinking. she flaunts alc consumption alot. on this photo with red hair she was 18/19 in a dressing and she tagged photographer. i'm not pearlclutching but i find it yucky that everyone around her was like "fuck this, soo rock'n'roll" and also she just drinks/hangs out with older/middle aged men strictly. who knows maybe alcohol was bought by older photographers for her.

No. 1203637

File: 1617840116161.jpg (215.2 KB, 890x766, dead stare.jpg)

fake id
"happy to be 21 but drinking is more fun underage"
damn are club people in us really so indifferent about it? showing that fake shit piece of cardboard ID would NEVER pass where i live

she looks so "no life in her eyes" here kek

No. 1203732

18 is drinking age in most countries, i know it's not in her country but it's not a big deal for 18/19 year olds to do it. that's just normal legal adult behaviour in 90% of the world

No. 1203872

yep i know it is. i'm not shocked that she drank at 18 or saying she shouldn't have, if anything legal drinking age at 21 is exotic concept. i just wondered if she used US club situation to get hammered before 18 and if she drank with Autumn at home then as a part of "super liberal cool parenting" thing. she kinda looks like alcoholic in the making, especially with the odd bloated face look she gets recently more than ever. not damning her, just noticing

No. 1209605

File: 1618546212949.png (1.04 MB, 740x736, Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 12.0…)

this is the dumbass guitarist modelling the merch here right? he seems like quite a cow himself

No. 1210866

File: 1618705253475.jpg (235.92 KB, 990x705, 10730605.jpg)

So she recently DJ-ed for Vans radio with another girl musician (here in orange clothes) and of course that was such an important thing they had to interview her about it. Wtf, she 100% asked someone to interview her cause I can't imagine anyone thinking spinning songs on radio show is so important it needs a whole interview. The other girl wasn't interviewed. Link:


Lol why she doesn't even deny seeking attention or getting excited about being on the cover. I mean i get being excited alone but like… rock people usually don't get crazy about that stuff? at least not so openly. Even most of the cows here are better at hiding it lol

No. 1210869

File: 1618705509112.jpg (84.14 KB, 792x874, unnamed-1_grande.jpg)

Nope, this guy is a bass player and he's rather unproblematic. This is the guitarist you think of and oh girl is he a cow. Can't think of a better example now but he's same try hard cringe school. You know the "we are Starcrawler fuck you all" edgy talk etc.

Opinions on Dave Grohl including Starcrawler in his new documentary What Drives Us? The movie features much better (well, old/classic) bands but I'm curious what bullshit "legendary" backstory they made up. Seems Arrow's dream of documentary about herself lowkey comes true.

No. 1211634

oh i see the difference now. the guitar guy has a worse face kek. and yeah he says some dumb ASS shit wow. what kind of trust fund prep school did he come out of

No. 1211636

holy shit she never says anything. how she manages to get so many words in a row that express nothing is truly a talent. she's like that old video of a miss america contestant, but for every single question.

No. 1219222

File: 1619652221838.jpg (81.22 KB, 494x672, rat tails.jpg)

whoa wtf is this chopped fried hair. i know she looks like she never washes it anyway but still was kinda shocked by what she hides under those extensions

No. 1219223

File: 1619652400912.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210422-024227.png)

Kek what is this Luna Slater house aesthetic. everything's so dirty in this pic. how could she miss the chance to take a white trash bimbo vibes selfie!

photos like that with dirt and all are especially awful in her case. ik it's just "aesthetic" but it kinda clashes with the fact her and Autumn love to make shit up about how poor they used to be, somehow forgetting to mention Autumn's father was long established artist working with biggest cinematography stars as of 1999, when Arrow was born.
slight OT but Emma was nominated for an Oscar, these women would be even more insufferably full of pride if it actually won lol

No. 1220548

it's fried a bit yeah, but a lot of fair/white people have shockingly thin or fine hair. it might just be a really shitty haircut for that hair type? my hair is like a goth chia pet so idk

No. 1220684

File: 1619828172214.jpeg (131.14 KB, 640x960, JntJJqSY_25ab0.jpeg)

Yeah, good point. Maybe on this pic it's just extra greasy, her hair rarely looks brushed or washed cuz "wilde hair" etc. (pic related is when it was more puffy/decent looking) I remember reading she likes to rarely take showers and pick peeling skin and make sculptures of it or something (eww). Probably nlog jokes and shit only but I can believe at least in relation to her hair, lol.

btw the band seems to be recording new songs, curious who will they rip now, 00's numetal, Avril Lavigne or maybe Peaches

No. 1220744

she definitely bathes. i used to be a gross homeless drug bitch and her hair is just bleached+product. maybe she skips a day or two of shampoo but that's fine when it's super bleached. not defending her but as an actual fithy piece of shit i resent her being grouped with us.

No. 1225719

File: 1620436734302.jpg (3.14 KB, 100x150, index.jpg)

any idiot following this mcbling trend like her should watch the simpsons episode "summer of 4 foot 2" to see what it was actually like being an "unconventional" kid at that time

No. 1225836

I came to this thread specifically to find out if anyone else was under the impression that this person was a ladyboy. Was not disappointed.

No. 1225846

kek I love your self awareness anon, gave me a hearty chuckle, no sarcasm.
I was going to post about this when it happened but I forgot, Staz (the girl she DJd with) is also a product of nepotism, her dad is Hal Lindes of Dire Straits (barf) fame. I’m loosely acquainted with Staz through overlapping friendship groups, she seems like a genuinely nice person who in spite of having familial privilege doesn’t use her name for clout or LARPING as something or someone she isn’t, I’d love to know what she actually makes of Arrow and her uwu bimbo bbygirl foolery

No. 1225847

This look, while still being not great, is better than the y2k playboy hooker aesthetic. Seeing as Arrow is so insistent on being the the world’s premier NLOG I’d put money on her switching her look up real soon now that the whole McBling thing has really taken off with gen z normies

No. 1225983

is mark knoplfer nice though? i heard he's a nice person

No. 1226188

Lol what's new, right. But the answer is probably for clout. Notice Arrow is most successful rock nepotism child. Someone in celebricows thread mention some failed band of Slash and Scott Weiland's sons and you would think that's enough of a clout but no. These new bands like to stick to each other cause "uwu we're all big punk family" (and sure, sometimes their intention can be honest) but tbh i can't see Arrow enjoying those meetups. Compared to her Amy Taylor and Dani are more likely real friends than, say, Arror & Dani. The peer bands almost always show more engagement than Arrow. Idk she might be smiling and all but she gives "know your competition" vibes. You know, she looks like that person who prefers scrotes and female ass kissers for friends and has distant/fake relationships with other bands at most. May be wrong, just my overall impression.
Kek, anon with a sense of humour here despite hardships. i want to ask anon what do you think of her "struggle" story? i wanted to share some caps indicating it's probably bs before but i kinda forgot about htis thread lately

No. 1226207

File: 1620521417228.jpg (393.45 KB, 1328x1132, screencap a.jpg)

I gave them both benefit of a doubt first but i don't get it. how they had the time to be poor and struggling? Autumn was shooting bands in 90's through 00's + Rodarte. she'd have alimony from Aaron but again, not the point. sorry but if they felt so bad crowding in a tiny one room hut, then wth were Arrow's grandparents? somehow can't believe they couldn't help financially or let them live with them if Autumn was "struggling". Or living with Elliot Smith (as cool as it sounds) instead of your loving family? ok… Read Jerry's fucking bio, can't believe he was so "poor" he couldn't help his family. yes artists want to be independent (clearly not Arrow tho) but still, if you have rich LA artsy parents that can easily borrow you money, you're not "poor", no matter how small cottage you buy to prove something. Unless Jerry told Autumn to fuck off, i don't buy it. They seem to be in good relations now so i doubt he refused to help his daughter when she needed it. he'd be such a shit if he refused (given his finances), if it was so bad. with Jerry's help, paying for rented cottage and single mother expenses shouldn't be a struggle. Just say you didn't have a lot of comissions at first and go. She can say it without poverty larping & milking "humble beginnings" casually to have her own gutter to stars story. their story makes no sense, unless i misunderstand something.

No. 1226220

File: 1620522448267.jpg (486.34 KB, 1586x824, screen b.jpg)

part 2 of woe is me
same, i always thought Mark is nice/ unproblematic?

No. 1226320

Yeah I think the band is unproblematic, it’s just that their music sucks ass.
Amy and Dani are actual alt girls from working class backgrounds (at least I know Amy is) so I can’t imagine Arrow has much in common with them beyond playing in a rock band, especially not now that she’s deep in bimbofication. It’s so incongruous with the scene she’s part of. Maybe that’s why she’s doing it, to seem not like the other punk girls, but it just comes across as being supremely tryhard and disingenuous

No. 1226325

AYRT i didn't struggle financially growing up, was just a very insane person who was not what you would call "compliant" with treatment kek. middle class white family in asia&i promise you arrow grew up far better off than i did. even outside of money troubles, because of her sheltered life and third generation fame she has just never led the junkie or hobo life. it's not something to be proud of, but she seems to try to fake it because she thinks it is? the best thing to be is always yourself–alan wilder from depeche mode grew up in covent garden, went to schools with uniforms, and got a full education in classical music. he never pretended to be anything other than a cute boy who was popular at school, but is respected as an authentic alternative/goth icon.

No. 1226327

i used to respect autumn a lot because she did the art for gimme fiction, but she really seems to be bullshitting about her struggle times. she was an a-list photographer that only shot a-list or hot-right-now hype bands as early as 2004. so before that she would at least have been living comfortably. not to mention she started out quite ahead of other artists due to her father's career.

No. 1226330

Gimme Fiction is the best Spoon album I genuinely like Autumn’s art and I don’t understand why she NLOGs so hard and encourages Arrow to do the same when it’s completely unnecessary. It’s just cringe.

