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File: 1640718164571.jpg (70.1 KB, 1124x1080, 09zpcepcshp71.jpg)

No. 1403875

Inspired by the twitter hate thread, and specific threads on cows of ED twitter.

EDtwt is a cesspool of people ranging from as young as twelve, to as old as thirty, who spend all day glamorizing their eating disorders, and getting into petty fights over who's the skinniest.

Related cows:

Ambrose/Leechlifts, a "6'1 sigma male totally literally male body building male" who was discovered to be a LARPing fujo who drugged an ex boyfriend >>>/snow/1381763

Lucinda/Oswaldslunch, severe schizophrenic who believes she's a real unicorn and has to starve herself to 77lbs to achieve true unicorn status. Was crowned beloved cow status after taking down Ambrose in a spat between the two. >>>/snow/1386142

Natalie/Idoldecay, IRL vampire, believes she died at 19 from a drug overdose and now lives as a supernatural being. Pro-ana, and often creates threads encouraging non-human delusions and starvation.

https://twitter.com/edtwt_timer (mostly dead account but contains a lot of milk from the community)(shit thread, wrong board)

No. 1403876

we already have the proana thread. What would be posted here would already be posted in the proana thread. This thread is kinda pointless.

No. 1403877

>>1403875 What retard made this thread? No one cares about kpop fans and people who believe they're non human

No. 1403878

It was discussed in the two other /snow/ threads for Lucinda and Ambrose. People seemed to want a specific EDtwt thread so I made it. Sorry.

No. 1403879

This thread is unneeded. We already have a proana thread.

No. 1403880

The proana thread is not the same. We wanted a this thread to talk about the schizo/tumblr refugee side of EDtwt.

No. 1403881

Also, any time edtwt users are brought up in the proana thread, the poster is immediately told to fuck off.

No. 1403882

edtwt is different than proana

No. 1403883

edtwt is a dumpster fire holy shit

No. 1403884

Edtwtfags stop trying to make this a thing. There's a reason why every time you try, you get shut down. Everyone knows you all just want to selfpost and shit talk your mutuals. Become an actually relevant cow if you want attention so badly instead of this baby shit.

No. 1404073

would some mod/admin end this faggotry, plz

No. 1404078

In OPs defence, in the Ambrose thread it seemed some people wanted an edtwt thread. Telling OP to make a thread and now those anons are nowhere to be seen…

No. 1404086

>>1403884 seconded

No. 1404094

Thanks OP I'm one of the anons in the Ambrose thread who wanted a edtwt thread. Proana is very different, edtwt is also plagued with kinnies and all sorts of schizos. We need a place to discuss them and not be told to fuck off (like when bringing up edtwt in the proana thread). Not everyone wanting to laugh at them is an edtwt fag, many of us wanted a edtwt thread.

No. 1404108

File: 1640781222993.jpeg (46.37 KB, 693x390, 1634342186455.jpeg)

>Proana is very different. We need a place to discuss them and not be told to fuck off (like when bringing up edtwt in the proana thread).
You are told to fuck off because its all vendetta, underage and self posting. EDTwitter is mostly just fat teenage girls with kpop profile pictures, they do not warrant a thread and thats why everyone keeps telling you to fuck off. If we give them attention they are going to keep coming to this website and make it worse.
The only reason you find edtwitter shit interesting is because you're part of it, its cringy as fuck. Us outsiders can tell its all petty teenage non sense and thats why youre being told to fuck off.

No. 1404111

NTA, but is the pro-ana thread not the same thing, but more boring kek? They were literally horrified at Lucinda because they just wanted to seethe about plain, basic blond girls and random disordered women making ugly food

No. 1404194

Fuck off bitter mini mod, there are several anons who want a thread, stay mad.

No. 1404234

nobody is forcing you to participate

No. 1404316

If this thread hits off, would anyone approve of Niamh or whatever her name is being posted here (sparingly)? Technically she isn’t edtwt, but she’s kind of a big meme there. I’m more of a lurker here, but the nonnies who mald every time she gets posted in proana scumbags are getting on my nerves.

