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File: 1626449596950.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3464x3464, C3969926-372F-4755-A564-7D5B82…)

No. 1277876

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling
Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2Yvoe6/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amandabret

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell - Brat is back in the Big Apple! Since her last thread we've seen our potato eyed princess settle into her new apartment, neglect her Peleton in order to care for her new bird, neglect her new bird in order to care for her long distance tattoo Santa, John Vale, and neglect John Vale by reintroducing fan favorite Eric Cowie of Tiger King "fame" as her latesr paramour. What adventures does this coked out goddess hold for us? Let's find out!

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Recap of last thread:

Pet bird incoming! >>>/snow/1170492

Super Sonic hearing allows her to listen to her neighbors do cocaine from yards away

When asked about her cancer, she deletes the comment: >>>/snow/1196975

Bang buddy #1: Troi >>>/snow/1201048

Will this be the year of the motorbike? >>>/snow/1201219

A job opportunity presents itself in the form of a mural: >>>/snow/1201962

"Bang" buddy #2, Tattoo Santa John Vale, safe and oblivious in Florida: >>>/snow/1213888



Amanda has never let the Tiger King flame burn out: >>>/snow/1217920

Put in some volunteer work at the pharmacy: >>>/snow/1219960

Taking some art classes: >>>/snow/1224585

A cocaine withdrawal story that is just not grounded in any sort of reality: >>>/snow/1229169

A random snuggle buddy helps out during a stressful time: >>>/snow/1237639

A mysterious houseguest drops in: >>>/snow/1239733

Speculation that her mystery guest is Eric Cowie, fresh off a DUI: >>>/snow/1239958

John Vale, always the last to know: >>>/snow/1239813

A sharp eyed anon notices a distinct thumb: >>>/snow/1243606

Things take a physical turn: >>>/snow/1266133


Much to John Vale's chagrin: >>>/snow/1268096

Some BDSM comes into play: 1271532


Amanda centers herself in yet another friend's death, even though she didn't notice it for two months: >>>/snow/1275127

Anon claims to be brother, claims Amanda is psychotic:


No. 1277883

Excellent work nona, love the summary, thank you!

No. 1277897

Well, I want to believe. Why is Amanda not speaking to her family (or vice-versa), Domenick? How long has that been going on?

No. 1277933

Thanks for reposting nona, great summary

No. 1277962

Thank you OP, this is leagues better than the last one. Good job nonnie

No. 1278018


Thank you, I shouldn't have rushed the last one but I panicked!!

No. 1278216

Hey Domenick - what was the reason of her staying at your folks’ house, and then her living conditions in the garage? And any chance you know whether or not that bird is alive? Your mom is a peach. She doesn’t deserve that.

No. 1278322


Amanda was originally staying with my parents to detox from the Xanax and cocaine. She’s relapsed numerous times, including during her stay which probably links to her being barred from the house.

I have no doubt she’s using again, which is why she’s probably not talking to my parents

No. 1278331

FYI, Amanda stalks these boards, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s relishing in all this
Negative talk.

No. 1278347

Also, if anyone’s wondering why I’m offering up this information, Amanda used to torture me as a child. I feel like I’m unable to speak about this stuff with my parents, who shut down the conversations before any real depth happens.

It’s nice to be able to share these stories with like-minded people who’ve been screwed over by her.

No. 1278352

We all enjoy any sort of dirt on Amanda- you're encouraged to share here.

No. 1278360

File: 1626479691328.gif (182.14 KB, 220x197, duckduck pepe.gif)

that's fucked up. sorry to hear how it was growing up with her. also sorry to hear your parents were so forgiving of her. didn't realize she was that much of a sociopath

No. 1278373


Yikes I can see why you live on the other side of the country and I’m sorry you had to grow up like that

No. 1278388

I have known her for years. She would lie about EVERYTHING, even about the smallest of things. I had been through cancer myself and knew her story didn’t exactly add up, but like a dumbass, still sent her a donation out of empathy (and who the fuck would lie about that to their own mother?). I felt awful for your family. What lunatic bullshit lies has she been spreading over the years?

No. 1278391

I honestly appreciate the empathy; I know this is a gossip board but it’s nice to air this out haha.

I think that she’s a pathological liar; she was diagnosed with BPD when she was younger, but she’s been using that as a crutch to excuse her crappy behavior ever since.

I haven’t believed a word out of her mouth in a long while, every story she writes about us is fabricated in some way, usually to make her look better and us worse.

My mother puts on blinders a lot when it comes to her, even when there’s substantial evidence she’s bullshitting.

I don’t blame her though, it’s gotta be tough to think that that is her child.

No. 1278414

Do you know if your parents keep up with her social media at all or is it out of sight/out of mind?

No. 1278423


I’m very sorry that you, your parents, and Johnny have had to endure her abuse for so long.

Do you know why Johnny’s parents allow him to bank roll her living expenses, fleeting hobbies, addictions, and slew of toothless, scumbag boyfriends?
What does Johnny get out of his relationship with her?
This truly makes no sense to me.

No. 1278430

You guys - her bros is not really commenting on here… c’mon. Even if your sis is a piece of shit liar she’s still your sis! You guys are just licking this up!

No. 1278435

I’m not saying it’s him, but why wouldn’t a random cow’s family member comment here, especially if they have beef with each other? It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened.

No. 1278443

Obvious LARP is obvious, stop taking the bait

No. 1278445


My parents have gotten into arguments with her because she doesn’t listen, my parents don’t want anything to do with Facebook or instagram. She posts pictures of them anyway.

As for johns parents I’ve never met them (or any of his other family) in the 10-11 years they’ve been together..

I really don’t know what John gets out of it, he spoils her, buys her literally whatever she wants (last time I visited my parents, there were stacks of unopened packages addressed to her, when she moved she left them there without opening them)

Which is why I think she either has some type of dirt on him, I’ve seen her scream at him for nothing, tell him he’s worthless and a bunch of other degenerate things.

As for her being my sister? You’ve obviously never been around a person who fucked with your life at every opportunity at key developmental moments.

She’s not my family. She’s a person I lived with for 18 years.

No. 1278446

File: 1626485361783.jpeg (2.28 MB, 3088x2316, DDEB0917-0A79-4866-B5AA-370A9B…)

Here’s a picture for the people who don’t believe it’s me. Move past it

No. 1278450

Not proof just a selfie, try again

No. 1278453

File: 1626485927399.jpeg (1.8 MB, 2316x3088, 286E3B22-A7D2-4BB1-9F27-7EE857…)

No. 1278455

Begone, scrote

No. 1278460

Yes! Thanks for the proof. Ignore the buttholes in the thread. Everyone can be a bad ass man eater behind the keyboard.

No. 1278470

Oh shit it's real

No. 1278473

Kinda sounds like Jonny has a degradation/cuck kink

Sorry your sister is actual insanity

No. 1278478

Hell yeah, glad you’re here and really sorry you’ve been put through so much with her, I hope you’re doing ok now. Do you know how her store is funded? Does it exist anymore? Also like, generally, is ANYTHING she says true?

No. 1278487


I have to ask, how did you become aware of this thread about her?

No. 1278494

I don’t think her store exists anymore, I think it shuttered right after she moved to Long Island.

I was made aware of this threat because Amanda found it sometime last year and apparently was devistated about it (not enough to change her behavior and not stalk the threats like someone starved for attention)

I didn’t check it out until the fake cancer stuff started coming to a head and I started to resent her.

No. 1278510

sage for OT, but as someone with a BPD sibling who genuinely attempted to ruin my life, it's so hard to express to people who don't understand how unhinged and perma victim they are and always will be. Definitely look into something like BPDlovedones.

No. 1278544

Anyone who googles Amanda’s legal name will find this page instantly. It’s the first result.

No. 1278566

Yes!!! I knew it had to be you. Thank you for coming here and venting. I’m so sorry your pain has led you here but we’re all on your side and got your back. Everything you’re saying adds up completely.

I don’t know Amanda personally, only met her a few times but she has the habit of posting pictures of my friends she only met once as if they’re are best friends. (She does this often. You know, post a picture that was taken years ago over and over) I’ve asked my friends and they don’t know her at all or have her blocked cause she creeped them out.

No. 1278569

Unchecked BPD can be extremely dangerous.

