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File: 1639413634764.jpg (524.68 KB, 1159x1039, 1632129676676.jpg)

No. 1391941

>What is a femboy?
They are he/him trannies, basically. Some are regular anorexic twinks but most inject estrogen or T-blockers in an attempt to look like women, and sometimes they will even get tranny-related surgeries.

>What makes them cow material?

In recent years, part of what it means to be a member of the femboy clan is adopting Nazi politics. They are shamelessly racist, misogynistic, and homophobic of lesbians, frequently getting banned from platforms like Twitter for their hatefulness. They also tend to suffer autism and many are former incels.

Femboys created tired-out memes like Femboy Hooters and the "Doomer Boy" Wojak which they all worship and strive to be. For some reason they really like Ikea sharks.

Tell a femboy he is no different from a MTF troon and prepare for autistic screeching. They hold a sense of superiority over regular trannies because they don't call themselves women, but they still share the fetishistic (read: AGP) creepiness of the average troon.

Closeted gay and bisexual scrotes all across the web are obsessed with these freaks, frequently screaming that it's not gay to fuck a man just because he has soft skin and gynecomastia.

>What is a boymoder?

A boymoder is basically the same shit as a femboy, except they are honest about the fact that their goal is to fully troon out. Boy moders have a fetish for being called women while they make zero attempt to look like one. They will dress in hoodies and jeans and have long hair and wear female underwear underneath. They take HRT and fully intend to troon out "once they pass". They get boners when being told that they can not conceal how girls and femme they are while yelling "UUGGHH YOU DUMMY! I AM A BOY!". Basically tsundere trannies.

NOTE: this thread is for [male] femboys only. If it's a girl/TIF larping as one or if you suspect a femboy might be biologically female, post about them in the fakeboi thread instead.
Feminine gay men like Jeffree Star or James Charles who don't call themselves femboys don't count

>Some examples of e-famous femboys:

https://twitter.com/0xcafebeef (now on his way to full mtf trannydom)

previous threads:

No. 1391945

Included boymoders in the OP so we can make fun of them too.

No. 1391954

File: 1639414982489.png (585.59 KB, 744x612, plushies.png)

Grown adult male (almost 30) with a collection of stuffed animals from a game made for 10 year olds.

No. 1391979

fuck off form pokemons

No. 1391983

He has a YouTube channel talking about Pokémon cards.

No. 1391993

He needs a popfilter and sort out his audio. Listening to this I feel like I am sitting in his mouth surrounded by his crooked british buckteeth. You can hear every inhale and lipsmack. I'm gonna vom.

No. 1391998

Sounds cuter than expected

No. 1392018

His voice is quite similar to Dimitri Monroe's


No. 1392185

Stop selfposting, faggit.

No. 1392426

Why would Dimitri be here? Are you obtuse?

No. 1392451

she's a w*man after all

No. 1392557

Cause it already happened in the previous thread. He is obsessed with posting about his ugly pasty man-ass on here.

No. 1392570

File: 1639483124402.png (30.85 KB, 744x300, cafebeef.png)

Wtf is wrong with gay moids?

No. 1392583

They have terminal pickme syndrome, it’s like the usual pickme syndrome but more extreme because they’re males and they only know how to be aggressive and retarded.

No. 1392646

I posted about Dimi in previous thread, because your garbate community is to lazy to make things entertaining. He wouldn't come here, anon

No. 1392661

They all do. Sorry but it is very obvious when someone posts a pasty fat moid on here saying "OMG HE IS SO CUTE! NOT LIKE OTHER FEMBOYS UWU!" that you are not a woman and instead selfposting your ugly ass. And now you can stop and leave this boring place. You won't find fans among us, if you haven't noticed, we think you are something to be laughed at.

No. 1393403

File: 1639580992934.jpg (130.76 KB, 720x1074, Screenshot_20211215-070606_Chr…)

No. 1393421

I dunno, it could possibly be the acute angle comb over hiding your receding hairline?

No. 1393462

He probably works in tech surrounded by other autistics who can only tell gender apart by long hair = woman and short hair = men.

No. 1393467

File: 1639585693548.png (635.59 KB, 594x904, bald.png)

lmao what a fucking hell of a combover

No. 1393475

File: 1639586086288.png (123.65 KB, 742x850, ugh.png)

God I hate these Nazi LARPing faggots so fucking much. If there is ever a return of a fascist white supremacist regime, you gaylords are the first in line to the camps for being an utter embarrassment to white people everywhere.

No. 1393643

File: 1639600916039.png (326.42 KB, 734x934, cope.png)

Cope, seethe, prolapse anus.

No. 1393763

File: 1639611220967.png (109.44 KB, 900x1100, E-8bYKlXEAEHL15.png)

Reminder that this is unironically what they believe they look like.

No. 1393822

" fancy shampoo+conditioner "

No. 1393828

>plucked brows
Come on lol, literally none of them bother

No. 1393920

wow basic fucking things

No. 1393966

>straight men
>don't want women
So they are gay men.

Enjoy self harming to appeal to these abusive closet gays tho I guess beef. >>1392570

No. 1393967

lol the hips

No. 1394035

aren’t gay men incredibly promiscuous compared to any other group in the United States…lmao what could he have possibly been thinking to say this??

No. 1394339

File: 1639665874314.png (480.47 KB, 852x644, e56ae7.png)

he could have just put men but he added (straight) in there because unironically femboy trancels think straight men are into them and would leave women to be with a "feminine trap uwu" they can't stand the idea that who ever is somehow into them is gay and is specifically into them because they look like men in wigs.

i'm sure everyone has seen this troon meme by now

No. 1394342

literally memeing themselves into being gay. truly amazing. the fact that men are memeing themselves into queerdom really tells you everything that is claimed about evo psych is complete crap

No. 1394343

LMAO in what world would a STRAIGHT man prefer to fuck a shit smelling asshole of a degenerate faggot instead of a real woman? They're thinking of desperate bi and gay men, cope harder

No. 1394344

they're just an average gay guy incel with extra steps

No. 1394345

they all end up either killing themselves or like hyper kyunn dating another femboy troon and THEN offing themselves

No. 1394350

nah i gotta be honest i think men can meme themselves into anything, they're just that pathetic and suggestible

No. 1394381


We should start memeing scrotes into becoming decent human beings, or meme them back to being moving target practice for foreign scrotes

No. 1394461

kek nona my sides

No. 1394496

This might be the most schizo meme I’ve ever seen, white nationalism is brain rot for moids.

No. 1394711

File: 1639688102342.png (441.06 KB, 554x878, 63d4110.png)

femboy trannies are so delusional lol

No. 1394716

File: 1639688307279.jpg (50.75 KB, 620x420, Del24.jpg)

British men and women need to stop hating on each other because honestly they can not expect anyone else to date them. All of this "oh it is only the british women who are ugly" bullshit won't fool anyone. Picrel is what an average british man looks like. Sorry but you gotta settle for each other.

No. 1394730

I don't even think bi men or gay men want this shit, it's just completely weirdo chaser degenerates. All the femboys are bottoms which are a dime a dozen in down low or gay guy culture. They all want a dick in their ass, and these horse piss swilling schizos can't even get it up anymore. They're totally pointless sexually to anyone who isn't just a homosexual sadist.

No. 1394733

Stop picking on British people

No. 1394736

File: 1639689505658.jpg (15.13 KB, 213x237, images.jpg)

Silence, britoid.

No. 1394761

File: 1639690767911.png (24.86 KB, 744x210, Untitled.png)

I can't even imagine trying to do this much mental gymnastics to somehow convince yourself that being a homosexual tranny who gets fucked up the ass on the reg and wears women's clothes is somehow based and christpilled. Just admit you are a degenerate leftoid who wants the right to not be beaten to a pulp on the street by people who actually read the bible.

No. 1394792

>feminine man

lol men aren't feminine they're identifiable as males because of their masculine male features, this creepy tranny really talks about femboys like they're women.

in coomer porn addict brain gay porn is often considered gross and hard to look at (which it is cuz men) while lesbian is often seen as "hot", cafebeef here is trying to imply that femboy troons are the equivalent of lesbians notice how he doesn't describe the last one the same way as the first one despite both being two men

No. 1394809

I mean he is literally admitting that feminine/masculine is the best combo and female/male is peak of that. A feminine man can never compete with a woman. Very sad.

No. 1394826

The only males who can look remotely like that are pre-teen boys.. cope harder pedo faggots, the most effeminate man ever is still obviously a male outside of carefully photoshopped pictures

No. 1394893

And yet he dated a feminine guy

No. 1395227

kek, I totally forgot about that because he was so embarrassed about it that he dumped his transbian bf as soon as people found out

No. 1395260

File: 1639745734558.png (21.74 KB, 742x220, Untitled.png)

Beefboy serving some more absolutely retarded takes on feminism. Apparently men troon out because they want to not be evil, not because it makes their dicks hard to wear women's clothes. Also women can not just expect men to act like human beings who don't oppress, rape and murder us without also accepting trannies into our bathrooms.

No. 1395262

he's a dishonest fuck. in what way are you (or any other troon tier men) less shitty than you were before, you hyperfiltered, surgically disfigured moleman?

No. 1395265

File: 1639746092552.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1627150603021.png)

women: Ok how about you don't rape, murder and oppress us?
men: like this? skirt go spinny
women: no

No. 1395299

File: 1639751452715.jpg (28.85 KB, 494x741, 5167HSrE9LL._AC_SY741_.jpg)

Because you look like Kip in drag

No. 1395312

File: 1639753299818.png (23.82 KB, 734x218, Untitled.png)

Happy to say that those little twinges of sympathy and pity for cafebeef I had a while ago have completely went away as he is fully committed to make himself into a retarded lolcow that only gets off to posting edgy tweets like this and then wonders why nobody likes him.

>whine on twatter all day

>uwu I am mentally ill
>no therapy is only for white women
>I am so racist and edgy look at how racist and edgy I am
>bum bum fucky fucky time haha I piss on meself
>why am I so sad bros?
>why do I not have any friends bros?

No. 1395318

File: 1639754063962.png (841.4 KB, 2202x1734, piss.png)

He has been posting more and more about his piss kink too, so I have searched how often he actually talks about it and boy, does cafebeef LOVE pee and especially pissing himself. People with paraphilias usually have more than one, so it makes sense why all tranners are obsessed with shit, piss and want to rape kids or animals.

No. 1395327

>is a mentally unstable misogynist white man which is infinitely worse

No. 1395337

He is such a classic libtard in every way, hating on "rich white women" is just part of that. All trannies do it. For some reason it's never rich white men who are the enemy, it's always women. All tranners also think that TERFs are middle-aged white women like JKR and they are just "jealous" of young trannies cause they are "stealing all the straight men" or whatever stupid cope-shit they constantly fantasize about. Cafebeef especially seems to think all TERFs are old and ugly.

Meanwhile I'd say most people on here are between 18-30. Pretty sure most people ITT a-logging Cafebeef are younger than him (and not british so likely way more attractive), but he needs to believe otherwise to cope.

No. 1395348

I think feminists main point of contention with trannies is that they're actively trying to erase womens rights to play a fair game of sports, go to the bathroom unbothered, talk about sex-based issues, etc. If it wasn't for that I don't think any of them would give a shit about men in dresses, plenty of very radical feminists in the past explicitly said the transvestites should be allowed to do their thing in peace (hell, even Solanas thought they were preferable to regular men).

Men don't know anything about feminism, more at 11.

How did he get all those tranny surgeries and hormones if he's never been to therapy? Don't you at least need a psychiatric evaluation before you get them?

No. 1395351

>claims not to like burning money
>pays thousands to have a surgeon saw off pieces of his skull, making him look only slightly different

>claims not to identify with white women

>pays thousands to have a surgeon saw off pieces of his skull, explicitly stating in his fundraiser that it's in the hopes it will make him pass well enough that he can finally live as a woman

No. 1395371

Jesus fuck why don't these dudes just get wigs instead

No. 1395380

maybe he can start sucking dick for therapy money

No. 1395461

File: 1639766924815.png (541.34 KB, 738x831, Untitled.png)

>fantasizing about a world where people in power would execute me for being a degenerate faggot makes my pp hard
Coomer trannies are so fucking retarded.

No. 1396060

File: 1639824955592.png (Spoiler Image,542.39 KB, 590x950, Untitled.png)

>small pp means I can't be a man and have to try to be a woman instead
Why are moids so fucking retarded? Every single moid with a small dick either choses to overcompensate by acting like a total gorilla or just becomes a cuck/homosexual/humiliation fetishist to cope. Men are so fragile.

No. 1396078

that art installation is a fucking exercise in INTENSIVE scrotalsucking. the cocks themselves are scaled up or they only chose the biggest dicks. 99.999999999% of men don't have dicks even remotely that big or decently shaped. i don't appreciate disingenuous artists pretending most cocks don't look like malproportioned, syphillic little mushrooms

No. 1396085

Really? I thought those were already pretty hideous looking… But to be fair I have not done extensive research on this as I usually avoid seeing stranger's donguses. Suddenly feeling very #blessed my bf has a very proportionate and pretty one. The ones in the art installation look like branches from a misshapen tree.

No. 1396092

idk how this is possible but somehow these men don't seem to have ever interacted with real men irl despite being male themselves. god they have such extreme mental illness

No. 1396115

They were probably bullied in school. Rightfully so because they're weirdos but I don't think these types ever have friends irl

No. 1396118

They are only friends with other trannies. I think they were probably bullied in school and thats why they now have a fetish for being submissive/abused/bullied and being called faggots. Men have this weird way of turning their insecurities into a fetish. "You call me a faggot? UwU ok I am a faggot then and you calling me that only makes me HARDER!"

men are fucking weird

No. 1396167

File: 1639842032056.jpeg (115.86 KB, 620x465, FGWYFSBXsAIiz08.jpeg)

No. 1396663

File: 1639878781883.jpg (250.1 KB, 1242x1648, ksonqmf7w8681.jpg)

i am unsure the gender this man is attempting to be but it seemed to fit here best

No. 1396665

File: 1639878843690.jpg (Spoiler Image,282.5 KB, 1242x1541, 57m0fmf7w8681.jpg)

No. 1396821

I've seen it a lot, maybe the high sex drive at that age coupled with sexual frustration plus not knowing how to deal with the situation leads to them to sexualize it.
Back when I was watching this one Shounen Ai series there was a lot of bullying related themes to development of romance between the male characters.
I guess some of the "betas".. either become Incels or Femboys? Who knows.

No. 1396968

>"Men make the better women UwU"
>look I am basically a plastic sex object, just as women ought to be!

Every homo ever.

No. 1396972

Silicone is not a gender. Can he even sit down without popping whatever's in there?

No. 1397213

File: 1639939752295.png (15.97 KB, 728x112, Untitled.png)

>tfw you were abused as a child and now it's your entire personality

No. 1397242

Why are homos like this

No. 1397269

Terminal coombrain and body dysmorphia from being molested as a child.

No. 1397327

File: 1639951678089.jpeg (84.44 KB, 750x995, FG2LKw-WUAEfakc.jpeg)

No. 1397606

Poor cafeboy. He should visit Funkytown, Mexico. It'll totally fix him.

No. 1397664

>Why did these get no attention?
I fucking wonder.

No. 1397698

To get popular on femboy twitter you either need to spread your asscheeks or you need to make spicy edgy tweets about how much of a racist you are and how much you hate other trannies like Cafebeef.

No. 1397699

File: 1639997741954.png (31.45 KB, 725x253, rekt.png)


No. 1397704

how is this misogynistic coomer wet fart of a tweet wrecking anything

No. 1397712

It points out that gay men hate themselves, which is why they would rather try to become women and feign being "straight" than accepting that they are beta-males.

No. 1397779

File: 1640015403436.png (278.27 KB, 752x756, cope.png)

Cafebeef needs…. piiiiiiittyyyyyy uwu

No. 1397783

File: 1640016012022.png (710.08 KB, 1532x2348, replies.png)

Replies full of sycophants who encourage his delusion. This is why trannies spend all day on twitter and work hard to keep their safe spaces free of "cyberbullies" who would interrupt their little mass-delusion by telling them the truth. They need this fake world of constant getting asspats from other trannies and telling each other how they all totally pass and totally are just being silly billy brainworms dummie bunnies when they have a little self-awareness for once. Deep inside they must all know that it's all bullshit.

No. 1397788

Kek why even bother building the bubble when the second you go out you're instantly clocked, even by children? It's like watching obese ED Twitter users tell each other they will lose that 90lbs before the next month. No you won't. You never will. Physically impossible and the more you try to play god with your flesh suit, the more you are punished and set back. You either learn to make peace with the body or sell yourself to big pharma and plastic surgeons. It is oh so satisfying to watch him cope and burn his money chasing the pink dragon. Keep grinding, beef-kun. You're almost there KEK

No. 1397791

Kind of a bad comparison since fat people lose weight all the time, men will never become women.

No. 1397794

Sure but it was more about rapid extreme loss in an impossible amount of time. Idk what other example I could have used then but I'm sure you get what I'm trying to say.

No. 1397812

His staunch resistance to therapy is the funniest thing.

No. 1397817

File: 1640022019016.png (137.83 KB, 380x366, snek.png)

What if the therapist is a… woman?

No. 1397842

Could've put all that cash towards therapy, he's doing this to himself

No. 1397865

File: 1640027850641.png (918.68 KB, 2248x1944, coperedditnigga.png)

Some tranner swallowed Cafebeef's bait and decided to indulge him in a public masturbation session.