No. 1226337

i slept with the singer once

No. 1226340

File: 1620534927369.jpeg (756.12 KB, 828x1408, C264F3B2-85C5-4834-B3FB-493788…)

LMAO he is a friend of mine, lolcow is the last place I’d expect to have this exchange

What the fuck is this? And the hashtag? And Garbage (presumably Shirley) commenting on it, absolute cringe

No. 1226347

haha ok i was joking i am a simple farmer in tajikistan and know of no american music whatsoever goodnight

No. 1226352

this is a weird hashtag. why would you want to be queen of LA, that place sucks. it's not really cool or in the moment or whatever right now and kids her age definitely aren't walking around with sincere OR ironic "los angeles" merch (i work at a university, i see zoomers all over the place so you can trust me) also "queen of LA" sounds more like what a drug lord would be called, not a singer

No. 1226355

Calling herself the queen of anything is just retarded, she’s so arrogant. She must be insufferable to be around, there’s no humility whatsoever in anything she says. She gives me massive Tramp Stamps energy in everything she says, so edgy and not like any other women musicians ever

No. 1227248

File: 1620667587244.jpg (138.39 KB, 780x832, 1137667.jpg)

>"queen of LA" sounds more like what a drug lord would be called, not a singer
t-shirt on pic related lol
Imagine writing a whole ass song called "I Love LA". of course she loves LA when she was born and there, in a priviledged family and nice neighbourhoods and she continues to live here, making "appearances" at all those "alt" Gucci parties just to show up and take photos with all the right alternative people. i s2g some of the alt people in LA are like second niche hollywood elites, less famous but just as insufferable.
I remember how she once went on a tirade how she "haaatees" the Valley, cause Valley "suucks" cause every house there looks the same and people give serial killer vibes. Bitch have you seen any regular town outside LA artfag region? nobody cares but her

No. 1227274

who the fuck are you bitches??? I want to rub shoulders with rockstars :(

No. 1227664

arrow has no irl LA friends. she once snapped at me for being backstage at a festival where i had a higher tier pass but since i was a nobody to her she treated me like ew go away loser

No. 1227693

Anon, please please tell more about it, what's the context, what did she say and where? I'm genuinely curious cause it's one of the first accounts confirming she's a mean bitch to people "lower" than her. Everybody in her vicinity (rockstars/artists) claim she's such a kind sweet angel and basically church of pure soul and kindness. Which i always thought is def not true cause i read she was a bitch to unpopular band girl-fronted that supported her (probably here). Please spill the milk

(btw i had same impression, she just hangs out with Gilbert and comes to all of his videoshoots, or that older photographer scrote she tours with. Eventually her early childhood friends who started a band without her but now use her for clout i guess to push their bands/clothing businesses)

No. 1227857

>she's such a kind sweet angel and basically church of pure soul and kindness
i've heard this too, but always from people her parents' age or older. i think any weird behavious from her is more tolerable when you're in your 50s and it's "just what kids do." she probably actually is really sweet around them because they aren't "competition" or fellow "cool people." the rockstars and celebrities she knows are more like older uncles and aunts to her.

No. 1228060

File: 1620765002698.jpg (912.35 KB, 2694x1920, Screenshot_20210511-2200091.jp…)

Her oversharing Staz and Deathvalleygirl photos lol trying to prove something? Staz doesn't care
She's going live on MacPro IG in less than hour i think, doing makeup for some reason and i refuse to believe they asked her to join, it must've been other way around. literally why. her makeup is mostly shit
true that. she's a fucking hypocrite though. she's only nice when she benefits from it but treats others like shit, then moans "boohoo girls bother me"

No. 1228268

can these kids decide on an aesthetic please? i can't tell what they're trying to do, ever

No. 1228277

i sell drugs, don't know about the other anon

No. 1228305

File: 1620788285377.jpg (304.68 KB, 1492x822, collage of cringe.jpg)

The video is now on Mac insta and damn what a shitshow
Idk but this video just shows how she just can't stop pushing herself first everywhere.
she was constantly shoving her face into the camera, taking up entire space. You could never see what the other girl did cause it was like only a half of her visible in the distance cause Arrow's annoying face took 3/4 of the screen. they fucking told her at some point to make a place so Frankie girl could be on camera too and she literally moved to the side for a second and then moved back to the same place. she had another mirror on the side but still kept looking at herself on the camera/live i guess, lol. and sorry but she was just obnoxious. she was making idiotic faces all the time, she literally had some dirt smudge above her upper lip throughout the video and it looked like a fucking mustache. idk if it's facial hair or dirt/makeup but it was visible even when she moved back/down, at least on the right corner above lips so that's not just a temporal shadow play. her narc behaviour and constant admiring herself in the mirror was one thing but i'm sure makeup smart farmers would have a hearty kek at her "skills". this is the look little girls come up with when they experiment with make up using mom's lipstick, not something worthy a fucking tutorial. that was horrible

Also she mentioned Katiejane Garside and said her friend's uncle is Crispin Gray… fucking shit, so that's why they don't mind her ripping off KJ big time. yuck

No. 1228366

wow, this woman is very immature for someone 22 years old. she seems really sheltered. i guess it's good her mom can support her if she's that…dumb? whats a better way to describe it

No. 1228638

File: 1620837759371.jpeg (58.47 KB, 275x266, DB83E345-2EE3-4C1A-938A-EECC4D…)

I love you, anon.
I play in shitty bands and take shitty photos of better bands, I personally know 90 per cent of the people mentioned in this thread through those avenues.
LMAO what the fuck is this? The cringe has me choking, holy hell. I swear this cow has an perennial dentity crisis to rival Kelly Eden.

No. 1228652

do you need any drugs?

No. 1233254

i am so sorry in advance i never feel actual jealously and i feel it irrationally towards her marfan’s……… she’s not even doing anything cool with it so i can’t live vicariously. she could actually turn her identity into an art performance instead of selling it out to half baked la based social media trends. people are out here living the 00s but they’re just making it prettier when it was ugly for a reason. put the art back in. especially if you have the syndrome i want

No. 1233255

I swear you’ve posted this multiple times

No. 1234130

File: 1621472369571.jpg (350.32 KB, 1129x1000, Screenshot_20210519_3.jpg)

Her new "costume projects". Jessica Owen makes clothes for Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Kardashians… she made Freddie Mercury costume and Courtney Love/Vecona heart dress for her. i see Arrow had at least a couple alt gauze dresses and they're all styled as gauze dress from Daisy chainsaw and pink paint ones from QueenAdreena. astounding, she goes to costume maker to order high quality rock star costume replicas. she had a chance to order unique style costumes but no…

Lol anon… i don't even know what to say. if it makes you feel better, Arrow will probably get fat in her 30/40s same as her mother. Not to nitpick but is that really such a desirable look? She has odd proportions, we've all said enough on her face, i'll just say you can already tell she'll be aging badly, and soon. But wanting to have Marfan syndrome? it's not just about being conveniently thin like Arrow. Loose joints, danger of aorta aneurysm, spine, heart and lung problems due to bone growth, most of patients have serious eye problems, partial lens dislocation, cataracts, most are nearsighted. Aortic enlargement can be life-threathening. Before 1960s patients lived up to 30 at most.intense physical activity can be dangerous. i didn't know it's so serious before, it's worth looking up. there's nothing to be jealous of.
if anything, it actually makes me believe she doesn't have it at all. If she had it, i feel like she wouldn't be such a tryhard onstage. it counts as extreme and frequent activity, wouldn't that be risky? Her paramedic plays onstage get even more tasteless in the light of it all. i think she wouldn't joke so recklessly about dying, fainting (common for MS) and needing to be hospitalized if she knew the weight of it all from experience. If she has it, then it's likely very mild case at most and therefore she doesn't know how lucky she is. idk, i'm not trying to play armchair, expert or whatever and idk the truth but these are actual problems regular MS people face and sorry but wanting her (or not even her) alleged syndrome… sounds odd

No. 1234134

File: 1621472779964.jpg (727.55 KB, 1335x1900, christina.jpg)

In addition to her costume subject, i was about to say she's finally moving on and trying to be more original, but i figured this outfit is stolen from Christina Aguilera, Come On Over video (pic rel). blatantly. and other stage costume variations.

No. 1234137

i don't think she has, i've seen an anon call that dude a slut twice though

No. 1234140

File: 1621473199823.jpg (791.59 KB, 2050x1684, christina 2.jpg)

one more. but of course stans will say "b-but nothing's ever original anymore!" just wait til she dies hair blonde and red lol

No. 1234141

she doesn't have it. women with marfan's don't look like men with marfan's. she happens to look like a man who has it for some reason, mostly age i think. some girls are so skinny they look like famine victims and don't really even get to "normal skinny" until age 25 or so. she has a crazyy long torso and short legs too, which is probably skewing our perception since it's such an unusual combo for women.

No. 1234143

kek i unironically love that top look and hope it comes back in style

No. 1234151

that's what i thought too. also her hands and face look deceiving. reading more on the MS convinced me she leads much too reckless life to have it, plus i think she'd milk it as nlog points if that was true. she has people even taller than her in her family

yep same, reminds me so much of sims 2 outfits. i liked christina at some point years ago. Arrow was literally 1 year old when come on over came out, kind of crazy to think.

No. 1234170

her dad is short(5'10" i think?) so if you see her parents you might think genetic disorder. but he's probably the only person under 6ft that she's related to kek.
i'm 12 years older than her and am 5'10". i have aunts and a a grandfather who are all taller than me. only my mom and her mom are shorter than me. so it happens - there's been giant women since the beginning of time. it's just more common now

No. 1241135

Sorry im late i never see this thread, is it on autosage? Im in the music industry. The only other milk i have on her is that gilbert doesn’t pay people. Its so predictable to see musicians ask for a service and expect it for free, just like fashion.

No. 1243937

it's not on autosage, it's just saged maybe a lil bit too strictly. alot of what we discuss is old milk too. i personally got used to oversaging here cause whenever the thread's on main, it gets alot of idiots whining "is she even a cow" & interrupting the talk. which should just be ignored next time, she totally cowed out, especially since bimbo upgrade.

kek is that what you mean, he doesn't pay his video shoot coworkers? that's ironic, he tries to look like this pro mv director working his ass off posing as working man but suddenly he won't pay his friends.

idk i can't view gilbert other than shady creep cause it looks like he left his wife on a whim for a younger girl looking way too similar to his ex lol. like wtf. he definitely models this relationship on his ex wife one, or molds all of his girls that way. imo he pushed arrow into some weird DD/LG relationship and it's creepy how they both use the same fucking nicknames & lil phrases that he used with ex. of course i judge based on what they stupidly left online and it's not very hardcore but shit like "baby girl/baby daddy" i saw in comments tells me enough. really awkward. its like copy paste relationship with doppelgangers and he taught them both the same "language". i think for that fact alone he acted unfair to both women yet for some reason he thinks of himself as some hopeless romantic. lol.

No. 1258263

Personally? I think she's beautiful.(that anon ain’t right)

No. 1258517

no1curr how pretty a cow is. i like her look too but she is a shitty cringey mess

No. 1259785

File: 1624058760840.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, screenshot8.png)

starcrawler released a new song "goodtime girl" today for dc comics. she tried so very hard to write a sex song, her 50yo male fanbase must be delighted. it's so bland. "Mama always said i'd be someone's queen" kek

out of the loop with her lately cause she only posts ig stories with idiotic toilet selfies/curated nip slips and underwear like this (is that a bandaid on her pants here wtf)
but starcrawler recently had a cameo in the internet series about bipolar disorder. i know this cause i wanted to watch these series for a different reason and was (unpleasantly) surprised she was included in the project. it's snapchat originals, "everything's fine". it's been out for a while, weird that she hasn't been boasting about it at all

kek have better standards, Bobby.

