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File: 1627325069914.png (3.38 MB, 1900x1800, fun at the farm.png)

No. 1284808

Previously on the proana scumbag thread:

Cecelia is still nose hosed IP and loving every second of living as the sickly ana. Realising she's more or less a healthy weight, the "biggest" in the room, Cecelia made her post a facial expression signifying brain damage (?) Please just go home and look after your rabbit.

Farmers are growing weary of our cows' recovery videos. Dramatic crying scenes and exaggerated fear of ~fear foods~ The posh girls are nothing but predictable. Molly made up with her friend Ruby, who'd previously triggered her, leading to unfriending her. Anna is now over her touch of ana, and is throwing herself into full on munchiedom. She left us with some the secret to ridding oneself of an eating disorder - "Want to recover - eat a cookie". Great.
Anons spend too much time tinfoiling that Ruby caught the ana from Molly because is looking slimmer.

Ganer appeared in a low rent British magazine, telling of her near death experience with anorexia and how she now lives for the gym. No mention of the protein sludge she posts every.single.day and has eaten for three years.

N2f has been modelling some outfits for us now she's ambassador to some cheapo clothing online store. Last spotted posing in her garden wearing a red lingerie thing complete with stockings. It's only a nth better than the nudes she's been posting (with strategically placed emojis).

Gracie posted brand new pics of herself looking much slimmer and quite a beauty! Unfortunately, this triggered her, and she wrote lolcow a message to let us know she considered we were ~bullying~ her with our comments. Sometimes you just can't win.

Ham is getting rounder and continues to challenge herself to burgers almost every day. Despite posting videos of himself eating cookies, Slenderman Nik still remains with a BMI just over 15. Less talk, more action!

Also last thread, too much tinfoiling that Elzani's sister is so much slimmer because she caught the ana from Elzani.

Georgie's caught the ana again. Sadly, our long suffering brain fried waif has relapsed and is back in NF with tube firmly up nose.

We had a laugh at some bad bendy leg shooping of a person named jas, we eye rolled at sorcha's shameless self posting. One anon was genuinely worried that lifeofhxn was having a ~mental breakdown~ about her body, but posts herself on ig anyway.

Something about Jenny Of'erbsandaltars doing gaunt face for views, something about Queen Lich and her immortality, something about old cows Becky and Dharma almost at Heaven's door…

Anything missing, dump it below. Polite reminder to SAGE YOUR SHIT because if you do, there won't be the need to keep making so many new threads!!!

Find 'em:

Previous thread:

No. 1284810

Die, Ganer, die!

No. 1284814

File: 1627325719388.jpg (142.47 KB, 1080x541, 20210726_173522.jpg)

Props to Slendy for inspiring people to follow in Ham's footsteps

No. 1284820

Spoopy? Anon r u ok?

I hope you can leave your blogging in the last thread cos nobody fuckin cares

No. 1284822

Eat a fucking sandwich, then.

No. 1284832

File: 1627328023274.png (8.21 MB, 1170x2532, 7D1FC5A2-F240-4BB5-A461-705FA0…)

Guys I know this person has a ban on being
Mentioned but seeing this made me decide to give them one last mention as there attention seeking anorexia larping milky ass behaviours have finally been seen by the ward staff hence they are giving the bed to someone who ACTUALLY needs it.

About freaking time and to that anons let there be no more Sorcha posting. Officially a fat BPDer

No. 1284833

Lovely OP post anon, you really spoil us for such a shit thread kek

No. 1284835

File: 1627328085499.gif (667.01 KB, 1000x711, wont-somebody-please-think-of-…)


So i guess all of you are just for this thread and doesn't care about other threads? That's fine, yes, but just think about the other boarders and board rules. Don't let this thread get banned, because you didn't care to lurk more, to see how boards works, to shit on some ana-trash thread.

No. 1284839

File: 1627328393716.jpg (40.01 KB, 600x727, 1223792e9872d5203d973c0aba0c9c…)

No. 1284842

Clearly blog anon doing it wrong, more cookies or cakes required for the instant cure, got to eat em' to beat em'.

No. 1284844

File: 1627328577182.png (2.91 MB, 828x1792, 0F31F55F-153F-43FE-86F6-2A3F23…)

she’s not spoopy, just underweight and even then she looks fine now (albeit this screencap FROM HER STORY?!! seems to tell a different story).

No. 1284846

Why the fuck is she drewling

No. 1284849

File: 1627328848721.png (5.15 MB, 828x1792, 23238D80-96B9-47D7-9AC5-BC9F88…)

u can tell she’s probably already (or very close to) min healthy, maybe explains the absolute tardness of that meltdown. which, to add, spans two/three tiktoks, and several instagram stories. attention whoring is rife

No. 1284852

File: 1627328967308.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210726-211158_Ins…)

What are those dark spots on her knees?

No. 1284859

Definitely just stains from her dirty floor. She spends much time bent over the toilet purging hence the stains

No. 1284870


Cosplaying as a whore at a Bulgarian truck stop?

No. 1284875

File: 1627330959299.jpeg (217.79 KB, 828x1472, F056B34E-37C0-4081-8902-F171F7…)

i can’t be the only one who sees the resemblance…

No. 1284877


No. 1284906

File: 1627335174920.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x2308, 9D9EAA5C-DF29-404E-B034-18295C…)

Anna is seeing a Dr.Deering? Private specialist in MCAS anyone got any info on this. Also massively showing her privilege her as she’s saying with her super expensive private care if her MCAS stops flaring up she’s off to grease cause she desperately needs some sun!

Not like there’s people desperately sick in hospital with Covid while your planning to travel. I expect a COVID 2.0 for Anna her which man will cough on her this time?

No. 1284908

she’s saying her MCAS will get better and that in 9 months she’ll be able to eat foods with “low amounts of histamine” or whatever in them. sounds soooooo severe

No. 1284919

Apparently she discharged ama??

No. 1284927

Type sage in the email field new fag. She definitely didn’t discharge AMA this time that was her previous admission, this time she was discharged once she hit her healthy bmi and got her BPD diagnosis which she hasn’t admitted to yet. But I have connections to her mother who has been spouting on about her personality disorder not entirely trustworthy her mother is though she’s an absolute pyschopath got physical with sorcha.

No. 1284934

No. We’re not doing this already. Fuck off and take it somewhere else.

No. 1284935

The stuff she makes me want to say would make the most hardened anons cry a-log I swear. Her last story about ‘this is what healthy looks like for some people’ particularly ticks me off - I know a couple of people who have to severely limit their diet at times due to various chronic GI illnesses, and they’re never that peppy about it. If they’re eating like that they’re way too sick to be considering a foreign holiday in a fortnight.
Irrelevant but is the thread on autosage currently? I’m not really surprised, but if a cow drops dead or ham finally breaks down and admits she’s larping I think that warrants a bump

No. 1284936

Can we actually make a Sorcha thread?

No. 1284937

Anon I think this is a fair idea leave people who want to discuss Sorcha and her BPD in a separate thread to this.

No. 1284940

no. the only “milk” is her embarrassing self posting. imagine a thread full of her talking about herself. shut up about her for the last time i’m begging you.

No. 1284943

Please do. Neither of you are redtexted yet, help the jannies out

No. 1284946

>imagine a thread full of her talking about herself
we just had one

No. 1284948

Link for Sorcha thread so at least it can be kept out of pro ana scumbags. And let that be the end of her being discussed here.

No. 1284955

File: 1627339010390.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1853, 993072D3-023C-42B3-80CF-D81575…)

Clearly it’s a self post she put it up on her story and then deleted the thread

No. 1284962

What a privileged cunt. The people who travel while covid is still going rampant are the reason I want to shoot myself. Fucking self centered idiots.

No. 1284964

File: 1627339336805.png (37.42 KB, 1200x628, FCBBC968-B87C-40D2-A060-0B1CD4…)

HPD, NPD, ASPD, whatever. You’re not interesting, just go.

No. 1284966

File: 1627339470189.jpeg (128.63 KB, 1048x988, 2C3B2F6C-58BD-4070-90A1-97CD56…)

He’s a POTS ‘specialist’ too because of course

No. 1284988

It's like she really wants to play poor put-upon why-me brave little soldier, but she can't help her privilege shining through and showing her up.

I'm not sure how strong the link is, but there's definitely some kind of connection between MCAS and autonomic issues. I'm surprised one specialist is an 'expert' in both though as they'd usually be seen by different departments but then again this is a private doctor who doesn't seem to do any NHS work. It sort of reminds me of the "Lyme Literate" docs that somehow can't get their protocol pushed through the NHS because it's utter bullshit.

No. 1284998

god the second hand embarrassment.

No. 1285013

The photoshop is embarrassing

No. 1285022

Do we even talk about all these cows tagged? Seems like we never have new milk, rotating the same three people, how are there so many cows tagged

No. 1285112

Damn Anna missed the Long Covid boat - that would have been a golden opportunity to munch herself all over social media. I guess it just shows she’s not really that intelligent.

No. 1285119

I thought she was claiming that she has MCAS because of Covid? Or did I imagine that?

No. 1285150

File: 1627362541273.jpg (381.22 KB, 720x1082, 20210727_060627.jpg)

Laura fucked up getting discharged

No. 1285156

That'll be the BPD. Without hospitalization what is she? She's looking relatively good though, dry ends aside.

No. 1285158

Interesting, her stroke face seems to have improved at least in this pic. Wonder if she was just faking it or it was real but temporary…

No. 1285172

File: 1627366604610.jpeg (385.19 KB, 1125x1687, 3A17C3C3-9C38-4970-8004-D533B6…)


No. 1285174

File: 1627366704910.jpeg (337.2 KB, 1125x977, E53F9EF0-2A80-45EC-84C4-296763…)


Talking of old cows… this one has ended up in emergency 3 times in the last few weeks. I’m sure she is hoping for an admission, but it seems that the hospital is seeing right through her act and not giving into her pleas.

No. 1285175

A few MONTHS.. my god, she's lining herself up to be an institutionalised adult. you know the ones who are still in and out of the wards as 60 year olds with no ability to self-care.

No. 1285177

File: 1627367622319.jpg (1.51 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210727-183120_Ins…)

Imagine being so fucked up you need two adults watching you at all times. What an achievement.

No. 1285207


Kek she didn’t fuck up getting discharged, she did very well at NOT getting discharged. Didn’t she say she had no incidents for 3 months or so, then got her acccomodation, got her leaving date, oops here’s an incident and she’s in there for another few months.
And wtf is with the ‘message if you want to know my restrictions’ - Laura people here are out living, getting jobs, seeing friends, going to fucking Greece! Much more fun to talk about than ‘I don’t have bathroom privileges babe’ or whatever

No. 1285215


4kg is quite a lot, I’ve been in recovery for 5 years and only gained -0.5kg

My name is Nik(absolutely no one cares)

No. 1285218

Stop hating anon, you're just jealous you don't have his willpower.

No. 1285219

I mean it's a PD unit I'm sure the staff know what they are doing in terms of keeping her longer given that they must see it all the time (people fucking up just before discharge). There is no point discharging her if she goes right back to s136 and crisis admissions.

No. 1285223

File: 1627378635024.png (331.54 KB, 458x624, NIKS RECOVERY.png)

No. 1285227


But he ate a whole pack of chocolate cookies once!!!

No. 1285230

File: 1627379623302.jpeg (183.01 KB, 1080x1350, ganer_gains.jpeg)

Is it just me or did Ganer change her pose a bit..?
Girl starts to get courageous, since she's grown some bit of a butt by now.

No. 1285232

Anon please tell me he didnt actually post that

>>1285150 why is she always pulling a sex doll face? Open lips, dead behind the eyes.

No. 1285233

To be fair, this is just a before and after of him dying his hair for a role. It is a pretty accurate representation of his 5 year ∿recovery journey∿ though.

No. 1285235

File: 1627380032994.jpg (32.37 KB, 900x506, The_More_You_Know_0-0_screensh…)


No. 1285254

Of course they know what they’re doing, doesn’t mean she didn’t get exactly what she wanted with being able to stay in hospital a lot longer and not having to go out and face the real world again. It’s like someone taking a paracetamol OD to get a hospital admission, just because they get admitted because they need the medical care doesn’t mean they didn’t totally play the system

No. 1285257

He wishes it was a role. It's an ~e casting~. Unless it genuinely is for some ghastly undead, that dark hair perched on his ashen face aint gonna cut it for anything else

Ohchickpea, whatever her name is now, she did this exact same thing. Was given a place to love but kept fucking up on purpose to get readmitted. At least it gives her family a break for longer.

No. 1285289

File: 1627391795403.jpg (Spoiler Image,562.08 KB, 1080x1248, 20210727_151443.jpg)

Yikes, her nails reek of nutritional deficiencies. Spoilered bc N2F

No. 1285299

File: 1627394578176.png (4.34 MB, 828x1792, CCCC16F7-F8F6-4E62-B841-E95C2F…)

caroline finally admitting shes an anorexic (side note: look at her hair ?!)

No. 1285300

File: 1627394655572.png (4.27 MB, 828x1792, 8F2FD621-7D9F-450E-B731-BD787D…)

2/2- says it’s hard to recover because it’s “her identity”…. this is quite a 180

No. 1285304

Is it too cynical of me to say that she probably only started acknowledging the ED so she could make videos like that one on TikTok?

No. 1285305

my thoughts exactly

No. 1285318


She also took a 180 in terms of eating. She looks like she's gained quite a lot, quite rapidly. I mean, it was VERY much needed. But still it's quite unusual to see.

No. 1285328

It's the lack of boobs that makes her body look so weird

No. 1285362

File: 1627401621489.png (3.64 MB, 828x1792, BDF2F42D-3DD2-490D-9B40-96B4E8…)

she was mentioned a few threads back but this ones back, (recap: BPD drug romanticising attention whore who regularly ends up in a&e for drug usage and pretends it’s because of her “anorexia”)

No. 1285368

File: 1627401821250.jpeg (231.5 KB, 1003x828, C590256D-4B26-4024-B526-C6D89B…)

interesting use of angles to try and look ~skinny~ on the left, she’s been quiet for a while but is now making videos about doing coke/ acid in the psych ward because how quirky???

No. 1285370

Any other milk? What makes her stand out as a cow? Promoting mental illness on tiktok is a dime a dozen thing, and you've made it sound she's more into drugs than an ana-chan persona

No. 1285376

I'm almost 100% certain she posted a few things in last week's stories about how she neglected posing lessons. Looks like she shelled out for instructional videos.

No. 1285412

chill out i’m just mentioning she’s posting again because she was talked about before

No. 1285414


Diff anon, can confirm she was milky when posted before so likely to be milky soon if not now, standard posting every single thing about an admission, go to a&e after suicide attempt then say it’s because of her ED, iirc she stopped posting because her psych ward told her to stop, def a cow
Half the reason this thread is so dead is bc it’s so hard to get cows through these thread gatekeepers, you don’t get to put this on your cv you know, calm down

No. 1285430

Dont get your jimmies russled, I was genuinely asking for more info
'thread gatekeepers' grow up

No. 1285445

what happened to ohchickpea? anyone got updates?

No. 1285451

File: 1627412412744.png (582.49 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_20210727-195840~2.p…)

Rockin her autism diagnosis still. She's our of hospitals at last anyway.

No. 1285454

File: 1627412702595.png (744.06 KB, 720x1089, Screenshot_20210727-200327~2.p…)

Think she says she's a THEM. Does post much, which is good for everyone.

No. 1285498

File: 1627415357748.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1170x2155, AB90332C-82F1-4BA4-8E86-A2DD0B…)

Anna says her MCAS qualifies for a service dog. I am genuinely disgusted by this if she actually takes a dog from someone who actually needs it just because she qualifies…

No. 1285509

the caption says 'not something I'm actively looking into right now. no cute dog pics on the horizon sorry'

Umm …. you already have a dog Anna? Which you clearly don't love because it can not provide you with sick points.

No. 1285537


She will look into it when her follower count goes down and she needs another boost.
She might qualify but it’s pretty stupid to get a dog that can smell histamine in foods when she can use google to do the exact same thing. But she’s never been one to be blessed with a ton of common sense

No. 1285540

total nitpick so my apologies but why does anna look about twelve years old? she must be seething to have never achieved the old haggard look that some anas get

No. 1285548

Complete filter work

No. 1285555

No, she'll love being called smol. It's all filters, as the above anon said, and that hairstyle and fleece don't help.

No. 1285622

Because she had an 'eating disorder' for approximately 12 seconds.

No. 1285647

File: 1627432549359.jpg (364.74 KB, 1073x1907, Screenshot_20210728-121620_Ins…)


No. 1285659

A service dog would not do anything for MCAS, nor would one be suggested. Especially since MCAS is often triggered by common allergens, like pets. Besides, what service would a dog do for her? MCAS does not prevent people from doing normal things or living normally. Anna sounds more and more like a munchie every time she posts. Predicting a POTS/EDS/gastroparesis with toobs saga soon.

No. 1285738

Does she live in Perth by any chance? That place is a breeding ground for Ana larpers. MeltingLikeHoney is a good example.

No. 1285741

but but Porgie, its a revolving door situation. Her and Lee are playing the same old game of Snakes and Ladders New Farm edition.

No. 1285749


all those platitudes on the wall, jesus christ it's like Ham's instagram feed as interior decor

No. 1285750

shes scottish, friends with zara (z.trying / um hi im zara) and possibly anna? ns. embarrassment to our country, the lot of them

No. 1285753

I remember when this cow was talked about constantly and now she's barely mentioned. Our Ham (I came up with that nickname btw) seems to have replaced her. She must be gutted, kek.

No. 1285768

She blocked a lot of people and went private, so I think we just didn't have access. I definitely missed being able to see what she was posting, so I'm all for any milk anons want to share.

No. 1285790

File: 1627447399953.png (2.39 MB, 1840x1094, Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 06.42…)

she literally ends up in an ambulance every day. loves eating batteries from what i saw.
how tf is she still alive?

No. 1285800


Sage for autism. What a dumbass. Her PE would dissolve if she actually took the injections. You can’t fake anticoagulants working, and you don’t discharge PE patients who have larger clots- it had to be small.

She’s fucking with her life. She could actually die. When you start and stop anti-coagulants it actually makes you hyper coagulable, meaning the clot can just get bigger and kill her. Retard.

No. 1285814


Yeah, she’s in Edinburgh I do believe ugh.

No. 1285820

She had been doing okayish for a while, but I guess she must get bored of being okay. It's like crisis seekers, they just don't know what to do with themselves when they aren't causing a scene. Any good milk had been posted to close friends only - but i have this dreadful thought that she is like posting to one close friend at a time to see who is posting on here.. if you get me. So I'm scared to post her private stories.

No. 1285831

boring, only ever talks about her autism. admitted at some point to basically faking the whole multiple personality bullshit (but said she was “misdiagnosed”) tho i believe she’s living on her own at long last

No. 1285834

Does IG let you select certain friends from your close friends list? Sorry, I'm dumb and don't actually know.

(I would also be nervous, so I get you)

No. 1285840

The adventures of Squelch can never be forgotten, anon

No. 1285846

yep,and no-one else can see who is allowed to see it either, so there is no way to tell if you are the only one

No. 1285852

Hoooo boy, Lucinda has a youtube channel now(use her thread)

No. 1285857

this is scary

No. 1285860


damn, shes the definition of 'special needs'.
tough to watch, i thought it was all an act at first… then i kept watching in horror!

No. 1285863

highlight of that video tho was her description of Peppa Pig at 3:48 as having a funny fuckin head. i dno why but her delivery of that line made me lol

No. 1285868

She's got her own thread. Anons posted it there. Not bring pissy, jsyk.

No. 1285874

No. 1285892

Oh thanks for the heads up anon, I thought that got deleted.

No. 1285895

Wonder if she knows that parents laugh at the show because the pigs heads are cock shaped. Not exactly uwu unicorn aesthetic.

No. 1285897

File: 1627468594713.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, 24DAB88C-2E76-45B9-A91B-17DAD9…)

Heeeeere’s Cecelia!

No. 1285902

lol at the way she phrased this.

That ERC location is attached to Overlake hospital, but I feel like she phrased it this way to emphasize that she ~needs to be in the hospital still~ instead of just saying that she's transferring to another ERC location.

No. 1285905

>>1285897 Why is cecilia so bad at forming any human looking facial expression?

>>1285647 Glad to see porgie back, we hadnt posted her in a while as she claimed she had recovered from her ED. That clearly lasted about a month, she missed a toob. Which is extra hilarious now we know what a ham planet she is

No. 1285906

The fact that we found out the extent of her ham-planetness just before she DFE (or I guess restricted fucking everything) was the icing on the cake. Hopefully she starts claiming ED relapse because her stupid dead-eyed selfies were my favs.

No. 1285908

Same, she went hard for the "starving angel" bullshit Laura also does (similiar doll-eyed poses) but at the size of the average baby elephant. I'm amazed her favourite funny farm won't just put her on a diet at this point, and other anons have pointed out in the UK she'd get some prozac and a weightwatchers membership

No. 1285910

I was expecting her to come off way more melancholy and full on with delusional talking like her tweets, but shes actually quite calm and oddly happy. I don't doubt she's a sped, but it does seem exaggerated. The only thing that really came off as genuine was her excitement and her nerves, whether that's anxiety related or she's having moments of embarrassment about the way she acts? I just can't picture that same girl cutting herself and talking so psychotic and depressed, which makes me suspicious.

No. 1285940

If she goes full munchie, can we stop talking about her here? I hate this smug bulbous nosed bitch

No. 1285942

This is covered in her own thread, stuff to do with tics and stuuf. Beware if you do go over to that thread, its worse than the whiteknights and speculations in this thread by far.
sorry for ot

No. 1285952

Am I the only one who kind of likes these little cow interludes? They're their own little form of milk.