>You totally look like a girl!

>NOOOO I don't!! UwU
>stop being so tranny-tsundere you brainworms dummiedumbdumb!
>nnggyyyuuu! I am maaan! I need more suwgewy for my dwumb bwig male face! ugu~~ TnT
>Noooo you don't need more surgery! You only get gendered male cause of evil TERFs!

Imagine being a dumb tranner and only posting photoshopped, very selective and super-posed pictures of yourself that make you appear a lot more passing than you are and all your autistic asskissers now think thats what you actually look like. Then at the same time you want to get pity from them about how non-passing you are. God to be so retarded. Almost as retarded as the people who gave Cafebeef money for his surgery and now have to still listen to him complain on twitter.

No. 1397940

A gender therapist would obviously be useless, but I wonder what a normie therapist would even make of him.

No. 1398099

File: 1640053599157.png (87.17 KB, 758x777, Screenshot (531).png)

No. 1398399

Just Dimi being Dimi, his love life is quite something

No. 1398429

File: 1640084193840.png (16.25 KB, 849x562, 1640058544107.png)

Someone posted this in the other thread but it also applies to femboys (except for the dilating part).

No. 1398431

Stop selfposting you faggot.

No. 1398432

File: 1640084341427.png (43.87 KB, 742x418, uhh.png)

Is he making a joke? I honestly can't tell anymore…

No. 1398437

File: 1640084520267.png (18.77 KB, 740x148, truth.png)

Probably the most self-aware tweet yet.

No. 1398484

Does the universal healthcare in bongland not cover the therapy this guy needs?

No. 1398491

both troons and femboy troons look like the drawing on the right by the age of 20

No. 1398497

I think he explained at some point that if he were to be honest in therapy then they would not pay for his gender-healthcare crap. Because he believes he is a man and they need to hear that you believe you are a woman otherwise they will not give you free titty skittles. So in order to get proper therapy he would have to give up free hormones and free castration surgery etc. Which he will never do.

No. 1398502

I mean, clearly the issue is not money. He sucked enough dicks and sold enough hole-pics to afford £30.000 surgery. He could have gotten many therapy sessions with that instead. He doesn't think he needs it or he thinks it doesn't work, whatever. It's his choice not to go to therapy, but him whining about how expensive it is is very laughable when you consider how much he spends on trying to look like a woman (and pokemon shit).

No. 1398582

this post is some creepshow art shit

No. 1398599


same person, i just wanted to clarify that he/you didn't sell anything for that money it was begged for from other femboy trannies, his/your twitter account literally had the begger donation page pinned, if cafebeef has ever somehow got paid for nudes we would be seeing his gross troon nudes by now like every other twitter tranny

No. 1398661

His gofundme only went up to like 10% of what he was asking for. He got the rest of the money somewhere else. There was also a post on 4chan offering sexual videos/pictures of Cafebeef in return for money to which he replied confirming it is him with an original never-seen-before picture.

No. 1398667

so you're saying people paid £27.000 to see naked pictures of a bald femboy troon?

No. 1398675

Yeah. I also think it was probably CountDankula who paid for it. He simps for a lot of femboys. They also both live in England and so it might have not only been pictures they traded.

As far as I understand Cafebeef is well known on /lgbt/ ad probably has plenty of chasers who have only seen him from good angles.

No. 1398720

File: 1640113575166.jpg (107.47 KB, 499x540, 8761k2514.jpg)

lmfao why are you incel troons like this? like you say women are whores and stuff but you will go to great lengths to prove that someone paid to see you naked or to fuck your man shitter.
£27.000? not half maybe? to make it more believable lol you are not as desirable as you think.

No. 1398731

?? Where do you think he got the money from? It has nothing to do with being desirable. Men have no standards and will buy porn from literally anyone. We have evidence that he has sold porn and then he suddenly had the money for FFS even tho he couldn't raise it on his fundraiser. What do you think happened?

No. 1398762

File: 1640117268222.png (133.62 KB, 582x599, 8wd42170.png)

either you found a way to scam the system by claiming it causes you depression or something or it didn't cost you £30.000 but much much less, seeing as you still look like the same bald man it was probably the cheapest surgery you could find.

No. 1398784

Can you stop "hi cow"ing me just because I said Cafebeef sucked dick for money? It's not a compliment you fucking weirdo. It's depraved.

No. 1398797

File: 1640120203757.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 875x638, prostitutes.png)

Picrel is what your average tranny hooker looks like. Men pay to fuck this. Men will literally fuck anything and have no standards whatsoever. Yes, someone out there would even pay Cafebeef for sex, that is how disgusting scrotes are. I am sure it was a fat, greasy and sweaty old man like Dankula as well. With a mouth full of crooked british teeth. Idk if you are some kind of camgirl/hooker yourself who is insulted that your job is not prestigious and only reserved for attractive people, but it's really not.

No. 1398867

the only one treating it like a compliment is the one saying they were paid £27.000 for nudes, tranny.

men literally bitch about having to pay during a date and call women gold diggers and expect sex if they took you to the movies or something, men are cheap, if men are willing to fuck these things imagine how cheap they must be, men would sleep with literal aids infested crack whores as long as they only have to pay her $20 for the full package, not pay a coomer femboy troon £27.000 for nudes, learn to read.

No. 1399209

Lol you are insane. Sorry but yes men are gross and they will pay other gross men for sex. Idk how much Cafebeef was paid per dick he sucked. Maybe he was paid £10 per dick but he sucked 2.700 of them. Would that make you happier? Idk why you are defending scrotes this hard, I mean Lilith Lovett was a prostitute and he looks even worse than beef. Men are literally THAT gross.

No. 1399278

How do we even know if he wasn't joking about it. Like c'mon, it seems like something he would do

No. 1399294

Because he suddenly had an unexplained influx of a lot of money. I would love to hear any explanation at all where those £27.000 came from if not from him selling his ass.

No. 1399296

piss-holding fetishes and loli/shota con go together a lot bc obviously kids are the age group that piss themselves most often, it's so fucking bleak

I don't think that any one contribution paid for the full amount, more likely beefy got a portion of the money through e-begging, selling nudes etc. and the rest was money he didn't have and he is in a lot of debt right now, which is tbh even funnier than thinking he raised the full amount selling his hole. like he whored himself out and still probably owes around 20k. As for who would pay for that, i believe he probably could get a decent amount of money for nudes and maybe other things, not in the thousands, but possibly in the hundreds. moids get obsessed with their fetishes, and will pay a good chunk of change to have them realized, even if it seems repulsive to anyone else

No. 1399422

His chasers/defenders always use that excuse to justify his actions.

No. 1399463

File: 1640200073947.png (174.1 KB, 736x744, Untitled.png)

>Ugh… fucking women and their flips through cards …astrology!!!
Kek. Men always love to pretend like all women believe in that crap. Meanwhile men believe in shit like "if she doesn't lean into you in photos you're not an alpha male" and "transwomen are women" lmao.

No. 1399474

>le women and their le astrology
You're right that moids believe in equally or more retarded shit like male hierarchies from Alpha and Sigma to Omega or whatever. If r9k is anything to go by, moids also give themselves the ultimatum that they will either transition into a grotesque mutated tranny or kill themselves. Cafecoomer projecting real hard in that tweet.

No. 1399532

here's the explanation

No. 1399871

pants-wetting is also a sign of childhood SA

No. 1399953

File: 1640256627588.png (43.13 KB, 752x526, Untitled.png)

Likelyhood of these motherfigures being born without wombs and ovaries but with a dick and balls instead? I'd say about 100%. Basically he is admitting that he is being actively groomed by other tranners who are trying to enforce his delusion. Is this a cry for help, Beef?

No. 1399957

File: 1640256754587.png (27.55 KB, 736x324, creepy.png)


No. 1400304

imagine being a gay man and thinking about women 24/7.

No. 1400313

Who the fuck is Oomfiez? I'm getting major groomer/cult leader vibes from him.

No. 1400469

File: 1640306730940.png (206.3 KB, 2048x914, chrome_screenshot_164030664192…)

No. 1400479

File: 1640307423096.png (369.42 KB, 2048x1328, chrome_screenshot_164030670015…)

No. 1400481

File: 1640307650972.png (478.74 KB, 2048x1359, chrome_screenshot_164030712874…)

No. 1400488

That is word for word a meme and reads as extremely ironic. Jokes about grooming must help the mentally deranged fuckers cope.

No. 1400512

i thought he dumped kiln bc he was ashamed of dating another failson and not a masculine straight bloke? they kinda remind me of PT and contra the way kiln is clearly so much more into beef than beef is into him

odds on beef actually having been to a gay bar, or any kind of social space in the last 3 years? i'm betting 0

No. 1400652

File: 1640325591309.png (2.39 MB, 1458x2048, chrome_screenshot_164032510864…)

No. 1400659

File: 1640326108834.png (2.8 MB, 1458x2048, chrome_screenshot_164032590886…)

No. 1400734

The thing with PT and contra is amazing. Kiln doesn't come across as he is trying to become a skin walker of copebeef. Looking over Kilns twitter it appears he was just doing his own thing for sometime and now he has just decided to message his ex lots over Christmas. Copebeef is liking his tweets for whatever reason so he is at the very least better then PT. Kiln will likely do the same again over new years as well. It is pathetic and Somewhat creepy but it is also standard shitty ex behaviour.

My personal current Theory is Copebeef broke up with kiln. Slept around for money and is now just trying to use pity to manipulate kiln into looking after him again until he can find another guy or sleep around again for money. Copebeef keeps posting about how much he wants people to look after him and how he is just a poor little man child and he cannot do anything himself. I would not be shocked if copebeef is just trying to get free shit out of him over Christmas.

No. 1400948

File: 1640368866509.png (247.8 KB, 582x402, Untitled-1.png)

Kek. I love how being an ugly man with long hair wearing a hoodie is somehow now a trend.

No. 1400955

he has the razor burn and stubble lol

No. 1401518

Typical incel scrotes. It's always hyperwoke MtF's who can't shut up about evil white women lmao

No. 1401519

Scrotes have pretty much overtaken mainstream feminism by larping as women, (or a tamer version, only wearing nail polish/makeup while identifying as male) and in doing to becoming apparently more oppressed than women.

No. 1401594

File: 1640472514553.jpg (535.84 KB, 1912x2048, 1640451295990.jpg)

Merry Christmas, Cafebeef!

No. 1401657

I remember stumbling upon a comment exchange between two nofap inceloids. Aside from normal male screeching, they were talking about their various porn induced front pole body horrors. One of them was hard flaccid syndrome and all the shit that supposedly emerges from it - ED, cum leaks during urination, etc. Anyways:

One thing stood out the most - apparently, seasoned and desensitized coomers report eventually starting to flex their pelvic floor muscles in ways that stimulate the prostate and therefore accelerate the coom. That causes the usable portion of their dicks to shrink (fucking lmao) because it "sinks in" somehow, and also muscle spasms that tickle the prostate automatically and/or cause chronic pelvic floor pain.

Blanchard's theories aside, I'm just wondering if unknowingly blasting your prostate is how you go from Reddit coomer to thigh sock jailhouse faggot.

No. 1401855

I don't think it's the method of masturbation as much as it is the material they consume. If you spend any time on 4chan at all you will see that trap/tranny porn usually in Amime form is pushed really really hard. Even in completely unrelated threads like on /biz/ people will post anime porn for no reason. I'm not sure if it's only from other coomers or if it's more nefarious (turning a countries population into useless soyboy coomer cattle is a pretty effective way to subdue them).

They are just exposed to it so much and slowly desensitized to more and more depraved shit. Also if you go into any discord that is run by males like ITT, they are just constantly sharing porn with each other and talking about their fantasies. Sharing porn is also how pedophiles groom child victims and is extremely effective on males. Their dicks are very easy to manipulate into getting hard at the weirdest shit, then they jerk off to it and release dopamine from their brains and BAM a new fetish to add to the list of degenerate fetishes.

I think all hardcore coomers eventually start to identify with the submissive person, the "bottom" at some point. A lot of autogynephiles are straight men or at least start out as straight men, but they consume so much porn that it gets boring to imagine yourself as the dude (the dude is usually unattractive, just a disembodied penis, no focus on him), so they start to think "what if I was the woman?" And from there on spiral into tranny-dom. A lot of them are also humiliation fetishists and to males the most humiliating thing they can imagine is being a woman.

No. 1401859

File: 1640513600785.png (22.67 KB, 738x330, christmas.png)

tfw you spend Christmas on 4chan.

No. 1401877

At least they are sane and know they're men. MTFs are truly the insane cows that would push women's rights to the edge because "muh inclusion". Femboys are just as creepy, but they're still men and they know it. It's the MTFs who hate them

No. 1401878

Femboys can be ugly af when their dream is felix kek

No. 1401887

Being a femboy is only a stepping stone on the way to becoming a MtF tranny.

No. 1401898

tragic. "self-respect" lol

No. 1401916

>Even in completely unrelated threads like on /biz/ people will post anime porn for no reason
You cannot browse a single board or even a single thread without coomer incels spamming their fap material and woman-hate. Visiting there after a while is a total shock.
I don't know if it always was this bad. Are moids just getting deeper in the hole collectively? I remember browsing /ic/ years ago (like 2012) and it was all wannabe painters, and posting any anime/cartoons was heavily discouraged. Now, it's almost all anime porn. It's like that with all boards.

Internet raised zoomers and millennials are being exposed to and perpetuating this shit non-stop, it fries their tiny moid brains. No wonder trooning is becoming such an epidemic.

No. 1402014

File: 1640542724698.png (425.47 KB, 600x600, tin_foil_cat_cat_1.png)

Tinfoil time but I think it is actually a coordinated effort to shit up the site as much as possible and make it unusable for anything other than a community spankbank. I think that there are a shit ton of Feds on 4chan after so many terror attacks were planned and announced there and they are literally trying to keep them subdued by keeping them busy jerking their dicks and trooning them out instead of turning into domestic terrorists cause they can't get no pussy.

Or maybe scrotes just are getting worse, idk.

No. 1402016

File: 1640543202016.png (204.29 KB, 776x1844, Untitled.png)

Almost didn't post this cause it's such obvious bait, but then I saw someone absolutely humiliating Cafebeef in the replies. Kek.

No. 1402024

>i'm not claiming to be an economist, but i know for sure this was a big factor
Kek, he would've been better off not replying than leaving an embarrassing reply like this

No. 1402080

I know that it's coomdotioning, but come on now. A straight man discovering that playing with his butthole will get him quicker and harder cooms is almost guaranteed to eventually begin sneaking out to be used as a truck stop gloryhole.

No. 1402535

File: 1640615254861.png (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 850x1112, 1640562290940.png)

not sure if this was posted before but some weirdo posted this pedo coomer shit and it definitely fits here, the typical sexualized anime little girl design for the self-insert femboy troons, their expectations are never something realistic or normal or i don't know an adult? but i guess that's what happens when your brain is porn fried.

No. 1402606

it's not white men doing most of the raping(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1402635

Yes because white men treat have always treated women with respect and dignity and always ensured their rights as women. Nope it's only my sexually competitive rival tribe- ahem I mean brown people.

How are white men so fucking stupid to say this shit? You hate women just as much, you're just too cowardly to rape since you're afraid of the social/legal repercussions. Being a "nice guy" isn't a virtue. Waiting for your chance to abuse women when the opportunity arises is not preferable behavior. White men will rape and murder women when they know they can get away with it, and they certainly have.
We don't even need to reflect on all of the atrocities white males have enacted throughout history to know they are disgusting filth. If I go on any white male dominated space, they are all equally as misogynistic as any other male, and think of women as subhuman objects that exist to serve them.

Aside from all that, if you really believed white men were virtuous then why are they allowing these evil brown men to have their way with women? Why not protect what's "yours"? No matter how you look at it, white moids are cowards. Doing absolutely nothing except passively consuming porn, sometimes getting so addicted you larp as anime children to get harder boners. They sit around waiting for the day where some dream girl comes to rescue them from their self-inflicted catatonia. Absolutely pathetic. You deserve every awful thing that happens to you and more.

No. 1402658

All men are cowards and fags. I feel like white men's obsession with BBC and black men's obsession with white zaddy is that they're gay. They're all gay. All men are fags who bond over the ritual abuse of women. They point fingers at eachother but they all do it.

No. 1402674

As a lover of history I need these troons to stop appropriating it also they really cited Astolfo as a historical figure, huh.

No. 1402679

File: 1640629875047.jpg (119.25 KB, 1181x1748, tumblr_pmec61PDVQ1wwsgjb_1280.…)

This is a winner for the most cringe shit I have seen ITT so far. Definitely threadpic potential. I mean, picrel is literally what boymoders think they look like, all these moids think they look like little anime girls, it is just so delusional and embarrassing.

No. 1402790

Outside his terminally online incel tranny matrix he's created for himself, men and women his age are leading normal lives kek. The moid mentality keeps him from feeling any shame so he continues to be like this. Hes wasted his 20's being a degen on Twitter since 2013. Can he do 8 more years? Place your bets nonas.

No. 1402795

When you think you look like a 12 year old girl, but you're the Buffalo Bill kids run from once they see you.

