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No. 1440356

If you're new, please read lolcow.farm/rules before posting, and remember to sage non-milk

The latest altcows thread, for all the attention seekers, grifters, and other assorted idiots in the alternative community.

Most recent cows:
-Jake Munro, wannabe Manson ripoff, narc youtuber, vanity band member, inspires frumpy tweens and lonely middle aged women alike
-ToxicTears (kaya), alt youtuber, complains about everything, blames meds for weight while eating crap
-ItsBlackFriday (freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Felvae, used to be a witchy instagoth, now an uwu tradwife who is actually the breadwinner
-Feigsfar (Adam), thinly veiled white supremacist on Insta, Felvae's partner
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), alt youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past, believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk like Avelina De Moray, Emily Boo and Jude Bishop. Jude has her own thread as well.

Some highlights from the last thread:

>>1424690 Kaya subtly hints at being cheated on
>>1425051 Jake wants to fly to Australia because he CANNOT fly coach, begs his fans to pay for it
>>1424782 Jake's fans continue to be desperate and gross
>>1425128 Angela shading Jake
>>1425209 Dorian deleted most of her old stuff, might have something to do with the spirits
>>1425323 Jake thinks it's okay to hate kids
Jake goes into damage control, deletes/privates all videos on MAG channel, John (ex cohost, Kaya's former boss/friend) comments >>1425624 , >>1425723
>>1425764 Compilation video of Jake being awful
>>1427671 Jake gets shadowbanned on Instagram from promoting his OF
>>1428399 , >>1428400 fans starting to turn on Jake for being overly sexual on his Twitter but his snaccs still defend him >>1428444
>>1428555 "daddy"
>>1428807 Jake's fake feminism
>>1428841 More whiteknight fans
>>1428903 ,>>1429131 Alienates more fans as he blocks anyone who criticizes him
>>1429412 Jake lies about talking to Kaya, says he'll help her get a place >>1429438
>>1430000 Which (to no one's surprise) turns out to be a lie
>>1432347 Jake privates his Twitter
>>1433998 Goes back to America, then promptly returns, no one knows why
>>1437296 Mara (Psychara) selling low-effort handmade jewelry then makes an ironic post >>1437840
>>1438752 Kaya gets Covid
>>1439360 Mamiehades confirmed lurker, probable selfposter, tired of people clowning on her for her makeup choices

Last thread >>>/snow/1423288

No. 1440357

File: 1644552478362.png (1.17 MB, 1318x826, dick cookies.png)

Sorry if I forgot anything. Had to delete and repost twice because of mistakes.

In other news, Adora is still being cringeworthy.

No. 1440386

She's too damn old to still be this much of an attention whore

No. 1440387

Checked the stream tonight in case anything interesting came up. A LOT of dead air, playing a game for 100-150 viewers on another members-only stream for hours. Those stream numbers are WAY down, even on a quiet night he used to be up in the 300-500 figures 800-1000 when he was doing something particularly clickbaity. There were a couple of $100-200 donations from the same old names who really need to re-evaluate their lives. I wonder if their kids appreciate their moms spending hundreds of dollars on Jake almost every week?

Mod (who I had thought had severed ties due to the Discord drama but that might just be two mods with very similar names) mentions being nervous/anxious about the streams not being "members only" anymore in future.

Jake also replied to someone asking when he would be next doing American meetups, saying he would be there next in August.
This is VERY different from a previous stream (prior to his recent blip visit) where he mentioned planning a lot more visits prior to August. The one I remember mostly was around March which coincided with K doing that NASA reality TV thing that I presume he wanted to coattail. Speaking of meetups, I presume he didn't do any during his last random flash visit, or we would have seen it plastered all over his instagram. He keeps talking about meeting his fans but even being the massive narc that he is, I honestly think that he has such contempt for his fanbase that he doesn't give enough of a shit to arrange and attend meetups. If he's already going somewhere, he'll put out a meetup for others to make the effort to come and meet HIM, but lol fuck putting that effort in to travel around with the intent of meeting fans.

Also fuck me it is incredibly annoying how he just open mouth coughs or clears his throat fucking constantly when he appears anywhere live.

No. 1440442

File: 1644566821838.png (280.27 KB, 720x1024, Screenshot_20220210-234357~2.p…)

I dropped in for 5 minutes and caught the anxiety about opening the chat to non members.

The one who donated wanted Stump's permission to get a Munro tattoo.

