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File: 1573412688503.png (1.99 MB, 1628x868, themanyfacesof.png)

No. 891485

previously posted on the soft girls thread: >>>/snow/879341

Instagram: @pwurring, @purinpet, @puppygrl, @pocketsizee, @piglwet, @angrwy, @littolest, @prwotect, @kittyggrl, @pupgrrl, @kttiey, @churchgrl, too many to list
Twitter: @shypurr, @pwurrs, @maidpurr, @ekittyprwincess
Tumblr: @strawpurries

> 19 year old agere/petre NEET, self proclaimed "legal loli"
> serial photoshopper, copycat, and liar
> doxes people, steals/copies pics and art
> skinwalks every agere/“nymphet” girl even when they beg her to stop, threatens suicide on her ig story if anyone calls her out
> claims that her entire bone structure, height has changed so much in 3 years that she looks like completely different person
> claims to be anti-ddlg/pet play/kink yet posts that exact content on her nsfw accounts
> calls people out for doing the exact same shit she does
> regularly cusses people out for defending the person she's currently skinwalking despite her ~uwuwu i'm so sweet~ persona
> flirts with other girl's boyfriends on twitter, doesn't understand why nobody wants to be friends with her
> makes alt accounts to harass people who have blocked her
> "i'm sooo shy, insecure, & inexperienced compared to the rest of you~”; goes on to talk about her obscure fetishes, has been posting underaged lewds for years, whines if it doesn't get enough likes/rts
> wannarexic; posts aggressively angled / shooped photos that make her look underweight along with captions about how she's starting a "weight loss journey”, bodychecks with captions about how her “bones are starting stick out”

No. 891494

great job on this thread op!!

No. 891497

looks great op, nice intro

No. 891511

Intro is spot on OP

No. 891544

File: 1573422352535.jpeg (478.14 KB, 1242x2471, 1A1DB2B1-775B-450C-85DA-767D41…)

someone on the last thread asked for unshopped pics of her nose (1/4)

No. 891546

File: 1573422419181.jpeg (434.82 KB, 1241x2442, 9FEC66A8-342E-48F8-BDDB-8F880F…)


No. 891547

File: 1573422561819.jpeg (387.82 KB, 1241x2452, 74E9F1AA-6683-4BB6-AE1E-01842E…)


No. 891549

File: 1573422655486.jpeg (413.99 KB, 1240x2504, 03F40178-A9A5-4696-9249-EF18CC…)


No. 891551

still shooped, anon

No. 891556

These are shooped af

No. 891557

>constantly posts nsfw kink shit on sfw agere/vent acc, nonconsensually forcing herself on her followers who may actually be ~csa victims~

No. 891558

Still shooped but she does look cuter in these less alien pictures. She should at least stick to the believable shoop.

No. 891561

File: 1573424530706.jpeg (269.38 KB, 750x1112, AB1E350D-F9A9-452B-8EB7-57558F…)

the comments…… the lack of self awareness is astronomical

No. 891571


Damn this is the shopped version of her nose? I mean we all know she’s not a cute animu waifu but her face is also just so…mature-looking. She just has blocky and harsh features, something about her nose and lip area makes her look like a tired California wine aunt

No. 891581

File: 1573428945980.jpeg (109.19 KB, 742x523, E33D4A76-6136-45C4-BFD4-B9C3C4…)

i mean i knew she was desperate but damn. i guess this also vetos what was said in another threat abt her possibly having a daddy again

No. 891584

then who bought her the bunny costume? she starred out the name of who bought it for her, but it was 5 asterisks. i wouldn’t be shocked if she did have a daddy 2 days ago and now she doesn’t kek

No. 891585


don't flatter her, no one buys her shit except for her mom and dad. her final fantasy daddies are 19-year-old incels, they'll find a new ddlg bitch to whack it to if she starts asking for gifts. plenty of fat overshooped pick mes to choose from if you're a guy into anime cp

No. 891587

I've known people who actually refuse to swear because of OCD, they think it makes God hate them. Erin, this is so transparent, we all know you swear like a sailor, especially probably when sexting random daddy-doms who are so out of shape they wouldn't be able to even carry your pudgy body.
You're contriving every part of yourself for a fetish because you have no identity. Get a grip.

No. 891595

she’s trying to act like a literal child

No. 891599

File: 1573432452056.jpeg (73.15 KB, 640x327, 4EAC3EB7-55C7-40A2-87B7-0F88D4…)

No. 891600

lol just be grateful they didnt call you fat erin

No. 891601

File: 1573432777969.jpeg (430.98 KB, 750x1181, 5053CC6A-5989-49D3-8580-B8C320…)

1/2 (still calling it her body account and not her nsfw, kek)

No. 891602

File: 1573432803694.jpeg (280.05 KB, 750x1033, E9CE5625-ADB7-468A-8188-8F7357…)


No. 891604

old but gold

No. 891609

she literally never apologised! i never saw a single legitimate apology from her.. she’s so STUPID i genuinely don’t understand how she has absolutely no self awareness

No. 891614

That person spelt thick like that because she banned that word from her commenting kek

No. 891619

File: 1573435329117.jpeg (149.45 KB, 640x414, C98EFD53-41DE-4490-874F-2FE32D…)

She doesn’t wanna make a private account because it’d be “too hard” bitch please just admit you like all the neckbeard attention and want that without the nsfw girls calling you out

No. 891620

File: 1573435461406.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1242x1653, 6A85AF47-8228-481E-9E3B-BEDCB9…)

erins ass edited onto one of her selfies? her ass is absolutely massive to be honest, definitely not as ~uwu tiny and smol~ as she claims

No. 891622

File: 1573435501241.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1242x1641, 4023C1DC-FD08-4885-8F1F-F861A0…)


No. 891623

looks hella shooped though

No. 891625

She probably smoothed it out cause it’s lumpy and harsh looking like her face lmaoo

No. 891626

she shouldve stuck to this look tbh, this couldve grabbed so many normie fuckboy types if she werent actually just sitting in her room 24/7

No. 891629

I thought this girl was multiple people as I skimmed the e-girls thread. How and when did she go from goblina with the glasses to semi-normal looking? Is it all a farce? I can't wrap my mind around it. I'm way too lazy to look up all those instagrams to compare

No. 891630

editing and makeup
trust no 1

No. 891631

Samefag but I meant soft girls thread*

Thanks anon kek

No. 891655

File: 1573441548839.jpeg (478.8 KB, 750x966, 00A5AC69-CC3A-4A87-803E-E771C1…)

how did this girl manage to photoshop her eyebrow off her face

No. 891659


top KEK

No. 891660

lmfao i think this is a clone tool failure

No. 891666

File: 1573442050681.jpg (1.78 MB, 1920x2560, 19-11-11-14-11-56-929_deco.jpg)

Kek I just posted this in the other thread but it still stands what the fuck are we looking at here?

No. 891672

yaoi hands

No. 891676

File: 1573442595455.jpeg (767.29 KB, 731x1234, D1ABCA29-8417-4D77-8F41-5FA308…)

i’ve always thought this photo looked badly shooped but could never point out where.

No. 891679


No. 891681

Sage for nitpick, but god her hands are fucking fat
Just like hands are a good indication of age, they're also a great indicator of someone being chunky. She posted a picture of herself in a kigurumi once, and all you could see were her feet and they were so stubby

No. 891687

File: 1573446744858.png (3.97 MB, 1125x2436, 4EB25B18-EC68-4A4B-A00A-3D9B1A…)

And your kink that you’re constantly mentioning for being fucked while you’re sleeping isn’t ????(erin painter selfposting)

No. 891688

File: 1573446966338.jpeg (47.49 KB, 1125x198, 691F4398-F4E1-4F94-AE39-EB4889…)

you’d what now(erin painter selfposting)

No. 891692

File: 1573447724986.jpg (104.89 KB, 1080x497, Screenshot_20191111-154231__01…)

Fuck Erin needs to stop projecting and also get the fuck ou of Bunears curiouscat lmao

No. 891693

Like what angles Erin? Bunears has the body type you're trying to replicate with YOUR angles?

No. 891694

It’s a quote from The Lighthouse in her dwumb bwaby twalk lwanguwage.

No. 891700

That’s like a compliment to her since that chick tries to pull off a little girl look (disgusting af) Erin is probably jealous her chunky big ass looks ridiculous in little kitty clothes

No. 891710

File: 1573451640735.jpeg (701.64 KB, 1242x1093, A5A21885-F1C7-4A7F-9404-A48B92…)

Has anyone seen her long apology or explanation or whatever she posted on her ig @/puppygrl???? she deleted all her posts too lol

No. 891711

File: 1573451678028.jpeg (589.86 KB, 1242x917, A7621B49-218D-4FC6-9C95-883D26…)

Theres also this..

No. 891715


It doesn't even look like an apology. More like a manipulation in her usual way

No. 891717

Yeah i noticed that, she keeps using phrases like “never ever INTENTIONALLY..” and “understand..” on top of saying really self deprecating stuff which just makes me think shes doing it for pity and sympathy..

Also it seems this was already posted on another threat before this one was made, but i guess it never hurts to repost it for easier access. Im new here sorry lol

No. 891722

I wish she didn’t edit her face so much, if this is what she actually looks like here, shes not ugly.

Theres nothing wrong w/ fixing blemishes and pimples but editing your entire bone structure to the point you’re unrecognizable?? :/ thats a yikes from me

No. 891730

how many erin threads do we need. staff would likely unlock her existing one if you just asked

No. 891732


lol even that picture is shooped to hell, her nose is definitely not that small and her real facial structure is way different and not nearly as dainty.

No. 891737

This thread has a synopsis of all of her new milk since she's proven herself to be a cow. I don't really see the point in going back to an old thread when this one is perfectly fine.

Anon, that's not her real face

No. 891739

i honestly cant tell what is her real face and what isnt they are all so different :/(:/)

No. 891747

she shooped these to look like usedpet? she can shoop her face all she wants but her chunky fingers betray her real size

No. 891761

File: 1573467988551.png (1.5 MB, 1827x2048, Screenshot_20191111-102528.png)

her legs look so fucking weird here what

No. 891763

File: 1573468762163.jpeg (74.2 KB, 275x258, 89F16354-49E8-49E0-85C9-56BD8E…)

Erin I know you want us to think your legs are skinny and small, and assume the rest of you is as well but we’ve all seen pic related and we know you’re a fatty

No. 891780


not the same anon, but you can definitely see some weird choppy bits on her left knee, it's bad shoop for sure

No. 891786

Is there another thread where we can talk about other ddlg's?

No. 891794

>Asking if there's another ddlg thread
>Ddlg thread is literally a few threads down on the front page of snow

Use your fucking eyes

No. 891805

Is she actually serious? Being called thick is a compliment, she should be greatful considering that she’s fucking fat

No. 891806

File: 1573479043544.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 326.76 KB, 750x1184, 8EC61C4B-9F8F-43F4-9E0B-86E998…)

isn’t this the same bitch who told someone to ‘go fucking rot’ for calling her thick??? topkek

No. 891807

File: 1573479339911.jpeg (60.24 KB, 750x325, 51B6A495-9573-42F4-893D-8A5637…)

samefag, i thought her entire reason for making her body account was to LOSE weight, plus all the wannarexic posts from her old spam? and now she’s posting pics of her thunder thighs with no problem, even admitting to gaining weight?? it’s almost like she never even had an eating disorder in the first place, she was just fishing for attention.. kek

No. 891808

“IM TRYING TO ACCEPT IT!!!” shut the fuck up and at least apologize to the guy who complimented you a while ago.

No. 891822

erin looks like she smells really bad ugh

No. 891833

File: 1573485973747.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 332.84 KB, 750x968, 04B01A8F-42E2-4524-81DC-DA800B…)

real subtle lurking, erin.

No. 891837

i think this is some kind of roundabout way that she can turn into a "chubby loli" so she will only have to shoop her ugly face.

No. 891838

Her shape is so boxy it’s insane… even the subtle cropping doesn’t hide the fact that she looks nothing like the way she photoshops herself to be

No. 891841

oh my fucking god you can be comfortable about yourself without embarrassing yourself this much. she told someone to go fucking rot over a compliment, she should AT LEAST apologize to him. she keeps shifting between being wannarexic and uwu anime thicc and at this point it’s just really infuriating. and after all of this skinwalking in order to keep her social status somewhat stable, she never has apologized without manipulating her preteen audience. erin we know you lurk here, take these posts as a piece of advice :) maybe not the insults because no matter who’s in the right, they’re always unnecessary, but grow the fuck up and learn that in order to be a good person you have to be genuine and mature. thanks.

No. 891847

Do you guys think she found this thread of her herself??? Its just really funny imagining her google up her own name constantly to keep up w her own drama

No. 891849

>>891846 I know right? She never addressed any of that shit and always viewed it as harassment and stalking. I am personally against people insulting others for things they cannot control and I’ve been active on this site for years. Still find it unnecessary and I don’t care if ‘it’s the Internet’. She does need to get her shit together without portraying herself as an innocent angel that did nothing wrong, because last time I checked, innocent people don’t do around doxxing and manipulating thousands of people. I swear to god if there even is one, she’s one of the worst cows I’ve ever seen on here, yet even after lurking she doesn’t seem to change one bit. I know it’s hard to get better but jesus, FUCKING APOLOGIZE and don’t act retarded all the time to cover your wrongdoings. saged for opinion/

No. 891851

Yes, both were posted last thread.

It was almost to 1200 posts anyway, a new thread was needed before it auto locked. I'm guessing the new fags here don't understand that. For all other ddlg girls, a new thread should be made for them soon, if it's desired by enough anons.

No. 891852

people have been talking about this thread for months and have also been cowtipping, if I remember correctly someone contacted her on twitter telling her about this

No. 891873

File: 1573492729813.jpeg (22.71 KB, 750x181, 5BB536A2-B716-44F8-99B1-FE81C1…)

she finally admitted to having an ED after telling everyone for the past two years she didn’t have one
>pic rel. why she doesn’t like being called thick

No. 891876


I don't want to question anyone's disorders but knowing erin there is a chance that she lied about it too. Yeah she used to post a lot of thinpo sh*t but it's not the same as having an ED. It could be just another way to munipulate her audience

No. 891882

All of her disorders / traumas are self diagnosed. I wouldn’t be shocked if she lied about it either.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 891887

Those panties are straining.

No. 891900

File: 1573497666160.png (1.74 MB, 1125x2436, 54783778-6553-4E07-BF2C-2D233B…)

Erin’s toes are so fucking disgusting mannn. Why does she always post them. They aren’t cute at all it’s just embarassing.(nitpick)

No. 891909

they barely can stay on her LOL

No. 891916

she’s said she buys panties in the little girls aisle because they’re cuter kek

No. 891920

48 year old ogress feet
Butch is built like a barrel
That’s actually effing disgusting leave the damn kids section alone Erin there are little girls who need underwear and you squeeze into them for sexual kicks like a gross old troon, Bulgarian grandma lookin ass

No. 891922

File: 1573500628533.png (285.81 KB, 640x1136, A6C5454E-BFBD-4002-82E4-959192…)

Bitch is lying

No. 891924

how embarrassing for her.

No. 891925

why you need to be insulting bulgarian grandmas by comparing her to them

No. 891933

umm what’s that comment about poop ?

No. 891936

My bad I don’t imagine them to be quite as haggard

No. 891937

she was saying she eats so little that she has tiny feces …… really fucking gross even if it’s a joke

No. 891942

im so SMOL even my poop is SMOL !!! uwu teehee :3c

No. 891954


or the "little" (kek nice try, hambeast) she eats is nothing but junk food without any fiber which is why she's shitting out tiny pellets. even as a joke that reveals a lot actually lol

No. 891958

File: 1573507480877.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 750x1334, CE67D382-62F7-4E46-BBA1-4C7BE1…)

full photo of the poop comment, for anyone who was wondering what the rest said…. she’s so weird

No. 891961

surely this is shopped? there’s no way she was this thin

No. 891964

yeah it’s really blatantly shopped.

No. 891965

thank u for clearing it up anon! that is so completely vile though jesus, it makes her seem even less of a uwu so kawaii loli girl

No. 891967

Erin that is like half of you btfo

No. 892047

File: 1573521306141.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 560.65 KB, 4096x1548, 55E290C6-4D48-4983-B57B-5F034C…)

um so i was quite bored and i decided to try edit erins picture into what her body would have likely looked like and this.. is the result.

i wouldn’t be surprised if her body looked like this irl. it’s not even bad looking honestly, just a lot different to how her current pics look

No. 892076

Your edit looks a hell of a lot more natural than her kek. Seriously she shaped her back so ridiculously in hers

No. 892213

Her Twitter is public again

No. 892249

File: 1573551537921.jpeg (791.79 KB, 4000x4000, 70377A14-C6F9-4151-A968-6CF461…)

No. 892267

i get second-hand embarrassment every time she gets caught in a lie.

No. 892270

File: 1573560362785.png (7.79 KB, 390x83, boi.PNG)

Probably talking about her secret dom she posted their discord conversation of, or Derek.

No. 892396

File: 1573578680048.jpg (3.79 MB, 3840x1920, inCollage_20191112_085817251.j…)

Trying to find the wojak with the lump as the top of his head to compare with kek

No. 892407

File: 1573580235816.png (605.08 KB, 640x1136, B2EF0357-BA3F-4A12-9194-20BE96…)

Has anyone seen this? Look in her tagged, somebody said she died.

No. 892411

File: 1573580932574.png (2.15 MB, 1125x2436, 180BB3C0-3A65-4F70-B698-019DC2…)

Just a troll, unless Erin managed to off herself in less than an hour

No. 892419

I think that post was from the person who reuploaded and tagged her in her old photos before she deactivated the @pocketsizee account

No. 892420

the only 2 photos in the video are the iconic goblina pictures. definitely a troll, but i think it was unneeded. erin supplies enough milk herself. if this makes her sperg about the internet meanies, it might be worth it though. kek

No. 892450

File: 1573587329133.png (531.13 KB, 640x1136, 7352605D-FD2F-4FB6-8B61-B7ABB1…)

FUCKING LOL omg why would someone do this it’s so weird and funny

No. 892456

File: 1573588530499.jpeg (239.34 KB, 750x988, 8ACEC118-92A3-4709-9F10-E05284…)

lmao ok goblina

No. 892460

That shit is funny lol I’m at work and I can’t stop laughing

No. 892462

The background music is killing me LMFAOOO. Watch Erin deactivate and threaten to kill herself over this dumb shit.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 892464

lmaoo why is she anxious? the video is hilarious. stop stressing, goblina

No. 892468

samefag, called the sperging lmao. you got trolled, erin. get over it. it’s really not that big a deal.

No. 892472

File: 1573590621268.jpeg (746.62 KB, 750x1215, 2CEE4CE8-60BB-45F8-9D1B-BA6F46…)

god she’s such a drama queen. literally like 2 of her actual followers saw it. calm down.

No. 892477

File: 1573591064251.png (4.17 MB, 828x1792, 1EF1EA0A-3A68-4462-A3DE-99AD51…)


No. 892490

Real question, why are all you newfags this retarded?


Tinfoil but what if Erin made this account solely for sympathy and attention? She loves being the victim, after all. Idk it feels possible with how much of an attention whore she is.

No. 892493

File: 1573592816888.jpeg (489.86 KB, 750x1032, E84CFAE0-78C1-41E9-B820-879F87…)

>uwuuuu stop twolling me g-guys im just wittle pubby
god she’s so dramatic the video was obviously just meant as a joke it’s not a death threat LOL

No. 892504


>omg im so upset :((

>posts her bestiality fantasies right after

ugly ass dollar tree collars too. how about you leave them to… you know… actual dogs? disgusting dogfucker hoe

No. 892506

saged for nitpick but the way she types drives me up the fucking wall. what do you have against vowels, erin?

No. 892509


it's how all these uwus spell, meant to be "cute" and imitate a little kid's broken spelling and way of speaking ("hewo") because they're a bunch of pedos who get off to pretending to be children. erin is no different.

No. 892515

File: 1573595954376.png (3.07 MB, 1242x2208, 23032D84-0AF9-432E-908E-1E45DC…)

Not sure if this is too relevant but..
This mutual I have with a really small account posted this because apparently a wk of Erin posted her on her story for her 2.3k followers to see after she (mutual) commented something on Erins RIP post lol.

I’m guessing Erins doing what she does best and sending her wk to harass random girls? I don’t follow her so not sure

No. 892520

Why the fuck does this girl even have supporters? Like honestly these people need to chill tf out it’s a retarded video not an actual death threat. Erin you’re not important enough to stalk so calm down, (if that was even anyone besides you and not a way to fish for sympathy)
Nah did you see those videos? They featured pictures of her grotesque unshooped face KEK

No. 892529

Can someone do a reverse image search on her new drawings? Given that she traced that other one and constantly steals and uses art without crediting when it's not her own (but throws a big ass fit when someone uses "hers") it wouldn't come as a surprise if she traced every single one of them.