No. 1404474

File: 1640815517739.jpeg (59.17 KB, 773x529, idoldecay bpd.jpeg)

No. 1404489

I don't see why not anon

No. 1404770

How many times has she threatened her bf if he leaves her

No. 1404929

this is why edtwt is different than bland insecure proana femoids. they could never be so shamelessly retarded

No. 1405064

Genuinely kill yourself right now

No. 1406016

File: 1641001369436.jpeg (58.69 KB, 598x404, idoldecay (1).jpeg)

No. 1406017

File: 1641001404242.jpeg (34.15 KB, 592x218, idoldecay (2).jpeg)

No. 1406019

File: 1641001443071.jpeg (68.4 KB, 598x433, idoldecay (3).jpeg)

No. 1406020

File: 1641001569142.jpeg (64.76 KB, 597x417, idoldecay (4).jpeg)

No. 1406023

She's so miserable oof

No. 1406027

Why is this milk? though >>1406016 >>1406017
this is sad. At least she's honest with who she is, that's one thing she's got right about her identity.

No. 1406041


No. 1406047

>posted herself

No. 1406128

File: 1641019069194.png (1.11 MB, 1184x1450, Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 2.37…)

wonder why

No. 1406229

Is Ambrose back? I missed her narc fujo self.

No. 1406606

sort of? i mean she's back but once people got word of her new acc and persona they raided her and she went private. i still don't understand how they found her though

No. 1406687

File: 1641093833997.jpg (48.51 KB, 749x564, FID056RWYAE81q6.jpg)

No. 1406688


No. 1406691

>idoldecay (5000000) filenames
Anon… You're feeding her attention supply hard. At least rename them.

No. 1406857

>>1406688 there is no milk, this thread is retarded

No. 1406943

At first, I was like, “okay, let’s give edtwt thread a chance”, but Natalie’s attention seeking ass immediately started self posting. Bitch you are the most uninteresting thing on edtwt. Seriously. You are just some LARPing mental patient, with a fat fucking boyfriend, and a fridge shaped body. Imagine being skinny, and still looking fucking disgusting.

No. 1406946

I found Damien’s new account. I knew it was him, because I knew him before edtwt, and on my personal account, I saw that our old mutual friends were following him. Dead giveaway.

No. 1406966

That's Natalie for ya… I'm torn between whether it's actually her or just someone with a vendetta on her. Like in the Lucinda thread, someone will bring up Natalie at every chance they get and while a lot of people just go ''hey, fuck off we don't care about Natalie'' she still keeps on doing it. God it's so annoying, I wanna see Lucinda sperg and not some off-brand fake schizo.
That clears it up. I was kinda assuming Aeniyah was selfposting because no one had found her yet, sucks she locked though

No. 1407120

>accuses of seeking attention
>still giving her attention
Like clockwork.

No. 1408036

To the last two dumbasses from the Ambrose thread

It is a She* obviously you two are from twitter, this faggot isn't worth another thread but feel free to knock yourselves out by bitching about her in here, Adios.

No. 1408038


me and my friends were following the troonie but she managed to remove three of us out of the five, thankfully one of us is still following her but she definitely outed herself by posting her cats photos.

No. 1408317

Not everyone in lol cow is transphobic.

No. 1408403

A spade is a spade, funny how she dropped the gym bro larp once being outed, I've got a feeling her identity is just that fleeting. The same sort of person that'll regret transitioning when it doesn't serve them any longer.

No. 1408425

do you know where you are?

No. 1408443

Yes we are so fuck off + you’re fat

No. 1410062

she changed her name legally but not her gender on her ID even though its stupidly easy. correct.

No. 1410730

File: 1641529854177.png (2.75 MB, 828x1792, 3C0392D1-7DC4-4FA2-91BA-986465…)

random EDtwt user posted this, and yeah i encourage physical activity of all kind but this whole trend of disordered adult women who recently started scraping the underweight category thinking they suddenly have the stamina, athleticism, timing, and energy to do ballet at this point in their lives is really the peak of delusion kek

No. 1410732

kek someones new here

No. 1410875

adult woman tries new sport isnt milk anon

No. 1410969

You only live once anon, so good for her going for it. It's more telling when bone rattlers come out of the woodwork because they feel somehow threatened that someone is encroaching
a space that in their heads is for dainty children waifs alone.

No. 1410975

Ballet is known to have the most unhinged and mentally ill people. I think ive read it on an article that people who do ballet had highest instances of eating disorders compared to other athletes.

No. 1410984

that doesn’t mean that starving yourself into becoming underweight is gonna give you, like i said, the athleticism, stamina, energy, timing, or even attention span to be able to train in and study ballet the same way someone who starts when they’re at the beginners age does kek, that’s why I posted it. Honestly the title “EDtwt cringe” just made me think that this was for cringey things we see from EDtwt user, which this precisely is. Unless this is some kind of containment thread for idoldecay/ambrose posts because their threads necro’d a while ago

No. 1410985

OT but I’m pretty sure that there’s a bunch of cows in the ballet community, the few ballerinas I’ve met have been batshit so far.

