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File: 1631213084194.jpeg (1.64 MB, 3000x3000, 1631075695427.jpeg)

No. 1319966

23 year-old ‘mysterious’ edgelord musician/rapper and YouTube horror narrator whose only characteristics are being an emo fuckboy and having a deep voice. Has a retarded fanbase of horny teenage girls and a growing hate-base.

Possible identities:
"Randall", Ice Poseidon, Slavic Joshua, Lil Xan, Dahvie Vanity lookalike, "Hi-Tech Hustler" Gregory D. Evans, some fat fakeboi, Leafy

Last Thread >>1199903:
>E-girls went gold >>1199942 Corpse reminds us he got a plaque in his latest song Hot Demon Bitches Near U!
>Delusional pick me's get corpse lyrics tattooed >>1200029, most notable is the titty tattoo >>1199987
>CreepshowArtgate happened, comments in thread laughing at the girl who got the titty tattoo despite Shannon ass kissing Corpse >>1200081
>Corpse was apparently sending shirtless pics to fans pre-popularity because he was going to the gym, claims he wont reveal face because he would be in a 'compromising situation' >>1200276
>Corpse's real voice sounds like Chills >>1200381
>Corpse somehow makes it on Jimmy Fallon >>1202491
>Releases yet another abomination with Night Lovell, basically a pt.2 of e-girls >>1315364 yet another try hard e-thot as the single cover
>Flock of fans find thread >>1318400 >>1318413 took the Richard Ramirez post seriously >>1318432 takes a whole day for them to build up the courage to type in thread accidentally dox themselves in the process by not reading the rules

>Super shy emo uwu guy with social anxiety that never shows his face
>Began on YouTube in 2015 narrating horror stories on his channel, had his music debut in 2016
>Got recognised outside of his music/ horror audience in 2020 after playing Among Us with the likes of Pewdiepie and Pokimane >>1059619
>Friends with the likes of Boyinaband, Jacksepticeye, Loeybug, Glam&Gore, Sykkuno and Pewdipie
>Constantly sadposts on his socials and gets thousands to millions of likes for posting singular emojis

>Makes horrible music with shitty lyrics that only appeal to horny/edgy teenagers, with creative titles like ‘E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE’ and ‘Cat Girls are Ruining My Life!’ >>1059724 >>1059933 >>1078775 >>1135034 >>1135035 >>1182561
>Posts pictures of his veiny hands/arms to appease begging fans and to quell rumours of having 6 fingers >>1056622 >>1058464 >>1076069
>Flip-flops between hating his e-fame and stan culture loving it, constantly whining about it and then perpetuating toxic stan culture by applauding fans for clapping back, gloating “if they shove me, you shove back ten times harder” >>1159287 >>1078699
>”Chronically ill”, claiming fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome, GERD and depression. Searches for pity points often, says his illness has been “so bad that I couldn’t lift a spoon to my mouth” >>1135930
>Claims his GERD has made his voice deeper >>1159287
>Is such an edgelord he wears an eyepatch because screens hurt his eyes >>1159287
>Releases song and puts a random tik-tok e-thot that reacted positively at its release on the album cover without her consent >>1059200
>Has a drinking problem, saying he’s “ruined every drink for himself” and that he’s “never felt more like doing drugs in my entire life” gets sad and plays VR drunk >>1135287 >>1135311 >>1159287
>Has claimed to be of several different ethnicities, claiming Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, then decides he’s Mexican, Native and Irish >>1134888
>Incorporates fragments of Spanish in his raps to try and keep up the Spanish heritage lie, is learning Spanish in VR >>1135636
>Posts autistic violent outbursts where he smashes glass, screams and stabs tinfoil, laughs manically to questions about his mental health, loves “inciting chaos”, tells BrookeAB to “shut the fuck up” in AmongUs to the discomfort of everyone >>1056626 >>1134060 >>1134088 >>1159287 >>1134102
>Peaks his creepy factor by posting a soundbite of himself breathing, fans go wild and it trends on Twitter under #onlybreath >>1128060
>Close friendship forms with Loeybug - posts cringe screencaps with her and Corpse calling each other “baby”, visit each other in ACNH to sit on a bench and “boot feets”, says he texts her more than anyone else >>1133215 >>1133245 >>1136002 >>1159287
>Claims to be in debt on his mom’s side and his own, says he grew up extremely poor and that he dropped out at the age of 12 and proposed if he wasn’t big by age 21 he’d kill himself >>1187999 >>1187436 >>1159287
>Glorifies self harm, cut his face with razorblades 10 minutes before Among Us streams >>1159039 >>1186404 >>1186460
>Is confirmed as fat >>1138161 >>1138186 >>1138202
>Shoves Valkyrae in last-minute for the Daywalker music video because he doesn’t want to be filmed, said costume & manicure staff were on-hand, she does a “making of” vlog for it and shows no staff were present has to do it all herself, visibly annoyed & uncomfortable
>Had a mental breakdown and relapsed >>1211720
>Admits to making GERD worse by drinking copious amounts of alcohol >>1212592 complains about it >>1253633

No. 1319968

good summary and nice choice of picture anon!

No. 1319970

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1199903

No. 1319972

No. 1319975

Is there a thread about loeylane? What happened to her husband?

No. 1319979

As far as i know she was tryna fuck Emma but Emma is asexual, or genuinely repulsed by her

No. 1320032

Bad picture, why shit on some random women when this thread is about him?

No. 1320039

Did you miss their retardation in the last thread?

No. 1320050

finally seems like corpses 'friends' are starting to wise up to his clout chasing ways(sage)

No. 1320051

Thanks, OP! Btw, he's 24 now.

They found the thread, whined on twitter then showed up in the last 50 posts or so.

No. 1320055

File: 1631218143643.jpeg (166.49 KB, 828x754, 0F8C4397-8B52-4551-99A7-E21C02…)

The one that doxed herself is doing a pretty good job at not being hurt too!

No. 1320057

lol what a dumbass, its sick how desperate these bxtches are for attention

No. 1320059

he is becoming more irrelevant as the days go by, the only time he is active is to shove his music in other ccs streams by autistically interrupting

cant believe its been over a year almost and no one has been able to find out more info on this fag

No. 1320061

he posted on twitter he is trying to put a lobby together or something lmao dont know why he is bothering his viewership is so down and i think his friends are starting to get sick of his bs too

No. 1320083

File: 1631219992040.jpeg (277.5 KB, 960x799, F4E09883-319D-4CDB-B5A1-CF1211…)

Lol here’s her other cope tweet. Why has every Scottish lolcow been ugly as sin? Is it the inbreeding?

No. 1320120

my fucking sides, is being ugly as sin a secret criteria to be a CH fangirl or something? my girl looks like a whole ass british woman meme, from teeth to body

No. 1320125

When I first started watching loeylane she was a chubby, cute young army wife who had a slightly unconventional life compared to other army wives but she was still grounded. She was probably around size 14-16 around that time. She used to do a lot of videos about body positivity and plus size bikini hauls. Then husband suddenly disappeared from the picture, followed by her father passing away and her body & mental health spiraled out of control it seems. She is now clearly bigger than a size 20 (she denied that for a long time), has a new best friend every other month, a messy social life and does creepy haunted house videos. What is going on?

No. 1320138

So she never explained what happened with her husband? I remember watching a few of her videos back then and to me she already seemed unhinged and way bigger than a 14-16 but she probably wears her clothes way too tight

No. 1320145

There is a really old Loey thread but it died ages ago. Dont know whatever happened with her husband.

No. 1320158

Yeah she never explained what happened between her and her (ex) husband. There was a video about her moving in with a friend while she was still married to him. But no explanation. The guru gossip thread went wild after that for a year but things calmed down after that and people sort of accepted that there will never be a formal announcement about the break up. She most certainly doesn’t act like she is married and there is no husband in the picture.
She piled on the pounds after that. She already used to wear 2-4 sizes too small, which made her look like she stole her skinny sister’s clothes but now her clothes never look like they fit her at all. She used to have a skinny face with a small mid section.. now she’s big everywhere

No. 1320171

File: 1631226683024.jpg (155.91 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20210909_182607.jpg)


No. 1320178

gd those yellow teeth

No. 1320180

I saw pics of her before, it's honestly just sad

No. 1320190

thought this thread was about exposing corpse can we please get back on topic and figure out who this dumbass is

No. 1320202

this. i want to see if he's as dumpy looking irl as he looked in that picture of him in the horse mask

No. 1320356

agreed. the Facebook guy in the last thread seemed promising, but Croak Husband is pretty dead set about the curly hair thing

No. 1320375

Then make a CH calves thread if it bothers you so bad, it’s obvious you’re afraid you’ll be posted next. His fans are as milky as him and until CH does something particularly hilarious or a calves thread is up, the fans freaking out is entertaining. Why are you so scared of his stans getting roasted here?

No. 1320405

Nta but no one gives a fuck about these nobodies and giving them attention will only encourage their sperging.
Most people just want to find out what this edgy fuck looks like.

No. 1320431

i don't think CH nor his stans are milky enough to have separate threads. until something lulzy happens what's wrong about discussing his fanbase? they're at least somewhat entertaining

No. 1320468

File: 1631269084302.png (326.81 KB, 806x927, qt.png)

I hope the last thread made them learn it's not safe to post yourself on the internet, lol.

No. 1320800

File: 1631301727673.jpeg (700.61 KB, 828x1157, 465BA957-F1AC-41E8-8DD2-A1F631…)

Crazy how these girls go wild over this picture and veiny ass hands, wonder if he’ll never do a direct face reveal so as not to ruin whatever image these morons have conjured up in their head about him.

Eventually he might have to when he inevitably falls off or Keemshart exposes the supposed image of him when corpse gets caught diddling one of his 14 year old fans

No. 1320802

File: 1631302193800.jpeg (555.97 KB, 828x1465, 4E81135A-B561-42CA-9283-5CF2A2…)

found this and laughed my fuckin ass off though

No. 1320816

why is his neck two feet long? he looks like a horse

No. 1320832

Tbh I care because it's fucking hilarious watching them meltdown. It's entertaining. Keep posting the calves, anons, salty anons can hide it if it makes them so mad

No. 1320878

Same. Let's remind everyone who his fan base really is, CH and his dilusional fan girls especially.

No. 1320950

bro responding to yourself is just cringe lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1321005

File: 1631322758388.jpg (330.71 KB, 1080x1080, 38372626488383.jpg)

Here's the real faceapp morph with Andy Biersack, Lil Xan, and Joji. Now imagine this face with a weaker chin kek. Looks downs tbh.

No. 1321068

I’m the original anon posting about keeping the calves ITT, just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re samefagging. If you’re so afraid of getting posted here then delete your CH stan twitter now and you’ll be fine little nonita

No. 1321187

kek is the red eyes for me necro groupies are unhinged

No. 1321323

I hate this fat loser so much. Female artists would be (an have been) vilified for crying over chart placements, yet it's always the soyboys with massive teen girl fanbases that get away with exploiting their parasocial relationship with their audience for streams that cry about unfair treatment. Female artists don't have that massive leg up. Imagine using BTS fan tactics to inflate your numbers and having the audacity to claim that your listeners are "over 50% male". He refuses to acknowledge who his fans are while simultaneously exploiting them and they claim he "has their back". Disgusting male behavior.

No. 1321558

File: 1631401774321.jpeg (353.6 KB, 828x722, 1796A060-EF20-4B3A-A466-34F4E3…)

So it turns out the girl from the single cover is actually a corpse groupie. Fatties are fucking SEETHING because all it took was heavy facetune

No. 1321560

File: 1631401871857.jpeg (718.99 KB, 828x1427, DF401B12-1387-4BD7-913E-DCFFD2…)

What she actually looks like LMAO

No. 1321570

File: 1631402521843.jpeg (226.37 KB, 2048x2048, E-zl-mNX0AEtsKC.jpeg)

She looks different in every single photo. Shit, I'd be more embarrassed about shooping so drastically and obviously than I'd be about being average-looking.

No. 1321645

>>1321560 Butterface kek

No. 1321656

its easy to tell ur talking to urself a lot in these threads bc u use the same syntax and grammar buddy maybe u should get some friends, also i dont have a twitter but i implore u to waste ur time trying to find me u imbecile

No. 1321665

KEK this made my day

No. 1321674

ok ch stan

No. 1321777

Eh, she also kinda looks like that in her tiktoks but you can see its all ridiculously obvious nose contouring and standard tiktok bitch make up.
Not that make up is inherently wrong but half her nose looks like its plain dirty

No. 1321811

She also heavily uses Snow which has facial feature sliders to alter yourself in video recordings, so it’s easy for her to make herself look like her edits in photos for TikTok aswell. You find these girls all look totally different in their tiktoks compared to if they do twitch streams where they don’t have that live access to have face altering filters during stream. A lot of the corpse stans who stream (in effort they might one day get asked to play among us with him if they pester him enough) look like completely different people to their posts.

No. 1321848

File: 1631441011198.jpeg (477.16 KB, 828x1059, 44B95BAD-D650-4BD6-82AD-4F3214…)

Cant wait until he inevitably gets caught for being a diddler, we know he deleted his snapchat when Cry got caught and used to send shirtless pictures to his fans, he’s surrounded by teenage girls, i give it a year before allegations come out when he inevitably falls off

No. 1322055

>>1321848 watch him try to blame the “haters” before he goes off kek

No. 1322107

She has a very normal face, wtf

No. 1322200

this is both hilarious and embarrassing, go outside paranoia-chan

No. 1322240

this thread is boring as fuck just a circle jerk of the same persons going round posting twthags on here where is the juice of getting to the bottom of who the fuck ch is

No. 1322303

I found this video from last year, its old but I don't think it has been brought up yet.

Corpse, Savage Gasp, and Emma were on a tiktok live, then out of nowhere Corpse shows a tube of lube then starts giggling like a teenage boy.

Does anyone else find this really innapropriate? Tiktok is full of children and minors. I feel like the grooming rumors are going to be revealed to be true in the future..

No. 1322316

can mods please just ban salty anon already? if you want to find out who CH google is free you have options little anon, we aren't here to do work for you

No. 1322322

lmao ur so weird dude

No. 1322335

wow, not children AND minors

No. 1322340

childhood is from birth to puberty, retard. there are minors who are not children.

No. 1322348

We’re trying retard. You can return to fucking vein mapping all you want but in the meantime so the thread doesn’t die we’re posting calves because they’re not milky enough for their own thread

No. 1322355

There's not much out there to reveal his identity, you can do more digging if you think there is something we're all missing.

Most of the info about him comes from him, so it can't be trusted because he's a liar/delusional.

No. 1322371

Hey, it's hard when all we know about him is that he's chubby and has indigestion.

No. 1322562

Go back where you came from, you nasty creature

No. 1322563

All children are minors, you fucking degenerate. No need to specify them as a different group, they are already included.

No. 1322762

File: 1631508069395.jpeg (366.35 KB, 1536x1980, CBE73AB2-53A7-40FD-8789-F0D58E…)

So, not to interruption the argument or anything, but I’ve compiled a few things to get this “project” going again. I put together 3 graphics with some details, please consider. They could be leads, perhaps not. Please feel free to let me know.

The first graphic is about Corpses’ BONES connection:

-Corpse has showcased obvious personal connections with Elmo (Bones) it can be observed in the constant interactions between the two throughout social media.

-Fans of Bones flame Corpse on Instagram in SESH/Bones posts, but the other SESH boys and fans stick up for him and say he’s cool or “family”

-A clip of Corpses’ Sizzler order was included on Bones’ album FROMBEYONDTHEGRAVE.

-Corpse posted “PostedAtTheSizz” underneath in reply to Bones.

-Corpse has also posted about being “Posted at the Sizz” with his boy Ricky. Could be nothing, but interesting that Bones is also called Ricky.

-He also represents SESH hard, and has numerous pieces of merch, stickers, etc that some people don’t have. He could quite possibly be a family friend having mentioned that he and Bones go way back.

-Also note the brown doors in the last frame matching his kitchen cabinets

I also have a link for Bones modeling for his mother’s brand when young. Her store is on Instagram, but I forgot her handle. Might be worth looking into her, the SESH boys, etc.


No. 1322764

File: 1631508198195.jpeg (459.77 KB, 1663x1890, 1FC94E63-D15C-4BB8-BEB3-34C7FB…)

(Feel free to zoom in on these, I know they show up small)


-I don’t believe Murrieta is where he resides because there has been numerous times that he has made Sizzler trending, and while there is a Sizzler in Murrieta, there is no IKEA, which he also started trending for revealing he sleeps on a stuffed shark from there.

-The only locations that an IKEA would be are in Orange County, and San Diego, and it’s known that he’s around the area of Murrieta (previous PO Box) etc. There is both a Sizzler and an IKEA not far from each other in San Diego. I believe this narrows down where he is living.

-A quick search of the apartments in the area highly resemble the stills in the videos he has posted. A lot of the same flooring, cabinets with handles, silver appliances, etc. That seems to be the style for the apartments in the area.

No. 1322765

File: 1631508234529.jpeg (658.16 KB, 2048x3093, 418EC21E-7FC8-4A86-99A5-0CD9F9…)


-Upon putting together various videos he’s shown of his apartment, you can note the small details. Such as marble patterned counter tops, silver fridge, oven, and wood floors in a diagonal pattern rather than vertical or horizontal.

-There is also a built in microwave because in one of his videos about drinking DayQuil at night, you can hear the beep above his head. The way that the oven and the cabinets are, you can see that he’s standing in the corner gap while making food. (Shown in the second row, far right. This phot is not of his actual apartment, but of another one nearby. The rest of the photos ARE his apartment)

-there is a gap after his fridge and before a wall that has the same diagonal slant as the TV wall in the back seen in the foil video.

-bedrooms appear to be carpeted, the rest is wood.

-his apartment has what looks like central AC, there is a rounded modern temperature gauge, so it could be useful in identifying any apartments in the area with this layout and features.

No. 1322834

This looks like my friends apartment in Temecula, anonita. It's directly south of Murrieta.

No. 1322835

Vista Promenade apartments in Temecula all have this layout and this Nest thermostat model. I'll delete this if y'all think it's too doxxy.

No. 1322936

File: 1631538630691.jpeg (137.67 KB, 828x407, 053E285F-5DB1-42B4-AE9D-311B44…)

His PO Box used to be in Murrieta so i think we’re definitely getting closer

No. 1323009

The Vineyards at Paseo del sol in Temecula seems to be a closer match. Same marble countertop, same color word floor, same dark cabinets. Floor plans also have that weird wall

No. 1323028

just wanted to submit this door for more apartment pics. I couldn't get a clean screenshot, so linking the video.

No. 1323030

File: 1631548195882.jpg (148.58 KB, 905x1610, Screenshot_20210913-084411_Bra…)

No. 1323038

File: 1631548398083.jpg (118.33 KB, 916x1628, Screenshot_20210913-084459_Bra…)

No. 1323049

File: 1631549396831.jpg (63.56 KB, 750x500, 2021-04-09.jpg)

Anon I think you're right, they even have the same door

No. 1323050

File: 1631549455937.jpg (101.83 KB, 650x433, image.jpg)

cabinets too

No. 1323070

the doors are the same but the door borders look differents

No. 1323072

File: 1631551018804.png (152.81 KB, 540x306, q3k6f6b79o771.png)

Finally some good fucking tism. Good job, actually way too similar to be a coincidence.
Same doors/door handles too.

No. 1323087

lol I hope his stans show up and freak him tf out. They're mental enough to do it.

No. 1323097

Do you think Boyinaband filmed in Corpse's apartment? Corpse at that time was sick and couldn't move, so it makes sense

No. 1323106

its possible, same color carpet and doors look very similar. Could be a bedroom with closet.

No. 1323107

File: 1631554116632.jpeg (1 MB, 2999x3999, 952D0AF6-BB4C-42E1-9832-C6F27E…)

I’m not saying this is for sure the location, but I do believe dave/boyinaband went to Corpse’s place to film. The doors are spot on, but the layout looks a little different. But you know how apartment communities have different styles of apartment like A,B,C? it could be something like that and he’s in a different model. The only thing is that the wall borders don’t match up and the thermostat isn’t the same from what I saw. So, either that, or a similar place nearby.

But he very well could be in Temecula because there’s a Sizzler on the way to quite a few P.O. Box locations in Murrieta. Seems probable

No. 1323194

File: 1631562184471.jpg (1013.8 KB, 1750x3806, hmmmmmm.jpg)

More evidence? Found these old pics a while ago, but didn't have a solid lead to tie them to until now.

I think you found the place.