No. 1259798

are cheap/shittay extensions a "look" rn? this is very confusing, she can afford good stuff so why is there a hamster stapled to her head

No. 1259799

>recently had a cameo in the internet series about bipolar disorder
oh no. that's not good. she makes me really uncomfortable with the pretending to be crazy. it's just very…not good

No. 1259822

that looks like a crooked pad

No. 1259826

afaik the main character has bipolar. i haven't watched anything but trailer eventually (i thought it would leak but i guess you need to have snapchat so far) but judging from her clothes they just played on the stage. don't know if she had a bigger/talking role. it just makes me uncomfortable they put her in a mental illness oriented series

idk if it's her usual "trash baby" obsession or she just fried it and her hair won't grow. btw she & her boyfriend often look stoned in selfies

No. 1259844

to be fair everything is capitalizing off of mental health now so it’s inescapable, doubt it was anything more than appearance and no one watching for mental health reasons would appreciate her studying actual schizophrenic people for obviously fake performances

No. 1265125

>“When people listen to Goodtime Girl, I want them to feel powerful. I want a girl who might normally feel like she’s awkward or insecure to put her headphones on and feel like she can accomplish anything,” Wilde said of the song. “Like she’s the hottest and the baddest bitch in the world, because she is. Goodtime girl is about realizing your power and taking complete control of that. I wish I had a song like this when I was in middle or high school, if I did I may have been a lot more confident with myself at the time.”

is she serious kek. i had an impression that the song is about a promiscuous or a casual sex liking girl. or fuck friends. judging by first verses and title (girl only interested in pleasure not in work etc.) where the fuck she sees "realizing your power"? like ok if sex empowers you, great. not that anyone cares but i dislike the prevalent idea that confidence or empowerment means sex only, or town hottie status, or stripping for a magazine. (i don't say that it CAN'T be.) just, it's never other ways. no one sings about being empowered through intelligence or talent or independence. or, say, friendship/unity. again it all comes down to shy girl wishing to be stereotypical playboy bunny "bad bitch" who fucks alot. like, really? must awkward insecure person look up to that stereotype to feel like she can accomplish anything? she sets shy/awkward type as something to escape from and hot bimbo type as saving, something to aspire to. as if you can't be empowered without that "hottest baddest" bullshit (a persona she tries to put on so bad)
the problem is her lyrics don't even fit her intention. its a cringey song about "kinky" fucking rather than realizing any power or beauty (unless her idea of power and confidence is just being "adventurous" in bed…) it could've been just that, a sex song without her naive bimbo philosophies, but instead she tries hard to make it deep. sorry but this is so stupid

And the implication that she needed a song about blowjobs or sex that hurts in middle fucking school to feel more confident, kek. very empowering for 13-15 year old girls, especially this line
>Down in the dirt, every time it hurts, so good, i can't explain

No. 1270915

File: 1625352174949.jpg (334.45 KB, 1000x1777, lilith.jpg)

this is what she just posted. kek how thirsty Arrow is for Lilith's attention. imagine her seriously looking up to her lumbar lordosis butt posts and telling her fans to follow lol. afaik lilith's too busy doing drugs and spending dad's money on lip fillers to care for Arrow's attempts at becoming her best friend. is her band really doing so bad after covid? she went from being a rock star chaser to wanting to be friends with scammy druggie faded insta girls lol

No. 1271117

So when is she collabing with tramp stamps? They would have great chemistry together!

No. 1271249

It's all just another version of brainwashing young women and girls to use sex to get everything they want by lying to them that men will do anything for and give the anything for pussy, instead of just abuaing and manipulating them. There's nothing empowering about casual sex, it enables men to pump and dump and normalizes it so that girls make it that much easier for guys to fuck while the girls think they get something worth having out of it. Guys won't ever respect a party girl, but they will keep her around and pretend to respect her in front of other women with higher standards to protect their status quo, keep girls fucking for bottom of the barrel male approval (which is in reality worth literally nothing) and keep them pitted against each other and unable to band together and pool resourced to achieve their goals without having to be free prostitutes for every guy they happen to know. Girls who don't follow the "goodtime girl" role get called prudes, ignored, and ostracized.

Basically, Arrow is tryingnto normalize young girls becoming cumdumpsters for the patriarchy because men would rather braineahs women into degrading themselves for fame than just be marginally better. They wouldn't get better, so now they put obedient, uncreative art trash like Arrow on a pedestal in the hopes that more young girls will whore out for shit tier male attention.

No. 1272003

kek she's not anything that deep, girl.
i think she's someone who grew up super sheltered and coddled as well as basically already being in the celebrity world from birth, so she's never gone through anything that would form her character or personal values. She doesn't have any interests, artistic direction, or goals because she was never left alone to develop into her own person.

No. 1272922

Yeah celeb kids almost never have even 1/100th of their parents’ artistry. Francis Cobain sings generic pop crap

No. 1272928

I didn't say that was Arrow's goal, but it's definitely the role she plays. Her handlers have the ability to turn her into something palpable and worth listening to, but instead they glamoriz her artsy-ness despite her total la k of artistry and promote nothing but her pickme-ism and cracked out hobo stripper behavior. Who does that benefit and how? Not any female or artist, it benefits predatory old musicians who want to prey on the dreams of young artists who think Arrow gotnto do what she did bc of how she acted instead of who she was. To any real musician, Arrow is little more than an overgrown, sheltered sped playing dressup as mommy for mommy's older friends while they play along bc the poor thing doesn't know it's retarded.

No. 1272980

this is really confusing
this band is some excruciatingly boring sounding indie-pop crap, but then all her live pictures are of her pretending shes in tinsel teeth
anyways, she looks like she needs a donut, it looks like daddy touched something somewhere at some point, or called her fat when she was 12 or whatever, and mommys crying all the way to the bank about it

question though:
did she get her deal before turning 18?
if so, shes probably getting MJd HARD
i wonder how much shes actually getting
shell probably "go solo" or change the band name when the contract runs out
i bet shes getting dicked down hard financially by mommy and daddy and their creepy LA friends. especially given how the live entertainment industry is in shambles right now

>Francis Cobain sings
how unfortunate

No. 1273046

Her aesthetic is tailored to appeal to damaged young girls who are susceptible to grooming by older men. It's not about music in the least.

No. 1273058

she's too irrelevant to be used as a way of brainwashing anyone. not saying that it doesn't happen as a by-product, ofc. as opposed to actual 00's, y2k paris bitch trend is also praised by rock fans now and women far from Kardashians look wise, mostly "Jennifer's Body" obsessed teen girls. industry and coomers will of course gain profits but unfortunately its also women who put this shit on pedestal. hence all new "bad bitch heroes" based on stripper cosplay, being obsessed with porn, ten different kinks, having sugar daddies and of course onlyfans, often jealous and aggressive to other women but don't you dare criticize it cause it's "empowerment"!

i doubt Arrow has any aims (even if she suddenly wants so bad to save shy little girls with her stupid coomer song) besides being "sexy bitch" for her own vanity's sake lol. ironically Arrow isn't even letting go of some terrific intelligence, she was already stupid. there is no social commentary with that look, it is what it is. she toyed with "i just want to be kinki bloodi and sexi" shit for a while. difference is now she prances around in trashy bikinis and stripper attire strictly. i thought it's partly her cope and now i think its her narc fuel, being called sexy is everything to her as she has no identity. and she isn't even such a party girl. she fumes insecurities just as much as she fumes narcissism. notice how she always looks back for validation.

her obsessions with insta crackheads is so kekworthy. 90% of those thots lives is based on hard drugs addiction. what about Arrow's drug-free declarations? you would think as a girlfriend of recovered addict she'd rather avoid them

No. 1273059

didn't she have management and album deal alreadt in 2016? they barely formed and had a recording company, they just had to wait for Ryan Adams to finish writing their album lol. that would make her 17 then. she doesn't have to go solo cause starcrawler is "Arrow de wilde & obedient boys" project already. current lineup features family of band members and dude who played in Gilbert's "punk" band before i think.

i'm interested how their things will go in 2021/2022 cause from what i see, they mostly play hillybilly fests. i believe interviews and photo sessions Arrow appears in are all arranged by friends. everybody she works with are friends or aquaintances, including Nadia Lee Cohen, Parker Day etc. i was always curious how her records sell but i'm not sure how to check. they never entered billboard charts. i'm sure though they aren't famous in Europe besides maybe UK.
idk if it's tailored for broken girls, themes of "her" songs are boring songs about sex, love and feeling like a female boss and stuff. can't decide if it's aimed at teenagers or males long past 50 cause her fanbase consists of the latter

No. 1273426

>can't decide if it's aimed at teenagers or males long past 50

Literally both, to get the former near the latter. Washed up losers preying on the starlit dreams of young women who otherwise wouldn't know they exist living in an age where everything is all about media and fame x1000.

Arrow is a sock, I don't think shes doing it on purpose or that she cares as long as she's shilled as a star, but no genra that puts young women near older men and has them performing while stripping and screaming and singing about sex and drugs is aimed at teens- it's aimed at older men but designed to draw in teens who want to feel badass, sexy and powerful and who want to use a "skill" to have men eating out of the palm of their hand. Arrow has guys around enabling her because of who her mom is, but a regular nobody girl from nowhere wouldn't have a group of obedient boys just enabling her ideas while she makes all the decisions and takes all the credit without somehow giving something up in exchange. Arrow has that because her mom is a cloutwhore and simps are attracted to that sort of person hoping for scraps of imfamy for themselves.

No. 1273830

i doubt she’s a full blown narcissist, she’s like 20/21 and has been puppeted around by her mom for her friends, she’s doesn’t seem to have a personality let alone a personality disorder. she’s also not drug free isn’t she always drinking or drunk? it’s sad and gross and her mom can fuck off.

No. 1274346

she drinks a little, maybe enough to get herself wasted but volume-wise it's way less than 21 year old party people drink. she can smoke a lot of pot, she seems to do that more often.
dumb but i hate people calling her a junkie or whatever because she doesn't know shit about drugs or even do any, then appropriates that party lifestyle when she literally can't make any mistakes because she's so protected.

No. 1274348

sorry for nosage it was an accident don't band me!!

No. 1274672

i think it's even less about what she wears or what she sings about and more about she uses it, or how it goes with her attitude. i mean there are bands with songs about sex/drugs that are actually good or girls showing skin that don't come off so try hard, cause they have hobbies, talents etc. besides dressing provocative for a photo. for example Katie jane garside. daisy chainsaw didn't even have sex image and queen adreena was formed when she was past 30 and didn't care to pander to teens nor old males. idk if you watch her interviews you can see she's on some other planet for real and she don't care for big fame. also she apparently got a lot of shit from random people for dressing like she did, as opposed to Arrow.
Arrow copies old rock cliches but actually makes it look unbearably cringe and fake. if something's fake, it'll always show. everything Arrow does is stolen, calculated for attention. for example song about "giving head in her catolic middle school", as if she had such "adventurous" lesbian experiences. whenever she puts those stripper clothes on she's like "i'm so hot bitch look at me look at me" and it's not even interpretation, that's more or less her captions. i fail to see anything honest about her. even your usual onlyfans insta neets have more class, social experience, idk
no no of course not, i meant narcissistic in a more colloquial meaning as in full of herself/loving herself so much/hyping her own face or name, not actual disorder. perhaps should've used different words
yeah she's def not a junkie. as for drinking with the flashing bottles in their house or her claiming she drinks vodka before each show we just wondering. probably she just drinks to keep up with being edgelordery, i doubt she's in a tragic addiction or something. if something bad happens, it'll be on her mother cause Autumn never cared, Autumn's only there to remind everyone Arrow has photos with Fiona Apple or other famous ppl.

