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File: 1610237083310.png (10.24 MB, 3937x3937, her.png)

No. 1127197

Before you post:
- Read the rules. Cowtipping is eww and if you comment no milk, please sage your post.
- Keep your DDlg shit out of here. Not even the BDSM community wants you for reasons.
- Also lolcow doens't want you too, lol

Last time on "Kick me Daddy, my homer uwu parts are tingling!":
- got a "kick me" tattoo
- obsessively asks her followers to buy her shit off of her whishlist since she "never made any penny out of insta"
- gets called out online for adverising her ddlg crap to minors
- found the time for two humble posts about the Australian wildfires and Black Lives Matter in between her regular ones; then goes on a break right after, but keeps posting on OnlyFans
- demands free tattoo work for "promotion"
- creates an OnlyFans account (anons called it), but it's only "cute pics" guys
- her Discord mods are thirsty for nudes, finally cares about that
- asks for free stuff by small businesses to "help" in difficult times
- has a complete meltdown over a photo with a friend and her, having the same makeup, because no one in the comments could distinguish her
- promotes dangerous abuse (not BDSm thank you) to her follwing ("why on earth would daddy and I use a safeword")
- defends DDlg AGAIN continously, with minors involved
- totally bi, but is "strictly into cock" and would not fuck anyone but dada (but is totes bi)
- will murder you if you dare wish her a nice New Year's Eve
- cries over skinny people being hated against online

General info:
- is a cunt to seem hardcore n cool
- DDLG little // Sexual // daddy's cumwhore uwu
- faux bi
- hates porn but posts lewds
- will "save the world" - never acts on it, just says it to sound fake deep
- claims to be "goth" but says its not about the music (it is)
- wants to be an influencer with no effort or even a YT schedule
- followers must conform to her opinions or fuck off
- totally vegan guys (ethical), loves fast fashion (unethical)
- her Discord server allows minors in BDSM topics
- finds kink and minors totally okay
- uses loli images for any answer on instagram

Rosie- ex roommate, has now a happily ever after life without her
Clayton/sadboiaccount- skinwalker, moved back to the land of muh freedom, apparently hurt other girls; Jude calls him abusive
Rotten_hollow- her ex daddy who kept her ass a secret
Pyromantic_Prince - friend , briefly lived with them or was at least planning to
_chl.o- ex friend , also DDlg

IG: https://www.instagram.com/b_i_s_h_0_p/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/BISH0P

Last threads:
https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/780388 (not to be found anymore)

No. 1127199

Holy shit OP, this image is perfect.

No. 1127201

Thank you, you made my day. Now find us some humble milk to fill this thread with!
(don't care for a ban uwu)

No. 1127236

Agreed holy fucking kek. Nice to see this cow is back, got some catching up to do now.

No. 1127346

File: 1610252768813.png (7.05 MB, 1242x2208, 45FDC6F6-9687-44B0-A4C3-118D2B…)

Just another vegan rant from the other day, need I say anything that hasn’t already been said. She’s such a fucking bitch to her followers

No. 1127371

>>1127346 all she had to say was "hey guys a lot of people were asking if krispy creme was vegan and yes it is" i know she constantly pulls this shit but good lord. its so easy to not be an ass

No. 1127443

Fr she is triggered by things there is no need to get triggered by. Must be exhausting to keep up that bitchy act. Or if that's the real her she must be exhausting to be with. Her ex friends rosie and chloe are thriving without her.

No. 1127490

She's such a dumbass. She acts like it's a no-brainer, "uwu I'm vegan of course I'd buy vegan donuts". Has she ever considered her followers could have assumed she's not vegan anymore?? (Since she barely talks about it anyway.) Or, her daddy could have accidentally bought her non-vegan donuts? This shit does happen. Ex-vegans exist.

No. 1127531

I still wonder if one day she notices her Killstar edgy clothing is not made by fair payed, adult employees who have rights, paid vacation, and work only 40 hours a week.
I din't get the double standard at all, like??

No. 1127562

It makes sense people asked. KK vegan doughnuts are brand new. Though at least she’s eating something that isn’t mush and peas.

Why is she always so aggressive.

No. 1127588

>>1127562 angry and disgusted all the time and being rude to everybody without reason. What a fucking dumbass whore. I hate her negative behaviour. Someone needs to calm down and breathe…

No. 1128293

>People who are upset about minors posting lewds on my discord or my racist bullshit are triggered snowflakes who need to shut up!

But also.

>Asking me about doughnuts is OFFENSIVE!

No. 1130285

File: 1610546836428.png (6.53 MB, 1125x2436, BA08E5BB-4F7B-4B6C-8331-40DE93…)

No. 1130287

File: 1610546888087.png (4.69 MB, 1125x2436, 2A02EC96-D192-4710-8D33-798F8E…)

No. 1130335

Wait we know she's trying to be super edgy all the time ("As I sAy 0 OcLoCk uwu") but why

No. 1130380

So Jude has been mentally stuck for 10 years now. Now she is pretending to be a freaking newborn baby.

No. 1130412

File: 1610557842966.jpg (407.8 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210113-033454_Ins…)

No. 1130413

File: 1610557866398.jpg (355.18 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210113-033456_Ins…)

No. 1130464

“Term or wording they used”
Hmmm sounds like ignorance to me.
I’d put money on her using the N word behind closed doors if this is the Kinda logic she has

No. 1130465

Where do I even start?
To explain Jude hasn't been fed with the world's wisdom and truth; that the mAjOrItY of people have ethics that shift perpetually due to their circumstances and centuries; or that she does the exact thing she's calling out?
No wonder she's glad she hasn't matured past 12.

No. 1131295

KEK. Fighting for what Jude? You haven't done shit.

Didn't she just disappear off the internet when the whole BLM thing blew up and didn't want to talk about it cause it was too stressful for her unemployed adult baby brain?

No. 1132121

File: 1610694099969.jpg (129.52 KB, 720x1217, Instagram_story_01.jpg)

She's spamming "get to know me" fill in the blanks in her stories and in this one she calls herself WISE, MATURE and CHILL. Girl has no self awareness

No. 1132122

File: 1610694176756.jpg (116.13 KB, 720x1268, Instagram_story_02.jpg)

Also she's still with her uwu Daddy. But she barely talks about him compared to how she worshipped her ex rotten hollow?

No. 1132282

Pretty sure it’s a privacy thing on his end.
Iirc- his insta is private and only has like one post. Plus- who would want to be publicly known as her “daddy”

No. 1132360

Hell, he might even have a job (I know) which could make it awkward for him if his colleagues or customers found out.

>Could warehouse worker Daddy please report to management.

No. 1132786

Since Jude likes to overshare her sexual life and DDLG stuff, being her Daddy must be hella embarrassing

No. 1133442

File: 1610833709409.jpg (198.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210116-154629_Ins…)

Idek what to say about this other than she's asking for people to hate her

No. 1133550

if she wasn’t showing her sad lil malnourished tits for handouts i would honestly think this girl was 16.

no adult talks like this. smoking is gross but “if you smoke you’re a douche” is so telling if her immaturity.

No. 1133878

But she used to/possibly still does vape so how is that any different???? Sage this as it’s not really milk

No. 1133886


Type sage in the email field. You're responsible for saging your own posts.

No. 1133902

Try this one Jude.

>If you condone minors posting lewds on your discord and place them in an environment with abusers, you're a cunt.

See, you can call people out without being a hypocrite.

No. 1133912

Re: the smoking post, when I saw that I was like ‘this is definitely targeted at someone’

Rotten Hollow was recently tagged in some photos with pals and there was def some sort of smoke coming out of his mouth and he was with someone who was smoking…

No. 1134070

File: 1610903574737.png (3.16 MB, 828x1792, 5C515CF5-2CE9-4091-99B4-5DA577…)


No. 1134083

>tattooing the name of the person you're dating on you
Wonder what she's gonna do when they break up (not even gonna say 'if', her other daddy didn't last long. Probably because she's insufferable).

No. 1134210

Tattoo 101: NEVER get a tattoo when in love about your SO

No. 1134258

File: 1610915298654.png (4.48 MB, 1242x2208, 5ED72498-CFDC-418D-85D3-1FC2A3…)

The way she tries to justify getting that dumb tattoo makes it sound even more ridiculous/pathetic

No. 1134323

File: 1610919730451.png (666.96 KB, 640x1136, 635A09B7-CD7D-41E2-A24D-3BB262…)


No. 1134376


>physically angry

fucking hell jude it isn't uwu quirky to be a domestic abuser

No. 1134383

File: 1610922471832.jpg (146.4 KB, 1080x1021, IMG_20210118_002716.jpg)

shes so delusional omggg

No. 1134394

I am more furious that she puts half the SM community in one box. Jude we fucking hate people like you involving minors, get the fuck away

No. 1134445

File: 1610927100001.png (8.49 MB, 1242x2208, 5A164B5A-20E2-4E6B-8C05-56FD1B…)

Jude I can assure you that everyone is more likely to be repulsed by your bf.
So delusional.
Also any one noticed for someone who’s aggressively left leaning she goes about showing her beliefs in the most right wing ways screaming like a banshee and never being able to have a 2 sided discussion

No. 1134457

Isn't her daddy some old looking emo dude? I don't remember. He likely enjoys having a woman mentally stuck at age 14 to worship his scrote ass and letting her pimp herself out instead of getting real work experience to reference for when she's too old for porn.

No. 1134774

File: 1610965185038.jpg (16.31 KB, 320x320, nmb.jpg)


It's this guy (Tom, or "T", which is what her tat probably is)


No. 1134810

lmao so she wouldn’t be with her daddy if he was asexual? not all aces are sex repulsed, some actually have a pretty high libido. asexual literally only means they don’t feel sexual attraction, not that they don’t enjoy or don’t want sex. love to see jude being aphobic, just another thing to add to the list

No. 1134819

nah, no chance she's bagged a dude that desirable with her rat face. Like, not even a word of exaggeration. Im usually pretty light on cows looks, but hers is a very plain face under all that makeup

No. 1134821


No. 1134829

anon did you get lost on your way to tumblr?

No. 1134832

i mean what she said was actually aphobic bc she thinks being asexual means you are celibate or something.

No. 1134835

File: 1610975307791.jpeg (378.43 KB, 828x946, 2CD9E312-7316-4826-AC59-DD0B36…)

I’m not gonna be a dick and say he’s unattractive but he’s not ‘desirable’ imo he absolutely looks like a dude who would listen to Jude talk like a baby and like the fact she’s his ‘fuck doll’
They’re both really opinionated and think they’re deep from what I’ve seen

No. 1134840

oh sorry, i thought yall would enjoy adding aphobe to the ever growing list of why jude is a shitty person

No. 1134853


please anon, do enlighten me: if you're asexual, why would you want to have sex with someone? sexual interaction with people you're incapable of being attracted to is traumatizing, hence why conversion therapy doesn't work and only leaves people put through it with a shit ton of mental damage. if you don't experience attraction to anyone, you would lack desire to be physical with them. you might still have a libido and masturbate frequently, but sleeping with another person would go against your natural attraction.

also, "aphobia" is a tumblr term with no basis in reality. i fully buy the concept of people lacking sexual attraction, but no one is oppressed for not wanting to fuck. "ace" is a snowflake identity adopted by people who need to feel special. crying "aphobe" might work on tumblr, but it won't work here. jude being an immature piece of shit who feels entitled to sex or she'll get "physically angry" is plenty evidence to show what kind of person she is. we're not looking for bullets to make a list of why she's "problematic" and should be "canceled", we're pointing out the milk and laughing at her. grow up anon.

No. 1134868

plenty of asexual people enjoy sex; some can enjoy sex with their partner; some enjoy the aspect of sex but have no desire to take part in it; others don’t like sex at all. asexuality, as the rest of the LGBTQ+ community, is a spectrum. you’re not one or the other, and i believe aphobia is a real thing as people have a lot of misconceptions about what being asexual actually means, and this in turn hurts the asexual community. you may think it’s a tumblr term all you want, but i think it’s a valid term.
i will end this here so it won’t get too OT, i apologize, this is just a topic very dear to me.(no1curr)

No. 1134923

Different anon but im sorry, THAT'S his face? Extreme downgrade in my opinion kek

No. 1134930


Not the anon you're replying to but misconceptions =/= aphobia.

You're bastardizing the very real struggles and trauma of the LGBT+ who have experienced homophobia. The most targeted an asexual will ever get is laughter or misunderstanding and maybe a smaller dating pool. That is not a legitimate struggle and public ignorance is not an act of violence or oppression. Aphobia does not exist and should not be within any allies lexicon.

When asexuals are specifically targeted and violently suppressed for hundreds of years, we can claim aphobia with an air of legitimacy.

-fellow asexual

No. 1134946

oh i wasn’t saying it was on the same level as homophobia, and i didn’t mean to undermine the struggles and trauma of others in the LGBTQ+ community. sorry if it came off that way. thank you for explaining.(ban evasion)

No. 1135018


still didn't explain why asexuals would have sex when they aren't attracted. sex is an intimate act with another person. to engage in it with someone you don't want is invasive and traumatizing and horrifying.

unless you are actually same sex attracted or trans you are not LGBT. most of your ilk are het-partnered anyway, especially the ones of you who claim you like and have sex. don't fucking compare yourselves to us.

No. 1135048

Not that Anon. But sex is a pretty complex thing. It depends on the ace person. Some ace people don't have the same impulses as everyone else, but still experience the same physical sensations. They are just not sexually attracted to people. The same way that people are generally not attracted to a vibrator or their fingers, but still enjoy masturbation. Asexual people can love their partners. And they can have sex with their partners either because they want sex, or simply because they want to please the other person.

Which is actually why I don't think what Jude said was aphobic. People don't decide who they're attracted to. And also having your partner find you desirable is very important to a lot of people. There's nothing wrong with that. Jude is a shitty person. I believe her to be transphobic and possibly racist. But I haven't heard her say anything aphobic.

Aphobia is real. Usually it's nowhere near as impactfull as homophobia or transphobia, and it rarely leads to violence. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It's usually things like people trying to set you up on dates even though you tell them you're not interested. People thinking you're just pretending because you're actually gay. Or people telling you you just haven't had the right dick yet and you owe it to yourself to let them and their amazing fuckpowers have a go at it.

Again, not the worst problem, but still kind of demeaning.(K no one cares)

No. 1135060

funny how her 'big strong daddy' is actually a very femme, pencil neck dude who sometimes does some curls. I'm not saying that's bad but the way she goes on about her being smol and daddy being so big you'd think he'd be typically masculine

No. 1135075

I really think it's just her wanting to feel uwu tiny. Maybe he's big compared to her previous daddies. Rotten had that rickety orphan look to him.

No. 1135344

She often contradicts herself, it’s basically one of her more consistent personality traits, backpedaling and really not having much logic in anything she says

No. 1135473

Holy shit- I honestly thought he looked a lot better when I saw just his PFP, the dude looks like a twink and a mediocre one at that.
Can’t wait for Jude to get pissy over us talking about her not so “secret” daddy and take yet another “break” from the internet

No. 1135500

It is kinda ironic because Jude has said in the past that she wants muscular and overly masculine men.

No. 1135619

File: 1611053671561.jpg (520.32 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2021-01-19-12-53-07…)

have any anons seen that livestream?

No. 1135621

File: 1611053778334.jpg (1.71 MB, 2160x2880, IMG_20210119_125619.jpg)


No. 1135726

Oh no Jude, didn't your daddy heal your anxiety with his caramel dripping cock or why don't you see a therapist?
oh wait
that would mean you actively wanna fix yourself lmao

No. 1135744

File: 1611066629959.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210119-092953_Ins…)

No. 1135846

>>1134835 he's fucking ugly, average and short. Her face turns me off.

No. 1135977

Dude looks ftm kek

No. 1136597

>I dont expect the world to cater to me
>you have to be responsible for your own ways to cope

Rare words of maturity from Jude. If only she could follow her own advice. She wants everyone to cater to her by doing no work and expecting to become an uwu influencer, crying when her followers don't share her opinions, and when she's offended by the smallest shit she copes by ranting in Insta stories.

No wonder she can't get the hot fit alpha male etc daddy she dreams of. She has to settle for the people who tolerate her ass even if they look like >>1134835

No. 1136599

Wait, I said Jude has to settle as if she could find someone better. She can't kek

No. 1138226

File: 1611254508185.png (7.01 MB, 1242x2208, 2D27B7EE-048E-411F-81D7-84BF47…)

I think I speak for all weebs here when I say that you probably haven’t watched much sailor moon if you can’t remember the scouts actual names.
Also pretty sure if her favourite anime is SAO and but she hates Tokyo Ghoul her opinion is irrelevant by default due to absolute trash taste.(nitpick)

No. 1138389

File: 1611262970757.jpg (911.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210120-234739_Ins…)

Are you sure about that, Jude? He doesn't look very strong

No. 1138520

"intellect" kek

No. 1138605

File: 1611278476135.jpg (416.82 KB, 1076x1912, 20210122_021711.jpg)

Jared Leto in second place? girl you gotta be taking the piss

No. 1139028


Her favorite band unironically is BVB. Disappointed but not surprised?

No. 1139161

File: 1611333270879.jpg (220.83 KB, 720x1288, IMG_20210122_183321.jpg)

haven't seen jude without any filters in a while lmao this is pretty tragic

No. 1139277

God I was about to post a screenshot of that too, please tell me I’m not the only one that finds it disgusting that she implies that she doesn’t take her piercings out?
I have a few facial and ear piercings and I take them out at least once a week to clean them… that shits unhygienic as fuck, especially considering she has some lip ones that are most likely in her mouth.

No. 1139388


You don't look like a baby, Jude. You look like normal human being, normal basic girl (beside that stupid face you making). Geez she's so obsessed with being a "baby" that she's seeing it everywhere

No. 1139544

There is a filter on this just FYI lmao

No. 1139588

Jude is so obsessed to be "an actual uwu baby". Come on, Jude, you are not 14 years old anymore. You don't even have a baby face with that nose you try so hard to hide

No. 1140165

Unless she's gotten lip fillers then yeah that pic has a filter. You're right though, she's stopped posting unfiltered pics. Her friends post candids of her looking rough all the time though kek

No. 1140177

Well, a baby possum maybe…

No. 1140887

pretty sure she was literally just making a duck face for 15 seconds straight to make her lips look bigger, but yeah I don't even remember when was the last time i saw her without any kind of filter that would make her look like a damn reptilian so I might have just forgotten what she really looks like lol

No. 1141354

File: 1611534639696.jpg (977.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210124-191508_Ins…)

"Last aesthetically pleasing picture" and the first thing that comes into this maniac's mind is some paddles on top of a baby blanket

No. 1142804

I don't wanna imagine how musty they must be.

No. 1143019

what makes that a baby blanket? its just a blanket with cats?

No. 1143518


Knowing Jude's obsessive DDLG kink, it's a safe bet anything cutesy was from the baby section

No. 1143551

File: 1611774455757.jpg (860.99 KB, 1059x1477, Screenshot_20210127-130642_Ins…)

Jude's doppelganger is trying her hand at colour too, apparently

No. 1143673

Also has the "system error" posts shortly after Jude's. Now has an OF too.

No. 1143871

I was thinking that. Looks nowhere near as bad as other makeup free shots of her rat face

No. 1143964

File: 1611803325247.png (Spoiler Image,113.33 KB, 1259x459, fdoll.png)

kek, even uses "fuck doll" like Jude.

No. 1144080

Lol doppelganger looks way cuter than jude

No. 1144199

Sage but I think Rosie and her gf broke up maybe in august or so. Her gf purged her account and Rosie scrubbed her face out of her photos. Rosies also been mia since with no candids or tagged photos at her job.

No. 1144447


What do you think sage means newfag? Write it in the email field else it still bumps the thread.

No. 1145026

File: 1611904563811.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 2316x1821, header.jpg)

Not sure if posted before but this is her OF stuff

No. 1145027

File: 1611904609852.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.16 MB, 2316x3088, avatar.jpg)

No. 1145068


… People pay money for this shit? You can see this on twitter for free, and the fact that she's so fucking lazy and didn't even put on any makeup what that's the only interesting thing about her.
If her page isn't free to subscribe she's ripping everyone off.

No. 1145105

fucking hell, both pictures are grainy and low effort. That second pic, how did she ok the mishapen saggy boob? oh yeah, it's because she's lazy and uncreative. who the hell is paying for this?

No. 1145344

>>1145027 what are those dirty smears on the wall above her?

Also are we surprised that lazy ass jude, who wants to be an influencer without trying, is ripping people off with these low grade lewds

No. 1145824


unlit fairy lights, i'm pretty sure.

No. 1145934

Is her harness even on right? I know it’s a nitpick but that bugs the fuck out of me.
Like these are low quality as fuck but at least put on your outfit right.

