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File: 1628939247382.jpg (88.79 KB, 640x516, https___i.pinimg.com_originals…)

No. 1299824

A woman who claims to hold 'traditional values' and claims to believe that women are below men but has benefited from modern day women's liberation and feminism.

Usually educated women from privileged backgrounds who have led very sheltered lives.

Most are pick mes addicted to superficial male attention and will make whatever talking points red pilled incels and neckbeards want to hear.

They often fetishize female bodily functions and traditional gender roles and cringingly over perform femininity.

Many are also racist white nationalists aka "wignats/wigger nationalists".

A few examples are:

Lauren Southern
>Former costhot
>Failed journalist, pissed off both the left and right.
>Got famous for her anti-feminist MRA content
>Was in multiple anti slutwalk videos
>Promoted traditional values and white nationalism
>Dated an ethnic man
>4chan nazis found out and got big mad
>Made multiple shitty documentaries where she misrepresents facts and pushes the far right narrative.
>Recently married, husband is allegedly Asian, she hides his identity
>Whitewashes her poor baby, insists he has green eyes and a ginger gene
>Released a pro-cop documentary

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Lauren_Southern?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurencheriie/?hl=en

Robyn Riley
>Ex yoga teacher and libfem hippie.
>Supports rapist Roosh V
>Used to have pink hair and a nose ring and spent her 20s traveling and dating abusive bums.
>Born again Christian housewife
>Had a baby at 31 married to some Slovakian meat head.
>Writes for Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/rrr0byn?lang=en
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/user/robynhriley


Lisa Britton
>Ana chan pick me who wrote an MRA children's book.
>Did some shitty acting gigs.
>Is engaged to some old fat, frumpy bum with greasy hair.
>Posts about cooking like it makes her special.
>Tweets daily about how oppressed scrotes are.

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/LisaBritton?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisabritton/?hl=en

Honorable tradthot mentions:

Brittany Martinez:
>Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily
>Crossovers with both Lisa Britton and Robyn Riley
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BritMartinez?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

>PhD but preaches traditional values
>Spergs about how amazing eastern European men are
>Eats raw ground meat with shit bacteria mixed in
>Wants to live in a hut in Sibera
Twitter: https://twitter.com/margaritaevna95?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

>Married an ugly abusive cop
>Youtube channel where she teaches her tradthot ways
>Follows rapist Roosh V gospel
>Said women are genetically predisposed to cleaning
>Weird posts about her own pregnancy
>Caught following WN accounts on instagram
>Tries to emulate WN promo material aesthetic

No. 1299825

File: 1628939285193.png (840.56 KB, 732x1804, southern_femboys.png)

Making a new thread so I can post this. lmao

No. 1299829

File: 1628940580981.jpeg (144.78 KB, 745x984, A9417259-F3B4-4CB2-9B71-B177CB…)

Definitely a male larping

No. 1299839

File: 1628942544700.png (450.17 KB, 704x598, rb.PNG)

(Deleted and reposting because I forgot the social media links, sorry.) Thanks for the new thread, anon! This trad lady has been showing up around youtube and podcasts, Rebecca Barrett
>She's gained over 10k subs in the last month or so alone
>Decided to become traditional after doing some marriage group with her husband and allegedly realizing that she was apparently the one creating all the problems in her marriage
>Claims she was a "porn addicted feminist" before marriage
>It seems like she was already doing a variety of other trendy types of videos before but her channel was small, now she almost exclusively posts advice content
>Makes advice/reaction videos from the perspective of a married woman talking to single women where she criticizes women for things like leaving their husbands for cheating on them, and is always making comments that are obviously meant for a male audience
>Gets hilariously visibly mad whenever talking about other women even if the women in question are just some women she made up to be mad at or some low hanging cosmo writer fruit

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY5hQ8qtObkQIF1XTbiRZcg

No. 1299941

File: 1628955182841.png (62.4 KB, 270x246, kek.png)

Lmao. She reminds me a lot of Anisa (picrel). Face full of fillers, short hair.. not very trad. Both her and her husband look like hideous amerimutts. Also porn addiction as a woman? Mega cringe.

No. 1299969

I thought she just gave off Karen Straughan vibes by being a homely pickme, but she does resemble Anisa a little bit lmao

No. 1300925

File: 1629085791275.png (65.78 KB, 590x376, ls.png)

Below this tweet she posts a gore email a MGTOW sent her

No. 1300936

File: 1629087570782.png (Spoiler Image, 156.31 KB, 862x430, E83mRtlWEAQORbu.png)

Picrel for anyone who wants to see the email. Seems like a typical response from a mgtow who felt bold after the latest incel attack.

Lauren made her bed and now has to lie in it though. She gave these scrotes so much space to hurt women but now has to cry that they wont treat her like "one of the good ones" for playing trad by marrying and having a baby.

No. 1300961

How long has she even been married? She has a ‘wedding video’ uploaded 9 months ago.

No. 1300968

File: 1629091838671.png (64.06 KB, 595x780, file.png)

I don't understand how Lauren Chen can complain about this stuff while still associating with Milo Yiannopoulos.

Milo said it was %100 okay for 13 year olds to have sexual relationships with adults. Like, maybe she's accepting of gay Christians, but pedophilia? And his whole excuse was just "I'm European and we have different views about sexuality"

Now Milo is "ex gay" and is claiming that people are only gay from sexual trauma and wants to open conversion "therapy" centers in Florida.. but that's beside the point. I don't think he ever took back what he said about how adults can have sexual relationships with children and even if he did she never stopped associating with him before that.

No. 1300977

>people are only gay from sexual trauma
wasn't there a rumor that he was sexually abused/assaulted by one of his teachers or something?

No. 1300980

>Both her and her husband look like hideous amerimutts.
well they are. how else are mixed race abominations supposed to look?(bait)

No. 1300983

he did a joe rogan podcast where he said he was sexually abused by a priest iirc but maybe there was also a teacher

No. 1300998

File: 1629095737169.jpg (204.26 KB, 1071x686, E8mc46_WQAMe3aC.jpg)

Sage for OT and historical autism, but the stay at home housewife period with the husband being the sole breadwinner was historically never that wide spread and only lasted less then 2 decades before the economy crashed in the 70's, historically it has been the norm for both the husband and wife and even the children to have full or part time jobs just to survive, I don't know why Tardthots and /alt/right tards are obsssed with a historical blimp of a subculture that even most white people didn't experience, hell even in their precious Nazi Germany women were encouraged to work factory Jobs, to help the war effort

No. 1301050

That's mostly because they lived from one war to the next, not because people thought women should be working just like men. They just had to because all the men were fucking dead.

No. 1301060

he actually just gave an interview to her about how he's not gay anymore and following the path of some saint like catholics do

No. 1301067

If this wasn't just a lie for publicity I'd say good for him. I don't think you can truly become un-gay again, but if he deals with the sexual abuse that led him down this path to begin with and stops being a sexual deviant, that's a good step.

No. 1301075

This isn't really shocking new information, pretty much everyone knew he was a self hating gay man, back when he was still relevant he said multiple times that if there was a method that could successfully turn him straight, he'd undergo it
he probably correlates his own sexuality to the sexual abuse he went though and acts like an obnoxious fag cause that's what he things gay people should act time, that said maybe some celibacy and stoicism could actually improve him as a human being

No. 1301294

>acts like an obnoxious fag

He never really did that until he began getting bookings as the fascist gay in the US. Milo is someone very difficult to take at face value.

No. 1301375

File: 1629139871193.jpg (59.51 KB, 640x426, imagine.jpg)

A group of very-online people are ~rotten~? Wowww.

Reminds me of a point another anon made, being that "good men" aren't online. They're usually out doing something productive or raising their families or whatever. Additionally, it doesn't seem very "trad" to be married and trying to court attention from random dudes on the internet.

No. 1301419

Akshuly one of the reasons why 3rd Reich was behind with weapon production was because Hitler was reluctant to put women back into workforce while in Soviet Russia everyone not fighting had to work in weapon factories for the Motherland. I think Germans got the wake up call after the Stalingrad loss, sometime in late 1943.

Women always worked, anon. As maids, servants, shopkeepers, retail workers, tutors, seamstresses, nannies, at inns, in mines, etc, not to mention prostitution. They were just barred from more prestigious professions, even though there were some sporadic exceptions, mostly due to family connections. It was just women from the upper echelons of society who didn't have to work, but the life of aristocracy is, for obvious reasons, most documented, which makes retards think women of all classes lived the same lives.

No. 1301504

Has she gotten flack for marrying a nonwhite?

No. 1301565

I know she did an interview with him recently but she also did one right after his book came out (around 2017 I think) shortly after he made the pedo comments and the shitty apology. Afaik she never even criticized him for it and never stopped stanning him yet keeps complaining about "fake Christians/conservatives" like Brandi Love (who is a porn star of you couldn't tell by the name).

So porn stars cant be conservative, but people who advocate adulr/child relationships are perfectly okay.

No. 1301928

File: 1629216972441.png (370.9 KB, 960x499, annabey.png)

No. 1302437

She's really not a tradthot, just a professional gold digger.

No. 1302483

haha she has the face of a literal cow

No. 1302990

File: 1629317323835.jpeg (143.79 KB, 828x438, B9A1E86D-4AA4-46CC-8BB9-32209D…)

Marga is still a Russian despite getting dumped by her Russian ex

No. 1303030

this. he had his start grifting off of gamergate, and was always known as an opportunistic attentionwhore. on an unrelated note, it's kinda wild seeing where everyone from both the ex and anti side of gg ended up.

No. 1303106

>the literal translation
what the fuck is this bullshit

No. 1303216

>Save yourselves young men
There's something so disgusting about her pretending that men are the ones victimized when they harass women, send them death threats, gore, rape threats, etc.

No. 1303293

File: 1629350322370.jpg (1.69 MB, 3464x3464, StupidUglyDesperatePickme.jpg)

Marge has been desperately pimping herself out to moids on some retarded pickme's insta:

Marge's retarded insta profile:

Her shitty artstagram (if you could even call this art):

No. 1303309

Samefag, marge's "femininity" instastories and post about feminism will have you entertained and horrified. Have fun tearing her apart ladies:



No. 1303315

>Too many serious intellectual conversations


No. 1303316

lmao shut up scrote.

No. 1303411

Former neuroscientist? Was she really?

No. 1303417

File: 1629370526851.jpeg (48.91 KB, 431x450, 07595DBB-D927-43EB-96E2-CF03FD…)

>former neuroscientist

No. 1303420

No one cares that you’re laughing.

No. 1303422

File: 1629371436202.jpeg (200.11 KB, 828x655, 8C083FDD-E013-453A-B5F5-B2C5F1…)

Is she allowed to call men degenerate?

No. 1303425

>it is likely men led the degeneracy

Well that's true and thez still do.

No. 1303426

>men led the degeneracy
Accidental based opinion.

No. 1303433

File: 1629372727332.png (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 828x1792, 7CC7B8F7-41B0-420B-AA3C-C34645…)

There is just way too much to post from her Instagram, but it's obvious that she and others like her are completely undatable for one reason or another, and it's why they prescribe to these ideologies and makes a big fuss over herself/others. Normal people are out there just doing their thing, not overanalysing why women should be making themselves look like barbies because THATS WHAT MEN WANT LOL.

No. 1303435

File: 1629372857798.png (1.13 MB, 828x1792, 0E285FE5-6074-4C3D-B7C9-B33AAC…)

It's like she sort of gets it but then… one step forward, two steps back.

No. 1303440

Marge is obsessed with beauty but has never actually defined what makes something beautiful. It's almost as if
>what I like = beauty
>what you like = ugly

No. 1303445

>What I'm looking for in a mate:
>preferably someone older than me who is established
woah didn't see that one coming!!! who would've thunk
she's a meme at this point

No. 1303471

File: 1629378790846.jpg (80.88 KB, 419x480, 1552863021731.jpg)

>dropping out of your neuroscience PhD so you can fingerpaint and pander to gutter trash moids on the internet
Either she ends up alone and still humiliating herself for male attention like Shuwu, or she manages to snag a dumb, ugly, resentful husband who she financially supports like all other tradthots. What a moron.

No. 1303482

Oh she ABSOLUTLEY will end up alone and bitter that she wasted her time pandering. Pick mes never win, ever. Look at Lauren right now battling the same mgtows she entertained with her youtube channel now sending her gore and death threats for just existing and shes a "feminine woman who got picked" according to megha here. She got married and had a baby but scrotes dgaf. They never wanted uwu feminine women, they just punching bags who wont fight back against abuse

No. 1303484

But she's wrong? The literal translation would be "are you staying the whole evening at mine's", which makes the original translation correct?

No. 1303508

File: 1629383755944.jpg (67.54 KB, 561x900, ohcomfy.jpg)

RW twitter right now is nothing but a nonstop cavalcade of Taliban sympathizing, childbride fantasizing and rape fetishism. It's unbearable. The image here is cut off, but it shows the cavewoman heavily pregnant after being raped by the caveman. Tradthot apparently thinks this is a great thing, since what woman wouldn't want to risk her life bearing and birthing rapespawn?

For anyone who doesn't know, the rarely talked about tradthot in this image(Comfy) is a white nationalist who was married to a black man and has a white-passing mixed son who she neglects, kek

No. 1303532

Guess she must have broke off her engagement. Interesting she can do that without getting a beatdown from the men in her family like she would do in her motherland, but I guess that’s where evils of the progressive mindset will get you.

No. 1303539

She didn't break it off, she got dumped

No. 1303563

Funny how these right wing people now sympathyze with Islamic fundamentalists when a few years ago they were nothing but inferior subhuman savages to them.

No. 1303578

File: 1629390506043.gif (1.49 MB, 480x360, 768977875.gif)

In a few years they went from idealizing the 50s for being safe and stable for families to this

No. 1303579

File: 1629390701342.png (419.5 KB, 602x371, main-qimg-79f3e2dbd451dcf5387f…)

Unironically its cause the Taliban are "white" i.e slightly lighter skinned then typical "brown" people, same with Bashar al-Assad, this goes to Colonialism, even though the Alawites and Druze were illiterate goat herders who lived in the Mountains, the French trusted them more cause they were more European looking
If the Taliban were on average a little more "brown" I doubt right wing twitter would even

No. 1303601

What a load of horse shit. Kabyle people were not and are not "illiterate goat herders".
No, it's simply because white supremacists and muslim fundamentalists have a lot in common, they are two faces of the same coin, unsurprisingly.

No. 1303605

Most of these troglodytes site the mass rapes/sexual assaults in Cologne and the Pakistani rape gangs that targeted young English girls as their reason for getting "redpilled" in the first place. Just a few months ago they were all seething that a 14 year old Austrian girl(Leonie) was raped and murdered by an Afghan refugee, and now they're cheering on those very people while they force girls just as young into sex slavery and murder women for "immodesty". By their newfound logic, little Leonie deserved to be raped and murdered for going outside with her head uncovered and without a male guardian. I hate these fucking people.

No. 1303609

File: 1629393153045.jpg (77.18 KB, 640x425, Cletus.jpg)

same logic as I said before, I browse /k/ every now and then, in their worldview Arabs and Pakistani's are "brown" smelly terrorist's, Afghans are based Aryans
a /pol/tard would look at this inbred simpleton and proclaim that he's part of the master race

No. 1303624

File: 1629394099829.jpg (102.8 KB, 750x783, maaaaarg.jpg)

Now I see why she's not a fan of too many serious intellectual conversations

No. 1303633

checked the account and this is definitely just a male LARPing.. but then again, with these sort of shtick, males and RW women are practically the same thing.

No. 1303635

the friend didn’t even say the baby was being “choked” lmao what a pedantic bitch

No. 1303641

Unfortunately, a real woman definitely runs that account. She was doxed a while back and had revenge porn of herself leaked by her precious RW moids.

No. 1303651

The logic is very simple. They hate women and girls, but think the ones from their countries should only be raped/assaulted by their fellow countrymen (because they get jealous easily).
They don't give a fuck what happens to Afghan girls, or literally any girls and women that aren't "their own". In fact, they'd probably join in on the assault, if they had the chance. The Taliban is actually doing what they wish they could do to all women (including "their own" European women) without repercussions, so why wouldn't they cheer them on?
Scrotes are evil, point blank.

No. 1303659

no fucking way…
its so fucking obvious she wouldnt last long in her neuroscience education given her retarded religious ideology. how the fuck can you be a neuroscientist if you think drinking water dehydrates you? shes a good riddance to the field.

No. 1303662

>a white nationalist who was married to a black man
kek, every fucking time with these people. just like all the male nazis with asian girlfriends.

typical of nazi shitheads to miss the point of the image too. manara is a coomer but he's not saying 'rape is good', the message is 'history is not only filled with good things but also atrocities such as rape' which is why the full sequence shows stuff like medieval torture and nuclear war http://nolandsh-cp5001.wordpresstemporal.com/eggwhiteblog/sex-war-and-beauty-milo-manaras-history-of-mankind-illustrated/
also if we actually went back these whiny wastes of space would just be the weak caveman who gets killed off by the stronger caveman

No. 1303668

any pics of her and her husband
but I don't doubt it, black men really are the Weakest Links in our community, they would go for an old, racist, fat white woman then an age appropriate beautiful black woman

No. 1303682

"You say you like dogs, but then you don't like it when they shit into your front yard and bite your kids?!" Rofl. There is literally zero hypocrisy in saying you appreciate people who live traditional lives in their own country and saying you don't appreciate when these people come into your country and don't try to integrate into the local culture.

No. 1303700

EurasianTiger(himself a massive lolcow) compiled a list of the most popular white nationalist/neo-Nazi figures of 2000's and onward, and well over 75% of them were either married to a nonwhite woman and had mixed kids, were mixed themselves, or remained umarried and childless into middle age.
They're not just appreciating people who live traditional lives, they're happy little girls are being sold into sex slavery and forcibly married off to much older men, and want to do the same thing to white women and girls. Taliban souls in flabby white bodies.

No. 1303702

>muh traditional life
>child rape and murdering women
??? Can you moronic tradthots fuck off somewhere? In the trad lives you idealize, women are cooking and cleaning and are preferably illiterate, not chatting shit on the internet.

No. 1303705

Not all cultures share the same traditions kek

No. 1303713

Ah yes, sorry for not respecting your culture's time-old tradition of shitposting on LC.

No. 1303725

File: 1629399933919.jpg (3.5 MB, 1688x2500, blackkklansman-poster.jpg)

>compiled a list of the most popular white nationalist/neo-Nazi figures of 2000's and onward, and well over 75% of them were either married to a nonwhite woman and had mixed kids, were mixed themselves, or remained umarried and childless into middle age.
By chance does anyone have that list, it seems it would be pretty funny
this reminds in the actual Book blackkklansman, the author mentions that quite a noticeable number of Neo-Nazis had "Hispanic" wives or girlfriends(not black or Asian though)

In fact the leader of the KKK chapter in colorado wife was a Mexican Indian Heritage and had 3 kids with her

No. 1303751

Wow, can you please be less islamophobic? sounding a bit whuite supremacist there

No. 1303755

She was doxed and ran off the internet by the same scrotes she posts rape fantasies for now. Unreal. But if she wants to "live like the old days" with trad males, she can just fly to afganistan to meet a husband since nobody is stopping her

No. 1303766

The site it was originally posted on is privated, but here's the list: https://www.reddit.com/r/hapas/comments/8t0fiz/2018_list_of_white_supremacists_neonazis/

No. 1303772

Not white supremacist, just female supremacist. Extremist Islamic scrotes are just doing what whitebread incel scrotes want to, and that's why they cheer them on.

No. 1303780

File: 1629401787788.png (17.39 KB, 583x117, Pic.PNG)

Absolutely bizzare Muslim tradthot capes for the Taliban: https://twitter.com/janeygak
She's in for a rude awakening in a week or so

No. 1303788


Are you lost, anon? You're not going to bully anyone here into caping for muslims when they're by and large shit towards women and especially lesbian women. Most of us are faggots, so you can fuck off.

No. 1303827

According to Stallworth's book, the only race of women Neo-Nazi dudes associated with were mostly Hispanic and a couple of Native Americans, I don't think he even mentioned Asians, what happened why'd Nazis stop dating Hispanics and started going for East Asians

No. 1303837

Pls leave.

No. 1303838

they still go after latinas, hence the whole tradcath thing.

are you homophobic? sinophobic? xenophobic?

No. 1303875

File: 1629405688602.png (523.02 KB, 812x600, paint.png)

People paid for this?

No. 1303876

Damn I knew you were really white supremacists just talking about your own here. Bunch of literal nazis hating on Muslims because they are brown and rape kids. Imagine not embracing them and their culture, I didn't know this was a place for racists. And no, being a lesbian does not excuse your racism, sweety.

No. 1303889

Scrote-level not humor.

No. 1303892

File: 1629406280987.jpg (129.77 KB, 1001x1251, mixed_catholic_wedding.jpg)

tardcath never made sense to me, cause the weird racial science came from mostly Protestant countries with the exception of Gobineau but that guy hated even 99% of other White people for being too peasanty
but on other hand Catholicism has mostly a racially inclusive history, some of the first mixed marriages in the United Sates were between catholic Caribbean and Irish Americans, as well as the American Catholics who sided with the Mexicans in the Mexican American war
you can't be racist and a Catholic

No. 1303919

Sperg harder.

No. 1304009

File: 1629412493635.png (44.87 KB, 795x292, ttt.png)

Should Muslim Tardthots be allowed here, I'd say there's a lot of bizarre ones on Pakistani twitter, for e.g when that guy, Cameron Herrin killed ran over that woman and her baby the vast majority of people defending him on twitter and on Facebook were Pakistani women and girls, it was something I saw out in real time, it was bizarre but I kinda understood it


even now if you search his hashtag on twitter you will find a lot of Pakistani girls still defending him

No. 1304024

wonder if this dumb bitch has ever heard of the concept of a blood choke and that decreased circulation is a significant factor in many stillbirths. how the fuck did she graduate?

No. 1304027

this is bizarre. why in pakistan specifically?

No. 1304275

File: 1629436371791.png (459.42 KB, 592x668, ls2.png)

Now she's actually going to debate one of them, Aug 20 at 6 PM PST on Twitch

No. 1304298

> There is literally zero hypocrisy in saying you appreciate people who live traditional lives in their own country

Thanks for the good laugh, American retard. You’re an embarrassing degenerate who gleans all their information from similarly retarded internet personalities. You lack any real mental stamina to try and understand anything outside of your comically myopic cultural purview. Try not to discuss anything again to avoid fear of revealing yourself as mentally handicapped.

No. 1304299

The scrote looks like they have alcohol fetal syndrome. Lmao good luck reasoning with the intellectually disabled, pickme. They're extremely limited in their understanding.

No. 1304305

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. There is a very big obsession with pale white men and light-skinned Asian men.

No. 1304320

Not American, lol. Imagine thinking only America gets overrun with immigrants.

No. 1304334

NTA, but that anon is still right. You're a dumbass, just give it up.

No. 1304342


>Not American

You don’t have be an American to exhibit the state of one. You are spiritually an American.

> Imagine thinking only America gets overrun with immigrants.

I did not mention immigrants, nor did I imply this. You have very poor comprehension skills.

No. 1304419

>you are spiritually an American
Rude. I am not a mutt and I don't even like hamburgers that much. You literally thought I was american from only a couple of sentences because you are the one with the narrow worldview. You didn't even try to make any kind of point, you just hurled some insults because you had no real response. Embarassing.

No. 1304607

She needs to hear that she was never one of the good ones

No. 1304815

File: 1629486085657.png (178.61 KB, 640x480, 1204700-chaiwala-1476968415.pn…)

Honestly I'd say pretty much any foreign man, can't speak for Saudi Arabia women but I have talked to ex-Muslim gulf anons, for starters no matter how bad you think the scrotes in your country maybe, I assure you Muslim scrotes are a million times worse, literally the worst and lowest human males on the planets are Muslims, second issue, all the males in our country are frankly all fat and ugly, imagine if 99% of the males you came across daily were all skinny fat or obese and all had bad barely grown facial hair
I'm sure everybody here remembers the "Chai wala" dude, the reason he blew up so much in Pakistan before spreading to Muslim twitter and then rest of the world was cause that the scrotes in our countries are so aboustetly Low value and physically repulsive that even a moderately attractive looking tea vendor seems better

and finally its the general culture we have regarding hit and runs, for us seeing people get away with this type of Shit is so normal that its expected, our previous Prime Minister ran over a six year old and he still won the elections, was barely even a controversy, and its not just politicians, my own cousin gravely injured a police officer when driving still only went to prison for less then 5 weeks cause my Uncle was a major and had some influence to get him out, in the Gulf Arab world which is filled with Thrill driving these sort of accidents happen all the time and the rich Gulfies get away with it, so since these girls are so used to seeing these types of incidents happen without any consequences, they think the same should apply to Cameron

No. 1304817

File: 1629486179963.jpg (44.95 KB, 750x375, 16.jpg)

and this is what most scrotes in my country look like, the ones I have to see everyday

No. 1304824

you're not even attacking muslims anymore, you're shitting on your own race lmfao. jesus christ south asians are the most pathetic people in the world

No. 1304834

They absolutely belong here. They're some of the worst kinds of tradthots.


This isn't a place to prove yourself. Fuck off back to Twitter.

You do realize that you can be critical of your own ethnicity, right nonny? You can see and address problems instead of turning a blind eye to them and insisting that nothing is wrong.

What the fuck is with the sudden influx both here and /ot/ of Muslim apologists.(derailing)

No. 1304836

Their not "ugly" cause their brown, their ugly cause they all have horrible badly grown breads(that they simply just can't grow) are all skinny fat, weak arms and all the while being porn addicts and fanatic Muslims who want global Shariah(derailing)

No. 1304839

i'm not defending scrotes or muslims dumbass, the bitch is mocking the appearance of her own race. there's a term for that and it's called internalized racism. i hope she gets help, or finds herself a white man and stfu

blame it on your diet and the fact that your culture doesn't prioritise sports. there's billions of indians but not too many indian athletes, and those that are remarkable are mixed(derailing)

No. 1304842

Quit derailing and focus on the thread subject.

No. 1304889

File: 1629490546582.jpg (306.99 KB, 592x561, 0i2hTCG.jpg)

Anyway I think Muslim "thots" should be posted here, a lot of these women are "Muslim" for the sake of Identity, its an axis for their oppression but their still not proper Arab worshippers, these "Muslim" women who live in the west corelate "Islam" with in the framework of Western American Identity politics, being "Muslim" is an identity for these people to stand out

Its how you end up with LGBTABC "Muslims', or "Muhammad" was the first male feminist, and even with that stupid western feminist Hijab those weirdos wore, they don't wear it cause its a Sunnah but rather to single their identity of being Muslim
They also use a lot AAVE for no apparent reason, its so fucking stupid seeing upper class women from the gulf countries try to say "Chile" or other shit, also they over emphasize and insert random Islamic phrases in speech just to the point of absurdity

https://twitter.com/__samiahh/status/1361268989893226496(ban evasion)

No. 1304890

samefag they also seem to have the mentality that the Woke twitter crowd has on Christianity, which is Christianity is always sexist and imperialistic and Christians are all white and racist, Arab worshippers dislike Christian but for their asinine Arab pedophile worshiping reasons, not cause its somehow less woke

No. 1304894

>Arab worshippers
shit here we go again
>also they over emphasize and insert random Islamic phrases in speech
every arab does this, go to france and see it for yourself lmfao
>Arab worshippers dislike Christian
muslims tend to dislike christianity bc they think the Bible got changed over time, unlike the Quran, they dgaf about christians unless you're thinking about the middle east where religion and race is intertwined

just checked her profile and she's pakistani… anon… why do you keep doing this shit(ban evasion)

No. 1304987

calm down

No. 1305220

Because occluding the vessels in the neck which feed to the brain is fine. The jugulars and carotids don't traverse the neck. It's only the trachea there. Fetal circulation is a myth. They just diffuse oxygen through their skin.