No. 892531

great idea, but nothing came up for any of them.

No. 892535

File: 1573599005875.jpeg (570.67 KB, 750x1055, 5E54518A-5A2C-46D9-9D96-99CCD7…)


No. 892536

File: 1573599116005.jpeg (486.67 KB, 750x770, 900D26B2-8C05-4A9C-A141-E69BA6…)


No. 892538

File: 1573599239214.jpeg (464.42 KB, 750x755, 2FBB0D2F-D18F-4CFA-82D6-BEC36A…)


No. 892539

excuse me ???? this is erin?? she’s seriously still shopping herself into different people

No. 892541

File: 1573599317609.jpeg (489.83 KB, 750x760, 85E65DEE-FBF7-40ED-A285-80A2B6…)

4/4. remember when she claimed she doesn’t shoop anymore? kek

No. 892542

samefag, forgot to sage these. i apologize. also ‘only wearing eyelashes’ KEK

No. 892544

File: 1573599503751.png (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 1125x2436, 3CF2B230-B3A4-4843-A80A-1385ED…)

No. 892545

File: 1573599529785.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 246.33 KB, 2048x1538, A014513E-F464-46C7-82CA-3B0751…)

No. 892547

File: 1573599550259.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 271.79 KB, 2048x1538, 37D52621-9E36-46EE-96CE-5B54C4…)

No. 892552

seriously what is with all the newfags itt

No. 892556

These are old

No. 892558

File: 1573601265137.jpeg (468.13 KB, 1125x1564, BC254E64-663F-4EB5-BE38-329E37…)

Really Erin? You don’t have any irl friends. We know those are just your weekly discord daddies and you’re insecure that other UwU girls will steal them from you.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 892561

why do people publicize details about their lives online then get confused when people gossip and intrude
you're literally inviting them

No. 892572

File: 1573602642466.jpeg (540.19 KB, 750x968, 4F2CC069-AE9C-472F-BF0F-AE378D…)

erin, i don’t think you’ve ever posted an unedited photo in your life.

No. 892573

File: 1573603013875.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1513, 71B13368-14EE-431C-B7B1-772166…)

Her nose is literally photoshopped in this I don’t understand who she is trying to fool??(erin painter selfposting)

No. 892576


um my foto unedited :(
>proceeds to shop her fat nose tinier

maybe she should make a video touching her nose and showing it from all angles that way the beauty apps cant mess with it as her fingers are in the way.

No. 892578

tinfoil but what is she had a nose job instead of eye surgery LOL. her eyes would still need time to heal because of bruising and they obviously don’t hurt as much as she’s leading her followers to believe, considering she’s wearing eyeshadow, liner, and lashes. probably mascara too. who does she think she’s fooling with the “barely any makeup uwu” comment

No. 892586

a nose job would definitely still be healing though.. her surgery was only a couple weeks ago, right?

No. 892592

Clearly she doesn’t looove people not knowing what she looks like because she posts on social media non stop for attention and validation. Nobody has anything but your testimony that you don’t edit, Erin. Every time she has gone live she’s pointed her camera at the wall etc

No. 892593

File: 1573605770671.jpeg (360.48 KB, 828x1493, B7CF1E0F-596A-4CE3-81EC-E6FBDA…)

Samefag but pic didn’t attach for some reason

No. 892600

it must suck to be this bitter.

No. 892607

File: 1573606723931.jpeg (158.43 KB, 1125x519, E7A404C0-9BEB-4A08-AE2D-98BCB2…)

literally posts everything online.

No. 892608

she literally takes selfies with the puppy dog filters from snow.. why does she keep lying over and over

No. 892609

File: 1573606845827.jpeg (526.42 KB, 750x1046, 6C6D495E-C34F-4629-A380-861E2B…)

omg erin you are so cute and quirky and not like the other girls!!! he’ll definitely pick you after this one girl

No. 892616

She…she’s clearly using a snow filter in these exact photos…I don’t understand who she’s trying to convince lmao?? Maybe she’s using some other editing app and thinks she can get by on a technicality but like sis there’s literal cat ears and fake blush on your face in these, wha

No. 892617


Also “I’m just wearing lashes in these!!”

>incredibly obvious eyeliner wing

I just can’t with this bitch. The lying about the obvious editing is enough (girl, we’ve all seen your nose 3x larger than this) but really? Why lie about wearing eyeliner when it’s so fucking visible?

Sage for samefagging and nothing new to say

No. 892619

i think the cat ears might be real. like kink gear or something. the blush is definitely fake though, how dumb does she think her followers are?

No. 892634


What about the clearly edited-on tail then?

No. 892637

You can tell it isn't actual kink gear, because in every photo from this little uwu photoshoot the ears are in totally different locations on her head lmao

No. 892645

how is it not kink gear?. they’re literally faux fur pet play ears

No. 892648

File: 1573610711264.jpeg (410.25 KB, 750x968, 5D1AE779-5600-4972-BE9B-178C79…)

looks like it’s japanese clothing, which means it definitely runs small. can’t wait to see this hambeast try to squeeze into it, kek. these photos will be glorious

No. 892649

Ayrt is saying they were edited on.

No. 892652

no they’re definitely not edited, she posted a pic ages ago on @pwurring i think when she first got them

No. 892653

where did she got them?

No. 892654

um how the hell am i supposed to know anon. this thread is not about faux fur ears

No. 892656

This girl is such a catfish it leads me to doubt any e-girls even slightly resemble their photos. The last part of this decade has been wild for people posting "selfies" with every single feature filtered and photoshopped anew

No. 892666

maybe off topic but videos can absolutely be edited even if live, there was a whole controversy about this in china a few months back about this egirl streamer who turned out to be this 30 year old looking auntie


No. 892669


Be careful anon or erin might do her research and figure out how to do that LOL(erin painter selfposting)

No. 892673

File: 1573614615477.png (501.58 KB, 476x514, 454544565.PNG)

this is what her shoop looks like

No. 892678

anyone who isnt a tard or has watched a movie in the past, i don’t know, ~6 decades knows that videos can be edited

No. 892681

samefag but ok 6 decades is way off, more like 4 decades

No. 892683

Sad because then she's probably copying off of some obscure artist with a small following.

No. 892685

Snow is childs play. China is god tier with their catfishing technology.

No. 892686

File: 1573619229989.png (1.27 MB, 1125x2436, BDD71D61-D186-4D34-B2AA-586B6A…)

Funny because Erin does the exact same things.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 892688

we really not gonna talk about how that cat tail lookin like slendermans tentacle

No. 892691

File: 1573620158202.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, D1A9D176-474B-45AE-AA19-9CB1D1…)

looks like she’s missing the attention we knew she wouldn’t last without her pedo orbiters

No. 892702

Lol like how she insists on calling it a "body acc"

No. 892743

she’s the biggest liar I remember her saying to a girl on her spam just earlier this year that she uses snow, also it’s very obvious when someone is using it because the video is slowed and jumpy, it’ll look glitchy and like her face is coming off and she has posted videos like that before. So videos can be edited so no one will actually know what she looks like unless she goes live ( which coincidentally, she’s never done )

No. 892758

File: 1573640871922.jpeg (1.59 MB, 4000x4000, 0E8318E3-3DD6-409A-AF07-548523…)

all of these were taken late 2018 and during 2019 so not that long

No. 892769

File: 1573643437974.jpeg (847.02 KB, 4000x4000, 38727021-C263-4BA7-8F96-469A5E…)

“I don’t photoshop !! >.< “

No. 892770

File: 1573643548093.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3428x4000, 8A138A43-668D-463A-B70A-E21B06…)

it’s funny because she so quick to call anyone out on copying her

No. 892784

File: 1573647303474.png (2.16 MB, 1080x1350, 4AA39AE7-987C-4766-B213-C72F08…)

another comparison

No. 892785

File: 1573647522521.jpeg (104.26 KB, 1200x674, 6837B9EB-1EBC-43AA-8886-7F83AC…)

>30 years old looking auntie

No. 892802

she looks so hideous in some of these wow..

No. 892821

File: 1573655359159.jpeg (616.5 KB, 750x1284, F0B021AD-7517-436A-9FEE-911D99…)


No. 892822

File: 1573655439251.jpeg (628.11 KB, 750x1274, F3D4200B-7D56-4372-92F4-0086CC…)

2/2. realizing now i could’ve just put these in a collage but oh well

No. 892824

File: 1573655928393.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3464x3464, F9A61BE0-DBAD-4FBE-902D-989F74…)

Samefag but that “before” picture she just posted is absolutely not her real nose >>892822

No. 892826

Is this her way of "proving" she doesn't edit her pictures, posting a more extreme one? Erin all of your photos look like a different person

No. 892832

Her dream nose is way too small and would look hideous on her actual face without filters. Her nose in >>892821 looks fine and if she wants a new one, she should go for this nose, which obviously is not hers (yet).

Her different edits never fail to amaze me. I really want to know how she currently looks without filters and shooping. I think top center is close to her actual self, like you can see her real face behind the filters that make it way smaller and change her proportions.

No. 892839

Sometimes lolcow makes me feel ancient for being 28 years old. Y'all in high school or sumn?

Also I think she looks her age, not 30

No. 892890


they probably met some really haggard 30-year-olds lol because Erin looks more like an average fortysomething in those unshooped pics.

No. 892952

definitely in high school, so many newfags in here since the cowtipping on twitter. ugh.

No. 892977

dont think anon was referring to erin in their post

No. 893011

File: 1573680530731.jpeg (527.87 KB, 750x1114, 0586548C-9ECB-4B5E-862A-402E74…)

‘it’s not that deep’ and yet you can’t stop posting about it. she’s so obsessive over what she looks like irl, i think all the editing has made her lose her sense of self to the point that she cant even tell what she looks like anymore. kinda sad but it’s not like she’s a good person so i’m not gonna feel sorry for her.

No. 893027

im so deceased after reading this thread and seeing this image my dog literally has and wears the pink collar it is from PETCO

No. 893032

File: 1573682146059.jpeg (263.85 KB, 750x1176, D8DE49EA-658C-4F4B-A92E-65A732…)


No. 893034

File: 1573682226085.jpeg (127.08 KB, 750x427, F454D3E7-06F0-4DEC-9E5B-0EAA3B…)

why would she direct her followers here… didn’t really think that one through LMAO

No. 893044

File: 1573682772601.png (3.06 MB, 828x1792, 4653378B-1830-44BF-B665-C7EFEC…)

Sage for possible nitpick but you can tell she doesn’t actually suffer from anxiety because of shit like this, everything makes this bitch nervous uwu

No. 893048

Anon that’s just a cursed image.

No. 893050

hoooly fuck those toes are long as shit

No. 893054

yeah, i figured that out. it’s deleted now, my bad

No. 893057

Did she deactivate purinpet? I can't seem to get onto it.

No. 893063

File: 1573684379161.jpeg (134.62 KB, 750x1166, 982B236B-64EB-4514-8B1C-02AA68…)

WOW. she must’ve JUST deactivated. i can’t find it w my other accounts either. she deleted everything off puppygrl too. wonder what she’s breaking down about this time kek

No. 893067

File: 1573684694275.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 146.1 KB, 750x1334, 3F41632F-D368-4EB5-9E8D-A6126B…)

Hi my friend got Erins account deleted lol.(cowtipping)

No. 893069

she’s going to FREAK OUT. did she actually do anything to go against the guidelines though? or did the bot just immediately remove her account?

No. 893070

File: 1573684876873.png (524.14 KB, 750x1334, 2849A781-E605-4BCF-A327-87F97F…)

says she deactivated so what is the truth???
imagine instagram being genuinely this stressful for you

No. 893071

looks like anon is telling the truth since the ss says instagram removed her account. why would she lie?? makes zero sense.

No. 893072

So she can get sympathy, she's just manipulating the situation in her favour so that her orbiters can go 'omg don't delete we love you! take care of yourself uwu'

No. 893073

If someone deletes their Instagram and you’ve reported it in the past, you’ll still get a message saying you deleted it even though you didn’t actually delete it. It’s happened to me before

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893091

that is quite literally how she looks LOL. i hope her followers read the thread and realise how scummy this girl is

No. 893093

File: 1573687082549.png (109.04 KB, 655x676, Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 3.15…)

Wow, people really hate her lately…

No. 893094

RIP this thread and my fun work day since she deleted her accounts

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893097


even that re-shoop is being generous kek. the nose might be accurate but the face is way fatter than that. i wonder how she actually lives with herself knowing she looks like that and worse and still keeps shooping her face to completely delusional alien baby dimensions. bitch needs help with her bdd

No. 893098

i was the one getting erins acc deleted hihi(cowtipping)

No. 893102

I feel like calling her fat is a bit much..? Especially when we all know she isn’t fat. I don’t like her either and I’m not defending her, but knowing that she’s struggled with ED, it gives off a weird vibe when people call her fat or poke fun of how she’s shaped.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893103

i cant take all the newfaggotry in this thread

No. 893104

File: 1573687634577.jpeg (337.89 KB, 828x1125, 8A92C5FB-3CB5-4829-8FDA-35FCE6…)

What the hell is she even talking about here? Satire?

No. 893106

Did anyone save the video Erin posted of her face on @purinpet last night?

Erin posted a video of her full face on @purinpet last night, I’m surprised no one here has posted about it. She looks somewhat the same compared to the selfies she took yesterday, just at a different angle. All of this seems really strange. No one else saw it?

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893107

the black and white one? i screen recorded it but i’m not fully sure how to attach videos on here.

No. 893109

Yes, that one. I think you have to upload it to an external video-sharing platform and attach the link here.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893113

I saw it too, her entire nose/middle of her face is pretty much erased from the filter though lol I wouldn’t use it as proof she looks the same to her selfies

No. 893114

No. 893115

people keep on cowtipping in her replies so she went on private

No. 893117


This is literally fucking cowtipping. Jesus this thread is so full of cancer, I enjoy reading Erin’s bullshit as much as the next person but the newfaggotry here is just depressing. Don’t come here to try to brag about cutting off the milk.

No. 893119

she didn’t have an ED she made it up for sympathy points, scroll up and see >>891922 gtfo this site if you think “yikkeees that’s a bit much…” go back to your agere safespace on tumblr or at least sage your sensitive whining

No. 893120

Do you not realize what website you’re on? Go back to tumblr

No. 893123

This looks so much like that one candid photo of her, shes so delusional she doesn't realise shes roasting herself here

No. 893128

File: 1573689114645.jpeg (600.3 KB, 2048x2048, 4032BF7A-FCDA-44A5-ABA1-6C8412…)

No. 893131

Her nose looks better on the left

No. 893134

Someone should take an off-guard pic of her now. I’m sick of seeing that one from 2014 there’s no way that’s an accurate picture anymore

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893135

honestly it’s probably the most accurate one we have bc of all the shooping she does now.

No. 893136

she doesn’t exist outside the internet it’s weird she never posts pictures hanging out with friends or leaving her house (except to go play at the arcade) or anything

No. 893138

Hey anon, just because she’s a cow doesn’t mean it’s ok do say untrue things just because ‘it’s the Internet’. It’s called being normal human beings. It’s better to call her out rather than make fun of something she cannot control. She can control shopping tho, which is ridiculous.

By the way i bet the amount of newfags on here is astounding. This is a site about fucking gossip, keep your pathetic vendetta in your agere themed instagram groupchats. We’re here to post milk, not really to brag about doing pointless things. Get the fuck out.

No. 893140

Pretty sure she said she keeps her private life away from social media which would make sense considering we never hear anything about her life except about how she wants to kill herself all the time

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893143

It’s the most accurate it can get
Erin wants us to think your bone structure and facial features will change in 3 years and people will eat it up. Maybe she lost a little weight so her face isn’t nearly as fat, but she still got that potato and nasolabial folds she definitely doesn’t look anything irl like her pics

No. 893150

how did this thread go down the drain so quickly. good fucking god

No. 893153

I was talking about all the cowtipping, but especially about that one anon who bragged about reporting her for no reason at all. I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules, plus all these nitpicks are just unnecessary and provide nothing to the thread. the first paragraph was just my opinion on people calling her fat, I am no one to stop people from insulting her. I personally find it repetitive and unnecessary, that is all.

No. 893154

Hey, took me a while to figure this website out lmao. Found this website in the comments on her Twitter. Would y’all believe me if i said i used to be friends with Erin in real life. I got so much shit to tell y’all. I’ve known her for two years, she used to hang at our dorm. Acts nothing like she does on social media. She’s too quiet and scared of everything and was nice to everyone in the dorm, almost puke nice because it was too much, except one of us because he avoided her, he had a girlfriend. She’s not tough or intimidating like she shows herself on social media. She don’t eat anything in public at least not in front of people. When you confront her about it she say she’s not hungry or she’ll straight say she’s afraid to eat around you. It’s sick because she’s thin but everyone was always too afraid to say please eat for Fucksakes. For the record, yea her nose is round like the pictures show but y’all got the wrong idea. It’s not like what y’all think and she don’t look like that pic of her with the black glasses. The regular pic of her with the blonde hair and stuffed animal in her hand is almost spot on to how she looks in person. I haven’t seen her in months so her hair’s really different since then but her face looks same. You guys make her out to be a celebrity on here and it’s weird as fuck because she’s almost boring in person and I almost thought I was reading about a totally different Erin Painter until i saw the blonde picture of her. If y’all got any questions ask. Shit load more things to say I’m here all night

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893155

sounds like erin posted this LMFAOOO

No. 893156

Please leave

No. 893157

that’s a whole essay right there why would she do that herself. and it’s full of negative things about her. /hmm

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893158

is she as promiscuous irl as she seems online ?
(asking with a grain of salt)

No. 893160

Erin doesn’t talk like that. She has a very distinct “uwu ‘m a smol babi uwu” vocabulary. kek

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893161

Hmmm… about that guy who didn't hang out since he was taken- was there some drama? A crush, jealousy, something like that? (If you did indeed know her.)

No. 893162

Hey, same guy here to answer your question she doesn’t do anything promiscuous but her skirts are pretty short and that’s pretty much all she wears, and her panties show, I think at least accidentally. I’ve had to pull her skirt down for her sometimes and she freaks out and gets embarrassed I think

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893164

Hey same guy here. The friend that had a gf wasn’t really around when Erin was at our dorm because him and his gf were always locked away in his room. They never really spoke

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893166

a lot of people think her uwu anime voice is fake so is it really like that irl

No. 893168

Hey same guy here. Her voice only gets not high pitched when she’s mad at a video game or something

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893170

fuck off erin . just because you change typing styles doesn’t mean you can trick all of us. some people on this thread are fucking retarded

No. 893173

EXACTLY. the paragraph says some negative things but then immediately counteracts those negative things with something positive. good god erin GET A FUCKING JOB. get SOMETHING to keep you company instead of obsessing over your internet image 24/7.

No. 893174

Just gonna ignore y’all saying I’m Erin that’s dumb as fuck lmao

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893178

Agreed “when she’s mad or playing video games her voice is high pitched” wtf kind of answer is that ?..
Erin you’re not fooling anyone, you’re not a shy little cat girl in real life nobody here thinks you’re tough online quite frankly we think you try to act uwu smol n shy and are actually vindictive and controlling irl. You have no friends irl besides your final fantasy daddies and your agere fans who kiss your ass

No. 893180

Then say some negative things about her, this is a gossip site for gods sake and sage anything that isn’t informative

No. 893182

No. 893184

No. 893186

Prove it then. Just saying you know Erin irl doesn’t mean anything here, especially when all your responses are suspicious. You say she’s nothing like what she portrays herself to be on the Internet and immediately contradict your statement with asspats of how shes “skinny” and how her nose is similar to her obviously edited photos. Some of the newfags may be retarded but you can’t fool everyone here Erin

No. 893187

Do you have any proof? If shes that sickly thin why did she have a huge potbelly on twitter, and if she looks like the instagram pic can you explain her massive nose im confused. Erin herself has been a shut in for years and even said so ho how is this true?

No. 893190

Same guy here Erin doesn’t have a pot belly but she has chubby thighs. Which pic shows her having a potbelly I didn’t see it I guess

No. 893191


This is so obnoxiously fake lol. Idk if you’re Erin or some stupid, bored whiteknight but you’re not doing a great job of selling your story when all you’re saying is basically positive stuff about her that fits the image she’s trying to portray (which isn’t tough or badass lol.) Very telling that you’re trying to convince us that her nose looks like her latest selfie when that’s literally the easiest thing to debunk about her. Also, what kind of “guy” pulls down a girls’ skirt if it’s showing her panties?? like…….nah, that’s something that only like a close female friend does for you lmao. Show proof/milk or don’t expect us to think you’re not Erin

Sage bc this thread is rapidly turning into garbage

No. 893193

Same guy Here I’m being honest and trying not to ass kiss but everything I’m saying is true. No not all of it’s positive. I have no idea what the fucks going on in this website but almost all y’all are off as fuck about her

No. 893195

this is a fucking shitshow and not in the entertaining way. this thread had so much potential and newfags had to infiltrate. what a shame.

