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File: 1461441291747.gif (452.82 KB, 320x240, emily crocker loves attention.…)

No. 123455

>Emily Crocker stirring up drama like

Because the previous thread reached its reply limit >>120427

A place to discuss ALL of the edgy attention whores, proana wannarexics, and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram/Tumblr or elsewhere.

Original thread: >>44088
Second thread: >>74624
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No. 123458

Oh great. It's a Crocker thread now.

No. 123459

File: 1461441493310.png (332.28 KB, 645x609, emily crocker.png)

No. 123460

Don't care.

No. 123461

It's just the last topic we left off on. See >>123459

No. 123463

I'm cringing at whoever made this shit

No. 123464

annnnnd she deleted fungettingup's comment. why tell people to guess who you're mocking but remove their guess after they hit the nail right on the fucking head.

No. 123465

File: 1461441723336.gif (307.22 KB, 500x375, muh ribs.gif)

Oh well, the shit continues…

No. 123468

No. 123469

File: 1461441886945.jpg (286.48 KB, 489x640, 7e0ed4c9fa714f3b6d5b0c3433cbae…)

I know people get butthurt about the gifs and shit, but at least y'all aren't taking this site so fucking seriously

Keep giffin' and Smithin' imho

No. 123471

Impressive multi tasking going on thar.

No. 123472

That photo is just like the ones Felice used to take when she was selling her old clothes. What a surprise.

No. 123473

File: 1461442142379.jpg (672 KB, 1920x1920, 1460049300234.jpg)

She's literally copying Ember Whann.

No. 123474

Eleri freaked out about anons reminding her she's not underweight and then posted (and later deleted) a bunch of proana type pictures. But… she's literally normal sized lmfao don't know what she was trying to prove…

No. 123475

File: 1461442630923.png (164.61 KB, 1341x1628, Eleri 1.png)

No. 123476

File: 1461442670220.jpg (378.54 KB, 960x1280, Eleri 3.jpg)

No. 123477

File: 1461442706029.jpg (298.15 KB, 960x1280, Eleri 5.jpg)

(very sorry for such samefagging)

No. 123478

Not sure who this is but it's not really surprising that a person would try to prove they're thin after someone mocked their weight, especially if they have an apparent eating disorder.

No. 123479

She is tumblr user e-leri
The thing is she goes around commenting on posts, reminding everyone that in order to have a real anorexia diagnosis one must be underweight, otherwise it's "atypical anorexia". Meanwhile she claims to have anorexia but has admitted she has a BMI of 20? Now she's saying that she's underweight "for her body". It's the biggest load of hypocritical bullshit.

No. 123480

But she's not underweight kek

Have any of y'all ever tried looking through the blogs that like eleri and Jenna's photos? People who reblog and comment on and like their photos are literally ALL healthy-overweight ~anorexia recovery~ bloggers who refuse to acknowledge their 20% body fat

No. 123481

Yeah seriously it's like they're experiencing this shared delusion where their bodies just have "high setpoints" so they don't have to face the fact that they alone are responsible for where their weight is at

No. 123482

And all of them begging each other to eat and "all exercise at this point is disordered!" then talking about fainting because they haven't eaten for 10 hours

No. 123485

Does cryingemily just have one stretched ear?

No. 123486

This bitch wears the trashiest outfits I swear.

No. 123489

File: 1461445966909.gif (234.51 KB, 307x597, emily-crocker-photoshop.gif)

fixed it

No. 123490

Yep. Shuddering? I am.

No. 123494

Lmfao who wants to be any version of ember??? A "better" version of ember is still a piece of shit. So at least you're right about that part, emily. You're a piece of shit.

No. 123495

Yoo tbqh I actually think Emily quit the alcohol binges which is why she's starting to look smaller than she did last summer so props to her for that but it also might be the angle.

No. 123499

I ask myself this question every time i see a picture of her even though i know the answer
and it's always like really bitch

No. 123500

you've still got a beer gut emily

No. 123503

How bout we do what the .gif says & fucking ignore the sausage shaped snaggle-toothed retards already?

No. 123504

hahaha you can always tell when emily posts it's so good
she's literally wasting her precious life starving for other girls approval. other girls just as useless and pathetic as her, that don't seek treatment so they can stop mutilating the lives of their families because it would mean they wouldn't get attention on the internet.

you're fucking capable of feeling and thinking anything and this is what you choose.

No. 123507

Yeah she looks good ngl

No. 123508

File: 1461451325032.png (274.17 KB, 640x607, XUuejO.png)

Why are we talking about Emily and Ember, no one gives a shit about them. Except Emily and Ember.
Anyone have milk on those fat Spoony anas from the last thread? That was actually fun.

No. 123509

I don't think Eleri is a snowflake. She's been diagnosed with AN in the past, so now that she's relapsing it makes sense that she's re-diagnosed with it. She's going to residential treatment soon, so she clearly is sick.

No. 123511

OK eleri

No. 123512

I knew this was coming, but you only have to look at her tumblr to see how many people defend her and suck up to her. She's admitted she's not underweight by BMI, so I figured it's probably relevant that she used to be diagnosed with anorexia and went to treatment for it in the past.

No. 123513

I'd have to see candids but her face looks a lot better too

No. 123515

why would she be dx'ed with anorexia if she has a bmi of 20? unless it's atypical anorexia?
also she said she's 20 pounds underweight (in addition to having bmi 20) like.. it doesn't work that way

No. 123516

They have to be self-posting, those two are boring as shit. They're your average ana-chan, there is nothing interesting about them.

Was anybody able to follow Kadee's new account?

No. 123518

File: 1461454031311.png (443.66 KB, 640x995, nHpy9l.png)

I've seen a couple posts, but I haven't been able to follow her.
This is her whining that people don't accept how furrealz her anorexia is, so she's gonna starve just to show them.

No. 123520

And boy did she show us, she's eating barely any calories.

No. 123521

why do pro anas always have like 5 instagram accounts going for their recovery. its like they want they want to center their lives on "recovering" without the hassle of actually being mentally ill.

No. 123522

File: 1461454226402.png (3.95 MB, 3264x2176, Kw9D3i.png)

Forgot pic.

No. 123525

File: 1461454496198.png (895.43 KB, 640x1042, 10SbDa.png)

>Such anorexia
>Wow Just Wow
I mean how much discipline can one cow have?

No. 123526

please stop samefagging and whiteknighting yourself, it's so embarrassing

No. 123527

>Overweight and drinking Ensure
>No Vitamins for "Muh Malnourishment"

No. 123528

lmao fruits and veggies are "baby steps" but she can suck down starbucks and ice cream, lol ok. it just leads me to believe even more that she's in treatment for BED

No. 123529

all i see are fattening foods wtf

No. 123532

I swurr Kadee's Instagram is just so all over the place. She's like, "I don't wanna eat!" "Alright I'll eat all this food.." And then she'll be like "I purged then had Starbucks." I wonder when she types that she vomits does she mean purged or actual involuntarily vomitting. Regardless, I don't think she's ever purged a day in her life.(swurr....)

No. 123536

Pretty sure you're emily faggot

No. 123537

Probably does laxatives, as though that would get rid of any of that cup cake.
>Remember she's too medically compromised for ED treatment. Her Mother's trying to get her into Denver Acute.

No. 123538

Was this post before or after the claim that she started "starving" herself again?
I'm certain she is but doesn't want to admit it. Unfortunately it's not going to work if she continues believing that she has anorexia and not BED.

She is so delusional, I really doubt that she's lost 100 lbs like she claims, if anything she has probably gained.

No. 123539

I meant to ask the first one to this post >>123518

No. 123540

File: 1461457065661.png (5.35 MB, 3264x2176, Rjp7Fd.png)

Those posts were the 48 hours after she posted about how she was totes gonna starve. The other one was after as well.
>If you keep saying I don't have anorexia, I'm gonna get anorexia.

No. 123541

I am officially retarded for quoting the wrong post twice, but my question was answered so it's fine

No. 123542

File: 1461457363793.png (702.87 KB, 640x935, 8WIxwX.png)

She's so much of an attention sponge, if she had lost even 5lb she would have been posting pictures all over the place of her "emaciation"
>Pic Related- Our Ana Butterfly after her brush with death.

No. 123543

I don't understand how people are believing her lies. No legitimate eating disorder facility would reject somebody for refusing to eat, that's literally what they are made to help people with.

The real reason they rejected her is because she has a binge eating disorder, and they can't help her if she thinks she needs to eat more than she already is. She needs to see a therapist to help her get over her delusions if she honestly thinks she is starving to death.

No. 123545

You clearly know nothing about eating disorders, people can die at any size.
(Skip to around 3:35 for the horror story about how her glucose was really low once and she could have had a seizure, but she had eaten so it was alright. Around the end she'll inform you on how its insensitive to tell her to eat a cheeseburger because she can't just eat!)
(I know its old, but I cry every time)

No. 123547

Sarcasm is real.

But in that video I feel like Kelly is just reading off of google for a PowerPoint project. She talks sometimes in it as if ED symptoms don't even affect her.

No. 123563

"Eat a cheeseburger"
No you fucking planet eat a fucking salad.
You don't need another fucking burger omfg

No. 123564

I can't even stand that planet of a being.

No. 123566

File: 1461461981877.png (528.92 KB, 1440x2448, Screenshot_2016-04-23-18-31-17…)

e-leri is butthurt and just proved she lurks

No. 123568

Except for the fact she can't have the AN diagnosis unless she's at a certain BMI, that's why Atypical Anorexia exists.

No. 123570

hey e-leri

No. 123572

yep and I know she probably has a legit ED i just don't see why all recovery blogs grasp at the anorexia diagnosis

No. 123573

>because its fucking working

God these bitches are so fucking narcissistic.

No. 123575

>BMI is 20
>20 pounds underweight
She's a complete idiot, if your BMI is 20 you are NOT 20 pounds underweight. 20 pounds underweight is dangerously underweight for most people, and I can guarantee that her BMI would not be well within the healthy weight range if she was. Also, if she were 20 pounds underweight she would look emaciated, especially if she has a larger frame like she claims. But she looks to be a healthy weight in the photos she has taken.

We are not stupid e-leri, stop lying.

No. 123576

What the fuck is this crap about a "natural higher weight"? If your BMI is 20 you are not underweight no matter what height you are. Like I honestly have no idea what she is trying to say.

I'm not saying she doesn't have an eating disorder and I honestly have no idea who she is, but if your BMI is calculated to be in the 20 range you aren't underweight.

Also it pisses me off when people claim they have "atypical anorexia' in order to try and cram themselves into the ana snowflake "better than thou" category. No bitch you have OSFED. Get used to it. It doesn't mean you're any less sick btw. In fact OSFED is the most common eating disorder and the most dangerous because it goes undetected the most frequently out of all eating disorders.

For fuck sakes just say you have OSFED and get on with it. I promise you the people who judge people for not having anorexia don't matter in the real world and probably don't have anorexia themselves.

No. 123578

No. 123580

this fucking idiot bmi of 20 is healthy weight regardless of height because guess what retard

you use your height to calculate ur bmi hur dur

No. 123581

e-leri says "I feel like a fake anorexic"
Why does she have to lie about not being underweight anymore, it doesn't mean she doesn't have a ED and then she has the audacity to brag about b/p and over exercising. She's becoming like jenna

No. 123582

anyone know how tall eleri is? like has she listed her height anywhere?

No. 123585

not sure but the best thing about this is how "triggered" she is right now and is being coddled but when a anon confides that jenna is triggering they just need to get off of tumblr

No. 123587

These are like the girls who posted Wintergirls quotes back in the day and then ~grew out of romanticizing the illness~ (but still anorexic even after they grew out of those 27 inch pants)

No. 123588

File: 1461464045108.png (603.56 KB, 758x659, Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 7.13…)

that is definitely not the body of a 20 pound severely underweight anorexic

No. 123589

>BMI is bullshit and I'm not underweight but I'm totally anorexic!!
>I'm not underweight but I'm TOTALLY underweight
>we're all fragile u guise pls no bully :(

bitch you are not anorexic. you are DEFINITELY not underweight. sorry but the truth hurts.
e-leri, don't blame the internet for "triggering" you, people will call bullshit when you make obviously false claims (like claiming to be underweight)
and if you can't handle a few nasty anons then maybe you need to take a break from the internet for a while like damn

No. 123590

"BMI is just a number to guide nutritionists/doctors. It vaguely tells how your body composition is. It’s not a number that tells exacty how’s your mental and physical state. There is a measurement that can tell if your are malnourished or in danger even if you are not underweight, that is % of weight lost and % of usual weight. These measurement are valid in clinical nutritional assessment. Again, sorry for my english. I hope this information is useful for you!"

No. 123591

You are a fake anorexic and you are not underweight, you are a healthy weight. Your body does not have a naturally high set point that is 20+ lbs higher than other people of your height, that doesn't even make sense.

I don't know what eating disorder you have but it's not anorexia, stop saying you have it. Anorexia is not "superior" to other eating disorders if that's what you think.

If your therapist has told you that you are underweight, they are ignorant to how bodies work or they are trying to appease you. And I only said therapist because I know any licensed doctor would not call you underweight at the weight you are right now.

No. 123594

Eleri is incomparable to Jenna. (Inb4 hi eleri hur dur dur) First of all, she doesn't blatantly lie about her weight and try to convince her followers that she's clinically underweight. She was probably diagnosed with AN but whether it was atypical or not wasn't specified. Secondly, I'm not sure why any of this is relevant since she's stated that she's recieving treatment soon. Like, she's actually seeking help, unlike Jenna "I'm too poor and old for treatment!!!!!!" Lewis.

No. 123595

File: 1461464397999.jpg (382.7 KB, 1280x1233, 20lbsunderweight.jpg)

>but my doctor told me im anorexic you guise

No. 123598

File: 1461464566539.png (45.72 KB, 191x148, Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 7.21…)

but guise
i'm not underweight according to an outdated chart
but i have anorexia

No. 123599

oh my god her video is so cringey with her subtle crying

No. 123600


oh my god her face is really like that

No. 123601

File: 1461464747801.png (207.04 KB, 428x413, Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 7.25…)

>bmi isn't an accurate measure anymore, people don't fucking use that
>i have a bmi of 20, that's underweight for me

No. 123602

I thought e-leri was real for a while too but c'mon, look at the way she's been trying to flaunt her body and the way she talks about working out obsessively, just like jenna, and then acting like it's totally not disordered. She might not be as bad as jenna but when it comes so ass licking she's a pro because she enables all of her friends, including birdyally on instagram who is still bodychecking and posting steamed veggies #recovery.
E-leri is the type of bitch who knows someone's weight doesn't indicate their eating disorder has healed but then she's going to defend oatsandjen for posting before after photos just because she's a popular fitblr she just HAS to kiss up too.
E-leri is fake as fuck.

No. 123603

she's just bitching about anonymous messages… why the fuck doesn't she just turn off anon/turn off the anon option?

after that whole video she STILL has anonymous enabled.

she's literally setting herself up for hate just so she can have a reason to cry and get asspats.

sage for fucking samefag i cannot with this bitch i just learned about her after >>123566 and i'm already disgusted.

No. 123606

turn off her ask/turn off anon option*

No. 123608

This whole e-leri thing reeks of being a self-post, at least in the beggining. Remember that fat Kimmi girl who self-posted here, and when we told here to stop doing it, she made a big fuss on instagram about it to make us seem like the bad guys? Well, seems like e-leri did that same thing, but we fell for it this time.
If it wasn't a self-post, then I apologize to that anon.

No. 123609

er nope, sorry friend.

No. 123610

File: 1461465432892.jpg (517.24 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o27forc8QQ1sv4zedo2_128…)

Look at those stick-thin thighs, she's starving to death! She must be 20lbs underweight!

Jesus, what a fucking dipshit

No. 123611

you guys are always screaming same fag/ self post which is likely with ember or emily but I don't think e-leri is smart enough to work a imageboard

No. 123612

she lurks here how else do you think she had a meltdown
she posted screenshots of posts about herself
if she's able to navigate through it she can probably post. it's not that hard.

No. 123613

when she goes to treatment she wont be diagnosed with AN because they do use the bmi criteria to diagnose so wah on her. most treatment facilities dont use bone structure and all that bullshit. they use the DSM

No. 123614

because I posted the screenshot and I'm not e-leri she proved she lurks but she isn't the type to seek attention on lolcowfarm where no one can white knight her

No. 123615

She's so dumb. A BMI of 20 regardless of how tall you are is healthy. We actually had a wanorexic prove she doesn't have anorexia.

No. 123617

OMG, elephant legs!

No. 123619

1-"WE are down 7 more lbs" WE? Kadee, you're not gonna start pulling DID shit like ohchickpea, are you??

2-I wonder what her goal weight is? 300lbs?

No. 123622

YES! Couldn't agree more. She's clearly on a weight loss plan. As she should be, for the sake of her fucking health. All this "bloo bloo bloo I'm losing so much weight and no one knows what to do, I'm staaaarving" shit is a load of crap.

No. 123624

Sooo sad you guys, she's nothing but bones! :(


No. 123626

File: 1461467056963.png (2.23 MB, 1578x2048, PhotoGrid_1461466834161-1.png)



Considering both of these girls have thousands of followers, the fact that they can't break at least 500 likes is embrassing but I felt the need to point how the difference lolol

No. 123627

Ok, Eleri annoys me because she posts shit like "calories don't count on christmas" because what the fuck, that shit's not going to fly with anyone with an ED.

But I do think it's pretty fucking ridiculous to call shit about Eleri because of her weight claims. Like, okay, maybe her BMI is "normal," but yeah, it is true that some people's natural set point is HIGHER than most. A bmi of 20 CAN be underweight for some people. And obviously she's not emaciated, criticizing her weight and diagnosis is fucking toxic to someone who has any interest in recovery.

No. 123628

Holy fuck, she's painful to watch. Between her struggling for breath and the weird mouth twitches that have got to be caused by all the fucking meds she's on…holy shit. It's hard to even pay attention to what she's saying, because the shit mentioned above is such a huge, disturbing distraction.

Filled with horror right now.

No. 123629

File: 1461467406658.jpg (128.38 KB, 636x603, holyshitthecomments.jpg)

Holy shit, did you farmers read the comments on Kelly's youtube video?

No. 123630

File: 1461467521837.jpg (117.78 KB, 622x624, gottabefarmers.jpg)

Hold up, are these farmers commenting?

No. 123631


actually most tx centers use your outpatient teams dx…

No. 123632


since all the comments are recent i wouldn't doubt it
especially if comments started showing up around the time she was posted here

No. 123633

>it is true that some people's natural set point is HIGHER than most. A bmi of 20 CAN be underweight for some people.

No and no. Based on body frame alone there can be a fluctuation of maybe 5lbs, if that. She is not naturally supposed to be 20 pounds heavier than other people of her height, especially since she looks like a completely healthy weight right now. If she were truly as underweight as she says she is, would look ill and have bones showing, which she does not. And if you think a BMI of 20 is underweight you are delusional, accept the facts and stop trying to delude yourself into believing that counts as underweight.

No. 123634

those comments are so fucking malicious yet childish like
"you're a fucking disgrace. porky" c'mon? wtf?

No. 123635

Those comments are really vicious like if these are farmers they're not portraying us in a good manner..

No. 123636

hi eleri

No. 123638

lmfao i was literally thinking the same thing

No. 123639

>not portraying us in a good manner

kill yourself nigger

No. 123640

File: 1461468312636.png (271.35 KB, 1091x634, Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 8.24…)

here's a bright idea:

disable anon.

or you can just constantly bitch and moan about anon hate. your choice

No. 123641

They were being sarcastic you autistic fuck, kill yourself.

