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File: 1620848748375.jpeg (36.68 KB, 275x189, 972AF09A-E002-4633-995F-AF5B20…)

No. 1228808

Well well well, the milk is still flowing and the hamplanets still pissing everyone off.
Our last thread saw old faithful @nourisht0flourish in all her grotesque semi-nakedness (emojis only just saved us from a peep show).
posh molly is well and truly back- her youtube is a mix of over-dramatised normal eating,
Ovi ….. is still obese. and private, but one lucky anon is able to provide us with all the moronic tweets.
Ganer’s joy at the gyms reopening (cue the 1 hour walks there) has sadly not suppressed her urge to post her old spoopy videos- we are now treated to gym-located waif shots, instead of at home. #helth amirite?
anons deemed @rorecovering’s weight gain insufficient in redeeming her for her scummy youtube thumbnails- she needs better fitting clothes and tuition on how to wear them so that they’re not half off her chest.
may (@_ghostofme) is about triple the size and attributing it all to “water retention”. despite some pretty gross oedema looking shots,
@bored_with_ana announced she got her period…again…..clearly forgetting that she’s informed us of this before….a few weeks ago… so we are left to conclude she is in fact, just stupid (and a lazy liar). someone should tell her that as a doctor she’ll be expected to know that periods happen more than once a lifetime!!
z.is.tryingg continued to piss off anons by preaching recovery whilst looking like a dying urchin without makeup, but we’re sure she’ll sue us ~cowardly boolies~ when she’s a rich and famous barrister….or not.
Ham continues to much away, paige threatens the release of her new “book”, porgie is fresh out of a coma (or so she says), dharma is starving herself of energy for all of tiktok to see, new cow @marnis__recovery is a minefield (or goldmine?) of creepy grimaces,

and to top it all off, Tess Holliday has decided she’s anorexic, despite being the size and weight of an adolescent elephant.
welcome back!

type sage in the email box, don’t blogpost. no under 16s… and read the damn rules.

previous thread = >>1215061

No. 1228813

File: 1620848989572.jpeg (271.27 KB, 828x1472, 1E56C7DD-2C40-48E8-AD06-B799FE…)

to kick us off, here’s a total feast for all your eyes … all in one post

No. 1228818

did you guys see dora is posting again on youtube

No. 1228820

Really straining for that ~s k i n n y~ neck look… constipation really must be getting to her

No. 1228821

File: 1620849864885.jpg (931.18 KB, 2048x2048, rest in peas.jpg)

The mention of Anna and her recurring period deserved this mention. Thanks for the thread.

Maybe TOO SOON, but I get Becky RIP vibes. Bet she gets some of that weird neck pain with all that tensing.

No. 1228822

thanks anon, great thread

Don't forget the completely self-unaware parenting tiktoks, photoshopping and fake followers!

No. 1228835

File: 1620851178790.gif (18.96 MB, 320x568, 179799520-457128728704107-1327…)

New recovery kid on the block, actor and follower buyer is doing a great job of looking like a twat on his insta.

No. 1228841

ugh creepy nick (sp?), mentioned in previous threads.. stuff of nightmares tbh

No. 1228843

I cringed

No. 1228844

He’s been around for a while. Suspiciously little weight gain for how long he’s been in supposed recovery. Definitely a cow.

No. 1228855

File: 1620852943331.jpg (97.23 KB, 839x777, Capture.JPG)

Yeah, claims to eat ice cream daily, cakes, pastries and what looks like a good amount of food, but his weight never changes.

He looked healthier when he was IP.

No. 1228856

No. 1228860

seems very ott and way more excited to the point its concerning imo

No. 1228884

maybe he's purging stuff, or c/s… seems awfully sus when these accounts claim to eat the amount of food they do but still stay thin (not to mention–incredibly misleading)

No. 1228887

File: 1620856816826.jpg (232.16 KB, 1226x795, 2017.JPG)

It feels like he wants to build a portfolio with a youtube recovery account or something? He's with a few casting agencies in Germany

There's another ig account and it looks like he's been spoopy on and off (never really looking healthy) since 2017
then his face fills out again. He mixes a lot of old pics with newer ones, so it's difficult to tell.

No. 1228894

File: 1620857488491.jpg (62.99 KB, 478x712, Capture.JPG)

For anyone interested in our token male, he's been ~recovering~ since 2017. This is, apparently, when he left the clinic.

No. 1229007

Oh no. I might actually die of secondhand embarrassment from this.

No. 1229067

File: 1620882868008.jpg (750.57 KB, 1078x1829, Screenshot_20210513-061349_Ins…)

Some ~humblebrag thoughts on calorie counts…

No. 1229098

kek she knows "just about every fast food menu"
Really telling on herself there

No. 1229107

>Who cares about the obesity epidemic and other people's health and lives? Businesses should cater to me. If something's not about me, I don't understand it and don't approve it. Fuck other people and their health.

No. 1229112

File: 1620892979117.png (59.44 KB, 465x332, demi lovato 2.0.png)

why do all of these anti diet culture influencers say this? calorie counting works for a lot of people.

No. 1229114

They don't have a normal relationship with food. All normies love knowing what we put in our bodies. The more information we have, the healthier we can eat ad live.

Who even advocates for ignorance?! There's something very wrong with them. Knowledge is never the enemy.

No. 1229117

probably to do with the fact 95% of diets fail and there is definitely something disordered if someone has to never never go over x or weight out their 20g of lettuce to add to myfitnesspal . Of course, that doesn't necessarily means calorie counting does not work (for example, if you are trying to maintain weight)

No. 1229123

Oh wait, this is about calorie counting, not about having calories listed on menus. My reading comprehension failed. Nvm, I stand by what I said even if I misunderstand the topic a bit.

No. 1229137

Coo, Molly really does know everything.

No. 1229141

Knows all the low calorie options, still a fattie. Kek

No. 1229163

File: 1620905759095.jpeg (513.53 KB, 1800x1800, B7D75934-68C2-4072-938F-DB9272…)

This reminds me of a personal cow of mine who has now unfortunately removed the funniest posts. But she sucks in cheeks and poses in a ridiculous ways, and then in videos you can sometimes see how she really looks (see the last pic). Sage bc not really milky, and her account is in swedish so no point in looking her up unless you're a swedefag (@nellystankar)

No. 1229165

File: 1620906098161.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 7819B9CB-8059-49B2-B984-D81D79…)

She also posts ootds like this (barn is swedish for child) and writes where she bought the clothes just to brag about buying clothes from the children's department

No. 1229173

because they dont want a reminder of how fat they are usually.

No. 1229211

Calorie counting diets might not, in some cases, "work in the long term", but at least it makes people more aware how much they should be eating to maintain when they're beach body ready.

People ignore the info anyway. Case in point being Ham who thought a mango juice was more calorific than her usual cappuccino. Costa already have a calorie chart.
I'm going to start a petition for everyone to sit in soundproof cubicles at restaurants for those who suffer with misophonia. Their struggle is valid.

No. 1229223

Kek their lowest calorie burger is still 2400kj (571cal)
Grill'd is marketed as a "healthier" option, I can picture Georgia thinking she will lose weight by eating here

No. 1229242

File: 1620916734200.png (863.71 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210513-153816.png)

A unboxing hall. Live.

No. 1229244

Is english her first language?

No. 1229248

I am halling

No. 1229253

Pls can someone watch! What is poor impoverished Anna unboxing?

No. 1229278

nah just dyslexic… god help any nurses reading her notes in the future if she becomes a doctor

No. 1229303

It’s funny - I know a couple of people who are dyslexic and they’re self conscious about it so they check anything they write meticulously. Yet anna, who thinks she’s gods gift to her medical degree, can’t even be bothered to check if her instagram stories are full of errors. I’m sure you’re right and her future notes will make the other practitioners she works with want to hang themselves.

No. 1229306

Just left. She's boring af.

No. 1229307

File: 1620923232871.png (3.51 MB, 828x1792, B6DAE95C-2EAF-4436-AF90-AE9A53…)

Same. Boring and totally self indulgent. What an outfit. She really thinks she’s something special. Highlights from the 5 minutes I could tolerate: her body has more important things to do than working out. She will not disclose what makeup she uses because her eyelashes are naturally just really dark and thick.

No. 1229309

10/10 chose that top to highlight her lack of tits. Although she has admitted to that being genetic anyway.

No. 1229311

File: 1620923649460.png (904.16 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210513-170536.png)

No. 1229314

File: 1620923746626.png (918.96 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210513-170835.png)

No. 1229316

The HALL is shit food she asked companies to send her. She calls it PR. She said she makes a living out of social media.

No. 1229322

apart from her weighted blanket has she advertised anything?

No. 1229327

She was complaining she can't eat some of the free food, so she won't be advertising that.

No. 1229328

File: 1620924517789.png (1.04 MB, 1139x741, holliday.PNG)

oh god

No. 1229330

>"talking about your tummy gainz"
>"bit horrific"
massive kek

No. 1229331

Our skinny queen

No. 1229333

We have never discussed her 'tummy gains'

- she says she told Mela (weighted blanket company) that "I've been hyping your products for the past year" to try and become an ambassador but she never mentioned the before.

- she'll never discuss her trauma with her parents or online because it wouldn't be helpful. Of course there could be valid reasons but this but it might because it isnt real?

- said her ED developed overnight when she has said before she had disordered eating for years


No. 1229342

Yeah, the whole world is confused by her diagnosis.

No. 1229344

Diets don't fail, people do. Calorie counting works.

No. 1229348

The fact that a lot of people, and most of the media, are enabling her gaslighting and delusional claims of having anorexia nervosa (when she clearly doesn't) shows us what a clown world we've become. It's literally impossible to be morbidly obese and have anorexia nervosa, and I'd even argue it's impossible to be that big and have atypical AN as well. It was never meant for people that big, and the morbidly obese losing weight rapidly is a good thing and they often lose a lot of weight fast anyway if they diet properly due to how big they are. They SHOULD be scared of gaining any more weight. That doesn't make them "anorexic", it's self-preservation. If she gains more weight, she will die.

No. 1229349

They must be bitter that they didn't have enough will power to get spoopier.

No. 1229350

I wonder if she's on a weight restoration plan now for her super serious anorexia

No. 1229380

KEK honestly it should be considered medical malpractice to put tess holliday on a weight restoration plan

No. 1229418

the "95% of diets fail" is a bullshit figure from a gazillion year old study that didn't even aim to assess how well diets work

tl;dw version from an article cited in the video:
>"That 95 percent figure has become clinical lore," said Dr. Thomas Wadden, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. There is no basis for it, he said, "but it's part of the mythology of obesity."

>Dr. Kelly D. Brownell, the director of the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, said the number was first suggested in a 1959 clinical study of only 100 people. The finding was repeated so often that it came to be regarded as fact, he said.

> But the study has little relevance to the current understanding of how to control weight, said Dr. Stunkard, who specializes in the treatment of obesity and eating disorders. The 100 patients in the study were "just given a diet and sent on their way," he said.

>"That was state of the art in 1959," he added.

link to article: https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/library/national/science/052599hth-weight-myth.html

sage for possible derail and medfag

No. 1229428

Based anon.
I wonder how many people see it and immediately decide to self-diagnose themselves with AN. It’s great for the LARPers who are probs patting themselves on the back now (next to Tess, even Ham would look skinny) and that’s about it. What a farce.

No. 1229437

Just watched that. Thanks, anon. I fucking love facts.

No. 1229463

File: 1620934540793.png (300.83 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210513-203426.png)

Don't hold your breath, warriors.

No. 1229466

File: 1620934728326.png (1.05 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210509-214708.png)

No. 1229504

does this bitch have aspergers or something

No. 1229513

File: 1620938564970.jpeg (102.38 KB, 720x960, BF1A7E1C-3EF8-471E-AA24-57614F…)

update on jen peach

not dead yet, heard through the grapevine that she went ip for five months. this is her recently on her mom’s fb, looking spoopy as usual! are those teeth about to fall out of her gums?

No. 1229519

File: 1620939641198.jpeg (625.89 KB, 828x1216, 06A375CE-D4AA-41C5-96D1-1523B9…)

Well what a surprise. Not!

No. 1229525

Like a 100 cal drink/berry portion is going to do anything, she'll die before she WRs on that. It's sad, I don't think Mary is a bad person but just so so disordered.

No. 1229529

When did Becky pass? first I've heard, rather sad to hear.

No. 1229532

Anna made a TikTok saying she wouldn't get married because of the misogynistic and homophonic undertones to it …. but she would for tax reasons (I.e. you don't have to pay (as much?) inheritance tax if you're married). Playing fast and loose with the morals there. Also only 4% of people need to pay inheritance tax in the UK, which just proves she is rich.

Also another video full of tube pics!

No. 1229534

File: 1620940613787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 299.51 KB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20210513-231308__01…)

Nourish is still doing nourish things…1/2

No. 1229535

File: 1620940676760.jpg (Spoiler Image, 239.95 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20210513-231302__01…)

Like, how doesn't she realize she's exposing herself? 2/2

No. 1229539

4 months ago, here:

How does she still look so unwell at a healthy weight?

No. 1229554

More gains than ganer! But she seems to only work on her lower body which makes the proportions look a bit odd. Still better than ganer though.

No. 1229555

It's the purging and shit diet

No. 1229631

File: 1620948349478.png (454.93 KB, 715x1059, Screenshot_20210513-191329~2.p…)

No. 1229633

File: 1620948372067.png (159.04 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_20210513-191358~2.p…)

No. 1229634

File: 1620948395196.png (595.59 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_20210513-191438~2.p…)

No. 1229639

That’s absolutely foul… who in their right mind would put that online??

No. 1229652

Sorry if this is the wrong place but did we ever find out how Nikki Grahame died? She was discharged from a general hospital and then died the very next day, so it sounds to me like it wasn't organ failure? I know she was a compulsive exerciser so I'm wondering if it was something related to that, like cardiac arrest?

No. 1229684

Yeah, she pissed the bed and made up a story for attention.

No. 1229687

That is unbelievably disturbing.. why the actual fuck would she put that online. What a freak. Im embarrassed for her.

No. 1229690

OMG i've been wondering where she got to. She really did just disappear of IG. I think she looks better in this pic?

No. 1229709

>oy vey
Why am I not surprised…

No. 1229712

Her official cause of death was anorexia nervosa. I assume it was refeeding syndrome or organ failure, but I doubt we'll ever know the specifics unless the outcome of the inquiry into her death is made public.


No. 1229726

This girl's entire online presence weirds me tf out. She looks like a pantless topbun golem in everything she posts. Why are you putting your bare ass on the internet girl?? Putting all eating disorder shit aside, who does this?

She just looks so sticky.

No. 1229755

I'd argue that Ganer is healthier because at least she keeps her food down. Nourish could croak any minute from the purging stress. As disordered as Ganer's habits are, they're not as dangerous.

No. 1229756

exercise purging is just as dangerous as making yourself throw up, anon. n2f is still the winner, because she does both.

No. 1229761

File: 1620965471106.png (573.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210513-175933.png)

No. 1229795

It sounds horrible to say but I'm kind of relieved. I was worried she killed herself out of fear of either getting weight restored or failing at recovery when people had raised the cash for her.

No. 1229799

Am I the only one that thinks Ganer is not excessive in exercise? I mean, she's gaining, as little as possible though, but she is, and if we're to believe the food she posts
is what she eats (which I absolutely do believe), then it all checks out because there's no way she would be gaining anything on that miniscule amount of food if she was going THAT overboard with exercising.

No. 1229821

She doesn't have a (proper) rest day. That's 100% going overboard. The body builds muscle in the rest phase, that's why you have "leg day", "arm day" etc. so that you can let a certain group of muscles rest and rebuild. She doesn't let any muscle group rest. That's not even "working out" anymore because that's not how you grow strenght, that's just pure obsessive behaviour.

No. 1229829

True but it looks like ganer does less cardio than n2f. Although it is just as disordered I expect it is less dangerous.

No. 1229862

Ganer is just as disordered, but it manifests differently. n2f is “chaotic neutral”, ganer is “lawful evil”. Look at ganer’s stories, she eats the exact same thing every single day. Weight, measured and arranged identically. Then she preaches recovery and espouses what an inspiration she is.

No. 1229870

I was the original anon who mentioned Ganer. I didn't mean to say she wasn't disordered. She absolutely is. I meant from health perspective that Ganer is probably healthier than N2F because she probably strains her body and, most importantly, her heart, significantly less. As disordered as her eating is, it at least is mainly healthy food that she keeps down - n2fs food is just sugar by spoonfuls. Ganer doesn't purge, and, as said by another anon, doesn't do that much cardio. She can live like this long into her senior years, N2F can't.

No. 1229889

File: 1620995221771.png (91.01 KB, 207x271, MaRrIdGe.png)

The TikTok video Anna posted about not marrying has got a lot of negative attention (not quite as much as the parenting series though), but what made me chuckle was how she can misspell such basic words and not use a spellchecker

No. 1229908

not trying to wk, but when you type things on tiktok (not in the caption), it doesn't autocorrect, so it probably was a general typo. that being said, wouldn't you think to double check that everything was accurate?

No. 1229924

Oh Anna’s way beyond things like typos, we should just be grateful she deigns to share her wisdom with us peons - I for one love being patronized about marriage, periods and all things recovery by a sheltered child who’s spent approximately one month of her life slightly underweight.

No. 1229927

File: 1621001422673.png (3.86 MB, 828x1792, 99BB57F5-9A49-4D01-9A9C-CFC3D9…)

potential new cow- @charlottefkncharles on tiktok… oh my god. another average weight ED account who sucks in her stomach to the point of looking crippled and like an actual BOX in every single video. more screen caps incoming, i am pissing myself over these

No. 1229930

File: 1621001563307.png (3.94 MB, 828x1792, 5FF3DA99-AFA4-49BC-9262-8EBE1A…)

the SHAPE ….. kek

No. 1229931

File: 1621001931064.jpeg (287.56 KB, 828x1472, C06F0F44-42AC-4636-9B75-EE8496…)

sorry for the spamming but there are so many amazing screencaps i thought someone else might need a good laugh

No. 1229932

File: 1621002057754.jpeg (369.06 KB, 828x1472, 7D536159-6A20-4315-9687-DE6FD6…)

part god knows what

No. 1229933

File: 1621002428135.jpeg (199.83 KB, 828x1472, 2612139B-2CAF-4D33-953F-6CBB4A…)

i’m so embarrassed for her i cannot watch any more, enjoy

No. 1229938

File: 1621003020920.jpeg (391.21 KB, 750x1242, 335B0AF3-9695-4604-912F-38D257…)

n2f’s disgusting half naked body again. i can’t do this anymore

No. 1229948

she looks dead behind the eyes…

No. 1229963

Dear god, I hope her brother doesn't have to see her like this.

No. 1229974

That shelf full of skinny syrups and spreads tho!

No. 1230002

why would you post your vag halfway exposed like this on instagram for all your friends and family to see? i really hope the people in her life don't know about her recovery account.

No. 1230005

i’m fucking dead at her having to literally bend halfway over backwards JUST to squish down that massive boxy ribcage of hers. she’s literally built like mike wazowski. and the ridiculous contorted poses in every video, honestly hilarious the way she juts out her male looking hips

No. 1230052

That's not even dyslexia, that's shit spelling.

No. 1230074

her whole tiktok is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen, i’m pretty sure she’s australian..?? no exact clue on age but she’s definitely not under 16 so free milk

No. 1230095

I was dubious but then I saw the videos she made with her ip friends, trying to appear soooo quirky and super sick but still interesting and not at all crippled by their mental illnesses the way you actually would be. (things like 'sneaking contraband' i.e. monster energy in, taking seroqul, being told to sit down, getting caught doing set ups, nOt AlLoWeD a DoOr)They all seem a healthy weight as well which is odd for an ED ward?

No. 1230154


my thoughts exactly- not to sound bone-rattly but none of them have the air of an eating disorder about them

No. 1230159

I always look at the arms. Hers aren't thin, soooo

No. 1230236


this all reeks of self posting. all these comments have the same typing style

No. 1230262


I definitely think this is a self post just because the content is so strange. Who cares about her body shape? She clearly isn’t completely round and what a weird thing to say about the hips. No stranger gets that angry about a randoms body shape.

No. 1230264

File: 1621027435684.png (109.57 KB, 280x280, 81BC23F1-15B8-4300-9645-4718FE…)

No way anon, they know how to sage and integrate so well, it couldn’t possibly……

No. 1230267

Nah, >>1230159 isn't a self post for one.

No. 1230270

her body shape looks normal to me. no milk there

No. 1230271

File: 1621027683126.jpeg (319.64 KB, 750x1334, 03D32168-3F41-4C39-A553-E202FB…)

maybe a nitpick but this rubs me the wrong way. surely muslim anas know more about how to deal with ramadan than little miss white girl

No. 1230272

she looks like a less buff ganer

No. 1230273

are you familiar with sarcasm or?

No. 1230280


Can we leave this one, its an attention whoring self post. i mean caption on the tiktok is literally 'make me famous'

No. 1230283

I'm uninformed but I thought anas were not expected to fast during Ramadan. It is meant to be a challenge and to concentrate on they faith but it will be easy for people with restrictive EDs. I'm more interested if the initial post was made by a muslim account but it doesn't really reflect on Ro's milkiness other than perhaps virtue signalling.

No. 1230284


Like Muslim girls and women who have an ED don't struggle during fasting time as well as the time allowed to eat. Stupid bitch. Next pic from her is how to correctly weather a hijab.