No. 1323205

We need an expectation vs reality pic with this for the next thread pic

No. 1323218

Hes “agoraphobic” he'd have to leave his apartment first, nonny.

No. 1323222

God bless you for weaponizing your autism, anon. I thought investigative skills like this were only found on lesser imageboards.

No. 1323287

File: 1631570796485.png (398.34 KB, 641x454, lp.png)


Looks promising…might be reaching but went to check to see if Paloma del Sol park just above the apartment building has the same style of lampposts in that pic, it doesn't really look like it but the surrounding area looks similar, might be worth checking around that area on google street view and see exactly where the pic was taken especially with that sign

No. 1323314

File: 1631572865185.gif (240.64 KB, 600x600, Dancing Ashbie.gif)

Holy shit. Thank you anon(s) who are doing the work and providing receipts/caps. The power of the tism knows no bounds.

No. 1323334

File: 1631574680364.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2999x3999, AD06C55C-6C00-4E5F-ACA8-1D0028…)

Pretty positive that’s the place. Same diagonal dark wood flooring, cabinets, cream colored granite counter. And the corner where the stove and sink are match exactly where he was standing in that video. The gap after the fridge is a pantry. The kitchen island sticks out, and the livingroom is to the right of that if you’re facing the microwave.

The door to the right in the bedroom doesn’t have a handle, that’s a sliding closet door, there’s a small wall space and then the room door with the handle that matches the layout exactly.

No. 1323355

They have like 19 buildings at this location, lots of units. Its gonna be hard to narrow it down. He might be under someone else's name too, if he really was that crazy about his privacy.

No. 1323367

Oh I’m sure, it’s a large property, this is true, but I don’t think that really matters. It’s not like we are trying to find his exact unit number, nobody is trying to show up on him in person or confront him. I think we just wanted to narrow down the area he’s in for curiosities sake because he prides himself on his in depth paranoid anonymity.

No. 1323375

I was hoping to find his name then face, I just know this mf is ugly. I just wanna confirm with my own eyes.

No. 1323411

Doing my lurking on Twitter and some faggot is cowtipping.

No. 1323413


Something that pinged my curiosity a while ago was a throwaway comment in a live about how he used to get Veggie Grill delivered a lot, and it pinged me as weird and regional as a local because that's something that I associate with living in OC, not extremely south IE like Temecula, unless he went through Ortega. That doesn't make sense for delivery at all. I've always assumed he lived closer to OC than he let on and it was convenient to pop through the canyon to pick up mail.

No. 1323419

in b4 deranged corpse stans go to his apartment to shoot their shot with him.

cOrpSe its me! c0rpsewifey666 on twitter! remember on May 4th at 9 PM you liked a picture of me wearing your merch!!! I was wearing fishnets?!

No. 1323423

File: 1631581841917.jpg (708.97 KB, 2048x2048, B3942DE2-E9C5-4E31-BA3C-D48142…)

I think ya'll are right about The Vineyards at Paseo Del Sol. Back in 2019 boyinaband posted a picture of himself by a pool taken by Corpse. If you look closely at the picture you can see the window of the building behind him. It has the same architecture/window as the pool at this particular apartment complex.

No. 1323426

That look fking expensive

No. 1323429

The 1 bedroom there was like 2,100$+, which is pretty average for socal. His unit look a bit bigger so I'd estimate around 2,500-3,500$ depending on the square feet and the view.

No. 1323462

Looking at this neighborhood, most of the residents are 30+, and he's supposedly been here for a couple years. He said before that he didn't have alot of money, so either he's lying about that or he lived with someone that supported him. It just not likely a 20 something year old would be able to afford a place like this by themselves.

No. 1323468

File: 1631586302002.png (102.38 KB, 750x1334, A9D9EE88-3999-409E-A844-2DEAE2…)

No. 1323478

I mean if he does have all the shit he says he does plus self harm and depression, I'd rather be spaced out 24/7 too. Not really a surprise.

No. 1323479

Yeah that’s what I don’t understand, how he’s able to afford all of that himself. We know he most likely doesn’t work, maybe he’s on disability and receiving checks, it definitely seems like it’s just him there. I mean now he definitely can afford it because of his idiot fanbase, but before that when he wasn’t a the social media obsession of teenage girls? Not sure.

He also probably has the 2 bedroom unit, because before he said that he has a separate room for recording his steaming, music, etc. A room that nobody was allowed into while over, which appears to be the room him and boyinaband were in due to the soundproof panels on the walls and equipment.

No. 1323485

I agree, there's something fishy. Either he's older than he says, was being financially supported somehow, or living with someone? How else would he have afforded this before he blew up on youtube.
I mean what kind of high paying job could a dropout get? Something doesn't add up.

No. 1323486

>>1323423 finally this thread is getting milky again and not just a parade of corpses inbred fans. good work anons. does anyone remember in the previous threads that he mentioned 'having an apartment with his girlfriend' at one point? >>1190858 and then also having some sort of weird incel milf fetish? >>1246747 >>1246751 sage for tinfoil but maybe this girlfriend really was older and thats how he got this apartment that seemingly is for older people, or at least people with prior renting history (assuming this was his first apartment) then when they broke up she left? a bit of a retarded theory but could make sense as to how he got accepted in a upper class apartment building as a 20 yr old jobless more homeless looking version of lil xan

No. 1323489

honestly not a crazy theory. who would have kept him as a sugarbaby tho? he screams and throws shit. must have been a fucked up "relationship"

No. 1323491

Or maybe he lives with his mom there? I wonder. He said that he “paid he rent” too, how could he manage both rents at the same time, that’s a little far fetched. Maybe they live together and both get disability checks kek(sage your shit)

No. 1323493

>>1323489 god knows at this point. i mean look at his stans, late 20s early 30s and theyre just dying to get any crumb of attention from him.
the only other thing i can think of is he is older than he says he is, which has a lot of proof surrounding it - but regardless of how old he is how was he affording this before blowing up on yt? i think maybe its time to start going back thru old receipts and trying to connect the dots as to who he couldve been living with, any autists with those kind of investigative skills careto do so? alot has probably slipped thru the cracks bc we were more focused on finding him rather than whatever sped was volunteering to live with him

No. 1323498

I mean why are we looking back now, sure it's interesting to know how he afforded it but as other anon said it was probably someone else like a roommate or girlfriend that paid the bills while he leeched

We're pretty certain on where he lives now, so whats the next step? Any anons from California? kek

No. 1323505

obviously he was leeching, but if we can find who his big sugarmommy was, were one step closer to finding the true identity of corpesy.

i mean it seems as if were at a dead end now, we know where he lives but what comes of it? this could be a huge reach but there is a resident login page on the vineyards website, is there anyway we see if one of his emails is associated with an account?

No. 1323506

Since he has lived there for a couple years, there has to be some sort of record of him somewhere. Im combing through names of the residents now, but its going to take some time.

No. 1323514

i know we're sure of where he lives but wanted to throw this out there too - look at the 7:12 mark of this video where he answers the question about how him and boyinaband met

this EXACT island in the kitchen? and from where he's walking from it makes sense too - are all the apartments set out like this or just this one? i don't know how apartment layouts work or anything but if not then that looks like the exact apartment he lives in

No. 1323535

Anxiety and drugs/ any kind of psychoative do NOT mix well so… this is surprising

No. 1323556

He's mentioned having roommates in the past and since we know from the stream with Eden and that one guy that he was going to school at 18 maybe he moved out before turning 19 in any case he hasn't been living alone for as long as he claims, if at all.

No. 1323563

do we have the timeline of these photos? the photo of boyinaband at the pool is a dead giveaway that this is definitely the place he is residing, so at least since mid 2019.
it would make sense for him to be able to afford to live there alone 2019- onward, but anything before that im not convinced he had the money to have been living alone, at least not in this housing.

im honestly hoping a deranged stan will see this thread and go ahead and stalk him down and expose him for us lol

No. 1323568

> a deranged stan will see this thread and go ahead and stalk him down

I hope so. I don't think its too far fetched, they're self proclaimed "SUPER mentally ill" kek

No. 1323587

File: 1631601251215.png (1.95 MB, 1904x1428, IMG_20210913_022659.png)


No. 1323628

The twitterfags were converted with the possibility of tracking down their husbando

No. 1323634

File: 1631608916495.jpg (7.55 KB, 309x163, index.jpg)

So, who's the capture the flag tier master sperg that will physically go and harass every curly haired scrotes?

No. 1323655

if there's any curious compsci anons who know how to do this shit here's a good tool for instagram, can grab a lot of info using it. i was gonna do it but i am too small brained kek

No. 1323782

File: 1631626107527.gif (1.48 MB, 256x192, cooper3.gif)

Good work, nonnies.

Either the dating story is true - that he was with an older woman - and she was the one paying for everything or he's actually in his late 20s/early 30s and he was making a decent amount of cash on YT as a horror narrator, then kept supporting himself with twitch money. Not rich, but good enough to afford that apartment when his online career took off.

No. 1323978

I know I'll be written off as a "stan" or whatever, but I just wanted to say that y'all should be careful about exposing Corpse. I'm an old fan, from like 2016 when he was doing Brother's Grimm stuff with Eden, Urmaker, and the rest.
This was way before he blew up, so I don't think there was any reason to lie, but he talked about his family getting gang stalked back then. He was really worried about his little sister, who was like 7 at the time. This is something that has been consistent in his backstory and he hasn't talked about it in as much detail as other things. Keep in mind that, right before his 2020 blow up, he mentioned some gang related altercation. Again, no reason for him to lie because he didn't have the annoying, edgy teen fans he does now.
He used to be more open to doing face reveal back in the day. Even after he got sick, he wasn't has paranoid about it, even saying that he would straight up face reveal in 2020. I've been lurking on here and Kiwi to try and figure out what changed, but it occurred to me that the gun incident hadn't happened when he said that.
The gang shit isn't too farfetched either, considering he grew up poor in San Diego. I have a friend who's husband lived similarly, the gang interaction is "normal" is welfare neighborhoods.

Basically, what I'm getting at is that, even though you all seem to think he's lying about that to seem badass to the e-girls, at least consider that other people might be affected by his potentially being exposed. Especially if certain people realize who he is and know he has money now.

No. 1323987

anon, you know "gangstalking" is a term used by those who believe they're being stalked by a group (but typically aren't)? I.e. paranoid people.

No. 1324027

are you trying to make yourself look better after lowkey doxxing someone

No. 1324029

Why would he be living with his family? Also, I’m sure he got them out the slums already.

No. 1324044

File: 1631642642153.jpg (125.97 KB, 508x1078, Adreena.jpg)

Great work anons! Not sure if this'll help, but this is something I've noticed. In his “Why are the happiest countries in the world so happy?” Dave/boyinaband catches a flight before doing his Raycon sponsership. It’s at the same place as the Audible sponsorship in the Corpse collab. I think the sponsor clips were also at Corpse’s place. Unless Dave filmed at a random location before they met, which I highly doubt

The floral cushion, wall art, bowl, and flower vases were throwing me off. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy to posses these items, but if the girlfriend theory is correct these might be hers.

No. 1324105

File: 1631647487097.png (1.54 MB, 1151x653, Screenshot 2021-09-14 3.22.48 …)

these look like the same lampposts to me, what do you think?

No. 1324106

Sage for ikeasperg
Lol, swefag here and corpse really be having the most basic of ikea furniture
The fruit bowl is from their stockholm series and I even got one myself
With that said, I can't see any interior design to track him down by because it's all basic white girl stuff, that goes for the clock and the throw pillows as well

No. 1324107

lmao too accurate

No. 1324115

At least if anyone does happen to go there and catch a glimpse, he'll stick out like a sore thumb with his cringe edgelord style amongst the normie middle-upper class couples and families there, so it'll be pretty obvious. At least he's not somewhere like NY or a town where a lot of people dress alternatively

No. 1324133


Its a common paranoid delusional. As anyone can see, he's very paranoid. It might seems like he's telling the truth because he probably believes these delusionals whole heartedly.

No. 1324149

File: 1631651044858.jpeg (440.4 KB, 828x1402, 2B308134-248A-4991-944B-6D9B8A…)


No. 1324152

File: 1631651158851.jpeg (109.23 KB, 828x375, BBE07A1E-08E3-4B4C-B5A3-3AB622…)


No. 1324160

"that lolcow" kek

No. 1324211

Even if they could ban evade and spam enough to make these threads unusable, all it would take is someone with a kf account to post this info on his thread there. Those scrotes would probs welcome a non-tranny brigade by now.

No. 1324268

I live in this area, you have to make 3x the rent of these places in monthly income to qualify for the unit. They're not cheap. He has a cosigner supporting him for sure. Or a roomie.

It's the classic "my parents have money, NOT me!!!"

No. 1324275

Boyinaband has pics with him from a few years ago posted ITT.

Anyone notice boyinaband's stupid content cop rap with iDubbz sounds a lot like Corpse's lyrical style/flow?

Sage for autistic reach lmao

No. 1324398

>You believing everything a faceless internet personality tells you
Did we learn nothing from Creepshow?

He has a similar body and hands, I think that is just a genre of male though since keeping a fake voice and accent for years seems too difficult

No. 1324400

Corpse is quite small since boyb isn't that large in comparison to Mykie, who is pretty small. He a manlet.

No. 1324403

Your boy is the type of guy who lies about something as innocuous as his eye color and he did that before e-girls swarmed his fanbase.
He has no reason to be "real" with any of you.

It would be hilarious if this tinfoil was real (britbong hiding his accent AND using a voice modulator), but their "style" is just bad rapping.
Besides, his pre-gerd/cancer/aids voice is entirely different from boyinaband's.

No. 1324468


I know we’ve all agreed he’s such a liar, but I’ve just found more evidence. This fleet was made several weeks after the amongus live where he says he’s agoraphobic. An agoraphobic person wouldn’t go outside “with the boys,” nonetheless someone who’s afraid to be recognized.

No. 1324485

Shit, I forgot to add people outside of Youtube KNOW what he does. Someone there told him he hit 5M.

No. 1324488

File: 1631684266599.jpg (107.22 KB, 729x1024, mykie.jpg)

No. 1324489

File: 1631684310886.jpg (24.14 KB, 440x440, lol.jpg)

No. 1324494

This is Anthony Padilla

No. 1324495

Anthony's height is: 5'11/1.80
Mykie's height is: 5'3/1.60
Corpse claims to be around 5'10-5'11, but he looks the same as Mykie and she's smaller than Anthony.

No. 1324496

File: 1631685199376.jpg (89.51 KB, 640x627, 56867576957.jpg)

No. 1324501

he can afford housing 3x the average persons rent but he cant afford real converses kek

No. 1324508

File: 1631686600261.jpg (22.46 KB, 276x258, 8654632.jpg)

>6'3 cute anime boy skinny emo twink

No. 1324509

? What? Those are Rick Owens. They’re like $1200 shoes.

No. 1324511

She could be wearing heels anon

No. 1324515

File: 1631687120510.jpg (16.39 KB, 331x421, a.jpg)

No. 1324541

It looks like he's bending forwards, so the picture probably isn't a great representation of his actual height.

No. 1324606

Didn't he also say that he went o gym for a while but stopped?

No. 1324624

clearly he stopped. hes like 30lb heavier than he was on the cover of white tee… sad he let himself go, but i guess being faceless means he can be as porky as he wants. it probably works in his favor considering 90% of his fans are borderline morbidly obese anyways

No. 1324633

I mean if you want to find out his height, use the chair he is sitting on as reference. If you find the length of the leg of the chair, compare it to the length of his tibia. The ratio between the femural length and the tibial length is about 1.28:1. And so you find how long his legs are, which is half of his height.

No. 1324635

thanks big brain it would be a lot more useful if you did the calculations for us

No. 1324651

I don't know how to find the chair.
That's why I told you guys how to do it in case someone could find it. If the leg of the chair is 20 cm long, then his tibia is double. 40 cm long for his tibia
40 x 1.28= 51 cm for his femur
40+51= 91cm
91x2= 182 cm

No. 1324848

Look a dreams that didn’t work out too well for him once they found out he was a huge porker fatty. He still has stans don’t get me wrong but he completely shit the bed when he did his faceless everything claiming he was the one wearing his merch which turned out to be his brother. Would it be too far off to say maybe corpse used a body double for some of his photos an not actually himself, seeing as him in the horse head mask, vs the inviews, and whatever else. When he’s with “friends” I use this loosely because let’s be real he’s probably insufferable to be around because he only spergs about his music, he wore a mask to conseal his face, why doesn’t the dumb fuck do a face reveal wearing his stupid mask that way you kind of get a face structure/hair/eyes shape an keep the rest hidden. It’s more then enough for his stans probably to eat up for awhile.(sage)

No. 1324852

i'd never heard of loey until i read the last corpse thread, and when someone posted a picture of her i literally gasped.
she for sure has some kind of mental distress going on. you don't look like that unless you have a food addiction.

No. 1324854

i think it's his mom's house.

No. 1324860

In my opinion, he's not even 5'9. He must be around 1.70 or 1.68. He doesn't look the same as Anthony (he has the height Corpse claims to be).

No. 1324874

File: 1631728063236.jpg (24.74 KB, 410x364, b.jpg)

This isn't the leg length of someone who's 1.80. His legs should be much longer.

No. 1324902

Looks like he's 5'5-5'7/165-170 cm

No. 1324964

Possible lead idea: look through the google and yelp reviews of these businesses that fatty/shortie definitely visits and cross check for names that reappear or any reviews that look like they would be written by a younger guy ('younger' bc most reviews are from old men)

No. 1324992

File: 1631733736460.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1597, 5EB1278F-D04A-4BC7-8AC6-7C4590…)

more proof all of corpse husband’s fans are fat and ugly

No. 1325016

Holy fuck this is a tragic photo and caption compilation, the tryhard is stratospheric
>Entire titty out
>Giant chest tattoo
>Fuckboi/girl lyrics where the subject is in serious self denial

Someone please help this woman. I already know what her dms look like.

No. 1325048

Naw he def is the kind that only 'dresses' up for his lame ass career. Even then >>1324508
proves he can't be assed beyond 'chic' bum. He could pass any of us on the street and we'd not blink.

No. 1325132

The only thing that bothers me anout him and dream letting themselves go is that they have all the time and money to get in shape.

No. 1325162

Not to derail from corpse but dream used to be fat basically all through out his life but I really believe he's lost weight, like those pictures in his merch I think are his brother but the recent one with him in a suit I think that's actually him cause his brother is in the navy right now

No. 1325364

not a horrible idea but there is a reason that yelp reviews are only written by older men. lol. if only we had some sort of residency list/names of people who live there, or even security footage like the ny times square billboard lead? if thats even possible. probably way too far fetched

the thing i dont understand is how after almost 5 years online he hasnt slipped up once and said some shit that could compromise him. im seriously starting to believe this guys whole life is a hoax or at least built entirely on lies with not an ounce of truth. corpse being a ftm or a total pedo on a sex offender registry is beginning to sound a lot more believable lmao

No. 1325386

As a casual reader of these threads, never heard corpsey speak and only know of him through Mykie:
>Definitely a manlet
>Probably quite angular, grizzled features if you compare the similar, but softer looking boyinaband
>Definitely abuse in past relationships that will come out eventually, based on his music
>Probably a character devised by and managed by several people, though I believe he is a real scrote and not a stand-in or anything like that
>Life and history is absolutely faked, probably doesn't even tell his cloutfriends the truth, the reality is either illegal/dodgy or incredibly dull
>definitely older than stated, likely 28-30 or so
>Will probably never reveal his face unless his views plummet

No. 1325395

I don't think he's on a registry lel, but there's this video of a fleet he did. This was a few weeks after saying he's agoraphobic in his amongus live. He outright says he went out with his irl friends to sizzler.

What I don't get is how none of his rabid fangirls noticed this. He gave himself away, and none of them questioned this? I think he's just some loser frat-boy that never grew up and lives with his mom lel

No. 1325403

Tinfoiling but I wonder if theres any milk on his management company that could prove this whole persona is just an act for a cash grab

Otherwise I'm convinced he's the emo fag from the old deleted tumblr, until proven otherwise kek

No. 1325516

They’re also HIDEOUS

No. 1325701

He's def older than he's saying I distinctly remember a few years back him saying he was like 24 when he was still doing narrations. He's probably around 30 drank himself onto disability and that's a factor in him refusing to show himself at all. Doesn't matter he makes more than enough money to get off it. I'm honestly waiting for Urmaker to decide to spill since he continues to ignore him.

