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No. 1381763

Aeniayh Gendreau is a 21 year old troon fresh from EDTWT who is 5’2.. and also 5’8.5.. and also 6’1, and literally amab.


>>FTM who ‘successfully’ stealthed as cis for a year, tricking her middle school followers before being outing herself when her height was brought into question

>>npd, ptsd and trauuumaaaaaaa, a perpetual victim
>>stunted growth from drinking bottled indigenous people water and also from having anorexia since 12y/o.
>>got into a fight with precious cow @oswaldslunch/lucinda over fatphobic comments, mocked her for having a lolcow thread which escalated into getting herself her very own thread which she blamed on lucinda, of course
>>outed herself as trans because she looked bloated and short in a tagged post farmers dug up, showed twitter her “boy juice” and
>>tried to adopt a ‘couldn’t care less’ Patrick Bateman/Hannibal facade but this quickly fell through when she received the slightest bit of criticism from farmers
>>openly fatphobic whilst her irl friends are fat
>>posts deliberately manipulative tweets to misrepresent the situation, likes tweets posted by his friends & fans to paint an incorrect narrative about lucinda. randomly tried to promote the idea that lucinda and her ex (?) were starting a cult.>>doxxed herself (allegedly..) and played the victim on twitter, blaming lucinda for everything the farmers posted
>>phoned police on lolcow.farm and posted about being doxxed before she’d actually been doxxed
>>encouraged her middle school simps to go after lucinda, an unmedicated schizo, to threaten and blame her for this whole ordeal. back peddles when convenient but always goes back to blaming her
>>after 24 hours of tweeting about lucinda and liking her followers tweets about her too, she goes silent when she says she’s going to kill herself. does not comment on the fact her mutuals are encouraging her kill herself.
>>very happy to talk about her own sad thoughts and feewings on her private (WHICH ARE ALL LUCINDA’S FAULT!!) so his fans feel sorry for their trans king and post more hate to lucinda
>>created a private twitter account, coolfitnessguy, to post privately but farmers gained access. posts about being sad over trans things. very sad.
>>posted about his mom’s obituary on twitter, claims he will deactivate altogether because it got posted on the farms
>>potentially threatened to dox the IP of a minor (new milk)
>>everyone has apparently forgotten lucinda is severely mentally insane, unmedicated and delusional and they should probably not tell her to kill herself because she likely will (….. or they want her to.)
>>EDTWT has flocked to lolcow, calling farmers men, incels, rapists, serial killers, wishing rape and death upon them etc, all whilst maintaining that lolcow is the toxic horribe website and they are morally superior.

mybealoved -Euphoria tranny pfp, encouraged lucinda to kill herself
idoldecay- IRL vampire, believes she died at 19 from a drug overdose and now lives as a supernatural being. possible farmer
fattiehatr- probably a man, posts gore of anime girls, encouraged lucinda to kill herself
fatphobifati- sadly not mutuals with ambrose but is obsessed, defends her constantly, too dumb to be a threat
xansper- godself pronouns, also posts about lucinda

No. 1381767

Current social media (might deactivate and rebrand):

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1379259

No. 1381768

Kek good choice for thread pic anon. Thank you!

No. 1381769

>stunted growth from drinking bottled indigenous people water
This genuinely made me cackle

No. 1381772

File: 1638420949882.png (138.67 KB, 720x821, EEA5E3B2-7210-41E9-BA5E-033A42…)

just want this to be as close to the top as possible

No. 1381773

Samefag, but her previous handles were: malorexia and leechcals.

Anyways, thanks OP! Great summary kek

No. 1381774

maleorexia I think, precious cow.

No. 1381775

Perfect photo anon kek

No. 1381776

Great summary OP

No. 1381777

>precious cow
KEK, my bad. ♥

No. 1381778

also another notable fangirl is @loatheanyone but she’s privated at the moment

No. 1381788

Some anon should compile all the times she claimed amab. Are compulsive lying and NPD symbiotic?

No. 1381790

File: 1638422617291.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2447x3033, 621C4011-9A80-4E68-9571-490D12…)

Had to make a compilation of my fav edtwt posters from last thread

No. 1381792

Natalie can you stop fucking posting about yourself in Lucinda and Ambrose's thread no one gives a shit about you

No. 1381796

File: 1638422899339.png (33.2 KB, 776x548, Sem título.png)

No. 1381797

Not her, just found it funny. I'll delete it though and keep this Ambrose focused.

No. 1381801

File: 1638423833818.png (82.41 KB, 1178x1190, Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 05.42…)

am i blocked or is she down?

No. 1381804


No. 1381809

Lolcow defeat speedrun, that's gotta be a new record. Thank you for your service, ladies

No. 1381810

File: 1638424156921.png (278.13 KB, 1162x750, 1638390909806.png)

here's one I made a while back!

No. 1381811

File: 1638424165563.jpeg (201.01 KB, 499x882, 0AFC3F8F-3BAC-48C8-A446-7E5A14…)

Not sure if this is allowed, since her name and location have already been posted here. Farmhands I apologize in advance. I found an article from “Damien’s” university newspaper talking about how she poured pomegranate water on some Christian evangelist guy. Funny how she’s always antagonizing people and playing the victim - seems like it’s a pattern. Here’s a link to the article. See page 2: https://s3.amazonaws.com/snwceomedia/emu/7e767888-2a0a-4d14-b803-23502b597da1.original.pdf

No. 1381812

are we really going to act like evangelical christians DONT deserve to get beamed?(sage/derailing)

No. 1381814

Amazing, thank u for ur work nona

No. 1381815

Narcs can never handle being called out

No. 1381819

Sure they do, but I think a more appropriate reaction would be to either engage intellectually or simply walk away, not to antagonize or assault them and then find the nearest journalist so you can cry about how uwu heroic and brave you are. It just screams of validation seeking, insecure SJW behaviour.

No. 1381822

I wonder who the next to deactivate will be, or if this will all die with her account.

No. 1381824

Deactivated. She will either reactivate on the weekend or lay low in the 2nd account until she heals from the narc injury.

Cow on cow violence, love to see it.

No. 1381829

You dumbasses, we don't "defeat" our cows, we milk them! You're celebrating the end of the milk trail! Can you even call yourselves farmers! The humanity!

No. 1381830

File: 1638426068654.jpeg (152.42 KB, 750x466, F40F47C2-8186-4743-8A74-680930…)

Whoever is on her priv, we need you!
Looks like rosie will be back in no time

No. 1381831

Based Ambrose? I love a good bitch pour even if it’s from Paul Dano’s mini-me

No. 1381840

File: 1638428281856.jpeg (872.37 KB, 1242x1870, 1638418891469.jpeg)

Muh AMAB can't handle a lil karmic medicine?
>Doxxing is only cool when I do it!
Her shitting and throwing up after the obituary thing reminds me so much of that reddit story where a TiF went to a gay orgy and then cried in the bathroom lmaooo

No. 1381842

Couldn't stick to harassing men. The internalized misogyny wins in the end. Now she bullies underage mentally ill girls and seeks boys club's approval. Didn't need to troon out to do that kek

No. 1381851

as an edtwt frequent thank u farmers this is an amazing thread. never liked this faggot anyway only makes sense shes a troon.(no one cares)

No. 1381855

this post is like showing up to a farm and telling the farmers that you, too, like to eat grass while naked and take shits in front of people, but that the cow next to you is a faggot

No. 1381857

How do you do fellow um…low cal

No. 1381866

I understand you have autism but it was clearly a jab at the way they talked

No. 1381891

File: 1638433760563.png (26.25 KB, 1237x399, an.png)

No. 1381895

File: 1638433855788.png (51.55 KB, 755x649, ae.png)

No. 1381896

File: 1638433919753.png (34.22 KB, 1074x391, aboutyou.png)

No. 1381897

File: 1638434164425.png (23.23 KB, 662x185, yt.png)

she was a brony too, sadly tumblr is deactivated

No. 1381900

holy mother of milk. let it be known, if you don't want your cringy middle school deviantart phase revealed to the public, do not become a cow.
this could either mean
>she's trans because of trauma too painful/nsfw to talk about publicly
>she's trans because she liked yaoi too much

anyone want to place bets? Mine's on #2 after seeing >>1381891

No. 1381901

File: 1638434728122.png (343.17 KB, 613x523, gymbro.png)

Someone needs to make a fujo-to-fakeboi bingo.
Ok, now I believe she has the tism.
Betting on #2.

No. 1381902

wow amber said she only saw naruto or some shit, why even lie about something so insignificant?

No. 1381907

>that vague "neurodivergent"
definitely autistic, that would explain a lot. i don't believe the npd/aspd claims at all
some weebs have shame, denying that was probably the only thing ambrose did right

No. 1381908

More proof she's a pathological liar. Lies to carefully craft her image down to the minute details, there's nothing genuine about her. Even her identity is a lie, underneath the facade she's just another self hating chronically online straight girl. Because of the T she's gonna have to spend the rest of her life pretending to be a man, and therefore pretending to be a different person. Pretending to be her yaoi self insert oc from when she was a middle schooler. She's incapable of mentally becoming an adult, because she's still stuck in her childhood fujo fantasy. What an awful way to live.

No. 1381909

most of edtwt hates amber lol glad y’all got him(namefag)

No. 1381911

#2, the .3. face says it all

No. 1381913

I feel you skimped on the idoldecay milk here, one of my favourite things about this whole saga is that one of his calves is an entire cow in her own right. Thread here:

She has a history of selfposting here so I would put money on her being the priv account mole. Not sure at what point she went from gyaru pedo to anorexic vampire but I'm living for this cow crossover.

No. 1381916

i wish she’d deactivate on her private too i know she’s still stalking the thread

No. 1381918

this thread isn’t about idoldecay. if there’s a thread on her, post about her there and try to bring it some traffic but this is about the baby height wax face troon. the self-inserts r getting too old.

No. 1381920

There are at least two moles in her priv.

No. 1381922

File: 1638438218385.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_20211201_150704.jpg)

Her old thread was closed and she is known to spam and defend herself on the farm with
>please don't post idoldecay, she's boring and wants the attention
I agree with anon that it's at least worth mentioning another cow is involved with drama, one who has been using lolcow for years. Because it makes you wonder if she posted some of the shit.

No. 1381928

found the bespoke horse commission after googling the link because it’s broken but yeah, honestly, unless she’s having discourse with Aeniayh directly there’s no reason to post her.

No. 1381931

post it for the books nona

No. 1381933

File: 1638439756743.png (Spoiler Image, 2.06 MB, 1527x1080, 54F8E2E8-7BD2-484C-8B7A-F91231…)

ok last natalie post. spoilered obviously but…do with this what you will kek

No. 1381934

Here's a summary of past ambrose drama:
> Joined edtwt on nov 2020, used to be @methcals (?) @methlbs @leechcals @maleorexia then @leechlifts
> Edtwt users tried to cancel her for being fatphobic, she denied it at first until the outrage died down
> Got into hot water for "grooming" allegations by some malnourished kids, it was proved to be false however (?). Ambrose "came out" as a victim of grooming herself stating she'd never do that to someone else.
> The skeletons tried to cancel her again for calling people retarded, said she was calling the action retarded not the person (she called people retarded before tho), ambrose has to "come out" as autistic which means "she could claim the slur"
> Came out as non binary aligning with manhood and using he/him pronouns also kinning venom after edtwt girls started showing less tolerance of her cis male identity
> Is known to drop her Twitter friends in a heartbeat when they get cancelled
> Tired to cancel someone for making fun of nose, saying it was indigenous so it was out of the line and racist.

A summary of her lies / interesting claims:
> She said multiple times she never watched anime aside from naruto
> Made fun of furfags on edtwt
> claimed to be a sex worker, with a price range up to 300$ a night, exclusively taking in the gays (kek) keeps talking about the many handsome supposed gay lovers of her
> Claimed to have a stalker sugar daddy, posted ss of supposed messages he sent her saying she felt "threatened" because he found her new phone number (so the next most rational thing is to share his message on twitter!!)
> Said she stole most of her food from work that's why she didn't want to quit (said it was an overnight shelf stocking job)
> Said she lived with her grandma only after her mom's death and moved on her own to her current city. Records shows family lived and moved out with her.
> Said she attempted to kill her dad because he called her fat which got her in a psych ward.
> Constantly flexing being a tall man on the kids, makes fun of edtwt people who eat when she's restricting, and making fun of them for restricting when she's bulking.
> Claimed to be the first gymbro on edtwt despite the fact that buff women existed on there way before her gym phase. Even claimed she was the one influencing disordered people to go to the gym across multiple social medias (kek)

This is all for now

No. 1381938

Do you have receipts for the ones that haven't been discussed in the thread yet?

No. 1381940

>made fun of furfags

and one of her biggest twitter lawyers was a furfag…i really don’t understand the loyalty to this woman

No. 1381942

File: 1638441240656.jpeg (26.42 KB, 200x200, 0DE7BFE7-D62A-486C-B34D-DD66D9…)

another (very low quality) photo of her

No. 1381946

Seems like she only nuked her recent account to cover up her "problematic" tweets. No one can dig up anything now.
Also, now it makes sense that she was pretending to be Lucinda's greatest victim for a whole day. kek
Shit diet and a dash of mental illness = lowered intelligence. They can't keep up with her lies.

No. 1381947

File: 1638441886431.png (190.89 KB, 720x910, Screenshot_2021-12-02-11-42-35…)

Sadly no, everything was on that maleorexia suspended account. And as I said, she was a personal cow and i never thought she'd get a lolcow thread because she kept her identity secret it was impossible to find her name and anything we knew about her came directly from her. If you search twitter you could find replies to those posts (picrel for example)

No. 1381950

The milk keeps flowing, great work nonnie.

I will only post about her if she involves herself in the Ambrose drama more, but you should post a proper link to the thread with receipts so edtwt finds it

No. 1381953

>totally a men, normal guy
>wants to break your bones and punch a wall while smoking
>drug addict
>superior physique haver
>buff, muscular and massive


>straight fujoshi women

>the muscles disappeared
>ego went down

No. 1381955

This is almost sad. Tomboys are really just one BL anime and unchecked tism away from maiming themselves forever.
Edtwt be like omg lc is so toxic but then share caps in gc for laffs, a bunch of them even admittedly got peaked on here kek. Sooo I hope this dumbass and her tranny cronies remember that.

No. 1381957

Kek, is always the way. I hope she isnt gone forever. Knowing she's a narc she cant be

No. 1381958

Tbh the only funny thing is how she keeps posting about her hot boyfriend, but he's a morbidly obese brony. Lucinda has so much more personality than all these degenerate cows involved with her.

No. 1381959

I need a comprehensive guide to her fujo larping because this is getting strange. She identified as gay on edtwt yet publicly as bi. Is she attracted to women or is it the classic tactic of still having lgbt cred even when you don't want to reveal your troon powerlevel?
other interesting info
>said on edtwt she was "questioning" if she was gay or bi but would continue to identify as gay either way (so a bicurious woman lmfao)
>said she was a prostitute for gay men for a while (no idea if this is completely false, if it was pre transition, or if the market for male larping cut up ugly female prostitutes is thriving because this is the millionth time I hear a tif claim this)
>said she's a hypersexual gay man and is constantly having hookups but gives 0 details beyond that (possible as a gay man, have my doubts as an ugly transman but straight men will fuck anything so who knows)
>a while back talked about a crush on a guy and was very fake cute about it, further invalidating hypersexual gay sona
>repeatedly posts body checks, openly says she wants attention on them, but only platonic
>gets flirted with by other heterosexual tifs all the time, aka "gay men", ignores it

personal speculation from all this, I don't think she's attracted to women. They're the biggest edtwt demographic and would give her all the validation she desperately craves, but she always kept it platonic. After this reveal heterosexual tifs will lose interest in her, a lot of them looked up to her as a cis man to emulate and thirst for and now the magic is lost.

Regarding the speculation about her being diagnosed with npd or not, shes said before that she was diagnosed but heavily implied it was in coerced circumstances because of her abusive mother or whatever. Yet she uses it constantly to spice up her edgesona and justify her annoying behaviour. My suspicion is she's leaving it ambiguous on purpose so it can go either way depending on convenience. Personally, I find it unlikely a young transman/ woman would be diagnosed with npd, seems more likely it was bpd or she's making it all up. I remember this info from an old curiouscat she got and deleted, sorry for no proof or if I'm remembering something wrong

No. 1381963

Pretty sure she claimed to have both NPD and ASPD diagnosed as she would throw tantrums over ableism that suggested people with NPD and ASPD arent good people

No. 1381964

It seems like a fanfiction larp, but other than that she definitely seems to enjoy female attention. Maybe she likes the idea of women crushing on her as a man to validate her fantasies.

No. 1381965

Incel tier larping anon. This bitch is certainly not hooking up with gay men lmao she has zero gay men interacting with her. She’s feigning interest in teenage girls as narc fuel. Just another dime a dozen case of straight fujo brainrot.

No. 1381967

When was this article published?

She claimed to be bi here so I guess i have to add to the list of her lies saying she wasn't bi and never been with a woman until recently when she posted that she smashed a woman for the first time for asspats on Twitter. I guess it gave her minions of straight women some hope that they might have a chance with this 6' gymbro gay chad kek

No. 1381972

I appreciate your autism, nona, but she's clearly straight. She uses the attention/validation from lonely teenage girls for bpd/narc fuel.

No. 1381973

File: 1638444119892.jpg (45.06 KB, 639x478, 384702_181585918606030_6270253…)

found another one on her old fb account before trooning out

No. 1381974

>ambrose came out as autistic which means she could claim the retarded slur and use it

No. 1381975

Looks like the stereotypical nerd girl who discovered anime/online edge communities and thinks she's not like other girls.

No. 1381976

She looks like Bella Janke lmao why do all batshit crazy bitches look like this?!

No. 1381977

Imagine, she could've avoided all of this. Merry milkmas to us.

No. 1381978

wolfeh not much growl to her unfortunately

No. 1381979

off topic but kek at the fucking MALEWAIF LENIN using chanspeak whos probably a 14 year old ayden i fucking cant with the state of twitter

No. 1381980

Thanks nonita! Sorry, I lurk here much more than I post so fucked up the link. Last time this shit got exposed to the gyaru community she DFE'd so will be entertaining if edtwt sees this,

No. 1381982

Jfc, all of the "men" around him are ftm including that malewaif. Ig it's obvious. Funny thing is that malewaif claimed to be a lesbian idk she's probably dating another ftm. The absolute state of these fujoshis.

No. 1381983

after doing some mild looking i realized how common “he/him lesbians” on edtwt are. just self-hating women who’d rather be pornified ideas of men that they’ve seen or been abused by instead of just acting fucking normal. pathetic because so many of them are so young and will end up trapped in this mindset into adulthood, but i guess it’s what they want.

No. 1381984

these anachan twitter fujoshis are like living top tier shitposts

No. 1381985

Almost. She's 17.
ED-to-trans pipeline among girls is a reality now.

No. 1381989

I hope their lil looksy around the board awaken some of them bc it’s so fucking depressing to watch. Being anachan a lot of times comes with/stems from sex repulsion, desire to escape the male gaze, being a young lesbian on top of that can really fuck their shit up.

No. 1381993

Touched kid to anachan to ftm pipeline if we're being honest.

Idk if it's actually true or if this is another lie they make up to seem edgy but almost all of them claim they were molested or groomed. Ugh men are truly the root of all of the world's issues. And you can't even send them to therapy because now that involves pumping them up with hormones that don't belong in their bodies.

No. 1381995

The vacant autistic stare

No. 1381997

Could have been based autistic fujo GNC queen who throws shit at men for lols but alas she chose poorly.

No. 1382000

Instead she's chosen to become a he/it Paul Dano cosplayer who relies on anachan attention and harasses schizos online. Sad!

No. 1382002

File: 1638448992491.jpg (278.06 KB, 2048x982, IMG_20211202_122948.jpg)


Another interesting claim they've made in the past is that they "do not binge", despite the fact that they obviously do. I imagine it's to feel special and superior over all the other fatasses.

No. 1382012

Literally just fuck off forever we don't want you, dieeee

No. 1382014

I've never met an anorexic who never binged but I don't know that much about anorexia to say it's impossible. I agree that she's lying though because her physique in candid photos is just not that impressive, I might be wrong

No. 1382020

If she joined twitter in 2020, and still isnt at her goal weight, I will suggest that maybe, just maybe, something fishy is going on and she does binge
That said, she was claiming to be underweight at one point - but thats also when she lied about her height

No. 1382024

>eat a lot
>of shitty fast food
It's a binge full stop but nooo to her it's acktyually a controlled exercise in bulking and cutting!!11!

