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File: 1633646703614.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1836, EDBF3A0C-D0DE-4542-B6D1-05DBE5…)

No. 1343332

I know this cow has been documented before in the FTM thread but I found out a couple of edgy streamers are documenting her, and I feel like she is milky enough for her own thread.

Gaasuba is a 30 year old communist furry who is currently living in Memphis. She lives with the “Kittens Family”, which includes a dude literally named Jail, an MtF named Mariah who is not even trying, and one other person named Nell who isn’t milky so nobody cares.

>”non-binary” (read: girl with a goatee)

>has a huge hoarding problem; was evicted because the hoard caused damage to her apartment, as well as for spray painting Homestuck/commie shit on the wall
>granted the place was still shit but their constant drug use and hoarding made it irreparably worse
>refuses to get a job because she’s “disabled” but in reality it’s because she thinks that work is beneath her and would rather be a “house spouse”
>spends all her time high on either weed or hydros and making videos with absolutely retarded takes such as “adoption is cultural genocide”, “dogs are rude because we have no free time because of work”, “we shouldn’t allow the ‘brainwashed’ elderly to live”, and “landlords are an anarchist mafia”
>believes that people go around deliberately hurting animals and then film themselves rescuing them for YouTube money
>claims her dad tried to run her over with his car when in reality she and Jail were physically preventing him from leaving by clinging to the hood and door
>also threatened him with a bo staff
>got kicked out of a friend’s place that she and her uwu kweer found family were staying in because Mariah stole and pawned three multitool knives from them
>her OnlyFans is straight up nightmare fuel - infected-looking pussy and asshole, breast pump kink even though she’s never been pregnant, communal Bad Dragon dildos, racebait porn
>makes the aforementioned disgusting porn in the houses of people she is house sitting for
>calls people “cowards” for not wanting to house a drug addicted sexual deviant in their shed or garage
>comes up with excuses for not actually doing anything to fix her problems, everything is America’s/capitalism’s/her dad’s fault
>recently got a new place with funds from a housing program
>still e-begging for monthly bills

Facebook: facebook.com/gaasuba
Twitter: twitter.com/Gaasuba/
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UChhyjU50Qx_w-BEllqxhddw
OnlyFans (NSFL warning): onlyfans.com/gaasuba
If you don’t wanna pay the five bucks and can handle edgy podcaster scrotes, there was a livestream that leaked the OF, which can be found here (again, NSFL): https://odysee.com/@Virgyy_Gee:c/Guttergoatgaasuba1:c

No. 1343394

Sounds interesting, I just wish you would've posted some milky screenshots.

No. 1343407

File: 1633653308280.jpeg (331.33 KB, 1125x629, 9758CECA-5E5E-4C4A-8AF5-6CFA5A…)

I got some

No. 1343410

File: 1633653351876.jpeg (257.49 KB, 1125x815, 99CBFBE5-88AF-4C74-B8E6-CE2D45…)

No. 1343411

File: 1633653384164.jpeg (181.94 KB, 1125x506, 4C276356-6C39-4FFF-9DA0-BF73C7…)

No. 1343417

File: 1633653895632.jpeg (280.53 KB, 1125x890, 29F2F4BF-EE14-42E9-8440-4D13F5…)

I have older ones too gimme a min

No. 1343434

File: 1633655665633.jpeg (289.68 KB, 1125x1030, 69477AD8-8F29-4AF1-B0A9-D3C71F…)

I found the car post. I’ll post screenshots of it and dad’s response (L is dad, btw)

No. 1343437

File: 1633655817948.jpeg (940 KB, 1125x1722, 0EED4E2E-ACAA-4F44-B71B-B7B23B…)

Dad’s response part 1. Reposted because I forgot to redact a name

No. 1343438

File: 1633655843510.jpeg (922.57 KB, 1125x1769, 95084078-97C5-46A0-A289-706B5F…)

No. 1343439

File: 1633655872490.jpeg (864.05 KB, 1125x1767, DCE4B77F-6DC5-495A-9E86-F207C6…)

No. 1343440

File: 1633655893183.jpeg (360.08 KB, 1125x734, 561EE1F9-8DBF-45C3-AC9F-57F682…)

No. 1343445

> communal
> dildo

Two words I never want to see that close to each other in a sentence again, thanks.

Also what a fucking brat. Her dad is being far too polite with her, she sounds like a nightmare. I hope he’s not still giving her money.

No. 1343455

I’m surprised her dad is making this level of effort, a lot of parents would disown a 30 yo child who was this abusive and psychotic. I don’t see any benefit or point in maintaining a relationship with someone who clearly doesn’t value it. Is she an only child? I get the feeling she was spoiled growing up.

No. 1343478

File: 1633660399188.jpeg (127.73 KB, 750x309, D02A979B-10E9-4E93-9DD7-9C73EA…)

I was checking the Facebook and found this, picrel. Context is that their data wasn’t loading any apps except Facebook on their phone. Time to touch some grass babe

No. 1343484

No. 1343491

I'm sure they stole more than knives.

No. 1343493

File: 1633663266678.jpeg (648.54 KB, 1125x1582, 3F4C37E6-0C19-4E5B-A5BA-D6AFE9…)

Another dad post

No. 1343494

File: 1633663293080.jpeg (696.56 KB, 1125x1441, 030AF11F-8A9E-4E8D-863D-0D61A3…)

No. 1343502

>believes that people go around deliberately hurting animals and then film themselves rescuing them for YouTube money

Unfortunately this is a thing. Third worlders can make some good YouTube money for sticking a puppy in a hole and pulling it out and making it into an inspirational video

No. 1343543

File: 1633669098233.jpg (30.85 KB, 680x680, b7d.jpg)

>Jail Grapplejack Kittens
kek my sides what kind of fucking name is that

No. 1343562

Here’s the video about how “dogs are rude because people work and there’s no free time”

No. 1343565

Yeah, I recommend nobody click on those "animal rescue" things ever. They record video of healthy puppies and kittens at the vet, but use it as the final "several weeks later" scene in the YT videos. Then they take the baby animals out and break their legs or beat them close to death, and video the "rescue". Swap the sequence of events, and most people never notice that the baby animal is the same exact age/size in both clips.

No. 1343731

File: 1633708707858.jpeg (478.6 KB, 1125x1495, 4756E863-CBD5-4187-A742-404450…)

I’m literally just going through her channel at this point so please pardon my autism but this spiel is copy pasted into every. single. video.

No. 1343754

Um, wow. WOW. I clicked on this cow's FB and the entire "Kittens Family" is one big milk factory. Literally all they post are aggressive cash demands and bitter rants that people aren't sending them enough cash. I'm amazed this gang of grifters has any friends left to harass.

No. 1343812

File: 1633716910067.jpeg (823.27 KB, 1125x1176, BBB844F7-B73A-42EB-83B2-DA99D2…)

Here is Mariah, a TiM in the Kittens Family, posting about a DID ‘diagnosis’ (Unsure of whether or not he actually went to the doctor)

No. 1343834

Imagine having a bunch of alters and they're ALL scammers, grifters and thieves. It's like Reservoir Dogs in this motherfucker's head.

No. 1343875

>land lords are a public health hazard
>rent is extortion
>eviction is violence
Don't rent then. You can't "do good recklessly" if you're paying into this ebil capitalist machine! Try living on the streets instead you spoiled lil brat. See how good you feel in the morning after a nice ethically sourced nights sleep under a bridge.

Constantly begging for money but he had enough for what must've been multiple sessions needed to diagnose DID? Prioritising that over food and shelter? doubt.jpg

No. 1344946

File: 1633891099291.jpeg (60.38 KB, 496x788, 987FDD9F-7A6F-43B7-B9C4-478A2E…)

Pic dump incoming. These are over a year old but I thought they would give more insight to how she treats others.

