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File: 1590018176462.png (749.31 KB, 854x576, 1589948979454.png)

No. 94955

There's a lot to unpack here about this cow, but for the time being I'll keep it down to current events.

Meet Conrad Collins AKA Digibro, Digibrony or Digi-nee, a self-obsessed anime youtuber and proud lolicon turned troon from Virgnia Beach.

Main Links (he has a shit ton of accounts)

"Femme self" accounts

Kiwifarms thread

Quick Summary of events
>Conrad Collins
>Anituber, but started in the mlp fandom, has been very milky since then
>Proud defender of lolicon, says it is only "fantasy" and "harms no one"
>College drop out in his late 20's, cried to his parents and even threatened suicide because he simply didn't want to go. He often advices people to not go to college.
>Very prone to drama, he gets in constant fights with other people on youtube. He has many sagas, including the Mother's Basement saga, and the Mumkey Jones saga, Digibro vs Gigguk saga, etc
>His friends are pretty delusional as well, worst offender is EndlessJess, who plays with children toy's on sewer water while living in his mom's basement
>Used to pull out midly interesting content on anime analysis, got a large cult-like following that ate up anything that came from his arsehole and constantly seek his validation
>He's very pretentious, often thinks he's undoubtfuly right, does not fact check, and proclaims to be the "otaku gonzo journalist" and "human content machine", he legit thinkgs he's a figure of authority when it comes to managing a succesful youtube channel
>Often copies ideas from other creators (like podcasts) that end up failing
>He does not bathe, does not brush his teeth, does not groom himself, and his room is full of posters of naked loli anime girls. He is very proud of looking like a trainwreck, calling it "clusterpunk style"

He then met May (real name Amanda Morris) around 3 years ago. She is his current girlfriend and fiancée.
>May draws herself thristing over Digibro, and he initially ignores her
>Eventually he pays attention to her and begin a relationship
>Move together to Boston to a house paid with youtube and patreon money, they eventually moved back to Virginia
>She enables anything digibro does, and digibro in turn makes her go with stupid choices like dropping out of college and moving in with him. She hasn't worked a day since they moved together, so she's useless.
>They pass their days drugged out of their mind smoking weed, both have likely developed a marihuana codependency
>Digibro slowly stops putting out content, the quality drops very hard
>His channel drops views and subscriptions at a steady phase
>Starts surviving on "rant videos" on his side channel
>There will be a day when he won't be able to support her and hilarity will ensue

Cut to may 2020
>Side channel content now on main channel, no cohesion, no way he is advertiser friendly anymore
>Patreon money, twitter follows and youtube at an alltime low
>Drops a new music album with lackluster mixing, bad singing, horrid vocals, amv visuals, and one of the songs hints at him trooning out soon
>a lot of people start unsubing because the songs are just edgy teen cringe songs, a lot of comments from displeased fans
>he has mentioned that he wants to be a loli girl before so this isn't that far of a stretch

Then, on may 19th, 2020…
>He came out as a MtF
>New name is Digi-nee, as in "big sister digi"
>His gf is now calling him "wife"
>He even had a secret twitter for his "alt femme persona"
>shaved his beard and painting his nails
>fans are calling him a lesbian
>his mental health is really spiraling down into oblivion
>some fans are showing their support via drawing him as a loli in a way that no way in hell he will end up looking like, just futher feeding his delusion
>some other fans are finally fed up with his bullshit, the trans bullshit is alienating for them
>woke sjws don't want to even touch him with a stick
>??? the future unfolds into madness

No. 94956

File: 1590018611836.png (21.69 KB, 590x282, trooning out.png)

No. 94958

File: 1590018811376.png (30.15 KB, 604x330, 1589949251624.png)

his response to needing therapy

No. 94959

File: 1590018840305.png (197.02 KB, 568x388, drawing.png)

No. 94960

File: 1590018903850.jpg (208.47 KB, 3000x3000, EYah1WyUMAEPe5N.jpg)

a fan drew him as a 11 year old looking loli.

No. 94961

File: 1590018964729.png (19.97 KB, 592x240, disgusting.png)

his alt "femme" account

No. 94963

File: 1590019171052.png (171.27 KB, 594x506, how he wants to look.png)

how he views himself

No. 94964

File: 1590019277371.png (13.16 KB, 582x190, contra.png)

of course he would thank contra for this shit

No. 94965

File: 1590019332014.png (289.81 KB, 592x400, may.png)

his girlfriend riding on those trans woke points

No. 94966

File: 1590019456689.png (177.31 KB, 584x606, troon shit.png)

more troon bullshit. He believes in "neurotyping"

No. 94967

Wtf Digibro wants to chop his dick off now?? I used to watch this guy

No. 94968

File: 1590019685226.png (36.19 KB, 568x424, lol.png)

more troon bullshit on his alt account. Notice the misogyny

No. 94971

File: 1590020028766.png (1.66 MB, 2388x2000, ewwww.png)

Finally, this is what a cousin thinks about him. Digibro used to fap while wearing his mom's clothes and making loli noises.

This milk is pretty warm at the moment. I suggest following his twitter, because it is pretty amusing how he's going the obvious troon route.
>muh women brain
>I love lolis, I want to be a loli, there fore I am a loli
>calling himself a lesbian and his girlfriend playing along
>big long discourses on what it means to be a woman even though he's a fucking scrote
>and more

No. 94977

Christ. This shit is sad. Fucker needs therapy but clearly he thinks he doesn't need it. Thanks for the milk anon, this seem like a real shitshow in the making.

No. 95000

File: 1590033279022.png (84.09 KB, 540x504, 20200520_225258.png)

This just sounds like the worst idea ever based on pseudo science.

Thanks anon, hopefully it gains interest. I used to watch him a long time ago before I discovered he was a lolicon and just thought he had interesting anime videos. It's weird knowing how hard he fell.

No. 95001

File: 1590033408571.png (247.5 KB, 540x631, 20200520_225714.png)

This is just going to look bad with his greasy hair.

No. 95002

File: 1590033477668.png (67.54 KB, 540x350, 20200520_225833.png)

>Look at me! I'm so succesful! Unlike ya'll!