No. 893196

File: 1573694698687.png (197.25 KB, 602x666, F1C4D04A-6719-4144-AFBB-B6D5BC…)

“Sickly thin” yeah ok gtfo here Erin

No. 893198

I’m sorry but if that’s what a “pot belly” looks like then I must be obese as fuck on my death bed.

No. 893199

dude just leave at this point. you’ve clogged up the thread with your unsaged fake milk and now we’re all annoyed by you. gtfo

No. 893201

Fuck right out of here, this is almost as sad to watch as the time Vicky Shingles came here to wk herself

No. 893202

Why did you tag me? I’m not the dorm guy lmfao?

No. 893203

Her apron is covering it and her thunder thighs don’t look sickly or tiny PLEASE STOP BUMPING THIS THREAD and contributing nothing you don’t have any proof you actually know her gtfo

No. 893206

I don’t see her belly anywhere in that screenshot.

No. 893207

…uh-huh yeah… anyways…

No. 893215

Sage your bullshit

No. 893216

File: 1573696674873.jpeg (253.86 KB, 828x619, CE0CFEC3-AC81-483D-9112-E6AA66…)

>>891547 (“unedited nose”)
>>892535 (newest unedited nose claim)
Why are you lying. and her body is average, not stick thin, why would you guys be worried about her not eating

No. 893217

Her nose in that video looks exactly like the selfies she posted yesterday. Come back when you have real milk lolz

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893222

Everything looks inacurate except for the nose kek.

No. 893226

The noses look completely different anon. This one is far bigger.

No. 893228

Can we have a link to the actual video and not just a screenshot

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893231

y’all sitting on here wasting your lives discussing whether a random girl’s nose is photoshopped or not.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893232

what video?

No. 893233

This pic is old as fuc and no one cares. Sage your shit.

No. 893234

The screenshot anons keep posting of her with the stripes on her face. It’s a video. People are just screenshotting the dumb faces she makes in the video to make her look extra ugly kek

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893235

it doesn’t though.. it’s very obviously bigger and most likely edited. seriously, download the SNOW app for yourself and you can easily warp your face lol

No. 893238

Okay so a screenshot of a vid that she posted a couple months ago is sage worthy because it’s “old”, yet other people can post pics of when she was 14 (she’s 19 now lul) and not get fucked? Kk.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893239

Don’t know if you noticed yet or not but the screenshot of the video everyone keeps posting with the stripes on her face… it’s a fuckin snow filter LUL

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893240

That’s a snow filter so her nose is actually bigger than that

Where are the mods when you need them

No. 893242

mods need to delete this whole thread it’s a shitfest

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893246

wtf happened her milk was enough to make me think the soft girls thread was an erin thread and now her actual thread is made and yall had to go and ruin it

No. 893248

No, mods just need to come in here and ban all the retards that only come here to whiteknight, not sage and ask where the ddlg thread is. This thread was fine aside from a small problem with not saging a few days ago, you Erin fags just won't stop popping in to treat this thread like a garbage dump.

No. 893249

is this thread not a garbage dump, my bad

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893251

erin literally copies other girls and sends her whiteknights to them and sexualizes children or being "childlike", but okay. she photoshops into oblivion and tries to steal girls boyfriends, then pretends to be"pure and nice" to make them look bad, but okay.

No. 893252

all the stupid “agere” people coming from a retard who keeps cowtipping on twitter probably
newfags itt stop cowtipping

No. 893253

what were you trying to accomplish by posting that. we’ve known

No. 893254

If I remember correctly she was talking about how the guy started flirting with her first and left out the fact that he had a girlfriend. There were screenshots and everything. Old, spoiled, fake milk. Fuck off this thread.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893256

>defending her this much but not saying anything about her pedophilic act

No. 893258

File: 1573699184412.jpeg (567.84 KB, 1125x1897, 2C3F456D-7F35-451D-8037-09E478…)

Erin vented about this to me in the insta dms the other night because she was apparently feeling really guilty about the whole thing even though she didn’t know the guy had a fuckin girlfriend. The screenshots of the guy that had a girlfriend that she didn’t know of apparently.
She confronted him about his girlfriend the day after. Kept sexting her after that day. Grey text is the guy, blue text is Erin. I would beat the shit out of this guy if I had the chance

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893261

File: 1573699280060.jpeg (220.57 KB, 1125x2092, 8DC4CBD3-71C9-4964-B794-3D66B5…)

This is the same guy with the girlfriend. Really sick of seeing Erin get shit on for this when it wasn’t even her fault. Imo the guy is 100% to blame for not telling her he had a girlfriend and letting the sexting happen.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893262

listen, i dont mean to sound rude here and i dont want to be a victim blamer, but i saw erin talk about him having a girlfriend in a different thread and knowing. is there proof she didnt know or that she told his girlfriend?

No. 893263

anon, we’ve been through this so many times. old milk, fake milk. piss off

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893265

She apparently confronted him asking what the matching icons was about and he admitted that he had a girl in his life but it was “complicated”. Such a cheater thing to say imo

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893267

how? she literally poster her pussy and acted creepy abt it like just a week ago. she still acts childlike, and its very weird.
ok.. wheres the proof? again, it sounded like she knew about it, but if you post pictures where it shows her talking to his girlfriend, then ill believe you

No. 893270

I never said she talked to his girlfriend. She told me he told her NOT to talk to the girlfriend because he said it would make things weirder, and of course she listened. Sigh

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893271

Hi there’s no fucking way Erin didnt know about that Derek guy on twitter having a gf. She’s full of shit like always. He’s literally publicly posted stuff about her on his twitter, and answered curious cats about him having a gf. Saying yes he did have one, and saying her name. Erin stop lying challenge lmao

No. 893272

Well, okay, but she still continued flirting in replies of tweets and all, no? They both should be blamed here.

No. 893273

Yeah, its weird that after this thread was posted, twitterfags are coming on here and pretending like they're users yet still defending erin at the same time.
Tinfoil, but maybe its erin or her whiteknights pretending theyre active users on here and trying to deny everything?

No. 893275

File: 1573700170711.jpeg (325.59 KB, 866x1437, 9268B389-6847-410A-AE29-D34315…)

Didn’t want to expose anything else about this matter but since you all want to victim blame, here you go. This is all I’m posting.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893277

if she stopped lying, grew up a bit and stopped fucking with random twitter “doms” maybe she’d have some friends. yeah i get shes “lonely” but she can do much fucking better than a lanky twitter daddy lmao. she’s partly to blame here

No. 893278

Sounds awfully similar to her abusive ex dom situation. Except she let that happen over the course of years. She seriously needs more confidence when dealing with shitty guys. She lets everyone walk all over her and use her. It bothers me so much for some reason

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893284

Victim blame”
Ok lmaoooo I didn’t know being a sidechick =abuse

No. 893285

are you serious? shut the fuck up. this isn’t the place for you if you think that’s a “bit much.” you newfags are completely shitting up this thread at least read the rules before posting.

If you have no idea what’s going on with this website then don’t post! Or read the rules and learn! You are ruining this thread for everyone else.

What an absolute shitshow.

No. 893286

Being a victim of something doesn’t always have to mean abuse, dumbass.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893287

These agere twitter comm fags need to leave, honestly like how does cheating make Erin a victim of anything? and they don’t sage anything get the fuck off of this site and go back to your uwu babie softspace on Twitter

No. 893288

stop trying to be a WK, this isn’t the place for you. literally fuck off you are so annoying wow

sage for samefag but I can’t deal with all these dipships from twitter. farmhands please help

No. 893289

No. 893290

i just want some fuckin erin milk and the annoying age regression and nsfw retards really have to ruin this thread. seriously, if you wanna post here, read the fucking rules and sage anything not milky/off topic. idiots

No. 893291

lmao this is sus af, can easily fake some dm rant with herself with her 521389 spare accs

No. 893292

Aw you poor little baby. You just want to hear about how some random girl photoshops her pics. Poor baby. Get a life

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893293

and yet you're here too…? soooooo

No. 893295

ok erin

No. 893298

Guys, remember not to engage, just report. This is exactly what whoever this anon is wants, attention. Report them for not saging and ignore, don't make the thread worse with infighting.

No. 893299

cause it’s entertaining and that anon probably does have a life sorry it doesn’t involve final fantasy daddies and chatting with other girls boyfriends on discord and shopping her fat ugly nose

No. 893303

File: 1573703906396.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, C93174B1-D221-4883-87C9-34DF07…)

oh PLEASE erin, you’d die without the attention

No. 893304

erin.. seriously? i read this thread while i work, something you have never done :’) shut up you imbecile(:'))

No. 893306

Lmao does she really think she can get into college

No. 893308

>>893306 sage OT but can you even get into college without a diploma?

No. 893309

I hope she does. She needs to get out in the world and make friends and get an education. Sometimes I feel bad for her because her education was taken away from her in a way? Since she was never steady in a school setting.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893310

you get a diploma when you get a ged

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893312

Remember to sage
I thought a GED was like an alternative to a high school diploma and not actually one but oh I see

No. 893314

well it is basically a “fake” diploma for lack of better terms. i’m not one to shame people who get their ged so i hope that doesn’t sound rude, i actually think it’s a tremendous achievement for people in her situation (not getting a proper education for whatever the reason may be)

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 893315

stop cowtipping. Even if idiots cow tip they dont come here to brag. Stop.

No. 893322

Too many misunderstandings, don’t you think? It’s not like there was just one drama. She is full of shit. There isn’t a day without erin’s new lie.

No. 893327


>i was only pretending to be retarded!


what was untrue? she IS fat, you've seen the apron video.
^ that one. even with the pink uwu filters she looked very chunky.


exactly. she looked 40 at 14-15 and now she's 19, she probably aged another 10 years in the face no matter if she lost any weight or not. it's funny, she tries so hard to be a wittle girl but irl looks 20+ years older than her actual age, like someone's mom.

No. 893343

Wow, today was a mess with the newfags.
May I just point out that the random "guy who totally knows erin but is NOT erin" mentioned that erin used to hang out in their 'dorms' 2 years ago? As far as i know, dorms are mostly in college/university, did Erin just expose herself for being in her 20s?

No. 893349

Wouldn’t be surprised if she went there for her tinder hookups

No. 893358

I'm sorry buddy, but your answer about the boyfriend is too conveniently vague.

No. 893362

Its not unsurprising that erin only goes for discord e-doms, since last time she tried to venture out in the real world she got caught up in some dudes friend circle. Not sure if anyone remembers this? It was around this time last year i think. She lost her viriginity to one of the dudes and then he dumped her because it was only a fling for him and then she had sex with his friend. I'm not sure if I have screenshots somewhere still.

No. 893365

onwy pwetending to be wetawded

No. 893366

Yeah, screenshots are in the other thread. She was crying about losing her virginity on IG, him cumming inside of her, then ghosting her kek. I thought she met him on Tinder though, at least that's what other anons said?

No. 893367

File: 1573724899707.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3464x3464, 1573040752129.jpeg)


Found some screenshots from another thread, kek.

No. 893368


Yeah, I'm pretty sure she met him on tinder and through him his friends. I think they lived in a dorm maybe

No. 893369

ah yes the "pure" girl. surprised she hasn't tried lying about being an uwu virgin loli

No. 893372

how did I get banned so quickly last week for 'causing infighting' yet this shitshow lasted so long without bans???

No. 893374

Nice fiction about yourself there Erin.

No. 893382

>full of negative things
>“hurr shes skinny and sugar sweet and doesnt eat around people and looks nothing like that unflattering candid durr“

No. 893387

>i'm hword too
This is the cringiest, grossest way I've ever seen people flirt. This pedo pandering shit is disgusting.

No. 893390

Whos gonna tell the kt girl that her twitter boyfriend flirts with Erin? Yikes.(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 893392

This, plus the desperate use of "y’all" to not sound like Erin.

No. 893430

File: 1573747376736.jpeg (427.34 KB, 750x1294, 92653404-C48A-433D-9E1B-1F83DF…)


this is kt’s twitter, literally in dereks CC she sends stuff saying she loves him and other stuff making it clear they’re a couple. Even when erin was talking to him it’s not hard to look at his CC and see palnpup (with a lowercase L) is his gf. She’s literally lying out of her ass to be victim. I’m pretty sure KT already knows about the erin and derek sexting shit. If not then it wouldn’t hurt to tell her with the screenshots that WK anon sent in here.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893432

sage but whoah this thread is full of nonsense i can’t even tell what is relevant or not

No. 893433

File: 1573747839589.jpeg (63.13 KB, 275x258, 1571121408781.jpeg)

Hambeast Erin and her two whiteknights are shitting up the thread.

No. 893434


I prefer posting on the other thread but when i posted recently, got told to post in here instead. This thread is a mess and it’s filled with newfags reposting or WKing.

sage for samefag(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893436

File: 1573748441138.jpeg (864.61 KB, 1242x2208, 23F76FD9-3C80-424F-B862-D9F216…)

did you guys see she deleted the picture off her page? lmao

No. 893444

I guess we just wait them out or see if the mods do anything


No. 893451

>>not understanding you don't get to choose which thread you should be posting in
>>saying sage but not actually understanding how to sage

Ah yes, the new fags are truly full force retarded in this thread, incredible

Seeing two ddlg faghags going at it will be wonderful milk, I'm sure erin will be like
>>noo i ddn't knw he had a gf, i ddn't want to upset any1, i'm so swwy u are upset abt this uwu uwu uwu i'm just an innocent bby guys really
ie. not actually taking responsibility for being a man taking whore and playing up how innocent she is. Obviously. It's fucking sad.

No. 893472

LMFAO this bitch lying out of her asshole. Being such a pick me girl there's no fucking way she would've just apologize and left if she knew the dude was taken she would probably threaten suicide if the guy didn't break up for her instead

No. 893492

File: 1573758089985.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, C6729655-5F49-4A4D-9057-EAD39F…)

probably a nitpick but she’s so fucking WEIRD. why doesn’t she just get one of her neckbeard twitter orbiters to praise her??

No. 893498

File: 1573759719032.png (8.45 MB, 1125x2436, EAE0C2A2-1194-43B8-A8D5-5DB2BD…)

(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893500

where’d this come from

No. 893520

Because she'll feel so used and abandoned and lonely and threaten to kill herself if they don't reply in 5 seconds

No. 893524


bro shut the fuck up already lmao let these randoms post how they want to jesus christ(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893569

File: 1573772823639.jpeg (1.11 MB, 4000x4000, F42D9951-DB95-4C28-88A1-E22C8D…)

is she editing herself to look shorter-

No. 893574

File: 1573773099509.jpeg (290.2 KB, 704x369, 521D08A5-A18B-447F-898A-ACAF25…)

march vs november 2019

No. 893584

She’s trying to look petite with her feet shoulder length apart, her shoulders tucked back to make her head look bigger (kids have a larger head, pedo points)
You can see she has very broad shoulders and fat on top of that, she might’ve lost weight but her shoulder are very straight and her head looks small in comparison to the rest of her body (typical adult) yes she is trying to look more petite but 5’6” isn’t short at all, it’s 2 inches above the national average.
Erin, you aren’t a petite “legal loli” you have big shoulders and a large stocky build and small head. Your face isn’t even youthful or cutesy looking maybe if you didn’t try so hard to be something you’re not you’d look decent. I’ve seen beautiful women with harsh, mature features pull off their looks because they weren’t trying to look like an anime girl.

No. 893588

That pic on the right isn't even a good shoop. She's got a wobbly line on the inside of each thigh and the legs are different sizes lmao.

No. 893595

oh i thought it looked off too but i couldn't figure what it was lol. the blanket behind her looks weird too. why does she always need to have a blanket or cloth behind her legs, is it a shoop trick?

No. 893612

File: 1573780508580.png (5.71 MB, 1125x2436, 0F65A3C9-3406-4D7E-AC86-B25082…)

this is terribly uncomfortable.

No. 893619

this was already posted. read the fucking thread

No. 893624

File: 1573783227929.jpeg (255.73 KB, 750x1179, ADFB3787-E8E4-42BA-8113-EBC8BD…)

Anyone remember when Erin went off on this chick because people thought they were the same people? Posted the same stuff, even during Erin’s suicidal posts the scarlet girl would repost the EXACT same shit.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893629

caps please?

No. 893632

She honestly looks better on the left, shopped or not. Much more natural.

No. 893642

>>“shopped or not”
>>”much more natural”

nothing is “natural” in that pic. it’s all shopped kek

No. 893652

File: 1573786601104.jpeg (412.88 KB, 1242x2208, F19503DC-0A3B-4C7B-B79F-55D4D6…)

has anyone noticed how she has put “master” in her bio?
thats like, basic BDSM language and she claims not to associate her “agere” with NSFW topics.
honestly even just coming across her account I would’ve thought she was an nsfw acc.

No. 893654

yeah agreed, master really is not a sfw “age re” nickname. also charge ur phone anon

No. 893665

File: 1573789362080.jpeg (666.22 KB, 750x1334, 1057B7FE-BB71-45FA-A6B4-D5141D…)


Scarlet girl has changed personas a lot. She switches between Scarlet and Hope a lot. She apparently has called someone the hard R. She’s been known to dox people if you ever attacked her, known for telling others to kill them selves, she’s pretty much a toxic person. She causes drama for fun, has stolen peoples usernames, and even loves stalking people.

She’s Erin but worse? She constantly fakes her suicide, talks about her “abuser” who she lied about saying he raped her and hit her when they’ve never met at all. She hops accounts, has catfished before, and plays victim EVERY argument she brings. She currently is active on cokedolly i believe. Not sure if she’s milk worthy for her own thread but just wanted to bring her up about stalking Erin and other “spam community” people.

I don’t have any photos except a screencap from a livestream of hers i screenrecorded during september.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893666

i didn't even notice it, thank you anon


No. 893669

Isn’t she pregnant? I remember her posting about how she was gonna have a baby, is she still..?
Unsaged for possible milkies answer

No. 893670

i meant is there any caps of erin going off on this girl, thanks tho anon

No. 893672

File: 1573790905200.jpeg (333.04 KB, 750x802, 3F6E9F73-AA3F-462A-B464-B7BF6F…)


She’s never been pregnant. Anything she posts is either a lie for attention or could possibly be true. She’s apparently in a poly relationship now as of 14 hours ago and is turning 20? Shits mad weird.


Erin did interact with a twitter post about Scarlet. She apparently is on twitter now harassing people and telling them to kill themselves. I’ll attach a screenshot.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893673

You mean retard right? Kek.

No. 893675

File: 1573791124109.jpeg (275.13 KB, 750x837, 9F9B2747-8960-4ECF-868B-BF8CC1…)

Didn’t she make a disgusting tweet about people being part of agereg community for fun and other stuff she typed that made people uncomfortable & feel unvalid?

Erin sweetie if you’re gonna say this then why make other people feel like their reason to regress is invalid? Disgusting honestly LOL(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893680


Sometimes I can't tell if she actually means these things or if she's just pandering for likes, it's really sad if it's the latter.

No. 893683

File: 1573791607004.jpeg (317.71 KB, 750x972, 1E15E174-16FC-48AD-B298-FCD35D…)


Another post she made(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893684


trauma might not be a competition but trying to make any trauma (yes, even csa! jesus christ) an excuse for your "age regression" pedo fetish is disgusting. "age regression" is harmful in so many ways. no actual qualified psychotherapist recommends even non-sexual age regression to deal with trauma. if you dwell in your "younger self" you just retraumatize yourself. pretending to be a child, especially a "sexy" (god i'm puking just typing this) child will not help anyone heal. "everyone has different coping mechanisms uwu" no fuck off. being the eternal little baby victim will just fucking destroy you. get the fuck to actual therapy and stop this shit. doing this shit you just shamelessly provide wank material to literal predators and throw actual survivors under the bus. how many fucking times i have to write this shit? i'm so fucking tired of you gross bitches making trauma a sexy cute hip aesthetic.

No. 893686


Tell that shit to Erin not me lmao.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893687


i would if that didn't count as cowtipping. well, she constantly lurks here anyway so she will see it. not that she wants to learn from it because she seems to enjoy publicly masturbating to child sexual abuse.

No. 893689

File: 1573794375991.jpeg (416.38 KB, 750x836, 98DBE20D-E43F-4C58-B3F7-09C3F3…)

She’s having another breakdown i bet.