No. 1344947

File: 1633891144576.jpeg (64.95 KB, 496x776, D068931A-204B-4CA3-920D-734082…)

No. 1344957

File: 1633892574847.jpeg (66.54 KB, 496x788, F217EBE7-E825-4FFA-AA17-0B3854…)

No. 1344958

File: 1633892625596.jpeg (72.2 KB, 496x786, 5BFB13F9-8767-4121-A83A-C6C052…)

No. 1344959

File: 1633892724122.jpeg (39.25 KB, 496x381, 449468D7-8504-4173-98B5-B6521A…)

No. 1344962

The family should cut them all off and get restraining orders. I get loving your daughter, but that doesn’t mean tolerating abuse and insane demands to support a whole cult full of grown ass adults.

No. 1345018

Grandma and mom already have, it’s dad who is hesitant to let go

No. 1345039

God I hate how "gaslighting" is the new catch all term for "won't let me get whatever I want whenever."

No. 1345050

WOW he called her a bitch and then threw in "muh pronounz". Typical scrote. They both deserve everything that's come their way.

No. 1345091

File: 1633907081859.jpeg (84.6 KB, 496x793, B75FA5AC-3ACB-4FB7-B701-2A056A…)

He suicide baits too, both of them

No. 1345093

File: 1633907119112.jpeg (82.08 KB, 496x764, 3F26567A-BA5B-4596-BDF0-6E0FF4…)

Part 2

No. 1345094

File: 1633907190769.jpeg (79.33 KB, 496x772, E3B5A796-9FB9-4372-9333-9ED63D…)

gets left on read and so this unhinged spam happens

No. 1345152

Straight up hateful. What a condescending ungrateful cunt. The only reprieve is that kind of relationship-sabotaging anger eventually comes to a head and burns itself out.

No. 1346366

In this video she talks about how her parents “sheltered [her] to the point of neglect”.

No. 1346383

my little sister is walking around talking like this and is a they/them communist. How long before she becomes a bearded grifter like these turds?(no1currs)

No. 1346398

who knows and who cares, we don't need your blogpost.

No. 1347561

Her tiktok is fucking hilarious too. Just got recommended to me, I need to start using incognito mode again.

No. 1347639

>pizza delivery gets messed up
>blames America

No. 1347642

In case the embed doesn’t work

No. 1348262

Communism is when Xbox

No. 1348287

Calm down sweaty with that American Exceptionalism. "We're the only country thaaat…" No the fuck we aren't lol. She has an extremely simplistic view and all that anger with nowhere to put it so we get sped hot takes like "America forces people to drive to McDonalds because we don't invest in buses". Jesus. Move your raging BPD aside and let people who are actually going to contribute worthwhile and long-term change do their work.

No. 1348313

kek what? Having someone cook your meal for you off-site and bring it to your front door is a luxury and that's what she's doing with the last of her money? Christ

No. 1348364

I've seen some braindead commie takes in my mind but this… hoo boy. Actually this isn't even communism is it? I'm not a commie myself but "no one should work and houses should be free and we should grow and eat local food but also there should be a (free) bus to take me to my (free) McDonalds and I also I want an xbox" sounds like a 10 y/o's letter to Santa.

No. 1348383

Scrolled by too quickly and thought this was Bex-Taylor Klaus for a minute. Still just as revolting.

No. 1348996

This lady to me is just late 2010's tumblr/twitter feminism condescended into one human being
>the tranny bullshit
>the asinine understanding of capitalism and economics
>the kinks

I almost pity her

No. 1349241

File: 1634440584299.jpeg (881.83 KB, 1125x1454, 20BD4794-06DB-46FB-A3D5-B47509…)

For context, utility providers in Memphis are anticipating higher heat costs because of a worldwide fuel shortage

No. 1349431

snowflakes freezing to death because they spent all their money on twitch millionaires.

No. 1349620

Lmao she could go back to a warm house with a supportive family at any time but instead chooses to alienate everyone that cares about her so she can LARP as a homeless troon. I wish she would realize that she's actually debasing the problem of the US's flawed utility infrastructure and emboldening spoiled landlords by driving home the stereotype of the whiny tennant

No. 1349887

File: 1634518569041.jpeg (44.69 KB, 496x475, AD0A9B5F-8AD6-41C3-AA43-8F05ED…)

There’s a dog at her parents’ place in addition to the three cats she shares with her ‘family’

No. 1349888

File: 1634518633442.jpeg (28.52 KB, 496x222, 9A492DFC-6604-4AE1-94AE-D357D2…)

To provide further context this is after Jail threatened Gaasuba’s dad with a bo staff

No. 1349889

File: 1634518698883.jpeg (75.75 KB, 496x616, 810552C7-DAB4-404A-BD55-4FDDA6…)

Last one

No. 1349912

snow? isn't it mid-october or are these old?

No. 1350007

Just pure seething. What an arrogant instigator. Plenty of people own guns in the U.S., so what's this about him using it to kill them? From what I've seen he's bended over backwards and then some to try and work with them and they're still pulling this shit all because he's setting boundaries? What an abusive pos.

No. 1350102

These are older, sorry I am a sped and forgot to add that they are from February. The only media she’s updating regularly right now is OnlyFans. I saw the leak stream in OP and…no.

No. 1351173

Not sure what to make of this. Does YouTube even block comments that they deem abusive? Also “fascist trolls” kek

No. 1351278

She looks so giddy recounting this "rape". I don't like picking apart accounts of rape but this just feels like another addition to her trauma larp

No. 1351381

Her attacker was in the 'little' headspace and annoyed her into sex through whining. Dumbass is right to feel weird using 'rape'.

No. 1351709

In whatever world these people inhabit, does that make her a pedo?

No. 1352059

File: 1634747965247.jpeg (46.65 KB, 496x409, CA5E53AB-BB94-4C90-9431-3A16BE…)

Hi sorry there was more. Idk who Sandra is

No. 1352204

I'm calling bullshit. The way she's nonchalantly discussing this while someone is rummaging around in the background and the way she acknowledges that the word rape feels wrong because - in her words - she was not forced to do anything, she just got annoyed at them for being clingy and gave in. It's just not right to call that rape or sexual assault IMO. Regret does not equal rape and if someone is badgering you for sex and won't stop you need to tell them to knock it the fuck off before you call the police/resort to self-defence or you leave that situation before things get bad. But no, she wanted to sleep so it totally made sense to just fuck the guy to shut him up? The goat cries wolf yet again. The only mental illness she may legitimately have is some sort of compulsive lying disorder.

No. 1353103

File: 1634840699535.jpeg (134.33 KB, 640x1056, 79287D77-C9AE-4590-A39C-5E708A…)

On a boil water advisory

No. 1353110

File: 1634841300473.jpeg (157.68 KB, 640x1043, EB821EFE-98BE-44C0-9ECA-A22A34…)

No. 1353112

File: 1634841324907.jpeg (97.8 KB, 480x731, 841580A7-4770-4DBE-8273-4CEB1A…)

No. 1353145

File: 1634845568883.jpeg (49.49 KB, 496x443, A64D46F6-9EC8-4D4D-8A5C-E712E1…)

No. 1353169

i generally can't tell if she's stupid or retarded

No. 1353356

call me stupid but why boil water vs filling tub?

No. 1353648

She’s talking about a boil water/conserve water order, one of the main reservoirs had an issue. She’s mad that she’s been asked to take short showers instead of a bath, citing executive dysfunction. Also not understanding that you’re supposed to boil water as you need it, not fill a bathtub

No. 1353946

yeah I get the ~ableist shower suggestion~ kek

but I thought the point of filling a tub was to have a reservoir since there wouldn't be any more, the "boiling as you need it" part is getting me – why boil? I assume this is with the idea that the water wouldn't ever actually stop, so you're purifying what you can get?
sorry I'm apparently an absolute dumbass, we've only done the tub fill for fear of water stopping entirely and now I'm curious

No. 1353957

samefag but it occurred to me that this is conserving functional water vs prepping for predicted power outage like a hurricane
my b, disregard

No. 1354947

File: 1635098957157.jpeg (311.94 KB, 1125x978, 5A04A529-682A-4DAD-ADE8-B051CC…)

She knows that this is fixable by getting off the hydros and getting a job right?