No. 1382025


It's more that they (kek) frequently admit to the engagement in bingeing but gives it another special name (usually "reactive eating") because they would never admit to themselves that they binge. Lots of anachans use the term "reactive eating" to imply that they're so starved and waifish they just can't stop themselves from driving to burger king and inhaling the entire menu

No. 1382028

File: 1638451577754.png (48.63 KB, 720x273, Screenshot_2021-12-02-02-19-01…)

God she really does look like bella janke KEK i remember her saying that "people who are 100% white look a little funny" can't make this shit up.
She was also a special little ebegger. What a dysfunctional femcel ugh

No. 1382029

"thanks for the simp bucks i totally wasted them on nothing"

No. 1382030

Plebs don't understand that only superior physique havers can up their gains with fast food.
Speaking of e-begging, she was going to e-beg for top surgery. Guess she's gonna leave that for the next main account.
Can't do it on a priv with ~200 followers.

No. 1382032

one other strange lie was bragging about having an extensive criminal record but when you look up both of the real world names associated with ambrose there are no crime records to be found (and those are public information iirc). to some extent i understand the lies about height or whatever, but why do you want people to think you're some kind of danger to society? and why are you glorifying that to your mostly underage audience, especially when you've never even done any of it?

No. 1382036

Maybe it's a hybristophile thing or just an attention whore thing.
Is she perhaps mixed?

No. 1382038

She's half native and brings it up at every opportunity to get sympathy points

No. 1382040

>Is she perhaps mixed?
yes, her mother was native and her father is white

No. 1382043

Eating a large quantity of food and purging it is defined as a binge in bulimia what a retard, debunking herself on her own post
Also, funny that you would soft misgender her by using they instead of he or she when she has stated in the past that she "hates being referred to by 'they' and would prefer any other pronoun". This was pre coming out though, I bet she'd prefer they over she now kek

No. 1382046

Brown mother white father, I wonder if she has any of the usual mixed kid complexes ie "i'm not white/native enough to fit in anywhere"

No. 1382053

She claimed that her father was french and she spoke a little bit of french on twitter, but looking at her ancestry, it seems like two or three generations of her ascendants were born in the USA

No. 1382065

Was this an intentional reference because I can't unsee the similarity. Has a fakeboi ever adopted a name that isn't copy/paste cringe?

Female attention, yes, all narcs like attention, but the complete lack of engagement in female sexual attention proves pretending to be bi was just to look more masculine and attract narcissistic supply, like every other lie. And I'd bet being "hypersexual" was just an increased libido from taking testosterone.

No. 1382066

I'm willing to bet this has more to do with the Bateman/Hannibal kinning than an actual diagnosis.

No. 1382072

Omfg I think you're right, I keep trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but every single one of her actions is yet another larp or attention ploy
>fakes being a gay man to get fujo validation
>doesn't work because all the "gay men" on edtwt are female like her, except they admit it
>fakes being a bicurious gay man to maintain female attention even though she's not attracted to women
>fakes diagnosis and edgy behavior for kin larp
>fakes edgy behavior (I remember posts about punching walls kek) and blunt speaking pattern to not look like a genetic edgelord tif

Next up, I'd love more info on the tattoo. She censors it and says it's about luciferianism or whatever the fuck (even though she also follows some native american spirituality apparently, very compatible with satanic larping I'm sure) but I'm still half convinced it's a supernatural tattoo and she didn't admit it because it would be too blatantly fujo even for her. Also, anons who are her mutuals come back I want to know what she's saying on the priv account
I think the funniest part about all this is that we can't even complain about her lying for attention, she repeatedly tweeted that she loves attention and that her tweets and bodychecks were ploys to get it she fucking warned us and her followers LMAO

No. 1382074

Ew l forgot about that sweaty foot face, is her thread milky this year? She gives me the same performative vibes as amber rose

No. 1382077

File: 1638457257010.png (31.2 KB, 720x336, Screenshot_2021-09-13-19-40-28…)

Idk about the back tattoo but picrel is probably about the arm one

No. 1382078

Her body checks got her a bit too much attention from farmers kek

No. 1382079

Speaking as a "mixed kid", most of us don't have those complexes and are pretty secure in our identities. It's other people who project weird racial shit onto us. We don't claim Ambrose though.

No. 1382080

This is the best milk ever, Ambrose has enormous delicious udders providing the most delicious milk. yum

No. 1382081

File: 1638457663938.png (38.56 KB, 709x436, i.png)


No. 1382083

No one made a new Onion thread, but in the last one she was trying to groom another vulnerable teen (fakeboi) into "dating" her. The girl escaped.
Whenever Lainey is found out she goes into hiding (changes handles or DFE).

No. 1382084

she's filing a police report

No. 1382085

They just pick general soy smol bean names like Oliver or Luca

No. 1382086

No. 1382087


No. 1382088

Same anon, but a tip for any insiders who are happy to two faced here and give us screenshots: blur out the number of likes and timestamp etc to make it harder for her to figure out who took the ss

No. 1382089

Wow so REALLY nothing new then. Honestly their efforts to form this messed up throuple (a barely legal nanny for the kids they only had for pregnancy fetish) sickens me to my core

No. 1382090

proof? imagine having to explain lolcow and edtwt to cops lmao

No. 1382091

File: 1638458200552.png (45.71 KB, 580x200, ss.png)

No. 1382092

BAHAHAHAHAHA no way i thought she was leaving SM for good but in a true lolcow fashion she's just calling the police because she can't log out. She built her identity online she's NOTHING IRL so it must be terrifying to face such reality

No. 1382093

This!!! Don’t include the number of likes or time stamps as they can use the process of elimination

No. 1382094

Literally no one knew of the obituary until she posted it

No. 1382095

>You're a murderer. Why do you do it? Why?
That's a great question, Ambrose. Why did you promote lies and encourage your followers to attack a schizophrenic girl and tell her to commit suicide?

Oh nooooes…it's been nice, farmers, but I guess the cyberpolice are on their way over to shut us down.

No. 1382096

One thing to note, she said she was not in contact with her family since her mom died. I guess that was an edgy lie too. Very tans of you to demonize your family for pity bucks.

No. 1382097

holy shit you were serious she's actually wasting police time with cyberbullying KEK

No. 1382098

See you in E-jail guys, I’ll start finessing my toilet hooch so we can have ambers coming out party in style

No. 1382099

Her mom’s obituary is public. It was taken down from lolcow immediately after it was posted here. What are the police even supposed to do?

No. 1382101

Turns out the internet isn’t a safe place for anyone to go around acting like a narcy little cunt, reality check for our dear amber rose

No. 1382104

At this point I don’t believe a single claim from this bitch

No. 1382106

Could you image that poor piggy sitting there having to listen to some bitch cry because she bullied a schizo, kek!

Piggies probably so right wing she'll just become a joke once she's off the phone. 'She literally called because of hurt feels, what a libtard. Oink oink'

No. 1382107

This is like Elaine. Why do zoomers think the police cares about things they posted publicly online? Especially if it's some no name website in another state that actively bans anyone threatening her? Laughing at you isn't a crime lmaooo

No. 1382111

this is the same bitch that said she loved watching her family get fat, I doubt she gives a fuck. I gotta find that tweet kek

No. 1382113

File: 1638459074033.gif (594.12 KB, 270x239, kimphone.gif)


No. 1382114

See you all in jail.

No. 1382115

Edtwt doesn't bat an eye when reposting other people's content for thinspo or fatspo why are they complaining about us reposting theirs?

No. 1382119

Kek the delusion

No. 1382120

I wouldn't have found the obituary if she didn't post the screenshot to Twitter, kek
What crime does this clown think she's reporting?

No. 1382121

try explaining to the cops why she’s posing as a man to gain access to children online.

No. 1382123

Btw, Elaine was lurking edtwt in hopes of enlisting some malnourished kids for her autistic crusade.
Imagine the milk if she succeeds.

Because Aeniayh and her flying monkeys assume that farmers will do the same shit to them what they do to others (harass them nonstop with death and rape threats).
We're just watching, they're flailing on their own.

No. 1382124

The way she's reposting screenshots of everything exposing her life is really making it obvious she's posting it here herself and using the anonymity for pity points from her 15 year old followers. She's not even trying at this point lmao. You'd think someone who had their mothers obituary posted here and subsequently deleted would want it to stay away from the eyes of the public, not repost it on other platforms. Literally using her moms death as a narc ploy.

No. 1382126

but what can the police do about it? what does she actually expect them to do? arrest every lolcow farmer who ever opened this thread?

No. 1382127

File: 1638459861093.png (853.15 KB, 1648x2048, Screenshot_20211202-154104.png)


Couldn't even last 24 hours without the attention of their anachan worshippers.

No. 1382128

File: 1638459881148.jpg (106.42 KB, 720x636, 20211202_124304.jpg)

No. 1382129


No. 1382131

such an attention whore she couldnt even deactivate for just a few days, kek

No. 1382134

Omg hitting all the lolcow bingo! She's on the calling the police square. Threatening to send cease and desist letters to admin's house when???

No. 1382136

couldn't handle not being worshipped for 24hrs lmaoooo typical narc

No. 1382137

No one cares about your boring family and their church updates rosie, anyways welcome back you, like every other cow you didn't last for a day

No. 1382139

she's purged her tweets but she had one up from about a month ago that said something along the lines of "my mom's dead but she gave me two personality disorders", i wish i'd screenshotted it now

No. 1382141

Could someone make an imageboard of how her behaviour changed now that she reactivated her twitter?

No. 1382143

File: 1638460267336.png (956.14 KB, 1401x2048, Screenshot_20211202-154842.png)


The jokes fucking write themselves, acting as if she wasn't the one sending her rabid fans on Lucinda

No. 1382144

Facts, fembrained confirmed

No. 1382145

File: 1638460411316.jpeg (288.35 KB, 1170x488, FC398FBE-D0F4-459D-9810-D26207…)

The same Elaine who was trying to get cloudfare canceled for hosting proana websites ?!?! keeeeeeeek

No. 1382147

I don't believe a single word from this attention seeking larping woman, do we have confirmation that her mother or grandparent was native? Her features are ambiguous at best, wouldn't surprise me if she was another <1/16 native American with mostly Spanish or Italian ancestry
Another thing, and apologies in advance for being a retard, I hate the comorbidity of eating disorders and gender retardation. I get it's insecurity + insecurity but I just wanted to be an anorexic bitch on twitter without dealing with hundreds of it/they/dollself girls

No. 1382148

I thought I had time to save the four tweets she made about the girl in >>1381772 being 6 feet tall. Fuck.

No. 1382149

She did the same thing with her address too. It was removed from here and she reposted it on twitter. Not only that but before she claimed the leak was an old address, but the screenshots she shared confirmed that she was still located there.

No. 1382151

Onision tier posturing. Being an overt narcissist with dunning kruger is her only scrote trait.
Oh no bad move Elaine! edtwt hates u now

No. 1382154

Sure you won't get into any drama, Aeniayh. Just moodboards and fitness, how uwu gymbro of you.
Bitch is trying to clean up her image because playing victim didn't provide enough asspats like she expected.
Her fangirls were hellbent on driving Lucinda into suicide, they must be very confused right now. lol

No. 1382155

the replies make me so angry, ambrose and his cronies were loving every single insult that got hurled lucinda's way. where was this energy when lucinda was tweeting about being suicidal and they were all encouraging her? they so clearly think they're so much better than her when really they're so much worse

No. 1382156

I like this tinfoil. I'm sure farmhand is watching~~~

No. 1382158

google "her name + obituary" her mom belonged to the shawnee tribe. white people need to shut up about "another <1/16 native American"

No. 1382159

this shit pisses me off. what's the point now u retard? all your minions have told her to kill herself already because you blamed her for everything

No. 1382160

They genuinely believe Lucinda is gonna die and they want to watch it. These retards love to act hard then can't handle the littlest amount of heat.

No. 1382162

And the "as a male why are your thighs full of fat?" one from when she was larping as a man. Not as milky as her other tweets but something about her pretending to be male while saying that shit to young, mentally ill girls makes my skin crawl. Is there any hope she deactivates permanently?

No. 1382163

File: 1638460811329.jpg (49.7 KB, 720x267, 20211202_125827.jpg)

No. 1382164

you should have told your minions to lay off of her two fucking days ago ambrose, it's too late to pretend to give a shit about her mental state

No. 1382165

this isn't really the issue though is it? the four month fast isn't great but the real problem is that they were telling her to kill herself and talking about how worthless she is so she should die etc

No. 1382166

who tf cares either way, it's not relevant

No. 1382167

Lucinda technically brought all this on herself for being a mentally unstable half-troon. Don’t forget she’s also a cow.

No. 1382169

File: 1638461100560.png (19.7 KB, 599x246, bitch.png)

>she doesn't need a platform right now either
What did she mean by this?

No. 1382170

And what a precious cow she is

No. 1382171

This bait isn't even creative.

No. 1382174

>paul nano reactivates
>a wild twitterfag appears
Really makes you think.

No. 1382177

They're American piggies so Amber should just tell them lolcow farmers are all angry black men, they'll raid us immediately and probably shoot us.

No. 1382178

okay ashleyscals, im sure your eating disorder twitter account is nothing but life affirming, body positive, inspiring content!
they are so hypocritical

No. 1382179

these people cannot be real. all of them are mentally ill cows who are starving/cutting/mutilating themselves while involving minors in their spaces. why not delete your own account with that logic

No. 1382180

File: 1638461406198.jpg (105.72 KB, 720x725, 20211202_130812.jpg)

No. 1382182

File: 1638461454798.png (235.75 KB, 1153x521, Screenshot Capture - 2021-12-0…)


No. 1382184

She’s a cow but she’s not a malicious one that deserves the amount of harassment that Aeniayh Gendreau has put her through.
Aeniayh Gendreau Is an awful person who sits online 24/7 relishing in the attention from young girls online who starve themselves while making up a whole personality and fake life while arming them to harass other vulnerable mentally Ill people.
Lucinda is literally just a mentally ill schizo that uses the internet to sperg about being a unicorn while unconsciously making a fool of herself. Aeniayh Gendreau Has such a fragile ego that getting called a loser by a schizo set her off to attempt to get her to commit suicide.

No. 1382185

i just caught up with the threads and you got through one in just 2 days? jeez kek

No. 1382188

Offtopic but I remember I really liked Hannibal when it was on, sad to see the quality of people it's fandom attracted. Absolutely the cringiest people cling to it.

No. 1382189

Shut up with that tranny rhetoric

No. 1382190

File: 1638461609985.jpg (105.83 KB, 1080x571, ashley.jpg)

She privated her acc as I was scrolling. She's lurking rn

No. 1382191

Lucinda knows that posting about our poor little Amber would take the heat off her thread for a day. She’s a smarter cow than she’s given credit for.

No. 1382192

i looked at her account and it's full of body checks, how is this different to what luci is doing?

No. 1382193

File: 1638461743925.png (222.13 KB, 720x1122, Screenshot_2021-12-02-17-02-46…)

Uh oh ambrose why are you so quick to show family pictures to strangers you interacted with once on twitter dot com, is this a habit perhaps?
Why would we want her to deactivate? This is not a charity cause to protect the children we're just watching an entertaining cow we don't want the milk to stop

No. 1382194

How about you take accountability for your NPD Aeniayh

No. 1382196

She's a cow in the way that Abby Brown was a cow. But you wouldn't understand that newfag. The most obscene treatment both of them get is from moralfagging normies.

No. 1382197

calling the police because lolcow had a picture of her mum but she's perfectly happy to dm strangers the exact same info. aeniayh, youre the villain.

No. 1382201

They really are choosing that tactic now. Deplatforming to pretend that nothing happened. Adorable.
lmao holy shit. I wonder how many Aeniayh stans are watching.

I hope you bitches know that you're no better than a dysfunctional schizo and your object of worship, Aeniayh Gendreau, is a fucking narc who's only using you for her narc fuel. Find a better hobby.

No. 1382203

24? She couldn't even go 12 hours lmfaoo I've slept for longer

Amber Rose waited until after our precious cow announced her attempt to become an hero failed. Anyone dumb enough to think someone censoring their own nipples is a cis man is dumb enough mistake their cis-passing king's too-little-too-late flipflopping for mercy. Cluster B fucks like this have to surround themselves with mentally ill teen girls because they're too transparent to manipulate sane women

No. 1382204

She brought it all on herself for being mentally ill? So whats your defense for Aeniayh who is also supposedly mentally ill and also a troon?

No. 1382205

It’s obvious that this thread is just narc fuel now.(sage your shit, moron)

No. 1382207

i mean….. she doesn't reaaaaally have to worry about her mum finding her thread, anon.

No. 1382208

Idc it makes trannies seethe to point out that their behavior actively betrays their self-perception, since they love pretending that sexist stereotypes mean they are the opposite sex

No. 1382209

Oh, is Ambrose gonna copy vampire whore's
>guys she wants the attention, maybe we should give up on the thread

No. 1382210

Oh no is this some hannibal mind tricks???

No. 1382211

tinfoil: deborah and aeniayh are lovers

No. 1382213

Lucinda deserves better, much better.

No. 1382216

Narcs don't like when their bullshit is called out. Nice try, though.

No. 1382217

Girl, stop being this retard

No. 1382222

Lurk 10 more years cuz this is weak ass bait

No. 1382223

Sorry anon, aeniayh's exclusively attracted to men who are as repulsed by vagina as she is

No. 1382224


It's also why she keeps trying to deplatform the unicorn. Like if they really did care about here, they'd be trying to contact her fam. But nope, NPD brains running on full overdrive. Gotta get unicorn to leave so the Narc ego can be healed. Typical narc behavior. Sad.

No. 1382228

File: 1638463032461.png (106.52 KB, 583x820, namereveal.png)

can one of her old followers confirm if she leaked her name herself before?

No. 1382231

nah exactly like cmon rosie did ur boy juice suddenly stop working?

No. 1382232

Uh oh the malnourished kids woke up and got back to work immediately.
You see this children? This is what you'll become if you don't quit this trans retardation: terminally online nobodies with no self identity for everyone to mock. Stay in school and talk to real people instead of showing your peepees to strangers online for validation.

No. 1382233

>i thought it was a fake name
defo talking abt "ambrose" not her real name

No. 1382235

to be fair anon, her real name sounds fake too, either way if she lied about having ambrose as her irl name that's even funnier

No. 1382236

I had totally forgotten it but this jogged my memory, yes she mentioned once that her name was Damien but I'm not sure if she said it 100% or left it a bit ambiguous. I think I had forgotten because I didnt believe it lmao

No. 1382238

Funny i remember this tweet was just complaining about how people boolied her as a real and authentic male child for the name ambrose. She lies about the tiniest details it's repulsive.

No. 1382239

I really wanna know what's the deal with TIFs always choosing Victorian names for their malesona.

No. 1382245

Telling schizos to take their meds is like telling fatties to stop eating. They should, but they're not going to listen to you because you're just saying it to be a bitch. You don't care about their health, you're just annoyed by their flaws

No. 1382247

She's a Kuroshitsuji fan lol

No. 1382251

yeah, i think i remember this tweet referring to damien as well

No. 1382254

File: 1638463729472.jpg (65.76 KB, 720x336, 20211202_133732.jpg)

No. 1382256

Because she's an immature faggy alt female. She seems to be about 14 in terms of maturity, and all the preteen gothfags are obsessed with vampires or basic bitch Edgar Allen Poe. No gothfag wants to be called Brandon or Kevin because they're not very uwu haunted Victorian Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hallow Ciel Phantomhive candelabra haunted house sounding names. Also, a lot of gothic horror/vampire anime has Victorian names for the edgy guys that TiFs try to morph into.

No. 1382257

File: 1638463814355.png (62.89 KB, 720x439, Screenshot_2021-09-13-19-05-47…)

No she didn't claim daemion as a real name picrel
She claimed ambrose was her real name

No. 1382258

File: 1638463833582.jpg (60.81 KB, 720x322, 20211202_133722.jpg)

No. 1382261

>5'2", crippling self-confidence issues
>intimidating aura

No. 1382262

this photo is saying that ambrose isn’t her irl name but a combination of her middle names. the old
man wizard name is damien

No. 1382263

This isnt the first time Rosie has let her flying monkeys attack someone having a mental breakdown. She has attacked a woman having a psychotic episode over her and let her get told to kill herself too, because she said people with NPD are bad people.

No. 1382264

Who tf is this stop self posting we know all of you are attention (and nutrients) starving narcs

No. 1382265

no no, she 100% has mentioned the name Damien, I'm telling you. Idk if in the above screenshot or another time. She denied it later but it definitely happened

No. 1382268

Jesus no I'm the one who took the ss i know wtf I'm saying. She went by daemion at first then changed it to ambrose

No. 1382270

Kuroshitsuji and maybe a supernatural tattoo, that's so classic fujo

No. 1382272

holy fuck she’s really a grown ass woman with her whole personality completely based around a yaoi LARP. if she wasn’t so deplorable I’d almost pity her for how sad that is. an entire life obsessively devoted to living out and upkeeping a phase that is usually grown out of in high school, smh.

