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File: 1641772377079.jpg (676.18 KB, 940x1083, unicorn queen.jpg)

No. 1413321

Lucinda is a schizophrenic, anorexic, bulimic, self-harming attention-seeker.

>Resident EDtwt and SHtwt
>NEET with a cushy, comfortable lifestyle by Puerto Rican standards
>Schizophrenic but refuses to take her medication, claims the voices are fairies guiding her to Unicornhood
>Believes she’s truly a unicorn, trying to starve herself to her ideal unicorn weight of 75lb (although bonespo/deathspo is her endgame now)
>Terminally online, often daily posts naked (but censored) body-checks to her mostly underage fanbase
>Wears a unicorn horns, elf ears and old lady Moo-moos
>Notorious self harmer, visible cuts all over her body, currently stopped due to parental pressure
>Has eaten garbage, cat food, hand sanitizer and has binged on hydrogen peroxide
>Has claimed to purge 11 times a day, often shares mia/ana tips on her twt
>Currently re-started her endless fast, even though last attempt gave her liver failure
>Claims she hasn’t eaten in months, but somehow still alive
>typews ljke dhe’s hadsving a srtoke

>Starved herself into being incontinent and peed her favorite chair, oh noes!
In the process of wearing diapers. (Don't starve yourself, guys.)
>Developed jaundice from an OD/starvation
>Currently "dating" another edgy teen fakeboi from Turkey called Dee/@automaticlover
>still posts naked bodychecks and gets called out for being a pedo/groomer on a weekly basis for not properly labeling her content as 18+
>"Universe Shifting" and other schizo posts are increasing in volume as her mind continues to disintegrate from lack of meds
>references @leechlifts/ambrose, another cow >>1381763, from time to time
>mostly spends her time arguing with people accusing her, posting selfies and not eating
>Toot toot like a little trumpet. Take it away, Jazz man.

#1 >>1280424
#2 >>1287920
#3 >>1314398
#4 >>1377207
#5 >>1386142

Ambrose/Leechlifts, the troon who started it all >>>/snow/1381763
@Idoldecay, luci's ex friend, potentially self inserted into the situation and chr
Mooglekins/MoogleMagick, Luci's BFF, fellow schizo and possible cult-leader

Instagram: instagram.com/oswaldslunch/
Twitter: twitter.com/oswaldslunch
Curiouscat: curiouscat.qa/oswaldslunch
TikTok: tiktok.com/@r3velati0nz?
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsEhJeNKRUv76j3dtwG5GLw

No. 1413604

File: 1641798698578.jpg (332.68 KB, 1080x901, Screenshot_20220110-030848.jpg)

Peepee problems

No. 1413606

File: 1641798759055.jpeg (473.89 KB, 1152x2048, FIl86QIX0AAvbQD.jpeg)

No. 1413608

File: 1641798828855.jpeg (468.52 KB, 1152x2048, FIl86QJXoAYgcwO.jpeg)

No. 1413694

her urinary issues are prob due tp other things than just weight and diet. im generally thr same shape if not 10lbs bigger than she is. i love the unicorn raver aesthetic. lucinda is, in my mind, cute af with her own look but the pee thing is just sad and embarassing yo admit. way to "air dirty laundry' which im sure she has piles of(sage)

No. 1413698

You need to get gone, like right now

No. 1413711

>believing pretty much anything this compulsive liar has to say

You girls are never going to make it

No. 1413791

File: 1641828420874.jpg (92.75 KB, 1080x536, Screenshot_20220109-143454__01…)

Her new beau is another drugfag. Maybe she has a type?

No. 1413806

This. The OP is super embarrassing.

No. 1414577

>im generally thr same shape if not 10lbs bigger than she is.
why do you anachans love to come to this thread and numberbrag

No. 1414580

do you guys think the typing is fake or real? she is so coherent sometimes, i wonder if she ever looks at a tweet and goes back and makes more typos.

No. 1414663

She does that to support her uwu style.

She's not that incapacitated, just look at her (almost) daily photo ops. Still able to dress, do some shitty make up and posting everything on edtwt.

She could type properly, if she wanted.

No. 1414784

she had an old 1d blog where she typed the same way, and a private blog where she wrote that way for 3 years. they're in previous threads.

No. 1414861

File: 1641944010895.jpg (353.71 KB, 1080x977, Screenshot_20220111-193044.jpg)

This must be a form of suicide for her at this point. Now she doesn't want to drink water on top of going below 75lbs. And in earlier tweets she said she was going to refuse going to doctors altogether. I can't imagine how her parents must be coping.

No. 1414928

tbh they're helping her make it happen; that's their cope

No. 1414971

File: 1641953508845.jpg (408.01 KB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20220111-164913__01…)

I often wonder what would a pampered anachan do if she was suddenly homeless or loses their parents. I think the coddling and lack of adult responsibilities definitely enables this 'uwu comfy chair princess' behavior.

No. 1414994

who's the guy in the background?

No. 1415000

They definitely enable her, but they probably have no idea that she's pretending to dehydrate herself to death, or they're so used to her munching that they brush it off.
If she can write and draw with pen and paper then she can type. Needless to say that drawing requires an exponentially higher level of fine motor skill than using autocorrect.

No. 1415016


She sometimes types with hardly any typos; whether it’s because she’d do it on purpose or because autocorrector, she could definitely type normal sentences if she wanted lol see >>1384430

No. 1415018

I think its her dad kek

No. 1415021

deteriorate or fall on the support of the state (where possible). ashley for example.

No. 1415025

they do get into arguments over her behavior as she's revealed. they have big fights and get "so mad at her". specifically because she wouldn't drink water so she wouldn't have to wear her diapers in her chair.

No. 1415029

you mean her dad, or harry styles?

No. 1415057

I'm sure they have arguments, but do you genuinely believe that she's dehydrating herself? She'd be too weak to function within a matter of days. And why would she need diapers if she's not intaking any fluid?

No. 1415108

It was never diapers, it was incontinence pads. She said her mom bought them for her but there was an argument because she didn't want to wear them so she refused to drink anything. She drank water yesterday she's not dying any time soon. We'll see.

No. 1415197

If everything else fails, they will drag her to the hospital again.

And sage your shit.

No. 1415442

File: 1642014841329.jpeg (79.54 KB, 750x499, 10AE66C7-A838-48B2-9341-9F4663…)

claiming she’s going to start eating with her boyfriend…wishful thinking?

No. 1415450

These are just fantasies. Her future plans change so frequently there's no way none of them ever come true.

No. 1415466

I want this to be true

No. 1415495


Reality might bite her ass soon enough.

evil laughter

No. 1415623

File: 1642028709350.jpeg (98.66 KB, 750x424, BD2C5E55-8A0D-40B1-B005-C42A71…)

Looks like we’re back to b/p phase

No. 1415630

File: 1642029316862.jpg (340.33 KB, 1080x961, Screenshot_20220112-191137.jpg)

she's definitely going through it.

No. 1415634

While she does show the ugly side of eds she also gives people tips accidentally. Dangerous ones too. Someone dumb and young sees her doing these things and thinks "well if she lost weight like that I will too" and copy her behavior.

No. 1415648

tbf i don't think people could do what she does even if they tried, she vomits more than she eats and her body has adapted. it does the work for her because she's fucked it beyond repair. these kiddos are in for disappointment if they think they'll be able to keep up with the sick ritual she's created for herself.

No. 1415655

She started somewhere too.. Bulimia is a fucking slippery slope. It can escalate quite quickly.

No. 1415656

Exactly. That's what pisses me off. She's still saying what she's doing to get that thin, she's still showing off her body. Just because she slaps on "omg im dying tho :((" when most anorexics don't care / want to die. She needs to grow the fuck up and realize that. She's not innocent.

No. 1415664

I think she does want to die honestly. She's mentioned it before that this is her suicide project and becoming a unicorn is just a metaphor for death, but that was probably when she wasn't in a psychotic state and had some self awareness. She seems to get off on doing damage to her body. It's all about control in the end. She stopped cutting but she never stopped self harming.

No. 1415668

who cares. maybe if they're retarded enough they'll get a thread of their own too.

No. 1415669

File: 1642032531100.jpg (320.34 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20220112-200747.jpg)

No. 1415676

File: 1642033412192.jpg (303.81 KB, 1152x2048, FI6ocHoX0AM8awE.jpeg.jpg)

She's definitely thin but she's no skelly. I can see where her desperation comes from regarding not eating or drinking anything, she must be so unsatisfied with her body. Not even taking into consideration the fact she'll probably never be boney with all the excess skin she has from being obese hanging about. What a fucked life.

No. 1415684

File: 1642034059523.jpeg (161.44 KB, 750x825, A234FA47-A264-4CD2-B399-7AF10D…)


No. 1415753

Her problem is she's skinny fat with loose skin. She won't get to where she wants until she works out, but that'll never happen.

No. 1415755

jesus christ at least Natalie knows she's a psycho.

No. 1415765

the fuck do you mean? of course she does because she's a larper. actual crazy people don't know they're crazy.

No. 1415817

she says her BMI is 16, that's not always "skelly" territory even if the person wasn't obese prior to getting there

No. 1415832

>actual crazy people don't know they're crazy.
You do know psychosis =/= schizophrenia, and even then, most people with schizophrenia know their delusions are just that?
Lucinda is just an extreme example. Lucinda's a larper too, just a different flavor.

No. 1415898

Yeah fuck the young and impressionable kids who have mental health issues! Let's hope they become cows rather than healthy adults!

No. 1415967

are you not aware that many of the cows here were once young and impressionable children with mental health issues? if you care so much why are you here

No. 1415969

I am aware and it's unfortunate things turned out the way the did for them. But to hope for someone who's not even a cow yet to fall on the path of cowdom is unnecessary don't you think?

No. 1415991


why does she post that.
what a litte sick fuck.

No. 1416083

I'm not sure if all schizo's know that they are. There's this guy on youtube who was lapsing hard last i saw after stopping his meds and people are feeding into his delusion that he's a shaman. Was bloody sad to see, he seemed to be so clear about knowing if/when voices were coming back etc. but didn't have the insight that he was off his rocker about being a shaman.

No. 1416214

File: 1642092093480.png (44.61 KB, 598x282, twitter.png)

happy faces on edtwt

No. 1416270

schizophrenia is a spectrum, much like autism, so it's really no use comparing cases. some are so self aware they can be psychologists themselves, others are beyond help and need to be institutionalized for life.

No. 1416324

See, this is what's frustrating. Maybe I'm overreacting but by replying and like, opening the doors for people to give HER advice, she's promoting it still on her account? Even if she herself isn't directly giving advice to people.

No. 1416370

I'm calling it right now she's going to die very soon if there's no serious intervention

No. 1416397

Valid points sis, this unicorn is cancelled. Zero calorie coffee is a hidden ED secret and should not be promoted

No. 1416509

Coffee is never zero cals though kek. Unless you're drinking piss water. Who cares if they're sharing different flavours of coffee? To me it's a similar league to N2F from the pro ana scumbags thread using skinny syrups on everything, no one is saying she's promoting disordered behaviours. At least it's not like youtube where the sows are one upping each other on energy drinks, heart attacks waiting to happen. It just doesn't seem that big a deal to me that she accepted a recommendation from someone.

No. 1416512

rattle rattle

No. 1416513

rattle rattle rattle

No. 1416515

kek you are definitely overreacting. Who gives a shit?

No. 1416516

Not rattling anon, wouldn't you need to be a spoop to do so? Just i don't see it as ree clutch those pearls, think of the children! worthy.

No. 1416527

I'm only saying it because she swears on her unicorn soul she absolutely doesn't do anything to influence her followers

No. 1416532

tbh I miss seeing her roast the shit out of people. I hope she gets into another spat. Watching her just talk about dying is sad.

No. 1416586

you're retarded

No. 1416597

File: 1642119789526.jpeg (96.01 KB, 750x388, 3F567A20-D9D6-4531-8B32-8DD443…)

the complete lack of connection is so sad

No. 1417015


She "hates causing pain", but not to herself, when she's slitting her arms, chest and legs with a hundred cuts.

Mommy wouldn't mind. So mUcH lOgIc!

No. 1417379

If she hated causing pain, she'd seek recovery, but in the end, she's a manipulative, lying attention seeker. No different than idoldecay.

No. 1417388

File: 1642197783615.jpg (463.04 KB, 1080x1130, Screenshot_20220114-180107.jpg)

she already said she tried to get help for her ed. also lol at the random natalie mention who gives a shite.

No. 1417757

playing the victim

No. 1417819

File: 1642244721828.jpg (103.74 KB, 598x927, beepee.jpg)

a little play in three acts

No. 1417827

File: 1642245479381.jpg (23.07 KB, 598x158, vrry.jpg)

missed one

" Vrry spiritual "

No. 1417859


I wish her so much bad for it, terrorizing her family and all that.

She will end in the loony bin or in her grave soon.

No. 1417908

File: 1642255852432.jpg (164.97 KB, 1080x870, Screenshot_20220115-081114__01…)

>I'm not wasting my parents money! It's the government's money!

That's even worse, lmao. This is where your taxes are going, folks.

No. 1417948

Why this already rich bich is getting money from the goverment sounds like bullshit!!!!

No. 1417950

might be some kind of disability payment since she's an adult who can't work? I'm not sure that kind of thing would apply if she lives with her parents though.

No. 1417953


Money alone won't cure that one.

No. 1418197

First of all, in her state of madness she shouldn't be given an allowance to buy her own stuff, especially not junk food! How is she even able to walk outside and go shopping with her alleged severe dehydration and weakness..?
I sense bullshitting and gaslighting all over the place.

No. 1418210

She probably just used one of those mobility scooters they have in grocery stores.

No. 1418216


Only recently she told us she would be sitting in a comfy chair all day, pissing herself.

No. 1418307

How'd she get to the store in the first place?

No. 1418348


She will have her ways.

No. 1418441

File: 1642301220853.jpg (468.76 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20220115-224637.jpg)

No. 1418442

File: 1642301333274.jpg (58.94 KB, 383x680, FJKcPAcXMAMLMJl.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1418445

File: 1642301442979.jpg (54.51 KB, 383x680, FJKcPAaWYAMMLyk.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1418448

Sounds like bullshit.

No. 1418454

anon please

No. 1418584

She is doing this to herself willingly. She knows how much attention and care it gets her, if she stops and gets better her parents and followers will move on.
It's still sad, she could've been an average happy girl but she's spending her time harming herself and blabbering about nonsense online.

No. 1418620


What a pathetic way to live a life, isn't it.

No. 1418644

>she could've been an average happy girl
delusional. no one debases themselves online for attention unless they’re irredeemably fucked in the head.

No. 1418668

Nonnie did you make this thread pic? It is amazing and I love it. True art here

No. 1418703

Cmon most of the users on this website have mental issues yet none of them end up like this girl or other ana-chans who deliberately self harm themselves in form of starvation.
Her parents should definitely do something, cutting down her internet access, forcing her to go out to a course or something of that sort would be good for her.
She would be a normal social girl maybe but she could at least have a life of her own.

Truly sad. It's what being terminally online does to a girl. If I'm right she went from writing harry styles fanfics or something so she probably was one of those average straight girls who lusted after boybands in her teenage years.
I don't think she's as mentally ill as she paints herself, if her social media was shut down one day she'd have to go back to her normal life.

No. 1418712


Disagree on that, anon. She's not able to lead a 'normal life' without supervision.
And sorry, already being in her mid-twenties it's quite a bit too late to change things at all.
It's gonna be heavy medication for her or a descent into the abyss.

No. 1418715

File: 1642338266160.png (448.25 KB, 2018x554, Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 9.02…)


This post says she wants to change her name into Lucinda for when she goes back into the real world. So maybe she does want to be normal? There's no way, though

No. 1418721


Her real world is not our real world, I guess.

No. 1418755

She did say she wanted to be a dollmaker and work in the arts in general with her boyfriend who is apparently into it as well. She's really talented, it's good that she intends on doing something with her hands and creating something instead of being the unicorn Eugenia.

No. 1418764

If you really believe that, you are as nuts as she is. Stop WKing

No. 1418771



No. 1418790

why the fuck are you emulating my typing style

No. 1418804

NTA but who the fuck are you?

No. 1418821

I am the anon who types like that

No. 1418987

are you retarded

No. 1419038

Nta but yes

No. 1419347

I am begging you to stop putting unnecessary line breaks in every reply

No. 1419415

Man i just feel bad because even if it is LARPing you gotta be seriously fucked in the head to take it that far. I feel for her family, she is not sound of mind at all. Those cuts are maybe for show but they are there anyhow.
Her parents seem so sweet it's heartbreaking.

No. 1419519

File: 1642421784319.png (345.58 KB, 2008x492, Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 8.15…)

No. 1419533

ot.I've noticed an anon or two who has consistently double-spaced in /snow/ /ot/ and /g/. This newfag needs to read the fucking rules.

No. 1419568










No. 1419586

So what's spanish for "stinkie"?

No. 1419587

File: 1642428876908.jpg (70.01 KB, 851x747, 20211005_102920.jpg)

Imagine the smell of stale urine and bile on this woman in that 70% humidity tropical weather.

No. 1419613

Kinda late to this but even though I do think Lucinda is not completely innocent and tends to exaggerate a lot, she is right about the mental health care being completely atrocious in PR and Latam in general.
It makes sense her mom was the one who got her out of there considering she would be safer in her home rather than in some center where she wouldn't be looked after at all.

No. 1419688

someone tell her that she could lose some weight there

No. 1419776

She did some new bOdYcHeCkInG but I won't post it, not even spoilered.
Check her Twitter yourself, enter at your own risk.

No. 1419856

No. 1420020

File: 1642461694665.jpg (147.26 KB, 1080x436, Screenshot_20220117-182037_Chr…)

No. 1420039

oh, her pixyteri era is over already

No. 1420062

File: 1642463923825.jpeg (455.25 KB, 1254x1351, 2287594C-8BB3-44B6-8548-398F74…)

It’s the same laying in bed sucking in pose she often does retarda

No. 1420128

Are you the anon who made the poll and called her a horrorcow

No. 1420185

File: 1642476412648.jpg (Spoiler Image, 308.61 KB, 951x1109, 20220118_002324.jpg)

No. 1420188

File: 1642476443700.jpg (641.95 KB, 1458x2592, 20220118_002237.jpg)

No. 1420189

File: 1642476561907.jpg (636.77 KB, 1458x2592, 20220118_002235.jpg)

No. 1420192

File: 1642476688646.jpg (75.58 KB, 720x412, 20220118_002843.jpg)

No. 1420193

File: 1642476733114.jpg (89.63 KB, 720x545, 20220118_002855.jpg)

No. 1420738

File: 1642539478436.png (401.68 KB, 594x595, 55555555555.png)

But she's so against pro-ana and glorifying EDs, guys!

No. 1420932

You have got to be a retard if you're that triggered over a hand check from a skelly. Every asspat ana qween wants to be someone's thinspo. If anyone says she's anti-glorifying EDs they're retards too.

I guess my point is we're all retards. For fun and for profit?

No. 1420941

File: 1642552164869.png (20.04 KB, 582x119, 4343254.png)

In what way? I'm just calling her a hypocrite for even responding. It's one thing to just let those comments be added, but she actively makes a point to say that people shouldn't glamorize EDs, how she doesn't want to be seen as inspirational, etc. Just read any of her tweets listing her symptoms.

No. 1421081

She "forgets" how bathing works yet she can carefully shave her shriveled pussy for her naked body checks? Hmmm….

No. 1421114

Maybe she uses nair or something?

No. 1421252


I swear to god if I have to read a garbled tweet from her explaining how her parents or her brother help her shave her vag because she’s too weak and neurodivergent to do it by herself I’m going to commit seppuku.

No. 1421830

that would be so awkward

No. 1421834

File: 1642630565099.jpg (61.5 KB, 720x382, 20220119_191303.jpg)

No. 1421836

File: 1642630595800.jpg (1.01 MB, 1458x2592, 20220119_190709.jpg)

No. 1421852

No. 1421903

File: 1642634346831.jpeg (180.18 KB, 1152x2048, FJfZiQmXsAUb_FP.jpeg)

Her latest bodycheck is so fucking depressing. She looks gruesome.

No. 1421962

Y’all are tripping she looks fine you can suck your stomach in a lot when you don’t eat so much. She eats a bit. So much is just for the shock value

No. 1422136

can you suck in your hip bone too

No. 1422144

File: 1642655640224.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.31 KB, 490x479, f1f4a9e4b6dd228b7dce5d650d6890…)

>she looks fine

No. 1422146

You can literally see the outline of her entire pelvic plate back to her concave ass. Don't let your anachan jealousy show too much. She's not Ash-tier but she's absolutely become shockingly underweight.