No. 1147471

Oh I see it now I'm zooming in. She's really charging money for such low quality pics huh

No. 1148440

She can't be selling this? This is webcam quality, not artistically shot…and erm you can jerk off to a lot more for free online. Considering actual porn stars sell images on Only Fans for a lot less with better production values than this adult baby…what half arsed niche is she filling?

No. 1148614

Is there a way to see how many people subscribe to her OF? I’m finding it very hard to believe she’s making enough to live off of this alone with how high the price point is when the quality is so low. From a business point of view it doesn’t matter how many followers you have if you can’t supply what the demand is. I’m certain many would subscribe not knowing she’s censored/clothed and then react accordingly.

No. 1150213

File: 1612324331337.png (3.52 MB, 1125x2436, 74E7CF9F-AC87-40AF-BBF4-85CC60…)

Looks like the “doppelgänger” of Jude is getting flack from commenters. I wonder if there’s any beef between the two, from what I’ve seen, it seems like freak_l0rd doesn’t even interact with them in the first place.

No. 1150215

File: 1612324361899.png (2.75 MB, 1125x2436, 62847F22-2552-4390-9DA7-47B019…)

Sorry I forgot to sage the first one

No. 1150232

Damn- I feel kind of bad for her

No. 1150627

she once said on her story that she wanted to talk to Jude bc of similar aesthetic and Jude started attacking and insulting her for being a copy, i don't have screens, it was quite some time ago

No. 1150966

Really? Honestly I’m not too surprised knowing Jude. She acts like she’s crazy original.

No. 1150974

she really does act like no goth has ever worn barbed wire makeup before and she totally invented it herself

No. 1151051

Hold on, correct me if i'm wrong but- looks like the doppelganger is sharing their own hate here… those are your tiktoks aren't they?

No. 1151132

She posted her tiktok notifs on her story to show people, it’s a screenshot of her screenshot on here I don’t think she’s posting on here but who knows

No. 1151172

Jude's whole personality is based on her fast fashion clothes, plushies and "uwu Daddy's Fuckdoll" aesthetic.
Any girl could replace her any minute, it makes sense that she freaks out over having a "copy"

No. 1151226

yes but doesn't anyone find it a little creepy? i looked through her page some time ago and most of her looks i immediately recognised as copy-pasted versions of jude's

No. 1151499

Have yall seen her discord it's just sad

No. 1152184

No, and this is an image board, post caps if there's anything interesting

No. 1155332

File: 1612744067926.png (707.8 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-02-08-02-21-17…)

Every time she does those bingos I see she never checks "doesn't like fighting" "hates fights"
She literally out there saying she likes fighting with people man

No. 1156101

Who’s calling her “cute”? she looks like a KISS reject with a baby fetish

No. 1156184

My girl is nothing like Fluttershy, kinda embarrassing she would even post that.

No. 1156421

She is like fluttershy in the sense that she started out promoting herself based on the concept of strong female friendship, but is now mostly just wankfuel for lonely autists.

No. 1156747

Fucking hell kek this is an underrated post.

No. 1157369

Incredible post

No. 1158551

File: 1612999163114.png (590.38 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-02-11-01-17-23…)

i cannot believe she just said that

No. 1158658

JFC, I'm hating all this fucking LGBT infighting over the Bi label. But this is one of the least controversial things she's ever said. We have to remember Jude is pro-cop and thinks having white ladder laces on docs is no longer a bonehead dog whistle.

No. 1158701

File: 1613015585891.jpg (626.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210210-111904_Ins…)

No. 1158707

File: 1613015905925.jpg (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210210-111839_Ins…)

At least she is not claiming to be "bi but strictly into cocks" anymore.

No. 1158718

The fact she doesnt even know the basics like gender and sex being different things but she wanna tell people what these terms mean. Cant wait to see her get chewed out over this shit kek.

No. 1158719

The fact that she's straight and acting like her 'definitions' on these sort of things matter is what's hilarious to me tbh

No. 1158990

>I'm strictly into cocks, never talk about girls I'm attracted to unless it's to pretend I'm bi, and I'm confused about these labels but let me teach them to you.

No girl. LGBT people are split on pan vs bi as well but leave that discussion to them instead of trying to make your straight ass special. But your personality is dull as rocks so no wonder you have such an attention seeking need.

No. 1159277

>>1158701 Didn't she get asked if she would date a trans person and she said she's strictly into cocks?

No. 1159515

It’s actually kinda scary to think about how far she goes to pander to everyone she possibly can while also trying to promote that whole “lone wolf” thing.

She’s straight, nothing more nothing less. Her trying to construct some bullshit outer concept that her sexuality is just too complex for this society puts a bad taste in my mouth, it comes off as pandering because she knows there are a lot of young lgbtq+ people who follow her.

Her “save the world” bullshit + shunning everyone who disagrees with her comes off kinda makes her look like some sort of dictator not a fucking hero

No. 1161956

File: 1613362921348.png (5.2 MB, 1242x2208, img0.png)

No. 1162280

Come on Jude, just freaking say you are 100% straight and stop making a clown of yourself.

No. 1162413

File: 1613423448788.png (143.02 KB, 390x512, 74E4239B-E8C2-4E92-B6E3-4C8DFA…)

Jude out here describing an ideal partner like she’s looking to date Kurt Angle.

Which would suit her cause he looks like a thumb and he has a cock and he’s 100% not a girl.

sage for non contribute.

No. 1162853

File: 1613473007385.jpg (424.79 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2021-02-16-12-56-26…)

>I don't date girls
>I'm not straight

No. 1162895

She still sounds like a 12year old (didn't she say she's glad she hasn't matured?) on myspace trying to be the edgiest of em all. lmao

No. 1163060

>But your personality is dull as rocks so no wonder you have such an attention seeking need.

This. The rise of social media influencers has made people with no talent want to be influencers too, so we get shit like Miss "I'm totally bi guyzzz" Jude. She knows she can't do anything except variants of one makeup look so she panders to LGBT people, has a batman saviour complex, and talks about her uwu quirky DDLG fetish to children.

No. 1164481

File: 1613641544924.jpg (307.39 KB, 1078x1915, 20210218_104410.jpg)

At least we can agree on one thing

No. 1164693

her daddy is not exactly 'very masc presenting' he looks like a young boy

No. 1164728

Yeah. But Jude can't afford to be picky.

No. 1164779

Considering Jude's last daddy kept her ass a secret, she holds to what she can get. In this case, her normal looking boyfriend that she tried to pass as a 'very masc presenting' dude that everybody wants.

No. 1172640

she's super inactive for someone who wants to be an influencer as a full time job..

No. 1173108

On the bright side, at least anytime she spends time away from social media, her shitty DDLG lifestyle while also giving bad advice to minors will be promoted less frequently.

No. 1174437

Wow the milk really does dry up quick with her( necro)

No. 1179059

File: 1615200059316.png (1.67 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-03-08-12-40-38…)

No. 1179213

Of course lil' princess Jude says her Only Fans is her job. She uploads mediocre pics at best

No. 1179225


Nobody's posted her OF here, the one before was just her profile picture

No. 1179401

If those bad pictures are her profile pics then it's kinda telling what the rest of her content is like imo.

No. 1179584

File: 1615242042200.png (1.92 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-03-09-00-18-26…)

No. 1179586

File: 1615242248621.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-03-09-00-18-43…)

im still shocked that she thinks its cute that her bf is sharing her nudes with his friends.. shes always flexing about it its so weird

No. 1179787

File: 1615257955756.jpg (1001.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210308-211752_Ins…)

No. 1180649

>>1179787 More like undiagnosed NPD.

No. 1180672

>>1179584 Jude you were 13, how the fuck would you know about being sexually confident and comfortable as a literal child?? 13-year-olds can feel comfortable having sex with adults. That doesn't mean that you can make clear decisions as a kid doing an adult activity because you were "comfortable" then.

No. 1181905

>>1179584 at least it was with someone her age but she's always been a whore huh? Same for whatever guy she did it with (yeah we know it's a GUY, you're not bi jude). Having sex when you've barely hit puberty sounds like a shitty first time.

No. 1182184

Jude doesn't mind minors being exposed to her kinky instagram and she likes to brag how she is so into sex that she gets aggressive when she is not getting it regularly. I'm pretty sure that her first sexual experience at 13 did affected her

No. 1182257

Keep your slut shaming for the incel boards on 4chan, anon. People are getting into puberty way earlier hence they fuck earlier.

No. 1185967

>>1182257 Honey, I know they fuck earlier, I'm not new. My point was the earlier you do it the lamer your experience but she talks about it so proudly. Her vibes are that she did it just to brag about it.

No. 1186348

Sorry but how the fuck do you slut shame a child? Unless you’re referring to Jude herself in which it’s not out of the ordinary to criticise someone on promoting literal children to be having sex and thinking there’s nothing wrong with it.

No. 1187231

File: 1616049289965.png (3.86 MB, 1242x2208, C56EB6DC-8964-4C75-80A4-AEABAF…)

The physical amount of irony that this is coming from her is hilarious. Come on Jude we all know your “activism” is just an attempt to pander.

No. 1187583

Now Jude is all about calling out racism, just because she is into J Fashion and anime. Unlike when she fucking left the internet during the BLM protests and did the bare minimum on her instagram stories. She is such an hypocrite

No. 1189053

>>1187583 don't forget the Australian wildfires where all she did was share some article, or when she shared a fucking paper straw petition, very brave much activism. She has such a saviour complex. I think good thing she stayed quiet during BLM, we don't need to hear her white girl hot takes on it.

No. 1189054

>>1189053 *it's a good thing

No. 1189119

She shared that Australian Bush fires thing because she’s vegan and oh no the poor whittle animals. She shared the stuff about Anti Asian hate because she’s a fake weeb that woke up one morning and decided Japan was her everything because it’s had a bump in popularity lately. The only time you see her say anything about BPOC is if it’s one of her dedicated followers being trolled on Instagram. It’s almost as if she doesn’t actually care about anything unless it can make her look like a hero.

Newsflash Jude, you’re the villain.

No. 1189356

You go back to 4chan with that take that come straight out of a groomer's play book. Most kids' bodies aren't sexually ready until they're 14-18. Jude claims to have lost her virginity at 12 which is usually indicative of sexual abuse. Her telling her fans that its okay to have sex at a younger age before their bodies mature is very bad, it doesn't matter if their partner is the same age it's still damaging physically and psychologically.

Every time I see her virtue signal this type of shit I can't help but get annoyed. She thinks dreads and braids are fair game, that white ladder laces are okay despite the connotations, being pro-cop is fine and dandy, but as soon as some one asks her for a little bit of support for BLM/the black community she throws a fit and says the internet is too over whelming. She has all the reflags of a racist.

No. 1189767

File: 1616360117165.png (8.98 MB, 1242x2208, 239355C2-B0FC-4284-A4CF-33E4C0…)

No Jude you look like a fucking clown

No. 1189811

Just scrolled past and had to look up the white ladder laces thing, I had no idea Dr Martens and their laces had such dubious historical/cultural meanings. I used to want a pink pair of 'em but not now.

No. 1189861

No one xares if you wear pink docs, anon don't be fucking stupid. Just don't wear black ones with white laces or cherry ones in russia or something.

No. 1189878

those bangs are fucking terrible lmao.

No. 1190006

Jude looks deranged. So much shit going on and using a goddamned pacifier

No. 1190213

It's not about docs. They've been popular with a lot of movements, including antiracist ones. It's about the color of your laces, and ladderlacing them. The same lace code applies to any chunky black boots. I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in mainland Europe neonazis wear white or red laces in their army surplus combat boots. And antifascists wear docs too, just not with those laces. Wear your pink docs, it's fine.

The problem isn't just Jude and her droogs not knowing about lacecodes. There's a reason they're called dogwhistles. The problem is her flippant "I don't care stop censoring me" attitude when people pointed it out.

No. 1191224

Anyone know if an altcows 20 is up? Altcows 19 full so asking here. Saged of course.

No. 1192203

File: 1616621831939.png (1.76 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-03-24-23-31-18…)

ok jude. its so obvious half of her ass is showing. its not a dress jude, guess you're not that tiny as you brag to be
plus the "pervert" above her mirror..

No. 1192677

No. Nobody is making a new thread, and I don't know how to.

No. 1192712

The mirror that says pervert and the top that says disorder. She has the taste of a edgy 14 year old to match her edgy 14 year old attitude kek.

No. 1193636

File: 1616759503578.jpg (509.47 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2021-03-26-13-48-55…)

people like her are the reason people don't want to be associated with the whole vegan thing lmao

No. 1193810

The person that send the question had to clarify that they meant this in the most respectful way and Jude just got extra offended and answered like a massive cunt.

No. 1193947

File: 1616781953758.jpg (999.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210326-115132_Ins…)

Being a NEET is so uwu cool

No. 1193978

>fan: innocent question
>Jude: bOlD oF yOu tO aSsUmE

She thinks everyone's out to get her and lashes out kek. No wonder her friends left her and thrived. Like does anyone remember princess chloe? She sells art now. 12 year old scene art sure but there is an audience for that apparently. Jude meanwhile just whines online.

No. 1194116

lmao an art degree, that was so predictable. I swear I'd cry my eyes out if I, living in Europe, was too stupid to study fucking art like, come on

No. 1195530

She got one year of her diploma at college (not university she is in the UK) so probably age 16 or so, not a bachelor's degree.

No. 1197725

Ha haaaaaa - she did one year of 6th form basically. That's dropping out at 16 from an art degree. 'It was bullshit' - she had to do some actual work.

No. 1201053

After her BLM "break" all she's been doing is stories. Did the backlash about her break scare her that much kek? Like it was trans day recently, and she loves armchair activism so she could've scored some troon points. What happened to being everyone's "personal batman uwu"

No. 1201055

File: 1617462107209.jpg (212.14 KB, 720x1181, 20210403_155420.jpg)

>>1201053 forgot the pic

No. 1201553

Probably scared to speak out on trans visibility day. Might remind people of that time she purposefully misgendered jazmin bean because she was mad at her.

>Respect trans people!*

>*unless they get more attention than you.

No. 1202097

File: 1617617967739.png (1.94 MB, 1242x2208, A46D5B56-2FAE-4AC8-B61F-34778A…)

No. 1202177

>>1202097 her followers are as dumb as she is lmao, bless

No. 1204559

File: 1617962379910.png (8.06 MB, 1242x2208, F1469EF4-AA55-4D02-BD26-6FBC42…)

She’s so self absorbed

No. 1205298

Yes Jude I'm sure everyone wants to hear about your injured toe? Out of all the things she could tell people it's about her fucking toe

No. 1205630

File: 1618106025704.png (Spoiler Image,1.88 MB, 640x1136, 238344DB-E432-4EC3-B2EC-527C2D…)


No. 1205770

>Im sorry this is the world you’ve been born into

She voiced more sympathy for these petting zoo sheep than she did during the entire BLM protests

No. 1206297

But she is right though this is what happens

No. 1206362

These lambs are from petting zoo

No. 1206402

Don’t be naive. Lambs are cute, a big draw. But a petting zoo is highly unlikely to keep sexually mature rams around. They are going to meet the same fate as any

No. 1207111

Why is she in petting zoo in first place though, not very vegan of her.

No. 1207165

It's a repost.

No. 1207670


She's silent about BLM because that's about people with opinions who can talk back to her. But animals can't talk so she can project her uwu I'm sowwy baby bois onto them.

And yeah it's true the meat industry needs to be more regulated and Jude could use her platform to talk about it. But something tells me Jude isn't capable of intelligent discussion.

No. 1208467

Not be be a angry vegan here but how is that not very vegan of her?

No. 1208919

Enslaving animals and petting them without their consent ofc!

No. 1211684

File: 1618796840990.jpg (488.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210418-093810_Ins…)

No. 1211983

Self diagnosing from an infographic on Insta kek. The people who make the infographics dont know what they're talking about half the time.

No. 1212350

asked her on an insta live once what her process towards being diagnosed is (was a particularly boring evening), she hasn’t started or bothered to look into it. Self diagnosing is one thing, not being fucked except for internet clout is another

No. 1212456

She could literally look for absolutely any disorder and find similarities between the symptoms and her “personality”.

No. 1213626

Her personality is fake anyway, so she can just invent a new side of it to have a mental illness and feel special. But she's not even bothered to know about the mental illness properly kek. She wants attention but she's so lazy about it, what do you want girl.

No. 1214487

File: 1619137403891.png (1.14 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-04-23-03-21-40…)

she really thinks she's better than everyone

No. 1214489

File: 1619137449736.png (1.29 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-04-23-03-21-50…)

No. 1214842

every day all she posts are facts about herself and literally nothing else

No. 1214968

File: 1619200879077.jpg (697.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210423-130010_Ins…)

No. 1215232

btw she keeps flexing about being an uwu gamer girl but seems like she only plays overwatch?

No. 1215679

>I dont read
We can tell.

And yeah all she's doing these days is boring learn-about-me templates. Didnt she have dreams of being an ~influencer~ The BLM backlash really made her give up huh

No. 1215749

Kinda ironic that she said she doesn't like ignorance

No. 1216014

she's gone from being a black veil brides stan to being a morrissey/the smiths stan? kek pick a struggle

No. 1216186

I mean, Mozzer has been a racist dick for the last few years, so it tracks.

True heroes spend their days posting about cute animals, their saggy flesh, and how they can't get through the day unless somebody fucks her while pretending to be a toddler.

Everyone's batman.

No. 1216596

>>1216014 yeah in that hooked on the look video, which is the only notable thing she's ever done despite calling herself an activist and batman kek, she even owned a BVB guitar.

By the way Andy Biersacks favourite superhero is batman. Is it a coincidence jude wants to be batman, or am I reaching?

No. 1216821

File: 1619439710800.jpg (481.65 KB, 1080x1705, 20210426_142102.jpg)

Why Jude loves Morrissey now.

No. 1217039

kek. I bet she doesnt even like any of their music

No. 1218562

File: 1619591958062.jpg (934.92 KB, 1242x2208, image0 (2).jpg)

No. 1218563

File: 1619592028221.jpg (903.11 KB, 1242x2208, image0 (1).jpg)

No. 1218600

jesus gracious

No. 1219123

File: 1619643887858.jpg (503.69 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20210429_000147.jpg)

keeps teaching her young audience unsafe sex

No. 1219152

Wtf I have no words for this

No. 1219756

File: 1619721672723.jpg (298.13 KB, 720x1297, IMG_20210429_213936.jpg)

is she doing actual porn now

No. 1219759

This outfit is so unfortunate on her. She straight up looks pregnant here. Was her boobs always so low hanging and far apart?

No. 1219802

I think she's just covering her underboob so it looks alright actually, but the outfit is still unfortunate in every way.
And no offense but her no-makeup face really looks not cute at all. She's not ugly but it doesn't fit her 'little' aesthetic. She should at least put on an eyeliner before taking nudes

No. 1220063

Exactly, in comparison to other people on onlyfans who not only wear makeup but use a real camera not their grainy phone camera, she’s extremely sub par. Low effort lewds that you’d have to be 12 and never seen a single boob to find hot enough to wank to.

No. 1220179


Body shaming isn't cool, even if they're a cunt.(back to tumblr)

No. 1220195

I would have filled in something like this when I was 15 but she's 24 like what

No. 1220700

>people think ddlg is gross cos they dont get it
No I think its gross the more I look into it. Like wearing a paci during sex? It's made for babies to emulate a mother's breast, how's that sexy kek

Kink centred relationships are different from normal consent. But she clearly doesnt know that, and wants to "educate" 13 year olds about sex at the same time? At this rate they'd find better sex ed from pornhub.

No. 1223749

File: 1620183083389.jpg (244.27 KB, 720x1014, 20210505_034858.jpg)

Ofc her first real post is entering a giveaway. Other hot takes include reviewing TV shows in her stories and a bath bomb. This cow dried up so fast. So much for being an activist and muh batman. She got a taste of the real world when people who dont blindly love her criticised her silence on BLM. Hope she gives up on being an influencer tbh, there are too many entitled wannabes like her.

No. 1223774

she's so fucking self centered

No. 1223793

File: 1620191531643.png (6.29 MB, 1242x2208, 513914CC-A28D-46A5-83FA-140DB9…)

It makes me so uncomfortable that she tries to give piercing advice yet all her jewellery is obviously low quality trash from Amazon.
Yes Jude please tell us more about the nickel in ur face

No. 1224313

File: 1620260664265.png (6.93 MB, 1242x2208, 5D9CD756-2C34-4FCC-AC5D-E08263…)

No. 1224469

aaaaand congrats jude, you're now doing porn

No. 1224482


Anyone know what it actually is? Can't see how this could be anything other than actual porn, which she is "staunchly against"

No. 1224563

Ugh, who would pay to see this? Even the thumbnail is making my stomach churn. DDLG is mento illness.