No. 123642

homie i saw your "nigget" post the first time don't even try n play

No. 123644

File: 1461468463672.png (45.78 KB, 705x307, Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 8.27…)



No. 123646

You're chubby eleri, not even close to thin. Lose some fucking weight and maybe you can call yourself anorexic if you want to be an ~*ana goddess*~ so badly. Also big bones aren't real stop using them as an excuse and educate yourself you dumb ass wannarexic, you don't know shit about the human body if you believe that you're special and meant to weigh significantly more than everybody else

No. 123650

How is she chubby? Your Ana-chan is showing

No. 123651

She's been posted on FPH, I think. I think someone posed Kadee on there, too, from this thread or MPA. Hi, hamtaro, I like your shorts.

No. 123652

File: 1461469095593.jpg (146.9 KB, 637x619, kek.jpg)

Oh you guise! kek

No. 123653

she isn't fat but at a healthy weight but I do think she's on the verge of relapsing and probably does struggle but lying about being underweight doesn't do anything but make her look like a lying bich.

No. 123655

She's thin but not skinny or skeletal you fucking idiot

No. 123657


5'7 and 130lbs (bmi just over 20) http://www.mybodygallery.com/search.html?gender=female&height=170&age=any&weight=59&pantSize=any&shirtSize=any&bodytype=

5'7 and 150lbs http://www.mybodygallery.com/search.html?gender=female&height=170&age=any&weight=68&pantSize=any&shirtSize=any&bodytype=

Both look healthy to me… So yeah, her natural weight might actually be the 20+ one, making 130 underweight for her body.

No. 123658

Take a chill pill child and count to ten. Learn what sarcasm is or what a joke is… Oh and are you okay?

No. 123659

funny because the three treatment facilities i went to diagnosed on their own using the DSM criteria. they may use info from
your treatment team, but they usually form their own diagnoses for insurance purposes

No. 123660

File: 1461469309118.jpg (367.4 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o08w10V3E11sv4zedo5_128…)

Here is a body picture of the girl who claims to be severely underweight

absolutely skeletal :(

No. 123663

What the fuck is it with girls making fugly faces and taking pictures of it? I've seen it so many times. Like, I'm ASSUMING she's making that face on purpose, I've never really seen any pics of her before today. Seriously, what is with the "teehee, ugly face pic, tell me how hot I still am! teehee" picture trend?

No. 123667

Nope, they definitely aren't. I hope it isn't farmers, but some of the wording and the time these posts started seems to point either to farmers or malicious people who lurk the boards.

No. 123668

Dude, we call Ember chubby. Eleri is a fucking whale.

No. 123669

Her hips and that saggy butt… please learn how to do squats.. asap. After a solid month, you'll see a bit of progress and be motivated to keep going. First 30 days is always the hardest.

No. 123671

The girls on the first look to be at the lower end of a healthy weight, and on the second one they all look to be at the higher end of a healthy weight except the girls who are muscular. And that makes sense, because muscles weight more than fat so obviously muscular girls will look thinner at higher weights.

What exactly were you trying to prove?

No. 123674

omg guise has Trashley got a blonde wig now???!!11!!

No. 123678

File: 1461474361652.jpg (355.26 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

Haha what? Bitch what makeup? What a sad wing

No. 123679

her eyeliner looks like a smeared sharpie

No. 123683

Lol yes. Every normal weight person must be atypical anorexia, except her because she's such a special snowflake, she gets to say she's underweight "for her body" lol. She also bragged about being on MPA.

No. 123687


i started a 20+ page thread about kadee on mpa. in the beginning it was everyone circlejerking and agreeing with me. but then i started a second thread and everyone got really mad so i don't know what happened.

i originally found kadee on fph when it was still on reddit. but of course that was deleted. giving me prime opportunity to milk it for lulz on mpa.

i think we should have a kadee thread here. i might start one actually.

No. 123688

Not an mpafag but kadee is pretty milky, it might be an ok thread but i think its too soon for that. Let's wait a bit first and anyways mods don't like those threads.

No. 123689

Eleri is so wannarexic it's painful to watch. She desperately wants that special super sick AN diagnosis, but for everybody else BMI applies.
Eleri, hint: BMI is only inaccurate for people with a LOT of muscle mass, which you do not have. You're invalidating the OSFED diagnosis. And being on Myproana is not cool, it's pathetic. Go there instead of your Tumblr if you're so desperate for validation from other fatties.

No. 123690

If Eleri is 5'6" she would be at 125 pounds now. Those extra 20 pounds she claims she needs to be a healthy weight would put her at a BMI of 23. Ok. (Just guessing, I don't know her weight for sure)

No. 123691

Jenna has promised so many tutorials and other videos…. Never gonna happen. Plus she's shit at makeup. Probably self sent.

No. 123693

There's been an influx of tumblrinas on mpa recently, that's probably why you got a shitstorm the second time. I don't know why it's happening but it's fucking annoying. If you want an example, check out this thread:

No. 123695

125 is not underweight at all for 5'6''

No. 123696


too late. ah well, let's just see what happens then. i think the recent drama of an actual ip place not admitting her would constitute a thread. that milk bucket is spilling over at this point tbh

No. 123697

Did you forget anon? She super duper special so medical science doesn't apply to her!

No. 123698

Keep in mind I just guessed her height. I don't know if she's actually 5'6". I'll try to find her height

No. 123701


E-leri is 5'4" so she is at 117 pounds. Her "healthy weight" would put her at a BMI of 23.5
Sure. 20 pounds underweight. Lol.

No. 123703

Jesus H. Christ these threads seem to fill up fast.

doot doot

No. 123704

She has a nice profile but her mouth is huge..

No. 123705

In the top photo she looks like an irl Regina George.

No. 123707

She also thinks BMI is bullshit so the 20 is irrelevant in her mind sounds like.

No. 123710

File: 1461480933219.jpeg (152.89 KB, 703x1024, image.jpeg)

Why this girl look like Randall from recess

Sage for OT but I found her through some ED chicks tumblr and had to share

Her names like h4ley20

No. 123711

5'4??? Fuck I didn't think she was my height. I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt by thinking she was taller

No. 123712

File: 1461481270502.jpeg (136.16 KB, 640x985, image.jpeg)

>You're super sick El :(
>Thanks I needed to hear that

I always thought recovery ana-chans liked to jump at people's throats for trying to point out how sick they really are (see: Aly). Funny that E-leri isn't the same.

No. 123713


Lol yes 'atypical anorexia' diagnosis is used by 90% of MPA members. Suddenly all normal weight and even 300lbs have atypical anorexia. It should be called delusional anorexia.

No. 123722

Damn, the pro-ana community sure is a mess nowadays. I almost miss the good old days of b&w pics of cuts and hip bones. See OP picture as well.
Now, it's like either you're severely underweight and claim to be "in recovery or never had an ED ever!"… OR you're a fat fuck who claims to be severely anorexic and "literally dying from starvation guise". :(((
I mean I guess that's just the famous ones, I'm sure there's people in between and all but it's kind of twisted.

No. 123724

Except Ember isn't chubby either.

No. 123725

>Don't forget to report your local proanas!

>I reported Ember for bullying instead lololol
>pls do the same guys

That's enough of that.

>6. Do not try to use lolcowchan as your personal army.

Don't use lolcow for vendettas or raids ("calls to action"). Don't tell people to report things.

Most of these threads, and a large portion of the posts in them, were all made by this one individual. They are now permanently banned. Any attempts at ban evasion will result in all of their posts being revealed.

No. 123732

Anything special besides her being Randall's twin? All I see is weed. Pretty boring.

No. 123734


>Most of these threads, and a large portion of the posts in them, were all made by this one individual. They are now permanently banned. Any attempts at ban evasion will result in all of their posts being revealed.

Seriously? That would be a rather shocking relevation, I am pretty active on these threads and surely i was not trolled this badly.

No. 123736

Oh and come on! That is just fucking baiting . Imagine the milk…

No. 123738

Not really shocking, I could tell there was somebody who kept posting Ember/Emily. They are boring as shit to talk about, not even a drop of milk there. There's no way that it was more than one person posting about them.

No. 123740

I disagree for Ember, her whole IP thing was semi-interesting. I'm shocked she hasn't posted more about her "experience" actually, I was expecting a lot more milk from that. She's really hated by everyone though I'm not sure why she gets more hate than others really. Same cloth.
There was also a lot of crap a few weeks ago, people trying to contact her family, bf, her ex and even her workplace. It was pretty messed up and people got banned for it. Maybe that's who Admin is talking about?
I don't think it's Emily but maybe she participated. Probably. But "a large portion of posts"? Nah

No. 123743

what's the beef between ember & emily? like where did this bitching start from

No. 123744

I'm also surprised ember didn't talk more about IP experience. That should have been a significant event in her fairly boring life. She posted the stuffed buddy, the tea rec. from a fellow patient and…that's it afaik!

No. 123748

Ourdoughnut maybe? Seems plausible if it's not ember/emily.

No. 123750

i don't think she's active anymore

No. 123753

Oh no we triggered a morbidly obese girl to diet!
I bet her doctors are glad she's not in there wasting time and resources just because she wants anorexia.

No. 123754

Oh wow… At least reveal a hint about them or spill it all one day! But thank you for telling us this I feel trolled..

No. 123764

because Ember Whannorexic is literally the ONLY person who has taken headless body shots with a peace sign to show off ugly outfits?

No. 123770

This bugs me because one of the telltale signs of AN is extreme denial of being ill, yet all these wannarexics go around whining how sick they are, how skinny they are, how low their weight is etc. And most people with anorexia insist nothing is wrong with them instead of whining about the jealuz haterz

No. 123785

File: 1461497911786.png (213.34 KB, 480x617, wp_ss_20160424_0001.png)

>you know your one of the best.

You'RE the best at what? I noticed this looking at profiles of anas seeking attention on a shoutout post by fakeboi.

No. 123788


Ugh, these fucking oxygen thieves.

No. 123792

File: 1461500800935.png (279.08 KB, 467x650, wp_ss_20160424_0004.png)

>his BOY nipple

No. 123796

She talks about being "one of the best", which implies she's proud of what her eating disorder has done to her body, but literally what is she recovering from if that's the case?
I really don't like this.

No. 123803

>most people with anorexia insist nothing is wrong with them

You can't assume all self-proclaimed anorexics on IG are faking it. IG, by being the perfect platform for attention whores of all stripes, attracts (the small percentage of) anorexics that think their ED is something to brag about.

No. 123811

File: 1461508436994.png (116.5 KB, 747x1006, image.png)

she has a new acc and is begging for likes. how pathetic. honestly (shes turtl.ed)

No. 123817

Well, I do not think Eleri is completely faking her ED, but I think she does not have AN like she claims, the biggest factor being her BMI of 20.
Also keep in mind she has claimed that diagnosis for a while, so she was "re-diagnosed" at what, BMI 21? 22? if she has lost weight since then? Sure.

No. 123825

I wonder if any of those people got turtl.eds recovery owls?

No. 123827

No. 123832


Don't be a cocktease admin!! My money is on Emily but maybe turtl.ed too.

I thought McKenzie at first but hasn't she already been banned and called out the same time Ember was?

No. 123833

This is disappointing but unsurprising.

No. 123837


If that was the person that was making the threads than they're also the one that was getting mad at anon's posting their personal stories or experiences with eating disorders that were actually relevant to the thread.

How fucking great of them to use these threads for vendetta/raids and blatantly breaking the rules while telling people to "get back on topic."

How is spamming about reporting ember or local pro-ana's anymore on topic or good for the thread than people actually talking about eating disorders and shedding light on what it's actually like or what are signs of faking behavior.

It's interesting how much less active this thread is after this happened and they were banned. I wonder how much they were posting and if they ever self posted. I also wonder if it's a popular MPA user or a pro-ana themselves.

No. 123840

I'm a little bit ashamed of myself for participating so heavily in this thread now that I know the motivation behind it, but hopefully the milk thickens now that Emily is banned.

No. 123849

>No legitimate eating disorder facility would reject somebody for refusing to eat

You would think so, but a lot of them do. Renfrew especially will kick you out for not eating. They shouldn't, obviously, thats why people are there.. If they could "just eat" they wouldn't be there.
It may be bc its a "for profit" facility. They don't want the difficult patients with severe EDs. They want the "perfect patient" types who do well in ED tx settings (bc a lot of them are way too comfortable there), but then they get out, immediately relapse, get re-admitted, and places like Renfrew make even more $$$. Its gross, ED tx in the US needs to be more regulated (or regulated at all).

No. 123861

Same here Anon. I've posted quite a lot lately on the eating disorder threads. I'm hoping she at least stayed out of the "ED Support General" thread. It would make me sick to my stomach if she was using the support thread for ass-pats and attention by coming up with fake experiences and stories. I try my best to help out the anons there and have asked for a lot of advice myself. Ugh I feel gross now.

I'm hoping it's just a no-name loser and not someone like Ember/Emily/etc, but what motivation would a no-name have? Something's not quite right. Time to put on my tin-foil hat and lurk instead of post for a while.

No. 123867

I haven't really read these proana scumbag threads but I used to read Ember's thread back before she got moved into this group and I miss her drama but I don't know about any of the other girls really so should I start from the very beginning of this series of threads?

No. 123869

No. 123876

File: 1461518652743.jpg (172.68 KB, 1072x1516, Screenshot_2016-04-24-11-32-45…)

Speaking of McKenzie, this was posted right after all of embers sfs posts today

No. 123877

This chick cams.


No. 123881

how old is she?

No. 123883

Why do all these ~ed warriors~ on tumblr have statcounters and IP trackers? Sage for probably stupid question

No. 123884


She lurks here a lot. Hi McKenzie !

No. 123885

Probably so they can see who sends anon hate?

Has Ember made a tumblr?

No. 123888

Looks like she's sitting in a giant toilet.

No. 123893

probably more than likely emily.

No. 123894

Tardle's friend @naomissing is making "surviving.stars" now. http://www.instagram.com/owls.stars

I wonder how many more of these scams are going to pop up now.

No. 123895

I think she still has her old one, same user as her insta, just not active

No. 123896

I think it's stupid funny that Emily didn't have to even stretch her picture and she still looks smaller than Ember ever will

No. 123900

The beef between Ember and Emily as far as I can remember started about 3 years ago.

Someone messaged Emily anonymously on tumblr about a girl that was semi-copying her URL thinsignificant and had copy and pasted her whole FAQ page question and answers going by the name of "Em" and even went to the extent of copying all her pictures pose for pose and gif for gif. Emily called her out and poof- Ember Whannabee became a thing.

No. 123902

ok maybe i'm wrong i guess emily isn't banned

No. 123909

File: 1461524640454.jpeg (42.58 KB, 750x491, image.jpeg)

No. 123911

Ember and Emily should just make out already.

No. 123912

that's… not a good thing, ember

No. 123914

I think there is some sexual tension between them. Or some sort of thing where they are otherwise getting off. No one stays in a feud so fucking stupid unless they want to.

No. 123915

That, punctuation though ?

No. 123916

"I'm a writer"

No. 123926

Can Admin at least mark all the posts that were samefagging (resulting in the ban)? Like, don't identify them personally or anything just a little notifier. I'm sure I'm not the only one interested to see what they posted/what they were trying to achieve/how many arguments they had with themselves.

No. 123929

I hope he doesn't do that.

No. 123930

I want this as well. We deserve to know just how many posts/threads were the same user shitting up the topic. Especially because Admin said this person had been posting quite a lot.

No. 123933

Well you're alone with that hope. I for one have to know.

No. 123934

Why? The milk is dry and identifying posts was the highlight of this year. I wouldn't be surprised if we could work it out given the posts. Just gotta hope they attempt ban evasion. Funny feeling they will be daft enough to.

Yes. Admin, treat your farmers. Nourish us.

No. 123935

Who cares, it's an anonymous image board, we don't ~deserve~ anything from them

No. 123936

samefag detected
and probably an em² white knight

No. 123937

Stop trying to force milk, damn

No. 123938

Agreed. I'm really sick and tired of Emily in general, and I'm more than convinced that she was the one trying to use us as her personal army. I hope admin keeps it a secret because I want Emily to fuck off forever with her bullshit.

No. 123939

IMO admin should only reveal who it is if that person actually self-posted, because it doesn't seem like they broke any rules except (barely) raiding.

No. 123940

Obviously this poster was causing enough damage for Admin to ban them permanently. Give me one good reason why Admin shouldn't mark the posts/threads?

And yeah, maybe we don't "deserve" anything, but it's good to know exactly what type of stuff this user posted and how much they posted.

In >>123725 Admin said >Most of these threads, and a large portion of the posts in them, were all made by this one individual.

No. 123941

Self-posting is only against the rules if you start a new thread about yourself. The rule that was broken was the personal army rule.

No. 123942

Plus we already have proof that Emily has been self-posting.

No. 123945

They bought this milk themselves, it's just being withheld. None of us forced the poster to swamp everything and cause admin to take action.

No. 123946

Yeah but this board is supposed to be anonymous, so I think only a person who actively disregarded that should be exposed.

No. 123947

Admin has threatened to reveal the poster if she ban evades. If he reveals her before she ban evades, there's no threat to keep her away. She'll keep coming back and sperging out all over these threads.

No. 123949

My vote is for Emily as well but we don't really know.

Perhaps Admin might be trolling us a little too.

No. 123950

They're still anonymous it's just that their posts are tagged with some red text. Unless they blatantly posted photo's from an instagram account their real identity wouldn't be found out. And even if they posted for example all of the Ember instagram photo's it wouldn't prove they were Ember or Emily.

You make an actual good point.

No. 123951

Good point.

I assume a permaban just restricts posting, and not viewing? If someone is sad enough to be the majority poster, they will be sad enough to revisit this site just to read things. Probably wouldn't be hard to bait them in to ban evasion. Just gotta trash talk the prime suspects until they can't resist justifying and defending themselves any longer.

No. 123952

No, but you're all begging Admin-Sama for the ~grand reveal~
Just let it happen on its own

No. 123953

I was permabanned on 4chan way back in the day. I was able to read everything, but I wasn't able to post. A permaban is exactly the same as any other ban, except the timer is set impossibly far into the future.

No. 123955


>By violating a global rule, you also waive your right to anonymity and the privacy of reports you send.

No. 123957

File: 1461529282997.gif (988.09 KB, 480x320, image.gif)

>itt: anonymous fat basement dwellers pretending they are cooler and thinner than other anonymous fat basement dwellers on a Tibetan flip book discussion forum

No. 123970

Haha, this thread has slowed down a bit since the reveal… I hope whoever it was will be able to find other interests to fulfill their time with.

No. 123978

They're probably lurking this thread and silently crying to themselves because they can't post anymore and could have easily avoided being banned.

They probably spent so much time here that they have nothing else to do now. It's kind of sad really. I'm still shocked that this person was so committed that they're the one who started the majority of these threads and than filled it up with posts. That's some creepy ass level of obsession.

No. 123980

I have a theory on who it could be, but I have no evidence either. If I'm right then it's just some loser nobody who has been following e-celeb drama on tumblr for years and literally has no life other than this.

No. 123982


No. 123988

I doubt it was Emily, starting and maintaining image board threads would be a lot of work for her

No. 123989

how is it a lot of work? it's not hard to start a thread, or post

No. 123990

Not the anon you're responding too, but I highly doubt it's her. OurDoughnut from what I've read on her old gossip Tumblr is more composed in her typing and thought process. She also has a working knowledge of how imageboards work because she told her anon asks to "lurk more" and to read the rules before posting.