No. 1355014

A boil water advisory means the tap water is unsafe, often due to electrical outages at the water processing plant, and citizens are advised to boil water before using it to kill any potentially harmful bacteria. There’s no reason to fill up your tub in this case, especially if you’ve been asked to conserve water. But I guess following safety warnings is uwu ~ableist~ now

If by “poverty” she means “my raging personality disorders that render me unemployable and scare away anyone who could help me due to my hostile unstable behavior”, I totally agree.

No. 1355867

File: 1635214566773.jpeg (115.08 KB, 1113x396, 56D0A88D-A712-49F6-B44C-6F3648…)

Can she even go five minutes without blaming capitalism for something that is actually her fault? Geez

No. 1355883


It sounds like her family is well-off, if they can spot her cash consistently. Imagine being such a failure when you’ve had more opportunities to make something of yourself than the average person and you still blame the system you benefit from regularly

No. 1361860

“I don’t feel comfortable with you staying in my house/yard because we’re fighting” =\= “you want me to dieeeeeee”

No. 1362259

She always looks so happy being this hateful. Wth. Hoo boy the BPD is wild with this one. Trying to convince her dad that he needs to abandon the family and if he doesn't then he's gaslighting her reality. This is why manipulators shouldn't get ahold of common terms used in psychology. They weaponize then. Luckily this one does it so dumbly it's easy to recognize but still. Also I love that she homeless vlogs inside a home every single time. If you are chronically "homeless" under other people's roofs with little to no contribution (and no, watering plants and "house sitting" do not count) then you are a grifter rather than homeless. A bad one at that.

No. 1367519

looks like her onlyfans twitter(GoblinNBGaasuba) got banned most likely for mass spamming her nasty ass to bot accounts

No. 1368222

Do you have caps or other links to accounts?

No. 1368223

File: 1636816082450.jpeg (681.87 KB, 1125x1449, 938E27AC-EF26-4E23-938F-6E34CC…)

Samefag, found this kek

No. 1369485

This idiot makes me want to a-log so bad. Grow the fuck up and get a job, your family isn't obliged to support you and your crusty hobo friends who are all grown ass adults.

No. 1370054

File: 1637101913425.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 959.71 KB, 1125x887, 3E2D5414-194D-431B-A615-F6E637…)

If these are her tits then I’m scared to venture into her OF

No. 1372424

File: 1637432596316.jpeg (299.91 KB, 1125x1083, 2CB56DB3-FCFA-49EB-B2C3-918D56…)

Pancake cancer tit saga

No. 1372428

File: 1637432846277.jpeg (647.89 KB, 1125x1879, E7BA8A43-B7E8-419B-91E4-56A83E…)

Also this.

No. 1375347

holy shit what i have met these ppl irl, thankfully not much but have also heard a lot of firsthand shit and it's not good. literal pedos and rapists who collect and groom underage transmascs and are just as filthy and uncomfortable to be around as you'd imagine. absolutely trash to be around my worst experience was somehow ending up stuck at some shithole where they lived when i was trying to pick up a friend and they tried to get me to take some rly sketchy shit because they couldn't afford real drugs i guess and got all weird and shitty and judgy when i was like haha maybe not. if you're gonna be druggies at least have some honor goddamn. if you see this crew walk the other way lmao.

No. 1375350

samefag they used to live in a renovated attic room of some family member's REALLY nice house so no telling what happened between there and the disgusting shithole… rejecting well off family who cares about you to own capitalism

No. 1375393

Would you be able to get more info about this? Showing them this thread is probably a bad idea

No. 1375399

about what? i would not show them this lmfao i don't have any contact with them nor would i want to, i occasionally see them somewhere in public and physically walk the other way bc i'm scared of them. they seem like they can be violent, jail used to be rly ripped and do a lot of mma fighting shit and said threatening shit about people in front of me, and generally just unpleasant. and, it's secondhand, but have reportedly raped a close friend of mine who was underage at the time and have heard some weird nasty other shit with how they interact with minors and prefer ftms and will try to befriend and lure any young local ftms and have bought alcohol/drugs for minors. again i have only a few unfortunate direct irl experiences with them, there were only a few but each time was like several hours, through a friend and have been to the nice family member's house and the shithole apartment

No. 1375401

I meant the person who told you this kek, I should have been clearer.

No. 1375409

ah, yeah idk if i'd wanna bring that shit up randomly w the friend would be pretty weird/personal when it's been a few years and our friendship is kinda weird now so idk, sorry if that lowers credibility for the secondhand claims lol i was just shocked to see that face scrolling through here and went holy shit not the literal worst humans in this city

No. 1375426

Ahh, gotcha. Hope you got pepper spray or a 2A with you, nonita. Be safe!

No. 1375485

List of things she complains about:
-she’s basically alone for Thanksgiving because everyone else is “working” (read: housesitting, freelance writing, and making nasty porn)
-She has a breast lump
-trying to get an Obamaphone because Larry has had enough and is about to cut her off; he has changed the locks and installed security cameras because they have previously threatened violence
-Twitter connected to OF got banned and then reversed (@GoblinNBGaasuba)
-creepy pedo smile at multiple time stamps
-apparently lied about getting approved for SNAP
-complains about not getting disability, claims the long process is intentional because they want to kill her and others (it’s to prevent fraud retard)
-boring sperg about Adderall and YouTube playlists
-more “let the planet rest” sperging, commie crap that doesn’t make sense
-is visibly high as shit towards the end

No. 1375524

File: 1637809912411.jpeg (365.15 KB, 1125x809, 192E46E0-3FBB-4FB8-93F8-A8F817…)

The pinned tweet.

No. 1375526

File: 1637810034892.jpeg (225.04 KB, 1125x618, 8BE236E8-1D7A-427C-8C26-9CC55F…)

Pt. 2. Is she trying to be Kathy? Kek

No. 1375697

That lump in her tit is most likely a goddamn cyst from breast pumping those sad tits with her nonexistent milk. She was using a goddamn dickpump pre getting kicked out of Jail's apartment

No. 1375767

It's like taking hormones, that interfere with your natural biology, in order to grow whatever the fuck is on your chin, is a bad idea.

No. 1375785

You're 'homeless' and every other post is begging for money. Proven wrong.

No. 1375916

She’s not on T, she has PCOS and doesn’t take birth control so most of her porn with Jail is anal

No. 1375995

lmfao what? she claims to be super woke and SJW and then calls herself a "snowbunny" and uses the "bigblackdick" hashtags.

No. 1376074

File: 1637911970108.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 766.09 KB, 1125x1427, 303A5CDB-0B64-4D9C-8252-D1DB4F…)

Content warning furry shit

No. 1376089

Why is their anus so far down their buttcrack wtf. I thought this was a woman with a tail in their vag

No. 1376102

PCOS can make a woman grow THAT kind of chin hair?!

No. 1376151

women can have absolute full beards, either from PCOS or another identified endocrine anomaly, or from hormonal imbalance of unknown etiology
it’s just that most women choose to remove facial hair now that there’s no career opportunities for “bearded lady” sideshow work

No. 1384989

File: 1638650721904.jpeg (96.34 KB, 1103x302, 89FF68A5-173D-4155-8335-D68CC2…)

I never wanna hear the phrase “chunky tits” ever again

No. 1385577

Surprised she hasn’t been called out for having given herself a Japanese sounding name while being white tbh

No. 1386481

File: 1638811799664.jpeg (652.37 KB, 1125x1877, 8B23B307-F367-4328-9CBA-7A9BE8…)

She got in a slap fight with someone in the comments of her latest video. Part 1 of a lot

No. 1386482

File: 1638811858611.jpeg (234.02 KB, 1125x1047, DDAF9885-0652-4BA3-BE7A-ABEB54…)

Three word phrases! Three word phrases!

