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File: 1625680471081.jpeg (180.99 KB, 1170x767, THIN (deleted scenes).jpeg)

No. 1273047

Deliberately coughing Covid in the face of recovery

Cecelia has bravely grinned like a loon, posting an obscene amount of selfies wearing her tube like an influencer wears their YSL handbag. She is so proud that she (wrongly) believes our anons think of her as THE ana queen. If it heals the pain of missing her sister's wedding, then why tell her how very wrong she is. Bunny fan anons are concerned about her mistreatment of Paloma.

Did you know Ganer used to be a spoop?

Token male, Creepypasta Nik continues to make anons shudder with his strange video clips. Still not gained an ounce during his 4 years in recovery, but it takes time for reptilians.

Molly has fallen out with Ruby Granger because Granger's been posting about eating half a dry toast and Molly is triggered! Several anons are waiting with baited breath for more evidence that RG is most certainly on her way to becoming a spoop. Molly's pleased her thighs touch, so sod off Ruby, thankyouverymuch.

Anna's passion for the Conservative Party resulted in her post declaring Matt Hancock's affair is "beautifully revolting". Her political debate is hard hitting stuff. Today, her diagnosis of choice is MCAS, oh and long Covid. She was coughed in the face by a stranger and now she's allergic to life (except 12 foods are okay). Good to see her multiple ailments and chronic fatigue isn't stopping her asking for tennis partners after watching some Wimbledon action.

Ham contunies her LARP, but hopefully she'll disappear off our radars when she starts at a college in September. We hope Anna's Study Guide will be put to good use. She will continue to be valid as she gleefully munches her way through copious amounts of ice cream, cake and McDonald's. She thanked her 10k fake followers for following her. Ahh.

An update from journeytoemma to say she's almost dying. Still. So she would like your prayers. Also, Gracie has lost a lot of weight in recovery. For this one, that's a good thing.

N2f is experimenting with lipsticks and lip balm. Perhaps she could try some Bio Oil on those scars on her knuckles, or just stop purging. No news on her Tinder adventures. She's busy being an ambassador and taking inappropriate selfies in her garden.

She of "superior intellect", Dharma, is literally flexing at the gym, all sinewy limbs and gofundme.

Recovery.chii selfposted. Outed herself by leaving her profile pic on a thread post. Doh!

Did you know Laura was on a Stacy Dooley documentary?

Legohead Sharni sent a message from her MSU to tell us she's going to be moved to a LOW secure unit soon, so will be able to be more active on sm. We look forward to her return.

soph_venting records her misadventures IP, black eye, restraints, tubes in, tried to do a runner. Despite this, her nurse tells her she's doing "amazing".

New hambeast on the block is @moonchild, who has been hospitalised for anorexia and celebrated with a whopper of a mayo loaded sanga. Inevitably, she's been called out on twitter.

lifeofhxn posted a selfie where she resembled an emaciated jaundiced elf.

Something about E Cooney when the thread is arid.

Find em here:

Previous thread:

Anything missing, dump it below.

No. 1273050

god bless you anon, thanks for the thread i was concerned we were dead and buried

No. 1273053

File: 1625680997645.jpg (23.83 KB, 486x277, they are valid.jpg)

NEVER! We do a service giving them the attention they crave.

No. 1273063

File: 1625682025945.jpg (75.26 KB, 421x734, zorro.JPG)

In ref to the tennis comment. Not letting the muscle pain and ache and chronic fatigue get in her way! Fortunately not allergic to grass.

No. 1273072

oh my god this is just the biggest bullshit munch i’ve ever seen

No. 1273086

Despite the milk running low with this one, she had her friend over and still managed to make it all about her eating. What's with the performative clips of her umming and aahing over meals? Always manages to make it about herself.

No. 1273090

What part of the country does she live in?

No. 1273104


No. 1273118

good to be back with you fuckers

No. 1273132

Nah she's at that really tricky point in recovery where on the outside things are starting to look better but mentally still a struggle. Now there'll be less outside pressure to eat and she'll have to motivate herself to keep going more. Give her a bit of time.

No. 1273138

File: 1625691520769.jpeg (366.18 KB, 750x914, EAC100AD-E702-483E-9A98-A43394…)

The irony of making an anti-OOTD post with your completely unnecessary full body pics ….

No. 1273184

File: 1625696367222.png (827.88 KB, 624x1181, 1625696294588.png)

Caroline posted that she has a disorder that makes her cells react to every food with an allergic reaction? She also has a difficult time swallowing.

She was super healthy last year, really have to have some serious issues to have dropped more than 1/2 of her body weight, but I'm not sure if she has ana, so does that warrant her to be posted on this thread? She didnt seem to complain about being tubed in the hospital…anas who want to stay a low weight would

No. 1273188

mast cell activation syndrome is a real thing but I will bet everything I own that she doesn’t have it

No. 1273194

Anna must wish this was her so badly.

No. 1273195

This is how you do it, Anna.

No. 1273196

This has unfortunately already been discussed in previous threads anon. Either way she obviously has some kind of ed and is in denial

No. 1273198

Even if she has MCAS, and that’s a huge if, it’s manageable with medication and by no means makes a person allergic to everything, especially not all food. It’s clearly just something she’s making up to cover for her obvious severe anorexia relapse. If she admits it’s AN, she’d be expected to eat and gain weight and generally work towards recovery. If it’s chronic illness then it’s not her fault and she can just sit back and be a skelly while basking in asspats.

Except that’s not how it works outside of the internet. If she’s still hospitalized, they’d clear up her MCAS claim real quick and treat her like the ana patient she is.

Interesting that both her and Anna are claiming MCAS as a reason to restrict foods when that’s not typically part of MCAS. Patients may have allergies to one or several foods just like any other person, but not allergic to all food or all but 20 foods.

No. 1273230

File: 1625701906148.png (Spoiler Image, 4.25 MB, 750x1334, 63579C54-C369-48D4-854D-DFEBB0…)

The grime.
Spoiler bc N2F

No. 1273272

Thankyou for spoilering N2F anon

No. 1273328

I don't even follow this thread, I don't know why I opened this spoiler but holy fuck that is the mustiest screencap I've ever seen.

No. 1273337

File: 1625715929026.png (508.65 KB, 786x600, 2021-07-08.png)

We also had this girl mentioned.. savingshan. Sadly she's private and I don't follow.. but thought this photo was gold. Anyone following?

No. 1273391

she’s been very cow-like in the past but her latest post is more of a hopeful recovery (?) post so ns if it counts as milk, or if any potential milk has been stoppered

No. 1273400

File: 1625737656145.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1941, D93125F2-C3FF-4775-8190-E85A99…)

Sage cause May but she’s still claiming her weight gain is “swelling”. It’s been literal months, if her swelling was organ failure, she’d be dead.

No. 1273402

File: 1625737770615.jpeg (738.86 KB, 1033x2048, E60E060C-5A70-49F3-83CC-2A6493…)

Caption to the post. I’m surprised she isn’t blaming not going to doctors for her severe swelling cause she’s so poor. Missed a chance to ebeg.

No. 1273408

I sense a spiral into munchiedom

No. 1273413

File: 1625739061896.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201.02 KB, 1080x1204, Screenshot_20210708-120924_Ins…)

I feel sorry for n2f. She's trying to follow the whole oatmeal fad with showing what it looks like when you take a spoon of it but hers just looks like dog vomit. The grey lightning is not helping.

No. 1273420

The amount of mental gymnastics she’s going through to justify her weight gain is phenomenal. Best part is she’s fully aware she’s full of shit. If you thought you were in congestive heart failure you’d rush to the nearest ER, not take your time trying to schedule a doctors appointment. She knows if she gets tested and they come back fine she’ll have to accept she’s just gained weight. I feel no sympathy for her, it’s karma for all the suicide baiting and the car crash.

No. 1273422

Didn't she pull this off the exact thing on her brother's birthday not too long ago? What an egocentric little brat she is.

In another clip (an FAQ) she said she broke off her therapy to go "all in".

It's always the same excuses: "This and that doesn't work for me" and "I know best what's good for me!".

Bitch is not over the hump. There is no reovery yet.

No. 1273467

Doubt her doctor's clinic closed completely. I mean, here they were mostly doing phone consultations but you could still go in for bloods n shit. They wouldn't leave hundreds of people without a doctor. Lazy bitch cba.

Also, she isn't so bloated she looks in danger. It's weight gain from what she was to a still p underweight person. Idk, maybe after some really ~good~ painkillers.

No. 1273470

File: 1625752164597.png (1.21 MB, 1062x591, shout the fuck about it for at…)

> "I know best what's good for me!".

That worked out for Ganer. Oh wait…

Here, have some Slenderman

No. 1273479

yes i’m so tired of her. she makes every dinner/picnic/food event about her. she acts just like ham with the cheesy quotes and attention-seeking, except she has just gained weight. sorry ro, but when you stop acting like eating is a big deal and drawing attention to yourself for eating, you will final be “normal” and “recovered”

No. 1273481

This is why most recovery accounts are a sack of shit. When they're still banging on about having/once having anorexia/bulimia years after gaining weight, then they've still got an obsession with food. Unless it's someone who hasn't porked out and eats relatively healthily and mentions their ED now and again for a relevant reason, forget it.

Molly had a touch of the anas, but it'll be good when she stops mentioning it eventually and only posts about her life. That's what recovery is. Not plates full of fucking biscoff spreads on pancakes and bars of chocolate in a bowl of porridge.

No. 1273482


If you summarize the lot of her clips on YT: Eating, eating, eating.
Just like one of those deathfats, just in reverse.

Girl is as smart / Just like before
Hey look at me / An attention whore

No. 1273490

Not sure if nitpick, but ro hasnt been that milky for a few threads so im getting a sense that this is ust one very ro-hating anon who keeps responding to their own messages?
Most anons have said shes starting to move on, and i think so too. Recovery does take a while

No. 1273498

second this, she recently shared that she’s now weight restored and tbh if you rack up a following and presumably some income from a recovery channel, it would be weird if her to just suddenly stop making similar content. anachans follow her to watch her eat.

No. 1273499


Idk that much about Ro, tbh I think it must be exhausting being her family and friends and having to give constant reassurance but I do not count Molly as a cow any more, she hasn’t mentioned recovery on her posts for a long time and when she does it’s pretty normal recovery stuff. Like the stuff that you get when you’re not that disordered but not fully recovered. I think she’s reinventing herself as a study tuber now anyway and giving up her recovery warrior days and pretty much anyone who had an obvious mental health problem mentions it on social media now and again. For someone who was such a huge recovery account to only mention it now and again is pretty big progress imo.

And before ‘hi Molly’ yawn no I’m not Molly.

No. 1273502

she still mentions it in most of her vlogs though

No. 1273504

not alogging or samefagging, at least not by me. ro is just annoying lol. time to integrate back into society and stop hanging around the anorexic crowd if she wants to actually live a normal life.

No. 1273510

File: 1625760954235.jpeg (522.52 KB, 750x1225, 363B5745-8458-4E07-AD24-181FF6…)

not sure if this is milk but girl, the blatant body check and the “recovery” caption kek

No. 1273511

What the fuck.. thats just rank. How can she actually think that makes a good post. Yuck. Defo dog vomit.

No. 1273522

haha this is the terrible shooper girl with the bendy legs

No. 1273524

Totally not sucking in

No. 1273526

File: 1625763003189.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.36 KB, 478x496, BED79F48-333D-4471-BC47-91140F…)

top kek

No. 1273528

File: 1625763040576.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 417.25 KB, 828x1026, 84B3574D-A792-4F95-8257-2F43DF…)

totally not photoshopped to the nines

No. 1273538

File: 1625763515763.png (1.63 MB, 1427x979, OOPS.png)

No. 1273568

Right. A girl in my area had pretty severe anorexia and a huge recovery account. She's been weight restored for a good while now but only stopped posting a few months ago. I get not wanting to let go of your account/followers right away but really, you can't truly move on if you still talk about your ED on a daily basis. Recovery is all about creating an identity and interests outside of your illness.

No. 1273580

i’m trying to find the thread where anons compared a tiktok of the same day vs the shoops and her legs are totally different, bear with

No. 1273592

File: 1625770458390.png (2.64 MB, 1536x2048, 1BD68AE9-1660-4A1F-8872-427FAB…)

She is looking really sick, should probably be in hospital ASAP.

Quite sad actually, many of these anas have no life outside of their ED. Like

No. 1273604

I’m surprised she isn’t featured more on these threads. She is undoubtably ill but she also loves to revel in it and drip feed information to her followers. Constantly requires police intervention and 24/7 supervision from mummy and daddy but can behave long enough to go on acting gigs. Go figure.

No. 1273612

I think one reason why she isn't mentioned more is because she is a big fan of vague posting which limits the milk (at least on her public account, I don't know about the vent one). A few threads back there was also someone saying 'talk about lifeofhxn next guize!!!' and now I'm very suspicious of self posting.

That being said, what annoys me is how she says being ip traumatised her but when she stays outpatient she is traumatising her vulnerable followers, sibling(s?), parents, police officers (I know it is their job but still can't be fun), neighbours and the strangers that intervene when she goes out and inevitably has the incidents she loves to vaguely allude to. So fucking selfish.

No. 1273620


Screams BPD.

No. 1273621


A lot of milky accounts I follow because they are entertaining. Her account I have to ignore a lot because she so irritating.
She has taken to giving ‘life updates’ which invariably include things like:
‘Met a nice officer’ every day, or ‘an officer helped me’ ‘a PC wrote something nice on my glass board’ - I don’t even know what that means but she absolutely refuses to clarify any of this because ‘I don’t want to trigger you guys’

She posts OOTDs continuously and gets angry at people suggesting she censor her body. She will say things like ‘had an assessment’ ‘had a hard appointment’ ‘got some bad news’ and never clarifies what she means and when people call her out on being vague she just says ‘well you’ll call me out if I’m specific too’ … she could just not mention her appointments? It’s exactly those people who check into a&e on Facebook then say ‘message me, not for Facebook huh’ when people show concern.

She also seems pretty determined that she’s starting uni in September despite dropping hints that her BMI is around 12 and cannot go anywhere without her mum. So prepare for a shit ton of incidents when that falls through.

No. 1273622

What kind of incidents does she go out and have?

Stg we need a separate thread just for the borderlines.

No. 1273627

we really do tbh. their ana is different to you regulars’

No. 1273628

She never says, because as above anon says 'she doesn't want to trigger people' (but is ok with liberally posting toob pics, body checks, SH wounds etc). I presume not suicide attempts because surely one would have succeeded by now if that were the case (sounds shitty but you know what I mean) I think just general SH, going missing and possibly violence towards her parents?

No. 1273629

probably standing on bridges and train tracks, getting 136d etc.

No. 1273630

Anyone up for starting a BPD cow thread?

No. 1273632


We need one

No. 1273634

any ideas of subjects?

No. 1273635

For some reason I thought she was trying to get down to BMI 11 for private treatment. Iirc she is being too resistant for a public ED bed and also is not following her cto. Zara has mentioned not all unis in the uk have weight requirements so Hxn might have a loophole. USfag with little understanding of the education and treatment system. Please correct misinformation

No. 1273637

why work out when she could easily burn a couple thousand calories by cleaning her room

No. 1273640


Unis don’t all have a weight requirement but I think she is talking about a London uni? So it wouldn’t necessarily be the uni refusing her but probably a team stepping in and stopping her or her family. Or her going to uni and getting sectioned a day later.

My money is on her ‘incidents’ being her running away from home and a missing persons case or just her head banging and being violent enough that her family call police because they can’t or don’t want to restrain her themselves. I think it’s not that often she actually goes to a&e? Although hard to tell because she will say things vaguely like ‘survived the worst night of my life’ and ‘was allowed to come home’ and one time hinted that she stayed at a police station overnight rather than a&e… fuck knows really.

Iirc she has had assessments at private places… one called the Orri assessed her but that was a no too

No. 1273641

File: 1625775343782.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 977.48 KB, 2048x2048, 3FD2900E-DD30-426F-AD96-3754F8…)

Who the fuck runs their PR account

No. 1273644


She isn’t on a CTO (somehow, idk).

The public vs private bed situation is a bit less clear cut in the UK. The NHS will often outsource beds to the private sector (e.g. The Priory) due to a shortage of NHS wards. She has repeatedly said she cannot afford private treatment. The thing with the NHS is that if you’re sectioned they rarely allow you to fanny around. Recovering from anorexia or even just being in hospital for anorexia (not actually recovering) requires gaining weight and no longer being spoopy, and she doesn’t want that. She thinks private treatment (not NHS funded private treatment) will hold her hand and give her the asspats she desires.

No. 1273650

When I suggested the same (in PT) it was roundly shot down in flames for a variety of reasons, but iirc mainly because it attracts sperg outs from BPD fags. There was a BPD thread before, I think?

No. 1273659

File: 1625778209314.png (1.58 MB, 828x1792, 502F11EF-1A20-4E1F-BE9C-AA552D…)

she’s also pursuing a career in acting now, god help anyone who has to witness this. seems her BPD-style head whacking behaviour can be turned off for a trip to “filming” with mummy

No. 1273663

i can think of a few… lifeofhxn, recoverywins, basically anyone with recovering in the user, journeytoemma of course

No. 1273664

University staff will suspend her if they believe she is very sick.

What is she planning on studying?

No. 1273667

Probably some bored 20something who’s fully aware nourish’s slop is repulsive but has an engagement quota to meet, and might as well meet that quota engaging with some of the more “interesting” sugar syrup influencers.

No. 1273670

Sorcha blossoms for start the BPD queen(selfposting)

No. 1273672

Imagine the freak out when they find out they're no longer discussed in the ed thread but in a bpd thread instead

No. 1273673

fuck we need to do this just for that reason

No. 1273675

File: 1625779394217.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2377, CB7DC233-D152-4236-9FDF-E34BF8…)

Conveniently Anna has discovered that she can have the 90 cal halo top ice cream lolly’s. I definitely recognise those

No. 1273677

you beat me anon… i guess “additives” don’t apply here then, kek. she’s such a bold faced liar it’s unbelievable. do you think maybe she forgets what she’s already claimed, or just doesn’t give a shit and plans to cover it up with more lies?

No. 1273678

her nose, kek.

why has she suddenly decided she has MCAS after never displaying any signs of anaphylaxis? And she could literally eat any food before about 2 weeks ago?

No. 1273684

because she’s an attention seeking liar with surprisingly low intellect for a med student…

No. 1273693

+1 for this but make it cluster B in general so narcs like Cecelia and sociopaths like Lego can spice it up

Sorcha why are you still here

No. 1273716

if all the cluster Bs were in their own thread this one and half the others on this site would be empty

No. 1273717

Cecelia has been awfully quiet lately. Noncompliance saga when

No. 1273723

maybe just rename the pro ana scumbag threads from this one onwards to include bpd cows?

pro ana scumbags & borderline bitches or smthn idk

No. 1273744

I have a feeling that'd turn this thread to just a bpd thread since the ed cows are low on milk

No. 1273760

What if they were desperate enough to give the job to her? They are the toxic swill of choice for these anachans, why not give it to their target audience, at least on an internship basis? (They’d never let her do it if she were being actually paid).

No. 1273805

File: 1625795945664.jpeg (556.61 KB, 750x1536, CB303B0B-D960-4322-8876-6BBE44…)

she is two days away from dying

No. 1273806

Nah, the twins are like Ash and will never die despite LARPers like Ham somehow constantly being minutes away from death.

No. 1273816

YES do it. So many MH/ED recovery accounts are just insufferable BPD queens who act like they have an ED for moar attention

No. 1273818

File: 1625798667518.png (313.47 KB, 426x662, Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 9.04…)

literally right on cue

No. 1273831

i realize that it's been over a week since this post and i'm not sure if it was clarified or not because i'm still catching up from then but i'm 110% sure they were referring to her knuckles…

No. 1273838

File: 1625805334611.png (1.59 MB, 750x1624, A1520D7A-B905-4CBF-B652-ED8A74…)

Idk if this belongs here but I don’t know where else to put it for rn?
Virgie has been one of my favorite pet cows for a while now and today I saw this??
I swear the bopo/haes/fat acceptance movement is out of control. I don’t mean to bone rattle but come on virgie how many more spaces does your fat ass need to invade

No. 1273862

File: 1625809857925.jpg (325.44 KB, 1080x2072, 20210709_131859.jpg)

Sophie not even TRYING to hide her desperate want to be in Hospital… How can she even be serious, broadcasting the fact she wants to be in Hospital? She's just making herself look like a munchie fool and an attention seeker kek

No. 1273879

law…. if i was facing her in a moot (or after uni, in a real court), i would start laughing. maybe she’s planning on doing desk work emails or something that doesn’t need much presence or actual skill

No. 1273884


"ReCoVeRy DoEs TaKe A wHiLe"

That's true, Anon. But bitch has got to start it, that's the problem.
There's no use if bitch skips therapy and goes her own silly "MuH rEcOvErY jOuRnEy" like some others did before.

It's not a real recovery when you just snap a photo of some porridge and put it on Insta, remember.

No. 1273887

She was discharged? When? Why? Last thing I saw of her, she was in restraints.

No. 1273888


Guess we were missing her sheppishly dumb, emotionless face already?

No. 1273889

Lol she gets discharged then re-presents every fucking day and when she's due to discharge she'll swollow something (last time it was a plastic nicotine inhaler) to extend her admission. I'm surprised they keep admitting her, its clear that she just has Hospital attachment issues and wants attention. But no, they get sucked into her BS every time although her admissions are becoming shorter and shorter and I'm guessing she never goes to MH after medical is because the psych Drs KNOW she's full of shit and just attention seeking

No. 1273893

File: 1625817537217.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, EBB751F3-9C64-4B3F-A0A8-8072EE…)

I’m sorry but obese anas saying “no body checks” makes me cackle. It can only be a body check if you’re underweight
I’m so embarrassed for her. My bets on self harm threats or skipping night snack

No. 1273899

My money is on having a tantrum and throwing paints in art therapy because the colours weren't mixing right #perfectionist.

No. 1273910

Not very body positive and fat acceptancey to have anorexia now is it.. Why do all the fatties wanna larp that all of a sudden?

No. 1273926

Idk but why do fatties shame people who don't accept obesity and think it's fucked to be positive about them having a body of furred up arteries and gout and obesity related diseases.

