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File: 1611809340410.png (3.74 MB, 2021x1489, femboy collage.png)

No. 1144047

(and their chasers)

>What is a femboy?

They are he/him trannies, basically. Some are regular anorexic twinks but most inject estrogen or T-blockers in an attempt to look like women, and sometimes they will even get tranny-related surgeries.

>What makes them cow material?

In recent years, part of what it means to be a member of the femboy clan is adopting Nazi politics. They are shamelessly racist, misogynistic, and homophobic of lesbians, frequently getting banned from platforms like Twitter for their hatefulness. They also tend to suffer autism and many are former incels.

Femboys created tired-out memes like Femboy Hooters and the "Doomer Boy" Wojak which they all worship and strive to be. For some reason they really like Ikea sharks.

Tell a femboy he is no different from a MTF troon and prepare for autistic screeching. They hold a sense of superiority over regular trannies because they don't call themselves women, but they still share the fetishistic (read: AGP) creepiness of the average troon.

Closeted gay and bisexual scrotes all across the web are obsessed with these freaks, frequently screaming that it's not gay to fuck a man just because he has soft skin and gynecomastia.

NOTE: this thread is for [male] femboys only. If it's a girl/TIF larping as one or if you suspect a femboy might be biologically female, post about them in the fakeboi thread instead of here: >>>/snow/1137677
Feminine gay men like Jeffree Star or James Charles who don't call themselves femboys don't count, please post them in their respective threads: >>>/pt/790714 >>>/snow/1086649
Trannies identifying as women belong in the MTF thread unless they're involved in femboy drama: >>>/snow/1131745

>Some examples of e-famous femboys:

Dimitri Monroe
https://twitter.com/TheSMonroeShow (gone)


RosieKawaii (NSFW)

Elf Slut (NSFW)


This is a trial thread so let's see how it goes.

No. 1144055

File: 1611810117080.jpg (33.97 KB, 484x325, misogynybeef.JPG)

No. 1144064

File: 1611810914901.png (464.58 KB, 968x480, no.png)

No. 1144071

this is a very much needed thread, i was wondering how long they would be able to scrape by being misogynistic as fuck online before people started to catch on

No. 1144074

File: 1611811589023.jpg (208.41 KB, 720x960, 0447dfc30323e2c02e8b57248e618e…)

Why do they all dress like Chris-chan?

No. 1144081

File: 1611812834837.png (47.48 KB, 378x362, 1606972745505.png)

Interesting thread OP but you got one small detail wrong, The Doomer boy image wasn't created by femboys, it was originally just another rendition the doomer wojak, originally it was something like "the 14 year old doomer" made to mock edgy 14 year old twitter users who had given up on life, the blushes were added later on

No. 1144082

I've heard a lot of different things, including people speculating that the artist is a TIF and it's supposed to be transboy wojak.

Anyway regardless I'm tired of seeing people sperg over this stupid fucking MS Paint-tier drawing on every website, especially the swede version.

No. 1144087

which is sorta weird cause when I went to Sweden a couple years ago all the men were all like 6 feet tall hairy bears
sage for bp

No. 1144093

>all the men were all like 6 feet tall hairy bears
Right? I'm from the American Midwest and see Swedish descendants everywhere and none of them over the age of 15 or 16 are delicate little twinks. They tend to be tall, big-boned, furry, and have Crimson chin jaws.

No. 1144119

>all my closest friends are cis women
>post people tell me I’m a polite and helpful person
>not even a racist ironically
Yeah, it’s definitely not a me problem. I bet everyone excludes you in school so that’s why you’re this way.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1144120

>im one of da gud ones

no one cares, scrote

No. 1144124

I don't know about the rest of anons but I do love feminine and beautiful man, I just hate self described "traps" who act like retraded fags and I hate the dumb ass male coomers who enable them
feminine men should only be with women and no one else

sage for rant

No. 1144125

Interesting subject, never bothered to look into femboys but seen them reffed on the MtF thread. It’s still weird sex stuff masquerading as identity, and still requiring public participation so it’s not good, but I will grant them at least not being fully delusional…just deviant. Why do these sexual deviants identify so much with nazi ideology? Most of the crazy sex shit they say about various nazis was allied propaganda. Generally most of them were very traditionally masculine men with traditional wives, those were thr values they tried to uphold. Broad shouldered farmer types. This brand of sexual decadence was way more Weimar, if anything. Hazarding a guess these femboys just want to be dommed by alt right tough guys, prison gay style, because it’s their only option. They’re too proud to join an MtF polycule, and to misogynistic to date a woman, and terminally online so…incels are their final solution for butthole pair bonding . How “wholesome”

No. 1144127

I deleted my post because it was attracting seething idiots like >>1144119

>feminine men should only be with women and no one else

Hard pass unless they can stop pandering to /pol/cels.