No. 1382273

File: 1638464032046.jpg (112.64 KB, 720x607, 20211202_135200.jpg)

No. 1382274

File: 1638464094174.jpg (125.32 KB, 720x706, 20211202_135208.jpg)

No. 1382275

Imagine encouraging your underage minions to send death threats to prove that your npd ass isn't a bad person. Surely that must've convinced her

No. 1382277

File: 1638464191429.png (49.24 KB, 720x276, Screenshot_2021-09-12-22-47-05…)

Here you can see the curious cat handle used to be daemion (not damien) she got mocked for it and changed it to Ambrose saying it's her real name

No. 1382281

Uuuuh and why don't you just delete social media? Oh yeah, your entire trans eating disorder persona is for online clout and fujo fantasies.

No. 1382282

what a cope.
from disordered narc having teen girls that wanna suck her supposed troon dick to Angelic trans activist in 2 days(sage your shit)

No. 1382283

What happened to the woman after that?
kek good luck with that. No one cares about TIFs. Shinji Page is only getting attention because she was already famous.
>still blaming her but now shifting the whole thing onto her mental illness
It was all you and your minions, you fucking narc.

No. 1382287

so she admits she wasn't sincerely documenting her fitness journey before and was just looking for attention? kek, no one cares most of edtwt is some flavor of tif, what's one more for the pile
And forgive the ignorance but why do people call her Rosie? It's not her birth name, troon name or online name

No. 1382288

Ambrose > Amber Rose > Rose > Rosie

No. 1382290

File: 1638464764261.png (253.63 KB, 789x970, meds.png)

I know lucinda isn't the most sane person, but the way this narc talks about her feels like a manipulative scrote trying to get everyone to dismiss lucinda's tweets

No. 1382291

This is why posting her address, her mom's obituary etc. is stupid and just fuels the victim narrative (I also think she's doing it herself for that exact purpose, but whatever.) I'd like to see more screenshots of her grooming and bullying mentally ill minors. This exposes WAY more about her character than debating her mom's race and other autistic shit. Then when people google her, the only narrative won't be "evil twansphobe unicorn bullies uwu innocent softboi troon." This is a narcissistic adult woman who LARPed as a hot emo guy for the sole purpose of manipulating teenage girls. I think that's the real story here.

No. 1382292

So proving schizos right and wanting them dead for stating lucid truth doesn't make you a bad person, that pattern is total coincidence and not the result of comorbid personality disorders that happen to be the most prevalent psychiatric diagnoses in the US prison population. Nice job representing your demographic, Aeniayh

No. 1382294

KEK summaries don't usually make me laugh but this one did.

No. 1382300

The intersection between gaslighting scrote speak and morally righteous libfem fangirl talk here is wild. The female energy grows more and more evident with every post.

No. 1382301

“I really do need you to calm down” glad she’ll never be able to larp on her account ever again what a narcissistic piece of shit

No. 1382302

File: 1638465258814.jpg (65.38 KB, 827x1003, IMG_20210807_132557.jpg)

Amber rosie aniayh gendreau and her twitter friends' attempt at being manly edglords straight outta 4chan kek

No. 1382303

A true non-binary narc. kek
Well, there was only one (?) person having her as personal cow, but there are more eyes on her now.
I giver her a week until her ~angelic transman~ mask slips and she sics her minions on someone else.

No. 1382304

File: 1638465430681.jpeg (347.48 KB, 828x2633, 7EDE2F38-B0BF-4315-ADDC-92C612…)

ss from lucindas tiktok, do all edtwt users look like this irl?

No. 1382306

I dont want to bring her into this, but she landed in the psych ward and when she came back Ambrose immediately demanded apologies (again) and her circus began the 'kys' harassment again.

No. 1382307

I knew I wasn't the only one noticing that her speaking pattern has noticeably changed since coming out! She really said fuck it no one believes I'm a sociopathic gay male chad anymore anyways KEK

No. 1382308


i guarantee it. that’s why they want an eating disorder so bad

No. 1382310

Wow, so it seems like the only thing Amber DIDN'T lie about re: her identity was the NPD. These are all such classic narc maneuvers. Her flying monkeys told Luci to deactivate, she didn't. They told her to kill herself, she didn't. Now, Amber is not-so-subtly instructing them to deplatform her via mass reporting. Amber will do anything she can to destroy Luci due to narcissistic rage. But Luci is so self-destructive, I don't think anyone else has the power to destroy her anymore. If years of purging and self loathing didn't take her out, how could bitchy mean girls on Twitter have a hope? She's like the Keith Richards of cows kek

No. 1382311

I suppose she got away with it the last time because no one outside of their suicide cult pointed out they're all full of shit.

No. 1382312

rosie girl deactivated again

No. 1382313

good god these people are retarded. also yes, edtwt is almost exclusively fat wannarexics nowadays. someone did a survey (1000+ participants) and the average bmi was 27 i believe

No. 1382315

God Ambrose is such a manipulative piece of shit. It's wild how you can see the narc gears turning in her head with these tweets. She acts so holier-than-thou and like she's handling the situation with such grace, when in reality she's grooming her underage following into thinking she's some sort of hero while encouraging them to have EDs. Imagine being in your 20s and craving validation from teenagers online. Ambrose is the one who needs to be taken to a fucking ward.

No. 1382316

there was an edtwt survey and the average bmi of the users on there was 26 i think so yes, i'll try to find caps

No. 1382325

Most of these accounts are all they/them fakeboy minors too. Ambrose is a horrible influence on these kids

No. 1382326

Yes pretty much, and she was threatening to get the psychotic womans account suspended if there was no apology. Sorry I am not saying more, I just really dont want to involve an innocent party.

No. 1382327

What is left to document if you've been on T for 3 years? Just keeping it up to grift those followers out of their allowances for that top surgery she totally doesn't need because she's so naturally flat?

No. 1382330

The unicow will survive them all.
lmao she's still suffering from her narc injury.
Fair enough. I hope she's better now.

No. 1382332

"hey guys this is my voice 1095 days on T"
>still sounds like a frog

No. 1382338

Ambrosia is going to backpedal and say "she needs to be taken to a fucking ward" is her uwu kind way of being concerned for Lucinda's mental health, but she clearly just wants her silenced.

No. 1382339

Went through some of the little girls following her private account and most use it pronouns or some -self bullshit. It makes sense that they’d rally around such a troon.

No. 1382340

File: 1638466681013.png (173.39 KB, 578x717, download (2).png)

top surgery saga when? wouldn't surprise me if he made his minions pay for it too

No. 1382342

none of them will pay because they’re all 13

No. 1382344

Does she think we all live in America, what can the ameripigs do about an overseas doxx? In the case that there was a doxx

No. 1382345

Amber is the worst of both worlds. The raging misogyny and desperation for female attention of a scrote, combined with the penchant for bitchy drama of a teenage girl.

No. 1382346

I do find it odd she thinks we clocked him purely on height and whines about 'height dysphoria' (kek). We clocked you on your feminine jaw, wide hips, and censoring your nipples, Rosie

No. 1382347

File: 1638466798845.png (359.2 KB, 550x329, tittielet.PNG)

Has she seriously not had top surgery? I know thats what she said but she would have to be very flat and apparently hiding just a little bit of sagging fat here and not scars for that to be true. Otherwise, there's still the cronenberg dick surgery, so plenty to document

No. 1382348

This!!! Girl what journey you hit the wall and ruined your body. Like every troon they keep deluding themselves into thinking they’ll get better at passing in real life like a normal cis person if they take more hormones one more year, it’s eventually going to happen, definitely, the human body is just that simple it’s going to change by taking hormones and that’s not going to have any negative consequences. Ugh maybe if mutilating genitals and secondary sex organs will do the trick? it’s going to happen for sure! the dick is gonna look and function jusst like the real thing! The neohole could trick a gynaecologist heh All of this is gonna solve their body dysphoria for sure

No. 1382350

Nah, most are 15-18. Still, it’s not like they have much disposable income.

No. 1382351

the fact that rosie is also butt ugly in the “new face pics” it posted on twitter(namefag)

No. 1382353

File: 1638467059098.png (252.24 KB, 550x329, tits.png)

No, you can defintely see where her remaining breast tissue is. The censoring of it draws massive attention to it and she was trying to pass it off as 'pecs'. Hope this image helps kek

No. 1382357

oh she was trying to pass off the top part of the boob fat as pecs KEK

No. 1382359

I hope screenshots of this exist somewhere, sounds like a pattern. Unfortunately the person who Amber tried it on this time was protected by a forcefield of unicorn magic.

No. 1382363

Anyone got a list of her mutual followers? I’d love to dig through that shit, there’s probably milk for days.

No. 1382364

>"people have screenshotted my nipples"
>barely censors the nipples

No. 1382366

Please post the lolcow bingo sheet I haven’t seen this

No. 1382367

File: 1638467518076.jpg (172.85 KB, 922x2048, 20211202_144003.jpg)

No. 1382368

>Has she seriously not had top surgery?
Women into bodybuilding can get really flat, but there's still a small amount of breast tissue. You can see on the middle of her chest that she still has some.
If she's bulking (in her case, binging and getting bloated), it easily grows back again.

No. 1382374

I wonder how Aeniayh Gendreau feels about the fact that when anyone especially jobs look Aeniayh Gendreau up this is going to be one of the results. Your Twitter followers can cover up your rep in your community but you can’t control the fact that everyone else will see you as a bully who lied multiple time to groom your anorexic malnourished under aged army to attack a schizophrenic women and send her death threats Aeniayh Gendreau, you can never escape from this, even if you change your name legally Aeniayh Gendreau, we will find it just like multiple cows here who thought they could just change their name and continue on with their toxicity without consequences. Aeniayh Gendreau You should stay offline, it’ll make this thread die but we all know that you, Aeniayh Gendreau NEED attention since you’re a grade A Narc. Enjoy the fact that you have doomed yourself and you’re receiving your karma all because you wanted internet attention Aeniayh Gendreau .

No. 1382377

I've met a few qt dykes with a similar physique (read: better) and I can tell she is definitely dehydrated in this pic to get this look kek. Explains why she looks so much flabbier in candid photos

No. 1382379

Aeniayh Gendreau is very similar to Isabella Janke. Actually evil person who targets the mentally vulnerable and tries to make them commit suicide. What happened to both of them to make them turn out like this? It's so similar there has to be a common thread.

No. 1382381

If trans men are valid men, why did she pretend to be cis in her safe online space? Hmmm

No. 1382384

You should be saying Damien Gendreau if you want this to appear when they look her up. I'm sad no one seems to have old receipts before her gymbro phase because I remember her being very pro ana in the literal sense

No. 1382389

File: 1638468222985.png (95.6 KB, 304x350, ae.png)

Summoning the snitches in her priv.
She's tweeted a few times since activating and deactivating her main. What is she saying?
Remember to hide your profile pic, the likes and replies so she won't find you.

No. 1382390

We can see your likes retard

No. 1382391

for real why would it matter if she told her twitter followers she was a ftm, she never showed her face, never posted her name and used emojis to cover identifying features. theres no excuse except for being a creep

No. 1382392

I wonder if Aeniayh Gendreau acts this way around peers at school as well. Of course Aeniayh Gendreau is such a narc it’s probably impossible for her to conceal her sperg outs. I wouldn’t be shocked if some posters on here are school mates of Aeniayh Gendreau. If Aeniayh Gendreau can’t even hide her online persona to her friends that she basically talk shit about of course Aeniayh Gendreau wouldn’t be able to hold off from letting everyone around her know about her clout on edtwt. The most hilarious thing about this is that Aeniayh Gendreau is majoring in biology, the natural enemy of troonism. Your hypocrisy knows no ends Aeniayh Gendreau .

No. 1382393

probably photoshopped the second pic to hide the tit

No. 1382394

Maybe aeniayh gendreau was bullied and didn't get enough attention from her family when growing up. She looks the type, so many siblings and ugly as hell too, of course she would crave for attention
Thats her fakeboi name? Kekk I think I missed that part

No. 1382395

Because tifs are dime a dozen on edtwt and she wouldn't be unique. A REAL MAN!!1 is more special.

No. 1382396

She still registers all her professional associations with her birth name, she hasn’t legally changed it yet so Aeniayh Gendreau is what will be most detrimental. That fake name is just a cover to separate her professional life and her social life on edtwt. She could just change her fake name any moment but she’s currently still Aeniayh Gendreau legally.

No. 1382400

Let's make a deal Aeniayh Gendreau, if you publically apologise to Lucinda and admit all youve lied about (being a felon, being a rich hooker) we will go easier on you

No. 1382402

are you from edtwt or do people on this site typically talk like this

No. 1382405

Nobody here talks like that, both of u edtwt fags need to stfu

No. 1382409

Just calm your autism for a sec.
Narcs don't apologise, they just double down. She's gonna come back with a new narrative.

No. 1382411

1. Sage your shit
2. Wrong link
3. Her old thread is locked because she spammed it and cried about it to her whiteknights

No. 1382412

Her thread is locked. I

No. 1382413

File: 1638469034578.png (18.44 KB, 595x509, image_2021-12-02_201712.png)

No. 1382415

Reminds me though, Ambrose makes sense as a fake name because it fits right into the yaoi badboy narc image but what kind of alias is Natalie? You'd think she'd pick a name that resonates more with her vampire princess image.

No. 1382416

File: 1638469084219.png (657.42 KB, 600x580, tittie.PNG)

This is not that well hidden, I'm guessing it was deleted fast because of that and that's why I don't remember seeing it before
Same thing here, you can see some shape on the left with the light. In a normal man this could be excused as manboobs but this was supposed to be an anorexic man with very low body fat
careful posting ss where your language is visible BR nona

No. 1382417

can you faggots stop deleting your posts?

No. 1382418

Apparently she took it from some kiddie game character. It's funny that she is also on edtwt but her boyfriend is obese and she lies about him lol

No. 1382419

There was two types of edtwt users, those choking on her fictional dick and those who have a raging hate boner for her because she was popular as a cis man fat shaming them. This is clearly the latter.
Calm down autists no one cares about the apology or ruining amber's life, she does that on her own.

No. 1382421

File: 1638469265280.jpeg (469.88 KB, 828x1359, F3D3CBF1-15D8-4C59-ABDD-D3DF8B…)

It seems Aeniayh Gendreau is getting called out by the rest of edtwt, interesting for you Aeniayh Gendreau.

No. 1382422

So that's why she deactivated.

No. 1382424

And wasn’t Isabella Stanke rumored to be on testosterone during high school? How are these people all so similar? They hate themselves so much, and others, for simply being women.

No. 1382425

File: 1638469496044.png (296.02 KB, 525x511, dancer.png)

She thinks she's literally the character Margaretha Zelle from IDV, like legitimately the character that the company put her in their game.

No. 1382428

File: 1638469577165.jpg (126.62 KB, 1017x1150, 1638468140866.jpg)

The deleted posts >>1382416 quoted.


No. 1382429

File: 1638469601817.jpg (211.3 KB, 1313x1180, 1638468198411.jpg)


No. 1382433

Lucinda got a thread on here because she's truly one of a kind.
Ambrose got a thread because she's a narcissistic bitch trying to gaslight everyone for clout.

Meanwhile all Natalie gets is people asking her if she's trans and no one caring for her ed vampire queen larp, no one even gets who she's larping as, kek.

No. 1382435

people are cancelled for "fatphobia" on edtwt every few hours, this really doesn't matter much
she's a narc obsessed with getting attention. Did you notice the difference in how people interacted with her before and after coming out? "Wow bro you could raw me no homo" vs "you're such a valid strong boy!" kek

No. 1382439

File: 1638469911700.png (1.05 MB, 1580x1595, hypocrisy1.png)

a small autistic compilation just to highlight how full of shit aeniayh is

No. 1382441

Natalie has her fair share of fans, but they're all similar in that they refuse to acknowledge reality and larp as supernatural beings, and they all enable each others delusions, including her explaining how to starve yourself and feed on only attention to minors.

No. 1382444

ok this honestly makes me wonder what that fat friend is thinking about this?? her @ was posted momentarily and she was posting on her story while the thread was blowing up so i think she was posting on it to see if more people would be looking after aeniayh posted her.

No. 1382449

I can see why Aeniayh Gendreau is very isolated from her family. One look and you see they’re all actually normal, hard working, and respectable people. Aeniayh Gendreau Is the black sheep but not the the cool edgy way Aeniayh Gendreau claims for be. It’s because Aeniayh Gendreau is a social pariah, dramatic and unstable and probably pushed them all away with her narc episodes, and like a proper narc Aeniayh Gendreau will put the blame on everyone else. Aeniayh Gendreau Is also the ugly sibling, so there’s that.

No. 1382453

Calm down.

No. 1382454

i honestly think maybe the fat friend is the one who posted the pic that started this, maybe she's been tired of aienaneinhyah's shit for a while

No. 1382455

also speaking of her fucked up name i noticed that in one of the screenshots it was spelt Äeniayh and the dots over it would lead me to believe it’s maybe just pronounced “Anya” and spelt in that “i’m white and special” way

No. 1382458

Her friend is a cuck in denial. She still says ambrose is not fatphobic (even tho ambrose has publicly stated she’s fatphobic a million times)

No. 1382459

File: 1638470702505.jpeg (588.82 KB, 2295x3139, 36D25B4E-88D2-403A-A2DB-688358…)

Alright, I’m more of a lurker but I haven’t seen anyone bring this up yet so I’m sharing this in case that other anons have screenshots of the deleted tweets. In June, Ambrose sent her flying monkeys after a literal 13 year old girl and caused her to receive death threats. There was an edtwt bot account where you could send positive messages to other edtwt users and a mod used this account to tell Ambrose to kill herself. There were 5 moderators for this account so there wasn’t any way of knowing who sent the tweet. However, Ambrose immediately pointed the blame at the 13 year old girl because she had Ambrose blocked. Her followers then harassed said 13 year old girl, told her to kill herself and sent death threats. She explained that the only reason why she had Ambrose blocked was because Ambrose was 21, and she was uncomfortable with interacting with someone that old. A day later one of the mods claimed responsibility for the kys tweet, and then finally Ambrose deleted her tweet blaming the 13 year old girl. Pic related are the only tweets I could find about the situation.

No. 1382460

You sound like an anime villain, are you gonna keep saying weird vague things or provide some concrete milk?

No. 1382465

i think she was clockable from the start. i mean, a very common characteristic of degenerate moids is that they don't groom minors alone, at least in online spaces. they always protect their cults with the help of other moids. just watch the grooming agp behavior, or discord admin behavior. these are almost the same, they always put other retards to help enabling the grooming.

No. 1382466

File: 1638470924919.png (270.78 KB, 535x589, filename.png)

I believe the fat friend is probably the one who's posting pics and other info on Ambrose, too. The filename on these quickly deleted pics crinkled my tinfoil.

Ambrose should watch out lol she's surrounded by two-faced bitches.

No. 1382468

Can’t believe this narc has pulled the exact same shit multiple times and got away with it. I’m surprised that nobody tried to call her bs out before, were they seriously that scared of her or are they just braindead?

No. 1382469

Aeniayh Gendreau posts thirst pics to minors and laps up the attention when anorexic minors respond with horny replies. Aeniayh Gendreau manipulates these minors and uses her power over them to act out what she wants them to do, which is a very dangerous trait to have if seeking jobs in close proximity to children and/or in any kind of position of authority. So dangerous in fact that they're willing to use that to have other people kill themself. Just throwing that put there for any employer who might want to be very aware of how ruthless Aeniayh Gendreau is. Aeniayh Gendreau Aeniayh Gendreau Aeniayh Gendreau.

No. 1382470

File: 1638471007143.jpeg (20.79 KB, 275x123, 6A2B7C1C-E24A-4BD9-87CF-082AE1…)

Are you this raging woman wannabe? You’re definitely the woman wannabe right?

No. 1382471

please stop

No. 1382472

Brain dead and thinking she was their emo broom boy crush

No. 1382473

Yeah, this person is definitely a farmer

No. 1382474

nona how does the filename prove any of that? I agree that she 100% has mutuals lurking/posting but we don’t have solid proof yet

No. 1382476

sorry but who is that and what do they have to do with aeniayh? genuine question, newfag.

No. 1382477

NTA but the filename shows that the user saved this image from the twitter app in September.

No. 1382479

>has a pattern of harassing not only severely mentally ill women but literal children too
and we're supposed to think lucinda is the bad guy for calling this bitch a loser? what she said was 100% true kek

No. 1382480

File: 1638471490948.jpg (471.42 KB, 1725x2048, IMG_20210926_075630.jpg)

Sorry to ruin your tinfoil wild nonnies, it me anon who posted them, i deleted them because i felt bad zooming at a girl's breasts that she hates sm, kek damn them feelings. Here's another pic to make up for it

No. 1382481

Honestly "uncool fatphobic loser" is the nicest thing you could say about this raging asshole. It sounds like she's been using her status in the community to attack people (including kids) for a long time now. Luci is getting bullied to suicide for the "crime" of telling the truth about someone as politely as possible.

No. 1382483

No idea kek, they were posted earlier with no context, clearly someone who wants attention. Checked their twitter account and they sound like they could pop a vein talking about ambrose

No. 1382489

butter heart of you lmao but who cares she posted the photos herself. If I may ask, did you save the photos as inspo? And did you notice at the time the breasts or are you only noticing now?
I swear she would always act like she was super chill and didn't know where all the drama came from guys!!!! And then flew off the handle, suicide baiting at the first sign of opposition and justifying it as self defense or whatever

No. 1382490

Oh, ok lmao I tinfoiled for nothing. Shame.