No. 1285956

>She’s fucking with her life. She could actually die.
Reminds me of Aly

No. 1285959

>>1285852 I wouldn't be mad if we started doing spoilers on these a la Ganer
>>1285942 Where?

No. 1285961

No. 1285966

File: 1627479355092.jpg (Spoiler Image,819.56 KB, 1080x2036, 20210728_153423.jpg)

Is she trying to make herself look even more like a heroin addict with that makeup?

No. 1285992

Doubt a hospital would send her home with a pulmonary. Sounds like another ana munchie lie like they all do.

Good brag, Cecelia, going from one mental hospital to another. She’s obviously been medically fine for a while, and 2 months is a pretty short IP stay for a non compliant cow with private insurance. ERC resi takes anyone who can pay, and they tube pretty much anyone who wants it even if they’re overweight. So expecting another ‘brave’ NG toob saga from this one, if they even bother to take her current one out. Why would they bother, they know they’d just make more work for their Seattle counterparts.

She’s talked about working with kids and having summers off, so seems like she works for a school district. Most schools on the west coat start around September 1 so would not be surprised if her residential stay is conveniently over right before she has to go back to work, since it was perfectly timed for her summer break and missing her sister’s wedding in the first place.

No. 1286005

File: 1627487561522.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, 7ADBE1AB-48F3-4651-B528-AF5664…)

All her videos cut off before she even chews, let alone swallows. That bar did not see her stomach.

No. 1286008

sophie isn’t ana. remember- she posted her medical notes that said somethin like “disordered eating due to BPD” or something

No. 1286011


Swings and roundabouts - a lot of the cows here restrict for attention because of their raging BPD - she’s just the one that actually has it written in her notes

No. 1286034

More peoples’ notes should be written like that. So many of these BPDcows jump on the ‘anorexia’ bandwagon (Laura’s a good example) when stuff like cutting or ODing isn’t ~spicy~ enough anymore. Not saying some don’t genuinely fit the criteria to be diagnosed w both (or that it’s not still dangerous or ‘serious’ if they’re using (x) behaviour) but they always, always seem to play up the ED side rather than working on the shit that causes them to post attention-seeking tube selfies etc. It just leaves a bad taste in the mouth (so to speak…)

No. 1286035

File: 1627490844169.png (578.98 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210728-174320.png)

Trafficked for sex work aside, I can't not mention how SHE APPEARS TO HAVE CLEANED HER ROOM. Look, no hoard. A nice clear space to entertain her Tinder dates, perhaps? Her food still looks gross and, but there's been a lot 9f changes with n2f recently.

No. 1286036

WAIT has she cut her hair??!?

No. 1286039

Looks that way. WOW. What the hell…bye bye hair bun. Girl is learnin

No. 1286040

I think she has even cleaned her mirror!

No. 1286043

Shit, it looks so much better. Is that dress work appropriate? Not unless she’s touting for business on a street corner - but aside from that I’m kinda proud of her

(Soz for the dirty delete, dropped sage)

No. 1286045

Are… are those intentional curls at the end of her ponytail? Our lady has not only washed and cut her hair she actually STYLED IT

No. 1286046

I’m so fucking dumb. She’s getting ready for work. Forgive me I was just going off what she wore to specsavers the other week

No. 1286051

Wait and since when does she work??? Wow N2F hair cut, cleaner room, a job… things are looking up.

No. 1286061


It’s N2F, that could easily be the outfit on, putting make up on photo

No. 1286065

File: 1627492555395.jpeg (214.85 KB, 747x1225, FB8B3EC0-44A6-4F3C-AC57-47AD92…)

Hxn is decaying before our eyes, I’m sure that is another banged head and blood in her hair at the top, she looks yellow half the time. And still talking about starting university in Sept?

No. 1286066

honestly, who the fuck cares? people would kill for the amount of help she has received.

No. 1286069

I can’t believe this is N2F looking like an attractive woman instead of the Gollum of expired food. Good for her.

No. 1286071

Yeah but the silly twat knows she looks like shit, that’s the point of her entire post kek. Nobody’s gonna be drawn to that when the whole thing is her face. Even the text is covering half of whatever it’s meant to be. Get a life Han.

No. 1286072

she can’t go one day without a meltdown and her mummy. bullshit will she go to university.

No. 1286074

idk what she’s hoping to study (I know some courses have minimum BMI requirements) but I’m surprised at her weight her parents or w/e are happy with her being there. Is she that insufferable they just want to get rid of her or?

No. 1286083

Law. no bmi requirements (according to zara’s story/ tellonym sperging in a previous thread) but a general expectation of stability, and looking at han, regardless of her weight she’s clearly deranged

No. 1286085

also to follow/ imagine her studying law?? she comes across so utterly mentally ill and regressed that i imagine one moot would finish her

No. 1286091

File: 1627494450161.jpeg (262.13 KB, 828x1364, B12A6B70-F4C1-440C-8AE3-7C7AC3…)


No. 1286093

File: 1627494558248.jpeg (361.23 KB, 828x1584, 6FFB4C58-E862-4D75-95F6-785FC1…)

anna??? follow your own advice maybe?

No. 1286096


They probably know there’s no way it’s ever going to happen so no need to think about it. And maybe the breakdown when she realises it won’t happen will finally put her in hospital so they don’t have to deal with her every day

No. 1286097

File: 1627495005224.png (4.63 MB, 750x1334, AD66BB37-D35C-4446-BE19-CCE755…)

Is Anna still going to pretend she doesn’t read this board? First glimpse of her dog since an anon mentioned she had one, unfortunately it didn’t get much of a look in, she was too busy bodychecking

No. 1286098

File: 1627495093585.jpeg (45.41 KB, 750x327, 1242412E-D85D-4353-892B-FBA296…)

>I know you mean well by giving advice (unless you are a health professional)

Anna you absolute muppet, proofread your posts

No. 1286106

Anna wouldn’t have been old enough to vote in the brexit referendum but that shirt still irrattes me because we all know she would have just voted for what mummy and daddy voted for and we all know they’re the quiet middle-class tory type. Such a blatent body check too, not so bored with ana it seems.

No. 1286108

of course she goes for the pose that makes her look skinniest.

No. 1286109


Indeed. It is called 'bodychecking' and anorexics do it for some attention and control.

No. 1286116


Anna is a moron. Anti-histamines are a major part of the treatment of MCAS, and that medication is one of the ones used. (Not a medfag just did some googling. Took less than a min to refute Anna). Like most specific illnesses, MCAS has standard treatment regimes so yeah what works for one person with MCAS is going to work for another person especially when it’s a simple antihistamine. She’s not only turning into a munchie but a lazy one at that.

No. 1286126

"Want to recover - eat a cookie!"
- Anna deBeer

No. 1286130

>can we all just start showing empathy and support uwu
Like you do, Anna? Get to fuck. And to think she’s considering specialising in palliative…there could not be a worse candidate. If I was unlucky enough to have her “looking after” me I’d be on the next flight to Switzerland

No. 1286137

Uh oh.

Here’s a fun question, anons: would you rather have Hxn as your lawyer or Anna as your doctor? (Life without parole / a one way ticket to Dignitas is not an option)

No. 1286139

File: 1627497767697.jpg (87.54 KB, 394x592, 20210728_214158.jpg)


Omg wtf! She looks the best she has in like EVER. A miracle has happened. Who cares if she did wear that to work (where tho?).

Her food has been somewhat normal looking too for awhile.

No. 1286141


Wait, is the kamikaze carrot making an appearance again?

No. 1286142

Hxn as lawyer because I'm unlikely to ever need one. I'd use Dr Google and buy meds online to treat myself if I needed a doctor.

No. 1286143

maybe it is an orange impaled on top of that bush?

No. 1286144

The transformation is unexpected, but very encouraging. Things like hanging out of the window to take pics of her food…they shall pass too.

No. 1286148

Maybe she has started taking care of her bulimia? One can only hope.

No. 1286150

I think it’s an orange flower, which is a shame because the idea of a falling carrot made me chuckle.
Also, I don’t think she’s going to an actual job, just taking photos for that clothing brand - she’s a retard, and I mean that affectionately of course, who’s shown time and time again she can’t gauge the appropriate clothing for social situations, but I don’t think she’d go to a minimum wage job dressed like a cheap prozzie.

No. 1286155

Yeah, I read it to mean she was going to do her latest ambassador shoot (swimwear, apparently O NO).

Chances are high she fell out of her pram and hit head when she was a baby, but she's doing a better job of getting her shit together than, say, Ham. I'm glad that she's getting these little "jobs" because she likes the tacky clothes she's given. She didn't buy her followers, and I hate how people like Anna bought followers and gets free shit.

No. 1286165

sage for medfag but have worked in the field, a lot of notes say 'eating disorder is a symptom of EUPD over-controlling symptoms' (basically manipulating everyone around them due to ED)

No. 1286166

File: 1627499458829.jpg (380.35 KB, 1270x592, 20210728_210858.jpg)

Anyone else see the resemblance?

No. 1286167

*due to EUPD, soz

No. 1286177

yer a lizard, Harry

No. 1286184

I think it’s because she went to specsavers lol she can see how gross her plates and room looked

No. 1286188

That pencil neck, tho.

No. 1286201

Talking about your own period on social media is pure cringe

No. 1286212

even more cringe when you forget how many times you’ve already “got it back”

No. 1286249

I’d kinda get it if she’d been severely underweight / unwell enough to ‘lose’ her fertility and was actively trying for a kid. Something like that might warrant a post or two (and would at least be understandable). But no, she’s basically using social media as the fucking Clue app

No. 1286264

Doesn't N2F have some part time job at a charity shop? It might not be much but hey, she can put it on a CV later.

No. 1286272

I forgot that. Yeah, volunteer work at a charity shop. She's stuck to it!

He's changed his account name to nik.jonas.official. Prick. At least he took the recovery out, because .. yeah.

No. 1286302


my thoughts exactly anon, watch her fucking bird tongue at the start of each measured bite too. its always pushing the bar back as if to say "you shall not pass"

No. 1286306


To be fair, there was no such thing like a 'recovery' from the very beginning..?
Lord Skeletor just loves the stage.

No. 1286307

Risky but I’d go with Hxn as lawyer. She looks like the local crackhead so they’d probably put her in the dock instead

No. 1286321

File: 1627513335156.png (3.31 MB, 1334x750, D993DD6C-675A-4D04-A3AE-E10F31…)

Elzani has uploaded a new video… nothing happens, she talks a lot about exactly nothing, goes to tesco, tries the food as soon as she gets home…
Hasn’t let go of her food obsession yet. Ft Satara who looks good and also pissed off at being filmed all the time

No. 1286351

File: 1627518034852.png (108.54 KB, 768x620, Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 8.10…)

randomly dowsing in the deep woods for personal milk, such dry teats– 1 of 2 finds that are out of our purview, feel free to delete soz: I started with ACUTE reviews (also fun), but this treatment center's terrible reviews, then sperg hateboner reviews, then paid reviews, then meh reviews are hilarious. decent scrolling if your tolerance for walltext and tinfoil tendencies are high. you'll see.


*blog 4 full disclosure: I clicked it in new posts bc was at a branch in another city for a week in idk 2010, left asap- all microwaved food within 5 calories, nope. Can answer qs, but who'd have any for me after imagining the cows who squirted rancid yoplait here?!? paid shot attached 1/2

No. 1286352

File: 1627518292362.png (137.09 KB, 748x552, Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 8.16…)

hateboner shot attached 2/2

No. 1286354

What’s the point of these? Ana chans are on the whole terrible people, but we all know that. It seems like you just posted rando caps for the opportunity to brag about how you went to treatment. Congrats, you’re just as special as every cow here.

No. 1286368

>>1286354 nope just bored, fun scroll.. will gladly delete if no interest, lmk. Full disclosure only- kek to advertising day treatment for a week over a decade ago.

No. 1286385

i cannot understand a word you say. genuinely concerned

No. 1286391

i think it's a twitterchan, their language is too advanced for us mortals to understand

No. 1286403

>>1286385 fine, disregard, sorry. trying for brevity often makes me illegible. it amused me.

>>1286137 hxn–law cases drag on long enough that you could replace the spoop (or, if that's not allowed, do your own research and make her file briefs or break for "lunch"–you can dictate some). A doc might have your unconscious body in their hands if they get woozy from hunger and nick an aorta.

>>1286139 Agreeeed– whaaaat is happening? She is blooming! Carrots do become flowers!

No. 1286419

File: 1627525730132.png (2.13 MB, 814x1445, munch.PNG)


another day, another mechanical munch with no actual munching.
this bitch is going down the Ganer path of OCD posts and 'eating' the same boring safe foods everyday

No. 1286478

Why are you so obsessed with this chicks bars? I feel like its one of the more mild forms of snooping.

No. 1286483

yeah, this is boring and repetitive as fuck

No. 1286576

it's sad that she's 24 and her best friend is her little sister. it's great that's recovered but she really needs to start living her own life.

No. 1286582

she should take a page out of n2f's book (never a sentence I thought I would type) and start doing some volunteer work in a charity shop. It will build her confidence and social skills, and there is plenty of availability.

No. 1286583

Don’t worry anon, one day she’ll bang her head a little too hard and detach a retina.

No. 1286586


Maybe you are a cow yourself?

No. 1286589

File: 1627558480237.png (922.61 KB, 720x1308, Screenshot_20210729-121713~2.p…)


No. 1286599

KEK this actually made me snort. Yes, she was so dainty she couldn't walk, the horror

No. 1286621

Still strong enough to take photos and post your shit on Insta.
Way to go, gorl!

No. 1286624

The vast majority of hospitalized anorexics can walk. She really thinks she's the sickest anorexic to have ever lived despite being healthy. I stand by the concept of, if you're too sick to walk you're too sick to run a large active social media acct.

No. 1286626

I wish there was some sort of rule against people who are underweight preaching recovery advice. Anorexia is a weight disorder and if you're underweight you clearly don't know how to recover. No one listens to a drug addict giving sobriety advice when they're high. These cows even parade this shit from an actual hospital bed kek.

No. 1286630

File: 1627563651812.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1890, DBE6FB91-1596-46B8-9BF3-E3E2D4…)

Who does she think she’s kidding with the whole “I didn’t gain weight from eating, it’s a medical problem” narrative at this point? Plus the whole “woe is me, my life is hard, send me money” thing is so annoying now. Also, did anyone else see the weird ‘dancing’ on her bed videos she posted bc wow that made me uncomfortable

No. 1286631

File: 1627563740804.jpeg (Spoiler Image,942.37 KB, 1170x2126, B560D5A0-62E7-419B-A672-FCDD4C…)

Anna body checking and revealing she’s a size medium in kids and a 6/8 uk

No. 1286633


Came here to say this… Anna saying ‘“life hack’ - you can buy a Nike Kids medium like me, it’s a size 6-8” cheers Anna I’m sure your followers who don’t fit into kids clothes will love hearing that

No. 1286635

File: 1627564093571.png (3.86 MB, 750x1334, 63E84E5D-0352-4E5A-9153-F82AA1…)

Ham well on her way to obesity with an N2F style breakfast… Ham you do NOT need this endless ‘nourishment’ esp when it lands you a coronary at 21

No. 1286638

Is that ketchup on an egg on ketchup toast?

No. 1286641

Don’t worry anon, nike kids goes up to an XL, so if you’re a fatty and not a dainty size 6 like anna you can still maybe squeeze in! It’s the northerner in me speaking but her accent and the general tone of her voice couldn’t be more condescending if she tried, makes me violent just listening.

No. 1286648

the reality: if she was ever unsteady walking, it's because she was dehydrated. And … how was she living independently if that was true for more than a few days? HMMMMM, Cecilia, HMMMMM

No. 1286657

Kek, she is really clinging to being dainty. Many size 6, and size 8 women buy kids clothes to save money. But the ana-chan obsession with kids clothes shines on

No. 1286659

even her voice sounds boujee. of course, she couldn't resist to precise her uncle works with f1.

No. 1286687

wtf is that thing on the right … a mouldy egg with ketchup ??

No. 1286694

i’m no fan of ham, but you criticise her when she eats cake and she finally has some protein & brown bread and you’re critiquing her again. i think you’ll only be happy when she’s munching on lettuce leaves and even then you will find something to judge her for. let’s calm down

No. 1286700

Girl needs to stop deluding herself. She’s obviously been eating & keeping it down, it’s not exactly a medical mystery. Even those with legit reasons for slower metabolism (like low thyroid) or a bigger appetite (certain meds) don’t really have an ‘excuse’ there. Calories in vs. calories out. Lots of spoops end up going in the other direction if they can’t be arsed to work on the underlying reasons for their ED. You’re not ~special~ May

No. 1286706

Has she ever been in th hospital or any sort of treatment? Gaining a crazy amount of water weight definitely happens, but it's basically a medical emergency

No. 1286709

Dunno about treatment but (and I’m no medfag so pls correct me if I’m chatting shit) but don’t think it’s oedema or anything, she’s been this size claiming it’s a mEdIcAL prObLeM not ‘real’ weight gain for a while.

No. 1286714

File: 1627574492410.png (1.2 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210729-165259.png)

Of all the snowflakes here, Pencilneck is most likely to be an hero imo. No decent food for so long, no career in acting, 27 and trying to break into acting, LARPing recovery for small fame. Oh dear.

How long is it now she's been saying her gain is something sinister? She'd be dead. I know it takes ages to get used to being a healthier weight, but ffs, just accept it. It's weight gain. Not water retention or organs spazzing out.

No. 1286715

This is lolcow, there are no good intentions here. We laugh at cows, it's all in the name sweaty.
If Ham posts a big green salad, everyone will say she didn't eat it, or she's only eating it to post it because she reads this thread, or say it's not enough protein, too many carbs, nitpick every ingredient, the bowl, the lighting, the cutlery. That's the game, that's what we do. We make each other laugh over mundane and insane cows alike. If she posts another salad the next day everyone will joke she's truly becoming ana/ortho. If she keeps posting salads (and lays off the fridge-magnet inspirational quotes) people will get bored and she'll stop being a cow. Until that day, everything she posts that either a) confirms our narrative about her or b) contradicts our narrative, will be milky, whether it's objectively healthy or good for her or not.

No. 1286717

Nik truly is the milkman we never knew we needed.

No. 1286718

Wow, imagine Ham posting a salad.

To illustrate the above comment, those eggs were REDUCED. She fails at the Molly skinwalk every time.

No. 1286744

what does size medium in kids even mean? most children's ranges go up to 12-13, so is she saying she is the size of the average 6 year old?

This 'hack' is something any petite woman already knows, and is more to do with height than build.

No. 1286751

I’m sure it’ll happen someday. When Porgies fly. Or one of the twins gains an ounce.

No. 1286752

The hack thing isn't great because the length is shorter than adult sizes. Tbh, kids department skirts aren't even worth bothering with except for weird bragging. Primark are cheap and do a size 4. Shopping at the supermarket for groceries I noticed uniform skirts were £7-£8. You can buy adult skirts petite sized cheaper.

The wearing children's clothes thing is embarrassing.

No. 1286753

I remember anons calling her Molly 2.0… yeah, that didn’t last long. She couldn’t even convincingly fake reading her “favourite” book on holiday (at least crease the spine ffs)

No. 1286769

Some kids sizing is extremely generous too, looking at the chest/waist/hip measurements on several charts it’s not inconceivable lots of adult women would have no problem. Let’s be real a lot of us might ‘get’ the mentality in some way but like. Dealing with annoyingly short sleeves/hems when you aren’t naturally ~petite~ isn’t worth the fact you can share it on tiktok or w/e

No. 1286777


why do people still watch her? she is boring.
does anyone knows if she had anorexia prior to the hospitalization "documentary" she made?
i still dont understand how she went from not eating to eating everything in that short amount of time

No. 1286779

My two cents - some people have an eating disorder, they recover, and never relapse. Sometimes this can be because patients transfer their ED to something else, or it was just a small part of their life. Other patients relapse and recover constantly over decades and never really get to a point of being normal.

No. 1286782

My two cents are that you're correct. These people are defined by their eating disorders. You can't recover from your own personality, the best thing some of these bitches can do is accidentally catch an entire new personality (and no not orthorexia, imo being weird with the rules of super eating and mega fitness is not recovery)

No. 1286791

>being weird with the rules of super eating and mega fitness is not recovery
Yeah I tend to agree. Same as massively overshooting and preaching HAES (not talking a bit overweight, I mean like clearly unhealthy landwhale status). Reminds me of something I read about competitive eating. Dude “recovers” from anorexia only to go on and devote his days to pounding down 50 hotdogs in 5 minutes. If your life still revolves around food that ain’t it.

No. 1286792

It's not just you. I'm from the South-east and she sounds patronising and unbearable to me too, because she IS patronising. Anna has unbelievable levels of self-agrandisement.

No. 1286795

yeah it reminds me of that real housewives lady (bethany?) wearing her seven yr old kid's pyjamas like a weird flex

No. 1286799

Yes totally, we talk a lot about the insta ED recovery enviroment breeding pro ana scumbags but that same enviroment breeds people like Ganer who just switch EDs, and landwhales who gained over 100lbs in recovery from restriction and preach how their current massive overeating is somehow better and they turn to HAES as a cope like Tickner. I do feel bad for people genuinely trying to recover who are sucked into this enviroment though. /sperg

No. 1286816

She'd had it for a while, recovered and relapsed at least once prior. it wasn't her first hospitalization. Sometimes people just reach rock bottom, decide they are DONE, and mostly stop whatever their ED behaviors are all at once. Some people make tiny incremental changes over the course of years. There are fully recovered people who did it both ways. Most are somewhere in the middle.

