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File: 1621483073659.jpeg (7.95 KB, 247x204, images.jpeg)

No. 1234227

Discuss the people in your life that have lolcow potential.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/925657

No. 1234232

File: 1621483881428.jpg (232.22 KB, 1080x1578, Resized_Screenshot_20210519-17…)

continuing from last thread! this is really sad tbh her arms look awful

No. 1235275

File: 1621619878408.jpg (77.59 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1621619555697.jpg)

this guy I used to see at an arcade has become a huge cow

>trying to be an uwu femboi streamer but is actually a 6'2, 36 year old office worker

>has a kink for people wearing their socks while showering, gets his twitch orbiters to indulge in this
>slenderMan proportions
>puts on uwu voice during streams, is 35
>used to be a significant figure in the UK brony scene
>made a tweet about "Japs" but said it's okay cus he wants to visit Japan
>I used to be in a Minecraft server with him where he was notoriously bitter and always greifing younger kids (he was in his 20s)

twitch and twitter is @VRCbunny

No. 1235289

Trooning out in 3,2,1…

No. 1235292

I thought that was the fucking klebold heart symbol on his arm that all the TCC girls got back in 2016. Holy shit, 35 and still rocking emo hair? Nonnie this is absolute gold

No. 1235294

God this is really exceptional. Ugly horsefaced middle aged man dressing like a middle school girl from the mid 2000s and calling himself a fucking femboy on twitch??? What an embarrassment to humanity.

No. 1235303

File: 1621623042987.jpg (458.2 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20210521-134858__01…)

"I'm not always an ugly troon adjacent autist, sometimes I look like a homeless methhead passed out in the ally behind a liquor store"

No. 1235519

File: 1621645873452.png (4.24 MB, 828x1792, 109C1186-70D7-4628-BA46-B780D1…)

i still keep up with bunny alexander because she makes me cringe so bad. i saw this today.. not sure what video she’s talking about but “full time pre med student” makes me die laughing. she goes to an online college in ontario that literally anyone can get into, and she’s taking psychology 101 lol.
also she has stated that she will no longer be editing her pics. kek, we’ll see how long that lasts. she should prob work on not lying about her past and current life before doing that. she still claims she’s british and in her FAQ highlight on insta talks in a cringe “british” accent at one point

No. 1235561

File: 1621654180973.jpg (15.8 KB, 384x384, 76878.jpg)

Not entirely a personal cow, but a local cow (Toronto) who I haven't seen discussed here. Has a thread on KF under the deathfats section.

Sagittariusshawty, goes by @sagshawtyyy on twitter and Sagittariusshawty on YouTube. Known for being morbidly obese, filming her tinder dates and posting them on YouTube, terrible wig tutorials, frivolous spending and being an all around BPD mess. Has a fetish for black men and some god awful tattoos.

Her life is particularly interesting to follow, and YouTubers such as Zachary Michaels and I, Hypocrite have covered some of her more interesting (and deleted!) Tinder dates.

No. 1235629

I use to love watching her videos. She’s the only YouTube I watch because despite being a visual eyesore and all around mess she’s…honest at least lol. And she use to be funny but the racism and general disrespect to the women of color in her life grossed me out.

No. 1235631

Shayna in 3 years

No. 1235635

kek nonnie

No. 1235649

I lived for her vids back when she was living at home and dealing with legal shit. Some of the storytimes she told around that time were absolute gems. Describing jail and her homeless adventures.

Dunno why her (admitted) bpd is as bad as it is though. I feel for her losing her mom and then that shitty sexual situation she's described but then I believe she was a young adult when both happened so that's not usually how you develop bpd. It happens younger. That part is a mystery to me. She's hinted at her dad being abusive but then she flip flops on that..

No. 1235730

What racism?

No. 1236098


saggis unironically the funniest and most likeable cow I have ever encountered and also has a lot more self awareness than anyone else, I hope she gets her shit together. Would love a thread on her honestly, it was hopeful when she quit drinking for 3 weeks she needs rehab for food tho and I don't know if they have that in Canada. Surprised the population cleansing as she calls it (covid) hasn't taken her out yet as she's been meeting up with people this whole time.

No. 1236384

File: 1621797781372.jpg (881.28 KB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_05-23-12.12.18.jpg)

Loey will always be a huge cow to me. I don't know if people are being sincere when they claim that she could turn them gay.

He looks like bob from Bob's burgers.

No. 1236606

Oh god those are some fucked legs, how does this shit even happen?

No. 1236847

my personal lolcow is this woman I went to high school with, she has big phoebe tickner energy:

>27 years old

>sEx WorKeR
>always triggered
>always begging for money on social media despite bragging about regular alcohol use, shatna levels of weed use, and wasting her money on random shit
>calls herself a lesbian but sleeps with men
>huge munchie, goes on about muh disabilities
>badly dyed hair
>continually gets animals and rehomes them

No. 1237087

File: 1621889589546.webm (3.54 MB, 576x1024, You can’t continue to give ner…)

Not really a personal cow but also not famous enough to add him on YouTube general.

So I stumbled upon this guy after he kept spamming me and other people with this video on Twitter.
Looked at his account and it was all the same shit like this, decided to go down the rabbit hole and look through everything about him and his content is traumtazing to look at,shitty humor, him talking about fucking his teddy bear and mom. Multiple youtubers have also made videos making fun of him.


No. 1237089

File: 1621889751044.png (498.99 KB, 615x496, 1615951367352.png)

Thank you, I hate it. Definitely a humiliation fetishist.

No. 1237105


He was also going around adding abunch of girls with bigger followings on Facebook. I remember He messaged me then added me on snapchat and would just post all these bizarre stories. I think I remember seeing some people call him out on fb for being creepy

No. 1237113

Wait what, do you have more milk on this? Really creepy. I only know him from spamming people on twitter and trolling youtubers

No. 1237137

File: 1621892771770.webm (2.63 MB, 576x1024, Dominic_Schmidt-69567669805275…)

I feel like he will troon out in a year or two

No. 1237143

Horrifying. Total future serial killer/school shooter material.

No. 1237412

File: 1621928020584.jpeg (170.48 KB, 1125x789, 2DBB7E60-AEA1-4C53-BA13-6BCBB4…)

This kinda hurts me on a personal level as I once looked up to her academically back in high school. We’ll call her “Beth” to be vague.

‘Beth’ was a book-smart nerdy chick with a little bit of edge to her; music and fashion wise. Her specialty was stem-related and would often help us with figuring shit out during our integrated physics and chemistry class (IPC for short) given the chance.

Haven’t seen her much after sophomore year other than the occasional hello and that was it.

Fast forward to 10 or 11 years later when I took interest in stalking old friends, acquaintances and bullies from my past and I saw her profile pic on “people you may know” and came to found she’s another sjw; felt sad and left it at that. A few months go by and her profile shows up again so I decided to check her out again and she’s still a muh BLM/sjw sperg who is also involved with several mlms in spite of going to a top state college. Felt sad and and pity for the girl whom was very bright and seemed to have a promising future to fall so short.

I’m not her friend on fb and she mostly has her profile set to private but here’s a couple of caps.

No. 1237414

File: 1621928167169.jpeg (439.83 KB, 1125x919, EB865C73-67E7-4BCF-B8D3-24CEF8…)

When asked in the comments on why she’s pushing another mlm, her reply was: “I just want free leggings!”

No. 1237486

File: 1621940439471.png (218.81 KB, 579x416, pasted image 0.png)

There's a girl in a community I'm in (FFXIV raiding scene) who recently lost her shit publicly on her (pretty popular) website for raid strats. She was on and off with a guy (who seems like a piece of shit tbh) who started dating one of her friends, so she made 3 essay posts about everyone in the community who had "wronged" her in some way. Real petty and dramatic shit. Parts 2 and 3 are particularly cringe.

>Waxes poetic about her toxic relationship with a guy who SA'd her and how she still has feelings for him even though he "caused" her to attempt suicide. She took a bunch of pills and drove recklessly on the freeway and got arrested.

>"At some point near the coast, my mind was pretty far gone, and the highway was less highway and more of an urban through-way with too many turns, it was harder for me to keep my distance now. I think they laid out spikes at one point because I remember my car shaking violently as I went over something. I was coming up on a guard rail and they were coming up on my rear. They had blocked my path with more cars. They were calling my bluff."

>"I tried to speed up to smash it or the rail. There was loud banging and a pop, and my car slowed down and wouldn’t move any more. They had grappled one of my tires and it had popped off, rim and all."
>"I was arrested. For disobeying an officer and reckless driving. I don’t even remember disobeying them, technically they had their lights and sirens off the whole time. I’m being charged with a class A Misdemeanor and facing up to a $2,000 fine and a year of jail time. In Massachusetts my driver’s license has been suspended “indefinitely.”
>"Irony, right? Blake committed the real crime."

>Literally just her obsessing over a guy who left her static and didn't want anything to do with her after.

>"So when the shit hit the fan, it was only natural for everyone to flock to him. It was my word up against the big bad dragon. I didn’t stand a chance. Granted, there wasn’t actually any evidence for him to point to, but that didn’t stop him from launching a massive and still ongoing smear campaign against me."

>Title is about sexism, but the post barely mentions anything sexist and is mainly her seething over people in The Balance discord server. Literally her just posting every perceived slight against her and whining.

>"Things came to a head when in a public channel she took a conversation that wasn’t about her at all and attempted to steer it to one that praised her accolades on a project. So, in turn I called her out for it."

>posts pic related
>"In short, she would happily ride the coattails of the Black Lives Matter movement for her own personal gain. It’s pretty disgusting."

No. 1237491

Oh I wasn't super clear, on the last part, the "project" was basically a spreadsheet about optimizing healing for a fight. Nothing to do with BLM.

No. 1238433

I won't lie and say the car incident and the sperging isn't milky, but your screenshot and admission that the ex-boyfriend is a piece of shit make me think the entire group is probably full of bigger retards than her.

No. 1239745

that's always the way these online friend groups go. They make fun of one person for being a retard to make themselves feel better that they're even bigger retards.

The post this girl wrote shows screenshots of her telling this guy to stop talking about sexual stuff with her because she's not in the right headspace and right after he tells her he wants to tie her down and fuck her with different toys for hours etc. She claims this same guy sexually assaulted her and apparently she attempted suicide over it. She downed a bunch of pills and the cops rolled up on her so she drove away and wouldn't pull over and ended up crashing. Apparently, the friend group responded to all this shit by removing this girl from staff and severing ties with her as soon as she was released from her psych hold.

This guy sounds like a giant self-absorbed piece of shit that successfully "pity poor me'd" you dumbasses into taking his side because this dwarf-looking girl wouldn't e-fuck him over discord. You guys are the cows here. Acting batshit insane is completely par for the course after being raped, and women don't usually stop loving their bfs direct after they rape them. Hope you're proud of yourself, OP. You're a complete cunt and a bully for posting this shit here. it's her website and she can call you guys out publicly if she wants. Build your own website for your pathetic raid stats for your out of date, dragon slayer, baby mmo.

No. 1240452

Girl I used to be friends with. Standard cow, not too special.

>Identifies as a "lesbian with straight tendencies"

>Notorious for hooking up with most of my friend's male friend group
>Most recent one involved her forcing herself on a guy who she was house-sitting for when he backed out on hooking up
>Will fuck pretty much anything with a penis
>Has flings that last weeks at most
>Hasn't had any girlfriends I've been aware of
>Dyes her hair a different color every month
>"Plus size" with horrible hygiene
>Whines about being poor but then spends money on shitty tattoos and organic food
>Most likely has untreated BPD
>Doesn't believe in medication so remains untreated
>Openly admits to manipulating others to get her way
>Says it's "human nature" when called out for her shitty behavior
>Claims to have had an abusive childhood
>Verbally abused mother for the entirety of a 6 hour car ride to a convention, with strangers present
>Begged me to go to a convention I didn't want to attend so she wouldn't be alone. Had to dodge her the whole time I was there. Got mad when I ended up rooming with someone else
>Once came to me for advice for a pregnancy scare
>Says she did it without a condom with a random guy and hasn't had her period. Described the details of the hookup to me in vivid detail
>Asks me if she'd be a good mother
>I tell her she needs to mature a bit first
>Goes on the defense and says I'm wrong, and says if she's really pregnant, she wants to have a baby to get back at her mom
>Haven't seen her in years but every time I hear about her it involves her forcing herself upon a random guy

No. 1240511

Best post on this entire site. You give me hope, anon.

No. 1240515

>fake bi scrote chaser
>engaged at 19yo to a short-term bf, lived in his small, one person studio apartment for a few months before breaking up with him and moving back in with her parents
>changes hair color every two weeks or so, always to some dangerhair combo; otherwise lets her roots get halfway down her hair
>has at least three instagram accounts, where she posts censored nudes and lewds of herself (previously taken by her 'photographer' bf/fiance)
>fake former anachan
>lies about everything for no reason
>tells tmi stories of her adventures in clinging to fucked up people
>doesn't do coursework. doesn't try. begs everyone for help and notes. doesn't reciprocate or tries to pass google results as her own work
>keeps saying she's dumb but never takes time to study
>constant whining about everything and sad emojis
>walking case of dunning-kruger, keeps acting like she's been everywhere and has heard of everything, often clearly making things up out of wholecloth
>fake feminist and slacktivist
>keeps harping about misogyny in media but says the most sexist shit ever about women; sees no irony
>super loud and no filter

She'd be funnier if she didn't suck all the air out of the room 24/7 and didn't try to attach her leech self to anyone who even so much as gives her .2 seconds of attention.

No. 1240627

File: 1622218070472.png (2.42 MB, 828x1792, 13A4EEA9-D6A4-4F84-9044-05DDFC…)

Jermaine Skellignton, slimbaby42069 is a personal CPS of mine that finds himself re-emerging online after running away from place to place in constant homelessness due to his violent and creepy behavior, he also was once an interesting subject on Kiwifarms that sperged when he was mentioned and created an account of his own.

No. 1240628

File: 1622218106142.png (2.27 MB, 828x1792, 2A95D84C-02DB-4865-A9CB-EA1A4E…)

No. 1240636

i have an acquaintance
>normie str8 girl throughout high school
>white (this is relevant)
>wants to be a translator but not great at spanish
>goes to college and leaves legit sorority for unofficial latina one that branched off from legit latina sorority
>still white
>still can't speak spanish fluently enough for native speakers
>self-chosen nickname "fuega"
>fakebi and wont shut up on twitter abt being queer
>when asked can't say she'd be in a committed relationship with a woman but is certain she would with a man
>hasn't gotten any pussy still
>also a theythemoid
>changed nothing about herself or her life for her new gender
>bitches about being misgendered even tho she looks like the average instathottie

not enough online activity for being a certified cow, but provides me some personal amusement

No. 1240682

both of these are just boring vendettas kek. like what's the actual milk other than 'reeee i find them annoying and they're braindead from being hyperonline!!!!!'

No. 1240724

>dude who went to school with me
>Kept publicly hitting on Twitter egirls before finally settling for a "normal" local egirl
>Keeps overselling how attractive and sexy he is, literally mentions it nonstop
>Just some generic fat metalhead though
>Talks on Twitter about his successful streamer career when he has 14 followers on twitch and most of his 230 followers on Instagram are bots
>Dropped out of university because lazy, is now a neet but keeps saying how he's definitely gonna become a police officer like his dad guyz!!!1! Even though he looks like the stay puffed marshmallow man because he loves shitty fast food
>Talks shit about everyone who doesn't like his racist opinions or has different taste than him

I've been avoiding his online social presence / him in general like the plague because I don't like the guy but my old school friends love making fun of him in our group chat lol

No. 1241290

he has a "creepy dude with a HUGE boner right now" face lmao. i hope he kills himself

No. 1241588

This guy doesn't share his cowish behaviour publicly online other than private gay fb groups so no receipts. All this happening in Muslim north Africa, not sure if cowish enough but here we go.
>Was in my class in high school, obsessed with Lady Gaga, obviously gay, ugly and a bully in a kinda catty way so not very liked but I didn't mind him
>Run into him years later, he insists we were besties in hs and invites me to hang out, I agree cause why not
>Comes out officially, hangs out with lots of gay/queer/trans people. I become friendly with most of them.
>Insists I had a crush on him back then, and that he totally passed as straight. I don't care about it and let him cope, hard to be gay out here. Also every girl can't resist him but sadly for them he is gay
>Never finished hs, never had a job and a virgin at 28
>Sad posts in fb gay groups to beg for money, with pics of him with marks from his uncle beating him to turn him straight, no idea if legit but reasons to doubt.
>Never seen any marks or blues on him irl, and his mom and older brother accept him. Father is dead.
>A gay rights group arranges for him to move to another African country more friendly to gays, he lasts a week there before demanding to be back here. Claims they were catty and mean to him. Worse than uncle beating him I guess?
>Still keeps 2000€ left over from money they sent him, a lot of money for a local here. Spends it on expensive cigarettes, eating out and clothes.
>Other gays admit they claim to all be bottoms to stop him creepily hitting on them, while dating each other secretly.
>Hits on minors regularly
>Throws tantrums cause we played a kissing game and gays would rather kiss girls than him.
>Throws tantrums when he isn't the center of attention after everyone gets tired of his sob stories
>Tries to hook up with every straight guy who is not homophic and acts friendly to gay people. They stop coming to hang out if he is around.
>Has a list of people than if we interact with, we can't be friends anymore, basically past friends who called him out and know his antics.
>livestreams to gay fb groups when walking down the street, claiming he is being followed and stalked and at any moment attacked. Litterally no one cares other than looking at the guy talking and filming on his phone.
>Wears clothes with rainbows on them, still no attacks
> Sends his nudes and lewds to the groupchat where there are minors.
>Insults and mocks everyone regularly, as I said he is kind of a bully.
> Has a breakdown where he claims we are all jealous of him and demonstrates his deep hatred for women and calls them whores for getting the straight guys. No one is surprised.
> Eventually forges paperwork to go to europe then request refugee status for being gay, ghosts everyone but not before calling us the equivalent of sand n words and saying we will rot in Africa. At this point we all kept contact with him just for the milk.
>All this time everyone was considerate of his feelings and he was treated nicely, I guess he was just mad no one fucked him.

No. 1241600


unfortunately anon, i'm getting mad vibes that he hates himself for being gay and needs to project that hatred outward

you tried your best but some people need go hit rock bottom to find some semblance of peace with themselves

No. 1241610

A mutual through many other mutuals potential UK lolcow by the name of "Arky Fox" who always plays the victim, sells bootleg merch at conventions, always has some form of drama on a monthly basis and gets too involved with problems that aren't of her concern then complains when people come after her on social media. Was put on blast on Tumblr a few years ago for failing to make a commissioned bouquet for someone's wedding out of spite, so the bride had nothing for the service and is known in the UK furry scene, which "apparently" turned against her.

No. 1241656

>>has a kink for people wearing their socks while showering
This is so weirdly specific kek.

No. 1241793


Levi isn't a cow IMO, she just needs professional help and a long break from the internet.

No. 1242290

File: 1622399749832.jpeg (145.6 KB, 950x714, F500ACE0-323D-4507-A6C2-7F1966…)

Meet Stella and Freddy, power couple of less than a year:


>Edits every photo of her that exists so people don’t think she is still 5ft and H-bodied with tragic proportions
>Fishes for attention online by whining about how society thinks she is fat
>Her ‘work’ consists of making social media posts and filming budget videos to ‘promote’ actual businesses (screenshot taken from one such video)
>Her other ‘work’ involves upselling cheap balloons from taobao (including the balloon in photo)
>Her sister dated a cop who was also good friends with Stella but he got dropped like a hot potato when they realized people hate cops kek
>Sperged about Freddy keeping in touch with his yoga trainer ex
>Was caught liking one of his ex’s ig posts while stalking her profile and was even following her with her ‘business’ account to keep tabs on her


>Claims to be a personal trainer, barista, cabin crew member AND ‘financial planner’
>Uncertain timeline of past relationship with his ex and current one but was in contact with both girls at the same time (though he just seemed amicable with his ex)
>Even now is always dining with other girls one-on-one tho
>Goes by weird fake names on fb that change whenever he feels like it
>Has an anime tattoo obviously

No. 1242464

there's nothing wrong with her actual body, it's honestly weird to see someone online trying to hide they are short. I'm so used to girls pretending they are "Smol little beans"

No. 1242492

It’s because you need to be 45kg with a visible waist to hip ratio to not be considered a pig where we live tbh

No. 1242811

File: 1622470171306.webm (8.64 MB, 720x1280, yikes.webm)

He harassed some girl in ig dm's just because she told him not to spam her on twitter

No. 1242906


Ur fucking stupid lol, these are the most boring average people

No. 1243303

File: 1622510498053.jpg (782.59 KB, 2386x2166, It begins.jpg)

I present to you 1 cow and 2 calves from Miami. These are always my fave threads so I thought I could give you all some good entertainment!
I was very new to this scene earlier this year, I’ve seen all of these cows + related weirdos at these places but never really interacted. Come to follow them on IG I find out they’re completely batshit and horrible people.. Haven’t gone to another since the first few but kept lurking their socials
>Marceline ( @marcelinfsteel ,IG: marceline.steel ) is a Puerto rican LIGHTSKIN with the average “they/them” bpd sex worker sjw attitude that will do anything to seem righteous and full of herself. Only redeemable aspect is that she DJs.
>uwu im so shy and have anxiety… meanwhile just whores herself out on OF and pretty much anywhere really, wears tiny little outfits and shows her areolas with no consideration for other ppl
>I mostly don’t judge people’s appearances but this bitch is an actual fridge and then acts like she’s better than literally anyone and in her words is “god’s favorite”
>weird seemingly normie cuck bf just gets to hear how much she hates white people probably everyday and put into demeaning ‘twink’ outfits to show off for twitter, IG and god knows what else
>oh yeah only ever dates white guys and I’ve yet to see a post where she says a black man is attractive, only the “wh*te men” even tho she despises them
>has a ridiculous obsession with race stuff day in and day out, from the hatred of white people to a weird disdain for mixed people. ( even though her kids would be mixed if she were to have them lol)
>nitpicks and bullies randos on twitter probably all day lol
>don’t know if its normal to trip at Disney, but she has tripped at Disney lol

Here’s one milky thing that’s happened recently:
>This story begins with a rave ending in the cops being called on Summer (calf #1) after she physically assaults some jew for apparently saying some racist stuff ( 99% most likely didn’t happen knowing these people ).
>17 year old witness who has been their personal tattoo artist at raves ends up calling Summer ‘toxic’ because of the whole ordeal
>This leads to Summer, a 25 year old, to start talking shit about this 17 year old. 17 yo goes on meltdown because she had housed Summer for a bit, gave her a free back tattoo, and looked up to all of these older rave dj people and felt taken advantage of
> In comes our cow Marceline to chime in about how 17 yo’s older trans gf is a racist and was insulting not one but THREE black women! And saying the N-WORD! ( most likely didn’t happen either, just another lie to appease her incessant narcissism )
>Marceline starts a “safety fund” to raise $400 for Summer because I guess after getting the cops called on her she was getting kicked out of her place
>actually gets random white guilt clout chasing losers to donate like 1k
>Very next day ID vice writes a really cringe article on the Miami underground music scene that describe the raves, with Summer being the face of the ads.
>Not really sure what happened with 17 yo other than she probably fucked off from the group
Summer just aggressively rants about anyone that criticizes her, never thinks she does anything wrong. I just find it funny that this group never calls out their own people for actual fucked up shit but will antagonize anyone else. This next one isn’t as intense or milky as Summer but here goes:
>Calf #2 is a white anachan named Babeslayer.
>BS is also another awful liberal sjw and bartends most of the raves
>somehow is also an actual anti-vaxx vegetarian
>does whippets frequently but goes on rants about health and how “we don’t know what’s in the vaccine”
>possibly maybe thinks the government created the virus
>”The plan is to depopulate by 2030 so it brings me to wonder the side effects of a drug their injecting 9 years before that” “yall be eating meat which literally has live bacteria”
>doesn’t know shit about immunology or viruses lol who would’ve thought!
>thinks vaccines cause autism and cancer
>heavy metals
>HAS A KID ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS KEK. And has kept him home from school, apparently has religious exemption and a “very healthy immune system” lol. Forced him to be vegetarian too probably

No. 1243304

File: 1622510597397.jpg (1.73 MB, 3911x3493, NarcBehavior.jpg)

Marceline's narc behavior on display

No. 1243305

File: 1622510701143.jpg (1.08 MB, 2268x2910, WeirdScroteBF.jpg)

She loves to talk about he's an enby or miiiiight be.

No. 1243307

File: 1622510805670.jpg (1.43 MB, 4202x2994, AnnoyingRacistRants.jpg)

And this is my collection of her being insufferable and going on racist rants. This is EVERYDAY, i find it hilarious. also sry if its spammy, i tried making these humorous for your enjoyment.

No. 1243320

The most offensive part of all this is that she's a Dr*verfag. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1243348

omg she's so milky she warrants her own thread. and i hate to say it but her white BF is pretty damn cute, if it wasn't for that hideous femboy act he puts on.

No. 1243350

i'm a brown woman and i've come to realize that poc who sperg all day about hating white people, tend to fetishize and date white people. it's not any different from a closeted homophobic conservative who hates gay people but secretly watches gay porn and browses on grindr. anyway, i wanna see more receipts on this chick. she is muy LOCA lol.(blog)

No. 1243809

How I wish we had more threads for the black bpd end of tumblr/insta/Twitter. The woke girl after logging out on twitter memes couldn't beat seeing it unfurl firsthand.

No. 1244037

meet "shaun"
>19 y/o
>has a 4 month old kid
>aspiring "redpill" comedian
>massive trump supporter
>got kicked out of basic training for trying to hang himself with a shoe
>somehow immediately re-enlists (wtf)
>still listens to drake

live a typical day in the life of shaun:
>wife is abusive so you get a divorce
>first thing you do is hop in your ex wife's car
>drive around looking for a prostitute
>find one
>she takes your money and runs
>finally find an actual prostitute
>get high
>proceed to wreck your ex wife's car
he does shit like this consistently.

No. 1244245

Funny bc most light skinned African Americans are the majority victims of colorism for not being “black enough”

No. 1244256

Hey we’re about to be friends but first may I ask “ what’s your sexual orientation ?” This information is very important or I’ll have to ditch you if I don’t vibe with it. Also do you have any whites in your family history or your just white passing..? If so send money to my Venmo or your a rascist. And yes I don’t care if you are African American if you look white passing send me money you bigot

No. 1245547

Some Korean plastic surgery BDD cows:

Cow 1:
>BDD troon
>SWer in South Korea
>Extreme narcissist, probably HPD
>Passes surprisingly well
>Brags about fucking Korean surgeons for free surgeries
>Claims he got "botched" double-jaw surgery
>Looks literally the same as he did before
>Cried about it on the daily and wanted to start a vlog about the trauma of being botched
>Cries about how he can't handle being ugly and how he'll kill himself if he isn't pretty
>Frequently interrupts conversation with videos of him twerking on Korean businessmen or him gogo dancing at a club
>Attacks anyone who disagrees with him on the most minor offences
>Solicited chat members for hookups in South Korea
>Posted nudes for no reason at all
>Talked shit about cis women for supposedly being hotter than them

Cow 2:
>Frequently shilled one particular surgeon for 'saving her life'
>Had double jaw surgery from an extreme case
>Attacked and bullied anyone who was botched by him or had anything less than perfect to say about him
>Once sent screenshots to the surgeon of a girl in chat who was not happy with her results
>Girl was devastated and had to leave the chat for a long while because she would get attacked every time she posted
>Spammed emojis and stickers and was bipolar as fuck
>Would make grand claims about her surgical experience and that she was open to questions
>Refused to answer any questions and was rude to anyone who did
>Left out a lot of details of her story
>Claimed other peoples reviews or experiences were fishy when hers were just as, if not worse
>Later learn that she shopped her before pictures to look more severe than they were
>Still claims she isn't a promoter
>Post history on other sites show she was promoting said surgeon for years before even seeing him

Cow 3:
>Not that bad looking
>Dated a SWer
>Disliked her career but only stuck with her because he felt he couldn't get anyone else to love him
>Was literally only 19
>Gf cancelled their date and left him out in the cold to fuck a man overnight for an extra $800
>Frequent meltdowns over her SW but still stayed regardless
>Planned to marry her after knowing her for only 3 months
>Overly sensitive and freaked out over the smallest critiques on appearance

Cow 4:
>Biggest cow of them all and notorious across all chatrooms
>Banned from several
>Would video call other members or message them constantly crying and begging for help
>Extreme BDD
>Not great looking so somewhat justified
>Consulted with 20+ clinics
>Was willing to everything and anything with minimal research beforehand
>Wanted double-jaw to the point where 'her jaw was in her eyeballs'
>Argued with surgeons and consultants, claimed they all disrespected her
>Showed surgeons pictures of Smart Dolls and little girls saying that was her goal
>Did not possess the facial structure to make such a thing possible
>Used the baby filter on Snapchat to show her 'goals'
>Fought constantly with Cow 3
>Ended up taking out a $10k loan to go to South Korea
>Gets fat grafting and eyelid surgery
>Fat graft fades within months
>Sperged about it
>Has at least 3 different alter accounts + more for each time she got banned for sperging

No. 1246746

I have so many but I’ll start off w this one.

>20 y/o neet

>started off as “innocent soft “girl in high school
>bff dated a rapist, defends her and rapist
>immediately after became hipster tumblr druggie
>hangs out with dealers for shit
>had anti-sjw humor just to please the scrotes, now an lgbtqiazur+ ally environmentalist who eats doordash almost as much as shaynus
>starts dating dealer
>gets cheated on
>cheater cheats on her with even younger girl
>breaks up, becomes Astrid level wannabe groupie
>starts fucking any scrote that can pluck an instrument or hoarsely breathe
>ends up “experimenting” with her childhood best friend
>bff has bf that she fucks, bf ends up fucking her more than the bff
>bff finally realized how played she was
>bf tries down the road in aftermath
> got with one scrote, he broke up with his half a decade relationship to buy her a bed and then got ghosted for another guy with coke.

There’s so much more but that’s all I can remember right now.

No. 1247418

File: 1622958398248.jpg (9.66 KB, 605x259, 0d5.jpg)

"Centrist" painfully white teenage boy in discord server
>Thinks there's something wrong with people who do not want kids
>Thinks that children should be free from all responsibility and fault until they make an active attempt to murder someone
>Wants to have a shit ton of kids regardless of the physical strain on the mother
>Is worried that white people aren't having as many kids as they used to
>Avoids answering when someone asks "why is it white people specifically?"
>Thinks that overpopulation is a hoax/meme
>Brings up politics but doesn't admit who they voted for
>"It was a really tough choice between Trump and Biden"
>"Jeffery Bezos is a really interesting person"
>"People who work for Amazon are free to do so, it's not like they're slaves"
>Thinks that a vagina is just an inverted penis
>Refers to wikipedia as his source

There was too much he said to recall everything but overall the conversation was a huge fucking yikes

No. 1247460

That's not even a centrist thats just wanting to be every single political alignment at once.

No. 1247599

average white teenage boy into politics kek

No. 1247602

>Thinks that a vagina is just an inverted penis
How, what the fuck?

No. 1248691

A lot of people that are prominent on or orbit niche regional twitterspheres, both the blue check academics and journalists and the hangers-on are personal lolcows of mine. Not worthy of a thread because none of them are particularly relevant outside of these insular spheres but they're still funny

No. 1251080

File: 1623272064894.jpeg (344.02 KB, 828x1147, FB7418C9-88F3-40BB-A49E-5EA4FF…)

I know she’s been mentioned a few times before here. This kind of behavior is embarrassing

No. 1251280

i followed kenzi for a LONG time because i really enjoy their body painting and art, but the drama posting got to be too much for me and i had to unfollow. it was at least once a week, if not more, and at the time i was a follower it was almost always focused on people not liking/sharing/interacting to boost their posts so more people would see their stuff.

No. 1253108

File: 1623434246662.png (269.71 KB, 740x767, Qq6AOCU.png)

My personal cow is a big part of the IG doll community, especially, within the last 48 hours.

The tranny queen of the community, Clawdeena9 was on the verge of getting canceled for cultural appropriation (aka using bantu knots), and him getting exposed as a pedo was the final straw. He's already made multiple responses, including one where he confirmed it (and blamed it on being a sexual abuse victim), one where he denied it and another where he sobbed on IG live for 15 minutes and didn't say anything.

Clawdeena's accuser, the potato-looking eah.lover, keeps crying about how Clawdeena ruined her life, but she doesn't want any drama!

Retards like BLADEZ, keep glorifying eah.lover, calling her beautiful and brave, while getting into arguments with other people. Anyone posting anti-Clawdeena content, is praised for speaking the truth. Dozens of brain-dead teens, that can barely build a sentence, make Tik-Toks, IG Lives and YouTube videos talking about how Clawdeena needs to get canceled.

Entire community seems to have forgotten all about this already, since season finale to Rainbow High got released an hour ago.

No. 1253127

File: 1623435070957.jpg (2.63 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_06-11-11.08.18.jpg)

Kenzi probably reads here or has friends scouring. An anon posted this post and not even three days later Kenzi made a melodramatic post about herself and haters. Nothing had happened until then, the whole Moldovite and moving out situation happened after this. She's too unhinged and self involved to stop running her mouth so I bet we will see a thread come about.

No. 1253373

can i post 19 year old ana-chan me as my own personal lolcow(no1curr)

No. 1255900

File: 1623650786099.png (506.35 KB, 496x651, Screenshot_20210614-020328.png)

Girl I knew in highschool.
>Spergs about Miraculous Ladybug and other cringy shows for 5 year olds.
>Gives off furry vibes
>Does some terrible cosplays
>Has a crusty neckbeard for a bf ofc
>Cringy theatre kid

No. 1255903

People who like sticking their tongues out in photos always have the jankiest tongues alive. Jesus christ.

No. 1255904

>>1255903 I know right? Man needs to brush his tongue.

No. 1255908

hardly milk. what did she do to you?

No. 1255913

File: 1623651711579.png (302.81 KB, 496x534, Screenshot_20210614-022109.png)

No. 1255917

>>1255908 isn't being a borderline furry and a wackjob cosplayer milky enough?

No. 1255919

>wackjob cosplayer
i briefly glanced and i didn't see much evidence of that. maybe i'm wrong, but even so that's like a good 60% of retards on the internet. hardly remarkable.

No. 1255922

I'd argue atleast half of the internet's full of cows

No. 1255941

There's a guy I know who used to scream at everyone and call them niggers, kikes, faggots etc. He would also have public meltdowns. If he had more of an internet presence he'd probably have been a lolcow.

