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No. 1176656

Current -
Instagram: @bunnabells, @fawnbells
Twitter: @bunnabells, @faediary

Past -
Instagram: @pwurrs, @purinpet, @puppygrl, @pocketsizee, @piglwet, @angrwy, @littolest, @prwotect, @kittyggrl, @pupgrrl, @kttiey, @churchgrl, @69angelonline, @scarlctt, @irlbby, @barbiedreamcoffin, @kittiey, @bladegrl, @girlfromthegrave, @scarlettsblade, @warmmilkies, @pukeys, @puppygrl, @breadgrl, @bambinabells, @ninaofbell
Twitter: @shypurr, @pwurrs, @maidpurr, @ekittyprwincess, @crepegrl, @blush7777, @rabbitbells, @kittenbells
Tumblr: @strawpurries, @warmmilky
Soundcloud: @warmmilky

> 20 year old agere NEET, self proclaimed "legal loli"
> serial photoshopper, copycat, and liar with no IRL friends
> “gamer girl gf” but pays to level up
> doxes people, steals/copies pics and art
> skinwalks every agere/“nymphet” girl even when they beg her to stop, threatens suicide on her ig story if anyone calls her out
> rich mummy and daddy pay for everything
> constantly humble brags about her wealth and privilege
> “don’t talk about my rape or trauma” but mentions it at least once a week
> claims to be anti-ddlg/pet play/kink yet posts that exact content on her nsfw accounts
> calls people out for doing the exact same shit she does
> regularly cusses people out for defending the person she's currently skinwalking despite her ~uwu so sweet~ persona
> public sperg posts on the daily
> flirts with other girl's boyfriends on twitter, doesn't understand why nobody wants to be friends with her
> makes alt accounts to harass people who have blocked her
> claims all photoshopped pics are her real face
> "i'm sooo shy, insecure, & inexperienced compared to the rest of you~”; goes on to talk about her obscure fetishes, has been posting underaged lewds for years, whines if it doesn't get enough likes/rts
> uses manipulation and passive aggression get away with being a scumbag and seen like a “widdle babie”
> wannarexic; posts aggressively angled / shooped photos that make her look underweight along with captions about how she's starting a "weight loss journey”, bodychecks with captions about how her “bones are starting stick out”

> buys exact outfits, copies watermarks and poses in photos as other egirls
> master thread made about Erin
> chased off NSFW twitter with torches and pitchforks
> “I’m ewins fweind and her vwoice sounds the same unwess she gets mad at video game or somethin” - SELF POST
> Cinawoll chronicles
> “I don’t look at the thread” but has to prove the meanies wrong within an hour of anything being posted
> rich parents paid for lasik eye surgery, now asking for a nosejob
> “I have a learning disability!” “I’m German!” “I have a little bit of Swedish in me! “I’m Italian”
> “I have a spare room to use for my own space” stores her 100s of plushies on the bed
> forever claims she never mentioned “daddy” or posted anything “ddlg”
> continues to follow and interact with ddlg accounts
> “stop mentioning my rape or trauma” but continues to talk about it every chance she gets
> considers her online discord daddy relationship as part of her trauma. dedicated and spent “every waking minute with him” but it was an online relationship?
> someone posts her before/after photoshops on reddit, gets thousands of upvotes
> starts making “music” on garage band, all are covers but never says so to make it seem like they’re her own songs
> defends some twitter daddy pedophile, receives hate then backpedals as usual
> dramatically starts to change her aesthetic and claims her next skinwalking victim
> styles changes from pink princess loli to hazy cottagecore creepy cute in less than a month
> links her followers the thread
> another day, another face
> MERRY CHRISTMAS! mods mark all erin painter & “friend” self posts
> multiple posts are revealed in her own threads and the loli soft girls thread
> completely changes her art style within a day, artist calls her out saying that she’s improved/changed her style too quickly to be real
> had mental breakdown showing her cuts and bandaid for attention
> disables account only to come back 2 days later
> starts going through the process of changing her legal name
> goes on live to show her “REEL FACE!!” but only stays on for 3 mins and is switching the filters the whole time
> Erin emails admins, they just expose her on the thread
> anon cowtips, sends nudes and thread to her mother and Erin gets taken off the internet for good
> multiple accounts resurface but none can 100% be confirmed to be Erin
> months pass and she finally reactivates
> god a neckbead boyfriend
> mummy finally caved and bought her a nose job
> caught flirting with online neckbeard imzervox on FFXIV and Twitter whilst having a boyfriend
> Has a public breakdown on instagram stories saying that she's going to break up with her boyfriend while accusing him of abuse, which it turns out is simply him not being able to powder her ass with love and attention 24/7 because he works
> online neckbeard imzervox started mentioning WoW, she jumped the WoW ship and starting sperging about how much she loves WoW.
> proceeds to pay for a level 50 character so that she doesn't have spend time unlocking characters.
> still tracing artwork / copying art
> new legal name has been revealed! no longer is she Erin Painter, but is now Nina Rose Bellucci, bambina from New York!

> the sperging on Twitter never ends
> @winemoom stalker
> continues to claim she doesn’t edit her pictures but uploads CLEARLY shopped/snow selfies
> nose job looks pretty much the same as before
> starts pedo pandering again as soon as she breaks up with her boyfriend
> only uploads old pictures of her body because she has clearly gained weight
> posts NSFW pictures when she has multiple underage followers
> new small artist uwu persona comes out
> consistently changes her art style depending on who she decides to copy at the time
> complains when her art “flops”
> continues to interact with DDLG accounts
> “please credit my art” but creates a whole new account (@faedairy) that consists of stolen content with little to no credit.
> starts pushing the Italian persona
> “I can speak fluent Italian” despite saying in the past she couldn’t speak it
> continues to copy MULTIPLE different artists on Twitter
> starts making low quality plushies made from socks and glue, most of them look like they are going to fall apart
> was literally too stupid to work out how PayPal works
> begs people to donate towards making products and merchandise despite being incredibly wealthy
> cowtipping anon (fuck you)
> popular artists start blocking on her Twitter as they don’t want to be associated with her or her drama

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No. 1176658

File: 1614931268187.jpeg (154.09 KB, 827x922, 64BA7801-ED19-44D4-8432-5258FF…)

For the archives.

No. 1176665

Now she decided to try playing an ~ innocent victim ~ like she did during her peak era, where she would shit on everyone and everything. I think it's more about her not being creative at all and stealing others artstyles.

No. 1176789

Shit thread.

Hey “tinfoil sperg” anon, we all know it’s you that made this thread. You’re the only one that wanted a new thread. This thread is allowing all of the cowtipping and infighting from the previous thread to come back.(samefag)

No. 1176797

This. It’s clear the vendetta-chan made this thread. The thread pic is calling her a pedophile and a groomer and so does the thread summary. She’s neither, and it was very much established in the old thread when there was an influx of anons calling her a pedophile with no respectable evidence, just that she posts “bodychecks” publicly on her social media (??? kek). Unless she was intentionally targeting minors with NSFW content, she’s not considered a pedophile or a groomer. The fact that those words are thrown around so loosely, and about someone that doesn’t even qualify at all, makes me sick.(samefag)

No. 1176886

I think anon called her that because she was a DDLG-chan

No. 1176895

shit thread op btfo, the milk has all dried up

No. 1176911

She literally posted pics with her whole pussy out with a huge minor following. Hide your raging wk boner.

You sound just as obsessed as the people you’re sperging about. Ignore the thread if it bothers you that much. Why can’t you?

No. 1176938

>She literally posted pics with her whole pussy out
…on her NSFW account. Retard. She’s not responsible for who follows her on her public account. Especially if it’s NSFW. Have some common sense. She never posted NSFW content targeted at minors. Hence, not a pedophile/groomer. End of discussion.

And learn the definition of “sperg”, newfag. Kek. No one here is obsessively sperging useless shit except you. Everyone here has been telling you to fuck off for the past week. You’re unwanted. And your clear obsession with this former cow is insanely weird. Get help.(ban evasion)

No. 1176946

It was a funny meme that another anon made so I used it as the thread pic. Don’t take things so seriously.

And have you read the other threads at all? She INTENTIONALLY posted pictures of her body and self harm to her underage followers. She knows they all followed her for her “non ddllg agere” bullshit then exposed them to NSFW. So many accounts have blocked her because of it. Maybe read the fucking threads instead of saying it’s a vendetta.

No. 1176955


agreed. this “pedophile” shit seems like a pathetic attempt at trying to make her seem milky. but it’s disgusting to make that kind of accusation without proof just because you don’t like the person. and it’s so insulting to people who are victims of actual pedophiles.

holy fuck, you’re actually retarded. fuck off.(samefag)

No. 1176963

What’s wrong with you ? Calm down anon.

No. 1176972

retarded OP just tried defending themself saying farmhands wanted this thread to be made, posted a screenshot of farmhands basically telling OP to stop shitposting about Erin in threads that aren’t about Erin, then deleted their post
MY SIDES(ban evasion)

No. 1176980

File: 1614968454906.jpeg (37.14 KB, 712x223, 13B42386-C5FF-4AEE-A550-EF2187…)

Sage your autism. I’m not the OP but the thread has been discussed in meta and this was farmhand’s response to them.

No. 1177005

Erin is dry af lately, why does this thread exist

No. 1177008

Just to be randomly necro’d with no milk by Twitter retards

No. 1177011


p sure op is the same anon that was thread hopping begging for a new erin thread because they needed somewhere to dump their daily tinfoil sperg. that would be the reason why there’s a new thread lmfao(ban evasion)

No. 1177040

What the fuck are farmhands doing(ban evasion)

No. 1177061

ban evasion(ban evasion)

No. 1177124

this shit has been said a thousand times but ignore the fucking thread if it bothers you instead of checking in every day to let everybody know that you don’t like the thread, you absolute raging autists

No. 1177242

The Erin WKing has been the thing shitting up the threads lately, if all of you would take your tongues out of her asshole and hide the threads the autism would cut in half

No. 1177252

t. A raging newfag

No. 1177330

File: 1615001545583.gif (402.58 KB, 480x254, giphy.gif)

Her threads have always been that way until the small time period when she was ousted for self posting and bothering the farmhands and left for a bit. Now she mysteriously comes back to twitter and here we are.

No. 1177601

maybe the thread would even die out if the wks and bothered people would stop posting in here about the non-milk. I'm glad that OP made a new thread although I agree I don't get the grooming allegations?

No. 1178074

File: 1615079000983.jpeg (231.38 KB, 1649x1020, 37E4314D-6AF2-4DE5-BF7B-0B5228…)

This DDLG artist @caileycake was posted on the last Erin thread because anons thought Erin was copying her art. Turns out, caileycake traces art worse than fucking Erin kek. I almost shit myself when I saw this on Pinterest. Here’s a side by side of caileycake’s cow VS another artist @strangelykatie’s cow. I know it was controversial in the last thread whether Erin truly “traces” or not, but in this case with caileycake it’s unmistakeable, it’s TRACED. Same pose same artstyle. Fucking hell nobody on art Twitter is original. These “artists” are pathetic.(ban evasion)

No. 1178103

This isn’t new or directly erin related, why bump the thread to shit on some twitter artfag. Besides, this doesn’t dismiss any of the erin’s tracing accusations regardless. They’re all just as bad as each other, erin has a history of it tho.

No. 1178629

when is the fat erin thread coming?(ban evading sperg)

No. 1179118

Make one yourself if you want one so bad.

No. 1180651

File: 1615355845640.png (46.45 KB, 354x511, erin.PNG)

Just posted this on her insta story, can't seem to find her twitter account anymore.

No. 1180692

File: 1615359398681.png (3.25 MB, 828x1792, EF94691D-D6CD-4338-AD28-06D0F4…)

she’s posting her typical guilt trip shit on her stories. it’s all me me me. nice to see she hasn’t changed

No. 1180694

File: 1615359559531.png (2.86 MB, 828x1792, 83E9B2C1-2DAF-4B90-BEFF-9AD6EF…)


No. 1180866

she deleted her account i think. i went to go look at her story and it only said “instagrammer”, i haven’t tried to look at her twitter though.(ban evasion)

No. 1180895

What happened? Did someone call her out on art theft?

No. 1181119

Doesn't she have friends to talk to at her college? I don't know what validation she's seeking but socialising with real life peers more healthy than strangers that follow you?

No. 1181164


Actually if you paid close attention you’d notice her NSFW account was a username copy of a popular age regression story maker that was a minor. She used his username and even promoted her NSFW account on her SFW age regression account knowing she has a large following of minors and let’s not forget her main accounts used to be age regression accounts so obviously her following is minors. Poutypet is a 16 year old i believe and he made it clear he wasn’t comfortable with someone using his username for a nsfw account especially a grown adult who knew he was a minor.

>>”pedophile shit is an attempt to make her milky”

Umm she is technically a predator for being a legal adult promoting her pornography towards minors and exposing her self naked to minors so yes she classified as a predator because it’s true she is one for doing that. She doesn’t think before she does things clearly and it’s ridiculous how you’re trying to sugar coat her actions and frame truthful claims as false. Like just admit you didn’t read all her threads or bothered to learn and go through evidence that backs up the claims.

No. 1181179

Agreed. Someone on twitter must’ve confronted her or some bs. She can’t live without online validation. I don’t think she’d be able to maintain healthy irl relationships.

This is some textbook manipulator shit. Why even share these?

No. 1181304

Holy fucking shit, it's painfully obvious who the agerefag minors are in this thread.

Learn the definitions. She is not a paedophile, she is not a groomer, and she is not a predator. Like another anon said above, it has everything to do with intent. If there is evidence that she purposely sought out minors to target NSFW posts with, then yes by all means that is the definition of some variation of paedophile. Until you post proof that she most certainly intended to target minors with NSFW posts, via DMs of her contacting a minor with NSFW content, or through tweets/instagram stories, etc, then she is not a paedophile. And for the love of God, stop accusing non-paedos of being paedos. It's clear you're uneducated on the matter, so let me remind you how serious of an allegation that is, and it is something that should be brought to the authorities if true (not true in this case so please don't fucking contact the police about her jesus christ). On a side note, you're absolutely invalidating actual victims of predators by falsely accusing non-predators out of spite.

Sorry for the somewhat sperg, this shit pisses me off. As someone who is a real victim of paedophilia, anons don't realise how disgusting accusations like this are. So fucking sick of seeing anons call her a predator just because they want something to hate her for.

No. 1181346

File: 1615429545247.jpg (217.74 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20210311-131811__01…)

Technically you're right spergchan im sorry you suffered that btw but she's treading on thin ice and that's where all the over zealous accusations come from. I have no horse in this race either way. And tbh I don't think she's a pedophile, I just think she enjoys infantalising herself (sorta treading into autopedophila territory but not headfirst like troons). Just thought I'd give context for some of the under age posters who aren't articulating themselves properly. I'm not usually sympathetic on LC but I can see why broad use of the term could be upsetting.

No. 1181516


Literally shut up oh my god quit trying to white knight Erin lmao she is a predator for purposely posting her pornography account on her normal accounts knowing she had minors. Literally you’re protecting a predator for what??? It’s obvious that if you purposely announce your NSFW account on your age regression account knowing your followers are minors and using the same username as a known minor = predatory behavior.

Stop trying to sugar coat it, we get it you’re an Erin fan but come on, she willingly showed her privates on that NSFW account even after letting minors follow her. She claimed it was a “body positivity” account where she wanted to “boost” her confidence but turned it into a whole ass porn account. That was 100% misleading and she didnt go private to accept or remove any minors. Literally just shut up already and do your own research, everything that went on when she first made that account up till it ended has been posted. Stop trying to get us to post old milk.

No. 1181517


>>just because they want something to hate her for

like you really think we called her a pedophile or a predator because we want to hate her? nah, we called her that because as i said already she knowingly posted her nudes to minors and mislead them to a “body positivity” account that was actually just a NSFW porn account. Literally not hard to understand she willingly posted her nudes and exposed herself to minors. She’s done this before even when she had spam. She made a twitter, posted her full body nudes and posted about it on her spam knowing she had minors following her at the time as well since that was when she turned 18. She’s dipping her toes into predatory behavior so kindly shut up anon. You act like this is a vendetta but its the truth, she’s somewhat of a predator and thats that. You’re a victim, that sucks but stop trying to excuse your idols past behavior.

No. 1181540

You sound like the ban evading retard. Get off the thread if that shit triggers you.

No. 1181696

found the clueless minor kek. please fuck off(samefagging/infighting)

No. 1181773

anon there’s a lot of other fat bitches you can wk on this site, how about you switch it up a bit and try something different

No. 1181797


>>clueless minor

lmao good job exposing yourself as the retarded whiteknight on the thread, i proved you wrong by spitting facts on the predatory behavior she did and you do what? throw a tantrum of saying its lies but yeesh you just proved that you’re the true retard here and clearly don’t do your own research if i shut you down that quickly.

No. 1181819

Nta, but I’m sure most people would want to defend someone who’s not a pedophile, that is being accused of being a pedophile. And still with no evidence

No. 1182201

NTA either, but it is still predatory behavior even if it’s not directly “pedophilia”. Previous anon literally listed the reasons and there is quite a lot of evidence in the previous threads. Don’t expect to be spoonfed if you’re too lazy to lurk.

No. 1182237


Theres been proof posted before, literally it’s not allegations if she posted her nudes to minors. I still don’t get why you are trying to say there isn’t proof, even her old followers like me know she used to post herself naked at an angle while having minors follow her spam. I listed you reasons and even told you to look at previous threads because it’s been talked about and proven but here you go trying to say “not enough proof” like you’re the reason most predators get away with it because there’s evidence in peoples face but they ignore it lmao. If you’re too lazy to do research on your own then just admit it instead of trying to erase proven claims against Erin. You’re so quick to keep saying “omg you have a vendetta against her” but shut up once you’re proven wrong with facts. Anyways it’s old milk that has nothing to do with hating Erin, go deep read her old threads thank you.

No. 1182267


ntayrt but her spam account had almost 10k followers and every other account she’s ever made in the past has had almost 10k followers or more. I’m sorry but she’s not a predator for not wanting to go through 10k followers to find which ones are the minors kek. No one would want to take the time to do that. This is getting annoying. Someone like Nika is infact a pedophile since multiple underage victims have come forward with evidence of her messaging them sexual things. This case on the other hand is just anons trying to find something to post about while there isn’t any milk flowing. Like a few other anons have said, accusing someone of pedophilia who isn’t actually a pedophile is so fucking disgusting and invalidating real victims

bottom line is, unless she sent a minor nsfw shit directly to them (not posted publicly), she’s not a pedophile in any way. That’s just facts. you’re calling her a predator over this like it was her sole purpose to post nsfw shit just so minors could see it. Jesus get off the internet and go read a dictionary

No. 1182283

Go back to Twitter or stay in pt for "milk" sperg chan. You are accomplishing nothing by posting here. Last I checked the world wasn't going to crash and burn because anons consider a fatty egirl on the internets a predator. Literally learn to cope.

No. 1182745


Posting yourself naked to a large following knowing you had minors follow you is considered predator behavior. She was a minor when she started spam and grew a large following while a minor still. The moment she turned 18 and started dating Dawson thats when she started publicly posting more lewds to get his attention. I mean when she had her old ig model phase where she shooped herself to have bigger lips she did post ass pics and close up of her boobs. But as i said when her and Dawson dated she posted a lot of revealing photos. She even posted w photo of a meshed shirt where you could literally see her nipple and she took i think 4 of the same photos and posted it. She knows she had minor followers so literally just accept she’s done predatory behavior by showing her own nudes to minors. End of discussion so quit trying to go back and fourth when you have absolutely no proof that these examples aren’t predatory behavior.

No. 1182762

Nta, calling someone a predator for not clearing out their followers of minors before posting pictures of her obvious bodychecks is the equivalent of calling someone like Belle Delphine a predator for not removing her underage followers before posting her porn. Sorry, it just doesn’t add up. Like most everyone else keeps saying, if she didn’t send the nudes to minors in private messages, or posted something about her being attracted to children, she’s not a pedophile. It’s that simple. Being a fucking weird 17-18 year old that posts nsfw pics publicly because you’re trying to get the attention of your equally fucking weird 22 year old boyfriend is highly different than being a straight up pedophile that wants to fuck kids kek. I think that’s what most anons are fighting about here. No one is denying she’s made bad choices regarding posting her body publicly, but no one should be calling her a pedophile for that.

No. 1183048

File: 1615590516997.jpeg (327.58 KB, 827x1469, AB23F0D6-0690-4D75-AB0B-94F26F…)

Abusive relationships” ah yeah the discord daddy dom you never met and the tinder date that ghosted after you fucked. ~Muh abuse~

No. 1183169

Personally I'd argue they're both fucking creeps regardless of intention. Sure they may not be physically attracted to children but they sure did expose themselves to them because of their own selfish "needs". The outcome is the same regardless of intent.