No. 1278570

What are you theories on this “dirt” Amanda has in John? We all know she is full of shit. Maybe we can try and help him so he can finally cut ties with her and stop being her cash flow. Poor dude. I wouldn’t at lall be surprised if he’s being
Manipulated by her. She is pure evil.

No. 1278586

>maybe we can try and help him
this is a gossip site, Captain Save-a-Schmo

No. 1278609


What a wild twist and turn this thread has already taken.

But was Domenick banned? I didn't even get to ask if he thinks Amanda has a weird crush on their dad yet!

No. 1278623

Not trying save anyone, I’d just love to see Amanda’s cash cow be put out of its misery and watch her acutely have to work for something.

No. 1278627

File: 1626496416166.jpeg (842.8 KB, 1170x1111, A9AC2E64-278F-473A-8D33-EB792A…)

To think that anyone is funding this ridiculous crackhead shit is mindblowing

No. 1278673

I seriously wasn’t expecting this outpouring of support, for real, thanks for making this easy.

I wouldn’t know what kind of dirt, your mind goes to some strange places when you see the type of stuff he puts up with. I’m starting to think it could be a cuck thing like the other poster said.

My sister definitely has some weird daddy issues, I do think she’s attracted to him; I’ve seen her try to crawl into his lap as an adult when the family would be sitting together

No. 1278681


Again, I don’t think of her as family. She wants to twist the truth, air out our dirty laundry and try to put herself in a bubble,

I’m going to really show her true colors. Also, part of me is hoping she’s reading so I can finally give her a taste of the shit she’s spewing

No. 1278697


What has she done to you brother non-anon?

No. 1278706

Is your family aware of her unhealthy relationships with men? Meeting strangers online, flying out to different states to meet men? Constantly getting engaged to every new guy she gets involved with?

Sorry, I know everyone keeps asking about your parents. I guess if I was her parent I would let want to face it either.

I guess I’m trying to ask if there’s ever been a discussion on that subject.

No. 1278707

Also, do you know anything about the time she went to court over ther dude with no front teeth? I heard she attacked him with a broken beer bottle outside a bar and cop’s body cam caught it..

No. 1278721


Oh yeah I forgot about that whole saga! I'd like to know this too.

No. 1278744

I have a question.she seems to hero worship your father, what's his take? I'm assuming she lived in the garage to detox because he put his foot down about a driggie thief living in the house.

No. 1278756

After hearing about her slamming down the cat when she was 15, anyone else feeling even more concerned for Clyde?

No. 1278798

Just popping in to say I hope her brother can find the peace and healing he needs. Good for him speaking his truth here and beginning to unravel her constant lies.

No. 1278808

Yoooo when the bro saga started i immediately said it was just a fanfic but this is wild. I met her once when i still lived in bk, she had someone take a picture of us (her, my homegirl and i) that she posted to insta and deleted 2 days later. She unfollowed me real quick bc I'm not a cool kid but she's legit been this bitch i hate/confused-followed since 2016, there's something kinda satisfying seeing the pieces of the puzzle get together. She didn't give us blow tho we were prob not cool enough lol

No. 1278816

File: 1626525913020.jpeg (843.15 KB, 1170x965, BED3AF6B-C853-4CC5-A529-FA8940…)

Is the honeymoon already over?

No. 1278832

Oh, so the bloom is off the rose with Cowie already? They made it a few weeks, that’s practically a long-term relationship for Hoemanda. I wonder who her next fiance will be. This random male friend? Her “grocery buddy”? Or some other sucker?

No. 1278840

this isn’t an nyc thing, this is some teenager shit. bet she listened to rancid on the drive and talked about how much she HaTeS cOpS

No. 1278841

so her bird is definitely dead right? I suspected at much a few weeks back right after Erik got there and meatball eyes posted about a "loss". poor thing.

No. 1278849

When she was staying on long island last, to “sober up” which she absolutely was not, she hung out with a mutual acquaintance of mine and one of the first things she said was “oh yeah all my picture are fake I doctor everything “ so she knows everyone knows to a degree but doesn’t care? All of her current posts are attempts to make people believe she’s cared about. No one who actually knows her, likes her.

No. 1278853

All her posts are like this, lovebombing strangers and random neighbors and posting their personal business in a transparent attempt to force intimacy and appear like she has close friendships. It actually has the opposite effect, since people with friends don’t do all this weird performative shit to “prove” it. She’s too sociopathic and self-absorbed to maintain any real relationships and it’s glaringly obvious.

No. 1278854

File: 1626532299883.jpeg (200.97 KB, 750x1120, 204427BB-F138-4085-99EF-06D1E2…)


Yeah it’s amusing to see which of her “ride or dies” actually follow her back (very few, like picrel). It’s like she uses social media to lovebomb people and create an image that’ she’s appreciated and respected by folks who don’t even want to see her shit in their feed lol.

No. 1278855

File: 1626532386529.jpeg (30.64 KB, 750x378, BEB803DA-1CF9-47D2-A33E-DC3B3B…)



No. 1278860

Of the dog boo or that apparently jumped off a roof…

No. 1278861

Has anyone spoken to former employees? I couldn’t imagine she ever turned a profit, but she had an unlimited well of resources via Johnny? With the mutual pal we had, she did exactly this. Blew up their face book and their husband’s Facebook for days and then they got wise. This was during the BLM protests out East.

No. 1278874

File: 1626536042464.jpeg (587.16 KB, 1170x3119, CF0279A6-8D4D-4DC2-A875-7D6246…)

Still confused about the gender

No. 1278935

it’s very difficult to determine parakeets’ sex, even for experienced breeders
if they’re under a year old it’s almost impossible
an idiot like amanda would never be able to, but even if she brought it to a bird vet they might have to dna test a feather to get an accurate read on its sex

No. 1278938

Wouldn’t the bird lay eggs? Mine did.

No. 1278946

this him/her/s/he thing is ridiculous and hilarious. at least it's not dead?? though "vacuum traumatized" sounds about right for meatball eyes

No. 1278969



No. 1278994

yeah that would be a bit of a tipoff
she doesn’t know how old it is though, so it could be a female that hasn’t laid yet or a male
or it could be a female that can’t lay because she isn’t feeding it enough or has it too stressed

No. 1279041

File: 1626551631108.jpeg (675.02 KB, 1125x968, BC385718-06DC-49D5-8266-7C4B39…)

Break up?

No. 1279161

Cowie might be a toothless addict on the run from the law but Tiger King was so huge so recently, there's like no way Scamanda was the only one he's stringing along. I bet he's been keeping up with the groupies even while he's hiding out with her.

No. 1279183

File: 1626564537187.jpeg (701.52 KB, 1125x1144, 59B37A8C-8FBC-49A2-A4B2-316581…)

No. 1279187

File: 1626565098712.png (5.38 MB, 828x1792, A51037CE-12EC-4706-A561-8B2189…)

What kind of drink is that?

No. 1279188

Holy shit that baby leg in the background

No. 1279190

It’s called cacti it’s an alcoholic seltzer

No. 1279191

I think Carta Blanca beer

No. 1279233

Just hanging out in my underwear with multiple men present, as you do.

No. 1279268

File: 1626573714558.jpeg (444.65 KB, 1170x1890, 847EE817-EC98-42E6-BA30-62617D…)

No. 1279456

File: 1626609280684.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1510, 5994A203-43FD-47BD-B855-183662…)

she needs this, ok?

No. 1279466

What are the comments on this post like wtf

No. 1279467

She has no friends due to her self-absorption and toxic personality, so the only way she can get anyone to hang out with her is by flashing her lingerie at random trashy men and hoping they take the bait. Her existence is just so bleak.

No. 1279471

File: 1626612754064.jpeg (799.37 KB, 1125x1898, 3D771701-A37F-4239-8A51-D7E138…)

Tiger King crew getting ghosted. A few reactions range from sad, shocked, and angry.

No. 1279520

She seems like she is getting more and more manic. I wonder what she's on.

No. 1279539

Who are these posts even for? No one gives a shit about buying pot. You aren’t cool because you smoke pot. And if in fact she wore what she said she wore on the street, she looks like a crackhead, not an fashionable artist. Her face looks like it smells like a wet ashtray.

No. 1279573

She is seriously the worst tryhard. Everyone and their mom smokes weed. It's legal in nyc. So is being topless outside btw. No one gives a fuck about your tacky g strings you dumb bitch.