No. 1255962

File: 1623655795214.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, bpq3H5Gl.jpg)

before I post about them (am phone poster, shit takes energy), is anyone else aware of the tiktok entities known as 1) Kathleen, the sweetheart West Virginian schizophrenic woman who thinks she channels Marilyn Monroe and is in an astral relationship with Johnny Depp, or 2) Harmony Sapphire, a woman in her early 40s obsessed with Prince who thinks he's still alive, who lives in a hotel off of donations with her disabled 22 year old daughter?

they're both my personal lolcows but both are definitely mentally ill. I don't want to speak bad on them necessarily outside of just discussion. with Harmony tho she's delusional and got a daughter with zero verbal or social skills, and has repeatedly stated that she's got zero plans to help her daughter thrive.

picrel is Harmony and her dead husbando

No. 1256184

anon are you me? lol i follow both these cows on tiktok. i just found kathleens new page yesterday.
harmony’s daughter ariel makes me sad. how can she be ok with the constant moving from hotel to hotel? what does she do all day? it’s really strange.

No. 1256415

File: 1623694858034.png (182.64 KB, 354x395, Screenshot_20210614-023239.png)

Um ew.(sage non-milk)

No. 1256715

no one cares

No. 1258443

File: 1623900652820.jpg (14.02 KB, 246x138, hqdefault.jpg)

Have been hate listening a youtube channel called Colonel Kurtz while I unpack/clean my apartment. She's a unhinged johnny deep superfan who sounds like a 14 year despite clearly being in her late 20s at least; I personally think Amber Heard is full of shit but she is so obsessed with "analyzing" and "proving" it's like going to an old timey freak show and paying a quarter to see the lady swallow the sword. Sometimes she can barely speak coherently because of how emotionally riled up she is about some minor detail about this celebrity she will never met who doesn't know or care she exists. She's also gotten involved in the Manson truther community, tried to admonish Elon Musk for "bullying" JD and made spergy anti-Megan Markle videos. I get the impression often that she wanted to be a actress or something as a child and never allowed herself to pursue it, now she is pathologically envious of all these woman for getting to fraternize and have relationships with these famous and powerful men while she is stuck with the local retarded moids.

No. 1258874

There is someone I know who I check on every so often. I only found the twitter because he linked it to his discord.

>early/mid 20s

>they/he enby who is just a male trying to fit in with his tranny friends
>goes on twitter all day to look at furry porn
>retweets fat furry porn ALL day
>retweets fear mongering SJW tweets that can easily be debunked
>had 2000 followers at one point, most probably just using his account to jerk off, but deleted it because "nobody ever interacts"
>makes new account which is suffering from the same problem
>new twitter has only been around for less than a month and already has thousands of tweets
>obsessively retweets art from certain artists in hopes of getting free art
>had an AD twitter where he talked about his weird fetishes and at one point posted a picture of his belly saying "It makes me so horny thinking about how fat I'm getting"
>blows all his money on commissions of his dozens of fursonas which are growing by the day
>spam retweets previous commissions between paychecks
>can't hold a job for more than a few months and complains when a shift is longer than 4 hours
>talks about starting a Kickstarter to move out of his parents house

No. 1259290

File: 1623993051890.jpg (118.4 KB, 691x1024, tumblr_8767bf1578c1e2d9bc47582…)

i normally leave people who were creepy to me when i was underage in the past but this one chick i knew is so milky i sometimes keep up with her antics even as an adult

>34 years old

>borderline personality disorder
>"bigender" she/he/they/whatever (actually was a would-be FTM and would talk about how she wanted to become male and put male on her profiles but never went ahead and transition)
>bisexual but almost entirely thirsts over male characters (she did e-date a girl who later trooned out in high school though)
>anime otherkin
>obsessed with very minor characters in fandom to the point she hates main characters and gets mad that no one else likes her weird obscure faves and ships
>constantly horny posts but confessed to me once that she's still a virgin and has mostly e-dated
>fandoms have been pokemon, osomatsu-san, dramatical murder, les miserables, the french revolution (???), phoenix wright, jojo's bizarre adventure, fire emblem
>ships mostly yaoi, likes incest, shota, etc.
>despite being a degnerate she used to really hate furries for some reason? lol

pictured is her shitty art she has meltdowns over no one giving attention, these are apparently some jojo characters but she's such a hipster i can't even recognize them

No. 1259780

kek i find this chick irritating too. i know her purely from marilyn manson case videos. she's some sort of a hero for manson apologists now. she hosted an interview with his former assistant i think and made some other video with bullshit like analyzing evan rachel wood's mannerisms/way of speaking if i recall correctly, and other nonsense. she tried hard to come across as very informed, composed and analytical cool mind that logically skims through accusations "without taking sides", but at the same time she clearly takes manson's side and it's apparent she's far from being objective. manson's fanboys however treat her like some voice of reason and take her words as some "solid" proof that manson is poor scapegoat victimized by actress-model vendetta with addition of "society wants take him down again" conspiracy lol. i didn't know she's so fangirly in her other videos, if she behaves so emotional and immature then it's funny cause she poses as some intelligent, analytical one in her manson videos lol.

No. 1260074

File: 1624108710724.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1814, Screenshot_20210613-122453~4.p…)

my personal cow is this local nail tech I've followed for a while. She used to just post outfits and nails and shit though now she's fully morphed into a cow
>Onlyfans Thot
>knocked up by some wannabe rapper/graffiti artist guy
>Posts covid conspiracy shit and had parties all throughout coronavirus
>Got a dog for the aesthetic and then dumped it on her mum
>posts loads of Instagram stories of her and her mates acting cringe and doing dumb shit like putting a hot tub in the living room
>got hideous fillers

I only follow her for the laughs at this point. She's always going off on her insta story.

No. 1260082

I can't believe I recognized them, that's sale and zucchero. I love this type of people who pick characters that appear for 5 minutes as their favorites, make up a personality for them and then go wryyyyyy when anyone else depicts them another way, just make your own character at that point

No. 1260098

> got bullied in primary school, fucking Stacey
> decide to look up Stacey years later
> tfw u realise she's now a holocaust denier, extreme anti-semite
> posts furry art
> still Stacey, but super stocky and obvious drug addict, no education
> admits to having narcissistic personality disorder and molesting her preteen brother on fucking Quora

fucking christ

No. 1260101

ooo I'm so excited you exist anon! I also had just found Kathleen's new account after I made my post. I'll probably write up posts about those two soon. idk if I should put it here or on the TT thread? anyway I really worry for ariel. she stays eating only taco bell, starbucks and gas station snacks.

No. 1261003

File: 1624224319302.jpeg (266.11 KB, 750x1334, 2542D9F8-9AE8-436E-81B5-571F53…)

german anons may or may not know @sodastreamfan which is a instagram meme page posting terrible sjw sharepics and memes. it is run by a bpd fakeboi who not long ago was a very feminine girl, came out as bisexual and then never shut up about fucking girls and eating pussy which she probably never did since she exclusively dated musty skaterboys. i guess „being bi“ wasn‘t special enough so she recently came out as trans and now obviously can‘t stop tweeting about how incredibly gay she is and how much gay sex she wants to have. she ticks all the lolcow boxes: bpd, eating disorder, supposedly chronically ill, art student, trans bc of sexual assault and watching too much rpdr, can’t stop oversharing on twitter, her best friend also came out as ftm around the same time she did. she is my personal case study on rapid onset gender dysphoria and why bpd fakeboi bitches on the internet are the worst

No. 1261046

>>1260074 looool - I’ve followed her for years now, she used to have be so gorgeous and now I’m just following her for the drama. She keeps dating and hanging out with soundcloud rapper boys and doing graffiti and drugs, and now she’s preggers. I feel fucking sorry for that baby

No. 1261158

File: 1624247792254.png (134.03 KB, 580x270, d2h0ha9-f100f152-ae82-4acb-805…)

that literally describes her to a t except she also liked these interpretations to the point she hated protagonists with some exceptions. she also liked those characters in the pokemon anime who only appeared in one episode and those one-off murderers in the phoenix wright games. she also made up weird yaoi ships involving these characters that never met (pic related)

No. 1261197

Different anon but I also follow Harmony’s antics and would like to know more about the former cow. What’s her account?

No. 1261203


Let me guess, she lives in fucking Berlin

No. 1261205

by former do you mean Kathleen? it's great btw to find more harmony lurkers lol

No. 1261234

Same, I can't imagine that SoundCloud rapper guy she dates will stick around. Their relationship seems so superficial. I also really hope she doesn't do any pregnant onlyfans shit or anything like that but she's so clout hungry I wouldn't be surprised if she did

No. 1261285

A bit of context, I live somewhere that is majorly muslims, but not as strict as middle east and is kinda liberal in a way.

>befriend a gay dude in college because i was a faghag

>dude was invited by this girl to an LGBT-feminist-socialist(?) support group
>girl is a bipolar hypersexual
>is a hijabi muslim straight girl
>have non-marital sex a lot
>claims about how non marital sex is not a sin and calls people who calls out her claims an evil bigot
>yet will get mad at ex-muslims for leaving her very-perfect-no-flaws religion
>compare her parents sending her to therapy for having sex addictions to gay conversion therapy
>now claiming herself as enbies cause she doesn't care about pronouns
>our language doesn't have gendered pronouns and she wears hijab all the time
>friend suspect that she is doing that just because she is into femdom and probably has gay man fetish
>she literally thinks pegging men is kweer
>would literally scream "did you just assume their genders?!" when people talk about baby's gender

Her feminist-lgbt-socialist support group also run by an incel gay man who equates him not getting a boyfriend with misogyny.

No. 1261310

God I love stories like this from places so different to where I live. How does it even work when your language doesn't use gendered pronouns, I'm so intrigued

No. 1261358

Yeah I meant Kathleen.

Harmony is amazing cow material. She has all the characteristics: delusions of grandeur, chronic oversharer, depressing child abuse, shitty makeup.. endlessly entertaining. It’s hard with tiktok because it’s not well documented but I think with a good write up people would get interested.

No. 1261367

I'm going to take a wild guess. Are you Indon, anon? This sounds so similar to a personal lolcow of mine too lmao

No. 1261405

File: 1624293184854.png (963.29 KB, 780x1352, Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 17.28…)

do you know how old he is?? the post she added today makes it look like his stomach tattoo says 1999? surely not.

No. 1261409

that's 1994. he's got the same belly tat as pnp kek

No. 1261455

hätte nie gedacht Johanna hier zu sehen ich lache. Vor ein paar monaten sah die doch ganz anders aus what happeneddd

No. 1261478

ahhh ich habe gehofft dass jemand antwortet, sie ist einfach so eine riesen lolcow. hiermit schließe ich mit dir internet schwesternschaft anon
es ist schrecklich, als ich gesehen hab dass sie trooned hätte ich nicht gedacht, dass es so schlimm wird. ihr geht es offensichtlich gar nicht gut kek
ich finde es auch tragisch, dass sie eigentlich ein paar ganz gute politische ansichten hat und hatte (zu prostitution zum beispiel) aber trotzdem komplett aufm queerfem special snowflake bpd film abgeschmiert ist. sie hat mich mit ihrem privaten account als followerin entfernt und sie nimmt mich nicht mehr an, deswegen kann ich keine milk posten. folgst du ihr?

No. 1261512

Hab sie 2x irl getroffen als sie noch komplett girly war mit langen haaren und hat damals auch durchgehend geredet und oft themen wie kacken oder ähnliches und halt mega adhs, ihr ist aber auch nie was peinlich fand das erst ein bisschen sympathisch aber es war eher oft suuper unangenehm weil es so komplett ungeniert war und man ihre offensichtliche unsicherheit so unerträglich mitbekommen musste. hätte nie im leben gedacht dass der ganze wahn so eskaliert. der twitteracc ist einfach purer cringe und so unfassbar unangenehm zu lesen ey, das wird noch was geben. hauptsache kurz vorher noch bilderbuch antifa girl mit dem ganzen starterpack und jetzt dies. folge dem privaten acc nicht weiß garnicht wie der heißt tbh aber wär jetzt auch auffällig, war froh als ich ihr irgendwann auf dem alten acc entfolgt bin weil die storys so unfassbar nervig sind. naja witzig der tag ist gekommen an dem mal jemand gepostet wird den ich kenne lel

No. 1264408

File: 1624669836394.png (2.65 MB, 1440x1620, Screenshot_2021-06-25-16-23-55…)

My personal cow
>First things first she's a cringe weeb who is a quarter japanese n will make sure you know it and tries to flex her knowledge of the language but it's all basic shit
>Also posts shit about Asian hate crimes n says she's experienced racism…u're white lol
>Went to high school for one year with her and she was already addicted to weed n pills
>Eventually drops out of high school to get high n hit on wanna be SoundCloud rappers
>Has a series of unfortunate hair cuts and dye jobs, currently it's rainbow idfk
>Worked at dominoes for 2 days b4 quitting
>Somehow got an apartment in a bougie neighborhood in Seattle but was kicked out bc of noise complaints
>Rich mom pays 4 it all but she acts like she makes coin
>Recently has gotten a series of anime tattoos n shitty black n white work that's unflattering on her fridge body
>Wears clothes too small for her n acts like she's uwu small Nippon princess
>Has started doing fake nails for her friends n is trying to make a business out of it
>Documents her alcoholism and weed addiction every second on Snapchat
>Spends hundreds of dollars on weed, manga, makeup, and alcohol and acts like it's her money when it's obvi her moms

No. 1268018

File: 1625039331221.png (7.67 MB, 1536x2048, F393EB8E-C4C4-4617-83CA-18AF5B…)


>claims to be a lesbian but is dating a man

>says it’s okay bc they’re both nOnBiNaRy
>CONSTANTLY posting about sex and her bf
>had an about page where she said she supports he/him lesbians
>makes cringey bad art

Not a lot but she aggravates the crap outta me, i love it when people call out her dumbassery

No. 1268041

Her arm genuinely scared me, I think I'm anachan now

No. 1268044

lol is the fatass in the background her boyfriend?

No. 1268792

doesnt her fat boyfriend claim to be nonbinary but tags his cringy crossdressing tiktoks as boysinskirts or something

No. 1268809

I haven’t seen his tiktoks but his ig handle is skully.boy…BOY. Like ok, he probably just told his gf he’s non-binary so he could fuck her lol she’s so stupid.

No. 1271537

File: 1625441313203.jpeg (284.36 KB, 827x1410, 3BFD851F-7799-450A-B096-9E2CB2…)

what the fuck is bunny alexander’s boyfriend wearing? this legit shocked me

No. 1271538

oh man those tats are bad. is that the bunny alexander who used to be friends with vic shingles?

No. 1271560

yeah lol. she's a "christian" now, full of inverted cross and pentagram tattoos

No. 1271701

Hi, I’m Bunny.
I’m usually a fellow anon on lolcow but I’ll make myself known if I’m brought up (usually only in the Victoria thread when she goes on a sperg about me) I like to think of myself as “rehabing” from my former tumblr dumbassery and cringe. I was a stupid narc teenager/20 year old with a tumblr and thought I was interesting and special. I was cringey, I got bad tattoos, I grew up and I’m just trying to find happiness in my life anywhere I can. I’m not an Internet personality, and I just want to be left alone to live my average life and try to heal and grow from my own problems and personality issues.

I’m sorry if by revealing myself in this thread I’m breaking any rules, but I’m asking human to human (or farmer to farmer if you prefer) please, don’t post on here about me. Not to blog, it’s just incredibly distressing to my mental well-being. I’m just trying to get better and live normal. Also having my sweet, kind boyfriend who has done nothing to deserve being posted on here except for having the bad luck of being associated with me is just heart-breaking.

Sorry to leave you with this dramatic cringe post, but please don’t post about me or my loved ones here. They don’t deserve it.

No. 1271702

Jfc get a life

No. 1271708

Hey bunny, good advice would be to ignore it. Writing posts like this opens you for ridicule.

No. 1271748

Girl if you don’t want people to post about you then don’t draw attention to it, I’m sure you’re aware of the creepshow situation too? I wouldn’t be surprised if it escalates because you wanted to say something “human to human” on a shit talk forum.

Sage for feeding the cringe

No. 1271863

File: 1625497707592.jpg (19.97 KB, 464x212, W1zk4ZF.jpg)

You can’t stop anonymous people from posting whatever they want, if you put stuff out on the internet it’s available for public comment. Just stop visiting lolcow if it’s that harmful to your mental health.

No. 1271869

so you browse lolcow which is a gossip site, and are okay with gossiping about other people. but you, as a public figure with 15k followers, are exempt from the same treatment?

No. 1271966

Judging from those pictures… Malaysians/singaporeans? also they arent milky at all lmao. Even YBB’s stale ass drama is milkier.

No. 1271980

This. Just ignore anons posting about you. A few months ago a cow-associated retard tried to pull the same shit and got just as ridiculed. Don't post publicly or ignore lolcow.

No. 1272168

lmao ppl who dish it but can't take it should stay the fuck off lolcow

No. 1272172

she archived her account. bunny I hope you are okay. just remember there are people that have literally hundreds of threads about them on here.

No. 1272505

Lmfao only bothered to even scroll up and see this shit because of her retard please stop post. God he's a tubby manlet with baby hands, beer gut and fas nipples… Yikes

The thing I hate most about her is she claims to be getting better and not still some speshu snowflake bpd narc, but every time she posts it's some long tirade about herself as if she should be different or special, trying to justify her behavior or garner sympathy. I hate when anons indulge it, too
>>1272172 like, if she's not ok over this maybe she should go back to therapy. She seems to still lack a chunk of self awareness and requires attention to this new "I'm different now!!" schtick considering I've read the same novela at least three times in the Vick thread. Legitimately fuck off and reflect on why you have such a need for a bunch of anonymous internet strangers to validate you, bunny. If you really changed, you wouldn't feel the need to protest so much. You're absolutely still a flake in your own right and for as long as you continue to feel the need to individualize yourself on here or go on about how you've "changed" (newsflash: you haven't, you've just tricked yourself into believing this new humility persona is different) you'll continue to be one.

No. 1273850

File: 1625808502716.jpg (107.47 KB, 750x848, 213103297_327197345747211_3785…)

Girl I know that I keep around for personal entertainment.

>23. BDP. Sex worker. Standard cow affair.

>Dad killed himself when she was 14 so now she has terrible daddy issues.
>Used to be successful xylophone player. Was in the national youth orchestra, won heaps of awards, went on talent shows etc. Now sucks cock for cash.
>Mother is a millionaire doctor who thinks her daughter is studying medicine.
>Tells men she's infertile so they don't have to wear protection. Also openly talks about having multiple abortions, miscarriages and 'abortion sex'.
>Constantly desperate for attention; asks everyone she meets if they find her attractive and will randomly strip off and strut around naked in front of total strangers.
>All she ever talks about is drugs, doing drugs, guys she's fucked or guys who want to fuck her.
>Has weird old man stalker who comments cryptic shit on all her Instagram posts.
>Is delusional. Very average-looking girl who genuinely believes a photographer will discover her while she's walking the street one day and make her into a model.
>Cheats on literally every bf she gets.
>Openly brags about being a 'master manipulator' who can control all men.
>Accuses every bf she has of rape so she doesn't have to feel bad about cheating on them. Claims to still be in love with them and maintains friendships with them even after they 'raped' her.
>Cries and complains about being abandoned when her bfs leave her after she cheats on them.
>Consistently stalks all her exes by driving past their houses/places of work on a regular basis.
>Cheated on the 'love of her life' with a 17-year-old kid while she was in a mental hospital, as well as a married coworker and countless others.
>All her housemates moved out at once over 18 months ago because they got sick of her shit. Bf left her the next day.
>Got fired for fucking all her male coworkers.
>Refused to get any new housemates or a job and ended up over $15K in debt for not paying rent.
>Real estate threatened to sue her but she refuses to leave because of all the 'memories' she has attached to the house.
>House is literally a crack den that reeks of animal piss.
>Started working at a 'massage parlour' but got fired for assaulting a client.
>Is currently in an embarrassing BDSM relationship with a guy she cheated on her last bf with.
>Broke his nose during a fight, then told him he's hotter now because he looks more like her dead dad.
>Holds knives to his throat during fights.
>Bf runs a Facebook meme page where he posts memes about being abused and having autism.
>Bf is now her 'pimp'.
>Her and bf were renting their crack den on AirBNB at a loss (literally paying for other people to live in their home).
>House got removed from AirBNB after customers kept complaining about how filthy it is.
>Is now trying her hand at OnlyFans but has 0 subscribers.

No. 1273911

That hairline. Genuinely thought this was MTF for a second

No. 1273963

You just know she's fucked her dog

No. 1274010

Sounds milky, but she legit has like 14 followers and only a few posts with no interactions… Did she have a different account with a bigger following or something? How do you know all of this?

No. 1274159

Anon… get this girl on to /snow/ asap

No. 1274193


No. 1274199

This. Bunny is just as insufferable as the rest of these cows. She lurks here daily (notices posts about her within minutes) and has no problem snooping around but doesn't want herself on here?? Gtfo kek. I started to really hate her when she went on a social media sperg fest about no longer photoshopping her pictures, which only lasted like a day, before she went back to filters and FaceTune.
Her constant SJW posts are also annoying as hell because you know, aside from telling everyone else what to do and how to live their lives, she does no other form of activism.
Bunny, nobody cares that much about you and all you're doing is drawing more negative attention to yourself by doing this in every thread your name is mentioned in.

No. 1274421

This is her thot side account that she runs to promote her onlyfans with her current bf. She has a main account with about 400 followers and more photos.
I honestly would have made a thread about her years ago if she had a bigger following. I have hundreds of anecdotes I could share though.

No. 1274424

please share the milk!

No. 1274431

Anon, she sounds like premium grade milk. I'd genuinely follow this girl purely because she sounds fucking hilarious

No. 1274435


>She refused to suck one of her exes dicks because she didn't want him to think she was 'that type of girl' lmao.

>Later cheated on that same guy with her new housemate.
>Dumps original guy for the housemate.
>Continues to string first guy along for over a year and carries out emotional affair with him while still in relationship with new housemate/bf.
>Her and bf have very loud, constant sex in the attic for all the other housemates to hear. >Relationship is extremely volatile; constant fights then loud make-up sex. Bf spends most of his free time loudly sobbing in his bedroom because she won't stop cheating on him.
>Her and bf go on an overseas trip with friends.
>On the second day of the trip, bf finds texts between her and the ex. The texts say things like "I wish I was here with you instead", etc.
>Bf has breakdown and starts packing his shit to fly home.
>They have massive blow-out fight and she assaults him.
>They go out to calm down and get extremely drunk at a local bar.
>Go back to hotel room and have black-out drunk sex.
>Next morning, she accuses him of rape and says he can't be angry about her cheating anymore.
>They meet up with a mutual friend the next day. Bf is ready to leave but mutual friend convinces them to stay.
>They all stay in hostel together that night. Girl and bf have obnoxiously loud sex in room with 12 strangers.
>They start loudly fucking again the next morning. People in the room start complaining.
>Bf later confesses he didn't even want to have sex and often felt too scared to say no.
>They come home and she continues affair with her ex until her bf breaks up with her.
>She shows up at ex's house in the middle of the night for pity sex and finds him in bed with another woman.
>She assaults them both and a friend has to pick her up and take her home.
>Bf takes her back and now she accuses the ex she cheated on of being abusive lmao.
>They stay together for another year or so.
>She constantly threatens to kill herself to keep him around.
>Cheats on him (as previously mentioned) when he sends her to a mental hospital.
>Tells him the day she gets out that she needs to be in an open relationship "for her mental health". Basically threatens suicide if he doesn't say yes.
>Starts fucking her married coworker the next day.
>He eventually gets fed up and leaves, along with all the housemates. She ends up completely alone for a couple of months until she manages to manipulate a new man into a relationship. Continues to cheat on him constantly, too, and also accuses him of rape.
>Claims she is still in love with both exes while abusing current bf.

No. 1274517

I rarely feel bad for moids. I still don't, he's choosing sex with a crazy abuser over having a healthy life

No. 1274530

Does she overshare all of this? Because these details seem super specific and from the POV of someone on the inside who was literally there. Where are you getting all of this? Just share her main account, anon. There’s clearly interest.

No. 1274653

Anon sounds like they were maybe one of the housemates, this is hilarious though

No. 1274767

File: 1625969583860.jpg (71.67 KB, 750x997, 213652808_828285164791128_2301…)

I understand this perspective but she literally abuses people into submission and threatens to kill herself if they leave. They really don't get much of a choice.
I know her and all of her exes personally. She overshares constantly because she doesn't realize all of this makes her look like a terrible person. The first thing she tells everyone she meets is that her dad killed himself (she sometimes alters the story and says she witnessed the suicide but this makes no sense) as a preemptive excuse for all the fucked up shit she's about to tell you. After the inevitable breakups, her exes always come and tell me all the dirt. I've been friends with her for years and she's too deluded to see that everyone around her hates her and is actually scared of her.

No. 1274776

>They really don't get much of a choice.
who cares lol? ntayrt but having sympathy for moids is a mistake

No. 1274814

> I’ve been friends with her for years
So like… don’t be? Why are you friends with someone you hate this much. You had me in the first half but you lost me with the vendetta.

No. 1274819

Because it's entertaining to keep up with the trainwreck.

No. 1274825

All this milk is fantastic. I would happily follow this cow, shes way more interesting than half of the shit people sound on /snow/

The funny thing about this is that around the same time you posted this, a bunch of anons in the pro ana scumbag threads were discussing the possibility of making a BPD general in /snow/.

No. 1275220

im sure if my irl had a bigger following she'd be included in threads here


>constantly sperges about her emotionally abusive home and how she needs to leave
>never accepts help such as jobs offered to her or places to stay
>adding onto that, only had one job for 2 months back in 2015
>currently doesnt have a car or job, spent the stimulus check on a new mac pro in order to "be able to fill out job applications and write a resume" despite having a working laptop
>blames irls and shames them for not reaching out to talk to her during her weekly meltdowns
>threatens suicide at every minor inconvenience or if something doesnt go her way
>nsfw twt sex worker that begs for interactions and guilt trips people into giving her likes and buying her content
>entitled, tells her followers to buy her door dash because it costs too much
>meanwhile overspends on depop and other materialistic things such as shoes and clothing that costs upwards 80-150, which she then only wears once or twice
>multiple times has bought lingerie, or had followers buy it for her, that she knew was too small and then got upset when it didnt fit
>constantly lies about her appearance on nsfw twt, such as wearing wigs and saying its her real hair and using fake tattoos
>goes as far as to buy multiples of said fake tattoos for her "content" to keep up the gimmick that theyre real
>claims this is for "security" and to keep her identity safe despite showing her face in her content
>cant remember the orientation of said fake tattoos lul
>changes aesthetic based on whats trending, most recently it was the ~uwu anime loving gamer girl~ despite not watching anime or playing any type of video game
>claims to be a lesbian, only has sex with cis men and talks about her attraction to them
>self diagnosed bpd
>multiple posts a day about her GERD and how everyone else is lucky because she's constantly bed ridden from it
>calls occasionally watching her grandma with dementia/babysitting her niece full time jobs (paid by family to do so)
>as of typing this she deactivated her nsfw twt because people kept unfollowing her

No. 1275264

How old is this person?

No. 1275362

No. 1275816

Oh my goodness, I posted about her last thread but last night she went full on cow (We'll call her Deadbeat):
> 23 year old Ohio NEET
> Dropped out of college, claims to be a "photographer"
> Has a list of creeps and predators in Columbus that she flaunts about
> Laughed about her male friend being choked by her taller female friend
> Claims that every roommate situation she had is toxic
> Last roommates moved out early but were still on the lease
> Last thread I said she pushed one of them down the stairs for coming back to get her laundry
> Instagram alt-thot with inactive followers or 16-19 year olds who thinks she "keeps it real"
> Social media attention whore who "cancels" people to look woke
> Claims to be an activist, makes homophobic comments and culturally appropriates to a point where people think she's asian
> Victimizes herself constantly when she gets called out on her bullshit
> Has an onlyfans but doesn't post any content
> Claims to support sex work but shames actual sex workers

Now here's the milk from last night about her NEW roommates:
> Deadbeat vandalized her new roommate's packages after fighting with them for 6 months
> Stole one of her roommate's shoes (We'll call her North) and then blocked her when she confronted Deadbeat
> Up and left randomly
> Sets up a laptop camera incase anyone went into her room
> North goes into room and finds the camera
> North posts packages and starts talking about how shitty Deadbeat was for 6 months
> Deadbeat called North a whore and called her lesbian roommate a dyke
> Claims her queer friends did it and "I'm an LGBT ally"!!
> Brings drama to North's job
> Abused the fuck out of her roommates cat and gave it away because she didn't want to feed it
> Went off on roommate for crying about someone dying, said roommate "gaslit" her
> Went on her Insta stories like Azealia Banks to "speak her truth"
> Claims that she was traumatized by her roommates even though she fought them and went off on them for months
> Claims North was racist for not wanting random people to walk in and out of their house
> Tries to twist everything to make herself look like the victim
> Claims to "take a break" will probably be back in a month to act like nothing happened

No. 1275953

File: 1626188062846.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x2560, 21-07-13-15-55-09-189_deco.jpg)

little bit more of this one. he's not a socials user and I can't bare to watch his streams cus of his fake kawaii voice and persona. his real life personality is basically just bitter victim Aryan rich boy. all the making of an incel without the celibacy (unfortunately)

No. 1275954

same anon see also some YouTube cringe

No. 1275967

No. 1275970

File: 1626190167596.jpeg (441.44 KB, 1170x1824, E2C115CC-FBCC-4405-A87B-C1282D…)

Didn’t put the file but here’s the latest on how crazy she is. That’s her in the photo.

No. 1276286

File: 1626233195639.jpg (194.62 KB, 2000x1600, jsal;fjiewfnv.z,mxxh;fa.jpg)

Fresh milk.

It appears as if her and the latest bf have broken up. She has deleted her facebook profile (her profile pic was an escorting photo lmao) and her now-ex has been posting on his meme page about being cheated on.

No. 1276419

>his real life personality is basically just bitter victim Aryan rich boy
I don't think you know what that world means, Anon.

No. 1276568

File: 1626288136604.png (366.65 KB, 750x1100, FBIinformant.png)

Hope it’s okay to post my lawcow here. I don’t think this counts as doxxing because it’s all public information.
Link: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/17241239/meacham-v-university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign/

>is enrolled in graduate program

>needs disability accommodations
>doesn’t finish program
>files bizarre case against the university alleging everything that could possibly be alleged: rape, physical assault, cyber stalking, harassment, sex discrimination, disability discrimination, religious discrimination (maybe?)
> case is filed pro se, because she claims this conspiracy against her has kept her from getting a job or an attorney
>files foia requests for phone , email, and video records of everyone who’s ever looked at her apparently
>all filings from her are childishly assembled emails or edited word documents trying to sound professional
>university responds, basically says “lol no”, smacks her down with an actual real adult lawyer
>case is ultimately dismissed a few months ago because her mail gets returned

It’s so bizarre. I think this woman is really mentally ill but incredibly milky at the same time. The best part is her delusions that everyone is out to get her in every way possible. I don’t know how the case even made it into court.

No. 1276569

File: 1626288203470.png (388.82 KB, 750x1083, crazyemail.png)

No. 1276571

File: 1626288325892.png (207.43 KB, 750x962, discrimination.png)

No. 1276574

File: 1626288449088.png (234.48 KB, 749x1087, rambling.png)

No. 1276576

Why am I not surprised to read UofI
Champagne Urbana.

No. 1276590

sounds like paranoid schizophrenia or some shit. the fbi stuff lmao

No. 1276594

>forever 3intelligent4u
>acts like she's an established and successful scientist just because she had to publicly publish a study to graduate
>has dated the same milquetoast, failed local musician despite him repeatedly cheating with younger and younger women
>she acts like it never happened and continues to depend on him
>miss independent yet emotionally codependent narc
>befriends people as ornaments to add to her edgy internet cool girl image
>of course never keeps any because she's a massive narc
>milkiest thing she's ever done was email a mutual a literal formatted essay on why they couldn't be friends anymore because she felt slighted and subtweeted by an instagram story
>the story in question was actually about an ex but she refused to accept it claiming mutual was immature and playing high school mean girl games
>mutual posts the multi page google doc, i forgot just how many it was
>her other arthoe narc faghags chime in defending her and explaining how cool girl was doing important emotional labor for mutual and it should be appreciated
>mutual is in awe, everyone defends cool girl to retain social clout
>now is a shit ass dj playing small shows for gender specials at dingy dive bars
>acts like she's a hot shot because her bf takes her to LA to cuck her while she DJs at dive bars
>locals fawn over her because silver haired, tall and lanky white woman
>attacked a random person for calling out her hagfag friend for selling aliexpress charms as "handmade"
>went on to post stories about it for three days subtweeing random after blocking them
>does this with every other woman she feels threatened by
>literally only goes after prettier and more liked women that genuinely wanted to befriend her

If I can find that email doc again I will absolutely post because it is one of the most terrifying and hilarious thing's I've ever read in my life. It's been years and I still laugh about it.

No. 1276684

kek I know you're not talking about her but the description reminded me of octavekitten

No. 1276860

File: 1626316228829.png (108.54 KB, 750x447, disability.png)

Last post of the bunch. Her disability is…. (drumroll) IBS and being a bit slow?

No. 1276936

>”non-binary” and by that she means wearing halter tops while having a goatee
>stereotypical Twitter commie/Bernie Bro, calls herself a “colonizer” unironically
>has a major hoarding problem to the point where she can’t find the garbage can
>refuses to get an actual job claiming disability; earns money by having an OnlyFans and donating plasma but mostly lives on donations
>is a prison abolitionist but only if you’re black and/or a troon
>literally never shuts up about how ReNt Is ExToRtIoN while having a history of walking out on leases and straight up rent striking
>has “eat the rich” written in Sharpie on the back of her wheelchair
>is now homeless/couch-surfing with her uwu kweer found family
>didn’t qualify for the CDC declaration because of the hoarding causing damage to the unit
>claims Dad is abusive and tried to run her over with her car; in reality Dad has offered help multiple times but she refuses
>has full blown meltdowns over there being an “untrained dog” in a house that she is house-sitting
>did I mention this person is 30? Because she’s 30

It appears that some trolls (possibly KF) have found her YouTube and she is being raided. I can drop a link to the latest if y’all are interested

No. 1277021

Go for it, I like to laugh. Also she reminds me of a local dumbass cow of my own

No. 1277057

No. 1277872

File: 1626449449697.jpeg (380.71 KB, 1334x1334, BE467B98-329B-49A2-AB14-98F23F…)

i’ve been following this sperg pretty closely ever since i discovered her while deep diving into r/waifusim awhile back. let me introduce y’all to cindy, better known as u/dorkyautisticgirl on reddit and luthier is best boi on youtube.