No. 1230287

>Instead of fasting, people can pay 'Fidyah' where they pay over the month for a poor person to eat." Maha Khan, who was diagnosed with anorexia, has started the Islam and Eating Disorders blog to raise awareness in the Muslim community.

No. 1230332

sorry stupid question but where do you find these pics?! All I see on her page are food pics!

No. 1230335

That's all I see as well…fortunately, but kinda not because I love the trainwreck.

No. 1230360

This one was here for less than 5 mins. Otherwise it's very often put in stories.

No. 1230377

i was OP, it’s not a self post lol my IP address would show u i’m in the UK??? also- her body shape wasn’t the milk it was the contorting herself and sucking in…. not every new cow is a fucking self post, reel it in.

No. 1230379

fucks sake not a self post, OP here and the suckin in craziness made me laugh, sorry u don’t feel the same

No. 1230446

Oh what so she puts them up and deletes them? Weird weird lady.

No. 1230554

Why does she keep exposing herself? Since when does "body checking" include "checking" the pussy?

No. 1230580

At this point, an eating disorder is the least of N2F's problems. And that's saying a lot considering her ghastly syrup concoctions. Her online presence is just so bizarre and inappropriate. It's like when your pre-teen niece hasn't yet realized that exposing herself on social media is a bad idea & you scroll through her TL like nooo sweatie, keep those pics to yourself. But then mix that with a cryptid that's really sticky.

No. 1230608

File: 1621072056473.png (1.05 MB, 889x596, dfg.PNG)

i wonder why this becky person tagged someone in this junk food giveaway? so weird

No. 1230630

looks like she shaves or at least trims her bush, but not her moustache? and she doesnt do anything with her ratty hair other than shove it in a bun. I really don't get her logic

No. 1230653

Quite possibly trying to trigger a binge in the other person - In the same way Ash would send recovering anas junk food to try to make them relapse with b/p

No. 1230655


I think it'd be the way to enter the giveaway - follow and tag someone. Ash stopped doing hers because we posted here the rules saying it was against their tos for some reason or other.

…but YES I heard Becky liked to trigger in the same way Ash does.

This kind of giveaway isn't permitted by ig, or at least they weren't. I remember wh

No. 1230664

she used to tell people they looked "well"

No. 1230665

File: 1621084593061.jpg (117.75 KB, 750x928, impowered.jpg)

I’m rolling at how stupid this post is, it is so entitled. I’m not denying the fact involuntary treatment can be very traumatic but when the alternative is death there is not much of a choice. I’ve seen a few posts like this recently but they never offer any alternative treatment methods. She moans about not being allowed outside when IP but how can they risk that it the patient may abscond? It is just a way to subtly brag that she was sectioned/ she was on 1:1/ she was in a med ward' etc whilst upholding her holier than thou 'no tube pics' attitude

No. 1230675

Well it's boring as fuck, so congrats.

No. 1230678

Haha, only in the warped attention-seeking ana world is looking 'well' an insult. Jesus fuck.

No. 1230679

god. She's not one of those who say they have ptsd from treatment trauma like Becky the dog?

No. 1230680

shes onto something though. anas come out worse after being sectioned - being sectioned is the holy grail of Sickness ofc - with new behaviours and it fosters competitiveness. treatment at home is probably more effective long term.

No. 1230683

Not necessarily attention seeking. It's a really shitty thing to hear you look fine when you certainly don't feel fine. Becky would know that but didn't care.

OP treatment is of course preferred but it will only be more effective if the patient engages with recovery and can stay alive.

No. 1230684

Kind of on the subject of treatment for anas, Emma Wants To Live has been uploaded on YT.

No. 1230687

its on amazon prime too. i hated her by the end of it. i know she was ill etc etc but christ, the manipulation and the fucking weird dynamics with the staff at the 'treatment' place

No. 1230688

I agree. I can't really figure out what that place is all about. It's like a hospice where they give her the minimal amount of food and wait for her to die. Surprised she lived through that lung infection though.

No. 1230689

Wish the links would disappear when a post is posted, sorry.

No. 1230690

It's very Scandinavian.

No. 1230691

TBH I don't want to watch the whole documentary but was the place she went actually recovery focused or more of a palliative care centre? I've got the impression it was the former but if it is that just shows that involuntary treatment/ dehumanising things like NGs and restraints are so important in some cases.

No. 1230710

I'm sure she was a lovely girl when she was less sick but the way she 'encouraged and gave express permission' for the film to be made was clearly not to 'raise awareness' or whatever BS excuse she gave. Se wanted more attention for how spoopy she was/ assets and the documentary does not tell us anything new about EDs.

No. 1230717


I find it v strange it’s called ‘Emma wants to live’ when the brutal honestly is, if she did want to live she would be alive. It’s a mental illness, not a physical illness. You can choose to recover and if she really wanted to live she could have chosen to live.

No. 1230726

disclaimer: I'm not even halfway through

Her ED started at age 12 and she died before even becoming an adult. There's a lot of things that immature brains can't really grasp. I think death and mortality are one of those things that take so much time to become "real."

Anorexia in pre-pubescent or barely pubescent kids is, I think, highly determined by genetics and often accompanied by OCD. Some of the studies linking untreated strep to OCD/anorexia in children are also pretty interesting.

No. 1230734

Did she delete this post? Because I can't find it. Also to play devil's advocate, maybe such people should be allowed to off-themselves? People with severe mental illnesses are allowed to in Belgium, I believe (by means of assisted suicide/voluntary euthanasia). You say there's "no alternative", but…

No. 1230735


Yes but they have to prove that they are untreatable and therefore will have to have undergone forced treatment. They will have had to try and fail many treatments to be deemed untreatable.

Treatment trauma is awful but forced treatment saves lives, end of story.

No. 1230736

Eh, this isn't really true. Studies have shown pretty similar outcomes between voluntary and involuntary treatment. Some people get well, some don't.

No. 1230739

Still there, ninth most recent post (the screenshot here is not the first picture).
Regarding euthanasia, I can definitely see an argument for that in the most enduring cases. HOWEVER
- we all know people with AN can have variations of anosognosia where they don't realise how sick they are
- the brain chemistry shit at LWs which means the pt cannot be reasoned with. People are normally more lucid when they are WRed for a while
- fear they are burdening their family/ being pressured to off themselves (same with old people who undergo euthanised for physical problems)

I guess it is more nuanced than SECTIONS BAD or SECTIONS GOOD. But no early twenty year old has (which im_powering is) been ill enough to decided to stop treatment

No. 1230740

File: 1621096308201.jpg (Spoiler Image, 392.84 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20210515_172407.jpg)

Any anons care to speculate on the strategically placed armpit censor?

No. 1230741

Probably pit hair she wants to hide (same with the flower on her crotch) I don't get why though. If you don't want to shave or wax don't.

No. 1230745

She looks cleaner in this one

No. 1230750

I assume she’s listening to music or whatever but the fact that she’s always wearing those giant headphones makes her look like an autistic child in noise-cancelling ear defenders kek

No. 1230799

Surely it should be up to them whether they want to continue treatment though? Aren't people with cancer allowed to decide they want to stop fighting it, even if they could survive? I don't think someone necessarily lacks capacity just because they're underweight, though of course they are more likely to lack it.

No. 1230818


I think a lot of the time people are allowed to die, it just doesn’t get a lot of attention. SEED patients for example. PD patients who present with self harm/suicidality eventually will not be admitted to psych wards for suicide prevention and will be sent home even if there is a high risk of death. I think there is just a huge grey area in people under 25 (as a rough estimate) when the brain isn’t fully developed and when you’re underweight because patients lack capacity because of malnutrition and being young.
It just is hard to let a patient die of their own accord because of the high risk of being sued as a doctor.

No. 1230821

agreed. the thing is the girl who started the topic with the og post is under 25. it is a different case when someone has been sick for decades.

No. 1230822

File: 1621104847953.png (435.08 KB, 936x644, munchiemunc.png)

In other news, is Anna developing as a full blown munchie now?

No. 1230828

File: 1621105245467.png (113.33 KB, 200x316, iTsAcAmHsJoKe.png)

it is also incredibly pathetic that she is still using the camhsinpatient hashtag (when she was not even ip but day patient for about 5 seconds) a year after discharge

No. 1230843

I really don't care what Emma's purpose of sharing that was.. it was a fucking heartbreaking story. Absolute tragedy imo.
Though totally weird how they like cuddle her and hold her when she eats etc. Anyone know why they do this? I vaguely remember about 10 years ago there was a really controversial ED treatment centre where patients were carried around like babies by staff, cuddled and rocked etc. Can't remember what it was ill have a think. The place shut down I'm sure

No. 1230847

Samefag but I found it .. more like 25 years ago kek but Peggy Claude-Pierre and her Montreux Clinic. Really interesting read


No. 1230854

I'm the anon who talked about her motive for sharing, I agree it was very tragic and am not trying to criticise a dead girl who I believe was failed by her parents and treatment centre. I just don't agree with how people talked like she was a martyr and such a fighter and so brave when she was in reality just a sick girl. (although that happen with all dead people)

No. 1230855

I like how she doesn’t say the specific condition she has (because she doesn’t have anything) that’s munching 101 anna - you have to mention your diagnoses every 30 seconds.

No. 1230869

from the tags you could get the impression she has all those diseases

No. 1230886

kek, you can tell how happy she is to get an incontinence card.
someone who genuinely has something like this wouldnt hold the smug smirk that she does

No. 1230888

sorry, forgot to sage

No. 1230891

Embarrassing. Soon she'll flaunt diapers too I bet.

No. 1230920

Do you have any citations for those studies? Sounds interesting.

No. 1230969

they do it because some anas regress to childlike states… similar to the 'reparenting' involved in forms of psychotherapy and attachment theory

No. 1231027

The French dude whispering in her ear while she sat on his lap being spoon fed gave me bad vibes.

I understand such a young onset could be genetic but given that she was described as defiant at home yet compliant at school made me wonder if something happened to her to set this off.

No. 1231047

Also to get that severe so young and while still living at home is extremely unusual. The whole story was bizarre IMO. How did she go from doing okish to literally dying while under the care of her parents/services in Holland. And then that place in Portugal. What the actual fuck. Were there no other patients there? What was that place even? How could she be allowed to be anywhere other than a hospital? Why not get her at least stable before sending her to a place that had no medical professionals on staff and appears to only hire people with lived experience but perhaps no other qualifications. Insane.

No. 1231074

This documentary fucked me up the first time I saw it. Honestly, I think everyone basically gave up on Emma. They sent her to the other side of Europe to die in relative peace, but away from family and friends like she was 'something' embarrassing they wanted to hide, while pretending this was the best option. Fuck that. The best option was to force fed her ass until her brain could be in a good enough state to do therapy 154 times a week if necessary. Yes she would have hated it. Yes, it would have been hell for her. But wasn't she at hell anyways at that place they sent her to ? her hell was inside her mind, so why don't keep her healthy-ish with a tube and with the chance of having friends and family visits ? Uhg. I'm sorry, her case had always made me insane with anger and sadness.

No. 1231075

That's what the scene in "To the bones" is all about, right ?

No. 1231090

Yea that's true, it didn't seem AS creepy in To The Bone when it was her mother doing it.. but a male therapist with a teen girl. No thanks.

No. 1231092


i thought it was well known fact that N2F has a pretty bad case of the 'tism, hence the spaz-phones and her cognitive issues re: what is acceptable to post or not.

No. 1231094

Does she really? Now I feel bad

No. 1231129

File: 1621149647947.jpg (188.03 KB, 594x841, 20210516_171610.jpg)

So its official. Shay has moved from cow and nurse stalker, to full blown munchie. Her post before this was how public wouldn't give her the surgery she thinks she needed needed so she's found a surgeon in private land that she is paying to give her the surgery and transferred hospitals. Time for her to be on illness fakers and MunchSnark on reddit I think.

No. 1231134

The more I think about it, sending their 18 year old away to die and then saying they felt jealous of the people caring for her is a contradiction they really needed to explore more in the documentary for it to make sense. Why did Emma hate having her dad there?

Maybe they didn't send her away, maybe she went there of her own volition, but again, why isolate from your family when you're likely going to die?

No. 1231141

why is she getting it done?

No. 1231142

fuck, forgot to sage again

No. 1231143

Why would anyone willingly want a stoma??

No. 1231146

She keeps purposely making herself constipated and refused to poop then claims small bowel obstruction or something. Says she has a bowel motility issue and can only tolerate NG feeds yet eats an array of foods orally at the clinic. This all started when public stopped tubing her for her "eating disorder". Couple weeks ago she claims she was going to get a PEG but that hasnt happened.

No. 1231148

Might the PEG be one of those future surgeries she didn't want to talk about yet..

No. 1231149

They did give her a feeding tube on many occasions beforehand but she’d relapse every single time. Ultimately, you can’t force someone to recover. Even when Emma was at a healthier weight and could rationalise / think clearer, she would still relapse. At that point, the doctors are really limited in what they can do because it’s up to Emma to want to recover. I think it was right so send her to an alternative treatment place at a final resort that was like ‘you either need to choose recovery for yourself without someone forcing you to, or you’re going to die’. And sadly she couldn’t fight it. Plus, let’s say her parents did just force her to be tube fed and have countless therapy sessions, that would have been like torture for Emma too, so it was just a lose lose situation

No. 1231195

> why did a Canadian court shut this clinic down?

IDK, maybe the fact she had no medical degree?

No. 1231197

File: 1621164975074.jpeg (320.67 KB, 828x1423, 218A24A4-7641-45D7-B5BE-854BAC…)

when cows collide…..

No. 1231198

I think that dream of hers got crushed

No. 1231204

sage for blog idk but I kinda knew a girl just like Emma, even looked like her, she was discussed on here briefly a while back, britfag, IP for years and died a year ago. She was similar to her because she was completely obsessive in it, nothing could stop her, hadn't eaten for about 4 years and fed by tube. Just this tunnel vision that stunted her development, did not care about anything else. Probably wanted to be the best ana. Believe she killed herself though.

No. 1231219

>>1231204 whats her name and does she have an insta?

No. 1231224

Ot but if anyone's interested in the fucked up shit that went on at Montreux there's an interesting book about it called "anorexia's fallen angel"

No. 1231225

"Go follow this person because they lost their account", not because they're interesting or do something interesting worth following. Just because they used to have more followers and deserve to flaunt their disease to more people. I don't understand.

No. 1231229

it’s on over 1,000 followers already in about 12 hours…. god these anachans need to reevaluate their lives, imagine being so wound up over losing an instagram account??

No. 1231236

File: 1621170404064.jpeg (231.92 KB, 743x1057, FA0D5B5F-2A81-4089-870B-0CD3FA…)

I thought Anna was moving away from tube pics but I’m glad she is not because we get gems like this

No. 1231239

Ro's feather brows and Anna's horrific fake freckles… gen z makeup trends suck

No. 1231240

Super inspirational. And what's with that facial expression?

No. 1231248

File: 1621172862043.png (2.57 MB, 828x1792, 43192C90-4411-484C-A974-CCFC0B…)

kek i still have this screen grab from a few days ago i forgot to post it,… just to add to her collection of facial expressions

No. 1231251

File: 1621173125073.png (329.6 KB, 796x1415, Screenshot_20210516-144322.png)

Dharma spotted in some randos comments section. Questioning the validity of other people's recovery… at the same time as being more disordered than ever herself

No. 1231253

File: 1621173192548.png (351.35 KB, 339x574, bitchyanna.png)

To add to Anna, she is bitching about how her best friend left her when she got ill. She has said no one noticed she was sick before so it is not like it was her BF's fault for not trying to help. As people in the comments pointed out, having ill friends is really stressful especially if you don't have experience in EDs yourself. Add to that covid was just starting then so everyone was scared and they would be studying for GCSEs which is the biggest thing ever that age. It's so entitled, no one is obliged to be your fwend Anna.

it makes me laugh she thinks she looks such a sickly Anna is this photo here, when she just looks tired and sad but not spoopy.

No. 1231255

maybe she never spoke to you again because you're a dense, narcissistic, attention whoring twat who exaggerates her ""illness"" on the internet?

No. 1231260

What's that then - swot with ugly bins or sporty outdoorsy?

No. 1231261

She's been super bitchy in Anna and Elzani's comments before. All while trying to seem so sweet on her own page

No. 1231263

Wait, COVID was only just beginning when she got “ill” ? (forgive me, I’m not really up on Anna ~lore~ bc in earlier threads she didn’t interest me much)
I know it’s been over a year but the way she acts/speaks and feels entitled to give (shitty) advice I kinda assumed she’d been unwell for longer. She doesn’t even look particularly bad in her one tube pic. How sad she’s made those few months of mild anorexia her only identity

No. 1231264

Who? Why you being all squirrely and not saying when they were mentioned here before?

No. 1231265

You're in for a wild ride. She is very inconsistent in her timeline.
Sometimes she says she has had an ED since 13 but other times just that she has had disordered habits since then. It got bad in September 2019 and she was diagnosed in Octoberthat year but only 'got bad' (kek) in 2020. I think she was day patient in April 2020?
Regardless of timelines, it is clear she has never had anything but a mild ED with even milder weight loss, as shitty as even that is.
And she likes to talk about how she 'avoided becoming a revolving door patient' and while that is ofc a good thing she had the best prognosis possible - caught early, she got the best CAMHS treatment you can get in the UK, in one of only 2 specialised units that is meant to be very good, a supportive family and so on.

No. 1231266

yeah! i'll post when at my computer.

No. 1231270

File: 1621176813866.png (463.14 KB, 419x747, f u ed.png)

ham's posts are so inspiring kek

No. 1231271

A 'pre-ED favourite snack'? Is it an apple?

No. 1231279

She loves her middle finger selfies, but doesn't want mummy to see her say FUCK?

No. 1231283

Must be Gregg's. She's had her ED for yeaaaaars. Would a bakery other than a chain do the same product? Bet it's a chavvy Gregg's sausage roll.

No. 1231288

kek how can a sausage roll be 'chavvy'

No. 1231290

Was it an NHS CAMHS specialist EDU? Trying not to blog but can say the one I know of is very good, admits patients from all over the county/country but you have be much more ‘severe’ than Anna. I wonder how/why she had an NG placed when she was DP and I’m assuming not sectioned? (sorry to sperg, just don’t understand her whole deal)


My prediction is a sausage and bean melt. Coz baked beans count as a portion of veg, right?

No. 1231292

File: 1621178861811.png (72.23 KB, 720x734, Screenshot_20210516-162652~2.p…)

When it's a Gregg's.

No. 1231293

Nothing wrong with a Greggs. It is Ham we’re talking about, though - she could make a Michelin starred restaurant look common

No. 1231294

Wonder if Ham still eats in the car even when hospitality opens tomorrow? I want to see her talk and file that shit while seated in the places she buys from, is McDonald's.

No. 1231295

I've forgotten which one it was but yes an EDU. she has mentioned it a lot ofc. royal free perhaps? I think it was only for day patients so would only admit people from the rich area around Highgate then (postcode lottery being why Anna even got accepted by CAMHS )
Had the tube because 'she couldn't manage enough orally'

She was not sectioned though apparently she was 'threatened with it' (kek) but she 'would never let herself get secioned'

No. 1231296

I’d pay to see her do a Paris dance with a Big Mac. The difference is she’d actually swallow it and then go back for some nuggets

No. 1231298

Cheers anon for answering my lazy questions you’re the best. I’m up to speed and invested in her bullshit now, predictable as she may be

No. 1231299

Paris is less likely to post only suicidal things. We might see her dancing again, cheeking that chocolate!

No. 1231303

Those gifs were a such a highlight of these threads. Less suicidal ideation, Paris, more chocolate cheeking when cafes fully open. PLS.

No. 1231304

That face oh my god

No. 1231311

Her parents did say she wanted to go there very badly.

I don't know a lot about this case. Is there a book about it, or just the docu?

No. 1231317

Of course she did. Most anorexics want to be away from whom they perceive wants to keep them away from their disorder. She probably was like "yeah send me away to new people that are not aware of my manipulative ways, I'll trick them".
It might sound harsh, but when you are that deep into any addiction/disorder, fuck what you want. Sane, non Ana people should be the ones making the decisions.

No. 1231322

File: 1621181968520.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1125x1942, 6FED1AD3-5DF3-46B8-8A2B-9EFA67…)

Hammum actually looks & sounds like a sweet person even though she must be a bit dim to indulge the LARP, I feel sorta bad for her having such a colossal twat for a daughter

No. 1231330

It's baffling how someone educated like Hammum, worked as a teacher and deals with the family's photography business, yet thinks Ham is underweight and shit.

She's so fucking smug. SO PROUD OF MYSELF. When is never proud of herself. Proud of getting her mum to keep believing she has a problem eating food?

Forthcoming: Ham looks at whateveritis like it's a turd, takes a bite, "that's reaaaally good".

No. 1231335

The documentary is pretty crap because it leaves out so much. The treatment just seemed too…foreign…to this Britfag. I've been trying to find more information online, but it doesn't answer any questions.

The facility in Portugal is part of this place https://humanconcern.nl/#home but I can't even figure out what they're about. I wish there was a book, but doesn't seem to be one.

No. 1231336

My tinfoil is Hammum has no idea about her larping and whenever she mentions her mum its just another lie kek

No. 1231340

Adding to tinfoil, her mum's training to be a counsellor and asks Ham to pretend she has an eating disorder to practice her lines on her. OR "mum" is a crazy aunt she has to care for.