No. 1279578

Drugs+mental illness does not equal depth or personality. And I know this has been said 80002773 times, but those disgusting damn fingernails

No. 1279616

File: 1626630324028.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1125x2224, DB661F24-6D73-48A4-8AF8-A33412…)

Speaking of someone reusing their same photos over and over again….she also tags them.

No. 1279685

I noticed that she started spiraling harder when she discovered these threads. I think it’s all getting to her so she’s disassociating so she can pretend it’s not happening lol

No. 1279701


There's no way she didn't know about these threads before

No. 1279706

Of course not. What I’m saying is that she went off the deep end harder when she posted about finding the first thread last year and it’s been getting worse faster and faster. I don’t think she’s ever been SUCH a obvious mess online before (surprisingly)

No. 1279714

I don’t know about that, she’s posted some very terrible coked out makeup “tutorials”
With brushes that looked like that had hep-c. Also stories that she couldn’t edit things like weight and teeth. Btw, just fucking embrace having a normal body. Imagine how much more likeable she would be if she didn’t fake anime body/face

No. 1279838


She's probably just in cocaine psychosis.

No. 1279846

You’re probably right. Cus this right here >>1279456 is some absolute crackhead shit

No. 1279854

But boring crackhead shit. I’m sure she would be very bothered by how not exciting any of this is.

No. 1280019

File: 1626669451890.jpeg (487.87 KB, 813x1251, 36D64091-2FA5-4E19-BD59-459AA4…)

Can someone please figure out Wtf is happening here? Ideally someone who will post it as a comment on her fb and offer a hospital ride to whoever’s leg is having serious medical issues…I’ll settle for the full unfiltered photo though…

No. 1280058


I think she used liquify in snow or some sort of other photoshop to make her thigh seem thinner, and this dude's leg got caught in the crossfire

No. 1280087

This is not cute, nor is her fingers. She’s a drug addict. Cancer was never a thing, and she conned 40k out of people. She’s spending that on a lavish lifestyle for cowie, bird, and herself. Her brother hates her, and her parental never could control her. At this point someone should reach out to Johnny’s parents.

No. 1280088

I bet you she has stds.

No. 1280089

Britney Spears and her clearly need to do a swap.

No. 1280102

>>1279187shes got a framed pic of herself on her coffee table kek

No. 1280114

File: 1626695496547.jpeg (260.25 KB, 1170x736, 6055FCBD-BBB2-4BC2-8B31-48D74D…)

Shes dealing with a man child and has no time to reply to other toothless ”friends” on FB.

No. 1280126

The tonal whiplash from >>1271787 “I will hold and soothe this poor traumatised angel” to >>1280114 “ive been dealiing with a man child”: wow. Get help luv, your BPD is showing.

No. 1280131

“A few months” hasn’t he been there for a month max?

No. 1280143

Taking way too much credit to assume her manic posting is due to lolcow, it’s clearly just crack anon

No. 1280168

Is she talking about John Vale maybe?

No. 1280215

That's what I was thinking, but John Vale didn't dodge a bullet, he dodged a huge fucking cannonball, and if he is still talking to her he is would deserve everything that befalls him with Amanda after she first started shacking up with Cowie. Especially since he apparently has a small child and shouldn't be within 100 miles of that crackhead, so if it is him she is blabbing on abt, fuck everyone involved.

No. 1280218


I was thinking that she just doesn’t understand time and since that comment about a man child was to another tiger king sideshow, bc of course she had to befriend them all, it’s about Cowie.

She also loves flaunting how she “takes care” of people and while Vale is an idiot for even fucking around with her it seems that he has his financials together and is a functioning adult in society that wouldn’t need someone like Amanda to support him.

No. 1280227

I would love to know, does she still have any actual friends on Long Island or in Brooklyn? Or just people online who don’t know her personally? Like who is watching this shit and thinking, yeah this looks awesome?

No. 1280304

None. Nobody thinks she’s often. She literally has no friends because she is a drug addict and narcissist.

No. 1280311


No one should be reaching out to anyone

No. 1280316

File: 1626724059905.jpeg (663.19 KB, 828x1295, 08B6A6E9-2F97-440B-AE05-CD2829…)

She conned about $4k out of people. Not as bad but still horribly ugly.

No. 1280352

How is the go fund me still active, at least no one has donated in a long time

No. 1280353

Is the person that started the GFM aware of the fraud?

No. 1280363

It seems as if they’re no longer Facebook friends. Still has the cat though.

No. 1280381

File: 1626729662707.jpeg (45.46 KB, 748x270, 68F587C5-9E48-4BA8-BA3F-F6CD2B…)

Gay shaming her brother. Cool

No. 1280386

Not that it’s okay either way but is this recent? Like a response to him commenting on this thread?

No. 1280391

File: 1626730358354.jpeg (401.71 KB, 729x1653, 22F40817-1587-46C0-9843-E32085…)

Seems sort of unrelated for the convo… could be mad at him. Hasn’t mentioned him in forever on FB

No. 1280392

Totally not bitter that he came here to vent. Nice homophobia, Amanda.

No. 1280396

I know this is off topic but it makes me soooo sad to see her chainsmoking INDOORS with a pet bird in a cage. Birds are so sensitive to smoke :(

No. 1280397

that's a really fucking awkward comment to make lmao. i wouldn't know how to reply , like what the fuck?

No. 1280400

Good to know she lurks. Hi Amanda, better fake another cancer scare for gofundme bux. You're looking kinda poor

No. 1280401

congrats, domenick! i am assuming your rollie pollie crackhead sister found out about your new friends. did she reach out to you? btw, Amanda tells people about this thread but says it’s purely hate from people about her editing photos…… not about faking cancer or being a general piece of garbage.

No. 1280406

Hi again,

Yeah, she sent a rambling 5 minute long written text spewing even more lies, everything she wrote is fake; where would she even get this information?

Yeah, but she’s still a homophobic piece of garbage. I think she’s so broken inside she can’t even tell anymore.

No. 1280411

Drop the screens , Dom!

No. 1280412

Second that

No. 1280414

I would if I could, but I blocked and deleted the conversation, even if they were lies everything she said was vile.

No. 1280419

Save them for next time, if you can bear it

No. 1280456


What kinda shit did she say?

No. 1280488


Give us a recap!

I love that our woke bae is a homophobe, it's very typical

No. 1280492

This isn’t so much homophobic as it is HOEaphobic. And coming from someone who’s been recently bragging about 5 hour long fuck fests on Facebook while she was still in a relationship with someone else, and technically married, is sooooo rich.

No. 1280507

I think she’s both hoeaphobic and homophobic. Faking a story about something gay and then trying to use it as an insult is pretty on point for Amanda

No. 1280511

Also the fun forays into sex work and getting pissed when people call her out on exploiting the bdsm community and what sex work actually is. By all means, onlyfan it up, but maybe stop collecting a GFM

No. 1280601

File: 1626748353603.jpeg (391.15 KB, 1170x1602, C60245DE-D5D2-45D9-BDB1-F32FE3…)

It didn’t rain today in brooklyn

No. 1280602

File: 1626748385199.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 81.96 KB, 540x960, C549C0EE-6D3A-478B-B85C-D91E46…)

No. 1280603

File: 1626748410029.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 90.1 KB, 960x540, CBAC516A-53AB-4E7F-B28E-48F65F…)

No. 1280607

File: 1626748600999.jpeg (88.91 KB, 593x960, 177DABC3-49C2-4984-A260-D413C6…)

No. 1280608

File: 1626748626547.jpeg (93.78 KB, 960x540, A4DEB418-734C-44AA-BC79-E0ED07…)

No. 1280630

Fucking dirty whore. She has weird tits

No. 1280634

File: 1626751439908.jpg (59.61 KB, 476x412, Screenshot_20210719-232335_Chr…)

what the fuck

No. 1280636


That's her gold tooth from a dog attack, so she claims

No. 1280645

her gums (?) look incredibly dark though

No. 1280650

I hate the dumb bitch but honestly i always thought her tits look cute. That being said with the amount of editing she does to her photos they might look nothing like that in person.

No. 1280658

Didn’t rain in Brooklyn. Just be a sex worker! Ain’t no shame in the game if that’s your hustle. Not an excuse to be a tired failed artist

No. 1280659

Wouldn’t we have seen her breast cancer scar ?

