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File: 1610664178281.jpg (59.39 KB, 700x700, melissa_griffiths_1.jpg)

No. 1131745

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

Thread #1: >>>/snow/867400
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1031751
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No. 1131764

File: 1610665130214.png (144.82 KB, 576x988, Screenshots_2021-01-14-14-57-4…)

Cause all girls love wearing dresses and twirling around. So affirming!

No. 1131776

no, it was the first time you felt like a MAN in a DRESS. because guess what? men are allowed to wear dresses and spin in them whenever they want and it's completely and utterly separate from gender and/or biological sex!

No. 1131780

I legit thought spinny skirts was a meme but I guess this is like the mouth feel

No. 1131786

>Gender euphoria

Kek. Troon terminology is utterly perverted

No. 1131793

>top 2 replies include “hon”
Like clockwork

No. 1131796

>dialling FBI

Always girl never woman in these posts, wonder why

No. 1131805

File: 1610666806652.jpg (Spoiler Image,200.81 KB, 1620x2160, 9ba0d31-1.jpg)

9 out of 10 gynecologists can't tell the difference!

No. 1131815

omfg the hair IN the "pussy" I am screeming amd I am no gynecologist

No. 1131816

That disgusting hair growing from inside

I wanna vomit and this junji ito shit

No. 1131824

Can we have a new rule where you spoiler the picture and put a text warning that you're about to see some nasty neovag? I was not prepared for this.

No. 1131831

I mean…I thought the gynecologist part was more or less a dead giveaway

No. 1131836

>omfg the hair IN the "pussy" I am screeming amd I am no gynecologist
Incomplete/non-existent electrolysis on his ball sack. Imagine mutilating your working dick just to end up with a neo vag full of pubic hair kek.

No. 1131837

Transphobia kills MtFs the same way fatphobia kill fatties. They do terrible things to their own bodies out of some psychological damage and some places cannot accomodate them, and that's reason for suicide by food. People can see the insanity in the latter, and yet for some reason believe the first. Even that women can kill people by tweeting.

No. 1131841

wow it looks like a wrinkly double-labia.. that's why neovaginas are clearly superior and boring vanilla cissie vagoo will never compare

No. 1131853

File: 1610669324162.png (698.25 KB, 576x669, Screenshots_2021-01-14-15-57-1…)

This troon is Melissa Griffiths, a tranny activist who "educates" employers about trans inclusivity in the workplace lol. Can you imagine if this neanderthal looking mf came sauntering into your office?

Also what is it with troons and fucked up grills? Is it a prerequisite?

No. 1131859

no wonder they never take photos from that angle. it's just so… bizarre looking. there's a fucking buttcrack in their "vagina." jesus christ, i'd 41% myself too if i had to look down and see that everytime i pee.

No. 1131863

Jesus. I’m pretty sure a gynecologist would have no idea wtf they were looking at. I was so confused I thought the hairy vagina part was the top (like mons pubis/clitoris area) until I read >>1131815.
There’s quite literally no identifiable features that say “vulva/vagina” in this mess. Can’t point out a single feature (clitoris, labia, urethra, etc)
And the only way this could pass as a woman would be if it was some woman’s vulva that had been horrifically disfigured, and burned or something.

No. 1131873

It's a goddamn mess… it looks like there's a taint separating his urethra from his neo vag.

No. 1131875

This is what we all are supposedly jealous of?

No. 1131876

The internal pubes and dripping pus give it texture and flavor.

No. 1131885

File: 1610671254657.png (Spoiler Image,664.21 KB, 576x1044, kek.png)

Imagine paying someone to mutilate your cock and balls only to wind up looking like this.

No. 1131890

Amen, anon. No one is denying superfats the right to eat themselves to death or troons the right to cut their dicks off… they can if they want to, but if the people around them choose to voice their opinions, it's not suicide baiting.

No. 1131899

File: 1610672338017.jpeg (419.11 KB, 828x1399, 66D52EED-D066-4DB3-A2BC-A93192…)

I was reading a Reddit thread on r/mtf where a troon was asking if others were still with their partners after they came out and I saw this absolute gem of a response:
>” That was one reason she was upset with me, because she needed help when her mom died, but I am doing something this major, that means I can't always give the attention she needs.”
Holy. Shit.
(Forgot to attach pic)

No. 1131901

Wait. He went through the trouble to get this surgery, but there's no vaginal opening??? You might as well just tuck then dude, what even is the point of this

No. 1131902

kek his keloids are slightly reminiscent of micro penises. i wonder if they trigger his dysphoria?

No. 1131911

Trannies are selfish by default. Their needs always come first. It's like they fail to grasp the fact that sane, well-adjusted adults are fully capable of juggling their personal issues while also supporting their partners/friends/relatives, too. "Transitioning" is not more important than the death of your wife's mother, dude.

No. 1131931

Fuckkk imagine being married to your husband for nearly 20 years, giving him numerous opportunities to come out to you, losing your mom and then having to still deal with his criticisms over how you're processing his LARPing in the grocery store.
One hundred percent. They often marry their partners knowing full well they're perverts, but still have the audacity to put their needs first when they finally fess up to the fact.

No. 1131932

I hate this man he is disgusting and gross i got this in my recommend page because an anon posted him in the last thread and now he's literally harassing a woman and everyone is praising him in the comments.
(is it against rules to post this?)

No. 1131936

>I was just as much of a woman before I had surgery as I am now.
No and no. Do these dudes really not grasp biological reality? "Feeling" like a woman and altering your physical appearance does not a woman make.

No. 1131939

It would appear so…

No. 1131942

Not clicking that but I watched the woman’s response earlier. I laughed at him calling her “sir” kek. Do they think women care about being “misgendered” like they do? I’ve been seeing this on twitter a bit with the cis shaming meme. Being called sir means nothing to us. at most we might shrug or laugh. Meanwhile call a troon “sir” not even irl and it ruins their entire day. Do it enough and they might 41%. Their entire existence predicates on gendered titles and pronouns.

No. 1131950

They don’t even know themselves what “makes” a woman. Ask them what their definition of “woman” is, and they will never be able to give a straight, logical answer. They don’t think for themselves, they just follow the transgender dogma without critical thought.

No. 1131954

Kek 100%. When women are misgendered, the default reaction is amusement, cause 99 times out of 100, the women who are misgendered are butch. You will never hear them screaming, "it's ma'am!!!!!!!!!" at some poor, unsuspecting cashier.

No. 1131957

Totally… they refer to themselves as "trans women" and "women" in the same breath, which is a contradiction. By definition, a person can't be a trans woman and also a woman. I feel like most women got red pilled when trannies started insisting they were true and honest females.

No. 1131976

The real problem is the yasssss kween, get cancelled sis sksksksk, libfems who continue to support and defend these freaks no matter how problematic they've become. The only reason they're not all in the booby hatch is because women took pity on them and offered them sanctuary and fought for their rights… and now they're growing like a cancer and destroying feminism from the inside out.

No. 1131987


It’s pure projection of their biggest insecurities. They hate most in the world to be perceived as what they actually are, men, so they assume bio women will be hurt by being “misgendered” like they constantly fear.

Completely fails to ignore the fact that it doesn’t matter to even the most masculine natal woman if they’re called “sir” because women are not and never will be men. Biological reality kills their little jabs every time.

It’s so funny, seeing the projection as if it hurts and doesn’t come across as exactly what it is, seething deep insecurity. Goes along with the “trans women are so much hotter/prettier/better at being feminine than cis women!!!” shit. That’s their cope.

No. 1131991

their biggest allies were lesbian feminists until TiMs decided to start biting the hands of the women who fed them. as soon as TiMs realized that women had boundaries and single sex spaces, they chimped the fuck out.

No. 1132017

It's hilarious to think women actually care about being misgendered. In online gaming you don't see women whining about being assumed male because it means not getting harassed by losers. The only ones I imagine actually giving a fuck would be women wanting to scam said losers into giving them money/game items/whatever because being seen as a girl is necessary for the scam to work. (Or maybe the odd pickme who wants male attention at all times, but I've yet to see it personally.)

No. 1132020

File: 1610681958591.jpg (Spoiler Image,474.63 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_01_14_19_37_53_815.jpg)

Anons, this is bad. Reaaally, really bad. Don't click while eating.

No. 1132021

the only thing that can be assured is that's a nasty infection

No. 1132023

File: 1610682133813.jpg (88.13 KB, 578x658, Sardonicus 0.jpg)


great! another one in my "NSFL-fauxginas" folder. Is it just the angle, or is it really just that big of a gaping hole? lmao.

No. 1132024

are those growths to the right of his fingers teeth?

No. 1132025

File: 1610682281405.gif (Spoiler Image,897.21 KB, 635x270, tumblr_oyp85bAq3p1v14rjio1_640…)

What in gods name am I looking at

No. 1132028

>the difference between the thumbnail and the actual video

No. 1132040

File: 1610683582269.jpeg (454.38 KB, 750x976, samanthalux.jpeg)


his thumbnails are so photoshopped he looks painted in. Drags women for their makeup free faces as he piles on ten pounds of it. Where are your lips sir?

No. 1132052

He looks like an alien with fetal alcohol syndrome wtf

No. 1132055

Fuck, which way is up?

No. 1132089

does he have waardenburg syndrome? i swear remembering another troon youtuber with the same condition.

No. 1132098

File: 1610689725327.jpg (180.01 KB, 960x1159, stef-sanjati-01.jpg)

You might be thinking of Stef Sanjati. Shit he's got a lot of work done since I last saw him pop up.

No. 1132107

Feel like this was posted before and ppl said it was a bit shopped. No way his eyes are that far apart without having fas or some other congenital syndrome.

No. 1132117


He looks like a mongoloid.

No. 1132136

Lol he has waardenburg syndrome he really does look like that not gonna lie I think it looks cool but he also did have some ffs done to

No. 1132139

File: 1610697616316.png (437.43 KB, 384x1119, gaymer gurll.png)

Lol I almost forgot about him, looking at his insta appearantly he's an ~ebic gamer gurll~ twitch streamer now who is a stunning woman with a "career" in gaming

Des it rub anyone else the wrong way that literally half of the "women in gaming" are trannies and think they are stunning and brave because of it?

No. 1132145

Also, real women don’t have to scream about being a woman.

No. 1132147

Pictures you can smell. Nasty.

No. 1132148

He makes me laugh with those delusional thumbnails. Ugly and manly as fuck.

No. 1132152

I wanted to post Sanjati several times but he's so boring. I hate him. Today he tells that he would never ever change his face, tomorrow he gets FFS and a fuckton of lip injections. Dude wtf, just don't talk about it if you're not right in the head

No. 1132158

File: 1610701192484.jpeg (91.57 KB, 640x400, 50931098-5F89-4897-B23C-315C0E…)

A comment from his video. Women like this are no friend of ours. Fucking sad.

No. 1132162

I remember a story time video of Autumn Asphodel where he had a a really long thick hair in his neovag and went to doctors several times. He ended up getting IN there to pluck it. Just girly things

No. 1132167

Wtf…Yeah bc donating your uterus to a man isn’t wasteful at all!
Someone needs to tell these handmaidens that we don’t live in lego land where you can put random parts together and would work just as fine. But I guess donating to actual women in need isn’t woke enough.

No. 1132169

Do I need to specify on my organ donor card that I won’t be donating my uterus or anything connected to it under any circumstance?

No. 1132171

The arrow and "Trans girl" is truly unnecessary. Anyone who is not a blind scrote that thinks long hair + make-up makes a woman can see that this is a tranny.

No. 1132172

>I'll go through early menopause, a life of medication and risk my organs falling through my cooch for you, my lo- lady!
I love their uterus transplant ideas, because it ignores the reality of the women they scavange for parts, same as the surrogacy discussion. Since in organ donations are quickest and easiest route is from blood relatives, they really think they can just ask their sister or mom for their internal organs for a vanity project.

No. 1132175

Honestly, I would probably consider that bc I wouldn’t put it past these practitioners nowadays to actually attempt something like this in the future if this tra business doesn’t let up soon . Protect yourself anon.

No. 1132181

all that photoshopping yet he couldn't be bothered to color correct his terrible foundation smh

No. 1132195

YES. You can specifically say "I want to donanate: (list of organs)" or "I donate all except: (list of organs)" or "I donate all".
I now have uterus as the only thing I wanna keep lol.

No. 1132199

File: 1610708658221.png (244.18 KB, 640x1136, 861D0DCB-4856-46AD-AF07-6F09DF…)

Tranny Janny is out of control. Right after I posted on this thread and said something about the pinkpill in meta, I get this fraudulent ban,(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1132202

do you use a VPN?

No. 1132210

i think comments like this also come from a place of ignorance regarding hormones and such. they actually think you can remove someone's uterus and have no complications or consequences. they, yes, even "cis" women, think that the only issue is morality and/or the lack of technology to implant a uterus into a brave trans womyn.

No. 1132237

Oh my anon, OP pic had me heaving with laughter, good job

No. 1132245

Ew. Even if you could donate your uterus, why would you give it to a male instead of a worthy female that might have gone through cancer or something? I hate bitches like these.

No. 1132247

Raw chicken aesthetic

No. 1132248

File: 1610716195718.png (871.96 KB, 1253x972, skinandbones.png)

>test my blood - female
>test my bones - female
>test my SKIN - female
>old people didn't know about chromosomes
Well they didn't know about exact measurements of estradiol in your blood either, and somehow they still weren't confused on who's birthing the kid.

No. 1132261

>"she said I looked like a slut and was probably going out to find a man"
Doubt, this sounds like a fantasy fetish larp. If this were real she would have probably told him he looked like a grown man trying to dress up as a caricature

No. 1132262

I don’t even fucking understand this shit. Surely if trans women weren’t born men, they wouldn’t be trans in the first place. Sage for overthinking insanity

No. 1132263

File: 1610717821567.png (65.09 KB, 730x465, rowling.png)

>rowling single-handedly leads the TERF movement and changes the laws
They're really obsessed with her

No. 1132267

File: 1610718411128.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 7D6812F6-6EF4-44B5-A785-CC4CF5…)

They use wanting boobs as proof they’re trans but it just gives me
“what would you do if you were the opposite sex for a day?”
Every straight dude ever: “touch my boobs all day lol”
Vibes. Like every straight dude has made jokes about wanting boobs to touch all day or something along those lines. It’s sexual/fetishized related not proof you’re a woman. Pretty sure most women don’t get off on the idea of their own boobs constantly.

Wait so where would the eggs come from in this situation? Would the ovaries also be transplanted? Or like an egg donor and just implant the embryos? I feel like that would open some kind of ethical debate if ovaries were transplanted. Especially if they were taken from a cadaver. That’s literally somebody else’s DNA and children technically. That’s a bit more serious And ethically complicated than just organ transplants

No. 1132271

>They use wanting boobs as proof they’re trans but it just gives me “what would you do if you were the opposite sex for a day?”
Every straight dude ever: “touch my boobs all day lol”
THIS. It's always either touch boobs or have sex as a woman and find out it's disappointing
Trooning out is 100% this but taken to an extreme.

No. 1132280

I’m getting a headache by the comments on this video.

Anons, when will the day come, that we come to our senses, as a society and stop letting men abuse us in this way? And when will these dumb handmaidens stop protecting them, when they should be protecting women..

No. 1132285

this was posted in the last thread

No. 1132286

SRS pictures are better for my stomach than this smug AGP smile IDEK why I feel so sick looking at his face

No. 1132293

File: 1610723162347.jpeg (764.45 KB, 2224x1566, F4A0E2A8-CB3B-49C7-816F-48C347…)

Just came across this post from srd. The way I instantly knew this was a troon even if it wasn’t mentioned… reading she/her over and over and no mention that this was a “trans” made me so fucking sick.

No. 1132294

Awh anon it's not that bad. Sex as a woman can be really fulfilling and fun. I just think society doesn't talk/educate enough about it so a lot of us are in the dark about our own pleasure. But I certainly think troons have a romanticised version of female sexuality like we're all porn stars with crazy libidos and having sleepovers all the time teeHEE

It's gross and objectified. And no where near the reality. I don't think sex for either gender is some godlike experience really. I just think it's normal and fun for release and that's about it. Coomer brains spend all their time focusing so much on it, though its just warped their dumb brains.

No. 1132295

File: 1610723422113.png (155.54 KB, 576x924, Screenshots_2021-01-15-07-08-3…)

>I want to be tied up, toyed, have my hair pulled, make a mess on my soft tummy, and cuddle afterwards

Troons are fucking perverts.

No. 1132296

File: 1610723454274.jpeg (255.95 KB, 1898x1463, 6DD55445-6054-4B8C-9C6B-AF66B6…)

And what do you know…

No. 1132301

File: 1610723852788.png (626.33 KB, 576x902, oof.png)

This dude's post and comment history is crazy. Lots of dick pics. This is his face.

No. 1132305

is the cross eye on purpose or not

No. 1132309

Thought OP pic was Arnold Schwarzenegger with a wig shooped on

No. 1132310

I’m sorry? But from the photo I truly do not know what you’re talking about…

No. 1132311

is his "girl"friend also a tranny or do women out there really put up with shit like that? I want to vomit at the thought

No. 1132319

tf you mean, anon

No. 1132327


I think you'll find contouring your forehead with blush to make it seem smaller is a very common thing for cis women to do((((cis))) back2 tumblr)

No. 1132330

because a woman's body needs to be put to use or else it's a waste. An uterus needs to be used for breeding, as a womxnly womxn sure knows.

No. 1132331

>When you have to compete with how far you'll go to be used by men, so start promising internal organs to them

She'd better hope no loony scrote takes her up on that offer.

No. 1132332

>I also imagine it feeling lighter
I'm sorry what?

No. 1132333

File: 1610727114542.jpg (269.83 KB, 760x753, 38d92e6.jpg)

it's this type of troon logic that peaked a lot of women. they think they can have dicks, beards and baritone voices and still call themselves female. if they want to use the women's restroom, it's all good. if that makes you uncomfortable or you complain, you're transphobic and literally killing them.

No. 1132335

I’m having trouble seeing just from that picture that he’s not a woman? I’m trying to see what you’re seeing because he’d fool me.

No. 1132336

The way they say they’re so much “more of a woman” than us is such a man thing to say lol. Men will constantly say they’re more of a man than the next guy but I’ve never in my life heard a woman claim to be “more woman” than another. Bizarre.

No. 1132341


Blind scrote detected.
I can tell that's a tranny even under an inch of caked-on make-up. He looks like a boy in a wig. Look at the thick neck, the large ears, the brow-bone, the giant skull. Thy just have that look, just like Blair White, where you can just tell. It doesn't look like an organic woman, no matter how much fake shit they pile on.

No. 1132349

File: 1610727914000.png (77.07 KB, 908x479, 1.png)

Imagine walking into an office to get your documentation done and you get this clown that switches between a falsetto headvoice and his deep masculine voice mid-conversation.

No. 1132351

Yeah, no. I don’t see a thick neck or ears bigger than any women I know. I suspect there’s photoshop included here, but he looks like every other overly-made-up, shopped Instagram user. I’m sure I could tell after a bit in person, but this “I can absolutely tell” attitude seems really exaggerated.
Anyway, maybe I’m blind. Good for you. I thought there was a tell I was missing, but you haven’t convinced me.

No. 1132358

there's not a chance in hell he comes even close to passing without makeup. It will never not be hilarious that trannies think not calling them a man to their face in public =/= they pass. Most people don't want to upset the hulking mentally ill man is all.

No. 1132368

File: 1610729424542.jpg (742.3 KB, 956x1896, Screenshot_20210115-114702_Red…)



No. 1132373

File: 1610729622313.jpg (232.32 KB, 1078x916, Screenshot_20210115-114838_Red…)

No. 1132374

You're not alone anon I don't think I could tell just from the thumbnail alone either lol. It's really not that obvious. The only thing that comes to my mind seeing the pic and video is holy shit these men really know nothing about foundation color matching. The difference in skin tone between his face and his upper chest is awful.

No. 1132376

they want the horse piss pills to be the same as natural puberty sooo bad

No. 1132377

I hate troon logic. Considering how many adults are now detransitioning, there's no way in hell a sane person can conclude pumping a teenager full of hormones is a good idea.

No. 1132380

Honestly, fighting over wether someone is passing or not is moot, as if there was a "point of passing" where men actually become women, lol. They'll always be dudes in heavy makeup, and they abuse photoshop and filters very hard anyway.

No. 1132384

Unironically let's do this so those kids will grow up and murder every troon in existence.

No. 1132393

>we should just give all children cancerous lupron that'll show the cistem!!1!

No. 1132397

File: 1610731462928.png (1.11 MB, 1437x2081, Screenshot_20210115-121604~2.p…)

TRAs really are racist. They always try and compare their delusions to black discrimination. "Well if you're gonna tell me I can't bring my penis into a woman's bathroom then you need to get out too blacky"

No. 1132403

Reddit makes me lose faith in humanity holy shit
Being trans is a CHOICE. Transgenderism is an IDEOLOGY. Being black is not.

No. 1132406

>every teenager on hormone blockers
Every pharmaceutical company CEO is reading this with a massive erection.

No. 1132412

God I wish this was the first time I’ve seen a tra make that ignorant and false analogy. I’ll never forget what the fine brothers said to that black girl on the topic of unisex bathrooms that was along those lines. Race and sex are two very different categories and segregation for black people was about being separate but not equal. A unisex bathroom is an equal equivalent to that of a women’s and men’s bathroom. If troons want the real deal of what segregation was like if Bruce Jenner wanted to use the bathroom not only could he not use the women’s bathroom but he would have to find a porter potty outside. That’s how bad it was for black people who lived through segregation. Anytime I hear such racist rhetoric I immediately know what they think of black women.

No. 1132417

I see race brought up often in the "transwomen in women's sports" argument. Apparently black women = men, because there are some prominent black athletes with big muscles.

No. 1132454

if Serena Williams can play tennis with huwite women, then why can't Novak Djokovic in a wig? Check mate transphobes!! they really do sound like that

No. 1132457

Why are so many people coming out as trans in the past years? It's actually scary that these ugly ass men are trying to pass as women.

No. 1132472

Because it's a social trend. Plenty of men think they can get away from being an ugly nobody by embracing online troon culture. And then if people are mean IRL, they're victims.