No. 1325822

Any video to prove this? >>1325701

No. 1325892

No it was a stream or start of one of his deleted narration videos in a few he'd describe illness and a few times birthdays and he was def older. TBH I can't understand why people stan him he's really sloppy his narration videos prove he forces the ultra deep nonsense. One of his longest was the Search & Rescue stories and by the end he's talking like a guy with a normal low voice. He definitely did long recordings and would forget halfway through to be ultra deep.

No. 1325923

I know this is 6 days late a nd autistic as fuck, but that faceapp looks like Crayon lmao

No. 1325946


it def makes sense he is lying about his age, he is also prob lied about dropping out of school @ 12 to make it harder for people to find him and realize this shit

cant believe theres still thousands of people who think this guy is some sweet uwu fag when he is literally preying on young girls and lieing about so much shit. the problem is no one cares how old he is but its mad weird to make urself out to be younger and then flirt with ppl like he has

No. 1325970

The Urmaker stream proves that he didn't drop out at 12 also most states have laws about school being compulsory between certain ages so either his family would go to jail or theyd drag him to truancy court

No. 1326001


I doubt he has that voice irl. If he had it, and hed go to the places he claims he is going despite his acrophobia, then someone should have recognized his voice by now. I'm not buying that no one does him. He is clearly even fatter irl and doesn't have the voice, that's how he stays anonymous

No. 1326085

He had a normal voice before, he's forcing it too much. It's so cringe.

No. 1326097

No. 1326104

In a live before starting to speak he coughed (7:00). Whenever he does the voice he coughs. His throat must be broken.

No. 1326108

More normal voice (3:20).

No. 1326191

holyshit, graveyardgirl is still relevant?

No. 1326216

No. It's 4 years old. Just checked and she still does yt tho

No. 1326228

sage this old milk. we've been through all this before. no shit he's forcing his voice. we all know that

No. 1326313

Oh completely his throat is a wreak it's really gonna backfire on him when he finally does see a doctor and they tell him it's fucked beyond repair because he's a dumbass.

No. 1326891

My personal tinfoil is that anthony padilla is corpse kek

No. 1326996

To be fair i was tinfoiling that Kamaara was corpse when the comparison and pitch change on their music was done on KF, but the latest info definitely confirm that shit as a dead end

No. 1327119

Lord I’ll never get over how unbelievably cringe and embarrassing he is. He talks in such a condescending, stuck up way.

No. 1327130

Honestly if I sounded like the burger king foot lettuce guy I would probably force a new voice too.

No. 1327134

File: 1631925326639.jpeg (89.51 KB, 906x558, FDCD0F86-EA79-4997-A834-3FCFCC…)

Saged for aged milk.

“My family doesn’t talk to me, no one in my family knows I’m Corpse Husband” sure Jan. This is from May 13, 2019

No. 1327199

It’s really not that far fetched that he could be living with his mom honestly

No. 1327210


Who knows how much he lie about tbh, he says if he didn't blow up his mom would have been homeless… but wouldn't that just mean she could come live with you? Its the way he words it, this just makes it seem like he does live with her.

No. 1327349

Their only affiliation is prob work, also Kamaara has a screenshot of him having access to both of ch twitter accounts

No. 1327518

File: 1631980965761.jpg (388.42 KB, 1080x1619, IMG_20210918_185507.jpg)

Sykkuno threw a narctrum over his Twitter verification and of fucking course our fatass king (along with that dumbass, pokimane) has supported him.

No. 1327519

File: 1631981007662.jpg (159.95 KB, 923x860, IMG_20210918_185631.jpg)

Embrace the cringe

No. 1327524

File: 1631981560257.gif (1.82 MB, 500x270, yfrankenstein.gif)

>verify me lmao
>don't want it anymore rofl remove it

… why?

No. 1327573

Using his burp voice to stand up for issues that really matter

No. 1327579

I didn't think I'd live to see the most first world problem ever but here we are. I get none of these losers has a personality and do shit like this because their teen/mid 30 year old mom fanbase have the attention span of infants. But in what way does any of this not look completely moronic? >>1327519 he's capslock screaming like an angry Karen on a restaurant FB page FFS.

No. 1327599

lol i’ve had a conspiracy about this for awhile. mostly joking at this point but i have definitely compared photos with my boyfriend before

No. 1327670

File: 1631995264099.jpg (625.77 KB, 2880x2880, 20210918_125829.jpg)

He posted the egirl on his story again. I didn't really notice before how much she edits herself to look young… like really young. If he is supposedly into milfs, why did he choose a woman that looks like she's 13?

No. 1327681

CH says he's into milfs to throw people off from his actual interests (young women, which he can't date because he's a fat ugly scrote in his late 20s) and sound ~relatable~ with young zoomers and their "mommy gf" memes.

No. 1327708

File: 1631999151681.jpg (11.14 KB, 235x247, EcJ0-hOXgAAbibt.jpg)

offtopic, but huh? all i remember were dream stans on absolute copium refusing to believe that was him
left reminded me of picrel

No. 1327719

File: 1632000094685.jpeg (294.17 KB, 1242x1585, C15FE098-834B-4D92-AACC-25D82A…)

He seems to like almost all of her posts/engages with her a lot after throwing her facetuned ass on his last song cover. He really does seem to have a thing for these young looking girls, very suspect. How much do you want to bet he’s in her DM’s like the creep he is? Imagine how sad his horny hordes of egirls would be if they found out kek

No. 1327765

so many scrotes do this! onision does too.

No. 1327773

Cropsey is basically Onision circa 2016 or whenever his peak was. Scrotes just cannot help themselves. I can't wait for the meltdowns when he isn't cool anymore and the underage girls he DMed come forward

No. 1327778

His faceless schtick is most definitely the only thing stopping him from lewding all the delusional teens in his DMS
Onision's peak has gotta be more like 2010-2012 like Shane Dawson, I think people already thought he was a disgusting has-been by 2016.

No. 1327787

Kek she literally photoshopped her twin sister uglier

No. 1327836

oh for sure his type is young n dumb. He thrives on these stupid egirl types after all they'll never call out his clear contradictions and lies cause they're just clout chasing. But she'll prob be dropped within a few months when some other meitu barely legal pops on the scene.

No. 1327934

ive seen her yt vids w her twin sister, theyre def identical, but in that pic she looks like her 14 yr old sister lmfao. i wonder if theyre fighting over frog king behind the scenes

No. 1327943

File: 1632025542666.png (2.77 MB, 2224x1222, Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 12.2…)

samefag but there is something so humorously sad that her own sister is tryna make her look bad infront of corpse

No. 1327995

milkhore is definitely the ugly twin tho.. the makeup is pretty bad for someone who had been doing makeup vids on yt for years.

No. 1328095

Come on. She is really pretty, both are. No need to attack them, this thread is for corpse. >>1327995

No. 1328134

no one said shes not pretty, the makeup skills are mediocre when you compare it to her photos, she heavily relies on photoshop to make it look good

No. 1328135

huh, I remember this Milkgore girl from like YEARS ago, during scene-girl times? She must be in her 30s now unless she was a literal child back then. She edits her pics to look underaged still… that is pretty cringe.

No. 1328139

her famousbirthdays says she just turned 23, but i seriously, seriously doubt it. maybe shes been taking a little bit of advice from corpse!

No. 1328141

I mean it is possible that she was just super young back then, but… she has been on the internet for a really long time. Ofc it has taken a man noticing her to push her into mainstream fame, kek.

No. 1328144

norwegian newspaper article states her age as 19 in july 2018. according to her twitter her birthday wasn't too long ago so that would make her 23 by now.
I mean she could still lie but why lie about your age to a small local newspaper

No. 1328145

Her twin used to hate her, if she lied about anything, she would have most probably been exposed by now.

No. 1328164

her twin used to hate her? whats the story there

No. 1328191

these absolute single braincells of men
checkmark is there to prove that you're not some rando on the internet interacting with the underage fanbase they have kek

No. 1328194

samefag just to add that he could just change his @ and change it back and he'd lose the check
i just hate these streamer circle so much bunch of pompous fuck

No. 1328256

She said that they used to hate eachother when they were younger. They said they were very competitive, and that made them not get along so well.

No. 1328449

File: 1632078691469.png (1.96 MB, 1125x2436, 9B967055-0946-4FF3-BFFC-702459…)

So in July I took some screenshots of his Reddit posts and I see he’s since deleted a few (but oddly not the links to some of his since-privated vids like the Hitman ones). This is one, where the title reveals his girlfriend did the female voice. He seems to not want anyone to know that, since he doesn’t credit or mention her on the video page. If you scroll a lot tho there’s an old comment about his girlfriend sounding like a child and he replies saying he has the opposite problem.

Now why would this dude want to hide that he was dating a supposedly older woman who sounds like a 5 year old. Hm. I wonder.

No. 1328451

File: 1632078918798.png (485.74 KB, 1125x2436, 0A341EF6-C32C-42AF-ABC1-4603BF…)


He also deleted this one where he claims one of his biggest fears is getting AIDS from someone getting blood on him.

No. 1328677

When does she says something to make her sister look bad ? I quickly looked the qna and I didn't catch anything

No. 1328800

someone go to his apartment building and chuck a tampon at him(cowtipping)

No. 1328849

File: 1632115698258.png (191.92 KB, 750x1334, 858F1852-0EA4-4969-85AA-441A1A…)

Could be nothing, but I found this

No. 1328853

it’s obviously fake. do you genuinely think some paranoid guy is going to go out of his way to tag the school he went to with his screen-name? this has to be the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen.

No. 1328971

Looks like Liefyishere kek

No. 1329162

File: 1632155508254.jpeg (705.84 KB, 1170x1859, CEDA0F09-AD8C-4CCE-839A-B6212F…)

sage for irrelevant but kek these fans are so delusional and sensitive

No. 1329191

its honestly terrifying how seriously some ppl take the internet. literally mean words on a screen kek

No. 1329272

You can search for a user's comments and find deleted ones here:

In a given thread you can use Removeddit to see all deleted content.

No. 1329341

They've already seen the tweet where a user warns others about this site. You have to be ultra retarded to ignore it and come on anyway then cry about it on Twitter. My god, get it together.

No. 1329361

File: 1632170724942.jpg (80.42 KB, 630x630, 1617194735697.jpg)

I swear cope groom is gonna look like a leafy clone

No. 1329579

Okay it took me a while, but I think I found a possible lead? I'm basing all of this off what he has said, so take this all with a grain of salt.


His age and birth month match what he has stated publicly.

This guy's mom lived in San Diego (Where he is supposedly from) before and after the time he was born. This guy has a younger sister, which Corpse has talked about before. He also talked about how his dad walked out on their family, this guy seems to have a stepdad with a different last name. So family seems to match what he has said?

It's a common name, and I've already come across more than a couple of people in California with the same name, so finding social media accounts/pics might be diffucult.(doxxing)

No. 1329592

this could def be possible? the apartment matches the ones the anons scouted out too. so whats our best bet now? facebook? someone else mentioned going thru his close friends' fb friends, if we actually have a name to go off it could make it a lot easier.

lol im just waiting for the his obese minions to get ahold of this. theres no doubt in my mind at least one of them is retarded and mentally ill enough to show up at his door (and probably make a tiktok abt it) KEK

anyways, good job nonnie! the thread was starting to get dry

No. 1329608

>just waiting for the his obese minions to get ahold of this.

Same, I can't wait for the "SUPER mentally ill" to show up on his doorstep. Their parasocial fantasies can come true <3

No. 1329660

yep, a facebook search seems like the next move to make. i don't have an account, otherwise i would take a look myself. did search instagram however, and couldn't find any good possible matches.

No. 1329667

c as in grimes? How can anyone be this sensitive and triggered?

No. 1329690

I think they meant 'c' as in corpse. They use the term 'corpsetwt' to describe his collective fanbase on twitter

No. 1329698

File: 1632193907209.jpg (18.36 KB, 789x407, WwrET50.jpg)

I really doubt this means much, but it's an amusing coincidence when you search the name and county

No. 1329702

File: 1632194088067.jpeg (370.3 KB, 794x718, 057DE5C2-F0C2-4DFB-8AD0-867C2F…)

First post on this site so bare with me. Found these while looking up Anthony’s supposed relatives and associates on Facebook. The name of the profile I found them on is the same as one of the associates listed and the caption of the pic states it’s Anthony and his sister. Searched the persons FB friends after I found the pics and found they’re friends with someone who has the same first and last name as this Anthony’s supposed sister. Pics were posted in 2010 if that helps

No. 1329711

this could be anyone tho, do you have a link or screenshots proving who this is?

No. 1329719

No. 1329730

god that nose, straight out of whoville

No. 1329733

KEK i can totally see this being a younger version of corpse. for what it's worth, he could also go by tony, that name should also be looked into.

No. 1329735

so ariana is his sister and this marcia depillo is his grandmother? i mean if this is 2010 he wouldve been 12/13? anything on his supposed sisters fb that's telling?

No. 1329736

I can see him only going by Anthony. kek

No. 1329739

Nothing on the sisters facebook. She must have everything private except for her pfp. Also tried to find his and his mother’s facebook accounts but got nothing. The only things worth noting that I found were the two pics I already posted

No. 1329750

jesus his whole family must be under lock for us to get this far and still have nothing. i couldnt find anything on fb either. what is with these internet ppl having such boring played out names?

maybe we should try ig for his sister, she has a distinctive face and seems to be apart of tht 'alt, emo, egirl' movement just like her brother. lmao.

No. 1329755

File: 1632197580836.jpg (70.55 KB, 1080x538, 38372627288384.jpg)

I found Kyle's profile through Marcia's friends list, and his friends list led me to a Ryan Gamboa who has lots of pictures of Ariana but he doesn't mention Anthony when listing off his kids. Weird. Maybe he goes by a nickname other than his birth name?

Kyle is friends with Ryan and the same Ariana from Marcia's friends list so I'm pretty sure that's her in the pics and Ryan is her dad.
Ryan's friends list is private but he has lots of pictures that are public if another anon wants to comb through those.

No. 1329759

different dads, possibly. that would make sense as to why he's only ever mentioned his 1 sister as opposed to 5..? ariana might be the only blood related one to him.

No. 1329769

Looks like his middle name is Blue so maybe that’s his nickname. The dads facebook post says blue listed as one of the people in the pic(doxxing)

No. 1329772

File: 1632198393829.jpg (64 KB, 1080x1107, Screenshot_20210920-212140_Ins…)

his supposed uncle follows him on insta

No. 1329775

Oh shit we're close nonnies.

No. 1329778

File: 1632198739663.jpeg (1.06 MB, 897x1653, IMG_2096.jpeg)

also just looked thru ryans fb, ariana graduated from temecula valley high school. not sure if it means much tho. just more proof that we finally are on the right track lol. blocking their faces out of respect

No. 1329780

File: 1632198913827.jpeg (134.41 KB, 828x564, CB8D4296-29EF-488B-8D87-CCB3AF…)

found the sisters ig through the uncles and she’s a streamer too lol

No. 1329783

maybe her and corp are living together LMAO

No. 1329784

and he didn't give her a shoutout…or have like one of his friends shout her out? what a great brother

No. 1329785

File: 1632199039650.png (495.54 KB, 884x621, mommy.png)

Here's the grandma and a mention of san diego

No. 1329790

his mom had cancer didnt she? surely someone in his family wouldve posted abt it when she was cancer free? unless its a complete lie like usual. if we can find the mom i think we can definitely find him lolol

No. 1329807

File: 1632201509150.png (7.85 MB, 1125x2436, 61208158-440F-43E6-89B5-12013D…)

found ryan gambao on fb…could this be corpsey? arms looks similar

No. 1329808

So it seems like they once lived together, his sister and him and he last lived there til 2015. He would've been 17/18 when he moved out which makes sense. I wonder how he got the money to pay for it, but his parents live in a nice neighbor hood so maybe they helped him?(doxxing)

No. 1329809

or is this possibly him? going off caption, not sure…

No. 1329811

File: 1632201869715.jpg (26.75 KB, 229x275, snow.jpg)

too skinny, corpse is chonky

No. 1329812

No. 1329813

isnt that his son ethan or something? hes like 15, theres no way thats him.

No. 1329815

oh shit, its definitely him??

No. 1329816


No. 1329818

I think the moms name is summer tho

No. 1329819

File: 1632202344970.png (591.82 KB, 815x1431, IMG_2098.PNG)

samefag, sorry i was wrong ethan is another one of his sons who just turned 16. they look similar lol.
in the comments of the bday post its all comments saying 'happy birthday blue' which is supposedly anthony/corpses middle name. guys i think weve found him

No. 1329821

File: 1632202377009.png (587.1 KB, 795x1426, IMG_2099.PNG)

No. 1329822

Holy fuck.
I’m praying this is real

No. 1329824

I think this is stepmom, probably the other kids mom

No. 1329827

it all adds up, august 8, 24 yrs old, blue being a nickname/his middle name, ariana being his sister and living in temecula. this is 100% the closest weve been. theres no way this isnt him.

No. 1329828

It is, his birthday is the same date. I think we found him LOL

No. 1329829

great, now we just need to find a photo of him in specific lmfao. its almost like his family has erased all traces of him.

im looking into all the people who commented on that birthday post now

No. 1329830

Holy shit after months of searching we’re so close!111

No. 1329834

'you are so very special to the world' this is def corpse

No. 1329836

they def try to keep photos of him off the internet….has to be abt his sis and him.

No. 1329838

I little off topic but I thought I recognized his sister. She was in a Jubilee video.

No. 1329839

Somewhere, corpsey is shitting himself

No. 1329846

just wait until the stans find out and alert him of this.

No. 1329847

Okay which one of you is autistic enough to send his dad a friend request on facebook?(cowtipping)

No. 1329848

His stans cry about this thread but you know they’re checking back because they want to see what this edge lord looks like too.

Don’t involve or contact his family members ffs

No. 1329849

someone make a fakie lol. before corpse tells his dad not to accept anyone as a friend. set it up as the name of someone hes already friends with and use a steal a photo from their facebook or something LMAO(cowtipping)

No. 1329851

Anyone searched his name under court records or anything like that?

No. 1329852

One thing to take away from this is his dad is still in his life kek

No. 1329854

found this on california state records, so its definitely him. im not paying 14$ to see it tho kek. if anyone else wants to step up to the plate go ahead.

No. 1329858

File: 1632205464383.gif (2.58 MB, 220x226, raven.gif)

Amazing work, nonnies!

Suppose this is really Corpsey, imagine this ugly mf with his garbage disposal voice saying the following:
>why yes, I look like Joji
>and Andy Biersack
>there's super mentally ill hot demon bitches all over me
lmao no wonder he drinks.

God, I hope that's him. Just picture the meltdown of his BPD stans.

No. 1329860

its possible his dad recently came back in his life, it's pretty common to find deadbeat dads in socal lmao

No. 1329866

File: 1632206908488.jpg (695.94 KB, 971x1355, Screenshot_20210920-234510_Ins…)

His dad's crew listens to Hot Demon Bitches. Must of been why they got so high in the charts.

No. 1329886

Not that I’m complaining, but given the rules about doxing it may be best to save this info for kiwifarms, it’s all just getting redacted here.

No. 1329892

Yeah, the photos all get deleted, compiling some photos and posting to kiwifarms before the Facebook goes private would probably be best

No. 1329905

Or not take it to that shit site full of scumbags and be happy with the info you got here. He doesn't deserve to be doxxed; farmhands still left the relevant info and photos and just removed the full name/family member's full name, I respect that.

No. 1329918

I don't think his fangirls will care much, he's a skinny white passing guy so he's safe
If he was actually fat I think his career would be actually over, also if he was browner it would be tougher for him,

No. 1329933

>Muh poor millionaire scrote deserves to be coddled, other scrotes would be too meanie to him

No. 1329939

Those pictures are probably a decade old. 2020s Corpse Blue Husband has spent a year (?) "depressed" rotting in his house, only eating take out and bloating himself with alcohol.
He's fat. You can tell by his stubby hands and body.

No. 1329948

Dylan Roof lookin ass mf

No. 1329953

I mean the internet is full of crazies and a good amount of them congregate on kiwifarms, these things are facts.

No. 1329957

Wonder how long it’ll take until his stans find this thread and cause a riot on Twitter over it, lol.

No. 1329993

What’s more, is that the Campo Dr address is just 5 mins or so from the Vineyard at Paso Del Sol apartments where corpse supposedly is.(doxxing)

No. 1330070

uh oh looks like mins are taking down a lot of posts here

No. 1330071

I think one of the biggest indicators of him being corpse is the dad referring to himself as a “Stad” aka Stan Dad.

No. 1330073

Girls dump your doxing on kf.