No. 1280662

Is she launching an OnlyFans? I can’t see any other reason for all these weirdly staged lewds with fake sounding explanations (I ran out to buy weed, it was raining, the dog ate my clothing etc.)

No. 1280664

Already had an only fans would imagine it didn’t do well

No. 1280700

this bird is probably out of her apartment already

No. 1280701

god she tries SO HARD

No. 1280744

You actually CAN slightly see a dark line above her left nipple. But having a scar does not mean you have cancer. And there were clearly shooped pics of the scar so don’t let this give her any credibility.

No. 1280747

Are those her bottom or top teeth? Imagine thinking this is your sexy face. This is so warped. The area between her mouth and nose is so puffy and her nose is like off to the side. I’m not trying to ugly shame but something went really awry in photoshop land here.

On a more serious note her sexy pics and general amount of posting are escalating but something feels a little different this time. Something just feels kind of off compared to how she “normally” falls through this cycle. There’s a distinct lack of manic/singing videos and posts about big changes. Usually about now she’d be posting about a new job, new school, etc. something HUGE. The selfies have also been so closely cropped, weird angles, no real effort. Honestly it might just be that she doesn’t have a computer and is doing all of this from her phone and struggling to actually make the content. Or maybe Johnny cracked down on her showing the inside of the apartment. It’s clear she doesn’t have to work so maybe she’s just totally given up on that. I’ll sage for tinfoil but mark my words something feels…off.

No. 1280748

The dead plants in the background are really doing it for me. Wonder how that hydroponic herb garden is doing.

No. 1280757

>>>/snow/1001601 here's the link to her "post surgery scar" supposedly a few days after her lumpectomy. It was noted by several anons that it looked very faint and brown for a fresh surgical cut.

If her brother is still lurking, a few threads ago an anon that said they knew her stated she was sent to a mental facility at age 15. Seems fishy to me, but is it true?

No. 1280785

Yeah, I said earlier she was getting more and more manic, but she actually seems off the rails here lately. WTF runs around in the middle of the night in see thru crotchless lingerie? Anyone looking for an easy mark would pick up on that. And she was an easy mark, because she's drug addled and it was just luck something bad didn't happen to her. Basically, FFS Amanda, get your shit together. You're a horrible, awful person but no one deserves be be raped or robbed.

No. 1280787

It is also very possible she didn’t go anywhere in crotch less underwear just like she didn’t get caught in a rainstorm

No. 1280788

With the clothes hoarding she does, she's either lying to have an excuse to dress skimpy or Erik's stay must have really cause an Armageddon in her apartment. I'm going for the second. Something about her posting screams spiral.

No. 1280789

Yes. Like insane eyes and monster teeth with lipstick everywhere.

No. 1280795

Johnny boy bought her a new MacBook Pro for Christmas 2020… not sure why her editing skills have become so creepy. She’s definitely spiraling, I think she’s just keeping it more under wraps because this board exists, and has pointed out her rambling posts and we keep receipts of her worst post and deletes.

And she did have a OF for like a week but “couldn’t figure it out” aka get paid for actual posts. So she started just offering it through email via her IG last summer. Can’t imagine many people bought it.

No. 1280812

Oh god i remember, someone posted her cringe over detailed and ridiculously overpriced porn price list. She is so delusional and narcissistic.

No. 1280815

Oh that’s right!!! Her menu!! I wouldn’t even pay to troll. If her fingernails are indicative of the rest of her… Did she ever officially announce the store being closed?

No. 1280818

She looks super clammy and unhealthy in these photos despite all the shooping. She’s clearly relapsed and I’m sure Cowie’s presence in her apartment isn’t helping. I think this recent downturn is drug/alcohol-fueled and has nothing to do with lolcow.

No. 1280830

I’m surprised nothing horrible has happened to her yet with her penchant for running around Brooklyn in the middle of the night high off her ass in lingerie, entertaining every crusty alcoholic bum off the street who gives her attention, and oversharing all her personal business online. For all her boasting about how tough and street smart she is, she moves real loud and foolish in the streets. I hope she gets her shit together soon because this is not a good look for everyone.

No. 1280831

Per her brother, she has relapsed. Wonder how far this will go. This is the worst ive seen her since following her. Possible upcoming stint in rehab, she clearly can't rehabilitate on her own.

No. 1280833

But anon she has a spew bucket and water bottles

No. 1280872

Tinfoil that John rented her this nice apartment in a district with lots of temptation in an attempt to cut a deep expense out of his life. Nothing else makes any sense, although to be fair she would be just as stupid anywhere else.

No. 1280873

just waiting for the cops to get involved, like the time with the meth mouth boyfriend she assaulted. She’s living with someone with a recognizable face and a warrant.

No. 1280877

I live near Amanda and I actually have a “walking sweater” and “walking shawl” that I tie around my waist while walking around the neighborhood because the cat calling is so aggressive and uncomfortable. The thought of someone purposely leaving their home and walking down the block in the middle of the night in a “crotch-less g-string” is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard, doesn’t matter where you live. But, let’s be real, that didn’t happen because it’s Amanda and these stories of hers are just personal fan fiction that she writes to get validation and attention from people on the internet. But it’s kind of fascinating that if you were going to make up stories about yourself to impress people, this is her like, top tier concept?

No. 1280881

Absolutely agree. She never left the apartment like that. Anyone who lives here knows that’s not something that’s done. I wonder if she will be forced back out East. Where she can attempt to solicit friendship from more WTs in the safety of her garage.

No. 1280896

A forensics anon did some sleuthing and discovered that Johnny’s parents actually own the two family home that she’s currently living in. It’s in the last thread somewhere.

No. 1280902

I’m sure they would be thrilled to know how well she’s taking care of things

No. 1281631


I love how her brother needed to confirm this. She literally imported a 50+ year old meth addict from Oklahoma with rotten teeth and perma dirty hands who is e-list supporting role documentary “famous” for abusing animals to her apt in sketchy Flatbush, where she lives, unemployed, in her ex’s family’s air bnb.

She couldn’t even find a gangly tattooed art poser in all of the greater New York City metro area to bang her. Not one in all of 8 million in the actual city where she lives wanted to hang out with her. She didn’t even try to lure one in from New Jersey or something. She is actively banging a 50 year old meth addict/alcoholic

How is there even a question of sobriety here LOL

No. 1281637

What I mean is that its so clearly a rock bottom. It doesn’t even fit her ~aesthetic~ …he’s not artistic in any way, he’s not an old tattoo artist baddie or in a band or makes any art or anything. Nothing about him is ~alternative~ or creative. He’s just a gross, super old addict that she is banging. It’s so so weird

No. 1281648

She claimed sobriety last summer but solicited people to bring her alcohol at her parent’s house and had no money to pay for it.

No. 1281778

Remember when said she started talking to him on FB as a “social experiment”

No. 1281904

When Amanda says “sobriety” she means no hard drugs. I think she really only stops when she either can’t afford it or doesn’t have access to someone who she can get it for free from. She was “sober” out on Long Island until either the Texas guy or the rva guy came and they stayed in that motel room and took those pics with her covered in weed. He brought all of that weed. Bk has tons of weed delivery services and often those people have some other connects. So it was only a matter of time before she went back to using her allowance to get high.

No. 1281925

Speculating but I think she stops because she doesn’t have anyone to do drugs with. Coke is fun until you’re all alone and then who do you spew your rip off leather jacket business ideas to all night? Even bodega guy doesn’t have time for that

No. 1281958

Alone cocaine time is when we get make up tutorials, fun songs with lipstick teeth and very very bad photoshop.

No. 1281970

She went into it for the clout and is quickly realizing there's nothing here to gain. His 5 seconds is over and at the end of the day he's a nobody. It is kind of funny though, the user becoming the used.

No. 1281986

File: 1626912802813.jpeg (1.28 MB, 3264x3264, 5A7324AB-B7E9-4C27-A7C3-777BE6…)

He’s her fathers age, barf. But he did get his gross teeth fixed. So did her ex Korey kek

No. 1281988

The entire time she was living in the garage or in a shed, drawing on her face with eyeliner singing and talking to herself is alone cocaine time. Basically most of her time in Long Island.