The person in question to me is a vendetta poster, MPA user, one of the pro-ana's mentioned or a newfag because of their lack of knowledge. I mean it's one thing to know how to post or make a thread, it's another to so stupidly break the rules time and time again.

No. 123999

My money's on whimsical, I'm pretty sure she doesn't work or anything so she'd have the time.

No. 124001

didn't she already have her anonymity revoked?

No. 124005

I have no idea tbh
It's hard to follow this thread because everyone's always arguing amongst themselves so the plot gets lost

No. 124006

I wish banning someone meant all of their previous posts were deleted

it would make this whole thing a lot easier

No. 124009

Then some of these thread would have been completely deleted because this banned user had started some of them.

No. 124010

I'm not surprised to hear that one person was directing these threads. Even the Aly thread, which deals with the same subject matter, had more of a detached/bemused tone than this one, which is kind of malicious and petty (although, tbh, that is a site-wide problem compared to other image boards…). I think it's a MPA person (I think they flooded Kelly's youtube channel with the comments given that apparently there is a 20+ page thread on here there) or someone with a vendetta against Emily or Ember (esp. if it's the same anon who was trying to contact people she knows irl, which was creepy).

No. 124017

So it's all of us.

No. 124025

Kelly gets posted on Fat People Hate a lot. Especially since this recent IP thing. That's probably why her comment page got flooded.

No. 124026


No. 124028

File: 1461541055594.png (78.38 KB, 208x193, 1458449783066.png)

No. 124029


i didnt see the time stamp on that video and now i feel a fool for replying 22hours later ahahah :')

No. 124030

File: 1461541390144.png (130.56 KB, 304x249, e-leri.PNG)


No. 124037

File: 1461542464732.png (57.21 KB, 907x664, denial.png)

>I'm 20 pounds underweight for ~my~ body

Except you aren't you stupid little snowflake, you're just like everybody else and you aren't underweight. I also like how she tries to say that the arm flab is from malnutrition, this is some Kadee-level denial right here.

No. 124040

File: 1461542806828.jpg (33.2 KB, 470x506, christian-bale-the-machinist.j…)

>Guize my sausage arms were caused by my muscles turning into fat (instead of being burned off)
>Pic Related: What disintegrated muscles really look like.

No. 124044

No. 124048

She isn't the most entertaining cow (at least imo), but I almost want to say she's more delusional than Kelly with her "not underweight but underweight for my regular weight."

All these bitches think their ~resting weight~ is when they sit on their asses eating pasta and have a BMI of 23. This "underweight for my resting weight" would be so fucking clever if she was a troll, but she's not, so its just pathetic.

No. 124050

File: 1461544738746.png (54.02 KB, 304x287, logic.png)

that fat logic

No. 124052

Didn't she just say she lost 70 or whatever lbs in the last two months, how is she at a "higher place at the moment."

No. 124053


Wasn't that subreddit banned?

No. 124054

Its on Voat. It's like the only thing on Voat.

No. 124066

Kadee was the one who said that (and is now claiming she's lost 100lbs total kek)

No. 124079

>Like anyone with a restrictive eating disorder my weight would drop and come back up

I don't know about that one. Most sufferers with a restrictive eating disorder aren't going to drop and then regain a few dozen pounds like it's nothing.

No. 124081

weight fluctuates with every ED, but not enough for Kadee to justify her hamplanetness

No. 124087

It's whismical

No. 124090

This is Kelly. Kadee definitely can't justify her weight loss and gain this way.

No. 124100

File: 1461560675215.jpg (334.75 KB, 999x1280, 37zF0ut.jpg)


No. 124102

Why does she always stand with her legs like that?

No. 124103

because no thigh gap, to make herself look thinner

No. 124106

I don't have a thigh gap at all but I can fake it (like ember) at least she doesn't appear to contort herself or photoshop so nah

No. 124109

she sucks in every photo because she's too much of a dumb bitch to work photoshop, jenna is a literal airhead

No. 124111

Ding ding ding. She thinks people can't tell her thighs are too thick for a thigh gap when she stands like that. It's funny because at BMI "15" she stood like that too. She never had a semblance of a thigh gap.

No. 124161

sage for ot but this explains a lot. i needed help badly and they told me verbatim i was too difficult. everybody sucks renfrew's nut on MPA but i personally was unimpressed

No. 124162

File: 1461585645699.jpeg (122.65 KB, 640x821, image.jpeg)

No. 124164

I agree largely with how you view this girl and her quest for attention. But I also feel compelled to remark that people with narrow or inturned hips won't have thigh gaps like those with wider hips. It was always an issue for me personally - I have a small gap but always wanted a big one. I can't ever achieve it, even at BMI 12 it wasn't like what some of these girls have at BMI 15-16.

God, I have issues.

No. 124168

Width of hips doesn't matter all that much. I had narrow hips and a thigh gap similar to what people were striving for. It's just dependent on the person and their body composition.
Plus, it doesn't really look like Jenna has narrow hips anyways.

No. 124169

I don't mean hip fat - I mean it's really dependent on your bones. Anyway, I agree about Jenna.

No. 124174

My ED started early so my hips weren't really wide, but I still had some space between my thighs at BMI <19. I don't even care if someone has a thigh gap, but 1) her thighs were always too large to reflect a BMI of <16 unless she has a serious fat distribution issue and 2) the fact she feels the need to pose with her thighs in such an unnatural position shows she's a total hypocrite about all her "you don't need to be emaciated/skinny/underweight/you don't need a thigh gap/protruding bones" type posts.
Instead of owning that she doesn't have, and never had, a thigh gap she poses like that so no one can tell she's not as skinny and sick-looking as she pretends to be

No. 124176

Oh and I forgot to add that Jenna's hips are a normal width. The only reason she doesn't have a thigh gap is because she's not even close to underweight.

No. 124179

i only had a thigh gap when i was underweight. i was underweight as a child, and pre teen. then puberty made me a normal weight. i have narrow hips, my bmi i now betweeen 18-20 and i never have a thigh gap at that bmi. yet i know friends who are heavier than me and have thigh gaps. different people have different body shapes.

No. 124185

The Width of the Hip bone really does matter. Men with eating disorders never get the really prominent thigh gaps, even though they have low fat distribution there, because they have narrow hips.

No. 124190

File: 1461596541364.jpeg (113.07 KB, 640x933, image.jpeg)

Emma is seriously taking the piss now. These posts are from the other night, remember guyz shes so chronic & severely unwell shes been sectioned and in hospital for the last 3 yrs straight & shes just had a stint in the medical ward for vague stomach complications… But yet she totally just went on a boozy night out with her anabuddy. WTF?!! the thing that pisses me off the most is that shes fine when its convenient for her and she wants to go out and go on dates with her bf, or go swimming or to ballet classes or go drinking with her friends (all whilst the NHS are paying out £1,000's per week for her to have this specialist inpatient treatment. Yet as soon as theres talk of her being discharged she refuses to eat or have ensures or has one of her episodes!! Would love the media to get hold of THIS side of her sob-story after her last press release where her family slated the NHS for not caring!

No. 124191

File: 1461596827280.jpeg (128.14 KB, 640x965, image.jpeg)

See above posts ^

No. 124196

Why is she allowed to have outings like this? If I were staff, I'd assume she was going out to have a binge/purge session, no matter what she told me. Her friend picked her up? Nah, they're just going to cross the vomit streams.

No. 124201

File: 1461602075002.jpg (27.31 KB, 250x170, bowlegs-vs-knock-knees.jpg)

it’s less about the width of your hips and more about whether your bow-legged or knee knocked or whether your legs have a normal shape. bow-legged: easy tight-gap even at a normal bmi, sever case of knee-knocked: achieving a tight gap almost impossible.

jenna's tights are just chunky though.

No. 124202

>tight gap

No. 124205

not a native speaker but thanks for pointing it out. won't make this mistake again.

No. 124207

Not that anon, but people literally said "thigh gap" for probably 20 posts before yours. You have no excuse.

No. 124208

Damn you're a cunt

No. 124209

File: 1461603273866.jpg (46.88 KB, 320x480, 5415f4e6916420142e615f0475c1c1…)

you do realize that thigh and tight look pretty much the same when you're not paying attention?

though I won't start an argument and derail this thread so with the next post you win. congrats.

No. 124213

Shut up. You correcting their mistakes is ten times more annoying than their mistakes in the first place.

No. 124219

They do, and I didn't notice it at first, but anon should have just said "oops" and moved on. Own up to mistakes and nobody cares. Makes excuses and you look stupid.

I probably am.
Can I just note that I have no problem with them being a non-native speaker? It was trying to use that as an excuse after so many "thigh gap" posts that I had an issue with. I'm still a cunt for it and all but goodness.

(sage because >>124213 is right.)

No. 124221

File: 1461607404621.jpeg (75.28 KB, 750x851, image.jpeg)

1 you have no 'friends
2 you're the one obsessed with Emily

No. 124222


This screams self post Emily

No. 124226

Yeah i'm totally emily, and you're ember. It's just us on this whole thread!!

No. 124227

no im pretty sure its hip width. im not thin, gots meaty thighs and have a thigh gap.

No. 124228

It's a mix. Width of hips, leg structure, and body composition. Its a loosely based thing, as everyone's body is different, which makes for different cases.

No. 124229

So she wants even more meds, nice. She's going to die of an overdose at this rate.

No. 124233

I haven't commented on this up to now, but I just wanted to let you know it'd piss me off too, if it's any consolation. It was a genuine mistake and it's pretty cool of you to thank the other anon for the correction. Live and learn, and all that.

No. 124245

It can't be Emily because she's banned for personal army shit.

No. 124246

Good riddance, I say.

No. 124248

It's okay, her parents have another daughter and she's actually useful.

No. 124260

KEK! I know, right?

No. 124261

I agree.

No. 124265

File: 1461619090031.jpg (182.66 KB, 531x848, IMG_20160425_161615.jpg)

Of course you're in good shape, you're a fatass now kek

No. 124277

Ana-chan pls go

No. 124288

File: 1461622098743.jpeg (400.64 KB, 1259x1394, image.jpeg)

Right… Too "high risk"….

No. 124292

i cannot even believe that you are THIS bored

No. 124308

File: 1461624625223.jpg (170.29 KB, 750x1292, image.jpg)

Eleri and Jenna being all buddy buddy and enabling one another makes me want to vomit. And yay! Jenna joined Instagram so now she can post vegetables and call it recovery just like Ally!

No. 124309

>It can't be Emily because she's banned for personal army shit.
I don't think she was. Ember, Eboni, and Kristen were, but I don't remember Emily being banned.

No. 124311

Yeah too high risk of eating everything

No. 124313

She should have consideration for the other people in IP. The last thing they need to see is a fat person imitating them.
She needs to go to general psych where she wouldn't be as damaging. She needs to understand that treatment is to make her better not cater to her delusions.
Not that she wants to get better, obviously.

No. 124314

File: 1461625298870.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.37 KB, 195x259, 2016-04-25-19-01-47-1063733347…)

This shut is boring as hell. I want to see some spookies. Ever hear about Bony Pink She's a bit of an enigma, but from what I've heard she's from Japan and was abducted by a man that took advantage of her anorexia, starved her some more and took pornographic photos.

No. 124315

jesus i haven't thought about bony pink for years, i hadn't heard the story of her being kidnapped before though.

No. 124318


>"BonyPink said…

>Well done post. I have been trapped with anorexia for roughly 25 years and was finally diagnosed terminal because of the permanent damage I've done to my organs.Tomorrow I am headed into a hospice in hope for improving quality of my remaining life, treatment facilities are no longer an option for me as I am often a case that scares doctors away from taking my case as they fear when I die they will be sued for not being able to do anything to prolong my life.(etc)"

One of the first things that comes up when you google her, dark. Guess this is the way Ash and some other anas are going!

No. 124320

File: 1461626179991.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.18 KB, 453x604, bonypink8.jpg)

BonyPink was the name of the photographer. He photographed several anorexic women. The kidnapping story is all just an urban legend.

No. 124324

Why do all these anorexic women still have breasts? Do they all have implants? What unethical piece of shit gives them implants, and how do they survive the operation?

No. 124326

Some people won't lose substantial breast tissue especially if they are an adult and completely developed them already

No. 124327

Breast tissue is different to fat.

No. 124328

Hopefully this woman got her implants before she was emaciated.

On the other hand, Ash has multiple tattoos.

No. 124329

Like hollow_oli for example. Her breasts are still visible.

No. 124330

Because she's in a healthy weight.

No. 124331

Nah, she's underweight, but her tits are still visible. She's not horribly emaciated like these women, but she's underweight.

No. 124332

Too high risk anorexia
Sitting in starfucks slurping down shit while she sooks

Wow such sick very danger

No. 124333

Just looked up Hollow_Oli, does she really think she's a guy?
She moves and talks exactly like a girl. She emphasizes the last syllable like a girl, holds her sleeves. Pokes her head out. She moves as like a girl as is possible. By What definition does she consider herself male? I could understand if she was very masculine in mannerism, but she's not.

No. 124335

She might think she's a guy right now. She's only 17. Give her 3-4 more years and she'll stop being a fakeboi.

No. 124336

If she's 5 feet 7 and 135 lbs she's not underweight. Bmi 21 is perfectly normal.

No. 124337

yeah it's shitty because lots of doctors will deny anyone under a certain bmi. meaning those under will have to attempt to gain weight on their own in order to get help but that's kind of hard b/c if they can gain on their own then they won't need a doctor..it's stupid as hell

No. 124338

But surely she must see herself? She's literally limp wristed, and she's constantly stretching words out. She even "pearl clutches" or touches her chest constantly, which is something I've never seen a man do.

No. 124339

She's in denial. I'm sure she sees it and struggles with it.

No. 124340

That's incredibly sad. Instead of being herself she's pretending to be a man and in doing that, ironically, she thinks she's being herself.

No. 124346

I've been with a bunch of obese people who have come into treatment for bulimia or binge eating and suddenly decide to stop eating or use food rituals like the anorexics.

No. 124349

I don't want to sound like an sjw but aren't those mannerisms essentially social constructs? Very deep ones but they're not innate.
Honestly that is what confuses me, isn't physical dysphoria a huge part of being trans? If not then what makes a woman a woman or a man a man other than bullshit gender roles?

No. 124357

i don't even know what questions she's answering because the slides go for like a fuckin second
she's a fakeboi just like most of the boys with "eating disorder"s are on ig

No. 124359

Those mannerisms are a sign of evolved differences.Men and women have different brain characteristics. For instance men have more connections between frontal and anterior brain, whereas women have more connections that cross lobes. There are differences in the limbic system.
This can easily be demonstrated in the prevalence of mental disorders (women are more susceptible to certain personality and mood disorders, men are more susceptible to schizophrenia and autism)
The autism one is particularly interesting, because autism is sometimes described as a sort of "Hypermasculine" brain.

Here's a pretty good source.
And here's one on Autism (not much info, but Baron-Cohen is one of the leading people in Autism research.

Sage for off-topic.

No. 124368

"ollie" doesnt even have cheek bones. lmao dying, she does the sucking in the cheek thing like ember does. i dont get how "he" hates his body due to being "trans" and finds it hard to shower yet uploads boob shots online ect ect. like thats what i dont get. i knew someone who was trans (is still trans in their adult life. been trans for 10 years. they got sugery and everything) anyways they hated their body so much that theyd wear swimmers into the shower, and wouldnt go swimming in public and wouldnt wear tight clothing ect ect. yet here is this girl, ollie. and she uploads her boobs that apperently she hates. like. um. no. youll grow out of it. god jfc

No. 124371

this. the people you see constantly bellyaching about being trans but acting perfectly fine with their bodies are usually the ones faking it

No. 124385


ugh. ditto.

No. 124388

Eleri or whatever the fuck her name is pisses me off. Yes you can be diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa, gain weight through treatment and keep your diagnosis. My bmi is in the 18's does that mean I magically don't have anorexia anymore? Of course not. But the 20 lbs underweight thing pisses me off. You may be 20 lbs under what your WEIGHT RESTORED weight is supposed to be, set by your treatment team and you may be maintaining a bmi of 20 using disordered behaviors, which means that you are unhealthy and struggling but that doesn't mean you are "20 lbs underweight". I lost a shit load from my restored weight but I don't go around acting like I'm 'so underweight anarexic plz HALP take me srslyyyyy' like shut the fuck up. If she stopped her behaviors and maintained her bmi here she would be COMPLETELY healthy. The problem is these dumb attention whores has to focus everything on weight and then turn around like 'bmi isn't real' bmi is a relation between weight and height it is real. Is it a good indicator of health? Absolutely not. What the fuck you do to your body is. GAWD if she lost 20 lbs in a short amount of time then yeah she would be at risk for a lot of fucking health problems but that's not what this is. You are not 20 lbs underweight and neither am Boo fucking HOO. Stop acting like your weight is the issue.

No. 124389

That's what kills me about this new age trans thing. Like back in my day if we wanted to pretend we were guys we'd take it to the gj rp communities and call it a day, not shit all over a real issue

No. 124391

File: 1461637799058.jpg (85.34 KB, 981x621, moo.JPG)

This is the damn truth, right there. She's a plain ol' dyke. She's not underweight. Her legs are far from skinny. She just sucks in her stomach. If she's doing a BMI calculator thing, she's probably putting her gender as BOI, which would make her BMI appear lower than it is (because she's FEMALE). I think I'm right?

No. 124392

The steroids she's on do make people gain prednisone makes you retain water like crazy, makes you hungry and gives you a moon face. I was on them as well. No more than 20 lbs though. She's delusional if she thinks she got THAT big bc of steroids. she got big bc she was hungry and ate or binge ate. The problem is that when you have anorexia.. You fucking ignore the hunger.

No. 124395

Sage for irrelevancy but fucking hell the lesbian community sucks now. All the cute dykes are fakebois but men in wigs are totally "women" and shame on you for no wanting to fuck them.

No. 124401

Now that Emily can't self-post here, she's gone and made a hate insta for herself. Hilarious.

No. 124402

What happened to dykes and their feminist principles? The good old days. These tumblr fakebois are trying to be stereotypes of what they think a certain type of boy/man is. They're fucking up the progress genuine trans people have made by making a mockery of it.

No. 124404

PS jessesulli on insta is a cute as fuck lesbian. All is not lost.

No. 124414

You do realize you don't actually have to put an email in email, right?

No. 124421

File: 1461643398685.jpg (149.02 KB, 820x595, jolto.jpg)

OMG, she even tagged ever wannas buddy joltography to get some easy attention!

No. 124422


No. 124426

Why are you so thirsty for attention, Emily?

No. 124427

You are painfully irrelevant and nobody would do this except for Emily/ember. So sick of these two tampons.

No. 124430

I don't think Ember even cares enough about Emily to do this. It's all Emily.

No. 124434

Tampons. Ha.

I hate their continual presence on this thread too. Who the fuck keeps mentioning these wankstains anyway? Same tard who brings up the horseface Jenna.

No. 124435

File: 1461645968917.jpg (95.58 KB, 500x667, neigh.jpg)

No. 124436

Lmao jenna made a recovery insta months ago and no one gave a shit so now she asks Eleri to promo her?

No. 124443

I'm more bothered by the eleri posts. Reeks of self posting, can't put my finger on it.

No. 124447

Literally same. I was in a mixed psych unit (EDs and stuff like depression, psychosis, etc) and literally every single non-ED patient went through phases of copying the ED patient's behaviour. It was embarrassing.