No. 1231348

File: 1621186091396.png (24.53 KB, 649x796, CB52275F-223D-499A-BDE8-3980EA…)

Currently watching a Mr Men thing on telly and Ham reminds me of Mr Greedy

No. 1231353

Shaped like Porgie though kek

No. 1231354

File: 1621186857440.png (1.11 MB, 1022x945, desperate ham and hammum.png)

She's my Desperate Dan

No. 1231356

A few more challenges and she'll have his chin

No. 1231357

kek my own tinfoil is basic compared to this. She has no friends IRL, no hobbies or anything particularly interesting about her, so after seeing a clip of Cassie from OG Skins or watching To the Bone decided faking anorexia would be a good way to remedy that. As for her mum, she probably pointed her in the direction of ~activists~ preaching how you can totes be anorexic at any weight and here we are. Diagnosis, dietician and therapy not required because ~~the system is fatphobic~~

No. 1231361

such dainty aNoReXic hands

No. 1231373

Why does she have so many accounts? lmao

No. 1231388

from what i gather one was locked, so she made a new one. not milk

No. 1231390

so she can have a venting account and a recovery account in order to get maximum attention

No. 1231394

Dundees a shite hole but dont do The Dandy dirty like that kek

No. 1231410

File: 1621194059447.png (740.11 KB, 720x837, Screenshot_20210516-203206~2.p…)

It was a Lidl giant pretzel

No. 1231414

File: 1621194259268.png (61.91 KB, 720x884, Screenshot_20210516-204335~2.p…)

So proud of you rn

No. 1231420

ames and shes dead so no

No. 1231424

sorry didnt respond properly. im the anon talking about the girl similar to Emma, it was ames, she had quite a big insta, was in a unit for years and totally insitutionalised, her family posted a goodbye post thing

No. 1231427

nah she used to have a “diary” account which was the most boring shit ever, no venting pro scumbag behaviour (that was reserved for her ztryingggggg, kek) but they’re all public now. it’s teenage dramatics, not worth the brainpower

No. 1231429

someone commented on dora's new video that she doesn't seem like herself. she does seem kinda muted and weird. not much weight gain at all either

No. 1231432

I wasn't sure if she was still allowed to be discussed but seeing as you brought it up I agree on the weight front. If she is struggling she should not be posting bodycheck tiktoks where she holds up the jeans she 'wants to fit back into' when she is making no progress towards that.

No. 1231433

She definitely is allowed, people just informally agreed not to comment on her last time because she self posted and said she was gonna stop being milky i think, asking us to leave her alone. but her new video is … yeah.

No. 1231436

i think a lot of anas eventually start to get iffy with their timelines because they can identify disordered habits they remember occurring early on that they may not have noticed as such at the time — sometimes it’s just introspective and recognizing it for themselves, sometimes it’s to brag like anna seems to

No. 1231437

File: 1621196858440.png (30.21 KB, 590x161, dcjbcjd.png)

Just skimmed through the video (didn't actually watch it though) and wtf are these comments? God forbid an ana does not show off their underweight body or, preferably, is not yet comfortable with weight gain)(the preferable part being weight gain not her discomfort)

No. 1231439

No. 1231440

yeah, but Anna should be able to identify that she had disordered habits from ~x years, not try to retcon and claim she had anorexia for 5 years before it was noticed.

No. 1231444

I go off when they were diagnosed give a year or two on top of it. Nobody gets a subsantial decline in weight and nobody notices. Bulimics seem to hide it for longer, esp if they're not "good" at puking.

No. 1231498

File: 1621200101626.png (384.22 KB, 824x608, annapart10020.png)

In today's edition of Anna is a desperate twat humiliating herself in order to stay relevant:

(the punchline is that she hates hospital school more, but couldn't screenshot that obvs)

No. 1231506

Think she can name 5 Les Zeppelin songs?

No. 1231508

we aint the only ones onto anna as one user points out

No. 1231515

She has already replied to the person talking about her good RFHS was and how nice her buddy Steve was (one of the staff there) but not the ip one conveniently enough

No. 1231532

Go back to reddit, dad.

Fetishists? Or just other pro-anas?

No. 1231540

Led Zeppelin are classic rock. You know 5 Beatles songs, no? Oh wait, you buy Ramones t shirts but don't know a song of theirs.

No. 1231543

Fetishists who encourage people to show their underweight bods are pro-anas but my guesses are that the first person is a 'traditional' pro-ana because of the profile picture seeming like something a pre-teen girl might use and Ls Kalf might be a fetishist because of the name idk. Unless somersks is trying to hide their identity and is actually a creepy old man? I am not cut out for this detective bullshit.

No. 1231545

Fuck's sake. Why are the kids all sperging about ~skinny fetishists~ all the damn time now? Was it Jen's Cooney video?

No. 1231548

I had a look and she’s already deleted the “i thought u were never ip” comment kek

No. 1231551

I went to check out the shitshow and the account who commented about not being ip posted a long-ass essay about glorifying ip and clinging on to her 'illest point' kek. I refreshed the page and it disappeared. Real classy (most likely) blocking your dissidents Anna.

No. 1231570

She deliberately tries to make herself look childlike. How old is she again? 18?

No. 1231574

Probably got herself into a web of lies and has to follow though to be believed. As anon said, public wouldnt give her the surgery as she doesnt need it

No. 1231589


This happened on a previous video, someone asked if she was coeliac and then the comment had disappeared when I went to look for her answer… of course they could have deleted it but I think Anna did to stop people realising that she has barn door IBS and is pretending otherwise

No. 1231612

I asked her about putting inpatient in her captions and she’s deleted my comment, so it’s definitely her deleting them(cowtipping)

No. 1231676

Love how Ham says in her post (video #4) that "when you never let yourself enjoy nice things so when you actually have something nice its like wow" .. Ham darling you've been doing these challenges for fucking months now, letting yourself enjoy junk food every day.. don't pretend like you never get to enjoy shit.

No. 1231749

Hannah should challenge herself to eat grilled chicken and broccoli for a change
lots of actually healthy people don’t eat crap junk food every day, there’s nothing disordered about not turning your stomach into a garbage bin

No. 1231783

next she will claim SEED

No. 1231786

File: 1621233233971.jpg (467.05 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20210517_073323.jpg)


Inb4 this gets deleted. From October 2020…

No. 1231801

She can't even keep up with her own bullshit woww

No. 1231804

Skinny fetishists are a real thing, and have been a real and dangerous thing in the community for as long as I can remember even in the original pro ana communities. It's not kids sperging about them, or people in general, it's a real threat to vulnerable people online. I don't mind if young ones are sperging about them, it means that there's more awareness about them now - maybe if we had the same back then less young ladies would have been groomed and abused. Less people with additional trauma.

No. 1231815

she has said shit like 'no one ever expected me to get better' before. the audacity of this bitch.

No. 1231816


She's larping so hard she's forgetting her lies and can't keep up with them now, good catch.

No. 1231818


Yeah there was a lot of context missing from that documentary, I don't understand why her parents were so willing to give up on her at 18, they sent her to that hospice to die. There was some extremely weird energy between Emma and the male carer and also her dad. It seems unlikely for her to be that ill just because she was an awkward "middle child".

https://emmacaris.tumblr.com/ think this is her tumblr.

No. 1231820

Anna has deleted even more comments! I went back to check her second most recent video (the 'my friend left me' one [I wonder why?]) there was a huge blog about how Anna has said her ED made her bitchy and then going on to talk about pushing people away and the stress it puts on the friend etc etc etc. Not there anymore. I wonder if she is going to delete all her negative comments, because that will take a while.

No. 1231821

If she had siblings, especially younger, that might factor into it. It would be very traumatic to watch your sister get skellier and skellier, not to mention the tension around the house.
Yes Emma was probably very manipulative but there is still something so negligent about her family. If she had been tubed to a healthy weight maybe she would still be alive and perhaps even somewhat recovered.

No. 1231849

They tried tubing her many times, she was IP many times. this place was a last resort. they had pretty much tried everything, she was essentially terminally anorexic

No. 1231859

I agree, unless they kept her locked up against her will permanently (which you can't do), she would always relapse. I also feel like she somewhat knew she was going to die, and didn't want to do it infront of her parents and siblings. Perhaps thought it would be easier for them to grieve her death when they aren't actually missing her physical presence?
Regardless.. how the heck is Ashley Isaac's still going.. like surely she looks as bad as Emma, if not worse.. and has been at least for the last decade.

No. 1231860

If she were a little older I would agree. But she had 'only' been ill for 6 years and whilst her prognosis certainly was not good it felt like too soon to completely give up. It seems like she was coping on some level before her last relapse, had friends etc. I got the impression she went to Portugal to try to postpone actual weight gain but still get coddled rather than actively accepting dying, if that makes sense.

No. 1231863

ultimately she did not want to get better.

No. 1231871

File: 1621252650982.jpg (502.75 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_20210517_125644.jpg)


Samefag and same pic but this time, with the inclusion of the date.

No. 1231876

I do not understand these cowmums who want to be featured on their cowdaughter instagrams! Are they not embarrassed? Especially a terrible picture like that. They really want the world to know that they raised a kid who’s greatest accomplishment to date is eating a soft pretzel while at a totally normal weight?

No. 1231888

I'd be worried about the entire family's sanity if we ever found n2f's mum posing with her daughter's binge food feast. N2 wearing scanty undies with food all over her mouth and her mum grinning like a loon in her hoard pit.

No. 1231911

File: 1621261987554.jpeg (239.89 KB, 750x1093, CF4412C1-DB51-4494-B552-B25D0C…)

It might be too nit picky, sorry if that is the case, but I am blinded by how irritating Anna is. If I were this company I would be furious to receive such a low effort caption in a paid partnership. And she has never mentioned liking this brand before. I didn’t know poor sickly Anna was eating sticky toffee pudding this time last year when she was relying on a tube to survive!

No. 1231926


How strange with all her FDOEs we haven’t seen this once.
People who aren’t specifically eating gluten free don’t go to the gluten free section and eat gluten free foods. Why is she making this up? She could easily have said this was something she found in her quest for good gluten free foods.

No. 1231931

File: 1621264784084.jpeg (202.83 KB, 750x1168, 4D27B263-B470-4C4F-AC40-6CE2DD…)

She’s not even holding up the right pudding in the first picture… literally holding up a different pudding to the one she’s advertising in the description….

No. 1231938

File: 1621265196150.jpeg (52.67 KB, 750x189, 625EB152-9786-4146-8BAE-3F78E1…)

thoughts on this comment ? It’s definitely a a huge snowflake thing , it’s not like she is selling skinny syrups to anas or a common binge food to a BN/BED audience. But at the same time the post runs me up the wrong way. Maybe because she must know a lot of her audience won’t be able to eat this and properly enjoy it , it feels like she is misleading the pudding company because they won’t be benefitting of her post

No. 1231966

‘if you can’t eat gluten’ lol anna baiting the coeliac diagnosis she definitely doesn’t have

No. 1231972

She didn't have that shit eating grin when she was unboxing these things. She threw them to one side with little interest and said she didn't like the sound of some.

No. 1231989

is ashley isaacs @burywinglesscrows

No. 1231997

No. 1232040

She also couldn’t be arsed to get it in focus and her in the background.

No. 1232043

the perfect analogy for her entire social media presence.

No. 1232050

I find it more deceptive that she's asked this company if she can be sponsored by them when a large amount of her followers are bots.

No. 1232054

Maybe Maccies will reach out to Ham next. She must have kept her local one afloat throughout the entire pandemic

No. 1232060

She has the complexion that makes her look like the typical McD's customer.

Bit disappointed Paris didn't go to Starbucks or wherever. First day of opening and the cows are all still stuck inside.

No. 1232067

File: 1621279317417.jpeg (769.49 KB, 750x1282, 28AAD99E-03D9-47D2-B61C-631046…)

anna’s going out today with a visible panty line, camel toe, and without a bra? good for her, don’t really see why this is empowering but if it makes her feel better, whatever

No. 1232073

Whew! Sounds hot as a guy wearing a mankini.

No. 1232076

love how she hashtagged feminism. Not wearing a bra = stick it to the man Anna! That's what the suffragettes wanted!

No. 1232078

File: 1621280039856.jpg (55.46 KB, 570x748, grr.jpg)

Our own little riot grrrl.

No. 1232085

did she manage to slip in a humblebrag about how she doesn't need a bra because she is so very underweight she has no tits?

Whenever Anna talks about social issues it seems so performative and like she is only doing it for clout. Compare her with Molly, another posh girl, who for all her many faults seems to actually care about the things she reposts/shares and to do some research into it other than what she shares on SM.

No. 1232091

Oh yeah Anna's an amoral Tory lite, she'll go whichever way the wind blows

No. 1232095

Like how she is against marriage because a) same-sex marriage is illegal in all but 29 countries and sOlIdArItY and b) partiarchal roots. But when the inheritance tax breaks are taken into account that does not matter

No. 1232101

She's immature and talks like an impressionable teenager going through a phase. She'll change her mind in a few months.

No. 1232107

…she needs to wear a bra?

No. 1232116

>impressionable teenager going through a phase
Just like her anorexia then

No. 1232121

anon she's got a chest like a cutting board, I don't know how much your udders swing about but most girls are fine without a bra.

saged for no milk

No. 1232127

File: 1621282506643.jpeg (75.65 KB, 336x397, CA2E8A7A-1BCB-471B-8A85-C193F8…)

She should get a job there, make use of the employee discount. It’d give her something other to do than fuck around playing muh eatin disorduh on the internet too. Two birds with one stone and all that

No. 1232130

>most girls are fine without a bra

One exception I can think of is Georgia who is definitely not fine without a bra, but…Georgia.

No. 1232147

File: 1621283272803.jpeg (131.29 KB, 898x694, 650929D7-530F-40B9-86D3-28774D…)

What are you talking about anon. Georgia is fine. Totally fine and 200% valid.

No. 1232173

she really needs to stop larping and get a life. all she does is go to costa or mcdonalds with her mum, it's sad.

No. 1232184

Wow, she owns a bra!

No. 1232188

Damn I forgot what a hamplanet she is

No. 1232273

It is a bit snowflakey but honestly I agree. I don't think Anna should be doing paid partnerships for food related things. I don't think people with eating disorders should try and profit of their recovery profiles when they're actually disordered af.

No. 1232423

I could never figure out why Georgie took such horrendous selfies… until I saw this pic. If this is what she actually looks like then those selfies are actually her looking her best.

No. 1232428

Agreed.. camera angles really do make a hell of a difference.

No. 1232436

File: 1621309784153.jpg (167.79 KB, 1080x718, Screenshot_20210518_134634.jpg)

Speaking of ham planets..

"used to be"

No. 1232442

there's no way this isn't parody at this point

No. 1232455

Did she delete this? I don’t see it on her account

No. 1232461

File: 1621312589468.jpg (295.01 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20210518_143558.jpg)

Seems like it, but found this instead
Nobody believes you did not eat till dinner

No. 1232468

File: 1621313484471.jpeg (412.23 KB, 1536x2048, 0B40B35D-DF32-4816-8895-62C34F…)

All her tweets from today were positive and talking about hanging out with friends, then she posts that before and after, gets no concerned replies, and then mentions that she totally relapsed last night. Why wait that long to mention it on your “major ED tw vent account”?
Anyway, here’s a body check.

No. 1232512

Skinny queen

No. 1232519

>most girls are fine without a bra

Are you talking about 12 year old girls? If not that’s a bold statement to suggest that most women in the world can go without a bra. Sorry your A cups have blinded your perception

No. 1232535

Your anorexia is showing.

No. 1232546

File: 1621327100138.jpg (605.22 KB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20210518_093611.jpg)

Someone upset n2f. Wonder what they said.

No. 1232547

File: 1621327319001.jpg (532.58 KB, 2048x1498, IMG_20210518_094026.jpg)

Found it.

No. 1232548

I actually never realised she claimed to be 'recovered' .. surely she doesn't actually think that.

No. 1232549

I know people have a soft spot for n2f but the 'fast metabolism' shit is really irresponsible. It will make the anas who can't miraculously maintain on 5000 cals feel shitty and it also implies you can speed up your metabolism by restricting. Sure, some people go hypermetabolic for a while but that ends quite soon and the people who plaster it over insta lie about its extent. Luckily, anyone with eyes can see she is a raging bulimic so hopefully no one is falling for that bullcrap.

No. 1232552

File: 1621328385584.jpg (44.47 KB, 746x270, maria.jpg)

Old topic now but Maria dropping facts on Anna's sponsored post

No. 1232564

File: 1621329557605.png (58.84 KB, 720x364, Screenshot_20210518-101821~2.p…)

Katy commented as well

No. 1232567

Holy shit getting btfo by a middle aged skelly retard is embarrassing, get it together anna

No. 1232568

File: 1621330679442.jpg (522.81 KB, 2048x2048, InFrame_1621330661151.jpg)

N2f continues to lie and deny

No. 1232569


> food is just food

Dedicates hours to photographing and describing her food. Has tracked every single thing she has eaten for the past ~5 years. Her level of defensiveness is just proof that this has hit a nerve.

No. 1232587

File: 1621334206561.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210518-203449_Tik…)

Oh my God… Remi, I feel embarrassed FOR you… Really? A fucking WALKING CANE/STICK!? This is absolutely absurd when you're able to hike and go swimming etc. You're just making a fool out of yourself in public. Oh gosh I'm laughing but I literally feel humiliated FOR YOU HAHAHAH

No. 1232621

File: 1621340614773.jpeg (972.69 KB, 828x1442, 11A75A6A-0C8D-4DBA-8BE5-B7A0C3…)

Is it just me or does Kara look like she might actually be gaining weight? Her legs look less skelly than usual at least.

No. 1232627

She definitely does look like she's genuinely gained some weight and has also posted some surprisingly sane things lately. She even admitted that resisting treatment was an eating disorder thing, rather than screeching about how she didn't NEED it, she was going to do it on HER OWN.

No. 1232639

I think it’s just the extremely unfashionable shoes.

No. 1232648

the classic bending legs inwards to cover each other pose. shame with all her introspection she still insists her LW pics aren't harmful.

No. 1232650

I think she’s just really bow-legged and it’s the only way to hide it. If you look at her spoop pics it’s really obvious. She’s like the inverse of Elzani’s weird leg situation.

No. 1232657

File: 1621342780439.gif (4.01 MB, 292x383, ezgif.com-crop.gif)

Looks good.

No. 1232670

I've been posted many threads ago and I still use you for self harm purposes. Thank you for helping me with hurting myself.

No. 1232672

LMAOOO girl stfu and get a job or something

No. 1232673

You shouldn't google yourself if you're a cow promoting anorexia. Which one are you?

No. 1232676

pleasure to be of service!

No. 1232681

anytime! glad i could be of help

No. 1232688

File: 1621346141246.jpg (16.9 KB, 265x310, BIG HUGS X.jpg)

We'll post our amazon wishlists. You can show your gratitude by sending us gifts.

No. 1232693

File: 1621346593242.gif (481.52 KB, 220x165, tenor (1).gif)


youre welcome! good that you trust and follow lolcow more than your family trying to see you get better. you've taken the right choice. update us when you're forced to hospitalization, not for that ana shit though but for being an actual retard.

No. 1232696

>when you're forced to hospitalization

Woah, woah, anon. Steady on. Let's not refuse a coveted tube pic.

Good to hear that troubled anon of past thread inclusion is working well on dealing with her issues and not blaming others for her acts.

No. 1232717

shes now crying that shes in poverty

No. 1232733


No. 1232781

File: 1621353041148.jpeg (348.56 KB, 816x510, 062031D7-8740-4B13-8D9C-215EF4…)

Aww at least give us a hint which one of these morons you are! Don’t leave us hanging

No. 1232795

I think Paris' spoopiness just makes the already retarded looking dancing look more hilarious

No. 1232853


I wonder, would Paris be considered SEED given that she has made little to no gains in the last 10 years?

Or would recovery be possible if only she wasn't enabled by her mother and allowed to live under her duvet all day lamenting about how she longs to die?

I honestly cannot see her ever making a recovery in her present environment.

No. 1232870

Who knows tbh. It’s like with Becky the dog, some of these cowmums are either so fucking clueless or frightened to stand up to their own daughters, it’s like they’re just waiting for them to croak. Personally I find them much worse than those like Mollmum or even Hammum, who while deluded into believing their kids are anorexic at least seem to care about getting them ‘better’

No. 1232888

no one cares, get of the internet or go private

No. 1232905

Becky's mum should be investigated or something. She's in charge of an adult who is mentally lacking and all she does it take her to fucking garden centres while she withers away.

No. 1232908

does anyone know if she receives a carers allowance? because she is not doing much caring.

No. 1232943

Agree, she doesn’t seem long for the world

I’m guessing they claim whatever they can because Becky won’t let her out of her sight for more than 5 minutes at a time. That and those Take a Break type mags are prob their only source of income

No. 1232949

No, she doesn't. I don't think she ever did even before her dramatic and terrible ED.
She's not wearing a bra in her "paid promotion" for that dessert company either.

No. 1232989

Becky hasn't been begging for cash and free stuff since she won that competition. Her mum's a demic, fibromyalgia. Don't know their benefits, but p sure they get everything they can available to them.