She made ANOTHER instagram as well when will she not be hoarding accounts it’s unbelievable(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893690

File: 1573794446925.jpeg (320.36 KB, 750x878, 49BFBB14-05B0-4D4D-9BEF-FB5C6F…)

probably sexualizing children like she constantly does LOL disgusting of erin(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893696

File: 1573795516668.jpeg (686.22 KB, 1242x1331, C9BEAE5F-2184-4911-AB2C-412648…)

Heres the newest one ::

No. 893697


How about you actually do that then? Stop this constant self pity posting, go offline for a whole month and take your fucking medicine, whatever it is. But of course you're too much of an attention starved useless neet to stay offline even for 24 hours.

No. 893725

Quick reminder that it was posted in the Nymphette thread that Erin said "my trauma is worse than yours" or something along that lines.

No. 893727

This would be such a good idea, but quitting social media & catfishing will be difficult for her as she must be addicted to the attention, gratification and dopamine she gets from pretending to be the person she is online. Since she does not get this attention IRL, she will always be drawn back to her social media shenanigans. But her online life and the community she participates in have no benefit for her real life at all. If anything, they hinder her from progressing irl.

No. 893782


Honestly, why doesn’t she enroll in college, get a part time job or something and start meeting people? Being home all day really makes you go kind of crazy and once she starts doing this she can maybe even leave the internet behind, find her self, and make friends. I hope she is serious about it all though.

No. 893791


I truly hope she does. I hope she goes to college and finds people irl who actually like her and don't know about all of her skinwalking and I hope she develops enough self worth that she no longer needs to feed off male attention and copy other girls. I hope she gets over this fucking retarded phase and all the shit she's done leaves her when she attempts to make something of herself.

No. 893803

I hope her parents stop enabling her and spoiling her lol imagine having a 19 year old child laying at home pretending to be a child and wasting away money on ddlg stuff

No. 893812

File: 1573826217181.jpeg (400.46 KB, 740x1122, 43DA220A-C6A7-49B7-A980-70844D…)

exactly lol imagine wasting your parents money on kink gear

No. 893821

Everybody would probably be better off if they just gave her a little money and kicked her out of their house lol

No. 893866

File: 1573836268760.jpeg (215.81 KB, 640x497, EB353BC1-F39D-4483-A6D9-CB89BA…)

Erin: all trauma is valid!!
Also Erin:
Quick question are people who are actually traumatized always drawing attention to it? Erin seems to bring it up almost every moment

No. 893876

It's a tricky question anon. I'd say some of them do, because for them talking about it helps them cope, sometimes they don't even realize they bring it up a lot. However, in Erin's case it seems like she mostly brings it up as a self-defense for people to pity her, or either she's implying it's a cause of behaviour. What I'm trying to say is that not everyone that speaks up about their trauma is attention-seeking like Erin.

No. 893879

I agree, the way Erin does it it almost seems like she's placing herself on some higher moral ground when she brings up her trauma because it makes her seem mature but pitiful at the same time to be able to talk about "other people who don't educate themselves about my trauma" etc.

No. 893885

File: 1573840594872.jpeg (136.87 KB, 968x561, 253D2270-7690-46D7-977B-1FB27B…)

Erin admitting to copying other people’s art from we heart it.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893888

File: 1573840911264.jpeg (185.54 KB, 750x1040, F8338E8B-2BEA-43BF-A1E6-2A1440…)

(excuse my bad scribbling), i thought this was fake at first but this is an account i didn’t even know she had, let alone that i followed it. this girl owns half of the handles on instagram kek

No. 893889


Right. I don't usually mention anything related to my past fucking anywhere but a question was asked and I want to give my input.

No. Most people who are genuinely seriously traumatised do not mention it all the fucking time. Because it sucks to be viewed as just a victim or just some poor cunt who was (or is currently getting) abused. Only two people I'm close to & have been for years know a couple details about my past. I hate to sound like Erin, but /actually/ traumatised people don't make their trauma their entire personality. She needs you to constantly be aware she's been abused/ raped/ etc. So fucking strange. It seems like she can't go more than a couple posts without mentioning her trauma. I cannot imagine living like that and being so attached to my past experiences with abusive people. She is clinging to her trauma. No wonder she's so fucking sensitive.

No. 893890

File: 1573841175511.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 23C0F02F-D473-42BD-BC70-599DDB…)

samefag, do we think she’s telling the truth? pocketsizee is her old username and she ALWAYS saves her old handles, hence all the accounts she owns. maybe she’s trying to make her followers think she doesn’t have a nsfw account since she’s such a ~~pure babie uwu~~ who knows

No. 893891

considering that whole mess last week that ended in her flouncing, she is 100% trying to pretend she has no nsfw account.

No. 893892

another lie. she has @pwurring still up as well. which is obviously hers.

No. 893899

File: 1573842720069.jpeg (322.18 KB, 750x1008, 0F9D20E1-5F40-4C0B-84FE-4174E5…)


she also has @/angrwy @/piglwet and all her other usernames she’s hoarding.

I also want to point out that she literally gave people permission to catfish as her before?? I have a screenshot of her telling someone on her old CC that it was okay.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893901

File: 1573843056044.jpeg (110.1 KB, 719x1141, D4A546B2-FBC8-44A8-ABD6-5A5BFB…)

I don’t think anyone ever took a screenshot of when she posted this on her spam back then but she used to beat herself whenever she had a breakdown. Shit was honestly scary, proves that she is mentally ill.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893903

File: 1573843256682.jpeg (308.74 KB, 719x1137, 4ECA32DA-38BC-4FCA-A973-3F2C3A…)


Another screenshot of when she used to have spam, she obviously pretends she’s insecure about her pussy for milk on compliments from her pedo followers. She admitted that she loves her “kitty” unconditionally and could brag about it but now she’s putting up this act of “omg no i got bullied and i hate it uwu please dont bully me hehe its so small and ugly”.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893906


>putting conditioner, deodorant, SOAP near your vagina instead of using an actual pubic hair shaving cream

enjoy your yeast infection, erin. how the fuck she thinks this is good advice? jesus christ this is just nasty

No. 893917

File: 1573844986749.jpeg (206.74 KB, 750x1060, DF85373B-44D5-41BC-841C-86E5BB…)

>this was the result of your own dumb decisions and you are facing the consequences for it

>get help

That’s pretty hypocritical of you Erin when you still haven’t taken responsibility of the shit you’ve done. You never apologized for stealing and copying your mutuals, never admitted to your wrongs, never apologized for helping your crushes cheat on their girlfriends, and so much more. Don’t tell other people what to do when you can’t even take your own advice. Stop playing victim like Nika does.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893926

oh my god can she shut the fuck up. always fishing for sympathy. uwu “beating the absolute shit” out of myself look at my widdle finger nail scratch and red mark.
I obviously don’t encourage self-harm but if you are going to take pics and post about it for attention at least make it worthwhile.

No. 893928

“milkies” …..
what kind of retarded tumblrina shit is that. this thread is full of loli newfags. it was great while it latest.

No. 893940

Wow Erin this is so terrifying how are you living with your widdle red scratch? Are you ok?
God she’s retarded the only thing scary about this is her constant self victimization and fishing for attention I can’t imagine what hell it must be for her parents to raise this female neckbeard who’s always throwing fits.
something as benign as a red mark on her arm hardly think that’s beating the shit out of yourself it reminds me of in 2013 when people would post pics of their cuts on their arms and said it wasn’t for attention

No. 893941

hehe stealing other people's art and then getting angry when other people do the same, so fun!! she's such a joke.

No. 893953

this thread has been filled with """nonsexual""" age/petplayers from the beginning, hell, even before erin got her own thread.

i want to die.

No. 893961

Then get off the thread? Stop complaining, it’s annoying as fuck. You’re just as bad as the newfags.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893963

lmao, did i trigger you? go back to your safe space.

No. 893968

No. Your complaining is clogging up the thread just as much as the petplayers.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 893970

File: 1573851591107.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, EB4B5FDC-76B3-4A41-B03A-2E7F7D…)

says she doesn’t read this thread but posts a picture from it on her story LOL gj erin!!

No. 893981

File: 1573852682780.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x2208, 1727D866-2A10-42DA-8481-97BB6A…)

Its ok erin, we all know you just want to stay on because you love the attention and drama. All publicity is good publicity right?

No. 893988

File: 1573853101161.png (2.17 MB, 1242x2208, C8DFAB17-423D-4C6B-8F5A-44DC15…)

Shes trying so hard to bury all her past mistakes shes never addressed directly huh? Erin, the more people that come here the more that realize how twisted you really are.

No. 893989

why is the girl who likes to act like a child for fun (and for sexual pleasure we don’t fall for your lies babe) calling us immature

No. 893998

soooo does anyone have any info about this pic?? we don’t even know if it’s her or if it’s recent

No. 894000


100% looks like her

No. 894003

File: 1573856176778.jpeg (372.2 KB, 1125x2001, 539C184B-2707-4531-A9F9-27E694…)

She posted it herself a while ago. It’s most likely more recent than 2014 though(stop self posting yourself here erin painter, we already warned you once we will tag your posts if you don't stop.)

No. 894005

This bitch looks like reviewbrah

No. 894007

ok erin if you’re gonna self-post in here, WHY would you choose to post a picture that unflattering????

No. 894008

File: 1573857709925.jpeg (130.38 KB, 622x512, ACF4F606-6051-4372-8883-5A06C3…)

No. 894010

Cease self posting Erin Painter, or we will tag the rest of your autistic 150+ post history, which is mostly you insulting yourself.

Farmers who are interested, you can find about 70 of her posts that have been tagged by ctrl +f and (erin painter selfposting) on this and the soft girls thread. Enjoy.

No. 894012

Please do just that lmao

No. 894013

Oh shit do it, plot twist!

No. 894015

LOL omg good god this is brilliant

No. 894016

Holy shit she’s literally insane

No. 894017


Why would she expose herself and feed into the forum?? I'm so confused rn but not shocked. Erin you need mental help. For real. This ain't healthy. None of it is. lmao

No. 894018

did she keep on insulting herself and posting her own milk just for attention holy shit she really is the cow that keeps on giving

No. 894020

So she's completely self-aware of everything she did/does lol. This takes the fun out of it tbh

No. 894021

File: 1573858600205.jpeg (362.18 KB, 750x955, 4F7CF810-462A-4077-A652-7C7A3C…)

she even LARP’ed as twitter users calling her out this girl is unhinged

No. 894022


christ i posted
and she told me "tell that shit to erin not me". lmao holy fuck i knew she lurked but i didn't think it would be THIS fucking bad i'm cackling

No. 894023

Jesus. This is the biggest plot twist. Based farmhand.

No. 894026

this chick needs therapy for a split personality disorder tbh lmao

No. 894027


the fun is just starting. she must be freaking out now that all the uwus who ever defended her see this thread and they see she's selfposted so fucking much, insulting herself etc. they see that most of the "hate" she got was in fact shit erin posted herself. if this bitch can do shit like this then i mean… who will believe her about anything anymore? good shit.

No. 894028

File: 1573858808557.png (2.69 MB, 750x1334, 56DB5EA2-6BA7-41F1-9200-49DEB1…)

dude she’s probably shitting bricks rn LMAOOOOO. i do have a (probably dumb) question tho, how do you know all of them were posted by her? i assume it’s something to do with IP address?

No. 894029

File: 1573858952605.png (2.69 MB, 750x1334, D071658A-0AA7-41DC-BD24-CD28E7…)

dude she’s probably shitting bricks rn LMAOOOOO. i do have a (probably dumb) question tho, how do you know all of them were posted by her? i assume it’s something to do with IP address?

No. 894031

This goes above her posting her own milk and being self aware, this is her actively continuing to shit on her ex-boyfriend/internet daddy (Dawson?) and spreading rumours that they're fucking minors, cheaters, abusers etc, under the guise of someone being concerned. Thas mental illness luv.

No. 894032

this chick needs therapy for a split personality disorder tbh lmao

No. 894033


so she basically admitted her trauma is made up for attention. not like we didn't know but nice to hear her confirm my suspicions.

No. 894034

File: 1573859682098.jpg (66.11 KB, 1280x720, theevilisdefeated.jpg)

Turns out the autism was Erin all along.

No. 894035

this is hilarious. get some help though erin , u actually need it

No. 894036

shit its like the dakotas sister bullshit again lol

No. 894037

I’m not Erin lmao. The admin are dumb as fuck. Why would Erin ever insult herself and make herself look even worse? She’s so worried about her online image so that shit doesn’t make sense(stop it erin painter and stop using bargain bin VPN )

No. 894038

This thread is straight cancer, mostly due to the admins. I’m out.

No. 894039

she deactivated her instagram LMAOOOOO she pissing herself rn

No. 894040

No. 894042

File: 1573860110578.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 215.8 KB, 750x887, 9E09D0F4-F2E1-46B6-B30A-C41EF0…)

No. 894043

File: 1573860164934.jpeg (262.15 KB, 750x889, D9E60290-D683-4DDD-8115-29764C…)

No. 894044

Holy shit, she's in full damage control mode.

No. 894045

File: 1573860307110.jpeg (116.91 KB, 750x649, 5DC4B22B-1ACA-4FBA-95F8-4949C3…)

she let the ~~super cweepy imposter~~ follow her ‘safe space’ account. damn erin you really suck at covering your tracks

No. 894046

ugh she is annoying

No. 894047

File: 1573860495466.jpeg (219.21 KB, 750x1148, EA45C7DF-7539-46CB-B4E3-BD1181…)

No. 894049


She posted this on her instagram. Erin, you should be very concerned that this doesnt reach Dawson. Accusing him of having sex w minors (when you obviously have a vendetta) both openly from your side and anon here? Hmm. But, you did openly try to encourage anons here to dm him, in order to provoke him and get a reaction. Erin, therapy. Now. This is fucked up.

No. 894051

yeah I’m literally not Erin. They have access to my IP and most of the posts that are tagged aren’t even mine, only the ones of her sleeping, the rest belong to other people with different IP addresses.

No. 894052

Yup someone sent that to her,
She totally didn’t just get banned firsthand lmfaooo Erin congrats on outing yourself

No. 894053

Oh my god Erin get help. I'm serious. Smash your fucking phone and go to a hospital because whatever the fuck is wrong with you it's serious and social media/internet access is clearly making whatever delusions and destructive behaviour you have worse. Maybe stop pandering to paedophiles while you're at it.

No. 894054

File: 1573860718393.jpeg (73.13 KB, 448x236, 2D0DEE96-B31F-45C5-9284-8B4078…)

no cussing !! :o

No. 894055

I’ll stop posting if that’s what you’re actually trying to accomplish, but I’m not Erin lol(erin painter your cheap VPN doesn't hide anything)

No. 894056

File: 1573860758738.jpeg (148.4 KB, 750x784, B4B14D5E-9193-45C5-91E2-9C1070…)

see you next week erin

No. 894057

File: 1573860800705.jpeg (119.46 KB, 750x584, 23A613EF-D2A0-41E7-9C1C-1CFDF4…)

No. 894059

i almost feel bad for goblina.. like i can’t imagine being so mentally ill i pretend to be another person to shit talk myself on a gossip thread. then again, she has made no effort to improve so all my sympathy goes out window

No. 894060

So true lmao. I'm curious how this all is going to pan out.

No. 894061

This'll last about a day. Maybe two. And then she'll be back. She can't live without attention, we all know it. Lmfao.

No. 894063

>gets outed
>Erin IMMEDIATELY deactivates social media
>Half an hour later
>Erin reactivates and makes rant it wasn't her
>Exactly at the same time an anon starts sperging they're the poster and they're not Erin
>Erin says she's off to take a break because of meanies
>Exactly at the same time anon posts that they'll stop posting on lolcow

You're not even trying Erin, you removed all doubt by your Little meltdown. God bless ya for this milk.

No. 894064


Erin your trauma is that your parents spoiled you and still keep spoiling your adult ass. How about you actually go to therapy because no one fucking believes you anymore since you have proved yourself to be a complete selfposting psycho.

No. 894065

ok, anyone on her insta who doesn't believe she's self-posting is full on idiotic. her self-pitying post about mods knowing ip addresses isn't saving her ass, it only makes her sound like an experienced user (lurker).

holy shit, how fucked in the head are you to be shit talkiking yourself and having receipts on yourself???
lmao, this is the greatest twist. good to know she admits to catering to pedos and lying about her twauma. she's really that pathetically desperate for attention.

No. 894067

Her little fake twitter account she referenced in the threads is funny to look at lmao. She either made herself a twitter account to send herself hate from or played the long con and used an already existing account that was already calling her out. Either way, yikes.

No. 894068

Bruh lol I’m using a vpn cuz I’m banned. I’m not trying to hide anything lol

No. 894069


Only way for them to help her now is to disable her internet access lol

No. 894071

No. 894073

how do you detect who someone is by their IP only?

No. 894075

because that's not the only way a self-poster is determined and anyone who thinks that's the only way to tell is straight up retarded and i'm not even a mod

No. 894078


She haven't deleted her twitter yet, considering that she wants to stay far away from the internet for a while. Kinda weird bc she was cancelled there for being shady lol

No. 894080


I 100% believe it’s Erin, she’s so deranged and desperate for attention that it’s not hard to imagine her keeping these threads going and giving herself ammo for her victim complex. But damn I really wanna know how the mods did figure out it’s her lol

No. 894081


Yes erin because by coincidence you happened to have someone send you the screenshots 1 minute after the posts went up.

Sure erin, sure. Sure is also a coincidence erin got to know and sperged the same time the anon on the thread did in the exact same manner. Sure.

No. 894086

well this is a pleasant surprise. she would always post on her story about how much hate she received with no proof, makes me wonder if any of it was even real.

No. 894088

Do we know if Erin's the one who started posting about her here? If she started a hate thread for herself and didn't just jump on an existing one for attention then that's absolute insanity.

No. 894089

It looks like she photoshopped her legs thinner then shortened the bottom half of the photo where her legs are to appear shorter but it just made her legs look stumpy.

No. 894100

if you note the post timestamps on her callouts on herself the stories and tweets are always within the minute too unless she's necroing some old drama, that means she likely makes her content specifically for this website rather than for her uwu agere audience on instagram

No. 894103

I noticed that in >>893683 she directly addresses what the anons that were saying about her twauma being fake or over exaggerated and she probably wanted to draw attention to it in here and say “see it is real, guys, it’s not from her kinky neckbeard don it’s REAL csa”
She calls herself mentally ill in this and says she’s “scary” wtf it’s so weird how she’s egging it on with how “unhinged” she is

No. 894106

It's also really scary how stable and sane she sounds on here, truly a professional shapeshifter

No. 894111

File: 1573866855971.jpeg (171.76 KB, 585x566, C5247EE7-4203-48A7-9FB9-4D8B49…)

No. 894114

Is it possible she’s a giant troll? That or she’s just completely mentally unstable.

No. 894115

I actually think she did have childhood trauma and has a bunch of mental illnesses because there's no way a normal person would act like this. Literally something awful had to happen to reach this state of being where you trash yourself and then cry about it.

No. 894123

If she did all of this just for teh lulz then honestly she deserves the biggest round of applause bc holy shit.

No. 894127

File: 1573868678002.png (246.34 KB, 595x473, trust nobody not even yourself…)


holy shit lmaoooo i'm actually in awe at how brain rotted she is. erin, you have an insanely unhealthy relationship with the internet lol

No. 894133

timestamp a selfie with your eyes blacked out or something cause no one believes you kek

No. 894134

it shows what state you're in and all the other posts you've made. being able to see post history makes it pretty clear who someone is usually

No. 894135

this is how spoiled brats who are too lazy or self absorbed to make friends irl end up like
many such cases

No. 894137


To me her life seems incredibly cushy and seems like it's been so for basically all her life. She's just the typical socially autistic neet who went insane from shutting herself indoors and living a lie online. She just really needs to get her ass outside in the real world. A job at mcdonalds with normie co-workers will do her good, less time to spend online, actually have to learn irl social skills, etc. Honestly that's the only solution to cure most of the cows on this site: a real fucking entry level JOB outside of the home.

No. 894138

this 100%
people go nuts if they do nothing but sit around inside. it's a disease. ted kaczynski was right

No. 894141

I was agreeing with 'see you in a week anon', what are you talking about?

No. 894143

don't even try it, those posts were clearly all by the same person. they are all unsaged, posting the exact same type of shit, you didn't even try to diversify the way you typed or anything lol

and who other than you would still have screenshots of shit that happened years ago?