Odd usually she gets skinny with coke in the summer with gratuitous bikini selfies (edited to hell of course)

No. 1281995

File: 1626913633319.jpg (43.73 KB, 400x600, 902-chris-elliott.jpg)

No. 1282021

Loving this idea of “the user becoming the used”
I’m hoping the initial speculation here that she was behind his fb posts of his “new fiancée” was wrong…what we really need is one of her victims to be as desperate as she is and post all their business on social media to call her out. I would love to see that battle. That being said, I really respect her bro, John Vale, and so many others for NOT being the type to need to bash their ex/enemy/sister all over the Internet. Cowie is certainly not above that, but I really doubt his social media literacy (really his computer capabilities in general)

No. 1282033

All I can say is at least Chris Elliot makes himself look stupid on purpose

No. 1282040

Exactly, remember all those gushing posts about how “star struck” she was to have a “celebrity” in her home? Her delusions of grandeur are crumbling as the reality of this Z-list crackhead squatting in her apartment and mooching her booze & food with no plans of leaving sets in. Amanda is a shameless leech herself though, so it’s what she deserves kek

No. 1282081

I once spoke to that korey guy and he’s just as broken. (Fits Amandas mo when it comes to finding her victims) he mentioned that she bought him all kinds of things that were extremely expensive and threatened to take everything away if he didn’t obey her. I don’t feel really bad for the dude either cause he was just as toxic too.
He met someone I know for a second at a bar and lied to Amanda saying he fucked my friend just to make her jealous one night. My friend got a crazy long message from Amanda and was soooo confused plus creeped out.

Lastly, When he wasn’t with her he was sleeping in someone’s bus (a literal broken down school bus parked outside)

Fuck them both

No. 1282116

File: 1626926541426.png (47.14 KB, 517x275, csacas.png)


definitely definitely mooching. floating him and their drug use has to be draining her dry. the chopped cheese post paints the picture. she asks him if he's hungry (he is) she's notes she is kinda broke and suggests a $3.00 sandwich. it reads that he is unaware of how much money she has or is burning through and she's starting to get irritated.

tinfoil but im betting she convinced cowie to come to bk by promising she would take care of him, pay for him, nurse him back to health (or not), assuring him not worry about the money. guaranteed the result of a late night FT amanda manic moment brought on by cowie's recent failure to appear DUI .15 seconds of media coverage.

No. 1282119


what the fuck does a chopped cheese have to do with your asshole? it’s not spicy. it’s essentially just a cheeseburger. she’s such a poser idiot.

No. 1282128

I mean, she’s such a waify little elf and she only just nibbles on some almonds and fruit - she’s only 105 lbs soaking wet, remember! There’s no way a big greasy sandwich won’t give her and her cirrhosis grandpa the squirts

No. 1282140

Yup, “kinda broke” makes it sound like she’s paying for all his food in addition to taking care of him, cleaning up his puke and protecting him from TrIgGeRiNg fireworks displays. Hope you enjoy your glamorous new “celebrity” “fiance” Amanda! Kek

No. 1282263

In the last thread wasnt she bragging about saving 80k dollars and how she was going to put herself thru school? Now she’s kinda broke. Huh

No. 1282265

She was also the owner of 4 businesses and the “medical supply“ she “owns”. she was offered “7 figures” to sell but she didn’t want to sell. She wanted to wait for more money so she could make enough money to retire kek. Also she complained about not getting unemployment? shocked she didn’t apply for a PPP for her super famous store.

Still waiting for her dad to bring over her new hearse/new VW beetle/motorpickle she can’t ride. Kek

No. 1282307

I think her store was probably permanently closed pretty early on but she never said anything about it. It could never have been profitable. They sold lighter holders.

No. 1282310

File: 1626964824591.jpeg (81.94 KB, 1125x291, A6A09C88-10AC-46ED-8F02-511FC7…)

Technically, she has supposedly started school already.

No. 1282327

There is no chance she’s doing well if she’s even in school right now, all she posts about are her manic drug fueled antics with Cowie and her “new neighbor friends”, i.e. random hobos looking for free beer.

No. 1282348

What school does she claim to go to?

No. 1282353

That was referring the the portrait class Johnny paid for

No. 1282490

And we never got to see the hyper realistic portrait she so desperately needed professionally photographed models for. Tragic.

No. 1282515


I’m not sure if this link is going to show up right because it’s from the previous thread but here’s her first long post about Cowie detoxing and she says she paid for an expensive last min ticket to JFK. So we can only assume it was one-way and tapped her out financially. The mention of eating cold pizza and middle eastern food (falafel), the cheapest nyc meals also hints at her brokenness. I give it a week before they are either selling a sex tape or she’s kicking him out. This is such a sad story honestly I don’t even think TMZ would be interested even if he showed his dong.

No. 1282520

why would anyone buy these losers’ sex tape when you can go under any bridge and see bums fuck for free

No. 1282589

I mean, the only fans did not go well. Also because I’m late to the party, who was the “partner “ in only fans

No. 1282596

File: 1626999451230.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1500, 265C2E10-171A-4A3E-8E10-6FFE08…)

Her porn partner.
They’d shack up to shot their films in pay by the hour motels in Long Island…
Cuz her parents weren’t cool with him coming to the house.

No. 1282607

Hahahahhaha what is that picture!

No. 1282608

Someone needs to catch her in the wild

No. 1282612

File: 1627001707120.png (725.35 KB, 1000x756, yoooo.png)



& every time she mentions her brows, I think back to the anon who saw her in the wild and commented on how crazy and overly blackened they were. even with shoop diffusion it looks like she hit them with a magic marker.

No. 1282616

But that white out filter…..

No. 1282619

File: 1627003393332.jpeg (723.93 KB, 1170x1162, BCE34410-3D55-427E-ADB1-BBED5C…)

I really enjoyed her freckle phaze…

No. 1282626

Those eyes tho!!! Hahaha!!!

No. 1282629

This line from 30 Rock always comes to mind when I see her mouth:
“Your life is full of unsolvable problems, like your mouth. It looks like someone kicked a hole in a bag of flour!”

No. 1282630

hey can you dorks sage the sperging please

No. 1282632

File: 1627004956390.jpg (15.65 KB, 257x252, Screenshot_20210722-214625_Chr…)

sleep paralysis demon

No. 1282649

Hilarious, less than a month ago she’s calling him a “wonderful wise spiritually elevated person” and bragging about what an amazing friend she is for buying him “stupid expensive” plane tickets. Now he’s a “man child” and she can barely afford a cheese sandwich. I’m guessing she’s nearly tapped out and he’ll be online looking for the next dumb Tiger King fan to leech off shortly. Fucking kek Amanda

No. 1282695

Did she ever actualy have an onlyfans?

I thought she just posted that menu and then never delivered, and just ripped people off? She’d always post things about how she couldnt figure out onlyfans cause shes just such a salt of the earth ludite.

No. 1282830

File: 1627039300784.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1017x1966, 5C7FFC96-8612-4DB8-8084-228594…)

No. 1282832

File: 1627039404877.jpeg (286.67 KB, 1152x2048, AC1D9045-44F3-45AD-91B2-BDD7A8…)

No. 1282834

File: 1627039489645.jpeg (305.55 KB, 1125x2000, F9BDDDB2-66F8-471C-B099-514A1C…)

who needs knees anyways

No. 1282850

The doorway is like 18” wide. Stretched the heel out of this photo and she still looks chunky. 105 my ass.

Also it looks like you did it with a weed wacker, not a straight line to be seen. Good job mushrooms.

No. 1282854

File: 1627044570005.jpeg (251.76 KB, 448x969, 75CBEFF1-6D21-446E-A321-9B2CCA…)

The blurry video with mega filters still can’t hide what a mess this is - completely even? Ok go eat another mushroom Amanda

No. 1282860


Mentions “weight” for no real reason also hilarious she’s claiming to be 105 now. Thigh gap photo even edited makes her look maybe 120-125. Which we know she isn’t either. She can edit her thighs smaller but she can’t edit out the obvious backfat in the mirror shot. No thin person has that beefy of a back.

No. 1282863

Why would you post that hair. It’s horrible looking and once again, doing mushrooms doesn’t make you cool. Especially when it’s all performative nonsense

No. 1282902

>don't ask to fix it
>it's perfect
>I love it messy how it is
>I want to look like shit
She gets closer to looking like a full blown far-gone crack addict. Walking the streets in extreme lingerie and bondage gear, showing her tits, butchered hair, the smokers voice and wheeze, the teeth, her doing different drugs every night and rambling like a schizo on Facebook about drugs and being a public nuisance. She's really tumbling down hill full speed.

