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File: 1638305338764.png (2.86 MB, 1896x1230, ambrose.png)

No. 1379259

>>FTM larping as a cis man for asspats on Eating disorder twitter
>>Hannibal and Patrick Bateman kinnie who consistently posts about being edgie and violent but if you call him out his self dx NPD is a shield.
>>Got into a fight with Lucinda @Oswaldslunch and made fun of her for being posted here.
>>Found out he was being posted here, is currently having a massive tantrum where he lies to his simps about how this is a right wind extremist site to try to make Lucinda look bad and steer his followers away from it, likely because he doesn't want them to realize he has no cock to suck.
>>Neopronouns, white and claims to be native for oppression points, also claims to have been "abused"

No. 1379265

>Patrick Bateman and Hannibal kinnie
Jesus christ, have some self respect you insufferable "uwu I'm a twisted cycle path" ass bitch. You're not special and you're not edgy

No. 1379269

Aren't all self-hating fujoshis kin with serial killers. Like, all of them. Why.

No. 1379270

brace yourselves for the influx of edtwt retards in denial

No. 1379274

I'm not convinced Ambrose is trans. Attacking a vulnerable person and then trying to turn the blame on them when there are consequences? Sounds like scrote behavior to me.

No. 1379275

How long before she accuses Lucinda of creating this thread and outting her as trans? Narcs love to play the victim, which is especially funny in this case because she's built her entire persona on being mean and evil to the point of being a Patrick Bateman kinnie.

No. 1379278

That's actually very true. But the one pic of him looks so feminine, and he says he's size 4, and is likely very short, this is quite the mystery.

No. 1379279

Go back to edtwt. No one cares.

No. 1379285

it’s not shocked ppl on here are most fixated on him possibly being trans but i swear some of y’all have never met an emo bird boned twink before they all look like ambrose and they’re cis

No. 1379286

File: 1638306439503.png (1.09 MB, 1188x1240, Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 4.07…)

lol i hope red-bracelet-wearing lepetitfallon comes here, she's so annoying.

No. 1379289

why'd he censor his tits

No. 1379291

File: 1638306543561.jpg (166.42 KB, 511x500, 20211130_212128.jpg)

For the Twitter people who inevitably come here. Ambrose instigated this by narcing out when Lucinda rightfully called them a bully

No. 1379293

They're ftm hiding her top surgery scars

No. 1379297

This asshole hides behind a personality disorder diagnosis (bet it's self diagnosis too) to excuse their behavior and when he's called out he cries about how he was abused or some shit lmaoo

No. 1379300

File: 1638306691164.png (27.71 KB, 595x199, img.png)

what level of mental gymnastics are these ppl on

No. 1379301

idk idc emo twinks are like that(learn2sage)

No. 1379304

fr lmao he acts like such a cunt and then it's "u can't call me a narcissist!!! that is abusive!"

No. 1379310

learn2sage + never seen an emo twink censor their nips before, that's too much to be a "coincidence"

No. 1379314

But biological white males are born with privilege, you can’t escape that fact if you present also as masculine. Also Ambrose kins white cis men almost exclusively??? And P Bateman is known for targeting women, minorities, homeless disabled people, queer people, and animals kek, such a fitting role model for the degenerate

No. 1379320

>Hannibal kinnie
>Patrick Bateman kinnie
"Y-you c-can't bully m-me I-I'm sensitive"

No. 1379321

I hate him even more if he's a real man coz he's a pathetic manipulative moid.

No. 1379337

File: 1638307568164.jpeg (144.98 KB, 379x1051, 1638307350971.jpeg)

No. 1379339

File: 1638307606746.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1397, 980D1E65-DF50-4834-8BD7-55E226…)

From the other thread

No. 1379344

Agreed. It’d make it 10x worse if it’s an actual moid manipulating girls with EDs to white-knight on his behalf. He has no redeeming qualities.

No. 1379345

>FtM platform boots
>still shorter than all the cis women around her

No. 1379346

File: 1638307836549.jpg (16.69 KB, 186x340, HRT4J65SR6GJY.jpg)

No. 1379347

Is this confirmed? If it’s actually her… lmfaoooooo

No. 1379349

he posted about being a suicide boys concert during that time so it lines up

No. 1379352

Corpulent Husband looking ass LMAOO

No. 1379353

>mean edgy fatphobe
>only irl friend is a fattie
also definitely 5'2 not 5'8

No. 1379355

File: 1638308079945.jpg (4.49 KB, 169x224, BD4F6H5RE6H.jpg)

No. 1379356

I'm convinced this is him. Notice the tattoo on his inner-elbow? There are headless body checks on his twitter that censor a tattoo in the exact same spot.

No. 1379357

I think the Instagram post has been taken down. So it’s definitely her (?)

No. 1379358

File: 1638308172784.jpg (4.74 KB, 181x194, N2GS6RH32STR6J.jpg)

No. 1379360

File: 1638308281369.jpg (4.73 KB, 117x287, BD1GH321SDGH.jpg)

No. 1379373

Imagine devoting every second of your life to calorie counting and lifting in order to obtain a male physique only to out yourself immediately with your female speech patterns. Sad!

No. 1379381

File: 1638308853280.jpg (201.61 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20211130-184543_Twi…)

Lucinda didn't do this is all on your shitty behavior, but a narc never takes responsibility for anything,the only thing real about this fuckwit is the diagnosis kek

No. 1379383

Kek she only has herself to blame

No. 1379384

omfg this bitch is still blaming this on lucinda, how insufferable can u get

No. 1379386

File: 1638309028211.jpg (170.18 KB, 1080x1057, Screenshot_20211130-184939_Twi…)

poor wittle baby, all you had to was not lie and tell everyone you're a real man with a massive dong

No. 1379387


No. 1379392

lol the girls in her replies are so pathetic. literally less than 1 minute after tweeting that they’re all pulling out the uwu i’m so sowwy… it’s absolutely her fault. wonder how many followers she’ll lose now that they know there’s no dick to ride

No. 1379395

Say bye to your thirsty fangirls!

No. 1379396

This was such a milky and interesting succession of events.

No. 1379398

tHAnkS LuCiNDa
Oh fuck off. She did nothing to lead to this.

No. 1379399

Self hating fujo confirmed everyone

No. 1379400

dumbass. if you hadnt have posted this it never would have been confirmed as you, you could always have lied about it

No. 1379401

The realization that no matter how much you work out + cutting off your tits + hiding your no titty scars, female socialization will always get you clocked.

No. 1379402

Kek I love this thread, farmers are so weirdly protective of their pet cows when worse cows try to dunk on them

No. 1379403

i can't tell if he's being sarcastic about this or not

No. 1379406

File: 1638309363577.jpg (27.99 KB, 386x416, tranny.jpg)

No. 1379407

they’ve always been so pathetic. They babied her 24/7 no matter how shitty she behaved. The fakeboi act has blinded them. Even if they act nice now, I have a feeling it won’t last for long bc the act is over

No. 1379408

KEK she's so ugly and has such an average body. But now she will double down on muh transphobia for pity points

No. 1379410

This is what happens when you fuck with the magic and purity of a unicorn.

No. 1379413

File: 1638309530433.jpg (179.49 KB, 1080x952, Screenshot_20211130-185605_Twi…)

the narcening continues, she's gonna fish for compliments due to hurt ego obviously

No. 1379417

File: 1638309552583.jpg (246.26 KB, 1073x1417, Screenshot_20211130-185548_Twi…)

No. 1379418

don't fuck with the unicorn

No. 1379420

they're all still blaming lucinda too, as if every post on here was made by her

No. 1379421

Girl that face reveal was the only proof we needed…

No. 1379423

'boy juice' kek, you can pump yourself full of hormones but you enternally talk like a woman

No. 1379424

Fucking based

No. 1379427

>They found all my shit
All from public tweets and pics shared by her btw kek

No. 1379431

Same kek but hey, we did it- their following will soon dwindle and maybe this will be the humbling that this Troon requires in order to have a less toxic existence. Outed as a liar who will grasp at straws to maintain their story until they are backed into a corner. Maybe the diagnosis is correct. Love that we coined them as a self hating ftm moments after seeing a torso pic, full fat milk. Notice that the patronising tone has eased off now that it/she is no longer the golden god penis wielder

No. 1379434

Only troons call themselves ‘boys’

No. 1379437

The helpless tard act was never that convincing, Lucinda is smart. Watch her start baiting all her other edtwt enemies now and trying to get them doxxed by farmers. Edtwt was already a shitshow of petty beef and it's only gonna ramp up now that lolcow is involved kek

No. 1379440

Lucinda knows well what she's doing.

No. 1379442

Kudos to her for her man roleplaying, I believed it was a cis man who was frustrated about being a manlet and an uggo who was lashing out on underaged girls on Twitter. But yeah there were signs it was a straight girl all along…

No. 1379443

Even if she knows, it was super low effort on her part as Ambrose never stopped fanning the flames until it led here

No. 1379445

Watch the untouchable Bateman facade drop imminently

No. 1379448

All anyone has to do to avoid scrutiny on this site is to be unproblematic, it’s not that hard- especially if you want to get away with misleading a bunch of underage mentally ill girls and using them as your personal army.

No. 1379449

yes its lucindas fault shes a little bitch and her friend too. yall fat bitches on here are quite literally femcel fucking losers for being transphobic. hes hot and yall just pathetic. buncha fatties on here.(enraged twitterfag)

No. 1379451

Ah shit here they come.

No. 1379452

reminder that you have to be 18 to post here

No. 1379453


No. 1379454

why do so many short women transition?

No. 1379458

i gotta be honest.. i didnt suspect he was trans at all LMAO

No. 1379459

Why are you using fat as an insult when the person who posted pictures with your golden god Ambrose was not exactly a 100lbs frail waif. You’re fine with openly disrespecting the people Ambrose chooses to spend time with?

No. 1379460

being fat is an insult to everyone who has to look at you

No. 1379462

This is so dumb, how is it Lucinda's fault? You hang out in a community populated almost entirely by women, stan all the cliche ftm icons, refer to yourself as a "boy" (something I've never heard an adult male gymbro say), brag about what an uwu size 4 smolbean you are (ditto), and post shirtless photos with your nipples censored. You weren't making that much effort to hide anyway. You just messed with the wrong unicow.

No. 1379463

cope harder, your imaginary bf is a 5’2 girl, and not a skinny one at that kek

No. 1379464

Kek she won't fuck you because she is a straight woman

No. 1379465

the unicorn will come for you

No. 1379469

It's the part I'm looking forward to the most

No. 1379472

Thank god this stupid troon got outed.
Its not Lucinda's fault you fucking wannabe moid. She doesn't own this site or control what's posted here. But hey, "at least I'm not on LOLcow" are some great famous last words.

No. 1379473

Lucinda: nice last words, well, there you are

No. 1379475

Why are people mad at Lucinda for "outing" ambrose? She outted herself by just showing off her feminine features

No. 1379477

Ambrose isn't anorexic dumbass, anorexia isnt the only eating disorder of course he isnt a "waif" hes gym-obsessed

No. 1379480

Weird how no one has paid much attention the gaggle of underaged girls and we’re focusing on the fakeboi aspect. Two of em that seem to be perpetually replying are 15 and 17. Seems pretty fucking weird.

No. 1379481

I’m referring to the woman standing next to Ambrose you tool

No. 1379482

The unicorn will dox them too.

No. 1379485

Love how these tards always sperg about “muh evil transphobes”, but will bully each other to death kek. Natural selection I guess?

No. 1379489

She was warned of unicorn magic but she didn't listen

No. 1379490

Was thinking this too. Kinda fucked up to send your army of underage obsessive girl fans off to bully a genuinely beyond mentally ill woman.

Worse that none of them seem to realise how fucked Ambrose actually is himself lmfao. I guess they see what they wanna see.

No. 1379491

This is because Ambrose is a manipulator and a groomer.

No. 1379492

KEKKKK this is absolute gold. Thank you nonas for this delicious milk, the only way I could see her salvaging her online presence is by deactivating completely. And god bless lucinda for leading us directly to this cow, couldn’t have done it without her.

No. 1379494

File: 1638311552696.jpg (128.46 KB, 776x650, female.jpg)

No. 1379495

and now all of rosies' 14 year old fans are coming at lucinda for "outing" them. just admit it, your ego got the best of you and you dont have a leg to stand on now when it comes to bashing little fat girls on the internet. you literally are one.

No. 1379496

>not always ugly only sometimes
>is ugly

No. 1379497

Bless our sacred cow, Lucinda.
Granted us our Christmas miracle just that little bit early, her benevolence isn’t lost on us.

No. 1379498

It's so funny how she changed from asshole to victim.

No. 1379499

Two of them? Pretty much all of them are underaged..

No. 1379501

From arrogant to pathetic in an instant

No. 1379502

well to be honest she just looks like a really ugly manlet

No. 1379503

Women can be horrible too. More news at 11.

No. 1379504

>my real face
>one photo thats taken from miles away using a fucking gameboy
>one photo heavily filtered and posed face sucked in

No. 1379505

My fucking sides. These are supposed to be the good pics? I know the standards for moids are low, but damn

No. 1379507

File: 1638311931012.jpg (11.82 KB, 383x410, HJDRDDYJTHKGHJDJTJ.jpg)

Compare the photos she uploaded to the candids, not only a tranny but a catfish too.

No. 1379508

Yeah, but there seems to be an inner circle of sorts of the diehard fangirls. They probably have her notifications on. Wonder how they feel now that there’s no dick to ride?

No. 1379509

Bitch if you werent ugly you wouldn't transition to manlet or care about bad pics

No. 1379510

Amen anon, amen.

No. 1379513

Imagine mutilating your tits just to end up looking like a soyboy who grooms minors on discord

No. 1379514

File: 1638312167606.jpg (112 KB, 768x478, ambrose gym.jpg)

No. 1379516

Probably wasn’t much tits to mutilate anyways. She said she was “anorexic” since she was young.

No. 1379517

File: 1638312186774.jpeg (51.83 KB, 500x375, 1060BABB-9FCB-48DA-93F7-29BECC…)

ftms really need to invest in some giant man gloves a la uncle jack bc they always have dainty little hands that immediately clocks em

No. 1379518

File: 1638312195864.jpg (31.51 KB, 776x178, short.jpg)

No. 1379520

next time ask your roomie to get your good side

No. 1379521

File: 1638312292025.jpg (18.02 KB, 321x339, richardramirez.jpg)

No. 1379522

File: 1638312333961.png (42.74 KB, 480x293, Screenshot_20211130-152721_1.p…)

I thought being "saneist" was wrong?

No. 1379523

No. 1379525

kek nona she’s gonna larp as him next don’t give her ideas

No. 1379526

File: 1638312465532.jpg (89.21 KB, 800x450, richard-ramirez.jpg)

No. 1379527

File: 1638312473329.jpg (13.69 KB, 220x306, Richard_Ramirez_1984_mug_shot[…)

She was almost nailing the deranged male roleplay act

No. 1379531

>my real face when I’m not swollen and drunk
>shows a picture of herself completely washed out by light
>shows another pictures where’s she’s making an ugly face so you can’t tell what she actually looks like
Make it any more obvious you know you’re a uggo

No. 1379533

0 pecs and twink legs, at least she’s got the serial killer psycho face she wanted so badly

No. 1379534

and he was worried about being outed? hes palatably passing and clearly white. anyone irl who's already clocked his ass (you have to be braindead to not) doesnt give a shit. the narc dramatics are astounding and fitting if he wants to be male so bad.

No. 1379537

So confused how this is Lucinda's fault. His behavior is cringe as shit, being otherkin with serial killers etc how is that anyone elses fault

No. 1379540

These photos are edited and they have a filter.

No. 1379542

tbh she looks hispanic or indigenous which probably explains her fucked up self esteem

No. 1379545

b-but nona her grandfather is a cherokee princess! She’s not white!!

No. 1379548

Looks white to me

No. 1379550

i hate american race politics, doesnt matter what she is, it doesnt change the fact that she exposed herself by bringing up lolcow but wants to blame it on lucinda.

No. 1379551

her face looks different in every photo

No. 1379552

That really doesn’t excuse shit though.

No. 1379553

File: 1638313295218.jpg (47.83 KB, 1216x964, 4J5HG4K5GH4.jpg)


No. 1379557

damn he lied and told his followers he was taller? how pathetic this wannabe moid is. imagine wanting your underage, impressionable followers to think you're the hot cis ed prince of their dreams? ambrose, we know you're reading, get help

No. 1379558

File: 1638313476109.jpeg (576.93 KB, 1242x1461, 22C62B73-9062-4C02-A2E9-256E80…)


No. 1379559

File: 1638313515966.jpg (3.71 KB, 258x32, G13FDH1.jpg)

No. 1379562

Lucinda is hotter as a 'male' than ambrose is

No. 1379563

File: 1638313609693.jpg (18.29 KB, 594x130, B6GH4RS5H.jpg)

No. 1379564

KEK, ambrose must be jealous that our unicorn is taller and has bigger feet than her. truly unlucky

No. 1379565

File: 1638313616977.jpeg (348.54 KB, 1242x865, 2F0630FA-A948-4457-A11E-C384A4…)

We think both are equally great actually

No. 1379566

File: 1638313644962.jpeg (772.95 KB, 1242x1453, 874221B1-37A6-4454-AE92-CFCEED…)

Why would you accentuate your hips like this if you're trying to pass as male? dumbassery.