No. 95003

I recommend watching this and looking at the comments. This guy has become nuts.

No. 95017

I only know of these two because I follow tenleid and they were obsessed with everything her bf did. It's pretty crazy to me that he's "transitioned" given how most of the stuff they shat on tenleid's bf for was around his "wokeness".

No. 95023

This sudden trans shift is such bullshit. It's just some nonsense facade so he can lure in fans again and/or gain sympathy points. Fuck this nasty pedo scumbag.

No. 95028

hahahahahahHAHAHAHA digibro thinks becoming a woman would save him from being a degenerate loser pedophile
this man can't even show his face without an ugly beard and glasses, why the fuck does he think this will work out

No. 95030

Can someone explain this neurotyping bs please

No. 95033

tbh looking forward to seeing him try and pull this hairstyle off with his thin greasy man locks. looks to me like he made an OC and got too invested

No. 95041

I just looked up this Evan Yarbrough guy and the profile picture is completely different, this guy is a troon as well. I don't think he's actually his IRL cousin, but playing along for the lulz and to see if anybody would fall for it

No. 95050

There's still evidence on kiwifarms that he stole his moms clothes and mastubated though

No. 95061

It's more or less a relabelled MBTI chart for anime characters, despite how much people go on about how it's superior to that.

No. 95348

His wife is getting excited about makeup and discussing it at length. He completely zones out and references The Cure alot. He sings Renai Circulation in a moe voice, it makes me want to puke.

No. 95360

Why do they look like they faceswapped each other? Also digibro is extremely autistic if he's calling himself a girl before even trying on makeup as a man

No. 95367

Never forget

No. 95823

File: 1590385500571.png (202.01 KB, 540x332, Faceswap.png)

Jesus anon you're right
The way they have always looked related has always ticked me off

No. 95824

File: 1590385553183.png (133.47 KB, 499x323, 44.png)

He's looking like a Hon
>disgusting orange teeth

No. 95832

File: 1590387275192.gif (6.56 MB, 520x293, digitroon.gif)

No. 95833

File: 1590387400615.jpg (69.76 KB, 768x348, baronessgray.jpg)

his new name is Baroness Gray

No. 95835

Lmaoooo what the fuck? I can't believe this pedo fuck trooned out wow i used to love watching his asterisk wars series but i knew he was a degenerate
I'm honestly fucking flabbergasted

No. 95838

May made a video about the thread of Digibro on kiwifarms and calls herself a lolcow

No. 95839

what a cute twans loli uwu

No. 95853

So his girlfriend is a fangirl like lainey and onion? What a cow in the making. Thanks for the fresh milk.

No. 95888

This has so much potential OP, thanks for the thread.
LMAO absolutely hilarious that he wants to be a woman now, I remember watching his videos when I was in highchool and always rolling my eyes because of how distinguishably "male" his opinions were.

No. 95910

File: 1590412778669.png (126.24 KB, 540x756, Yikes.png)

May and Digi actually outed themselves posting on kiwifarms They keep bashing Tenlied and Mothers Basement
Screenshot is his answer to being questioned as a tranny

Pretty much… she's an insecure fangirl of the most self centered asshole on anime youtube and feels threatened because Tenlied is Mother's Basement (another anituber) girlfriend and she shows her tiddies online. I really don't get why she choses to compete over who is the best anituber waifu but the milk is plenty. I wish there were more anons interested because May's (and digibro's) behaivor is so milky and it goes back months and months before this trooning out.

His kiwifarms thread was made in 2017 for reference and it has a very good record on him

No. 95911

File: 1590413012007.png (244.43 KB, 540x923, meganeko.png)

And this is a long ass rant telling why he's a girl in the most male sounding way possible. Sorry for shitty screencap, couldn't fit it all but he calls himself an anime stereotype (meganeko) when reffering to what kind of woman he is or something like that

No. 95913

File: 1590413212151.png (376.32 KB, 713x661, downloadfile.png)

This is Conrad comparing a picture of himself as a child and himself as a whole ass grown manchild.

This guy loves lolis and he clearly looked androgynous as a kid. This is AGP at its finest, and worse, he probably wants to look like a kid.

No. 95914

File: 1590413275056.jpg (113.6 KB, 1402x968, downloadfile.jpg)

And someone pointed out how much his younger brother looks like his girlfriend (uncanny)

No. 95916

File: 1590413967668.jpg (169.51 KB, 1762x2048, Ew.jpg)

Another fan drew him as a loli

No. 95917

File: 1590414018179.png (87.9 KB, 540x498, Drugs.png)

Digibro futher frying up his tranny head with more drugs

No. 95918

File: 1590414157947.png (120.76 KB, 540x722, Ramen.png)

Jesus May is truly a shitty tier wife

No. 95920

File: 1590414309154.png (108.21 KB, 540x459, Ten.png)

Some alledged confrontation with Tenlied on kiwifarms

No. 95921

And this is the latest anime video he has pulled out… notice how half assed it looks
He also fakes a high pitched voice, but ditches it half way

No. 95925

Jesus, he just wont shut up, huh? Making everything an essay

No. 95982

Tenleid and MB are just as awful as Digi and may kek

No. 95985

i'm not sure who tenleid is but judging by this >>95838 and these tweets from digibro, i find that hard to believe

No. 95989

File: 1590438504864.png (508.58 KB, 622x821, 1578690688678.png)

Tenleid is who the video May made is about kek, mother's basement thread on kiwifarms highlights how her and MB are both hypocrites when it comes to their shitty takes, especially when it comes to anime "minors"

No. 95990

File: 1590438694327.jpg (14.28 KB, 212x250, 1093354-16c956f24b0b0aa99cdfd2…)

>promotes his washed up costhot playing nekopara
>"the catgirls are literally three!!!!!"

not gonna derail the thread with more since this isn't a MB/tenleid thread, but yeah they both have a history of going back and forth on their stance of characters that are minors, including Tenleid cosplaying said minors for NSFW shoots and owning a physical collection of dpujinshi about high school girls getting drugged and raped, ala Emergence despite that material being illegal in Canada.