No. 1305228

File: 1629523649992.jpg (122.57 KB, 750x879, E9L4eQ4UYAUBQmB.jpg)

Nope. That stupid cunt won't stop sperging out about Arabs and Muslims across all boards and it's tiring. Get fucked, faggot.(move on)

No. 1305252

kek i get the feeling that this was added specifically because she can't keep up with these conversations and the scrotes she panders to are into a thot who does, like kaschuta

No. 1305336

>By their newfound logic, little Leonie deserved to be raped and murdered for going outside with her head uncovered and without a male guardian
I don't think they'd disagree lel, they get angry at immigrants raping and murdering their women because it's theft and destruction of their property, not because they care about the women. They agree with the treatment, just not with outsiders carrying it out

No. 1305347

oh god, it's rollo tomassi (real name george w. miller) I've seen his channel before and all of his videos are upwards of 90 minutes, just endless sperging about evil western women and "gynocentric" society

No. 1305571

File: 1629573671012.png (38.7 KB, 595x399, suzanne vekner.PNG)

Have trads ever even opened up a history book before? Sometimes it seems like their entire conception of how people lived in the past comes from 1950's Jello advertisements.

No. 1305633

Saying that men are just brave honorable protectors that will respect women is the biggest lie trads tell themselves

No. 1305640

Also in most settled societies only a relatively small portion of the male population were even warriors, most men and women were peasant farmers

No. 1306085

and farm women worked the fields alongside men as well as caring for chickens and cows and doing all the cooking, cleaning, weaving, mending, etc.
women have always worked as hard as or harder than men in every setting except the upper crust

No. 1306115

Upper crust men barely even worked themselves, while their wives were tasked with managing the entire estate. Obviously their work was nowhere near as back breaking as a peasant's, but they didn't lie around eating bonbons all day.

No. 1306323

File: 1629665841160.png (305.87 KB, 598x656, 5763734734.png)

"Whaaat? Far-right white men actually believe in what they spout???" Yeah, "racist radfems" are just tradthots on copium, you don't actually care about women if you put "your men" (nazis) above women of other races.

No. 1308065

File: 1629882095497.png (149.52 KB, 588x523, IMG_20210825_110126.png)

No. 1308078

The shitposting socially conservative moids on twitter are actually only thirstfollowing the racist feminists because they were pandering to their aesthetic and were not actually becoming sympathetic to radical feminism by flirting with them on twitter? How shocking, nobody ever could have seen this coming!

No. 1308086

File: 1629889555864.jpeg (33.11 KB, 333x499, 3BA25067-1A97-4553-BC6B-62951C…)


Not according to the niece of Phyllis Schlafly.

Must be nice to grow up upper middle class and not have to worry about surviving.

If you work, you neglect the family. If you don’t work, you burden the family. You can’t win.

No. 1308088


begone scrote

No. 1308102

>men are wired to protect and provide
Lol, from what? Other men "wired to protect and provide"?

No. 1308227

this is half-understood evolutionary psychology nonsense
“provide” is especially topkek in light of recent paleoanthropology, which shows that the majority of calories consumed by primitive peoples were from gathering and egg-stealing, both likely women’s work
hunting big critters was never the way primitive folks survived, that was Victorian anthropologists projecting their upper-class experience thousands of years into the past

No. 1308237

It's not funny because they're women, go back. It is funny because they're coping tradthots who thought that these men would accept their feminism and treat them differently than they treat other women because of everyone involved being white and traditional. It's the same leopards ate my face scenario that every tradthot goes through with a different spin.

No. 1308246

Women like phyllis and co. fantasized and romanticized larping as the 1% in eras when only rich women could afford to stay home and didnt do anything but travel and eat expensive food. Poor women still worked as maids, nannys, seamstresses, farmers, on top of not being able to vote or be considered a full person. But they dont want to think about that or the reality that women have always worked. It ruins their delusions

No. 1308274

>Women coddle their enemies, but men protect their people!
>RW moids have spent the past two weeks simping over the Taliban and laughing about refugees raping and assaulting white women
The lack of self awareness these people have always astounds me.
Most of the "family neglect" they gripe about could be solved by the father becoming more involved with his children, but of course we can't have that.

No. 1308311

Phyllis Schlafly, a lady who made boatloads of cash at her full-time job of telling other ladies not to have jobs.
How these people don’t spontaneously combust from cognitive dissonance is a miracle for the ages.

No. 1308595

>men are wired to protect and provide

the fact that most men jerk off to women being choked, degraded and dehumanized tells us otherwise

No. 1309258

>Usually educated women from privileged backgrounds who have led very sheltered lives.

So the same thing as most radfems then?(learn2sage)

No. 1309266

Weak bait

No. 1309272

Eh, I wouldn’t say so. Off the top of my head, Solanas and Dworkin were both sexually abused, involved in prostitution, and homeless.

No. 1309275


>Sometimes it seems like their entire conception of how people lived in the past comes from 1950's Jello advertisements.

That's basically the entire right wing in a nutshell.

No. 1309276


>Most of the "family neglect" they gripe about could be solved by the father becoming more involved with his children, but of course we can't have that.

As someone who's experienced this specifically, I feel this post. I really do. Of course we can't have that, though, 'cause if we did, the entire house of cards collapses.

No. 1309367

She's such a fucking pick-me and always has been. I have zero sympathy. She tried to be a costhot before her fame, sexy bottle blonde alternative media reporter, then alt-light. She actually fell for the whole "I better raise a family soon" because she wanted to be what men wanted her to be.

No. 1309599

He's right, but only because women are taught from birth to idealize, coddle, infantilize, and project undue goodness onto men and male children. If women were objective about men, shit like the "refugee" crisis would never have happened, but also >90% of white guys would die virgins. It's sick. Women get blamed for the weakness that exists so that men can wedge their way into into receiving the providing and caring instincts women are supposed to use just for children.
And FBI crime statistics from over 5 years ago, before troon shit was legally pandered to. Sex crime is 99% men, violent crime is 90% men, burglary and theft are about 75% men, it doesn't even come close to parity until you get to things like shoplifting and embezzlement, and those are still about 60:40.

No. 1310248

File: 1630148351220.jpg (122.87 KB, 1494x1078, 253466346.jpg)

>If women were objective about men, shit like the "refugee" crisis would never have happened
How would women being objective about men end the conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq? You know the countries where most refugees came from during the Migrant Crisis or are you saying they were not legitimate refugees? Most non-refugee migrants came from european countries like Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Ukraine and Russia.

No. 1310573

File: 1630179390734.png (1.08 MB, 592x928, trad_feet.png)

Let me introduce you to a favorite cow of mine who recently turned from a lolicon into a tradthot.

- Pantsu/Amanda was the long-term girlfriend of tranny anime youtuber Digibro, who has a thread here >>>/w/94955
- She broke up with him shortly after he trooned out, but for a while she "supported" his transition, even going as far as claiming she was also trans (ftm)
- She cheated on him with right-wing podcaster and convicted Felon Ethan Ralph, who hosts a neo-nazi podcast called the Killstream, he is an alcoholic and went to prison for punching a female cop
- he already has an ex-wife and a child with a teenage girl
- May has not become engaged to Ethan Ralph and is pregnant with his baby
- she is still a really big anime fan and thinks she can somehow integrate that into her trad-identity
- she used to be a really big fan of illustrated CP (lolicon)
- she now spends her days posting about alt-right politics and pretending to be a barefoot and pregnant tradthot like picrel

Basically her life is a trashfire, but it's very entertaining.

No. 1310577

File: 1630179746410.png (672.31 KB, 1456x922, trad.png)

The mixture of degenerate anime-shit and bible-quotes is just very funny to me. 4got to link twitter it's here:

No. 1310588

I like these threads but something that often happens any thread explicitly involves special racial group is that the idea comes around that other races of men are somehow better, I had lived in Pakistan and in England
both are bad but I know who are so much worse, the men in my country are free to misogynistic as they want and also no put in no effort and still find attractives wives who will bear them children
one of my cousins is a "religious scholar" i.e he goes to the mosque and doesn't have a job and the other is a "business man"(the term used for lay about sons of rich men) both got married to beautiful women who were from rural villages
the system of arranged marriages is the reason
no man in my country will put in any effort, cause he is guaranteed to get a wife, As bad as the quality of men maybe in the west, its hell of a lot better then anything in most Muslim countries or Pakistan or India(derailing)

No. 1310621

>mortifying the normies hehe
Ew the only mortifying thing shes doing is being a fat loli loving weeb who threw her uterus away to a useless violent scrote that doesn't give a fuck about his kids

No. 1310706

she thinks water does WHAT

No. 1310723

Before fully reinventing herself as a tradlarper, Pantsu was trying to have a threesome with Ralph's teenage babymama, also wanted her and the baby to live with them in Ralph's crackshack.

No. 1310881

There shouldn't have been a refugee crisis, because >90% of the refugees from Africa and the middle east have been able-bodied, fighting-age men. Women should have demanded that refugee status only be granted to women, girls, and only scrotes under 13. Men and teenage boys should have been told to go home and fix the mess they made.(derailing)

No. 1311322


No. 1311946

File: 1630351606223.png (20.81 KB, 581x231, youralphaoldbasementmen.PNG)

Are all the tradthots getting cheated on at the same time or something? There are tons of posts like this going around. Also imagine thinking you are the judge of high quality "alpha" men because you went to orgy parties with weird old kinkster men in college

No. 1311961

Yeah, I'm good. You can keep your cheating "alpha males" kek. Imagine thinking women are jealous of your unfaithful spergo bf who unironically calls himself an alpha male. Pretty sad that she has to delude like this instead of just breaking up.

No. 1311994

imagine thinking you’re better than the chick who’s had a few boyfriends and is still single at 28 while your husband brainwashes you into thinking it’s okay he’s fucking your best friend. thank god, can’t relate.

No. 1312042

holy fuck, this is L after L after L.

No. 1312162

lmao what's her deal? That take is more in-line with the weird poly kinksters she used to hang out with than tradlarping.

No. 1312240

>yes my ALPHA MALE cheats, got other women pregnant and is providing for them while I get nothing. He is an ALPHA MALE who follows his MALE NATURE not some weak BETA BUX either accept this fact of life ladies or stay alone
Massive cope


If some redpiller made this exact comment, they'd retweet it and agree because muh biology. But since she spoke up about it, it's her fault for picking a broken man. Either way, let the retards fight themselves lol

No. 1312329

tradthots are all so resentful of the fact there are 'less than perfect' women with healthy and happy relationships

No. 1312364

Convincing women to settle for moids who are "low on the totem pole", and reassuring those moids that they, too, totally have a chance to get a hot Trad gf

No. 1312689

Her fiance is currently in Vegas on his "bachelor week" cheating on her with a fan of his podcast too! While she sits at home reading pregnancy books and walking through the park barefoot eating people's roses. Sometime this week they plan to have a very trad shotgun wedding in one of those chapels where Elvis marries you.

No. 1313044

does anyone remember Brittany Venti? She's a huge right winger tradthot pick me that made a career off posting herself to 4chan and popping the buttons off her shirt. Now she is LARPING as a rad fem and makes videos about sex workers, but you can sense that just like any other tradthot she does not care about women and hates them and loves claiming superiority over them for not being a prostitute

No. 1313048

File: 1630470641094.png (728.04 KB, 2048x1582, Screenshot_20210831-232913.png)

Lmao she literally met her butterball turkey lookin eurotrash husband on twitter

No. 1313062

She also gets her content from and self-promotes on lolcow so

No. 1313074

she maybe a hypocrite but she's right, really manly and stoic men aren't on twitter all day

No. 1313081

for some reason I could have sworn brittany was a camgirl at one point, but I guess I'm thinking of someone else. she creeps me out though tbh, her voice is so cold and lifeless sounding and sounds like an AI voice.

No. 1313117

AFAIK She used to be a streamer and pretended to be dumb and get upset over things so then her acting would be in random compilations of streamers getting trolled or pissed off. Guess she found her niche in commenting on politics and lolcow material now but she still has that sort of fake demeanor and obviously panders to a 4chan audience that thinks she’s “based” for being half black or some shit.

No. 1313140

she hates herself for being half black she wants to be white so badly. She white washes with filters all the time and the 4chan right wingers hated her guts for being half black. She wanted to be the IT /pol/ girl so badly but they kept calling her ugly and a mutt. Her name is plastered all over the internet for participating in a right winger protest when she was 18 and getting arrested

now that she's being herself she doesn't make much money at all anymore. She used to make money because she would literally prostitute herself by her own definition. Some weird dudes that wanted to fuck her would give her a lot of money when she used to show her cleavage on stream. After she's turned more rad fem they all quit her because she talks about how shit men are and most of them are 4chan right winger MGTOW incels and she's not showing her breasts on camera anymore. I think she will have to either get married, go back to selling her sexuality on stream for men to simp for her, or get a real job. Rad fems are not gonna give her thousands of dollars for doing nothing lmao. She also has this weird pick me vendetta against Pokimane and even made fun of her body. It's literally impossible to make a full time living off streaming unless you become some sort of camgirl and play into the fantasy of scrotes and use your boobs and ass and tell them what they want to hear

No. 1313145

She's not even half-black. She's 1/4 black. She used to downplay it (and claimed she was usually mistaken for Mediterranean), but then she later tried to leverage it for a free card to attack black women and claim "it's ok i'm black too".
I don't know if she's changed since those days, but she has/had a huge complex about it because she craves /pol/tard validation so badly. She admitted that she got her big nose from her (white) dad, but she still cried that she was ugly because she's part-black. Just very mentally ill.

No. 1313158

Wasn't she the girl who got called pretty/hot in the shoe thread (?) and when anons said she was ugly the poster would defend her. I refuse to believe that wasnt her posting it

No. 1313181

I mean that's probably true depending how you define it the point is it's a self own bc she worships the trad idea of masculinity but her own husband can't live up to it

No. 1313209

Pretty sure you're thinking of Indigo White

No. 1313241

Brittany Venti and Null from KF would be the perfect couple ngl. They’d be able to look each other in the eyes.

No. 1313289

>After she's turned more rad fem
So she failed to get that sweet sweet male validation + crowned queen of /pol/ and just switched to radfem? I guess getting female attention is easier than male attention because woman are more accepting to other women

No. 1313321

He'd never go for her because she's mixed race, but you're completely right kek. A match made in lolcow heaven.

No. 1313327

File: 1630518563085.jpg (57.97 KB, 640x960, vxwv06nbgty51.jpg)

She still has a long term boyfriend though, whose she's been with for like six years now

No. 1313338

>six years
The psychotic weight-lifter guy that she slept in a bed full of cat shit with? She filmed him having a breakdown after tearing their reportedly already-messy apartment apart.

No. 1313340

>They’d be able to look each other in the eyes.
not while she's pegging him

No. 1313430

Yeah, wasn't she with that guy who only ate eggs and went batshit on those voice recordings in 2018? Is this still the same one?

No. 1313447

mason? that guy in op's pic isn't him, She found a new guy after the mason drama I guess.

No. 1313553

Keep your fetishes to /g/ now back and service your soon to be tranny "wife"

No. 1313556

Right, that was his name, thank you for that. But yeah their breakup was only threeish years ago, so she definitely hasn't been in a relationship with the dude in the picture for six years

No. 1313810

You. I like you.

Can you accept it and also cheat on him, to basically have an open relationship ? Of course not, because it only goes oneway for them.

No. 1313860

Of course, if it didn't go only one way they would be screeching all day even though they were justifying the same bad behavior from the "alpha men"

No. 1313923

How do tradthots resist the strong urge to laugh their asses off everytime their obv beta boyfriends bring up that he’s so alpha?

No. 1313927

Maybe they just focus on their own dreadful life

No. 1314095

File: 1630605926683.png (30.23 KB, 589x374, lel.png)

No. 1314110


No. 1314121

File: 1630607795932.png (237.02 KB, 798x1020, oioij.png)

The replies are abysmal.
>It’s not that, it’s that things actually mean something to us. Women aren’t the same in that regard.

No. 1314125

File: 1630607907953.png (212.27 KB, 786x1054, 989.png)

>women, be thankful we're not all killing you right now
>why can't i get a girlfriend?!

No. 1314139

>its our good nature and kind hearts we don't act out so foolishly
The y chromosome is retarded. They do. All the fucking time everyday
Hope more tradthots get bombed with this shit and realize these men want women to fear them then act like a victim of evil feminism when women stay away from them out of fear

No. 1314196

Oh course this is the type of reply guy she has

No. 1314322

This is why everybody should repeat the mantra of donating only to women-only shelters, or just your local library or school music/arts programs, or whatever. We really don't need any more Anitas and Zoe Quinns out there, using "feminism" to finance parasitic moid-like lifestyles.
Women mean so much to men, they will jerk off to your memory for decades, but treat you like shit during the actual relationship.

And lol at some tradthot getting blindsided by the pump&dump, the most predictable male behavior of all time.

No. 1316182

I want to poison him to death

No. 1317464

judithbeheadingholofernes dot jpeg

No. 1317468

This guy's an actual mongoloid. Hey guys, remember to stay humble because 98% of women can and will lop off the tip of your penis like the cap of a button mushroom. Stay humble!

No. 1317525

I don’t think that guy has ever heard of pepper spray, kicking them in the nuts and if push comes to shove using a gun on these psychopaths for self-defense.

No. 1317552

File: 1630984380253.png (241.34 KB, 765x289, kevin samuels.png)

>Are all the tradthots getting cheated on at the same time or something? There are tons of posts like this going around

that's because there has been this rhetoric going around in the manosphere lately about how High Value Men™ should be allowed to cheat/do cheat because they "earned" their high value status and "shouldn't have to settle" for one woman. of course the men regurgitating this stuff are usually very undesirable and can't even get one woman who wants to commit to them. just look up kevin samuels, fresh & fit etc. so of course tradthots are parroting it.

No. 1317641

We withhold sex and affection because we don’t fucking like you and you can’t shag for toffee!! It’s really that simple. Stay humble gentlemen it’s sexy.

No. 1317729

Thanks for filling me in anon, I noticed Fresh and Fit all over recent tradthot Rebecca Barrett's youtube page but had no idea what it was and thought the men in it seemed really gross from what little I saw

No. 1317850

Women in high professions and stay at home moms cheat too because they have the opportunity. If they do your partner was scum no matter how much money they make

No. 1317938

Is kevin Samuels really taken seriously with tradthots though? Since so many of then are pro save the white race with white babies, I didn't think alot of them would be interested in what a black man says

No. 1318020

File: 1631038613590.jpg (511.83 KB, 1536x2048, Ec_iqaMXYAIra0q.jpg)

why is it always the women with strong, mature features who want to convince the world that they're petite neotenous waifus lol

No. 1318030

lmao I saw this pic at the frontpage and i thought it was a trannie

No. 1318317

ntm kevin samuels is a fag in the closet

No. 1318732

He is popular with nonwhite tradthots/pickmes like Rebecca Barrett.

I watched a handful of episodes of Fluke & Fraud's "podcast" and all their episodes are exactly the same to the point of being interchangeable. They recite the same false statistics in every episode like saying 80% of women are sexually active with 20% of men (they never say where they got this statistic, I looked for over an hour and couldn't find it, found 3 that contradict it) along with other unsubstantiated claims and shitty arguments/analogies and go on about how men are "ruled by facts and logic" and women are ruled by emotions, an ironic statement for someone who never substantiates his claims. They also said women are forced into STEM, another lie. Then they act very antagonizing towards their female guests, when the female guests start trying to argue with them they kick them out of the podcast and say they were being "disrespectful" and they "belong to the streets" (euphemism for calling her a whore). Also throughout the whole podcast male viewers will pay for superchats just to insult the female guests. The main host of the podcast Myron Gaines (real name Amrou Fidl) was recently exposed for trying to extort sex from a woman he wanted to collab with, when it didn't work he sent his audience to go harass her and now she's suing. Now even other manosphere channels are starting to disown them, it's hilarious. Sorry for derailing, I'll take my ban now lol.

Hear hear.

No. 1318736

Yeah, the one bit I saw was of how antagonizing he was being to the women for basically no reason. Can't believe people take these guys seriously

No. 1319102

Sorry I deleted and reposted my post because of grammatical errors. But yeah he is insanely antagonizing, all of his arguments are rhetoric that he's heard from Kevin Samuels or somewhere else. Which is why he immediately kicks women out who actually make valid points against what he's saying because he's not clever enough to actually argue with them on his toes.

No. 1319188

to them, he's one of their "based" token black people, like ZubyMusic and Candace Owens.

No. 1320931

is she even fully white or is she mixed

No. 1321430

File: 1631393113170.png (642.21 KB, 720x1402, Screenshot_20210911-234315~2.p…)

Lauren has really overdone it with the fillers. She looks terrible.

No. 1321453

File: 1631394726270.jpeg (47.82 KB, 466x466, 1666174B-CCFC-40CA-80D1-C74ED3…)

character development

No. 1321472

So she's going to join the merry band of ""radfem"" ex-tradthots?
Well, it's not like she had anywhere else to go anyway…

No. 1321490

Her Twitter is sprinkled with occasional moments of being pink pilled, even criticising pickmes. It's almost like her own pickmeism has come full circle, she has to be LoGiCaL to impress the moids but any application of logic will make you more pink pilled.

No. 1321503

Honestly, good for her. I think we should encourage pickme women to join us and allow personal growth. Those of you who have never been cringe throw the first stone.

No. 1321530

Everyone has been a little cringe, but not to Lauren's degree. More people seem to be adopting your take on this lately though, anon, so maybe you're right. I guess Lauren, Brittany Venti, Anna Slatz, Bimbo with the christian dating app husband, and all the various blonde woman avi accounts could end up being genuinely content adopting radical feminist principles and it won't just be another short lived political trend. I give up on making fun of it anymore, although I will still give a side eye to the former(?) pick mes who show up on this scene just to bash pick me women and never say shit about scrotes. When they do that it just looks like they are back to their old tricks of shitting on other women for engagement.

No. 1321538

bit more than cringe she is a white supremacist

No. 1321545

Lauren's real politics, if she has any, are probably far less extreme than her larping was when she was trying to earn money to travel the world and get a shitload of fillers

No. 1321547

Agreed. I mean obviously she is racist, most people are even when they don't formulate their career and politics around it, but I have no doubt she acted more extreme than she really was for right wing male approval. She didn't marry a white guy after all, and that's her audience's biggest trigger.

No. 1321585

Your optimism is admirable but the only way those women could recover from pickmeism is DFE, reducing their time online, being a goddamn normie for a while and, if they feel like playing this performative game again, starting from scratch as a pinkpilled/radfem/GC/[whatever].

Tradthot's whole shtick wasn't simply cringe, it's about appeasing moids and promoting ideas that would fuck women over even more. It's only logical being suspicious of their supposed "change of heart".

No. 1321594

I hope the radfems eat her alive.

No. 1321595

>adopting radical feminist principles and it won't just be another short lived political trend
You have got to be joking. These bitches will just dilute and kill radical feminism. I'm not even a radfem but I know that radfems had been fighting for decades to not be seen as alt-right conservatives but now all these tradthots think they can be "radical feminists".

No. 1321623

This. Also are the literal "FemiNazis" even identifying as radical feminists or are they just finally acknowledging common sense observations about scrotes?

No. 1321625

Liberal feminism is completely fucked and socialist feminism is crazy now. Wouldn't be surprised at all if they ended up destroying radical feminism as well. Soon there will be no feminist movement left that actually speaks up against the patriarchy. Lauren Southern is one of those woman who will do anything for male attention. She was a tradthot because it gave her attention from white scrotes but she happily fucked non-white men if they smiled at her, and she ended up marrying a half Asian man and giving birth to a quarter Asian son (I feel bad for the baby, racist white moms really fuck up your head).

I guess now that she's married with a child, she doesn't have to do outrageous shit for male attention so she thinks LARPing as a radfem is fun because they are openly misandrist.

No. 1321677

No and no. They're using the title ironically (for now), they're just not taking shit from degenerate right-wing moids anymore and they mock tradthots & progressives, so they may sound "terf-y" sometimes. Overall, they're still racist weirdos longing for that magical retvrn to tradition.
It's only a matter of time until they really start identifying themselves as radical feminists for real, then presenting a diluted version with right-wing crap attached to it as an edgy novelty.
And a bunch of retards here and elsewhere will assume it's totally genuine radical feminism and based xd. Meh.

No. 1321705

>lauren southern's husband is part asian
>husband lives in australia
>husband is catholic
>husband is conservative
>husband is described as "tough"

Lol let me guess…her husband is descended from the Catholic Vietnamese refugee community in Australia. They had to escape Vietnam during the communist revolution because they had collaborated with the French and were considered "race traitors".

No. 1321710

I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. Even in the US, Vietnamese Americans are by far the most conservative group of Asian Americans which is why there were so many “Vietnamese for Trump”.

No. 1321711

File: 1631423306959.png (39.28 KB, 594x437, 9798.PNG)

There's no "character development". Lauren is a retard that will co-opt any movement that gives her attention.

No. 1321719

Either that or he's some self-hating half Filipino because Southern joked about her husband being Rodrigo Duterte. Loads of white Australian moids purchase Southeast Asian brides from the Philippines and Thailand. Its sickening.

No. 1321884

ATA and I mean I felt the same way as you anon, but they seem to be palatable to majority for this "new leaf," so what is there to do about it? Want to try and cope by pretending they'll do better, but obviously your guess is probably right. I just hope women don't give her their money.

No. 1322338

They are not radfems. They should come up with a name for their own ideology instead of co-opting radical feminism and giving it a bad name.

No. 1322369

Seriously though, what was with Lauren Southern screaming about “white genocide” all the time but falling for non-white men? She used to complain about wealthy Asian people but now she is married to a wealthy Asian man and gave birth to a quarter Asian child.
When asked about how she felt about having an Asian husband she just said: “Race isn’t everything. What matters is happiness, not race.”
Even though her whole “career” was built on spewing racist rhetoric.

No. 1322390

The white men Southern dated were psychotic trads so ironically her happiest relationships were with non-white men because they were far less crazy. She’s also a huge hypocrite.

No. 1322420

Mrs. Midwest is pregnant again and it's another boy.

No. 1322437

So many of them are blonde haired blue eyed white women with the same style of makeup. It's hard to tell them apart lol.

No. 1322590

File: 1631492602288.jpeg (82.88 KB, 640x590, 51570B52-2E78-47D7-BF51-6761CD…)

yeah what a radfem. hysterical.

No. 1322614

She just sounds like a libfem. If she was a trad, she would think all porn is bad because it encourages promiscuity among women instead of having them remain "pure" for their husband.

No. 1322616

She just LARPs being trad. She got knocked up out of wedlock which is why she got married so fast. The fact that she even dates non-white men in the first place goes against her white nationalist beliefs.

No. 1322654

> it's another boy
Fingers crossed she miscarries(a-logging)

No. 1322657


Chill out a-log chan

No. 1322676

ngl it'd be funny if her husband just drops her after the miscarriage

No. 1322723

is it a girl or an abortion is the question

No. 1322779

>moid minion
Abort it

No. 1322896

Fully agree that they should give it a different name, it would solve this whole trend clusterfuck for both the ex-tradthots and actual, real radfems and would have been the best option from the start. But they won't, so now women who don't want to deal with tradshit will have to endure them all the time.

I can't imagine anyone wants to hear a take this garbage from her. Is she trying to endear herself to libfem twitterfags as well? Because that's definitely never going to happen

No. 1322930

Thank god you "chose" to be childfree so you don't pass on your psychopathy. Wishing for someone to have an abortion and wanting to kill babies really makes you a piece of bitter old garbage.

No. 1322932

ok mrs midwest

No. 1322934

Radical feminism has always had a bad name because people hate feminism in general and radical feminism is the most female-focused one out there. I'm not a radfem but I would hate for the movement to get diluted by tradthots and other conservatives because radfems are the only women who actually engage in useful feminist activism. Though I think I'm already seeing the diluting shit happen.

No. 1322937

Yes remember that one of Lauren's exes refused to eat "non-European foods" like ketchup because ketchup originated in China so it was "ethnic food". Though he shouldn't touch tomatoes at all because they originated from Mexico.

No. 1322939

Being in favour of aborting male fetuses doesn't mean I'm childfree. Sorry about the XY disorder

No. 1322942

If you become a white nationalist tradthot you’re only going to attract really misogynistic and trashy white men. I couldn’t believe Lauren Southern when she was complaining about the alt-right being misogynistic. What the hell was she even expecting.

No. 1322943

There’s nothing wrong with having children as long as they aren’t sons.