No. 1132483

It’s like their idea of being a girl is all from fucking tampon commercials

No. 1132486

Tampon commercials and chocolate commercials

No. 1132606

They swear they're the "progressives", but they always expose how bigoted they actually are when they bring up race. I've seen these types say "Gender doesn't apply to black people". It's insane.

No. 1132614

This post was sarcastic fyi, I didn't think anyone would read this as serious

No. 1132630

Eye issues are common in autistic people.

No. 1132640

File: 1610747899136.png (Spoiler Image,337.74 KB, 576x694, Screenshots_2021-01-15-13-55-2…)

More troon fuckery from akingeo92. I thought for sure he was a troll at first, but I think he's legit mentally retarded on top of everything else. He spans his dick all over various tranny subs and constantly asks if he's pretty/femme enough.

No. 1132660

File: 1610749080635.jpg (84.83 KB, 625x605, 5a51187003346.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1132673

File: 1610749969522.jpeg (142.6 KB, 627x1469, 6368EB58-3B9F-48BD-BEC9-DD1957…)

Saw this posted under Blaire Whites tweet
This is creepy

No. 1132685

File: 1610751019756.jpg (111.32 KB, 540x586, tumblr_ee135630125ff7eee7b1e29…)

This is an abomination.

No. 1132689

But troons are totes not mentally ill kek.

No. 1132690

File: 1610751220946.jpeg (81.1 KB, 750x561, DDDACCCC-748D-44BF-AD9A-B70655…)

No I Don’t Think I Will

No. 1132691

this thing's autism could power a nuclear reactor.

No. 1132695

Blaire White confuses the shit out of me because he hates women and others troons.

No. 1132705

File: 1610751812051.jpg (Spoiler Image,214.63 KB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20210114-201437__01…)

An ugly man in pigtails with a dick hole talking to another ugly man with a dickhole about fucking himself with a dildo.

No. 1132706

also Kevin has said the bullets makes his manhole hurt and he didn't even orgasm, just like his "how i found out I was trans" stories, his orgasms stories change everytime.

No. 1132711

File: 1610752086538.jpg (Spoiler Image,235.71 KB, 1080x1920, 20210114_201435.jpg)

He's not wearing pigtails like i thought but he looks like Herbert the pervert from family guy. You cannot make this shit up.

No. 1132716

File: 1610752576298.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210115_151412524.j…)

But they just want to pee! They pose no threat to women and girls!

No. 1132723

Kek it's like they're comparing dick sizes. It's the same thing.

No. 1132729

File: 1610753134243.png (72.38 KB, 673x894, kevin.png)

No. 1132731

trying not to a-log

They do thats why Jazz from IAMJAZZ was so happy to tell his fake boyfriend how many inches his hole was , like it was a dick. Just like how trans women brag about how many men/lesbians they date/fuck/want to fuck them but never about being in stable relationships.
Male brains.

No. 1132745

And yet when a troon gets murdered for trying to trap a dude, they all cry about it. If they were upfront, a lot of them would probably still be alive.

No. 1132749

as if actual women know the precise depths of their vaginas lol

how does jazz have any depth at all tho? i thought his dick was too under developed due to puberty blockers to create a man hole?

No. 1132756

I wouldn't frame it as a man who became a woman or "woman like" cus that's impossible. Dickless man is the term.

No. 1132760

isn't this guy a racist

No. 1132789

I hate that I’m wondering this now, but can pv sex rex replace dilation? assuming they are doing it once a week or sumn

No. 1132807

He definitely looks like a twink with fas, anon. Train thy eyes.

No. 1132857

File: 1610761590765.webm (664.63 KB, 640x1136, 137008980_443503120003071_5995…)

Trains is cringe me thinks

No. 1132924

I love how his name has "trap" in it, dude you look and sound like what you are a gay dude in drag.

No. 1132961

I agree that this medical marvel should hold onto his two ball sacks. Scrote has about as much understanding his actual anatomy as he does what it means to be 'feminine'.

No. 1132996

Super ot but, I don't think that's what trap means in this context. I mean it could be, but it looks like a direct reference to a Cardi B "I'm the trap Selena" lyric. Trap would be the hood.

No. 1133001

A scroteless scrote, even

No. 1133019

this is such a stupid argument. a partner is owed this information because their livelihood depends on it. men carry certain diseases and conditions women don’t or are less likely to. birth control isn’t 100%. not to mention all their mental illnesses.

I just don’t understand why this is considered a comeback. imagine if i take a blanket, make a shitty dress out of it, and when people come and ask “uh, is this a blanket? cause I want a dress. not a blanket.” I can’t just say “this is a dress. whether it used to be a blanket isn’t any of your business and asking is discrimination. get lost, terf.” this is all so stupid.

No. 1133025

Dont worry too much anon, there is no chance in a thousand years that this troon could deceive anyonr who wasn’t willfully ignoring some 6’2, hamhanded red flags. The fact that they’re all so clockable keeps me from geting too worked up about their deceptions and demands to be seen as once and future women. If you fool me you fool me but no troon can, and if they do, welcome to our public bathrooms i guess.

No. 1133028

Because it’s about sexual health history, you fucking moron. Men and MTF carry and are susceptible to diseases that women aren’t.
Plus, it’s just fucked up.
Letting your partner know your sexual health history (not to be confused with how many people you slept with) is part of consent, you bunch of rapists.

No. 1133071

No. 1133083

Kek he's literally a fag.

No. 1133113

File: 1610803889218.png (4.55 KB, 569x47, Untitled.png)

imagine calling yourself a "gynomorph" and being a furry and expecting anyone to not think you're a fetishist

No. 1133153

File: 1610809889032.jpg (93.88 KB, 1200x900, collage.jpg)

No. 1133155

I remember reading that pi"v" can replace dilation, yes.

No. 1133159

File: 1610810904415.gif (4.11 MB, 400x200, 8D4BBB15-2914-410C-9117-97B3CE…)

I need whatever delusion he has

No. 1133166

reverse body dysmorphia????

No. 1133168

imagine if women had the same delusional confidence men like this have. we'd be torn to shreds and humbled immediately, but they get their asses patted for doing less than the bare minimum and genuinely believing they're superior goddesses lol

this one looks like somebody's grandad in a wig that's actively slipping off the back of his head, who tf let him believe he was attractive

No. 1133173

let's be real, when it comes to ogres like this one, it's only himself and his fellow troon "anime catgirl" squad who insist he's attractive. even the biggest transtanning pick-mes only simp for the overly made-up, plastic surgeried and photoshopped hsts. just look at the people who he interacts with. nary an actual woman in sight

No. 1133186

The unwarranted self confidence of troons can be explained very simply. Since “being a woman” arouses them, they incorrectly assume whatever they see in the mirror must also be sexually attractive to everyone else. Their fetish rotted coomer brain is a fascinating distortion tool.

No. 1133400

McLovin, is that you?

No. 1133426

File: 1610832653631.png (1.52 MB, 1182x1456, tumblr_71ce7455bffb83118baf09d…)

This hideous troon, Travis Lee Stroud, beat and sexually abused his pregnant wife.

No. 1133427

what is he doing with his mouth, im confused

No. 1133434

Sometimes, when somebody talks a lot of shit, their mouth will actually turn into an arsehole to help hold it in.

No. 1133453

File: 1610834781316.png (494.94 KB, 1342x480, Russo.png)

And he had the audacity to start a twitter thread blaming straight women for being stupid enough to stay with abusive men and how it's soooo hard for queer girls like him to listen to their whining.

No. 1133469

most trannies are rapists or at the very least fantasize about rape. that's a big reason why they argue against disclosing their genders to potential partners. they're all sick.

No. 1133471

Blaming straight women for their shitty boyfriends is simply misogyny. The compulsive need to settle for a man is the fault of how society perceives women.

No. 1133506

File: 1610838570211.jpg (55.35 KB, 460x460, EwoOcfZ7UqS2rORZ.jpg)

who remembers jonathan yaniv? He sued a bunch of aestheticians for refusing to wax his ball sack kek(Use the proper thread)

No. 1133508

Yes but in this case the comic is apropos

No. 1133533

No. 1133543

>Newland's 25-year-old victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she had been made to wear a blindfold the entire time the pair spent together, even when they sunbathed and "watched" a film at her flat.
I have to ask, but was she retarded and they're just not saying it? Is that why she got jail time?

No. 1133567

File: 1610843360816.jpeg (215.81 KB, 404x1033, A29AD4F9-86AB-4096-AE11-2DC7BB…)

Wtf is this creepy pedo shit. He keeps comparing women’s bodies to childrens’, and calling them “prepubescent” looking.

No. 1133578

He is, and his shit is usually cringe (especially with that ugly tranny-tier art style, I don't doubt he's a repressing one IRL), but that particular comic is correct.

No. 1133588

I think in this case, her "friend" knew what was going on, played along, then regretted it afterwards. The blindfold thing is ridiculous and there's no mistaking a rubber dong for an actual cock.

No. 1133590

Disgusting old freak. "Long fibered muscularity" and slenderness of a child OR a woman. As if those two bodies are basically interchangeable. The body of a child is nothing like a woman's body, unless you're an insane delusional pervert living in a dream world. This guy's over 54, too. A giant 8 year old? What the fuck does that even mean? Just sounds like he's a fat guy with no muscle tone, because that's what
I think of when I hear 8 year old. Not a long-limbed "slender" woman. Retarded.

No. 1133594

Old trannies are always the creepiest

No. 1133596

The only thing worse than a troon is a late in life troon; they're almost always pedos. Perfect example: John Mark Karr AKA Alexis Reich.

No. 1133597

File: 1610846602708.jpg (79.44 KB, 512x340, unnamed (12).jpg)

>gender neutral bodies
>San people

No. 1133601

File: 1610847006300.jpeg (540.14 KB, 1242x1682, D1B4CDF3-461D-4243-BE3B-EF21B2…)

I didn’t have the patience to look for a full body picture.
But yeah
>between the ages of 14 and 54, i just looked like a giant 8 year old.

No. 1133602

File: 1610847048477.jpg (84.31 KB, 500x500, the-gods-must-be-crazy-image.j…)

Given his age my guess is he knows these people from the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy. I guess these guys are all pretty slim and lack muscle mass, but gender neutral is definitely not true. What a weird creep - expect no less from a troon.

No. 1133610

File: 1610847767898.jpg (72.91 KB, 1080x1105, FB_IMG_1610765389519.jpg)

Damn, too bad the book didn't teach him not to smile like a deranged scrote

No. 1133619

I know we always comment on the troon smile but the more I see it, the more I genuinely want to know how it happens. Why do they all develop the same forced face?

No. 1133622

pretty sure they think it makes their face look smaller?

No. 1133626

They think it makes the chin look smaller and makes for a more “feminine” sorta non threatening expression.

No. 1133627

They're trying to get the anime smile, with the lips shaped like a v or u

No. 1133652

I think the weeb ones are trying to do the “w” or “3” smile, but because of their nonexistent facial muscles and fugly lips, they just can’t pucker up their lips making it look like they just got a whiff of their own farts.

No. 1133653

File: 1610851503829.jpg (80.79 KB, 661x557, crazy oger.jpg)

I'm sure this asshole has been mentioned before because hes a politician whos said some horrendous (and sometimes lulzy) shit but heres another tweet from his crazy ass.

No. 1133656

File: 1610851675573.jpeg (27.93 KB, 500x264, B433307B-F99A-4299-9E64-CA5F88…)

A triple murderer now housed in a women’s prison.

No. 1133678

Wait a minute- so this scrote calling himself "Meredith Russo" is actually Travis Stroud, who has a restraining order on him by his ex-wife Jennifer Russo? Why are trannies such utter fucking freaks, stealing the surname of someone who had to get a protection order against you because you raped and abused her and her daughter??

No. 1133685

Implying it’s impossible to just understand women, relate to them or empathize with them without being a woman yourself.

I’ve seen so many posts with “signs I was trans” where they list things like: “not liking creepy sexist male banter” “being a feminist” “empathizing with women” “relating to women characters in books/movies” like that’s just called being a decent human being. I’ll post some examples if I can find them later. Women have related to male characters for years since males are overwhelmingly the main characters in movies/games/books.

No. 1133709

Most homosexual transsexuals are literally just fags. Fags who are tired of crusty AIDS-ridden Grindr dick and desperately want straight ''normal'' men.

No. 1133768

Skin walking…

No. 1133830

who the fuck votes for these people?

No. 1133848

File: 1610874623287.jpg (151.49 KB, 810x580, 20140901_145608.jpg)

I'm guessing its because of people who vote primarily based on the party they want to win and don't really check out the individual candidate for their riding. Plus Vancouver and British Columbia in general seem particularly affected by the troon problem in Canada. Thankfully Ogre doesn't have a seat anymore.

No. 1133922

File: 1610890816971.jpg (76.44 KB, 828x461, 20210115_074630.jpg)

No. 1133934

I could have sworn that I saw at least some article where it claimed that people who were more likely to be transgender came from late births or maybe that is just incredibly wrong and a false reality lmao
some anons who possibly know this please send any articles idk

No. 1133943

I remember studies that found that the more older brothers a man had, the more likely it was that he turned out to be gay. Combined with the followup findings that people with gender identity problems often ended up being normal gay adults, it matches pretty well (although I don't know if they tested the same sibling-theory for lesbians), at least for HSTS. AGP are a whole other can of worms.

No. 1134017

What a horrifying read. The fact that his ex wife is getting so much hate bc he claims HE was abused makes my blood boil.

No. 1134028

How tf is breastfeeding a “right”? It’s a biological process. I hate Ogre and all of these agp freaks.

No. 1134072

a lot of agps have a past of being on incel forums so i think since they can’t get an ~uwu loli~ gf they want to become the gf (hence them always trying to emulate 14 year old girls)

No. 1134118

you're thinking of autism, autistic kids seem to come more from late births. but there is also a connection between autism and wanting to be trans, so…

No. 1134132

It must be a power move too. I can abuse you and your child and get away with it. I'm a successful author under YOUR name but I won't pay you a dime of child support. AND I'll make YOU out to be the transphobic abuser and everyone will believe me because I called you a TERF(even though she married another troon). So aggressively male.

No. 1134173

Anything women do that they cannot they have to twist into oppression and it being a "right" they were not given. Its so stupid.

No. 1134297

Thanks, I've peaked again.

No. 1134322

Why don't people call out these perverts that are sexualising children through roleplay.

No. 1134416

File: 1610924922540.png (442.62 KB, 749x754, screenshot 1.png)

Ew I wouldn't want my mom's old bra as a -biological female daughter-
Getting weird incesty vibes.

No. 1134490

it's rare that they get consent to wear their mom's clothes lol usually they steal them to jack off into in secret, on the upside at least the mom is aware this time

there's just something so bleak about seeing a cute lacy bra on some dude's big barrel chest while he gropes at the empty cups

No. 1134604

This looks like christian whatever, the twink that makes those trump tiktoks

No. 1134714

File: 1610954262890.gif (809.56 KB, 225x183, giphy.gif)

No. 1134809

File: 1610970925846.jpg (82.76 KB, 640x1016, 20210118_115527.jpg)

No. 1134812

File: 1610972088386.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210118-131325_Red…)

You mean this doesn't look like an 8 year old to you?

No. 1134841

it's totally not pedophilia guise

No. 1134843

for real, vast majority of them I see use transgirl instead of transwoman and they are always adults, trying to seem more young, feminine and cute uwu

No. 1134844

File: 1610976534704.png (117 KB, 905x740, theentitlement.png)

>I can't live without FFS
>my employer won't pay for it
>I'll kill myself, there's nothing I can do
Is putting money away for their facial surgery completely foreign concept for these people? You're fucking employed!
It must be so annoying for people not to only pay for people to mutiliate their bodies, but you should also pay for Bob's browshaving now.

No. 1134845


You're scared of Room 237, ain't ya?

No. 1134849

File: 1610976961631.jpg (40.27 KB, 903x149, 65465.jpg)

Samefag to add this comment. It's fucked up, but LMAO at "trans broken arm syndrome".

No. 1134866

At least the company is consistent. I’m surprised insurance companies haven’t been sued for covering boob jobs etc for troons but not for women. A woman could argue that she suffers from BDD, that small breasts cause her distress and psychological damage, and the appropriate action is affirmative care aka a boob job/nose job or whatever.

No. 1134869

Most insurance companies won't cover breast reductions. I know a few women that are trying to get it covered. Clown world.

No. 1134873

I assume one of the reasons they won't cover facial plastic surgery is because it will lead to similiar logical attacks. Neovaginoplasty or total breast removal isn't something a lot of people would do to themselves, but any woman can make the argument that her slightly masculine face makes her gender dysphoric, so she qualifies for surgery. After all, transwomen were always women (/s) so why can't woman claim gender dysphoria?

No. 1134874

File: 1610979040981.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x2096, 20F76E1E-86F0-4C7C-9B83-814D0A…)

Do you think this scum would go to male or female prison?

> Winter, who identifies as a female but has male anatomy, was jailed for 15 years for charges of rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm on January 15.

No. 1134879

Men are ruining our crime statistics. This shouldn't count against us.

No. 1134884

Yeah but vaginoplasty and labiaplasty are not covered by insurance either which would be the equivalent. A woman could have an abnormally large labia that causes her physical or mental discomfort or even pain and insurance won’t cover it but will cover timmy cutting up his balls and dick off just cause he used the right words… m-muh dysphoria

No. 1134903

>without being passable my transition stalled out
But I thought they didn’t need to pass? What’s the truth then? Aren’t transwemen women even if they have manly faces?

No. 1134915

>it's not safe to be visibly trans
What makes him think FFS would fix him being clockable? It's really limited what FFS can actually do.

No. 1134945

Since "squirt" is just pee he probably just pissed on her. Very euphoric.

No. 1134951

Fucking kek this dude looks like an Ivo Caprino doll

No. 1134969

the most annoying thing is that women DO actually still have to fight to breastfeed in many public places without being treated like perverts or whores for feeding their fucking babies… but we all know that isn’t what the post meant

No. 1134970

bet it’s another troon

No. 1135066

File: 1610998794865.png (112.31 KB, 1322x512, Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 2.37…)

I wish they'd put this much effort into getting incels, RP, MGTOW, MRAs, and right wing terrorists deplatformed. But kek that's just asking for them to go against their own self interest.

No. 1135174


I'm impressed they did some honest reporting. I've seen so many news stories of 'women' having cp on their computers, abusing kids, stalking women etc. and when you research a little further it turns out to be some whole ass dude and the report was just fucking lying. See - Barbie Kardashian

No. 1135183

File: 1611006139937.jpeg (147.26 KB, 1024x819, 3D63DB16-290E-4693-9C52-1972F4…)

This lmao. Most trannies still are very visibly male after getting FFS.

No. 1135190

File: 1611006584642.jpeg (60.33 KB, 940x600, 136CDC22-6686-4E91-9293-19510D…)

No. 1135191

File: 1611006637863.jpeg (108.15 KB, 718x487, 0705AC6B-6E2E-4E33-99AF-CFD28C…)

Last one

No. 1135203

Kek well you can definitely tell he’s been punched in the nose before

No. 1135207

No. 1135214


jfc, they all look more masculine after FFS, botched men with makeup. They always go for stuff like smaller nose, chin, etc, but don't consider that it makes everything else that's larger about their face stand out more like the jawline, the length of their face, and especially the size of their head!

FFS also makes their features look so squished in the center of their face too or just off. Like Blaire White passed better before FFS, much more clockable now.

No. 1135302

I can’t even see what they changed surgically? It literally just looks like they put foundation/concealer on him and plucked his eyebrows.

Also look pretty much the same. Ginger just has a slightly straighter nose and the last one a slightly smoother chin, slightly thinner nose and different eyebrows/a brow lift. Like imagine paying tens of thousands of dollars for the tiniest fucking differences like these. You could probably just get similar results with contouring/makeup and like slightly photoshopping your pictures like everybody else does these days. And they want these “spot the difference” barely doing shit-all surgeries covered by health insurance for being as “lifesaving” as cancer treatments.

No. 1135308

File: 1611015485370.jpg (41.21 KB, 828x301, unnamed (1).jpg)

I'm not sure if this has been posted or not but this image will now live rent free in my head

No. 1135315

File: 1611015873368.png (49.34 KB, 819x835, holyshit.png)

did anyone manage to screenshot the post before it got deleted? it was so hilarously entitled, i can't believe people like these exist. you can still access the comments through his profile, a pretty even mixture between handmaidens (that still got rude responses from him) and the EVIL UGLY TERFS

No. 1135318

sanpaku eyes…

No. 1135325

what's this about?

No. 1135328

>Naming the female human anatomy is literally killing us!!1!
Holy shit is right anon if this doesn’t peak these handmaidens idk what else will.

No. 1135338

If you change the URL from reddit.com to removeddit.com you can often get deleted threads and comments.

No. 1135341

File: 1611017728641.png (532.88 KB, 720x669, 2ezaxyqknza61.png)

Why am I not surprised ?

No. 1135350

That's so fucked up.

No. 1135351

This is awful. Was he sexually abused before that? How would he even think of oral sex at 6 years old if he hadn't been taught it from someone else?

No. 1135358

No. 1135420

This is funny if real because it shows once again you can never bend the knee enough. troon content on that sub and r/menwritingwomen was banned a long time ago. They love to “dunk” on radfem content with shit like “stupid terf not only women menstruate learn biology XDDD” but shit like >>1134809 >>1133567
can’t be posted there. I hope that handmaiden in the comments that prostrated and asked to be “educated” only to be met by that rude reply peaks soon.

No. 1135433

Of course he was. I feel like a huge portion of transpeople have sexual trauma and don't know how to cope with it.

No. 1135469

Saw this on lipstick alley, some trans claimed they fucked some girl from "high school" man after she was being transphobic.

The comments are retarded. Cheating is wrong, taking someone taken is wrong, but if they are transphobic who cares what happens?
I've seen woke people have more sympathy for people on death row for killing than they do women who are "transphobic".
They'll defend ANYTHING bad done to them. I don't believe this shit by the way.

No. 1135470

File: 1611029903569.png (381.53 KB, 436x550, dhdhd.PNG)

I forgot the screenshot. They are superior to us because they fuck cheater chaser bisexual/gay men.