> 21 year old autist neet girl who is “in a relationship” with luthier from fire emblem: shadows of valentia
> her “boyfriend” luthier is an incredibly minor character who barely has any interaction with any character in the game, very few lines aside from basic level up/battle quotes. basically, he is there to give characterization to his more interesting sister delthea and to be used as a mage in alm’s route, nothing more, nothing less.

the milk:
> is a frequent poster in r/waifuism, where she often shares her “art” within the community (nitpick, but it really pisses me off how she draws herself like a five year old on their first day of kindergarten when fire emblem is a medieval swords and sorcery jrpg)
> also is frequently found in r/fireemblem and r/FireEmblemHeroes, where she immediately shits up both communities by crossposting her garbage ms paint scribbling she calls art of her and luthier together, as well as going on tism fueled rants about her husbando. it seems like cindy’s entire personality is dedicated to luthier and being autistic, how boring.
> before i can get into the real milk, though, i’ll have to explain fire emblem heroes for those who know nothing about it: fire emblem heroes (henceforth will be referred to as feh) is a gacha game where you “summon” different characters from various fire emblem games and battle against other players. it was released in 2017, the game that luthier is from came out later that year. before it was released, many of the characters in that game were added to feh. luthier, as well as many other sov characters were not added in until 2021.
> in november of last year, cindy decided to shit up the gamepress feh board with her infamous autistic meltdown over luthier not being in feh. in her thread titled “I don’t think Luthier has a chance to get in anymore” she went absolutely dogshit insane, because her beloved wasn’t in the game still after three years of his original games release. many tried to reason with her, saying that not only were there other characters from sov that have yet to be added in (implying there is still plenty of time), that it was also getting close to the original game’s release date anniversary, so there was a good chance he would be added then. but no, cindy wasn’t having that. she let the full extent of her special needs show by USING CAPS LOCK AND CRY TYPING BECAUSE LUTHIER ISNT IN FEH!! AND INSULTING OTHER USERS BY SAYING THINGS LIKE HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOUR FAVE WASNT IN FEH!! then started posting about how she’s a stupid baby who needs to be put into daycare and should wear diapers for some reason?? (it would not surprise me if that cow as into abdl) that went on for awhile until cindy realized she was being a retard and apologized to the people of gamepress she harassed over something that ultimately does not matter. that legendary thread has 110 posts, and is still viewable on gamepress if any of you nonnies want the full sperg

i don’t have any more milk, but i’ll keep my eye on this cow for a bit, if not solely for the cringe.

No. 1277874

File: 1626449502354.jpeg (187.61 KB, 1080x1080, F6747C06-A061-4B1E-965B-262061…)

No. 1277906

is it even possible to be on t long enough to grow facial hair but still have an unmistakably female voice? thats so… sad
she reminds me of kayla waller

No. 1278114

I seen the hair and the goatee and I knew.

I had no context and I still knew this was going to be hilarious.

No. 1278249

File: 1626470169597.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 2828x2828, 18024707-9BDF-4300-BD8C-4FA8D2…)

should’ve mentioned she constantly deactivates and re-activates her social media based on how much attention she gets

anyways, she reactivated her nsfw long enough for me to snag an example of her not knowing how to keep her own lies straight…by forgetting the orientation of her “tattoo”

No. 1278403

Is she trans or just very unfortunate looking? She checks off all the AGP facial features

No. 1279006

She just looks Downsy to me.

No. 1279342

She’s being brigaded right now for flagging a channel (?? Not sure what they are talking about in the comments)

No. 1279409

Met her over a decade ago when she was a super weeb, still annoying, but she was just dating a friend of a friend.

I know her fiance. He briefly had a thing with Jessi Slaughter (so he claims) in 2019 when she was in Memphis.
I guess he's "autistic" now too, but it's probably brain damage from the shitty MMA fighting and who knows what drugs

Dude always had a thing for broken hipster trash with short hair and ugly piercings. Was into guro and pedo shit. Before he locked his twitter I saw he was following zoo's (she even mentions in her video about her ex the little)

So fuck em. I feel for the 3 cats they're dragging around with them.

No. 1279478

damn shes a dead ringer for a girl who used to stalk me. maybe i should make a post about her, but she does costhot porn now and it depresses the fuck out of me to think about her. sage for no milk. just crazy how alike these unwashed autists look

No. 1279614

>guro, pedo and zoo shit

What the actual fuck. Do you know more about this guy?

No. 1279801

So this is really just D&D salt.
>Be Z (placeholder name)
>Z is disabled and doesn't do much with her life
>Plays D&D and MMORPGS to pass the time and gets REALLY into them
>lives in dogshit trailerpark
alls fine and well, who cares
>be friends with me, play D&D for a couple years with me DMing
>Have great times trolling and making dipshit scenarios
>Enter Y (mutual friend that plays D&D in my game)
>Y wants to DM 'le dark fantasy'
>We say alright, it's not going to be too cringe, right?
>There's rape, gore, genocide, racism. Whatever.
>non-humans are enslaved or Kill on sight, especially my character, Half drow.
>I have to be clever and cuck myself multiple times to be relevant.
>Z makes a character that is human, has ties to the shit tier govt, is basically main character, gets free cookies all the time
>whatever, they don't do anything irl, fine and dandy
>Z takes over the game 90% of the time and literally just does whatever they want.
>party tries to stop her constantly from being a retard.
>"I wish you guys would stop ganging up on me all the time" and does retard thing anyways.
>This repeats and we literally have to sit down with her multiple times to tell her to stop intentionally playing an unlikable character and then bitching that no one likes her character
>nothing changes
>literally everything in the game becomes about her
>Z's character soon dies because another player kills her for being irresponsible with power (evil paladin man), and she makes a new placeholder character and conspires w Y to bring her OG main character back
>"how do I write up a quick character rq"
>"ah she was enslaved and raped so many times and had so many kids, I literally can't count how many kids I've had bc it's been so traumatic"
>Tells my SO this in game. Day of meeting this character. I dont know yet bc I was doing schoolwork
>the new character leaves near immediately, although Z wanted her to stick around so she could play multiple characters and we had a 5 hour argument about it on the spot ("she wouldn't just leave!!")
>start finding weird fey kids.
>wtf ok
>SO tells me what was said to them
Why the fuck would you put a rape baby collectathon in my d&d game?
>Game to this point has been sweaty pro play 3.5 bullshit where we almost die in every encounter with anything
>I leave and basically barely talk to them after that

Bonus meme:
>Excited about new life events
>Go to tell that friend group what I'm doing
>I wanted to go canvass in Georgia because I care about politics a lot
>Z tells me I'm the most irresponsible person she knew and that I'm going to kill my SO w covid
>I live in a worse covid hotspot than where I was going to by 2.4x.
>proceed to scream at each other for 3 hours straight
>Z proceeds to not vote in any election and then still to this day circle jerks that "the elite control everything" and "all of the government is corrupt"

This is what lost me that group of friends I've had for 7 years.

No. 1279852

>5 hour argument about it on the spot

>proceed to scream at each other for 3 hours straight

you're outing yourself with this stuff, too, nonnie

No. 1279873

He use to hang out with edgy stoner weeb types that all thought they could play fighting games better when high. They couldn't.
I thought the guro and pedo shit was just edgelord shit for the time. Low key trashy furry too so I shouldn't have been surprised about the zooshit.

All the friends we knew together have pretty much abandoned him and moved on doing whatever. Looks like the circle of weeby cosplay friends of Beardy had back then have abandoned her too. Not surprised she's neurotic as fuck.
He cheated on his one hispter girlfriend while she was at artschool with the trashy sister of one of Beardy's exboyfriends. It was a hotmess.

They had like 5 people living in their one bedroom rental on and off while I knew them. That place was fucking disgusting. Smelled like weed, cat piss and dude funk.

We stayed FB friends for a time, he'd message me randomly asking if I wanted dickpics and to try and gossip about exfriends, told me he was in a poly with jessi slaughter and that he'd been taking estrogen. Unfriended him when I scoped out his twitter and saw he was following zoo's, but I believe all his socials are private now so I can't screencap.

I'm afraid that if I spill anymore he'll know who I am and I don't want to deal with Memphis trash.

No. 1279903

Yeah I don’t blame you nona.

No. 1279983

>continuing to play in a shitty game for presumably weeks while secretly seething
Undiluted autism

No. 1279988

look I just wanna play d&d, man

No. 1280043

No. 1280057

They're talking about the nb lady's fiance, who is male. Read.

No. 1280681

Anyone been paying any attention to the posts about the October 15th general strike? Saw a shit ton of posts about it so I decided to do a little bit of research into it. Seems like they're all 19-20 something yr olds with no experience. They have a discord for it, a total shit show.
> anti-union ( at first)
> the original planner fucking bailed
> criticism of their planning gets you banned
> discussed involving 'qanon'
> no back up funds for any of this
They don't understand the gravity

No. 1280685

>anti-union (at first)
I've been loosely aware of the general strike and its focus is worker rights and income inequality, so why would the organizers be anti-union? Wtf? Unions were and are the only reason so many workers have protection, benefits, and higher salaries. Do you have a link about that point? I looked at their website and it's pretty general, but yes, it does sound disorganized with no real thought put into it.

No. 1280691

File: 1626763924766.png (62.34 KB, 558x355, piss fart union shit.PNG)

Ah,yeah one sec. Sorry I didn't flesh out the post well, was in a bit of a rush and accidentally sent before I was ready.
They later changed their minds on it, after recieving a lot of backlash from people in the discord they started to advocate for people to contact local unions.

No. 1280708

oh oh and they accused anyone wanting more info about the mods of being feds.

No. 1281861

Update to this person, who now says adoption is genocide. At this point I’m just gonna start posting her in the fakeboi thread kek

No. 1282218

File: 1626948393941.jpg (49.4 KB, 318x318, a1e4e0_7f07dbb7a2d04ee2adcde8e…)

They're irrelevant outside of one town in my country but Tribe Friday is a bit of a personal cow for me, I'm just waiting for the inevitable milk-fest that will come when the skeletons in their closet get dug up again.
I'm pretty sure the last person who tried to bring up their shit got sued, but its easy to guess what comes from a bunch of grown men who pander to teen girls.
(Also this weird eboy troon aesthetic kinda speaks for itself)

No. 1282241

Are they nonce?

No. 1282406

adoption groups are being overrun with this garbage

No. 1285402

File: 1627407068747.png (2.55 MB, 1368x1672, collage.png)

i think some people may know of this baker who makes intricate art on cakes, but what people aren't aware of is how much of a snowflake her daughter is. this girl posted a pic on fb with one of our mutuals and ever since i saw how uncannily edited her face was compared to everyone else she's been my personal lolcow/snowflake, lol.

>26 years old

>works as a violin tutor
>extremely insecure and defensive about her face, weight and voice (she wishes to have a "sweet e-girl voice")
>copes by baiting for likes on fb
>is always on some diet or another
>fails each time
>goes to a dietician and swears up and down she'll stick to her diet until she 'slims down'
>diet miraculously snaps out of existence just a few months later
>at some point constantly posted about playing ringfit adventure to lose weight
>not even half a year and she sold the game
>next exercise fad was dancing
>very short-lived as she complained she wasn't losing weight but actually gaining weight instead
>coombrain weeb fans meme her into thinking she's genuinely "thicc"
>posts her thighs for that sweet, sweet validation from gross old men and fat weebs
>legs looks like pig trotters (sorry pigs)
>wants to be internet famous badly but fails miserably
>only talents are buying things and begging people to buy her things on fb
>tries to become viral on youtube by posting violin covers
>takes forever to even upload a video, constantly delays it
>says she'll upload more due to lockdown
>last video posted was a year ago
>posts her heavily edited cosplays on socmed
>blocks anyone who says even anything remotely negative on fb and gets her friends to downvote those on reddit
>claims she is as good as a baker as her mom but we see 0 evidence of this
>wants to follow her mom's footsteps by selling baked goods and promises to sell animal crossing shaped cookies
>months pass with no news, then suddenly she announces she lost the cookie cutters
>tries to do art commissions for money and clout
>knows her art isn't good so she excuses it by saying she's still "finding her art style"
>hears all the praise for procreate and falsely concludes that her art would improve if she has it
>orders an ipad pro solely to get procreate
>ipad arrives
>her art literally looks the same
>starts an art account for her art
>only lasted for month before she abandoned it
>starts streaming on twitch
>claims she's not streaming just for money
>let slip that she started streaming as her cousin suggested it as a source of income since she can't tutor due to obvious reasons
>says she streams in order to interact with her fans
>plays apex legends most of the time and barely talks to the chat
>boasts about her apex legends skills on fb
>lost every single match in the first stream she did
>loses most of the time actually
>complains about the lack of growth on twitch even though it's obvious nobody wants to stick around after seeing the jarring difference between her pics and stream
>the only people that continue watching her are her friends and simps who are desperate to get with her
>noticing that her twitch isn't growing, she decided to bring out the cleavage in a stream
>claims that she felt confident and wanted to try an e-girl style
>instant regret and the stream is deleted after it ended
>claims she loves streaming and does it for fun
>looks like she's on the verge of tears most of the time
>even broke down on multiple streams crying about having not found The One and about how she's not good enough
>talks shit about her ex friends who were "toxic"
>laments on twitter wishing she was more likeable

i guess she's kind of a nobody but her mom is actually talented and sweet so it's funny to see that she's the total opposite.

No. 1285409

Kek that pig feet comparison is killing me. Low effort moomin doodles aren't going to get you very far with anyone over 15 sweaty.

No. 1285410

Samefag cause I already deleted once to fix a typo, but Moomin characters are literally the easiest shit to draw in the world and she can't even do that. Tove Jansson's brother had never drawn in his life before he took over the series from his sister.

No. 1285438

Girl at my job is a mix between Shaynus and Jillian in personality traits.

>21 year old, goes to culinary school

>talks like the people in culinary reality shows who want to sound like they know more about food than they really do
>only listens to classic rock because "new stuff sounds too artificial" and she's "just an old soul"
>nOT LiKE otHeR GiRLs to a T
>Trying to correct the things she does wrong on the job, takes each critic as a personal attack
>"I'll only listen to the Chef" not the employees working in the industry 5, 10, 20 years longer than her. Only the Chef.
>Every time school is mentioned its "And my professor was amazed that out of everyone in the class, I was the only one to do X correctly".
>"My therapist said that she doesn't even know how I've survived after everything I've been through" - always talks about muh trauma
>Standard white middle class girl who has her apartment and college mostly paid by parents
>Trauma is her mother is abusive and a bitch, totally the worst. (No examples given, citation needed)
>"I like my men like I like my coffee, imported"
>"I actually already technically graduated last year, I just wanted to take some other classes" no diploma, though.
>5'2 100 lbs but constantly threatening to fight anyone and everyone, will "stab you" or "break your fingers"
>Has shown she's actually a pussy and "will sue you" if you touch her
>Makes being Italian a big personality trait despite being like 3rd gen white American. "I know people in the mob, I could call them right now to take care of people"

And more. Why are so many kids these days narcissistic snowflake cows, fuck.

No. 1285447

Samefag, she doesn't have much internet presence but if she did, she'd be prime cow material. I could sitll share the public account she does have, she posts as if she is a high end Chef. And I remembered a bit more:

>Met new sales manager. She is introduced to the manager and instead of saying hi back, starts talking about being bartending and FOH certified because clearly the GM didn't give her a grand enough introduction as just "line cook and baker".

>Currently making a documentary about "becoming a chef"
>Recently made a big meal for her family that she hates and people totally thought it was by a caterer - "I could open my own restaurant"
>Can't even keep up in production and plating at her current job. Like, at all
>Cried because the chef yelled at her when she got backed up on tickets and was screeching so loud guests could hear her.
>Admitted her mother put her in special ed when she was a kid but that she didn't need it, she's actually very smart!
>That was just her mother being controlling and thinking she "isn't good enough". However, she is, in fact, straight up retarded.

No. 1285693

Okay share the public page

No. 1286656

Again, not sure if there's much milk online since she's so milky and OTT in person. But sure. Hopefully she uploads the "documentary" because that is sure to be some content.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_jackisdoingstuff/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/controversial_cookin/
Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@__doingstuff
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008912461757

No. 1288616

File: 1627799551018.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2828x2828, tasha1.jpeg)

once again i'm submitting Tasha1 aka sexytasha1 aka sefardiprincess aka real name Thomasa.
>30 year old autistic, virgin NEET from LA.
>LARPED as an Orthodox Jewish person during her college days despite not being jewsh herself.
>dropped out due to not being able to afford it.
>use to talk like she was choking on a thesuarus and now types like a weird homophobic "bimbo"
>admitted to wanting to sleep with her dad and has alluded to CSA from her mom and distant male relatives.
>extremely paranoid and always thinks people are talking about her irl. she has multiple times drove away from drive thrus bc she thinks the workers are staring at her weird and will poison her food
>has 1 brother who her mom offered to get him a hooker for his 16th birthday
>has has several falling outs with tumblr users she thinks are sending her "hate" or from her own behavior
>has had her car repossed, lost her license, massive credit card debt
>takes insane pictures and does her makeup like shane dawson
>got her origal blog deleted for hate speech when she was first posted to the farms
>spends her day getting banned on dating apps for acting a retarded hooker
>has a few orbitors that tattle to her when someone mentions her

I know im forgetting a bunch of shit but if someone more knowledgable makes a thread I'll contribute


No. 1288632

File: 1627804099313.jpg (244.04 KB, 1000x432, d9rkq19-f1650509-38b2-4e5a-800…)

"Popular" deviantART user DamaiMikaz.
>massive NLOG vibes, also works in IT amidts mentally ill scrotes so that's bound to happen
>became popular on deviantART because of her advice on improving skills and carreer, while not drawing for literal years and having poor skill
>used to constantly lick another artist's ass (yuumei)
>started drawing eventually and couldn't stop shilling her book and how much pages she wrote of it, while not explaining the story and with no intention of ever publishing it, it seems
>from what we know of the book (through translated snippets she posts together with the illustrations), it's incredibly childish and edgy, her main oc is a gary stu anime child who's more powerful than anyone ever. She's 34.
>keeps preaching to smaller artists while calling herself "a pro"
>although her art is nice now, she's definitely not a pro, but I guess she really doesn't see room for improvement and she once stated that she felt lost, since she's already a pro and there's nothing more that she can do
>the pro artist does not work in the industry, gives advice on how to work in the industry, burnt out after exactly one round of commissions and decided that she would never do them again

Not an impressive cow like some other artists, but she's so fucking preachy and full of herself for no reason. To be fair, she has some illness that didn't allow her to draw for some time, but don't give advice to people if you know jack shit about drawing professionally. She's barely active now. I'm curious to see if anyone else knows of her.

No. 1288658

Late but I'm guessing hong kong, not that it matters

No. 1288674

Please make a tasha thread, I would do it but im fucking retarded

No. 1288715

Adding my and everyone I know's personal lolcow to the mix, she's too small to post the medias of but she's the milkiest person we've ever met

> cow I've known for years who burned all bridges in college because she was constantly salty and competetive, would skinwalk anyone she was jealous of and was incredibly nasty by trying to isolate and ostracise any female that she felt was prettier than her and had better art

> would cling to a new female best friend each year and bully anyone else who was friends with them, drain them immensely, and then wonder why friend of the year would eventually get tired and set boundaries

> would drop each friend for a new one whenever she got bored and use them for validation, would pander to some of the gays and be manipulative and flirt with them while getting involved with shitty tinder guys, invited a taken guy into her room knowing he was taken but still plays the narrative that she's a misunderstood uwu baby egirl

> post-college still pulling the same shit but has gotten progressively worse in her twenties, obsessive skinwalking of one girl she was jealous of for years on and off and spread rumors about and stalked, would dye and cut her hair and change her face in apps to look like her, pretended to have the same interests and would dress the same while competing pettily for likes and attention, and try to add her friends and exes

> art still inconsistent and got called out on her old account for copying so she was fake both as a person and with her artwork

> got angry again that her third or fourth remake on social media wasn't getting her all the likes and asspats she wanted so she remade again and introduced herself to teenage art twitter and tiktok as a 'smol bean artist who's starting out and needs money'

> is so spoiled and priveleged that she has an entire mansion to herself and doesn't have a job but remakes on art social media as a "new baby artist starting out" and has a similar air of fakeness to Alyssa D. Silos but uglier and slobbier

> literally anyone who looks up her name can see that this new account and persona is an entire lie and whenever she slips out of character and goes on a rage that not all of her posts get likes she bawwletes and tries to get pity

> woman in her twenties using minor artists to ger validation, they're 16, creepy af and desperate for attention

> makes incredibly feelsorryforme stories about how her mother is so abusive to her one moment but shows her off on public social media the next and pushes the narrative of how uwu strong and supportive she is whenever she wants anything, have had confirmation from a few people who know her mother that she abuses her mother but will post secretly that her mother is the abuser

> people have also added how she leaves groups and conversations with whichever friend she's latching onto to try and scare them, mildly abusive tactics there cow

> can't post a single selfie without putting eight filters on it, editing her mouth and chin so badly it shows and using those makeup filters to look like a completely different person, is average and overweight and greasy irl but wants to do an Alyssa and create the illusion that she's hot because her art doesn't do well alone to get attention

> pretended to have no means of drawing after throwing a tantrum over her laptop and cintiq being slow, but had multiple tablets and other devices with everything on that works perfectly, bawwleted after when nobody gave in and gave her money but literally pretended to have no way to finish commissions to get pity and money without working for it

> desperate to look popular somewhere so she buys tiktok followers up to 2k and makes a huge deal on every social media about how she doesn't know how she made it, follows that were about 400 a day conveniently become 2 or 3 a day

> got annoyed nobody would buy her Kofis so she bought some for herself and hid the details that show who's bought you one

> used to send herself anon hate and post it to get pity with really obvious attempts to change her writing style but spellings and tone would still slip through and she only had 50 followers so we knew it was her

> nice and uwu to everyone she sees as a threat but makes horrible narratives about them in secret

> is a twenty six year old woman who uses uwu and tries to be kawaii

> will probably get angry and delete and restart again as a new uwu artist and latch onto minors

> lost two different jobs in the past because "they were so mean to me uwu" but she couldn't handle not getting her ass pat and both workplace groups called her out for her shitty attitude, would baww about it online and act like they were abusing her

> no longer has to work because she lives in a mansion and doesn't have to pay rent but will cling to the narrative that she's a cutesy small artist like nothing else, also openly rage posts when people unfollow but she's the biggest follow for follow ever

> pretty much everything milky she deletes after to try and keep the illusion of cottagecore artist uwu but we see you girl

No. 1289246

File: 1627876672513.jpeg (311.96 KB, 750x708, 90CA05A9-5C63-4D60-B28A-1FFAD3…)

her old posts are so insane i wish she didn't get her first blog deleted. i have so many screenshots from laughing at her with my friends

No. 1291619

Update with Arkyfox. She was fount on the NSFW fetish website 'Fetlife' parading around her public humiliation kink in a clown costume at a charity event, until it came to a creepy realisation she exposed her pie face kink to unconsenting kids at the event. Arkyfox was reported to the charity she volunteered for named Strongbones, who removed her from ever working with them again. She then removed many of the explicit photos taken, changed her username to 'Miss_Foxxx' and location to Antarctica after she got caught.

Now she claims she's 'living her life' while obsessively stalking Michael Jackson fans on Twitter, changing her username each time they retaliate, blocks everyone she doesn't agree with and claims she's 'not a furry' while boasting about how proud of a Furry Artist she is when promoting her work.


No. 1291765

File: 1628198601249.jpeg (534.63 KB, 2173x1117, EpJNUATUYAA1spT.jpeg)

I usually lurk, but because of recent events involving this chick I decided I needed to rant and highlight some of her shit. May very well just be me being salty.


>Was seeing a Therapist for approx. 5 months a few years ago, before her Therapist said she was "All Better". Leading theory is her Therapist got tired of her, and wanted to get rid of her
>Used to proudly identify herself as a RadFem( not a terf, but was always bordering on it )
>Fake Woke; Always loudly proclaimed how much she supported trans people and POC online, and then immediately said rude and degrading shit to them IRL
>Was always very proud of being a woman, and proudly proclaimed her love for women as well.
>Is suddenly proclaiming herself trans-nonbinary, claims she has dysphoria out of nowhere, and is going to start T soon
>Used to constantly tell her trans boyfriend that he wasn't actually trans, that he was just confused, that he was still a woman because she was only attracted to women and was obsessed with her Ex to the point she got pretty stalker-y. So if he wasn't her perfect Girlfriend that loved to cuddle and spend time with her she had to convince him he was, Gaslighting him through the last 3 years of their relationship( Said Ex is also Autistic, and hates touching people in general )
>Created a fantasy version of Ex in her head, and got upset at Ex everytime he acted in a way that wasn't aligned with the version of him in her head
>Constantly shat on Ex's interests, and shut him down when he tried to talk about them in any capacity beyond 'I like [Insert Thing]'
>Based basically her entire life around her Ex-Boyfriend for the 5 years they were together, around spending every waking hour with her Ex, was so completely obsessed with her Ex that when he broke up with her and cut-off all contact with her, she lost her entire set of marbles
>Claimed she's the reason Ex had any friends in the first place
>Also claimed that Ex was the reason she lost all her own friends( Real reason is we all got smart when they broke up )
>Ruined a 10-year long friendship with a person she claimed to be her 'Best Friend' even though she never gave two shits about said "Best Friend" because she only ever wanted to be around, or talk about, her Ex. Example is their highschool graduation, where she ditched her "Best Friend" to go and hang out with her Ex, who was asking about where "Best Friend" was and wanted to hang out with the both of them
>Only contacted "Best Friend" post-break up to;
>1. Try to make her Ex talk to her/communicate to her Ex through the "Best Friend"
>2. Get a shitty 2010-era Wacom Tablet back from her Ex to try and sell it( for it's original value, despite it having been heavily used at that point, worth barely 10$ ), pulling the 'My Mom Gave Me That Tablet and it Means SooOOOoooOOO Much To Me,' card to try and get it back.
>Ex and "Best Friend" don't buy it. Gave up after a month of Ex and his roommates not budging.
>Ex and "Best Friend" proceed to snap the tablet into pieces for catharsis.
>Made her "Best Friend" cry in the parking lot of an Ice Cream parlour because of an insensitive text message she sent her that cemented how little she actually cared about her "Best Friend", claiming that she didn't see how she was being a bad friend, even with her "Best Friend" laying it all out in the open, and that her "Best Friend" was actually the one being a bad friend to her
>Dropped out of Uni despite claiming Feminist and Gender Studies were her ~Passion~
>Also constantly skipped her classes
>Quit an extremely cushy job at a Liquor store where she had probably the best boss of all time. Would get good discounts, could show up late and wouldn't get in shit, could call-in last minute and not get in shit, and was able to just sit on her phone or switch all day and ignore customers without any repercussions
>Stole a 'Friends and Family' wristband for a local anime convention from family of her "Best Friend" that was on staff so her Rebound-GF wouldn't have to pay to get one
>Is addicted to weed( Often spent her entire paycheck on weed ) and is a raging alcoholic
>Lived with her mom until she moved in with her Rebound-GF, proceeded to couch surf after she and her Rebound-GF broke up
>Moved to Edmonton when she realized basically everyone from her old friend-group didn't like her anymore
>Instead of thinking critically about why, chose to run away from her problems
>Grifts off of her friends, especially now that she's living in Edmonton.
>Might not be paying rent to her roommate(s), and may very well be a NEET atm
>Got a job briefly that turned out to be a(n obvious) scam
>Uses her friends problems to make herself feel better( Once tweeted that she felt 'Good and Clear' after sitting in hospital with her friend that had attempted suicide )
>Has hurt the feelings of a good mutual friend we have on multiple occasions, and instead of apologizing, deflects, and changes the subject
>Cosplays. Poorly. If it weren't for her ex-friends she'd never have finished a single cosplay of her own
>Had a full blown mental breakdown the night before a con because she couldn't finish styling a Gerome FE:A wig, and had a friend finish it for her. Said friend also having been the one to make the entire cosplay for her in the first place. Weapon, armour, and all
>Spent 100$ on Fire Emblem: Heroes pulling for Maribelle, then complained that she was broke and tried to fish for money from friends on twitter to pay for her weed addiction
>Lacks any self-awareness
>Insists she's never at fault for any of the shitty, stupid things she does
>Constantly fishing for compliments and positive attention so she can re-assert to herself that she isn't as awful as she actually is
>Huge annoying hypocrite in general

No. 1291813

So I didn't read this whole wall of text, but op is "best friend" right?

No. 1291818

>Used to constantly tell her trans boyfriend that he wasn't actually trans, that he was just confused, that he was still a woman
Based gf

No. 1291822

I'm not, actually. "Best Friend" is way too nice to say anything in a public space, even on anon.

And sorry about the wall of text. Ended up barely proof-ing since this chick finally just pissed me off enough to post a stupid autistic rant about her, and her vaguely cow-like behaviour. Figured ya'll would enjoy her being a ~fakeboi~ for those beautiful hypocritical woke points above all else.

No. 1293079

Honestly it's more funny that you defend her ex "bf" because sh- sorry, he is definitely a real boy but you won't respect this trans kings pronouns because she only recently started talking about dysphoria and you don't like her. Tsk, tsk, not very open minded and ideologically consistent of you, nonners.

No. 1294196

Fine. SHE is a friend, so I generally stick to the pronouns SHE prefers. People I dislike get wrong pronouns used because, no doi, they suck, so they don't get to be respected. If ya'll wanna use SHE/HER for HER, then go buck fucking wild, I'm not stopping you.

No. 1295487

File: 1628481450297.jpg (156.27 KB, 702x1280, Snapchat-862337471.jpg)

I met this one originally on twitter as "cloz". I, and many other people who knew her, believe she's destined to be a future cult leader with how manipulative she is.

clozzadreams/cloz/"Bryce Savage"/relan/rune/pizzacutter system/steel system/lorebound/L/nel/sentinel/Ember/endfawr/end/culpeo/mirrorbeing/Lori Anne Madison/(there's more, she uses so many fucking names)

Callout post from the cloz drama:

Youtube video about tales from the DSM:

Her soundcloud:
https://soundcloud.com/paperplxne (I've backed this up)

>BPD, claims to have various other disorders

>uses supposed (fake) AVPD to tell people they're being ableist for insulting her in any way or talking about her in private
>claims to be 160 IQ
>claims to be hyperempathetic
>has recently started to claim to have mythomania, that seems to be true (irony)
>has previously been mentioned in the systems threads on here, as well as on kiwifarms. has been up to more since then
see: >>1138100

This will serve as a bit of a timeline, but I know there's more to the story, with her having many similar major dramas in the past that she has refused to give further details about. Sorry if I left anything important out
>created the r/systemscringe subreddit as cloz to bully people with DID and OSDD
>accused anyone who acted outside of her flawed understanding of DID/OSDD of faking
>was herself faking DID, her entire identity as "cloz" was fabricated
>pretended that she was a real person, a musician known as Bryce Savage
>at the same time she had another fabricated identity known as "relan"
>had multiple other minor alts with whole backstories that she would use to find out information that people didn't want to tell her, and to see if people were talking about her behind her back or if they secretly didn't like her
>used these alts to find out people's trauma and used this information to include in her own fabricated trauma stories
>started relationships with people under the pretense of being cloz and relan, who didn't know she was a minor at the time
>has a very long history of tricking adults into dating her when she was a minor, then using that as blackmail against them
>also uses alts to gather blackmail material, and threatens to reveal it if people talk about her behind her back or if she thinks they will abandon her
>spread misinformation about many mental illnesses, including making up disorders, faking research papers, and attacking anyone who even slightly suggested her made up terminology wasn't true
>was forced to admit these identities were fake
>didn't even bother to apologise to all the people she hurt
>one person still stuck by her, an adult lesbian who is majorly co-dependent on her in an extremely creepy way
>just went on to make a new server and fake DID again
>used her supposed (obviously fake) alter "sentinel/nel" to manipulate and abuse people, because she supposedly had no control over nel's behaviour
>started a webcomic called "Tales from the DSM" which mocked mental illnesses, saying things like "PPDs are clinically usually racist"
>is extremely virulently racist herself lol
>manipulated other mentally ill people into helping her with this project
>freaked out and attacked these people for not being loyal to her when they started to leave the project due to her shitty leadership
>eventually got bored of faking DID and claimed it spontaneously resolved
>still continues to maintain a cult-like following
>uses alts to find people's secrets and use them against people

This situation is ongoing, and is mostly found in her discord, 'Lonesome Liars', which can be found on disboard.

No. 1295531

They sound like normal, moderately sub-mediocre people.(sage)

No. 1295950

>there's more, she uses so many fucking names
the only one that seems to be missing is her real name…

No. 1295957

>lori anne madison
yes, she's the one that comes up in the news articles

No. 1296810

>Used to constantly tell her trans boyfriend that he wasn't actually trans, that he was just confused, that he was still a woman

No. 1296922

File: 1628603509429.jpeg (100.93 KB, 500x700, iu-7.jpeg)

Not a full blown cow but she gets on my nerves lol

Harmony Nice/gingerferns (ig)

>Used to make videos about wicca, tattoo's and makeup

>Went on a spiritual journey about 2 years ago
>Takes a 2-3 month break from social media every other month despite it being her only source of income
>Tells her viewers to "Just take a break!" if they're feeling like shit, as if it's a privilege anyone has
>Moves in with a new boyfriend, moves back home. Every few months
>Constantly whines about being overwhelmed by social media even though her ig consists of shitty nature pics and her yt videos are half hour long rambles. She also is showered in support from her followers

This being said I actually like some of her videos but the level of privilege pisses me off to no end. Not everyone can take month long breaks from something that's barely a job to begin with. She presents herself like some spiritual guru but nothing in her life seems to last long (constantly moving in and out, new boyfriends all the time).

No. 1296930

Life is unfair, anon.

No. 1296933

Anon she's not even in the least a cow she's just rich.
This is the definition of vendetta posting.

No. 1296937

Smol little beans are short but willowy. That girl is stubby limbed and stout. I hate that body type too, the person always looks as if they're clenching or something. Awkward and stunted with a waddling walk. They have to stay very skinny too to look even remotely good, they age badly, looking fat when thin. I've noticed men with this body type are often self-conscious and get way too jacked in order to look more masculine, but it only makes them look worse too, they don't have the frame to carry it off kek.

No. 1297053

that's not being a cow, that's being a rich white girl in your mid-20's anon. Also most wiccan youtubers tend to be much worse than Harmony imo. She at least seems to actually be somewhat practicing what she preaches ig

No. 1297449

File: 1628632595450.png (440.37 KB, 708x1311, Screenshot_20210811-003855~2.p…)

This is Charlie Avent. He calls himself a horse whisperer and 'the autistic cowboy'.

He claims that autism gives him special powers where he can communicate with horses.

My closest friend went to boarding school with him and we both lived in the same supported housing agency for vulnerable young adults (autistic, foster care leavers, mental health, ex homeless ect).