No. 95994

File: 1590439740576.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.8 KB, 1080x1920, www.gonewild.to-tenleid-haruhi…)

This thread is new and MB & Tenleid are involved in this drama so I see no problem talking about them too

For futher refference, Tenleid is this cosplay ethot married to Geoff or Mother's Basement (MB for short). Even though she's married she loves whoring herself out. In the other hand, MB is really disliked in the anime scene for being a complete sell out.

Tenleid links:
Sfw accounts

Geoff or Mothers Basement
https://youtu.be/VZl1G7JRf0k (video mentioned in May's rant about kiwifarms, this is his channel)

No. 95996

May's links
Youtube (linked in the video above)
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/_imsupaCUTE

I didn't notice this before, but she gives off the impression that she really wants to be the #1 anituber waifu considering she has a list pinned in her twitter

No. 96004

I think Digi and May's autistic vendetta is hilarious, they seem fully convinced that some kiwifarms poster is them
>obvious sarcasm

No. 96005

They aren’t married, not that that really changes the point but still. the husbando in his bio is reference to her saying she’d only date 2d guys before or something

No. 96008

File: 1590441961628.jpg (373.29 KB, 960x948, MYXJ_20200525142159163_save.jp…)

Genuinely curious about what happened between May and Yazzy/tenleid, apparently May was a supporter of and looked up to Yazzy before. Maybe it was all for anituber clout, who knows.

It's common for weeb couples to call each other waifu/husbando even if they're not actually married.

No. 96009

File: 1590442176858.jpg (697.05 KB, 2160x1532, 20-05-25-14-30-03-083_deco.jpg)

May made some….fanart…of tenleid as well

No. 96010

File: 1590442199352.jpg (422.02 KB, 1550x3000, IMG_20200525_142725.jpg)

No. 96013

File: 1590442711166.jpg (2.66 MB, 2560x2560, 20-05-25-14-38-42-894_deco.jpg)

For all these anituber gf's talk about being "irl anime waifu best girls", they don't even bother to look…anything like cute anime girls. They both look rough as fuck.

No. 96016

File: 1590445129029.jpg (2.06 MB, 1920x2560, 20-05-25-15-18-52-962_deco.jpg)

What May thinks she looks like - a baddie hot cop waifu epic owning tenleid, as portrayed by this fanart (that she probably commissioned)
Versus reality - a very obviously bitter sperg of a cunt who deep down wishes she was the person she herself claimed to look up to not even two years ago, Tenleid

Tenleid is gross in her own right but this absolutely reeks of jealousy, and I mean…..of the two, MB is definitely more of a "man" now than Digi is, even if not by much.

No. 96017

May is legit a fucking psycho. She even wrote "don't kill yourself" in the caption of her insane Tenleid vid. I don't rlly like ten from the /cgl/ days but it's so obvious that May and digibro are jealous

No. 96018

Anon what's the drama with Tenleid? I don't know anything about her, I only knew about Digibro, May and MB because I used to watch a lot of anitube. Care to make a summary?

No. 96019

agree, i dont follow the community anymore so maybe that affects it but tenleid and mother's basement sound like your hypocritical run of the mill attention whores while May and Digi seem deranged.

this, anyone know what the hell started their feud?

No. 96026

Is it a feud? I’ve never seen tenleid or mb even mention May before.

No. 96045

Sorry for OT I'm a different anon but the name Tenleid sounds really familiar to me for some reason,
wasn't she a tripfag on /cgl/ at some point?

No. 96047

Honestly the kiwifarms thread is more….active when it comes to digi/may drama, and if may's goal was to take the heat off of digi for a bit, she seems to have achieved that. her current livestream insufferable, and that shirt of her "arresting" tenleid is so weird, especially when it the scheme of things they're both irrelevant, especially may.

yes, I'm 95% sure she was.

No. 96052

we can still laugh at them over here though

No. 96053

Her and her ex/Nicolette’s ex Matt

No. 96059

Matt has a thing for man-faced costhots apparently.

No. 96061

This is beyond embarrassing, and worst of all it's not old content. How did she upload this without necking herself right after?

No. 96063

File: 1590462124085.png (574.39 KB, 794x447, may.png)


May made an audition for the company Hololive to be a Vtuber. Highlights of the video
>omg thanks for the support against tenleid guyysss!
>looks deranged
>fakes a high pitched voice
>boring as fuck
>her voice is so annoying
>literally no chance

No. 96064

he’s a lame skinny nerd who got buff and thinks he’s cool what do you expect? it’s almost like the status of women he pulls reflects upon himself. I always thought it was weird how Nicolette, Tenlied, and Veronicalululululu look so similar but he’s claiming he’s Pan now so maybe the idea of being gay is coming around kek

No. 96065

File: 1590462547221.png (506.6 KB, 760x449, fghjk.png)

>I just picked up adobe premier last month!
>Pantsu are the most versatile accesory a girl can have!
>trying so hard to act like an anime girl


No. 96066

Speaking of her Vtuber shit, here's a stream she did…in which she includes a huge picture of Tenleid's ass because supposedly it was one of the first results when she googled shimapan and she "thought it would be funny"
She talks about it around ten minutes in

No. 96068

File: 1590463498392.jpg (556.2 KB, 1721x902, MYXJ_20200525202055280_save.jp…)

Here's a cap of her "Vtuber inspiration board"

Bitch is clearly obsessed, either she's gay for tenleid and in such harsh denial OR she is skinwalker levels of jealous

Whatever it is, she needs to "come to terms with" her obsession with tenleid as well as the fact that she's probably never gonna give her the time of day

No. 96069

The design is fucking awful, this looks like something a fat Chris chan level autist would come up with, not a single ounce of "moe" whatsoever.

Also why does she talk like a cross between a sped and a valley girl? What a weird combo.