No. 1330092

Anon if you’re going to “doxx” do it on kiwi farms, not here.

No. 1330125

No. 1330167

I’m pretty certain we got the right guy. I did some searching of his name and parkour since we know he used to be signed. Can’t find him being signed but did find some references to a gym. Not gonna doxx but found a 2014 YouTube video of a parkour gym coach in Temecula who mentioned Corpse name. Cross referenced the dudes Instagram and he follows Corpse. Corpse irl friends are probably his old parkour buddies who know him and his background

No. 1330179

so is >>1329702 the same guy as the picture anon posted (now deleted) of him with his dad in the car? someone repost it without doxxing his dad

No. 1330180

i paid 15$ to access the ca court records but didnt really find anything new

for ch all i found was a case number "not on file" and since no convictions doesnt say what the offense was, this was on filed for on 10/19/2011

dont know how to find out more information using the case number since no convictions were imposed

also his mom been in trouble a few times for minor things like failure to show up to court 2009 or no seatbelts 2004, speeding and shit like that, theres another case docket but its listed "not on file" for 02/22/2013 and no convictions

his potential step daddy jay chance had a I415 (disturbing the peace) violation and transporting someone in the back of his truck in 09

none of this info really helps unless someone can tell me how to find more information using court case IDs and shit if there was no conviction

No. 1330195

File: 1632244161579.jpeg (475.58 KB, 1284x1842, EB43F18A-0FD5-49C4-836B-5944E4…)

From the gym, looks like he went by Blue Gamboa

No. 1330200

Damn hands in hoodie. We just need a clear hands pic to confirm

No. 1330201

thats his half brother. can we leave him out of it, he has nothing to do with this

No. 1330216

File: 1632246068230.png (1.22 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_20210921_114017.png)

iirc the guy in the car was his sibling not him. The sibling does not look like that picture

No. 1330227

File: 1632246564528.png (477.68 KB, 414x752, 8165CA1E-C181-4BF2-9FAF-0A7511…)

Parkour page corpse

No. 1330241

>Choke me like you hate me, but you love me
Lowkey wanna date me when you fuck me (uwu)

He is too damn ugly to be talking that sexy online

No. 1330247

the nose is a perfect match to the earlier picture someone posted of corpse at 12/13 lol curly hair and the hands look similar too


No. 1330248

I think this is likely to be the best candidate we have. Kek here's your dream boat, corpse fans

No. 1330251

do we know how old this picture is? not that it would change his face much if aged a few years, if anything he is probably just fatter than pictured here

the sad thing is all his horney fans will never admit this is him because its against all their delusions of a emofuck boi image

No. 1330253

It’s from 2015

No. 1330256

yea it also looks like one of his older pfp that he said was similar to his actual appearance

No. 1330266

KEK he does look like leafy.

No. 1330269

Corpse also looks really fucking short and even his body type is similar to the fat photo.

No. 1330275

holy shit great work everyone! he said before he was in some newspaper/school website for playing soccer, might be worth looking for that too

No. 1330298

This is actually going to end up being him, isn't it?

No. 1330310

File: 1632251428455.jpg (30.49 KB, 208x563, corpsehusbandbody.jpg)

And as expected…

No. 1330313

So this guy leads a life of cringe and isn't deformed like he makes his face out to be. Since we're not looking at the phantom of the opera here what is he hiding? All this work to stay anonymous when he's an average dopey dude

No. 1330315

he's fucking huge

No. 1330317


He's probably insecure and wishes he was handsomer

No. 1330319

Imagine how much bigger he is now after being an alcoholic shut-in for so long.

No. 1330321

>He looks like an average anime guy.
This is bait, right? Corpse stan gtfo your husbando looks like a fat Leafyishere.

No. 1330323

A man insecure about his looks is the dumbest thing imaginable. Even the ugliest men get friends, girlfriends, and the same stability in life handsome men get. He needs to stop being a pussy

No. 1330325

besides his nose and porky cheeks he just looks average but i agree he is probably much fatter now, he looks like ur typical cringe incel edgelord

if his music career wasnt dead already once this is out officially its game over he does not have the physique or attractiveness to make listening to that drivel worth it

No. 1330326

>average ass face without lips

No. 1330327

He said he doesnt look like that anymore due to his illness or whatever so i assume he looks worse than what those photos show and that is what feeds his insecurities further, plus being mentally ill doesn't help here

No. 1330328

Yeah but they can't get horny teenagers

No. 1330331

Family is going into lockdown on Facebook and sister Twitter went private.

No. 1330332

We already have his photo so. Lol. Don't hide fatty.

No. 1330335

I want to believe that's not the case but have you seen the state of male youtubers?

No. 1330336

I feel like if he managed to get skinny he could make it work.

No. 1330338

did someone cowtip??

No. 1330339

ok which one if u tried contacting the family members lmao welp at least we know we got it then right? kek

No. 1330344

Just wanna say that I'm very proud of all the autists ITT who hunted fatty-chan down. This might be milkier than Creepshowartgate.

No. 1330345

Keep an eye on his parents pages they might go into lockdown once word gets out. Might even archive them for safekeeping.

No. 1330346

i honestly dont find him unattractive at all…obviously he doesnt match up to his persona but do you guys really think hes going to lose fans over looking average? i feel kind of bad hes so insecure despite being incredibly cringy. im just curious as to what will happen? i think they would still have his back since they are such die hard fans

No. 1330347

File: 1632252572889.jpg (15.06 KB, 349x344, corpse.jpg)

i am ur daddy owo chokes u from behind and cuts ur neck nya

No. 1330351

they already have afaik. have the other farms caught wind of this yet? they'll have likely archived everything if so.

same. if this turns out to be true I really can't believe it.

No. 1330352

he looks like a discord NEET user

No. 1330355

rawr nuzzles u okee uwu

No. 1330357

He knows that once people see his face nobody will be happy because they have their gay ass head cannons.

No. 1330358

>do you guys really think hes going to lose fans over looking average?
Yes. His music is garbage and his entire appeal is that he's an outlet for these girls' fantasies. He'll definitely lose the better-looking e-girls, the mentally ill fattie they/thems will continue to support because he talked about having depreshun a few times

No. 1330362

He definitely has enough money to pay someone to help him with his irl image, he could've done that while hiding all this time. Girls do it all the time, like Bella Hadid who went as far as buying herself a new face. If he at least worked out, got a nice hairstyle and fashion advice he wouldn't have to worry so much.

No. 1330363

For fucks sake nonnies post doxing info on Kiwifarms because it’s more protected.

No. 1330364

yea but i highly doubt he's been spending anytime improving himself this past year why bother when you can just be a fatty anon while convincing ppl that u look like andy biersack, although he did meet up with a few of his 'friends' that must be so embarrassing i cant even lmao

No. 1330368

Now what? Are you going to show him that you know what he looks like?

No. 1330369

File: 1632253761515.png (204.74 KB, 269x324, ch fatty.png)

yea he isnt the worst in that picture but u have to remember that picture was like 18 year old corpse, he has since said he's basically let himself go, so i would add another 30+ lbs,

No. 1330370

There's no fixing that incel chin, nona. There's a reason men with it make entire forums about wanting to an hero because they can't get a date.
He looks nothing like the carefully chosen fanart he uses to portray himself. He's short, chonky, with a long philtrum and receding chin. Once his fans get wind of his real identity, he won't have unfettered access to e-girls like milkgore anymore and that's why he's terrified.

No. 1330375

I know social media is deceiving, but his family looks a lot more normal/stable than what his descriptions sounded like.

No. 1330379

File: 1632254072542.jpg (29.34 KB, 550x568, daddy.jpg)

I can't believe we really found it.

No. 1330381

Can we refer to him as Anthony (Blue) Gamboa from now on?

No. 1330382

BIGGEST KEKS anons I live in the Temecula Valley, I'm willing to take one for the team and IRL stalk corpsey-poo

Kidding but I'm still fucking rolling that he's from this nowhere conservative ass suburb

No. 1330383

Ofc they are. It wouldn't be edgy and cool if he talked about his normie parents who love him. Gotta reel in those "super mentally ill" teenagers and form a parasocial bond somehow.

No. 1330384

We have our next thread name and pic lined up already

No. 1330386

Yep. And you would think he'd be smart enough to at least invest in his appearance now that his income is based entirely on how he portrays himself online. But he's probably just milking all the money and fame until the inevitable happened.

No. 1330387

ive been periodically checking the bumps that show up on snow and wow i cant believe you all found him congrats

No. 1330388

>those nasolabial folds

No. 1330390

yeah his sister seems nice and normal af, how did he turn out to be such an attention whore?

No. 1330391

File: 1632254524718.png (1.42 MB, 1200x900, TOPkek.png)

Good job everyone!

No. 1330392

The Y chromosome.

No. 1330393

Yeah congrats to everyone who made this happen! So proud of you UWU
how is this supposed to look like biersack or joji???

No. 1330395

anthony blew gambina

No. 1330397

Can someone remake this with his actual picture now?

No. 1330398

why isn't the lolcow mascot farmer-tan on freddie'sface

No. 1330399

File: 1632254691321.jpg (18.81 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpg)

No. 1330400

This is beautiful. Congrats to everyone! You all did a great job!

No. 1330402

His deep insecurity made me think he looked like the lovechild of Joji and a pelican, but he looks like some generic dude from Southern California, or at best, dollar store David Dobrik in the straight hair photos. There are a dozen of these kids in every high school between Bakersfield and El Centro. The amount of neurotic self-loathing when he's literally just some guy is so much more cringey than how he actually looks.

No. 1330403

The guy that commented on this video is subscribed to Corpse on YouTube. 100% Anthony Gamboa is Corpse. Holy shit.

No. 1330404

Wait is Joji actually considered handsome?

No. 1330405

so is this an old pic or what? wouldn't >>1330379 be more representative?

No. 1330406

File: 1632255061124.jpg (54.56 KB, 720x720, DkGbfyBX4AEY5fP.jpg)

I always knew he looked like this.

No. 1330407

That’s Logan Paul nonny

No. 1330408

File: 1632255128602.jpeg (30.31 KB, 510x289, 30419199-1BF6-4810-B5AC-C8D209…)

Can anon post that doxx again and delete before jannies kick down ur door please kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1330411

Can't wait for this to reach Twitter and see how his stans take this.

No. 1330412

Post on kiwi farms so you don't have to get banned.

No. 1330413

I hope it doesn’t. I’m tired of shooting bpd whores on sight. They know Streisand effect right? They only make it worse for him by exposing him by proxy lol

No. 1330414

So how many of his fans is he fucking is the next question. If projared was able to anyone can.

No. 1330416

File: 1632255376781.gif (82.67 KB, 475x356, 3.gif)

No. 1330417

if rae is endgame, 3. if clout corrupts absolutely, 35.

No. 1330418

File: 1632255540210.png (1.32 MB, 1500x1500, 6.png)

totally the same

No. 1330419

Yeah this one is a dead ringer for Chonk Husband. Beautiful

No. 1330420

File: 1632255608869.png (2.16 MB, 1854x1068, insta.png)

From the parkour Instagram: is that him in the middle on the left? The pic has tagged accounts but none for whoever that is.


No. 1330421

>but do you guys really think hes going to lose fans over looking average?
Wasnt there screenshots from fans basically saying they were gonna ditch him if he wasnt hot which was why people wanted a face reveal in the first place?

No. 1330422

i think thats the wrong guy, differrent face shape

No. 1330423

Corpse Husband is fat and ugly and I would not have sex with him.

No. 1330425

Off topic, but yes, I think Joji is pretty attractive. His face has good proportions, his body looks ok. Also he doesn't seem to have trouble with getting attention from women. >>1330404

No. 1330426

Different cheeks, similarish chin, very similar hair, similar build. Either the lighting isn't casting the same shadows or it's a different guy.

No. 1330428

he would have no real problem to worry about in his attractiveness department if he didn't stuff his face with alcohol and garbage food
one would be surprised at how many dumbass teenagers are ready to give a fat angsty retard a go just because they think he's cool and won't be 'like those other guys', looking at him through headcanon-tinted glasses

No. 1330429

File: 1632255953641.jpg (109.07 KB, 913x595, cope husband.jpg)

graphic design is not my passion but I tried

No. 1330430

Now we need to search Anthony Blue Gamboa. Freedom in Motion pages (Facebook, Instagram) are important.

No. 1330433

No. 1330434

I don't get why everyone is sperging about an edited photo. Anon made him fatter because she assumed he put on weight. Could be true but it's still edited.
This is the real photo >>1330227 of a very average dude.

No. 1330435

That’s called sink cost fallacy aka copium. Get well soon.

No. 1330436

Lil Xan is fucking nasty, corpse might be better

No. 1330437

File: 1632256123105.gif (3.02 MB, 640x592, C9617706-56A8-405B-B1F5-1C5977…)

This thread rn holy shit

No. 1330438

there's a video from 2014 on the gym's instagram that looks like it may be him? not too sure he doesn't talk and you don't get that great of a look at his face but similar hair and body type. i don't know how 2 embed plz forgive me


No. 1330439

I'm laughing so much right now.

No. 1330440


No. 1330443

File: 1632256236782.jpg (14.69 KB, 158x226, 5J6GFK5T6HL5J6GL.jpg)

No. 1330444

File: 1632256270152.jpg (31.22 KB, 233x350, 5K6U5GIL6HL56YÑ.jpg)

No. 1330445

if you squint, you can see the lil xan comparison in the lower half of his face. i don't understand the joji comparison even a little; the entire middle of joji's face is distinctive af and blue husband has a whoville nose. the proportions are so off that i think he only picked him in comparison because he thinks they're at similar levels of attractiveness, not for his features.

No. 1330447

i would recognize that dump truck anywhere

No. 1330448

This thread needs to blow up. Especially if lolcow goes tits up at the end of the year, this can be its swan song

No. 1330449

File: 1632256526798.jpg (35.24 KB, 304x386, BF56DH5NG6DJ5.jpg)

No. 1330450

i thought i made that clear in the 30+lbs comment but i feel it might have went over everyone elses heads kek

but its still a good representation of what he prob looks like now (being fatter and all)

No. 1330451

So does anyone think this was really him? I'm thinking no.

No. 1330452

Looks like it. Same eye area, hair, and whoville nose

No. 1330453

omg, he doesn't match the voice at all

No. 1330458

File: 1632256941348.jpg (27.66 KB, 263x287, C5X6B5DF6N5DG.jpg)

No. 1330459

once this blows up and circulates as ch i guarantee all his brain dead stans will still try to stand by him to try to save face as they are so far gone

however i bet a majority of them will flee as they realize he isnt their 'sexy emo god' and some goofy mf lmao

may he fade into irrelevancy rip

No. 1330460

>>1330420 Looks slightly different like what other anons are saying, but he's wearing a ton of those bracelets he's worn in other pics/talked about. I'm guessing it is him but just different lighting/angles

No. 1330461

I'm not sure about how his fans would react to be honest. We've already seen how some of them look so maybe they won't be too disappointed. Yeah he's not their mysterious sexy e-boy but he's painfully average I'd say

No. 1330466

like his friends are somehow paragons of hotness? they're streamers. if mr beast has a career, corpse will be fine. you only have to be hot if you're a woman.

No. 1330467

File: 1632257335690.gif (64.85 KB, 220x220, jfkdlsjv.gif)

I love Joji, so IMO he is yes. I remember at one point though he was constantly posted in the unconventional attractions thread, handsomeness is in the eye of the beholder I guess. So if this guy >>1330379 is actually corpse, i kek'd remembering he compared himself to Joji

No. 1330468

File: 1632257348034.png (565.48 KB, 599x495, download.png)

The one in the middle could be him too.

No. 1330470

fair enough but it at least proves that this image a majority of his fans (see nauseating fanarts) is a false reality and theyve just been simping over a goofy looking mfer kek

No. 1330473

where the eyeliner? he say he was wearing eyeliner, a lie again ?

No. 1330474

The one in the Spike cosplay? Looks right

No. 1330475

omg i forgot this dude wears eyeliner and and eyepatch KEK. god his family must be so embarrassed to be seen with him.

No. 1330476


in public? or just when streaming?

No. 1330478

>>1330474 maybe that's his girlfriend next to him ?

No. 1330480

File: 1632258289841.jpg (229.75 KB, 789x954, emopiratedaddyuwu.jpg)

hey kittens

No. 1330481

what does cry look like? i never thought any face reveals were confirmed

No. 1330482


In his sister's subs: Valkyrae, James Charles, Anthony Padilla, but no Corpse. All three of those are friends with him though.

No. 1330484

>>1330481 he has many threads about him
You can find him there

No. 1330486

go back to twitter. u realize you just bumped the thread up right? now more ppl can see his 2015 picture, good job.

No. 1330487

Please atleast sage your post if you try to pretend you are not a fan of his.

No. 1330488

The stans are here kek

No. 1330489

He's a fat obese neckbeard ginger. AFAIK the photos posted in Cryaotic thread match perfectly with that old leaked photo of him.

No. 1330490

File: 1632258616920.png (198.78 KB, 258x327, asdax.png)

hey fan of chunky ch ur right that picture is a bit old here is what he prob looks like now, its like looking in a mirror for u im sure kek

No. 1330491

File: 1632258679250.jpg (85.68 KB, 1200x675, pepe.jpg)

They can pretend like they aren't pissing their pants that the eboy of their dreams isn't real all they want but we can all hear their glass hearts breaking in the background kek

No. 1330492

kek, don't pretend you go here. You stand out like a sore thumb

No. 1330493

LMAO I'm dead

No. 1330494

anon are you just steadily making him fatter in each one lmao good for you

No. 1330496

His sister looks like his clone so I bet he hasn't changed much either.

No. 1330497

I can't wait for Corpse's stans to see that he's a giant obese whale.

No. 1330500

yeah but she atleast makes an effort and looks pretty cute. He cries, orders doordash, and gets attention from teenagers online to cope.

No. 1330503

I checked her Twitter follows last night but didn’t have the foresight to archive. It’s the same story there, everyone in his circle but him.

No. 1330504

dear and lovely fans, don't come here to spam and whiteknight the neckbeard, please

No. 1330506

She wasn't following him either when I checked her insta and twitter and that's kinda fishy. Almost like he told her that they can't follow each other publicly so nobody can trace him back to her.

No. 1330509

You realise the photos are edited right? He's >>1330227
He might be chonky now but so far no photos of him being obese

No. 1330510

whos gonna take one for the team and compile all this evidence into a twitter thread for exposure?

No. 1330512

File: 1632259582818.jpeg (18.34 KB, 450x337, fausto.jpeg)

Why does he look like this 65+ y/o brazilian tv show host
Very uwu sekushii of him
Even Anthony Padilla is cuter

No. 1330513

Yeah. They share the same face features so it gives you an idea about how he currently looks like, not saying shes ugly. Honestly hope this doesn't affect whatever is going on with her, she seems like a normal girl doing what she likes.

No. 1330515

I wonder if making fun of his weight will give him The Anorexia(sage your bait)

No. 1330516

I agree. I honestly feel bad for her, imagine having a brother like that. Crying online about muh medical conditions, im so sad, i cut myself, drinking, etc. Can't imagine how that is in person.

No. 1330517

please learn how to sage ur posts if ur gonna try to infiltrate kek

also if it did we would be doing him a favor and helping him lose the flubber

No. 1330519

lmao really good bait stan. Now why would u say that about our greek god corpse?

No. 1330528

Why can't you accept that he's fat? It's a fact. Deal with it.

No. 1330529

i don't want to spread false info but didn't he also claim to cut his face with razor blades?

No. 1330531

he did say that. i can imagine why his dad says he's "special" lmao. god i would off myself if corpse was my kid

No. 1330533

yuh in a ig q&a BUT ch is a notorious liar and exaggerator i 100% do not believe he cut up his face like he claims

if anything he said that shit to keep his 'woe is me' gimmick going, he absolutely knows how to play the sympathy card

No. 1330539

TFW you remember his 3D animu model and know that this is who was hiding behind it
I think he lied, or gave himself a chicken scratch ones. He will say that he hurt himsekf after those ohotos were taken, though.

No. 1330542

I'm waiting for his fans on twitter to find out. They will act like they don't care what he looks like on the surface. On the inside they will lose interest in him.

No. 1330543

corpulent husbando sama uwu

No. 1330544

this. 100%

No. 1330548

File: 1632261135140.jpg (79.78 KB, 682x706, 20210921_184834.jpg)

these teeth look awful and unwashed, somebody needs to take a shower

No. 1330554

i can see why he said lil xan, and lil xan singing lil xan lyrics is fucking bad enough but this is a whole other level

No. 1330559

So what do we think his next move is? He's active on Twitter as of the last hour. His family is locking down their social media. He probably knows by now that his face was found. It's only a matter of time before it spreads further.