One of the support workers found him naked in the field where his horse was kept and he was fondling the horse. As a result the horse now has to be kept in a stable and he has to be supervised with it at all times.

He also isn't allowed to own certain pets like dogs.

He wrote a book called 'autism meets horsemanship' where he tells lies about his parents being abusive when in actual fact his parents spoiled him and catered to his every whim. His parents bought him absolutely everything he wanted and he could do no wrong.

To promote his book he tried to sue his own parents and as a result he no longer has contact with them.

He owns a Facebook page where all he does is rant about how much of a victim he is and beg for money. He has a following of loyal orbiters who will throw money at him and have no idea that he's a pervert who lied about his parents.

His latest skit was hiding under a car all afternoon because social care cut his support hours. The police had to come and coax him out from underneath the car.

He frequently suicide baits and calls the emergency services and tells them that he's going to kill himself.

In reality he would never do such a thing. He's just an attention whore and a perverted liar.

No. 1297466

>One of the support workers found him naked in the field where his horse was kept and he was fondling the horse. As a result the horse now has to be kept in a stable and he has to be supervised with it at all times.
Jesus fucking Christ someone needs to maim and/or kill this moid

No. 1297597

how do you know he was lying about his parents being abusive?

No. 1297713

My friend used to know him and his parents quite well and he had what was a really happy home life. His mother was a social worker for disabled children and gave her son everything he wanted. The stuff he told about them was lies, like they neglected him ect when it obviously wasn't true.

No. 1297716

File: 1628673017047.png (555.98 KB, 720x1317, Screenshot_20210811-120712~2.p…)

He's e begging now for money so that he can rehabilitate Auntie (his horse). He's had to send her to a ranch in Cornwall because she has a spinal injury (probably from his giant fat ass riding her). He can't afford the funds because of course he burnt bridges with the parents who used to buy him everything and he can't fund it on his welfare benefits.


No. 1297730

Freaks like him make me wanna A-Log real bad. He shouldn't be allowed to ride horses at that weight and he should've been banned from being near them and arrested after being caught fucking naked and feeling one up. Jesus fucking Christ, male tards have so much privilege and they still find things to bitch about.

No. 1297753

File: 1628680211839.png (707.08 KB, 720x1371, Screenshot_20210811-141008~2.p…)

This is quite old (February) but this is just an example of his suicide baiting. Hoping that his loyal orbiters will shower him with money and praise.


No. 1297780

File: 1628685118980.png (1.29 MB, 1200x674, Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 7.22…)

My personal lolcow is named Marcela. Now that she has a public social media platform and is trying to really make it big by being child-free, I figured it was time to post her on here.

I do know her in real life, but distantly. She hasn't done anything to me personally, but I am in shock at what a horrible person she is.


>Dated her high school sweetheart for many years and eventually got married to him
>Made him convert to Mormonism
>Incredibly emotionally abusive, e.g. wouldn't let him leave the house after 7pm and wouldn't let him see any of his friends
>Always mad at him for nothing
>Refused to talk to virtually any woman out of jealousy and forbade husband from talking to any women as well
>Does not work, so relied on her husband to live
>After realizing he had been abused/controlled for years, he divorced her
>Now trying to be an influencer because she's child-free in her mid-twenties, which is apparently a huge feat
>Made a video on YouTube about her divorce and claimed that she doesn't know why the divorce happened because she always gave 110%
>Now living in her parents' basement because she's still unemployed

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/childfreemillennial/?hl=en
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC59nbNOiGCnEZ4GT6lp9lbw

She's more infuriating than anything, but she's definitely a lolcow to me.

No. 1297807

Kek I do love me some child free cope. She sounds like an absolute nightmare, I'm glad her husband left that bitch.

No. 1297870

I have no idea who this bitch is but I find it hilarious she’s also from Edmonton.

No. 1298138

File: 1628716788013.jpeg (155.62 KB, 1124x764, 675FEFEE-1317-430B-8758-0F6574…)

Personal Cow of a friend and me for at least 5 years.
Melodramatic Fakeboi that has his mom take him dinner and foods because he’s too lazy to make his own food. They used to think that just dance was exercising.
There’s so much milk I could cover but the recent milk is that they’re now begging for birthday gifts on discord, Facebook and both Instagram accounts.
Oh and they’re a kinnie for like 6 different shitty characters and I think their boyfriend (or they do) kin Ferris Bueller

No. 1298139

File: 1628716841201.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1560, 08D62C6D-2976-495B-AC19-608EE8…)

Second photo, if this is boring I won’t type any more but if you guys wanna hear more I can dig up a ton of milk.

No. 1298142

File: 1628716985757.jpeg (522.33 KB, 1095x828, 78B3080C-E206-43FC-9E58-4C6EEA…)

C’mon, Anon.

No. 1298145

File: 1628717168262.jpeg (203.25 KB, 1123x1319, 03D9FB7F-6E3F-4D9E-BC34-B47C05…)

also forgot to add that she’s autistic and either bipolar or borderline, constantly talking about and flaunting her “mommy milkers” which she only has because she’s obese, and makes many videos crying over tiktok taking her vids down or shadow banning for sexual content.


No. 1298271

so this girl is calling herself a trans guy while presenting completely feminine and talking about her "mommy milkers"…the truscums/transmeds/whatever the fuck they call themselves would have a field day with her lmao.

No. 1298441

File: 1628756158718.jpeg (166.66 KB, 874x1230, BC1D3926-8D5F-4BF2-BE6F-24BC4B…)

no, nonbinary. She’s so embarrassing, I can’t believe adults are doing this shit now and it’s not just stupid teens anymore.

No. 1298448

>>1298441 they look like two lesbians. are we sure the person on the left is male

No. 1298509

omfg is that fucking jillains retard rainby dress. incredible. pretty sure anyone who shelled out >$100 on that sad tea towel would be a cow in their own right kek

No. 1298658

File: 1628787187788.jpg (559.03 KB, 936x961, SmartSelect_20210812-125309_In…)

It's a hairy chested moid

No. 1298659

File: 1628787233668.jpg (811.05 KB, 1078x1349, SmartSelect_20210812-125300_In…)

bonus pic. Damn we could add her to the whale thread too

No. 1298784

File: 1628799627582.png (878.95 KB, 1080x1797, missmary.png)

I found this wacky old broad in a twitter reply to some shit about vaccines and started reading her tweets.
She seems to be online a lot. Her favorite things to tweet about are about how no one seems to like her, how much she hates immigrants and pictures of random objects around her car/van

No. 1298817

File: 1628804045621.jpg (456 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210812-224432_Twi…)

Shes just posting pictures of bone fractures and a chopped down tree from a POV of herself using a tablet, I'm obsessed

No. 1298868

Contribute to male suicide stats

No. 1298988

200k tweets holy shit

No. 1299179

File: 1628855760491.png (1.13 MB, 1077x1425, getsomesleepgirl.png)

I know, right? She tweets at an average of like 10 tweets an hour. The pictures of inanimate objects with cartoon filters over them and her wacky selfies just send me. I do not think this woman gets much sleep.

No. 1299180

What is happening in her gallery?? Is she taking screen shots from every single frame of a kids video or what?

No. 1303710

File: 1629399016506.jpeg (1.31 MB, 4096x3072, 17888664-59C2-4887-80DF-3639F5…)

literal retard

No. 1304430

File: 1629454846891.png (1.38 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210820-071918.png)

My girl Mary and her hubby got into a tiff over some ragu

No. 1304431

File: 1629454883353.png (1.44 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210820-071927.png)

>Ragu, around the world!

No. 1304450

>fat mommy milkers
why does she speak like a scrote

No. 1304652

Shes prolly an onlyfans user thats why

No. 1305277

File: 1629534211714.png (4.63 MB, 2146x1166, jasmin3.png)

Alright, I'll bite.
I knew this girl from school and keep up with her antics
>in highschool she essentially tried to fit in any way she could
>when emo was cool she dyed her hair red and would publicly defile anyone she knew that dyed their hair the same colour.
>would take pictures from tumblr and photoshop them to look like her (Change the hair colour, distort the image and add the necessary piercings)
>when I posted the original photo she shooped, she promptly deleted it
>was so into American History X that she hung a giant nazi flag in her room (this is relevant later)
>would proana post on her tumblr all the time and claim an eating disorder
>only ever cut herself in front of other people
>vied for male attention desperately but no one wanted her because she was such a cunt, so made man hating a brand
>now she posts relentless pictures of her ass, which definitely does not look like pic related irl, but it's her only defining feature
>hides her bad cankles in every one of her posts
>posted a story on instagram a couple years back of her in LA (she lives in Australia) snorting coke of black men's asses.
>likes to cosplay in black culture but will NEVER mention dating a black guy
>only ever posts twitter screenshots from black twitter on her stories
>Having known her personally, she's incredibly shallow and does whatever she can for clout
>you may have recognised the photo on the right, I have my doubts it's her as she has been known to just take random viral pictures and claim that it's her (as I mentioned above)
>instagram is jasmindore

Watching her multiple attempts to grasp the attention of the masses over the years has been pretty funny tbh, she's changed her personality and looks so many times just to achieve that sweet, sweet clout.

No. 1305280

samefag but forgot to mention, she joined onlyfans the second it became cool over covid last year. No idea if it's still up though or how raunchy her pics get.

No. 1305335

Sounds like a queen to me

No. 1305377

Her boyfriend is ugly as fuck

No. 1305519

you have to be a retard to think that shes anything more than a pick-me whore

No. 1305985

File: 1629631979207.jpg (252.08 KB, 742x2048, 20210822_131441.jpg)

I just remembered my old personal lolcow (later I found out some farmers made a brief thread about her 2 years ago on /w/ but she raided it and got it locked >>>/w/60883)

Seems like nothing changed, her sense of fashion is still horrible, she still cries about BPD and therapy despite making no effort to improve, she's just tweeting less. Can't believe she's supposed to be 23.

No. 1305991

this bitch is wearing belts under AND over her shirt? whack

No. 1306183

I’ve been friends with this guy on Facebook for a while.

>tattoo artist whose work consists of black and red scratches

>will not respond if you ask him to do a certain tattoo bc muh creative freedom
>offers to tattoo women on onlyfans while bound and gagged
>posts about how hes not cut out for monogamy
>proceeds to recant offer because he is now taken and in love and in a monogamous relationship literally 2 days later
>it’s a girl he’s never met that slid in his dms
>they break up because he was messaging other girls or something
>they get back together and lovebomb the shit out of each other, constantly tagging each other in sexual posts
>didn’t last long but idk what happened due to him deleting some posts and her deleting fb after I presume mental clarity and the embarrassment that followed
>airs all of his dirty laundry on fb
>embarrassing posts about how he only wants a hug from one person who doesn’t even acknowledge his existence sadface
>tattoos himself including his own face and posts about it constantly
>”I might tattoo my tongue later no promises but I’ll go live if I do!”
>”I want to tattoo my face but I’m not manic enough hmmm idk what to do”
>takes photos of him choking himself and makes it his profile picture???
>3edgy5me posts mixed in between woe is me statuses
>literally made a post saying if he spoke sexually to you recently he used you

Just general attention seeking behavior like posting about doing drugs, warrants, etc. sometimes he takes a break and doesn’t post for a bit but when he does god it’s cringe

No. 1306298

Kinda cute here with the face blocked, though she has way too many accessories. Oops maybe I have bad taste.
Her style looks pretty bad in the thread tho.

No. 1306614

File: 1629690895953.png (942.29 KB, 1200x900, 3w54d6f7tgy8hu9ji0ko.png)

Had previously posted this dude on another thread but he fits more here.
Been following this MRA dude on youtube ever since I found a thumbnail on one of his videos that had unironically "no hymen no diamond"
>mra misogynist with over 30k followers
>keeps repeating the same points over and over again how western women are used whores
>his channels keep getting deleted for some reason
>weed smoker, makes it his whole personality
>mediocre artist
>hate on women is borderline autistic
>apparently some youtuber named MattShea mentioned him in a video and he sent his followers to harass the guy

I wish this guy had other social medias linked but his community posts are already pretty milky

No. 1306615

samefag, but here is a video so all the nonnies can get a taste of this mess

No. 1307925

>sees guy on local Facebook group
>part of white supremacist group
>neonazi, has swastika tattoo, proud boys, confederate flag and whatever. Pics of him with guns all over the place.
>looking for him because he was involved in the capital 'riot'

>oh shit I KNOW THIS GUY

>childhood friend
>grandma was his and his younger sister's nanny and would bring me along sometimes bc the sister and I were pals in school

>parents were absolutely filthy rich Jewish family as in they had staff and a home overseas rich

>paid my grandma bank, would bring her on family vacations to the cape, gave her expensive gifts, etc.
>lived in big ass mansion, parents were hella generous to everyone.
>mom was a super sweet lady, dad was a lawyer who took on tons of probono cases.

I've heard of self loathing jews but holy fucking hell this kid is larping hard knocks school of southern whitetrash poverty.

No. 1307932

File: 1629858473201.jpeg (512.17 KB, 1920x1006, E0AB98D9-70FA-4EEF-8419-B3FABF…)

I have the perfect weirdo for this thread. I found her account a long time ago and don’t know if it’s still up or if she does any other weird shit.

No. 1307939

Holy shit… that's genuinely disturbing and hilarious at the same time, especially the anime drawing. If you find her account again give us an update.

No. 1307954

Do you really get off on making up people to post about on anonymous imageboards?

No. 1307983

i just looked and couldn't find her, the only other thing I know is that she's from London

No. 1308216

Having pedo feelings for a pedo.

That's some next level shit, indeed!

No. 1308294

>>Quitting current job
>>Last Saturday got so overwhelmed with the easiest station in the kitchen she had a freakout and ran to the hallway to cry about it, got scolded by the Executive Chef
>>Has been boasting about how she got hired as a SOUS CHEF at a nearby restaurant
>>Again, 21, 3 yrs exp, can't handle current job doing the easiest parts of the kitchen
>>Chef says "can't wait to be rid of her" and constantly complains about her baking being shoddy when she's not around
>>Find out the restaurant she is going to is a fucking little pizza place.
>>Such an upgrade from our fine dining restaurant, oh yea, much success kek

Culinary students are all cows, why are they so retarded. Half the kids who come out of culinary colleges think they deserve to be chefs and are better than everyone else. Yet can't even do the most basic jobs in a kitchen and all have breakdowns. I could pluck any kid from JWU and they would probably have cow traits. Tf is that about. Maybe because culinary colleges accept just about any retard.

No. 1308550


Dude, everyone knows by now that lolcows are just people anons don't like these days. You could literally make a bingo card over how formulaic their stories are.

No. 1308794

Oh the cringe documentary came out

It's cringy watching this and remembering she would have a mental breakdown when there were more than 200 guests and the Exec Chef literally said he "couldn't wait to be rid of her" and the GM said "she's never coming back". Chef constantly talking about how shit the baking is and that they "really need to hire a real baker soon". And another manager saying "she's a problem" then explaining how he felt about culinary college kids all being awful.

Top kek delusional cows are the saddest. Imagine viewing yourself this highly but everyone is talking about how badly you are at everything every single day behind your back. But I guess all cows think they are the greatest? I see it in a lot of threads. Delusions of grandeur.

No. 1308819

File: 1629967663603.png (764.08 KB, 853x480, Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 04-42…)

This is great, thanks anon. Love how she confirms basically everything you said. The "documentary" is literally just employment interview questions, up to and including "Thank you for answering all of your questions truthfully."
>[Being in a male dominated occupation] can be kind of intimidating, but then I'M intimidating to be around so it evens out
>I had the toughest teachers in school and they liked me
>[I've faced struggles in the workplace] because people are intimidated that I'm so much younger but know so much more than they do (randomly includes that it's a lot because she's 5'2, but she's managed to pick it up - includes clip of herself grabbing something off of a top shelf)
>States she's had tons of conflicts at work, people not wanting to work with her, claims of her being sexually harassed, her "hitting back"
>Text reads: "She has been in school since June 2020. This is almost 2 years straight to finish her bachelors on time due to covid." (August 2021)
Nice how she cleaned up her place. Trash bag is like the first thing you see kek.

No. 1308823

It's crazy that people can be in conflicts wherever they go and think other people are the problem, not themselves. She views herself as an underdog or soemthing, like she's a hero of a story where everyone in the world has been trying to bring her down but she's actually a strong boss woman who knows more than people working in the industry for years because she's more ambitious and gifted than you. Is it possible all the obstacles she's had to overcome were…. caused by her own attitude and inability to grow and mature? No, everyone is out to get her, she's a victim and a total badass because she "hits back".

Also thats her $1300 (if I remember correctly) studio apartment that her abusive mommy pays for, anon. Think a kid would be grateful and take care of the place but imagine when mommy doesn't get the deposit back from the leaky garbage bags staining the floor kek

No. 1309558

I have a personal cow I've been following for years and her boyfriend that she was pretty terrible to dumped her not that long ago. He made this pros and cons list about her and there are just a few more cons than pros. Even after this, this girl is still obsessing over him on main.

No. 1309560

File: 1630067186653.jpg (172.61 KB, 1920x1128, pros and cons list!! .jpg)

No. 1309657

I have a personal cow that I keep tabs on . This is what I remember the most from the past year and what I've gathered

>Happened around 2017ish to 2018 (?)

>Has cheated on men. Either fellow cosplayers or photographers
>Had some college dude pay for her cosplay
>Same dude had traveled to her house to help her do her homework
>Said dude asked to have the costume back because they broke up and it probably costed alot
>Heard she messed up the costume (stained the dress, sort of destroyed the armor pieces)
>Did all of that while she was still a minor

She's toned down abit, still cosplaying a lot (I mean alot despite the pandemic) and learned her lesson but god do i love seeing her wild ass facetuning on my feed. Her head and eyes turn into different proportions everytime

No. 1309659


It's a shame that I can't post her @s because she's really been on a Mikan tier rage tirade recently

it's been amusing to watch though kek

No. 1310099

File: 1630123786223.jpeg (745.77 KB, 2048x2048, 12B21327-95A6-419A-AE7F-EB318A…)

So I’m checking up on a local cow on instagram, right?
(Jordanna Nicole Shank, for anyone interested. Tattoo culture vulture/scratcher, and all-around wannabe. Should go by Jordanna Nicole Skank.)
And I come across this delicious sack of cottage cheese.

No. 1310118

Looks like she broke into the krabby patty vault

No. 1310191

Ok I’m pretty sure these people live in my city. She broke up with her bf semi recently because I matched with him on tinder - got the story of who he was after showing his profile to friends. according to people who know him he recently got back with her because she just turned out to be pregnant!!! Could be thinking of someone else but I’m pretty sure this is them (are they in the boston area?)

No. 1310288


I can confirm that we are talking about the same mess of a person. North of Boston.

I don't want to be identified, but I am associated with an adjacent group of friends, I have extensive access to her privated accounts, etc. She did have the pregnancy, but she aborted (or maybe never had at all?). Her new schtick is to constantly flail on and on about how it was a pregnancy loss and how she's a mom of a rainbow baby etc etc. They keep breaking up and getting back together, but last I've heard I think they are done for good… for now. I'm happy to share more, as I've been wanting to share her with an audience for years. It goes deep. She changes her entire identity with every new boyfriend. From appearance to interests to even the name she goes by, it's really wild.

No. 1310330


Small world for you both to know this girl or maybe she's SO renowned for being a cow a lot of this place near Boston are sick of her shit!

No. 1310344

The fourth one in the collage looks like what happens when I over proof bread dough at work

No. 1310396

Please do as another boston/northshore nonita i enjoy a local cow

No. 1310399

hahaha small world. Make a thread if you feel so inclined. Last I heard he was moving in with her, is that not true?

No. 1310402


Judging from the new tweeter account she made in June they are no longer together. But she's still obsessing over him and subtweeting him even though he doesn't follow her. I don't know where she is living now she's always bouncing around

No. 1310404


I'm achieving everything from across all socials I don't want her to nuke it

No. 1310410

>fat mommy milkers
I hate when fatties try to talk about their tits even though they’re only big because they’re obese

No. 1310437

They need something to feel superior.

No. 1310443

Very interesting. I don't know this girl but I live north of Boston. What a small world.

No. 1310456

File: 1630170238957.jpg (239.47 KB, 1536x2048, 1623615188896.jpg)

She's been posted about a lot in >>>/w/155412 but I'm yet another person who finds this girl to be a massive cow and I do not doubt that she must be sitting on a lot of hidden milk

have heard rumours that she cheated on her last partner to get with some british scrote and she's desperate for validation at all times, uploads inconsistently shooped photos and is a twenty plus doing the fake uwu rounds taking credit for widespread trends and posts the most ridiculously made up stories on the weekly

I give her a year before she exposes herself and she's involved in an actual public callout(cosplayers thread)

No. 1310466

Hoo boy, I haven't kept up with mine due to being blocked, but we were friends some years before she revealed a crazy lolcow ass:

>met her in an actor fandom. The guy is pretty niche, it's a small fandom, so we all know each other. Cow seems perfectly nice. It wouldn't last.

>first real sign was when she had a week long meltdown over someone disagreeing with her on Tumblr. The other person was pretty stupid too, but the way she cried and vagued and moaned about it was dumb as fuck.
>never worked a job despite having no physical disabilities or mental illnesses, other than mild depression.
>whined about her mother wanting her to actually get a job and move the fuck out. Cow claims this is toxic and can't seem to grasp why her mother prefers her younger sister, who actually did move out and be a productive member of society.
>frequently says awful shit about her sister.
>our friendship eventually imploded when she and another friend piled on me when I was suicidal, writing horrible callout posts for shit I never did. Unfortunately all the evidence is deleted and I didn't keep screencaps. Lesson learned.
>stalked me for months after I deleted my tumblr.
>has started drama in every damn fandom she's been in since, culminating in her being caught sending hate anons to people in the Henry Cavill fandom and called out for it.
>she's always claimed not to send hate anons lol.
>last I heard her mother kicked her out and she was living in some kind of shack. Still refusing to get a damn job and crying that if she doesn't win the lottery she doesn't know what she'll do.

Sadly, she discovered I had a new tumblr and I can't read her bullshit anymore. The shack in the woods sent my sides into orbit.

No. 1310487

This thread is for cows you personally know.

No. 1310548

Read the thread, plenty is online cows we personally follow for their milk

No. 1310876

And the cosplayer you posted gets spammed constantly in the cosplay thread. It's getting annoying seeing walmart akidearest.

No. 1312597

This girl is probably my favorite personal lolcow. I've been following her shit for years, I hope she doesn't find this post but I doubt it since she's from Chile.
>has diagnosed BPD, is a camgirl
>started posting her links to 4chan and other imageboards
>one of these imageboards was nido dot org, a now defunct chilean imageboard owned by another lolcow (who committed suicide by train in 2019)
>owner becomes interested in her, gets in touch with her (he would become obsessed with random girls and harass them constantly, posting them on his imageboard, would ban anyone who called him out on his shit)
>she and him go on a date, he constantly takes pics of her and posts them on a thread, trying to "show off" his date.
>she posts on an 8chan board dedicated to doxxing and mocking the owner for being a pedo about how he bought her books to impress her and how creepy she found him.
>after rejecting the owner's sexual advances (but I'm sure she did fuck him once, he took pics of her after the act), he starts harassing her and posting her cam videos on his website.
>one of these videos was called "reclaiming my virginity", in which she shoved a Virgin Mary statue inside of her vagina. I've seen the video, its as graphic as it sounds, the statue goes all in and its not a small statue.
>she has other cringe videos in which she calls herself a loli despite being in her 20s
>in another clip, she is butt naked on her bed when her mom tries to walk inside her room. she runs to the door to lock it before she can come in.
That's all part of the imageboard saga. She also
>dated a psycho scrote with BPD, she wrote a callout post doxxing him which was like 10 pages long, detailing how he raped her, beat her, pissed on her, sexually abused her, etc.
>but one lie was obvious in the post: she said he forced her to become a camwhore and that he'd shill her on nido and other imageboards.
>start reading more about it, turns out she was as psycho as him.
>she would beat him on the street, start yelling shit at him.
I'm not defending the scrote, I don't doubt he actually did do disgusting vile shit to her. But that one lie means she probably lied or exaggerated about other shit as well.
>she continues camwhoring after dumping him, despite claiming he "forced" her to do it
There hasn't been more huge drama after this, she just has general lolcow behavior
>has an eating disorder, would post about bulimia and how it made her skinny again (this is a 20-something year old woman)
>barely finished high school, had the highest possible grades
>larps as an intellectual postmodern marxist on instagram, posts pictures of books she can barely understand
>used to post pictures of books in french, which she obviously doesn't know
>has pretentious music taste, bases the other half of her personality that isn't being a whore online on her obscure taste
>continues to refer to herself as a loli sometimes.
>had to go to Argentina to get into a college because in Chile she was too stupid to get into one
>when the imageboard owner killed himself, she was celebrating and still jokes sometimes about him killing himself (this would be a bit justified if he had actually fucked her over as much as he fucked over the other girls he was obsessed with, but he didn't. She searched for his attention herself, and the other girls he harassed were either sad and conflicted about it or just didn't say shit)

No. 1312999

>Women are physically and intellectually inferior to men.
It really astounds me, how the entire male sex can go about their lives acting as retarded and degenerate as they do, and still spout this drivel about being intellectually superior. The cope never ends. Have fun dying at 22 because because you and your bros decided it'd be cool to see if you could stop bullets with your hands and shoot each other to test it out.

No. 1313093

File: 1630477949294.jpg (797.02 KB, 1199x1882, Sauve 1 April 2021.jpg)

My personal cow is a wannabe rapper named "Sauve" that went to my highschool. My only exposure to him now is from instagram, and he has gotten progressively more delusional (in the most literal sense), especially as of late.


shit i remember from High School:

>dumb as shit. got held back at least twice.

>had sex with my 14 year old sister when he was 18 or 19

>hung out with Tyga at some point (friend of a friend I believe)

>opened for Lil Mosey

>got taken by Lil Mosey to go to Jake Paul's and Tara Mongeau's wedding

>filmed himself with Jake Paul an amount that even Jake Paul seemed embarrassed of


>did rap battle for "RapFeed," a short-lived rapthemed buzzfeed thing. his performance sucked dick, but all 3 judges

voted for him and the dude he was battling rescinded permission for his face to appear lmfao

Since all this, his career has completely fizzled out, and he posts salty rants on instagram very frequently. This past year, I've noticed that they've started to veer into the insane.

No. 1313094

File: 1630477991334.jpg (1.16 MB, 1557x1624, Sauve 2 June 30 2021.jpg)

Apparently, he had been doing a LOT of drugs.
Enough to give himself a psychotic disorder, which is going to be the focus of the images I've put together.

No. 1313095

File: 1630478041035.jpg (871.08 KB, 1296x1624, Sauve 3 July 25 2021.jpg)

No. 1313096

File: 1630478138015.png (2.99 MB, 1125x2436, July 20th - TURNING POINT UHOH…)

fucked up the order already gdi.
I think something happened June 30th and July 20th, and his switch got flipped from delusional narcissism to narcissistic delusions.

No. 1313098

File: 1630478214682.jpg (968.46 KB, 1499x1624, DeSauve and his name Aug 7 202…)

one step away from declaring that he's literally Jesus

No. 1313099

File: 1630478362393.jpg (2.05 MB, 1499x4001, SAUVE TODAY.jpg)

Annnd a fucking insane rant from today.
>White people are descended from Satan and are half human (black) and half animal (hence their straight hair.)
>but actually white people aren't evil because any white person could actually be a reincarnated black person
>let me explain this with a gang analogy

No. 1313100

File: 1630478560172.jpg (1.6 MB, 1593x2972, schizo recipe.jpg)

His recs if you wanna get woke. If you dont click, its proof that you've willingly cemented your third eye shut by not believing that every story ever is based in fact.

No. 1313169

File: 1630489573160.png (444.73 KB, 772x485, dfgdfg.png)

Why do so many insane black people always end up with the same "conclusion" i.e that black people were all "Egyptians" "Indians" "Native Americans" "Moors" "Arabs" and every other racial group in history except black and that white people all "stole" civilization and technology from black people(racebait)

No. 1313188

Wakanda is real what do you think ufos are?

No. 1313623

I can actually answer this! It’s a black separatist group that has been grooming black people online during the pandemic and riots.

No. 1314639

>Had sex with my 14 year old sister when he was 18 or 19
Isn't this identifying information about you? Also, how did that even happen? Do your parents not watch over her? Did you not watch over her?

No. 1315590

File: 1630762141409.jpg (185.28 KB, 732x1006, wtfbreastfeeding.jpg)

Being into ABDL while claiming to be some sort of pedo hunter and going after weird Michael Jackson stans isn't a good look.

No. 1315639

ew spoiler that shit

No. 1315994

lol anonita 14 year olds can get away with all sorts of shit. what sort of authoritarian upbringing did you have?

No. 1316088

File: 1630814034688.jpeg (31.69 KB, 400x400, 428728AA-E86A-43E5-AADA-01C489…)

This “former stripper” bitch is nothing but a goddamn social climber who fucks djs for gigs and clout, then leaves them while playing the victim in “muh abusiff relationships!”. She is constantly trying to #metoo anyone who doesn’t kiss her ass.

She also uses filters and shoops because w/o ‘em, she’s ugly af and looks like a fucking heroin addict, gross!


No. 1316104

Can you elaborate? That’s interesting af(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1316125

wow she has gained nothing but weight over the years, while her graphics continue to be trash-tier.(sage)

No. 1316129

File: 1630820012001.jpeg (55.81 KB, 719x720, 7936C0ED-6595-48B2-A8A5-3788BD…)

I’m surprised she’s no longer with that LVLR midget, he used to hook her up with doing shows when they were dating. He doesn’t even mention her kek

They play at faggot bars now on separate days

No. 1316297

rats on rats on rats >>1316129

No. 1317582

File: 1630991633754.png (1.3 MB, 780x1566, room.png)

He's unable to comprehend why someone wouldn't want cheap plastic funkopop like crap on display everywhere in the house.
Or how a woman could possibly think her boyfriend's taste in badly written capeshit or similar manchild stuff is boring.
He also stereotypes the girl as being a ditz obsessed with sears catalog garbage when, except for a birdcage ornament, the video just shows her owning things that have some use, like lamps, candles, plants, a photo frame.
Those things are completely different from a puking blue dinosaur toy.

No. 1317585

File: 1630992175381.jpg (401.15 KB, 700x525, room2.jpg)

And this is how he lives. I'm not making fun of it because if he and his girlfriend are happy with it then good for them, but it's gross of him to be saying that women must love the same plastic garbage their boyfriend does or else it's a horrible relationship.

No. 1318053

File: 1631041308680.jpeg (1.49 MB, 4096x3072, 7D7E7B85-CBB7-4BF8-9EC3-F03D94…)

It does look bad. Anyways her main tiktok account was deleted lol, and her backup got mass reported and taken down for a while I guess.

No. 1318069

>her backup got mass reported and taken down
Damn wtf happened?

No. 1318087

It was just trolls probably, I’ve never watched her live’s but apparently they harass her during those and got her banned from doing lives once.

No. 1318303

My personal lolcow is so sad that she's started to send herself curiouscat anons to suck up to herself because nobody else does and I don't know whether to think it's hilarious or just plain sad

She got called out before and deactivated it and suddenly without announcing it was back up, she reactivated it and sent a very thinly veiled anon to herself calling herself bestie I'm dead

No. 1318377

She posted about her sex life with a dick-having man,(but whined about being definetely a t4t!! lesbian) in a very graphic way, non-stop.

No. 1318387

She has so much lore. Remember when her roommate wouldn't stay anymore because she kept bringing her known to be abusive boyfriend and having loud sex with him? And then spun the tale about how "the person supposing to be my roommate suddenly ditched me and now I have to pay for this appartment on my own I'm so mad!" Or when she said she hated her abusive parents but a little while ago she was taking her boyfriend to meet them for her birthday because she can't live without being the center of attention? Yeah. She really needs her own thread. She would not stop crying about it because she can't bear not oversharing the most embarassing shit I've ever seen.

No. 1318401

bogleech is a serious weirdo. isn't he legit autistic?

No. 1318404

idk how to make threads or if enough people would even care but she is so annoying

No. 1318410

I found MJ girls youtube channel. Full of bad art and song covers, and she is still frequently posting.

No. 1318491

File: 1631070431669.png (22.03 KB, 780x350, fem01.png)

No he isn't. He's insane, though.
He used to virtue signal that there's no such thing as too extreme a feminist, that feminists could do no wrong and even that shooting men was cool.
But now he writes that the Harry Potter author is an extremist who promotes rape and that if you say men commit more violence than women you're a bigoted manhater.

No. 1318500

File: 1631070832730.png (24.3 KB, 799x248, fem02.png)

>imagine simping for umbridge so much that you make up a crazy fantasy about her being a rape victim

No. 1318513

File: 1631071814264.png (30.84 KB, 787x187, fem03.png)

>defends valerie solanas
>hates women who think the male sex is more violent
reminder that
>There are literally no feminists who actually “go too far” or get “too extreme.” There aren’t any feminists hurting people or actually trying to create policies that infringe on anyone’s rights anywhere. The idea of the extremist evil feminist is pure fantasy and every single example anyone tries to come up with is literally just a woman who said mean things.

No. 1318766

It's a little tangential, but did any other ausanons watch todd sampson's mirror mirror documentary tonight? the tranny that they showed reeked of fresh milk, i want to adopt him as my personal cow but i cant find any leads on his online prescence (which he undoubtably has, there were cat ear headphones in the back of a shot kek). i know its autistic but i have a great love of local tranny cows.

No. 1318772

God he is such an unbearable fucking faggot. Easily one of my top 5 most annoying tumblr users

No. 1326555

File: 1631888116190.jpeg (331.33 KB, 1125x629, 50347D8F-7969-49EA-AFF5-989FAF…)

An update on my personal cow. What in the actual fuck are these hashtags.

No. 1326665

There's this "transbian" I met at my old job who's constantly texting me like we're friends… I wish I could post screenshots but his social media is private, but even that can't save him from being a cow.