No. 1382493

Saving images from the app usually results in that date and time format. The only other situations that use that format are your own camera photos and downloads on samsung phones in my experience.

No. 1382494

File: 1638471937863.jpeg (307.77 KB, 1214x1080, 463FD710-B39E-4BA1-A99D-0DFCEA…)

more fatties seething because they got banned for trying to protect their innocent little tranny

No. 1382495

They were scared of the bateman hannibal kinnie gay gymbro literally amab prostitute.

No. 1382498

kek in my years of being on lolcow i’ve never seen this many self-inserts of malnourished losers trying to cash in on the attention…rosie really bringing the wannabe cows out of the woodwork i see

No. 1382499

"quite literally a semi tall amab" said no man ever

No. 1382500

Nah not as thinspo, i was very intrigued by her online persona that seemed so dramatic just like by any lolcow and wanted to know more, she's notorious for deleting her posts so i saved some "important" ones that showed too much of her identity.
For the record, she was never careful with hiding where she lives, I'm not from the USA yet i figured out where she lives and works as well as her uni, i couldn't find her name tho she hid that so well.

No. 1382501

any man below 6'0 calls himself short kek

No. 1382503

They're all desperate to get their own threads here, sorry anachans but you'll never be as interesting as Unicow vs. Ambrosina

No. 1382505

For some reason, the unusual name reads like "Enya" to me.

No. 1382508

Truly, the work ambrose put in her online persona was fascinating to me. All the other kids are boring and predictable. Try harder i guess (or not).

No. 1382509

>>”dietdollie”(>>"sage your shit")

No. 1382522

File: 1638473166391.jpeg (65.99 KB, 828x365, 0654A22B-8680-4FEA-9793-ED954B…)

No. 1382523

I say we add her to the notable fangirls list. One quick glance through the replies she’s tweeted and she’s completely infatuated with him.

No. 1382524

File: 1638473205340.png (139.25 KB, 500x522, i want you died.png)

Remember when she would randomly throw edgy tantrums? She made a post saying "I wish there was 0 cal oil" (something like that) and every time someone responded "haha so true! shame that [explanation why that's not possible]" she would reply in a super aggressive way "did I fucking ask for an explanation? Shut the fuck up" and this happened in multiple posts and you never knew what would set her off. This is just the example I remember best kek what was up with that? Even at the time I didn't believe that was her narcissism acting up like she claimed, just edgy larping

No. 1382531

seriously she would be so fucking butthurt by everything but then be rude to literal 14 year olds to “own” them for doing nothing

No. 1382532

I remember once rosie asked people to guess her bmi and she got mad that someone guessed a bigger number than she wanted lol. Does this kind of shit all the time.

No. 1382533

File: 1638473479910.jpeg (793.79 KB, 1242x1739, 5F6BBE97-B723-4F75-A727-FF9C61…)

the gore porn-addict tranny who told us to get raped went priv btw

No. 1382535

Nonnie I'm so mad I didn't save the pictures of the walls and doors she supposedly broke KEK instead i saved them tits no one cares about shaking and crying, ambrose reactivate for the culture pwease

No. 1382536

>kek what was up with that?
A sad attempt at sounding totally male online.

No. 1382539

she’s just been rt’ing random funny tweets

No. 1382540

And when she posted a ruined flour sack that she punched and got mad at replies that thought it was funny/ didn't take it seriously? KEK

No. 1382542

File: 1638473783362.png (9.05 MB, 1242x2208, B81FD1F7-5C4F-4C7E-80B4-DF2B5E…)

I never even thought about the possibility that there could be someone out there who is jealous of lucinda. But damn, here we are.

No. 1382544


It's the Testosterone, most likely. Rashes and redness in the neck and face are a common side effect of taking T/abusing T.

No. 1382546

wait it was this bitch that was mad at the unicorn?
I didn't care to ss at the time but ambrose literally reposted a tt of someone making fun of her kek.

No. 1382547

anon i don’t know what the photo you accompanied with your post has to do with rosie but good lord my sides

No. 1382551

if he posts the blunt show us how skinny it is nonnie

No. 1382553

she’s one of the minions who was calling lucinda a transphobe bc of ambrose kek

No. 1382554

delete and censor likes/ comments right now I'm serious this ss narrows down who you are very closely

No. 1382555

Do you remember when that kid accused her of asking for bodychecks without clothes on in order for help with fitness training? I’m not sure if it was real but her fans immediately started defending her saying the kid was lucky that rosie wanted to help them & that it was ridiculous to be creeped out

No. 1382556

ily nona post more leaks, you're our hero

No. 1382558

>Doesn't know what to do
Therapy, Aeniayh Gendreau. You are 28 and playing a game of pretend like a 15 year old ALONGSIDE actual 15 year olds. You are not Hannibal, you are not Patrick Bateman, you're a midget and a fag

No. 1382559

It's just narc injury, you drama queen. You will live.

No. 1382560

Better start accusing others of being sus first!

No. 1382561

I thought her response was that it was all fake and was when she came out as having been groomed in the past and so she would never do the same to another person

No. 1382564

>patrick bateman kin
>unapologetically fatphobic
I know I'm schizophrenic but does anyone else get the vibes she's also trying to larp as an edgy /fit/ bro

No. 1382566

She larps as a gymbro and posted fatphobic gymbro tiktoks (so, likely /fit/ bros) of course she is trying to larp as that

No. 1382567

Ngl, I'd clap if she ever posted her larp on /tttt/ or /fit/ for validation

No. 1382568

yeah the only defense anyone had until someone actually checked the ss was
> "ambrose would never do that!"

It actually was eventually debunked later but thats a weird ass defense.

No. 1382571

Would a 4chin shitter be so fucking stupid with personal info?

No. 1382573

Both boards would demolish her.

No. 1382574

4chan is reddit 3.0 nowadays, you have kids who don't know what a torrent is, Bella Janke was a classic nu-4chan user and tried so send raids from there, and there's always been lolcows like the chick that fakes her squeaky voice posting her nudes for attention there

No. 1382576

nah ambrose would fit right in with the edgelord ftms on /tttt/ kek, i'm half expecting a tripfag saga next

No. 1382577

We would know bc she wouldn't be able to resist tripfagging.

No. 1382592

Edgelord /tttt/ tifs have thicker skin, while Ambrose can't stand being called a loser by a schizo and other dysfunctional zoomers and being mocked by random anons. She's a twitterfag through and through.
I can see her finding her way in a groomy troony discord server, but that's about it.

No. 1382604

File: 1638476059322.png (2.12 MB, 846x1357, 1638476739302.png)

My submission for next thread pic. I made one for the Lucinda thread so I figured I'd make one here. This is a photograph of the stand glass window the Vatican are going to erect in honour of the time Lucinda won the battle of EDtwt and slayed Ambrose

No. 1382605

KEK this is amazing and gets my vote

No. 1382607

File: 1638476131003.gif (3.82 MB, 498x340, incredible-talented.gif)

No. 1382610

this is beautiful

No. 1382613

File: 1638476573198.gif (3.8 MB, 640x272, MjGnYrJ.gif)

Love this turn out.

No. 1382614

They're just replacing St Micheal with Lucinda because Lucinda did it better

No. 1382618

File: 1638476769226.jpeg (68.4 KB, 691x469, BC9311B1-70A0-47DB-82F3-DCE3BF…)

No. 1382620

go lucinda go!

No. 1382626

Context? Did someone post this on Twitter?

No. 1382627

Wow nonnie where did you get this from? were you close with her?

No. 1382630


No. 1382634

Seriously? Getting that big, taking T for 3 years but never committing to the name change? Detrans saga when

No. 1382636

Hey Ambrose's fat friend, if you're still reading here you should drop more milk on this obvious fake frienemy who's been shit talking you behind your back and making fun of your body. You deserve better than this from your friends!

No. 1382638

File: 1638477485899.png (318.12 KB, 720x1161, Screenshot_2021-12-02-16-58-42…)

Forgot to post this, snitched it when she reactivated. Can you imagine how this fight would look like? Lol

No. 1382640

my guess is because that name is fucking impossible to pronounce or spell so maybe it doesn't seem feminine to normies or something

No. 1382643

The girl saying i hate how i look in this tiktok isn’t gothicccucumber/one of Ambrose’s orbiters, she’s irrelevant to all this. gothicccucumber just screenrecorded and reposted her tiktok to compliment her or something, there was basically just some tiktok drama like a month ago where everyone was railing on this girl for being fat and racist (which I think was made up) or something lol idk it’s not related to edtwt at all even.

No. 1382647

>my xbox and my scale
Lol nerd

No. 1382648

File: 1638477884660.gif (2.25 MB, 500x288, ambrose fighting.gif)

No. 1382652

Anon I’m cackling

No. 1382653

File: 1638478254777.jpeg (89.28 KB, 473x751, 76767706-E5ED-4C56-80F7-12384B…)

No. 1382654


Wtf so edtwt is literally just a bunch of fatties with fake skinny girl profile pics? My mind is blown right now, this is a milk goldmine.

No. 1382658

holy shit i just realized lolcow doesn’t know about the hilarious fucking wannarexic goldmine that is edtwt.

No. 1382659

I can't tell if she's like joking or trying to be romantic or

No. 1382660

File: 1638478540094.jpg (185.64 KB, 720x975, 20211202_175058.jpg)

this is one of lucinda's friends, and like everyone he's a disgusting and fetichist troon

No. 1382661

File: 1638478602187.jpg (106.83 KB, 720x566, 20211202_175038.jpg)

No. 1382664

File: 1638478619103.jpeg (158.03 KB, 1170x1091, 1C6F8A3D-6495-4D37-B5C2-209BC4…)

anyone remember this? she got cancelled for saying “r word” but then threw a tantrum about being able to reclaim it and cried about having to “come out” as autistic because of it

No. 1382666

the projection is astounding. suffering an eating disorder is directly correlated with being a femcel, delusional bitches. you perfectly know how much changes the treat you recive while being fat/vs being on normal-skinny weight. if that doesn't make you hate moids then you're just a delusional pickme.

No. 1382668

please tell me that’s the troon

No. 1382669

File: 1638478738145.jpg (147.86 KB, 720x993, 20211202_174955.jpg)

No. 1382670

actually if that is the troon you should probably delete his face reveal because he’s 16

No. 1382671

ew why are tims always so gross

No. 1382678

Delete anon we don’t post minors on here

No. 1382679

Her whole circle is a den of insanity.
You should post it in her thread, though.
lol what a weird drama.

No. 1382681

The only actual thin girls I've seen on there have like 5k+

No. 1382682

read the rules, 16 is fine

No. 1382683

16 is a-okay according to the rules

No. 1382686

That is a ROUGH fucking 16 holy shit I would have guessed 30

No. 1382687

more like 10k+

No. 1382691

Reeks of selfpost. Who cares about a spam of photos of some troon who vaguely knows Lucinda?

No. 1382693

File: 1638479539026.jpg (72.03 KB, 720x339, 20211202_181029.jpg)

No. 1382696

selfpost or ome of ambrose's obese followers trying to change the subject.Pathetic either way kek

No. 1382700

you posted a minor(sage)

No. 1382706

Does she think overreacting like a hangry little girl hurting from period cramps makes her look masc? Maybe if she ever socialized with actual men in the real world without trying to get fucked instead of constructing a teen girl internet hug bubble, she might have learned to brush off getting dunked on like a real man. There are 5'2" cis manlets out there, but 3 years of gymbro larping never taught her how to act. I thought narcs were supposed to be good at mirroring people… I guess she really didnt pass around the people she could have learned from. Real men can't live up to the yaoi fantasy, and they shouldn't.

No. 1382707

I kept wondering why anons would speak of making an edtwt thread instead of just using the proana scumbags one, but I guess they'd be a bit out of place

No. 1382708

File: 1638480229408.jpg (193.36 KB, 720x1081, 20211202_182038.jpg)

No. 1382709

it doesn't say anywhere in her bio she is a minor nona.

No. 1382710

File: 1638480333553.jpg (55.23 KB, 720x363, 20211202_182056.jpg)

No. 1382713

Part of the reason I feel an edtwt thread should never happen is happening right now - edtwt users would use it to self post or bitch about drama they dont like. I dont know who keeps posting this random people discussing lolcow, but unless it's related to ambrose, I dont see why its here

No. 1382714

they're whiteknighting ambrose and lying

No. 1382717

I really don't see the point of posting these nagging transtrenders they're boring and say the same shit every other twittard says, very predictable and repetitive

No. 1382719

Not this bitch talking. Wish I cared enough about them to look more into their edgelord shit. Honestly they seem the type to be on lolcow anyways.

No. 1382720

written in her carrd, you should delete your post.

No. 1382721

No1curr child, go back to tweeting about vomiting your lunch or binging or whatever that you do

No. 1382724

one of the most annoying ambrose kissasses on the fucking site. is she actually retarded? why do they all think lucinda sicced lolcow on rosie

No. 1382725

File: 1638480964927.gif (913.78 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

They really want to preach about id politics while attacking a non-binary/transwhatever Hispanic literal schizo

No. 1382726

ashley, kiddo, the post said nothing about you and if it was against the rules it would have been taken down when nona posted it.

No. 1382727

The way ambrose blamed lucinda for the doxx has completely brainwashed his retarded stans. This has gotta be the 20th death threat I’ve seen that’s sent to lucinda. I can’t even imagine the DMs

No. 1382728

File: 1638481162501.jpg (66.77 KB, 720x458, 20211202_183727.jpg)

No. 1382733

This has been a pervasive problem since before this drama (remember the munchie thread)? Plus we already have a proana thread anyway so another edtwt thread isn't necessary, and I'd say it's pretty well moderated for what it is. The reason why this site is so scary to these twitterfags is that they're scared that every one is an anon here kek. They have no one to dogpile on or mass report.

No. 1382734

looks like a groupchat ss, hopefully big enough that it's not incriminating
I agree with the sentiment but the fact that you referred to her as "ambrose's fat friend" is so funny

No. 1382737

posting random tweets with no added info is lame, fuck off. but jumping off of that I just remembered the drama when edtwt girls were complaining about Ambrose getting a lot of attention because he's a "cis man". I thought it was over the top and who cares but they were literally correct because now that she came out she's definitely gonna lose clout severely

No. 1382745

>thinking you only got outed for being a soft-jawed midget and censoring your tits when you write like this

The proana scumbags thread is rough enough on our poor farmhands adding a Twitter specific one would just be cruel

No. 1382750

File: 1638482211413.jpeg (25.68 KB, 648x333, 3345576E-BF77-4ADC-9DEE-CBBFD0…)

these “people” are so fucking retarded it’s almost impossible not to a-log.

Aeniayh’s bitch ass made the insta regret decision of bragging that “at least i don’t have a lolcow thread” and the rest is history. What is so fucking hard to understand? luckily a cunt starving for an anime character won’t amount to anything in life that would involve influencing the future kek or we’d be doomed.

No. 1382751

I'd take the enraged troons calling us rapey on here over these self posters and random screenshots any day

No. 1382752

nta but chill, it’s relevant

No. 1382753

zoro is gay and likes muscular men

No. 1382754

File: 1638482441956.jpeg (93.71 KB, 623x723, 9ACBACF7-3D64-41A7-A038-1C8632…)

No. 1382755

NTA but some random nobody's twitter opinion is not interesting, relevant or milky.

No. 1382757

Embarrassing kek

No. 1382758

omg that was painful to read, why would she do this to herself

No. 1382760

Just because they're mentioning lolcow doesn't make it interesting, they're just stale whiney opinions you read everyday if you search "LGBTQ" on Twitter.
Before you post a ss ask yourself is it milky or funny, if not, don't bother.

No. 1382761

The best part is Ambrose actually called her out and said it was creepy

No. 1382763

It’s a saged post? Relevant bc even back then people admitted that the reason for her popularity was bc she was seen as a cis male, it won’t be the same now.

No. 1382767

And they say undernourishment negatively impacts sex drive, none of that when ambrose was the cisman darling!

No. 1382773

what do u use to get old tweets nona? this is milky

No. 1382774

File: 1638483375224.png (172.61 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2021-09-13-18-47-34…)

Iirc ambrose only mentioned suffering from schizophrenia few times, ig she forgot about it, we need a list of her disorders she's clearly a malingerer
Why are you putting a question mark after a normal sentence it's reeking of edtwt big gorl. This thread has a limit stop derailing it to post everyone who disagreed with you on your deranged virtual space

No. 1382779

File: 1638483627677.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, giphy (3).gif)

so rosie is also a schizo but didn't know any better than to not argue with one off her antipsychotics?

No. 1382783

apparently rosie suffers from every mental disorder to ever exist,

No. 1382789

>hurting a hamster
Made it up for edgelord/bateman kinnie points or she's another Bella Janke.
She's the whole DSM V.

No. 1382790

i don’t think anyone in the thread brought it up yet but rosie was friends with another troon named charlie @/honeysplenda but ditched her as soon as edtwt cancellled her(namefag)

No. 1382794

Charlie also went by godsplenda he was an utter dumbass while he lasted.

No. 1382795

obvious self insert. leave.

No. 1382797

File: 1638484228540.jpg (11.82 KB, 383x410, HJDRDDYJTHKGHJDJTJ.jpg)

imagine wanting to have sex with this thing

No. 1382800

File: 1638484298798.png (285.77 KB, 623x1313, download.png)

More prostitute larping on her twitter

Not everyone you disagree with here is a edtwtfag anon, it was an implied question. Just thought that one was ok out of all the other 50 unsaged random spam.

No. 1382803

so how many disorders are we in by now?
>npd (makes her edgy and act annoying + male larping validation + american psycho/ hannibal kinning)
>anger issues (more edgy behavior like door punching + male larping + edgy character kinning)
>bpd (pretty sure she has talked about some suspicion of it, honestly I'd believe it but she probably didn't stick with it because it's a girlie diagnosis)
>schizophrenia (more edgyness "I'm insane I want you die" type + makes her pace a lot apparently)
>depression (sad, needs underage edtwt girls' attention)
>autism (conveniently got it in time to use slurs)
Am I missing 1 or 10?

No. 1382809

you forget her favorite disorder, antisocial personality(namefag)

No. 1382812

No. 1382814

I thought that was included in npd idk that much mentally ill lore it seems
Also, >name, girl what are you doing you could at least try to blend in

No. 1382816

File: 1638484850814.png (34.89 KB, 626x394, image (1).png)

wb machine won't load pfps but she claims she was working as a manager, stocker and an escort all at once while being a full time student

No. 1382819

File: 1638484935363.png (29.99 KB, 622x128, a wish.png)

You got all but APD.
It would be a completed "self dx zoomer" bingo card if she feigned ADHD and DID.

No. 1382827

File: 1638485570329.gif (702.43 KB, 220x220, fight.gif)


No. 1382829

File: 1638485619529.jpeg (312.92 KB, 828x1925, DAE5DDA6-D36A-4026-A9B5-0CB4C1…)

sage for ot but this is the girl who said farmers call each other precious cows lol, the irony in these tweets.

No. 1382831

This looks like a dark souls boss fight.

No. 1382840

she has ptsd too, or atleast just trauma

No. 1382841

i didn’t realize everyone was going by the same name pls(newfag)

No. 1382850

>"lolcow is for chubby girls"
>average edtwt user is bmi 27

No. 1382855

You forgot ASPD

No. 1382861

File: 1638486905075.jpg (92.5 KB, 907x324, 1638486808637.jpg)

Lmfao, eat your heart out Ambrose

No. 1382876

wheres the edtwt poll u guys found this in( newfag)

No. 1382883

honestly i’m glad lucinda is unbothered even though the baby troons are still begging for her to fold. it just makes aeniayh look worse for her to be continually sending people after her

No. 1382893

It's good to see her not give a shit about the hate. It's weird to see them try to skew this situation against her, when the lying fujo woman was the one who instigated this whole situation in the first place by bullying others. Ambrose is only angry that she was caught in her lies and her edgy twittersona is falling apart.

No. 1382898

I was the "ok colonizer" one. IDK if it read like I was calling it the anon posting the tweet, I was taking the piss out of Ambrose whining how much it hurt her when colonizers criticize her or call her a colonizer (whatever it was, I genuinely don't remember). Regular farmer in case it isn't clear. IDK why I sounded like a twitterfag if my above interpretation wasn't correct. Didn't think my intentions weren't clear

No. 1382903


looks as if it was a little less.

No. 1382904

File: 1638490413823.jpg (37.4 KB, 750x745, E6XSbcsWEAE_6l-.jpg)


forgive my retardation i forgot to add the image

No. 1382908

account got suspended but the average bmi isn't actually 26+, it's just that the majority of the people who answered the poll had a bmi of over 26 . like that was the majority

No. 1382929

>Antisocial, narcissistic, scary dangerous man
>Criminal record
>LITERALLY Hannibal and Patrick Bateman


> guys my self-esteem feels really low right now. can you believe they outed me. where is the decency, the sense of morals. their text posts on the internet are VIOLENCE

No. 1382931

File: 1638491934605.jpeg (76.69 KB, 640x360, 2BE2B575-0761-4EE6-B307-E2F0B4…)

With Ambrose being a Paul Dano doppelgänger thought I’d cast Luci in a movie with him. Do you think Luci’s horn would make oil fracking easier?