No. 1233041

*dramatic and terrible ED throughout which she has looked the same weight consistently, and still resembles a twelve year old in both intellect and wardrobe… a sage for nitpick but she grinds my gears

No. 1233054

File: 1621374038989.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, han.PNG)

Imagine getting a birthday message, posted from a public account, but :
A) the sender has included the spoopiest, toobiest photos of herself in contrast to your healthy body, despite the fact you also have an ED (presumably AN)
B) your head is not even in full view in the middle shot, but hers is
C) the poster has talked about how harmful LW/toob pics are before but has conveniently forgotten about that now.
D) I swear she uses make up to emphasis her eyeballs. I've not seen any that bad, even in people with dreadful insomnia.

(have obscured the victim's face and name bc AFAIK they are not milky)

No. 1233057

Am an idiot anon. *eyebags, not eyeballs.

No. 1233061

ah but anon those will be the ONLY pictures they have together …. han had no choice !!!!

No. 1233095

File: 1621378168924.jpeg (322.1 KB, 1536x2048, A15D80DA-B373-4770-AE5B-64B9CE…)

Don’t forget Ovi! She only posts photos with no bra but really… she should invest in one

No. 1233113

File: 1621379301606.png (417.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210513-182304.png)

No. 1233114

File: 1621379334046.png (788.29 KB, 720x955, Screenshot_20210514-002405~2.p…)

No. 1233264

I saw that and found it so rude. The victim posted on her own story how she didn't like the pic of her….how selfish of Han.

No. 1233270

wow such a difference, she used to be so fat

No. 1233271

Is she still blaming the inability to walk on her apparently severe anorexia?

No. 1233319

File: 1621396583079.png (630.06 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_20210518-171211~2.p…)

No. 1233331

File: 1621398406688.jpeg (1016.07 KB, 3464x3283, 5A17A71A-4E08-40EF-9900-FF080A…)

she’s insane. this preoccupation with food is not normal

No. 1233347

I don't understand how she doesn't get boob ache. I'm large chested myself and mine hurt if I don't wear a bra even just at home.

Or it could be that she's wearing some kind of "gender neutral chest clothing" that offers no support or cup?

No. 1233370

Are we supposed to feel bad for you using us, and by sounds it was posted ages ago, as an excuse to cause yourself misery? Move on. It's your choice, your body, your life. If it wasn't a post here I'm sure you would have used something else or someone else, it's what people like you do. Maybe take responsibility and seek help for your maladaptive coping mechanisms, or talk to real people in your life instead of the internet. There would have been a reason you were discussed here, heck you could have even been a self-poster and you wanted to inflict something on yourself so you posted here. So sorry, not going to feel bad if someone called out shitty behaviour.

Maybe search online for free pdf's of DBT and mindfulness, work on yourself, instead of blaming others for your troubles. Or at least tell us who you are so we can have a kek.

No. 1233385

The part twos get me. Why not just have it all once

No. 1233401

That is an insane amount of obsessing, thinking and planning over breakfast the following day. Most people just wake up and go for what ever they're feeling like eating in the moment.

I've also noticed her mornings always start off super sweet and sugary, which I know from experience (with morning sickness, not ED) that it's easy to eat something sweet so when you do puke it doesn't burn at all.

No. 1233412

File: 1621410145927.jpg (441.47 KB, 1080x2042, 20210519_173933.jpg)

Ahhh yes. Georgia trying to make out that she's "soooo soopa sick" by how many bloods have to be taken. Lol does she realise it ain't even a FBC (Full Blood Count)? Sorry Georgia, you didn't think this one through, did you? You're really not even "sick", these are just like annual check up bloods. Good try, good try.

No. 1233417

I want to know what the clinical note is "persisting d…." what. hmm. Likely be a physical thing. Diarrhea? Drinking? lots of liver-related tests there I think.

No. 1233424

They can take multiple samples from the same vials, the reason they have different vials is to do with how the blood sample needs to be stored/what they need to measure. That’s honestly a pretty standard amount of tests. Interesting that she’s getting some infectious diseases tested though. Not an ana blood panel for sure though kek

No. 1233425

File: 1621411970231.png (3.7 MB, 1864x837, literal pig sty.PNG)


not wanting to dox young Porgie, but a quick google search of the details she left on this page yielded not only her mums email address, but this is her house… its now easy to see why she wants to leave this dump for her NFC holidays so often.

No. 1233426


i didnt realise we had such "white trash" homes in Aus.
it suits her

No. 1233430

Seriously, out of all the shitty things about Georgia, you're gonna go in on her for not being able to afford a mansion in the fucking australian housing market? It's fairly neat and normal looking so idk what the filename is for.

No. 1233431

I voted B then D. Kek.

No. 1233432

I agree. I’m guessing OP is still living at home and/or in a very LCOL area. Her house, if it is indeed her house, is fine.

No. 1233436

Of course she wouldn't like it. She is also anorexic (look at her fingers in the bottom photo) and she looks chubby in constant to Han's smelly face (even though she is not in any other photos)

No. 1233446

True. People complain if they have to say what they want for breakfast the evening before at some B&Bs. It must stress her out. Why can't she just have corn flakes or porridge instead of a 5 year olds breakfast paradise dream.

Saying that, it's a change from regular ana's with their oatmeal with ~bloobs~ or fucking biscoff/Nutella or pancakes. We'd miss n2f if she disappeared.

No. 1233447

Georgie lives with her dad.

No. 1233450


Medfag but that’s not really a standard set of tests (I’m not from Aus though). She’s having a full autoimmune screen, testing for HIV/hepatitis and causes of anaemia, Wilson’s disease by the look of it, I think they’re thinking something is wrong with her liver

No. 1233452

kek I thought the same

No. 1233453

It looks like a trailer

No. 1233457

Munchie larp or just liver damage from excessive eating?

No. 1233458

persistent diarrhea?

No. 1233460

Possibly routine follow-up because whatever she overdosed on can potentially cause liver damage?

No. 1233464

Other than very new homes, this is a pretty standard housing design in Aus. Houses are raised on to make ventilation/cooling easier and because Brisbane is hilly. Older houses are normally single storied because there is so much land to go around. It is also hard to regulate temperature in a two storey home. Sorry for the sperg. There is plenty of things about her to criticise but this is not one of them.

No. 1233480

Persistent denial of obesity

No. 1233485

The copper levels along with the liver tests seem to suggest they’re trying to rule Wilson’s disease out. Possibly a little off topic but porgie reminds me of that one character in an episode of ER who had wilson’s and then tried to use it as an excuse to run over and kill some of her classmates. She was also fat and attention seeking too…

No. 1233496

File: 1621423113535.jpg (40.82 KB, 1035x191, Capture.JPG)

I'm saying it says diarrhoea

No. 1233499

File: 1621423337707.png (292.82 KB, 237x557, dharma.png)

Dharma is claiming she is now close to double her LW. She is revelling in all the 'eat a burger' comments

No. 1233533

What even is this word soup?

No. 1233534

Interesting that she only uses her designated recovery account to post skelly body checks. I get the sense this one is just pure narcissistic evil and she knows very well what she is doing.

No. 1233535

There's no name for her concoctions so she just lists every ingredient she's going to have it seems

No. 1233538

I feel like she is some sort of mirror-Ganer, but far less sympathetic because she knows she is full of shit and it is just a front for more asspats. People have pointed out that body checks aren't going to help her and she screams that 'you can't handle real life!!!!'

It is also interesting she talks about her BED and how she would 'competitively eat'. She uses that as an excuse for why she needs 'balance' in her recovery. Did you know she was 150lb whole pounds! The Horror! (/s) That would put her BMI at 25. On the borderline but still not obese. Why are some of these cows so obsessed with their former fatness?

No. 1233541

File: 1621429250680.jpg (33.08 KB, 319x400, by Alicia Savage.jpg)

I'm used to her word salad names for her bakes, but I don't get the abbreviations.
Birthday cake PB (peanut butter??)
White CHKC squiggles ???

Basically she has a Fibre Now bar, protein porridge, toast with this PB/chocolate/sweets on it. Sounds less revolting.

No. 1233542

> Why are some of these cows so obsessed with their former fatness?

Looking average isn't special.

No. 1233547

>I dont spend hours planning my food
Starts planning a whole day in advance

No. 1233558

NTAYRT but damn, I didn't realise Australian houses were so shit (at least in appearance). What do these "very new homes" you mentioned look like by comparison?

No. 1233573

File: 1621431082584.png (1.41 MB, 1363x601, 18.png)

The houses look like flimsy sheds, but they look okay inside. This is one for sale on her street. I don't suppose you need something sturdy where she lives. It's Australia.

No. 1233594

The outside walls look sooo thin but then again makes sense because it's Australia

No. 1233607

Should see the state of their prisons!

/derail but yeah, can't knock Georgie because she lives in a normalish Aus house. It's probably all her family can manage to rent with her spending their cash on her NF breaks.

No. 1233616

And food.

No. 1233623

Big no no. I know how low this site snoops but this is beyond low. Exposing someone's home which is supposed to be their safe place is just too far.

No. 1233626

Meant stoops* not snoops

No. 1233635

Do you know where you are

No. 1233637

Mhmm yeah but still that is kinda out of bounds. It has nothing to do with the milk.

No. 1233660

Med fag: basic autoimmune workup plus iron studies to evaluate anemia

No. 1233742

That anons post was censored, something that Georginas post wasn't. Bright side, it's a lesson in being actually aware of what you share online and internet safety et el. Though it's not really milky.

No. 1233750

File: 1621444347428.jpg (33.65 KB, 344x500, 041c6b98d90e52beaa79a75ff9a75e…)

Yup. Also defending anon. She didn't give an address. It could've been a house in Venezuela for all we knew. It was Georgia being a dick posting her medical form for munchie points.

Anyone notice how NEAT n2f's food looks today? Bit too condiments heavy, but she's so manic with her presentation. Very manic. IMG related.

No. 1233770


Replying to old milk but there is a book. It's called "Emma wil leven" (same as the docu). No clue if it's available in English but I've read the original Dutch version.

It's mostly based on diary excerpts written by Emma herself throughout the years, with some chapters describing her life through the eyes of her parents, siblings, friends, and caretakers.

From what I remember, it describes her love for hockey and her in patient treatments a lot more than the docu (and how she felt being there). The Portugal home wasn't talked about until the very end of the book.

If the original interested anons are still around and curious about something, I can go through the book again and summarize/translate some bits.

No. 1233797

File: 1621447246865.jpg (152.36 KB, 720x1178, 20210519_114643.jpg)

On a positive note, I always want to check up on anas it looks like Korey is doing really well

No. 1233799

File: 1621447291432.jpg (417.45 KB, 720x1291, 20210519_114658.jpg)

No. 1233816

File: 1621447799454.png (4.81 MB, 828x1792, 42896A9E-7B2A-4AE4-A03A-0EF111…)

Please someone else go watch dharmas latest story about how she has no appetite and tell me I’m not the only one who finds her to be the most punchable cow on this thread. She is pure pro-ana scumbag with her subversive, sly insinuation that she’s the Queen-ana. She reeks of superiority complex.

No. 1233829

Well her teeth are disgusting so maybe she should stop feeling so superior and invest in a toothbrush

No. 1233838

The best part was when she said 'as you can see it's really hot'. There is no thermometer. I can not see the tarmac melting. We cannot infer it is hot because it is a bright day. For someone who takes such pride in getting into paramedic school she is really dumb.

She is probably the cow I hate most per unit of content she produces. Definitely very pro-ana. She was promoting her 120 calorie frozen rice cakes for 'hot days when you have no appetite' If you are struggling to eat on hot days you can do ice cream, smoothies, salads with protein and carbs and dressings.

No. 1233842

nice to see but shame she dragged the entire community through the mud in the process (with her body checks, lack of weight gain for years whilst preaching like no other cow, etc) Do you think she regrets studying dietetics now? I really hope she is not allowed ED patients.

No. 1233844

N2F anons; I have realised she only gets ~50 likes on her posts despite 11k followers. Are they bots or all farmers? And what happened to her dog? Did she eat him mid-binge? Is he trapped under the debris of her ratnest room?

No. 1233858

Fuck just saw she volunteers at eatingdisordersvictoria. She should not be giving advice directly to people with ana given her LW and spoop pics are all over the internet thanks to her daily mail article. It is nice to see she considered herself recovered. Once she finally started gaining (last year?) it seems like she improved rapidly.

No. 1233881

yh i do agree. posting pics of her house is way too far. not milky in any way

No. 1233897

File: 1621452377294.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1869, 812C9F4F-BFA3-4D7F-A4D4-6ADAB7…)

Ham pretending she didn’t demolish a Big Mac and fries before this “hehe”

No. 1233908

she even made sure to have her ever so spoopy thighs visible in the background. Ham's a real ana guys.

No. 1233910

Manics fans really do be looking for any excuse to post the only pictures of Richey we will ever have and look at them huh

No. 1233914

Love the strategically placed box to hide her distinctively chubby forearms and poor attempt at *~thigh gap~*

No. 1233919

idk about everyone else but I almost mistook her for Kelsey

No. 1233971

File: 1621457355531.jpg (8.71 KB, 236x279, 450a2a3be9e00f30db99b78b3be61a…)

Shit. Didn't see the user pic and thought that was Georgia. Oops.

I really don't know what you mean.
Okay, Ham I don't do McFlurry, I prefer a Knickerbocker Glory. IMG related.

Her sausage dog has short legs. I'm sure she knows better than to attempt to push through the rubbish on n2s bedroom floor.

No. 1233976

She like lives at mcdonalds

No. 1233977

No. 1233980

Lissy we by private again. Now I have no breakfast inspo.

No. 1233982

Fuck. Went private*

No. 1233985

File: 1621458709472.png (82.01 KB, 689x513, bots.png)

Anna needs to tell her fake followers to be less obvious with their bought comments

No. 1233988


No. 1233994

Amy's bought followers were amusing. Most of them ended their comment with I MEAN IT! And she interacted with them. How sad for Anna to have to buy comments for free food.

No. 1233998

Aly not Amy. Idk who Amy is.

No. 1234012

You only have to be fully recovered for 2 years to volunteer with them. I guess she believes she’s been fully recovered for that long

No. 1234057

She still does this on the daily

No. 1234126

File: 1621472016511.png (155.66 KB, 720x873, Screenshot_20210520-015201~2.p…)

If this is the tragedy who commented we help her self harm, she found it hilarious on MPA

No. 1234132

A PROTEIN BIRTHDAY SQUIGGLE FIBRE SQUIGGLE TOAST PORRIDGE WITH BIRTHDAY CAKE SPRINKLES for the anon who figures out who this unfortunate was. Britfag doing science PhD?

No. 1234133

File: 1621472750453.png (136.98 KB, 720x711, Screenshot_20210520-015822~3.p…)

No. 1234138

i’m slow is this n2f

No. 1234195

No. 1234239

See this? This is why emojis should always be banned here, no matter what the board can handle technically.

No. 1234250

I bet it won't be an a-lister, it'll be someone deeply boring and irrelevant. Probably someone who got called out for samefagging here a few threads ago, sad that they were never brought up again, and just had to take another crack at it.

No. 1234254

Yes. Not PLing but sometimes they like to check you hadn't had any hidden damage. Paracetamol can take a while to damage the liver.

and I had to guess, the scrubbed out was Diarrhea. she does have a terrible diet.

No. 1234257

How is she going to manage being a paramedic? I know paras and there is a LOT of lifting involved.

No. 1234261

It's "persistent depression" obvs. She crossed it out because she doesn't want people knowing she has no diagnosed mental health issues (including EDs) besides depression, which doesn't sound sooper serious enough for internet points.

No. 1234284

Sounds plausible. The last letter of the word could be n based on what little I can see.. But now I find it extremely funny that she left the d there completely visible. It's like she wanted us to speculate about what it is. Didn't go quite as planned or she just loves humiliating herself kek

No. 1234329


It’s not paracetamol follow up, that would just be a routine liver screen and paractamol overdose wouldn’t give you Wilson’s disease, infective and autoimmune hepatitis, coeliac, HIV, and other autoimmune diseases like lupus, all of which she is being tested for. I don’t know what the d is for (diarrhoea, depression?) but the above are what she is being tested for and that is not routine post-overdose.

No. 1234336

she likes to brag about how much she can lift in the gym, so I'm sure she'll be fine /s. idk how occupational health works/ if it is a thing in Canada but in the UK they would take one look at her and send her straight home.

No. 1234337

If Porgie gets a coeliac diagnosis and Anna doesn’t I'll have a fit laughing. Although if she gets a diagnosis of anything i can see her slipping into munchdom very comfortably - the ED larp is getting pretty worn out.

No. 1234340

Aust med fag but thats not a normal array of pathology here. Fbc, lft, chem20, iron are normal. Everything else isnt. Appears shes got persistent diarrhoea and is being tested for IBD however theres no calprotectin so probably is another disorder like wilsons that causes diarrhoea. Most those tests she has to pay for as medicare doesnt cover it so should be interesting what the results are.

No. 1234341

it couldn't be Anna lying about the PhD? She is the only person I know whose hight we have discussed and the infamous BMI 13 claim is in there. It doesn't seem like the sort of thing she'd do though.

Or perhaps Cecelia?

No. 1234343

or soft4ngel?

No. 1234347

File: 1621503218670.png (757.49 KB, 680x681, ham.png)

look how frail she was

No. 1234351

she has to be trolling at this point, right? she doesn't even look sad in any of them, just like she is pouting

No. 1234357

Aren't these just screenshots from her challenging videos when she was already "recoverin from an ed" and not from the time she was supposedly sick

No. 1234359

People usually lose weight with IBD so there’s no danger of georgia having it kek

No. 1234362

She'll really have to challenge herself to change her diet, and not in the way ham challenges herself

No. 1234367

File: 1621506444141.png (1.42 MB, 881x943, ham.png)

No. 1234369

na i think the word depression is too long. And there is no need for all those physical/health/liver related tests for something like depression. I'm sure its diarrhea.

No. 1234370

>created an entire website to message each other about people's pctures on here
Hey now, don't lump the entire website in with the ana-chan thread. We're not all a-logging anorexics and this is probably one of the worst threads this site has to offer cause it's full of people who have the same mental illness as the people they make fun of.

No. 1234371

File: 1621506866264.jpeg (415.53 KB, 750x863, 788AE5C9-6223-416A-A228-510AC0…)

God she still scares me whenever her manky posts of her or her weird food show up ☠️(emoji)

No. 1234373

post purge sweat or post exercise? we will never know

No. 1234374

>who have the same mental illness as the people they make fun of

Which is exactly why we can recognise the cows' bullshit.

No. 1234390

File: 1621510706108.jpeg (403.95 KB, 750x1017, 0A69F619-4E62-48C0-BBB5-8E8717…)

Does she think she is fooling people with semantics games about AN b/p and bulimia?

No. 1234396

More often than not you are just calling normal or underweight girls fat and say they eat like pigs when it's a fairly normal portion size. Sorry but this thread is absolutely full of nitpicky bullshit and projection.

No. 1234397

Have you seen ham and n2f's meals though? If that's not piggy then idk what is.

No. 1234403

we only pick apart portions when they claim an ED they clearly do not have. We never call under/normal weight people fat (or if ppl do it is labelled bone-rattling) but we might say they are fatter than they like to suggest they are which is a fair criticism. go back to bitching on your own thread if you don't understand how this works.

No. 1234410

File: 1621511790410.png (633.72 KB, 478x597, Hannah Gane on Instagram JUST …)


No. 1234418

File: 1621512624112.jpg (183.34 KB, 830x1065, vEf16oowanQ[1].jpg)

It's who ever this cow was, I can't find her on recent threads?

No. 1234419


Ray of hope (with some form of _ in the name)… interesting because the last post on her Instagram is her saying she’s totally better and leaving Instagram because she no longer has an ED and doesn’t need to be in the recovery community (yet still needs MPA?).

Aside from the body checks, I’ve never found her milky. And I’ve never really found her body checks milky, just someone too sick to really realise the damage she’s doing

No. 1234420

she should have her period back by now if she's so gosh darned recovered. she just keeps outing herself while trying to defend herself.

No. 1234443

How many posters in these threads post/read other threads? I'm only here for the pro-ana scumbag threads, personally.

No. 1234462


No. 1234483

She said she's weight restored on MPA, so really she should leave that place while she's ahead. I don't remember her being posted. Nice study area.

I post here 99% of the time but read some other threads and occasionally chip in. I like the tranny threads and the alt cow. The latter because Jake gives me pleasurable second hand embarrassment. This thread is gold, though. I love the sense of humour we have here.

No. 1234486

I'm throwing dizziness into the mix.

No. 1234502

Ngl… Many people can get away with 3000+ calories without gaining much weight, or any at that. It's paradoxical… People who have had anorexia often need more than most to maintain after recovery.

No. 1234513

I have no recollection of her being posted and I have followed her for a long time. Not milky. Is autistic and also apparently very smart, I think she is is getting a PhD in physics at Oxford? But she's pretty boring in general, so don't know why she would have come up.

No. 1234529


I have a very vague recollection of her being posted and someone thinking she had photoshopped her pics. She hadn’t.
I don’t think she was discussed beyond that.

No. 1234536

File: 1621528382741.jpeg (680.82 KB, 725x1244, F1FE102A-5682-43E9-B118-A2AC0B…)

zara is currently arguing with tellonym users that she is fine and fit to study law whilst simultaneously looking like a starved weasel… her story is full of keks, screencaps inbound

No. 1234542

Christ, who designed that fugly uniform.