No. 1379571

No. 1379573

File: 1638313850393.jpg (194.68 KB, 720x1238, 1112.jpg)

his followers are going to say they don't care but immediately start talking to him like he's a little troon. i have to laff.

No. 1379575

also, she got her friend to take the pictures of them both down

No. 1379576

File: 1638314046764.jpeg (262.55 KB, 1242x722, C41F04C0-5EE4-4C29-AD14-5416D1…)

Fucking pathetic. Imagine being this desperate for attention and online validation. You’re still ugly, cope harder.

No. 1379577

Does her friend know she’s a raging fatphobe

No. 1379578

File: 1638314115788.jpg (212.56 KB, 1080x1915, youtube comment.jpg)

No. 1379579

kek, I wonder if that friendship is over now the fat friend sees what ambrose is really like

No. 1379580

File: 1638314203260.jpeg (515.45 KB, 828x1403, BF58317B-F4D6-4D0D-A867-81CEC8…)

LOL the replies on the other face post… they just keep going like this

No. 1379581

"don't throw stones from a glass house"

No. 1379582

Probably not. She seems too much of a pussy to replicate this bitchy american psycho persona irl

No. 1379583

KEK this is so fucking dramatic

No. 1379584

Crazy how y’all claim to know shit online but literally know NOTHING. I hope brain rot kills you all :)

No. 1379586

I swear these people have permanent brain damage from starving themselves

No. 1379587

ANOTHER reminder that you have to be 18 to post here

No. 1379589


No. 1379590

Yall some fat fucking incels and it shows

No. 1379592

He literally claims to be “openly fatphobic” online

No. 1379593

bitch I'm biting into an apple as we speak

No. 1379595

Damn, as the actual IRL “fat” friend, y’all are some pathetic ass people, y’all know nothing and act like you know everything. Karmas gonna treat all of you so nicely.(shut up)

No. 1379596

Edtwt, where botched abortions flock in solidarity

No. 1379597

How is she fatphobique if she has a fat friend? Or maybe she hates fatties because fatty-chan rejected her ugly ass.

No. 1379598

Eat less

No. 1379599

at this point, can "Y'all" become a redtext

No. 1379600

Just like how it treated Ambrose, yeah? You do know karma still affects people you personally like, you are witnessing it now.

No. 1379601

do you retards still think we're men?

No. 1379603

File: 1638314512524.jpg (9.92 KB, 275x226, 1627762708977.jpg)

>Muh transphobia
Honestly, as bad as i feel for the jannies having to clean all newfaggotry out, i cant help but love every time wannabe edgy twitterfags advertise this board. I imagine a shit ton of girls going here to rage read only to finally snap back to reality when they realize no one else truly believe these batshit crazy ideas when theyre anonymous.

No. 1379604

Why are u letting yourself get cucked like this lmfao? Absolutely pathetic.

No. 1379605

Lucinda didn't expose her face, she did it herself. Cherokee grandma never taught the dangers of posting your face online?
Also "uwu mentally ill".. lucinda is mentally ill and theyre bullying her.. funny how it goes huh

No. 1379607

What self respecting body positive individual jumps to the defence of a fatphobe

No. 1379609


The jokes write themselves.

No. 1379610

rip this thread and rip lolcow, now more brain dead anachans know about this site.

No. 1379612

File: 1638314622822.jpg (67.6 KB, 720x484, 20211130_202115.jpg)

No. 1379615

Something tells me that they will start posting gore and cp like they usually do when they chimp out.

No. 1379617


No. 1379618

File: 1638314755057.jpg (27.56 KB, 720x221, 20211130_202136.jpg)


No. 1379619

Ambrose you can claim your face was swollen from purging all you want, but a stranger seeing you irl won’t know that and they’ll just think you have a chubby wideass chipmunk face cheers

No. 1379621

rejoice, as this will bring in more farmers. Most edfags are simply one transwoman sending creepy dms away from waking tf up

No. 1379622

Funnily enough lucinda is the only actual “poor mentally ill nonbinary uwu” person out of all of em. Twitterfags are so braindead with their hypocrisy and oppression olympics

No. 1379624

File: 1638314880872.jpeg (234.96 KB, 1242x1121, E16175D4-2603-462E-A8BE-83166C…)

Kek. What a cope.

No. 1379625

If theyre as soft as ambrose they gonna cry before getting a ban. We're fine.
Kek you can feel the illusion being shattered

No. 1379631

we need to join the unicult with lucinda

No. 1379633

was the insta photo deleted ? whats ambrose @

No. 1379634

the retarded ambrose stans are losing their shit about this thread LOL

No. 1379636

You guys should go through her fan’s accounts if you want a good laugh. One’s 240+ lbs.

No. 1379637

retarded based unicorn VS ugly ass transformer

No. 1379638

God forbid you get pushed into living your truth prematurely, Ambrose.

No. 1379639

File: 1638315301124.jpg (85.68 KB, 1200x675, 1627658716891.jpg)

>Dark evil sociopath
>Female to Patrick bateman
>Anons shares pictures you yourself poster on the internet free for everyone to see

No. 1379640

KEK!!! I’m too fat to even walk but this Ambrose shit is funny as fuck, fuck these ana bitches. Trying to be skinny to get some fem dick?

No. 1379644

sage fatty

No. 1379646

The people who think Lucinda directly outed Ambrose genuinely have to be delusional? All she did was post screenshots from her thread that were about Ambrose. It's not like Lucinda quoted Ambrose's tweet saying "haha he's trans!!!1". Our unicorn queen is genderspecial after all.
They're seriously pulling shit out of their ass.

No. 1379648

>im to fat to even walk
>fem dick
>doesn't sage
Begone newfag

No. 1379649

Nice job trying to fit in, now go back to edtwt you autist

No. 1379650

fucking lol at these delusional retards. they really make Lucinda seem like the sane one. an amazing read, ty ambrose and edtwt for being such funny cows.

No. 1379651

learn to integrate, also yes they were deleted by Ambrose's fat friend that was in the pic. Ambrose's ig wasn't tagged I believe, but the fat friend's @ on ig is thegovernmentisranbylizards if you care enough to go through her following

No. 1379652

Most of them are too retarded to understand how imageboards work and just want someone to blame and throw their shit at, and ofc lucinda the schizo who can’t defend herself is the perfect target

No. 1379653

I think a lot of users on edtwt that have a vendetta against lucinda are just using this as an opportunity to attack her

No. 1379657

Most of them have been lurking/posting in the lucinda thread way before. They’ve been waiting for a moment like this to openly attack her from the beginning.

No. 1379658

Seconded, It's a dead giveaway of a twitterfag.

No. 1379659

It's not a moid. She's a woman pretending to be a moid

No. 1379660

>>1379595 fuck off twitterfag

No. 1379661

I’ve never had sex before, what about you guys?(newfag)

No. 1379662

who cares? Assuming it’s a lot of people that want to follow the milk and in case if she pussies out and goes priv again. In the long run, the fangirls will get bored and unfollow. Imagine if corpse husband got outed as a tranny, it’d bring attention at first but in the long run, it’s social suicide

No. 1379665

Anyway admin would tag ambrose's posts on this site, because I bet you anything this is one of them, I firmly believe he posted this himself because the victim points he's receiving are intense

No. 1379667

that's true, sadly. i think that idoldecay in particular hates her out of jealousy.

No. 1379669

Seems like some of the minions are mad they got mentioned on here, I see a lot of people going private.

No. 1379673

I love how this cow's stans are sperging about "muh transphobia" when they're not even mad about being outed as trans, they're mad about being outed as ugly.

No. 1379675

File: 1638316657489.jpeg (222.64 KB, 1134x788, 70E66A71-DE6D-4408-B412-A2C7DF…)

newfag no i will not integrate.(self-imposed "kick me" sign)

No. 1379676

ambrose doesnt seem bothered in the slightest. seems more and more like an attention ploy

No. 1379683

File: 1638316964143.jpeg (286.39 KB, 1031x749, A6F1145B-EE7E-45B1-B9FD-A6AA35…)

more larping

No. 1379685

He outed himself for attention he is not bothered in the slightest, it's just nonstop positive attention for him

No. 1379687


go back

No. 1379690

No. 1379697

Lucinda did a tweet with a link to the other thread.

No. 1379707

Fuck sake. Someone sort the shit out that's going on. Two threads, same bunch of newfags not knowing how to sage. Other farmers aren't interested in these two spastics, at least learn some board etiquette.
I.E. Stop posting the same thing in two different threads for a start.

No. 1379709

I don't think the people dogpiling Luci realize she didn't personally post Ambrose's pics. There was no collaborative search for the pictures, they were posted out of nowhere. That points to either a farmer finding them due to Ambrose's awful opsec, or one of their inner circle posting them. It seems more likely one of Ambrose's inner circle did the reveal, so good luck to them. They can't trust any of their friends anymore. Wonder when the infighting and finger pointing will begin and who goes down first

No. 1379711

for all this edgy larping this fucker does, she sure is a crybaby bitch.

No. 1379712

There won't be any more fangirls putting up with her bullshit tho.
Why even bother taking roids when she ends up with these shitty lats lol gym obsessed my ass.

No. 1379713

File: 1638318361009.png (77.8 KB, 306x810, maleorexia.png)

Possible old Twitter account? Saged for speculation

No. 1379720

File: 1638318705611.png (181.39 KB, 595x445, screenshot.png)

not a speculation, @maleorexia and @leechcals are her old accounts

No. 1379721

Ambrose is 5'3 and Lucinda is 5'8. The chad and the virgin. We live in a simulation.

No. 1379722

Why as a trans man would you pander to and seek validation from a group of transphobes kek

No. 1379724

Didn’t Ambrose claim to be 5”8 or 5”9? And that’s Lucinda’s real height?

No. 1379727

File: 1638319103230.jpeg (334.76 KB, 1242x802, D68DF638-C8A1-43F2-857A-8ECF2F…)

1. Sage
2. Try to keep up

No. 1379728

How, pray tell, did Lucinda dox her? Ambrose is the one who brought up lolcow. In fact, she brought up lolcow to mock and bully Lucinda for having a thread here. Then, when she gets her own thread, it's suddenly all Lucinda's fault? Luci didn't dox you, Ambrose. You bullied other people, lied, and acted like a little bitch, purposefully bringing up this site when no one here even knew you. You brought this entire thing upon yourself. Luci had almost nothing to do with it.

No. 1379730

If they ever met irl, lucinda could fold this manlet in half kek

No. 1379732

File: 1638319189255.jpeg (604.81 KB, 1242x1545, 1873F783-A7BC-4666-8855-684857…)

In full victim mode and suddenly acting like she doesn't hate fatties.

No. 1379734

Lucinda passes better as a unicorn than Ambrose does as a male and she doesn't even have to take hormones for it.

No. 1379736

The fucking backpedaling holy shit. Oh now u want to defend the fatties huh? Also I'm 100% sure the person who exposed this bootleg richard ramirez is someone from his circle anyways

No. 1379742

I hope lucinda doesnt deactivate just because some self hating woman send her underage minions to bully her. Ambrose has no spine.

No. 1379743

More lies, post proof? & ur friend is overweight and ur suddenly not a fatphobe because it’s convenient for you to solidify your position as victim and martyr? Degenerate

No. 1379745

I seriously don’t get how deluded this girl has to be to think Lucinda doxed her??? That “boy juice” really rotted her brain. Nobody even had proof she was ftm, it was all speculation from the retards own posts and then she outted herself.
She knew lolcow enough to try to make fun of Lucinda for having a thread but decided to engage anyway

No. 1379746

What fucking harassment is she referring to? The fact that someone noticed she's friends with fat girls irl but brags about how much she hates them on twitter? No one here as has a problem with fat people. That's just Ambrose.

No. 1379749

His friend came here. And started stirring shit. So we responded. We did not seek her out.

No. 1379751

Ambrose is a mischievous and naughty minion, rat that just came out of the pipes, testosterone ill monster, malnourished and smelly tadpole, tiny street beast, mummy from hell, criature from an incestuous relationship, poop looking freak, grotesque and bastard little ogre, dwarf with short legs and arms, disease transmitter gnome.

No. 1379752

Kek, sorry girl.

No. 1379755

it's pretty clear that she's overjoyed for the excuse to post this shit since she's sharing it all so freely. maybe she thinks she'll be more effective at grooming teens into sending her nudes or whatever if she is also Oppressed

No. 1379756

No. 1379757

oh sweet a schizo thread! i think at this point it’s obvious you’re all morbidly obese retards. posting about someone you don’t even know the entire day, doxxed, and sent death threats to this persons IRLs get a job or get a hobby.(twitterfag)

No. 1379758

kek, you can tell which one is the transtrender

No. 1379760

stop eating fatty

No. 1379762

she's done all this to herself, lolcow would have forgotten about her had she just ignored the site and the thread would have shriveled up after a couple of dry unsaged posts. dumbass.

No. 1379763

anon, i think your keyboard is broken? all i can see is "oink oink oink"

No. 1379766

why are you all so desperate to defend lucinda. she’s disgustingly ugly btw, literally looks like an alien who landed in a thorn bush

No. 1379767

yeah you're right, we should be bullying random fatties to death all day on edtwt instead, much better!

No. 1379768

why are u gargling on ambrose's non-existent balls?

No. 1379769

Where are these death threats they talking about??

No. 1379770

your thighs still touch dont they? go back to coddling your 5'2 fakeboi

No. 1379771


why you sucking on lucindas cut-up tits

No. 1379773

desperately want to see ambroses obese friends reaction to his fatphobic tweets

No. 1379774

errmm actually edtwtfag… calling a WOC of color ugly is actually very racist and far more harmful than what she "supposedly" did to uggo ambrose

No. 1379775

actually, unlike ambrose, her tits aren't cut up!

No. 1379777


she has a scar on every inch of her disgusting body lmao, they are definitely cut-up

No. 1379778


luci definitely fucked hers up via razor blade(sage your shit)

No. 1379779

Ambrose now claiming she hasn’t even had top surgery
Bet she had massive f cup tits(sage your shit)

No. 1379781


idgaf if she’s a woc. still ugly

No. 1379783

She doesn’t give a fuck because she wants to have a scissoring session with her.

No. 1379784

I cackled. Somebody pleeease make this.

No. 1379788

File: 1638321216529.jpeg (631.62 KB, 1949x3464, 99AFEA6E-19CC-46E1-AFAC-A77032…)

Same anon, don’t get how she can defend her when ambrose tweets shit like this

No. 1379795


I’m skinny and I run everyday tsym. plus skinny or not she still looks horrific. you really wanna fuck a unicorn so bad right lmao?(integrate)

No. 1379800

File: 1638321459508.jpeg (524.7 KB, 828x1288, AB19D6EA-C7F6-4BF7-BFF9-541644…)


No. 1379802

What do you get for sucking Ambrose's non existent cock?

No. 1379804

Do your thighs chafe when you run? Some people are just big boned

No. 1379806

unicorns and cows arent that different if you think about it

No. 1379809

>thats what lolcow users call each other

No. 1379810

Ambrose, you make a horrorcow look appealing and worshippable. What does that make you.

No. 1379812

Trannies, faggots and minors are coming to the thread, i feel it.

No. 1379815

Call her a racial slur, it's ok you can do that here.(idiot)

No. 1379816

of course we do, my precious cow!

No. 1379819

I love you all my precious cows, so glad we could do this today- precious cow signing off

No. 1379825

i find it so funny that ambrose spends her time making fun of fat girls online yet has fat irl friends lol her friends are gonna drop her when they see her true colors(integrate)

No. 1379828

shut up lia

No. 1379829

I wonder when they’ll finally realize it’s a close mutual to Ambrose that outted her socials. Better yet, might even be her well did it herself considering she can play the victim card. It’s hilarious how the oppression Olympics only work based on who these wannarexics want to receive attention from. Not a single one of them are even skinny, it’s clear they’re seething and only use ED to add to their oppression list.

No. 1379830

File: 1638322126630.jpg (59.38 KB, 368x828, 20211130_222612.jpg)

No. 1379833

calling a woc ugly isnt racist its just you insulting someone thats a woc

No. 1379836

File: 1638322253219.jpg (44.66 KB, 336x437, 20211130_222557.jpg)

ambrose is a fatphobic but she has a lot of morbidly obese friends

No. 1379837

keep swallowing those styrofoam balls, see if his stupid ass will pick you

No. 1379838

File: 1638322275900.jpeg (172.61 KB, 828x409, E8339702-CF95-40B9-B99B-4B6518…)

rosie, what will it take for you to understand that nobody would’ve given 2 shits about you if you hadn’t been such a massively fucking retarded cow.