Anas need to eat more, Binger's need to eat less. Facts of life.

No. 1273931

Apart from osteoporosis, shit immune system, organ damage, shit healing capabilities and stunted growth.

Why do the LARPers have to make everything about physical health? No one is saying (genuine) atypical anas are not ill, but it is a MENTAL illness with increasingly severe physical complications as it progresses. And a genuine ana will think 'if being a healthy weight/overweight is just as dangerous, why can't I stay spoopy?' when they see this.

No. 1273947

File: 1625831760354.jpeg (45.09 KB, 576x422, 0A4A212E-C344-4A4F-B9CB-766C8C…)

>makes us feel less legitimate
Boo hoo. Take it up with the DSM. Why do these fatties act like OSFED is a dirty word?

No. 1273956

honestly even when they get an atypical ana diagnosis it confuses me. i dont understand how someone who supposedly has the potential to develop anorexia could ever let themselves get that big. and if they were actually restricting like they said they would have lost huge amounts of weight because losing weight is easier when you're bigger. it's clear most of these fat people claiming ana have an unhealthy relationship with food that should be taken seriously, but i don't get why they have to larp.

No. 1273958

Trying to deflect criticism, maybe? If they claim to have a restrictive eating disorder / anorexia, then they can guilt and/or berate anyone who comments on what they're eating.

No. 1273966

Because they associate OSFED with fat and anorexia with being thin - they don‘t want to be diagnosed as fat kek

No. 1273977

File: 1625837526636.jpeg (329.29 KB, 1085x907, 2341ED04-CB2E-49B5-A2EA-709160…)

I have to eat this cheeseburger and fries and enough cake to feed a small army. Doctor’s orders. I’m anorexic.
Honestly based on the cows discussed here the whole diagnosis should just be thrown out, it’s only pandering and reinforcing their delusions.

No. 1273981


I think the atypical anorexia diagnosis serves a purpose. If someone goes from BMI 27 to BMI 19 rapidly by eating 300 calories a day then it’s clear they have a restrictive eating disorder and may have anorexic cognitions but look visibly healthy, weight wise. They would also eventually end up underweight but a diagnosis could be valuable before that point. That is very different from someone who is BMI 32, fluctuating between BMI 30 and BMI 34 skipping meals every so often, though…

No. 1273984


Where did you get this? My understanding is that atypical anorexia isn’t just being normal weight but can also be if you’re underweight but aren’t body dysmorphic which can cover like the more autistic types of anorexia.
It’s a valid diagnosis, just no one knows because everyone is so mad about it because it’s ‘fat phobic’. It’s not really because things change when people are v underweight, cognitions change, treatment changes and diagnosis is needed to access that.

Isn’t it funny that the atypical ana cows are usually from aus, and sometimes usa. Not really from uk where the healthcare providers don’t profit from making a diagnosis. It’s either anorexia or bulimia, rarely atypical anorexia but they are actually atypical anorexia not just diagnosis chasers and usually become anorexic quickly.

No. 1274027

File: 1625848113666.jpg (318.89 KB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20210709-182554_Ins…)

Creepy nik follows ham and it shows. So brave of you nik to gain approximately 1g since you started "recovery" 4 years ago. True warrior

No. 1274036

bored_with_ana is now claiming she can't have sunflower oil (in her stories). But sunflower seeds are ok, according to her list?

No. 1274062

He films himself eating a calorific ~snack~ then posts pics of food on a plate and a magnum and pringles which he definitely doesn't eat.

He's from Ham's level of stupid if he thinks people believe he's in recovery.

No. 1274065

She also says she’s allergic to to walnut oil. How the fuck do find that out? Not to sound chavvy but I don’t think i’ve ever eaten walnut oil.

No. 1274078

why is she trying new foods if she goes into anaphylaxes whenever she is allergic to something?

No. 1274099

File: 1625855634602.png (1.96 MB, 1622x1174, Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 19.33…)

can't help but feel like satara lost all that weight after that video where elzani said her bum was too big and she left the room really quickly. not saying that caused it, it just lines up strangely well

No. 1274101

she looks the same as she always did? and no one cares about elzani anymore

No. 1274103

File: 1625855895782.png (901.93 KB, 756x578, Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 19.37…)

she really doesnt

No. 1274107

File: 1625856134812.png (1.5 MB, 1586x1164, Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 19.41…)

she looks drastically different. i havent read this thread in a few months but there used to be speculations that her sister would go down a similar route (back when elzani was really really unwell & just started her channel) so i thought some anons would be interested. sorry if not tho.

No. 1274110

thats actually insane. she looks so so different. she looks like the other sister.

their poor mother, she must be sick of this starvation shit

No. 1274117

Sorry for tinfoil, but you know this might be an ACTUAL case of atypical anorexia… she looks really good now, hopefully she's doing it in a healthy way

No. 1274124

stfu anon

No. 1274126

it’s just angles, she literally looks the same

No. 1274132

Even people in the comments are talking about her weight loss

No. 1274143

File: 1625859684376.jpeg (2.29 MB, 1151x2125, A580BA9A-B9B3-4782-A439-035889…)


No. 1274146

File: 1625859802020.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x1970, 2A5501A7-B5A8-4024-BE25-12AC45…)

She’s posting body checks on her personal insta

No. 1274147

Anon what video did she say her bum was too big in I wanna see this

No. 1274153

File: 1625860535124.jpeg (1.15 MB, 972x1756, 2EBE04A5-C4A6-4AE6-82EB-BF5440…)

>>1274147 ntayrt but here’s the post originally referencing it. i took a quick look but didn’t see the actual video. i could’ve just missed it though, i only skimmed through the thread

No. 1274155

‘body checks’ hardly. most teenage girls objectify themselves and their bodies on the gram - big difference between that and bodychecking as a ed behaviour

No. 1274157

Yeah this doesn't look like a body check to me, just a normal selfie that plenty of people would post on insta

No. 1274160

Found the video here’s the link


No. 1274164

File: 1625862301589.jpg (516.21 KB, 1080x1799, IMG_20210709_212357.jpg)

To me, these look like body checks kind of….. Well they look like reject pictures she's only posting because 'tHigH gAp'

No. 1274165

File: 1625862339157.jpg (302.86 KB, 1080x1713, IMG_20210709_212414.jpg)


No. 1274168

Psychfag here. No you are mistaken anon, if someone was underweight but does not have the cognitions they would either be classified as ARFID or OSFED (and then specified) depending on the specific behaviors. Atypical anorexia is exactly what was posted, same diagnostic criteria except for significantly low body weight.

No. 1274175

Congrats, you're not overly chunky anymore. Welcome to the chunky band. Those light blue trousers don't do anything for you by the way. Didn't realize you could have a thigh gap at that weight though? wide hips? And her expressions just seem like she's an obnoxious person to follow.

No. 1274178

she's just standing with her feet apart…

No. 1274183

who cares jeez she’s not claiming to have an eating disorder, she’s not a pro ana scumbag so which vendettachan is so hellbent on discussing her??

No. 1274184

replied to the wrong anon, excuse me

No. 1274202

File: 1625866323526.png (223.89 KB, 1498x1302, Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 5.26…)

Pretty sure this is "our" Cecelia's review of Alsana… could be a different one because I can't be be bothered to check the exact time frames, but it's not an extremely common name. Sage because the review itself isn't particularly milky. It's a glowingly positive review overall, you'd think she'd have more to complain about.


No. 1274212

Don't be an arsehole anon. She doesn't exhibit any cow behaviour and doesn't belong here.

No. 1274213

When your goal is to have a vacation from life there aren’t many things to complain about. Any reviews from her under ERC?

No. 1274216

File: 1625868289329.jpg (232.3 KB, 1080x1810, Screenshot_20210710-000232_Ins…)

Everything except for eating enough to actually bulk.
She needs serious help

No. 1274223

That bit about doing anything to get where she wants, even if it kills her is a bit chilling. Considering she got pretty fucking spoopy when she wanted to I have no problem with thinking she means it literally.

No. 1274226

Why is Sorcha in the pic edit I thought we weren’t talking about her

No. 1274227

Yeah (as always) it's very clear this is simply another obsession, and nothing to do with health or happiness.

No. 1274246

you're a dick nonnie, even for LC. She's not chunky, she's a good weight and shouldnt lose anymore. Clearly shes been affected by her sisters situation and has been trying hard to lose weight. Lets not discuss her till shes actually become a cow or pro ana.

No. 1274247

Sorcha when will you stop posting yourself?

No. 1274250

Scorcha, can you please learn to sage sweetheart

No. 1274256

This 100%. Can we carry on being dicks about people who actually deserve it please.

No. 1274258

this thread used to be for pro scum. what the fuck happened to where we decided discussing elzani's sister was interesting or relevant

No. 1274279

File: 1625873830255.jpg (765.64 KB, 2160x3840, 20210710_113556.jpg)

You can't honestly think Satara looks the same… she looks amazing.. and these after shots were back in April.. I'd say she's lost more in the last few months too.

No. 1274283

Teenage girl loses weight on a diet. Wow. Just because her sister had an ED doesn't mean she gets one. How about she felt like she'd feel better if she changed her intake. Whatever she's doing, this is going to turn into a shit thread where anons are diagnosing her ana chan. At least the Granger speed had a sliver of evidence.

Anons are too desperate.

No. 1274285

Sperg not speed.

No. 1274286

agree. not every photo with a person's body in it is a body check ffs

No. 1274288

No Satara isn't a pro ana scumbag and she can post what she wants but personally I find the fact that she's the sister of a well known anorexia recovery influencer and regularly featured on that channel, then goes and posts weight loss updates kinda tactless. Most of her followers are elzanis- she knows her audience.

No. 1274291


Ehh, let her be. She has an identity outside of being "Elzani's sister". Must be shit enough having to live with an anorexic sibling, now she's gone from chunky to qt and she can't share it online because her sister's skelefriends might see?

No. 1274292

File: 1625875431648.jpg (330.45 KB, 1080x1438, IMG_20210710_005814.jpg)

AYRT, yeah I guess I was being pretty unreasonable. I found this on her tiktok anyways.. ah she does look great

No. 1274362

But random but does anyone know what elanzi is doing now a days, has she gone back to school, job, any friends?

No. 1274371


Didn’t the other one lose loads of weight as well?

No. 1274385

File: 1625890412671.png (6.1 MB, 828x1792, D3EAC24A-2B60-46A4-A389-0EFEEF…)

I found a new tiktok cow, loves showing off her toob and her smashed in face and is currently bragging about being sent to the picu because she won’t stop yanking it out

No. 1274398

File: 1625893494363.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 723.9 KB, 750x1326, 93F55C66-60B7-4262-A7CF-BFE5DF…)

what the fuck is wrong with this girl, look at her feet. spoiler n2f

No. 1274403

whore up top, orc down below

No. 1274409

Her toenails are fucking BLACK.

No. 1274422

Anyone watching Ro Mitchell on youtube?
Kinda weird trying to do the whole "standard youtuber videos" but with ana recovery.

No. 1274426

File: 1625897546395.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 1170x1830, 4865B350-5C9D-406F-BE3A-85B6D4…)

Who in gods name chooses Nourish to be their ambassador? Plus she hasn’t actually tagged them

No. 1274428

File: 1625897859793.jpg (206.14 KB, 1080x1374, Screenshot_20210710-081354_Ins…)

Kek there's no way her dietician said that. Cecelia was at no point "significantly underweight". She's such a scumbag dropping this to her easily influenced followers who think she's an actual ~recovery account~

No. 1274440

lurk moar

No. 1274442

Cessation of weight gain means you are almost completely weight restored. Like less than 5 pounds away. “Clinically significantly underweight” my ass. She has not been discharged for noncompliance so she is eating more than she lets on. I still do not understand why she was placed in the ITU. Unless that was a white lie as well

No. 1274446

Nah, sometimes weight gain will stall out because you need to be eating more, which is what she's claiming. (not defending her attempt to turn it into drama, it's common and boring and does not mean you're the super ana queen)

No. 1274447

My bet is she’s in ITU because her insurance covers it which means more money for ERC. Treatment centers love to put patients at the highest level they can justify and get a patient's insurance to cover just for that reason. And her repeated non compliance just adds to it, at least as long as she’s underweight. They’ll move her to regular residential or php the second she hits normal weight if not discharge her outright. Though Cecelia seems to be doing her best to prevent that with repetitive non compliance so discharge may come sooner than she wants. No sense in them wasting a bed with her antics after a point, unless her insurance continues to hand over cash to them.

No. 1274452

Thanks anon I read too quickly. Kek over a routine meal plan increase
She might be under her IBW. I don’t buy her being medically underweight. She’s coming up on 30 days at ERC so there may be some developments ahead. ERC doesn’t allow tubes at PHP do they? She’s clinging to the tube for dear life

No. 1274454

I suspect she might be lying.

No. 1274455

maybe american dieticians are so used to seeing hamplanets that she looks small, kek

No. 1274457

medfag here, not to continue this further, but it can be both. Scientifically proven that weight tends to plateau near weight restoration, as well as the need to consume extra calories to get there and maintain the weight restoration. Many anas need more calories after recovering to maintain than they needed before becoming anorexic. Its also a common theme that weight plateaus for as much as 6 months at times on increased calories before the last gain happens.
Sorry for sperg

No. 1274473


I'd believe what a trained professional has to say, rather than that of a notorious lolcow with a history of attention seeking.
"Not gaining weight" can also mean skipping a bit of her lunch under the table. Cuz fat.

She's still thinking "too fat", nurse says "significantly underweight". Case is clear.

No. 1274474


You can just feel the fanatic inside of her, oozing out of every pore.
Hannah replaced one sickness with another one.

Have fun with your exercise purging, Hannah.
No period for you.

No. 1274476

Does ERC put all patients with NG tubes in the ITU? Then all she'd have to do is refuse food sporadically enough that they never pull the NG tube.

No. 1274491

File: 1625917416057.jpg (11.02 KB, 281x140, 00.JPG)


She mentioned them last week here >>1268164

Her feet look cleaner when she's walking in the garden barefoot than here >>1274398

No. 1274492

File: 1625917462644.jpeg (562.94 KB, 828x1362, 3A0D3C87-014D-4BA2-9CD4-73BBE0…)

New cow
Post exclusively body checks disguised as ootd. Captions about therapy, recovery and this gem “isn’t this shirt cute” IDK you cropped the part of it out but got the skelly check.

No. 1274493

>not saged
>1 like
>like is from a bot account


No. 1274495


follows Ro and Cecelia.

Obvious much?

No. 1274506

This has strong Russian dating site vibes. This image has actually put her above Molly as my favourite cast member of the Pro Ana Scumbag threads

No. 1274509

doesnt strike me as a self -post just by the language used, however feels like a lurker/cow post

No. 1274511

File: 1625921484396.png (5.74 MB, 828x1792, 16B72827-FA0B-4412-BE22-F690EA…)


No. 1274514

What year is 2nd class?(samefagging)

No. 1274519

Probably.. second?

No. 1274521

"okay but AS IF" lmao
Also the "explaining to people on lolcow…" no one cares about you here. You only self post. Grow up

No. 1274532

you're usually aged 7 or 8 in second class

No. 1274536

i watch her vlogs and she’s still doing the same things as before. just hanging out with her family and baking

No. 1274542

It could be age 7 or it could be age 12/13. It's probably 12/13 because at 7 basically everyone is supervised to some degree!

No. 1274546

That’s true cos in her video she used the “you were only 7” sound but is that not normal

No. 1274547

probably 7 actually because the term 2nd class is only used for primary school. 2nd year is for secondary. Which only makes this more of a pathetic attempt to look the sickest ana ever from sorcha. Of course you were supervised at lunch bitch everyone was.

No. 1274552

Kids at primary school used to hide bits of dinner in their pockets and up their sleeves. Not because they had an eating disorder, but because the food was disgusting. How are you not embarrassed self posting here, Sorcha?

No. 1274554

you can see on this screenshot that it's your account posting this, sorcha.

you're pathetic.

mods and farmhands, this must have been the 20th time we've asked for a sorcha ban. can it fucking happen already?

No. 1274556

File: 1625929920086.jpeg (146.37 KB, 828x1170, CC44E4DF-9120-4934-B1DF-00F386…)

Not to be a fashion fag but the bag she's flaunting in these pics is such an ugly knock-off of the Bao Bao bags by Issey Miyake

No. 1274557


How can you tell?

No. 1274577

OP here and I appreciate the sperg because I love reading research as well. I think her set point is a higher than her current weight. At least based on previous pictures so I doubt this is the final plateau

No. 1274583

She's quite tall isn't she? Would make sense her set point is a bit higher.

No. 1274590

I believe she’s about 5’4/~163 cm. The IBW formula is height-based so set point would vary based on genetics. A 5’4 female’s IBW would be 120 pounds/54.5 kg (plus/minus 10%)

No. 1274599

Guys milk so sorcha has been abused by her mother and her mother now has serve mental health issues which she’s being medicated for so I’ve created a thread for the BPD queen because she doesn’t want her BPD disscussed.

No. 1274602

Sorcha ban when? Your lame thread got locked hun.

No. 1274605

get a fucking grip sorcha

No. 1274614

Sorcha fuck off, you post yourself here, no one cares, then bitch about lolcow on tiktok. Mods I am begging for a Sorcha ban, this is getting insane. If youre reading this, I know you're the super dooper mentally ill girl you poor waif, but aspiring to be a cow isn't good. You will be embarassed of this when you're older.

No. 1274626

what about age, i believe that makes it vary too. and i might be wrong but she looks taller than 163cm, id say maybe 166-8?

No. 1274627

You do realise by complaining, we are feeding her. If she wont be banned, we should just overlook all and any sorcha posts imo

No. 1274631

(blogging?) Children’s IBW typically is based off growth charts instead of IBW. Some treatment centers in the US use the Hamwi method because there isn’t always an accurate tend in height for weight % and they prefer overshooting

No. 1274632

kek at her whining about us on her socials but if anyone comes here to see whats up they see us not wanting to discuss her

No. 1274656

Irish here. Second class is about 8 or 9ish years old.

You start school aged 4 or 5 (junior infants), next year is senior infants (5 to 6), then first class the next year (7 to 8), then second class (8 to 9).

Shes talking out her arse. Everyone in second class is supervised during lunch times so nobody acts the mick. It's just a staff member who walks around and pays attention to nobody in particular. The only reason she would have to be specially supervised is if she was a particularly shitty kid or if she was special needs.

No. 1274659

File: 1625947843899.jpg (163.37 KB, 540x473, selfpostingretard.jpg)

How was she who sharn't be named threadbanned? just wondering if there's a process.

No. 1274663

top kek anon

No. 1274689

sorry to drag this up but re reading old threads- anyone else forget that cecelia claims to be a SEED patient?!!!!

No. 1274691

I think the mods were just more active back in the day - AFAIK there is no way to formally request a ban

No. 1274696

File: 1625956033054.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 522.7 KB, 750x1136, C710A5A6-B8E3-4C99-B2E1-C9D73B…)

I like N2F less the more posts like this she makes…. I preferred hobbit food stashes and 50 stories a day of her porridge.

No. 1274697

Her face looks like a child's who just discovered their mothers makeup. Not a good look. Not at all. Please n2f stop this

No. 1274698

She’s matched her blush to her purger knuckles, how fashionable.

No. 1274699

why is her arm so grimy? is it bruising or dirt on the mirror?

No. 1274701

File: 1625957365894.png (9.67 MB, 1284x2778, CF37BAC1-4A08-46E5-A0FE-CB97C9…)

This is the best thing I have ever seen! I was wondering in the opening post where she was mentioned. Honestly one of my favourite cows at the moment.

After that post she did disappear, considering she normally posts about 20 blogs per day about the ins and out of her “terribly spoopy” life it was strange. However today there was her normal share her personal account post and beg for likes and comments because “make me feel so much better I’m a sad girl”…she will probably repost this about 5 times over the next few days like usual.

She also posted an up close and personal of her tube saying TW “broken conditions but the ED team haven’t even taken obs, asked for weight, monitoring, fuck all so lucky me…”

Oh and she posted enquiring about an adult eating disorder service called April house? Unaware of this is inpatient or outpatient. Also asking about PEGs…her usual cow self. Nothing has changed sadly.

No. 1274704

The big fuck off eyelashes kill me. Jesus christ, does she think that's cute?

No. 1274705

I mean, fair play to her for gaining weight and her bod actually is looking pretty good but why the fuck share it in this fucking weird manner.

Still baffled that her family either don't know the extent of her mental or have just given up completely.

No. 1274706

Frida Kahlo? That you, girl?

No. 1274707

The way her hand is positioned in the second photo makes it look like she has a penis.

No. 1274712

File: 1625958959035.jpg (364.15 KB, 1080x1885, Screenshot_20210711-011241_Ins…)

she probably considers boost a kind of delicious milkshake

No. 1274713

Why on earth would they boost this land whale

No. 1274714

File: 1625959475387.png (1.95 MB, 1808x1092, Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 9.23…)

hasn't been mentioned in a while but was discharged from an ED unit a week ago and lasted about 10 days. pathetic.

No. 1274722

the hairline

No. 1274723

I'm grateful the disgust of her environment makes n2f's presence in these nude shots irrelevant. It's more interesting to look at what's piled on her floor and bed or stains.

Yes, good body. Not against skin BUT Alicia, these shots aren't going to do you any favours in the world outside.

No. 1274727

File: 1625962061363.jpg (533.58 KB, 2880x2880, gracie.jpg)

my god look at her.. totally different.

No. 1274759

File: 1625968166886.jpeg (1020.83 KB, 1118x1584, F8799965-E6E0-4649-8C8F-B4E836…)


so incoming tinfoil, although i do think there are a few people posting Sophie - i definitely think these are posts from Shanaya.
It would make the most sense because
1. I know she follows her as they have interacted before
2. Why would sophie even come under being a munchie? Bit of a stretch i think - especially since shay herself has been speculated so many times that shes an actual full-blown munchie. Its just a really random jab of a namecall imo and it would make sense for someone like shay to be quick to label someone else as that.
3. Everytime Shay types “hospital” she always says it with a capital H. See my attached photo from what I believe is her lolcow posts and also posts from her tiktok. Bit suspicious and a repeated pattern. Nothing major but just a bit more icing for our scumbag cake.
4. Finally - has anyone noticed that Shay has been removed from our proana scumbag list at the top of these threads?