No. 1422154

File: 1642657191456.jpg (675.37 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20220120-013125.jpg)


this is a bodycheck from june and she made her account in may. doesn't say how much she weighed but at least it shows a clear image of how she's slowly killing herself.

side note: god it's weird seeing her without the cuts. also incredibly fucking sad since she's so sliced up and she did all that damage to herself in less than a year. she needs serious help.

No. 1422156

File: 1642657222092.jpg (361.49 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20220120-012912.jpg)

No. 1422160

Oh wow I didn't realize she only started cutting herself recently, I really thought she'd done that over a period of years. That's so dark

No. 1422217

It's as if she got worse immediately after joining edt twitter and sh twitter… But they're totally not harmful for you!!!

No. 1422255

Schizos tend to get worse over time.

Just sayin'.

No. 1422287

WTF is happening in the boobage-area?

No. 1422310

File: 1642679042319.png (71.63 KB, 269x271, smudge.png)

She uses some smudge tool to censor herself, you can tell by the brush marks. The dark spots under are probably just leftover from her nips

No. 1422388


No. 1422427

Didn't know she had a bf. Why doesn't anyone from her close circle stop her? They must be aware of her online presence, I mean she's posting so often they must've seen her. Tragic.

No. 1422452

Check the OP. Her bf is some random ana fakeboi from Turkey. Her family is not aware at all about her online "fame".

No. 1422480

For real. But our gorl won't make it that far if she carries on like that.

No. 1422659

File: 1642713869570.jpg (404.39 KB, 1080x959, Screenshot_20220120-171615.jpg)

ot but i live for lucinda flexing her 5'9 anachan butch gf like this solely because it must eat natalie inside to have such a fat slob of a boyfriend and not the broody alt one lucinda has. that on top of lucinda starting off fatter than her and becoming thinner, and keeping her out of her furry kinnie club. natalie was so obsessed with being her bestie after the ambrose fail lmao. i know she must despise her at this point. i'd kill to see them have a public spat.

No. 1422716

Natalie is so obsessed with her. Still posts in this thread, bitterly retweets her own bodychecks when Lucinda posts hers, started using the term 'nonhuman', sends herself asks on tellonym about being a vampire when Lucinda gets them about being a unicorn, etc.

No. 1422830

Anon… to know all that, you'd have to be routinely checking Natalie's page… You sound more obsessed than anything.
Ffs. I don't get why people keep bringing her up when it's been stated she just wants attention. Why are you giving it to her.

No. 1422849

I really don't think Natalie gives much of a fuck about Lucinda. She clearly has no hesitation to call people out, and/or start drama. If she truly had an issue, she'd be vaguetweeting the shit out of her at least. Stop trying to make fights happen because the milk is dry. I don't think she's sending herself asks either, she seems to have an active following that interacts with her on the daily.
Her and Lucinda are just two loons. They never were friends. They followed each other for a couple weeks tops.

No. 1422874

same line break. make it less obvious when you self post AND samefag, natalie lmfao.

No. 1422875

Sorry. Should've said I was samefagging to make another reply. I don't post here often. Came here mostly for Lucinda. I'm not Natalie, though.

No. 1422878

Just because she gets asks asking her where she got her corset and what animes she likes doesn't mean it isn't obvious she's sending herself asks about being a vampire when Lucinda's in the middle of giving advice to other furfags on cc, and making threads about how she feeds when Lucinda does the same about her diet. I follow them both. I can see when Natalie posts almost immediately after Lucinda does. She vaguetweeted about people against proana being okay with being used as thinspo at the same time she posted the screencaps of Lucinda's handcheck here. She's…. hilariously obvious. Like. Embarrassingly lacking in self awareness lol.

No. 1422883

I follow them both too. She talks to her followers in her tweets, I mean. She has a lot of friends/followers who think they're werewolves and zombies. Not on ask apps. You are right about the hand thing, but I don't see any other similarities. You could argue Lucinda does the same. Either way, like I said, Natalie has made it clear she'd probably kill someone if it meant getting talked about and only seems to do things to achieve that, you're probably making her really happy.

No. 1422905

My ass. She got a Tellonym pointing out her embarrassing followers/following ratio and after saying she had no problem with it she immediately unfollowed 200 people. She definitely gets embarrassed when people call her out on her shit lol this whole "stop talking about her she loves negative attention!!1" is such an obvious cop-out from her own self posting ass perpetuating her stupid energy feeding larp. "Negative attention is like junk food to me teehee~~" then why does she cover her haggard face when it looks like shit if being called ugly would be negative attention she'd absolutely adore?

Anyway, I agree with nonny. It's nice to see Lucinda thrive with exactly the kind of edgelord all black cutter troon that miss kawaii goth vampire would kill for. Lucinda isn't even alt lol. Get it, queen. Make them seethe.

No. 1422908

anon please calm your vampire hateboner. she is not worth getting this worked up over, pointing out her followers dropping wouldn't show if you're just following her and not consistently checking her profile.

No. 1422939

Calm down Moogle.

No. 1422968

it was who she was following. not her followers. all you have to do is take one random look at her profile to see and remember she was at an even 1k ratio for like a year. let's not flatter her by acting like you'd need to be checking her profile daily to notice. you don't need a hateboner to see that natalie's tracking lucinda's every move like the totes obsessive bpd psycho she is. isn't it supposed to be in character?

lucinda is edtwt's lovely unicorn idol and not you natalie soz

No. 1422972

>all you have to do is take one random look at her profile to see and remember she was at an even 1k ratio for like a year.
normal people who don't care about some random twitter bitch who has nothing to do with current lucinda affairs keeps note of that.
let's take a few steps back here, why do you care? go take it to one of the other ED threads, no need to muck up the unicorn barn. bring her back up when she actually interacts with lucinda.

No. 1422974

Shut the hell up and don't derail the thread

No. 1422976

File: 1642747695624.png (47.77 KB, 598x266, lucinda.png)

still starvin' on

No. 1422977

It's ok nona, just open the blinds and let the sun in, then the vampire won't get you

No. 1423296

That's what you get if you drank too much hand sanitizer.

No. 1423398

Her “boyfriend” seems too normal compared to her. Maybe she’ll be good for her considering she said she’d eat with her bf and make art

No. 1423414

lucinda is somewhat of a normie herself, she's just schizo. what makes her a problem in relationships is that she's an anachan cutter which her new girlfriend also is so they're a good match. this fakeboi seems completely detached from all current aesthetics and trends, which lucinda somewhat is herself. she'll be good to keep her grounded. i wonder what they talk about.

No. 1423696

File: 1642823436015.png (23.42 KB, 890x157, oswaldslunch_-_Google_Chrome_2…)

No. 1423828

Your childish optimism might bite your own ass one day.

No. 1423865

File: 1642849373662.jpeg (254.57 KB, 1908x2048, 746B4D2A-FE31-4FA5-A5F1-9E0F29…)

This is the boyfriend if anyone hasn’t seen her

No. 1423888

WTF is THAT..?

No. 1423937

THIS shocks you for some reason in a thread about LUCINDA?

No. 1423958

… some kid taking a basic mirror selfie? Calm down.

No. 1423973

you're acting like it's a pierced purple haired fattie with clown makeup and a slipknot thirt. it's a regular girl.

No. 1424035

Looking like some trans John Lennon imitator just before the show in a cheap pub.

No. 1424103

If only she could use her hands to type properly.

But taking naked mirror selfies in her parent's bedroom is no biggie?

No. 1424121

>It's nice to see Lucinda thrive
rattle rattle rattle

No. 1424497

She seems incredibly conceited and shallow now. I miss her wacky chicken run self.

No. 1424515

I genuinely think she got too much of a power trip from the Ambrose shit.

No. 1424550

Seconded. She gave up her innocent gorl image with that ugly catfighting.

No. 1424574

kek at anons who immediately turn against the "unicorn queen" when there's no proper milk for a while. you were all LOVING it when the ambrose shit went down but now it wasn't so cool after all huh.

No. 1424580

File: 1642934242758.jpg (7.34 KB, 598x60, Twitter.jpg)

hmmm yes, this will end well

No. 1424594

she called him out in the first place for being a fatphobic abuser i'm not sure why you're making it out like she bullied an innocent troon when ambrose was edtwt's resident cunt for years and all lucinda did was call him an uncool loser lol. you're reaching so hard to rewrite history here.

No. 1424667

Calm down. Pretty much all active members of edtwt are hopeless nutjobs that seek attention.
They sniff each others' farts and only rarely complain about the smell.

No. 1424669

File: 1642952267151.png (693.86 KB, 828x1792, 4E0F1DE3-6666-4AD2-868B-E0AC85…)

Take note that in ED twt, BMI 12 can mean BMI 12 to 12.9. So, her goal can be in 74 pounds to 80 pounds but she’s probably working on BMI 12.0 instead of the BMI 12 range.

She’s BMI 14.2 right now at 88 lbs. That would have been in the thinspo or bonespo range if she worked out and didn’t have loose skin.

Low 70s is when a lot of anorexics peak because at that point, it’s hard to do anything. You literally just lay in bed all day and even just sitting ip hurts. I guess she’s on her way to that number.

The problem occurs when she successfully reaches that number but have lost the ability to eat in fear of gaining weight. It seems she is on the track for that as well as she claims that food never really enters her body as she purges everything in seconds.

I will miss our cow. It’ll take her a couple of months to reach BMI 12, though, as her TDEE/BMR is so low at this point.

No. 1424670

By “problem” I mean approaching death.(learn2sage)

No. 1424673

GTFO math sperg

No. 1424680


would you sage your shit plz

No. 1424798

File: 1642963668443.jpeg (399.53 KB, 828x1279, 671D1C39-62A2-4687-B541-872C86…)

No. 1424828

Who doesn't love warm farts under a warm blanket

No. 1424980

File: 1642977764725.jpg (57.9 KB, 720x359, 20220123_194007.jpg)

No. 1424989

File: 1642978114184.jpg (83.18 KB, 525x660, 20220123_193601.jpg)

the trans neurodivergent horse from puerto rico has a lot of red dots and pimples from dehydration and lack of nutrients

No. 1424990

File: 1642978156050.jpg (637.08 KB, 1458x2592, 20220123_192719.jpg)

No. 1424993

File: 1642978182801.jpg (707.71 KB, 1458x2592, 20220123_192715.jpg)

No. 1424996

File: 1642978274597.jpg (120.02 KB, 720x702, 20220123_193952.jpg)

No. 1425035

So she's eating. You don't get huge smelly farts from fasting.

No. 1425048

>not a bother
Even if they're not tending to her physically, she's still mentally wrecking them, not to mention likely the debt they're in for her previous medical bills. Her room probably smells too, though they've likely grown used to that, like people who become accustomed to the smell of cat piss/litter boxes in their home.

No. 1425306

I thought she's had BP's recently? You can't purge absolutely everything, as much as she claims to. And you do fart during fasting all the same, some people even get very loose stools during water fasts. I can imagine it getting quite bad for her if she's oscillating between "fasting" and BPing, all the while taking medication and drinking things like diet coke. Shudder to think about the stench, wonder if she's slowly becoming like a living rotting carcass at this point, so much for pretty unicorn and fluff.

No. 1425744

File: 1643061454638.jpg (251.86 KB, 1080x923, Screenshot_20220124-175601.jpg)

No. 1425746

File: 1643061568245.jpg (590.29 KB, 1080x1602, Screenshot_20220124-175628.jpg)

No. 1425790

>beans everywhere
Holy fucking kek

No. 1425859

Beans are a self harm term for cutting into the layer of fat, which is bubbly like beans. The fact she wants to cut that deep when she essentially has no body fat is deeply troubling. She'd be cuttting straight into muscle.

No. 1426238

that’s not how it works dumbass… you can still cut down to the fat even if you’re as underweight as lucinda

No. 1426399

File: 1643127559386.jpg (Spoiler Image, 378.77 KB, 1152x2048, FJ9RmT7XEAknuSF.jpeg.jpg)

oh lord her stomach area is a tragedy. between the stretch marks, the loose skin, and the cuts, it looks like she has folds of rotting flesh.

No. 1426424

more nUdiTy!!!1! i wonder if the pearl clutching fattie venfettafags are gonna accuse her of corrupting her followers with saggy skin flaps.

No. 1426610

Why does she look so … deformed??

No. 1426642

File: 1643144872386.jpeg (384.8 KB, 699x1500, STL083534.jpeg)

No. 1427069

Dammit anon, you beat me to it!

No. 1427369

File: 1643212126744.jpg (67.08 KB, 500x500, artworks-000223638648-upv1wj-t…)

bloodborne boss realness

No. 1427537

File: 1643225321739.jpg (795.46 KB, 1800x1080, Picsart_22-01-26_11-27-39-568.…)

LOL, that made me make this cause that's too good.

No. 1427816

She's reached a whole new level of psycho. No amount of therapy can fix this.

No. 1428045

Honestly I feel bad for her, i do think she has some severe mental illness, especially at this point as her body just continues to break down.

No. 1428080

File: 1643267427800.jpeg (153.42 KB, 750x918, F3F8D772-C96A-4833-980F-B108D5…)

Someone sent her an ipgrabber.

No. 1428122

File: 1643272980794.gif (211.1 KB, 326x326, c4a.gif)

How do those work? Does it grab her ip or is it a tool to grab other people's ip?

No. 1428145

>>1426399 kek what is this photo?
>>1425859 People actually call it 'cutting to beans'? Fucking retards

No. 1428166

I'm assuming it's grabify, from what I heard it can grab info such as browser info, ISP, IP addresses, and general physical location. Although just running it through AnyRun(i'm new to virtual machines), but it's flagging up that the link creates files in the user directory, and reads outlook information, computer name and other operating information. I'm wondering if it contains malware at all then by sounds.

No. 1428428

>click link
>link goes to whatever is copied and pasted except it also logs your ip address
>if accurate and the sender is good enough, they can track someone's address from it

No. 1428459

I wonder if Lucinda is even bothered by this, I mean, she doxxed herself pretty badly. Not sure what anon plans to do with information that's out there already.

No. 1429102

File: 1643353910072.jpg (777.13 KB, 1458x2592, FKIcncYWYAk6Os4.jpg)

>pick me

No. 1429313

>pig me

No. 1429525

>popcorn kernels in the counter
Secret unicorn safe food detected

No. 1429965

File: 1643458400104.jpeg (98.29 KB, 750x679, C6D3E7EF-CEE2-4E36-9476-1FAB7D…)

Is this how she sees herself in her chair while scrolling twitter

No. 1429969

ironic coming from her. how are those any different than her "unicorn fast" to leave her human body behind and ascend?

No. 1430127

what happened to her cats?

No. 1430129

Was thinking the same

No. 1430149

what do you mean? just because she hasn't mentioned them recently?

No. 1430158

The family has to care for them. of course.

Lurk moar.

No. 1430205

File: 1643485047331.png (22.84 KB, 598x200, Twitter.png)

"The race is on!"

No. 1430546

How is this shit allowed on Twitter?

No. 1430548

It's not. It's absolutely reportable. That's why so many ana-chans get suspended.

No. 1430629

File: 1643539255113.jpg (32.42 KB, 598x214, starve.jpg)

starving & rotting

No. 1430815

File: 1643563334992.png (56.3 KB, 598x276, walking.png)

Comfy chair all day with pain & peeing? - Or not?

No. 1432252

File: 1643739805027.jpg (333.23 KB, 1080x1093, Screenshot_20220201-142109.jpg)

She's reaching Eugenia levels of skelly, and is now walking 3 hours a day while still not eating. No way she's making it to the end of the year.

No. 1432258

That's not eugenia levels yet. Her arms don't look as bad as hers and she is sucking in hard in these pictures.

No. 1432263

File: 1643740385542.jpg (62.73 KB, 1300x957, wavy-scissors-2-21709869.jpg)

Why do the tits look like they were cut off with one of these?

No. 1432271

That's literally what I said, that she's reaching, not that she's there yet. She's always lost weight rapidly, now that she's exercising on top of fasting it's only a matter of time before she drops dead.

No. 1432281

Will it be cardiac arrest or organ malfunction?

No. 1432291

if her father really is letting her walk 3h with him every day then he deserves this burden

No. 1432308

she said she convinced him to let her walk one hour with him, and that she walks two hours at night, so that must be secretly.

No. 1432340

That's just how our girl sensors them

No. 1432341

Meant censor sage for autism.

No. 1432360

File: 1643747473286.jpg (419.02 KB, 1152x2048, FKiRgRmWUAMmB9Z.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1432361

File: 1643747515895.jpg (409.2 KB, 1152x2048, FKiRgRuXEAUi7L1.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1432362

and her parents are like lol sure just take 2 hours to fuck off anywhere and do whatever you want, sounds healthy

No. 1432365

Is there not a DCFS type organization in PR? Like some sort of federal aid that could step in? She is looking awful I don’t know how any of the jealous bone rattlers in this thread don’t see that. She needs to be on a psych hold before she gets even worse.

No. 1432373

File: 1643748416466.jpg (341.73 KB, 1080x954, Screenshot_20220201-164426.jpg)

back when she walked like 40k steps a day she said she did it pacing in her kitchen, so we can assume the night walking is also in the house. doubt her 70 year old parents are up at 1am. she's a sneaky one.

No. 1432375

File: 1643748528337.jpg (212.57 KB, 1400x1400, Screen_Shot_2019_03_03_at_12.5…)

No. 1432429

if she b/p often, it would probably be cardiac arrest due to low potassium(sage)

No. 1432466

File: 1643757064429.png (30.74 KB, 680x535, 1411431458916.png)

There is, but her parents coddle her like a baby. She went to the best private inpatient treatment center here and got busted out in like a week. They took away her phone in the center, so she most likely panicked when she couldn't shitpost anymore. She claims they treated her like shit, but then again, she's 100% non-compliant to treatment and most likely put up a big fight.

No. 1432677

File: 1643779274485.jpeg (920.29 KB, 1632x1327, EE9F1AE1-9C07-41B0-B9B0-537728…)


No. 1432707

her weight loss pictures are so unnerving especially with the date. i just wanna grab her by the shoulders and yell stop. it's like a bucket constantly leaking water she never plateaus, never gains, she just keeps losing and losing with the exact same side by side poses and lighting. genuinely hope she gets help. this is so sad.

No. 1432800

why wouldn't the parents just slap the shit outta her, seriously

No. 1432803

Oh yeah get violent with the already frail and handicapped daughter they love

No. 1432814

she's been at this for years i don't think she knows how to stop. most anachans lose 40lbs then live with the disorder losing little by little while eating, but lucinda started off at such a high weight she's been spending years trying to burn it off and getting more desperate. first she dieted, then she did low res, then she did liquid diet, now she's back to starving on top of exercising. first it was bmi 17 now it's bmi 12. will it ever really be enough for her?

No. 1432819

You know what they say - The last 80 lbs are always the hardest to get rid of!

No. 1432924

and then a kick in her ugly face just to be sure

No. 1432966

nonny are you ok

No. 1433014

Of course it will never be enough, that's how anorexia tends to work. She looks maybe… bmi 14? right now. She'll be at 12 very soon and the goalposts will change to 10. It's really sad tbh, she's probably going to die if her family doesn't step in and get her treatment.

No. 1433068

File: 1643831046713.jpg (29.49 KB, 598x154, H4DG65S6S.jpg)

No. 1433070

File: 1643831120886.jpg (25.65 KB, 594x145, 5J6F56DCX52G6JX.jpg)

>lifhgts whefnt out amdbd tldads gotta staywt hoem

No. 1433072

>Some of us are mentally ill
Honey.. it's edtwt.. everyone's mentally ill

No. 1433074

I can't understand a single word.

No. 1433081

She feels bad for not being white, pretty, sane and cis I guess. The aesthetics of edtwt are russian ballerinas with iron will and green smoothies and shit like that so no wonder people feel like shit about themselves there.

No. 1433087

File: 1643831831811.jpg (67.87 KB, 534x565, H55HGF6J5D.jpg)

No. 1433107

Don't forget the Dior, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Prada obsession. I do understand her point there. They glorify an eating disorder to the point where they remove the disorder from it and alienate the people who are mostly affected from it, people with traumas and depression and troons who don't know what they're talking about.

No. 1433125

It's just blatant romanticizing.

No. 1433207

She is absolutely loving this. I feel so bad her parents have to take care of this demented creature.