No. 1402849

Deluded cope

No. 1402908

aktually men's obsession with other men's dicks comes from the fact that cuckoldry is simultaneously the most degrading and the most sexually exciting thing for them

No. 1403284

File: 1640698302603.png (26.98 KB, 738x358, Untitled.png)

Cafebeef trying to cope with the fact that he is still and forever will be a reddit soyboy.

Seriously, show me the difference between Cafebeef and your average reddit tranny except for the fact that he is openly racist (which is understandable as he lives in London and probably gets spit on by blacks every day).


>obsessed with hobby for kids (Pokemon)
>spends all his money on toys, plushies and playing cards
>low-T and high estrogen
>hates women
>tries to "AKSHUALLY!!!" people about shit he has no more than a surface level knowledge of
>coomer and porn addict
>his pp goes hard when he wears girl panties

Sounds like every other redditor leftie soycuck to me.

No. 1403286

File: 1640698577005.png (71.56 KB, 748x600, manifesto.png)

It's really not complicated enough to require a manifesto. Men are weak willed and weak minded and can be memed into anything with enough exposure to porn.

No. 1403365

Cuckoldry is only exciting for them because they feel like they have a justification to be violent to a woman, i.e. "she knew I'd kill her for that" etc. And we all know how much men just love any opportunity for violence.

No. 1404425

File: 1640810712541.png (33.21 KB, 740x414, dumb.png)

"A person who is averse to change and holds traditional values."
>traditional values

You literally can not be a tranny faggot and be conservative. Apparently there are many retards like Cafebeef out there.

No. 1404441

He says what he needs to be considered desirable because he is gay and ugly, so he'll repeat shit he thinks makes men want to fuck him, like sexism, regardless of belief or logical consistency.

No. 1404502

Thats probably it tbh. Hes just a gay pickme.

No. 1405073

File: 1640890649171.png (31.83 KB, 740x340, Untitled.png)

I'm just PRETENDING to be retarded you guys! I am just creating a large internet archive of dumb shit I have said associated with my real face for the epic lulz and making my pp hard.

Kek. I am sure this will work out about as well for you as it did for every other lolcow.

No. 1405080

File: 1640891183455.png (166.21 KB, 746x1368, Untitled.png)

Just a bunch of fun gay pedo-roleplay.

No. 1405082

File: 1640891341541.png (442.03 KB, 768x1656, Untitled.png)


No. 1405111

File: 1640893472421.jpg (9.49 KB, 275x178, 1609537173575.jpg)

>Annoying pedobait anime reaction pic
>Poor little Eva can't help herself! uwu
Sage for non contribution

No. 1405112

File: 1640893594531.png (385.77 KB, 500x498, 0b74a491a6b4bdf3b.png)

>the cringe is strong with this one

No. 1405144

File: 1640896009622.png (77.52 KB, 738x654, Untitled.png)

If being a fag who hates women wasn't enough proof of his mommy-issues this sure seals the deal.

No. 1405150

File: 1640896505656.png (1.75 MB, 2248x1436, Untitled.png)

Checked out this dudes twitter and holy eeewww. He is a total coomer tranny obsessed with hentai and making weird coomer comments to all his other twitter tranny friends. These are the kind of people Cafebeef hangs out with.

No. 1405157

File: 1640896764958.png (407.94 KB, 768x614, Untitled.png)

And this is what he looks like. A fat man with moob-implants and greasy dark roots. Damn, just like an anime girl!

No. 1405322

File: 1640911017647.gif (306.52 KB, 500x265, FBE7164A-E721-46D2-A883-35E514…)

No. 1405622

File: 1640953060603.png (458.56 KB, 740x622, Untitled.png)

You guys think one day he will realize that there is no difference between him and "those guys"?

>I'm not a soycuck! It's not truuuueee! I am racist so I can't be a soycuck!

Kek. Drink more soylent and take more HRT while you complain that other people should pay for your tranny surgeries SoyBeef.

No. 1405635

Ew why are they like that

No. 1405636


No. 1405937

File: 1640993392317.jpg (688.01 KB, 2208x2944, f8q6hkxxqio71.jpg)


No. 1405943

Everything on this pic looks like he's on mental hold in a psychiatric institution.

No. 1405974

who is posting mental hospital patients…

No. 1406124

File: 1641018396355.png (270.45 KB, 2048x908, chrome_screenshot_164101837247…)

No. 1406142

File: 1641024872007.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.06 KB, 651x680, FF3lUUOVQAQ58QN.jpg)

it/its femboi flexing his moob

imagine being an adult and thinking your gynecomastia cone nips are it

No. 1406170

Cafebeef finally uploaded a honest and unfiltered pic? Damn

No. 1406171

Remember when men used to be embarrassed and made fun of by other men for having bitchtits? Wear a shirt to the pool? Have other dudes slap their titties and call them fat piggies? We need to bring back shame.

No. 1406402

File: 1641067772050.png (43.18 KB, 736x458, Untitled.png)

Imagine living in London, lmao. Although as a gay man he should be used to seeing other people's feces by now? Well.. give it some time.

No. 1406403

File: 1641067893216.png (32.42 KB, 738x298, Untitled.png)

Hmmm damn, wonder why femboys are so obsessed with youth? Could it be because they are all fucking pedophiles?

No. 1406444

Because it's a dead end sex based lifestyle that more or less ends at age 30. Twink death.

No. 1406481

File: 1641075048719.png (36.9 KB, 744x338, Untitled.png)

Cafebeef with another self-own.

No. 1406868

File: 1641124979968.png (155.52 KB, 742x1448, Untitled.png)

Rare good take from Cafebeef, met with nothing but distain from the other tranners.

No. 1406871

And some rare honestly. Makes me a little bit sad for him.

No. 1406872

File: 1641125121717.png (51.86 KB, 736x434, Untitled.png)

dropped pic

No. 1406991

based beef

No. 1407051

Everyone is saying he's right but I feel like even though he is right, his whole persona is about being contrary to whatever trannies are repeating amongst themselves and therefore these tweets hold a lot less weight when you realize he's saying this for attention.

No. 1407148

Yeah that's true, 99% of his tweets are just for attention/to piss people off and to get asspats for his insecurities. I still love when it makes trannies seethe tho.

No. 1407333

>his whole persona is about being contrary
That's it, you broke it down. His motivations aren't complex. He just wants attention.

No. 1407491

File: 1641185646410.jpg (281.96 KB, 828x453, sure jan.jpg)

No. 1407547

I'm an offsite degenerate who was pointed to this thread so this post is probably not long for this world but it's honestly pretty crazy to me that even undergoing HRT in secret precisely because you're embarrassed about how you look is cause enough for people to hate you. Isn't being so self-conscious to the point where you LARP as someone you aren't the opposite of lacking self awareness? You're literally concealing what's unusual about you. Anyway, happy new year lol.

No. 1407555

troon hands typed this post

No. 1407556

he's right is he just a severely autistic incel, trying to get an easier life? Does he even feel like a woman at all?

No. 1407562

Alas, correct.(scrote)

No. 1407570

who is this

No. 1407581

>"B-But they're embarrassed!"
And yet, they still post misogynistic and Nazi LARP garbage and pollute every space they go to. Male mentality in action: Hate yourself, openly be a deranged incel, but it's all okay and no one should express disgust because you hate yourself. Will you ever stop playing the victim?

No. 1407592

I'm sorry but how does taking HRT in secret relate to being a misogynist or a nazi or posting on the internet in a particular way? lol

No. 1407593

>"I haven't read the thread, and I refuse to. Instead, argue with my strawman!"
HRT brain kek

No. 1407594

Mm.. speaking of misogyny lol. It's disturbing that you think female hormones hamper cognition.

Anyhow, it's just some Chinese robber fallacy stuff. You can take absolutely any group and find people from it who misbehave in a particular way. That's not evidence that the members of this group are any more likely to be like that. There's no logical connection to be made between being bigoted and transitioning in secret.

No. 1407598

Men can't experience misogyny, including mentally ill ones kek
Keep "not all men are like that"-ing and seething, we'll keep being disgusted by the ones who are like that, cheers

No. 1407600

>Men can't experience misogyny, including mentally ill ones kek
Accepting the premise, you were being misogynistic against women in general, not against me in specific.

>Keep "not all men are like that"-ing and seething, we'll keep being disgusted by the ones who are like that, cheers

It's a weird thing to do, you know? Like looking for criminals that belong to racial minorities and insisting that this proves said minorities are evil. By all means, look down on criminals, but idk maybe don't join the KKK.

No. 1407605

File: 1641203258862.png (110.08 KB, 492x720, kv.png)

Why do trannies always do the "I'm basically black because I hate my body and make it everyone else's problem, serve me now femoid" thing when they're literally racist (especially to Asian and black women)? Is it white male narcissism? Do they assume it's only white women who notice how they are and just assume that excuse will work? An anon did mention a survey that said white American men unironically think they're the most oppressed group, I guess it never goes away
Anyway, here's CafeBeef pulling a "Not letting me say the n-word is racist" like every spoiled white 12 year old boy, and then actually being racist kek

No. 1407617

they clearly didn’t say female hormones impact cognition. they’re saying trannies refuse to communicate well.

No. 1407634

These moids were retarded long before they started taking titty skittles (nobody who isn't retarded would do that). Although I am sure you realize that female hormones on a mans body have different effects than on a woman's body. I noticed a lot of trannies follow this line of argument

>misconstrue your post to mean something else

>thinking it is a total gotcha
>repeating it over and over again

Fuck off moid. You will never be a woman. You will never be feminine. You will never get a straight man to fuck you. You will forever hate yourself and feel the need to numb your pain with Anime and porn. Until you kill yourself.

No. 1407635

He is racist because he lives in London and gets spit on by black people for walking around like a fagit every day. You'd be racist too.

No. 1407699

how in the hell is he being racist there ?

No. 1407705

Read the fucking thread newfag. Cafebeef tweets about being a proud racist all the time cause he wants to fuck /pol/tards and be edgy. And learn to sage.

No. 1407726

based, brits are hideous and unpleasant to talk to

No. 1407751

File: 1641228929677.jpg (128.99 KB, 600x856, 20211230_142425.jpg)

LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SHIT FOR SO LONG. Do I have my own thread or just part of Evas?
It was actually a random female but it was from behind so I guess it isn't super impressive. I was just confused about the whole clearly male dress attire(male)

No. 1407755

File: 1641229756368.jpg (154.26 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20220103-110720_Sam…)

You guys should go after this weirdo she is schizo and the easiest target

No. 1407757

milk or gtfo

No. 1407763

File: 1641230366982.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.56 KB, 464x279, 1640964672387.jpg)

No. 1407765

Not your personal army, scrote.
I'd tell you to integrate but you're both moids so gtfo. This is the femboy thread; there is a separate thread for MTFs. Do you need a new prescription or are those glasses just for the aesthetic? You can answer on twitter, no one actually wants you here

No. 1407770

Then why am I in the femboy thread? Checkmate atheist

No. 1407773

Remember to test your rods and beams with a 10 minute pull up test to be sure it will support your full weight no matter how hard you thrash. We look forward to your continual mutilation and eventual pathetic, dramatic suicide.

No. 1407778

We also make fun of Cafebeef's friends. Especially when they have hilariously comb-overs to cover up their receding hairline. Fuck off, ejaculator. You will never be a woman.

No. 1407807

Funny he thinks he's interesting enough to have an entire thread about himself, like there aren't millions of him all over Twitter and 4chan. Whenever these dudes post here they have the same exact autistic male mannerisms that one can only get from being raised by the internet.

No. 1407878

File: 1641240926890.png (3.89 MB, 1256x1688, LMFAO.png)

tbf he has the most ridiculous comb-over of the bunch. But that's as far as it goes with the milk on this dude. Also holy shit this body is tragic. Literally 0 chance of ever passing lmfao.

No. 1407882

Rough. His only hope is that level of obesity where you can't read gender off a circle

No. 1407884

Wow you can really tell a moid post from hundred miles away just from the condescension and patronising tone. Male brain can't help itself.

No. 1408004

Turns out female socialization can not be learned by watching copious amount of anime and porn. Who would have guessed?!

No. 1408335

Reminds me of a tranny reddit post where moids discuss how to type like a girl. Not a woman, a girl. Using caps lock, filler words like "like", "umm", and excessive emojis. Cant think of anything more male than a moid pretending to be a girl.

No. 1408437

File: 1641306253949.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.85 KB, 738x880, ew.jpg)

How do you even recover from being this pornsick?

No. 1408461

Quite honestly you don't. Men like this either offend and hurt children and women, get institutionalized or kill themselves due to the crippling weight of the CP addiction, depression and self hatred. Pedoboof will likely fall into one of these three baskets.

No. 1408472

He clearly has some severe sexual dysfunction considering that he likes gore, being beaten in bed, pissing himself, nazis putting him a gas-chamber for being a faggot and autopedophilia. He will literally never enjoy normal sex in his life. Only anal violation by other tranners while they beat him and spit at him and he tells himself that he likes it. I wonder if he was diddled or if growing up on 4chan causes the same damage to the psyche as being diddled.

No. 1408620

Lolcow and its "im a gurl aktually i just don't hate men uwu" posters alone is proof that moids are biologically incapable of typing like anything that isn't a moid lmfao

>Imagine not passing even when no one can see you

No. 1409449

File: 1641412323052.png (28.04 KB, 740x328, lol.png)

Praying that we will never have to see Beef stuffing his Cave. Vom.

No. 1409490

File: 1641416474554.png (81.68 KB, 2066x830, yike.png)

All femboy/troon lurkers should read this and recognize themselves. You're just pornsick.

No. 1409498

File: 1641417318443.jpg (48.16 KB, 900x900, Cluniac, Isaac, formerly Vanit…)

What do we think about him now that he has detransitioned and seems to be in the process of reforming himself?

No. 1409550

who tf is this? and why should we care about any moid?

No. 1409561

He's a former tranny that's going postal on troons at the moment
He was mentioned in a previous thread

No. 1409572

honestly it is very good he is doing what he is doing(sage)

No. 1409577

Yeah I'm glad he came to his senses and managed to escape the cult(learn2sage)

No. 1409588

only watched a bit of one video so far but he seems pretty alright.

No. 1411343

I just feel bad for these kids.

No. 1412139

File: 1641674028756.png (451.01 KB, 726x664, Untitled.png)

Cafebeef suddenly disgusted when realizing what kind of people he purposefully aligns himself with.

No. 1412142

Stop selfposting, I still remember you, "Vanity". You already tried advertising your channel here and then deleted it when I called you out. This is the tranny that tried to slip Null from Kiwifarms his "girldick" in DMs and then threw a huge shitfit when he refused and got his twitter nuked. He's a schizo and detransitioning is just his newest grift.

No. 1412671

I think these are a bit of an exaggeration

No. 1412692

they're kind of true tbh

No. 1412711

You either never even think about taking HRT, or you are going to kill yourself in painful mood fashion like rope, knife or semething like that. You will never think about overdosing yourself in painless way or buy a gun, because your tranny illness likely comes with other mental issues that prohibit you from gun ownership. You are destined to kill yourself in painful way, leaving grotesque body behind and then burning in hell forever. Such is the destiny of average degenerate

No. 1413007

>This is the tranny that tried to slip Null from Kiwifarms his "girldick" in DMs and then threw a huge shitfit when he refused and got his twitter nuked. He's a schizo and detransitioning is just his newest grift.
lmfao no way
got the milk?

No. 1413018

You posted this lukewarm unsaged take for what exactly?
He posts pol shit all day and acts surprised when he's approached like this, lmao. What about this triggered him, is it because it's an explicitly racist group and calls itself that? Or is he virtue signalling?

No. 1413038

i honestly think a lot of men get turned on by the degredation aspect of cuckoldry, its plastered all over porn sites (wife cheats on husband) and watching porn is kind of cucky in nature. which is why its so funny/hypocritical to see men obsessed with pointing out women have degrading fantasies and whatnot

No. 1413088

sperm literally gets more aggressive whenever its carrier as little as SUSPECTS cuckoldry, men whose wives are looked at by other men are proven to fuck longer and harder, and that's just the tip of the iceberg lmfao. everything about male sexuality is cucky in nature because all primate males evolved for mate guarding and sperm competition kek, moids will seethe but it's true and all their insistence on degrading women is just projection like everything else

No. 1413139

Null told the story on his podcast and his old twitter that got deleted.. I think it was also posted in one of the old MtF threads but I can't find it. Basically Vanity the tranny used to e-date Cosmo (Narcissa Wright) and was really pissed off at Kiwifarms for making fun of tranners so he made it his mission to get Kiwifarms taken down (as many lolcows have in the past) it ended up with him DMing Null on twitter in a psychotic rage, sending him like 100 messages overnight and when he didn't immediately respond (cause he is on Eurotime and was asleep) the tranny had a melty and threatened suicide and said shit like "I know you want a tranny gf Null, I could make you happy!". Null actually tried to be nice to the tranny and told him he should just accept that he will never be a woman and then the tranny reported him and got his twitter nuked and bragged about it. Now he is "detransitioning" and keeps posting his videos on 4chan, Kiwifarms and here to try and get some views.

No. 1413143

Found this on Kiwifarms, it's a schizo voicemal left by Vanity (now Cluniac) to Null.

No. 1413144

No. 1413181

thats some shizo shit
do you have atleast source to that?