No. 96070

Jesus fucking christ that really comes off as a jealous insecure skin walker
If I hated someone so much I wouldn't save a picture of her, let alone use it for reference
Is she trying to prove that she's better than her? Because she's doing a terrible job, May is crazy. This obsession is too much, then again, she used to want to ride Digi's dick so hard and accomplished it (started as his fan and drew herself humping a pillowcase with digi's picture on it)
Wonder if Tenleid told her to fuck off and that's how the fewd started

No. 96072

yeah I don’t really understand what she did to this girl? ten is hardly in MB videos and doesn’t really YouTube herself. You can give her shit for the past and porn but if it’s about being ultimate anime YouTube waifu I don’t think she wants the job? she mostly tweets about her cats, her car, gundam and her bf. I even went looking through her likes on both her accounts for some shade towards this girl and didn’t find any. It’s a weird bone to pick but this girl wears underwear on her head so…

is there any proof of her doing anything to actually incite this?

No. 96074

Hard to say, it's been pointed out that May used to suck up to tenleid/drew her fanart/told her she looks up to her, and I think tenleid was a costhot back in 2018 when this all happened (correct me if I'm wrong) so I'm really curious to know what the turning point was for her.
Maybe, as cliche as it is, it's a situation of her senpai Tenleid not noticing her or something? I mean, she got with Digi by being an obsessive fangirl so it's entirely possible.

No. 96094

Why are they so obsessed with the poster being Tenleid? If it is her, so what? What changes? Is he not an ugly tranny lolicon, and his wife not a cringy fan who's also obsessed with lolicon?

No. 96096

Wasn't she talking about self-awareness in her "content cunt" video? She seems to have literally none.

No. 96097

Because they very clearly have some kind of grudge/bitterness towards her and MB is my best guess.
During May's cringey livestream today she kept saying "tenleid/kiwifarms poster come on and talk, otherwise I'll take it as an admission of guilt!" like that'll work (also basically saying guilty until proven innocent).
They're convinced that Tenleid cares about them/May that she -must- be watching the stream, and I wouldn't be surprised if the kiwifarms poster is egging them on by not showing up, seeing how it's already provided a good flow of milk from May/the two.

No. 96098

File: 1590474314917.jpeg (210.77 KB, 700x360, 0ADC448A-3112-4435-B45B-75EBAF…)

worlds worst screenshot from the video but she starts talking about how this is obviously ten posting a pitch for a thread on her. The way this is worded makes it seem like she discovered MB before she discovered tenlied (even though it’s supposed to be tenlied writing it) ANYWAY what I’m getting at is, perhaps this all stems from her having a big old crush on MB, trying to get in good with tenlied or be friends with her, was ignored, now shunned by her crush and his waifu she looked up to she takes the next best anituber and vows revenge towards people who hardly know she exists?

No. 96099

One of the girls, I dont know if it was May or her friend Michelle, commented that MB supposedly "has a huge dick", so…

No. 96101

I also really like how in May's content cunt video about tenleid she is very obviously rattled by someone calling tenleid "A-list anituber arm candy" or some shit, that honestly seemed like sarcasm/said to rile them up

No. 96106

What I know about Digibro and MB's drama is that they used to be friends when MB's channel was fairly new. Then they fought about an anime called Erased (milk is juicy about that one, pretty much Geoff said he was abused and had empaty for Kayo, Digibro being the coddled bitch that he is shunned it off), and then Digibro got offended when MB's started getting more attention from the anime community than him. It's pure jealousness.

Video linked is Digibro and May shitting on crunchy roll's anime awayds, MB's appears in there. This video is super cringy, specially when Digibro pretends to rap lmao

No. 96107

also, in said Erased rant (3 and a half hours long) digibro interrupts MB's every time he tries to talk. Digibro's response was "I think he got his point across".

No. 96109

One of them said it in this livestream from today, I don't have a timestamp because like hell I'm sitting through hours of autistic drivel again.

No. 96112

File: 1590485281022.png (295.39 KB, 937x453, digipillow.png)

Posting May's awful drawing of herself on top of a pillow with digibro on it

No. 96118

PLS so it all started because they had a different opinion on an anime?? I don't know what I was expecting but not THAT. Comedic gold.

Is she autistic??? How does a grown woman post art that looks like it was made by a 10 year old and doesnt die of shame??

No. 96119

File: 1590492060593.jpg (166.16 KB, 2048x1560, EYoHc3dXkAEHOfc.jpg)

Another loli digi
Love how they added the receding hair onto this one

No. 96120

>tfw some seasonal anime causes 2 autists to be obsessed with ur gf
Oh my sides. So digitroon and his horse of a wife are seething because he isn't (and won't ever be) the popular one?

No. 96121

Even though Geoff is a sell out, my best guess is that Digi feels jealous inside because he eventually lost the popularity that he once had. He used to be a big anime channel after all.
He often acts like he doesn't care, but he always talks about how he has so much money from patreons that actually care about his niche life and interests and shit like that. Dunno, it always felt fishy how he needs to prove that he's successful and doesn't need youtube sponsors or whatever.

No. 96253

This whole manufactured "drama" (if you can call it drama, it sucks) is self masturbatory on May and Digi's part. They are going through a dry spell and want to place themselves back on the map because their content's quality has degraded.
Transitioning doesn't mean putting on girl's clothes, slapping on makeup and calling yourself a "loli" or a "nee-san" or even a "big sister". You're a sissy. You get off on your predominately male viewers sexualizing you as a female. You get off on being humiliated. Your wife is a wet rag that married you and has the schnoz of a bald eagle. She wants to be a e-thot but her traditional background probably triggers herself to mentally shaming herself. Tenleid isn't a fucking saint but May has made it obvious she has been slighted and hates 1 e-thot for ignoring her brown nosing.
So what do we do next? Go on KF, make a account named "fugnug" (which Digi admits was him/May) and instigate some anonymous poster into saying they are tenleid. How else will the guilty react aside from SARCASM!?!?! No one with two braincells to rub together would ever admit they're a person on a anon board unless they have something to give. Trying to go "incognito" in this sense is retarded and desperate.
I hope Digi goes to counseling for his drinking and obsession with minors. I'm sorry but this whole thing is a fucking mess and I needed to rant.