No. 1433224

She's a schizo who thinks she's a unicorn, what do you expect. She says the less she weighs the more she gains magical powers.

No. 1433368

I wish she'd realize that she's flourishing in her disorder just as much as the waif ballerina girls, she's just doing it with a different flavor.

No. 1433414

the difference is that she's gross and displaying signs of her own sickness, the waifs are all following a trend ultimately focused on beauty and half of them are just fatties larping anyway.

No. 1433767

gallopping into an early grave

nothing else

No. 1433910

File: 1643920481608.jpg (80.63 KB, 675x1200, FKsdw1qXEAQCtxX.jpeg.jpg)

absolute queen

No. 1433913

File: 1643920603209.jpg (299.98 KB, 801x1008, Screenshot_20220203-163621.jpg)

No. 1433945

the sheet thrown over it so they can wash it easily when she pisses on it….

No. 1434037

she's so fucking hysterical lmfao.

No. 1434049

lots of potential for this picture

No. 1434063

File: 1643936652893.png (Spoiler Image, 514 KB, 940x1320, dark unicorn.png)

The darkness approaches…
op drawfag here, she's just fun to draw, lol.
uploaded the wrong quality, woops.

No. 1434082

KEK nona this is amazing

No. 1434086

You're truly a gift to these threads.
I wish you were around (or at least drawing) during the big Ambrose fight, I would love to see that immortalized as art

No. 1434126

I shouldn't have gotten curious. What the fuck.

No. 1434223

File: 1643948600516.jpg (160.22 KB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20220204_142206.jpg)

What the ever loving fuck is going on with her foot? It's not the shoe, she's lifting her heel out of the slipper.

No. 1434227

That's the least unnerving part of the picture, nona. Such a large empty room, with only the creepy comfy chair in the middle.

No. 1434390

Keep it up, plz! Your drawings are so funny and amazing.

No. 1434432

It looks like some sort of powder, possibly talcum?

No. 1434537

File: 1643995337169.png (36.91 KB, 598x183, eat_little_piggy.png)

mommy & daddy must be so proud

No. 1434558

Nonna this is magnificent, please never stop lol

No. 1434562

So much attention to detail.
Lovin it.

No. 1434608

File: 1644000012993.png (2.16 MB, 1080x1607, IMG_20220204_183917.png)

An insta artist who recently popped up on the Shay thread has done some more work on our unicorn 1/2

No. 1434609

File: 1644000060603.png (1.59 MB, 881x1415, IMG_20220204_184046.png)


No. 1434625

That's kinda … artistic.

No. 1434643

drawfag here, I kneel

No. 1434725

adore how the rest are cows and our queen is a holy virgin unicorn. as it should be.

No. 1434739

File: 1644007445517.jpg (338.59 KB, 1078x1721, IMG_20220204_204335.jpg)

Getting smaller and smaller

No. 1434746

She really got a wall hanging made of her cow masterpiece, I don't know what to say but it's a good painting

No. 1434749

Seal covering her face? Is that pinniped-chan from /ot/ and /m/? Wow this is very autistic

No. 1434752

Can anyone tell what her shirt says? Something about being an autist

No. 1434756

No idea but I checked her Tumblr and it seems she is indeed the pinniped anon who is obsessed with seals. Before posting parts of her cow tapestry, she was shilling seal stickers and was just sperging a week or so ago about how much she loves seals in /ot/ and said she's autistic. She could probably tell you herself if you ask in her seal thread kek

No. 1434791

honestly it's fabulous

No. 1434800

It says "handsome autist". I drew a reptilian dude with such a shirt 2 years ago and thought it would be fun to bring this 2d shirt into life. So I had it printed into a real shirt.

No. 1434826

No. 1434891

File: 1644020352181.jpg (365.46 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20220204-181750__01…)

Why is she sperging so much about Nick Avocado?

No. 1434955

i would fucking die if a bulimic unicorn takes down the face of mukbang.

No. 1435032


No. 1435033

>>1434891 Well I suppose a ruptured stomach could be seen as "interesting", Lucinda. Just looking for another way to harm herself

No. 1435084

does her shirt say "autist"? kek

No. 1435093

One of the key traits of bulimia is challenging yourself, wanting more and more and seeing how far you go. It's not surpriring that while everyone is disgusted by Nick Lucinda sees him and wants to beat him. But also it really is another form of self harm for her. She says b/p'ing gives her stomach pain and even blood and it's the only reason she stopped, yet she's willing to take it on for the thrill of hurting herself, and reaching a grotesque new bulimic feat. She is so so sick in the head. As if checking in on the thread and seeing she's lost even more weight wasn't depressing enough.

No. 1435169

They should marry and have lots of children..!

No. 1435252

Inviting even more twitterfags and outsiders to lolcow. Great.

No. 1435295

Half of this thread is already twtards anyway

No. 1435683

sorry for the irrelevant post but who are all of the cows on the tapestry?

No. 1435837

File: 1644121618406.png (13.57 KB, 611x554, lol.png)

The unicorn reigns supreme.

No. 1435942

it is genuinely frightening how everyone who comes after lucinda perishes, and all attempts to cancel her have ended in complete failure. she really is a unicorn, untouchable and cursing anyone who dares harm her.

No. 1435953

Did she delete or get hit by the mas suspension going after edtwt users?
If the former, I wonder why. Doesn't seem like her to cut off her only attention supply.

No. 1435997

She's been going after Ambrose's new accounts to the point where they aren't even in the Ambrose threads because she's desperate to take Lucinda's "Ambrose defeater" title, so it's possible Ambrose and his handful of friends mass reported her for harassment. She kept bragging about how she was gonna take him down every time he appeared etc etc she really. Really wanted Lucinda's legacy lol.

No. 1436009

natalie we know you're in this thread tell us what happened and why your vampire charms couldn't save you

No. 1436054

File: 1644154030465.png (25.51 KB, 890x161, oswaldslunch.png)

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome!

No. 1436173

Out out out

No. 1436184

File: 1644168204829.png (525.66 KB, 577x523, cant kill the undead i guess.p…)

Anon I really think you're looking too into it. Reminder that her and Lucinda barely followed each other for more than 2 weeks.
Anyway, she seems to be back now.

No. 1436208

What does deactivation help when you can just log back in? Are you in such huge distress that you can't type your password?

No. 1436210

Honestly my bet is on her relapsing with drugs, and not wanting to tweet while high as a kite. I've seen that in the past of people purposely locking themselves out of accounts, assuming they'd be too fucked up to get back in.

No. 1436214

its obviously a plan to get people to start talking about her again, and clearly it worked

No. 1436235

Now that makes sense. Surprised that she'd be even that smart though. To not flaunt her usage and tweet to young kids when absolutely bashed.

No. 1436239

I don't like her and she's definitely not a good person but I'll give her that. She does seem to genuinely care about the people around her, and doesn't want to encourage drugs at least as she's vocal about them ruining her (un?)life

No. 1436310

File: 1644176949031.jpg (230.86 KB, 1080x911, Screenshot_20220206-134644__01…)

Poor mum. Imagine the constant fixing up all the clogged toilets and cleaning up her sick on the floor.

No. 1436316

Where does her "own money" come from if not from her parents? Because clearly she doesn't work. Are twitterfags sending her money?

No. 1436320

She mentioned >>1417908 here that she gets money from the government (either food stamps or disability checks) which is arguably worse, lol

No. 1436335

Ah, so taxpayer money is her own money. How selfless and not entitled at all to blow the money intended to help keep her alive on snack binges that she plans to vomit all over the floor.

No. 1436417

Pretty sure anorexics that get disability payments don't bother eating with money sent their way either. Not uncommon for the fucked up to use their free money to futher fuck up, drunks are the same. Surprised they're claiming though, not sure what other countries are like, but weren't her parents rich? Wouldn't there be shame on their part?

No. 1436476

Thank you for telling us Natalie, knew you'd show up to selfpost.(hi cow )

No. 1436484

holy shit even if it is stop giving her attention

No. 1436499

File: 1644187455406.jpg (357.53 KB, 1152x2048, FK8igEZXwAAR6IO.jpeg.jpg)

Queen has blessed us with selfies of her skelly eyesockets and inability to change outfits.

No. 1436500

File: 1644187499023.jpg (355.31 KB, 1152x2048, FK8igEaXwAYHR-J.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1436882

File: 1644236909960.png (47.49 KB, 598x318, 2022-02-07 Twitter.png)

Too fat to leave the hosu3.
Everybody knows that feeling.

No. 1437217

I feel a little bad for her. I think it's her access skin that makes her think she's bigger than she actually is. I wonder if she would feel better if it was magically gone. Too bad for her no doctor would ever remove her skin. She wouldn't survive

No. 1437409

She'd feel better if she took therapy seriously, not having her EXCESS skin cut off. She's not stupid, as they say about Cooney, this one knows what she's doing.

No. 1437787

>>1436882 She's becoming less unicorn and more cow everyday, claiming BDD when all she does is post naked pics of her body! What is it with these cows saying "mUh DySmoRphiA" when they flaunt themselves all over the place

No. 1437846

to be fair, she is planning to starve herself to death and is achieving a decent job of it while still calling herself fat. thats at least some form of body dysmorphia… plus she thinks shes a unicorn…

No. 1437867

bdd comes and goes dumbass. and lucinda has a habit of lowering her gw because she keeps perceiving herself as fat once she gets there. that's like. textbook bdd. she's completely delusional.

No. 1438115

Out of all the anachans on here I think Luci has the highest chance of actually starving herself to death. The moments of mental clarity she has sometimes make me think there is some hope, but I’ve got a gut feeling the only way that will happen is if she ends up being hospitalised for organ failure or whatever stops working first.

No. 1438125

And all that in a third-world shithole country with no intensive care for nEuRoDiVeRgEnT pErSuNz!

No. 1438225

That's bullshit. There's clinics here, she just doesn't want to cooperate and her parents enable her.

No. 1438427

The government can't even handle moderate rain without people's houses flooding to the ceiling due to poor street maintenance and you expect a mental hospital to have proper eating disorder treatment for a schizophrenic.

No. 1438625

Last time her mom had to bail her out of one of those… You can't compare Puerto Rico hospitals with the US or the NHS/UK, forget about that.

No. 1438670

Not trying to be edgy, but this gorl is not going to be "better" anytime soon.
It'll take tons of medication and proper therapy. Not sure if her health system can provide that and there's no guarantee it will help, either.

So let's just continue to watch the bunny pictures and skeletal selfies on her Twitter.

No. 1438972

File: 1644438539287.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 321.67 KB, 1152x2048, 0DDEDC68-8213-4BC1-B1FA-DB4557…)

No. 1439010

would you spoiler AND sage that shit

No. 1439013

she said she wants to use veils and enormous royalty style dresses to cover het body the more she loses weight and never leave the house. can anyone explain the psychology behind this? i understand eugenia showing off her skelly body but why would lucinda go through all the trouble of being so preoccupied with her appearance just to cover it completetely?

No. 1439015

When did she grow a giant nut sack?

No. 1439022

>>1439015 wondering the same

No. 1439030

EDs are weird. There is always a part of yyou wanting to constantly appear as skinny as possible fighting against part of you that is aware of how bad everything looks and wanting to hide it

No. 1439101

>veils and enormous royalty style dresses
Doesn't this sound like a weddinv gown?

No. 1439123

File: 1644447663565.jpg (621.11 KB, 1080x1527, Screenshot_20220209-185941.jpg)

Not quite. Veils have been a part of lolita attire many times, which is what she seems to prefer.

No. 1439125

all the excess skin from her highest weights never went anywhere, just shrank. it's like how she censors her nipples due to breast sagging, same goes for the mons pubis sag. gravity is a bitch

No. 1439368

File: 1644474953768.jpeg (467.03 KB, 828x926, F87388ED-E0F6-4471-9655-ADCBBC…)

No. 1439376

well it beats being 240lbs. she said she gained 10lbs every year so that would put her at 290lbs this year. i'd rather be dead than a 300lb schizo with no friends, job, or chance of uni. and a 300lbs lolita is just -shivers- hell, she'd probably enter the chronically ill bodyposi movement with jill and pinkfaefemme and dye her hair hot pink.

No. 1439429

>can anyone explain the psychology behind this
It's your brain on kawaii tumblr hurtcore/menhera garbage. She wants to be a frail animu girl.

No. 1439430

The fuck are those proportions, did she shrink her head?

No. 1439471

how is a giant victorian gown with a bonnet frail and animu menhera lmfao. just because she's actually sick doesn't mean she's part of a subculture that's mostly faceless because they're all larping fatties in the suburbs. did you read the question at all?

No. 1439477

Ah yes, being a landwhale is totally worse than her state now - starving to death and cutting herself all over. Your ana is showing.

No. 1439478

Pretty sure her parents could have her forcebly injected with anti-psychotics if they wanted to, that happens to people who refuse to take medication. Regular injections and maybe a toob.

No. 1439484

File: 1644493640684.png (838.16 KB, 500x675, ss.png)

No. 1439544

You don't have to be an anachan to not want to weigh 300lbs and gain 10lbs for the rest of your life lol. She'd still get heart disease and diabetes. There was never a chance for normalcy for this girl. At least this way she can fit into burando.

No. 1439625

She will get the very heavy stuff, rest assured.

No. 1439654

She used to say her mom injected her with her prescription antipsychotics last year. I don't understand why they would stop doing it if she's this visibly deteriorating.

No. 1439680

would antipsychotics really fix her anorexia. according to her private blog she was diagnosed with an ed while she was still fat and on antipsychotics with really violent hallucinations and urges. her "visions" as she calls them now seem to be positive. i don't think her schizo is the problem. she needs an ed center, probably shipped out to the states.

No. 1439716

I wonder if any of her old classmates have found her accounts. I'd love to know what they think.

No. 1440063

Any good ed treatment centers in Florida? People from PR tend to move there and it's the closest destination, maybe her rich parents can take her to one of those.

No. 1440429


Wasn’t that Thin documentary filmed at the Renfrew Center in FL? Somebody set up a gfm to send her there.

No. 1440472

It's the same tryhard aesthetic she obviously goes for. The point is to look sick and kawaii, this includes oversized clothing, amazon lolita and ridiculous costumes, just like the anime girls she constantly retweets.

No. 1440551


Fuhgeddaboutit. That's not just an ordinary ED with her.

We've got a full-sized Schizophrenia and other loose bits at hand and you won't cure it with a diet.

No. 1440634

that was the problem apparently when she went to the mental hospital to get treated for her ed. they saw her schizophrenia diagnosis and immediately put her in lockdown while ignoring her ed. she said she even purged in the hospital and had no nutritionist. countries in poverty like that just see schizophrenics like stray dogs that need to be kept off the streets.

No. 1440656

They just saw her coming in, cut up like a thanksgiving turkey. What else would they do?

No. 1440888

Heavy sedatives. Most likely.
Dunno if they can get her 1-on-1 care.

No. 1441066

File: 1644623776237.jpeg (422.73 KB, 1659x1080, 5D174D71-38F4-4806-A26E-E26149…)

No. 1441083

Countries in poverty? Puerto Rico is a part of the US.

No. 1441098

>US territories aren't impoverished like that
Retarded. Tell me you never met a Puerto Rican living there without saying it.

No. 1441175

File: 1644634409336.jpg (373.56 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20220211-205419__01…)

Starving gives you badly photoshopped glaucoma eyes, sweet!

No. 1441200

i mean she is bmi 14 probably lower at this point she will have deepened eye sockets.

No. 1441254

>>1441175 this girl is so dumb "you lose weight in your eYeLiDs" hooded eyes don't just go away from losing weight, she needs to log offline kek

No. 1441277

File: 1644650376568.jpg (225.75 KB, 673x1053, Screenshot_20220212-030541.jpg)

I think she just means she had those beadie fat people eyes, picrel. Now she has the other end of the spectrum which is the hollow anachan eyes. When you're fat your eyes get smothered under it too like any other piece of your skin.

No. 1441325

Detroit is a part of the US, too.
And it's a shithole aswell.

No. 1441435

Let's just hope that mama will send her on a well-earned Haldol holiday (before it's too late). It might challenge her unicorn theory for a while.

No. 1441629

File: 1644687315958.jpg (20.38 KB, 598x241, oswaldslunch Twitter.jpg)

some proper weight bragging

No. 1441669

well damn she's bmi 13 already

No. 1441670

File: 1644691763635.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 119.26 KB, 1200x1200, FLasPF4XoAgBXm1.jpeg)

Sage for newfag question: How does Lucinda simultaneously have saggy tits and a cock and balls?

No. 1441687

anon you are blind. the fabric is bunched and saggy because she has pulled them down and she probably hasn't shaved since that one time so maybe there's a bush sticking it out more. i swear some of you people on this thread are more retarded than lucinda.

No. 1441696

Just from the standpoint of some occasional lurker, her ill-fitting underwear is one of her minor problems, methinks…
That little ghoul is on full self destruction mode.

No. 1441721

File: 1644695790625.png (401.77 KB, 594x698, lucinda.PNG)

A rare glimpse of an unedited Lucinda.

No. 1441763

an edited turd is still a turd

No. 1441793

she really manages to successfully clapback at these little gremlins every single time. that girl that accused her of editing her eyelids didn't come back lmao

No. 1442026

I know she blurs her nips out but her boobs look way less saggy here. Or am I crazy?(sage)

No. 1442121

>im a bytifol uunoxorn muh mwentyal illnzz remoivs mefrum reaalutyy
Lucinda when somebody questions her carefully curated image
>well ACTUALLY bitch as you can see from my photo editing tutorial and this before and after I've prepared, my eyes got really skinny and that's why I look cute hope that makes things clearer for you xx

No. 1442128

She has always been open about editing her photos though. She's trying to make her outside match the inside.

No. 1442131

that would explain all the cuts

No. 1442146

Kek I love this thread. Of course Lucinda is as schizo and brain damaged as she says while conveniently snapping back to reality just long enough to debunk a critic in a nuanced passive aggressive way. By the way I have a bridge to sell you

No. 1442184

Any place with brown people is a shithole country. Got it. Thanks for the geography lesson, Trump.

No. 1442208

It's the same with her sitting comatose in the comfy chair all day and then taking walks in the park and working out to purge those eViL cAlOrIeS.
She's a socially inept, manipulative little brat.

No. 1442224

Nta. You’re a straight fucking retard. Anon was saying the US has shitholes everywhere and gave an example of the place with, probably, the biggest socioeconomic declines in the US. No one said shit about bRoWn people. You need to reevaluate how much race consumes your thoughts.

No. 1442259

y'all really don't know how schizophrenia works

No. 1442293

You must not follow her because she's frequently cohesive, especially when it comes to speaking about her eating disorders. It isn't often she goes full retard unless she's talking with her friends.

No. 1442417

Calm your TDS, this is the Lucinda thread.

No. 1442486

she doesn't work out she just takes walks and she already said she just walks slowly and takes frequent breaks to catch her breath. she never said she was comatose and she never said she was doing pilates either. relax.

No. 1442979

You should not call those co-dependent goons of hers "friends".
On edtwt, pretty much everyone is a self-harming, attention seeking retard.

No. 1443656

File: 1644925306239.png (25.32 KB, 519x120, Twitter.png)

so much love..!

No. 1443709

Those aren't symptoms of schizophrenia at all, nonnie

No. 1443848

if you wanna falsely present her symptoms just to say she's faking a caricature of schizophrenia go ahead, sis.

No. 1443872

Where are all these food she keeps talking about? How come we never see her do hauls of these? She puts everything online but not these.

Is this one of those “yeah I totally eat a lot” thing people with EDs do

No. 1443895

File: 1644943983533.jpg (399.73 KB, 1080x890, Screenshot_20220215-125133.jpg)

Ironic you should say that because it seems she posted her b/p haul yesterday.

No. 1443898

Surely she can't carry all this stuff home by herself, let alone even get to and back from the store on her own, so why are her parents enabling her to this degree? Just because she buys it with her own money?

No. 1443953

File: 1644947792452.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 349.41 KB, 828x1002, A21B3AE0-7D29-4DE6-9B14-830884…)

No. 1443954

File: 1644947836053.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 139.49 KB, 1140x1140, 28282E62-2AE9-4977-B4C8-5018D7…)

No. 1443959

This is so sad. She looked friendly before, just a regular nice girl (no matter how much she hurt on the inside) and now she fucked herself up. God I hope she gets the help she needs, I know she'll probably die but I hope not.

No. 1443960

File: 1644948174865.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 254.9 KB, 1407x1814, 552A9044-4193-49EB-A0FF-B74447…)

84 lbs Lucinda. Gotta love how she keeps her diet coke stash on the same floor as bleach and other cleaning agents.