No. 1135474

File: 1611030045692.png (285.91 KB, 434x510, dhddhsa.PNG)

Trans right means sucking the dick of transphobes boyfriends, because they totally see you as a woman and respect you.
That'll show the terfs! sleep with their cheating boyfriends! They'll show us trans women are women and to fight for trans rights!
Sucking a man's dick means so much!

No. 1135477

File: 1611030233412.png (537.73 KB, 448x552, jdjd.PNG)

Here's him without filters btw.

No. 1135484

looks like a dude without filters

No. 1135497

File: 1611032932862.jpeg (56.33 KB, 720x475, CFBFECF2-694A-4CA3-8163-035A25…)

Very male body. Also this didn’t happen. Every troon has this fantasy of getting back at a mean woman by stealing her man. Weirdo behavior.

No. 1135519

Agreed. This is literally just a fake “porn” plot point. He literally linked to his onlyfans where I’m guessing there’s a video/photos. It’s literally just a promo for some scripted homemade porn for troons to masturbate to furiously. The people on Twitter who genuinely believe this actually happened must be retards who thinks the women in porn videos are actually fucking real pizza delivery men, their stepbrothers, losing their virginity, etc.

They always act/sound so male though. Like only men would think this was cool & only men think that ~peak womanhood~ and female empowerment is being used as a cumrag by some dude who would fuck a raw chicken if he had nothing else. As if women are only good for our looks/sex.

No. 1135527

who dates these people? who can look into these empty black eyes and not feel fear or revulsion?

No. 1135540

I wouldn’t even be surprised if this was made up.

No. 1135544


if you ever come across a deleted post on reddit, change the part of the url from reddit to removeddit and you'll find the archive

No. 1135563

File: 1611044468021.jpg (4.73 MB, 1800x6000, coxiqPb.jpg)

I was browsing H&M when I tripped over these shoulders. That's a man, right? I hate how troons have made me question every masculine woman, but that face, neck, shoulders, ribcage and hips, wtf
Shit pseudo woke businesses
They also never write "the model is x tall and wearing size y"
>the model is 200cm/6'7" wearing size XL but still the shoulders are protruding the seams

No. 1135566

File: 1611045670518.jpg (75.22 KB, 928x619, euphoria_s01e04_still_1_embed-…)

Looks pretty male to me, kind of resembles the trans character from Euphoria, who to be fair I did appreciate in that show how they presented them as trans and didn't try and play cute like this was a bio woman all along. If you're going to have troon characters at least be up front and use them to tell that "real" experience rather than playing into the 'forever a woman, born a woman, just like us' delusion.

No. 1135574

I hate this type more than AGPs, because at least AGPs don't try to compete with women (and when they do, it's clearly a cope). Newsflash faggots, you're not one of the girls and you will never be.

No. 1135585

That has to be a man. I could see the face being a masculine looking woman, but the adams apple, shoulders, neck, waist and such looks like a males body.

It doesn’t even make sense to have a male model, modeling women’s clothes. It doesnt tells us nothing about how this will look at a womans body.

He’s got a pretty face. It’s a shame he couldn’t just be a feminine male.

No. 1135592


is that Valentijn de Hingh

No. 1135593

LOL what's the point of this. Are they trying to sell these clothes to men? At least choose a troon with fake bobs and hips so we'll see how it'll look on similar body shape, how it'll stretch and so on, what's the point of showing how female clothes look on a man body? Even if it was a girl (which it isn't) it wouldn't be helpful.

No. 1135596

the usual ana chan model also tells nothing about how it will look on an average womans body, so doesn't really make a difference if they show it on a troon

No. 1135603

Lmao slim and skinny women exist and they're not rare. Female model will show how it looks on slim female body so it's pretty useful for a lot of women since a lot of women are slim. And 'average' female models with curves aren't really rare for these kind of photos. Male model, even skinny, has totally different body - no hips, man legs, feet and hands, reverse triangle shape with very wide shoulders, not even small boobs.

No. 1135605

Cope. Go dilate.

No. 1135606

Lol it definitely does say something about how it looks. A 175 cm skinny female and a 165 cm skinny female is a lot more similar than a 175 cm female VS a 185 troon.

No. 1135607

thin women aren't interchangeable with literal men though, so it does make a difference

No. 1135608

They looks similar, but it’s not

No. 1135610

File: 1611053138291.jpg (136.08 KB, 1080x948, 20210119_104447.jpg)

Lmao troons are the ones that think just cos they have a fetish for dresses it means they are a woman

No. 1135617

dass a man, those hands and obv male chest lol

No. 1135618

we don't have to 'reconstruct' shit.

No. 1135620

The size/height thing might be them trying to class it up a bit cause most mid-high/hype fashion retailers will do that.
If they’re really wearing an xl there’s def something going on

No. 1135624

As if women aren’t trying to make the world better for women.

But you know, troons definitely do not think womanhood means stereotypical things like sucking dick, being stupid, wearing pink and having huge tits.
Trans people don’t want to reconstruct shit. They just want to be dumb bimbos.

No. 1135632

File: 1611055214217.jpg (902.81 KB, 1080x1783, Screenshot_20210119.jpg)

All trans and all hideous.

No. 1135634

Lol I read this as well. Also another article about trans models. Why is it that trans models don’t have to have the same standards as biological female models?
99% of the time trans models are very unfortunate looking as “women”. It all looks very scary and weird, but women always have to be either conventionally beautiful or alien looking. Trans models can just look like anyone.

No. 1135635

If women cared less about looks and abandoned makeup and overly feminine clothing, they'd be the first screaming that their clown asses are even easier to clock.

No. 1135637

File: 1611055524899.jpg (312.49 KB, 1080x1449, 20210119.jpg)

The difference between this guy's profile pic in which he's all done up, filtered, and in flattering lighting versus the video thumbnail made me kek heartily.

No. 1135641

File: 1611056725621.jpg (47.76 KB, 720x540, nigga-you-gay.jpg)

hari has put in so much money and still can't pass, almost as pathetic and talentless as hontra

No. 1135649

File: 1611058488765.jpeg (184.36 KB, 436x1096, DE9E242E-52CA-4F37-B0A6-499CE6…)

Women aren’t even seen as humans.
>he felt unsafe
So to accommodate one psychopath murderer who felt “unsafe” it was apparently worth making an entire cell block of women actually be unsafe. At this point they’re just blatantly saying that a certain number of women being raped, traumatized, and scared is an okay compromise for a few males to “feel safe”.

No. 1135656

This is why I will never respect or be nice to fucking TIM trannies. Not even the “good” ones. They should all neck themselves,

No. 1135668

File: 1611059806188.jpg (95.33 KB, 718x914, 1611057590952.jpg)

>hand over your woymbs for transmedicalist faggot experiments

No. 1135688

All men who are smaller or weaker for whatever reason are victimized in men's prisons. How is it that no one gives a shit about them until one of them says he's a woman, then they need to be protected at all costs? What about all the other men who get raped in prison, should they be moved to women's prisons too? Why the fuck aren't we addressing the actual problem here, which is male violence? Female only spaces exist to protect us from men, it's not our responsibility to protect them from eachother

No. 1135690

Just because they’re a troon doesn’t make them unable to help provide adequate access to public health care. This isn’t milky and you’re a retard.

No. 1135692

>Rachel Levine
Ok, but for real though what's his real name? I bet he has old photos prime for digging up.

No. 1135694

>they praise this sort of penis mutilation as "stunning", "brave", "affirming"
Maybe libfems and TRAs were the true pink-pillers all along.

No. 1135697

I don’t trust anyone this mentally ill to make proper decisions, especially in public office.

No. 1135698

File: 1611063329048.jpeg (723.39 KB, 2880x3840, surejan.jpeg)

I still remember how the Netflix show You expected me to believe Hari Nef's character was an honest- to-god hot it girl who was formerly a successful model in Japan. Envied by the main character too, had me rolling.

No. 1135705

File: 1611064090544.jpeg (44.49 KB, 1241x790, E8772CB8-5D9C-43F7-8F15-2C8C23…)

>an agp pediatrician
Inherently sus from the start. You’d trust a child to this coomer?

So, everyone in charge of this is a male. How groundbreaking, that’s never been done before.

No. 1135706

>He added that he found it disturbing to learn last week that at some point during the height of the COVID-19 crisis, Levine removed her own mother from a central Pennsylvania personal care home and checked her into a premium hotel.
Go off pedo tranny stan yasss kween

No. 1135721

AYRT, granted if more information indicative of their behavior was provided (like this) than just the original story I would have responded differently. I’m open to changing my viewpoint on things. don’t call me a pedo tranny stan anon!! kek Carry on.

No. 1135731

File: 1611065996800.png (410.88 KB, 1137x871, mpl.png)

She has two children, David and Dayna.[11][12] She transitioned in 2011. Levine and her ex-wife, Martha Peaslee Levine,[13][12] divorced in 2013.[14][3]

No. 1135754

I know you just copy-pasted this from a different source but

Also, I feel bad for the kids, mus be traumatizing to see your dad suddenly put on a dress and declare himself a woman

No. 1135776

I barely see the difference in this one. He looks like my very butch gf (face only, I’m sure the body is clockable) both before and after. I’m sure there are a lot better uses for his money, even in terms of looking like a woman, cuz this changed nothing.

No. 1135784

Contra too. I was wondering what looked wrong post-op and this is definitely it. He needs a fat transfer or filler or something to look less bug eyed.

Also, why can no FFS surgeon do a decent rhinoplasty? They all look horrendous/unreal too straight or the curve is really unnatural. I know nose jobs are usually clockable on anyone but at least a lot look good. I’ve never seen a tranny with a good one.

No. 1135813

File: 1611072532546.jpg (40.43 KB, 640x447, EsArUonXEAQTsJa.jpg)

This twitter is hilarious, I'm surprised it's still up. I think it was taken down once, but somehow they were allowed to continue. It probably won't be for long, so savor it.

No. 1135819

Samefag. Oof, it went down in like 2 minutes, I wasn't even halfway through it. Now I feel bad for bumping.

No. 1135828

Uh, yes it does? Transgenderism is inherently anti-science and this is extremely concerning.

No. 1135829

File: 1611073259801.jpg (87.68 KB, 736x959, EsGJSM-XAAAxqo_.jpg)

No. 1135831

oh my god ew

No. 1135836

Removeddit has had issues lately, but here’s another site to view deleted OP and comments if people are interested.


No. 1135837

It must suck being so bitter all of the time, It’s like they can only either be bitter or horny, there’s no in between.

No. 1135841

just let the preteen cousin live. i wouldn't want them left alone in the same room together if he's examining her this closely.

No. 1135859

>I don't care about your feelings (unless you're a trans woman as well, then sorry for assuming).

No. 1135860

File: 1611075145184.png (181.82 KB, 576x861, Screenshots_2021-01-19-08-51-4…)

>So as much as I would like to get these thoughts out of my mind and focus on positive trans literature as i've done in the past; for some reason I am internalizing all this negativity and it makes me feel deeply invalid :(

Kek good.

No. 1135863

this reads like a radfem trolling tbh

No. 1135864

Anon please drop some of the comments on this I'd love to see how they responded

No. 1135865

So basically he will just ignore the truths laid out. Kek.

No. 1135868

File: 1611075712022.png (114.47 KB, 600x358, X.png)

>Not knowing what it's like to be a woman because you weren't "born one" is horseshit. Thanks to being trans, I know what it's like to be afraid walking alone in public. Thanks to being trans, I know what it's like to be sexually assaulted. Lots of "feminists" like to argue those two things as hallmarks of what it's like to be a woman in today's society, and yet I've experienced both being 6'1", 200 lbs, and not remotely passing (short hair, masculine face).

I agree, but you know it brings in the milk in the comments like the above quote.

No. 1135870

Kek I love how troons pretend they're afraid of getting beat up in public and that means they understand how women feel. No one is gonna fuck with a 6' 1", 200 lb man in a skirt… they're going to gawk at him or turn and walk in the opposite direction.

No. 1135892

File: 1611077827367.jpg (1.42 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210119_093648268.j…)

No. 1135898

File: 1611078263458.jpg (218.7 KB, 1080x1193, 20210119_173936.jpg)

Got to have those pronouns on display lest bearded Javiera here gets accused of being a man 1/2

No. 1135899

File: 1611078307804.jpg (40.79 KB, 823x314, 20210119_174343.jpg)

2/2 Samefag, what a disgusting scrote

No. 1135907

File: 1611079033613.png (89.74 KB, 430x380, rjrj.PNG)

"Men secretly want to fuck us, so we are better than women!"

No. 1135912

How can the original not reach what the imitator is trying to do?

No. 1135914

No, you’re just a hypersexual, self-obsessed, self hating fag.

No. 1135917

Because the fake women have dicks and are men that makes them better than women to them.
Even the ones without dicks think this way when they brag about their dickhole inches and how it's just like or better than the real thing.
It's just misogyny. They have no other reason to think they are better other than being men and getting sexual attention.
Not being intelligent, loved and successful, nope just because men want to fuck them.

No. 1135926

Imagine trying to look up reviews on sex toys by women and you just get this dumb shit

No. 1135934

cope + delusion
they're the 'girls' our husbands and boyfriends are blatantly repulsed by because their bodies are mutilated horror-shows desperately but oh-so poorly mimicking the true female form which they can never reach, causing breakdowns and 41% when reality breaks through ("this lunatic is a sad and confused boy & he's seriously mentally ill")

No. 1135940

Oh, that's Ana Valens, the coping extraordinaire. It's hilarious to watch the stuff he comes up with to validate his seething hatred of women.
Iirc he's the one that tweeted about putting terfs in concentration camps to be DP'd by trans women and later tried to backpedal, claiming it was just a fantasy and all his "cis girl friends" loved it uwu~

No. 1135945

they're just out right saying it now. We hate women.

No. 1135947

shit like this is always the funniest, the cope is astronomical. why would women be jealous of them in any way, shape or form? straight men don't want anything to do with a dick and balls and if they do, they're not straight, so we're not worried. everybody finds neovag gross. we're not threatened by you because we are the standard you are trying to reach, simple

the people saying you're prettier than them are the overly woke libfem handmaidens with no self confidence who're terrified of being seen as a terf and being hounded out of the club, because you've manipulated them into looking in the other direction and licking your hairy male assholes when it comes to their own rights lol, they know males when they see them, just like the rest of us do. doesn't matter if he's in a dress and sloppily applied lipstick

No. 1135948

ugh this is the creepoid who wrote a whole article about how public sex is qUeEr AnD kInKy, fuckin puke

No. 1135957

How the hell does this person think that the fetishization of trans people somehow makes them surperior

No. 1135959

because men's penises determine the worth of the being

No. 1135962

at least this one dresses in middle aged women clothes rather than wearing hello kitty dresses that don't fit in oublic

No. 1135969

what did he mean by this

No. 1135985

File: 1611083076429.png (287.29 KB, 906x268, Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 2.00.…)

raising my TERF goblet of spilled trans blood to whoever at Yahoo chose this photo for their front page

No. 1135988

“teehee it’s not MY fault i’m a misogynist, ~us girls~ all just internalize it, right? anyway now i’ve said a blanket sorry for anything sexist or abusive i’ve ever done, if you try to call me out on anything YOU’RE actually the misogynist terf, uwu”

No. 1135991

>1st openly transgender federal official

Also has a lot of implications.

No. 1136000

File: 1611083896261.png (336.18 KB, 589x699, Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 2.18…)

No. 1136007

how about what nature says it is

No. 1136008

Omfg this needs to stop. Every time they lock up a troon with female inmates, the troon fucking rapes one of them. Troons should be locked up together.

No. 1136011

Isn't he the same one who guested on Red Scare, shitting all over women with Dasha and Anna?

No. 1136012

Sexual implies sexuality not gender right?

No. 1136015

File: 1611084810039.png (531.85 KB, 597x585, acvalens.png)

This nigga?

No. 1136021

Yep, that'd be him

No. 1136030

I am fucking dying, I expected an obvious man based on this arrogant tweet >>1135907 but this is actually sending me. Imagine looking this ugly, holy shit.

No. 1136037

Hahahaha same anon. Fuck, seeing that post and then this picture. What exactly are you quenching? A man's desire to fuck some Joe Dirt looking retard with a tire tub for a gut? Yeah you really got us natural born females beat, fucking kek

No. 1136039

Holy shit LOL this is so much worse than I thought it could be. Male weight distribution is so unfortunate

No. 1136044

File: 1611085875156.jpeg (170.64 KB, 750x870, 6EA62C85-0AA3-493F-9168-A9D82C…)


No. 1136048

lol, drives me crazy that they only seem to want to look like perfect women. Plenty women have tuberous boobs… so… welcome to the club of constantly battling beauty standards.

No. 1136052

The delusion is something else. Built like a fridge

No. 1136054

>tfw man boobs

No. 1136056

File: 1611086108536.png (327.38 KB, 680x432, 1611002767948.png)

oh god.
Yeah, he'll be fine, but not for the reasons he thinks lmao

No. 1136057

File: 1611086120567.jpg (136.88 KB, 1012x940, ZomboMeme 19012021145449.jpg)


Had to lol

No. 1136060

File: 1611086225302.png (102.65 KB, 1178x310, Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 2.53…)

Holy cringe. Yes surely it makes cis women "dysphoric", it's not the fact that if that happened the husband would be a cheating gay piece of shit

No. 1136061

Tbh, I've never seen a woman shaped like that, so he has a point.

No. 1136062

File: 1611086339304.png (647.74 KB, 808x712, hon.png)

Got curious about Jenny Nicholson's "sister" and did a bit of googling. Turns out he was a SA goon called Skylark who subscribes to the AGP theory and has a bit of a lolcow past. He got banned from SA for posting "transphobic" shit while being trans himself. Unfortunately most of the info is on Kiwifarms so it's a drag to look for dirt.

No. 1136067

sage cause it's not directly related to troons, but I believe that in 4 years most people will get suck of the neo-liberal troon policies, and in 4 years will end up someone worse then Trump and Biden in officer

No. 1136070

u wot m8

No. 1136079

File: 1611087651330.jpeg (129.89 KB, 640x1431, 443B9BCF-C408-4563-890F-77C61A…)

Posting for reference

No. 1136090

And since they’re all real women who have always been women, being in a trans-only wing should be validating enough for them.

Anon spoiler this my husband might see it!

No. 1136092

LMAO! This is a particularly sad cope. Men don’t “desire” them over us lmaooo…at most they’re a niche fetish. Heterosexual men will ALWAYS prefer biological women with natural curves, pheromones and childbearing abilities, otherwise the species would’ve died out long ago. But if troons really think we’re secretly jealous of them, let’s do a survey and see how many troons wish they were born biologically female, and how many biological women wish they were born troons. The results should be interesting.

No. 1136104

File: 1611088926314.png (86.99 KB, 904x797, art.png)

No. 1136111

File: 1611089214613.png (38.09 KB, 893x285, art2.png)

Samefagging. Yeah, that's so surprising. Really activates the almonds. The whole article is some "the trans won't find partners and it's EVERYONE's problem boohoo", but the findings are still funny.

No. 1136120

not even a fridge anon, he’s whole flat tire

No. 1136121

>29% of lesbians being trans-inclusive in their dating preferences
And yet they're always bitching at lesbians to accept their "girl dicks". When will they be satisfied?

No. 1136122

I can't wait until this old man dies and Kamala takes his place.

She hates troons too

No. 1136124

File: 1611090194267.jpeg (56.49 KB, 720x960, 9F2EB515-B541-4A3C-BE0A-9B42AF…)

>close to half the gender specials are unwilling to date their own
Really makes u think.

No. 1136135

File: 1611090674380.jpeg (187.5 KB, 2109x862, B7B17DFA-D80D-483A-8745-5EF2FC…)

>she hates troons too
not so fast

No. 1136141

Unfortunately almost all politicians seem to be on-board with the troons. There are enough handmaidens out there that at least find them harmless, its considered bigoted to question their validity in basically all but the most rightwing (or alternatively, “radfem”) circles. Somehow troons got to skip all the true bigotry and hatred that the LGBs went through, and get straight into nationwide acceptance. Always wonder why that was.it was like one day we were all scandalized and laughing at Jenner’s shitty wig and nailpolish, and the very next day she was on the cover of Vogue, a beautiful woman who all us cis retards were jealous of. Almost makes my head spin.

No. 1136150

File: 1611091752049.jpg (32.96 KB, 392x269, Love_877244_6186361.jpg)

There were transitioned in the last century too, they just weren't so loud and obnoxious (or anti-science), and they did suffer from the same discriminations, mainly for being effeminate men and weirdos. Old school transsexuals seem to often look down on modern identity politics. The problem isn't gender dysphoria or the few hundred thousand trans people, but identity politics which let it become the force it is.

No. 1136163

Only 31% of that 29% of lesbians though… Out of 112 lesbian participants, only 10 said they'd date a transbian. That's roughly 9%, which in my opinion, seems too high. I'm willing to bet those 10 participants meant they were willing to date "passing" transbians and don't know the horrors of neo-vaginas. So basically, they can bitch about lesbians all they want, but virtually non of them want their nasty ass girldick.

(Note that of those 112 lesbians, three were transbians and only one of them is part of that group of ten, so the real percentage of "willing" lesbians is 8%)

No. 1136179

Idg what the joke is, that raping gc women is funny bc they deserve it? Is it a pun/play on word of “cock carousel”?

They’ll never be satisfied, as long as there are handmaidens willing to bend over backwards to cater to them.

No. 1136184

The fact they are playing these games, "Straight women and gay men aren't supposed to be attracted to people with dicks who are male…hmmm, why are straight men and lesbians more willing to date a trans man…someone whose an woman…they don't like men! hmm so odd!!!"
They know why and I bet they'll say it's "transphobic" even though these people are saying, "Yeah, I'd be down to date trans", just not in a way that validates trans folks.