No. 1144150

i think most of the sexual deviants are into nazis or even communism because their deviancy is all about extremes and shock value. they get off on being traps bc it’s a twist or a surprise and how much more surprising would it be if a cutesy femme boy in a schoolgirl’s outfit is a nazi?

it’s the same thing with bronies. yeah, a lot of them were just straight up furries but some got off on animated ponies because lol how crazy and edgy would that be?

No. 1144152

I wasn't referring to dumbass Traps or femboys, it was about feminine men in General

No. 1144157

File: 1611827021313.jpg (64.71 KB, 810x534, 44380c66ac00bd1969a75124a1a2e3…)

Entire feed seething about women kek. It's interesting how much women live rent-free in men's heads.

I'd like to see an explanation for the far-right connection as well. I can understand why the online far-right would embrace them, since it kind of falls in line with the 4chan-type of far-right sense of humour (trolling, use of anime aesthetics, etc etc) but I don't know why so many of these men would be attracted to nazism. I guess maybe they feel alienated from society and feel most accepted there and because of what >>1144150 said. Also tons of actual nazis back then were into crossdressing too, so it's not a new phenomenon.

No. 1144166

File: 1611827870447.jpg (1.78 MB, 2048x1747, 1611827294223.jpg)

They keep making images like this to shit on women and feel superior, even though you know they would give anything to be women themselves.

Like yes, I can agree the boy on the right looks cute, but they cherrypicked an unflattering candid photo of an obese woman who is easily a decade older than him and struggling to carry her weight down the street as "proof" all British women are ugly in comparison to their men.

Compare the boy on the right to British women like Rosie Huntington Whitley or Kate Moss who look ten thousand times better and watch how they'll stutter and be like "w-well, they've got icky vaginas!" or something similarly misogynistic.
Fucking pathetic.

No. 1144176

bro its just a meme pic

come visit us more often tho :D(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1144178

I mean I have seen some girls who were from woc background doing Nazi salutes white while wearing Che Guevara T-shirts just to get people's attention
the majority of "Nazis" soldiers were just conscripts who didn't have any choice in the matter, I mean the pic you posted seems more like a Hazing ritual more then anything

No. 1144185

i don't see cute, even the filter can't hide the man face, there's nothing wrong with the actual woman.

No. 1144187

and they both are chubby even if the dude was a woman he'd not be a beauty queen, in fact he'd probably have a thread pointing out his man face and shapeless body.

No. 1144188

File: 1611829693265.jpg (22.44 KB, 400x363, 3.jpg)

The Nazi and cross dressing history is quite well documented. There are loads of photos. The SS and other Nazi idealogues were into it too. I also wouldn't give conscripts too much of a pass since some of them were willing to (and did) be imprisoned or killed rather than torture and kill innocent people but that's another tangent entirely. The Wehrmacht was also full of enthusiastic Nazis. Most of the German population was very pro Hitler.

No. 1144190

File: 1611829866648.jpg (376.73 KB, 2000x1000, download.jpg)

>there's nothing wrong with the actual woman.
Agree. Anyone remember when Adele lost weight? She's beautiful, more so than any larping man who injects horse piss could hope to be. The cope with these people.

No. 1144193

File: 1611830114338.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.96 KB, 512x264, unnamed.jpg)

Most of the rural Germans who the Nazis wanted to use as the Ideal of the Aryans refused to serve, reminds me of this meme /pol/tards and Palestinian nationalist online
basically when you have a large male young adult conscripts you'll find them fucking about it for the hell of it

No. 1144196

unrelated but couldn't the piss/shit stains on the pants just be from sitting on wet grass or something?