No. 1443961

the way i see it they either buy her her b/p food or she turns to dog food, garbage, and the family food supply. i'm sure the times she's binged on chemicals and garbage are because her family maybe locked off the kitchen from her. you can't stop bulimics. they've been known to dumpster dive and steal from grocery stores for food to purge.

No. 1443970

File: 1644949279421.jpg (143.42 KB, 880x652, Minstrel_PosterBillyVanWare_ed…)

Why so serious?(racebait)

No. 1443971


It's a shame to see all this good food go to waste.

There, I said it.

No. 1444005

that's not diet coke those are cans of coors light. probably her parents or brothers (idk if he still lives at home) lucinda is def not a drinker.

No. 1444059

Trailer trash. I always knew it.

No. 1444062

did she grow a pair of balls kek

No. 1444073

i know she cut her hair because it was falling out, but did her eyebrows fall out too? does that happen?

No. 1444079


I think it's a trend for the ~ethereal~ aesthetic to shave your brows off.

No. 1444084

she has a white wig and unicorns don't have eyebrows in her withered little mind. also why she doesn't get cute pink/purple lenses or wears glittery makeup because she's going for an actual horse look instead of something that could be considered magical.

No. 1444096


Dammit, do her parents just sit there and watch..? They should drag that little unkempt beast to the nearest hospital / witch doctor that their monkey country provides and just show her who's the boss.

No. 1444104

This + unicorns are muscular asf she needs to gain weight and build muscle if she wants to be a strong magical creature.

No. 1444118

She’s faking

No. 1444130

She posted a whole signed medical diagnosis in the first thread, let it go.

No. 1444240

It's weird to me how she obviously shaves yet went on about how she's too weak now to properly shave.

No. 1444257

She definitely looks mentally ill here. Hope her parents take action soon.

No. 1444350

why the fuck do you want it to live

No. 1444429

it's just the quality of the picture. you can see the blur on her legs and the scraggly hairs sticking out of her panties.

No. 1444903

She's a nut, but not entirely helpless.
Also, she's quite skilled in manipulating and generating attention.
A childish mind.

No. 1444992

File: 1645050021549.jpeg (172.1 KB, 828x525, 494ABB8D-5F2B-42A9-A9D1-9347FD…)

Adjusting her goal weight yet again. It wasn’t long ago when she said her gw was BMI 12.

No. 1445344

File: 1645108599190.jpeg (23.05 KB, 238x475, images.jpeg)

that's coors light, not diet coke

No. 1445379

that's how EDs work, did you think she would 'hit her goal weight' and stop and be happy with her body? are you more delusional than she is?

No. 1445383

Bright side it's not the white lightning, wonder who the alchie in the family is?

No. 1446088

Who wouldn't turn to alcohol when they have to watch their child die every day and buy hundreds of dollars worth of food her 80lb body will throw up?

No. 1446105

Agreed. But there are better kinds of alcohol to do that.

No. 1446373

File: 1645212228544.jpg (386.02 KB, 1080x1367, Screenshot_20220218-152238.jpg)

Yay more ribs!!1!11!!!!11 BBQ anyone?

No. 1446382

She still has periods??? How is she not anaemic from all the b/p sessions?
She must take vitamins/minerals or something.

No. 1446385

she said they're just periods where she retains fluid and swells up but doesn't actually bleed

No. 1446401

Even if you don’t bleed u can still get the rest of period symptoms I’m on a medication to stop my periods and I still get a week every month with cramping and bloating

No. 1446471

File: 1645221714262.jpg (496.26 KB, 1152x2048, FL1HHVMWQAM2X_g.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1446474

File: 1645221819080.jpg (491.13 KB, 1152x2048, FL1HHVLXMA4nWKG.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1446521

taking fashion cues from Luna I see

No. 1446571

it's funny because tuna probably thinks she looks like lucinda, all sickly white haired uwu.

No. 1446786

File: 1645252141614.jpg (284.1 KB, 1080x1001, Screenshot_20220219-022435.jpg)

I wonder how her parents feel going out with her, or how she must act, say, at the grocery store? She says she's nonverbal and just shuffles around barely walking, she must act demented. Much magic, so unicorn.

No. 1446787

File: 1645252237793.jpg (171.86 KB, 1080x533, Screenshot_20220219-022423.jpg)

No. 1446843

true nonny, i guess that retarded headpiece is a dime a dozen among the uwu menhera chans rn

No. 1447010

those are lolita headpieces and lucinda is into lolita, it's not menhera at all

No. 1447050

has she said how old she is? it's hard to tell with her old man ED body

No. 1447073

sure, but that’s besides the point about how they both romanticize their addictions (drug abuse and anorexia) regardless of lolita

No. 1447091

she's 24 it's on her profile

No. 1447131

i just realized: if her typing is so bad because she can't accurately press the buttons, how come all her punctuations are always correct? the commas, the exclamation marks, etc. same with the emojis.

No. 1447383

The mistyping is intentional

No. 1447393

she's been doing it on private blogs and her 1d accounts, all consistent with the timing of her diagnosis in 2016. it wasn't even in an uwu way because her accounts were normal and in the private blog she complained about not being able to write. this shit was like 3 threads ago either lurk better or keep your newfaggotry to yourselves.

No. 1447433

File: 1645322254652.jpeg (329.27 KB, 828x803, FEA54CC0-C719-4E2B-B65E-2FA073…)

So she’s been putting up this act for 6 years now.

Long “Professional” typed properly along with the emojis she wanted. That’s a lot of buttons pressed correctly.

You can’t be this stupid, anon.

No. 1447470

>So she’s been putting up this act for 6 years now.

for no benefit or reason other than your personal butthurt, apparently. i could understand if she started doing it when the retarded unicorn blog started last year but when she was running a professional-ish style fanfic writing blog her typing changed consistently to the crytyping way back in 2016. what the fuck would be the benefit at that point? where's the clout?

No. 1447841

She stopped drinking diet coke and most liquids in general ever since she lost bladder control because she doesn't like peeing herself in her pad, so that was a missed opportunity.

No. 1448027

File: 1645389912473.jpeg (527.29 KB, 1152x2048, 1A4FD926-1400-43A4-8552-8145ED…)

What is going on with her skin??

No. 1448028

File: 1645390018688.jpeg (579.75 KB, 828x1427, 1A79DD33-386D-49FD-8ED5-939631…)

No. 1448035

Well tbh her parents aren't wrong, she'll be a large money sink in regards to food, medication (even if it is sitting there going to waste), repairing furniture she's pissed on etc. and all the random shit she buys for pictures. Not cheap housing a social media-obsessed bulimic, even if the money is coming from some sort of benefits.

No. 1448044

I doubt it. It requires a lot of liquid to puke food. Besides, there is no way she’s not drinking anything during the binge itself. She’s not the dry fasting anachan that she claims to be. Maybe just a fabrication to remove the overshared uncontrollable urination.

No. 1448052

no nutrients. skin is an organ that needs vitamins like any other. that shit's festering like the rest of her.

No. 1448095

File: 1645396784177.jpg (287.37 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_20220220-183752.jpg)

Can't tell if she's just psychotic and delusional but I can't help but root for her a little bit, if only out of morbid curiosity and the potential for milk.

No. 1448096

File: 1645396825628.jpg (515.8 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20220220-183817.jpg)

No. 1448127

She doesn't shower

No. 1448129

Surprisingly self aware.. She says she believes she's an unicorn not that she IS a unicorn.. So she knows she's delusional.

No. 1448133

she's speaking from the outsider's perception of her, that's why she mentioned the schizophrenia diagnosis

No. 1448147

She seems to do this recapping of her state fairly often from what I've seen. I wonder why? Is she counting her achievements and mental illness badges? Farming pity and attention?

No. 1448160

She says she tries to raise awareness of the negative effects her anorexia and bulimia have had on her so people don't look to her as perfect glamorized ideal goals despite being deemed inspirational for her weight loss. She's literally said it a million times. It's meant to be a disclaimer, not a pity badge. Everything she posts is about what a triumphant girlboss she'll be in Brandy Melville hauls and journaling tutorials, it makes no sense that she'll capitalize off it.

No. 1448260

File: 1645408525899.jpeg (52.61 KB, 460x345, B8A74DE8-E756-4D81-903A-BD1BD4…)

Gotta catch them all.

No. 1448450

i do not think this is going to end well. she has set up such a high expectation/standard for herself and when she inevitably fails because she's literally retarded she's going to go into a slump and feel horrible, i just know it. i want to believe she could do something good but god damn she's like a young girl stuck inside the body of a 90 year old woman.

No. 1448454

File: 1645435140000.jpg (182.38 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20220221-051607__01…)

She wants to be the next EC for max pity points~

No. 1448461

It sounds like she wants it. You could easily avoid all that by not broadcasting yourself online but will you stop? Doubt it.

No. 1448484

at least lucinda is promising more variety in her content than shitty outfit videos and one eye makeup tutoriale for hookers. it'd be hysterical if she dethroned eugenia.

No. 1448485

She wants the attention and pity of the drama channels but as sad as it is, she's nowhere near as interesting, popular or conventionally attractive as eugenia so it will never happen.

No. 1448497

She'd be at most a shocking spectacle that's mentioned a couple of times but then forgotten because she's legit looney and not as pretty.

No. 1448516

yet here we are

No. 1448522

This is lolcow, not mainstream youtube or reddit.

No. 1448543

precisely. if she's deemed interesting enough for daily discussion on a forum that was desensitized to soren she could be fascinating enough for mainstream viewers. all it took was eugenia existing as an anorexic for her to cause a scandal. eating disorders are a hot topic since tiktok has a war out with the bodyposi landwhales.

No. 1448552

I guess we will have to see, then. This bitch has been talking about doing YT for so long now. Keeps talking about making plans, doing plans, but only posted one video so far.

It’d be interesting to watch her explain to normal people how she is a unicorn, lol.

No. 1448553

Right like you can't say no one's gonna find her interesting while discussing her on her 6th thread lol. Clearly we're all invested.

I know kiwifarms talks about her too but the tone is waaaaay nicer. It's pity for sure, but the schizo/unicorn/anachan combo keeps them asking questions. And, like us, they also wonder when she's gonna die. If Lucinda's worried about hate she won't get it. She'll be worshipped. She is the queen, after all.

On a serious note, she has gotten a shitload of hate on edtwt from the jealous fatties. And she went viral for one of her bodychecks where everyone was calling her disgusting. If she's thinking big and planning way ahead, I think it makes sense she's worried about being torn apart. If only for the sake of like. Thinking about it as a possibility.

No. 1449335

I don’t know why they don’t just take her to the hospital, it’s gonna cost them either way.
Reading her talk like that is so sad, the other anachans do it for attention but she is clearly so unwell, I want her to take her meds and get some therapy. She is probably the only cow I want to see get better.

No. 1449394

but will she die earlier than eugenia cooney?
dunno on which one i should put my money on.

No. 1449407

File: 1645543616525.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 143.84 KB, 812x1045, yuck.jpeg)

new bodycheck, click only if you like beef-jerky

No. 1449412

File: 1645544293800.jpg (Spoiler Image, 236.57 KB, 975x1249, FMNDuzSX0AUtEZk.jpeg.jpg)

you forgot the best one of her grabbing herself like rotting pizza dough. i'm convinced her organs are just mush since they're not functioning and that's how she's so concave when she lies down.

No. 1449419

all that lanugo

No. 1449464

>If Lucinda's worried about hate she won't get it. She'll be worshipped. She is the queen, after all.
you sound mad about it.

No. 1449469

File: 1645550681613.jpg (451.25 KB, 1152x2048, FMNyWNJXIAgoAWR.jpeg.jpg)

new selfies in all her flabby glory. tbh good for her for going for a fresh aesthetic. she could've easily gone for for e-girl, clowncore, coquette or a million other tiktok trends. but the allicorn with wedding veil is kinda neat. i guess she really is isolated from the world.

No. 1449470

File: 1645550707070.jpg (486.19 KB, 1152x2048, FMNyWNKXMAE5eIg.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1449478

Nta, I'm the one who said she won't get on YouTube but it's true she won't get as much hate because unlike eugenia she's not advertising anorexia as a desirable aesthetic. Even Lucinda's bodychecks are her naked scarred body without any care, styling, etc. unlike Eugenia who's both more mentally stable and sought after than Lucinda. I do feel bad for Lucinda but pretending she'd be as interesting as Eugenia to normies is delusional, she's a pity freakshow that people can only feel sorry for while Eugenia gets blamed for and hated on by both fatties and ex-anachans, that's her appeal.
I disagree, kind of has a coquette vibe. The angel wings, white veil and melancholic look.

No. 1449485

I feel like she'll get the "we need to help Lucinda" clickbait videos the more she loses weight. Not even Eugenia is bmi 11 and I def believe we'll watch Lucinda get there in live action. If she makes mukbang videos she'll get concerned exposé style videos for sure about how she's just a binging bulimic and needs to be stopped or taken off Youtube. Plenty of opportunity for controversy. "UNICORN LUCINDA. IS IT ALL A LIE?!" Dumb shit. Youtube is a cesspool.

No. 1449486

I hope she doesn't make Youtube. Narcissistic grifters will exploit her.

No. 1449487

unlikr uggo eugenia.. lucinda is actually pretty. got the same uniheadband and yes I also wear kidswear. idk tbh lucinda is a beautiful girl who just needs her head examined(sage)

No. 1449488

You're right. She's too innocent and mentally unstable to be in a big platform where people are constantly looking for someone to milk for money.

No. 1449507

No1curr if you wear kids clothes anachan. It looks retarded on adults.

No. 1449579

Buy adult clothes ffs. Have some self repect. There are adult clothes that are small sizes. No 1 curr.

No. 1449648

this is a pleasant photo, i do enjoy

No. 1449661

File: 1645569175335.jpg (435.13 KB, 1152x2048, FMOxgOdXoAM67b1.jpeg.jpg)

has to be one of my favorite pictures of her. she has such a cute smile and the pigtails really suit her.

side note, she's getting really bad acne on her body. i noticed it on her body check as well. is that a malnutrition thing?

No. 1449688

Maybe she’s been picking? In my experience picking can cause patches of what looks like acne in photos when it’s rlly picking at slight imperfections n spots n making them much worse, my thigh looked a lot like her chest at one point bc I would feel a slight difference in my skin and go to town on it til it was a small wound
Sage for mini blogpost

No. 1449693

Her breasts are actually so deflated and saggy that she looks like a child. That editing is not helping. That dress hangs so low yet no breasts are to be found. She doesn't even need a mastectomy to pose as a tranny nor is binding needed. Unicorn magic.

No. 1449714

i love how it's either elaborate veiled unicorn angel photoshoot or hideous print dress she's worn a thousand times. makeup being 3 scraggly lines and smudged dirt on her cheeks served with a smile. no fucks given. both hands on her cocked hip with a chest full of crusty scabs. yes queen.

No. 1449754

File: 1645575372325.jpeg (201.47 KB, 828x460, E7588224-C47F-400D-8BF8-88EC4C…)

What a queen.

No. 1449756

we love an incapacitated pisces pony princess

No. 1450003

File: 1645598443531.jpg (407.32 KB, 1152x2048, FMOxgOaXIAUXQ9l.jpeg.jpg)

>birthday is in 2 days
>1 day ago
Well damn Happy Birthday, queen! Lol. I'm dying to know if she'll be having a party with extended relatives or what. But most importantly, what will be our unicorn's special birthday outfit?

No. 1450011

this thread attracts the sweetest nonnies

No. 1450015

i think that dress is pretty cute, not gonna lie.

No. 1450037

Yikes, you can see how the radius and ulna twist inside the arm…. from the outside. I wish she’d stop killing herself, I like her and don’t want her to die. Her weird aesthetic is great, minus the starving herself to death.

No. 1450064

>>1450011 she really does have unicorn magic. If literally anyone else on the planet did what she did we would despise them, but Lucinda just has a magical hold on us

No. 1450148

Yeah, that salmon color really underlines her cutting scars. Very pretty, nonnie.

No. 1450153

If she goes on like that she might actually join "The 27 Club", then?

No. 1450159

Happy birthday, smelly spic dumbass unicorn queen!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1450165

The dress is cute. I like the pattern, it's funky.

No. 1450167

File: 1645629559113.png (352.95 KB, 893x482, pixels.png)

Holy paintbrush, Batman!

No. 1450222

>pity points
It's less about that and more about wanting to be the queen of the anachans. Anorexics are all competitive with eachother and want to be the most anorexic person ever. It's the mentally ill part of their brain, but they all secretly envy Eugenia because everyone constantly points out how anorexic she is. They do the same with Lucinda but MORE people do it to Eugenia so she wants that

No. 1450230

Maybe she just wants that sweet money for being a freakshow, even if it's 2nd place. Eugenia is losing her post anyway. Lucinda is fresh and gross and beloved and intriguing. Normies will split into fans and haters and it's coins either way. Get it, queen.

No. 1450286

File: 1645642581998.jpg (165.69 KB, 866x1538, FMSTuZ5XoAU4YMG.jpeg-1.jpg)

No. 1450287

File: 1645642603932.jpg (159.48 KB, 918x1615, FMSTuZ4WQAYEmWF.jpeg-1.jpg)

No. 1450293

File: 1645642846576.jpg (291.67 KB, 1152x2048, FMSwBAaX0AIM_EN.jpeg.jpg)

>absolutely no friends or family for a 25 year old woman's birthday party that she didn't even dress up for

Well at least she's happy.

No. 1450296

File: 1645642973397.jpg (320.15 KB, 1152x2048, FMSwBAbXEA4ZsAf.jpeg.jpg)



No. 1450309

They got her the cake knowing she's just gonna throw it up after…

No. 1450328

She dressed up >>1450287 and her parents are probably celebrating it with her. Her mental health condition is more sad than this birthday to be honest.

No. 1450417

File: 1645648784257.jpg (653.28 KB, 1080x1518, Screenshot_20220223-145508.jpg)

The gifts look cute. The chakras mean she's been sharing her spiritual unicorn babblings with her parents and they're indulging her delusions to make her happy. Or, possibly, keep her from having psychotic fits for not being able to "connect" with the higher dimensions. Also the Haribo knowing she'll purge that too. Lord.

No. 1450434

File: 1645650036341.png (258.1 KB, 390x237, haribo.png)

Happy purge day to you..!

No. 1450442

Decent haul honestly

No. 1450453

that's straight up a child's dress from macy's, no tit space at all. the color does compliment her skin tho, and she looks adorable.

>birthday girl when she's a troon


No. 1450454

Wait, shes a troon?

No. 1450461

aGeNdEr she constantly calls herself trans and not a girl

No. 1450463

also wants top and bottom surgery

No. 1450511

she should get a unicorn horn sewn on instead of an arm skin dick

No. 1450640

File: 1645667018117.jpg (97.91 KB, 1614x772, fairy.JPG)

>Big girls

No. 1450693

i just love that the little decoration is a unicorn duck. confusing as hell cause it looks like it's all one piece, has the horse ears, mane, tail… then a duckbill and wings. damn.

No. 1450712

cut her some slack, she's got a size 11 foot and her meatless hip bones won't go any smaller than size s in panty size. she's a unicorn not a fairy.

No. 1450778

File: 1645679758074.png (447.39 KB, 901x565, 57768138-A246-474C-BB2F-B56817…)

Sage for tinfoil, I don’t visit this thread anymore but does anyone else think Lucinda watched To The Bone and decided to base her personality on Pearl?
She’s an anorexic girl with a shaved head who’s obsessed with ponies, unicorns, and shit for little girls

No. 1450829

it's a common anachan personality type, that's who pearl was based on, all the characters were. one notorious one like pearl is called paris who's a cutter and only wears kids clothes. they're a dime a dozen.

No. 1450928

I assume she wants nothing there, not a dick. She has shared pictures of dolls with no visible sexual anatomy before, I think she said that's how she sees herself. Could be wrong.

No. 1451010

That's what I assumed as well, even though it isn't possible. I think the whole "sexualization" issue from twitterfags has made her more insecure about her genitals, and she'll just be photoshopping them out forever. At her weight doctors won't allow her to get top surgery anyway.

No. 1451043

She's pretty much asexual, that's how I perceive her, too.
There's no porn in fairytale country.

No. 1451050

she's not fucking 'asexual' she's incredibly mentally ill and damaged. 'asexuality' isnt a fucking normal expression of sexual development it's the result of a physical or mental problem. how do you look at this schizophrenic bulimic and go 'yea her lack of sexual attraction is the normal part' fucking brainworm retards

No. 1451074


you know what they say?

don't stick your dick in crazy.


don't put your horn into the unicorn.