Whether its because we collectively decided shes more munchie than proana i dont know - but that certainly is weird and definitely would make anyone think shes super active here. (Is she? I genuinely dont know.)
Seems like all the dots align and if the bigger picture does show, all i have to say is: yikes girl…

No. 1274769

File: 1625969928064.jpeg (813.08 KB, 750x1303, 0EFE9A8F-5E35-4041-B721-93705A…)

for the past THREE YEARS???? nobody in their right mind eats sludge for three years straight

No. 1274771

ED patients begging for PEG tubes is a huge red flag for purging, also why so many ED chans switch to being munchies. Ofc they want tubes that make it effortless to purge out of. No competent medical provider would put a surgical tube in a patient with only an ED, at least not a patient who’s non compliant and a purger. Not that it stops many ana chans turned munchies though unfortunately.

No. 1274780

institutionalised…BPD alert

No. 1274781

oooh good spotting…Shay would definitely be a candidate for being a potential vendetta poster.

No. 1274788

how on earth did you spot that capital H thing, thats quite funny!!!

No. 1274818

iykyk? Literally everyone knows what Boosts/Ensures are. Plenty of people without EDs drink them for medical reasons or just being too busy to have a meal. I'm pretty sure theres TV commercials for them. Stupid thing to brag about, especially at her size. Maybe try an Ensure Light or Boost glucose control, kek.

No. 1274823


claiming SEED has been quite the trend lately. guarantee 90% of the people on social media who refer to themselves using that term, all ‘woe-is-me the doctors say i’m terminal’, have never been diagnosed or even heard it used irl. i have one personal cow who’s 18 or so, seems to have been in treatment for a few weeks total, & posts on the daily about how sad and doomed they feel that they’re a SEED patient.

cecilia wouldn’t meet the ‘requirements’ for it even if she had been in INVOLUNTARY treatment as many times as she has (as opposed to paying her way into it when it’s not at all medically necessary). it’s not a term any actual professional just throws around at any patient who puts up a bit of a fight or goes through the revolving door a few times. the twins are SEED, etc and that’s a pretty high standard to reach

No. 1274826

Yeah, professionals are very reluctant to switch from treatment with the aim of full recovery to harm reduction, which is what happens with actual SEED patients.

If she were actually classified as such, she would have trouble getting places like ERC to work with her for so long. Many patients at that point also have trouble getting insurance to cover treatment beyond what's necessary for medical stabilization because the company will point to many past unsuccessful treatments at a given center and asked what's changed that would make it more likely to succeed now. She also doesn't understand that once the focus shifts to harm reduction, the goal is to keep the patient at home as much as possible. That's why the twins, for example, are at home.

No. 1274831

File: 1625988092103.jpg (404.42 KB, 830x1948, Mariayoufarmer.jpg)

Truly the words of someone completely nonplussed

No. 1274832

April House is outpatient and also has a day patient service but it’s very small and only running online at the moment because of covid.

No. 1274837

kek at the filename..Maria at it again

No. 1274841

Shay and georgia have been removed from the list thing. Shay finally went full munchie with her shit bag after she couldn't fake the ED anymore and I am not sure what happened to georgia

No. 1274843

Love she is deflecting the blame back onto us with 'you're not actually sick' then with a tiny disclaimer 'but it doesn't matter if you have only had 13 admissions'. Call her out, Maria. And the best part is no one will look that far into it because she is just a brain dead actual SEED patient. Show Cecelia that reality!

No. 1274845


U ok anon? Georgia is still there … 6th up from the bottom

No. 1274849

@gracesfight_ here two things
1. You can body check at any weight what u might be referring to is it being more triggering for other people when the person is underweight but literally anyone can body check and most people do it’s just bad if it’s compulsive and effecting your mental health
2. It says up the top that I have lost weight in recovery which is very wrong I suffer from a restrictive eating disorder so it is literally impossible to consider yourself in recovery and still be loosing weight I am very deep in my eating disorder in no way in recovery and that is how I lost the weight
Just wanted to clear that up you guys can go back to being dicks by bullying other people all ready going thru shit
FYI anyone who has talked about me on here plays a massive roll in my eating disorder getting so bad and as my doctors have said many times is killing me so you should feel bad

No. 1274850

nah, i dont feel bad. you look better now you’ve lost weight.

No. 1274851

Stop posting pictures of yourself in relapse and comparison pics then

No. 1274852

You’re still pretty fat tbf

No. 1274854

April house is my local ED service - they also manage inpatient admissions to the Priory, but yes are quite small

No. 1274857

Okay then, you can pretend/tell yourself that you're still ~deep in your disorder~ but you're actually being given a weight loss diet and you're looking healthier for it. If you want to pretend to be ill, that's fine. By the way it's LOSE not LOOSE. LOOSE is pronounced like NOOSE, what a person might hang themselves with.

No. 1274859

Its not impossible to lose weight in recovery actually.
Take someone with atypical anorexia. They are overweight and have been losing weight by restricting too severely with the anorexic mindset and cognitions. They go get therapy and help to sort the mindset and cognitions and learn to heal the relationship with food. This does not mean restoring their weight, because they dont need to. They may just eat in a better way because theyve recieved the mental treatment they need, and because they are overweight, they can still lose weight.
Its a mental illness, you should apparently know that if you have it.

No. 1274860

die mad about it, fatty

No. 1274872


Absolutely believable, dear Anon..!
That's the thing about those nuts: Most of them are looking for that absolute control and keep to strange rites.
She will put this kind of ill continuity into her bodybuilding as well. All the same exercises, always same training regimen etc.
That's why she looks frail and unhappy, even after three whole years.

No. 1274876

I find her daily strict rituals chilling, it horrifies me. It reminds me of Groundhog Day, it reminds me of the myth of Sisyphus, it reminds me how in folklore souls are doomed to suffer repeatedly… What she's doing resembles purgatory more than life.

No. 1274879

get off the internet then loser

No. 1274880


Ganer is a manic control freak.

News at eleven.

No. 1274888

Eh its not really hard when you suspect someone of lurking or posting of the sorts. It felt really vendettary and her weird and seemingly random typing quirks stand out. I just lurked a bit and put two and two together really.

No. 1274890

They absolutely do hand out tubes to everyone with voluntary treatment, just look at Porgie.

No. 1274892

File: 1626005036788.jpeg (648 KB, 828x1271, CEB979E9-1B13-47C9-8D1D-CAB97D…)

kek @ maria in the comments.
>lost 9 kilos in 10 days ….
and you thought that was real?? surely not

No. 1274895

You haven't really made it as a pro-ana scumbag unless you have had a comment from Maria.

No. 1274899

oh my god log off you loser. literally you need to delete your social media. fucking fas looking tard. god i love it when cows come to selfpost here. absolute speddery

No. 1274915

File: 1626009820180.png (270.82 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210711-142231.png)

Ham ups the Molly skinwalk by learning about ~pronouns~

No. 1274924

File: 1626013036234.png (2.74 MB, 1210x1196, elzaniface.png)

not really milk, but doesn't elzani's face look still a bit empty? i mean, look at those wrinkles
she looks younger than her sister

No. 1274926

i think she looks much older. ana has aged her in a weird way. she's probably never gona fully recover. still think shes autistic

No. 1274928

She doesn't look younger than her sister at all and there's zero milk here.

No. 1274941

File: 1626017114552.jpg (308.15 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20210711-172329_Ins…)

Again with the bragging. I'm sure he's reeeal upset when/if people tell him that

No. 1274943

File: 1626017756538.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 2E6D9075-2269-446D-BD77-A7A541…)

Not really much to say other than please tell me someone else hates this bitch as much as I do because it can’t be normal the level of anger she ignites in me honestly shut the fuck up no one cares about your stupid rice cakes

No. 1274944

kek. i feel you, anon.

No. 1274945


You can smell the faggotry right through the screen with this one.

No. 1274947

What an absolute twat. Not only is this highly unbelievable (you look like a freak Nik) but how does he think that's helpful for any of his followers to read?

No. 1274949

Honestly, bragging about how she has to eat rice cakes daily seems like such a scumbag thing to tell her ana followers. Like, no one cares you are so sick and scawed of rice cakes (especially when she has eaten them in her FDOE from months ago). And bitch, your diet is not just limited to rice.

No. 1274950

Wouldn't her sisters have a higher chance of being autistic if Elzani was? They seem so normal compared to her. I think Elzani just fucked her brain up by starving.

No. 1274955

Honestly yes anon but if I actually said how I feel about her I’d get called out for a-logging by the sensitive newfags. It’s a combination of her obvious privilege, and the fact that she refuses to acknowledge that privilege.

No. 1274957

nah doesn't mean they have to be autistic, that's really not how it works. watch a single video of hers and tell me she is not the point blank picture of female Aspergers.

No. 1274958

God he looks demonic. Who told him that anyway, his new bff Ham? No ~normal~ person would want to look like this guy.

Yes. Garbage person.

No. 1274959

Feel like she tries to look more like a WAG or influencer every day. Those blond highlights new?

No. 1274961

Nik, please stop humble bragging about your spoop status. Normal people want to be slim/attractive skinny, not spoop. No one is jealous of you.

No. 1274967

Yes she has lost weight, but remember…
She is going through puberty and weight/body shape changes dramatically.

Never assume unless you know I guess.. unless it’s ridiculous obvious.

No. 1274969

That’s not always how ASD works. No one really knows why it occurs indefinitely. Scientists speculate that it could be any one of these: environmental, genetic, pregnancy complications, ingestion of toxins, brain injury during birth or early childhood etc…

The thing with Elzani….
It could also be any kind of developmental problem, could be a brain injury or processing disorder.

Sorry for me dragging but I honestly don’t know and we can’t always tell for sure.

She defo has an anxiety disorder of some kind though.

No. 1274970

Elzani looks her age

No. 1274988

Guys can we stop talking about sorcha just look at her tells on Instagram instead

No. 1274991

her yt videos are a trip. she's trying to be old style zoella, tanya etc. really weird

No. 1274995

I think anon meant she looks older than her sis

No. 1274996

yeah that other anon needs to stop nitpicking, plenty of people in their early 20s have a few wrinkles. TBH I would expect being as spoopy as she was to cause SOME degree of permanent damage, but there's no way of knowing whether the tiny wrinkles that are totally within the range of normal were caused by that or not. As for autism, family members of autistics are statistically somewhat more likely to have it, but it certainly isn't a guarantee even one other person in their family will.

No. 1274998

well she's literally older so that makes sense…

No. 1275015


I could be barking up the wrong tree completely but I think both of these posts were from Elzani.
First post - absolutely typical of an Elzani self-post.
Second post - absolutely typical writing style of Elzani, especially in her replies to comments. It stood out to me at the time as a bit of a weird thing to say…


This post probably wasn’t a self post but now I’m just suspicious

No. 1275022

honestly she must have the shits all the time.

No. 1275073

yh i agree. wasnt aware she self posted tho

No. 1275091

Elzani has never been known to self post here and I can't see why she would start now when she's barely been discussed for threads. She has zero self awareness and has never referenced lolcow existing. I also think if she was aware of current posting she would be far more likely to post on her IG about people commenting on her youngest sister's body than randomly ask about 'what elzani is up to'. She's never fed off the attention of lolcow.

No. 1275108

are you stupid? yes she has read the threads, moron. every now and again we would get her popping up (unsaged) to try and get us to talk about her yet again

No. 1275113

Not the anon you were replying to but when has Elzani ever self posted? It's not something I personally remember so interested if I've missed this.

I also have to agree with previous anon, Elzani doesn't strike me as a self poster.

No. 1275116


Um yes Elzani used to frequently self post in previous threads. Im not going to go back and find it all so you do that work yourself.
Not Sorcha-style but would pop up every now and then, like the one above just saying things like ‘anyone know what Elzani’s been up to, bet she’s still obsessed with food, she’s not gaining any weight, bet she’s just lying about eating or purging or something’, never with any screenshots or references to videos and always out of the blue, never after an upload. Exactly like the comment above.

No. 1275164

Sorry for replying a few days after but I don't think we need a separate thread for the BPD anas, because most of the pro-anas featured here are BPD or similar anyway. If they were just anorexic they wouldn't be cows. It's not their anorexia making them cows, but the other aspects of their personality.

No. 1275169

I'm not sure what the molecular difference is between sunflower oil and sunflower seeds. I'm allergic to peanuts and was surprised when my allergist said that refined peanut oil doesn't harm most people with peanut allergies, so maybe Anna knows this too?

No. 1275179

I wonder if the difference is that oils are essentially pure fat, and allergic reactions are a response to the protein components of foods (so if the protein component is removed, the allergen component is also lessened and/or gone?).

People can have intolerance, malabsorption, or metabolic breakdown issues with pure fats or carbohydrates (e.g. oils, glucose/fructose), but not allergies. E.g. the immune reactions are towards things like casein (dairy), gluten (wheat), etc.

Not that I would encourage people with nut allergies to go out and eat nut oils because of the potential for trace proteins, but I can see the logic behind what your allergist said.

(Replying to above post. Not sure why it isn't linking. Sorry.)

No. 1275189


Dirt. It's always dirt.

No. 1275202

It's the Croydon Facelift causing traction alopecia - that plus chronic ED weakens the structure of the hair so I'm not surprised she's balding. It's not a good combination.

No. 1275203

Or the simpler and more probable reason, because Anna is full of shit and not allergic to what she says she is. She’s claiming to have a chronic illness that causes severe allergic reactions and is typically life long [and has visible symptoms like hives and rashes] yet she’s never had any of those visible symptoms nor has she mentioned any sort of allergies until now, coincidentally after her GI saga resulted in no actual problems despite her swearing she had some serious issue.

Anna’s too far out from her ED being serious to get the same attention she used to so she’s doing what so many ana chans with asspat addictions do, becoming a rare illness munchie.

The only thing she’s unable to tolerate is not being a special snowflake.

No. 1275204

Lanugo on her forehead, eesh. More hair there than on the front of her scalp.

No. 1275212

Fellow anas, probably, and at the time he probably loved it. No one else wants to feel their arse bones when they're sitting dwon.

No. 1275218

Oh trust me, I haven't entertained the idea that Anna actually has MCAS for one minute.

No. 1275224

File: 1626060339478.jpeg (630.74 KB, 1201x1800, 39B2F8AB-A1D4-43AA-9738-674754…)

I’d like to introduce Savannah https://www.instagram.com/aebleskiveranna/ she spent the weekend at Disneyland but is admitting to the hospital tomorrow because she’s so “medically unstable”. Her account is private but totally worth a follow for the ridiculous crazy drama. She also claims to have PANDAS but she doctor shops and insists on so many unnecessary tests. Here are a few screenshot gems from her stories

No. 1275245

I’ve been wondering if she would come up. A few things to add: tiktok @/savannaharistea
She’s in her late twenties like our ana Queen. She is following the new trend of claiming PANDAS/PANS for her symptoms. Her parents are loaded and own a vineyard. She also has a masters and works for daddy’s company.
This “relapse” was caused because she is mad that her mom is pushing her to be independent. Currently has a diagnosis of ASD but she seems to be more BPD due to huge components of revenge. She attempted to go to UCSD/Rady’s Children’s hospital as a 26 year old woman and was turned away because she was medically stable. She ended up in Torrance Memorial EDU after eating a cupcake and road tripping up the coast. The munchie game has begun as she is currently seeking adenoid and tonsil removal because of a quack doctor. She is also mad that mommy and daddy won’t pay for said quacky doctors
Another person to watch if you’re interested in ED-munchie crossovers is @/myinflamedbrain

No. 1275246

How did she get admitted at Torrance after being turned away at Radys? Torrance advertises itself as a unit like ACUTE, geared towards people who need to be stabilized before inpatient.

No. 1275248

Like ACUTE, Torrance is strictly for those with private insurance. Rady’s has its own ER and takes all insurance. They will treat up to age 26 if medically necessary but she wasn’t unstable based on their medical behavioral unit criteria. They can handle more medically complex cases on an outpatient/php basis. In short, Radys will only take you if absolutely necessary but Torrance will take anyone for the money as long as they have some spaces left for spoops avoiding certs at ACUTE

No. 1275250

Huh, I didn't realize Torrance would have enough extra beds to need to fill them with non-spoops. Thanks for the info!

No. 1275259

File: 1626068349387.png (380.06 KB, 428x554, Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 12.3…)

huh, yeah, she was definitely a pretty normal weight (not spoopy) when she was at Torrance

No. 1275261

It’s actually pretty easy for someone with private insurance to get admitted to a US EDU. Some cows manage it just by starving and dehydrating themselves for a day or two and then going to an ER of a hospital with a IP psych unit. Once they’re there all they have to do is refuse to eat, the psych unit sets up an EDU admission. I’ve seen it more than once on socials. EDUs are businesses, so a patient will private insurance is an easy way for them to rake in cash with little risk or liability, a larper isn’t going to die on them and treatment is all psych with minimal medical.

No. 1275265

Classic case of people with severe eating disorders avoiding treatment. I don’t know of anyone with a recovery account having gone to Torrance at a low weight
The BPD can drive admissions. It doesn’t help that it’s the only unit in the state that outright accepts people over 26 either >>1275259
I don’t think she’s ever been spoopy

No. 1275266

I swear we were all saying about how Elzani was too dumb to know how to post on here. Guess we were wrong?

Hoping that she might get a job or go into education, but I guess she does have some very profound needs and requires care and stability, who knows what would happen if she leaves the family home?

I am sure she would relapse without the support and encourage, and her parents would be worried, must be easier to keep her at home.

No. 1275267

Samefag… still though, it doesn’t mean she won’t get there in the future. She has managed to gain weight and appears to be maintaining, which is great.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a job some time soon.

I don’t watch her vids anymore, so is she still ana-brained?

No. 1275269

File: 1626070564005.jpg (285.45 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20210712-081508_Ins…)

Two very minor cows but still thought this was funny

No. 1275279

She’s so upset that she got told their weight and height, that she’s gonna share it with everyone else

No. 1275296

File: 1626077886134.jpg (259.68 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20210712-101551_Ins…)

Spoken as a true rich kid who never faced any real struggles

No. 1275298

The lack of self-awareness is astounding. What a cunt. How sheltered is she if she thinks the only barrier to achieving things is how much you want them?

No. 1275300

She's spewing that basic influencer bullshit. Surely she wants to be one, or thinks that she already is.

No. 1275301

Also I refuse the believe her private school had anyone fail GCSE maths! They have the time and staff for tutoring and supervised prep so I'm sure everyone got a B or above except in any extreme circumstances.

The privilege is painful.

No. 1275302

"No one was into academics"? It was a private boarding school don't those places basically spend 6 years grooming you to get into Oxbridge???

No. 1275308

Also the "want to recover- eat a cookie" is the literal definition of thanks I'm cured. Seriously doubting she ever struggled much with her eating disorder

No. 1275313

Yeah recovery is just eating junk food isn't it?

No. 1275315

Just ask ham!

No. 1275318

Didn't shay vendetta post about people before here? pretty sure anons outed her before for it.

>>801990 <for clarity

No. 1275324

File: 1626086424223.jpeg (821.51 KB, 2048x2048, C8EC8CA3-945C-4EFB-8AF1-3DE2F3…)


Thank you, Anon! Aebleskiver has been a personal cow of mine for a while. These are from April. She has a serious case of affluenza…could give Anna a run for her money.

No. 1275327

File: 1626086525185.png (2.94 MB, 1125x2436, E0F25B84-4328-4486-9A77-D638FE…)


I’ve kept this one in my screenshots for when I need a good chuckle. It sends me every time. Also from a couple months ago.

No. 1275330

"When are you going to actually action it?"

I'll never get over the delicious contrast of her terrible grammar and clear belief that she's superior to everyone else

No. 1275332

What the fuck. I cannot believe someone would share this online kek

No. 1275333

I can't stand the silver-spooned whiney kids, as if work is a swear word. It's not the sort of person I could follow for the keks. But that made me laugh, there is karma out there. Wonder if anyone clocked on and rubbernecked, sounds so nasty.

No. 1275338

i dont care what this is, self post, new cow, whatever, shes is staying, for the keks and absolute stupidity

No. 1275340

File: 1626089250105.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1170x2176, B53352C0-F967-4406-9C07-994D6C…)

Guys I know sorcha loves the attention but i saw this on TikTok that pictures from this night caused her relapse. Someone asked on live and she claims she was “barley a minimum healthy weight here” is it me or do pictures suggest otherwise?

No. 1275343


I know Anna is dyslexic but when she posts it reads like a drunk person trying to give an inspirational speech whilst not being able to stand or speak coherently.

She talks like the only reason SHE recovered is because she just worked harder. Not because she got the best treatment the second she developed an eating disorder. Not because her parents are loaded and give her anything she wants.

She has made tiktoks before about being the ONLY person in her school who actually wanted a career, who actually studied for exams, who actually was a female who wanted more in life than to be a submissive little woman who married the richest man they could find and then sat at home, popping out babies. Which is an interesting stance to take considering she thinks of herself as a raging feminist.

I know we have an anon from her school here, was her school really like that? Anon can you count higher than 10 without using your fingers or did you just not want it enough??

No. 1275376

>eat a cookie
Orrrr persuade your rich parents to convince a doctor to tube you the second your BMI drops below 18, right? Fuck this obnoxious, overpriviledged brat.

No. 1275384


Was literally waiting to be summoned on this matter ha ha basically she’s a fucking liar which we all knew anyway but that’s absolute bullshit about the school. Not to sound like a dick but we had the highest Oxbridge intake of any of the private schools in the area and whilst it wasn’t entirely focused on academics (in the sense that at least half the school went on to perform in the Royal Orchestra or play sport for England) there is absolutely no way that more than two people ever failed a GCSE, let alone maths, in a year group.

She was in the bottom sets for almost everything (most likely due to her dyslexia as the school wasnt the best on that) and literally never spoke about wanting a career when I knew her. She was never really the best anything and always came in second which I do again feel kind of bad for her because it clearly impacted her God complex or whatever it is shit she has going on but everything she has said is a big fat fucking life

No. 1275385

Sorry didn’t sage was too worked up kek

No. 1275386

File: 1626100239079.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 1170x2026, B233DD39-8F36-4C1D-B6C5-36E35A…)

It’s actually kinda obvious that she clearly isn’t just a healthy weight here she’s substantially more I found this pic.