No. 1183360

people call her a pedophile for sexuality g children’s behavior through ddlg, by wearing children’s panties, making kiddo items suck as pacies viewed as sexual and whatever. why are we all pretending all that shit never happened? she’s posted pictures wearing children’s panties, jesus christ

i’m not sure why there’s so much wk’ing on this thread and i’m not gonna hi cow but the first posts on this thread?… what the fuck

indeed she hasn’t changed. goes from sperging about how she’s the problem and needs to change to making herself look like a victim whose bs is justified. you’re still a creep and an art thief, erin

No. 1183425

File: 1615634585959.jpeg (702.53 KB, 1125x1393, IMG_2242.jpeg)

Are we talking about the same person? She’s said she doesn’t like pacifiers and has never used them. I don’t recall her ever posting herself with pacifiers or onesies or diapers or gross ddlg shit like that. If I’m wrong please post screenshots of her in them. The only children’s items she’s “sexualized” are stuffed animals, and practically every other egirl does the same thing lately.
Picrel, believe it or not the infamous “kid’s panties” anons talk about here are actually women’s panties found on Amazon. I’m wondering how they came to the conclusion that they were kid’s panties, they don’t even look like they’d be meant for kids. This obsession some of you have with labeling her as a pedophile even under false “evidence” is very alarming and strange. Please move on. Accept that your cow isn’t milky anymore. No need to make up milk.

inb4 “hi wk”, not wking at all. Just fucking sick of this disgusting pedophilia discussion with fake “evidence”, that anons clearly started because there’s no milk right now. Stfu.

No. 1183428

File: 1615635226629.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 689.05 KB, 1125x1107, IMG_2243.jpeg)

Samefag, this is the women's underwear anons think are for kids, correct? Seen in the post above.

No. 1183847

Anon did you actually search to find her underwear? Just to type this out? Your obsession with defending this cow is weirder than anything else.

Had to go back to check the “infamous” panties you mentioned and the only replies were about how crusty and fat it looked kek.

Any mentions of her wearing child’s underwear was about her post of how she buys children’s underwear. Not this shit.

She’s a “legal loli” ddlg-fag. Nobody has to spoonfeed you and screenshot the things that have been discussed to death before. If you want evidence, just lurk.

No. 1183999

Damn you're creepy knowing that. She stretched those out to unrecognizable limits. But k. She is still a creep showing off her panties to underage fans. Make a new account (if she wants to be a influencer and protect children at the same time)…don't post your attention seeking photos for all to see.

No. 1184012

what are you talking about?

No. 1184262

File: 1615729862394.jpg (92.85 KB, 754x381, 1615729754252.jpg)


No. 1184284

File: 1615732659892.jpeg (430.03 KB, 1125x1346, E8FDC8E3-7BAA-4254-A938-F02EF7…)

I commissioned her a while back and sent this to her Instagram when she deleted her Twitter account and she offered a refund so I’m wondering why this person didn’t refund? Or she’s trying to catch up with refunds. She didn’t try scamming me out of my money

No. 1184296

File: 1615734139720.jpeg (160.93 KB, 826x1045, 854357E9-ED9E-4FE8-90D5-2C3E63…)

which one of you retards made this? stop cowtipping ffs.

No. 1184395

ew anon… you commissioned erin? twitterfags need to get off this thread asap.

No. 1184463


Imagine knowing who Erin is, commissioning her, and then plastering it here. Please leave.

No. 1187110

File: 1616032886241.jpeg (159.71 KB, 827x866, 32180F05-628A-46EF-8838-5DE29E…)


No. 1187158

File: 1616037870205.png (103.07 KB, 596x674, anotherscam.png)

Documenting another scam claim.

No. 1187173

File: 1616039581999.jpg (302.69 KB, 758x861, 1616039511562.jpg)

Is this her new account?

No. 1187226

Sage for no contribution - damn I was ready to write it off but I'm kinda convinced anon kek, how'd you come across this account?

No. 1187241

Kind of a retarded nitpick, but she has the pride flag in her bio but I always thought she was straight?

No. 1187266

I think it could be her. When I saw this person on twitter I thought its Erin but w changed username lol

Maybe her scamming people was her plan all along, which is why shes been copying others styles and artworks so people wouldn't recognise her?

It's all tinfoil tho. I'd feel bad for this account if it's not her.

No. 1187269

I doubt it’s her, all of this new tinfoil doesn’t add up to what she said here >>1184284
I’m another customer that she emailed with this explanation And she dmed me a really long explanation message on a new private account @bunnabells, I’m not sure if it’s okay for me to post the message or email because it has a lot of personal information through it. I agree that it just seems like she’s running behind on refunds since she said she’s busy with school too. And it is kind of fucked up that random accounts get posted here just because someone thinks it’s her. Is’nt this what happened last time she took a break? The whole thread turned into anons posting tinfoil about random accounts that they thought were her and never ended up actually being her(cowtipping)

No. 1187270

> Erin with a history of lying about going to school
Sure Jan

No. 1187273

are you retarded? she posted video of her zoom class on Instagram and talked about which courses she’s taking right now. it’s literally documented in this thread too. hi vendetta chan

No. 1187301

Of course the wk is the anon who commissioned her.

No. 1187308

uh there is no proof in this thread about erin going to school. shes probably still neet

No. 1187387

File: 1616074819652.jpg (58.66 KB, 1080x1128, 20210318_093627.jpg)

Nta but I decided to check the account and it's gone now

No. 1187399

File: 1616076144686.jpeg (60.68 KB, 593x446, honeyedroll.jpeg)

Its not deleted, they just changed their username (understandably) because apparently they were getting messages about Erin. Jesus Christ, leave it alone.
Agree with >>1187269, this thread is destined to be shit up with tinfoil now that Erin's gone again. Oh, and the cowtipping is back. What a surprise, cowtipping and tinfoil is back, the same reasons why we all didn't want this new thread to be made.

Hey retards, stop cowtipping random innocent fucking accounts that you think are Erin, it hasn't even been a week since she left. Please learn to cope. This is just sad and pathetic to watch.

No. 1187698

She’s scamming people? What more do you want!?

No. 1187703

File: 1616102361829.jpeg (154.39 KB, 827x1296, 80F71BC9-434F-41C1-A09E-42AAF3…)

She made over $150 on her kofi. What about that money too?

No. 1187735

Twitter account made in March of 2020 has zero likes or posts until immediately after Erin deactivates in 2021, using extremely similar art & threatening deletion as her first reaction. Not to mention somehow getting 400 followers off of three posts that aren’t even hashtagged or @ed at all. Still tinfoil but it’s a pretty big coincidence considering how huge art Twitter is.

No. 1187746

File: 1616105032517.jpeg (92.86 KB, 827x609, E3A4692B-CC73-4B6F-9690-D3BBDE…)

This post is now deleted, please correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Nina draw the bottom right pic?

No. 1187774

No she didn’t. None of those pictures were posted on Erin’s account. Weird.

Pretty sure people are finding their account so fast because of the semi-large following accounts retweeting and liking their art. If you simply go through the retweets on their art, there’s a lot of different big name artists and cottagecore-esque accounts retweeting and liking. That would explain the numbers. Side note, shit if I was posted on lolcow I’d want to delete my account too kek. This all seems like a big reach because some of you oddly already miss Erin.

No. 1187856

File: 1616118065671.png (13.66 KB, 588x132, 18804457894.png)

>if I was posted on lolcow I’d want to delete my account too
she deleted her account because she's a coward who couldn't take people rightfully coming at her
adding onto that tinfoil but what other retard would threaten to delete their nothing account over a stranger's drama

No. 1187871

nta but are you retarded? anon wasn't talking about erin deleting her account, they were talking about the bee person. please fuck off, stop targeting a random fucking innocent. how are you about to post this person on lolcow and accuse them of something they didn’t do, and then in the same breath make fun of them for wanting to delete their account? you’re the problem here. a lot of people, in fact the majority of people, would want to retreat if they were being harassed about something that doesn’t even involve them. no one would hold it against this person for wanting to delete their account after being bombarded with lolcow bullshit. this shit pisses me off. can’t wait till this thread becomes 100% tinfoil about random fucking accounts like the last thread when erin fled. what a shitshow. get help.

No. 1187894

She’s done this all before. Making new accounts, pretending to be a different person and threatening deletion as soon as anything comes up. It’s a pattern that she repeats over and over.

No. 1187895

File: 1616125045405.png (206.57 KB, 609x538, bearart.png)

It's not the same piece, but you might recognize it because it looks a lot like this art that Erin posted before (found from wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20210218220232/https://twitter.com/bunnabells/status/1362522712854454273)

Honestly, even if it turns out that this bee person isn't Erin, all of this only goes to show how fucking homogenous the kawaii art community is.

No. 1187910

Bee is not erin. And when was it ever confirmed that any of the accounts posted in the thread last time she left was actually her? Iirc it was all tinfoil and no one could ever find solid evidence. More tinfoil. Leave these fucking people alone

> multiple accounts resurface but none can 100% be confirmed to be Erin

It’s literally stated right in the thread summary kek

No. 1187911

File: 1616126994902.png (78.4 KB, 1184x266, mutism.png)

i agree we shouldn't be posting about Bee, but just another important thing to document is Bee said they have mutism (and/or) autism, if i'm being honest i'm starting to feel really bad for them/her. its unfortunate that they were posted here so many times under false allegations

No. 1188634

nta but i know what art piece other anon is referring to and it’s not the one you linked. nina drew an animal mug or an animal in a mug or something of the sort before, it was a mug specifically hence why anon felt it could be the same piece of art as the one that bee posted (which i can’t confirm whether it is or not, i can’t seem to find the picture either and my memory is blurry)

No. 1188645

File: 1616206178894.jpeg (504.41 KB, 1242x1261, 73DBA6A4-4D75-4F7B-ABDD-84B204…)

Imagine having a “business” & disappearing into thin air while expecting your customers to not assume that they’ve gotten scammed. It’s not just “impulsive” erin, it’s irresponsible.

No. 1188782

i heard someone who blocked erins accounts noticed one of the blocked accounts change its name to “bearycosy”. i think bee is erin.

No. 1188783

Any way you can get screenshots?

No. 1188799

Sounds like fake bullshit to post while the milk is dry. Same shit happened in the last thread. And its unsaged.

No. 1188828

>"no you didn't get scammed"
Imagine acting like a scammer then being such a bitch when people rightly assume you scammed them

No. 1188876

how is this dry milk? your wk ass has been complaining about the lack of milk for the last 3 threads and something actually milky happens and you say this shit?

No. 1188947

ntayrt but they’re not wking, they’re right. if you were around last year when she deleted her accounts the first time, you would understand how fucking annoying it is to fill the thread with accounts that aren’t her to tinfoil just because anons desperately miss their beloved cow. tinfoil isn’t milk. making an unsaged post saying “i heard..” or “i think..” with no screencaps attached and about an account that isn’t her, isn’t milk. fuck off and stop shitting up the thread with tinfoil, newfag.

No. 1189247

Anon, just don't reply to the wks. Ignore them or the thread will go to shit again. They just want you to respond

No. 1189293


the thing is most of those accounts were actually Erin’s and she even got caught for being an idiot and making her spotify pfp show the background of her room and someone connected an instagram account to it and it was her. Yes it’s good to document some accounts you might think is hers but it’s best to sage it. Every time an account is posted anons instantly start spam messaging the account “is this erin’?” like a retard. Plus she’s known for hopping accounts instantly and easily changes her room and goes by a different username every time she comes back to social media and still ends up being caught. She’s a wealthy rich white girl with daddy and mommy issues that can easily change everything around her if she wanted to go by a different persona.

No. 1189862

File: 1616367405155.jpg (171.6 KB, 1163x565, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-JCVE…)

Erin is @bearycosy. Her tumblr name bunnabell has been changed to bearycosy before she deleted it. However, when you click on her old posts, her new username (@bearycosy) shows up.

Link to the post that has been reblogged directly from Erin https://honey-cottage-garden.tumblr.com/post/633750581740175360

No. 1189864

File: 1616367461172.png (306.33 KB, 594x509, Screenshot Capture - 2021-03-2…)

more proof that the picture belongs to her

No. 1189897

Every time someone posts an account here thinking it might be her new account, said account immediately deactivates or posts "people are asking me suddenly if i'm person x and n-no i definitely don't have any idea who that is w-what are you talking about" and it's already happened so many times that that alone is making me think it's her

No. 1189899

knew it! thank you anon for coming through

No. 1189928

I don’t believe this, it’s too weird? Why are we assuming this is Erin’s tumblr? Her usernames have been taken by other people in the past. And the other usernames don’t match up at all, who is the person in the caption? Are those even Erin’s pictures? What the fuck is going on

No. 1189938

Just because it’s weird, doesn’t mean it’s not true? The proof is all there. Read the thread.

No. 1189946

just because someone has the same username as her doesn’t mean it’s her, we’ve learned that already long before. that’s really the only “proof” we got from this if you can even call it that

the other usernames listed in the screenshot is what doesn’t make sense, none of those are hers. The time frame doesn’t make sense either. Still just tinfoil, disappointing

No. 1189960

File: 1616376339891.png (100.16 KB, 1274x525, Capture.PNG)

Well it seems a bit coincidental that this person would take Erin's bunnabell username, steal her pictures as well, and then change their username to bearycosy, which is now the same username of a twitter account that is potentially Erin.

Also if you go to the ninillya instagram account mentioned in the description it leads to an empty insta that says "moved accounts" which is classic Erin. And when looking up the name listed on that account, "ninfilia" it brings up some WoW/FF stuff. Plus ninillya/ninfilia sounds a bit like "Nina".

So idk just a lot of coincidences for it to be someone else I think

No. 1189961

what are you talking about? those usernames on the left are people that reblogged erin's post. If you've never used tumblr before, the source is the original posters name which is bunnabell, now changed to bearycosy.

She has about a million usernames, I get that you are skeptical, but bunnabell&bunnabells have been the username she's been known for a long time now.

Isn't it even weirder for someone who has the EXACT same username as her to post pics that she claims are hers (on @faediary which is confirmed to be her 100%) BEFORE she posted them on twitter???? Not to mention, that tumblr account has changed their username to bearycosy before… and coincidentally a twitter account with the same username and same art style, pops out of nowhere and denies to be erin the second the @bunnabells twitter is deactivated.

No. 1189965


finally some concrete proof in this thread, bless you anon.

No. 1189972

honestly do you even know how to read?

No. 1189989

File: 1616378989003.png (2.06 MB, 997x3327, image.png)

reposting this bc I thought the image didn't upload at first. but I couldn't help to notice the similarities between the two handwritings n the overall art style

No. 1190064


Here’s a link to an Etsy from the same artist with their old username (honeyedroll) and it says it ships from western NY where I’m pretty certain Erin lives.

No. 1190085

File: 1616390551891.jpeg (140.59 KB, 1242x1209, 398C1445-DDD5-4B7A-AD48-7FBF87…)

Good catch!

It was confirmed that she lives in Fredonia NY here >>1085633 , which is exactly where those stickers ship from.

No. 1190116

lmao at all the anons saying “no booly innocent person who is definitely not Erin uwu”, this is hilarious. She is actually insane.

No. 1190161

File: 1616404049188.jpeg (156.42 KB, 827x950, DFBCD6B4-7AB0-4455-81FD-634F14…)

@faediary is now deactivated.

No. 1190212

File: 1616411468159.jpeg (328.51 KB, 750x787, 3B2CD521-1E26-40CE-88A5-A790EF…)

I clicked your link just now; it’s the exact same post but “bearycosy” has now changed usernames to “honeyedroll”.

No. 1190261

you're all acting like you discovered the cure for cancer kek. who gives a shit about any of this

No. 1190277

Bruh the exit button is there

No. 1190335

if this ends up being erin, her larping as a "selective mute" autist really takes the cake

No. 1190342

Are u a retarded? It’s her thread..? There were anons out right denying bearycosy was erin and complaining abt lack of milk.

No. 1190344

even if it was erin, we don’t know what disorders she actually has other than what we’ve discussed here (anons have suggested bpd, a personality disorder, and autism) so i wouldn’t call it “larping” yet, we don’t know enough about it to judge if she has it or not. tinfoil but tbf she never posted about autism or mutism despite being asked about it a lot and it would explain a lot if she had them, maybe she’s ashamed of it? if this bee account was her, maybe she feels more comfortable talking about her disorders under a different name. idk, just brainstorming because none of this makes sense

No. 1190351

ntayrt, samefag but i think the point was anons are doing a lot of detective work for something that doesn’t really matter that much, like they said “who cares” if she made a new account under a different name, it isn’t a big deal

No. 1190353

what’s not clicking anon lmfao? It’s not like any of her other 50 accounts were tied to her actual name.

No. 1190356

She deactivates bunnabell without finishing any commissions or notice, immediately opens another art account to sell stickers and shit, you call it what you want but I call it scamming. Not sure why it’s a struggle to put two and two together here, but the fact that she’s bearycosy confirms a lot of previous “tinfoils” .

No. 1190359

File: 1616426841963.jpeg (725.32 KB, 1242x1130, AC55DCF7-BE38-48D1-B31D-C590F4…)

She changed it again. 100% still lurking.

No. 1190475

File: 1616435559412.png (213.35 KB, 492x427, screenshot.png)

she changed it again.

No. 1190484


who gives a fuck? learn to sage and stop shitting up the thread. it’s a blank tumblr and you keep posting the same old post from November 2020, on top of that we don’t even have concrete evidence that it’s hers since we don’t know who the fuck the other usernames belong to. nobody cares.

inb4 this new unearthed account gets outed as the Fat Erin girl or one of her other skinwalkers. it’s so coincidental how you’re all forgetting about the past 6 threads and Erin’s followers having a history of stealing her posts/usernames and pretending to be her purposely so they’ll get posted on this thread. retards.

No. 1190545

Clearly people care. Why are you so mad? Post your milk or fuck off. This thread is a headache with all you WKs.

No. 1190546

Apparently you give a fuck? How many times do people need to tell you to leave the thread alone if it bothers you this much? Are you unable to read all the evidence or are you the owner of the autistic account kek

No. 1190547

It’s literally just one wk that was the samefag in the previous threads. I’m not sure if the admins can ban someone that uses a vpn but it’s annoying as fuck.

No. 1190567


Ntayrt, but I second that this is really reaching to be considered milk. It also annoys me to see this thread bumped and it's fucking name changes and biscuits and not her self-posting or putting her innie pussy online. Just wait for actual milk to flow or sage.

No. 1190577

Is scammy behavior and stalking her own thread not milk at all? Not sure how much more confirmation you need that erin is bearycosy (they literally have the same address ffs)

No. 1190594

Are you new? Only one of the accounts (strawbyu) had somewhat concrete evidence of it being her, out of all of the other accounts anons were tinfoiling about. The only evidence we could come up with on strawbyu was the fact that the strawbyu account and Erin’s spotify account had the same profile picture. All of the other accounts that were posted here were never confirmed to be her and actually were not her. Tbh it seems like the same thing is happening again now that she left again, which is annoying. Some anons here really need to go outside and touch some grass instead of playing internet sleuth over a former cow that no one cares about anymore

No. 1190602

Anon, you must be dumb. Her running away with scam just to try milking more money on a different account is milk.

I bet if twitter didn't scream about her giving no refunds and disappearance, she would not have returned whatever the money she returned. There are still people who haven't gotten their money back, yet she tried to immediately change her account and get money from others.

No. 1190610

no, are you dumb? she obviously didn’t scam, multiple people have come forward saying she refunded them AND posted proof of it. and other people that tweeted about it before have deleted their tweets so assuming she refunded them too. as of now there is no proof of her scamming, and it’s really hard to believe that’s what she was planning the whole time. that’s absurd to assume that with no evidence.
and bearycosy hasn’t advertised any shops or mentioned selling anything. you’re the only dumb one here apparently

No. 1190628

bearycosy had a ko-fi link on her profile for a while and the stickers on etsy (that’s sold from the same location as erin). Why would she create another art account to sell shit when she deactivated her own for “focusing on school n being overwhelmed uwu” while she still had ongoing commissions?

I think what the previous anon was trying to note was that she would’ve gotten away with scamming if multiple people (and this forum) wouldn’t to track her bs.

Erin has done the same shit so many times in the past, why is this such a ridiculous idea to some of you people? Every time people catch up with her bs, she rebrands and pretends to be someone else.

No. 1190639


ngl i second that this is a reach, I’ve been here since the first thread and she’s never done this before. It’s definitely not scamming. you’re pulling shit out of your ass at this point for the sake of your precious milk

Honestly looking from the outside in this whole thing is extremely weird for anons to be this obsessed over, she doesn’t do shit anymore and she’s practically the most boring cow on this website, and like other anon said she just isn’t milky anymore. hell, nobody even wanted this thread to be made because of the lack of milk, tinfoil, infighting, and cowtipping, but infamous vendetta-chan OP just had to. Leave the cow alone. she obviously doesn’t want to be around anymore if she deleted her accounts and possibly goes under a new name now. it’s so easy to just move on to the next cow until this one comes back. the weird obsession with finding her accounts whenever she deletes her main account seems like a vendetta most of the time. nobody should really care this much about a person making a new account

No. 1190642

File: 1616451365111.jpeg (710.64 KB, 1242x1556, FFEE408B-3A6E-4094-A6F2-FBCD1D…)

There are still tweets up? I haven’t seen other proof of refunds other than the wk anon here that was retarded enough to commission her.

Either way, it’s such a scummy thing to lie about. Why close your account bc of school whilst starting to promote your art shit on another?

No. 1190646

> I’ve been here since the first thread and she’s never done this before.

No. 1190649

File: 1616451705850.jpeg (111.89 KB, 827x1036, 7BA0C1C0-4EA8-4227-A197-A81E55…)

GTFO, you don’t even know what you’re talking about at this point.

> bearycosy hasn’t mentioned selling anything
What she gonna do with these then? Give them out for free?

No. 1190664

I love that she put the location as no you didn't get scammed
>Dumbass wk: no proof, no milk
anons post proof
>Dumbass wk: Too much investigating!