Honestly if I was him I'd just face reveal now, pick the angles and filtering and wear a face mask to cover up the bottom half or something like that. Try and control the narrative.

No. 1330562

why isnt anyone on twitter saying anything or tweeting at him about it then?

No. 1330563

He will ignore it because he knows his fans will scream how wrong it is for people to violate his privacy.

Option B. He will act like a victim and say this negatively impacted his mental health.

No. 1330564

File: 1632262036285.jpeg (831.22 KB, 1284x1982, 004E3E09-64CD-4CEC-9B12-FDAB17…)

lmfao thank you for choosing the edited fat one

No. 1330566

File: 1632262146701.jpg (58.35 KB, 600x411, autism2.jpg)

KEK good job nonnies, truly historical. And here I was on thread 1 going on ppl search sites and shit. I guess even though we're all retards here, only a few can weaponized their autism

No. 1330567

Imagining THIS rapping "lowkey wanna date me when you fuck me" when he's a drunken one night stand at best

No. 1330568

I'm so proud of the anons who found him, especially the people inspecting doors n shit. Amazing. You make life more fun.

No. 1330569

IMO he will ignore it. The photo is old anyway. We need a recent photo of him to stir shit up.

No. 1330571

No. 1330573

File: 1632262537826.jpg (34.46 KB, 323x371, 9.jpg)

his face on this one is so funny

No. 1330576

He looks like a cabbage patch kid in every single pic kek
Can't stop laughing at the thought of this hamster looking tard acting all edgy and playing with knives

No. 1330578

I guess he’s been liking tweets as of an hour ago, we know he frantically searches his name on Twitter on an hourly basis. After seeing this, I put money on either a statement about
A. Negatively affecting his mental health and that his “team” are pursuing legal action (fucking how KEK)

B. Account private and fans go fuckin wild protecting “boss man”

Or we just get nothing, we know dream’s a fatty but still has a swarm of teenage fans so im gonna imagine thats the most likely thing to happen from this

No. 1330580

Nah. The they/them fatties aren't going to worship an average looking dude.

No. 1330582

Eeeh, I think he groomed his fanbase so well by pushing the "I'm an anxious and insecure uwu bean uwu" narrative that most of them will keep worship him, no matter what he looks like

No. 1330584

File: 1632263067619.jpg (769.71 KB, 1080x2185, Screenshot_20210921-172320_Twi…)

>>Literally shaking and crying right now

No. 1330586

There's no way he's over 200lbs/90kg.

No. 1330588

That's old. All he's done for the last 5 years is be a lazy piece of shit. He's fat now.

No. 1330590

I hope some of his streamer buddies see it tho. They won't drop him, but they'll definitely feel awkward knowing this is the guy they've been flirting with for months kek

No. 1330593

probably a troll

No. 1330594

Don't forget tiktok too! shit spreads like wildfire there and you already know what the comments are gonna look like

No. 1330596

Kinda agree but i think because hes relied so heavily on the “sexy voice” and the many songs about fucking e thots created an image of whatever these girls want him to look like, once they see what he looks like they’re more inclined to find someone else to get horny over.

No. 1330597

His fanbase are just internet weirdos. They're still gonna wanna fuck him between reading online fanfiction and making tiktoks about how their mom gaslit them by asking them to pick up their dirty underwear.

No. 1330601

Do you ladies actually think we have found him this time?

No. 1330602

Do you think this is going to blow up?

No. 1330603

Been on this account, they’re cow tipping. Cut it out retard.

No. 1330604

I agree but part of what they liked about him was that they could imagine him to look any way they wanted. Some probably won't care but a majority will be disappointed and move on to another e-celebrity.

No. 1330605

i mean, the same happened with dream. chances are theyd rather turn a blind eye and not look at the evidence at all so they can call it fake. its quite sad.

No. 1330607

Isn't a majority of Dream's fanbase little kids? Corpse fans are old enough to get his hair tattooed.

No. 1330608

as long as it gets back to ch idk how the stans handle it, it will destroy any sense of security he had left and hopefully he disappears off the face of the internet

No. 1330617

Imagine explaining to your family 'I wanna be internet famous guys! But I can't do that unless I have a tragic animoo backstory that makes you all look like assholes :('

No. 1330619

File: 1632264465829.jpeg (116.21 KB, 828x379, 1F4305F4-A5A9-4821-9C5C-9664A2…)

Lol the fuck are twitter gonna do about it

No. 1330621

blocking and reporting the entire website of lolcow? they're so talented!

No. 1330627

File: 1632264732662.jpg (2.4 MB, 3000x3000, corpse.jpg)

No. 1330628

but how will poor dear corpse know his info is out there if they ignore it? theyre putting him in danger, oh no :(

No. 1330632

Just because you block it out doesn't it make not true, lol. Your 3D husbando is a fat sewer rat.

No. 1330636

I fucking hate you for making me laugh my ass off nonny

No. 1330646

It would be a good thing
Tipper, cringe, possibly self posting

No. 1330651

File: 1632265908988.jpg (496.25 KB, 2960x4000, bloodydamnit.jpg)

This is so sad kek

No. 1330652

File: 1632265986089.png (261.94 KB, 772x521, twittersperg.png)

there's already retards cowtipping on twitter replying to any post that mentions Chunk Husband I've seen two accounts so far that are just spamming the replies with that picture and namedropping lolcow so expect spergs in thread at some point

No. 1330655

File: 1632266165464.jpg (49.02 KB, 521x373, tony fausto.jpg)

CH and his stans made it sound like he was born and raised in a guetto and that he was hiding his identity because of his sister or some shit… but they're all normies who support him, his sister has an online career and doesn't hide her identity.
It was all a lie for clout.

>Cope Husband is Fausto Silva
kek, can't unsee it.

No. 1330658

That page is so embarrassing holy fuck truly peak 11yo autism, kill yourself

No. 1330664

File: 1632266586408.jpg (45.03 KB, 389x691, 20210921_202149.jpg)

Imagine simping for this piece of shit.

No. 1330666

He looks like he’s in county court

No. 1330667

the whole point of this thread was to expose corpse for who he is lol let them sperg it all over twitter lmao

No. 1330668

The made up anime lore and overly dramatic lies are tale tell signs of a megalomaniac and phony. BPD male behavior, he’d 100% suicidebait you.

No. 1330669

No it’s fucking not for muh eXpoSinG retarded newfag. It’s a fucking hand knitting forum for luls. Fuck of back to Twitter and drink bleach.

No. 1330670

Y’all so defensive about a public website

No. 1330672

Might be sooner than we expect if the grooming rumours are true

No. 1330673

No idea how his "friends" will react but I hope Loey Lane stops crying over Corpulent and gets some self-esteem.

No. 1330674

i for one can't wait for their masterful plan of "reporting lolcow" to be set in motion

No. 1330675

Yeah it’s called gatekeeping. Die stupid bitch.(a-logging)

No. 1330677

>chunk husband
My sides. I can’t believe this is happening. The fangirl sperging over Twitter is even better than I expected.

No. 1330678

“Die” why so mad you are more derange than them mama

No. 1330679

Having sex with this guy should be considered rape by default.

No. 1330682

Me dressing up and acting as a bush in the final school festival:

No. 1330684

Integrate or gtfo, you talk like a brain dead zoomer, it sticks out more than cuck husbands gut

No. 1330685

Do you really think he had sex or any type of sexual interaction?

No. 1330686

He seems like a virgin.

No. 1330688

A guy who burp talks “choke me like you hate me, but you love me” has probably never even seen a vagina that wasn’t attached to something shadman drew

No. 1330689

Corpulent Chonk Husband Andy Ballsack Jijo

No. 1330702

Wasnt some egirl fucking him for clout? Or maybe it’s just pretend Easy A sex like she makes ahegao while he breathes heavily to the sounds of the bed creaking under his weight.

No. 1330703

>burp talks

No. 1330704

File: 1632268281095.jpeg (450.63 KB, 1170x2153, DB237B37-41E1-4F97-B0EB-0D3463…)

That one person who spammed besides miss attitude 2021 is shemar Moore Stan. I think it’s an actual corpse Stan bc look at the likes

No. 1330710

u know what's interesting is that ever since a dew of ch 'friends' met him in person ive noticed theyve started distancing themselves from him lmaoooooo couldn't handle that face

No. 1330711

Nah of you lookbat the account they are an actual corpse autist

No. 1330726

That's actually so true. I remember Bretman bragging about seeing his face when they would play among us. After that I've only seen him playing a couple more times until he stopped interacting and fangirling as hard LOL

No. 1330728

Lil Nas X also only agreed to play Among Us with him if he showed him his face. Don't think I've seen any interaction between the two since then.

No. 1330732

lol yikes ur right i always wondered why he dropped him after that stream probably realized he didnt wanna smash that potato

No. 1330736

all his streaming friends (except maybe karl) are nowhere near as average or fugly as corpse imo kek

No. 1330744

Elaine could never.

No. 1330746

File: 1632270302148.png (311.71 KB, 426x478, 20210921_210951.png)

All this makes me think of Dream and what happened with him.

No. 1330752

File: 1632270738874.png (1.93 MB, 1146x895, Corpse_allegedly.PNG)

Compiled these just in case

No. 1330753

it's a race to the bottom for everyone but rae and poki. toast, sykkuno, and corpse are in the same league.

No. 1330756

Nonas don’t realize corpsetwt doesn’t care if CH is fat and ugly bc corpsetwt themselves are fat and ugly

No. 1330759

I hope this is him and we're right about the pictures and name.

No. 1330760

File: 1632271133233.jpeg (256.05 KB, 1170x2203, FF409F0E-641F-45BB-8FA7-6E2E00…)

They are reeling people into lolcow

No. 1330762

Twitter-fags are coming, i feel it.

No. 1330764

This would be true if his songs weren't so disgustingly horny. Once you know the truth, there's no listening to them without imagining his Thomas the Tank Engine looking ass face crooning to you about daddy issues

No. 1330766

lmao i love you anon

No. 1330768

They do tho kek even awkward teenagers shouldn’t settle for ugly horny men. They should move on to someone else and let this retard fall the fuck off.

No. 1330769

No. 1330772

maybe he should worry about his own insecurities before he starts getting horny for girls with daddy issues kek

No. 1330775

File: 1632272225392.jpg (22.22 KB, 300x404, e723245a2b93a02c4346dc88c7a55e…)


No. 1330776

File: 1632272249611.webm (2.6 MB, 1280x720, corpe-.webm)

Sage because it's a week old milk. Just Cope Husband lying, again.
>11 million streams
The total streams are 6 million. He also lied on Sikkuno's stream on the week the song was released >>1318820 >>1318830
>it barely got nudged out of the global top 50 bc drake lol
Hot Delusional Bitches Near U didn't even make it to top 100. You can check it out here: https://spotifycharts.com/regional/global/weekly/2021-09-03--2021-09-10
Also, songs released weeks earlier ranked higher that HDBNU.
>i'm turning down multimillion dollar label deals
Press X for doubt.
The rest of the audio is "i'm a real artist uwu i luv u".

I wonder if this act still gonna stick now that his face is out there. kek

No. 1330777

File: 1632272267927.jpg (755.28 KB, 1080x2185, Screenshot_20210921-195658_Twi…)

This person has to be a troll right? I'm conflicted if they are that or an actual moron

No. 1330779

Nah if Corpulent was actually the fit emo animu daddy of their dreams they would be sharing the pics and drooling over him right now while half the community pretends to care about his privacy. They're ignoring it to mask their disappointment.

No. 1330780

They must be so disappointed.

No. 1330782

Let this be an opportunity to diet really hard and get his cheekbones popping so he can make a face reveal soon and regain his honor (?)

No. 1330784

hashtag autism, hashtag bullying, hashtag lolcow. Chef's kiss.

No. 1330787

I think that on twitter hardcore stans would cope and ignore it, or say his looks are irrelevant.
BUT behind the scenes I can see corpse losing fangirls. That is what happens with face reveals - even if someone looks ok, he will never be as good as the perfect fantasy they had.
And its always more cringe when you can imagine this face singing about choking demon bitches and bragging about his fame lol

No. 1330788

Losing weight if you're obese = having lots of saggy and flaccid skin.

No. 1330790

While he’s at it, get some veneers, nose job, jaw implant and brow lift with those teen girls bux because whewww he’s like the medical journal illustration of the soyjak.

But it’s easier to just be ugly and lie.

No. 1330791

He's not THAT fat

No. 1330794

Nta but you're forgetting he doesn't leave his house and drinks. Men age like shit, it's even worse when they're alcoholic.

No. 1330798

The Mark Zuccini account is spamming Corpse's face photos over Twitter. The stans are reporting and asking what's happening (context). Pretty cursed honestly.

No. 1330800

wish there was a way to find out more info but i think this may be as good as it gets for a while

No. 1330801

or he could just stop lying. you don't have to fuck up your face to deserve a happy life and a career that you work hard on. he's an average guy who can find an average person to be happy with. larping some demon anime boy to pull egirls and because he thinks it makes his music less cringe is embarrassing. he's always going to be ashamed of himself if he's a fraud but that's his choice. he can just stop.

No. 1330802

Think he'll make a cringe song about this? lol

No. 1330804



No. 1330806

we can found more information looking at the parkour and family social media and pages

No. 1330807

That person sounds like a former fan who found this thread months ago or just someone who wanna see stans cry. lol
His fans may not believe it, but the seed of doubt has been planted and it's pretty telling that his sister locked her twitter account.

All it takes it just one fan from SoCal deciding to go digging for more info…

No. 1330810

File: 1632274394672.jpg (11.32 KB, 165x171, 20210921_222804.jpg)

>emo daddy demon psycho skinny tall scene domination master edgy sexy badass

No. 1330811

Sadly the "farmers are ruining my life" thread title was already used. How prescient

No. 1330814

he looks like an oompaloompa here

No. 1330817


No. 1330820

"my real face is ruining my life"

No. 1330823


No. 1330825

dox me like you hate me but you love me moowu

No. 1330830

His whole career hinges on mysterious anime cool guy branding though.
All he has is a cult of “personality”, none of his “work” actually matters. His music is shit, his personality is room temp and manufactured, his voice is a lame gimmick, his popularity was on coattail of others. People like him collabing with other already popular ecelebs more than they like seeing him alone. None of his “fans” likes him for who he is, the little man inside, and he knows that deep down.
He should do like the vtubers and graduate.

No. 1330831

baby, I'm not the right one you wank tooooo

No. 1330834


No. 1330835

File: 1632275451429.webm (2.59 MB, 640x640, Parkour_corpse.webm)

Also archiving this just in case.

No. 1330837

the anonymous board is ruining my life

No. 1330839

Corpse escaping from the nonnies and BPD-chans:

No. 1330841

File: 1632275690494.gif (4.31 MB, 600x336, PARKOUR.gif)


No. 1330843

Me after turning off the lights running faster as i can to the bed:

No. 1330846

No one even cares or remembers who Corpse Husband is lol

No. 1330848

Pulling up to Veggie Grill like

No. 1330849

It was dumb of him to stop streaming games. His last single would have done better.

No. 1330850

Corpse's friends running away after seeing his face:

No. 1330852

File: 1632276810224.png (740.23 KB, 919x586, Source_.PNG)

Also adding description source

No. 1330853

It would flop either way. He's no better than a soundcloud rapper, dude only burps on a mic and thinks he's delivering the greatest bars of all time because his BPD stans hype him up.

No. 1330856

Damn you literally found him in 1 week after the apartment breakdown photos. Still getting through all this recent reveal saga but damn this investigation is so entertaining. This parkour guy putting on a super hot sadboi emo cartoon persona with these horrible lyrics made up from most stupid shit burped out loud and getting herds of fawning fangirls in turn, you could think it's a recipe for the best parody performance or master shitposting social commentary thing but… it's reality. as in someone doing this for real, seriously. it's crazy.
tears of shock and disappointment shall be flowing, these girls fell for a cartoon not a real person, with a different face and additionally not stick-thin anime boy.

No. 1330861

>uploaded by the parkour team he was in
>same body type
>same hair and skin tone
>from his location
>he was doing parkour since 2013 to around 2016, when he started youtube, so the date is correct
This is %100 Corpse Husband/Anthony Blue Gamboa.

No. 1330866

>"sponsored parkour athlete"

No. 1330872

They're intentionally using a bunch of keywords in their Tweets, so I'm calling troll

No. 1330876

Great milk day, good job nonnies. I’m surprised lc beat another anonymous imageboard to it, but I guess the “over 50% male” listeners he has just couldn’t be bothered

No. 1330879

Prepare for incoming massive flood of newfags when youtubers start reporting on this

No. 1330884

His pics are here, but most of the juicy info has been redacted or removed, so I don't think they will come here.
The autismo-chan that unmasked Corpse should drop their findings on KF (obviously don't do that if they don't have a VPN and are too lazy to create a burner e-mail).

No. 1330898

At least 50% of those “males” are Aidens and Enbies lmao

No. 1330912

we did it reddit(autism)

No. 1330920


No. 1330923

Lmao do you guys think he’s getting dms over this?

No. 1330924

I mean, like, it's all over Twitter. I hope someone will make it trending.

No. 1330925

>>1330924 all over twitter where? all the recent stuff under the corpse husband keywords are just simps

No. 1330928

I think she looks cuter here than in her edited photos. Sad.

No. 1330929

Some random account made like 50 tweets replying to stans with the photos of him and insults.

No. 1330932

File: 1632284527398.png (24.83 KB, 485x327, ds.png)

One of you nonnies spam on this, I don't have discord. try to get WR ban kek(cowtipping)

No. 1330936

No. 1330937

>it’s all over Twitter

It literally isn’t, we’re kind of being delusional. The main reason why this will never break into the social media cycle is because no one takes a female-dominated website seriously and any evidence of his real appearance will be shut down as as trolling.

No. 1330945

kek at this retard spamming in a fan server then getting banned.

No. 1330947

Another thing that cowtippers love is to just post Corpse's face without any evidence on how he was found. Like yeah people are TOTALLY gonna take it seriously. Don't bother cowtipping if you're not gonna do it right.

No. 1330950

File: 1632286614340.jpeg (682.74 KB, 828x1079, EC16B4C8-8A97-48A2-9443-0074C8…)

I love how the absolute retardation of his fans make it impossible to decide whether this is a troll or legit
>cyber authorities
>you dun goofed

No. 1330951

File: 1632286706435.jpeg (767.16 KB, 828x1400, 1B0155E9-F658-4D53-8551-D84498…)

Right? Whichever one of you did this, please stop

No. 1330952

Are you new to this thread? Anons have been posting his info and how they got to that pic ( step by step) but the farmhands have been deleting most of the info because it's considered doxxing

No. 1330957

Low effort troll. His stans at least try following each other and this person is using way too many keywords.
I will never not kek at fattened Corpse Tony.

No. 1330958

Twittertards can’t even make consistent posts with the right pics.

No. 1330959

File: 1632287595544.jpeg (221.91 KB, 749x557, 38C5A767-022D-4BB6-B3AC-92B864…)

These two have to be cowtippers, this is just cringe

No. 1330960

if that stan really goes to the autorities i'm going to fucking die

No. 1330961

You can't just go to the police and tell them that your anime emo husbando is being harassed. That doesn't work.

No. 1330965

not at all, you can do it if you want, but the police won't give a fuck

No. 1330966

File: 1632287750669.jpeg (748.86 KB, 788x1235, 2426E2B1-D06B-4E29-AEA3-111094…)

And now they’re tagging his pals too

No. 1330969

>tagging two uggos
I don't think they mind. lol

No. 1330970

File: 1632288155593.png (1.45 MB, 1580x1596, 1617182164952.png)

This fanart from the first thread is even more hilarious now

No. 1330975

kek indeed. the blackpink fan account is spamming the pics from here under a bunch of tweets, im surprised we havent been raided by his bpdettes yet

No. 1330977

and anthony padilla telling corpulent hambeast that he thought a piece of fanart was ‘actually a selfie’, my sides have combusted

No. 1330981

File: 1632288789795.png (1023.32 KB, 1103x564, uwu.png)

What are you talking about? They're the same picture.

No. 1330986

I can't imagine the cringe of meeting him in real life and seeing that he's a fat and unwashed scrote with crooked teeth.