No. 1286827

File: 1627586625364.jpeg (431.83 KB, 828x1275, D84E338A-243A-47F2-B2DF-737282…)

Was looking if @emsinrecovery had posted since she got exposed for being a hypocrite. Found her personal and came across this. No expression. Messy hair.

Obviously just posted it because she liked the way her neck looked spoopy. Bodychecking on her main account now too. This girl is desperate for some attention.

No. 1286832

fuckin love you anon. My all time favourite cow

No. 1286839

File: 1627588182793.jpeg (641.34 KB, 1125x1693, AAE9CF2F-FDAF-44E3-8588-5C0B90…)

Is this milky tho? Not to WK but plenty of people have “no expression” “messy hair” and her neck doesn’t even look that bad? If you wanna make her a ~thing~ apparently she’s a “writer” too. Watch out, Ruby.

No. 1286843

File: 1627588805980.jpeg (69.04 KB, 750x586, 8C7115EE-5E92-474F-8C70-931279…)

I hate to be that person but ….
- minimal milk
- wants us to think Em is spoopy
- screenshoted only 5 minutes after posting
- liked by a small account which Em follows on her recovery account

Seems pretty sus to me

No. 1286844

What's her @

No. 1286847

Ayrt. Sigh. I did wonder.

Just search lolcow fatvegfemme. She fucked off ages ago but it was good while it lasted.

No. 1286849

medium in nike kids is an age 10 in kids. I don't want to be that person but Anna is seriously just screaming "look at me Im the same size as a 10 year old! look how dainty I am let me show you that a kids medium is too big for me as I show you that is baggy round my waist!" - seriously my bets are that she's gonna relapse and blame it on the MCAS

No. 1286851

no way is she the same size as a 10 year old, she looks absolutely fine.

No. 1286854

nope, but it was clearly only amusing to me. disregard, my bad- will try to find some better milk.

No. 1286855

a recovery account should not be talking about how they fit into children’s clothes. even when they’re recovered like anna. she has no awareness it’s embarrassing. anna, check yourself

No. 1286856

Relapse as in hit a BMI of 18, claim it’s ackshully 13 and beg mama & papa to convince a doctor she needs NG feeds?
Or relapse as in oh shit ok there’s something serious going on here?

No. 1286859

File: 1627589987830.jpeg (160.42 KB, 750x1003, 0455CB02-1D05-401D-B58B-B3E9F3…)

On the subject of Anna. She posted this to her personal today. Look guys, I have a dog I definitely love! I am not treating it like an accessory! It is just a coincidence he appears when people point out I never talk about him!

No. 1286863

This dog is 100% hypoallergenic AND alerts to anything other than the mere 20 foods my delicate body can tolerate AND can administer an epipen as soon as I’m done posting my anaphylaxis to the ‘gram! No training necessary uwu just naturally smart and clever like me~~

No. 1286865

that skirt (nikecourt victory) is available up to kids XL (waist 28-29.5 inches), which is the same as a women's small to medium. Tinfoiling she is lying about the size she wears.

No. 1286888

>>1286832 I do miss the fat cow honestly

Em was self posting like crazy in the last thread, it's just continued here it seems

No. 1286899

Anna only wants to be seen as amazing - top of the class, popularity, rare illness, great at recovery with a set point of whatever she said she's at. The skirt thing's the same. Big deal about wearing kids clothes. That skirt has an elasticated waist which helps. Tbh, she looks a size 8, but it's not exactly a rare thing.

No. 1286907

especially if she’s short - she’s sub 5”5 isn’t she?

No. 1286911

Why would she blame it on MCAS? Doesn't she want attention for being anorexic?

No. 1286913

No, she's been discharged from ED services. MCAS is her new schtick.

No. 1286921

File: 1627595197304.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1989, 7AE34839-43BB-4328-B4C8-805790…)

Ham you literally used to post fuckin “night snack plates” later than 9:15pm.
(Tinfoil: when she asks those stupid “what have YOU done for recovery today” questions on her stories she’s just mining ideas for her LARP)

No. 1286924

File: 1627595557066.jpeg (93.16 KB, 750x649, B06F7A19-8CAE-49EA-B418-E5D17C…)


Kek took this screenshot a few days ago and forgot to post it, 100% they were talking about Ham

No. 1286934


She thinks she does. Same thing.

No. 1286939

we all miss Pheebz.

No. 1286940

And there's no coincidence in this. The MCAS narrative got going the same time she announced she'd been discharged from ED services. Can't have any lapse in attention, oh no!

No. 1286947

It's pretty gross that she thinks she's at her set point tbh. How would she know? Her pics lately are all about showing off how thin she (still) is. How special and athletic and whatever. Flexing kids' clothes is an ED behavior. Normal women aren't interested in buying clothes for children and bragging about it online.

No. 1286954

Only she's never had an eating disorder to be 'stuck in'.

No. 1286958

She's at the top of my most unlikeable cow list atm. The blatant body checks, lack of self awareness and obnoxious arrogance she exudes makes me feel violent.

No. 1286974

File: 1627599594459.jpeg (158.96 KB, 828x608, 3727DCF2-9CC7-48D1-BB1D-122ADB…)

She’s just been inspired by Ro talking about timings. LARP starting to run dry

No. 1286979

I agree she's being really irresponsible and self absorbed as usual. she is basically running a pro-ana!

No. 1286982

She said once she was 5ft7, sage for blogging but I’m the same height and build and she’s never been significantly underweight. She looks the same as she did before she got so sick and dainty as she claims to be now. Idk if they’re still available but the pictures of her rowing ages ago actually look thinner than she did in the “depths” of her ED.

No. 1286983

File: 1627600957884.jpeg (145.2 KB, 750x514, 76CEB364-115C-4EE8-9F78-F33220…)

Found it !

No. 1286990

Did anyone else know Anna’s parents are separated/divorced. Could be what triggered her disorder mummy and daddy separating and now she’s not getting enough attention

No. 1287011

wow, so who took the pic of daddy hovering over the frail, tubed Anna?

No. 1287018

What’s really interesting is that her “MCAS” only seems to affect what food she eats, even though in most people it also causes visible rashes, hives, asthma, coughing, sneezing, itching, etc (most obvious allergy symptoms). What an incredible coincidence that as a former ED patient she’s only impacted with food and eating, but nothing else. Also people with MCAS can still eat normally, not only 15 or 20 foods like she claims. Ofc Anna’s recovered from her ED completely, no behaviors or body checking or ana obsession whatsoever.

Top kek, Anna, keep it up.

No. 1287020

Not to mention that most people who claim to have MCAS complain endlessly about perfumes, laundry detergent, and other environmental triggers. She literally only mentions food.

No. 1287031

Yeah its not good to have rules or strict guidelines jn recovery. It's called intuitive eating…

No. 1287032

Never thought theyd grow this self-aware

No. 1287061

Anna, obviously kek

Or mummy. Nothing like their little angel nearly starving to death to bring them back together right? (theory only works if they split when she was a teenager though)

No. 1287102

No idea when they split but from my research it seems she spends more time with her father than her mother.

No. 1287131

Yeah, the anon who went to her school said she has always been slim so i can believe she is at her set point.

Do you have evidence her parents are separated? She seems to live with her Mum in the London flat (photos of my Mum cooked me this histamine-free meal) but has also said she is playing tennis with her Dad, presumably at the London flat tennis courts.

No. 1287158

do you think people naturally stay the weight they were in HS for their transition to adulthood? Anna never looks any different. It's hard to see if she even gained in her "recovery" but it's unhealthy to assume that this narcissistic low-key pro-ana bitch can determine her own setpoint after a couple months of "going all in" and conveniently becoming allergic to all food.

After reaching her "set point" (fucking kek) she shows off her gangly body and tells us to buy kids' clothes like her.

I can't believe she is at any kind of set point. This is her laying the groundwork for controlling any weight gain from this point on. "Guys, it's ok I lost some, I was over my set point." This is all completely transparent to anyone with knowledge of EDs.

No. 1287181

Sage for autism but a 27 year old aspiring actor is pretty different to a 27 year old aspiring actress. Plenty of men only develop a serious acting career in their 30s, 40s, or even later. For a spoopy skelly like Nik age might even be an asset, for a whole weird otherworldly villain/mentor vibe. Not going to be the boyish romantic lead though lmao

Does the guy have a demo reel, any roles we know of in shitty youtube series or $0 horror films or the other stuff aspirationists get cast in, anything like that? I'm incredibly curious what his acting's actually like.

No. 1287183

He appears at around 3:20

No. 1287188

Also at 7:11 and 15:17. You're welcome.

No. 1287190

He can’t convince farmers he’s recovered so I’m not sure how good of an actor he actually is.

No. 1287192

Funnily enough, I managed to track down his actual demo reel at http://www.talent-scout.eu/portfolio/domenik-jonas-luecke/ (under "Videos") just before this. It…modestly exceeds my very low expectations? He overacts something fierce, but he's also being directed by other shitty students/recent grads who have no clue how to tell someone to dial it back a bit. The scenes with food are the worst, kek

The demo reel and that clip 100% confirm my impression he's setting out for the wrong roles. He wants to be a handsome hero, and he's not. There's legitimately a good niche available to him – a tall ana-kun with a German accent can totally do "creepy villain" and some overacting is forgivable for antagonists. He's not a leading man, though, he's a character actor. Being a character actor is nothing to scoff at; it pays the bills, puts shirataki noodles and Walden Farms on the table, and gets a career and a fanbase. It doesn't get you A-list fame, though, and a lot of ana-chans are driven by delusional perfectionism that stops them from achieving realistic goals.

No. 1287194

I would love to see Nik as an overacting, comical german accented villian, but I dont think he has that kind of sense of humour about himself. he takes himself very seriously

No. 1287203

He's doing some kind of drama degree, so he'll end up going the teaching route.

No. 1287209

Did Ham just say "Eat when you're hungry"?
I can't believe she's perpetuating the diet culture myth that you have to be hungry to eat! I'm so worried about her. Restricting your intake to only when you're hungry is insane ED behaviour.
You can only truly be healthy and thriving when you eat maccies every hour on the hour. Please be careful when following Ham, she says she's recovered but she's still glorifying disordered behavior. Inpatient saga when.

No. 1287220

File: 1627648632675.jpeg (Spoiler Image,481.46 KB, 750x1007, 6D92BFD1-E827-48E5-995F-3A366A…)

Not bone rattling but she isn’t gangly imo. Slim but the sort of slim that is probably healthy on a 19 year old

No. 1287222

No I agree. I know you can't tell someone's behaviour based on weight etc etc, but her weight is fine. She's slim/fit, seems to have always been, and I expect that from a rich kid family she eats well and gets good exercise.

No. 1287226


OMFG. That's not even professional stuff.
Looks like some highschool acting projects to me.

Guess we won't see this guy at the Academy Awards anytime soon, but rather as "Concentration Camp Inmate #4" in some TV production.

No. 1287229

She has a body type that lends itself to looking thin too, very narrow hips and shoulders. Her head looks very pin like which must make it easier to fit up her ass.

No. 1287230

Sportive but not too skinny. Nothing to see here.

No. 1287238


TBH, he already IS an overacting, comical german accented villain.

No. 1287267

she looks no different from when she was "anorexic"

No. 1287282

File: 1627655679693.png (2.21 MB, 640x1136, AFDDBA09-D939-4DF4-917C-37C32F…)

Did anyone else see this on @.flourishingella story? Sage for personal cow but honestly made me Kek so hard. I’d noticed she buys many of the same clothes as Anna including the infamous blue dress that “looks better on a bmi 13” but blocking someone because they have the same clothes as you? God how arrogant can Anna possibly be

No. 1287284

File: 1627655754002.png (2.2 MB, 640x1136, 45F7779C-CFC8-4249-A882-44D324…)

Picrel II

No. 1287325

so someone messaged Anna to tell her Ella dressed similar? And then did Anna message and block Ella about it? That is all so bizarre.

I'd never buy clothes off Anna, because why would you want to be reminded of that smug little knobhead whenever you wore her clothes?

No. 1287339

Ella here, she didn’t even follow or message me. I just noticed I was blocked and someone enquired. Apparently a lot of her followers noticed similarities in our clothing and for her mental health decided to remove me from her following.

No. 1287340

also don’t come for me for buying her clothes. I buy a lot on Depop lol

No. 1287347

That's kinda weird. Do you think she thought you were doing it deliberately?

No. 1287350

Probably even though I wasn’t copying her at all

No. 1287355

We'll, didn't take you long to find yourself here.

No. 1287359

Not sure what that is meant to mean

No. 1287365


No. 1287366

Oh, well it wasn’t. I’m sorry if it looks that way.

No. 1287371


No. 1287373

It means you either self posted or someone told you about it immediately. If you're planning on hanging around, learn to sage. Read the rules.

No. 1287380

I thought I was saging. I must of being writing it in the ring box I’m sorry

No. 1287383

Hey, if you're replying to someone you have to add their number to your reply. If you're on mobile just tap the number to add it to the reply box. It makes it easier for us to know who you're addressing when you post

No. 1287384

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset anyone

No. 1287385

You haven' and have got the hang of it far quicker than anyone else.

Be careful letting people know you post here though, Anna might send her minions after you.

No. 1287386

I genuinely thought I was I’m sorry

No. 1287387

I don’t normally post here, I just wanted to share my side of the story before anyone came for me or Anna. She hasn’t really done anything wrong tbh, if she was uncomfortable with me then that’s up to her.

No. 1287388

While we've got a live one here, can you explain why you feel the need to explain all your mental and physical problems, illustrated, on IG? Why do you do it? What's the attraction of all the paraphernalia like the sunflower lanyard and needles sticking your arm. Why make it your life?

No. 1287389

I didn’t want to reply to this but, why do I make it my life…. Because it is my life unfortunately.

No. 1287390

What happened to the YOU ARE NOT YOUR ILLNESS fridge magnet?

No. 1287392

I never had one of those lol but it is true you are not your illness, but is it taking over a lot of my life at the moment. I’m still learning to live with it.

No. 1287397

It's sad you felt the need to make multiple illness accounts. You want to be a young woman talking about it when you could be doing interesting things to distract? Why label yourself a spoonie? Whatever. So long as you know nobody cares about your appointments. Everyone's only interested in themselves. You do you though.

No. 1287398

EDS and POTS are lame, try having an actual chronic illnesses with confirmable diagnostic tests like type 1 diabetes or epilepsy and then i’ll believe it’s something taking over your life.

No. 1287401

I never labelled myself a spoonie

No. 1287402


Babe she’s your personal cow go to IG and private message her.

No. 1287404

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any harm, I don’t have POTS but yes I do have EDS but I know other people have their lives a lot worse.

No. 1287407

I wasn’t the anon who brought her up retard, take that babe shit back to twitter

No. 1287409

File: 1627666094551.png (46.74 KB, 720x436, Screenshot_20210730-182714~2.p…)

No. 1287410

Fair play lol. I didn’t realise I used that hashtag. I’m sorry

No. 1287415

File: 1627666375819.png (176.47 KB, 720x1148, Screenshot_20210730-183142~3.p…)

No. 1287417

Yes, POTS has been mentioned but I don’t have it. What are trying to get at here? I don’t understand what I’ve done wrong

No. 1287420

File: 1627666933413.png (97.93 KB, 272x275, 1622755246298.png)

Stop shitting up the thread. Dont post anything until youre mature enough to grasp how to talk about anything other than yourself. It shouldnt be that hard considering you can trashtalk other ana larping shitshows similar enough to yourself.

No. 1287421

You think this is another sorcha case?

No. 1287422

I literally have no idea what you’re talking about I really don’t understand what I’ve done wrong here?

No. 1287423

I tortured myself and had a look at that demo… He plays worse than most German actors and that means something, because we don’t have very talented actors in Germany in general. He couldn’t even play a Nazi, hasn’t got the look for that, so he is mostly useless for productions overseas.

I took a closer look at the school he graduated from. You have to pay 3.300 € for every semester, so it’s just a private school he got a place because he could pay for it.
Another look at the list of graduates on the homepage for the school shows that most of them play in German soaps or at the theatre, nothing very special among them (except one guy that can do the stunts himself so he got himself some international roles) and Nik’s list is also very short with only two professional entries.

I think he should keep on acting his recovery, he isn’t good at that but at least I don’t have to see him on tv then…

No. 1287427

I wanted to mention him being German but didn't want to offend any German anons. I wondered if the way I see him, as an English native speaker, is all wrong because his own English is really stilted.

He's p much a stilted person. No sense of humour (or if his dances are an attempt, then a shit sense of humour). The music video he's in, he just STANDS THERE, and the shots of him acting are really bad. Bad as in overacting.

He's the worst kind of proana. Preaching recovery and not doing it himself. He loves how he looks.

No. 1287428

maybe he could be a gay man in the concentration camp, then

or a bizarroworld Sebastian Kurz (would need hair dye and prosthetic ears)

No. 1287430

He could play one of our stupid politicians, some of them act just like robots

No. 1287434

File: 1627667829017.png (1005.26 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210730-185419.png)

In some pics Nik reminds me of a spoopy Data from Star Trek. White and waxy.

Not enjoying his rice much. Wow, much recovery.

No. 1287435

I dont even see him doing German dubs of international films - I dont think we have heard him speak German, maybe his speach is less awkward and strange in his native language, but I dont think so. Which is sad as German actors get a very "so do you want to do dubs or plays?". Local films don't rake in money.

No. 1287441

File: 1627668017624.jpg (80.81 KB, 1200x900, file-20200221-92541-134f7mm.jp…)

Perfect role - Cesare in a remake of the Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

No. 1287451

overacting is a very German thing, sadly, but he is even worse than other actors

your ideas sound great, would watch it, but with a lot of alcohol and without paying for it

in his demo he speaks German, he has a very normal voice, nothing special, he won't be the next Heinz Petruo or Reiner Schöne for sure

No. 1287452

Poor Nik. Forever condemned to be seen only on insta reels eating food and hating it.

No. 1287460

If you look at his story highlight with the advent calendar jar challenge, he sounds pretty much like any German amateur YouTuber.

No. 1287470

I'm surprised he hasn't appeared on GZSZ yet kek he seems like the type

No. 1287481

he would fit more into a ZDF production in my opinion, as the only gay male to show how open minded, not religious and modern they are
(sry, I hate German television…)

No. 1287487

I have a feeling he lurks on here and makes these videos to prove to us that he aCtUaLlY eAtS hIs MeAlS

No. 1287488


Are these reality shows?

No. 1287492

Google.com is your friend, anon

No. 1287498

File: 1627671834211.png (571.55 KB, 720x972, Screenshot_20210730-200218~2.p…)

Tried. It's all in German, and translate doesn't work on this phone.

No. 1287500

this is so fucking boring can we stop derailing??

No. 1287502

It's not derailing. What are we derailing you from spamming about?

No. 1287505

Basically it's a shitty soap opera that has been pumping out a new episode every day for like 30 years

No. 1287506

GZSZ is a very long running German soap https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gute_Zeiten,_schlechte_Zeiten

and ZDF is a TV channel we Germans have to pay for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZDF

No. 1287512

For the love of god, stop posting. No one cares to interact with you. Do you see anyone else making posts like yours, defending themselves and asking us to explain to you what you’re doing wrong? The answer is No. We don’t want to talk to you here (except for one dumbfag who engaged with you). If you want to post, post about other people, but stop talking to us as if it is our collective duty to explain anything to you. If you cannot figure out why your behavior might be cowlike, do some goddamn soul searching and ask yourself why it is important for you to have an online persona around illness. If you decide that you have no problem with that and you want to be a Sick Girl on The Internet, cool, you do do, but don’t come here asking us why we think that is retarded.

No. 1287514

File: 1627673269730.jpg (844.01 KB, 1080x1240, 20210730_212517.jpg)

That's like a whole onion, her breath must smell absolutely lovely.

No. 1287516

Also, the way she lines up her ingredients on the window sill gives me anxiety lol I would be so scared to drop them

No. 1287518

anyone else get Sheldon Cooper vibes?? he could defo play an autist or something similar??

No. 1287529

No. 1287532

I’m guessing this was about me too sigh

No. 1287534

File: 1627674356497.jpeg (213.24 KB, 966x828, 8B861404-8330-42F5-8639-3F6B60…)

u come across as a bit of a cunt. sort yourself out and fuck off. and SAGE

No. 1287535

Omfg no one cares about you, ana chan munchie. You are a carbon copy of every other illness larping attention whore on the internet. P.S. self dx illnesses don’t make you chronically ill, and legitimately sick people don’t call themselves spoonies.

No. 1287536


I m also not self diagnosed so like? I’m sorry for the questions I’m just genuinely curious as to what everyone is so angry at me

No. 1287537

I am a cunt ngl glad you agree with me.

No. 1287538

You can say whatever you want about me. I hate myself too much to fight you carry on carry on do your worst

No. 1287539

Oh, it was her getting her knickers all bunched up. Not like the self posting wasn't bleeding obvious. Shoo.

No. 1287541

we arent necessarily sngry, but we're pointing out that your illness instas are attention seeking and unhelpful

No. 1287542

I’m honestly not self posting I wish I was lol

No. 1287543

>you carry on carry on

We don't want to, lad. We never did. You wanted to post yourself here for attention. Now fuck off and play with your medical wristbands or something. Bye.

No. 1287544

Youre probably right I am sorry

No. 1287545

I didn’t self post I promise

No. 1287546

k stop then. bye

No. 1287548

Bye hope you have a nice day

No. 1287550

File: 1627674739532.jpg (51.11 KB, 503x895, takeyourownfuckingadvice.JPG)

Honestly normally enjoy Dora's tiktoks but
>please don't use this sound for body checks
>clips of crying, lots of food, whatever
>last few seconds, couldn't resist throwing in a body check
like what?