>complains girls never give him a chance

>whines every other week about how the girl he was totally in love with after a single date is now ghosting him
>snaps at his dates in public, yelling and whining then complaining when they cut contact
>alternates between being sad and woe-is-me about how he'll never feel like a real woman, and being angry and snarky at his dates for being bisexual and not lesbians.
>constantly posts shit in his instagram stories meant to make people pity him or fish for compliments.
>whines about "getting the romance I deserved and never got as a teen"
>says he's "like an NPC who is hostile to everyone except his girl"
>unironically calls girls he's only seen once in his life shit like "queen", "princess", "dearie", "sweetie" and "love"
>complains about his "dangerous living situation", when I prodded him for details (i thought it might really be dangerous since being trans in south america IS dangerous) it turned out he is living with two normie women whose only crime is not giving him asspats and "validation" every minute.
>says he wants to do violent things to said roommates, claims he needs to move out ASAP because one day "the abuse might be too much and I won't be responsible for what happens to them"
>it's actually the third time he's moved in the past year or so because every living situation is "unsafe" for him
>insists on speaking to me exclusively in English, doing that fake ass "female" voice that you hear on like, RuPaul's Drag Race, even though we are both from Chile, met in Chile, and speak Spanish as our first language
>calls himself a "filthy commie lesbian" even though his whole life is about consoomerism and buying clothes and makeup and merch that "validates me as a lesbian"
>whines about being broke while getting paid in USD (which is a luxury down here) and blowing it all on fancy bongs, booze, and anime merch

At first I was uncomfortable but every time he tells me about a date or a roommate or something it's like a trainwreck, I can't avert my eyes, I have to push him for more details just because it's so fucking funny how socially retarded and entitled he is. At the same time I kinda want to know more about his roommates because I'm legit scared for them
I'm waiting for the day he decides to make his ig public or make a twitter so that I can start taking publicly shareable screenshots. I hope it happens before this site dies or I'll have to find somewhere else to post it. I swear this guy is the epitome of terminally online twitter transbian.

No. 1326923

>says he wants to do violent things to said roommates, claims he needs to move out ASAP because one day "the abuse might be too much and I won't be responsible for what happens to them"
Jesus, anon. Male behaviour is in their core. I pity every woman who has had the misfortunate of going on a date with him.
>whines about being broke while getting paid in USD (which is a luxury down here) and blowing it all on fancy bongs, booze, and anime merch
Inb4 he sets up a woe is me go fund me like all the other trannies do

No. 1327644

File: 1631992483857.jpeg (543.02 KB, 1125x1526, AFDF3781-A1FF-4F1B-93CA-33CFEE…)

update #2. “I don’t want the next generation to suffer so I want the current one to suffer because they deserve it for not listening to me.” Twisted psycho

No. 1327650

This bitch quit and then 1 month later files a report with corporate that she was
>Sexually assaulted by multiple men
>Was "bullied and belittled"
>Had pots and pans thrown at her
>Had a hot frying pan thrown at her
>Someone strangled her
>Generally mistreated and harassed by coworkers

All of it being straight out of her ass lies. Really, she made the regional director come out to interview people for this shit. How much of an attention seeker do you have to be to LIE about what a little victim you are and how everyone is out to get you. Her hope was to get several people she didn't like fired but it didn't work. What a fucking psycho spoiled brat.

No. 1327677

>it turned out he is living with two normie women whose only crime is not giving him asspats and "validation"
Are you sure they aren't his mom and sister? Lol if one turns out to be a girlfriend he hates 1000% but still leaches off of.

No. 1327679

Disgusting. Like I'm actually physically disgusted.
> has no social media because his biggest fear in life is getting a thread on either farm
Kek but even without social media presence, cow behaviour is so fucking loud and in your face. Cows wouldn't be talked about if they knew how to act like normal people.

No. 1328245

Lmao no, but his family was a different "dangerous situation" he was in last year. When prodded for info he said it was because his dad had invited his cousin to live in their house and this cousin is "dangerous" aka refuses to refer to him as a woman. He also claimed his dad was not supportive and therefore "dangerous" but it turned out daddy was paying for the titty skittles before he moved out. And he was so performative about those too. I met him because that workplace had limited seating in the lunch area so he sat at my table, like were in high school or something. He just politely said hi and didn't talk much at first but he did dramatically pull the whole box of estrogen pills (or was it Spiro? Idk) and made a show of peeling them off the blister and asking people for a sip of water to take them (this was pre pandemic). And then later on he had the gall to "confess" to me that he was trans like I couldn't tell from his medication and awful way of dressing himself.

No. 1328659

She sounds like she's getting interviewed by the special books by special kids guy on a video about how narcissistic delusions of grandeur affects her daily life

No. 1329516

File: 1632181649532.jpeg (318.91 KB, 828x1624, 4A157F2B-2A64-483B-815F-89FC69…)

local cosplay judge has been outted for grooming with tons of evidence of getting a minor drunk to take advantage of her since shes in with alot of con owners theyre trying to sweep it under the rug and just forgive her just wantes to rant a bit since i feel they are only getting away with it since until recently were refered to as a she

No. 1329519

File: 1632181771389.jpeg (488.45 KB, 817x1608, 2EDC3301-E893-41B2-A4D9-36822A…)

No. 1329520

File: 1632181852398.jpeg (98.81 KB, 828x698, 3B054E00-59F2-409E-84A0-D4E6B0…)

No. 1329558

this is terrifying. this person deserves to be jailed

No. 1329585

yeah sadly they havr been lurking in the con scene for a while i just can't get over the fact the community in this area is just sweeping it under the rug like it didnt happen like people admit to seeing her do this yet they use excuses of learning to forgive and see them as person who is learning from their mistakes

No. 1331411

File: 1632334427049.png (1.2 MB, 1109x2048, Screenshot_20210922-110909.png)

Sade Hickman has been running around again being crazy and making fake accounts to harass women she's jealous of. Her edits sould crash the entire server the SNOW app is running on. Here's the newest milk. FB searching her name brings up so much more. She's been at this for around 3 years AFAIK.

No. 1331412

File: 1632334466968.png (1.19 MB, 1467x2048, Screenshot_20210922-110936.png)

Not the first instance of this. Gonna post more of her for the keks.

No. 1331413

File: 1632334515312.png (1.29 MB, 1092x2048, Screenshot_20210922-111028.png)

Can't make this shit up.

No. 1331485

Someone I know of IRL
>face full of fillers
>recently converted to Islam because it's her husband's religion. Tinfoil, but we think she's skinwalking as an Arab by bloating her face with fillers and dyeing her hair black.
>was recently arrested after she was caught stealing £9000 from her workplace by making refunds to her bank account.

No. 1331508

I've observed many women changing their appearance to look like the type of men they're attracted to. It's bizarre. The only male example I can think of is Zayn from 1D. He dyed his hair blond and edited photos so his eyes were green. Although he could have been attention-whoring for publicity purposes, I suppose.

No. 1331731

This bitch is 134 the same way Tess Munster is still a size 22. I don't know who these women think they are fooling.

No. 1331924

Shocked that Sade Hickman still doesn’t have a thread yet after, half of Facebook clowning her.

No. 1332648

File: 1632448556269.jpeg (1.69 MB, 4096x3072, 31B51103-F50F-4BF3-A59B-BF5E5B…)

maybe you shouldn’t have gone against the agreement you made? Buy of course you couldn’t stand not having sex with your bf and bragging about it all over tiktok.

No. 1332720

make a thread on her then .

No. 1333768

She's no better than these sw women who groom teenage girls to open an of as soon as they turn 18

No. 1333771

I'm curious as to what she deems false about these comments though.

No. 1333775

File: 1632557523837.jpeg (952.62 KB, 1233x2015, 0D989F5D-BA5B-48BE-B112-F7A737…)

she’s more depressing than milky but I still get a kick out of her
>uses deviantart like a mom on facebook, posts poorly lit selfies, milquetoast political opinions she got from watching too much youtube and unwanted updates on her life
>uses the post feature and random peoples comment sections like her diary
>most commonly posts about how much she hates fatties and “fake” trannies, will occasionally post about cows she follows and how horny she is for older black women though
>calls women sluts, whores, skanks etc. for minor shit
>will draw furry revenge porn for minor shit
>kiwifag whose account can be found easily by looking through the thread of the autistic 16 year old furry she’s obsessed with

No. 1334094

they’re not false she’s just pissed she got called out

No. 1334274

damnit, I always pray locals stay off the internet lmao


the.. video cassette? is that an acronym I don't know?
>social studies
KEK, who refers to that outside of middle school?

anything worth mentioning? I'm always up for local milk

No. 1334585

Oh I have no doubt it's all true but the way she's phrasing it makes it seem as though she genuinely believes (or wants her followers to believe) that people are out there spreading lies for fun. Like these weren't the consequences of her own actions and her anger is righteous. She knows the more people know about her shitty personality and behaviour, the less likely she is to get sponsored by brands. (oh and btw our girl is doing shein hauls and then ebegging her followers for rent money, classic parasite.)

No. 1334593

File: 1632638211890.jpg (37.99 KB, 312x586, zezehytgr.JPG)

I can't help but imagine the stench coming from her fat rolls, sweat and cheap lingerie combined.

No. 1334619

is that a murder in progress?

No. 1334734

>Be 25 with no work experience, not a single day spent working.
> Has his own apartment, which I am unsure on how he affords it?? He picked like the most expensive option because he wanted to move asap, when he doesn't even have a stable income
>Smokes weed everday
>No grown up wanna hang around him because we are busy either with job, or applying for university.
> Hangs out with 15 year olds instead, buys them alcohol and parties with them
>Several people have told him to look for a job, does it for a month before quitting and playing video games instead
> Planning on moving to Spain, because some of his friends learnt the language and moved there. Isn't even willing to take a spanish class. Isn't looking for work so he will probably continue doing what he is doing, just in another country

Wont lie, i am jealous of him. I am struggling with studying and working plus looking for apartments and seeing him just sit on his ass all day makes me so jealous ngl

No. 1334736

I've tried helping him, I've sent him ads for work, which he wasn't interested in. He wants to become a graphic designer, so I asked him if he has looked into university, as that at least means he's doing SOMETHING. He said there was no courses, which i quickly disproved by a quick google search showing 4 different universities local to him which offers that kind of education. I'm so tired of babying him so I've slowly cut contact.

No. 1334892

No. 1334922

FELLOW CHILEAN ANON PLEASE SEND ME A LINK I WANNA CHECK ON THIS COW OMG did she really fucked that disgusting scrote? Yiiiikes I wanna know everything!!!
Also do you have any other local cows?

No. 1334953

Holy shit fucking integrate you tard

No. 1335027

my personal lolcow is someone who gets led on by e-girls online. won't share his @ or social media but he's been at it for a long time. I unironically would have been his girlfriend if he lived in another state, because the only reason to e-date is to get away from your hometown

No. 1335161

File: 1632692542509.png (Spoiler Image,12.52 MB, 6047x3208, god help us all.png)

This is my first contribution to the board so forgive me for my sins in advance.

https://pcpsewercrawler.tumblr.com/ (main)

This guy has been on my radar for a couple of months, whenever I feel sad I go to his tumblr to laugh at the shitshow that he is.

>tranny gay homeless methhead DIsAblEd junkie

>claims to have, among other things, austism, aspd, DID, psychosis, schizophrenic symptoms
>romanticizes his addictions, literal brain damage
>complains about being homeless
>instead of going back to his parents house, stays on the streets and e-begs on his tumblr
>when he decided to become homeless because muh abusive parents, he eneded up presumably selling all his reptiles/pets because homelesness is more important I guess
>refuses to get a job because muh disabled, doesn't stop him from climbing into literal sewers
>is generaly gross
>whenever he convices some tumblr trannies to send him money, he uses the funds for jewelery/drugs/wigs/clothes/professional tattoos
>when he manages to get a motel room, he proceeds to trash everything he can get his dirty paws on
>has an ugly obese disabled tranny bf
>literally talks about his homicidal thoughts
>has an onlyfans, cuts himself regulary for kink

All tumblr accounts are archived but idk how to link them from waybackmachine. I'm a retard, sorry ladies.

I missed a lot of shit because he's a goldmine of batshit content.

No. 1335173

File: 1632693166521.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1653x592, _pcpsewercrawler.png)


No. 1335299

is this not literally a woman lmao
one of the more fucked ftms ive seen wow

No. 1335329

Oh man I've been following this one as a personal cow for so long, it's so interesting to see what certain human beings can inflict on themselves.

No. 1335407

Billie eilish in 5 months

No. 1337497

I had to unfollowed them to. Lol So much drama every day and so negative always the victim. they think people are constantly copying them and have to be the “first” to do something. Also how they begging for money and supplies but have 1000s$ to buy on clothing and costume prop??

No. 1337554

How did this thing afford top surgery but can't afford a place to stay?

No. 1337595

>I always pray locals stay off the internet
Same, but also always up for local milk

No. 1337652

File: 1632949153008.jpg (135.6 KB, 521x728, hi kenzi .jpg)

She is still thinking about these posts from months ago, kek. One person on a slow ass imageboard says one thing and she loses her fucking mind. So fragile. Also she decided to "stop shooping", kek. You can guess what that means. Her cosplays are getting worse, so cheap and the fabric always looks glued together or pinned. It's hard to even tell where the hell anything ends and begins because of the insane photoshop. I feel sad for her almost, you'd have to be really insecure about your face, gender and weight to do this obsessively every single day. There's literally zero candids of her. Neurotic. She needs to log off and just make her little headbands and foam backpacks for trannies in silence, kek. She complains about shadowbans and being cancelled but fails to realize she gets no interaction because she's being gawked at, not lauded. 24k followers but under 1k likes means you're a circus sideshow, not a celeb. She's too narcissistic to wrap her head around that though, she could never accept being another subpar cosplay narc who can't handle getting old and gaining weight. Tale as old as time.

No. 1337653

File: 1632949191706.jpg (133.75 KB, 491x745, totes not edited.jpg)

The delusion and body dysmorphia is off the CHARTS

No. 1337656

File: 1632949293736.jpg (92.58 KB, 507x744, trash.jpg)

and finally her awful Rei which is basically 90% digital painting and then she kept the remnants of her face and rearranged them completely. She looks so fucked up and warped in every photo. Note the hair showing under the wig cause she puts in zero effort.

No. 1337689

she put in a lot of effort with the editing it’s sad that she can’t do that in person for some reason.

No. 1337702

that's either a wrong background or a wrong Rei

No. 1338336

File: 1633029598955.png (509.43 KB, 2048x1318, Screenshot_20210930-121416.png)

You were right LMAO, she must lurk here. Tbh she probably is a farmer, she has the attitude and definitely is messy enough. She's complaining like she got her own thread but nobody cares. She's so desperately going to milk this and chimp out. You found a milky one. Maybe she should worry more about her sick rabbit? Or does she think calling herself a victim of stalking/bullying will bring more pitybux than a rabbit?

No. 1338362

File: 1633031884819.png (1.2 MB, 1064x894, bunny.png)

this is a very old personal cow of mine, i'm unclear about his current online whereabouts but i remembered him while reading the new troon thread & thought i'd share

>go by "bunny valentine" which is some of the cringiest most stereotypical troon shit in the world

>make bad mspaint scribble anime art entirely consisting of "girls" with self harm scars and bandages; https://toyhou.se/BunnyBabe666/art?page=1
>be homeless, living with mom in homeless shelter and getting kicked out, e-beg on tumblr about it; https://web.archive.org/web/20150617020919/http://bunnybabe666.tumblr.com/post/121137074544/hi-im-a-trans-girl-and-im-homeless-and-in-the
>become not homeless via e-begging and start asking for plastic surgery money; https://web.archive.org/web/20151021051613/http://bunnybabe666.tumblr.com/about
>live in a shed that you fill with cheap pink bullshit and children's toys to validate your bimbo fantasies; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk_KRaOzdAs&ab_channel=BunnyBabe666
>try hooking up with straight men on dating sites because you're a very real girl; https://ibb.co/TthDBgQ / https://ibb.co/LYWQgkZ / https://ibb.co/BGrgK8w / https://ibb.co/0M2bTBJ
>get into tumblr drama nonstop instead of getting a fucking job and moving out of the troon shed
>when not getting into tumblr drama, spend all your time playing the sims & various MMOs roleplaying as your anime girl OC; https://web.archive.org/web/20150907045114/http://bunnybabe666.tumblr.com/ / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7sWTEeHSmTemyE5rsuWhag/videos (basically the whole channel)
>do nasally manvoice cover of an old kreayshawn song; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raXdpFn7wtU&t=15s&ab_channel=BunnyBabe666
>straight men won't date you, take yourself on a date to a video game store and "whine and freak out" because your broke lazy ass can't afford anything; https://ibb.co/RgFDxrN
>be desperate for rhnoplasty while having zero health insurance; https://ibb.co/BtVjwvf
>brag about fucking old dudes for money, "turning" men bi, and guy liking you because you feed into their pedo fantasies; https://ibb.co/km74kkv / https://ibb.co/pfBtjCd
>openly describe yourself as a man as a joke, have the irony be completely lost; https://ibb.co/GWFWqtT
>call actual women dykes to be edgy and quirky even though you're a delusional gay male; https://ibb.co/pfBtjCd
>be a grown man living with your dad who refuses to feed you and doesn't want you to leave your room; https://ibb.co/XbvJqjJ
>become friends with 4lung, well known sex pest/troon/furfag/diaper wearer with their own thread on here; https://ibb.co/XbvJqjJ (4lung's thread: >>>/snow/743790)

sorry the greentext is kind of shit, it's only the second one i've made. hope this is milky enough to be of interest to anyone ^^

No. 1339084

No. 1339102

File: 1633116933362.jpg (51.49 KB, 716x960, 156469979_10225631175745678_38…)

Doesn't she say shes Asian? I swear I saw her say that some people just hate her cause they hate asians who do cosplay better than them? She doesn't look anything but maybe like a white hispanic. Theres more

No. 1339105

File: 1633117064201.png (1.45 MB, 1448x989, Untitled (2).png)

she looks like every other sun-damaged white woman weeaboo in their 30's.

No. 1339547

Don’t want to post caps for obvious reasons but my cousin has turned into such an annoying tryhard mommy blogger. She has a toddler daughter and twin babies, and ever since her daughter turned about 1 she’s been posting her every move on FB and Instagram to all 370 of her followers, combined with super obnoxious self-pitying “Just new mum things” clickbait. She just wrote a 7 paragraph caption on Instagram about taking the twins out for the first time solo and how omg stressful and scary it was.

Not only is it super vapid and narcissistic, all her profiles are public and everything she posts on every account she fucking hashtags with her kids first and second names. I want to sit down with her and talk to her about how much risk she’s putting them at and how their internet footprints shouldn’t be so massive before they can even read or write or speak, but she’d probs have a #mummymentalhealth moment and set my aunt and cousins on me for daring to question her showing the entire world her precious little bubs. Barf. If I ever have kids I’m gonna post them like once every two years.

No. 1339584

>friends with lucifer
>thinks he won't betray you

No. 1340181

I wish parents would think for five seconds. Everything posted on public social media is scraped by at least one third party archive. It's never going away. No one honest and good truly cares about bloggers' kids on social media, no one. The whole audience is creeps, ass kissers, people attempting a circle jerk for fame, and people trying to dodge reality and live vicariously through blogs.

No. 1340579

Parents like these are so fucking stupid. There's countless articles online about ordinary photos of their children on places like Instagram being taken and reposted on predator forums for them to make vile comments about. It's the same with public Facebook groups. Well done for exposing your child to hundreds of strangers and then you preach about being a good "mommy".

No. 1340645

File: 1633300815374.png (41.44 KB, 339x301, iamjohanna.png)

semendrools/swedishrefugee/iamjohanna of Tumblr

>36 years old

>edgy bizarre humor blog
>born to a rich businessman in a Finish-Swedish home
>mother passed away in early childhood
>grew up on the early internet
>developed promiscuous bisexual behavior since early teenage years
>had an abortion at a tender age
>had a gang-bang at one point
>has been caught in a park having public sex
>used to get drunk with obese cousin and cousin allegedly got in a fight with cops
>has had sex with that cousin (female)
>developed a UTI because she put a q-tip or some kind of brush up her urethra to test out ureteral insertion fetish
>developed breast cancer and had to get a mastectomy
>also had a hysterectomy at some point
>realized she is in love with her father
>consistently sadposted about not being able to fuck her dad
>openly promoted and came out as a supporter of consensual incest
>decided to seduce uncle instead (father of obese cousin best friend)
>sick fuck uncle (who is also married) gave in and slept with her
>they had an affair for a short period of time before she was dumped/found out
>family disowned her
>used to be a preschool teacher but isn’t anymore
>mental and physical health continue to go down a negative spiral
>24/7 suicide watch

Everything gathered here are anecdotes collected from her personal posts and answered asks.
Currently goes by iamjohanna.

Link to the incest milk https://iamjohanna.tumblr.com/post/177786498656/okay-so-whatever-i-give-up-heres-the-story

No. 1340792

What the fuck. I've always seen her posts floating around but never saw any discussion about this, which is weird for tumblr.

No. 1341105

Johanna has always been non-reactive and passively accepts her fate with zero responsibility. She responds to every anon calling her a POS with "yeah" and doesn't really engage in Tumblr wars. She's never been defensive enough to form a hotbed for callouts.

No. 1341299

Don't be so mean, anon is probably like me and never posts.
Her ig account is quin queviae (va todo junto, sin separarlo, I wrote it like that in case she's lurking though I doubt it, her english is a bit broken and her biggest interactions with english imageboards were posting her camshow links on 4chan)
She's not very cow-ish right now though, she's going to college in Argentina soon and other than posting an ocassional nude and then deleting it, or going out drunk, she doesn't do much.
Another girl I used to follow who was a bit of a lolcow was emo.latina, but she's your typical bpd girl with dyed hair, lots of scars from self harm and suicide attempts. I unfollowed her because she makes me a bit too sad.
I have more but I don't remember more right now, and I feel bad because I only read your post now, lol. Hope you're still around here

No. 1348752

Probably kind of vendetta-ish but I see so many locals kissing this dudes ass for being stunning and brave

- Former openly bisexual/occasional trap cosplayer
-Dated a fakeboi that was more female passing than he could ever dream of being and was constantly posting about their wholesome mlm relationship
-Suddenly decided that he’s a woman and is a ‘lesbian’ that goes by she/they
-Literally never even tries to fucking pass
-When a callout post went out rightfully outing a cosplayer as a predator/misogynistic asshole, he commented amongst the testimonies of many women that said creep had ‘spoken to him a few times and gave weird vibes’
-Yes because that’s totally equal
-Whines about the transmiosgyny in the community not getting the same attention
- generally fucking insufferable
-Bio refers to himself as a ‘girl boss’ and ‘milf queen’, his personal account has ‘milfsupremacy’ in its name

No. 1348775

File: 1634374725512.png (907.53 KB, 639x739, 1633773730352.png)

Anyone else been following Liam/"Layla" @waverider_?
>instagram famous around 2014 for doing ""funny"" recreations of female celebrity outfits
>has 800k+ followers and blue check mark
>came out as a tranny called Aurora in 2018
>constantly posted about doing meth and dropping the hard r, a long with a lot of other weird shit
>got clean and blamed all the tranny shit on the meth
>come out as a tranny again this year by a different name, Layla
>still won't even shave
>threatened to kill prime minister of NZ for taking his "weed" away (it's meth)
>police showed up at his house multiple times
>said nigga again plenty of times
>claims to be "biggie in another life" and "a black maori queen" and posts shit about "ghetto gospel"
>constantly posting weird lip smacking videos of himself saying a bunch of incoherent shit and "bitch" every other word
>kept talking about getting raped by black men and calling them the hard r
>went to rehab again but got out in days
>started doing meth again
>claims to be a born again Christian despite everything and posted video of himself getting publically baptized
>always posting weird cracked out dance videos
>refuses to acknowledge any kind of criticism
>claimed to be an "occultic child icon that was abused by hollywood" (despite being not famous at all beyond instagram)
>yesterday doja cat called him "odd" on her live for telling her to pop a titty and banned him
>doja cats fans are now flooding his comments and calling him a weirdo

No. 1348779

Holy shit I remember him, he was always on my explore.

So weird and sad to think that the goofy, at worst try hard, dude is now a full on cow and tranny.

No. 1348784

File: 1634375913341.png (2.25 MB, 1608x1629, liam.png)

yep, it's pretty sad. for some reason he always goes straight to racism when he hits the meth pipe

No. 1348810

Can't believe I didn't mention her in my other post, because this one is a doozy:

>she has so many sockpuppets, but her usual and most recognisable handle is Aeltri or Aeltrileaf

>she's what's called a Cumberbatch Sceptic - she thinks his marriage is fake and his children are hired actors/dolls/holograms etc.
>has accused Benedict Cumberbatch's wife of the following: being a human trafficker, a Satanist, a criminal of all stripes who has branded Benedict with Satanic symbols (the things she pointed to were just vein ridges!), of suffering various mental and physical illnesses, lately insisting he has DID.
>she tried to attend an event BC and his wife would be at, was only stopped in her Mark David Chapman wannabe tracks by people who alerted BC's people of who she was.
>she has seriously threatened BC's wife with actual harm, so I don't feel contacting his representatives was wrong there.
>in her earlier days, she claimed BC eye-fucked her at SDCC, which seems to have been what really kicked off her obsession.
>her best friend in bonkers antics, Patty/Gatorfisch, got interviewed in the Atlantic. In a surprisingly smart move on Aeltri's part, when the journalist who wrote that article contacted Aeltri for comments, Aeltri said no. Her own paranoia saved her that time, because Patty looked an absolute fucking loon (which she is).
>Aeltri doesn't just harass celebrities! She also harasses her neighbours - she claims to have cursed them because she was convinced they hated her. One of them got in a car accident after said cursing, and she took that as proof her curse worked. Because car accidents are such a rare occurance.
>she's an actual Nazi who believes every antisemitic conspiracy under the sun. And yes, she believes in QAnon too.

There's way more than this, believe me this is a summary of the absolute insanity she spews on a regular basis.

No. 1348950

File: 1634397612617.png (171.88 KB, 945x609, Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 11.1…)

pretty sure his tumblr is the same username too, may have just spotted him on there right after browsing thru this thread this morning for keks

No. 1349374

Meth makes men gay. Wonder why that is.

No. 1349385

File: 1634462280690.jpg (74.56 KB, 337x699, Screenshot_20211017-040958_Ins…)

my personal lolcow is a coworker
>Trying to be a twitch streamer but failing (no one watches)
>flirts exclusively with taken guys at our job
>spends all her money on them via gifts
>I genuinely don't know why
>pretends to be into male dominated hobbies like dbz, berserk etc to get their attention
>asked her who guts was and she didn't even know
>has a boyfriend on top of all this
>almost broke up 3 couples that I know of
>For some reason she hasn't been fired yet

No. 1350602

Now she's seething months later on her Fetlife blog about being reported to her beloved charity who banned her with actual evidence for being a fetish creep around children. She claims it's all 'lies' and that whoever reported her is a toxic person who won't win.

Breastfeeding sissy men dressed as babies and being a ABDL nanny really is going to back up your claims that it was all 'lies' Rachel.

No. 1350648

how is any of this milk?

No. 1350679

He was a flamer before meth, but meth clearly makes him a tranny

No. 1350700

Girl you’re gonna get in trouble if she sees this kek.

No. 1350704

NTA but do you know what thread you're in, retard?
>Discuss the people in your life that have lolcow potential.
Learn to read.

No. 1350715

To answer the all the questions to confused anons about why black people do these things.

Most black civil rights stuff is always focused on pointing out how black men are victimised and usually the fact that black men have ensured that black women have one of the highest rates of death by homicide rates is going to be hidden because it hurts black men's feelings and it means you are anti-black. A lot of the Egypt shit only comes from African Americans who couldn't point out Africa on a map and gravitate to Egypt because their only perception of black Africans is through seeing starving children on tv or bullying African children who come to their school for having weird accents. A lot of this we were kangz shit is essentially just inceldom with a pyramid sprinkled on top. The market for redpill and incel shit amongst is horrifically vast and booming and plenty of women subscribe to that stuff because they think it will make black men choose them. It's a whole mess. Unfortunately, only very few people are able to make it out of the brainwashing because criticism against it doesn't get as much traction as people like Kevin Samuels or Tariq what ever his name is.

In the case of Marceline, black women typically are always expected to be on the front lines of black activism, constantly proclaiming their love for black men and be door mats for them. The whole confident sassy persona a lot of black women is a facade and most of their aggressive attitudes come from the fact that black women do not get coddled the way every other race of women (no offence) do on average and are often bread winners, especially in poorer areas. The fact that she is dating a white guy when so many black guys could have pumped and dumped her right now and is that most black men are fucked up trash and deep down she knows it. Guys like that rapper are a dime a dozen, most of them never really get that much fame or go anywhere. Race loyalty doesn't work for black women. She is over compensating and of course is just crazy in general and needs psychiatric help and accept that she prefers white men. All of this bullshit and she will still be called a traitorous bedwench at the end of the day. Long story short, she is essentially being a pick-me for black men despite not dating them.

I hope i answered everything, give me my ban for race bait i guess.

No. 1351293

I hope that you don't catch a ban because what you said is spot on and is common talk over on lipstickalley and within black feminism literature. It absolutely happens, but black women aren't allowed to talk about it without being called bedwenches and if ethnicities outside of that community talk about it they get side-eyed because its not "their" place. As if you can't simply want better for other women regardless of ethnicity.

No. 1352014

lmao i don't give a shit about this job anymore

No. 1352226

>>got clean and blamed all the tranny shit on the meth
>come out as a tranny again this year by a different name, Layla

Mighty kek, I love the flipflopping happening here

No. 1352275

yeah you're going to be fired from your job and possibly future workplaces.

next time don't be a "tough guy on the internet" don't shit where you eat. and possibly stop browsing lolcow because your internet persona is seeping into real life

No. 1352283

nta but are you the person they posted about? She didn't name or otherwise identify the person or workplace, photo is generic looking, so why would they get fired?

No. 1352299

There's always one girl like this at every workplace.

Is this you…? Embarassing

No. 1352320

It was posted 4 days ago, why are you chimping out this hard now?

No. 1352325

Meth raises people's sex drives by a lot

No. 1352363

not chimping out, it's just common sense to not shit where you work

No. 1352427

Does she work at lolcow, anon? There's no way you'd know where she works unless you're said coworker, in which case alerting anon to the fact you saw her post was not a winning move. You just let her know it got to you.
Also you both browse this same imageboard, so I'm not sure you can take a high and mighty stance on that one either.

No. 1354336

This is the story about an acquaintance I knew in college
>Met her as a freshman in an anime club
>Is grossly overweight, has shitty art, obnoxious, and is generally toxic to and exclusive of certain friends
>Announces she is a lesbian after befriending a lesbian couple
>Comes out as trans after befriending a mtf troon
>Unofficially changes her name to King and prefers he/him pronouns
>Still refers to herself as a lesbian even after trooning out
>Begins a series of relationships with women that fail
>Her last gf claimed to have DID. After this relationship ends, she self diagnosed herself with DID as well
>Never sees a psychologist
>Have personally seen her "switch" between alters
>Makes everyone uncomfortable and doubt her actually having DID
>Develops multiple alters each week. Each alter copies the identities of her friends, pets, and the ocs she makes
>She seems to mirror her behavior from the yt channel DissociatDID
>Despite copying DissociatDID, she vehemently hates her and claims that DissociatDID is faking DID lol
>Develops a violent alter that eventually ends up punching multiple people
>Everyone hears about this and cuts her off

No. 1355896

File: 1635216797083.jpeg (733.75 KB, 907x1169, 98CEE892-B676-4FC3-81B4-7ECEC4…)

I know shes very known and has been posted here before, but I’m posting her in personal lolcows on the chance that she wouldnt be deemed milky enough for her own thread.
First GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/28lw59joxc
Second GoFundMe
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/webkuji
Private Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/insanityrune
Instagram: https://instagram.com/kudwafter
MyAnimeList: https://myanimelist.net/profile/luvriel
MyFigureCollection: https://myfigurecollection.net/profile/niisan
Previous mention of her on here: 420231
SUMMARY OF MILK (I am probably missing things as I have only known her for a year, all of the older milk is things I have seen other people discuss)
Before I start this I just want to clarify that she is 27 years old, keep that in mind when going through these.
>Tradcath larper constantly talking about her “relationship with christ” inbetween retweets of loli hentai.
>Anachan larper, supposedly eats under 900cal a day, posts photos of her large fast food meals, pretends to ask for advice on dealing with a restrictive eating disorder and then replies with something along the lines of “well im getting skinny and hot so i dont really care”
>”Trans” had her friends donate thousands of dollars to her GFM only to regret being trans because it’s “against christ” (and her boyfriend)
>”Extremely broke and homeless” despite constantly showing off her hauls and purchases of useless consoomer shit and her bed covered in childrens bedding and body pillows.
>Supposedly has an abusive mother who “throws her down the stairs” and deprives her of money. Her mother has gifted her a car and many of her anime consoomer toys. Her mother is also a very small woman while Ruby is extremely overweight, her being able to pick her up and toss her is very unlikely. Always posting screencaps of her mother being kind to her through text aswell and sending her money.
>Recently has started larping that she was extremely close friends with now deceased R9K egirl Ciara Horan. Sperged on her coworker for not covering her shift because she was “distraught over her best friends death” and how she missed her funeral. Ciara died two years ago and her funeral was well over a year ago as well
>Constantly brags about the men who hit on her/sexually harass her, while her boyfriend has said he is extremely uncomfortable with it
>ALWAYS talking about how she looks like a child and how everyone treats her like a smol littol babie. You can see her photos yourself and make your opinion on if she does or not..

I definitely missed some things as this is all current milk from the past year but she has had a big following on tumblr before. A really massive bpdcow that I was surprised wasn’t posted here before. If anyone knows about more of her antics feel free to add on.
Will be posting (most) caps now

No. 1355897

File: 1635216844721.jpeg (441.49 KB, 1170x1205, DCAB6C8C-E589-4EFB-9C9E-995027…)

Her (most recent) smol babie antics 1/2

No. 1355898

File: 1635216879285.jpeg (527.84 KB, 1170x1581, 90D2FB8C-C187-4F99-B25F-3E4859…)

No. 1355900

File: 1635216944093.jpeg (859.49 KB, 1170x1859, 5E4351A4-9F92-4C05-A3AC-5EE399…)

An extra, calling her younger self a loli. She wasn’t in her twenties in this photo aswell? Shes posted it many times saying she was 17-18.

No. 1355901

File: 1635217064658.jpeg (829.38 KB, 1170x2034, 81B8E8EB-8931-4BAF-8BD7-6AC770…)

Ciara sperg 1/?

No. 1355902

File: 1635217186198.jpeg (649.05 KB, 1170x1851, F005BC97-B7BD-4E8A-895B-F98D8E…)

Ciara sperg 2/?

No. 1355904

File: 1635217299668.jpeg (593.68 KB, 1170x1465, 2B931294-5348-4D5A-8146-5FFC2C…)

Ciara sperg 3/3

No. 1355905

File: 1635217340402.jpeg (803.05 KB, 1170x1992, C634F158-63D1-4C87-985E-E327D5…)

Attention whoring

No. 1355906

File: 1635217374505.jpeg (656.2 KB, 1170x1779, A61DB185-3824-46FC-B6CD-97A62F…)

No. 1355907

File: 1635217431668.jpeg (596.3 KB, 1020x974, 8EDF6025-B4DC-4C16-9EE1-6DCB78…)

Her and her current boyfriend (old, skinnier photo of her)
She also posts lewds very frequently on her private but as it’s a locked account I wouldn’t want to post them.