No. 1136187

File: 1611093622621.jpg (272.34 KB, 720x1064, 20210119_185458.jpg)

All the replies were calling him out on his bullshit, even women who still treated him as a transexual woman were sighs respectfully telling him that this was misogyny. A ton of women are going to peak soon because these degenerates are showing their true colors without remorse

No. 1136190

he follows a bunch of GC/"radfem" related people online, I wonder if he and Jenny ever shit on Timmies together

No. 1136198

File: 1611094673550.jpeg (Spoiler Image,362.64 KB, 750x841, C3F1BF4C-EE36-475F-B380-BCF7B8…)

Apologies in advance

No. 1136202

File: 1611094764489.jpeg (125.65 KB, 1197x470, DD703858-DEE4-444B-B741-51B355…)

Hate that I know what this actually means.

No. 1136208

This is so confusing to me because Jenny has done some TRA messaging before and is friends with Contra. Maybe they're all transmedicalists behind closed doors? I just can't figure out their dynamic.

No. 1136214

File: 1611095380427.png (Spoiler Image,5.01 MB, 2496x2040, anavalens.png)


if your bf is lusting after this he is gay

No. 1136220

Hontra made a full epic length video addressing how "problematic" he is, because he apparently shits on genderspecials and transwomen that don't evem try to pass or completely transition pretty openly. I'm mainly going by what I read secondhand, I didn't want to sit through his shitty dressup video listening to that raspy falsetto, but if anyone wants the headache, I'll link it.
So they're probably more transmedicalist than full blown TRA.

No. 1136224

kek at those male hips it’s like someone snapped a lego person’s legs onto a pudgy lady torso

No. 1136228

Men really think just pretending to "be female" will magically turn them into a bombshell without having to invest any kind of work.

What are those hips. He's just a pudgy guy with tiny boobs.

No. 1136253

Can someone explain to my faggot ass what’s going on in the right picture? What is his gut trying to do and why is the bottom so lumpy and uneven? Wtf?

No. 1136257

File: 1611096697498.png (Spoiler Image,625.69 KB, 576x628, Screenshots_2021-01-19-14-47-3…)

Kek no woman on earth would feel threatened/jealous of this troon, or any troon.

No. 1136259

I don't know what these meds are or what they mean, but I do know one thing for sure after reading this post …
the pharmaceutical industry is making B A N K off these poor suckers.

No. 1136273

>cystic assne
god i can't wait until these degenerates kill themselves

No. 1136287

If we are to believe the statistics, a lot of trannies will at least try.

No. 1136313

Face is almost exactly like michael cera's kek
that explains it

No. 1136333

This image smells like earring backs and the men’s room

No. 1136358

File: 1611103565498.jpg (47.46 KB, 750x422, ap_18256120951446.jpg)

The very same. Imagine a woman looking like this and being a model in big fashion magazines. He bitched about how instagram ruined authentic cool culture while having like 100's of thousands of insta followers and being terminally online too, lol. I think he recently tweeted that size 6's-10's are in this year though so maybe he's no longer cool with the pro-ana Red Scare girls idk.

No. 1136371

>she hates troons

There's nothing funnier than seeing this thread full of TERFs and then being reminded that this board is full of delusional arm-chair psychologist who think the pen pushers in Washington aren't looking out for their own interest. You're gonna vote left along with the troons, and they'll push it further, and you're gonna take it.

No. 1136373

>I think he recently tweeted that size 6's-10's are in this year though so maybe he's no longer cool with the pro-ana Red Scare girls idk
more likely he is coping about becoming a bit of porker himself

No. 1136374

Perfect reaction image anon

No. 1136386

Lmao, a “big model in Japan.” Because Japan loves dead-eyed husky men with rough masculine features. Kawaii!

No. 1136397

File: 1611104886638.png (159.54 KB, 1080x1075, neftweet.png)

Absolutely, but we all know how Anna and Dasha feel about women and "women" who can't fit into Brandy Melville. Looks like he had a bunch of plastic surgery again though. That or he is going mental with the filters.

No. 1136405

File: 1611105331261.jpeg (385.24 KB, 722x1124, BBD32BB2-E811-4F6D-9439-3B5DA8…)

He really is becoming a porker. SAD!

No. 1136410

File: 1611105480715.png (659.09 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_2021-01-19-19-15-55…)

I lost it at that line. When East Asia imports white models they want the tiniest of dolly looking waifs possible. Obviously the writer didn't watch Girl Model, lmao. Hari thinks he's tricked the Japanese though, and is very proud.

No. 1136415

>the pull out method

I thought he was HSTS? Why does he give a fuck about a (terrible) method of contraception?

No. 1136420

File: 1611105953975.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1547, Screenshot_2021-01-19-19-24-09…)

As of the 3rd of this month he apparently looks like this.

No. 1136429

>squared jawed porker becoming a famous model in Japan
I wonder if one of the writers on You is a fan of pixytery

No. 1136447

I just looked at the quoted twitter user (https://twitter.com/nightoffrogs) and it's an americanophile qanon anti-mask Trump supporter who lives in the US and has lived there for the last 20 years: https://profile.ameba.jp/ameba/mari-love-usa/

No. 1136449

Nobody believed it to be fair. Also the complete dig by making ‘her’ date the fat weirdo—they knew this would be realistic, because no real girl would be desperate enough to settle for him. It’s obvious her character was a tryhard attempt at garnering lgbt fans, Hari’s dialogue was just lame buzzwords and tumblr world salad.

No. 1136451

Uhhh my Japanese is a bit rusty, but doesn't that actually say "doesn't look like a woman?”

No. 1136476

yeah you’re right. twitter translate is ass lmao

No. 1136486

File: 1611108603436.png (482.48 KB, 576x642, Screenshots_2021-01-19-18-06-0…)

I would honestly rather live as a man with gender dysphoria than shell out countless thousands of dollars, take horse piss pills forever, and mutilate my body irrevocably, just to still end up looking like a clockable troon in the end. Why do these men bother?

No. 1136493

The male ribcage lmao

No. 1136495

I think that’s what they used to do before the internet became homogenized by social media and ruined everything

No. 1136521

Exactly. And old school trannies disappeared completely in the last decade or so. They weren't whining and bitching all over Twitter or forcing the world to accept their degeneracy; they just went about their business.

No. 1136532

I think it could be a lack of self awareness. A lot of troons have autism or NPD.
Still, it’s funny he has ridiculed women for their weight when he’s struggled with it himself. TiMs hate women though so it’s not surprising.

No. 1136554

It is funny. He fluctuates wildly, and his job is literally to remain thin, so maybe cool it with the bitchy comments about women. Also he is pretty open about his love of cosmetic procedures so it might not be willpower whenever he suddenly sheds pounds.

No. 1136555

This repulsive nerd looks like the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth. He’s gross in every way possible. Can you imagine a woman journalist talking like this and posting garbage nudes and still getting jobs?

>“Sexual identity”

This old man speak proves that most normie people think transgender= old school HSTS, especially those who will get srs, who want genuinely want to pass as the opposite sex.

This is not the face of a trans woman that Japanese would think is cute, especially if you compare how different the beauty standards of Japanese crossdressers and mtf are. Every one of them on Twitter shoops half his face off and maximizes all filter settings while being half the size of Nef.


Now that retweet all makes sense.

No. 1136565

The quoted tweet actually says "hari nef is a transgender actess, but no matter how you look at him, he looks like a woman."

No. 1136570

What in the fuck is a girl cock? It's not just a big clit, it's a sad micro penis.

No. 1136606

File: 1611113948717.png (36.83 KB, 740x317, Screenshot_2021-01-20 r trans …)

This is slander

No. 1136664

File: 1611117826518.png (317.63 KB, 692x694, 1601048308989.png)


No. 1136671

File: 1611118294353.png (696.68 KB, 576x919, Screenshots_2021-01-19-20-51-0…)

That's a no from me, dawg

No. 1136675


No. 1136677

Sage for no1curr but this troon ruined that season of You for me. So hideously and clearly troon made out to be some Paris Hilton socialite/model, all while sporting a gigantic fucking Adam's apple. Stop forcing this shit on everyone.

No. 1136679

looks like buffalo bill but fat. he's got the same crusty blond mullet and everything! unreal. how can you get mad at ppl for being "transphobic" when you're the spitting image of pop culture's most iconic autogynephile, almost to the point of parody?

No. 1136682

Same. If they were playing a troon in the show then fine. But expecting me to buy them in-universe as some socialite glam female model was too much. I had to pause the show for his first appearance because I was laughing too hard.

No. 1136697

Exactly! I could've handled Hari being written as a transgender character and acknowledging it but it was the fact that it was never addressed and passed off like an actual woman that irked me. And I know this is the argument of all these woke troons but when you clearly look like men and have Adams apples and bodies like football linebackers wearing dresses, nobody is going to believe you're a world famous uwu fashion model and sexy socialite. To me this shit is so insulting as a human being with functioning eyeballs (regardless of gender, sexuality or race or anything).

No. 1136699


post like these remind me of fat and normal weight girls on pro ana forums trying to make people guess what bmi and weight they are and whether they look underweight or unhealthy

No. 1136715

Because it is the same thing. People with delusional body issues caused by society or trauma who are never being satisfied with what they have. I don’t understand why they call it “dysphoria” instead of dysmorphia

No. 1136727

oh my god lol
I am so glad I am not a freaking tranny. this much cope and delusion

No. 1136732

File: 1611124107051.png (1.31 MB, 1090x1314, Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 1.27…)

Damn, so this is why all the hot rich guys are with trannies? Because men crave anal penetration and it is something women are fully incapable of doing? It's like non of these troons have even heard of strap-ons, unbelievable given their degeneracy. If a man wants to see what a dick in their ass is like, they can try it out without having one of these staring down at them. That should satisfy even the most curious and perverse scrote…unless…he's gay.

No. 1136739

There were a lot of posts on the reddit thread, where posters talked about their porn sick husbands wanting strap on sex and then eventually coming out as troons and forcing their wives to be called lesbians
Really can't win can you, honestly I blame capitalism for troons

No. 1136743

I can see that. Women tend to have more products marketed towards them for consumption, and all the more when they're not women at all and are instead medical abominations. Not only can pharma make some $$, but so can cosmetic companies, personal care, clothing companies, whatever. And the TiMs will also continue to indulge in whatever shit they were into pre-transition, like video games and anime, they'll just add in body spray and garish lipstick.

No. 1136751

File: 1611126297035.jpg (242.97 KB, 960x1076, communsim.jpg)

It's an example of Bourgeois decadence and degeneracy, many female socialist thinkers have often argued that male homosexuality is a result bougoise perversion, and that heterosexuality and lesbianism are the only natrual human forms of sexualities(no1curr)

No. 1136752

Scrolling up I thought the orange haired guy was bad, this is just something else entirely. Even if he wasn’t a troon how could anyone possibly see this photo and have something nice to say about this guy’s appearance

No. 1136766

Gov. Pritzker put this person back in women's jail. Marie Newman is a recently elected democrat 3rd district representative with a discord-groomed TIM son who she will rearrange the world to accommodate, so expect more brilliant policy decisions and the rollback of women's rights in IL.

No. 1136788

File: 1611132484334.png (730.9 KB, 1228x1448, all a scam.png)

it's magic!

No. 1136800

Estrogen is a weight loss diet now?

No. 1136813

These people have fried their brains with troon porn and chasers to the point they believe every man is lusting after them and every woman is just jealous of them "performing femininity better". How do these people take "leave us alone and let us be" and turn it into "bitch was a boy and she's prettier than me", that's some prime copium they're drinking. Especially when coming from the person with the mangled mangina he keeps complaining about.

Follow the money, anon. Trans activists had enormous, wealthy driving forces behind them pushing for sudden and fast change. Namely big medical companies who had to peddle their hormones to a new demographic after it was found out that they have severe side effects when treating cis women's hormonal issues. Gays aren't medicalized so they had to fight for their rights with grassroots activity with no big pharma funding.

No. 1136815

he looks exactly the same kek

No. 1136850

File: 1611142898997.jpg (245.21 KB, 1363x1524, 2h6pgx.jpg)

Holy kek

No. 1136851

Is You a Netflix Original? I swear every single Netflix Original I’ve seen over the past few years had had a trans actor shoehorned in, even where it makes no sense like in Queen’s Gambit. From what I’ve seen, when it’s a TiF the character is canonically referred to as trans (The OA, Sabrina) but when it’s a TiM viewers are expected to accept the character an actual woman (Queen’s Gambit, You). I’m tempted to make a list but I honestly can’t be bothered to watch all this shit.

…His hair is longer. That’s all.

No. 1136853

growing a few inches of hair and padding a bra is magic now i guess. literally the bare minimum and they're scrounging for asspats

No. 1136865

File: 1611144636554.png (399.14 KB, 495x577, fhfh.PNG)

I stole this from Kiwifarms. He looks the exact same.

No. 1136881

File: 1611147458153.jpg (1.46 MB, 1800x1555, 1610991531959.jpg)

el goblino de suecia

No. 1136882

Jesus Christ he is the literal human version of all the anime troon memes that get posted

No. 1136884

File: 1611147652811.png (48.75 KB, 928x333, laws.png)

>suicides rates to rise
I wonder what trannies did prior to the last 20-30 years, apparently they all died at the age of 15, since they claim they existed in every era.

No. 1136885

He definently is. I had the misfortune of accidentally meeting him at dreamhack a few years ago in Sweden. He acts just like you would expect

No. 1136886

File: 1611147871502.jpg (56.17 KB, 701x493, EXRhvBCX0AET3w1.jpg)

his current name includes the word "genius" and a Love Live ship, he's made and remade quite a few times because even scrotes in the anime community find him awful

his current @ in tw is FeoUltima, feo is ugly in Spanish and I wonder if he's aware of it kek

No. 1136888

imagine being so terminally online that you think changing your last name to your username/nickname is important…

No. 1136890

Have you guys seen the person playing Fig on Orange Is The New Black? I swear it’s a troon, but I couldn’t find anything about it so i don’t know.

No. 1136891

File: 1611148086077.jpeg (146.7 KB, 750x1060, 9505AACB-4C1C-41EF-BE4D-9C4D68…)

>>1136890(not milk)

No. 1136893

Time to move to Montana.

No. 1136898

File: 1611148818867.png (9.83 KB, 808x211, scn.png)

She has a biological daughter, anon. She's just a tall woman with a big nose.

No. 1136900

No she's not. You're too obvious, jealous tranny.

No. 1136901

File: 1611149123016.jpeg (103.81 KB, 900x750, 92901F76-3E2E-495D-8ADF-0573EE…)

i didn’t know micheal cera transitioned !!!

No. 1136902

I see it's the return of the "trying to trick genderspergs into believing tall cis women are trannies" anon.

No. 1136903

By getting paranoid and assuming that literally everyone that doesn't look like an anime waifu is secretly a man, you're just helping the troon agenda.

No. 1136905

File: 1611149362369.jpg (291.42 KB, 1079x688, Screenshot_20210120-082945_Gal…)

No. 1136912

Like how do they actually expect people to do suspension of disbelief and accept this? He looks 100% like a crossdressing man with the literal caveman brow ridge and linebacker shoulders. I don't understand it.
>It's a Greg Berlanti created series
Ohhh, of course.

No. 1136917

That wasn’t my intention. Whatever it was a retarded assumption from me. Sorry if I hurt your feelings anons, but you need to calm down jesus

No. 1136920

Not a tranny, just jewish.

No. 1136923

File: 1611152290834.jpg (333.59 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20210120_141502.jpg)

Several Facebook accounts state that this disgusting nonce is actually a man who only just decided he wanted to be a woman, yet no mention of it in the press release at all and refers to him as "she" throughout.

What's the bet he's vying for a place in a women's prison

No. 1136931

You know what? The next time I see a crime this vile committed by a "woman", I'll believe it's a tranny until otherwise proven.
They're trying so hard to artificially inflate female crime. We all know who really does shit like this. Buffalo Bill shit.

No. 1136940


No. 1136953


Imagine if a woman looked like that. She would be torn to shreds by the same guys that would later transition and then cry transphobia when they get called ugly

No. 1136958

File: 1611155528605.jpeg (10.54 KB, 250x361, received_403375700938103.jpeg)

Update from a shilled article on Tran Ranch (tenacious unicorn ranch aka where kevin lives.) Showcasing one of its members here

No. 1136964

File: 1611156091164.gif (991.08 KB, 1125x1816, received_715464579171253.gif)

Samefag to post the shill article link and highlight quote from the Tranchers and a pic of Kevin and troon partner

>Domes are funky and cool and a bit against the status quo — and they help the planet,” Logue told me. So they bought it.

> “They are weird but useful,” she said, “which is the essence of queer.”

They try to paint them as some gun toting ruralites but the degenerate levels of overwatch jackets and childrens toys overreach


No. 1136968

I'd be ready to believe those "lesbians" were either brainwashed virgins deep into genderspecial theory, political lesbians or lesbian-identifying bisexuals.

No. 1136978

Omg the hairlines

No. 1136979

Because he's Red Scare adjacent and needs to shit on condoms

Ah, Andrea Ritsu, the perverted weeb troon who fetishizes women breast feeding

No. 1136984

Dying. dont do my man michael dirty though

No. 1136987

File: 1611157855846.jpeg (45.36 KB, 652x795, received_703140660561435.jpeg)

In other news. Munchie mother of troons threatens rape…

No. 1136992

Kek!! I honestly think all children who claim to be troons were encouraged by their insane mothers. Jazz is going to wake up one day and realize his mom ruined his life.

No. 1136997

It was honestly so rediculous I had to start skipping past the scenes with him in it. Jet setting socialite fashion model that looks like an actual caveman lol speaking of which, how this Hairy Nip (sorry Hari Nef) person actually models in real life is beyond me. Everyone is so eager to be PC that they have this unfortunate looking (as either a man or a woman) Troon doing runway modeling is fucking retarded

No. 1137003

This is pretty old.

No. 1137012

File: 1611159686361.png (Spoiler Image,598.19 KB, 576x1013, Screenshots_2021-01-20-08-18-1…)

All the horse piss pills in the world couldn't help this guy.

No. 1137040

Ew this is my city, sucks to know that our court system lets pedos off lightly

No. 1137052

That's so true now that I think of it. CAOS had the theyby Theo & even The 3% had a troon in it (hilariously in the English dub they give "her" a male voice)
Is netflix run by coomers or what? Lol

No. 1137070

I hate that scrotes will use this to validate "women are pedophiles too!"

No. 1137071

fuck sorry forgot 2 sage

No. 1137077

Dundee anon hit me up pls

No. 1137084

Sage for no contribution but anyone else just despise MtF trannies? couldn't care less about FtM but MtF just makes me want to throw up. it's so obvious that 99.9% of MtF trannies are doing it for a fetish and doesn't it disgust some people how trannies' needs are put BEFORE biological women's needs? what the fuck? i thought women were supposed to be oppressed but apparently disgusting perverts who don't even put effort into their appearance to even SLIGHTLY pass as feminine and larp as a litle girl are more important than people who have to go through sexism, sexual assault, periods, childbirth, menopause etc. when did this ever happen, that perverse, mentally ill male needs were put before women's and potentially putting them at risk? god i fucking hate trannies. mental illness, perversion and delusion at it's finest. also funny how most MtF trannies are pedos too, what a coincidence

No. 1137089

That's why we all post here luv, glad that you think alike

No. 1137095


I hate all cumbrains and MTFs live for the coom. They're even more despicable because their fetish is their idenity AND some civil rights cause. We're supposed to eliminate what male/female means because men want to jack off to being women and EVERYONE must indulge them in their fetish, or be punished by law.

No. 1137096

Another reason for me to move there, hell yeah

No. 1137101


the study about how no one wants to date trannies is this one: https://www.them.us/story/cis-trans-dating

Only 127 out of the 1000 people asked were open to dating trannies, and over half of those were open to dating a tranny that corresponds to their sexual orientation : so the trans-inclusive lesbians and straight men were open to TIFs. MTFs were the most rejected in dating. Cope harder, trannies.

No. 1137105

File: 1611165710527.jpg (104.98 KB, 1080x909, kj37e6jqkxb61.jpg)

Just don't let it consume you. I get that it's pretty irritating, but don't forget how comedic they are with their degenerate fictional scenarios and LARP.

No. 1137108

Sage for also not contributing but my peak came by watching Botched on E!
I s2g every mtf that goes there says something along the lines of “I wanna look like a perfect blow up doll” or “I wanna look like a pornstar”
Their standards and inspirations are never normal, real women, it’s always sex dolls or women with so much plastic surgery they barely look human anymore. It angers me so much

No. 1137113

redtexted by tranny janny in 3…2…1..

No. 1137114

What got me to peak was how they are pretty much using rape conversion on lesbians by calling them transphobic gential fetishists by not wanting their "girl dick". It's all about their fetish, their dicks and their sexual needs, the woman label is just another excuse to publicly air their brain rot and get it normalised. They know that a large amount of women will bend over backwards to accommodate them cos women always have to be the ones that accept and accommodate people in society while men trample on us.

Just keep pushing back and don't accept the degenerancy or they will just take and take from us.

No. 1137117

It's sick how posts on their troon reddits so often center around them comparing themselves to young/pubescent girls

No. 1137122

File: 1611167026972.jpeg (48.41 KB, 600x315, B7D5D08B-1710-4AC4-B55B-1D7996…)

You have to talk to people irl about this or nothing will change. Coomer brain troons are winning the culture war by appealing to and weaponizing empathy.

No. 1137130

sage for off topic, but I really do believe democract appeasement of troon is why I believe in 2025 we will get another republican in office, like someone really hard right and it will all be troons fault

No. 1137137

File: 1611168221897.jpg (427.55 KB, 1080x1959, Screenshot_20210120_184028.jpg)

Imagine being 6ft5 and 300+ lbs and trying to say you're a woman. Imagine thinking that you aren't a sex pest and a registry goes against your free speech cos you are now a "woman"

No. 1137141

I remember that episode, they were three grown adult men pretending to be the powerpuff girls and everyone believing them, the joke that even my dumbass kidself figured out was how stupid and illogical the people of townsville were behaving cause those three were obviously full grown adult men, that was just a funny joke back then, wonder what would happen if an episode like this got released today

No. 1137149

imagine being so delusional and entitled you think you deserve respect and rights as a sex offender.

No. 1137169

File: 1611170476337.png (200.31 KB, 576x1092, Screenshots_2021-01-20-11-09-0…)

Decided to check the CA registry to see how they handle troon offenders… looks like they mark them with their preferred gender, but list their birth name first and their troon names are listed as AKAs kek. Still annoying though… troon delusions are catered to even on sex offender registries in some states.