No. 1287558

Post (not shopped) caps and maybe we’ll believe you. But since the majority of EDS claimers online are munchies, it’s kinda hard to believe anything you say especially this.

No. 1287561

Fair enough

No. 1287563

File: 1627675876218.jpeg (134.01 KB, 1170x307, 90E3CF0C-FAE4-4DBA-8623-9642E2…)

This is the best I got sorry

No. 1287564

Top kek “borderline EDS” isn’t a thing. And joint hyper mobility is extremely common as we all remember from the old munchie threads. At least 30% of all women can be diagnosed with hyper mobility and an even higher percentage of child, adolescents, and young adults. This cow really thinks she’s special kek.

No. 1287568

Diagnoses have a numerical code after them and this could’ve been typed by anyone. Nice try but munch harder next. Gtfo, cow.

No. 1287569

File: 1627676013756.jpeg (159.48 KB, 1170x567, EC68F6BF-D1D8-4B4A-BC40-42C322…)

idk then

No. 1287573

I would suggest you stop posting and leave this thread for your own sake. This isn't leading anywhere.

No. 1287574


No. 1287582

Can we ignore the self pitying, self poster from here on out? Can't take the second hand cringe.

No. 1287583

File: 1627676993027.png (2.83 MB, 828x1792, BF94B8D7-7F3F-4D5E-AC89-B69255…)


No. 1287585

I’m not self posting so lol

No. 1287588

I’m going now anyway bye if you wanna hate me idc

No. 1287599

stop embarrassing yourself

No. 1287602

File: 1627679263690.png (966.54 KB, 828x1792, 281BC491-A2BF-4DA0-A36C-8D2404…)

nah this is fucking hilarious, wasnt she trying to talk about being “severely underweight ” recently kek

No. 1287604

You are desperately posting about yourself, answering every single anon that mentions you. And then you run to Instagram to try and make it seem like lolcow is giving you attention like the true pro ana you strive to be, when in reality every single post is asking you to shut up. Are the jannies sleeping or why isnt this newfag banned yet?
>Inb4 just ignore her
I know im part of the problem

No. 1287612

>If you cannot figure out why your behavior might be cowlike, do some goddamn soul searching and ask yourself why it is important for you to have an online persona around illness.

I would love an AMA about this if any of these cows were capable of being honest with themselves. A better bet might be an AMA from someone who's gone through this stage, gotten over it, and might have some actual insight on what they were getting out of it.

No. 1287618

File: 1627681131713.jpeg (129.18 KB, 750x1046, F938D759-C995-4622-A69D-A963ED…)

Kek they’re around somewhere, I got banned because they have zero sense of humour

No. 1287621

Whew, harsh. Should've appealed and explained the joke. Farmhands need to read threads.

No. 1287623

That joke honestly made my day anon. Breaks my heart to know it wasn't appreciated.

No. 1287627

Shhhh dear anon. If we stop talking about her she might go away. Don't feed her the attention she so desperately craves.

No. 1287630

Kek, this is fucking hilarious

No. 1287636

>Dear doctor

No. 1287641

is this girl from the UK? no uk doctor would link complex MH to 'symptomatic hypermobility' or 'associated neurodivergence', it is literally not NHS lingo kek

No. 1287642

Yeah, no doctor would use "neurodivergence" no matter how woke they are

No. 1287645

>casually leaves in her healthy weight range so people can calculate her weight and height

No. 1287650

i reckon that was accidental, she’s not smart and is p secretive about her weight, i’m surprised she admitted her BMI after the ~severely underweight~ ~lowest BMI on the ward~ shite

No. 1287659

I agree. I also believe that there are two 'types' of people who have anorexia. Those who get it purely from being predisposed to it, and those who develop it as a response to a shitty traumatic childhood. The first group generally get sick very fast, and can get very sick, but can also recover quicker. They don't generally have 'other' comorbidities (like not diagnosed with BPD/PTSD etc), they generally don't self-harm, abuse substances or attempt suicide frequently. They have a good life to recover to and are usually otherwise high functioning - they don't want to be in hospital. Once they commit to wanting to recover they can generally do it well. Of course I don't want to fit all anorexics in two boxes.. but I do notice this pattern.

No. 1287661

kek sorry you got banned for that, I thought it was funny!

No. 1287666

File: 1627686879265.jpeg (250.4 KB, 828x1472, 87940042-174E-45CC-9DA7-C88AB4…)

she might want to take “anorexia” out of her bio…

No. 1287667

Has been posted previously.

No. 1287669

Why are the ranges so low? 23 isn't overweight for white people. The norms vary a bit by race – is this an Asian calculator? Even then, obese starting at 25 doesn't hold for any East/South Asian ethnicities, it starts at 27 or 28.

No. 1287670

i know, but anorexia has either been added to her bio since or she’s pretending this never happened. we know she reads here

No. 1287671

File: 1627687389638.png (6.46 KB, 311x162, asian bmi norms.png)

+image I forgot to add because I'm an idiot

No. 1287672

I have some theories about age of onset too. There's definitely something different about people who get ill as children or tweens vs. older age of onset.

No. 1287692


That was one very fine joke and one of the good-for-nothing mods just didn't get it!
Carry on, brave anon warríor!

No. 1287694

Why would she get this? Isn't the main difference between ARFID and AN that the former restricts food for reasons other than weight loss? Does she not have that

No. 1287696

Why does she post this shit… she knows that's going to trigger her followers (also her history isn't anything to be proud of)

No. 1287699

Yea it's weird, ARFID is more like a sensory disorder or oral aversion.. a fear of the physical feeling of eating. It's a totally different thing to anorexia but I suppose it could co-exist? Would be a fab excuse to not comply with treatment and retain the nose hose.

No. 1287700

a growing number of anorexics on social media seem to be claiming to have arfid and my personal theory is that it's so they can a) excuse themselves from getting better and gaining weight and b) try to make themselves seem more "interesting" and get more followers/attention

No. 1287714

but sophie is not anorexic. she’s a rabid BPD attention whore??

No. 1287836

She's pretty much healthy weight. She weighs about 60kg lol

No. 1287839

Yeah. I'd add the predisposed/nature group are more likely to be restrictive subtype and trauma/ nurture group are often b/p subtype. Of course this is a massive generalisation, but as you said, there is a clear pattern.

No. 1287851

Ignoring the unsaged and the word lol that screams self post, go back to school and learn to do maths. She left in that for her, 18.5 would be 55.9kg, and she said she is 18.2(? I cant be arsed to scroll and look). Regardless, no one cares about her "stats" here

No. 1287878


Relational operators, motherfucker.
Do you know them.

No. 1287881


Get back to your own stable, cow..!

No. 1287963

File: 1627741146227.png (832.4 KB, 934x598, Screenshot_2021-07-31 Hannah G…)

Ganer showing off her success story again.
"How to get from being a skelly spoopy to be an overtraining, orthorexic gorilla."

No. 1287979


Still in her little piece of heaven of safe foods, OCD training regimen and continuous body checking.

No. 1288038

I can't imagine Ganer's future. She's totally stuck. She's forever going to look the same, never get to do her body shows, forever working out a body not fit for the exertion. Eating the same slop, taking the same pic of the same cup with her laptop's same wallpaper. It's not going to change.

No. 1288044

Where are the mods this bitch doesn’t even know what self posting is. Someone put failingella out of her misery and ban her for good.

No. 1288051

A thought I got when I saw yet another ganer spoop comparison, what if she gets to a competition one day and they give her a pity win because she has worked sooo hard to get there. Her whole thing is that she used to be a spoop and now she lifts so that ought to raise some feelings and pity points

No. 1288057

Doubt it, but I wouldn't rule out one of those patronising "special" awards. The kind of pity award they give old actors or musicians who never actually won but was always nominated.

No. 1288067

I’m surprised she gets away with posting shit like this so often given how many in the recovery *~community~* get their knickers in a twist over before/after pics

No. 1288079

I doubt she's really in the recovery community. She's so into fitness and they're all about those before and after picture in that community.

No. 1288107

I beg someone bring something new to this thread. its getting dry we need some milk!

No. 1288117

File: 1627754754597.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 047F5C28-F15F-4BEA-8023-FE6D87…)

We’ve established that Anna doesn’t have many brain cells. But 1/2

No. 1288119

File: 1627754832339.jpeg (125.53 KB, 750x1212, 76898EB7-D49F-462B-A20E-CEC3D9…)

2/2 things that aren’t calories… foods you enjoy…

Glad she’s doing these educational videos anyway. People probably didn’t know that those with eating disorders restricted food. Today I also learnt that food doesn’t have calories if you enjoy it.

No. 1288120

Check out mary_yy_a.
She is average weight but always posts on her stories “Do I look fat??” And then when people tell her she does on tellonym, she insists she’s very underweight and extremely sick. Loves to post body checks of her very normal looking body. Always going to the hospital then getting released the next day or hours later. Her feed is just bodychecks but she posts a ton on her stories. I don’t have any screenshots but I could take some next time she posts. She craves attention.

No. 1288124

This girl really thinks she is doing God's work, it's actually embarrassing

No. 1288126

I've seen a few people call her out, but then get attacked by her followers, 'people are so sensitive these days', 'you're just jealous', 'unfollow if she triggers you' etc.

It's troubling no one seems to recognise her behaviour is still incredibly disordered, and tonnes of PTs praise her spoop progress pics. Make you wonder whether they don't question unhealthy behaviour in their own clients.

No. 1288138

People are like Ganer & friends are absolute control freaks in most of the cases.
She will be one of those hard cases when a relapse occurs and she'll ride down to hell in a real hurry, that's for sure.

No. 1288156

Well they don't. Body building isn't exactly healthy either. It takes a huge toll on your body to constantly be cutting and bulking the the shit you do while cutting.. Not healthy at all.

No. 1288158

Samefag but I have to add, I guess the cutting sold it to ganer. She gets to live those restriction highs again and then gorge on food later to make more progress with her body and then just rinse and repeat..

No. 1288169

I can see her doing the restriction part, but really can't picture her gorging on food, just going back to the slop with the chocolate in the measuring cup.

No. 1288178

Restricting foods you enjoy aka faking a histamine allergy in order to avoid 'all but 20' foods while surrounding yourself with histamines and having no legit visible reactions. Okay lord Dr Anna you can't pull the wool over our eyes

No. 1288179

Yeah that's the gorging part for her kek

No. 1288208

i don’t think she’s going this to restrict / “relapse” at all. her ~anorexia~ was so mild, i doubt she has any genuine influence from any ‘anorexia thoughts’, ever.

this is just a charade to try and make her seem sick and gain followers and a bit of clout.

No. 1288230


Problem with Ganer is, that she does not bulk at all. She won't achieve anything at all with her sorry bowls of slop alone.

No. 1288242

That won't bother her much since she's able to live out her thirst for hyper-controlling herself.
She also cannot compete since the other (real) BBers know about the principle of bulking some mass on their bodies.

As it has been said already, she's in it for the training plans and her color-coded porridge.

No. 1288281

did ganer post as she was gaining weight? I'm so curious how she managed to do it given that we've seen her completely stuck for a while now

No. 1288361

If there were only BED patients there, it makes sense, kek

No. 1288392

File: 1627776731193.jpeg (319.28 KB, 827x1509, 9F700269-3A95-4B84-A838-EF66A2…)

Porgie posing desperately trying to hide her neck rolls? Her four chins?

Peep the nose hose also.

No. 1288399

OMG she's gotten huge… wow

No. 1288405


Damnnnn, how many necks are behind that palm and yet she still looks like an obese mong!
I’d love to see the faces of the staff as they are tubing her!!

No. 1288418

File: 1627779807291.jpg (383.11 KB, 1080x1895, 20210801_110217.jpg)

This is FERREL!! She is literally pulling her neck/chin fat back to hide it. Y.U.C.K

No. 1288421

Woops… Posted this before the site had refreshed. Only realised this had already been posted once I posted mine. Good to see that we can all see through her shit though

No. 1288445


did you not see the group photo she was in a few threads ago??

No. 1288448

No, can you post it or link it??

No. 1288461

File: 1627782945231.jpg (293.19 KB, 1080x2078, 20210801_115435.jpg)

Why does Sophie go on about having the lowest BMI in the ward she was in when she doesn't even look underweight. Look at this pic of her upper arm. Not even skinny, looks healthy size

No. 1288476


Sage. Your. Shit.

No. 1288481

I can't even begin to understand how any nurse or doctor can justify tubing her? Normally when she gets discussed I kinda skip over it so I may be missing something but how is she tubed? Like how has this been a thing going on for her for so long? In experience tubing is like last resort your gonna die, but this girl is huge, she does not need that tube.

No. 1288482

If you look at her account she slowly gets a big bigger, but I think for now she is maintaining? I dont really know what the use for her exercise is because she is not gaining any muscle. With the amount she goes to the gym and the videos she posts from the gym you'd think this girl would atleast be a bit more toned.

No. 1288630


No. 1288631

I'm confused by this too. Is it standard practice in Australia to tube anyone who requests one/pays for one? It's grotesque.

No. 1288635

New Farm is a private hospital, so if they tube their patients they get more money off insurance (I think).

No. 1288636

Don't they normally just tube people if they refuse to eat? I do not believe that she doesn't eat

No. 1288651

I don't want to medfag so will just say all you need to do is a quick google search and you can find out why someone with a high BMI could be given a feeding tube for legit health reasons. They aren't used solely for eating disorders or people on deaths door.

No. 1288656

I get winded just looking at her. Can't imagine what it feels like to be in her body

No. 1288660


It’s one thing tubing physically unwell people who literally can’t eat though - in the UK if georgia went to a psych ward and wasn’t eating they would wait it out for a LONG time before tubing her. And she would definitely break before they did. As has been said before I’m sure it is the fact that it’s the private healthcare system being the reason she’s tubed so much - money not an issue, can pander to her more, if she keeps going back to the same ward with the same doctors and nurses too it’s probably just part of her care plan now and they’re resigned to just tubing her… she might seem like she’s quite passive or whatever on IG but who knows what histrionics she pulls to get the tube.
Compare her to Gracie, I’m guessing she’s in the public system and she’s not small but still way smaller than porgie (and has clearly lost weight, cf porgie who cries restriction whilst gaining exponentially) and has never been kept in for her ED, shows the difference between public and private over there.

No. 1288667

>They aren't used solely for eating disorders

No, but in this case we're talking about Georgia. She has previous.

I agree with >>1288660 re the situation in the UK. Laura had to get admitted to the PDU to get tubed, and even then it was a while after she'd been there. She tried for one in her last place by not eating, but they didn't give in.

No. 1288669

File: 1627813109328.jpg (99.44 KB, 460x831, 0.JPG)

N2f mentioned her new meds were making her feel bad a couple of days ago, and now she talks about them again. Hope she can stick with them and get used to them because they look to be making a difference.

No. 1288694

Wonder what she’s on - I’m guessing they’re psychiatric drugs but I wonder if she takes anything for physical illnesses too, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d started getting physical symptoms because of her weight when she was more skelly.

No. 1288700

Why do the bananas look old?

No. 1288710

KEK the hand to hide the chins, oh lord. Also newfags asking how she gets tubed - it's been discussed at length previously and the tl;dr is daddy's money

No. 1288722

I think someone said before that if you refuse a certain number of meals in a row then nf will tube you regardless of weight?

No. 1288725


Exactly - if they actually wanted to help her they wouldn’t tube her at all. Imagine being a bpd ana cow and knowing all you needed to do to get a tube was refuse to eat for three days.

No. 1288745

File: 1627826522795.png (2.7 MB, 828x1792, 8AA6A9D5-90AE-4098-B97C-2025FF…)

guys it’s now 22 foods that anna isn’t allergic to!!!! how incredible /s

No. 1288755

why does she block out her tiktok? is she recycling old content? guess it fucks with the narrative that her MCAS only got bad recently if she’s using months old videos

No. 1288761

In the US you get tubed at any weight if you don't eat for long enough, which does need to be a thing for people with atypical anorexia, but obviously not for people who are gaining weight outpatient because clearly they can eat. Also if you're dehydrated they'll sometimes tube you to just be running Pedialyte or something 24 hours a day.

No. 1288766

File: 1627829189571.jpeg (184.1 KB, 750x1243, 72DBE6E5-6AE0-4D19-B660-201774…)

Definitely recent - her quail egg consumption is a relatively new thing…

No. 1288767

File: 1627829373760.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 86BD98E0-BC4E-4AFF-BC81-95D036…)

Samefag was going to say she probably just uses TikTok as a video making app, has a throwaway account and never posts on it. Don’t forget her moral ‘I’m never going to use TikTok because it’s misogynistic’ …..’except when I can make videos and just post them to Instagram’

Also ignore all the videos and photos she’s posted playing tennis, she’s definitely only had one good day since March. Pic not included, where she said she reacted to something outside and had to spend the rest of the day in bed. Suspiciously one day after someone mentioned she only ever seems to react to food.

No. 1288770

Why is her forearm so bendy? EDS saga incoming.

No. 1288774

are my eyes deceiving me or are there fucking WORMS under that egg??

No. 1288781

in my opinion, either some octopus or some chicken hands. yummy

No. 1288782

I think it's baby corn, but cooked with red cabbage so stained purple.

I think it is misleading she cries about only being able to eat 22 foods but one of them is corn - sweetcorn, baby corn, corn cakes, corn tortillas, cornflakes, popcorn and so on. Makes it seem much more limiting than it actually is.

No. 1288796

File: 1627833313499.jpeg (226.69 KB, 665x738, 9318F3E7-E75B-4051-8822-9DF0EF…)

There is a slug making a bid for freedom there

Sometimes I think she must be trolling us. Then I remember her only brain cell is shoved way to far up her arse for that to happen. But the six quail yolks + worms photo… Anna pls.

No. 1288808

Yeah, all that isn't stained corn. It looks more like worms than n2f's rice looked like maggots that time.

No. 1288811

He could be the lead in a love triangle rom-com with our favourite aspiring actresses, Hxn and Molly.

Unfortunately the budget is used up on Molly's primary school dresses, Han's eye make-up and his fear food challenges so we have to bring in Z-list LARPers for the supporting roles.

No. 1288812

is it mealworms?? that is absolutely not baby corn

No. 1288816

File: 1627834993061.png (316.09 KB, 720x615, Screenshot_20210801-172117~2.p…)

Too long and thin for mealworms. Wtf is THIS? It looks prehistoric.

Nik couldn't play straight. He's way too gay.

No. 1288818

Should've spoilered. Enjoy your snacks. (Sorry)

No. 1288821

Looks like octopus tentacles to me.

No. 1288825

It's baby corn sliced into stripes, do you really think posh medicine students eat cabbage with QUAIL EGGS and worms?
You should go outside and touch some grass, maybe drink a glass of water.

No. 1288829

This girl wouldn't know true chronic illness joint pain if it kicked her in the kneecaps
She's surprisingly mobile (and clear skinned, where are these rashes her reactions should be causing?) for someone who makes all these claims. It's frustrating to see, she needs her head shaking

No. 1288839

Hey, how can you truly know what someone is going through? You have no idea what she’s like outside of the 10% of herself she shows on the internet.

No. 1288844

please leave

No. 1288849

lol why are you here! byeee

No. 1288855

are you serious….

No. 1288859

So true! I retract anything I've ever said about these cows. I am sure Porgie too does have some super serious anorexia, as we never know what people are going through!

No. 1288860

Get outta here, she shares enough of her life for us to get a pretty good image of her scam illness.

No. 1288866

Of course, it goes for everyone here. You can never truly know what is going on unless you’re in their lives. It makes me so upset that there are people in the world that can just be so horrible without any thought about who their voice nought reach.

No. 1288867

*might not naught

No. 1288869

It makes me so upset that this girl is so happy to fake a serious chronic illness for spoopy attention. We wouldn't talk about her for no reason, that's kinda the point of this website. Leave if you're so uwu sad face

No. 1288871


Perhaps you should go say the same thing to Anna who tells people that they should just go and eat a cookie if they want to recover? Or who constantly shows her tube pictures despite being told she’s being triggering time and time again?
She’s happy to trigger people if it gets her followers and engagement but we’re the horrible ones for pointing it out…

No. 1288872

You're at least smart enough to sage so guess is you're a lurker with a hard-on for Anna. Take it elsewhere

No. 1288874

I seriously can’t grasp how you lot can live knowing you act like like this. I do everything I can to not hurt people and I still manage to do it somehow, it just makes me upset that you can be so horrible and somehow get away with it whereas i live with my every move in fear of harming someone. You can block me or whatever, I don’t really care, I just wanted you to know that even words you think are aimed at specific people can hurt others. Words hurt, and words kill. I beg you please be careful.

No. 1288875

Can you prove she’s faking? Like actually physically prove it? No, didn’t think so

No. 1288876

If the shoe fits

No. 1288877

Everyone makes mistakes, she can trigger people and so can you but why don’t YOU say it to her face/DM instead of all over an anonymous hate site. As someone who has been mentioned on here before, I would love to know who is actually saying this stuff.

No. 1288878

She can't even fake the illness she claims to have properly. It's kinda obvious to those of us with brain cells

No. 1288880

Also this website should cease to exist, I know I’m not helping by being here too but honestly I only come to check I’m not being talked about which admittedly sounds a bit selfish - that’s why I’m doing what I can to try and help you realise how you could be affecting people.

No. 1288883

Of course you're a lurking cow. If you're so worried you'll be put on blast on here then maybe don't act like a cow?