No. 1275387

File: 1626100346646.jpeg (928.95 KB, 756x1747, 688F6C61-3694-4A10-8713-F31E12…)

Id say she’s the biggest she’s ever been here I wonder if her mother was putting oil in her food to make her gain and that’s why sorcha got physical.

No. 1275391

Thanks anon! Do you know if she applied for Oxbridge? She says she didn't but she seems so arrogant - I can imagine her being sure she would get in and then acting above them and saying 'their medicine schools aren't that great' (which she has said) when she was inevitably rejected.

No. 1275402


I don’t know for sure but I’m certain she will have tried

No. 1275414


She looked good, but I agree that it’s above minimum healthy.

No. 1275418

Undoubtedly it’s a Above minimum healthy. Maybe she’s just saying that to milk her anorexia more.

No. 1275437

Jesus Sorcha, stop ban evading, and replying to yourself because no1curr? what a retard.

No. 1275464

Anyone got any milk from anas live

No. 1275503

Anna claiming to be an "extremely uncompetitive person" and never affected by having friends with anorexia. if anything, it 'reminds (her) of what (she) doesn't want". the other girl looks bored as fuck, disagrees with her and seems much more honest.
think she's a minor tho

No. 1275505

samefag but one of the twins is commenting repeatedly, kek. (Katy)

No. 1275508

The twins are becoming my ironic heroes because they're so out of it that they just say the socially unacceptable things.

No. 1275509

Katy just commented 'I'm hopeless" when Anna asked 'do you ever feel like you'll never recover" ….. I mean, insight.

No. 1275513

Anna is now saying that she 'looked a certain way' and didn't like it and didn't want people to label her that way. implying she looked anorexic, I assume…. (Anna, newsflash, you didn't). also saying she never had any body image issues, now admitting that part of her anorexia was for attention (but not in a bad way…?) she 'liked the fact I was being looked after', because she got sick at boarding school and 'liked the attention' at home.

No. 1275519

Anna just said the phrase 'even when I was a LOT lighter'… and repeated it twice. ok Anna, we get it, you lost a few kilos one time. move on if you're so recovered.

No. 1275524

the live is being saved if anyone cba to watch the whole thing, I think the other girl secretly hates Anna, she looked so bored and at times as if she was laughing at her, kek

No. 1275525

I fucking love the twins, they've replaced n2f as my favourite cow(s).

No. 1275551

I say it whenever they’re mentioned but I totally have a soft spot for the twins. They’re not outright nasty to people (apart from each other) and they actually managed to qualify as doctors despite everything, they have their own gobbledegook language, they’re codependent af (the whole twin competition thing is fascinating) and they’re probably farmers, or - at the very least - lurkers. I want them to do Ham next.

No. 1275552

I have a weird respect for them as they call out other dramatic LARPers, but they're too blind to how fucked up their situation is. They're not better than the dramacows

No. 1275554

That gives insight into her munch now, she’s just transferred the cause of the attention seeking from poorly larping anorexia to poorly larping anaphylaxis. At least she can keep her IG handle the same.

No. 1275556

i like them because they're real old school anorexics and i don't get bpd vibes from them

No. 1275561

she’s never looked particularly ‘ill’ though. same with Cecelia. they might have been slightly underweight at one point but they both act as if they’re the authority on anorexia and were at at death’s door. is reverse body dysmorphia a thing?

No. 1275563

thing is your health can be bad at any weight, but they arent even transparent about that. they have to pretend they're bmi 12

No. 1275568

ayrt - yeah sorry should have said, of course health isn’t necessarily dependent on weight. it’s the BMI <15 pretending they’re purely restrictive and never compensate lol

No. 1275569

my point exactly. Anna has never looked more than a few kilograms underweight, she's pure bs

No. 1275574

Not this discourse again. Restrictive anas exist even at extremely low BMIs. They just usually aren’t the type to be cows because of underlying personality traits

No. 1275580

People on here don’t really understand what a normal weight looks like, she’s wearing baggy clothes.

People around the BMI of 18 or so look seemingly a “healthy” skinny despite being considered underweight.

So just because she doesn’t look like Eugenia Cooney doesn’t mean she wasn’t underweight.

No. 1275581

I like how they pretend to ~challenge~ shit they clearly haven’t. Not because I want them to get even worse but at least it’s ‘real’…neither want to go IP for the 235764th time because duh. Refreshing among all the attention seeking “haven’t eaten a cookie in YEARS asspats pls” bullshit from normal weight LARPers.

No. 1275584

People stay above the BMI of 15 often, because going below that requires hospital admission.

In my experience with UK treatment facilities.
They focus on periods and whether the person is still having them, which often stops way before getting to a BMI of 15.
It’s not about closeness of death, it’s about physical complications.

No. 1275585

This made me think, has ham ever binged? She supposedly has restricted a LOT and hasn't had junk food in ages, but even restricting anas binge sometimes, usually on junk food. Is ham trying to make herself seem like a goldstar ana who never ever ever binged

No. 1275586

It depends. But it doesn’t really matter tbh. It’s about her cowness that we are interested in, not really about whether she has binged or not.

No. 1275587

never said otherwise anon. should’ve worded it better, lemme try again:
was agreeing with >>1275563 how ridiculous it is that people like Anna and Cecelia claim they were/are BMI <15 and/or pretend they’re purely restrictive when that’s obviously not the case.

No. 1275590

Ngl… treatment places tell anas to delete photos of themselves when they are unwell because it can be triggering.

No. 1275594

What are you on, anon? Below 15 absolutely does not guarantee admission in the UK, nor do they usually focus on (lack of) periods as a criteria for IP.

No. 1275603

yeah that’s so weird ?! with camhs often they admit at higher weights if you’ve been in the system a while and they have beds. not adults though unless you’re on some sort of community order (and again, bed space)

No. 1275604

It'd be nice if she talked about it. May it be in "recovery" or while she was "sick". Would make her larp a bit more believeable.

No. 1275608

cto still unlikely to admit around bmi 15

No. 1275619

I didn’t say it guaranteed an admission, I did that the places that I’ve known about use that benchmark as way of admitting someone, a BMI of 15 is ridiculously low in general.

No. 1275621

No. 1275626

it would be nice if she talked about yet another imaginary symptom of an imaginary eating disorder…. sure, anon.

No. 1275639

File: 1626123615663.jpeg (844.71 KB, 1170x1244, B1410C08-3F96-40CA-B1EC-3B943E…)

This is when sorcha was admitted at bmi 15

No. 1275641

kek, that's not a bmi of 15. (not trying to bone-rattle or say that she's overweight, just saying that's … not true)

No. 1275642

Her post on Instagram claims that she’s severely underweight here hence admission?

No. 1275643

All these posts are sorcha. Dont feed her anon. She has a weird obsession with wanting lolcow to "bully" her. Idk, weird form of self harm imo. Ignore her. I just hope mods do something soon.

No. 1275646


No. 1275652

Stop bone rattling anon

No. 1275655

Anon I genuinely think sorcha will be the death of this thread. Her self posting is complete shit

No. 1275659

shut up sorcha
>>1275655 and same, it's getting ridiculous

No. 1275660

Do we even have mods anymore? I haven't seen any red text lately and obviously it seems odd they are letting the Sorcha situation slide.

No. 1275669

there's less of them, sorcha has been red texted a few times but idk why theyre so quiet on it. I vote we give her a thread where she can happily talk about herself to herself kek

No. 1275670

(This acc is Sorcha now) & honestly I’m fed up too because I have not posted a single thing unless I said it was me. There’s someone who was on my live the other day which is clearly whose posting but I acc just feel bad bc everyone thinks it’s me when it’s genuinely not. Also to that pic that was MONTHS before I was admitted so wtf also I never said what bmi I was on this admission so(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1275675

tbh i believe this. maybe the odd post was a self post but sorcha doesn’t seem like the type to keep going incessantly. someone’s got a sad little vendetta and is exploiting the fact that she’s been caught self posting a few times to sperg about her as much as they want. can we just ban the topic ?

No. 1275683

Sorcha youve proved you know how to sage now so can you do it consistently hun

No. 1275684

I think your forgetting that Sorcha loves to hurl abuse at herself to make her feel validated. It’s classic BPD. She sends paragraph after paragraph to her own tell. It’s pretty obvious no one is that invested in her life.

No. 1275690

The IP address for the majority of her posts is some hospital in Dublin… confirmed self posting.

No. 1275693

how can you tell? Not that I doubt it but I'd love to be able to compare the addresses for other suspected self-posters

No. 1275704

i was the last anon u replied to and am definitely not fucking irish. not everyone is a self poster fucksake, just want her BANNED plz it’s shittinf up the thread and giving me second hand embarrassment

No. 1275711

wtf no. Elzani's face doesn't look empty.. and uhh what wrinkles? Theyre perfectly normal face lines.. you that dumb? i can't believe you actually find anything wrong with this picture.

No. 1275713

kek I did the capital H post, and as much as I'd love to be Elzani, I am not! Flattered to think I sound like her! I am a bit weird so you're not wrong there.

No. 1275717

We're really lacking milk here aren't we..

No. 1275728

>flattered to sound like elzani
are u feeling ok.

No. 1275730

File: 1626131630401.png (548.89 KB, 434x705, Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 6.13…)

Looking forward to the forthcoming actual milk.

No. 1275743

File: 1626133015735.png (2.16 MB, 828x1792, DB16C9DD-A630-4CCC-911C-4A71DD…)

She doesn’t even need to be there

No. 1275778

Found Sophie’s tiktok https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdVC7yy3/

No. 1275825

File: 1626148999033.png (1.01 MB, 1540x802, Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 12.0…)

personally i am dying to know what "other" drugs cecelia is claiming to not be sober from.

No. 1275826

kek she probably drank iced coffee every morning for a month and considered it to be a stimulant addiction

No. 1275840

that bitch needs to clean her camera lense, with the makeup it makes them look like human trafficking ads

No. 1275878

Sorcha please sage.

No. 1275879

Is everyone sorcha now?

No. 1275881

NOT a BMI of 15 but OK.

Looks more like 20

No. 1275882

Don’t worry, now you’ve posted she’ll definitely update us.

That’s a hefty 20. Add on a couple, at least.

No. 1275884

People have called for a thread ban on her, as she's annoying as hell and obviously trying to self-post for attention/self-harming purposes. Yet the same either vendetta-chan or sorcha is adament on posting. Just let it die already.

No. 1275889

Did I not already say it wasn’t a BMI of 15I legit never said it was & that was months before I got admitted so whoever’s obsessed with me would want to atleast get their facts right(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1275891

File: 1626170425646.jpeg (818.04 KB, 828x1438, F453D72B-7E89-44A3-9BDD-5C43D0…)

What in the tory is this. Overpriced granola is going to be the new Manilife.

No. 1275893

Kek, though I admit she looks good. She's got some meet on her and her face looks alive. Always good to see a cow grow up.

No. 1275894

When I went to screenshot this yesterday there was a comment something along the lines of 'people have disadvantages that stop them achieving things. please don't delete this comment.' and it is now gone. Did Anna delete it for getting called out for her privilege or because it acknowledged that she has deleted other comments (or both)?

No. 1275900

Most likely prescription drugs. Benzos/trance. She mentions Ativan on her other account.

No. 1275901


No. 1275904

File: 1626172960240.jpeg (122.8 KB, 506x680, BFF11462-5FAC-48A4-AA61-7E8631…)

Sorcha you will never recover unless you accept you will have a high bmi without restrictive eating. Remeber what you looked like pre-ed?

No. 1275907

bone rattlers trying to out-trigger each other kek

No. 1275909

Mate that was literally a BMI of 21.1-21.7 I just worked it out bc I remember what weight I was & that wasn’t actually pre-Ed that was when extreme hunger hit after being underweight most of my life since I was v young& I was b/p but anyway there’s nothing wrong with a BMI of 21-22 it’s actually still below average your anorexic brain is just distorted(no1curr)

No. 1275910

> bmi 21-22 its still below average

no its not sorcha… at least not for your height. its probably bang on in the middle or slightly higher.
and if youve been underweight since you were very young, thats not an ED thats just how it was and waiting for puberty.
if your that anorexic, then its just your brain thats so distorted hm?

No. 1275915

i’m not sorcha so don’t come at me with that, but “average” takes into account the like 40% of hamplanet obese people in this country or something so tbf the average is pretty high. “healthy” or “ideal” is a different matter. anyway when did this thread turn into nitpicking people’s BMI???

No. 1275916

nobody fucking cares about Sorcha's BMI, jfc, stop.

No. 1275919


Still addicted to be an unbearable attention whore with eerie dead eyes and a hose in your nose.
"Clean, sober and free" my ass!

No. 1275921

Honestly, I'm sad as this thread used to be fun. So many sorcha self posts about her bmi and mods dont do anything, it's getting really tiring. I believe it's all self posting as she is always here to leave an unsaged reply to a saged anon mere minutes after that anon posts. Screams self post.

No. 1275924

can we resolve to just ignore them all plz, sorcha, hope u get well soon blah blah blah go away no1curr

No. 1275928


i think anon was trying to explain what sorcha was trying to say as making her seem like a waif, but is trying to explain what average might mean in the general population.

can we move on please?
anything from nick, or ham, or anyoneeee?

No. 1275931


I was going to say this too, the "average weight" is so skewed by the number of obese people that the average size for women in the UK is a 14 which for a lot of people is overweight
So she probably is "under the average" but that doesn't really mean anything lol

No. 1275933

File: 1626183322305.png (439.38 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210713-143355.png)


Moving on, Ham and Nik are being their ridiculous selves, and n2f's chocolate needs a good blend (not stir) at this point.

No. 1275934

Sorry for no sage, the self posting makes me antsy.

No. 1275935

In what world are you "clean and sober" while using drugs? I'd love to watch this share go down at an AA meeting.

No. 1275936

oh my god, that looks like what you leave in the toilet after a bad curry

No. 1275937

It's n2f, so it very well could be.

No. 1275938

i was actually about to type this.
i feel sick, please spoiler that shit next time urghh

No. 1275939

Cecelia's other account is telling. She's apparently not sober but manages to get her degree done and qualify for her career (no, not the high functioning alcoholic type). She posts pics of herself doing yoga and jumping around then next post she's"severely medically unstable". The frequency between putting g herself IP is shorter than even Georgia's were.

No. 1275940

File: 1626184053939.jpeg (106.64 KB, 828x217, 603B8F33-12FC-4DC4-998C-50D97C…)

It’s interesting too because she claims 14 admissions over 16 years, yet she graduated high school, college, and grad school all at a normal rate? And has been at her current job for a while iirc. Someone who has been in treatment that many times surely would have had to take time off from school and graduated late. Most adult inpatient and residential treatments won’t let you do classes online while you’re there to “focus on yourself.”

No. 1275942

amazing how she managed to schedule all those admissions for the summer holidays

No. 1275964

She’s the type to count a trip to A&E as an “admission” tbf

No. 1275965

File: 1626189972696.jpg (144.52 KB, 351x620, grace.jpg)

looks like lc upset her…

No. 1275968

shes tagged osfed instead of anorexia, maybe shes realised?

No. 1275980

Anon im not nitpicking or bone rattling but shes quite obviously quite a large girl in this picture. Easily plus size in UK fashion>>1275928

No. 1275998

File: 1626194320858.jpeg (107.95 KB, 578x1022, BBE72589-4BE8-4AB1-8FA1-DD2CCC…)

Not sorcha saying she was a size 8 on her story…

If that’s an UK 8 I’m a XXS

No. 1276000

And here we see Sorcha talking to herself and calling herself fat, showing she really doesnt understand what this imageboard is for or the culture of it

No. 1276006

Just hope we don't get canned as shit thread for it, or perma saged again.

No. 1276012

imo the thread has gone to shit because of sorcha. It's not been fun to be here as every post is her talking to herself. I know its hypocritical as Im talking about her now, but /something/ has to be done

No. 1276014

File: 1626197571983.jpeg (155.94 KB, 750x738, 092CEF52-76C9-495F-862C-E32D5F…)

Maybe this is a nitpick but now Anna is interested in paediatric palliative care . God help us.

No. 1276015

Ignore any post by her. It's that easy. Don't mention her. She'll get bored.

No. 1276028

incoming opportunity for her to pretend she was 'near death' from her two week anorexia

No. 1276029

File: 1626199459552.png (2.21 MB, 828x1792, 9117FD3F-BC32-42B7-9D3B-820D1C…)

is zara going munchie…?

No. 1276053

File: 1626203742056.jpeg (531.36 KB, 698x1335, processed.jpeg)

uh oh our literary posh besties have reconciled and are doing a bookshop tour. what’s new? They haven’t eaten anything in the morning to be able to eat a cupcake and a pastry (and won’t eat anything in the evening either).
I mean… except Molly, for whom ED is definitely an ancient story.
not triggered anymore?

No. 1276054

File: 1626203798971.jpeg (716.49 KB, 707x1328, 1processed.jpeg)

smol pastriieeess UwW*

No. 1276057

wtf at that pink dress. I don't understand why they think it's cute to dress like that.

No. 1276059

File: 1626204239934.png (157.29 KB, 299x231, Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 2.23…)

From aebleskiveranna's story.

"Who put that Fentanyl in my pee???"

No. 1276064

dr death

No. 1276065


You’re telling me that the person who posted about shitting themselves whilst on a run… is 27. Wow ok

No. 1276066

I think I wore that dress as part of my primary school uniform kek

No. 1276068

me too anon, and that was 20 years ago so maybe it’s ~vintage~

No. 1276069

Ngl… I know a 45 year old who shits themselves whilst running, it’s called “runner’s runs” and is apparently really common.

No. 1276071

Ugh, this is all so painfully twee.

No. 1276072

Worse knowing that she's still living off mumsy and daddy, and expecting holidays - but not the terrible holidays at a holiday home - and whining about work at 27. Assumed she was a kid.

No. 1276074

Totally but I am kind of glad they show up together again. Ruby is my little favorite now, I’m looking forward to seeing who she’ll keep fooling about her non-ed

No. 1276077

But did they post about it on Instagram?

No. 1276086

if i was just diagnosed with a illness that’s going to completely alter my way of life missing my summer holiday with mummy and daddy would really be the least of my worries

No. 1276094

Anna you have proved time and time again that you do not have enough people skills to have a patient facing role. And you can easily socialise without alcohol? It’s not like she ever posted about going out to pubs and/or clubs before.

No. 1276098

What a fickle friendship.

Hope they didn't have calorie information at the counter.

These two seem so sheltered. It's sad.

No. 1276104

File: 1626208831122.png (1.05 MB, 828x1792, 6D3EA908-73E8-48DE-AF1A-C6DED0…)

Ooohh Sorcha bitches to her dietitian about us(selfposting)

No. 1276117

For fuck same this self posting will never end

No. 1276119

File: 1626210974166.jpeg (231.27 KB, 1053x1422, A0A3DDF4-6274-4119-A824-D14F22…)

Also here’s another picture of her pretending to be a size “8”

No. 1276120

Possibly now that farmhands are red texting.

No. 1276123

There is surely no way that’s a size 8 is it anon?

No. 1276124

Have you seen @bored_with_ana recent story… she has been discharged from services already, clearly her camhs team have lost it

No. 1276126

File: 1626211530592.jpeg (208.78 KB, 1170x577, 0AE67CC8-D1B5-47EF-948E-07537D…)

She’s somehow 110 pounds there

No. 1276128

File: 1626211550890.jpeg (528.37 KB, 750x1153, FD726E1F-C0F0-4C38-AA51-6F7BC4…)


Sick of Sorchas crusty DART pics and her trying to make it look like we’re interested in her. She needs to get herself checked into St John of Gods and leave this thread alone if she ever wants to recover. Now that mods are back can we please get a ban on her name and IP address.
Picrel ganers square of chocolate in a measuring cup sends me every time

No. 1276130


right im gonna sperg SHUT THE FUCK UP about sorcha. just stop mentioning her. zilch. and then we'll know if she's mentioned its a self post. can we make this an unofficial rule since mods are not doing anything?

No. 1276134

No I like discussing her she’s milky as hell. Can we at least just agree that clearly she’s larping and definitely not 110 pounds at her highest and I’ll move on from it?

No. 1276135

Imageboard. And she is hardly unstable, why shouldn't she be discharged?

No. 1276136

no you fucking retard. who gives a shit if she's 110lb or not. at that rate i find ham more interesting.

No. 1276137

But that’s the thing she’s clearly a lot more than 110 and I’m just sick of her larping and taking up one of the six beds in Ireland she’s been pulling this crap for 4 years to try and milk how sick she is

No. 1276138

she's shitting up the thread and self posting. that's more important. talking about her is actually what she wants, she wants the attention and you're feeding right into it. the worst thing for her would be to be irrelevant or forgotten

No. 1276139

Ham's having lol moments by trying so so hard to make her food (a slice of bread with generic hazelnut chocolate spread, a bowl of yogurt) look nice by placing it next to flowers.

None of the proana cows are being interesting atm. I've even been watching Weenoos being a trainwreck, slurring through her wideos because it's dry in here. Never been interested in her before. (There's a n2f moment during her burger mukbang - drops it on the floor, eats it off the floor).

No. 1276140

Can I just say rip to pro ana scumbags the glory days are over

No. 1276141

you're embarrassing

No. 1276142

So are you retard

No. 1276143

That was a long time ago. The self posting thing happens now and again and the threads go to shit. Have faith, anon. We will rise.

No. 1276144

I am new fag but can I ask who was the last big self poster pre BPD queen who shall not be named?

No. 1276147

She's eating protein before working out and after working out? Shouldn't she be having some carbs before and this slop after?

No. 1276148

Ember, I think. Even if it wasn't, the time she was so INVOLVED with herself in these threads was the lowest point ever, imo. Ember all the damn time.

No. 1276149

I can’t wait for the real cows to resurface

No. 1276151

She got banned from being talked about here iirc

No. 1276171

File: 1626215333406.jpeg (330.21 KB, 828x967, 7FA4C455-82EB-4C3A-8286-C4663E…)

Laura seems to be finally making progress with moving to supported living. If she stops posting weird stretches and BBC documentary I would say she is finally moving on with life.