No. 1382939

File: 1638492797866.jpeg (251.23 KB, 828x563, 7B3EB701-1F48-4861-AB66-F9379E…)

Another tweet about us from a fangirl. If they want us to leave Rosie alone so bad, why don’t they quit bringing attention to her thread?

You heard it here first, we’re all pathetic femcels who hide behind anonymity… says the fat girl on eating disorder twitter.

No. 1382940

edtwt user spotted

No. 1382941

There's a really weird typing style all overstimulated terminally online Twitter kids develop.

No. 1382957

The only think I dislike about Lucinda is the way she types, why does she have to type like a damn toddler

No. 1382964

because unicorns don't have fingers, duh

No. 1382978

I love this.

No. 1383003

File: 1638496903078.jpg (67.35 KB, 892x301, 4HGRJSGR6J.jpg)

>ambrose asked minors for bodychecks as a personal trainer

No. 1383014

Okay I hate Ambrose but I'm pretty sure that's a lie, or misinfo at least

No. 1383024

That's a really hot dad, but you're going to get a ban.

No. 1383030

Cope. You’re either skelllyyy or you’re fat. Bitches who got skinny would be too busy enjoying attention on mains to stay on pathetic edtwt.

No. 1383034

No one gives a fuck about every single random wannarexic hoe who inserted themselves into the drama. “About us” stfu you’re not one of us.

No. 1383035

File: 1638498096595.jpg (58.21 KB, 800x1065, 8zkiv94eoug71.jpg)

why would I get banned? isnt this that place that all hot men searching for hot dads meet up and share pictures of our shirtless bodys? look man, ive had a tough day, my wife divorced me over my whole "dog rocketship" scheme and i dont need some ban to make it worse(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1383039

File: 1638498357991.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1597, 7A27B3B5-D097-4C4A-8A0C-BDBB6E…)

I think Ambrose went by Damien on another part of Twitter because isn’t Ambrose’s cat the same as this one? Both Damien and Ambrose are gymbros and anorexic druggies

No. 1383041

Damien is his irl fakeboi name, that's definitely him. Got any more ss?

No. 1383043

File: 1638498535837.jpg (31 KB, 495x409, 565284529.jpg)

from ambrose's deviantart

No. 1383044

Show pics of Ambrose’s cat.

No. 1383046

File: 1638498575630.jpg (29.96 KB, 714x184, 8965296.jpg)

No. 1383048

File: 1638498647999.jpg (29.63 KB, 728x200, 35652.jpg)

No. 1383050

On the internet since age 5? That explains everything.

No. 1383052

File: 1638498935008.jpeg (793.68 KB, 1125x1707, 8149D97F-F475-4940-AE3D-8B04CB…)

No. His account has no selfies but he lives in Michigan. He was on kin Twitter and they kicked him out because they didn’t like when he would get high on coke and be mean to people. I follow him and there’s nothing really there other than he got his stuff stolen on campus recently

No. 1383055

he posted this on main so its definitely the same person

No. 1383056

What are the chances that you have been following this random account and know extensive lore about it

No. 1383059

Used to be a part of his clique a long time ago before I grew the fuck up lmao. But literally there’s nothing really on this account and I’m actually genuinely disgusted someone I once considered a friend is this piece of shit

No. 1383062

File: 1638499503417.jpeg (145.52 KB, 1125x488, 99A8E8FA-F6E0-42D9-9F53-A43DEE…)

What dick?

No. 1383065

I don’t believe you. Bring some more convincing caps instead of reeking of damage control.

No. 1383068

File: 1638499771859.jpeg (583.28 KB, 1125x1633, AD855E68-9448-443F-993C-C7564F…)

There’s tons of stuff but too lazy I’m ngl. But here is him admitting doing this to his ex

No. 1383072

I genuinely have 0 evidence. He has no selfies and I follow no other account of his. He used to kin ciel from black butler though if that counts for ancient Ambrose lore. I just remember his cat and him looking like that(sage your shit)

No. 1383073

Screenshot all the milk, anon. Before he finds this and starts deleting things.

No. 1383077

File: 1638500109752.jpeg (309.16 KB, 1125x632, 83904B29-6B93-417B-B56F-ABB607…)

No. 1383078

Ah okay I thought you were implying that it’s not him mb. Sage goes in the email field.

No. 1383079

File: 1638500138226.jpeg (341.38 KB, 1125x651, FC2875E1-F816-46F3-8F73-547086…)

No. 1383082

File: 1638500225125.jpg (54.51 KB, 1280x720, 20211202_235523.jpg)

this is ambrose's cat, mishi

No. 1383083

File: 1638500256505.jpeg (328.79 KB, 1125x731, 58A5B8DD-2A86-4E5A-AAF6-16C6B0…)

I can’t be bothered as I am about to fall asleep but this is definitely him. Ambrose is a guy named Damien who used to be on kin Twitter but they got sick of his ego and coke addiction.

No. 1383085

kek this isn't even how adderall works. what a wannabe edgelord.

No. 1383086

Trancels are always so fucking desperate and nasty. Poor thing hadnt seen a cock in years. Destroyed her own dating pool over coom cartoons lol

No. 1383087

File: 1638500362524.jpg (188.83 KB, 720x1440, 20211202_235711.jpg)


No. 1383088

so she used to drug her boyfriend- man, why would you ever admit to something like that? I mean, it's fucked up that you'd do it in the first place but did she think people would be impressed?

No. 1383089

that is an adorable kitty

No. 1383090

ambrose's cat, mishi, looks the same as the cat posted in that account, so it's her

No. 1383091

“i would’ve cussed him out” there’s so much about this that is way too fucked up

No. 1383092

Ya sure that happened but let see you crucified for this kek
>narcissist admits to abusing her partner by drugging him

No. 1383093

Please, post the screenshots fast because she's going to delete or deactivate the account soon.

No. 1383094

Right? I have actual diagnosed adhd and will admit hate when my symptoms get me yelled at. If I found out my ex did that to me I would lose my shit

No. 1383095

I wonder if the twitter fangirls are going to somehow defend drugging your partner now

No. 1383097

No one cares about your diagnoses

No. 1383098

do you have any video sources of this or other ones with this little dude attacking people (or things I can search to get there)? I'd love to make a site banner about this saga using them.

No. 1383099

So, she’s a mentally unstable cunt who bullies other mentally disabled people? Wow paint me surprised. And all these edtwt girls still flock to her, disgusting.

No. 1383100

they'll just deny it's her.

anons with access- has she posted anymore on her coolfitnessguy account?

No. 1383101

File: 1638500828138.jpg (45.84 KB, 896x693, 20211203_000419.jpg)

compare both cats

No. 1383103

Didn't Janke also drug her only friend, why are they the same person

No. 1383104

And check moots

No. 1383107

It’s not. The account is siicemywrist

No. 1383112

File: 1638501485950.jpg (70.81 KB, 720x693, 20211203_001534.jpg)

No. 1383115

File: 1638501547561.jpg (50.45 KB, 720x647, 20211203_001617.jpg)

No. 1383119

This could just be more larping, tho you're still fucked up if you pretend and brag about that.

No. 1383125


i would love an edtwt thread (maybe for this thread to evolve into an edtwt general when a new one gets made) there are so many cows on that part of twitter. endless clashes between fandom/otherkin/egirl/neopronoun self harming ftm pooner types like ambrose, the vapid/performatively bitchy "waiftwt"/post-shmegeh tumblr/red scare/high fashion moodboard twitter types, and kpop stans in between

the only issue is that all of these personalities will go out of their way to get posted and come here and shit up the board, as demonstrated within these threads and lucinda's thread. there would need to be some other specific cows or a recap of some of the preexisting drama (shit like this here >>1382790)
to start with lol

No. 1383128

>I’m ngl
I am not trying to "hi cow" this anon, but this is a very common ambrose-ism
>referring to her as "him"
Does anybody else find this suspicious or is it just me?

No. 1383130

Did she just delete these or were they already deleted? If it was recently deleted, that's just more fuel to the fire. Thank you for the milk by the way anon!
There's already a proana thread, but there's also a twitter hate thread on /ot/ that you can use for more isolated incidents or just generally posting some cows you encounter without commitment.

No. 1383132

>maybe for this thread to evolve into an edtwt general when a new one gets made
Literally what

No. 1383133

isabella janke did the same with her simp louis (trying to drug him with estrogen). I'm starting to agree with other anons here, ambrose and janke seem to be cut from the same thread. repulsive

No. 1383134

i think they assumed that aeniayh’s milk is eventually gonna dry out (disagree) and that this’ll eventually be all about them. your wish isn’t gonna come true anon

No. 1383140

No. Just use proana thread for notable cows. Edtwt thread will literally be nothing but anachan selfposters. We don't need your kind on this site sperging about your beef with each other.

No. 1383153

File: 1638505149598.jpeg (57.02 KB, 1080x1080, 7E439925-001B-4DE1-8812-8390E9…)

I would give soooo many puerto rico dollars to see chad unicorn lucinda go hoof-to-toe against the dainty virgin ambrosia. celebrity deathmatch style

No. 1383160

Also it's the same cat that links her to her old account, like how janke got doxxed by her dog lmao

No. 1383181

is that pre teen okay after finding out there was no cock to suck, girl apparently deactivated out of embarrassment kek(sage)

No. 1383185

edtwt if you have a bone to pick with some random non milky retard here, fuck off. Your trying to get everyone shit talking about non relevant people is boring & shows you have no fucking clue what milk even is. this isn’t the burn book from mean girls kek

No. 1383186

learn to fucking sage

No. 1383224

Quit your vendettafagging anon this isn't even milky and that screenshot has a 14 year old in it

No. 1383231

The little guy's name is Köksal Baba.

>edtwt thread
>edtwt general
No, fuck off. Farmhands already have to work (for free) overtime to clean up the mess twitterfags make and 90% of these people are your dime a dozen fat white girl with bpd or autism. It would be /vendetta general/ for all of these bored zoomers who get all flustered by any beef/disagreement.

No. 1383241

I am absolutely amazed that inaider anon confirmed she was a Ciel kinnie, in the year 2021. That's like a move from 2008 livejournal, seems like Ambrose never really got into weebshit?

The hilarious part is that Ciel is an effeminate super short manlet yet she somehow swapped to wanting to be a /fit/ bro, I wonder what led to that.

No. 1383256

Euh lurk moar there were screenshots from her old social media she was always into anime despite saying otherwise to sound cool (i remember her saying she doesn't know what a kin is and made it sound like she was trying it for the first time with venom), she was a furfag too

No. 1383270

Where did the edit of this go with Lucinda and Ambrose & chicken run

No. 1383282

File: 1638524874050.jpeg (122.88 KB, 1242x1125, 3B4D9EA8-15AB-4F67-B1C7-59E99D…)

One of her older accounts was this. She has had multiple callouts on kinnie twt and are deleted I can’t even remember all her usernames

No. 1383283

I mean I guess it makes Sense she is a ciel kinnie considering her mom died. Gotta milk that shit

No. 1383292

How does she have time to be omnipresent on all the retarded sides of twitter? She must know what a fucking loser she is because she made sure to tell everyone on her ambrose account that her life is so busy fucking the gays, maintaining two jobs and studying. She said she doesn't know what a kin is and never watched anime, even made fun of those who watch it. I've never seen this level of larping in all of my years as a lolcow enthusiast KEK you know what you are aeniayh.

Screenshot anon did you know this was ambrose all this time or are you just finding out?

No. 1383295

File: 1638526761898.jpeg (329.51 KB, 996x1785, 9B5B7C8B-360C-4BB8-BA3D-CC3B80…)

No. 1383296

File: 1638526789816.jpeg (105.03 KB, 996x868, D59880F4-ABD5-489A-9548-EF4F28…)

History repeats

No. 1383297

File: 1638526825076.png (681.43 KB, 1125x2436, 04DF3E48-2528-48A8-AA31-7AC5CC…)

I found this tweet about ‘work’ days ago when looking for milk and didn’t know what the job she was referring to was until now oh god.

No. 1383298

I am the original poster who leaked her other account siicemywrist and just remembered this when I woke up

No. 1383299

Based stalker.
She was doing this shit for two years, wtf.

Aeniayh, get off the internet. Seriously. Rebranding, joining another retarded community and assembling another army of mentally ill teenagers won't fix your issues.

No. 1383302

What’s she gonna do when she eventually sees this?

No. 1383304

Anon wait until you learn she said she took the gays for 300$ lmaoo

Now I don't even believe this tiny girl worked an overnight shelf stocking job as an anorexic (it was pre gym phase) I JUST REMEMBERED she said old men at the grocery store were complimenting her strength lifting heavy boxes they can't lift KEK, I don't believe she has a job even. I think just like isabella janke she lives off daddy's money.

No. 1383307

Hope she is fucking mortified and stays offline.

No. 1383309

She is seeing it and she's seething and pretending she's not kek
Omg why did she lie about this. Fellas, is it female to watch anime?
"Ambrose" really is a made up persona, there's nothing real, she lied about anything that she thought would be detrimental for her sigma male larp. This is why she can never make a comeback, at least with this persona, everyone knows it was all fake. She could have just been a closeted ftm but no she had to pretend to be a stoic chad gay male prostitute sociopath who is oblivious to cringy internet shit like gender politics and anime. So when the truth came out it wasn't just her retarded "dysphoria", or her biological sex, the entire house of cards fell. Her trans accepting followers definitely feel a sense of betrayal but keep quiet because they think pointing it out would make them transphobic

No. 1383311

File: 1638529691960.jpeg (350.36 KB, 1125x834, A27DABB1-5E42-4137-B4DC-A85843…)

Here’s her ex she drugged. She was his first and only sexual encounter which is such a shame

No. 1383312

File: 1638529732340.jpeg (253.38 KB, 750x962, DB0082EE-8359-4ADA-9A68-F36B02…)

another deviantart account of hers, same username as her old kinnie twitter account and active around the same time period. glad to know she was still on her furfag shit in 2019 kek

No. 1383313

Has he said anything? It'd be interesting if he told his story about his involvement with Ambrose. At the very least I hope he knows he was being drugged if that's even true.

No. 1383314

File: 1638529779076.png (385.85 KB, 720x623, Screenshot_2021-12-02-20-32-00…)

Speak for yourselves edtwt fags. Lolcow wants the milk to keep flowing. Come back ambrose heartemoji

No. 1383315

Double posting but wait, he is 22 now, Ambrose was born in 1993. So wasn't she an adult and he a minor when they were dating? How many years ago was it

No. 1383316

Shit ain't looking good for Amber

No. 1383317

A) reactivate @leechlifts, change her handle, lay low and stay out of trouble for a few weeks; begin the narc cycle again (as a milkmas gift, so thoughtful).
B) ditch @leechlifts for good, quietly rebrand in january; still a cringy sperg, but no more assembling a rabid zoomer army to sort out her beefs.
C) not coming back, no more seeking attention online (RIP thread).

No. 1383318

Nope. Ambrose is 21 years old and is a junior or senior in college. He is lying about his age(learn2sage)

No. 1383320

I think he (the ex) was 18-19? She tweeted the drugging thing the start of this year, I'm going to assume that with the dates of the other stuff, they dated 2018-2019

No. 1383322

Ambrose is 21 y.o according to legal documents online

No. 1383340

Why are you guys telling Ambrose to come back? Now she definitely wont.

No. 1383341

Someone needs to bring these receipts to edtwt in a thread to clear Lucinda's name. There's more than enough proving what a horrible person he is who doesn't deserve the support he's still getting.

No. 1383345

Good riddance
Everyone is too scared to associate themselves with the site, which I don’t get because a couple of lucindas mutuals are still tweeting about how ambroses followers are worse than lolcow so they don’t seem to mind the attention

No. 1383346

And how do you know any of this?

No. 1383348

Is it really worth trying to convince a horde of disgusting troons and idiot zoomers that this runt with a face like a slapped ass is a Bad Person? They all seem similarly shitty, just sitting around being fat and miserable, waiting for an opportunity to send rape and death threats to the next target.

No. 1383349

Everyone who still supports him isn't going to change their mind over this. They're all terrible people in their own different ways and would just find a way to still defend him and blame Lucinda. No point.

No. 1383351

Is this one an actual male or another larper?

No. 1383356

well she's straight so probably a real male, unless she was that attention starved
this is a site designed to make fun of people, not morality brigades. Same to you >>1383340 this is a place to gossip, not to interact with cows, we're not gonna say this or that in hopes they act a certain way

No. 1383358

Issa joke newfag.
Pretty sure an internet addict of her caliber would eventually come back. She had more social media than a normal person could have in ten life times. She's still on her priv anyways, she's latching onto her twitter identity for dear life.
Edtwt fags try to blend in more. It's clear you just want her to leave so you wouldn't see her getting more followers and interactions than you on your embarrassing chubby vomiters space. all ed hoes are attention hoes there's no exception.

No. 1383367

It was reverse psychology/a joke but go off anon.

No. 1383369

I was hoping some of these vultures would make callout posts for Ambrose or idoldecay because it would be great material for more bitchslapping and milk, but for some reason they are too afraid.

No. 1383371

File: 1638537154805.jpeg (70.7 KB, 548x282, 86D1AE8D-F670-4297-8F20-E73385…)

No. 1383374

loooots of content on that dude’s page. yes he looks like a real guy by the pictures he recently posted

No. 1383380

File: 1638537642368.jpeg (118.77 KB, 750x260, 072792BE-3923-4B4A-B605-04F7D8…)

this poor kid playing along with rosies troon fantasy

No. 1383387

File: 1638538261399.jpeg (246.43 KB, 750x729, 0DBFD29D-11D9-4F51-A25E-C3BB8A…)

apparently she was involved in some sort of drama on her old accounts but i cant find anything about it

No. 1383388

Whenever the next thread comes out please link to all the caps of Ambrose saying she drugged someone, asking minors for body checks etc etc

No. 1383392

File: 1638538561673.jpeg (133.42 KB, 750x560, FF308787-7F44-45D9-9FC5-3230EE…)

found a thread with screenshots of roses past internet crimes. go check it out for urselves

No. 1383399

You're obviously new from edtwt. You should know that we usually post screenshots for proof/archive purposes so it doesn't get deleted.

No. 1383403

Hi there. You must be new, but would you mind providing screenshots? It's imperative to collect visual evidence in threads. Not just in this thread but for every thread, to ensure everything is archived and available for everyone to see. Please and thanks!

No. 1383405

heres a link to a google doc with all of the thread info. im not on pc so it doesnt show up well on mobile for me. my bad.

No. 1383407

No. 1383410

File: 1638539667147.jpg (80.15 KB, 450x800, IMG_1256.JPG)

Holy shit this is golden. Awful ugly narcissist.

No. 1383420

File: 1638540155122.png (227.61 KB, 718x727, hypocrite.png)

after all that screeing about being outed, turns out dear rosie has a history of outing people herself

No. 1383424

File: 1638540392781.png (170.87 KB, 813x383, irony.png)

Oh so Ambrose actually did force an LGBT person to come out. Like he lied about happening to him. Huh.

No. 1383427

Sorry for being retarded, Ive done my best to keep up in this thread - do we have direct proof Ambrose is Damien? We do because of the cat pictures right?

No. 1383442

File: 1638541278682.jpeg (299.95 KB, 750x872, A690BA88-47C9-4DCD-9C76-367ED4…)

screenshot from roses supposed adhd blabber mouth ex’s twitter. first pic looks like ambrose

No. 1383447

between the cat looking the same and that selfie looking the same it is definitely Ambrose.

No. 1383450

he looks like a mid-pubescent alex wolff…

No. 1383452

File: 1638541826432.jpeg (225.87 KB, 1182x802, 0D08D7C4-19E1-4451-98C0-8735F2…)

@birdmutual @godmutual @fishscaies are all her Twitter accounts, i just checked. It’s giving me a headache just how many accounts did this terminally online troon had, how very trans and mentally ill of her.
I wanna find her tumblr accountSi know that’s where it all went wrong.
P.S: she stayed consistent with few things across all her SM: the name damien, her birthday (sep 1st), being indigenous, in case you found any other accounts.
First one looks like ambrose, the black nails and covering the nose and the chin are the giveaways. Peep the double chin kek.
Where’s the joke twitterfag, your eating disorder ?

No. 1383455

any news on ambs private ?

No. 1383461

holy shit someone post this on twitter. I want to see her fans scramble to justify this one somehow

No. 1383462

she hasn't posted anything I think it's cuz she knows it's on here

No. 1383463

@vilebirdie is one of them as well but it got suspended

No. 1383464

drugging her ex, outing someone, live blogigng a suicide attempt in a gc full of 15 year olds when she was 20…how far will the narc justification go?