No. 1355934

is that not her ex boyfriend

No. 1355953

Ex friend is definitely an lolcow in person, doesn't sperg out online however. There's so much that goes with her and I'm slightly under the influence so sorry for any rambling.

>Prided herself for being a complete whore while in a relationship, constantly cheated on her bf of 7 years at the time. Admitted to me she doesn't remember the amount of men but in the 50+ range, this was when she was a teenager.

>Lost her virginity when she was 12, ran downstairs naked and bragged about it to her mother after the deed was done.
>Bisexual, told her boyfriend she wouldn't date him if she wasn't allowed to date women so he agreed. She got a girlfriend, then fucked her girlfriend's boyfriend behind her back.
>Kept track of sexual deeds she did and who she did them with, her girlfriend found it and found out about her boyfriend, threatened to tell that she was cheating with the proof. She beat the fuck out of her and curbstomped her, breaking her jaw. Then burned the journal, thus not being able to keep track of her encounters.
>Didn't graduate on time, was too busy getting stoned and hanging out with guys. Paid me to help complete online GED.
>Rich daddy, paid for her to go to beauty school, she decided to stay home and smoke weed. Is now liable for paying back the beauty school for not attending.
>Would tell her boyfriend that gifts from guys she fucked/guys she sold nudes to were actually from me, made me out to be obsessive and in love with her as a cover for cheating.
>Had another girlfriend, fucked her 30 year old brother.
>Got her phone taken away at 15 for sending nudes to her dealer and he was registered as an offender, she also had sex with him but didn't confess to the police and so her boyfriend wouldn't find out she was cheating.
>Boyfriend did not have a license, therefore they had to work together to make it convenient for travel. They went through 3 factories in one year, due to the exact same situation happening two times. She would get too close with a guy, her boyfriend would get mad, they fight, they get fired. Repeat.
>No job now, is an Onlyfans thot.
>Best friend died as a preteen, she constantly posts pictures of her on her "sex works" account and has a tattoo of a note with her friend's signature, which is a very unique name. She features this tattoo in her sexual pictures.
>White, claimed she could say racial slurs however because she went to middle school in the city for two years while her mother was in prison.
>Implied she has comprising photos of her ex girlfriend and her as minors backed up for blackmail

No. 1355967

She sounds like…evil? How can you be that much of a shit at such a young age? Glad to see ex friend you do not need garbage like that in your life.

No. 1355988

>Lost her virginity when she was 12, ran downstairs naked and bragged about it to her mother after the deed was done.

she was 12, nearly everything listed about her makes it sound like she was sexually abused as a child.

No. 1355990


so she was groomed and now is a sex pest? this is the natural way things go without therapy. shes unhinged sure but most of the underage shit you list just means she was neglected most of her youth so its obvious it fucked her mentally.

No. 1355998

if her mother was in prison while she was in middle school, how did she brag about losing her virginity getting raped? at 12? doesn't middle school go from 11-13? im sure she's insufferable and all, and a lot of this is awful, but getting fucked stat. raped? by over fifty men as a teenager will do that to you. this is kind of just sad.

No. 1356042

Being groomed doesn't make you curbstomp your girlfriend and break her jaw (unless I'm reading that wrong and it was the other way round)

No. 1356176

She broke up with him after years of dating because of "distance" then immediately started dating some weeb who.. was also long distance, then they fell out, now she is back with original guy.

No. 1356231

Thank you anon! I'll check them out. My personal cows are illustrators and photographers (in the week community I guess) hope we catch each other again!!

No. 1356477

sounds like you're just as bad as her lol

all I read was gibberish. it's none of your business to share.

learn not to shit where you eat

No. 1356494

Ngl I was thinking this same thing earlier today but held back from posting. It seems like some people don't know what the standard for a cow is. This chick just sounds like she was sexually abused as a child and in need of an intervention. Not condoning anything she's done but still.

No. 1356529

>posting about someone is just as bad as curbstomping someone

No. 1356750

File: 1635345606641.png (665.63 KB, 606x736, we know why you're actually lo…)

This girl is a treasure trove.

Twitter use Joulesie has 9k followers mostly for making tweets about being an autistic lesbian. However she recently broke up with her long time girlfriend because she said she was being abused by her, and now she's dating a guy who has been her "best friend" throughout the duration of said abusive relationship. She deleted all mentions of the abuse, and now tweets up to 10 times a DAY about her boyfriend.

Can't find her old GF's handle, pretty sure she deleted her twitter account after the abuse allegations came out.

Now joulesie rapidly is losing followers and keeps thinking it's because she's out as bisexual now. But really it's because she tweets about her bf and is an internal misogynist now?? Pic related.

No. 1356751

File: 1635345681086.png (254.34 KB, 596x388, internalized misogny 101.PNG)

There's even more of shit like this, literally tons of tweets on the daily, and she means it. Even if it was a joke, it wouldn't be that funny.

No. 1356757

File: 1635346439214.png (925.06 KB, 1123x970, Theres even more.png)


Sorry to dump, but there's just so much.
Dating her "best guy friend" who was friends with her the duration of her relationship to her now abusive ex? Way too convenient. She definitely cheated and called her ex abusive to get out of the repercussions.

And worse, she literally sees random girls doing their jobs as a threat? People are unfollowing en masse for a reason, and it's not biphobia whatever the fuck that is.

No. 1356866

How many followers has she lost doing this? Anyone going on about there partner this much is annoying but it feels like she's compensating for something.

No. 1356876

I believe a hundred or so, and yeah tbh even str8 women wouldn’t enjoy hearing someone only talk about their SO or bf. 90% of her tweets are just about him now, or about how much she loves sucking dick.

Which is strange because 2 years ago she got cancelled for saying she doesn’t like dick lol.

No. 1356882

>>1356750 Is her bf really that handsome?

No. 1356891

File: 1635359118768.png (348.42 KB, 427x420, here he is.PNG)


the most basic and boring looking man I have ever seen, with a receding hairline. This is who she thinks every girl in the world is after?

Also her comment section has never been drier, tell-tale sign that no one really likes what they're seeing but nobody has the balls to say anything.

No. 1356895

imagine going full bunny boiler over this pedo stache greaseball. any pics of the gf/drama related to the bishit betrayal?

No. 1356897

I have a PhD in mentally ill bisexual bitches. From these few tweets I now understand her life story.
>ruined her bf's previous relationship by being a clingy pickme
>dumped her gf the second he was single
>constant self-inflicted drama to distract her from realizing she traded a stable support system for a cheating scrote.
>fights with literally any random woman in case she's going to be the next pickme he dumps her for.
>writing fanfic for how he took advantage of her and it was all abuse as we read this

No. 1356904

My childhood ex-best friend is a lite version of this. Thankfully I cut ties with her at 14 when she purposefully lost her virginity to my first crush and I only watched her dumpster fire life unfold from the side-lines. She also experinced some form of CSA which noonas have way too much of a bleeding heart for. You hate to hear it but CSA victims can become some of the most vile people who hurt and exploit others ten fold. And after they've lived their life that way the victim card gets declined. No hate on you, anon I get it. Glad you got out of there.(sage your blog)

No. 1357000

File: 1635370105498.jpeg (393.16 KB, 1242x1569, 7C3BE7D7-0D11-4930-BFC0-B8F87C…)

interesting that you think he also might have cheated, because that definitely would explain why she seriously is so concerned about other girls existing near him. Get em how you lose em.

Of the photos she posts of both them, she is usually demonstrating how uwu small she is. She did that photo when they first met. Imagine meeting a dude and already comparing heights for smol bean validation.

No. 1357024

I’m really sorry she stole your 14 year old crush, surely the suffering you’ve experienced at her hands far outweighs that of being raped as a child.

No. 1357038

haha so funny, you totally owned that anon!

No. 1357175

>that anon

No. 1357199

this but unironically
get help weird grudge-holding anon

No. 1358148

been wanting to post about my personal cow for a while, went to highschool with her.

>uses meth and brags about it, shows off her meth pipes on her public snapchat

>has to be in a relationship at all times, can’t be single. she always dates other junkies
>her current methhead boyfriend is a fat, hideous, manlet with lip piercings
>she is now LARPing as a ~goff girl uwu~
>dyed random chunks of her hair different colors, has never dyed her hair before she got with her fat manlet
>posts selfies where her eyelashes are barely attached to her eyes & popping off
>posts pictures/videos where you can see her giant dandruff flakes in her scalp, even with the heavy filters
>posts several videos of herself lip syncing songs while tweaking, thinks she looks amazing but she looks scary and twitchy
>has never posted an unfliltered photo of herself
>suicide baiting on her public social media with her full name on it
>superiority complex because she’s the Shift Leader at a fast food place
>still lives with grandma, has no drivers license so granny drives her to and from work
>blacks out on xanax regularly and posts “omggg what happened last night?!? does anyone know?? i can’t remember!”
>trades her pussy for drugs and brags about getting them for “free”

tonight she posted about wanting to kill herself “no joke”
i’m tempted to say “do it” but i don’t want to touch the poo, i’m afraid if i interact she might make her story private.
i think i’ll just keep watching her crash and burn from a distance kek

No. 1358177

sage your bullshit this is a imageboard

No. 1358196

no one cares about random junkies. everyone knows a person like this.

No. 1358219

Are you two lost? This is the personal cows thread and anon posted her personal lolcow.

No. 1358224

Sorry you got posted, hope you stop doing meth or whatever

No. 1358364

Gotta be one of the most boring personal cows I’ve ever seen lmfao, is this it?

No. 1358450

the absolute state

No. 1358641

Funny how you post this right after she sperged on her twitter about being posted. Maybe stop being a cow.

No. 1359556

literally in awe of methhead fatties. how the fuck do they do it? it defies physics…

No. 1360619

File: 1635907081820.jpeg (10.66 KB, 262x120, 6A8D01C0-0A60-4812-BC48-16C815…)

my tutor is a themlet, this is his addition to the professional footer for emails. everyone he emails sees this. he's in his late twenties/early thirties. the delusion is real, and god it makes me cringe

No. 1362332

File: 1636134853588.png (712.68 KB, 1440x2672, Screenshot_20211105-055157~2.p…)

This users comments I found on you're kidding right's video https://youtu.be/ZhuxlwTBG9o

No. 1363256

File: 1636238869373.png (700.22 KB, 1440x2521, Screenshot_20211105-055026~2.p…)

More lolcow gold

No. 1363750

File: 1636309571057.png (32.15 KB, 579x293, based2.PNG)

this just in, she has officially lost another 100 followers in a week, and she is still almost exclusively making internalized misogynistic/obsessive tweets like this. Amazing.

Genuinely can't tell if maybe she's lost it? Like how does one become so dickmatized after making based tweets like this ? She almost got cancelled for pic related, it started a slur discourse war

No. 1364184

Does anyone know of Sam/gasstationg0th and James/womenpostingLs? An ecouple who met on “right wing incel twitter. When they first met all of James’ incel followers called sam ugly and a trap and she just took it and continued pandering to them KEK. James got doxxed a few months back aswell because he posted a woman getting sexually harassed as an “L” for her. Too lazy to type out a full summary but the milk is there if you look at their accounts for more than a few seconds.

No. 1364197

File: 1636342698946.jpeg (Spoiler Image,966.75 KB, 1170x1367, 096E1FF0-451E-4A77-94B5-8DE95B…)

The photo in question, he also posts a lot about wanting a “thicc latina tradwife” despite sam being a skinnyfat white girl

No. 1364210

Isn't james a fatty? he should be thankful he even has a SKINNYfat gf and not just a plain ol fat gf.

No. 1364215

yeah, there was a meme that circulated of him sending her a photo of herself in a fat filter after she wanted to order food lol. I kind of feel bad for her ngl considering she used to be fat as fuck

No. 1364330

File: 1636365082772.jpeg (264.29 KB, 618x697, 73A7A669-AD08-473A-BFC6-1C33E1…)

James especially annoys me. you're a man who gets off to woman getting sexually harassed, you calling anything "demonic" just seems like cope.

No. 1364864

Demonic just means “I don’t like this” KEK

No. 1367044

actually it seems like no one cared about your summary. posts without caps are pretty worthless.

No. 1367798

Nonny what are you talking about there's like 10 screenshots, scroll.

No. 1371992

File: 1637358214727.png (319.75 KB, 593x507, EAY3M0wWsAIulI6.png)

I can't help but still be morbidly fascinated by thrift thick and her sad life. between her ballooning in size, her sad dating videos, having no friends apart from her mom, joyfully showing off her fupa in her grandma-tier subscription box try ons, defending the boyfriend in midsommar because "he was soooo nice to the main character!!1!", and arguing that "demisexual is TOTES lgbt you guise!!" in her livestreams, I can't help but continue to tune in. shame her threads died both here and on gurugossiper.

No. 1372051

I remember her youtalktrash threads, those girls uses to read her for filth. I loved it.

No. 1372168

They still talk about her on you talk trash. Her thread is pretty popular.

No. 1373166

File: 1637522246284.jpeg (Spoiler Image,319.12 KB, 472x650, 93A731C2-0299-46A0-A124-20D4C2…)

>middle aged man at my company troons out suddenly
>everyone starts fawning over him and throwing multiple happy hours to celebrate
>begins typing in an ~excessively girly~ style in official business channels complete with inappropriate amounts of emojis
>strongly hints in his coming out announcement that his current partner encouraged him to “explore” his repressed AGP fetish… I mean his true self
>named his new girlsona (apparently) after a character from an old anime he watched as a kid idk

It’s only been a week but I’m both amused and terrified by the potential for milk here

No. 1373771

Please keep updating anon. Hoping for a good trainwreck story kek

No. 1374418

File: 1637681217982.png (2.06 MB, 2000x3000, tux_luka.png)

my personal lolcow is just your average discord kweer, aka a straight girl with a terrible haircut who's addicted to porn, children's cartoons and gacha games.
but her art always sends me. she thinks she's great at it. she's 28 btw.

No. 1374425

Kek is this a dwarf character?

No. 1374768

File: 1637705811727.jpg (97.66 KB, 588x1199, 21-11-19-06-58-49-677_deco-1.j…)

it's suppsoed to be some guy from miraculous ladbyug.she draws everyone with midget proportions and linebacker shoulders somehow

No. 1374803

I don't believe in posting IRL people here unless they've done something horrible to me personally so I won't mention this person by name or post a pic.

I have an ex-coworker who's quiet active online and he's the typical AGP troon. He's a sex worker with an OnlyFans on the side, he openly talks about all this + his sexual deviance at work. He's around 5'10" - 6'0", chubby from estrogen but you could tell without that he could've been a line backer, obvious male bone structure with heavy ass makeup and NOT attractive as either "woman" or man. I knew this dude would be a pervert the minute I saw him.

Other coworkers complain about some of the things he says ie. talk about eating ass but despite that he got a promotion..

No. 1374808


Samefag, contined: He's always been very nice to me and I'd say as a worker he is actually good. But he is very delusional and has written a long rant about me on Facebook when I questioned him over his male "period".

I also remember one time he told me he was going to a lesbian bar and I asked him out of curiosity if most lesbians are OK with that, he replied telling me that most are welcoming towards him except the ones called "TERFS" and I just pretended like I have never heard of what that was before.

No. 1375530

wanted to share my personal lolcow…

>lolcow's dad dies when she's 16

>groomed by boyfriend when she was 16 and he was 26
>"i need a father figure again" (FKN LOL)
>groomer comes out as a tranny after a couple years
>tranny groomer demands to be poly so they can date other girls and live out the usual troon fantasy, no girls want to date her bc she's gross
>tranny groomer continues to live off of lolcow's family and laze around, growing their scraggly hair long and learning how to wear the same supergirl t-shirt every day
>tranny groomer quits career in videogames because the boys are too mean and his personality is shitty to be around
>tranny groomer gets kicked out of canada for "forgetting" to renew his visa, lolcow follows after
>they move back, lolcow's mom has cancer and weed isn't legal there so
>tranny groomer becomes a casino dealer so gross, middle-aged men will treat him "like a girl"
>tranny groomer knocks up their now-twenty-something partner, REFUSES to abort the baby. even if neither of them are going to be good parents, all bc the tranny partner is going to losing his sperm when he transitions
>lolcow's mom dies and she spirals HARD
>baby is born
>lolcow comes out as trans herself so she has justification for letting herself go
>tranny groomer gets tired of lolcow's downward spiral since being orphaned
>lolcow becomes alcoholic
>lolcow becomes suicidal, goes to the hospital and cutting in general being a shit parent
>tranny groomer STEALS the baby to a different country, saying he's "going to visit his parents" and then "forcing" lolcow to sign paperwork legally allowing him to keep the child in the US (mostly by lying and coercement but who cares)
>lolcow tries suicide a couple times; driving an SUV into a semitruck, driving a car off the road. they go through 4 cars in a month. breaks a femur and gives herself a limp.
>lolcow sells house they bought for tranny for a million dollars, making profit of 400k
>tranny groomer tries to demand money from the house settlement
>no marriage, no money. sorry coomer
>tranny groomer continues to keep child away from the "birth mother" (jfc), is now trying to force lolcow to sign paperwork saying they will stay away forever
>the baby is definitely mentally behind and still can't speak any sentences or words at age 3
>everyone involved is a lost cause, including the poor child

>anytime OP tries to cut off contact, lolcow will offer 50K to avoid it

No. 1377423

idk the real cow seems to be the troon

No. 1377452

>anytime OP tries to cut off contact
are you the troon groomer?

No. 1378071

this is just depressing, not even fun in a cow antics way

No. 1378235

She deleted everything I think, but I can dig

No. 1378510

File: 1638231843587.png (544.31 KB, 661x661, E950CA4F-6C72-4DCB-941F-C8345A…)

I’ve known too many because I always thought that I could fix people(sage your non-milk)

No. 1378774

A suicidal woman with a shitty life of being abused isn't a cow ffs, even if you don't like her for personal reasons. If anything the cow is the troon.

No. 1380460

repeatedly calling her a lolcow doesn't make it true. that story isn't funny it's just sad

No. 1381779

File: 1638421575312.jpg (193.04 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_20211201-202633_Sam…)

Ryan McGrath and Chris Gillon. Both retards actually have Kiwifarm threads about them.



At 13 years old I post a video of myself singing on YouTube naively thinking I was going to be "famous" or discovered lmao. Instead I got a bunch of grown men harassing me and calling me "pedobait". Chris who now goes by 'Sophie' doxxed me. Ryan who was close friends with Chris, would say passive aggressive or straight up racist things to me.

Chris Gillon was a DPRK supporter who made tribute videos about Kim Jong Il, he took advantage of a woman who had romantic feelings for him and sent her nudes to her father! He is now known for being transgender and writing long pedantic word salads about 'inferior' races or whatever tf.

Ryan is MGTOW fat NEET who makes videos that get less than 100 views because nobody gives a shit about his takes on anything yet he has like 500+ of them on his channel..




No. 1381795

File: 1638422885353.jpg (421.41 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20211201-212727_Sam…)


More evidence of how much of piece of shit Ryan McGrath is.

No. 1381803

File: 1638423939398.jpg (598.82 KB, 3464x3056, PicsArt_12-01-09.44.54.jpg)


More of Ryan McGrath of Bristol, UK.


No. 1382055

File: 1638454220760.jpeg (415.35 KB, 828x1550, B34F34DC-526C-4E5A-AAAC-033A27…)

yet another long ass fb narc rant from kenzi shou

pt 1

No. 1382057

File: 1638454253058.jpeg (137.2 KB, 828x406, 2543FDEB-03D2-4FCE-9312-5E6B7F…)

No. 1383326

this ginger nonce looks like he's all set to be another Plymouth shooter only in bloody old brizzle

No. 1384353

someone i know irl was infamous on edtwt under the name breadboy, im only remembering this because it was so similar to the ambrose situation and people are bringing it up on twitter again. she was also pretending to be a guy (no one worked this out though as far as im aware,they thought she was a femboy), big npd and bpd etc. she successfully convinced someone to kill themself though, she used to dox and send people their address for fun etc- absolutely insane shit. she had a collection of selfies of people crying because she threatened them online. she doesnt know i knew who she was on twitter though, i never ever interacted with her on there because we were high school friends and didnt speak after she transitioned (i never saw her afterwards, i just saw the change on instagram). but i was on edtwt a couple years back and immediately recognised one of her selfies.
big god complex and lots of followers who adored her, she was good at manipulating people and such.
i havent spoken to her in years and dont know where she is now though, it just shocked me seeing the name breadboy pop up again on twitter lol.

No. 1384550

File: 1638608347372.jpeg (415.88 KB, 605x802, 19740BEF-3561-4A40-8437-621955…)

I remember breadboy too. if you google "mechaylo" a lot of shit comes up, including old undertale cosplay lmfao.

No. 1384623

wow, i didnt realise she had a whole ass kiwi farms thread. so much of it is wrong though, straight off the bat she wasnt 17 when that was made; she was 18 and so it didnt need to be frozen. sort of wish it was relevant now, so much tea about this one

No. 1385054

i went to hs w this girl and also was in the same sorta party scene she was in.

>notorious liar and crazy bitch

> lies about her age claiming to be 2 years older than she actually is and got a modeling gig for a streetwear brand posing naked at 16
>fucked fat nick at 15-16 for clout
>lies and claims she lived w lil peep for 9 months and got some fake nickname he supposedly called her tattooed
>got knocked up and has lied abt who the dad was multiple times even managing to convince one to propose to her until a dna test revealed its just some loser w a swastika tattoo
>now claiming she is from the hood and has shooters n shit
>even pumping out a stereotypical latina accent and speaking broken spanish

she is just so hilarious to me and such a mess i cannot help but to keep up with her

No. 1386122

File: 1638764376456.png (103.13 KB, 344x611, 1.png)

My personal lolcow is an Instagram user who believes that she is the living reincarnation of Aaron Burr, and that he often channels his own thoughts through her. For those uninitiated, Aaron Burr was a founding father of America who died 200 years ago.
>identifies as transwoman because her past life was a man
>Aaron Burr relives his gender dysphoria and trauma through her
>implies that Aaron Burr's been molested by his uncle and mentor and that she has distinct memories about it
>draws shitty art of Aaron Burr and her 'friends' from that time period
>posts memes as Aaron Burr
>Currently writing an Aaron Burr musical
>has clairvoyantly predicted the death of Burr's sister because she felt sad one day picrel

No. 1386124

File: 1638764467803.png (59.94 KB, 344x611, 2.png)

This preceded the spam of stories about relived dysphoria and rape trauma that Aaron Burr supposedly lived through and is now channeling through the body of a 21st century woman

No. 1386138

File: 1638766306713.jpeg (22.74 KB, 500x251, 16D94986-0E87-4062-AF2A-815556…)

kek this is hilarious, spawned from the hamilton disney fujo fandom i presume

No. 1386150

I have to ask is she black ?
the real Aaron Burr was a white guy but she's mostly basing her ideas about him from the Musical

No. 1386157

File: 1638768455349.png (120.21 KB, 344x611, 3.png)

No, she's basing her ideas on him from real life, hence her obsession with referencing real life historical figures that met or were friends/family with Burr. She also draws both herself and her past life as white. May have started as a musical fujo considering she wants to make a counter musical.

No. 1386158

Fucking KEK. Can't wait for the Hamilton sequel. Trans sex, race, and age all in one.

No. 1389811

File: 1639158923985.png (59.51 KB, 710x280, unknown (94).png)

never making a server again. I already passed ownership onto someone else.

No. 1390390

Does anyone know Rosie Mason on YouTube? She is an Australian based stripper. She used to have a channel with her friend Poppy, they posted stripper content under their joint channel “Poppy & Rosie”. Then they had a fallout, Poppy told her that Rosie is the reason of her mental health issues and ended their ten year friendship. Shortly after this, Rosie started her solo channel and made a video about why they went separate ways. No one heard from Poppy again.
Rosie used to post content about her daily life, uni stuff and stripper content until her last video where she cryptically alluded to being an escort or sugar baby and she announced her retirement as a stripper. (I think Australian laws limit SW to share their profession with general public or something like that?)
I feel something’s sus because Rosie mostly humble brags about creating the perfect balance between her successful uni life and getting the bag as a stripper, but she never has revealed what actually goes on during “private bookings.” She goes on shopping sprees at Chanel and other designer brand stores frequently, splurges on eating out etc. and drinks almost every day.
I wish I could find out more about Poppy’s side of the story.

No. 1394438

why is a bot saying that

No. 1396557

No. 1396568

Its not an actual bot in the traditional sense you're thinking of. Its this stupid extension DID tards can use on discord for their alters that allows them to switch between those identities. I saw it in a few servers I used to be in and everyone acted as if this was completely normal.

No. 1396600

File: 1639874537985.png (10.23 KB, 200x200, D89C7BD4-FE03-45C9-8E34-963A0F…)

Any dA veterans remember humon? I was a big fan of SATW in middle school and she was my first exposure to cow culture, specifically encyclopaedia dramatica. I haven’t kept up with her or her fujo bait comics since like 2014 but god she deleivered on some good milk.

No. 1396619

I was a fan of hers when I was a teen. I don't remember much of her cow behavior except she was big into lgbtq+ shit before it was popular. I'd love to hear about any milk because I think I missed it.

No. 1396681

Same here, I can't recall any type of cow behaviour but I loved her comics so much kek. That only thing I knew about her personal life was that she was a janitor??

No. 1396973

I used to love reading drama around the Fresh Epics crew.

From what I vaguely remember she was weirdly into black men, constantly whines about being fat and made like a rapist character is something like that. Wish I could remember more.

No. 1396976

File: 1639914625453.png (654.07 KB, 600x2236, E1EC93A2-6A5B-41CA-B840-2A4CAD…)

Double posting to show you this comic she made.

Someone on tumblr is crying because she said trans people are only trans because they have a genetic disorder.

That’s all I can offer, nonnie

No. 1396980

Holy shit I have a vague recollection of her being called out for being really smug about how progressive she is but maybe I'm misremembering…

No. 1406279

File: 1641053598564.png (877.04 KB, 1440x2132, Screenshot_20211202-020058~2.p…)

A horrorcow that I came across in a server years ago.

>An incel that used to post on wizchan.

>Would talk about how he wanted to brutally murder his parents for circumcising him.
>Accused people that preferred cut dicks of being pedos when he was a pedo himself.
> Had a whole bunch of disturbing fetishes (Loli, shota, scat, piss) and a Twitter blog dedicated to those fetishes.
>Claimed to be liberal but would call minorities racial slurs.
>Was a juggalo.
>Talked about how he wanted to rape women and how all women deserved to be raped.
>Used deepweb software to spy on his neighbors to see what they were downloading.
>Bragged about hacking into people's accounts.
>Wanted to shoot up a synagogue because of circumcision.
> Talked about wanting to eat human flesh.
(Picrel his Twitter fetish blog)

No. 1406299

all I remember about her was some internet drama where she insisted that there wasn't a Irish language, when people tried to tell her that the Irish language used to exist but was wiped out due to colonization by the British she still didn't believe it and said they were making it up

No. 1406379

Cbf going back through her ED page for concrete examples that I’d have to hide behind a spoiler, but from what I can remember
>most popular work was just a lazy fujo-bait ripoff of Hetalia (SATW)
>recurring theme of the Denmark character being hedonistic manwhore that everyone is desperate to have sex with (SATW)
>showed massive NLOG tendencies by making every female character either an uncharitable hyper-feminine stereotype or a copy of the male version just with long hair (SATW)
>wrote a comic where the white Danish MC fetishised black people, was a third in a black marriage, tried and failed to make a statement about black men and homophobia (Niels)
>fetishised black people (general)
>wrote a rapist pedo cult leader character as a ~fun quirky guy~, then got mad when her followers read him that way (Niels)
>tried to prove this same character was a bad guy by drawing and posting a single-panel comic of him molesting his own young daughter
>wrote a comic that turned a character from a foreign cultures folklore - Japanese Kappa, known for eating children and raping women - into cutesy anime girls who love butts (Manala Next Door)
>wrote a comic that tried to make a statement about internalised homophobia and biphobia by pairing an alien tentacle woman with a human man who liked it up the ass (Love and Tentacles)
>incredibly lazy artist who seemingly C+V’d every drawing component from a giant reference sheet
>despite this, would jump from project to project and let certain comics fizzle without a warning, only regularly updating Niels and SATW
>comics were either dull episodic slice-of-lifes or incomprehensible serials with new convoluted plots and characters each week
>claimed to be a feminist but most of her comics had one or less female MCs
>biggest examples of her ‘feminism’ were her poorly disguised femdom fetish comics
>big portion of this was fantasy setting femdom with clearly unconsenting malesub parties (I remember the ED article had gender swapped examples of these comics and they were genuinely more horrifying than anything I’ve seen a male coomer of the same caliber produce)
>wrote lots of cope journal comics about how glamorous women are actually total slobs in their day to day and what men really want are overweight homebody janitors
>was a member of Fresh Epic, who were very milky both as a collective and individuals
That’s everything I have from memory, if someone wants to hop on her dA and ED and find concrete examples you will have my eternal gratitude

No. 1406421

File: 1641069527058.jpg (278.85 KB, 999x992, 1385923952528.jpg)

Always hated that bitch, especially since her shit constantly landed on the frontpage. She was criminally unfunny, and it was even more frustrating since some of my friends really loved her and shilled her stuff. ED forums had a hate thread for her, so it was kind of relieving to see people being critical of her.

I remember Romantically Apocalyptic putting some of her stuff in the background (which is kind of understandable since it was also part of Fresh Epics). RA creator and his gf were also dramacows. I dropped it when it became clear you had to follow the author on about 5 different social media to get the entire plot.

You mean this?

No. 1406554

File: 1641081204533.jpeg (35.2 KB, 321x766, 74E78960-16EF-45C3-B4D9-BA6551…)

Kek, just remembered she also made a bunch of one-off comics like picrel about love and relationships. I still remember her caption on the original post of this talking about how soooo many hot jock guys had tried to get with her omg guys you wouldn’t even believe, and even as a 14 I could smell the bullshit. Today I think most people know her for the video memes this comic spawned like the one below

No. 1406556

No. 1406601

seeing this again after so long activated my fight or flight response lol

No. 1406611

File: 1641085855960.png (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 700x862, satan.PNG)

Hahaha I literally came onto this thread to post about an Australian stripper who's been my personal cow recently

She looks haggard but I think she's only in her mid twenties, anyway:
>Horny, degenerate posts around the clock, including a picture of her vibrator and her feet post coom
>Won't stop posting feet
>Video of her shoving her foot in a girl's face when they were out and the other girl was clearly not into it
>Likes to rub in how smart she is while also reposting tweets from 'Voice for Victoria', a conspiracy nut/right wing organisation here

There's a couple other things here and there I've forgotten about but she does bring milk through her stories.

No. 1406642

I love how you can see which other cows she ripped off her tattoos from (and the cows usually ripped them off themselves) or which ones influenced her

No. 1406654

File: 1641090077016.png (375.22 KB, 606x800, Screenshot_20211120-185232~4.p…)

Photo of cow in question.

No. 1406739

File: 1641102036525.jpg (50.78 KB, 720x960, 94573904_2547731412155275_8733…)

Pictures say the same as a thousand words so here's my cow, from my friend's IRL cow experience at uni

No. 1406990

Pretty funny they have kiwi threads, when I read your description of them I immediately thought "sounds like your average kiwifarm users"

No. 1407018

you still have to elaborate tho

No. 1409434

File: 1641410901000.jpeg (89.87 KB, 460x657, 2326635A-FB8B-4FE3-B79C-FE881B…)

i went to high school with this youtube star named sage tullis, she’s quite popular I’m really surprised I’ve never even seen a thread about her on here.

over a year ago she disappeared and took down her social media’s after she posted this creepy cult video on christianity and began having this manic breakdown hating on people who didn’t believe in jesus which shocked me because she never acted this way when i knew her in high school. and after receiving bad feedback she posted another video right after and used this baby voice apologizing but also appeared put a subliminal in the background of the vid of god knows what. After people kept leaving negative comments trying to hold her accountable she began taking down any hate videos towards her (but her meltdown video is still up on another channel) and also deleting comments. recently she just began posting videos again acting like nothing has ever happened kek

there’s plenty of more milk but i don’t wanna waste my time lmfao

No. 1409437

>there’s plenty of more milk but i don’t wanna waste my time lmfao

But you had no problem wasting your time coming here to begin with. She just sounds like she had a mental break or was on drugs or some shit. Go big or go home, OP.

No. 1409448

She’s so pretty I love her eyes.(sage)

No. 1409472

Sooo, you expect others dig into this girl and do your dirty work for you? Sounds like you have a vendetta to me. She's really pretty, does that get to you? I'm sure you're just as pretty anon.

No. 1409489

I've seen someone post about her before some time ago, I seem to remember this Youtuber with the weird subliminal videos and such.

No. 1409541

late but isn't the comic calling Spanish an unknown/fake language?

No. 1409569

God I've always hated that fucking bootleg Hetalia comic. I had no idea she produced milk, I need to check her ED then (though I would prefer a different source since ED isn't pleasant to read imo)

No. 1409853

I think it's supposed to mean that Americans are so ignorant, they don't think Spanish is important enough to learn…? I guess? Not like Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the country…

No. 1410135

not that anon but what the hell is up with people coming to this thread just to whiteknight in obnoxious ways, i.e:
>she's super hot does that get to you anon????? wow she's so beautiful
i do agree the girl looks very attractive but this is the personal lolcow thread after all, obviously everyone here will have more or less a vendetta against the cows they post, isn't that kind of the point? this one seems to have real milk as well which is more than can be said about some of the others posted itt. not trying to argue i just don't understand, seems like the first thing people do when someone makes a post here is to wk whoever is being posted.

but also when someone actually has a clear vendetta no one seems to mind, like >>1381779 who explicitly states how they were mistreated by the subjects of their post, and is now trying to go after them by posting unnecessary details like "ryan mcgrath of bristol, uk" obviously trying to make their post show up on a google search of that person. i sympathize with the anon because the shit she describes sounds horrible, and i agree they deserve to be posted, but isn't that post kind of the definition of a vendetta? it's literally someone acting out their revenge on a cow they have a personal conflict with. meanwhile in the blonde girl post the anon just says they went to high school together, not really indicating any kind of vendetta at all. i just don't understand why certain posts itt are labeled vendettas and others aren't because it doesn't really follow any logic at all.