No. 1410987

I grew up doing ballet from age 3 to age 17 when I had to quit because it was seriously messing up my feet and I love skiing too much to sacrifice that. I met a girl who was originally from Russia while doing professional ballet in Canada whose instructor would hit them really hard to test their balance and had most of her students hooked on speed. This girl was only fifteen at the time and incredibly damaged and sometimes I still think about her and hope she’s doing better now.

No. 1410988

Notable cow wannabe ballerina “anorexic”: Dasha Nekrasova kek

No. 1411000

Ballet both attracts and creates a lot of crazies

No. 1411023

Only if you’re a career. Wannarexics doing the opposite of romanticizing the sport for the dainty uwu aesthetic are not part of the statistics. This person will never get told she’ll be thrown out for being fat in her hobbyist weekend class.

No. 1411040


It's her first class, chill ballerina chan

No. 1411279

It's not her career so it doesn't really matter.

No. 1424621

It is hilarious that these ED girls who barely get 10k steps in a day and maybe do 15 minutes of gentle yoga think they'll be successful dancers. Dance takes a lot of muscle and stamina and most dancers have the thick thighs to prove it.

No. 1424796

File: 1642963486641.jpg (203.51 KB, 1080x1446, 00000000000000000.jpg)

I don't think anyone cares about her anymore, but i found Ambrose's newish twitter account. Gonna leave it here since her thread is locked.

No. 1424826

What happened to DeeDee? she used to go by powderbaby?
Also seems ariana grande copycat who is now popular has not recovered from her ED.

No. 1427096

anything milky on there? been missing her antics, get some screenshots anon!

No. 1429173

why the spergout at the beginning, i was looking forward to this thread. i love watching twitterfags, theyre a whole different kind of retarded

No. 1429439

File: 1643399174082.jpeg (52.68 KB, 602x588, lol.jpeg)

No. 1431859

File: 1643677030226.png (13.67 KB, 623x550, gone.png)

Full on deleted, though seems to have reactivated earlier so probably just waiting for the storm to blow over, Natalie and other users were tweeting about the account so she panicked.
Apparently she was unlocked long enough that she's going to be in Natalie's area? I hope they beat the shit out of each other, kek.

No. 1433622

File: 1643883909278.jpg (194.08 KB, 1080x1411, shitbioagainforsomereason.jpg)

I'm the anon who found the previous account, here's her new one. I followed her anitwt account which had nothing that interesting on it so I didn't post it, but it seems I was softblocked since following this account. I have a couple screenshots from the accounts, but nothing that interesting, and I can't make any more since both are private.

No. 1433623

File: 1643883934271.jpg (285.33 KB, 1080x1421, 0000000000000000000000.jpg)

>>1433622 here's the anitwt account

No. 1479286

File: 1648077263540.jpg (148.76 KB, 750x1220, vdO7W6Xc.jpg)

Apparently someone doxxed Natalie, threatened her, called her boyfriend, etc, telling her to go get psychiatric help because they worry about her, and threatened to ruin her life if she doesn't stop self harming.

No. 1479288

File: 1648077317010.jpg (137.2 KB, 750x1099, W2EPJ4ot.jpg)

No. 1479643

that's pretty creepy, i hope nobody's cowtipping

No. 1495671

I'm sad this thread never took off, this seems like great lolcow material. I dont follow any of them because I'm not in ED spaces so i was looking forward to this

No. 1495972

this is definitely someone from 4chan's /drg/, she used to post there and there's a few schizos utterly obsessed with her. she also used to post in the nsfw version of the thread, before her bf allegedly made her stop or something. they were giving her money for a while and stuff too. afaik both the people obsessed with her are mtf and creepy

No. 1496064

What is /drg/? Diet/Recipe General?

No. 1496112

Drugs maybe?

No. 1496299

File: 1649441165126.png (87.43 KB, 495x280, rrrrrrrrrrrrrr.png)

Dangan Ronpa General.
I don't like her at all but I do feel bad for her since they're apparently

No. 1496301

>her since they're apparently
Hit send too early, my bad. Meant to say since they're apparently really going in hard on getting into her personal life due to a savior complex and obsession over her.

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