No. 1413319

Maybe I was wrong about him and he's just a schizo(sage your shit)

No. 1413346

No. 1413406

Okay but the point of ones sexual functions being heighten is so that when they defend their mate, they can then knock them up, no so they can jerk off in a corner(sage)

No. 1413417

Most men are only worthy of jerking off in a corner. Males being given equal opportunity for sex has been a big mistake for humanity, many incels are the result of these poor breeding practices

No. 1413446

ur brain can't tell the difference

No. 1413683

File: 1641811668481.png (81.87 KB, 732x702, cringe.png)

Cafebeef fantasizes about being experimented on by Nazis (they performed experimental castrations on homosexuals). He's so lucky hes a faggot tranny on twitter and untouchable. Imagine if anyone else said shit like that.

No. 1413684

File: 1641811964926.png (25.59 KB, 742x182, hair.png)

Cafebeef also thinks that all women regularly go to the hairdresser and since trannies don't they have bad hair. Idk about you nonnas but I have been coloring and cutting my own hair since I was about 16. It's really not that hard. Trannies hair looks like shit cause they refuse to learn basic haircare, don't bathe regularly and are balding due to being men. They want to be women but even putting in the least amount of effort like buying a conditioner and a leave-in mask instead of using 3in1 shampoo from the gas station is too hard. Women aren't born knowing how to care for our hair either, but you can literally watch a 5 minute youtube video and figure that shit out.

No. 1413754

File: 1641823617795.png (44.04 KB, 610x645, Copebeef21.png)

Copebeef and this husband dude talking and flirting a lot. Do you think he found a new UwU shit pusher femboy who will ram their deformed HRT sissy sausage down his decimated craphole

No. 1413940

Must really sting to know that he will never bag that conservative straight man and just forever date limpdick soyboy trannies. If he was just a normal gay man he could at least get a bear or any other masculine looking gay dude.

No. 1414509

File: 1641913359831.png (242.44 KB, 2048x853, chrome_screenshot_164191323616…)

No. 1414510

File: 1641913382834.png (487.78 KB, 2048x1413, chrome_screenshot_164191315997…)

No. 1414516

File: 1641914524619.png (708.95 KB, 772x1230, Untitled.png)

It's definitely a guy, he probably doesn't consider himself trans cause he's a "femboy". Checked his twitter for older pics and found this. 100% a man.

No. 1414608

File: 1641922343814.png (58.97 KB, 744x560, Untitled.png)

Probably the most delusional thing he has ever posted. You can literally just be like that, it's your choice to make your fetish a lifestyle. You can just stop.

>b-but I am true trans! I have a girlbrain for real

No, that doesn't exist
>b-but I wish I was born a girl, not just for sexual reasons!
That's just cause you're an incel who thinks women have it easier, you can just improve your life as a man
>b-but I will be so much happier when I pass as a girl!
No you won't, plus never going to happen.

No. 1414617

based. evolutionary psychs love to evade this apparent truth while they rattle on about hypergamy.

No. 1415040

The shit on his mirror is giving me the dry heaves
They're all constantly cannibalizing each other it's hilarious. Although I don't blame him for hating being associated with agp's.

No. 1415231

File: 1641989176718.jpeg (206.45 KB, 741x381, 1638552024341.jpeg)

Found this in an old thread. Cluniac (used to go by Vanity) getting Null's twitter banned. Just to add some proof to the story.

On KF they are actually eating this piece of shit moid's "detransition" story up and feeling sad for him because he has fake a suicide attempt recently. It's so transparent.

No. 1415813

lmao the fucking sam hyde shirt. when that cow has a crossover it's always a faggot or a tub of lard repping him.

No. 1416107

File: 1642080796884.png (26.69 KB, 736x262, Untitled.png)

Man this conservative LARP is so fucking cringe. Bro you are british. You've probably never even been in the same room as a gun. Your transbian boyfriends bb guns don't count.

What the fuck is up with limp-wristed faggots like Cafebeef and Nick Fuentes deluding themselves into thinking they are conservatives or right wing? It's almost as if they are deliberately trying to make conservatives look bad by swinging nazi flags and getting fucked in the ass. I bet actual conservatives hate these people.

It must just be 4chan exposure. So many incels do a white-nationalist LARP just because they literally got nothing going for them other than "at least I am white". But their degenerate, permanently online, porn-addicted, bum-buggering lifestyle is about as far removed from the conservative ideal of a nuclear family and strong traditional male who provides for his wife and kids as you could possible get. It's just such a joke. I don't get how nobody is pointing out how utterly embarrassing this is.

No. 1416119

i think you're overestimating the amount of honor and integrity "actual conservatives" possess

No. 1416120

Because people are too cowardly to point it out, I bet. I'm also tired of faggots who were clearly liberals in the 2000s and felt left out once they couldn't make racist or misogynistic jokes anymore pretending their 00s liberal edgelord culture is "conservative" just because it's technically old guard compared to the new form of left wing culture.

No. 1416121

More like actual conservatives don't shitpost on the internet all day since that's actively looked down on as retard behavior. These fucks got more in common with libertine lifestyle values than anything surrounding conservatives, except maybe the bigotry which isn't even exclusive to conservatives kek

No. 1416145

plenty of "actual conservatives" shitpost all day. though i do agree with you that the chronically malnourished british dandyman definitely is pathetic pretending like he's an american growing up around gun culture

No. 1416177

He should just call himself a libertarian like every other degenerate does. Being a homo and calling yourself conservative is like being a Jew and calling yourself a Nazi. It just doesn't make sense.

But honestly I think none of these dudes hold any political believes, they just have a fetish for being dommed by conservative men and imagining themselves as stay-at-home NEET-husbands who do nothing but watch porn all day while another man works. So trad UwU. Leave it to moids and their pornsick brains to center their entire life and ideology around what makes their PP hard. Literally everything they believe in is fake and based on a fetish, lmao.

No. 1416216

File: 1642092177745.png (312.36 KB, 2048x1036, chrome_screenshot_164209212583…)

No. 1416219

What a cope. "Everyone should chase their delusional dream of becoming a woman until they are too old and then give up, now that is actually chad and baste"

No. 1416228

twink death is gonna hit him so hard and I can't wait

No. 1416254

Late but I found the stream where Null talks about it. Lmao, I love watching trannies having mental breakdowns (starts at 33:23 in case I fucked up the embed somehow)

No. 1416274

the lump of labor fallacy is a cornerstone of 2016 bernie-core marxism-incelism: you have to prevent women and foreigners from getting jobs, because otherwise the white male wages will go down

No. 1416459

Unironically what trans identified males do. Attempt to be a woman because they think it's easier to, detrans and live as a mutilated mentally ill man.
He's quite self aware.

No. 1416474

may i introduce you to this place called facebook

No. 1416476

based and unusual take on lolcow where everyone is a berncel, I unironically want to be friends nona

No. 1416528

his chaser goals.

No. 1416551

Stinkyanimegirl who used to go by the more popular handle and identity of Vanser definitely fits under this thread


All of his images are spoiler worthy so I had to pick a neutral one. Just be warned to have a sick bucket if you scroll through his tweets but he is every bit the stereotype of this thread and has a history of being nasty.

No. 1416552

File: 1642116502163.jpg (59.92 KB, 600x739, DvwY6X3W0AAaJOx.jpg)


Forgot to attach the image sorry anonitas

No. 1416688

File: 1642126357801.jpeg (162.7 KB, 828x1792, D0640550-EF9D-4831-8420-1ECDE1…)

so i was looking through my photos and found these screenshots

No. 1416750

I scrolled there for 10 minutes, and aside from shitton of anime and some self deprecating “jokes” I found nothing. You hyped his profile way too high nonna.

No. 1416757

it's prob a moid self posting, lbr

No. 1416786

Seems suspicious that you even found this person, and I don't see anything misogynistic in his posts, just hentai and nudes and shit
Theory: Either vendettapost from a fellow femboy, or a selfpost as some form of emotional self-harm/because you wanted to jerk off to women being mean to you, begone

No. 1416986

File: 1642165635074.png (66.42 KB, 746x582, cafe.png)

He also used to have sex with women. He is literally the archetype of an AGP, a normal man who broke his brain with so much porn that he now wants to take dick and dress like a woman. You can meme men into anything by showing them enough porn and if a soyboy like Cafebeef browses enough 4chan (where trap-porn and tranny-porn is pushed so fucking hard that you'd think it was purposefully malicious propaganda) you can even meme them into becoming gay transexuals.

He's literally just a weak beta-male who thought becoming a woman and getting fucked was an easier life than being a normal man. You see it happen to weak men all the time. He thinks he is not your average AGP hon because he transitioned before he is 40 with a chad-jaw, but his motives for transitioning are the same.

>tfw no gf

>tfw completely failed as a man
>discover 4chan and discord
>they told me I can just become a woman instead!
>memed into taking HRT
>get compliments for the first time ever by chasers
>fucked in the ass for the first time
>gay femboy is created

No. 1417378

what do you guys think about this dude


No. 1418040

File: 1642269911474.png (20.16 KB, 730x180, desperate.png)

Oof, desperate. Pretty sure Null would rather throw himself off his commie block balcony that spend any amount of time interacting with a britoid tranny.

No. 1418055

I can't wait until he kills himself(a-log)

No. 1418107

File: 1642274246477.png (44.74 KB, 724x302, cringe.png)

It's pretty funny how Cafebeef and his friends will pretend they are better than transbians cause at least they aren't creeping on lesbians, meanwhile they do the exact same shit to straight men. HSTS want to force straight men into fucking their boypucci just like transbians want to force lesbians to suck the girldick. Two sides to the same sexpest coin.

No. 1418123

Yeah it's almost like a strong man pressuring lesbian women is worse than a pathetic feminine gay guy trying to fuck straight guys… Hmm
Both are bad but don't pretend those terminally online gay guys can molest men like transbians can women.

No. 1418130

Based, they should keep going after other men. They deserve it

No. 1418468

They're racist SJWs, they want an all white degenerate dystopia. A place where one is free to be a necrophiliac tranny pedophile furry as long as you're white. Beef is likely just racist because the Muslims in England bully him every time he leaves his house, can't blame them tbh. It is pretty funny seeing a balding anorexic crossdresser.

I think these straight moids are trooning because they've broken their dicks from cooming too much. The only way for them to get off now is by shoving shit up their assholes. They either troon or become nofap and wait for a 14 year old Catholic virgin girl to marry them and squirt out 10 deformed moidlings.

No. 1418678

File: 1642332541294.png (40.23 KB, 740x332, cafe.png)

How do you explain to trannies that they are not right-wing and that they are cutting their dicks off because that's what progressives tell them to do?

No. 1418681

File: 1642333033325.png (242.02 KB, 1476x990, deluded.png)

Idk where this tranny delusion comes from that they think starting HRT young will prevent them from aging like a man. I haven't seen a single tranny that did not grow up to look like a man, even if they passed well as a young boy and started hormones early. Look at Hunter Schafer and Kim Petras. Both started transitioning super young and looked pretty passable, but because they looked like young boys with long hair and didn't have strong male features yet. They have had all the surgeries, all the hormones and they are still aging like men. Starting HRT young can not prevent this at all and it's just so delusional to think that you won't look like a man by the time you are 30-40. HRT is not magic, sorry.

No. 1418942

Then someone has to explain all the balding 16-19 year old "boymoders" on estrogen with manly man faces that live on Twitter, 4chan, and Reddit.

No. 1418962

File: 1642360398151.png (1.17 MB, 1513x2048, chrome_screenshot_164236004144…)

No. 1418982

Why make up stupid words like womxn when we already have the words "man" "moid" and "scrote" to refer to transwomen? Also you might be in the wrong thread. Lilith is a full on tranner.

No. 1419013

kek the absolute lack of self awareness anti-establishment troons have will never not be funny, even just the idea of it is a punchline

No. 1420269

Schafer still has his dick that's why he is developing into a handsome man. Jazz is a eunuch and is therefore obese - He can't produce his own hormones. Child/teen troons are experiments gone wrong.

No. 1420597

File: 1642530394478.png (814.26 KB, 581x1216, Untitled.png)

Hand feminization surgery when?

No. 1420618

sol pais vibes

No. 1420729

At this point, the hairnest has to be on purpose.

No. 1420758

He is definitely balding. That one part of his hair is just sticking up because its so thin. Its definitely on its way out.

No. 1420816

It's to hide how thin his hair is and to cover up the bald spots.

No. 1421176

I know this is late but fuck me if I hate this guy with a passion. The amount of milk on him is insane. Quick rundown? Mentally retarded sissification and diaper fetishist who has been accused of raping an ex (MtF tranny), got arrested for running over said ex's father a la Chris-Chan, tried to get people to cut off all contact to a different tranny bf so that he would take him back, and got botched Facial "Feminisation" Surgery. He is the definition of a coomer and has said he wanted to be a tranny porn star since age 12/13 because he saw one on 4chan. The reason nobody has ever made a kiwi farms thread or any other thing on him is partially because a lot of this stuff is hidden in people's discord DM's and deleted discord servers but mostly because everyone is in agreement that he is the hugest attention whore ever and even mentioning him, as he has shown in this thread, gets his rocks off. The only reason anyone should make a thread about him is so people DNI with him.

No. 1421302

Man, remember back in the days when the only outcomes of male on male child sexual abuse were homosexuals and serial killers? These freaks are something else entirely.

No. 1421303

He should skip that and get a good quality wig instead

No. 1422206

In this case it's probably more than that. He has tweeted multiple times about being in the special ed class. So I'd say a mix of probable brain damage and watching porn at way too young of an age.

No. 1422318

File: 1642679859022.png (47.05 KB, 730x366, cafe.png)

One thing I don't understand about the weird homosexual trans people is like, if their goal is to get men… why go for straight men when it's so much easier to just be a twink and get gay men?

No. 1422504

local moid pretends not to understand the everpresent moid tendency to only be truly interested in the unavailable

No. 1422754

File: 1642722736436.png (113.74 KB, 1338x452, chrome_screenshot_164272261600…)

No. 1423062

File: 1642766444549.png (20.44 KB, 744x208, old.png)

Wait.. I thought HRT is magic and makes you forever young?

No. 1423063

File: 1642766466205.jpg (134.24 KB, 683x1024, old_femboy.jpg)

The twink death cometh for all.

No. 1423072

He's not gay. He simply thinks he'd prove he's better than women if he managed to get with a straight man. He's been brainwashed by 4chan and their trap culture that's pushed so hard I can't help but believe it's a project of some sorts.

No. 1423333

On the topic of twink death Copebeef's terminally online ex-boyfriend appears to have gone missing after posting on twitter about hanging himself. The overbite goblin normally posts as much if not more then Copebeef so him just disappearing and no longer posting, replying or liking tweets for a week is very much out of character. It might be too early to say but it really does look like he roped. I will post again when we get confirmation.

No. 1423613

File: 1642817738512.jpg (48.95 KB, 1080x292, Screenshot_20220122-031420_Dis…)

thats the last what i heard from him

No. 1423653

That would be interesting if he did ngl. One coomer less on earth which is always a win and maybe it would make his tranny lite boyfriend quiet down for once. Beef acts so smug for someone who looks this rough IRL

No. 1423870

kek, BPD attention whore scrote. Cafebeef will never love you, even if you threaten sepukku a million times. He is ashamed of his transbian girlfriend and wants a straight man instead. Very sad.

No. 1423885

Copebeef appears to currently be dating a different "femboy" who goes by handsome husband on twitter >>1413754 so I am extremely doubtful that captain overbite's disappearance would effect him at all or if copebeef is aware of his ex-boyfriends existence anymore given how self centred he is. In all honesty copebeef's love life is absolutely fascinating. He really wants to come across as better then other tranny/women in general as he pretends he can get the alpha gigachad far right man of his dreams at the same time as he gets passed around by ugly tranny and femboys. Not even counting the rumors of copebeef having sex with people for money all the while dating one or more femboys.
One. I am not the toothy shit pusher you halfwit retard.
Two. I am not the discord screenshot poster
So contribute to the thread and post milk on copebeef and anyone who is copebeef adjacent or fuck off.
Was this message in DM's or in a server and are/was you friends with this ugly fucker?

No. 1423938

we are surprisingly on the same big server, he used to post about his gf there aka copebeef a lot but now he shut up about it cause other people found it annoying

No. 1423941

Did anyone even like him?

No. 1423942

File: 1642863693709.png (1.05 MB, 1358x2048, chrome_screenshot_164286353952…)

What's with the scars?

No. 1423946

Self harm. All of them are mentally ill coomers

No. 1424043

New gay boyfriend every week. Gay men are so gross and hypersexual. Absolutely incapable of forming meaningful long-term relationships. It's so pathetic.

No. 1424419

File: 1642907241966.jpeg (225 KB, 826x1202, B5D0FF97-B179-4D86-9848-2BD0BD…)

if i speak, i am in big trouble

No. 1424447

The lack of self awareness kek

No. 1425469

File: 1643044950665.png (54.33 KB, 744x520, lie.png)

Does anyone believe this lie? lol
Dude you browse /lgbt/ every day, almost every threadpic on there is some sort of porn, every thread has nudes and porn in it, you are looking at porn every day copebeef. What a dumb lie to tell. I guess he means he doesn't go on pornhub to watch twink-gets-dominated-compilation.mp4 but he is still viewing porn for several hours every day on 4chan and twitter.

No. 1425906

File: 1643071532285.jpg (634.77 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_20220124-160923_Twi…)

No. 1426226

Why are they so confused about why women would be disgusted by these freaks in dresses trying to skinwalk them? It's fucking creepy and 99% of the human population agrees, they just don't say it to your face. There's literally a horror movie about it.