No. 1386485

File: 1638811938054.jpeg (474.39 KB, 1125x1481, 783772F1-F24F-4F1D-8859-D17532…)

The replies to the aforementioned three word phrases

No. 1386486

File: 1638812015119.jpeg (127.63 KB, 1051x516, BFD92B2D-91A6-482A-9854-BA3107…)

Calling the police because you are acting aggressive toward the cleaning crew is not violence retard

No. 1386487

File: 1638812039944.jpeg (548.98 KB, 1072x1355, 9776F51B-3169-4FEC-8ACC-48BC25…)

Final part, kek

No. 1387675

File: 1638923295419.jpeg (830.4 KB, 1125x1652, AB8B5925-5511-4151-9982-C17B1D…)

I paused at the most perfect moment

No. 1387729

Wow I finally understand the whole "punchable face" thing

No. 1388223

File: 1638991426663.jpeg (137.77 KB, 1125x408, ABCB573D-C31B-4A9E-A36F-0012D4…)

Fresh out of praise but we have plenty of mockery available

No. 1389480

Why would you film this. What possessed you to film this.
(Skip to 6:27 for the good stuff; it starts sounding weird and echoey so beware headphone users)

No. 1390452

File: 1639240540316.jpeg (169.88 KB, 1125x657, A5340284-4086-49DF-BFB3-A9524F…)

drama chan

No. 1390512

Wow, it's almost like being a drug addicted NEET who degrades herself for onlyfans pennies whilst hopping from one shithole to the next to live at because you've elected to treat your real family like shit in favour of "found family" trannies drastically affects your mental health. Who knew!

No. 1397542

>one member of the “family” got approved for SSDI
>complains about people subscribing and then unsubscribing from her OF (it’s because your hole is infected)
>”I hate money” sperg
>the Current app stopped paying out and she thinks it’s a ploy to get people to buy new phones
>has this bitch ever heard of homesteading
>”ReSt Is IlLeGaL”

No. 1405830

File: 1640979673847.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 669.81 KB, 1125x1587, 5E0DA40B-B327-4384-8E53-ADB659…)

Happy New Year, farmers! Gutter Goat uploaded crops of her ‘best of’ from OF to Twitter

No. 1405831

File: 1640979700032.png (Spoiler Image, 135.41 KB, 603x261, A12A8F88-49F5-4E03-9149-973012…)

No. 1405833

File: 1640979825036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 120.4 KB, 1280x720, BBFBCF6C-2FEA-4C58-B7C2-78A70F…)

Samefag, a sad attempt at a full nude. (Forgot to spoiler, sorry!)

No. 1407537

File: 1641191902162.jpeg (264.47 KB, 1125x891, D98361A5-A134-498D-B149-5B79FA…)

Does anyone know what this is supposed to mean?

No. 1411602

File: 1641614092339.jpeg (229.65 KB, 1033x885, F4623C41-BE77-4B60-8CAB-982793…)

Redefining what “free time” is for the oppressed commie larp

No. 1413681

I can't get over the completely feminine face with the lil' pube beard. It's like a caterpillar crawled onto her chin and died.

No. 1414225

Yes, her sole attempt at being “trans nonbinary” is a cute little PCOS beard, otherwise she’s 100% a basic middle-class white girl with mental issues larping as an oppressed commie hobo.

No. 1414252

File: 1641871696550.jpeg (542.05 KB, 1125x1745, 3AD19FF4-052F-4A1D-84BE-8DB071…)

Not only is this a strange tweet in general, but she’s making the Bronx fire about herself

No. 1414799

File: 1641938912891.jpeg (309.62 KB, 1125x1049, E8851DA8-D56D-4CD5-A6DE-EBE98E…)

Also tweeting commie shit to local state reps, bleak

No. 1414808

File: 1641939234541.jpeg (266.92 KB, 1125x769, 44CFE740-D899-455E-AE5D-4F265C…)

Samefag, found the troon’s real name

No. 1414810

Kek. She lives in one of the worst states to pull her lazy ass give me free money/gofundme life. Good.

No. 1417386

File: 1642197521499.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 508.7 KB, 1125x1257, C0E7756B-B808-4B3F-BFF2-5EEEBC…)

3 guesses as to what that hair is.

No. 1419250

i live in memphis. just looked her up and we are apparently friends kek. no idea who she was until i stumbled upon this thread.

No. 1419286

Sage if you don’t have milk, newfag.

NONNA I WAS EATING. To spare some of you the horror, it’s an OF promo post with a rapey caption (not surprising) and preposterous pubes.

No. 1420841

File: 1642545547383.jpeg (229.44 KB, 1125x887, 3BAF0E1B-768F-4961-936A-10365B…)

At this point this is starting to sound like a creepy manifesto, and considering she and her fiancé have tried to assault her dad before and threatened him enough to the point where SECURITY CAMERAS had to be installed. I would not be surprised if she goes postal.

No. 1420843

File: 1642545689594.jpeg (229.21 KB, 1125x844, 1A739C5F-3C01-408C-97F7-8034EB…)

Samefag, she’s also trying to diagnose herself with another soopur speshul mental illness.

No. 1420860

but autism and williams syndrome arent mental illnesses. am i missing something from the original tweet or…?

No. 1420862

Mental illness, condition, whatever you call it, everything except the ADHD is self-diagnosed (heck, the ADHD might be too)

No. 1423492

File: 1642808626590.jpeg (654.69 KB, 1125x1843, 0FAD2672-FC0F-4482-8701-B6D12E…)

More picking fights with randoms on Twitter. Today’s sperg: city property

No. 1423495

File: 1642808673338.jpeg (425.56 KB, 1125x1292, 712F2C2C-2658-44F5-9BEF-990F92…)

The fuck is this British bullshit

No. 1423497

File: 1642808762164.jpeg (273.02 KB, 1125x1088, 1062107B-F1E5-4CBE-828E-9CB505…)

Neither is selling unshaven pussy photos on OF and Twitter

No. 1426977

File: 1643163953103.jpeg (368.85 KB, 1125x1502, 998AB6F5-2533-4A69-B417-D58228…)

Complaining about the state she lives in because SSDI is taking longer than she wants

No. 1426979

File: 1643164009034.jpeg (295.42 KB, 1125x1146, 06FE680C-7E44-42CA-85B0-F9659A…)

And then proceeding to e-beg

No. 1427002

Tennessee is a shit hole but she certainly deserves it.

No. 1427490

even for truly disabled people, almost no one gets approved for disability the first time around. if she had read anything about the process, she would know this. getting a real job would have been much quicker and would give her more money, but of course "muh disabiwity reeeeeee".

No. 1428695

File: 1643324782636.jpeg (729.48 KB, 1125x1587, 6267056A-75AE-4E81-A808-292277…)

Hey dumb bitch, the checks are the reason prices everywhere are higher. You are part of the problem.

No. 1428971

File: 1643339961929.jpeg (237.49 KB, 1125x949, 4C54EDC5-09C3-47F2-95CA-CDD4B9…)

KEK you can’t make this up

No. 1429123

i'm sorry but you can not be stupid enough to think a few grand in checks over a year ago is responsible for 7% inflation now? Do you even understand the basics of the economy? Why would companies raise their prices now due to a a few checks at the start of the pandemic? I can't get over there are people this fucking retarded in society.

The inflation was caused by business inflating prices. That's all inflation is. They put prices up for more money for their shareholders. Part of that was caused by PPP loans where 72% of all those billions went into shareholder pockets. Educate yourself on the basics because you start sperging and making yourself look like a bigger fucking idiot than the cow.(infighting)

No. 1429243

File: 1643381462424.jpeg (179.29 KB, 996x694, 0C4D3CD9-B2A1-4DB1-A26E-249619…)

Lol okay sperg-chan. dial it back. Or better yet , laugh at this bad spelling

No. 1430051

File: 1643470696993.jpeg (541.57 KB, 1125x1572, CD297EF7-A9B8-4466-BFD7-826A45…)

PaY Me tO LiVe wItH YoU

No. 1430538

File: 1643517747940.jpeg (1.24 MB, 4000x4000, 9DA02DB7-A109-48A1-98F6-BF2C1D…)

I just found Jail’s Twitter and can the anon who said he is a pedo come back? You were right, he’s into lolisho

No. 1430554

i have been summoned. i was staying off lc for a month lol but have fallen back down the rabbit hole womp womp and keep tabs on here and no yeah this doesn't shock me at all. he's a fucking serial groomer… also huge kek at seeing meg say she wishes she could afford children woof for the good of society i hope she stays broke then.