No. 1379839

wouldn't be surprised if she was sick of having to lie all the time and wrote the op herself so she could flip having to say "surprise! I'm a huge liar" into a situation where she looks good

No. 1379847

File: 1638322351450.jpg (54.92 KB, 298x620, 20211130_223046.jpg)

No. 1379848

Legit, if you were unproblematic we wouldn’t have anything to post about you

No. 1379849

Don't you have anything better to do

No. 1379851

does the 41% apply to TIFs as well?

No. 1379854

Whiney little bitch

No. 1379855

In before someone outs ambroses real name and the only thing you’ll find about them is being tied to a Twitter community of fake underaged anorexics who bullied an actually mentally ill person, while kinning and romanticizing serial killers. Bet that’ll look good to jobs and future prospects.

No. 1379859

Imagine being such losers like the ones on this thread. Get a life.(twitterfag)

No. 1379861

No. 1379862

$10 to whoever does it first

No. 1379863

No one cares about Ambrose's random friend.

No. 1379864

Retard took the bait

No. 1379865

>VIOLENTLY transphobic
>t. wannabe edgy female to full time serial killer larper without a shred of self awareness to be seen

No. 1379869

imagine cutting your tits off to thirst trap underage girls

No. 1379870

No. 1379873

Lucinda interacts with multiple people on Twitter that don’t get threads made on them. It’s just you, Ambrose!

No. 1379874

File: 1638322647126.jpeg (563.23 KB, 3464x3092, 92BD00EE-36DD-4A4B-895D-FABE80…)

Someone add more text pls, I’m not feelin creative

No. 1379875

I have no idea why fujos kinning serial killers even try this tactic. No one takes them seriously outside of their insane community.

No. 1379878


No. 1379879

Other tard associates were discussed in her thread and soon forgotten. If only you kept your mouth shut no one would care too but you just couldnt leave lucinda alone lmao

No. 1379880

kek she went priv, hi mae!

No. 1379882

Lovely anon

No. 1379885

I love how these girls will kin serial killers, post gore, and bully other fatties but once they’re mentioned here they’re scared shitless kek

No. 1379887


true artwork anon

No. 1379888

k fatass keep being delusional

No. 1379892

File: 1638322989187.jpeg (276.91 KB, 828x798, 03AF3F48-B17D-4EE8-8097-8D4248…)

the back pedalling is insane LOL

No. 1379895

shes insufferable

No. 1379898

Spineless to even keep her lies

No. 1379904

File: 1638323410597.jpeg (614.97 KB, 828x1530, BB124B1A-D616-4B9F-8347-60D647…)

What a fucking hypocrite LOL

No. 1379907

You put her on blast for hours just a little bit ago Ambrose, the damage is done. Get the fuck over it and move on

No. 1379913

Kek not her being afraid of other parts of twitter catching wind of this crazy ass cult. She knows anyone else would see that and read her apart for her harassment of not only fat women but also mentally ill women and she loses in this impression Olympic

No. 1379914

so she’s mad that her overweight friend was doxed, but if it happened in her thread doesn’t that make it her fault?? by her own logic, her friend never would’ve been posted had she not interacted with her

No. 1379917

>noooo I didn't exactly say that
you blamed Lucinda 3x for this shitshow:

No. 1379921

For real, normies seeing this specimen reeing about fatties and wielding her pro ana army against an obviously severely mentally ill person would probably not be on amby's side.

No. 1379924

She fucking wishes she had the night stalker's features

No. 1379928

File: 1638324574218.jpeg (405.41 KB, 828x2179, E9CD686E-0009-4A49-8848-944695…)

No. 1379929

File: 1638324683583.jpg (2.08 MB, 3464x3092, PicsArt_11-30-11.09.11.jpg)

No. 1379930

why is she pulling lies out of her ass lmfao, what a manipulative bitch. Nobody is trying to find your address or family. Maybe have a piece of your own advice and take your meds you delusional troon

No. 1379934

pure art, love u nona

No. 1379935

I'll give her props, she truly nailed the gaslighting abusive moid speech on that 2nd tweet

No. 1379939

>lolcow is a dangerous site full of evil transphobic bullies
>it’s cool to mock your fellow genderspecial for being victimized by those bullies, “aT LeAsT I’m NoT On LoLCoW!”
>if Lucinda is being bullied by lolcow, it’s her responsibility to “leave people alone” rather than your responsibility not to act like a fucking cow

Pick one, you hypocritical dipshit.

No. 1379940

File: 1638325129587.jpeg (197.77 KB, 828x712, 5C836715-3FDB-48E3-A3FE-282B97…)

she doesn’t like when Lucinda calls her a manipulator so she gaslights some more, kek

No. 1379941

just when i thought it couldn't get better

No. 1379944

>they're trying to find my address and family
Who? You're just another twitter retard with a horde of braindead fans, shit stirring just because you got mentioned in Lucinda's thread. You're not worth the effort.
Just stop lying, anyone can tell you're a manipulative parasite – even a schizophrenic woman.

No. 1379945

does a backflip and farts

No. 1379950

jesus this is a fucking gold mine LMFAO(newfag)

No. 1379951

File: 1638325525179.jpeg (97.45 KB, 750x564, A4616645-05D7-4D94-A7FB-BEB849…)

ambrose’s retarded followers are calling lucinda horrible and telling her to kill herself etc. yet ambrose thinks she’s the victim here? what a fucking narc, sending her flying monkeys to attack luci for something that’s not even her fault. classic npd troid.

No. 1379953

File: 1638325540751.jpeg (336.86 KB, 828x724, 04A71AB0-0415-4E42-B230-09EB96…)

So she’s 31 being whiteknighted and grooming Underaged anorexics on twitter while also having to have a roommate. Interesting,Amazing life goals.

No. 1379954

please leave.

No. 1379955


No. 1379957

File: 1638325713671.png (324.32 KB, 1125x2436, E6390106-F4DC-4D69-92DE-28E9D8…)

No. 1379958

31?!!? LMAOOO that's even more pathetic, how does nobody see how fucking weird and pathetic being 31 year old on edtwt, surrounded by minors is

No. 1379959

She said her age was 21. 10 years less. Compulsive liar detected.

No. 1379960

I think it's a typo and she meant to say 18 instead of 28, pretty sure she's mentioned being in her early 20s

No. 1379961

Oh man if she was 23 this would already be embarrassing but 31??? Bleak, horrible, depressing, so low

No. 1379963

File: 1638325787801.jpg (132.69 KB, 1169x1786, 20211130_232333.jpg)

No. 1379964

Pretty sure it’s a typo. All her friends are college aged.

No. 1379965

File: 1638325823327.jpg (110.28 KB, 1169x1519, 20211130_232335.jpg)

No. 1379966

What the fuck, she’s a grown ass woman in her 30’s acting like a hot guy on the internet. Disgusting, pathetic and miserable, imagine being a grown ass woman and craving the validation of some mentally ill children, this bitch needs to go back packing groceries at the grocery store.

No. 1379969

File: 1638325907140.jpg (72.87 KB, 1169x1164, 20211130_232339.jpg)

No. 1379971

>fully grown adult falling for the trans meme
>spends hours online hanging out with teenagers
>sends her groomed attack dogs to harass a literal schizo
Absolutely sane individual with high prospects in life, nothing to see here.

No. 1379972

How convenient all this supposed harassment happens entirely off-site with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Just trust her guise.

No. 1379973

Maybe it's a freudian slip and she's lying her age to groom the underage anachans kek

No. 1379976

how many of you want to bet these death threats are from edtwt fags? (if they exist in the first place that is kek)

No. 1379978

pics or it didnt happen

No. 1379982

$5 it's ambrose with an alt. she can't stand fatties after all

No. 1379984

Lmao not a single anon here has even suggested suicide, funny how it’s supposedly hundreds of anons messaging this friend and not a single death threat is mentioned here, but the 100s of edtwtchans that are continuously encouraging suicide on Twitter aren’t the culprits? Interesting!
And no proof of screenshots either besides “take my word for it” because either it’s bullshit, or that would disprove the claims of it being anons.

No. 1379986

Laughing at her attempts at sounding like a man by repeating "bro" every 2 messages.

No. 1379987

The tranny used to have MTF in their carrd too. Guess she changed it like a year back when her followers found out she just has a massive clit instead of a dick.

No. 1379988

so many edtwtchans trying to larp as farmers now too, wouldn't surprise me at all if they tried to fake some shit. They loveee being the victim

No. 1379989

anachans are going out of their way to protect their 31 year old strong troon uwu boi~ meanwhile telling an unmedicated schizo to kill herself

They must feel so good about themselves

No. 1379991

File: 1638326647198.png (35.95 KB, 587x331, amber's fat friend.png)

I don't think that's her, I think it's her fat friend, She tweeted out something similar hours ago

No. 1379992

Tbf 31 isn't even the oldest on ED Twitter

No. 1379995

make your instagram private? or archive the post? why are these bitches so dumb kek

No. 1379996

31-year-old plastic peepee chopped boobs sexy edgy daddy

No. 1379999

File: 1638326929207.jpeg (192.01 KB, 750x645, 2B0FE439-C522-462E-BE3E-9F800D…)

yep, that’s the fat friend. same one who didn’t know her own “friend” talks shit behind her back

No. 1380001

You're right, my bad. I didn't read the name at the top and the fakeboi was fakecrying before about being targeted or whatever.
If it's real, it's edtwt weirdos harassing her.

No. 1380002

File: 1638327014735.jpg (60.42 KB, 706x276, 1638221777655.jpg)

re-posting this from the other thread but lol

No. 1380007

File: 1638327448664.jpeg (545.1 KB, 1242x1134, 4B0A07AB-4D20-40C0-9B6B-FFBF0F…)


No. 1380008

File: 1638327458505.jpeg (517.19 KB, 828x1073, 74D1F6A4-CF03-4F11-8996-8BDAE4…)

Too late girl, welcome to the rest of your life.

No. 1380010

File: 1638327492471.jpeg (548.76 KB, 1242x1248, 89BB3B02-CB25-4DB1-B3A9-3025FD…)

2/2 she truly is insufferable

No. 1380015

File: 1638327808725.jpeg (324.86 KB, 828x755, CCD89735-96AD-465D-A8D3-5C0E87…)

Seems like we have a Stan encouraging the weak attempt of a raid here on the farms.
She even tried to warn her little friends to not use their real emails.

No. 1380016

File: 1638327935194.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 349.61 KB, 828x959, A78E805B-A943-4626-A253-C624D3…)

Are people seriously worshipping her cat?

>>uses tone indicators

No. 1380017

>lucinda did this
>actually, it's not her fault
>in fact, it's her fault, apologize

Elaine-tier retardation. Can't pick one narrative, so she's using all at once.

No. 1380020

oh this autist is obsessed with lolcow. She admitted to lurking here way before. Spergs random shit here as an attempt to suck ambrose's non-existent cock

No. 1380022

learn how to use spoiler you tard

No. 1380028

I recommend going through her account for a good laugh. Ambrose’s minion and fat girl LARPing as an anachan.

No. 1380034

The funniest part is if you go back and look at every time a picture of her was posted in thread, nobody even responded to any of the posts. I’d bet top dollar it was her self posting, trying to get us to shit talk so she had something to bitch about on Twitter, and hopefully get some attention.

No. 1380035

File: 1638330077545.jpeg (228.6 KB, 828x540, DB3D4195-EABC-49CB-B51F-4839FD…)

No. 1380039

She had little 13 year old mentally ill girls fooled with her shitty shoops and is patting herself on the back why exactly?

No. 1380040


No. 1380043

whos to bet that the messages are either
a) entirely made up or
b) the twitterfags themselves
anyone who integrated here knows not to fucking cowtip kek

No. 1380045

File: 1638330736211.jpeg (436.57 KB, 2436x2248, 6CEF82F0-F63E-4E30-8D6C-D47F95…)

No. 1380046

File: 1638330743731.jpeg (213.27 KB, 1242x969, 1DE1190F-F39B-4AED-AF1E-CB149F…)

this xansper person is obsessed with ambrose LOL shes the one who made the thread about lucinda and has been defending ambrose nonstop but he doesnt gaf how embarrassing

No. 1380047

The most male thing she'd ever did was surrounding herself with teenage girls online as an adult.
Narcissism and being a tranny goes hand in hand.

No. 1380048

fucking kek

No. 1380049

you can literally hear the panic. she's scrambling

No. 1380052

She’s claiming no surgeries now

No. 1380053

What a braindead cuck. The kpop pfp tells you everything you need to know already kek

No. 1380054

Yeah, it’s obviously edtwttards if it’s even true. Who’s more likely to message someone to kill themselves because they’re fat - anonymous users of a gossip website with a strict rules against cowtipping, or anorexic teenagers well known for telling fat people to kill themselves? The call is coming from inside the house.

No. 1380055

File: 1638331283592.jpeg (219.09 KB, 1242x492, 137A068A-A497-4FDB-B1C8-709F07…)

These edtwtfags are the only ones wishing death upon others. Insane

No. 1380058

Is idoldecay a tranny too?

No. 1380063

it was so obvious but nobody wanted to say anything. every "guy" on edtwt who claims to be cis is faking(learn2sage)

No. 1380064

File: 1638331964151.png (44.1 KB, 601x348, 1.png)

this bitch is such a hypocrite. 1/3

No. 1380065

File: 1638332011109.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 105.9 KB, 1242x1110, 2.jpeg)

2/3 literally does the same shit that she's harassing lucinda for

No. 1380067

File: 1638332108055.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 136.04 KB, 1242x1065, 3.jpeg)

3/3 spoilered bc cuts. no tw from her ofc

No. 1380070

File: 1638332574823.jpeg (277.06 KB, 1242x706, A18E2F31-A332-451D-BFD7-F3875D…)

No. 1380072

if im remembering it correctly,, they deleted it but jasper was also the first one to bring up lucindas thread but deleted it cause no one was laughing with her so she's probably the one who told amber rose about it too lolol(learn2sage)

No. 1380074

Weird how Ambrose and her flying monkeys wanna moralfag when all they gotta do is just block Lucinda. She's the literal schizo with no future, while the majority of edtwt are just bored teenagers and stunted adults who can move on at any moment.

No. 1380075

File: 1638333143536.png (779.17 KB, 805x1867, kek.png)

my fucking sides

No. 1380076

File: 1638333220873.png (136.85 KB, 565x338, Screenshot Capture - 2021-11-3…)

they have to be retarded… right?

No. 1380078

File: 1638333441939.png (300.88 KB, 1180x664, image.png)

ofc they're an e-beggar too

No. 1380079

Hates capitalism but buys useless kpop merchandise, okay.

No. 1380081

I think the hypocritical moralfagging is what irritates me the most about this cow.

>mocks Lucinda for being on lolcow

>demands sympathy and claims she’s in mortal danger when she ends up on lolcow herself
>“stop being sanist, I have a disorder!”
>bullies Lucinda for being schizo and tells her to take her meds
>“I’m fatphobic hurr hurr”
>“Bro how dare you call my friend fat??”

No. 1380082

this xansper girl is so "im 14 and this is deep" it hurts

No. 1380085

Only for it all to come crashing down in minutes when you crossed the wrong unicorn.

No. 1380086

Real shit, if xan and that other chick have been using lolcow to harass Lucinda, who’s to say they didn’t involve Ambrose at an attempt to try and rile Lucinda up and receive not only applause from their Ed child brides, but to also be ass patted on lolcow while cancelling Lucinda. It’s just too coincidental that they knew so much about lolcow yet want to act as if they’re shocked it happened and that they have no idea!

No. 1380089

fr except she’s 20 lmao

No. 1380091

Nona why’d u sage this, this is delicious

No. 1380093

File: 1638334152384.jpeg (367.08 KB, 1536x2048, 4967CE6F-FC65-4BA3-9950-A09C67…)

Is this her attempt at thinspo? Girl has reverse body dysmorphia, she thinks she’s skelly when she an average weight. Someone who regularly posts pictures of their arm right after hacking it up shouldn’t be criticizing anyone. She’s probably just going after luci because she’s jealous of all the attention she gets online.

No. 1380094

Come on now, she’s clearly in very serious trouble: her parents stopped giving her an allowance for benzos and she’s LITERALLY facing college debt. And yes, before you ask, this IS her last resort because she already tried, uh, pondering

No. 1380096

Unironically this. Her posts only get 1-2 likes even while showing her ass, so it’s no wonder she’s jealous of all the attention lucinda gets

No. 1380098

I was gonna say kek thighs look a little thick here for a mean girl on edtwt

No. 1380099

Bodychecks aren't "thinspo" always

No. 1380100

This bitch is so fucking pathetic it's actually hilarious. Literally a textbook example of the narcissist fujo fakeboi type that is rampant on twitter and tumblr. Her and her cronies wish they were as magical as our unicorn.