No. 1276173

I’ve never seen this person before and can’t see them in the beginning of thread, small recap?

No. 1276185

Ohchickpea had a few stops and starts in accommodation, but she's got her own place now. Her room looks really cute. Attic roof. Enviable. Yeah, I hope she moves on. I guess her treatment was p intensive, so good luck to her.

No. 1276186

She does seem to be actually moving forward. I hope she doesn't get triggered by moving to a less-restrictive setting, feeling like she needs to act out again to get back in a hospital. I honestly feel bad for a lot of these women because getting better would actually mean losing their entire persona and following and there's no way around that.

No. 1276187

Medsperging to fact check Anna’s MCAS claims here, none of what she said is true. MCAS doesn’t prevent people from eating or require feeding tubes or TPN. Not even mastocytosis leads to that, and it’s a much more severe version of MCAS. With medication and slight lifestyle changes (avoiding allergens just like anyone else with allergies), MCAS patients live normal lives. Like she usually is, Anna is full of shit.

No. 1276188

maybe she saw about carolines claims and made them her own?

No. 1276189

sage not to contribute to her bullshit but it’s funny to me that she covers the time stamps on her tells now to hide that it’s all seconds apart Since it’s all her talking to herself

No. 1276198

The thing that I’ve noticed with ana is her complete obliviousness to her own privilege.

It’s shocking at how some people want to become doctors when they have no idea what it’s like to live life like the average Brit, let alone all of the vulnerable, sick and poor people who will turn up in her care.

No. 1276222

Okay, but also…most runners aren’t pumping themselves full of miralax and espresso prior to running.

No. 1276225

Samefag. here’s another Aebleskiver/Savannah post from a while ago. Just went through and found a ton of them. I’ll pepper them in for keks.

No. 1276228

File: 1626222710149.png (3.62 MB, 1125x2436, 86405680-40A3-4282-AAD4-6F2052…)

Forgot to add photo my bad!

No. 1276229

Probably, even though Caroline’s claim is even less believable (that she’s allergic to all food kek if that was the case she’d have been dead a long time ago and the hospital wouldn’t have tubed her). But yeah it seems like MCAS is the new favorite ED patient-turned-munchie sickness to claim, along with gastroparesis, tho gastroparesis has been a favorite for a long time bad does occur in EDs, but is almost always reversible with treatment (eating a normal amount and not purging plus medication). Ana chans turned munchies love to claim physical illnesses that can’t be cured at least in their case and that prevent them from eating or give them a reason to purge but it’s totally not purging guys I’m sick. Bc if they’re sick and it’s not an ED no one expects them to be working on recovery and they can get away with purging and being a low weight without being called out. Not to mention all the extra asspats since EDs are so common now but chronic illness gets all the asspats.

No. 1276236

Oh boohoo, my wealthy parents are going to give me a 0% interest loan that won't have any impact on my credit score if I can't make payments, this is such a hardship for me at 27 years old.

No. 1276237

File: 1626225057206.png (44.04 KB, 331x476, Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 9.04.…)

This is old, but she had severe enough weight loss and medical complications to be turned down by ERC and sent to ACUTE?

No. 1276239

There's no way to know if she's being truthful. There's some suspicion that she was claiming insurance issues to deflect from the fact that she didn't meet their criteria. After all, if she has primary insurance that they do take, why not drop the secondary and wait a month or whatever so she's not covered by them and there's no issue with medicare anymore? But who knows.

No. 1276261

She sounds like a caricature of a spoiled, overgrown child with no self-awareness … how does she not realize how embarrassing this is? It's almost satire

No. 1276262

I don't think she really has medicare. she probably just said that because she knows ACUTE doesn't take it. She's supposedly employed as a speech language pathologist, doing that even part time would put her income way too high to be eligible for SSDI. So she's likely either lying about the medicare or lying about her job. The other possibility is maybe she's collecting SSDI and working as some kind of part time SLP assistant making less then the income limit. But working as a full-time speech language pathologist AND having medicare as a young adult without end stage renal failure makes no sense.

No. 1276265

Yeah, it's bizarre and the only way that I can make everything make sense together is to assume that she's lying about some major thing (insurance or career). My guess is that she's lying about the insurance rather than her job, but it could be that she's somehow super super part time.

The income limit is REALLY low, though.

No. 1276270

I thought it was Tilly.

No. 1276272

I like this new cow. What an entitled twat. Gosh life sure sucks when you have to be a real grown up and pay for your basic needs all yourself. What horrible parents you have who won’t pay for outrageous unnecessary out of network health care because they probably know you don’t need it and also want you to be a self sufficient adult. Truly terrible people they must be.

No. 1276274

I actually think she’s lying about her job. I think she is super part time. How else could she go on treatment holiday all the time and film all her pathetic YouTube videos? Normal adults working full time don’t have as much free time as she obviously does.

No. 1276276

probably an '8' in those over generous sizing stores that make bigger clothes have a false label on them to make them feel better.

No. 1276290

Why do ya'll keep replying to the sorcha posts still?

No. 1276302

about a week later and i still cannot bekieve n2f posted, and still has up those photos of her in the garden with that remnants/ stains of diarrhea ran down her leg.

No. 1276304

it was definitely tilly around the time I started reading the threads, idk ember might have been prior to that

No. 1276310

Anon do you have the screenshot from when her mom told her she had to stop coming home every weekend? The one where the parents’ therapist told them they need more boundaries?
We discussed this last thread or 2 ago. She was never referred because she was in the weight range that ERC accepts. ACUTE normally takes sub 13 BMIs, not people who last weight quickly. This is when the infamous BMI of 12 charade was occurring on her personal. Pics on both accounts show otherwise

No. 1276327

File: 1626243034546.png (2.72 MB, 828x1792, F3A9AE5F-E0C8-45BF-BAEC-D57C5D…)

I’ve been glued to her account all night - I cannot wrap my head around this being the behaviour of a 26/27 year old…
Picture 1/3

No. 1276328

File: 1626243066470.png (1.54 MB, 828x1792, C6933672-7C41-4A34-99FD-A580DC…)

Picture 2/3

No. 1276329

File: 1626243177019.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, E6B99CA1-4F1E-451C-AAAC-EF6D63…)

Picture 3/3

No. 1276345

Rachel seems to be doing better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBrUs00tsUw
Honestly good for her, she has energy and is well spoken, I'm surprised she's survived.
Reminder: this is the same disorder Ham is larping.

No. 1276346

Same anon to add - Rachel has also used Denver ACUTE before afaik, she couldnt even swallow water at one point, but is now in outpatient. Cecilia really wants us to believe she is a spoop who needs a wheelchair and asspats for drinking while Rachel is doing fine out in the world, kek

No. 1276349

my god, fuck.. what a disaster of a human. The nurses will be dreading looking after her so much!

No. 1276373

File: 1626258026016.png (8.61 MB, 1125x2436, F0F15607-E5CC-480F-9997-DC18E0…)

AYRT - no. Sadly, I don’t. I do, however, have this extremely tone deaf post from March/April.

No. 1276394

The fact she is hoping for COVID in her luxury Audi I am sure he parents “loaned” or payed for… tone deaf is an understatement

No. 1276409

People would be lucky to live past Rachel’s degree of malnutrition, remember….she still Has tons of heath issues and can’t really work.

It’s probably best that people don’t get anywhere near Rachel’s degree of anorexia.

No. 1276433

She's very lucky to have survived, yes, but it really highlights how much cecilia doesnt need this shit

No. 1276454

File: 1626277647809.png (157.14 KB, 524x464, Screenshot 2021-07-14 at 11.44…)

Once heard a nurse say that you can get away with it (being very underweight) when you're young and it catches up with you hard at some point. I feel like interviews with people like Rachel and Terri here (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTj92MhGaj0sMdZHdEZjdxA) could actually have an impact unlike endless teenagers in their underwear forcing a thigh gap for "awareness".

Probably best that people don't get anywhere near having an eating disorder in the first place though lol

(sage because picture isn't news)

No. 1276457

File: 1626278138644.jpeg (171.48 KB, 750x1098, CF231307-D212-456B-8046-3B9676…)

Anna claiming ‘CAMHS saved her life.’ Sure Jan.

No. 1276480


Is this person dead?

No. 1276489

Sadly yes, she passed away last year I believe.

No. 1276498

What a Disney ending to an ED. It's really fucking difficult to get your head around support no longer being there after recovery but of course Anna's a winner and flew through it.

Now she moved on to a fake new illness trend…

No. 1276510

Praising CAMHS is pretty tone deaf

No. 1276516

File: 1626283103349.png (3.52 MB, 828x1792, AED175DF-1F2D-4B53-A989-F71BD1…)

I have them! I’ll post the few I screenshot from that weekend in May

No. 1276518

File: 1626283218139.png (2.7 MB, 828x1792, BEB68CDF-2A31-4100-89CD-C85605…)

I realize I have quite a few screenshots of her stories because I find them so ridiculous so let me know if you want others and I can see if I have them!

Also, how ENTITLED is this?!?!?

No. 1276522

File: 1626283373998.png (3.34 MB, 828x1792, 403EB69C-12B4-4BFE-8B6C-745A76…)

Here’s the one you wanted!

No. 1276529

oh no, it was DIVINE. do we have another elzani skin walker on our hands?

No. 1276530

File: 1626285146280.jpeg (188.32 KB, 750x937, CA04A0A5-FA55-4269-8FF6-A4F9AA…)


Speaking of it catching up with you… Sophie Westling is starting to look old now (it might be because she has posted some pics without a filter). And (again maybe bc no/different filter) has golf ball glands)

There is a post on 20th June - haven’t posted img because she is holding a small child in it but has zero filter and she looks about 40. I think like Eugenia Cooney her face is really starting to sag.

No. 1276532

File: 1626285291797.jpeg (291.04 KB, 750x761, B6724AF6-C77D-4900-97BC-56DA92…)


Sorry samefag just to say I am aware there is a filter on these two images but other images she has posted don’t have and she looks old

No. 1276535

File: 1626285968971.jpeg (219.07 KB, 303x540, 852CD728-5BAE-4A66-BFF0-8B1A49…)

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the one Pringle on a cracker with mustard on top.

No. 1276537

I'm sorry this made me burst out laughing
Never change N2F

No. 1276538

At least she isn't doing the chin edit anymore. Jesus, a chin like the handle of a frying pan, what was all that about?

No. 1276541

File: 1626286480624.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1125x1791, 0DA670E0-62FF-43D7-8977-6CC3DE…)

another ~hot take~ from our resident aN0reXia fiGhtEr Ham. who apparently “fears” wearing dresses (because no doubt some gullible follower of hers mentioned ‘safe clothes’ recently). EDs are all about diET CuLtUrE guise~ I’d love to hear her opinion on Brandy Melville.
(Is this a nitpick? idk. idc)

No. 1276543

File: 1626286716163.jpg (167.67 KB, 768x768, iKRx9sRbvzjduHfWq84eyi-768-80.…)

What dainty nibbles! They wouldn't look out 9f place with this marvellous spread.

Why does she look a bit like a tranny? Dress…hmm…wait til she turns the Molly skinwalk up some more. She too will look like one of the Von Trapps.

No. 1276551

File: 1626287479930.jpg (423.54 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20210714-203044_Ins…)

Missing what smaller body though?

No. 1276553

Molly has a sort of cottagecore thing going on, that's why she wears dresses like that. It's popular for bookfags who don't look mature enough or aren't edgy enough to pull off dark academia fashion. I think some people call it grandmacore or something. If you watch her vlogs it's very obvious from her bedroom decor. Anyway, saged for fashion sperging

No. 1276554

Why does she look a bit scary there? Maybe the crazy eyes. Anyway Ham, all you did was stop forcing your collarbone out

No. 1276559

i swear this is just a copy of what every recovery influencer says. ro talked about something like this recently, difference is she was actually underweight.

No. 1276560

File: 1626287785751.jpeg (326.95 KB, 1125x564, 2E9E1635-9C0A-4531-BF40-CC7A96…)

Another load of waffle ripped from god knows what other popular *~recovery~* account, when she’s never looked less than a perfectly healthy weight. Dear me.

No. 1276564

The way she assumes anorexia is always about how you look boils my piss something fierce. No consideration for the underlying shit, just dIeT cUlTuRe BaD gO eAt a CaKe hEhe

No. 1276566

Does anyone ever ask for old pics? She must have a few real followers in that lot of bots. Why tf is she doing this? I don't get what she's getting out of pretending she was spoopy. We've SEEN her in 2019 looking exactly how she does now.

No. 1276570

The YOU CAN EAT ANYTHING WHENEVER YOU WANT pissed me off. Okay, if you're grazing on good food then fine. You shouldn't be needing a lot 9f food with a balanced healthy diet. She thinks eating sugar and shit food all day is okay, or at least it's what she's advising people to do. People who could easily slip I to binge eating.

No. 1276572

My guess is anyone who does immediately gets blocked. Iirc we had some naughty cowtippers in previous threads (srsly don’t do it) who asked about “treatment” and if she has an actual ED diagnosis. Surprisingly(….!) she wasn’t forthcoming so I’m guessing it’s a Porgie situation

No. 1276575

>you can eat anything whenever you want!!1!
Not if you have a restrictive eating disorder you can’t, that’s kind of the issue kek. Not to mention if you’re at risk of refeeding syndrome (for example) you seriously shouldn’t. After all this time LARPing she’s still tone deaf and dumb as rocks. I sincerely hope she abandons this shit when she starts at her ~prestigious~ very exclusive college.

No. 1276581

File: 1626289281643.png (2.13 MB, 1598x2048, Screenshot_20210714-145753.png)

>Small update: No picture of me yet because the NG is still in and running.

That is maybe the most normal response to being tubed I've seen on here… almost like a normal person, lol. Not saying she is or isn't milky but I found this really interesting. Refreshing.

No. 1276585

maybe she doesn't actually have a tube in and wants to pretend she does?

No. 1276587

File: 1626290322059.png (3.8 MB, 828x1792, 28F8B73F-74C8-4C16-941E-99D786…)

shan’s posted this flexed, strategically angled arm pic (she generally looks pretty normal so i doubt anyone is fooled) in a post sperging about how her BMI is too high/ she’s not underweight enough for adult services.. considering she claims to be on a CTO that’s going to have to be a pretty high BMI? which is totally contradictory to this pitiful attempt at looking spoopy

No. 1276588

File: 1626290355570.png (3.74 MB, 828x1792, 93B5686A-C312-4B8D-BCA8-6BC6C9…)

related- sc from stories

No. 1276589

File: 1626290388680.png (3.62 MB, 828x1792, A8767D1D-1463-4204-AE79-00E1BC…)

No. 1276595

How’s her fentanyl addiction going? Shes still grifting off the public
She was a literal Nazi. I don’t think they should be the poster children for anorexia.
Give her a minute. We will get pictures. Tubing is 100% voluntary in the state of CA at her age and without a court order. These hospitalizations are trips away from her 6 figure job courtesy of daddy. She gets to play dress up with the tube along the way

No. 1276596


Lurk more if you need more info. She has been discussed inprevious threards multiple times and is an old cow.


It was Tilly, but before Tilly ot was the queen Ember. Oh the old days with Ember and her "alien shell whatever" back edits.
Oh the old days and dramas.

No. 1276599

She has lots of old tube pics up, I'm sure they're coming.

No. 1276600

she looks a bit skinnier here, has she actually lost some weight?
(inb4 self-post accusations, no i'm not ham)

No. 1276618

That is definitely what happens. I remember it being mentioned that she was blocking people who liked any comments calling her out even slightly. Oh Ham.

No. 1276620

I was gonna ask if you were one of her friends sent to WK before remembering she doesn’t have any…
The most interesting thing about this is the bookshelf. She READS, guys. Granted it’s all basic YA shite so obviously not ~Grangerworthy~ but wouldn’t be surprised if that was the next LARP

No. 1276621

I think it might be the angle. Tbh though she looks cute here and normal and healthy and how someone her age should look.

It's so frustrating that she can't find a life outside of this cringe fest larp.

No. 1276625

>normal and healthy and how someone her age should look
So….like she always has done, then? It’s nice to she’s ditched the grimy dressing gown tho

No. 1276628

Omfg those glands are huge
Don't understand how Anas like these don't get forced hospitalization, feeding tubes, etc

No. 1276636

Not sure it's a sadly here, pretty sure she was a hebeophile that harassed underage girls for nudes…

No. 1276642

File: 1626297654715.jpeg (597.81 KB, 1124x2163, 51EDEDE9-CB19-4CC2-87AE-118237…)

NAYRT but that post was from late last summer. She’d immediately posted a whole post about the insertion of the NG tube, the issues, her reaction, and messing with it later when she was pissed. Here’s a screenshot of the post directly before that.

No. 1276643

File: 1626297721547.jpeg (616.11 KB, 1124x2180, F6A85639-58B8-48C9-9F3F-AC59AA…)

Caption from above photo.

No. 1276646

File: 1626297757761.jpeg (504.04 KB, 1124x1910, C39F33AE-8F49-42C0-BFCB-8C1CFA…)

Caption continued.

No. 1276657

her hair looks disgusting. Why bother putting on makeup and a dress if you're gonna have rank greasy hair? Or does she have a problem with societal standards of cleanliness kek

No. 1276663

Those are jammie dodgers that got released last halloween. Probably pretty fresh by n2f standards actually …

No. 1276669

File: 1626300355304.jpeg (314.21 KB, 828x596, 2CEC92C5-224A-446A-BA61-C68D33…)

havent seen this cow around? she started posting again

No. 1276689

She reminds me of Morven. I don’t like her.

No. 1276690

Noooo.She was in the closet most of her sm life. She was a scammer and liar. I don't even vaguely remember her being a pervert and I'm sure I would.

No. 1276694

i think it's the eyebrows. they've always given me the heebie-jeebies.

No. 1276695

She was definitely dodgy, anon. Had a nazi blog too.

No. 1276709

Since when getting old is milky ?

No. 1276731

Yeah, I remember the Nazi thing.

No. 1276750

Is this girl a head banger? What's with the pinkish mark near her hairline?

No. 1276883

serial BPD head basher who posts the evidence for all to see

No. 1276939

File: 1626329283487.png (614.83 KB, 831x613, Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 08-07…)

On her latest Insta, Ganer tells us about her recent overtraining.

No. 1276947


That's some fine exercise purging there, Hannah!

No. 1276963

Simmer down anon, it's not that bad.

No. 1276968

I disagree. I don't think Rachael is doing very well at all. Her 'please help me' video came out in 2015. That's six years ago. Hell yeah she's made progress - of course. But you can't call her life 'living' at all. She's still emaciated - and I am not sure she is out of the woods yet - her ED could still kill her. I don't necessarily think she hasn't done well out of denial - but I actually think her body just can't cope with enough food to actually recover? I dunno.. but I don't think she's beaten this yet.

No. 1276970

I followed her for a little while and at one point she appeared to have gained some weight but it was all edema and she lost it again. I agree that her body might just be too destroyed to actually recover

No. 1276992

Has anyone seen Anna’s recent video (uploaded literally a few minutes ago)? She did a ‘what I eat in a day’ type thing and it shows her eating things like peanut butter and those little protein balls which are covered in nuts. I thought she was allergic to nuts and they sent her into anaphylaxis? Suspicious…

No. 1276994

Uhh imageboard…

No. 1276995



No. 1276997

File: 1626344091147.jpeg (631 KB, 750x1129, 80C7BF54-FE3C-4DA8-924D-B90C12…)


As well as not sageing, you’re a moron

No. 1277000

Why is her face permanently stuck on ‘smug’? That will not go down well if she does decide to specialise in palliative medicine

No. 1277001

Ah sorry. I was being a retard and didn’t read the caption. Sorry

No. 1277003

In fairness, why could she eat all these things she is now allergic to a few months ago? Her MCAS got worse after she developed covid in January.

No. 1277004

“Sorry about your terminal cancer. I can totally relate, did you know my BMI was once* 13? I literally almost DIED”

No. 1277035

She couldnt swallow anything because of how fucked she was from anorexia, I agree she isnt out the woods yet but I dont think her still being a spoop is her fault. Even if her body mostly recovers, she will have severe issues for life. I genuinely hope she does recover though

No. 1277164

File: 1626367048966.png (Spoiler Image, 555.02 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210715-173043.png)

When Molly drops her recovery/study/whatever she's trying to do on IG, she's going to marry a well off man, be a domestic wife and spawn a baby she'll carry around India in a sling (travelling poor areas of the world being patronising). Maybe Jamie will get top surgery. Now she continues to try to find herself and try to find friends. All this wokery is irritating.

Happy belated non binary day, anons.

No. 1277187

File: 1626369417881.png (3.19 MB, 2422x1376, unicorn.png)

Possible new milk? I dont know if other anons would find her milky, she just reminds me so much of Laura (flourishingfairy).

No. 1277192

Oh wow might this be the first cow to not claim anorexia? Also the way she does her face doesn't do her any favors, what the fuck is she thinking? That's not cute.

No. 1277208

She could actually look good if she stopped with that shit makeup and grew out her hair. She looks legitimately special needs right now

No. 1277215

On her pinned tweet she says she has neurological issues (which is why she typos a lot too) so maybe that explains it.

No. 1277218

This person was already posted in the FTM thread and they’re not milky, just mentally ill.

No. 1277231

File: 1626373265968.png (1.87 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2021-07-15-19-14-33…)

Ganer is in 'Pick Me Up' magazine this week.

She told her story and related her dream to participate in weightlifting competitions.

No. 1277234

File: 1626373467818.png (1.82 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2021-07-15-19-15-08…)

Ganer's story continued…

No. 1277236

>”a week before I was just days away from death”
I know these mags sensationalise everything but if that was true, “Adam” should be locked up lmao

No. 1277251

Is this really a thing, being sick enough that your body never really recovers?

No. 1277252

are you stupid? of course it is. long term starvation can damage the body permanently.

No. 1277253

File: 1626374972539.jpeg (514.03 KB, 2048x2048, 476CD941-66B4-437B-9E96-5DDCA1…)

No. 1277255


As a matter of fact, dear Anon, it is. Think about brittle bone structure and deformations, organs like the liver shutting down partially and/or completely coz starvation.