No. 1322945

>What the hell was she even expecting.
Being put on a pedestal for repeating what they wanted to hear.

No. 1322959

>Though I think I'm already seeing the diluting shit happen
Same, anon. But so many of these grifters convinced other women that they are based and actual radfems, it's starting to feel like there's no hope of avoiding it. Can't even find some copium by pretending they will become real feminists, it's just going to make things worse for women who actually are

No. 1322960

File: 1631543258982.jpeg (23.45 KB, 480x640, D96907A8-3302-427D-8A02-7B5E78…)

do you know where you are you little weak bitch? it’s lolcow.farm, not loveandpeace.farm. why don’t you go pearlclutch someone else? are the meanies on HurtYourFeelings site hurting your feelings? and here i was thing that this was a tame space. who the fuck cares, prepare to see worse! faggot spirit

No. 1322981

File: 1631544633060.jpg (105.57 KB, 1080x929, IMG_20210913_165032_552.jpg)

No. 1322989

Another defective retarded scrote the future generation of women will have to deal with. I Hope it miscarries, fucking a-boy-tion. Stupid ugly tradthot and her disgusting scrote spawn army she'll coddle and make excuses for. She'll never make her scrote spawn take accountability or responsibility for their shit and neither will this retarded scrote society hold them accountable for their bad behaviour and misogyny. If it was me and I found out it was a scrote, i'd schedule an appointment for an aboytion asap. The defective, biologically weaker sex that fucks up everything. Hope her fillers and botox affect her scrote spawn's development and it's born super fucking retarded lmao hoping for down syndrome. At least that would render the scrote mostly harmless.
Males really do look retarded kek look at those retarded looking scrote spawns lmao how any woman wants a scrote spawn i'll never understand. Literal spawn of Satan.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1322990

Want the skeleton chair, they don't deserve it

No. 1322998

jesus christ, what's with all the poltards coming here larping and baiting lately?

No. 1323002

File: 1631546888750.png (89.71 KB, 500x501, 1629177153108.png)

No. 1323003

Lauren Southern and other tradthots who loved the attention from owning the libs publicly and were proud of their association with the far-right can't make the transition into radical feminists. Too much infamy. On the other hand, Anna Slatz (not really a tradthot, but was getting there) and other women from edgy rightoid twitter are already tricking people into assuming they're terfy.
Honestly, radfems just need to wise up and speak out. Letting grifters & hedonists walk all over feminism is what got us into this mess.

No. 1323013

No i'm not some poltard scrote larping or baiting, XY is just a cancer and scrotes need to die there's too many of them.

No. 1323021

Fucking based. Someone read the SCUM Manifesto

No. 1323026

'aboytion' had me rolling

No. 1323045

Scrote spawns aren't even cute they look like demonic cabbage patch dolls stitched up by Dr. Frankenstein. Ugly little bastards. What woman would want such male monstrosities growing inside her womb. Should be slung out and flushed down the toilet.
No thanks, i'll make sure I only have girls.

No. 1323104

How is this ban worthy? Nothing but truth

No. 1323140

You know damn well shes gonna be raising that boy to have a major superiority complex and entitlement because penis. Tradthots always seem to seethe when their trad larp fantasy baby turns out to be a girl, cause then they have to face their internalized misogyny and inferiority complex towards women. The other anons wanting her to miscarry is just too far, im personally just hoping he turns out gay

No. 1323150

All anyone can really hope for the kids of these people is that they end up learning from their parents' mistakes and don't make a spectacle of themselves on the internet once they grow up so they can have decent lives

No. 1323298

Even most normie women have a son preference and treat their daughters like garbage compared to their sons. It would be even worse with tradthots. I actually don’t care about tradthots having sons if it spares a potential daughter being abused by their self-loathing mothers. Imagine a daughter wanting to have a career but her tradthot mother demands she get married early and be a housewife instead.

No. 1323501

Don't hold your breath. I'm still hoping she divorces her ugly thumb husband and goes with a woman. She expressed "same sex attraction" on her now deleted reddit years ago and asked for prayers so she could pray her gay away. She also had exclusively female friends she was always around before this dude.

No. 1323672

Is she a repressed bisexual? I guess since she's trad, she thinks the homosexual thoughts she has must be Satan trying to lead her astray.

No. 1324001

Lauren Southern is a confirmed jew and she has nothing to do with "white supremacist" you illiterate leftoid subhuman. She always distanced herself away from the real "nazis"

No. 1324015

how has she somehow ended up looking like laura loomer? conservative posting their Ls lol

No. 1324078

>Lauren Southern is a confirmed jew
wait wat? proof?

No. 1324082

She looks like someone combined Laura Loomer and Faith Goldy in one of those photo apps

No. 1324215

Learn to sage, scrote.

No. 1324248

>is she a repressed bisexual?

She'll never admit it, especially now, but she very much is.

No. 1324251

nta- she said something like "jews aren't getting reparations from the holocaust, my family had to leave denmark in ww2" or something in some discussion about whether native canadians deserve reparations from white people which sounded like she was implying she was jewish. then later she said she wasn't jewish and the trucking company had to leave for other reasons. the trucking company was called leo simonsen so now everyone is saying her real last name is simonsen but it could have been her maternal side. Idk if she actually is or not.

No. 1324555

know her personally, i believe her actual last name is southern, i’ve known her since before she was really doing internet stuff, just kinda an average girl with a normal boyfriend and friends. weird to see her here now. could be wrong about the last name but it seems as though it is.

No. 1324647

I am guessing it was her grandma's maiden name as she said her grandma was Danish.

I agree with her here though, but I'm not a radfem either. I think all porn is bad and I think onlyfans is bad, but I do think it's hilarious to watch pimps - oops I mean porn producers - (who are mostly men) losing their shit because the money is actually going to the women now instead of them. Just because you acknowledge something is the lesser of two evils doesn't mean you actually support it.

She does think all porn is bad though, that wasn't her point. I'm not wk'ing for her, I think she's terrible for the most part but broken clocks and such.

No. 1324708

lol she literally believed/believes in white supremacist views you retard. if it acts like a white supremacist and sounds like a white supremacist who fucking cares if she’s ‘a confirmed jew’(sage)

No. 1324737

Simonsen isn’t even a Jewish name, just a regular Danish name
Christians have names from the Old Testament, too

No. 1324771

I spent way too much time wondering what a femish was

No. 1324859

Where is this from??

No. 1324885

No. 1324904

Thank you:)(learn2sage)

No. 1324917

soo… she's not actually jewish then. Lol.

No. 1325051

so you’ll get yourself impregnated by a male but you won’t give birth to one? are you going to raise the child alone or in some women’s only commune?

No. 1325072

You're likely talking to a wannabe-edgy teenage-girl. She will probably change her mind once she is in her mid 20s and grown out of her "boys have cooties" phase.

No. 1325148

NTA but I’m adopting girls only.

No. 1325237

File: 1631753804735.jpeg (29.85 KB, 366x369, 982E0BAA-546E-48DA-9DC9-F6A2D0…)

I think it’s OK to have a boy if the dad is truly hot and you both are above average height. It’s inhumane when pickmes make these abominations with men like Thumbsbear. You ever see a hideous, short, premature balding dude and you can tell that his every cell is crying in pain at being forced to exist like this? But mommy just unleashes incel jr out with the rest of us and now it’s our problem she chose to replicate a 2/10 smdh

No. 1325245

nta but you don't need the actual male to get pregnant.

No. 1325275

How are you retards in 2021 and still think the only way to become even a biological mother is to actually fuck a dude.

No. 1325281

The american education system at work

No. 1325282

NTA but women can go to sperm banks if they want bio babies. I love the idea of adoption and am in the process of adopting a beautiful baby girl and raising her without any male partner in my life.
>women’s only commune
Those are based. Women don’t need men to raise kids.

No. 1325476

Extremely based. Will she have aunts, great aunts and grandmothers in her life too anonita

No. 1325492

My daughter will have an aunt and grandmother. I am also in touch with some adoptive parents groups and single mothers by choice groups so I hope she will grow up surrounded by many positive female role models. She’s not legally my daughter yet but I’ve bonded with her for many months and I love her so much. She will be my child by the end of this year.
My father died when I was young so she will have no grandfather. My mother raised my sister and I as a single mother so I don’t have any stigma against single parenthood and I don’t think fathers are necessary to raise a child. When I was a teenager I used to think that my friends mothers basically behaved like single mothers even when their husbands were still alive. Those men did hardly anything to fulfil their roles as fathers and husbands. It’s better to be single with no kids or be a SMC (single mother by choice) than to have kids in a miserable relationship because you will just be traumatizing your own children. Sage for massive OT.

No. 1325496

Remember when this thread was for laughing at retarded pickmes who fantasize about getting a husband who'll beat them into a bloody pulp for not cooking dinner?

Good times.

No. 1325498

I think to most people on here tradthot has become a word that doesn't mean "thot that larps as traditional woman" anymore but now just means "any married woman with children or woman who wants to be married with children".

No. 1325499

Your daughter will have never before seen daddy issues and you are delusional. She will probably end up being posted in this thread because she will try to recreate the family she never got to have.

No. 1325501

>daddy issues
Girls get that because their dads are shit

No. 1325509

Which of the thread subjects match the description you just gave and don't shill their politics or platforms in any way?

No. 1325514

They get that because they lack a father figure in their life who gives them love, support and validation. If they don't get it from their fathers they will spend the rest of their life seeking it out from other men. It doesn't matter if the lack of father is due to the father being shit and absent or due to the mothers choice to be a single mom. You are deluding yourself if you think you can replace a father in your child's life.

No. 1325549

damned if you damned if you dont honestly. Too many men today admit to having fantasies and being attracted to their own daughters anon. Especially with incest porn being one of the top genres they prefer

No. 1325551

Whatever you have to tell yourself to cope. Giving your child irreparable trauma cause of your own broken relationship with men will probably result in your daughter being one of those "stepdaughter" porn actresses.

No. 1325563

Seethe that some random anon isn’t having a kid with some shit moid dragging her down, moid.

No. 1325602

The moids are panicking because they know their little dicks are all they have to offer, and if we ever realize we don’t need them they’ll be well and truly useless. Imagine getting angry at someone for adopting a child and giving her a loving home. Moids are incurably sick in the brain.

No. 1325609

Moids only exist to hand out sperm. They are extremely upset when people adopt because removing breeding from the equation is removing the only justification for their existence

No. 1325624

>Anna Slatz and other women from edgy rightoid twitter
isn't she a communist

No. 1325626

File: 1631804705920.jpg (10.88 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

Didn't take long for femdom fetish larpers to ruin this thread.

No. 1325628

File: 1631804862246.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.15 MB, 320x214, 8F3FDD5F-B185-4C1B-8EDB-25F840…)

No. 1325809

She was originally a right wing journo, maybe that's what they mean

No. 1325948

she's also a known self-poster and her name has been popping up in a lot of random threads lately, so I would be sceptical of anyone bringing her up unprompted anyway lol

No. 1325950

Ayrt. She worked for Rebel Media, Post Millennial and published a puff piece for a nazi scrote; became unemployable, now she's currently donning a marxist and radfem persona (which she relentlessly advertised on /r9k/ of all places).

No. 1326004

lmao imagine getting mad at single women who choose to adopt kids who were abandoned by their own birth parents.
you sound like a conservative christian who thinks all kids need to be raised by a mother and father in a nuclear family. its statistically proven that lesbians make better parents because they have to consciously choose to have children and those kids are spared from growing up around abusive fathers.

No. 1326022

Children of lesbians couples do just fine, often better than the children of straight couples. Fathers aren't necessary, cope and seethe about it.

No. 1326061

She writes for 4w.pub now. 4w.pub claims to be a "radfem" platform but it was founded by MK Fain who caused controversy when she was Nigel-ing her homophobic boyfriend and whining about how hard it was to bi in a "straight-passing relationship". It's just a straight relationship, honey.

No. 1326063

OT but I kek at Fain because she calls herself an “engineer” when she does software development. “Software engineering” isn’t real engineering no matter how much these pseuds want to pretend it is.

No. 1326118

I don't consider 4w a bad platform and I hadn't looked into its owners before, but considering this:
>founded by a neurotic bi who wks her bf
>employed a shady pickme, no questions asked
lol it kinda explains everything. Birds of a feather…

No. 1326137

Vaishnavi Sundar is the only decent author on 4w. I don't know or don't care about the rest.

No. 1326432

Lol I know a lesbian couple with adopted kids and they are all utterly insane, spoiled and maladjusted. Kids need a mother and a father, men and women balance each other out and fulfill different roles in the child's development. Without one or the other your kids WILL feel like they missed out and they will hate you for it.

No. 1326463

Adopted kids often have their own problems anon. Being adopted in itself is something a lot of adoptees feel bad about and it can cause a lot of trauma. Not to mention feelings of abandonment, possibly missing your birth family, if they were neglected or abused by their families or in foster care ect.

I wouldn't blame the parents for being lesbian. Lesbians have their own kids all the time and they turn out normal.

No. 1326466

why does the tradthot thread have a retard getting mad at an unmarried anon choosing to adopt her daughter and sperging about how kids need to be raised in hetero nuclear families with father figures, jfc

No. 1326675

So you anecdotally know one lesbian couple with shitty kids which = all kids raised by women will be shitty? Sounds like a weird cope you formed using these people you (maybe) know to confirm your preexisting biases

No. 1326745

where are the nigels when you need them? this sperg’s nigel isn’t keeping her busy enough

No. 1327222

I guess some of the posters are tradthots themselves who come here to laugh at other tradthots.

No. 1327243

>Simonsen isn’t even a Jewish name, just a regular Danish name

that's what I thought, but of course alt right incel brainlets can't be bothered to do an ounce of research. also I could be wrong but I don't think there were many jews in denmark around that time either.

No. 1327604

File: 1631988944945.png (59.63 KB, 637x428, 9FD5292A-8C38-493C-A248-81F836…)

She said it herself though.

No. 1327605

File: 1631988967524.jpeg (16.08 KB, 299x168, 64D9C863-E1EC-4481-8CE3-4D90A5…)

No. 1327615

If you are ethnically jewish you are still jewish.. lol. You can be an ethnic Jew without being a religious Jew, but you're still a Jew. Pretty funny, I didn't know this about Lauren.

No. 1327757

File: 1632005177978.jpg (104.87 KB, 1137x640, lauren.jpg)

Lauren Chen with her bloated ass moonface full of fillers shilling anti-wrinkle products to women (even though I'm pretty sure most of her audience is male). Can't have women aging naturally! She also has a video shitting on women who "ruined" their beauty by going alternative or something.

For as much as she seems to hate modern pop culture she sure loves their beauty standards.

No. 1327780

She’s pregnant I think

No. 1327800

get the fuck out of here already retarded male literally nobody gives a shit about this irrelevant 56% race larp bullshit. scrotes and their hyperfixated autist brains make themselves so obvious jfc

No. 1328093

Fake tweet

Her grandparents and the jewish people are two separate groups, that’s why there’s a comma separating the clauses.

No. 1328102

She said recently that she isn't and seemed really pissy that people kept asking her if she was pregnant "yet"

No. 1328211

File: 1632063215685.png (1.16 MB, 828x1792, EFACF5E5-A820-442F-9927-ABE7F0…)

She is pregnant, what are you talking about?

No. 1328213


Defoe having a baby to a white man
She's one of THOSE asians

No. 1328215


She hates the skanks like Cardi B, Meg, Normani ect

Can't blame her, they're trash. Todays music is dead. Ngl.(sage)

No. 1328258

What is it with tradthots and fillers? She and Lauren used to be gorgeous, and now they just look busted and bloated. Wrinkles only really start to set in during your early 40's if you take care of yourself, so it's not even like either of them needed to get them to stay young looking. Such a shame.
Her husband is Amerindian, I think. He's also a spiteful piece of shit who clearly hates her for being more successful than he is, and Lauren's pregnancy will most likely only make this resentment worse.

No. 1328268

She's mad that she's unsuccessful, gaining weight and begging racist white men for money to help her dad (to which they respond "Make an OnlyFans") while they're successful making pop music lol. Tradthot struggles.

No. 1328479

Oh damn. Well she said in one of her skin ads in like August she wasn't yet and that the product was the reason for her glow, so clearly she found out differently since

No. 1328550

This is brand new though, I don't think it would make her start gaining weight in the face yet, but I'm not an expert on that so Idk.

Her husband is half white and half something middle eastern.

It really annoys me how much she begs for money. She is outspoken against socialized healthcare, which like, okay. But the fact that her family couldn't afford American healthcare without a gofundme should tell her something. And not everyone has thousands of simps online to pay their family's medical bills. She also shamelessly begs for money to fund her travels and shit.

No. 1329932

Her husband has a white ass name but he looks Middle Eastern to me. I wouldn't be surprised if he was mixed Middle Eastern since Lauren Chen had a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

No. 1330997

his dad is white and his mom is middle eastern, I'm almost 100% sure he said what race/ethnicity his mom was in one of their videos together but I can't remember which one and I don't feel like digging

No. 1336898

Anyone posted this yet?
that's very strange she got pregnant this soon after giving birth, especially since she hinted about fertility issues. I feel like she got IVF but that would ruin her uwu fertile wife with money saving skills image

No. 1336912

Yeah, posted over two weeks ago.
They have the money for IVF, wouldn't be surprising.

No. 1336940

It's not weird, you're extremely fertile after giving birth lol.

No. 1336948

No? You don't start ovulating until a couple of weeks to a couple of months after birth, on top of that most doctors don't even recommend to get pregnant until 18 months after birth

No. 1338773

IVF costs over $10k, so I doubt it. my mom and her sister are only 11 months apart in age (and that was before IVF even existed) so it's not impossible.

No. 1339419

11 months =/= a few weeks
also her and her husband are always traveling, blowing money, etc. I wouldn't put it past her to cut her thrift store and traveling cash for months to get IVF + Payment plans

No. 1339640

File: 1633190548376.jpg (56.68 KB, 1075x349, here you go retard.jpg)

>11 months =/= a few weeks

a few weeks from what? her last kid was born 7 months ago.

No. 1339725

nta but if you were 11 months older than your sibling then they would have been conceived two months (a few weeks) after your birth

on insta she says the new baby is due in Jan 22, which will be a year after her last due date. it does seem like shes trying to have them quickly but I wouldn't say its a crazy short turnaround

No. 1339742

On top of that Idk how it is in every country but I'm pretty sure you have to go through a consultation process and be approved for IVF, and they have you try for a kid on your own first. Since midwest just had a kid I doubt they would give it to her, especially since she is quite young.

No. 1340549

File: 1633290851929.png (125.4 KB, 585x599, megha.png)

They're turning on Margerita for this now. I thought this is what the trads wanted.

No. 1340553

She’s not wrong but hey always eat their own.

No. 1340591

Kek they hate actual tradcons who support their families. You'll see this alot with redpillers and mras that love trad women only for the control and not for the added responsibility it puts on men. They want a trad wife who doesnt have a job yet has all the money to take care of a home and kids and buys them gifts while they sit back and do nothing but be a lazy leech that plays video games all day

No. 1340674

I'm sorry you're American and your daddy neglected you, but a) children of lesbians are the most well adjusted and b) children used to be raised by women only with no men present in any capacity. Please read a book and accept that the father figure meme is a meme so you can stop blaming your fuckups on not having one.

No. 1340680

scrotes: MEN are the PROVIDERS!
women: okay, provide for us then.

No. 1340682

Nobody cares how many lesbian couples you personally stalk and seethe about with envy. Statistics are statistics. The only way kids can feel like they're "missing out" is if they were born in a household that assigns value to artificial moid niches in the first place. You need to force this "muh masculine energy" meme because it's a meme.

No. 1340698

It's interesting how men are never invited to do anything without expecting something in return solely because they "love their wives". Only moids are entitled to freebies for love uwu.

No. 1340727

File: 1633310045463.png (584.74 KB, 934x1044, 1593368796543.png)

kek very on brand for a tradthot to not see the difference between being nutted in by a man and raising a man

No. 1340906

File: 1633336013900.jpg (33.78 KB, 620x465, https___i.pinimg.com_originals…)

Lesbians still seething? lmao.(bait)

No. 1340914

Yes. I can go to a sperm bank and choose exactly what I want and raise them myself. Why are males even in the equation? Lmao it's 2021, you best believe i'm going to take full advantage of technology available that I will certainly cut out the middle man and not even get involved with a scrote to have sex with to have a child (if I so choose). Men are not needed to have babies, thry can even make sperm from bone marrow. Scrotes, y-chromosoids are truly expendable and useless. It's just a matter of choosing the right sperm bank with the best high quality genes.

Wrong i'm within 26-32. I will never have boys, ever. Women can control the sex of the baby anyway simply by engaging intercourse and receiving sperm at the right time.

Can you explain to me what exactly makes this image the ideal? Why should this be something I or any woman aspires to? No thanks. A woman can do it all herself, don't need a scrote. y-chromosoids have truly outlived their usefulness if they were ever useful.

No. 1340916

You can't have daddy issues if you don't have a dad.

No. 1340921

Daddy issues happen because you don't get love, affection and validation from your dad. Not having a dad at all is peak daddy issues.

Look, raising a bunch of father-less daughters who will seek male validation for the rest of their life is not the own to scrotes you think it is.

No. 1340922

Again, you can't have daddy issues if you don't have a dad.

No. 1340928

Women’s lives are always better without men. Commit scroticide.

No. 1340933

I don't seek male validation. If a girl does, it's the principles of society and what is valued in that society that will cause a girl to seek male validation throughout her life and fuck her up. And the patriarchal model society follows is a toxic environment and unfavourable terrain for girls and women. Not having a dad has nothing to do with it. It's bigger than that.
And it's actually boys that need a dad or a male role model in their family to look up to because boys are far less robust and are fragile. Girls do not need dads growing up. In fact a girl not having a dad eliminates the high risk of her being negged, molested and sexually abused by the dad. Not having a dad greatly diminishes the risk of trauma in childhood. There are no limits to male depravity.

Male approval is not needed.
Male approval has no place in a girl and woman's life.

No. 1340936

Please go back to your twitter account

No. 1340966

You're just wrong, lol.

This logic only works if you believe in all nurture and no nature. Which is also wrong. It's 50/50 nature and nurture. Even then you can not prevent your child from being influenced by society. Sorry but you can't force your daughter to be a lesbian who don't need no man and your extreme views will probably push her into the opposite direction.

No. 1340973

it's ironic that these dykes are so up their own asses about having a daughter that hates men and doesn't have a dad; that in itself screams daddy issues(male)

No. 1340980

We don't want your type here and we don't care about what you say. Scrotes feeling threatened by women realising just how expendable, unnecessary and useless y-chromosoids are.

Kill yourselves on New Years Eve.

No. 1340982

Go back to your manosphere safe space you expendable unwashed male scrotal sack. Don't forget to kill yourself and make your contribution to the male suicide rate.

No. 1341006

Son preference is prevalent around the world, to the point of mass abortion and infanticide of girls, and scrotes don’t give a shit. Yet let ONE anon express a preference for a daughter, and watch scrotes & tradthots melt down and reeeeee all over the thread. Lmao.

No. 1341053


it’s not 50 / 50 and anyone who says they know what ratio is what is selling you something

sapolsky’s female run baboon troop sounds like an improvement to me

that’s the science, sorry

No. 1341099

Ok, well it's your life and I am sure you will realize how wrong you are once your daughter opens her OnlyFans.

No. 1341114

Yeah, I'm sure a girl raised by radfems is going to support prostitution of all things. I'm as anti-prostitution as the next anon, but even still it's very telling that RW moids think the worst thing that could befall a girl is opening a fucking Onlyfans acccount. You can't even pretend to see us as people.

Go back to twitter and whine about le ebil feminists not letting you marry 13 year old girls or something, you're unwanted here.

No. 1341131

Your own daddy issues and psychotic envy of lesbians are pretty palpable - whether you're a seething tradthot or a seething moid. It's understandable, since their existence disproves everything you want to believe. You no doubt grew up somewhere in a flyover state and raised to deify maleness. There is no outcome where you wouldn't feel like something's missing for you, whether your daddy divorced your mom or is at home ignoring you for a football game. And of course, repetition of trauma and stalwart defense of the very conditions that traumatized you is a #1 sign of childhood issues of any kind. You may never grow to accept that you were memed into deifying scrotums. It's an embarrassing thought.

The dirty non-secret is that your daughter is as likely to seek male approval as anyone else's, if not more. Your kind admits it every time you (and your precious daddies) shit bricks over the prospect of having a daughter in the first place. If you can't even deceive yourself, you can forget about deceiving lesbians.

It gets even funnier if you are actually an online tradthot, because then it becomes a case of failing to accept that the only difference between you and the average onlyfans thot is the genre or porn you're doing.

No. 1341157

Every accusation a moid makes is a confession. It's very telling that RW moids screech about how essential they are to raising a daughter while incestuously obsessing over her potential onlyfans - as his fellow moids theorize about how "girls with strict dads are the biggest sluts".

No. 1341162

Children with strict parents rebell against the parents. It doesn't matter if your rules are "You can't read Harry Potter because it's blasphemy!" or "You can't talk to men cause they are devil incarnate!" lmao. Ofc "blah blah you are a moid" makes an appearance. Are my posts making you that insecure that you have to resort to that?

Sorry to disappoint, but I don't use social media.

No. 1341167

If anything it is pretty telling that simply saying "daughters need a father who loves and supports them" throws you into weeks of seething rage. I get it, your dad left and you decided you will never trust a man again, but idk why you would doom your daughters to the same fate. It's just going to make them hate you.

No. 1341168

Sorry to disappoint, but an offline moid pleaser is still a moid pleaser. You're a great example of your own definition of daddy issues.

No. 1341169

Sounds more like a you-problem if you an not even imagine an equal relationship between man and woman with give and take. Not everyone is as broken as you. In fact most people aren't.

No. 1341172

You’re right, most men are far more broken and they are biologically parasitic towards women. Men don’t do the personal reconciliation to treat women equally with give and take, that’s not how their brains work and not how testosterone makes them function. Look at rape and murder rates. Sex trafficking. The poverty rates between women and men. Who do you think is buying those onlyfans subscriptions because it’s he same men who hate women and want to degrade someone else’s daughter

No. 1341175

Honestly never believed Femcels were a real thing before using this site on the reg. Not quite the same as incels since your hatred of men does not stem from rejection, but likely from abuse, but boy do you sound similar to them.

No. 1341176

Your lesbian-induced psychosis and daddy persecution complex says otherwise.

Unsurprising that someone with "optimal 50/50 upbringing" has never moved on from juvenile defenses like projection.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1341178

File: 1633379944027.jpg (121.01 KB, 750x748, EvAXf7GWgAUK6OI.jpg)

Lesbians are like not even 1% of the population, I honestly could not give less of a shit about them. I mean I know none of you are ever going to have kids anyways and live in your dream women-only commune in the woods where there's no scrotes allowed. It is a cute dream, but in reality you're just going to keep seething at women who get married and have kids while you are forever alone NEETs. At every family gathering you go to you will dread the question about your love life and whenever you see a woman pushing a stroller around a supermarket you will think to yourself "HAH! look at that stupid pick-me bitch! I am SOOOOOO glad that's not me… totally.. yeah"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1341189

man where are the mods and why have they not banned this retarded ass scrote yet

No. 1341191

When you have no more arguments and need mod-chan to save you from the evil person going against hive-mind. kek.

No. 1341197

Copium and self-deception. You chimp about dykes unprompted in every thread all over this website, to the point you're as recognizable as Komaeda penis anon.

Having this weird BPD association of rejection with evil lesbians is a moid norm, but if you were a woman I'd read you as terminally closeted.

No. 1341199

I'm pretty sure I've seen you screeching and reporting before, tardwife-kun.

No. 1341200

I'm not the same anon you were talking to retard, just tired of you shitting up the thread with your autistic takes, go kys there is nothing more pathetic than trying to act superior in an imageboard

No. 1341225

While you're seething over lesbians and other women who don't want to be a lifelong mommybangmaid to some ungrateful moid your own tradhusbando is busy gooning to hentai and videos of women being spat on and brutalized, only taking a break when it's time to remind you to hurry up with the dinner and laundry. I'd honestly feel sorry for tardwives if they weren't so annoying.