No. 1225536

God she has not changed since college kind of predicted this

No. 1226008

Is muh activism returning? In between posting porn that she hates so much but still profits from, ofc.

As in you knew her in college or?

No. 1226010

File: 1620491541903.jpg (234.07 KB, 717x1274, 20210508_173159.jpg)

Forgot picture

No. 1226547

Whoever sent her that, they shouldn't have. Send it to someone who actually cares about activism. Your GoFundMe isn't gonna look too good in an Instagram story right next to jude advertising her porno.

No. 1226581

File: 1620583405935.jpg (925.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210509-130105_Ins…)

No. 1226739

File: 1620596383577.jpeg (233.07 KB, 1242x1192, 0181999F-6A80-4CDB-9BCB-D0EF39…)

So the doppelgänger and Jude have beef according to these comments I found.
Guess Jude can’t handle people copying her as if it’s not a huge part of being famous online

No. 1227305

File: 1620673328253.png (809.61 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-05-10-22-01-05…)

No. 1227306

File: 1620673354653.png (1.23 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-05-10-22-01-26…)

No. 1227308

File: 1620673507099.png (746.12 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-05-10-22-01-37…)

isn't that literally a pic of T/ Tom or whatever his name is?

No. 1227350


soz about your itchy puss i guess lmao???

what a thing to announce to everyone.

No. 1227388

Y’all know this bitch got thrush from poor personal sexual hygiene. The way she talks about sex is a dead give away that she knows nothing of proper safe sex.

No. 1227871

if you mean the twink then yes. i'm not sure who else you could mean

No. 1227962

so y'all knew this all this time? that Tom is her new bf? btw didn't she say he really hurt her when they were dating?

No. 1227964

Yeah maybe introducing your OnlyFans porn account by telling the world your vagina is infected isn't the best marketing strategy.

No. 1227966

and she shared a bed with Tom when she was with her last boyfriend, really proves that she's a cheater like everyone says

No. 1228023

They were fucking the boyfriend before that as well

No. 1228506

Yeah i knew her in college and outside of college up until she moved away, she lived in the same town as me thank christ she dosnt anymore, can’t say many of us are surprised by this tale of madness tho.

No. 1228528

No filter just grainy fucking 2006 webcam quality.

No. 1229335

Oh, spill the tea then?
She's so proud of being the same person she was at 14 so what you knew about her then is probably relevant now.

No. 1230633

File: 1621078934169.png (1.56 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-05-15-14-41-57…)

No. 1230706

So this is why she's silent on Insta, she's busy filming porn. She's never had a proper job for long from what it looks like so get that bread I guess, girl. Just get off your superhero I'll save the world high horse first and get off social media thx

No. 1230794

Has it been confirmed that Jude and T were sexting minors on her discord? Feel like I heard that somewhere but not sure where kek

No. 1231045

Has it been confirmed that T is her "secret daddy"?

No. 1231243

Here promo game on point: Highly filtered pin-head with her fat froblies looking like an actual arse.

No. 1231247

Her hair looks like shit

Clayton and Jude had a NSFW section in their discord iirc and wasn't properly moderated so minors were probs on there. And then Jude cut ties with Clayton saying he "did something terrible and hurt girls uwu," but never specified bc she only cares about activism when it benefits her.

No. 1231252

Samefag to add I tried to find his youtube channel and its completely gone kek

No. 1232219

Ok so I bought her onlyfans to see what it like and my god 😂 I did not regret it lol it's a joke its 100 porn but jude hates porn 😂 what its 100% tits out

No. 1232220

File: 1621288116924.jpg (259.26 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210517-164810_Ins…)

She is trying to dress it up as something else tho(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1232232

>>1232219 What sort of shit does she post?

No. 1232237


Post 'em anon. Fuck paying $25 for this shit.

No. 1232283

Yes. And its funny he always uses this photo which, according to his insta is from a few years ago. I wonder why hmm.

No. 1232984

File: 1621369034214.png (493.79 KB, 731x836, wtg.png)

hmm not the same picture so we can't be sure

No. 1233501

Well for one she used to pull out knives on people in the middle of shagging them without warning and try cutting them and herself part of her kink she used to say and left some crazy scars on a friend of mine without asking if she could, she used to sell “flowers” to me and a few others at college and still claims to be hardcore yet theres a few occasions that say otherwise and never listened to a goth band in her life yet always claimed to be goth asf and got super defensive when called out about it, tried breaking up a relationship just to be with the dude multiple times only to lose interest in a week or so and always pretending to be so dark, honestly i think your right in the sense that all her problems are because she refuses to grow up and accept everything that comes with it. As i was writing this i realised that yeah she changed for the worse, reinforced all the dumb shit about herself and refused to grow in the slightest

No. 1233717

>>1232219 Didn't she say she hates porn cos it's like cheating? But I guess it's ok when she's the one making the porn… spill that hypocrite's pics kek

>>1233501 If this is true then god she sounds like a try hard wannabe. You must've been happy when she dropped out of college.

No. 1234233

To the person who told me to leak her onlyfans I canceled it after looking at it and its 100% not worthy of the time it will take to leak everything (sorry it took a while I got banned for use of emoji)

No. 1234236

But if yall want to buy it and leak it yall can it took me a while to unsubscribe to it and get the money back so I'm not going to go through the effort of it hope yall understand

No. 1234262


>it took me a while to unsubscribe to it and get the money back

"you are not able to receive refunds for cancelled subscriptions."

Sounds sus bro

No. 1234269

>yall three times in a single sentence post
The absolute fucking state of newfags

No. 1234293

On the topic of what’s actually on her Onlyfans, kinks like ddlg are explicitly banned according to the terms of service. So is impact play and anything that could be interpreted as “harm”
Not saying anyone should, but if someone wanted to they could easily report her and in that case onlyfans banns IP and bank details so she really hasn’t thought her only form on income through very well or even looked at the TOS.

No. 1235796

File: 1621701037114.jpg (261.26 KB, 720x1279, 20210522_172955.jpg)

Ew girl

And we all know she ain't gonna wash none of em

No. 1235801

What’s disgusting is actual babies played with these before they got repurposed as filthy sex toys. DDLG is a curse on the world.

No. 1235802

I hate how you type, take your “y’all” go back to Twitter

This photo looks like it smells

No. 1235901

Some people are from the US South, anon.

No. 1235973

wtf is your problem

No. 1236075

File: 1621743740748.png (7.91 MB, 1242x2208, image0664.png)

Is she on bad terms with her last daddy? Kind of ironic since she used to brag about how amazing he was all of the time.

No. 1236280

Well, Jude's former daddy (Rotten Hollow, I think) kept her ass a secret. We all know that shit about her "daddy" being super hot and perfect is nothing but lies.

No. 1236294

>>1235901 Even people not from the south say y'all now to fit in on Twatter, I don't like it either but nitpick so

Everything looks so dirty, even the carpet it's on. I think it's meant to be pink but it's beige with who knows what. Kelly Eden vibes. Is her onlyfans content this low res and grubby looking because she should be charging way less than $25.

No. 1236337

File: 1621791010398.jpg (250.18 KB, 720x1279, 20210523_182954.jpg)

No. 1236339

File: 1621791215728.jpg (239.83 KB, 720x1279, 20210523_182944.jpg)

For context she's doing a "what would you do if xyz happened" Q and A

No. 1236341

File: 1621791248531.jpg (240.63 KB, 720x1279, 20210523_183002.jpg)

Is making porn part of being creative uwu cos you're definitely not creating new videos or instagram looks

No. 1236692

File: 1621830978566.jpg (968.38 KB, 1242x2208, image06bg.jpg)

No thanks, Jude.
It's quite concerning how her DDLG porn is 8.5% on onlyfans, good lord.

No. 1236718


8% is nothing.

No. 1236754

what a cuck, she's literally an alt shoe0nhead

No. 1236814

8.5 is pathetic…that's prolly barely 1k a month

No. 1236825

I expected her not to get any top percent because her OF pics are probably as bad quality as her normal pics, so for her 8 is a lot. And it's her first ever real job even though she hates porn, money really makes your values change huh. So much for muh activism

No. 1236830

Isn't it well accepted that Jude cheats all the goddamn time?

No. 1237192

KEK good to know. She's bragging about it like it's something

No. 1237202

It's rumored. We don't know that for sure.

No. 1237211

Samefag but I forgot to acknowledge she did admit to cheating on one of her partners in one of her TMI videos. But we don't know if she cheats on every single partner as rumored is what I meant.

No. 1237463

File: 1621936798262.png (2.06 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-05-25-12-57-12…)

"my daddy is ALWAYS right about people and if he doesn't like them I'd question them as well"
wtf guys

No. 1237464

File: 1621936839993.png (1.71 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-05-25-12-57-42…)

here again

No. 1237465

"I don't trust anyone who doesn't like my daddy"

No. 1237517

she's such a weird self-absorbed person - like surely the point of the q&a is people asking for general advice? but she applies every situation to her life so specifically that it wouldn't apply to anyone but her, she might as well have said "give me extremely specific mundane situations that I can fantasise are happening to me"

No. 1237596

It's the same bored duck selfie each answer has for me.

No. 1237615

Yeah the Q and A literally is "what would Jude do in xyz situation," she asked fans to send her scenarios and she'll tell them what she'd do. So she was up front about it, but still so self absorbed kek. Like "wanna to hear my opinion on everything as if I don't shove it down my fans' throats all the time?"

No. 1238454

File: 1622041445231.jpg (889.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210525-141050_Ins…)

Wow, amazing advice Jude

No. 1238563

>if he doesn't listen, ignore him

If you live with someone you can't ignore them. But we all know that Jude's reaction to anyone who slightly doesn't agree with her is to ignore and even block them kek

No. 1239846

Why is everyone ignoring this, cos if it's true she sounds borderline insane

No. 1240158

because we don't know how true that is

No. 1242166

File: 1622393471600.jpg (223.34 KB, 720x1266, 20210530_174609.jpg)

She's filling out get to know me things again. Such quality content from our wannabe influencer. Here's her most retarded answers.

>I'm usually diplomatic in arguments

Where, girl?

No. 1242172

File: 1622393781740.jpg (160.53 KB, 720x1262, 20210530_174629.jpg)

>I have a hard on for Andy biersack but I'm totally goth, guys

>my life is soul crushing feel sowwy for me

>I want to fix the issues in the world… by staying silent about all of them

No. 1242173

File: 1622393814270.jpg (208.63 KB, 720x1268, 126_7.jpg)

>my bedroom is a nursery

No. 1242174

File: 1622393890617.jpg (202.46 KB, 720x1247, 20210530_174854.jpg)

>I wanted to be a clown when I was a kid
And now you are, dreams do come true

>I'm obsessed with change

But you're proud of not changing past 14

No. 1242517

File: 1622425237597.jpg (912.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210530-175645_Ins…)

No. 1242618

Ugh I’m so tempted to get it just to see how bad her content is. I wish the 50% off was in general, then I’d do it.
Isn’t it like 20-30$ per month or some shit?

No. 1242664

I'm sure someone will do it at some stage, maybe if she drops her prices or has a sale etc, and I predict her becoming a Shayna tier cow when that happens because you just know that content is an absolute disgrace

No. 1242700

File: 1622455239668.jpg (Spoiler Image,350.78 KB, 1125x2000, avatar.jpg)

This is her new profile pic, does she censor her actual OF shit?

No. 1242717

Udders fitting for a cow
inb4 "scrote" posting

No. 1242756

Holy fuck. This pic looks painful and I can’t figure out if it’s the shit filter or how awkwardly out of place her bags look.

No. 1242835

she really has just been posting pictures lying around no? She could look a lot better if she just stood up or just posed

No. 1243248

>I wanted to be a clown when I was a kid
>And now you are, dreams do come true


Someone further up said they bought it. But they could've been pretending because they didnt leak nothing

No. 1244284

File: 1622650740990.jpg (215.19 KB, 720x1295, 20210602_171828.jpg)

Shes saying my fellow LGBT people like she's still pretending to be bi, nobody's buying it Judith

No. 1244387

Didn't she missgender Jazmin Bean? Or faced backlash for saying "mermaids are gay"? Or said she is bi but strictly into cocks? Or said that she wouldn't date a bi guy since she is only into really masculine boys?
Try and have some consistency, Jude

No. 1244633

So she says she cares about fixing the world, but she can't post about real activist stuff like Palestine. Instead, she can write a speech about pride month and is pretending to be queer too. Right…

No. 1244962

she didn't misgender them on purpose. but yeah the rest is true and it's really annoying how she's trying to make her sexuality seem mysterious and unique when in reality she's just straight snowflake

No. 1245310

Do you think she’ll talk about Horny&SadCo being a scam? Seeing as she used to promote them a lot

No. 1245314


go back to twitter.

No. 1245396

Saged bc not info but can you elaborate I didn’t realise they’d been called out for being a scam this will be Interesting to see if she says anything

No. 1245441

looks like Jude has been lurking on this thread. She posted long Instagram stories talking about her fake bisexuality and purposefully using wrong pronouns

No. 1245443

File: 1622759117397.png (971.56 KB, 828x1792, 3E685E80-EDF0-422F-8D24-1B466A…)

No. 1245448

File: 1622759273661.png (797.45 KB, 828x1792, 6BEFA454-C8E4-4DD2-867B-E1FAD1…)

No. 1245505

no lol, go cry about it

No. 1245781

it's not complicated, Jude. you're a straight girl who can find other women attractive and pretty, because they are. You're straight but would make out with another woman for a man's pleasure i.e your DaDdY getting off to it. You're capable of being ~bi~ for attention from straight men who treat you like a toddler. It's not complicated at all kek

No. 1245891

This. Judging by all the things she's said she wants to be bi for appearances, it's not hard to see. But she is a little slow so maybe we should cut her some slack. She's a smol baby uwu toddler after all.

>I shouldn't misgender someone regardless of whether they're a cunt or not
So she's still angry with Jazmin after all this time lmao. But what did they even beef over anyway

No. 1246151

probably doesn't like them because they got better style and more followers. it's not a surprise they had a little fight over this, they're both snowflakes asking for attention

No. 1246531

File: 1622869409438.jpg (663.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210604-233317_Ins…)

No. 1246562

>>1246531 Jude, you've done this to yourself. If you weren't going around LARPING as Batman and telling everyone that you're trying to save the world with your shitty makeup and insta stories, then maybe people wouldn't be up on your ass about talking about important issues when the time is needed. You're toxic. You've shown countless times over the years that you're not a nice person. You have all of these controversies circling around you for a reason because you caused it. You dugged your own grave.

No. 1246790

Ok she for sure lurks here. Or maybe some of her followers have wised up and said something, but "the internet decides you're toxic when you don't speak about issues that are trending" sounds like she's replying to >>1244633. But the internet doesn't decide if you're toxic, your actions do. We just call it like we see it.

Also "tending"" lmao turn your autocorrect on girl

No. 1247442

Kek. She isn’t into chicks that’s why she said ‘strictly dickly’ she’s only saying she’s not straight now cus she and Jamie had a thing and Jamie is trans ftm. That’s why she’s saying she ‘can’t’ share it alll cus then this whole thing would come out too

No. 1247590

This isn’t surprising to hear considering how Jamie tries to fuck every person he comes into contact with.

No. 1253473

File: 1623459156381.jpeg (281.75 KB, 744x779, 1FA808EC-096C-4100-86E5-C78CC4…)

Her housemate seems to has a less fat version of myfatboi on the go.

No. 1253933

What happened to fatboi anyway? Jude said some vague shit about him doing thing smth bad to girls in their discord but apart from that she literally stayed silent. Such an activist.

But they had an unmoderated NSFW channel where minors could post so what did she expect kek

No. 1255173

>unmoderated NSFW channel where minors could post
Ew, I remember this. She better have deleted it. But knowing how she tells minors about her pedo kinks, maybe she didn't…

No. 1255856

File: 1623647727185.jpg (242.19 KB, 720x1202, 20210614_061353.jpg)

I couldn't find fat boy's Instagram so I think he has it under a new name now. But I did find jude's old friend chloe who's trying to make a a brand out of her Myspace tween scene art lmfao.
Sage for no real milk

No. 1256464

File: 1623697833169.png (8.43 MB, 1242x2688, E3E9EEE2-B6E5-4315-95C8-026EC7…)

Looks like they’re going to be moving in together… I wonder how this will play out.

No. 1256484

Is her “daddy” going to be moving in with them as well? Or just jude and jamie? That’ll be interesting

No. 1256707

She's going to start shagging Jamie again. God she's so predictable.

No. 1257307

I don't think Tom (her Daddy) will be moving in anytime soon, he posted on his insta stories about loving his new little front room. So i assume he has his own place, away from Jude

No. 1257330

Haha hi I’m probably way behind and missing something obvious but how do we know they were shagging? Not denying just curious(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1257424

Can't tell if this is a newfag or someone personally involved in the situation trying to do a "how do you do, fellow farmers". Don't even read this thread just laughed out loud scrolling by.

No. 1257512

Yeah sorry I’m just stupid and don’t use lolcow often/at all(newfag)

No. 1257644

is that so? whats his @

No. 1257837

He changed it when he was first mentioned in this thread, can't remember what it was but it's now deifyflesh
pics of him Jude has put on her stories are pictures he's posted on his feed. I've yet to see him post anything about her either on stories or feed

No. 1257838

*had posted. It seems he's removed a few pics now but the pp is the same one she uses to try and brag about how stronk he is

No. 1258092

coz everyone is embarrassed to admit they're shagging jude. what a life!

No. 1258126

I'm curious too about how true it is if she and Jamie fucked. I would not put it past her at all though, and her leaving ~daddy's~ place to live with him is funny if it's true.

No. 1258632


I don't actually think Jude and her daddy have lived together at all. It seems Jamie is moving into the house she's shared with friends for a while now and Tom seemingly has his own flat, own space far away from Jude and whatever the fuck goes on in that house

No. 1258702

Yeah she lives there with sick.bcy, and sad boi until he left cos of whatever he did that jude is too spineless to talk about. And there was a third person I remember seeing in some vlog. Now Jamie is gonna move in.

No. 1259055

File: 1623971808054.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210618-011525_Ins…)

holy fucking shit.

No. 1259056

File: 1623971829049.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210618-001347_Ins…)

She's got face tats…wtf is that one on her forehead

No. 1259059

File: 1623971902550.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210618-001351_Ins…)

No. 1259083


Is it off center?

No. 1259095

Did she get a start button tattooed on her forehead ahahahahah

However I do like the circuit board ones next to her ear, it was 50% a massive mistake and 50% cool looking. Unfortunately the mistake one is the most prominent.

No. 1259115

File: 1623976868669.jpg (314.92 KB, 1080x1350, 154875643_725561424993362_2647…)

>>1259095 Yup, she did. This is one of the photos without ink all over it. It's on the artist's page.

No. 1259124

I'm so confused. How tf is circuitry and a start symbol meant to be meaningful for her?
I'd understand if she was someone who worked with computers or big into games but… she isn't???

No. 1259139

It looks so fucking stupid I cannot believe she really did that and thinks it looks good in any way

No. 1259165

File: 1623981380170.png (1.75 MB, 1319x984, 74683.png)

I know her filter usage is very obvious, but I did a quick side by side anyway. Feed vs tagged.

No. 1259274

File: 1623991580902.jpg (777.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210617-233813_Ins…)

No. 1259381

File: 1624006940120.jpg (373.08 KB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_20210618_100053.jpg)

Soooo her daddy has a soundcloud??

No. 1259396

Oh god no Not a forehead tattoo
I like the ear one but why didn’t she just draw the face one on daily rather then tattoo it it’s going to look shit in few years. Good luck covering it up.
Am I the only one who thinks she looks wayyyy better with out filters she has really nice brown eyes

No. 1259397

Yeah, anon it's obviously a filter and not supposed to look natural lol. Btw she looks better without filter but the piercings make her look like shit

No. 1259398

She has a nice eye shape too ngl

No. 1259411

File: 1624012853686.png (4.51 MB, 828x1792, 169B52D6-6631-40D2-8EA3-4178A5…)

I checked her daddy's Facebook

No. 1259489

I don't get why they literally don't have a single picture together.
Like you guys can film porn together but can't take a selfie with your each other?
It's like Jude is just this guys deluded side piece while he simply doesn't even acknowledge her.

No. 1259501

I don't get why a London gym lad is dating a uwu adult goth toddler in the first place.
My personal opinion but I highly doubt he wants to be seen in public with her since she has such an intensive look and he's just "that next door gym dude"

No. 1259503

Probably because she’s down for making creepy ddlg porn with him? Lots of moids will gladly sleep with women who they can treat as slampigs and not claim in public. She’s a side piece for this guy.