No. 1190675

File: 1616453432569.jpeg (26.9 KB, 449x460, C4B0C21E-DECC-4E4E-A319-F5EB4B…)

you can easily find that she did advertise her shit, u can see her ko-fi link on her profile w wayback machine

No. 1190683

File: 1616453867031.jpeg (298.44 KB, 1242x1633, 6BEECAAD-75D8-4F7B-86CD-64FCF5…)

Not only that but she had her etsy linked there too (which has now been deleted since it was posted on lolcow), so you could def say she at least had SOME intention to make money.

No. 1190704

I think the fact she cycles through usernames at such a rapid pace is confirmation it's Erin, why would some random be refreshing Erin's thread to change her username every time it was posted?

No. 1190854

File: 1616468057794.jpeg (149.63 KB, 827x709, 423D7F1B-10DF-4A3E-920A-AF0018…)

New username is @beebearies

No. 1190977

Are you an idiot? She scammed people before.

No. 1191028

File: 1616495701421.jpeg (281.38 KB, 828x1528, F5F638B7-DE50-4EB5-88A2-B6C5B3…)

I mean, it is erin no doubt.

For those still doubting bee and erin painter/nina rose bellucci are the same person.
This post was made by bee on tumblr (previously bearycosy >>1189862) under the name “honeyedroll” which is conveniently also used as their kofi and etsy (>>1190683).

We know those biscuits were made by nina, seeing as she posted them on instagram before. (see attached picture)
So I don’t know why people are still debating whether it’s nina or not. Bee and Nina are the same person.

Why does this matter? Because people have currently not all received a refund for commissions they didn’t get, yet she made a new kofi and etsy which means she plans on selling stuff on her bee account when she hasn’t even refunded people from bunnabells which IS scamming. She could’ve refunded people then deactivated. It also matters to find her new accounts for new milk? The subtle WKing gets worse every thread I swear.

sage for no real new contribution just thought i’d clarify everything for people who are still skeptical.

No. 1191181

thanks for this, very well said. The subtle wking isn’t even subtle, nor does it make any sense. None of the responses have a logical argument against the posts they reply to. It’s either “too little evidence, no milk” or “too much evidence, leave this poor gurl alone wahh”. It’s probably for the best to just ignore the samefag anon at this point (even tho they’re annoying as shit)

No. 1191372

File: 1616533452671.jpeg (491.08 KB, 1545x1732, 0E0E6B7F-447F-4277-AE91-8BF5B1…)

No. 1191374

File: 1616533531526.jpeg (172.69 KB, 828x1696, BBB68E4A-6158-4906-AABE-BD0635…)

documented proof she posted this

No. 1191386

So she’s really just gonna keep pretending she deactivated bc she was overwhelmed and wanted to focus on school WHILE trying to promote/sell shit on her alt account? I don’t know how she’s able to lie this much.

No. 1191388

If you’re talking about bearycosy, there is no proof of saying that it’s her. I wouldn’t consider bearycosy an alt account. Plus what are you talking about? Bearycosy never sold art or promoted selling art

No. 1191392

you’re either retarded or a troll

Either way, pls see:

No. 1191420


No. 1192278

File: 1616628068262.jpeg (155.12 KB, 827x1341, E0DD7FA3-BD2A-4415-8278-89B637…)

No. 1192280

sage your shit please, how is this milk?

No. 1192304


no, documenting it.

No. 1192351

File: 1616635429660.jpeg (277.19 KB, 828x1310, 9F60986D-9461-4532-BDBD-4CC837…)

>>”mess i created”

your apology was literally garbage, it reminded me of every youtuber who always apologizes via typing a paragraph in Notes app and just posting a screenshot of it. You shouldn’t have even “scammed” your followers in the first place by dipping on them knowing you had orders and could’ve finished the commissions while you were away. It’s unprofessional and i really hope she doesn’t decide to continue designing pfp’s or stuffies cause this is immature of her to even think about running a business when she does something like that.

No. 1192360

The point is it shits up the thread to “document” unsaged pointless shit like this. Not every tweet she posts needs to be reposted here. No one cares about her schedule.

Learn to sage when there’s no milk, please for the love of God. But good on her for refunding everyone. At least we know now for certain that it really wasn’t a scam afterall, kek.

No. 1192374

>All refunds are completed
>If you commissioned me and want a refund

So this means there's people out there who she hasn't contacted and will maybe be working on their stuff "in her free time" who she hasn't refunded either.
The schedule Tweet seems relevant in relation to the refund one imo.

No. 1192382

more like she's hoping some ppl will just let it go and let her keep the money

No. 1192499

I mean her intentions were clearly fucked up and she is still lying about the reason of deactivating. Good on her for refunding? She’s doing the bare minimum if you could even call it that. Doesn’t confirm shit if her plans backfired.

Everything she does is documented and she stalks the thread. The only reason she’s apologizing is bc people caught up with her bullshit…

No. 1192514

You know you're obvious as fuck by saying "kek" literally every time you post right?

No. 1192602

>How do you do, fellow farmers?

No. 1192955

yea ngl the typing style and all… the criticism then “subtle” headpat “at least she did this, good for her!”… sounds oddly familiar. yikes

No. 1193039

>organization is my enemy :')

We been knew, her clients have experienced it first hand.

Hope she's aware of the fact that barely anyone will trust her aynmore when she opens commissions again, she might have 'apologized' (fished for a couple of pity points from her underaged snowflake followers) but her behaviour was still unprofessional, period. Most people aren't forgiving when there's real money involved, she should be grateful that nobody attempted to cancel her or to even just call her out considering how quickly art twitter tends to jump to conclusions and cry about minor inconveniences.


Honestly now that she's done with the refunds she should take the chance and leave social media for good until she has fixed her stress + organization issues, but has she ever learned from her mistakes though

No. 1193176

File: 1616711291925.jpeg (236.19 KB, 983x888, 5FC0250D-D761-4A49-9706-1CB22F…)

Anyone else notice that @bearycosy / @beebearies just so happened to stop posting and interacting 3 days ago. The same time @bunnabells reactivated. What a coincidence…..

No. 1193316

File: 1616723823594.jpg (650.46 KB, 4156x5000, bruh.jpg)

Yea she will keep repeating the same method until she needs to change account again huh

No. 1193491

If we want to keep this thread unlocked, you need to learn how to sage.

No. 1195067

File: 1616883278075.jpeg (171.49 KB, 826x910, 2DE3DE82-EDFC-42B6-A026-23F828…)

@bearycosy is gone and @bunnabells is now on private. Sage for spoonfeeding but does anyone follow her? Has she posted anything?

No. 1195672

File: 1616944254384.png (1.45 MB, 944x1576, Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 11.0…)

lmaoo shes hurting for money huh

No. 1195677

what the fuck is wrong with you, learn to sage. or get the thread locked

No. 1195686

Are you retarded? Yes or no?

No. 1195688

Mm yes, please keep infighting and get the thread locked. Just like the last thread. Go on.

No. 1195698

File: 1616946430295.jpeg (520.29 KB, 828x1389, B8796DF1-BD2F-47D6-A1A1-DF1E09…)

only time she ever posts is when she’s selling stuff lmao jaclyn hill 2.0

No. 1195706

Sage when there’s no milk for the love of god

Type “sage” in the email section before posting

No. 1195804

Kek didnt Erin used to hump her stuffed animals. Who would want these?

No. 1196113


literally shut up, it’s technically milk of her only using her followers just to get money. if its so annoying then quit looking at the thread.

No. 1196121

Also rather bold for someone who just quit the internet, refunded commissioners, and had to publicly apologize for not meeting her commitments to buyers to immediately list more items for sale.

No. 1197002

File: 1617054823947.jpg (897.68 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20210329-175151_Ins…)

Just got this ad. Looks familiar. These hoes have zero uniqueness nowadays I stg.

No. 1200427


just wanted to add that its also funny how she only ever posted that as her “last” tweet that she’s posted and liked on that account. It shows that she only used her followers for money. Like why start a kofi for stickers you had printed and had your followers donate too just for you to quit and scam your followers. The only reason she ever came back to refund and tweet any apology is because people that commissioned her started saying they got scammed, if nobody ever spoke up about it she wouldn’t have even bothered to refund any of them nor would she have cared too. It would be part 2 of her scamming her followers again which isn’t a surprise. Literally told you guys it was just a cash grab, from her making cheap sock plushies to drawing and then doing commissions and stickers, she’s just another rich white girl trying to scam and hop trends to make any money just so she doesn’t have to use her savings.

No. 1201146

did she say anything before deactivating again? noticed some “exposing bunna bells” accounts when i tried to find her account, did the cowtippers ruin the milk again

No. 1201435


no she said nothing before deactivating, her last tweet was literally >>1195698 this tweet and she went MIA. those exposing accounts were already made before she reactivated and posted her apology since people were saying she scammed her followers. I honestly believe Erin is just one of those people that hop trends that make people money quickly by cute stuff that soft girls like a lot. Cash grab trends is all she’s active for and once she gets called out she disappears.

No. 1201837

File: 1617572663606.png (971.4 KB, 828x1792, 70700935-480C-4379-84FA-71CCE8…)

she reactivated and is now retweeting peoples art and deleted the post asking people to buy her plushies she was selling.

No. 1209545

This cottage core-era Erin is boring. She was more entertaining and cringe when she larped as an Italian loli age regressing anime uwu girl

No. 1209740

my favorite era was when she scandilarped, skinwalked maja and uploaded horrible herding calls. there's so much to choose from though tbh

No. 1209917

"Putaerin" still gives me the giggles

No. 1213924

does anyone have a link to her ffxiv proofile?

No. 1214144

I don’t think she plays it anymore, I think her FFXIV profile was deemed inactive as it doesn’t show up anymore.

Anyway, can we please stop necroing this dead thread? She abandoned her social media accounts, stop shitting up the thread so we can have room to post if she actually comes back again.
Nobody cares about the old phases she had when she was 15 years old (putaerin phase was when she was a literal child, why is this being brought up here?), or her old FFXIV gaming profile. This cow has been retired for about a year now (from the last time she left social media). Let go. This is just sad to watch.

No. 1214281

anon you didnt have to reply… lol

No. 1214916

No. 1218979

I bet all the people who donated money to her sticker kickstarter feel retarded that they got scammed lmao like it just still makes me laugh that she reached her goal and never started selling the stickers properly and kept the money to probably buy some more expensive stuffed animals

No. 1227473

File: 1620691650297.jpeg (524.24 KB, 1125x1002, 9F15FEA8-0A26-4E5A-96D1-640319…)

No. 1227564

Who is Bella? How is this meme related to Erin? Stop shitting up a dead thread. Erin has been gone missing for almost two months now. Time to move on.

No. 1231007

Erin used to make people call her Bella. Maybe read the thread before commenting retarded comments, anon.

No. 1234150

File: 1621473846309.jpeg (806.84 KB, 828x1461, A7514A37-04C3-4D1C-B4F7-6125EC…)

old gem i found from 2019, just gotta add to the archive

No. 1234173

File: 1621476174705.jpeg (202.97 KB, 750x1334, B922481A-B799-47E5-884C-B1771B…)

another gem 2019 era

No. 1234175

File: 1621476275771.jpeg (209.34 KB, 750x1334, 8CD03F2D-F004-4831-A7D5-9CFAC3…)

No. 1234205


No one cares about 2019 story posts about FFxiv or dresses. She was 18 years old in 2019. Stop shitting up the thread.

But it’s so hilarious how this happens to the Erin threads every time she leaves the internet, anons get so needy for their beloved Erin to come back

No. 1234256


Are you retarded? nobody is “shitting” up the thread when it’s literally saged, clearly you keep checking this thread enough to refresh and reply to any new text post with “omg stop shitting up the thread wah wah” you sound like a total white knight saying the same few words to every saged text. Last i checked we were allowed to post screen caps that haven’t been posted before and this thread is clearly a archive so why not let others dump the stuff that never got posted on here? Stay pressed anon cause you’re a whole cry baby over saged texts that don’t even notify others lmao

No. 1234258


Nobody is even needy for her attention either, literally could careless about her hence the dumping screenshots of gems that were never posted in her threads. She’s an old cow, gotta dump old stuff that i saged for a reason, end of discussion. If i wanted this so called “needy attention” i could’ve easily posted them unsaged and not include text. Get over yourself anon and take your own advice.

No. 1244093

File: 1622608124154.jpeg (502.91 KB, 750x1066, 03ACDC8E-A277-4B48-98C3-F68E15…)

your nina bobina is back

No. 1244094

shes no longer a cow, leave it be

No. 1244106

Is this recent? Did she get a second nose job or is it normal to wear tape this long?

No. 1244111

She's a cow and so are you, retarded white knight

No. 1244181


You know all of this was online, like if a dude is videocalling you and dating you on the internet you can bet he's doing the same to others. Extra funny that it was some dude from a game.

Wks who reply to saged posts on inactive threads really give themselves away, like if the cow is dead why do you reply every time anyone posts in it? Close that tab, fam.

No. 1244183

You can see more of her actual facial features here than in other pics

No. 1244189

Second nose job? Why? Was the first one even fully healed yet?

No. 1244191

File: 1622632980742.jpeg (209.89 KB, 750x652, C603E5DF-041D-4EE7-ABBF-B15F94…)

No. 1244240

The shots they give you to help swelling is basically steroids, theres a risk that flesh and skin on her nose can become thinner ultimately making it look botched in some cases. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if its botched, her nose really shouldnt be this swollen allergies or not.

No. 1244375

File: 1622662848061.jpeg (557.73 KB, 1242x1496, 178DFD6B-7537-4FA7-A9B7-D1FBA2…)

@ashley.andre confirmed Erin whiteknight
I clicked on this bitch’s profile and she looks like she’s in her late 20s early 30s…. imagine being that old and white knighting a pedopanderer…. embarrassing

No. 1244405

well at LEAST she stopped shooping herself I'm guessing, good for her

No. 1244476

File: 1622671666692.png (7.55 MB, 1242x2208, 5091A58E-8A00-4A03-B8F5-6F0DF3…)

She is still shooping

No. 1244478

File: 1622671743355.jpeg (347.79 KB, 1219x1040, 97D15F48-8B21-4A01-BE7E-D506DE…)

@lilkittengirlfriend is back to kissing Nina’s ass again kek
even though she went against her and said she was annoying when she had her mental breakdown when she went by Erin/pocketsizee

No. 1244483

File: 1622671811360.jpeg (165.04 KB, 1242x520, 466D320F-AD63-478D-A4E3-D9DE0C…)

I loathe how Erin just paints herself as the victim over and over again it’s really annoying I wish she’d fuck off and leave the internet (at least publicly) forever

No. 1244492

File: 1622672556986.jpeg (1.11 MB, 4096x2048, E92B4EE2-9738-4BF9-ADCB-4F8C0A…)

No. 1244562

New Nose Beluga 2: Electric Balugaloo

No. 1244563

Tinfoil but I think she lied about getting a nose job. Those bandages don’t look like post rhinoplasty ones and I think this is a cover up for her ridiculous shoops.

No. 1244570

File: 1622682541713.jpeg (246.17 KB, 1125x1500, 3DBF1B23-B6E9-4E50-94CC-AE6E5E…)

Please shut the fuck up, anon. Picrel.

Can’t wait for this shithole thread to be terminated. It hasn’t even been a day and each post so far is either infighting, tinfoil, or cowtipping. Get a grip.(hide the thread if it bothers you so much)

No. 1244575

File: 1622683515231.jpeg (533.08 KB, 828x1306, 886898F0-9BD5-4D7F-B340-93366B…)

See how easy you guys ruin everything, stop requesting literally just stop and leave her alone already. She’s left the internet already and came back to post when she’s bored, why can’t y’all just let her be instead of being obsessed and on her dick every second. The moment she comes back you guys instantly come to this thread and start requesting her like crazy and making up shit assumptions. At this point it’s best we max this thread out and get any new thread locked cause y’all are just trying to start drama and make her leave again. Let her be already and quit obsessing over every small thing she does.(hide the thread if it bothers you so much)

No. 1244576

File: 1622683620333.jpeg (99.76 KB, 827x1315, 0587C656-B6C1-4700-A00B-4F6478…)

What are her other posts, anon?

No. 1244581

just leave her alone, she posts nothing important its just videos of an anime and her talking about dying her hair.(hide the thread if it bothers you so much)

No. 1244582

She’s not even doing anything wrong just leave her alone. Anons desperate for milk when she makes a new account to move on, it’s fucking annoying. Just accept Erin isn’t a cow anymore(hide the thread if it bothers you so much)

No. 1244594

File: 1622685834753.jpeg (72.66 KB, 827x1283, 489CA522-48C7-4D9F-8D1C-829521…)

Sage because irrelevant but her Twitter was suspended, not deactivated. Probably was reported for scamming lol

No. 1244616

this looks like PVC insulating tape also did she get fatter? >>1244476 her cheeks are huge

No. 1244627


i think its just the angle or the lighting, she posted other pics where her cheeks looked normal. or that’s just how she looks when she smiles, we don’t have many pics of her smiling but when she does smile her cheeks get round like that. she also just made a post asking for ways to get rid of loose skin because she’s losing weight at a rapid rate.

No. 1244666

I can’t even tell she got a nose job tbh, looks like same old potato just with tape on it. She also looks like she’s gained like 15 pounds.
>>1244627 “she’s losing weight at a rapid rate” pics or it didn’t fucking happen lmao.

No. 1244690

Fucking weird of you. She's had an eating disorder before, and her post about her wanting to get rid of loose skin makes it sound like she's succumbing to an eating disorder again. Plus, saying "pics or it didn't happen" is so twisted to say about someone in her position. This is disgusting.(moralfagging)

No. 1244802

So it didn’t happen then lmao. Glad we sorted that out.

No. 1245221

Is she skinwalking Bella Poarch now?

No. 1245243

you’re fucking retarded

i can’t tell if anons are using this thread to troll since erin isn’t a cow anymore or if they’re just that retarded and desperate for precious erin milk(ban evading sperg)

No. 1245399

Funny because you’re the only one getting redtext

No. 1245406

Lmfao the person banning is just mad people think this is a shit thread. They declared anons are “ip hopping” how sad(ban evading sperg)

No. 1245456

This is so embarrassing. It’s super weird that you’re acting like strangers criticizing some random internet cow is a personal attack on YOU?

No. 1245484

File: 1622761810390.jpeg (981.89 KB, 1242x1618, F2062F1E-7593-44E6-AA12-0CC053…)

Sage for not milk but Erin posted this

No. 1245501


Delete this. I recommend not posting about her until there is actual milk, to ensure she doesn't freak out and deactivate her account again. She only started complaining about the mass follow requests she's getting once her account was posted here. Her account contains no milk, just memes and hair dye updates. Just move on.(ban evasion)

No. 1245506

Shut the fuck up

No. 1245507

why even post this? what was the reason?

yea, keep infighting. you’re totally not the reason why this thread is cancer. fuck off. they do have a good point, we should stop posting about her until there’s milk.

No. 1245509

Can’t wait to get banned for either “ban evading sperg” or the iconic “hide the thread if it bothers you so much” Whoever’s modding this thread is a fucking retard(ban evading sperg)

No. 1245529

File: 1622765877471.jpeg (87.68 KB, 1240x551, B18E05D4-F63A-46CF-BEC7-08E5B8…)

Admin is confirmed Erin vendetta chan!(ban evading sperg)

No. 1245536

this is literally Erin's thread. If you don't like it here you can literally read any of the other cows threads on this site nonnie.

No. 1245539

You are literally the one causing infighting by whiteknighting every single thing posted.

And you just bumped the thread when everything posted before you was saged.

Pick a struggle.

No. 1245621

new face for new account

No. 1245721

File: 1622789429928.jpeg (309.33 KB, 663x722, 7BDBECC4-36C4-4BBB-A929-5BA925…)

No. 1245723

File: 1622789523839.jpeg (392.7 KB, 828x704, 62674020-A8B5-4C23-AFF7-49E957…)

No. 1245788

you can't even tell because of the filter but go off

let her be, being cringe is not milk

No. 1245808

Well if that’s true half the threads on /snow/ should be nuked

No. 1245827

File: 1622807855909.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1684, DECA4F18-BD8C-40E6-B760-A0EC64…)

Is she really a college student?? if so good for her

No. 1245828

File: 1622807889610.jpeg (301.81 KB, 1242x1549, B01B38F2-0FCC-4DD3-BCFD-4FFEC2…)

No. 1245830

File: 1622807923354.jpeg (209.27 KB, 1242x1542, FF24E09D-5BA6-4B6B-9786-12910A…)

No. 1245831

File: 1622808057036.jpeg (219.68 KB, 1242x1068, 684BD0A1-89F7-468E-86C9-BC18A6…)

No. 1245862

She bullshited about it twice, that at this point I doubt

No. 1245908

Totally different faces already lmao

She's going to mind her business for like two hours then then come lurk and get asshurt, the pattern playing out here is pretty obvious

No. 1245953

her snapchat is erin.painter still

No. 1245964

How can she pretended it doesn’t bother her when she literally sat in this thread for days evaded being banned like 3 times and defended herself to every single anon that posted. And yes I wholeheartedly believe that was her because no one else would be so pressed.

No. 1245970


For context, she made another post about the follow requests she's getting and she wants to delete her account because she doesn't know who's posting about her. She never said anything about lolcow or lurking. Call me WK I don't care, but I have a feeling she's moved on. And I feel like we should too. At this point it's all only tinfoil anyway.