No. 1383466

But criticizing her for her actions is AbLeIsM cos she's mentally ill!!1!1!

No. 1383467

File: 1638543164849.png (30.99 KB, 584x82, lolz.png)

looks like she left the original account to start her malesona one

No. 1383469


No. 1383471

Having a trail of accounts abandoned as soon as you catch drama and weasel your way back into circles of minors under new name and persona is such a gigantic red flag. Literally what pedophile groomers go when they get caught.

No. 1383472

I can't believe this creep has been going after Lucinda for "interacting with minors" when she was sitting on this the whole fucking time. projection.

No. 1383474

Ambrose is such a hypocrite.

No. 1383477

Honestly I would collect all these damien receipts and include them in the Aeniayh thread i’m gonna post but is there any actual like, solid proof tying Aeniayh to the Damien account because I’m not seeing it in the doc.

No. 1383478

It's fucking bananas. Oh… How I would love to be a fly on amber's wall right now, just to see that sweet sweet narc meltdown.

No. 1383479

Her discord pfp in the Google doc as well as her abusive, manipulative and possessive language screams pedophile IMO

No. 1383481

there's a selfie and a picture of the same cat with a very distinctive facial pattern

No. 1383482

i’m not seeing it in the google doc, there’s only text screenshots.

No. 1383484

it's further up in the thread


"damien"'s cat

"ambrose"'s cat

No. 1383487

Maybe try reading with your eyes? The doc mentions a bunch of @'s that are also mentioned here by her "boyfriend" >>1383387

No. 1383489

stop clogging up the thread newfag, someone else already gave them the info. you look like a baby.

No. 1383492

those look like two different cats to me, but that wouldn't necessarily disprove it as ambrose's page. was the cat still being called mishi on that account?

No. 1383497

You must be fucking blind then. You don’t see the distinct white strip of fur on the cats muzzle in both pictures??(sage)

No. 1383501

I don’t know who’s more retarded, the people thinking she’s like 31 because she made a typo or those people thinking the other accounts aren’t hers kek

No. 1383504

1) learn to sage 2) go back to edtwt and stop sperging, for the love of God. If you have no new milk/a legitimate question about milk, keep your unfed mouth closed.

No. 1383505

All the cat pics are taken in the same dorm room stop derailing and lurk moar.
@wickednobie tweets were archived but i can’t see them on my device can someone check them on the waybackmachine?

No. 1383506

They’re obviously the same cat, look at the eye color, the white on the muzzle.

No. 1383512

So to sum up this info dump, karma’s a bitch and Lucinda was actually being nice when she called this person an uncool loser?

No. 1383513

File: 1638546589283.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1498x1685, 687A063D-AC08-44AF-A0A4-16CF0A…)

SA omg who’s gonna go through all of this, good job aeniayh haters but isn’t there an easier method to archive? Kek

No. 1383516

Nta but kek "uncool loser" is nice compared to what she /could/ have said about ambrose, she genuinely deserved worse.

No. 1383522

same cat, uses the same name.. boyf matches up- it's deffo him

No. 1383527

How does this happen everytime. Someone is acting mildly retarded publicly and upon investigation tons of evidence of them being a terrible person KEK the ambrose haters were right and most didn't even know it

No. 1383530

File: 1638547779670.jpg (50.93 KB, 370x800, bpd.JPG)

incase anybody didnt read the doc, here's an instance of aeniayh pretending she's just attempted suicide and is dying because she got called out for something. when her friend said she would call the cops to make sure she'd be safe she spun a "i have drugs!!" line. the manipulation is too much

she was also talking about "how to i clean up blood", speaking with deliberate typos and "if you actually cared you'd phone me!! i wish it had just worked.." disgusting manipulative stuff and there's PAGES of it.

also OT but why does this always happen over discord

No. 1383531

samefag but according to the doc, this is a minor he's guilt tripping and manipulating

No. 1383540

File: 1638548227026.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873.jpg)

Suicide baiting IS abuse, minors or not. You caused someone distress by emotionally terrorizing them THEN shit on them some more for making the responsible decision of calling for help.

No. 1383544

Does someone understand the context behind the forced group chat outing? I don’t understand how ambien pushed her to do it

No. 1383545

Can anons stop posting shit only to delete it

No. 1383546

File: 1638548693536.png (95.33 KB, 1236x616, Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 16.24…)


No. 1383548

sorry anon, i deleted one thing because i realised it wasn't milk at all.

No. 1383549

Well well well, how the tables have turned..

No. 1383551

File: 1638548951588.jpeg (459.46 KB, 1235x869, E282C2AD-D0CC-444E-8F38-92DBC5…)

The lore is too deep and it’s all archived nonitas, i can’t even go through it.
Other @s are @weedlbs and @methlbs which i mentioned in this post >>1381934 i hope that proves i wasn’t making shit up, you can probably find everything if you look it up

No. 1383552

File: 1638548968975.png (1.3 MB, 1204x1202, Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 16.28…)

is this damien? it is from 2017 but another anon said damien was her ex's only boyfriend. no clues in the comments.

No. 1383553

her vagina, vulva, clitoris, uterus, and breasts don’t sound very male to me

No. 1383554

No. 1383555

File: 1638549086725.png (1.36 MB, 762x1346, Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 16.30…)

looks a lot like this picture but i'm not sure if it's actually her

No. 1383562

the face looks kind of similar but ambrose is pasty white and has blue eyes so i think that's a different person

No. 1383578

Maybe it was Ambrose herself acting as her own boyfriend

No. 1383579

And seriously, would you retards stop deleting your fucking posts immediately after posting them!

No. 1383583

I just fucking realized who this is. Holy fucking shit I used to follow godmutual in 2019 and they would argue with someone EVERY FUCKING DAY. Always had some shit to fucking say. NO ONE liked him. I tried to unfollow them and he messaged me saying “I think twitter glitched and made us unfollow eachother” and made me refollow him. Im fucking sick. The godmutual account will expose so much shit. I’m 90% sure he fucking doxxed someone too. He was the most annoying fag Id ever fucking interacted with.

No. 1383597

So like this tranny has to be a fucking creep. The way she keeps younger people around constantly, the narcissism, her making her own fanclubs and forcing people to stay connected and following, the thirst traps, the fact shes a furfag… all this screams full time child grooming tranny. Kids don't trust men online but they trust and deify troons because its socially and politically correct or whatever. Ambrose is ugly as fuck and way too invested in tween ED twitter so something is fucking up and its gotta be worse than it seems. This bitch is insane and only somebody with a LOT to hide would brew up a bitchfit and witch hunt against someone like Lucinda. That faggot is a cockroach and i cant wait till everything about her comes to light.

No. 1383601

Kill yourself no one gives a fuck what you have to say

No. 1383602

Anon if you can figure out the approximate date of the doxing drama (through replies for example) we might be able to look for it with the waybackmachine

No. 1383603

File: 1638550967756.jpg (71.2 KB, 720x662, 20211203_135810.jpg)

No. 1383604

File: 1638551001282.jpg (174.28 KB, 720x908, 20211203_135741.jpg)

No. 1383605

File: 1638551012146.jpg (293.32 KB, 1080x1112, Screenshot_20211203-165448_Twi…)

Now ambrose and lucinda have something in common.
I'm not surprised that lucinda is taking the belle delphine road.
I'm less inclined to believe that it's a fake claim because she's been called out for sharing explicit material to her audience of minors and not tagging shit nsfw. Im starting to see a pattern.

No. 1383606

Saw this on the doc. This took place in high school when Luca was a 17 year old, literal high school drama.

No. 1383607

File: 1638551035358.jpg (68.17 KB, 720x411, 20211203_135825.jpg)

No. 1383611

Brad is clearly a fujo dating fujos pretending to be gay men idk why do you people think it’s a he just because she’s obsessed with her imaginary cock. I also doubt that she met ambrose it looks like an online -rs- larp

No. 1383612

File: 1638551135114.jpg (59.38 KB, 720x413, 20211203_135843.jpg)

No. 1383613

She gave you a heads up why wouldn't you just hide your drugs since it's a wellness check not a search warrant–oh yeah, because Aeniayh doesn't have that kind of familiarity with law enforcement and it was all a lie to manipulate teen girls for attention again.

No. 1383614

KEK I knew it. Typical trans twitter.

No. 1383616

Lucinda is not responsible for her friend's actions, what the fuck are you on anon? This shit has nothing to do with Lucinda.

No. 1383620

Just an e-relationship, so brad isn't the drugged bf. Makes sense bc this is clearly a fakeboi, straight girl Ambrose would never touch a pussy irl.

No. 1383626

Deleting and reposting your namefag retard post doesn't change that you're posting irrelevant nobody as weak ass attempt at "muh Lucinda bad". Take it to her thread if you feel the need to sperg about Lucinda's friend.

No. 1383628

Small dysfunctional internet communities are great places for predatory narcs to hang out, full of mentally ill teenagers they can groom, manipulate, bully and solicit nudes from. Then when the narc’s bullshit is exposed, they disappear and re-appear with a new name and identity in a different niche community. Ambrose/Aaliyah/Damien/Hannibalkin just isn’t as skilled at covering her tracks as the average narc because she’s retarded.

No. 1383630

File: 1638551689192.png (83.57 KB, 868x906, apology but not actually.png)

"Apology" from Ambrose.

No. 1383634

File: 1638551745989.jpeg (143.2 KB, 880x363, 35C32AB0-C4C8-406A-9336-A94F6F…)

Sorry for non milk but this made me kek. I wonder who figured out her identity first

No. 1383635

Someone has a serious vendetta with her because they post her in threads all the time and get ignored almost every time and keep doing it

No. 1383636

read rules before posting, offpiss915@gmail.com

No. 1383639


Fujos confirmed

No. 1383640

When and where is it posted? Fucking context

No. 1383641

File: 1638552003023.png (22.93 KB, 654x184, ambrose apology.png)

No. 1383642

Lmao which twitter user has this email?

No. 1383643

File: 1638552007819.jpg (87.88 KB, 947x2048, 1638551883933.jpg)

Some tard bumped the old thread with it

No. 1383645

It's one of Aeniayh's diehard stans. Malnourishment clouds their judgement, which makes them assume they can totally come here to moralfag and seethe at Lucinda when they're all part of a suicide cult.

No. 1383649

Why is she apologising if she’s not coming back? Just log off if you actually want to but you can’t, because you’re not a cool tall chad with a cool social life, you’re just a terminally online gay fetishist attention deprived woman

No. 1383652

>I won’t be back
Oh so she’s rerolling a diff character, keep on the look out kek

No. 1383656

It's about rehabbing a narc's precious public image, and the fact that she is absolutely coming back kek last time she said she was leaving she couldn't go 12 hours. Narcs never change. The bitch is terminally online. Terminally.

No. 1383674

File: 1638553006294.jpg (17.01 KB, 600x315, x.jpg)

>i was only being edgy
Ok, Bella Janke.
>I will not be remaking any more accounts
>not attempting to rebrand
>I promise I won't be back
Ambrose, a persona just like Damien, won't make any more accounts and attempt to rebrand.
See you in a month.

No. 1383677

File: 1638553063549.jpg (110.56 KB, 480x360, your-apology-was-bad-and-you-s…)

What is this Shane Dawson tier "taking accountability" garbage and where is your apology to Lucinda?

No. 1383684

>if something is recalled wrongly don't hesitate to bring it up
>I won't be able to properly address it after this
bitch whath the fuck

No. 1383687

All the twitter fags posting shit from lolcow to cancel her kek they’re all closeted troon haters aren’t they? Enjoying reading this thread and everything.

No. 1383688

whichever anon broke the news to edtwt you're a hero

No. 1383692

Honorary terfs, all of them.
I'm loving it, they're so pissed in the replies of her "apology" tweet lmao

No. 1383693

At least she’s getting shit on in the replies. Wks no where to be seen.
She’s actually straight up denying having done anything wrong and making it seem like all this happened 10 years ago lmao Gloss over the drugging entirely. Frame the outing as “sorry my sense of humor made someone feel pressured”. No apology to Lucinda or anything else.

No. 1383699

A lot of edtwt are AT LEAST truscum and some are cryptoterf after lurking /snow/. But clearly for safety reason, they have to play nice with trannies in their space.

No. 1383701

fellow Ambrose hating Ambrose mutuals rise up. we are finally free

No. 1383702

Which will be Ambrose's next online fake persona?

No. 1383703

if you don't agree with neos and all the other shit they will run you off the platform. it's easy enough to ignore imo

No. 1383707

Just don't interact with the wackos and you'll be alright.

No. 1383709

Warms my heart to know we still have baby terves among the zoomers. God bless 'em.

No. 1383710

File: 1638553993949.png (29.31 KB, 588x290, thinker.png)

Amber Rosie only apologized because she got caught and was cornered and exposed.

No. 1383712

Believe it or not, most women just pretend to entertain tranny bullshit because we dont want to get harassed. Look at JK Rowling.

No. 1383713

File: 1638554029700.jpg (163 KB, 640x1136, victorian era male names 1840s…)

Idk, choose a name and we will figure out in a month or so.

No. 1383715

What the hell kinda name is Masheck

No. 1383716

lolol at the delusional edgy fakeboi with 10k+ followers and literal obsessive fans getting taken down in less than two days

No. 1383718

Classic narc fauxpology. She couldn’t keep Lucinda’s name out of her mouth when she was lying and making accusations 2 days ago. Now it’s a vague “sorry to anyone I harmed.” Naming specific harms and making amends would be too much like ACTUAL accountability. Besides, she’s too busy cooking up her next edgy persona to bother with Lucinda anymore. Hey Aaliyah, next time you LARP as a gymbro asshole, maybe avoid obvious fakeboi names like Ambrose or Damien. Try Steve or Chris.

No. 1383722

Jewish name. trannies always choose Jewish names; ezekiel, eli, elijah, ezra, noah- stuff like that.

No. 1383723

This “apology” is the malest thing Amber has ever written. I’d accept her as an honorary moid for this shit alone.

>act creepy, manipulate young girls

>get called out
>“that’s just my edgy humor, sorry you broads can’t take a joke”

No. 1383724

File: 1638554771727.png (669.17 KB, 661x858, Screenshot_2021-12-03-19-05-31…)

Remember kids! Chopping your genitals and boobs will not make the sexual assault and body dysphoria unhappen, it will just expose to more sexual degenerates, if a psychologist tells you to ruin your hormones balance RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.
And don't forget that life is ONLY outside social media.

Sorry everyone I had to take the chance kek

No. 1383732

Proof excess of testosterone is poison

No. 1383733

apologize to lucinda you tit

No. 1383735

File: 1638555074704.jpg (57.1 KB, 1169x544, 20211203_150530.jpg)

No. 1383737

File: 1638555166720.jpg (149.57 KB, 720x939, 20211203_151050.jpg)

No. 1383742

File: 1638555322443.png (21.68 KB, 586x263, kekks.png)

Natalie just keeps changing sides when it benefits her image the most

No. 1383743

ooooo ur insecureeeeeee(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1383744

File: 1638555372667.jpg (67.05 KB, 800x515, ew.JPG)

of course her apology sounds fake

No. 1383746

Comes to no surprise. She thinks of herself as a "unholy dark being," she doesn't actually care about anyone, just how it makes her look.

No. 1383750

That’s every bitch on twt rn. Look in the qrt of various callout threads and you see the same usernames spitting poison at lucinda for days be like
>oh no yikes emoji
And pretend they didn’t partake in it. A bunch of lemmings.

No. 1383755

I hope we dont lose the milk

No. 1383759

Ngl I'm kinda sad she's probably rebranding and we might not be able to follow her like other cows, ambrose is one of the very few ftm that was interesting to watch, oh well. Ambrose you should totally come back to edtwt with a new identity as a revenge *wink wink

No. 1383763

Hopefully someone close to her drops the new identity

No. 1383767

Anyone on her private, is she still there and posting?

No. 1383772

File: 1638557010421.png (12.69 KB, 463x520, dfe.png)

No. 1383776

Oh they will~

No. 1383780

Tsk, a true man would have told them off and stayed on Twitter ambrose. You should just say you apologized in the past and it was enough. Come back and tell them to deal with it, malnourished twittards are gonna forget it eventually and go back to sucking on your va- i mean literal cock

No. 1383786

unfortunately it was one of your hated edtwt users. thread was so entertaining though. thanks and happy to help

No. 1383788

Anyone with access to the simps accounts to see their reactions? They're mostly private

No. 1383792

File: 1638557847163.jpeg (377.45 KB, 916x1473, 21EDE9F6-04E7-4ABA-B785-B1F6E4…)

Reminder btw

No. 1383798

File: 1638557990029.png (160.38 KB, 586x440, Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 12.5…)

No. 1383803

okay.. so it's time to apologise!

No. 1383805

File: 1638558470664.jpeg (110.33 KB, 1355x847, 34C2FD88-6676-4025-AA21-BAE955…)

No. 1383806

File: 1638558523239.jpeg (433.5 KB, 1500x2421, 4833C559-5F24-4302-B95C-48206B…)

Why apologize when you can just seethe and cope.

No. 1383807

The victory of the unicorn over the fakeboi

No. 1383808

For archival purposes (and just in case there are still Ambrose stans):
The main exposé
Another one with a few more details (Aeniayh siccing her minions on Lucinda, lying about calling the cops, etc)

No. 1383809

Reminder of what lyra? You're boring stop posting your tweets thinking we'll praise you

No. 1383810

I don’t think we need shitty twitter threads that just stole what they read here

No. 1383812

At least people like Natalie, even if most likely entirely fake, shit on her. I can't imagine the audacity to defend her still, basically social suicide now.

No. 1383814

anon tf are u talking about. Reminder that this piece of shit doesn’t feel any guilt or regret and admits that everything she does is for a reason. Put two and two together

No. 1383817

WOw fattie got edge

No. 1383818

If anyone is wondering: the thing about crushing up her partners adhd medication is almost certainly a lie. Here's why:
1. adhd meds are a controled substance given out on a strict schedule (monthly or weekly), if rosie was giving her partner extra her partner would have noticed the meds running out twice as fast as they should have
2. adhd medications are all formulated to be hard to abuse, i.e. u cant crush them to snort them or dissolve them
3. even if you have adhd, stimulants can still affect your sleep. If you took adderall or whatever in the evening, you would have serious insomnia.
So she lied about drugging her partner. Which is honestly fucking weirder. What a little freak!

No. 1383821

File: 1638559259741.jpeg (769.65 KB, 1500x3475, 7BAC577C-F9EC-4818-9C41-2E687B…)

These rabid hoes? Absolutely changing their tunes and abandoning manlet daddy. Funny for a bunch supposedly obsessed with accountability they have none. That’s why they’re still fat.

No. 1383825

NO ONE ASKED don’t twittersplain shit to me nigga plus you’re wrong about half of those points

No. 1383829

I don't have a twitter and I wasn't talking directly to you. Have a blessed day and a merry Christmas.

No. 1383832

This is wrong as hell, ADHD meds are notoriously easy to abuse, where did you see that you can't crush and sniff adderall??(namefag)

No. 1383833

File: 1638559789712.jpg (152.31 KB, 1080x598, IMG_20211203_202710.jpg)

What a sudden coincidence

No. 1383836

Everyone shut up the namefag is going to give us a pharmacy lesson

No. 1383837

i abused my adhd medication for years, its VERY easy(no1curr)

No. 1383838

She was tweeting about it before. Seems like she knew someone mentioned in the callout, not surprising since she seems to insert herself everywhere

No. 1383839

File: 1638559996140.jpg (790.17 KB, 1440x1768, BasedLucinda.jpg)

No. 1383841

Abusing is different from crushing up and dissolving so that someone could drink them unaware. ADHD meds come in beads so that they can't be crushed, you CAN crush them anyway but it's difficult and they have a disgusting, bitter taste to discourage abuse.

No. 1383842

File: 1638560026151.jpeg (276.33 KB, 828x580, FB702C06-1DF9-439D-92F5-ACE93A…)

>>”out of the goodness of my heart”

doesn’t seem very good kek

No. 1383843

of course you did. ambrose and this retard are perfect for each other

No. 1383846

Lucindaaaaa I love youuuuu

No. 1383847

we can tell.

No. 1383853

kekek you're funny ilu

No. 1383856

Even today in 2021 reservations are some of the least connect areas in terms of cell/internet service, I don’t believe for one minute that her reservation that didn’t have clean drinking water, had internet connection in 2005, that’s highly improbable. She seems to be a bit of a compulsive liar.

No. 1383857

They come in tablet too and crushable dumbass. But it’s a fucking waste to snort it since it gets activated in your small intestine so snortability isn’t even part of the problem. All is besides the point, no one here actually believes this retard joker American psycho LARP. It’s just funny as fuck to watch the stupid cunt get fucked by her own lies.

No. 1383865

exactly, it's super obvious bullshit but at least now all the edtwt lemmings can say dramatic shit about her "drugging her boyfriend"

No. 1383867

Sorry I was going to respond to what you said but this reminds me, didn't her partner say they were long distance? I was going to say that in america theyre basically all the non-crushable, but I think her old bf/gf (?) was iranian or something? How is she claiming to have drugged someone long-distance…?