No. 124448

They're all radfems now, you should give it a go. You might like it.

i sure did

No. 124450

She sure was quick to Google herself right after she was mentioned here recently.
I suspect she posts here because the Jenna posts picked up a lot when she and her buddy healingally hung out. Hating on your friends is just one step below self posting imo so who knows

No. 124456

Damn anon, you couldn't spoiler this?

No. 124457

Sage because anons love to get pissy but what was the deal with that?

No. 124459

Cute, she has a shirt with herself on it

No. 124460

Not much of a deal besides what the post said. The ED diagnosed girls made up about half the patients, but the ones who were banging their heads against the walls after meals and getting warnings for exercising during post-meal observations were largely the non-ED patients. Not to say that there wasn't a really harmful atmosphere of cliquey competition amongst the ED patients, though.

>sage for life story

No. 124465

I'd guess it has something to do with wanting to be the sickest, consciously or subconsciously. Since ED patients are usually visibly sick (either through emaciation or symptoms), other mentally ill people imitate them to appear sicker. I'm sure it's not always on purpose though.
And also, that's just a theory.

No. 124473

what des that make autistic women though? does it mean even though men are more likely to have more connections between frontal and anterior brain there are also women who do, even though they are a minority? then it's a spectrum/distribution issue…
not trying to start a debate, just curious since a lot of shrinks suspected I'm autistic and I'm often told I have masculine way of thinking, whatever that is. even by my own boyfriend.

sage for ot and blog

No. 124523

i agree, i don't think it's always deliberate. in the moment it felt like mockery but looking back i think treatment just brings out the worst in people. mirroring - http://www.apa.org/monitor/oct05/mirror.aspx - is almost inevitable in a closed system

don't make me laugh like that

No. 124564

File: 1461678859787.jpeg (113.4 KB, 640x892, image.jpeg)


Ugh everytime she posts she makes me even angrier. Ffs shes now enabling a formal complaint against her current unit for denying her leave, when hang on a sec, doesnt she go out on dates, on boozy nights out and to shows and ballet classes and church all the time?!! Wtf is she making out like shes being mistreated for?!!!' This girl is seriously a manipulative, lying piece of work.

No. 124565

In my unit, it was definitely a conscious attempt by the obese patients at being among the "sickest." there was some malingering. We found it to be alternately appalling and hilarious. You don't get to be 250+ lbs by being picking at your food or abstaining entirely the way these patients did when they found themselves in an ED unit among people with restrictive EDs. I also remember a period of a few weeks where everyone suddenly sufferes from dissocitive episodes. Same deal. Mental health treatment is so weird.

No. 124586

Actually there's an interesting theory about that. It's called Empathizing-Systematizing. Men tend to Systematize while Women tend to Empathize.

Women with Asperger's syndrome (who are very rare) tend more towards systematization and less towards empathy than their female peers. Although their Systematization is lower than male Autistics. (A good measure of extreme Systematization is repetitive/restrictive behavior, which is less common is female ASPD sufferers.)

I would assume the brain difference does have to do with brain-path connections. In fact most brain differences are differences of connection rather than lobal size.

Some things to read

Question: What is your digit ratio (is your pointer or ring finger longer?) A longer ring finger indicates a higher presence of testosterone in the womb, which is linked with Masculinization of the brain.

Sage for Off-Topic.

No. 124588

I literally can't look at her ew :(

No. 124589

I meant ASD not ASPD. I'm a complete idiot disregard everything I said.

No. 124591

Eleri is going to crash and burn just like Jenna. I foresee a massive "relapse" in the future for both of them. It'll be good milk

No. 124598

File: 1461684761811.jpg (8.3 KB, 275x183, sacha baron cohen.jpg)

Versatile guy. I never knew.

No. 124599

> Baron-Cohen is one of the leading people in Autism research

No. 124602

I think it is actually his brother or some other relative

No. 124603

>Their cousin is the actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

No. 124604

Well you learn something new every day!

No. 124618

>Like hollow_oli for example.

why would you give her as an example? especially when talking about people like bony pink still having breast tissue. Hollow_oli is a totally healthy weight, how is she an example of an anorexic still having breasts?

No. 124621

my guess is self-post

No. 124622

Bruh, in my facility there was a period or about a month where literally all the other patients bar me and a friend were pretending to hear voices. It was a riot.(no one cares)

No. 124623

Ember is banned but she is still able to post here, so does eboni and most certainly kristen

No. 124626

Oh my. Is it that becaise the patients act up around other crazies or something?

No. 124627

How the fuck is that supposed to make anyone better? I agree more and more with Thomas Szasz everyday. Maybe he's right and Neurotic behaviors are mostly just malingering.

No. 124633

Not a self post. I know she reads this and is butthurt about having titties, that's why.

No. 124635

lol. i was at Renfrew and there was 1 obese patient, she was in her late 30s, so one of the older patients. she was such a rude, judgmental bitch and she was always antagonizing me…so one day i snapped and told her to shut her fat mouth.
i got kicked out 2 days later for it. oops.
i shouldn't have said it, and in the end she only got more sympathy and pity because of it.
and she definitely copied behaviors from patients with restrictive EDs. I just could not fucking stand her, she reminds me of Kadee in 15 years.

No. 124637

I feel like you anachans just hate on obese people out of spite, BED is serious. I'm not talking about people like kadee but people who legitamtely struggle because of BED.

No. 124638

i mean that just proves they really have a problem. if they were truly just fat whales, they would never restrict or take one bite of food and chew is 50 times. they would eat normal and complain its not enough

No. 124639

ok choco_bitch

No. 124640

I don't think anyone is saying BED isn't a struggle. However, a lot of obese people in eating disorder treatment are poisonous. For Instance:
>Copying anorexic behaviors (which the anorexic patients are trying to stop.)
>Discussing/Bringing up disordered eating tactics (under the guise of comparing, lol)
>Acting out to get extra attention. (Breaking rules, like hoarding cutting implements and then bragging about it)
>Some start purging to get the extra supervision (attention) that bulimic patients get.
>Bringing up the fact they feel fat in such a way as to force other patients to comfort them/ tell them they are fine/thin.

I understand that these behaviors originate out of a feeling of inferiority but its still toxic.

No. 124643

I don't know much about BED but what are the health implications? is it that eventually the person becomes obese so they are at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes and such?

No. 124648

Would the people on My 600 lb Life be considered as having BED?

No. 124649

Didn't shmegeh want to chop her tits off?

No. 124650

I found that funny since she didn't really have much boobage to begin with.

No. 124652

Agreed. There when I stepped down to PHP we had quite a few people there for BED and only one of them was problematic and attention-seeking. My roommate suffered from BED and i do mean suffered. But There is always that one that can't admit it to herself that she isn't bulimic or anorexic though and feels the need to lie about behaviors or copy others. It's not fully intentional but when confronted with it by the group they usually stop.(no one cares)

No. 124653

BED=large amounts of non-nutritious foods, can result in malnourished, feelings of guilt (and the emotional issues that come with that), hiding behaviors/their body, obesity

No. 124658

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, type II diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea which can cause you to stop breathing in your sleep, gall bladder disease which would require surgery. Liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis

No. 124660

Don't namefag. Also, there is no reason for you to use your email address when posting.
Go back to mpa or instagram or wherever you proana fags come from.

sage this thread

No. 124662

Sorry for the life story but I had an bigger girl get a crush on me in IP. We both technically had Atypical, and she acted out enough to get put on a night (suicide) watch. She used these two things to prove that we had so much in common, that only she could understand what I was going through.

I know not all BED people are like this (she was EDNOS, not BED) and I know she did it because of self-esteem problems, but its really hard to deal with, and I feel its not everyone else's problem to deal with, if that makes sense.

>She did copy me by the way

>I chew my food because I'm afraid of swallowing glass.
>After bringing it up, guess who has to chew her food 50 times a bite.
>Just one of many examples.

Sage for life story(you're not forgiven)

No. 124665

This thread is so awkward.

No. 124671

at least learn to sage if you're gonna blogpost

No. 124686

Learn how to sage for fucks sake.

And for the rest of you, read the rules and stop derailing this already shit thread with your personal blog bullshit and other misc. crap.

No. 124687

The atmosphere was very much that if a patient started to take positive steps towards their recovery, they were ostracised by the other patients who would be very sickly sweet and "encouraging" whilst simultaneously stepping up the drama and exaggerating their symptoms to remind them that "this IS a competition, you know, and I'm beating you."

Locking a bunch of mentally ill teens together is just a recipe for disaster.

No. 124688

>hoarding cutting implements and then bragging

Holy shit, you got this with the fat patients too? One overweight BED patient (though she insisted it was bulimia after learning we had a bulimic patient) literally got all our bedroom lights removed because she kept taking the lightbulbs and threatening to break them and use them to cut. Fuck that.

No. 124697

Inpatient stories go here now: >>>/snow/124694

No. 124698


I was JUST about to post how I was sick of the personal IP stories here. Thanks, anon.

No. 124710

fucking thank you anon

as for all you snowflakes bragging about your ip stories
fuck off back to mpa or tumblr
no one gives a fuck about your week in a psych ward

No. 124724


No. 124725

Someone reported hllylzbth from the last thread to social services

No. 124730

Thats fucked up. She seems like a good mom.

No. 124731

>I'll agree that an emaciated body can be misconstrued when posted online which is why I am so careful with how I look and with everything that I write here.

So careful with how she looks yet wears crop tops and tight leggings.

No. 124732

I'd be disappointed if it's a farmer who reported her. I have no idea what she's like as a mother, but people who know her in the real world (the kids teachers etc) would be a better judge of her family situation.

Saying this, having a public instagram is never a good idea if you involve children in it and TMI about your mental health.

She says stupid things about her psychiatrist saying she's too ill to be treated, but this is more connected to her over exaggerating for attention maybe.

No. 124737

File: 1461700571833.jpeg (131.98 KB, 750x1289, image.jpeg)

16k but only three people wanted sfs ??

No. 124738

I'm not sure if it's attention though I mean it's not uncommon for places to say people are too underweight or medically compromised to be treated there.
They have to gain weight to get treatment but if they gain weight then the treatment centres decide they don't need help.

No. 124751

File: 1461702966259.png (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-26-16-33-01…)

@Parismelodyraven on insta is spoopy AF. This picture looks like she stretched it weirdly, though. All the proportions are wrong. She is just bones, she doesn't really need to shop her pics

No. 124752

loling cause she has to spread her legs shoulders width for those trunks not to touch eachotherGod it must suck having to try convince people you're a severly 20lb underweight anorexic with a bmi of 20. To be honest she looks like she has a bmi of 23-24

No. 124753


I was just thinking about bringing her up. Reminds me a bit of Aly in that she's been in "recovery" for quite some time, but has shown no visible progress whatsoever.

No. 124754

I don't think she stretched the picture, but she did tilt her mirror.

No. 124755

Yeah ,you're not emaciated. But you're not thin either. Or just a little thin. Or average. Whether or not bmi is an outdated form of measurement it's clear to me that you look completely healthy

No. 124756


Fucking hell you had EDNOS or OSFED. Don't try to make yourself a snowflake by saying "but mah atypical ANOREXIA" You're not anorexic. You have OSFED. Goodbye.

No. 124757

She's been 'recovering' for like two years but at home. She eats way more than she used to which is good but doesn't gain any weight she'll probably stuck like that forever tbh

No. 124758

Every damn time I've commented on an Aly post with multiple accounts, she's requested an add.

Why do anorexics get their thighs tattooed. When/if they recover the pictures are going to be all out of proportion.

She has weird feet.

No. 124759

File: 1461704539378.jpeg (106.18 KB, 623x941, image.jpeg)

"I struggle in the recovery community" because Im too fucking fat to have an ED omg

No. 124763

File: 1461704919784.png (1.8 MB, 1440x2240, Screenshot_2016-04-26-16-02-43…)

Surprised she didn't take a picture of the celery and call it her entire meal to prove how much 'control' she has.I mean she has lost 100lbs right? Oh wait her "man" would've probably asked her what the fuck she's doing taking pictures of HIS food.

No. 124764

File: 1461704965577.jpeg (128.01 KB, 750x1252, image.jpeg)

She's so pathetic

No. 124766

She's not too fat to have an ED. She's only too fat to have anorexia nervosa. There are more eating disorders than just anorexia nervosa.

No. 124768

who is that?

No. 124769

Poor ember, shes so ugly she cant even show her face when shes trying to make fun of emily.

No. 124770

lmfao Ember you'll never be better than the ant I stepped on today stop looking pathetic

No. 124771

Is this a self post from ember? Why is it on "me"? And it was posted so fast.

No. 124772

Why does her vodka look like it's a bottle of piss water? ??

No. 124773

Shes a follower of eleri

No. 124776

>why is it on 'me'

Wondering this too since I don't use IG

Does it show things you're subbed to? Or watching? Whatever the ig version of that is

No. 124778



No. 124779

i just tested it on twitter. you can't be on the "me" option if the photo isn't your own. ember you absolute dumbass…

No. 124780

This is such a funny fuckup, my lord, Ember. I hope ##Admin can tag all her posts now. I would love to see how much she talks to herself on here to try to keep herself relevant lmao I don't think I've ever lasughed so hard at a mistake like that

No. 124781

File: 1461707760538.jpeg (196.29 KB, 1277x1475, image.jpeg)

>the struggle is part of my story.

Yeah so is photoshop/serious editing. I can't stand Mackenzie, she's too old for this kind of shit. Go walk your dogs & spend some time with your child.

No. 124783

She looks like ember but actually skinny lolol

No. 124785

aaaaand that's why the top bar was cropped out.

No. 124786

Wow ember could you be more of a fucking petty stupid fuck kek

No. 124787


No. 124789

Ruh-roh Ember

No. 124791

but its not against the rules to self post right? as long as you dont make a thread about yourself. but maybe shell get exposed do to her posting while being banned, i sure hope so! this is great give me that milk adminsama

No. 124792

I'm p sure one of the rules is no self posting

No. 124793

Okay but what's the point of calling someone fat who seems to be recovering and doesn't post ana shit? We post about Eleri and Jenna because they're delusional wannarexics. There's really no point in posting people who've really just gained weight in recovery

No. 124794

She was banned for breaking the rules, it's fair game.

Just report her post, admin-sama won't just read this thread. He doesn't see posts when people post "ADMIN SHE RELALY MESSED UPP"
(Not directed at you)

No. 124795

She was already banned, she repeatedly evaded the ban, which means admin needs to take care
Pls adminsama listen to our prayers

No. 124798

>She was banned

I stand corrected, she was just told to identify herself in posts

My b

No. 124799

damn this is sad. admin is going to probably permaban her now because they only way she was able to post before was if she would tag posts with her name

No. 124800

File: 1461709633232.png (64.56 KB, 1070x707, Capture.PNG)

here's the post of the post by admin of ember being allowed to post, as long as she would identify herself

i hope this means admin will tag all posts now (i'm wondering if it was the person admin banned a few days ago…)

No. 124801

I'm p sure you should read the rules before participating.

No. 124802

You guys

if you go on your own twitter profile > following > pick anyone, it will still be on the "me" part. Could be a self post but not necessarily.

No. 124803

i don't mean to pry & feel free to say no but can you prove this (blur out your handle if you will) because another anon said it doesn't show

i don't even know how to work twitter

No. 124804

Admins post was 6 months ago….. not now..

No. 124805

Has problems dressing herself. Button up ffs before that sad titty flops out.

No. 124806

i uploaded that photo to show admin's rules regarding ember posted here (since she technically wasn't banned)

No. 124807

File: 1461710417198.png (1.19 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

I promiseI'm not Disney Pixar

No. 124808

ah thank you anon! we got a lil too excited there

No. 124810

What does it look like if you're viewing your own tweet? There's no date info on the ew post.

No. 124812

I heard about bony pink back in the day, but never heard the story of her being kidnapped or anything, just saw pictures floating around the web. No one at the time seemed to ever talk about her life at all, just glorified her emaciated body.

No. 124813

There would be if you scrolled, underneath the picture.

No. 124814

That is so fucking sad. I wonder if she's still alive?

No. 124817

I'd be inclined to agree, but Embers the only I've seen use "pathetic" when she posts a pic.

No. 124827

Doubt it.

No. 124829

Probably because she doesn't clean up after herself

No. 124832

Ok ember

No. 124837

Fungettingup types just like Emily.

No. 124853


I really don't understand the thing of her repeatedly saying she's 20lbs underweight. I'm not ana-chan, but I wouldn't want to be forced to gain 20lbs, which it seems like she's telling everyone she has to do in order to be "weight restored". I would've thought that an anorexic would be keen to gain as little weight as possible, not to want to get back to a BMI of 23.

No. 124854

It really is fucking stupid.

No. 124855

File: 1461718203424.jpeg (172.54 KB, 1273x1470, image.jpeg)

I'm bringing this up because I couldn't help but notice lately that this women (who has two accounts) Maurecover (private) & Maurecover1 (which pretty much follows all the 'skinny' Ana's mentioned here) posts a lot of food photos but is clearly rather emaciated, & comments a lot on Aly's account. My wonder is if she is also a farmer and possibly the one who wphas created a lot of these threads or just obsessed with the anachans mentioned here. Either way it seems odd to me.

No. 124856

Gross. She should audition for skinnyfans.com.

No. 124858

She probably lurks.

No. 124859

it's a badge of honor to be xlbs underweight, just like an anorexia diagnosis or an inpatient stay.

No. 124862

The user who posted that does not appear to be Ember.

No. 124866

What, is she not allowed to wear what she wants?

No. 124869

If she knows her body is triggering, she's harming others (and showing off) by wearing "anything she wants."

No. 124873


It doesn't appear to be likely. Her facebook hasn't been updated in a few years, her friends online have all assumed she has died.

No. 124874

File: 1461721777350.jpg (14.44 KB, 369x278, FB_IMG_1461721681943.jpg)


This was March 2010.

No. 124876

no because overeating isn't pyschological but binging is and there are emotional complex reasons behind it. not every underweight person has AN for example

No. 124877

Wow, she really is fucking pathetic.

No. 124878

your stomach can rupture from binging

No. 124879

I thought all these profiles were fake like
comments section.

No. 124880

she is exactly like aly but worse. she posts the same lunch everyday or a shitty sandwhich made with weight watchers bread, weight watchers yogurt and light baybell cheese

No. 124885

A young woman named Ronny Bi assumed the alias "Bony Pink" a few years ago. She's fine and on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/thestrawberryninja/

No. 124887

Do you expect her to wear heavy layers of clothes in public to avoid triggering people there, too?

No. 124889


It's not a legal requirement, but she lives in England and she's walking around wearing crop tops and leggings to flaunt her skinniness. Fuck, yeah she should cover up.

No. 124890


No. 124891

BED is definitely a serious and legitimate ED. I think what people have a problem with is people like Kadee and Kelly claiming they're severely anorexic.

But in a way, I guess I kind of understand a little bit why they would want to tell people they have anorexia, or a restrictive eating disorder, because even though BED is serious as hell, people seem to think it's shameful or embarrassing. There's more stigma attached to BED, I think.

No. 124892

File: 1461723610700.jpg (127.57 KB, 822x601, Capture.JPG)

She's already had social services involved in her life.

She talks about "honesty" on her recent post
>I'm aware that debilitating and out of control mental illness may put children at risk but I am very honest and clear about where I'm at which is clearly very stable and progressing

but admits she lied to people in the past so social services don't know the truth.

No. 124894

Ouch, what a painful picture. Like, she must legit be in a world of pain all the damned time.

No. 124895

That's really sad. She needs to be IP and putting on weight, this will definitely kill her otherwise.