Just accept she isn't a cow anymore.(ban evasion)

No. 1245971

God all she fucking talks about now a days is her nose job, I doubt she's going to collage, probably on the hunt for another discord daddy.

No. 1245976

wtf is up with her eyebrows here

No. 1245981

How many times are anons in this fucking thread going to tell your dumb ass IF YOU DONT LIKE THE FUCKING THREAD. FUCK OFF AND STOP READING IT YOU RETARDED BITCH. Your never going to stop people posting in this thread by just repeating over and over how you think she’s not a cow anymore. You yourself say maybe we should move on… SO MOVE ON BITCH, BYE.

No. 1245987

damn shawty calm down(ban evasion)

No. 1246001

but like … if she's still a cow, then where's the milk?

No. 1246021

Ignore the WKing retard. Jannie will take care of them.

No. 1246049

She lives a sad life. Given the length of time, dedication, and 0 integration it's completely transparent.

No. 1246061

File: 1622837121581.jpeg (490.61 KB, 828x1002, 924FD41F-4E38-4EF9-800D-418E07…)

She got a useless nose job when the most important thing she needed to get was something to fix her ugly ass chin, keep hiding it with your XXXL hoodies Erin we see u

No. 1246062

yikes this sounds like a jealousy vendetta lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1246064


caption for this photo was “dommy mommy kitty gf” btw

No. 1246081

Exactly. She literally doesn’t have anyone in her life to defend herself this passionately. It’s the same autistic spergs with farm vocab sprinkled on top over and over again.

Completely private account that doesn’t have any connection to her previous ones, no names, no mutuals. If it’s a spam with “close friends” how the fuck did it end up here, seriously?

The only reason she left was bc ppl were getting caught up with her scamming ass. She thrives off of these threads, only if mommy didn’t buy a VPN for her to self-post every time she decides she wants more attention.

It’s pretty much a broken record. Make a new persona > edit your face to oblivion > expose your shitty personality > leave for 2 months > rinse & repeat.

No. 1246098

her “new account” is just one of her reactivated old accounts so i don’t know why she thought that no one would figure out it was her
it’s so weird how she claims she just wants to post “in peace” and be left “alone” yet she reactivates an account with 2.5k followers

No. 1246129

She's deep fried this picture in like 5 softening filters. Its like she thinks if she posts enough shopped selfies we'll forget she looks like an actual sewer dweller. Her nose still looks potato-esque even after throwing 5000$ at it and she obviously knows because she wont take the tape off or post a picture where its not shopped to shit.

No. 1246136


It's a video, not a picture. Her selfies/videos are from her Snapchat. There are pictures and videos of her nose without the tape and her new nose looks surprisingly good

No. 1246153

Eh honestly it looks just as bulbous as before, especially from the front (which was the main issue). Bold of you to assume anything she puts is not filtered to hell and back tho

No. 1246160

>same autistic spergs
It's probably just Erin, no one else would defend her with so much autism

No. 1246162

I've seen videos and yeah sure its not hooked anymore but the tip is identical to her nose before surgery, and when the tape isn't on you can see its still slightly crooked. I'd be mad if I paid for a nose job and got this, but good for her for being happy with it I guess.

No. 1246191

Is it me or does Erin look like she’s gain weight? Like a concerning amount too. Her face looks really fat from her recents pictures I don’t know if it’s because she’s not photoshopping it or what

No. 1246198

it’s called having a puffy face anon, she’s always had a more round puffed out face. you sound insecure trying to call her fat so badly lmao it’s ridiculous.(ban evasion)

No. 1246202

Ok erin

No. 1246204

Nasty cation and she's posing herself into a dorito chin to make people think she's "rapidly losing weight uwu"

nta but I think they were just referring to her multiple spergouts across the threads and /meta/ since she does the same thing every time the thread gets a post

No. 1246212

File: 1622849685239.jpeg (237.36 KB, 1157x1555, 73F6A7C9-EAE7-4F12-A327-0028DB…)

She lost so much weight nonny she’s such a smol Italian loli college student uwu

No. 1246214

File: 1622849743139.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1230x1796, 7255E952-6619-4AB3-81BA-3B8125…)

Erins college work as “proof” I guess, to stick it to Lolcow

No. 1246215

File: 1622849784834.jpeg (1012.86 KB, 1242x1918, 3817F278-44EA-422B-B677-DC6CB3…)

Attention whore cannot stay off the internet. Girl get some IRL friends and make a personal Snapchat to contact them wtf

No. 1246216

File: 1622849851320.png (7.02 MB, 1242x2208, D6A25C61-62C7-4293-8668-D2B1E1…)

No. 1246222

okay vendetta chan lmao learn to sage your shitty responses

No. 1246224

sounds like a vendetta yikesss your jealousy is showing anon

No. 1246225


Sage when there’s no milk. Better yet, don’t post at all. You’re annoying as fuck.

No. 1246226

are you retarded??? she literally followed her spam and when she posted for the first time people were questioning who it was and some caught on because she was following her main account which said “erin” on it. She then unfollowed her main and had zero following until she decided to post herself because people already knew it was her. She then followed some accounts of her friends and posted more. Literally you sound retarded with this “if it was a private account whyd she end up on here” like use your brain next time retard

No. 1246232

sage for nitpick but for someone losing weight rapidly her arm looks chunky

No. 1246234

shes not a cow and theres no milk, these anons are just desperate and trying to make something happen like y’all see her come back and instantly start spam following her and post the most idiotic shit ever like have y’all ever heard of being patient??? or better yet dont post at all until theres an actual issue going on like her lying about college life or the nose job being a hoax or she scammed someone again or some other shit possibly happening. Y’all are the most retarded people ever to hop on her ass instead of waiting for shit to happen, instead you guys harass her the moment she comes back and try to make milk happen by insulting her with the most idiotic lies y’all can make up.

No. 1246235

her arms look normal, black fabric always makes you look larger or bigger than you appear, stop being annoying anon and trying to fuel your obsession of calling her fat.(samefagging)

No. 1246237

This.. it’s so obvious there’s only one or two people posting vendettas in this thread. The majority want the thread gone, Erin clearly isn’t a cow anymore. Anons in this thread are acting more like a cow than the cow herself. Sad as fuck.(Ban evading, whiteknight )

No. 1246247

The amount of WKing in this thread is astounding. Idk what’s more sad, if it’s Erin WKing herself, or actual anons continuously spamming this thread with oMg ShEs NoT a CoW instead of clicking on the [-] and fucking off

No. 1246248

Exactly and the admins are retarded and trying to ban people that are pointing out the obvious vendettas and idiot people. This thread is garbage and needs to be locked cause Erin is clearly no longer a cow and there’s zero milk, just people being nitpicky constantly on this thread. If she breathes these people are gonna just say “OMG THIS DISGUSTING WHORE IS BREATHING GROSS FUCKING PEDO” like damn let the girl breathe(Hide the thread)

No. 1246251

Personally I think her embarrassing past of being a pedopandering skinwalker should haunt her. Wonder if she'll find anyone new to skinwalk at "collage"

No. 1246258

LMAO. Some scrap paper and a calculator is her proof? Wow I better throw my whole computer away I cant believe I was so wrong. Erin is totally 100% in school and defiantly not making it up. She sure showed us mean anons!

No. 1246261

literally shut up, it’s not even white knighting when we have a valid point. Your only excuse is “just click the “-“ if its annoying” like no how about y’all stop crying about everything she does and nitpicking the smallest things and trying to make milk happen when there’s no milk. Just accept shes not a cow instead of being obsessed.

No. 1246263

so easy to bypass the shitty “ban” these admins do lmao like imagine moderating this shitty thread and thinking youre so cool cause you’re supposedly banning people(ban evading sperg)

No. 1246270

Sure Erin

No. 1246274

She even used the same wording as samefag-chan in her ig post about weight loss, so take from that what you will

No. 1246275

why are you bypassing a ban when this place makes you so angry. That's weird of you.

its funny how whenever someone posts in this thread she comes here and shits it up with her desperate crying about how she's not a cow anymore. its so sad I'm almost concerned for her.

No. 1246276

Isn’t the “pedopandering” thing about her saying there should be more evidence against @awfultune? That happened so long ago, and it was at the start when the @awfultune accusations surfaced with no evidence. At the time, it was just a bunch of age regression accounts posting “wHy YoU sHoUlDnT sUpPoRt AwFuLtUnE”

I don’t think she was trying to prove anything to anyone, like someone else said above she hasn’t mentioned lolcow once. I really don’t believe she’s posting to pander to lolcow. Plus, she posted about college other times before that post. Get over yourself.

No. 1246280

Shut the fuck up already. You clearly care more than Erin does and that’s just sad.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1246298

Ayrt, you retards are the only ones crying in this thread over your precious Erin. If you would stop coming here to whine while your head is stuck halfway up her ass the thread would be empty. Your diligent WKing makes it very evident you’re either Erin or one of her instagram orbiters.

Also, it is literally THAT easy to hide the thread and move on. If she’s not a cow anymore, why are you spergs constantly in this thread refreshing it to defend her?

No. 1246306

Yeah no the pedopandering was her acting like an innocent little girl and doing a loli voice and using a 16 year olds age regresser username as her nsfw twitter account where she posted audios of her using a fake loli voice and wearing kid panties.

No. 1246308

sperging just to get this thread locked or maxed out babes xoxo

anyways not erin nor am i an orbiter, i literally used to post on here and provide evidence of her old days and i gave proof of her attempting to dox her precious abuser dawson. It’s called realizing she isn’t milk worthy and there’s zero milk except her just posting random shit on her spam account for fun. You clearly have an obsession with her and a vendetta against her to keep crying about every little thing she does. Just admit you have an obsession, for all we know you’re probably some obese lowlife or some eating disorder belle delphine asianfishing wannabe lmao. Y’all clearly are retarded so just admit that already.

No. 1246309

i can bypass it as much as i want, idc lmao im just hoping this thread gets locked and trying to max it out(peak autism)

No. 1246311

You have mental illness

No. 1246316

I also remember she used to say super weird shit like "my pussy is so little and baby smooth" I feel like I'm going to jail for just typing that omg, forgive me, but she always talked about how small and baby-like she looked while posting nudes and pictures of her vagina. It gave me a genuinely gross feeling.

No. 1246317

Are you retarded? The “kids panties” were proven to be actual adult underwear, the proof was literally posted in the thread. Someone found the exact underwears on Amazon listed as adult underwear. And having a high voice does not make you a pedophile or a “pedopanderer”. Grow up, please. If this is all you have against her, this just confirms she isn’t a cow.

No. 1246323

I wonder what would make Erin more upset, the mean comments on her or the comments on how she’s not cow worthy anymore

No. 1246328

this. it’s so fucking easy to bypass a ban. especially since the idiot mod for this thread is banning anyone posting anything semi-logical. it’s cute how they redtext the wrong people as “ban evading” too.(actual retard)

No. 1246339

Holy shit she gained so much weight? Her face has never looked this big before kek >>1246061
Can’t wait for the zoomers to call her out for asianfishing

No. 1246341

What lol black is literally known to be slimming..?

No. 1246347

I know right? a few months ago she claimed she was loosing a ton of weight but it genuinely looks like she gained like 15-20 pounds and she was already on the chunky side.

No. 1246356

File: 1622859058182.gif (696.04 KB, 500x250, F8EC718A-61F2-47E4-A66D-8F3004…)

>ITT, Erin WKs too stupid to realize locking a thread with retarded sperging accomplishes nothing because we can just… make a new thread?

No. 1246374

Who’s the vendetta now, newfag. You actually sound so autistic.

No. 1246393

Cope harder erin

No. 1246395

File: 1622861207842.jpeg (257.4 KB, 750x1066, 93AFF1D8-50CB-4436-96CF-DD136C…)

erin had a feeling y’all were calling her a fattie so she’s back to body checking again

No. 1246411

So much for ~moving on and not caring~. She truly never changes

No. 1246423

why are her calves the size of her things?? Even if for one second you believe she hasn't altered this picture, she's meticulously posed and angled herself to look as small as possible and still looks like an average American size 14.

No. 1246428

File: 1622862994904.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1799, 209AAD59-3CC1-4C24-8092-FEB48B…)

Is this “friend” the “college guy” you played video games with in the dorm room, who pulled down your skirt because of how ditsy and oblivious you were??? Shut up Erin. You’re full of shit.

No. 1246430

File: 1622863061661.jpeg (910.43 KB, 1242x1666, B392837B-7A5F-4DC6-B729-006500…)

When Erin thinks she’s trolling lolcow with this furry bait is hilarious, you’re disgusting and you clearly haven’t matured or changed. Tell your mommy to get you therapy, this is embarrassing you’re 20 years old

No. 1246432

Swear these are from another time she was body checking approx 6 months ago. Same lighting, posing and everything. I doubt these are from today.

No. 1246433

File: 1622863232356.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1585, 66AB82BD-C4FD-4915-81C4-EC27A3…)

Don’t get why there are so many whiteknights the fact Erin came back to Instagram is milky, whether you think it is or not. She came back with a new face and is talking about how much she’s improved mentally. When in reality she is in the same place she was, probably doing a few online classes in community college in her bedroom filled with plushies. Still talking to discord neckbeards she met on that dumb video game who call her a “smol kitten”.

No. 1246434

Samefag but she looks so chubby here

No. 1246437

File: 1622863401043.jpeg (907.94 KB, 1226x1559, 62FDAF9A-89D6-45E0-8100-4B4D1F…)

I guess she ditched her cottage core phase and is back to being a kitten loli anime girl

No. 1246448

File: 1622863864877.jpeg (181.61 KB, 750x1023, 40B53F2B-DCF7-435D-9102-FBC738…)


im pretty sure her new “daddy” is james aka @h8te who (correct me if im wrong, ladies who were in spam com when it happened) was her old internet boyfriend when she was underage and they met and posted a picture of her and that’s when she was majorly exposed in the spam com for being a catfish

No. 1246449

File: 1622863900178.jpeg (523.14 KB, 2828x1617, CD389AEC-9FCD-42FC-9730-8A7F03…)

She actually kinda looks like herself here and that’s not a compliment. Why are her cheeks so puffy??

Her editing is so inconsistent, these barely look like the same person.

No. 1246461

She fucking loves showing off those bandages, doesn't she

No. 1246530

if youre unsure then why dont you ask james girlfriend herself lmao they literally have a spam account together and james recently only posted about his father passing away.

No. 1246532

shes posted these photos before, theyre old lol she posted these when she posted her itty bitty little self harm

No. 1246538

File: 1622870080248.jpeg (59.32 KB, 563x728, D54126BA-B32F-452D-BAD2-9D6B1A…)

she saw us talking about how big she was so she went and found pictures were she looks the smallest and re uploaded them. KEK (these are from January 2020)

No. 1246539

File: 1622870270835.jpeg (171.18 KB, 828x1262, 9423234D-E545-4583-96B1-4EA21C…)

told you guys to stop requesting her, good job ruining it.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1246548

File: 1622870462632.jpeg (594.41 KB, 1242x1838, 9CF5219D-9400-45B1-B11E-6603F4…)

She always does this anon. Nobody ruined the milk, if she didn’t want farmers on her account she’d only have her few orbiters accepted and she wouldn’t accept everyone. She’s full of shit and likes the attention she gets.

No. 1246550

File: 1622870588760.jpeg (921.37 KB, 1201x1641, 7971CAB3-4C46-472F-9EBF-766E5F…)

Sage no milk

No. 1246605

no its your guys fault, just take responsibility that y’all chased her away lmao she hasn’t even been here for a week and you guys already chased her away. y’all are that desperate for her attention huh? grow up(ban evading sperg)

No. 1246701

Holy shit, cope harder Erin

No. 1246950

goddamn she lies so much

No. 1246966

What did she lie about in that post

No. 1246968

The fact that anyone who states facts is getting fake redtexted kek(ban evading sperg)

No. 1246998

it’s the same person ban evading and repeating the same shit for the millionth time, why are u surprised it’s being red texted and how the fuck is that facts

No. 1247266

Not to sound like an anachan but I genuinely think this is the heaviest she’s been? She looks like her “””””before”””””” photo that she loves to flaunt

No. 1247391

she doesn’t but okay vendetta chan(ban evading sperg)

No. 1247420

She does, whiteknight chan. Have you even read the threads?

No. 1248108

she doesnt lol your jealousy is showing and your desperation to call her obese when she looks like a normal healthy weight is sad of you so you need help clearly with this jealousy of yours vendetta chan(ban evading sperg)

No. 1248171

Her face has gained a pretty significant amount of weight though. It used to look way thinner, and if her face looks this big I can’t imagine what the rest of her looks like. It takes a lot to gain so much weight your face changes. If she’s such a healthy weight why is she uploading old pics pretending she just took them? Oh yeah, because she’s currently to fat to take pictures and pretend she’s uwu smol baby.

No. 1248209


I think its what another anon said, she isn't actually getting fatter. Her face only looks chubbier to us because we aren't used to seeing her face without edits. I actually agree that she isn't really gaining weight. Like you just said yourself, it takes a lot for a face to change because of weight gain. And even if she did gain weight, who gives a fuck? She said she's losing enough weight rapidly that she has loose skin, and that's all we know as of now. Let's drop it please.(ban evasion)

No. 1248215

Agreed, why has this discussion about her weight gone on for so long? And it seems like the same person refreshing the thread to argue about her weight (for some reason). Noone else really gives a shit.

All we have so far are her new selfies, which makes sense that she looks different to us since they're unedited, and her making one - I repeat - one post about how she needs tips for avoiding loose skin because of weight loss. That's all. It truly does seem like someone has a strange vendetta, enough to carry on this odd weight conversation even for an entire day after Erin left her new account. Get help.

No. 1248298

Jealous? Of what exactly…? Want to make it any more obvious that you’re an orbiter?

Bold of you to believe anything she says.
Also anons aren’t going to “drop it” just because you said so. It’s her thread so we’re going to talk about her.
Go to /meta/ if you have complaints because you’re probably just going to continue to get redtexted anyway.

No. 1248301

She’s on this website for chronically lying (specifically about her weight) and cat-fishing so I don’t believe her. Everyone who follows Erin knows if she was ever actually skinny or losing weight like she claims she would post hundreds of pictures of her body. We’re not gunna stop talking about her weight no matter how many times you use the word vendetta, sorry anon.

No. 1248327

ntayrt but i don’t blame her for not wanting to post her body anymore. every time she does, it get’s posted here and she knows that. last time she posted a bodycheck everyone here called her a pedophile (?). i respect that she chooses not to post her body anymore. it seemingly doesn’t have anything to do with wanting to hide her weight and knowing her, i doubt she would lie about something as embarrassing and degrading as having loose skin from weight loss, just to please lolcow. it’s fucking weird that anons would bash her for posting her bodychecks before, and now you’re bashing her again for NOT posting her bodychecks anymore. make up your mind or just fuck off the thread.

agreed, obvious vendetta going on here. the person talking about her weight so much is embarrassing themselves. it’s just sad to watch.

this anon posted a collage of old pics of Erin, it’s obvious which ones are unedited vs. edited because of the different face shapes. she obviously used to edit her face to be more slim because she has a naturally round face. it doesn’t look like weight gain at all. we’re just used to seeing her edited slim face. good for her for not editing it anymore though.(ban evasion)

No. 1248932

Anon i don’t think you understand that she has a severe cade of body dysmorphia so obviously she’s not going to post her body as much as she used too. The items she did post her body a lot it was for Dawson as stated in past threads that she only posted her body because he would ignore her and when she did post her body he’d talk to her. She’s an ex obese person so obviously you aren’t going to see HUNDREDS of pictures when in her mind she sees herself as fat still and you guys keep calling her fat as well when she’s a healthy weight. She’s skinny and has a little chubby face which is normal and she can get that fixed by doing exercises that are meant for a slimmer face. She’s clearly not fat like you’re imagining her as, and from your description of her you clearly imagine her as her pre-teen self where she was beyond obese and looked like someones mother. She’s insecure about her body and see’s herself as huge still and wants to be more skinnier which is obvious she has an eating disorder and not to assume but i wouldn’t doubt she looks at pro-ana stuff with how she’s struggling badly and with the obvious vendettas in this thread that call her fat.

So just quit being obsessed with her weight instead of attacking her. You act like celebrities don’t post old photos of themselves or 1-2 month old selfies on their instagram. It’s almost like the purpose of photos is to be taken and posted somewhere whenever you want to post it. Quit the obsession and get help cause you’re an obvious vendetta chan.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1248968

Girl. Only one anon actually called her "fat" and the rest are just saying she gained weight in the face, which is perfectly normal, BUT it's funny considering she built an entire online personality based on being "tiny" and "smol" etc

No. 1249084


No. 1249191

stay mad you got put in your place, thats why you got nothing to say.

No. 1249286

File: 1623125958616.jpeg (25.92 KB, 359x191, 1E18FFD6-DFA8-40F4-98C0-4FE286…)

You wrote two essays, both over 200 words, defending someone on lolcow. You’ve also posted over 30 times in the last 6 days. This website isn’t that serious, please seek psychiatric help anon.

No. 1249302

stay mad you got proven wrong, you have no proper response or any evidence to prove what i said wrong so haha stay mad you got put in your place. your only response is “wahh you wrote paragraph wah wahh” like keep complaining when you cant say anything else.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1249367

STFU. You’re probably a fatty too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1249423

…why did you tag me, kek. i am not the same poster as >>1248932

it seems like there’s a lot more people on the side of “stfu about Erin’s weight” than opposed. so please gtfo

No. 1249957

aww you sound mad, next time don’t obsess over someones weight and then not give a reasonable response back.