No. 1426227

File: 1643109870799.png (44 KB, 742x352, Untitled.png)

Basic concepts of biology are mean to men!! Women should be forced to procreate with unhealthy mentally ill males to make offspring that can't survive on their own!! Otherwise they are feminazis!

No. 1426228

Thankfully Cafebeef will NEVER breed. His defective genetic material will die with him and not be passed on. Just as nature intended. Maybe being gay is literally just natures way of telling you that you shouldn't breed.

No. 1426233

Why do homosexual incels always believe straight incels need subsidized pussy? What does a faggots even care? Is it just incel solidarity?

No. 1426235

They bond over their shared hatred of women and jealousy of women's sexual market value.

No. 1426237

>jealousy of women's sexual market value
i think about this so much

No. 1426239

But they're gay. Women are just living rent free in their minds? They should just suck dick and chill out. Women existing literally does not even effect them.

No. 1426256

They want to fuck men, most men are straight, straight men want to bang women not feminine men, ergo they hate the fact that women have what they want - the attention of men, whether or not they realise women aren't always pleased about this as men are entitled and rapey when prioritising desire to coom. Straight incel moids hate women for similar reasons, they desire sex and are therefore easy, women are not (less testosterone + casual sex less beneficial for women with pregnancy, left to do majority of childcare, and social stigma greater for women, society says men with many partners = desirable, women with many partners = whore) in comparison to the average moid when not mentally ill from abuse (coping from being assaulted/pedoshit through hyper sexualisation), so they hate women for withholding what they desire, their prioritised coom.

No. 1426284

In their minds it affects them because the straight dudes they want to bang reject them and go after women instead. Cafebeef especially outed himself as a straight-chaser. His hard-on for Null from Kiwifarms is probably largely because Null hates trannies and has expressed the desire for a traditional family with wife and kids. He is pretty much impossible for Cafebeef to attain, which makes him even more attractive in his eyes. Their dream is to take a straight man and turn him gay because they are so much "better" than women in their mind and OMG THEY DO ANAL ANYTIME!!! And women have cooties so why do you want women?!

Deep down of course they know that any man who fucks them is gay and sees them as a man. Their ideal partner can literally not exist and it makes them seethe. They then misdirect that hatred they really have for themselves towards women.

No. 1426333

Men no matter what their orientation are just fucked creatures who want control over us. Gay moids are obsessed with competing with us (even though it is literally impossible since straight men don't want them and most women don't wanna compete for closeted gay/bi dudes) and straight men have a weird mommy/whore complex with us. They want us to be virgins who somehow fuck like pornstars. They are forever seething about our value. They honestly do it to themselves maybe if they had discipline and didn't think with their dicks and learned how to talk to women they wouldn't be terminally online in those gay ass MGTOW spaces. I'll never understand gay incels entirely though like why ru so upset we don't wanna fuck certain men?? Why do u hate us when statistically they're more likely to have been abused by men? you would think women are harming them in droves or something despite being their biggest supporters idgi.

No. 1426366

It's easier to blame women than to blame other men or to face that their uncle/father molested them. Why punch up when you can just punch down and blame women for all your issues? It starts with blaming their mom for everything "Dad left because of YOU!" because mom is the only one who is there that they can let their anger out on, who will just take it and still love them and then they continue to project that on every single woman. And women don't ever fight back because we are raised to be passive. Most women are pathetic faghags who kiss gay mens ass all day.

No. 1426687

literally no femboy online is actually homosexual, every single one is a coping bihet jailhouse gay incel. literally no normal gay man spends all his time obsessing over women, reproduction and who they choose to date. femboys, just like sjw valid transwomyn trancels, are not gay and im tired of pretending they are. they're just two different types of pseudobisexual, similar to straight "political lesbian" radfems.

No. 1427678

Based. I've never thought troons and femboys were gay. Wouldn't it make more sense to "transition" into looking like a young boy than to be a balding freak with moobs, if you're a fag? Many OG trannies and even "gay" drag queens have admitted to fucking women. They're all coombrained and socially awkward straight males.

Like how many serial killers were abused by their fathers, but only murder women. I've never understood women's obsession with effeminate fags. A lot of them are only women's friends to learn our mannerisms and socialization for their inevitable trooning.

No. 1428143

File: 1643278013332.png (522.74 KB, 736x744, yike.png)

Just like an anime girl

No. 1428144

File: 1643278219896.png (345.6 KB, 754x672, yike.png)

Can you tell the difference nonnas?

No. 1428153

It looks like a mullet kek

No. 1428182

File: 1643283292418.png (44.14 KB, 746x408, lol.png)

No. 1428216

I finally realized who he reminds me of, it’s Jesse Eisenberg.

No. 1428222

No. 1428239

File: 1643291969270.jpg (303.91 KB, 1200x1800, Batman_v_Superman_-_Jesse_Eise…)

nta, but this dude. Except for the jew-fro I can kinda see it. It's the jawline/neck area and the deep-set lifeless eyes.

No. 1430662

Fetal Alcohol syndrome.

No. 1430933

File: 1643575097431.png (351.48 KB, 746x794, fat.png)

Haven't checked in on Hyper_kyuun in a while. He now has pink hair and is fatter than ever.

No. 1430935

File: 1643575271036.png (393.36 KB, 738x550, fat.png)

I have to say, the fat does help troons pass better. He looks a lot like Amberlynn Reid with his fat moon face!

No. 1430941

File: 1643575443387.png (350.91 KB, 734x482, sex.png)

He is still a coomer who talks about the gross tranny sex he is having with his gay boyfriend every day, nothing has changed.

No. 1430947

Wheres that Crystal Cafe post he found calling him a moon faced gee eyed fuck?

No. 1430953

File: 1643576694174.png (279.79 KB, 728x784, cringe.png)

Probably in a previous thread.

No. 1431340

Anyone had this scrote on their YouTube front page? He sounds like a lonely basement dweller.

No. 1431341

File: 1643625499878.png (32.03 KB, 262x200, fags.png)

YouTube scrotes, anyone?

No. 1431353

idk why scrotes come here to self-advertise so often. Why do you think people who hate your guts would watch your content? Why are moids so dense?

No. 1431893

Pretty much all of them seem to have humiliation/degradation fetishes and are probably hoping we roast them so they can jack off to having women tell them how ugly and sad they are. I think we should just ignore them

No. 1432235

it honestly kind of pisses me off, how ugly he is

No. 1433741

File: 1643904920386.png (948.11 KB, 1319x815, cringe.png)

This one is gaining serious traction among depraved moids and I feel like I am totally hallucinating. What is remotely androgynous or even youthful about him?
He's built like a brick shithouse. He types like a nerdy moid. He never shows his face to hide how much of a hon he is. All his videos consist of him wearing a skirt and doing idiotic anime girl poses in front of his brother. This is just a cult of AGP anime-watching incels putting on skirts and imagining themselves as "gynoids" or children to fuck each other
>>1398797 is right

No. 1433760

Killing innocent creatures is so fembrained UwU

No. 1433906

he looks like a toad.

No. 1434508

File: 1643992288887.gif (15.85 KB, 160x160, download.gif)

Funny, he always reminded me of Toad from X-Men.

No. 1434509


No. 1434513

Haha spot on!

No. 1434514

He's thin, pale and covers enough of himself up that they can project their fantasies onto him

No. 1434521

File: 1643993818952.png (64.24 KB, 736x613, Untitled.png)

Smollbean Cafebeef uwupdate: he has been MIA from the internet because he spends every waking minute playing Pokemon, like the redditor soyboy he is. He's also going to start wearing corsets, which will surely somehow help widen his pelvis and shrinking his manshoulders. I guess.

No. 1434816

90% of his appeal is his voice which he's trained to appear very feminine. He's revealed what his normal voice sounds like before as a joke on Twitter.

No. 1435883

why does he sound so wet, like he’s actively drooling


No. 1437118

File: 1644259884960.png (402.8 KB, 738x632, Untitled.png)

>never leaves his house
>never interacts with women
>only socializes on 4chan and twitter
>only sees female characters in anime

Tell me again how you are an expert on how women act.

No. 1437247

gynecentrism is when mommy is 0.5 seconds late with the tendies

No. 1437384

gynocentrism is probably the dumbest thing the manosphere ever came up with

No. 1437778

Gynocentrism is when the straight men I want to fuck want to fuck women instead! It makes me so mad! Why do all men want to fuck women and not my boyhole?!

No. 1437779

File: 1644320252831.png (32.43 KB, 736x334, Untitled.png)

>continues to post 1.000.000 tweets creepily obsessing over straight men

Complete lack of self-awareness.

No. 1437781

File: 1644320368270.png (452.17 KB, 736x778, Untitled.png)

This picture gives off very 70s child-molester vibes. The uncle diddler glasses and the mullet might not be the best combination.

No. 1437784

File: 1644321238029.jpg (304.79 KB, 963x576, cafebeef.jpg)

No. 1437785

It supposed to be 'all hell breaks loose' retard.

No. 1437786

HRT gave him a dumb girl bwain, he can't spell so good uwu

No. 1437788

Next threadpic please

No. 1437823

The desperation in trying to cover up male pattern baldness for these people gives them the weirdest fucking bangs

No. 1437825

Men getting bangs will never not be funny to me. For bangs to look good you need to wash and straighten/style them every day. Most women don't even want to put in that much effort, let alone NEET troons who barely ever shower. Of course it's gonna look like shit.

No. 1437896

moids really don't understand what the word "violence" means huh

No. 1440967

File: 1644618110273.jpg (52.23 KB, 720x406, dissapoint.jpg)

>february 2022
>cafemoid still hasn't 41%

No. 1441627

File: 1644687259774.png (231 KB, 742x727, ewww.png)

Probably the nastiest thing Cafebeef has posted yet, even worse than the piss fetish. Imagine walking around outside all day on dirty streets covered in homeless piss and then wearing those shoes INSIDE YOUR HOME. I want to vomit.

No. 1441630

File: 1644687332327.png (167.36 KB, 756x480, Untitled.png)

… and yet.

No. 1441698

kek holy lack of self awareness
which social media is this?

No. 1441703

It's twitter, but I use nitter (a mirror site) to take screenshots cause twitter is retarded and wants to force you to make an account to use it.

No. 1441736

The thing with Americans is that they drive everywhere and there are pretty much no side walks and it's dry and hot like in California. Cafe lives in London, the dirtiest city in Europe, and it's wet and muddy year round. What a disgusting faggot.

No. 1441741

anon half of the world wears their shoes at home

No. 1441772

America is not half the world and it's fucking nasty.

No. 1441819

I think he is aware, just unwilling to stop the quest for coom. Either that or deeply internalized homophobia (all his 'gf's' are men), or both lol. I don't feel bad for him either way since he's so intensely misogynistic
Fuck that's nasty, I was assuming he was in NYC for whatever reason and had a similar reaction. Imagine tracking subway piss onto your rug and not caring, it costs zero dollars and ten seconds to take your shoes off at the door. And in response to the article, imagine being smug about it! I hate this country

No. 1442260

File: 1644774259404.png (89.96 KB, 758x574, Untitled.png)

twink death is creeping, cafebeef is weeping

No. 1442811

File: 1644850221726.png (25.41 KB, 727x170, twink_death.png)

You see, most people don't particularly enjoy getting older. Especially women are often self-conscious about getting wrinkles. But by the time this happens, most people already have a partner who loves them unconditionally, children to take care of, a family to provide for, a house to take care of, bills to pay, a job to do, etc. If you have a family that loves you and a partner to grow old together with then you are not nearly as worried about getting older. If you have kids to take care of you have other shit to be worried about than superficial looks. Your life is fulfilled even as a wrinkly old person because other things have become more important than looking hot and fuckable and if you chose a good man/woman to be by your side they will find you beautiful no matter your age.

It's really sad that people like Cafebeef will never experience this. Most gay men probably will never experience this. They are forever chasing the coom, chasing dick and living lives completely devoid of meaning and fulfillment. No wonder you are miserable, dude.

No. 1442841

Wtf is this tradthot stuff? Most older women I know aren't really scared of getting older unless it's being imposed onto them by shitty scrotes and pickmes in their life. It has nothing to do with women having families and husbands who love them so they don't feel the need to worry they're becoming "ugly" and "unfuckable", it's about society and how it perceives women based on solely their looks. By your logic lesbians or single women are forever scared of getting older because they don't have a "partner to love them unconditionally", which is something most men and women can't do because this isn't some fairytale. Even when defending women, you're pushing stereotypical married with kids role onto them, which shouldn't be a necessity a woman needs to fulfill to age gracefully and happily.

No. 1442869


When I read nonnie say "most women have husband's and kids by then so they don't feel bad about getting old and wrinkly" I could almost feel the moid / pick me logic like radiation poisoning kek

No. 1442977

I'm sure you'll be super happy and fulfilled as an old woman with your cat and your 40h/w job, anon. But 99% of society eventually wants to have a family to come home to and yeah, people who love you and whom you can grow old together with. Growing old alone is depressing as fuck.

No. 1442982

I literally said "partner" and man/woman at your side just so you fucking lesbian femcels would not REEEE at me but here we are, you just can't help yourself. Yes, even most lesbians desire to have a long term partner (female) and kids. They can easily have kids because they can just buy sperm, while gay men have to adopt and are most often rejected + don't usually have long term relationships. But go ahead and screech anyways.

No. 1442993

>99% of society wants a family
Studies show that 30-40% of people in high-GDP nations don’t want children, but obviously the data from the University of Your Ass trumps that.

No. 1443019

I'm sure if you asked people at several times during their life you would get different results. Lots of 20 year olds think they will never want kids and then change their mind later on (sometimes too late). Either way, MOST PEOPLE want to have kids and get married, because most people don't want to have a purpose and fulfillment in life that is not related to working for some company and stuffing the pockets of your boss. Most women also want a partner to grow old together with. Stop derailing with your femcel "but MEEEEEEEEE well >I< don't want a man! I am perfectly happy alone! How DAAAARE YOUUUU?!" bitching. You're clearly not the norm.(lost retard)

No. 1443053

Don't waste your time anon, it's probably a scrote because he used the "lesbians are femcels" argument and went mad over some people saying not all women wanted to marry men or depend on their husband's approval as they grow "old" and "unfuckable". Kek.

No. 1443149

Femcels dont exist(sage)

No. 1443162

Never said that. Sure shows that you are quite angry when you can't refute any of my points so you have to make shit up I never said.

No. 1443170

Do you people not have friends?

No. 1443172

They sure as fuck don't have girlfriends and that's why they're reeing here that all woman should need a man to be whole kek.

No. 1443176

>Reee women don't want to be my mommy bangmaid.

No. 1443178

Can't forget muh white genocide kek. Moids are deranged. Shit on women and mothers, and this is what you get.

No. 1443249

Why do you care so much about what women do with their lives, get back on topic

No. 1443278

File: 1644884258460.jpg (74.02 KB, 574x769, scvz.jpg)

Scrotes are utterly mentally ill. There are way more GAMPs/AGPs among scrotes than people believe

No. 1443290

File: 1644885700574.png (303.81 KB, 570x677, 5on8lbpcfox31.png)

Its more that aging or not, Copebeef knows women have multiple resources to pull from, which he as some bizarre cryptid and brief novelty for GAMP scrotes (i.e. actually worthless outside of his youth) doesn't have. He can't even be a homosexual, because homosexuals are attracted to adult men (I dont believe his bullshit about null for 1 second) while he is attracted to creepy femboys and troons (his entire dating history) who are themselves wholly repulsed by non-youthful traits, non-femininity and ""the wall"". Women find him repulsive on every level. Therefore he has nothing.

Pretty much all scrote reeee-ing about women being useless after """hitting the wall""" is resentment. To scrotes dismay, being female was no real barrier to professional success, even the most elderly women get tons of matches on Tinder, its often easier for women to apply for government assistance (depending on where you are), things like sperm banks are an option, so on and so forth. So being calculating, Copebeef is weighing his options and considering whether he will become a regular AGP lunatic (a troon) to attempt to 'gain' some of these privileges. >>1442260

Also, though scrotes love using this as some kind of pathetic threat (note to scrotes: you and the children I can produce are two different entities), having children is NO GUARANTEE you won't end up alone and in a home. In the homes, the majority of women I knew had large families.

No. 1443425

Lol the resentment is biological because men a) age worse than women and b) normally cope via projection onto women. Look it up. I am eternally floored by how the notion of men "aging better" is universally taken at face value despite the common knowledge that men have shorter lifespans regardless of healthy habits (and DESPITE better medical care). An organism that's designed to live fast and die younger cannot be aging better BY DEFINITION. The fact that they're so obsessed with age seemingly out of the blue and chimp out about it unprompted is a tell tale sign of projection.

"The wall" may seem like something that's pulled out of thin air, but it's not. Most males see it in the mirror in their late 20s as their hair begins falling out. Look at your dad's young pics and tell me he resembles them in any capacity - the same male in his early 20s and early 30s are two different people, whereas women are generally recognizable as their past selves until they're like 60.

Males are supposed to fight each other to death, are actually not designed to survive past 30 and historically they didn't. In many ways it rescued them from the trauma of becoming barren, bald husks of their former selves. Sage for OT.