No. 124897

I thought all of Ember's posts were now marked as being by her since she got banned awhile back? If so, would this count as evading her ban in some way, since the post wasn't marked?

No. 124899

It wasn't her, dumbasses jumped the gun and anyways admin said it didn't appear to be her.

No. 124900

Thanks Adminsama!

No. 124901

That's so fucking sad.

No. 124902

Holy fuck, those comments are intense!

No. 124903

she isn't banned

No. 124904

Ahhh, I see now. Thanks for the update!

No. 124905

This is exactly why social services exists. Hopefully she'll get the help she needs.

No. 124913

I find it interesting that so many obese people are describing themselves as having "atypical anorexia" these days. In my experiences that term has usually been reserved for anorexics who do not have the characteristic body image disturbances that are present in "typical" anorexia, but they are still underweight. For example, I have a friend who hasn't been over a BMI of 12 in years, but she legit can see that she's underweight and has never seen herself as "fat." Her food restriction is mainly OCD-related.

I've never known "atypical anorexia" to be given to people who cannot be considered underweight though, regardless of what they claim their behaviors to be. That's why the diagnosis EDNOS/OFSED exists.

No. 124915

yeah atypical AN is a subset of OSFED and I agree although it can be diagnosed for people who don't meet the weight requirement I feel like it's used as a excuse for people to pretend they have a ED

No. 124916

I have seen only 2 cases of diagnosed atypical anorexia, both in the last 6 months or so. Both were diagnosed due to exteme weigh loss in a short period of time, which is pretty much AN minus the underweight part. They were truly sick.
Not that they aren't sick but it's just disgusting how much anorexia is glamorized now..

No. 124917

these wanarexics are white girls with too much time on their hands that want attention from their daddies, some want to lose weight but they don't want to go through the pain of really having a eating disorder

No. 124919

I wouldn't say that clearly they have issues. My question is, why anorexia? Because obviously that disorder is constantly glamorized. Even living corpses like Ash have fans. People who have BED, osfed, bulimia, obviously they envy people like that who can totally "control" their food intake, but it's the opposite.
Society glamorizes thinness… but also control, sacrifice, self denial. Americans live in a country where people literallt brag about how little they sleep or how they refuse vacations or haven't taken a day off in x years.

No. 124921

this is the case for mental illness in genera in western society, if you ever go to a ward you see kids brag about things that aren't really the type of things anyone would want to wear as a badge.
Within children it's always a game of who has it the worse and they plaster themselves with fake illnesses for attention

No. 124922

Problem is that it's mainstream now

No. 124926


what's the fb link ? tried reverse searching the image of her in her hospital bed but that did jack shit

No. 124988

File: 1461755900459.png (208.81 KB, 467x714, wp_ss_20160427_0001.png)

No you don't look sic. Sorry to burst your bubble. You're stretching yourself, sucking in, lying down. Take a look at yourself standing up. Bitch, you are not passable as male or anorexic.

No. 125005

I find it interesting that you posted that bit but not that her social worker at the time pushed her into having an abortion.
I don't know, she seems like a really good mother with lots of support and doesn't she work in schools as a mental health advocate?
Hardly a cow

No. 125010

File: 1461762250696.png (71.64 KB, 1278x624, Eleri 6.png)

Eleri complaining about her "bony knees" at her BMI of 19/20 on her personal blog

No. 125012

What's her personal?

No. 125016


No. 125017

Normal people do this all the time… Everyone who isn't morbidly obese has hard knees that aren't generally comfortable to have resting right on top of each other

No. 125018

but knees are bones! her bones are protruding! so ana!

No. 125030

i have a bmi of 19, and i have boney knees. ive always had boney knees. and my friend who is a higher weight always complains about her knees being boney so she sleeps on her tummy. i thought that was normal??? or is it a body type thing lol

No. 125036

It's just a body thing. Not a type, literally if you have a skeleton and you're not obese, your kneecaps protrude.

No. 125043

You actually need to have very thin thights to feel uncomfortable with your knees resting on each other.

No. 125047

No. Knees are bone. A knee is the joint where the femur and tibia meet. The kneecap is an additional bone called the patella that rests on top of the lower part of the femur and will protrude significantly unless you are literally enormous.

No. 125058

Something I noticed about Jenna. Why does she always write "though she be little, she is fierce"?

Jenna isn't little in any sense of the word. Not in height, and certainly not in weight.

No. 125086

File: 1461769736779.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.66 KB, 540x720, wishful thinking.jpg)

file name related

No. 125089

Well, i have just lied down put knees on each other and what it was like: thights also rest on each other(vestus medials), knees are on each other, i don't feel uncomfortable this way. And i'm a thin person.(ok)

No. 125091

File: 1461770360183.jpg (Spoiler Image,30.31 KB, 362x541, H8xH0o3.jpg)

No. 125092

I have knock knees and I don't have any issues laying on my side, the only time I did was during my pregnancy because I also had SPD and it was painful af.

No. 125095

I didn't post that part because it wouldn't fit in the screen shot. Also because I don't believe her social worker "pushed her" into having an abortion.

No, she's not a cow. Just illustrating she's not the innocent she's making herself out to be.

No. 125099


It has nothing to do with thigh size!! I've been a high BMI (19-20) and a lower one (14.2) and my knees hurt no matter what! It's normal anatomy. That's why my friend says she can't sleep on her side. She's not skinny at all.

No. 125100

No. 125107

File: 1461772685735.jpg (156.44 KB, 600x737, jenna.jpg)

No. 125162

File: 1461781495241.jpeg (148.92 KB, 750x1285, image.jpeg)

Her fingers are so fat

No. 125166

Diet Coke are you serious ember is that the best your Ana can do that's really pitiful. It's just Diet Coke.

No. 125168

i think what has been really pissing me off about this bitch is that she's still BLATANTLY proana.
>posts pictures of her diet soda
>posts bodychecks almost every day
>shows off her bones
regardless of how warped these photos are, how photoshopped they are, or how much she tensed up to show off those bones, it's still sending a nasty ass message and this cunt needs to be kicked off social media already.

No. 125193

I agree 100%. I'm tired of this pro-ana's not realizing how much they're affecting and influencing their younger followers. I wonder how they all can sleep at night knowing that they trigger mentally ill people and young kids to starve and vomit to be an image that in most cases doesn't exist and is just a result of photoshop and stretching apps.

>but muh mental illness!1!!

That's no excuse. You're in total control of what you post on social media if you're over the age of 18. These assholes just don't care that they're ruining people's lives because it just makes the pro-ed community they cling to larger and stronger.

No. 125198

this is why i dont go public with my eating disorder (recovered) or my mental illnesses. i rather not promote it or even tell anyone because i feel like it could trigger someone. ember is pro ana, without a doubt(congrats, because "trigger" just triggered me)

No. 125201


> 7 seconds

No. 125203

post notifications are a gr8 thing

tbh i feel like making a tumblr about some of these girls because tumblr is more easily readable & organized than lolcow by most people.

No. 125206

i'm the person that posted the screenshot, I have her notifs on and even then a lot of the time she deletes things within seconds and I still miss them lol

Someone should. It's a pain in the ass trying to keep up with these attention seeking wannarexics, I cant be assed to check here every day.

No. 125207

which is why i get kind of annoyed when people are like "ember is boring wah wah" like yeah,, technically, she is. but she still belongs in this thread as do her posts nonetheless because she's STILL promoting an eating disorder whether people assume she has one or not. her posts are literally promoting eating disorders and she doesn't even give people a damn t/w. and then let's not forget she's constantly following & promoting new ED-themed accounts. it's complete bullshit.

No. 125208

Jfc those are some sad titties.

No. 125209

So much samefagging smh

No. 125210

plus if there was a tumblr even ran by just one person it would be a hell of a lot easier because they can accept submissions, all posts can be tagged with the pro-anorexic's name, there would be an easy click directory for who's on the blog.

>former "truth blogger" here

No. 125211

File: 1461784881592.gif (1.6 MB, 500x309, squidwards.gif)

No. 125213

Havent people done that in the past but end up deleted because of ember constantly reporting the accounts for using images without permission?

No. 125214

Dont make a tumblr. Judging by your posts on here, you're not articulate enough to run a decent one. Just let it go. Stop samefagging. Just stop.

No. 125215

i dunno if there were ones about ember but i know kiki & dakota used to do that shit like fucking crazy. it made posting about them so fucking difficult

No. 125217

Not samefagging, you fucking idiot.

No. 125218

fam lemme save your sad ass time

these are my posts from the last hour

and ffs can you at least sage if you're going to try & call us out for samefagging my GOD

No. 125219

>you're not articulate enough to run a decent one.

articulateness on an anonymous imageboard? das cute.

No. 125221

Looks like you left out a few posts, samefag.
There I saged, are you happy? Stop samefagging.

No. 125222

Exactly why they shouldn't even attempt a "organized" tumblr.

No. 125224

>a "organized"

everything you've just said is now void. go away faggot.

No. 125225

Totally not a samefag or anything

No. 125226

oh you sure got me forgive me senpai

No. 125227

…I made the second post, not the first one. But okay then, you continue to think that and i'll just sit here and talk to myself.

So, me, am I going to make a tumblr or nah?

No. 125228

no you're not the samefag … i am!!!

No. 125229

Wow i forgot to add "n" to the word "an" good one. i feel so stupid now, thanks for pointing out a typo, that was super cool of you. Thnx. I'm going to go cry now because you corrected my typo. Lmfao fuck off.

No. 125230

also we might as well both make one.

i haven't blogged about e-whores since felice was actually relevant, kooter was barely starting out in japan, kiki was trying to make a comeback, and then some broad named aly antorcha was relevant at the time but she died out quickly. so maybe senpai is right… maybe i won't be able to create a good blog just like senpai said :'(

No. 125232

I miss felice…

Senpai is a douche, fuck him. Or her. Or it…
Fuck it, i'm going to make one.

No. 125234

it'll probably take me a good half an hour to an hour writing a timeline of shit about ember going back all the way to her shitting up the threads here all the way down to her post IP and how she's still being a PoS. & I'll try to be as clear & concise so I won't miss any details.

send link when done!

No. 125237

Have fun wasting your time. At least try to make original posts if you insist on blogging about this bullshit, because most truth blogs just reblog shit from like 3 main blogs anyway, amd tbh one of you seems more inclined to do than the other, i must say.

No. 125240

Har har, big talk coming from one of the many merry morons in here who can't figure out how to reply to a post.

No. 125243

can't tell if senpai is jealous that people are doing this or is hinting that he can do better.

No. 125244

Keep reading, i know how to post. That was intentional because i was under the impression some samefagging was going on, so it was addressed to all of the last few posts. Relax.

No. 125250

GTFO with this bullshit. Take it to tumblr and gtfo out of here for real.

No. 125251

senpai offended

No. 125252

as if anyone is going to let you drink diet soda if you're in recovery for "severe anorexia"

No. 125253

She literally doesn't care, ember in the past has asked for "little sisters" to "guide" in their eating disorders.

No. 125256

She's genuinely fucking scum.

Like, a lot of these cows are annoying and laughable, but not necessarily bad people. Ember is a bad person.

No. 125257

Ember, if you're reading this:

One day I hope you realise how much of a scumbag you are. You're encouraging anorexia and pretending to be sick in order to trigger people.
Fuck you. Fuck your fake anorexia. Fuck your idiot boyfriend, fuck you in general.

No. 125258

All the pro anas want to feel waifish and they select quotes that they think add to the character. I've seen this quote a ton. It's weird because I'm pretty sure in context it was about one of the girls from a midsummer night's dream being short, not necessarily skinny. I could be wrong but I believe she was also called a dwarf afterwards.

No. 125260

Which one were you?

Tell your friend that sleeping with a pillow between your knees to even them out makes it more comfortable to sleep on your side.

No. 125262

has anyone checked out d.ea.th on ig? shes pro ana and posts thinspos yet shes super overweight. its cringe worthy

No. 125263

Oh I know. I've been keeping up with all these pro-ana bitches for years. I was just venting.

I said this before in other threads, but I very shortly had a Tumblr where I would write about my eating disorder and other mental illness thoughts. A few months later I realized that I was probably triggering people and deleted it along with all of my other social media accounts. These people have no excuse to use their "mental illness" for all the shitty things they do, no matter how sick they are. It disgusts me.

They have tens of thousands of people follow them and don't feel a shred of guilt, I had way less than 100 and still feel physically sick to my stomach when I think about it.

No. 125264

it's hilarious because I don't think jenna has been underweight a day in her life lol
but every wannarexic seems to try to claim that quote and use it as a header. it's pathetic because they are always far from "little". just delusional and forever lusting after the AN dx.

No. 125265

>short, not necessarily skinny
I guess the quote does fit jenna then

No. 125266

Jenna doesn't even look that short, she looks like 5'4" or so and that's average height. Unless she's 5 ft or under I wouldn't call that small.

No. 125268

This girl's ridiculously pro-ana, she posts all sorts of emaciated girls.
She doesn't post pictures of herself often but she's pretty big.

No. 125269

this isn't a good place to promo your instagram

No. 125270

Oh I'm sorry I thought maybe we could take a break from talking about how mean Ember is to talk about this girl who posts bruised pictures of her fat thighs in between hundreds of pictures of waifish thinspo.

No. 125281

>posts something about Emily/ember
>self post!!!

>posts something about new pro ana

>self post!!!

Shut the fuck up and stop assuming people are self posting. This site is getting shit because of morons like you trying to pick fights with farmers for no reason.

No. 125282

That's why this containment thread was created, and it's hilarious

No. 125284

im not self posting, i want her to be deleted. she stole my fav tumblr girls photo, and using it for a thinspo. ive been trying to get d.ea.th deleted for months. honestly jfc

No. 125285

File: 1461792722264.png (591.54 KB, 842x598, Capture.PNG)

it didnt, it just desperately wanted to cover up yours

No. 125287

Read the rules. We're not your personal army.

No. 125289

Why do we even talk about Ember anymore? she does the same thing over and over again like Aly, she's p. boring.

No. 125290

File: 1461793449542.png (115.98 KB, 402x398, 1459646735415.png)

>ensure is my life lololol

No. 125291


i know but its just funny to laugh at how much of a fuckhead she is

No. 125296

File: 1461794303783.jpg (206.04 KB, 1440x1948, Kv9pNWr.jpg)

WastingZoe sure does look like a cabbage patch kid..

No. 125297

she looks like sonny moore back in his fftl days

No. 125301

File: 1461794951041.jpg (65.07 KB, 446x594, whibley.jpg)

>I don't want to waste my time
>Become another casualty of society.
>I'll never fall in line
>Become another victim of your conformity
>And back down

No. 125303

if you post half your face with the double filter does it count as one whole selfie?

No. 125304

I'd say it counts as a quarter of a selfie.

No. 125320

She's underaged. Just warning you

No. 125323

Or be bowlegged as well. I'm bowlegged and no matter what I weigh my knees hurt when I lie with my legs together. I sleep with a pillow between my knees to stop them from hurting.

No. 125324

Did you hear that, guise? Zoe is underaged, so nobody post her nudes.

No. 125325

Pfft. Whatever with the fat fingers comment.

I think it's more interesting that she's pimping diet coke when she's supposed to be in "recovery" from her non-existent ED.

No. 125327

Plus hasn't it been determined that the body reacts to artificial sugar the exact same way it would to real sugar and so diet drinks are a bunch of crap anyway?

No. 125328


No. 125329

but ~calories~

No. 125331

I tried diet soda once and it made me feel incredibly sick and bloated every time I drank it. Even if it was helping me lose weight it wasn't worth it because of the illness and bloating it caused. I feel bad for these girls who drink it willingly.

No. 125332

Damn, I hate how all the cows being posted have private accounts. I'm not signing up for instagram just to check these anachans out.

We need more damned screencaps in this thread. It's gotten dead enough as it is and full of bullshit arguing. I almost miss that shitty anon that was banned just because of how dead this fucking thread is. That anon must've posted all day every day judging from how quiet it is now. JFC.

No. 125340

File: 1461799993453.png (651.57 KB, 743x999, 023.PNG)

she might have been talked about in previous threads, but raggity.annie is pretty amusing claiming to be anorexic when she looks like this and vastly underestimates her calorie intake

No. 125343

I mean, she does look a bit underweight.

No. 125349

her bmi is right between normal and underweight iirc

No. 125352

didnt she gain weight? shes in recovery right? didnt she used to be under 100lbs??

No. 125354

She's not a cow. She's a normal person recovering from anorexia. Next!

No. 125356

there's nothing cow like about her and she was brought up in previous threads but it was painfully obvious that only one person was posting her because no one else gave a shit

No. 125368

i did the thing
i'm prob missing things but i haven't created a masterpost in like 6 years i'm rough around the edges(you sound like a moron or a child)

No. 125369

File: 1461805131326.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Beware guys, major TW!!!!!

No. 125370

those nails are triggering tbh

No. 125371

You idiot, why the fuck are you redirecting tumblr fags here?

No. 125372

shut the fuck up

No. 125374

Fuck anon! Why didn't you spoiler that?

No. 125375

You must be newfag af to not realize the implications of this ass fuckery. Then again, that's probably how you latched on to pt.

No. 125377

links have been removed so you pussies no longer need to sperg out and have a heart attack

No. 125378

also refer back to
not the same anon who wrote that but it was previously discussed that no ones going to find shit about ember if we tell them "just look through lolcow" like every person does on instagram (because thats better right?)

so there's one fucking giant post on tumblr, an easier site to navigate and make posts about that way people don't have to read pointless shit they don't care about just to get some useful information

No. 125379

Can't you fucking do it on LiveJournal or Wordpress or something other than Tumblr?

No. 125380

How about you retards use Ctrl + F or just stay on tumblr if all you want is ember crap? It would also help if you dumbasses read the rules/learned how to sage so the cancer can stop being bumped.

No. 125382

damn i really know what riles you faggots up.
U all take this shit to heart don't u?

No. 125383

Except ember is gonna DMCA all your posts about her

No. 125387

Enough butthurt chan. You fucked up, move on.

No. 125391

>calls anon butthurt


ok anon

No. 125399

File: 1461807893680.gif (669.33 KB, 380x266, hes aliiiiive.gif)

Whut? I thought U died! U alive. Pleased 4 U.

No. 125405

File: 1461808672648.jpg (63.15 KB, 1080x1095, tumblr_o6b9tn2N8x1vq1a6fo1_128…)


This girl is ugly. Like REALLY ugly. She looks like a muppet with pepperoni tits.

No. 125406

How on earth does Eleri think that a BMI of 20 is underweight?? By DEFINITION IT IS NOT!!

No. 125420

File: 1461811330561.jpg (94.67 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

When my thighs were the size I had knee problems too. Idk, I don't think she's big

No. 125422

? Can you not?

No. 125423

she used to look pretty spoopy for a long ass time,looks like she's just recovering

No. 125424

holy shit she looks like she's gained 50 lbs . I mean her face was puffy before but GOD DAMN

No. 125425

what bones? she's a pig . I mean I have a completely average bmi and my sternum shows a lot more than hers. and her fingers are so chubby (those are the only "bones" she's really shown since ?teatox? ember)(no one cares)

No. 125456

File: 1461824580502.jpg (379.66 KB, 960x1280, 4dc91f50-a9e4-4473-9cbd-2d30aa…)

"Knee problems" omg
just the fact she called her knees bony
That is not bony by any means a

No. 125460

File: 1461825145084.png (19.69 KB, 232x130, Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.33…)

I don't know if this goes in this thread but I literally laughed out loud at "lowest weight: sixth grade"

No. 125468

File: 1461826812834.jpg (129.96 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 125469

File: 1461826848110.jpg (148.45 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 125471

File: 1461826920403.jpg (154.14 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 125472

File: 1461826998738.jpg (153.71 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 125477

File: 1461827708804.jpg (137.57 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Also I think Eleri can be a little annoying sometimes and I agree with some of the things your saying but those knees don't look fat to me ?