No. 1249958

agreed, it’s obviously 2-3 people that are obsessing over her weight and calling her obese when she clearly is healthy weight and has a strong eating disorder.

I’m the one who wrote 2 long posts about this obsession and vendetta chans going on in here.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1249971

everyone in this thread is seriously so weird, just as dramatic over literally nothing as Erin in 2019

No. 1250307

no one is reading this

No. 1254323

File: 1623537139072.png (661.18 KB, 1242x2208, 16A19FA4-866D-4E56-A097-DF9762…)

I hope goblina’s fat-ass returns to social media. It’s funny seeing her lie about being smol and petite that she ~uwu cannot eat a lot at Taco Bell >.<~
Also lilkittengirlfriend seems like a cow as well

No. 1254834

nitpick, could be just a personal preference

No. 1261423

File: 1624295103174.png (3.42 MB, 1170x2532, B7644884-E2FE-46E9-B9D4-289FE0…)

kek saw erin’s photos on the explore page today, miss that era

No. 1283786

File: 1627181979211.jpeg (137.55 KB, 779x1333, 4FECCD50-EC92-4AAD-93CC-DA89E4…)

She posted this on July 16 and hasnt posted or spoken about her dog since.

No. 1288367

Something something narcissists not equipped to care for animals. Puppies are hard work but Nina seems like a me me me kinda person who maybe thought they'd be more like an irl stuffie.

No. 1288805

That's not Erin's account.

Why does this happen in every Erin thread? Erin leaves her accounts, some time passes, then anons try to find her "new" accounts that in the end aren't even her, it becomes the majority of the thread until the thread inevitably locks because of it. Can we please not do that this time? Get in touch with reality. Go outside. Erin has clearly left, accept that. Learn to cope.

No. 1289072

Did anyone notice that Erin and James (@h8te on instagram) went to Boston together? Are they dating now?

No. 1289457

just ask the girl he was last dating publicly @alyssmadelyn they havent posted on their priv spam in a long time so it’s unsure if alyss and james are dating but you’re weird for even being nosy on who erin could be dating

No. 1289459

It’s not her account, this is just part 2 of people posting random accounts they follow or find that they think is her.

No. 1289475

Then why does both of her last confirmed accounts follow this one? And it changed usernames almost immediately after being posted in here?

No. 1289516

Uh, no. Don’t cowtip. It’s fairly obvious they aren’t together anymore because James deleted all of his posts about her, and so did she. They aren’t following each other anymore either. So I would leave it alone. You’re right though, we shouldn’t make assumptions about Erin until either of them say something straight forward. We aren’t even sure if that new account is actually Erin’s or not.

No. 1289929

it’s not cowtipping

No. 1291108

File: 1628116852380.png (Spoiler Image, 5.58 MB, 1880x4248, 0000.png)

Spoilered for blood and bruises

She posted a picture of her dog a day after >>1283786 was posted, clearly still lurking the thread.

As >>1289475 said both her old accounts follow 2000kitty, she followed me on there after she said she was leaving 000kitten out of stress.

No. 1291123

And you posted this why?
She has a private vent account with 70 followers. She isn’t active on any other accounts. Who gives a shit about any of this? If anything, you’ll only scare her away even more by posting this. Congratulations.

Why the fuck does this have to happen in every Erin thread. Y’all are so unhinged. Leave her alone for once when she isn’t doing shit.

No. 1291219

you posted this for what? to prove you’re obsessed with her? get a life and stop exposing your love for her lmao clearly you have some sort of interest in her if you bothered to kiss her ass just to get on a private account and leak her photos. It’s even weird that you saved her self harm photos as well like yikes get a life and stop being obsessed with her. This thread is over with and needs to get locked.

No. 1291230

this is weird to post when she is clearly trying to lay low and trying to at least keep her online life private now (as she should) i don’t know what’s milky about her struggling mentally and wanting to vent about it like any other normal bitch online should be able to
just leave her alone if she’s literally just existing

No. 1291333

literally nobody but your own fat fuck self cares enough to defend you, so make it less obvious next time. You’re not relevant anymore, just stfu and stop samefagging

No. 1291638

Right, like this is all saged no one would see it pop up unless they had the tab to the thread saved lol

No. 1291740

Kek calm down Gobnina, like the other anon said the post was saged anyway, if you're so upset about it you can just close the tab.
>i don’t know what’s milky about her struggling mentally and wanting to vent about it like any other normal bitch online
Yes it is so normal and healthy to post yourself with cuts and bruises online. I don't understand why Nina posts this stuff where everyone can see it and then spergs and samefags on her own thread about it.

No. 1291744


Can we stop with the “hi cow”

No. 1291776

You have to be braindead to not be able to tell when it’s this transparent.

No. 1291791

File: 1628202188498.jpeg (531.17 KB, 1125x1080, FC1C7489-497A-4CB1-AAB5-243C37…)

You’re all stupid. Good job

No. 1291811

Stop self posting and get a diary you attention whore. Nobody is following you, everything here is saged. Mommy should’ve paid for therapy instead of your useless nose job and vpn.

No. 1291827

you do realize there’s an easy way to bypass without vpn right? the ban system on this website is garbage anyways and i think you’re actually retarded to stay obsessed with her.

clearly you’re the fat fuck here if you’re rage typing your insecurities onto a thread lmao stop obsessing over someone online and get a job or do something for a living instead of letting your triple chins grow.
It’s called a private spam, where she can vent freely on it. Clearly she can’t vent freely because you guys are obsessed enough to be nice to her just to get accepted and snoop onto her account. Her vent account is clearly anonymous and has no photos of herself or name in the bio, which if you had a brain means she can vent freely if that’s even her. I bet you guys find any profile that has small followers with a profile picture of some meme character and you’d instantly hop onto the thread saying “it’s nina guys i found her”.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1291829

Since there’s clearly a handful of people who keep visiting this thread and obsessing over her, answer these questions for me and if you can’t give a reasonable response then clearly you have no life and live a boring obese lifestyle.

why do you guys hate her exactly?
why do you want her off the internet so bad?
why do you guys try to find her?
what did she do so bad that you want her to disappear?

if you can’t answer, then i’ll just keep spamming these questions until someone does give good reasons.

No. 1291834

Cope and seethe harder erin

No. 1291855

as i said, if you can’t answer the questions then clearly you have some sort of romantic obsession with her.

No. 1291897

Since there’s clearly a handful of people who keep visiting this thread and obsessing over her, answer these questions for me and if you can’t give a reasonable response then clearly you have no life and live a boring obese lifestyle.

why do you guys hate her exactly?
why do you want her off the internet so bad?
why do you guys try to find her?
what did she do so bad that you want her to disappear?
what problematic thing did she do and not apologize for that you guys hate her this much?

if you can’t answer, then i’ll just keep spamming these questions until someone does give good reasons.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1291905

i agree with most of what you’re saying but why are you being so protective of her? are you her boyfriend or something? or are you friends? anyone can see that this thread is mostly bullshit with people who are way too obsessed with this girl that isn’t even a cow anymore, and i don’t think you’re Erin, but it does seem like you know her in some way or you were brought up personally in this thread at some point that made you get so heated

No. 1291952

Never been brought up in the thread, just ridiculous how obsessed these people are that she clearly can’t be on the internet without you people freaking out and screenshotting everything and posting it on here just to criticize it. If she breathes for 5 seconds, all hell breaks loose on here, like you guys literally went as far as doxxing her before for what reason? she’s already publicly admitted to a lot of stuff so whats the issue now that you guys hate her so much that you try to chase her off the internet? what did she do so bad that she deserves no internet rights? did she drug someone and rape them? did she do a mass shooting? cyber bully someone till they killed themselves? murdered someone? killed an animal? sexually assault someone? sex traffic someone? like clearly you guys have no reason when the only comeback you answer with is “why are you so protective” “white knight” like it’s not even me being protective it’s called trying to see the reasonable reasons you guys chase after her and instantly swarm her with requests and post about her when there’s clearly zero milk, no drama, and nothing going on except a suicidal girl having 20+ stalkers obsessed with her, its almost as if you guys want her to kill herself so go ahead answer my questions, what did she do so bad that you guys still chase after her and try to get rid of her?(ban evading sperg)

No. 1292207

Clearly my point is proven since nobody can answer not one of those questions i asked.

No. 1297678

File: 1628660776556.png (260.52 KB, 288x554, unknown.png)

@ego on tiktok might be her new account, she looks similar to Nina, both go to college, both claim to be italian but live in NYC, both rude as fuck, both rich parents, both pretend to be skinny but are actually fat, both insecure, possibly fake ebf(namefag)

No. 1297681

Bad self promoting, retard. Enjoy your ban.
>She has a negative, shitty personality and is a pathologic liar and overall low quality as a person
>It would be better for her own mental health to get off the internet, that much is obvious
>She shares so much about herself online, it's her own fault people find her. People do it just because they have the ability to
>Perpetually make herself out to be a victim in a world where she is the only real problem in her own life, she needs to get offline and get help to ever be a meaningful existence in this world

No. 1297701

>looks similar to nina
Have u seen her?? fucking kek
No need to reply to the ban evading sperg (erin herself) anon. Anybody with half a brain cell could read the thread description and see what an unlikable retard she is. She cannot get off the internet because she thrives off of attention. Hell she can’t even stop accepting follow requests from random people on her ~very private uwu spam~ account. Make it make sense.

No. 1297754

yup, this thread's going to get locked

No. 1297786

Erin hasn’t posted on any of her accounts in months and the only account she posts on now is a private vent account with ~70 followers, and she doesn’t even mention her name or face on that account. She has left the internet, at least publicly, which is good for her.

This happens is every Erin thread and the majority of us never even wanted this thread to be made because of this. The “OMG guyz I found Erin’s new account!” (is never actually her account) and “hi cow” (is never actually her selfposting) happens every single time Erin leaves the internet. It’s embarrassing. Erin hasn’t been a cow in almost years. When she does come back she’s boring as fuck and has clearly grown from this shit, and people try to force the milk out of her by cowtipping or harassing her in some way or another to set her up. It’s sad. Time to move on.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1297813

it’s sad because at this rate it feels like only a couple farmers scroll this thread anymore and the rest is obese erin herself and her orbiters baiting so the thread gets locked. this used to be the most entertaining thread on lc but now it’s flooded with whiteknights and self posts

No. 1297856

She doesn’t even have any orbiters, that’s the the sad part. Funnily enough, the only the reason this thread isn’t dying out completely is because of erin self-posting/baiting herself. Lolcow was her peak, she loves the attention (even if it’s negative) and playing the victim. I truly wonder how many times she’s going to repeat the cycle of posting obvious bait & immediately jumping to defend herself to affirm her “reeeee you’re harassing innocent goblina!!” narrative.

No. 1297866


You're delusional. Stop hi cowing, retard(ban evading sperg)

No. 1297878

make it less obvious and then I might consider it you actual autist

No. 1297950

Might seem like kind of a stupid question, but if she doesn't even mention her name or face on her new acc, how was any anon even able to find her in the first place? It seems weird that her acc with only 70 followers was found so quickly if she doesn't even do those things

No. 1298005

Every farmer who actively searches for Erin is usually an egirl sanrio cow themselves. They are all extremely tight knit so it's no wonder some stumble upon her

No. 1298023

Doubt there even are any at this point

No. 1298027

If that’s the case she needs to get out of the community. If they somehow stumble to the account, there’s no way they can confirm it’s her unless she accepts their follow. Don’t get why she accepts requests from strangers she doesn’t know/trust if she’s so hell bent on privacy. Even if (and I highly doubt this because this thread is dead), there were people sending her requests, just reject it? Literally nothing is stopping her from making a new account that has no previous connections to her old shit.

No. 1298576

The thing is that she's not even visibly in any community anymore, all she does is sitting in her locked account with a handful of followers and most likely just posting memes and shit. She accepts strangers knowing she isn't doing anything suspicious, but also anyone would be eventually confused by a sudden influx of empty side accounts.

Let her exist for now, she hasn't been milky in MONTHS and if she'll ever return to her old ways, y'all will notice.

No. 1300464

sorry i'm late, didn't notice this thread was un-necroed lol but yeah looks like she's back to skinwalking maja/mjolktander

No. 1304438

File: 1629456985312.jpeg (1014.55 KB, 1242x1891, 356317BD-DE4A-4AD9-AD46-3BFEC6…)

I could be completely wrong but I think Nina took onto a new personality/aEsThEtIc. Considering the account was made only 6 days ago she could seek refuge on reddit after being hunted off every other platform.

No. 1304448

is that all? Your reason for thinking this is her is what exactly?

No. 1304456

I don't think it's her, this person seems friendly and nice, Nina always has a certain hysterical air to her online endeavours which I'm not getting here. Just a similar nose and mouth.

No. 1304597

Definitely not her, the user has a Twitter by the same name and it looks nothing like her.

No. 1304724


>unsaged tinfoil about Erin’s “nEw AcCoUnT”

>person looks nothing like Erin
>account in question is 6 days old
>”tHiS pErSoN sEeMs sO KiNd UWU!”

…totally not self promoting or anything.

No. 1304729

this random girl has one post on r/darkacademia of her mouth and what you got from that is “she seems friendly and kind”. not suspicious at all.

No. 1305189

I'm not the anon that posted, but the one who typed in her account name and looked at her interactions (saying thanks to people and so on) and made that summation.
Idk why anyone would self promote a 6-day old reddit account on someone else's lolcow thread, but you should maybe readjust that tinfoil hat if you think any of this is suspicious or meaningful. She has a similar lower face to Erin/Nina but that's it.

No. 1305240

God, I hope Erin comes back, lol

No. 1305432

me too anon, but I feel like she won't as long as this thread is still active - we all know she checks it

No. 1315874

File: 1630794244041.jpeg (197.37 KB, 828x1792, CC7C366E-855E-442D-9BD6-696670…)

Y’all remember fat Erin? this is her now on hard kink twitter and calls herself a “legal loli preteen” “ditzy bimbo toddler” and she’s into dark ageplay which is a kink for pedos to get off too since the community calls themselves toddlers, toddler cunt, baby cunnie, and some other shit. Just thought i’d bring this to light since i remember she was posted for copying Erin and it’s clear she turned the copying to a personal persona now(sage your shit)

No. 1316186

Is this what you bumped this thread for? Nobody cares about fat Erin.

No. 1316298

We gotta drop this “fat Erin” thing. Erins no bag of bones herself. Fatter Erin is more apt

No. 1377508

Man, I miss Goblina

No. 1395819

I have a bad feeling about the twitter account @/chremepuff (sorry to this person if I have speculated incorrectly though omg) but it just feels like her??(twitterfag)

No. 1395829

I agree anon, definitely does feel like her. But we all know what happens when random accounts get posted and we all tinfoil. Unless there’s solid proof, let it be.

No. 1395847

I can see it. A lot of Twitter cottagecore artists make all the same art but if you compare art from up thread to the art on the account it’s identical in style (look at the frogs)

No. 1395868

go back to twitter

No. 1395900

You’re not relevant anymore erin

No. 1397006

File: 1639919338818.jpeg (124.39 KB, 572x577, DB6AE36D-8456-4449-813C-D25CF2…)

The frog is an Animal Crossing character named Lily. It’s not an original frog that these kawaii artists are coming up with. It’s a completely unoriginal and overdone Animal Crossing character.

No. 1397008

You all couldn’t even go 4 months without posting unsaged tinfoil and hi cowing. Stop fucking posting random people’s accounts on this thread just because you miss Erin. This is pathetic.

No. 1397172

Yeah I know who lily is and that’s not what I’m talking about, I said the art STYLE. I don’t care enough to screen cap because she’s just minding her own business and nobody cares anymore.

No. 1399726

She went viral thanks to this dude

This confirms it for me, it's the exact same thing she did when she was bunnabells, good for her it worked this time

No. 1399892

Well, I'm amused I'm not the only one that had the thought it was her.

I guess we'll have to see if more solid proof comes around, but if it does turn out to be her, I wouldn't be surprised if she faked all the messages to farm sympathy. Not hard to do at all, since you can always just hide the identity of the burner accounts and say it's to "protect them from harassment".

No. 1399919

Used the wayback machine and found this, she used to be @flowerwoven

And if you search that user it comes up with the tweet leading to chremepuff and bunnabells

No. 1399920

File: 1640252872457.jpg (37.53 KB, 1226x274, JA3kIVia.jpg)

No. 1399983

Isn't this guy one of the Vic McChicken spergs? I think I remember him from that thread. If it is her though I wouldn't be surprised if she is using some sockpuppets to interact with herself for attention

No. 1399994

I wouldn’t be surprised as she did it on her bunnabells account long ago after she saw someone else’s tweet blowing up (bc of the hate). She has also since deleted the tweet because someone asked if it was fake.. if that is not sus idk what is

No. 1400015

Stop bumping this dead thread with unsaged tinfoil.

There’s no evidence it’s her, and this person doesn’t seem like her at all. Adding to that, artists get messages like that all the time. It’s not uncommon, especially with the prices.

No. 1400016

Can we stop posting people that we don’t even know is Erin? It only leads to cowtipping and then the people deleting their account because of you dumbfucks. It’s been months. Let our beloved cow go.

No. 1400035


The thing is she manages to go viral and then fails to meet her commitments with sales and commissions, apologizes and bows out, rinse and repeat. Idk why she keeps doing it when it fails every time. I would say she's good at rigging the system to go viral but doesn't know what to do/can't cope when she does, so idk why she keeps putting herself through the stress.

Also I get the vibe she paid for that video as promo since including the food clip seems pointless.

No. 1400200

Hero Hei doesn't do paid promos jfc
this is not erin and you are fucking obsessed and need to let go

No. 1400245

Artists deal with crazy clients, but it's obviously fake, can't you tell how played up that is? Who would be so mad over 15 dollars. And it's not like she doesn't have her price list up so that person's reaction is even more questionable, how come they're so surprised? Close the thread if it bothers you so much kek

No. 1400283

it doesn't matter if its fake or not, she's not Erin

No. 1400312

This girl isn't Erin and the screenshots messages aren't fake. I know I'm probably going to get banned for cow tipping because of this or whatever but I messaged the Maple girl and asked who it was in those screenshots. She wrote back and said their username is @/littl3__st4r and now I see why she didn't share their username or profile picture lol their account is full of porn. But I know she's not lying because if you look at that account's tweets you'll see they tweeted something rude to her so it all adds up. It's not Erin, plus if the only evidence you have for thinking its Erin is those screenshots tweet, you're stupid because artists post tweets like that every month, its super common sadly

No. 1400315

I didn't tell her about this thread when I messaged her because I didn't want her to freak and delete her account like everyone else does. Maple was actually so nice and I feel bad that she got posted here Some people in this thread are so fucking weird for doing this shit over and over to random people lol

No. 1400318

Sane people won't delete accounts after being posted on some random small thread lmao, go touch some grass. I doubt you even messaged her, seems like you just found one rude reply to her and are now accusing them. Nice try though

No. 1400319

File: 1640292553902.jpg (264.64 KB, 1216x1092, AMbSvnb8.jpg)

Found on the wayback machine their name was literally annabel (she has deleted this tweet since)

No. 1400327

File: 1640293514013.jpg (88.37 KB, 828x1067, wPhj73Y9.jpg)

If this isn't proof I don't know what is

No. 1400330

Good find, all that left is for @chremepuff to freak out and delete her account like >>1400312 anon said, it would confirm it since everyone who did so turned out to be Erin in the end kek

No. 1400332

Erin has never called herself Annabel. How is this proof? And what does the second screenshot have to do with anything?

No. 1400334

Hello?? her username always had iterations of bells, braincells hello?

No. 1400335

Please explain how Bells = Annabel.. they’re two completely different names. This is so sad. Do you really miss Erin this much that you’ve become this delusional?

No. 1400337

Learn to sage when there’s no milk and it’s all tinfoil. You’re so fucking annoying

No. 1400340

Do you not understand how Twitter works. Do you really have no eyes that wow possibly someone's multiple usernames that includes the word BELL can't assume the name annaBEL

No. 1400342

Obvious troll is obvious

No. 1400343

Bells isn't even a name it's her shortened surname also anon is right she used to have bell/bells/bel in her nickname
kittenbells, ninaofthebel, etc

No. 1400344

There’s no way you’re being serious. Obvious troll. Please fucking sage your stupid fucking posts

No. 1400347

Thank you! Suddenly someone that doesn't have worms for brains

No. 1400351

If you can find evidence of her using the name “Bel” with one L, I will bow down to you and admit that it’s Erin. Until then, it’s literally not fucking Erin. I REPEAT, NOT BELL, NOT BELLS, JUST “BEL”. You're so dense

No. 1400353

The picture literally spells Annabel with ONE L

No. 1400354

That’s not Erin’s account you pleb, I meant one of Erin’s old actual accounts LMFAO

No. 1400358

Oh you want proof so bad that she uses the name Annabel?

No. 1400361

We’re all waiting..

No. 1400365

File: 1640295909724.jpg (35.96 KB, 828x325, bels.jpg)

Took 2 minutes to find, but I know what you're going to say next
> but it's "bels" and not "bel" so that means this annabel person isn't her!
Do you really expect her to use her actual name? It's only natural she changed it up a bit, could also be "annabel" or something like that. Name on it's own doesn't matter, but everything together that it away (name, art style, tweets)

No. 1400366

point is i wouldn't put it past her to misspell it on purpose like she always does

No. 1400369

Holy shit you’re actually delusional. You did not understand the assignment.