No. 1259514


how is this man not gay

No. 1259534

He's kinda hot, ngl(sage your autism)

No. 1259544

File: 1624035053160.png (112.39 KB, 1176x634, disc.png)

No. 1259559

Anon, please… That's a twink

No. 1259560

>I want to address how I said I haven't changed since I was 14
Jude, just admit that you lurk here. And we laugh at you for saying it because your edgy obnoxious ass really does act 14 years old so if you really wanna address it, grow up.

I agree with other anons the circuit ones are kind of cute, but the start button on her fucking face kek she looks like a twat.

No. 1259576

Oh mate, this is bad. She barely has any tattoos, I'm really doubting the integrity of the artist who did this. From cheap friday the 13th flash, to begging for tats to promo…to this. She doesn't have a clue.

No. 1259721

File: 1624053630328.png (451.03 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-06-19-00-57-40…)

from her amazon wishlist

No. 1259722

File: 1624053667318.png (550.62 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-06-19-00-59-51…)

like what she gonna do with it anyway?

No. 1259813

File: 1624060697809.jpg (753.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210618-162429_Ins…)

This looks disturbing

No. 1259817

Why does she need teethers?

No. 1260008

Kink is one thing but then she wants people to stop connecting ddlg to pedophilia while she wants actual BABY TOYS and teethers that she can't use because guess what Jude, you're a grown up woman, you're not even as "small" as you'd like to be so you can feel even more like a toddler and all that stuff you have in your wishlist is gonna end up laying around on your dirty floor.
Like sorry, ddlg -ok but acting like a baby and using toys that are meant for babies is actual pedophilia, because your daddy is fucking someone who acts like a child and even uses child toys while satisfying your sex addiction.

No. 1260072

it's actually very common, even for asexual littles. they buy kids toys and supplies for aesthetic purposes. stupid nonetheless

No. 1260094

>Jude, just admit that you lurk here
She's too chicken to do that lmao. She's only brave enough to be blunt and rude to her followers about being vegan, but radio silence on anything else.

No. 1260111

File: 1624114128191.png (2.57 MB, 828x1792, 7A91F1D4-7E00-4D10-BB1A-2C2702…)

‘Beauty and sex appeal is a talent’ listen I know what this is trying to get at but this is laughable from Jude esp. the ‘feminists’ in brackets Kek how can she be saying she dresses how she wants for her and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and then also say basically she does everything she does to appeal to men and be a sex object what - saged bc not really anything new

No. 1260341

Gross… Of course it's fine to enjoy being a sex object but don't be surprised if most people are going to avoid you because of it. Being 'hot' is not that hard when you have a lot of money or good genes. But being smart or having actual talent (that doesn't require money) is more admirable than "loving to be a sex object for male gaze", ugh. Makes me wanna throw up, that's brain rot caused by patriarchy. Jude just HAD to share this, not surprised.

No. 1260388

File: 1624134885455.png (1.51 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-06-19-23-30-26…)

She always says that shit and I really wonder how does she see herself helping in all those situations she imagines? Like, she's definitely not physically strong, 100% not the 'smart mastermind' type, 0 talents..so like, how she thinks she's gonna help?

No. 1260836

And she certainly has 0 ability to help "save the world" like she keeps parroting

No. 1260878

'I love straight men's attention' - just summed up 'queer' Jude.

No. 1261452

File: 1624298077381.jpeg (105.8 KB, 640x940, FCE951DC-E427-4668-A8A4-4BEB8B…)

OT but Jamie’s known for faking his veganism — here’s some proof from back in university. Thought I should share it since these people seem to have a holier than thou mentality & not practice what they preach (re: recent instagram story posts).

No. 1261548

they have vegan burgers

No. 1261580

This was from 2017 and its a Big Mac, lol.

No. 1261835

Four years ago.

No. 1261900

File: 1624349313801.jpg (932.13 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-06-22-00-58-15…)

Gosh what a curious coincidence that Jude cries about this an hour after this post. What a coincidence indeed…

I also find that being a cunt when sharing things I care about to try and educate people is the most effective way to change minds. Guess we have that in common, Jude. :x

Saged since it's not new milk, still just a cunt.

No. 1261973

He still continued the same behavior through to 2019 so… I’m just saying he’s always been fake about this but posts things shaming people for not being vegan. I also said it was OT. People like him are very unlikely to change, he’s very transparent and lies about everything — including having gone on a sex rampage before uni, knowing French and his sexuality. They seem like stupid lies but promote the image he wants others to see. It just screams being insecure & being an attention whore.

No. 1262712

Yeah its painfully obvious at this point she lurks. Clayton aka fatboi found the threads and told her when they were living together and made a video. The video's in the older threads but his YT channel is deleted, cos he ran away when jude found out he was being creepy to girls or some shit… but apparently still hasn't done anything about it. I know she's gonna read this so: Grow a spine and come out about what he did you fake activist. And if there's nothing, why did you make him leave the country lmao

No. 1262753

My brain starts aching when trying to understand how someone can be as retarded as her.

Like, I genuinely can't follow her train of thoughts. And since she lurks, no Jude, not because you and your delusioned opinions are "special" or "a different mindset", but simply because you contradict yourself on a daily basis, you are a 12 year old emo kid in the body of an adult woman acting like a toddler when being fucked and most of the shit you say makes 0 sense.

saged ofc

No. 1263429


To be fair he's openly said he went in and out of veganism and supports people doing what they can. I found what he had to say refreshing amongst preachy vegans. Sorry but this just seems like cow tipping bullshit because you knew him once 4 years ago lol

No. 1265797

Try four years straight. I must’ve missed those posts because afaik he pretends he’s a lot of things that he’s not while also acting like he’s superior to others (because of said lies). Regardless, if you want to support human trash like him, go ahead. You only see what he puts on social media, unlike people who’ve actually had to deal with his hypocrisy.

No. 1266082

And what were you like four years ago, anon? Would you comfortably be held to shit you did and the person people knew then? Again, its cowtipping bullshit.

No. 1266139

learn what cowtipping actually is and learn to sage

why are you defending him so hard?

No. 1266387

For one I wasn’t spreading lies about my current partner abusing me, I wasn’t lying about my sexuality for clout, I wasn’t lying about being vegan to feel better than others, I wasn’t isolating my partners from others and spreading lies and talking shit about them, I wasn’t lying about being polyamorous and using it as an excuse to cheat and gaslight my partner(s), I wasn’t lying about being addicted to cigarettes when really it was just a social tactic, I didn’t spend money raised from a gofundme for dead and injured immediate family members on a gaming laptop, I didn’t lie about my flat being robbed, I wasn’t saying the n word hard r in casual conversation, I didn’t lie about self harming myself, I didn’t state that I went on a sex rampage before University and then claim that sex is something you should do with someone you love (again, what reason is there to lie about those things?). There’s so much he’s done that is as recent as 2019. Also, please learn how to sage. People other than myself have exposed his bullshit in a previous thread, seriously why are you so pressed when someone is being held accountable for their actions? Or being called out for just being an embarrassment? He’s literally just a compulsive liar, get over it.

No. 1266401

(Sage for double posting as I can’t delete the last post) I want to add that I’m not the one who tried and failed (lol) to make friends with a transphobic (as Jamie’s trans), racist, charged (was arrested) stalker with yellow fever because I had no friends left because everyone saw through my lies and desperation. Whatever your stance is on those topics, hopefully you can see how much of a hypocrite he is. For some reason, you’re giving him way too much credit.

No. 1267314

Who are you talking about here that Jamie tried to make friends with? I don't know much about Jamie's life except that he's friends with Jude and we all know what that says about a person.

No. 1268026


I thought those rumours was addressed like 2 years ago already? In the livestream where showed proof the accident really happened, proof his friends raised money [without him initially knowing] to replace his stolen suitcase and possessions inc. laptop, passport, fly his sister out to the family and I believe fix his broken down car? He showed letters from police concerning the burglary and every receipt for the above. So we'll take that old news with a pinch of salt.

No. 1268032

Ok hold on I am by no means defending anyones shitty past behaviour. But when an individual has spoken openly about their past, held themselves accountable and apologized, etc etc. Without any real external pressure to do so? indicates "change" that isn't seen much amongst altcows.

My issue with these threads everyone talks shit till the sun goes down but gets real quiet the minute there something to clean up. If we're just here to bitch and gossip instead of wanting to see people and the world get better, then it's a redundant pit of hypocrisy I want no part in lol

No. 1268035

Then gtfo cuz the rest of us are here to laugh at people being ugly and retarded. You want that grow and change shit, go volunteer at a homeless shelter idk.

No. 1268039

Oh ok wow. so no shame there then
Lol then it really is all just about a sad existence of obsessively stalking and making fun of people you don't even like to hide from how shit your own lives are? It's not even a community,
you'd all backstab eachother in seconds. Yeah I'm out.

No. 1268237

What did you expect on an anonymous site full of girls, babe? Bye

No. 1268251

Projection ain't cute. Lolcow is reading material/entertainment for when I shit, as it is for plenty of others. It ain't that deep lol. If you're so passionate about change, get better at actualizing it because this was just pathetic lol.

No. 1268958

File: 1625152082788.jpg (203.25 KB, 720x1271, 20210701_160708.jpg)

Of course she listens to pedo bait Melanie

No. 1269591

I know this is Jude form but does any know what happened to rosemaryonette she like not been active on anything for a year now?

No. 1269954

Yeah she quietly disappeared and her YouTube channel is silent the last time I checked. Idk if it's relevant though because she left judge's toxic ass

No. 1270687

He’s no one big, just someone who went to uni with him. Just funny that even a freak like him didn’t want to associate with Jamie.

No. 1270695

How about the fake rape claim he forced his ex-gf (getting the police involved) to make because his “polyamory” only applies to him? Also, the threatening texts he sent to the man who was involved? Who are you anyway… to remember these specific details, a fan? kek

No. 1270727

sure, anon.

No. 1270920

File: 1625352611955.png (6.09 MB, 1242x2208, C8680047-8D00-4216-BD1D-EC8274…)

Looks like she’s trying everything in her power not to be able to get a job. Also, her sudden weabo obsession has gotta be one of the most obvious cases of pandering to her fans.

No. 1270951


where's this from? and what's with all the scifi tattoos she's getting

No. 1270977

it's fucking digimon kek.

No. 1270995

wtf, why would anyone get it in such an awkward spot??

No. 1271119

Palm tattoos are hands down (no pun intended) the worst placement. Not just for the pain but a design like that is just gonna blur together in a few months and look like utter dog shit.

No. 1271217

Sorry for sperging but palm tattoos are not gonna blur/disappear if done by the right artist (I've had mine for 3 years and it still looks great) and Luke Ashley is definitely a pro when it comes to palm tattoos.

No. 1271248

That might be the case with a good artist yes and he is a fantastic artist. But the clients artercare is also a big part of it, as a tattoo artist myself I’ve seen some killer palm tattoos be absolutely ruined by not taking care of them. And considering she soon after posted on her story about content on onlyfans where she was playing with her pussy with that hand apparently (it was highly censored) I can’t see it lasting too well. I still stand by the fact that particular design was a terrible idea as far as technicality, its way too tight and is gonna blur together regardless.

No. 1271259


Luke Ashely is a great artist, so at least Jude has a head start not to fuck this one up. I still wince at someone with very little tattoos getting hand and face tattoos, plus her taste level is trash. That play button on her forehead shares the same vibe as her 'kick me' tattoo. The fact that she's wanking off with that hand after getting it done is pretty vile in terms of aftercare. It's all about 'showing off' her tattoos too. Get a life.

No. 1271317

File: 1625416557085.jpg (192.09 KB, 720x1269, 20210704_173435.jpg)

Real classy Judith

No. 1271373

Shes selling off her collection of cute shit on depop. Trying to pick up a couple of plush she has but she stppped responding. I wonder what her reasons for selling are tho

No. 1271375

I mean are you sure about buying from this girl? Who knows where they've been

No. 1271433

Should be classified as biological warfare really.

No. 1271514

File: 1625436191814.png (4.32 MB, 1242x2208, 543F4570-A827-4710-9FC4-0FAF5F…)

Her most recent story rant lmao Jude literally shut the fuck up about the alternative community, most of us lump you in with these bitches anyways. Stop pretending you have a valid opinion on this you upperclass wanker

No. 1271529

File: 1625438996541.jpg (562.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210704-174833_Ins…)

This bitch is justifying bullying lol

No. 1271530

File: 1625439063297.jpg (556.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210704-174827_Ins…)

No. 1271631

Dunno. Didn’t think there was any issue with rosie really but perhaps I’ve missed something

No. 1271633

why is she acting like she invented goth? or like she’s any sort of trendsetter at all? fuck she’s insufferable

No. 1271693

File: 1625465965405.png (2.54 MB, 1242x2208, 0409BB15-87DC-4CC3-8053-138C2F…)

Does she look at the pictures she takes before she posts them? This is fucking hideous.

No. 1271703

I think she's at the point she doesn't care what anyone thinks so she just post everything she wants.
Even if she does look like a tramp.(namefaggotry, newfaggotry)

No. 1271705

Anon now No. 1271704

He wants to keep it on the downlow because he's dating the super Instagram famous gasp jude Bishop.
Its an embarrassment. They won't post anything off each other and that makes them think she's more important than she really is.
Seriously these people think she's actually famous & an influencer it'd a fucking joke

No. 1271715

Anyone has her OF leaks before I buy it? I'm way too curious

No. 1271732

Be the hero we deserve and please leak them !

No. 1271753

Stop namefagging, imbecile

No. 1272637

File: 1625611383992.jpg (319.21 KB, 720x1280, 20210706_234129.jpg)

You didn't care about it healing when you were fingering your nasty pussy with it

No. 1272647

she’s going to end up with thrush again. or with a gross infection in her new ink

No. 1273505

File: 1625760114922.jpg (157.64 KB, 720x987, 20210708_170005.jpg)

She deleted a DDLG giveaway entering post, just to put up another one. If you had a real job, you'd be able to buy their stuff instead of entering 100 giveaways, babe.

No. 1273995

Nah I'm glad that's all she posts anymore, I hope she gives up on her low effort influencer dream cos nobody wants to see her "content" which is just her sticking out her slug tongue in crusty makeup and advertising kinks to minors. Let her stay on OF lol.

No. 1275034

sage for necro but why does anyone need 4 paddles? isnt she broke? does her bf not have hands to spank her with? where are all these handless boyfriends at?

No. 1275852

saged but it's so funny to me how actual influencers make giveaways but she just participates in them because she can't afford anything and only irrelevant shit "brands" want to collab with her lol

get a job Judith and stop entering 20 giveaways a day

No. 1275975

>sage for necro
The rate of posts on this is like one every three days, you're good. She dried up fast after her ass got called out for being a fake activist so she only makes OF content now. And ain't nobody buying it just for milk.

No. 1276155

I just got paid and might get it for shits and giggles, if I did, how should I share it? I use this site on my phone and am like 75% lurker so I don’t know shit.

No. 1276291

File: 1626234330295.jpg (944.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210713-150624_Ins…)

No. 1276357

she sounds desperate.

No. 1276359

>tell me your weirdest kinks and I see what I can do.

She’s speedrunning to becoming shanus. She already eats like shit and has awful personal hygiene.

No. 1276369

still can't believe that pedophile attraction has the audacity to charge $25/month for low quality, shit lighting nudes that she obviously takes without any motivation whatsoever.

like, please put some effort into it since you already call it your "job". Maybe some decent make up at least so you don't look like you basically just woke up 5mins ago?

If taking pictures of her shaggy pussy and slobby tits while putting toys for children in her mouth already look so shit, cheap and effortless, I can understand why she's unable to get a real job.

She's just a lazy wanker whose entire world revolves around dicks so let's live off of Instagram giveaways, mommy's money and e-begging online for money that others actually WORK for.

No. 1276509

I mean if you really wanna. If you do, screenshot em, or if the site doesnt let u screenshot (idk cos I've never used it) just long-press on the image and it might let u download. Then just upload the images here, maybe with the Spoiler Image box checked

No. 1276921

that cow Zelf in the background is on point

No. 1277151

Speaking of her Zelfs, I bet she doesn't dust her shelves since she can't even be bothered to put effort into her new "job" at OF. The more I think about the way she lives the more I'm grossed out

No. 1277152

File: 1626365209908.jpg (887.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210715-095859_Ins…)

Really classy, Jude

No. 1278587

Ahh yes more of Jude promoting unsafe kink practices. Shibari isn’t just being tied up, it’s seriously dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing and from what it looks like, she definitely doesn’t. And her attempt at it comes off very ty hard

No. 1279250

File: 1626571098310.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1125x2073, 99F4A02C-9489-4096-ACF3-DAC8D3…)

Help, why the fuck did she cut her bangs around the face tat…

No. 1279260

File: 1626572661459.png (7.93 MB, 1242x2208, 18162A82-D384-44A1-AC55-40521A…)

She looks fucking ridiculous. Homegirl is trying way to hard to be uwu different

No. 1279276

Jude lost her "uniqueness" when she started wearing pastel colours and ditched the make up. So now she is trying extra hard to look different from other e-thots.

No. 1279317

What really irks me is that her new tattoo doesn’t even match her new “aesthetic” it’s a power button for gods sake.
Sure the tattoo and location are dreadful but it suits a cyberpunk or at least “futuristic” aesthetic much more than the pastel kawaii adult baby one she has.

No. 1279322

The cheap plastic Hello Kitty adult baby aesthetic she rocks is so tacky overall, I don’t think a few clashing face tattoos in the mix even make a difference.

No. 1279413

Shame she stopped doing her makeup, even with her slug tongue kek her eye makeup was at least decent

No. 1279481

Yeah, I mean it was unique enough to warrant people to create looks inspired by hers.
It was pretty solid (besides that one cum lip one, that was kind of nasty) considering

No. 1279507

You mean her shelves full of tacky toys? Ew yeah, imagine the amount of dust they collect.

Fucking kek this is the sort of dumb shit you do in high school. Craft scissors in your parent's bathroom vibes and not in a good way. Just have a middle part fringe it's not hard.

Agree, she's leaving the goth image. Good that she stopped forcing herself to be something she's not, but she's going down this vaporwave kawaii egirl road in the tackiest way possible. Maybe she wants to distance herself from her old fans because they're the ones who called her out over the fake activist BLM stuff?

No. 1279748

File: 1626641431944.png (4.07 MB, 1242x2208, 45F9D3E1-BC03-4F84-8FC6-84FFC4…)

If we needed any more proof she lurks here.
Wearing or not wearing makeup is not that important Jude I promise you no one gives a shit

No. 1279892

I don’t think she lurks here. I mean, don’t you think she would have made a story about how people shouldn’t share her onlyfans content when someone offered to leak pictures here ?
Or maybe I’m wrong and she actually likes it, just like how she loved it when there was a discord server called « Jude Nudes » or smth

No. 1280055

File: 1626679058312.png (6.53 MB, 1242x2208, 24A05F11-BA91-4581-A9B6-4FFC8B…)

God this looks awful

No. 1280093


she’s either way too comfortable oversharing or she’s looking to become some kind of kink guru. She’s nowhere near experienced enough or mature enough and her “knowledge” is putting impressionable kids in danger.

No. 1280191

>when I get back to posting

When's that, after you've phased out all the old "goffgang" followers who were shitting on you (rightfully) for being a fake activist batman superhero uwu?

By the way, if you want to be an influencer you have to have a thing you're known for or nobody's gonna care, and if makeup is your thing then it's your job now. Too hard? Give up then kek. Your thing right now is selling your pussy for pennies anyway.

No. 1280729

She HATES the idea of being a makeup artist - harsh words ya big baby.

What is she gonna post about if it's not look focused? Ah - its just going to be a long form advert for her scummy DDLG OF. The only thing she's got going for herself, a sad state of affairs.

No. 1280847

>selling your pussy for pennies
That's almost every NLOG on Instagram rn though, so it's not even something she has going for her.

No. 1281126

Onlyfans is cracking down on certain kinds of adult content, kinks and fetish being one of the targets because it’s hard to regulate around potentially harmful content.
I don’t think she’ll be at it for much longer because according to her she’s the kinkiest bitch out there. They already block words that imply harm like “blood” and “choke” so it’s only a matter of time before they clue in to her pedo bait

No. 1282079

File: 1626922063822.png (10.02 MB, 1242x2208, 7B413B9F-2EA5-46F1-88FB-6844CF…)

You’re literally not Jude grow up

No. 1282476

File: 1626982641878.png (2.14 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-07-22-22-34-27…)

as if she wasn't flexing about how goth she is and how much she only likes black and white
was literally her whole persona and now she's like "ye i like elements of it heh"

No. 1282478

File: 1626982814542.png (2.24 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-07-22-22-38-34…)

Guys obviously Jude is saving the world by talking about juices

No. 1282893

>I'm a goblin, I'm here for tiny gruesome mischief
You're not an uwu tiny baby like you wish you were for your pedo bait Jude. You've got gruesome right though. Put your slug tongue back in your mouth and put your dirty panties back on. But whoring out is the only real job you've ever had so something something female empowerment I guess.