No. 1288886

You don’t see anything outside of her IG though, and illnesses present themselves in MANY different mannerisms in different people. I’m in no way justifying her, I’m here speaking on behalf of anyone who has ever had their illness diminished by people who don’t know enough about it or them. It costs literally nothing to just be nice to people. What are you achieving here?

No. 1288887

Which heffer are you? Just, curious sake.

No. 1288888

I know people (not from here) who have messaged her about her problematic shit and she blocked them. I've seen comments calling her out get ignored or even deleted.

One of the rules of this site is before a cow is mentioned, they must show 'no willingness to improve upon their behaviour'. Anna fits this criteria perfectly.

No. 1288891

I don’t recall ever acting like a cow. I obviously did something to upset someone, and for that I can only apologise.

No. 1288892

Ooh good try

No. 1288893

I’ve been blocked too, it’s her problem then isn’t it? We don’t have to yell about it on an anonymous platform just because we can. Like I say you have no idea who you’re hurting with the kinds of things that come up on here, like I say even if you thinking it’s aimed at someone.

No. 1288894

Have you quite finished your Anna-bation? Maybe take into consideration some people are frustrated because they legit have chronic illnesses and she's doing us dirty. The symptoms Anna claims to have no one has ever seen. She won't share them because they don't exist, not because she's only showing us 10% of her life.

No. 1288895

it’s ella, guys. she got blocked by anna but is still obsessed with her enough to defend her on here.

No. 1288896

I was wondering if it was Ella by the mannerisms in the above posts.

No. 1288897

I live with myself just fine. Cope harder.

No. 1288898

Anna has a public platform. She actively seeks more followers. If she doesn't want to be held accountable for her actions, she should get off the internet. Personally, I wouldn't chat shit about her here if she would just acknowledge the copious amount of criticism she has got in her comment section.

No. 1288901


Well thank you to Ella for learning how to sage. You really shit in the thread last time but this is plain boring.

No. 1288904

I'm sure her ~invisible illness~ is the most painful, debilitating illness anyone ever suffered.

Sorry for doubting her culinary thing. It honestly looks like worms, but then we working class only know potato and mysterious meat.

No. 1288905

Just a thought- might Anna be larping a chronic illness to get favourable treatment for her degree? I know at GSCE and A-Level, if you are sick you can get extra time in exams. Could the same be true for her degree/ could she get exemptions for practicals?

No. 1288906

You can’t prove that

No. 1288908

Yeah. At my old uni you'd get extensions on essays if you cried about anxiety. If you saw their counsellor, then that was a bonus.

She's going to get special treatment already for her dsylxeia.

No. 1288910


No. 1288911

I agree that Anna should speak out about the comments she’s receiving but she doesn’t have to. Nobody owes you anything. Just let people be. I’d let you lot be if you weren’t being so horrible to people. Ah I give up

No. 1288912

Why should I, you’re still here!

No. 1288913

Funny thing though.. neither can she.

No. 1288914

No one is claiming to. It's called speculation.

No. 1288915

She shares a crazy amount of intimate, personal details about things the vast majority of people keep quiet about in their actual life, much less share it with as wide of an audience as possible. What more could she really be hiding? Is the 90% just a boring mundane life no one cares about and the 10% is gory details she plays up for attention?

No. 1288917

Maybe, maybe not. None of us know because none of us are in her life! So shh we don’t know anything and we shouldn’t keep banging on about stuff we don’t know anything about.

No. 1288920

Oh by the way I’ve reported Lolcow to the police.

No. 1288921

We don’t know. Let her be.

No. 1288922

haha ok, no1curr.

No. 1288924

You’re allowed to speculate yes but not when you’re just being horrible all the time I don’t understand how you guys do it. Maybe I’m just undereducated.

No. 1288926

I know. Just saying. Just in case.

No. 1288927

>> i RePoRtEd LoLcOw tO tHe PoLiCe

Sure thing hun, people have before. Still here. And so are the other farms. Keep your ego in check. Please just leave.

No. 1288928

Oh, sweaty. Lolcow is untouchable. Literally. Thanks for trying, though.

No. 1288929

Oh no. This is it. We're all going to prison now, it was nice knowing y'all

No. 1288930

It’ll probably do nothing but at least I trieddd

No. 1288932

Get some fucking friends, retard. Anna will never want you. She's not a gay.

No. 1288933

I'm sure someone would send carrier pigeons or something with the keks of the day, it'll be fine.

No. 1288935

police police anons are calling me fat on the internet

No. 1288936

I’m not gay for her ffs omg

No. 1288937

If you think this is the thread that will take lolcow down then you really are in the wrong place

No. 1288938

Ahh that is not what I said tho ….

No. 1288939

You’re probably right. But I can say I tried.

No. 1288946

File: 1627841282689.png (270.37 KB, 720x1233, Screenshot_20210801-190448~2.p…)

Insta deleted Pencilneck's anorexia video. I didn't see how it was against ToS, but his acting was shockingly bad.

No. 1288947

File: 1627841393463.png (3.98 MB, 828x1792, 7D762669-9F5A-4B1D-84C8-677FD6…)

ignoring the pathetic little whinger shitting up the thread-
no sophie. you just look ugly because you fuck yourself up for attention.

No. 1288948

Then what are you hoping to achieve by posting? Anna to realize how hard you're white knighting her, that you're oh so nice and wouldn't hurt a fly (sure jan), awfully attention-seeking and self serving. Senpai will never love you.

No. 1288953

Still don’t understand why you just need to have a go at people who are clearly ill. Let them be please. If you hate them that much just block unfolllow

No. 1288954

I’m trying to stick up for everyone here but I know that’s kinda impossible

No. 1288957

I don’t care if Anna notices me or not that isn’t the point.

No. 1288958

File: 1627841706344.png (283.03 KB, 670x347, i-killed-a-man-and-you.png)

No. 1288959

I’m going now, I’m leaving. I haven’t saged because I want you to remember me and remember that words fucking hurt. Not necessarily me, not necessarily anyone you even talk about here. You never know who can come across these things and I’m serious words can fucking kill. I hope you’re proud of yourselves. I used to be able to see the good in anyone but I must say I’m struggling with a lot of you - but I don’t actually know any of you so I can’t really form an opinion. Like you don’t know me or you don’t know anyone you actually talk about here, just stop. You don’t know enough about anyone here to say anything the littlest bit valid. And if I get hate for telling people to just be nice to each other, I’ll simply take it in my stride. There’s much more worse things I could get hate for. See yah x(k)

No. 1288960

No. 1288964

File: 1627842070296.jpg (76.26 KB, 1024x852, ESe9edoXYAAsx9e.jpg)

Thinking the bong police even give a shit, KEK! there's literal paedophiles walking around scott free absolutely no one gives a flying shit about our 'tism corner. If you don't like it fuck off to your fake bullshit hugbox on twatter.

No. 1288967


Cyber crime is still crime. The legal system is fucked

No. 1288972

gossiping about instagram users is cybercrime kek. I guess we are going to jail with chris chan

No. 1288978

Not really a crime now is it, online discussion. You get this in real life, wait til you have kids and stand waiting to pick them up at school. No one here (bar the cow-tipping tards) are going out of their way to harass anyone. And people in the real world love a good train wreck, pretty sure you'd still have people laughing at you without this board and others akin to it. Also anyone here not using a VPN is pretty much asking for trouble anyways.

No. 1288984

File: 1627844830951.jpeg (893.79 KB, 828x1545, AD5C8FF0-7413-44F9-82E4-78F589…)

why is she doing everything in slow mo?

No. 1289000

Because she's~quirky~?

Tbh I got bored with Paris. If a person isn't feeling like an hero before catching up on her insta , they will be after.

She makes no effort at all to help herself.

No. 1289014

bye Ella!

No. 1289023

Holy shit, has Paris actually gained? It’s been a while since I checked on her

No. 1289025

nah. still as skeletony as before

No. 1289030

she's blocking out her TikTok because she keeps banging on about how she hates the moral aspects of the app and therefore deleted the app.. clearly not??

No. 1289033


Tbh he's not quite Oscar material, no.

No. 1289035

She's been in "recovery" since so long ago but has gained 0 pounds. Still as spoopy as ever. On her way to Ashley level spoop kek

No. 1289038

isnt she like a seed patient?

No. 1289047

File: 1627849639588.jpeg (921.9 KB, 828x1327, A24A8528-A524-4D4C-8201-14AB3E…)

Is she not embarrassed to look like this???

No. 1289054

Must've missed all the cultural appropriation PSA's

No. 1289077

File: 1627852801703.png (3.66 MB, 828x1792, 4BD17952-FBAC-4BC5-8501-40BC12…)

it’s actually concerning that someone would post a photo like this.

No. 1289122

File: 1627855192384.jpg (139.19 KB, 542x484, IMG_20210801_225843.jpg)

No. 1289125

How dare you, Corey does not deserve this

No. 1289151

You're right, I did him wrong and for that I am sorry. His mask is wayyyy better than whatever is going on with her look rn

No. 1289192

i know anna mentions because of what happened earlier are probably to be dreaded. but if her 'illness' makes it to where she can only eat 20 foods then what the hell are her what i eat in a days? im talking the one from like two months ago? shes eating variety upon variety, also pretty sure even in the recent ones shes eating a variety of foods plus ingredients. its just lies and inconsistency. even on her story today.

No. 1289229

And MCAS is usually something a person is born with, not something they can magically develop. Covid doesn’t cause it either like some farmers have suggested. Anna’s not getting asspats as an ana chan anymore so she had to jump on the chronic illness bandwagon to make herself relevant on TikTok again. Except she’s too stupid to do beyond basic research into her fake condition and comes off as an obvious liar.

No. 1289269

But people who have had weight loss surgery basically are forced into 'starvation'. They aren't tubed to ensure they get enough food. They're fueled by their own fat stores.. and it's supposed to be good for them. Why can't porgie be left alone so her poor body can utilise some of her fat stores.

No. 1289297

Bariatric patients still eat SOMETHING, even if it's like 800 calories a day. And they hydrate. It's possible for an atypical anorexic (which Porgie is not) to become dangerously malnourished or dehydrated while still fat (if they were much fatter to start with).

No. 1289352

Is one of those 22 foods her own bullshit?

No. 1289419

File: 1627911442492.jpeg (135.81 KB, 707x1088, 3F143FA9-EFE8-4308-9213-39131F…)

Evidently. She posted this video and those tortilla strips contain sunflower oil. She has said before she is allergic to that (but not sunflower seeds?)

No. 1289512

shes straight up bullshitting, in one of her what i eat things she can chocolate, protein balls w tons of ingredients, sushi, chips, acidic fruits, chocolate, juices, all types of different fruits, processed nut bars, like????? things that have different foods to make themselves up. shes literally eating 50+ ingredients and so many different varieties that its impossible that this is her 22 safe foods to eat. it makes no fucking sense.

No. 1289517

File: 1627922921990.jpg (7.95 KB, 275x183, just fucking eat.jpg)

He wishes.

Anyone know what's up with marybitch w/e her username is? Is she still upping her intake by 100 cal per day?

No. 1289520

she is going by Mary_dorotheax now and seems to actually be doing well! Has gained almost a stone, and is posting higher calorie and less-OCD fuelled things. Of course she could be lying about all this but I don't think she ever has before.

I hope she keeps making progress, she seems nice just ill.

No. 1289522

Oh, fucking hell, that's brilliant. Ta for the new name, her meals look good. I thought of her because of the talk about skeles and how they manage to get into uni.

Didn't expect her to have moved on, but good for her!

No. 1289524

File: 1627923944150.jpeg (726.42 KB, 828x1626, 3A480FFB-E283-49EC-A553-EDBD5A…)

>moved on
that’s a bit optimistic but she seems to be doing slightly better for sure

No. 1289525

god not her again. be careful the mods seem to be absent, she’ll come back and start shitting up the thread again

No. 1289526

File: 1627924685605.jpeg (369.4 KB, 828x1526, C625823B-FD19-49FB-B7D9-D948CF…)

No. 1289527

File: 1627924701468.png (895.53 KB, 984x660, derp.png)

That's moving on…steadily. Increasing snacks is good. Hopefully she'll get the taste for feeling less hungry and think fuck it. Yeah, encouraging.

I watched some of Anna live. It was shit, so I didn't stay. She kept mentioning her "allergies". Every time she did she looked really embarrassed uncomfortable like she was lying (…). She's going out for a meal with mummy and daddy tomorrow, despite being allergic to everything.

No. 1289529

The weight gain isn't noticeable, which I suppose is good if she's being honest about gaining. She sounds like she's sick of it all which, again, is good.

I meant to say that Anna couldn't even bring herself to say she had "MCAS", just an embarrassed ~allergies~

I won't say much about >>1289523 but Anna's fangirl is so cringe. Medical alert band, sunflower lanyard. Waiting for her to start experiencing allergies.

No. 1289530

File: 1627925105027.jpeg (311.22 KB, 750x867, 2A1B1F96-67C1-4C30-9D6A-FEA4AC…)

She actually has some milk but agree not worth discussing because she’ll come on here and defend herself endlessly and ruin any of the keks. But I will leave you with the lanyard she wears everywhere complete with buttons stating some her various illnesses and DiSaBiLiTiEs

No. 1289533

File: 1627925201266.jpeg (163.83 KB, 631x1064, 656B171F-37C0-43C3-956E-A75D89…)

Anna made a reel of the horrible, not ‘quirky’ , things that happened because of her ED
1) missing last year of school
2) mummy having to quit her job to look after poor sick Anna
3) missing freshers week

Didn’t she go say patient in March? Hardly so sick she missed a year of education Pretty much when schools shut anyway? School anon, she wasn’t pulled out in September was she?

No. 1289534

File: 1627925315099.jpg (46.03 KB, 1284x294, discREET.JPG)



No. 1289536

File: 1627925687135.jpg (58.58 KB, 498x704, Capture.JPG)

Yeah, says here she started recovery a year ago, posted March this year.

That would've been a couple of months before her A levels. End of school for her was June 2020

No. 1289538

>I was so unwell
>I could feel my body shutting down
>powerless to do anything

God, she really thinks she was the sickest ever.

No. 1289539

File: 1627926067707.jpg (37.83 KB, 468x403, 0.JPG)


SIX MONTHS. All of six months! That's the blink of an eye.

No. 1289558

File: 1627927568678.jpeg (270.96 KB, 828x1415, 14E401DB-6F03-4813-BF0B-F19410…)

“Done more than average for my age” kek sure thing Anna

No. 1289560

WTF? she's travelled more, tried more new sports and that's about it - and all because of her family money.

And she has (as far as I can tell) never had a relationship, never had a job, never really done anything for anyone but herself (canvassing for a tory MP doesn't count).

No. 1289561

She might've done more (whatever she's "done"), but her life experience is that all has been cushy and she's learned nothing about the world or people outside of her own bubble.

No. 1289567

Never paid her own bills, never decorated her own flat, never been alone, never experienced a breakup, never had to worry about contraception, never been in debt…wish she'd never bought that fugly necklace.

No. 1289568

I suppose technically she has done more than the average 19 year old but only is you call faking chronic debilitating illness for internet clout 'more than the average'

No. 1289600

obviously it’s a good thing she hasn’t been ill long,
but it’s silly of her to continue the act of being the sickest ana ever

No. 1289610


The majority of anorexics have done more than the average person… by nature of the disease it’s usually overachievers, perfectionists etc who develop anorexia so Anna is not special there.

And to her white-knighters - the issue I have with this is that the majority of anorexics (anyone with an ED) will have v low self-esteem. The way Anna talks it’s as though she is so far above anyone else, she has achieved more than them, she is the sickest anorexic, recovered through sheer will-power (not really acknowledging how fast she got treatment and that she did not have an ED for long before getting intensive treatment which has always been shown to have good outcomes), that she is the only high achiever etc. She has a lot of followers with EDs. And she is toxic to them. And most of them do not know it - and if they do they get blocked.

No. 1289622

She had anorexia for 6 months. Most of her followers would've been on NHS waiting lists for treatment longer than that.

Is anyone impressed with Anna? There's nothing remarkable about her at all

No. 1289677

Tory canvassing? Didn’t know about this. Disappointed but not surprised that she’s a Tory, privileged twat.

No. 1289693

I don't know about St Andrews but at all the unis I know freshers was pretty limited anyway - mostly online stuff. Not exactly the picture of suffering if that is one of the three awful things to happen to you.

No. 1289694

File: 1627941459375.jpeg (397.56 KB, 750x583, 230284AB-254F-4452-BBC2-A367D9…)

Does anyone know what happened to Jess?

No. 1289727

File: 1627943895542.png (3.19 MB, 828x1792, 748FA8DD-8DAB-4FDA-A68A-758A6D…)

i’m sorry for bringing this one up bcs i know there’s a chance of her coming to embarass herself again but- kids clothes… ringing a bell?? the Anna skinwalk continues, kek.

No. 1289740

File: 1627946070701.jpeg (172.53 KB, 828x1416, A9D281BC-DECD-4BFE-BAFA-C0D67D…)

Time for a palette cleanser from our treatment queen who feels so ugly and gross she must show you her face excessively

No. 1289763

File: 1627948713639.png (7.6 MB, 1170x2532, F8E5CA4A-593B-4C5F-B4AF-F42624…)

kids clothes mention made me watch her story. shes posting this as if she isnt the sole reason she’s in this damn thread. let your followers know you posted 50 fucking times here too!

No. 1289775

This retard made a whole post about being on here too. I won’t post it and give her the air time she desperately craves.

I guess she sees this as some kind of badge of honour being posted here.. except she self posted and won’t fuck off.

No. 1289777

Out of IP and immediately time for a crisis. Cecelia never stops being on-brand for whiny attention whore. And agreed, she posts her face way too much for someone who feels like an ugly nuisance. This is a total asspat fish, never a stoop too low for Cecelia.

No. 1289782

How about weight restored and ready to crush the new school year! I’m split on whether she will keep acting out and stay in treatment or miraculously recover before the new school year begins. There will be dramatics with both options

No. 1289837

She's already claimed to have EDS. Iirc her sister actually does have it, so it's not unreasonable to think she might.

No. 1289846

MCAS can develop over time, but it's definetely not just being allergic to foods,it is medicines, environmental stuff, and things like body products too. I know ppl with MCAS and they have problems with rashes on the skin and that's with medicines to help. Anna's skin looks perfect.

No. 1289850

Oh that's classic, a sunflower lanyard so covered in illness identity pins that you can't even see the sunflowers! I would be so embarassed to go out with this on.

No. 1289864

I'd like to see a cow swap (like the show Wife Swap), let's swap Anna with Maddie. Would be funny to see how she would survive in a poor and dirty environment. But, hey, she would be doing great, after all, she has done more than average for her age.

No. 1289868

She claims her sister has eds just like she claims she has eds and mcas and the most serious anorexia ever. Anna claims a lot of things with no evidence to prove she’s telling the truth. Imo she’s been setting up a chronic illness saga for a long time bc she knows she can’t get asspats from her ed forever. She’s not sick it’s all for attention.

No. 1289883

whats maddies account?

No. 1289933

Ended up taking down the skin walk side by side picture in case it summoned her, but seems like she lurks with glee. And why the heck does she pull the most punchable faces?

>>1289775 wondering if the 'tism doesn't make her realize how much of an embarrassment it should be to be talked about here. Normal people would reflect on it, certainly not something you'd gloat about.

>>1289850 - It's so cringy, mental illnesses and life failings aren't something to wear as a badge of honour. And it's kind of defeating the point of the sunflower laynards.

No. 1289953

The fuck is 'overfull' supposed to mean??

No. 1289977

Sorry anon, but I assumed it's the point like christmas dinner (or thanksgiving for yanks), eaten too much to the point you're like a bloated landwhale tooting your parps. There's normally this level of full, and then there's overfull. Probably non of which ana chans ever feel, they just want to claim it for ass pats.

No. 1289978

Ok, I'm an idiot and I thought it wasn't a real word sorry lol

No. 1289995

Ahh, i don't know how many people know in the community or i don't know if this is the right place. I have a friend who has just passed, and i'm struggling to handle it tbh. She was by the definition pro ana. I know her IG account and others. I've been trying to log things incase health care needed it (optimism i know). I'm used to logging things because people like caitlin faked fuckin suicide. She was a lolcow, by all definition, but these past few months fucking hell.

No. 1289996

Sorry, but this DEFINITELY isn't the right place if you need to reach out for support - try your local helplines/ therapist/ friends and family instead

No. 1289999

File: 1627989435360.jpeg (477.54 KB, 750x1094, EDCEE3E3-CD2D-451C-A4B5-543D05…)

Hxn out here throwing a fucking pity party for herself because no other anorexics could possibly understand the feeling of hopelessness and recovery being impossible. And she doesn’t have any of those professionals to support her because she is non-compliant and has rejected all previous attempts at help. So entitled

No. 1290042

Hey anon, there’s better threads to be active on for support… try the OT link at the top. There is space for you there. Take care

No. 1290059

File: 1628000419627.jpeg (430.91 KB, 750x957, CB7BEDAF-7B6F-45E2-9BD0-E0A6E1…)

I am just watching the olympics… tell me this woman is not Ganer’s sister. She should get in touch with Callum.

No. 1290088

File: 1628003307867.jpeg (460.42 KB, 828x1199, 47BA1BA4-2F86-46B2-9F98-BFEE83…)

“My health is giving up on me”
Totally average weight.

No. 1290106

not to WK anyone but it is possible for “normal weight” people to have poor health, any actual milk?

No. 1290120

Sorry this post isn’t milky enough.
She posts this kind of thing all the time and talks about how skinny and unhealthy she is. She’s an attention seeker. I’ll try to post something better next time.