No. 1400370

File: 1640296150077.jpg (75.9 KB, 828x1323, P5_QfhRx.jpg)

Eat my ass, we all know her obsession with the word fae too

No. 1400371

Can’t wait until this thread gets locked this is so hilarious

No. 1400373

Ngl the knee-jerking muh NO EVIDENCE ad hominem reeeing itt is very Erin like. You protest too much.

No. 1400375

>understand the assignment
Lmao literally no farmer would talk like this

No. 1400377

So far i we’ve got hi cow, tinfoil, infighting, cowtipping, and it hasn’t even been 4 months since the last incident! Erin’s got her tight ass grip on all of you.

No. 1400379

Because I’m not a neet(emoji)

No. 1400381

that's literally every uwu pink cottagecore girl

No. 1400383

Mama says if you got a golden teat cow never let her go
>tfw the thread would just die if someone didn’t panic and start sperging

No. 1400400


It wouldn’t die though. Even when there’s literally no milk for months, some retard necros the thread with “oMg gUyS i fOuNd eRiN!!” And the cycle continues. In actuality, there hasn’t been real genuine Erin milk in almost over a year

No. 1400447

so just report the necro, ignore it, and hide the thread instead of joining in with the week-long bout of infighting that happens every time spergs like you can't resist reeing about how ITS NOT ERIN LET THE THREAD DIE11!!11! whenever some other moron necros it, fucking hell

No. 1400449

Agreed. The retards who sperg and defend the same shit for the 50th time instead of ignoring are even more annoying tbh
gtfo newfag

No. 1400454

I honestly do believe it’s her this time but she’s just posting mundane tweets. Erin was a cow because she photoshopped her ugly goblin mug into a whole new person, did weird pedopandering ddlg shit and lied about literally everything. Her posting Twitter art and cutesy tumblr-esq bullshit isn’t milk worthy. Please let us know when she’s back on her real bullshit.

No. 1400478

Hello, actually I do but it’s probably against the rules, I do have proof that she has been faking the dms as I found similarities from the account she received the “mean dms” from

No. 1400496

Post it or gtfo

No. 1400531

that's not against the rules so post it for all the non-believers

No. 1400539

I’m officially convinced everyone in this thread is a troll at this point. All of the unsaged “I has proof it’s Erin!” followed by no proof given is the dead giveaway. It’s so odd

No. 1400540

File: 1640313868221.jpeg (130.69 KB, 828x1472, 53BE2EFA-398B-4AED-B825-8C1ABC…)

Thanks for the clarification ^^
Basically her tiktok she follows someone called mimi, and yes she dmed me who the person (aka @arihermione) who sent her the mean dm and their name is also mimi.. coincidence?

No. 1400541

File: 1640313929799.jpeg (120.08 KB, 828x984, A3B0D3BD-322E-4C81-AF20-341955…)

Now this might be speculative but they somehow have the same last 2 digits of their phone number? hmm

No. 1400549

Tbh every DDLG bitch calls themselves Mimi lmfao it’s so unoriginal

No. 1400551

Learn to sage your tinfoil this is so stupid

No. 1400564

Great find, also chremepuff's email seems to end with @kittymail.com which Erin used in the past

No. 1400565

File: 1640315919489.jpeg (590.86 KB, 3200x2295, C345A6D1-7A66-4E21-8A4B-0BC211…)

Please stop.

No. 1400566

Just let this cow die, she’s not milky anymore and that’s not proof. Move on

No. 1400600

The phone number and email thing is interesting for sure. I think you’re onto it. Ignore the detractor anon. I can feeeel it.

No. 1400612

Yeah that's too much to just be a coincidence. But if she's laying low and not being milky what's the point of caring?

No. 1400625

I think using sock puppets to lie about something the artist community is pretty vocal about to gain sympathy and, from the looks of her linked ko-fi, a decent chunk of change is somewhat milky. I guess a fool and his money are easily separated, so maybe others won’t find this too milky even if it IS proven 100% to be Erin, but I feel like it takes a certain type of person to be that deceitful.

No. 1400826

Agreed, this shit isn’t even worth posting about. Even if it is Erin, (it still hasn’t even been confirmed to be her, just mostly tinfoil), Erin hasn’t been milky in a long time and yet people still foam at the mouth at any slight sighting of her. It’s strange as fuck and people need to move on. Leave it be.

No. 1400830

It hasn’t been confirmed to be sock puppets though. Both of the accounts posted are real. One is literally a porn account and the other one looks like a typical DDLG “Mimi UwU” account. Are you blind?

No. 1401001

The two accounts having the same last 2 digits of their account phone numbers is a pretty big red flag. I’m not sure how often that happens to you, but I don’t see that often at all, much less between two people who happen to have a spat between each other on twitter.

No. 1401048


The fact that you’ve already assumed that’s Erin’s phone number is very fishy to me and feels desperate on your part. I’m not buying it. It’s not enough proof to assume it’s Erin.

Until there’s unmistakable proof that it even is Erin, let’s stop shitting up this thread with tinfoil about a possible random shitty “kawaii” artist. It’s boring and not milky at all.

No. 1401136

Why don't you stop replying to everyone just to say the same thing over and over again like a touched nerve.

No. 1403437

I would like to let Nina know that she's not alone and other girl's online have gone through the same stalking and harassing just like her too. It's ok to have kinks, share your love of art, anime/manga and post selfies. Tons of other people do it every single day and don't get stalked and obsessed over online. Certain groups of people online such as the users of PULL and Lolcow are actually involved in Kawaii fashion/cosplay/alt lifestyles themselves and like to bully and pick on those they think are easy targets and vulnerable. What they love is reactions, and more importantly someone who is open about their emotions and feelings so they can traumatize them, get a rise out of them- then they disgustingly screenshot, insult, harass, make up lies, speculation and just stir the pot. They make their victims scapegoats and claim to be "helping their sole victim aka. cow" get off the internet. The thing that pisses these people off the most is just doing you and ignoring them, so the best thing you can do Nina coming from someone who was stalked by PULL for seven years is if you ever come back again, conceal your identity, use a completely new email/phone for your accounts cause they are literally nuts as you can see trying to put two and two together to see what account is or isn't yours, and you shouldn't show your face at all, try to find a way to keep yourself anonymous like an avatar and a pseudonym that is nothing like those of your past, you'd also want to adopt a new aesthetic too- so no more cute stuff because obviously these nut jobs frequent those circles. Above all stay safe. Hope you find happiness Nina.(Unsaged autism)

No. 1403491

>>1403437 sage your cringe letter to the cow, erin won't show her tiny loli pussy to you

No. 1403492

File: 1640719788224.png (109.89 KB, 1600x900, 15A1EA1D-0508-4293-A57F-4D9239…)

This has gotta be one of the most autistic shit I’ve ever read on this site. Stop bumping the thread to defend a spoiled pedo, no one cares

No. 1403737

File: 1640741580288.jpeg (281.25 KB, 1170x551, B36698AC-7DB7-4A37-ACBF-A1DFA7…)

erin isn’t a pedophile. she never diddled a child, talked sexually with a child, or came out as being attracted to children. this shit pisses me off. fuck off.

No. 1403843

Larping as a child sexually is pedophile adjacent. Stop wking.

No. 1404208

NTA, but, wow! Incredibly shitty take. You're either an ignorant minor coming straight from TikTok, or you're so entirely consumed by your Erin vendetta that you're willing to accuse her of something so sick and twisted that could completely ruin an innocent person's life.

Erin has never claimed to pretend to be a child sexually. She even said she isn't into DDLG, if that's what you're referring to as "pedophilia." Even DDLG isn't pedophilia because it is always between two consenting adults, never children. If every person who liked wearing cutesy "kawaii" lingerie and liked calling their S/O "Daddy" was considered a pedophile, we'd all be screwed.

Please stop using your retarded vendetta to mislabel pedophilia. It's not only damaging to the person you're falsely accusing, but to actual real pedophilia victims. Now kindly go fuck yourself.

No. 1404739

NAYRT but holy wk. She has had multiple ddlg accounts, autopedophilia is still pedophilia. Go read the previous threads newfag

No. 1404840

Didn't read plus you're a pedo

No. 1404879

i think you’re confusing our erin with “fat erin” aka the girl from this post >>1315874
“fat erin” isn’t the same person as our erin but a lot of people on here still get them mixed up. “fat erin” is the girl that’s openly into ddlg and posts disgusting borderline pedo shit like what you’re describing.
our erin always said how she doesn’t support ddlg and thinks it’s gross or whatever.

No. 1405053

Shut the fuck up stop trying to rewrite history. Erin was into ddlg and pedo pandering until she got shit on for it here. “Our” Erin ewww what the fuck is wrong with you.

No. 1405103

"your" Erin called herself a loli, posted lolicon and herself humping stuffed animals, and claimed she was bullied for having a tiny loli pussy. She only claimed she was anti kink and anti ddlg after being called out for it. She has a pattern of backtracking and sperging about how much she hates whatever she did whenever she's called out, re: knotting kink, shoops, racefaking…

No. 1405149


> called herself a loli, posted lolicon and herself humping stuffed animals, and claimed she was bullied for having a tiny loli pussy

IIRC all of this happened when she was 17 to 18 (2018-2019 era). Imagine using the acts of a minor against her 4 years later. A lot changes in that time. I believe she just grew up and realized how disgusting it was to act like that. And there isn’t anything wrong with that. Move on.

No. 1405153

Grow up. You sound like a child.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1405190

Log the fuck off WK

No. 1407199

>>1400541 you can't use the same phone number for more than one twitter account.
>>1400565 i heartily lol'd

No. 1407645

oh shit I forgot about that, does this mean its officially debunked now? finally. I just feel bad for that person who's been posted here falsely labeled as Erin for weeks straight. I think we all knew they weren't really Erin but hopefully now that delusional anon will give it a rest.

they're not a WK, they're just correcting you.. hate Erin all you want but sperging fake shit about how you think she's a pdo just because you're desperate for her milk isn't okay. Erin isn't a pdo, get over it.


No. 1407988

File: 1641250015677.jpeg (284.76 KB, 1242x547, 0F836B42-229F-4C61-AC03-9CD06D…)

Same goes with emails. So if she has 1 phone number and 3 emails she can have 20 accounts. Which from all of the usernames she saves she definitely does

No. 1407990

Samefag I forgot to sage last post

No. 1408007

>>1407988 your screenshot is for instagram's email/phone rule, not twitter. (unless you're just trying to make a different point? i am confusion)

No. 1408033

File: 1641252710894.png (221.87 KB, 1440x1411, twit.png)

I have three twitters all registered with the same phone number and several instas (I'm an artfag) so yes you can register multiples.


No. 1408065


Uhh hello?? Am i missing something? Why are people assuming it was Erin’s phone number? There’s still no evidence that it’s Erin’s account. It’s been weeks of posting about this random arttwt account. Time to move on!!

Side note even if that person faked that tweet because they somehow had the same digits in their phone numbers, who cares? It isn’t remotely related to Erin and shouldn’t be posted in this thread. A new idiot on arttwt fakes tweets like that at least once every month lol who gives a shit

No. 1408076

File: 1641256675389.png (30.61 KB, 586x188, sc776i9gyht8ghi.png)

in pic related she says that she's turning 21 on christmas eve. wouldn't erin be turning 21 around this time too? it just seems like a big coincidence. also can any anon confirm what >>1399919 said?

No. 1408120

No. Erin’s birthday is in early October. She’s a Libra.

No. 1408498

i meant that it's suspicious they're the same age. it's not like she's going to use her real birthday anymore. also nvm about confirming what that other anon said. isn't this proof enough it's her? >>1400327

No. 1408612

damn you’re reaching for anything you can at this point… and how is that proof? erin never went by “flowerwoven”. when you look up the same username on other socials like instagram and tumblr it’s some cottagecore retard going by “they/them” lmao. it’s not erin

No. 1409421

Why would she fake her birthdate of all things? It's not her, get over it.

As much as I too miss Erin and her milk, I don't think she's gonna come back anytime soon, at least not in a way that would make her easy to find.

No. 1421677

File: 1642621018413.png (1.21 MB, 1170x2532, 72BCE463-8AC7-4249-9FC3-604C77…)

i’m sorry if this has already been talked about, but i found this reddit account. it uses one of erins old usernames and her screen name is erin painter, does anyone know what this is?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1421724

It doesn’t matter ilovesidney72, the last post was 3 years ago, the milk is dry stop necroing a dead cow

No. 1422068

People who necro will always get their ban and the thread goes back to being dead. Yet, without fail, every time a rando necros this thread, someone always chimes in with a "milk is dry, dead cow" when it's such an unnecessary rebuttal that screams defensive. It literally does not happen in other dead threads at all. I'll believe she's changed and moved on from being a cow when the whiteknights are gone.

No. 1423225


No. 1423244

omg just stfu you absolute retard

No. 1423308

I remember her talking about this account back when she had her Instagram spam account. She said it’s not her. This was around the same time when there was an influx of weird “RIP Erin Painter” accounts being made on Instagram for some reason. 100% chance it’s a troll or a farmer.

If the only shit being posted in her dead thread are things that happened years ago or things that end up not even being her like the “is this Erin’s new account?” tinfoil, she’s not a cow anymore. She’s obviously gone for good. Cry about it.

No. 1429022

Is she really on edtwt?

No. 1429534

Why would she?

No. 1429615

no, there are no confirmed erin accounts anywhere. she’s gone

No. 1430071

/if she isn't she should be lmao

No. 1430358

I don't think she's actually gone (like "leaving all social media and never using da evil webs again"-gone), she's most likely hiding behind locked accounts. And honestly? Good for her. Anons will never find Goblina.

No. 1431148

File: 1643595960780.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1170x1967, 6F69B46A-CDDE-48AD-AE81-ADC2DB…)

I follow her on her private Instagram account under the username @2000kitty and I’ll probably be blocked if she sees this but her account pretty inactive, she only posts once a month. She doesn’t post anything other than her husky, her cats, her nose job, her school, Naruto shit, and memes. The only thing borderline milky that happened was during July when she travelled to Massachusetts to presumably see James from the spam community, which isn’t really milk either because they’ve been publicly off and on since the day she first appeared on the internet.

Erin’s not a cow anymore even behind her private account. She’s boring. No more UwU kawaii shitposts or rants about lolcow meanies. And honestly you’re right, good for her. It’s cringe as fuck to see people in this thread still latching onto her and going as far as posting random accounts hoping it’s their precious Erin, almost a year after she left her public accounts.

No. 1431203

>erin’s not milky anymore
>bumps the thread like a tard anyways
Kys nobody cares

No. 1456491

File: 1646300636877.jpeg (519.9 KB, 1242x2037, 1FC89D85-2E23-49D9-B4D0-D0BD8F…)

Erin is back and wants people to call her bells but she isn’t staying because she has uni and work

No. 1457509

File: 1646393627680.png (3.08 MB, 2654x932, story.png)

it feels like she just comes back every now and again to defend herself from past topics and discussions from her threads while also proving she's normal now

No. 1457644

Just looks like she’s growing up finally, leave it alone before she deletes her account again

No. 1457805

File: 1646420472753.png (5.92 MB, 1242x2208, A3C79870-4BFE-4F8C-A198-3C267C…)

I never thought Erin would admit to this

No. 1457806

File: 1646420535556.png (4.17 MB, 1242x2208, 5C02F9D3-DC8B-4A83-96C8-47E47F…)

No. 1457820

oh god someone should post this in the coquette thread. it’s hilarious to see a former coquette cult leader talk shit about the aesthetic. good for her

No. 1458390

Wow she's still annoying and still acting like she's normal when these posts reek of insecure neet larping about her life changing for the better. "I was so cringe haha" you are still cringe and retarded Nina. Jesus I actually hoped she was moving on with ehr life but reading all of the new posts, she sounds the same but with a haughty attitude like she somehow "overcame" adversity and her past cringe to be where she is now uwu what a joke. Also to the wks, just don't open this thread if you think she's not a cow anymore. It's that easy. Those of us who wish to stay and talk can do so without the defensive posts interrupting constantly, it's annoying

No. 1458401

Nobody’s wking retard. She’s in college and got a job and doesn’t edate anymore. Who gives a shit at this point if you think she’s annoying. Cope

No. 1464225

At least her hair looks healthier

No. 1474043

But she is moving on with her life? This is just a bit obsessive at this point and I don't really see what's milky about these random Instagram posts at all. She used to be my favorite cow but she's genuinely not doing anything anymore.

No. 1475367

This. I think people forget that the first Erin thread was created when she had just turned 18 years old (the first time she was mentioned on lolcow was in the Nicole Dollanganger thread when she was only 17). She’s 20 or 21 now. A lot changes in that time especially at such a young age, not just for Erin but for everyone. It’s not surprising or suspicious that she has finally matured and outgrown her past milky self.

No. 1475384

No she hasn’t matured or outgrown anything in what a year? she just keeps quieter. I think you didn’t click anons spoiler so I’ll repost it
> Also to the wks, just don't open this thread if you think she's not a cow anymore. It's that easy. Those of us who wish to stay and talk can do so without the defensive posts interrupting constantly, it's annoying

No. 1475400

are you retarded? 17 years old to 21 years old is a span of 4 years, not one year
>she just keeps quieter
hm i wonder why.. oh, because erin mentioned having a job now and going to school now aka maturing
this is just sad learn to cope with your precious erin not being a cow anymore

No. 1475420

Nayrt but I’m pretty sure they meant she’s not outgrown it in the one year she’s been gone from social media, because a year ago she was still up to her antics. But I completely agree with the rest, she’s minding her own business, working and going to school, she sounds boring. But on the other hand if people wanna post in this thread because they still think she’s milky, why not just let them who cares.

No. 1475435

Can you autists that reee “she’s not your precious cow anymore” stfu. Yes, she’s not relevant, so stop keeping the thread alive by bumping and wking. It’s the same shit every 2 months, don’t get why it’s so hard to ignore it when nobody else cares

No. 1475451

I’m ^^^
Exactly what I meant.
I don’t even think it worthy to bump the thread but this fucking idiot did >>1475367 to wk so you’re gonna get these types of replies.
No u a retard and a wk fuck off or hide the thread if it bothers you that much

No. 1476464

>>if people wanna post in this thread because they still think she’s milky, why not just let them who cares
This, exactly. There are plenty of milkless cows that people talk about still. There are no rules against us talking about her regardless if she's active or not, look are some of the vintage milk threads. There's literally no reason to be upset about other anons discussing her for fun. "It's obsessive" yea no shit, welcome to lolcow.

No. 1480861


Just wanna point out that her upper arm area is so big in this picture yet on her recent story she posted yesterday a picture of her “legs” which are very thin aka eating disorder type of thin. It’s clear that shes starving herself and lowkey body checking which seems pretty ignorant since she still has minors following her and possible ex ED’s recovery people. This is just a wild assumption of mine but it feels as if she’s gonna turn her accounts into some body checking pro-ana type of account since she makes hints that she only eats fruit or whatever.

No. 1480903

File: 1648211314877.jpeg (473.4 KB, 1170x2361, 4D06BF64-1BD0-452E-8269-D0E70B…)

That picture of her hair is old, she’s had it set to her profile picture on her other account for months. I hope she’s okay. She looks really thin in those recent leg pictures. Picrel, her followers are noticing it too and seem worried. She said she doesn’t want to talk about her eating disorder publicly anymore, which is for the best.


What’s wrong with you? Why would you bump the thread with this shit? Shut the fuck up.

No. 1480962

what did they say

No. 1481390

Nah she’s probably just photoshopping herself smaller than she is and pretending she’s anachan. Always been a chubbster larping as a dainty fairie.

No. 1481494

they said something like “Erin you’ll always be a fat ugly girl”

that’s not true, anyone that followed her spam accounts back in the 2017-2019 era knows she would constantly post pictures and videos of her body and she was extremely thin back then because of her eating disorder, it’s not surprising that she’s falling back into it.. so can stop calling a girl with an eating disorder who’s clearly struggling again “fat” and “chubster”? what the fuck

No. 1481972

who cares, really?

No. 1481973

no, fuck off.(sage your shit)

No. 1481981

Show one pic of her ever being ana chan skinny. She's built like a fucking dump truck, always has been.

No. 1482003

She's been a chubby girl most of her life, she doesn't have the willpower to actually get heathy so instead anachan baits on the internet for attention. Why should we fucking care if she actually has an eating disorder? She wants people's sympathy, she wants to be doted on. Stop indulging her.

No. 1482093

File: 1648311337409.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 897.36 KB, 3222x3222, 8BCCDD7A-AD9D-4B45-8A14-060A5D…)

Marked as spoiler because it’s her disordered body. This took forever to make because it’s all screenshots of videos she used to post from her old Snapchat during 2018 and 2019 but here’s what people are talking about when they say she’s skinny and has an eating disorder I think it’s weird as fuck that you're arguing about if she has an eating disorder or not

No. 1482108

So you just have snap videos of naked mentally ill girls saved like a predator or are you just that desperate to defend your ana honor? Kek

No. 1482115

Post a current body check and prove yourself dainty beluga ez

No. 1482117

So… she’s 17 in these nude photos you just posted?