No. 1283095

File: 1627077622996.jpg (837.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210723-125418_Ins…)

No. 1283097

our pastel pinhead get her flaps out!

No. 1283126

funny how huge she looks here after saying yesterday how she's a tiny goblin

No. 1283254

That bath tub looks like she's filling up most of it and theres 3 sad off-color balloons that she's gonna get her discharge all over. Barf.

No. 1283946

File: 1627217001634.jpg (586.66 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210725_133822_com…)

Holy shit I was starting to think he didn't even know who she was.

No. 1283969

Pepbably to shut her up lol. I wonder how long his fake "I don't wanna be involved in social media" thing to avoid being seen with her is gonna last.

Meanwhile on her story she's entered yet another giveaway. You love your new job at only fans that it's the only thing you ever post, what are h doing with the money that you can't just buy it you mooch

No. 1284184

File: 1627246848679.png (3.03 MB, 828x1792, 0038EC59-46EB-459E-A896-64C16E…)

saged bc no milk

Is it just me or does she seem like WAY more chill and kind in these video replies

No. 1284355

File: 1627263434890.png (8.6 MB, 1242x2208, A0CB9711-D17D-4CBB-9234-07E30F…)

That hair is just disgusting ugh how could you look at yourself like that and not be embarrassed

No. 1284371

File: 1627266473430.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-07-26-05-16-33…)

Of course instead answering with "they did/didn't hear me&boyfriend having sex", she answered with 'heh they hear how my daddy hits me all the time'
with 0 explanation of it being just sexual play and how it should be done safely and consensually
(and obviously she has a lot of new young followers judging from all the questions on her q&a)

No. 1284373

When people ask her if she has a job she keeps saying yes as if onlyfans is a real job im dying

No. 1284374

maybe it has something to do with the fact she went to therapy?

No. 1284375

File: 1627267095753.png (660.26 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210725-223651.png)

Her answer to this was that she would make herself…small. Tried really hard to avoid saying 'child' like but we all know that's what she meant. Gag

No. 1284409

Agreed she looks like such a nonce. Girl wants to be a quirky NLOG so bad. But apart from the God awful hair, she is literally like every other pastel ddlg egirl camwhore. She's so boring she doesn't even know how to be quirky without copying others. She just needs to admit it to herself. Some anon said shes getting therapy, I hope it gets through to her.

No. 1284414

File: 1627271924044.jpg (62.28 KB, 720x488, 20210726_045757.jpg)

No. 1284681

did she?

No. 1284689

File: 1627311165439.jpg (206.68 KB, 720x1279, 20210726_155010.jpg)

Some more gems from her Q and A. She said someone from onlyfans gifted her this top, so there are people who actually sub to her crusty ass and want to spend more money on top of that? Moids

No. 1284691

File: 1627311216065.jpg (181.78 KB, 720x1265, 20210726_155025.jpg)

She said her pet peeve is people lying about things unnecessarily. Oh the irony.

No. 1284696

File: 1627311444543.jpg (133.99 KB, 719x1276, 20210726_155040.jpg)

She said, no it's nothing to do with kids because they're my possessions and I'm an adult. She also said hot wheels don't cause car crashes as if that supports her point somehow. Jude babe, those items are made for children and you owning them doesn't change that. Just admit you're a pedophile.

No. 1284700

File: 1627311819450.jpg (165.84 KB, 720x1269, 20210726_160227.jpg)

She said she got a goff gang tattoo with someone who's name she'll reveal later (it's Clayton), and vaguely says he was abusive so shes stopped saying goff gang. She added she doesn't want her fanbase tied to that aesthetic, so what anons were speculating about her distancing from goth and building a new audience to recover from the blm backlash is true ig? She said she'll return to posting later in the year.

No. 1284702

She said she's been getting OCD therapy

No. 1285169

I find it really hard to believe someone with her kinda attitude would go to therapy. She gives me maximum “I’m not ill, you just don’t understand me” vibes.

No. 1285280

Another q&a, she said she only uses her phone for the OF content..
And then she calls it her job

No. 1285315

She's been sitting on this deep dark secret uwu for like a year now about Clayton. If it's true that he was abusive and she really cared about it, she'd name and shame and spill what he did. But all she cares about is her own image apparently, cos she's going to use it for attention when she comes back to posting? Bet she didn't report to the police or report his account or anything. Just stayed silent like the fake activist she is.

No. 1285366


Do you shame other victims of abuse for not speaking to the police or is it just her?

No. 1285384

This. Jude is a pedo baiting asshole with terrible hair but shaming domestic abuse victims about “nOt GoInG To tHe PoLiCe” is such dumb scrote shit. Like the police ever do a damn thing anyway.

No. 1285937

So much this and sorry for OT but all police and the court process ever did in my situation was to add way too much pressure and stress for it to be worth dealing with. If you can its a lot easier to just walk away, which is extremely sad but just how things are.

No. 1286052

Did I hurt your fee-fees? Jude wasn't the abuse survivor if I understood what she's implied in the past. I guess you're new, it was in one of the past threads. What she's implied is Clayton was talking to minors on Jude's discord. That discord btw was meant to be 18+ and had a NSFW channel but wasn't moderated. If the minors he allegedly hurt don't want to talk about it or think the police are incompetent, of course that's up to them fucking duh. But as an adult who made the discord and let it be ummoderated, basically helping to set the scene unknowingly or not, is it too much to say she should've done something? At least she made him go back to America but does she not want to help the victims, anything? But I guess that's just dumb scrote shit xx

No. 1286387

That's not at all what she was talking about when she said he was abusive, anon. She meant towards his gf.

No. 1286462

You guys are the worst kind of people. Leave Jude the fuck alone. Get a life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1286524

Jude also didnt give a flying fuck about his abusive tendencies to other women until it was directly affecting her social media grift and got in the way of her activist goff gang fantasy. she can choke.

No. 1286535

Abusers will often manipulate those closest to them in order to question their perceptions of unacceptable behaviour. This is called gaslighting.

It's shameful that this is having to be explained to you.

The vile victim blaming here is repulsive.

No. 1286653

where the fuck did the white knights come from

No. 1286727

Aw she really thinks I need an explanation for gaslighting. Here are some other words for you: infighting and whiteknighting. Stop. And as I said before, Jude made him return to Murica and vague posted about something he did, implied to be inappropriate shit with minors, so she knew he did something scummy and her perception was not warped. Therefore, and if you knew reading comprehension you'd know this, I was wondering why she didn't do more. Shameful that I have to explain this to you babe. At least sage your shit.

No. 1287137

Read what you just said. She posted something vague about him doing scummy AFTER he left, ie. After the alleged abuse happened.

How someone responds to abuse is dependent on the victim.

It is fucked up beyond belief to read evil intentions into the victim for not responding the way you'd like.

Get help.

No. 1287288

From what she's implied, she was not the victim but go off. Don't worry, Jude isn't very bright so I don't think her intentions are evil kek, she's just ignorant and should shut up about being an activist and everyone's personal batman then. It's not about her responding the "way I'd like", it's about her not responding in the way she pretends she would in such a situation. She pretends to be this big brave hero when she's just another random e-thot. She should put the cape down and grow up. And if you're this triggered, you should too. Sage your shit and spend some time outside

No. 1287368

File: 1627663428448.png (3.95 MB, 1536x2048, AFFCB0DD-3E24-40F9-B7DB-40F28B…)

Think this is about Jude? If so, hilarious that her precious daddy is disowning their “relationship”.

No. 1288066

Kek it's gotta be jude. He never mentioned her and its like she was something to bang when he was bored. But that's all she's ever wanted and she thinks being objectified is empowerment so.

No. 1288787

File: 1627832080509.jpg (222.51 KB, 719x1278, 20210801_163304.jpg)

The tongue returns, and so does her low quality phone cam. If you're gonna call onlyfans your job (kek) at least buy a real camera.

No. 1289150

Think of the kind of video exuipment she could buy with the money she spends on rattles and pacifiers.

No. 1289822

Was anybody on her live tonight? She was getting pissy abt her live being shut down for play twenty one pilots and went on a rant how Instagram sucks. Then started getting pissy about people making comments asking her what her style is, saying it was “obvious”. Fucking kek dude.

No. 1290016

>>1289822 Why does she bother live streaming if she's going to be a miserable bitch? She typically acts like that during her streams and she wonders why nobody shows up lol.

No. 1290118

Oh yeah she used to twitch stream too. Never seen her streams on any platform but I'm not surprised she's an ass in them like she is everywhere else. If she thinks it makes her look edgy or likeable or something it does the opposite Jude kek

No. 1291909

File: 1628213111303.jpeg (155.13 KB, 1242x668, 539DABB7-BB97-4954-9A0A-D5162A…)

Anyone else have a little giggle at her OF bio?

No. 1291977

Most of it's just copied from her cringy original IG bio, before she hid herself from her old followers.

>big tits small waist IRL anime girl

Made me kek though. People have bodies like that irl too but she compares it to anime bc shes so unique. Anime girls also have small noses Jude, and drawn like they have hygiene. There are a lot of sexualised young girl characters too though so that's what she's thinking of ig

No. 1292012

>IRL anime girl
jude, you're a musty, big nosed, coomer pandering ugly white lady

No. 1292067

shameful, literally looks like it was written by a mtf

No. 1292292

File: 1628268403790.png (842.06 KB, 828x1792, 5B0C6C74-F8F9-426C-B303-9B26EA…)

We mention he never mentions Jude

She probably whined abt it

He posts this


No. 1292316

File: 1628271735058.jpg (625.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210806-123959_Ins…)

Well, well, well

No. 1292408

>>1292316 Maybe Jude if you put your page as 18+ and stop selling your porn to minors then it wouldn't get reported, you twat.

No. 1293156

But anon, she needs to teach her audience full of minors how to be kink positive!! It's going to save the world!!

No. 1294186

File: 1628435255667.jpg (268.01 KB, 716x1272, 20210808_160448.jpg)

Apparently she's so dedicated to her thot hustle that she barely takes normal pictures of herself anymore kek. Good for her that she's got off her high horse and found her true calling. She's getting more irrelevant and less milk by the day

No. 1296605

File: 1628563067058.jpg (954.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210809-185648_Ins…)

We know, you hateful troll

No. 1296682

File: 1628576899854.png (8.15 MB, 1242x2208, 051DBD72-0AA9-443E-8B09-42EE50…)

That’s really not something to be proud of Jude. Especially when your anger is always pointed towards the wrong things.

No. 1296721

>>1296605 Sage but the person who sent that assumption is clearly new to her page. All Jude does is bitch. Like we're trying to figure out what this bitch doesn't hate besides her daddy's cock and pretending to be a slutty infant.

No. 1296768

File: 1628588843705.png (1.34 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-08-10-12-46-57…)

this makes my whole body cringe

No. 1296772

This is such a bad mentality, of course if she's always hating and angry she's gonna be a bitch
she really just makes herself suffer
chill Jude

No. 1296936

File: 1628604598628.jpg (993.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210809-231250_Ins…)

No. 1297490

Why does that sound inherently predatory? Like imagine if a dude was going on about getting genuinely angry over sexual frustration.
Does she think it adds to her weird things she’s got goin on

No. 1297508

File: 1628637301594.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210810-181245_Ins…)

Is that a baby bottle?

No. 1297512

she’s a helpless uwu baby anon. she needs her baby bottle.

the world is so fucked up and wrong but she’s like batman. she’s going to save the world but she’s so smol and can’t do anything without headpats and daddies cummies uwu

absolute sperging aside how can she be vegan and eat like trash. she could fill her fridge with cheap veg, prep and chill meals. it gets me irrationally angry she chooses to eat like this.

No. 1297567

Everything in this pic looks so dirty.

Yeah she says she's a hero who'll fight injustice in the world but also desperately wants to be seen as a smol infant. The hero talk actually makes her look really childish too though kek. Big dreams and no plans. Eat your dry nuggets and sit down girl.

No. 1298327

You're all disgusting. Get a fucking life. This is what you do all day? Stalk another person's social media? It's literally the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. Get a hobby, do some social justice, move the fuck on. Do something productive and stop bullying. You're wasting your time "making fun" of someone who is just living their life, and it's absolutely ridiculous.(ok)

No. 1298332

tinfoil here, but i just cannot fathom how she gets tons of answers on the daily Q&As she spits out. i'm having a hard time believing that someone really did ask her this question; it's so specific and personal, like why? i wouldn't be surprised if she asked herself questions for the sake of feigning engagement

No. 1298588

She must crank out some abysmal shits.

No. 1298600

Is GDP your name or something? Does jude have any whiteknight friends with those initials

No. 1298630

that or she’s constipated.

no wonder she’s so angry all the time

No. 1298772

You mean social justice just like Jude teaching minors unsafe sex?

No. 1299256

File: 1628867188010.jpg (158.89 KB, 720x1237, 20210813_160556.jpg)

Kek who is this and why did she @ him in the one place you can't click

No. 1299400

Look at his profile, he's a mega alpha male dom fuck boy who runs a BDSM onlyfans, she's most likely just drooling over him just like she tags Corpse Husband to get his attention

No. 1299912

File: 1628951948201.jpg (127.9 KB, 720x1259, 20210814_153734.jpg)

Oh I know that he's a gross "daddy," like he tagged the girl in this picture and she's only 18. Barf. But I meant who is he to Jude because I thought she was so in love with her mega ultra dom boyfriend.

No. 1300180

File: 1628982994557.jpg (Spoiler Image,727.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210814-180928_Ins…)

I thought she couldn't promote her OF on instagram anymore

No. 1300231

Of course if she doesn't take normal pics anymore like she said, she has nothing else to post

No. 1300595

this is the ass of someone who sits around doing nothing 24/7

No. 1300640

Square ass.
she needs to get up and start exercising

No. 1300662

Probably inspiration, what with the cringe only fans and bdsm stuff, and he posted a story saying he put asshole in his bio so don't be surprised that he's an asshole.

No. 1301211

You're all disgusting lol

No. 1301212

Like what the fuck is wrong with all of you? You're commenting on her body now? What lol?? Get a fucking life, this is so ridiculous and sad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1301273

Dude she's out there in her OF bio stating she's an irl anime girl and then that's her body. Pretty sure anime girls have round asses at least

No. 1301627

Ahh yes because commenting on someone’s appearance is soooo much worse than promoting unsafe sex to minors.

No. 1301654

File: 1629170052169.jpg (145.06 KB, 1080x1920, 238628586_369389927930433_6444…)

Here we go again.

No. 1301688

she does one like every day it seems wtf is this "haven't done one in a while"

No. 1301694

File: 1629176583786.jpg (745.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210816-235131_Ins…)

Edgy and wasteful

No. 1301701

File: 1629178031169.png (4.6 MB, 1242x2208, 19A2993D-E406-400E-BC5F-B5381E…)

“Why would I choose the bad parts of BEING A CHILD”
Oh so you admit you’re cosplaying a child for sexual enjoyment? She’s a sick fuck I find it so hard to believe that “fans” send these and not her

No. 1301862

File: 1629209981772.jpg (897.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210817-090744_Ins…)

This is how you get an UTI,Jude

No. 1302099

Maybe she stopped being a bitch to her followers but I guess she will never stop promoting unsafe sex to minors.
kek still wondering which one of her friends is this

No. 1302155

Most likely Jude herself

No. 1302318

I hate that she speaks like she’s an authority on BDSM then doesn’t even promote safe play.

The community doesn’t accept her, she doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing and it’s endangering herself and others.

Sage for degen on main.

No. 1302427

File: 1629254900496.jpg (230.45 KB, 719x1276, 20210818_033751.jpg)

Some more gems from her story. Of course this bitch is into being fucked in her sleep, vore and crying. Do whatever you want in private but if you want to sell yourself as an uwu minor friendly kink account and hope IG doesn't ban you, minors are just having clueless sex with each other when their parents aren't home, so put effort into educating them or what's the point

No. 1302430

File: 1629255136666.jpg (186.05 KB, 720x1292, 20210818_033858.jpg)

>being innocent scared and hurt is hot!!!
She's LARPing as a little girl being abused at this point

No. 1302434

File: 1629255246724.jpg (168.55 KB, 720x1291, 20210818_033913.jpg)

>being spat on and slapped isn't degrading to me

No. 1302438

File: 1629255317110.jpg (195.5 KB, 717x1274, 20210818_033839.jpg)

Just kek

No. 1302443

File: 1629255537101.jpg (171.58 KB, 720x1279, 20210818_035709.jpg)

So she's capable of giving normal advice sometimes? Where is it the rest of the time then

No. 1302489

She’s legitimately telling children it’s okay to practice unsafe sex, she’s telling them it’s okay to ignore legitimate sex ed

No. 1302499

Will never understand how admitting that you/your man have violent pedophilic fantasies isn't an immediate social suicide online. Absolutely abhorrent.

No. 1302515

>Seeing his face light up when I cry

Welcome to 2021, where terminally online idiot women admit that their scrotes visibly enjoy seeing them suffer, and publicly admit they play along with it because apparently being with a scrote who wants to see you suffer is better than being alone. Desperate times.

No. 1302518

Just when I think that she’s done for and we no longer need threads, this shit pops up.

Jude, how desperate are you, oh well. We got some good milk lads.

No. 1302560

>vulnerability is adorable
It's one thing to be emotionally vulnerable with a partner you trust. Then theres being turned on by fucking crying and feeling like you're scared during sex. Just admit you're into hardcore niche handmaiden fetishes instead of dressing it up. Or are you aware that'll scare your underage virgin audience away kek

No. 1302569

That’s it though! Kids that are viewing her stuff are gonna do what kids do and be ignorant. They want an adult to tell them that the things they are doing are okay and Jude is doing exactly that.
Kids will take an arbitrary idea and run with it because that’s part of growing up but Jude is literally facilitating a place for them to put themselves in danger.
Adults who are active in kink spaces always go on about getting in contact with educators in the industry to learn safe practices. Where Jude is out here telling CHILDREN to just do whatever they want with sex because she’s such a free sexual creature uwu. I worry for those kids who are basing their sex ed off her because they are gonna put themselves in serious danger one day.

No. 1302799

>minors are just having clueless sex with each other when their parents aren't home, so put effort into educating them or what's the point

>Jude is out here telling CHILDREN to just do whatever they want with sex because she’s such a free sexual creature uwu

I hope Jude still lurks so she can read this shit. She frames herself as an educator but doesn't educate? She just wants to talk about her kinks to show off what a daddy's little slut she is and the educator thing is an excuse I think. So drop the excuse, just own that you're an only fans e-whore. Minors are a combo of hormonally horny and still learning about sex, and learning from you probably ain't gonna help.

No. 1302959

except she doesn’t want to educate.

she just wants to talk about herself.

No. 1302963

The size kink thing is funny given her 'daddy' is quite small…thats probably why she gasses him up so much about being so big and muscular, trying to convince herself too

No. 1303219

File: 1629341160807.png (4.18 MB, 1242x2208, 37A28768-87E9-4E59-8C22-771E80…)

Honestly seems as if her account is dying and she’s grasping at straws now

No. 1303274

Wasn't this guy outed by multiple subs for being a abusive predator in the kink community? Is Jude really out here promoting another predator again?

She shouldn't be so nonchalant about one of the most dangerous kinks. She's making it sound like that's the only hygienic thing she does which if it is she'll get sepsis since there's more sanitation needed since open wounds are involved. (I'm pretty sure she doesn't even do bloodplay and only says she does for edgy points either way she shouldn't be promoting it on IG.)

No. 1303356

Wouldn't she have visible cuts/scars if she was really into blood play? Especially since she doesn't seem like someone who takes proper care of her wounds

No. 1303366

Someone asked her this and she just said it doesn't leave scars if you do it right or something like that

No. 1303526

>Wasn't this guy outed by multiple subs for being a abusive predator in the kink community
Go on?

You can leave wounds that heal easily like when you scratch yourself in your sleep. Also some anon said in either this thread or last that she forced blood play on a friend once and left a scar, so she actually does do it and of course doesnt always care about safety

No. 1303835

It's old info but from his page it looks like he's still the same asshole praying on young girls.

No. 1304079

The girl on his Instagram account is fucking 18. Not illegal but a pretty obvious red flag lmao

No. 1304103

File: 1629420736593.jpg (127.65 KB, 720x1186, 20210820_014855.jpg)

Jude's out of work. Only fans will probably have a lot of backlash for this so idk if this'll last or not, but fucking kek. All the e-whores won't be able to afford their next SHEIN hauls.