No. 1144202

File: 1611831281045.jpg (27.79 KB, 400x300, 11.jpg)

Dude, this really isn't the thread for this but the vast historical consensus is that German resistance was small and disorganized (often motivated by a personal dislike for Hitler's leadership style and not necessarily Nazi racism or imperialism), sometimes from people of non-German ethnic origin in Germany. Your claim is very very spurious and verging on straight up Nazi apolgia. Overall the German population was extremely cooperative, hence the whole genocide going so well. The Nazis executed about 77,000 Germans out of a population of approx 69,600,000. God bless the Germans, both soldier and civilian who resisted but they were few. Anyways the Nazis had psychosexual issues. German artist Martin Dammann catalogued a lot of the pictures.

No. 1144207

No wonder I keep hearing about these faggots one hundred years after the fact where other movements pretty much died out or are obscured in history. They supported the GBT agenda, of course.

No. 1144208

I always thought Nazism was related to faggotry and affeminancy in some way so this proves what I felt all along. Thanks anon

No. 1144214

File: 1611832767738.jpeg (144.22 KB, 700x950, 3759ED9A-FE0D-40DB-ABD1-86AA61…)

they also were furries.

No. 1144218

still all these pics don't have a fetishtic vibe, I mean they seem like guys just fucking about and doing dumbassshit for the fun of it

No. 1144219

File: 1611833518813.jpg (426.53 KB, 1528x2395, a487640e-0001-0004-0000-000001…)

They were famously fucked up sexually. One of Hitler's buddies- Ernst Röhm was a known gay man and helped Hitler found the openly anti-gay party but Hitler felt threatened by him and had him offed during the Night of the Long Knives. There were a bunch of closeted gays in the party after that. And the crossdressing stuff. Meanwhile they were tossing gay citizens in concentration camps and brutalizing and executing them. The Nazis also created an SS unit called the Dirlewanger brigade named after Oskar Dirlewanger, it's leader, a sadistic pedophile, consisting of a band of convicted criminals. To hunt down and torture and kill civilian resistance fighters. They liked to herd people into barns and burn them alive, gunning down any escapees.

No. 1144223


when do men pose with their ass out and be half naked without getting a sexual rush from it ? lol

No. 1144224

I think it's the fact that they were doing incredibly heinous and violent shit alongside it that gives it a disturbing vibe. In some cases shooting women, children, and the elderly into mass graves. Or even condemning gay people to death while simultaneously prancing around in drag.

No. 1144229

Major case of hentai brain.

No. 1144230

I thought you TERFs ostensibly didn't have a problem with gender non-conforming men.

Us femboys aren't calling ourselves women, we're not trying to force ourselves into women's locker rooms or women's sports, and yet you still hate us.

Why? Why claim to want to abolish gender roles when you are literally hating on men for being feminine and dating other men.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1144232


>In recent years, part of what it means to be a member of the femboy clan is adopting Nazi politics. They are shamelessly racist, misogynistic, and homophobic of lesbians, frequently getting banned from platforms like Twitter for their hatefulness. They also tend to suffer autism and many are former incels.

No. 1144233

>Why? Why claim to want to abolish gender roles when you are literally hating on men for being feminine and dating other men.
NO ONE is doing that. The thread is meant to talk about dumbass shit coming from a certain subculture of GNC gay men, not implying every GNC man in existence is terrible. See >>1144232

Also stop coming here to defend yourselves, you're just going to get banned and make yourself look like a fool in the process.

No. 1144235

None of that applies to me. I'm just a normal homosexual guy who values a feminine aesthetic in myself.

Saying that we are all "racists and sexists" just seems like a roundabout way of justifying pre-existing hatred of GNC men.

Rosie, for instance, is neither a racist nor a sexist, but you feel justified in attacking him and including him in your OP post.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1144236

File: 1611836280662.jpg (2.8 MB, 2963x1876, 1606706325071.jpg)

The Whole Nazi Leadership had some contradictions, the funniest imo is very unaryan the leaders of the Nazi Party actually were, despite the idealization of the Aryan male, who was tall, broad shouldered, blonde haired and blue eyed, the actual leaders were way far off,
Hiter, Goering, Himmer and Goebbels were all dark haired rather and short by German standards, Himmer and Goebbels especially had both very weak bodies and Goering was a glutton

I remember one case I read on tumblr some time back where when during when Nazi party was power they discovered a perfect "Aryan" village where majority of the people fit the Nazi Aryan ideal and wanted to study them and use them as examples to show off their superiority but those people were simple country farmers who didn't know or care about that bullshit, they were religious people who believed that everyone was created equal and told the Nazis to basically fuck off

No. 1144239

not milk, but why does nearly all femboy art portrays them with child bearing hips?