No. 125481

This thread was never good but it was fun sometimes.
Is it just me or did it turn to complete shit lately. What the hell.

No. 125489

Yeah. Not enough dirt on Eleri tbh.

Do any of you follow kitten-thistles on instagram?

No. 125504

I think for the most part, like 90% of farmers have abandoned it and now it's being derailed to shit by Instagram wannarexics, MPA fags, PULLtards, and tumblr fags. Fuck, I think even admin has abandoned this thread.

No. 125530

>complains about shitty thread
>has no milk to post themselves

No. 125531

Two things: Bony Pink was the name of the photographer. The pictures featured multiple emaciated women.

I'm not sure that instagram is actually Ronny Bi's. She might just be using Ronny's favorite name. Anyway, the pictures and content are really different from the stuff Ronny used to post.

No. 125559

File: 1461846582283.jpg (154.01 KB, 750x862, image.jpg)

"Reblogging bc this is important!!!!" No you're reblogging because you're an ugly attention slut that didn't get enough notes on your fake ass 'positivity' video

No. 125573

There's a lot of cute anas that the truth blogs defended (probably bc cute) that would be cool to bring up, like littleamycat who used to post a lot of thinspo and isn't directly being proana anymore or fleshcvlt who I know browses here because she loves the drama like the rest of us, but was practically breaking her arms to force them behind her back to look thinner (You still doing that Dom?)

No. 125575

I think she'd be cute in that ugly way if her hair was more flattering to her skin tone or vice versa, I think it's charming when girls look a lil odd but ngl after seeing those tiddies I'm outtie

No. 125578

File: 1461848324133.jpg (148.15 KB, 530x824, IMG_20160428_075730.jpg)

What's the story with this girl?!

No. 125581


Follow her, but Don't really give a damn to be honest. She's pretty boring.

No. 125583

Anyone know what went down with Bekahgeorgy and Jessieloveslucie? I follow bekah and used to follow jessie. Both live off of tubes, used to be friends. But apparently they hate each other now?

No. 125587


Don't know for sure, but my working theory is Jess got tired of/called Bekah out on her special snowflake bullshit and, well, the rest is history.

No. 125595

No Eleri, you have never been underweight a day in your life. Being underweight and under your "natural weight" are two MEDICALLY DIFFERENT THINGS. You are desperate for anorexia- we can see you want to be anorexic so badly. Guess what? You're not. Be grateful. You're at a healthy weight even for your special body type which you claim is normal at BMI 23. It's offensive. Stop wanting anorexia.

No. 125597

Fully agree. Eleri is so desperate for the AN label but acts like people who point it out are fatty fat OSFED patients and jealous of her "diagnosis"

No. 125601

I have anorexia (real anorexia- how fucking pathetic is it that I have to specify??). I'm underweight medically, I have heart problems, I'm constantly on the verge of getting kicked out of university for my weight and Eleri- YOU ARE TRASH.

How DARE you make fun of a disease that has taken everything from me? My BMI was almost half of yours at my lowest and you act like THAT (BMI 20) is sick?? You are healthy and normal, fat by anorexia standards (sorry I had to say it).


No. 125602

No one cares about your ~real~ anorexia. Go cry about your lowest BMI elsewhere.

No. 125603

She's a genuine sweetheart and I'm pretty sure she actually wants to recover. I just hop she does.

No. 125604

File: 1461853272934.jpg (48.62 KB, 480x514, tumblr_o66c22alfj1sv4zedo1_500…)

Yeah, this is the body that she claims is underweight. Bull-fucking-shit. She says that she does not want anorexia but it's so obvious she does, she's doing mental gymnastics to try to fit herself into that label. What is her problem?

No. 125609

The anon who constantly writes bull-fucking-shit or x-fucking-y must be a mpa user. It’s the only place I see people use it on a regular basis because apparently it’s considered sassy. Wish I could remember who it was…

No. 125610

Dat logic.

No. 125611

inb4 this is eleri but she's not awful tier compared to the other people posted here. did i miss something specific other than her claiming to be underweight? she does seem to genuinely loathe herself and the attention she's getting here is just feeding her emo tumblr posts.

No. 125612

I didn't claim it's logical. It's an assumption/impression.

No. 125613

I'm not that anon, but people in my area say that all the time, and I'm not on mpa…

No. 125614

Nah man, I used that because I felt like using it. If it's used there often then it's just a coincidence

No. 125615

She's a nice break from Emily/Ember, who imo are extremely boring. Sure there are more interesting cows but I think she's entertaining enough

No. 125621

yes they are boring but i don't feel bad for discussing them here because they practically beg for attention, whereas eleri does seems like she could benefit from some genuine help. although if she stopped blogging cringy things then yeah we wouldn't talk about her so much.

No. 125625

Who is this?

No. 125627

I've been reading these posts about eleri and there's no milk and no snow flakey shit going on. Definitely a self post.

No. 125628

The tone's changed. Now it's petty fucktards trying to bait Ember, Crocker and that Jenna one for personal reasons. Nobody cares they're all ugly as fuck, but that's the reason these three get posted. It started when EW was moved here, but hey ho.

No. 125632

I wonder if it has anything to do with that one poster being banned.

No. 125637

Definitely this. It has gotten hella petty with autists not knowing when to let an argument go.
No, the tone has been changed for awhile. It's just more obvious now that the ratio between fags from other sites and farmers has been drastically switched up. Everyone jumped ship and my dumbass is still here like………?

No. 125650

File: 1461860777109.jpg (467.12 KB, 1062x1371, IMG_20160428_102548.jpg)

Hahahhaha her fitbit

No. 125652

Are you blind or what? It's Jenna.

No. 125653

She's the one who put it on her ankle because it's more "accurate," right?

No. 125656

Whats so funny about that? I wear my fitbit on my ankle too, it gives a better reading for the heartbeat.

No. 125658

It looks like the GPS tracker you get when you're under house arrest.

No. 125660

Time to start wearing it on my wrist now.

No. 125661

Her face makes her look like shes farting

No. 125662

It's funny because she's psychotic about counting steps. Just like those psychos that count calories to minutiae.

No. 125664

That picture of Eleri is weight restored, she said that in her caption

No. 125669


How can she be "weight restored" when she was never sick or underweight in the first place?? That's not possible.

No. 125693


Actual anorexics are in denial of their condition…

No. 125700

Not all of them.

No. 125702

File: 1461872754749.jpeg (169.1 KB, 750x1286, image.jpeg)


Clearly in 'recovery'

No. 125703

File: 1461872837690.jpeg (98.67 KB, 640x917, image.jpeg)

anyone post fragile.fantasy here before? something about her just seems really sketh imo. She does all those contorted poses but they look really awkward and her lowest weight photos just look disproportionate af. Apparently she gained weight in recovery and looks totally average now but still does ~ana poses~ and I feel like she thinks she's still spoopy.

Pic related is a recent lowest and current comparison.

No. 125704

File: 1461872870597.jpeg (124.01 KB, 640x828, image.jpeg)

No. 125705

File: 1461872917225.jpeg (154.91 KB, 640x1003, image.jpeg)

No. 125708

Her psych must suggest that she's actually retarded kek

No. 125711


wtf ember

No. 125715

File: 1461874986039.jpeg (173.11 KB, 750x1163, image.jpeg)

I thought they hated each other lol?

No. 125717

File: 1461875172407.jpeg (28.17 KB, 750x176, image.jpeg)

"Use a body pic" nice recovery, Ember

No. 125719

File: 1461875370983.jpg (96.45 KB, 1046x492, Screenshot_2016-04-28-16-27-42…)

No. 125720

So Ember posts on here about Zoe and now she's using her for followers? Very interesting

No. 125721

There's no comments on her photo of people "bitching". Ember stop making it so obvious you lurk.
That poor brand having ember support them. If only they knew.

No. 125722


The vast majority, yes. People who are really sick generally don't like to talk or blog about it. It's shameful and awkward to talk about. That's the case for me and other "bad" anorexics.(you mean like what you're doing right now?)

No. 125723

File: 1461876023203.jpeg (145.58 KB, 750x1256, image.jpeg)


No. 125725

File: 1461876163689.jpg (2.43 KB, 120x120, tfvg.jpg)

she is thin but this is just ridiculous

the fit vegan ginger used to make a similar pose after running for jesus. uncanny

No. 125727

File: 1461876710810.jpg (126.06 KB, 913x582, Capture.JPG)

Holy shit, this was ASHLEY'S IDEA! THIS is why her venture never took off. If it wasn't for this kawaii person Ash would be weight restored now after making dollar selling her stuffs.

How old is this person? Why is this shit all so juvenile? It's sad that people can't pick up a bunch of beads at a dollar store/Poundland and make their own. Primary school kids are better with glue than this. Gah.

No. 125728

(i forgot to add, i doubt that is PROFESSIONAL glitter glue)

No. 125729

that looks cheaply made af. I bet all the pieces would fall off as soon as you tried to put your phone in your pocket

No. 125730

File: 1461876946340.jpeg (182.86 KB, 960x540, image.jpeg)

Spooky Ashley?
She wanted to make kawaii phone cases?
I don't know much about either of them but I do know this whole cry baby trend started with Melanie Martinez. The new Marina Diamandis, if you will.

No. 125731

lmao melanie martinez should have a thread. she's ridiculous

No. 125733

File: 1461877026220.jpeg (186.48 KB, 750x1273, image.jpeg)

Meh, I tried. Why anyone would let her promote them is beyond me.

No. 125734

What the hell is her deal and why is she romatisizing things that have to do with children?

No. 125735

Yes! THE Queen of Spoopiness Ashley! She came here to ask us if it was a good idea and she started making iphone cases and jewellery. That's where the "with professional glitter glue" banner came from (because that's what she told us she used. Quality product, heh).

No. 125736

I like her music but her whole DDLG/baby girl thing weirds me out

No. 125737

>and very shit crafts

No. 125738

I'm a professional glitter gluist and I can assure you that this glitter glue is quite unprofessional.

No. 125739



No. 125740

Is this a really bad try at decoden? Hobby Lobby sells knock off whipple cream, hope she knows…

No. 125743

I wonder if this person intentionally ripped off Ashley Fucking Finch, the dying girl!

No. 125748

File: 1461878714915.png (1.83 MB, 1440x2036, Screenshot_2016-04-28-12-48-52…)

I actually lold at how thin and warped those floor panels are. nice try ember

No. 125752

The lint on her nasty old leggings annoys me so much. Someone buy this girl a freaking lint roller.

No. 125753

File: 1461880186919.png (313.14 KB, 432x611, 1461878714915.png)


the panels buckle towards her feet ever so slightly

No. 125756

Somebody buy her a mop!

No. 125760

Maybe recovery.owls can make her a recovery.mop.

No. 125763



No. 125765

I don't usually find Embers leg selfies very amusing, but she did something to her feet in the most recent one that made me lol

No. 125769

File: 1461887561374.jpg (64.4 KB, 686x652, Capture.JPG)

Asha came over from /pt to offer advice.

No. 125771

honestly this thread was the most fun when we were discussing the hambeasts

sort of can't wait for what's her bucket to come back from ~treatment~

No. 125774

Sounds just like your boohoo text posts.Obviously youre not skeletal,you and everyone agrees on that,but stop trying to convince yourself that your thin eleri.Like anon said you're not even close. Maybe you're not hella chubby but you're definitely pretty damn close.

No. 125776

Can we stop feeding attention to this attention whore? She's obviously self posting

No. 125778

File: 1461888704493.jpg (344.09 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_o6boi0KppW1sv4zedo1_128…)

She's got thunder thighs yet she's convinced she is underweight, it's pathetic
Just because you don't like a cow doesn't mean they are self-posting, the amount of self-posting accusations are getting a bit ridiculous at this point, come on now

No. 125779

Did you forget you're in snow? That's the thing not being realized here, there's no ~lulz~ surrounding this girl and all your comments on her are the same repetitive shit.

No. 125780

File: 1461889254232.png (996.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-28-20-18-24…)


A random from insta. This is some seriously bad editing.

No. 125781

File: 1461889344718.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-28-20-18-42…)


It appears that she's always pulling that face. Very cheekbonez, much ana, wow.

No. 125782

What the hell is that on her shoulder? It looks like that kind of skin diabetics get

No. 125785

This is the kind of thing I like best about this thread. Random dickhead anas from insta. I try to find them myself, but don't have many finds as good as this.

Love that dead look - purple ringed eyes and dry lips. So ~thinspirational~

No. 125786

(Looks like cutz)

No. 125787

Fuck, she's private.

No. 125788

That makeup reminds me of xblueeyedbarbiex, aka Sarah Smith

No. 125789

File: 1461890201087.png (1011.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-28-20-34-07…)


Here's one more just for you, then. You can actually see her grimacing and tensing up to show off her bonez.

I'll keep my eye out for more spoops and aNa bUtTeRfLiEz

No. 125790


She only has like 20 pics up, unfortunately.

No. 125791

File: 1461890423575.jpg (82.02 KB, 571x603, realrecover.JPG)

thanks. I think the reason I'm not finding them is because a lot are private.

I think I found an Aly. She scarfs down chocolate and cakes, but is getting thinner very quickly.

No. 125792

those wonky legs

No. 125793

File: 1461890684332.jpg (122.18 KB, 789x585, realrecover.JPG)

Would they even allow her to fly in her condition?

No. 125795

She looks like the product of a shmegeh and ginger fuck fest.

No. 125796

Yeah, the facial expression instantly gave me ginger vibez.

No. 125797

If you think a post is a self post, report it. I don't know if y'all read the rule updates in /meta/, but any self posts made after yesterday get exposed.

No. 125798

Unfortunately it doesn't work retroactively. The ones I'd report were before admin's notice.

No. 125801

File: 1461892137105.jpg (204.71 KB, 931x596, anorexiaasfuck.jpg)

Not exactly a cow, but kimiperi claims to be "naturally" thin, yet promoted a laxative tea on her insta – though she wound up editing the tea info out of the post due to angry comments. Gets questioned about her clearly unnatural thinness constantly in the comments on her pics and mostly ignores them cuz HATERS. Has a brigade of followers who lust over her emaciated frame and shit on the people who question her about having eating disorder.

No. 125802

File: 1461892168883.jpg (224.15 KB, 933x588, comments1.jpg)

There's gonna be a lot of these, warning ya now.

No. 125803

File: 1461892182119.jpg (220.78 KB, 926x598, comments2.jpg)

No. 125804

File: 1461892193749.jpg (209.01 KB, 914x589, commentsagain.jpg)

No. 125805

File: 1461892219542.jpg (217.72 KB, 931x594, dontbebodyshamin.jpg)


No. 125806

File: 1461892235282.jpg (205.23 KB, 928x583, hatersgonnahaaaaate1.jpg)

No. 125807

File: 1461892248568.jpg (230.54 KB, 922x598, hatersgonnahaaate2.jpg)

No. 125809

I'm pretty sure her legs are very heavily shooped and her arms might be. She might still be ana but I doubt she's as small as she wants to seem.

No. 125814

File: 1461893538291.jpg (223.61 KB, 933x589, ieateverythingjustnotwithyou.j…)

No. 125815

File: 1461893560443.jpg (235.69 KB, 936x596, kimiperieatstheplanet.jpg)

No. 125816

File: 1461893590463.jpg (190.61 KB, 930x599, laxativetea.jpg)

Comments after promo'ing Laxative tea

No. 125817

File: 1461893605323.jpg (219.49 KB, 928x596, moarcomments.jpg)

No. 125818

File: 1461893638348.jpg (209.57 KB, 936x597, sheignoresthecommentsallthetim…)

Straight up ignoring comments about her weight again

No. 125819

File: 1461893663617.jpg (197.49 KB, 936x594, SHESHILLSLAXATIVES.jpg)

And more of the fallout from when she shilled laxatives!

No. 125820

Who is this? Is this from MPA or some shit?

I kek'd at their lowest weight being when they were a fucking preteen.

No. 125821

It's not just you, anon. It had been going to hell for quite awhile, but ever since that one serial-posting anon was banned it's started to suck even harder.

No. 125822

File: 1461894378523.jpg (125.71 KB, 829x595, yousaypotatoisayanorexic.jpg)

No. 125823


No. 125825

Ooooookkkk already sick of kimiperi or whatever. Move on to fresh milk

No. 125826

The bangs make her look like Ash, I hope that wasn't what she was going for

No. 125827

God, I really hope she does recover. Her instagram is scary and worrying and sad as fuck. I hope she is able to get some real damned help and recovers. Poor girl.

No. 125828

I don't usually post embers shit but I fucking lol'd at her face

No. 125829

File: 1461895058971.png (1.71 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-04-28-21-56-13…)

Dropped pic

No. 125833

Jesus fuck, do I ever hate this "smol" shit. It makes me rage irrationally.

No. 125834

She looks like she ran it through a snap filter….like the fuckingg goofy looking ones.

No. 125835

File: 1461895368362.jpg (65.25 KB, 600x800, belindakovalskaya.jpg)

No. 125836

Her boyfriend looks like a creep and she looks way older than she is. Whoever said she will be an aged waitress in the future was spot on, except she already looks the part.

No. 125838

She looks like she's had a stroke.

No. 125840

Same here, anon. And I hope she doesn't make her account private when she gets back like Kadee fucking did.

No. 125841

Aren't they all, lately? I fucking hate this.

No. 125842

The face she's making from flexing so fucking hard makes me kek

Thanks anon!

No. 125844

There's gotta be no fucking way her legs look like that without photoshop, right? Right?1?

No. 125845

Ahh, I'm not so great at noticing when images have been shooped unless it's glaringly obvious/really bad shoops. Sorry.

No. 125846

Hard to get fresh milk when it seems all the cows have gone private lately, sorry anon. Working with what I can find.

No. 125847

Weird. And very fake looking.

No. 125848

Ember looks like she made herself as a Sim and her boyfriend just looks like a regular 34 year old man. She looks like a grandma but her boyfriend looks too old for her and I can't figure out what the fuck is going on

No. 125854

File: 1461898314990.jpg (56.79 KB, 273x551, IMG_20160428_214854.jpg)

JFC she looks 107 years old

No. 125860

File: 1461899626188.jpg (106.3 KB, 842x595, incaseanyonewondered.jpg)

This is from her backup insta that she made because people kept reporting her account.

She's 5'8 and now weighs even less than this. She was like 72lbs or something the last time she posted her scale.

No. 125877


Is that who I think it is calling her out??

No. 125889

File: 1461908304751.jpeg (49.9 KB, 500x289, image.jpeg)


She looks like a blow-up doll or something, it's giving me some uncanny valley type vibes.

Also, @bellegantcosmetics on Instagram shared her photo of their highlighter that she posted - groan - hope they don't decide to send her any free shit

No. 125897


So stretched.

The wannarexics are known to use an app named Beauty Plus and its ''slimmer'' tool.

No. 125898


sorry it is called "stretch" . check it out you can photoshop yourself skinnier with one tap in a second…

No. 125907

wow funny seeing her face from far away I assumed she's pretty but on this close up it actually looks really wonky and weird.

No. 125954

Why do her lips extend to the corner of one side of her mouth but not the other?