No. 1290131

File: 1628009776133.jpeg (Spoiler Image,587.18 KB, 750x1065, 0C33CC02-CEB9-41A4-874A-565791…)

Every ‘food challenge’ I wonder why Nik does not get called out. Facing a fear food is eating one ice cream, one doughnut, one marshmallow whatever this is. Nik eats the entire box to show… that you don’t have to track calories. So I did it for him - that box is 1000 calories.

I seriously think he is just doing this controlled binging to a) keep his followers who think he’s inspirational and recovering in the style of Ham and b) because if he eats an entire box of chocolates once a week it lets him restrict for the rest of the week. How else do his followers think he can do that and not gain an ounce of weight???

No. 1290133

Kek did not mean to spoiler but on second thoughts maybe it was the kindest thing

No. 1290144

>Super Dickmann's

No. 1290155

None of these people ever “challenge” a nutritious meal. It’s always a truckload of refined carbs. Complete bullshit.

No. 1290157

It wasn't lost on me.

He can post himself eating a Henry VIII style banquet, but not gaining an ounce EVER, why bother trying to pretend you're eating enough? He looks like shit here >>1290131ore than usual. No energy..

No. 1290161


He can always vomit if he feels bad..?

But he gets it wrong, either way.

Just look at his skelly figure and the theatrical demeanor. Still a control freak, no change at all.

No. 1290174

This anon is hitting the nail on the head. I am beyond sick of seeing people promote this disordered ass shit.

No. 1290175

He actually looks like he’s getting worse.

No. 1290178

As a germanfag, I am shocked at how anyone could stomach eating a whole box of these in one go

No. 1290181

they don't care because he's one of the only males in the ed recovery community with a following like this. hard to find a lot of male recovery accounts for the girls to have the token men struggle too to share. men do struggle with eating disorders yes, obviously, and they found one who speaks out about it so he gets praise no matter what

No. 1290185

One of his theatre buddy friends in the tagged section looks way worse. Heading towards Ash tier. He said he might start a YouTube channel. He'd put Nik's break out if joint.

Yeah imgboard but he ain't milky…but could be soon. Claims to have eaten some fancy cake.

No. 1290188

He is starting to give me ErikTheElectric vibes

No. 1290190

ahh yes the infamous male anorexic to competitive eater pipeline

No. 1290191


Kek well we found the one male who says ‘I want to be skinny like you’

No. 1290195

what I just don't understand, how is eating only sweets in any way a healthy, not disordered way of eating? Your body will hate you sooner or later for that.

another German here, I could eat the whole box in one go, but I'm stupid.

No. 1290204

lemon cheesecake dickmanns sounds awful. what the fuck?

No. 1290215

Ha! An anon in these very threads first brought the electric one to my notice many moons ago. Maybe it was you?

Sometimes I think he pukes it up. His lower facial area looks an odd shape at times.

No. 1290221

It definitely was not me as I'm relatively new here.

It is beyond me though how anyone can watch that man's videos and think he conquered his ED, when he obviously just traded anorexia for bulimia. It's sad, honestly.

No. 1290225

File: 1628016761964.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.81 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210803_19495166…)

This is his friend. He's obviously bulimic because he ate donuts n shit before going "all in". I think he has gone all in but pukes it all out. I hope he makes a yt channel.

No. 1290234

Was that Anna who made that stupid, everyone had EDs!! collage to highlight that lots of old straight poor black men totally probably have anorexia? Like how all types of men have EDs but actually they're all just happen to be gay.

No. 1290263


Not Anna - can’t remember who, though

No. 1290270

There were two - not sure who the first one was but I'm pretty sure they haven't otherwise been discussed. Then lifeofhxn made one as well, famously putting her own face next to Ham.

No. 1290277

It's here. >>1216333 the two in that thread

No. 1290287

File: 1628021792050.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1125x1939, A3FE19A0-6358-4123-956C-6621E7…)

No. 1290292

No. Didn't make me smile. Made me retch. All ana LARPers do.

No. 1290309

hannah hun the brow lamination is not a good look it would make us smile if you'd stop hope this helps xx

No. 1290318

such rAnDoM xD energy. ~vibin~ wiv muvva on the way to lidl. absolute madman

No. 1290331

File: 1628025817039.jpeg (299.08 KB, 750x1126, 47C01CB0-789C-431E-8F9E-A80D30…)

Anna listing all her amazing life experiences because she is has done so much more than other people her age.

Pretty sure she came top of her year in one exam not overall (we’d have heard about it if the latter was the case) and wasn’t she claiming she always had MCAS but COVID worsened it?

No. 1290346

File: 1628026708139.jpeg (241.26 KB, 717x1472, F82AC0F8-9FDE-46FB-915D-EC23B6…)

eww. just no

No. 1290366

'Kept recovering despite it all'

Kek. She truly is awful.

No. 1290371

shes done so much anon! she ate indian food! dont think many 19 year olds can top that!

No. 1290375


Someone dropped her insta a few threads back but seems like she only accepts people she knows. I still really wanna know what happened to ifzana

No. 1290376

sorcha is a cunt, period, but the selfposting makes me pity her.

No. 1290397

File: 1628033593521.jpeg (271.55 KB, 828x1445, 73A02E2F-BD1F-4B6F-82B4-D3D971…)

Plot twist, she’s gone and quit her “dream job” despite it being convenient for her summer jollies to treatment. Tin foil: they saw her insta and fired her.

No. 1290405

Or her parents who are at least partially supporting her even though she’s almost 30 are insisting she move back home (or close to home) where they have more of chance of preventing another BPD-fueled relapse. Not that it matters, she loves the attention too much. She’ll be sick as long as she gets asspats for it or until she’s too old for people on IG to care about (she’s already close, most successful ana chans/munchies are no older than 30, max like 35).

No. 1290410

fully agree, the boxing one is especially painful to witness. has he come out yet?

No. 1290435


While sticking to binge on these sugar-bombs he will never return to a normal (eating) life.
Well, maybe he knows just that?

No. 1290459

She never mentions that she herself has EDS though, I'd assume she'd mention how difficult it is being a medical student with EDS all the time though she still manages to come top of the class because she's just better than everyone else. It's all a humblebrag with Anna, with Daddy's money behind it.

No. 1290470

What are they?

No. 1290473

OK so good on her for being a vaccinator for the NHS while only a medical student. That's commendable.

But also, that "fuck you anorexia" Indian takeaway makes me kek. Did she have super serious anaphylaxis afterwards, or did she only decide she had MCAS later on?

No. 1290498


blogpost incoming, German food explanation

Wiki can explain it better than I could https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chocolate-coated_marshmallow_treats
It's mainly egg whites with sugar on a waffle/biscuit topped with chocolate. The German version taste quite different to (for example) Tunnock's teacakes. While the Danish (Flødebolle) version is very similar to the German one, though I prefer the Danish ones.

And Dickmann is the name of the old company that owned the product in the 80s, it's a family name, nothing to do with dicks.

Don't know how that cheesecake stuff tastes, I'm trying to eat healthier than Nik.

No. 1290525

File: 1628053644407.jpeg (344.21 KB, 835x715, FE20B08E-8E16-41AF-91EE-91C84B…)

went to his tagged. this is him at a higher weight, seems like you can vibisbly see a happier person. he just makes me sad instead of annoyed like nik

No. 1290527

What convenient posting after speculation. Greetings Cecelia! Are you moving back in with your parents?

No. 1290580


Can you just imagine what the other anas are thinking when a normal weight Cecilia pitches up with a tube, asking for more sausages with her breakfast

No. 1290581


Samefag but I have also noticed that she has mentioned supportive parents a lot, mentioned supportive cousins - apart from that one mention of her sister’s wedding she has not mentioned her at all. I really wonder if her sister is just sick of her shit. I looked at comments on her personal Instagram a while ago and none seem to be from anyone who could be her sister (although it’s hard to tell when private accounts etc). I really wonder if her sister is just sick of her attention-grabbing shit, like elzani’s sisters

No. 1290588


He just would not grasp the very concept of "food"?

No. 1290615

This group makes me laugh. I love that you call out the fakers. Not only cos a lot trip themselves up as they can't keep up with their own lies but also because the ones lying about their diagnosis or faking recovery are so dangerous to those seeking recovery. It also diminishes the genuine struggles of those with said diagnoses(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1290630


Don’t be scared, don’t be shy, come on in the water’s fine

No. 1290664

>diminishes the genuine struggles of those with said diagnoses
Yep, that’s what all the retarded WKs & self-posters don’t seem to get. Come join in (just write sage in the email box, read the rules, don’t cowtip etc.)

No. 1290710

File: 1628089893193.jpeg (120.29 KB, 750x1091, E4CCDA07-D253-4D75-A495-58252C…)

New cow incoming ? Just found this wreck on tiktok and she’s actually laughable.

No. 1290714

"Fighting recovery" - Yeah, that's what they do most of the time.

No. 1290716

More screencaps for those of us who don’t wanna download that nighmare app pls anon

No. 1290717

Please someone explain tiktok, is that bottom corner a profile pic, if so oyu might want to change it anon.

No. 1290722

File: 1628090436609.jpeg (203.24 KB, 750x1105, CCA2E72C-D05F-482A-A8C7-58F5C9…)

No don’t worry I’m not stupid enough to leave a profile pic on lolcow. It’s the picture to go with the sound used by the tiktoker. And here’s another screenshot.

No. 1290724

File: 1628090481117.jpeg (212.76 KB, 750x1092, 17D640A3-14D5-4933-89D1-19B17A…)

I am stupid enough not to sage it seems though

No. 1290733

She’s got the Kelly Ronahan lazy eye of crazy, always the sign of a good cow

No. 1290738


It's the lazy eye of autism. No shit there is a legit medical correlation I think it's like 50% of autists.

No. 1290750

Anyone could apply to give vaccines, the only incentive is that you get vaccinated earlier than your age group if you do she's not that special for doing it she just wants to pretend she is

No. 1290751

I eat lots of Indian takeaways with my friends does that make me better than most people my own age? am I missing something special in Annas's weird ET faced Logic?

No. 1290755

File: 1628093098172.jpeg (164.25 KB, 828x1719, A18E864A-6641-4273-BF70-C08C65…)

oh god. all her posts are with the noodle

No. 1290763

File: 1628093976409.jpeg (348.22 KB, 750x517, B46798F0-1F8B-4668-9084-43C9F7…)

No. 1290768

just looking at whoever this chick is is making me angry

No. 1290770

File: 1628094306479.jpeg (753.53 KB, 828x1399, 0D9BE183-5675-4B3D-B872-5DEC15…)

totally for the sake of being an ~inspiring warrior~ dharma shared her lw on her new fitness account

kinda have trouble buying it though lol she’s definitely spoopy beyond belief & has been for awhile but not only does that seem like a pretty impossible point to get to, i also thought she’d shared the number before and it was in the 50s. cows like her love to exaggerate wherever they can (if they get to 80lbs they’ll claim they were 79 just for the shock factor of being in the 70s and so on)

i have to stop myself from posting her here sometimes because i can’t stand her to the point that it feels vendetta-ish but lord she really is one of the most shameless nasty ones out there and her whole persona is just vile

No. 1290773

46lb?? LB? or does she mean kg?

No. 1290780

I think I scrolled back and forth between the before and after a million times. I cannot believe that is the same person!

No. 1290781

46lbs? 20kg? riiiiight, then she woke up

No. 1290782

46lbs? Anyone know her height? I know she was a spoop but uhhh something isn’t adding up there

No. 1290783


She has to mean lb… 46kg is 101lb so barely underweight but how tall is she? Wasn’t Nikki Grahame that thin just before she died and she was 5 foot or something? I call total bs, she was definitely spoopy but not so completely super spoop!
Unless she’s going for a porgie LW of ‘I weighed myself when I was 8’ kek

No. 1290786

She has said 42lb before I'm pretty sure but has been using 46 consistently on her tiktok. I think she is 5 foot 4, putting her BMi at 7.9. Find it hard to believe she was that low.

No. 1290788

don't worry anon, I absolutely loathe her as well

No. 1290796

Agreed, what a load of bollocks. Not many get down to a BMI of 8 let alone without fucking their body up so badly they can prance around in the gym everyday after gaining a bit.

>20 year old lil lady
What an arrogant twat

No. 1290797

File: 1628095913885.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x1826, IMG_B00FEF4D0206-1.jpeg)

sorry Anna but seriously! no one would have thought to ask if you had a cake for your birthday or not but the fact you had to share that you a peach with a candle in to your vulnerable followers? if she's not careful im gonna say Annas going to have a lot of relapsing followers pretty soon. recently all she posts are triggers

No. 1290807

Please say this is just another shit distasteful joke of hers and not reality because I can’t even

No. 1290809

she does seem like she's been struggling for a while, buuuut it also seems like her personality is struggling ana chan. got the wheelchair, got the catheter, got the nose hose

No. 1290814

OT but is CAT even effective for anorexia?

No. 1290820

sadly, I get the impression this (and every other shitty thing she has ever posted) is completely serious.

No. 1290824

File: 1628097520780.png (1.61 MB, 859x1028, cow.PNG)

she was interviewed by love what matters and its linked on her heckin tiktok link tree. these are some bits that stood out to me

>Little did I know, this was the beginning of my 9-year struggle.

>was assessed by a doctor and nurse. They said, ‘If you can eat this you can go home, but you will need to follow a meal plan.’
>little did I know I’d only be back home for two weeks before facing another admission back into the same children’s ward I’d left just over four months ago

No. 1290827

File: 1628097731866.png (873.46 KB, 811x597, Screenshot 2021-08-04 Hannah G…)

Ganer LARPing as some kind of bodybuilder again, with her hip bones sticking out.

No. 1290831

It's like she's strategically setting ground for her own 'relapse'
Maybe she see's here, the comments she deleted, people she blocks after they go to her about not believing in her MCAS and has decided to pretend to have anorexia again? Tinfoil ofc but yeah

No. 1290837

no idea if it's effective, but, looking online, some NHS trusts use it to treat eating disorders

No. 1290851


She’s not an anorexic any more just an attention seeker. I seriously doubt she’ll ever relapse, she’s even said herself she doesn’t see food in that way any more. I guess she can’t have cake because MCAS so fine, candle in the peach whatever. But like you’ve said she does not give two shits about her followers who (with the exception of Ham) are genuinely challenging foods like cake and trying to live with the guilt and convincing themselves it’s ok to eat cake. And Anna just parading around shoving it in their faces that she’s wearing kids clothes and having a birthday peach. Disgusting

No. 1290856

i know, it's so depressing. this guy doesn't do any weird content like nik either. genuinely heartbreaking to see

No. 1290861

this bitch is mental. what is the reason for this? bet you she will try to say its because of her allergies when she was literally eating pastries and donuts in a what i eat in a day. anna, the most most high accomplished recovery warrior ever anyone! what better way to show how ahead you are than to eat a fucking peach with a candle.

No. 1290878

this was posted to her personal account, no caption. judging by the jam jar on the back, it looks like it might just be part of her breakfast.

No. 1290892

yeah, but she put the post in the story on her recovery account. A lot of followers will click on it expecting to see cute birthday pictures and instead see a fucking peach.

No. 1290900


And zero reason to share that - not like the post had any meaning for her recovering followers. It was shared explicitly to get more likes. Yet again not caring about how many followers she triggers as long as she gets more likes and followers in the process.

No. 1291057

she must be loving it and all from behind the mcas "diagnosis"

No. 1291058

File: 1628112920686.jpg (7.77 KB, 288x275, sexton ming.jpg)

Her wanderin'eye would be so easy to fix. She should sort it out. She'd feel better for it.

No. 1291059

"When you train with a beast … you become a beast" IN CAPITULL LETTURS!

But what happens, if you listen to the ill advice of some hardcore anorexic nutcase that prepares exactly the same meager meals every day with the precision of an industrial-grade robot? Well? Call 1-800-GANER!

No. 1291080

File: 1628114726528.jpg (474.74 KB, 828x1450, IMG_1057.jpg)

No. 1291086

File: 1628114951847.jpg (694.02 KB, 828x1471, IMG_1059.jpg)

No. 1291088

She's so fat the tube looks miniscule

No. 1291099

The Chubbmaster's back..!

No. 1291120

<insert whale joke here> oh, Squelch. you do not “got this” nor do you need it. never change

No. 1291168

maybe its the fact ive been awake too long cause not enough time in day… but im thinking might be self post or vendetta chan?!?

No. 1291187

File: 1628127772197.jpeg (291.38 KB, 825x1197, 77818F9D-D91F-443C-8234-A93F77…)

After a good look at her account, severely doubt she’d know how to sage. She seems to think she’s a big deal though, not seen a cow with their own merch line kek

No. 1291192

fair enough nona

No. 1291207

I thought anyone could be a marshal/public wrangler, but only medically trained people could give the actual vaccines?

No. 1291211

Oh damn she's British? She just seemed way too OTT to be from here. Did she jump off a bridge or something?

No. 1291213

Oh man you should have been around for the munchy threads. Many had their own merchandise. This is more a walking (well, rolling) advertisement for her TikTok.

No. 1291221

One of her posts says she jumped from a bridge which caused the wheelchair situation. The way she talks and acts though looks like she’s on the spectrum which explains the OTT

No. 1291240

i miss the munchie threads. so many luls. some of the ana chans are harder for me to read (like lazy eyes) but munchies were like a turning of age pre-teen novel. super easy to figure out, same story different character and slight plot twists

No. 1291247

Totally, it breaks my heart even more seeing people who are really having their lives ruined by this after watching these cows treat it like a joke.

No. 1291257

In the past few months she's seemed more authentic to me, in part because she's been talking openly about binging/purging and also just seems legitimately depressed. And there are circumstances where overweight people with bulimia would need to be on a tube. Does anyone else think she might come out the other side of cow-dom eventually?

No. 1291305

honestly, no. Her whole personality revolves around being a sick widdle baby who needs to be cared for, if you take that away what's left? A fat girl with a neda tattoo. She had her brain zapped so many times she can be glad she's not more of a retard than she already is

No. 1291366

File: 1628158663593.png (3.34 MB, 828x1792, 8808F1DA-6069-432F-ADB4-C7B691…)

speaking of (almost) jumping off bridges, shan uploaded about six videos of her hysterical and announcing to her mum that she wishes she’d died a year ago (remember guyz?!!! when her feet DID leave the ground!!!!). god imagine living with that

No. 1291373

File: 1628160498695.png (4.76 MB, 2532x1170, 1A56BB9F-AAB0-4822-A047-E34D4A…)

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned yesterday but Ro’s new YouTube video was a bit fucking weird her pretending to struggle with eating on a trip with her friend who is clearly struggling with obesity yikes and we all know at this point your totally weight restored and the struggle with eating ended a while ago even though your buying big carb meals and doing a ham and “challenging yourself” also clearly she’s gone a bit to far with this I’m gonna eat everything recovery as she mentioned on her story she’s having acne problems. Clearly from the amount of shit she’s eating that’s not kind on her skin oily as helll

No. 1291377

I agree that a lot of her struggling seems really fake. I get the impression that she tries really hard to show her followers that "just because I'm weight restored, doesn't mean I don't still struggle!!!1", clinging on to the narrative that weight is not an indicator of how bad someone's ED is.

No. 1291378

Samefag, but she's obviously made a lot of progress in her recovery and seems a lot better now. I just wish she would stop making her whole online presence about being a "recovery warrior" and finally move on with her life.

No. 1291381

If you think anorexia was bad, YT fame is one HELL of an addiction.
Eats you up in no time. She's hooked on follower feedback by now.

No. 1291385

File: 1628163367788.jpeg (629.83 KB, 828x1232, 39C5A73A-30C4-4D73-8C98-DB4A9B…)

Sickest ana Cecelia is “counting down the days until I am lucky enough to be free from treatment.”
I have a feeling she is on a contact to complete a certain number of days 100% orally to get the tube out and skips a snack at this point to keep up her act…

No. 1291388


To me this seems a bit bone rattly, but in relation to the psychological impact rather than someone’s physical state idk. She has clearly struggled severely with anorexia. It’s true that just because she is weight restored doesn’t mean she finds eating easy now. IMO she isn’t a cow anymore and shouldn’t be discussed here. She is one of very few who have been genuinely ill but have made a true effort to recover, and that’s commendable. I do agree that she needs to get tf off YouTube, though. It’ll start holding her back.

No. 1291389

No. 1291395

Agreed. She has definitely been milky in the past and can still be performative at times but she has made great progress and doesn't need to be discussed her IMO.

No. 1291398

File: 1628165613534.jpg (202.67 KB, 1839x835, err.JPG)


No. 1291423


Honestly she is the biggest Cow on Instagram right now!

No. 1291426

File: 1628170077188.png (7.88 MB, 1125x2436, 82CD6F08-26B9-4BEC-9CA3-08CC92…)

Her teeth and smile look good!! Still wearing lingerie and eating……a unicorn smorgasbord tho

No. 1291427

what's the deal with her? havent seen her before

No. 1291432

She honestly looks so much better, the new meds seem to be doing wonders for her. Nourish is losing her cow status, what a time to be alive.

No. 1291435

File: 1628170941595.png (6.13 MB, 1170x2532, 221FC1FA-4599-4A99-800E-8D9F15…)

saged cause idk if this is milky or not. this is so weird to post, especially when your account is ed based. very funny imo, shes talking about her psychiatrist according to last story

No. 1291436

she's still got it for me, as long as she's posting her binges and labeling them as nourishing she will always be cow status

No. 1291442

self post

No. 1291445

Yeah if she moves on from trying to build an online presence surrounding her anorexia then she might actually totally recover, I hope she doesn't end up like Anna clinging onto the ED narrative for attention rather than actually living like a normal teenager

No. 1291457

>I got this
morbid obesity

No. 1291466

NTA but I doubt it, I looked at her account and I think the only posting she would do here would be to defend herself, think her autism wouldn’t compute self posting.