No. 1380102

Anon, legitimate doxxing is against the rules. Cut it out.

No. 1380103

who are u even trying to doxx anon

No. 1380104

File: 1638334487542.jpeg (377.4 KB, 828x1140, 55660FF2-C80B-4232-BDBA-36090E…)

Unsaged this time

No. 1380105

File: 1638334493165.jpeg (830.16 KB, 1242x1512, 0EE7299B-7771-45B0-9010-68BDDF…)

@xansper has a raging hate boner against lucinda for some reason

No. 1380107

E-begging and being chronically online instead of getting a job. Totally struggling. lol
It's like these people can't decide between being edgy and a maintaining a "woke and caring" persona.
Obviously didn't call the cops, she posted that for victim points.

No. 1380108

the time xansper is spending to put herself into another people's drama she could use to be applying for jobs

No. 1380109

is she doxxing herself now because she realized nothing posted is worth calling the cops over? pathetic amber, elaine already tried that and it didn’t work.

No. 1380112

File: 1638334833649.jpeg (372.06 KB, 828x1158, 367068F5-D3FC-42A6-8961-799895…)

Interesting that the dox was posted minutes after she mentions calling the police. Totally not self posted.

No. 1380113

But anon, she's a self-important faux-intellectual, she's just 2kool for a job.

No. 1380114

Could she make it any more obvious? lol

No. 1380116


No. 1380118

>i-its not like I actually do know how to nagivate that ebul website!

No. 1380120

File: 1638335185755.jpeg (219.88 KB, 828x1314, 3B43718D-8893-4CDA-AC2C-801025…)

Ambrose deleted her response now conveniently, hmm not making it super obvious it’s you there bud. Congrats and outing yourself as a self poster and professional victim.

No. 1380122

how dumb do you have to be to think lucinda is the one writing these threads? this started in a thread dedicated to making fun of her and documenting her semi-staged insanity

No. 1380123

That tweet from Damien was exactly 2 minutes after the address was posted lol, totally subtle

No. 1380125

she's just too smart and too special to be an adult and get a job!!!!

wait until she learns that people in communist countries were/are known for being hard workers

No. 1380126

Everyone knows u doxxed yourself for pity points. Anyways, ambrose has to be one of the most annoying cows ever. How does she not get tired of making herself look like the victim at all times?

No. 1380128

>She’s probably just going after luci because she’s jealous of all the attention she gets online.

bruh all these girls are

No. 1380129

File: 1638335444108.png (1.35 MB, 2724x1344, 0F082CC8-EC9C-4504-A6F6-1F9C31…)

The fatties are seething

No. 1380130

Maybe she should follow her own advice and take some meds. Stop selfposting, go to sleep and dream about becoming a real boi one day or whatever.

No. 1380136

Because she has narcissistic personality disorder. It's her entire, well, personality, to be a manipulative, lying cunt at all times.

No. 1380139

not to wk but lucinda really is so obviously not this fat lmfao these girls are so jealous. they've been dyyyyying to cancel lucinda out of pure spite.

No. 1380141

>looks exactly like me
No jasper, you’re chubby and have a fake ed. Lucinda actually lost over 100 pounds, you’ve been skinny fat since you started your account, get a new hobby.

No. 1380143

File: 1638335931852.jpeg (167.46 KB, 828x404, CD2AB197-988A-48DB-97E8-25D669…)

Took you a while to come up with an excuse huh? Nice try, also funny an “old address” hmm?
So this means only someone you personally know??
Or just you?

No. 1380148

Lucinda is insane and falling apart but she's definitely not fat. Wtf are they smoking
This >>1380136 and everyone on that corner of twitter loves pretending they're the greatest victims of society. Meanwhile, they're jealous (??) and pissed off at someone who's truly fucked up.

No. 1380151

Admin tag ambrose doxing herself pls

No. 1380153

Maybe if she was 5’0 KEK she is clearly deep into the 200s

No. 1380156

>i don't even know how to navigate that thread
>heh it's so easy to find my shit from it
Choose one, you pathetic tranny. I bet even your braindead simps are realizing you're full of shit.

No. 1380157

Maybe if you lost a leg you'd be 18 BMI xasper

No. 1380159

Kek I saw it before it got deleted and she included her fakeboi name too. Ain’t no way that was not a self post. How would they get this information anyways?

No. 1380165

Ah, Ambrose and her elaborate theatrics. A true narc indeed.

No. 1380167

This jasper girl likes to pretend she's this fake-deep, poor little victim when she only wants to cancel Lucinda because she has more clout and is skinnier.

No. 1380172

She should make a webcomic with how obviously fake and staged this all is. She's just living out this whole victim narrative with her followers and milking all the attention.

No. 1380179

That attention is going to vanish sooner or later, no matter how much her followers lie to her, none of them are going to simp for a 5'2 fakeboi

No. 1380186

once this situation dies down, most of her simps will leave one by one

No. 1380188

File: 1638337720480.png (24.18 KB, 595x258, xansper.png)

I guess she can only count on jasper's undying support kek

No. 1380191

Pretty sure if they were gonna leave they would've already

No. 1380193

File: 1638338131641.jpeg (527.15 KB, 1242x1604, 15D06270-813C-43B8-866C-21ECF3…)

She’s gotta be really ugly if she thinks ambrose is hot kek. Her calling any reasonable person who defends lucinda a simp while being the biggest simp herself is so funny to me

No. 1380197

File: 1638338305649.jpeg (190.43 KB, 828x1072, 670BA35F-9837-4801-8AF9-3474DF…)

>HAHAHA I’m so flat chested I don’t even have top surgery like I’m flat as a table, I don’t even have to bind
>Maybe perhaps im going to post my venmo because im just coping and have the chest of a small titted woman so I need surgery and also your money
Which one is it rosie?

No. 1380203

If you seen any of the initial simp posts, they were all thirsting over her as some 6’3” chad. The act is over, they’re never gonna care abt her like they did previously. She’ll get a pat on the back for a while for coming out as a troon, but I don’t doubt most of the fangirls have already lost interest

No. 1380207

Not even A DAY after her thread went up and she's grifting already.

No. 1380210

lmao why do y’all care so much about a bunch of disordered fucks on twitter it’s so weird get a job or something lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1380211

>She’ll get a pat on the back for a while for coming out as a troon
The hype will die soon, and when the hype dies that's when she'll start bleeding followers (minus the chubbster who mutilates her arms and posts about it on twitter) and I'm waiting for the narc meltdown that'll happen afterwards.

No. 1380217

They're all fucking insane. Apparently Idoldecay has shown her slit wrists to metal bands?

No. 1380220

File: 1638339179832.jpeg (59.07 KB, 800x450, 59DBA9C9-004C-428B-8D2B-328E0E…)

So you agree? You think you’re a disordered fuck?

No. 1380230

If she's so flat chested she doesn't even have to bind, why is she asking for top surgery?

This girls Narcassism is so obvious to anyone who's witnessed those types first hand. What a compulsive liar, she hasn't stuck to a single thing she's said all day without contradicting it later.

No. 1380234

Is that not run of the mill for metalheads? She's an edgy goth, it's what they do.

No. 1380287

It's KARMA bitch

No. 1380294

>shitty lats lol gym obsessed my ass.
average planet fitness goer, calls himself a gymbro but goes to a gym known and memed for their slogan "we're not a gym"

No. 1380312

She probably tried to copy her friend xxlbs or whatever the handle is, who uses twitter to post her ~intellectual~ remarks, except she gets way more likes

No. 1380342

Mods I beg you pls tag Ambroses contributions here and expose this little worm. Legit anyone who has met an abusive person can see this manlets true colours, never has a thread come about so naturally and rightfully.

No. 1380350

I’m summoning one of our farmers to use weaponised autism and compile a side by side of the incriminating things the Troon (ugly 5’2 manlet) and Lucinda (sacred cow Chad) have said and done to lead to this moment so that its painfully apparent how one sided this all was and the blaming can stop.

No. 1380368

someone’s definitely touched on this before but i really can’t get over how ambrose was behaving so vehemently and outright milky (for lack of a better word) during the whole thing and was shocked that not only was the lolcow thread she mentioned watching but she also got a thread out of it? can’t wait to see how she tries to hold up this persona after anachans actually collect some more receipts on this troon lmfao

No. 1380377

The milk is spread around in two threads, I hope someone autistic or bored enough can do it.

No. 1380379

File: 1638351683185.jpeg (115.01 KB, 1024x768, C19C6CCB-779C-49EA-8ACB-2CF11B…)

If nobody does it within the week I will muster all of my spite and boredom to create a timeline/ comparison thing but I’m afraid the quality will be lacking in autism and will resemble pic related

No. 1380386

Godspeed, nona.

No. 1380391

File: 1638352987496.jpeg (405.75 KB, 828x1029, 16A5493F-0935-4EDE-B2F4-E1B69F…)

>>1380093 her bio being “i tweet for the skinny bitches” when she’s almost 50kg (not skinny, by “edtwt standards”) is fucking laughable lmfao. also her toes apparently being so bad she needed to censor them out? got the dick cheese rose wishes she had under her unwashed toenails

No. 1380392

Probs meaning most of her weight away from the scales, no way is she 50kg with that pot belly unless she’s 4 foot tall

No. 1380405

how can someone be so clearly manipulative and still get a shit ton of support(sage )

No. 1380407

brain dead twitterfags

No. 1380413

funny how y'all so quick to doxx whilst remaining anon yourselves …(sage your shit)

No. 1380414

Read the thread you dumb fuck, nobody got doxxed. Go learn about narcassism and get off the thread.

No. 1380417


No. 1380419

Sorry about your 5'8 chad fantasy not being real.

No. 1380421

what i find the weirdest is ambrose could’ve just not come out, no one here actually had any real proof on ambrose being trans we were just assuming shit like telling someone is short, have small feet or look somehwhat feminine dont expose them of being a female ??? couldve just kept up the lie of being cis(sage your non-milk)

No. 1380425

Funny how "y'all" worship a raving bully narcissist 30 year old posting thirst traps so anorexic minors will call them hot, you faggot

No. 1380426

Any tweets from Ambroses profile displaying degenerate behaviour would be very welcome on the thread! I’m compiling the thread information to make it more accessible for those on the retard platform so they can’t be manipulated so easily by the cunt

No. 1380428

Doing gods work anon

No. 1380430

It is funny how she apparently passed for so long on twitter but as soon as her picture was posted here anons guessed It.

No. 1380431

Because she thinks she’s soooo sneaky even though IT IS NOT HARD TO MANIPULATE AND FOOL LITERAL MIDDLE SCHOOLERS KEK

No. 1380432

That's because her fanbase is retard 14 year olds who can somehow identify a body with more than 0.05% bodyfat but not a fucking female larping as a man. They're the kind of people who can look directly at Elliot Page and think she is actually a man

No. 1380433

File: 1638359301499.jpg (2.95 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

Making my autistic little collage now anons- wish I was actually on the spectrum for shit like this but it’s my drive to watch the world burn that fuels me to complete it

No. 1380436

its like Christmas is coming early girls

No. 1380437

Are you posting it on Twitter or here?

No. 1380439

Here ofc fk Twitter they can come here like they always do. Any ss that aren’t already posted would be appreciated as Ambrose is private and probs purging the feed, does wayback machine work against that?

No. 1380443

She isn't private, you can comb through her tweets. Maybe wait a few hours before dropping the collage, just in case someone from edtwt is tired of her bullshit and has something milky.
Social blade didn't point out any tweet purge, btw. Narcs don't feel shame.

No. 1380451

Good to hear! & yeah it’s in a very rough state currently! I will give it half a day and then post if I’m done by then anon
Merry milkmas

No. 1380458

Oh no she’s calling the cyber police. Good thing I used UNIC0RN1 promo code for 20% off NordVPN.
She sounds like Shayna with all the “I’m so hot” self-indoctrination but it’s “I’m so male”. No amount of copium will change that female socialization and neurosis sis. The cloud of inferiority complex is visible to the naked eyes like flies on shit. Literally walking pooner meme.

No. 1380466

Please include weird coincidences like how the Instagram photo was removed the second it was posted here I want them to know she did this all herself

No. 1380475

Unfortunately I wasn’t here for that instance though if anyone can provide some screenies or a description that would be great- I don’t want to document it when I’m not fully informed. Though I will be going into the original face pic and how that was strange and unsaged etc, I was the anon who posted it in this thread but no clue who dropped it in lucindas

No. 1380476

Oh shit! That was the pic your meant lol I thought you were talking about the supposed doxxing post that got deleted as soon as the cunt tweeted abt it. Yeah hopefully people will be able to draw their own conclusions after seeing the info all together

No. 1380477

ambrose had a carrd linked to their previous twitter, does anyone remember the link?

No. 1380488


This is the only carrd I can find

No. 1380497

File: 1638368003118.png (343.17 KB, 613x523, gymbro.png)

>npd, aspd, 'tism
Wonderful person.

She's probably BPD like all others, tbh.

No. 1380507

File: 1638368787161.png (128.01 KB, 480x780, Screenshot_20211130-152819_1.p…)

Denying being trans while she was still locked.

No. 1380509

Denying being trans is groomer rapist behavior desu

No. 1380510

File: 1638368875258.png (62.26 KB, 339x542, Screenshot_20211130-191030_1.p…)

Saw a similar screenshot but it was missing a post or two. Some direct back and forth after Amber unlocked. Posting just because.

No. 1380515

What is gjgtwt?

No. 1380521

I'm at work rn, but I'll try to summarize and add some screenshots when I get back

No. 1380535

oh yeah based on the fit they threw a few days ago over not finding a charger it must be bpd. broke their phone and emailed their grandma to pick them up kek

No. 1380543

Gomogo jogongo gongo Twitter

No. 1380547

Green juice girl twitter

No. 1380552

The autism of these people knows no bounds. I checked the tag and it's all underage people. So many of ambrose's simps are minors as well.

No. 1380571

With all due respect nonita, this is Southern erasure and you can cancel “y’all” when y’all pry it from my cold dead hands

No. 1380574

going through this bitch's twitter to gather info is and goddamn this narc is insufferable

No. 1380585

Thank you anons! There’s an overwhelming amount of milk

No. 1380614

File: 1638376497701.png (807.93 KB, 1125x2436, 2882F5D4-3D61-4982-BF41-ACCE65…)

They are catching on

No. 1380636

Why would Luci ignore my dms after I sent my flying monkeys to attack her and tell her to deactivate/kill herself? It doesn't make any sense at all!!

No. 1380637

that is not true tho. was lurking at the time and the picture was not removed until at least 30 minutes after it was posted first

No. 1380638

Neatening up what I have covered so far on my rough master post, probably covered about 60% of the milk so far, any contributions are welcome

No. 1380640

That girl was always on Lucinda's side. Not one of Amber's minions. She is just trying to give a proper timeline but it'll be ignored.

No. 1380645

File: 1638378806958.png (336.71 KB, 585x1349, image.png)

not really much of an introduction but I tried to summarize some of the doxxing situation 1/2

No. 1380646

File: 1638378833459.png (518.98 KB, 844x1987, image 2.png)


No. 1380660

That is not normal at all, no.

No. 1380661

Lovely work anon, very concise- someone get this to the Twitter cunts

No. 1380666

How was Ambrose even aware of lucindas thread in the first place?

No. 1380670

she knew about lolcow and lucinda's thread from the start and mocked her for it

No. 1380673

Imagine being like this in your thirties. Trannies are fucking insane. I hope the little womanlet is seething that her thread will always be bumped just above Lucindas. Its what happens when you try to toy with a thread and/or cow.

No. 1380674

Damn! U guys rlly have nothing better to do with your days!

No. 1380675

Also he isn’t in his thirties , please(emoji)

No. 1380679

she's 21, still a grown-ass woman with an army of minors though.

No. 1380680

IIRC shes over 28 that makes her basically in her thirties. ITT straight tweens coping that corpulent edtwt dada is actually a self hating woman far too old to be on twitter with children with EDs. She makes Lucinda honestly look more legitimately sick and targeted compared to faux gym braux platform faggot over here.

No. 1380681

Yes. Very lovely work when a group of anti-social losers ranging in ages 17-30 start bully and doxxing another group of losers. Ppl on lolcow are really no different from twt bitches. Just two different levels of fucking weird

No. 1380682

File: 1638380848869.jpeg (753.9 KB, 1148x933, 8D94D5FE-D7DD-4195-8B85-031DBA…)

Ambrose retweeted this from one of the simps. Retweet was deleted. I thought I got a screenshot of it, but unfortunately not, my apologies.