No. 1274675

File: 1625950023038.jpg (71.91 KB, 716x876, a244.jpg)

they post new video on wednesday, there's a snipped on instagram. i bet it's be some suicide squad styled shit where they try so hard to make her harley queen tier

No. 1274896

Agree. For Arrow it's all about attention and showing up everyone who laughed at her, but the industry can use her to promote cloutwhoredom among washed up old musicians who can't attract mature women and want to prey on young girls desperate for attention. It's exactly like you said, it's all fake and cringey because it's a calculated ripoff, designed to emulate a character as a façade to hide the true goal of getting damaged young women close to predatory old musicians who have fallen out of grace with everyone still relevant due to their creepdom. Why else do you think you only ever seen this kind of blatant nepotism being openly celebrated among D-listers and pseudo artfags, all the creeps of their respective fields of interest? Arrow won't ever be able to collab with a real, relevant artist because despite her shilling, she's just bait to attract young, damaged girls trying to use music to build a future and lure them into an indistry of false promises, blackmail and debauchery.

No. 1274897

Adding, these days it's easier to DIY your music unless you want to tour, but the industry doesn't like it when indie artists pop off from soundcloud or when they DIY everything because they want their cut and control of it. Plucking losers like Arrow out of their parent's houses and having them perform horribly and seem to do well serves the purpose of settinf a false precedent: If she can do all this like that, then as long as I'm young and pasaionate and willing to show a little skin I can probably be even bigger than her!" which for a nobody artist might look really good, but in the long run it's ALWAYS better to DIY everything in music anymore unless you own everything so you don't get stuck in a shitty contract. Even signed musicians tell you that the only real money you make is via touring because after promo and marketing, PR, styling and general artist upkeep, the label gets all the profits from album sales. NEVER sign with a label, do it ALL yourself if you really want to be a musician.

No. 1275112

i'm afraid she will collab with relevant artists, she has already. ofc we don't talk pop artists, that's out of her league. the problem is old rockstars love her cause they either know her mother or watched one half-assed video of her spitting blood in glam clothes and think it's so impressive, cause they probably don't watch actual good new bands, who can't afford well tailored calculated promotion. (still cringe at when Gerard Way out of anything else hyped "Ants".) also they (and pretty much all of her adult fans) don't look deeper into who Arrow is: they don't realize she steals ideas, fakes it and acts like a sheltered bitch. it's hard to explain to anyone why Starcrawler is fake without getting into details, and even then ppl stupidly yell "you're just jealous". to my knowledge this thread is the only place with so much dirt on her. i just dislike that she might go down in history as some glorified "punk" hero or something.
you're right but idk if it's easier to DIY in punk/alt music now. not that anyone cares but as a nobody alt rock songwriter, i can't even imagine where to start "making career". record labels give that comfort (or at least give in theory) that they promote you, plan tours and print and sell your records. some artists don't know how to set up their own shops with records, or how to promote their name. i mean does soundcloud even work for alternative/punk music? to even have a couple hundreds of fans you have to be out there already somehow, get attention on youtube or instagram and it's hard if you don't want to pander to usual well-selling cringy aesthetics. i can't imagine trying to trend as goth thot on instagram or behaving like idiot on tiktok. record labels are such a bait cause at least in theory they're supposed to help you. people don't want to check out nobody artists, they're more likely to click a pro video that's posted on Vevo, or listen to signed band often mentioned in press.
As for Arrow, they needed Rough trade for "punk cred". if they carried on without label it'd be suspicious and too hard to justify the hype. funny enough no other label cared for their shitty songs lol.

No. 1276221

File: 1626222271095.png (1.12 MB, 892x596, taylor momsen in a trailer par…)

Lol wtf is this idiocy. Of course those edgelords shot a video in literal filth and trash. The idea that they specificaly picked some dirty ex-crackhouse or at least dragged that shit to a movie studio just so she can roll her ass on that dirty chair… Reminds me of Nicole Dollanganger posing in obnoxious crusty abandoned motels. this is going to be her cringiest video aside from 'i love LA'

No. 1276351

anon, that's carefully curated "filth". you really think momma's girl would roll around in actual trash of unknown origin? i've never seen a dumpster chair with mesh fabric stiched meticulously over it to make it more punk or some shit lol. should've known by now that nothing she does is authentic.

No. 1276391

Punk bands have neen touring and self-promoting DIY for literal decades. Jist nc you don't know how to do it without having to look into what goes into it doesn't make it impossible. You just need a decent laptop and mic and a place to record, the rest is just uploading, promoting, and eventually touring. You make and sell your own merch and albums and the momey goes right back into your band 100%. You won't get the reach that bigger funded bands will, but you'll have the staying power they won't because your fans are loyal to you instead of a hot new trend. Big D and the Kids Tabke is an indie Ska band that's been active and tourong for over a decace, there are plenty of others and they know they habe to give back to the next gen so they EILL share what they know with young artists who really want to put in the work. Hollywood is for people like Arrow who only want fame and attention and will do snything to get it, even if it's clearly just a hollow, cheap imitation of something else the people really want. If you want anything in life to feel more authentic and real, stop looking at what's being promoted and start talking to the "unknowns" who have been doing it forever.

No. 1276514

this is what i find somewhat offensive–that she has never had a drug problem or been homeless or sold her body for drugs, but appropriates(ugh) the look. even if she wanted to get hooked on dave gahan levels of speedbals, nothing bad would happen to her because she's so protected. it's shitty to use people's actual lives as an aesthetic; this is like when that company got in trouble for making bedspreads with the cardboard box pattern "inspired by the homeless on the street"

No. 1276565

Yeah it is maybe i exaggerated saying filthy crackhouse. I can believe they shot at real abandoned but safe location, but that chair must be artificially dirtied. Whats important is that they aimed for that white trash visual, as fake as it is. Its somehow absolutely disgusting to me that she appropriates white trash and junkie lifestyles and surroundings, especially when you know not a single person from her family ever experienced poverty. And no, expensive hippie lifestyle on big fucking holywood actors filled ranch in 60s chosen on her grandparents whim aint poverty. I know girls like Dani Miller romanticize trashy things daily but its especoally jarring when its used by Arrow. It runs deeper than occasional use if it for a music video storyline. It runs deeper cause Arrow uses it daily for years more or less, but this video is the first such blatant use. I dont like that she lies about struggling to pay a rent once.

No. 1276580

Also i cant watch it yet but the video is out. I heard they put Danny Trejo and David Hasselhoff in it. They try to create a hype so very hard
I saw her and starcrawler instagram stories they played a show thing and its sooo bad. She fucking sat on people and gave then pitiful lap dance, later she crawled on someones neck or back and started um, humping the poor lady. Wish i could somehpw record it and post, thats just so pathetic. And all these boomers were delighted fuck all it takes for soneone to think youre second coming of rock is to throw yourself around, shake your ass at audience and wipe yourself against someone… i'm not prude and i know rock stars behave sexual onstage but this looked so fucking stupid and tryhard it is almost sad, bimbofication is real.

No. 1276799

ayrt Yes i know girl, and you are right. i just mentioned how labels are seen by starter bands, people expect help but often fall in traps instead. idk about modern indie labels but it sounds like they are just as shitty as sony or warner or interscope. i heard stories about artists fighting in court for years to get back rights to resell their own albums cause they didn't even have rights to their music, their ex labels did. if you don't sell enough records or don't produce hits that sell you're out, and good luck buying rights back (yes that includes rough trade, the end records, etc.) maybe this rule magically doesn't apply to starcrawler and Arrow cause they're friends with her parents (can't believe they sell so much albums). also there are ones run by pedos or sexual abusers like burger records. best idea is probably making your own label or call local printing/pressing company. at least this way money goes back to artist. i heard how it works in books industry. out of a book that in a bookshop costs about 6$ or 5 euro, everything goes to publisher, printing, etc. etc. the author gets about 20 cents out of that if he's lucky. i will bet it's about the same in music industry.

i'm sure it's possible to figure out sells merch and touring and you can record in your room or hire studio if you have money. i guess you can slowly get fans touring and coming back to places you played before but you also need to post a lot on instagram, facebook soundcloud variety of social media (i find it a bit embarassing but i know its necessary, there's no MTV anymore.) hollywood fame and trends are shit. as you said DIY gives freedom to own and control your own songs and art direction i think it's more important than 5 minutes of bimbo fame on trendy "indie" labels. i would love to talk to experienced diy bands and musicians it's awesome if there are ones willing to give advice

No. 1276804

File: 1626312257098.jpg (178.27 KB, 1678x623, what.jpg)

lmao what is that shit. that death metal album has songs from 100 times bigger and better artists but nobody staged a circus like that. dc comics orchestrated entire "dc premiere" just so starcrawler can show their cinematic masterpiece full of famous namedropping and idiotic sketch advert of trejo's tacos as main selling point, and invite entire catalogue of their friends (read: famous washed up cows), so Arrow can generously give out lapdances

No. 1276809

File: 1626312528972.jpg (723.85 KB, 1808x1634, w523.jpg)

yeah, that's her grinding on her friend dylan carlson. guess that's her idea of "power".
no wonder starcrawler's fans are mostly male and dylan carlson's age.

No. 1277655

well, another celebrity daughter who is raised to end up pleasing elderly men

No. 1277662

Kek the audience looks middle aged and politely uncomfortable.

No. 1277674

fuck's sake autumn, you are pimping your daughter you stupid bitch. it's a free country and all but let her be her own person instead of whatever you've done. hopefully it's not too late.

No. 1277850

File: 1626446003092.jpg (6.62 KB, 176x125, 1626312257098.jpg)


Lmao you're so right I can't get over Midwestern mom's expression. Like wtf is this weird crudpunk shit better smile politely.

No. 1277939

They are middle aged. Every live photo of this band i looked at was full of middle sged men. This event however was specifically cut and crafted as self masturbatory gallery of vanity for Arrow, Gilbert and washed up losers like Linda Ramone or Josh Homme who even was in the video, so remember half of the audience must be their holywood friend clique and other half people who wanted to see Starcrawlr.
All my dislike for this idiot aside, i'm pissed that nobody told her that lapdancing nd posing as a mens toy during the show is pathetic and downgrading. Taylor Momsen might have dressed like prostitute or stripper but she never roleplayed as one. Why is this girls entire family watching her undress and gyrating on strangers and cheering on that is beyond my comprehension. I cant think of a single rockstar doing that to her audience just to keep ther attention. Good music is enough, good bands don't need some lame porny antics to keep the attention and praises flowing.