No. 1451154

File: 1645725453611.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.91 KB, 1152x2048, FMYE7aqWUAYb04s.jpeg.jpg)

seems like it. she went from putting stickers over the crotch and areola to just shooping out the tits and vag completely. new pics.(you need to spoil this type of shit)

No. 1451155

all i hear is "everyone's horny and if you're not you're broken" lmfao fuck off

No. 1451156

File: 1645725575325.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.91 KB, 1152x2048, FMYE_gcX0AUg7A6.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1451165



No. 1451170

Why can't they just lock that tard away??

No. 1451174

Why are her parents not getting her hospitalised in a mental facility when its so clearly what she needs?? They obviously know shes completely lost it and is harming herself to death… god parents for some of these cows just amazes me!
And yeah, maybe theyve already "tried" that, but some people need alot of care, sometimes for the rest of their lives… but just letting them to whatever isnt gonna do shit

No. 1451177

I am vomit.

No. 1451199

This is honestly so sweet to me, it's nice to see the effort her family put into her birthday even though she's a terror to live with. Damn I wish she would get better

No. 1451228

i know she is hopeless and terminal case, but i am rooting for her. i really hope she will get out of this mental health hell and turn her life around.

No. 1451244

shes fit looking skinny but notdisguisting uggo eugenia. I really hope someone snaps eugenia ugly moid neck

No. 1451249

I think everyone does, she seems like a very sweet person who's suffering from because of her mental health and lack of medical support for the problems.
I don't think calling an anorexic person fit or healthy is helpful, they'll only starve themselves harder because that's the whole point. Why are you bringing up eugenia though? There's pro-ana thread for that.

No. 1451252

… I hate that I love this picture. It's such a great combo of body horror and late aughties angst internet aesthetic.

No. 1451268

excuse me but what the fuck

No. 1451274

here you go retard:
The Aughties refers to the decade between 2000-2009. All the terms, "The Aughties", "the Aughts", "the Noughties", or "the Oughties" stands for the years 2000-2009. The words "aught" and "ought" refers to "nothing", "zero" as a noun.

No. 1451277

thank you retard

No. 1451312

she's a genetically big boned girl with an extra skin suit from losing over 150lbs, she'll never be eugenia skelly no matter how hard she tries. that's why she keeps lowering her gw and will end up killing herself chasing an impossible dream. poor thing has been posting bodychecks losing rapidly and consistently but she's just never bony like she wants. anyone else would look emaciated starving for monthe but lucinda is, quite literally, double skinned. it's never gonna happen.

No. 1451372

she does look fucking emaciated what are you talking about.. can we please not compare every anachan to eugenia jfc

No. 1451378

File: 1645744899735.png (97.85 KB, 891x517, 1645741419365.png)

Our queen has officially reached "there are bugs under my skin" levels of schizo.

No. 1451381

File: 1645744971493.png (415.53 KB, 888x683, 1645741445005.png)

This shit is just sad.

No. 1451382

I saw the scabs on her bodycheck and was about to ask if its acne and how its possible to even get acne at such a low weight

No. 1451384

File: 1645745170912.png (379.46 KB, 896x646, 1645741456763.png)

It's literally just hair. And I actually doubt it's growing in, unless it's the lanugo bothering her and making her itchy. Otherwise feelsbadman. She still obviously believes this shit and is clawing herself apart.

No. 1451386

File: 1645745410521.jpg (Spoiler Image, 284.26 KB, 2048x2048, FMZGkoqWYAADdSz.jpeg.jpg)

Here are the "bug legs growing in", farmers. Featuring glorious lanugo in HD.

No. 1451392

sounds and looks to me like ingrown hairs, possibly from not exfoliating in the shower or from sitting for hours

No. 1451404

but if they were ingrowns they'd look like zits, and she says they're whole legs sticking out. honestly i think she's just hallucinating these so called bug legs altogether and is squeezing and picking at her skin until it bleeds.

No. 1451426

>all i hear is
yes dear thats the problem, you hear whatever you want

No. 1451464

Yikes, this girl is tweaking hard.

No. 1451631

She might also get some terminal hair strands that are coarser and thicker here and there because of her hormones being out of whack. Lucinda isn't exactly lucid most of the time and they do feel different that normal peach fuzz.

No. 1451706

I feel like she's skinpicking, a lot of people do, and saw some people accuse the scars of being acne, maybe even on here, so she made this post. I doubt the bug leg thing is true, I feel like she's making it up and just obsessively picked at her skin until it got to that point.

No. 1451731

What lanugo? Looks like normal body hair.

No. 1451814

File: 1645800789681.jpg (400.48 KB, 1080x1580, Screenshot_20220225-091035.jpg)

there's an edtwt 'smash or pass' thread and lucinda came in second after ambrose, who isn't even on twitter anymore which technically puts lucinda on top, which kind of shows her 'status' so to speak. impressive.


anyway i found it amusing they all said 'pass' in pretty aggressive ways, calling her a freak etc. then when you go on their profiles either their aesthetics are sh menhera or they're just anachans complaining about not losing weight. surely they can't hide their jealousy forever by claiming she outed a fujoshi or is a pedophile for posting censored body checks.

No. 1452139

File: 1645832762209.jpg (351.63 KB, 1080x1356, Screenshot_20220225-194315.jpg)

This shit is genuinely surreal when it's put side by side. And the fact that there will be an updated one when she reaches her new goal of 65lbs. I'm genuinely speechless.

No. 1452141

File: 1645832829757.jpg (282.2 KB, 1080x734, Screenshot_20220225-194333.jpg)

Like my mind just cannot comprehend these two images put together lol.

No. 1452182

I'd love to see a comparison photo where she isn't sucking in in the after.. not rattling here she's skinny yadayada I'm just interested in reality. After being that fat there's no way her stomach is that concave without sucking in.

No. 1452245

I doubt her family will let it get that far even with all the enabling because they run the risk of getting reported to the government for abuse. There's a social protection program in PR called ADFAM where you can report disabled people's caretakers for neglect or abuse.

No. 1452286

She definitely exaggerates for the bodycheck. Just wanting to see herself at her thinnest, even if it isn't true reality.

No. 1452299

My theory is she sucks it in because of the loose skin. It must hang like two buttcheeks which is the common shape, and if she doesn't suck it in it would be very unkawaii body goals. Shit's ugly. I'd suck it in too.

No. 1452301

File: 1645848205504.jpg (38.86 KB, 570x426, 5d01d037250000a013e13f5a.jpeg.…)

Like. Not only did Lucinda start at a higher weight than this lady she's gotten to an even lower weight. No way she doesn't have excess belly skin she's stretching away with the sucking in. Not to mention she has no food, water, piss, or shit in her, so she can suck in deep. She couldn't hide it when she posted her legs. Her inner thighs were rippled like a bad shoop job from all the hanging loose skin.

No. 1452414

I don't know if I'm desensitized to fatties too because of the likes of Amberlynn but this woman doesn't even look that fat yet she has that much loose skin. How much do you have to weigh to start getting loose skin like this? Not a lot from the looks of this. Even Lucinda wasn't THAT big in my eyes, I've seen chonkers like her all my life and sure they're fat but not as bad as what I've seen elsewhere. I think I'm desensitized to both spoops n fatties.

No. 1452426

i'm on edtwt and turns out i follow some people who despise lucinda because last night they were triggered that twitter recommended lucinda's latest before&after to them. then suddenly my tl filled up with folks bashing her for no reason? they were just like "ugh i hate that bitch i can't stand her i'm traumatized" and they just went on and on like that. i went on luci's profile and she had just posted all those new weight loss comparisons. they really do hate her out of pure jealousy. she's seemingly the most notorious figure on edtwt, she started off morbidly obese, nonstop loses weight, starves, and is overall more intetesting despite being cringecore. and worst of all, lolcow's band of big meanie terfies exposed edtwt's favorite gymbro as a troon while crowning lucinda as their queen. sure we mock her ghoulish ways but everyone in this thread knows she's harmless. i think that's what kills them most. lucinda's made it to the gossip boards and their bs didn't stick. you can't touch her. sage for autism.

No. 1452435

They're clearly just jealous fatties and can't deal with the fact that Lucinda lost so much weight in so little time which they're unable to do

No. 1452440

Which is pathetic and sad, really. Lucinda lost so rapidly and is so “dedicated” because her eating disorder intersects with her delusions in the most dangerous way. They don’t want a psychotic disorder as well as an ED.

No. 1452495

File: 1645890382926.jpg (269.64 KB, 720x1052, 20220226_111616.jpg)

and she continues to slay

No. 1452499

File: 1645890641310.jpg (249.31 KB, 720x844, 20220226_113412.jpg)

same user qt'ed her earlier with a wholeass lie which lucinda debunked lol

No. 1452501

She must lurk this thread. Thanks Luci.

No. 1452503

File: 1645890813072.jpg (205.92 KB, 719x959, 20220226_113645.jpg)

No. 1452509

love the whole "impressionable children" thing to make it more dramatic. she's pushing her gut out and is still concave. no shit, the bitch doesn't eat. she isn't even sucking in half the time. when she does she looks like a halfpipe because her entire digestive system is a ghost town.

No. 1452519

ok her lil :| face here is cute i'll admit

No. 1452532

Even if Lucinda stopped posting body checks, these impressionable children are still on edtwt kek. They just hate Lucinda and want to cancel her, let's be real.

No. 1452534

File: 1645894346632.jpg (662.88 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20220226-124324.jpg)

The poses are so deliciously obnoxious and adorable. This is why she's the queen.

No. 1452537

don't be foolish anon all these (fat)children will be cured of their ed's(fasting for 2 days then eating everything in the house for 5) when lucinda deletes her account. god knows they need recovery, they're in the middle of a binge cycle and it's all the anorexic unicorn's fault! drive her out! free them all!

No. 1452541

I still can’t believe they do the
>won’t anyone think of the children!!
While doing exactly what harms them, the bitches complaining about Lucinda being adored by Edtwt just wish they could wear her skin and be the ones being adored by le impressionable childrems and enabled by their families.
In the end they sound like those pedos who talk about not interacting with minors uwu but who groom them in discord servers and shit.

No. 1452543

File: 1645895968697.jpg (220.88 KB, 1080x732, Screenshot_20220226-130928.jpg)


Girlie posted this the same day she was whining about Lucinda sucking it in welp.

No. 1452559

She's actually very clever and creative. I wish she would get better. I don't understand why she acts okay but is so self destructive? She doesn't say she hates herself or anything? But I only see what is posted here.

No. 1452561

i don't know what you're talking about. i think they have a genuine concern for the wellbeing of today's fat southeast asian kpop stans and american fakebois who can't fit their EE's in their $10 amazon binders.

No. 1452568

she truly graced us with this one

No. 1452579

eugenia could never

No. 1452595

File: 1645901870199.jpg (377.25 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20220226_143544.jpg)

sh scars, massive bush, bunched panties, wrinkles, saggy tits, stretch marks, saggy belly. white wig. unicorn. chicken run. as far as edtwt goes she's a breath of fresh air from the dior french cigarette coquettes and kuromi monster energy demonia clones and bts stans. she just rolled up in her ball of schizo and took the crown.

No. 1452601

I bet this is what Luna wants to look like, since she got the same shitty off-brand aliexpress headdress.

No. 1452608

File: 1645904040982.jpg (762.45 KB, 828x1158, 1645497187346.jpeg.jpg)

she's doing the unicorn thing too lol. def a lucinda fan.

No. 1452612

She's also buying more cutesy pink Aliexpress stuff. She probably saw Lucinda lurking through the boards. Lucinda looks like all the drawings Tuna used to make.

No. 1452627

Anon, she used to be fat. F course she will have loose skin. That’s the least of her problems. Who tf cares about pubes, too?(sage)

No. 1452637

I think that woman carried most of her weight in her gut and legs. She's hiding it in the left pic.

No. 1452646

you missed the entire point of what that anon was trying to say, it wasn't meant as nitpick or insult. it's really refreshing to see someone not give a fuck like lucinda does, especially in a space where everyone wants to be uwu pewfect skinny waif

No. 1452730

She should post like this more often she looks honestly extremely adorable. Lucinda if you read this we love you I hope you get healthy one day and soon.

No. 1452739

File: 1645915527569.jpg (627.77 KB, 828x1358, 1643993974877.jpeg.jpg)

Luna's been going on about trying to lose weight for a while so like many fatties she probably looks up to Lucinda since she started off at a higher weight. Shit's sad, though. I've been following Tuna for ages and Lucinda is like. Everything Luna wants to be. It actually must be sad for her to watch someone pop up with her dream aesthetic years after she's a washed up fatass.

No. 1452771

File: 1645918043649.jpg (44.61 KB, 720x621, 93aaa06c4d8390e3888be14b585bf9…)

>watching this musty crackhead try and skinwalk our unicorn queen

No. 1452786

Yeah exactly, Luna is definitely lurking Lucinda’s threads lol. It is pretty sad, at least Lucinda seems like a sweet person under all that mental illness.

No. 1452848

File: 1645923132265.jpg (1.63 MB, 2560x1920, 22-02-26-20-28-46-370_deco.jpg)


i'm honestly offended. i had no idea this hambeast junkie had become a luci wannabe at some point during her spiderlash and crusty foundation lips horror show. is this why she started abusing filters lmao?

the fucking hilarity of it being too late for tuna to be rebranding as a great value lucinda when they're the same. exact. age. bye.

No. 1452867

Luna got the ears first. You all reading way too much into shit.

No. 1452874

File: 1645926184134.png (39.71 KB, 157x249, image_2022-02-27_094246.png)

Unicorn queen even dressed up as what she drew before.

No. 1452904

haven't seen anything this chad since irl gaia online avi cosplays; shameless queen

No. 1452905

lucinda's literally into lolita she's been wearing the headdresses with the ears in pink, white, blue, and black ribbons since she had black hair. that's why tuna looks like such a fucking dumbass copying her.

No. 1452912

Lunas literally into Lolita as well. Read the threads. I haven’t and still don’t really follow her like that but I’ve read all the threads when I was bored and wanted to understand the few posts that interested me. You’re jus dogpiling. Your queens not that trendsetter you think she is twitfag. I repeat: Luna had the headband, which is popular with both their ~aesthetics~, before Lucinda

No. 1452914

Not any headband like it, mind you, because it’s a staple in their aesthetics I’m talking about this specific one.

No. 1452938

they asked lucinda who she wanted to be when she grew up and she said imma be me frfr

No. 1452966

File: 1645935189161.jpg (1.7 MB, 2560x1920, 22-02-27-00-11-46-357_deco.jpg)

tuna isn't into lolita lmfaoooooo she's been into kawaii shite since like 2012 and she's never worn either a coord or a cheap knockoff one of her aliexpress junk buys she has consistently dressed like a coquette nymphette uwu lolita abuse me daddy dolly since her tumblr heroin days and now just dresses like any other gen-z egirl on tiktok except worse because nothing fits her gargantuan body. literally no one wears the headdresses with the bunny ears because they're retarded.

no one is saying lucinda is a bunny ear trendsetter we're saying luna sees in lucinda everything she wishes she was and the bunny ear headband was a hilariously obvious copycat move since lucinda's been wearing that pink one since fucking may, plus a bunch of other times, and tuna got her pink one this month lmfao. luna has been going on about trying to lose weight now that she's """""sober""""" and gaining and lucinda is a big thinspo for the ones who are starting off 100kg+ like her.

we repeat: tuna is riding lucinda's dick and our frail queen cannot breathe(unsaged sperg)

No. 1453443

You're reaching. Luna has always worn stupid kawaii cutesy shit. Why is it shocking that two attention whores are following online fashion trends?

No. 1453509

retards. this exact headband is a top seller on aliexpress & shein. luna is a confirmed shein shopper. moreover, who gives a fuck, this has nothing to do with lucinda personally and should've gone in luna's thread if anything

No. 1453664

File: 1646017370127.jpg (171.58 KB, 720x604, 20220227_230828.jpg)

things were kind of dark in unicorn town today

No. 1453666

File: 1646017487392.jpg (196.99 KB, 720x841, 20220227_230853.jpg)

more weight loss, which is just extremely depressing at this point

No. 1453667

File: 1646017644662.jpg (228.97 KB, 720x744, 20220227_230913.jpg)

like, very, very depressing

No. 1453675

File: 1646017949204.jpg (470.31 KB, 1152x2048, FMotjzlXsAcqgrM.jpeg.jpg)

new selfies were cute though

No. 1453676

File: 1646018017402.jpg (426.01 KB, 1152x2048, FMotjzgX0AEHKtW.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1453718

I take it there's no such thing as a psych hold in PR?

No. 1453729

There is, but her parents don't want to take her

No. 1453758

How does she know how much she weighs? She said maybe in the last thread that her family took the scale away and so she weighs herself at a store or something. That has to be BS at this point given what a shut in she is these days.

No. 1453784

she mentioned before she gets weighed in a pharmacy? she also doesn't pic photos of the number on the scale so IDK.

No. 1453822

she was put in one for around a week before her mom quickly threatened legal action and got her out, she said on curiouscat they treat schizophrenics horribly, that the healthcare system in PR is overall atrocious and that her family is trying to move to the US but doesn't have the finances yet

No. 1453829

I mean, even if it's atrocious, is it really better to have her at home seeing bug legs hallucinations instead of body hair and starving/puking herself to death? She's fucking miserable right now, as might as well put her in the bin and pump her full of meds so she gets somewhat stable.

No. 1453858

honestly I can believe that it was worse in whatever institution she was in. psychiatric care where she is has a long, long way to go. I mean I know she's destroying herself at home, but at least there's not actual traumatic shit being inflicted on her by others there

No. 1453898

is she literally clawing at normal hair growth/potential ingrown hairs from either shaving or them falling out?

No. 1454041

yeah. she thinks the hairs growing are "bug legs" so she digs them out until she makes a wound. junkie tier shit

No. 1454563

File: 1646116755071.jpg (478.99 KB, 1080x1099, Screenshot_20220301-023640.jpg)

today's category was: body checks

No. 1454565

File: 1646116811198.jpg (452.7 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20220301-023038.jpg)

No. 1454566

File: 1646117057032.jpg (515.29 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_20220301-024356.jpg)

No. 1454570

File: 1646117219346.jpg (501.14 KB, 1080x1232, Screenshot_20220301-023449.jpg)

wouldn't be our unicorn queen if she didn't share with us her wisdom on planetary multiverses and anorexia unlocking unicorn powers

No. 1454571

File: 1646117496468.jpg (169.66 KB, 1080x473, Screenshot_20220301-023332.jpg)

she's seemingly convinced doctors will kill her and won't go near hospitals now so that might explain the no medical interference? is she being medicated at all at this point? she made a joke about seeing her psychiatrist but how can they keep seeing her when she refuses medication and clearly gets worse?

No. 1454607

Been wondering this for a while but, are the dark lines near her eyes, eyeliner? And why are her pupils so big?

No. 1454608

read the threads, this has been answered like 6 times.

No. 1454609

Dementia anon? This has been asked and answered in every single fucking thread a million times. Lurk. More.

No. 1455239

File: 1646182867846.png (1.89 MB, 1424x3084, groomer.png)

anyone gonna talk about how she promotes relapsing to literal children?

No. 1455357

it's a fact forced recovery among kids ends in relapses. you can't force mental illness recovery with a meal plan. luci just said in the future they'll have a choice. that's not promoting anything. promoting isn't even the word, she's not a billboard. she was just talking to one person, not broadcasting a message. she's actually publicly called for recovery while acknowledging there's no need to shame mentally ill people for existing. you're reaching.

No. 1455568

It can be comforting to know you have choices, having those choices can help you push forward into recovery. "I can always go back to xyz, so for now I'll give it all I've got". If you think of never agains the inevital lapse can very easily spiral to a harder relapse. But my god the pearl clutchers, "think of the children!" all the while these kids are encouraging each other to starve and harm themselves and how to hide it from the people who care about them. Can imagine people thinking EDTWT needs to be nuked.

No. 1455644

If Lucinda wrote her a walltext on why she should recover and deleted that girl would still be anorexic, because Lucinda didn't cause her anorexia and people repeating to you health risks won't make you stop the root of the mental illness feeding your eating disorder. Lucinda isn't a doctor. That kid's likely been following her long enough to read Lucinda's tweets encouraging recovery and showing how much her anorexia is destroying her body. That child doesn't care.