No. 1144240

>Rosie, for instance, is neither a racist nor a sexist, but you feel justified in attacking him and including him in your OP post.

You know you could simply point out that this person doesn't deserve to be in the thread without blogging about your own sexuality, right?


No. 1144241

File: 1611836527383.png (710.65 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_2021-01-28-06-15-24…)

Nobody really talks about anime induced body dsymorphia and they should.

No. 1144242

The thread topic is devolving into a history lesson. At least post milk on actual cows.

No. 1144244

File: 1611836970259.png (Spoiler Image, 568.34 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_2021-01-28-06-24-15…)

It's the hentai. It appears that these people have rotted their brains on near constant consumption of femboy/tomgirl hentai. That's how the characters are depicted, a freakish amalgamation of male and female body parts. Reality be damned. They are determined to ignore the fact that they have literally no hips to speak of. Most of these accounts on twitter are just porn.

No. 1144245

Anons here are right, it seems most males who become AGP Troons do so after consuming massive amounts of IRL Tranny/Sissy porn, however femboys seem to be come as a result after consuming Trap Doujins for years

No. 1144248

the crying emoji after "22"…jesus christ, get help.

No. 1144249

File: 1611837467205.jpeg (184.99 KB, 1080x1549, 1595957577747.jpeg)

This is just an unfunny joke post you'd expect from an autistic weeaboo.

Unrelated but I remember seeing this person get posted a few fakeboi threads ago when somebody stupid thought they were biologically female, here's the picture. I don't know what the fuck these people think when they walk outside like this. Is it supposed to be cute? Even most gay men dress better than this, but something is off about femboys specifically when it comes to personal appearance.

No. 1144252

How is it a joke when he walks outside dressed like a 12 year old little sister character from an anime? He has serious self perception and judgement issues, clearly.

No. 1144255

It’s autism. Literally

No. 1144257

> when somebody stupid thought they were biologically female
That person needs their eyes checked Jesus Christ, they’re both obviously ugly boys

No. 1144263

tbf if someone told me that these were two tifs that had taken testosterone I would believe it

No. 1144267

Left one looks like a biological male on estrogen. You can see the softness of the skin here >>1144241 but in this photo >>1144249 the blocky male body and big skull. Right one looks blatantly like a skinny unhygienic male, the face is far too long and chiseled to be female.

No. 1144331

why do they always go for long hair and basically try to look like a woman as much as possible? they would look much better if they had a short fluffy haircut. they look like troons

No. 1144396

the one on the right is ok but the outfit on the left is autistic. a mishmash of "cool" things (top with a drawing with half sleeves that don't even match properly) but also "sexy" things (shorts and lingerie thigh highs). how can you dress like this and not be 13?

No. 1144421

how do we know these (at least some of them) aren't just fakebois with great genetics that overcompensate behaviorally by racism and shit

i remember seeing ftms who looked exactly like male femboys but had pussy pics so it's not physically impossible

No. 1144431

It's not that being femboy drives you to become a right-winger, but rather being on the right is why you would start calling yourself a femboy.
If they were more left-wing they'd simply insist on being trans womxn with pronouns in their bios.

No. 1144503

Those generic black thigh highs are seriously a fuckboy crossdresser dogwhistle to me now

No. 1144567

this one is sad because he is really good looking seriously I don't get why he turned to these things as he could be a normal, attractive man if he wasn't terminally online busy posting pictures in cheap lingerie. obviously his brain is destroyed by porn as mentioned earlier but damn it's sad, I get it when it's ugly incels because obviously they can't do better and creating a catgirl internet persona is their last and only resort

No. 1144643

Cause most (all) of them have dick pics around. Plus ftms just don't look like males even when they're on t for ages, unless they started very early in puberty and ftms just don't act like femboys even when they try to act edgy, different vibe.