No. 1277969

autumn has aged very badly. she used to be a cool, hot popular girl that the band guys like. tinfoil but i think maybe she's living through arrow or using her to remind people that she used to be sexy

No. 1278123

That's a given, what about her father and grandparents? its so weird everybody who knows them probably think Autumn is a perfect mother, hell she says she thinks she raised Arrow well. I get this girl is 22 but imagine posing half naked for some kink magazine and your family givibg stamp of approval. Or jumping in males laps with your parents and boyfriends witnessing and saying they so proud. I mean normal family would at least try to ignore it diplomatically if not telling their child to stop embarassing yourself. Onlyfans saga when?

No. 1278211

she's also quite immature for a 22 year old, and really non-independent. her dad is a d-list band guy, the type of deadbeat who sends the money&that's it. her grandfather is the one who started this chain of emotional incest and exploitation. he's in his 80s and would have been around some serious music biz misogyny as a photographer.

No. 1278368

She reminds me of sickysab, I know they’re cool w eachother. Both have musical styles that have already been done before and people eat that shit uppppp, I wonder if Sabrina has rich parents sage for ot

No. 1278392

her co-cow henri is spectacularly dumb. he's almost worse than her since he wasn't groomed to be an out-of-touch douche, his lameness that he believes to be coolness is pure scrotery.

No. 1278397

i think it's also environment she is in and times she lives in. her friends are to some degree like that, not necessarily behaving like Arrow but definitely glorifying crackwhore looks and porn. second, Y2K obsession. let's be honest 2-3 years ago Arrow would be slutshamed to hell or called out by feministic environments if she was any more relevant, but now she'll be thriving cause that's what people want.
you're right about her grandfather, i have mixed feelings about them. i know people think this family can't be rich or relevant but i think they must have alot of money and very extensive links, they just roleplay as so punk and indie.

No. 1278408

Yes, i wondered about Sickysab too. I read interview that she lived in the center of New York and studies either photography or music or something high tier like that so highly probable, you need big money to allow both. Arrow knows all the rich/famous kids with bands so i think it figures. Sabrina strikes me as another priviledged kid who can allow herself to just go and do what she likes thanks to her parents. Same as Staz and Skating Polly. Idk weird nitpicking but i find Sabrina looking oddly not fitting any rock style at all, she looks like a child in ill fitted clothes. i find her kinda self-obsessed. Couldn't follow her cause she just floods dashboard with analog photos of herself, similar to Dani Miller. they waste entire rolls of films just to post hundreds of same-looking selfies with their teeth and tongues out lol
i hope at least Soccer Mommy isn't nepotist child cause she seems quite down to earth and talented.
yeah he's awful. idk if he has any significant parents but i think he used to be normal kid but he adapted and turned to a total cow. jesus they're all so full of themself

No. 1278420

Lol where can we talk more about sickysab bc there’s so many of these hoes and you’re so spot on. She gained a lot of weight too and her music pisses me off like bitch you’re not the breeders, her shit is so subpar and she gets clout bc William strobek supreme mf, fucks w her. Lame ass lo-fi music videos that have been done so many times before

No. 1278447

wtf, tell me more anon. Well there's rock celebricows thread but i don't think it's fitting cause it's mainly for people discussing bigger caliber bands like Metallica and Fleetwood Mac.
Maybe we should think of making a general new generation girl indie cows but that's very niche subject. Idk which section they would even go, snow or ot. if anyone has any idea how to put it together or eventually what other thread fits, i'd be in to talk about Sickysab, Surfbort and others.

No. 1278505

an indie rock thread might be cool but it sounds like a lot of us could be too easily doxxed because it's such a small group to be connected to

No. 1278537

File: 1626491125366.png (123.82 KB, 1716x666, Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 11.0…)

I feel like there are bots commenting on all of starcrawler's videos bc a lot of comments are similar, like picrel. and it's all old men. I know anons are saying that that is their basic demographic but it's still weird how alike the comments are

No. 1278597

Nah I’d never be doxxed, 0 social media profiles hehe I don’t want to be banned here but if someone creates a thread I think it’d be poppin I have no idea how to create one though

No. 1278611

do labels buy bots and such for non-pop artists? would that even work in other genres?

No. 1278739

would expanding it from indie rock to just indie help? i feel like you could include hyperpop and 3edgy4u cows since the soundclout and instagram hoes like who are adjacent are forgotten there

No. 1278755

Yes plz

No. 1278782

Unless someone started making indie thread, i could try to make one but not earlier than next 10 hours, i'm on busy vacation lol. Please give examples of a few cows to mention in summary to give ppl idea, who elsw besides sab and dani? It would be indie/indie rock cows general
Girl they dont know about imageboards. Use vagueposting or even vpn if you like but i doubt they could find lolcow
Youre not wrong finding it sus, even people on youtube noticed the pattern. Im sure they're not above that, Starcrawler bought bots to hype i love LA.

No. 1278858

nah we don't need another "whores" thread. soundclout tards belong in the soundclout thread, but an "indie band cows" thread wold be fun

No. 1278859

i don't mean arrow's dumb ass would find us or something, i meant everyone with tea here seems to be directly connected to the music biz and it would be easy to figure out which band they know&then make a guess which of that band's friends posts here

No. 1278878

Indie band cows sounds good. I mean i thought both insta alts and soundcloud rappers and lilpeep scene has their own threads? Tbh im fine with it being obscure rock thread. Idk what is hyperpop? We gotta decide
Yeah but i think half is industry related ppl and half normals with good observation skills/talent for surfing the web for receipts. Kek idk what to tell you anon. Unless these cows have like about 2 friends and nothing more, its not easy to guess anyones identity, i dont think we farmers even care to find out where exactly the milk comes from. I understand if you have reasons to worry about it so maybe dont disclose rverything? Like make it just your opinions or milk found online? Idk lets decide

No. 1278956

AYRT not me kek, my closest entertainment industry connection is i saw sarah silverman at a bar once.
idk why i was suddenly filled with concern for my fellow farmers. it just seemed like it would be easy to figure out who some of the women posting milk in an indie band thread are

No. 1278974

Thank you anon! Of course whenever you get a minute from your vacay we’d love a thread to talk mess about more niche cows in the music Bizz, ayla d’lyla is one that is coming to mind as well

No. 1278981

Don't forget Emily Haines from Metric. You can't take her anywhere; she's like a child who throws tantrums when she doesn't get enough attention.

No. 1279199

Indie band cows thread is ready. not proud of summary but here it is

No. 1286305

only just heard of this band while scrolling through catalog and wtf why is their music so bad? who writes it for themm?

No. 1286699

Well apparently they previously had Ryan Adams writing for them but idk who writes for them now. i think their cowish guitarist Henri learned to imitate certain bands but who knows who really is responsible for this shit. their music is bad cause this whole band is typical LA sound, talentless, clout-chasing copycat collective

No. 1286875

so sad. LA used to have goth music or death rock come out of it but now it seems like stupid rich kids trying to be rockstars when rock is over and hiphop leads the way in LA

No. 1286890

yeah any trendy LA indie rock band is well linked these days. it would be more standable if starcrawler and others played more conventional rock music, or pop, rather than pretending to be so DIY and punk. everybody knows where taylor momsen came from but she at least doesn't pretend that she's "punk" or that she came out naturally, without anybody's help. plus arrow should've hired someone to stylize her more originally instead of skinwalking anyone she or her mother likes at the moment

No. 1289161

File: 1627859981127.png (148.11 KB, 522x646, tiktok.png)

it's been awhile ago but Arrow made tiktok, paying the price of "selling out" in order to promote new single. kek, ridiculous that she thinks this is selling out but all her career so far wasn't. so far they've got only 1 video, 920 views and astounding 164 followers. so much for being teen-favourite band lol

No. 1289553

don't you have to produce something marketable to sell out

No. 1289725

20-30 years ago selling out was signing to a major label/doing something very commercial. thing is, Stacrawler was never even independent or punk, they turned to overhyped "stars" in media immediately thanks to mommy Autumn paying for career/staging up everything, but realistically even that didn't get them far in terms of real people fame. Arrow probably thinks making tiktok isn't true to her "punk" or "rock" roots, whatever that means. speaking of that single, i feel like they tried to include all elements that people could like, and then begged for youtube views. it's just that nobody wants this.

No. 1297376

i hate how attracted i am to her. she's probably the last person you'd want to have around lesbians but i'd have to learn that the hard way because i am a retard.

No. 1298193

File: 1628721812387.png (492.61 KB, 502x671, arrow.png)

kek are you Bobby anon or that one popular y2k bitch themed tumblrina constantly reposting specific Arrow photo collages from this thread?
but seriously speaking, anon wake up. she's already aging badly and most importantly she's got nothing in her head, which i think it's an instant turn off. Arrow only loves older males attention and i could bet she's insufferable to women. you can only hang out with her if you agree to be her silent shadow or glam decoration accessory at most. notice her only girl companion are her high school girl friends who either are as vain as her or expecting to steal some spotlight by hanging with her but grinding their teeth secretly. the Mac makeup video she did with other girl shows it perfectly, she's just sucking up etire space cause that's what she's used to lol. i'm kinda surprised she never had a "shocking hot girlfriends" photoshoot a'la Taylor Momsen and that lesbian porn star she used to be friends with in 2011, but she can't even use other girls a prop cause there's high chance other girl would look prettier than her in a photo. i think she'll come out as some etheral genderfluid bisexual once her career starts tanking seriously but so far i'm glad she sits in her bimbo scroteland phase rather than faking bi like Phoebe Bridgers.

No. 1298204

File: 1628723355710.png (1.09 MB, 830x896, healthyjunkies.png)

samefag, adding that i get if someone thinks some of her everyday clothes are nice but it's always so easy to guess who she copies atm it ruins everything. if someone likes that look, as in tall, stick thin, unruly blonde and vintage clothes there are dozens of girls like that, without looking like fool in mom's glam pants or custom diapers. example: Nina Courson of Healthy Junkies. idk if they're nice or indie cows, vocalist must get big inspo from Katiejane too but still more tasteful compared to arrow imo

No. 1299544

haha no, i'm just a tragic 30 year old butch with straight-girl-liking disease. tacky, i know. agree on her shitty music and useless life, i just like how she looks.