No. 96275

File: 1590539748478.png (81.81 KB, 594x448, downloadfile.png)

May bitching on twitter about Tenleid

No. 96276

File: 1590539951399.png (35.11 KB, 603x434, downloadfile-1.png)

No. 96285

File: 1590542249415.png (25.11 KB, 599x179, 8F77A106-B660-402C-B2EC-A2E283…)

In the end the cap wasn’t about May, it was bait from the Kiwi user she’s convinced is her e-thot envy and one of her followers had to point it out to her. She continues to have a delusional autistic break because she’s being ignored, and it’s only getting better.

No. 96293

So, random user in KF posts something completely unrelated about a twit Tenleid made about a pet rabbit, and the user does it to tease May, and May falls into the trap and bitches about Tenleid for no reason? Wow.

No. 96299

I had never heard of May until this thread, does she have any history of harassing and obsessing over other girls like this? It’s almost skinwalker tier but she doesn’t really attempt the same look as tengu which is surprising with this level of obsession. Is digi driving it so they bond over hating this couple together? Her crazy is interesting enough to want more and I’d find it hard to believe this is the first time she’s been into someone like this.

No. 96304

Really hard to say, since what even brought May to my attention was all the digibro troon stuff. Her and Digi have both been taking shots at tenleid even before this but who knows. If anyone has any info that would be interesting

What I do find funny is in the "tenleid call in!!!" Livestream she did yesterday she referred to Akidearest as "that fat girl" when she's following Aki and looks like she took the name pantsu party/striped panties motiff from her?

No. 96314

File: 1590553038302.jpg (626.5 KB, 2560x1208, haters-back-off.jpg)

Her face in that video reminds me so much of Miranda Sings.

No. 96330

These two are delusional.

No. 96345

OT but I swear to fucking god every time I see the OP I see it as an after versus before status of digipedo's "transitioning" and I ha e to remind myself that that's actually his girlfriend. They look related, its fucking creepy

No. 96352

She complains about "le normies" but she is just a normie herself with those basic bitch wannabe alt girl clothes circa tumblr 2015. I can picture the cringe of the Hololive staff when seeing her entry, she didn't even try to emulate animu style.

No. 96356

Oh my God anon kek I'm cackling I can't unsee it now
Digibro is such a narcissistic freak that he had to date a female version of himself

No. 96420

this bitch is insane, it's hilarious.

I think the only reason she's not skinwalking Tenleid is because she's a slob just like Digi. She puts absolutely zero effort on her looks and it shows.

No. 96426

0MG thank you i NEEDED THIS digibro is an insufferable loser and so is his weirdo wife i cant wait to read this thread. Thank you OP

No. 96430

wow i was not expecting him to be trans. Listen i personally dont care if you discover you are a woman or whatever but digi just comes accross as a disgusting fetishist and i feel like this is a kink/social experiment and in 15 yrs hes gonna write an op ed on how the anime community forced him to become a girl because his opinions were to based and "girly" I hate it here. We are in the parallel universe i swear.

No. 96446

File: 1590631794154.png (49.95 KB, 1280x277, downloadfile.png)

>you don't know tenleid

No. 96447

How many more videos is May going to make about Tenleid???

No. 96452

After reading the thread summary, I knew I immediately found this man insufferable for a reason. He's even worse than I thought. Sorry for non contribution, glad this creature got a thread.

No. 96458

Soz for samefag but please, someone tell me they're ironically liking Digibro's sperg about needed to be female to have a full range of emotions.

No. 96497

>Lost all the popularity he once had
Oh yeah, big time. Digi's the classic case of a nobody finding moderate success then struggling to cope with the idea that the well eventually dries up. No doubt these are 2 are depressed about their current situation:
>losing that sweet youtube ad money
>tried to branch out into music in order to stay relevant which FAILED
>in a loveless marriage where one is a doormat clout chaser and the other is a degenerate who gets off on being the animu loli he'll never be
>smoke weed erryday to forget your sad life
>might hafta get a real job real soon
So, like the fucked weirdos they are, rationalize lashing out at those more "successful" than them.

No. 96500

File: 1590655992908.jpeg (210.76 KB, 1125x1702, 1AE2291B-899B-4F36-9849-749BDE…)

During their stream today May used the Kiwi Farms user posting these caps as evidence. She fails to comprehend how the Twitter search function works which reveals nothing but a few positive interactions between them, mostly from May. Their last direct public interaction was 2018.

No. 96573

It's so funny how May sees herself as a "cute loli waifu" while having such a man face

No. 96586

May has such a horse face that it is quite frankly pathetic to see her trying to be an anime waifu, both her and digibro are super delusional because digibro wants to be an anime waifu too now lol

No. 96588

File: 1590701466569.jpeg (527.76 KB, 828x1371, C1F6B70F-F715-4438-8194-967FCF…)

Comments on her stream announcements were rough

No. 96592

In all of their infinite wisdom they decided to go on what is known as an alt right show to talk about their troon/genderspecial identities

No. 96611

It's so funny to me that she dropped out of college. My husband has youtube money, I'll never have to work again.

I'm pretty sure he's with her because he can tell she's crazy. A guy like him would never feel at ease dating a healthy person.

No. 96614

This entire time I thought his gf/fiance was the trans one every time I passed this thread. You're telling me that they aren't both men?

No. 96615

So apparently in a podcast that digi and may recently appeared in, it is implied that may groomed (or enabled) digibro to become a troon

Digi just loves talking on podcasts on how much he fucks her and May loves inserting herself into his content and pretty much uses his fame for her channel

no wonder they're together, they're both fucking crazy

No. 96617

File: 1590717053125.png (154.22 KB, 1086x1312, fghj.png)

compelling some discussion about May from kf

No. 96618

File: 1590717238731.png (303.86 KB, 600x1136, fghj.png)

accusing tenleid yet again

No. 96619

So according to Digi, in order to be Tenlied you need to:
>speak English
>be a user on a drama site
>know enough Digi-lore to "know enough" about you and your girlfriend to post
>forget you put your entire life online for people to know this but LOL UR TENLIED I KNOW HER ENOUGH TO KNOW ITS HER


No. 96643

>I let my emotions control me so I must be a girl!
Holy shit, what a piece of misogynistic garbage. Why can't he just admit that he's living out a fetish instead of appealing to horrific stereotypes? It's not like he has a reputation to shatter.
Looks like something that would get two comments on DeviantArt in 2005

No. 96686

No. 96969

File: 1590852145612.jpg (31.11 KB, 720x222, 20200530_165940.jpg)

Has an autistic husband, pushes him deeper into drugs (I'm sure she likes that he pays for her habit), lets his horrid personal hygiene go unchecked, feeds him conspiracy bs until even his fans, who were so far accepting of his deranged persona, think that shit's getting weird, and now he's gender confused where her role in that is also fishy. Clearly the right person to educate people about mental health.