No. 1144672

>Plus ftms just don't look like males even when they're on t for ages,
yeah but like im saying ive seen nudes of femboys that did but had vaginas with huge clits so even if its a small percentile they must exist

No. 1144779

File: 1611881385350.jpg (35.88 KB, 475x632, m.JPG)

People used to think meowriza was a fakeboi because he has a very womanly shape naturally until someone uploaded a naked dick pick of his that was high definition and very real looking. It's rare but sometimes it's impossible to tell until you see their nudes, unfortunately. Androgynous and intersex people exist.

No. 1144783

because they are severly autistic, duh

No. 1144813

I’m sorry but does this just look like very blatant photoshop to anyone else?

No. 1144860

Definitely. The mirror gives too much away, the curvatures on the butt lines are too janky unless he had the highest butt crack in the world and the curtain in the reflection is completely straight compared to the real one in the photo

No. 1145012

And even without photoshop, leaning that far forward while pigeon toed in a high cut swimsuit is going to give anyone the illusion of at least some hips. There are pear shaped men in the world, they're usually quite unfortunate looking because they're not trying to look like women, but it isn't impossible. I don't deny that somewhere in this world there is a man who could pass as a woman, just not many of them…and none of them would be half as attractive as an above average girl. But if they're not nazis, not gross deviants on Twitter or any other non-pornographic platforms, and they don't try to convince the world they have ladybrains and were born in the wrong body? I don't have a problem with femboys as a concept. I do think it's funny that they seem to be trying to troll women or at least "get our goat", the one who came in here to defend himself was all like "hmmm guess we can never win with you girls!!" it's like the ultimate MGTOW or something.

No. 1145231

sage for blogpost but femboys really creep me out. i don't have an issue with guys dressing feminine at all (I'm actually pretty into andro/ femme guys myself). it's the specific kind of femininity that these super online "femboys" are into. adult men specifically styling themselves like young/ teenage looking girls as a sexual thing is just so gross (I mean its also weird when adult women do it, but them being dudes just adds an extra layer of skeeviness, bc it's not like they ever had to deal with being an underaged girl treated like a sexual object). plus the fact that they tend to run in circles where misogyny is so rife, it feels like just trying to take all the cute, fun parts of femininity without any of the "icky women". especially the way that so many of them play up being flat-chested and not having any hips, and shame women for being fuller-figured, it all feels very pedo-y.

like none of this stuff is actually endemic to being a "femboy", I'm sure there are some of them who just like cute wigs and dresses and that's fine, it's just the attitude that's sprung up around it in online communities, even the parts that aren't racist still feel disgustingly misogynistic and noncey. >>1144166 i feel like its basically summed up by this meme and the way its shaming women for looking normal and not like jailbaity-hentai characters. apologies for sperg but I just had to get that off my chest lol

No. 1145248


its hilarious to see these dudes talking about how femboys are better than women, when even the best-looking femboy barely looks better than your average cute girl

No. 1146251

he's pretty cute, i like him

No. 1146299

There's even the famous joke from that time that the perfect aryan is Blone like Hitler, tall like Goebbels, slim like Göring. (Blond wie Hitler, groß wie Goebbels, schlank wie Göring)

No. 1169151

Dimitri ban evading lusting for lolis

https://twitter.com/RedoOfKazuma/status/1364315551653269507?s=19(this is an imageboard, post caps)

No. 1179063

File: 1615201219468.jpg (138.45 KB, 1337x963, F1nn.jpg)

Ah yes, F1nn has 414K subscribers. Wish I had screenshotted it, but he was in the dank brigade discord (the discord of Count Dankula, the one with the nazi pug) and probably has said some overtly racist shit.

No. 1202057

i think you misunderstood the meme, i think it was made by a none british person to insult britain in jest
its not that deep

No. 1202085

Despite the nazi pug meme, Dankula is not based or redpilled. He is just a leftist cuck who wants to bang trannies even tho he has a wife and kids.

No. 1202329

Nothing wrong with femboys unless they're /pol/yps or victims of the incel to troon pipeline. That being said, even if they hate women I'll take them over stunning trans wamyn lesbians. They stay in their lane.

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