No. 1299564

File: 1628896089966.png (999.44 KB, 676x788, arrow from year 1900.png)

have faith anon, i mean not for arrow but hope you meet someone with similar look but with intellect and life skills lol
anyway she's so fucking tall her boyfriend looks ridiculous next to her. (arrow aside, it's nice how this photo looks, it was apparently some old technique but forgot how it's called)

No. 1299672

that's a daguerrotype and i'm almost as tall as her so we would not look ridiculous and anyway i don't want to date a kid, we could just get drunk and fool around at the roller rink or whatever gen z does ironically

No. 1307135

File: 1629758921172.png (1.12 MB, 1711x795, kkm.png)

Anyone seen this? Magazine posted new photo from this shoot and people slam the magazine big time in comments for "promoting eating disorder and addictions". idk about that, i think eating disorder talk is exaggerated, we already know she always looked like this and it doesn't mean she shouldn't do photoshoots. it's the theme of the shoot that's ugly. there's a few more interesting comments highlighted, it's nice that people are finally questioning how entire set/location looks like and what it really shows. as someone wrote, it's not focused on creativity. it's young girl in an ugly motel, cosplaying like 00's lo fi porn star. there's no message, no art, nothing here but sexualized naive girl who's dreamed to cosplay porn actress for a sex-related magazine and thinks that's actually some exciting achievement. not surprised that some thought it was some shady exploitation photo at first.
Who ever thought that's good idea anyway? King Kong magazine is an overrated mag for the rich and they usually work with big celebrities or people from fetish circles. it must be mommy Autumn's idea, cause this shoot is so bad even for this shitty zine's standards. there's something off really, there's plenty nude shoots that are hundred times more tasteful that this. it doesn't look empowering, it looks degrading. it's just sad that she was raised that way, needing to be objectified to get her validation.

No. 1308002

it's also both lens distorted AND shooped.
she pretends she doesn't care about/try to look skinny but she obviously makes it central to her identity.

No. 1308384

can you elaborate on how this photo is shooped? i tried to zoom on the photo, if there's anything, her arm/shadow around area look weird to me. especially left arm to elbow, there's a dip/patch and upper arm section look… blurred?
Lol idk why is she keeping those rumours around if she's healthy. her friends and family have that odd vibe "well DUH, ofc she's not anorexic you peasant, you're dumb for even asking" but she just shuts up or at best gives "mysterious" answers to obscure magazines, like "weirdest rumour ever is that i have marfan syndrome… people say i'm anorexic a lot omg girls harass me uwu but thank god old males think i'm kawaii!". i'd understand that if she was in fact sick and didn't want to talk. but what's so shameful about admitting you're healthy if you apparently are?

No. 1310697

File: 1630189611979.png (93.92 KB, 441x916, 1.png)

New cringy interview:
>i shouldn't have been so afraid of ppl cause they're all kissing my ass now
>if you have kids and work at guitar center instead of being famous you don't matter at all
>my band is successful and your not
kek i bet she was never even bullied, she seems like a stuckup kid feeling better and willingly choosing not to talk to anyone, she talks how she thought her class was "gross" for literally no reason. what a horribly infloated ego

No. 1310730

she sounds like a 16 year old. she's embarassing but if she moved away from her shitty mom and boyfriend now there could still be hope for her to grow up or mature

No. 1310743

lol she never will.
"i don't want to wear onstage what someone else owns" except she comissioned like 5 different outfits entirely ripped from Katiejane.
Lol if you read between the lines she's whining that music industry can't help them sell enough albums but then quickly switches and gives herself asspats for being so famous and above than everyone

No. 1310934

Kek she act like she’s sOooO UniqUe~~~.rly pathetic and desperate. This girl is sad af :( I used to think she was soo cool and love her style. And now that I’ve browsed this place she rly is a huge kaitiejane wanna b and it’s so cringe cuz KJ was painfully herself and embodies everything arrow isn’t(emoji)

No. 1311245

it's even worse cause she HAS resources and right people who could help her develop style. i also think she plays with the whole "unhealthy" look a bit too eagerly. pretends to have convulsions, tries to make the blood she spits look as realistic as she can but then thinks its so funny that audience called ambulance on her, not even mentioning staging up fake reanimation with people dressed as paramedics.
Anyway it's funny that her current band boys started a new band without her too exactly like her school friends.

No. 1311346

i hate using this word but it really is offensive to use schizotypal/schizophrenic people as a character inspiration. poeple with those issues have terrible memories of how we drove everyone away or acted so embarassing in public and worked really hard to stop doing the stuff that fucked up our lives. it's kind of shitty that she plays at it and gets..praise?fans? idk how to call it, positive attention i guess.

No. 1311364

File: 1630272201968.jpg (211.25 KB, 852x1226, starcrawler.5762997.jpg)

this, real schizophrenic patients and epileptics are often treated terribly and viciously made fun of when they get episodes in public. same with drug addicts and self-harmers. but Arrow is suddenly "cool" when she fakes just like those tiktok kids faking Tourette's.
I really wish people stopped making excuses for her when she confirmed she isn't even sick. it sucks that not only she gets away with clowning mentally ill people but she may also inspire zoomers to do the same for fame.

No. 1311478

she also seems to think it's just occasional "sooper crazy spaz episodes" and not also the pattern of constant, bizarre rambling a lot of people with those issues do. that's why i like dory previn kek, she had the weird motormouth shit i always did but on that low level where everyone just thinks you're really annoying, and "oh she's an artist, that's why she says weird shit about celebrities talking to her atnight" and didn't get seen by a psych doctor til she had a freakout on an airplane in her 30s. she openly talks about living with it before knowing what it was, and how that led to her drug abuse, and how drug abuse can be a symptom not a problem etc.. that's a realistic famous person using "crazy people stuff" in her work

No. 1312033

honestly i think healthy people should stay the fuck out and stop using illnesses as "aesthetic". (Of course i don't mean like writing books or making movies about ill people, i mean including mental illnesses in whatever performance/singer art personas, especially since it doesn't benefit ill people in the slightest.)
What Arrow does is not "rock'n'roll", it's her watching real human's tragedies and exploiting them to seem "interesting". wanted to act out "weirdo" character stage persona? she could just stick to "crazy" dancing. cringy as hell but at least that would be some sort of funny/weird dancing, not literal copying INVOLUNTARY moves of real life psychiatric patients whom she obsessively studies on Youtube. i'm curious what schizophrenia/mental health online communities or podcasters would say about her.
and i agree with what you said on Dory Previn

No. 1312037

Also adding i looked back to her hospital photos and one time she went hospital cause she hit her head onstage, but that time on Glastonbury was fake, as linked IIT. she didn't clarify it on instagram and in effect even her own grandmother and Shirley Manson were worrying something bad happened in the comments, wtf.

No. 1326642

Interesting to note the drummer quit last Oct. Apparently for stress? New drummer and new look . Transforming from goth blood rock to stripper glitter glam

No. 1326678

She is Courtney love mixed with the parks and rec girl ,
Nothing special .

Nothing here that seems to be out of the ordinary of "music" in general .

Just a shitty band from …l.a . The land of fraks and hippies wiht too much money

No. 1326784

god she just does…nothing. take a few months off and learn an instrument or read some old horror novels or something. take some time to decide what you WANT to make, if you even want to make anything. why is she so dumb when she had access to such good education and food and supportive musicians/writers etc?

No. 1326786

yeah i noticed too. Found old drummer's statement and among all thank yous:
>I will no longer be performing with Starcrawler. I know 2020 has been a hard year for us all. I’ve decided to take time off to focus on finding the joy of life with friends and family and take a much needed break during these difficult times to rediscover my love for music.
Sounds like playing with Starcrawler wasn't that much joyful after all.

No. 1326797

You keep watching this star no one going to stop her she is a gold shooting star she was born a star she will be star long after you haters are gone and grey your children and grand children will know her name her hername they will write songs about her and her exploits this star dont fizzle she just gets brighter look up she will alwayssi have never seen someone jealous learn to love her this babe ain't going nowhere but up up arrow is not a flash in the pan she is the real deal what you see is what you get i wish the band lived next door to me what a better world it would b(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1326799

kek the real deal? she steals all her clothes from katie jane garside and the rest is just as contrived

No. 1326817


I'm not so sure about that. Her bandmates are currently starting new bands making more interesting music without her. She seems like more of a "1 trick pony" and that trick was copied.

Am I a hater? I saw them live and own a few albums of theirs. I feel that I can form a valid opinion.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1326827

sweetie it’s a male shit posting, report and don’t respond.

No. 1326832

yeah sorry i only just noticed that "gordon" namefagging

No. 1326845

thanks for your input btithecott@gmail.com

No. 1330366


I never understood her crying over the Growlers stripper incident. I'm not saying it was ok to do this but hear me out.

I saw this band live in 2019 (was there for another band) Arrow grabbed some dudes head from the first row and held his head in her crotch. gross. The dude did not ask for that.

After that she grabbed some dudes glasses from his face and tossed them into a mosh. Poor guy was blind after that.

Guitarist was a cocky asshole but I do like his sound at least.(learn2integrate)

No. 1330557

two wrongs don’t make a right, they both can be called out dickhead. go back to whatever rape apologist reddit you came from.

No. 1330683


Sure they're both wrong.
Though one is wrong and a hypocrite. Which is a fitting topic in this forum.

No one was raped or made such allegations. People were exposed to crotches unwillingly. That's assault at best.

No. 1330763

Growlers did more ugly shit to more women than just that stripper stunt, you can google for more allegations and burger records drama. they had reputation of dickheads and creepy around women for a while.
Arrow's "crying out over it" is understandable, she's just stupid and blind to think that when Growlers do it to her, they're abusers but when she acts similar it's "rock'n'roll". she boasts she destroys iphones and photographers equipment or spits in people's food, i didn't know about glasses or the crotch thing. I can agree it's hypocritical that she still does that "surprise" body contact, even took it to next levels. this year she played live giving randoms lap dance and stage dived, climbed on someone and was rubbing her crotch/riding on that person for a brief sec. (saw her insta stories, it was quite raunchy compared to their usual set & people were mildly uncomfortable). obviously she doesn't get people can feel unhappy about that.

No. 1330765

So I know nothing about this girl, but I've lived in LA my whole life and I just wanna shed some light on the Grand Arts High School: it's a fucking joke. It was a waste of public money and it's an eyesore. It's in a shitty neighborhood of LA and attracted the same gangbangers you'd find at any LAUSD school. It was supposed to be for "artsy" kids but, well, look at what it churned out– this girl.