No. 1277257


You can have long term body damage but it’s pretty unlikely you’ll be so damaged that you become permanently unable to gain weight. Enzyme deficiencies etc can be fixed by taking pills, supplement drinks contain nutrients in ways your body can process if you have permanent intolerances, PEG feeding even can happen.
So yeah people won’t stay permanently spoopy if they dont want to.

No. 1277259


With her odd shape and underdefined muscle tone she'll be the laughing stock of any competition she enters.

But go ahead and make your mom proud by eating the same meager, color-sorted meals every day.

No. 1277260

her mother would be prouder if she ate and acted like a normal person

No. 1277262

I've seen this person around. They're not ftm, they're mtf, and they're 20 something years old constantly posting their almost-nudes to the eating disorder side of Twitter which is basically all minors

No. 1277264

how tf is that a man

No. 1277272

There are selfies of them as a man if you scroll back through their tweets

No. 1277275

k let's stop saying 'them', this isn't twitter

No. 1277284

Saged, but I literally followed that up with "as a man"? I didn't deny that they're male. You know "they" and "them" aren't just words made up by genderspecials, right? These were preexisting words

No. 1277290


Samefag here.

Exactly, you got my point.

No. 1277294

File: 1626377233378.png (Spoiler Image, 3.38 MB, 1528x1632, Collage-8544598.png)

Spoiler for a couple body checks, but I don't think it's a male since there's a camel toe in one? I think it's just the questionable BJD makeup combined with trying to look white that makes her look so uncanny.

No. 1277296

looks like a PCOS female to me

No. 1277298

Now that's one scary puppy.

No. 1277300

They imply that they were a male and refer to being trans multiple times. It's hard to tell, because they also refer to themself as a cross dressing boy at times. Afaik the natural breasts are a result of sagging since there are multiple references to being obese at one point as well as pictures where sagging all over the body is far more noticeable scattered in their post history

No. 1277302

this one just makes me…….sad. not milky really.

No. 1277303

They seem to type out their own hashtags on Instagram perfectly fine. I wonder if its true

No. 1277307

File: 1626378111233.png (17.44 KB, 598x66, Screenshot_2021-07-15 lucinda …)


Just doin her unicorn stuff.

Everything normal, nothing to see here.


No. 1277309

File: 1626378151936.jpg (155.54 KB, 769x660, 743285283527359325824852395.jp…)

Nah, she tweets about her period every month

No. 1277313

File: 1626378388962.png (702.79 KB, 488x531, Screenshot_2021-07-15 lucinda …)


No. 1277324


No. 1277331

Huh, so they are a woman. I wonder if all the references to being trans are from a time in her life when she was male, like is she detrans? Either way she is really fucked up and REALLY shouldn't be posting herself almost naked all over EDtwt. Shes 20 years old or something posting those near nudes where the main audience are all underage

No. 1277351

File: 1626380118077.png (1.01 MB, 1530x986, Screenshot-28932492-05142414-1…)

Recent updates from Ovi.

No. 1277353

Not sure how to embed Tiktok videos, but she also made a recovery meal:

No. 1277356

Isnt this like her 4th year of still being obese? kek

No. 1277364

What the fuck is wrong with her pupils? Is it shoop or is she on drugs?

No. 1277373

This article made me wonder if maybe gamer is autistic? We all know she loves sticking to the exact same routine but the comment about how she couldn't make friends at uni put the thought in my head. Or maybe she's just ocd and a bit weird in person.

No. 1277378

She wears contacts as part of her uwu style

No. 1277389

She's at the very least OCD, in every way.

It's all about control and rites with these guys, and nothing less. She's got all of it.

And I doubt that she's on some kind of MuH ReCoVeRy JoUrNeY or something. Still thinks she's a "normal" girl doing her bodybuilding stuff when she's not like this at all.

No. 1277394

She's made them nice and symmetrical, kek

No. 1277404

Their IG feed is nightmare inducing but definitely not a cow. Just a lot of psychological issues and attention seeking, but at least they aren’t flying the Ana flag.

No. 1277428

They're a cow for different reasons but not a pro ana scumbag. They don't wave their ED around like a fancy bracelet nor do they preach about recovery. At best, this person is a cow for posting racy pics to a place full of underagers and flashing their self harm for owo trauma baby aesthetic purposes, but theres no value as a pro ana cow with her

No. 1277453

She does claim recovery while posting that ridiculous "meal" and brag about her continued weightloss, with her recent BMI being 18.4 and her celebrating it.

No. 1277464

Imo shes an interesting cow and I'd love to see her posted here. Shes far more interesting than half this thread and I'm itching for a cow that isnt literally the exact same as like 7 of the identical cows discussed in this thread. But, I can also see that shes more of a munchie on account of the fake neurological disorder and attention seeking with self harm

No. 1277474

Why do they do this? Does she need £100 for her protein powders?

Her face alone screams special needs. She looks like a feral child they tried to integrate into society. Some kind of retarded, whatever the polite way of saying it is these days.

No. 1277511


A cow, maybe. But not quite pro-ana.

No. 1277519

File: 1626393258298.png (5.5 MB, 1125x2436, F3B88966-70FB-4E73-9123-0A510E…)

The fact that this isn’t a screenshot of a live story…and she intentionally chose this still, makes is so much more milky. Aebleskiver must’ve thought this was a nice 3 day vacation. Kek.

No. 1277543

File: 1626396016986.png (924 KB, 1708x2048, Screenshot_20210715-193759.png)

No. 1277581

File: 1626400193879.jpg (194.17 KB, 720x554, 20210716_025748.jpg)

Yeah tbh there's something about her face, actually her face in picrel specifically, that makes me think that maybe this is might be code red level special needs. She recently tweeted that they surround themselves with childrens toys because they have hallucinations and the childishness makes it easier

No. 1277597

She’s a twin???? Did anyone else know this. Also I though her dad offed himself. Did I hallucinate this?

No. 1277616


Sage for no milk

As someone who places NG tubes- you literally cannot fuck up to the point where there’s “blood everywhere”.

You stick it in through the nose, drop it down and test the PH. Doesn’t meet PH criteria? Probably not in the stomach, or not meeting acid- pull out and try again. But it can land literally almost nowhere where it causes massive bleeding- unless you have a bloody nose or something.

No. 1277618

What's wrong with her nose?? That red is something I'd expect from an old alcoholic.

No. 1277621


It’s fucking stupid make up that makes these weeaboos look like clowns instead of dainty dollies.

No. 1277623

How did they lose all that weight without getting loose skin?

No. 1277681

File: 1626416339713.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 380.89 KB, 1152x2048, 567F454E-C4ED-42D4-9432-93103B…)

They didn’t. Look at the state of her tits

No. 1277699

File: 1626419307309.jpeg (356.8 KB, 1170x1513, 6F725808-CD26-4D43-8E43-9C1968…)

Also in conclusion, fakeboi/nonbinary whatever, not mtf troon

No. 1277703

and she still uploaded this?
was going to say 'the lights are on but no one's home' but there is no light in those dead, dead eyes. bleak

No. 1277711

>no light in thise dead eyes
If you think what's posted here is awful, you should actually see her Twitter. It is one of the most black windows into a person's life possible and its lined with Olaf from Frozen

No. 1277726

Holy fuck those tits. But good for her if she's not bothered.

No. 1277733

I didn't know she was a twin either, she barely seems to mention any family let alone friends

No. 1277735

Imagine being Ganers twin. Bleak.

No. 1277757

this just looks so sad tbh

No. 1277761

File: 1626433661520.jpg (104.38 KB, 728x840, unicorn ana.jpg)

But she literally is claiming anorexia and often claiming recovery, and it always makes me kek when people claim to have "anorexia and bulimia"

No. 1277766

it's either called anorexia bp subtype or ednos/osfed

No. 1277771

imagine if they showed this kind of stuff in media instead of the manic pixie ana chan

No. 1277823

Wow why would anyone post something like this? Secondhand embarrassment is painful

No. 1277853


Sick puppy, attention whore, but not pro-ana, I'd say.

No. 1277910

Anyone who has an “edtwt” account dedicated to their eating disorder with body checks and pictures of their meals is pro-ana. She doesn’t even have a private account because she has to get as much validation from braindead fifteen year olds as possible.

No. 1277915

Plus she does the whole age regression/uwu/im a unicorn bullshit many ana-chans do to babyfy themselves. Cow behaviour imo. And her issues typing make no sense, she must have her autocorrect intentionally turned off.

No. 1277952

I think she might be lying about her neuro disorder. She types out her hashtags perfectly fine and can, at times, structure her sentences perfectly fine. "I write bad"? So, what, dyslexia then? People with difficulties writing have apps that can help them type shit like formal emails on their phone, or use speech ti text, so why is her shit all garbled? Because she wants people to read it and say "what the fuck?" Then look at her profile and say "holy bloody Mary jesus christ what's going on"

She posts something like this because she is a HUGE attention seeker. The same reason why she intentionally takes pictures with her cuts in full view or makes a big deal with her typing. Pure attention seeking

No. 1277960

Is this selfie taken in a food/household products store room?

No. 1277963

she could keep food in her bedroom like n2f

No. 1277964

File: 1626457943625.jpg (161.47 KB, 1033x896, diary.jpg)

How is her "neurological condition" so bad she cant type, but she cant write incredibly neat?

No. 1277965

File: 1626457993398.jpg (281.63 KB, 1432x792, unicorn food.jpg)

Same anon as before - what kind of parents are these?

No. 1277967

Must be a laxative freak with all that TP

No. 1277978

File: 1626459449984.png (102.67 KB, 703x863, Screenshot-071621-01214.png)

There are some attempts to show writing quirks:
>that's OK because I'm get I am getting
>an opportunity to improve my life be a better
But it's pretty inconsistent, based on her typing I assumed she was implying she had hand tremors but based on the fact that she does her makeup every day, it's weird. She reminds me of Soren or Nicole Dollanganger-adjacent cows with the cutesy-grotesque thing.

No. 1277993


No matter if it's neurologic or otherwise. A nut is a nut.
Just don't let her work in a kitchen. Give her some crayons and let her draw unicorns.
And take her fucking cellphone away from her.

No. 1277996

Not only can she write neat but apparently she can fucking spell too so that's interesting. Basically grassed herself up here, shes a liar

Tbf she walks around in Japanese lolita fashion harking on about hallucinations with her self mutilation hanging out, they're probably afraid to cook her anything that shes uncomfortable with. Shes also in her 20s so I'm confused as to why they haven't had her sectioned?

No. 1278002

Hadn’t thought about soren since she kicked it, but now you mention it anon they’re a good comparison. Especially those ugly circle lenses that make them look deranged.

No. 1278016

Exactly, it's so constructed

No. 1278019

Doesn't look like neurological disorder to me, with all that kind of clean handwriting and cute-ass drawings.
So the OhMiGaWd I kAnT sPeLl thing seems kinda dubious.

No. 1278085

Well she says in the Twitter posts >1277978 that it’s neurological symptoms as a part of schizophrenia. And that she was assessed to have several mental disability. This sounds somewhat believable. Her writing in the journal is at times incoherent and is at the level of a child. I don’t disagree that she should get off the internet and it is definitely possible that she’s inventing or exaggerating some symptoms but this person is clearly not functioning at full capacity.

No. 1278111

God I wish we could still have munchie threads, this one would fit perfectly. Imagine using Photoshop to make yourself look even uglier.

No. 1278180



No. 1278184

Agree with this.

Not sure we should be talking about this person? Perhaps it's just me but she/he/they (can't keep up sorry) make me feel a bit nauseous and uncomfortable. Perhaps a potential cow but on a whole new, weird level.

No. 1278260

We can talk about her but we should stick to her actual eating disorder milk. She posts ridiculously tiny meals, claims recovery while cheering on about low weights, and posts body checks. She absolutely is a pro ana cow so we should just stay on topic of her eating disorder and leave the nitpicking for when its relative

No. 1278272

geez calm down

No. 1278273

File: 1626470833806.jpg (264.61 KB, 720x855, 20210716_223750.jpg)

So nobody is going to mention that she let her dog eat icecream that she purged?

No. 1278282

What the hell, poor dog

No. 1278286

Why would she purge on the kitchen floor?

No. 1278312

Wow that drawing of her face is scarily accurate. Other drawings are questionable so it might be traced, but that would still require a decent amount of hand-eye coordination. I love this new cow, we haven't had one this wild in a while.

No. 1278315

sage for whatever but i don't like this cow because she feels genuinely mentally ill, and i think the proana mentions are just a byproduct and unimportant.

No. 1278320

Yeah, haven't seen one this strangely compelling in a long time, sort of evocative of milk from the earlier Internet like PT. It's weird how she popped out of nowhere too.

No. 1278321

That's because nobody is focusing on her ED. She still posts ridiculously tiny meals, claims recovery, celebrates low weights, and seems to have a current goal of starving herself into a unicorn. Imo more interesting than ham, Elzani, MCAS girl, Ganer…

No. 1278326

Hello, RSPCA? Hopefully they can swing by this one on the way to Becky’s chihuahua
Seriously tho I dunno what to make of it. How does she write and draw so nicely in her diawy uwu if she’s proper exceptional? There is potential here

No. 1278338

i agree that the fakeboi could be a cow but i don’t think it belongs here. agree w above anon — something about her makes me viscerally uncomfy. probably the idea of disability + the weird ddlg/age regression factors + her semi nude pics showing up in the thread. it doesn’t really seem like the ed stuff is central enough to her online presence to warrant much more discussion here

No. 1278340

I still find it hard to reconcile the fact that she's a typical Type A (A* student, competitive degree subject at good uni, even had to be "the best patient") but is happy stacking shelves to fund her gym membership instead of actually using that law degree. She'd rather aim for something she's setting herself up to fail for. I don't get it, but it does seem she's keeping herself in stasis of some kind at least, not getting spoopy again.

I didn't know she was a twin either. It must be really difficult for her sister.

No. 1278400

She isn't disabled. Shes claiming to type like hell, but her hashtags on Instagram are always perfect and her spelling in her diary is perfect. If she was disabled the autocorrect would still kick in. Shes uncomfy because her face enters uncanny valley with the make up. If anons actually bother to focus on her ED posts shes actually fantastic milk considering everyone who isn't NF2 or Ganer is literally the same smug blonde girl identical in looks and behaviour. Lucinda is one of 3 interesting cows itt

No. 1278413

File: 1626482971204.png (Spoiler Image, 550.35 KB, 530x668, lu.png)

and 150 likes with "you're so pretty uwu" twitter is a fucked hugbox.

No. 1278415

File: 1626483215049.jpeg (588.33 KB, 1005x560, E480DD77-DBA1-43B8-B57A-025FB1…)

Not convinced either way but man if she was an established cow picrel (>>1277187) would not slide

No. 1278421

File: 1626483843365.gif (258.32 KB, 319x200, 2291B0FD-138B-4D4F-8138-42427E…)

those chicken scratches tho

No. 1278429

And Ganer isn’t mentally ill?

No. 1278437

File: 1626484839205.jpeg (97.33 KB, 441x271, 19C70A53-B0FE-42AA-9273-BA87E5…)

wdym? she’s thriving

No. 1278457

what she says here is meaningless
schizophrenia is a psychiatric disease that includes identifiable neurological features

No. 1278464

>>1278413 the fakeboi looks like a cow for me, such a cringefest with saggy ass tits.

No. 1278492

File: 1626488208208.jpg (309.91 KB, 1080x1679, Ss0.jpg)

Caroline update.
She says she has refeeding syndrome and that her allergies seem to be pollen related. In another tiktok she does mention she has an ED and that she saw herself going into her old ways then ate to feel more energy. It seems like she's in recovery as of now.

No. 1278584


This one belongs in her own thread. If I weren’t a retard, I’d make it. She’s a cow with ana tendencies. Not an anachan with cow tendencies. The typing is horrifically stupid. Your neurological disorder makes you type like a dumbass, but you can write in your diary just fine?

Her face makes me irrevocably uncomfortable. She honestly reminds me of a corpse. There’s something inherently lacking here. Something isn’t right.

No. 1278599

I would like to see a thread about her too with some more time. Reminds me of Soren like other nonnies were saying

No. 1278692

File: 1626501271827.jpeg (610.25 KB, 1568x922, 6F60559D-8B48-45B0-8E72-423900…)

No. 1278725

Savannah/aebleskiver did a mass removal of followers on her account. At least one farmer I know of remains. There might not be any updates from them because she now has 71 followers total. If we don’t get any more updates, here’s to savannah thanking her parents for once and joining a dbt group for her borderline. Don’t harass the nurses too much while you’re in TMMC. They don’t get paid enough to put up with that

No. 1278728

did someone tip her or what?

No. 1278729

idk how she gained so fast. is it water? not bone rattling just seems her face went from literal skeleton to slim in such a short time. caroline confuses me

No. 1278730

has anyone else seen these kinds of channels? this girl is trying so hard to make restricting aesthetic and i seriously can't believe her intake is as low as she claims it is. in another one of her videos she said that's hasn't binged at all since she started restricting (<300 calories most days) which sounds unrealistic to me.

No. 1278734

File: 1626508482946.png (135.95 KB, 480x222, rf.png)

absolutely it is water retention. Look at how much Rachael 'gained' in the 1st 3 months of treatment. face bloat is very real.

No. 1278735

ok yeah going to please suggest her posts go elsewhere because that is absolutely painful to read

No. 1278736

does she ever show her body? sounds like another uwu wanna to me.

No. 1278746

at 3:20 ish you get a fairly good look at her thighs/lap and her hand isn’t as covered as her sleeve. not exactly the body of somebody eating less than 300 cals a day for a year kek

No. 1278759

Who is this? Looked it up and got lost in the huge amount of teenagers who didn't eat enough for three months and have to let the world know

No. 1278760

These channels do my head in to be honest. "uwu editing and sharing these are good for my MeNtAl HeAlTh, don't report or i will kill myself uwu" and the disclaimers of i don't promote EDs, yet goes on to glamourise EDs and give kids a how to starve run down. You'd think they were sponsored by monster ultra or something with how hard they plug it.

No. 1278765

People can safely gain a pretty surprising amount of weight in a relatively short period of time. The latest research suggests that it's safe to aim for 4-5 lbs / week of weight gain in inpatient/residential treatment and that's what many US treatment programs follow (including places like ACUTE that take the super spoops). So that could be a target of 36-60lbs in a three month period.

No. 1278766

Why do anas always eat like toddlers and have to use kid plates.. She's 24. 24.

No. 1278767

samefag, but Rachel is also a pretty milky person in that she's also a drug addict and has scammed people out of a lot of money via gofundme over the years (including raising like $200,000 to go to ACUTE and then claiming that they couldn't take her because the "altitude was too dangerous". ACUTE made a public statement to the media that they had absolutely not refused to treat her, lmao, and that they recommended she be hospitalized).

http://marycumminsrealestatemarycummins.blogspot.com/2015/05/rachael-lyne-farrokh-actress-story-of.html (this person definitely has a vendetta, but has collected a lot of evidence)
https://leewolfeblum.com/what-the-media-missed-in-the-rachel-farrokh-pleading-anorexic-story/ (slightly sympathetic, but someone who works in a treatment center basically saying that her story doesn't add up)

No. 1278770

holy fuck she let her dog eat vomit? also anons who say "no shes uncomfortable to post here shes mentally ill" - uhh, and the other cows arent? Stop being so soft.

No. 1278815

I've seen drug addicts go to pretty extreme measures to get money for their fix, but starving yourself to the point of death to get "lifesaving treatment money" for "anorexia" (aka fent) just seems too far to be believable.

No. 1278822

File: 1626527183996.jpg (643.69 KB, 828x828, IMG_0415.jpg)

i think i know why they were giving you second glances… and it's not cause of your outfit

No. 1278824

Damn I almost didn't recognize her. Nude lips suit her better than the red/pink gloss but damn girl invest in some lipbalm..

No. 1278825

I was just coming to post this! Who wears a dress like that to the optician??!

No. 1278830

If you participate in ED communities at all you're going to see a huge majority of people who are obsessed with age reg. For a lot of people, part of ED behaviour is infantilizing themself, and oh my God it gets embarrassing. Some people take it waaaay too far and it's not just wearing kids clothes to feel skinny, it's like full on toddler behaviour like you're seeing here

No. 1278834

File: 1626528554181.jpg (179.18 KB, 720x900, 20210717_014924.jpg)

The gimmick she has going on seems weirder when you look in her likes and see a bunch of shit like this

No. 1278838

She's wearing Nivea lip cream. She's been using it a couple of weeks but looks like she needs something industrial strength.

No. 1278844


At least she KNOWS about her disabilities and calls them out.
And she mentioned a therapist.

Not a true Ana-cow btw

No. 1278872

File: 1626536029244.png (1.63 MB, 886x1440, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 17.32…)

yes nik, that's called perfectionism and guess what, it's often related to anorexia. what an amazing observation

No. 1278884

I think they deactivated their account anon. Is this the same person? rather unusual name (given aebleskiver is a food item?) & blonde people all look the same to me.

No. 1278891

File: 1626537869207.jpeg (373.61 KB, 750x770, 9645A744-970C-48AE-96BA-060A49…)

It’s the usual dichotomy for anachans, they don’t want to trigger anyone and anorexia is a disease, they only want a safe space to vent and be left alone, but what they really want is to talk about what they purged or how little they ate in detail. There’s a reason why irl ED recovery groups are vigilant about discouraging that kind of discussion, because it’s self-defeating any real recovery.

No. 1278892

File: 1626537891957.jpeg (369.07 KB, 1152x2048, 6C7159FA-3DFC-46A8-B396-86C91E…)

No. 1278894

File: 1626537906102.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x2138, 603AA986-316E-494C-B9DC-EB2F86…)

Anna has reached her set point weight she says but also is still very sick with anorexia because of low thyroid.

No. 1278899

kek she does not look skeletal at all.

No. 1278900

>absolutely skeletal
I don’t think so luv

No. 1278903

Shut up Anna, you’ve never once looked anything but fine even when mildly underweight.
Can someone explain about the thyroid thing? Sorry for dumb but I’m not making the connection

No. 1278911

Did anyone see Anna delete another hate comment on her post about ‘want to recover? just eat a cookie’. Looks like someone is in denial of their rich white girl privileges and can’t handle anyone telling her different.