No. 1443439

File: 1644899206453.png (456.86 KB, 672x904, 929.png)

Do you not know who made this thread and why kek? It's a faggot moid - likely "recovered", probably twink dead discord male-to-fail who went through some incel version of finding Jesus. The reason why this redundant tranny thread exists is because reading the MTF thread triggers him too much. He occasionally posts some variation of "w-why can't we just hate trannies without hating men FUCK" there. You can be certain of this characterization as he also loves defending coomers as victims of anti-huwite conspiracy.

If this creature is in any way female (x doubt), it's probably a seething 7th year fiance of whatever I just described.

No. 1443549

Gotta say I agree, this has a very different atmosphere than the mtf thread and there's a high occurrence of selfposting

No. 1443783

The first thread was made by a selfposting femboy, but the other two were made by farmers and Cafebeef is the main lolcow in this thread. He doesn't belong into the MtF thread because he's a tranny in denial who still calls himself a man and consistently ponders detransitioning. Femboys deserve their own thread and if nobody found them interesting we wouldn't be on #3 already.

Idk why some people on here constantly gotta post their weird fucking tinfoils as if they know who posted what on a fucking anonymous imageboard. You look insane.

No. 1443784

>He occasionally posts some variation of "w-why can't we just hate trannies without hating men FUCK" there. You can be certain of this characterization as he also loves defending coomers as victims of anti-huwite conspiracy.
Can you post any examples of these posts because I haven't seen a single one and I'm a regular in this thread.

No. 1443864

File: 1644941459416.jpg (652.64 KB, 1080x1816, Screenshot_20220215-110242_Fir…)

Try the first thread. Better yet, try the previous tradthot thread, and the one before it, and many others. Just ctrl+f any of the keywords below.

There's always this one ballistic poster who is obsessed with molestation, radfems, lesbians, cats, femcels and whatnot, bringing them up out of the blue as he sees them as some sort of an affront to mvh traditional family. He is completely incapable of making a post about femboys without shoehorning some sort of nofap/tradcel moral lesson in it, though I can tell he's been trying (unsuccessfully). It's interesting that he's not on r/kiwicels, since they would be a much better fit for him, but he also likes to insist he's a woman so it might have something to do with it.

No. 1445019

File: 1645054129589.png (507.64 KB, 2048x1803, chrome_screenshot_164505391990…)

No. 1445029

>one of the good ones
Kek, what a male thing to say

No. 1445043

ah right, because feminists care what a random degenerate thinks

No. 1445087

Except nobody should be unwillingly conscripted into military service and it's a violation of your rights. Feminists wouldn't advocate for men to experience a higher rate of sexual assault just to balance the scales either, don't be stupid

No. 1445609

File: 1645131994132.png (273.67 KB, 378x474, tinfoil.png)

>Random example from a totally different thread
Tinfoil on a little tight, maybe?

No. 1446628

File: 1645233809980.png (416.43 KB, 2048x1070, chrome_screenshot_164505397637…)

No. 1446923

File: 1645271710662.png (62.19 KB, 771x420, Untitled.png)

Must be nice being a tranny on twitter and being able to say whatever dumb bullshit goes through your head without ever getting banned. True privilege.

No. 1446925

very revealing statement about the pornography. how long can he continue denying he is AGP and playing 'not like the other troons'?

No. 1446929

>very revealing statement about the pornography
Agreed, he's just a misogynistic incel who was rejected by women so much that he went trans and gay, probably to get back at his mom or some other woman in his life.

No. 1447001

>>1443439 WTF is a "trad" btw? Who the fuck comes up with these retarded terms anyway?(lurk moar)

No. 1447027

trad is short for traditional

No. 1447068

Anyone can say the "n-word" without getting banned retard. You will get banned if you say nigger or tell someone to "kYS". There are examples of tranny privilege you could use to make that point but this is not one.

No. 1447088

File: 1645292919442.png (20.56 KB, 740x164, Untitled.png)

Imagine if someone said the word "troon" on twitter and how fast they would get banned for hatespeech. But Cafebeef can be a raging misogynist and racist all day long just fine, cause he's protected by being a tranny.

No. 1447153

File: 1645299933516.png (365.23 KB, 2048x1167, chrome_screenshot_164505400680…)

No. 1447214

>%90 of these look like something a butcher would discard
Ironic coming from him when he looks very much like botched troons down to the soyboy features combined with male pattern balding and huge head.

No. 1447946

File: 1645381511535.png (861.08 KB, 770x698, Untitled.png)

Looks like he'd fit right in with his pokemon obsession and piss fetish? What's the issue pal? You're constantly tweeting about your fetishes for being beaten up by white supremacists, you think these dudes are more degenerate than you? Lmfao.

>hate women

>hate trannies
>hate gay men
Damn, looks like only straight men are left for you to hang out with, too bad they are repulsed by tranny faggots. You really did it to yourself, Cafebeef. You will never be happy.

No. 1447950

File: 1645381897470.png (439.43 KB, 916x1476, Untitled.png)

He's been pissing and moaning on twitter all day about the same old shit, so I just screenshotted my favorites. When's the neck-feminization surgery?

No. 1448002

He's looking manlier every day it seems. He literally just looks like the average NEET incel 4chan user. His hair looks like shit and I can't wait for the inevitable balding malding meltdown.

No. 1448056

Redpillers are worse than black pillers. Redpillers actively try to harm women and spread their ideology of misogyny in hopes for real life political action. Black pillers have at least given up and checked out of society completely.

No. 1448058

He won't join the gays because he's a pseudobisexual who requires some element of femaleness to get turned on. Homosexual men don't want to have sex with """women""" like cafebeef. They'll never validate his AGP because he knows they see him as a man and if they have sex he'll be having """"gay sex"""".

No. 1448491

That's exactly what he looks like. It's weird how they think FFS+ hormones=woman. Women don't have male necks, arms, body. Our whole skeleton is built different. They just lowered his hairline so he's still balding up top.

No. 1450050

File: 1645606919282.png (496.77 KB, 701x883, 458456.png)


Its astonishing how quickly the femboy garbage, created by depraved pornscrotes like Zilv Gudel and adopted by chan or discord pedoscrotes with 'strict' standards about whatever underage catamite they're grooming, got taken over by blind AGPs.

When I looked into this subculture a few years ago it was full of gay twinks and flamers ambivalent about the term hoist upon them by 'zaddy' (who would dump them at the old age of 21). Now it is full of Aliexpress wearing cromagnons, uwu plaid skirt flaunters and flutterers, crusted-up thigh-high socks cummers and anime girl-posing maskscrotes.

AGPs are addicted to any aspect of habituating, skinning, co opting and hijacking whatever tptb formulate as 'feminine and child-like'.

No. 1450057

lol, good. I hope the "hons" ruin all this femboy/boymoder shit for them and invade all of their safe spaces like /lgbt/. Hope it makes you feel validated as a real and true woman to see everything you like ruined by perverted men, Cafebeef. This is what it's like.

No. 1450060

File: 1645607896003.png (118.48 KB, 768x722, Untitled.png)

Imagine being 28 and still attention-whoring like this on the internet. I would also be depressed and stressed if I had not accomplished anything at all in my life at that age either and had no prospects to ever be happy, healthy or in a loving relationship. I assume he will neck once he turns 30 and realizes that he wasted his entire youth and all of his money on reaching a goal that he can never reach, lol.

No. 1451107

the failed attempt at a hime cut just really brought out his resemblance to adam lanza huh

No. 1453206

File: 1645980895700.png (524.84 KB, 2048x1442, chrome_screenshot_164598079635…)

No. 1454057

File: 1646073455014.jpeg (Spoiler Image,500.82 KB, 517x1242, E67D0730-BB61-48CA-850C-2CC7CB…)

No. 1454077

spoil photos of wounds, retard

No. 1454079

I think it's less of a "lack of father figure" and mostly just that their fathers diddle them.

No. 1454340

If they don't have to be spoilered on a 4chan blue board then why here, dumbass?
Every gay man and tranny seems to have a story about being molested or raped, so probably explains the autopedophilia, why they try to supress masculinity and hate anyone over 30.

No. 1455286

File: 1646186797541.png (597.27 KB, 1306x2048, chrome_screenshot_164618627641…)

No. 1455289

Betting he'll 41% before he reaches 33.

No. 1455362

This dude recently trooned out and keeps the femboy in his name bc he's a pedo groomer. He follows a lot of underage boys and is constantly liking their pics.

I don't feel bad for him. All that shit he was talking about women and now he's a botched freak who is somehow uglier than he was before. Early trooning would've made him just as hideous, idk why they believe it'll do anything. You can't get rid of a male skeleton.

No. 1455410

Just proves moids retardation isn't caused by not worshipping men enough and pretending only they can instil basic reasoning skills and make kids non-retarded.

No. 1455594

File: 1646218976028.png (33.43 KB, 599x356, CopeBF.png)

Seeing these two flirting constantly between copebeef's shitty tweets about how much he hates woman and is not like other trans "women" is truly nauseating beyond belief.

No. 1455695

Why would he even want to be a woman? He hates women so much. For scrote attention? Pathetic.

No. 1456330

sage but i really really hate these people

No. 1456678

They think they can be better women.

No. 1456722

was his goal to be permanently young and fuckable? the major delusion with femboys seems to be that they think estrogen is an anti-aging miracle

No. 1457668

The whole thing about trannies is that they think they can make women "obsolete". I don't have the pic, but there was some UCLA tranny back in the 1970's who wrote about this in a magazine and he was dead serious. Basically, it's a moid fantasy so the deep hatred of women is kind of a must if a moid thinks he can "become" a woman. Cafebeef is a gay man with a straight man fetish, with a dash of pedophilia, that's why he and other troon groomers complain about starting their transition too late, and why they groom teenagers on discord, because they think mutilated kids like Jazz Jennings or Kim Petras are successful transition stories when in reality they are bloated eunuchs with medical and mobility issues.

No. 1459410

File: 1646587992009.png (670.47 KB, 1496x2048, chrome_screenshot_164658792385…)

No. 1459427

Based girls

No. 1461702

File: 1646792936789.png (1.39 MB, 1315x2048, chrome_screenshot_164679284224…)

No. 1461741

it's not that they think they can be better as per a better person, they are acting upon their fetish. They believe they can be a better sex toy.

No. 1461745

Time to start laughing to deter these pests.

No. 1462083

File: 1646837618827.png (12.97 KB, 1655x86, Screenshot 2022-03-09 175233.p…)


No. 1462093

>father left
>bad effects of mother talking negative about the father
What kind of bs is this? Do they want women to praise the men who left them and their children to starve? Is it womens fault when a father leaves?

No. 1462120

I'm sorry but can we please make a separate thread for cafebeef?

No. 1462138

That's what they think women are though.

No. 1462151

Why not talk about him here? This thread is barely active even with him in it.

No. 1462206

Why won't you ask WHY their fathers leave, and WHY children stay with the mothers? Quit these myths of martyrdom of single mothers, they more often raise dysfunctional children because they are not capable to maintain relationship with their father.

No. 1462214

What the fuck did I just stumble into. You realize most dads leave bc they want to fuck other people, and decide last min they don’t want to settle down anymore

No. 1462216

>WHY children stay with the mothers?
Not only do the majority of fathers never seek custody, men have a gross disproportionate crime rate re: sexual abuse

No. 1462226

Scrote alert scrote alert.

No. 1462227

Don’t forget they try to dodge the child support

No. 1462385

>Shrieks about how all femboys have been molested by their dads
>Wonders why custody is awarded to mothers

This thread has to have the most retarded wurstieposters on lolcow

No. 1462483

Agreed, and he ain't special
This is why the thread isn't active kek, it's crawling with selfposters and scrotes

No. 1462611

File: 1646878048181.jpg (288.68 KB, 1079x1403, Screenshot_20220310-030630_Twi…)

No. 1462618

This thread was started (and is 90% contributed) by some ex-femboy vendetta-kun who hit the wall and started coping by screeching at other femboys about how they too were molested and never had a dad. Just enjoy it as cow on cow violence.

No. 1462634

He looks like what Ellen Paige was hoping to get at/look like

No. 1462662

He looks so disabled kek

No. 1463228

I'd kill myself if I looked like this tbh

No. 1463867

He looks like the creepy Riddler from the new Batman movie

No. 1463916


No. 1464058

It's giving wheel chair and Cerebral Palsy

No. 1464828

File: 1647066172957.png (270.74 KB, 2458x906, femboy.png)

No. 1466177

File: 1647176878271.png (202.59 KB, 1216x1510, bjyvkrve29a81.png)

No. 1466181

File: 1647177432424.png (103.32 KB, 740x712, Untitled.png)

REEEEEEEEE women don't affirm my fetishes!!! Why is there now way for me to live my fetish of wearing girl clothes that women will affirm?! What word do I need to call myself so women will finally accept my degenerate fetish as a real identity?!!!

They really think we can't tell the difference between a little boy who wants to wear his sisters dress because he doesn't understand gender roles and an adult man in a schoolgirl skirt who gets an erection from crossdressing for his sexual fetish.

No. 1466190

It's almost as if you're being hateful to women, women will be hateful to you? Radical feminists or not

No. 1466327

Man who seethes about women daily appalled and disgusted that women don't like him, blames personal style

No. 1478721

File: 1648053390870.jpeg (208.58 KB, 1144x682, 013CA5B1-3F79-432F-A226-B55E4D…)

he could just check out the she/hers in his followers list

No. 1479449

didn't they have furries for this purpose? like you guys WERE the bronies??

No. 1480922

File: 1648213535718.png (2.75 MB, 1438x2048, chrome_screenshot_164821345470…)

No. 1480927

File: 1648214037648.png (323.66 KB, 2048x863, chrome_screenshot_164821395969…)

No. 1481367

that heart emoji is doing no favours in hiding his massive man noggin

No. 1481489

Since when did he get vocal feminization surgery?

No. 1481497

I’m sorry lolcow gods, meant to sage

No. 1481606

It’s like I can still see his slack jaw even through the emoji

No. 1481977

File: 1648300464758.jpeg (7.84 KB, 251x201, 098561706831501538190576810759…)

He's an absolute unit of a manlet. Sad as fuck seeing how he thinks this is what a woman looks like.

No. 1482506

Absolute unit of a manlet is an oxymoron.

No. 1483727

toothpick looking ass

No. 1494004

His gross cuck father tolerates his bullshit because he is AGP
Same reason no scrote kicked Stefonknee's or Yaniv's shit in, they sympathize lmao

No. 1494931

File: 1649289003223.png (2.56 MB, 2048x1855, chrome_screenshot_164928881726…)

No. 1494940

But like why is his ass hanging out. He really censored his face but thinks his ass is good enough to just let loose like that. Pull your pants up, faggot.

No. 1495043

File: 1649298764612.png (265.04 KB, 597x398, lol.png)

Late af reply but apparently there was a lot more

No. 1495079

I think he was joking here.

No. 1498030

File: 1649622241809.png (763.89 KB, 1740x2048, chrome_screenshot_164962187981…)

No. 1498037

File: 1649622568185.png (475.75 KB, 2048x1491, chrome_screenshot_164962198055…)

No. 1498038

File: 1649622597725.png (897.75 KB, 1805x2048, chrome_screenshot_164962207882…)

No. 1498093

it's wrong for women to say they're nonbinary because they want to avoid gendered expectations but he's allowed to because he's ruining his body with hormones. Just say you're a misogynist

No. 1498318


cannot wait until he castrates himself. i'm sure his ensuing misery will somehow also be women's fault.

No. 1502921

He is far, far bigger than the girls he wants to be (skinny teen girls with uwu aesthetic). These men that troon out have no idea how smaller women are compared to men because they never meet or have touched one before.

No. 1502929


kinda based tbh

No. 1502939

While it is based, it’s not self aware at all

No. 1503009

stfu tranny. There's nothing based about wanting to identify as nonbinary when you don't even believe it's real kek

No. 1503577

File: 1650190152705.jpg (70.34 KB, 720x718, Screenshot_20220417-120725.jpg)

No. 1503581

File: 1650190603054.jpg (104.94 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_20220417-121013.jpg)

No. 1510830

File: 1650855244895.png (805.31 KB, 1929x2048, chrome_screenshot_165082187555…)

No. 1511520

White men age like whole milk no matter what they do. He'll still be pic rel on the right at 35 hiding under filters. The copium is at OD levels.

No. 1544855

What even is this website? What is this thread?

Why are a bunch of w*men obsessed with gay men that want nothing to do with them?

Are you upset that men would rather take estrogen and fuck each other than you and pay for your bills or something?(newf*gottry)

No. 1544858

Except this thread is full of feminists who wish harm on a man because he is gender non-conforming.

No. 1544871

41% already

No. 1544902

Wrong! I wish harm on all men even those that conform to traditional masculinity, begone faggot.

No. 1546047

File: 1654105505090.jpg (68.57 KB, 622x853, ee3(1).jpg)

No. 1546278

lol true

and the gay ones are especially dismayed over this b/c 100% of their self esteem is derived from being sexually desired by other bipedo-tier shits.they'll often have a crisis towards the ends of their thirties and have surgery or become orthorexic and addicted to exercise.

these kinds of gays are usually the most misogynistic for obvious reasons. i hope the nasty fuckers suffer.

No. 1546729

that newfaggot itt necromancing a month old thread was prob upset that people stopped talking about him

No. 1548351

And dimitri is being exposed for following a bunch of child predators.
Im so shocked

No. 1549051

I'm convinced most males of all orientations are pedophiles at this point

No. 1549605

File: 1654398570261.jpg (Spoiler Image,263.27 KB, 1078x2018, 124642t7iu5.jpg)

jfc, i was looking for new underwear and this is a review right at the top complete with photo. sage, and posting here because it read more femboy than full troon.