No. 1341266

Women don't require good father figures they require a lack of abusive from shitty scrotes. The only use (good) fathers really have is keeping other shitty scrotes away. But you know, often times the father himself is a shitty scrote.

No. 1341267

don't ban me sorry I dropped my sage

No. 1341304

That's a moid, probably one of those "ex incels" (who's also retarded enough to think that his brand of mental illness would look better coming from a "trad waifuwu" larp). Judging from the dyke derangement syndrome, he's got major mommy issues and will probably be dilating soon. So overall, a typical male on lolcow.

In order for tradthot-kun to be a woman, she'd have to be something akin to shoeonhead if she was /pt/ worthy.

No. 1341327

>posts picture of people in a wheat field

You’re a man. This is male behavior. Those wheat fields drive you crazy, I swear.

No. 1341395

My favorite part is his absolute inability to not define reproductive success like a testerical incel. He can't even begin to comprehend how to impersonate a woman convincingly.

No. 1341397

"YoU'rE jUsT wRoNg, lol" is not a valid argument. Your whining is pathetic. Return to your manosphere safe space, we've had enough of your snivelling.

>Sorry but you can't force your daughter to be a lesbian who don't need no man and your extreme views will probably push her into the opposite direction.

Who said anything about force? Scrotes and their male depravity and bullshit is what drives women away. Experience with scrotes will pinkpill and peak any girl and woman. But you dont want to admit that because that would mean you and scrotes alike would have to take accountability and responsibility for your actions. I won't have to force anything, it will come naturally. You act like males are desirable. You're not. Women simply tolerate you and because of the way they have been socialised in this patriachal society to pander to and coddle scrotes, simply put up with your y-chromosoid defectiveness. But this is changing and women are tolerating scrotes less and less. We're done with you.
And biologically speaking, you are much less valuable than XX, woman. You are not the be-all and end-all whereas the woman is everything.

No. 1341409

Exactly. This whole website is just a huge display of the fox and the grapes.

"cope" more you deviants.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1341410

Who are you trying to convince? Yourself?

No. 1341419

They've been screaming about how "you'll come crawling back you'll see!!!"

Don't know about you ladies but I'm not crawling back anytime soon kek. Imagine being so hurt and militant about other people choosing not to be in relationships or having kids, something that affects literally not a single soul. If you truly thought we would just be miserable old prunes you would just let us do that and not freaking out just because

No. 1341420

Men: feminism ruined everything and women working is causing the west to fall apart. Women are only valuable to society by raising kids and being submissive housewives to cook, clean, be fucked and take care of kids.

Women: okay, ill need a man who is financially stable enough to support me and kids then.


No. 1341428

You know what's more deranged than shitting on people on a degenerate site like lolcow? Trying to bait envy about being a fucking mother of all things, like it isn't possible for the women you're accusing of seething to get pregnant if they wanted to. It's very obvious that you're either a man who doesn't know a single thing about the real feelings/struggles mothers go through (so your retarded farmer wheat field pic truly is an accurate representation of motherhood to you), or a resentful mother who deeply regrets her choice. I'm gonna go with angry, childless, reactionary, balding loser in his 30's who takes out his romantic/sexual failures on trying to make "deviants" feel envious/inferior online. It's not their fault you're a worthless excuse of a man.

No. 1341444

An anon said she was in the process of adopting a baby girl and we get all the tradthots/scrotes crawling out of the woodwork. They're so mad that the anon didn't want to get married to a scrote and become a baby maker, they can't even feel any hope or happiness that an abandoned child would be raised in a loving home with a strong support network?
All those rightoids will scream about women needing to give their babies up for adoption instead of aborting them but then they hate it when people actually adopt kids because they think a woman's duty in life is pumping out babies and nothing else.

No. 1341453

Being a mother to a minor child is genuinely the least possibly enviable state, unless it's also paired with enough income to hire a nanny or maid.

No. 1341457

yeah our cringe was probably in early teens to semi early 20s where we finally grew out of it. Not capitalize on it and make it your whole career and personality.

No. 1341487

Much like the tardthots, they think that women will automatically be miserable without having babies. Instead of looking at having a child as a wonderful part of your life that you are free to choose to pursue or not, they want it to feel like an obligation all women need to jump on (within a time limit, don't forget their "wall" bs) to be happy. Which means they only care about people having kids and not being good, caring parents. Then they have the gall to act like they are the TRU pro-family/natalists showing up for the future when their ideology is more about using reproduction as a means to uplift yourself and feel special than being able to raise children well. The opposite of being pro-family, and any truly family-oriented person can see them for what they are.

No. 1341564

They're also awful at making their "happy trad life" seem actually appealing in any way. Never pursue higher education, employment or personal fulfillment, get married and become dependent on some scrote who despises you and thinks of you as little more than a breeding sow-bangmaid, and spend your life birthing babies, cleaning up spittle and darning socks because… muh tradition? Not even tardwives themselves can make their lifestyle seem enviable in any way, kek

No. 1341600

tbh moids and tardthots are running out of bargaining chips. in the past there was no need to sell pregnancy as a wonderful experience (lmao), women just knew that they'd have to do it if they were go get married and access money. babies were their "payment" to the moid and a male baby would be their "advocate" if they're lucky.

now that they have their own money, you gotta market babies as the endgame in itself because no one will have them otherwise lmao

No. 1341643

>being a wagie all your life is actually more fulfilling than a family
lmao, they really brainwashed libfems into believing this lie.
You really think working to make your boss rich is in any way better than being a housewife? Such a strong independent woman! You're literally making money for a scrote instead of letting a scrote work for you. Does he appreciate you and tell you what a good little worker bee you are? Will your job be there for you when you are old and sick? Clearly you also don't have any appreciation for your own mother. You know, the woman who gave birth to you and cleaned your shitty diaper and spittle. Calling all women who are mothers "bangmaid sows" really makes you sound like incels, once again.

No. 1341660

>Y-you're really not gonna settle for me you fucking brainwashed feminoid? REEEEEE

Cope, seethe, jelq, mew, repeat. Looks like you're nazbol talking points level of mad.

>Will your job be there for you when you are old and sick?

You just can't stop owning yourself.


No. 1341674

>You really think working to make your boss rich is in any way better than being a housewife?

Surely you can find a better talking point to peddle? Anyone who’s spent more than three days here would know better than to spout entry-level arguments like that.

No. 1341685

Studies show that the older a man is, the more likely it is that he will produce children with autism.

No. 1341696

File: 1633458617055.png (60.41 KB, 400x416, 1516401633355.png)

NOOOOOO you fucking roastie you're not supposed to be a wagie directly! You're supposed to be chattel to a wagie and get paid in room an board! FUCKING FOIDS REALLY THINK THEY CAN CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN REEEEEEEEE

No. 1341699

notice how it's always the same narrative of working a miserable Office Space-like job likes it's the fucking 90s too. They cant comprehend that working means anything from being an obgyn that should be a profession for only women, ICU nurse to a veterinarian or a farmer, or a lawyer, teacher, hair stylist, or a business owner or anything really. I think tradthots just hate the idea of cubicles but dont understand that nobody works in them anymore. And that there are more jobs than some office admin work out there

No. 1341701

>expecting a ligma male incel to envision any employment that isn't dead end minimum wage for retards and ex cons

No. 1341706

>Will your job be there for you when you are old and sick?
A husband likely won't, given that women outlive men and men are significantly more likely to divorce their wives once they get sick. Old/sick women are taken care of by their daughters, moids usually have no interest in any part of caretaking.

And why are you pretending like financially independent women are incapable of having a family if that's what we desire? Nothing is stopping working women from having a family, they just have more opportunity to dump their husband if he turns out to be a piece of shit.

The RWmoid sperging over working women is ridiculous. Your wife working is like being cucked(but men working doesn't carry a weird sexual connotation of course!), all women work boring, dreary office jobs(but not men of course!), being a housewife is sooooo fulfilling, by the way I hate women and think of them as chattel and no men shouldn't have to do any housework… it goes on and on. They can't even try to pretend like they actually have the best interests of women in mind, it's all coombrained seething from lowly failmales.

No. 1341718

TIL I learned every woman with a job is working for a corporation owned by a scrote and that no woman has ever started a business, freelanced, or created anything. And I'm sure there are zero women who have done any of these things and have a happy family, truly the only way to have a family is to be a tradthot and post wheatfields. Also, if you are dependent on a husband with a scrote boss, you are still dependent on said scrote boss, hope that helps.

No. 1341731

Studies don’t need to show anything I’m right here nonny

No. 1341809

And honestly, 'depending' on a scrote boss is far better than depending on a scrote husband. You can change jobs and report a boss for improper conduct, and you don't have to see him at home unlike a husband. A husband can completely destroy your life in ways a boss never could.

No. 1341963

Actually an underrated insight on bangmaidry.

Utopian tradthots tend to imply that being a hausfrau is like being perpetually on vacation. In reality, it's like being perpetually at work, no matter how little you do or how much you're buxxed. There's no clear distinction between "work" and "time off", you're kind of always on duty, always living for someone else, always out of your own head, like an empty husk who eventually forgets who she is and what she wants. No matter how gentle your husband is or how much he loves you, there is always a tense air of expectation permeating your entire existence, like you're on "duty" 24/7. I'm sure some feminist philosopher has spoken on this already and worded it better anyway. There's no sense of accomplishment, satisfaction or gratitude that's associated with a career. It's kind of comparable to being a wagie at McDonalds, even if you're far from poor. Unless you're 100% a trophy with nannies and maids, it's gonna be like this, even if you don't admit it to yourself often.

Because the home is your work, you're kind of never really at home. It's also much worse when the husband works from home, obviously.

t. bangmaid (hopefully not for long)

No. 1342005

Except it’s literally dangerous to be a housewife in today’s economy. Imagine not pursuing any education or job skills, pumping out babies, and having your entire family’s survival depend on one person. If your husband gets sick, laid off, fired, dies, or abandons you, you and your children risk falling into permanent poverty. Not to mention the majority of young men nowadays are downwardly mobile, unmarriageable, and incapable of supporting families on their incomes. You’re stupid if you think women will give up our hard-won economic freedom (which we really only got a generation ago after centuries of struggle) to willingly spend our lives cleaning up after moids and begging them for pocket change again. We don’t need to be housewives. We can pursue our own careers, take care of our own homes, and even have kids without you. Sorry if your irrelevance makes you insecure. Maybe go play in a wheat field?

No. 1342667

File: 1633560222117.jpg (19.92 KB, 356x346, sponge.jpg)

if moids hate women and also think having a job is torture, why do they try to gatekeep women from having jobs? If being a domestic servant is so great start advertising yourself as a house husband.

No. 1344598

all of the statistics and studies talking about most men's unwillingness to do housework or childcare, or how they leave their wives when they get sick or old are definitely proof of how most ppl get equal relationships

No. 1344603

>nuclear family in the wheat fields
This is a such a straight male fantasy.

No. 1344607

Specifically straight white guys, they're always neonazis. Always with the fucking wheat fields even though they've never set foot out of the suburbs lmao.

No. 1344608

What’s with the wheat fields? Honest question. Does it make some part of the male brain go BRRRRRR?

No. 1344613

Thing is most men have no way to conceive of womanhood outside of the male perspective, so it’s always: “If I was a broad I’d be a wheat field hausfrau or a whore who sleeps with everyone in sight.” It’s hard for them to understand female personhood. Hell, female and personhood doesn’t even go together to them. Any discussion regarding women has to include some picture, some visual, some extremely shallow feminine-coded presentation, since they can not conceive of any depth belonging to the feminine. It’s always women standing wheat fields because of wheat’s connotations with fertility, rebirth, and earthiness—something that’s been feminine-coded for a while now, with the whole “men transcend, women are immanent.” Women are fixed, earthy, and passive, men are free, transcendent, and proactive, blah, blah, blah.

No actual woman gives a shit about wheat fields. If you see someone posting pictures of women in wheat fields know for a fact that is a man. They’re retarded, they literally need visual aid. Same for the sperg in the MTF thread who was posting pictures of women and men cuddling.

No. 1344636

>Clearly you also don't have any appreciation for your own mother.
My mother and both my grandmothers warned me about losing my life for men. Like most women, most people here still have to be the maid of their own house, but hopefully nobody is giving free services to some scrote who laughs in private because he pays his maid and his whore in only lies.

No. 1344639

Trads are really into homesteading and self-sufficiency for some reason.

No. 1344640

The one thing cottagecore "non-binary lesbians" and traditionalist conservatives are both passionate about is living a simple life on a farm kek

No. 1344654

File: 1633829204509.jpg (58.05 KB, 600x433, 91617_upmu_photo_ED10424.jpg)

it's always some stick thin model caked in makeup with her hair loose standing in the wheat too, never a traditional woman similar to picrel.
nothing trad about the wheat field shit, just male wank fantasies.

No. 1344864


warning: surface level economics, my shitty take

>right-wing politics and wheat fields

First, right-wing politics represents the people who were fine with the way things are. Compared to left wing politics are represent people who want change; far left people who want to try ideas that haven't been tried before. Whereas far right wing politics represent people who are fine with the way used to be.

There are inaccurate definitions that define left wing politics as the pro-social equality, which slightly fits because no society has developed equality or eliminated economic classes yet. But for example, the young generally favor left wing politics if they're unhappy with the way things are because they have no first-hand reference to the past. Older people favor right wing politics because they do.

So why does /pol/ like wheat fields?

/pol/ likes to complain about inflation. Inflation presents a problem because currency held depreciates in buying power over time. To represent the problem, people regardless of politics will hedge against inflation by investing in corporations, crypto, commodities, and so forth.

The far right solution to inflation is to return to a gold-backed or silver standard, which is currency that will appreciate over time because gold and silver is finite. This monetary policy is fine under certain conditions but is prone to a deflationary spiral.

But still, where do the wheat fields come in?

In a deflationary spiral, the economy halts because hoarding or saving is preferrable to spending. Why for example would you spend 10,000 bitcoins for a pizza if you knew that would make you a millionaire in 15 years? If the economy today halted because currency no longer flows, it would imply businesses are losing clients, laying off workers, workers can't pay rent, and so on. However, if most people (or families) owned their own property, the situation would still be stable. That is, the majority of the population owning some sort of farmland represents the conditions in which a gold/silver backed currency would work even during a deflationary spiral. It may however require more arable land per person than available in a country, and require a stable population (vs today with mass migrations in addition to exponential population growth).

/pol/ doesn't articulate about economics often if even at all. But this is likely the basic model they fantasize about. Property or precious metals is also a decent choice of investment if you dislike financial institutions (including crypto) and big corporations.

No. 1344921

They like to fantasize about being the all-powerful patriarch of a self sufficient homestead with their brainless bangmaid wife and 5-20 children to adore and revere them. It gives them a sense of power, and since most of them are underemployed suburban failsons who can't even keep a houseplant alive and have no idea what actual farm life is like they assume the done-up models standing in the wheat fields at sunset is indicative of reality.

No. 1344944

"At eighteen, several thousand of the girls in the B.D.M. did a year's service on the farms-their so-called Land Jahr"… "Their task was to help in the house and in the fields… The presence of a pretty young city girl sometimes disrupted the peasant's household, and angry complaints from parents about their daughters' having been made pregnant on the farms began to be heard… One couplet- a take off on the "Strength Through Joy" movement of the Labor Front, but applied especially to the Land Jahr of the young maidens- went the rounds in Germany:

'In the fields and on the hearth
I lose Strength through Joy'"

From "The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich" By William L. Shirer

I was reading this and thought of the scary wheat field thing here. Also forgot to sage I'm sorry.

No. 1345250

Kept getting this channel recommended to me. Courtney Ryan is not a tradthot (at least overtly) but panders to the same audience. She's a "men's dating coach" and talks in a really high pitch baby voice and seems timid as hell. I haven't watched a ton of her videos but the ones I have seen are pretty blatant pandering framed as some kind of advice.

In video related she reacts to a tiktok of a woman crying because she dated a guy for 3 months who would have sex with her but not take her on dates because of his "anxiety" and then ghosted her out of the blue. Courtney just straight up blames this woman for "playing the victim" and "not taking accountability" because this guy treating her this way was her fault apparently. Like maybe there were red flags that this woman didn't pick up on but that doesn't mean she's just "playing the victim", give me a fucking break. If a woman did that to a man they would be calling her a cold bitch and a whore or whatever.

She also has an interview with Rebecca Lima that I started to watch but had to stop because it was too cringey.

No. 1345341

I hate every single dating coach. They all spew this kind of shit.

No. 1345364

Yeah, dating gurus are always the shittiest people and even the women in those communities will often uncritically repeat some PUA/MRA shit they've picked up along the way. Really toxic and not a good place for anyone to go for advice.

No. 1345386

just took a quick look and her comments and they're filled with "CR is the only woman with common sense/a brain" or talking about women not taking accountability for being cheated on.
thats just lovely. I'm definitely taking my advice from a woman who doesn't shut that shit down

No. 1345417

And yet these very same moids will fume over FDS, which encourages women to view men very critically and to not put up with any red flag behavior.

No. 1345453

>just took a quick look and her comments and they're filled with "CR is the only woman with common sense/a brain"
Grown ass woman still getting off on being not like other girls. I dont take any of these womens seriously since you know with a scrote majority audience like hers and tradthots, they'll eventually get tired and ask her why she isnt married with kids then bomb her with egg memes until she leaves

>or talking about women not taking accountability for being cheated on
Women are realizing what a waste relationships are with the majority of them so they opt out and avoid getting cheated on altogether yet they rage into the avoid about that. They'll never have some quiet gf or wife at home and some random girl to cheat with no consequences and they've been angry about it for a while

Scrotes operate purely on faulty logic dictated by their dicks. I think fds would most likely tell that girl to chill with dating and work on herself for the future while those scorotes mock her for being hurt then tell her to only date them

No. 1345610

>they've been angry about it for a while
It's not just an internet meme, I've heard random men whining about it in public. The older millennial ones must be especially pissed, because 4/10 men really thought they were going to use up and discard hot women until age 40, and then marry some 19 year old fitness model. Thanks to Instagram and onlyfans, the young hot women now expect quid pro quo, and the accomplished 30-40 women aren't looking for a man to ruin their nice houses and lifestyles like an untrained 200lb foster toddler. Most men's only chance to fool women with "true love" is when the men themselves are between 18-25.

No. 1345616

this is why they’re so eager to get women out of the workforce, so they can take economic hostages

No. 1345651

Just imagine how many hypocritical millennial scrotes are out there, who used and dumped women for over a decade because the women didn't make enough money to support HIM, and now those men are butthurt because all the hot 19 year old girls just want to focus on their jobs or milk a rich sugar daddy.

No. 1345738

This is the damn truth, I'm an older millennial and I watched it happen in real time. A lot of moids in my generation really drank the PUA/MRA Koolaid and thought they could dick around, "game" women until middle age and then settle down with a young hottie. And now the older women are too accomplished to give them the time of day and the young hotties are all pay to play due to the shitty economy. Oops!

No. 1346216

Same. I dated an older guy years ago who got piss proud one night and "joked" about how the ideal man's life is to get rich at 40, buy a mansion, and marry a trophy bride. He really thought that was realistic and going to happen to him, and he didn't even have a great job. I didn't know until a few years ago that puas were telling men this crap. Just imagine how far society would advance if women weren't delayed by catering to absolute fucking idiot men. This dude is probably seething at his tindr matches in his bumfuck hometown at this very moment,

No. 1347926

File: 1634264824345.jpeg (537.27 KB, 1284x1578, 971AF085-7164-42AC-8CCF-164B8F…)

No. 1347932

Another blue checkmark quote tweeting Lauren to snark is pretty much the definition of two retards fighting

No. 1347983

Tradthots are cringe but I get extremely pissed with reddit-tier leftist moid pseuds jump on the hate train just so they can finally be misogynistic.
Misogynist repressor moids shouldn't be able to talk down to tradwifes, as if these moids ever wanted them to change for the better.

No. 1348182

This, I scrolled through the twitter of the guy in that screenshot and he's a total tool who does exactly as you describe over and over. No less pathetic than the tradfarts

No. 1348231

Sinatra was publicly against racism at a time that it took a whole lot more courage to be than it does now, and had great respect for the tradition and culture and history of jazz. He effusively and enthusiastically praised other singers and artists that interested him, new and old, male and female, black and white. Also saying he didn't even write his best stuff as some kind of gotcha is peak retard when most jazz singers of the era didn't, furthermore he made artistic contributions to many of his interpretations some of which became canon for the material going forward. What, has Fagtano only heard New York New York or some shit?

No. 1348344

If Lauren is for Frank Sinatra doesn't it mean she's against racism too?

No. 1348580

This moid is incredibly cringe. He has an entire thread on Kiwifarms. He's also a misogynist who takes every chance he can to call out "white women" (despite being a white man himself), "terfs/swerfs" and the like.

No. 1349409

File: 1634465940684.jpeg (841.75 KB, 950x1860, E48E305B-1FC3-4D28-972B-607E8F…)

la creatura

No. 1349416

She’s Mexican?

No. 1349423

File: 1634470560662.jpg (37.09 KB, 890x588, 1408.jpg)

fantano is a mega plebe who drank the social justice kool aid hard. Its off topic but he did that tweet saying right wingers are incapable of making art. as if art started in the 60s. or as if there arent countless black metal bands the he has reviewed who arent lefties

No. 1349428

He's right if he means horeshit postmodern woke art unless it's for satire.

No. 1349432

File: 1634471827121.jpg (52.51 KB, 562x387, bowie fash 3.jpg)

true artists know right wing aesthetics are the bomb(bait)

No. 1349439

>black metal

No. 1349443

No. 1349490

Ah yes, nonnies, don't we all love cooking with a full airbrushed/filtered face of makeup?

Why doesn't this tard realize she looks uncanny valley 90% of the time?

No. 1349496

david bowie was an idiot kek

No. 1349508

That’s not even what he was saying you unsaged dumbass

No. 1349510

Holy shit, i already knew this more or less but to see it articulated so concretely is wild. Pretty much every older millennial man I've dated have had this weird attitude and I had no idea it came from PUA rhetoric. That makes so much fucking sense. The PUAs really irreparably ruined an entire generation of men by telling them they'd still be getting teen pussy at 40. Yeesh

No. 1349522

I’ve convinced myself this account is a troll for my own sanity. The retarded posing, the over-the-top captions, the orange clown makeup. It’s all too on the nose to be real.

No. 1349649

I've been looking at this image trying to figure out if she got the dress to match her plastic dollar store broom or the other way around

No. 1352159

courtney also has a video about called "the truth about onlyfans" and it's basically just 17 minutes of her being like "I could totally have an onlyfans and get super rich and just take pictures of my butt/boobs and have guys pay me a ton of money and it would be 0 effort but instead I have this dating advice channel that is super hard work because I'm such a great person". her whole channel is just fishing for asspats.

No. 1355526

Kek this is what tradthots get when they slightly disagree with the scrotes they try to appeal to, be warned anons, this video might give you cancer.

No. 1355564

I'm sorry anon, I couldn't even get past that scrote's wannabe gangster intro with the woman licking a car without dying of cringe

No. 1355775

I can tell this guy is obese just from his voice.

No. 1355797

Kinda ironic that he put a sooperrrr hawt sexy girl in his intro when you know that type of girl would not even give him the time of day and would most certainly find him creepy.

Tradthots benefit from feminism whether or not they wanna admit it. The fact that theyre even allowed to post their shitty takes online, make money off of it and spend it freely is because feminists made it possible. This isnt neccesarily a critique towards lauren(idk if shes changed i dont really keep up with her), just tradthots in general. I think a lot of them eventually start to realize this and also realize that the audience theyre trying to appeal to is always going to have hatred towards them no matter how much of a pickme they are. Scrotes like this will hate you regardless of whether you appeal to them or not because they simply just hate women. And thats the audience most of these tradthots are trying to appeal to

No. 1355823

He says he has a successful pornhub account. Some guys are attractive and successful with women but still hate them. It isn't the norm, but it does happen.

No. 1355833

Being viewed by a bunch of pathetic coomers who would use a site like pornhub doesn't mean he's necessarily attractive, anyone who uses PH and similar sites are the dregs of humanity with zero standards

No. 1355939

Man, this website would be so much better without ratfems.

No. 1356102

Don't let anybody destroy your pickme dreams anon, go outside right now and go lick a car, let the world know

No. 1356226

Thinking that coomers are disgusting isn't an opinion that's owned by radical feminists, but okay

No. 1356304

HOW is venti rad fem? where? she is obviously pandering to antifeminist scrotes STILL.
In those videos about sex workers etc, she put the blame on the girls… She seems jealous with all her body shameing. Its pathetic

No. 1356306

oh my god you guys actually love and identify with her…
Bruh. Not that this website isnt full of weeaboos fapping to anime guys so not that surprising on second thought :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1356358

I couldnt watch the whole video because the cringe gave me physical pain but
>screeches about simps giving money to Lauren
>then begs for donations

Lmao really bruh.

No. 1356404


That's actually one of his better vids.

I'm not really sure what's "cringe" about it, though. Pathetic, yes. But not really cringe.

No. 1356507

if only she was brooming and not packing on bronzer and cheap self tanner

No. 1356524

Everything about his channel is cringe, nobody here is going to buy that this guy is supposedly secretly hot

No. 1356567


I think he is probably a good looking guy who is also a manlet and hates his own mother. That would explain his rage.

There are plenty of misogynistic Chad types, you know? They just don't sound as angry as this guy does.

No. 1356711

Sorry unsaged anon, but his voice sounds ugly and fat.

No. 1356714

>he is probably a good looking guy
Cope harder

No. 1356813

I don't know how to sage. This is the first time I've ever commented on an image board. Usually I just lurk.

>Cope harder

Lol wut? I've hate watched this guy for years. He disgusts me. How am I coping?

Anyway, he has said before that he hates his mother so I assume that is his issue. I really doubt that he's ugly.(newfag)

No. 1357007

>“her mulatto kids”
Her what? I thought her husband was Asian or something? Jesus how much Blacked porn is this dude getting fixated on that any time he finds out a white woman has kids with someone not completely white his mind jumps to “mulatto”?

No. 1357218

Why would I lick a car?
Was talking about the sperging.

No. 1357965

I think he's just retarded and thinks mulatto means mixed race. But yeah, her kid is hapa. Not mulatto.

What sperging?

No. 1358050

Her husband is hapa. Her son will probably be white passing like Keanu or if he leans more asian, perhaps grift as a token conservative?

No. 1358121

Great, another Elliot Rodger in the making.(racebait)

No. 1358680


No. 1359713

I’ve seen a picture of her son, he looks mixed

No. 1360191

where did you see it?

No. 1360200

Does anyone know if Zoomers have the "redpill"? I feel like I only see Millenials/Xers/Boomers pushing it.

Zoomers are scum, but they seem to be more sensible on this one issue.

No. 1360228

Zoomers just go straight for the HRT.

No. 1360250

I’m following her photographer friend and she posted a video of him on her story with her kids and you can hear Lauren in the video

No. 1360358

Is this all bait anon? Some meta bait within a bait?

No. 1360437

I mostly really only see tradthots and men in their 30's and onward using that term, so yeah you're probably right

No. 1360497

There's plenty including several cows on here. A lot went to ground after the social media purges but just because they don't wear it on their sleeve anymore doesn't mean they aren't. Put simply: "Can't shake the Devil's hand and say your only kidding".

No. 1360960


Brittany never got enough credit for beating Roosh in their debate. That's the only time a woman has beaten Roosh at his own game.

No. 1361786


100% these tards are buying GME qnd AMC rn while hoping and coping

No. 1362093

what are GME and AMC

No. 1362213


The meme stocks from earlier this year. GME is Gamestop and AMC is… AMC.

Have Lauren, Robyn or Mrs. Midwest ever self posted on any of these threads?

No. 1362361

I think Lauren was self posting pictures of her cosplaying

No. 1362461

stocks moid cows buy and artificially pump hoping for a cathartic "MOASS" wherein they all become trillionaires. usually involves investing their last money kek

I'm surprised we don't have a thread for them. Big overlap with incel/PUA cosmology and their "promised land" of finally getting to fuck when they're "rich at 40".

No. 1362566


No overlap. The WallStreetBets types are just typical bros. Hardly a bunch of raging feminists, and certainly not likable, but they aren't misogynists either.