No. 1304119

Especially Jude who calls it her literal job and says she doesn't even take normal pictures anymore kek

No. 1304138

File: 1629423830616.jpg (781.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210819-204155_Ins…)

No. 1304470

Is she running low on subs or something

No. 1304704

File: 1629481963831.jpg (184.28 KB, 720x1248, 20210820_184340.jpg)

Ok so I looked it up and you'll still be able to post nudes but no straight up porn. Also based sky news calling them "creators" in inverted commas kek.

Looked up what people were saying on social media too and ofc the wokies were saying it'll literally kill sex workers and spark a sexual revolution. Honey the sexual revolution we need is stuff like breasts not being so sexualised in public so women are more comfortable outside. Selling your pussy for pennies has always existed, it's not revolutionary kek. I know some people need side hustles like this to survive and get their bag. But NEETs like Jude need this kick up the arse honestly. Idk.

No. 1304953

Sex workers have a big role in society. Jude on the otherhand has publicly bashed SWers prior to making an onlyfans which only confirms it was her last resort to be able to make a bit of money and still sit at home on her ass not contributing to the real world.

No. 1305079

File: 1629505355334.png (5.49 MB, 1242x2208, 506BD66D-3B77-42F1-B53A-234345…)

She’s desperate

No. 1305134

>>1304953 So much for saving the world when she does everything she can to not contribute kek.

No. 1305246

Yeah she's so fucking lazy, makes me kek when this same person claims to be everyone's batman. Jude can you say "delusions of grandeur" or are those words too complex for your smol uwu cutely abused baby brain

No. 1305296

>>1303835 Has anyone kept track of the fact that a lot of the people Jude associates with or supports happen to be either lolcows or alleged predators/rapists? There's been a bunch mentioned throughout these threads. No wonder she's fucked in the head. Like, reevaluate the people you admire or spend your time around Ms. Holier than thou. She has to be 10 times worse than what she makes herself out to be online, she's such a degenerate.

No. 1305857

File: 1629602565436.png (3.02 MB, 1242x2208, DE2E2269-8BFB-4D76-9615-EBD731…)

Oh look some more desperation

No. 1306112

Maybe she's selling her old goff clothes to keep distancing herself from her old fans from the Barcroft days, and go down this DDLG cyber onlyfans girl thing she has now. Either way she's lazy and a lot of her pics look dirty so whatever she sells will be in a terrible condition. I bet her bf has busted a nut on every item she owns kek. Sage for tinfoil.

No. 1306553

She’s a gross hoarder, we all know she’s selling stuff to make up for the fact she’s now lost her “job” lmao not because she wants to. That Brighton rent isn’t cheap

No. 1306619

File: 1629691951530.png (4.11 MB, 1242x2208, E40B40DC-87B1-4FEF-9683-6590CE…)

How many Friday the 13th Tattoos can one person get oh my god so tacky

No. 1306631

They aren't even good ones. Both look like some dumb shit a kid would doodle in on their school notes. kek at her getting expired milk tattooed on her tho. seems appropriate

No. 1306636

Also, she’s the biggest cheapskate. F13 tattoos tend to be dirt cheap (hence the quality) so it’s just a bit funny how she wants so bad to be heavily modded but won’t actually put real money towards it or the industry. She’d rather buy dummys and canned corn

No. 1306641

File: 1629694014314.jpg (429.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210822-234333_Ins…)

No. 1306644

Jude will be moving to Fansly, apparently

No. 1306716

Sorry for being off topic, but does anyone know what happened to Rosie? She seems to have completely disappeared and is selling a load of her stuff. Ngl I had a soft spot for her

No. 1306826

For someone who's such an attention seeker she sure is cheap and low effort. The error message one looks so bad, it better have been free.

No. 1308053

File: 1629878188810.png (9.31 MB, 1242x2208, 2F57D49B-CF9A-43FA-ADE5-EB07E0…)

No. 1308166

how can she be sick. she doesn’t go outside and public transport and shops are still asking you to wear a mask.

No. 1308229

I bet it is another UTI

No. 1308582

>I'm depressed and crying cos my pedo bf isn't here to look after my lazy ass
I was gonna say how does she post shit like this and not cringe. But then I remember her mentality is 14 years old on a good day, and ofc is even turned on by acting like a child kek

This, or she has headaches and shit from her poor hygiene, diet and sleep schedule.

No. 1308914

I mean she is living with someone who called the cops on a dude for consensually sleeping with his partner in a “polyamorous” relationship and crying rape, so. The bar is on the floor.

No. 1309596

File: 1630073312418.jpg (130.63 KB, 720x1177, 20210827_150426.jpg)

She does too many retarded "get to know me" stories for someone who's only interesting trait is that they're a minor lolcow. Kek though at how she chose activist

No. 1310385

File: 1630163079929.jpg (158.74 KB, 720x1175, 20210828_160229.jpg)

Maybe get a job instead of shilling your crusty asshole online

No. 1310386

File: 1630163147444.jpg (148.77 KB, 720x1173, 20210828_160240.jpg)

I'm totally batman you guys, I'm so deep and misunderstood

No. 1310387

File: 1630163174668.jpg (79.16 KB, 720x1170, 20210828_160250.jpg)

No. 1310488

File: 1630172184367.jpg (512.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210828-114710_Ins…)

Does she really think she is some kind of celebrity that she needs so many "get to know me" stories?

No. 1311008

File: 1630223364344.png (3.06 MB, 1242x2208, 87B20D41-0D54-499B-BB04-E930BF…)

Here we fucking go

No. 1311057

So all of her "activism" comes down to reposting other people's activism
And that's it.

No. 1311228

File: 1630255611103.png (1.44 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-08-29-19-44-52…)

I cannot believe this cheap ass woman
This is really the limit
Yet she says OF is her job, ok so why the fuck you asking RANDOM PEOPLE to buy shit for you??

No. 1311238

Not surprised she's e-begging. OF doesn't pay well cos it's not by the hour it's by your follower count each month, and also she's lazy as hell. But there are a ton of work from home jobs now so she can still sit on her ass and earn. She'd rather enter tacky DDLG giveaways and beg for video games I guess

No. 1311285

Holy fuck she can't even spell cheer correctly.
She has no hope

No. 1311300

She made a whole long ass story with 3 paragraphs just to e-beg and then say "obviously it's just me being silly hihi no pressure to get me anything!"
Yeah Jude, obviously..ok

No. 1311345

Well, Jude has stated multiple times that she doesn't read at all (because muh dyslexia) so those spelling mistakes are no surprise

No. 1311653

File: 1630314630206.jpg (418.18 KB, 1073x1906, Screenshot_20210830-100947_Ins…)


Well, it worked. Some idiot actually fell for it.

No. 1311655

File: 1630314845336.jpg (302.02 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20210830-101311_Ins…)

She's only 18, girl save your money up instead of throwing it at a NEET

No. 1311779

>>1311228 So low of her. She's using the fact that she got sick to e-beg, kek. Get a job you spoiled bitch.

No. 1311980

Yeah, imagine asking her young followers for this kind of shit. I can't believe someone bit though.

No. 1312064

Plus it's a game she'll probably get over in a week so the young girl who fell for it essentially wasted her money. It's her own money ofc, but when the begging is this transparent…

No. 1312866

How much is she gonna milk the I'm sick uwu thing, bc she wasn't doing it back when said she had a UTI

No. 1315621

File: 1630765758817.png (7.63 MB, 1242x2208, CCA832D2-2DFE-48CC-A8A2-32BEC8…)

Fucking degenerate

No. 1315651

Are those spots of dirt on her feet fucking ew

No. 1315937

File: 1630798868582.jpg (774.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210904-183649_Ins…)

Jude must be so proud of herself, the promoter of a store for degenerates

No. 1316842

For someone who hates religion she really goes hard with that cringe church theme. Hope she knows it’s probably only gonna attract…..religious people.(sage)

No. 1316844

Is that a ring finger accent nail because I loathe that

No. 1316847

"for money off" lmao she doesn't even specify how much?

No. 1318140

File: 1631045021392.jpg (343.53 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20210907-210058_Ins…)

Literally the only thing she ever promotes on her Insta is pedobait companies lol. Well, when she's not doing performative activism by sharing other people's posts about activism, or doing retarded About Me posts.

No. 1318141

File: 1631045073147.jpg (949.37 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20210907-210103_Ins…)

Spoke to soon, she's shilling for spooky box which is notorious for being low quality (probably why they keep sending to Kaya even though she never makes vids)

No. 1318142

(Kaya as in toxic tears)

No. 1318258

She's still sticking to this awful fringe situation? this is just ridiculous

No. 1319222

File: 1631142650342.jpeg (282.35 KB, 1213x1869, A4B7D439-C216-465A-B168-B7287E…)

No. 1320678

Kek that hair looks so retarded. But she's a terminally online NEET so she probably isn't very attached to reality and is more concerned with looking as unique and so random XD as possible

No. 1323139

File: 1631556742603.jpg (867.87 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20210913-190912_Ins…)

Lol what has she been doing

No. 1323939

Jude is naturally pretty but why does she keep doing scary bad filters that look nothing like her at all with demon eyes and elf ears. She’s super pretty I wish she would show it more. Also she’s gone downhill with her content since Rosie left her. Shame.

No. 1324224

File: 1631657871307.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1253x2217, 326E7B98-FEF0-433A-8F02-038B61…)


No. 1324272

she’s going to end up on A List at this point

No. 1324521

File: 1631689383328.png (6.84 MB, 1170x2532, D8620C3B-81F9-4F5C-A5C5-A7E314…)

“Babie pussy”

Hey me a bucket, I’m gonna throw up

No. 1325196

Probably cos they make her giant nose smaller kek. She looks plain at best but she does have nice eyes. Her personality isn't nearly as nice. Baby pussy anyone? Rosie dodged a bullet but she's gone quiet on social media and isn't using the Barcroft fame at all anymore so.

No. 1325213

This Dummy is gross. I get she’s into age regression or whatever but putting BABIE PUSSY out there for everyone to see just screams paedo.

No. 1325569

She’s sick in the fucking head.

No. 1325581

File: 1631801560880.png (1.2 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-09-16-17-11-11…)

No. 1325612

She is always talking about how sex is the most important thing in her life (To the point where she becomes violent without it). That next to the "Babie pussy" pacifier that she designed is making me sick.

No. 1325850

Yeah in one of her Q&As she said she would pick sex over food

No. 1325906

Too bad that scenario won't happen, maybe she'd become less flabby.

No. 1325986

File: 1631828612086.jpg (869.33 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20210916-222834_Ins…)

Yet another giveaway. The words 18+ and pacifier, sippy cup, teether should not be together. These faux pedo players love saying oh kids aren't involved, but you like imagining you are one anyway and use literal kid items that have no other use like a teether? Idk the baby pussy paci got me some typa way and she posts this right after

No. 1325994

File: 1631829283395.jpg (611.04 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20210916-225031_Ins…)

Samefag, I checked the rest of their page and Jude is a promoter. In exchange for what it didn't say but free pedo shit I guess. The person who makes these is creative and a small business is getting its bag, but it's a shame that it's through adult babies.

No. 1326684

What's with her and Batman? We all know her childish dream to save the world that she does nothing about, and a wannabe cutesy adult baby and Batman are the complete opposite, so why does she obsess over him?

No. 1326790

It's all just "not like the other girls pandering" tbh. I'd be surprised if Jude knows anything about the series outside of some of the children's cartoons. She also gets to pretend she's better than the joker/harley fangirls because batman is so deep and dark and brooding. kek

No. 1326792

>some of the children's cartoons
Oh, and apparently a couple of the movies. My opinion still stands though. She's in it purely for the aesthetics and pick me isms for her "daddy".

No. 1329768

File: 1632198220453.jpg (748.85 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20210921-051927_Ins…)

What are your hobbies, sports, reading?

Nah I decorate pedo kink pacifiers with cheap plastic and PVA glue

No. 1329770

File: 1632198245135.jpg (762.43 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20210921-051942_Ins…)

No. 1330781

File: 1632272479294.png (4.93 MB, 1242x2208, 451D3308-FBEE-40E4-8D73-19E45B…)

The irony being these are all things she claims to be. Obsessing over how “thin” she thinks she is all the time. She legitimately puts herself on a pedestal but wants to know preach being humble? Lmao

No. 1330842

>dogs and pizza aren't better if you're famous
You can literally buy better quality pizza and better quality care for a pet dog to make them happier if you're rich, these fake deep poems would only appeal to an emo 14 year old. Which she admits that she mentally is.

No. 1334564

File: 1632635157628.jpg (732.56 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20210926-064511_Ins…)

What was this deformed tattoo meant to he again, it looks badly designed and too large for her hand

No. 1334568

The blown out line around the outside of it is horrible. And yes it’s so poorly sized and placed.

No. 1334624

It’s something from digimon, apparently

No. 1334741

The tattoo was supposed to be the digivice but it looks deformed af. Also her cracked nails look boring and unoriginal

No. 1334769

File: 1632663072100.jpg (207.12 KB, 1080x1329, Screenshot_20210926-142925_Ope…)

Kek, it was meant to be this? This cheap brooch from aliexpress looks better designed than her ugly ink

No. 1335062

Not only the nail art is super ugly but also all her nails are different sizes

No. 1335271

File: 1632700487201.png (4.96 MB, 1242x2208, 0ECEFB8C-66D6-49F2-82DF-54F7A6…)

I’m genuinely concerned that people look to her for advice. She’s an unemployed adult baby who is extremely ego driven. What advice could she possibly give that’s anything near being good.

No. 1335332

File: 1632703719815.jpg (881.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210926-194745_Ins…)

Very useful advice, Jude

No. 1335335

File: 1632703820543.jpg (919.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210926-194752_Ins…)

No. 1335691

>don't pretend to be someone you're not

Kek, coming from little miss I'm batman and im gonna save the world, by taking nudes of my skinnyfat ass. Anything milky about her is the same shit at this point, she's an egotistical shut in and an e-whore. She's dry to me now

No. 1336262

She has been noticeably holding back ever since her BLM drama. She knows that she was on thin ice with the fans she still had so as to not loose her precious “job” She has been sticking to QnAs and thot posting

No. 1336869

File: 1632871975351.png (1.34 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-09-29-02-31-00…)

Saged but why does she always post such unflattering pictures

No. 1337046

File: 1632884447099.png (7.61 MB, 1242x2208, 1E78C4A9-BF82-4C5D-BC62-1EDE6F…)

Why is this so funny to me?
“Hey guys some of you idiots want to buy my adult baby shit, I’m broke though so no, just buy me supplies instead you mindless drones and mayyybe I’ll sell them” is how this comes off

No. 1337308

Buy me supplies so i can sell them back to you - can she even comprehend what a fucking arse clown she is?

No. 1337452

Yeah she wants to be an influencer but doesn't even have a good phone camera or clean background, and can't pose for shit. She's even stopped doing the thing she got big for, makeup, and hasn't found another audience except for crusty ddlg. She's on the decline because she refuses to improve

No. 1338424

File: 1633036328053.jpg (300.26 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20210930-221140_Ins…)


No. 1342324

File: 1633528507227.jpg (747.95 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211006-145431_Ins…)

And another one

Boy this cow is boring now

No. 1344689

>>1337046 So ridiculous that she expects everyone to pay everything for her, creating all of these baits for her stupid braindead fans to buy into spoiling her. You're literally supposed to buy your own supplies. It's not the job of the potential customers to stock your supplies when they are demanding it.

No. 1350568

File: 1634584236705.jpg (912.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211018-140642_Ins…)

So she can't buy supplies but can pay for a tattoo?

No. 1351162

Does that say "smol ting"? Lmao her fucking taste level is in the negative numbers. They aren't even sized correctly for her fingers which is why I had trouble reading it, just like her warped Digimon palm tattoo.

No. 1351163

Kek my bad, I'm looking closer and it says "show time". Her taste level is still shit if she thinks this looks good and not warped on her hands.

No. 1351177

File: 1634659058977.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211019-165626_Ins…)

No. 1351304

My god. The before was bad, but the after is fucking terrible

No. 1351484

Why does she always paint her nails like a 12 year old girl

No. 1351640

The before is so fucking bad, in the after you can see how the artist fixed the letters as best they could, I like the extra outline for the effect. The before looks like some janky pirate font.

Kids have tiktok now and don’t do those weird very outdated accent tips in her gross colors. her nails look nasty

No. 1351645

Ehh, the before was bad but at least you could read what it was supposed to say

No. 1351729

The letters are way too big in the before already so the after didn't have a chance of being readable. And if you're going for a words tattoo, what's the point if you can't read it? All her tattoo decisions so far have been trash

No. 1351731

Those aren't accented tips anon, the white of her nail is showing cos her nail polish is chipping

No. 1351989

File: 1634740999418.jpg (1.32 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211020-154143_Ins…)

Is she sponsored by spooky box like Toxictears is?

Look closer, they're tips. But they're probably dirty either way, I hope the tattoo artist wore gloves before touching her kek

No. 1352137

Yeah, a few months ago they started sponsoring her iirc

No. 1352268

But she hasn't been active on any social media at all except her Instagram stories, where she posts porn and ddlg giveaways, are they really that hard pressed to find people to sponsor

No. 1352719

Can we talk about the fact she went to a world famous portrait artist…..for finger lettering.
The same reason she needed to get them covered up in the first place was the artists lack of skill in that area.
Kinda embarrassing because if she had a real job (sw is real but her half assed attempt is not) she could afford a piece from him that actually looks good instead of this crap that makes a good artist look bad

No. 1353086

Maybe she wanted the clout of getting a tattoo from the artist but that's all she could afford? Like homegirl always gets Friday 13th flash bc it's cheap and sometimes free. And yeah there's a legion of LazyFans e-girls like jude who don't put enough effort in it for it to count as a job

No. 1353094

File: 1634839639586.jpg (681.63 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211021-190609_Ins…)

Twitter doesn't censor only fans content as much as Instagram, expect her to post more of that I guess. Or maybe it'll just be as low quality as before knowing her

No. 1353707

File: 1634919941954.jpg (805.14 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211022-172520_Ins…)


No. 1353959

Haha fucking hell, I had to scroll up the thread to see if Anrijs did this. He literally IS world class and insanely talented but there wasn't much he could do to salvage this to begin with. It's hilarious that she's going on about how lucky she is to have his work but he just reworked her fucking script tattoo, she doesn't even have one of his original designs or portraits that he's famous for.

His wife is Monami Frost, usually seen as the pinnacle of heavily tattooed women for almost a decade. I assume Jude booked him for the smallest tattoo she could, to gloat about her ig following and try to befriend them both or get her way into modeling for/free clothing from Monami's brand. No doubt she spent the entire time bragging about what an amazing vegan she is since Monami and Anrijs are hardcore on vegan shit too.

No. 1353963

I gotta wonder… does she even wash those pacifiers after she masturbates while wearing em

No. 1354816

File: 1635082908032.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211024-144113_Ins…)

How many brands does she have a code off with? I thought that was only for influencer who, you know, posted?

No. 1354817

File: 1635082937175.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211024-144116_Ins…)

No. 1355199

Also, that pic is old as hell. She doesn't even produce new content anymore apart from her lame stories and Q&As

No. 1358884

File: 1635654544192.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211031-042602_Ins…)

What cringe shit do you think it's gonna be

No. 1358885

File: 1635654758754.jpg (448.47 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211031-043054_Ins…)

Nvm just looked up the tattoo place and they're doing flash for Halloween. This cheapskate is a sucker for flash, and when she does spend money its on awful jobs kek

No. 1359316

File: 1635730708564.jpg (981.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211031-203724_Ins…)

The new tattoo in all its glory
It looks awful

No. 1359601

As far as I can tell, it's a lollipop with the number 0 on it? Everything about it is so fucking wonky kek how does she consistently get bad tatts

No. 1359633

I think it’s meant to be a razor blade in a lolly but it’s so god damn wonky and the space is so fat and weird in the middle it does look like a zero Kek

No. 1359674

it’s because flash events are just for apprentices to get practice in.

No. 1360043

Of course she had to inch her shitty finger tattoos in on the picture lmao

No. 1360045

File: 1635821260289.png (10.87 MB, 1242x2208, AC2E897B-441F-4CE2-A1D0-382FEA…)

No. 1360048

File: 1635821394851.png (10.43 MB, 1242x2208, 2F2FD8B4-DF4E-4C8E-805A-1B84F3…)

Oh this is so ironic, slight callback to her BLM ignoring days.
I also think it’s so interesting that she doesn’t seem to have POC in her life, all a group of yt instatards

No. 1360084

A stopped clock is right twice a day I guess, she's absolutely right here in that influencers are literally not qualified to be activists for social causes, and there shouldn't be an assumption you are a _bad_thing_ unless proven otherwise.

But then her other content promoting sexwork, ddlg and sexual violence to minors negates this point about responsibility.