No. 1552030

File: 1654611099031.jpeg (86.9 KB, 1299x458, 4F61BA9B-7AF0-4FC6-9DAA-B24F5F…)

No. 1552097

i'm about to a-log

No. 1552529

I'd say go for it if he wasn't a misogynist likely to kill a woman

No. 1552770

File: 1654662785181.jpeg (104.99 KB, 1301x576, 23C9F1B0-DB88-449A-9021-1A8A00…)

No. 1552779

with pleasure, copebeef

No. 1552851

File: 1654675306660.jpeg (Spoiler Image,969.75 KB, 1280x1269, 5F9E2220-09E1-4506-99BD-A70F3D…)

You guys bullied him into lifting

No. 1552997

men trying to act like cutsie e-girls is stomach churning kek he's so fucking unsettling in the first pic, what a faggot. the second picture is better purely because he's not doing any gay facial expressions and he's more physically fit.

No. 1553119

corpse husband is that you

No. 1553282

He wishes

No. 1554091

>I constantly listen to an ASMR roleplay because I'm hopeless
>Dude makes an stream
>Dude is a manlet wearing a weeb uniform and a choker

No. 1554892

File: 1654804763668.jpg (33.32 KB, 854x480, THKbBpP.jpg)

Dimitri got named in the recent flamenco drama. Pedos of a feather

No. 1554909

File: 1654805495588.gif (15.37 MB, 1080x718, Wat.gif)

No. 1554955

He will probably live a healthier life that way.

No. 1555036

oh no he's hot… shame he's a faggot rip

No. 1555658

Love yourself nonnie… He looks like that girl who photoshops a dick on her crotch and pretends to be a femboy (but somehow uglier)

No. 1555760

Who though, this is the thread about real actual moids. If there are cases just type it in the fakeboi one

No. 1560685

File: 1655235848819.jpeg (Spoiler Image,200.72 KB, 911x1200, 99FCB12C-7154-44B6-AD40-7A7681…)

Expectation vs. Reality

No. 1565425

It's weird how this is almost a rational thought, but he can take it up a notch by omitting wanting to take HRT and learning to cope with his body. Dysphoria doesn't cure itself when you look how you want to. Just like how anorexics hit their "goal weight" and shift it and keep shifting it lower until they kick the can or get actual mental help.

No. 1567742

File: 1655819901147.jpeg (375.4 KB, 1288x2104, 6FEA4098-0410-4AA1-9C2E-3A6740…)

No. 1567743

File: 1655819928043.jpeg (448.33 KB, 1263x1804, 4F0BE188-66D3-4978-BD7D-89E2BF…)

No. 1567874

good for him

No. 1568163

I wouldn't sit next to him on a bus.

No. 1568740

File: 1655903298274.png (480.34 KB, 700x682, unknown.png)

this pic of cafebeef looks scarily similar to me should I be scared

No. 1569031

he looks like a malnourished mentally disabled child. not a gay man

No. 1570310

This is a good thing but tbh he's probably just trying to become the next detroon pet to gender critical women. Even if that's the case, oh well. Hopefully this encourages other femboys/boymoders to stop embarrassing themselves.

Another win, hopefully he stays this way. Dude looked insane when he was posting his thot pictures for his 5 stans in here lmao

No. 1570678

File: 1656077029239.jpeg (139.12 KB, 1487x636, 9EA3D4F0-A49B-4EA6-AE3E-72BAFA…)

No. 1570755

File: 1656084258833.png (206.05 KB, 900x600, May-you-get-through-this-diffi…)

No. 1570791

he looks like that one tiktok deku cosplayer that looked like something out of a dr seuss book please someone reply with the image

No. 1571148

File: 1656116400570.jpg (71.56 KB, 1080x1080, E1DP3ZQXoAQpCOV.jpg)

No. 1571424

File: 1656133918965.jpeg (186.15 KB, 1300x1073, 280354A3-1812-4259-B74E-F2F249…)

No. 1571425

File: 1656133992802.jpeg (481.52 KB, 1487x1909, 78F4385B-A9C9-4A1E-B5A3-CBB165…)

No. 1571427

File: 1656134065799.jpeg (432.46 KB, 1487x1326, EB412EBC-3C12-45C9-92FA-5DD427…)

No. 1571527

To the left you'll see an unemployed faggot that wants to be a woman

No. 1573841

File: 1656358236867.png (Spoiler Image,5.65 MB, 1488x2266, 15728930-CB0C-40AB-A9BC-710E2A…)

No. 1573926

thats a tif LOL

No. 1574345

File: 1656393109028.jpeg (337.67 KB, 1488x1811, BE6D3DFA-0E23-4093-B865-E52006…)

No. 1574754

isnt it a girl who pretended to be like a trans shota? theres a bunch of pics of her with a dick edited on somewhere

No. 1574892

How tall is café moid? Kids clothes wouldn't be tall enough for an adult

That is the funniest chin and mouth situation I've ever seen

No. 1574956

Well obviously companies won't make clothes for a minority of underweight skelly moids. Why doesn't he gain weight

No. 1575398

File: 1656502244966.jpg (46.63 KB, 319x478, d2vhyov-f946e8aa-5049-4d96-bbc…)

An IRL "catboy".

No. 1575408

You retarded? She's a girl.

No. 1575426

moids think underweight = petite uwu

No. 1575463

tbh 32 inch waist is at least skinnyfat for males unless they're jacked and tall so he has a point

No. 1576155

Men's sizes routinely go down to a 28, I've never been at a store that didn't go down to a 28 (not a moid just wear moid clothes). Granted that's not a dainty uwu 25.5 but he can use a safety pin or learn to take in the waist like a real feminine tradwife or whatever the hell this one wants to be. He's just trying to brag about being skelly as if it isn't super easy to be ana with a man's frame and metabolism.

No. 1577876

أمتي قد لاح فجر فارقبي النصر المبين دولة الإسلام قامت بدماء الصادقين(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1578859

File: 1656787553247.jpeg (85.07 KB, 640x1253, JxPi83l.jpeg)

someone take grandpa back to bed

No. 1578899

no but why is grandpa serving it better than any 19 year old femboy

No. 1579413

>no bc not me complimenting a geriatric coomer chile lawd i do not see it miss ma'am miss gworl

Shut up he is UG-LY. He's not less of a disgusting coomer just because he's 90 years old. Also he's not serving shit, he took a white shirt and used the same belt he's probably used for erotic asphyxiation.

No. 1579470

If he answers the door like that the postman will probably just feel bad thinking it's an old man with dementia who forgot how to put on pants or his belt

No. 1581526

File: 1657084805261.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.52 KB, 640x480, Anon has his own little sex sl…)

The guys who are into crossdressers are GAMPs.
They're a weird tier of male bisexuality that gets off to the idea of feminizing another man, because stealing another dude's maleness by assfucking him and coercing him to wear skirts allegedly makes you more masculine.
It's creepy as hell.
That or they're closeted tranny chasers who will troon out and 41% themselves in a few years.
Regardless, regular gay men aren't into this shit.

No. 1581527

File: 1657084956534.jpg (56.83 KB, 828x1148, 9yvr32hfxhh71.jpg)

Makes it even cringier.

No. 1581529

>thinking this is real

No. 1581536

I feel like this kind of mental fuckery is something that only occurred in the last 1000 years. Surely this couldn't have occurred before humans were able to stockpile food and therefore get up to more retarded shit.

No. 1581573

Try the last 15, when internet became more accessible

No. 1581620

God I knew a girl exactly like this. Literally 100% gender conforming but she was spinning all this yarn about being a feminine man and a gender nonconforming man and also a femboy. She was out here writing manifestos on the treatment of feminine gnc men in society while being a whole ass woman

No. 1583317

File: 1657262345078.jpg (103.64 KB, 1080x363, Screenshot_2022-07-08-01-36-25…)

Key word here is "publicly"…

No. 1583321

File: 1657262840986.jpeg (521.21 KB, 828x1069, 45D5ABFD-15B6-4437-9B89-EFCF67…)

This useless sack of shit and drain on resources is so fucking ugly as both moid and LARPer, there’s no hope

No. 1583347

Dear Lord. His first mistake was trying to appeal to masculine standards, but he's an autist so it seems he was raised to only follow the "rules". Which is why he's on HRT, his brain thinks he can't be feminine unless he's on hormones.

No. 1583393

Kek it all makes so much sense, he just hops on whatever reddit trend is popular for guys at the moment. First it was soyboy handlebar mustache and now it's uwu hrt femboy.

No. 1583430

god is he bulimic or just briddish? his chipmunk cheeks here are almost terrifying. way to literally be disgusting and freaky looking pre and post hormones.

No. 1583592

He’s an ex-fatty, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has an eating disorder. Unfortunately for him it’s not possible to starve away the fug. I’m glad he is still a miserable motherfucker after all the horse piss and and government subsidised surgery, he is a misogynistic nazi subhuman and he deserves the worst life has to offer

No. 1586313

So like real talk. Does HRT actually do what these tards think it does? I don't understand why these men are so obsessed with hRT and act like it's the holy grail to achieving full-scale femininity but it's all delusional bullshit right? That all their gonna get are gross puffy nipples, a fat stomach, and have accelerated balding right?

No. 1586849

troons unironically believe it makes you shorter, makes your grow hips, makes your hair softer, makes you have less body hair, makes your shoulders narrower bla bla

in reality i think the most a perfect HRT regimen would do is give them A cups and less oily skin and slightly stunt height growth, that is if they started during puberty and consistently maintained female levels of estrogen and testosterone

No. 1586866

a man at my work started estrogen last year and it just made him fatter. he already had man tiddies and they got a little bigger, but they still just look like gynecomastia.

and now any time he’s hungry or bitchy, he blames it on HRT.

No. 1586875

It's just about coom and hierarchy. Low vibrational moids cannot operate outside of the paradigms of coom and the barrage of other moids opinions of their place in the 'pecking order'. He either has to be weird moustache man or little girl
This is the same brain damage Limpida the ex-tumblr troon suffers from. Individuality means other scrotes will be mean to them and they can't handle it (ironically the shit they project onto women)

No. 1586896

my favorite troon delusion is that estrogen will make them develop a "pelvic tilt" kek

No. 1586913

File: 1657675694738.jpeg (340.46 KB, 1488x1868, C4AAE460-16B2-42E7-9DD2-FA2FB3…)

No. 1586914

File: 1657675765908.jpeg (108.33 KB, 1230x642, 2CB11049-1378-4326-A9AD-D776B3…)

No. 1586918

It basically makes them reach the "andropause" quicker and harder, when they take the horse piss pills they experience
>Feelings of sadness, moodiness, irritability
>Difficulty enjoying life in general
>An increasing lack of energy and enthusiasm
>Weight gain and fat redistribution, most notably around the midsection and/or breast tissue
>Loss of muscle, stamina and strength
>Decreased desire for sex or intimacy
>Diminished sperm volume
>“Brain fog,” or an inability to focus and think clearly
>Waning performance at work
>Some hair loss, or less growth in body and facial hair
>Trouble sleeping, feeling constantly tired
>Reduced ability in playing sports, exercising
>Increasing withdrawal from family, hobbies, going out and so on
According to this site I found https://honehealth.com/edge/health/hrt-for-men/amp/
That actually recommends men over 30 (or post-male-wall) to take testosterone because the lack of testosterone actually can increase the risk of:
>Cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke
>Respiratory disease
>Osteoporosis, or the thinning of bone density, making you more prone to injury
>Erectile dysfunction (ED)
Which is what they experience once they take their horse piss piles for too long.
So you could say that they're killing themselves slowly while getting applauded for doing so while huffing so much copium that it makes them think they're becoming anime girls.

No. 1586941

more men should take estrogen tbh

No. 1586956

I know right, I honestly wouldn't mind them drinking their horse piss everyday if they stopped acting like they have to get it for free while also fucking up with women's rights and spaces.

No. 1586976

I would happily subsidize it for them if it means desexing them and eventually pushing them to 41%

unfortunately this means they’ll also troon out literal children and force their ways into our spaces, so.

No. 1587067

Well fuck, that all sounds absolutely terrible LOL And these fuckers really don't see the damage they're doing to themselves for their delusional fantasy of trying to look like Gerudo Link and Astolfo? Godspeed to them lol.

No. 1587220


With all these self-imposed risks, watch insurance companies have merciful sympathy on the condition of male entitlement and actually cover all their crotchrot needs and accessories.
Actual females. Naw, they're good on their own - always have been and always will.

No. 1588509

they're taking the wrong type of HRT. most of the gender dysphoria they experience and need to feel feminine is because have lower than average testosterone. if they start taking T, the delusion basically goes away.

No. 1588728

testosterone isn't going to fix them being pathetic failures

No. 1607943

reminder that 99% of violence is perpetrated by moids and moids are worthless

No. 1607946

Based, I'm tired of these faggots (males) forgetting that they do the most harm to women. I don't give a shit if it's shitposting they're still genetic failures.

No. 1607959

File: 1659706532119.jpeg (30.36 KB, 472x468, A2950398-E057-4296-AC61-076F58…)

>>1607956(replying to males)

No. 1607961

KEK, you know he's just malding and writing those comebacks while he's seething.

No. 1608014

Smells like unwashed ballsack in here. Scrotes GTFO. Don’t make me tap the sign.

No. 1608046

File: 1659710936090.png (486.83 KB, 850x898, 1573354668096.png)

What in the schizo namefaggery scroteposting is this?

No. 1625192

The only thing that's going to fix that is a lobotomy on any men who browse the 'weird side' of the internet given its susceptiblity these days to land knee-deep in the troon shit.(sage your shit)

No. 1626341

He's not wrong. Men should be allowed to be feminine (see: not taking estrogen or parading as women) without trannies telling them to lop their dicks off or pretend to be women. Equating femininity to female and allowing TiMs that validation is the most damaging pitfall that has affected feminism and real women in decades. Give an inch, yada yada. The ''''boymoder''''' shit is just closeted AGP, though- all of those pseudotranny autopedophiles can asphyxiate.

No. 1642541

Honestly over the last few days I've had this on my midn and that is would the whole femboy thing be a part of Autogynephelia? I agree in theory wit h>>1626341 that men should be allowed to be feminine if they are genuinely intersted in it without deluding themselves in thinking that they are women for it. And I know there are feminine men out there who also dress in a gender nonconforming way who do it out of pure interest and likeness.

But I can't help but feel like the average run of the mill self-proclaimed femboy is only doing it for some sexual fetish. Like I've perused some femboy forums and it's so unnerving how some of these guys get all excited and giddy when they get ahold of things like short skirts, stockings, booty shorts, and even more unsettling, panties… And what's with them wearing masks?

I just can't help but feel like this is some form of autogynephelia… Am I the only one who feels this way? Any thoughts on this?I was thinking about asking this in the MTF thread but I didn't think it would be appropriate to the subject there.

No. 1667052

What happened to that one "ex incel" moid cow who kept shoehorning his retarded "retvrn to tarditon" takes here? Couldn't take the heat?

No. 1680561

You will never look like a cute illustration of an anime femboy. On the days you look in the mirror and feel disappointed in what you see, just know that your perception is fully accurate, and everyone else sees you that way.

No. 1680643

Mox is a woman

No. 1681198

They are AGPs. Who won’t transition.

No. 1695773

File: 1667809402819.jpg (129.48 KB, 1080x1616, toxicnugget_.jpg)

No. 1760309

Remove the lipstick and he looks fine.

No. 1760317

I swear, wasn't this always well known that the "cute doomer boy" was either a TIF or meant to be an underage boy

No. 1767643

They could use this sudden interest in their appearance to become a well groomed fashionable man, but that won't instantly get them any attention.(sage your shit)

No. 1771708

File: 1676809402608.webm (695.84 KB, 320x568, mXIB3miSz_ww9r0m.webm)

WTF happened to F1NN5TER? it was somewhat funny when he was doing this when he was still clearly male but now it appears he's either taking hormones or doing something with his face to go out of his way to be sexualized

No. 1771712

File: 1676809742296.webm (1.7 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1676809598933.webm)

meanwhile IRL

No. 1775589

it is very much just a camera angle/lens/makeup thing(learn to sage)

No. 1782534

File: 1677954279323.png (645.13 KB, 583x1005, CAPTURE.png)

F1NN5TER released an onlyfans, he's made something like 40'000 in less then a week

Honestly he’s not even that attractive either then other femboys, he just looks underage

No. 1782642

He looks 30.

No. 1782785

a lot of this stuff is just a fetish for complete control over another person by their "fans." once they feminize him it won't be enough and they will break him down so he has a fat arc too. i guess everyone has a price, but there's really nothing desirable about this lifestyle or "career" if you could even call it that

No. 1782940

File: 1678009045203.jpg (691.83 KB, 2417x1844, T0X0Pn84llq3P2.jpg)

we live in a strange timeline, there was a chinese streamer who also pretended to be a "femboy" and lost half her subs when her real gender was revealed, there's also this recent case of a regular of a woman claiming to be a "futanari" and she's getting troons mad, which is based but still fucking weird that's in happening in the first place

No. 1782953

Wtf does 30 look like, you sound like a child

No. 1783492

File: 1678089379971.jpg (30.15 KB, 500x375, 1641696113807.jpg)

And moids have the audacity to imply women are jealous of them KEK I hope big name OF women jump on them just to piss them off more.