No. 1362602

sorry about your bags bro

No. 1363129

File: 1636225641043.jpg (121.13 KB, 1253x838, Capture.JPG)

Wow Lauren, I wonder if your little kid actually wanted to be a communist for Halloween or did you make him wear that so you could post your so funny joke on social media to pander to certain men.

No. 1363284

i would love a thread on them
you're either a scrote or delusional, they are all cringey mgtow spergs
why are all nazi cows obsessed with the soviet union? so insufferable

No. 1363293

imagine seeing all the other kids dressed as cool dinosaurs and shit while you're forced to cosplay as a hobo because your mom is an attention whore

No. 1363640

There's a decent overlap with r/stupidpol though, and they are just standard reddit MRAs who try to cosplay as critics of identity politics in general

No. 1363646


WallstreetBets is a combo of Barstool Sports and ZeroHedge. They are douchebags, no question, but they really don't have anything to do with MGTOW. They are just anti establishment bro types. Much more about being anti elite, not anti woman or anti black/immigrant/tranny/whatever

Speaking of which, I think that MGTOWs should be added to the Tradthot thread, because they basically are the same thing

No. 1363717

GMEtards are a quasi religious "guillotine Stacy and the billionaires when I'm rich" doomsday cult that has nothing to do with main WSB anymore, you should actually look at what they're posting lmao

No. 1364346


Was Lauren always this much of a cow? I didn't really follow her back in 2016 but I remember her being just a basic bitch, young normie back then.

No. 1364666

Wow I feel bad for her kid

No. 1364812

>I think that MGTOWs should be added to the Tradthot thread, because they basically are the same thing
Honestly true, it could work because they attract so many tradthots to their spheres that they are basically adjacent to each other all the time on social media

No. 1365093


Also, Tradthots are kinda done (look how dead this thread is) and it's largely because they have been supplanted by MGTOW. MGTOWs absolutely HATE tradthots.

If you think about it, when is the last time we've seen a new tradthot? And Lauren herself, the OG tradthot, has become less "traditional" and is now more like Mikaela Peterson than a true tradthot.

Can you imagine there being someone like Redpillchick in 2021? No way. Tradthots are a mid 10's thing.

No. 1365172

i disagree, there are more tradthots now than ever before, it's just that the trump/maga era is passé now. the new trad pickmes are either christian/catholic larpers or pagan nazi larpers and they are more into lifestyle stuff than youtube debates. you can find a lot of tradthot milk in the trve vikings threads.

No. 1365261



The Christian/Catholic larpers I see on Twitter mainly seem interested in sperging about gays

No. 1365431

File: 1636492077393.jpeg (986.27 KB, 1284x2234, 0BB899CF-861F-47BC-B455-440102…)

No. 1365603

Twitter is full of the pagan ones for sure, they have a lot of overlap with the Varg thread though because most of them believe in his ideology. There's definitely no shortage of them though. Plus Robyn is still very active in terms of Christian tradthots.

No. 1365625


Oh is she really playing up the Christian angle these days? Last I saw of her, she would give lip service to it but then mostly focus on her own particular brand MGTOW shit.

Thing is, I just see Robyn as too shallow to ever invest the time and effort to actually study theology like Roosh has. At least Roosh's Christian larping has an air of believability to it.

No. 1365815

>I think that MGTOWs should be added to the Tradthot thread, because they basically are the same thing

They're not really the same thing at all, opposites actually. Unless you mean they are in the same circles a lot and use a lot of the same rhetoric/talking points. Tradthots are women desperate for male attention/approval/simpbuxx. MGTOWs are men who are desperate for women to think that all men are abandoning them, uploading 5 videos a day on youtube about how men are so much happier living without women, how women are going to be replaced by sex robots etc. I don't think we should ever have a thread about the manosphere or incels or anything like that tbh. It would attract even more trolling and raids. Like the other anon said, even though some MGTOWs love tradthots most of them hate tradthots and call them chameleons.

>And Lauren herself, the OG tradthot, has become less "traditional" and is now more like Mikaela Peterson than a true tradthot

Pretty sure a lot of them still exist. Mrs Midwest for example. I think a lot of them like Lauren Southern are just getting less traditional because they're entering their late 20's and realizing the "women hit their peak at 22, should be married and have 3 babies by 25" idea isn't realistic, at least if they want to keep having an online presence.

No. 1366002


All a tradthot is is a woman who has bought into MGTOW ideology.

>even though some MGTOWs love tradthots most of them hate tradthots and call them chameleons

MGTOWs hate all women. Tradthots get the brunt of MGTOW hate simply because they are the only women willing to interact with MGTOWs.

>MGTOWs are men who are desperate for women to think that all men are abandoning them

Oh it's much worse than that. MGTOWs literally believe that all men are abandoning women. This is why I was trying to say I don't think that there are any Zoomer MGTOWs. No Zoomer male could ever believe that.

>how women are going to be replaced by sex robots etc

Mostly they just talk about how women when they hit 30 will regret forgoing "nice guys" like themselves who will have by that time all be multimillionaires who no longer have any interest in women. I don't see the sexbot thing that often anymore. Honestly I think the guys who talk about that just have a fetish.

>Pretty sure a lot of them still exist. Mrs Midwest for example. I think a lot of them like Lauren Southern are just getting less traditional because they're entering their late 20's and realizing the "women hit their peak at 22, should be married and have 3 babies by 25" idea isn't realistic, at least if they want to keep having an online presence.

What I'm saying is, they haven't been replaced by a new generation of tradthots. Lauren is pushing 30, Robyn is over 30 and I think Mrs. Midwest is well over 25. Where are the Zoomer Laurens, Robyns or Mrs. Midwests? They don't exist. Maybe Zoomer women don't have the same thirst for attention from undesirable, misogynistic men?

No. 1366041

Yeah, Robyn converted to Orthodox Christianity for her husband a while ago

No. 1366220

I don’t think Roosh is larping, I think he’s a genuinely lost and broken individual who believes (like many other predatory narcs) that he can absolve his guilt by hiding behind religious moralism. He can’t, but he has no other option. If he ever looked in the mirror and took full accountability for himself instead of running to Sky Daddy, he’d commit suicide.

No. 1366226


> Maybe Zoomer women don't have the same thirst for attention from undesirable, misogynistic men?
If anything zoomer moids are even more useless neets than millennial moids. There’s nothing there to thirst for. Also watching the previous generation of tradthots getting hounded and bullied off the internet with no real profit to show for their efforts didn’t make it look like an enviable lifestyle. They’re better off just going on OF and running these dudes’ pockets than trying to marry or submit to any of them.

No. 1366275

>Maybe Zoomer women don't have the same thirst for attention from undesirable, misogynistic men?

This is definitely not true. Zoomers are really into kink (not all obvs, I'm generalizing) and Tumblr used to be (and probably still is) full of these "daddy's little kitten" type of girls who want to be abused by a daddy dom or whatever. I've seen a lot of them on Twitter and very many of them are zoomers. Just a different type of pickme. Zoomers are also hypersexualized thanks to porn and social media and there will probably be a backlash at some point, just wait a couple years.

>All a tradthot is is a woman who has bought into MGTOW ideology.

Not necessarily. MGTOWs think they're oppressed by women and that women have all the legal power and that they need to abstain from getting married or being financially involved with women because the courts supposedly hate them. Tradthots are obsessed with going back traditionalism and that men need to be protectors and providers. I don't think most MGTOWs want to be that.

No. 1366314

>What I'm saying is, they haven't been replaced by a new generation of tradthots. Lauren is pushing 30, Robyn is over 30 and I think Mrs. Midwest is well over 25. Where are the Zoomer Laurens, Robyns or Mrs. Midwests? They don't exist.

They do exist, they're just on tiktok, instead of YouTube and Twitter.

No. 1366373

>Zoomers are really into kink (not all obvs, I'm generalizing) and Tumblr used to be (and probably still is) full of these "daddy's little kitten" type of girls who want to be abused by a daddy dom or whatever.

Yeah, sure, from a Christian Grey type, maybe. But from a MGTOW? No way.

>Tradthots are obsessed with going back traditionalism and that men need to be protectors and providers. I don't think most MGTOWs want to be that.

Well I would agree that most probably don't actually want to protect and provide but they definitely want to at least larp like they do.

Undead Chronic spergs about women's eggs as bad as Stefan Molyneux. MGTOW content creators are definitely just male tradthots who have realized that they aren't going to get their qt trad wife. Some of the guys who get sucked into MGTOW aren't trad but the content creators are, at least the young ones.

No. 1366378


i haven't been keeping up with this thread but it's literally probably been months since Lauren's son has seen his dad. Dad is in Australia still while Lauren moved back to BC and travels around doing shows while she leaves her son at home. SO much for family values right?

No. 1366419

>Well I would agree that most probably don't actually want to protect and provide but they definitely want to at least larp like they do.

No they don't. I think you might be confused about what a MGTOW is. MGTOW means Men Going Their Own Way and the whole "movement" is supposed to be about men removing themselves from the dating market and not getting involved with women because of legal consequences. There are plenty of conservative and "redpill" type men who want to get married and want tradwives and/or be PUAs, those men are not MGTOWs, and most tradthots pander to conservative men, not MGTOWs. All of these are pretty similar and spew a lot of the same rhetoric like about women's eggs and stuff like that but when it comes to misogynistic men there's a wide variety of flavors.

>MGTOW content creators are definitely just male tradthots who have realized that they aren't going to get their qt trad wife.

But wouldn't the male equivalent of a tradthot be a man who panders to women, like a soyboy?

No. 1366440

On her twitch stream she said she’s had return flights booked but they keep getting canceled

No. 1366465

If anything, zoomer women are running to porn to get male attention. There will always be women who will whore themselves out one way or another for men.

>But wouldn't the male equivalent of a tradthot be a man who panders to women, like a soyboy?
I have to agree with anon on that one. Many MGTOWS had genuine success with women in their past unlike soyboy panderers. Many of them are revelling in their break ups from god knows when and are realising that they a hitting the wall looks wise and their access to attractive younger women is drying up. Many of them are fence sitters who are still holding out for the perfect woman secretly.

I also find that a lot of MGTOWS blame their lack of success with women on the race of women they were with i.e white women predominately and try to date asian or black women but it never works because they can't let go of becky hurting their feelings.

How tradthots tie into this is that they see how a lot of white men are specifically calling out white women for being cheaters, immoral ect and they try to show them that they are not like the other girls, obviously it doesn't work because MGTOWS are bitter, but because some of them are still secretly holding out on the dream waifu, they will listen.

So many black pickme/tradthots lick the ground he walks on, which is funny because he absolutely despises black women and thinks they are ugly and has unironically claimed White women and Hispanic women are superior despite black women as a whole being the worst pickmes on the planet who are willing to go through hell just to have the perfect husband. Maybe that's why white trads like him, I had no idea they cared about him.

No. 1366473

>No they don't. I think you might be confused about what a MGTOW is. MGTOW means Men Going Their Own Way and the whole "movement" is supposed to be about men removing themselves from the dating market and not getting involved with women because of legal consequences.

You are getting confused with what Men Getting Triggered Over Women say they are about vs what they really are. MGTOWs are definitely big on traditionalism and they are strongly opposed to "modern" women. It's no coincidence that India and the Middle East are where MGTOW is growing the fastest.

>But wouldn't the male equivalent of a tradthot be a man who panders to women, like a soyboy?

Ultimately, MGTOW and Tradthots share the same core ideology: women are trash, women should be submissive to men and there is a gynocentric conspiracy to destroy men. Furthermore, women who do not bow to the demands of MGTOWs will all die alone with their cats and that a woman missing out on a relationship with a MGTOW is a huge loss for her.

No. 1366504

Roosh is definitely playing the christian angle as his last grift. He realized hes in his 40s and is living proof that all that he said in the past left him alone, living with his mom and sister who worked to pay his bills, and nothing to show for his life. He preached about men not having a bio clock so men in their 30s and 40a just go out and have ONS with teens and early 20s girls. And when he was done, he always said to want some young hippie girl to wife. None of that happened. So he "turned to god" but still isnt married as even the most desperate christian girl knows hes past his exp date. Its pretty funny to see yet his followers still are deluded that they'll all become attractive multimillionaires in their 40s with their pick of ig models to date.

I've seen internal conflicts over tradcon mgtows and more liberal mgtows over this. The tradcons went grow because they're protesting over the fact that they cant own women anymore and want their slave back in the kitchen. And other mgrows see being a provider as inherently anti male for placing any responsibility on them. Those more liberal mgtows want zero accountability or responsibility. They want to fuck any woman, blame her for having sex, more often than force her to keep any child, deprive her of any help in raising said kid and leave. They're just manchild throwing tantrums over it. But it's all online bs. They're kids crying at the door telling you they're leaving you go "okay". Women arent chasing them or crying for them to come back and they hate it. Its men who make it most of the online profiles on many dating sites. Hardly any real women. Just onlyfans promoters and bots.

No. 1366512

>He preached about men not having a bio clock so men in their 30s and 40a just go out and have ONS with teens and early 20s girls

I never heard Roosh say this. Think you may be confusing him with other manospherians. Keep in mind that Roosh was clearly miserable even when he was young so I don't think is hitting the wall that finally pushed him over the edge.

>And when he was done, he always said to want some young hippie girl to wife. None of that happened. So he "turned to god" but still isnt married as even the most desperate christian girl knows hes past his exp date.

I really don't think it's his age or his looks. It's that he is fucking bonkers and that puts women off. Even if he had money and properly groomed himself I think he is simply too unstable to make any relationship work unless it's some uber passive mail order bride from the Philippines or something.

Roosh himself in his more honest moments even admitted that he doubted he was capable of sustaining a relationship. The guy is simply defective and he knows it.

No. 1366517

Yeah Roosh will die alone not because he’s old, but because he’s globally notorious for being a sleazeball and writing rape manuals. No woman, let alone a pious Christian woman looking for a husband, would throw away her reputation for such a man. He did it to himself and he knows it. What’s crazy is how many other men followed this deranged scammer straight to hell. Imagine being so lost and morally broken that THIS fucking loser is your role model. This absolute state of moids.

No. 1366621

for the record, i don't think the christianity thing is entirely a grift with roosh. he wrote about his sister dying from cancer and i think thats what did it

No. 1366645

thread looks heavily derailed by post-MGCOWs

Roosh has always been a PUA LARP except a short peak during ROK era where his fame was sufficient to land meetup scraps. RationalMale/Roissy/etc are all also larps.

Ironically roosh’s forum had some regulars who achieved "The Lifestyle" but roosh spurned them on his last-chance tard hail mary

Trad zoomers exist but it the ones we see on twitter are washed up born-again millennials and a small handful of BPD zoomers. They’re all over tiktok and they get as wignat as you want your FYP diluted with their seething

No. 1366677

>complains about supposed MGTOWs/derailing
>retarded reddit unsaged spacing

No. 1366712

Zoomers aren't going to be trad. Zoomers are the most degen porn-addicted mentally ill generation yet because they are raised entirely by the internet by parents who don't know the effects of social media. The next generation after them will realize that they don't want to be like their parents who cut their dicks and tits off. A lot of zoomers will just flat out not have kids because they have sterilized themselves or are too mentally unwell to find a stable relationship. They will serve as a bad example for future generations and those might then turn back to traditional values to avoid becoming like zoomers.

No. 1366748

how many years of your life did you dedicate to a gremlin who despite some fame got laid less than your average college kid

No. 1366749

You would be surprised. While it’s true that many if not most zoomers are addicted to drugs and live degenerate lifestyles, not all do. And those who don’t usually larp as wignat pagans or trad cath on tiktok, Twitter, and oddly enough tumblr. Actually there’s a large crossover between cottagecore aesthetic and tradwives on tumblr. I for one would enjoy a thread on the new generation of trad thots. They’re a totally different breed than Lauren Southern, not as political or contrarian, just downright edgy and cringe and milky.

No. 1366752

I think that due to the way society is headed, a lot of them are going to turn to tradism as a way to rebel or cope/feel in control. However, once they actually live that life instead of just larping on social media, they will regret it and understand why previous generations wanted to move on from that.

No. 1367100

what does this mean

No. 1367564

File: 1636714441857.png (544.89 KB, 582x724, selfie.png)

I think the difference with the zoomer tradthots is that they're more edgy and have basically lost any shred of empathy or even any touch with reality they possessed due to being terminally online. I could never imagine the old tradthots like Lauren Southern posting their selfie with a caption like this.

No. 1367569

File: 1636715033332.png (516.19 KB, 589x1038, oink.png)

No. 1367584

Posting cottagecore on tumblr is not really what I was talking abou twhen I said future generations will return back to traditional values. I am thinking more of a "let's fucking get out of the city, smash our phones and homestead" kind of return to tradition. I think it will eventually happen. White people are already feeling uncomfortable living in the city with all the crime and constant riots and violence and the constant threat of being raped on the way home in the dark as a woman. In the future we will see white people flee from the cities and buy land in rural areas. It's already happening.

No. 1367620

Every generation has a few pickme tards who believe tradthottery is a viable solution to postmodern malaise, and then find out (sometimes too late) why their mothers and grandmothers ran away screaming from that lifestyle at the first opportunity.

No. 1367623

White zoomers have zero ability to farm and no capital to buy land in rural areas, and the economy isn’t remotely set up to support subsistence farming as a lifestyle. They’ll just move to McMansions out in the suburbs like their parents did, their kids will get bored and move back to the cities, rinse and repeat. But keep dreaming of your hwyte trad utopia I guess.

No. 1367642


Their mothers and grandmothers didn't run away from the tradthot lifestyle. The lifestyle that tradthots imagine never existed in the first place.

When tradthots talk about "traditional", they mean a romanticized view of a lifestyle that only existed in middle class, 1950s America. A lifestlye that died out simply due to it's lack of economic viability, not some feminist conspiracy, btw.

No. 1367645


I'm a little confused. Is Christian larping mandatory in the tradosphere now? I don't remember it being this way circa 2016.

No. 1367650

On twitter they generally choose between either Catholicism, Christianity (maybe Orthodox in some cases,) or paganism a la Varg. You're right, I don't think religion or spirituality was as much of a requirement for the last generation of trads as it is now.

No. 1367652

i hope you're right and cringelords like you retvrn to tradition and get the fuck off the board finally
they will learn once they get fat and their husbands leave them for the next best gullible pickme
god i wanna alog when i see this bullshit

No. 1367657


Are you sure that this a real tradthot and not just some Zoomer chick making a dumb joke? I absolutely could have seen a Millenial girl having made a joke like this back in the day.

No. 1367666

File: 1636733573797.jpg (92.04 KB, 640x634, photo_2021-07-08_15-00-34.jpg)

It's actually cheaper to live in rural areas than to live in the suburbs in a McMansion. There are also loans for starting a farm. What you pay for an apartment in the city, you could easily put towards the Mortgage of a house in a rural area. I know zoomers are dumb with their money and I already said they are doomed to cut off their dicks and tits.

No. 1367685

I’m pretty sure they mean times when women were property of their husbands and fathers, i.e. most of recorded global human history. 1950s housewife larping is one strain of tradthottery, not the entirety of it. The world is bigger than America, nonnie.

No. 1367687

Lmaooo @ your gay cottagecore radish farmer wojacks, why are tradthot memes always so cringe and embarrassing?

No. 1367720

Radish farming is based.

No. 1367723

go back

No. 1367726

I'm working on it!

No. 1367792

She's real, she's adjacent to pagan trad twitter and scarethot twitter and tweets a lot about traditionalism.

No. 1367921

>1950s housewife larping is one strain of tradthottery, not the entirety of it.

No, it's the entirety of it. Tradthots always and everywhere say that women need to stay home with the kids, cook and keep house while the man goes out and earns to provide.

There are no tradthots who say things like, "husbands should rule their homes but their wives should also still work fulltime outside of the home to provide for the family, in addition to doing all the cooking and cleaning." That is what would be truly be "traditional" and even tradthots don't advocate that.

No. 1367931

NTA but there are lots of tradthots in the Viking thread that believe that. Just look at Marie, Varg's wife. She takes care of the house and the children, and still "works the land" on the farm.

No. 1367932


Yeah, I thought that there was no next gen tradthots but this thread inspired me to dig on Twitter and they actually weren't that hard to find. But they aren't like Lauren or even like Riley.

Some differences:
1. These girls tend to either not show their faces or to be more plain looking
2. They are REALLY into "monarchism". It seems like every one of them mentions it in their bios
3. They like to make "ironic" sexist jokes that women are stupid or should be beaten
4. They like to humble brag about their own weakness and incompetence, which they view as a sign of how feminine they are
5. Big on Christian larping despite clearly knowing next to nothing about theology
6. Fans of awful "traditional" clothing

Honestly, they aren't as bad as the Laurens, Brittneys and Rileys. These are just mixed up young girls who are trying to find their place in the world. They'll grow out of it.

No. 1367985

that’s completely trad, though
women on farms have always worked twice as hard as men, just as women in hunter/gatherer societies provide 70-80% of a tribe’s calories

No. 1367986

people who have never lived in a farming community made that meme
here’s what’s going on in farming communities: opioid abuse, alcoholism, child abuse, incest, domestic violence, constant petty theft

No. 1368079

thought this was paige jennings for a hot second

No. 1368292

>spend your life 18(or even younger) to 50 pumping out babies and being an on-call bangmaid for an ugly man who never even tries to pleasure you
>you're thought to be a brainless, immature baby canon with no capacity for self-actualization or deep thought; all of your worth is tied to your youth, beauty and fertility- all of which will fade anyways
>take care of housework, cooking, laundry, childcare and othe related drudgery with no complaint, and of course no help
>ALSO work outside the home to bring in income, but can never have one with actual prestige attached to it because that would emasculate your husburden
>despite all you do, any success your family/children achieve is attributed to your husband since he's the "head of the household" and you must always be submissive to him
Why does this awful lifestyle even appeal to anyone in the first place? I don't blame the people who think all tardwives are just moids running fetish pornography accounts, since absolutely nothing about this lifestyle benefits women at all.

No. 1368390

Does she really count as"zoomer", though? This girl is turning 26 next month. Zoomers are teenagers/early 20s.

No. 1368567

File: 1636873111061.png (8.4 MB, 1284x2778, CDB4D3D0-0D90-4E0E-AAE4-CEE6DC…)

Lauren looks completely different to me

No. 1368571

it benefits women who actually want to live this lifestyle if you find a decent man who recognizes the importance of being a mom and housewife, but most of these men don't and just think they're doing these women a favor because all they see is money

No. 1368581

Isn't that how you make out every straight relationship to be like, tho? Women who chose to date men = bangmaid slaves, women who chose to be mothers = breeding sows popping out crotchgoblins, women who chose to work in a job that is not prestigious or stay at home = worthless. Some feminist you are.

I can make your life sound just as miserable if I write it from a highly biased point of view.
>spend your youth getting into debt for a useless degree and end up working in a dingy office
>work 9-5 for a boss who doesn't even know your name
>get harassed by niggers on the subway
>come home to an empty 1 bedroom apartment in the city that you pay $2.000 for
>browse HER to finally find the girl of your dreams, but it's all trannies
>regret you never had kids by 35
>die old and alone with no children to take care of you in old age
WHO WOULD WANT TO LIVE LIKE THIS ANYWAYS? Wow it's almost like you can make anything sound bad if you want to dictate what a woman choses to do with her life.

No. 1368584

Ok Tardwife

No. 1368595

>Muh debt
>Muh office drone
>Muh BBC
>Muh wall
Is this all you have? It's always the same shit. A mix of male projection and paranoia. Only the stupidest women fear this scenario so much that they think 3/10 soulless coomer moid dick must save them.

These seething moid analyses always emphasizes that women can have happiness by being sexually tantalizing to men or raising a surplus of children. Moids and handmaidens think women exist only to serve the wants and needs of others. Of course since us women are objects not capable of any thoughts, we must at least be useful objects.

No. 1368612

Why do you Trad-larping moids and pickmes always seem to think that every single career-oriented woman picks a useless degree and will be stuck working a dead end office job for the rest of her life? One doth project too much, methinks.

No. 1368616

File: 1636886712614.jpeg (530.64 KB, 2048x2048, 4BD33A84-CC0F-4BDD-A0A7-B7A5BE…)

I’ve been keeping up with this group too, but I wasn’t sure if they were consistently milky enough to post. The whole edgy trad thing is cringey but sometimes it’s just more sad to see how insecure and out of touch with reality they are. I’ve noticed most of them are brits/ Australian with a few Europeans so maybe that makes a difference in their overall outlook.

>>1367569 Dinah especially is ridiculously insecure and heavy into the pickme/ self-hating woman thing, tbh it’s kinda sad how routinely she’s picked on by the misogynistic weirdos they associate with

One thing I did think was maybe worth posting was picrel, Kirby putting her 18 year old cousin on blast for getting lip fillers. I agree with her that they look awful but posting her actual face to be picked apart by right wing weirdos is just such a violation (yes there’s a cameo from Robyn in there). Tbh the way she was revelling in how awful it looks and crowing over the idea that she might have “saggy lips” just makes it seem more like jealousy over her younger cousin rather than genuine concern

No. 1368642

I never post in this thread but those lips look so disgusting. Lip fillers are almost always bad but this shape looks especially vile. Holy shit, poor girl.

No. 1368682

And all you have is
>muh breeders
>muh bangmaids
>muh abusive scrote husbands
I was simply showing you how you can present either lifestyle in a negative biased way. The same way you did for people who chose to be housewives and mothers. You are hilarious truly, criticizing people who "tell women what to do and what to be" when you are doing the exact same thing. Women who chose to be mothers are just as worthless to you as you say they are to scrotes. You are not a feminist, because your idea of what a woman should be is just as narrow as that of a tradwife, except your idea is "be single forever and work till you die" and women should never chose anything else because that makes them "retarded tradthots". Fuck off.

No. 1368702

You got it, anon. Any woman who grew up in a place like that knows it is not an uwu trad paradise.

>I’ve noticed most of them are brits
I also noticed this, wonder what's in the water

No. 1368714

please integrate before posting your dumb and useless tardthot opinions

No. 1368723


That is seriously fucked up. Is this Kribs person a well known tradthot?

The only lip fillers I've ever seen look good are Kendall Jenner. Plastic surgery almost always makes a person look worse unless it is a just a nose job or it is done in South Korea.

I have never seen anything that tries to make someone look younger (botox/face lift) not just make them look worse than they did before. Aging sucks but you gotta embrace it. Lauren is a great example of someone who just ruined her face by trying to continue looking like she was 22. It's just sad.

No. 1368826

>muh breeders
>muh bangmaids
>muh abusive scrote husbands
Which cover a wide array of shitty male behavior and the shitty expectations women have placed on them by said maless. Your doomsday scenario is always the same; office drone, debt, and depression about not being a habephile's ideal mommy-daughter-servant-incubator.

You scrotes will even admit to observable shitty male behavior but only when it comes from brown men. It's all just a ploy. You actually think we're all stupid enough to fall for your half-assed fear mongering. Males truly do not see women as fully human if they genuinely think we are dumb enough to believe their manosphere talking points are in our best interest.

No. 1368830

Tradthot larping as a libfem chastising radfems for not doing feminisms right. Is there anything more ironic than that? This post could have come straight from some incel Reddit sub.

No. 1368832


why do you assume anon is a tradthot and not a moid?

No. 1368863

She's fairly popular on right wing/post left twitter but I don't know if she's well known anywhere else online

No. 1368893

She's a polyp but still a woman, and thinks we can be coaxed into not bullying tradthots with tired libfem talking points. A polyp male wouldn't try to appeal to us subhuman holes on the virtue of free choice because these males do not like to think of women having any agency at all.

Of course I could be wrong and he's just a literal neolib redditor.

No. 1368902


are you saying that it is impossible to be a radfem if you get married and have kids?

No. 1368906

> >get harassed by niggers on the subway
you told on yourself there, Jesus Christ

No. 1368922

We're not talking about regular housewives, we're talking about a dynamic where women are required to be submissive to their husbands and kept within the sphere of the home. A man who truly recognizes the importance of being a wife and mother would never be a "trad husband" since they inherently view women as inferior.
I must've really struck a nerve if I made you write all this seething cope fanfiction about my life, tardwife-chan. It's not just the urban spinster lesbians of your nightmares who're against your ridiculous little tradthot fantasy lifestyle, pretty much any women with even a shred of self esteem rejects the prospect of becoming some moid's bandmaid-birthing bag helpmeet accessory. We find fulfillment with or without marriage, with or without men, with or without careers outside the home. Does it make you mad that women who did everything "wrong" according to your ideology are perfectly content with their lives while you, who did everything "right", is stuck perma-seething on messageboard over how t-totally happy and fulfilling your lifestyle is?