No. 1383868

1$ on this hoe being the anon who said she's praying for us to get hit by a car KEK no one is answering your prayers dietdollie that's why you're still miserable and fat.

No. 1383869

can you please go suck your own dick in the other room.

No. 1383870

File: 1638561018410.jpeg (90.64 KB, 828x958, DB0E06CA-8CCA-49F0-8E5F-843A19…)

I think this is her ex
picrel is her

No. 1383879

That looks like ambrose:
Green eyes, weak chin, big nose and black nails

No. 1383880

Yeah sorry I meant the post I’m replying to is her ex, the picture I posted is rosie or Anayaayanahah or whatever.

No. 1383884

no way they still think there's chance of it all being false

No. 1383895

No. 1383910

File: 1638563320271.jpeg (662.22 KB, 2295x3464, 11732083-E54C-4BA3-86CF-C60AED…)


No. 1383916

This is bullshit though. ADHD med abuse is rampant (strict schedule my ass, shitty doctors and pill mills exist everywhere) and adderall absolutely can be crushed and snorted. TF?

No. 1383919

never said no one abused it anyway and it is literally true that it is given out on a schedule. maybe she had a shaddy doctor and was getting pills from a dealer too or maybe she manifested more pills, i dont fucking know. but what i said is objectively true, adhd medication is given out in controlled doses and in most cases is designed so it can't be crushed.

No. 1383935

probably, she’s a wannabe tranny who uses doll/angel/bun pronouns and called us transphobic and ableist

No. 1383938

Ew neoretard AND on edtwt? Pick a mental illness.

No. 1383943

is everyone on this fucking site a minor? use your big brains. adderall abuse is rampant and the non-crushable pills arent as common as you think.

No. 1383950

Been a lurker for so long I finally feel as though I care enough to comment. This bullshit "apology" has gotten on my nerves so badly it's crazy. Ambrose's been my personal cow since my edtwt times and I'm glad the public has also joined me in annihilating her. There's not a single word in this bullshit apology implying genuine regret or sorries, almost everything is irrelevant to the situation the public has her under fire for. This is legit no different from a fucking youtuber apology. Nobody cares about your stupid past, literally why does it take up%99 of this ""apology""?? Should've just apologized to lucinda and addressed the PRESENT situation, and kept the rest for later. It'd always get on on my fucking nerves how she'd be so quick to bring up her supposed personality disorder for everything wrong she's done, I'm sure that if lucinda took up more space in whatever the fuck this piece of text is there'd be excuses and excuses about her edgy evil character set of mental disorders. Ambrose, we've been mutuals several times up until now and all I've followed you for were the fucking laughs. You are nothing but a laughing stock. Your frail ego and your tryhard personality will only fool middle schooler wannarexics. Get your shit together and act like your age, weirdo. You think you're a man? Then own up to your mistakes and actually apologize instead of only caring about your public image or whatever. You are a fucking fool.(newfag)

No. 1383953

>thinking a diagnosed narcissist can grow as a person
Don't they know Rosie literally has NPD? Asking for accountability is ableist

No. 1383954

apparently you didnt lurk long enough to realize we dont namefag

No. 1383956

Kek cool, go tell all the tweaking zoomers on literally every American college campus that ADHD meds are strictly controlled and can't be crushed.

No. 1383961

Man yeah I've never really responded to anything on lolcow up until now despite lurking even before this edtwt situation it took me like 5 minutes to figure out how to reply to you LMFAO

No. 1383962

File: 1638566290792.png (206.76 KB, 429x1050, Screenshot_2021-12-03-21-15-25…)

No milk but ambrose! My good sis- i mean brother! What was you thinking radiating such an intense feminine energy
>Lurking for so long
It's been 2 days lurk more
How come a whole adult like yourself can't learn to sage? And why are you repeating what >>1383916 said and acting all mighty about it? And why are you using all lower cases like a chronically online twitter fag? So many questions.

No. 1383964

>its been two days lurk more
Please this website is my go-to for microceleb dramas be kind to your fellow amateur farmer

No. 1383969

hi idolchann@gmail.com, you haven't lurked enough.

No. 1383971

Now change your email to sage, idolchann@gmail.com

The fujo larpers try to pass off their natural femininity as bottom energy. What was the point of trooning out if you like being girly so much? Just to be special?

No. 1383972

>go-to website
>doesn't know sage goes to the email field

No. 1383973


This is my first time responding I only ever read up on people here okay At least I finally learned to respond properly thanks to you dear anons, I won't have to embarrass myself like this again.(don't use emojis )

No. 1383974

……..and you used emojis

No. 1383975

If you would've lurked for as long as you're trying to imply you'd know all this shit by now. Embarrassing.

No. 1383976

This thread is not about my pathetic typing style and my horribly embarassing amateurism

No. 1383979

just trying to help nonnie dearest.

No. 1383981

File: 1638567137249.jpeg (241.93 KB, 720x975, 4E1843B5-4495-477E-AF2B-9EBFF5…)

FucK OFFFF what don’t you cunts understand? You’re not welcomed!

No. 1383982

I'm not trying to show off as a lolcow expert or some shit … I've simply known this website far before the twitterfags around and that's it I have no experience with it and you guys are free to make fun of my retarded newfag mistakes(embarassing)

No. 1383987

Enjoy your ban. Eternal newfaggotry is punishable by death and is literally worse this whole thread.

No. 1383992


No. 1383997


No. 1384001

No one caresss. You don’t have to sperg on both threads about it autist.

No. 1384002

are you a Redditor who gives a shit(read the rules dumbass)

No. 1384006

She apparently considered herself a close friend of Rosie’s, so no wonder she has no idea how narcs work.

No. 1384008

I wonder how many of her followers were milking her. seems like there's a lot of us itt. I hope she's reading it kek

No. 1384011

using emojis is a bannable offense… so please use more emojis!

No. 1384020

File: 1638568593898.jpeg (91.92 KB, 589x640, C0F18940-5FE5-442F-9DFA-4B2C1A…)

>admitting to not reading rules

No. 1384026

File: 1638569003712.jpeg (291.11 KB, 1400x1810, 62C523CC-4027-40A8-881E-A061F6…)

edtwt users begging for attention…just go. please it’s painfully obvious when you come in here sperging out and clogging the thread.

No. 1384037

Be nice

No. 1384041

“Friends” with a narc is an oxymoron

No. 1384047

She seems more bpd than narc imo, the npd was probably to larp better as her edgesona

No. 1384053

Eh I dunno, the total lack of guilt, remorse or ability to construct a credible apology seem awfully narcissistic as well. I think there's no question this person has multiple personality disorders. The LARP part was pretending to be an edgy semi tall gymbro amab

No. 1384054

To me, it seems the ex had two fakeboi e-relationships >>1383612 and so the person in lock screen pic is probably “august”

i am laughing quite hard that even with Ambrose’s hand obscuring most of her face, you can still tell it’s her by her unfortunate features.

No. 1384058

Something something all BPDs exhibit narcissism. But let’s stick with NPD bc half of the children on that site has self-dx BPD and might feel personally attacked lol

No. 1384059

lucinda is incredible holy shit.

No. 1384061

My favorite part is Lucinda isn’t even pretending to do the standard virtue signaling
>pls don’t be mean to them uwu
She’s just unapologetically dunking on her lmao

No. 1384063

she tweeted once that she inherited two personality disorders from her mom

No. 1384066

File: 1638570854742.png (2.3 MB, 1170x2532, 640EE177-BFA2-45C3-B975-2DBFA4…)

No. 1384067

File: 1638570909182.png (1.03 MB, 1170x2532, A8926F6D-12E4-4E17-AC0E-A5E00B…)

No. 1384070

That's so cute nonny, I'm happy for you

No. 1384076

This isn’t bea the white knight tho right?

No. 1384101

File: 1638572722588.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 172.67 KB, 828x678, EDAA3681-5C0F-4435-8974-16FFF2…)

To add on to the dietdollie girl, someone cowtipped

No. 1384103

Shit, hit spoiler on accident

No. 1384114

No one tipped, these bitches are all lurking/whiteknighting

No. 1384118

went to lurk and holy shit first image that pops up shows anons werent lying about their average bmi being 26

No. 1384119

kek to think all this started with "at least I'm not on lolcow." she truly thought she was untouchable. icarus flew too close to the sun.

No. 1384122

they're all just larping on ed twt

No. 1384124

Her BMI is about twice that by the looks of it.

No. 1384128

A trans edition catfisher with a painfully fake persona and cringy and shady past in other accounts thought it would be a good idea to make the most "famous last words" statement I personally witnessed in a while. Did she forget all this or did she think she's a genius who perfectly covered her tracks? What a delusional retard

No. 1384133

oh god don't say that, icarus will be the name of her new personality

No. 1384136

File: 1638574042265.png (1.31 MB, 1174x1196, Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 23.26…)

she wishes she was bmi 27. happy birthday, ambrose kinnie!

No. 1384141

File: 1638574262237.jpeg (456.8 KB, 828x1358, DE3AE583-A2CC-4703-8CF3-6DC279…)

Holy shit.

No. 1384143

Obviously Amber thought she was a genius who covered her tracks perfectly, show me a narc who doesn't think they're a genius.
Since edtwt is full of fatties, do they all talk shit about and call each other fat behind their backs? sounds like hell.

No. 1384144

File: 1638574447744.png (1.14 MB, 1172x1234, Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 23.32…)

but she's a super skinny queen who would NEVER gain weight like this embarrassment

No. 1384150

Seriously though, how is she calling someone thinner than her fat. Edtwtchans are seriously delusional.

No. 1384153

you would think that if you’re going to be on edtwt posting fatties all day that you’d be skinny
what kind of taardvark would post their obese body on edtwt

No. 1384154

She has potential but please take this and further calves to the proana thread

No. 1384159

File: 1638575515291.png (87.66 KB, 1198x374, Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 23.46…)

close, bmi 48.. okay, i'll stop the derail now.

No. 1384180

These people gaslit her, lied about her, harassed her to the point of suicide and mocked her distress. She has every right to rain down hell on them and it's glorious to watch.

No. 1384186

Holy shit, 48?! She has an eating disorder alright - a binge eating disorder.

No. 1384224

holy fuck she's massive. "dietdollie" why even post that picture

No. 1384252

File: 1638582691216.jpeg (116.17 KB, 828x269, 1089FA00-C80B-4155-9685-A24300…)

>>willingly posts her gigantic body online
>>gets her uwu feelings hurt about people talking about it bc ITS MY BDAY!!!1!

No. 1384265

Can you retards stop derailing and get back to the milk

No. 1384267

KEK. Public pictures she posted got posted!? Literally a hate crime. Call the cyber police.

No. 1384294

File: 1638585832629.jpeg (180.44 KB, 828x691, FCDB6BBD-43E7-4893-865D-B1A3EA…)

just for you nonnie, something related to the original milk
>>claims to not dickride ambrosie
>>”i constantly defended you/prayed for you”

No. 1384299

That's one thing that I don't get about all these people, they post a million pictures of themselves and then freak the fuck out when someone has something to say about it, despite doing that to others literally all day long.

Still can't believe Aeniayh was surprised people clocked her or that they all thought she "got outed by someone" when all it took was the average farmer looking at her own posts.

>>1383737 >>1383870
Like come on. Any moid with nails like this would send me running.

No. 1384305

Were these people ever told that once it's on the internet it stays on the internet? Be careful what you share and post? If you post publicly to a public site, anybody is free to do with that as they please and that's a harsh fact about the internet.

Lack of self awareness and no common sense is something all these whiny bitches have in common, fascinating.

No. 1384306

you’re all just letting dietdollie self insert in the thread like this? AND adding onto it? is aeniayh milk really that powdered right now…

No. 1384307

The only Aeniayh milk is the fans. One of them is having a literal breakdown right now

No. 1384337

File: 1638593187866.png (760 KB, 1070x1194, Screenshot 2021-12-04 at 04.45…)

girl you were dickriding him so hard, her twitter is full of it. picrel.

No. 1384338

File: 1638593286125.png (57.78 KB, 1194x242, Screenshot 2021-12-04 at 04.47…)

well, we wouldn't encourage that.. your friends on edtwt might tell you to though

No. 1384343

Stop detailing, fat cunt. Go to another thread

No. 1384350

File: 1638594067705.png (238.77 KB, 720x926, Screenshot_2021-12-04-05-56-26…)

She's been reposting other people's bodies making fun of them but the moment it's done to her she wants to unhero? Lmao no no1curr
I see ambrose didn't deactivate, probably because she wants to rebrand and use the apology as proof she changed.
PS: she made a discord account for edtwt and said it was her first time using the app, now I understand why. She's a vapid sperg on there, i remember her sharing screenshots of conversations joking about getting molested.

No. 1384437

File: 1638598636820.png (326.38 KB, 720x563, Screenshot_2021-12-04-07-15-08…)

Kek the feminine weeb pose. You can't deny who you are after all.

No. 1384450

how do you have access to this? the account is suspended

No. 1384456

I hate these fags so much. They had no problem doing all this to Lucinda or the other users that they criticised but the moment it happens to them they cry. Kek.

No. 1384458

probably old screenshots a lot of people here already hated our rosie

No. 1384485

Nope it's from the waybackmachine which is hard to navigate but I can narrow the dates of specific posts by searching twitter. I've watched ambrose for a few months because I saw the cow potential but some motherfuckers archived every single tweet (even a single emoji) on every account she has ever made it's kinda scary kek

No. 1384493

Damn people really hated this bitch lmao

No. 1384500

Did Aeniayh ever actually make any money as a "personal fitness trainer" or was that just part of the gymbro larp like being a sex worker for gay men who by definition wouldn't touch her snatch even for free? People with proper certifications advertise them but she could still grift some dumb desperate kids out of their allowances for unqualified diet advice

No. 1384502


God I hope not, who the fuck would even buy that trannies services. They were just skin and bones a few months ago, the only reason they've gained muscle so quickly is because of all that testosterone. It's hardly an accomplishment when your body is pumped up on steroids.

No. 1384503

Probably 90% of what she said was larp. She posted pictures of herself at the gym, but I doubt she actually trained any one. She doesn't seem to know a lot about diet and fitness outside her gymbro shtick, doubly so since she was previously an anorexic.

No. 1384507

She wasn't a fitness trainer where did you get that from? She claimed to work for her uni and an overnight shift in a grocery store but i think the latter is a lie. I believe she's a cokehead living on daddy's money, she seems to come from a rich family. I remember her saying she went to Germany for a vacation once and her old FB account from 2012 shows she traveled a lot and her own MacBook. Daddy seems like a rich man, indigenous water my ass.

No. 1384515

>She wasn't a fitness trainer where did you get that from?
Her Twitter bio, but I guess that answers my question kek

No. 1384533

Pfffft I posted the ss but didn't notice it. Pretty sure she changed it very recently idk what for. It used to be "superior physique haver and macronutrients advocate" or some shit like that.

No. 1384544

i can't find screenshots but There was also a time when she said she was so poor she couldn't go out to eat and had to eat lentils instead of fast food or something. This girl's entire personality is just contradicting lies

No. 1384556

Jesus christ, people really don’t like this girl. Wonder if half the nonnies in this thread are her followers kek

No. 1384583

i’m a total newfag so forgive me if i’m posting incorrectly but this makes me kek, i lurk on here and ran into natalie’s/poyo’s threads or whatever she’s going by and kept up with her because i realized we used to be friends on kin twitter. if her and ambrose were both on my radar, that would truly be the best of both worlds.
i know natalie selfposts and spams her threads but she really deserves a new one. i honestly don’t have any old milk i just find it entertaining that she’s been up to this kind of shit when, i cannot stress this enough, she was literally just a normal anime fan kinnie before she decided sh/ed posting got her more attention and left her old friend groups behind for that. a lot of people i know did that as teenagers but she never grew out of it.
and since she reads here i’ll risk being bloggy- a lot of us were groomed and it’s unfortunate so i feel some empathy, but her behavior in past threads and right now makes it clear i dodged a bullet with her, kek. she chose to keep getting negative attention and literally broke off her healthy friendships so she could prioritize spaces like edtwt, even as an adult.

No. 1384590

File: 1638612273305.png (115.26 KB, 720x606, Screenshot_2021-12-04-09-46-29…)

LoL. The gore fetishist scrote is coping.
Ik people are just trying to be inclusive and nice to feel good about themselves but seriously, being a trans enby xe fairyself kinnie etc etc is a huge red flag, That's an indicator of being delusional and having an unstable identity, most likely paired with narc or bpd tendencies. It's worse than your text book personality disorders and you should not befriend them or give them a chance in your life. If you do than you have no one but yourself to blame for the outcome.

No. 1384594

Aww jeez I sure hope this smegma-coated gore fapper's feefees didn't get hurt. Midget cringelord is now a Bad Person (TM)? Whatever happened to "normalizing hate" lmao

No. 1384603

>can you guys like stop making fun of trans men heights
No. It's hilarious. Short man syndrome isn't even what outed the little goblin, remember the first tell was Aeniayh's girly Twitter writing style. Just couldn't hide that hopelessly female voice even over text on the internet.
>>1378604 tinfoil was wrong about top surgery but right about everything else, and it looks like it was posted shortly before those famous last words, "at least I'm not on lolcow".

No. 1384610

this gorefag says she uses every pronoun apart from "she".. which is exactly why i'm going to be using she/her

No. 1384618

File: 1638616515998.png (341 KB, 732x493, ambgcache.png)

Nta but yeah, it was that.

No. 1384626

File: 1638617550690.png (12.17 KB, 80x127, image_2021-12-04_223237.png)

Was this meant to be a bad shoop or what?

No. 1384632

Looks like bad shoop yeah. Also,
>superior physique haver

No. 1384642

File: 1638618816842.png (174.52 KB, 720x869, Screenshot_2021-12-04-09-45-27…)

Ambrose doing what terfs couldn't do. Making the troons 41%.

No. 1384643

File: 1638618873087.png (165.86 KB, 720x845, Screenshot_2021-12-04-09-42-52…)

Just wow

No. 1384645

should've been friends with the unicorn posting low cal cake recipes instead

No. 1384654

Idk if this is relevant anymore atp, but I remember him saying he would steal from his grandmother to feed his coke/meth addiction. He would also pretend to be having schizophrenic episodes. I don’t know why people type incorrectly on purpose, as if to make it seem like they’re incapacitated, when I’ve been plastered, strung out, losing my shit and never have overtly-typoed in my messages to others.

No. 1384656

It’s fucking irritating how when Lucinda got “exposed”, all of Rosie’s simps were telling her to khs. And now that rose got called out for her vile shit all the comments to her crap apology are “man I twusted yew Ambrose. Work of sewf improvement!! Bye bye !!!”. Where’s the hostility you gave luci??? And in the end she didn’t even apologize to Lucinda for siccing all her followers on her and gaslighting her. Ugh.

No. 1384658

I just remembered ambrose would sometimes talk about having a hard time with "internalized homophobia" KEK maybe it was the miniscule normal voice in her head calling her a fujo
I knew it, her friends feel betrayed now. Ambrose can talk all she wants about being "outed" but everyone can tell she was faking an entire personality, body and life experiences, which is more than only being a closeted tranny "for safety and comfort reasons". And sorry to OT but Ash if you are reading this I'm a terf on edtwt and know a few more, grow the fuck up you are too old to be an edgy weeb asking people to refer to you with "wrath" pronouns

No. 1384660

I considered making a thread for her but I feel like I'm biased since I know her from her 4chan/idolm@ster fandom days when she was pretending to be a lesbian and kept writing rants about men being ugly, but then she turned out to be dating a guy who looks like brony and their relationship sounds like shit too, yikes.

The problem is kinda that she's not funny, she's just annoying and embarassing and has an unfortunate body. On the other hand, she is REALLY butthurt about people rediscovering her thread and is trying to do damage control.

No. 1384667

Agreed! I just never say anything because I don’t feel like being cancelled over absolute bullshit and arguing with a thousand brick walls. The gender shit has gone too far and I’m over it.(learn to sage)

No. 1384668

There's a few people here I think could be moved to FTM and MTF threads - the gore posting scrote belongs in one. Hoping Ambrose will be back, I was enjoying these threads.

No. 1384672

The pro-ana threads too, but they seem to reject edtwt people and stick to the same circle.

No. 1384674

Because the pro ana threads have been a trainwreck for some time. Mostly due to self posting - especially from twitter fags. EDtwt just isn't really milky enough. I'm open to people from twitter being posted there as pro ana scumbags, but no one is enough of a cow for that. Just the same twitter shit.

No. 1384682

I'm entertained by this clown feeling unsure now about who needs to "hang" or "k word"

No. 1384693

File: 1638622042040.png (59.62 KB, 720x301, Screenshot_2021-09-09-13-01-49…)

I hope she comes back too! Twitlets are so boring racing to cancel everyone for brownie points, that's my entertainment there you faggots!