No. 1410912

Discord "friend" of an IRL "friend" who met her on Omegle, too bad she has no other social media presence
>self hating mulatta
>claims her white side as "West Asian" to sound more Ethnic (actually just Georgian)
>hates black men and fetishizes white and East Asian men
>earnestly antisemitic conspiracytard
>unmedicated schizo (actually diagnosed though, provided proof and doxxed herself like the moron she is)
>ED/BDD/some sort of body image autist who won't stop humblebragging about her BMI and BWH measurements, always posts body checks
>may or may not have been a victim of CSA but sure as hell milks it for even more oppression points
>StacyLARPs, claims to be turning down men and "fat ugly women" left and right "without even trying"
>actually she hardly ever goes outside, literally terminally online
>"works from home" but is always on Discord or playing video games on company time
>"socially conservative but fiscally left" and "gender critical feminist" but mostly hangs out with right wingers apart from our server
>but somehow also a massive coomer with a mile long list of fetishes that she does not hesitate to bring up in chat
>weeaboo barafag/fujoshi/husbandofag but homophobic "only against 3D men"
>has written disturbingly graphic fanfiction about her husbandos raping both her self-insert and each other, claims it's "coping with her trauma"
>claimed to have had sex with female classmates since she was 12
>talked about how she wishes she had a twin sister so she could have sex with her
>thinks calling her out on her coomerism is "policing female sexuality"
>her bedroom is filthy
>has binged and purged on cat food more than once by her own admission

No. 1410939

>may or may not have been a victim of CSA but sure as hell milks it for even more oppression points
>has written disturbingly graphic fanfiction about her husbandos raping both her self-insert and each other, claims it's "coping with her trauma"
>talked about how she wishes she had a twin sister so she could have sex with her
>thinks calling her out on her coomerism is "policing female sexuality"

tell me you're larping as a victim of sexual abuse without telling me you're larping as a victim of sexual abuse kek

No. 1411057

My little brother, like all moids, isn't immune to committing misogyny despite his misandrist larp and calling random moids "fags" or "perverts". He dared to tell me he stored 2-week old coom (months ago) in a small empty blood tube (the one in hospitals to hold small liquids, conical at the bottom cylidrical on top). He said he want to "end male violence" with his stored semen "because most men are perverts who act their shit (inf. catcalling) in public because they haven't tasted cum" TOPKEK despite hating feminists and their rhetoric. Also goes overboard with the misandry even it seems he's just as misogynist off the clock.

saged since my bro is not well-known

No. 1411084

lmao wtf nonnie. more brother milk(cum) plz

No. 1411493

>I was pressuring a 16 year old to do lewd art of my OC's, and she ACCUSED ME OF RAPING HER DAUGHTER YOU GUYS
Why the fuck were you pressuring a 16 year old to draw porn?

And no, he's not disabled, and he has changed the story multiple times to say "SHE ACCUSED ME OF RAPING HER". He is still a sad fatass whose parents gave up on him, however.

No. 1411505

No idea who any of these people are but big kek at the self victimization

>I am sending this message because i'd like facebook and deviantart to know they allowed a straight white woman to dox a BISEXUAL OVERWEIGHT MAN WITH PHYSICAL AND MENTAL ILLNESS

>i think its pretty disgusting that the most over privileged gender and hair color in existence even dared to harass a bisexual - gay man. I mean its 2020 so its pretty disgusting to try stalking and doxing a bisexual - gay person.

>Kind of makes me feel like im back in the 90s where it was considered evil to be gay. Its pretty disgusting that facebook and deviantart are ok with this. I could easily tell this story to CNN and they would have a field day

No. 1411513

Hey, Nonie, I hope your fingers break for making me read "more brother milk(cum) plz".

Does their DA still exists? This post screams fake boy or autistic man and I want to see if they're stupid enough to post their ugly mug online.

No. 1411559

Why the fuck are you and your little brother talking about his cum? You're both cows, jesus christ. I'm gonna fucking throw up.

No. 1411831

I'm getting Chris Chan vibes (Chan did store used cum in his fridge) nona.

No. 1411836

File: 1641644580590.jpg (80.62 KB, 614x907, CWC.jpg)

I'm sure I saw her (maybe) posts a few times all over lolcow, she isn't they type who replies so if the stuff drops thats about it

She's clearly disgusted that happened to her. I believe refrigerators are shared among families or roommates, imagine using the same fridge when everything in it reeks cum

gross wtf.

No. 1411852

>only discord! my (twitter/ig/tumblr) is a big secret!
Most people with discord have no other social media presence kek. Discord can be just another messenger app like whatsapp with unremarkeable people, unless you're in a certain server then it becomes an echobox. Oh wait because most of those people are either moids or internalized misogynystic girls and would avoid "dRaMA OWO!!!" on instagram and tumblr.

>homophobic "only against 3d men". yaoibois onl1!!! no stinky male-privileged pigs!

Most fujos and barafags are homophobic because they know media is parodies/unrepresentative plus they're only there for the coom appeal. Just like lesbian porn fans are misogynistic amd lesbophobic.

>muh radfemmery being rightie and anti-sjw

God… how immature is she towards the political compass? Wouldn't radfems want to achieve "liberation of all women" while conservatives stabilize patriarchy by not believing patriarcy? Also SJWs aren't doing anything to smash patriarchy either.

>men bad! o-oh wait not all men! women bad too!
Kek I doubt men are truly our allies.

>men bad– guuuugh oh wait boys will be boys because they haven't taste coom! free coom to be a Real Man!

Get some help nonny, this is spacetime-level delusion from him and if he's an adult he should be convicted. He's probably the non-troon identical of Wi Spa and CWC if you don't stop him before he reaches adulthood.

New to hear from this boy/man that semen can cure male violence and end patriarchy. (half laugh half disgusted wtf) At the end it's still needing men to fight against other men as if women are back to being useless. His existence is a joke and a coomer.

No. 1411853

Also ironic bc she's a stacylarper therefore a nlog

No. 1411937

scrote larping

No. 1411948

Why is your friend sexually talking to a girl who wants to assault her nonexistent sister? Aside from the yaoi part this girl sounds like a moid larping.

No. 1411954

I've seen that video and honestly it was super weird, I'm not Christian or anything but I just felt bad for her. She's probably mentally unstable and that video alone isn't enough to make her a cow as it wasn't funny, just very sad to see a girl who seemed all fine end up like that.
If you really know her irl, you could tell more. That video is her only drama afaik.

No. 1411991

It still exists, but he’s claiming to be moving to fA under the same name because dA is “totalitarian” and trying to “SWAT him” for removing his reuploaded commissions.

No. 1411993

He’s not even gay— he larps as a bisexual so he can use it for oppression points. He can’t even stand gay men.

No. 1412058

Agreed, post has a real how-do-you-do-fellow-females vibe

No. 1412091

Can confirm he’s not disabled either—physically or mentally. Hell, he’s publicly a Biden derangement syndrome having republican, but he loves to use ID politics if he thinks it will earn him ass pats.

No. 1412115

>i think its pretty disgusting that the most over privileged gender and hair color in existence even dared to harass a bisexual - gay man.

Kek since when are blonde women the most privileged class? Is it because they have the privilege of being secualized the most by pornsick scrotes?

No. 1412129

File: 1641673554226.jpeg (74.28 KB, 444x578, F189C2FC-8F6C-406A-9654-E8707D…)

Behold! A hapless victim of the blonde oppressors!

No. 1412290

Kek Nona that picture was a true jumpscare.

No. 1412466

Appreciate her brother is a cow here, who tf acts like a CWC to "end male violence"

No. 1412545

eww this is so male how can it possibly stop "male violence" anyway kek. thanks picrel, cwc is the worst troon

No. 1412923

Stfu I am no Chris-chan. Also I know male violence is bad but this female-only thread can't do a single shit. Also her post needs to be deleted

No. 1413036

No. 1413255

File: 1641768544473.jpeg (129.11 KB, 484x817, F4ABFC5F-2C9D-4AAB-80C4-82190A…)

>deviant art bad because I was uploading loli or some shit
>basically trying to SWAT ME

that’s not what swatting is….

No. 1413371

Looks like Jeff the killer.

No. 1413530

scrote in question found

No. 1414725

File: 1641932038532.jpg (550.16 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220111-140849_Red…)

Forgive me I haven't been on in a long time. This hoe tormented me years ago and I just found out she hasn't changed one bit. Of there's an interest I can post more about her. She locks down her socials after incidents but it's not hard to find the drama

No. 1414791

File: 1641938087127.png (217.57 KB, 591x527, minxx.PNG)

"The 'Minxx' of Wall Street" (@wallstreetminxx on Twitter) claimed she became a millionaire specifically because of the unlisted pump-and-dump penny stock ENZC. I remember when she claimed this, it was in January 2021 before the stock fell over 80%. When it hit it's ATH in February, said she wasn't selling. The stock is still down 80% and she still claims to be a multimillionaire. She has since started an OnlyFans (minxxxydoll her pornogranic one) for $10 a month. Even immediately after the stock fell 80% she still claimed multimillionaire status.

No. 1414937

I used to be good friends with her, we didn't have contact for a while but she recently started talking to me again and Jesus H. Christ

>Self hating lesbian who thinks she's a fakeboi

>Self diagnosed DID, is probably faking tourette's as well (she says when her 'alters' switch her tics suddenly go away)
>Sends me a new list of alters twice a month, they all have their own emoji's (pixielocks style), have different ages (one of them is 'thousands of years' kek), disabilities and of course use neopronouns
>Wants to get on tardbucks for her fake DID, has no ambitions to do anything aside from sitting around on her computer and
>Is going to blow her college fund that her whole family saved for on a tranny tit chop, sees nothing wrong with this
>A guy she didn't even like gave her 50 euros for her birthday and she accepted it even though she didn't like him
>Uses people, you're best friends until she find someone she likes better and suddenly you're out of the picture (before she gets back to you saying wa waa my life is so hard I need you)
>Obviously a complete narcissist and opportunist with no self awareness

I don't know what got into her. She used to be normal and level-headed, but now she has no self image and just latches onto any trendy disorder. I'll take my ban for a-logging but once she gets the tit job I hope she gets a violent infection. She sees life ruining mental disorders as a cute and quirky personality trait. It makes me sick. I hope some day she actually becomes ill, see what it's really like.

No. 1415090

>lesbian who thinks she's a fakeboi
What's the diff between an actual fakeboi and those like her tho? Don't fakebois buy into trendy disorders because that's what they are too? Like why pretend to be a guy online?

No. 1415236

>Reddit pickme, single mother but always posts on incel boards and cheers on with them, insults other especially black women even though she's black herself.
>Message her and tell her those men have impossible standards that women can't fulfill, that she should stop associating with incels since shes a single mother and they hate single mothers. It'd be better for her mental health
>Tells me I called her fat and ugly, says she has the perfect body and could steal my man.
>wtf. Tell her I didn't call her fat and ugly, just repeats I'm jealous she got pregnant and that I should quit feminism if I want a husband - even though the baby daddy left her.

Wtf. I don't think anyone on reddit is an actual woman. They all sound like white old men larping.

No. 1416434

American (or other western, but 9 out of 10 times they’re amerifats) expats who move to third world countries without knowing shit about the country’s history or culture and only move there because it’s cheap or (currently) because there are lax Covid restrictions (note: I am not a coronafag and lean towards favoring less restrictions myself but this shouldn’t be your only reason to move countries especially to somewhere you don’t know jack shit about) and then constantly complain in Facebook groups about how they can’t replicate 100% their amerifat life like no Amazon prime doesn’t deliver here you absolute retard. I have a few that I occasionally check up on and whose antics I follow and join these groups for the specific purpose of farming kek

No. 1416671

Not the milkiest, but there's a guy I went to high school with that I'll search up every now and then.

>massive autist

>wrote a cringey musical for drama class in 2009 about time travelling Nazis and gay people. The musical numbers were songs from Lazy Town with different lyrics
>started a Thomas the Tank Engine youtube channel
>said youtube channel becomes popular
>gets nominated for a Kid's Choice Award, doesn't win
>still makes cringe Thomas the Tank Engine videos in his mid 20s

No. 1416692

>56 million views
why…. are we not all just spamming youtube with cartoons for that easy money

No. 1417152

>A guy she didn't even like gave her 50 euros for her birthday and she accepted it even though she didn't like him
How is that milk?

No. 1421266

File: 1642590820340.png (315.35 KB, 871x1264, javisx.png)


Recent drama
>Created a lolcow circlejerk discord server, cries when kiwifarms users ended up attacking him there
>Preeches "men are better than women at being trans", spergs about troons conforming to the femboy aesthetic and which sex can larp it better.
>Wants to "end male violence" with his disgusting fluid
>Cries about being compared to CWC
>Only contact left is discord so far (and recently kiwifarms). Deleted his instagram and old discord earlier in 2021

I don't know this cow in question irl, but it is confirmed this is him on discord. Posting it here only because he isn't threadworthy enough.

No. 1421347

Holy shit those views, and that’s just on one of his videos! How exactly is this guy a cow again?

No. 1421366

Try ur luck nonny, also if it's unsuccessful it's a shit thread

No. 1421713

File: 1642622806203.jpg (88.47 KB, 676x900, DX8wuv9UQAAYOc4.jpg)

My personal lolcow is natsukigirl, who now goes by spookypixels. She has been terminally online most of her life with a massive web presence going back decades, as a google search will quickly prove. Almost every time I check in on her there's something new to laugh about.

A quick rundown of her early online antics:

>>Been in the online weeb community since the late 90's (yes I'm old and she's even older)

>>Was talented at web design and made a lot of popular fansites
>>Became well-known for her MASSIVE and constantly growing collection of imported manga, toys, video games, and Japanese magazines
>>Gained a following among weeb and j-pop/rock circles
>>Was an edgy hardcore atheist back in the livejournal/pre-social media days
>>Ran a forum for anime fans to bitch about religious people
>>Anti-feminist NLOG and terminal pickme who "only had guy friends"
>>Aggressive narc who would obnoxiously brag about literally anything under the guise of "being confident"
>>Insufferable know-it-all constantly trying to start debates just so she could get off on being condescending
>>Claimed to have a 150 IQ and speak fluent Japanese to the point where she would "correct" native Japanese speakers
>>Wikipedia profile says she speaks English "at a godlike level" while anyone who has read her shit for years knows she makes regular grammar and punctuation mistakes
>>Made having ADHD a major part of her personality years before munchie tumblrinas became a thing
>>Probably an undiagnosed autist with her obsessive interests, lack of self-awareness, and social ineptitude
>>Had a habit of jumping between relationships via cheating or ghosting once dissatisfied
>>Did this mostly for financial reasons by her own admission, openly aspires to be a stay at home mom and housewife
>>Escaped an abusive relationship this way and shacked up with some asian dude ridiculously fast
>>They get married, she bought her own engagement ring kek
>>He was still in college and didn't want to have kids fast enough for her to justify not having a job, so she cheated on him and they split

Summary of Natsukigirl 2.0:

>>Married her current husband almost immediately

>>Programmer who makes good money but a massive soyboy, so basically the perfect meal ticket for her to boss around
>>Has 2 daughters with him
>>Did a personality 180 and became a hypersensitive SJW she/they libfem once she discovered tumblr
>>Develops a bizarre obsession with transgender bullshit, more proof she's an autist
>>"T*rfs are a hate group"
>>Still a massive NLOG, but nonbinary this time
>>Always had an extremely OTT girly aesthetic and is completely gender conforming in almost every way possible
>>Justifies her agender identity because she is too logical to be a woman and always identified with the male characters in all the shitty 80s cartoons she grew up on
>>Doesn't identify with one dimensional girl characters written by men to sell toys 40 years ago, thinks that's proof she's not a woman
>>Considers herself a logical person kek
>>Claimed to have body dysmorphia just like trans people do because she can't lose the pregnancy weight
>>Cucked her husband for a troon, VickiKitten
>>Obvious AGP creep who wrecked his own family to troon out
>>Refers to the troon as her "wife", soyboy husband gets talked into a polyamory situation
>>Lets the troon move into his house and hang out with his kids instead of divorcing her ass and suing for full custody


>>The husband recently trooned out himself kek

>>"Nonbinary trans femme she/they"
>>Literally just grew his greasy hair out
>>She and the troon side piece are unemployed and completely financially supported by him
>>Extremely terrified that the next milk she'll produce is putting at least one of her kids on puberty blockers

No. 1421987

she sounds genuinely thread worthy. what a nightmare kek

No. 1422088

File: 1642648094794.png (1.12 MB, 1270x714, Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 8.45…)

I don't doubt she would have achieved cowdom at some point if she had the ambition to put herself out in front of a larger audience. The ADHD probably saved her ass there because she never follows through with any projects.

She did try to launch a youtube channel where she positioned herself as this manga expert (https://www.youtube.com/user/tokirocket) but it died off fairly quickly. She was not very good at it and comes off as extra autistic on camera (picrel).

Being a NEET who spergs about her hobbies on twitter is all she really wants out of life, but she's certainly a lolcalf with some hidden potential.

No. 1424655

File: 1642949647206.jpg (351.5 KB, 1080x1859, Bald-ncyde.jpg)

Anyone remember Brokencyde? I remember drama from the efagz days 10+ years ago.
>shitty "crunkcore" band from the myspace days
>not quite as horrendous as blood on the dance floor, but very close.
>in about 2010 they had pedo and grooming allegations, which started "Mothers Against Brokencyde"
>mikl shea and seven are still making music for brokencyde, clinging to their last shreds of relevancy from 2008
>they are in their late 30s with thinning hair and receding hairlines.
>mikl gives jonny craig vibes
Last night on insta, I came across this profile "miklsheaisap3d0" while looking up miklshea. The posts seem to be from the last month or so. I wonder if it's made by someone they were creepy with 10 years ago, or if they're still trying to talk to young teens and getting exposed again.

No. 1424656

I unfortunately remember brokencyde. I can't believe they would still make shitty music in the year of our lord 2022.

No. 1425187

File: 1642996776319.jpeg (Spoiler Image,216.17 KB, 750x910, BB7E73D3-D71F-4C56-9175-7C7701…)

My own personal lol cows are these two.
Instagram: xeminesiwayul

>Petrona is a MTF in a relationship with someone who is FTM

>full blown gender identity politics that make no sense half the time
>had a very real baby together
>Petrona literally hooked up breastfeeding devises to their chest to induce lactation
>recently had to stay in a hotel whilst their landlord did… something? In their property. Screamed that the landlord is a Spanish colonizer and called them out by name and profession because they had to stay in a hotel for a few days with their baby

I can only look for so long before the horror becomes too much and I have to take a break

No. 1425802


This is kinda reminds me of the beginning of one of them shitty true crime stories. The question is who will kill who.

No. 1425808


Omg, may you be blessed to the end of your days for this juicy greenish milk. The “currently” part was a cherry on top of this dead whale.

No. 1425848

Fabulous summary anon, I love her already.

No. 1426324

File: 1643122561748.jpeg (52.48 KB, 720x1280, 0A902920-2D25-422D-A880-BE5382…)

my personal cow is this tiktok thot katya sparrow / katya granovskiy / @katyasdying on tiktok. she is the gift that keeps on giving!

>katya is a 23 (?) year old “nonbinary” girl who built a following for posting thirst traps and then got cancelled on tiktok for faking being half-chinese, including badly photoshopping 23andme results and posting pictures of some random asian kid claiming he was her biological brother

>her age is unknown because she has claimed to be 19, 21, and other ages at the same time and has posted “passport photos” with different birth years
>posts graphic self harm and pictures of herself in hospital on her insta story
>google translates chinese and claims to speak it. it became a scandal on tiktok when she got called out for saying racial slurs she can’t use and an old modeling profile of hers surfaced where her race is listed as caucasian/white, not asian
>another thing that got uncovered was instagram posts she had made on an old account @sparrowkatya where she posted pictures of herself with dead rabbits, admitted to torturing/killing animals and justified it by saying “aesthetics above ethics lol”
>has a hannibal fan account @psychoticcannibal where she posts trans hannibal domestic au smut
>also has a wattpad @katyasparrow where she posts more hannibal smut, but also keeps a mental health journal there in which she has this bizarre “trauma narrative” à la soren. she has this bizarrely detailed story that reads like a fanfiction about her supposedly being kidnapped and raped in indonesia as a child
>later she edited the story to say she survived a serial killer who killed a bunch of kids after her when no news articles exist to prove there was a serial killer operating in this area at the time that she claims
>also doxxed her mother in the same wattpad story, posted her mother’s full name and claimed she abused her and disowned her, and that they haven’t spoken in years. this can be disproven because when you google the mother’s name her instagram comes up which is covered in tons of posts of katya. she proudly posts her daughter’s tiktok’s and seems to have no problems with her attention whoring online

i have screenshots/more stuff if anyone is interested, i’ve been following her for a while

No. 1426378

>“trauma narrative” à la soren

I've been looking for a new traumacow so would be interested in hearing more.

No. 1426395

File: 1643127450607.jpeg (209.79 KB, 750x970, 789782B4-5A49-46B2-A826-F0C03A…)

kek okay i was going to archive her trauma narrative but apparently she got it excluded from the wayback machine (which i’m pretty sure you have to pay to do so that’s weird)

here’s the direct link though: https://www.wattpad.com/story/218620550-the-mind-of-the-sick
i’ll put screenshots in an imgur album or something in a sec

No. 1427143

Jesus. She’s hideous and sounds like a train wreck. How the tiktok crowd isn’t tearing her apart is beyond me. Can you post screenshots of her stupidity? I’m curious. Wtf to the dead animals though she has psycho written on her forehead practically

No. 1427410

File: 1643215118041.jpeg (621.05 KB, 1080x2178, Dressing chic is a matter of s…)

I've been following this personal cow troon for a couple of years now, and could probably fill an actual thread with all of his antics but can't be arsed. He's a friend of a friend, and when I peaked my friend she started showing me his facebook posts. Can't keep a job, drug addict, used to be married to a woman, used to be in the military, called himself bisexual in college, now dates exclusively men and other troons, posts disgusting fetish pictures on his personal facebook that his mom, aunts, uncles, etc. all see, has hilarious arguments with these relatives on a regular basis over their sadness at his troonery, etc.
He's finally reached his e-begging phase of troondom, and I can't stop laughing at "dressing chic is a matter of survival" to explain why he's begging and yet showing off "designer" clothing and new fetish gear on a regular basis. Thought some of you nonitas would enjoy the kek, as well.

No. 1427608

>as of tonight I will be deleting all of my shopping apps
Bro couldn't even be bothered to start saving before trying to guilt people into giving him money lol

No. 1428898

File: 1643334373502.png (1.52 KB, 236x28, kjskjshjdhjdskjasg.png)

okay vendetta-chan!

No. 1429064

File: 1643349999680.png (2.58 MB, 1684x872, fake-vs-reality.png)

My personal lolcow is not internet famous and I have an IRL connection so I won’t use any names. But this bitch is too much of a trainwreck to not share.

Background milk:

>>Homeschooled by weirdo fundamentalist Christian parents

>>Preach about veganism, the apocalypse, and conspiracy theories more than they do about boring shit like Jesus
>>Religion is fairly obscure and considered a cult even by other fundies
>>Known for their weird as fuck Bible prophecy seminars with cringe artwork like this https://tinyurl.com/yckkdbpc

>>Big time science deniers, literally believe earth has only existed for 6000 years

>>Was raised to be a poorly educated, ignorant dumbass with weak critical thinking skills and a strong attraction to authoritarianism

>>Dad is a doughy, pasty white man with brown teeth
>>Church elder who rants about feminism and liberals from the pulpit

>>Example of what too much soy will do to a mf
>>Idolizes her father and wishes she looked more like him
>>Mom is Mexican

>>Dad met her on a mission trip, whole relationship gives off creepy white savior colonialist vibes
>>Looks down on her mother for being a woman, not white, and an immigrant
>>Has a cokehead younger brother who is almost as much of a cow as she is
>>Became a teenage deadbeat dad ~25 years ago
>>Allegedly cleaned up his act, became super religious, got married to a fellow druggie he met at Christian rehab camp

>>Rehab wife was pregnant at the same time as his first daughter

>>Became a dad and a grandpa at the same time, gross
>>Entire family radiates sleazy used car salesman energy
>>Always trying to start side hustles but they’re mostly pyramid schemes and other scams
>>All have failed spectacularly

Politicow milk:

>>Anti vaxxer way before covid made it trendy

>>Believed democrats were all pedophile satanists way before QAnon made it trendy

>>Hardcore conspiracy theorist and lunatic fringe retard
>>Pickme with daddy issues who parrots his delusional MRA views on women and feminism
>>A self-hating, half brown white supremacist

>>Racist in general but shitty about black people in particular
>>Believes the “mark of cain” in the Bible meant god “cursed” his descendants to have dark skin
>>Thinks Africa didn’t exist before that I guess
>>Claims all atheist men abuse their wives
>>”Pro freedom, pro gun, pro constitution”

>>Unless you’re an uppity minority, then there’s 946593841974328736 exceptions that justify cancelling your right to basic civil liberties

>>Poser libertarian (the anarcho capitalist kind) who doesn’t understand the actual political philosophy and thinks its just cool hipster republicans who want to legalize weed
>>Actual beliefs have way more in common with alt-right fascists

>>Had a bizarre, quasi-sexual obsession with former Texas Congressman and 3-time failed presidential candidate Ron Paul
>>Made so many cringe thirst posts about that geriatric little scrote

>>Eventually moved on to being a full-blown Trumptard
>>Not as horny on main for obese moids with hair plugs and fake tans thankfully

Personal milk:

>>Former husband was lured into the cult while they were dating and converted

>>Gave up his dream career as an Air Force pilot in order to marry her
>>Wannabe tradwife who was smug about getting married super young
>>Pregnancy ensues a few months later
>>Realized she wasn’t getting a trophy for choosing to be a domestic servant who missed out on her youth and pissed away the opportunity to do anything interesting with her life
>>Bored, exhausted housewife trying to homeschool 2 kids by herself because she’s got to make sure the next generation stays indoctrinated
>>Had an unplanned third kid, was NOT happy about it
>>Resentful narc of a parent

>>Would yell at and insult her children when homeschooling failed to result in a single genius prodigy

>>Embarrassed of her oldest daughter with behavior issues, claimed she got autism from vaccines
>>Normal kid who just acted out because of her shitty mom triangulating her and her siblings
>>Valued the son more for being male and lighter skinned than his sisters

>>Bitter and miserable but wouldn’t admit it

>>Doubled down on the tradwife posturing as a cope
>>All that shit was her idea, husband never asked her to do it kek
>>Eventually snapped and had a full-blown midlife crisis
>>Sent her kids to public school, got a part time job, began having affairs

>>Emotionally abused her husband and projected her cheating onto him
>>Files for divorce and kept the house, ex had to live in an RV for a while
>>Tries desperately to reclaim her lost youth by whoring it up
>>Uses filter apps to larp as both younger and more white passing than she actually is (picrel)
>>Fills the empty void where her soul should be with consumerism and male validation
>>Naturally flat chested as fuck, got hideous bolted-on fake tits
>>Ana-chan gradually transitioning into a Great Value Melania Trump
>>Still hoping to land the conservative old white moid of her dreams

>>Should really stop being a cunt and go to fucking therapy

No. 1429602

FUCK, i was friends with this person, we were on a group chat together. absolutely insane woman.

No. 1429905

My favourite flavour of Trainwreck, thank you anon. Around her fundie days, did she you use IBLP panflets for the kids?
I'd like to know more anecdotes please anon that fundie period going to being a sexually liberated mess sounds interesting

No. 1430683

File: 1643546520201.jpg (535.12 KB, 1080x1990, IMG_20220130_203900.jpg)

The irony, he does give off the vibe of an incel. Now left to kek here

No. 1432655

She wasn't raised as the IBLP type of fundie. There are some similarities, but her religion (7th day adventism) is batshit insane in it's own special kind of way.

She's still a fundie in beliefs if not lifestyle. I don't know how she handles the cognitive dissonance, but I hope it ends in a mental breakdown kek

No. 1433273

File: 1643844761294.png (4.02 MB, 2612x2094, _heifergf.png)

(newfag sorry for format) My personal cow is Ivy / @_neetgf is a 20 year old Canadian e-whore known for her beef with @seppukuangel/@empathchan. She's popular in the pathetic anime simp twitter niche. Her boyfriend(@lynndesu, formerly @boobloli) is a 20 year old autistic/adhd male who looks and dresses like a 15 year old boy.

>>constantly tweets about herself being mommy, her huge boobs, and how the anachans are mad at her and jealous of "MUH MOMMY MILKERS!!" while her health suffers from her obesity.

>>claims to be NEET for the internet pathetic princess points but actually has a job.
>>defends lolicons and is so delusional she truly believes she is a big boob anime girl with a tiny waist.
>> F cup tits from being obese that give her immense back pain but she’s too coom-brained to think about her health
>>tweets about her parental issues and how she's a crack baby and her dad left her and then posts photos of her tits for validation as e-whores do.
>>also posted photos of her 15 year old cousin in which her scrote followers were commenting sexually on her and was talking about how her cousin would be of legal age soon.
>>flew to the United States to lose her virginity to her boyfriend who calls her a "racist pedo mommy," meaning she was a virgin while whoring on twitter to appeal to her fanbase of borderline pedophilic porn sick hentai obsessed scrotes

This bitch isn’t particularly milky other than the empatchan drama so not thread worthy, but she’s so annoying

No. 1433313

She will never recover from that fat burn. That's hilarious. I love how all the inbred fat fucks always call themselves little lolis and call their fupa labyrinth a liddol cunnie. Astronomical copes for planet sized bitches who's only form of casual sex before age 18 was incestuous rape. Kek. Must suck to be a pedophile on Twitter rn if this is pickins, of age and fat losers and trannies pretending they're little boys. Throw the whole site in prison at this point.

No. 1433600

She’s genuinely one of the most pathetic e whores i’ve seen on twitter. Genuinely can’t wrap my head around why anyone would simp for her. Nothing more dreadful than reading the replies her simps leave under her posts kek.

No. 1433825

File: 1643912799948.jpg (3.69 MB, 4961x3508, troomer47.jpg)

some AGP self-proclaimed 'lesbian' on a WoW server I'm in. Not a huge amount of milk for this creep but enough to make me make this post as I'm tired of this weirdo fetishizing women and lesbians:

>insanely heavy filters and editing of pictures to hide the moonface and signature male browbone and jawline. every picture of him looks completely different, ranging from moonface moid to dollarstore contrapoints to almost anime-waifu tier.

>reaps the 'gamer girl' aesthetic yet passes so poorly he will have a fit on stream whenever someone uses 'he' instead of she and then cry about misgendering.

>uses pictures of other irl women as his own profile pictures. if not that, then he will put literal futa porn animated gifs as his profile pic on discord and then wonder why many people don't approve.

>he got called out for the porn gif mentioned and got told that no one wants to see that shit, then he proceeded to blame it on a "mental breakdown", yet still hasn't changed the pic because he's an obnoxious brainrot troomer who can't understand the concept of people not wanting to constantly see degenerate porn.

>constantly goes on about how much he loves 'girls' and how much of a lesbian gamer girl he is, yet doesn't understand the fact that legit lesbians won't want to date someone like him. if not for the fact he's an actual male, it's probably also because he's obsessed with lesbian (animated and irl) porn and constantly posts thirsty coomer shit like in the pic above.

>claims to be a feminist yet there's absolutely no sign or effort of feminist thought or theory, just stuff that caters to trans people. quite happy to always tweet about being misgendered on twitch or how women won't date him, but never tweets about womens oppression or liberation. (how surprising!)

No. 1433893

are all of these pics supposed to be him? kek wtf praying for a 41% sitch asap

No. 1433899

yup they're all him believe it or not, taken from the same twitter account.

youd think there would be some effort in keeping the catfishing consistent but no, he genuinely is either too dumb or just doesn't care at all.

No. 1433965

File: 1643926831986.jpg (Spoiler Image,637.24 KB, 1080x1519, lars.in.a.bikini.nsfl.jpg)

Tiktok and Instagram: @anticistamines
Lars; the well known Melbourne malingerer, ebegger and transtrender gender monstrosity.
As of less than a year ago decided it's now got DID and changed its name of the "host" to Fern. Apparently because lars were so traumatised from being bullied online for being autigender and disabled. Anyway, it also believes that it is ablest to make fun of the infamous wonderland system. Most people I've seen discuss the wonderland system state their content was damaging and hurtful to the did community, lars does tend to like being extremely woke so who is even surprised. So far I have not found any actual proof that Lars is diagnosed with autism, did and eds despite their claims. This is very typical of lars though, despite it's identity online revolving heavily on muh disability.
Sage because nothing really new or majorly milky, just haven't seen anyone discuss Lars in a while so I thought I'd update on recent happenings

No. 1433976

If these people want to fake the worst of the worst why don't they just pile on everything else and make up some new mental illnesses while they're at it?

No. 1434152

why are you doing this in every thread?

No. 1434165

Some moid is posting gore again so I'm trying to bury it some until it gets deleted. Some anons don't like seeing it

No. 1434167

ugh thank you anon, appreciate it and will report if i come across

No. 1434728

Girl I met on tumble years ago who decided we were bestest of friends and followed my personal IG is going through a breakup. Every other day her story was “love you babe, happy one/three/four/six/eight months thank you for being in my life I love you so much” but now the other shoes dropped and she’s been shayna-level posting about how he was aboosive. Not sharing screenshots (yet) because I don’t want to see her dragged but it’s funny how yesterday she was sharing photos of them together since last year and today she’s a victim who’s been cut off from her friends

No. 1437870

File: 1644333786370.png (Spoiler Image,609.33 KB, 1330x626, soccer.png)

Update to >>1373166

He's a "female" athlete now

No. 1440119

File: 1644534408456.png (240.62 KB, 613x700, butimgayyouguys.PNG)

His facebook is no longer public, but yeah, for someone who claims to be so out and proud, he's never been in a relationship with a man, and only has an interest in biological females. Wanting your shitty titty oc to bang everything that moves makes you as bisexual as a man who enjoys het porn.

No. 1443013

Toria Blakley, Viktoria Blakley, Viktor Blakley, Victor Booker

Has a cult following of blue hairs who worship everything they say and donate money to their weekly crisis.

Constantly out of money for their kids but buys several Gundam kits a week.

Transitioned a few years ago but now claims they’re intersex and their doctor says they have great tits.

Blue hairs cling to everything Toria says and treat them like the voice of all blacks. Claims to hate white straight people but constantly begs and accepts they’re money.

Brags about stealing and that they’re a radical socialist but is really just a con artist.

Their youngest kid who is under ten was heavily encouraged to transition by Toria and the blue hairs made them out to be a hero for it, leaving them bullied at school and pressured to be a hero to the blue hairs.

Criminal record and apparently destroyed ex wife’s credit

Allegedly has a degree in engineering but works at a non profit while again crying and begging for money, sometimes under the twitch name Nullstarr.

Considers themselves a dom and their partner (prounoun: ae/aem) has outed that they engage in stitch play and piss play together.