No. 894148

Most of the posts are mine but a lot of them aren’t. I’m not sure how they mixed that up because they can see the different IPs of each post. And they also missed tagging some of my posts. I’d honestly be willing to prove to everyone that I’m not Erin, just because I feel like the mods are trying to spark extra drama that doesn’t actually exist, and you all look dumb and brainwashed as hell for believing it. Plus, if they can see the state I’m in from my IP then they are making up lies and aware of doing so. I live in Florida and Erin lives in New York.

(Also, I’m using a cheap VPN because I’m banned, not because I’m trying to hide my IP address.)

No. 894151

Go have a good hard read over at http://lolcow.farm/kiki

and it doesn’t really matter if you’re actually erin, the cards are not stacked in your favor but you’re clearly deranged regardless for your autistic attentionwhoring that everyone else has complained about for weeks.

No. 894154

Nah, I’m good. This thread and everyone in it is dumb as fuck. I’m done with it anyways

No. 894159

says shes done multiple times but keeps coming back to say shes not erin lmao ok erin

No. 894161

Damn, Erin is still selfposting? Sad. Can’t wait for the rest of her post history to be exposed

No. 894180

File: 1573875758997.jpeg (399.04 KB, 631x1143, 939841D3-CBB1-4A72-AB8D-216E5C…)

ok but i’ve been looking through all of erins self posts and it’s so ducking weird to
me that she’s bashing herself but like hey i didn’t think a ton of it, but this means that she’s the @/cinawoll twitter account and that thing is literally just her bashing herself ..?

No. 894185

tbh all of the other twitter accs that supposedly copied her a while back are probably her bashing herself too

there were these two accs named strawbmilkie and petsize or something that was copying her tweets. they both have the same header now and are both priv'd but the strawbmilkie acc has a linked cc where she basically talked shit about erin but after seeing all these posts that was probably herself too lol

No. 894188

File: 1573876470142.jpg (440 KB, 1096x1259, 093428409.jpg)

gonna take a shot in the dark and assume she dropped out and got her GED because she got boolied out of school. she seems like she was notoriously hated irl for her social media shenanigans and hitting on taken dudes

No. 894190

where did these come from?

No. 894191

File: 1573876845728.jpg (163.76 KB, 750x755, 8449325.jpg)

classic potato nose

No. 894192

These must be the people who “made fun of her widdle pink pussy” FUCKING LOL

No. 894193

I posted about Erin and she follows me and she threatened suicide in my dms

No. 894196

Isn’t this cowtipping? … post caps tho

No. 894201

twitter search for her brings these up. they're definitely talking about the right erin too. it looks like she was constantly publicly flamed by classmates back in the day for harassing and threatening people, bad shops, and whoring out. so basically, the exact same shit she does now. she hasn't changed at all

No. 894204

File: 1573877971091.png (250.58 KB, 507x900, erin.png)

is this actually her?

No. 894208

those are some very specific and very old tweets though lol

No. 894213

Cow selfposting BTFO makes my pussy so fucking wet, Farmhand please edit OP a la Emzotic for maximum exposure.

No. 894219

I want to know if Erin was the sperg who kept bringing up in 3 different threads how she's a cow cause she copies some other ddlg retard

No. 894223

Do you think she self posted hate because she felt she deserved it? I mean she’s clearly aware she’s done wrong and maybe this is how she handles it? Or she just wants the attention even if it’s negative?

No. 894229

If she feels she deserved hate then she should own up to all the shit she has done to gain that hate and work towards bettering herself. Nobody's perfect and everybody has been a piece of shit at some point in their life but the worst shits are the ones who know they are a piece of shit but refuse to change. If she thinks sending herself hate so she can act like she's rising above it is growth, something ain't right.

If she's still lurking around on this thread Erin please SEEK PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIATRIC HELP.

No. 894231

she's continuing to do everything the she's being called out for in these threads. she loves the attention.

No. 894232

imo the biggest part of this thread besides erin being exposed for selfposting. wow. she is exactly the same. deep rooted identity issues and clear insecurity, and no Erin, not the cutesy pitiful kind of insecurity. the kind of insecurity only someone with a MASSIVE EGO has.
you are a LEECH.

kek she really was just a basic hoe until she found girls to skinwalk

No. 894239

File: 1573885595182.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x2560, 19-11-16-17-20-30-407_deco.jpg)

Aside from numerous, suprisingly insightful self deprecating (and sometimes well written) self posts Erin made this is such a little gem kek. The anon's response is gold.

No. 894241

holyshit i left to play pokemon with friends and come back to all this full cream!

No. 894242

I have yet to go back in the thread and read all of Erin's selfposts but holy shit the cream

I knew she was selfposting. Thank you Erin for this delicious milk!!

No. 894243

Na it's just delicious negative attention AND she gets to feel like a victim. Every cow ever caught posting has shittalked themselves.

No. 894245

Not at ALL. After reading through most of the posts labelled as being Erin, at first I honestly was skeptical and I thought maybe mods had stretched it a bit and were marking some posts wrongly. But I read some more and read over some again and a good portion of her self posts are so manipulative and just a total big scripted charade, they all have a mask on them as being a farmer who totally hates Erin and thinks she’s the worst but there’s always a sort of.. manipulative, fake, back handed undertone and intent. And the fact that she posted as a twitter user and went “hey guys it’s CINNAWOLL here! I’m totally cinnawoll and I’m making my identity known on lolcow, definitely not Erin” was a big giveaway. Too lazy to go back and link to the more psychotic self posts but I’m sure others would agree.

No. 894246

She looks exactly like the type of basic bitch who would do all of this.

No. 894247

top kek.

No. 894253

honestly just wish she'd own up to everything, it would be a net positive. if she stopped using the internet right now, like, went awol on social media, she'd literally just..be forgotten. that's a good thing. but not to her, she's desperate for any relevancy, even negative.
gotta say painter is a cool surame though

No. 894275

>admitting you're ban evading

Are you a newfag or just straight up retarded

I'm honestly not surprised that she's bashing herself. It's another way to get attention, and honestly this whole fucking mess is reminiscent both Dakota of princessdoll, who did the same thing a few years ago.

No. 894290

File: 1573900472322.png (136.45 KB, 502x602, classic.png)

l m f a o searching these girls' @s with simple mentions of "erin" results in gold. this is 100% the same erin painter

No. 894292

File: 1573900506185.png (98.22 KB, 498x570, L O L.png)

it's beautiful how some things never change

No. 894319

>are you a newfag or just straight up retarded
er both, did you read her posts? she was the cinawoll person ffs

No. 894346

Thanks for the early Christmas present Erin, all you're good for is laughs and giggles.
Get professional help instead of eboy dick.

No. 894349

File: 1573915408306.jpeg (592.86 KB, 828x1308, BBFF2415-4CF7-4C7E-AD5E-D04EFB…)

not even a day not even 12 hours back already

No. 894350

File: 1573915556430.jpeg (301.59 KB, 828x759, F6EF5AC4-80EA-441E-BC79-6CD616…)

Some more posted about an hour ago

No. 894351

File: 1573915586977.jpeg (162.39 KB, 828x940, 3EC2DDDA-2E78-4DDA-953E-613684…)

No. 894354

File: 1573915653718.png (774.31 KB, 609x3239, cinawoll.png)

"cinawoll" currently sperging out (read bottom to top)

No. 894356

Since cinawoll is technically selfposting now, can't they be banned?

No. 894357

Erin Erin Erin why must you make it so hard to actually feel bad for you lol

No. 894360

File: 1573916041248.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 218.57 KB, 1242x1131, 77022A6B-F614-47C5-8510-893F68…)

hmmmm “faded” stretchmarks

No. 894361

Who the fuck stalks an individual so hard that you just drop whatever you're doing and look at their post the moment they're posted though? I'm not even that dedicated with my best friend's posts, clearly a fake excuse.

No. 894364

Plus nobody gains from this situation but Erin. If this "cinawoll" figure truly existed and hated Erin as much as she claims, then she would've ignored all this and let her burn from the supposedly fake selfpost tagging.

No. 894373

This thread is going to win a 2019 lolcow award. Congrats on finally earning that validation you so desperately seek, Erin!

No. 894375

It's crazy to see how quickly she adapted to the role of a farmer. Using the lingo to try to blend in, but it only made her more obvious. A small glimpse into The Changing of the Guard.
Also kek I got to call her a newfag in the other thread

No. 894376

if by some miracle cinawoll ISN'T erin, she's still a cow herself. why does she think anyone here would care about a ddlgfag?

No. 894381

The cinawoll account has barely over 50 tweets, most of them trying to start drama. Not to mention Erin got outed as posting as cinawoll on here and the fact that she has dozens of accounts, its definitely Erin.

No. 894383

well it’s not all that surprising, is it? she seems to make shadowing her life purpose. like… motivated by imitation. it’s probably all she feels she can do well

No. 894396

File: 1573922724278.jpeg (302.89 KB, 750x896, 3FD0ED27-BC00-4474-9193-19C5E8…)

i would say i’m proud of her for trying to better herself but it’s probably all just a ploy and she’ll be self posting again in no time. i give it 2 days before her insta is reactivated.

No. 894407

Mate she keeps saying she's going to deactivate, she's gonna leave, not post as much, she just needs a break… but she KEEPS posting. What the fuck. Girl you need to follow thru with what you say, jesus fucking christ it pisses me off

No. 894414

Just posting about taking a break is enough to relieve her anxiety. That's why she does this– if she really was over it, she'd just leave; she wouldn't need the validation of posting it. Soooo many cows do this.

No. 894427


Thiiiiis. She's posted so many times about taking leave or going to therapy again but there's really no evidence of her keeping to her word and they're all just empty words to make herself feel better. With the 50 spare accs she has it wouldn't be a surprise if she was active somewhere else anyway even if she stopped actively posting on her main.

No. 894455


>constantly self-posts and centers attention on herself in the soft girls thread until an erin thread is made

>"oh noes too much attention wwbwbwb"

yeah she'll be back

No. 894459

why does she keep posting about wanting to take a break, deactivating, reactivating, and then posting more only to start talking again about taking a break from social media?

who is she giving these updates to? does she really think she has enough of an online presence that her orbiters give a shit… or is she 'interacting' with the people on this thread?

we all know she lives for drama and attention.. could it be that she's posting all this shit to get a rise out of farmers?

No. 894470

File: 1573933476177.png (2.45 MB, 1125x2436, B93D4CBB-97F7-44FB-A9BE-435A75…)

??? It’s an old account but I dunno if Erin runs it

No. 894476

As if some random is gonna go out of their way to make a fan account for a serial manipulator and liar. Hell no. Absolutely one of her ex friends who she manipulated into doing it (would explain the inactivity, we all know she can't keep friends) or just her. Bullshit.

No. 894483

Funny how her version of staying away form social media is her switching to twitter. Pretty sure she just doesnt want the news of her being a fucking crazy person here being spread around the spam community.

No. 894491

>does she really think she has enough of an online presence that her orbiters give a shit…
Good question. Why post anything? The answer is yes. Although by now yeah she's surely enjoying the LCF attention.

My question is: Why was she trying to move discussion of her back to the soft girls thread? I'm guessing to diffuse the spotlight a little bit (but not shut it off, god forbid). Is it so she can vendetta post other girls from the scene to remedy the pain of the shit beig talked about her?
Maximum keks with this cow

Not to be all "hi cow" but this is a mind fuck bc I feel like I may be replying to Erin at any time itt. What a strange, manipulative, self loathing, fully grown adult woman she is.

No. 894492

lol what a poser, we don't make the milk, the cows do. We farm it.
>"Straight retarded and major kek moment"
how cringe.

No. 894497

ok so is “cinawoll” (yuck) gonna post any proof she is not erin? like if ur not her, prove it retard

No. 894500

>I'm guessing to diffuse the spotlight a little bit (but not shut it off, god forbid). Is it so she can vendetta post other girls from the scene to remedy the pain of the shit beig talked about her?

nah, if you look at her self posts from this thread, you can clearly she she thrives off of all of the negative attention, and was literally bottle feeding us her own milk

my theory is she WANTS people to shit talk her so that she can continue whining about being a ~widdle victim~ on her twitter and ig. probably wants her wks to jump in and placate her or smth??

No. 894501

Yeah you're probably right but that's so fucking stupid. If you can't get real hate and negative attention, store bought is fine? Like how does that make sense in her head. How can she play victim and rejoice in self-pity when she knows (she must realize it right????) that most of it is created by her own hands. I don't understand…

No. 894504

Do you think the wk who were previously defending erin…were also erin self posting?

No. 894507

It's actually pretty possible, considering all those scs from a while back of her begging some people on twitter to defend her during the height of the bunears(?) drama and them all refusing.
also all the cc anon hate she sent to people while pretending to be her own orbiters.
all signs point to 'yes'

No. 894509

Her brain works in such a strange way honestly. The fact that she would rather be problematic and whine and cry and suicide bait about a thread that exists bc of her rather than get praised for the content she could've made… what. I know she wants pity, but @HENTAIPUP on twitter (the bitch she was involved in a bit of shit with) has so fucking many followers and friends just from posting nudes and appealing to DD/lgers… if Erin truly wants that she could've gotten it. I truly do not understand why she would rather contribute to her getting harassed off the internet. Weird ass victim mindset. And the fact she then complains that she doesn't have female friends. You don't have female friends because you're a freak who brings up old photos of yourself so people will be mean about you.

No. 894510

File: 1573937091344.jpeg (184.47 KB, 750x643, 787BF7BF-1144-424A-B9E8-EF0DE8…)

i’m just absolutely mind boggled. why’s she still acting like a victim on twitter after she got exposed?? who feels bad for her anymore??

No. 894511

Erin. Jesus fuck. People wouldn't talk about your trauma if you didn't. When you mention it in every other tweet, people are bound to mention it. When you base your personality off the fact some e-cuck cheated on you, people are bound to mention it.

No. 894512


>uwuwuuwuuuw don't talk about trauma (that i personally confirmed to be made up)

>constantly brings it up

what you really want, erin? just admit it that you love it when people talk about it like it's something real

No. 894515

File: 1573937927578.png (607.89 KB, 750x1334, B5CA27FE-BBBF-4212-BB16-9A7216…)


No. 894517

File: 1573938009537.jpeg (217.63 KB, 1125x1173, 1D6E0350-BAF0-49BF-BA3D-6D6AFE…)

2/2. i have her tweet notifications on just incase she does something milky but deletes it before anyone can post it.

No. 894518

Is she retarded? Omfg has she brainwashed her agere audience this much?

No. 894519

”Multiple people” its literally one person that hasnt presented evidence only words. Retard alert

No. 894520

cinawoll keeps talking about being happy to provide proof that they aren't erin so… where is it? you can't just constantly say you're "happy to provide proof" and then never do it lol
also erin maybe people would be more likely to believe you had you not posted immediately about the redtexts literally a minute after it happened

No. 894521

Bitch have you heard of post IDs!

No. 894522

What audience? Her "fanbase" is straight up made of perverts that give no shit about all this drama. This is not even a retweet from someone, it's just a text that she wrote to defend herself

No. 894524

File: 1573938455108.jpeg (333.03 KB, 750x887, CCB14E5D-7718-4C4B-BB4B-C14903…)

remember when she said she was gonna be off social media for a few days LOL

No. 894525

Lmfao and who made this post? I could go into Instagram, type this exact shit out, save it, and post it. Sources would be real sweet, Erin.

No. 894526

File: 1573938652031.jpeg (315.7 KB, 750x823, 15675BFD-B6D1-4B60-9DA2-E84F6D…)

1/2. i apologize for spamming but she won’t get off social media like she said she was going to.

No. 894527

File: 1573938701891.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, D1CC5057-9248-45D4-ACBF-3AC230…)

2/2, i also like to post these quickly incase she deletes them. i’m sorry if it’s annoying.

No. 894528

Hahahaha she really texting herself

No. 894530


'laughable' yet it's bothering u so much u are STILL on twitter ranting about it. clearly not that laughable, erin.

No. 894531

what fucking trauma is she on about lol.. can she just shut up about it? like no one is bringing up ur trauma erin, YOU are

No. 894532

no one actually brings up her 'trauma' here as much as she does both on the thread and on her million social media accounts

No. 894533

File: 1573939052560.jpeg (316.72 KB, 750x849, 4F43BBE1-2692-43F9-BAC3-76C995…)

she thinks she’s putting out the fire but she’s throwing more gasoline on it. GET OFF OF TWITTER.

No. 894534


shut up about your fake ass trauma. if you were so uwu traumatized you'd be on therapy taking it seriously and not posting pics of you pretending to be a child for your pedo followers. no one with actual trauma throws it around constantly like you do. it really is something private and only to be discussed with a mental health professional so please shut up about it, you didn't have to mention it in the first place. the real world is not going to trigger warn you, get fucking used to it. you can't stay in your room forever, spoiled by your parents online doing nothing but starting bullshit drama and whining how you're persecuted.

No. 894535

wait wait wait did you say you have Trauma?

No. 894537

File: 1573939361221.jpeg (318.49 KB, 750x895, CD603CB1-32EB-43ED-B080-C6C34F…)


No. 894541

does it bother anyone else how she is still purposefully typing all uwu cutesy even though she's talking about something genuinely serious that could've negatively affected her followers? potential reach but she was making her account seem like an age regression account before all this started and maybe someone who had an account for that just logged in expecting a safe place (flawed concept, but possible nonetheless and you have to take the validity of other people's triggers into consideration) and now she's here ranting about the problems she's caused. idk. just seems very inconsiderate. now isn't the time to focus on being a cute legal loli, erin.

No. 894542

This role shes playing is so obvious. She goes from ”this is so laughable” to the usual victim mindset ”uwu im sorry if im hurting anyone” No erin, you arent fooling anyone. This facade obviously doesnt work, if it would you would have friends and boys wouldnt leave you after a while.

No. 894543

I wish she’d just erase herself from the Internet literally nobody likes her, imagine being 19 still living at home with your mom with no job no future and using your uwu trauma >.< as an excuse. instead of stripping for pedos online she should do something useful for once. Millions of people have trauma and they still work ?? it’s no excuse

No. 894550

calm down erin

No. 894552

Lmao remember that “guy” who came in here, said “hello fellow farmers! I have milk on Erin!” Then proceeded to say shit like “her voice is high pitched and only gets deeper when she’s mad at a video game uwu” that was so blatantly Erin

No. 894554

“She’s so skinny and shy! And like way too nice, her nose isn’t like those old off guard pics of her!!”

No. 894558

Hysterical, that was the biggest giveaway that something was up here. The part about the nose was incredible, unless Erin got a real life nose job. Wise up next time Erin, don’t pretend to be a male acquaintance who first claims to barely know you and then somehow starts posting details about your weight, how skinny you were, your voice changes while being an uwu cool girl who plays video games etc.

No. 894561

she’s mentioned trauma 6 times in the past hour

No. 894566

“Muh past trauma”
>>894188 bitch probably traumatized her classmates

No. 894570

That ''male friend'' here who defended her is so obviously Erin self-posting especially after anon showed receipts of people who know her in real life who said how ugly and a shitty person she is like >>894188 >>894204 >>894290 >>894292

Erin is so bored with her life that she creates fake personas who defend her and fake personas who criticize her, Erin SWEATY you need to get a JOB.

No. 894572

File: 1573943395347.jpeg (275.31 KB, 750x1040, 0EF09825-EEF7-40FD-8360-FBFEED…)

nitpick but why is she posting old random messages with some guy?? the date says october 26th. get off social media, erin. good god she does everything EXCEPT for what she said she would.

No. 894573

none of their posts were marked by admin tho

how does admin know it’s erins ip? i dont get why she’d talk all this shit about herself

No. 894575

Someone who is legit skilled at games wouldnt spend their days e-dating on that final fantasy game and playing overwatch lmaoooo gamer girl xD shit

No. 894579

She’s a kickass gamer girl who is indeed skilled unlike those other girls yes she’s so cool and very much a gamer
>doesn’t show her psn, Xbox or steam acc
We just take her word and “that one guy”’s word for it she’s a very skilled gamer girl
Inb4 Erin sees this and starts posting proof she’s actually a good gamer despite not lurking here or self posting

No. 894580

File: 1573943932352.jpeg (158.46 KB, 750x461, DD0F40B3-4B68-4639-AA26-BA9379…)

nice hiatus am i right

No. 894589

Are you new to imageboards? Are you new to the internet? Are you even reading the thread?

No. 894594

File: 1573945567449.png (240.34 KB, 1179x548, Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 6.04…)


the proof is just going to be something about her ip address, which we've already told her doesn't matter

No. 894602

File: 1574027787309.jpeg (179.31 KB, 750x1143, 061C4A9C-5AA9-4394-AD01-FD41B0…)

Erin is so cocky about posting since lolcow was down all day lol. “Hiatus” meanwhile she will not stop tweeting, and since her thread has been down since last night, I think she figured she could post this heavily edited new face and get away with it. “I feel pretty here uwu” well you look nothing like that in real life or anywhere else, Erin!