No. 1360376

>everyone with a following is expected to be an activist… uneducated people sharing info they don't understand
Kek she's almost self aware. It's true if you don't use your platform for activism twittertards might try to cancel you, leading to performative activism. But Jude sis you're one of those fake activists.

>don't do slacktivism sharing posts posts barely read
OK follow your own advice. You brag that you larp as batman and will save the world, but when blm blew up you were silent. You pretended it was for muh mental health but you were active on OF. Just get off your high horse, just like you said not everyone with a following needs to be a faketivist

No. 1360385

File: 1635881515555.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211102-192932_Ins…)

Poor Judith, if she isn't banged while pretending to be 2 years old, her "instructive" thoughts get dark :(

No. 1360400

Her roommate is black.

No. 1360407

this is literally unreadable. can someone tl;dr

No. 1360411

so what i am gathering from this is that if she can't have sex she gets intrusive thoughts? ……what?

No. 1360466

If she doesn’t distract herself using sex she will get intrusive thoughts from trauma, but obviously if she keeps having meaningless sex to avoid her body trying to get her to address traumatic thoughts they will just get worse. I’d rather her just say she’s unhealthy instead of saying this is a normal thing, that’s not a “high sex drive” and it’s fucked up. If she ever had partners who tried to engage with her without having sex instead that’s really cool, not unhealthy.

No. 1360870

Idk why but every time she talks about her being hypersexual it sounds so creepy and wrong.. like imagine a male saying all this

No. 1361043

>instructive thoughts
Kek if you're going to keep answering Q and As jude at least turn your autocorrect on. And use a readable font.

No. 1361560

File: 1636039311575.jpg (222.96 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211104-151931_Ins…)

Our slacktivist is at it again. If she cares so much, why doesn't she share someone else's change.org Insta story about it as usual kek

No. 1361606

oh weh bleeding heart. i’m sure the world is so horrific eating tins of sainsburies own brand sweetcorn in the moments between taking pics of her flat ass to scrounge 20 quid to get scratched by an apprentice tattooist.

don’t forget uwu medicinal fucky wucky with daddy to keep the scawwy intrusive thoughts at bay.

god she’s insufferable.

No. 1364068

File: 1636330378457.jpg (1018.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211107-191111_Ins…)

I wonder what kind of course she is studying

No. 1364149

I hope it’s business studies or something like that so she can finally realise being a stain on the internet is not lucrative

No. 1364690

what kind of courses even run for 6 weeks?

No. 1364973

I bet its just an online course on skillshare or some shit.

No. 1365629

File: 1636507255728.jpg (823.94 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211110-011446_Ins…)

When cows collide. Of course this bitch looks up to this dough face kek

No. 1365630

File: 1636507293202.jpg (708.32 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211110-011455_Ins…)

She hasn't stopped her slug tongue btw

No. 1365672

“Was so cool hanging out” Jude, meeting a musician at a meet n greet isn’t hanging out with them stop kidding yourself into thinking you are important to these people besides the money you throw at them

No. 1366583

File: 1636604442963.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211111-042020_Ins…)

Kek she has friends?

No. 1367654

This might be a dumb nitpick but why are they both barefaced? Not that everyone has to wear a full face of makeup every time they leave the house, but if you're going to a show, and go through the trouble of dressing up, (from their necks up it looks like they're probably dressed spoopy) it looks kinda weird with a completely bare face?

No. 1368261

File: 1636823051015.jpg (781.5 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211113-170412_Ins…)

The very slacktivism she said she was so against.

No. 1369234

File: 1636964328205.jpg (828.17 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211115-081726_Ins…)

Why is this bitch always sick? Apart from her shitty diet, hygiene, and needing 24/7 sex or her "instructive" thoughts become dark ofc…

No. 1369285

File: 1636978351949.jpg (930.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211115-070224_Ins…)

There is too much going on: the awful filter, the slug tongue, the bragging about being on top of her group

No. 1369390

File: 1636997335247.jpg (292.17 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20211115-172825_Ope…)

I think I've found it? Kek so she's training to go into employment. Her dream job only fans not working out then huh

No. 1369391

Also yikes I forgot she actually goes outside with that ridiculous hair. I wonder if she wears DDLG shit to class too and overshares to classmates about sex

No. 1369405

Of course not, she is always entering giveaways instead of buying the stuff she likes and getting ugly and cheap flash tattoos.

No. 1369598

File: 1637019114745.jpg (990.91 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211115-232650_Ins…)

His vlogs of him rambling about nothing and filming himself doing chores inspired her? Tbh that makes sense, her content is bland and she's just another uwu alt e-thot.

No. 1369601

File: 1637019231984.jpg (973.86 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211115-232536_Ins…)

And kek she got sick at the concert like jake did, probably some grubby kids came in with a cold

No. 1369648

File: 1637024287526.jpg (826.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211115-195334_Ins…)

I didn't know it was an american thing, Jude.

No. 1370131

Now this is just a theory. But in some countries, if you receive benefits from the government and haven’t worked in a certain amount of time they will make you do courses like this to keep receiving benefits. Not saying this is what’s happening as I’m not from Uk but it’s just a thought I had

No. 1370192

In the UK we have benefits like universal credit. You're paid monthly if you're out of work, and in return you do stuff like look for a job or training, or they'll stop paying. I've never heard of jude's SPEAR thing but it sounds like training for a job. She doesn't seem the type to do that by herself tbh, so yeah she may be on benefits or something.

No. 1370262

This filter pisses me of so much why won’t she stop using it it looks awful
She look way better with out any filters

No. 1371832

File: 1637345718388.jpg (621.68 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211119-181125_Ins…)

With the amount of giveaways she enters, ofc she's broke and needs work training. An art college dropout (UK college 16-18, not US college) doing only fans is broke who woulda guessed. Idk why she's only doing smth about it now.

No. 1372861

File: 1637477350952.jpg (304.04 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211121-064556_Ins…)

And the way she has cheap tacky amazon wishlist items as if she can't afford them, and she had to e-beg for someone to buy a video game for her and an 18 year old kid took the bait.

No. 1373178

File: 1637523633884.jpg (592.48 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211121-193808_Ins…)

Speaking of trying to get gaming shit for free.

By the way
>£0.01 pantyhose
Fucking kek, did she put those there just to encourage people to buy her something? Or was the shipping for these items not free so she genuinely can't afford these? Sad either way.

No. 1375274

File: 1637782148825.jpg (512.92 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211124-192503_Ins…)

So she has a twitter now, but it's as bland as you'd expect. Milk on her is drying up like her vag. But on the altcows thread apparently Jake was drunk and flirting with her on a stream, it'd be funny if something actually happens with that.

No. 1375520

Apparently she’s visiting

No. 1375671

she's so slow, literally everyone bitches about the terraforming, there's a shit ton of quiRkY acnh memes about it

No. 1376563

File: 1637975592680.jpg (681.05 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211127-004651_Ins…)

>end ddlg stigma, it doesn't involve kids!!!
>owns items with no other use except to help infants, like teether

No. 1376564

File: 1637975635255.jpg (517.24 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211127-005208_Ins…)

>I never go out of being a little

No. 1377260

these are relatively normal things. like you know you can just admit you’re needy without needing to do the gross adult baby stuff???

No. 1377485

It was a ddlg theme q and a, there was no hope of sane answers from the start

No. 1377717

A little off topic but does anyone know what happened to her former roommate Rosie? (rosemaryonette). She seems to have disappeared.

No. 1378135

File: 1638191488959.jpg (692.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211129-080741_Ins…)

And another giveaway

No. 1379290

Hopefully living a quiet life with her gf and rabbit tbh

No. 1381266

File: 1638404088308.jpg (665.23 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211202-000701_Ins…)

She did yet another q and a. She wants another flash tattoo that says warning don't open, evil (sounds tacky already) and a big cyberpunk gun (will it be as fucked as the digimon one?)

No. 1381267

File: 1638404140297.jpg (632.19 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211202-000928_Ins…)

She wants to get back to posting. Whatever bland content she thinks up, we know over on the altcows thread there's a potential collab of her and jake

No. 1381276

File: 1638404308947.jpg (698.9 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211202-000951_Ins…)

Claims some of her fans dm her to ask if they can buy her shit. I guess it doesn't matter how bland you are, if you cater to a niche some of those people will throw a couple cents at you. Like the £0.01 panty hose in her wishlist kek >>1372861

No. 1382317

Nah they broke up over a year ago, she moved out of the flat but other than that nothing else is known(sage )

No. 1382329

Rosie’s ex is on tiktok so she might have mentioned it there

Under the name: @cursedromeo

No. 1387019

File: 1638859528781.jpg (992.17 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211207-064017_Ins…)

She got a cheap kid's stationery xmas calendar cos muh ddlg. But kid stuff is usually worse quality than the adult version like stationery, if she wastes her money on tat like this no wonder she needs OF and e begging

No. 1390976

File: 1639304522867.jpg (422.7 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211212-102108_Ins…)

Jude hun you have no right to speak on what is/isn't activism. The most you've done is share stories about paper straws.

No. 1393657

File: 1639601528385.jpg (916.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211215-153142_Ins…)

A fucking sippy cup

No. 1394119

Ugly. Also, bringing literal child itemss into your larp fetish. But keep telling us it's not about real kids

No. 1395313

What happened to her ‘forever’ goth days

No. 1395865

She's been rebranding ever since the BLM "mental health break". She's into a edgy e-girl cyber pastel aesthetic now, complete with a low effort onlyfans

No. 1396785

File: 1639889586815.png (4.12 MB, 1242x2208, 35A2E582-A872-4F9F-8BBB-E5DC39…)

Probably a nitpick but I find her “I am a goblin” thing so damn cringe. Gives me similar vibes as the wolfkin meme
In all ways except physical I am a goblin lmao

No. 1396864

What happened to the first Jude thread?

No. 1397216

File: 1639939862311.jpg (607.59 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211219-155342_Ins…)

Of course she wishes she was Haru. She wishes she was an uwu frail smol girl whose only trait is dating a large predator bf. Even Haru is her own person outside of dating Legoshi, jude should take notes. Her identifying as a dirty grubby goblin is way more accurate >>1396785

No. 1398149

File: 1640059294563.jpg (562.29 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211221-040013_Ins…)

This bitch is really entering a giveaway for kid's pixel art toys. Either she's a cheapskate or only fans really ain't working out.

No. 1399133

File: 1640153607502.png (10.96 MB, 1242x2208, 4803CE23-AA63-49C1-90AA-D9A026…)


No. 1399229

1. Imagine pulling this face at the gym. Imagine pulling this face ever.
2. "I reserve the right to hate you after we meet" Jude with your personality you don't have the right to be picky at ALL kek

No. 1399581

It's not letting me upload my screen record, but Jude got a filling and is being dramatic about her numb face. "It's making me dissociate, it makes me think my meat sack is dying". She's also doing something weird with her voice like straining it to sound deeper and failing, like a tif voice

No. 1401886

When will she learn that this is such a ugly face to pull. it’s vile.

No. 1401935

that little stump of a tongue she has is so nasty.

No. 1402504

File: 1640612447566.jpg (671.51 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211227-133838_Ins…)

>we'll never stop fighting for you

Since when have you ever gotten off your ass to do that Judith? You said you hate slacktivism but that's hypocrisy

No. 1403327

File: 1640705054094.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211228-152325_Ins…)

Ugh I keep forgetting she still has fans who mindlessly throw her things

No. 1404641

File: 1640831030377.png (6.07 MB, 1242x2208, E27A4F16-03F4-4926-B751-1E75A4…)

It’s crazy to me how delusional she is when it comes to trying to be Internet famous or making a job out of it or whatever far out goal she has. She knows it’s more work than a normal full time job right? If she can’t even hold down a part time job how does she think YT is gonna go lmao

No. 1405550

File: 1640936140778.jpg (716.89 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211231-055807_Ins…)

She did an insta live a few hours ago at 5am sipping milk from a corpse husband baby bottle. Yup. It was another q and a, and minor milk I saw before I left includes her wanting a cat when it's possible to make them vegan, someone asked about jake munro and she ignored it but answered everything else, some fans overshared their medical problems to her, and she showed off her busted tattoo.

No. 1405555

File: 1640936329638.jpg (153.32 KB, 1080x949, Screenshot_20211231-060341_Ins…)

No. 1405639

She makes such a big deal out of it. Just post stupid haul videos like you always do it's not that hard lmfao

No. 1405655

>make cats vegan

i’m sorry what. that girl is not right.

No. 1405924

That large warped tattoo on that small stubby hand.

If she's drinking a "corpse husband baby bottle", and on a live too, she's not right in more ways than one. I'd feel sorry for any pet she had and not just for the vegan bs.

No. 1406489

From what we know about her insufferable personality chances are that if she got a cat or really any pet, she’s gonna neglect the fuck out of it and make her housemates look after it because remember guys she such a baby and helpless and uwu life’s so hard.
If she can’t look after herself properly then that animal is gonna suffer.

No. 1406533

File: 1641079364450.png (985.99 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-01-02-01-19-00…)

that's so gross she's a grown ass woman

No. 1407017

I hope she chokes on the tapioca jesus

No. 1410690

File: 1641527064717.png (8.86 MB, 1242x2208, FF99B2D1-0C16-4F5C-93B6-18539C…)

Gotta be the worst haircut I’ve ever seen

No. 1410844


Has she shaved the sides as well? Wtf is she thinking it looks dogshit awful

No. 1410863

File: 1641551733796.jpg (115.11 KB, 317x554, Tonsure_Hair-Window-goals_jude…)

That's not a hair window, this is a hair window! She's close though, that side shave looks like an advanced case of male pattern baldness with clip-in bangs glued to her forehead instead of a properly fitted toupee kek

No. 1410991

I was just gonna say that I'm glad she got rid of her stupid hair window like in >>1405555 but nope it's back. At least its something to laugh about because imagine thinking you look good like this kek

No. 1413176

I got a screenrecording of her OF

I can't get the gif to upload I've tried. I think you can only post pictures via imgur on here.

So I figured I just post the links like this?

NSFW obviously

Cow 1 https://imgur.com/a/Wnla4gO
Cow 2 https://imgur.com/a/9s24q7m
Cow 3 https://imgur.com/a/lxiR4W0
Cow 4 https://imgur.com/a/9vQqwPk

No. 1413186

ty for your service nonnie

can't believe she's having that weird filter on in stuff

No. 1413315

Thank you non. Are you subscribed to her?

Her room looks so dirty and messy. And she herself looks grubby for some reason, I don't know if it's the lighting or just her.

No. 1413344

Jesus Christ, she is totally disgusting. She is using her fucking kuromi pacifier and showing her knife play cuts

No. 1413489

She looks better than I'd have thought based on the excess filtering she uses on Instagram, but the amount of self harm or knife play images are concerning, and probably against OF policy.

No. 1413662

She's so disproportionate with her big boobs and no ass.

No. 1413823

File: 1641832749054.jpeg (731.92 KB, 828x1324, BF833E2F-A9BC-49BD-BB26-D7BAB6…)

She seems to have removed the link to her OF from her link list in her bio

No. 1413925


I used to know Rosie and Jude irl and they were honestly vile about their other 'friends' behind their backs, no wonder they turned on each other tbh. And no surprise Rosie disappeared, she could never stick with anything for long.

No. 1414001

File: 1641849794140.png (2.99 MB, 1242x2208, DD001017-901A-4113-8B7A-6B6161…)

Jude, being friends with a literal child is not a good look babes. The real bdsm community would eat this bitch up if they got words of her pedo behaviour

No. 1414030

You knew them personally? Please spill if you're able to, this thread is so dry since all jude does these days is cringe ddlg shit, having bad taste and LARPing as an influencer. Are they the same as when they knew them, did they do anything milky etc. And do you know what happened to Rose, she quietly disappeared from socials

No. 1414035

*when you knew them

No. 1414127

I get you all Dislike Jude for whatever reason but leaking her onlyfans is just fucking disgusting.

No. 1414128

Its really pathetic how you all just obsess over her.

No. 1414134

Lol get the fuck out here - getting mad at a gossip board with multiple gross OF whores on it. Go WK someone more interesting

No. 1414149

I mean she’s literally charging top dollar for people to maybe see a nipple at most on a damn porn site. I might have some sympathy if she actually put effort into her content instead of asking for high price handouts for the most low effort shit.

No. 1414163

If people are willing to pay then that's up to them lmao.
She can post what the fuck she wants. That's not me saying "omg girl power!" It's literally her onlyfans & it's no one else's business what she posts there. As I said if people pay that's up to them ! & for fucks sake if they're that dissatisfied just unsubscribe. It's simple as that. It's another story posting someone's nudes without their consent.

No. 1414165

yeah she can post what the fuck she wants, and we can say whatever we want about it.

No. 1414166

she looks like she smells like she has BV

No. 1414168

Yeah I know you can say what you want about her.
That's very clear.
But posting nudes without consent is another story.(are you lost?)

No. 1414172

And she posts disgusting age play shit using real childrens items “without consent”.

Go cry in her DMs - no one cares about your bleeding heart for unemployed and lazy ho’s

No. 1414258

This girl is a new mom and a teen mom judging by the bio, and is friends with a ddlg e-thot. Tf

No. 1414306

They are hardly nudes but okay WK(sage)

No. 1414336

These weren't stolen from private messages or something, jude posted those nudes herself to a page she set up for porno that people subscribe to. If you're gonna defend an e-whore at least know how OF works.

No. 1414405

Yes, please tell. We can all guess what Jude was like irl, people like her always follow the same pattern, so I'm more interested in what Rosie was like. She seemed more chill than Jude's attention ho-ing. But you seemed to imply she was just as bad as Jude personality-wise?

No. 1414694

You are a boss. Can you post the 'daddy' videos so we could know who he is ugh

No. 1415181

Did she delete her OF?

No. 1415744

File: 1642040208351.jpeg (70.91 KB, 1242x418, 83CAB32B-49A8-4AAA-A689-9D2D42…)

Looks like it, I searched it up on google and this is what comes up but when you open the page it re directs to the OF home page.

No. 1415746

Also “Last seen December 16th” yeah I’d say she’s deleted it

No. 1415978

File: 1642060185912.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220113-074621_Ins…)

Every month she posts about being sick with something, usually an STI her "daddy" gave her, and this month it's corona.

Does that mean she's found a new job? She said a few months ago she was doing some work training course. Though I can't imagine an uwu adult bwaby who loves being objectified by scrotes would be a great employee.

No. 1416066


Not subscribed to her. It wasn't worth it either for that price. She shows nothing but her saggy tits

Nudes leak. Get over it. Don't want that? Don't post them.

No. 1416131

Hi Jude. I don't know if you lurk here or not (I bet you do), but I thought you were against animal abuse and cruelty? Pretty hypocritical of you wanting to force a cat to go vegan if so. Forcing a cat to go vegan is the literal epitome of animal abuse, and there's no if, ands, or butts about it. It's cruel and goes against their natural diet and desire for meat. They are obligate carnivores. Do you know what that means? It means that they need meat to survive based on the biological structure of their intestinal tract. It's short for a reason- it doesn't process plant matter well, hence why they grass eat to induce vomiting. Put fake meat and real meat in front of a cat and see which one they choose, they'll go for real meat every time. They know the difference. I'm legitimately so fucking angry at the prospect of you getting a poor cat just to neglect its natural dietary needs I'm beside myself. If your nasty ass must get a pet, get one that is naturally a vegan, like a guinea pig. Don't go forcing an obligate carnivore to adopt your nutrient deficient diet. You can't even feed yourself properly, don't subject an innocent animal to your bullshit too. Please, I'm begging you. Don't get a cat. It doesn't matter if non-regulated companies that make vegan catfood now exist. Just because you can buy it doesn't mean you should. For once in your stupid fucking life, do the right thing and consider not getting a cat.

Signed me, a vet-tech on my way to becoming a full veterinarian who's sick and tired of treating malnourished cats on the brink of death thanks to stupid fucking vegans like you.

Sorry to mods for re-postimg this. The site was being weird and showing me it was unsaged. Should be good now.

No. 1416141

She said in the live stream she would only get a cat if it was possible for them to go vegan. It’s not possible which is why she doesn’t have one.

That post was entirely unnecessary.

No. 1417122

This thread is pretty slow, and Jude is alt, so I don't get why we don't just post her stuff in the alt. cows thread? Would anyone be opposed if I posted stuff from Jude in alt. cows? It just seems unnecessary for her to have her own entire thread when she posts 1% milk at best. Plus, she's friends with that midget Jake Munro. Just wanna know what other nonnies think?

No. 1417195

I said this in like the very first thread but someone made 3 more kek. They did well with the descriptions and stuff but jude isn't milky enough to carry a thread by herself. Yes when this one finishes we should just merge her into altcows like she originally was. Makes sense with her connection to Fake Dumbro too.