No. 1482118

I’m confused wasn’t she born in 2000? That would make her 18 and 19 in these unless she was born in 2001

No. 1482167

this is not only pathetic behavior from you but why are you trying so hard right now? no one cares about your collage kek. no one feels bad

No. 1482181

how is this a disordered body? obviously you will have a little outline of ribs etc. when you arch your back like this + are lying down lol…

No. 1482188

Those aren’t the stretch marks of a skinny girl. Classic skinny pose laying down, arching, and twisting. The stand up ones you can tell she got some pooch. Just because you can see the outline of ribs doesn’t mean shit. At my highest after I gained some weight in 2020 and you could still see my ribs

No. 1482281

She's accidentally proved herself as fat time and time again. She's never going to stop wishing she was an anachan even at her adult age now and it's pathetic.
Just look at the size of her arm here. Not trying to bonerattle but that is very obviously the arm of a chubby girl. It's sad she's still trying to pretend she's an anachan and she's what? Early to mid twenties? Most girls grow out of this once they hit 20. If she spent the time she did pretending to be anachan, actually healthily dieting, she'd be thin now.

No. 1482296

Like >>1480903 said, that picture of her hair and arm is months old. Read the thread. She’s obviously not that size anymore according to those recent pictures of her legs she posted.

> Early to mid twenties

If she was born in 2000-2001, then she’s only 20 years old or just turned 21. Calm down.

No. 1482304

This thread is becoming disgusting and unreadable. Debating about a clearly physically and mentally unwell girl’s weight and eating disorders? For two days straight? I’m not an Erin wk and I used to enjoy this thread, but arguing about whether she’s fat or not just because she posted one picture of her legs that were barely visible.. so fucking stupid. It’s obvious that this is happening only because Erin’s not doing anything milky anymore so you’re trying to get a reaction out of her. How sad.

No. 1482309

Can you wks post the leg pictures so we can see if they're actually thin or just edited instead of sperging about we're all bullies and erin is super spoop and thin now?

No. 1482325

File: 1648325185460.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x2012, 773D3B40-A2CB-47DE-995D-30610F…)

These are the pictures of her legs. Not milky or worth fighting about for two days IMO she never mentioned her weight or her eating disorder

No. 1482327

File: 1648325206501.jpeg (288.18 KB, 1170x1771, 8AEDCD6B-7663-4BDA-84B7-9961FB…)

No. 1482357

Oh so the same angled legs she's been posting for fucking years? Thought it was gonna be something groundbreaking LMFAO

No. 1482407

I can only think of one person who would be THIS insistent that Erin is a rEaL aNa~*

No. 1482425

shut the fuck up moron

every time Erin comes back or someone thinks they found Erin there’s always some annoying fucking idiot that has to ruin it by “hi cow”ing. please move on for the love of God this thread is more pathetic than Erin herself at this point

No. 1482441

This one is so edited lmao

No. 1482550

hi cow

No. 1482645

i think a close second to being pathetic is the wk who has a collage of erin. i get she has no milk but the fact people are in here trying to hard to convince us she had an ED, who fucking cares?

i also hope the tipper gets blocked eventually. nothing about this cow ever changes.(sage)

No. 1484815

sage your post or get out retard

No. 1484956

File: 1648479467080.jpeg (142.94 KB, 1170x1538, C360EFF0-A305-45C5-923B-C01BAD…)

She posted a video on her Instagram story of her thigh gap. So it’s not edited because her legs look the same in this picture >>1482327, sorry it’s blurry it’s a screenshot of the video.

No. 1485053

you know you can put filters on videos too, right? either way this is another classic ana pose– legs up, knees together, feet apart– to make your thighs look slim. and even if it is unedited, that's not a very impressive distance. any shapeless skinnyfat can get that look with a little contortion.
very funny that she says she no longer wants to publicly discuss her eating disorder yet has no problem bodychecking in front of all her followers.

No. 1485186

Jesus fucking christ sage. No one gives a fuck that erins reading the thread obsessively and now is contorting herself to prove shes sooper spoop, with her history posting in her threads I wouldnt be surprised if she was the one defending herself

No. 1485197

This shit is so annoying, just because a skinny girl posts a picture of her body doesn’t mean it’s “body checking.” Dumbass minors on tiktok say that shit whenever they see a skinny girl. Go back to tiktok

No. 1485199

You're a fucking idiot shut up


No. 1485248

>has been wannarexic for years
>multiple close up pics and videos of legs
>at least one of which >>1482327 is captioned with comments about food
>followers ask if she is eating properly, she deflects
>b-but it's totally not body checking!!! she's just naturally skinny and doesn't even realise!!!

No. 1485956

File: 1648566581983.jpg (653.12 KB, 1860x328, edtwt.jpg)

Someone spotted her on ed twitter a couple of months ago, so entirely possible (taken from coquette aesthetic thread)

No. 1486225

Is she still active on edtwt?

No. 1486489


Is there any proof or screenshots of her being on edtwt

No. 1492276

Kek Erin Hamhock Painter is NOT skinny.

No. 1492284

These all look like a normal sized girl posing hard, she's literally never been underweight. Insane that she was able to trick people so easily, it's so obvious
Erin just needs to post a front facing, non posed photo of herself but she won't do that for obvious reasons kek fatties gonna do what fatties do best

No. 1492600

Seriously. Fat girls who grew up in the tumblr pro-ana era are fucking masters at making themselves look way thinner than they are. It's no coincidence that every non-posed, straight on, photo or video of erin has been hideously ugly and very obviously not skinny. Yet all her selfies and "bodychecks" make her look dainty and thin

No. 1493648

How is this evidence of an eating disorder? Selfpost? Like this is an ordinary white girl body, underweight people don't look like this (imagine pulling this as evidence on /snow when there's an ana thread full of skeletors on there)
Sucking in and taking photos from the side being used in full force here, gotta see a standing shot from the front to really see someone's weight. Not that it matters, but kinda hilarious someone would post those photos as evidence of a "disorder."

No. 1493662

I’m pretty sure they said “disordered” because she has a history of bad eating habits (starving herself aka ed). Having an eating disorder or saying someone has an eating disorder doesn’t just mean what their body looks like.

Anyway, this endless arguing about her body sounds like a vendetta. Why else would anyone keep going on about this for weeks? Who cares

No. 1496251

File: 1649437028093.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x2189, F18B10FE-3D54-49C9-B654-BFEF3E…)

According to her new insta, she’s been hired at a local flower shop and school is going well. Glad to see this cow start living a normal life, even if her nose is still fugly

No. 1497224

oof talk about a botched nose job

No. 1497366

Wow She literally blurred it out existence with the filters. She's obviously still insecure

No. 1497522

File: 1649559692301.jpeg (743.15 KB, 1242x1920, 034C4044-8B26-4C9C-AC88-988B7E…)

Revision surgery?? kek

No. 1497543

Who gives a fuck about her nose? Why even post about this

Finally, good for her. Erin doesn’t feel like a cow anymore. She doesn’t do anything milky anymore, and all anyone can post about for content lately is her weight and her nose
At this point I’m starting to feel bad for her because of how weirdly obsessive people still are in this thread since it’s clear she’s trying to get her life together

No. 1497648

Anon when will you realize the only reason people are posting is because it’s hard to believe ANYTHING erin says with the many lies that come with her name. I mean the girl gets away with scamming, tracing, doxxing and predatory behavior so give us a break for not wanting to believe her little stories that are probably just her imagination and for all we know she’s probably skinwalking some cottagecore faery person like she does with every single personality trait she brings up.

No. 1519894

She said she will not play final fantasy again yet I saw her leveling. Lol

No. 1520375

was she, though? her lodestone doesn't seem to show anything new unless she's been on an alt

No. 1578034

This whole thread literally needs to take a look in the mirror, all the people shitting on her nose are perpetuating decades old racism.
Educate yourselves.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HW9Yg25mJA&t=620s(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1578038

This girl is petite bone structure wise, and skinny here, her body fat percentage is actually quite low in all honesty. If she loses anymore weight, then she would just be boney. All the anons here are delusional and have eds themselves or are just calling her fat to bully. Comical.

No. 1578044

why the fuck would you necro this thread then, you absolute casserole brained dummy.

No. 1578098

the erin threads in 2019(?) were absolute gold, gonna go re-read it all now thanks

No. 1578234

> Educate yourselves
If someone told me this was a parody of insufferable SJWery I'd believe it kek

No. 1578317

yas queen give us that fake burberry realness

No. 1578822

Erin please

No. 1578872

will you stfu

No. 1578874


the old threads are upsetting considering she was only 17 when she was first posted on lolcow. She doesn’t seem like the same person now and that’s a good thing

No. 1579689

No actually they're hilarious and I enjoy them

No. 1580089

Who else would bump the thread if not Erin herself?

No. 1588403

File: 1657857863485.jpg (164.48 KB, 720x1271, Screenshot_20220714-205951_Ins…)

surprised no one ever posted this. her openly admitting her bf hits her. she also admitted today in her ig story that she used to weigh around 200 lbs and has been constantly posting things about weight loss and body check pictures lately

No. 1588405

File: 1657858064697.jpg (169.9 KB, 720x1321, Screenshot_20220714-210718_Gal…)

No. 1588452

Ngl this is actually incredibly sad I hope she gets out of that. As a survivor I can relate to not knowing when a situation is fucked up until someone tells you it’s fucked up because you’ve gotten used to it

Wtf why would they say that to her

No. 1588456

File: 1657862824189.jpeg (745.11 KB, 1170x1444, 1C61B195-8E3D-493D-A264-99BE4C…)

Erin’s mom has a brain tumor too. She never said if it was cancerous but it could kill her apparently. I feel bad for both of them. I hope her mom gets better soon

No. 1588462

With everything she's lied about, it's still wise to take anything New Nose Beluga says with a bucket of salt. Tinfoil but this is probably gonna be her answer for any of the questions she might get about, career, the future, getting tf outta mommies house, buying her own shit etc. "I cnt get a job/school/move/anything! cuz I need 2 take care of my mom uwu." It wouldn't be the first time she made up some egregious shit to cover her size eight dumpy ass. Although if it is true, I really do hope the best for them because that's a terrible thing to have happen and I wouldn't wish it on even a cow to lose a loved one.

No. 1588469

File: 1657864355747.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x1950, 3CE66DD4-E785-487F-A075-B2A6A1…)

She isn’t lying. I don’t think she would lie about her mom or about something that serious

>"I cnt get a job/school/move/anything! cuz I need 2 take care of my mom uwu."

She’s had a job for a while now and she has been in school for I think 2 years now. She talks a lot about both those things on that sweetheartsylph account

No. 1588470

I agree, she's lied about some pretty horrible shit before, but like you said if it is true I wish all the best for her and her mum. It's silly but a small part of me was hoping for a redemption arc, it's sad this is this update we've got.

No. 1588485

& how do we know these accounts are hers?

Been there done that since thread 1. Newest bumps are sad but if you're going to make me interested again provide proof these are Erin's

No. 1588492

File: 1657868071959.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1170x1861, 6B7409CE-8FAA-41F5-923D-CEB934…)

Why don’t you just follow her yourself instead of being lazy? It’s for sure her account because her post history is the same as >>1482327

She also posts a lot of updates about her nose and things about her personal life that I don’t think have been posted on here before so it’s Erin

No. 1588641

File: 1657890933228.jpg (201.36 KB, 720x1253, Screenshot_20220715-061133_Ins…)

incase you for some reason need more proof that this is her. the accounts not new she just changes her usernames constantly

No. 1588878

Wishing her and her mother the best. Erin is one of the few cows that has seemed to grow up and out of milky behaviours and I've always wanted to see her end up in a good position. No one deserves to see their parent go through cancer and especially at a semi-young age.

No. 1588934


>lmao i hope your master raped you like he did that 16 yr old

holy shit

No. 1588946

File: 1657919735333.jpeg (478.06 KB, 1170x1822, 70913254-EC7B-4542-B34B-BB9E7A…)

i wasn’t able to screenshot all of her stories, there were a lot more weird body related messages like this. people say shit like >>1588405 this to erin and then get mad when she posts about hating her body and falls back into her disordered behavior. how much she used to weigh or how much she weighs right now shouldn’t matter this much to anybody. why do people care about weird shit like this. or say shit like this to her when they know about her ED from the past.

No. 1588986

What kitchen counter photo is she talking about?

No. 1589004


this one >>1261423 it’s pretty popular on facebook and instagram

No. 1589032

She's either sending that to herself or she needs to purge those ED followers who ask shit like that. Make an art account and only post art on it. If your following are ED loli dumbasses that's the interaction you'll get from them.

No. 1589079

File: 1657932331657.jpeg (460.79 KB, 1170x1772, B2BC36F1-53A8-4DF5-9D9A-4AB2DA…)

Admitting to her past skinwalking. Rare accountability. Maybe she really is changed

No. 1589090

File: 1657932857657.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1972, 4BE44043-9CF1-4941-9EDC-25CDBA…)

Posted June 3

No. 1589091

File: 1657932932167.jpeg (521.94 KB, 1170x1630, 313858DB-0C68-437D-8146-3B9D4D…)

No. 1589092

File: 1657932984091.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1572, 806998D8-8B04-471D-8623-508F53…)

She looks very thin here

No. 1589127

She's good at editing and posing, which has been gone over multiple times. >>1496251 is not what an anorexic girl looks like. She's a chubby girl. What's up with the anons who come in here every few months to try to say "look shes sooper spoop now!"
Tinfoil but I feel like Erin saw Lucindas thread and wants us to treat her like Lucinda gets treated so she either selfposts or has a friend do it for her.

No. 1589137

she posted that video almost 5 months ago dumbass. it’s obvious she’s lost a considerable amount of weight since then according to all of the new pics of her body she’s been posting. cope

No. 1589141

How many times has she posted pics of her body looking very thin and claiming to have lost weight? Read the old threads wk-chan.

No. 1589230

File: 1657944331530.jpeg (333.73 KB, 1170x934, 42016897-7C5E-4A7C-9221-5053DE…)

Cowtipped yet again

No. 1589235

What’s the point in cowtipping her, she’s a farmer, she knows. She posted about Shayna on her story today

No. 1589245

That's obviously her mum newfag, lurk moar

No. 1589247

File: 1657945966580.jpeg (791.08 KB, 1170x1949, 42EB3C65-2087-4A78-8534-0CCB86…)

Are you retarded? She didn’t get that post from lolcow, she reposted it from some far left spam account with the username @shittyjoke. Her story was the second time I’ve seen it reposted today, and with the way she was replying to messages about that story, it sounded like she doesn’t even know who Shayna is. You’re probably the one who cowtipped. Time to give it a rest and let the cow die. Farmers here act more like a cow than she does at this point

No. 1589248

File: 1657946049290.jpeg (185.76 KB, 657x611, 92D1AC19-F4A9-440E-8CA6-C761EE…)

Erin is still here, for sure

Never forget

No. 1589255

Nta but calling another anon retarded is textbook Erin, it’s like getting suspiciously defensive. Also It’s funny that she’s so ~sickened~ by shayna when Erin used to hump stuffies and retweet Loli porn

No. 1589256

Weren’t most of those wrongly marked as Erin by a mod who didn’t have permission to mark them as Erin? Try harder. You’re for sure the one who cowtipped her

No. 1589257

Congratulations, you’re a retard too UwU!

No. 1589261

I’m for sure wking now because you’ve been trying hard all day to make her seem like she’s still a cow and it’s annoying as fuck
>”Erin’s lying about her mom’s brain tumor!”
>”Erin has a chubby face uwu” while referring to a picture from 5 months ago
>”Erin still edits her body!”
>”Erin sends messages to herself!”
>”Erin’s a farmer!”
>”Erin’s selfposting!”

No. 1589262

NAYRT but you think we're the same person, why the fuck are you sperging out? This is lolcow, we can insult cows. Stop using UWU too, makes you sound even more like erin.

No. 1589264

UwU I’m Erin because I say UwU to make fun of how ~rEtArDeD~ you are. You caught me UwU(infighting)

No. 1589265

File: 1657947345032.jpeg (146.45 KB, 682x361, 21171EFD-96FF-4B94-986B-ACAFE5…)

I don’t even have social media or follow her retarded spam to even send those questions to. and that was her, she cried about it on Instagram after it happened she pretended to be a guy who knew her and just a farmer and she would wk and call anons dumbass and retard
>>1589257 gives me flashbacks

No. 1589267

I’m for sure Erin UwU.

No. 1589269

Maybe you’re the one that’s Erin. This is all a diversion

No. 1589270

It was a retarded tinfoil at first but this is definitely either erin, or someone obsessed with her. No reason to be this defensive and insane over a random inactive cow, no one is even being mean in this thread besides saying she's not skinny

No. 1589271

I’m for sure obsessed with our Lord and Savior Erin Painter. You caught me

No. 1589273

I wouldn’t even give a fuck if she wasn’t accused of lying about her Mom’s brain tumor. So fucking shitty

No. 1589274

they only said that before someone posted proof though, i'd agree with you if they had said shit after stalker-chan posted a photo of erin's sick mother.

No. 1589279

File: 1657948050439.jpeg (429.76 KB, 900x1260, 366307ED-EA3A-499C-99D3-E0D84E…)

No. 1589299

man after seeing erin posted in the shay thread i thought there was going to be actual interesting shit. instead it's just >>1588462

No. 1589301

When was it confirmed that Erin posted in the shay thread

No. 1589303

She was 15 in that picture. Why post this here

No. 1589305

I didn't mean erin herself posted, i meant someone posted a cap from erin in the shay thread

No. 1589314

Today all this thread has been is “her mom has a brain tumor”, “she’s lying about her brain tumor”, “why are there so many wks attacking me for saying she’s lying about her mom’s brain tumor?”, “she’s obviously selfposting”. It’s the same recycled shit every time someone necros the thread

No. 1589317

You wkfags are the ones bumping the thread with your "muh angel erin is finally getting better!!!!"

No. 1589322

she has been getting better though. Holding down more than one jobs and going to college are big steps in the right direction. we aren’t wks for wanting to see her change for the better

No. 1589325

File: 1657952370601.gif (4.94 MB, 498x498, 0E0B3054-0B5C-4873-A6F6-F89452…)

Lurking lolcow and whiteknighting herself isn’t getting all that better tho is it

No. 1589326

will you shut up. annoying as fuck

No. 1589332

it’s been a year and you still ain’t learn that wking only provokes people more lol

No. 1589335

File: 1657954057858.jpeg (770.04 KB, 1170x1163, A8CEC72C-F6B1-46B2-88C9-CB9C6B…)

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1589391

Let her thread die or remain stagnant until actual milk comes. She was a terminally-online teen / young adult and hopefully got some clarity on how cringy and insane she was. We all know how bad Tumblr and the DDLG shit was for girls. Hopefully she has realized that and moved on from participating in it.

(For the record, she is one of my alltime fave cows and her reveal was iconic & historic, but nitpicking is boring. Wait until there's actual milk or let her thread rest in peace on that final note).

No. 1589405

“maybe she really has changed” you retard, it has been like 2-3 years since erin was milky. MOVE ON. i was one of the original posters and was acquainted with erin at one point. she isn’t fucking milky anymore, there’s no reason to sperg about her constantly. who gives a shit

No. 1589413

I’m surprised this thread hasn’t been locked already

No. 1589440

I agree. IMO it should have been locked once the thread started drying up. It should’ve been locked when the really bad infighting and speculations started. The constant speculation of random accounts that could be hers wasn’t interesting or insightful in the slightest. Then the speculatory posts of “she posted a closeup of her thigh!!! Erin Painter still fat confirmed!” All of the anon speculation was boring and annoying to see bump the thread.

It should be locked now because the thread and milk has been spoiled with the constant cow-tipping, nitpicking of her infrequent bland posts, and infighting.

(Again, not a WK- just a user tired of seeing her thread get bumped over the smallest updates from her with no real milk.)

No. 1589454

classic post from resident wk, what is this, your 400th post in this thread alone? kek

No. 1589572

you’re single-handedly the reason why this thread is shit. noone is wking and erin isn’t self posting. some people just don’t like to see endless tinfoil and speculation every time they open the thread.

agreed. this thread should’ve been locked when the very first “is this erin’s new account?” shit started. that’s when it started going downhill and there hasn’t been any real milk since then.

No. 1589610

Erin is annoying she really can’t stay off the internet can she? She could make an account and follow people she knows irl but she has no friends and lives for internet attention

No. 1589615

She’s obviously camping out here and in the rest of the site like the What’s your real opinion on cows thread. You’d think after all this time she’d learn how to integrate and not sound so calloused, calling people dumbasses and saying she is “so sickly looking, I hope she’s ok!”
In the Erin painter post history she was even like “there’s no milk!!” >>1589265

No. 1589620

Erin has always been annoying. Spam community is dead and she just wants ass pats from farmers and her underaged following. I wonder what her next phase will be since she isn’t doing mushroom art cottage core crap

No. 1589634

you're samefagging. stop shitting up the thread with your delusions. Sorry your precious cow isn’t milky anymore

No. 1589640

can we lock this thread and post the minor updates about Erin in the egirls thread? When there’s actual milk coming in again the Erin threads can come back. This thread is going to continue being a tinfoil cesspool until it’s locked because of all of the fucking femcel basement dwellers that still think their precious dead cow Erin lurks here and has little secret accounts that aren’t actually her’s

No. 1589644

She’s annoying because she isn’t milky so stop posting about her.

No. 1589647

This. The anon that keeps spamming random non-milky posts for asspats would still be better than the kaliacc posters kek

No. 1589681

Agree a million percent. If any of this “milk” from the past year was used to establish a thread for a new cow, the thread would have been shutdown or died instantly. Anons are holding onto the historic milk and trying to forcefully resurrect her with nitpicking and tinfoiling. I feel like multiple of us have been trying to ask for mods to lock it but one or two anons are obsessed and refusing to admit that she’s not relevant for a thread.