All Lucinda did was comfort an anorexic child in forced recovery, which can be traumatizing since she's clearly still on edtwt and determined to lose again since she's still ill and likely got shit treatment. She didn't recover and doesn't want to. Lucinda understood that. All she tweeted was that she'd have the freedom of choice once her treatment is over, which includes recovery. And the girl tweeted that it made her feel better. Wow, almost like that's not such a bad thing.

No. 1455682

File: 1646231458677.jpg (144.34 KB, 1080x1294, IMG_20220302_103436.jpg)

in case anyone was curious, lucinda posted this. lord is she an overachiever. i've never heard of anyone cutting on their head and neck. i guess they were cat scratches because she didn't count them as scars.

No. 1455686

maybe she means hitting/head banging?

No. 1455687

self harm doesn't have to be cutting. she could be scratching, picking, or just hitting herself.

No. 1455693

I remember her saying she wanted to be covered in sh scars all over her body, she seems to be really into self mutilation. I suspect the anorexia ties in with that. Hope she doesn't go for the face like in the picture.

No. 1455701

Yeah, that’s not grooming, grooming is what trannies do in discord and dms telling kids that maybe they should take cross-sex hormones and mutilate their bodies.
Isn’t it more worrying the fact that a 13 years old child is in EDTWT and that you’re not reporting her account to Twitter?
You retards always talk about thinking of the children but won’t report their accounts so twitter shuts them down because you want their attention too, you’re disgusting.

No. 1455705

>>1455682 plenty of people with serious issues with self harm will cut their face or neck. don't underestimate the queen

No. 1455721

she mentioned banging her head on cement walls and punching herself when she was like 12 so she's always been a self harmer. as for the neck she definitely cut there. you don't punch your neck and you can tell she drew strokes whereas on the head it's just a solid color, likely punches.

the red to pink ratio is impressive. she cuts deep enough to scar almost every time. unicorn queen is the best at everything.

No. 1455727

No. 1455740

>the pink "13"
>the red "child"
>caps lock
>large impact font

this edit is killing me. kudos for drama, nonnie.

No. 1455749

You don't have to cut deep to leave a scar. "Cat scratches" often leave scars too. It's not "impressive"

No. 1455952

they will disappear after some months up to years
deep cuts leave permanent scars, but even those will fade, but you can always find them if you look closely. Cat scratches after max 2 years (if not infected) are gone, impossible to find them(sage)

No. 1455997

healing of (self harm) scars is different for everyone. I had very shallow cuts (like cat scratches and not infected) and can still see the scars after 20 years and yes, most scars will fade, but you will still see them. I don't think that Lucinda will ever have a possibility of a body without scars, if she even lives that long. She also won't have scars if she bruises herself and I think that's the pink part of her chart.
I always felt like these pictures are just a thing to brag about how fucked up you are and how many scars mark your body. Maybe nice for your therapist to know, but self-harm shouldn't be a competition.

No. 1455999

File: 1646255446103.jpg (292.7 KB, 1152x2048, FM3ipR7X0AEWhBc.jpeg.jpg)

she's been doing an all white casual aesthetic which is really pretty, not the typical rainbow splash unicorn but not the folk fairy look either. almost angelic but youthful and flawed too with the cuts and acne and all.

on a side note, the malnutrition and complete lack of multivitamins is really taking a toll on the color of her skin. it's just patchy and visibly sickly. i remember when the eyebags looked out of place because her skin was so clear.

No. 1456002

File: 1646255567588.jpg (321.88 KB, 1152x2048, FM3ipSJX0AUVxU-.jpeg.jpg)

better look at the skin on her face.

No. 1456138

her poor teeth

No. 1456266

the hypertrophic scarring on her chest is so bad

she might just be predisposed to scarring like that but it's not easy to cover up

No. 1456268

That's awful, when living like this is the better option. She's more of a sadcow than anything else.

No. 1456432

yeah it is sad as fuck. sometimes, there comes a point when all u can do for someone is make them comfortable until they actually want to seek help. I mean, at least her physical needs like food and shelter are being met, I guess it could be much worse

No. 1456448

Everything in Puerto Rico is a joke. Homes for the elderly are riddled with abuse and neglect, cops and teachers retire with a $500 pensìon, roads are destroyed with potholes, 60% of high schoolers failing and ending up in summer school, public hospitals that are half abandoned with equipment from the 70's due to lack of funding, teenage girls with boyfriends having kids so they can get government money on top of the money their boyfriends make and they can buy flatscreen tv's and gucci. homeless people scooped up off the streets and shipped to abandoned buildings in nyc under the fake promise they're going to rehab just to clean up the street.

it's trash here. really it is. everything is an unpleasant experience. you have to sit and wait 8 hours to see a doctor with an appointment. the appointment is to get in queue for an appointment with people who got there at 4am.

and that's just everyday life. now imagine a psychiatric hospital with archaic views on both schizophrenia and eating disorders. they'd probably just dope her up until she's drooling and quiet and call it progress. lucinda said it was all an insurance scam, so they could easily say she isn't getting better just to keep her locked up indefinitely to squeeze money out of her insurance plan. it's literally that bad here lol.

No. 1457149

File: 1646351200930.jpeg (393.54 KB, 828x891, 73A33D02-5BF9-4F2E-9D57-A02899…)


No. 1458103

I miss the Ambrose drama genuinely. Seeing both these threads active was the most interesting part of this for a month imo(sage)

No. 1458127

Go back to Twitter then. Sage while you’re at it

No. 1458134

Kek nona why the foul mood. She’s right though, nothing will top “at least I’m now on Lolcow”; famous last words.

No. 1458414

File: 1646479067720.png (479.64 KB, 593x724, nftshillers.PNG)

Are the NFT artists legit trying to profit off Lucinda? Pretty scummy.

No. 1458524

Does Lucinda know there's an NFT based on her? Actually, did we ever find out if she knows about the seal artist girl making a big tapestry thing with her as the main piece?

No. 1458620

Clipped off slightly above on the screenshot but she has retweeted it. Not sure if she's even aware what an nft is though. And i looked at MoonxxxSad/sadcats2007 twitter but it doesn't seem like lucinda's interacted with the post of the artwork at all.

No. 1458651

man I fucking hate nfts they will literally steal anything to profit off of

No. 1458871

File: 1646526983697.png (547.18 KB, 828x1792, 3CA7ABB1-D70A-44FD-B81A-CDADEF…)

She has some takes

No. 1458988

this is a steaming hot take

No. 1459046

File: 1646545021801.jpg (273.17 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20220306-013525.jpg)

You missed the part where she casually said she was planning on cutting her tits off herself since she's too thin for top surgery.

No. 1459104

File: 1646549635932.png (247.6 KB, 512x512, image (1).png)

Just Imagine being a paramedic and this case comes rolling in.

No. 1459438

File: 1646590234679.jpeg (353.74 KB, 828x1053, D1A17D52-3A3D-4BDC-8671-E52EC4…)

Wasn’t she a Larry shipper lol she’s right though

No. 1459472

based lucinda

No. 1459481

Does she even eat pussy? Lucinda is an LGB faker herself. Seems to be another heterosexual zoomer trying to be special by claiming to be "queer"

No. 1459483

Last I heard she was in a long-distance relationship with a TIF so in theory she would I guess. Don't know if they're still "together" though. As far as I know all of her previous (albeit brief) internet relationships have been with TIFs or other female "queer/enby" types so I think there's some legitimacy to it

No. 1459525

Her "relationships" amount to little more than Twitter mutuals. Not long ago she was "dating" that fatphobic tif that replied to her cries on Twitter for a boyfriend. And when her fattie audience got upset, she claimed to barely know the person at all. That's all relationships are to her, hype-reacting each other's tweets.

No. 1459555

she has no real social life and likely is ace due to being underweight, this is the most you`r gonna get

No. 1459570

Being a permavirgin doesn't make you any less a queerbaiter than evil millionaire Harrsy Styels.

No. 1460110

she's trans, female to unicorn. do u even read the threads…

No. 1460203

Yeah, you lost me there Lucinda. As she said there is plenty of rap music with violent lyrics and messed up music videos but Kanye is clearly mentally ill and depicting killing a specific person, not just a random character. This whole Kanye situation has nothing to do with race.

No. 1460314

rappers brag about specific people they've actually killed all the time, to the extent that the lyrics are used against them in court as examples of self-snitching. even lucinda knows kanye is so far from that it's laughable

No. 1460376

kanye's never even had a history of being violent with anyone ever. i don't think he's ever even rapped about it. it was a claymation head and it was funny as fuck.

No. 1460891

No. 1461035

File: 1646730231355.jpeg (551.5 KB, 828x871, E8A9D1A4-868D-427B-8AE4-39D742…)

I really think she’s fucking with us sometimes kek

No. 1461772

File: 1646797152510.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 560.62 KB, 1458x2592, 8D8F15DC-5AC6-4188-B662-118874…)

Fucking hell

No. 1461773

File: 1646797220737.jpeg (827.05 KB, 1601x1270, DFEF149E-A0EF-4737-B940-D29137…)

She’s back to cutting I guess?

No. 1461777

kanye has a misdemeanor battery conviction? he assaulted a guy at an airport in 2014.

No. 1461812

holy shit. shes fucking appalling

No. 1461842

is she actually cutting the fucking palms of her hands to look like hooves?

No. 1461865

nah, those folds are loose skin from her weight loss

No. 1461907

File: 1646811335524.jpeg (250.63 KB, 828x484, 8171D3CF-A767-4ED6-914F-EC0CA0…)

Looks to be the case. I wonder who she made the promise to.

No. 1461909

File: 1646811491459.jpeg (46.62 KB, 503x265, D627D21E-BCC7-439A-9112-B2C8B2…)

sage for samefagging but she posted this earlier too. it’s not even funny, just sad.

No. 1461915

That’s a 7 y/o’s weight. She gon die

No. 1461929

In kanyefags eyes he's a god so…
Back to celebricows, Lsa-chan.

No. 1461960

>>1461907 iirc it was her mom/parents

No. 1462075

File: 1646836459919.jpg (Spoiler Image, 364.79 KB, 1152x2048, FNaUze8XMAct8sv.jpeg.jpg)

This is actually so fucking disgusting and depressing. She's clearly lost more weight and is currently celebrating her self harm relapse saying she'll be cutting every day so she can "finally" be scarred all over her body.

No. 1462126

>doesn't bathe
>doesn't hydrate
>doesn't eat
>it's tropical and humid af at her place

Yeaaah, her wounds are gonna get infected in no time. Her folks are going to have to send her somewhere soon if they want to keep her alive. How is she expecting to even survive slicing her tits off or get to 60lbs?

No. 1462128

Nicole Dollanganger zine art lookin ass

No. 1462137

Well, yeah, she’s seriously mentally ill. Why do you sound so shocked

No. 1462140

She’s not going to die she’s going to metamorphosize, idiot

No. 1462232

Go hydrate, Lucinda.

No. 1462288

i think ambrose is too much of a spaz to not hide himself from lolcow now

No. 1462322

Her cuts look like gills lol

No. 1462360

Those cuts made me cringe upon zooming in yuck

No. 1462369

File: 1646863603851.jpeg (571.15 KB, 828x1319, FB4F127E-B395-409C-8085-46A02F…)

I found this tweet interesting. So why don’t her parents force her to the states?

No. 1462376

man, i really earnestly just wish the best for lucinda. these new pictures are really sad. i wish she believed that "becoming a unicorn" doesn't have to involve slowly killing yourself.

No. 1462394

I assume her parents can't afford care in the US

No. 1462437

me too, i wish she saw her unicorn transformation as more like getting healthy, taking care of herself to have shiny hair and glowing skin you know. it's sad cuz if it went in that direction i could see it being really helpful for her and it seems more accurate to like, unicorn-ness. srry for unisperg

No. 1462533

I think part of it is because mental health treatment is stupid expensive in America from what I've been told. That, and I think anyone would be reluctant to let someone on Lucindas level out of their sight. The distance between PR and places in the US would make travel awkward if she had some kind of meltdown or managed to escape the facility

No. 1462550

File: 1646873425209.jpg (265.85 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20220309-204802__01…)

It was her parents being understandably frustrated with her. It's sad to see how far gone she's in her delusions, her parents must be traumatized.

No. 1462554

File: 1646873502243.jpg (256.79 KB, 1080x971, Screenshot_20220309-204629__01…)

No. 1462556

Would she ever be able to go to Mexico? What would the mental healthcare there be like in comparison? Any Mexnonnies know?

No. 1462568

I mean, that is pretty much all she does, isn't it? Sleep, eat, vomit, pee on the furniture, post nudes and cry on the internet. They know she's not going to follow through with any sort of plans that don't involve vomiting or cutting.

No. 1462572

I really doubt she would make it to Mexico. It's a long-ass trip with layovers, she'll stick out like a sore thumb and will probably have a meltdown after being on the plane for too long. She has a better chance going to Dominican Republic next door (it's like a 1hr trip) and see if she can get better help there.

No. 1462630

I mean, she probably told them something along the lines of
>I nawt ot be ay unicorn at -insert ridiculously low bmi- & den i wnta to cut my tits off on my own in our bathroom so you can take me to the hospital

No. 1462648

That last picture made me so sad. Please get help Lucinda

No. 1462671

The loose skin she hates could be mitigated by gaining muscle mass in addition to regular bodyweight. It would fill her out and muscle would pull it taught along with improving the connective tissue via good nutrition and blood flow.

I'm desperately manifesting a timeline shift in which she starts going full fitmode.

No. 1462747

agreed. she can be very cute if she gets mental help and has a healthy mindset. though I think she'll die within the year. She seems mentally gone

No. 1463312

File: 1646950352828.jpg (39.75 KB, 535x548, b56h5df6hdz.jpg)

No. 1463313

File: 1646950417253.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.5 KB, 536x473, i56k5yhf6jcf.jpg)

No. 1463318

No. 1463319

>jealous of having a huge open wound

No. 1463320

just sidetracked down this girl's twitter.. there are so many horrorshows on edtwt holy shit. she seems like a cow too.

No. 1463329

File: 1646951397148.jpg (19.95 KB, 541x115, 5g6fj5d6j5d6.jpg)

No. 1463332

File: 1646951536943.jpg (25.45 KB, 529x140, h5g6fh5d6dh.jpg)

No. 1463408

File: 1646957339924.jpg (282.93 KB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_20220310-200701__01…)

Lucinda has a bunch of enablers that congratulate her and egg her on whenever she fucks herself up. This guy was giving advice on how she should cut the bottom of her feet so Lucinda's mom wouldn't notice.

No. 1463593

You must be new here. Did you expect anything else from shtwt/edtwt?

No. 1463611

Not everyone here is a schizo or a skeleton, nona.

No. 1463694

Genuine question, are you retarded? This is a thread directly related to schizos and bone rattlers. Why would they be held to the same standards when they're insane.

No. 1463704

Lol, iirc this same girl got 'exposed' for being like 20 when her profile said she was 14. She also said that she had alters but not D.I.D and said that her alters are descriptions of herself in different moods. Edtwt is full of cows

No. 1463800


autist anon here but I feel so bad for her. when I was at my worst depression i felt 'jealous' of people who could SH (like that deep) before. She must be really suffering..

I hate to say I really think this might be the last year for her with the enablers and how quick shes losing weight. So sad. I just wanna see her succeed.. she reminds me of n2f. A little wacky and needs help but we love them

No. 1464074

Sage for off topic but isn't that picture from Coldness in my heart? Plus, how they even manage to cut that deep without bleeding out?

No. 1464113

Doesn't line up with Coldness in my heart's pictures/arms. This girl was probably just lucky and/or meticulous while cutting.

No. 1464547

File: 1647048188429.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 557.21 KB, 828x1104, ACA53E2A-0D1D-46E2-822D-FF3FB5…)

Oh no no no

No. 1464549

File: 1647048228021.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 522.17 KB, 1152x2048, C081066A-1C7A-401D-B4EB-8FDE60…)

No. 1464554

File: 1647048321034.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 365.64 KB, 1152x2048, 79B3F00D-F53D-44AB-9145-918E51…)

No. 1464590


:(( always cutting on the chest/arms/legs. I feel so sad for her. She really doesn't deserve this.

Anyone know why her parents haven't locked up all the tools or objects?maybe at this point it's better than using something else n risking infection? soo sad(:(()

No. 1464633

Holy. Shit. I don't even know how I'd react to seeing this walking around the house if I was one of her parents. What would a mother even say? Do they even acknowledge it anymore?

No. 1464749

What's more fucked up is that she's taking these pics in her parents bed. That's not her room. Fucking gross.

No. 1464790

She's also pretty close to Natalie. It seems weird to be friends with both her and Lucinda after everything. Something seems fake.

No. 1465084

Also she's not showering and probably not bothering to keep the cuts clean so infection(s) probably forthcoming. I'm nauseous as I type this.

No. 1465217

File: 1647108337796.png (Spoiler Image, 355.66 KB, 583x907, Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 1.59…)

Feb 18, 84 pounds
Feb 27, 81 pounds (9 days later)
Today, March 13, still 81 pounds, 14 days later.

Maybe it is true that at some point, you stop losing weight regardless of how long you fast.

Also, how can she stop self-harming when she's applauded and envied for doing so?

No. 1465255

>that at some point, you stop losing weight regardless of how long you fast.

At some point there is no more energy to burn so no more to lose. No fat no muscle, bone density goes down. The only thing left is to break down organs.

No. 1465343

This is disturbing.

No. 1465350

that seems incredibly painful, i feel so bad after looking at these

No. 1465953

File: 1647148309353.png (304.91 KB, 596x403, yikes.png)

No. 1466310

File: 1647187508322.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 449.5 KB, 1152x2048, A4C0B935-81E5-44F5-B1AB-05C464…)

No. 1466543

File: 1647205129806.jpeg (485.81 KB, 828x1172, 80146B99-4260-4F0A-865B-E0C25B…)

Horror show

No. 1466711

How the fuck hasn't she died from sepsis yet?

No. 1467009

Actually I found Ambrose’s Twitter since someone mentioned we can’t find her https://twitter.com/deviihunting?s=21(sage)

No. 1467043

selfpost? unsaged nonmilk, sure feels like it!

No. 1467227

File: 1647264218968.jpg (38.43 KB, 478x597, contributors_2650.width-640.jp…)

She's 100% skinwalking Hannah Rose Dalton from Matieres Fecales.

No. 1467356

I hate this bitch

No. 1467429

File: 1647279206515.jpg (1.78 MB, 4096x2545, 1595659906895.jpg)

They don't look infected to me, just sore. Y'all believe this malingering cow way too much. She's just exaggerating to get us riled up for attention. It's obvious she reads this thread and gets off from people being shocked by her antics. I find it very hard to believe that she's capable of writing a legible 12k word count smut fic, yet magically can't type for shit. No "proofreader" is going to willingly go through a 12k word count of gibberish "tpppedfl liehk dissggf" at the speed she's posting her work.

Wake up and smell the cow pies, nonas.

No. 1467452

she's always said her brother proofreads her shit between him and herself. she's not even posting anything that quickly. she's posted two short snippets. relax. and infections don't have to look like zombie skin for something to come out when you squeeze them. inflamed is exactly how they look when they're mildly infected. they're thin razor cuts not open gunshot wounds leaking green puss.

No. 1467507

Exactly, some of these nonas would believe the “muh brother proofreads it” reason. Wake up. Her typing is so bad that her brother would have to re-type everything she writes. Is he that unoccupied?

I’m starting to think some of you willingly delude yourselves to believe her lies just so this cow will be milky.

No. 1467531

I don't know about that. Doubt she's aware of Fecal Matter, but besides they haven't got an original bone in their body.

No. 1467532

>Her typing is so bad that her brother would have to re-type everything she writes

she said she proofreads it herself first. people aren't gullible/stupid they just keep up with what she says or are longtime followers lol. and he is unemployed, he's a writer who moved in to help her parents take care of her since two boomers taking care of a schizo would likely need help. who knew if she had violent tendencies, her private diary indicated as much. keep up, newfag.

No. 1467679

You are as brain damaged as Lucinda wishes she was

No. 1467686

No. 1467693

Pretty sure it's the same one or two whiteknights who have been keeping up these mental gymnastics for a while now, if it isn't just the cow herself.

No. 1468402

File: 1647328011953.jpeg (428.03 KB, 828x588, 8AAE5298-7711-46DE-A208-4C9397…)

I personally don’t buy that she fainted without anyone noticing. That’s gonna be one clogged toilet.