No. 1234550

anon it’s a kilt and shirt with a cardigan… hardly christ’s hospital / eton level

No. 1234578

File: 1621531314636.png (Spoiler Image, 6.13 MB, 1242x2208, F216E1C4-015E-42C2-9911-A1C226…)

Speaking of her, she's currently arguing with people on tellonym that picrel isn't a body check. 1/2

No. 1234579

File: 1621531362996.png (3.64 MB, 1242x2208, E96C384F-6BDE-4352-9680-62B3DC…)

No. 1234583

She’s not 18 yet?? Wow I thought she was 25 at least

No. 1234587

File: 1621532166170.png (115.95 KB, 720x797, Screenshot_20210520-183421~2.p…)

You found yourself on here and posted a new thread on MPA about it but you can't find the thread?

We just said you were uninteresting. No drama. Forgotten.

No. 1234588

No but when I had my shots they make you stand in your undies like that. You do that thing with one foot to accentuate any thigh gap. It's regulation.

No. 1234592

Body check with her feet turned to create a thigh gap. But why on earth is she thinking about doing soft porn before she's even 18? or is it easy money? (legit don't know, i've only ever bumped in to scummy people that have onlyfans - onionboy being one). Does she have no other desire or use in life to focus on? No idea how many people woudl throw their money away looking at someone half hacked up bar fetishists.

No. 1234611

File: 1621533975090.jpeg (569.29 KB, 2048x2048, 89FFD230-EB75-4103-B745-1DAE23…)

Sage for no new milk and cow crossover, but does no one else think ovi and Luna slater were twins separated at birth? They even larp the same disorder.

Sorry…every time I see ovi posted this is literally all I can think about and I couldn’t take it anymore so I had to share.

No. 1234626

sage for derail but she likely wants money and attention. probably more so the attention actually. onlyfans as a concept is scummy as fuck. just like the entire porn industry tho

No. 1234627

She doesn't want to get a normal job (and possibly couldn't due to her fucked up haircut and makeup choices) and thinks that getting naked for randos will be easy cash. She will fail spectacularly though, OF is only lucrative if you already have a very large following like Belle Delphine or Bhad Babie. She has a fair number of followers on tiktok but they're all 14 year old uwu enbys, not the type of people to pay for shitty porn filmed in her dump of a bedroom.
So yeah, she bought the onlyfans scam as a minor and is chomping at the bit to get started, just the way it was designed.

No. 1234631

the only difference i visibly see is the nose shape, but surely they are the same cows??

No. 1234668

>will you discriminate against me rather than other sex workers
Literally no one gives a fuck about Onlyfans, it's dubious to claim it even qualifies as "sex work" and no one discriminates against people with accts because it's so deadass common it's boring. Maybe be a hooker if you want weird street cred and to talk about being discriminated against?

No. 1234670

File: 1621538814933.jpg (78.84 KB, 654x591, bekah.georgy.JPG)

This is from a few weeks ago (IG: bekah.georgy) but does anyone know what her justification is for still having a tube when she can apparently drink and eat normally?

No. 1234679

Because she’s a munchie pretending to have gi problems, but not very well kek. Otherwise for asspats only, she doesn’t need it.

No. 1234695

Christ, she still has that? …Actually what am I even saying. Of course she does. She went the munchie route after being banned from a load of ED treatment centres iirc

No. 1234702

File: 1621540837284.jpg (427.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210520-205923_Ins…)


Tbh she does look weight restored. From a couple of months ago.

No. 1234731

she looks like ham if ham actually had the anorexia she’s larping and lost some fucking weight

No. 1234734


Nah I think she’s quite pretty. I find her case sad, she has so much potential, I hope it doesn’t all get lost to anorexia. Maybe I’m just getting old, I’ll see myself out

No. 1234749

she looks nice really. wonder what shes doing creeping around on MPA if shes so recovered tho

No. 1234753

Nope. Two different cows. Luna has her own thread in pt. This is an old picture of her, though

No. 1234755

File: 1621547093228.png (168.64 KB, 720x823, Screenshot_20210520-224402~2.p…)

She wants to "loose" weight.

No. 1234762

We sure this is the ray of hope chick? I also find her story sad and hope that she sticks with recovery.

No. 1234768

File: 1621548499098.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.27 KB, 646x868, Capture.JPG)

Idk. This is in her gallery on mpa. Can't tell if it's her.

No. 1234771

File: 1621548851480.png (Spoiler Image, 940.21 KB, 817x803, Untitled.png)

Same girl? Difficult to tell because the spoopy face obv looks ill n that.

No. 1234779

>I will no binge, I will loose weight!

No. 1234784

File: 1621549819975.jpeg (671.78 KB, 828x1696, 649456A2-5ACF-4517-AC09-2AF92F…)

Bahahahaha Anna took a picture of herself forcing out alligator tears over covid to seem woke then shamelessly patted herself on the back for her follower count. That’s the kind of no-self-awareness cow-dome that keeps me coming back!

No. 1234785

her bought followers no less

No. 1234787

also I know it is a nitpick but I would not call COVID 'cruel'. Tragic and awful and so on but not cruel. Cruel implies intentionally causing pain but since a virus is not capable of moral actions … Maybe because she has no awareness of actual cruelty beyond her very performative SJW posts and implied bullying?

No. 1234789

Why Covid though? Just because she's one of the volunteers who stick the shit in your arm? Why isn't she crying for people who didn't get treatment for cancer and other serious diseases and people who died because they were told not to bother the NHS? Tbh, if I had freckles looking that bad, I'd be crying too.

No. 1234806

Diabetes is a lifelong condition so can't be 'persisting'

No. 1234807

Nothing wrong with the uniform, I think it's nice.

No. 1234810

Can't you basically cure type 2 diabetes with keto? Or at least make it so that it does not need to be managed with medication, essentially 'curing' it?

No. 1234819

File: 1621553365603.jpg (300.97 KB, 1080x1347, 20210521_092449.jpg)

Well look what I found!! Georgie Progie's dog form! Severely obese, can barely even walk to the letter box kek. Only exception is, in the video about this dog it actually works hard and loses 50 pounds… Porgie could never do that lol(autism)

No. 1234828

So type 2 often can be 'managed' purely with a strict diet! But you can't say a person with T2DM has "persisting diabetes" .. because even when managed with diet a person still 'has it'

No. 1234832

fake freckles kek

No. 1234833

What's her Mom's email address?? I can't see it on the form but I want to email her and God I'd LOVE to see her reaction to her daughter faking Anorexia(requesting dox)

No. 1234835

don't do this

No. 1234837

Nope. We don't get involved in their lives. First rule of lolcow. She doesn't live with her mother, anyway. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her dad.

No. 1234849

Yeah, the reason I clicked on her and found this pic from a month ago is she just put up a picture that looked like she didn't have it anymore, and I was happy for her. And then this.

No. 1234886

nitpick, this is just how SOME bongs talk.

No. 1234934

Her fake freckles look so fucking bad omg. Wash them off, Anna.

No. 1234940

File: 1621568327929.jpeg (271.15 KB, 610x641, E68D3AB7-B87E-4028-895C-4ACDB0…)

s0ft4ngel posted on their story abt how they’re at their lowest weight and then posted a body check right after. then proceeded to tell someone else ‘i’m not responsible for ur triggers’ after posting blatant triggering content

No. 1234942

Meh.. imo cruel describes something causing pain and suffering. If it's not a person it can't be intentional. Cancer is cruel, covid was pretty cruel. Life's cruel. etc.

No. 1234943

Yes that’s definitely her. Too bad.

No. 1234977

They seriously look like a disease, I wonder if people with trypophobia can look at her lmao

No. 1234983

File: 1621576190361.png (31.42 KB, 656x331, missingmyself4post.png)

Yes, she posted in the BMI 14 thread with a picture of herself.

No. 1235030

Well fuck, thats sad. She looked so much better in here >>1234702

No. 1235087

oh yeah totally healthy and not body checking as she says

No. 1235094

I think that’s an old photo. I think the healthy one is recent?

No. 1235098

File: 1621603069886.png (1.54 MB, 828x1792, 53CE2E0C-8AA7-4F0B-952E-287C18…)

izzyisrecovering was briefly talked about in a recent thread. this made me laugh

No. 1235104

File: 1621603852369.png (378.29 KB, 750x1334, 3A9BA966-914F-400B-8C27-CC54F5…)

She put this? Apparent she got health issues from weight restoration…

No. 1235117

File: 1621604717936.png (19.32 KB, 403x94, dharma.png)

dharma spends up to 150 Canadian dollars/ £87/ $125 on groceries a week. that is about the same as the average family spends which is utterly ridiculous since she is not gaining anything. half of that is probably her daily Arctic zero pint. she is now claiming she 'no longer associates with her ED' and is 'gaining at a slow healthy rate' (because anything over 1g/year is rapid and means you must be binging ofc) she also won't take the digestive enzymes that would cure her lipase deficiency because they 'make you dependent'

No. 1235123

150 a week?? For just her? Wtf

No. 1235126

Dharma is my most loathed cow but as a CanaFag I can assure you the average family of 4 is closer to $200 a week assuming they don’t get takeout or eat a lot of meat.

No. 1235127

File: 1621606042087.png (17 KB, 333x101, dharma2.png)

She thinks people have no right to be triggered, even if they were in a war. PTSD is just for sissies. Also said you shouldn't get triggered by weights because your doctor needs to know your weight in order to give you the correct dose of a vaccine. in her words 'you don't receive enough/too much dosage of vaccine. damn'

she wants to go into medicine but doesn't know vaccines don't work like normal medications and everyone gets the same dosage.

No. 1235139

File: 1621607322426.jpeg (859.37 KB, 828x1563, 621C973D-E84B-459B-9E23-055A57…)

Dharma’s sooper spontaneous Starbucks order makes me chuckle though. The self delusion is palpable.

No. 1235167

File: 1621609869526.png (405.97 KB, 407x627, fjfb.png)

someone needs to tell her to stop stuffing her bra because it looks pathetic in juxtaposition to her spoopy face.

No. 1235201

Cow tipping there anon? The profile isn't on tiktok anymore. And that's some level of douchebaggery, why would someone even do that? unless it's a self send/self-post. I fail to see the point or keks.

No. 1235220

Is food crazy expensive in Canada? In the US a family of 4 can eat well on $125/week if they are careful.

No. 1235224

Food is expensive. Really expensive. Not $150 a person expensive, but probably about $75-100 for someone who isn’t specifically seeking out the most cost effective options. Economies of scale accounts for families being able to subsist on $200 (costs less per person since you save by buying bigger quantities)

No. 1235238

Yes. And outside of the cities in BC, ON or QC it's even worse. Nunavut is where your mind should go when you think 'food deserts'.

No. 1235311

dora's starting modelling…

No. 1235313

WTF! she is still underweight, and everyone knows modelling is not an environment in which gaining is encouraged. are you sure it is not just modelling jewellery for friends and stuff?

No. 1235315

shes signed with a modelling agency in london, TK london or TWK or something. couldnt be arsed to listen to her drawly faux-posh voice for any longer. her fam and friends are against it, btw but she felt complimented and happy when the agency reached out 2 her

No. 1235316

its a brand new agency so probably some scummy scam

No. 1235319

sure, an anorexic feels complimented when offered a modelling job. no way that could be highly disordered.
is it one of those agencies where you have to pay them? and are very unlikely to get a job? I bet all her followers are fawning over her and enabling her with shit like 'yOu KnOw WhAt Is BeSt FoR yOuRsElF'

No. 1235323

just googled it (TWK models)
they don't have a website, only 2000 followers on instagram and 94 on TikTok, were formed in October last year and the manager is 21 years old. I hope I'm wrong, but this is not going to end well

No. 1235356

It’s clearly a scam. Sorry, but no real agency would reach out to a girl who looks like a common potato. She has a peasant face and 0 beauty or elegance about her.

No. 1235367


Calm down

No. 1235385

thats actually both hilarious and sad. how the fuck can she believe that's legit? she was talking in the video about going down to london and getting used to eating there too

No. 1235393

File: 1621633251790.jpeg (713.91 KB, 828x1463, C8EB25F5-0598-43EE-9291-861520…)

sage bcs not pro-ana milk per say, but definitely scummy to attend a “chav-themed” party???

No. 1235394

how dare she say shit about chavs she wears adidas and nike slobby crap in every single video

No. 1235400

File: 1621633736681.png (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 841x1477, n2f_asssss.PNG)

N2F showing dat booty (without censoring with emojis this time) and she be lookin thicc!
such a shame from the neck up she looks like my sleep paralysis demon…

No. 1235402

File: 1621633983312.jpeg (479.04 KB, 828x1296, 6B496CFB-C823-40B5-BFF8-F630C7…)

so classy

No. 1235405

File: 1621634099975.jpeg (561.72 KB, 828x1178, BE4C9E7B-3CA1-44E9-B92E-666138…)

the idea of a tory-filled “chav themed” party makes me actually retch a little, how classist and vile can they get ?

No. 1235407

Amerifag, is this the equivalent of a white trash themed party? Cuz that happens and I guess it’s a little unpc but would hardly call it scummy.

No. 1235408

how gross. I know we've talked about Han's chivvy food but that is more eat a fucking vegetable than criticising her social status. You can get away with wearing tracksuits and other 'chavvy' clothes without too much judgement if you are rich.

I guess so but I've never heard of one before. Perhaps it is a thing in richer social circles though.

No. 1235411


Probably more of a trailer trash themed party (unless that’s the same thing) - chav stands for council-housed and violent

No. 1235412

So we’re in agreement that she is of way less capacity than simply on the spectrum, right? There is something seriously deficient with her mentally. She’s lifting a kettleball with no undies and posting it on the internet.

No. 1235414

god this is so depressing. it could be found footage in the house of a serial killer.

No. 1235422

I feel like this image alone would be enough evidence to raise some sort of safeguarding concern. I can just imagine her in her bedroom, in the dark, dressed in only her skimpy PJS obsessively powerlifting weights for hours and hours. Her parents are neglecting her in a way.

No. 1235432

File: 1621637025302.png (843.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210521-162832.png)

No. 1235434

File: 1621637072713.png (1.4 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210521-163008.png)

No. 1235439

This is legitimately so sad

No. 1235447

Omg why would you post this, I kind of like n2f but she has zero self awareness

No. 1235510

Jesus christ, she doesn't even look that bad physically (from far away at least) but you can just tell by looking into her eyes that she's not right in her head

No. 1235544

has she been posted before? Definetely seems like promising milk but there's no context…

No. 1235622

Is this flashing the result of sexual frustration from being a shut-in? With gaining a bit of weight her hormones might have fired back up.

No. 1235640

File: 1621670317739.jpeg (156.75 KB, 828x1424, 3A1511F4-5E6B-45A9-A94F-B7F19A…)

The rapid amount of weight Tianah has gained recently is genuinely concerning. She’s borderline obese these days

No. 1235655

That's a good point, maybe her libido is back and she doesn't know what to do with it.
Something is very wrong with her though, from her posts it seems she has been wearing the exact same pyjamas (in various states of undress) for days. I wonder how often she leaves her house, even her room?

No. 1235656

But anon, you can't recover unless you stop caring about weight COMPLETELY! Even if that makes you ob*ese! /s

No. 1235658

no screenshot cause she deleted the comment but nourishing.hollie commented on soft4nge1 second to last post saying some shit like hope you get murdered lol

No. 1235659

>maybe her libido is back and she doesn't know what to do with it.
Yeah, that's my impression, maybe because she seems so feral. And she'll keep getting ever more feral if she keeps being a shut-in. She needs to be reintegrated into society.

No. 1235675

Seriously? Take your bone rattling somewhere else. This is a normal body and someone who is actually recovering, not just pretending to be a #recoverywarrior without gaining any weight. Ffs.

No. 1235677

She is clearly well overweight, why don't you stop making people afraid to recover by saying this is what ~real recovery~ looks like?

No. 1235691

even the less-illustrious universities in the UK have chav parties (or had anyway - it's now seen as poverty shaming)

No. 1235697

well this is what real recovery looks like. recovery has its ups and downs, the downs include possibly overeating your way to tianah's size. extreme hunger in recovery is real and it does tame with time, but it's still something people deal with.
if the fact that you could become overweight in recovery makes you "scared to recover" that's understandable, but that's on you. not other people's responsibility to protect you from the truth.

No. 1235698

NTAYRT, but you're on some Minnie Maud bullshit. It's ascientific and backed by a now-disgraced 'patient advocate'. Just because you might experience extreme hunger after a period of starvation doesn't give you an excuse to balloon up. It's still disordered eating.

No. 1235699

File: 1621683705873.jpeg (713.73 KB, 828x1461, E344DD69-9773-47DF-9192-F68165…)

Nah. The idea that real recovery means not doing anything about it when you watch yourself inching towards clinical obesity is toxic to people who actually want to recover. There’s a big difference between honouring your body and eating a balanced diet versus just eating whatever the fuck you want whenever you want because “macros are made up and nutritional science is bullshit!!1!!”. A normal, recovered person is able to recognize hunger cues, common sense and the fact that some foods have been manufactured to encourage you to overeat them. Cookies are delicious and most people WANT to eat a lot of them but are able to acknowledge that they shouldn’t because two is enough. This all in recovery bullshit pretty much tells people “if it tastes good just keep going! There is no too much!!!”

No. 1235704

this sounds more like going from anorexia to BED than actual recovery.

No. 1235709

How does any of this make her a cow? She isn’t pretending to have a sooper serious restrictive ED while being this size coughgeorgie. She’s not preaching anything about “all in”. She was more spoopy when she used to post emaciated pictures preaching mh awareness.
I think op accidentally posted here instead of MPA.

No. 1235710

Give that man some weights. It would help his self image.

No. 1235713

sage for sperg but i hate accounts like this. they only get support because they have pretty faces and the genetic blessing to not look like a fat chick from the collar bone up. most overweight people show in their faces. but that wouldn't be IG aesthetic.

No. 1235715

why is she so extremely pear shaped or is this edited?

No. 1235721

Kek, on the left she’s a pear shape on the right she’s a fucking watermelon

No. 1235734

File: 1621692754715.jpeg (692.37 KB, 828x1355, EA2D3CA0-EAAD-4772-9EC1-8F6DE6…)

….another load of neck annihilation from this one

No. 1235735

Has she got roll ups stuffed in her ears?

No. 1235737

Okay, I realise now they're earphones. They do look like cigs though.

No. 1235738

File: 1621693305659.png (641.46 KB, 720x816, Screenshot_20210522-152051~2.p…)

This is what 3+ years of recovery looks like.

No. 1235746

thanks, I will see this in my nightmares

No. 1235748

Vendettanon you could have at least added some image file or media to supplement your spoonfeeding inquiry - literally who?

No. 1235749

File: 1621694452515.jpg (Spoiler Image, 199.58 KB, 830x1321, SmartSelect_20210522-094017_Ch…)


No. 1235751

File: 1621694787578.jpg (303.68 KB, 921x1342, SmartSelect_20210522-094637_Ch…)

No. 1235770

He looks like a fucking bobblehead, actually disgusting

No. 1235783

He looks so sickly. Must be another one with an insane metabolism.

Can't stop thinking about n2f and her naturism. The more I think,the more the concern grows. I don't think it's a libido thing, she really doesn't know what society thinks is appropriate behaviour.

No. 1235791

Not entertained by the n2F are we?

No. 1235844

Cringe as fuck

No. 1235853

File: 1621708578083.png (351.65 KB, 330x583, anna.png)

Anna now mentioning struggling with overexercise when she never has before. need to be relatable for those #camhsjokes

No. 1235883

are you retarded they’re airpods

No. 1235894

File: 1621713180222.png (589.53 KB, 715x944, Screenshot_20210522-103612~2.p…)

No. 1235895

File: 1621713222433.png (445.77 KB, 720x957, Screenshot_20210522-103724~2.p…)

No. 1235919


No. 1235984

File: 1621724891334.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 607.75 KB, 750x1248, C868AEF3-C2B9-40F3-971B-535169…)

Idk what the hell is going on with N2F but if nothing else… that mirror ugh.

No. 1235985

Geeze, I didn't realize that Georgie's shenanigans wouldn't necessarily be covered financially. It's so crazy to think about how many things Georgia & so many of these other girls are wasting from their choices. Wasting money, wasting their youth, wasting medical resources, wasting nearly all of their waking hours which could be spent towards getting a job, or growing a personality beyond being illness. I almost wonder if her subconscious has convinced her that she's sick because she's looking for something to blame her massive failure-to-launch on rather than take responsibility for being a NEET.

Like, that's not even an amount of tests you'd get if you had 2-3 things you were worried about. That's an amount of tests that says "I just want something to be wrong with me. Please. Anything".

No. 1235990

>when i'm 18 and start onlyfans
>will you discriminate against me

No. 1235992

A bush is good, but keep it neat.

Her nudity is disturbing.

No. 1236042

Anon, read the room. Shut the fuck up. If someone is objectively overweight or obese and has gained weight very rapidly we will obviously pull the piss out of them. Especially in the name of “b0dy positivity”. Stop whiteknighting cows, it makes you look fat too.

No. 1236073

>your life does not end because you got fatter
Except it literally does, obesity literally kills sweatie

No. 1236078

Finally found a pro ana scumbag with a more punchable face than laura, interesting

No. 1236081

File: 1621744986808.png (522 KB, 720x1003, Screenshot_20210522-233714~2.p…)

No. 1236084

File: 1621745032859.png (191.49 KB, 720x1060, Screenshot_20210522-233729~2.p…)

No. 1236087

get the fuck off of here. are you autistic we can tell this is an obvious self post for attention. you’re literally not fooling anyone and also you’re a grown ass adult woman. go to your fucking place of employment.