No. 1783672

He really just looks like a fat teenage boy. He obviously isn’t, but he has a very large bone structure and wearing women’s clothing emphasises it. If he was a woman, I can guarantee every moid would be calling him fat, ugly ‘has hit the wall’. Really just a teenage boy in women’s clothes and long hair, men are gay leaning hebephiles at the end of the day.

No. 1784974

A few centuries ago some female singers used to lie and say they were castrati to be able to sing for the church, it always happen in history.

No. 1785035

It’s just business. All “femboys” are underage as men hit the wall around the time they’re allowed to vote, but the demand from pedophilic men is so high that a market-savvy woman is ought to fill that void.

No. 1808930

Your grandpa is Astolfo

No. 1876884

File: 1691284171687.png (Spoiler Image,66.08 KB, 585x803, 1691218655666988.png)

Necroing to post about femboy pornstar Jean/Ella Hollywood. He's a pedophile with an "early porn indoctrination" fetish.

On August 1st, Twitter user Gigglygoonclown was doxxed and outed as a groomer and disseminator of CP. After Giggly's discord server was archived, screencaps that he had posted of his interactions with Jean were found. These interactions included Jean
>getting off to giggly's grooming
>getting off to the thought of kids looking at his porn
>getting off to pedophilic "Bad Belle" gooner captions
>making a hypno video that encourages the viewer to consume real CP, though loli images are used
The @toonsoda alt was swiftly deleted after this emerged.

No. 1876885

File: 1691284205708.png (Spoiler Image,452.58 KB, 2132x1401, 1691218680107400.png)

No. 1876918

wtf is bad belle

No. 1876996

I’m sorry but this is so funny to me that I can’t even be mad at it

No. 1877201

i was wondering that too, the only thing that comes up about it is apparently it's nigerian slang?

No. 1900957

File: 1695154301514.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-09-19_14_58_23.jp…)

I know this thread is pretty much dead but I thought I could maybe add something here. forgive me for this, but this is a small compilation of "femboy memes" and unsurprisingly they're all porn brainrot. they really are just TiMs with a different name. 99% of them are just submissive bottom gay sex jokes or wearing shitty dollar store egirl attire. I hope to God this femboy trend dies out. it makes me lose hope that there are any normal dudes out there who're feminine without turning it into a fetish.

No. 1901236

Thanks for bumping this thread nona. I've been terfing for a few years and I'd heard the term femboy but never learned much about this particular form of tranny. It seems there's no bottom to the rabbit-hole of transgenderism and there's always some new kind of degeneracy to learn about. This cafeboof faggot is especially pathetic and unintentionally hilarious, don't know how I haven't heard of him before.

No. 1901238

no problem. I needed somewhere to vent because I see femboy stuff every where I go online and it's being treated as some grand statement on men being gnc when no not really, it's just troonshit with a new coat of paint even if they're not claiming to be women

No. 1901383

>it makes me lose hope that there are any normal dudes out there who're feminine without turning it into a fetish.
There's a sort of Catch-22 here. The ones that don't turn it into a fetish wouldn't make a public spectacle of themselves on social media to begin with

No. 1901454

It's interesting you say this anon because I knew of the term "femboy" and just thought it was supposed to be the male-equivalent of "tomboy". But when I looked into "femboys", I noticed how it seems to be totally sexually driven. I had to try to adjust myself to seeing how weird it was seeing men dressing like e-girls but I tried to be open minded because at the very least, they weren't claiming to be women like troons do.

But there's not denying that most of what I saw with these "femboys" was totally perverse. Like the only reason they're wearing those short skirts paired with fishnets is because they're getting some sexual thrill from it and that to me is just unsettling.

I feel you anon, if you're involved in the nerd/anime/gaming culture, "femboys" are everywhere when it comes to the online social world and after checking out what these femboys are about only to find that a good many of them are just kinksters like the troons, it's soured me. I mean surely there are some genuine GNC men out there who aren't that way just for fetish right…?

No. 1901644

File: 1695259181425.jpg (181.86 KB, 717x957, we get it already.jpg)

the only gnc guys I maybe trust are the ones who don't self describe themselves as femboys, crossdressers, etc. if it's just a fashion thing they like and it's not like their entire personality. still on thin fucking ice thou. on a related note, our good ol boy Jude is still riding on his "I'm so manly and masculine even though I look like a girl UwU" gimmick. I knew shit hit the fan the moment he annouced opening an onlyfans and it only got worst knowing how many depends and troons he associates and befriends with. I can't wait till twink death hits him and he'll have to find an actual personality

No. 1901659

he's already looking rough, even with filters that's a very obvious man face

No. 1901666

Isn’t he very good friends with that goon clown groomer troon and the Mr.Beast troon? I never trust these types because they’re always porn addicted degenerates

No. 1901669

He looks like such a man in this picture idk how anyone could look at this and think "girl", the giant shoulders, zero waist, and even those fucking knees, like jesus christ how fucking male. The clock is ticking down by the seconds kek.

No. 1901690

two of his troon friends ended up being lolicon pedo freaks…what are the odds…

No. 1901708

he is mutuals with a detrans Tim. jean/Ella Hollywood, but i don't think he's aware of the goonclown stuff

No. 1901793

File: 1695282629606.jpg (34.12 KB, 402x600, 1d280568873dfd52ea8c6af613092f…)

>the only gnc guys I maybe trush are the ones who don't self describe themselves as femboys, crossdressers, etc.
That seems like a good measure to go with. I totally remembered Mana-Sama from the visual kei band Malice Mizer and he doesn't give me a kinkster fetishist vibes at all even though he dresses to the nines in Gothic Lolita fashion. Even when he wore the shorter skirts, I didn't really get creep factors from it.

I also have never actually sat and watched this Jude guy, I've only seen a few clips and he rubbed me the wrong way. Thanks for the description anon because he sounds obnoxious with that bullshit. And if this guy is befriending troons, it's only a matter of time before he troons out as well/

>lolicon pedofreaks
What the fuck is wrong with these people. See, this doesn't illicit any positive first impressions with this crap.

No. 1901796

Nothing about Mana was creepy, and it was very obvious that Mana was a repressor struggling with a lot of inner demons.

No. 1901824

File: 1695301643070.jpg (612.79 KB, 1820x2800, 20230921_074455.jpg)

another Vkei/Jrock nona, nice. Mana Sama my beloved, and you're right. I never got fetishy vibes from him either. he just genuinely loves the fashion. another bandman that comes to my mind as a good example is takuma tani. married 46 year old with a wife and kids, and loves to model lolita fashion.
it's the way they view femininity that makes me dislike femboys. their sense of femininity is just for the coom and shitty memes.

No. 1905671

AYRT and I'm sorry but "repressor"? How do you mean? Sorry I never really looked into Mana's private life. Is he gay?

Virtual high five anon. I was all about Vkei/J-Rock when I was in high school and I sometimes miss those days, it was a lot of fun and best of all, the guys in these bands had effeminate looks but they didn't give me gross creep factor like todays "femboys" do. I also never heard of Takuma Tani so I looked him up and I see what you mean, just goes all in with the look and does it in a respectable way, we love to see it.

>it's the way they view femininity that makes me dislike femboys. their sense of femininity is just for the coom and shitty memes

Agreed and it's very easy to tell when they're doing it for the coom. Wearing short skirts with thigh high socks and having a lot of snapped photos of them wearing that (bonus if they're doing suggestive poses) or super skimpy outfits. It's just obvious that it's about getting off and they usually have no style of cohesion.

No. 1975932

File: 1710368882097.mp4 (3.62 MB, 640x360, op_0rgIt7rDCxarQ.mp4)

there was a small group of femboys in a Mardi Gras parade in Australia parade and they really never beating the Amazon basics and coomer wear allegations I fear

No. 1976111

Posting mana sama in this thread is really disrespectful imo it should be illegal

No. 1976113

They all look so unwashed kekk

No. 1976129

File: 1710420340271.png (1008.42 KB, 2063x2228, 1sthalf.png)

Stumbled upon this subreddit while lurking on soyjak.party, they were attempting to raid it (and failed). Epstein particles are strong with this one. I don't know what else to say, you can see it all in the screenshots. I feel disgusting even posting these. This is the first, somewhat tame half of the compilation I made. I'll post the rest spoilered so you don't get flashbanged.

No. 1976132

File: 1710420758828.png (Spoiler Image,1.85 MB, 2063x2704, 2ndhalf.png)

The rest. I don't understand how this groomer pedo central is still up. I'm not familliar with reddit, is this how they always deal with such things? Detrans subreddit got nuked but not this? Tried sending some reports and got one automated denied responce so far. I feel so bad for these kids

No. 1976137

I’m gonna be real. I really don’t care if some bottom of the barrel teenage incels get groomed. It’s better than them preying on teenage girls and making them kill themselves.

No. 1976141

File: 1710423592176.jpg (59.45 KB, 600x549, Ow_the_edge-1.jpg)

No. 1976142

What the fuck
You realize that the moids grooming teen “femboys” are gay, right? All this does is perpetuate a cycle of pedophilia in the gay community. Not sure how breeding more misogynistic pedo defenders helps teen girls in any way

No. 1976145

Not sure why I should give a shit about creatures that would no doubt say “lol dumb bitch deserved it” if the situation were reversed.

No. 1976157

Everyone wants to be epsteined these days, it’s seen as the only way to upwards mobility, the economy and country is that bad.(baiting)

No. 1976164

File: 1710429750145.png (342.96 KB, 698x317, 744.png)

No. 1976317

slightly off topic but r/detrans has been up and running for a while now. there's also an "r/actual_detrans" but most the people on that one are still trans and retransing is heavily encouraged.

No. 1976325

why the fuck is this even allowed on Reddit in a "SFW" format? Femboys at best are some specific aesthetic based sexual subculture, like leather daddies or I guess twinks? Gay teenage boys may have unique experiences and need a place where they can feel free to express themselves (will also guaranteed be filled to the brim with groomers tho) but femboys are just gay guys dressed in girly clothes. Anything they have to talk about with each other is the same as any other gay teenager, so why the separation? It is literally just faggy guys in skirts, age shouldn't matter unless you're a groomer.

No. 1976402

What’s cafebeef up to nowadays? Did he detrans or kill himself yet?

No. 1990954

If hes posted here he was never a tranny to begin with lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1991855

He trooned out first

No. 1993962

File: 1715572451226.jpg (329.4 KB, 524x1250, 1000018022.jpg)

i was going to put this in mtf but cafebeef's been in this thread a lot

No. 1993994

>telling people to go outside is classist
going on a walk is free you faggot

No. 1994095

Good to know he’s still alive and still retarded.

No. 1994099

He's still doing the exact thing he did before, fishing for attention on Twitter by posting "omg I am such a man I will never pass" so other trannies can give him asspats. He's a humiliation fetishist.

No. 1995249

File: 1715966389380.jpeg (124.02 KB, 1331x749, IMG_0203.jpeg)

It’s mostly gynophilic: straight men and lesbians have the same criminality patterns while gay males are even less violence prone than women https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/document?repid=rep1&type=pdf&doi=ecf910e1324dd8e7d2339795bd055d230adb18f0
Also you should act like an adult: don’t beg or ask for safety, if you’re being attacked mace eyes, if it’s a serious attack shoot them. Problem solved.
>white men should save us
Don’t infantilize yourself. Take initiative for your own safety and you’ll see things get better.(Unsaged reply to 2-year-old posts with bait)

No. 1995255

Study is only focusing on minors and excludes sex crimes specifically to get these results. How can a study about violence exclude sexual assault and battery? It’s also interesting to note the huge gap in socioeconomic households that gay and lesbians grow up in. Why do poor working class women give birth to lesbians much more frequently than rich women?

No. 1995257

I mean the studies cited here says that’s similar between them and men too.
Maybe growing up in harsh conditions makes them act like men? Who knows but maybe they’re on to something since they’re not as commonly victims since they’ll use force/agression against an attack.

No. 1995264

Of course out of all the threads, it's terminally online femboys who found this one the most

No. 1995268

A retard who thinks life is a movie, pulls out one study to sound clever while ignoring the heaps of evidence that sexes are actually different when it comes to aggression, eludes the fact that the gay community is riddled with rape… Yes, we are talking to a crossdressing faggot

No. 1995416

>extremely online
TBF this thread is mostly seething about a weird group of feminine men who say they’re not women and will never be women, but still provoked walls of text worth of mad. It’s a bit too late to worry about being extremely online.
I mean the study is from a huge national survey.
It also isn’t saying there isn’t a huge sex crimes gap, just that when you break down into orientation that’s a more reliable marker than sex.
Pretty sure that’s a dying trait, even with femboys. People trying to pink pill them made it die as a backlash.
>gay community is riddled with rape
Yeah, but it’s mostly from straight guys who secretly have sex with men and have anger issues. Also straight drug addicts who make exceptions and from criminals who think faggots are easier targets since the police don’t care about them.
Again, this is why the take charge of your self defense suggestion is genuine. You can’t trust others. Get a good OC spray, get good at shooting pocket pistols and make sure you never become a victim. You can’t be hurt if you’re dangerous.(derailing)

No. 1995426

Again not saying female only spaces aren’t important and shouldn’t exist.

No. 1995479

pervert faggot retard hands typed this

No. 1996144

File: 1716207636335.png (1.14 MB, 2560x1444, 1.png)

BREAKING NEWS: Hell broke out on X (formerly Twitter), when a 16 y.o. lesbian kpop stan dared to call femboys ugly: 56 dead, 72 injured, 32 missing.

No. 1996146

File: 1716208075438.png (921.51 KB, 1235x2650, fagtears.png)

Fags and faghags are bravely fighting back with lesbophobia, slurs, misogyny (it's socially acceptable as long as you pretend to hate white women only) and accusations of fatherlessness (because that's totally not men's fault).

No. 1996155

File: 1716208967462.png (1.63 MB, 2853x1470, jumpscare.png)

i'm sorry i can't keep doing this news reporter gimmick i'm fucking dying laughinf

No. 1996159

File: 1716209408857.mp4 (2.48 MB, 720x854, seethe.mp4)

was just about to post this too

No. 1996160

I love how their reaction to the most milquetoast of criticism is to prove the based K-pop lesbian right kek
> "You couldn't get a man so you had to be a lesbian"
It's giving "w-well we didn't want to fuck you anyway you ugly bitch >:-("

No. 1996161

It's funny how much the moids are seething, but it's heartbreaking to watch a 16 year old girl receive all these threats.

No. 1996162

femboys are so fucking pathetic and embarrassing, my god.

No. 1996163

File: 1716210790701.png (1.04 MB, 1620x835, gorgeous feminine cuties.png)

yeah it's horrible. she's absolutely destroying them though, never apologised and pinned that tweet instead. what a queen
she's going on a vacation with her friends soon and I wish her the best, hope she has a good time while these crusty unwashed hikkineet moids stay inside sorting through their 40 terabytes loli futa hentai folder

No. 1996165

males are so fucking sensitive jesus christ. can't even handle mild criticism from someone they aren't attracted to

No. 1996168

Reminder that these specimens are the men twitter boasts you "can't get" kek

No. 1996170

>whitest gamer moid phenotype face complete with the thinnest lips imaginable
>Fat moobs and huge schnoz
>lazy eye

Wow well I’m intimidated by these very feminine femboys

No. 1996200

kek bunch of degenerates.

No. 1996268

I love that she doesn't seem to be bothered by the seething femboy scrotes and weirdos in the replies. I hope she has a wonderful day

No. 1996328

Why is this so common?

No. 1996364

File: 1716264045546.png (309.01 KB, 2222x2222, uglyfatsausagefingers.png)

Something I noticed about these faggots is that they act like hundreds of grown moids sending pedophilic lesbophobic rape threats to a teenager is on the same level of some twitter user calling someone ugly. You know what non insecure people do when they're called ugly online? they either block or ignore. However, these fags cant handle a light swing towards their huge egos so it comes crashing down on everyone in their area. It's so pathetic. They're incredibly smug about it too, they sit there tapping on their little keyboards as their smegma builds up. Literally all of the moids faghags and other moids are defending have some sort of lolishit on their page. It's the NAMBLA thing all over again

No. 1996399

File: 1716272258865.jpg (256.93 KB, 1077x1725, 1000006107.jpg)

unfortunately she herself is a handmaiden. she even grouped tifs in when she made her original post saying men are ugly

No. 1996400

File: 1716272611396.jpg (319.88 KB, 1080x1673, 1000006108.jpg)

No. 1996401

truth is she would've immediately switched her position if those femboys were calling themselves women. good for her for calling their ugly asses out but she isn't /ourgirl/(sage your shit)

No. 1996413

File: 1716276084955.jpeg (62.86 KB, 746x560, IMG_3693.jpeg)

It’s the same with trannies too. Maybe because they were all bullied in school? Or trying to regain some control in their life KEK

No. 1996416

>they're not men in skirts
Groomed minor. She will peak someday if she thinks transwomen aren't the same if not way fucking worse. Probably has not experienced transwomen whining about cis lesbians not being interested in ""girlcock"".

No. 1996426

doesn't matter really. i know all these threats and transphobia accusations are peaking her. she also talked about how she used to think she was a transgender man/nonbinary transmasc or something but later realized it was just internalized homophobia

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