No. 1330778

File: 1632272304425.png (433.87 KB, 510x761, 127hh.png)

She's going on tour with Surfbort soon. she'll likely continue her hypersexual stripper thirst trap schtick if she wants to outperform Dani lol

No. 1330783

oh dear it really is an eyesore, just googled it
Arrow didn't even finish that school, she got busy with her poser band. i think she went there cause she planned to be pro photographer first. sorry, correction: her mother planned Arrow to be

No. 1330785

people consented to being at her performances, she did not consent to that man doing that to her when it was off time. you don’t know the relationship that they had, if they were always doing things like that and it escalated. she’s a skeleton and i can imagine having a grown man grinding on you that people you trusted paying to be on you can feel very scary. what arrow did was onstage and part of her tryhard act, which i don’t agree with, but she goes out of her way to brag about it. you can expect things to get out of hand during a performance, and those men should speak up then. using her lesser actions to make another band with a disgusting history look better in a poorly thought out false equivalence about sexual abuse is fucked up. it’s an individual case by case thing, there is no comparison because there is no equality in many ways.

go back to reddit this isn’t for you and no one wants to explain this to you

No. 1330851

It’s not worth explaining nonnie, that anon is just dumb. Of course someone can be both a victim and a perpetrator of assault, duh. And plenty of people went on record to independently verify the Growlers’ creepy behavior. I give those testimonies more weight than an anonymous person claiming they saw something in a mosh pit.

No. 1330874

Nayrt but yes and i don't get why some people treat that Arrow and stripper incident as the only thing that ever happened, or the only bad thing Growlers ever did. Growlers allegations were more extensive than just one case and they hurt a lot of women on the way.
i can believe Arrow touching people or stealing things in the moshpit as it apparently happened before/caught on camera but that thing doesn't serve as excuse for Growlers, or that their sound is more enjoyable or whatever.

No. 1331160


I didn't realize the Growlers had a track record. I only know of Arrows individual story.

You said: "she's just stupid and blind to think that when Growlers do it to her, they're abusers but when she acts similar it's rock'n'roll".

Totally agree and I should have conveyed my original message better.

No. 1331305

Speaking of Starcrawler shows I'm confused why people are so enamored, it takes two clicks on youtube or going to 2 shows to see their tricks are rehearsed and repetitive. Arrow's "schizo" ticks always happen during same timestamp since 2017 or earlier. don't remember if that was mentioned but she even plays out "stage fights" with her co-cow Henri like Katie and Crispin did. her act is stale af
On the other hand she prides herself that she did stuffed jockstraps/diapers cause "no one's ever done that before" or "haven't heard of any girl performing with a fake dick before"… very much doubt it. this will be a niche example but Lexa Vonn allegedly played in "leopard print diapers" in her shock rock years lol i think there might be more examples.

No. 1331312


True. When I saw them live in Atlanta the audience was 25-35 people tops. Most were there for the others bands and beer. It was "meh"

No. 1331314

File: 1632325421522.jpeg (200.67 KB, 821x952, 6DFE6AB2-30B3-48E3-95D4-2E6444…)

No. 1331365

File: 1632329573303.png (879.41 KB, 1228x1356, true history.png)

Wow, really… i wouldn't be surprised their biggest audience ever was max 100-200 ppl while getting up to 50 on regular shows. they always play as supporting band too.
I checked their tagged posts on insta and there's this account called starcrawlerarchive, it collects live videos and it's ridiculous how they word it. "Starcrawler was on a high way to stardom but covid wreaked havoc with their plans" lolol. it sounds like they always have sound problems but they call it "another legendary show" like, really? i honestly thought it's someone shitposting at first but it seems this account is run by someone close to the band and maybe even paid to do so. those exaggerated high praises lol

No. 1335028

>Starcrawler was on a high way to stardom but covid wreaked havoc with their plans
what a tragedy. on par with what we lost during elvis' military service. how noble of arrow to wear a mask for a couple of years, which surely made it completely impossible for her to write good music. that's the reason, yep.

No. 1336759

File: 1632866028410.png (938.81 KB, 675x899, rodarte2.png)

Anons were right, she models for Rodarte now.
I heard her band is now recording an album with Tyler Bates who makes soundtracks for DC and Marvel and produced some Marilyn Manson's albums.
idk if she tries to be funny or what but her covid posts are so stupid and screechy-pissed off: "Come on get vaxxed ya pussies because I WANT TO play more shows"

No. 1337448

I know it's been said a million times itt, but my god is she ugly, and she does NOT know her angles. This is not the face of a high fashion model.

No. 1339205

File: 1633123820718.png (331.67 KB, 508x787, f928035f5f02774d81779.png)

Kek she's been studying hard those Clare/Lilith Levisis lumbard lordosis back-breaking photos. Look at her face, she's even doing the egirl pulled up brows and lips puckering/duckfacing. She never posed like that before iirc.

No. 1339245

I am dying at how much Alaska Thunderfuck is being given in this picture

No. 1339248

File: 1633126484011.jpg (62.47 KB, 770x753, a25b571f98040001d47dda679ddb3c…)

tragic. she looks like Alaska thunderfuck

No. 1339253

LOL you're spot on. they'd look the same in a side by side comparison pic
It hurts to even look at it, she not only tries to do 90 degrees with her back but also squirms to the side

No. 1339292

It doesn’t look like her spine is tilted and if it is I feel bad for her flexibility. It’s cool that she’s not hiding the fact that she has a small butt and is posing anyways I guess, good for her.

No. 1339336

File: 1633136211099.png (1.93 MB, 1400x1184, 1626169810220.png)

it is tilted, not as drastically as most ethots tilt (pic related) but still. i'm not saying she's trying to trick everyone that she's got a huge butt or that she should hide, but she's actually trying to make it look bigger here. that's the whole point of the back tilt pose. old IG thots trick, same with bikini thongs front pulled up a bit higher than needed. she posted those bikini selfies before but she always posed normally, back relaxed if not even a little hunched, and relaxed face. more like herself, if that even means anything.
Clare is her idol so it's not really surprising

No. 1339407

i think she's very pretty. she's just shit at modelling.

No. 1339587

This woman has a really ugly face for someone so confident to be acting like a stripper with her audience

No. 1339766

File: 1633200500856.png (1.17 MB, 1373x890, 28889.png)

She is ugly but the weirdest is how dumb and self-obsessed she is. Mostly shit she says just amuses me but it feels like this year she crossed a whole new level of cringe praising herself for secondhand achievements.
Starcrawler sperging how original they are and giving advices how to succeed like them… just chill out with it Arrow.

No. 1339768

File: 1633200628827.png (1.11 MB, 1369x885, 283886.png)

No. 1340311

File: 1633266319722.jpg (427.85 KB, 1152x648, DEATH-VALLEY-GIRLS-RNRG-SPLASH…)

i dont think death valley girls are schilled as hard as some of the other bands you listed (mainly regrettes & skating polly) but i know their drummer is patty schemel's (drummer from Hole) brother so i think that's how they get really random promos like billboards and shit. i like death valley girls' music, but there is no way they have enough notoriety or enough of a following to get that kind of money invested in them

(sage for blogpost)

No. 1340361

What kind of journalism is this where they just compliment them and the band agrees, essentially?

No. 1340368

Samefag, literal paragraphs after Arrow says she grew up around musicians and music, and everyone at high school was in a band, Henri says "Arrow didn't know anyone who played music but was like, I'm going to start a band" - they can't keep their story straight. He almost tries too hard by insisting he cannot hold a conversation on any topic other than music. Actual skilled genuine musicians don't act like this.

No. 1340372

>It doesn't feel like some weird corporate plan. I feel like you can tell when it's genuine and when it's some weird business model or something.

A very normal thing for a legitimate musician to say when discussing their fashion choices. I have never heard a legit (actually talented, passionate, honest, and people like them) artist say stuff like this in interview. Their facade is paper-thin.

No. 1340378

>Henri: arrow didn't know anyone who played music
>Arrow: I wanted to start a band…I had been in another band before

Gonna say these guys met in an record company office somewhere and not high school, because they cannot keep their story straight whatsoever (samefaggin')

No. 1340455

File: 1633281689472.png (528.05 KB, 612x1572, id.png)

This. Sometimes she tells a sad story of one failed band and sometimes it's multiple bands, but now its neither? Only a month ago she laughed at girls from her teenage girlband cause she got famous but they never got anywhere. which is bold of her cause she still hangs out with one of them?
Fun fact, the band who dropped Arrow is now called Pinky Pinky. i found them browsing old i-D and they seemed strange familiar. These girls >>1190780 look the same. admittedly they're not hysterically famous, they seem like local hobby band. but they exist and play so they not exactly vanished. funny how they have the same opinion as Arrow on feminism.
>They got to play at Cal Jam in 2017. A representative of Dave Grohl — yes, the old dude from Nirvana and the Foo Fighters — called them up to play in the desert. This makes Pinky Pinky the next Queens of the Stone Age and hopefully Grohl jumps in on a least one of their albums as a drummer.
KEK next QOTSA. Arrow played the very same festival, must've been pissed seeing them lol.

No. 1340469

It's like she's still trying to convince both everyone and her own self that she's so real deal & original
Arrow: I'm really honest and completely not fake
also Arrow: Fake it til you make it

No. 1340600

File: 1633296016463.jpeg (335.57 KB, 827x956, DC120FD2-7F74-47C8-81FD-006DBF…)

No. 1340608

File: 1633296741316.png (1.02 MB, 602x794, shirt.png)

um is this meant to be stylized as one of those Bikini Kill/90's posters? nice reference but completely misses the point with Starcrawler.
slight OT but these Rodarte Tom Petty t-shirts are ridiculously priced. i've seen Tom Petty fans saying they're not going to throw 230$ for a hoodie or 150$ for a t-shirt.

No. 1340631

It’s Rodarte, what do you expect.

No. 1340655

I think it's so funny that arrow chose this weird satanic schizo aesthetic for herself/ stage presence when their music is literally top 40 pop rock

No. 1340679

I'm bored and put on some recent podcast with her and skipping random minutes. it's shit but some things I picked out so far:

- "Hip hop is shit I have sO oRiGiNaL sTyLe, some people are soo costumey and try to be exactly like other musicians blah" Self-awareness out the door (00:07:30)
- Guess she really doesn't eat much on tour? said she gets stage fright so intense that she doesn't eat anything the whole day cause she later throws up, so if anything she gets rice or vegetables
-Really not fan of her LARPing as noy wealthy-comfy living. She talked about how it would suck if they got covid mid-tour cause they'd have to quarantine for 2 weeks in Alabama or somewhere, quote: "And we'd had to take a SHITTY ASS MOTEL to afford to do it for that long" (00:27) Sure you couldn't afford nice hotels lol, don't be so dramatic…
- She googles herself and laughed that celebnetworth listed her as 1-2 million worth. (00:38:58) this is obviously false, if anything it's how much Autumn made on Emma. Reaally doubt she's independent financially, even if Starcrawler makes shit money.
- At one point I thought she found Lolcow as she said there's a weird bio and height listed as 5'11 (and thread top summary says 5'11). but she said the age/birth date was wrong so not the case. Link if anybody wants

Yeah, she used to have other image before satanic schizo thing though. She had an ugly hair metal hairstyle with glam clothes and those weird skintone colored diapers

No. 1340697

Arrow's family doesn't get hip hop not just as dislikng genre, i think they just don't get it "culturally". i mean they're wealthy and sheltered, and Arrow basically doesn't have opinions: she was born with a readymade inherited mindset in a way.
i remember their long haired ex drummer who quit the band said he likes hip hop though.