No. 1468441

How does she carry all of this home? Her parents help her bring her purge fuel home? Morbid

No. 1468443

It’s the same ones who believe her when she says she’s not trying to white wash her photos, that it’s just lighting, while consistently editing her photos to make her skin paler and whiter.

I’m bored of this cow now. Ambrose was the only enjoyable arc.

No. 1468490

her parents must feel very hopeless now and just hope that she will retain some nutrition from binge purge, "at least she's eating something"

No. 1468515

File: 1647345839010.jpg (13.7 KB, 426x357, e44fca55a6fb861266d2674f7bed40…)

I love the retarded cycle of purgerers. Instead of buying PROTEIN based foods, or veggies, they fill up their bodies with toxic carbs and process foods and they feel guilty and drepressed afterwards.
Well maybe if you had an ACTUAL diet with lean meats, very low carbs and fresh produce, maybe retard you wouldn't be throwing up all those toxins out of your body.
I can have a pizza or two a month, maybe… but with people who purge is either super high carb products or sugar infused crap, like.. there's other things in the grocery store ffs.
I simply believe they had no education when it comes to eating and had no traditional or homemade cooking around their household, that eventually while having no standards ends up in them eating random shit all the time.(sage your blog)

No. 1468517

I just keep picturing that image of the bulimic dead woman hunched over the toilet , idk what’s worse, legging her starve or letting her purge

No. 1468541

>eat low-carb
>eat fresh produce
pick one, but at least your bowels are regular, dipshit

No. 1468924

are you retarded? no, really.

No. 1468973

NTA but anon is right. Carbs from veggies and fruit are classed and metabolized differently than other carbs. Fiber, the most common form of carbs in veggies, isn't even metabolized, it's just passed.

No. 1469029

what? she wants to throw up the toxins, what difference does it make whether she's eating "healthy" or not. she literally constantly says she's not happy unless her stomach is empty so i don't think it matters what foods she's eating. nice blogpost tho retard

No. 1469666

File: 1647416318779.jpeg (468.67 KB, 828x1026, BF8C205F-B516-4566-A7E8-714DD6…)

the unicorn popped off

No. 1469680

This. She does weird stuff like write like a retard or lie about infections to get attention, she definitely reads this thread and might even be posting here because some of these posters sound so unhinged and whiteknight-y. I remember them trashing eugenia cooney and saying lucinda was better, deserved more attention, etc. which sounded like a shameless selfpost. The stuff she says on social media also correlate with what's posted here so I have no doubt she reads these posts and says stuff she knows people here will talk about.

No. 1469776

she needs to pop off the lid to some antipsychotics
>he was like scary heartless psycho cannibla oooo so cool OK how does he feel knowing kinned gay meowmeow in love with empath who liked fishing and dogs and wnd all he ever wanted was love <3
wtf does this even MEAN

No. 1469806

I have this theory she types retarded because she's so tired she closes her eyes and just types or she's trying to get around EDTWT bot bans

No. 1469843

Something along the lines of:
> Didn’t Ambrose relate to / pretend to be Hannibal because Hannibal was a scary, psycho cannibal? Ooh, so cool [sarcastic]. I wonder how Ambrose feels about the fact that Hannibal is actually in love with Will Graham, a pure-hearted uwu empath?

No. 1469850

she has 6k followers, almost all of which are mentally ill children who are either troons, furries, or cutters themselves. unhinged and whiteknighty is exactly what they would sound like. this thread has its fair share of stans and nonfarmers who love to cowtip on her cc.

No. 1469890

She's been posting a lot cow pictures on her Twitter too, she's not exactly subtle.

No. 1470085

i thought that this was salvia at first glance

No. 1470130

File: 1647450309203.jpeg (569.97 KB, 828x1179, 682B2B88-7A79-4100-8E1C-D32F1A…)

Damn, finally there’s a real chance for her to upload new YT vids.

No. 1470149

Popped off? It's been months and she's bringing it back. Funny how people here keep mentioning wanting Ambrose drama to come back, and then she tries to revive it.

No. 1470156

File: 1647451655095.png (437.75 KB, 531x586, lucinda_edtwt_&_shtwt_(@oswald…)

Also, something I've noticed but she's started making … reaction images? Out of her own face. It feels like she wants people here to start saving them and using them for meme purposes.

No. 1470164

She's trying to capitalize on her cow image and be the new Boxxxy for the anachan/edtwt crowd

No. 1470173

File: 1647452311365.png (3.69 KB, 683x95, Screenshot (65).png)

i seriously think this might have been her, from the twitch thread talking about emiru

No. 1470187

MTE. it really does feel like she's trying to force herself as a meme. Her moment of fame on EDtwt is dying down, most people there either silently wait for her death, or are uncomfortable with her nude bodychecks. I feel like she's gonna "snap" again and go after some other user, though I don't know who.
Interesting find, that does read a lot like her.

No. 1470200

Yeah she's obviously batshit insane, but I've always thought she was more lucid & calculating than the image she presents online. I think she knows her shocking appearance and dumb typing style are meme-able and is trying to capitalize on them to get internet famous. Jokes on us, she was only pretending to be retarded!

No. 1470219

so much tinfoil after she triggered ambrose's 12 besties lol

No. 1470222

How is it a tinfoil? It's been something she's been doing for a while, and talked about before. Calm down, triggered unicorn bestie.

No. 1470240

Are we still pretending anyone who remotely criticizes this cow is an Ambrose stan? Yawn

No. 1470284

This seems like her. Would farmhands be able to compare the ip of this comment to comments in this thread to see if she’s been selfposting?

No. 1470387

There was some typing like that in ot about 2/3 days ago. It was something about food. I even replied ok Lucinda kek. I went back and looked for it that night actually and couldn’t find it for the life of me so I probably won’t be able to find it now

No. 1470390

That sounds like someone typing and pretending to be her. She can type perfectly fine and her selfposts wouldn't have the distinct style imo. Im sure she self posts though, some of the posts defending herself just sound so much like an anachan praising herself.

No. 1470461

Man I need to get off this thread or something. Last night I had a dream where I took Lucinda to a zoo and honestly it had a really pleasant vibe to it + we hit it off really well but I woke up feeling very much retarded that my brain would generate that shit.

No. 1470553

About a month ago I had a dream where I was being pursued by a group of people working at a tourist attraction castle. I was aware that I was Lucinda and had to escape the castle by getting into a water system inside the castle walls (it was kinda like Venice where the inside could be navigated by gondolas). I can't swim so I had to get in and pull myself along by grabbing handfuls of plant life (I was still Lucinda while all this was happening)

No. 1470562

Huh that's very interesting, glad I'm not the only one. She is a very captivating character I guess.

No. 1470785

File: 1647477636788.jpg (524.8 KB, 1152x2048, FN-_IZbWQAcDH5r.jpeg.jpg)

just depressing how thin she's gotten. never stops.

No. 1470786

File: 1647477662315.jpg (395.06 KB, 1152x2048, FN-_IZcXIAcY7RJ.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1470794

File: 1647478041841.jpg (317.71 KB, 1080x745, Screenshot_20220316-204458.jpg)

No. 1470828

Have you ever thrown up a salad? It’s unpleasant. People who b/p regularly tend to choose foods that come up easily, and not get stuck in your teeth like lettuce will (going in or out). The nutrient values aren’t really a consideration.

No. 1470908

Thin from all of that wobbly Photoshop, sure.

No. 1470926

that's loose skin, retard

No. 1470979

Tile lines just mysteriously disappeared between thighs, retard?

No. 1470982

Is this Luci? Kek those legs are so obviously shooped

No. 1470984

you're forgetting our unicow has a bush to shoop out nonnie. in any case that thigh gap has been consistent and she said she'll be posting tiktok videos - i'm sure her inevitable bodychecks will reveal the truth.

No. 1470987

File: 1647487149989.jpg (387.99 KB, 1152x2048, FN_ixWFX0AMMLQu.jpeg.jpg)

you can see on her right thigh it wiggles the same. look up excess skin from weight loss. it sits like a turd pile. she went from like 100kg to 35kg with 0 muscle mass you can see the texture of her whole thigh is lumpy lol.

No. 1471090

I don't think her thighs being lumpy is the reason some anons are saying photoshop. The line in the tile between her legs is gone.

No. 1471191

To me by looks the tile line is hidden behind fabric, the hard line "crotch" isn't the actual ending of the fabric. You can tell better by the second picture >>1470786
The camera grain is awful, but the off pink colour continues past where you'd assume a end to the costume would be. Could be wrong though.

No. 1471204

love how no ones talking numbers. she somehow weighs 78 pounds even tho she has a ridiculous amount of excess skin. there’s no way.

No. 1471230

and she said she could only weigh herself at the pharmacy where I’m assuming she doesn’t strip naked so she would have to subtract a few pounds because of clothes? And go there quite frequently too.
Did she mention getting her own scale? I don’t follow her on twitter

No. 1471244

Don’t worry, anon. Now that that’s posted here, the unicorn will magically receive a scale.

I wouldn’t put it past her to lie about her actual weight.

No. 1471553

File: 1647534368337.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 393.58 KB, 1152x2048, 189EABDF-773D-44B4-BA14-6E4452…)


No. 1471574

Oh no… the part going to her pubic mounds is sooo…

No. 1471910

File: 1647551656212.png (1.41 MB, 828x1792, ADE9BB8A-B999-426F-A729-3CAC21…)

She posted a video of how she moves around.

No. 1471934

well she has it nailed walking like someone who just shits and pisses themselves

No. 1471976

She looks like someone’s lost abuela.

No. 1472005

Is she really 78lbs?

No. 1472016

just looks like the granny sack is a bit unflattering since she's bent over

No. 1472078

Wtf all you twitterfags post a vid since you have to log in for adult content now apparently

No. 1472134

File: 1647562232536.png (77.68 KB, 590x448, lucinda.png)

why am i doing this instead of my work

No. 1472135

File: 1647562258803.webm (2.26 MB, 480x640, walking.webm)

No. 1472137

File: 1647562292250.webm (1.63 MB, 480x640, chairs.webm)

video from the last tweet

No. 1472411

>that thumbnail kek

No. 1472604

File: 1647592440624.jpeg (310.05 KB, 750x660, DFC567E0-8051-4313-BAFA-E2F334…)

Somebody didn’t believe she was 78lbs so she took her brother’s scale and turns out she’s actually 75lbs

No. 1472613

her tweets are so weird recently. you can see how proud she is of her weight now, she really think she’s better than others and she writes like she knows everything. her self-esteem seems really high. what is also weird she lost interactions with her mutuals. she used to have so much comments and you would think that she would gain popularity with a lower weight but people seem to ignore her like maybe get bored of her

No. 1472706

welcome to edtwt. no one actually wants you to reach your gw. they just want another fat kid to make accountability threads and fail with them. they're happy to join in the celebration when someone gloats that they're finally no longer overweight and are carefully logging their oatmeal and quest bar omads. lucinda just vomits. she's extremely self destructive. just last night she tweeted she doesn't drink water. it's depressing.

besides, lucinda's a terrifying looking sliced up skelly not the lily rose depp type edtwt goes for, so she cut her demographic short ever since she added "shtwt" to her user. if they follow someone skinny it's to get tips off their tweets, and all lucinda does is say her body has adapted to vomiting everything she eats in between sanrio and hannibal shipping.

No. 1472759

I think her crowd has just shifted now that she's more recoveryspo than anything else at this point. Too skinny clearly out of her mind and just sad to witness. I also have a theory that it's frustrating for the fatties who follow her to see her clearly happy with her underweight body only to constantly establish that she's sick and dying and that eating disorders are deadly, but also refuses to recover. It makes them feel like she's gatekeeping which obviously isn't her intention. But jealous fat girls will seethe.

No. 1472849

Her family enables her so goddamn much.

No. 1473144

File: 1647632069900.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 407.41 KB, 828x919, 5926A2AE-8302-4EA0-A4D9-9E4DB5…)

No. 1473174

god she moves like my 80 year old grandmother

No. 1473184

I am now definitely thoroughly convinced that she edits her photos. She looks slightly underweight in the videos but not bone rattling thin like in her photos. Especially with the extra skin, there's no way she's 75 pounds.

No. 1473203

i kind of think so too. have we ever confirmed her height? sorry for blog but in that vid she's built like me and i still weigh a good 90 lbs while short af

No. 1473214

She holds he mouth open like she’s retarded. She looks like bodhi schofield when he was drugged out of his mind

No. 1473226

>before and after drug abuse

No. 1473608

She says she is 5'6, she looks no thinner than a friend of mine who is the same height and weighs 110-115 pounds. There's absolutely no way she is under 100.

She can pop those collarbone out and edit her lumpy body all she wants for photos. Whatever makes her feel validated I guess.

No. 1473675

she could be short and lying abt her height for some reason.

No. 1473711

she's covered in thick loose skin, she's not gonna look like the bony bmi 12 girls that hourly thinspo bots pump out when they're just guessing stats themselves. she posted a picture of her scale. just seethe and go.

this is giving me flashbacks to when people didn't believe she was really schizophrenic and then she doxxed herself with a wholeass certified medical diagnosis that even showed she was fucking retarded lmao

No. 1473717

LARPing as someone with a lower weight and higher height isn't exactly uncommon in edtwt so..

She just posted a vid of her showing how loose her skin is. Maybe tomorrow she'll post a video of her weighing herself to prove she's not cheating the scale.

No. 1473728

>seethe and go
Do you not realize where you are? Don’t use words to try and fit in. This is not a hugbox. People can criticize or ask questions, debate, and gossip. Take your own advice. Just because you know how to sage doesn’t mean you belong here.
Have you actually been here for longer than lucindas threads been here and participated in, not just lurking, anything besides this and ot?? Like I said, take your own advice.

No. 1473730

Samefag, i forgot to say ntayrt and you’re a dumb bint

No. 1473757

Your friend didn't lose 165lbs through 5 years of starvation and no exercise. Lucinda might as well be wearing sweatpants made of skin.

No. 1473762

Nta but it doesn't look like loose skin in the video, she's visibly thinner in pictures which makes me think she's either cheating the angles or photoshopping.

No. 1473782

how the fuck would she be able to cheat the scale if she supposedly weighs 40lbs more than the scale says? did she gradually levitate when she stood on it? lmao. she has to be lying about her height.

No. 1473804

Hold on to something while standing on the scale? Common sense might really be scarce these days, huh.

No. 1473844

i’m not saying she’s cheating but tbh i don’t think she would be smart enough to know that a scale works like that

No. 1473847

I'm inclined to believe Lucinda all in all, but you don't have to be very smart to figure out a scale works that way. If like most people you have a scale in the bathroom, you can notice it just by leaning a bit on the sink or towel rack.

No. 1473889


it's one thing to lean on the sink and watch the numbers dance higher but to actually get them to a specific number(realistically lower than the weight she first said she weighed at the pharmacy with clothes on) while also keeping herself steady enough that the scale can register her weight in order for her to take a picture is like. a whole different story. at least that's how my scale works.

No. 1473942

you could take a video and then scroll through to take a screenshot when it hits the "goal" weight
just spitballing ideas here

No. 1474011

I love the hard 180 turn of “she’s losing so much weight, she’s gonna die” to “she’s faking, there’s no way she’s as thin as she says.” Some of you went from hugbox to bone rattling really quick.

No. 1474017

because she posted new videos that call into question whether she edits her photos you WKing retard, can you follow a sequence of events?

No. 1474027

Eh, she obviously edits her photos tho so it’s not like it’s anything new. I’m not wking, just laughing at how tinfoily everyone is suddenly about her tricking the scale when they were all worried for her like 5 mins ago.

No. 1474065

File: 1647711051202.jpg (501.27 KB, 1152x2048, FOOoAxGWYAoue5n.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1474069

File: 1647711152817.jpg (514.73 KB, 1152x2048, FOOoAxGXMAYbn8W.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1474095

>Doesn't drink water, muh bladder.
>Drinks copious amounts of sugar free fizzy shit.
Wonder what the state of her teeth are too.

No. 1474109

warp tool, angles, or what have you, that's clearly the arm of someone who's skin and bones. i find lucinda to be quite honest if not to a fault. it's not like she hasn't proved she's loyal to her anorexia. she would've gotten to 75lbs eventually. i've been following her since the ambrose drama and i can genuinely say she's never looked like she's gained. ever.

No. 1474147

Carbonation helps with barfing.

No. 1474287

File: 1647722085966.jpeg (392.9 KB, 1044x634, 3C303C73-652B-4957-9B59-7FBCCE…)

sage for dumb observation but when I was very malnourished, the lunulae on my nails completely disappeared. it’s been years and they still never came back. it’s possible she never had them, some people don’t, or it’s possible it’s from something else, but this could also be another sign that her body is deteriorating (as if that’s not completely obvious). it’s a known sign of malnourishment or other deficiencies. it’s also a sign of kidney failure.

this is just getting frustrating and annoying to watch.

No. 1474603

I've literally never had that

No. 1474693

kidney stone saga coming soon!

No. 1474807

File: 1647756787855.jpg (59.72 KB, 553x792, ouch her ovaries.jpg)

This made me laugh.

No. 1474812

she's genuinely hilarious lmao she's got plenty of gold tweets in her a day. it makes sense considering she said she was the ~charismatic class clown~ in high school.

No. 1474829

like I said, some people don’t. but if you have them and then they disappear, it can be a bad sign. I’ve just never noticed her natural nails so clearly in a photo before, they’re usually painted or out of the frame.

No. 1474896

God this would be so hard to recover from, she needs like a professional PROFESSIONAL team. I don't think she'd lie about her weight but shes literally just excess skin & bone. It's like putting a blanket over eugenia, she would still be skinny, just covered in a blanket
She's actually hilarious and doesn't censor at all, I'm glad she still kept her sense of humor throughout everything

No. 1475452

In the videos and some photos her skin doesn't even look that loose. It's noticeable around her stomach and chest, but not elsewhere. She could easily stand on a scale on a bath mat or carpet and it'd register lighter, try it for yourself.

I'm not doubting she's ill, but I don't believe she's 75 pounds. There is still fat under the skin on her arms and legs, even if it's not much.

No. 1475484

File: 1647819526319.png (280.73 KB, 1536x864, Untitled.png)

lowkey tinfoil but if someone wants to try to do this lol. it's either a 16in sq tile or a 12in sq tile. Assuming she is a size six matches up with a 6.3in foot and the 12in tile.

No. 1475833

try to do.. what? measure her feet?
anon please take your meds

No. 1475851

File: 1647841813820.jpeg (981.99 KB, 1536x1526, 7B67843C-0E1D-4FF8-84A5-7F0584…)

No. 1475853

File: 1647841864960.jpeg (746.38 KB, 1458x2592, 7A73D2A9-6A0C-4D88-B203-5D94F2…)

Looking extra sped-y

No. 1475868

This might be her most iconic photo yet

No. 1475896

This post is weird and terminally autistic

No. 1475908

she's still lying about her weight

No. 1475938

These two sound so similar, lol. Lucinda, love that you read here. Probably the WK who’s so defensive every time there’s a discussion about her possibly lying.(sage your shit)

No. 1475944

sorry fam, she's my new PT; do we hate her, or have we grown enamored with what remains of her personality and kind of hope she gets better even though she obviously won't? the answer is yes and yes

No. 1475998

She’s a queen

No. 1476006

Unicorn fashionista moment

No. 1476260

File: 1647883811214.png (1.37 MB, 755x1233, Screenshot_20220321-102904.png)

The white hair and dark eyes give me emaciated doll vibes from Bloodborne, especially when she wears anything frilly or a headdress/hair band. Maybe it's just the vacuous stare that gives me that impression. I kind of like it? Better than her real hair and moomoo gown.

No. 1476633

File: 1647910822058.png (277.93 KB, 373x367, 147052770514.png)

I actually dig her moo-moos,
she's the pioneer of the MeSalve/Capri-core aesthetic.

No. 1476805

see, I think she should put the white hair and muumuu together and make abuelita-corn her ultimate fashion

No. 1477101

ngl….realizing interacting with cows is vorboten….but..LUCINDA REALLY HAS SN ADMIRABLE AESTHETIC.her poses r inspo. just sayin shes the best looking cow 2 date imo(wk-ing, no sage)

No. 1477148

File: 1647959704111.png (294.2 KB, 358x396, yeah he's totally fine.PNG)

no, she's the new pt. a lovable disgusting pitiful trainwreck
her aesthetic is foul and she looks like someone's abuela lost her dog and now she's shambling around outside hoping it comes back to her on its own since she'll break a hip if she tries to run
she is wretched; it's just that some of us just prefer to adopt a 23 year old toothless Chinese crested hound instead of a cute poodle

No. 1477190

No, she's not. Stop trying to make that ~uwu she's the new Pt u guyzzz~ happens. It's cringe.
PT never came here to selfpost and defends herself (but also on KF…look up the "scrungly" user, it's obviously her or one of her calves. Very active on the Eugenia Cooney thread and spouting their usual WK bs on the Munchida one. What a coincidence, right ? Kek)

We keep asking for a post reveal for months but alas, LC is so dead rn that I've lost any hope to have one.