No. 1282911

who the hell is mamadukes?

No. 1282915

Her mother… who she isn’t talking to? Did she text her mom butchered hair photos, in the middle of her manic haircut?

No. 1282921

seriously don't understand how she fucked it up that bad even on mushrooms, like why the fuck can't you use a mirror you crackhead. bout to nlog over her ridiculousness lol

No. 1283008

File: 1627066363106.png (79.96 KB, 495x309, Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 11.5…)

Is she calling Cowie a situation now? So quickly went from celebrity, houseguest, life partner, man child, to a horrible situation. KEK

No. 1283048

Who is the person that “saved” her?

No. 1283073

File: 1627075055115.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1554, 99B48F5B-4FAE-4EB2-BC86-C00047…)

Someone that only has this one post in common with Amanda…

No. 1283367

File: 1627134010354.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x2081, C05FEC4F-7E62-462B-AA65-0CBD92…)


She just posted this weird video whispering to herself in a bathing suit. The apt is totally trashed. Definitely a coffee table covered in twisted tea.

what a slob

No. 1283369

Hair is not past her hips. Her exaggerations are so stupid.

No. 1283376

File: 1627134991410.png (3.07 MB, 828x1792, 04F9F303-157D-4283-A401-36D399…)

Am I interpreting this correctly ? “ who shreds more reptar on my pink clit or bart on my butt?” Rosebud I thought was a euphemism for butthole so I’m having a hard time understanding.

No. 1283385


Damn she’s really going off the deep end. I’m here for it. Keep going Amanda.

No. 1283399

File: 1627137785271.jpeg (383.18 KB, 828x1380, 5477C972-7A76-4D07-8D5A-79A641…)

Well the Cowie smear campaign has begun…..

No. 1283436


I am absolutely shocked and blown away that flying a geriatric alcoholic to your apartment in nyc and going on benders with him did not, in fact, result in a respectful and healthy relationship

No. 1283437

She “edited” the comment to just a period… we can still see your edited comment Slobby… that’s not how FB works

No. 1283455

yikes. I hope the dog isn’t with her, considering she’s too lazy to clean broken glass from another binge.

No. 1283458


i doubt she had her dog back for more than a couple weeks after moving in. either she was smart enough to recognize that she’s an unfit pet owner or john’s parents were smart enough to remove clyde from her care

No. 1283464

What is that gross ass brown stain on her shirt?

No. 1283476

I’m not one to support abuse but in this case I have zero sympathy. She is a broken fucking record. Always taking in these sick pups cause she’s desperate for attention and then showering them with love so she wins them over to only get all pissy and cry wold once they start to act a fool. You do this to yourself Amanda. Lay down with dogs and you’re gunna get fleas duh!

No. 1283478

How would anyone even reply to that hahaha.

No. 1283510

I think it’s victim addiction.
It’s easier to perpetually put oneself into jeopardizing situations and blame everyone for one’s failures and misfortunes than it is to actually go to work

No. 1283588

Sounds about right. That way she has this “save me” “poor me” complex and can play the same song and dance for the next poor sucker.

No. 1283589

Can you repost? Upload was removed

No. 1283599

this way, too, she gets to pretend this simultaneously is her work, and the reason she can’t work

No. 1283657

Sage your shit, what the fuck is happening here with the newfags?

No. 1283741


Reposted. Not sure why it was removed

No. 1283857

If her whispering in >>1283741 is to be believed, iced coffee

No. 1284056

File: 1627232476782.jpeg (568.44 KB, 1170x2299, A8A0AE28-AF40-4E77-8EE6-EC8D52…)

More word vomit about how she doesn’t want to get her hair fixed

No. 1284069

I’m convinced this bitch is always on speed

No. 1284080

Who the fuck are these people being nice to her? And of course she has to sneak in a humble brag about her bangs?

No. 1284218

File: 1627249470787.jpeg (478.69 KB, 1168x1363, FDAB6518-7594-47C8-8551-FD392E…)

So fuck this guy Amanda’s friend

No. 1284219

That’s the husband of the chick that brought her booze last summer WT

No. 1284224

Looool I know this girl. She’s nice to basically everyone, big hippie vibes. I know she’s not close to Amanda, just love bombing anyone who answers her cracked out DMs in the middle of the night

No. 1284233

The wife of flow collective dude? They are WT antivaxxers

No. 1284239

Lol the guy is straight up telling her her hair looks like shit and she’s too cracked out/manic to notice.

No. 1284253

I know flow dude. Biggest tool ever and lame weirdo wife!

No. 1284257

So once again, Amanda attracts the worst of the worst. Any chance anyone knows some dirt on out East “flow” wt and Amanda?

No. 1284258

File: 1627252030669.jpeg (404.13 KB, 1536x2048, 3C9D2C69-A0AC-4CCE-ADB5-DB559C…)

This chick is flow guy’s wife who got her alcohol

No. 1284259

Notice Amanda is edited to filth and the other girl is completely untouched

No. 1284268

Wtf is happening out East with these bullshit people, Amanda is sucking in WT nonsense

No. 1284280

Learn to sage and stop talking to yourself. The samefagging is too obvious.

No. 1284298

File: 1627256740083.jpeg (83.25 KB, 640x480, 487BA02B-E332-493D-9AAB-E8CB15…)

No. 1284306

holy shit stop samefagging and learn to fucking sage!!! what does WT mean??? what's going on

No. 1284310


No. 1284325

Is this her “husband/ex husband”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1284549

File: 1627294323936.jpeg (655.74 KB, 1039x1638, 08F91E82-C48C-4076-92CF-F8CE20…)

I cannot decipher this crackhead shit. That apartment is so fucked.

No. 1284561


steel tips cats = steel toe boots
d lysergic = acid
hail gg = gg allin lord of the scum fucks

jesus christ she's pulling out all the "punk rock" stops to seem like she's legit but holy shit that is the most poser cringe shit i've read yet on this thread. yikes. why does she insist on larping as a crusty? why is she public posting on fucking facebook about curb stomping a basically underage girl?

No. 1284571

Either she's 38 at least, or her friend is fucking a child?

No. 1284599

File: 1627299343110.jpeg (77.04 KB, 1237x575, 6E5F340B-F26A-477B-A05C-8709D0…)

Nothing like some good old 6 am haven’t slept yet rambling.

I guarantee you she hasn’t curbed anyone in her life, but if she did a junkie teenager would be about the only target that couldn’t knock her easily on her ass.

No. 1284605

Excuse you she beat the shit out of those pinatas at her novelty shop party, she can handle an ass-kickin-dick-swigin ride or die baseball bat, beware of the true street approved long islander, her very scary steel toe boots and all lower cap self fanfics.

No. 1284631

I love the hardcore crustie larping but in true Amanda fashion she /has/ to specify it’s a SmArT tV and not a /regular/ tv.

No. 1284661

She has a couch in her living room (not a futon), a bed in her bedroom. Now two junkies kicking it in her 1 bedroom apt. How many junkies does it take to clean an apt? It must smell like death in there… all smoking inside.

No. 1284733

This shits funny because almost all tvs have become a version of a smart tv. It’s not rare or cool. Her little details are always so weird.

No. 1284736

Idk what it says about me that I speak fluent ghetto idiot, but:

>Amanda is on her pick-me dick pandering bullshit again

>trying to lure yet another gross druggie moid to her disgusting apartment
>deeply jealous and threatened by his younger, thinner girlfriend
>incoherently trash talking and namedropping GG Allin to boost her nonexistent street cred

No. 1284744

Sage for sperg… the guy who posted the emoji comments nickname is Taco. It shows up on his Facebook. Would love to know who this “state-border ride or die” is.

No. 1284826

Can you imagine what a violent wake up call it would be if she were actually incarcerated?? Her new ‘roommates’ would sort her out as she stepped in the door kek

No. 1284840

Fuck crust punx

No. 1284855

kek thank you anon, you have a gift

No. 1285288

I think the only junkie in the apt now is her. The story about letting them crash is from the past, to show us what an amazing bestie she is (to some druggie she's probably hung out with twice irl). In the present she got texts with messed up pics from him, so is threatening to beat up his much younger gf for letting him drop acid. But we all know that girl's real crime was showing up with her bf, ruining Amanda's chance to extort some shitty sex.

Sounds like Cowie and the mystery other dude from her pics were chased off by rando online girl. So she's stuck home alone, again, and has to create drama from online bs.