No. 1278920

i saw a post that called her out for it so maybe she knows, but why hasn’t she deleted it then?

No. 1278927

even more awkward because Anna follows the commenter.

a whole-ass post? can you share it?

No. 1278936

99% sure it’s on @emsinrecovery account

No. 1278943

She is the one who posted the 'hate' comment. (I noticed because she has a not-insignificant sized account).

No. 1278949

I think she’s also the one who posted a Sorcha-defence post on her story when lolcow were attacking her. Hmmm, she might read this and attack us for even mentioning her!

No. 1278973

How did anyone even discover her, to be posted on here.

Seems like a self-post To me.

No. 1278982

File: 1626544146295.jpeg (201.28 KB, 640x811, 728FAB8F-4CA0-4E44-8B51-320454…)

haha did she mean desiccated coconut?

No. 1278995

She posts to the eating disorder tags on Twitter. Anyone who has spent even 2 minutes in the eating disorder Twitter space has seem this girls bizarre selfies. She was posted in the trans threads as well a few weeks back, it's very hard to see this and not immediately see the premium milk flowing out of her

No. 1278997

File: 1626546054837.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 630.57 KB, 750x1067, 30A9D648-47A1-44EB-B6BB-524F43…)

met this girl in treatment for ana, saw her on my tiktok feed years later talking about fitness and nutrition. her whole feed is about bulking and i’m pretty sure all those before and after are body checks. this is NOT recovery tho she preaches about it

No. 1279005

a schizophrenic cutter making a fool out of herself isn't milk. she should be hospitalized. just recently she tweeted about being off her meds and fully believing she's a unicorn. there's a limit to shit that's entertaining and shit that's just sad. this girl shouldn't be allowed on the internet and clearly needs help especially with how rapidly she's lost weight recently. pretty sure we'll witness this girl's death, she's horrifically bizarre.

No. 1279009

>2:59 as you can see health really is my passion

You just be joking, like just drinking green tea means you are healthy ffs

This is almost like ganer, but gainer atleast gained significantly weight from her lowest

No. 1279011

She nuked her account. It was annaaristea after the sweep

No. 1279026

File: 1626549098317.jpeg (603.26 KB, 828x1370, F8BE7EF4-2552-4CEC-A93D-7E32E1…)

there’s the caption, this account owner is a personal cow, preaches recovery whilst trying to make sure everyone knows she’s “relapsing” (looks the same as always), but not rlly milky just irritating

No. 1279031

And because she tweeted it's real anon? Don't be so naive.
She's an adult exposing minors to her weird semi naked body, crytyping and making a bufoon of herself in general, cows like Soren and Ashley Isaacs are very sick in the head but that doesn't make them any less cows.

No. 1279054

if you're gonna be a moralfag go back to twitter. She's clearly faking 'neurological issues' with how neat her handwriting/spelling and drawing is, and is gloating and flaunting her ED/weight loss and self harm. She's a cow. >>1278891 kek the drawings too, how pathetic. Really going for that poor waif aesthetic

No. 1279055


Yeah, it's that thing about giving away total control.

They really, really hate it.

No. 1279057

File: 1626553116415.png (Spoiler Image, 542.6 KB, 588x595, gainertainer.PNG)

this girl actually gained a good bit of weight (mogged ganer actually) but she seems to have relapsed recently and is back on the 'bulking' train again.

No. 1279058


Yessir. And exactly that's what brings us here.

No. 1279059

incessantly repeats herself. “I’m relapsing bla bla bla” while eating a tub of ice cream for lunch today. Cry for help? Maybe she didn’t get enough attention from her mum while her dad is dying (which she never fails to mention). Boring

No. 1279065

This seems like a bit of a nitpick. I'm imaging having your father die at 18(?) is quite a life-changing experience and certainly not something you get over within a few months. Agree she shouldn't be making posts if she is relapsing though.

No. 1279067

File: 1626554668401.png (6 MB, 990x4621, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 22-27…)

Hey, now that's some fulfilled life, Ganer.

Pumping, posing, pumping and posing again.

Nowadays with 100% less OCD porridge recipes.

No. 1279069

in another 4 years she might even have some muscle!

No. 1279071


Some family member dying should never be an excuse for ruining your own fucking life, imho.

No. 1279073

File: 1626555257139.jpeg (280.7 KB, 828x1117, 82A30C4D-1343-485A-82C1-40EA24…)

Not sure why she is posed this way when she is so small already…but it amazes me Dasha is still alive at this point…

No. 1279077

Idiocy. Idiocy never changes.

No. 1279080

There is a difference between 'some family member' and a dad, anon.

No. 1279085

Grief is a powerful thing, some people flat out die from shock sometimes (especially if they're getting on in age). I can imagine it being traumatic for a kid to lose their parent, not whiteknighting the lass but i'm sure even in healthy people without pre-existing conditions that's bound to have an affect.

No. 1279088

File: 1626556223079.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 750x1200, 7C0ADC8B-8ACD-41A7-8EDD-437167…)

No. 1279089

Holy-fucking wall of text-batman. Does she expect people to read that on small devices?

No. 1279093

If she was dressed in appropriate clothes for an opticians visit she would look….normal?

I'm whole heartedly cheering for our N2F because she does seem to be doing so much better and I'm kinda loving it that she's doing it in her own weird way.

Never change luv.

No. 1279095

Nothing milky about her except she claims to be obese a few years ago and is now mildly underweight (you couldn't tell from looking at her). Not a real cow.

No. 1279100


Yh can we stop bringing randoms onto this thread who aren't cows? We used to have really specific 'guidelines' about who was pro-ana scum and so many people being dragged on here do not qualify

No. 1279106

that’s why OP (me) said not rlly milky, just ironic that she was making a call out of Anna when she’s also hypocritical

No. 1279119

Why are people so adamant to not talk about Lucinda? She is an ana cow, but obviously people are going to talk about her other mad behaviours too just like N2F. I swear this is some kind of fan club for boring smug posh blonde girls or something. Someone explain to me how N2F is ok but Lucinda isn't when most of N2F discussion has nothing to do with her ED, just her clothes and her filthy surroundings?

Lucinda preaches about recovery and her progress while posting ridiculously tiny meals and celebrating the fact she could be 88lbs by December. How is she not ana cow material? Because she looks autistic? Never stopped us talking about squarehead a few threads back, so why Lucinda?

No. 1279124

gna go out on a limb and say, she's schizophrenic right? maybe bc of that. they're different, yanno…

No. 1279150

She looks like Gypsy Rose Blanchard while her mom was still abusing her via Munchausen by Proxy.

No. 1279151

File: 1626561515329.png (341.35 KB, 615x409, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 6.35.…)

Forget image, sorry

No. 1279152

We've already established that shes a liar when it comes to her neurological disorder, thrives on the attention she gets from being ill, and uses said mental illnesses as part of her creepy cute aesthetic, and you actually believe she is schizophrenic?

No. 1279157

The munchie uniform. There was another cow with anorexia I seen elsewhere who looked exactly like this, glasses and all, its incredible how they all serve this look

Do you also believe Anna has MCAS just because she says she does?

No. 1279176

>we've already established

No we haven't. That's just you hamfisting. Just because she crytypes then writes fine in a diary and draws well doesn't mean she's lying about being schizophrenic when it's a psychotic disorder and she's stated that she only says she has a neurological condition because she doesn't like that she has it. She does have neurological issues due to schizophrenia because schizophrenia causes them. But just because they aren't typical of dyslexia or autism doesn't mean she's lying because she doesn't fucking have that.

No. 1279178

Samefag but just admit that you have no real milk if you don't insist she's a munchie. She's a cringefest fucking weirdo who thinks she's a unicorn and will probably reach Ashley Isaacs levels by the end of the year, can we not just enjoy that? The munchie angle is stupid lmao.

No. 1279207

why are you WKing so hard? Plenty of cows here are retarded. In fact, it makes them better cows

No. 1279214

Can you read? I'm not denying she's retarded. I'm actually vouching that she likely is and isn't a munchie since she never even talks about having anything. This bitch is 100% insane. And personally I think a schizophrenic anachan is 1000000x more interesting than another munchie one.

No. 1279222

File: 1626568334944.jpeg (436.96 KB, 2048x908, 02AE7043-A93A-4CCE-81C8-8E4EF4…)

Does any of this sound legit? Also I’m reading through her curiouscat and when she responds to people in Spanish she doesn’t do any of the cry typing.

No. 1279224

not sure if this is a genuine question but it sounds legit enough, not everyone is thrown into a hospital after suffering a psychotic episode. she already said she can control the crytyping and just does it because she's too lazy so it essentially is just crytyping for no reason which makes sense if she's crazy. it really does sound like she's ashamed of it and uses the neurotypical card to sound more innocent.

No. 1279225

I srsly believe there's gotta be some people who have this incredibly lucky genetic make-up allowing them to live like this. Eugenia, Ashley, Rachael etc… there's no fucking way most people could maintain that level of emaciation for over a decade.

No. 1279230

There are apps designed for people with whatever disorder she claims to have. I actually find it hard to believe that autocorrect alone isn't doing anything, she has to be doing this on purpose

No. 1279232


right like how does an actual schizo who thinks she's a unicorn sound less milky than being a munchie anon just doesn't want her to be that special which is hysterical because i couldn't scroll through this cunt's page without cringing or chuckling. a specimen indeed. if she truly is off her antipsychotics this could get good.

No. 1279235

IQ of 160 does not sound legit kek

No. 1279236

>she has to be doing this on purpose

She is. Doesn't make her a munchie faking a neurological condition since schizophrenia counts as one. Just a schizo embarrassing herself while her 14 year old followers gas her up. She isn't wrong, technically. If she wasn't schizophrenic I'm sure she'd write fine.

No. 1279239

Can schizophrenia chip away at someones IQ level like that? I mean, shes 24 and shes dressing like a child and eating off Frozen plates while her family seem to just play into it. Has she actually gone from 160IQ to a level of "retardation" like she says?

I feel like the submissive kink content and breeder memes you can find scrolling through her likes don't seem like something a retard is interested in. Saged

No. 1279247

File: 1626570868731.jpg (213.4 KB, 1080x737, 20210717-211021.jpg)


googling it for 2 minutes says yes. and she replied to the post about the submissive breeder by saying that she's a unicorn who would never "engage in such practices".

No. 1279254

I'd hope not. Even though she's a cow, I hope someone is actually supervising her to make sure no scrote is trying to take advantage of her, but tbh nobody is stopping her from posting naked body checks on twt so it's safe to assume she's not being watched properly

No. 1279259

Let's just watch her starving and cutting herself to death.

No. 1279261

have you ever even checked the first thread, this is nothing compared to the old cows, i think we all agree she's more interesting than the boring blonde identical bongs

No. 1279289

File: 1626577449619.jpg (134.62 KB, 844x570, 20200825-Fombonee-844.jpg)

Honestly, not trying to roast her, is she autistic? I remember a kid a long time ago who was very autistic and had problems matching clothes, the poor thing wore jackets with shorts in winter.
It's very weird the way she dresses, almost like she can't get the way most normal people use their apparel.

No. 1279298


No. We do NOT "all agree".

No. 1279312

while I have no clue if her IQ was ever close to 160 like she claims schizophrenia does decrease cognitive function overtime and causes brain tissue loss. If she's not retarded yet it's only a matter of time until she is.

No. 1279314

you don't think a physically grotesque schizophrenic off her meds slowly spiraling into madness and the added brainrot of starvation is interesting? i actually believe this one will make it to skelly body since she's losing so quickly which is insane because she was morbidly obese but i guess that's on brand since she started her ed while schizo. it's all hilarious but kind of sad but. terribly interesting to watch. i have to admit i have high hopes for this cow.

No. 1279320

Add that to her diet of diet coke and an egg white and I'm sure the damage to her brain would be even worse. Would medication like that even work on an empty stomach?

No. 1279365

Yes, and it might even be more powerful without food in the stomach. Many meds cause nausea or stomach irritation which is why they advise you take them with food, not because they won't work otherwise.

No. 1279384

she said she purged like 10 times a day so tinfoil but idt she's been medicated at all if she's puking all her pills for god knows how long. between schizophrenia and starvation her brain must be at the working capacity of moldy fruit.

No. 1279407

Of course it isn't legit.
1) No one sees a 13yo with hallucinations and goes "oh no you are developing schizo". Many disorders can cause them, even brain tumours can&epilepsy, this stuff is investigated more.
2) IQ of 160? Fuck off.
3) SCZ is usually found developing in peoples 20s and 30s, Early Onset SCZ is between 13-18. But every other condition must be ruled out first, including autism.
4) The kind of 'retardation' she describes usually appears about a decade into treatment of SCZ, while neuropsychological decline is present even after just one episode, the kind of decline is more around concentration, executive function, decision making, etc. And given she writes and draws very well, this doesnt line up with her typing.

No. 1279408

yes and no, I wouldnt expect this level of "IQ 160 to retard" and that's a fabrication, but yes SCZ impacts cognition. Just not how she pretends it does, and her posting sexual content is very off. Why would her parents let their mentally retarded schizo child be on the internet unsupervised and post nudes?

No. 1279419

she said she was diagnosed schizo in 2016 which would've made her 19 not 13.

No. 1279434

she watched to the bone too many times. big pearl fan alert

No. 1279435

yes, schizophrenia really can affect IQ and cognitive abilities far more than every other type of mental illness, and can affect inhibition, knowing whats correct to say or do socially

No. 1279437

not everyone's parents give a shit or are internet literate

No. 1279442

Yea just look at chris chan

No. 1279451

yes, sorry if I didnt clarify - in her CC answer she said how a doctor saw her at 13 and said she was developing SCZ

No. 1279453

i read the cc. she said she'd been seeing a therapist since she was 13 who regularly asked her if she'd been hearing voices and one day, presumably in 2016, she said yes, which means they caught it early. in 2016. i remember her talking about being diagnosed with depression at 13 not schizophrenia.

No. 1279454

File: 1626609177825.jpg (Spoiler Image, 340.13 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20210718-135152_Ins…)

Has this cup ever been washed?

No. 1279455

seasoned cup

No. 1279459

Coffee cup hei

No. 1279480

Ngl, some people give up or don’t see the point in taking care of themselves. Ana can also be used to numb emotions.

No. 1279482

Yeah, completely. But if she is relapsing, why is she still posting? Hypocritical and classic cow behaviour. Maybe she should leave for a while and deal with her loss and come back when she is in a place to actually give advice and follow it herself. Anyway. I follow her main account too (she never fails to promote it to her followers) and noticed she does look like she has lost a bit of weight recently but nothing shocking.

Anyway, I don’t know how she even got brought up here, she isn’t milky just irritating as anon said.

No. 1279540

Looks like it been smeared with marmite

No. 1279544

Just because some people can’t match clothing, doesn’t mean they have ASD.

Many people with ASD have great styles.

I know schizotypicals, schizophrenics, bipolar and many more can have eccentric
styles, especially when they are unwell.

No. 1279546

This image looks a bit like Kate Winslet when she played Mary Anning In the film Ammonite, But in a different era.

No. 1279657

File: 1626634985746.jpeg (148.38 KB, 743x779, AFC304D5-D592-4470-9F62-7601C9…)

Maybe this is a nitpick but Anna pretending not to be a spoilt little rich girl grinds my gears. We know Daddy would give you all these things ten times over, stop trying to be relatable.

No. 1279659

histamine doesn’t have a smell

No. 1279660

'smell histamines' our future doctor kek, and yeah daddy could buy her that shit

No. 1279704

How did she get into med school with that knowledge?

No. 1279728

File: 1626639997703.jpeg (375.43 KB, 828x1099, 5310FCDC-A171-4B9B-BC8A-D28660…)

Body checks are dangerous guys! But check out my outfit x

No. 1279731

anyone remember her rants about how body checks are why she has never recovered?


but wait, it's ok because she is not at her LW!

No. 1279733

To be honest, there are service dogs who are trained to detect the smell emited when the body releases histamines & alerting to a reaction in progress. Not sure if that's the sort fo thing she means?

But her privilege tag is showing yet again. I can imagine people wishing for base line needs being met with that 10 grand, and with it wishful thinking posts like this can be so depressing. But go on with those horse rides tennis and skiing.

No. 1279743

File: 1626641194127.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 673.48 KB, 750x1106, EBD6CBA0-11B3-47B4-B865-7AC619…)


Except for special occasions

No. 1279757

This cow deserves more air time. The biggest hypocrite, closely filled by Imogen (who conveniently deleted her post about relapsing while spewing body checks and “guys you’re totally worthy!” narrative)

No. 1279766

are you talking about im_powering? if so, she is definitely a huge hypocrite but because she has a squeaky-clean image the milk is not particularly blatant.

No. 1279812

idk if I’m nitpicking but it’s the “if you had to spend £10000” that gets me - she actually COULD if she asked mummy and daddy. There are so many people going hungry in filthy, unsafe hostels and shit, the first thing they’d do is feed their kids. But Anna would get fucking horse riding lessons and a designer dog. Sorry if this sounds too political anons she’s just so tone deaf I have not been this close to a-logging in a long time

No. 1279818

meh. if her legs weren’t in the shot she wouldn’t look especially sick, other than whatever’s going on with her neck. Is it a goiter?

No. 1279829

Her breakfast chats are about money.

Tennis, horse riding, skiing, whew! Much activity for one suffering pains, aches and chronic fatigue.

A restaurant would be able to provide something special snowflake can eat.

Not being a virtue signaller, just a person who doesn't care for money, if she wanted to use the cash to benefit others, she could easily do something like learn to drive (to provide help in lots of ways), buy a braille machine, etc etc. New hobby plus helping others. But it's Anna, ofc. Trying to understand a materialist is like trying to imagine believing in a god.

No. 1279850

I hope for her sake that she never gets to this stage ever again.

No. 1279893

Me too. If she just stays on the edge of spoopy it's better than living skeleton.

No. 1279921

kek. you ‘both’ know she will, and she’ll be delighted to post it too while shitting on others for body checks.

No. 1280059

Agreed. I hope for other's sake she doesn't get down to that weight again, but I don't give a fuck about her. I would like to see her toobed and forced to gain to a heathy weight a la Smorven though, because a) she might stop being a cow then and b) she would have to stop flexing her underweight-ness

No. 1280081

Saged, but Lucinda has appeared in the thread requests over on /pt/ and some anons have expressed interest in making her a thread for herself since shes a bit of a horror cow. Would anyone be interested in putting a thread together? It could be easier than fighting over her non ana milk clogging this thread

No. 1280092

yeah let’s get rid of her on this thread. yawn. i’m bored.

No. 1280130

No. 1280141

File: 1626702606132.png (10.07 MB, 1125x2436, A558B850-923E-4041-8B50-26E414…)

Our qween is back. Raw dirty fucking carrots with the tops still on. Nice

No. 1280157

i would understand if she didn’t have the money to buy fresh food and that’s what was up, but it’s the fact there is no excuse for why her food and dishes always look so so so disgusting and unhygienic. how can she stomach that? wouldn’t it just taste if dirt??

No. 1280189

File: 1626709071791.jpg (277.44 KB, 720x819, 20210719_164611.jpg)

>"I dont brag about my disordered behaviours anymore. I used to purge SO MANY times a day guys, now I'm down to THIS MANY, not bragging guys"
>"not bragging about my disordered behaviour but I lost more weight"

No. 1280213

File: 1626711515634.png (270.88 KB, 1496x378, wtf.png)

…excuse me?

No. 1280223

Speaking of Smorven anyone got any updates on her?

No. 1280228


Still in hospital (EDU, Scotland), on the NG but weight restored. Posts rarely except on close friends list.

No. 1280237

File: 1626715235342.jpeg (261.39 KB, 828x931, A491629E-664E-4EE1-95F1-422E75…)

Nice blades Dora

No. 1280261

She and a friend of hers have both eaten cat food. If you look through her likes, theres a guy she interacts with a lot, and it would seem that he ate some to test it out. But yeah Lucinda has apparently eaten cat food in the past. Tbh Lucinda might be one of the few cows who aren't just larping an ED for attention because she seems to be very brutal instead of "wow sad dainty I ate a grape with a form"

No. 1280262

Anna is on live at the moment, is anyone brave enough to watch?

I don't see the milk here?

No. 1280287


No. 1280294


No. 1280295

anon referring to her shoulder blades which are very visible in this

No. 1280320

File: 1626724434327.png (1.44 MB, 828x1792, CB4E8BCA-8D86-4C88-8242-AFCCA6…)

for fucks sake dora is hardly a spoop. everyone’s shoulder blades should be visible, and if your arms are in that position they look totally normal.
img related, she’s fine.

No. 1280501

wasn't saying she doesn't look fine, was just pointing out that was what anon was commenting on. yes everybody has shoulderblades

No. 1280567

File: 1626744922106.png (1.25 MB, 1076x990, n2fff.png)

also picrel

No. 1280673

…and this is why this thread is going to pot. You lot would rather banish the potential full fat, heavy cream someone like Lucinda is serving up to another thread just to post non-milk and chat about some boring cow’s shoulder blades on here instead.

No. 1280676

File: 1626759678037.jpg (284.04 KB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_20210720-072727_Ins…)

Cecelia is angry about the treatment she happily volunteered to be in. She's fooling nobody. She loves to be there its the holiday she planned

No. 1280722

Agreed anon. But cecilia is still milky, and we always have ganer and nourish even if they are repetative

No. 1280731

Lucinda doesn't have the aesthetic skinny body so anons can't trigger themselves with her kek

No. 1280732

I think we have just seen a wave of people who are more interested in "shes faking anorexia" "she isnt thin" and as much as I love a LARPer, it's made actual ana cows kind of shunned so anons go "no shes not milky shes just sick" as if this board isnt for exactly that. We dont care if a cow is sick or not.

No. 1280742

File: 1626777487603.jpeg (519.22 KB, 828x1216, 61D2A733-939E-4165-9B88-FD3C64…)

Not saying this comment is okay but the hypocrisy Celia has without self awareness is crazy. She posts about not completing with her smug tube face and then tells other people they are trying to prove they are sicker…

No. 1280751

File: 1626780464288.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x2205, 19987128-CD5A-497A-89C1-F00842…)

I haven’t seen it been discussed here but Roisin has gained a significant amount of weight in her recovery. This is the first full body picture she’s posted in quite some time. Good for her for not being milky anymore

No. 1280754

she looks good, always nice to see a cow graduate

No. 1280763

she seems to be losing weight pretty rapidly, i wonder if she'll return to this thread if she makes it to skelly body?