No. 1477327

Don't listen to the hater, I understand you.

No. 1477372

File: 1647974973693.jpeg (476.09 KB, 1152x2048, 49B11411-DF1E-42EE-9F26-30727D…)

Kind of a slay?

No. 1477376

ok this actually looks pretty great

No. 1477378

If the dress was ironed it would be.

No. 1477405

Uh-oh, I can hear the ana-chan Lolitas rattling. See them call her a fat sow.

No. 1477421

Unironically adorable

No. 1477425

She makes me think of furbies, they’re basically like a jump scare to look at at first, but the more you stare at them the less ugly they look.

No. 1477488

lol true.

No. 1477573

Underrated comment

No. 1478505

lmao this. say what you want but i love our retarded unicorn.

No. 1479041

File: 1648066953063.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.39 KB, 680x680, FOjoT0ZXoAUBU8P.jpg)

good lord she's lost so much weight her excess skin is literally just hanging off her. that shit must feel so uncomfortable.

No. 1479077

oh right, the body horror

No. 1479078

I swear this thread is twitter central.

No. 1479106

It all looks cheap af and unkempt, wtf are anons about it being cute?

No. 1479165

All that skin looks so heavy, if she's really 75lbs and at 5'6 then her condition is even worse

No. 1479211

idk, i think it's a cute fantasy look. i like how she's not trying to accentuate her scars or body

No. 1479233

does anyone have the link to the last thread? i’m trying to catch up but i can’t find it

No. 1479283

File: 1648077090017.jpg (400.48 KB, 1080x1277, Screenshot_20220323-190133.jpg)

she's almost bmi 11. i can't imagine the state of her body between pissing herself, vomiting, and starving for over 5 years. shit's terrifying. i guess this is what happens when a schizophrenic meets an eating disorder. truly a cautionary tale.

No. 1479287

File: 1648077279570.jpg (476.87 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20220323-190104.jpg)

i mean you seriously have to be out of your fucking mind to post this in complete confidence and be proud? this is hideous. her family must be gutted watching her do this to herself. can she really not be forcibly hospitalized?

No. 1479342

>a cautionary tale.
To old couples who try to conceive, even men has a biological clock before they start producing schizophrenic sperm.
As for Lucinda, How much longer do you all think she have before she dies?

No. 1479424

It was the same with chris chan.

No. 1479611

1) sage
2) i feel like she’s lying about her weight or has a malfunctioning scale, because at 5’6” in the photo where she’s claiming to be 135 she looks more 150. her arms and chest didn’t have crazy loose skin yet, the inside of her body looks close to her skin. even at what she’s saying is “75”, at 5’6” i know she would be a little more gaunt if that were an accurate number.

No. 1479651

Agreed. I know she has loose skin, but she just doesn't look like she's currently almost HALF the weight she was in the 135lbs before picture. I don't understand why she's lying 'cause her actual weight would still be impressively low to the brain damaged pro-ana morons that follow her on Twitter.

No. 1479730

Is that lanugo on the back/inside of her thigh or just blurry and bad quality? Not gonna lie, I’ve never seen an anorexic with lanugo in other places than the arms even the super spoopy ones

No. 1479745

you either have never been remotely close to 150 or youre morbidly obese and delusional to think 150 looks like this on someone of average height LOL 150 is overweight and in her pre photos she has a thigh gap even w loose skin. loose skin start forming as soon as u lose 20-25 lbs. her collarbones are visible albeit edited w the burn filter she goes on and on about. she was probably 135 in those photos. i dont think she is 75lbs now, but she definitely wasnt 150 before.

No. 1479802

Anon I agree with you that she does indeed look 135lbs(61kg), however 150lbs(68kg) on someone who is 167cm tall is actually in the healthy BMI range lmao.

No. 1479872

File: 1648136222408.jpeg (413.78 KB, 828x1336, C5EB418F-0FE9-42E8-A7C6-5B1806…)

Honestly, until there is a video of her weighing herself, I will not believe 75 lbs. Are we really going to believe this story involving her brother when she could easily take a pic of the scale in the pharmacy she supposedly weighs herself?

Like, all those months, no photo of the pharmacy scale? Please.

I think she lied about her weight when she was fat (like subtract 10 pounds from the actual weight) and just kept doing it and now we are at a point where 10 pounds difference is massive.

No. 1479876

She can be forcibly hospitalized. I don’t understand why this isn’t happening. If that doesn’t happen, she is seriously going to die. Like not long from now. Either organ failure or she could go into shock during a mass self-harm session with her body in that state.

No. 1479883

its because she is in puerto rico. the hospitals she has been to previously were not humane.

No. 1479931

nona have you ever seen someone who’s 5’6” and 150? they don’t look obese. they look how lucinda did when she claimed to be 135…so worked up over someone else’s weight maybe you need to go back to edtwt

No. 1479932

where is the fifth thread? i can’t find any of it

No. 1479961

i agree, ill believe it when i see proof of her stepping on a scale with no trickery. she looks exactly like i did at 120-115 and i am the same height and also lost weight from 200lbs. sage for the blog but she would literally be swimming in her skin if she truly was at 75lbs now. i went back to the first thread and she only looks like shes lost about 20 lbs from that time. which would make her 120lbs now. lying sack of shit lmfao

No. 1479977

It's in the OP thread list. There's two threads labeled #4 by mistake, but the list is accurate. #5 should be the unicorn war thread.

No. 1480002

No. 1480020

She’ll soon reach the supposed 60s and people will catch on. Lucinda can’t be the only person on edtwt who started at a high weight and is now at two digits (or so she says). 5’6” is also a common height. We’ll just wait ‘til someone speaks up and question her.

No. 1480024


She just has a lot of dark and thick body hair

No. 1480041

>lying sack of shit
calm your a-loging, nonny.
Personally I hope she's lying. I'd much rather her fib about being 70lbs than actually starve herself to 70lbs. But then again, I'm a normal person. You ana-chans are weird.

No. 1480059

File: 1648149857331.jpeg (418.8 KB, 828x865, A8C684CF-AD25-4FEB-AC6E-221B9A…)

kek why

No. 1480074

It just seems fishy her brother would give in to her and give her the scale. Especially when her parents went through the trouble of getting rid of the one she had. Like, does her brother not see how bad she looks? Fucking weird.

No. 1480115

File: 1648154107197.png (436.6 KB, 720x1309, Screenshot_20220324-163415-404…)

Oh shit

No. 1480119

What does this actually mean for her though? I feel like I’ve seen her do this before and it never results in anything.

No. 1480120

tbf being her sibling is probably a mindfuck and she wouldn’t be how she is if anyone in her family KNEW what to do to help her so

No. 1480209

nice. i hope she's serious about it

No. 1480218

With how her insides are right now i hope she starts on a liquid diet for a good while

No. 1480328

She said she purged already

No. 1480443

yeah she needs to start with V8 and 100% grape juice; I doubt she could even stomach milk at this point

No. 1480557

File: 1648177220117.jpeg (679.01 KB, 828x1350, 7F342AB9-33B6-4903-AA22-B6E494…)

kraft mac and cheese requires milk, right

No. 1480580

I really hope she sticks to it. She looks so much better in on the left picture in >>1479287

No. 1480783

tinfoil but I think the weight she tells us she is might be what she suspects her weight is minus the excess skin? Like maybe she thinks her skin is 15lb so knocks that off whatever she actually is?

No. 1481026

Probably, yeah. Except loose skin doesn't even weigh that much especially in her case.

This sudden recovery era just when we're discussing her lying about her weight is so convenient. Probably going to gradually "gain a couple of pounds" until her lie is not as obvious anymore.


In the edited photos, she's a pale white girl, with bones protruding everywhere. Props for learning the dodge and burn tool.

But the videos she posted tells a different story. Her body is of a 120-130 lbs, or even more if we add the weight of loose skin. I'm sorry but she is not "scary" thin as some people think.

If these were true, her loyalty to anorexia/bulimia also isn't real then. The supposed months of starvation and puking literally everything. She'd actually be 75 lbs right now and deathly skinny if they were real.

… but, of course, we will never know the truth. You be the judge.

No. 1481342

130 pounds is a HUGE stretch anon
She's 100 pounds max. When she pulls her skin there is nothing underneath it. She's basically wearing a hoodie made of her own skin

No. 1481364

File: 1648244037017.png (615.51 KB, 487x884, luci3.PNG)

No. 1481400

How is she able to stomach all that?
I wonder if she’s actually been starving and purging as much as she implies.
But if this is true than good for her I hope this lasts more than a week.

No. 1481418

I don't wanna be too optimistic and realistically her body is permanently fucked but I really hope she recovers, please commit to it unicorn queen!!

No. 1481493

really hope she keeps at it. she looks so normal in her unedited pics.

No. 1481688

i hope her body is able to process that, this made me so happy to see

No. 1481915

File: 1648294184227.png (53.42 KB, 890x213, oswaldslunch.png)

Having VISIOSN, gifts, conencted to the 5D didmensionmension. Huamns don't understand.

Sure, Jan.

No. 1482037

aw her lil tea party jammies

No. 1482085

75 lbs might be her wet dream, but it's far from reality.

No. 1482577

She’s posting some of the most autistic tiktoks on her twitter right now my god
Im on my phone and don’t know how to post them can a nonnie do us the honors?

No. 1482763

They're… actually pretty entertaining lol. She has so much charisma. It's fun.

No. 1482802

File: 1648349351307.jpg (246.82 KB, 720x696, 20220326_225135.jpg)

is this shit normal? i'm pleasantly surprised though, it's nice to see her being so positive about the changes.

No. 1482826

Is she now going to troon out completely? Something tells me that this recovery saga is happening because of the tit chopping surgery, since she talked about them not too long ago.

No. 1483049

File: 1648361292760.jpg (5.58 KB, 250x250, shiggy.jpg)

Wasn't she basically disabled last week, >>1472137 barely able to walk? Now she's bouncing all around like nothing was ever wrong with her…

No. 1483130

tbf it's one 15 second video, not like she's busting major moves or joined a dance academy.

No. 1483226

i truly hope she reads this thread sometime and sees how hopeful and happy we are to see even the slightest chance that she might recover

No. 1483250

On the one hand I really hope she does stick to recovery and we get to watch her get out of this hole, on the other hand it's really important that she does it for the right reasons. I want to say that the best case scenario is she recovers and they give her gender counselling to make her really think about if this is absolutely something she wants to commit to. It would be heartbreaking to see her recover only to have a surgery she later regrets

No. 1483454

Cringe. It's not about you anon

No. 1483616

File: 1648393842741.jpeg (451.85 KB, 828x1271, CD4D3793-27E9-435C-9CE4-E84F62…)

No. 1483883

File: 1648409793566.jpeg (442.96 KB, 828x896, B9789F05-1887-4FC1-8F3A-CD85C7…)

Also, she’s apparently making her YouTube comeback tomorrow.

No. 1483890

Nonnie, she and her friends actively post in this thread

No. 1484084

is it reasonable to plan recovery while hoping to maintain 75lbs in weight? Also it just occured to me that a unicorn transformation might be her way of saying shes going to transition into a dude. Shes been saying for months that 75lbs will make her transform and then suddenly she's talking about cutting her breasts off? She would also, um, acquire a "horn"

No. 1484811

File: 1648462819963.jpg (471.63 KB, 1080x1402, Screenshot_20220328-031901_Adb…)

No. 1484817

That hoard… she really is soren 2.0

No. 1484818

What is her tiktok @?

No. 1484870

None of its reasonable because she’s schizophrenic and extremely out of touch with reality. Like good for her that the latest delusion is recovery but I don’t know why people put so much weight into whatever mad thing her demented Furby brain is misfiring about on a particular day.

No. 1484881

If she manages to focus long enough to do this one video even only one time I will be actually impressed.

No. 1484901

this is gonna be some true fucking gem.
looking forward to her brain cells misfiring like hell.

No. 1484944

It’s oswaldslunchy. Her bio has her socials.

Didn’t she say she bought and waited for her laptop before she can make a video because she will edit with it? But she’s editing using her phone for this new video. Just kinda weird since you can edit more efficiently and render faster when using a laptop.

No. 1484946

File: 1648478527726.jpg (514.17 KB, 1622x2560, 22-03-28-10-39-18-317_deco.jpg)

Sage for no milk
Following up on the speculation of her manipulating the scale, I did a comparison of my scale on the floor vs on a bath mat.

No. 1485004

she posted the video, she is almost normal. She talks normally, it's clear she is LARPING how bad her mental illness is. She is not fucking schizophrenic, she is mentally ill but exaggerating it for twitter points. She is coherent and I think she's smarter than we think. I wish she'd drop the LARP and start to type normally and address her mental illness like an adult, she's doing nobody any favor by pretending to be a retard. She's just normal

No. 1485007

Sorry Nona but her speaking fine has nothing to do with her typing/spelling. Do all dyslexics talk like retards? No

No. 1485009

watch her first video, she is pretending to be a retard literally and now she is appearing relatively normal after gaining an audience off pretending to be a mouth drooling retard

No. 1485015

so she doesn't do the stammering trainwreck routine any more..?
almost no twitches and spasms at all, and I don't think it's because of a proper editing.

what a little calculating fraud she is.

and I don't believe her 75 lb routine, either.

No. 1485023

She's got some quite limited vocabulary, like some pretty uneducated trailer trash. Seems not so helpless and she's obviously able to do much more than sitting in a comfy chair all day, pissing herself.
Why not let her enjoy that litte warm shower of attention, alright. But a final nutcase, she is certainly not.

No. 1485028

Okay I was the anon defending her and I take it back she’s definitely less retardy in this video but there is a year between these and stammering and brain fog can be down to medication and can be different day to day

Honestly I’m just hoping luci isn’t a complete and utter fraud and liar I’ve become quite fond of her as cringe as that is

No. 1485033

At least her cutting seem to be real. But that doesn't make her a rEaLlY sPeShUl sNoWfLaKe.

No. 1485057

She still sounds pretty retarded to me

No. 1485077

File: 1648490365141.png (172.78 KB, 772x870, Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 1.58…)

These seem more accurate at this point.

No. 1485079

she said immediately after uploading that one that she stuttered because she was excited, and that it wasn't likely that she would sound the same in her next video. you guys are such newfags lol.

right you can clearly tell something is wrong with her even with all the editing. she twitches a lot and seems somewhat monotonous, which is consistent with schizophrenia. there's periods of psychosis and catatonia and complete changes in personality, which i think is pretty consistent with what we're seeing.

if this were the case she'd be acting the same as in the first video, if not wilder since her fanbase increased. larpers love exploitation and shock value and are dedicated method actors. tiktok tourettes larpers have proved that.

No. 1485091

Hi, Lucinda.(hi cow)

No. 1485095

Literally no munchie does that. She doesn't even admit she's schizophrenic.

No. 1485109

i'm willing to accept she's probably autistic or something but yeah probably not schizo.

No. 1485117

imo it's just completely unbelievable that she would drop the ball and make us think she isn't sick by uploading a video of her being anything less than what we expect. if it's all fake and she lurks this thread there's no way she wouldn't stay consistent with the hardcore tard rapping. i just think of pixie and her DID fuckery and how they basically make themselves webmd caricatures because they're obsessed with convincing people they're sick and make it their whole personality. which is in itself textbook munchie.

No. 1485125

I was thinking the same thing. She's been eating for a couple of days and now she can do energetic dances on camera when before she could barely get up? She wasn't as sick as she was telling people.

No. 1485127

right like i would expect her to fuck up live or in a candid but she said she spent hours editing that video and it's like. if she was faking it in what universe would she just decide to tone it down lmao. she would have to be the world's most retarded larper to decide to not go for the oscar for funsies esp since we know she lurks this thread like wtf would be the thought process behind that.

No. 1485230

File: 1648502753685.jpg (64.69 KB, 719x404, 20220328_182150.jpg)

pooping and peeing everywhere

No. 1485231

File: 1648502817715.jpg (130.08 KB, 720x846, 20220328_182204.jpg)

You have schizophrenia, not powers.

No. 1485242

"I'm not a schizophrenic, I'm a UNICORN!!!"

No. 1485265

I downloaded all the fucking tiktoks but this shit isn't letting me post them.

No. 1485266

File: 1648505753975.jpg (136.42 KB, 720x1029, 20220328_190005.jpg)

No. 1485276

English its not her first language

No. 1485277

File: 1648506348534.jpg (131.38 KB, 720x1173, 20220328_192223.jpg)

No. 1485279

File: 1648506374198.jpg (126.27 KB, 720x1163, 20220328_192209.jpg)

No. 1485280

File: 1648506397048.jpg (130.59 KB, 717x1166, 20220328_192144.jpg)

No. 1485374


she's giving daniel johnston energy(he was schizophrenic as well). i'm pretty sure most schizophrenics just outwardly appear vaguely retarded in some way, essentially hallucinating autists.

No. 1485400

How can you tell whenever someone's a schizo or not? I'm really conflicted because she showed us the papers, could it be a misdiagnosis?

No. 1485424

lucinda's set thinking is(was?) that starving until she was 88lbs would unlock her unicorn powers and connect her to her """"home realm"""" with other unicorns so that alone would make any psychiatrist diagnose her right away if she said something to them. she doesn't even go to therapy anymore. has she talked about how she got diagnosed?

No. 1485484

Its insane how lucid and… normal she is in this video. It's just another instance of her proving she's not as bad as she's describing in her tweets.

I don't see why someone would want to shame themselves like that. In her videos she's eccentric, but could easily have just went down the route of being a charming niche influencer.

No. 1485516

File: 1648520774093.jpeg (111.18 KB, 828x1202, 433CB50A-04F6-4C34-A728-71C7EB…)

No. 1485521

I wonder how many "anons" itt have just been lucinda herself all along. She's hard to pin down, I'll give her that.

No. 1485558

unicow is truly is the gift that keeps on giving i genuinely don't know what would be more hysterical. that she's a schizo trying to hide it or that she's a larper shooting herself in the foot for ????? who fucking knows. whatever happens i'm so hideously invested i want things to get messy.

No. 1485581

File: 1648524381418.jpg (142.2 KB, 720x485, 20220328_233436.jpg)


she was crytyping about being leviathan and seeing insects, and thoughts about killing people on her private blogspot for like 2 years straight, the unicorn thing came after she saw the last unicorn last year. she's always referred to her schizophrenia as a vague neurological condition.

i went through her old one direction fanfiction page at what she typed like in 2016 when she said she was diagnosed and found this. but by 2019 she was replying to all the comments in crytype.

No. 1485594

the schitzos i know (keeping in mind that number is pretty low) are occasionally really good at appearing as “normal” to others when it suits them and only coming across as a little odd. it’s like a spring or a dimmer switch. They can work it to suit their manipulative needs for a little while but they can’t hold it forever, the crazy is gonna come back.
I think she is absolutely schizophrenic but she is manipulative and knows how to work it to a degree to get attention on or off her
That’s why some videos she is batshit insane and barely able to talk, and others she seems a little cold and monotone and even articulate/calculating but you can still see that something is slightly off.

No. 1485620

You're confusing BPD attention whoring with actual schizophrenia.

No. 1485622

Probably half of the thread kek

No. 1485625

File: 1648528260629.jpg (77.04 KB, 720x396, 20220329_012607.jpg)

that was deep

No. 1485641

eh schizos are just vaguely off retards who hallucinate. even then it's a mixed bag re: what they act like. most of them pass as awkward introverts when they're medicated. according to lucinda's cc she burned herself out trying to, essentially, keep from going full retard when she's used to tarding out 24/7 since she's a full time neet with no friends.

No. 1485679

I bet BPD attention whores do it too. I have no doubt. but I was reminded of a couple of schitzo cases i know personally when I saw the dramatic switch in Lucinda which is why I think she does have schizophrenia. she certainly acts like it

No. 1485737

Other anons have covered it, but I’m guessing you’ve never met a schizophrenic or otherwise psychotic person. The nature of the illness is that it fluctuates and changes. Equally, if someone had a schizoaffective type disorder and became floridly psychotic and presented like Lucinda in the first video she posted, you’d be work