No. 1236088

The first post got no traction because there was nothing milky to discuss, and then straight away they know about it, and then we hear about it here, despite never giving a shit in the first place, and both times the poster doesn't know how to get the whole screenshot in one file…


No. 1236090

samefag, but “i’m too old to deal with this shit” yes you are. you are too old to be on here. go worry about menopause

No. 1236154

too old for the ana insta larp too

No. 1236155

aren't posts only darker like that if you have made them yourself?

No. 1236160


Like some concentration camp inmate with a selfie stick? Thanks for pointing that out.

No. 1236164

No, normally they highlight blue like that when you mouse over a link to that specific post. Not too sure about mobile (is that layout mobile or is it like something similar to bluestacks?). Pinkish is when you click "No." on a post or are directly linked there.

Ehh, the age-fagging is getting annoying, but i guess that's what happens when kids start using the boards. The age of the place is changing as goes to show the tiktok profiles are showing up. Is it a case of, if you remember the old pro ana forums, live journal, or if you weren't raised on the internet since birth you are too old for lolcow or to have an ED and just to GTFO?

No. 1236173

I mean, it's a very obvious self-post. No one is saying they're 'too old for an eating disorder'. We're saying they're too old for cringey histrionics like pretending to talk shit about yourself online for attention.

Not a good look for anyone, but it's certainly more expected from a dramatic 18 yo than a full-grown woman. For an adult woman, that's just pathetic.

No. 1236174

He's so angular I think that punching him would injure your fist. All his pics have ringlight reflections in his eyes, he's so vain. Is he trying to be an actor or model or something?

No. 1236184

he is an aspiring actor

No. 1236190

Unsaged, same posting style and the original Instagram posts have no likes. Try harder this is so obviously a self post. No1curr or thinks you are interesting.

No. 1236192

File: 1621772305569.png (261.65 KB, 300x462, anna.png)

to break up the self-posting saga, Anna has gone full on chronic illness warrior! this was captioned fun sunday task with hashtags #chronicwarrior, #ibs, #ibd, and #chronicillnesses. She does know pretty much everyone has IBS in recovery, right?

No. 1236195

Doesn't she see no one gives a shit about her shit?

No. 1236203

>>1236081 >>1235894

Why do I feel like this was a self post to make herself more popular and get attention

No. 1236229

Look how neatly she placed her three meds. Seven day pill case. Must be serious.

No. 1236230


I could be wrong but I take vitamins and they come in exactly the same pill pack as the large one. So #sick

No. 1236232

she has probably added some paracetamol and ibuprofen in that bag to ensure everyone knows she is a #chronicwarrior

The only thing I can identify is loperamide and mebeverine

No. 1236235

You can buy both those over the counter - Immodium and Colofac.

No. 1236242


No. 1236245

File: 1621782091481.png (435.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210519-195835.png)

No. 1236250

sage for blog, but yes, im sure its well documented, me and others i know have all had it during recovery.

No. 1236273

>Not sucking in/posing
Who does she think she's fooling?

No. 1236274

Don't forget stretching her arms up reaaaally high to get full stretch effect.

Ig's full of these. Body checks lying on the floor or bed, ha.

No. 1236276


Private account, only 200 followers. boring self posts

No. 1236277

>>1236242 nta but richey from manic street preachers kek

No. 1236290

File: 1621786966313.jpg (42.78 KB, 843x429, 1.JPG)


He actually posted here, got cold feet and deleted.

No. 1236293

File: 1621787163523.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210523-102452_Ins…)

7-8 months "in recovery" (nothing to recover from in the first place …) and shes STILL 'nervous'?

No. 1236295

Hope she films it in public. She's on holiday. Imagine being on holiday and you choose to waste it pretending to be a ~recovering anorexic~

Restaurant…all u can eat buffet?

No. 1236305

File: 1621788355215.jpeg (185.74 KB, 750x1118, F225AF1A-9ADE-44C4-9F35-32D3A0…)

OMFG Anna is sending weetabix and ana butterfly hoodies for £25. They come with a ‘hand writer’ note as well!

No. 1236316

Fucks sake anna, IBS and IBD are not even remotely comparable. Call us when you need to put some immunosuppressants or biologic pens in your geriatric pill caddy…

No. 1236317


Can’t stay relevant if you don’t stay scaaawed

No. 1236318

File: 1621789375317.jpg (445.29 KB, 1080x1771, Screenshot_20210523_180231.jpg)

No peep show from N2F today (well, almost!), only this concerning 1000 yard stare.

No. 1236320

Uhh hasn't she been posting rat-faced selfies of all the doughnuts & junk she inhales daily for like months now? How is this a "first ever" or different from any other day?
This girl wants asspats every time she eats like some sort of toddler. She doesn't see this as embarassing behaviour because she's got a delusional image of herself in her mind as this dainty waif ana girl when she's very clearly an average weight to slightly chubby teenager with no problem eating anything in sight.

No. 1236326

P sure the design breeches copyright.

No. 1236327

It looks matted not wet. No way is that hair that has been just washed.

No. 1236328

Alicia is an enigma. Once I'd prefer the twins to be the chosen ones for a documentary, but it's definitely n2f. So many questions…

No. 1236331

You wrote about her yesterday. Unsaged. Learn 2 sage. The pro ana threads were around before TikTok, now fuck off or learn2integrate.

No. 1236334

File: 1621790833719.jpg (34.39 KB, 542x305, uh oh.JPG)

Anna's pirating merchandise. Tsk.

No. 1236346

Has anyone seen anything new from kelsey/Kennedy

No. 1236352

Sage for no milk but how the fuck does she have hair THAT long? Considering she starves herself to the point where she is visibly disheveled, shouldn't it be all brittle and broken by now?

Like it looks unhealthy too but holy fuck how is it still even attached to her

No. 1236356

I doubt it's seen a pair of scissors since her birth. It's possible to still have thick hair and be bulimic. The one called Chloe from the documentary (The Diary of an Anorexic?) has enviably thick hair. Better condition than n2fs.

No. 1236364

I’m starting to become convinced that NF is involved with/being manipulated by skinny fetishists. She’s a shut in with lack of social skills and could be spending too much time online, resulting in her being groomed. She’s constantly in a state of undress and posts the weirdest photos of herself.

No. 1236370

She's always done it. A way back pic shows her in her garden wearing her underwear and one sock. It's not a new thing.

No. 1236374

File: 1621796693418.png (502.16 KB, 421x700, chins.png)

Ahh she ate all her food! So proud of you rn bb

No. 1236380

I’m guessing the “wobble” was some pouty fit at the table just long enough to make sure all the servers and customers noticed and were made uncomfortable by her. Cant have anyone NOT knowing how super scawed and sick she is.

No. 1236398

Her writing style is so annoying. ‘you truly can do anything’ people have actual struggles beyond stuffing their greasy fat faces with substandard pub food, they’re the ones who should be celebrating when they feel they’ve achieved a goal.

No. 1236408

N2F is wasting her conventionally attractive looks. She could look SO good if she made an effort to be less greasy & awkward. She has super long hair, decent features and a really nice bone structure. But she always comes off looking like a cryptid because she poses like she just grew limbs yesterday. Not to mention that there's a very found-film quality to her pictures. She weirds me out a bit, but I also want to give her a makeover like a big sister.

Once again, Hannah is insensitively pumping out the best fatspo any skelly could ask for under recovery tags.
She really doesn't think of anyone but herself does she? Her LARP (along with Georgie, Tess, and every other very visibly fake-anorexic) is actively harming the actual sufferers of the illness. Ham only has followers because they're skellies trying to trigger themselves by looking at her content and thinking "yeah, that's you. That's how foolish you look when you whine about how you're ~struggling~ when you're really just a big porkie pig who should drop a few BMI points".

People roleplaying anorexia on social media are DIRECTLY harming actual anas. Ham, you are causing people to spiral further into their illness with your insensitive bullshit.

No. 1236418

File: 1621800314538.jpg (139.21 KB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20210523-220138_Ins…)


while ham is obviously not the skinny waif she's pretending to be…. shes pretty average/ higher end of normal, when it comes to weight. please stop the bone rattling

No. 1236419

She’s taking Loperamide, which can be brought as a branded OTC medication (and isn’t recommended for people with crohns so she obviously doesn’t have that), and mebeverine, also available OTC and in clinical studies doesn’t do much better than placebos at reducing symptoms. Anna clearly has scripts for common IBS and didn’t get a sympathy grabbing GI diagnosis like she so desperately wanted, but that won’t stop her making #chronicwarror tiktoks kekek

No. 1236426

Never said she's obese, she's just clearly not anorexic & never has been.
When it comes to fatspo, slightly chubby is more effective than full-on obese people in denial. It's easier to put yourself in their shoes.

Also how can it be bone-rattling when she's never had problems with eating lmao

No. 1236428

Actual serious anorexics and “skellies” probably aren’t seeking out fatspo because, like, it’s a mental illness that drives them to restrict. They don’t need to create those restriction urges by looking at normal weight girls on Instagram.

No. 1236429


I get you anon saying she should "lose a few bmi points" is just a bit too ana for me

No. 1236439

Bone-rattling means you the poster are sounding like an anorexic. Thinking a normal sized person is fat or a normal amount of food is excessive or that an obviously emaciated person is "not that thin" are all examples of bone-rattling behaviour.

No. 1236456


Agree Hannah is annoying. Her ‘you can truly do anything’ is SO annoying when she just ate a meal which pales into insignificance compared to the challenges of her followers with actual anorexia really struggling to eat. But it is a stretch to say people only follow her for fatspo and to trigger themselves. I think a percentage follow her for the keks but actually a lot of people just really buy into the larp and believe everything she says.

No. 1236457

File: 1621804907254.png (1.25 MB, 1288x591, Untitled.png)

N2f does scrub up well. Her hair and face look nice here. Obviously the spoopiness spoils the look here, and she needs to ditch the micro skirts/dresses, but maybe she doesn't see the point making the effort any more.

I get what anon is saying about Ham being considered "fatspo". Anas think anyone at normal weight is obese. It's a red flag to anyone with a brain that she's larping because of the lack of pictures of her anywhere near underweight. Her weight has been stable since at least late 2019 going off sm pics. She skipped the disorder but tried the recovery.

> Ham only has followers because they're skellies trying to trigger themselves

Most of her followers are bought.

No. 1236458

To add, this was at a Lady Gaga gig. Apparently she has tickets for the tour which was postponed, so hopefully we'll see her dressed up when it's rescheduled.

No. 1236459

imagine """"working"""" so hard to be thin only to have the crustiest pictures of you taken where the angles are so fucked your legs look oversized and your feet tranny-like

No. 1236463

You can see where the overexercise comes in by the size of her thigh muscle.

Yeah, spoopy's never looked good on anyone. Not sure what she saw when she looked at herself in these pics. I hope she sticks with gaining weight because these pics are sad.

No. 1236466

taking a wild guess but you're new aren't you anon

No. 1236468

are we looking at the same pictures? 'scrub up well'?

No. 1236503

nf2 is actually sort of pretty when she isn't posing like a strange creature and has her hair brushed… hope she moves past her strange phase. she needs a makeover.

No. 1236504

Yeah! She looks pretty with her hair given attention and some makeup. Compare her in those pics to what we see now - a piled up, untamed mass of hair on her head, sickly complexion, food on her clothes and face. The only thing better now is her weight, but she looks really dead inside.

No. 1236529

she needs to be reintroduced to society, christ. she looks like those people that have been lost in a forest for five years without human interaction

No. 1236542

File: 1621814192031.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1666x3767, 1C2D7EE6-5D2B-4C49-98CC-2B6E35…)

Been a while since she has been mentioned here, but kek at her version of recovery.

No. 1236559


> that mess in the background

kek im not suprised she is one of those people who can manage to make a mess just from stepping in to a room. Im suprised she has gained some weight yet none of it seems to go to her brain? Even if she is still very malnourished from bulimi she must have changed something in t her diet in order to gain yet she seems to be even more insane each day.

No. 1236602

File: 1621821942680.png (432.8 KB, 720x1058, Screenshot_20210523-215656~2.p…)

No. 1236604

File: 1621822184342.png (528.83 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_20210523-215715~2.p…)

No. 1236605

File: 1621822222387.png (356.44 KB, 720x948, Screenshot_20210523-215750~2.p…)

No. 1236610

Just smoke weed outside you fucking clown.

No. 1236670

I didn't know Theo selfposts, kek

No. 1236721

stop with the fucking obvious self posting.

No. 1236766

Druggies are always me, me, me, no care for others. Who'd have guessed self-centered people would self-post?

No. 1236813

File: 1621864724282.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 867x1158, Screenshots_2021-05-24-09-57-2…)

Ok so obviously someone took these photos for her which is already creepy…but is this the state of the family's kitchen? Makes sense n2f is the way that she is if the rest of the house reflects the state of her upstairs hovel.

Something is seriously off about the whole damn family.

No. 1236834

why tf is she standing almost butt ass naked in her familys kitchen this chick is either retarded or brain damaged

No. 1236842

If only she weren’t insane and feral; she actually has a really nice bod.

No. 1236845

hopefully she set her camera on a timer.

No. 1236878

File: 1621874117620.jpg (119.48 KB, 638x960, c822641.jpg)

She looks like a rambo bootleg action figure.

No. 1236906

So the mess is not just her, huh. So she didn't lose her sense of normalcy, no-one taught it to her in the first place.

Alicia you feral child, stop going around presenting your behind like a chimp in heat.

No. 1236988

nayrt but ham is fatspo in the sense that we've watched her gain weight in real time and she looks worse for it.
She's not obese just the higher end of normal.

No. 1236992

I wonder if we'll ever see full body pics of her again…

No. 1237017

File: 1621886165758.jpeg (854.64 KB, 828x1696, DEAC89E7-5DCE-4C43-BF2A-6F3B29…)

Her this morning. Looking kinda cute tbh, except the weird expression on her face. She’s got two expressions, far as I can tell. She either looks pensive and sooper scawed or shocked like she just discovered XYZ for the first time in her life. Neither is flattering.

No. 1237024

NGL, she looks really nice when she is wearing something over than her dressing gown or grotty hoodies. She has noticeably gained weight since starting 'recovery' and it might not be a problem at the moment but it will be if she continues on this trajectory.

No. 1237037

she depresses me so much because without this stupid, dramatised “anorexia recovery” sperging mission she’s on, she seems like she could be a relatively nice normal girl, she’s not bad looking and probably not totally stupid (her ana LARP seems very calculated/researched to me), but she insists on just WASTING her life on making a fool of herself….

No. 1237092

stop bone rattling you stupid fuck. she's a completely normal weight, as much as we would all relish in calling her fat to affirm her ana-larp

No. 1237094

is she in a cheap hotel room, or is this what chavs think classy bedrooms look like?

No. 1237095

shes on holiday

No. 1237098

I didn't say she wasn't; I even emphasised she is not overweight. Just pointing out that she has gained.

No. 1237104

shes looked the same weight the entire time.

No. 1237106

I agree, I think some angles just make her look bigger

No. 1237110

I agree. Unpopular opinion. My guess is she’s not eating particularly differently from how she has always eaten, which is why she’s not gaining rapidly. the only difference is that now she films it and pretends it’s super scary.

No. 1237182

My guess is that she reached the age where you kinda can't eat like you did as a child - and started trying to eat healthier, and in doing so she was sad about it and missed junk food. She then found Elzani, who preached eating whatever you want whenever you want, so larped an ED ("I restricted myself and was miserable")in order to preach it too. She's not lost or gained anything, she's not under or over eaten, just eating all the fun foods again. She's far from fat.

No. 1237185

She noticed the knickers tag was out, stuck it back in to take the second pic but then posted the first also. ngl she has a nice figure, but who the fuck would get someone to take pics of themselves like this in the middle of a fucking grimy kitchen.

No. 1237239

Hope Goa is working out for him


No. 1237386

File: 1621922880745.png (907.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210525-012552.png)

No. 1237405

File: 1621926123497.jpg (673.84 KB, 1080x1489, Screenshot_20210525-075830_Ins…)

N2F will no longer grace us with repetitive images of her vile concoctions. She's gained some weight over time, fair enough, but she's so emotionally inept.

No. 1237434

I am convinced N2F is very active on here.
Earlier in the thread when we were talking about that rash under her ass cheek, a few hours later she mysteriously deleted the post.
Then we were talking about her hair being stuck in a greasy, matted bun. She posts a posture of her hair down.
Then we were discussing how damaging it is that she obsessively posts all pictures of her food, all bizarre recipes, and makes the most fucking stupid excuses of iM sO rEcOvErEd for doing so, and now she posts this?

I bet not only does she obsessively read all we say regarding her here, but has probably been an active member for a while.

No. 1237436

>can't be allergic to weed
Uh, you can, it's even tested for on allergy dot tests. Stoners are even more tedious than pro-anas.

That makes no sense, if she'd been here for a while she would have seen those same things said about her over and over, so why change now?

No. 1237438

Idk it just seems like too much of a coincidence that most of the things we've comment on in the past couple of days, she decided to change.
Also I know we've discussed her vile concoctionsTM as nauseum, but there was one particularly brutal (and justified) comment about her obsessive posting pictures, options and 'recipes', that I hadn't seen any other sort of comment with the eloquence and conciseness explaining exactly why all of these things were damaging and toxic behaviours in any other thread.
If I was a cow I would 10/10 be on here flat out.

Also maybe she likes some things and won't change them. Like if some strangers on the internet said my hair was ugly, I don't know that I'd change it, but if they picked apart everything about an OCD symptom, I'd probably try to quietly adapt my behaviour to avoid ridicule.

No. 1237443


Even if this is a self post, keep bringing it. This person fascinates me.

No. 1237469

The main reason I doubt N2F reads here is because she is not aggressively white-knighted. If you look at comments expressing anything but unconditional praise, she tends to react very strongly and rudely. I don't think she has the mental capacity to step back and defend herself rationally.

No. 1237475

I’m still surprised she can read, period.
Everything about her screams special needs classroom.

No. 1237478

are those meds … dirty? ew

No. 1237494

I promise you she does not have the capacity to lurk on here and not chimp out over it. She’s clearly severely autistic and has other developmental delay issues. Out of all the cows posted here I feel the worst for her because it seems like her family just neglects her when she should be getting a lot of outside help for her many issues tbh

No. 1237495

isn't she claiming to be studying online? anyone know what?

No. 1237498

'Cheeking' is when you hide your pills in your mouth when you're supposed to take them. They're as filthy as her mouth is.

No. 1237500

I suggested that she’s autistic in a previous thread, others said that the notion was “retarded” as autists don’t like it when their food touches other foods.

No. 1237509

Unfortunately the help isn't even out there for people like her tbh. A lot of autistic people really struggle to get the help they need, so it's not simply just a matter of trying to get help.

No. 1237511

> autists don’t like it when their food touches other foods
That isn't a universal thing among autistic people. Disordered eating is very common in ASD, and there's no denying that she's disordered as fuck.

No. 1237528

File: 1621944967132.jpg (149.03 KB, 700x908, Screenshot_20210525-150943_Ins…)

What do you think of this cow? And I'm not talking about the fugly makeup. Her tiktok is just bodychecks and her being cringy lol

No. 1237529

No. 1237531

obvious self post, no milk outside of being a skelly, next

No. 1237537

Not a self post but OK
She was posted in an ED discord server. But you're probably right on the milk part

No. 1237542

is ED discord the new MPA? Because if so being thinspo does not always (or often) equal milk.

No. 1237544

File: 1621946323563.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1125x1964, 0C04C1C0-1D72-4CCD-B728-867018…)

See Ham actually looks half-decent there. The dressing gown and baggy hoodies do her no favours, I’m guessing she thinks they make her look like a smol dainty ana waif uwu but they actually do the complete opposite and exaggerate her very healthy/slightly chubby figure (picrel from this morning. Hugs!)

“Cold turkey” is a weird way to describe it but maybe that’s just me nitpicking. I will miss her revolting creations. Bulimia is a hell of a drug

No. 1237572

The fact that you all are using ASD as an insult is *ucked and messed on a whole new level. Fairly certain you ones more effed in the head since you are the ones making the comments…. #SpoilerAlert check yourselves(genuine autist)

No. 1237585

Shut up and sage autist

No. 1237587

Don't worry, mom can't see you cursing on the internet. Say fuck as many times as you want!

No. 1237592

It's not a self-post, genius.

No. 1237593

#SpoilerAlert, no one gives a shit

No. 1237597

I bet all the people who trash talk on here are secretly jealous they aren't worthy or skinny enough to be even posted on here. To bad you all have to make fun of others to loathe yourselves

No. 1237598

who is this?

No. 1237599

>worthy or skinny enough
Lol projection

No. 1237600

Anon, the point of people posted here is that most were never skinny enough to be anorexic. Your point is irrelevant. Thanks tho

No. 1237606

what’s worse? being average weight or being average weight and larping as somebody with a serve ED who needs weight restoration. anyway post a photo of your tiny frail body with your post number written on it so we know you’re not a secret fatty and i’ll gladly never comment again.

No. 1237611

No. 1237613

do you think being 'skinny' is what it takes to get posted here? Because it isn't. you need to be pro-ana, attention-whoring, purposely triggering other people, lying for clout and so on. I'd rather be boring than 'worthy' of that. Most of the people posted here are not underweight anyway.