No. 1330988

Even the way they shitpost screams kpopfag

No. 1330996

NTA, I read that as referring to the cowtippers posting pics from here on twitter without context, not vice versa

No. 1331003

This thread is the gift that keeps giving. Goddamn. I can’t handle this shit kek.

No. 1331007

File: 1632291004565.jpeg (277.13 KB, 771x1308, 31AF2E26-1655-4472-A4AF-099115…)

lmao if any tard is going to pay attention it will be that loey woman because she is desperate for attention and for corpse husbands chode

No. 1331008

File: 1632291127036.png (1.73 MB, 1170x2532, 861614F7-790A-49F1-B2EE-E8EBD7…)

Another account is made

No. 1331009

File: 1632291420047.jpeg (156.55 KB, 828x521, A0BD5CCA-62AD-4B23-BF3F-B5D0C4…)

the fuck is this schizoid shit

No. 1331013

Yeah, just don't give them any attention. It's what they probably want.

No. 1331014

That other account is trolling but this one sounds like a former fan a-logging.
If he/she can't pick up the pieces of the info that was redacted before, posting his pics is a waste of time.

No. 1331020

File: 1632292946244.jpeg (369.8 KB, 770x824, B3B77AA7-D960-4CA0-B2BA-1E5ADB…)

Actually unhinged
>claims to be an oldfag

No. 1331025

File: 1632293770427.jpeg (262.37 KB, 1170x2532, 7B55D37C-6767-4970-BB27-BDB001…)

No. 1331026

File: 1632293796578.jpeg (334.99 KB, 1170x2532, 2DD61788-A147-4C9C-947E-C2D214…)

No. 1331030

we can see these are your own screenshots, fag

No. 1331031

I know I did it on purpose(cowtipping)

No. 1331032

well this thread is a shit show.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1331033

File: 1632294336749.jpeg (79.01 KB, 1125x842, 27244058-6EC2-4928-86C3-ECB327…)

leave his family out this retard. this is more than cow tipping you've straight up ran it over

No. 1331034

Stop giving cowtippers attention.

No. 1331040

thanks faggots(non-contribution)

No. 1331050

File: 1632298127786.jpeg (117.21 KB, 1103x564, B911612A-0D53-4DC6-B265-4D031B…)

No. 1331083

File: 1632303637190.jpeg (303.79 KB, 743x690, 156F59F7-4658-4EEE-AEF1-2EA2EB…)

We actually got a fat version of this KEK

No. 1331097

i love how you think, anon. making moids emotionally rekt is my fav thing kek

No. 1331113

Imagine that’s not him and y’all are just harassing and stalking random people(sage)

No. 1331115

Imagine being a twitterfag corpulent husbando stan. Go back where you crawled from, fatty.

No. 1331117

>harassing and stalking
where, retard? gb2 twitter land whale

No. 1331118

I wonder If it would be smarter of him to go e-thot route - finding him was inevitable, so showing his face with 100 filters like the girls he likes sounds better and would keep the mystery for longer? but too late for that i guess

No. 1331122

Yeah I mean that's what his friend Sykkuno does.

No. 1331130

I love all these retardedonpurpose.jpg corpse fans, keep it up lads

No. 1331186

also he bailed on the video shoot with machine gun kelly and made valkyrie go in his place? he's one famous dude corpse hard pussied out on meeting because his (hypothetical) track record is people meet him then dip out when they realize how weird, sweaty and creepy he is. chubby incel writes lewd songs to reel in teenagers.

p.s. personally I find his music like as if you were in a public pool and instead of one gross bandaid you looked down and the whole pool is filth and plentiful turds. and I mean plentiful.

No. 1331205

this is so pathetic, they’re trying to be the one to be the first bearer of news what an actual unfunny attention whore. if people want to know what’s happening then tell them to lurk and read this thread instead of cowtipping like an actual dumbass

No. 1331219

Sage for autism but I find it funny that someone marketing himself towards young teen girls would think he can stay anonymous. He shouldn't, and the collective effort here shows that any clues will be picked up on. Moids getting into potential predator situations should expect this and just deal with it.

No. 1331221

Do you think corpse will adress his dox?
I agree, but I also think that what was the final push for anons to make an effort to find and make fun of him was his clout chasing and huge ego. Despite what he thinks he is not that huge or popular and could stay under the radar in his little cult

No. 1331237

They won't listen because they're delusional. They harassed an entire family to the point of those people privating and/or deleting their social media and half the posts got deleted for doxxing. They did minimal research and hyperfocused on this guy based on one thing Corpse said about himself. This thread is a shit show and this guy most likely isn't even him.(sage your shit )

No. 1331244

we know ur a twitterfag stan of his because you dont know how to sage your shit

this is 100% corpse husband just get over it lmao why else would his sister and other family start locking down? especially his sister ariana's twitter account for her twitch buisiness, you dont private that when social media is your job unless you want to hide something.

the facts check out that this corpse husband is this anthony gamboa kid, sorry he doesnt look like andy biersack uwu boi kek

and it wasnt one thing corpse said about himself go reread this thread landwhale and open your own delusional eyes

No. 1331247

File: 1632319356852.jpg (40.47 KB, 736x936, shane.jpg)

he looks just like shane dawson

No. 1331257

File: 1632320230477.png (1.13 MB, 2322x1160, froste ariana.png)

you know whats interesting about that is that there is another twitch streamer of the name @froste, who has had interactions with ariana (@obviously_Queen) in 2019 then this past march he made a joke on his twt about corpse husband face reveal

not sure what this means but its just interesting that he would do that 2 years after interacting publicly with corpse sister wonder if he knows anything

No. 1331259

If the anon had posted the dox on KF this would have gone a bit smoother. Now all their info is redacted and the stans think we’re accusing the wrong person of being him.

No. 1331260

looks like he (froste) also tried hitting up all corpse among us friends asking for a game with them on 7/27 lol

No. 1331265

That’s an excellent idea. I’ll post it on kiwi farms on behalf.

No. 1331266


many thanks

No. 1331277

Just as I always thought, Leafy but uglier. Lmao

No. 1331279

Use a VPN and a burner email for your account, pls.

No. 1331287

I’m not the doxer. Just someone who would repost the provided caps to KF because I already have an account. Thanks for the concern though.

No. 1331338

File: 1632326522208.jpg (74.1 KB, 1280x720, cooper.jpg)

You're welcome, have a great day.

No. 1331366

She actually is 23, went to school with her here in norway. But i dont have any milk, other than her and her sister dating twins for the aesthetic

No. 1331428

I've got all the weaponized autism archived on the KF thread.

No. 1331430

nicely done nona, thank you

No. 1331433

File: 1632336698734.jpg (339.44 KB, 1080x1840, stepdad.jpg)

his stepdad posted this today lol. I hope this is about him.

No. 1331445

File: 1632337740861.jpg (93.94 KB, 789x954, baw.jpg)

Corpe crying eyeliner rn

No. 1331465

his dad just deleted his profile on facebook a few minutes ago. you could find him through the grandma and then suddenly it was down. (no picrel for obvious reasons)

they might have been able to play it off as wrong if they didn't get spooked and lock everything down, or if they had kept a few family photos up. he has five kids and he loves showing off all of them except for one. opsec needs work, pops.

No. 1331474

Too bad we got everything we needed kek.

No. 1331480

Reminder to refrain from posting the accounts and any identifiable information on family members.

No. 1331484

damn stepdad went private too lmao, so its definitely him then. Grandma, sister, dad, and stepdad all went private.

No. 1331489

I can imagine the phone calls going on in his family rn.
> You have to take down your facebook, [redacted] was trying to act sexy online and it backfired. Abandon ship!!1!

No. 1331491

Although I do think this is him, what if the family is going private solely because of them being discussed here? Like I wonder if someone cowtipped before the last anon did.
It does seem very likely that he's Corpse, though.

No. 1331492

I don't think it is a good idea to advocate (literally) fighting back bullies when you have such an unathletic son

No. 1331494

imo funny as hell. Can you imagine how's he explaining this all to them.
>It all started with Amoung us okay? So I was an imposter, you following me? No? Okay so Amoung Us is….

No. 1331496

his uncle was following Corpse on Insta. There's so much proof pointing to Corpse being Anthony. It's astounding it took this long kek.

No. 1331498

God I hope someone from his past comes forward. A high school bully, an ex-girlfriend, a mentally ill cousin, someone from his parkour days, etc

No. 1331499

File: 1632341145648.jpg (7.16 KB, 207x264, marz.jpg)

>everyone on DFE mode
… why tho? Is Corpe's money paying everyone's bills? They all seem fine, middle-class and all, not struggling (unlike CH's animeboy backstory made it sound).

Damn right. If autismo-chans got a wrong normie family, they would just post "wtf that ain't me lol".
>inb4 they reactivate everything and say "wtf that ain't me lol"
It's not gonna work anymore. kek

No. 1331500

File: 1632341189830.gif (376.66 KB, 311x197, 96fcd-lmao2.gif)

there was no way corpse wasn't going to be some fat, dorky loser. i hope he's seething right now.

No. 1331510

i poked around because i was wondering if that happened but unless it was a flood of dms, i don't think that's the case. the instagram account from the first SD connection didn't have a single public comment from a stranger (that i saw). the sister went private before anyone was saying anything on twitter. twitter in general is barely talking about it outside of veiled comments about not acknowledging what is going on and two troll accounts repeating the same information over and over. if it wasn't him, a simple denial would suffice instead of multiple family members panic deleting their accounts, especially ones who use social media for work or hobbies. the average person doesn't have a clue what this site is. there's no reason for them to react the way that they did if they had nothing to hide.

No. 1331511

I hope his grandma hears his music, here are some choice lyrics for Nana.
>Choke me like you hate me, but you love me
>Lowkey wanna date me when you fuck me
>Real bad bitch, pussy bald like Saitama
>Coke in my nose and a blade on her thigh

Play it during Christmas dinner pls

No. 1331517

everyone has a weird goth cousin who hates his dad and listens to annoying cringe music. their christmas dinner is going to be identical to everyone else's christmas dinner kek

No. 1331518

his face is blowing up on twitter right now and hes being @‘d and retweeted like crazy… its all out now so i wonder what will happen. just search “corpse husband”

No. 1331524

omg ur right, ppl are starting to notice. im fucking dying

No. 1331525

Nonnies, we really found out who's Corpse Husband. Congrats. The family going private is another proof.

No. 1331528

at least bts worked themselves to death for years in more ways than one to get where they are now, meanwhile mr. corpse flexed his arm veins and spoke

No. 1331530

There's a small cluster of minors (not posting them here, obviously) that found the pics and are spreading it lmao
Holy shit, it's on.

No. 1331531

Can you link that tweet, please? I don't see anything, just old tweets and the cowtippers.

No. 1331532

its the fucking fat edit too lmfao

No. 1331535

File: 1632342278104.gif (27.46 KB, 220x220, HAHAH.. ha.gif)

What now?

No. 1331542

his dad's neighborhood isn't the best. he was asking about summer camp for the younger kids a couple of years ago and acknowledged that he didn't want the boys out in the neighborhood.
the reason his family seems stable is because they have old/older property in their family. they couldn't afford to live there otherwise. staying afloat in socal working class neighborhoods is harder to do than in some other areas.

No. 1331544

he didn't live with his dad tho, he lived with his mom and stepdad in a two story house. he doesn't seem close to his real dad at all

No. 1331546

I see. Thanks for clarifying, I'm not from the US. I quickly looked through their facebook profiles and it looked like an "okay" place to me.

No. 1331549

Statement about muh mental health when?

No. 1331550

as people get priced out of nicer suburbs in LA/OC, cheap new construction goes up out east. 'nice' track homes go up in the middle of meth spots. a two story house isn't impressive when it's in the middle of meth desert usa.

No. 1331551

File: 1632343235981.jpeg (426.26 KB, 828x1018, CF6AC6F0-8852-4BBC-A92A-C5F86C…)

Not same nonnie but had to check, yep
Getting some attention from twitfags

No. 1331553

File: 1632343321683.png (489.21 KB, 700x525, 60e6078585fa170018522947.png)

If it's not him then that would mean that there's another 24 year old guy who shares the exact same birthday as Corpse living in the same expensive apartment building for boomers who also did parkour in the years that Corpse was active in the scene. Also he matches the phsyical description of being a fat Leafy just like Corpse and has a mom from San Diego which matches up with what Corpse said about being from SD. That's what you want us to think, that it's all just a coincidence? I think not.

No. 1331556

No. 1331566


yeah there's no way. i'm p sure this is all right. i want this to go viral but stans seem to just feel bad for him but like..if he looked diff i bet they would spread it so fast.

his best option now is probs to do a current face reveal lmao(learn2sage)

No. 1331567

File: 1632343831504.jpeg (160.22 KB, 810x1111, 4771B1D9-7710-4255-AC8E-36EF39…)

Which fat fucking retard did this

No. 1331568

i'm enjoying the shit show but doxxing is not ok, report the scrote

No. 1331572

File: 1632344103003.jpg (45.56 KB, 550x568, fat eyeliner.jpg)

He will hold the release of a new song (reality: there's no new song) and say it's because FARMERS RUINED HIS LIFE and he needs a mental health break.
Will be back by Halloween.

No. 1331574

File: 1632344174644.png (116.87 KB, 658x562, Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 21.54…)

curps stans are insanely delusional god…

No. 1331577

>THATS what people loved
im sure it was kek

No. 1331578

Why do they always think we're men. Ladies, not all women go weak in the knees for chonk husband

No. 1331579

>his music
>his vibes
>his success
>his streams
>the girls he pulls

kek this is like next level delusion-chan

No. 1331581

Really shows how disappointed that he isn’t the sexy dream man they expected him to be
>incel men
We are women
>hes a dope creator
Hes released 3 songs about fucking e thots. Theres no way he hasn’t ran out of ideas.

“JAILBAIT IS RUINING MY LIFE”’releasing this halloween

No. 1331584

>literally simping for an actual incel who's lied to her every step of the way
animepfp-chan dreaming about getting choked by an absolute chonkster while he burps on her face

No. 1331585

His vibes? Are they gonna act like he didn't blow up because they heard his voice and started salivating and daydreaming about him? Where's that "realistic" fanart again kek

No. 1331586

Yeah it's the "vibes" that people love not their idealized fantasies of what he looks like, that's why corpse stans all made their anime husbando head canons of him in their art kek. The farms is a woman's board.

No. 1331589

I imagine it's that domino meme with 'gigi wishes her grandson a happy birthday on his dad's fb' on the small domino and 'corpse husband outed to 5 million followers against his will' on the huge domino

No. 1331591

File: 1632345270942.png (65.3 KB, 657x331, Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 22.13…)

samefag, the circus goes on…

No. 1331592

sorry for the excessive use of ellipsis kek 20 minutes on twitter and I've become a full fledged boomer I just find it hard to believe how fucking delusional his stans are

No. 1331595

>Some of the ugliest mfs
We anonymous

Also imagining his cock being fucking huge, he has to make up for that unfortunate face

No. 1331596

i feel like people arent gonna take it seriously cause they'll think it's another one of those troll leaks of a random guy that people say is corpse.. whoever's posting pics on twitter should include the autism nonita's research and the fact that the family members privated/deleted their social media accounts

No. 1331598

i agree but i cant be bothered to do it myself, and honestly landwhales are so desperate to keep his imagine in their heads untarnished they wont believe it anyway even with all the evidence

No. 1331599

that's exactly what's happening. the fake leaks were trending on twitter and this is barely starting to become a blip. his fans have already had multiple practice runs at ignoring and suppressing their reaction to leaks.

No. 1331600

File: 1632345873941.png (142.48 KB, 652x664, Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 22.23…)

allegedly 13yo autista did, but it's buried in the replies and it's the one of the tweets that had most traction

No. 1331601

KEK this freak looks exactly how i expected him to look. good job to anons finally finding him. cant believe he had the audacity to make multiple songs about fucking women when dude looks like hed cry if he actually talked to a woman irl

No. 1331602

File: 1632345972522.jpg (67.29 KB, 640x480, 6f569bf2103cd9b739c7f81480ae74…)

i remember someone making an info graphic image with all the info on the dream leak (picrel) and spreading it around twitter.
if any of the anons has time of her hands and feels up for it feel free.

No. 1331603

I saw some people dismiss as a fake because there have been numerous fake leaks in the past already. Honestly I don't want more normies to discover LC and spam it so I'm fine with them thinking that. Just knowing that Chonk is indeed ugly and fat is satisfying enough for me.

No. 1331604

twitter is so much worse than this site, this is just women and it’s pretty tame or flat out stupid and funny, but it’s nothing. no matter what “happens” to corpse because people discovered his physical reality, it will never be as bad as what men do to women online and in person. he was able to get so successful just because of an edited voice and he looks like a fucking molester. the last people who should be supporting him are women and i hope they really reflect on lying to themselves about someone who was emotionally manipulating them the whole time. it’s ok to see that they went too far into this fantasy and hopefully get therapy for obsessing over unavailable men and move on without having to over compensate in some way. his fan base is so young and probably won’t admit that it’s fucked up because it’s not woke, and girls are conditioned to never have physical standards, but i hope they do speak up about how they felt hurt so that isn’t swept away so easily. what’s his real age?

No. 1331609

Good idea.

He's really 24 years old. Turns out he only sounds off because he's a cringelord and spent his formative years surrounded by older people all along, haha.

No. 1331612

kek calm down honestly everyone obsess over unattainable men especially when you're young
they don't need therapy because they wanted to marry a hot celebrity when they were 12, they need therapy because they're unwell and unstable

No. 1331614

I contemplated putting an image together but the amount of evidence is so astounding it's daunting kek. If someone does end up pulling through, make sure to check the last page of the KF thread because it contains the important images that have been redacted here.

No. 1331619

i assumed the story about being gang stalked was a complete lie but now i think it could be dramatized/rooted in truth depending on whether it happened at his dad's or at his mom's. i'm trying to find the original story.

No. 1331623

sage plz

nah i dont think so i looked into court records for everyone we could find connected to him and i didnt find anything juicy, just speeding violations or failure to appear in court

although there were some listed as 'not on file' without further details but idk enough about state records to figure it out

the only racy thing i found was this article about someone getting murdered, the only link though is they share the same last name (gamboa) but that can be just a coincidence https://www.pe.com/2017/09/19/man-gets-life-in-prison-for-deadly-riverside-gas-station-shooting/

No. 1331628

who would stalk or harass him? He looks like a emo white boy, you think his dad's hood wants anything to do with him? nah i call bs. It was most likely a group of people hanging out and his white ass got spooked and ran home. Then he made up a story about being "gang stalked"

No. 1331630

what was the ID for that one case that was "not on file"

No. 1331631

gamboa is a common last name nonnie

No. 1331633

Charges Filed Date: 10/19/2011
Offense Code: No convicted charges found
Source: CA Riverside Superior Court

Case ID #: 303398AGGAMBOAANTHONY970808
Case Number: 303398AG

No. 1331636

yea it was kind of a dead end because of that

No. 1331640

That would have been filed when he was like 14. Aren't juvenile records sealed? Or do the cases show up and the convictions don't?

No. 1331643

i think they sometimes expunge records of minors when they turn 18, that might this. kek what if he was some kind of pervert

No. 1331644

File: 1632347757196.png (214.8 KB, 580x618, shambles.png)


No. 1331645

his 'sister' just unprivated her twitter account nothing posted though

No. 1331650

File: 1632348502205.png (460.06 KB, 600x766, Zwra9nO.png)

Naw just wait for Urmaker and the scary narration crowd to start spilling shit since he ghosted them the second he started gaining popularity. Speaking of him, checked his twitter he was liking fanart upwards to an hour ago. So I'm guessing that is around the time he realized he'd been found.

No. 1331651

File: 1632348556874.gif (1.26 MB, 300x188, 1429462837434.gif)

Nona, pls. Think for a sec.
If he was involved in real gang shit as a minor, everyone on his immediate family would NOT have their faces and locations online, they would've moved out of state. His sister wouldn't be trying an online career like her dear old brother as well.

This "gang" stuff was 100% part of his "tortured depressed boy" lore.

No. 1331652

corpse has been active on twitter in the last few minutes too. his sister's social blade doesn't show any purging of follows or tweets. i think they're just going to try to play it cool and hope no one notices or pays attention to the panic shutdown from overnight.

No. 1331653

yea i agree they probably saw it was making them look more sus, i would love to make a tweet thread with evidence to get it circulated more of this site but im shadowbanned on twitter kek

No. 1331655

File: 1632348784321.png (535.48 KB, 2016x738, ss1.png)

Is there another Anthony Gamboa in Temecula? Supposedly this one is 27 and for what it's worth the listed username only returns porn sites

No. 1331657

File: 1632348804920.jpg (52.02 KB, 720x484, 20210922_191157.jpg)

It's spreading fast.