No. 1417548


Yeah she should be in alt. She isnt that active anymore either so there's not much there

No. 1429858

File: 1643443756082.jpg (411.56 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220129-020626_Ins…)

Why is her twitch a discord logo? I'm not sure if someone already pointed this out but that to dumb even for her

No. 1430074

you bumped the thread for this?

No. 1430530

Kek ikr? One of the pickiest nits in the history of nitpicks

No. 1430898


don't bump the thread without milk, scrote

No. 1447370

File: 1645317751659.png (1007.04 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-02-20-02-39-14…)

No. 1447372

File: 1645317836629.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-02-20-02-39-40…)

I can't with this woman who thinks murder is "pretty" and "adorable"

No. 1447373

File: 1645317915010.png (1.26 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-02-20-02-39-57…)

No. 1447375

File: 1645317996289.png (1.09 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-02-20-02-40-26…)

No. 1462002

File: 1646827432750.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220309-120245_Ins…)

Rosie is finally back and jumping on the ~spiritual vegan~ aesthetic after selling all her pastel junk.

Also her rabbit 'fell' and died..kinda sounds more like she was irresponsible and didn't hold or look after it properly but ok.

No. 1462012

I mean, bunnies are awfully fragile animals. They often break their own spines just by jumping a bit to forcefully and things like that.

No. 1462061

> bunny "fell"
> I slept by his side for 10 days

Has Jude heard of a vet before? Christ

No. 1462349

This is Rosie, not Jude.(sage)

No. 1462826

Rosie is a really toxic person. She puts on a sweet persona online and to your face, but she is utterly rancid behind peoples backs. She used to be in the same lolita comm and she bullied vulnerable members so badly, picking on people's insecurities and appearance. Honestly everything that's happened to her is just karma imo.(learn2sage)

No. 1462906

OK but SHE deserves the karma, not the poor rabbit suffering for 10 days because she's too dumb to take it to a vet.

(Sorry for mixing the two up, I didn't check the username on the picture)

No. 1465540

>>1462906 >>1462061

There isn’t any proof she didn’t take it to the vets? Don’t make up shit

No. 1470414

File: 1647461209049.png (308.2 KB, 750x1334, 37D7A9B6-9E58-4AE1-AB1A-6585B8…)

(namefag )

No. 1470536

"please respect our privacy and be considerate" as if anyone gives a fuck about her anymore

No. 1470950

I can almost guarantee they broke up because she tried to get him involved with her e whoring.

No. 1471208

“Respect our privacy”
Bitch he literally hid you. Wanted nothing to do with being associated with you to the extreme. she wasn’t even allowed to say his name publicly.
Sounds like she’s baiting for her child followers to hear about how “daddy broke up wif mi because I’m a nutcase with no likeable qualities other than a vagina”

No. 1471209

Same anon again but also food for thought is the possibility her bf didn’t like how she’s been simping for jake munro. Would not surprise me if she cheated too, she’s said she’s cheated on partners before

No. 1471211

Her 'daddys' Instagram is

The man you suspected was her daddy, Ding !

No. 1471213

He deserves better than her Holy Fuck I'm glad it's over….

The guy deserves to have Kids & not be tied to an e thot vegan idiot.
Get fucked Jude.

No. 1471405

Wrong! BDSM scrotes deserve absolutely nothing, let alone children.

No. 1471453


Eh yeah.. your right.
But People make mistakes He dated a whore "uwu" kick me daddy fucking RETARD.

Tom's human. He saw something in that pig. He made the choice to leave. He saw sense. He deserves more than her.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1471459

Learn to sage, stop beating women and get therapy Tom, you don’t deserve shit

No. 1471850

File: 1647549201584.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, DE896C89-A070-4FC2-B325-7DB9E6…)

No. 1472310

Definitely a nitpick but still worth mentioning, the fact that she panders so hard to the new trend of anime and Japanese/ Asian media being quite popular right now with SAO of all things is a great example as to how desperate she is to be popular online while also pretending she isn’t pandering she’s just so uwu quirky

No. 1476496

y'all need to get a life i stg lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1476533

File: 1647903991616.jpg (768.21 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220321-230455_Ins…)

Now she doesn't have Tom to leech off she's resorted back to her crusty ass desperate measures.

No. 1476535

File: 1647904150147.jpg (734.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220321-230734_Ins…)

Oh she has a fansly now too.
She must be desperate

No. 1476536

ugh it's always the ones who look crusty and gross who insist on doing OnlyFans

No. 1476538


She's charging over $100 for 6 months. What fucking planet is she on?

This bitch really think she's worth that much !

No. 1477167

The SAO thing is a reach for me personally. We can't just make fun of all of her interests… This is getting a little old. Now we just body shame and shit, what difference is this making?

And with the bunny, I had one as well, it's very sad to hear someone say it's her fault it died. That's not true, bunnies are some of the most fragile animals.

I liked being here for a while but now it just seems like reaching and bullying. We're making all of these assumptions but really don't know any of the background. Sigh. I'm logging off, have fun with your hate channel or whatever guys. I think that Anon was right, it's time to grow up.(no1curr)

No. 1477374

File: 1647975073292.gif (1.71 MB, 498x280, succession-logan.gif)

No. 1477379


Unlike most skanks of this sort, Jude is pretty much on the “butterface” end of the scale. She’s pretty coomer-friendly from the neck down, although her fetish shit probably doesn’t help.

No. 1479427

Don’t really think you need to know the background of someone literally endangering her underage following by subjecting them to kink and unsafe kink practices at that.

No. 1482367

File: 1648327546104.jpg (153.04 KB, 1080x1042, IMG_20220326_234447.jpg)

she's doing cock ratings now
I wonder who's buying her content it's so ridiculous

No. 1482374

anyone still has her OF screenrecordings?

No. 1483948

Even her cock ratings are expensive who does she think she is.

It’s hardly porn don’t get ur hopes up

No. 1485546

No. Go pay for it, scrote

No. 1494091

File: 1649215788631.jpg (239.29 KB, 1125x2000, 277910388_3142826005935176_583…)

No. 1494429

wow, I didn’t realize this retard only had tattoos in visible spots. she really went and got a fucking face tattoo with a completely bare chest/torso/upper arms. plus those heavy ass finger tattoos. jesus christ, she’s more stupid than I thought. also her tits look fat and gross.

No. 1494508

File: 1649259904217.jpeg (Spoiler Image,262.32 KB, 1123x1487, FPnEWydXoAIiTRq.jpeg)

not sure why the first thread didn't link, but for anyone looking for it, it's here >>>/snow/780388

and more links

she looks so fat and stinky

No. 1494539

The absolute state of coomers, this girl is so unattractive

No. 1494637

>IRL anime girl
god she's insufferable, imagine being so desperate for moid attention you go down that route lmao

No. 1495329

She also made the ever so smart decision to get her ex boyfriends name tattooed on her. From what I remember it’s in on a rather intimate spot on her body meaning any bloke she somehow convinces to sleep with her will have to see that monstrosity.
Also ironic because I’m almost certain her ex dumped HER from the shit she posted regarding it.
If there was a ‘do not tattoo this person’ blacklist, this bitch would be number one.

No. 1496125

File: 1649419720618.jpg (299.18 KB, 1080x1402, IMG_20220408_150443.jpg)

Yeah there it is, obviously at this point it was Tom.
She now keeps posting about how horny and lonely she is because she has no one to beat her up and cut her now. Mega cringe.

No. 1496568

On another note, those cuts on her legs look more like self harm than something kink related, Imagine slicing ur legs up because you can’t practice your pedo cosplay with uwu daddy. Also am I crazy or did this bitch cut “please” into her leg?

No. 1501038

Damn this thread is still active even though she's posted in altcows?

Yeah I can see it too, on the right leg. The left leg seems to have a word as well but can't make it out.

No. 1501183

File: 1649917125405.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, A55698E8-A92F-46AD-99D1-559E4A…)

No. 1515345

File: 1651257367228.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 7C25EE7D-0E7B-47C9-ACBD-061D7C…)

No. 1518082

Sooo miss girl went live yesterday and was talking about how she ended the relationship and is already looking for a new DaDdY because she CaNt FuNcTiOn WiThOuT oNe. Like… just ew…

No. 1518095

Attention driven narc can't live a day without a man making every decision for her and stroking her broken ego? Color me shocked. It's so pathetic women like this need to just be put down like dogs they have no spine and hold all of us back from ever actually being treated like humans.

No. 1518344

Only thing she used to do was makeup, and now she can't even bother for her "lewd" shit. How lazy can she get, its always the same filter too lol.

No. 1518418

How is she funding her life? Family bailouts or is she working again?

No. 1518519

Rose posted this today and like other anons said, she is selling all her kawaii shit and broke up with her gf after having some kind of life crisis.

She is talking about removing herself from her feelings and being anticapitalist and all this shit, wonder if she had a weird drug trip

No. 1518651

File: 1651600649326.png (11.2 MB, 1170x2532, FF716D1A-6B6C-474F-8B41-5790F3…)

That cookie looks sad as fuck lmao

Also holy shit Rosie looks different I didn’t even recognize her

No. 1518665

>>1518651 that entire plate looks sad as fuck

No. 1518668

She must have had a trip or just read a bunch of "self-help" books like momokun. I think it was drugs tbh because shrooms are known for making people so aware lol.

No. 1518816

I actually really enjoy Rosie, the part about her rabbit was horrible to listen to though I genuinely had to skip past it. She should have taken her rabbit to the vet if it could have been helped then great and if not then don’t have it lying in pain for days do the humane thing and put it out of it misery. Apart from that, she does seem like she’s grown up a lot compare that with Jude and it’s night and day.

No. 1518827

How did the baby hurt his back anyways? Did he fall out of her arms?

No. 1518832

I think the poor thing had a fall I remember another anon saying this in the last thread or in this one. It must have fallen from a pretty good height. All I caught was that the rabbit couldn’t use its back legs.

No. 1519217

She looks so much better wow and sounds way more mature in a good way. It really nice to see her grown up. Sucks she had a hard time to get to this point in her life but I hope she can heal soon she seams genuinely nice girl

No. 1519425

Is there a new alt 27 I can’t find it.

No. 1542606

File: 1653755543634.png (1.12 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-05-28-19-28-41…)

As classy as it gets

No. 1545058

File: 1654015592622.jpg (Spoiler Image,429.29 KB, 1440x2516, Screenshot_20210321-223048_Gal…)

No. 1545063

File: 1654015974060.jpg (Spoiler Image,460.37 KB, 1440x1491, Screenshot_20210321-223100_Gal…)

No. 1545064

File: 1654016001754.jpg (Spoiler Image,242.08 KB, 1125x2000, 1125x2000_56c0085c32b7d2313d88…)

No. 1545066

Ok,I understand that boobs aren't naturally perky and pressed together, that doesn't bother me, but it's the fact that she's literally holding her cleavage together with one hand…

No. 1545068

File: 1654016357603.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 2316x3088, 2316x3088_c3977248c71f4997b239…)

No. 1545070

File: 1654016383276.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 2316x3088, 2316x3088_d7ba09d78e557549519d…)

No. 1545072

File: 1654016423198.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 2316x3088, 2316x3088_5f84a29320f64e416c57…)

No. 1545073

File: 1654016446554.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.94 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_f24564d17fbbdd6ce68e…)

No. 1545077

File: 1654016735427.jpg (Spoiler Image,974.81 KB, 1440x2329, Jude.jpg)

No. 1545078

File: 1654016821753.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.77 MB, 1439x1925, Jude2.jpg)

No. 1545079

File: 1654016980355.jpg (Spoiler Image,857.44 KB, 1439x1081, Jude3.jpg)

legit does it as a kink.

No. 1545080

File: 1654017012557.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 1439x1925, Jude4.jpg)

No. 1545086

File: 1654017177255.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1296x2490, Jude5.jpg)

No. 1545125

this looks like she has MASSIVE testicles, and
looks like she's going moldy like a loaf of white bread

No. 1545269

Spotty bum, stretchmarks, big fat matronly baps - what a treat. Poorly posed, poorly shot by a lazy, uncreative airhead.

No. 1545743

What happened to her makeup. Looking like desperate junkie with bare dehydrated face.

No. 1545744

ud think these cows wld shop thetheithetheir gunts out(shitposting)

No. 1545746

Bishop needs to loose like 50lbs then ditch the dangerhair. anyone with freak color hair is an std ridridden skank automatically

No. 1545761

>hideous backgrounnd
>stunning Tudor exposed beams cottage

No. 1545762

shes emaciated fuck off scrote

No. 1545766

File: 1654072561654.jpg (Spoiler Image,222.19 KB, 569x600, 1654016821753.jpg)

This is something else, looks like a silicone injected scrotum plus ex boyfriends' name above her vag. Stay classy Jude.

No. 1545785

File: 1654076045292.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_8168c30bc0883ad236b3…)

No. 1545788

No. 1545789

No. 1545791

No. 1545824



thanks for the OF leaks anon, they are as unsexy and bland as ever. She has no charisma or sexual energy at all.

No. 1545832

For someone who lives for sex and basically nothing else, she looks like she has no interest or idea of what she's doing.

No. 1546930

Could of at least photoshopped the ass pimples out

No. 1547857

What was on the videos tho?
And I think she can get banned from OF for the cuts pics no?

No. 1550091

Um is it not illegal to post those photos ?

No. 1550100

Yeah says videos removed for violating their ToS but probably more depressing OF "content." As other nona said, she acts sex crazed and like it's all she lives for but is somehow bad at this.

No. 1550418

Nope. It's not. Glad I could help!

No. 1550969

Geeze I just noticed what in her lamp shade dam is she ok ?

No. 1551025

Obviously not. lol

No. 1559612

File: 1655157113217.jpg (278.29 KB, 1440x873, Jude8.jpg)

No. 1559613

File: 1655157150080.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.8 MB, 1440x1920, Jude6.jpg)

No. 1559614

File: 1655157174560.jpg (Spoiler Image,900.51 KB, 1438x1917, Jude7.jpg)

No. 1559706

Ew her tongue is straight up light yellow what the fuck

No. 1559774

Ah, I sure love the plastic text on the bodysuit is.. Just.. Destroyed. No, really, it's on-par with her sub-par content quality. Bleugh.

No. 1559783

She doesn’t brush her tounge properly, looks like build up.

No. 1560930

File: 1655253717948.png (153.82 KB, 340x261, 1654371952695.png)

No. 1563274

File: 1655433167174.png (7.87 MB, 1242x2208, livestream.png)

>>1559612 Jude went live recently and mentioned who her new partner was. They go by they/them pronouns and on the screenshot, she pinned their Instagram, it's wraithslostcity. They make music and they only been together for a week and Jude was bragging about how they're already planning on writing songs about her, Kek.

No. 1563289

File: 1655433752825.png (909.63 KB, 1080x1586, Screenshot_20220616-223824.png)

The photos on their insta have their face really covered up, but I found this on another person's account.

No. 1563374

File: 1655437531656.png (3.25 MB, 1242x2208, BD55B435-A870-4BE5-803A-825DEB…)

No. 1563590

it's he not they

No. 1566012

File: 1655667812126.png (2.7 MB, 828x1792, C6DBA6D5-240B-4552-AB2D-8CB8AF…)


No. 1566015

File: 1655667879505.jpeg (248.8 KB, 828x829, 0BF240A9-F8DC-4625-A425-9567EC…)

No. 1567219

File: 1655764397344.png (1006.13 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-06-21-01-32-13…)

I remember her saying she hates beards?

No. 1567301

File: 1655769780591.png (12.71 KB, 591x165, 087667.png)

>>1567219 Yes, she basically said she didn't like facial hair and preferred shaved men. There was a livestream where she went on about her preferences for guys and she acted like she couldn't settle for less; she basically did with this guy lmao. He has a beard, Jude mentions she likes jacked guys and skinny dudes are not her type, this dude isn't jacked plus her ex prior to T was skinny as well. And she literally said that dudes that don't brag or show off how much they work out are assholes and it's a huge turn off if they don't consistently send her gym pics. She also said she wouldn't date first-time doms/daddys. She's so desperate for sex, she latched on to whatever was the best she could get at the moment since she would be single for a very long time with her high standards that she supposedly wouldn't settle for any lower.

No. 1567543

I wonder if he puts up with her extreme kinks like pissing herself

No. 1567977

Wait what she pisses herself? Please don’t say she wears diapers

No. 1567980

Same fag. Im curious what are her extreme kinks I bet there mild af

No. 1568415

>>1567980 scroll up this thread further and you'll find out.

No. 1569194

In general she tries to act tough when she's actually mild af but when it comes to her kinks they really are as gross as she makes it out to be.

No. 1569221

this one specifically she said she likes holding her pee while having sex until it bursts because she likes how her bf reacts to it as "aww what a messy lil baby so clumsy"

No. 1570662

File: 1656075672833.png (2.92 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-06-24-15-52-07…)

She looks pretty flabby for how much she brags about being a small uwu anime bodied girl, and for saying she can't live without going to the gym

No. 1573296

File: 1656306944899.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.87 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_fdf07262f9e35ffa9e1d…)

No. 1573297

File: 1656306976489.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_d64f1dd4c82918927357…)

No. 1573298

File: 1656307043510.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_d3f1ae55d2928a288698…)

No. 1573300

File: 1656307069471.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_cea2e7dce5f5be8f7dd8…)

No. 1573301

File: 1656307137516.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_b4ccd5275f66d5a6227c…)

No. 1573303

File: 1656307195959.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_09782791c5c49504a5b1…)

No. 1573304

File: 1656307241015.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.6 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_814960b9f3229aeb669c…)

No. 1573306

File: 1656307290478.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.95 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_5995ea0b74a13571aece…)

No. 1573308

File: 1656307448494.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_674e704c40a3fb750492…)

No. 1573310

File: 1656307506435.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.96 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_604ca591cf69d8dcea8a…)

No. 1573311

File: 1656307554025.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.88 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_42c62bc867e2987fa383…)

No. 1573312

File: 1656307583429.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.94 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_76f1a4b0dd31db0855bc…)

No. 1573313

File: 1656307619064.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_35a8e6b918152f24dc2d…)

No. 1573315

File: 1656307728984.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_26faa5e1d187206a1da8…)

No. 1573316

File: 1656307762558.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.96 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_09eae072f30dd5f089b4…)

No. 1573318

File: 1656307809412.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 3840x2880, 3840x2880_3e2c7ea1b88b96dc25cb…)

No. 1573319

File: 1656307848961.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_df77a53dc6cc5f0f392e…)

No. 1573320

File: 1656307956437.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_af1c334ea7d73504a30b…)

No. 1573368

The first 13 you posted are basically all the same photo.

No. 1573408

shes gained weight really quick, she was emaciated not long ago. ditched vegansm maybe?

No. 1573409


please dont indulge this retards genderspecial delusions nonny. i know you mean well

No. 1573523


For a forum that initially kicked off re Jude being transphobic, I see a lot of you mouth breathers lurking around being transphobic little cunts yourselves. Respecting pronouns is harmless, can we move out the dark ages thanks.(seething tranny)

No. 1573535

Good luck with that. You are on lolcow.

No. 1573584

This is an anti-tranny imageboard, newfag

No. 1573599

>mouth breathers
Ummmm this is degrading language to refer to those of us who are nasosinally challenged. Please consider the impact your words have before perpetuating negative stereotypes of those with breathing challenges, cos bigotry just ain't it sis. How would your job like it if they found out you were using slurs against the differently airwayed? You retard

No. 1573639

You mean when jude had beef with genderspecial jazmin bean? I don't remember anyone caring that someone was uwu misgendered, just that jude had beef with an underage (at the time) autistic girl.

Exactly nona the ableism is unbearable, literal violence against the respiratory diverse.

No. 1573649

File: 1656346548225.jpg (630.72 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220627-162227_Ins…)

She did yet another q and a, this time about her lip fillers. She said she liked the way she looked before but thinks doll lips are cute (but still has thin white girl lips even with the filler kek) and has 1ml and wants more.

No. 1573654

A bull doesn’t stop being a bull because he has an hormonal disorder.

Only someone from the dark ages would think putting a skirt, purse and manboobs on a male makes him a woman.

No. 1573659

Should’ve saved up for a nose job

No. 1574730

File: 1656443346432.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220628-194415_Ins…)

Imagine going all the way to your bfs house just to eat depressing looking porridge and scroll online. Unless she's cat sitting, but she said "we are going back to mine" so it sounds like hes there and just dull to be with

No. 1575247

File: 1656481038453.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_6a9e9af5a034265720e1…)

No. 1575248

File: 1656481081212.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 3024x4032, 3024x4032_2bc04ad88e979329f750…)

No. 1575250

File: 1656481128535.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 3024x2516, 3024x2516_fae8a066909a24799d03…)

No. 1575251

File: 1656481159093.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 2764x3685,