No. 1430860

look at his followers/follows and it's full of fucking zoo's too
anyone with ζ in their name/bio is one

No. 1430997

The sad part is she would be able to fulfill her dream of living off the government if she got pregnant. Pregnancy automatically qualifies you for SNAP and WIC if you’re low income in Tennessee.

It’s situations like this that make me upset that we can’t cowtip to the authorities. Their cats are in serious danger.

No. 1431145

Noah and Meg are starting a YouTube channel, this oughta be a good shit show. Link here: https://youtube.com/channel/UCAc23VZ7njKYET16Irx3BUw

No. 1431246

HOLY FUCKING SHIT I know her because we went to college together at MTSU in 2012.
I'm gonna go through my old emails because my ex would go hang out at her house with her like trans poly partner and it was basically a cracked.
also sorry I'm an oldfag returning, I have no idea what the ettiequte is these days, please forgive me

No. 1431251

same anon, my yahoo wiped out from not enough time between logins but I'm gonna ask my ex because this was during their hetalia cosplay phase if I remember correctly and it was BAD

No. 1431257

Thanks anon, I hope you deliver some delicious milk. She's one of my favorite underrated cows.

No. 1431501

File: 1643645120047.jpeg (823.64 KB, 1125x1846, 58B03154-2123-4054-BAC7-936B17…)

Whoever cowtipped, your mom’s a hoe

No. 1431540

he'll be back soon enough. this is like the 3rd time he's locked since

they're most likely lurking and since him and goat share a phone the bitch is narcissistic enough to be googling herself
Jail's a former channer too so he's gonna be paranoid with all the former friends and people he's fucked over to years

No. 1431756

File: 1643669044841.jpeg (153.09 KB, 1125x627, 9B99CA30-6203-4545-BD86-FCA256…)

What fans??? The only people who watch your videos hate you. Unless you count the minors you’re grooming on FurAffinity and Discord.

No. 1432002

jesus fuck the amount of people who have met/known of these fucks and found their way here to vent about them is impressive can we start a local neighborhood watch group or some shit kek (joking obvsly not a real suggestion)… every time i rummage through this thread i find more testimonials (hadn't seen these old posts in the personal cow thread, just this thread) and im glad it's decently established that they're awful perverts and filthy junkies that give even perverts and junkies a bad name and are dangerous at worst, deeply unpleasant to be around at best

No. 1432139

I think we already crossed the line from “filthy pervert” to “actual criminal” seeing as they’ve drugged and raped minors.

No. 1433445

are you stupid(infighting)

No. 1433704

File: 1643900416216.jpeg (196.87 KB, 1125x780, AABCE32B-02C6-4081-8D35-3B9753…)

Megan pines for a time when teen pregnancy was normal.

No. 1433778

Yikes I'm gonna pray she doesn't get pregnant, what a horrible situation to bring a child into. I find cows a lot funnier when there are no innocent kids involved. I don't even read the Brina and Jonny Craig threads anymore, they're too depressing.

No. 1433812

File: 1643911492720.jpeg (312.76 KB, 1125x1058, 0BE5D261-CE9B-41DF-8F60-F7E89B…)

KEK was she trying to Google how to self harm?

No. 1436178

Tard makes her own tard glasses

No. 1445080

File: 1645062149199.jpeg (241.66 KB, 1125x783, B2034E5F-CF26-4142-B26F-764EAD…)

Ma’am you are literally engaged to a pedophile, your relationship is toxic, shut the fuck up

No. 1445990

File: 1645162846857.jpeg (642.06 KB, 1125x1847, FADEA944-A699-4A1A-84D6-EE85FA…)


No. 1448344

File: 1645415346865.jpeg (716.07 KB, 1125x1406, 439C35E6-AF79-4A5D-9AE1-E6E56F…)

I love how her primary news sources seem to be BreadTube comedians

No. 1448345

File: 1645415423763.jpeg (290.56 KB, 1125x1079, 4529B50D-69D6-47F6-B217-FBB98D…)

Samefag, Are there any farmers who have seen Lilo and Stitch who can explain this to me?

No. 1448356

…play them elvis? i’m at a loss.

No. 1448593

So I did some research and I think she means some kind of “banished to the desert” crap. Either that or she’s off her face on drugs and has no idea what she’s talking about

No. 1449402

Jail's old Twitter was suspended.
It wasn't hard to find the new one, but it was locked until today

again full of pedo/cub,zoo bullshit so be warned

No. 1449409

File: 1645543682311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 269.61 KB, 1080x1814, 234yyygt78eq8igur.jpg)

Sorry I'm an idiot for not having picrel in last post

No. 1449463

File: 1645549802216.jpeg (184.69 KB, 1125x713, FD7C4729-6A15-44A8-8E81-C2702B…)

And she still won’t get a job because she “refuses to work for the rich”

No. 1449480

File: 1645551836841.jpeg (648.29 KB, 1125x1462, 44947027-9081-42DA-BAB2-ED3ACF…)

Ah yes, the pup mask; the hallmark of the degenerate faggot

No. 1452220

File: 1645838893661.jpeg (651.56 KB, 1125x1737, 6BD913FB-131D-4E4C-B29E-09014B…)

Oh my God she’s one of those ‘lockdown forever’ retards. Also kek at her getting her news from Breadtube

No. 1453445

File: 1645998875429.jpeg (341.76 KB, 1125x1173, 2B2AC6E0-51E1-4606-89FF-9A95D5…)

How absolutely tone-deaf, it is taking everything not to a-log. TF does she mean by “dark” refugees? And the fact that you can even say this without consequence, Megan, means you don’t live in a fascist country.

No. 1453452

File: 1645999147284.jpeg (391.67 KB, 1125x1278, 7107DB75-8F36-4FF9-9A1D-024D60…)

Samefag, just when I think she has said the most retarded shit ever, she keeps talking! It’s called “communicate with property management” and “pay the electric bill before buying roofies for your underage guests”.

No. 1454294

File: 1646088164759.jpeg (190.47 KB, 1125x547, EA66E689-839B-4CDE-A413-930D63…)

In other news her pedo boyfriend posted this terrible take.

No. 1454338

I love that these scumbags are stuck in Tennessee. They won't ever be getting handouts here.

No. 1454461

Guess this pandering Autist didn't read "Reuters finds 3,810 U.S. areas with lead poisoning double Flint’s" and is just using the Ukraine situation as an excuse to be shitty and feel superior for it with some "gotcha" about Flint. These fuckers must be miserable.

No. 1454462

Do you know them anon? Minors and roofies is pretty specific.

No. 1454734

Scroll up, others do and said that they’ve drugged and raped minors.

No. 1454834

File: 1646159900896.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 671.82 KB, 1125x1408, 40D68B40-9048-4C9A-BC87-1AFB62…)

Posting a nude while whining about losing all her OF subscribers because she’s nasty

No. 1454837

File: 1646160111248.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 699.12 KB, 1125x1443, 2EEB0EB4-5C2C-4A58-994E-297122…)

She’s also on thin ice with OF for repeated violations (like the penis pump being used for breast pump fetish pictures)

No. 1454841

File: 1646160470287.jpg (365.64 KB, 1080x1231, Screenshot_20220301-104544_Twi…)

No. 1454842

File: 1646160525568.jpg (409.77 KB, 1080x1418, Screenshot_20220301-104402_Twi…)

uhhhh you already are lazy though..?