Those five mins were painful.

No. 1440595

I don’t know anything about YouTube steaming, but wouldn’t it be more profitable to unlock the chat to the public? Keeping it members-only is only killing what little is left of his fanbase. Besides, he’s only delaying the inevitable by keeping it members-only, yeah there’s probably a lot of people wanting to call him out, but it would stop eventually or dwindle down to a manageable size for the mods.

No. 1440665

He only does them for the megabucks superchats and the people who are happy to drop hundreds of dollars just for this guy to notice them, are already members, so he likely isn't missing out on too much financially. But for sure paying $5 just to be able to try and talk to him or be noticed by him is a shitty look. In previous streams there were people becoming members and some of the first things they said were "can't believe I had to pay just to chat" or similar.
It's cowardly, hiding from all the shit he refuses to address, and money-grubbing since he clearly only cares about those willing to pay for his attention.

No. 1440798

File: 1644609143990.png (657.16 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220211-194048.png)

For all those wondering Jake has finally started posting on twitter again, nothing interesting but the emska replying here is kayas lifelong friend from what I remember from her old vlogs

No. 1440820

I don't recognize that person. Do you remember what vlogs they were in?

No. 1440835

Do you mean the screaming woman, because that's his American friend K who he's suddenly started calling his best friend like in his America road trip vlog, and seems to wanna leech off her

No. 1440850

Was about five years ago round the time Jake had his first concert I believe

No. 1440872

File: 1644612908944.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 113.94 KB, 933x1157, C8FC4D0B-B741-447C-BE5A-6B35AF…)

Fake advertised a new OF post on his twitter, prior to this he bragged about having lost “the ability to get hangovers” and judging by this picture.. he may feel like it but sure doesn’t look the part kek

No. 1440875

eww, so haggard kek. looks like he chubbed up too and not in a good way, fake

No. 1440879

He looks like a butch lesbian

No. 1440889

No, I'm talking about the emska person.

Interesting. Maybe she's a friend of Jake's then.

He looks like he's about to cry kek

No. 1440936

Cry wanking on LonelyScams

No. 1440938

No, Kaya talked about her, said she lived across from her growing up and she used to babysit her

No. 1440962

Oh shit, I think I know who she is now. I never saw her but I remember Kaya mentioning her before.

No. 1441016

It's just one picture of him hunched over looking sad and tired. It's interesting how SW women are expected to show every inch and more, for much cheaper prices, while SW men can get away with posting extremely amateur half naked shots and women eat it up for more money than a man would be willing to pay. Goes to show that it will always be a male dominated field that takes advantage of women.

No. 1441023

>while SW men can get away with posting extremely amateur half naked shots and women eat it up for more money than a man would be willing to pay.

This is not how it works in reality, a handful of men do quite well for a considerably shorter period of time than women, they have less fans unless they cater to men and make less money over all.

No. 1441052

I think you have to keep in mind that Jake cultivated a very niche fanbase of desperate/lonely people who are willing to pay lots of money for this. They probably don't even care what he posts, they just pay to get his attention.

No. 1441081

I thought advertising was supposed to make you want to buy the product? This looks like a charity plea kek

No. 1441116

He looks like someone sculpted him out of spoilt oatmeal.

If I somehow had the need to watch a saggy methface unenthausiastically strip while barely hiding his disdain for his audience, I could get that for ten dollars in the alley behind the Wawa. I don't need to spend $35 on OF.

The homeless methhead would also spend the money better.

No. 1441119

Has no one told him that drinking makes you gain weight/water weight? Say goodbye to those pathetic excuses for abs. And no matter how much weight he loses he'll always be a thumb-head. Why are people paying for this???>>1440872

No. 1441163

Wawa. Good to see a fellow Phillnonna.

No. 1441211

File: 1644639685521.jpeg (82.43 KB, 1282x462, 678C717E-1320-493E-9459-28A260…)

The captions on his OF … I’m dry heaving

No. 1441220

I just realized in the OP I put "okay to hate kids" when I meant "okay to hit kids". even reposting it I still fucked up lol.

No. 1441258

He'd even charge for the privilege of sexting with him. $40 a text. That's why he's "hard".

Poor little man sitting in the floor, wanking to get a rise. Judging by his expression, it took a while. Not a Spring chicken anymore.