No. 125960

File: 1461930597051.jpg (285.4 KB, 960x1280, scenequeen.jpg)

i actually like piercings but that particular septum ring is so overwhelming on her face. i've followed for a while and i'm not sure what to think, she's fairly tight lipped about her weight - like eugenia cooney.

i don't know anything about kimiperi other than her clothing which is kind of creepy.

pic is eugenia who also is suuuppper thin but never acknowledges it

No. 125965

i can't believe it's 2016 and this girl copies felice fawn out of all people. WHY? that look was already cringey back then. and almost half of her instagram consists of "look at me, i have finger tattoos" photos.

>Modeling is another desire of her soul.

>Remember, people with a hard past may have a weak heart but their will is always the strongest.

from the "about" page of her blog. (i get that english is not her first language but this is definitely no excuse here.)

No. 125983

Cause felice is ~ gawfik ana queen~ all hail

No. 125987

Didn't felice copy her finger tats or smth

No. 125995

i think, i could be wrong, nadia.struggling is running just_._ana account. so shes pro ana and giving tips out.

No. 126004

Ember is using meitupics beauty editor to make her eyes and mouth bigger and her face thinner. She also uses it to stretch her legs I'm sure. Her nose is fucked from
Altering her features

No. 126007

It also looks like she heavily contoured her face.

No. 126008

File: 1461943641314.jpg (114.21 KB, 640x1136, post-31756-0-23766500-14612889…)

found on mpa

No. 126012

Idk why she doesn't buy facetune instead of spending money on instagram followers

No. 126013

>almost ready


No. 126015

Idk if this is the right place for it, but I can't seem to find a new Ginger thread? Is there one?

No. 126016

The panels on her door are squiggly.

No. 126020

File: 1461945149119.jpeg (220.95 KB, 743x1203, image.jpeg)

>worst case of anorexia in new jeresey

Does she really believe that??

No. 126023

theres no way her bmi is 18

No. 126025

If you mean Maja, Felice's former friend, then yes, it is her.

No. 126027


natural thin - my ass ! First she is posing in front of a mirror which makes you a lot of skinnier than you are in reality and her legs look ridiculously stretched = photoshopped. Neither her arms and stomach look skinny, I don't get why people are so easily fooled by those girls.

No. 126028


HAHA this is getting ridiculous ! Another chubby >BMI 20 idiot who claims to have AN. I spit my tea over my notebook when I read she is New Orleans worst anorexic.

No. 126030



This bitch's blog, holy shit. She talks about how she's on disability and low-income housing and how ~*~sick and ana~*~ she is. Bitch is 30 years old and dresses like she's 16. It's time to grow the fuck up, dearie.

No. 126031

When my BMI is around 18/19 my arms tend to look like that though. I guess it depends on the way you're built.

No. 126035

she has a huge stomach and double chins. Her BMI is NOT 18

No. 126039


Yes, double chin, fat arm, fat stomach in this picture. For AN you need to be underweight.

No. 126043

File: 1461949701845.jpg (40.76 KB, 800x227, 1.JPG)

The desperation for attention here is painful.

No. 126046

Worst case of man-face in New Jersey.

No. 126048

>so bald from severe anorexia

No. 126049

File: 1461950722896.jpeg (173.59 KB, 750x1094, image.jpeg)

No. 126050


No. 126051

The sayings on the sticky notes behind her!!!

No. 126052

But she's deeply fulfilled by the things she does!

No. 126053

File: 1461951138317.jpg (130.84 KB, 537x602, IMG_20160429_123004.jpg)

What is happening here. Seriously?

No. 126056

She looks like my 66-year-old father.

No. 126072

My goodness… What an unfortunate face.

No. 126081

There is one its just hard to find check the catalog.

No. 126093

>>126008 FUCK if you're going to take a selfie the least you could do is find socks that match

No. 126105

That's why she's >>almost ready

No. 126118

She ran the photo by the Silent Hill designers before posting?

No. 126120


No. 126142

Maybe they're all wasted while they're putting on their anorexia?

No. 126143

Worst case of anorexia in state
Doesn't even have fucking anorexia

I hope she gets hit by a car

No. 126146

File: 1461977345182.jpeg (125.17 KB, 1024x781, image.jpeg)

The ever changing thigh gap

No. 126160

File: 1461983351090.gif (1.11 MB, 320x240, tumblr_mxvnnnQNq51sk9ttoo1_400…)

No. 126166

Imagine… Being this edgy

No. 126174

She's just… holding the smoke in her mouth… not even inhaling?

No. 126176

to be fair i never inhale the first drag off of cigarettes
but it is really awkward when people make gifs of themselves not even inhaling the smoke cringe

No. 126177

She looks so different here.

No. 126179

File: 1461989908620.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

From her blog. Spoilered for self harm (burns). Considering all her other posts about how "severe" her anorexia is, I was NOT expecting her self harm to look like this

No. 126180

Couldn't shave her arms around the burns I see.

No. 126185

That's what she looks like without editing and massive amounts of bad contouring.

No. 126186

She looks rather pretty there honestly.
It's an old picture though.

No. 126187

Eleri failed a suicide attempt and deleted her Tumblr :/

No. 126188

Holy shit.

No. 126190

she should delete her IG too. why do they always take pictures from the hospital bed? is it for ana cred?

No. 126191

Lol all of a sudden Jenna mentions a second job where someone allegedly told her she looks like a model. You look like a big fat baby, Jenna.

No. 126199


If she would stand straight without bending forward there wouldn't be a gap at all.

Ember you aren't underweight or skinny or anorexic. Get a life !

No. 126201

File: 1461999938567.jpg (116.59 KB, 400x411, Williams-syndrome-1.jpg)


This describes Jenna's face PERFECTLY!!! It's not… normal. I've wondered if she had some sort of syndrome. This would explain her weird (in a bad way) face.

No. 126202

File: 1461999972946.jpg (15.41 KB, 218x260, Katy_Portrait.jpg)

No. 126203

File: 1461999995321.jpg (31.93 KB, 393x255, Williams-Syndrome.jpg)

William's Syndrome

No. 126205

File: 1462000012944.jpg (16.26 KB, 260x217, 8563525_f260.jpg)

No. 126206

File: 1462000027872.jpg (83.92 KB, 343x504, Williams_syndrome.jpg)

William's Syndrome

No. 126207


Woah. If you compare this to the ugly bathroom photo she took where her head is tilted, THIS IS IDENTICAL. Someone smarter than me do a side by side! They look identical in facial features.

No. 126210

I think this one in particular is dead-on.

No. 126213

Eeeeeew those need to be dressed so badly.
Imagine the infection if she just leaves it exposed.

No. 126219

This looks like an actual childhood pic of jenna wtf

No. 126221

Does she still have her IG? (Can't remember what it was called.)

No. 126227

It's elcovery

No. 126237

What a fucking waste of resources.

No. 126249

I got access to Kadee's private instagram but anyway there's a Kadee thread now so go there for Kadee + fatty milk.

No. 126254

File: 1462020331248.jpg (82.94 KB, 502x602, IMG_20160430_074335.jpg)

Did this skeleton Photoshop her thigh?!

No. 126263

Holy shit that syndrome thing would explain her unfortunate face!! She looks EXctly like those kids wow

No. 126274

File: 1462023377867.jpeg (23.34 KB, 236x189, image.jpeg)


R u sure its not more like this? This is Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (Pic related).(learn 2 type good)

No. 126275

File: 1462023910810.jpeg (191.03 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

(i had to wait until it was no longer on her snapchat so she doesn't figure out who screen shot this) but apparently emily had an organ failure? lol wut

No. 126276

It wasnt a suicide attempt - she said she took a bunch of sleeping pills cos she couldnt purge the pizza she just ate and wanted to "sleep the weekend away". Her latest update is that shes not being admitted to medical or psych & shes being discharged home. Im shocked shes a nursing student, dont they have some sort of medical & psychological fitness to practice rules?! Surely she shuld not be studying atm if shes this unstable!

No. 126278

>gynecology appointment
>"organ failure selfie :)"

also, how do you screenshot a snapchat if it's no longer up?

No. 126281


I screen shot it while it was up but waited until it wasn't up any more to post it

No. 126283

How long has she even been anorexic?

No. 126284

she's not anorexic

No. 126285

Is this another dig at Ember??!! WTF

No. 126287

I'm more shocked a nursing student has no idea of a "safe" dose of sleeping pills that'd just make you sleep.


she knew she wasn't taking a harmful dose and wouldn't die but it looks dramatic

so, yeah.

No. 126288

Jenna doesn't have fetal alcohol syndrome. Those kids are generally really small. Her FACE is identical to the Williams syndrome kids though.

No. 126290

Oh I misunderstood then. She sure makes it seem like a suicide attempt though. It irks me that she wants to be a mental health nurse and seems to think going to treatment will completely fix her

No. 126291

File: 1462027024900.jpg (477.67 KB, 1080x1080, qwocAKK.jpg)

No. 126293

That's not a great picture, she looks halfway normal as a child lol. That pic she posted recently in the mirror looks just like the photo with the girl and the black marks covering her eyes. The head shape and facial features are uncanny.

No. 126297

File: 1462027809247.jpg (395.05 KB, 1080x1080, LFkxVMu.jpg)

This one?

No. 126299

too bad william's syndrome won't get you asspats on the internet

No. 126308

I am the only one that reads ember as "em-bear"

No. 126337

File: 1462036355163.jpeg (110.63 KB, 749x782, image.jpeg)

No. 126340

bad enough for a brace and a heating pad, not bad enough to prevent her from doing wall sits and squats. is she even trying to keep up the charade anymore?

>inb4 muh compulsive exercise

No. 126349

It took less than half an hour for her 180 lmao.

No. 126351

File: 1462038491408.gif (3.96 MB, 500x506, ember.gif)

>wall sits and squats
She has to keep that ass ready for her cam sessions

No. 126363


She is literally the least sensual person for cam sessions.

She's dull and she can't move her body for shit.

No. 126365



No. 126370

WHAT THE WHAT omg hahahahahahahahah.

Look at the mouths- they're IDENTICAL. Wide mouth, big lower lip, weird slanted face. WOW. That would seriously explain her appearance. I kind of feel bad for her…

No. 126371

>>126370 Imagine going through life with that ugly mug. No thanks!

No. 126372

Ewww why does this have to be posted everytime there's a new proana scum thread?? I hate scrolling past this cringy gif. Ugh I literally shudder when I see it.

No. 126375

Kek, dont worry, anon, I can never tolerate these gifs either. never even made it through the whole original video, the cringe was too painful.

No. 126391

I genuinely believe whichever anon keeps posting these gifs of EW is hot for her ass. STOP IT (or at least spoiler).

Fakeboi is a constant source of amusement for my tiny mind. I'm sharing her latest ig upload because it's embarrassing.
>so handsome


No. 126428

File: 1462063674161.png (93.21 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 126429

File: 1462063711169.png (96.9 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 126431

Well she's one to talk.

No. 126433

>bye guts

No. 126435

Ember would know

No. 126436

Apparently ember doesn't understand what partial organ failure is

No. 126444

I sometimes wish I had as little self awareness as Ember does.

No. 126447


Yeah Ember….and if you would be skinny you wouldn't use tons of photoshop

No. 126451

i dont think ember realizes that emily's snap was shade @ ember??
also we already knew ember lurks here but way to make it a million times more obvious

god the both of them are just.

it's getting old

No. 126455

at first i thought it was a jab at Ember, but she's saying it's legit on her tumblr

No. 126457

I love how vague the complications are. Its always 'oh no I'm in organ failure' never 'stage I renal failure'
Like please girls research the diseases you insist on pretending to have. Don't be so sloppy.

No. 126459

Is anyone else getting notifications that ember posted a photo and you open the app seconds later to a blank page like she deleted it?

She posting shit & deleting it seconds later to fux w us ¿¿¿

No. 126460

I noticed that too. It's happened twice now in the past hour

No. 126461

File: 1462072824463.png (62.75 KB, 224x383, image.png)

Is she serious

No. 126462

File: 1462072925928.jpg (21.45 KB, 320x320, 13092432_796163877187014_77183…)

Clicked the avi for you since I'm on browser

No. 126463

Samefag, but her nose is naturally crooked and her contouring makes it waaay more obvious

No. 126464

even her hobbit bf is cringing at her face..

No. 126465

File: 1462073603795.jpg (922.81 KB, 1512x1512, Lol.jpg)

No. 126467

File: 1462073848153.jpeg (46.32 KB, 405x375, image.jpeg)

Omfg she liquified her jaw/chin so much her fucking hair curving inwards. What the fuck is this.

No. 126468

i cant for the life of me figure out wtf is so ODD about these pics of her

No. 126469

She just posted the full pic to her Instagram too. Is she lurking or does she actually think that's a great picture

No. 126470

I'm pretty sure this is a snapchat filter

No. 126471

i can't tell if she is being serious or not or just trolling us

No. 126473

Ditto anon… Like for realz she HAS to be joking right?! It took me ages to work out wat exactly shes done to the pic, cos im not totally convinced shes liquified her chin/jaw - if ur hair is dry & damaged it can sit wierdly like around ur face like that (mine used to). But then i saw it: shes enlarged her eyes!!! ? If u look at the size of her eyes compared to her bfs its hysterical!

No. 126474

File: 1462075242470.png (189.31 KB, 837x191, Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 9.00…)

bruh her CHIN THO

No. 126475

sage for samefag

like if you just look at her chin and then her neck and how it's all curved awkwardly.
you can tell both photos were obviously taken the same day but she edited both completely differently in such a NOTICEABLE manner that i'm seriously convinced she's doing this on purpose

No. 126476


?Fag here! Woah ok yep my bad!! I see the chin thing now. I hadnt seen the other version of the pic till u posted.

No. 126478


No. 126481

Her bf looks so douchey.

No. 126482

She could be adding filters, posting them so the edited versions save to her phone, then deleting them right away. I do that every once in a while when I want to use an Instagram filter for a Facebook photo or whatever

No. 126485

why would she post the un(less)edited version and then change her dp to this ridiculousness?? she is definitely just wanting to be talked about at this point, no matter what for

why the fuck would you just not screenshot it while you're still editing the post

No. 126486




I don't understand when people post photos of them next to other people, and edit themselves SO HEAVILY but leave the other person alone. It really highlights how much she changes the way she looks via editing, it makes it look like her boyfriend is a human standing next to a cardboard cutout. Why make it even more obvious than it already is? Also, it looks like she's been using the Lux option as well, in addition to liquifying parts of her face. I feel like she made the centers of her cheeks rounder too, it looks odd to me.

No. 126490

Wut r you talking about hair always bends into the neck like that

No. 126497

File: 1462083151556.png (18.42 KB, 666x167, Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 9.13…)

No. 126499

File: 1462085066412.jpeg (310.29 KB, 2048x1154, image.jpeg)

No. 126505

In the older picture (and her fleshpale/fairypxie days in general) she was at least cute in a not-hideous-but-not-stunning way. Now she looks like one of those leathery bleach-blonde moms who works in retail.

No. 126507

She should reallu stop using yellow-ish filters, it makes her look like crap

No. 126511

>she is definitely just wanting to be talked about at this point, no matter what for
Hit the nail on the head.

No. 126513

File: 1462088476072.png (155.09 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Who did this

No. 126514



Her editing skills will always be horrible, …
one day she gives herself skunken cheekbones but today her cheeks want to challenge the chipmunks.

She has no idea when it is time to stop. Her face look like an ugly cartoon next to her normal faced BF.

No. 126516

File: 1462089162060.jpg (96.99 KB, 513x761, IMG_20160501_024950.jpg)

Oh Em.Partial organ failure is not a diagnosis and does not exist. Fucking dumbass, do your research

No. 126524

Damn!! I guess she's home and found out about us.

No. 126525

File: 1462096207777.jpeg (192.52 KB, 629x935, image.jpeg)

No. 126526

File: 1462096244899.jpeg (176.51 KB, 640x868, image.jpeg)

No. 126538


This account needs to go. I am scared that many other fatties will believe this bullshit and copy her and calling themselves atypical anorexics.

There is NO source that indicates atypical Anorexia can be diagnosed when you are gross obsese. She hasn't lost weight, hence she eats hence she hasn't lost her appetite.

No. 126541

And either way, atypical still ISNT anorexia nervosa. It's OSFED/EDNOS. These idiots need to just own their diagnosis and stop latching onto "muh anorexiaaaa" like its the most ~severe~ eating disorder.

No. 126546

File: 1462102690343.jpeg (383.12 KB, 1272x1477, image.jpeg)

So now Zoe needs "support" because she can't meet her internet friend anymore because the girl is getting treatment instead, how fucking selfish can you really be? Get some irl friends ffs.

No. 126564

File: 1462110405302.jpg (39.13 KB, 406x500, poj6dq9ack.jpg)

is she fucking broken? how can she post this shit and seriously think people believe it's her real face?

No. 126585

File: 1462118508312.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I have an app that lets me save snapchats without giving a notification, Emily didn't photoshop herself. Her legs are actually just weird as shit naturally. This is a still from the video she posted

No. 126590

Nobody said shit about Emily's legs, and nobody gives a fuck

No. 126592

Hi Emily

No. 126593

Aren't Emily's posts marked?

No. 126595

>I have an app that lets me save snapchats without giving a notification, Emily didn't photoshop herself
sure jan

No. 126596


The app MagicHack lets you save pics and vids without the other person knowing

No. 126597

Ember deleted that photo she uploaded last night of her shit obvious editing job. Sketch.

No. 126601


She is a little famous for her 'battle' with AN. Google helps. She is like 20 years old but looks like 40. Claims to be recovering but swaped Anorexia for orthorexia.

No. 126604

>posts snap right after lengthy ember discussion
>prefaces with how they got the snap so they don't look like Emily
>white knights Emily in a thread where nobody white knights Emily
Ok Emily. Nobody cares.

No. 126605

If she doesn't have access then how would she know that this is going on? And I've never seen anyone make any remarks on her Instagram that are of a "bullying" nature. She follows a few of the wannorexics mentioned here, so she either lurked here or one of those assholes told her. I'm gonna blame you ember because your crusty ass always linked everyone here.
Fuck, finally found one that entertained me.

No. 126606

how did you get that pic? i'm on browser and it won't let me click her avi from her instagram.

No. 126607

It's always Ember and Emily. I swear, those two are the worst team.

No. 126608

not same anon so i have no idea how they were actually able to click it but she actually did post the full image last night..
but it's now completely gone after i sent her a message on that ask website saying how her chin looked completely different

No. 126609

she did post the whole thing but it was posted to this thread before ember actually posted it to her IG. i'm curious as to how that anon was able to get her avi pic here before it was posted to her IG because i can't seem to be able to click the avi like the anon said they did

No. 126610

right click the picture to open it in a new tab and remove s150x150 from the url

No. 126611

there we go! thank you

No. 126613

File: 1462127794788.png (126.94 KB, 413x549, moon emoji.png)

No. 126614

Clicked on it and chose open image fam

No. 126616

File: 1462130447200.jpeg (147.28 KB, 750x1259, image.jpeg)


No. 126619

what was the answer lol
did she delete it?

No. 126621

File: 1462131651793.jpeg (174 KB, 750x1260, image.jpeg)

A stupid gif. She's deleted it, I just refreshed her page after screenshotting. She must have only had it up for about a minute

No. 126623

you would think she would come up with a more creative response
still cackling at that chin ask tho

i sent her another one after her response saying her chin looks way more different than the photo she uploaded a few days ago aaaand ignored

but then she answers these dumb ass messages

No. 126628

She probably sent that message to herself.

No. 126652

your email reeks of vendetta. no wonder they didn't take you seriously.