No. 1340699

samefag, i want to add that ofc big money is being made on hip hop these days… there are good songs and bad songs in the genre, rich and poorer rappers etc. I mean it's just lyric and problem matter is not relatable to her and possibly her audience for obvious reasons.

No. 1341020

they barely talk about anything
>its like totally yeah you know yeah i dont know yeah like yeah i dont know

No. 1341027

I know, that's why i skipped time and eventually turned it off lol
can't imagine what she even talks about with her band or boyfriend.

No. 1343297

File: 1633643948900.png (1.15 MB, 856x892, 977061.png)

More of her new tragic modelling photos… it's faces she makes that are ruining it

No. 1343300

File: 1633644137864.png (1.12 MB, 900x884, 977061112.png)

No. 1343312

She looks weird. She's skinny but not in a model way, she looks like a normal woman who was squished in and then stretched longer

No. 1343315

File: 1633645424380.png (555.01 KB, 832x896, qwww.png)

Yeah she's 6'3 and that's usually too high for any kind of modelling, both catwalk and clothes catalog. The "stretched" impression stems probably from the fact she has really long torso (more visible on pic rel)
So it's not a reach to say she either models for her mom and friends or that one was taken just for instagram to "thirst trap" lol.

No. 1343318

Gross. Looks like a crackhead.

No. 1343331

File: 1633646699796.jpg (805.36 KB, 2375x3000, uok4dxbvbni51.jpg)

For some reason that shoot reminded me of Avril's "look i'm sexy" phase, maybe bc all that fishnet. except it was not nearly as tryhard as Arrow and Avril looked good.

No. 1343617

lol, i feel like the whole "rap more like crap" shit would have flown just fine in the 00s but it feels seriously out of touch for her to do this in 2021 firstly bc it makes you a prime target for being canceled but also because hip hop/rap landscape has changed to a point where you can find a hip hop subgenre/interpolation for literally anything now, it's such a hilariously boomer thing to say. i feel like even the main vanguard of rockers that touted that shit back then have backtracked or found something they liked, so many non-rap artists seem to have a favorite rapper to namedrop/song/quality they admire in hip hop music even if it's just like, kendrick lamar or old 2pac or some random jazz rap or something.

it is also so funny to be a "hip hop is shit" person while being the least authentic person alive and also while trying to push the "i love LA"/"queen of LA" thing. nobody thinks of LA & imagines the X album anymore, Arrow! when mcbling stops being fun she's probably going to have a wigger phase like every rich LA girl does

tbh this style gets cribbed by bands all the time at this point, ive noticed that even actual DIY acts have moved on from it if it's not super personalized/trying to affect this aesthetic screams "plant" at this point. it's kind of crazy how generic everything about this poster is tbh,it looks like they threw it together and found the illustrations while googling "punk flyer clipart"

No. 1343694


Besides shaving her eyebrows off.. I wonder, did she have work done to her face recently? She looks different and not in a good way.

No. 1343700


That photo and pose screams amateur. I'm surprised that passed QC. It's like a rush highschool photo class assignment.

Is she expressing that her back and head hurts?

No. 1343703

Agreed. I think even if you listen to other genres and you know nothing about hip hop you still can find a couple of tunes and lyrics that you can enjoy that's one, and second you can acknowledge the genre's impact.
do you mean X album like X the band? X is friends with Arrow, Gilbert filmed a vid for them, starring Skating Polly girl as Exene. idk why these people like X or Miss Mercy hang out with them, i could understand it if they were out of money and Gilbert and Arrow helped them financially as fans but otherwise why hang out with literally biggest denial of punk, art & honesty definition in aform of people?
>she's probably going to have a wigger phase like every rich LA girl does
Lol this will look tragic on her

No. 1343708

File: 1633705315683.png (1.54 MB, 820x898, b.png)

idk what do you think changed? i think it's just idiotic faces she makes, especially on that Alaska Thunderfuck selfie where she duckfaces and eyebrow rise
Her poses are always awkward and amateurish, as if she doesn't know what to do. especially that arm thrown forward

No. 1343709

File: 1633705432996.png (1.33 MB, 880x872, ax.png)

No. 1344079

File: 1633740518290.png (2.03 MB, 1076x1342, tiktoksc.png)

Dani's new tiktok. they're so trashy and not in a "edgy" way that they try hard to be. more like trashy in a spam community way a'la Nika & Jaelle or Ashley & Maddie, always trying to be gross (except they're rich and allegedly drug-free).
surprised these cows haven't been friends sooner

No. 1344084

File: 1633740976125.jpeg (330.52 KB, 1545x1024, 134965873361440020.jpeg)

Just came across this thread and legit remember being angry about the Autumn/Arrow nepotism as far back as 2013!

I'm not sure whether any farmers used to read Rookie but it was a cult phenomenon among artsy teen girls, several journalism/ photography careers were built off the back of it. It was prestigious, I know several people who tried several times to submit work and always got rejected, even though they were accomplished young writers and artists.

I remember Autumn's name being mentioned a lot and her receiving hero worship, she also did a special feature on photojournalism. Possibly friends with Tavi Gevinson. I also remember being angry, for that reason, about her daughter getting photos in Rookie that weren't even that good lol - she was involved in two sort of terrible editorials as a model and photographer, and her personal blog was pushed in both:


No. 1344091

File: 1633741502259.jpg (3.55 MB, 4624x3468, 163374128053418623066084125850…)

It was also a special honour to sign the Rookie Yearbook (an actual published volume, this is Yearbook Two from 2013 when Arrow was doing… what, exactly?)

Her mother also signed this edition on the opposite page. Other signatories include Rodarte Kate/Laura, Judd Apatow, Winona Ryder and Carrie Brownstein. All celebrities or at least people with established creative careers. Why on earth did Arrow get to be there?

No. 1344097

I remember Rookie, it was huge especially with Tavi girl who was "fashion guru" at 13 or something lol. Yeah Arrow's Rookie photos were discussed in this thread before, i also felt they were too plain and underwhelming to be featured. they tried hard to make her known as "blogger" but when Starcrawler was formed, she was getting angry and lying she never had these blogs lol. i think she could've be friends with Tavi, remember vaguely reading something.
Arrow was obviously included because she's a daughter of Autumn De Wilde, her mother was already big in fashion when Arrow was a baby. Autumn wrote for Rookie mag too, maybe i can find that article

No. 1344117

File: 1633744182752.png (1.42 MB, 902x1366, dv.png)

samefag, Autumn's article can be found here:

Autumn tried to plug Arrow in fashion but then they stopped, probably cause she needed to finish school. simultaneously she was described as someone who "takes beautiful photographs".
i found her old Deviantart, the content indicates it's real. if that's her entire portfolio then i can see why they launched a band instead. these are very normal photos, taken by a child, but almost nothing more can be said about them… doesn't seem like she evolved/took art photos as a teen and adult.

No. 1344223

This actually makes me mad, those photos are objectively fucking ABYSMAL, even for a child. I mean Tavi Gevinson isn’t the immense talent that so many people make her out to be but this is just egregious. It makes me mad for all the young women like your friends, nonita. There are so many people who work their asses off and hustle like there’s no tomorrow only to get overlooked in favour of talentless hacks with famous parents. Obviously it’s a take as old as time, but still. Fuck that noise.

No. 1344225

Holy shit this is so cringeworthy. Dani is disgusting.

No. 1344243

for me it's upsetting how autumn clearly made all these decisions. honestly this thread makes me more disappointed by her every time it gets bumped. she raised a kid to be her little doll and now a perfectly good non-scrote baby has reached adulthood with zero personality.

No. 1344480

File: 1633803183410.png (1.15 MB, 1014x903, tk.png)

Lol there's more of that shit on Dani's account, Arrow posted new tiktoks too.
>Who's the meanest? Most likely to break someone's heart? Most likely to become a porn star?
>"Arrow drinks"
Yes Arrow you're suuuch a bad bitch, except bad bitches aren't sheltered normies who have to rehearse their "bitchiness" in front of a mirror.
i'd say Arrow is equally gross if not more on those videos
i think Arrow at least wanted to have a band and be famous on her own. she obviously desperately wanted her daughter to be famous but Arrow's now living without her and she's bigger attention whore than ever

No. 1344492

File: 1633804492200.png (739.15 KB, 505x870, tks.png)

Lol ok Arrow. Someone's been reading the thread much?
(Literally just a week ago she's been lamenting she never eats before" entering her posession tier stage persona" but ok) haven't seen anyone commenting she's got ed recently, seems like ppl rather think it's marfans which apparently isn't true either.
(It's only IG stuff in other language that i blacked out, it overlapped with "tea motherfucker")

No. 1345070

What an insufferable skinwalker

No. 1346060

Not that I particularly think she has an ed, BUT, it's funny how she took a pic of all untouched food when her point was that she does eat

No. 1346073

Sage for slight blogpost but recently i've seen a girl that looked identical to Arrow on TV show. Same crazy height, prob same weight, exact same body (minus hyper elongated torso). Even facial structure was the same, nose, chin, a bit triangle face. The girl ate normally and was healthy, she was just very tall. (For finale they dressed her in one piece bodysuit and she looked like a bomb businesswoman. Right clothes do wonders) It kinda sealed it for me that Arrow is probably 100% normal and healthy.

I conclude that Starcrawler wouldn't be noticed without Arrow looking like she looks at all. She appears sickly emaciated at first glance, wears 1920's flattening corsets and raggy nude hobo slash stripper clothes, greasy hair and spits blood. it makes people talk cause they wonder if she's anorexic or sick, especially when her blood/collapsing/epilepsy thing used to be unexpected. "heroin chic sells"

She won't admit but that's kind of her brand. She sometimes posts burgers "for those who think i don't ever eat", clearly wanting to show something to those people, but won't communicate it clear enough. edgy but incredibly cryptic, and beating around the bush. even with her team fake gasping at online theories (i think Henri said she's not ana). i don't think she's ever posted anything like "I'm not anorexic. I don't have Marfan Syndrome. I'm healthy. Tall ppl run in my family". if you don't want people writing "eat a sandwich" or "pls seek help", that's actual best thing to do? it's crazy she chooses to keep people gossiping instead just for a shred of "mystery".

No. 1346083

File: 1634090149632.png (1.24 MB, 634x1058, soedgyy.png)

Samefag, adding photo. only one of them is real, she bumped her head onstage.
briefly thought if she really restricts food cause Gilbert likes to date anachans, or she's scared of balooning like Autumn but 1) these burgers aren't really ana diet 2) she always looked the same anyway.

No. 1346630

File: 1634163060054.png (708.4 KB, 672x884, f33375j4d81432d2.png)

Whoever told her these poses look good was obviously wrong

No. 1346632

File: 1634163117728.png (709.3 KB, 698x900, f33375j4d81432d2_2.png)