No. 894604

File: 1574027834036.jpeg (226.29 KB, 750x1121, 49E731D3-5495-425E-824B-BD286A…)

No. 894611


ah, the old "wearing an xxxxxxxl sweater to look smol" trick. the fuck even is that ugly monk robe

No. 894615

lmao add this to the long list of new faces erin has given herself

No. 894623

she looks deformed

No. 894625

Nice try for trying to edit out that witch chin erin lmao

No. 894630

Gives off venus angelic vibes here lol. She doesn't look like the same person in any of her pics, how does it not worsen her dysphoria?

No. 894652

who the fuck is this lmao she does look like she's had Trauma though

No. 894653

idk what about it but she kinda looks like buzz

No. 894659

File: 1574031633020.jpeg (38.22 KB, 376x376, 86AB96BA-26FE-4A18-AD5D-9E74E8…)

idk what about it but she kinda looks like buzz

No. 894664

The goddamn disrespect
I’d have trauma too if I got fucking rekt by farmhands like that

No. 894666

File: 1574032428252.png (147.47 KB, 1187x787, IMG_2989.PNG)

lmfao what happened to her no longer reading the thread? i know you're lurking here, erin. don't act like you're above it. you love seeing people talk shit about you. don't act like it makes you sad and then continue to engage with such content. retard.

No. 894667

Really??? As if there aren't 500 snow/meitu filters applied to that pic.

No. 894672


I can probably name all the meitu filters that she used for that pic. Bitch even the blind can see that blur.

No. 894676

File: 1574033050013.jpeg (296.32 KB, 750x887, 38D3BA48-8B16-40C3-97C1-C11EEE…)

bitch.. you never even went on hiatus in the first place.

No. 894677

File: 1574033053574.jpeg (260.64 KB, 750x573, CA141BC0-04E9-43ED-A599-75F5A2…)

No. 894678

she looks so.. old? like she looks mid twenties, close to her thirties at the minimum. also my girl rlly wearing an entire ass coat inside like she goes anywhere lmaoo

No. 894681

anon she only has ffxiv and tera in her ps4 game library, she’s not a gamer at all

No. 894682

This is still filtered as fuck (also, angles), but it is less edited compared to the last selfies she posted. You get an idea of her real nose/face shape, only that everything is again made way smaller, sharpened, smoother, etc. Erin is still trying to damage control and since it is obvious that no-one believes her usual edits, she posts a picture that looks less perfect to then tell us that we're stupid for not accepting that this is how she looks. She's trying to manipulate again and while I don't care how she looks like and how much she edits her pics, it really annoys me that she keeps pretending she really is the girl on her images or in the fan fiction she writes about herself.

No. 894683

i've been staring at this for two minutes trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with her hand LMFAOOO why does it look like that

No. 894689

Erin you psychotic liar, your skin is so fucking smoothed and filtered it’s just one big blurry blob. Are you truly this dumb to claim it’s ~totally unedited!~

People own eyeballs and brains, I know you lack one of those things but fooling people isn’t this easy, stop trying you look so stupid.

No. 894698

File: 1574035151031.png (44.47 KB, 620x167, Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 6.58…)


lmaoo some more damage control

No. 894704

erin you look like a different person in every selfie. you could at LEAST be consistent with your editing. quit fucking lurking on the forum. you're so quick to respond to everything that's said about you. you're desperate.

No. 894705

1. why do you expect people to believe that these photos of you are unedited when you lied about it in the past? like how is it “funny” that you’ve lied so much no one can trust you anymore?
2. how is that flattering, everyone is saying you look hideous in your “unedited pictures”

No. 894706


we've seen your real face, erin. inb4 "those pics are old" but they're still you unedited and no one's entire facial structure changes so dramatically in a couple of years unless you literally went to korea to get your whole face shaved off lmao

No. 894710

i still cant believe she talked shit about herself and denied it for uwu points, mental illness luv x

No. 894711

File: 1574036555936.jpeg (448.72 KB, 750x1024, 16A2AA5A-4BD5-46DD-B392-D30A86…)

No. 894712


she tries so hard to act unbothered omfg

No. 894713

you just know she plays overwatch and onetricks mercy and duo queues with high ranked dps players judging by those gts holy shit LMFAO

No. 894714

Damn she's just replying directly to the thread now wow. Erin you're so boring gee at least space it out or something.

No. 894719

how many times is she gonna post a picture with a new face and say "this is the real one!!! i'm not lying this time!!!". she has done this so many times before with a million different faces.

No. 894720

File: 1574037262247.jpeg (193.59 KB, 640x430, 6CE63BC4-4884-4850-AC72-CABB6F…)

I’m the one who said. >>894579 I FUCKING CALLED IT HOLY SHIT she’s so indiscreet
You’re not a gamer, you’re a healer thot who probably babyvoices in the chat and seduces teenage boys and neck beards
Also I photoshopped Erin’s newest face to resemble her actual face

No. 894722


that seems so spot on jesus christ

No. 894723

Wait are people who prefer playing support not considered gamers now?

No. 894725

difference between preferring healers and being good at them vs being a healslut/carrymethot

No. 894726

Sure as long as they don’t use a widdle baby voice to lure in some new ff daddies

No. 894728


Instead of using filters why not actually work on being healthy and well-adjusted IRL? Then you don't need to seek attention on the internet like this. Erin please go offline for real if you want to get out of this feedback loop and be good to yourself

No. 894729

Tbh it's very easy to spot if you're a good or a bad heal, if you suck no amount of baby voice will save you. She could actually be good at it, considering how much time she spends online? I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, even if it does sound like I'm whiteknighting her.

No. 894730

rubbing my hands preparing to read everything now that the site's back up

No. 894734

File: 1574038424649.jpeg (401.24 KB, 750x1075, 6891A883-56CF-4286-8FEC-7A78B8…)

very subtly posting a video of her face after everyone’s talking about how shooped all her pics are. you’re still ugly, erin.

No. 894737

the awful quality from using snow kills me

No. 894739

File: 1574038730860.jpeg (679.76 KB, 2048x2048, 8D2BA1E4-1C23-4F02-9214-21573A…)

Is this her? Her jacket says ny and thats what her ID said too.

No. 894746

definitely her. you can really tell how boxy her body is from these pics kek. not very ~UwU babie~

No. 894748

File: 1574039668010.jpg (80.24 KB, 1024x768, traumaposting.jpg)

Sorry for shit tier collage, just wanted to get them in the thread. Heres Erin self posting about her trauma in the soft girls thread and admitting its not real.

No. 894754

File: 1574041246725.png (130.21 KB, 1181x1117, IMG_2991.PNG)

sage for potential nitpick but.. just strikes me as weird that she's fine to joke about rape with an eboy (she still follows him, obviously) but is soooo uwu sensitive to everything else related to her twauma

No. 894756

yeah it's her..note the strategic nose covering in every single pic, lol. she is the same pathetic person inside.

No. 894757

File: 1574041969686.jpeg (972.06 KB, 3464x3464, D76087F3-4F88-4A24-BB3D-DDEA84…)

you can also tell its erin since she interacted with one of the girls she had a problem with around that time (2015/16)

No. 894770

She posted that “she wasn’t raped” shit herself so she could go on Instagram later to say “guise pls don’t bring up my r*pe and trauma :(“
and probably to demonize the girls on this site, even the anons responding to her were defending her on that

No. 894772

File: 1574043328572.jpeg (449.28 KB, 1242x1717, 90292BBF-2B9D-43B5-A3CA-50A4B7…)

erin probably looks like this irl. possibly worse

No. 894773

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jsg9EsJ1yIfQzaI5-nBxZDnSKbDbGfvu/view?usp=drivesdk , body video she just posted on twitter. why the fuck is she writhing around like that??

No. 894775

File: 1574043543019.jpeg (366.07 KB, 828x920, CD6C4B06-4BE2-4769-9819-6987C3…)

I might be wrong but in this video it looks like you can see a filter moving around her nostrils

No. 894777

File: 1574043643863.jpeg (468.54 KB, 4096x1548, 6EEAD7E2-5897-465E-A7CF-806876…)

cmon now erin

No. 894778

what the fuck is she trying to accommodate what even is that

No. 894780

File: 1574043852086.jpeg (332 KB, 744x1009, AE79D66E-315C-442C-84B8-475C34…)

probably nitpicky but she has a different face in every single video. she isn’t fooling ANYBODY. also her terrible attempt at aheago LOL

No. 894781

Nah her eyes aren’t as big >>894720 is a more accurate representation

No. 894782

It’s pathetic that she’s posting all these videos to try and “prove” she doesn’t edit her pics when she’s admitted using snow where you can basically facetune videos lol this doesn’t prove anything, Erin. If she went live without pointing her camera at the wall/ceiling maybe we would believe her, but she never will.

No. 894783

just proves that she shoops her pics even more LOL

No. 894786

if you slow down the video she just posted, you can see the snow filter she used broke and kinda shows her actual face shape kek

No. 894787

what the FUCK is wrong with her pointer finger?? i’m scared

No. 894789

What is this supposed to be? If its you reediting her body, someone already did that.
Could you provide a picture please?

No. 894790

the left is a pic she posted, the right is a screenshot of a video from the same night

No. 894794

File: 1574045678550.png (7.86 MB, 3438x3438, F765009E-1A49-4D4F-8C56-8A6AEB…)

I’ll try to upload a video/gif so you can see it better
look at her lips, right eye, nose, and head width

No. 894797

which one is the one without the filter?

No. 894801

likely the left? snow filters generally make your facial features smaller and daintier

No. 894805

Probably trying to appeal to any neckbeards that follow her lmao

No. 894808

File: 1574047193875.jpeg (98.13 KB, 750x546, AA0B9E5C-C035-4605-9101-F56286…)

No. 894809

No. 894810

………………….every serial skinwalker/shapeshifter needs professional help

No. 894812

File: 1574047649522.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 254.08 KB, 640x771, 98E57D16-F805-4DE3-B2BE-0A300B…)

Some awful sexual shit for someone who claimed that they were “too innocent for nsfw twitter”

No. 894826

she made a playlist on spotify called "music you would hear in the background of an orgy", dafuq

No. 894831

File: 1574051755157.png (2.92 MB, 1242x2208, D4FEAF38-CA73-4E46-BFE1-4DF071…)

yikes calm it erin

No. 894832

File: 1574051808348.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 499.69 KB, 1050x939, 2A33ABAF-1087-4CBC-89FE-34B8DC…)

this is the face of a “dirty little slut”

No. 894833

File: 1574051815270.jpeg (127.89 KB, 565x344, 6C4BB5F2-BF3A-451C-8B88-7E2F72…)

No. 894834

of course she has the most basic e-girl taste imaginable. blah blah, grimes, nicole dollanganger, melanie martinez, the 1975, beach house. annoying, unoriginal

No. 894836

when will erin understand she has nothing to lose, her fans are literally neck-bearded pedos, and ddlg girls who are too dumb to understand that erin is a bad person and she lies like alot…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 894837

She pulled this look off better than her “legal loli” bs
At least basic bitches can have chubby builds and big noses
Erin trying and failing to look like a little anime kid is way off

No. 894838

File: 1574052915357.jpeg (321.36 KB, 640x685, 9A1AB64B-E838-4178-93B4-FCB9A6…)

No. 894841

erin's entire persona summarized.

No. 894847

Don’t namefag dear lord. Maybe read the rules again?

No. 894860

File: 1574063765540.jpeg (855.19 KB, 4096x2304, 0D0453DC-1BFD-40F7-96EA-8DCDCA…)

three different noses in what looks like the span of three minutes

No. 894861

look at her fingers

No. 894870

Where did you get these anon? cause it's kinda suspicious how large the file image is

No. 894874

off of her old picsart account erinmae099

No. 894878

File: 1574071314087.jpeg (165.65 KB, 1125x1103, E77BAAA8-9298-4626-BFD4-DDD1C7…)

have y’all seen this old pic of erin?

No. 894881

i'm dying lol she was a basic ass bitch normie desperate to feel unique

No. 894896

Is it just me or does the real Erin look like a less fat version of Pheebs?

No. 894904

Fat girl fingers…

No. 894909

Look at the finger melting into her phone. Definitely no edits here!!

No. 894926

Oh Erin sweetie where are your knuckles, those hands don't fit your skinny egirl shoops.

No. 894963

If she's going to put in the effort of shooping her nose, could she at least change the fat girl fingers???

No. 894966

File: 1574095775206.gif (800.99 KB, 1024x769, f3d9b70dbae9.gif)

sage cause im pretty sure some of these have been posted in the other threads but here they are in gif form for posterity

No. 894969

File: 1574095893623.gif (1.04 MB, 902x1200, a9be5d396c87.gif)

for clarity these are from her picsart that she left public

No. 894971

File: 1574095958437.png (19.56 KB, 631x98, 1234567890.png)

one of erin's old le'ddit accounts

No. 894985

Her hand shoop is so unnerving, kek

No. 895013

Sage but I find @HENTAIPUP problematic in her own ways just like Erin is.

No. 895037

File: 1574106591562.jpeg (602.64 KB, 750x1058, 83DB0B15-D047-4D8A-A3D3-767FBD…)

lmao @ her bellybutton shoop

No. 895039

omg you can still see the shadow from her fupa in her shorts fabric. combined with shooped skinny waist makes it look hilariously unnatural.

No. 895048

I think all DD/lgers are similarly problematic though. The fetishisation of children's toys and the fact she (HENTAIPUP) has a 'little space' account that she retweets onto her NSFW account.. yikes. Leave them seperate.

Sage - offtopic

No. 895050

File: 1574108962999.png (46.82 KB, 224x225, KMtfKeJ.png)

those fingernails are disgusting, no wonder she earned the goblin nickname.

No. 895056

LMAOOO i didn’t even notice the fupa. that’s fucking hilarious

No. 895109

File: 1574119363214.jpeg (375.67 KB, 750x1054, B47B7C8E-2E04-46B8-B0F5-360D31…)

she has a new daddy everyone. how long until the mental break down about how nobody wants her? topkek

No. 895121

she really does think she's slick, censoring it as if nobody can tell what it says lmfao

No. 895123

File: 1574122324648.jpeg (344.19 KB, 750x960, FD4D1D87-51E1-485C-B5F0-B1DA84…)

so are her boyfriend and daddy separate ?

No. 895128

File: 1574122948999.jpeg (139.13 KB, 1268x1000, 300856F4-8C3E-4302-9584-914570…)

Hey erin this dog looks more like you especially in your old glasses pics you can tweet that “* said so”

No. 895131

so these are her actual edits left public? god

No. 895135

File: 1574123842203.jpeg (411.24 KB, 750x1082, 6761FB64-144A-4AD0-A778-8A95CC…)

thanks for the clarification, erin! remember when she said she wasn’t looking at the thread anymore?

No. 895138

i've got a few things to say about this

firstly, notice how she's addressing everything said here in tweets because she used the thread to do so beforehand and now she's banned from it. proof that she was in fact selfposting. address this erin, i fucking dare you.

secondly. why is she still lurking. how pathetic can you be? is she that desperate for attention?

thirdly, her saying it doesn't say daddy even though not a SOUL on twitter said 'oooh hehehehe does this say daddy ><' makes her look fucking weird and like she's talking to herself. cut it out, erin. you look sad as fuck.

No. 895152

yeah she didn't think it through. she must've been using picsart to put stickers on her pics but she'd stop and go back and re-shop her face a few more times until she was happy. by the time she'd be 'finished' theres 4 or 5 revisions of the same selfie each with different tweaks

No. 895158

>i FuCkInG dArE yOu
This is not that serious sis

No. 895160

no one has anything to say about her reddit account where she leaks people's nudes?

No. 895162

Bitch will just brush it off as someone catfishing her or pretending to be her lmao it ain't new what she does with accounts she wants to hide

No. 895168

from what I remember the reddit account really wasn’t her, the username is the same as her old instagram’s but all the posts are about two other “spam” community instagram girls, which is what erin was considered to be for a long time

No. 895170


'sis' go back to stan twitter and stop posting on forums you don't understand the rules for

No. 895174

Underrated post

No. 895175

File: 1574129633209.jpeg (172.56 KB, 750x635, C54EF3A5-47D5-48B2-B232-3311F0…)

never forget erin’s old self proclaimed title, putagirlerin

No. 895177

File: 1574129928069.png (496.27 KB, 926x554, brokenwrist.png)

it's so weird that she had a … wannabe latina phase

is this her? i thought it was her because it had her old username and aesthetic. plus just look at the broken wrist in her profile picture. reddit.com/user/barbiedreamcoffin

No. 895181

File: 1574130129545.png (108.28 KB, 712x440, sexworklol.png)

these are the deleted posts from that account

No. 895183

God damn her fingers are so fat in that pic lmao

No. 895186

What the fuck I have never seen this before
I’ve seen wannabe asian girls
girls who blackfish
Lmao ok Erin Pintora I wonder if anyone was fooled by her racefaking

No. 895187

File: 1574130883618.jpeg (126.53 KB, 750x506, 43A64479-CF7A-46E6-AFB3-C67540…)

yes indeed

No. 895190

File: 1574131041746.jpeg (212.17 KB, 750x892, A5CEAE0B-09FA-436F-A257-92CF84…)

you’re not wrong

No. 895191

lol…findom huh. we already knew she's an opportunist, going for whatever can get her the most attention at whatever time. but this truly solidifies it. the "uwu subby girl" wanting to dominate men just to try to make a few bucks on reddit.
she has no identity. she goes with whatever seems to have potential for bringing her attention.

No. 895192

File: 1574131363082.jpeg (670.5 KB, 1242x1526, F0A8E462-0F9C-49A3-99EB-134DBC…)

erin’s so innocent and shy >.< she’d never curse!

No. 895193

a boring, bland, basic, spoiled normie desperate to not be a normie, to have a story, to feel justified in being unhappy with her life.
very eager to see how she reacts to bein further exposed for being a serial skinwalker

No. 895194

File: 1574131609956.jpeg (242.46 KB, 750x981, A5D59D1A-3E67-4DF9-8299-98B919…)

hoping this is milky. included the replies bc i laughed at middle-aged david wk-ing her.

No. 895195

Not sure if this is the proper way to share videos
but here’s Erin doing a meme

No. 895197

File: 1574131968334.webm (5.68 MB, 640x360, 1571195257122.webm)

another video of erin's voice because nobody noticed this video in the old thread

No. 895205


i think that was the worst thing i've ever heard in my life

No. 895208

what is she even saying?… Am I the only one that doesn't understand shit? Except maybe the last clip where she speaks in (sort of) normal voice

No. 895213

File: 1574134259053.jpeg (171.52 KB, 750x724, 0C8C7B98-CFD4-4778-AA59-E209CA…)

an educating queen

No. 895214

what website has she not been on holy fuck

No. 895220

File: 1574136273335.jpeg (356.3 KB, 750x888, 32EFDFAD-BE3B-4CC4-BC10-CC6961…)

false alarm. looks like she just turned her ffxiv character into a child (?? i have no clue how the game works). not really milk but i still think it’s weird and gross how she wants to be compared to & look like a literal child, even in the games she plays.

No. 895221


she seems like the kind of person who would use those 3d modelling programs to make virtual cp. i mean this is pretty close already. gross pedo bitch.

No. 895224

File: 1574139110228.jpeg (112.76 KB, 750x362, B8CF0F60-F9B3-45AB-BD80-1557F1…)

we get it erin you’re not like the other whores you post your nudes for free

No. 895225

this ugly ass twitter guy is probably a twig nerd neet and the only females he knows of or interacts with are nsfw ddlg soft twitter girls
But uwu Erin you truly stand out from them

No. 895226

people who use those characters are almost always hated, literal pedophiles always play as them and do sex RP using them–it's evil. they're lalafells and only literal pedos do this

No. 895229

This would be so much less weird if she didn't call creating her child-like character "a bad thing". Only someone who's guilty tries to justify themselves from the get go.
>>895226 only adds to this idea considering that's a community she'd definitely be aware of.

Erin, I know you enjoy sparking discussion about your potential pedophilic tendencies, but there significantly healthier ways to garner attention. You should take a step back from the internet and look around at how far you've fallen. I'm sure you weren't always desperately trying to validate your existence through others. Much less intentionally feeding us evidence to support the theory you're a pedophile? At this point if you don't change you'll never experience real happiness, just this regressive cycle, over and over again.

No. 895233

File: 1574144107261.jpeg (276.29 KB, 750x1048, EAB8AEF4-97AE-47A1-9E3E-D8A47E…)

i use the same vpn as erin did and just got one of her ban messages.

the location it automatically connects to is miami, hence the “i live in flordia” sperg

we almost certainly posted using the same ip address before, and yet none of the posts i made were tagged.

just posting this for evidence i guess, i don’t know if anyone cares.