No. 1137180

It would be covered on YouTube channels as a 'banned episode'

No. 1137188

FEMALE are you kidding me. This ugly man is a biological male and to state otherwise on a damn sex offender registry should not be allowed. I need to move somewhere where this bullshit isn't acceptable, I'm so tired

No. 1137193

Bit more than annoying when it starts to skew female crime statistics.
Im sure if you broke down sexual crimes they are already making a mark.

No. 1137234

what makes me angriest about this is that these fathers would know, due to their relationship with the mother of their joint child, how to pick up some fucking pads or something – sorry troons, you're not needed because there's already a woman in the family who can help out, pure LARPing

No. 1137240

Kek right? The packaging is also fairly idiot proof. Unless a dude is a total aspie, he shouldn't need much help selecting pads, especially not from a troon. And if a dude is that retarded, he probably wouldn't have a daughter to begin with seeing as how no woman would breed with him.

No. 1137245

It can actually be made into a good thing, and people should continue keeping track of when this happens.
We can eventually make an infograph showing female crime rates before MtF crimes were included, versus when they were included. Obviously, the boost will be significant.
Then, when misogynists say "Women are just as violent as men, look at statistics", we can respond with said graph and point out that it's not women, but "women".
It can also be used to drive the point home about trannies following male crime patterns and being male in general. People will start to question why stunning and brave transwomen are just as violent as normal cis males, but cis women aren't.

No. 1137247

Honestly I get big vibes that the culty troons are brainwashing “freshly cracked egg” troons to be suicidal and depressed. Like so many of them live FINE for years, even decades, have friends, family, kids, no hint of depression or hating themselves or their body, don’t want to kill themselves if somebody calls them “he”, content enjoying a few “non traditionally masculine activities” or picking women characters in video games or being a bit sensitive. Then suddenly the trans cult gets in their head like
>no you’re a woman obviously. You’ll be miserable as a man!! Look at your hideous hairy, bulky body! Testosterone is poisoning you! You have a 41% chance to kill your self, aren’t you depressed and hate your body and wish you could live on easy mode as a woman?”

Like they’re obsessed with suicide and depression to the point I’m pretty sure THEY’RE encouraging it. There’s a difference between awareness/activism and basically shoving it down everybody’s throat that testosterone is “poisoning them” and they SHOULD be depressed and mean comments SHOULD make them kill themselves.

No. 1137251

I'd love to see a list, so I can avoid these series and not get my hopes up if I start some of them.

No. 1137253

It's the same guy who sperged so hard over a mistranslated optional scene in FE Fates he considered "lesbophobic" the dialogue got completely changed by the incompetent translators. I remember his super long posts on tumblr and twitter about it and think it's weird a so-called activist would focus on that of all thing when homophobia irl is way worse and more important, so I wasn't shocked to see he was a hardcore transbian weaboo who only watch shit to ship teenage girls together and he doesn't even play video games. Last time I heard about him he was so obnoxious that even his transbian friends were posting call out posts about him.

No. 1137259

Tranny representation is getting out of hand. If a character is a troon, it's fine to cast a troon actor, I suppose (though really, no one should be passively condoning their mental illness by including tranny characters on their shows to begin with), but expecting the audience to suspend disbelief when you're trying to pass off a whole ass man as a woman is pure insanity. Back in the gool old days, Felicity Huffman was cast as a TiM in a movie and no one cared kek.>>1137251(not milk)

No. 1137282

>It can actually be made into a good thing, and people should continue keeping track of when this happens
the people should be the authourities anon. yet they will be the ones gaslighting. any sort of organised 'watch' by concerned citizens would be branded a hate group and shut down. Once that sort of policy is in place it becomes easy for govt to say going on data, X does Y. yet by that point they are using trash data.

it would be similar to France's policy on racial identity in their census. If you asked what % was black/white/asian/mixed etc they cannot tell you as they do not record that information anymore.

No. 1137301

Unfortunately the people didn't get to decide on this particular issue, the politicians decided for us. Once a tranny turns his dick inside out, he will be listed as female on state sex offender registries and housed in women's prison whether voters like it or not. I've always wondered what happens to post op FTMs after they get their arm skin dick tubes stapled on… I can't really see them being sent to men's prisons though.

No. 1137305

what a fucking asshole, imagine being such a subhuman you beat and sexually assault an underweight, blind autistic young boy, like fuck I'd like to see him try that shit with someone his own size

No. 1137316

Shit. I might have just reached peak California.

No. 1137428

File: 1611190457328.jpeg (190.58 KB, 750x1334, F91FDE1F-C3A9-46C0-8986-F1E849…)

No. 1137452

File: 1611192989633.jpeg (717.2 KB, 1242x1103, DAA1DA14-4F8D-4C79-A9AC-31247A…)

No. 1137454

File: 1611193027833.jpeg (335.15 KB, 1242x1559, DB9F3881-6826-4236-942A-13A366…)

The shirt idea sounds like something Shayna would tweet

No. 1137455

File: 1611193070158.jpeg (589.58 KB, 1242x1548, 50393983-C27D-4BEA-9304-D21999…)

Idk if this has been posted

No. 1137458

File: 1611193165765.jpeg (758.76 KB, 1242x1041, FA6F898E-180B-470D-87DF-9042C5…)

No. 1137461

File: 1611193424422.jpg (112.04 KB, 1080x470, abwaxas.jpg)

No. 1137465

2 YEARS? He looks pre-HRT, how did no one call him out!
8 hours and no red text, I'm so proud of tranny janny
He's still here but his hairline isn't

No. 1137471

This shit pisses me off to no end. When a troon legally transitions and carries on with their degenerate lives, they fuck up gender based statistics in crime.

No. 1137474

TRAs never understand what gender critical people actually believe. Gender critical people don’t acknowledge ANY trannies as “true” transexuals.
Her chest area does honestly look male to me, but she’s probably still a woman.

No. 1137501

File: 1611195420639.jpg (524.07 KB, 971x2065, EdelTheFox.jpg)

I can't find any pictures of this guy but holy shit.

No. 1137573

Liberal shame; in color, circa 2021 kek.

No. 1137600

not to whiteknight but iirc the scene was pretty gross and weird. a lesbian is given a potion without her consent that makes her see the male player character as female and then by the time it's worn off she's fallen too in love with him to say no. which actually sounds like a troon's wet dream so i'm kinda shocked he wasn't into it. conversion therapy on lesbians is okay UNLESS IT'S ANIME GIRLS??

No. 1137635

More evidence for Twitter repeating the trends of 2014 Tumblr.

No. 1137727

File: 1611211534039.jpeg (28.21 KB, 505x572, 6F0AC2A0-F9FE-4BAF-8CC9-5AE9C5…)

Terfs BTFO

No. 1137763

Here’s a challenge to all troons: actually get a job, make your own money and be a functioning member of society instead of spending 16 hours a day on twitter/reddit posting about how much of a brain dead cumslut you are as if that’s feminism or progressive

No. 1137775

They really don't get the problem is the Y and not the D, huh

No. 1137814

Sage for ot but which one was the troon in queens gambit?

No. 1137843

File: 1611228368609.png (188.83 KB, 576x967, Screenshots_2021-01-21-03-22-4…)

No. 1137851

File: 1611229603745.png (53.63 KB, 598x489, Screenshot_2021-01-21 mohamad …)

Not directly related to troons but still a common troon talking about how physical size doesn't matter

No. 1137856

File: 1611230255573.jpg (61.64 KB, 768x431, image.jpg)

This argument doesn't make sense in athletic sports, even if it can happen. Flabby/skinnyfat troons like to talk about how they can't outrun fit women either as if it's an argument for trans athletes.
A trained professional taking down a big retard isn't in any way comparable to two pro athletes at peak physical condition. Of course they can always say the woman didn't "train hard enough".

No. 1137858

Lol these people got their biology and physics lessons from Hollywood movies. Featuring 90 pound waifs sending muscle-bound stuntmen flying across the room with a dainty kick. Stop with the overcorrecting. We aren't wilting flowers but we aren't a physical match for most men either. If we were the past several hundred years would have probably looked quite different.

No. 1137869

the thing about Fallon Fox is that he was a below mediocre level fighter, I've seem 13 year old boys with better coordination and skills with him, but it didn't matter cause he had massive strength advantage over his female opponents

No. 1137888


Twitter bs doesn't survive the sunlight.

No. 1137895

A Troon reacted to this and got butthurt

No. 1137903

all this dude does is put on layers of make up, photoshop thumbnails and be butthurt, it's literally his whole personality.

No. 1137913

God that ”pity me” facial expression

No. 1137930

seriously, fuck this troon. like you've all said, they just hide behind filters and shitty cakey makeup. nobody irl will take em seriously, unless they're paid, lmfao.

No. 1137932

Kek his voice got so much manlier when he got mad after watching the first clip.

No. 1137939

They always act like flamboyant gay men. Feminine elegance is so natural to us while to them it is merely a sad performance. Tragic.

"Oh my gaaawwd you guys YAAAAAAS! SLAAAAAY!! SISTERSSSS!" - totally real and honest woman

No. 1137949

File: 1611240922392.jpg (108.87 KB, 500x667, tumblr_987032c362974db99e117ed…)

apparently queernuck on tumblr committed suicide a few days ago, dont know if anyone here remembers him but he used to do write extremely long near incomprehensible leftist posts and also called himself lauren/joan/mary/siobhan while looking like pic related

heres a link to his suicide note: https://queernuck.tumblr.com/post/640339265154334720/the-cleveland-browns-made-the-playoffs-the
41 strikes again ig

No. 1137955

I remember him being so blatantly woman-hating and lesbophobic, I know he even encouraged harassment campaigns and suicide baiting against "terfs", so I just can't feel any sort of sympathy

No. 1137959

trannies don't like people talking about their transition/identification but they sure won't shut the fuck up about it. Ever.

No. 1137966

File: 1611241983333.jpg (83.95 KB, 900x505, EsQp4paXIAANXil.jpg)

These mentally sound looking individuals were all arrested last night during the Portland ICE riot. Anyone want to take a swing at how many of them were booked as females?

No. 1137967

I like how looking like an eighties rock band means youre likely to identify as a tranny these days lmfao

No. 1137977

File: 1611242741633.png (180.67 KB, 615x819, Capture.PNG)

>replies filled with 'fuck terfs', 'cis women tears' etc.
>we are unironically living in a more misogynist society than a decade ago
rev up those Komm Süsser Tods

No. 1137978

Tranny I once knew tried explaining to me how the "weight class" system worked, in particular alongside use of estradiol/other HRT. I asked him if this accounted for heart size, lung capacity, or other structural differences between men and women. He cut the conversation short, saying I was "reminding him of his trauma."

Place your bets on the future of womens sports:
>TIMs fully invade women's sports, women abandon professional leagues, TIMs get upset (the lesbian bar route).
>TIMs invade, but their checks and balances are implimented in a fair way. This results in roughly two categories, based on weight, testosterone/estrogen levels, lung capacity, and heart size. These categories are unnamed but look very much like the male/female categories. Trannies ree.
>Women's sports become female exclusive after some sort of trans doping strategy is unveiled.(blog)

No. 1137988

As someone whose dona MMA for years most nromies don't understand how massive the difference really is, I have had my nose broken and have been almost knocked out by 15 year old teenage boys when sparring with them, only in wrestling was there sorta of slightly equal playing filed but even then they were far stronger, TIMs will fucking ruin women's athletics(blog)

No. 1137994

Why do we need so many words like TIM, TIF, FTM and MTF? Just say men or women, for fucks sake. Tranny if you feel spicy enough.

No. 1138004

Obviously to differentiate between trannies and the normal population. tim and tif seem to be used only by the very pedantic crowd who think using mtf or ftm means you believe people can actually change sex, also i guess tim and tif are also inclusive of "enbies" who may not identify as mtf or ftm

No. 1138015

we don't need all of them tbh, tim and tif are most accurate if you're living in reality. ftm and mtf are worthless since it's not humanly possible to change sexes

No. 1138036

nta but it's the fucking choir teacher kek

No. 1138044

File: 1611245041641.png (93.5 KB, 726x763, tomboy.png)

We're reaching mental gymnastics so overly dynamic where men that want to be girls who want to act boyish are tomboys, while tomboys are becoming trans men. Trans women are women, men are trans men?

I like troon, because they are basically cartoon characters.

No. 1138049

I love how he describes just the everyday hell all women go through. Hating your height, voice, face, body, hair, genital area. Wow men discover self hatred and think this means they must be girls instead uwu

No. 1138051

File: 1611245392213.jpeg (55.31 KB, 590x350, 2A63A360-B0F4-4F56-869B-F5CBDD…)

What people don’t realize is that in most states there is no requirement for high school athletes to be on hrt and there is no testing done. So a bottom tier male track athlete for example, can come out as TIM, switch to the girl’s team the next day, and become their top performer and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Then this male can go on and steal a athletic scholarship that was meant for a girl. Pic related.

No. 1138068

Stuff like this has me expecting option A, they'll just end up competing against each other. The hair extensions in the pic on the right have me in tears.

No. 1138070

File: 1611246293854.jpeg (420.52 KB, 750x922, 7E58686D-A86A-4F0D-8847-B9ABCB…)

radfems should just stop trying to engage with these people because they don’t care about your long responses lmao they are very vicious and temperamental and do not care about “civil discussion”

No. 1138123

She’s gonna end up getting banned like all these other terfs cause they are internet challenged and always get baited. Direct contact = harassment.

No. 1138138

The sad thing is that there will be no place left for women in sports. It’s not like we can just make our own spaces, because trans women will just demand to be in them as well.

I seriously don’t understand how they don’t realise men can be men and still be feminine in some ways.. there are plenty of women who like male things, like certain sports, mechanics, male clothes etc and still are feminine WOMEN, that likes stereotypical male stuff. Jfc

Suicide makes me a bit sad, but then I remember that this guy probably was the type of guy to advocate violence against women

No. 1138140

America just keeps tumbling down, for fuck sake

No. 1138148

I thought Trump supporters were just being crybabies when they said America will go to shit if Biden wins yet here we are with this bullshit.

No. 1138158

As terrible as this is, I feel like a LOT of the nation is about to hit peak trans from this. I hate that women and girls ALWAYS have to be the martyrs for this shit, but it's the only way to get people to choke on this nonsense.
I almost want to bet that, whatever third party springs from this mess (not the Trump one) will have this as a basis to run on.

No. 1138163


> «Lunatics have taken over the asylum»

No. 1138166

sage for off topic, but get ready for 4 years of ultra neo-liberalism, trannies will now be seemingly everywhere and simply misgendering one will get you sued…… fuck this earth
It will Peak Trans major toy of people but I feel it will undeniably push more people to the right, well likely end up with a real right wing nutjob next coming election

No. 1138175

being a woman is just ass. why the fuck are we going full circle with the sexism and anti woman shit again??

No. 1138199

I can't wait until the olympics will come around and the rest of the world will start getting rightfully angry at Americas bullshit. America will start calling the rest of the world terfs and transphobic while the country will really be seen as lunatics.

No. 1138201

I wonder if we'll end up with a third option? In the US, there's a surprisingly high number of right wingers who support trans shit over LGB rights, for example. It's like the Iranian rule. That, and I think people often forget the number of right-wing trans people is pretty high in itself.

Same. It's the self-defeating stuff like this that's the only reason why I'm for it.

No. 1138204

Nah, unfortunately plenty of other countries are on board with this bullshit.

No. 1138209

File: 1611253950749.png (166.98 KB, 858x1599, disgustingtranny.png)

No. 1138218

Coming to a changing room near you!

No. 1138224

>"Biden, please, we're begging you, relieve student loan debt. We are struggling"
>"Haha no. Btw female sports is cancelled lol fuck terfs xoxo"
Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down

No. 1138238

>not just men because men are pigs and perverts
Said the man wearing pigtails while tugging his dick under the desk, thinking about how great was his post and how much he loves getting railed by a cock.

No. 1138256

File: 1611256216722.jpg (162.41 KB, 1280x968, dW4OgH5TktlqzWvDHxTbmp_eVBJjBW…)

wew made the mistake and looked at the replies of this tweet ugh.
Anyways, does anybody here remember that Futurama episode "Bend her"? Because I do.

No. 1138261

yesss anon!! all y'all should watch that episode now because futurama is hilarious and it's spot on.
seriously, I can not believe all of this is happening. is it reverse history? did we learn anthing of the past??? holy fuck this makes me so sad, we are being shut down, I could not express my concerns to my friends or colleagues without being shunned and hated. why do men always do this to women.
how do you deal with troons in your life? I want to be nice to them because they are nice to me but I hate everything they do (being trans kek)

No. 1138265

File: 1611256691812.jpg (77.2 KB, 611x683, lol.JPG)

like to samefag but no surprise, twitter remembers this episode as well and of course they hate it lol

>how do you deal with troons in your life?

I have thanfully non in my life and I hope it stays this way.

No. 1138273


wasn't there a huge doping scandal when soviet athletes used testosteron? So apparently if its synthetic then it's bad, but natural's good?

No. 1138284

That's awful, you have my sympathy American anons, hopefully it peaks some normies at least

No. 1138291

File: 1611257757571.jpg (281.05 KB, 1074x837, 20210120_175958.jpg)

This guy is a personal lolcow of mine.

No. 1138292

File: 1611257821148.jpg (318.2 KB, 1080x838, 20210120_175928.jpg)

There is just so much word salad I can tolerate.

No. 1138295

so we just cannot call out male behaviour at all? alright

No. 1138316

File: 1611259152241.jpg (28.89 KB, 750x573, 4a53bf4674902b3f2a89c5262ae67a…)

To be fair, there were no good real options in the election. I'm still baffled they picked Biden for the Democrat nominee (a creep with a terrible track record in his """career"""). Literally anyone is better than Biden.
imo Canada is the worst offender of these things
Canada already allows men to be in women prisons. And there's countless cases where women inmates have to protest, sign papers, and go to court for WEEKS just to get a single sex perv away from them. Also Yaniv.
It seems amerifat is accelerating into this path though.
Never trust male politicians who are "for women". they fucking aren't and never will be. It's a scam for them to give themselves a get-out-of-jail-free card when they do terrible shit to women. I just want Kamala to take over asap so she can reverse the executive orders made by a senile kid diddler.

No. 1138317

Oh my Lord, girls, I just shared this news with my "friend" because she's pro Biden. I showed her this screenshot and told her this is enabling men who are failures in mens' sports (who they should actually be competing against), say the magic words 'I identify as a woman, i'm a trans woman' and be accepted into womens' sports to compete against biological women, where they can potentially dominate and overtake and succeed versus failing against men, the sex they should be competing against but because they're such poor biological specimens of the male sex, they're so pathetic they will deceive and cheat, compete against women just to win something. Pathetic, insufferable, meaningless scrotes. Anyway, as I was saying, this is the unbelievable thing; My friend's response to this was: "They’re on the pill. They don’t have the testosterone advantage."
Jfc, this dumb bitch. Umm, taking horse piss pills won't negate the advantage of being born a biological male with the larger biological male skeletal structure. Built completely different. Horse piss pills not gunna change them bones to make it a fair competitor.
Unbelievable, people actually think fucking horse piss estrogen pills changes shit. It's not testosterone. The testosterone hormone is stronger than estrogen and provides a much more drastic change and transformation when taken by women. Estrogen does fuck all for men and it doesn't make them women. Women are more than horse piss pills. I can't with these Fucking idiots.(blog)

No. 1138325

File: 1611259578914.png (583.54 KB, 1080x1071, IMG_20210121_210505.png)

No. 1138326

please sage your posts if you're not posting any new milk

No. 1138327

File: 1611259618140.png (416.37 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20210121_210448.png)

No. 1138328

Then it should be fair for the REAL biological women competing against these fucking trannies to load up on testosterone to make it a level playing field.

No. 1138337

Outside of the anglosphere? Maybe a couple other European ones but that's it, I doubt anyone could get away with sending a male to compete against females in the Olympics. I'm looking forward to the day someone actually tries and gets ridiculed by the whole world (who will it be, US or Canada? Place your bets)

No. 1138349

File: 1611260461975.jpg (1.38 MB, 2299x1104, absolute_unit.jpg)

damn what a massive chonker he's become kek
of course, it's an ED, not just videogaming neckbeard fatness, but a dainty little woman with an ED uwu

No. 1138384

File: 1611262549399.jpg (142.98 KB, 1080x1581, Screenshot_20210121-131618.jpg)


No. 1138391

I gotta say though, that the weight does make him look more feminine. Unpopular but most MtFs don't pass because they have obvious male twink bod.

No. 1138402

File: 1611264151561.png (207.62 KB, 1264x782, Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 2.22…)

They picked Biden bc he was the VP of the last likable President. Politics relies a lot on name recognition and association which is why you have so many successful politicians that are the descendants of other successful politicians. I just can't believe that his inaguration yesterday kept talking about racial justice yet his first day in office he takes away protections for women in sports, scholarship funding, DV shelters, etc when these issues also affect black women. One could even argue that these protections and scholarships in particular probably help black women the most and now they're gonna go to straight white males.
Picrel is just about the biological advantages of MTFs/TiMs in women's sports.
Bruh can this even be considered milk when the pharmaceutical industry is the one peddling this shit?

No. 1138419

Any1 got the meme with the nerdy guy in a red dress with his dick showing standing with an older man maybe shaking hands or receiving an award laughing about women supporting them taking away their rights?

No. 1138428

>my personal, misogynistic vendetta against women that has far-reaching consequences outside just the realm of sports is justified bc some sixth graders didn't want me on their dodgeball team

No. 1138440

I like that they're acting as though >>1138256 is a "bad take" when it reflects almost every troon posted here pretty well. Bimbofication? Check. Sexualising self to prove womanhood? Check. Acting as though you're a better woman than biological women because you play up to pornified fantasies? Check.

Funny how all of their "evidence" is anecdotal and all of the evidence that says otherwise is scientific…

No. 1138456

I give it two or three years before they start arguing trans women shouldn't even have to be on HRT of any kind to compete in women's sports.