Not that I want to put all the blame on her, since she's just feeding his oversized ego.

No. 96986

>He came out as a MtF
Tell me this is a fucking joke man. I just opened /w/ looking for some fun times and I'm slapped straight in the face with digibro trooning out, thought his reputation couldn't have gotten worse post-mumkey but it did. Jesus christ this better be some retarded op he's pulling off as a joke. Are all male youtubers either sex offenders, coomers, clinically insane or trannies in the making?

No. 96991

>Are all male youtubers either sex offenders, coomers, clinically insane or trannies in the making?

No. 97105

oh my god literal chipmunk voice

No. 97153

Why would you try to have a more feminine voice yet do nothing for your fucking man brows.

No. 97186

Anon you're being way too nice. Those brows are the least of his troubles.
>the amount of greese on his face that could make a mcdonald's blush
>that musty shirt soaking up all his greese and sweat
>cringey animu hat covering his mop hair that probably smells as good as his rotting mouth.

No. 97249

So what this stream basically confirmed about May was:

>Digi never brushed his teeth until he decided he is a girl, so May has been kissing and receiving orals from a guy whose teeth is rotten and has more bacteria than your average anus

>May doesn't want Digi to get his penis removed (desperate for dick much?) but she's pushing him into HRT (They also openly talk about his disgusting unwashed dick having phimosis)
>May is going to peg him to make him feel like a girl soon, digi goes on autogynephile rants
>May is called a jew because of her nose (this stream is on the alt-right side I believe) and she calls the audience faggots in an act of desperation (just how she calls Tenleid a whore I suppose)
>May goes the "not like other girls" route and says she feels like a man. Transition soon?
>May talks about wanting to fuck other people, this is done in front of digi
>May has always wanted to dominate a girlfriend with excercise, and digi has been losing weight
>May is creating an onlyfans
>Digi's transition is as much as a fetish for her as it is for him, May is an enabler and pushes Digi to troon out, Digi wants to be a cute little girl

No. 97268

An AGP gets with a horse into femdom and sissifycation.

No. 97279

>Autistic coomer with a lolicon fetish is into sissyfication and found a partner that's into it just as much as he is, AGP transitioning ensues
Holy hell I thought Digibro spergouts wouldn't get worse than the Mumkey saga but this is going to be amazing. In all honesty I should've seen it coming a mile away.

No. 97554

Since it keeps getting mentioned, can someone give a recap on the Mumkey thing?

No. 97609

digi calling himself a ""ratchet ho"" in his lyrics and twitter bio is so fucking funny

No. 97689

>DigiBro was a part of Procrastinators Podcast (PCP)
>Mumkey Jones is/was a youtuber based on edgy comedy, known for his Elliot Rodger videos and later turned out to be a cow himself (cheated on his girlfriend, who was supporting him financially, with a pedo furry and leaked his own sex tapes)
>Digibro was the one who invited Mumkey to join in the first place
>Enter Endless Jess, another member of the PCP
>Mumkey's edgy fanbase starts making fun of Endless Jess for being autistic and unfunny, Jess can't handle the heat anymore, threatens to quit if Mumkey isn't booted out
>Jess finally leaves, Digibro panics, throws Mumkey under the bus claiming that it's his fault that he can't control his fanbase and caused Jess to leave even though Mumkey had repeatedly asked his fans to leave Jess be
>Video related, it's Digibro sperging about his side of the story, sadly Mumkey's side is gone as his Youtube account got purged
>Digibro arranged a vote to kick Mumkey out and bring Jess back

That's the gist of it.

No. 98257

File: 1591272422759.png (34.7 KB, 588x231, downloadfile.png)

Yeah she might troon out soon
Who knew mowing the lawn was an intrinsic male behaivor

No. 98258

File: 1591272622056.jpg (121.5 KB, 1920x960, downloadfile.jpg)

Someone on May's discord made a meme of Tenleid and May's going to feature it on a stream. Said meme is actually mocking one that was made to mock her earlier.

No. 98259

File: 1591272709196.jpg (145.79 KB, 1854x960, downloadfile-1.jpg)

Meme in question

No. 98274

Funny how the Tenleid one is much less offensive and arguably more attractive.

No. 98294

If mowing the lawn doesnt make you a man, then make Digi keep mowing the lawn lmao he's just using transitioning as an excuse to be lazy

No. 98968

No no anon, if Digi, the ever special princess, wants to be a "real" girl, he should be cooking and cleaning around the house while May does all the "man" work.

No. 103252

the anime girls he wants to be like

No. 103254

File: 1593421393314.jpg (3.81 MB, 1919x9387, SvT08de.jpg)

this is just pure autism

No. 103258

File: 1593421929335.png (550.91 KB, 782x461, 8ik7u6hygtrf.png)

No. 103263

the kind of shit one can only say when they've been socially isolated for so long, lmao.
just step outside with a little bit of self awareness and you realize trying to claim you're similar to tomoyo from ccs is absolutely retarded.

No. 103293

File: 1593435560950.png (546.65 KB, 406x512, 1586980468847.png)

god there is children in the "characters I would persue romantically"

No. 103302

>Characters I feel so similarly to they barely register as characters
>Sabrina from Pokemon season 1
Uh, a somewhat sadistic emotional retard who's in literally a grand total of 1 episode… seems legit.
I'm still grappling with the rest of the autism but that one really caught my eye.

No. 103316

Wew this is a lot isn't it. He has a lot of underage characters in there, everywhere. Children rolemodels and children he would pursue and little girls he thinks he is like.

What the fuck does "character I would mentor" even mean. I can't imagine being mentored by this sociopath.