No. 895234

ugh go AWAY cinawoll/erin

No. 895235

uh what can you read or are you joking? the vpn i used cycled through the same ip she used so i got her ban message

No. 895236

No1 curr

No. 895238

leave at once, ye big nosed hambeast!

No. 895240

ntayrt but i'm fairly certain they posted this to disprove the "mod conspiracy to pretend erin is a serial self poster" narrative she's spinning on twitter. they're saying that they had the same IP as erin and made posts under that IP which did not get tagged as erin selfposts, which undermines her damage control conspiracy theory.

No. 895241

Second this, I think other anons just jumped to conclusions. I took it as evidence to support the mods knowing what they're doing. Sage for samefag

No. 895242

File: 1574147296434.png (2.2 MB, 1920x3224, gamegirl.png)

Not sure why or how she would need to "transfer" her games on her PSN account. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the closest thing I can understand from this is transfering data from one ps4 to the other.
Unless this was an alt, she's been (actively?) playing on this account since February, image are some of her trophies. The only thing telling me this was previously a ff14 only smurf is the fact that she only has 10 followers (unless she blocked everyone to look fresh) and no trophies on easy to get games like Minecraft. Sorry if I'm reaching.

No. 895244

She sounds disabled

No. 895246

She's trying to sound like a little kid because of the agere thing.

No. 895251

Not trying to fuel her conspiracy theory but if you use a free chrome vpn shit like that can actually happen

No. 895253

They don't only use IP addresses to determine self posters though, it was already mentioned earlier ITT.

No. 895298

This is not fully true, there are def people who make it weird like she does but they're a dwarf race so they're not children. It's a video game and many people play as them just because they're cute

No. 895300

nta but you and i both know erin’s not playing as a character that looks like a child because it’s ‘cute’.

No. 895304


Off topic ish but yeah I agree anon. I'm not defending her just upset to see an actually enjoyable game be discredited because of weird ass fucks like her

No. 895308

File: 1574179902801.jpeg (561.29 KB, 828x1194, E6B45EF1-3B65-47C9-96A4-13A347…)

Erin has also been known to lewd her final
Fantasy characters, I remember there being an entire story highlight on pocketsizee ig of her various ff boyfriends lewding her character.

No. 895314

File: 1574181671455.png (433.88 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20191119-083856.png)

She should stick with this vamp look she has going on here and become a goff. It works with her harsh features

No. 895322

File: 1574183263256.jpeg (423.5 KB, 750x962, 9C729334-7424-40EE-96B4-A645D1…)

she’s stalking the thread again. trying to cover her tracks by saying she switched to lalafell as a joke.

No. 895326

She "hates" them the same way she said that she's anti-ddlg as a way to cover up her ddlg fetish and pedophilia. This isn't any different from her using tons of pictures of anime toddlers and elementary schoolers on her pedophile fetish accounts, just a bit creepier since now she's using 3d characters. Saying it was ironic but is now uwu wholesome isn't going to fool anyone.

No. 895335

Maybe she could start 'protecting' her by not having her dress up in literal panties and a maid hat??? God why are lalafell players all horrible degenerates, that race is fucking wasted on these gross people.

No. 895336

erin stop lurking please, it’s so painfully obvious i’m starting to think ur a troll

No. 895353

shitty free add-on vpns will still show the posters location tho.

No. 895355

File: 1574190552998.jpeg (294.97 KB, 750x855, 537EC02B-8EE5-4723-9958-2CC810…)

how long til she claims BPD is the cause of all her shittiness?

No. 895356

tbh it looks like to me that's exactly what she's planning to do with this "dr appointment"

No. 895368

File: 1574191879886.jpeg (260.57 KB, 750x789, 1554DB81-1AB4-45A7-9364-80DF80…)

i’m pretty sure she wants to get diagnosed with bpd or autism to blame all her actions on and to seem quirkier

No. 895372


lmao well a bpd diagnosis basically means that even a psychiatrist thinks you're a toxic bitch that should be branded with a red hot iron in the forehead so people can avoid you. it's pretty difficult to find mental health workers even willing to treat bpdfags because the majority of them suicide baiting, never progressing attention whores who love feeling like a victim, it's their whole identity. imagine wanting a personality disorder, being right up there with antisocials and narcs, not very uwu innocent baby after all is it?

No. 895380

File: 1574193669976.jpeg (466.11 KB, 1242x1885, B6F16447-C4F8-4611-B456-E55D91…)

Lol u see how these girls talk about how they age regress …. vs how Erin talks about it …

No. 895383

>i rlly hope at the dr today they find something wrong w me
This mentality is such a disgusting, egotistic trend right now. She's going to go in pushing traits she wants diagnosed to avoid responsibility for them. Who needs genuine reflection and honing up to your bad traits and behaviors when you can just hope to get some (likely ineffective) meds slapped on them, come out on social media with a shiny excuse for everyone to pity you over, and call it a day?

No. 895385


i don't see much of a difference, it's not a real symptom of bpd anyway it's yet another convenient excuse for ddlg roleplayers. age regression is not real unless you were literally severely abused under the age of 5 and even then it's nothing these people describe, it's definitely not something that helps you work with kids ffs it's dangerous that bpdfags are even allowed to work with kids. throwing a tantrum like a toddler or acting cutesy to manipulate people is not age regression, it's just standard bpd behavior because more often than not they're jealous of children and the things they get away with just by being children so they too like to hide behind the "i age regress!!!" bs. and of course there's also the ddlgs who like to say they age regress to seem appealing to pedos.

No. 895395

She’s gonna come back on twitter and say “guys guess I have trauma induced bpd :o”

No. 895397

^^^ pretty sure she's also claimed to "forget" to take her meds too

No. 895405

If she comes out of this dr appointment with a bpd diagnosis we’ll know she’s lying, bpd is incredibly difficult to diagnose/get a diagnosis for

No. 895406

i mean honestly i don't even think she's going to a doctor's appointment she's probably just playing final fantasy or some shit

No. 895410

File: 1574198226265.jpeg (330.77 KB, 750x873, 754CEAC4-BE0C-47C3-BAB7-75A9CF…)

the worst part about her going on about how she’s ‘getting better’ is that nothing will change. i’m willing to bet anything that she’s gonna be selfposting and whining on twitter about how suicidal she is again within the next week. and then she’ll pull the ‘progress isn’t linear uwu’ shit as an excuse for the fact that she’s not progressing in the first place.

No. 895411

Well then take them you idiot? What's the point of saying this online if you're aware you're not taking them like you're supposed to? What the hell.

No. 895421

File: 1574199030828.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 454.3 KB, 750x992, 7A82C5BF-1749-41F4-8872-C56E52…)

not very milky but really? posting petplay gear on her ‘sfw’ account, gj erin

No. 895426

This is infuriating. Imagine your mother spoiling you for doing the absolute bare minimum of 'helping' yourself when we all know she's only going so she can get an 'uwu im so mentally ill and out of control of my actions' diagnosis. She's literally Eric Cartman.

No. 895427

I hope one of her agere followers calls her safespace bullshit out

No. 895428

oh my god you are totally right, she’s literally eric cartman

No. 895430

erin cartman

No. 895437

so do we think she's photoshopped the buttplug part out or..?

No. 895440


This is the same hoe who thinks posting her panties is sfw afterall lmfao

No. 895445

why does she victimize herself all the time… shes literally asking to be called out if shes gonna post pet play gear on a sfw twit acc

No. 895449

this thread has been such a wild ride to read after the posts got marked

No. 895452

Erin had no problem calling all her trauma and mental illness fake
She even called her rape fake and some anons defended her
but she wouldn’t dare say anything about her fat nose or fat body

No. 895454

is erin still allowed to post here? i know she's banned from self posting now but how does that work?

No. 895456

She can lurk but she can’t post anythinh

No. 895457

File: 1574204320621.jpeg (268.46 KB, 750x738, 3CF8A13A-108C-42A0-A309-3EE0E1…)


No. 895458

If talking about it isn't ok then she shouldn't have come into the thread and started talking about it in the first place, like >>895452 said even anons found Erin's posts about herself harsh in that respect.

No. 895459

this is so dumb. she tells people “pls dnt look at my thread uwu dnt send me it either”
yet continues to look at it

No. 895460

>>895457 "first time"

No. 895461

If talking about it isn't ok then she shouldn't have come into the thread and started talking about it in the first place, like >>895452 said even anons found Erin's posts about herself harsh in that respect.

No. 895464

>>895457 "first time"

No. 895465

File: 1574204404411.jpeg (101.77 KB, 686x680, 45DA23D0-E9A7-4813-B482-49C1B7…)

2/2, image she attached with it

No. 895470

File: 1574204997783.jpeg (313.24 KB, 750x783, D9D6C029-E85F-435E-8BC2-2C80D9…)

didn’t she already claim to clear it from her browser so she’d never look at it again??? the lies and self-victimizing will never end

No. 895471

Idk what point you were trying to make, but everything about that first comment makes me want to barf.

No. 895473

File: 1574205109408.jpeg (176.88 KB, 750x1116, 767EDC08-2796-4E30-820D-F1D36B…)

samefag but i found the screenshot

No. 895474

lmao bitch POST THEN

No. 895481

File: 1574205545928.jpeg (277.42 KB, 750x711, 05713979-57EA-4701-BA53-C3FC8F…)


No. 895482

I don’t care about her “trauma” I want her to address all of the cunty high school stuff lol. If -that- ends up Twitter her orbiters will drop instantly

No. 895483

File: 1574205587310.jpeg (308.7 KB, 750x861, EBA48766-A4E5-49FA-91DA-67329F…)

jesus christ erin. i think she mentioned it in her selfposts more than any of us ever did.

No. 895484

Oh give it up Erin. You cant live without the attention. The evidence is stacked against you and you cant do damage control or back track this time because unlike twitter or instagram lolcow is not an echo chamber you can police.
Youre best bet is to actually do what you say youre going to do, get off the internet, find a job or school to give you social interaction and a productive routine, and work on bettering yourself (with therapy). Why cant you just admit you've done wrong, youre continuing to do wrong. The big uwu meanies will leave you alone if you just own up to your mistakes and prove youre trying to do better.

No. 895485

Christ Erin, just fuck off

This tweet literally just proved that all of this "uwu my mental health" is for attention, or else you wouldn't be checking the thread to see what everyone is saying about you. Get a life, Erin. I would say get mental help but you obviously don't have anything wrong with you besides being a self absorbed asshole.

No. 895486

lmfao she always has to tack on mUh TrAuMa in every single one of her posts about this thread just to get sympathy when really nobody gives a shit about her fake ass illness

No. 895487

File: 1574205914322.jpeg (435.34 KB, 750x1007, DE55B7AA-E600-401A-811C-678B6B…)

GOOD GOD ERIN. the original tweet has 2 likes. nobody was wondering what you meant. GET A FUCKING LIFE. we wouldn’t post about you if you didn’t continue to be such a cow.

No. 895488

Cause she’s

No. 895492

can't disprove it wasn't her either
what happened to cinawoll, ewin?

No. 895495

File: 1574206135240.jpeg (314.33 KB, 750x754, F4B53EE7-E5C1-4937-8E2A-087A1D…)

sounds like she’s describing herself. this is all so funny, thank you for this delicious creamy milk erin!!

No. 895496

File: 1574206164551.jpeg (212.23 KB, 750x405, A5F0E846-8CFD-44A8-A62F-9B0875…)

sage for nitpick but why are they trying to defend her at all?

No. 895498

You mean you, Erin? Lol you were participating on this meanie site too.

No. 895501

This mod conspiracy is flawed af and she can’t even prove it wasn’t her and self post for the “first time” because she’s banned LMAO stfu Erin you don’t fool anyone on here

No. 895502

A smart thing for Erin to do would be to never mention this thread ever again. If you want to get backpats for having trauma - then tweet about the fucking trauma itself, not what complete strangers on the internet have to say about it. By doing so you just show this thread to people that wouldn't never ever think you had one. As well as exposing all the bullshit you've done to the others, your awful editing skills, also the clips of your real voice. What for, Erin?
All the shit I see here about your "trauma" is literally just people saying it's not true. But guess what? Every victim of sexual harassment of any sort goes through that. And before you say that it's "invalidating", no, it's not. It's just how life is. If you can't handle it then you need to grow a thicker skin.

No. 895503

Holy shit this bitch is crazy. She's come full circle in bringing up her abuse, talking shit on it, and now turning around and pretending to be victimized by her own actions. Lol her posts are marked though soooo… It's totes a ~conspiracy~ though– as if the mods of this site are totally wrapped up in Erin Cartman. The delusion. It's going to be soul crushingly embarrassing for her when she grows out of this.

Maybe unpopular opinion but I think it's cute and kinda sad that her mom is so sweet and encouraging with Erin pursuing help. It would be fucked up if Erin was leading her mom on though. Can you imagine what it's like for her mother?

No. 895504

anon wtf dont give her advice

No. 895506

File: 1574206757870.jpeg (223.49 KB, 750x992, 101885CD-921A-481F-A0D2-C14147…)

1/2 WHAT IS SHE APOLOGIZING FOR????? she’s not sorry if she can’t even acknowledge what she did to ‘huwt people uwu’

No. 895507

File: 1574206815044.jpeg (470.15 KB, 750x1063, F1A8DD02-4E52-4464-91CE-011A84…)


No. 895508


she wants attention so bad lol erin cartman please delete all of ur social media

No. 895510

It would be cute if her mom didn't spoil her to the hell and back. But what we have now is a girl in her twenties, that thinks she can get away with everything she does just because she's "cute" and "small", and that everything she wants should just fall into her hands, even if its a taken man. When it doesn't - she's gonna cry how life isn't fair and that she's lonely. That's not even a thinking of 10 years old child, that's a behaviour of 3 y.o kid.

No. 895511

If you're ready to "own up" then actually state what it is you're owning up to lmfao

No. 895515

Nice to see you've at least been taking in some semblance of what's been said in the thread. Now instead of owning up and 'healing' your ambiguous actions - acknowledge directly what you're apologising for and who to.
Also - this 'I don't deserve kindness or forgiveness uwu' bullshit doesn't help your case, thats you STILL trying to get attention and profit from your mistakes, if anything it shows a lack of remorse.
Everyone deserves kindness and forgiveness, but right now you dont because you /still wont admit what you have done or truly apologise for it/. This vague apology still feels like you're covering tracks and trying to paint yourself in a good light.

No. 895516

File: 1574207846559.jpg (22.81 KB, 622x464, 1531865409555.jpg)

this is lolcow, we're here to laugh and point. why the fuck are any of you trying to appeal directly to erin?

you're spoiling the milk.

No. 895517

File: 1574208003609.jpg (93.1 KB, 1199x675, erin_cartman.jpg)

lol 'erin cartman' made me want to make this

No. 895520

b-but Mooooom

No. 895522

File: 1574208920414.jpg (168.95 KB, 1125x1103, 1574071314087.jpg)

No. 895528

File: 1574209628245.jpeg (135.28 KB, 736x739, 53B0D0E7-23BE-4C84-BEFE-1C2596…)

I got bored

No. 895530

File: 1574209914320.jpeg (206.26 KB, 750x1334, E89A3642-F79F-4800-A4AA-716B11…)

No. 895531

Lmao she looks like a soccer mom here

No. 895532

File: 1574210035317.jpeg (73.42 KB, 750x465, A77E7C3C-FC36-4046-B27B-AB28B7…)

she took “dni nsfw” out of her bio and posted the following tweet

No. 895533

File: 1574210069426.jpeg (95.47 KB, 750x572, FD636793-0586-4B4A-AED5-0360AD…)

guess she’s making her uwu so sfw account her new porn account she is disgusting

No. 895534

this one is my personal favorite. lots of candidates for the next thread pic, i’m loving all of it

No. 895535

WOW. not even a warning for her agere followers?? how hard is it for her to do, especially when she’s so adamant on not triggering people and shit like that?

No. 895536

love that she's still continuing to address literally every thing in this thread

No. 895542


you don't just feel fat, you are fat lmao. how much shoop is it going to be this time?

No. 895547

File: 1574211062931.jpeg (155.11 KB, 750x1334, AC8FB217-5D3D-4D50-9EA4-055BF6…)

No. 895549

File: 1574211321211.jpeg (484.41 KB, 750x1066, 0F98C9B7-EE1E-4371-8B64-C6F7EC…)


No. 895550

File: 1574211394728.jpeg (75.62 KB, 750x422, 23868F3A-543F-4860-95B5-0EC3BE…)

2/2. seriously erin, it took me 4 clicks on this person’s website to find out it is not, infact, sfw. you BOUGHT from them. the least you could’ve done is research.

No. 895555

File: 1574211994599.png (101.26 KB, 304x323, 543.PNG)

that person sells ddlg kink stuff. "this store is sfw" is complete bullshit

No. 895556


that looks so ugly and cheap, bet you can find that shit on aliexpress for like $5 max. but when mommy pays your pedo dogfucker roleplay shit i guess you don't have to think about wasting money on plastic crap that you'll use in overshooped pics once and then forget to gather dust in the corner of your dirty neet room.

No. 895558

File: 1574213130822.jpeg (210.23 KB, 750x1079, 861DE4DA-ED29-4E8E-91E7-890A7C…)

you’re welcome, erin. ‘i’ll be much more cautious next time’ as if it was hard research? you didn’t even have to click on anything on the site to see they sold nsfw things. it’s right on the home page, you careless bitch.

No. 895560

that tiny ass shooped hand

No. 895562

'tysm to the person' No probs, we're always here for you, Erin.

No. 895563

File: 1574213811705.png (41.33 KB, 626x585, Untitled.png)


No. 895564

well cinnabon is an actual desert tho

No. 895565

cinnawoll/ cinnabun? strange coincidence.

No. 895566

ot but bagel bite made me snort

No. 895567

Also cinnaroll, cinnabar, cinnamete, cinnamon…

No. 895571

Love how she completely ignored/forgot about posting proof that cinawoll isn’t her once the subject died down. Still waiting on that google searched Florida ID. Or even for Erin to post on this site and get banned again.

No. 895578

She's busy trying hard to convince her mom to give her one of her old IDs kek

No. 895579


of course she likes food names, she's a fatty after all kek

how about cinawoll, your other username

No. 895597

i think im gonna delete all my posts about the thread so let me just mention it in every single tweet for the next few days uwu

No. 895601

File: 1574222130083.png (13.7 KB, 598x148, Untitled.png)

No. 895602

wow as if she didn't straight up send that to herself. Fucking kek. Real kinky Erin Cartman

No. 895603

ew jesus wtf
"im so innocent" btw
"i cant look through nsfw twitter without blushing" btw

No. 895604

File: 1574222961869.png (18 KB, 599x183, Untitled.png)

add "scammer" to erin's list of attributes.

No. 895606

her mom is a real estate agent

No. 895608

Erin went from >>895181 to “what uwu I would never ask for money :((“
Remember her amazon wishlist? Lol Erin you greedy WOMAN (not girl) you’re so transparent

No. 895609

File: 1574224830120.jpeg (100.81 KB, 711x414, C3B6A3F8-331F-4A78-82DF-B794E4…)

“legal loli >:3” on god, she’ll never figure out who she’s trying to appeal to

No. 895611

omg i posted that curious cat lmaoo,,, when she lied about her height tho… like i’d seen it in her bio as 167 for months. like who shrinks by almost an inch out of nowhere(bragging about interaction with a cow)

No. 895616

I won’t be able to find caps, but on pocketsizee she posted insta stories of moving house/her new room. So what is the truth Erin? Sage for no evidence

No. 895617

File: 1574225940418.jpeg (280.96 KB, 640x723, 4C4170AE-9087-4023-9EA0-A739AE…)

I thought you were latina, putagirlerin

No. 895621

the mafia.. isn’t like that tho..? also erin is white washed n western as fuck, not sure what she’d know/care abt the italian mafia for

No. 895622

File: 1574226302300.jpeg (149.92 KB, 750x522, 3B5B5603-0DB2-42ED-9032-203F0B…)

she likes to pretend she can speak italian too, and when she was desperate to go by “~bella~” like a lot of the other agere accs, she was very persistent about “it’s what my italian family wanted to make me !! uwu”
Ok mayo with olive oil

No. 895626


americans really need to stop with this "i'm x!" shit if they've never even been to the country they claim they're from or don't at least fluently speak the language and have family members that do. literally nothing special being of italian ancestry in america, you're just as detached from actual italian culture as any "italian"-american goblina out there, you probably can't even pronounce your great grandparents' last names right ffs. also no one was ever romanticizing mafia in italy the glorifying of criminals and thugs is 100% just "italian"-americamutt culture.