No. 1138466

that quote by Lenin wew.. "THEYRE TAKING OUR WOMEN (PROPERTY) AWAY !!!!!!"

No. 1138470

>In the US, there's a surprisingly high number of right wingers who support trans shit over LGB rights, for example. It's like the Iranian rule. That, and I think people often forget the number of right-wing trans people is pretty high in itself.
anyone got stats supporting that?

No. 1138492

File: 1611270725664.jpeg (662.1 KB, 1668x2026, C55DA56F-B55A-46AD-AB64-155C3B…)

Blog. But did you tell her this >>1138051? The “pills” thing is a red herring.

I think you’re talking about this pic and this headline but i don’t remember the meme. Google Emilia Decaudin NYC. The other guy is Jay Jacobs.

You put too much faith in men. Once one country uses this to their advantage the others will follow suit because they want to stay competitive. Specially the ones who put winning above everything else, like China or Russia.

No. 1138493

>transgender women should be allowed to use women's toilets
Does it surprise anyone that men think so?

No. 1138501

File: 1611271108221.jpg (2.37 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210121_151310574.j…)

That's already the case in most high school sports, but it's one sided - TiFs still have to complete against other girls, but TiMs don't have to compete against others boys.

No. 1138508

isn't the black person at the bottom an actual black girl?

No. 1138509

No. His name is Andraya Yearwood.

No. 1138516

If troons want to compete, it should be against each other. Like the tranny Special Olympics.

No. 1138522

>TiFs still have to complete against other girls
Lmao it's like they know but just won't admit it.

No. 1138523

File: 1611272331883.jpeg (374.42 KB, 1536x2048, 38D2C24C-ED5E-4906-8432-2A4349…)

No. It’s pic related.

No. 1138526

Kek at him trying to posture himself to their height

No. 1138529

he kinda looks better, skinny doesnt = good, especially if you're larping as a girl

No. 1138533

he was born in the 1800s anon lol cut him some slack

No. 1138536

>>1138516 absolutely this.

No. 1138544

Looking at his knee caps, it's obvious that if he straightened himself out, he's easily 5 inches or more taller than the girls standing next to him. Even in that pose, he still dwarfs them by quite a bit.

No. 1138582

File: 1611277093479.png (524.89 KB, 576x998, Screenshots_2021-01-21-16-56-0…)

Kek he's clearly in a public restroom and clearly a hulking male with a bra full of socks. Coming to a restroom near you, ladies!

No. 1138601

This was it girls. This finally peaked me. Fuck.

No. 1138606

talk about a biased explanation kek

No. 1138611

File: 1611278891602.jpg (254.77 KB, 1080x1428, Screenshot_20210122_022458.jpg)

whew that hashtag. Very normal and sane behavior right here

No. 1138612

File: 1611278905149.jpeg (653.45 KB, 1242x1296, 7D556D56-EA6F-485C-860D-A7A225…)

No. 1138615

Top picture is FtM competing with women iirc. She was already on testosterone so she won easily.

No. 1138618

File: 1611279227840.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1242x1808, A5BA4F31-C4F8-4626-B010-C429CB…)

No. 1138621

File: 1611279301299.jpg (262.51 KB, 1242x1035, 20210121_193443.jpg)

Don't go on Twitter if you want to remain calm. But this picture sums it up

No. 1138622

Wow, these people seem very stable and should definitely be allowed in our bathrooms!

No. 1138624

File: 1611279420834.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshots_2021-01-21-19-33-4…)

I hadn't seen this image before but troonery will tell you its entirely normal and good sports

No. 1138631

I'm with you. I was always cautiously supportive of trans rights but this is ridiculous, there's no requirements, they just need to declare they're female and that's it, this person >>1138523
wasn't even doing hrt, taking testosterone blockers, nothing. And they just allowed that. Why is it always women that need to give in? There's literal studies that show that no, hrt doesn't make a trans woman the same, but of course testing would be expensive and would be unfair to those that can't afford hrt like why tf should I care if they can afford it or not?? What about all those female athletes that will lose scholarships because a 190cm dude filled the form as 'female'? Now they won't be able to afford college but of course nobody gives a shit because martyrdom is what's expected of women.

No. 1138634

File: 1611280151230.jpg (1.44 MB, 810x6794, Screenshot_20210122_024306.jpg)

This guy also wrote this deranged thread on another account. He says he's a minor so it's less scary to me and more 3edgy5me but still. What the fuck

No. 1138635

Good lord, I hope that women was okay after that. Men are so violent.

No. 1138638

not hot =/= troon
don't be an asshole

No. 1138644

File: 1611280500978.jpeg (56.2 KB, 749x729, 8394FB60-C571-4F81-AEE7-40304D…)

No. 1138647

girls I'm so fucking tired. I'm so tired of this misogynist society. we are arguably more sexist than we were a decade ago. I'm fucking sick of trannies, I hate them so god damn much

No. 1138649

Violence against women? How very male of you

No. 1138651

yeah we have no reason to be scared of them, this isn't horrifying

No. 1138654

File: 1611281889068.jpeg (259.44 KB, 828x1194, C5A94813-5A8F-46A3-ACEE-F078E5…)

This quote really sticks with me. I used to think I was anti feminist because everyone I knew was super into identity politics and bullshit libfem crap but it turns out my beliefs fit way more with radical feminism.
TERF is the new feminazi, trans people are just trying to make everything about themselves and forcibly become victims for everyone to coddle and asspat. Sucks that it’s working and we’re paying the price of male violence and harassment like always.

No. 1138668

AYRT, I should say they're more tolerant (not accepting) of trans in general, but not of their rights to the extent that's being asked of them. This is likely an American phenomena; religious conservatives in the US are weird. A lot of them equate gay men = should be a woman. This also might be regional. I wish I could find the article where religiously conservative parents said they felt transgender people were a lot less deviant than LGB, hence why I mentioned the Iranian rule. I would love to see a formal study done on it, and not just articles I'd read + my own firsthand experiences. That all being said, I don't imagine that opinion will stay intact with this bill passing.

No. 1138683

Threats of extreme violence in response to perceived rejection …
So girly. So feminine. Surely we shall accept you as one of us now.

No. 1138732

Ah, yes, I remember when Terfs did all those things to trannies, it was last week, they were all wearing bikinis too, to show their female bodies and give them body dysphoria before attacking them mercilessly, other terfs applauded, tweeted about it and celebrated with pink champagne.

No. 1138738

File: 1611286923156.png (115.17 KB, 1080x623, IMG_20210122_044117.png)

No. 1138744

What the hell are these organizations are even supposed to do with all that money? Fighting terves on twitter? Shelter the transwomen who now burden women shelters?

No. 1138759

Institutional integration, trans education programs for schools, draft trans guidelines for parents/children, fund public campaigns and tranny civil rights lawsuits etc etc all of these benefit big pharma

No. 1138764

There's something funny about that track image. He looks so out of place.
to be fair, it is mma, Its not a soft sport.

No. 1138768

this is just incel rage with a wig on

No. 1138769

I thought this was that gamegrumps guy's wife for a moment.

No. 1138776


So all the money goes on basically preparing your child for chopping off their tits and cock in the future?

What an achievement.

No. 1138780

> we are arguably more sexist than we were a decade ago.
I feel like this as well but then there's a bunch of white males who say that we live life on easy mode assumably because we now have the right to vote and can go to college. Is it safe to say this now? What do you ladies think?

No. 1138782

Maybe this is how big companies are trying to regulate the population? It isn’t forced sterilization if you choose to do it on your own.
tinfoil, I know

No. 1138785

I'm done caring if things are "safe" to say, if there is an opportunity to speak on this take it.

No. 1138789

it's because men can't help but put women on pedestals and then get angry about women being on pedestals
hence every incel deciding they'll be instantly hot and loved and worthy of attention once they snip their dick

No. 1138790

completely forgot to sage sorry

No. 1138794

Why is it always about TIMs? Like, what argument do even politicians have to just blatantly cater to men and completely ignoring women like that?

No. 1138795

sage for OT but you're delusional if you think its only white males who have a problem with women's rights, men from my community(Pakistani) think that feminism is just a western conspiracy to destroy Islam and they are far more religiously motivated and committed to their 24/7 misogyny, other races of men are just as bad if not worse

No. 1138803

File: 1611292850580.png (1.15 MB, 1044x2264, TRA or INCEL.png)

anon you inspired me to make a game. Can YOU tell the difference between a trancel and an incel?
(sorry for the shit patchwork I'm on ms paint)

No. 1138814

insert the office “it’s the same picture” meme here

No. 1138837

File: 1611296233837.jpeg (390.58 KB, 2048x2048, 82A37EF6-787A-4AB0-8FAF-3DC895…)

Sage for nonmilk but found this on twit lol

No. 1138846

Back this up with stats.

Plenty of very right-wing states have the most restrictive anti-tranny laws. You voted for Biden and now this is what you're going to have to deal with forever.

Once America gets 21 million new Americans the Democrats are never going to lose an election again and the future is going to look like Charlotte Clymer stomping on your face with her size 14 high heel boots forever.(political derailing)

No. 1138847

Every day I come to this thread and peak all over again.

No. 1138853

No. 1138855

They Dems don't understand how alienating their polices are, the only reason Biden one was cause he was going against Trump, that's it, even with 21 Million extra votes they will lose but what will come after will be much worse
get ready for someone Like Mike Pence with Candace Owens as his VP in officer

No. 1138856

Same, honestly. To be fair, I think seeing troons make violent death and rape threats would make most people peak even if they were extremely tranny friendly like myself.

No. 1138858

Finally, good news for our queen pt! Tbh, it's true. I was jokingly saying it to a friend a couple days ago, but seriously, what's the difference? If I feelz black/weeb/xyz I can become the ethnicity. (I don't think so, but with trans logic, it's reality)

No. 1138859

They’re shooting themselves in the foot by not allowing any criticism or discussion, calling people terfs for asking simple questions. That’s the reason I came to places like this and learned how fucked up it is. most people who support them are willfully ignorant because they’re desperate to fit in with the woke trendiness of online activism

No. 1138876

File: 1611305813469.png (32.09 KB, 586x392, 1611280289653.png)

"Female" cyclist champion Rachel McKinnon weights in. I honestly agree with him. Let's do that, and then watch them cry when the Transphobe division is the new Women's, and women's sports are just girldicks in leotards.
While at it, we can also make "transphobe" a sexuality of its own.

No. 1138884

File: 1611307086715.jpeg (1.56 MB, 3464x3464, 4F82C52D-20BA-4855-B2D5-EB5C63…)

why are troons always so arrogant and misogynistic towards women? They always put them down to cope that they will never be a real woman. Sage for no milk. I just find it weird.

No. 1138885

File: 1611307187389.jpeg (431.3 KB, 1242x1629, A7C6E481-E8E4-4912-8BED-AA5A7D…)

And the thong self-made wedgie they always do in every pic makes me kek

No. 1138892

Looks like a hidden loincloth kek do they know how retarded that looks. I wish I was this delusional but the mental illness that comes with that isn’t worth it.

No. 1138896

File: 1611308632576.jpg (16.8 KB, 400x400, i hate it here.jpg)

grown ass man dressing like a hypersexualized tween girl goodbye

No. 1138897

File: 1611309582795.jpeg (118.8 KB, 933x952, 9E476997-31D8-40CE-965D-90FE3C…)

They’ll never let women have a group or category that excludes males. Even when women use “approved” terminology and try to make a group for afabs/ cis women/ uterus-havers/ birthing parents, TiMs will weasel their way in somehow. They can’t stand the idea of women congregating without male supervision.

No. 1138899

holy shit anon i didnt need to get demoralised this early in the morning. Men are animals.

No. 1138902

Wow. Oldfag here; not overly shocked or surprised any more by what I see online, having used the www since 1997 or so and 3edgy5u was a thing back then too.
But the concentrated hate here is off the hook disturbing.
What blows my mind is the fact that people can literally lose their livelihoods and whole peace of mind for "misgendering" (ugh, actuaqlly it's CORRECTgendering but yeh…)a bulky agressive apg with a 5 o clock shadow, but this individual can sperg this heinous shit on Twitter and it's all good.
And not wanting these degenerates loitering around in our rapidly shrinking private spaces is a hate crime.
Oy vey.

No. 1138918

File: 1611312484481.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3024x4030, 768D165B-3F2F-42E5-9DF1-D5B1BF…)


God I hate this so much. Why do these troons ALWAYS trap women by making them pregnant and then trooning out?? So unbelievably selfish and horrible. I hate how they’re praised for being brave and stunning and “coming out” when really they’re abusive manipulators trying to trap women to be with them.

No. 1138919

File: 1611312509578.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3024x4030, DE92C021-DDC6-46D6-A90B-B5F92C…)

No. 1138932

Based anon.

No. 1138934

it's like i'm reading nazi torture techniques

No. 1138938

It's like abusive asshole 101 to wait for the pregnancy. I also like how the comments justify it by "of course you can leave him, you're not a lesbian" as if this hunk in red Chanel rouge looked any different from her husband.

No. 1138943

at least the comments on the post seem to be fine and telling her it's okay to leave him

No. 1138950

File: 1611315280717.png (449.75 KB, 662x726, sexy.png)

You made me fall down the r/mypartneristrans hellhole, anon. Just look at that very characteristic male beerbelly, kek.

No. 1138952

File: 1611315360625.jpg (126.02 KB, 1080x1497, 20210122_113501.jpg)

Everyday I lose more braincells reading these hot takes. Can't even have a woman VP now cos it's transphobic to assume.

No. 1138953

He trooned out because he became a coomer in quarantine.. but it's not a fetish, huh?

Poor woman, this is fast replacing my biggest paranoia about men. Used to be you "only" had to worry about getting cheated on, now you gotta worry about your man trooning out after marriage in kids on top of it.

No. 1138958

You could even argue the moral of the episode is in their favour. Bender is only looking to cheat and become famous (sound familiar) and then he's overwhelmed by the HRT turning him into a TRUE AND HONEST women.

No. 1138959

I thought I knew where this post was going but I was wrong. Some person from decades ago may have been closet trans, therefore it's offensive to celebrate the female VP in case we exclude a literally imaginary MtF VP that may have (did not) occur in the past. Extremely convoluted male jealousy.

No. 1138960

Nah, things are def more sexist than they used to be. After all sexualisation and bimboification of women is considered normal now when a decade, or even 4, it was seen as bad and sexist. Trannies use the "logic" that they feel like women because they want to be treated like pound holes and dress in high heels, like this is the only thing a woman is

No. 1138974

ot and dumb question but how does this affect ftms? will they be like, affirmative actioned into male sports now? i never see this aspect of the topic being discussed

No. 1138978

I don't think even if they tried they had no chance competing against men, or are there any successful ftm athletes out there?

No. 1138979

> y'all can go play with yourselves if you'd like

yes, that's the point. that's what we want. you'd end up in your own tranny category either way.

No. 1138984

I know she's in a bad place and It's not directly her fault but my God she comes across as such a pick-me, like pick-me's have this tone when talking about their partners

No. 1138991

FTM vs normal male athletes would be interesting cause essentially it would be on Steroids competing against normal men
I mean depending on the sport it could even be a semi-equal playing field

No. 1138994

Oh shit, that's the tranny that was on Dr. Phil for those gross walmart "pranks" like licking ice cream and putting it back on the shelf.

No. 1139021

File: 1611322254988.jpeg (299.62 KB, 1758x762, C7B26FED-16A1-421E-A72D-2F173B…)

There was one on the Harvard (?) swim team that started as female and switched to male. Something like that? But I think she was non competitive. Someone posted their stats before but too lazy to look.

IIRC this is the one that allegedly wanted to compete against males but based texas said no. Too bad they didn’t consider the specifics with testosterone. She’s basically doping, they need to fix that shit.

No. 1139030

sage retard

No. 1139034

Encourage more people to start taking drugs to transition. And if they happen to buy them off Gilead then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.(¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

No. 1139068

Just checked this guys twitter. How come the only ones given free reign to attack troons are always edgy weeb alt right sympathizing types? Why are men allowed to come after trannies without death and rape threats but women cant?

No. 1139069

Dr Phil is such a farmer. Bless.

No. 1139079

leftist expectations really, people expect women to be politically correct

For example, if you paint yourself out to be ~liberal~ people are more inclined to freak the fuck out at you over something trivial and stupid. Then on the flipside excessively saying "nigger" is literally part of Tarantino brand. It's all about how you present yourself and what expectations you set people up with from the get go

No. 1139081

No. 1139088

No. 1139094

>leftist expectations really, people expect women to be politically correct
this, liberals who are obsessed with identity politics see the whole world through good/evil, opressed/oppressor dichotomies (female/male, gay/straight, black white, etc) and think everyone on the the same side should think the same, so when someone from the "good" side has a "bad" opinion (like a woman being twanzphobique) they freak out

No. 1139095

learn to sage and quit samefagging you fucking retard

No. 1139096

Of course he’s talking about the VP because it’s a woman now (and naturally they can’t just let women have this one victory) but by this same logic the US may have had several “female” presidents as well. For all we know Washington himself may have liked wearing frilly bloomers in private. So what are those feminists still whining about? Sexism is over! Actually, it never existed in the first place! Science says so.

They don’t really stand a chance and they know it, so many don’t even want to compete with men. When they do they are the ones in danger of serious harm and humiliation, not the men they compete with.
IIRC she went from one of the best on her team to barely scraping the bottom of the barrel but don’t quote me on that.

No. 1139097

Kek, are you one of those schizophrenic nonnies who think everyone is a samefag because of muh writing style~?

No. 1139104

liberals have bpd

No. 1139137

>scientists all over the world
I would love to know what scientists have said this. A common theme with TRAs is pretending that transgender ideology is backed by science, when in reality it is vehemently anti-science.

No. 1139154

File: 1611332671747.jpg (84.96 KB, 640x575, 30ce70098f57120f0f825dbd2ca211…)

Sadly real scientific instituations do seem to manipulate data or misreport just to please the Great Tranny narrative for enough Big Pharma money. But trannies also often just completely misinterpret or use studies that were already shit at the point of publishing or at most suggest something (that they treat as a fact). Like the big "female brain" thing, which iirc was first popularized by citing a study that used the brains of TiM who were already self-medicating with estrogen for an unkown time, that might have been years or decades, so their brain structural changes would obviously be more 'feminized' than normal males.

No. 1139250

404 anon, sadly before I could see what it said!

No. 1139265

I'm cackling, I never knew Jenny's "sister" was a troon! Do you have any social media links? I'm trying to go through Jenny's Kiwifarms thread to see if there's anything about the "sister" but so far it's all just men crying about a woman who doesn't share their opinions.

No. 1139266

File: 1611339997191.jpg (137.53 KB, 896x604, EsUOmwvVkAI1Kyn.jpg)

Watch out TERFs

No. 1139269

@darcierge on twitter, he also has his twitch linked there. He doesn't seem particularly milky, just a bit creepy with how much he seems to project his sister's humour. But then again, they're siblings.

No. 1139271

imagine dying to the hammer of a kimono tranny

No. 1139281

And we’re NOT supposed to laugh at them or consider them violent, obvious men?

No. 1139288

Forgot this guy's name. I remember him from tumblr, he was a pedo. I don't think he actually offed himself, just wants attention.

No. 1139291

>if I live as a female long enough, I can trick my brain into thinking I'm a girl
>but the brain has no gender
>thus I need real girls to let mei into their private areas so my brain can trick me into thinking I'm a girl by LARPing

Is this logic?

No. 1139294

A fate worse than death.

No. 1139306

She just sounds brainwashed and walking on eggshells to me, so people don’t accuse her of being a transphobe.

No. 1139330

File: 1611344420731.png (23.66 KB, 939x302, Screenshot_2021-01-23 7 YEARS …)

Welp turns out we all had massive crushes on Troons the whole time

No. 1139335


>i-It’s them who’s got the fetish! Not me!! I’m not projecting!
>but please tell me I pass and that I’m a girly girl uwu with huge tits.

No. 1139337

Maybe I didn't understand but are they implying not fetishizing men means they are not attracted to men? It doesn't mean that, it just means they are a decent person and realize men are humans and not solely sexual objects (and the implication that they see women as such is great)

No. 1139340

The second comment, though. How can these freaks project so much.

No. 1139343

>N-NO U!
They’re so predictable.

No. 1139363

wtf am i even reading? this is just a word salad

No. 1139380

Saying trannies are not real woman cause you have a cock and balls is "fetishizing women's bodies"? what?

Good news is that you will be able to compete as a woman in mental gymnastics in the upcoming olympics you loony-troon.

No. 1139382

Their implying that when we talk about troon bodies as being mannish and masculine were actually talking about women cause "twanzawomun are women" so were actually just fetishizing trans women and are attracted to them
It's really fucking retarded logic

No. 1139383

File: 1611346316198.png (570.33 KB, 716x716, hit_this.png)

>If there's any type of person that can be described as truly autogynephilic, it's cis-female TERFs
Blanchard pass the blunt please

No. 1139394

File: 1611347156725.jpeg (50.8 KB, 490x482, EA489AD2-50EA-4FC0-8DBA-CE7DF9…)

I feel dumber having read that

No. 1139406

the whole “I said I’m a woman so that automatically makes me physically a woman” thing is so stupid and full of flaws. how can they be against drag or “cis” people playing trans characters then? if they say they’re a woman, then they’re a woman! they should just blindly trust anyone who claims to be their gender. it’s the nice thing to do.

No. 1139424

There’s no difference between this and the “cis” men/boys who complain when a woman is celebrated for being the first in her field like “Why does it matter if she’s a woman? We don’t vote or chose people based on whether they’re a woman or not. It makes no sense to celebrate this.”
And notice how it’s never said for men. Or when it is, it’s harmless bc a TiF in male spaces is more likely to be harmed by men so I imagine that TiFs try to keep it as quiet as possible when using male spaces like the bathroom. Whereas TiMs gotta broadcast that shit bc women more likely will submit to them under the fear of a rapey male having the upper hand due to the twansphobia smear campaign and at worst could pepper spray them but not rape or murder them.