No. 1286950

Amanda posted a new ride or day/love/babe on her Facebook and I’m so grossed out. Came here just to see if anyone shared it.

No. 1286959

File: 1627598267374.jpeg (821.94 KB, 1170x1125, 1BDBDAE4-F9C5-416F-A5DB-7E250C…)

No. 1286962

File: 1627598492526.jpeg (218.51 KB, 720x960, D77E65F3-9AF7-4860-8ABA-1F574F…)

No. 1286965

That’s Dan Rivas from NJ and pretty sure he has a girlfriend and would only hang out with Amanda for free drugs and booze but I don’t think even he would hang her

No. 1286966

File: 1627598621132.jpeg (56 KB, 720x960, 6963ED9B-888F-4AD5-B62C-A54034…)

No. 1286967

well looks like she has booze

No. 1286968

Is…. is that a dead animal attatched to his back?

No. 1286975

jesus christ those dreads are so disgusting. and why the fuck would you take, let alone post, a picture of your foul ass "baby/love/ride or die" mid-spew? are we supposed to be jealous of her crust punk cred?

No. 1286989

She has holed up with this crusty loser on other post-breakup occasions. They go on a drunk bender and then she pretends to get clean and serene after a week or so of binge drinking and he leaves her to go back to Montclair.

No. 1286995

being generous here, but if you’re over the age of 25 and still think shit like this is cool and are trying, desperately, to be crusty, then idk what to tell you. how fucking embarrassing and pathetic. no one thinks you’re cool or edgy or punx, scamanda. go listen to macklemore or what the fuck ever and live your true karen life.

No. 1287002

i've heard tales of the polish plait but never thought i would see one on an actual person

No. 1287045

not sure if him and his gf are still together but can confirm that him and scamanda banged when him and his girlfriend were broken up

No. 1287062

Banged the dread or him?

No. 1287063

Holy fuck…The huge ass hand compared to the rest of the poorly shooped body, especially the toothpick knee-less legs. I'm dying.

No. 1287070

That's one giant dreaded mass of nasty dirty hair. The only other time I've seen this large of a filthy matted mess on someone's head is an obviously very mentally ill and seemingly homeless woman wandering around in my city. Imagine thinking this tubby nasty creature is anything to brag about. Imagine aiming this heinously low. kek

No. 1287117

this, how desperate can you be to brag about that? This guys hair is disgusting even by crusty standards. But well she bragged about that crackhead Cowie too. What’s next? Will she start to ‘date’ some hobo from her neighborhood?

No. 1287152

Photos you can smell.

No. 1287245

File: 1627650898777.jpeg (915.35 KB, 1170x1386, B59453B5-92A1-4514-A2DF-37B091…)

What a slob

No. 1287252

File: 1627651935374.jpeg (763.85 KB, 1041x3175, 9D525EA4-289E-4173-A8D2-31953D…)

Her “sponsored horse” she rode once? Also those photos look pretty photoshopped for 2014. She’s been at it for a while.

No. 1287318

I love how she’s torturing the horse in the second photo yanking the bit and clearly hasn’t ever sat through one riding lesson. Truly a savior to the equine community.

No. 1287515

Can confirm- shit kicker anon here.

No. 1287918

who stood by while she pulled on the reins so hard? sorry rain dance I guess

No. 1287972


Who else other than her personal photographer/philanthropist Johnny would partake in such activities

No. 1288036

File: 1627747863410.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1364x1170, 304F2C07-79C8-403A-951D-E80E48…)

sage for sugar, water…

No. 1288406

Domenick should come back and spill more beans

No. 1289393

File: 1627909155792.jpeg (144.16 KB, 1170x399, F59C48A3-7EDB-4404-9AA1-71F90E…)

A conversation that never happened.

No. 1289465

I feel so sorry for this girl. Here entire existence depends on men and their love for her.

No. 1289506


i sometimes pity her until i remember that she faked cancer and stole a bunch of money from gullible “fans” and then that feeling immediately goes away. there’s no way anyone should feel bad for this troll.

No. 1289509

Not just “men” in general, this girl is a desperate pick-me for literal filthy crackheads kek

No. 1289546

She has done so much I almost forget. Yeah, you’re right. What a waste of space

No. 1290171

I wanna know how she got rid of cowie in one swift move to bring in beaver tail dread head

No. 1290172

Like not rid of as in “dump” but like physically get rid of

No. 1290197

I'm sure he ran for the hills. Same as every other guy she has ever catfish. It only takes a month or so for her to get dumped, wherein she pretends that she's getting abused. Clockwork.

No. 1290308

It really seemed like Cowie put down roots. Amanda and her weekly gutter punk are probably using his corpse as a coffee table by this point.

No. 1290372

That poor horse! Equestrian here and she is "riding" western style and doing it completely wrong, ease up on that poor animal's mouth! Its head is in the air because that is a VERY hard bit and she is hurting it, so it's trying to avoid the pain, that's why her reins are so bunched up, the horse isn't listening to her because she can't ride. Also, no helmet? Many western riders only wear cowboy hats, however they're experienced,(though horses are unpredictable and can weigh upwards of 500kg, so a helmet is always a good idea).
A novice rider belongs on a beginner's horse, a quiet schoolmaster, this horse is obviously "green" as it's called in the horse world and requires training, she obviously doesn't know how to do that.
She is such an idiot, an obvious pick me girl. Ya know, 'coz riding horses fits her "country gal" aesthetic.
Saged because I'm four days late to the party and it's kinda a blog post; the mistreatment of animals really gets me riled up, especially when it's just to get some "cool pics".

No. 1290383

File: 1628031517752.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x2244, 2239137B-83D9-4DBB-BF51-30C0BF…)

Who in the fuck celebrates a “would have been” anniversary? I almost puked reading this.

No. 1290398

Who is Dan?

No. 1290403


Can somebody translate this? Who is Dan?What the fuck is she even talking about?

No. 1290408

File: 1628034645474.jpg (199.42 KB, 720x973, Screenshot_20210803-194716_Chr…)

I'll try to translate.

Her ex husband John took her out to a fancy dinner after she got dumped by that ugly ginger kid for fucking his friend while he slept in the next room.

This same anniversary date just came up again, and her current disgusting "boyfriend" Dan Rivas (vomit hair guy), bought John an anniversary gift. So many cuck fetishes it is hard to keep up.

No. 1290411

Samefag but it's also the reason she went from southern rock/sober queen/animal rescuer (for Cowie) to crusty/metal/booze slingin'/gg allin quoting punk princess.

Got whiplash?

No. 1290419

Is that all hair!?

No. 1290427

In a manner of speaking….

No. 1290434

She made this “date” seem like it was with someone new and made SUCH a big deal about taking a basic ass limo, took so many videos inside, all cutting out John. She was pretending it was some new boyfriend. I’ll try and find the posts on IG

No. 1290439

Yes. I remember that. I want to say she pretended that "hot" cop or fireman or whatever was taking her?

No. 1290442

File: 1628040727068.jpg (252.98 KB, 720x928, Screenshot_20210803-212952_Chr…)

No. 1290443

File: 1628040856093.jpg (70.51 KB, 720x294, Screenshot_20210803-212955_Chr…)

From the last breakup/crust punk binge saga.

No. 1290475

riding horses is maltreatment, anon

can you imagine how hard it must be to look in the mirror after photoshopping yourself into a different person? every fucking day?!

the stench emanating from this pic is unbearable. the hair, the jeans, the boots. guess if I were Amanda, my standards would be this low too.

No. 1290537

So wait, where’s Cowie? Did I miss something?

No. 1290595

Apparently, they broke up, she binged, now she's a sober queen and banging this gross dude with a bodyweight of matted vomit hair.

No. 1290637

Is this caption from a recent photo and referencing the break up with Cowie or an old photo from a previous break up where she did the exact same thing??

It’s incredible how she just pulls the same shit over snd over and over again to the point where it’s hard to tell if something is severs years old or yesterday. Since I’ve been following her I’ve noticed that the constant reposting of old photos, mixed with bad grammar and tense use, plus the recurrence of old characters makes her whole timeline almost impossible to draw out. I don’t want to give her too much credit but this is certainly some kind of attempt to constantly rewrite history. I’m just shocked it works!!!