No. 1331665

i don't believe he was involved with gang shit himself. i believe he was in proximity to gang shit at best, which is why i said it was dramatized. there's no way it happened in wine country, but it's stupid to think that no one with a gangbanger neighbor in the barrio would have a facebook or try to be a streamer.

No. 1331666

don't worry it'll take off the second reaction channels snoop around.

No. 1331667

accorging to howmanyofme there are 68 anthony gamboas in the united states whitepages results looks to be about 24 in California

No. 1331670

he probably signed up before he was 18 and used a fake birthday

No. 1331671

I'm not saying they should've been 100% offline, but if it was that bad as he claimed (stalking) they wouldn't be as open as they were on social media.
But yeah, being in proximity makes sense.

No. 1331674

I can see him pulling some suicide bait to guilt his fans into staying. He probably won't release music anymore and will retreat backto gaming, the well was already running dry and no egirls are going to be interested in his weeby sex jams

No. 1331675

Hell, he probably saw it on a breaking news segment and concocted his own own story around it.
Kek I wonder how much facetune wants her face associated with his music now.

No. 1331686

He might even throw his lawyers at KF.

No. 1331691

Hell no, that'll just confirm it he's hoping to ignore and it'll die down. Anytime someone goes for the farms Josh blasts it. Less attention he gives the less his cringe fanbase sees and spreads it.

No. 1331700

agreed. there is a zero percent chance that someone as online and paranoid as corpse wouldn't know exactly how stupid it would be to fight null over a nothingburger thread on the farms. the leak isn't getting traction. he's not as mega trendy as he was a few months ago so it won't catch people's attention like it would have before.

his sister is going to act like nothing happened. he's going to have a chronic illness issue come up and ghost for a while until he can convincingly pretend that nothing happened and his friends will cover for him. minimal fuss.

No. 1331706

File: 1632351149372.jpg (151.73 KB, 720x1222, 20210922_195008.jpg)

Twitter users can't believe that the pictures are from Corpse.

No. 1331708

File: 1632351174245.jpg (17.79 KB, 531x221, 20210922_194957.jpg)

No. 1331709

File: 1632351305600.jpg (15.07 KB, 450x240, 20210922_195023.jpg)

I don't know if this means something but if you search his name "lolcow" and "leak" are there.

No. 1331712

i think this leak may have been a few months too late his fanbase is much smaller, but its only been a day and half will see if anything happens i guess

No. 1331713

'twitter users' foh there's less than a hundred interactions with that information and it's just two accounts flicking their bean over the leak wherever they can find a ch mention. posting breathless screenshots here over nothing is so cringe. it's not milk. it's ineffective cowtipping.

No. 1331716

File: 1632351814699.jpeg (259.15 KB, 1103x1840, 11A83FF6-75CE-4667-A08B-835FDC…)

No. 1331719

File: 1632352038124.jpeg (191.52 KB, 960x566, A96A5B67-FE06-45B9-81F1-8819FD…)

Oh fuck it’s gonna go down (soon)

No. 1331723

ooga booga

No. 1331736

>4chyn screenshots
Man I'm gonna be so pissed if the scrotes on 4chan get the credit for this when they didn't do shit.

No. 1331740

File: 1632352822118.jpg (310.48 KB, 1080x1064, corpulenthusband.jpg)

To all the bitches w a corpse husband tattoo
Sorry the mask wasn't big enough to cover your husbandos chinp

No. 1331741


No. 1331742

>Too many chins
The real Leafy must be seething right now.

No. 1331745

Can someone put board-tan's face on Fred, please..

No. 1331746

Easy fix, he has the money for a jaw contour so he can look somewhat similar to his fanarts.

No. 1331758

File: 1632353519548.jpg (161.68 KB, 956x691, 38377475857474.jpg)

Next thread pic?

No. 1331766

File: 1632353707869.jpeg (389.13 KB, 2048x2048, E_2E795UYAY-cnn.jpeg)

thanks to every nonny that made this possible

No. 1331767

This has to be the next thread picture!

No. 1331774

Beautiful! Thank you!
And thank you to all artanons, too!

No. 1331785

true he could just get a custom jaw/chin implant + buccal fat removal. He had mentioned surgery on his stream once, I wonder if he was really serious (26:10)

No. 1331804

honestly it makes sense why corpse and karl are close friends they are both fugly kek

No. 1331806

kek beautiful

No. 1331808

And sykkuno, he try to hide behind filters but he's not pretty

No. 1331809

All hail 'tismo nonnie

No. 1331811


I'm actually 13 yeah(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1331816

No one cares, go back to league twitter cringer

No. 1331817

Enjoy your ban, underage-chan.

No. 1331829

Holy shit kill all newfags and kpop pedos and tranny lovers

No. 1331831

My vote

No. 1331833

File: 1632356986748.gif (2.19 MB, 360x360, sana sad.gif)

nyooo :( all of them? even me?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1331837

Habbening soon pog
His sister seems well adjusted at first glance. To no one's surprise he's the ugly sibling, motherfucker got the jowls of the fucking grinch, imagine how bad they are now.

No. 1331839

no one cares. you took information that you didn't produce and plastered it across twitter because you thought it would get you clout. you've reposted it over and over and it has received almost no attention. kek

you want credit for doing nothing; no one cares about your verification of your twitter profile. it's a fucking anon board you dumb weeb.

No. 1331843

File: 1632358926724.jpg (36.59 KB, 539x959, a8dba5824f48dd774dcbb2bfee5d93…)

Fucking fr, farmers can clearly girlboss with dark triad qualities to spare

No. 1331844

File: 1632359176145.png (7.57 MB, 3328x2408, CORPSE COLLAGE.png)

took me way too long to do this shit, hope that anyone using this will think of me and my almost exploding pc

tried to avoid doxx and keep only the relevant informations

No. 1331845

let's be real, no one would take it seriously if it came from here. it'll get better exposure on kiwifarms anyways

No. 1331846

Shut up Null

No. 1331848

This is useful and well-done, nonny.

No. 1331849


imagine boasting you're a child on an imageboard, genius next time try posting on 8chan and see who cares

No. 1331850

lmfao sweetie that would be an entire double jaw surgery and so many other things i don’t know where to begin, and he didn’t either despite all the money he makes and being in southern california. based on the gym pictures he needs a fucking face lift already and this is before his long overdue weight loss and sobriety journey. he’s repulsive.

why didn’t he hire someone to get shit deleted for him or whatever

No. 1331852


yeah the problem is definitely, let me check my notes, the hearts that we drew in sharpie all over the dox and the way it all smells like skincare products. i don't see scrotes digging through 300 apartments' worth of housing records to find one eboy in a haystack, so fuck 'em.

No. 1331853

He's so ugly, i don't wonder why he's hiding. Look at that double chin and fatty-manlet proportions.

No. 1331854

Good work nonny!

No. 1331856

Simple he thought no one would not be blinded by his sexy ruining his throat for clout kek. But in seriousness he knows he's an underwhelming loser and didn't really have an online presence before he made Corpse. Prob just didn't think needed.

No. 1331857

thanks nona, hopefully more people notice and we stop this stupid infight.

We all know and agree that men are useless, let's move on from wanting to get recognition on a literally anonymous board for something that's actually illegal.
Let's rejoice in the mystery partially solved (only because there are no recent pictures shown in this whole digging) and move the fuck on.

No. 1331860

thanks nona! I tried my best

No. 1331863

<3 great work nona !

No. 1331870

File: 1632360969589.gif (4.45 MB, 480x480, sh (1).gif)

Based doubles-chan, great job!

I'm gonna rejoice on knowing his stans are coping for having lusted over a fat scrote with cabbage patch hair that looks NOTHING like their headcanon.

No. 1331875

This has to blow up like Dream's dox and photos being leaked. But, how we can do it. Everyone's asking and wanting to see his identity and we have it just right here.

No. 1331876

No. 1331878

Corpse is using a double for public appearances like that popular video interview.

No. 1331880

thank you!

yeah, idgaf about getting lolcow recognised, I just want this ugly ass boring burping man to come forward and maybe fucking do something with his sorry life (wishful thinking I know). it annoys me so much that so many people admire him and defend him without a lick of doubt, while he does less than the bare minimum hiding behind fucking acid reflux and depression. go to therapy like the rest of us, cretin

same honestly, I only put together the research that some other (blessed and super hard working) anon did in hope that this will be the picture that gets shared.

No. 1331886

File: 1632362927283.jpg (1.74 MB, 1920x2160, 6lwrp2xhplg41.jpg)

No. 1331891

Corpse is playing games with sykkuno, rae, tina, etc right now. I wonder hows he not freaking out about all of this?

No. 1331895

i bet it's to distract his egirl army and get it to stop looking at twitter while the pics are being shared. he's just going to ignore it and hope it doesn't gain traction.

No. 1331897

We need to reach him and make him know that we have his photos.(don't touch the poop)

No. 1331898

File: 1632363742365.jpg (58.17 KB, 574x811, 1451710439058.jpg)

this made me wheeze laugh, jfc

After ordering his family to DFE, now he has to play it cool and maintain the façade with his fans. Fucking ironic that he decided to do an impromtu stream when he's been leaving his fanbase to dry since the beginning of his ""musical career"". It was mental health this, muh chronic illness that… now look at that, he's back again! kek

No. 1331899

This fat ass neckbeard can't hide anymore.

No. 1331901

Someone has to spread this (4chan or Kiwifarms).

No. 1331903

pretty sure some kind nonny is working on compiling the kiwifarms info right now.

No. 1331904

File: 1632363971958.jpg (10.45 KB, 275x271, 1632252572889.jpg)

fuck off stan, go kiss chonky corpulent anthony's cheeks

No. 1331905


kind nonny did already

No. 1331910

that was just meant for replying to people on twitter, no? kf mainly presents info in written form + the image leaves out the more sensitive stuff

No. 1331914

probably cause its not really gained any traction and is getting buried, theres been some accts on twt reposting his picture but nothing reputable, only a handful of interactions

honestly much smarter of corpse to just pretend it doesnt exist lol whatever im just happy we got his face in a picture although i wish it was more recent

No. 1331917

i dun even think anyone really cares about corpse anymore if you haved watch his friends streams throughout the year, they went from gainin like 10k+ in viewers when corpse would arrive now their viewership may jump 1-2k lmao

No. 1331921

Why the fuck is it so important to yall that this blows up??? I just want to laugh at this ugly fuck without wading through 1000 posts of stans shaking and crying in here.

No. 1331922

Featuring all of this will be the best. Kiwifarms can give popularity to the dox and information. If we get a feature this will blow up. Or getting a video from a famous youtuber/a hit tweet.

No. 1331928

Agreed It would be a nightmare if it blew up and lead back to here, even worse then the creepshowart situation. I’d rather the stans flood kiwifarms

No. 1331934

he's live right now with his friends and not talking, he seems insecure

No. 1331941

File: 1632369555761.png (274.17 KB, 804x607, ari ig.png)

His sister's IG and twitter are back up again. Were there more posts on the IG before? Now there are only 2.

No. 1331946

I've sat through 20min of a pre-dox stream of his, he's usually quiet until he burps something cringy and everyone forcefully runs with it.

No, only two. Yesterday there were zero posts, probably hid them. She unfollowed three people, though. See: >>1329780

No. 1331957

censored the names and left only the last names(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1331966


No. 1331967

this bitch knows how to jump

No. 1331969


Nona please

No. 1331971

Did you even try

No. 1331972

>until he burps something cringy and everyone forcefully runs with it.
How the fuck do women like him

No. 1331976

Why? This reeks of desperation.

We're here for milk. Cows make it on their own. Stop crawling into the pens with the livestock.

No. 1331977

>sponsored parkour athlete
I'm fucking crying.

No. 1331994

Insane parasocial bond. He pays attention to A LOT of his thirsty & lonely female stans on twitter and instagram (who'd made up the perfect anime bf in their heads). He just likes their posts and tweets or says on stream that he totally loves them uwu.
There's no real interaction, but all of this is more than enough to keep them hooked on the ~mysterious, but caring~ persona.

No. 1332013

i dont agree nor disagree w anon but barely anyone is talking abt this on twitter, and out of the ones that are, literally no one believes this is truely the anime uwu croaking toad of their dreams. if it were to spread then more ppl will see it and as another anon said, we might get a get a viral tweet or a yt vid by a bigger creator. im not saying it needs to get out there to feel satisfied with our work but imagine this getting as big as as the dream leak. it would be v entertaining and i would personally LOVE to watch corpses huge ego and sense of security crumble publically kek

if this gets spread corpse will have to say something/make up some excuse for his disabled fans, i would love to see what excuse he comes up with to try and explain this away lmao. we could get a face reveal out of this, who knows lolol

No. 1332030

gang stalking doesn't mean actual gangs and it's not a real thing. he's either lying or he's psychotic

No. 1332039

Love all of you nonners

No. 1332044

I know that this will be hush hush due to Stan's vs Farmers. 15 year old girls will still uwu corpse is my fat cripple emo baby

I think the key here now is to his deleted snapchats. I just KNOW he exposed his junk to a minor or solicited from a minor. How do we get them to come forward?

Then the awakening will happen

No. 1332058

>> 1332044
What makes you think this will work? This tread and the previous one have several anon saying they were a fan but now reformed and they want him to be doxxed now, his fan will just think you took a fake snapchat screenshot or a fake testimony

No. 1332060


literally the only milk weve gotten from his snapchat is that he sent 'ab pics' which i HIGHLY doubt in light of these new photo leaks, he was either actively sending people pics of his pot belly OR he was sending his dick 2 girls (and probably boys too) and theyre just covering for him because he threatened suicide or something. not sure but now we have his identity we should start looking further into this side of things.

the milk doesnt have to end here

No. 1332065

think of austin jones. he had die hard fans and when it came out he was asking underage girls for twerking videos not only did he literally go to jail, he lost all his fans and his platform. even james charles is a good example of this 'phenomenon'

his stans are mentally ill as all fuck but somewhere inside their peanut brains i know if it came out that he was a child predator that would be the end all.

No. 1332091

File: 1632394185927.jpeg (91.31 KB, 600x600, D07B93E6-21C6-4917-8EA5-3F387D…)

People forget that despite corpse being average ugly, theres thousands of people who still think Imallexx (picrel) is the sexiest man to walk the face of the earth. I don’t think this is gonna get the reaction we hoped for

No. 1332104

call me a fake farmer but I'm kind of hoping the chonker didn't groom or molest any kids. we rarely get a male cow that isn't actively a rapist or abuser, it makes it harder to just laugh at them when they're actually a danger to anyone but themselves. personally, im just hoping people he knows irl start spilling embarrassing but ultimately not criminal stories about him until he has a super milky public breakdown.

No. 1332118

I don't want him to be a pedo we have enough of it already. It's because of all those Shane Dawson, James Charle, and other pedo actors that normal guys can't be alone with their kids in public without people looking at them suspiciously or calling the cops. I swear every guys gets pedo the second they're rich and popular

No. 1332123

>I swear every guys gets pedo the second they're rich and popular

Sadly these people usually had pedo tendencies before they became popular.
I really hope this uggo loses many followers because he's a cringelord and based on his shitty lyrics he's probably a major creep as well.

No. 1332126

File: 1632397714799.jpeg (61.8 KB, 600x500, B917C5C2-05B6-4541-B474-6E0BB5…)

Whoever this nerd is didn’t pretend to be a sexy anime edgelord. You’re not slick just cause you called him “average ugly”. Fuck off.
On one hand I agree. Men get away with too fucking much. All a scrote has to do is not be a literal rapist pedophile and they can be as much of a fucking cow as they want (CH exhibit A, maybe). I too want farmers to bully run of the mill lulzy moids more. But the thing is the highest form of disdain women can have for men is apathy and dismissal, I think women naturally would rather avoid men they hate instead of making a point to dunk on them. That should change. It will be hard for bitches here to hold back a-logging feelings though, me included kek

No. 1332132

Based nonita. The most frustrating thing is, as per what other farmers have already said, that one of the reasons why normies will dismiss our efforts is purely because we’re women. The twitterfags - not just corpulent hambeast’s but in general - who are aware of our existence regard what gets posted here as being nothing more than the salty sperging of bitter TERF legbeard femcels. I don’t think KF will have much more success because its (and Josh’s) reputation precedes it, the only way people will really pay attention is if at least one of the more prominent dramatubers makes a video about it. In the absence of that all we can do is continue to bully him amongst ourselves for shits and giggles

No. 1332135

Chonk Husband surrounds himself with an awful lot of teen girls. That usually doesn’t bode very well, sadly.

No. 1332142

I bet Mr.Edgelord is sulking alone in his room as we speak.

No. 1332146

His sister looks exactly like Big Ed's daughter, kek. Amazing how scrotes manage to fuck up physically even with good genes

No. 1332151

him using clearly young looking girls in his "album covers" (that aint music tony pls) and generally exhibiting coomer/groomer like behaviour is enough to sideeye this dude into the moon. if he isn't doing shit irl he's probably doing it in the dms. only time will tell how much tinfoil is involved in this theory

No. 1332153

nonny he's 24 and using girls his age for the covers

No. 1332157

nonita you are right, but those-age girls don't look young to you with all the ddlg egirl shit and a bunch of filters? c'mon

No. 1332167

I think the next big thing would be to find out that he uses a voice-changer. His voice sounds weird as fuck and looking at how he looks, I think it's definitely a possibility.

No. 1332170

Not to mention low effort and exploitative. These bitches ain’t getting no royalties.

No. 1332172

obviously thats not his real voice tf nona

No. 1332176

that is what is in fashion right now.

The edgy boys and DDLG girls belong to some subculture. Highly doubt Corpse is a creep, but insecure edgy e-boy.

No. 1332179

Literally who cares though. This isn't some proxy war about feminism. We think with a reasonable degree of certainty that some guy is a guy. A mediocre man got famous by curating a persona that benefitted from everyone being locked down at home and the inherently weird parasocial aspect of streaming culture. Tale as old as time. There's no evidence that he's done projared shit. There's no evidence he's been abusive. He's milky. He lied, either because he's insecure or he was trying to hide his identity.

Did anons do the digging for curiosity or for clout? Because this is an anon board where we talk shit about weird people, not some hacker collective with an agenda.

Just chill out and watch what the cow does. If it's him, he'll slip up eventually.

No. 1332182

After seeing what he really looks like, the kamaara shit is even more interesting. Because the music is eerily similar

Tinfoil but i wouldnt be surprised if corpse stops making music but continues to make more music for kamaara

No. 1332197

File: 1632408977156.png (1.5 MB, 984x1075, 2F385210-23C7-4FC3-9974-A7C299…)


No. 1332220

Any nonnies done a comparison between original tumblr pics and what has been found?

No. 1332262

File: 1632413441372.jpg (75.26 KB, 640x800, e747cb7751c25c771a6ccf99279865…)

Anthony after seeing that his face is out there:

No. 1332266

File: 1632413767846.jpg (54.46 KB, 648x649, 99158c4994ade1e3937e8cd7e785e6…)

No. 1332270

are you blind? its clearly not the same kid

No. 1332317

Why the fuck are you so aggressive? You've been going apeshit on anons ITT every time they try to speculate about the situation and it's eventual breakdown. Calm down.
>There's no evidence he's been abusive
You're either a stan or new, a scrote like him, with a fanbase like his is very prone to do fucked shit and anons can speculate about it, fuck off

No. 1332335

File: 1632417464087.jpg (600.54 KB, 1080x2185, Screenshot_20210923-121700_Sam…)

Made me laugh, credit to kiwi

No. 1332410

Anthony Goomba

No. 1332444

File: 1632429801540.png (160.26 KB, 471x531, file.PNG)


No. 1332447

you missed the fat double chin and nasolabial folds

No. 1332453

File: 1632430498270.png (Spoiler Image,193.83 KB, 465x542, sorry nonny.PNG)

No. 1332459

Where did Corpse originally mention he was a sponsored parkour athlete? It seems like one of the most vital pieces of evidence, but I can't find out where that info came from.