No. 1139454

File: 1611350491993.jpg (1.14 MB, 972x2343, Sasha.jpg)

Fuck this gay earth

No. 1139458

File: 1611350730716.jpeg (414.43 KB, 1600x1600, 3EEFC97A-88C4-4A2E-8ADC-2CD814…)


dude looks like a weird inbred child of sylvester stallone and elvis presley

girls, please tell me how i can manifest the self-confidence of a tranny

No. 1139492

That's a fucking bloke

God, I wish people were allowed to make fun of these guys the same way I'm sure most of TIMs make fun of women who aren't perfectly feminine or good looking

No. 1139593

You need mental illness, a fried coomer brain, and years of unchallenged male entitlement.

No. 1139627

File: 1611360318942.png (727.77 KB, 1080x763, IMG_20210122_221644.png)

No. 1139650

Ang3lthigh the 'girl' on the right is actually a troon btw

No. 1139658

File: 1611362247704.jpeg (38.56 KB, 500x366, FDC97059-46B8-4477-99F7-B4F3BE…)

What gets me is that the new rule exempts gender specials. You can’t have two women or two men, but you can have to xirs.

No. 1139663

you’ll notice more TiFs detransition than TiMs. and it’s usually because they realize that any discomfort or disgust towards the thought of being female was due to societal issues or simple puberty hormones. either that or they’re almost violently repelled out of male spaces because surprise, men are less accepting of trans ideology than women. and gay men aren’t able to be bullied and ridiculed into accepting trans men as much as gay women are.

No. 1139682

they're an ex fyad goon, I think the humor is pretty funny (have watched them on twitch a few times) and distinct from Jenny

No. 1139685

lmao did you make this? loves it

No. 1139809

Same and I agree, our rights are being eroded.

No. 1139811

Hating men is now harmful to trans women somehow? Am I in clown world?

No. 1139814

File: 1611378812028.jpg (39.92 KB, 699x193, lol.JPG)

Dropped image like a dumbass

No. 1139817

>what underlying drive is powering that emotion in them?
What is compassion? What is love and worry for your fellow people/anyone but yourself? Lmao they're fucking narcisst, all of them. Also
>implying any talk about female biology and bodies is automatically fetishistic
It's so tiresome, they can't even hide their true colors.

No. 1139820

I don't understand, these laws would just ban TIMs from sports and stops children under 18 from getting Hormones, these aren't detrimental to their rights and freedoms or anything, like even in my libfem phase I'd think these laws were perfectly reasonable and non-discriminatory

No. 1139823

They are saying hating men makes all the poor men who headcanon themselves as women but didn't troon out yet feel bad for being men/not trooning out yet.
I'm also confused about the "hating men only serves to reinforce hating women". Like ok incel, as if scrotes don't hate women regardless for the most miniscule shit.

No. 1139824

But I thought even “closeted transwomen” were still woman? I thought transwomen had “women’s brains”? Hmmm.

No. 1139825

File: 1611379811829.png (1.21 MB, 770x1166, Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 12.2…)

No anon, us mean ol' cis women are just getting off on withholding our biological identities from them. Don't you know we need to allow men to consume & control every aspect of our being? So fucked up, you take one look on any tranny picture sharing subreddit and every MtF picture they're trying to look sexy. It is truly unbelievable that every troon LARPs as some flavor of sexy anime girl or bimbo. None of them just want to be a soccer mom wearing Pandora jewelry and a nice kaftan, unless they've happened to randomly fetishize that.

No. 1139827

File: 1611380250789.gif (699 KB, 500x289, badbooksgoodtimes.com.gif)

No. 1139831

Anything that is not validating is transphobic, keep up anon

No. 1139837

>hating men reinforces misogyny
>think of the men!!!!
>what do you think this tells trans women??

I honestly have no idea what this tells them, I thought TWAW as soon as they say they are, then they always have been, why would they care about men?
Pls decide a narrative already

No. 1139881


And this is why troons will never get it, they'll never become real women, even on the inside, because they can't even see what so many real women experience in their everyday lives. So many men are nasty at best and violent at worse towards women (and children for that matter) simply because they're there. Women who hate men do so because of their bad (if not traumatizing) experiences.

No. 1139882

So we can all agree that transwomen are men. I’m so glad we’ve come to an understanding.

No. 1139901

File: 1611389767620.png (71.98 KB, 901x286, 1610659257028.png)

>Fran… I mean Olivia can we please have normal sex, I'm so touch starved and I crave intimacy
>yes, dear

No. 1139914


So women aren't allowed to leave their AGP husbands and they're not allowed to have pleasurable sex either. This is like the straight version of the cotton ceiling.

>Eat my dirty straight man asshole or you're invalidating me and contributing to my suicide risk uwu

No. 1139919

From what I read from "how to have sex with transgirls" (yuck) their rules are all over the place anyway, so how could some middle-aged woman that doesn't live on the Internet even know it?
>have hot passionate sex with me, wife
>worship my gynomastic tiny changes on my manboobs

Also I'm glad most women leave before/right after vaginoplasty (the troons usually guilt them into the surgery aftercare). Imagine being asked to lick a wound that oozes puss.

No. 1139945

they throw around words like rape, abuse and violence like it's nothing, which is telling. rape is manipulating and coercing your wife into performing sexual acts she doesn't want to do in order to validate your uwu girly feels. not to mention getting angry and crying rape when she wants sex she's familiar with after enduring the nasty shit you want.

average straight middle aged women aren't exactly foaming at the mouth to lick their husband's disgusting greasy hole, especially if he's in a dress and whining like a wounded dog in an attempt to sound like a little anime girl. forcing her to identify as lesbian lest you chimp the fuck out is bad enough without forcing her to peg you too, and yes, "do this or i'll kill myself" is a form of force you absolute ogre

No. 1139952

>I can't fathom thinking of women's bodies in any light other than sexual so everyone else has to be the same
So transparent lmao

No. 1139955

File: 1611399468166.jpg (208.6 KB, 1080x1563, 20210123_105327.jpg)

This is not psychological torture, you're in prison why should you get these things. Women in prisons regularly don't even have access to sanitary products yet you think hormones and breast implants are more important?

No. 1139966

I've even heard of troons gaslighting their wives, saying stuff like "if you truly were straight you wouldn't have been into me in the first place" as if everyone else is supposed to just sense their genderfeels that weren't even there before discovering sissy bimbo porn

No. 1139968

Then don't get jailed? What the fuck?

No. 1139982

How much you wanna bet he forced her into (actual) painful shit but never gave a fuck about it kek

No. 1139987

File: 1611404224047.jpeg (69.24 KB, 595x600, A5DE042D-8405-444E-8D90-23ABE0…)

“such an uwu soft gentle female”

No. 1139989

Someone save that poor cat

No. 1139992

File: 1611404872788.jpg (139.9 KB, 1337x1080, PicsArt_01-23-01.28.04.jpg)

No. 1139995


This Ja'mie looking ass receiving 401 likes, troon validators are officially retarded.


Nourishtoflourish's autogynephile brother, just as feral and grimy as her.

No. 1140000

She deffs looks like a troon but do you have any proof aside from that?

No. 1140013

that cat look so fucking scared

No. 1140020

File: 1611409890354.jpg (74.83 KB, 720x598, 20210123_135056.jpg)

They teach at a girls school…

No. 1140026

File: 1611410365924.png (90.87 KB, 730x737, 1605267612159.png)

A similar post about from a TIM

>I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 10 years. My girlfriend likes sex, but she is rarely the one to initiate. Since I transitioned, we dont have sex. My hormones have lowered my sex drive, but I still get in the mood from time to time. The problem is that she says things to me that really hurt. It stings and makes it hard for me to even want any sexual or physical contact with her. Every time we have a talk about sex I usually say that I want explore and try things that are both gender affirming and sexually satisfying for us both. She kinda cringes and says that trying sex toys, strap-ons, or pegging is a no go. She wants only PIV sex and "I don't want to try anything gross or weird." She will usually follow that up with, "We wouldn't have sex issues if your dick wasn't broken. You need to figure your shit out before we try anything. You need to give me time to figure out if I'm even attracted to trans people."

>This is hurt.

>She says this in a joking tone, but I feel like she isn't kidding. She is saying how she is morning the death of her Boyfriend (me pre-transition) and needs time to grieve

>I feel like I killed our relationship and my only worth to her was my penis. I feel so stuck and confused. I love this person, but I feel so disconnect from them now. We live together and its mostly nice, but we have this massive elephant in the room that we just ignore now. I thought about moving out, but I have literally nowhere to go.

imagine having a crisis cause your gf doesn't want to peg you and just wants normal heterosexual sex

No. 1140029

>she's not allowed to express concern nor should she
Well there it is. All spaces for women are transphobic and discriminatory and should be destroyed. And women aren't allowed to be upset over it
And they'll be crying over why so many women are peaking and leaving the left when they openly say shit like this

No. 1140030

>imagine having a crisis cause your gf doesn't want to peg you and just wants normal heterosexual sex

imagine dating a heterosexual woman and acting appalled that she still wants the PIV she's used to instead of instantaneously switching all of her interests to more "affirming" ones for you and your new fetish. he wants her to make herself the man of the relationship so he can delude himself even further into believing he's a woman. they're so fucking whiney about it, too, i can see why there are so many "trans widows" they're insufferable manbabies

No. 1140032

They're always insisting and pressuring people into accepting that transwomen truly are women but the second a gf doesn't want to have non-PIV sex with "her" anymore because she's into men and (assumingly) not into women it's all wrong kek. It never ceases to amuse me how they can always twist the narrative to be the victim.

No. 1140036

Please can this cat be in the next threadpic. I cant stop thinking about it

No. 1140039

I bet this poor girl is trying to get him to break up with her, because if she does she'll be labeled a transphobe

No. 1140052

File: 1611414265914.jpg (192.72 KB, 1241x1970, Zu4ZsaB.jpg)

More copium from r/actuallesbians. Fuck off, trannies. We don't want you because you are men. Why is this so hard to understand. Lesbians like pussy, not girl dick or open festering wounds

No. 1140058

I don’t understand why they don’t care that they aren’t welcome as women. Women often show trans women that we aren’t comfortable around them, but still they insist. I guess it’s their male nature.. always taking space from women by force.

It’s funny, cause usually women are hesitant to speak their mind, but these people publicly advocate violence against us and go to extreme lengths to get their will (very male behaviour). I really don’t understand how they don’t see how all of this looks.

Either way, I showed this thread and all the evidence of their antics to my mother, and she is appalled. I would recommend you anons to show this to your female friends and family if you’re safe doing so (won’t get threatened with violence, being fired etc etc).

No. 1140061

>I want to try things that are gender affirming and satisfying for us both
>suggests pegging or his wife using vibrators on him
He couldn't even keep his story straight for one paragraph. Or he's so up his ass he really think that's something his wife would enjoy even though she's openly disgusted.

No. 1140064

Easy: they have npd

No. 1140066

I guarantee none of the troons crying rape turned down PIV if it meant no sex at all.

No. 1140067

Isn’t that He-Ma’am? Poor kitty.

No. 1140070

This is just like when men guilt women into having anal sex or try to forcefully have anal sex, perhaps just worse because of the sudden trooning out.

> We’ll both enjoy it

> Can’t we try something new
> Stop being boring
> It hurts my feelings

The idea of a 185cm tall man who probably weighs 80+ kg wanting to be pegged by his, most likely much smaller gf, so he can feel like a small vulnerabe girl uwu, sound ridiculous.

She got to together with/married a man, not a woman or a tranny. Leave her alone

No. 1140085

>I want us to be this amazing lesbian couple

She had a BOYFRIEND. She's not a lesbian. Why does she have to cater to his gender and sexuality when he thinks she can flip the switch on hers?

>try things that are sexually satisfying for us both

She doesn't like it! It only benefits you!

No. 1140095


No. 1140097

File: 1611419758518.jpg (24.14 KB, 636x404, IMG_20210119_030243.jpg)

No. 1140099

File: 1611420042215.jpg (268.21 KB, 1820x1024, qvRThCA.jpg)

They really think that a real Chad would ever be willing date their tranny asses

No. 1140100

I'm unironically triggered, where is this from? Leave that poor cat alone you freak.

No. 1140102

Its the narcissism. Also they want to be welcomed as women (at least the ones who threaten violence, there are more chill ones who support "terfs) because they see themselves as being better than women. So as you said, typical male behaviour.

No. 1140104

Kek he just admitted that being a coomer warped his brain and inspired him to troon out.

No. 1140106

Who is even saying this? Usually people just secretly call the guys faggots. And aren't all the "red haired sjws" their "allies" who fully support their tranny delusions? Why are they trying to shit on them now as ugly crying wojaks?

No. 1140107

File: 1611420627242.jpg (23.05 KB, 674x752, 1609443485461.jpg)

>steal all their girls
Maybe they mean 2D girls from their hentai dating sims? Mtf trannies are the category of people with least success in the dating world, because everyone is repulsed by them. The delusion is off the rails

No. 1140115

>there are more chill ones who support terfs
wait how tf does that work, are they people who de-transitioned? or are some troons going through an "I'm not like other troons" phase to try and convince people there less crazy even though they still are, kinda like a blair white thing.

No. 1140122

i can't even watch most modern prestige tv with my mother because it's too degenerate. i can't even imagine exposing her to something like this thread.

No. 1140126

A lot of the reasons trannies think that we are jealous is because they think men are the prize, because they are men.
Chasers 7 times out of 10 are always shitting on actual woman and blaming us for shit just like trans do, so a lot of these HSTS start thinking we are the reason why men do this or that.

No. 1140134

I think anon means the ones that admit to being and identify as AGP, like Miranda Yardley. They don't think TWAW, but want to dress as women. They are against the inclusion of transwomen in women's safe spaces and don't deny biology.

No. 1140135

Self aware agps

No. 1140148

thanks for the explanation but now I'm even more confused. how crazy do you have to be to admit your an apg and still be a tranny instead of seeking mental help for that and not trooning out.

No. 1140149

only porn sick coomers are ever interested in troons, real HVM/Chads are more likely to be dating the red haired TERF rather some fugly troon

No. 1140154

I mean I can't tell if they're in therapy, theymight be. For people with genuine dysphoria ut does alleviate stress and pain to transition. It's probably not that easy to "get better", but at least they understand that they don't get to rewrite reality for their dick feelings, and can admit they have a problem.

No. 1140162

lmfao thank you for reminding me of ja’mie

No. 1140169

They’re constantly shitting on their own supporters. Everyone I’ve ever met with “TERF bangs” and/or brightly dyed hair has been a vocal TRA yet TiMs mock these features and ascribe them to terves instead.

No. 1140171

yeah that's the part I'm not getting (then again it's a mental illness the thought process behind it will never make sense) is that they realize they will never actually be women and know pumping in all these hormones is super bad for you but instead of taking steps to just accept they are a man they still transition.

No. 1140175

They can’t pull off those bangs because they’d accentuate the male brown bone and this is how they cope.

No. 1140227

File: 1611430520031.jpg (277.96 KB, 1200x850, thenewdaily_abc_251113_jamie.j…)

Ja'mie passes better than troons ever will

No. 1140240

A wolf in sheep's clothing.

No. 1140254

File: 1611431923889.png (19.18 KB, 881x320, Screenshot_2021-01-24 Persona…)

>Troons being predatory Exhibit No. 99'321
Comment is from an underage autistic boy who is unsure of his own gender identity and a Troon replying that he's just Trans

No. 1140255

Girl what the fuck am I looking at
Only thing that could make them pass is a full on burqa

No. 1140260

Wow! Kellie Jean is a feminist and is known in UK mainly for fighting back against the whole trans rights mess so she is certainly being sarcastic here…..
I've attached a short video fro her YT where she is talking about TRA in womens' sports.
She has been questioned by the police in UK about "hate crimes" such as making billboards in her town with "Adult human femele" as the definition as "woman" and for telling a woman on Twitter who took her teenage son to Thailand to have SRS, that it was castration and child abuse.

No. 1140262

Truly can’t which one is the man

No. 1140263

Sorry; Kellie Jay, not Kellie Jean.

No. 1140273

If anyone is interested in more dialogue like this, Twitter is full of UK terfs and they’re some of my favorite people on the planet

No. 1140274

File: 1611432757155.png (68.99 KB, 1116x437, iamawolf.png)


As mentioned here, the "In all ways except physical, I am a wolf" guy trooned out. He tried to join a women only discord I was in, and then I later recognized his discord in a conspiracy theory server. Here he is getting mocked by another sperg about being the wrong kind of werewolf.

He calls himself Naia Ōkami.

No. 1140276

File: 1611432862758.png (267.17 KB, 713x411, 1611254723366.png)

Richard (((Levine)))

No. 1140282

Yes, agreed.
Here's ya girl Kellie Jay vs trans campaigner India Willoughby on daytime TV with handmaiden presenters.
They all gang up on her but she stays based.

No. 1140285

Saged samefag; Posie Parker is Kellie Jay's pseudonym.

No. 1140293

another video of Kellie Jay that gained my interest in her

No. 1140295

Thank you anon,this was removed for a couple of days, but it's back up now.

No. 1140296

Dude is a pediatrician that has championed trooning out tiny children.
Anyone that looks like that shouldn’t be allowed around kids. How have we slid so far down this delusional rabbit hole.

No. 1140298

Wow, very unfortunate face wise male or female. At least as a man he could have aged gracefully, no chance of that now…

No. 1140300

You are right but the (((Levine))) part makes it obvious that anon posted it to imply that his degeneracy is somehow related to being Jewish

No. 1140301

Oh, weird. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a degenerate piece of shit

No. 1140302


No. 1140310

File: 1611434809031.jpg (958.03 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210123_203453_com…)

(ot) As a UK terf yall need to come to our side, we got some fantastic women fighting for us, like Kathleen Stock who over 600 losers tried to get cancelled for "transphobic" yet she remains pushing for women's rights every day.
Also there's a lot of court cases going on right now that are suing gender clinics and trans pushing charities so donate if you can

No. 1140311

File: 1611434867747.png (149.02 KB, 349x550, Wallace-transparent.png)

more like Wallace & Groom It

No. 1140318

File: 1611435475587.jpg (63.61 KB, 1024x576, 1611305927823.jpg)

>founding father of the transexual empire

Founding father of transexual theory and transgenderism

>first use of transexual and transgendered in public lectures. Created the Scale that's in use, and penned many a book


>pioneer of sexology and transgenderism


>Most instrumental transgender activist


This is not a conversation you want to have though, akin to how Karl Marx was german and Lenin was russian and all that.



No. 1140331

Based and terfpilled

No. 1140334

Ayrt and hell yeah you are doing it right across the pond, please adopt me

No. 1140340

I'm honestry surprised there aren't more famous cases of americans suing. Aren't you guys supposed to be stereotypically quick to sue anyone that looks at you the wrong way? Are there no mothers angry that their kids got sterilized? Or is it just something the media tries to hide?

No. 1140341

Wahahaha anon, you've made my evening. Hands lookin' about right for your average troon as well.

No. 1140343

UK might have some based TERFs, but in exchange you have to be british and surrounded by british people. Pass.

>anon posted it to imply that his degeneracy is somehow related to being Jewish
anon sounds based, jews are pioneers of degenerate troon-science, sorry you had to hear it here first

No. 1140363

No. 1140366

You sure the anglo saxons weren't apart of that as well? It's not getting more push in anglophone countries for nothing

No. 1140393

More likeable too.

No. 1140398

i'm starting to think that terf to tradwife pipeline is real

No. 1140408

No. TERFs don’t hate trannies in the same way braindead conservatives do.

No. 1140413

>>1140274 fuck, so happy someone else is posting about him here. He roped in a couple of autistic girls to be in a poly relationship and knocked one up despite telling her that the hrt made him infertile. She miscarried and posted it on Yt. One of the girls mentioned hed skip his pills to be able to fug and would pressure her to do things she didn't want. Theres a kf thread with all the details, but he kept butting in and denying everything until the thread went dead. Wouldn't be surprised if he googled himself, found this very thread and threatened to sue us here too. Hes such an insufferable cunt.

No. 1140419

Sure… I thought it was a stupid tinfoil at first too. Until I started looking up the names of authors of pro-trans articles, legislations, propaganda etc. And their names all end in -stein, -berg, -blatt or the first thing on their Wikipedia page in the "personal life" section is "the are jewish".

Wish it wasn't so, but it do be like that.

No. 1140457

File: 1611441716602.png (48.73 KB, 916x250, Screenshot 2021-01-23 at 4.39.…)

nta, I see anons confused by this on lc fairly regularly so figured I'd drop an explanation.

This is so frustrating as an American, I feel like I hear about the infamous UK terfs all the time (JKR being the biggest name) and we have nothing like that here. Nobody is willing to speak up.(derailing )

No. 1140487

John Money was also jewish.

No. 1140504

The porn industry is also almost entirely owned by jews and we all know trannies are all coomers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1140539

Did some /pol/fag stumble into this thread thinking they could meme the ebil terven farmers into being altright tradwives or what

No. 1140543

That’s what I’m thinking
Mods should check the ip of the “joos bad” anon and if they’re all the same mark them

No. 1140545

No. 1140555

I know it was a joke.

No. 1140574

One thing I’ve always found curious is that despite their incessant need to constantly claim that they “feel like a girl” nothing about their personalities scream feminine.
Spinny skirts is not what a woman makes, and obviously there is a lot of layers to what makes a woman but I’m genuinely shocked that I haven’t seen a single one partake in hobbies or interests that are generally considered “feminine”. Of course not all women are interested in these hobbies, but when was the last time you saw a troon getting excited about designer handbags, the launch of a new makeup palette? Little things like that.

Oh wait, it’s because they are a bunch of porn obsessed weebs, how could I forget. That’s their personality and interests.

No. 1140577

but when was the last time you saw a troon getting excited about designer handbags, the launch of a new makeup palette? Little things like that.
There are plenty og AGPs who squeal over these things with fellow troons and handmaidens tho…

No. 1140595

maybe there's a correlation bc there's a lot of jewish academics in general? Nah must be a the joos conspiring to take over the world one force femmed aryan ubermensch at a time

No. 1140618

>As a man I don't understand how you as a woman don't empathize with trans women.
Well there it is. As women we're supposed to coddle everyone else's feelings- fuck how we feel and fuck our safety.

No. 1140620

Stop trying to poison the well, retard.

No. 1140625

That thread is about what I'd expect from a troon. Abuses partners, lies, etc. The only thing that surprised me was that he dropped a PGP key as proof of identity.