No. 895630

I genuinely feel bad for the people who actually fall for her antics

No. 895631


also wtf is a "nono". NONNO, cristo santo. sei così iTaLiAnA ma non parli un cazzo di italiano vaffanculo(autism)

No. 895638

File: 1574227452472.jpeg (366.89 KB, 635x874, 73249EA6-6983-44CE-A969-B2BC36…)

Honestly wouldn’t even be a problem if she didn’t previously racefake
She’s probably not even Italian she even went through a wannabe asian phase along with her latina phase
And yeah I agree with the Americans saying they’re whatever to seem more exotic. Maybe if Erin went through these phases and just said she was whatever without LARPing as a 1D stereotype and trying to speak butchered whatever
“I’m latina, puta!”
“I’m Asiana uwu”
“Bellisimo ciao Nono”

No. 895645

she’s so hideous in that pic lol

No. 895646

File: 1574228864939.jpg (52.21 KB, 512x512, photo.jpg)

No. 895651

Her lash is applied so bad bahaha

No. 895653

saged for sperg/ot but erin painter is a great example of bourgeois decadence is a mental illness. doing nothing, being pampered, staying inside 24/7. this just leads to being a quasi-autistic fruitloop that feels jaded but doesn't know why so they grasp for any excuse. trauma, "bullying," whatever.
the reality is, she is spoiled and does nothing but sit around and eat and play video games and try to sustain herself emotionally on the attention of men, no matter what it takes, even if it requires constantly changing your entire identity.

No. 895655

Look at that wobbly wonky nose job

No. 895660

File: 1574231741439.jpeg (74.66 KB, 564x646, FBDC3CD3-EA1F-45FA-AFD5-B30FD2…)

Erin trying to be whatever flavor of the month :

No. 895689

Just shut the fuck up Erin holy hell, no cow has frustrated me as much as Erin who can't shut her trap for a second.

Take some pictures with the 10 dollar Etsy dogtail you got so we can actually laugh.

No. 895757

>is into ddlg
>works with actual kids

No. 895758


kek this comment is so underrated thank you

No. 895767

She’s a “little” in her kink so she just pretends to be a kid for sexual kicks which is disturbing, but idk if it poses a real threat to the children. Other than her being jealous of her competition kek
I’d be more worried about the neckbeard daddy doms if they were working with children jfc thank god most of them are unemployed neets

No. 895773

I don't really believe this girls are pedos either, but I still don't find it appropriate, especially if she's posting lude content like her avi. I can't honestly say I would be truly comfortable with one of these people lookingafter my child

No. 895790

File: 1574274657102.png (30.91 KB, 275x157, 04BB202B-B7ED-4E3D-B6C1-B5E21C…)

sage for OT but this reminded me of her. i’m pretty sure she’s 5’6 or 5’7 but she’s always telling everyone how small she is. major kek

No. 895799

Erin you are a big nasty british brute ogress you’re not a petite loli de italia or latina or asian or whatever else you’re gonna pretend to be next and you don’t even have a petite build with a small frame like you shoop yourself to have and saying this won’t give you an ED (tw!!!uwu) because you already got caught lying about having had one

No. 895813

sage for no milk but like two years ago she posted on her spam about being insecure of her height bc she’s 5’8. i dont have caps unfortunately but yeah she definitely lies about her height

No. 895825

anon it was debunked almost over a year ago that people were confusing her with another spam girl with a similar username that said they themselves were 5’7-5’8. that would explain why no one ever has any screenshots of erin saying she’s taller than 5’6. erin has only ever said she’s 5’6-5’5

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 895826

File: 1574279975714.jpeg (227.78 KB, 640x472, F401F387-00D5-4BD5-86C5-393256…)

I don’t doubt she’s 5’8” she looks really tall in this pic and she’s chubby but even average heighted chubby girls usually appear shorter

No. 895836

Erin, if you lost 100 pounds from this you'd be spoopy af, no one believes you.

No. 895837

UNLESS she was taller..

No. 895898

>>895826 not trying to defend her, but her mirror looks to be leaning against the wall which can make you appear taller. wouldn't be surprised if she was 5'8 though.

No. 895928

It's more annoying when you're actually short and have been bullied for being short but now all of a sudden all these weird egirls are fetishizing being short

No. 895940

it’s because children are short and they’re pedophiles, anon

No. 895945

File: 1574302932502.jpeg (92.29 KB, 298x530, 78714553-AF3E-407D-AFCD-10F501…)

her fingersthis is some of the worst photoshopping I have ever seen(emoji)

No. 895946

File: 1574302982816.jpeg (38.08 KB, 192x328, 5456BC0C-E579-4A53-821F-50D8A0…)

No. 895949

File: 1574303724535.jpg (16.48 KB, 320x400, ttp-furnish-solid-wood-standin…)

it's a standing mirror

No. 895950

she’s 100% 5’6. like it’s confirmed, she could possibly be 5’7 though

No. 895956

god I love erin. she's on par with kooter with the shapeshifting (but shittier shoop), has mila's skinwalking, the cringe of venus, the delusions of PT, and the disgustingness of himeka, all wrapped up in a bundle of unawareness and dumbassery. she's the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 895963

File: 1574306540497.png (1007.19 KB, 865x681, ffxiv_11202019.png)

in case anyone was wondering what super serious gamer gurl erin does in the one game she plays…
she sits afk and friendless all day waiting for someone to notice

No. 895968

when she's not afk she's always trying to curl up with some male character too lmao

No. 895969

She is literally always there, too. I've seen her around for ages just AFKing.

No. 895971


god that character is disgusting. she really is a pedo, idk how you can look at something like that and think yeah this is ok and just cute and not creepy as fuck.

No. 895982

LMFAO must be too busy transferring her 200 games to her new psn acc

No. 895989

File: 1574313249216.png (270.98 KB, 750x1334, AD50EDE5-507C-4004-9F4C-FA0C55…)

Not sure if anyone else noticed, but now she’s trying to be uwuclaireuwu!! I know it’s her because this account used to be one of the many @‘s listed as her before the user was changed.

No. 895990

lmao Erin trying to hit the reset on her identity

that or she's gonna come out on Twitter a few days later saying someone is catfishing/pretending to be her again

No. 895991

Erin, I regret to inform you that your icon is in view in your selfpost

No. 895992

I know that’s the fluttershy she used for Twitter for a while but which IG acc does that match?!

No. 895993

thats not erin thats my friend lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 895995

not sure if erin because fluttershy is popular amongst age regression girls but it'd be embarrassing enough for an ageregre person to post here anyway
but wouldn't be surprised if it's really her lmaooooooo, it's gotta be considering over 25 mutuals with this person posting the screencap also happen to follow such a small account

No. 895996

Isn't she banned? The mods will get her if she's ban evading

No. 895997

Also we'll know if she starts whining about this thread again in to the next 3 seconds

No. 895998

Lmao you’re literally stupid. I know it’s her cause I blocked that account when it was listed on here under a different username.

No. 896001

Can't tell if new or retarded or erin

No. 896012

99% sure it's some other pedo agere person with the same icon, @umarucore. i did a bigbrain ass reverse search on their mutuals and they match

No. 896015

Yep that's her. Her posts even look like Erin's. That's so embarrassing.

No. 896019

File: 1574323415249.png (443.94 KB, 483x854, Kawawi_uwu.png)

Sage because this isn't relevant milk but more for my fellow curious FFXIV anons. Her character is utter trash, she doesn't bother crafting or gathering and basically only has healing classes.
Hey Erin stop ERPing with neckbeards as a lalafell and maybe invest in a decent computer instead of buying pedo pandering lingerie so your graphics don't look like shit.

Sorry you had to witness this horror in person anon

No. 896020

Does she play more on xbox? She still only has 4 games on PS4.

>new or retarded
Those usually come hand in hand

No. 896022

>Doesn't have an FC
>Her gear is all trash
Why doesn't she just go to Balmung or something? That way she could at least do her degenerate ERP fantasies in peace.

No. 896023


Of course she's ERPing as a Lalafell in lingerie. Gross.

No. 896024

>doesn't bother crafting or gathering
>as if that isn't more boring and grindy than the already boring and grindy dungeon cycle
lol sorry for autism

No. 896033

No. 896042


Account changed name/got deleted now when I tried to look it up. LMAO. How will she defend this on twitter now?

No. 896043


This pattern of her immediately starting to apologize and writing these texts about how she's sorry in the most dishonest way possible, reeks of narcissism. The fuck did her parents do to her?

No. 896049


spoiled her and helicopter parented her seeing as she's nearing twenties and sits at home on her ass all day in her room buying stupid shit on their money, sexting pedos, attention whoring and starting drama.

No. 896065

No. 896066


Also she was in an fc with her ex Slip Up until he dumped her. Her leveled classes are probably boosted too.

No. 896098

Yeah I'm assuming all of her classes in the lvl 50's are boosted. They cost like $20 a pop, but given she always changes her name ($10 each), does fantasias all the time ($10 each), and has a bunch of mogstation clothing , it wouldn't surprise me if she shovels a shit ton of money into the game. Not much to show for it either lmao, only two maxed classes. The fact she idles in Limsa all of the time isn't surprising.

No. 896100

It’s very telling to me that even as she’s sperging on Twitter about being “soooo sorry about her (vague and undefined) actions and she’s definitely taking accountability!!”, she’s also creating alternate accounts under a different name so she can outrun her history again. Which, yknow, was the exact thing she said she would stop doing in her tweets. This bitch is so tiring

No. 896101


These character names are also copied from someone who used to be on her server, goes to show how unoriginal she is.

No. 896134

sperg alert
hope shes serious because her ff character causes me so much anger and disgust. all i can imagine is her literal child character sitting looking sad while she keeps going AFK so she can use it to act like a fucking child having sex with some random man for a tiny bit of attention because irl shes so fucking ugly. all i can imagine is an actual child being sexually abused, her character is that disturbing for some people. Erin, you are the definition of human scum. You should never be allowed around any child or teenager.

No. 896138

She’s not ugly enough to be turned down tinder hookups
She’s probably just lazy maybe she has a tinder profile of shooped pics and the guys get disappointed when she shows up lol

No. 896162

No. 896203

File: 1574368196608.jpeg (322.93 KB, 750x929, 33687BBE-B9FA-4007-A414-0BD570…)

aka ‘lolcow called me out for doing something pedophilic, again’

No. 896209

why does her character look asian yikes

No. 896211

Because she’s >>895638 Erin Painter-San the legal loli

No. 896214

that wasn't even her old character though why does she feel the need to lie about something so insignificant

No. 896220

it's ffxiv, it's a japanese game lol

No. 896242

anon i’m assuming u can customise character appearance? if so that means she purposefully made her character look like that. that makes me uneasy af lmao

No. 896249

there’s only 3 or 4 preset options and you can’t change very much of the preset’s face any further. none of them really look “american”

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 896255

sage for xiv autism but miqo'te are a cat race so technically they're supposed to look feline, regardless she's still a fake gamer fag

No. 896286

No one bullied you for being short, stop.

No. 896293

File: 1574377231374.jpeg (281.59 KB, 750x711, 9CF28B68-271D-4C4D-A584-C5B964…)

she’s terrified because she has next to no clue how to take care of herself, lmfao, not because of stuff she “missed out on” growing up rich spoiled by mommy and daddy. she voluntarily pretends to act like a six year old because she was never taught how to do anything for herself, and wants to act like she uwu need help pwease!!! that’s why she’s never going to advance anywhere in life until she finds a ~daddy dom~ desperate enough to take what he can get to fuel his fetish and takes care of her while she still acts like a wittle babie in her goddamn 20s

No. 896310

They are super customizable and honestly, she made the eyes purposefully black, small lips/mouth, and small shaped eyes. Her character looks purposefully made more "asain". I have def made white looking characters on this exact game and there are bigger rounder eye options, js

No. 896317

i keep thinking she’ll have a bit of a crisis once she turns 20 honestly.. like she’ll no longer be able to pedo bait, call herself a teenager anymore. i feel like she will freak lol

No. 896319

i just googled it and honestly the character looks mainly white. like i can clearly see she customised the character to look like that and i don’t even play the game

No. 896328

Inb4 she removes her age from her bio

No. 896331

is the puppymajd account confirmed to be erin?

No. 896337

it’s not Erin, the “Claire” person is known to steal Erin’s pics and Erin has asked her not to a couple times in the past

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 896344

you really called it

No. 896377

File: 1574392985590.jpeg (97.11 KB, 750x939, 092B9A30-B70B-484F-942B-895196…)

@apoutydoll just posted this… with no credit… these are Erin’s drawings aren’t they? sitting back and just WAITING for the drama / milk kekekek

No. 896383

erin's been copying her for a long time……
nice dose of her own medicine kek

No. 896390

fuck it
time to get erin into yung lean and bladee
literally anything would be better than ddlg whore

No. 896394

I honestly don't know why she doesn't just let go of the whole fake agere identity and straight up make porn or something, she's obviously not as innocent as she tries to portray herself.

No. 896407

She still lives at home with mummy and daddy. I doubt they would allow their widdle sweet innocent Erin to make porn.

No. 896411

kek just realized they probably think erin is still a virgin

No. 896431


Did she really just take the drawings and remove the watermark? So much for the “i hate drama it gives me anxiety attacks” bullshit all agere/ddlg people lie straight out of their ass

No. 896439

“They bullied me cause I was so small >.<!! And cute ”
Anytime someone says sum like this it reminds me of when wolfchu talked about how she got bullied for being “too cute”

No. 896458

File: 1574420578361.jpeg (92.67 KB, 750x230, 98868EA3-81DF-48CD-8E51-119041…)

deleted tweet.

No. 896461

Did it ever had any watermark to begin with? Not all drawings Erin posts have the watermark

No. 896464

File: 1574422107105.jpeg (85.31 KB, 750x351, 872D09D8-5C56-47C6-BF01-7CA6AE…)

She even acknowledged it on her curiouscat and never took the post down

No. 896494

she would have probably progressed into masturbation videos if she hadn’t got called out on her nsfw twt

No. 896510

She was basically there when she uploaded the gif of her humping a pillow

No. 896515

File: 1574436034594.png (669.57 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191122-091955.png)

I'm fucking living for these Erin self posts. Never thought I'd see someone out-crazy Icky

No. 896541

File: 1574442378632.jpeg (187.51 KB, 640x844, C1501713-03C9-4BB6-BF54-1B8F39…)

Look at her selfposting on the soft girls thread
“Erin regrettting it isn’t rape”
“Her mental illness is fake”
She’s truly fucked up and she kept calling herself crazy

No. 896566

Pretty sure they didn't have watermarks on the first upload and then she reposted them with her username

No. 896577

i thought it was disproved, the mods were banning the wrong people

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 896580

the only one thats ever said that was erin. whats with anons constantly pushing erin's agenda?

No. 896592


It fits her "so smoll n sweet uwu,am boolied so bad, tell them to leave my TWAMA put of it caddie, must protec at all costs" shtick. Gotta get that attention some how, especially when you're a butt ugly adult NEET with zero original ideas or a real personality. So you bully yourself under anon and get your crusty neckbeard's tiny dicks in a twist so they stroke your ego more.

Get a job Erin, you'll have less time on your hands n maybe get some self respect.

No. 896594

The mods gave out the same warning to people using the same VPN but they didn’t get banned which actually disproved Erin’’s conspiracy

No. 896648

File: 1574463180031.jpeg (152.97 KB, 750x454, 9702F8C5-5FB2-4B1E-98BD-0CF125…)

studied .. for what exactly ?? lmao

No. 896651

So, by "eye surgery" is she referring to her eye shoop or like Lasik?

No. 896682

she got lasik eye surgery

No. 896697

File: 1574470559602.jpg (86.62 KB, 1200x1005, DEHchIcUwAAS08c.jpg)

had no idea so many farmers were ffxivfags, someone please make a thread in /m/ sometime

self posting just the same as every other decent cow

No. 896824

Sage for OT but at a quick glance Erin's thread looks just like the MtF thread when you view it in catalog.

No. 896860

File: 1574499077129.jpg (940.13 KB, 1920x2560, 19-11-23-19-41-43-678_deco.jpg)

Can either Erin or the horde or ddlg newfags stop alerting people to everything that's said on this thread?

Also pic related, it's apoutydoll's curiouscat which is what makes me suspect it's just again Erin kek.

>See?! They bitch about you on lowcow too uwu it's not just me~

Sage for possible tinfoil

No. 896872

Late reply but don't get me wrong I agree Anon lmao the gameplay is repetitive as shit but it just proves she doesn't actually engage in the provided gameplay and just uses it to uwu Loli roleplay/interact with neckbeards
I'm amazed at the amount of ffxivfags in here too haha

No. 896874

File: 1574503121170.png (332.66 KB, 867x819, erin.png)

Tinfoil but that could be Erin ?

Discord account is fresh, just like this Twitter account. Writing seems really similar.


No. 896875

>Lil pocket healer
Sounds like Erin yeah yikes

No. 896876




No. 896877

More like 5'8"

No. 896884

Decided to make a little Erin dictionary to be able to easily recognize her if she makes a new account by her typing style. Sage because not that important but still useful to some.

> Really - rlly

> Please - pls
> And - n
> Because - bc
> People - ppl
> About - ab / bout
> Little - lil
> Uses ,, (usually two) instead of … like a normal person.
> Drops vowels [e.g. tht (that), jst (just), dnt (don't), srry (sorry), gnna (gonna), etc.]
> Drops last letters for more babytalking [e.g. jus (just), anythin (anything), etc.]
> kaomoji (japanese emoticons), google for reference i dont need bans.
> excessive use of (( with normal emojis, and more than one exclamation mark in a row. Also likes to put spaces before punctuation marks (e.g. i had a great day !!)
> sometimes uses the number 1 instead of the word one (e.g. every1, any1, no1)

safe to assume the person who uses those is Erin because even the other egirls on twitter that she had beef with didn't type like that. So it's mostly her forcing something that in her opinion sounds like babytalking.

No. 896885


You are helping Erin with that message, knowing that she still lurks this thread.

No. 896887

considering the fact that erin proved already that she can fake her own typing style by her selfposting, it doesn't really matter. Shes fully aware of how she types and knows exactly what to change to keep her profile low here. but she also wont stop using her babytalking on other medias because she's craving incels' attention with the same babytalking, so she won't actually stop. i mostly wrote it for easy comparison if someone comes across her on other platforms/games

No. 896890

This is from the healsluts server isn't it? kek. Larping as 4'8" will get her a lot of attention on there.

No. 896906

File: 1574516733596.jpeg (462.92 KB, 750x1087, 55AEE617-4544-4F92-BEB8-2A9C36…)

your lurking is still obvious, erin.

No. 896908

File: 1574517017902.jpeg (304.62 KB, 750x801, A1F9B980-C67E-446B-8A18-CE91CC…)

nobody is catfishing as you, erin, you just can’t tell the truth to save your life.

No. 896910

Even if the healsluts girl on some off chance isn't her, Erin has cried wolf and lied too many times for anyone to believe her. Yet she still tries to appeal to everything anons post here.

No. 896922

How many times does admin have to say they just don't use IP/VPN to determine samefags. They use cookies, phone/device details or thumbprints and probably a bunch of other shit that you leave behind when you browse LC.

No. 896938

File: 1574527103058.png (165.91 KB, 258x251, 01101010101.png)

She's sitting in the lap of some guy now was probably ERPing as her new 'daddy'.

No. 896969

this is entertainment, it's not deep. people act hilariously, we find it hilarious.

No. 896970

File: 1574537764399.png (35.05 KB, 591x325, lmaowhat.png)

deleted post because forgot to attach picture, was directed towards this

No. 896971

lol my bad for replying to the deleted post, i thought you were erin or a twitter orbiter asking who cares about erin
she's getting a huge ego from us posting about her, no one is "catfishing" as her, no one uses her pics to get men

No. 897035

I have a friend that talks like this, I actually know a lot of people who type like that so I wouldn't say it's going to point out that it's her. But it could help people understand what shes reading better lmao.

No. 897039

Literally no one is catfishing as you Erin. Who wants to be you kek

It's just her using it as a "don't believe everything u see on the internet guis!!" and her trying to cover up her past of shapeshifting/drama.

No. 897048

It's hilarious that she makes it out to be so serious that she tells people to make these non existent catfishers to prove themselves like girl you're not that important relax

No. 897057

File: 1574553157085.jpeg (121.07 KB, 640x622, 425EB6F5-AEF5-4DCD-A723-28C4BD…)

Ew Erin you’re gross most people are upset or offended when they get comments like this you’re a thirsty ass bitch

No. 897058

No. 897061

Begone agerefag whiteknight

No. 897062