Anyways, chop chop and finish up with the laundry. You wouldn't want Jimothy to give you yet another tradbeating for not having his shirts done in time again, would you?

No. 1368932

I'm saying your shitty rhetoric isn't convincing anyone. You are disingenuous and just trying to cover for your own embarrassing scrote-pandering behavior.

No. 1368936

Tradthots know very well the evils of male nature, they've just convinced themselves that this behavior is only relegated to evil brown men and their little white angels would never hurt or harm a woman or child (unless he is a fag of course).

They have prince charming syndrome, but their prince charming is just all white men. It's nearly the last stage of moid awareness before complete disillusionment. Once they realize their white moids aren't much better than the "niggers" they hate and fear so much, they'll either become feminists or depressed, lonely old women on xanax who cohabitate with their inconsiderate husburdens.
Ironically the bitter old hag is what they'll likely become, but since they have a man on the side they'll have "won" lol.

No. 1368975

>They have prince charming syndrome, but their prince charming is just all white men.

This gets back to what I was saying about there not really being any Zoomer tradthots. The Zoomer girls who are into this are way more into the religious larping and weird politics but they don't seem interested in the race stuff like the Millenial Tradthots are. They also don't seem to believe that women shouldn't work. They aren't uwu, either.

True tradthotism, is dead, imo.

No. 1368981

Zoomer tradthots think that women should work, but never in well-respected or intellectual professions, and they also still think that men should have ultimate control over women. They want to be tradthots who retain all the responsibilities of a normal career woman without any of the respect.

No. 1368991


I just started reading there tweets a couple of days ago and I really don't think so. The misogyny that Zoomer tradthots engage in is more classic "one of the guys" humor mixed with some Zoomer edge. They don't try to say that things should be like they were in the 1950s USA. They seem to want things to be like they are in contemporary Eastern Europe except with awful homemade clothing and a monarchy. And they don't sperg non stop about muh babies.

Some of the new tradthots also seem to (mistakenly) believe that they are intelligent and enjoy subjecting others to their inane thoughts about society.

Bottom line is this: if tradthot means Lauren, Robyn, Mrs. Midwest or even Brittany Pettibone, these new girls are not tradthots.

No. 1369054

You understand that a tradthot is different from any random woman who just "gets married and has kids," so stop with this bad faith bullshit. Plenty of women have children and happy marriages (regardless of if they work or are SAHMs) and don't need to spend their life trying to shill it to everyone else in a histrionic manner online for brownie points from /pol/ men. You get that that's what differentiates tradthots from normal mothers and yet you always come back with this shit.

Some of the British ones mentioned upthread are still very race focused though, the religion part just plays an equally large role

No. 1369134

has anyone noticed that most "trad" chicks like this one are always GIRLFRIENDS and never wives? lmao how pathetic, they can't even get their dudes to put a ring on their finger… sad

No. 1369139

zoomer tardthots tend to be more diverse though from what I've seen, many black girls who want what white women had

No. 1369157


a lot of black girls, yeah. Just like there are a lot of black dudes in MGTOW.

I guess weirdo misogyny is one of those things that is able to bring all races together.

No. 1369171

I didn't even recognize that this was Lauren at first

No. 1369175

Its different for black girls though, 70% of black women are unmarried that's something white women can't even comprehend
many black zoomer girls extra pinkpilled and have divested from the black community

No. 1369237

>70% of black women are unmarried
implying that's from a lack of trying lol… no one wants a black woman, not even black men(racebait)

No. 1369340

Oh no whaat I didn’t even know who this was in the pic at first. Yikes

No. 1369871

Most men who call themselves "trads" have no intention of actually fulfilling their end of the bargain. They want a virginal teenage tardwife who'll be completely submissive to them and pop out the 5-20 children they want without complaint, but they also don't want to give up their porn, get married or deal with the responsibility of being the sole breadwinner for a family.

No. 1370024

That's why I personally believe that misogyny is preferable over racism because misogyny can unite all races together and is prevelant in most cultures of different races.

No. 1370045

Ah yes, then it won't just be certain countries where women don't have rights, it will be all countries. But that's okay because they're all united, right?!

No. 1370088

>can unite all races
*can unite men of all races. I guess it's the same when you don't see women as people. Anyway go back

No. 1370188


I mean, let's be honest: if Trump were running against a Democrat, black, Muslim tranny who wanted to take away all women's rights, the troon would get literally 100% of the libfem vote

No. 1370456

…. So? That still doesn't make misogyny better than racism

No. 1370623


No it does not. I'm just pointing out that the reality is that virtually all 3rd wavers see being insufficiently woke as infinitely worse than denying women legal or even basic human rights. It is what it is.

No. 1371222

File: 1637271513650.jpeg (376.91 KB, 2048x2048, 9A96B9CA-5728-49AD-9DAC-9069E3…)

“waaahhhh I want this lifestyle so badly that I’ve centred my whole online persona around it but I refuse to actively pursue it bc trad”
like is it really more embarrassing to just propose to your bf than it is to wallow on Twitter about it?
I’m pretty sure her bf is also a terminally online weirdo so he can definitely see her sad posting about not being impregnated yet

No. 1371269


>muh wall

wtf kinda woman unironically talks about how The Wall is approaching? Hell, outside of the internet even men don't take The Wall seriously.

If she doesn't want to propose herself, just tell the guy to propose or that she is out. Or is that also not trad enough?

>I’m pretty sure her bf is also a terminally online weirdo so he can definitely see her sad posting about not being impregnated yet

you've managed to make me sympathetic with the bf

No. 1371354

>I’m pretty sure her bf is also a terminally online weirdo
He is, pretty sure that's how they met

No. 1371374

funniest thing about these types is definitely the way they go on about how a woman’s sole purpose is to be a wife and mother and childless women are wasting their lives, then turn round and write some long screed about how it’s actually ok that they’re unmarried and not pregnant for xyz reasons

yeah sis it’s almost like having children is a personal decision a woman makes when she feels financially and emotionally ready, not some sacred duty

No. 1371380

And their reasons are literally exactly the same as 99% of other women, who they get off on feeling superior to and are hated by the moids they pander to. But like obviously the vast majority of us would want a decent partner and financial stability before having kids lmao.

That's the great irony about tradthots, they do everything to appease men and become their dream waifu, get an inflated ego as a result, and their standards for what they want in a husband get higher and higher. After all, what's the point in being a perfect feminine tradwife if you don't get a perfect masculine tradhusband in return? They don't get that moids push traditionalism to scare women into lowering their standards and being bangmaids for anyone who'll have them.

No. 1371382


Actually, from what I can tell, tradthots are the only group of women who seem unable to get commitment from desperate, low quality men. Can you imagine being married to Robyn or Mrs. Midwest?

No. 1371630

Which is exactly why Robyn and Midwest's husbands come across as rude, shady creeps. Men who want to disrespect women will always seek out women who don't respect themselves.

No. 1371709

Robyn is a pretty obvious narc. I wouldn't say she doesn't respect herself. She thinks she's all that.

Mrs. Midwest's husband is a creep, but Robyn's just seems like a typical eastern euro meathead. Considering how unpleasant Robyn herself is, she actually didn't end up doing that poorly.

No. 1371741

It's typical for women raised in conservative religious households like Mrs Midwest to get married young to men who aren't as good looking.
Robyn is a former left thot who got married around 30 to a man on her level who also provides for the family.

No. 1371801

File: 1637344280563.jpeg (456.86 KB, 2048x2048, 1E91491F-26A6-42B3-A8FD-AE3804…)

Old milk bc we weren’t talking about Kirby at the time but she also fell for this obvious fake event and had the whole of trad Twitter whipped up into a frenzy thinking that there was genuinely going to be a toddlers fetish event at a public library.

(Image is broken bc she dirty deleted when she realised she’d fallen for obvious trad-bait but you can still see a lot of the replies)

No. 1371982

Fair, I guess it's more accurate to say Robyn doesn't respect women as a whole and any references to herself within that are incidental. And idk, maybe it's just her distorted view and all, but I always find the way she describes her husband and the things she does "for him" as unsettling, you're right that Midwest's husband definitely has way more red flags though.

No. 1372038

I really think it's one of those things like with Greg and Shoe where Greg went along with the Dom stuff at Shoe's behest.

I doubt Robyn and Meathead have as fucked up a relationship as the aforementioned two, but I'm pretty sure that all the "traditional" elements in their marriage are are things that Robyn insists on as part of her larp. And Meathead shrugs and goes along with it and then responds the same way that Slavic men have been dealing with their wives for millennia: by getting drunk.

It's not that Meathead appears to be any kind of catch, it's just that… neither is Robyn. I mean, I can't even imagine what that poor guy has to deal with everyday when he gets home from work.

Pettibone, Midwest and even Lauren I could see taking on the subordinate role in their relationships if they wanted to. But Robyn? No way. She just isn't wired that way.

No. 1372244

>advertise yourself as goods that are constantly depreciating in value which require 100% lifelong financial investment to a bunch of porn addicted gamers who are racist on the internet
One truly wonders why these tradthots are not living the dream

No. 1373535

She fucking meme'd herself(learn2sage)

No. 1374524

Why are her gums so pale? Is it a photoshop fail or does she have internal bleeding?

No. 1374719

If she wants 10 kids and a trad life so bad, why can't she find a man who will be with her and give her that? Is she that "low value", or are the options for men that meager? In either case, it's looking bleak, so what's even the point of all this?
Her scrote is literally wasting her "prime" years, probably jacking off to porn. All she does is cry on Twitter about it, and by the time she's 30, the men she simps for on Twitter will be making fun of her for hitting The Wall. Who chooses this life??

No. 1374968

I seriously think tradthots should go after MGTOWs and vice versa. They have the exact same beliefs and nobody else could stand being in a relationship with either one of them.

It's one thing for a woman to be unable to find a man who treats her well, can support himself and meets her minimum looks requirement. But tradthots are literally unable to get commitment from porn addicted, unattractive, unhygenic, NEETs who want a wife that will voluntarily take on a sort of mothering, but still subservient, role. Tradthots are exactly what these men want and yet tradthots are unable to get even these extremely low value men.

It truly is amazing. It's like some kind of scientific marvel.

No. 1375017

Are they what men want though? Actual "trad" women have valuable skills and are off working on a farm somewhere. These women are just NEET dropouts too lazy to invest in their careers or education, who hope sitting at home bashing other women on Twitter all day will convince a simp to marry them and pay their bills. But pickmes stay losing, because men have no respect for women who don't respect themselves. They may use them for cheap validation or exploit them sexually, but they don't want them as wives or mothers. Deep down moids know they're disgusting creatures, which is why they go to such lengths to coerce, cajole and harass women into giving them attention. Women who instead enthusiastically pretend moids are the superior ones and beg THEM for attention are distrusted, because they're obviously either scamming or stupid.

No. 1375019

>These women are just NEET dropouts too lazy to invest in their careers or education, who hope sitting at home bashing other women on Twitter all day will convince a simp to marry them and pay their bills.

This isn't 2016. Both MGTOWs and Tradcons both expect women to work fulltime outside the home now. The ideal is no longer 1950's, middle class USA; it is instead 1990's, working class Ukraine.

No. 1375023

>But pickmes stay losing, because men have no respect for women who don't respect themselves.

Most women are pickmes for desirable men. Tradthots though are pickmes for men who are universally regarded as the absolute bottome of the barrel

No. 1375553

you can show interest in a man without being a pickme
you just tell him you’ve picked him

No. 1375630

If the guy is hot, he won't pick you if you don't simp for him. Even Emily Ratajkowski has to simp for her man.

What percentage of guys are hot? Like 10%? Supply and demand.

No. 1375728

yeah because she's a whore and turned herself into a consumable, you don't have to simp for a man they simp for you if they're not broken from casual sex

No. 1375761

That would be a really weird thing to Photoshop. I wonder if they just look really pale in comparison to her lip color?

No. 1375773

You think you can get a guy who looks like Henry Cavill or Adam Driver to simp for you? Unless you look like Gal Gadot or Dua Lipa, no way. Probably not even then.

>you don't have to simp for a man they simp for you if they're not broken from casual sex

any guy that looks like Henry Cavill is "broken from casual sex"

No. 1376045

File: 1637903080894.jpg (63.74 KB, 750x742, original (1).jpg)

>a guy who looks like Henry Cavill or Adam Driver
>Adam Driver

No. 1376068

imagine thinking Driver couldn't have any woman he wanted. Millenial women thirst after Driver 100x more than X'er women ever thirsted for Pitt or Cruise

No. 1376081

You obviously haven't been here very long. They had to make a driver containment thread on /m/ because bitches like me were tired of seeing his ugly ass incel looking ratface everywhere. You couldn't pay me to fuck him. Just because you want to lick the shit out of his asshole doesn't mean all of us do. I would rather let cult leader manlet Tom Cruise with his fucked up teeth impregnate me than ever let this nasty goat looking freakoid touch me. Get some standards.

No. 1376105

>They had to make a driver containment thread on /m/ because bitches like me were tired of seeing his ugly ass incel looking ratface everywhere.

that kinda proves my point. Millenial women worship Driver, even on a board that generally prefers the exact opposite kind of guy. Of course there are always gonna be exceptions. The only reason you are angry about this is because other women don't agree with your bullshit tastes.

>Just because you want to lick the shit out of his asshole doesn't mean all of us do.

I'm not into guys, so, unlike you, I can be objective on this subject

>Get some standards.

He's over 6'1" with shoulders wider than most NFL players. He has the best hair quality in Hollywood and his eye area may even be better than Cavill's. Get the fuck out of here with your bullshit. Go fap to your creepy plastic looking KPop idols

No. 1376118

File: 1637919912457.jpg (27.34 KB, 500x500, artworks-000605120581-0gvh46-t…)

>simping for driver this hard
>saying I have bullshit taste because I'm not attracted to some mutant goat freakoid just because he's tall and has nice hair
>"not into men"

No. 1376190

You cannot convince me that women liking that horsefaced alien is not an internet meme/psy-op like the "women love dad bods" bullshit.

No. 1376217

Adam Driver looks like a pathetic well-meaning French street rat who’s perpetually edging himself, ready to explode at any given moment

No. 1376219

This is so retarded. Tradthots aren’t simping for Henry Cavill or Adam Driver, they’re simping for ugly, misogynistic terminally online scrotes (and the men you mentioned are just ugly rich scrotes and not worth simping for either but I digress.) If you’re a woman and you have to simp for literal bottom-of-the-barrel sperg men, you’re absolutely doing something wrong. So stop derailing.

Being nice to your husband isn’t “simping”, you absolute dipshit.

Lmao at the Driverfag chimping out! 10/10 copypasta.

No. 1376232

File: 1637945190054.png (565.19 KB, 508x640, 1306fa1d98e5da6f7fc489568b2214…)

True tradthots know that this is the peak male physique.

No. 1376233

>This is so retarded. Tradthots aren’t simping for Henry Cavill or Adam Driver, they’re simping for ugly, misogynistic terminally online scrotes (and the men you mentioned are just ugly rich scrotes and not worth simping for either but I digress.) If you’re a woman and you have to simp for literal bottom-of-the-barrel sperg men, you’re absolutely doing something wrong. So stop derailing.
That's my point. Tradthots are pathetic because they simp for the lowest quality men on the planet.

>Being nice to your husband isn’t “simping”, you absolute dipshit.

Except we aren't talking about some normie husband, we are talking about men with elite looks. Those men don't just want you to "be nice", they want full scale simping. Why do you think Kylie Jenner has gone for some normie guy when she could have any Chad she wanted? Because she knows that she'd have to simp for a Chad and she doesn't want to.

No. 1376235

When tradthots say "dad bod", they actually mean morbidly obese like Vaush or Preg. It's just an excuse for bottom of the barrel men.

But the culture wide praise of the dad bod isn't just some patriarchal conspiracy either. Most women hate the gym bods that Hollywood promote. Women want guys who are built like a young Jack Nicholson, not guys built like Chris Hemsworth. Except for women who are really into fitness, they are the only women who actually like the gym bod.

inb4 Farmers try to say that Jack couldn't have had anyone he wanted back when he was 30

No. 1376256

Call me retarded but I used to and still would fuck 1950s Christmas card/advertisement Santa Claus. He looks cute, handsome, warm and jolly. He's probably very giving in bed too.

No. 1376271

File: 1637952307276.jpg (188.15 KB, 900x801, drink-coca-cola-santa-claus-ho…)

I knew I wasn't the only one with good taste!

No. 1376285

Hey don't pick on Haddon Sundblom, he was a fucking amazing illustrator and Woke-Cola did him dirty.

No. 1376298

I was being genuine!

No. 1376326

File: 1637957027560.png (1.98 MB, 1426x2048, wtf.png)

>Henry Cavill or Adam Driver
Two ugly bitches
Why worry ? Fix you're taste
Problems = disappear

No. 1376336

File: 1637957631623.jpg (249.88 KB, 651x588, gross.jpg)

>"inb4 Farmers try to say that Jack couldn't have had anyone he wanted back when he was 30"
Same weird spacing and phrasing as

>imagine thinking Driver couldn't have any woman he wanted.

Which brings me to

>I'm not into guys,

So, help me to see why a self-proclaimed lesbian is getting angry and trying to talk to straight women about what they do/should find attractive, calling it "objective". Are you actually a scrote who's simply "not making his phallus known" (most plausible theory - males on the internet are obsessed with insisting ugly moids are actually hot. Next you'll be telling me the average young woman wants to fuck a man in his late 40s to early 50s year old man over a 25 year old one lol) or a bisexual in denial (who has the most rancid taste in men)?

No. 1376351

wtf this guy has no neck

No. 1376356

>So, help me to see why a self-proclaimed lesbian is getting angry
I'm not angry, I'm frustrated. It really isn't even about Driver, Cavill or Jack. I can't stand Cavill and don't really care about Driver (Jack is awesome, though). I was just trying to say that hot guys expect you to simp for them and if you don't, they will find someone who will. It's not even a debatable point.

The whole reason I even brought it up was to make the point about how pathetic tradthots are: if you want to simp, at least simp for hot guys, not for MGTOWs

>Next you'll be telling me the average young woman wants to fuck a man in his late 40s to early 50s year old man over a 25 year old one lol)

No, that would be something that MGTOWs say, I would never say that. There may be some damaged girls out there with a fetish for old guys, but it's definitely not the norm. I'm just pointing out that most women will simp for a super attractive man. Farmers wouldn't, but most would. Definitely most women would simp for Driver or a young Jack.

No. 1376360

Nta but I've understood your point from the start and at this point the other anon is derailing and infighting due to her own inability to understand. Its autistic as fuck to chimp out this long.

No. 1376365

I don't see most women simping for men, attractive or not, but I'm not American so that might be why. Isn't it the same damaged girls and tradthots who endlessly simp? Seems unrealistic for the vast majority, especially since most of the men you mentioned are far from "super attractive" in the first place

It's more than one anon laughing at the Driverfag spergout lol, I only just joined and started reading. If just commenting on this is "derailing and infighting", the anon you're trying to back up has been doing the most for 2 days straight

No. 1376367

Señor Senior Jr.

No. 1376370

>I don't see most women simping for men, attractive or not, but I'm not American so that might be why.
You don't have guys in your country who are 6'5", with long thick hair, good eye area and a strong jaw line? How do women in your country behave around such men?

>Seems unrealistic for the vast majority, especially since most of the men you mentioned are far from "super attractive" in the first place

This is lolcow spergery. Driver and Cavill literally earn their living off of their looks. You, personally, may not find them super attractive but obviously 10s of millions of women do.

No. 1376374

>You don't have guys in your country who are 6'5", with long thick hair, good eye area and a strong jaw line?
I have never personally known a guy like this in my life. Men with "strong jawlines" and "good eye areas" are rare, very tall men are rare, and it seems half of the male population has visible balding by their late 20's. The vast majority of people is just plain. Average.

No. 1376377

Especially in the US, land of seed oils, premature balding and Impossible burgers

>living off their looks
They're actors, not models lmao. Standards for men in Hollywood aren't that high

No. 1376378

AD does not have a strong jawline, he has the opposite of that. Also what the fuck does "good eye area" mean

No. 1376427

>Also what the fuck does "good eye area" mean

Best eye area I've ever seen on a man is a young Tom Cruise. Best I've ever seen on a woman is Dua Lipa.

>AD does not have a strong jawline, he has the opposite of that

Correct. AD has everything going for him except for his truly awful lower third. However, it's not really about how objectively attractive the guy is or isn't, it's about the way that women in the 25-40 y/o age bracket thirst for him even more than Gen X women thirsted for Brad and Tom. This is simply a fact and it's why I used Driver as an example. Keep in mind that Brad (who I never thought was handsome, btw) and Tom were heartthrobs back when height wasn't considered that important, whereas it's the most important thing for Millenial women. It will be interesting to see what attributes Zoomer women end up preferring.

>They're actors, not models lmao

Yeah, because Driver and Cavill are known for their Gary Oldmanesque acting abilities ::sarc::
They are cast because they give Millenial women feels, period. Millenial women don't like the Pitt/Cruise model type looks.

No. 1376434

File: 1637966341556.jpg (16.68 KB, 472x241, dua.JPG)

>pic related is the best female eye area you've ever seen
Is this a serious post?

No. 1376443

File: 1637966605589.jpg (18.9 KB, 317x121, IMG_20211126_234303.jpg)

>Adam driver is famous for his looks
>Millenial women don't like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise
>young Tom Cruise has the best eyes
I'm sorry I have to break this to you as you clearly take your role as Woman Understander very seriously but you are extremely wrong and retarded

No. 1376451

Who has better eyes then?

No. 1376459

File: 1637967197373.png (48.37 KB, 320x388, 986-9869912_pol-china-forces-t…)

>"Millennial women thirst for AD harder than any man in history, he could have any woman in the world, I know this as a Woman Expert™"
>Actual straight women disagree

Also, I was born in the 90's and still vaguely remember the Brad Pitt craze. I can definitely assure you women went WAY crazier for Pitt than for AD. Get your larping male zoomer ass out of here.

No. 1376473

::post pic of the most beautiful eye area in human history and thinks it disproves my point::
I don't know what your eye area is like, but your eyesight is obviously trash

>Millenial women don't like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise

Well Brad Pitt simply was never attractive in the first place. Gen X women liked men like Pitt and Matt LeBlanc but Millenial women realized that Gen X women couldn't judge looks for shit. Neither Pitt or LeBlanc were ever handsome. Cruise was handsome but other than his eye area and hair, he wasn't as good looking as he was made out to be. Also he would be too short for Millenial women. Don't get me wrong, Millenail woman would date and marry Tom Cruise, but they would fantasize about Driver. It's just a completely different type of attraction.

Yes. Dua Lipa's eye area is perfection. She has become a multi millionaire off her eye area. Are you fucking retarded?

Thank you! Somebody gets it. Everything I have said here wouldn't be remotely controversial anywhere else.

>Also, I was born in the 90's and still vaguely remember the Brad Pitt craze
If you were born in the 90's, you do not remember the peak of the Brad Pitt craze, which happened at around like 1996.

>I can definitely assure you women went WAY crazier for Pitt than for AD

No they did not. The media went more crazy for Brad but actual women went more crazy for Driver. If there had been lolcow in the 90s, there wouldn't have been a need to silo Brad Pitt thirsting in it's own thread as has proved necessary for Driver

This is all a bunch of derailing bullshit anyway. I don't care who anyone else is attracted to, the point I was making was that tradthots are pathetic for simping for MGTOWs. If they want to simp, they should simp for desirable men.

No. 1376482

File: 1637968302270.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.55 KB, 1400x932, 904.jpg)

>Millenial women would fantasize about this thing
Stop trying to gaslight my fucking eyes
If your only point was "Tradthots should at least simp for attractive men", you didn't need to name names and try to defend them. You're like a shill, fucking quit

No. 1376485

Ntayrt but you're the one who seems triggered to hell and back by names. It didn't warrant such a retarded reaction and that's why its gotten to this point.

No. 1376491

Okay, you're both right, I'm sorry. I'll stop. But people were attacking me first. All I did was try to make the point that it makes sense for women to simp for guys in the top 10% of looks and then anons chose to focus on the least relevant part of what I said.

No. 1376492

File: 1637968833303.png (235.12 KB, 549x246, dua2.png)

You posted this blog where it says that inward-slanted eyes are the most ideal, and then you swoon over Dua Lipa's eyes even though they're slightly outward-slanted. So which one is true?

No. 1376496

I wasn't even part of the original autistic argument or rants, so no. I'm just sick of ugly scrote defense. "No shut up stop calling rat man and the human brick ugly, this is lolcow spergery reee" and actual triggered ranting for days now, no discussion of tradthots in sight, just because we don't all share your husbando. Pick hotter men for your examples next time. Do you think anyone would've said shit if you said, idk, Lucky Blue Smith or literally any other male model who actually has zoomers and millenial simps? Then again, I know someone would come to fight about that too because not everyone will agree. The best thing is to name no one. Just say hot men, hot celebrity men or whatever. This shit didn't need to happen
>"I said Ntayrt"
Don't care didn't ask

No. 1376499

anyone whose eyes aren't so hooded and droopy they make them look 10 years older? I don't doubt you find them attractive but these things are completely subjective

No. 1376502

1. I meant Dua when she is fully made up, like in the "Levitating" video. They make her eyes look more cat like with makeup
2. It clearly says in on the blog that cat like eyes are not as important for women as they are for men
3. You could make the case that Gal Gadot and Taylor Swift have superior eye area to Dua (without her makeup at least; with makeup she blows them both away)
4. I'll admit that I didn't notice Dua's negative canthal tilt until seeing this pic. I'm used to seeing her with makeup. Still ATG eye area, though.(derailing)

No. 1376510

Brad Pitt craze might have started in 1996 but definitely didn't end there. I remember when Mr and Mrs Smith came out and women everywhere were losing their shit over him. I remember the Johnny Depp craze too which was definitely not just the media hyping him up. I don't find either of those men attractive but I can at least admit they have some conventional appeal, AD does not. Well he's tall I guess, but a lot of men are tall. Some even have faces that aren't painful to look at.

>Anon who is trying to shill AD is the same anon who uses MGTOW as some kind of umbrella term for any conservative/read/misogynist man

Why am I not shocked. Stop trying to derail the thread with your bullshit, no one cares about "MGTOWs" or how much you want to worship Adam Driver's cock.

No. 1376513

File: 1637970105211.jpg (62.17 KB, 1076x613, dua3.JPG)

>I'm used to seeing her with makeup.
In that photo she was still wearing substantial makeup, just not this super-heavy stage makeup like she does in videos.
The kind of makeup you're talking about is called winged eyeliner. You can see in pic related that Dua's actual eyes aren't very "cat-like", it's just a lot of eyeliner forming the "wing" part and making the outer corner appear much higher than it actually is.
It's crazy how easily moids fall for these simple visual tricks.

No. 1376528

>Anon who is trying to shill AD is the same anon who uses MGTOW as some kind of umbrella term for any conservative/read/misogynist man

They are synonymous, yes.

>Stop trying to derail the thread with your bullshit, no one cares about "MGTOWs"

Tradthot and MGTOW ideology are literally exactly the same. It wasn't me who posted the Undead Chronic video here. Actually, this all started because I was expressing confusion about why Tradthots were so attracted to MGTOWs. If Tradthots didn't thirst for MGTOWs, I wouldn't have said anything in the first place.

Also, I don't give a fuck about Adam Driver. I only used him as an example of a man that Millenial women find attractive. You guys are mostly Zoomers so of course you aren't going to like him, just like Millenial women wouldn't like Brad Pitt.

No. 1376531

do you have autism?

No. 1376532

> I was expressing confusion about why Tradthots were so attracted to MGTOWs
Your confusion comes from the fact that for some reason you consider conservative men to be synonymous with MGTOW, which is rather bizarre once you consider that MGTOW's main thing is being anti-marriage, while conservatives salivate at the idea of having a wife.