No. 1140665

I don't know if this counts as anti-antisemitic or not but I have found that overly religious Hasidic Jews are the more normal one's, yeah they have strange practices but their okay for the most part, but for what reaon secular jews are some of the biggest degenerates on the planet
So maybe secular jews are prone to degeneracy more then groups of people cause of various sociological factors, but religious Jews are alright for the most part, is that an okay belief to have

sage for OT(derailing racebaiting)

No. 1140668

I bet once things start to improve over there, more gc women will emerge publicly. The bubble will burst at some point.

No. 1140670

Learn to use full stops retard

No. 1140677

As long as he stays out of my goddamn uterus. Are we gonna roll back abortion rights because theyre trannyphobic?

No. 1140682

I've been visiting this sub for a while now passively looking at stuff and feeling uncomfortable. hiding how I feel from all my friends who scream 'trans rights!' and 'trans women are women!!!!' and I just watched some of posie's interviews and cried so hard. 60 minutes of just pure crying. she is just an absolute queen. she never wavers, never backs down, I rushed to her site and spent 25 dollars on a keychain I was like I need to throw money at this woman immediately. I love her, especially when she brought up the fact that men at 40 start transitioning and uprooting their lives and families lives…..claiming they knew they were girls all along!!!!….but then where are the women doing it? It's so crazy….(no1curr)

No. 1140757

File: 1611466766535.png (1.46 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210123-211302.png)

Got a live one gals

No. 1140765

God their names choices are always so shitty yet also basic, like say what you want to say about TIFs at least they come up with some interesting names

No. 1140766

I do see what you’re saying, but I disagree with
>there is a lot of layers to what makes a woman
The sole thing that makes a woman is being an adult human female.
Anon delete quick, i think you accidentally posted your pfp

No. 1140772

File: 1611468722634.jpeg (437.39 KB, 1242x1171, 1889D473-CFB0-4749-9859-9B328F…)

They are still whining about all the hate they got on Twitter but said they are ~unbothered~ and ~thriving~ because of how much OF income they got

No. 1140773

File: 1611468783061.jpeg (523.3 KB, 1242x1094, 7E4C5BF2-7A31-454F-A734-07F9AD…)

I still think it was a lie for clout

No. 1140775

File: 1611468837711.jpeg (946.84 KB, 1242x1482, AD713F8E-4726-48EE-8588-264CBA…)

>bimbo trans girls

No. 1140777

File: 1611468918278.jpeg (616.29 KB, 1242x1629, F216659A-8E0F-437E-9D41-9ACB57…)

Because I thought pansexual included trans(not milk)

No. 1140779

Bi is the label for normal people. A person calling themselves “pan” is a dead giveaway that they are an insane genderist/TRA.

No. 1140785

No, thanks.

No. 1140791

Ew,I don’t want that shit

No. 1140801

It always depents on what biSEXUALITY is for you. If bisexuality means you like both sexes, then it doesn't matter what gender is attached to it. But as TRAs like to make everything about gender it gets more complicated…

No. 1140806

Let me be insufferable only because i have spent time with annoying people: bi means two gender, not that there only are two genders. So theoretically you could be attracted to men and fucking komaedagenders only and still be a bisexual. Pan is all and every.

No. 1140809

No anon, that stance is super outdated and transexclusionary. Bi nowadays means two OR MORE in woke spaces

No. 1140814

File: 1611475914150.png (619.84 KB, 526x513, Screenshot_2021-01-24 Dad desi…)

This is maybe one of the most pedophilic things I have seen on online

>Dad designs bikini line for transgender teens


>And the award for dad of the year goes to…

>This is one of the nicest father daughter stories we've heard, it's about a dad and his clever idea to help his daughter feel more comfortable.

>A dad from Toronto, Canada has designed a swimwear range for transgender girls and named the new line of clothing Rubies after his daughter, who is transgender.

>Jamie Alexander saw how difficult it was for his daughter to find a bikini or swimsuit that made her feel comfortable, so he decide to come up with a solution and in doing so he created a line of swimwear for transgender girls.

>The website explains that these bikini bottoms "magically turn a pointy poker into a dainty dune, no tucking required."

>Alexander, is an experienced entrepreneur and has been involved in the tech start-up world. He worked with Ryerson University's tech start-up incubator The DMZ, on the project.

>He told the TODAY Show: "Everything I saw was heavily branded just to trans people and had a quilted pad in the front. They didn't look like normal bikinis."

Tell me if just doesn't raise a hundred rad flags(not milk)

No. 1140815

Bet that dad loves boku no pico

No. 1140831

bi means you like men and women, everything else is unnecesary.

No. 1140833

no nefarious intent, just a dad who loves to be involved in underage transgender identified males wearing bikinis

No. 1140868

I am bisexual, and I've seen this take a lot, its basically saying "but I thought you liked both sexes so if you don't wanna be fucked by my girl dick then you are transphobic". It's just another way to troons to force themselves onto you.(no1curr)

No. 1140873

Really? Acknowledging that sexual attraction IS "genital attraction" isn't usually a thing troons do, bc obvs transbian are tru lesbian, not straight males.
Also sexual preferences exist, regardless whether your bi oder else. Liking dick doesn't mean you have to like unwashed girldick aswell(gc sperging)

No. 1140875

File: 1611487541409.jpg (33.97 KB, 960x577, 20210124_112553.jpg)

Cos this is a normal thing to say about your child(where's the milk?)

No. 1140879

Ayrt, in my experience (which may be different to others) is that troons have said that if I don't want them then I have a fetish for gentials and "toxic" stereotypes (aka wanting to date men who are actually normal men and not some pornsick sissy with brain rot)

Tbf troons will use any type of screeching and gaslighting to get you to submit to their wacko wants.(gc sperging)

No. 1140888


Munchausen by proxy and incest all in one. How can someone support this? I hope the "daughter" is actually some 50 yo agp fetish lifestyle degenerate and not a young person ruining their life.

No. 1140897

>hasidic jews
>more normal
they literally spit on women if they sit next to them on the bus in israel, they treat women like shit
ill take the ban for derailing but i had to point out the ridiculousness(derailing)

No. 1140899

He’s expending a lot of energy defending something that wasn’t real in the first place

No. 1140901

Why do I feel like his transition was somewhat because of a desire to be a Ramona Flowers manic pixie dream girl then realised “becoming female” =/= instantly becoming a cute (passing) girl
Someone needs to tell Raymond to give it up

No. 1140904

Wanna know what gets me when it comes to troons?
How the fucking fetishize periods. Its like for cis women periods are at best a mild inconvenience to worse so much pain your crying on the bathroom floor cursing ever god known and even some unknown for your existence miserable for once a months.
Its like why the fuck do you want to bleed once a month and have period cramps?
How does that get you off?
I mean shit this one troon I know irl maybe make a thread on them goes into womens bathrooms and steals used tampons and pads, and we all know where I'm going here. But fuck man and then lol they want womb implants, I kind of want to have only the fucked up ones you know the ones scarred by endo or have cysts on them from pcos, so they too can experience the fun joyful experience of having the worst ever pain once a month.
Like thats what they should get, the fucked up ones.(gc sperging)

No. 1140908

File: 1611498125807.jpg (237.73 KB, 1240x1671, 6DlQ1Tz.jpg)

Fucking handmaidens. Post is over a month old, but I was searching r/actuallesbians for "trans," and there is at least one post a week about how stunning and brave and sexy trannies are, and they all have 1K+ upvotes. Wtf. I'm a lesbian and I can't even rely on other lesbians to keep these scrotes out. They welcome them. Barf(not milk)

No. 1140915

File: 1611499217083.jpeg (182.42 KB, 1024x1024, 5ECB5175-F278-43BB-BE98-F55FCF…)

Wonder when they’ll start appropriating menopause. I haven’t seen that one yet. I guess it’s not something you can fetishize (but men always find a way) so they’re not interested. Nothing funnier/more horrifying than some middle aged man talking about his trans “period”. Like okay Gary, you’re 52.

No. 1140916

File: 1611499310609.png (55.12 KB, 925x253, Screenshot 2021-01-24 153515.p…)

I had to look up if this person was a LARPing troon and I honestly can't tell if they are or if it's a brainwashed teenage girl.

But holy shit this comment… 'If that's a thing, idk' Jesus Christ. Yes honey, penises are associated with men because men have them.

No. 1140917

I would love to see a real woman do a photoshoot and post side-by-side comparisons with men who say people are jealous and they do things better than actual women. Like have the same hairstyle, make-up, clothes, etc.
They're always coping so hard that they'll never look like a woman kek

No. 1140919

I remember this post, I went through her profile and you could tell shes a young teenager. She is a young lesbian girl who somehow has convinced herself that she holds some sort of PRIVILEGE over a bunch of grown fucking men who say they're women

No. 1140925

samefag to add that I believe it's real because unfortunately it's very common for teenage girls who grew up online in the 2010s (especially in lgbt spaces) to have this mindset where hurting someone's feelings is the worst thing you could possibly do, so they'll accept anyone and repeat anything they say no matter how objectively absurd; you'd think that growing up they'd learn that some things just aren't acceptable but not many do at least in my experience

No. 1140928

Okay but why do the ugly guys always think they'll make cute girls? The delusion is so damn strong.

No. 1140930

File: 1611502412192.png (49.25 KB, 886x386, You will never be a woman.png)

Kek. I love this copypasta.

No. 1140933

I think it may have something to do with cartoon or anime, where the would crossdress or have Gender literally change and would often get hit on, South Park did a good episode where butter corssdressed to sneak into a girls sleepover cause he think girls are witches, but then gets mocked and they butters mannish, flat and an ugly girl

No. 1140939

Sage for blogposting but teens today who grow up online especially on tumblr/twitter or other “woke” sites are essentially groomed by these adult transgenders into seeing the adults as victims.
On today’s internet kids are given a clear black and white list of the “oppressors” and the “oppressed” and troons have managed to shoehorn themselves into the oppressed category and kids are brought up believing they do no harm and need protection from the evil cis people
It almost always ends in either the kids staying in these spaces as handmaidens who eventually get groomed into becoming a troon themselves or the kids get fed up and see through the bs and end up falling down the alt right pipeline because that’s the most visible community that is against troon degeneracy(gc sperging)

No. 1140941

I remember reading about this on an incel forum. Some incels that transition to be “women” believe that women generally look better than men, so if they become a woman, they’ll be a prettier version of who they really are.

It doesn’t really work though

No. 1140944

File: 1611504870506.jpg (843.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210124-161052_Red…)

Found Peter Griffin trooning out.(not milk)

No. 1140947

File: 1611505182291.jpg (395.25 KB, 1069x1449, Screenshot_20210124_161740.jpg)

But mėn never try to get into bathrooms!

No. 1140957


Augh yeah, folks! Pepperoni on the titties.

No. 1140962

File: 1611506686651.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, EB236D5A-5170-4A49-A5B6-3AD142…)

Found this AGP on Twitter, his entire feed is about how he can ~~~feel his hrt working already guis!!!~~~~
Pic rel - delusions of passing because faceapp doesn’t change anything when he filters himself(where's the milk?)

No. 1140963

File: 1611506738404.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, B09FE2F9-452D-4876-8746-8E0C9F…)

Sage for samefag but another agp gem

No. 1140972

File: 1611508019944.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 62C5FE66-5D69-46D8-9356-A96181…)

Last one, but he is a programmer and true to form…programmer socks. Also has a Twitter “gf” who is just as repulsive

No. 1140974

why are trannies so obsessed with d.va overwatch? is it just yellow fever? they don't seem to be like bad with mercy or even widowmaker

No. 1140979

Mercy and Widowmaker look like adult women. D.Va looks like a kawaii uwu teen girl. Trannies are pedos

No. 1140982

2 theories.
1, She is that ideal 'gamergurl' they dreamed of having before realising no one wants to date them so they'll be their own.
2, At 19 she's the closest to looking borderline underaged?

No. 1140983

File: 1611509355241.jpg (53.41 KB, 474x632, download (1).jpg)

did the person calling him out for not being a true and honest werewolf get bashed for being transphobic? kek
sounds milky, post caps? pic is him

wallace and groom it sent me thank you anon

No. 1140984

File: 1611509401221.jpg (4.65 MB, 5171x3565, MRAincel.jpg)

Update from terfsbeware, the tranny who was beating up lesbians after catfishing them on dating apps. Some of my personal favorites:
> Being a woman is not as oppressing as being black
> terfs of color are actually white women
> 99% of terfs are white women and the other 1% are white women pretending to be non-white
> "Men are trash" is literal hate speech!
Is it just me or is a large portion of trannies white men who are really mad at white women for whatever reason? They can't even believe that there isn't a single actual radfem that isn't white. And what about the upvotes bc all of these blatantly obvious MRA talking points are in MtF subreddits. Some trannies do try to set him straight occasionally but if you think about it, if he was on twitter he'd have zero backlash from other trannies for this shit.

No. 1140988

File: 1611509694011.jpeg (324.33 KB, 1754x927, D4993F6F-8370-4964-B94D-3FEEFA…)

You are talking about transmaxxing. Pic related.

No. 1140992

File: 1611509802854.jpeg (140.47 KB, 1080x2280, received_2803547549858938.jpeg)

Posting this meme with the copypasta for anons who need it.

No. 1140997

No. 1141000

File: 1611510342291.jpeg (209.12 KB, 1758x776, 1DFE2332-BBEB-4D4A-B770-C76321…)

No. 1141013

File: 1611511003480.jpg (835.93 KB, 1949x2888, PicsArt_01-24-06.55.23.jpg)

Anon we had the exact same idea, I started making a collage of his comments just like that one yesterday! His post history is extremely disturbing. Here are some more comments
>violent and mysogingistic fetishes
>is a fucking Columbine expert because of course he is
>hates cis women and is jealous of them
>genital preferences are transphobic
>terfs hate us because they want girl cock (the projection kek)

No. 1141017

what the FUCK, this guy was already scary enough, why is he posting encouragingly to fucking r/rapekink, why is he interested in “breeding” women and putting a fucking knife into a vagina, why are we supposed to accept this fucking serial killer into our spaces and if we so much as hint that “kill terfs” might be violence against women WE’RE the oppressors somehow? oh my god I’m sorry I just fucking hit peak trans

No. 1141019


Ah yes, because you totally see rich old men "sponsoring" some Chris-chan looking abominations all the time. They really think ugly masculine women live on easy mode? Lmao because no matter how many bimbo surgeries they'll have, they will still look like ugly male, deranged, deformed freaks to anyone with eyes. Even a rich degenerate gay man will go for a male model and not some delusional, pimple-assed, cheeto-fingered incel troon.

No. 1141023

>reach out to TERFs employer's
I know this isn't even the scariest part of this, but I love how a lot of these "women" can post a million nudes with face included online and receive no backlash (even though it would be extremely risky for any real woman), but if a woman expresses her opinion online - get her fired.

No. 1141025

File: 1611511971751.jpeg (407.08 KB, 1883x820, 533B2D84-5947-4475-9287-ADAB9A…)

SF. 1/2. This is from the forum, but I just noticed that the tone of the transmaxxing sub has shifted a bit. I remember it as being more explicitly incel centric. I guess this explains it. They realized they had a PR problem lmao

No. 1141027

Trannies have it harder than women but it's their own doing, so I don't care. They must know that even the people who try to be polite think they're unhinged and don't want anything to do with them, that's why they cry oppression.

No. 1141030

is there any proof this person is not an autismally dedicated troll? i mean some of his posts do seem too exaggerated and stereotypical to be real, or am i too optimistic to assume not even the most degenerate tranny is honestly that deranged?

No. 1141032

File: 1611512923217.png (133.1 KB, 1406x482, Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 1.24…)

Lol anon did also you see that comment about him reactivating his tinder and being upset because he put he was trans in his bio and now doesn't get any matches? He made a post (picrel) then alluding to considering detransitioning just so he can get married and have children.
Then a bit later in a comment he says that dating apps haven't worked for him and that he's had better luck with kik and discord. Isn't kik that app that's associated with pedophiles?

No. 1141036

I thought so too anon but he's 100% real. Someone on KF said that there were pictures of him previously posted on his account and later on Crystal Cafe but they're gone now. The only reason he stands out is because he's on Reddit–if this were on Twitter he'd blend right in.

No. 1141043

If anything, it's more like tradwife to TERF.

No. 1141047

File: 1611513968081.png (569.98 KB, 2738x1515, crystal story.png)

Sage for no actual milk, but I feel it's too hilarious not to post. My personal divorced poly father-of-two wiccan lolcow recommended other troons this site, it's full of AGP autoerotica/fiction. Imagine spending your youth reading these, and still tell yourself that you're an honest woman, and not a total coombrain. Also, there are quite a few stories written from the perspective of a child, enough for the FAQ page to address it.(where's the milk?)

No. 1141057

it's always pedophilia and/or rape with them… i need a shower

No. 1141060

welcome to our terven clan, there's a scratching post over there to sharpen your claws and remember to type "sage" in email field unless you're contributing fresh milk

>majority of cis women are cis privileged Karens and take womanhood for granted
>male privilege is irrelevant and a transphobic tool
>hearing cis women complain is triggering
trying not to a-log

No. 1141069

sage for unrelated, but I can't fucking stand this sapphicbisexual twitter account. all their posts are annoying

No. 1141070

I had a tinfoil hat thought: the people behind these weird memes are getting kickbacks for HRT-related sales.

Both of these theories are plausible.

No. 1141097

File: 1611518058066.jpg (56.6 KB, 625x281, wrennilla.jpg)

last thread an anon said that one of the cows is openly a pedo >>>/snow/1119442 some earlier internet sleuthing found an old account of his with explanations of his "art" thesis project and it was chock full of pedophilia: describing a young girl suddenly growing large breasts and sexually awakening, fetishizing menarche, drawings of clearly pre-pubescent female bodies. was too horrified at that time to take screencaps and now I CAN'T FIND IT AGAIN argh. but I did find pic related, if any other anons have the milk please come thru

No. 1141103

File: 1611518609266.jpg (179.87 KB, 1068x522, 20210124_120139.jpg)

Those damn dirty cissies stole art, agreculture, and childbirth from trains.

No. 1141104

Do you know if the pics were posted on kiwifarms? I'm really curious because he types similarly/has similar aspects to someone I know, so I'm kind of curious if it's him. Not in the least because I'd rather be aware if someone in my social circles is this dangerously retarded.

No. 1141106

i wouldn't be surprised if the lefthot squad did steal their misogyny from troons, not gonna lie

No. 1141113

No idea, if they were I haven't seen them there. All I know is that he's an American white guy turned tranny.
As another anon said here previously, if they're such "women" why do they care about men's feelings so much? It's genuinely concerning how many trannies who sound like MRAs now legally have access to women's and girls' spaces.

No. 1141126

kek you're probably right

No. 1141162

wait is this coolstar the ios dev? jesus christ LMAO, i just thought he was a regular old asshole, if he’s a troon too? i cant help but laugh

No. 1141182

File: 1611524035250.jpeg (Spoiler Image,137.27 KB, 750x848, image2.jpeg)

Don't personally have any caps of the situation but theres videos on kf idk how to link them to here. Really wish i had saved all his tiktoks barking and howling about tranny rights though.

Anyways he got dumped by the poly girls and begged to get back together with the miscarriage one (alyssa) for months on end even after he found himself a new braindead handmaid bc ~muh poly relationship~ who he immediately dumped once he got back together w alyssa. They are now engaged for the 3rd time and most likely trying for baby. And they have an OF apparently. I feel bad for the girl cause shes visibly slow in the head and being manipulated by mrs trannywolf.

No. 1141194

File: 1611524381622.jpeg (369.87 KB, 750x654, image0.jpeg)

Samefag but this dude really was my personal favorite rollercoaster of a cow all throughout 2020

No. 1141216

File: 1611525174658.jpg (313.68 KB, 1330x2800, 8b91e1f3-8e40-5126-ab15-7655ec…)

Miley is a cow and narc but this is fucking stupid

https://www.out.com/celebs/2021/1/20/how-miley-cyruss-preference-remarks-show-underlying-transphobia(where's the milk?)

No. 1141230

>It will help society as a whole
I truly wish to know his logic ? Like how he think that if degenerate rich old men started "sponsoring" expensive transitions for subhuman males, how it would help society

No. 1141232

They really think most lgb people don't put genitals to gender/sex? They need to get off the net and meet people outside their damn echochamber.(gc sperging)

No. 1141238

Tranny janny having a field day redtexting every few posts lolz

No. 1141279

Literally about to post the same thing what's this jannys problem??

No. 1141292

does this janny not understand the concept of sageing? All of these posts were constructive and relevant to the subject too.(>>>meta)

No. 1141295

it's bc some spergs in meta are bitching about the contents of this thread

No. 1141300

>am I right fellow women?
A tranny wrote this.

No. 1141322

me scrolling and laughing at all the redtexts

Either there really is a tranny janny, or some troonz have found the thread and are spam reporting every post

No. 1141339

>dainty dune

Yes, this man is a pedophile. Imagine being so obsessed with your child's genitals you design a product range around them.(gc/pp sperging)

No. 1141340

File: 1611533680936.png (Spoiler Image,1001.04 KB, 954x596, 1601617041154.png)

>(where's the milk?)
>(not milk)
Tranny janny's at it again

No. 1141346

>At 10am, my daughter is having her first surgery
>the breast size she chose looks wonderful

Tranjan: where's the milk? because apparently this is a perfectly normal post(>>>meta)

No. 1141383

File: 1611537574749.jpeg (428.37 KB, 738x791, FE33E138-8BC9-4B6D-A380-BB9C42…)

> questioning something weird and pedophilic is “gc” and not milk.

There’s a big mess in meta. Sounds like butthurt handmaidens and troons want to controll what we can talk about.(>>meta)

No. 1141396

Tranny Janny & friends came in to rewrite lolcows opinion of troonz by force. Half joking, I am legit worried about whatever has been happening here the last couple of weeks, everyone is noticing but nothing is being done about it.

No. 1141397

This thread is now on autosage, looks like a tranny rebellion is happening in admin-land

No. 1141400

>nothing is being done about it

Aside from banning everyone tranny janny disgrees with, I should say.