No. 103318

Samefag but after looking at all the teens he would date I just noticed he also posted he would date the russian Yuri from Yuri on Ice. Aside of being a 15(? can't remember) year old teen he's clearly a boy. Is Digibro turning gay?

No. 103530

File: 1593624907439.png (637.27 KB, 762x405, asdfb.png)

May on the left, Tenleid on the right

No. 103535

Does tenleid still have that pink hair

No. 103540

I don't know if it counts because it was before his transition but in a video he said "I have lived forever and never once was truly straight". He also talked about how he used to think he was gay for a short period of time when he was a teenager ( I think it's in one of his video about evangelion )but I don't remerber very well

the quote is from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8DHrWQJCsI

No. 103544

File: 1593635280731.jpeg (427.3 KB, 750x673, 5B044398-7CCD-4E1F-B837-847DF1…)

pretty much

No. 103546

I await May frying the shit out of her hair as she desperately tries to skinwalk tenleid

No. 103554

it’s an unusual combination too (that shade of pink and green) so it’ll be very obvious she’s skinwalking again. Inb4 buh mine is different~* and akshuhally two people can have one hair color but really how much more obvious can you get than dying your hair the same shade as the girl you hate?

No. 103556

File: 1593641931823.jpg (306.67 KB, 960x625, MYXJ_20200701151800119_save.jp…)

Lol at this bitch comparing her blonde hair to gyaru (much also like tenleid who talks about how much she loves gyaru)

No. 103566

Wonder if she changed it because she knew May's been copying her.

No. 103578

Not whiteknighting but to be honest gyaru has always seem so trashy and ugly that she definetely looks better in those pictures than the gyarus she posted
However she's very stupid if she thinks whatever she's doing is jfashion or anything like gyaru

No. 103579

File: 1593662178573.png (45.99 KB, 601x480, qwertyui.png)

he's calling himself baroness gray and witch now

No. 103581

File: 1593662458751.png (14.86 KB, 479x260, iuytrd.png)

>first female president

He's also sharing a lot of anime lolis on twitter and it's getting creepy. Her whole view of womanhood is based on japanese anime characters.

No. 103582

File: 1593662583283.png (139.15 KB, 593x383, example.png)


it's all this artsy depressing looking lolis and a lot of depression twits

No. 103706

And now not only does Digi make shitty music, May does too

No. 103783

>ryougi shiki
Shiki would beat his pedo ass any day of the week.

These choices are so bizarre. He sees himself as Shinji AND Neferpitou AND Anthy? These characters have zero in common. Go outside, Digi.

No. 105293

File: 1594855219113.png (92.23 KB, 1478x466, 1594658651351.png)

No. 105295

File: 1594855336637.png (62.93 KB, 1426x224, 1594658703435.png)

She's trans or nonbinary now.

No. 105299

File: 1594857421245.png (39.92 KB, 600x239, Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 4.49…)


No. 105380

lmfao he's calling himself the golden witch based off of Umineko now?

No. 105898

This is so fucking pedo-y

No. 106150

File: 1595382184992.jpeg (685.16 KB, 1125x1214, DB4AAAA4-799F-44D4-8211-E0B7DF…)

Is the Tenloid saga over already? That was dropped quickly, did they realized it was a dead end and no one was jumping on board? Now they’re working as hard as they can to get the attention of Null, owner of Kiwi Farms, by writing raps that get ratiod worse than the cringe cunt video.

No. 106158

File: 1595386269349.jpeg (599.93 KB, 1125x1764, B8BC79CD-BD15-44A4-AE1B-578228…)

May also allegedly cried on stream after getting bullied out of digis discord server. Conveniently that stream has been set to private.

She’s so easy and quick to sperg, Tenny needs to hurry up and react so May can have a meltdown

No. 106564

There are only two genders: trans and Karen

No. 106581

anon I laughed so hard

No. 106590

I remember randomly watching and enjoying his asterisk wars series when it came out (so before a lot of controversies) and recommending it to a buddy of mine, he told me he sensed a bad vibe from him so he wasn't a fan of his channel. I should trust this guy's gut more often lol

No. 107477

File: 1596159692250.jpeg (516.28 KB, 1125x1258, 2549B55B-FF4E-4948-A528-C84832…)

May has now taken over the Digibro channel, not long after going after Tenleid for taking over Mothers Basement’s dead side channel. May couldn’t grow her own channel and sperging out over one sided beef didn’t get her the attention she wanted, so she had to be handed another one by Digi.

No. 107479

File: 1596160140123.jpeg (382.8 KB, 1125x1035, 299507D4-5F60-406B-B8BC-BC8248…)

Digi will no longer be doing anime content, only May. A guaranteed death for what’s left of the channel, as none of Digis remaining fans care for her brain dead content. This is obvious when you look at how few Digi subscribers watch May’s content or streams featuring Digi.

May has been talking about an OnlyFans, and Digi is taking voice work on fiver.

No. 107526

This is pretty fucking rich considering May and Michelle both criticised Tenleid for being given MB's 2nd channel instead of growing her own

May can't even break 5k subs on her own channel kek, no one who follows Digi cares about her or her larping as an autistic weeaboo

No. 107533

So at this point they're just actively trying to tank the channel, right? There's no way they could actually think May will do anything other than crash and burn.

No. 107553

File: 1596226789199.jpeg (246.13 KB, 2048x1759, 3D874DBF-590A-4BB0-8216-484AE7…)

The projection is real. It looks like they completely gave up out of sheer embarrassment. It must really drive May crazy that Tenleid gains more subs per month making sporadic boring shit than she’s made in a year, doing a month of daily videos.

No. 107575

Digibro trooning out made me sad, not gonna lie.
He was one of the few anime analysts I legitimately liked and it just gave me some insane deja vu from Pedantic Romantic transitioning after finishing college with his brain scrambled and shitting up his videos with weird poopdick theory shit before him. Who's next? Super Eyepatch Wolf? Nah, I'm kidding, he is reddit-tier and has the most obnoxious lisp I've ever heard. Of course he will soon.
Now, I don't follow his social media, and like everyone else I can't smell a video, so I assumed Digibro was turning his life into something slightly more normal with May and didn't see any of this coming.