No. 126662


Strangely, thank you for pointing that out. You are right. Even though I have never interacted with Ember personally as an ED sufferer I find her glamorizing and mockery of it offensive and harmful. I took the post down obviously, it has no place here because of my personal disdain for her actions and I should keep that to myself and deal with my frustrations and issues also privately.

In a way I appreciate the call out. Thanks for that I guess.

No. 126697

no, it wasn't ember, or the one i consider to be the snitch/idiot, Jolty.
A friend of Kellys commented saying she was going to talk to kelly, get her password, and delete/block all the people leaving nasty comments "before kelly can even see them". the friends IG is recoveryiscourage. and no one was "bullying" her, they were just stating the obvious. that is, you can't be morbidly obese and be diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. I assume kellys insurance is paying for The Center for Discovery because her binge eating disorder is causing medical problems, and if she's this morbidly obese at 17, she probably wouldn't have made it to 35 without a significant intervention.

No. 126699

So basically, nobody has informed the Belly of what's going on here? Good. Let's keep it that way.

No. 126718

File: 1462158027866.jpg (33.98 KB, 401x450, 913c67e0511613727f.jpg)

Ember the Alien.

No. 126740


fucking hell. I don't know why this bothers me so much, but the center for discovery facility is NOT an inpatient facility. They only offer residential care, just further proving that this whale is not "super ana sick" like she claims. Inpatient in the US is where you go if you actually are severely underweight and have health complications. Residential places (especially shitty ones like CFD) will just take anyone as long as they can pay for it.

No. 126750

Thanks for clearing that up. She's just vacationing with Ana right now.

No. 126769

That friend of hers is not overweight yet can still admit she's bulimic. How does she stand Kelly's ANA superiority while she steadily gains?

No. 126782

File: 1462175630322.png (78.86 KB, 804x542, Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.5…)

so i posted >>126465 to that blog and got this like a day later but everything else is still there- can she not report screen shots of herself?

No. 126794

that's why everyone said not to bother making a tumblr have fun constantly fucking around with dmca claims

No. 126801

File: 1462183409838.jpg (64.68 KB, 535x773, IMG_20160501_213026.jpg)

No. 126810

Uploaded 12 hours ago and less than a thousand views ?

No. 126813

….could make an insta though

No. 126822

Omfg it's uncanny

No. 126824

She really does have a squid ward nose…

No. 126833

File: 1462197613119.png (598.78 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Ember started following this girl 12 hours ago and she is cringeworthy as fuck. She has a video posted of her shoving food into her mouth with the tag "#bulimiclife

No. 126836

Instead of going full retard and making these useless accounts to "expose" (or whatever the fuck you're trying and failing to do), why not just ignore ember. We've seen her lose her shit fast whenever she doesn't get the attention she craves. Works wonders on Emily.

No. 126846

Fam I've had the tumblr up and that's the first claim that's why I asked whether or not she not she can report screenshots but I mean thanks for being helpful and answering the damn question

No. 126858

She can still report screenshots, I think if you give a source to the picture though then she can't do anything about it? I'm pretty sure thats how OD got around it.

No. 126879

ember's insta is so ugly. she tries to get the ~aesthetic to look nice by posting her full length body shots side by side but then puts all of those uggo "like my last three posts if you want a shoutout" memes that look like a 4 year old made them in Microsoft Paint. everything about her Instagram is so visually revolting

No. 126885

You want to be a fucktard be a fucktard on your own.

No. 126889


If you want to do your Ember hate thing, why not stay the fuck on tumblr with your crusade. Are you 12? Twats like you are responsible for spraying your carcinogens all over the ana threads. Nobody really cares about her here. She's facially unattractive, she's not skinny, she's a dickhead WE GET IT. Keep that shit somewhere else because this baiting Ember/Emily/Jenna shit is boring af.

No. 126904

Now hllylzbth has created a tag for herself. For someone who supposedly hate themselves so much she likes to make it incredibly easy to find all of her emaciated selfies.

No. 126912

Make a LiveJournal or Wordpress, dumbarse.

No. 126917


she is so ….annoying… I can't stand her, the ugly clothes and her unfortunate looking bow legged limbs. Surgery worthy.

No. 126923

It's so edgy 'Girl, Interrupted'

Like I'm pretty sure Susanna says that it wasn't an attempt she just had a headache, it's some bullshit

No. 126929

Post something worthwhile then

No. 126931

File: 1462220140522.jpg (47.55 KB, 283x423, Capture.JPG)

This one is so high and mighty. Reported someone to social services herself and god forbid someone else would think SHE was like that person.

Fuck off, child. This isn't Netflix.

No. 126933

File: 1462220216143.png (176.39 KB, 624x422, Untitled.png)

Bollocks, wrong image. Here's the right one.

No. 126935

Holly has been around for ages (starting way back on xanga) and I'm not surprised she would bitch about something like this. She is way more likable now than she was back in her xanga days though. She has matured somewhat, but I can't help but feel like a part of her resents her kids. I only say that because they are the only reason she can't continue to be the self-absorbed twat she really is inside.

No. 126972

File: 1462228002925.jpg (562.07 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160502_172117.jpg)

That moment when you forget to edit your pics the same

No. 126984

tbh I don't get it, not sure what difference I should be seeing

No. 126991

Top freckles line up
Bottom freckles don't
(because it was stretched)
Arm on left is wider than arm on right.

No. 126997

Maybe I'm just dumb, but isn't it more likely that the make-up is just in a different spot/position on her arm? These are two separate photo's from two different times, right?

No. 127004

Yes that's why I lined up the top freckles as a reference point

No. 127007


Lmao wat. That is some fucking reaching right there anon. Her arm is just angled slightly differently.

No. 127009

No. 127029

Nah. I still don't think she edited these. They're just two different angles and positions and one is taken a bit closer to her arm.

No. 127033

Those chicken scratches

No. 127034

Maybe you should take a break

No. 127035

The MILANI letters are angled more vertically than they should be, due to the stretching.

No. 127038

I feel Ya. It is ridiculous that she can't even show off makeup without photoshopping

No. 127039

>swatching the inside of her arm
>just an excuse to show off her tiny paper cut self-harm scars

No. 127041

i thought those were just nasty skin wrinkles but yeah you can definitely see scratch "scars"

No. 127047

One thing I despise about Ember and Emily is they take every opportunity to show off their self-harm scars. Look, I've got self harm scars too, so I understand that it's not always possible to cover them up. But I get so uncomfortable when people even look at them, I can't imagine plastering them all over the internet for pity points.

Ember and Emily have an attention-seeking complex though, from what I can tell. So I guess self-harm isn't really like, "a mistake I made when I was younger and would like to forget about" to them, but rather "look at me, I'm a fragile mentally ill tumblr princess with ~problems~."

No. 127060

In other news, the recovery.owls account is gone.

No. 127063

Emily is especially bad, Ember doesn't really have any scars except either really old faded ones or scratches.
I guess they just both took a page out of the Felice book. Shit, at least they're not posting fresh cuts and infected shit all over IG like many do. I assume because, they are talked about in some circles.

No. 127127

No she just moved it to her other acct with 17k dumbass followers Recovery.owls

No. 127129

Now Kuzaskreations

No. 127137

I don't get the point of swatching one colour? Like just put the make up on and show it on your face? What are you comparing?

Oh wait yeah it'd take too long to edit your face until you got to a state of liquidation you felt appropriate to show to the world nvm.

No. 127140

it lasted longer than I thought it would

No. 127150

All these random new makeup purchases makes me feel like ember is slowly working her way up to being a "beauty blogger"

Could you imagine makeup tutorials on YouTube from her? It would be so great and awful at the same time.

Side note the makeup she's been buying and searching look so tacky and cheap gurl get your ass to Sephora

No. 127151

Meant swatching not searching

No. 127154

Did she buy followers? 17k followers but barely any likes?

No. 127159

I don't think so. It looks like her old ana account and her followers don't give a shit about those fucking owls

No. 127161

She would have to edit every frame in the video to look as skelly as she thinks she is, and her face

lol now I hope she'd do it, might be the only thing she'd ever put effort into

No. 127182

Please don't put that idea in her head. Could you imagine how cringe worthy those 'tutorials' would be? Ugh.

No. 127187

I think her being a makeup blogger with tutorials would be top fucking keks. Remember when she made a video showing people how to make "faerie locks"??? It was a dreadlock mangled so badly it just looked like a tangled mess of hair with a bead and a charm at the end of it

No. 127191

She'll have to make up a new persona soon because she's becoming boring even to the insta anas, so, why not, would be funny to watch

but she lurks here so she'll probably drop the idea

Her being a "witch" was the best thing imo
I wonder how her "book of shadows" is coming along lol

No. 127192

Does that video still exist? I think I've seen it but would like to watch again.

No. 127193

You might find it in the old Ember thread?

No. 127195

That video was HILARIOUS. Her whole witch thing is just ridiculous.

No. 127196

Found it in the catalog quick enough but archive won't play. Dunno what that is about. Upsetting, coz I think I only ever saw the gifs at the time.
It's here >>72989

No. 127197

She's probably deleted it then

No. 127198

It won't play because she deleted all her videos off YouTube

No. 127199

File: 1462291586972.jpg (110.44 KB, 686x1024, Collage 2016-05-03 18_04_43.jp…)

At least she put SOME effort into her looks while she was a witch. Now she just looks like a grandma

No. 127201

Such witch, so scary.

No. 127202

File: 1462292252263.gif (4.79 MB, 157x275, 1450288727515.gif)


No. 127203

her face looks so old, she needss ome moisturizer asap

No. 127204

File: 1462292740312.jpeg (45.16 KB, 750x452, image.jpeg)


No. 127205

it looks like a centipede in her hair

No. 127212

This bitch is 20 and can't even drive

No. 127213

how spoiled do you have to be to get an iphone for PRACTICING doing something you should already have known how to do for years

No. 127214

Her 30 year old bf is so desperate to not be her carrier anymore he's gonna get her a $800 phone

No. 127215

Seconded. What entitled tomfuckery is this?

To be fair, I turned 21 earlier this year and have only just started learning. Likewise with the majority of people at uni. If people have better things to do, they don't bother. But this bitch has done nothing with her life and has acted parasitoid to everyone, surely she should have had the time and money to better herself and learn skills.

No. 127216

Hopefully her new phone gives her better filters so she doesn't look like a haggard old woman

No. 127219

This. Also, idk about the US but lessons etc. here are expensive
but we all know she got nothing better to do and didn't even finish school

Aren't you able to learn how to drive at 16-17 in the US? Or is that just in the movies

No. 127220

If she has her job still why couldn't she just save up and buy one on her own? Who's buying her this phone? Her boyfriend? Her parents?

If it's her boyfriends that's some weird type of relationship having to bait your girlfriend to do something by promising her an expensive gift. If it's her parents then they really have to cut the cord. Like what the fuck? She can live without an iPhone and save up like most people her age do when they want something that expensive and useless.

No. 127221

when i was in high school driver's ed was part of the public school curriculum but now i think you have to pay

No. 127222

You can get your permit at 15 here in the US, and then you practice with your parents for a year, do the test, and if you pass you get your lisence. Before getting your permit you have to take a driving course though. It can be a little expensive depending on how much your family makes and if it's a priority to them that you learn how.

Sage for ot

No. 127227

File: 1462294510211.png (325.69 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

The bullshit she comes out with is unreal

No. 127230

why not just be her ana sister instead?

No. 127232

I want to run up to her and kick her knees, I bet those sticks would snap instantly lmao

No. 127234

Well, damn. She is turning into the typical communist teenager stereotype.
>useless, didn't even finish high school
>has a pathetic job and no goals
>voted for Bernie Sandwich
>gets an iPhone, does absolutely nothing
I can't wait to see her internet communist persona. Who knows, maybe she'll go full SJW and get fatter than she already is.

No. 127242

nah, then she cant wear her bindi anymore

No. 127252

File: 1462297281518.jpeg (44.59 KB, 750x484, image.jpeg)

Amazing, she managed to do an hour driving whilst retweeting things.

No. 127259

>this weekend
i'll laugh so much if she doesn't actually get one.

No. 127276

tbh the only reason why i dont believe her is because shes the type of person who would post a selfie if she was actually behind the wheel and brag

No. 127280

I don't believe it either. She's just trying to look like a sugar baby or like her daddy takes care of her for doing basic shit. Bitch, you know your contract is up for renewal and you're trying to get a discount.

No. 127282

I honestly feel bad for ember. Looking at her twitter with 0 likes and retweets on literally every single tweet, is like watching someone talk to themselves. Major douche chill.

No. 127284

not to mention she buys followers, spending real money to look popular…she should've invested that money into a name change or decent camera

No. 127290

I find it hilarious, especially when she tries to accuse others of buying followers.

No. 127299

Or when she accuses other of bullying or photoshopping or begging for likes or doing drugs or drinking alcohol or being a high school dropout

No. 127302

Not quite. If live in middle America you can get your permit at 15, but not in NY. The age you can get your permit, Jr. License, and license varies by state/county and is determined by population density. So up in north bumblefuck Rochester, ember could've gotten a permit at 16 and if she passed the road test, a junior license at 16 too…but you can't drive in NYC with a permit AT ALL with a permit unless you're in a double break car (so the person supervising can break when necessary) bc driving in NYC is very very diff than driving in the middle of nowhere. Idk how the fuck one gets to her age living upstate with no license. It's common in the city bc there's a ton of public transportation, but in Rochester? What a lazy parasitic mess.

No. 127304

Yup. I live on LI and anyone with a permit must be surprised by someone 21 and older with a drivers license. Also you cannot drive on a bridge or tunnel, nor can you drive on a street that is inhabited in a park with a permit.

Driving is very difficult in the city. Expensive, too. Parking garages are not cheap. Plus there's the gas and traffic in the city is very stop and go.

Most people who live in the city or travel for work take a train/subway to and fro. It's so much easier that way.

No. 127308

Eh, it's not really that appaling that she doesn't have a liscence yet- a lot of people around here don't, and if they do that can't afford vehicles anyways. That's why we have cabs and buses.

No. 127314

File: 1462308735293.png (903.85 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

She needs to stop with the fake septum, it makes her nose look even uglier

No. 127321

File: 1462309957191.jpeg (615.42 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

'Contour' looks like she rubbed mud on her face

No. 127324

she's sucking in her cheeks like hollow-oli lmao

No. 127326

HER NOSE LOOKS LIKE A DICK LOL. What a complete mess.

No. 127328

No. 127333


With all the editing she did, ….the top of her nose has almost the same width as her photoshopped chin. LOL

No. 127338

Oh shit it's happening
She's starting to list her makeup products that she uses
Here comes ember the beauty blogger

That cheek suckage

No. 127385

There's a blog on tumblr with the url unphotoshopped-emilyologist that shows unedited pics of Emily she hasn't posted. It's eyeopenening on how much photoshop can do

No. 127388

Hi Emily!

No. 127390

File: 1462327800423.jpg (22.36 KB, 250x299, tumblr_o67axl3hAd1vsgcomo1_250…)

she looks pretty chubby here

No. 127391

My first thought as well but those are pretty damn unflattering ha

No. 127393

Literally not one comment has been someone asking her to do make up and outfit posts. She wears baggy work slacks or sweatpants in every post to hide her weight gain and her make up is fucking atrocious. And putting on a shit colored bronzer all over your face isn't contouring. Lord bless this ugly child.

No. 127398

Oh honey you're gonna have to work much harder on your selfies if anybody in the makeup world is going to notice you

No. 127399

File: 1462329109780.jpeg (220 KB, 750x1162, image.jpeg)

her ego is what bothers me most

No. 127400

File: 1462329136359.jpeg (37.96 KB, 750x332, image.jpeg)


No. 127403

File: 1462330257564.jpg (22.08 KB, 205x177, albino.jpg)

>hi my name is jenna and yes those are my actual eyes

No. 127404

She must have been born with a cleft palate.

No. 127405

that's what your face looks like when you purge every day for months

No. 127407

she doesn't look chubby at all, girl looks like a healthy weight/BMI

No. 127409

No, she's just ugly.

No. 127410

She's totally normal and her body is fine, the point is that she's much fatter than she portrays herself to be. The difference is worse than Ember.

No. 127412

Hi Emily! How does it feel to be fatter than Ember?
Remember when you posted about how much thinner you were getting while Ember was getting fat in IP?

No. 127415

How could anyone but Emily be running that blog if those pictures haven't been posted anywhere before? Damn she must want attention.

No. 127424

Maybe the person who took the pictures, but that seems unlikely. She'd flip out.

No. 127425

i mean to be fair emily DID link the source of the photos which is some random flickr account so give her that at least.

No. 127426

Give her what?

No. 127427

She doesn't look like a normal human being. Also use some chapstick it's not that hard

No. 127433

The whole "EDcommunity" on instagram is just too positive and arse licking, inpatient settings or the real world don't communicate like this at all. They tak to each other like how a parent would to their toddler. "Good girl, well done for managing it, HEALTHY FATS will nourish your organs and make your hair super duper shiny".

Comments akin to "That meal looks so Autumnal and comforting, I hope you enjoyed every single delicious nibble you inspiring warrior. You deserve it"


No. 127435


No. 127437

ok come on guys seriously these pictures were posted in august of last year… hardly fresh milk

No. 127438

You say that as if anybody here actually posted that….let me give you a hint, it was Emily once again. Surprise.

No. 127439

fair point.. willing to give her the benefit of the doubt bc she's less awful than she was but we'll see

(inb4 emily i'm not fucking emily why does everyone say that whenever someone says something remotely positive about her)

No. 127447

How so? She's been doing the most just to get an ounce of attention.

No. 127452

no but remember when all the drama happened in late 2013 (i think) and she got caught self submitting and stuff and she owned up to it? not to mention all the blatant thinspo poses (ehhh she still does it now but not to the same extent)
tldr she was being a lot more attention whore-y then

No. 127455

I wonder if Jenna is lying about purging every day. She doesn't have the typical chubby cheeks and her teeth look fine. You could explain the teeth with exceptional dental care, but there's not much you can do about the cheeks

No. 127462

Those photos of Emily were taken 8 months ago; she could have easily lost weight in that amount of time

No. 127463


Not to mention she's still a growing adult and body/face appearances are normal during her age

No. 127465

yeah seriously. and jesus christ lay off her she's recovering from an eating disorder?? (yes, she has a real eating disorder unlike some people mentioned in this thread)
i know this is lolcow and we like to poke fun but seriously

No. 127478

Agreed. She looks a little chubby in some pics, including pictures published on her Instagram, but whatever. It's not like she's overweight, and in recovery for anorexia it's not unheard of to be at the upper end of the healthy range for a bit.

No. 127507

Baking soda to neutralize the acid, and ice to reduce puffiness. I do think she's lying about purging, though.

No. 127516

I think if she were actually "using behaviors" like that, every day, she would brag about it more on her blog. and be thinner by now kek. I don't believe her

No. 127519

A while back she claimed to be not keeping anything down for months yet she was a normal weight. So either she's lying, or she can't purge for shit. Probably a mixture. Poor Jenna, can't even purge efficiently.

No. 127523

File: 1462374662072.jpeg (112.73 KB, 750x1173, image.jpeg)

Ember took it upon herself to tell her followers her weight (indirectly, in case anyone doesn't want to do the math she claims she weighs 93 pounds)
Much health
Very recover

No. 127529

File: 1462375394832.jpeg (427.01 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

The temptation ?

No. 127530

oh hey, im there!

No. 127537

wanted to post: drama, Emily and faking an ED for years but I guess Id get blocked lol

her "obsessions" change every month