No. 1237634

so you think ham, for example, is skinny? very interesting, anon.

No. 1237638

File: 1621956785314.jpg (58.11 KB, 524x669, dumpster.JPG)

Screenshot for anyone with the misfortune of not being able to follow her.

No. 1237640

I'm not so sure anon. Posts with no context about an account with only has ~200 followers, is private and has not received any interest on this thread? Seems pretty sus.

No. 1237649

File: 1621957519987.jpeg (64.86 KB, 577x433, CCFFF346-1FBD-44FB-B638-702741…)

Begone, retard

No. 1237661

KEK. Imagine thinking being posted to lolcow = reaching the absolute pinnacle of anorexia

No. 1237668

They might as well add it to the official diagnostic criteria at this point kek

No. 1237674

Sure, I mean it’d be the only part of the criteria that actually applies to most of em

No. 1237678

That greasy hair… disgusting

No. 1237682

What happened to the bat? Her room looks fucking filthy and we really don’t need another COVID strain rn

No. 1237695

What a patronizing cunt. She reminds me of LividLipids with how she posts all these random selfies that have no relation to what should have just been a text post. Always the same face too. It's her version of the consoomer face. Eyes wide, open-mouth smile. The fake expression she feels the need to make in every picture is so grating.

No. 1237698

Good god, how do people live like this?? You couldn't even walk directly across the room, you have to step around piles of clothes and garbage. What happens if there's a fire? This lardbarge would be stuck tripping all over the room, trying to get to the door. It's not even difficult to clean up clothes ffs. The hamper is RIGHT THERE.

No. 1237712

My sides, anon

No. 1237714

You think skinny = worthy and that only thin people have eating disorders? Maybe we loathe ourselves because we’re so autistic. Now who’s effed in the head. Kek

No. 1237718

File: 1621962015175.jpg (992 KB, 1080x1664, PicsArt_05-26-02.58.25.jpg)

Well, here it is folks. The long awaited meal out post. My god she set the camera up in the restaurant and everything. Had to laugh tho, you could tell her mum and dad were embarrassed. They barely spoke to her at first in their usual soppy, waif inducing ways. Her dad said "I could down that (the burger) in three mouthfuls" and Ham says "I'll be like that one day" mate you already are, just not while the cameras are rolling lmao. Ugh.

No. 1237721

Fucking hell just kill me now

No. 1237725

File: 1621962482658.jpeg (155.06 KB, 828x232, 6C466031-2B1B-44FE-93ED-CA1874…)

No. 1237733

Recap because I hate myself and dont value my time

>salt&v's her chips

>does her normal takes a tiny bite then her eyes light up with "omg it's so good"
>turns to daddy and says it's good
>daddy gives a dismissive "yeah"
>"they're so nice"
> turns to left and says "this is such a big thing for me in my recovery eating a meal out"
>no response
>turns back to camera with a grin
>Left appears to be hammum
>Hammum says "remember this is what you wanted", apparently they're on holiday
>she "nearly had a heart attack" because her burger nearly fell over
>fries sucked in
>says burger is her real fear
>pretends to act scared over cheese, she read once ana-chans find cheese scary
>pretends to be scared of burger until mummy and daddy give her attention and asspats for a while
>keeps having to hide a smile while eating a burger, remembering shes meant to be scared
>ham is taking huge bites and hammum reminds her she can always slow down or take a break kek
>"I've had the first half"
>Hammum says she doesnt have to eat it all and offers ice cream
>Ham has to LARP hard but fails due to greed, so says she is still hungry and goes for the second half
>Claims it's the first time she's had cheese in recovery, which is wrong, you've had 2 pizzas ham
>Is trying to hide a grin after she finishes it all
>"fear food fistbump"
>Hammum and Daddy Pig give asspats as Ham is smug
>Cut to a coffee
>Ham gives an exaggerated "mmmmmmm"

Hammum and Daddy Pig, I'm just sorry your holiday was ruined because your over grown toddler needs attention so bad

No. 1237735

File: 1621963415697.jpeg (507.82 KB, 1166x1714, B2EF502E-4FB2-4764-A789-9D6D6E…)

Excuse the shit collage but OF COURSE she leaves the salad

No. 1237739

Looks like we both hate ourselves ty for your service anon

No. 1237741

I love how she ate all her fries and her whole burger but god forbid she should ever touch her salad. A true ana queen indeed.

No. 1237745

I mean sure not everyone likes greens but it’s only a few rocket leaves Ham, with the amount of time you devote to this LARP at least get the basics down

No. 1237746

>Daddy Pig

This sent me, bless you anon for sitting through that.

No. 1237752

Her entire diet is completely beige. The fact she can't even manage a few leaves to keep up the LARP for all her fake followers really tells us all we need to know.

No. 1237765

Tinfoil - Hannah's ana roleplaying has just been her playing the long-con, trying to get her parents to stop nagging her to eat her greens by making them feel guilty if they comment on her eating unhealthy.

Girl's a genius.

No. 1237768

Has Ham deleted a load of her old posts? I’m sure I remember her pretending to cry over more stodge that isn’t there now.

No. 1237786

I've seen her on my fyp, her body checks are in fact very obvious, and when people comment telling her to eat she replies with "no u". Also she fakes this weird baby voice… maybe she's a little slow kek

No. 1237797

han looks nice right now, honestly. she looks healthy and happy (for the most part), and I wish she would drop the ana larp (she probably does genuinely struggle with disordered eating/body image/etc), and just go be a normal teenager.. she's a pretty girl, and it makes me sad to see her wasting all her time on social media larping anorexia

No. 1237805

Apart from the greasy skin/hair, when has she ever not looked “healthy and happy” ? GCSE Drama tier ‘disgusdin’ face and crocodile tears don’t count

No. 1237837

Ngl, this was very uncomfortable to watch.

It's all very well filming yourself having grandiose reactions to food and waving your plate around in the privacy of your own home (cringey as it may be), but in the middle of a crowded restaurant? On holiday? Nope, that's just mortifying.

Her mum's usual running commentary was painfully absent and dad's exasperated "well eat it then!"; yep, her parents are officially fed up! Imagine wanting to have a relaxing meal out ON HOLIDAY only for your daughter to insist on making it into a massive production. Although I did note that Ham's need for validation and reassurance is directed only at her mum and that her communication with her dad seems to be…somewhat restrained?

Normally I can laugh at Ham's larp but this was just downright embarrassing.

No. 1237871

File: 1621973409263.png (199.01 KB, 402x415, reasonstorecover.png)

It's not exactly milky but why is Anna so obsessed with her period? I get the whole osteoporosis thing, but she is mentioning it almost daily at the moment. Not to add, a lot of people find it really hard to cope with when they first get it back.

No. 1237894

you're retarded kek she does not 'struggle with body image' or disordered eating. shes just trying to find a community and decided she wants to be a special dainty ana princess for attention and asspats, and to take the focus off of her doing fuck all with her life and not being in education

No. 1237897

Because she wants to specialise in gynaecology and remind us plebs she was the sickest ana ever to an— er, she was a few days late once

No. 1237903

i think she's gonna be one of those women whos obsessed with the female reproductive system. always knows when shes ovulating, desperate for a baby, puts her whole identity in femininity. that kinda shit.

No. 1237930

As with every other HamChallenge I’m baffled. If you’re so scurred of your *~furst meal out in recovery~* is your priority seriously gonna be filming every mouthful for the ‘gram? She displays zero anxiety. Her dad is over it (obviously knows the score there). Poor Hammum just wants to eat her own dinner without interruption for once. Ham is more draining than an actual anorexic. I’d love to hear what her parents say behind closed doors.

No. 1237939

I can't get over the fact that she ate with her hands instead of utensils. Even at the beginning she ate the chips with her hands. In a fucking restaurant.

No. 1237950

umm that’s one of her ana RiTuALs anon how dare you

No. 1237954

Even n2f uses utensils sometimes

No. 1237976

Who eats fries with a fork? That’s the dumbest nitpick.

No. 1237979

this hairstyle does not suit her. It looks so flat and greasy. She's such a try-hard

No. 1237980

Are you dense? I posted a screencap on N2F's recent post.

No. 1237982

Oh thank god someone else said it. I worried I was on crazy pills. Eating fries with a fork is something I could imagine an actual Ana doing, maybe cutting fries into little pieces, but it’s in no way normal. Normal people pick up fries with their barbaric hands.

No. 1237986

nta but i thought that was normal

No. 1237988

File: 1621980628783.jpeg (290.77 KB, 1472x828, E8777088-1BE5-40D8-962C-843A93…)

this one was mentioned for the terrible shoop (see left pic) last thread, and just thought it interesting how they get caught out by videos. in 16 days, shes supposedly gone from pencils for legs to the right hand pic in a video posted today.
sage bcs not milk, just amusing.

No. 1238002

File: 1621981940702.png (114.43 KB, 168x384, jaz.png)

how awkward. her legs have literally doubled in size.

No. 1238030

the shoop was pretty horrendous to start with, shame they don’t think for more than a second before editing pictures so drastically

No. 1238032


What does "she looks like ham" mean in that context? English is not my native language.

No. 1238034

The girl they call ham idk her name

No. 1238035

File: 1621985005860.jpg (884.52 KB, 1078x1970, Screenshot_20210526-002014_Ins…)

I absolutely love Georgia's face ominously residing in darkness here. Cue sooper sever~ health concerns.

No. 1238045


Thanks, that makes perfect sense!

I often come across the word "milky" here too. What does that mean here?

No. 1238051

Okay you need to put “sage” in the email field if your not providing milk. Milk is gossip/drama/tea, pick your poison. Read the rules please or you’re not going to have a fun time.

No. 1238073

Cancer saga? Or maybe chronic illness?

No. 1238083

I have put "sage" in the email field before posting this post, so I hope everything is okay now.
I understand that "milky" means drama, attention-seeking, histrionic etc.

I doubt that this "missingmyself64" on MPA is the same person as ray of hope (the girl in your picture).

Looks like the ray of hope girl indeed. How/where did you find that picture?

No. 1238102

File: 1621989964878.jpg (187.02 KB, 560x822, SmartSelect_20210525-194554_In…)

How edited is this photo??? I get she is thin, but this thin….

No. 1238103

Who is this? If it's not a super regular cow like Ham or N2F please write who it is, or people are gonna say it's a self-post. Even if it is, please include a name.

No. 1238104

Nta but her names laura, shes mentioned rarely. Not reallt milky just strange shoops

No. 1238105

Eating fries with your hands is fine, but not chips (thick fries). That's how I see it. Like if you were eating fish and chips in a restaurant, you wouldn't eat the fish with your hands, would you? You'd cut it up and eat it and the chips with your fork.

No. 1238106

Will vouch for OP tho put names in posts people. This is ‘Literary’ Laura idk her current handle. Constantly e-begs for money for treatment and in and out of Acute and ERC in Denver but no actual progress ever. This is a terrible shoop, she just stretched herself long ways and seems to think everyone will be too dumb to notice kek

Could be a self post since she’s an attention whore but has been posted a lot in previous threads before, went private after she was posted so probably not a self post. She wouldn’t want people to see that she’s a waste of money and stop donating

No. 1238116

I weep for anyone who would have to watch that gremlin in her sticky den during a zoom class.

Fatty liver disease. Love the horror movie lighting. Is it to help slim her face or to add to the scary drama.

No. 1238126

File: 1621993274463.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1774, AE1CADA9-38A1-4984-A2CC-6AFEED…)

Not milk BUT this girl straight up looks like a Slayton sister, how is she pretending to have anorexia?

No. 1238134

File: 1621994165104.jpg (387.01 KB, 1074x1909, Screenshot_20210526-025428_Ins…)

Nothing interesting apparently.

No. 1238146

Can’t that happen in people who take too much acetaminophen, not an OD just regularly more than recommended? Seems like something Porgie the munchie would do. Or just because she’s fat if its even true.

No. 1238147

looks like shes used the shrink tool on herself. awkward.

No. 1238162

File: 1621995634610.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1284x2156, 935E2D46-3D60-40CE-A3AD-E77CA3…)

Wow that makes this look almost normal the real bad milk is on her ed Instagram not her main don’t wanna get kicked off it though. It’s private like the rest(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1238182

File: 1621996675730.png (1.2 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210525-223738.png)

No. 1238198

>>1238103 boring. Her shoops are funny but I don't think she's milkly. Had forgotten about her.

No. 1238208

File: 1621997758282.jpg (444.03 KB, 1080x1946, Screenshot_20210525-225038_Ins…)

Brave warrior Cecelia heads back to treatment

No. 1238221

File: 1621998647625.png (338.77 KB, 720x1060, Screenshot_20210525-225940~2.p…)

No. 1238222

File: 1621998696624.png (742.14 KB, 705x1070, Screenshot_20210525-225924~2.p…)

No. 1238263

>without any real rhyme or reason
You're obese. There's your rhyme, there's your reason.

No. 1238264

Why would you want the legs of a 4 year old child?

No. 1238313

imagine sitting near ham at a restaurant and overhearing her larping

No. 1238324

Called fatty liver disease earlier, Now taking bets.

No. 1238329

well no porgie, they wouldn’t be ‘crazy’ raised because really high CPR levels are almost always sepsis. They’ll be raised as much as any grossly fat person. I can predict the GI consultants diagnosis now: FAT

No. 1238332

Liver enzymes could be gallbladder issues/ gallstones. Common in both fat people and restricters. Though obviously know which one it is for Georgie.

No. 1238353

please can we ban this person? they are clearly self posts and boring ones at that.

No. 1238355

Thanks to anon for putting yourself through this >>1237733

I detest Ham for her LARP. Her obvious problem is she finds it difficult to make friends for some reason. She hasn't really developed a personality at 17. No hobbies or interests. She decided to pretend she has anorexia and it's an instant way to get followers with an #anorexiarecovery tag.

It's sad that she's spending her holiday working on her LARP. Must be boring going on holiday with her parents (idk, I moved out at 16 and had a social life). I hope that her boredom is because she's, well, bored and not because she's desperate for virtual asspats.

Even if she's bored, she could go off and spend time enjoying the coast by herself.learn how to be a bit independent and build some character. Talk to people her own age and not pretend she's anorexic.

As for Georgie, not even bring a bitch, she's obese so ofc she's going to have fatty liver 9r fat related problems.

No. 1238360

I don't think it is unusual to go on holidays with your parents at 17, nor would it necessarily be boring. She should learn about how stressful and tense it is when anorexics go on holiday, especially with their family, before she continues her LARP though.

No. 1238371

Her mum even says she can slow down or take a break, but she doesn't. She tells her she can leave half the burger, but after a large portion of fries and half a large burger with cheese, she's still hungry. That was a large portion.

Acting up for the camera in a pub, sorry restaurant. The parents in silence. She's weird.

No. 1238378

She almost cried when her mom tells her to leave half and I’m convinced it because she’s upset that she wasn’t being told “omg you are the daintiest waif and you must eat everything and gain weight immediately!”
Half of a big sandwich with a large order of fries is plenty of food, more than enough for a girl her size. If she wants to eat it all she should, who cares, but she should also stfu about it.

No. 1238398

File: 1622032979715.jpeg (376.49 KB, 750x1304, F024C49B-B2A5-494B-A638-9ED549…)

I don't understand why she'd post that horrible shoop when she geniunly was very spoopy (see this unedited post)

No. 1238401

Hammum should study this picture. This is what the parents of a dying, deeply anorexic person actually look like. You can see the shame and sadness oozing out of them.

No. 1238414

File: 1622034918274.png (4.31 MB, 1995x1452, n2f_margemakeupgun.PNG)

these teeth do not look like they belong to a non-bulimic, kek. who she fooling? they look so unbrushed and brittle like theyll shatter at any moment!

also, my thoughts on her makeup…

No. 1238419

>>1238414 wasn't it established in previous threads that N2F does have genuinely poor eyesight?

No. 1238421

>>1238419 samefag but maybe she legitimately cannot see how bad this makeup looks?

No. 1238424

I'm not sure if made the connection yet since English is not your first language, but the reason that we call drama "milk" is because the people that we post about are called "lolcows". A cow produces milk. A lolcow produces lols (entertaining drama, also referred to as milk sometimes).

Tbh I've always found the cow analogies to be kind of cringey. Some people get really weird about it, being like "moo moo you fat cow, spill the milky goodness" or whatever and it's just like… chill.

No. 1238426

Is Georgie gonna need to move to the munchie thread?

Brutal but I agree. I always find it so weird when (typically middle-class suburban) girls get really attached to their parents as though they're best friends. Like hell, obviously most people love their mom & dad but I feel like every school has that girl like Ham. The one that's literally BEST friends with her mom. If you ask her what she's doing later she's say they're hanging out. And I don't think she's ever experienced that uncomfortable stage of growth where you're kind of embarrassed by your parents because you want to be seen as independent by your peers (ie. "no mom, don't drop me off to the first day of middle school, everyone will think I'm so lame!!").
She's just stunted.

No. 1238428

Oh dear. She's worn make up before and it was fine. She's trolling?

That was another cow but I can't remember her name.

No. 1238429

Oh wait, I think it's n2f's friend madsemoji whatever.

No. 1238431

Props to her for trying, she should focus on makeup for a while instead of food 24/7.

No. 1238439

That could be Unicorn syrup she's using as lipstick.

No. 1238449

File: 1622041143594.png (652.8 KB, 941x849, rayofhope.png)

It is the same person, the same photo was shared >>1234983 from their account and it's on their original instagram. Unless they're larping her, but it's doubtful, sadly.

No. 1238465

Is that photo from the end of April? It is always possible that
A) the spoopy photos are older (as in from a previous LW) or
b) she didn’t shoop them and she has actually gained rapidly, at least in comparison to the other real ana cows mentioned here. If so, not milky or c) that one is also tampered with. I’m no good at identifying PS though.

No. 1238523

if u think the shooped one is in any way natural i worry for u anon, it looks atrocious

No. 1238573

File: 1622051568805.jpg (88.31 KB, 1169x781, totally normal.JPG)

Only just seen N2f's strange exercise videos from yesterday.
Obv can't post the clips.
She's barely dressed, has grease all around her lips and wears a woolly hat.

No. 1238578

this was absolutely disturbing to watch, how she thinks shes doing better by any means is scary…. i just noticed for the first time today her eyes are blue, they always look so dead…. i've been lurking a lot through old threads shes absolutely the craziest to follow of all pro ana scum…. i have a soft spot for her though /sage for sorta blogpost sorry newfag here

No. 1238591

File: 1622052609131.jpeg (251.56 KB, 1125x918, 08EEED98-89BB-46E2-BA0B-D02A95…)

Mmm but while no nourish is not “okay” neither is the scumbag calling her out, assuming this is the same spoopy Hannah discussed previously

No. 1238595

She's private so can't see her content. She's calling n2f out for bodychecking in those clips. Checking herself out is the thing that's least wrong with them.

No. 1238597

File: 1622053481810.png (232 KB, 582x828, Daydrinking.png)

She's lessened on the ana larp as of late, seems like her new thing is drinking and doing drugs for attention. Picrel, she made a Tiktok about drinking a mix of vodka with what looks like sugar and some candy dumped in, but since she has such severe anorexia I'm sure it's the only thing she had that day!

No. 1238600

I have a problem believing she didn't know what poppers is and what the bottles look like.

No. 1238609

Yep that’s lifeofhxn. She has that account to “educate” but is really just a venting/triggering account. It’s crazy how many people in the ~community~ follow it too.

No. 1238616

Okay, your opinions pls.

N2f has gained weight. Still looks underweight but gained and toning up. Claims to be recovered with food. Eats hideous concoctions of sugary syrupy chocolaty erm concoctions, but claims she doesn't purge.

What's up with n2f. Has your previous dx that she b/ps changed?

Why is she increasingly unkempt?

No. 1238623

Wooww weed and poppers how edgy

No. 1238626

newfag whos been lurking thru older threads recently, im of the camp that she just artistically arranges and plays with the food, but also b/ps…. she always looks so sweaty and grimey (purging) and i think she just doesn't bathe often, in old threads its mentioned she bathes in a few inches of water in the tub

No. 1238655

God I wish she'd get her hair cut it's way too long and looks so scruffy

No. 1238711

File: 1622057625615.jpeg (114.42 KB, 750x573, 3ED76894-5005-4265-A532-28468D…)


I was with her (Hannah) when she called out N2F because it is so disturbing seeing someone work out in whatever that underwear is… and she is so ripe for exploitation.
But isn’t lifeofhxn one of those ‘I can’t censor my body unfollow if you’re triggered here’s an OOTD’ person… pot meet kettle

No. 1238729

yeah I agree with her but she is so fucking hypocritical. She is sneaky about her content and likes to be self righteous but still posts an OOTD daily, despite losing weight and probably heading ip soon, normally with hair pulled back to expose head banging wounds. Brags about how she has 'favourite police officers' to let everyone know she is the sickest, most resource-consuming ana ever (also seems kind of tone deaf because of how other mentally ill people are treated by the police but I get that might be too SJW for here) Don't forget she posted her spoopy LW photos a with the excuse of a birthday message.

No. 1238748

File: 1622059068749.png (35.63 KB, 515x143, han .png)

samefag but to add she says on her tell they want her IP but can't admit her unless she gets below BMI 12 but then says that she will probably be IP soon. Basically admitting her weight which is pretty scummy.