No. 1455878

File: 1646245611178.jpeg (138.41 KB, 1125x1580, CE58A98A-A282-4B1E-AE54-5B38EE…)

Jail deleted his Twitter; who fucking cowtipped?

No. 1455947

Looks like all his social media is gone. Sounds like someone got busted.

No. 1455949

All of you Memphis folks are messy af so I'm not surprised(sage)

No. 1455961

File: 1646251477218.jpeg (251.35 KB, 1125x856, 331A50A8-484F-40C7-A7D1-6139FD…)

Whoever did it needs to own up right now and take their ban like an adult

No. 1458196

File: 1646448589479.jpeg (391.22 KB, 1125x1140, D3250BFD-0DC6-4381-8BC8-579C93…)

The last post she made before locking down her FB (way to go cowtipper anon)

No. 1461372

File: 1646769937334.jpeg (532.97 KB, 1100x1599, 40774999-97E6-45E9-B43F-84B0D8…)

Kek one of the Kittens got fired. Homeless saga pt 2 when??

No. 1461411

File: 1646772672282.jpeg (215.03 KB, 1125x666, B21E3841-2AF9-4F6E-ACBC-8AEDED…)

When the members of the household are all not biologically related and not associated with a university, that is called a cult compound, not a ‘family size home’.

No. 1463621

File: 1646972442092.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 649.63 KB, 1125x1404, 00AED963-B732-498B-9E89-6F7011…)

Baby goat is posting to OF again. This is a terrible angle, look at those pancakes.

No. 1463632

is she still at zero subs? something very satisfying about that

No. 1467034

I know this is days old but yeah, there's been lots of issues that black ukranians have been dealing with just trying to leave + the way theyve been treated once they left. Also the fact that in the media it's been painted as "these are civilized well dressed people" among other things, in contrast to like middle eastern refugees. Idk this bitch is weird and disgusting but your comment seems a bit ignorant to what's been happening

No. 1467297

I know. The retarded part is assuming the US is responsible for it when they are not.

No. 1475808

File: 1647837411022.jpeg (625.66 KB, 1125x1444, F16FB93F-6E90-4D6D-8C58-48F69A…)

1. Who or what is financing your Disney+ account?
2. Was this worth throwing a fit about when you could have just contacted support?

No. 1481289

File: 1648239102129.jpeg (595.54 KB, 1125x1902, C2A051E3-89A5-45FE-9A87-E10230…)

Megan brought dogs around her dogfucker boyfriend (again)

No. 1482042

I can’t get over how lazy this bitch is. So someone is supposed to build a giant home at their own expense so her and her “family” of crackheads can squat in it indefinitely and trash it without paying a single bill? How is that supposed to work exactly? Who is going to pay for the repairs & upkeep on your free mansion in your communist paradise that benefits only you? Dumbass.

No. 1482123

File: 1648313084612.jpeg (239.69 KB, 1125x756, 01CC7F1D-306D-4253-8DC7-793BE4…)

Can someone translate the queer word salad?

No. 1482233

this bitch isn't even a communist, she gets all of her info from retarded breadtubers kek literally lazy as fuck in every way possible

No. 1482413

I don't think it's necessarily evident that someone from here cowtipped. I mean this thread comes up in the first few results when you google her name so her or anyone from her life could have found it and shown it to her.

No. 1490554

File: 1648939810338.jpeg (293.48 KB, 1125x1024, 6A5BD339-ACFF-4911-B1EF-D6A4D9…)

Ah yes, I can do all things through a Bible verse that I twisted to fit my crackhead deviant agenda. Also is TB even preventable with a shot?

No. 1490647

She is so fucking retarded and yet I can’t look away.

No. 1490859

>mAyBe I’m HoMoSeXuAL
>has a whole male fiancé

No. 1491587

this is such a weird interpretation. ‘spare the rod spoil the child’ literally just means if you don’t discipline children they end up as spoilt adults. Most people no longer believe in corporal punishment being an effective or humane way to discipline children but the metaphor holds true.
anyway yes nonnie there is a shot for TB. in the UK at least? it’s called the BCG. There’s a test shot that gets done first (Heaf test) where you get six pinprick shots to see if you already have natural immunity. If you don’t react to the Heaf test you’re supposed to get the BCG.

No. 1493452

The Heaf test isn’t performed in the US, but the Mantoux is. At any rate, considering this is the same psycho who lied about her dad trying to run him over, I’m sure she’s making it up.

No. 1496335

File: 1649444778440.jpeg (758.59 KB, 1125x1726, 8F06A436-92A9-41A4-B2D7-65E56C…)

One of the Kittens is in the hospital with the beetus

No. 1496351

Dear Lord those tags. Way to grift using disabilities, playing on people's sympathies. Apparently diabetes and PTSD means you're terminally online begging for money rather than making sure you get the money for yourself.

No. 1496491

she keeps saying she's "mixed race". Has she said with what?

No. 1496504

Probably 1/64th Cherokee princess like every other basic white girl larping as a genderspecial…

No. 1496511

Here’s a video where she rants about it (and capitalism, surprise surprise)

No. 1497589

File: 1649567876534.jpeg (398.86 KB, 1125x945, C22AB777-6C68-40E9-915B-07A719…)

Update it was Noah, and it sounds like there’s discord in the Kittens household

No. 1501999

File: 1650001954589.jpeg (1.69 MB, 4032x3024, 24E3D312-1BF8-4B74-BE40-8A8794…)

Alright nonnas I’m stoned enough to brave the OF leak livestream. Pray for me. Picrel; her being an alcoholic crybaby on her sex work account

No. 1502004

File: 1650002371944.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 4032x3024, AD922DAF-EC00-41AE-9600-DCB638…)

Kek isn’t it against OF’s terms and conditions to have animals in your nudes?

No. 1502005

File: 1650002754281.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 4032x3024, BE6EB6BD-8293-4F24-AE9E-CED00A…)

>the period play that contradicts her endometriosis claims
>the pussy hair leaking out
>the mini-hitachi
>me taking pictures of a TV screen
Everything about this is bad

No. 1502008

File: 1650003186825.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 4032x3024, DC70765F-FC54-4F17-BF7A-310FF4…)

I’m tapping out, I can’t

No. 1502012

You will be remembered brave nonny

No. 1502016

Oh nona honey there’s not a way to tell who screenshot OF let alone from a desktop browser

No. 1502218

AYRT, I was taking pics of the livestream bc I don’t want to give her money

No. 1502826

File: 1650086503386.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 603.26 KB, 1125x1253, A8E6E256-28A7-4F2D-80D5-6220AD…)

She did post this to her OF Twitter

No. 1509623

File: 1650743381101.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 777.96 KB, 1125x1797, 749FF226-2AE9-451A-8646-120234…)

She shared a petition to stop the execution of Melissa Lucio on her SW account, followed by an apology and an unflattering ass pic.

No. 1509626

File: 1650743450355.jpeg (819.77 KB, 1125x1898, 22DBF969-CB2C-4EDB-84D6-52C144…)

There’s also her making a potential hospital crisis about her and her pet cause about how she should get everything for free

No. 1511672

As if she'd study medicine in her "free time" kek

No. 1516435

File: 1651352642283.jpeg (297.15 KB, 1124x1355, 65F0D6BB-915A-4778-8AEE-7087BD…)

Nothing I love more than seeing this person interact WITH THEMSELVES using two different Facebook accounts. Everyone knows these accounts are both the same person and for some reason everyone puts up with it

No. 1516646

I tried lurking and it looks like that profile is locked down, do you have more screencaps?

No. 1516670

File: 1651379925385.jpeg (274.98 KB, 1124x1539, 2B3DF5BA-9D0E-4E2A-8133-0DA402…)

Ask and you shall receive

No. 1516671

File: 1651380009479.jpeg (370.56 KB, 1124x1890, 317ADCE1-C678-4A0F-ACAD-84D536…)

They endlessly comment on their own posts and have conversations with themselves even on the same account. Which is pathetic but not as bad as pretending to be two different people

No. 1516672

File: 1651380121822.jpeg (394.67 KB, 1124x2221, 9A8AEED3-23DE-4C7C-B039-2B940D…)

Ah but here they are again, commenting on the Gaasuba account. Pretending to be two different people and having a conversation. There have been better examples in the past, been watching this unfold for a WHILE before I found this thread

No. 1516690

Wow. Why tf would you make two different accounts to talk to each other? Something doesn’t sit right with me but I don’t want to jump straight into tinfoiling.