No. 1376539

>Tardthot is an Adam Driver stan
Holy kek this is hilarious and makes total sense, you bitches could not have worse taste in men if you tried

No. 1376547

>No they're not. MGTOW is a specific movement that isn't even a decade old. It's "movement" of autistic men who think they're oppressed because of child support laws and alimony and therefore claim they'll never get married or financially involved with women. Conservatism has been around much longer and is totally different.
If there are any anons from the Middle East here, they will confirm that on Middle Eastern social media that MGTOW is used as shorthand for "red pilled anti-feminism".

Also, MGTOWs aren't autistic. The autism is more of an incel thing. Tradthots want MGTOWs, not incels.

>MGTOWs mostly hate tradthots gold digging chameleons.

MGTOWs hate tradthots because tradthots are women. Period. Thinking it's about anything more than that is seeing MGTOW as something more than what it actually is. Tradthots get so much flack from MGTOWs only because tradthots are the only women that ever interact with them.

>Shits up the entire thread writing essays about how Adam Driver has a perfect face

He has what is essentially perfect eye area/hair/height/frame combo. That is not an opinion, it's an objective fact. I already conceded that his lower third is trash.

No. 1376555

You're on an imageboard, anybody can reply to you and you're acting like the distinction isn't warranted. You sound new as fuck with a perpetually aflame asshole, so log off and take your meds.

No. 1376557

>If there are any anons from the Middle East here, they will confirm that on Middle Eastern social media that MGTOW is used as shorthand for "red pilled anti-feminism".
They're using it wrong then. The central tenet of MGTOW is that marriage is a stupid idea for men in the 21st century. Most conservatives don't agree with this.

No. 1376558

Was going to delete and repost because of a grammatical error but I guess Im too late. Anyway.

Tradthots don't want men who don't want to financially support them or marry them, aka MGTOWs. They want conservative men who will financially support them. Not the same thing as a MGTOW.

>on Middle Eastern social media that MGTOW is used as shorthand for "red pilled anti-feminism".

Well they're using it wrong. I've seen Indians in social media use gay and transgender interchangeably. They're probably just ESL and misunderstanding the term. Also, being "redpilled" or anti feminist isn't inherently trad or conservative either. You are so goddamn confused.

No. 1376559

>Also, being "redpilled" or anti feminist isn't inherently trad or conservative either. You are so goddamn confused.
You are seriously denying that tradthots don't explicitly identify as redpilled and anti feminist? It is the core of their philosophy.

No. 1376560

>The central tenet of MGTOW is that marriage is a stupid idea for men in the 21st century
If that were true, how come they devote virtually all of their time to talking about how women are trash who waste their youth fucking Chad and having careers and will regret not having guys like themselves when they hit "the Wall"?

No. 1376565

because they are retarded

No. 1376567

I don't know specifically what MGTOW's are spending their time talking about, but I do know that all these things you just mentioned, like "Chad" and "the wall" and "MGTOW", are extremely online. If you look at all those tens of millions of people who are religious and/or voting for conservative political parties, I guarentee that at least 90% of them never even heard any of these terms. So to say that "conservative" and "MGTOW" are synonyms is pretty fucking stupid honestly.

No. 1376570

That's not what I was saying at all. I was just saying men can hate women and feminism without necessarily identifying as conservative or traditional.

No. 1376577

I voted for Trump 2x. I haven't said anything about the conservative/liberal divide. MGTOW and the redpill have nothing to do with politics so I really don't know where all this is coming from.

In my opinion, any man who believes in the redpill is a MGTOW and any woman who believes in the redpill is a tradthot.

No. 1376578

Wasn't it you who said that conservative and MGTOW are synonymous in >>1376528 ?

No. 1376582

it was written as "conservative/read/misogynist" so I assumed that anon was referring to right wing misogyny as opposed to left wing misogyny. They manifest differently. Really I meant that male redpilled misogyny (which is inherently right wing) is synonymous with MGTOW.

I don't consider pro lifers to necessarily be redpilled, few of them likely even know what the redpill is. Conservatives who are big on larping traditionalism, however, I would say are at least redpill/MGTOW adjacent.

No. 1376584

So just define this "redpill" please and it will be clear.

No. 1376591

Women trade their youth, beauty, fidelity and submission to men in exchange for men's protection and commitment (but not necessarily fidelity). The redpill used to also require that a man provide for his wife but that seems to have been dropped in favor of the "Chechan model" where the woman does all the housework and child rearing IN ADDITION to making all the money.

"Modern" women are no longer fulfilling their end of the bargain: instead of serving and giving children to a normie man, they are going out to get fucked by Chad until they hit "the Wall" at which point they try to land a sucker to leach off his "betabux". This plan can't work, however, because all the men who spent their 20s and 30s building their own fortune and business empire now no longer want these women who had rejected them earlier.

That's the redpill.

No. 1376607

Not new at all, I just don't give a fuck about respecting your anonymous individuality when it comes to this very irrelevant topic. Seethe forever and keep trying to infight, or take your own, actual meds. Preferably, in either case, go back to Reddit if having a special identity is so important to you. No one cares

No. 1376931

>I haven't said anything about the conservative/liberal divide. MGTOW and the redpill have nothing to do with politics so I really don't know where all this is coming from.
>In my opinion, any man who believes in the redpill is a MGTOW and any woman who believes in the redpill is a tradthot.

Okay, now I get why you keep calling all men who are misogynistic or conservative MGTOWs, because you don't even seem to understand what a tradthot is in the first place. According to you, being a tradthot has nothing to do with politics. Not really true. Tradthots are called TRADthots because they are larping as conservative (i.e. trad) women who have "traditional" values to get validation/attention/money/love from conservative men. A lot of them will claim to be "redpilled" but that term doesn't have a concrete meaning and it's not the basis of being trad. In other words being "redpilled" and being trad are not synonymous (the "redpill" is not about conserving traditional values). There are lots of "redpilled" thots like Tara Babcock and Indigo White who straight up make porn. Pickmes and "redpilled" but not trad. MGTOW means "Men Going Their Own Way" i.e. without women. Not "Men Going To Marry Redpilled/Trad Women". Do they actually practice what they preach and "go their own way"? No, they just spend an eternity bitching and moaning about women and/or harassing us. But they're still not the men that tradthots pander to, as you have repeatedly stated in this thread. In fact there are even conservative men who think that MGTOWs are pathetic.

Also, I just realized you're the same anon who started shitting up the thread a few weeks ago by saying "tradthots aren't a thing anymore, zoomer women don't have the same lust for misogynistic men that millennials do" see >>1366373 and >>1366002 then you came here to shill Adam Driver. Was your goal all along just to shit up this entire thread with bullshit derailing again and again? Job well done.

No. 1376970

The real red-pill is when you let Santa in your heart and stop sperging about eye-areas. Ho ho ho.

No. 1377043

>because you don't even seem to understand what a tradthot is in the first place
Or anons here don't understand that what a tradthot is has changed substantially from what it was in 2016

>Tradthots are called TRADthots because they are larping as conservative (i.e. trad) women who have "traditional" values to get validation/attention/money/love from conservative men

Evie Magazine is not trying to appeal to "conservative" men. Most normie conservative men would be totally grossed out by Evie Magazine, Mrs. Midwest or Robyn. Insofar as conservative men are misogynist, it is based on apathy/inconsideration as opposed to outright malice ala MGTOWs/tradthots

>But they're still not the men that tradthots pander to

Sure they are. Who do you think Evie Magazine is targeted towards? Who is Midwest's and Robyn's content targeted towards? And before you try to tell me "normie conservative men", I suggest you read the comments that they get

>tradthots aren't a thing anymore, zoomer women don't have the same lust for misogynistic men that millennials do"

And I stand by that. The 2016 style tradthot has no next generation. This thread inspired me to see if I could find any Zoomer tradthots on Twitter and all I could find were: 1. Zoomer girls who were obsessed with crappy crappy homemade clothing, bible quotes and "monarchism" 2. Zoomer girls who had adopted 4chan style meme misogyny without much pretense at traditionalism 3. some really bizarre kink accounts
Only the first group can be described as trad and I don't think it would be accurate to call them tradthots. 2016 Lauren is like the prototypical tradthot and I don't see any Zoomer girls like that.

>then you came here to shill Adam Driver

I didn't shill for Adam Driver. I'm not attracted to him, or any man for that matter. I picked him because I have seen countless farmers express extreme thirst for him the past. If I had known he was so unpopular with the anons ITT I would have picked someone else

>Was your goal all along just to shit up this entire thread with bullshit derailing again and again?

If I was derailing, I would have been sanctioned by the mods (that Dua Lipa thing doesn't count). That I haven't shows that most people silently agree with what I have been saying re tradthots and MGTOWs having the same ideology. And the reason they agree with me is because I am so indisputably correct so all anyone can do is nitpick the margins of my argument.(derailing)

No. 1377062

you haven't answered my question, do you have autism yes or no?

No. 1377066

Do you really have to ask at this point?

No. 1377168

File: 1638047666869.jpg (956.25 KB, 3760x3838, 3836178485726261.jpg)

>a pathetic well-meaning French street rat

No. 1377493

File: 1638113294691.png (749.24 KB, 747x666, 1.PNG)

ew Brittany Pettibone named her son Reinhard. Is it still common name to use in Germany or Austria? The first thing that comes to my mind is Reinhard Heydrich. Thats such a disgusting choice of name. Someone in the comments even said that it brings memories of him.

No. 1377613

It's an old school name that is still used, but not that popular.
>Name Statistic: Reinhardt is ranked 8510 in Austria

No. 1377642

MGTOW and tradthots have similar ideologies but MGTOW just hates all women and would probably go on a shooting spree if they saw how MMW or any other dependent tradthot. Also MMW straight up said that being in a marriage is stable if there wasn't a prenup and you get alimony/life support if he dies or cheats or something. Most MGTOWs would have a heart attack at the but I honestly have to get it to Caitlyn for encouraging women to have financial reliability in a situation where they are most vurnerable and she also encourages women to leave if he cheats or becomes abusive

MGTOW just believes all women are evil by nature, to the point of attacking women who stand up for MGTOW, tradthots value women if they're the "right woman" but also try to push women into the direction they believe is right. The only thing MGTOW and tradthots have in common is that they hate "modern western" women like they're the antichrist coming to curse the world because they make themselves useful in other ways outside of being a baby machine and maid

No. 1377656

It's an old German name, I know several Reinhards who are about 65-70 years old.

No. 1377764

File: 1638142092270.jpg (664.49 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20211128-152756_Sam…)

I love how you cherry picked Pashtuns with blonde hair and blue eyes when thats actually not even that common. It exists yes but most afghans have dark hair and dark eyes..

No. 1377766


Masha Allah, the sister is beautiful. Are you mad Ahmed wouldn't take you as second wife, nonnie?

No. 1378055

Surprised shes still willing to stay online after men trashed her for being "too old" to be pregnant when she announced her pregnancy. Should of stayed offline and really lived like a tradwife with no internet presence but she really wants male attention anyway

No. 1378073

I've only seen MGTOWs attack her. Most of her far-right fans have congratulated her and wished her a large family.
MGTOWs weren't paying her bills anyway, why would their input even matter? She can still build a career and bank on anti-immigration, pro-family, pro-male stuff.

No. 1378074

It's so annoying how surprised people are when some manosphere type makes a video response or tweets mean things at a trad thot and she doesn't change her pro-male stance. Like, no shit, they just brush it off as bitter males seething while the the attention and money from the males who aren't as extreme keeps coming.

No. 1378258

I honestly thought this too, because the first thought you're designed to have is that she'd fuck bbc again in a heartbeat. and that's a nasty Incel thing to think but it's true. and every one of her simps understands it

No. 1378429

Mgtows sub/follow and love tradthots like Brittnay because her kind love to shit on women as much as them. I've seen mgtow channels subbed to shoeonhead, Brittnay, any other conservative/anti feminist woman because it's those women they want to be mainstream. If women say they dont want rights and only want to be treated like a pathetic incubator, it makes mgtows feel justified so I think that some mgtows definitely paid her bills. And are retarded enough to get angry that she and other grifting tradthots arent jumping on any loser dick at 20 years old to be a broodmare like they imagined

No. 1378458

True, MGTOWS aren't all the same I guess. Some really like channels like Jennifer Molesky and Shoe. Others call them evil chameleons.

No. 1378473

Sellner isn't a tradthot. Neither is Mikhaela Peterson, for that matter. They are both just right wing, young women who are somewhat attractive.

To be a tradthot, one must either be hardcore into 1950's housewife larping (MMW) or at least into praising said larping (Lauren, Robyn)

>Mgtows sub/follow and love tradthots like Brittnay because her kind love to shit on women as much as them

Sellner really isn't anti woman. She's just boring.

No. 1378538

>Sellner isn't a tradthot
Brittany Pettibone has always been a tradthot alongside Lauren, what are you talking about? She only got to actually settling down in the last couple years after traveling with an active online platform before that

No. 1378577

so any young, attractive, right wing woman who has a strong online presence is a tradthot? Because BP never engaged in the misogyny or simping for traditionalism that Lauren did.

No. 1378728

Nta, I agree about Mikhaila but I disagree about Brittany. No not every right wing woman is a tradthot. In fact some right wing women are unabashedly outspoken or even aggressive (Tomi Lahren, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham for example) which is something that tradthots hate. They're obsessed with "traditional femininity" (read: quiet and submissive). Brittany has several videos complaining about how modern women are too masculine because society is forcing them to be too dominant/independent etc. I'm sure there are other reasons but I don't want to sit through a bunch of her videos to make my case.

No. 1378754

>They're obsessed with "traditional femininity" (read: quiet and submissive)
Lauren and Robyn are quiet and submissive?!? Not hardly. Can you imagine what their husbands have to put up with?

>Brittany has several videos complaining about how modern women are too masculine because society is forcing them to be too dominant/independent etc.

She said this? Women were much tougher and more "masculine" back in the day. Can you imagine a female movie star today who had the dominant presence of an Ingrid Bergman, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck or Lauren Bacall? Women are much more submissive/childlike today then they were in the past.
If Brittany really said that then I agree that she is a tradthot but I still don't dislike her like I do Southern.

>In fact some right wing women are unabashedly outspoken or even aggressive (Tomi Lahren, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham for example)

I would say that Tomi comes very close to being a tradthot. Her in Sellner are probably on the same level, now that I think about it.

No. 1378815

>after men trashed her for being "too old" to be pregnant when she announced her pregnancy.
Isn't she only 29 or something? RW moids are insane

No. 1379404

imho a tradthot is any conservative woman who leverages her gender for attention online/ generally in the public sphere. idk too much about Michaela's politics but she definitely uses her looks/ body to attract followers in that same way, so she definitely fits the "thot" part of the "tradthot" equation

No. 1379588

Tradthot Proper: Lauren
Larping Tradthot: Mrs. Midwest
Redpill Tradthot: Robyn
Fauxllectual Tradthot: Margerita

Mikhaela is a thot but no trad. She doesn't fit any of the 4 categories.

No. 1380293

I agree that Mikhaila (probably going to call her Micky from here on out because Mikhaila is too damn long) isn't a tradthot.

Not sure which Lauren you're talking about. Lauren Southern? Because she's also the larping type. So is Ben Shapiro's sister. If anything Mr Midwest seems a lot more genuine in her "trad"ness to me than the others.

No. 1380416

>Not sure which Lauren you're talking about. Lauren Southern? Because she's also the larping type
Lauren talks but she doesn't larp. She always liked to dress provocatively and has never tried to play the role of submissive homemaker. She has always been unapologetically career oriented.

>So is Ben Shapiro's sister.

Abigail Shapiro has never bashed women or pretended that she is a submissive homemaker. She's more of a conservathot than a tradthot.

No. 1380429

>Lauren talks but she doesn't larp. She always liked to dress provocatively and has never tried to play the role of submissive homemaker. She has always been unapologetically career oriented.

Well you still never said what Lauren you're talking about as there are at least 3, but I'm assuming you mean Southern. And yeah that was my point, she has always been a huge hypocrite. But you called her "tradthot proper" which implies she's a "proper" tradthot. I thought that would mean she was actually traditional, unless I'm misunderstanding you.

>Abigail Shapiro has never bashed women or pretended that she is a submissive homemaker. She's more of a conservathot than a tradthot.

Beg to differ. She, like Brittany, is obsessed with how women behave, whining about how modern women dress and act etc. Has a bunch of videos trying to tell women how to dress/behave and that they need to become mothers. All of this obsession with women acting "classic" despite having her nudes leaked on the internet.

No. 1380442

>Well you still never said what Lauren you're talking about as there are at least 3
What Lauren tradthot is there besides Southern and Chen?

>But you called her "tradthot proper" which implies she's a "proper" tradthot.

To me, 2016 Southern was the epitome of what people think of when they think tradthot, so that's why I described her as "Tradthot Proper".

>Beg to differ. She, like Brittany, is obsessed with how women behave, whining about how modern women dress and act etc. Has a bunch of videos trying to tell women how to dress/behave and that they need to become mothers.

I'm not going to lie to you, I've never really bothered to watch any of Brittany's or Shapiro's content. They are just too boring. In Shapiro's case, her content is clearly targeted towards women so I don't think you could call her a tradthot. Sellner I agree you could maybe call a "Tradthot Lite" but she has always dressed and behaved more modestly than Lauren and never has engaged in the MGTOW pandering of Southern and Chen.

No. 1380662

File: 1638380060700.jpg (159.84 KB, 1116x809, Capture.JPG)

>I dream of a life, in a land long ago.
>The pictures from blurry cameras pressed between pages of old books that talk about real romance and real conquests.
>With all my dreaming I have turned myself into a homesick anachronism.
She says while posing for a photo, subtly lifting her skirt to better hug her ass, so that she can later upload it to Instagram and Twitter.
This is just pure virtue signalling LARP for conservative online scrotes. Actually "trad" people don't make 15 Tweets a day (this is exactly how many she's made yesterday LMAO). All these people who "hate modernity" and salivate at pre-industrial history while spering on social media are walking contradictions.

No. 1380732

What the fuck is she doing barefoot outside?

No. 1380778

File: 1638387325399.jpg (194.93 KB, 1095x807, Capture_2.JPG)

LARPing as a feminine trad-waifu, as usual.
Imagine putting on this dress and a diadem just to have a "trad" Instagram photoshoot in your Toronto suburban front yard.

No. 1380841

>BP never engaged in the misogyny or simping for traditionalism
She has absolutely done both of these things lol

No. 1380898

Lauren Rose, but I guess she hasn't been mentioned in a while.

No. 1380988

Trying to tell all male followers that she prefers being "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen uwu"

>that desc
Who the fuck cares about how disney writes characters? Shes bored as hell in that modern suburban neighborhood

No. 1380989

im no historyfag but if im correct many of these tradlarpers put on clothing that would have been worn by noble/rich women who had the best chances of getting an education and some kind of human rights. If they truly wanted to be uwu so trad why cant they larp as poor farmers

No. 1380995

what in the polyester Party City hell is this getup?

No. 1381001

In the minds of trad LARPers, poor peasants are just a misinformation spread by neoliberal elites. People in the past were actually healthy, happy, spiritual and noble, spending their time in beautiful cathedrals listening to Vivaldi.

No. 1381030

File: 1638398221050.jpeg (106.37 KB, 1200x1200, 02B6CAE6-5C07-41F3-A258-98167E…)

Arwen apparently

No. 1381038

Good eye, anon.

No. 1381047

She disappeared after only being in the scene for a very short time. And she was no thot. She never wore makeup and only wore plain, baggy clothes. Always kept her hair in a ponytail when she was on camera. She refused to start a Patreon and as far as I know she was never friends with any of the other tradthots around back then. Actually kinda an admirable character for getting out so quickly with her dignity in tact. Now she is presumably living a totally normal life.

No. 1381179

Lol but they changed Arwen's character in the movie to give her a bigger role and make her a stronger character. Arwen was virtually non-existent in the books (I think she was mentioned two or three times total in the main trilogy, and a little bit more in the appendix). Galadriel and Eowyn were less ~traditionally feminine uwu~ and had bigger (but still very small) parts in that book. Most old stories don't have "feminine role models" they literally have just all men as main characters.

This woman is daft as hell. Tired of traditionalists trying to rewrite history and act like ~traditional femininity~ was praised and held up on a pedestal (it wasn't usually).

No. 1381459

>This woman is daft as hell.
This is the woman who dropped out of her neuroscience PhD program so she could fingerpaint and larp as a dainty, virginal tradwife online, after being very public about her fiance dumping her and having an abortion. Critical thinking is not her strong suit.

No. 1381580

File: 1638413131606.jpg (877.04 KB, 789x4327, megulochna.jpg)

<- Pic related is the cringiest piece of self-fan-fiction I've ever read. Keep in mind that the author is a 26 years old woman who claims to be purveyor of high-brow classical literature.

No. 1381608

it's a real story

No. 1381629

Oh I see. I actually googled "Megulochna" before posting to see if it wasn't already a story, but the only results I got were from Margarita's Twitter, so I assumed it was her own fanfic. Thanks for showing us some Russian anime.

No. 1381667

Indians who fail to meet their parents expectations to become doctors seem particularly prone to going off the rails and adopting some weird ideology.

No. 1381752

it’s a great legend about how important it is for women to be strong and assertive and able to defeat men in battle
what does this spineless worm take away from it?

No. 1381843

sauce on the abortion?

No. 1381869

How is she spineless? She's a highly opinionated, faux intellectual. She's open and unapologetic about her high financial standards in a future partner (i.e. she wants a man who makes enough to let her larp as a prairie wife and be able to hire a nanny to do the child rearing)

No. 1382157

pickmes got no spine
Vasilissa Mikulichna defeated the King’s warriors in single combat and tricked the King himself to rescue her husband
plus she was the most beautiful woman in all of Rus
this uggums wants to lay about and have a nanny

No. 1382387

So being a worthless, retarded layabout makes her a pickme?

No. 1382578

File: 1638475071790.jpg (36.75 KB, 879x250, Capture_3.JPG)

She posted the story of Vasilissa - a brave, strong, capable woman - but later admitted that she basically gets a panic attack before stepping on an escalator.
It's like she can't decide who she wants to be: the badass warrior princess, or the UwU smol cute damsel in distress.

No. 1382792

Imagine dedicating your life,time and energy to pleasing moids and their political opinions and never being able to express yourself as an individual and if you do they harass you. Imagine thinking that associating yourself with this movement to get a couple of simp bucks is better than a retail job and a normal life where you have autonomy and you don't constantly have to please an audience of complete retards. Why does this feel like sex work? Considering they are also very sexual although they should be against it. They are selling themselves to moids as commodities, as fantasies and having any sort of personal freedom of self expression stripped away. What a lonely fucking life being terminally online and getting hand outs from moids and having them humilliate you constantly. They're just like leftist pick me women only replace the piercings and colored hair with flower sundresses. These women must be sadic or their parents never loved them as children so they will spend their entire life pandering to an audience that doesn't even see them as individuals, they are seen as catalysts of ideology, if they drop the act they will immediately be discarded by their audience

No. 1382901

One of the saddest aspects of tradthottery is that the men they pander to and spend their lives trying to please still openly hate them. I see them sometimes pull the "act feminine if you want to get treated like a lady" BS, but the moids in their sphere treat them just as badly if not worse than other women. I can't see how this lifestyle appeals to anyone.

No. 1382911

dressing as a princess to attract male attention makes her a pickme

No. 1382950

File: 1638493764217.jpeg (676.4 KB, 2048x2048, 8042F6F7-DA46-4B78-B0C0-A38732…)

Yeah another girl in the trad orbit made this thread taking about how she broke up with her bf, is going to college and leaving her family to pursue a corporate job, something that they would totally crucify any other women for, but it’s ok for her to do it because it’s totally what god wants.

I mean good for her that she’s going out and living her life instead of pursuing some weird LARP but why can’t they make the next logical step and realise their reasons for wanting to put off starting a family are the exact same as any other woman’s?

Her lack of critical thinking skills and delusions of grandeur always made me suspect she might be brain damaged but this just confirms it. I’ve known a lot of uncoordinated people in my life but none who found it mentally taxing to step onto an escalator, that’s a sign of sever cognitive dysfunction.

Maybe she’s trying to make a point about how she’s too trad for such new-fangled inventions, her body won’t even let her step onto an escalator!

No. 1383184

Are you sure it doesn't just make her an attention whore?

>Yeah another girl in the trad orbit made this thread taking about how she broke up with her bf, is going to college and leaving her family to pursue a corporate job, something that they would totally crucify any other women for, but it’s ok for her to do it because it’s totally what god wants.
Nah, the new gen of tradthots doesn't believe that women shouldn't have careers.

No. 1383261

Are maga grifters like Ashley St Clair considered tradthots?

No. 1383353

Yeah but they also don’t believe that women should prioritise their career above the “womanly duty of childbirth” or whatever, hence why she has to come up with “it’s what god wants me to do” instead of just saying “it’s what I want to do”

No. 1383440

>but the moids in their sphere treat them just as badly if not worse than other women
yeah. If their goal is to impress men, it doesn't seem to be working. They'd seriously get more respect and praise doing OF and they'd at least get paid for that as well.

No. 1384045

I actually thought her tweet storm was kinda defiant, if anything. Tough crowd here, I guess.

No. 1384513

File: 1638604025256.png (36.46 KB, 588x293, Capture.PNG)

Can't really expect a childless tradthot with dwindling ovarian reserve to fully comprehend how difficult and expensive it is to raise children. She has to be a grifter, right? There's no fucking way she actually means the shit she says.

No. 1384532

This is the exact type of woman who should NOT be having a child anytime soon. What a retarded, unbelievably stupid thing to say. Imagine telling working class women, single mothers, or couples with absolutely no support system this. It literally IS too expensive to have start a family for so many because of how ducked up everything is.

No. 1384597

Poor people have kids all the time. Ever been to a trailer park or the ghetto of any big city? They are popping out kids just to get government benefits for it and then live solely on that.

No. 1384678

the men in the tradosphere say the exact same thing, to the point where they even criticize each other for not having kids. I know farmers see it as an anti woman thing but it has gone way beyond that now. It is like some kinda hyper natalism psychosis. The weird thing is that they are almost all childless themselves.

No. 1384721

File: 1638626380027.png (133.21 KB, 796x985, Screenshot_20211204-145737.png)

But the richest people are having the fewest children, while the poorest people are having the most. Maybe it's not actually that prohibitvely expensive?

No. 1384725

They get free money and have less access to contraceptives, moron

No. 1384734

Families who make 35-50 k/yr aren't living in poverty, they can afford contraception, but they're still having way more children than rich people who make 150k+.
Also - if poor people with children are getting "free money" from the government, doesn't that weaken your argument about parenthood being too expensive?

No. 1385461

Sorry to respond to a 21 days old post, but zoomers are people born after after like 1995. People use zoomer to refer to teenagers for the same reason people refer to older zoomers as millennials - it takes a while for the final name of the new generation to catch on, and by the time it happens a good chunk of the new generation has already aged out of what people easily recognize as "kids these days"

No. 1385482

Are we seriously having a discussion about wether or not it’s expensive to raise children? Obviously it’s expensive it’s literally a whole new person to maintain, that’s why you get benefits for it. Of course you can do it more cheaply if you’re thrifty, but to completely deny that it’s a significant financial drain is just stupid.

>>1384721 it’s partly cultural, but also the reason those families are poorer is because they have more children. having kids often means you need to take less hours at work (sometimes even become a single-income household), can’t get as good job opportunities bc a lot of high paying jobs require flexibility, both in terms of hours and being able to move, which is more difficult to do if your kids are settled in a school etc. Also if you have kids early you probably aren’t going to college, which has a huge impact too.

Like if you don’t think that a couple with 3 kids doesn’t have a greater financial burden than a childless couple of the same age group you are seriously retarded

No. 1385547

I think Millennials are '81-'96, while Zoomers are '97-'12

No. 1385551

No, Millenials start at 80, I believe. Initially they were saying 85, then they said 82 and then finally they settled on 80.

I think it should be Boomers: 45-65; Gen X: 65-85; Millenials: 85-2005; Zoomers: 2005-2025. But that ship has sailed.