Also what does she mean by exercise being pointless at her weight? That she is too weak to do any high intensity stuff? And about the whole easily going IP thing, although I'm sure she could get in based on how much she needs police intervention it still seems so braggy. She might not want to be IP but she wants the attention that comes with it for sure.

No. 1238785

File: 1622059824861.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, 6F95E3A1-A3C7-434B-9135-EBCE81…)

She does have a point about n2f but she is a massive hypocrite. She’s always posting body checks and humble-bragging about how she’s the most unwell and hasn’t eaten solid food in 3 years. Images are stills from her “OOTD” today, she has no self-awareness

No. 1238787

File: 1622059852962.jpeg (206.35 KB, 750x1050, EFB04122-20FB-4AA8-970E-51882F…)

In other news, Anna has received (at least) her ninth TikTok ban

No. 1238792


Another anon suggested diogenes syndrome a few threads back, the likeness of symptoms is uncanny:

-extreme self-neglect
-filthy surroundings
-excessive hoarding
-denial about their situation
-no embarrassment or shame about their surroundings or lack of cleanliness
-refusal of support or help

No. 1238823

It's easy to download that picture from instagram and to pretend to be her on mpa. I can't see the other pics she has supposedly posted on mpa unfortunately.
Rayofhope's mom shared her doughter's post on fb around last new years eve in which ray wrote that she has made big progress regarding the ED, so this also makes me sceptical that ray and missingmyself64 are the same person.

I can not see the other posts this "missingmyself64" has posted, as I'm unable to make an account on mpa. I registered yesterday and the website asks to read a certain topic about the rules, but I don't have permission to view that forum. Anybody knows how I can succesfully make an account there?

No. 1238854

You have to post a certain amount on the accessible threads first before you gain access to the private ones.

No. 1239112

That's the problem: I can't post. I get a "popup" that states: "Mandatory New Member Reading
You are seeing this because you are a new member to our wonderful community. Before doing anything else on this community, you MUST read the following topic. It is important information.".

Below this statement there is a button that says: "Go to topic".

When I click on that, I get redirected to the same topic and everything starts all over again, so I can't post anything. Also, I can't even read that topic as "I don't have permission to view that forum".

No. 1239272


Ok this isn’t your personal forum for helping you get an MPA membership

No. 1239400

There's nothing milky on there that hasn't been posted anyways, mainly just bragging about her lowest BMI and complaining about gaining weight after recovering.

No. 1239409

lmao sucks for you then I guess

No. 1239412

Many professionals have made the connection between Anorexia and family dynamic issues.

But…. Attachment difficulties? I think we might be looking too much into it though.

I'm feeling you now though, Elzani definitely has a family issue which I believe started her ED.

No. 1239413

Sorry "telling" not "feeling"

No. 1239418

I didn't make that connection anon, I was just talking about it creeping me out. It's a Ham thing, not an ana thing.
(sidenote but she isn't ana anyway. the only one convinced of that is her)

No. 1239428

File: 1622071162245.png (4.11 MB, 828x1792, 57297207-8846-408B-9C2A-AA00DF…)

never seen her mentioned before - was just scrolling through the an recovery tag when i came across this ~healthy looking~ (in the face at least) girl who ate SIX chocolate donuts and THREE wraps in one day alongside other stuff. it was the six donuts that did it for me. oh notice the ‘didn’t post everything i ate’ too..

No. 1239434

samefag here, did i mention she ate all of this whilst in hospital for her supposed super serious anorexia?

No. 1239506

tiktok is full of average-weight girls LARPing anorexia, it’s old news at this point but wow this one is practically on par with Ham

No. 1239557

Could you post a link to this "ham" girl?

No. 1239575

File: 1622084756617.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.02 KB, 497x617, 46122130-4A9A-485A-AA99-D817B8…)

Oh damn she hasn’t brushed in a while, bulimia or not.
That’s fuzzy teeth, not just enamel erosion from acid. Her whole tongue is probably covered in a brown bacterial mat, just like pic.

No. 1239592

Just read the fucking thread, retard. She's all over it.

No. 1239600

File: 1622090495589.jpg (398.46 KB, 1080x1973, Screenshot_20210527-163856_Ins…)

Looks like it was persistent diarrhea

No. 1239602

Ngl there is nothing wrong with Anna's tiktok. There is so much worse on that app, I've reported a video of literal animal abuse and it didn't violate their fucking guidelines.. so not really feeling it's fair.

No. 1239614

lmao I have that relationship with my mum. Feel so called out kek. It's true though - its not normal ik.

No. 1239664

Porgie, doing, exercise? Wow, i think i might faint now

No. 1239673

This is the second cow from this thread in as many weeks who was gunning for a GI diagnosis and didn’t get it kek why do they all want to talk about getting diarrhea

No. 1239679

Also withdrawal from society. She doesn't see any friends as far as we know, she doesn't go out at all I think. She even exercises at home instead of going to a gym, and orders food online instead of going to the store.
Not all may be on her, it seems like the others in her family are hoaders too, her room is not the only one with junk all over, the common spaces like the kitchen are too. It could be just the way she was brought up.

No. 1239695

You think she hopes people will think her GI issues are due to restriction and not being a fattie

No. 1239697

File: 1622105891468.png (312.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210527-045719.png)

No. 1239704

AYRT, I agree. Although perhaps it is something to do with buying followers, not following the rules for ads properly or karma for herself deleting comments.

No. 1239747

This post is clearly edited

No. 1239761

Context? Like how is this pro Ana scumbag behaviour? Self post?

No. 1239805

File: 1622124317931.jpeg (541.45 KB, 828x1310, 5AB68678-08D8-46C7-962D-381D18…)

fuck sake…

No. 1239806

MPA is a hot mess and has been for a long time, the admin does no work with the site to fix it and now the current drama is it has been sold. New members to pop in occasionally so if you are patient you should be able to be approved… eventually.

No. 1239811

Wow. A website dedicated to encouraging anorexia in people without a natural disposition towards it is a hot mess?! I’m shook.

No. 1239817

my money’s on “broke her gallbladder with constant gorging” here

No. 1239819

Horrifying, she's so young too. But it's totally healthy to be obese, am I right?

No. 1239855

sage cuz no milk, but there is either one or two anons not saging, could you please do it? just put sage in email every reply

No. 1239959

that image makes me want to take my skin off. thanks, i'll be crying

No. 1239962

File: 1622139550442.jpeg (689.62 KB, 828x1430, DB7C0DDF-C225-4DDB-BC53-5395A4…)

First she pretends she doesn’t know what a knife is, then she doesn’t know how to cut a scone, then she has to think about whether or not she enjoys it while looking sooper scawed. Spoiler alert: she does.

No. 1239964


Also total 100% nitpick but as she’s in Devon… the huge rivalry between Devon and Cornwall is how they eat their scones. In Devon they do cream then jam. In Cornwall it’s jam then cream.
To put jam then cream in Devon is sacrilege.

No. 1239969

File: 1622139968529.jpg (239.38 KB, 1078x1291, Screenshot_20210527_192706.jpg)

No. 1239973

File: 1622140101386.png (2.95 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9551.PNG)

No. 1239976

Sage for blog, but as a cornish anon, this is a very serious debate. I do it the devon way, yet have never been to devon and am born a cornish person.

No. 1239977

this cow is genuinely vile

No. 1239978

Every facial expression is so annoying. This one in particular. The looking at food like it's dogshit expression is what the raised eyebrow is to Roger Moore's dodgy acting.

Her only food fear is there isn't enough crap.

No. 1239980

i have to know if she ate the rest of the jam and cream out the pots…
of course she did

No. 1239981

why does she enjoy roleplay as one of those "I havent eaten solid food in 10 years" super serious spoops? Does she actually think that's remotely believable? Maybe her only safe food for 10 years was pure lard

No. 1239982

It’s the fact that ham must think everyone’s looking at her and feeling sorry for her because she has an ‘eating disorder’ but everyone in the restaurant will just be thinking she’s spoilt and bratty acting like the foods gross

No. 1239984

File: 1622141029568.jpg (145.82 KB, 728x722, haminthemoon.jpg)

recovering from what, again?

No. 1239988

I cannot stress how much I fucking hate that thing she does with her nose.
Ditto that closed mouth smug smile she does, where it looks like she squeezes the corners of her lips towards the centre and flares her nostrils. You know, her 'I did it!!1!!1!one!!' face

No. 1239989

Licked the plate clean too. Every calorie counts.

No. 1239990

Samefag, replied to the wrong picture, I meant this face

No. 1239997

File: 1622143181904.jpeg (296.21 KB, 828x1467, E2C1DB79-363F-438F-803E-6EA503…)

at this point i think she just eats old food to make herself barf, im gonna add a close up of the grimy bottle after not trying to spam

No. 1239998

File: 1622143208578.jpeg (190.32 KB, 811x1356, 110CF0CA-623D-48CE-9CA7-62B5BF…)

is that mold i spot on the bottle?

No. 1240000

looks like she grabbed the bottle with grubby fingers.. sad to see her have to justify this kinda stuff to herself.

No. 1240003

File: 1622143702051.jpeg (93.25 KB, 828x832, 5D5FFB87-3672-46EF-B472-EE1F6E…)

samefag but this is what the bottle is supposed to look like, why is it so white??

No. 1240007

Wait didn't she say the other day she was gonna stop posting her food?

No. 1240008

Is this still on the bed?
And is that a cup next to the bottle that looks like its got some gross crap in it?

No. 1240017

Are you retarded anon, the colour is the sauce

No. 1240024

How do you see that? I can't find any evidence of it

No. 1240029

The face of hamorexia

No. 1240036

File: 1622148118231.png (3.87 MB, 828x1792, 9E6C7883-AE6E-4B66-80A7-EBFA45…)

Anybody else find this one really disturbing? Lately she’s gotten mad obsessed with pretending to be super dainty and fragile on her stories and obsessed with her own waif narrative. Completely romanticising anorexia whilst projecting her own reflection constantly for comments. Painful narcissist who just looks like she needs a hug and a friend.

No. 1240045

File: 1622149172446.png (2.8 MB, 828x1792, 8C388964-2635-443A-A9B8-2E2A9F…)

this is her idea of “medically unstable”??? i’m not bone rattling and i know it was 3 weeks ago but her OOTD highlight shows a clearly healthy woman, who maybe veered towards a bmi just below the minimum healthy within the last month.

No. 1240050

why is this girl so obsessed w/ acute and erc? i just went through her insta and saw all the tube selfies and erc ip highlights. the way she talks about treatment you'd think she's having the time of her life. anorexia has become a glorified munchausens for these cows

No. 1240059

I wouldn't even bother going on MPA at this point. It's dry as heck, and it's just full of people who are all suffering in one way or another. Many of the people there are truly ill and SHOULD seek mental help. You'll find better cows on insta.

No. 1240062

The way she's still shocked at every single "first bite" is starting to get old.

No. 1240063

File: 1622150222662.jpeg (272.41 KB, 615x758, 9D0AF89B-63FE-415E-AF6F-5365BE…)


Straining hard on this photo posted today on her personal IG.
Also strange on her story saying ‘I’m eating today so I never miss another family event’ when she’s already said that she’ll probably miss her sister’s wedding in July.

I find the way she talks about her ED very passive. IK it’s part of the illness but she’s very ‘I don’t want to miss my sister’s wedding but I’ll have to see where this disease takes me and if I’m well enough or too sick only time will tell’ when realistically… it’s totally in her control. Plus didn’t she just get home from a stint at acute and erc?

No. 1240066

Baconaise sounds gut wrenching

No. 1240067

File: 1622150375747.jpeg (124.53 KB, 828x777, 9DC64E4F-F63C-48DF-B218-FE4820…)

Her YouTube is very telling and she’s outwardly said she wants to hold onto a child’s bod. Unlike Ham, lifeofhxn, Elzani and Anna etc she’s clearly really alone and just looking for attention in child like ways and not close to her parents. Honestly she’s be a psychologists dream haha

No. 1240071

No. 1240082

Not bone rattling but acute turned Cecelia down last time. I'd be very surprised if they admit her lmao

No. 1240087

File: 1622151242572.jpg (291.32 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20210527-172800_Ins…)

The smug smirk

No. 1240092

didn't she claim that was because she was 'too medically unstable'? (despite the fact ACUTE takes single digit BMI patients, directly from ICUs, etc)

No. 1240105

img. board.
no1curr about your self post / vendetta

No. 1240113

stop posting about this cow shes bland and uninteresting. may be an ana attention seeker but there's no genuine milk and it just looks like vendetta or self post

No. 1240133

Ntayrt I think anon means that the commercial image has sauce that is orange, and n2f has sauce that is clearly white.. y'know, apparently way more mayo than baconmayo. Which, let's just accept that the current colour is not orange, is implying this sauce bottle is wack in some way. If the brand changed the colour, does that mean this bottle is old asf? Anon discussion ensues.

No. 1240142

Her body is that of half the women in my yoga class. Her horse face is long and gives the impression she could be thin, but she's a little underweight perhaps. CBA to watch her tbh.

No. 1240144

She buys from near expiry date places. It's stuff that could be rebranded so were sold off cheap.

No. 1240173

have you ever seen translucent frosty plastic? that's what it looks like, and the sauce within would be redder than as appears in the picture of the new bottle from the outside… like it looks like N2F's bottle is nearly empty with just a bit left caked onto the sides and at the bottom (most apparent behind the white and red border on the sticker on the left side)

No. 1240180

samefag, maybe not if what's on her fork is supposed to be what came from that bottle because that's pure white

No. 1240201

File: 1622159961868.png (889.32 KB, 720x1281, Screenshot_20210528-005906~2.p…)

Adding to bacon mayogate, img from Facebook

No. 1240222

hmm thank you anon, the one i found online must have been an older formula?? that picture still looks slightly less white than whatever n2f has in the pic though

No. 1240262

it looks foul

No. 1240283

File: 1622169612232.png (828.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210527-201643.png)

No. 1240284

File: 1622169664476.png (1.02 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210527-201706.png)

No. 1240289

File: 1622170358263.jpg (67.58 KB, 792x1024, gg1024_1.jpg)


I'd beg to differ. I think Cecelia is very milky and I find it kinda sus that someone shuts down any conversation on her everytime she's mentioned. She ACTS like she is the sickest, most anorexia, most fragile person on the platform - bragging how sick she is (literally posted the screenshot of acute's website for "those who are wondering" lmao). If someone's got a vendetta, then it must be many people cause I can't stand her. think she genuinely thinks people think she's spoopy when she's clearly not. She's borderline and likes making people think she's ill for the attention. It's honestly so annoying and the fact that she can't realize other people see through her BS is crazy to me. It's also insulting to people who are actually ill and need acute, imo.

No. 1240318

File: 1622173407273.png (151.78 KB, 650x886, cecelia.png)

I find her very milky too. It's impossible to be too medically unstable for acute which is why she went directly to erc last time, and now she's admitting that her current bmi is more than when she admitted to erc. it's pro-ed behavior to pretend to be the sickest and to act like going to acute is some sort of trophy. real anas are lucky if they dont have to do acute or icu and can admit directly to ip or res.

No. 1240366

If she is autistic maybe her nudity/weirdly skimpy dress is driven by sensory issues with clothing? If that is the case they might get worse when she's more stressed hence why sometimes she's naked and other times she's wearing something weird like whatever's going on here >>1235984
Also autistic people can have issues with the process of getting dressed so maybe that plays a role too.

No. 1240373

File: 1622183210159.png (997.67 KB, 1634x1013, cecelia-body-check.png)

She claims her LW was a BMI "in the 12s". Which to be fair could be 12.9, I guess. If you watch her ED story video she has body checks (cutting straight to that the very next clip after saying what her weight was didn't matter, kek). She's spoopy but nothing ERC or any other regular EDU hasn't seen plenty of times before.

No. 1240376

File: 1622183630064.png (1.38 MB, 1629x1154, cecelia2.png)

Her birthday video would make me feel really bad for her if she didn't dedicate half of it to body checking and if most of us hadn't had a birthday like this due to COVID. She didn't see anyone and the highlight of her day was getting coffee twice.

No. 1240435

Is that bowl with the yellow water a fishbowl?

No. 1240446

I'm shocked reading the number of positive comments on Hams posts calling her an inspiration, am I not seeing something here?? Surely she must delete all the negative comments or has she seriously managed to find 13k vulnerable fucking idiots??

No. 1240447

you go drop a comment under it then, it’ll give you your answer

No. 1240450

I'm no good with numbers, but surely this is higher than 12.9? Not saying she isn't significantly underweight, not bone-rattling, just a dumbfag etc.

I can't think what else it would be. It is so dirty (and fishbowls are inhumane anyway, to the point some cities have banned them)

No. 1240456

File: 1622190830509.jpg (127.08 KB, 1200x900, Queen-1.jpg)

Was she adopted from some horrible labour camp in some terrible facist country? I haven't tried food in other countries, but what's her excuse? Was her mother/family so busy they feed her dog food and now finally they have time for this?
Just by looking at her I know she was the type of girl mum took her out to the movies and shopping all the time and spoil her…

No. 1240461

Sage for my own autism but I had months where I couldn't even visit this thread because of n2f's vomit-inducing creations. Please, if it is exceptionally disgusting or moldy or if you are asking "is there mold on this?" can you spoiler that shit? I get a really dirty feeling when I see those pics and like to control when I see them. I think I'm not alone but idk

No. 1240462

Sage for blog & not trying to bonerattle but you're right, my lowest bmi was high 12s and that's not what that looks like. Her legs give it away(Blogging)

No. 1240463

I've read a lot of scenes from movies in text form in order to find a quote or something, you did good and gosh it's horrible.
I wonder if she does all of this in order to keep being a leech off her enabling parents? I mean she's a grown ass woman.
In this one video really reminds me of someone who did the same thing with mental health and carrer choices, her mother pays for every change of heart or crisis she has.
One day this type of people will eventually find themselves in the real world and they will find out the rest of the world are nor as forgiving, and most normal friends, lovers, coworkers in her future will never take shit like this. Like ever never-

No. 1240464


More towards bmi 15. She has her arms back pushing her chest bones and her collarsbones out while also sucking in her stomach. I cant stand cecilia. She's a huge pro-ana always overplaying how sick she is.. constantly fishing for confirmation that she's the sickest ana ever while at the same time pretending she's completely innocent and definitely not aware of her shitty and triggering her posts are. Idk why people don't find her milky she's very pro ana

No. 1240466

>I think I'm not alone but idk
I had a real panic attack once after looking at her "creations" and had to take a break from the thread. You're most definitely not alone.

No. 1240470

Acute takes not near-death patients, too, especially if they have insurance who will pay for inpatient before residential. They can bill for a lot more I’d imagine than admitting someone directly to ERC for residential.

She’s not even close to the worst skellies ACUTE caters to, but with COVID I wouldn’t be surprised they are admitting less ill people just to make up for lost revenue.

Any medical instability with this attention whore is probably just self-induced dehydration and electrolyte imbalance and can be reversed pretty easily by forcing her to stop her ana chan ways and actually eat. But she won’t just do that bc she’s obsessed with being sick and fragile, plus getting a toob.

But it will be hilarious when she has to make up another excuse why she’s not admitting to ACUTE. It’s totally because they don’t accept her insurance and because she’s too sick kek.

Her totally unplanned relapse is just in time to go to treatment and coincidentally miss her sis’s wedding. Because she’s a narcissistic attention whore who wants the world to revolve around her, and how dare her sister have a special day where this cow isn’t in the limelight for being a sooper sick snowflake.

No. 1240486

File: 1622194895759.jpeg (346.94 KB, 1800x1283, 6C6E4EC5-9E30-4631-895E-1E6D8F…)


No. 1240489

File: 1622195117625.jpg (454.27 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20210528-114433_Ins…)

Wtf do these two things have to do with each other?

No. 1240490

Are you for real? get out

No. 1240491

probably meant that she’s on the priority list so takes the vaccine earlier than her age group.

No. 1240492

for her pretty mild ana? Lmao they must have plenty of vaccines to give out in the uk

No. 1240493

I’ll take ‘Anna’s narcissism’ for 500, Alex.

Must be raging she only just got her first today when most ~vulnerable anas~ have been called for both by now.

No. 1240494

I thought she was taking a social media break for a few days after a family member died from COVID? Doesn't she get priority as a med student anyway? No way is she at risk for being maybe 1kg underweight. And how does she have osteopenia?

No. 1240495

We actually do - clinically ‘extremely vulnerable’ people have been vaccinated for months. Anna isn’t getting put ahead for anything related to her supposed ED, even if she’s pretending she is. It might even be a case of the levels of the indian variant in her area being high (she’s a posho south londoner right? or is she living away for uni)

No. 1240500

Well…yes. HCPs, elderly, carers, extremely clinically vulnerable and ‘just’ vulnerable (inc. mental illness) were offered their first months ago. They’re only just beginning to do younger people where the hotspots are. I’m sure Anna appreciates how fortunate she is not to be considered a priority. Definitely not seething at the fact she’s healthy enough to have been ignored til now. Because she’s bored with ana.

No. 1240503


The reason she got her first shot is probably because she's a volunteer at giving shots. A lot of vials aren't used because people don't turn up, and possibly she's considered a careworker doing it. The girl who gave me mine was in her 20s.

No. 1240510

File: 1622199935437.jpeg (86.63 KB, 1200x675, 996FEA6E-D05F-46C6-AF6C-B0C2B3…)