No. 1590427

I want this thread to stay open just so Erin seethes and gets a spike of anxiety whenever the post number goes up

No. 1629179

Anyone else find it like, odd, that Erin stalked and bullied that usedpet girl off the internet and everyone just kind of chose to forget about it? She even got dragged for posting usedpet on this site and Aubrey never came back after what Erin did to her. Not to bring up old milk but I do wonder about it.

No. 1630060

Yes! Did Aubrey ever come back(Sage)

No. 1630206

Wasn't her posting aubrey a false flag from the mod? As far as I know all she did was skinwalk her but I could be remembering wrong.

No. 1630547

She posted shit about her a lot too on her socials IIRC. That aubrey girl was a pedo-panderer anyway so I don't really care about erin bullying her off the internet out of jealousy. I remember she also posted about anemicspice as well, who has since left the internet completely.

No. 1631016

can someone post updated socials pls? thanks

No. 1631109

I believe her current active instagram and twitter is: @sweetheartsylph. But she hasn't posted anything on her twitter yet.

No. 1631242

File: 1661900944562.png (120.23 KB, 1284x302, c170408.png)

Yeah I remember that. She would post unrelated people on her thread all the time to intentionally divert attention from herself. Honestly couldve been a good farmer if she learned how to sage kek. I think the worst part is how shewould bandwagon on the hate they were getting on her main account acting like a concerned individual or victim all the while posting about them on here

No. 1698951

File: 1668349479068.jpeg (708.44 KB, 1242x1381, FB3F9848-E45E-414C-A89C-ED13BC…)

Is her new twitter @/belscottage? Looks like she’s posting work again.(necro)

No. 1698981

This isn’t Erin’s account, you’d know that if you read the thread. Learn to sage. Didn’t we all agree to stop posting random accounts in Erin’s thread just because we miss her?

No. 1743084

File: 1673557685623.png (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1284x2778, 5E805FF9-BAFA-41D0-91F4-8F2D3F…)

Posted soft core and then breaking down when people ask if she sells content came back with a bang huh? Her usual textwalls ensued after

No. 1743285

Sage, this isn’t milk

>soft core

It was a picture of her hips and stomach area. She has a point in her post though

No. 1743373

File: 1673576774576.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x2023, 79A30F50-EC10-4729-8795-EAFAC1…)

when she posts things like this, it makes me wonder if she still comes here

No. 1743374

File: 1673576852830.jpeg (589.03 KB, 1125x2007, 55F369A9-6624-42C6-83F0-503930…)

samefag but IF this happened then i feel kinda bad for her

No. 1743540

She absolutely picked up the man hating from here lol having no thoughts or convictions of her own she morphs into whatever internet content she consumes

No. 1744185

Without a doubt. >>1743084 reads exactly like something a radfem farmer would write

No. 1744250

File: 1673666321843.jpg (2.27 MB, 4096x2304, Reeeeee.jpg)

She was gyrating with no clothes on her lower half except for her shoes, fuck off minimodding "anon".

>Posts video of yourself gyrating on your bed with no pants and shoes on

>Why do males see me as a sex object reeeee
Quick Erin update she's still as big of a cow as she ever was, just in front of a much smaller audience. Still spergs about lolcow and her fleeting relevancy a few years ago but blames it on "being a child" (I can post caps if anyone is interested), still posts the same dumb naked body checks, obsesses over her nose job for sympathy and calls being referred to as Erin as being "dead named". Unfortunately she deleted all of her trauma baby larp posts early this month so I don't have those (I have her admitting to deleting them). But it was basically her not so subtly admitting her old boyfriend was hitting her and then pretending to her followers she didn't know it was abuse and that she deserved it for "being dumb".

No. 1744251

File: 1673666324003.jpeg (677.84 KB, 1170x1108, CFB719C8-D882-449E-B737-163039…)

she posted these back in August. she posted a few more stories about it after this but these were the only ones i screenshotted. she basically decided she isn’t a radfem because radfems are “transphobic”. she follows a few radfems from the old spam community like @pixillivi who posts pretty much the same “men bad” content as her. that’s probably where she gets it from. she also made some posts about Roe V Wade on her main account back when that all happened.

i doubt she gets the feminist shit from here. it’s a trend right now among Tiktok and Twitter to hate men. and her personality for the past year has seemed to be witchy divine feminine shit. she apparently dropped the whole uwu daddy personality completely.

No. 1744252

File: 1673666349118.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 360.76 KB, 1170x721, 34CED5AD-E19A-406F-B173-6D209E…)

No. 1744255

post caps please

No. 1744258

If this retard is still in her "twans wimmin are REAL women!!" phase she's not ready for radical feminism. Fucking mongoloid.

No. 1744260

File: 1673666744345.jpg (2.24 MB, 4096x2304, Erin1.jpg)

Here's the Lolcow breakdown from the other day

No. 1744261

File: 1673666766439.jpg (2.76 MB, 4096x4096, Erin2.jpg)

No. 1744264

File: 1673666864872.jpg (305.64 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20230114-142702__01…)

No. 1744265

File: 1673666940955.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 522.59 KB, 1026x1030, E5A6E043-52A4-4461-8ADB-0DC9CA…)

here’s both of the body posts that were obvious bodychecks. she still seems to have an eating disorder based on her other posts. i agree with her to a certain degree that all men view women’s bodies sexually.

No. 1744266

File: 1673666982555.jpg (290.29 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20230114-142712__01…)

No. 1744267

iirc these story posts weren’t about lolcow, they were about her finding old pictures of her on Pinterest with the comments being people name dropping her

No. 1744272

File: 1673667503188.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 3072x4096, Amachanlarp.jpg)

The second picture I posted is about lolcow >>1744261
Here's some more anachan larping which is pretty standard Erin behaviour.

No. 1744280

>Sucking in her stomach as if her life depends on it
Never change, Erin.

No. 1744487

I was really rooting for her as a graduated cow. Seeing this update of her still posting half naked photos (again) and crying about the responses (again) shows that she really hasn't changed or grown. She has lived on the internet her entire life, so in this era of internet sex work, why would she post this and pretend to be offended someone to ask if she sells content? It's not like her body checks are artistic expressions of the female form.

No. 1744627

shoes on the bed makes me sad

No. 1744938

The moment she catches a dick she'll go right back to groveling at scrote's feet and calling women femcels lol

No. 1744941

>among Tiktok and Twitter to hate men
I'm disgusted. They'd steal radfem language then fold immediately at the sight of the most rancid "golden retriever" manchild. Not mentioning breaking their back for porn addicted trannies.

No. 1745693

File: 1673830018597.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1700, 85A37BB4-B586-41B8-9A2F-51E6F3…)

I agree with this. her posting her body doesn’t make her a cow. She’s had an eating disorder for years, we know this. Who cares

No. 1745704

File: 1673830528176.jpeg (420.2 KB, 1170x1692, C5BF953D-A827-478E-9A70-B4CAEC…)

>I’m a full time student and have two jobs

Seems like she’s getting her life together? She only ever posts about nature, baking, school, and feminist shit

No. 1745711

.sage your shit, Erin.

No. 1745720

Shut up

No. 1745788

>hi, cow
>sage ur milk
Please, stop.

No. 1745871

>posts about feminism
Still a stinkditch/girldick licker.

No. 1745921

Go back. You have to be beyond obtuse to genuinely believe that she's "just showing her body uwu".

No. 1746076

You're both retarded. What a coincidence after Erin's typical attention seeking behaviour gets posted two anons miraculously turn up to cape for her.

No. 1746205

Will we get Erin post reveal part 2

No. 1749202

File: 1674261090437.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1125x1936, 7569360D-FA76-4EC0-92C1-99CD54…)

erin bodychecking yet again

No. 1749245

File: 1674265928622.jpeg (278.62 KB, 1170x1790, 9FC83BC7-8AF7-4451-8BC4-DB8F76…)

No. 1749247

File: 1674265972200.jpeg (211.92 KB, 1170x1652, ABA2881E-10C5-42A8-98E4-DDDB54…)

No. 1749253

File: 1674266174777.jpeg (999.68 KB, 1170x1766, BDCCA511-B31A-4DDA-8251-3E4692…)

No. 1749306

Hard to feel sorry for someone who claimed to be an irl loli and pedobaited in order to get this exact type of guys.

No. 1749311

In the past didn’t she talk about how she would only post that type of shit for his attention or else he wouldn’t talk to her? Her master. I think his name was Dawson. She posted a text conversation one time of him saying she had to send him nudes or else he wouldn’t talk to her anymore. I don’t have screenshots but she posted about it on her old account. She also talked about how he would force her to cry by saying shit like her parents’ divorce was her fault and then he would masturbate to her crying. It sounded like a shitty situation for her but she was only 17 years old and apparently madly in love with him. But he seemed to only use her for DDLG sex shit hence him making her call him “master.” On top of that, if she was 17 and he was in his late 20s according to her, wouldn’t that make him a pedo?

No. 1749313

Samefag, she said how they first started talking when she just turned 16 and he was in his 20s but I guess the “master” DDLG shit didn’t start until she was 17?

No. 1749315

This is giving me such bad secondhand embarrassment

No. 1749352

I hope she exposes this guy and ruins his reputation a la Shayna Clifford

No. 1749370

oh good she's really active again! been waiting.

No. 1749392

Yea she’s just boring as fuck now and hiding behind a small private account. Not milky anymore. Like >>1745704 said, all she posts about now is school, her job, nature, baking, and divine feminine which is better than how she used to be at least. I can’t decide if I’m happy that she’s moving on with her life or sad that there’s no milk anymore

No. 1749405

yeah i kind of feel that as well. it's hard to say what will happen though, so just going to watch for now.

No. 1749470

uhh.. i'm sorry what? only posting about nature, baking and school? lmao she's still milky as ever, having meltdowns over lc, posting overly shooped nudes/bodychecks and attentionwhoring like always, you couldn't be more wrong. >>1746076 is right she's becoming more active and suddenly the wks are popping up out of nowhere in this thread to control the narrative. especially this >>1749311 reeks of selfpost. i do agree she should expose her former daddy doms cause they're obviously gross, but claiming it was always some guy forcing her to act like she did is straight up false. and either way, one's forcing her to act like a cringey retard now yet here we are.

No. 1749574

>meltdowns over lc
she’s only posted two or three things about lolcow and they were all responses to people asking her about it. case in point >>1745704 They weren’t “meltdowns”.
Bodychecks aren’t milky either. If all she does now is post about her body and occasionally answer questions about lc, she isn’t milky anymore. Get over it.

No. 1749623

I agree with >>1749470, it stinks like selfposting in here

she's just getting warmed up with the deflections and attention-whoring body checks

No. 1749671

Body checks aren’t milky? Especially when she’s crying over being sexualized? Have you seen half these threads or ANY of Erin’s? >>1749623
Thirding. This thread is basically trying to gaslight farmers and self posting

No. 1749700

>Bodychecks aren’t milky either
hilariously outrageous lie. like you can't be serious. when in the history of documented internet laughing stocks have bodychecks, naked ones at that ever not been milky?

No. 1749796

File: 1674346643474.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1150x1901, 1DB56319-0700-43A2-9BDF-9974DF…)

Does anyone know if she recycled/threw away yet another dog? This was posted last year and then nothing about it ever again, I believe. I know she posts a lot about animals as "precious babies" and "I love animals I can't wait to be vegan!" but I have a hard time looking past what she's done to pets that she definitely shopped for to match an aesthetic phase and then seemingly got rid of, multiple times.

No. 1749885

Uh p sure Erin said it was her mom that made her get rid of her other husky because her mom couldn’t handle living with it. And before the husky they had some sort of terrier mix that her mom got rid of again. So her mom is the one that throws dogs away when she can’t handle them. Never seen this white dog before though Erin never got this white dog

No. 1749890

the vendetta is out of hand. Accept that Erin isn’t milky anymore and stop posting old shit and shitting up the thread. Watching this is more pathetic than Erin herself

No. 1749908

Mommy’s the bad one uwu, not precious Erin. Stfu.
You can hide the thread if you don’t like it. It’s not old shot and we can talk about this dumb hypocritical bitch as much as we want. Stop white knighting.

No. 1749923

kek now i'm convinced she's selfposting again (assuming she ever stopped)

No. 1750000

This is embarrassing to read anon you don’t have to try this hard to excuse her behavior kek.

No. 1750071

File: 1674375509584.jpg (583.3 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20230109-175545__01…)

>Body checks aren’t milky? Especially when she’s crying over being sexualized?
That's precisely why they're milky. She's not slick hiding behind a pseudo-feminist narrative. She knows exactly what she's doing, just like how she'd talk about how she hates ddlg but would actively engage in it for scrote attention. Until recently she literally had multiple bait posts on her IG of bruises and was pretending not to know what abuse was to her following when they were rightly concerned. Granted, she's not as bad as she was but that's not exactly hard by comparison. Picrel it's her admitting to cleaning up her IG of her moid posts (would've grabbed them but I was on the fence about necroing the thread).

No. 1750811

So you think her getting physically abused and sexually assaulted is milk and therefore makes her still a cow? Why would you hold those kinds of things against anybody? Get help.

No. 1754744

We're not the same anon and that's an intentionally disingenuous response and you know it. She had specifically taken pictures of the kind of bruises that most people get without realising, they were tiny. Then was intentionally baiting her followers by not so subtly mentioning her boyfriend slapped her, coyly pretending to not know it was abusive behaviour, and after she got an influx of concerned comments that she deserved it for "being dumb teehee". Even if I believed her at face value, the way in which she presented her relationship was specifically designed to feed into the broken babydoll/ddlg/trauma baby schtick she's been stuck on for years. This is just one facet of what makes her a cow, not because of unverified claims of abuse or sexual assault. If you believe anything Erin says after her long documented history of lies idk what to tell you, but I probably shouldn't have bothered with this response seeing as she's clearly selfposting in this thread.

No. 1755345

Imagine victim blaming and then crying about “selfposting” when you get called out for being a pos. Saying she’s lying about sexual and physical assault just because she’s Erin is so weird of you.

No. 1755352

It’s common in abuse victims to not realize the severity of the abuse they’re undergoing until they’re out of the situation. It’s not intentional ddlg UwU babie behavior, that’s just how it is for some abuse victims. Not to mention she hasn’t had her ddlg antics in years now so you just sound weird atp.
>the kind of bruises that most people get without realising, they were tiny
This is disgusting. You can’t judge if someone is actually being abused based off of the size and placement of their wounds. What the fuck? Not even white knighting, this just pisses me off as an abuse victim myself. Educate yourself or shut up. You sound like you have an obvious vendetta.

No. 1755419

You both got baited into sperging in under 14 hours after I responded to a 5 day old post. You're obviously emotionally invested and doing a great job of making it clear this thread is full of selfposting. Of course you chose to blow her attention seeking moid posting out of proportion because it's the only thing I didn't manage to grab before she deleted them. I'm not going to pretend the equivalent of teenage Tumblr posts of a bruise with Lana Del Rey lyrics are anything but embarrassing larp, especially coming from Erin.

No. 1756082

but no one claimed anything of the sort? she's milky because of her cow behaviour evident in literally every other screenshot of her posts, just scroll up and you'll see.

kek. tbh i don't think it's necessary to discuss her alleged abyoos cause whether true or not her pathetic nudes, shoops and the obsessive lc sperging is milk enough, and discussing anything else will just encourage her selfposting anyway. besides, abuse or no she's still a major cow.

No. 1757047

File: 1675135018462.jpg (313.3 KB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_20230129-214515__01…)

I mentioned it as offhand evidence she's still batshit but the retards decided to fixate on SA/abuse and put words in my mouth. Her abuse isn't the milk, it's the the act of transparently attention fishing about it on social media. And you're not wrong she's just as obsessed with bring up SA as she always has been.


No. 1757151

Stop hi cowing. So fucking annoying. No one gives a fuck

No. 1757152

File: 1675146118402.jpeg (504.68 KB, 1170x2279, 192AD3C3-4B42-43A0-BB32-4481FB…)

Talking about how she hasn’t played FFXIV in years and admitting to being a neet in the past

No. 1757154

File: 1675146200045.jpeg (786 KB, 1170x2289, 629B948A-B809-4AF6-9F1B-EFE8F6…)

New update about her mom’s tumor

No. 1757285

So annoying you come to a previously unbumped thread to complain about it, kek.

No. 1757635

>stop hi cowing in the thread of one of the most infamous selfposters

No. 1758210

File: 1675251336373.jpg (337.7 KB, 1080x1796, Screenshot_2023-02-01-12-34-09…)

Why wouldn't you just simply block the scrote…

No. 1758212

File: 1675251372714.jpg (324.61 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_2023-02-01-12-34-04…)

No. 1758213

File: 1675251525610.jpg (224.43 KB, 1080x1554, Screenshot_2023-02-01-12-33-43…)

No. 1758251

Can you read? She said she blocked him

No. 1758268

After listening to him ramble for ages and answering him to his shitty bait ass Messages
do you really white knight for Erin? Don't you have someone more interesting to white knight

No. 1758274

Erin must have gotten a VPN and is feeling brave but too bad she's still retarded.

No. 1758292

Honestly I just love when this thread get bumped bc she literally can’t help posting in it. A good cow never changes.

No. 1758353

KEKK why is she talking like this is something she just learned and that she needs to "educate" her followers about it. it's literally common knowledge

No. 1758421

Will you shut the fuck up.

>for ages
It was two texts. And no one is white knighting. You’re just fucking stupid.

No. 1758426

This thread is unbearable with all of the unsaged posts and “tHaTs DeFiNiTeLy eRiN sELfPosTiNg AgAiN!” sperging and tinfoil. It’s so obvious who here has a vendetta and who desperately wants Erin to remain a cow even when there hasn’t been any real milk for almost years now.

No. 1758429

>no one is white knighting.
Idk I think the one "anon" fighting for her life screeching "erin isn't a cow anymore!!! You're all stupid!!" Is WKing. Never seen someone defend a cow so hard before!

No. 1758433

She's still a cow imo, not one of the people hi cowing but she does post here alot. And she has a victim complex so posts saying "she has a eating disorder, she got sexually assaulted." Sound like things she used to say to deflect. I don't know why she has so many whiteknights, that seems more suspicious. She's definitely sitting in the thread.

No. 1758442

hide the thread dumbass. she's a massive cow still.

No. 1759051

File: 1675314742510.jpeg (1012.37 KB, 1170x1814, 0A6F22AB-061D-4588-A951-CADAC8…)

Congratulations, she’s going to delete her account. Fuck whoever cowtipped. Can’t wait for the influx of “I swear this is Erin’s new secret account!!1!” posts

No. 1759054

The Erin thread cycle continues.
>Erin comes back to social media for a few weeks
>anons foam at the mouth desperate for new milk when there isn’t any
>thread gets filled with irrelevant unsaged posts
>someone cowtips
>Erin deactivates her social media
>anons spend the next approximate year keeping the thread alive with tinfoil about random accounts they think could be Erin

No. 1759065

They’re ruining her like they did with Pheebs. Two great cows lost because of dipshits who couldn’t not rake their fingers through the shit.

No. 1759077

It really isn't that serious, if the tinfoiling annoys you hide the thread. You talk like someone hooked this thread up directly to your brain with wires so you're forced to read every single new post the instant its made

No. 1759105

File: 1675323618351.jpeg (843.62 KB, 1170x1165, F20A4A00-EBBA-4493-924D-138B24…)

Bump cp

No. 1759124

Oh no ! Who cares? Erin is still a cow and she’s definitely lurking here that’s why she wants to be a radfem (except for being critical of trannies uwu) and posted about Shayna. Don’t know why she has so many “farmers” insisting she’s totally not a cow anymore . She is literally one of the most prolific self posters on the site. not as slick as she thinks she is.

No. 1759125

Samefag she probably sent that to herself, read her old threads. She’s such a perpetual victim.

No. 1759347

please shut the fuck up and leave already

No. 1760603

File: 1675476162106.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3465x3465, 7F85A93D-ACC7-44DC-AFDE-B71A16…)

which is it, erin? is your nose cute or not?

No. 1760628

learn to sage and stop posting things from her sweetheartsylph account until milk starts flowing again. refer to >>1759051

No. 1760657

Why would you even post something like this? Clearly giving attention to this bait only continues to provoke more racial animosity and potentially makes the any African descendents reading this sperg manifesto feel like shit unnecessarily. I guess virtue signalling about how totally not racist she is is more important than actually having empathy for black people.

>Implying she hasn't been actively using LC herself

No. 1760683

give it a rest. this whole thread has turned into anons arguing over and over if Erin’s posting on here or not. her posts haven’t been marked in years. move on. at this point this all seems like a desperate attempt to keep her relevant.

No. 1760730

Take your own advice and stop trying to desperately minimod the thread if the cow's so irrelevant. If you weren't an obvious newfag you'd know admin has to actively piece together a post history so the fact she hasn't been redtexted in years means literally nothing.

No. 1760858

She looks fat from her face, either she has an unfortunate bone structure or she’s still obsessively shooping her body pictures to look skinny. If so, I can’t understand why she wouldn’t shoop her face slimmer to match

No. 1761000

File: 1675529685207.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1606, A1AE72C9-45B9-44A0-9CE3-7603D8…)

She’s always had an unfortunate chubby face. Picrel, people have called her out for having “bulimia cheeks” multiple times which would explain the bodychecks and the fat face.

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