No. 1516855

File: 1651412914036.jpeg (884.79 KB, 1125x1873, 83746BB2-E795-47E0-AC39-3CB774…)

She changed the name and profile info. Definitely lurking

No. 1517077

File: 1651431083761.jpeg (94.17 KB, 1124x717, 0FA28AD7-7302-4762-AA69-E97747…)

Nonny you’re gonna wanna reach out (don’t cowtip tho)

No. 1517380

“People are horrible” aka classic midtown memphis NEET excuse for people reacting to their batshit insane scumbag behavior

No. 1517382

Mariah claims they have a DID diagnosis, wouldn’t be surprised if they try to claim that too.

No. 1517842

Mariah is a male, anon.

No. 1518566

File: 1651591541219.jpeg (221.11 KB, 1125x909, B682CE4C-50A9-4641-8ED1-AE244A…)

Local commietard does not understand/wants to get rid of checks and balances

No. 1518620

Local commietard doesn't understand the difference between the legislative and judicial branches, something that is literally taught in every US elementary school

No. 1518627

File: 1651596906737.jpeg (321.08 KB, 1125x785, 9C3289B6-D24B-404B-9B8E-CC770E…)

I want to a-log her so bad

No. 1519122

File: 1651641486124.jpeg (299.7 KB, 1125x646, 670C4A3B-2E80-455D-AEAA-28214E…)

Megan and deliberately taking statements out of context, name a more iconic duo

No. 1532851

File: 1652910014718.jpeg (400.15 KB, 1124x1876, 4FC240FC-11CF-43EF-AE42-135650…)

Surprise, surprise, trouble strikes in the kittens family again. The e-begging continues.

No. 1532880

Fingers crossed for homeless saga pt 2

No. 1533022

File: 1652921276083.jpeg (484.66 KB, 1124x1699, BE587907-23F5-4406-BA20-A3AE6F…)

Absolutely not

No. 1539146

File: 1653451533070.jpeg (278.28 KB, 1125x1347, B4ADE4D1-F040-4D04-88B0-1B3E0B…)

Having a meltdown over Duolingo that turns into an “I hate money” rant 1/2

No. 1539150

Oh my god, get a FUCKING JOB Megan

No. 1539173

File: 1653455219702.jpeg (574.88 KB, 1125x1488, FB05E674-5AA4-4CD5-9DA3-10243C…)

Hey sorry I got distracted with laundry and forgot to post the second pic

No. 1539183

Funny because her parents have money. She grew up with money. Get a joooob oh my God.

No. 1540801

File: 1653576213002.jpeg (599.49 KB, 1125x1470, F952066F-AB37-464C-B057-0EA05D…)

Nonnas I’m gonna need you to hold me back from a-logging this trashy grifter

No. 1540805

So all those innocent kids were murdered because the shitheads parents worked too much? I hate this cunt.

No. 1540819

Thankfully, this worthless cunt lives in Tennessee. She will NEVER get the handouts she is begging for. This is a state where people kill themselves because the state of healthcare (especially mental health) here is 3rd world. AND Tennessee just made homelessness on public property a felony.

No. 1540827

I hope she does. Ban me for a-logging all you want, everything I’ve seen of this bitch shows she’s a waste of air.

No. 1540889

This is the funniest thing to have a rage about. A free app, where coming first in the top league doesn't actually mean anything. It just gives you more points to then spend on more learning. FOR FREE. REEEEEEEEE

No. 1541962

File: 1653688273973.jpeg (616 KB, 1125x1358, 6AE80BE5-119A-43D7-87AE-329199…)

More of her being a narcissistic twat who doesn’t understand that this is a normal thing for a president to do in the wake of any tragedy

No. 1541988

File: 1653690196590.jpeg (116.63 KB, 1124x974, C218ABE9-8434-42BA-A500-B5CB16…)

Ah yes, can’t keep a basic ass minimum wage job because it’s “too hard” and has “constant meltdowns” and always e-begging to avoid getting evicted from her little rats nest, but wants to undergo the physical changes of being pregnant and can totally afford the medical care/is stable enough to be a parent. Imagine the poor life a child would have with her and Jail

No. 1542251

Jail wouldn’t be the dad because he only fucks her anally, with a blanket over her face, so he can pretend she’s a kid. I’ll take my hi cow ban but Meg if you are reading this please break up with him

No. 1542555

File: 1653752195915.jpeg (640.13 KB, 1125x1573, 64B92DF0-5551-418F-989D-939AEB…)

>”no relationship is worth damaging your mental health”
>”tHaT’s cLaSsIsT”

No. 1542557

File: 1653752356059.jpeg (660.58 KB, 1125x1605, 9B9FE020-2D62-4C79-B30F-BBA8B1…)

Pt 2, saged because this post provides context for the next pic

No. 1542561

File: 1653752550243.jpeg (824.91 KB, 1125x1922, 77F55650-E60B-47F8-A3E2-DC442D…)

>no correlation

No. 1545903

File: 1654093887151.jpeg (232.39 KB, 1125x493, FFC8D607-E496-43AB-A781-395CB3…)

She has the mental maturity of a 15-year-old

No. 1549473

File: 1654389873158.jpeg (725.46 KB, 1125x1896, 332F0EA5-8681-4DDD-A64D-4438B1…)

There’s family discord and it’s messing with Mariah’s diabetes

No. 1550205

File: 1654457589343.jpeg (782.63 KB, 1125x1525, F83DCC25-4FA2-4477-B9AE-9D3C60…)

Megan, it has been almost 3 years and most people have had COVID at this point. I know you get wasted and daydream about a Shanghai-style lockdown but it’s not gonna happen.

No. 1563056

File: 1655415333401.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 170.58 KB, 1124x1128, 22DE8492-E25F-464D-A830-1298E7…)

Still promoting the OF I see

No. 1567744

File: 1655819973232.jpeg (158.49 KB, 1125x432, 2109CE71-B714-4E03-9537-147675…)

Says the person who does this to other Aidens after they get plastered on prison wine
Post the full video, bitch is getting off with fitness equipment

No. 1567746

I mean, where’s the lie tho? Kek

No. 1599206

File: 1658944233361.jpeg (390.93 KB, 1125x1139, 602C12B6-E80F-4F31-AA82-06F9CB…)

She started tweeting again for the first time in a while. Imagine having so much time and so few problems that you complain about the phone number that was assigned to your Obamaphone. Dad was paying for the old phone, think he finally got tired and cut her off? Kek

No. 1602578

>pubic assistance
kek at that typo

No. 1604128

File: 1659326752422.jpeg (158.15 KB, 1125x493, FBA00367-A520-4665-8569-AB926B…)

No, Megan, you’re just bisexual and attracted to androgyny.

No. 1640987

File: 1662567410832.jpeg (197.21 KB, 1125x1352, A735E0AD-72A3-406E-B2CA-B8A68F…)

She’s at the hospital for a stomach issue at the advice of her lawyer.

No. 1641001

File: 1662567660329.jpeg (215.17 KB, 1125x1218, 31873C7C-06C2-444D-BD1A-C67A81…)

No. 1653266

File: 1663774539916.jpeg (710.26 KB, 1125x1570, 7661F615-32DA-4634-BEB7-A6C1C5…)

>sauce salad
Jail has SSDI. At least one of y’all has food stamps. I get that Megan has dietary needs but how bad are your budgeting skills?

No. 1655162

To the anon who bothers updating this thread: thank you from the bottom of my heart. She's so milky and I wish her thread were more active. I remember when it was first posted, I binged all her YT videos and it was so horrifying/entertaining.