Also she has gone from saying she is waiting for an inpatient EDU bed to mild ED… wtf

No. 1291467


Kek ‘confident in my oral intake’ I think everyone is confident in your oral intake Georgia

No. 1291477

I’m so glad Ro is doing better and having a life outside of her anorexia. She had to make it relevant to her channel somehow. I’d love if she became a regular vlogger and veered away from ED content.

No. 1291499

File: 1628177644872.jpg (109.69 KB, 1080x1980, Screenshot_20210805-154234_Ins…)

kek, sure Laura

No. 1291504



No. 1291511

What would possess her to post these pictures to a modeling site?? So out of touch with reality that she thinks anyone other than other cows LARPing might be interested in cows LARPing?
I feel so bad for these girls family, I can't imagine how it must feel to watch other kids grow up and care and have interests and your kid is just interested in being in mental hospitals and broadcasting that

No. 1291512

File: 1628178571410.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x1740, 27E51A9F-7A0C-4E28-B950-D9C8A7…)

Does anyone else agree that it was awful for her to be doing this with her obese friend.

No. 1291513

just you. fatphobic lol

No. 1291514

ofc she’s mild, she’s a healthy weight autistic teenager who’s ~special interest~ was fussy eating.

No. 1291516

why exactly? ro is weight restored, healthy, and even if you don’t like her i doubt she would bodyshame her friend?

No. 1291518

File: 1628178972207.jpeg (520.22 KB, 828x1470, 4786CEDB-099F-4246-9155-497266…)

samefag, shes toob-chasing. as if she needs one?

No. 1291520

It’s common for anorexics to hang around heavier people so they can feel the smallest and the daintiest. If you look at Ro’s personal Instagram clearly the type of friends she has has changed hugely or at least the friends she chooses to show online.

No. 1291522

I don’t think it’s fat phobic to not promote obesity clearly her friend could lose a significant amount of weight heck maybe she could learn a thing from little Ro

No. 1291525

File: 1628179325603.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1175, 3DCF7C9D-88B6-4F3C-8983-A4C12B…)

I’ve seen Ro’s YouTube video and she says they met on the psych ward, considering Ro lives in London she was nearly definitely on an Ed ward. This girl could easily be/have been anorexic or bulimic

No. 1291541

File: 1628180087622.jpeg (741.62 KB, 828x1626, 49AEA457-9AF6-46AD-9DA6-D3D170…)

2/2 ?! what am i missing

No. 1291543

how are they promoting obesity? by just existing?? rattle rattle elsewhere

No. 1291546

samefag here. not a self post, i started following her after all the shit she brought up here.

No. 1291550


Idk the friend seems like a happy person in the video… I have to say I bowed out at 5 mins because all of Ro’s videos are basically a little chat, random scenes and then 90% her eating and saying how nervous she is with everyone around her coaching her through it. If this friend was on an ED ward it must have been exhausting to have to do that for three days (exhausting enough for normal people).

Ro looks good, to the anon who said she’s overdone it or whatever I totally disagree, she looks v good at her weight, and obviously the ED thoughts don’t disappear but I do wonder when people in her life are just going to burn out having to provide that intensive support at every meal. Like at some point she just needs to do it for herself inside her head. But as has already been pointed out… that won’t make a good YT video.

No. 1291551

Hopefully you were one of many added anon, it wouldn't take much for her to know else wise if she lurks. I wouldn't have admitted that just in case.

No. 1291559


Ro also seems to have committed to recovery mainly in the last few months, maybe changing her friendship group has been part of that? It doesn’t have to completely correlate with weight but being friends with body image/diet obsessed people makes it hard to recover, those happier in their bodies and probably not super slim would be less triggering to hang around with, not just to make her look skinnier

No. 1291560

What sort of therapist would say that to her face? They might say something along the lines of 'I get the impression you are struggling more with xyz than anorexia at the moment. Is that correct?" or "I don't think ip would be productive for you right now' but no halfway decent professional would outright say an ED is mild.

No. 1291562

File: 1628180775436.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1170x2172, 591A0738-58DD-444E-922E-CAA9F3…)

Her friend was definitely Ed ward I did a look on ellas Facebook and yeah definitely has gained a significant amount of weight in her own recovery so I’m sure it must have been extremely triggering to be with Ro who still needs extensive meal support

No. 1291565


Maybe in a letter? Or she was previously saying she was referred to an EDU which has been cancelled so I guess the psych might have said it was too mild for an EDU

No. 1291568

File: 1628181450468.jpeg (545.01 KB, 750x1097, 530BCC2F-40B1-42F9-A714-3DF2A7…)

I think img has already been posted but can we just appreciate…
‘Catch me out here celebrating my Papa’s 99th bday by making it all about me and my ED’
… do you reckon she’ll finally get to ACUTE for his 100th?

No. 1291569


Let’s stop posting about Ro’s friend. She’s not milk.

No. 1291574

In an online article about her, it says the BBC are going to film her as part of a documentary "later this year".

No. 1291578


go back to skinnygossip where you belong

No. 1291579


This isn’t about Ro’s friend - the other Ella

No. 1291581

File: 1628181851442.png (3.49 MB, 2532x1170, A47A5C57-B9F9-4B9F-A426-F2DAD4…)

No her friend definitely isn’t milky but I think Ro could be borderline milky now as she’s using her overweight friend to make her seem skinnier and to give herself permission to eat which is incredibly selfish showing this girl off to your 100k subscribers look at us in our pjs she’s so much fatter than me

No. 1291582

‘Mild’ does seem to be a thing (there are categories based on BMI from that to ‘extreme’) but find it hard to believe she’s supposedly waiting to go IP. I mean, look at her. That’s not someone who needs a bed over all the really sick people literally dying on waiting lists. Yes you can be sick at any weight but I don’t see her in a UK EDU anytime soon

Aw, just what Daddy’s always wanted. Such a thoughtful gift!

No. 1291583

I've never watched Ro because she's seemed so fucking dull to me, but there's no reason she shouldn't have an overweight friend. It's not like you choose to get on well with someone because how tall they are/what they weigh/genetic features. Maybe her personality's really good. Loads of bone rattling.

Glad the posh girls get their ana over with quickly. They really do make boring recovery accounts. At least Ham got the werewolf eyebrow inspo out of Ro's account.

No. 1291584

Honestly, I'm wary about discussing Ro (only being friends with larger people) because it seems cruel and kind of humiliating for her friend. I don't think she is posing or doing anything to emphasise the size difference.

No. 1291587

Actually in a sense this theory could be true Ro and Dora seem to have absolutely no friendship whatsoever anymore. Ro could have easily dropped Dora once she had become larger than her and Dora would no longer be beneficial to her.

No. 1291588

File: 1628182191032.png (292.04 KB, 1080x1554, Screenshot_20210805-174744.png)

New blog from Hancesolo. I guess abuse would explain the anorexia, alcoholism and trooning out. Her dad is a pretty big deal in the Church of England. Yet another priest protecting nonces.

No. 1291590


I agree. Let’s not forget her friend also has autonomy, chose to go on holiday with Ro, chose to be in the video etc. Hopefully if she does feel the friendship is triggering she can choose to step away. None of these images seem to me like Ro is using her as just a bigger person. Even that pyjama picture Ro is actually covering most of her body anyway.
Her friend isn’t a cow and if anything we are the ones doing damage to her because we have reduced her to only her weight, not Ro.

No. 1291591


But Ro started challenging herself, weight restoring etc much earlier than Dora and even though Dora seems to be doing better now, when Ro started to really do better that friendship probably became quite triggering for her.

Idk this has all become speculation now rather than cow behaviour which is a bit pointless.

No. 1291594

Agreed, Imo it's at least not right to be discussing her friend
She's not milky and it could end up looking like straight up bullying to keep comparing her body and Ro's

No. 1291596


this thread is called "pro-ana scumbags", that does not mean WE'RE the pro-ana scumbags, gtfo

No. 1291598

url pls

No. 1291615

No. 1291618

Wtf is that

No. 1291623

A haven for fakebois, apparently.

No. 1291634

anyone who actively seeks out a tube or comes to accept a tube before getting it is completely crazy in my book. also what does she think its gonna do in regards to her choking issue? it literally feels like something is lodged in your throat 24/7. such bullshit.

No. 1291647

Is Dora doing better though? She hasn't gained much weight and is still posting endless 'I'm struggling with food/weigh in' videos

No. 1291649

Definitely not she cries on het Instagram stories every Monday without fail because of weigh day

No. 1291652

This is a retard who wears a sunflower lanyard with an illness badge covering every centimeter. She's decided to try out all the popular diseases and the tube goes with it. She won't get one, esp. being in the UK.

I predict pill pr0n, cute pill cases, Fortimel. Moving on to weighted blankets, noise cancelling earphones, increasing her malingerer vocabulary, finally escalating to crutches, a wheelchair and general Nina Grant behaviour.

No. 1291675

File: 1628189103138.jpg (1.05 MB, 1284x1256, IMG_3219.jpg)

no milk but this has to be an indirect at Anna for sure?

No. 1291678

File: 1628189143306.png (3.43 MB, 828x1792, 9F24C39D-3BE2-4C96-88B1-287DC9…)

shes retarded, still a bit underweight but otherwise fine. she likes the follower attention, that’s all.

No. 1291682

File: 1628189278483.jpeg (349.9 KB, 653x1501, 28705870-27E9-4172-BBD8-5EAC79…)

arm size = she’s fine,
pose = shes an angle worker

No. 1291685


Kek it has to be. The peasants are starting to revolt.

No. 1291701

Was she constipated?

No. 1291702

im sorry but Ella is definitely self posting in this thread she's always lurking on here so she knows the Lingo. she always looking for pity points in a cycle of look at me im in hospital really struggling to im going to deny my ed and pretend that im not ill enough so that people give me attention.

I mean look at her stories right now. she's crying im not sick I want to discharge but also saying that she's giving up and is refusing to fight her ed anymore. so basically she's going to relapse?

also the fact is I dont know much about EDS but safe to say Ella has definitely lost a lot of weight after previously claiming that her anorexia was caused because of a GP telling her that she was over weight and could do with loosing a few. now my point is if she used to be larger why is it that all these illnesses that are causing her to need a tube are only affecting her now after we know that they haven't before and weren't present at the start of her ana journey.

anyways Ella gives of major BPD vibes with everything that she posts if im not saying she isn't ill though because its clear she has major issues surrounding body image and food.

No. 1291712

Def angle worker.Dora looks naturally slim not unwell. She poses to try to make herself look skinny. Her TikTok is full of her showing off her body that she is rather pleased with

No. 1291764


What? Standing with a friend? Stop shaming her friend for being obese, and stop nit picking Ro for having a friend who isn't skinny. Wtf.

No. 1291775


Yes dear we came to that conclusion about 5 hours ago.

No. 1291794

File: 1628202330493.png (4.54 MB, 1170x2532, 842BC609-4E23-4068-8E29-49D17E…)

definitely about anna! glad people in the community are fed up lmao “i don’t give a damn about your excuse”

No. 1291796

File: 1628202403459.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1710, IMG_20210805_232547.png)

And just like that a post that had 2 comments has 40+. What a beg.
Damn I wish this girl would just stop

No. 1291799

Holy shit. Imagine this being an actual cause of anxiety in your life.

No. 1291809


I wanted to award this person with an award or sth until I saw the ass kissing of im_powering. More Annaesque accounted to be called out.

There's something really unattractive about Anna. Obviously her personality, politics, bs but her face is very off kilter. Not sure what it is. Don't matter because only my opinion, but there're no redeeming qualities to her at all.

No. 1291810

Soz, accounts*

No. 1291812

File: 1628204107352.jpg (61.79 KB, 1080x294, 20210806_005333.jpg)

I saw this girl comment on Pencilnik's latest post… kek

No. 1291815


Kay's either a farmer or lurks hard looking at who she follows. One of the decentish recovery accounts though (if they're your thing).

Yep, love the comment to Dickmann Pencilneck

No. 1291826

how is this even a larp

No. 1291839

File: 1628207151088.jpeg (116.37 KB, 828x730, 0FCDF98D-4D4D-42E0-8884-8ABF89…)

So fragile with the droopy eyes

No. 1291915

Okay so I might get shit for posting this but I watched a YouTube video the other day by repzilla on “exposing EC and pro-Ana forums” and it was honestly hilarious? This man really thinks we are all still posting on cerulean butterfly lmao it’s so obvious that no one understands this disease so let’s keep using it for clicks!!

No. 1291918

ok ana-chan

No. 1292037

Go home

No. 1292050

Maybe it would have flopped because the majority of your followers can’t relate to
A) being allowed to participate in sport and
B) doing exercise for the sake of enjoyment rather than burning calories

No. 1292059


c) barely afford a gym membership let alone one for tennis courts

d) we already know she’s just showing off her body in her ‘kids size medium’ clothes so the majority probably want to scroll past and minimise the trigger without having to be told to congratulate her for it as well

No. 1292075


Another thing that irritates me about this (and other big accounts in general) - she is here begging for engagement but has responded to one comment. She will take but not give - it is a one way street for her.

Most big accounts (Im powering, Anna, can’t think of others off the top of my head) only talk to other big accounts. You can see them giving shoutouts to each other all the time and commenting on each other’s posts etc but I’ve never seen Anna comment on an account that has less than 1000 followers. Never seen Im powering either. Only ever other huge accounts and it makes me very sceptical that it’s all just to use each other for exposure to get each other’s followers.

No. 1292078

Agreed. I get that she doesn't have time to reply to every single comment but it comes of as so arrogant when she doesn't respond to anyone. Contrast with Molly who, for all her faults, makes the effort to reply to a lot of her followers

No. 1292116

File: 1628252925301.jpg (185.45 KB, 590x620, 20210806_142811.jpg)

This is what recovery truly looks like

No. 1292123

File: 1628254922241.jpg (23.21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Could you …

… flesh that out a bit?

No. 1292144

followed this one for a while, good account but a BPD larper constantly crying about how hard recovery is.

No. 1292148

literally this. im surprised the peasants haven't clocked on to how little Anna really cares about them

No. 1292170


More like some skinny faggot on a flagpole.

No. 1292174

he should be able to get so much work on hospital dramas because he looks like he’s dying
also as slenderman

No. 1292212

File: 1628265594837.png (1.51 MB, 1066x631, uglies.png)

Looks like he's been under a steamroller. He doesn't even pretend to be recovering. Instead of #challenging himself to eating a box of marshmallows (whatever the fuck the Dickman is), he should be upping the calories of his meals. His main meal is poxy. You'd think if he REALLY wanted to get into acting, he'd pack some weight on asap. His age is against him already. Unless he joins one of those "character actor" agencies, like Uglies in London (specialise in fats, skinnies, uglies, etc.)

Not going the puking route, why does his face look swollen?

No. 1292214

File: 1628265627819.jpg (20.77 KB, 269x312, alvin.JPG)

…and sometimes it's worse than others

No. 1292313

no you have such a good point here like he should seriously try going for these rolls. like he could pull its off so well

No. 1292314

File: 1628271577024.jpg (891.53 KB, 1080x1757, 20210806_193855.jpg)

This anglr really ain't it. He looks like Mr. Burns.

At least he's eating some nutritious food for once kek.

No. 1292330

Yum, what a nutritious plate of salad slop!

Just take a look at all these rEcOvErY LiNeS around his mouth..!

Goin' to be a big boy soon(™)!

No. 1292331

File: 1628273030063.png (219.62 KB, 482x394, Screenshot_2021-08-06.png)

" rEcOvErY LiNeS "

No. 1292387

File: 1628276057981.png (40.18 KB, 720x297, Screenshot_20210806-195117~2.p…)

The comments
1. Subtle
2. You look really old m8

The caption, though. I've recovered so much, I had loads of energy to enjoy the trip and I ate in a light-hearted way. He's the antithesis of Ham.

No. 1292390

Btw, first comment is not me. The 1 minutes thing coincidental. I'm not a Lennon fan.

No. 1292394

File: 1628276555019.jpg (1.43 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210806_20010066…)


No. 1292404


Don't you forget about a decent calorie count, Nik!

No. 1292424

File: 1628278720234.jpg (429 KB, 1080x954, 20210806_213318.jpg)

I found the nutrition information from Dean & David and it seems to be around 600 calories.

No. 1292426

File: 1628279017562.jpg (53.65 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

That's mah boi

No. 1292428

sage for nitpick but christ that is the most disgusting looking green curry I've ever seen in my life. and what's with the fucking kubrick stare

No. 1292440

Nickmann has quickly become one of the most entertaining cows in this thread. Which is ironic, because he has the personality of a stale piece of white bread.

No. 1292443

File: 1628280507203.jpg (525.33 KB, 1080x1545, 20210806_220755.jpg)

He even added it to the caption kek

No. 1292473

But, but, 619 calories for the whole day is more than enough for his age and height, his recovery is going so damn well, don't know why you all can't see it.

No. 1292476


I am starting to get this feeling that we are being trolled by Anna. That she is deliberately posting stupid bizarre videos just to see us waste time losing our patience over her.

I mean. Broadcasting to 15k people a video of her chewing open mouthed, too focused on the camera to even get the food into her mouth? Yet didn’t think to just do another take? Someone tell me she is trolling us. Someone tell me this isn’t the content she chooses to genuinely put out into the world.

No. 1292486

TBH, nothing screams "muh recovery" like showing off your expensive hipster lunch on Insta, right?
Way to go, skeleton guy!

No. 1292490

File: 1628285360287.jpg (109.34 KB, 681x543, Unbenannt.JPG)

Don't know if this has been posted, found it interesting that you get the impression that he is healed from his ed in this text

"Life is a gift that must be lived. It’s not a gift that can simply be unwrapped and matches all wishes. It’s more about the individual shaping and the own responsibility towards life.

Throughout my healing process I have learned to accept life as it is, being grateful for it and how to use it responsibly. Goals, interests and passions can only be achieved and lived out if there is enough energy and joy in life.

It’s not worth to hold on to old behavioural patterns that rob valuable lifetime from you (for example counting calories, thinking about whether you are valuable, allowed to eat or not, …). Because life takes place in the here and now. Through the healing I realised that it’s worth fighting for your own health, self-love and self-acceptance. Every human is valuable and deserves to be happy. "

(found some of the other people milky, too, especially the last one that is now a coach for eating disorders and the "Empowerment Queen" (but this could just be me hating this spiritual bullshit))

No. 1292494

"[not] thinking about whether you are valuable."

Oh yeah, that's why he's putting his ass out on social media all the time. NOT to gain some positive feedback from other people, of course.

No. 1292504

File: 1628286059751.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, 670B88C0-F610-428D-A5C0-57D3EE…)

Wintergirl thawing now had an only fans. Now more money for buy cocaine

No. 1292505

File: 1628286107298.png (Spoiler Image,3.09 MB, 750x1334, 80D50EF5-0FF7-4E71-99DA-A6E1F5…)

Who wouldn’t want N2F to promote their company she’s amazing at makeup and modelling….

No. 1292508

What healing process??? Did I miss something??

No. 1292510

to be honest, if I ever had the chance to own a clothing company, I would book her.
That being said, only with a professional hair and makeup artist. I think she did good the past few weeks and has improved a lot and makeup isn't easy for everyone, some will suck at it their whole life.

No. 1292511

File: 1628286618402.jpg (65.96 KB, 1080x284, 20210806_234934.jpg)

Apparently not everyone is into Super Dickmann's

No. 1292512

looks like nik has deleted his eating a whole box of marshmellow things video. maybe he was tipped? how else will anyone know how recovered he is now…

No. 1292515

It's still there, you have to go to the reels section of his page

No. 1292517

oops, my bad, it showed up on his feed before for me. i agree with others though. he's becoming my favorite. he seems to eat a bit more though according to his story, maybe there is compensating behavior? i dont know though, i can't imagine him purging in any form

No. 1292518

Nice find! He even submitted a really old pic, probably before or at the start of his disorder.

Wonder if he's been found and talked about elsewhere. He's doing a really good Aly recovery impersonation right now. Although Aly had a year or so of pretending to eat junk food but it didn't even touch her teeth.

My loathing of the Dickster is increasing.

No. 1292520

Oh, it just clicked that his name on that article must be the reason he changed his account name. He's the token gay man there too.

No. 1292522

Pardon my ignorance, but who is Aly?

No. 1292524

She looks like a kid that got into their mom’s makeup bag. I’m glad she’s doing something different with her hair tho. The feral child is learning human behavior.

No. 1292526

File: 1628287856732.png (589.31 KB, 767x437, 1431549412497.png)


No. 1292529

oh my god, i followed her way back in 2016 and totally forgot she existed, any updates on her now?

No. 1292532

Here! https://www.instagram.com/itsaly_eleanor/

Still same corny poses, but she's a healthy weight. Oh, she had some kind of heart attack a year or so ago, but she wasn't in hospital long.

No. 1292545

File: 1628289532605.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1269x1270, 6A3D0414-853E-4250-98C2-D12E86…)

corny? these poses are fucking unhinged

No. 1292548

bit of a nitpick. I wanna try d&d too, eating one meal there doesn't make you bougie

No. 1292550

I was trying to be kind. Besides, at least she kept her clothes on and isn't sprawled on her parent's bed.

Thought you'd gone insane and meant dungeons and dragons, then realised it's late…

No. 1292551

She’ll always have that streak of crazy, but I’m glad to see she’s gained weight after all of the weird ass shit she’s done.

No. 1292575

Yeah, granted, she's still whoring for attention.
But at least she's gained some decent amount of weight and kept it.