I hope you nonnies don't mind me posting old screenshots i find from time to time, one of the reasons i want her back is because of her mother's death, i wanna know more, was she being edgy here? Is this why she's scared of her family knowing about the drama? Because of all the things she said about them online, her coke fund might get cut off

No. 1384694

Nta, but doesn't Reddit and Twitter have threads in /ot/ for posting random shit that catches farmers eye? There's one for card too. I can see potential in having a loose EDtwt thread in /ot/ where people make "look at this shit wtf" posts since it doesn't have to centre on anyone in particular, it's more about just gawking at posts rather than following a cow.

Anyway enough people are interested and tbh so am I but call it "ricecaketwt" or something to avoid attracting their attention. We don't need another Saoirse (or God forbid another Elaine)

No. 1384695

Of course she's being edgy. "They all blamed the death on me uwu" is such a generic villain origin story, she's just saying that because its fits her ebic psycho killer kin larp

No. 1384699

>Anyway enough people are interested and tbh so am I but call it "ricecaketwt" or something to avoid attracting their attention. We don't need another Saoirse (or God forbid another Elaine)
The problem is that you still end up with people who go and DM whoever is being posted to warn them, or you have people like idoldecay who post on here and then spread the news for attention. So might as well keep the original name.

No. 1384703

She's claiming her family abandoned her when she was 12? Suuure. Adds a hilarious layer to her stealing her grandma's money for meth at least, little Miss Amberlyn getting on the meth pipe

No. 1384704

Natalie deserves her own thread between the obvious self posting and stupid vampire milk. If Lucinda has one for her retarded unicorn larp why shouldn't Natalie? She has her own thread too so there's years of milk to bring up, unlike queen Lucinda who has a clean record apart from writing tranny One Direction fanfiction.

No. 1384706

Ayrt. Yeah, I figured that, hence the Saoirse reference. It seems a bit cruel to dump Twitterfags on the new jannie squad so early

No. 1384713

I'm too busy with my exams to make a nice summary and thread, but I see that some anons are interested. A good starting point for her milk would be the old thread on /w/, her current twitter accounts are pannacottaz, gyaruoftheday and idoldecay, her boyfriend is @pixlmagician (linked in twitter bio) they have been in a relationship for years and there's photos in the old thread, she also uses the aliases gigameki, poyo, RinaP, Ann, Miranda etc.

Apparently her sister is FtM and also an anorexic vampire? She still posts on /trash/

No. 1384714

Also fair warning, you might come across unspoilered pictures of cutting and gore she posted for attention.

No. 1384715

someone should make a thread, i'd do it but i dont know all the old milk. honestly i think an edtwt containment thread wouldnt be so awful since they're all flocking here now and clogging up the wrong boards

the other arm looks tiny compared to the shooped one- how did i never catch that kek

they're so dramatic, now they want to make the situation about themselves- god knows none of them could have handled the heat if they'd been in luci's shoes

No. 1384716

i cant understand any of the words in this archive oh my god

No. 1384718

File: 1638625259502.jpg (471.59 KB, 1080x2109, IMG_20211204_143850.jpg)

Yeah, it's absolutely cancerous and one of her friends kept posting pictures of sliced open arms with danganronpa characters and Internet aesthetic. Pic related are her old milk posts and tripcode, but she is anonymous nowadays.

No. 1384719

Kek me too nonas, I hope they realize there are more of us every day because of their bullshit.

No. 1384722

Definitely hope she gets her own new thread. Her tweets are fucking ridiculous and the cc's she sends to herself as an excuse to talk about her vampire larp that nobody gives a shit about are milky as hell. I agree, if Lucinda has one for absolutely nothing, Natalie deserves a new one for being a cringey, milky, typical bpd cunt. Since Ambrose is gone she makes for a good minion to replace her with.

No. 1384723

File: 1638626531237.png (33.9 KB, 720x274, Screenshot_2021-12-04-14-55-12…)

I can't understand these mfs, this shawty was telling everyone over and over that she doesn't consider anyone a friend and is incapable of loving them yet they still get attached, why.
(Charlie -honeysplanda/godsplanda- is another troon who was Ambrose's biggest ass kisser, she got cancelled for joking with the pee oh ceez)

No. 1384737

According to Lucinda she unprovokedly doxxed her friend through a psychotic episode after the Ambrose drama just for attention, then backpedaled and said it was wrong of her. Not to mention the way she kept telling Lucinda to take her meds for defending herself to make her sound crazy to make her accusations against Ambrose sound like nonsense. She's a piece of shit and deserves a new thread.

No. 1384739

Given the vagueposting about whatever she did to her sister's hamster and the fact that she's a piece of shit, she probably got blocked on Facebook for saying something horrible about her freshly dead mom where the whole family could see it.

No. 1384744

>vagueposting about whatever she did to her sister's hamster
Wow, a Bella Janke clone.

No. 1384745

Yeah when she was desperately clinging to Amber she posted ss of Luci's schizo pal being schizo. Luci didn't take kindly to it and now that Amber is no more suddenly its bad to hound schizos. Idk why she thought she could climb back up Lucinda's asshole when every other day she and Lucretia profess their undying schizophrenic unicorn love to each other.

No. 1384747

It's very strange how similar she is to Janke, they even both got doxxed by their pets. I wonder if she had the same upbringing. Bored little rich girl I mean.

No. 1384752

Are any of these pfps even them? Why do they choose skinny pretty girls? Are they larping?

No. 1384755

File: 1638629500053.jpg (71.22 KB, 1080x347, Screenshot_20211204-104905.jpg)

I thought her overdose made her a vampire? Now it's her mental illness? She wants to be like Lucinda soooo bad. Lucinda said she realized she was a unicorn due to her mental illness. What a stupid fucking poser lol.

No. 1384757

How did she get brain damage???

No. 1384760

No. 1384761

peep the brain damage, that's what she uses in reference to her "overdose"

No. 1384762

"I'm delusional due to mental illness so believe Im a vampire"? If you have a delusion, you believe that delusion, look at Lucinda. Can't even act crazy correctly

No. 1384764

File: 1638629941436.jpg (254.71 KB, 1080x732, Screenshot_20211204-105408.jpg)

but lucida was the one who should've been taking her meds for calling out an abuser. for having a neurological condition that fucked with her typing. for cLeArLy being too mentally ill for mentally ill for edtwt. because natalie is the picture of mental sanity.

cut to her kissing ambrose's ass for clout.

No. 1384766

It's funny because I met her in 2016 when she was trying a different larp. I am trying to find some old milk and pictures on 4chan,but basically she used to be a normal weaboo teenager.

No. 1384767

Boo nobody cares about teenage drama, post more recent chans milk

No. 1384768


Where. is. the. thread. We're obviously talking enough about her in the Ambrose thread to take it elsewhere. Anyone working on a new thread for this larper?

No. 1384772

>wants to call out poyo for larping
>would need old poyo milk for this
>"nuuu!! dont post old poyo milk!!"
newsflash the only new milk is basically the edtwt shit

No. 1384773

File: 1638630634208.jpg (107.72 KB, 1080x435, Screenshot_20211204-110606.jpg)

>accuses Lucinda's friend of posting on lolcow
>I would never post on lolcow there's no proof

She's just a liar and a manipulator. No wonder Ambrose was a "close friend" of hers. If you read through her cc's summarizing the situation it's all a complete lie compared to the thread of what actually happened. She has a vendetta against Lucinda's friend and obsessively lies about her on cc. She was likely the one who kept posting screenshots of her in Lucinda's thread even though no one cared.

No. 1384775

bruh we found shit on ambrose from like 2009 digging up old shit is perfectly acceptable milk. that's how we got her ass in the first place with the damien ss.

No. 1384776

Didn't someone even say the ss she was posting on her Twitter of luci's friend she was then just posting in the thread immediately after. Someone had been trying to post Lucindas friend in threads for a while and always got ignored, now I'm wondering if it was just Natalie all along.

No. 1384777

except there is proof of her postinflg her own screencaps. they came with filenames, not from twitter downloads lmfao stupid bitch.

No. 1384779

She should stop sending messages to herself.

No. 1384781

So she can't come for Lucinda directly anymore so has to do it sideways by coming for her close friend? What is her deal with Lucinda/Lucinda's friends

No. 1384782

File: 1638631165581.png (50.49 KB, 1180x200, Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 19.1…)

Anyone check this account yet?

No. 1384783

it was her all along. she's jealous a more unique self cutter otherkin got the clout she wanted, and with her arch enemy as her best friend. she kept posting irrelevant screenshots of luci's friend(and the girl she hates) obsessively to try and get people to talk about her and it never worked. it's always been natalie. she's lying narc who has it out for luci as much as she wants to be her.

No. 1384786

Such a large chest for such a shriveled heart.

No. 1384787

File: 1638631413095.jpeg (374.44 KB, 1147x1045, 0611136A-6707-4899-9055-B580AB…)

Pic related from the waybackmachine, I’m really weirded out by how every single tweet she’s ever made was archived, who did you piss off aeniayh kek
if that’s her that’s a good find because it’s from 2017 so there’s a lot to dig (but im fucking tired counting her account)

No. 1384788

she's too boring for her own thread no matter how hard she tries not to be with the vampire larp, but i still think an edtwt general including her would be good. the only issue is finding other milky users who aren't minors
kek i hope this whole thing will serve as a lesson to the lonely teenagers on edtwt not to blindly worship anyone who claims to be a "cis" man on there ever again, it's the only reason this was able to go on for so long. even if it is an actual man who gains popularity next time, they shouldn't be coddled and given a free pass for doing shit that would get a woman canceled immediately if she were to do the same things

No. 1384791

File: 1638631532939.jpg (55.33 KB, 597x310, 5J6DTY5J6D.jpg)

No. 1384792

File: 1638631589622.jpg (5.14 MB, 4096x3072, CollageMaker_20211204_16251433…)

Whoever does, I hope someone can make a funny OP image.

No. 1384794

Terf solidarity. One peaked moot at a time.
Lollll how much do you think she suicide baited this doormat into making this statement?

No. 1384796

Girl you really need to stop talking about anybody when you and your bf look like that omfg I can't believe

No. 1384797

Probably why her Twitter account is still up. It would be epic if she bounced back from this, i want to see the Twitter meltdown she’d induce kek.

No. 1384798

File: 1638632113304.png (65.81 KB, 1180x286, Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 19.3…)

This isn't her.

No. 1384800

so that's why she hates the "fatphobic" side of edtwt

No. 1384801

Didn’t this bitch have a thread in /w/? Where she just selfposted all day long until admin got fed up and lock it? Betting my tits she’s trying to get attention again. She’s boring as fuck, even Elaine is more entertaining.

No. 1384803

Too much OT derailing are you people done yet?

No. 1384808

Several anons agree that her stupidity is milky and she is seething about lolcow on twitter.

Ambrose deleted her account, we can't get new milk aside digging through her old accounts so it's no wonder people started talking about edtwt.

No. 1384809

Reporting every post. It’s so obviously samefag from her.

No. 1384812

You’re newfag so you don’t know that she’s been trying to get noticed by lolcow for years. Has history of making and posting in her own thread, manufacturing tall tales for any shred of attention. Like these try hard tweets. It’s not organic milk, it’s fake and cringe. She ain’t slick.

No. 1384813

She made a private account, deactivated main, reactivated main and said it was gonna be a journal for her "transition and fitness journey", deactivated again and deactivated her priv too. She might make a reappearance playing the victim (especially if she figured out who were the 2-3 mutuals who were posting her priv's tweets here), otherwise she might have realized that the haters have more fuel and her fangirls either turned against her or will only simp very condescendingly now they know she's female ("such a strong boy!!" vibe in her comments post coming out kek) and decided to burn this persona and make a new one. In which case she will inevitably act like a retard again and someone will do some digging and find all this. If that happens, see you gals in a few months

No. 1384814

sorry, i'll stop replying to posts about her unless it directly relates to ambrose again
>Ambrose deleted her account, we can't get new milk aside digging through her old accounts so it's no wonder people started talking about edtwt.
i think making an edtwt general is probably the best move from here, i'm looking for some other users with cow potential for it right now

No. 1384817

It will happen 100% people kept kicking her out of their twitter communities but she came back each time. She has an extensive internet history i bet she can’t even remember all the accounts she made.

No. 1384818

Good thing that mods can see everyone's IPs and link them to some previous posts. Being skeptical is good, but if you pay attention you can see how hard she's trying to seem unbothered and like she wants this, meanwhile she's fuming at people calling her a tranny and deleting body check tweets fast. How is she less milky than some other cows on this board? Her images are ridiculous cringe and anons wanted to discuss it.

No. 1384820

I would love to see Ambrose's post history.

No. 1384824

And yet no one wants to make a thread. Why? Because no one actually gives a fuck except for her. Like what else does she have going on except the lame vampire larp and riding lucinda coat tails? Wow anime memes and overt tweets? There isn’t a shortage of retards on twt doing that like Ambrose for example. What? You don’t think histrionics won’t pretend to be totes upset so it eggs da hayders on? Transparent and elementary.

No. 1384829

File: 1638634462536.jpeg (148.02 KB, 1199x564, 8158CE23-4A30-48AB-8F56-9088F9…)

Found a new account ( also archived, who the fuck did all this work?!!) I’m about to KILL MYSELF does she EVER log off?

No. 1384830

What am I looking at? What's tying it to her?

No. 1384832


Searched the account on twitter, they seem to refer to this birdybijou person as damien. But that's all I can tell

No. 1384833

Because I'm on my phone and can't format it properly. Be my guest, until then I'm just waiting for more edtwt retardation. If her milk pisses you off, filter her name.

No. 1384836

We need more concrete receipts around here

No. 1384837

File: 1638635137986.jpeg (274.55 KB, 1193x850, E71D1773-CBEB-45A3-AA71-0D536C…)

Sage your shit newfag
To answer your question it used to be on her @siicemywrist bio

No. 1384838

File: 1638635154032.png (136.05 KB, 1230x748, Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 20.2…)

There's a decent amount that makes it look like it's her.

No. 1384871

"eww i hate porn!!" didn't this bitch commission HORSE PORN of herself???

No. 1384876

File: 1638639367451.jpeg (724.18 KB, 890x1650, B94BAD36-EF59-48B7-AD55-333CE0…)

It me again, i wish the person who doxed ambrose and archived all her posts on all of her accounts would come out already and tell us what the fuck did she do to him, do you think it’s aeniayh herself ? Or is it someone so close whom she kept updated about her new identities

No. 1384877

File: 1638639551752.jpeg (149.86 KB, 1176x469, D5E12085-DA19-4200-8D97-3C84FF…)

From her other account

No. 1384879

File: 1638639654874.jpeg (990.76 KB, 1141x1220, B1DB299B-7E5B-4F3F-9C2E-A36590…)

Somehow this looks too cheap to be a sugar daddy gift, i can’t fully believe it.

No. 1384887

autistic nitpick i know but does anyone else think that looks like a fake $100 bill?

No. 1384888

real hundreds look fake now. plus its not lucrative to make fake hundreds since everyone uses counterfeit detectors

No. 1384890

Ah yes a misshapen cardboard box inside a dingy throwaway brandless gift bag and a bottle of mt dew. Very luxurious. Does any one just carry their single $100 bill like that? Lmao. It’s giving nana gave me bday money so I’m chilling at the mall.

No. 1384901

she did used to have an account for her pet budgies so having an account called "birdiebijou" isnt out of the realm of possibility

No. 1384903

I also believe the typing style of the supposed sugar daddy is similar to ambrose.

No. 1384933

I have no idea what Ambrose sounds like in person but I can't help reading these tweets in creepshow art's voice

No. 1384943

Yeah look how wide it is

No. 1384948

>the only issue is finding other milky users who aren't minors
This'll sound like white knighting her or >hi cow but she does not need her own thread. It's clear she does all this shit for attention and that's all the milk is, dedicating an entire thread to her would not only be boring, but inciting her to keep going.

An entire thread on edtwt including her would be the best idea, since she IS milky, just not deserving of an entire thread. I'll sift through and see which of the milkiest users are 16+, though this account is is a good start https://twitter.com/edtwt_timer as it documents all the drama that happens.

No. 1384950

KEK is the thread happening? Edtwt users are gonna lose their minds, nobody is safe ambrose allies and enemies

No. 1384953

this is bs, her sister still follows her on insta

No. 1384957

Share her insta anon wtf

No. 1384964

Don't post shit that's not funny or milky we don't need to know what everyone on twitter is saying ffs

No. 1384970

Will these insufferable edtwt faggots fuck back off to twitter already? No one cares about a dime a dozen fat bitch larping an eating disorder, and thats your entire community. The only thing you’re starved of is attention.
“I remember when Ambrose ____!” Unless you have proof, go reminse(sage your shit)

No. 1384983

>complains about newfags
>doesn't sage

No. 1384999

File: 1638651410747.jpeg (221.22 KB, 1105x750, 4381F89E-6EB6-4C6B-937F-4F8249…)

Rose and fat friend

No. 1385005

Please share sources anon

No. 1385043

File: 1638655261628.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, 00595D56-913E-4468-B6F6-3961C1…)

None of the candid pictures posted of her look even remotely like her ‘face reveal’. She basically photoshopped a mans face onto her own.

No. 1385044

Spill the instagram @(newfag or plain idiot? )

No. 1385056

A lot of these pictures are relatively old

No. 1385081

The two bottom pics are both from this year only a few months apart and she looks like two completely different genders.

No. 1385091

tbf the pictures have completely different lighting and facial expressions so it's hard to compare

No. 1385103

She's been on t for 3 years that probably changed her features a bit moron

No. 1385106

>nobody is safe
From what? An imageboard? Fuck off back to twitter. This is why no one wants an edtwt thread, it would just be full of you fags. Fat kpop stans posting about their diets arent milky.

No. 1385177

if the so called face reveal is true that would be so sad probably taking T is fucking up her face but rosie if you’re reading you were decently looking before you look like a botched smelly man if that’s your real face now(sage)

No. 1385203

doesn't make you grow a jawline moron at best it gives her facial hair

No. 1385213

ultimate proof she's a fujoshi to shave and want to be twink uke smooth

No. 1385241

sometimes testosterone does changes to the shape of the face. not like a full jawline but it makes the face less rounder, more androgynous-esque rather than a masculine jawline.
but her neck looks photoshopped, or really weird, like she has hypothyroidism or something. an easy way to clock out sus tif's is to look at their necks. men's are usually wider

No. 1385247

I think she just has a lower bodyfat % from working out on T, gained a lot of muscle in a short period of time because she's basically on steroids. Once you have a decent amount of muscle it's pretty easy to diet the extra bodyfat off

No. 1385259

I’m positive these are just twitter fags that can’t cope with the fact that she doesn’t actually look like a man at all. I refuse to believe anyone is stupid enough to believe hrt changes your facial structure as much as hers did between those pictures.

No. 1385270

From an ex friend. I can promise you this. Ambrose’s old or current Snapchat is uwu_s

No. 1385294

Oh please shut the fuck up with your boring edge and take a joke. I said that because they freaked out over lolcow discussing them

No. 1385364

File: 1638687932723.png (133.73 KB, 501x607, 000228.png)

Not milk but was combing through the archive of her old acc and found this very ironic tweet kek.

No. 1385426

File: 1638695541695.jpg (262.98 KB, 1080x1162, IMG_20211205_100943.jpg)

My sides, these bitches are really sensitive about being short.

Also lol at idoldecay lying that she got a modeling gig after everyone called her a troon.

No. 1385432

Um actually it's transphobic to exclude twans man from getting treated like cis men. The term manlet was created for real men. Do you want us to pretend you're totes a real moid or not? Also making fun of the way someone dress is hetero-normative classist microaggression.

No. 1385445

>Do you want us to pretend you're totes a real moid or not?
Unironically a good question. Do they want to be held to same cultural expectations of cis men or do they want to be treated genderspecial? Pick one.

Spoilering zoomer autism because Twitter would only ree, take it as seriously as you want lol
How is expecting to be regarded as male without assimilating to masculine social customs not cultural appropriation? What distinguishes the defiance of gender roles you chose to adopt in transitioning from the colonization of those gender roles? Why pretend to be a man if you don't want to be treated like a man? Why not just be enby?

No. 1385491

File: 1638706455638.jpg (456.39 KB, 934x1920, totally cis man gymbro.jpg)

There's Amrbose wannabes now. Girl shut up, why would a cis man get involved in edtwt like this

No. 1385513

Please say psyche

No. 1385539

>Big pec (obv tits) goth bf
Holy fucking shit i was gonna say a lot of people act edgy on edtwt they're not necessarily copying ambrose but this one is just wearing her skin KEK. Trans people think alike ig.

No. 1385558

File: 1638717358351.png (43.35 KB, 720x319, Screenshot_2021-12-04-14-49-29…)

Someone guessed what the tattoo was earlier, lmao she was trying so hard to detach herself from her lame hobbies and interests to sound cool in front of the kids

No. 1385560

File: 1638717431075.png (313.24 KB, 720x558, Screenshot_2021-12-04-14-37-47…)

Also literally amab