No. 1380683


No. 1380685

go purge int your closet bag, twitterfag

No. 1380687

If you go back to their tweets I’m pretty sure this was confirmed a typo, T has given their skin such a horrid texture though like a lizard in a skin suit

No. 1380688

that was a typo, she's in college so assuming she's younger. Although she does look 30+ with that face but it might be bc of all soyboy pills aging her

No. 1380690

that was a typo. started taking T at 18, not 28

No. 1380692

you're an unfunny zoomer, go back to twitter.
it's almost like the twitterfags are on lolcow, oh wait- they are.

No. 1380695

Difference is we don’t lord it over minors, post thirst traps to minors, expose minors to disordered ideas and imagery, and use them as a personal army for clout

No. 1380716

Consider this karma for all the lies and manipulation your little girl friend did kek

No. 1380731

pretty sure the first "doxx" shes talking about was her pics getting posted

No. 1380735

she got doxxed twice, one with her name and university and then again with her "address", if you make schizo shit like this at least be correct

No. 1380736

File: 1638384978785.jpeg (165.74 KB, 828x1139, 1E80965E-5260-4579-B82E-EFF436…)

Lmao the chubby bitch couldn’t handle the heat, she locked her account.

No. 1380738

Doesn’t this bitch use godself pronouns? She’s one to talk

No. 1380745

wtf are u even talking about, the "I just got doxxed and outed as trans" tweet was before BOTH of those doxxes. Get a grip

No. 1380747

retard i just fucking said the first "doxx" shes talking about was her pics from her fatass friends instagram getting posted

No. 1380749

chill ambrose, that's not what a doxx is. you clearly fooled your followers into thinking you ACTUALLY got doxxed initially.

No. 1380758

thats why i put quotation marks, getting your pictures reposted isnt a doxx but twitfags think it is(sage your shit, moron)

No. 1380759

Kek insufferable cow

No. 1380761

Sage your fucking posts

No. 1380768

File: 1638386928161.jpeg (186.81 KB, 1343x383, D9A82212-7E78-4587-AC41-30AC2E…)

Dang, Ambrose used to be my personal cow before i got bored i didn’t expect to see him on lolcow because of how good she was at keeping her identity private although she kept posting about her college classes and posting pictures of her dorm.
The doxxing is very sus because i remember checking her fat roommate twitter and not finding any instagram or Facebook accounts related to her (the roommate) because her twitter handle was unique, i will try to find an old picture of it. besides, Ambrose used to have a lot of people hating on her on that suspended maleorexia account that had 10k followers yet none of them could doxx her? I need the anon who posted the picture saying this is Ambrose to tell us how did they manage.
In the meantime I’m gonna search for some old ss to prove i was on this ole lolcow train

No. 1380771

File: 1638387039902.jpeg (40.52 KB, 828x263, 577639C5-87EB-41EF-9ABA-857994…)

When you realize not everyone thinks your a super hot 100% passing muscular dude.

One of her stans actually responded to this with “you’ll always be amab to me” I died of laugher.

No. 1380772

I usually hide the terfy shit yall spew but jesus good god ladies get a grip, leave this person alone. They're clearly as mentally ill as Lucinda and the entirity of ED Twitter is.

No. 1380773

File: 1638387166892.jpg (65.99 KB, 740x416, youre a woman.jpg)

Our 5'2 chad is emasculated

No. 1380774

File: 1638387230974.jpg (68.12 KB, 760x436, just numbers.jpg)

What does "those are just numbers" even mean? Is she scared of being caught out?

No. 1380777

ambrose is as mentally ill as the unicorn lady shcizo lucinda? what planet do you live on?

No. 1380779

File: 1638387356297.png (450.86 KB, 764x1346, image (2).png)


No. 1380780

File: 1638387454699.png (1.81 MB, 1241x4692, image.png)


No. 1380782

File: 1638387619768.png (142.87 KB, 1208x684, Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 19.40…)


No. 1380784

File: 1638387794794.png (13.83 KB, 440x123, Screenshot Capture - 2021-12-0…)

>I'm NGL

No. 1380785

I’m sure most of us don’t even care if ppl are trans it’s just funny to torment this egotistical ass hole for obvious reasons

No. 1380786

Bless your heart nonny, but people are more transphobic on here than you think, for zero reason..I've yet to actually see someone explain WHY this website is so TERFy.(newfag)

No. 1380788

File: 1638387953438.jpeg (151.79 KB, 1125x337, B9332A7E-FB1C-459A-B96E-3D6DFC…)

Get over yourself

No. 1380789

idk most of the ppl here continuously misgender, use transphobic slurs, and the first thing they attacked about ambrosie was his "manlet" ftm body so … idk lie to yourself if you want

No. 1380790

Go back to twitter or integrate better, newfags.

No. 1380791

Die on ur hill with ur black and white perspective then kek

No. 1380792

lurk some more then retard

No. 1380794

because its clearly a pinkpill centered site. im not a terf but this is just that side of the internet. get used to it.

No. 1380795

>GeT uSeD tO iT

Stop being hateful? I dunno.

No. 1380796

nice email you got there.

No. 1380798

lol integrate retard

No. 1380799

File: 1638388174551.jpg (57.95 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nyzet3sgG41uha5jio1_500…)

sage for no milk but to me she looks just like the ugly emo kid from little miss sunshine

No. 1380800

are you seriously expecting anyone with more than a single braincell to call these people by their god/deus neo-pronouns? stop catering to these mentally ill twtfags

No. 1380801

File: 1638388245603.png (362.7 KB, 720x1234, Screenshot_2021-09-12-22-36-55…)

Ugh can't find shit, turns out I'm not that good of a lolcow archiver.
Btw she used to go by daemion, said it was a combination of her two middle names
Funny i remember ambrose making fun of sm addicts i guess she can't log off either.

No. 1380802

are you lost?

No. 1380803

I am not expecting anything. I just don't see the point of denying that most people here are transphobic and acting as if everyone here is just being a little vigilante because ambrose is an asshole

No. 1380805

ew please go back to edtwt where u came from

No. 1380806

ok corovac195@tinydef.com

No. 1380808

File: 1638388525620.jpeg (65.78 KB, 828x383, 249D1D21-7237-40A1-83B3-8F9A07…)

not ambrose but one of his close moots posted this abt the situation and i laughed out loud at what a backwards statement it is. like no, it has nothing to do with the “trans male experience” it actually boils down to you all being attention-seeking self hating little girls who want to emulate whichever big dicked males made you feel inferior growing up, if we’re being crystal clear lmfao.

No. 1380809

No. 1380810

Pls do us all a favour and leave, you won’t win a moral battle on a gossip forum. This website is clearly upsetting to you so use some self control and stop looking at it.

No. 1380811

get raped stupid fucks(seethe)

No. 1380812

File: 1638388709045.jpeg (238.28 KB, 1242x687, 30CFF5BC-FFB6-48AC-B60C-94A18F…)

I guess that’s one way to say she has an awful narc personality kek

No. 1380813

who is fighting a moral battle? idk if you guys want to act all "uwu we protekt from manipulative assholes" sure go ahead. it still does not become true(emailfag)

No. 1380814

File: 1638388742678.png (47.32 KB, 720x239, Screenshot_2021-09-09-12-48-38…)

Do you really expect people to log off and shut down this site because you said they should stop being mean?
Anyways, ambrose deserves this for running her mouth on twitter making her followers of young anorexic girls feel like shit by flexing a TDEE of a 5'8 male saying they'll never have it like her because they're short women, anyone remember that shit? KEK

No. 1380816

go back to eating catalina crunch and taking your “boy juice”, rose

No. 1380817

Why is it always Twitter fags making vicious remarks like this and never farmers, a mystery

No. 1380818

wow edtwt users are so peaceful and morally superior !! <3(<3)

No. 1380819

who said u all had to stop being mean? own your meanness instead of going "we are not transphobic tho uwu"(emailfag)

No. 1380820

not ambrose

No. 1380821

youre all a bunch of charles mansons, except charles manson would be freaked out by you(shut up)

No. 1380822

that food list is so damn hilarious kekk her stupid is showing so hard I love it

No. 1380823

ignore the twitterfags

No. 1380824

Ah yes, the aura of entitlement, manipulative, and a superiority complex- the full cis male package

No. 1380825

youre all neo nazis with too much time on your hands, maybe id youd mustered up tue courage to slit your wrists back when you got stood up at the prom, you wouldn’t feel the need to act like every single incel on reddit. you guys give jeffrey dahmer a run for his money(cope)

No. 1380826

>Brings up Lucinda's lolcow thread to mock her
>Lucinda points out that Ambrose is also on the thread
>Ambrose's fat friend posts pictures of her fat self and Ambrose
>"Help I've been doxed and it's Lucinda's fault!"
>Posts address AFTER tweeting about getting doxed
>No one even knew the info was for her until she brought it up
>Tells legions of starving tweens to go after Lucinda
>"I never said it was Lucinda's fault"
>Calls the cyber polic
>Uncalls the cyber police
>Deletes her own dox, saving the day

This thread has convinced me that no one on twitter has any reading comprehension. Ambrose is switching between narratives at a lightning fast speed, quite literally making things up and then changing it back on the fly as she posts and deletes new chapters of her soap opera. And all however many thousand of her followers are just like yeah, this makes sense. It's good that I'm telling the schizophrenic retard to kill herself.

No. 1380827

it also doesnt allign with the pictures of food she actually posts. I thought she was a bulker anyway, how many leafy greens does she eat a day to meet her famous 4k calorie TDEE?

No. 1380828

ambrose might be a manipulative lying pos but you guys are a hell of a lot worse.(cope)

No. 1380829

Transphobes? sure. fatphobes? go for it.. but neo nazis? You're getting your buzzwords mixed up

No. 1380831

>i-i had to survive off of nothing but water bottles for SIX YEARS!!!
gay fanfiction amber

No. 1380832

indigenous reserves actually do lack clean water, they do have to live off water bottles, if you knew anything about native people youd leave the native comments alone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1380833

Kek the jig is up, no more manipulating self hating underage girls

No. 1380834

File: 1638389337241.png (107.9 KB, 1178x642, Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 20.08…)

No. 1380835

see thats the difference actually between us and your mental ward friends on twitter. we're not fucking retarded and crazy enough to plaster our face online AND act like jackasses. we have real lives. we're literally just making fun of you to fill up the free time between full time jobs and going out with friends and family while you psychos are busy taking pictures of your slashed up legs.

No. 1380836

i almost feel frustrated at it all. though you could write an entire thesis on mob mentality and twitter culture.

No. 1380837

What is the criteria for a cows self posts being revealed?

No. 1380838

i dont know, they revealed CSA's when she self posted and doxxed her sister, i dont know how this is that different. come on, mods!!

No. 1380839

mine doesn't

No. 1380842

>had to survive off water bottles for 6 years
i guess that explains the stunted fucking height. doesnt explain why its so skinny fat.(no1curr, sperg)

No. 1380843

im indigenous and grew up off reserve, my cousins however were on canadian reserve that DID lack drinking water, google news stories about it, in canada upwards of 150 reserves lack clean drinking water.(no1curr, sperg)

No. 1380846

nobody cares + learn2sage

No. 1380847

I honestly think she might’ve been smart enough to send one of her stans to do it for her. She seemed kinda familiar with the website so maybe she knew if she posted it herself she could be easily found out. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong though!

No. 1380849

Yes, it's extremely frustrating, especially how smug they are while being totally wrong about everything. Even if I wasn't looking at the actual thread, it's not hard to notice that the narrative keeps flip-flopping, like she says it was Lucinda's fault and then says she never said it was Lucinda's fault, literally contradicting herself only a few tweets apart. But the thirsty mob cannot be stopped.

No. 1380851

File: 1638389829618.png (62.89 KB, 720x439, Screenshot_2021-09-13-19-05-47…)

No one said i wasn't transphobic? (I can't speak for everyone on here because this is not a hive mind we just enjoy watching trainwrecks) why would i ever be ashamed to say i don't like your failed cope of a pretend game that's just me being sane, get some proper non enabling therapy and spare us your retardation. Don't get it twist it tho, I don't really hate you or feel intimidated by you because you're clearly miserable enough, cutting organs and paying to be botched.

No. 1380852

That's Canada, miss Amber and I are both Americans

No. 1380853

well arnet you jolly

No. 1380857

Amber isn't navajo though.

No. 1380858

You're a retard. Everyone here's pretty openly troonsphobic. Cope, seeth, dilate, 41%, tranny, etc.

No. 1380861

fr lmao, I couldn't give two shits about being called transphobic, like sorry I'm not delusional?

No. 1380862

File: 1638390270748.jpg (272.05 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20211201-121856_Twi…)

This is honestly hilarious, the anachans are acting like they are in danger over a gossip forum

No. 1380865

The internalized misogyny in thinking saying “cis man energy” is a massive compliment. Plus his dick is fake

No. 1380866

They're anachans, seeing other women call them ugly would devastate them.

No. 1380867

>don't do anything weird
good criteria imo

No. 1380869

File: 1638390454413.jpg (30.72 KB, 480x314, tyler.jpg)

No. 1380870

Ikr, if you wanna mutilate your body and pump yourself full of hormones that will damage your physical health because they’re literally not fucking meant for you, fine. But don’t expect everyone else to go along with your mental illness.

No. 1380872

No. 1380873

Amazing. I consider this a win for the culture, spread the word. Let the delulu teens get exposed to some hard truths on lolcow may it be their awakening call. There's an increasing number of kids pretending to be retarded on twitter and tiktok because they think it makes them cool and oppressed.

No. 1380874

Could we actually bully these retards off platforms so they stop being retarded and influencing other retards online?

No. 1380875

I'm hoping this will be a wake-up call for a few of the less insane ones.

No. 1380876

Why are the deranged twitterfags comparing farmers to serial killers? I thought they liked serial killers

No. 1380879

they clearly have a crush on us nona

No. 1380881

File: 1638390909806.png (278.13 KB, 1162x750, gotta love the edtwt fightforc…)

No. 1380884

Seriously, as if Idoldecay didn't straight up send her slit wrists to bands she likes.

No. 1380885

LMAOOO love this. Ambrose wks are so incredibly retarded, I haven't been this entertained by a thread in a while

No. 1380886

they keep talking about a raid it would be funny if they actually got one

No. 1380888

No it wouldn't, stop being retarded.

No. 1380890

what exactly are they worried about us seeing? larping as anorexic when you binge every day and calling bmi 19 celebrities fat isn't interesting, you're not going to earn yourself a thread over it

No. 1380891

Speaking of her, she backpeddaled hard after her lolcow thread got discovered, kek. She is still siding with Ambrose though.

No. 1380893

File: 1638391385428.jpg (312.37 KB, 1200x675, neurocover.jpg)

All I can think of is picrel

No. 1380894

Did she? She still seems against Lucinda and Lucretia. She just doesn't seem to be openly fighting.

No. 1380897

The one saying get raped is the cherry on top because they clearly feel justified for having more bottled up hatred than any of us supposed neonazis, kek imagine being a family member having to deal with these ticking bombs who feel right to say and do anything because they feel victimized when people don't cater to them 110%. I'm so enjoying this ride and i think we should talk about other edtwt individuals because oh boy they're all entertaining cows

No. 1380900

it disturbs me that she allows minors to interact with her when she commissioned art of herself being fucked by a horse in the past

No. 1380902

wait, what? Like directly sent it to them?

No. 1380903

are you referring to idoldecay? and do you have any receipts or did you hear this from someone else.

No. 1380904

It's years old milk.
According to her, which does have SOME proof, it was just for shitposting and she didn't even pay for it, it was the 4chan tripfag she was with. This was when she was 18-19 so around 2017

No. 1380906

File: 1638392260447.jpeg (121 KB, 750x1091, F2083CE8-F6FF-41EF-A027-F147A5…)

The twitterfags crying about lolcow are literally all so unfortunate looking

No. 1380907

Where's the jaw?

No. 1380908

>charles manson
>jeffrey dahmer
you can tell it's teenage girls by the serial killer obsession kek

No. 1380909

>think they're scaring us
You guys are the ones posting rape threats and saying we should slit our wrists kek

No. 1380910

No. 1380911

“jawline check” oh lord no wonder it has an eating disorder

No. 1380916

File: 1638392558331.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 541.08 KB, 2048x1872, 27B4F9AA-CA5E-48CB-9921-13ECCE…)

Oh nevermind I found one of the pics, spoilered obviously for emo cutting

No. 1380917

ok colonizer(twitterfag)

No. 1380919

girl you're not on twitter anymore

No. 1380928

Learn 2 integrate

No. 1380936

File: 1638393570498.png (102.75 KB, 720x829, Screenshot_2021-12-01-22-17-03…)

Oh i remember ambrose replying to this saying she'd commit if she had thin lips, oh how the turns tables

No. 1380938

he literally posted his mom on his priv and she's 100% indigenous, know ur sources….

No. 1380939

cool.. show us!

No. 1380940

i don't believe this without proof

No. 1380943

We don't believe you.