No. 1657354

File: 1664112040266.jpeg (467.28 KB, 1125x1238, 7B43463D-8B17-4D23-9CBD-C2505D…)

Megan learned a new buzzword phrase and is now obsessed with ‘dark patterns’ for the most random shit

She privated most of her shit after someone cowtipped; only her Twitter accounts are still unlocked.

No. 1657358

File: 1664112549769.jpeg (400.73 KB, 876x1862, B7A38136-1A2A-4D64-81A8-0AC2A3…)

There’s also a bunch of hairy TiF cosplay lewds of Bakura now

No. 1662693

No for real. I’m so mad to whoever tipped her off because not only is she milky, her and her stupid “family’s” antics represent a good half of midtown memphis. I stg all of them spend their money at the bars, unshowered, acting like children and then love to blame the government and everyone else for their problems and why they can’t afford a decent quality of life. So many of them do their OF from their disgusting, trash filled, dim rooms like her. At least clean your room first you heathens.

I’m not anti sex work I’m anti midtown filth

No. 1662723

File: 1664546797009.jpeg (79.89 KB, 960x460, 3928DFD3-51D7-43DF-93E4-F155D8…)

Have they been kicked out of the Kittens Family trio?

No. 1662724

File: 1664546841795.jpeg (92.1 KB, 960x483, 1CE4D0E9-3D3A-408D-8D9A-A715D3…)

No. 1666052

She's still in the apartment according to her NSFW Twitter…wonder what went down?

No. 1666357

That's a man but yes I want to know what happened as well

No. 1666718

I meant Megan, sorry, Megan is still in the apartment

No. 1666719

File: 1664900143164.jpeg (121.43 KB, 1125x326, D20C15CA-1A38-4904-A74D-8EF34F…)

She’s now LARPing bipolar disorder…

No. 1666865

My apologies to you then kek sorry anon ily
Bipolar seems boring for her, I'm surprised she's not on the DID train yet…

No. 1666933

It’s okay Nonny ily

No. 1668874

File: 1665088378309.jpeg (817.04 KB, 1125x1610, 8C8B1BFF-CC8D-478D-95FF-D53084…)


No. 1671284

File: 1665361964985.jpeg (540.52 KB, 1125x1692, 013618CA-FF2A-47DC-BE09-703773…)

>being abused in Memphis
I hope he comes forward about everything.

No. 1671307

Oh snap time to check out his YouTube. I hope we get some fresh milk

No. 1671339

A flight from Tennessee to Kentucky isn't anywhere near $1000. What a fucking entitled asshole.

No. 1671351

Why are they too good to take the bus? It would cost like $200 max to take Greyhound or Megabus

No. 1671448

every time i see that picture of gassuba i can't help but feel like she reeks of milk breath

No. 1671589


A few months part time at McDonald's would have gotten them $1000. What kind of adult doesn't at least have $500 squared away?

No. 1671661

She smells like rotting onions and cat pee, guaranteed
It might be a bit because Mariah is still in Memphis right now and Jail will probably find him and beat his ass with that bo staff if he spills before he leaves.

No. 1673160

File: 1665544823198.jpeg (679.81 KB, 1125x1468, 1637A4F4-2026-4C0A-B942-384F0A…)

Mariah whoring out for a place to stay, nbd

No. 1673166

So someone has to pick this guy up, carry his bags, host him, feed him, let him use their shower AND have sex with him? Does he also want a foot massage and a lobster dinner?

No. 1673221

>filthy sl*t
>not out of self degradation

No. 1673607

File: 1665590764752.jpeg (931.84 KB, 1125x1815, 062EE40E-A6F8-4ABF-B6CB-4A6265…)

Why do TiFs always call their vag a bussy??

No. 1673610

abbreviation of “boy pussy”. They’re all pedos.

No. 1673642

"bussy" is gay for asshole

No. 1674508

Not only can you get from Memphis to Lexington via a damn greyhound, I would never EVER let this person around a child. Especially a baby. I just get really disgusting vibes that they would do something to harm them.

No. 1674518

File: 1665677385720.jpeg (196.41 KB, 960x859, F751E956-7496-4192-9FBE-773D91…)

Case in point: why would you ever pair these two images together

No. 1676495

File: 1665886136252.jpeg (844.23 KB, 1117x1567, 6786C4B8-85A9-4552-8959-9D74FE…)

She looks like Billy Graham Norris from Mars Attacks!

No. 1676585

File: 1665902433722.webm (630.16 KB, 320x656, db678297b6996a655e5f49c719c1e0…)

What a freak

No. 1676620

Hitler Youth looking motherfucker.

No. 1683884

File: 1666664621219.jpeg (605.82 KB, 1125x1559, F42899C2-77E7-4525-B9E7-84E096…)

>losing time
>muh DID

he tried getting a night at the hospital and they didn’t buy his spiel

No. 1683886

File: 1666664764224.jpeg (614.5 KB, 1125x1503, 52D492C5-2F6A-47D8-9A40-12F3E5…)

>this is exactly why you keep getting kicked out by people

What happened to “house someone, do good recklessly”, Megan?

No. 1683958

> troon desperately needs place to stay
> professes acute mental illness (almost certainly made up since doctors think he's bullshitting)
> "getting sexual is an option" because he likes having sex

Yeah, just look at all those offers from people lining up. Free sleepover with a rapist, anyone?

No. 1683960

That’s a woman, nonnies.

No. 1683963

You're kidding!? I guess the name isn't quite as Lily-Alice Emannuela Fae-Chan as an average troon name, but just the pfp alone gives me big MTF red flags. Consider me surprised.

No. 1683970

All it takes is reading the OP kek.

No. 1683986

They're talking about "Mariah", not Gasuuba.

No. 1683998

Oh I’m fucking blind. Disregard my faggotry.

No. 1685718

So Mariah IS a troon? Good, my red-flag-dar still works. I know Gasuuba is FTM, just from the pube goatee.

No. 1689477

Wait they’re a rapist? Like is this speculation or is this a legit reason they get kicked out of everywhere? Ugh

No. 1690152

I don’t know about rapist but Mariah is a thief and that’s why he keeps getting kicked out

No. 1690731

File: 1667288034797.jpeg (124.08 KB, 960x552, 3F96C3C3-4D26-4469-AD3F-383915…)

Oh my, what’s this? A lover’s quarrel? Imagine the absolute hellhole of a love triangle polycule between them, Megs, and Jail.

No. 1700678

>the doctors office sent her meds to the wrong pharmacy that is too far away
>pharmacy gave her the wrong prescription when she picked up Joshy’s meds
>medication is more expensive than usual because there’s an addy shortage
>somehow this is not human error but clearly a systemic attempt to kill her and her glitter family
>”Thank God that I have coping mechanisms that are helping!!” That means you don’t need the meds as much as you think you do, Meg.

No. 1700811

Glad to see she's back and on the same bullshit as always. Totally an underrated cow.
It must be so draining to be around her, all she does is complain. I can't think of a single instance where she's posted a video and not spent the whole time complaining.

No. 1700928

I am at a loss. Is there a farmer who knows about hoof care that can transcribe?

No. 1701569

tl;dr cows are livestock, horses are pets, isn’t it sad?
I assume she’s comparing horse farriers to farmers vetting their cattle’s problem hooves. Generally horses get regular hoof maintenance that includes trimming and shoeing. Cattle in big beef/dairy operations don’t usually have routine care like that, but are treated for emergent problems like hoof infections. She’s just whining about da algorithm and speculating that Big Cattle is making money off causing intentional infections in individual animals just for TikTok updoots. She’s obviously high and terminally online; says she doesn’t want to upset her bf by telling him her conspiratorial theories so I guess he’s getting sick of her too.

No. 1705698

File: 1669054601654.jpeg (315.37 KB, 1108x907, 08D84F10-A54F-4F42-8B5E-82E990…)

Stop posting about your mental illnesses on your sex work account, Megan. No wonder your OF has maybe one fan on a good day.

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