No. 1332464

File: 1632431145187.jpg (935.38 KB, 2500x1774, anthony.jpg)

i was bored and i did this, i know it's a little bit shitty but i tried my best

No. 1332470

Mentions being a parkour athlete in an old livestream from his horror narration days. Here's the clip: https://twitter.com/endmerz/status/1378600676251430915(this is an imageboard)

No. 1332477

File: 1632432955838.png (1.22 MB, 1596x1664, BLEP.png)

This was dumb but i stand by this meme

No. 1332478

Am I the only one that thinks his sister is pretty good looking? >>1331941

No. 1332483

she fucking ugly have you seen those nasolabial fold and that long ass philtrum she look 40

No. 1332494

Anon you're not allowed to compliment women on /snow/ or else you'll get >>1332483

No. 1332497

Stfu scrote
She’s not the subject of the thread

No. 1332500

She's decent looking and hasn't done anything wrong to deserve that type of criticism other than be related to Corpulent. Go outside.

No. 1332506

KEK, I love it, nonny.

No. 1332507

File: 1632435471825.jpeg (492.63 KB, 1410x603, 13CE5439-93F4-43B1-98E4-D7854B…)

Jannies you got a y-chromosome to ban, quickly!

No. 1332509

Nta, but you’re seriously stupid as fuck if you think a scrote knows what nasolabial folds or a philtrum is. Drop that lil phrase for anyone you don’t agree with.
>nOt ThE sUbJeCt
If anything op was the moid

No. 1332512

>a scrote doesn’t know what nasolabial folds or a philtrum is even though they literally created many lookism and incel forums where they use these terms constantly


No. 1332513

Hair needs to be more pubey lol

No. 1332529

you shit on his fans even though some of them look absolutely normal but her sister for some reason is a nono wtf? we talked about the similarity of their faces and you compliment her just say you wanna choke on corpse's cock

No. 1332536

Have you considered those anons aren't the ones who called his fans fat and ugly.

No. 1332547

His fans are retarded and even milkier than him, that's the difference.

No. 1332548

Holy shit if only corpse knows how his own stans are chimping out at his sister because they got called fat and retarded online

No. 1332553

not any of them but she’s objectively really cute. she has full cheeks which create shadows which everyone has, unless they have hollow faces and have them for different reasons. that person was trolling to direct the conversation to calling a woman ugly instead because people will fall for it. he’s short as fuck but his genetics seem fine, he just ruins it by being a raging alcoholic for however long, never sleeping, never moving, gaming constantly, and shoving junk in his face.

she didn’t choose her brother and women suffer enough growing up with males, chungus humongous is her real ass brother and no one deserves that. those delusional stans chose to blow his shit up every day at their own expense just to be a part of something and it’s disturbing. maybe they can start putting in the work that he didn’t but i doubt it.

what do you guys think machine gun kelly would have done if this fast food burp personified showed up to the music video shoot instead of his friend? how do you think she feels filling in for him to make him look better

No. 1332555

Don’t bother with the baiter. It’s so transparent they’re trying to create the narrative that mean ol lolcow is ~harassing corpsey sister~ to distract from the fact that criticisms of the man himself are too legitimate kek

No. 1332560

>Live Laugh Love on the walls

No. 1332773

It's funny to imagine CH stans lying to themselves about his appearance and sucking his dick. Even if they deny the truth, they know it in their hearts and everyone else does, too.
Like, imagine this bitch >>1331904 talking about some "choke me like you hate me, but you love me" while >>1324992 absolutely creams.

Sorry your bad selfie got posted here, but Corpulent's sister isn't the least bit ugly lol

No. 1332788

Someone posted this on KF, and it's kek-worthy.

No. 1332866

No. 1332870

This picture got posted so many times already and there’s a reason it was cropped

Incredible how stale this thread became after only one day

No. 1332891

for real. the kf thread too

No. 1332910

if anyone is curious, corpse's face leak is definitely starting to make the rounds on twitter, it's mostly in "underground" subtwitters for now but it won't be long till it makes it to main. the funniest part is the one that's being spread the most is this edited one >>1330490 kek

No. 1332913

the fuck did you want, new photo archive every day? nonnies worked hard, let them celebrate the victory. or fucking contribute instead of whining

No. 1332943

A bit anticlimactic, huh.

No. 1332957

I'm late to the face reveal but kek, now the Loey connection makes much more sense. Based on looks she's sorta out of his league, but I bet she's gotten a few half hearted FWB thrusts out of him purely for the clout.

No. 1332958

im sorry but anyone weighing 300lb+ is not out of anyone elses league. They create the foundation of the league that everyone else is based on. Some of you get fooled real quick by some drag makeup and a shein haul.

No. 1332962

First of all girl calm down
Second, learn to sage your shit
Thread is already stale and I already contributed kek this scrote is irrelevant even while getting doxxed

No. 1332971

Rattle them bones a little harder corpsefag, I didn't say she's not fat or gross, but she's pretty and appears to bathe occasionally so she's definitely out of his league as a crusty, bloated hermit with a face like a slapped basset hound

No. 1332976

She's an e-thot hamplanet, but she's not a sloppy NEET who reeks of stale pizza and booze and she has huge tits. She's pretty clearly out of Corpulent's league.

No. 1332991

I know I'm going to be shat on to hell and back, but honestly? I don't think he's THAT ugly in those pictures (he probably looks much worse now that he's an absolute chunker, an alcoholic and a NEET kek) but I was expecting CallMeCarson or Cry level of ugly

No. 1332994

File: 1632489075777.jpg (478.1 KB, 1638x2048, E_hwpgfUUAE19fM.jpg)

Kek you are both obviously fatties IRL if you think she's "pretty" or has "huge" tits. She's a pig with good makeup. Cadaver and Hamplanet are made for each other(infighting)

No. 1332997

Yeah, I don't think anyone could beat Cry. Also he had done more fucked up shit (that we know of).
If corpse would have taken care of himself by now, most people wouldn't even bother to comment on his appearance. >>1332991

No. 1332999

holy shit, i forget how much of a whale she is and im shocked every fucking time. where are her knees?? can she even bend them?? what is happening with that weird clump by her thigh? and most importantly, how did she think this was okay to post?

No. 1333013

yeah I mean he could still recover for his 'actual' face reveal I suppose and prove all the 'haturs' wrong but that would take effort and work

No. 1333017

why hasnt this gone viral

No. 1333020

I hate when fatties have cleaner rooms than me, fuck I need to clean

No. 1333023

I guess people just dont care enough, he’s not relevant enough anymore and you can only release so many songs about fucking e thots before it gets tired.

No. 1333037

Nobody's disagreeing with you but you're still seething? Tony isn't gonna fuck you

No. 1333041

>kiwifags bending over backwards saying he isn't ugly
Blue must be the perfect image of the average neckbeard.

No. 1333052

Deranged anachan

No. 1333079

>Rattle them bones a little harder corpsefag
pick one, retard

No. 1333107

File: 1632496754621.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1623091195727.jpg)

Can she even walk with those hams? Actually surprised she's even able to find cute clothes her size, America truly is a land of possibilities kek.

No. 1333109

sorry youre fat.Everyone knows big tits on a fat chick doesnt count. Youre not hot at 300lbs, nonnie. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Have a snack or something to feel better.
yeah she's not chubby/overweight she's morbidly obses. Anons talking in here like she's got a bit of cute chub instead of the fact she's so fat she doesn't have knees anymore kek

No. 1333119

Kek you're sooo mad that a girl fatter than you touched Tony Croakhusband's 3 incher, at only 200lbs you are the one he clearly belongs with. Try DMing him your runny tits again maybe this time he'll notice and you can help him through this difficult period in his life just like he did for you uwu

No. 1333131

File: 1632498001268.jpeg (110.41 KB, 1160x759, 9C1F0A8C-E6B8-4A5F-8BAA-45559F…)

Anthony Blue Gamboa and Loey are perfectly within one another’s leagues, nonnies.

No. 1333137

Nta but wtf is that way of thinking?
>If you think 300lbs pig is giga obese and you shit on her on an imageboard, then you must be fat too
Anon I'm sorry to tell you that but outside of burgerland and GB, thin women do actually exist

No. 1333146

Yes but anons who get obsessive hateboners for deathfats are always anachan or overweight themselves, therefore extremely mad about being called fat no matter what her body actually looks like. Love how she doesn't deny being a rabid corpsefag, this thread is a gift(infighting)

No. 1333149

ITT: the many copes of young women desperately trying to justify jerking it to a picture of some ugly dude's hand veins caused by high blood pressure and alcoholism

No. 1333153

kek this cope.
who is obsessively hating? anons are just pointing out she's in his league because se's unattractive too. No one has even said anything that bad about her other than pointing out she's obsese. Which is her brand so idk why she'd have an issue with it? You responded by samefagging for the last 3 hours about how cute she is. Move on, fat.

No. 1333156

Yeah she is not out of anyones league

No. 1333160

accusing others of being obsessive when youve been sperging about a deathfat all day lmao. I guess you see yourself in her?

No. 1333162

It's stale as fuck. It took all of that effort to figure this information out and no one outside of the thread cares about the result; it's making some anons aggro and snippy.

No. 1333171

I'm deeply triggered by the difference in tone between her face and body

No. 1333175

Took about 15 minutes to make and I was giggling and gagging the entire time.

No. 1333184

I don’t get that other anon’s whining, it’s a video not a picture. But thank you for making it anon lmao. The juxtaposition is perfect

No. 1333194

he looks worse than lil xan

No. 1333210

You can leave it up to the inceloids on kiwifarms to defend his ugly ass and call his sister a twitch whore for being better looking than him and playing games online.

No. 1333225

The saddest part is his sister actually went to college and goes to the gym regularly.

No. 1333228

yes, I saw them calling her a "titty streamer" and an ethot, also read some of them claim she had an onlyfan?
Yeah, you degenerate thots, daily reminder that if you're a generally attractive woman then fuck off, don't you dare streaming games on twitch, especially while wearing something that isn't a baggy sweatshirt.

No. 1333229

if kiwifarms admit this moid is ugly they know there's no hope for any of them

No. 1333260

I'm fucking crying this is so funny. I don't know who edited it but it's great.

No. 1333265

I already saw some tweets about the face reveal/dox. Someone tweeted that he looks like a jumpscare, and i agree. There are more troll accounts spamming his photos tho.

No. 1333271

No. 1333334

Null streamed and said he doesn’t care enough about looking into the corpse dox.

No. 1333343

The vid is almost 2 hours, do you remember around what time he said that?

No. 1333349

null/josh moon is a motherfucker, he can suck my balls

No. 1333351

what a boring faggot. and some of you want to fuck this sped

No. 1333367

1 hour and 14 mins in the video.

No. 1333369

Now I'm thinking the billboard guy with Emma was Corpse..

No. 1333380

maybe it's cause i'm old but this kid doesn't look that ugly to me. he's chubby and clearly hates women but his face isn't any harder to look at than any other little boy at the university i live near. i mean he's not notably cute but his doesn't make me sick

No. 1333382

I'd be surprised if he did care tbh. Josh and corpse are pretty much equally irrelevant and boring outside of the circles that are autistically obsessed with them
You are right, but comically exaggerating how ugly a cow is is quintessential to lolcow culture

No. 1333384

Many people's eyes weaken with age, nonita, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Consider getting an eye exam. He looks like porky pig humanized.

No. 1333428

The idiot would probably been fine if he hadn't fed into this delusion of being an edgy bishounen

No. 1333432

null cant dunk on fat cows anymore ever since he outed himself for weighing nearly 3 hundo elbees. He would never touch this.

No. 1333483

Corpse isn't shit because he's fat, he's shit because he lied and catfished everyone. Managed to make all his fans think that he's an anime emo gang-leader when he's just a fatty boring NEET.

No. 1333488

Fuck outta here simping for chonks sister
>pLs nO BuLlY
Do you know where you are?

No. 1333492

ayrt and yes, i see plenty of guys who look like him walking around happily with friends and girlfriends at the school where i teach. it's an art university but there is no reason to wind up incel if you're a chubby curly-haired dude in skinny jeans who showers and is friendly.

No. 1333502

>obese jawlet
they both terrible beta genes
she carries them better since she's a woman but you can tell her sons will be unfuckable incels like Corpse if she doesn't get with someone way out of her league(sage)

No. 1333514

Nobody would care to comment on his appearance if he had remained a regular guy like the rest, but he made millions out of lying to the world larping as a sexy anime boy so it's understandable that now his lackluster appearance is getting picked apart

No. 1333516

This corpse stuff is lame at this point. Can’t believe null totally disregarded it. I wonder if there’s any milk on that hambeast

No. 1333521

File: 1632526722177.png (1.08 MB, 790x733, 15768780077.png)

No. 1333533

Null is even fatter than Corpse.

No. 1333544

The standards for men are so low it's insane. No one here would even consider a girl as chonky and doughy-looking as Corpse "average" especially if she LARPed as a skinny anime girl for years. The nitpicking would be far worse.

No. 1333567

men will never accept they're uglier than women because they don't take care of themselves. Keep blaming nature/genetics for your ugliness scrote kek. Take a shower.
yeah for real. Imagine if some girl was pretending to be a smol anime bean online and then she was exposed to be a ugly hambeast. Women are so used to men collectively looking like shit its to the point where this little fatty saying he looks like joji is no big deal lol. He could have just made his music and streamed his video games but he wanted to larp as hot online.

No. 1333574

Fuck that cocksucking retard

No. 1333597

File: 1632532919834.jpg (298.53 KB, 1058x706, 383821632529590587.jpg)

Lol imagine Corpse Wifey here trying to LARP as an uwu animu girl online. Anons would nitpick her to death with no remorse. Probably not the ugliest person you've ever seen but certainly below average.

No. 1333616

Eh, better than anyone in the femboy thread

No. 1333635

Someone should send the corpse dox to Keemstar(cowtipping)

No. 1333637

File: 1632536818521.jpg (47.44 KB, 228x275, 1632528915349.jpg)

No. 1333638

File: 1632537034098.jpg (65.64 KB, 304x386, 1632528705566.jpg)

I don't think he's average. The fat distribution is weird but he has thin hands. Like, i'm guessing he only shows his hands because of that.

No. 1333652

he's already been tagged and doesn't care

No. 1333666

who do u consider average

the average guy is fat(sage)

No. 1333672

sage your shit

No. 1333674

dude be looking like a mix between jefree star and leafy with syphilis

No. 1333685

>yeah for real. Imagine if some girl was pretending to be a smol anime bean online and then she was exposed to be a ugly hambeast.
This already happens a lot. Like that woman who made a "reply" song to Corpse with a big titty anime character as her avatar.

No. 1333699

i've been thinking about ger. she should get with corpse, they are a match made in heaven

No. 1333728

First person I thought of was Mickey Deer lol

No. 1333752

Hello fellow Temeculafag. How does it feel knowing that Corpse Husband and Yandev's parents (and therefore Yandev when the patreonbux dry up) live in this city?

This video was taken at the Temecula Community Recreation center, which is right next to Temecula Valley High School. It's weird seeing this place here, otherwise I really don't fucking care. I probably wouldn't even recognize him if I saw him around town.

No. 1333753

He kinda looks like Jessi slaughter(sage)

No. 1333790

Not sure how old you guys are or if it’s worth your time, but if any Temecula anons went to school around the same years he would have and have yearbooks, it could be definitive proof that he was lying when he said he dropped out at 12.
I grew up like half an hour away and I’m his age, it’s so bizarre to think about how close we all are

No. 1333801

Now that his name and pics are being circulated on social media there’s a chance people who know him from school or parkour or wherever will come forward with their two cents. There has to be at least one person who can verify it’s him. Absolutely retarded tinfoil but I wonder if he made people like Anthony Padilla sign a non disclosure agreement

No. 1333816

I happen to be a fan of Corpse,but not a stan, I think dedicating any social media account to one person is really fucking weird and cult-like, and I mostly like him for his horror narrations and his gaming stuff bc his interactions with other streamers makes me laugh.I understand a lot of the criticisms here but I have to say the judgment of his appearance is weird to me because he absolutely just looks like the average male. I'm not a big fan of his music myself, but I came here to ask why his music is so heavily criticized when there are tons and tons of other rappers that solely make music about fucking bitches, doing drugs, and getting money…and they all have largely female fanbases. It makes no sense to me. What makes him different to even larger and way more mainstream rappers who do the exact same thing he does? IE using their female audience to further their career? Because to me I see no difference, any male artist, rapper or not, female fanbase or not, has used their fanbase to garner more popularity. That's just kind of how the industry seems to work. To me, he's just marketing himself like anyone else in the industry does but I'm genuinely curious what everyone else thinks. What makes him different from literally anyone else in the rap industry in his lyrics or how he presents himself in terms of music?(no1curr)

No. 1333820

>I happen to be a fan of Corpse
LOL. Not reading the rest, that's all I need to know.

No. 1333824

You won’t get far for wk, but i’ll throw my 2 cents

Personally, i can’t stand that he built his whole image and audience around the fact that he’s sick.
Not to blogpost, but I’ve suffered with GERD since my highschool years and I have consequently pretty bad nerve damage in bot of my arms. My mental health is not the best, especially after covid, but I managed to build myself a career and having a regular social life. I just fucking took medicines and got therapy. Life is not easy and linear, but it literally took me minimal effort not to live a shitty life.
He could easily get a management, he could easily get therapy and he could easily be respectful and interesting with a literal gram of effort.
Instead he chooses to stay sick and reiterate the fact that he’s ill to keep his nursing fanbase close, managing to get traction with the minimal effort because “boo im sick i can do very little so here’s a crumb of content just for you”
Its just so infuriating because as a man he can just victimise himself and he’ll have the red cross all around, while it’s literally so easy to get better

But also idk, I’m a woman in the UK so I can’t really relate to men in the US

No. 1333825

File: 1632565975387.png (27.13 KB, 275x186, 1444760719484.png)

Autism peaks

No. 1333827

I’m sure I don’t speak for everyone here but I’d say that the main issue is that he has built his fan base on the assumption that he’s some super sexy 3edgy5u sadboi whilst being completely devoid of musical talent. By perpetuating the notion that this manufactured persona is his true identity he is manipulating young, mentally ill women who equate his misogyny with whatever “kink” degeneracy the internet tells them they need to be into in order to pander to and be accepted by disgusting scrotes. Regardless of how unhinged his fans are it’s highly fucking unlikely they’d be frothing at the gash over his prestige tier cringe lyrics about fucking and choking if they knew he was a nondescript looking doughy suburban NEET rather than an uwu so tortured uwu amalgamation of Joji and Andy Biersack. Most mainstream rappers with gigantic female fan bases who overlook their flagrant misogyny have some modicum of talent, Corpulent’s music is objectively terrible.

No. 1333829

Not just that but the majority of his fans are mentally and physically ill shut-ins (or are suffering from munchausen by internet just like their aidoru) so his uwu so sick uwu shtick makes him relatable, adding yet another layer to his manipulation

No. 1333832

Yeah that’s what annoys me the most, because his symptoms are relatable to me but the way he portraits them it’s absolutely disgusting.
Also it bothers me so much when people who can change their life or lifestyle keep complaining about living a shit life.
it works until everyone slowly gets fed up and you’ll end up either alone, or you find yourself an enabler stupid enough to feed into your narc behaviour
Either way it’s annoying to see this pattern behaviour on the millionth self made idiot on the internet

No. 1333848

A woman would never get away with this shit. Women can get famous on the internet for doing nothing so long as they show their face (albeit filtered to hell and back for most of them) and preferably tits and/or ass but moids can do less than the bare minimum and not show their face and still profit. All this motherfucker has to do is breathe - literally - and his army of horny hamtards lose their shit

No. 1333856

File: 1632571417740.png (162.67 KB, 519x338, Null.png)

Annoying fat twat. Men are useless.

No. 1333864


Congrats for lacking reading comprehension skills nonnie

No. 1333866

File: 1632573101316.png (11.9 KB, 1086x184, corpse.png)

If you want it to be featured so badly just ask Null nicely, here you go I did it for you. You're welcome.

No. 1333877


I appreciate the civil response, and while I'm not trying to white knight I understand how it may come off that way. But I think the big point to make here in response to you is that both physical and mental illnesses affect everyone differently, and I think it's ignorant and unrealistic to promote otherwise. I also have gerd, nerve damage in my head, neck, and shoulders, arthritis, carpal tunnel, among many other issues at 23. While that doesnt stop me or you, it may stop someone else. You said it yourself, life and illness especially are not linear, and that means that what works for you may not work for everyone else. Therapy and medications help some but it may not help others. So that portion of your argument is null and void to me because you contradicted yourself. It is not always so easy to "get better". Its called chronic illness for a reason, its lifelong and often hard to diagnose and/or treat. And as someone with chronic pain I can understand how music could be an outlet to express what you're going through. When you deal with chronic pain, I can understand how it literally becomes a part of your identity and can show itself in different ways aka something like music in Corpses case.