No. 1292583

File: 1628293206436.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3464x3464, 00A83A01-A2CB-4252-9331-8E0C68…)

im sorry but the way shes edited these photos is so creepy to me first thing i thought of was momo.

No. 1292587

It wouldn't be impossible for him to not gain weight if he's doing this a few times a week and then restricting the rest of the time. His weekly caloric intake could be around or even below maintenance that way

No. 1292588

spoiler that shit nonnie it's 1 am

No. 1292598

Wait does anyone know why aly had a heart attack

No. 1292609

I can't remember if she ever gave the exact reason but I'd guess it was a result of her ed

No. 1292610

File: 1628297396412.png (5.51 MB, 1125x2436, 1868944A-BB35-4A03-9DAC-D25D61…)

The fact that Ganer uses “sexual healing” for the song for her slop mixing really shows how sexless and weird she is.

No. 1292716

Thanks for showing that to me, anon. I will have nightmares again now

No. 1293038

One might suggest that Ganer's not into family planning in her recent state, no.
I wonder if she ever mensturated.

No. 1293061


She's definitely said before on an insta q&a that she's never had her period. Wouldn't be surprised if she can never get it from the amount of damage done to her system during puberty with anorexia.

No. 1293110

File: 1628342527789.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x2121, 1D28E0A8-3F46-4FB5-A188-C1C586…)

Omg 193 days of recovery from anorexia congratulations!!

No. 1293117

File: 1628343127016.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1125x1964, 56FA53A0-43F9-4E5E-B803-A29D45…)

This fucking face. This absolute bullshit. So close to a-logging right now I cannot even

No. 1293118

She's open about being in bulimia recovery and has never said she has anorexia? Counting days since she got out of her treatment program I think

No. 1293122

Good point, he clearly doesn't care enough about acting to actually do what needs to be done to make himself hire-able. Like how Luna Lovegood was anorexic and got healthy to be in the Harry Potter movies.

No. 1293124

Irritating videos are imminent. She's started doing the hand on face pose like Georgie. Whatever, thankfully she'll stop this idiocy soon when she starts college. I don't understand why she's still buying followers.

No guesses what the fear food could be. It won't be something nutritious. Sugary or fatty crap, for sure as per.

No. 1293125

That is 100% swelling from purging, not that it's a shock that he's purging given his weight and what he shows himself eating.

No. 1293135

That's what I presumed, but I'm never sure if the swelling's in the right place. It was the same 4 years ago, but his face is normal gaunt at times.

It's suspicious that anon purging anorexic could scoff a box of Dicks and oreos and not freak out. Actually putting those things in his system would be impossible. Doubt he'll be alive in 10 years time.

No. 1293136

File: 1628345191139.png (679.43 KB, 720x1140, Screenshot_20210807-150208~2.p…)

Oops, dropped

No. 1293139

Yeah so true, he probably would have medical issues from digesting that amount of food all of a sudden.

No. 1293162

File: 1628347744096.jpeg (112.78 KB, 800x800, BCB52008-86FB-4255-9CE7-84B900…)

No. 1293173

Does she say anywhere that she suffers from anorexia? It just says eating disorder

No. 1293174

she's used #anorexia tags on her tiktoks and mentioned having a restrictive ed in the past

No. 1293175

File: 1628350151544.jpg (41.2 KB, 780x439, intro-1524688732.jpg)

Man the harpoons!
Paging Doctor Now!

No. 1293181


I don't like him but I'm not entirely sure this is fair. Plenty of people have motivations to recover from an eating disorder but can't because it's a mental illness. The issue we should have with people (including Nik) is larping, whether that be larping an ED or larping recovery.

No. 1293183

File: 1628351248589.jpg (68.27 KB, 650x650, nik.jpg)

No. 1293204

If you restricting how come you are so fat?

I don't believe a person can't recover. He chooses not to try. His fake recovery IS the thing he's here for.

No. 1293210


Pics? The ones I’ve seen she says specifically binge ed and bulimia. I don’t think she’s a cow and she gets bullied a lot for her size. I know this is lolcow and we’re all horrible but good on her really for trying to recover when she’s that big. It would be much easier to just say she would recover when she’s lost weight etc.

No. 1293313


Meh, she's not a cow in the sense of this thread (definitely not proana or a larper) but she pumps out boring content daily. Nobody wants to see her jiggling around in her driveway to crappy tiktok jingles, and most if not all of her followers are only there for fatspo or to laugh at her. The apparent need to constantly post online even though she's doing nothing interesting whatsoever is cow adjacent behaviour

No. 1293333

Is she trying to recover though? She looks exactly the same in every video she posts.

I think she just gets a kick out of people watching her jiggling about all over the place and giving her asspats.

No. 1293353

It doesn’t look like she has gained weight so that’s good??

No. 1293355


> The apparent need to constantly post online even though she's doing nothing interesting whatsoever is cow adjacent behaviour

No just behaviour of most people who use TikTok as a personal blog. It churns out cheap crappy content.

No. 1293386


Arguably she wouldn't necessarily lose weight if she recovered. She could stop the binge eating and purging (i.e. bulimia symptoms) and just switch to eating maintenance in the form of regular meals (which may well be overeating for regular sized ppl, but would be a step towards recovery for her).

No. 1293467

File: 1628372435718.jpeg (179.77 KB, 1054x827, 6184826F-D475-40C5-83E4-30A28A…)

the questions
“what does MCAS stand for”
(answer= ‘Mango Cafe Angry Sandwich’)
“do your allergies make you automatically hot?”
“do you miss chocolate?”

i think anna has officially gone past munchie into pure retard

No. 1293526

File: 1628375442365.jpeg (659.15 KB, 3272x1417, F896AAC6-43CB-4A61-91FE-250C67…)

i cant with this bitch.

No. 1293571

A treatment team would probably want her to stop binging and purging and stabilize her weight for a few months before introducing a healthy weight loss deficit. IMO eating maintenance for that size long-term is still a form of disordered eating (she could eat a normal sized person amount of calories and lose quite a bit), but certainly a great first step for her.

No. 1293592

File: 1628379646910.jpg (439.69 KB, 2880x2880, 20210808_113725.jpg)

The irritating video arrived .. well guessed! My God she obviously tries to go "how frightened can I make myself appear?" it's the exact same.. stare at the food, take a realllyyy slow bite then say how much you're enjoying it. And yeah it was a cheese toastie. She's still trying to sound like Elzani 'I'm proud of myself, I can't believe I'm doing this' and her mother is sounding like Elzanis mum it's getting a bit creepy.

No. 1293598

I've never actually listened to her videos until today. Upon watching, I realised her accent sounds similar to the accents of people from my hometown…

I can't believe I have existed in the same place as Ham.

No. 1293599

she takes the slow ass bite literally after shes already bitten into it like 5 times already? the funniest thing about all these cows is how inconsistent they are.

No. 1293618

highly doubt she even does coke tbh, it’s probably just another lie (remember her jerky hand that was potentially parkinson’s? that miraculously cleared itself up, her entire online presence is bullshit) and before long she’ll be claiming some shit like her current bf was abusive and neglectful etc etc. i can’t stand this one

No. 1293626

i forgot about momo until now…thanks

No. 1293715

She's acting like she's never seen or eaten bread, cheese or meat before. Can scoff all that cake but holy moly scary sandwich. Her Mum gives me weird vibes, I get she's trying to positively encourage her daughter but it's got to be so awkward. Imagine being sat near them in a cafe and seeing her film her daughter pretend to be scared of a toastie

No. 1293909

Her mum's filming it. Ham looks around to check nobody saw her flip the bird at Hammum, yet she's in Costa having her mum film her eat an entire cheese toastie. Totally normal.

No. 1293929

Does anybody ever call her out on her larp?

Would check myself but I got blocked when I liked a comment she didn't approve of months ago.

No. 1293933

As far as I'm aware nope, no one calls her out. Everyone is sickly supportive. She may remove hateful comments (and block the user!) that I've just not seen of course.

No. 1293940

This all happened so fast. Suddenly she's just a mcas influencer

No. 1293946

Anybody who does just gets blocked immediately, she doesn’t even try to defend herself. Will just share a story crying and saying “your struggle is valid at any size” bull

No. 1293973

It's absolutely ridiculous how she teies to convince people that a toastie is such a big ~fear food~ when she literally eats bread and pastries all the damn time??

I used to think people were being way too harsh to her on here until I actually took a look at her posts… she 100% deserves the titlr of lolcow.

No. 1293975

Excuse my dyslexia. Jesus.

No. 1293989

File: 1628418135973.jpg (884.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210808-122034_Ins…)

Nourish actually ate outside of her room for once. I can't help but be proud of her, things seem to be looking up in her life.

No. 1293992

File: 1628418393376.jpeg (186.54 KB, 824x1240, 6EA921A7-ECC6-47F2-A63B-1E76F1…)

Makes someone else’s passing about her and how you should still be super worried about if she’ll live or not. Her and Han just race each other in the narcissism scale

No. 1293997

Instead of saying "take care of yourself" or "look out for your loved ones", she emphasizes that SHE HERSELF is is at risk. What a self-centered brat.

No. 1294005


I’m sceptical - someone who was at a healthy weight but a substance abuser died after a massive seizure… doesn’t say to me she died of anorexia, says to me she died probably after taking cocaine (maybe something else laced with something bad). So much more likely to be drugs related.

Ofc now Cecelia is weight-restored she needs to up the ‘I’m so vulnerable’ chat to keep her followers pitying her because who is she if she was just weight restored and actually doing well.

Noted she mentioned changing insurance yesterday now she’s no longer employed? Is this so she’s now covered for acute when she gets out and decides to stop drinking for two days?

No. 1294014


"he got pizza" – is N2F on a date with that guy she said she was chatting to online?! I hope so, I'm loving her recent transformation

No. 1294026

File: 1628421330901.jpg (50.96 KB, 489x839, Capture.JPG)

looks like it

No. 1294035

A cheese toastie. When she eats burgers, pizza etc. on the reg. ig fear foods aren’t always ‘logical’ (like for some people certain sweets might be ok when fruit isn’t) but it’s Ham, so….. If I was in a cafe and saw this shit I’d laugh my head off. As much as Paris was entertaining and looked retarded doing similar at least at a push you could put it down to being a spoop who starved all her brain cells away.
I WISH more people called her out (not encouraging anyone to cowtip but surely a decent amount of her followers who are ~actually ill~ see through this bullshit fakery)

Aw, she looks pretty. Good for her.

No. 1294046

Awww, I'm loving this.

No. 1294058


She literally gets comments from spoops in IP telling her how inspirational they find her. The mind boggles. It’s not like she was ever spoopy or even underweight. She’s constantly mentioned in stories when people share their favourite recovery blogs. I would kind of understand people finding it inspirational like Elzani at the beginning of her recovery, it could help someone eat if you see someone fighting when they’re clearly anorexic but she literally just a girl filming herself eating crap. She’s never even had a journey, her videos now are exactly the same as day 1.

No. 1294067

File: 1628425963338.jpeg (173.25 KB, 750x1334, 6129D40D-7162-4FB2-8242-15A510…)

The fucking birthday peach is back

By inspirational they mean as fatspo

No. 1294069

some sandwiches have vegetables in them. i guess she's scared of biting into a lettuce leaf

No. 1294071

File: 1628426638959.jpeg (951.86 KB, 1400x903, 990369C8-B0C4-4C67-A788-929185…)

Shes eating Quark?

No. 1294076


That is exactly 22 foods. Unlikely her mum has 22 ingredients she can eat written down and makes sure she uses exactly each one every day. Anna cannot now do another FDOE with any other food not listed here….. without dropping that magic 23rd

No. 1294077


No quails eggs yesterday?
No sweet potato either.
Does that get us up to 24 foods now?

No. 1294078

there’s no sunflower oil either but we know she can eat that because of the tortilla chips - so 25

No. 1294084

It's a dairy product similar to yogurt. I didn't even know that word was used in English lol

No. 1294086

The only people I’ve ever seen eating Quark are anorexics or those doing slimming world. Flashback to Anna’s ‘foods that scream ED’ video where she included cucumber and rice cakes and then had cucumbers on rice cakes a day later

No. 1294090

Using someone else's death to try further her image of spoopiness? That shit is too far, she needs her phone taking off her again.
Cecelia actually makes me rage

No. 1294095

Fair point, I forgot about Ham's aversion to vegetables

No. 1294101

I've seen Quark when buying yogurt at the supermarket. Didn't care to check it out.

I'm betting there's going to be a misdiagnosis of MCAS. It turns out to be something that resembles it. She got bored of anorexia, she'll get bored of this. I suspect she eats whatever she likes irl, or perhaps has something as full as an allergy to an E number.

No. 1294102

No. 1294103

also sunflower seeds, cherries (or plums, I can't tell but it was in a photo), carrots and butter

- 29

No. 1294116

How does Cecelia know this woman didn't 'feel sick'? Imagine being a grieving friend of this person and coming across Cecelia trying to use their tragic death to appear like an uwu fragile ana.

No. 1294147

She was on drugs. She would've felt great.

No. 1294148

I knew this person and when I saw Cecelia’s story honestly I was pretty pissed

No. 1294156

She sounds like journeytoemma when she wants sympathy whenever someone with an ED dies. Because she was so close to them.

No. 1294158


I just hope he isn’t a douche. I imagine a rather depressing relapse if he breaks her heart. She strikes me as the type to fall in love too easily and make things out to be more serious than they are.

No. 1294159

Also not even ‘near her age’ because she was more than 10 years younger than Cecelia but I guess that doesn’t make her post as dramatic

No. 1294195

She's literally never said it was anorexia you fucking tard, it's days since she's left her treatment program for bulimia.

No. 1294212

I never used dating sites, but friends who use them have always found douches. I kinda get the impression opposite to yours. I don't think she'd care if it didn't work out if she's not impressed with the guy. She's eccentric and I can't see her standing for someone boring.

I'd like to know what meds she's on. We could do with some. It's good to see her doing life. Getting out of her room and house is amazing. Good luck, N2F.

No. 1294213


Two guesses: mirtazepine or amitriptyline - they’re the antidepressants that are commonly prescribed that make you sleepy.

Kek unless the doctor went for an antipsychotic and it turns out it was all just a voice in her head telling her to do these crazy things

No. 1294242

i think its more likely quetiapine theyll hand it out to just about anyone these days, cheap to rx

No. 1294342

Not for BED? No offence to the woman but suprised you can reach that size with using compensatory behaviours multiple times a week (as per diagnosis?). I know bulimics are often normal or overweight, just not death fat overweight. Good for her though if she's doing better, hope her journey leads to a healthier place.

>>1294213 Mirtazapine is often prescribed for those who need to gain weight also. So might be two birds one stone.

No. 1294493

is emily canham is slowly becoming a cow material? she is constantly body checking and look at that hip bone sticking out(sage)

No. 1294494

File: 1628451311958.jpeg (616.05 KB, 1469x828, 3251956C-CDC9-4D18-A602-0F4122…)

No. 1294540


Slowly, probably. I didn’t see the big fuss for ages as she has lost the weight gradually but she is now looking pretty grim. Not in every photo, but in some photos she looks very tired and a bit haggard.

No. 1294556

The woman who died went to acute at a relatively healthy weight (for acute.) Cecelia’s narcissistic ass is jealous of her. That’s why she’s making the passing about herself

No. 1294560

i feel like we need a new thread for deathfat ana larpers, there’s a goldmine of them on tiktok

No. 1294617

No, she’s just an airhead influencer who’ll use this for marketing and PR opportunities. She’s still showing stories with food etc and isn’t massively body checking yet more than other influencers in her field.

No. 1294650

Someone needs to tell her to remove that post, I really feel for whoever on here it was who said they knew the woman she has posted about

No. 1294664

Yeah it’s really easy to find who she’s talking about, the woman was at a normal weight and her last post before she died was from July when she did too many drugs and had a seizure. Maybe her ED contributed to the seizures but the direct cause was drug use. And ERC cycles a ton of patients through every year soon or later one of them is going to die from something or another. Cecilia doesn’t give a shit about this woman, she’s just using her death to get more asspats for herself like the gross attention whore she is.

No. 1294667


Gosh well if that woman went to acute and still died, it really shows how close to death our ana queen was. She’s lucky to be alive.

I’m sure it won’t be motivating enough for her to get rid of her tube though.

No. 1294678


I think it was in her stories the other day about how she was annoyed they keep miscalculating her feed and giving her too much. Then said ‘before anyone says just comply, it’s a mental illness’.
This is just the proof of the BPD running rampant - I don’t know many anorexics who prefer to have more calories through the tube if they can have less by eating.

No. 1294684

File: 1628457205598.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, 060CB5E2-A00A-450D-B8D3-CD4D0B…)

the super shooper is back with shitty editing again…

No. 1294686

File: 1628457228711.jpeg (656.13 KB, 700x1220, 29EEFE21-7676-4A90-A27A-A70C72…)

what a lovely wonky arm…

No. 1294704

Anorexia face is rancid. These hoes need to hang it up

No. 1294717

What would happen if Instagram banned these accounts for promoting EDs? Where would they all go?

No. 1294729

They'd have to actually recover and live like normal people

No. 1294731

I think it will make her push harder for an acute admission and perpetuate her compulsive lying. Her underlying personality issues are coming out full force now that she’s a healthy weight. If she crosses into munchiedom she will be vying for a peg and pulling the tubes out of her top like ana princess Anal-ease

No. 1294855

im absolutely calling it now that soon she'll say she has been diagnosed with EDS/POTS/MCAS/lyme/lupus

No. 1294856


I just found this person’s IG - won’t post because she clearly isn’t a cow but her penultimate post she actually said she wasn’t struggling with her ED but her substance abuse was causing seizures.
Very sad loss. But for Cecelia to turn it into how she is in such danger from her ED despite her weight, as this person also had an ED at a normal-ish weight totally ignores what she actually likely died from just so Cecelia can make it about her which is despicable.

No. 1294871


So embarrassing. I’m terrible at spotting shooping but that is actually awful. Even worse because she (probably) is still pretty spoopy without it. Ridiculous and damaging ugh.

No. 1294928

she is, it’s a shame as she’s clearly sick but the second hand embrasement at the atrocity of these shoops totally eliminates any of my sympathy.

No. 1294971

In the first photo you can see the reflection of her legs in the window. Still spoopy, but less so than the shooped ones

No. 1295019

File: 1628462097151.png (1.06 MB, 1382x902, Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 6.10…)

Anyone else think Dorian is stoked about their weight loss and has their eyes on the IP prize? They've laid the groundwork:

- Doesn't want to hear ED comments and wishes they had never told the internet, but posts the exact same type of content that every ED creator uses to pay the bills

- Said they were just wrapping up with their ED and it's all under control now (so that if they lose more weight, they will say "Well I wasn't thinking clearly, obviously EDs are not something you can have under control")

- Said they are naturally underweight (can't object to that if it's true, but either way it buys them time to go lower)

- Said they are definitely NOT body checking but flaunts their body nonstop (body checking by their definition would be less obnoxious than their never failing to show a protruding vein/bone/tendon in every single photo that isn't of their feet)

- Related to above: Obv. does the thing they pointed out EC does all the time (putting their body in the frame of videos, rather than just chest up per standard YT vlog posture)

- Started doing contouring with makeup to emaciate their face and stand in stupid-obvious poses like the chickenwing strut

- Has claimed in the past that it's awful that larger people with EDs don't get help, but clearly doesn't practice what they preach and is waiting to get skinnier so they can feel valid about getting treatment (and the accompanying growth in fanbase)

Obnoxious as fuck. They used to come off as a true voice of sanity about ED-internet and now they've dissolved into the cesspool.

I am 1000% convinced that they will start purging if they haven't already, but equally certain they will never tell the internet, because they want to embody the sacred glamour of restriction that they formerly denounced. (Plus it's relatively straightforward to deny restricting compared to purging.)

No. 1295044

stop saying they. jen is a female. this is LC not twitter we're not woke hiveminders.

No. 1295084

go back to tattle.life

No. 1295099

File: 1628463505510.jpg (109 KB, 807x454, ccrcvr.jpg)

"severe and enduring anorexia" god i want to punch her across the face. self-ass-pating whore

No. 1295129

She has never for one second resembled a SEED patient. Maybe she should take a look at Ash, Paris or the twins.

No. 1295164

idk whatever, so she relapses, who cares? She's cringe for reminiscing about her ED publicly and getting herself into this situation but aside from that she's less milky than the other anacows and larpers. I mean she admits she has an issue. She's not waiting to get help, she said she's on a waitlist, typical UK cockup

No. 1295166

File: 1628465011738.jpeg (472.4 KB, 828x1497, 743CCCF8-E154-46BC-826B-31B147…)

So she needs her mum to coach her through a cheese toastie (I literally couldn’t sit through those videos. Actually wanted to hurt her) but can whip up this N2F style concoction.

Sure Jan. Performative much.

No. 1295183

File: 1628465575956.jpg (Spoiler Image,153.1 KB, 720x683, 1628465505342.jpg)

Spoiler for those with EDs
Eatglitter has gotten noticeably thinner and still touting her clean vegan diet. I wish shed realize modeling while looking like a prepubescent teen is not sexy

No. 1295191

File: 1628465834442.jpg (141.18 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_20210808-173514_Ins…)

Eatglitter calls this soup and all her food stories contain portion sizes not fit for a toddler

No. 1295200

Just saw this on the front page and thought it WAS n2f. The only thing I find mildly amusing about Ham is the way she takes bits and pieces from other cows accounts and blatantly tries to copy them. The Ro werebrows being the most obvious physical skinwalk. The ridiculous same old facial expression, the weird smile, I still blame on Elzani's influence.

No. 1295201

File: 1628466232636.png (466.04 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_20210809-003701~2.p…)