There really is nothing more destructive than a group that is willing to go along with all of your stupid shit without question.

No. 107586

File: 1596243096078.jpg (17.58 KB, 320x427, EbfghvuXsAATiMe.jpg)

She looks like a man here…
I guess she has fully become the true digibro

No. 107587

File: 1596243344790.png (38.5 KB, 409x395, looneytroony-png.png)

I mean, just look at this graph.

No. 107588

File: 1596243365043.png (122.48 KB, 1025x328, a3837930-585b-4de3-a74f-4fb1f8…)

oh wow so much for not wanting to be Tenleid

No. 107589

File: 1596243407789.png (26.9 KB, 593x155, 1596034098925-png.png)

He said this.
He also said that he thinks lolicon is a right or some shit but I don't have a capture of that.

No. 107594

I'm not an expert but he is kind of right.
There was a point in my life when I was on the verge of trooning and constantly felt the urge to masturbate at every idle moment I had. Of course, I wasn't an idiot and realized I was just watching too much fucking porn and it was starting to fuck with my head.

No. 107596

I'm sorry anon but that's very autistic and autogynephilic. Are you a guy?

No. 107598

Well, yeah. I got better.
It just makes me sad that so many people are getting swindled into this shit because of that. Porn can fuck you up real bad if you are the kind of immature idiot that is willing to just push through and get into any kind of fucked up shit to get off, which seems to be what happened to Digibro. There really seems to be a correlation between being addicted to porn and "gender" dysphoria.

Even if I had gone through with it I would still be a guy, though. You can't fool biology no matter how much hormones and antibiotics you poison your body with.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 107602

May "I don't wanna be like Tenleid!!"
>dyed her hair the same shade of pink as Tenleid
>Took over Digis channel, much like Tenleid did with MB's side channel, because neither could get a solid audience on their own
>Calls tenleid a prostitute, talks about making an OF for "reviewing hentai" and potential porn
>Hangs out with Ethan Ralph even though it's suspected he met his fat retarded gf before she was of age

So how long before May gets some shitty bolt ons? Probably never since her troon likes the bodies of prepubescent girls (and horse/man faces)

No. 107604

gtfo scrote

No. 107606

I was scrolling through, saw that thumbnail and seriously thought I was looking at a post from the MtF Chernobyl zone thread until I actually read your post. Damn. Is she on T or something? She mentioned taking the "transpill".

No. 107609


No. 107614

Is she wearing a home made Hentai Haven shirt with 99c paint? Are they that poor?

No. 108317

File: 1596801439009.jpg (595.93 KB, 2518x1024, EewwmhiWkAIw6-z.jpg)

i can't fucking stand these people

No. 108694

File: 1597082259068.png (91.94 KB, 719x395, 1596642046874-png.png)

With this, May is not only officialy trooning out, this means May forcefully entered Digibro's life, convinced him to become a tranny, and took his identity.
May is Digibro now.

No. 108698

File: 1597082706835.png (114.03 KB, 1025x335, 1596329661323-png.png)

No. 108699

File: 1597082928278.png (69.54 KB, 732x341, mjnhbgvfc.png)

half assed explanation

No. 108700

File: 1597083032484.png (69.09 KB, 579x276, gfr.png)

More digibro seething at Mother's Basement

No. 108702

File: 1597083415697.png (346.28 KB, 1256x568, fdwsf.png)

Tenleid, on the other hand, she didn't respond directly to May, but has some stuff to say about her.

No. 108719

File: 1597089087490.jpeg (642.21 KB, 1125x1570, 15B15695-65FB-4A76-8EAF-C7F8E9…)

This is a common sentiment among virtue signalling thots, I think it’s a stretch to say it’s about May. It doesn’t make sense to ignore all of the personal attacks and sperg that could make May look like a retard to make a vague subtweet unprompted.

Mays paranoia continues, she appears to be implying this person is “allsotiresome” from KF, the main poster she is accusing of being Tenleid, most likely because they insulted MB in the process.

No. 109151

File: 1597416896217.png (100.71 KB, 664x679, maythetranny.png)

Digibanana = May
You're Fingering These Children = Digibro

No. 109160

File: 1597425615652.jpg (451.09 KB, 847x882, O0FEya9.jpg)

When cows collide. Of course he's in with Ralph Retort. Who just imploded his alt right streaming career by drunkenly sending a link of his fat ass fucking his child bride to her ex.

No. 109161

Oh god I'd love to see these two idiots go at it.

>Who just imploded his alt right streaming career by drunkenly sending a link of his fat ass fucking his child bride to her ex.

Wait what? I haven't kept up with Ralph since they dropped off of Youtube, what the fuck happened to his wife? What's he fucking doing oh god

No. 109167

sage as not his thread though he probably needs one at this point.
>He and the wife whom by the way was 17 when they met, divorced last year. He claimed it was on good terms but his recent ex (not the child bride) Said he had to pay ex wife to appear on stream cause she despised him.

>Recent ex is a 40 year old woman who from what I can tell just had a lapse in judgment by giving him a chance. He may of? cheated on her with the current who is an 18 year old. Hard to tell Farms is mostly spamming a happy face edit of his gunt from the sex tape

>But Tuesday or monday night he wanted to cuck the child bride's ex who was streaming her dms to him about only being with Ralph for get this money for BLM.

>So Ralph sends him a link to the sex tape while streaming demanding he was on air. Kiwi gets the full video where he not only flopping under this barely legal meth addicted 18 year old in squalor. But sticks his finger up her ass and gets a good huff.

No. 109172

All the info is literally on the Kiwifarms frontpage with links to all the shit that's been happening. And the sextape. I recommend not watching it cause it is truly horrendous.

No. 109208

Ralph is how old? and he's fucking an 18 year old lol

No. 109209

34 is the general guesstimate as he was around 28 for Gamergate

No. 109211

File: 1597452887206.png (642.11 KB, 907x1136, 9c371d38e795ad4fce93431e01d88e…)

>these Umineko references
Did he have his sexual organs mutilated on birth?

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