No. 1380949

I was gonna say he looks like an uglier less talented Paul Dano kek

No. 1380950

ok so? This isn't twitter, you're not gonna get pity points for shit like that. Get your first-world amerifag problems out of here.

No. 1380954

It's true, I was there and I saw it! her mom is pretty ugly just like her.

No. 1380955

huh her grandfather is a cherokee princess after all? so cool!!

No. 1380958

Someone make a twitterfag lolcow post bingo

>not knowing to reply to posts

>all lowercase always
>excessive use of "u", "ur" and other abbreviations
>sarcastic "lmao"s
>sarcastic rhetorical questions?
>thinking lolcow users are male

No. 1380960

Getting offended and thinking anyone gives a shit

No. 1380966

Don't forget "y'all"

No. 1380967

Chill precious cow

No. 1380969

>they/them polyamorous bisexual genderqueer noncomforming neurodivergent jewish yasss queen slay u r being sooo transphobic lmao

No. 1380970

You edtwt fags are so vile kek didn't she post it to her close friends only? Like less than 100 ass kissers only on her (back then) priv account? Snitching on her on lolcow like this KEK good to know you're terfs too the world is healing.

No. 1380975

File: 1638394925221.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3464x3464, 927269D4-7BF7-4B9D-95F3-A9FCEE…)

The worst part about her is the hypocrisy. She calls people like yungblud fatspo, but yet all her friends are actual fatties. I think she likes having fat friends because it makes her feel like a skinny queen. I just can’t imagine my friend having this much hate towards my weight behind my back. Two faced bitch.

No. 1380978

I think the second anon is joking kek. The first one is either lying or snitching. Not sure which one is worse

No. 1380979

now i'm almost 100% certain that it was one of ambrose's own mutuals/friends that posted the first picture and dox

No. 1380980

Holy shit I was just fucking around, kek I didn't know she actually posted a picture of her mom.

No. 1380981

File: 1638395215280.png (275.86 KB, 706x883, image (2).png)

her fat friends are all in denial too. I couldn't imagine being such a cuck and defending her after all of this. They still claim she's not fatphobic after she admitted being fatphobic so many times

No. 1380982

It was posted in her thread, newfag

No. 1380985

my tinfoil is that some of these people are in denial about having fat fetishes, some of the "fatspo" threads i've seen are literally just bbw porn threads or pictures of fat onlyfans thots

No. 1380987

Now the funniest shit to me is the politically correct Twitter users who use slurs like retard and fag, they justify it by saying they "can claim" which means they think they're retarded faggots so it's allowed kekk ok we can tell.
You can find replies to the deleted mom post, I didn't see it myself because she was private so I can't confirm how she looked like. However I'm so curious about her mom (she's dead btw) and ambrose said some weird things about her.

No. 1380991

File: 1638395863903.png (132.67 KB, 469x593, unknown (93).png)

i need some more kek

No. 1380992

i was adding to the bingo, silly

No. 1380993

I personally think that too. Especially with twitter users like okra_soda who actually finds the time to post at LEAST a thread a day of these videos. It's definitely a possibility for a lot of these psychos.

No. 1380994

> fatphobic = ok
> transphobic = not ok
Make it make sense

No. 1380996

My tinfoil is that they associate thinness with fulfilling their sexual degeneracy and desire for being a child looking sex kittens so they need to combine fatspo with sexual images to trigger themselves even more.
But you could be right too, they want fat partners to feel small in comparison, it could be the reason a lot of them talk about enjoying feeding others to a weird degree.

No. 1380999

File: 1638396450119.png (930.03 KB, 1324x1188, quiethollow.png)

No. 1381000

File: 1638396551316.png (33.14 KB, 618x302, lol.png)

No. 1381006

File: 1638397196579.jpeg (39.58 KB, 828x221, 47D518F1-450B-40F4-8B5C-20E8A1…)

No. 1381007

File: 1638397393842.png (279.52 KB, 589x788, image.png)

It's like they toss a coin to decide if they're gonna preach "positivity" or tell a fattie to kill themselves for the day kek

No. 1381011

File: 1638397743303.jpg (17.51 KB, 499x448, 72f190cda41d310da8ec5421006dc2…)

22yo mentally ill retard telling a 24yo mentally ill retard to take her meds

No. 1381017

File: 1638398007547.png (62.16 KB, 607x596, Screenshot Capture - 2021-12-0…)

lol she went private

No. 1381021

The suicide rate in schizophrenics is alarmingly high, not very woke of our Twitter friends to send death threats to someone with the condition.

No. 1381025

going by amber's own logic she would then be responsible for whatever happens to luci. i honestly feel bad for the schizo unicorn.

No. 1381028

i just saw the screenshots in the lucinda thread she's tweeting about suicide

No. 1381031

really curious how the edtwtfags who told lucinda to kill herself will respond if she actually goes thru with it

No. 1381033

do we have farmers close enough to ambrose to be accepted onto the priv?

No. 1381036

they won't accept any guilt, it'll all be her fault for exposing their trans king even though they were warned not to tell an unmedicated schizo to off herself. OR they'll blame lucinda's parents for letting her use the internet when she waws so mentally unstable. OR it'll be lolcow's fault. basically everyone will be to blame apart from them.

No. 1381040

Ambrose is just a terminally online narc, not mentally ill

No. 1381042

File: 1638398626000.jpg (146.64 KB, 1080x670, IMG_20211201_234319.jpg)

Our local farmer is already on it!

No. 1381044

So edtwt that is pushing someone to suicide not lolcow? WTF this is an L you guys we're the edgy neonazis of the internet how are we losing to malnourished tweens of Twitter

No. 1381049

Pretty sure she posts here but she doesn't seem to be against Ambrose, probably one of the constant against Lucinda

No. 1381050

they're the same thing

No. 1381053

I am betting 1$ she'll vaguepost milk, she's a two faced bitch that loves drama lmao

No. 1381054

Hardly debilitating mental illness when it gets you a free pass to act like a cunt all day long

No. 1381055

File: 1638399041440.jpg (81.23 KB, 758x544, 911 im being bullied.jpg)

She called 911 about lolcow KEK

No. 1381058

What a fucking retard

No. 1381062

ill take one for the team nonnas

No. 1381064

whatever she has is pretty debilitating. don't get me wrong i'm not wking, the opposite, she is broken & dysfunctional

No. 1381067

File: 1638399230124.png (139.47 KB, 720x527, Screenshot_2021-12-01-23-48-44…)

I actually think it's her roommate or another irl, anon just said "this is ambrose" no social media no links, so unusual for a lolcow user, and as i said, i found nothing related to the roommate when i searched myself sometime ago, the doxing anon being silent also makes me believe it's an irl. wdyt? I also don't think ambrose's post is proving anything kek

No. 1381072

File: 1638399351682.jpeg (694.77 KB, 1242x1354, 76CE0D51-18EE-463F-B54B-D53F62…)

The new account

No. 1381077

How the fuck did she manage all that in the whole minute and a half the dox remained up? She still hasn't explained how she posted about calling 911 over the dox before the dox had even been posted. The dox was posted after someone tweeted her asking if she had been doxed. Now she apparently called the police, texted her friends, and tweeted about calling the police all before the dox was posted–and then the dox was promptly deleted, with no one actually knowing who the fuck it was supposed to be or caring anyway. Holy fuck, edtwt is the only place you could pull such a massive narc narrative control move and get away with it. You'd have to brain damage from starving to believe her at this point.

No. 1381079

is this an ambrose thread or a random retard thread. why are we discussing people who aren't cows

No. 1381082

Damn! That was fast

No. 1381084

Everyone that was discussed is related to the ambrose-lucinda drama. Sorry if your twitter got posted kek

No. 1381087

Now why would you call 911 over lolcow. If you’re that concerned, go to the police station. Not call an emergency hotline.

No. 1381096

She's just trying to suck her tits for any tiny bit of clout she can get, she won't post her here. She's just pissy lucinda doesn't have a troon body like her

No. 1381099

Lying again ofc. In case anyone needs reminding of the fact she posted her own dox after already saying she called 911:


No. 1381101

That's like every other lolcow thread we talk about their friends as well.
Anyways which random retard are you girrrl

No. 1381102

Idoldecay and Lucinda used to be friends. What the fuck happened to make this mess.

No. 1381103

nah Lucinda is retarded, mentally stunted, look at her. She has no going back from this life lol Ambrose is the average terminally online TIF who hides behind a narc personality disorder diagnosis

No. 1381104

this shit just boring. i dont give a fuck about user38539693 i want to hear about this retard troons lore

No. 1381105

Why is the 911 timestamped before the doxx was posted? Funny

No. 1381106

Honestly, I hope Ambrose rubs her two brain cells together, sees the receipts in these threads and realizes Natalie posted her selfies on this site years before and comissioned horse porn of herself. The milk and infighting would be delicious.

No. 1381107

File: 1638399872596.jpg (199.2 KB, 1080x1299, lol.jpg)

rosie thinks screenshots of her freaking out over her fake doxx is proof she didn't post it herself kek.

No. 1381108


No. 1381112

Ambrose is psychic. She called the police in anticipation of the mortal danger she would be placed in by having her old address online for two seconds.

No. 1381113

Also lying about the university thing, she talked about it multiple times it's not like she tried to keep her uni a secret. Terminally online and attention hungry so she can't keep her shit private

No. 1381119

Calling an emergency number when you get doxxed KEK fucking weak ass narc. Shes insufferable

No. 1381123

There's always huge drama in the edtwitter community during school breaks/holiday periods. I'm excited to see this new cow's era.

No. 1381126

isn't it also illegal to call 911 if you're not in any imminent danger irl? why would you be so proud of admitting to wasting the time of 911 operators over internet drama when there could be someone injured or dying who actually needs help

No. 1381127

File: 1638400570043.png (141.92 KB, 720x747, Screenshot_2021-12-02-00-11-48…)

Already ranting about her height kek not feeling bad for her, she used to flex on mentally sick tweens for having a tdee of a tall man without trying

No. 1381128

File: 1638400603991.png (138.67 KB, 720x821, Screenshot_2021-12-02-00-14-02…)

Look at this shit

No. 1381144

>semi-tall amab

No. 1381147

The cops won't do shit regardless whether she calls or shows up in person, what would the complaint even be? "I'm being cyber bullied by my own public posts and pictures!!! REEEEE" lol

No. 1381153

I'm not on my PC, but consider the following:
If Ambrose staged the screencaps she claims are proof, there should be artifacts around anything that was changed (like message timers), you can check that by playing around in photoshop.

No. 1381154

Doxxing is punishable in some states

No. 1381156

Even if you doxx yourself? kek

No. 1381157

Ambrose claims she called the cops because her old name got posted and if you google it you get all her info. Does anyone know if the person who did it posted anything other than that? Whoever did it was definitely a newfag and it seemed like a self doxx.

No. 1381158

Doxxing is also a bannable offense here but that wasn't a doxx, you fucking retard

No. 1381161

learn2sage dumbass

No. 1381163

Her "old" name? Did she change it legally?
I see some anons calling her amber and rosie are those her first and middle names that got posted? They got deleted so quick did you anons see them?

No. 1381165

File: 1638401626165.jpg (42.84 KB, 596x285, H54JD6GHJ5.jpg)

No. 1381167

Yeah every single one of the doxxed posts (including the friend’s instagram which really isn’t a doxx but whatever) were just randomly dropped in the thread with no information whatsoever. The instagram post got removed by her friend instantly, and ambrose shared a screenshot taken two minutes after the doxx so clearly she was on this page when it happened. Either way I’m betting it’s her or a person from her close circle.

No. 1381169

no her “male” screen name that somehow made everyone think she was a cis amab man is ambrose and we’ve just been calling her amber and rosie because she’s not a man kek

No. 1381171

saw it for a split second but nobody fucking cared about it and it got deleted quickly

No. 1381172

File: 1638401844626.jpg (45.41 KB, 590x340, 1638401189428.jpg)

No. 1381174

That’s not very partrick bateman/hannibal lecter of you ambrose!

No. 1381175

I hate to ask but was her name amber/ rosie or not kek. Not asking you to repost it i think that's against the rules

No. 1381176

boo fucking hoo rosa. it’s your own fault for being wannabe hannibal lecter amab as a grown 23 year old woman to your 13 year old followers. this cow is so trifling…

No. 1381177

No it was an odd name kek, not nearly as common as those.

No. 1381178

give a clue

No. 1381183

Oh ok thanks.
Ambrose has no other social media and her name is different than the one she uses on twitter. It's clear this was an IRL's doing.
I would also mention that she said her roommate has BPD maybe they had a fight and she snapped and took revenge like that kek
But it also could be anyone, ambrose is a bitch i bet she wronged so many people irl

No. 1381184

one teeny tiny hint please, precious cow?

No. 1381186

Honestly don’t think a clue would help. If you search her name up, google thinks it’s a typo.

No. 1381187

why do they always call the cops . tf are the cops gonna do, arrest everyone on the lolcow thread?

No. 1381189

it was such a weird ass name I can't even remember KEK. sorry.

No. 1381191

Honestly it’s almost impossible for the person who doxxed to not know her personally. They included her fakeboi name too, you can’t find that on google

No. 1381193

Umbrella? Ambrola? Umbreon?

No. 1381194

if google thinks its a typo why tf would she claim you can find all her info using her fucked up name? What a fucking liar.

No. 1381195


NTAYRT but I saw it too briefly. It was a very unique name, pretty sure it started with Ae but like other anon said it almost looked like a typo.

No. 1381200

Forgive me if this is a dumb question but is it even doxxing to know what someone's real name is? I can understand addresses, phone numbers and emails but just knowing some online retard's birth or legal name is doxxing???

No. 1381201

Imagine if her real name was Areola

No. 1381204

No. 1381207

I know the name, just not sure how to post it without going against the rules or whatever

No. 1381209

Same that's why I was asking if just her name is doxxing. I'm pretty sure I remember it and for sure know her "male" name, can't remember the last name though

No. 1381210

LOL i mainly wanna know because she said she's a registered felon? She also said she tried to kill her father for calling her fat. She also said weird things about her mom's death so i wanna know about all of that.
Don't blame me for being curious ambrose, blame yourself for being terminally online not knowing when to stfu, maybe take it as a compliment because putting sm effort into your twitter persona actually paid off and got me hooked

No. 1381211

You’re mad for what? I thought his actual address/school was exposed ?(sage)

No. 1381212

Is it against the rules to post her name in some sort of code? A = 1 type shit? I'm curious now kek

No. 1381213

File: 1638402946684.jpg (47.82 KB, 218x609, ambrose.jpg)

umbrella areola umbreon

No. 1381214

I'm so disappointed in myself that I didn't clock her as female when she kinned cliche fujo characters like bateman and Hannibal, was an anorexic, claimed to be a hypersexual gay man and regularly posted thirst traps yet staunchly refused to say a word about her sex life or partners lmao. Now I know why

No. 1381216

Forget posting it. Does putting it in google actually give you all the info she claimed it did.
? If not good chance she self doxxed for pity points from her obese child entourage.

No. 1381220

This bitch has regularly posted about being a rich sex worker for gay men but no man would want to go anywhere near her LOL

No. 1381223

I have the full name saved, ready to post whenever

No. 1381225

post it!

No. 1381226

When I searched her full name nothing relevant came up

No. 1381227

Oh yeahhh 300$ a night for the gays what was thaaat

No. 1381228

I wouldn't believe anything she's claimed, I mean she was a totes NGL 5'8 amab after all kek

No. 1381229

KEK. no fucking way. Are there ss of this claim? she just might be as delulu as the unicorn.

No. 1381230

File: 1638403206868.jpeg (447.48 KB, 828x1328, 658D0E38-1571-4B37-A703-97CBB9…)

twitterfags pretending to care about unicorn after driving her to suicide kek

No. 1381231

Her larp was really out there wasn't it? That's like the plot for a dozen of BL porn.

No. 1381233

Original character donut steel!

No. 1381234

she really is a manipulative narc. She was sobbing all over twitter claiming she only called the cops because you can get all her info by googling her name.

No. 1381235

Nta but yeah her name is so weird (like she might be the only person with that name not even kidding) so it does come up

No. 1381236


No. 1381237


No. 1381238

Samefag, when I say her name I mean her real name and last name not the full name that was posted here like this:
Real Name (fakeboy name) Last Name
If you googled the whole thing nothing came up

No. 1381245

I can't find them for now hut i remember she said she was first forced into recovery in a psych ward because of the incident with her father. As for the felony i think it was arson? or doing drugs as teena she deleted those so quick i dont remember. Another thing, she used to do these "klepto hauls", she said she steals all her food from her work forgetting she posted where she lives and what kind of work she does. You could just put 2 and 2 together and figure out her workplace. Dumb bitch.