No. 1280771


She looks really good as well. Happy for her. I think she should probably stop with YouTube though, I imagine it’ll start holding her back.

No. 1280773

yep she’s already said she’s weight restored. good for her,

No. 1280774

second this, the food obsession ans vulnerability to people scrutinising her body (see above anon who brought her up for no reason other than to comment on her weight) doesn’t mix well with full / long term recovery

No. 1280775


There will be enough stones for her to stumble over.
We shall see.

No. 1280793

complete with the fucking boomerang of her scrunching her eyebrows. if I were in treatment and I found out one of the other patients were posting about it every day on instagram that would make me so uncomfortable. I wonder if anyone there knows she has this account or if she keeps it a secret.

No. 1280811

she looks 1000x more beautiful now than she ever did when she was spoopy. She seems like one of the few cows that managed to recover

No. 1280836

File: 1626793108942.png (4.34 MB, 828x1792, 28467C4D-E9CC-42F3-BCF6-966AFF…)

let’s hope so,

in other news, anna has “forfilled” her love of sweet potato

No. 1280839

for the love of god, HOW is she a future doctor when she can’t spell it worries me(emoji use)

No. 1280841

read the rules and don’t use emoticons. cringe

No. 1280845

Anna, if you are going to post food pics first check what 20 foods you said you could eat ( for example, she has not listed cucumber or lettuce in her allowed foods)

No. 1280860

We're not gonna stop discussing her just because a few anons don't find her milky enough. Just scroll past the cows you don't care about.

No. 1280863

Are sweetpotatoes eaten with their peel?

No. 1280866

Yeah, it's perfectly edible and is just a taste preference thing.

No. 1280876

And she looks gorgeous. Glad to see it.

No. 1280884

File: 1626797040633.jpg (100.92 KB, 721x758, but is she weight restored.JPG)

Hey, let's not forget the asspats for Ham. She repeat challenged herself to a greasy mess of burger, chips and onion rings.

For her health, she should cut all this shit out and get some exercise in.

No. 1280889

how could you anon, do you want her to end up in the hospital bed that still has her name on it???

No. 1280891

it's weird to me that ERC has her sleeping in a normal bed instead of a hospital bed or one that can keep her propped at an angle while sleeping - aren't they worried about aspiration during night feeds? Or is she maybe not getting scheduled night feeds?

No. 1280895

She doesn't need night feeds look at her

No. 1280908

Dear me. How is it a *~challenge~* when we’ve seen her scoff about twenty burgers and several fields worth of potatoes by now?

No. 1280914

Oh, I know, but I thought it was part of her uWu struggling story.

No. 1280917

Burgers are her staple diet. Hamum did a lousy job teaching her kid nutrition. Kind of doubt her claim she "still has a long way to go", unless her goal is My 600lb Life.

No. 1280918

maybe her goal is her mother's weight, kek. I don't know if we've seen the rest of her family, but are they all as overweight as Ham-mum?

No. 1280922

Her dad isn't fat.

No. 1280958

i dont want to nitpick, but i do feel like she has gained some noticeable weight compared with her original pics in the beginning. The issue being that much more weight will mean she is overweight

No. 1280975

She has definitely gained even though some anons love to disagree. She needs to stop challenging herself already.

No. 1280978

sage for blog but ERC doesn’t have beds like that, night feeds are done with you lying down like normal

No. 1280992

i feel like she struggled with body image issues and was insecure, so went on a diet and was brainwashed into thinking she had anorexia. i guess if she did have anorexia, which i think we all know she didn’t, she might feel like now she has “earned” permission to eat all the shit she used to eat, and nobody can judge her because our fragile han had anorexia. would explain the weight gain but no symptoms of anorexia except body image issues (which most teenage girls have)

No. 1281000

this is exactly what rubs me up the wrong way about ham. body image issues are not anorexia. going on a diet and not allowing yourself ice cream for a few weeks is not anorexia. she is manipulating her followers into believing they have a serious eating disorder because they're not shoving burgers down their gullet 24/7. its shameful

No. 1281002

With ham's criteria every single girl would have an eating disorder. Who isn't insecure about their body, especially when growing up?

No. 1281004

yes. it boils my blood that she identifies herself as anorexic when anorexia is a serious illness and actually destroys lives. yeah maybe her diet of no greasy burgers caused her a few sleepless nights but that’s not anorexia, that’s just a diet gone wrong. ham causes me a headache. claiming anorexia is not an opportunity for thousands of followers (most of which she bought) and some attention from her mum. ham needs a reality check

No. 1281005

exactly. it hugely undermines the severity of the disorder and im in shock that more people aren't calling her out. just goes to show how fucking soft the Internet has become and how many people are willing to give asspats to every teenage girl who starved themselves for 3 days

No. 1281009

sage for no contribution, but to this anon, if you just type sage in the email box, it will do the anonymous name tag for you automatically when you post

No. 1281011

Thank you. I’ve been reading these for a while but only recently decided to contribute. Still learning.

No. 1281059

There is clearly butter on the table so I think it’s safe to assume they also had bread. She just is grasping for content at this point.

No. 1281109

At what point does she stop doing these posts? When does it end? Clearly a healthy weight, clearly can eat lots of different foods.. you still going to be doing these posts when you're 40 ham hun? It's getting a bit boring.

No. 1281120

File: 1626817476740.png (3.65 MB, 828x1792, 047FE4A8-D442-4A46-A495-044438…)

Finally her team have copped on to her shit & are discharging her

No. 1281121

Ham's account is required reading for anyone wanting to LARP anorexia. To demonstrate what NOT to do and what NOT to say.

No. 1281144

Anyone seeing the backlash @emsinrecovery is getting for posting a blatant bodycheck disguised as bloating? Not a well-known cow but her hypocrisy is laughable.

No. 1281145


No. 1281148

File: 1626821558014.jpeg (365.24 KB, 828x1469, D18BDF30-64DF-4DDC-89A3-7A5F78…)

No. 1281150

this is what confuses me about recovery accounts. surely the biggest indicator of being “recovered” is to not be posting day in day out about your eating disorder? what happens to recovery accounts after the person is “recovered”?

No. 1281195

she’s a twat, loudmouths about recovery with obnoxious infographic posts, and tries to imply at the same time how sooooper sick she is, and how she’s “relapsing”, but still decides to shove ~recovery~ content down everyone else’s throat. another middle-of-the-road, boring anorexia account with enough pretence to make anyone cringe. she also tries to subtly imply how specially sick she is (she looks alright to most, not a spoop, just a teenager with moderate anorexia). granted she’s lost her father (i believe a few weeks ago), but rather than stepping away from social media she’s just continued to spam everyone with hypocritical recovery content

No. 1281197

File: 1626824258491.png (2.59 MB, 828x1792, 5696AA03-08B2-47BD-A53C-268B71…)

ik we kind of moved on but just to reassure poor dear shoulder-blade anon, pic from the same day. dora looks fine.

No. 1281203

File: 1626825195172.jpeg (429.76 KB, 827x1273, 7412F7E7-C454-4D1D-884E-6CF8E7…)

Agreed, cow worth time. Triggering her recovery community with glee

No. 1281220


sage for blog.

We move on if we’re actually recovered. As a former potential cow with a recovery insta with which I was obsessed, I can verify that the only people who continue to cling to their accounts aren’t actually recovered and are clinging to EDs/the “community” circle jerk validation.

No. 1281240

File: 1626831095574.jpg (393.86 KB, 1080x1853, Screenshot_20210721-132957_Ins…)

100% agree. Saw someone post this recently and it's definitely true. Keeping tabs on the details of others EDs is not healthy either. (That could probably extend to using this site but hey we don't all want recovery kek)

No. 1281242

Absolutely. I wonder if anyone who has a recovery ig tells their therapist about their recovery ig. If I was a therapist that would be a huge red flag for me.

No. 1281248

File: 1626831662667.jpeg (257.03 KB, 828x1472, E9C9F00B-F31B-43E8-9839-C4D7DA…)

sorry for how the pic is edited, I’m lazy and did it on my phone. Anyways cecelia’s followers are calling her out but she doesn’t seem to care. or she does because she’s taking the time to reply kek.

No. 1281266

i doubt she is in recovery. look at her arm. looks noticeably smaller than it used to look and i believe in her tellonym she admitted to having lost weight since her weight before she began recovery. seems like she’s branding recovery just to prove how sick she is. get off the internet, Em.

No. 1281332

Sage for no milk and she is not a cow but This is why I am leery of megsy.recovery. She seems recovered and her content is not triggering and generally she offers good advice but so much of her identity is still tied to the recovery process and not being recovered and over it. She posts multiple stories a day and is still churning out YouTube vids. She could easily talk more about other topics (grief and infertility for example). I’m not trying to be insensitive to her or suggest exploiting her personal tragedy but just I can’t help but find it weird that she claims to be totally recovered but is still compelled to create so much ED content.

No. 1281343

how embarrassingly over-posed and strained that arm is. trying to convince everyone shes soooo skinny- i’d you’ve gotten to use that sort of technique em, you’ve lost us

No. 1281345

File: 1626848177213.jpeg (608.15 KB, 828x1557, 3904FD72-D5EB-4D3A-824D-E24386…)

here’s what her arm actually looks like, and even here it’s sticking out front so will look thinner

No. 1281347

Anorexia isn't a physical illness Cecelia.. there is no anatomical or physiological malfunction stopping you from eating. In fairness, I actually feel embarrassed having such an illness when so many thousands of people suffer chronic illnesses where they can't eat but want to so badly.

No. 1281348

lmfao expand arm (if you know, you know). seriously though what is that extended arm even doing.. it looks so stupidly positioned and her eyes are clearly looking at the phone screen just to check it looks small enough.

No. 1281350

File: 1626848577463.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 207.57 KB, 629x914, 8238EC96-5458-4075-BD81-922E0F…)

She has never even had physical complications from what she’s shared.

Face scratching, collarbone popping cow from the UK

No. 1281351

she’s been mentioned much before, kek

No. 1281352

File: 1626848962484.png (3.06 MB, 828x1792, 3DC00779-3023-47AB-A299-C12F4C…)

….no words. who thinks uploading this is inspiring or attractive

No. 1281354

File: 1626849101318.jpeg (506.76 KB, 828x1090, 4EB4B0D5-82CC-4381-A6B3-A557D7…)

found on her tellonym, she has definitely claimed to be “all in” on her instagram ( for MONTHS) and has recently made a post about ~wHy iM nO lOnGeR aLL iN~ (as if anyone cares about why you’ve dropped the pretence you 100% only carried for clout and followers)…. and yet somehow claims on tellonym that she hasn’t gained any weight at all since starting “recovery”…. how embarrassing.

No. 1281355

File: 1626849191185.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 15.91 KB, 183x270, 4A93A255-C664-4945-872F-051E01…)

even more embarrassing is choosing THIS sucked in picture for her instagram highlights… (the picture is not even included in the highlights so she’s obviously selected it specially to try to convince people at a glance she’s a spoop, without taking into account the power of zooming in to see she is, in fact, very much NOT)

No. 1281369

It'll be interesting once she starts college. I'm curious to see if she manages to make any friends and move on with her life or if she'll stay doing these challenges and spending all her time with Hammum

No. 1281379

Imagine when her classmates find her instagram

No. 1281386

they will all realise that they, too CAN RECOVER and will eat themselves into obesity

No. 1281390

File: 1626858015554.png (425.23 KB, 1222x508, Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 10.59…)

she won't like it

No. 1281391

File: 1626858182189.png (973.77 KB, 796x1146, Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 11.02…)

she's not even trying to hide her bodychecks

No. 1281394

I assume bread with gluten so carbs she "can't eat".

No. 1281397

Thank god about time

No. 1281398

Stop replying to that bitch come on we've been over this

No. 1281400

can she suck in any harder? I originally licked this one because she called out Anna, my personal most hated cow, but it looks like she is pretty milky herself. To add, her 'all in' lasted a few days. I know we like to knock it, but that is not long enough to decide whether something is working for you or not.

No. 1281405

File: 1626860705738.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, 3C319F1E-45F0-453A-8686-4CF0D4…)

No but really what company choose her to model/promote their clothes…. she does look different and a little nicer here tho

No. 1281425

File: 1626864758055.png (2.6 MB, 828x1792, 07E26B80-7BFC-45ED-90CA-15EA01…)

she obviously lurks. em, if you’re reading this, sort yourself out and stop preaching from your high horse whilst embarrassing yourself by trying to look skinny.
it’s the same story every new “recovery account” mentioned here has these exact same issues, you’d think they’d learn..?

No. 1281427

Work on your reading comprehension, Em. We are not discussing whether you are skinny enough to recover/have an ED, we are talking about your desperate attempts to appear skinnier than you are. This is pro-ana scumbag behaviour. If you can't post photos of yourself without sticking out your arms and sucking in your stomach, maybe don't post those photos?

And what recovery? you take great joy in talking about your relapse whilst preaching recovery to everyone else.

And finally, no one is criticising your father. In fact, his death has only been brought up to DEFEND you and your (understandable but inexcusable) actions.

No. 1281430

>>1281398 obviously both are selfposts. Unsaged. Just ignore

No. 1281431

Looks like she has got a VPN now. RIP to this thread.

No. 1281434

Wow, she's balding. She'd look great in short hair though

No. 1281436

If it weren't for the hair, she'd actually look nice here.

No. 1281437

File: 1626866449405.png (Spoiler Image, 790.67 KB, 562x594, Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 6.19…)

samefag, sorry, but what the hell is up with this toast. It doesn't even look like food anymore, maybe some type of avant-garde art

(spoiler because nourisht0flourish)

No. 1281443

File: 1626867486097.gif (112.99 KB, 200x113, hmm.gif)

This looks to represent the artist embracing and celebrating her womanhood, The curves of the Biscoff, the menstrual flow of the jam. If we look at the chocolate mallow, a clitoris protected by the vulva is obvious.

No. 1281445

she clearly lurks. she follows:

sorcha, venting Sophie, nik, katy, han, hxn, georgia, cecelia, Anna, dora, zara, elzani, paige, kimhoeltje,

some of these could very well be coincidences, but not all of them - Katy and Kim are hardly the sort of account recovery warriors follow.

And no one is spending hours obsessing over you Em - I for one maybe spend 5 minutes on here a day to have a laugh. if you disagree with the stuff we say come over here and we can break down exactly why your behaviour is shitty.

No. 1281448

She forgot to type "recovery will look different every day FOR AN AUDIENCE". That's what recovery accounts are all about, performance. As someone who didn't do the ~online recovery community~ thing, recovery looked the same every day, although if I chose to match a facial expression to ~feels~ every day, it's maybe look like this some days. Not as exaggerated.

These insta cows, and insta recovery people that give EVERY. DAMN. DETAIL. down to having the shits or constipation, they want to be v1ctims. V1ctims of mental illness, v1ctims of people giving them h8. That's why people like her self post. It's fucking sad how that generation (and Cecelia) can't just GET ON WITH IT without fuss. It's so performative, it's embarrassing.

No. 1281477

Disgusting. Thanks anon for your learned art interpretation kek

No. 1281493

Someone has the pic of emsinrecovery ""bloated"""?
(I don't know how to sage. I'm new here so sorry)

No. 1281505

No. 1281511

to sage, type sage into the email field.

she deleted the bloat pics but it was either.
1) very little or no bloating (think the type where people just push their stomach out) or
2) she was overstating the amount of bloat. on her tell people mentioned she said she was 'SO bloated.' she responded with 'but BoDy DySmOrPhIa makes me think I'm bigger than I am!!!.' I'd argue if your body dysmorphia is that bad you shouldn't be posting 'inspirational bodiposi' type content.

No. 1281516

i want to crowdfund a visit to a decent salon for n2f. also a stylist and someone to teach her basic hygiene. she's so damn feral but honestly could look nice if she understood how to present herself, she's pretty and seems to be trying and succeeding at recovery in her own bizarre way

No. 1281520

I saw the picture but didn’t screenshot. It looked like bloating and she also mentioned how painful and solid it was which is what she was referring to when she said “severe bloating” which she mentioned on tellonym. You could see her ribs but her stomach was bloated. It wasn’t that bad, seen worse to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, she is milky and a hypocrite but some hospital chick blew it out of proportion. Maybe she just shouldn’t post at all. Save the drama, Em.

No. 1281522


I want to think she is making progress with recovery but then I look at meals like this:

and question whether anyone can actually eat tunnock's teacakes for breakfast if they are not b/ping. Like, surely that is too sweet for early morning? but maybe her cravings for high sugar stuff haven't subsided yet and they will with time?

No. 1281579

It happens to me so it must happen to N2F or anyone who posts about clothes sometime, you get messages saying "collab with us" and they offer you like 20% off some shite sweatshop garb in exchange for 'modelling' it for them online. I assume that's what this is.

No. 1281584

She's a sugar addict by now and that isn't easy to break

No. 1281591

File: 1626884492809.png (971.95 KB, 828x1792, 53517B45-AC97-4CDA-AF6F-85DBCB…)

lmao one of her followers guessed a bmi of 13… are they fucking blind or just stupid

No. 1281597

Xander sounds like a fakeboi, so stupidity.

No. 1281605

Kek at someone suggesting a bmi of 20. Definitely not what she wants to hear

No. 1281612

more accurate than 13 tho, lmao

No. 1281654

File: 1626890431402.png (651.2 KB, 720x892, Screenshot_20210721-185753~2.p…)

Nik made a hilarious video. Eats an Oreo, becomes Lady Gaga.

No. 1281665

So much attention-seeking gayness again. Ouch.

No. 1281677

she is absolutely putting on weight.

No. 1281680

> i'm sorry it doesnt resonate with you

gaslighting QUEEN

No. 1281722

No one who's recovered would have any interest whatsoever in talking about eating disorders 24/7. Shit is crazy boring to anyone who isn't LARPing or obsessed with their ED. Like how most sober people kinda lose interest in hanging out with crackheads and junkies once they stop using.

No. 1281723

(I'm previous anon) so what happens to recovery accounts when people are in recovery or recovered is that they're deleted.

No. 1281727

Exactly this.

No. 1281730

File: 1626896040391.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, D2838C95-8E6C-4274-8867-FB6B74…)

Busy =/= an excuse to take the tiniest nibble ever pretending it’s recovery

No. 1281735

Being able to voluntarily eat too little is a crazy privileged position. I'm not saying it's a blast to be anorexic but there's a reason the average anorexic demographic is what it is. But it's also not hard to acknowledge that so it's refreshing when people do.
(Reminds me of Molly? posting about every minority having EDs, as a rich white girl with rich white girl followers).

No. 1281742

I love you, so glad I got to see "expand arm" in the wild kek

No. 1281754

busy =/= an excuse to stop preaching recovery to your follows like a Jehovah's Witness with a feeder fetish.

No. 1281756

15-20 years ago almost every cutter did it on the inside of their thighs, hip, back of arm or shit like that somewhere hidden and plausibly deniable. Head banging was definitely a thing but never, ever on the forehead where people could see, and was often used as a substitute self-harm if you're in a unit where you have no access to anything. I'm not advocating people stfu about self-harm and I don't want to be some sort of self-harm elitist but I just don't get it and it drives me up the wall. Do any of these cows hurt themselves anywhere or in any way that isn't immediately obvious? Are there still people who just self-harm like it's 1999?

No. 1281760

You just gave me an answer eating disorder

No. 1281767

I agree, and a lot of models are absolutely weird, she could definitely model for American Apparel or something

No. 1281781

there are probably quite a few, we just dont know because they keep it hidden like 1999

No. 1281798

Or they just go inactive. There's scads of abandoned recovery instas, I really hope those girls are recovered and have moved on! Or some people just pop back on every few months to say they're still doing well. I do wish there was more content about later recovery/life after an ED but most recovered people are all too busy living their lives to be on recovery insta, like we've all said. I mostly see actually good content about later recovery from those who went on to work in ED treatment field as dietitians or therapists.

No. 1281829

Never imagined you could ruin toast but N2F has…

No. 1281840

Korey is a good example of someone who has recovered but is still active in the community (and actually a positive influence now).

No. 1281849

Is she off the drugs now then?

No. 1281876

File: 1626904157540.png (2.85 MB, 828x1792, 10B69521-5CF6-4085-AA34-CB7C56…)

Sorcha bitching about us to her dietitian wtf kek

No. 1281877

File: 1626904208386.jpeg (82.97 KB, 633x807, 62F6D557-313E-4B41-9D1C-04C177…)

She posted this on Instagram before wtf she used to actually be sick why do they have her in hospital now at this weight

No. 1281880


plenty of people still do it in hidden places, you just don't hear about it (outside of treatment or similar settings) because well, these people don't want everyone to know and aren't going to be the same people as those who seek attention posting about their mental illness all over social media.

same with how loads of people (most?) with eds never post about it online and try to otherwise hide behaviors.

the people in these threads aren't representative of the entire mentally ill population, they're the attention seeky standouts

No. 1281898

fuck off sorcha

No. 1281921

well sorcha as much as it pains me to say it- i did just trawl through your stupid instagram, all of it, and no it’s NOT posted there-
no where to be seen.
so congrats on exposing yourself yet again as a self obsessed cow who is so desperate for attention she’s willing to post her own topless body checks (from years ago, i assume). you are truly scum, and i hope all your followers come to discover this self posting lark sooner rather than later. you are 20 fucking years old. when i was 20, the idea of doing something as pathetically childish and attention hungry as that would probably make me feel sick, god help you and your self obsession.

No. 1281927

i was so pissed i forgot to sage, sorry to everyone but fucks sake.

No. 1281936

sorcha you're so embarrassing

No. 1281939

I know she's a massive bitch, but I can't stop laughing at this level of passive aggressiveness.

No. 1281941


i screenshotted the exact same story to post here after seeing her do this every a day 3 days in a row. she is the biggest fucking hypocrite and fake ever!

TINFOIL: its the same bar she nibbles at each day

much recovered, so bravery, very inspiration