No. 1446615

File: 1645232808604.png (197.26 KB, 1200x814, alicecosplay.png)

shes probably the most annoying person i've came across online
>>the typical egirl uwu gawaii girl who is obsessed with east asian media/fasion
>>muh i'm so smoll only 5'1
>>always bragging about her tit size,"omg my tits are so big i hate them they're like a g cup!!"
>>claims to have anorexia
>>24 yearsold womanchild
>>claims she looks 12 irl and that one time the doctors mistook her for her 12 yo sister uwu so smoll and young!!
>>claims to have had cancer at 16 even tho she has never shown any pics from that time to prove it.
>>rich parents that pay for her shit while she cosplays and rots on discord 24/7
>>claims to be a kinky virgin girl always spamming "omg i'm so horny rn" in the chat
>>changing her voice on her youtube vids but has a man voice on vc
>>asian fishing hard but is arab
>>contantly bragging about her body measurements even tho they're not that impressive
>>she's in a band even tho her voice sucks ass

No. 1446652

She looks a lot like Mikan, has the same ugly scrunched face. It also looks like she's sort of trying to pose like early anzujaamu and copying the makeup as well. Same "smoll" memo too, except I think anzu tried to cover it up as being "naturally skinny" (she was actually anorexic though), but zoomers nowadays think anorexia is just some quirky accessory.

No. 1446658

File: 1645236701784.png (246.23 KB, 484x478, Screenshot 2022-01-27 033832.p…)

her face without makeup btw!

No. 1446750

Oh shit I used to interact with this girl and she's dumb as hell. Got with a guy who broke his ex gf's ribs and stole from her supposed friend and was dumb enough to accidentally doxx herself. I have no proof though so take it how you want to. Just typical brain dead pick me who hangs out in 4chan spaces but still overly sensitive. I remember her always talking about her tits and found her annoying too.
Her face does just not suit cosplay

No. 1446778

I've had a personal lolcow since 2015 that I will share the following snippets about:
>she pretended to be her own twin brother (she does not have a twin brother irl) and got involved with herself publicly in a vaguely incestuous fantasy roleplay relationship on twitter when she was 16 and into bandom
>apologetic about the fact that she uses male kpop idols as her avatar because she's white
>went by kpop boy band idol themed neopronouns until she saw a social media post saying it was racist to have kpop themed neopronouns
>claimed that her mom refused to call her he/him but said her mom was willing to call her by her kpop themed neopronouns
>claims to have trauma over being told to kill herself over being a solo stan
>vaguely claimed to have a Harvard degree and used this in arguments to one up people
>she took 3 online courses that were hosted at Harvard
>routinely cycles through whichever disability she wants to claim the most oppression for at any moment
>lives in a homeless hostel that she has to pay rent for
>recently got pregnant via unprotected sex, took plan B, then got mad when she miscarried because "the medical system is trying to get me to miscarry because I'm a trans addict and I'm not worthy of having a baby"
>is actively "looking for a baby daddy" (her wording not mine) while living in a homeless hostel

No. 1446831

thank u for the update. i wish they had their own thread. Remember when she claimed she needed an electric wheelchair to get around and grifted for one, and now shes out here like this

No. 1446972

yea she dated a pedophile allegedly

No. 1447223

File: 1645307118702.jpg (Spoiler Image,573.03 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20220120-131642_Ins…)

Since the alt cows thread didn't give a fuck, I'll post her here.
> Jessica Lovecat/Myzaree/imastaythatbitch
> was a white chola from Fresno
> got big a vf
> had a kid with some schizo, drug addict D-BEAT dude
> stopped being deathrock queen to be a slutty D-BEAT chick
> posts videos of her kid having tantrums next to pictures of her ass
> posted pics of her with black eyes
> autist who cries in videos about how no therapist can help her
> posts thirst traps in the hospital picrel
> starts pedo baiting in school girl uniforms because she cant deal with getting old
> posted a video of her and a friend drinking and driving
> neglects kid to get high
> on SSI and child support and acts like she works hard for her money
> rumour that CPS got involved, but her kid is still with her, according to her
> no longer posts kid though, so either she grew up a bit or her kid
> mentally stuck in high school and thinks she's a 30 something all-girl now

No. 1447227


No. 1447351

>vaguely claimed to have a Harvard degree and used this in arguments to one up people
>she took 3 online courses that were hosted at Harvard
kek shouldn't have made me laugh this much

No. 1447802

This creature needs a thread honestly. She’s so milky. Too bad disorderfakersgonewild got nuked, there was a lot of evidence she was faking having EDS, including begging for shit on “10/10 pain days” on her main Instagram story, yet posting videos of her riding a hoverboard around like a little kid on her close friends.

No. 1451232

File: 1645732913085.png (915.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170320-144341.png)

Kasey paisley/canaday/katastrophic/kata
Goes by many names fake and real

The milk:
>stalked her husband until he agreed to be in a relationship with her, promptly moved into his parents basement
>hoards and breeds animals in filthy conditions
>husband cheated on her so they had another girl join their relationship
>he started falling in love with 2nd girl so they dumped her
>moved into a house with mutual friends, proceeded to destroy house and then blame the landlord??
>kicked out back to the inlaws basement
>makes fake Facebook accounts to harrass ex friends, there are a lot
>scams people out of money by posting fake trades or sales online
>currently has a court case against her for harassment and scamming people

This is all that comes to mind at the moment there's probably more. I hope someone who knows her IRL finds this and adds info. She's a psychopath.

No. 1451240

File: 1645733790735.jpg (69.71 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1645733680102.jpg)

Sorry forgot one of the best parts, she has used her cat's Facebook to harass people as well. I still laugh about it honestly

No. 1452358

my ex cheated on me, and the girl he cheated with's MOTHER harassed me via their cats Facebook page after I blocked her. People are wild

No. 1452760

File: 1645917395539.png (1.65 MB, 2000x3000, 236DB323-C0E2-4FCD-9CA3-47EB57…)

manipulative overpaid sjw artist that is so ~politically correct~ that has always shoved her opinions down people's throat but did this shit
(drew and posted shota/cp/cub porn to e621, and tagged it as such to really make sure people knew exactly what she did. unclear if she is into it or not but i assume so. her art style screams "shota yaoi" to me.)

also extremely shitty with her money. constantly e-begging for misc reasons relating to basic needs when a most of her character designs and commissions sell well over 1-2k. where is the money going if youre in such need? youve said enough about your life over the years for everyone to know youre not the sole earner in your household. you're not responsible enough for that, despite all your claims where you talk about the different bills you 'have' to pay.

in personal cows because
1.) im too lazy to actually compile evidence for -all- of her shit because theres too much to go through on her deviantart and twitter that properly document every shitty thing she does
2.) i feel like no one really cares to notice her shit besides me/no one is brave enough to speak up because she likes to put random people on blast for having a differing viewpoint and will 10000% of the time argue any criticism in vague tweets about obviously specific people
3.) i dont really understand how to format things on this site

and, yes, the bonus tweet text i put on the image attached where it talks about her mom was a public thing she put out. i forget where to find it. it just felt a little doxxy to add that detail looking back. but, nope, its on her deviantart somewhere. if she didnt want people to know, she would've deleted it by now.

No. 1452765

this isn't the place to go to for your shitty little twitter callouts, kys

No. 1452774

what is the place for it, then?

No. 1453996

File: 1646067154530.png (1.22 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220228-103426.png)

I follow this guy on insta named Greg Schneiderhan. he's very obviously mentally ill, a troon and a serial money beggar. He lives in long beach CA on a 3 bdrm apartment that he can't afford, has no job and lives off of donos and payments from his parent's estate. His previous roommates died under suspicious circumstances and Greg is very sensitive about that topic due to people claiming he murdered them. Greg is also known for sperging about any minor inconvenience, giving up after minimal effort and generally being a stubborn asshole. He lost access to his bank account after a scammer claimed to be dolly parton and asked Greg for money. I think that's about it but I'll put some links down below for anyone interested.


https://instagram.com/freegregsociety?utm_medium=copy_link (private account)

2 of his youtube channels. don't get much posting but they're good archives.

His facebook doesn't get much action

A subreddit for him

I'm real sorry if this is formatted poorly, I've never actually made a post here.

No. 1454354

i just dont understand? where else would it go if not on literally a gossip site such as this? all of these in this thread are mini callouts on people they (mostly) know

No. 1454362

because you’re missing the ‘lol’ part of lolcow, nobody gives a shit about someone you don’t like who did a bad thing. Why not go read the rules and lurk a while before shitting up the forum?

I’m incredibly late but this is funny as shit, kek

No. 1454371

ah, so this is more of a bullying site where we make fun of mainly mentally ill people rather than a gossip site. got it

in that case, my bad. a genuine thanks to you for giving a response that actually makes sense(idiot)

No. 1454382

You sound like a sjw, how's it bullying if we aren't interacting with them? You missed the whole point of this site
>i feel like no one really cares to notice her shit besides me/no one is brave enough to speak up because she likes to put random people on blast
This site isn't for cancelling people you don't like

No. 1455014

File: 1646174360995.jpeg (851.32 KB, 3072x2050, 3A9F8D76-3A65-4238-8047-1D35D5…)

this girl i was internet friends with when i was like 14, we both liked dan & phil, blink-182, and weed kek. anyways, still have her on facebook and i looove stalking her profile every now and then. pictures i choose are from 2016, 2019, and this year.

>name koral, 22 years old

>used to be a somewhat normal but angsty pothead teenager, is now a complete crackhead
>also used to have pretty good family relationships, has not posted any photos with family since about 2018
>both of her parents had decently nice houses, now couch surfs and lives in absolute squalor
>used to have somewhat normal friends her own age, now only hangs out with ~40 year old white men trying to be hood hard while living in buttfuck washington state
>stops posting for about 3 months every 6 months, is always because she was in jail
>her returns to facebook always talk about how “she’s sober, going to stay sober, and do it right this time.” (she never does it right)
>freshly out of jail, got engaged to a guy she knew for about 1 month
>look like a furry toe wearing DC and The North Face
>calls him “her soulmate” and “her first true love”
>after about a month, makes long ass post about how dude got her back on heroin and crack, was physically abusive, and cheated on her with his brother-in-law??
>btw is straight and called him a faggot multiple times in this post
>also loves using the n word
>besides this dude, is constantly in month-long relationships, that end in her accusing him of abuse

anyways that’s about the basics. i just get some lols from her and i hope you do too

No. 1455762

I think this person i vaguely know is thread-worthy
Has been engaged/married more times than i can count. Is only 25. One of the messiest and most rude entitled people I've met

No. 1456590

File: 1646316284217.jpg (317.09 KB, 1080x1698, Screenshot_20220303-140007_Chr…)

this absolute lunatic and the whole 5D earth community

No. 1456591

File: 1646316323954.jpg (81.01 KB, 1080x415, Screenshot_20220303-140016_Chr…)

No. 1456593

File: 1646316489288.jpg (419.19 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20220303-140708_Tik…)

Her tiktok is filled with insanity.

No. 1456910

That's a scarf, nona.

No. 1457095

It literally looks like normal, thin white girl hair anon.

No. 1457125

Girl put your glasses on

No. 1457531

File: 1646398898997.jpeg (438.08 KB, 1242x1959, 973C5ACE-55D3-4F0C-8CCD-103974…)

my personal lolcow is paradiseinvite. ive followed her for awhile but now i cant take this bitch anymore. tldr yet another "woke" terminally online jobless e-girl desperate for fgc gamer girl points
>follows Micky Moon; first thought she didn't know her history since she deletes and renames all the time but then it clicked
>ebegged for a gofundme for $10,000 because shes "struggling financially" but always begs for sponsors and money for food. no clue where that gofundme went
>always blames mental illness, trauma and being black for every fucking thing
>tries so hard to be woke but lightens her skin and never draws black people, including herself (picrel)

No. 1458713

I’m in a very niche community that attracts the milkiest individuals in their online spaces. I originally joined the online spaces to find the connection and information I couldn’t in person, since the community is extremely niche, as said before. I’d love to see lolcow’s take on the many, many cows that are active, but I can’t disclose which group it is because it is so small online. There are extremely few women and most of them engage in the milky antics, so I feel it would be very obvious who brought them to lolcow. There are men who have issues with a lot of the members as well, but they obviously wouldn’t be on here. There’s just so much drama and already memes made about some of the cows, but because the community is small the drama is given minimal attention by the more sane individuals whom I try to stick with. I’ve blocked the cows as well and try to avoid them for my personal safety, but I feel like lolcow would do such a good job at exposing them ruthlessly. There’s one very loud individual who is a major scammer in so many ways, there’s groomers and pedophiles, schizophrenics, hypocrites and pick-me’s abound. There’s just so much to unpack but not worth it when you have other things to do and risk being personally attacked. Maybe in another universe farmers are celebrating the 100th thread on this niche community.(unsaged blogpost)

No. 1458746

So you bumped this with no milk and just a vague blogpost.

No. 1458756

File: 1646519092018.png (7.87 MB, 3472x5428, 01.png)

My personal cow is our very own Pinniped-chan/Seal-chan from /m/, also known as Felis Silvestris on Discord, sadcats2007 on Instagram and @MoonxxxSad on Twitter.

>25 years old and French

>has been terminally online for at least 6 years, which is when she spent her days on /soc/ trying to find a 4chan boyfriend
>still addicted to 4chan and kiwifarms now
>whiteknights and sucks male dick all day every day
>sometimes literally, she has fucked a Neo-Nazi and didn’t regret it
>the reason for defending and fucking Nazis is that “love and hate are deeply intertwined in [her]”
>says that nazis can be attractive and that they just have some issues
>admitted to being right leaning herself, and is anti Islamic immigration and against multiculturalism
>has some Nazi themed artwork on her accounts like a black sun inspired drawing and one that implies that jews are responsible for pornography in France
>has randomly brought up people being Jewish or asked them if they are Jews
>identifies as a radfem even though there is nothing feminist about her
>is porn sick and has tried to push tradwife and humiliation fetishes onto the men she has sex with
>has made graphic illustrations of dead pornstars to pwn coomers
>wrote a comic about a tranny that gets raped by his mom so he takes revenge by killing her with the Arab man he hooked up with
>the Arab man's family calls him a “house nigger” and there are images of him talking on discord with the tranny, promising him marriage and saying things like "wallah"
>when questioned why the Arabs in her story act like this she said that its accurate to real life (she is a white woman)
>the comic ends with a "happy ending" of feminists getting killed by alt righters
>comic was a huge hit on /tttt/ according to her
>obsessed with autism, Islam, Jews, Russia etc.
>has said that she “daydreams about Islamic spirituality” by fantasizing about Arabic horses and thinking about Quran quotes in the same breath as defending Nazi scrotes
>says and does a lot of schizo and quirky things, most likely just for attention or to feel NLOG
>some examples; she refuses to call her cat by normal pronouns because she considers neutered pets as androgynous perfection
>convinced that her self diagnosed autism means she has schizophrenia because she can hear a voice in her head when she thinks
>so addicted to attention that she made her unsaged seal thread in /m/ that nobody cares about, and then once /m/ went down she kept avatarfagging and crying about missing her samefag thread on every board
>decided to draw some lolcows together in one big picture, posted it all over her Instagram and other social medias while deliberately tagging the cows so that they see it and say something
>Shayna ended up seeing it and commenting on it, just asking her why she's wasting her talent
>immediately started claiming that Shayna had a meltdown over her art and started feeling smug about it
>got the drawing made into a flag and hung it on her wall irl, took a picture of it and even uploaded it on her instagram with a seal covering her face
>posted all of that in Shayna's and Lucinda’s threads for attention, which is in fact, cowtipping and being retarded

No. 1458764

kek I always knew there was something retarded about seal-chan. Glad to have confirmation of it

No. 1458777

Jeez wtf. I thought some of her art was well done but this is just a freakshow.

No. 1458782

alright, my personal cows:
>nonbinary he and it pronouns
>shitty trademark trans mullet dyed blue
>dating a 15 year old, she herself is 18
>DID 'system', claims to have been in a cult because of her grandma
>all of her fucking 'alters' are dream smp characters
>claims to have chronic pain immediately after my friend started seeing a doctor due to suspected chronic pain too
>smells fucking atrocious constantly, like she doesn't even bother to try and mask it with deodorant.

i understand being depressed and not being able to take care of your hygiene, but not bothering to put on deodorant is an entirely new level of disgusting.

as for her girlfriend:

>also claims to be a DID system, also filled with dream smp 'alters'

>doesn't actually reek too badly surprisingly
>picked her name from a fucking adventure time character
>has a ddlg fetish

the final cow:
>also a 'system'
>smells like death, somehow worse than the first cow
>shittily dyed hair, new vomit-inducing eyesore colors every other week
>they/them user, of course
>was wearing a tokyo ghoul hoodie the first time i met her
>also into ddlg

No. 1458790

File: 1646521895977.jpeg (182.85 KB, 828x1661, 51C38B81-8BF8-4ED1-A325-2097ED…)

rainelle is back on her grift but this time with a fucked up gofundme. she’s dropped the DID play pretend and the tumblr callout gig and is now going by the name luca where she can, pretending to be younger than she actually is. she makes the twitter kpop community share her grifting. for years shes bought plushies, goth clothes, anime art and pokemon games with this money, this time her story gets more gruesome and now shes hoping to score 7750$.

No. 1458799

File: 1646522628729.png (390.14 KB, 500x500, 1646375870885.png)

can't believe I defended her once because I liked all the seal posting, jesus christ what a retard

No. 1458803

File: 1646522915812.jpeg (361.01 KB, 828x972, BC1A874F-81B1-4966-B5E1-6B81D5…)

>>1458790 locked now but her twitter, still bragging about her law degree but can’t make her own money?

No. 1458808

Does that shirt say something Autist? As if we couldn't tell by that tapestry jesus

No. 1458825

it says handsome autist

No. 1458845

That’s actually pretty amazing lol.

No. 1458857

File: 1646525797405.jpeg (415.85 KB, 828x1546, FAE8E72F-E9D0-43C6-96B1-79336A…)

My fav personal cow, minitruckmommy

>”alt” car girl with a OF

>brags about her mechanic skills, will not accept any criticism
>fights anybody who says anything negative about them, then suicide baits and cries victim
>recently deleted her main Instagram after suicide baiting, told people on her alternate account that she was starving herself and was “so weak” and giving up
>claims to be good at drifting, but her boyfriend is always driving in her videos of her car
>accuses 1-3 specific people of making fake accounts to harass her, will not believe that she’s just generally disliked
>she herself makes fake accounts to harass others, alternating between pretending it’s not her and calling them her “spam accounts”

Social media
Twitter: https://twitter.com/minitruckmommy
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/u/Minitruckmommy_
Instagram: https://instagram.com/thegothiccmechanic

I’ve been watching her antics for a few months now and she never disappoints. I have more screenshots of her unhinged behavior if anyone else is interested

No. 1458861

File: 1646526037790.png (1.94 MB, 828x1792, 7C33581F-36D9-4835-A735-F7250D…)

No. 1458960

A thread on her would be amusing, or even a thread for #femalemechanics that pose with cars for clout.
Her issue with all girls garage is funny since pistonsandpixydust is clearly pro lgbt and anti racist, but she's claiming in the petition agg is racist and anti lgbt

No. 1458966

Yeah, she tried saying they were specifically targeting her and ruining her “business” over her onlyfans lmao. Also the racist remark kills me cuz on Twitter mtm calls Hispanic women puta n shit despite being white af. I would love a real thread on her or female mechanics in general, it’s a milky genre

No. 1458987

She sounds fun I'd hang out with/fuck her, maybe kill myself afterwards

No. 1459172

kinda based, she's right about nazis but is wrong about Muslims

No. 1459372

Trying to work out if someone I know falls under this category or is just in severe need of taking themselves off their pedestal

> near 30 yo trans he/him in recent years

> self diagnosed with every illness you can think of
> cannot go a day without making incredibly tmi online statuses bashing their numerous abusive exes or insisting that they need validation all the time, but also insists they are so overwhelmed with how many people they are helping when all I ever see is them ignoring everyone's help and being selfish
> everything is a trigger and you're expected to know all of them and then they get angry at you when you're not a mind reader
> exhibits emotionally manipulative behaviours towards multiple partners
> is poly but severely jealous and cannot stand any of their boyfriends having other partners or liking anyone else but will make their longest boyfriend help them prepare for the fuck they're about to have with a new predatory guy who seems like a hot mess
> did I mention that this partner did like another girl but that person in question gaslit him into believing that other girl was leading them on and bad for them?
> so basically, they're controlling and jealous but want to fuck with loads of people on the side
> if they're not making public statuses about how it's been another day of someone pissing them off and how much of a victim and how oppressed they are, they're posting about how amazing and sexy and look at them and how incredible they are
> I'm such a nice person
> give me validation
> has about a hundred statuses against god knows how many various people now
> I can't go to X place because person 100 I hate will be there, send me validation
> talks about their most caring partner like he is trash but he does everything, and I mean everytihing for them
> yeah he doesn't love me or understand me, I'm gonna fuck this other guy on the side
> blames other friends for their own shit
> takes out shit on other people because they are stressed but expects a constant hugbox back
> thinks they're in a fanfic and writes like they're in a fanfic
> used to pity them thinking they were just having a hard time but I noticed more and more that they exhibit cow behaviours and are somewhat problematic

Cow behaviour potentially?

No. 1459425

File: 1646589426954.png (82.44 KB, 1161x696, felissilvestris.PNG)

I fucking told you guys in the Shayna thread I met her years ago on /ic/. She sounded like a teen boy in VC (and didn't correct us when we referred to her as male so I thought she was a scrote) and immediately screeched about alt-right shit when we added her to our art group and got kicked shortly after. I'm so vindicated to know she is indeed retarded and not a uwu pure lolita like anons were saying, her art made that pretty clear already.
She's from Marseille btw, probably partly explains her obsession with Arabs.

No. 1459462

holy shit, so she screeches about alt right shit no one wants to hear and then comes crying in the vent thread about how she doesnt feel welcome in female only spaces? Makes sense. Do you have some more milk about her?

No. 1459505

File: 1646596395785.png (1.41 MB, 2425x1560, FScaps.png)

not very milky but here's some caps, turns out she stayed in that server longer than I remembered. Most of her messages in the server were her pretending to be male (one of the people who referred to her as male apparently knew her for a while and much better than we did), sperging out about turks/other ethnicities and talking about being autistic and not wanting to ever work.
This server mostly had men but I do remember she'd go out of her way to butt heads with me and the few other girls, so lmao at "not being welcome in female only spaces".

No. 1459507

thank you so much nonny!!! This is very interesting indeed. Weird how she hasnt changed in all these years

No. 1459512

also he's her weird nazi/alien conspiracy video for other French anons. No clue if this is meant in jest or seriously; I'd assume the former, but the video has 0 jokes that point at this being satire and it must have taken a while to make.

No. 1459568

>No clue if this is meant in jest or seriously
It sounds like she's a /pol/tard that browses the board "ironically" but is actually as racist and retarded as everyone else there. Couple that with a desperate need for being special and male validation and you get satires that are actually completely serious like this video and her other Nazi drawings.

No. 1460088

>I'm so vindicated to know she is indeed retarded and not a uwu pure lolita like anons were saying, her art made that pretty clear already.
She's a big cow but tbh her art is the only good thing about her.

No. 1460852

File: 1646706818316.webm (4.35 MB, 576x1024, final_6226bbca0ad29a007fed97d8…)

My personal cow is not really harmful but just cringey and kind of entertaining to keep up with.
>Self proclaimed actor, dancer and model
>50 something year old man who larps as a vampire on tiktok, making cringey videos with the worst songs imaginable who is on an eternal quest to find his “vampire queen” and all the candidates happen to be girls who seem to be half his age
>Financial situation is completely unknown, seems to spend all his time alone at expensive clubs/restaurants or the mall harassing women to pose with him or employees to take cringey pics or videos of him, so it’s assumed he has money
>women are always visibly uncomfortable in the videos with him, which makes me believe they are just doing it out of politeness and probably don’t even know him
>looks like a greasy manlet version of Snape
>Goes to the library and pretends that historical figures in books are people from his past life
>posts creepy videos where he mixes videos/pictures of him and young girls on tiktok
>excessively films himself trying on clothes at stores but never seems to buy anything
>going through his goth phase a little too late in life
>has a hideous generic clothing brand which he designed in MS paint at a computer in a public library
>thinks he’s famous and that his “Sweet Vampire” larp is actually super popular and a tv show and that all the people obviously trolling him are fans
>does cringey barely audible voice overs on his videos while music plays and you can barely understand him because of that, his accent and the fact nothing he says makes sense
>flirts with the very young girls who are trolling him calling them his “angels” “vampire queens” and other weird shit
>Honestly kind of sad, he seems to have no actual friends and is always alone and his “fans” are all obviously trolls fucking with him
Here’s another gem from him if you want to see for yourself https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdDmFBVx/

No. 1460876

This dude is clearly trolling so hard and it's honestly hilarious

No. 1460878

the downs

No. 1460927

she's in a server i'm on and she's insufferable, terminal autistic attention whore

No. 1461000

I've never seen this dude before but I think he's mocking Blixa Bargeld

No. 1461002

NTA but I've followed this guy for a while and I don't think he's trolling, he posts hourly like everyday

No. 1461073

im sorry but no one cares about your roblox community anon

No. 1462545

File: 1646873257647.jpg (92.26 KB, 900x576, portada-valeria-1.jpg)

I wish she was an anglo cow because the milks keeps on flowing with her and spanish boards are lame.
>Valeria Quer, anachan, drug addict, narcissist, self describe animal lover, actually an animal abuser and literal definition of train wreck.
>Becomes known after her sister went missing for a year and is later found dead murdered by a gypsy scrote.
>Case went viral in Spain because their from an upper middle class family and milky as fuck. Parents are always on TV and go through a very public divorce while their daughter is missing.
>People take pity on Valeria because she's stuck in the middle and has gone through a lot of trauma at a very young age.
>She starts doing drugs and getting involved with shady people.
>Starts dating a failed junkie rapper and larps as a low life baddie. Gets hideous prison tattoos all over.
>Valeria's father is an enabling retard and starts paying a flat in an expensive zone in Madrid for her and her bf just so they can do drugs all day but worth it because now my daughter likes me.
>Valeria accuses her mother of being abusive and an alcoholic. Fights her mum in front of the TV outside of court.
>Makes up with her mother and starts hating her dad instead until he buys her something expensive. Repeat cycle every few months.
>Buys a bunch of dogs (Doberman and pitbull). Neglects them, locks them outside in the terrace all day long. Dogs hate each other, always getting into fights.
>Goes on holidays and leaves the dogs locked up in the terrace. Neighbours call the police because they won't stop barking and have to give them water using hoses from their houses.
>One of them disappears from the picture and she never explains what happened. Later people find out she gave it away to a man who raises dobermans to hunt wild hogs in a brutal manner.
> "OMG please help me get my baby back I didn't know they were gonna abuse him". Dog ends up getting killed by a hog.
>Adopts two cats, neglects them even more than the dogs. Abuses them physically. Doesn't fix them so the female one gets pregnant.
>Gives away the kittens and the male cat, keeps the female and one baby who she then abandons at a vet clinic and end up in a shelter.
>Whole relationship with the junkie was a toxic mess.
>They break up every couple of days, she vague posts about him on Instagram, are back together by dinner time.
>Breaks up with junkie after he goes to jail (rumoured to be human trafficking).
>Starts dating another guy. Seems stable at 1st and she starts washing up and acting posh again.
>Turns out to be another toxic relationship. Break up, accuse each other of abuse on instagram, get back together.
>One of the times they break up she goes to the police and accuses him of abuse.
>After they get back together again, she says she made it up.
>Narc boyfriend is clearly using her for fame but she's too dumb to realise. Makes her look like an idiot over and over again.
>Accuses her of things like being a heroin addict, claims he has a video of her slashing his tyres.
>He proposes to her on a parking lot.
>Has bolt ons her dad paid for and horrible lip fillers.
>Has had an ED since she was a teenager. Rattling bones but somehow finds doctors who performs a liposuction. Wants to get even more lipos and other procedures she doesn't need.
>BPD mess, self harms by burning her arms and shows it on pictures proudly.
>Is obsessed with wanting to get pregnant.
>Massive pick me and misogynist. Had a feminist phase for a couple of months and then went back to her woman hating ways.
>Daddy and mummy enable her like crazy, don't seem to care she's slowly killing herself.
>Spends the day taking pills, smoking weed and taking half naked pictures for instagram.
>Uses her sister's murder forppity points when people call her out for her shitty behaviour.
I used to feel bad for her because she's gone through a lot, but she's lost any sympathy I had for her after being such a massive asshole.

No. 1462555

File: 1646873645197.jpg (285.3 KB, 1080x1197, IMG_20220310_015220.jpg)

Samefag, her (on the right) and Diana, her sister. It's a shame because she had everything in her hands to be normal even after Diana's murder, but her parents fucked her up real bad.

No. 1462726

she sounds incredibly milky! i wish we could get a thread. i think she looks kind of pretty in the picture with her sister, it's a shame what she's done to herself

No. 1462943

File: 1646914996198.jpeg (240.6 KB, 1104x978, E4C54294-7418-4321-939D-AC4C3A…)

@junodisagrees on tiktok and other platforms

chronic larper fakeboi who is constantly getting cancelled by other tiktokers and cosplayers for her insanity
>thinks having a small percentage of australian aboriginal dna makes her a spokesperson of the community
>literally looks like the epitome of a cracker, enrages whenever calls her white
>apparently has DID and a lesbian alter
>”gay uwu mlm” although dating another fakeboi who only presents as female
>makes fun of anyone who disagrees with her insane takes, calls people fat when she’s visibly obese

just the tip of the iceberg on this person honestly.

No. 1462945

this is just recent stuff though, i don’t have any screenshots of past drama with this person so it would just be my own word, but she does track record of calling people racist and homophobic on all of her social medias. there’s a shit ton of people complaining about her on tiktok though

No. 1462972

File: 1646919790158.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1662x1001, E8B4936A-5C6E-42EA-93AF-553329…)

Sorry for the lack of photos, the spanish board is a mess and it’s super hard to find pictures because all the members do is infight or say “hi cow! we know you’re reading!”.
Yeah, she was very pretty. She’s on her early 20s now but she looks so much older because or her shitty lifestyle and fillers. Her sister used to be a model before she went missing and lucky for Valeria apparently her father is buying her a new career in the fashion world kek
more new milk since the new year:
>Goes missing from social media for less than a month. Comes back saying she has “matured a lot and is now a different person” in just 20 something days. Spoiler: she does this all the time, in a few months she’ll probably go back to her cow ways.
>Seems to have broken up for good with the narc boyfriend, but he is obsessed with her and the forum. He is a whole cow all by himself and he’d deserve another thread on here.
>Someone leaks chat messages of the narc boyfriend asking his friends to report comments in the forum and Valeria’s pictures for pornography.
>He claims Valeria’s mother created an account in the forum and started bad mouthing her daughter and leaking info about her.
>Junkie boyfriend is getting out of jail soon and someone who apparently knows Valeria says they have been in contact again. I’ll stay tunned kek
>Valeria keeps trying to clean her image.
>A couple of days ago some random magazine for rich people gave her an award for “Reinventing herself and overcoming her tragedy”. Quite clearly her daddy paid for it.
>The magazine’s instagram account has to lock their comments on their post about her because people kept commenting what a horrible person she is.
>Goes to the award ceremony and looks the cleanest she has looked in years since she covered up the shitty tattoos and washed her hair.
>People on the forum tinfoiling and saying her and her dad are doing all of this because they’re want to make a documentary about Diana’s case.
>She has random phases every 5 minutes. Current one is trying to be a fashion influencer.
Forgot to add her social media page last night. @valeriaquer__ on instagram, she was private 5 minutes ago but just made her profile public again kek
narc boyfriend is/was @omidarko but he either got suspended or deleted his account.
junkie boyfriend is @dwantemilan but it’s locked.

No. 1463546

File: 1646966215572.jpg (2.71 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-03-10_18-30-35-137.…)

My personal cow is back with more milk than ever. She's beefing with an Asian artist that she race-baited claiming she was Asian for an exclusive project. Bitch isn't Asian and she admits it. She's always edited her eyes sus as fuck and I've seen posts about her bragging about being POC and how hard it is to be Asian. Well now she got put on blast and sent her cronies. Fat bitch is getting clocked like she should have been YEARS ago.

No. 1463548

File: 1646966267866.jpg (2.7 MB, 3150x3464, Picsart_22-03-10_18-34-17-224.…)

Kenzi of course screeched like a banshee about being ripped off cause Yuele didn't link her shop despite her lying about her race and being shady with it.

No. 1463594

File: 1646968838161.png (3.13 MB, 3464x2895, Picsart_22-03-10_19-17-17-150.…)

This is a 30 year old woman btw way too fucking old for this shit

No. 1463597

File: 1646968958310.jpg (1.63 MB, 2725x3464, Picsart_22-03-10_19-19-31-973.…)

Cursing this artist after she made her own grace is pretty funny imo ruined her biggest gig and alienated all possible future customers

No. 1463608

What I don’t get is she is now saying she’s afro Latina but she looks 100% white or maybe very pale mostly Spanish Latina.

No. 1463620

Kenzi have been lying about her ethnicity for years. I'm pretty sure she's actually white. I remember a post she made on Facebook claiming to be indigenous a few years back. I don't have any ss since it's old, though. I guess she got bored and switched to Afro Latina , what's next ?

No. 1463630

Someone please make a thread for this nut.

No. 1463633

>>1463630 I second this, anon. They deserve a thread after all the bs they pulled through the years.

No. 1463781

File: 1646982483403.jpeg (147.87 KB, 828x533, 4DFC9B9C-CA37-4762-A7B7-4D7AD9…)

Before this yeule drama happened within the past 10hours this was her latest shit. It’s a new thing every week with her.

No. 1463787

File: 1646982676592.jpeg (121.72 KB, 542x960, E086FE86-8654-4FCC-AFD7-97D1FD…)

There’s an obvious filter on this image but seeing kenzie posed next to another white woman I would not assume she’s any other race than white

No. 1463792

File: 1646982857572.jpeg (310.37 KB, 1152x2048, F08819EF-6A42-4390-B600-464337…)

No. 1463824

File: 1646988301831.jpeg (514.04 KB, 828x1515, D7C01F5A-3339-4B70-98A9-250C46…)

I just found this on my discover page and now I’m inflicting it on all of you.
This guy has been posting comics since November about a girl he has a crush on and it might be the scariest thing I’ve seen on Instagram. He literally met this random chick working at a drive-thru and tried to make a whole webcomic about their relationship before they even started dating. His last post from yesterday is some crying about how the story has come to an end. I’m assuming the girl in question found the page and got so freaked out she cut contact. It’s like is very early Chris Chan was an Asian zoomer.

No. 1463825

does she think editing herself like that is totes cool and not going to make anyone believe shes asian or race faking as long as she shows her real eyes too? what a stupid bitch how are people in her comments seriously supporting her

No. 1463826

File: 1646988453996.jpeg (150.7 KB, 828x1197,