No. 1381247

ambrose went from 6"1 to 5"3

No. 1381249

How did you find these tweets? This account has 4 tweets and it was created today

No. 1381250

File: 1638403613935.jpeg (67.23 KB, 762x301, E8D73315-67B6-4A6C-89EC-3DFC54…)

No. 1381251

Trust me nona, nothing milky comes up. She deactivated her facebook and all of her bs is under random usernames. I’m not gonna post her real name bc it’ll give her narc ass a reason to whine for more pity points

No. 1381253

Ntayrt but I also saw the name and Googled it immediately (+ the name of her university). I found her voter registration (with address), and an excerpt from her school newspaper where she threw a bottle of pomegranate water at an Christian evangelist kek

No. 1381255

who tf is this

No. 1381256

Saw it in his likes

No. 1381259

File: 1638403853631.jpeg (381.69 KB, 750x1187, 9A06CD7A-8F8B-4324-9C1C-4A86B0…)

No. 1381261

this account is only following an emo thinspo archive, the little narc and a specific college, I wonder why lol.

No. 1381264

Holy shit, we've got an insider

It's honestly what she deserves for pushing our unicorn queen to the brink of suicide. Seethe Amber

No. 1381265

more more more

No. 1381269

>we are in

No. 1381272

>This is literally making me want to Kms

Lucinda is more of a man than the troon ever will be because at least she'll actually go through with it

No. 1381273

I swear she made fun of suicidal people once saying she loves herself sm that could never be her lmaoooo she really should stop running her trap

No. 1381275

i bet he's getting loads of sympathy from his pathetic fanbase over saying he wants to kill himself, meanwhile they're actively encouraging Lucinda to do it. grrr.

No. 1381277


No. 1381278

committing suicide isnt very patrick bateman/hannibal of her

No. 1381279

she probably lied again about her height, it must be 5"1ft or 1.55cm

No. 1381280

She's been friends with Ambrose longer. She's friends with most of the 'toxic' edtwt users

No. 1381281

Yeah this shit is. Actually really foul and disgusting at this point.

No. 1381282

It was the hellish neopronouns for me, personally. Yet I still had the theory that it could have been a groomer who is well educated on teen girl culture

No. 1381283

quick nona tell us if she said abything about the unicorn on priv

No. 1381284

File: 1638404724476.png (187.87 KB, 590x459, Screenshot Capture - 2021-12-0…)

this is so not so god/gods neo-pronouns of u ambrose

No. 1381287

File: 1638404760162.jpg (29.12 KB, 423x584, 4G5FS4H6GJJRYS.jpg)

No. 1381288

Someone post everything on the priv

No. 1381291

she used to have a mutual named charlie who claimed to be amab too. dumbass drew tumblr style art and used god pronouns too

No. 1381292

File: 1638404842114.jpeg (394.13 KB, 750x1196, 8A11E7E6-C78F-4B9E-8487-7C4BC8…)


These are the only tweets as of now

No. 1381294

There's only four tweets, two of which have been posted here. Another is a retweet of a cat, and there is a tweet saying "I think I’m going to just have some fun on here instead and stay off main for a bit". Nothing very interesting.

No. 1381296

so she’s got mutuals posting here behind her back? crazyyyy

No. 1381298

She’s such a bad fucking liar lol. when you google the name that was posted, literally nothing comes up. Not even an exact match let alone any addresses.

No. 1381299

I can't wait until she finds out some of her precious and closest moots are undercover posting to this thread LOL

No. 1381303

damn thats crazy… how about you post it so we can confirm?

No. 1381304

Natalie sure is doing the good work.

No. 1381305

Ugh, I didn't clock her out either. I was giving my fellow females the benefit of the doubt, thought it was just the gayness that's making this supposed man act up - turned out it's just another straight woman, again. lol. although i raised an eyebrow at her being defensive over trans people multiple times. Here's a hint ambrose: men are less emotional about other people's issues especially obnoxious people like your ilk. Oh- and gay men don't like vagina so no, they wouldn't fck a transman

No. 1381306

i wish i could feel bad for her but she is such a bitch and so is her bmi 70 posse for going after a fucking schizo

No. 1381308

Nona you have to Google her birth name and the state she lives in. Then her address comes up. The person who posted her name also posted her university, so I was able to get her location from that.

No. 1381309

Maybe she should have other concerns, she wasn't clocked for being a pipsqueak

No. 1381310

3 replies in 7 minutes and all of them are from repressed “neopronoun” teenage girls. Jesus christ.

No. 1381312

I hate you all for keeping this a secret from the rest of us, having fun on your own. I thought we were a family of terfs. share it for the terfhood uniting us

No. 1381314

File: 1638405614077.png (333.27 KB, 399x369, bruh.PNG)

No. 1381315

excactly. so selfish. maybe we aren't a community of precious cows afterall.

No. 1381318

no more nonnies, now we'll be precious cows

No. 1381319

I'm sorry nonitas, wish I could tell u in secret but ambrose will have a field trip if it's re-shared here

No. 1381320

I don't think anybody wants to catch a ban for it even though it's not doxxing, especially since it got removed the first time

No. 1381324

Now replace the face with ambrose and change it to "how do you do, fellow tall people"

No. 1381325

oh come on god u guys r boring(twitterfag be gone)

No. 1381326

Exactly, I’m not getting banned because of Ambrose of all people. Not worth it, sorry nonnitas

No. 1381328

File: 1638405926850.png (49.71 KB, 448x270, Screenshot Capture - 2021-12-0…)

she really did call the police BEFORE her address was doxxed lmfaoooo. Also holy shit why the fuck would you admit and share the fact that you're in your dorm and the address wasn't old on your PUBLIC TWITTER ACCOUNT

No. 1381330

This + the timeline photos should be added to the op.

No. 1381331

same. I feel like a retard but at the same time she's very good at posing her body to make her hips look small, which is usually what clocks them. The pic with the legs is very very obvious tho, I'm guessing she neglects leg muscles because she thinks she'll pass better with anorexic girl legs than muscled legs

No. 1381333

If we're boring you you could play the little bingo game we made for you, i see you're checking so many boxes how cute

No. 1381336

Should probably also add a 1 line tl;dr on people involved in this drama (like explaining the friend in the dox photo)

No. 1381337

Beautiful, little pixie narc just couldn't help herself kek

No. 1381340

I fail to understabd how this is proof that it was not a self doxx. whoever she was arguing with was probably right and she did self post for a reason to harrass luci more

No. 1381341

She doesn't look buff or muscular in the candids, just fat.

No. 1381342

I think anon added the part of the picture at the bottom with the time of the 911 call, Ambrose didn't post these together herself

No. 1381345

Definitely. Either self-post or another edtwt person wanted to stirr drama, notice the posts that are like
>you guys are boring
>I wanna hear about the tranny drama, not twitter randos
>stop posting other people
Imagine the fighting that's going on in their DMs now.

No. 1381349

she posted them both on twitter right after as an attempt to prove it's not a self-doxx but it literally doesn't prove shit other than she called the cops before the address was shared.

No. 1381352

Her roommate actually looks better and more confident than her. Can you imagine seeing her IRL? Especially if you're taller, I would laugh at ambrose being that short and edgy. She threw water at a crazy church lady? That must have been such a funny sight calm down shawty

No. 1381353

she posted it herself kek. It makes her look worse honestly because if its true she called the cops at 11:20 that wad before her name even got dropped

No. 1381355

Oh shit, well what a retard then lol

No. 1381357

hello fellow Ambrose mutual!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1381358

3 hours since Lucinda did the tweet about suicide. What do you all think?

No. 1381359

What's with zoomer girls talking to trans guys like they're dogs?

No. 1381360

hopefully someone in her family stopped her. she obviously has a history so I would not put it past her especially with her being an unmedicated schizophrenic.

No. 1381361

edtwt users threaten suicide every 2 minutes. she'll be fine

No. 1381362

I hope she is alright. She has a supportive family after all, ain't that right? Maybe they will be able to intervene very soon if something is off.

No. 1381364

File: 1638407291839.png (241.29 KB, 751x814, Screenshot Capture - 2021-12-0…)

she called the cops after the name drop but before the address leak. Also interesting that ambrose was the first to notify this guy about the initial doxx, not vice versa. How tf do we know she's not also lying to the guy too lmao

No. 1381366

AHAHAHAHA you people are unhinged, I watched ambrose for a while but i just can't kiss her ass like that.
She does this thing of tweeting "reply to be a mutual" then says she accidentally deleted it or muted it and asks again to get interactions. It's an obvious attention seeking and i couldn't play along i had to miss on some interesting milk like her mom's post so props to you for having patience to keep it flowing

No. 1381367

lucinda isn't an average edtwt user, she's schizophrenic, unmedicated and psychotic

No. 1381368

Another moot here too! Loool(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1381369

Not only was the address posted after she called the cops, it was posted literally 1 minute before her friend in the group chat texted her about it. Nobody had acknowledged the name being posted (which was unsaged and had no context) or replied to it until “someone” replied to it posting the address, again unsaged and with no context. Hmmmm

No. 1381370

File: 1638407577715.jpg (18.35 KB, 589x144, natalie.jpg)

thanks for infiltrating in the private account and taking screenshots

No. 1381372

Funny how all of this could be solved by leaving sm but she can't because she has no sense of identity IRL since she put all the hard work into fantasizing and larping as a version of her that doesn't exist. IRL she's just a short, pathological liar nobody likes

No. 1381373

its painfully obvious that whoever posted both has never used an imageboard and the timing cannot be a coincidence. Rosie is a shitty liar.

No. 1381374

everything points at her or someone in her circle

No. 1381375

Wow, advice from an unbothered queen who is crying how we're boring and she's t-totally enjoying the attention.

No. 1381377

Stop giving her attention then

No. 1381378

File: 1638408019044.jpeg (161.15 KB, 750x628, F4C15258-3A27-4449-BF6D-A198E0…)

How are these people so obsessed with him

No. 1381380

Anon, people who enjoy attention don't go cry in private about being posted on lolcow. She sent her wks to shitpost her old thread back when it was up.

No. 1381381

That's not how this works you retard & I'm assuming samefag because no way 2 people are that retarded in such a small timespan. Go back to edtwt.

No. 1381382

you should see the comments under the follow back posts, the desperation reeks.

No. 1381383

They are talking about the new OP, you absolute troglodyte newfag.

No. 1381385

File: 1638408216033.jpg (13.45 KB, 260x275, 1638312292025.jpg)

The manliest thing about ambrose is her hairline

No. 1381386

File: 1638408278497.jpg (17.38 KB, 526x66, J56TFH5J6T.jpg)

this isn't even remotely similar to what happened

No. 1381387

I'm just saying that she literally loves the attention and says it's her vampire feeding, people are giving her what she wants

No. 1381388

im not transphobic but it was such bullshit that he lied to all his followers like that. trans or not, whatever but being a liar is not acceptable(sage)

No. 1381390

File: 1638408437395.jpg (21.3 KB, 517x94, B16GSJ5SG6.jpg)

No. 1381391

You gotta post more context, nonnie. This is from idoldecay's curious cat.

Brilliant strategy to try to get people stop posting about her milk, you should also respect Ambrose's wishes.

No. 1381392

lucinda doesn't even have the mental capacity to doxx anyone wtf are they on about?

No. 1381393

I can't believe gendies call each other "it" without of hint of irony. These people need internet addiction rehab.

No. 1381394

I used to really like Ambrose and initially I thought that her being trans wouldn't change that because "he's still a man!" but all I see now is a short pathetic woman who's been lying for malnourished preteen internet points. It's completely destroyed my perception of her. I used to look up to her as a man because of her impressive TDEE and workout routine but now I just see another stupid teenage neopronoun girl twink. Guess we're all transphobes deep down LOL

No. 1381396

kek I know you're both newfags from edtwt but at least you stopped believing her bullshit

No. 1381397

File: 1638408719924.jpg (319.08 KB, 1080x1288, IMG_20211202_023057.jpg)

Kek, she's so happy and totally not upset.

No. 1381398

does anyone know ambrose's real name?

No. 1381399

File: 1638408865197.jpg (24.64 KB, 586x249, 1BFD6HSG65H.jpg)

No. 1381400

this stupid bitch once said she wanted her own thread here. she's definitely the one posting ambrose's shit. god bless all these attention-starved retards.

No. 1381401

File: 1638408903140.jpg (16.25 KB, 374x374, 59652646.jpg)

No. 1381402

they're just pulling information out their asses at this point. Ambrose is to blame though, he told everyone lucinda was responsible for it all, when she didn't do shit but to mention her name

No. 1381403

Sage your posts newfag. Nobody’s gonna put the name on here because nobody wants to catch a ban

No. 1381404

File: 1638409031678.jpg (53.48 KB, 605x500, 5JT6YD5J6R.jpg)

No. 1381407

File: 1638409103808.jpg (86.5 KB, 1080x695, wtf.jpg)

They are even lying to save ambrose's sorry ass on fucking tiktok

No. 1381408

File: 1638409126568.jpg (94.4 KB, 882x620, a wild lolcow.jpg)

>a lolcow is on its account

No. 1381409

>grown ass men

No. 1381410

Grown ass men? Arent we all 30 year old alt right terfs?

No. 1381411

No. 1381412

It can't be the lack of calories making them all this fucking retarded because I know these bitches eat four meals a day kek. This is an imageboard for WOMEN, we are WOMEN. Sage for useless contribution.

No. 1381413

File: 1638409240043.jpg (18.43 KB, 594x118, H495TJ4WR6J.jpg)

No. 1381414

>grown ass men

No. 1381415

>grown ass men
PLEASE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. We are WOMEN. I hate how these twitterfags don’t even spend enough time on this website to realise the most simple thing about this imageboard.

No. 1381417

Idoldecay does have her own thread here. She used to pretend to be an underage prostitute or something

No. 1381419

what are you talking about

No. 1381420

File: 1638409476991.png (222.98 KB, 513x568, furfag - Copy.png)

found her old facebook, looks like our favorite tranny is also a furfag! her birth year is also listed as 1993, but i'm pretty sure that's inaccurate.

No. 1381421

Hahahaha yeh, all the "grown as men" I know congregate on girly themed image board to discuss attention seeking sex workers, YouTubers and celebrities… Restricting food has really affected all their damn brains hasn't it

No. 1381422

What TikTok anon? How did you find it? Post a link
Can't hate on this person they're so pure KEK

No. 1381424

this fatty's whole account is filled with disgusting gore porn/women getting mutilated. wouldn't be surprised if it was a scrote in disguise

No. 1381425

Twitter fags can never intergrate can they

No. 1381426

Nonnie istg if you don't drop a hint- come one pretend to be retarded and don't censor the name well kek

No. 1381427

File: 1638409621197.jpg (804.58 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20211202_024605.jpg)

Liar, liar pants on fire. You can see her alt here where she admitted to browsing lolcow.

No. 1381428

so he's what ambrose wants to be then

No. 1381429

When is rosie going to make good on her word and start correcting people who say Lucinda directly doxed her? She's letting her minions work themselves into a frenzy bullying the retarded kid, it's sick.

No. 1381430

lucinda's. They are spamming her comments lol

No. 1381431

She literally said in the original screenshots she has a past with posting on the site.

No. 1381433

hmm… maybe they're using the hellweek or darkcow theme .

No. 1381434

is she actually fucking retarded?KEK

No. 1381435

She "literally" didn't. She said she has a past history with drama on the site which could just imply she was a "victim". But she was poster too.

No. 1381437

File: 1638410092177.jpg (25.04 KB, 598x136, 56546359.jpg)

No. 1381438

Oh shit i just realized this furfag is into cats and and she owns a cute one poor kitty noooo

No. 1381440

Sorry for samefag, forgot to sage.

No. 1381442

“men” oh that’s funny

No. 1381443

at least this one isn't making up accusations about lucinda

No. 1381444

come on what is this

No. 1381445

Lol not the guro porn poster herself talking about “disgusting and perverted” lolcow meanies

No. 1381447

File: 1638410378446.png (62.95 KB, 564x298, Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 4.16…)

I was about to post this, anon. look it gets worse

No. 1381448

If you look at >>1379339 she is shorter than her friend and wearing huge plat forms so I suspect that she is shorter than 5’2 and refuses to admit it lol.

No. 1381449

these preteen anorexic girls don't even know what nazi means. i didn't know i was a nazi now, i though only non-slavic whites and japaneses could be one.

No. 1381450

i find it especially interesting how “fattiehatr” attests that this is a right-winged “nazi forum” without presenting any evidence of any nazi behavior taking place on this thread or on lolcow period… i’d be embarrassed as fuck to look that stupid

No. 1381452

Jfc edtwt fags:
This is just our version of posting fatspo, you post fat people to laugh at them. Cool. We post train wrecks for the same reason. How are we dangerous and you're not?

No. 1381454

I know it's supposed to be bait for us, but the fact that this tweet is intended for other people to take seriously is genuinely hilarious

No. 1381456

Her profile picture is that Euphoria Troon.