No. 1385633

>Like if you don’t think that a couple with 3 kids doesn’t have a greater financial burden than a childless couple of the same age group you are seriously retarded
Of course I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is that this additional financial burden is seriously overstated.
A child doesn't have to pay for its' own accomodation (rent/mortgage), doesn't pay student loan because education is free until age 18, and all civilised countries offer various benefits (tax breaks, food stamps, cheaper healthcare insurance, cash subsidies etc.) for families to offset the remaining expenses.

No. 1385652

How many kids do you have?

No. 1385656

Children don't pay for their own accommodation because parents do? Try go to a landlord and say: I'll take this two bedroom but only pay for one because the bedroom it's for my child.
How dense are you anon?

No. 1385702

>If the guy is hot, he won't pick you if you don't simp for him.
ok pickme

No. 1385705

>not into guys
>hair quality
>eye area
>objectivity about looks
>seething at effeminate men being preferred over Objectively Hot horseface

gtfo looksmaxxing incel

No. 1385724

Giving birth alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars if you don’t have decent insurance coverage, not to mention all of the pediatrician appointments and shots kids need. Are you the same anon from the baby thread on /g/ that insisted it was a good idea to get pregnant as a teen because the government would take care of you? You are painfully naive.

No. 1385726

Nice strawman psycho but I'm the anon you mentioned. Nowhere did I ever say that getting pregnant as a teen is a good idea it's just not smart to have kids too late, and then when you mentioned financial aspects I agreed that people should also be responsible about they age they have kids and the financial situation they have kids in. I also liked how me giving advice to people who are truly struggling is me "telling people to live off the government", you realize the tax money you pay is supposed to help the community right? Not just pay for war supplies? But I guess since you didn't link to the thread you can run around screaming about how I'm demanding teens to be knocked up and to live off the government because it hurts your feelings to hear that age plays a big factor in raising kids, including having kids too old

No. 1385728

Do you think that, when our ancestors 100 years ago were having an average of 4 children per family, they were all living in 5-bedroom mansions?

No. 1385733

the average cost of raising a child in the US is $15,000/ year, depending on age. obviously there are ways to raise a child for much less, but they are predicated on factors like having a support system that can help you, your child not having any special needs etc. even then a lot of people would rather wait a few years and have extra financial security rather than raise a child on a super-strict budget.

I honestly don't know how you've come to the conclusion being entirely responsible for the care of a person can in any way not be a significant financial decision. yes a lot of poor families have children, but a lot of children also live in poverty, so that's not exactly proving anything

No. 1385734

do you think that, when your “ancestors” from 100 years ago (lmao which is just your great great grandmother at most) we’re having children they did it willingly and happily, and weren’t just forced to have them by husbands who they couldn’t refuse sex to? Do you think women 100 years ago had a say in their financial status when many couldn’t even own property (the woman’s property act wasn’t passed until 1848 but only applied to married women) or open a bank account (women couldn’t open a bank account without husbands permission until the 1960s)?

No. 1385735

… no they lived in single room hovels and slept 6 to a bed, I don't think that average person in the modern day wants or should be expected to do that though.

No. 1385737

Who said that?
NTA but I have 1 kids at 22, kids aren't as expensive as most people will make you believe. I have a two bedroom apartment in a suburban area that's just less than 800 a month with a pet fee and the apartment also has a pool, tennis court, playground, library, etc for recreation with my child. It's also not income restricted since I know someone will pull that card. We easily survive off my husbands 20/hr income, he has really good income that doesn't have any copays and he got a 2000 sign on bonus which we used to furnish the apartment. He also has been unemployed for months and doesn't have any certifications or anything for those who are going to pull the "well not everyone can spend thousands on a degree!!" Card. A lot of baby stuff was given to us by family and pass downs which is normal for my family regardless of financial situation so don't pull the "you're living off your family!" Card just because they gave me passed down baby stuff.

Anyway budget is a big part, couponing, eating cheap and healthy, etc. I also save money on new clothes by sewing scraps and stuff and have made my own maternity clothes. We drive one car together which the insurance is 90/a month, the issue is that a lot of people tend to overspend and want to live bougie without looking into other possible options for large expenses or they just have a man that's broke and lazy and that's how they came to the conclusion they can't afford anything. My grandpa worked three jobs to help 4 kids survive on a farm and wouldn't let my grandma work until all of them were in school, men today will barely look into picking up extra shifts or consider upgrading their job in order to help their kids and wife

No. 1385739

Even in the period of 1955-65 (which I think we can all agree is pretty recent) Americans families were having ~3.4 children on average. Did they have 4-5 bedrooms each? Of course not. They just accepted that not every child needs to have their separate room.

No. 1385740

File: 1638730878684.jpg (37.89 KB, 600x396, Sconce-lights-for-ecah-bunk-al…)

Room sharing isn't a thing? Bunk beds? It's not that hard kek. You can easily fit a family of four in a 2 bedroom apartment 2 per room. Even putting 4 kids in a room would be possible comfortably

This is a stretch and unrelated. Nobody was saying it was absolutely perfect back in the day but it's just mind-boggling to me at least that you can't understand how people would have been able to survive decades ago. People aren't supporting women getting raped simply for saying it's not that hard financially to take care of kids what is wrong with you

No. 1385742

wow sure sounds like you're living well, sewing scraps and making your own maternity clothes and eating cheap

No. 1385744

The birthrate was high because birth control was hard if not impossible to get, and abortion was highly restriced. Marital rape was also perfectly legal, and with women made artificially dependent on men for financial support, men could do whatever they wanted to their wives.

Of course it also was less of a financial burden to have kids back in the day, since it was much easier to afford college education/homes/cars than it is now. the birthrate is dropping like a rock specifically because of how prohibitively expensive it is to have a family.

No. 1385745

Is this supposed to be sarcasm? Is there something wrong with sewing my own clothes and making healthy meals for cheap? Not everyone wants steak dinners from the most expensive restaurant in town every night and plenty of women enjoy sewing recreationally, there's even sewing threads here because it's an enjoyable hobby kek. I can't even believe you would try to use "you sew your own stuff and cook on a budget!" As an insult

No. 1385746

>the birthrate is dropping like a rock specifically because of how prohibitively expensive it is to have a family.
Absoutely not. I've already posted data showing that the richest families are having fewer children than poor or middle-class. Those with over $200,000 a year are literally having the fewest of all groups.
The reason why the birthrates are declining is because people don't WANT to have children. Not because they can't afford it.

No. 1385748

To some people making anything with your own hands (including cooking your own gosh-darn food) is a literal dishonor LMAO.

No. 1385752

Rich people have always had fewer kids than poor. Poor people had many kids a long time ago because the death rate for infants was high, and you needed many hands to run a farm.

Rich people are vain, they let nannies raise their few children, and certain wealthy women and queens never even nursed their own children, they regulated that duty to wet nurses. Rich men would get sexually satisfied by mistresses and prostitutes and wouldn’t need to rely on their wives for sexual satisfaction, and they were vain. They didn’t want their wives to die in childbirth or become incapacitated and unable to do the entertaining duties expected of a wealthy or noble woman.

No. 1385754

The anon almost seems weirdly spiteful towards poor people. Are people making less than 45k a year not allowed to be happy or enjoy what they have or something? It's weird since they presented themselves as someone who was supposed to be giving some great financial advice to poor people just to end up being the ones mocking them are telling people that they're supposed to be unhappy with their hobbies and food

No. 1385755

Here's the deal tho, most people don't want to live like that, i would never trade living comfortably to have a child thats a surprise box on if they'll turn out to be a decent person or not.

No. 1385756

I agree. Hope you and your family do well.

No. 1385759

yeah but you HAVE to

No. 1385760

Theres a huge difference between being sympathetic to poor people and wanting them to have financial support and then encouraging people to have kids while financially strained because “well, food stamps will take care of you!”. It seems very ignorant to how difficult it can be (and demoralizing it can feel) to get on government assistance.

No. 1385761

No one has to have children if they don't want to, it's just the matter of the fact that women who do have children that aren't rich shouldn't be discouraged, mocked or lied to about childcare, and especially mocking women for doing things that save money such as making their own clothes and food shouldn't be mocked either, at that point it's not even about "trying to help" it's just being bitter that some people can be happy and content with a lot less

No. 1385762

I don't have to but it's a good way to save money and I enjoy doing it, what's the issue?
Who's encouraging people to have kids while being financially constrained? Food stamps are an option if that's what you need to do and WIC is quite fast if you have kids, if food stamps would be the only way for you to eat then obviously don't have kids but all we're saying that it's not impossible to be a happy family even if you don't have much

No. 1385763

are you literally retarded?

No. 1385764

>i would never trade living comfortably to have a child
And that's the bottom of the whole issue. Fewer and fewer people are willing to sacrifice some degree of material comfort in exchange for a family.

No. 1385765

The problem is that you think this is a bad thing. Even though evidence shows that rich people have always done this, since they don’t have many kids.

No. 1385767

NTA (and they seem like a piece of shit tbh, I agree its not an insult, its pretty impressive you do that, honestly) but for a lot of people, taking the time to learn to do all that (yes, including cooking, including even so much as knowing what a healthy meal consists of) is simply not possible for a variety of reasons.

I dont mean this condescendingly anon but you sound like a sort of noble lower income person, smart, with your head in the right place, learned a bunch of useful skills at an early age. I dont think thats really the norm

No. 1385769

I never said it's a bad thing. Everyone is free to do what they want with their lives. I just don't like it when people say
> having children is prohibitively expensive!
as an excuse for the fact that they simply don't care much for having children in the first place. You don't need an excuse for that. Just say "I don't wanna have kids" and get it over with.

No. 1385770

It's not a bad thing, neither is giving up comforts to have a family. It's all just a matter of choice. And people saying "it's not that expensive to have kids as some people make it seem" does not translate too "all poor people need to start pushing out babies now!". If you're not seriously poor you can easily support a family comfortably, I know this because I'm the anon who has a kid on my husband's 20/hour income. Mocking me for cooking my own food and making my own clothes isn't proving anything either

Don't lie to women, don't lie to them and tell them it costs thousands a month per child when it obviously doesn't and that figure you literally have to put effort into in order to make

No. 1385776

We get that you're coping hard, but most people simply don't want to be a 22 year-old mom living in an apartment on $20/hr. Your lifestyle isn't enviable, and most people will(rightly) want to commit to obligations like marriage and child-rearing after their brains are finished developing. There's a reason intelligent people have fewer children and put off having them until their 30's, y'know?

No. 1385781

It's only the most educated women (not men) in the West who have fewer children, something like half are childless by the end of their reproductive years, because of delay not because they don't want them on avg. I agree 22 is not ideal, but no one needs to wait until they're mid to late 30s like most women do today in order to be a good parent and provide properly. Anon is right that it doesn't need to cost a fortune and the convo is all wrong re needs vs wants. There's a lot of fear mongering re child-raising, especially in America.

No. 1385782

>“Even women who do want children end up having fewer. On average, women report wanting 2.6 children but having only 1.73.”
The costs associated with having and raising a child absolutely do affect the birth rate. Obviously some of the decrease comes down to most people genuinely not wanting any more than 2-3 kids since we're no longer subsistence farmers and can reasonably expect all of our children to survive into adulthood, but having a child is simply so expensive that many people will have fewer children than they want. It's not just the immediate costs you have to worry about; there's owning a house in a safe area with good schools and all those associated costs, juggling career development with taking care of the children(even worse for women), having insurance/healthcare/food/etc funds for them while also having enough to put into savings, affording increasingly expensive college degrees, and so on.

No. 1385784

it's fine anon is gonna metal work some braces by hand for her kid

No. 1385788

>Fewer and fewer people are willing to sacrifice some degree of material comfort in exchange for a family
not many were willing to do that, historically, people just didnt have a choice because no contraception and social pressure.

No. 1385791

>It's only the most educated women (not men) in the West who have fewer children, something like half are childless by the end of their reproductive years, because of delay not because they don't want them on avg.
Having childen and getting married is overwhelmingly more negative for women than it is for men, so of course intelligent women are going to want to either delay having kids or eschew the idea entirely. There's a reason unmarries, childless women live longer, healthier, happier lives.
>I agree 22 is not ideal,
Then why try to give life advice when you're clearly not the most adept at making good life choices? This is like getting diet advice from an obese person.
>but no one needs to wait until they're mid to late 30s like most women do today in order to be a good parent and provide properly.
Average age of first birth for women in the US is 26, but in most first world countries is around 29-31.
>Anon is right that it doesn't need to cost a fortune and the convo is all wrong re needs vs wants. There's a lot of fear mongering re child-raising, especially in America.
Raising a child well absolutely does cost a fortune, which is why people are putting off having them until later, and having fewer when they do. There are plenty of dumb fundies who have 5+ kids they support on one salary while the mom stays home and beats them, we know it's possible to do so, we just want better for our own children.

No. 1385817

You aren’t getting a guy that looks like a 23 year old Peter Steele without simping. Why should a gorgeous 6’8” guy settle for you when there are millions of women who are happy to simp for him?

No. 1385818

i feel like this thread has been invaded by gimpgirl

No. 1385822

Once again, this is the self-proclaimed lesbian anon continuing her pilgrimage to convince straight women to worship cock for reasons still unknown

No. 1385824

Because anons keep bringing it back up. I have already tried to let the topic drop 2x

No. 1385826

She'll say this shit and end up vague posting after her pregnancy on how tired she is when raising just 1 baby like mrs midwest.
Also her jab at healthcare is hilarious. If anything happens during pregnancy you know she'll be at the door of the closet hospital. Vargs wife experienced pre eclampsia.

Wonder how long it'll take before her to begin praising women who died during childbirth for rejecting medical intervention because health care is evil

No. 1385834

How many times do I emphasize choice for you to understand? It's not the life for most people and that's fine but age plays a big factor in raising children and claiming children cost a fortune is just a lie
Mocking people for making things at home for kids makes you sound shitty tbh + I got braces in my teens on insurance when my parents were on one income (my dad only made 30/hr I believe) Also now there's cheaper options like smile direct if you're still unable to afford braces. If your only argument is that you assume there's absolutely no alternative option for paying for anything then you've got nothing

No. 1385837

Children are expensive. Don't have them if you don't want them or aren't in a stable financial position. Don't listen to the anon seething because she (probably a he though kek) thinks saying someone should do the opposite of what she did is a personal attack.

No. 1385840

>Also now there's cheaper options like smile direct if you're still unable to afford braces.
If you feed your kids a proper Weston A Price diet, they won't even need braces.

No. 1385842

Let’s just get the thread back on track and come together to make fun of how one of Meg’s big money saving tips is “don’t take your baby to the hospital”

In fairness to her your childcare costs will decrease significantly if your baby dies of whooping cough

No. 1385843

>Choices are fine, just don't lie to women and be responsible on the age you have kids, think ahead of time
>You're just mad people aren't doing what you say, this also means you're male

Please explain to me your logic behind any of this

No. 1385847

Because you're fucking triggered reeing at anons for hours because they said having a child was expensive and started backtracking and trying to not seem retarded.

No. 1385849

Are you the same anon that got upset and started having a shitfit in the thread where anon said she was adopting a little girl and wasn't partnered with a moid?

No. 1385850

Backtracking how? I also like how me responding to people is "reeing" but not repeatedly bringing me up and mocking me even when I'm not replying isn't. Self awareness is a virtue.

No. 1385852

No, not everyone who disagrees with you is one person. How did you come to this conclusion? And did your brain cells not rub together enough to read the several times I repeated that it's women's choices to become parents? I guess not

No. 1385854

>Reee don't lie to woman!
>By saying having children is expensive now.
You are functionally retarded.

No. 1385855

Because you seem like a triggered trad.

No. 1385857

I still can't believe someone who admitted to being a 22 year old mom living on $20/hr thought she had any business doling out life advice, kek. I really hope this is just the newest tactic of the RW moid who haunts the tradthot threads trying to convice anons that being a bangmaid is empowering

No. 1385858

Show me where I said children are expensive. Are you able to develop an argument using things I've actually said?
How? My entire argument isn't that kids aren't as expensive as people make them seem. Where in the world did you get "make women pop out babies and be housewives" out of any of that?

No. 1385859

I think it's them. It's too retarded. Like a KFer who occasionally uses the site and gets upset when they see women not fulfilling the trad lifestyle.

No. 1385862

But if I was privileged or something, you would preach about how I don't understand how much children actually cost. When I'm on a budget, living comfortably and happily with kids, preaching about something I have first-hand experiences with, suddenly "I'm unable to give life advice"?

No. 1385864

>Show me evidence!
Definitely a RW moid.
Trad-chan, please stop shitting up the thread with seething and post actual trad milk instead of caping for yourself out of embarrassment/the need to convert.

No. 1385865

Shall I be like you and say you're strawmanning me saying I would preach about privilege? The only one preaching right now is you.

No. 1385868


Rich people not having kids = kids not being actually expensive? Extremely flawed logic, anon. It's way more complicated than that.

It's 100 percent true that wealth inversely correlates with fertility. The richest are indeed having the fewest children. But this has to do less with the (expensive? inexpensive? it's for the nonny reading this to decide!) cost of childrearing and more with other factors. Wealth also positively correlates with high IQ – small note: this is one of those details that is individually unreliable, but great when talking about large swathes of people – and high IQ has been shown in research to be positively related to successful use of contraception, meaning that women who are not retarded tend to be the ones who are extremely careful and conscientious about not getting pregnant. There's been research suggesting that higher IQ women are the ones who are more likely to get an abortion in case of unwanted pregnancy. You'll find that these factors are all brought up when people ask shit like, "Why are there no Einsteins anymore? What's with the decline in geniuses? Why's everyone's IQ so low?" Well, a part of it (not all of it, of course) has to do with the fact that the women you want to be having children are exactly the type of women who are not….having children. Of course, the entire matter is way, way more nuanced than that.

There's also the relationship between economic status and contraception, which goes back to the point regarding wealth and fertility. Birth control just isn't as accessible to poor women. Note that I'm trying to keep all of this within strictly American parameters – if we'd expand our talk to the third-world, your suggestion would be even faulty; poorer families have a shit ton of children because they need to bodies for labor. They have kids not because they don't cost much money, kek, but because they can bring in money.

tl;dr it's not as simple as we think it is.

No. 1385870

You claimed I said kids are expensive, I want to know where I said that. No amount of "but you're a moid" can back you up
You're also the one fighting back, putting words in my mouth then crying bloody murder once I ask for you to show me where I said that. Take your own advice
Strawmanning would be claiming you said something that you didn't, you just seem upset for whatever reason, if I had more money, lived with my parents, etc you'd use that against me, but you have nothing but the fact I'm young and a mom who's income is under 45k a year, which is exactly the people we are talking about and why I'm telling people, from personal experience, that children aren't that expensive

No. 1385871

Is this what the KF fags mean when they say they hate childfree people, people who are just responsible?

No. 1385874

Cope, seethe, dilate. Post milk.

No. 1385878

NTA but you seem way more triggered than the anon you're replying too, she never said having kids is expensive and nothing she said was moid-like, I also traced back the argument and she specifically encourages women to make their own choices just be more responsible and honest, I don't have kids so I can't really say how much they actually cost but if she really is a 22 yr old mom living on one income then she's in the right spot to be discussing this, definitely not you, on top of that she's been calm and you're the one who started sperging first

mocking her for making clothes and food, claiming she encouraged teen pregnancy, claiming she said things she's never said, etc, all just screams to me like you're bitter and triggered over the fact she's happy and content without needing a lot of materialistic things in her life, stop seething and get over it

No. 1385880

You know, you could just admit I never actually said kids are expensive

No. 1385883

You've been seething in the thread for hours. I just got here.

No. 1385884

I think it's the autistic who sperged about birth rates in the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 1385889

I barely talk about kids and babies at all on lolcow. Can't we just discuss something without "you're probably this other anon I don't like"?

No. 1385892

bitch I just got here too, don't even play that I know your typing style and see you on lolcow getting triggered over nothing extremely often

No. 1385896

I'm the anon who's been "seething for hours" apparently and can confirm I am not the anon you are replying to.

No. 1385899

>Can we just move on.
Anon, people have been saying to post milk and not have a shitfit because anons said having kids were expensive.
Mental illness confirmed.

No. 1385902

Sure. I'm sure you're determined to stop all of this by claiming I'm a tranny and then expecting everyone to move on. If you wanted to drop all of this you'd just stop replying, not insulting me and claiming in a tranny, male, and other random posters in other threads while telling everyone to shut up and move on. The rules only apply if you're insulting me I guess?

No. 1385907

mental illness is sperging out at rando moms for no reason because they don't need vacations to bali every year and lobster every night to be content with their lives, you're just a miserable person

No. 1385918

I said nothing about being childfree, what are you talking about?

No. 1385922

This thread should just be moved to OT and be called the child/mother-hate thread. Because it is seriously just like going to /r/childfree.

No. 1385923

Plenty of child-free people are extremely irresponsible with their money, hygiene, housing upkeep, driving, etc. What do you even define as responsible? If someone has the means to have kids and knows how to budget their kids in effectively how does that make them irresponsible?

No. 1385927

mommy issues thread

No. 1385935

This anon keeps saying “kids” even though they have one kid

> NTA but I have 1 kids at 22

That’s not how mothers IRL talk. They’d just say they have one kid.

No. 1385941

>Hey guys, I'm a rich woman and I think having kids is not that expensive
LMAO you're literally rich! Of course it's not expensive for you!
>Hey guys, I'm a poor woman and I think having kids is not that expensive
LMAO you're literally poor! You shouldn't be giving life advice to anyone!

This is your brain on r/childfree.

No. 1385942

>Stop making fun of me reee.

No. 1385944

Trad-chan, pleas stop seething because people think you're retarded.

No. 1385946

>You hate mothers because you think people should be in a good financial position before having kids and not just have a kid no matter what regardless of the chance of giving them a good stable life and education.
You're brain on trad.

No. 1385951

what makes you think she isn't ESL?

No. 1385953

>Nitpicking an obvious typo

No. 1385954

I'm not that anon who has a kid at 22, I don't even have any kids myself, but the other anons ITT going like "your opinion and experience are invalid because you're not rich LMAO!" are frankly distastetful.

No. 1385955

I come to this thread from time to time just to laugh at some tradthots and I swear every time it's the same retard who comes to shit up the thread to justify herself to a bunch of internet strangers, nobody gives a shit, stop being such a raging narcissist that you have to always derail the thread and make it about your sorry ass, if you were the amazing mom you claim to be you wouldn't have spent the whole afternoon posting autistic hot takes on lolcow, get over yourself already and go suck your husbands $20/hr dick, sage for rant

No. 1385956

Again, that wasn't me

No. 1385957

Get your triggered bitter ass out

No. 1385959

What is a good position by your definition? Do people need to have a doctor's salary before even thinking of having kids?

No. 1385960

who is saying that? if anything the attitude is that if you dont want to barely scrape by in a rented apartment because you had kids early that you're frivolous and want steak and lobster and expensive vacations, as if there isn't a sensible middle ground most people want to attain

No. 1385961

u first trad-chan

No. 1385963

Are you pro vax?
>So what, you need a doctors salary to have kids?
>So what, you need 40 years of testing before you get the vax?

No. 1385965

No good mother spergs this much on image boards to justify their self.

No. 1385966

20 an hour is a little bit more than 40k a year, that's a perfectly reasonable salary to live on if you live in a cheap area. Treating that as barely scraping just seems like you're irresponsible with money
>Baiting to try to start a completely irrelevant argument

No. 1385968

I bet kids raised with exactly the same amount of love would prefer to be raised on 80k a yr

No. 1385970

Yeah, and I would prefer to have a million a year lol.

No. 1385971

yeah but 80k is attainable if you don't have a kid on a 40k salary while renting, 1mil isnt

No. 1385972

You realize that I have about 1k each month of disposable income after expenses, correct? I definitely don't need 80k a year to survive. Also not being able to spoil them to the nines really helps and they're a lot more well-mannered than other kids who just get every video game, tech piece, toy, clothing, etc on a whim. I've never once heard of people holding a grudge against their parents for living comfortably and not lavishly(no1currs)

No. 1385974

Would you mind me asking if you live in a city?

No. 1385975

No1curr about your blogposting. Post milk and discuss cows or leave.

No. 1385976

Again, no one said anything about being childfree, just that children are expensive and intelligent people delay having them to prepare for this. Sorry you're stuck wiping up spittle while other women your age are out starting their careers and enjoying themselves, but what can you do!

No. 1385977

Does it ever occur to you that people are happier like this? I moved out at 20 after graduating of course I don't own a home, it's called saving up, who is even able to buy a house freshly after leaving home? 40k is perfectly fine and gives me more than enough
I'm in an oddly specific area but I'm in a suburb of a major city in the midwest
monthly income is about 3200/monthly, after rent is 2400, diapers, toys, clothes, insurance, groceries, subscription services, etc all leave me with about 1600 each month which I put 600 of in savings and 1000 is used for rec such as movies, zoo, fabric etc and sometimes I'll send 200 or so to my parents to help with bills. I'm quite frugal so obviously I don't burn through 1k a month on just fun stuff

No. 1385978

No. 1385981

I don't have children, anon. But I understand that for some women "wiping the spittle" of their own baby is more psychologically rewarding than having a career and competing against autistic moids. Personally 22 would probably be too young for me but I can see the appeal.

No. 1386013

We just have to wait until around 3-3:30 PM so trad anon leaves to pick up her kid from school.

No. 1386033

>Trying to continue infighting and baiting even when the anon stops replying

No. 1386040

>There's a reason unmarries, childless women live longer, healthier, happier lives.
Cope and sneed.
>In fathers with one, two, three or more children suicide rate was 54%, 64% and 59% lower, respectively (compared with non‐fathers), whereas in mothers was 70%, 83% and 93% lower, respectively (compared with non‐mothers).
>A protective effect of parenthood on suicide is likely in both men and women.

No. 1386042

Anon hasn't lmao.
>Why don't you stop replying and just let me win reee!
Please just post milk and stop pretending to be multiple anons. It's abvious you're sitting on the thread.

No. 1386046

Sorry no one wants to fuck you and fix your mental/ego issues with a child you actually have to take care of scrote.

No. 1386047

Why don't you address the science, anon? Here's another one:
> For both premenopausal and postmenopausal women, a strong linear decrease in relative risk for suicide with increasing number of children in marriage was found. The effect of number of children was independent of social class measured as years of completed schooling.

No. 1386053

Scrote, please post milk about self.

No. 1386054

No. 1386058

You argue like a redditor.

No. 1386102

It's obvious you just want the last word since you will repeadly bait and insult long after I stopped replying then get offended when I reply back. Sorry we don't live in a fantasy land where you can freely talk shit without being told anything back.

I'm also not the person posting links/statistics

No. 1386136

so you lose when you lay out your entire budget just to prove a point to randos on the internet right? I hope you're not planning on homeschooling your child through the art of internet arguments too

No. 1386147

>Heh, I'm sure you're barely scraping by with a kid on a 20 dollar/hour salary :-)
lays out her entire budget in detail to prove you wrong
>Uhhh… No one cares about your budget!!

>Sorry sweetie, it's a fact that childless women live longer happier lives :-)

posts actual scientific studies that prove you wrong
>Uhhhh… No one cares! No one cares!!!

Keep plugging your ears, sweetheart. You can pretend you totally won in your imaginary world.

No. 1386162

yes…? plenty of people are open about their budgeting and anons seemed confused on why I have 1000$+ of disposable income each month, so I explained, what's the issue?

No. 1386166

This person is arguing in bad faith. They ran out of things to say, so they will now claim that no one cares, insinuate you're a moid, accuse you of pretending to be multiple people, suggest you're a bad mother, or just spam "cope" - basically say any stupid shit in hopes that you will become tired/frustrated and leave the conversation so they can have the last word.
I've seen it before. I'm just letting you know what's happening so you don't take it personally.

No. 1386170

I figured, as another anon suggested, the hurt anon just seems upset that other people are capable of being happy with a lot less or they just don't understand it

No. 1386173

Not hurt, your terrible lifestyle choices are funny and when you try to justify them people tell you why you're wrong

No. 1386178

You reed about single mothers, said sneed, and have shit fits all day on the thread about being called retarded. You are a scrote. Cope seethe dilate.

No. 1386179

Y chromosome moment.