No. 1290641

File: 1628081925892.jpeg (57.47 KB, 360x640, BB3784F7-2002-4833-92D3-177B85…)


this pic is from 2018. i think the poor grammar and tense usage is just because she’s a fucking idiot who “dropped out at 13” (yeah, ok amanda). but honestly who knows with this psycho.

now i want a detailed scamanda timeline with like the line and everything lmaooo is there a nona out there willing, ready, and able?

No. 1290670

File: 1628085840540.jpeg (194.17 KB, 750x1333, 8BC34A07-EC3F-4870-BF5E-16055B…)


Her freaking about going in a normal limo. Taking videos in a restaurant the whole time. She’s so cringefully basic.

No. 1290711

Her photoshop is getting progressively worse. The angles of her face are completely distorted and her body is triangles.

No. 1290739

Taking video of wait staff in a sit down restaurant is so cringe. Filming the menu and everything? I know it's not to make it feel personal it's so she can show that appetizers are expensive and she's being treated. What the hell is with people who can't just enjoy a night out? If you want to capture everything get a fucking cameraman lmao.

No. 1290743

File: 1628091896316.png (8.58 MB, 1242x2208, CFC0E505-A15B-4655-A9AE-30225E…)

It’s ya demon!

No. 1290764

I’m convinced she bought a limousine for herself and took herself out to a fancy dinner just to record it. It’s weird how not one other single person is caught ear here in all those video records. Also, is that like last year?

No. 1290857

I thought the same thing. I'm pretty sure most of that footage is old.

No. 1290906

File: 1628105880597.png (311.01 KB, 467x528, happyanniversary.png)

Love that she tried to smudge out the "Happy Anniversary" on one of the deserts.

ngl, the funniest part of this to me is how white trash it all still manages to be. The cheap dress, the flashing the tacky panties, how unclean the dented limo was on the inside, the view of a bunch of garbage bins from the limo window while she's filming, filming the waiter, the menu, etc. kek

She couldn't afford it on her own. You can see someone else's hand point to the bluetooth screen on the 11th part of the story. You can also see throughout that there are shadows of someone else eating across the table as well.

No. 1290952

File: 1628107258845.jpeg (16.53 KB, 235x232, 577E6C16-56CC-4D55-8AF9-8EF6D7…)

kek what happened to her ride or die & love of her life cowie? this woman was only JUST in a lace teddy and/or crotchless g string all while packing a fattty, making cheese sandwiches, prepping infused teas and playing PGA 2K21 on the smart TV.

wonder who dumped who

No. 1291075

It’s from 2018… from when she posted the photos. I was just giving context for her saying NOW that it was John taking her out that night, when she had just gotten dumped by the Ginger and she pretended on IG and FB that some mysterious unknown dude was taking her out. The way she hid his face at the time obviously I knew it was John. What an idiot. They deserve each other.

No. 1291200

File: 1628128985160.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x2016, 4D489B99-CAA9-401A-858F-7E5BAA…)

She can’t even remember her own lies… John is the hottest guy she knows? Scarpetta and not the MOMA? You got the limo?

No. 1291285

Ah yes Denver Riddle. I don’t think he counts as a suitor since they never met but if the dating game has circled back to unidread, who will be next? Audios? 5dread? Golden retriever? I forget all the nicknames from older threads.

No. 1291408

File: 1628166898114.jpeg (346.69 KB, 1946x1125, 9F76F790-0826-45F1-B221-FF2584…)

I apologize about my retardation when it comes to trying to upload a video, but crackie Cowie made an appearance in a new post. She sounds fucked up and asks him if he pissed his pants. He is entirely too fucked up to even answer. Still guiding him through sobriety, sis?

No. 1291412

File: 1628167935574.jpeg (682.68 KB, 1170x4296, 292E5F0C-0C31-4B0F-944E-6CFBE0…)


This is a dark video… she asks Cowie if he “pissed himself” because he is blackout drunk, her feet on him, yelling at Dan to put on music. That dread btwn her legs, vomit.

No. 1291413

Good god. This is bleak and disgusting. I’ve never seen her at such a low point in her life. This is rough. Can an anon please upload the video though? Need to see this to believe it

No. 1291415

Grim as fuck. She sounds off her tits. Why on earth would she upload this?

No. 1291418

Christ, this is sad. Most of what she's saying is barely coherent, especially near the end. Who would have thought two addicts shacking up wouldn't be a good idea!

No. 1291421

I posted the video link under the photo…


No. 1291452

I'm sure he DOES know every word to David Allan Coe, especially the Underground and Nothing Sacred albums, plenty of N-words for him to drunkenly mumble.

No. 1291478

So Cowie is already back huh? That was fast

No. 1291490

holy shit. There's no way this is just alcohol. These three bozos are either on heroin or xanax and whatever bum wine they've been chugging. Sounds like she said "four lokos".

No. 1291515

Domenick, if you’re still lurking, has the family ever discussed rehab?

No. 1291530

He never left, she just stopped posting about him. It’s a 1 bedroom apartment all those gross junkies are laying around it, peeing on themselves apparently.

No. 1291547


He never left. He can’t go home, he’ll be arrested immediately for skipping his DUI court hearing.

No. 1291555

Maybe Johnny’s parents supply the Xanies in hopes that someday their son will be free of her.

No. 1291571

Is it against the farm rules to send this video to the cops and let them know Scamanda is harboring a fugitive?(Cowtipping)

No. 1291606

Omg I just assumed he was gone because she was posting about her horrible traumatic breakup etc, & he was still there the whole time. Lmfao what a mess

No. 1291627

I think maybe her “horrible traumatic breakup” might be about Vale? Who knows. She lies so much about suck insignificant things just to garner sympathy and attention. So much for sober life, she’s sounds like don vito in that pat video. Probably looks like him too but she is a photoshop queem.

No. 1291644


That's a memory from 2018 she shared on FB. She's talking about Gingerbeard who dump her after she fucked his friend while he was in the next room. She tried passing it as molestation…but yeah, all this goblin does is lie.

No. 1291646

The horrible traumatic break up was a caption from 2018

No. 1291657


OP Anon here

I am willing to work on a timeline, but it would take a while and would probably need to involve a lot of group efforts in terms of getting facts straight. She's Sammy Bushart levels of hard to keep up with, but I'm definitely interested in trying.

No. 1291665

File: 1628187922308.png (4.14 MB, 1242x2688, 3A59488D-C671-4E41-BD0E-574102…)

Do any of you guys see the bird in that cage!?

No. 1291671

I looked hard, and replayed the vid in slowmo…and the door is open so idk

No. 1291679

There’s no bird noises in her incoherent video

No. 1291681

Hahahahaha anon i love you

No. 1291683

God Christ that's awful. You'd think for someone dealing with addictions she would be understanding and gracious enough to not post someone black out passed out off a bender. What an awful human.

No. 1291703

He’s been there all along, holy shit

No. 1291705

File: 1628191403373.png (266.57 KB, 600x432, 67CF1AEE-9F8B-4FA0-8C7D-D00DA9…)


Saging, but this is all I could think of

No. 1291715

She deleted the video of cowie

No. 1291718

He can’t leave because neither of them have enough money to buy him a plane ticket home. I think this dread man got invited to the party as the dealer. I said it before and I’ll say it again I see a sex tape or another attempt at selling noods in the near future.

No. 1291720

The cops do not care that someone with an out of state bench warrant is visiting someone in nyc. Grow up. This is a guy with a dui not the Michelin star chef celebrity Amanda made him out to be. I’m sure if the cops would come pick him up Amanda would have turned him in.

No. 1291742

Damn. Heroin vibes.

No. 1291745

File: 1628196256345.jpeg (828.63 KB, 1170x1862, A9CBBD45-7506-4BFA-9A96-B37689…)

People are approving of this…

No. 1291758

This is such a trainwreck

No. 1291801

I noticed Scamanda’s Dreaded Dan is friends with, or at the very least, knows notorious fuckhead and alleged abuser Wino. Hanging with NYC metal scene losers is tolerable in your early twenties but jfc when you’re beyond 25 it’s frankly embarrassing. This is both the car crash and its aftermath.

No. 1291803

Lmaooo, as if anyone would ever mistake these mold infested gutter crackheads for “healthy human beings with well adjusted social skills”

No. 1291805

ty for the fresh milk anon. A stinky peepee pants scabby headed junkie cuddle pile. Not one shower between the three of them. She's truly thriving.

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