No. 1381458

>+25 years old

No. 1381460

Still praying you all get hit by cars for bullying innocent and at risk youths for your own amusement, i beg of you to off yourselves(twitterfag)

No. 1381461

So she's a 27-28 year old woman begging attention from teenagers. Adorable.
>euphoria troon as pfp

No. 1381462

terfs are like the rapist incel men of women(dilate)

No. 1381463

File: 1638410856854.jpg (85.85 KB, 1242x1038, FC5PGJYWUAYEAUE.jpg)

No. 1381464

Kek it’s so funny bc this site is so much more PC/socially liberal compared to 4chan/kf not to mention the fact there are threads dedicated to making fun of actual nazi cows.

No. 1381465

You are bullying a suicidal girl yet we're "rapists" for saying women have XX chromosomes lmao

No. 1381466

these fatties will bully minors on edtwt all day, tell each other to cut and kill themselves then come here and say shit like this

No. 1381467

the only one here risking youths is your disgusting tranny aap idol, who's grooming minors into incurable eating disordes just for approval. kys

No. 1381468

Kek, i bet 1$ it doesn't believe in god

No. 1381469

File: 1638411034293.png (16.51 KB, 815x78, voter.png)

this shit is pathetic at any age but she's only 21. i did a little more digging and found her voter records, she was born in 2001.

No. 1381470

(I) havent bullied anyone, (i) came here to see what was happening and ill ive seen is rapey rhetoric about trans people and racism that would make kkk rallys feel inadequate

No. 1381471

they’re praying to ambrose kek

No. 1381472

File: 1638411080865.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.88 KB, 598x381, 5H6GFXJ56FG.jpg)

this has to be a scrote

No. 1381473

Are you ok? Nothing here has been rapey or racist, like are we even on the same thread/site?

No. 1381474

Where's the rape Susan WHERE. IS. THE. RAPE.
No one wants your botched genitals and mental illness GET IT RIGHT

No. 1381475

All their profile is filled with disgusting shit like this. Girls getting mutilated/raped etc. Horrid.

No. 1381476

File: 1638411243555.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 144.61 KB, 828x659, E8B60BCB-78C1-4FF9-B541-09911F…)

seriously the “i do not use pronouns” i’m not sure to read it as an attention seeking man or woman!

No. 1381477

yall care quite a bit about minors for people who worship a girl who exposes at risk kids to porn. lucinda engages with 16 year olds under naked pictures of HERSELF, her and ambrose are no better than eachother

No. 1381478

It is, if you scroll down in his tweets you see him call himself a trans woman

No. 1381479

>users are men

They're on something.

No. 1381480

that’s literally your underage mentally ill edtwt friends posting rape threats lol

No. 1381481

yeah we acknowledge that too newfag that’s why they both have their own threads. they’re both cows.

No. 1381482

y a l l
back to

No. 1381483

nona, babe you sound unhinged.

No. 1381484

Fair enough. Thanks for providing proof.

No. 1381486

Oh so mr.massey is just projecting. We're the women massey, you can never be one! Dilate every day 6 times to keep your botched hole open !

No. 1381487

Lucinda is a literal schizo, wtf is ambrose’s excuse?

No. 1381488

You say that, but the 28 year old who posts body pics all day for thirsty minors is any better? Al don't kid yourself EDtwt is full of half nude body checks you hypocritical tard

No. 1381489


We know she's a precious cow, newfag. There's a reason she has her own thread here.

No. 1381490

So is idoldecay though

No. 1381491

explain. what "rapey" thing was said?

No. 1381492

all terfd are rapey becuase they see women the same way rapists do, as a walking vagina(drunk toddler)

No. 1381493

Idoldecay is HPD.

No. 1381494

A tranny calling us nazis and tweeting anime girls bleeding and being killed. And we're the perverted ones?

No. 1381495

And has legitimate psychosis.

No. 1381496

is idoldecay actually schizo or self diagnosed?

No. 1381497

Oh my fucking god who's the faggot that keeps bringing up idoldecay

No. 1381498

don’t you have a suicidal tranny to coddle

No. 1381501

Ok kid, how about you finish your homework and go beddy bye for the night. Then come back tomorrow to the terfy threads and see for yourself why we hate troops?

No. 1381502

File: 1638411785621.jpg (2.34 KB, 133x28, lmfao.jpg)

No. 1381503

>Believing men in dresses are still men because they still have male biology, literally what a man is, is incel behaviour.
See you when you have peaked kek.

No. 1381504

Now get this retarded 12 y.o Twitter activism off this site KEK you're retarded you pretend you don't know what a woman is.

No. 1381505

She gets brought up because she started this shit with Lucinda callouts, nonnie. And keeps talking about lolcow and spreading fake info.

No. 1381506

Thinking someones a retard for pretending to be the opposite sex is rapey? Check the MTF threads and you will witnesses the real rapey ones anon. It ain't the women. And yes, the people laughing at you are not degenerate moids from 4fag, they're normal women out in the world who laugh at you.
>tldr; Please get well soon mentally ill anon.

No. 1381507

You hate trans people because you’re insecure and pathetic, your lives are unfulfilled and sad and youre desperate for a shot at any kind of self esteem boost, so you take a hit any any vulnerable person you can find to make yourselves feel better about the lack of love, respect, or peace you have in your own life. you wake up every day terrified of letting anyone see the pain and hatred you feel towards yourself, so you lash out at vulnerable people hoping that anger makes you feel whole, and eventually it will eat at you until youre an empty husk of misery and right-wing values, and all you have left is this falsified ego you’ve created for yourself, and then as that final breath leaves your body you will come to the same conclusion i already have- you are worth nothing.

No. 1381508

She thinks it is like 4chan. Moid site has actual rapey lingo, and because we also boolly people, we too must be rapey like channers. She's delulu.

No. 1381510

Imagine coming to an imageboard to grandstand like this

No. 1381511


No. 1381512

File: 1638412067104.jpg (31.36 KB, 1024x576, bnDvjPkh.jpg)

No. 1381513


God I hate these lying ass bitches so much. There is no fucking way that they’re all actually this retarded, they have to all just be straight-up lying. I love how they all magically forget that Lucinda is “trans” too when it suits their narrative lmao.

No. 1381514

can idoldecay stop coming into the thread to self-insert? absolutely nobody cares about you, beastiality loving weirdo. stop clogging the thread.

No. 1381515

File: 1638412127232.jpeg (11.41 KB, 312x161, E0D2E5C9-8A02-4D28-A77E-F388EE…)

No. 1381516

File: 1638412161753.jpeg (57.81 KB, 1200x800, 26596529654.jpeg)

No. 1381517

Find this and read the second line for a surprise, fellow farmers

No. 1381518

Why do you bully mentally disabled people into suicide? Is it because you're incredibly secure? Are you the opposite of pathetic?

No. 1381519

The milk flows from this cow. Kek. Mentally ill men will never be women because they say so, same with women.

No. 1381520

I can't believe these people equate rape to believing in the most basic facts. Good thing they sterilize themselves

No. 1381521

I like you anon, we think alike.

No. 1381522

File: 1638412221048.jpeg (138.03 KB, 750x256, 89523DB9-FD7D-4FCC-9CB0-73B90A…)

Photo didn’t post, my bad.

No. 1381523

youre souls are empty and callous and your potential wasted on these falsified “glory years” youve molded yourself, because your parents beat you, you’re neighbor touched you, your uncle made you keep that special little secret. and now youre 30, alone, and finding any source of amusement to distract yourself from that tar filled pit that grows just below your heart between your lungs, it eats at you until your chest and soul are empty and to distract yourself from that misery you bully people, instead of helping yourself feel loved.(potato brain)

No. 1381524

even as someone who is not transphobic and doesn't agree with some of the shit in this forum. Ambrose is a dickhead and needs to get called out get a grip no one is going to stop calling him out even if the transphobia stops. He genuinely did something deplorable.

No. 1381525

I think u might be projecting

No. 1381526

last i checked the precious troon is still alive

No. 1381527

Are you asking this of Ambrose, the one currently actually doing this with his followers? The only actually mentally disabled person in Lucinda.

No. 1381528

this is the most rapey thibg said in this thread nona wtf

No. 1381530

This is the invading troon.

No. 1381531

Rule nº 1 of the cult is that you can't call out one of your own, doesn't matter if one of them is a manipulative parasite like Amber.

No. 1381532

ambrose can choke for all i care im referring to everything else.

No. 1381533

Lmfaooooo tranny's gonna pop a vein, he started writing fanfiction.

No. 1381535

We're so insecure we don't feel the need to chop our tits and pretend to be someone else. Ok. Kekk

No. 1381536

I just realised how mary sue the name Ambrose is. Fucking kek, once a girl always a girl.

No. 1381537

are you actually 12 this is incoherent and reads like a wattpad poem

No. 1381538

File: 1638412393800.jpg (63.49 KB, 455x750, 45465265.jpg)

Is this you?

No. 1381540

>sanist mindset
Accidental admission kek. Sane is not thinking you are the opposite sex.

No. 1381541

kek nonnie, great minds think alike

No. 1381542

This could be said about Ambrose, you tard

No. 1381544

this has such great meme potential

No. 1381545

fuck off moid

No. 1381546

and you all deflect at the end of the day because the real psychos and narcissists are all of you.

No. 1381547

Insanely dramatic of you faggot.

No. 1381548

>no u

No. 1381549

File: 1638412575329.jpeg (125.14 KB, 1125x990, 3D45883D-DD2D-4860-B983-7B1E35…)

No. 1381550

looks like i hit too close to home, go cry about it nazi(cope)

No. 1381551

but I thought rosie was the only aspd npd queen?

No. 1381553

hold up this is actually kinda poetic?

No. 1381554

Makes a decent unhinged copypasta

No. 1381555

Post pics.

No. 1381556

Nonnie you're mentally sick you are at the risk of 41%ing yourself. What makes you think you have the right to dictate what sane people should believe in? Go dilate or chop your tits or whatever you delulu people do

No. 1381557

I love that rosies edtwt friends are ensuring she gets a second thread in 2 days kek, good job ladies and skellies

No. 1381558

Again, Ambrose is a psycho narc. You realise they kin Patrick Bateman, right? Give them the gender euphoria of calling her a psycho since she's bullying someone to death anyway

No. 1381561

ffs nona no one is going to read all that

No. 1381562

i think you’re overestimating how serious this forum is lmao

No. 1381563

That's not very love and peace of y'all. Chill with the sexism and internalised misogyny.

No. 1381565

How ironic that the scary imageboard woman are the bad guys but the twitterfags are saying shit like this that we would never say about anyone on here

No. 1381566

You will never be skinny.

No. 1381567

File: 1638412858527.jpeg (168.56 KB, 1242x372, 207A3351-F86A-43F3-89CE-3D718D…)

hi tranny, can u pls stop spamming the thread now?

No. 1381568

Oooh edgy and mentally unstable, very trans of you.
Are you the same anon who was praying earlier? Id you don't believe in god after all, now you shifted to genuinely hoping kek

No. 1381570


No. 1381571

you are such a little creep nona, are you the guro porn account?leave and go repost more guro shit on twitter, you are beyond boring kek.

No. 1381572


No. 1381573

Why are edtwt trannies and average bmi zoomers calling us terrible people when they are trying to get a mentally ill woman to kill herself over nothing

No. 1381574

God and i disagree on some key topics but give me a little hair and i can make sure that you and all your descendants drop dead by the age of 40.

No. 1381575

Stop jacking off to gore porn 24/7, it clearly has rotten your fatty brain

No. 1381576

You censored "Michigan" pretty shittily.

No. 1381577

to be fair the fact they said “trans person” instead of the sacred “trans woman” means theyre probably just a girl

No. 1381578

I'm not even white, Troon.

No. 1381579


No. 1381582

Shouldn't you be dilating or are you typing that with one hand right now, tranny

No. 1381583

Stupid dykes.(seethe)

No. 1381584

stop its too funny

No. 1381585

File: 1638413180567.gif (364.5 KB, 3204x93, 565265.gif)

No. 1381587

the account that said it needed to tell ambrose something important and he liked the tweet followed 3 accounts of this uni and nothing else lol

No. 1381589

there's only one actual scrote i've seen on edtwt and it's that user who was cumming on his own food and eating it. what a delightful community

No. 1381590

what happened? i thought we were a bunch of right wing men.

No. 1381591

LMAOOOO we've got a mega delulu tumblr witch here KEK
Use your super powers magic to make yourself a different gender and a race nonnie! Make it so you don't have to pay thousands of dollars KEK

No. 1381592

There it is

No. 1381593

I kinda doubt that, it's a guro porn addict who hates women

No. 1381594

kekkkk this is so good

No. 1381595

This is some heavy projection if I've ever seen it, trannoid. Except instead of getting felt up you just discovered lolicon and based your entire personality around hentai, didn't you?

No. 1381596

I thought you were against transphobia but homophobia is fine?

No. 1381600

File: 1638413381860.gif (2.99 MB, 640x360, delusional.gif)

No. 1381602

I censored her name shitly too!

No. 1381603

File: 1638413416806.jpg (52.85 KB, 500x545, external-content.duckduckgo.jp…)

Hope you guys realize that pfp isn't the Twitter user. That's Saiharii from the early gaijin gyaru scene kek. I feel bad that a deranged tranny is using her face, they should stick to k-pop idols and fuck off

No. 1381604

Kek you'll never be a lesbian! They'll never fuck you scrote
LMAO why do they take the bait so easily this is funnyyy

No. 1381605

The typing style seems female. Plus I haven't known a trans woman on twitter to not take full advantage of her status as the most oppressed minority in the world. Idk if they are or are not a moid.

No. 1381607

Please someone make this quote into a banner

No. 1381609

File: 1638413504411.png (98.88 KB, 1202x330, 1638412823047.png)

Seems like lucinda is ok after all but she tried to od or some shit. ss from her thread

No. 1381610

File: 1638413524214.png (1.19 MB, 960x833, 02235DEE-2555-4C19-8D24-E7F4CF…)

Um actually we’re just transphobic and misandrist. So in fact, Ambrose should feel affirmed for getting called a manlet and a groomer, very male tings.

No. 1381611

It is not that deep. I imagine you think you are smart or superior by typing this out but you just sound retarded. Everyone is laughing, please find another hobby.

No. 1381613

This is just getting funny

No. 1381614

Trannies using womens pfp are so fucking creepy and predatory

No. 1381616

Dude same. I never had a thing against Ambrose but from her previous behavior and her seemingly proven false grooming allegations I cannot say this wasn't a long time coming.

No. 1381617

File: 1638413709852.gif (449.74 KB, 3722x95, 656456.gif)

No. 1381619

love you anon

No. 1381620

File: 1638413836360.png (134.75 KB, 1876x822, Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 02.52…)

Found her old gymnastic scores, if you look on her twitter she writes about being a competitive gymnast for 13 years. Anyway I thought this would be pretty milky. Censored the name so no dox.

No. 1381621


No. 1381622

Kek anon

No. 1381623

kek nona the shitty censoring is golden,thanks.

No. 1381624

I don't like ambrose but I don't think there was any need for this. Nothing milky is attached to her name, now she can play the victim like she wanted

No. 1381625

Kek may your ban be swift and comfy

No. 1381626


No. 1381627

how am i even supposed to pronounce it

No. 1381628

Right? Lucinda is a genderfluid unicorn but somehow transphobic. They just slap the transphobia label on anyone and equate it to being a nazi.

No. 1381630

Lol anon you’re allowed to post the names of cows on here, just not addresses, phone numbers ect

No. 1381631

Anon my sides. Thank you for listening to me.

No. 1381632

what a funny and weird name

No. 1381633

What kind of name is that

No. 1381634

Not milky but I like her name, tbh.

No. 1381635

File: 1638414134324.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)


No. 1381636

pretty ironic that her surname sounds so similar to "gender"

No. 1381637

File: 1638414226084.gif (158.37 KB, 913x90, 1632564.gif)

No. 1381638

nonita you dumb bitch you spelt it wrong

No. 1381639

Kek her name is gender.

No. 1381640

cunts on here crying abt evil twanswomen when theyre busy getting raped and having their genitals mutilated by cissies lol i have no sympathy~(>cunts)

No. 1381643

File: 1638414517903.gif (193.22 KB, 1095x93, 121263232.gif)


No. 1381644

File: 1638414532625.jpeg (49.63 KB, 567x521, 1E2FF5B2-A0D7-4006-A6E7-59216B…)

No. 1381645

Transwomen are men and men rape women

No. 1381646

no one cares

No. 1381647

Ew imagine having to dilate and commiting male violence. Couldn’t be women.

No. 1381649

File: 1638414700135.gif (107.06 KB, 220x164, stop it.gif)

>this level of delusion

No. 1381650

transwomen are rapists and pedophiles who transition to satiate their lolicon obsessions. i’m not gonna suggest you jump off a bridge but, you’re dumb as fuck.