No. 1441307

His face looks so dry and dehydrated while his torso looks doughy

No. 1441308

All of his OF pics look so incredibly low effort and depressing, he always looks so pathetically sad or angry in his pics and I can't tell if it's because he IS pathetically sad and angry or if he somehow thinks posing like that makes him look at all attractive. SW doesn't have to be so joyless. He always has this thousand yard stare, every pic he looks like the kind of guy you'd want to stay the hell away from, I cannot get my head around people paying money for these pics

No. 1441323

File: 1644659497255.jpg (265.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220212-105048_Ins…)

That isn't the achievement you think it is.

No. 1441335

Lmao. OF is worse than Klout about blowing smoke up people's asses. It used to tell me I was in the top .5% of influencers in Star Wars…I had like 100 followers and almost zero engagement.

I kind of wonder if Kaya ever mentioned the possibility of doing OnlyFans. Since Jake's entire YouTube career has revolved around using her ideas.

No. 1441338

Is turned me on so hard even grammatically correct lol. Jake's so sexless lmao

No. 1441339

Jake has said kaya "stopped him" doing it so I don't believe it was ever her idea. we know he's a cheating prick with a massive ego so i can see it being solely his idea, a way to easily engage with other women sexually, stroke his ego (among other things) and feel validated

No. 1441341

Speaking of Kaya, she’s been quiet that last couple of days. I hope she’s ok and the Rona hasn’t hit her too hard.

No. 1441374

Also a bit worried about this especially since it's so cold in the studio, I can't imagine that will exactly speed up recovery and it's not as if she can go stay somewhere else, it'll also mean that house viewing will have to grind to a halt, what a shitty situation to be in. Wouldn't wish it on anyone apart from maybe Jake.

No. 1441376

He looks bloated in the face and the pose is very unflattering for his upper body. He should learn to smile it would be more attractive then the face he pulling

No. 1441533

File: 1644682380622.png (841.09 KB, 836x517, Untitled.png)

I can never unsee the resemblance between Stump and Desmond is amazing.

No. 1441550


Honestly, that seems to be the look he'd love to go for. His eyes only look big because of the makeup, and his face is fat and stumpy like the rest of him. Desmond is anachan for kids

No. 1441753

Obviously it's hard to tell without actually seeing any of the actual OF images themselves, but even his Instagram when he bothered to upload usually had lighting, makeup, and a degree of post-production. More effort goes into his shitty yellow-border Youtube thumbnails than any of the OF crap, from what we can tell so far.
I'm kind of impressed that none of the OF paywalled content has leaked here yet. Although for that pricetag and the amount of effort (or lack thereof) he is putting into the content, he is catering specifically for the redbox mommies of his Youtube streams. They'll buy anything he puts out and will keep it to themselves because they've bought another crumb of recognition from him.

No. 1442061

File: 1644733255564.png (Spoiler Image, 655.25 KB, 720x1322, Screenshot_20220212-205841.png)

Apparently everyone in Dorian's house has covid and she's getting bored so she uploaded a reel of herself mostly naked and smacking her ass. Not the milkiest thing ever but I didn't expect it from her knowing how she's "graysexual" or whatever


No. 1442108

ugly, fat and fake and vomit inducing

No. 1442148

fakes also now protected his tweets. not sure if that's a new revalation or not. trying to catch up with everything

No. 1442158

It’s in the recap post! I‘m surprised he hasn’t opened it back up again though, now that the dust has kind of settled.

No. 1442201

Well obviously "sexualities" like graysexual and demisexual arent real, people just want special labels for different flavours of not wanting to fuck strangers or to fuck at all, when anyone of any orientation can feel that anyway. Just call yourself asexual, with a penchant to sexualise yourself on Insta apparently, and go.

No. 1442213

Idk why she would show off her ass when it’s flat as a pancake.

No. 1442246

I honestly believe Dorian when she says she doesn't really care about sex. This isn't about sex, it's about attention. Just becausr she isn't too into sex herself doesn't mean she won't use it to get eyeballs on herself.

No. 1442252

Not 100% sure but I think the deleted Instagram posts might be any posts that contained the hashtag “toxictearsboyfriend” those seem to be missing now. Don’t have any screenshots but I remember he used to tag that and those are magically gone now.

No. 1442268

Yeah graysexual isn't real lmao. It's just that she claims to have a really low sex drive/not be very interested in sex (unless it's with ghosts apparently). The other anon is right, she's just doing it for attention

No. 1442292

File: 1644777576424.png (1.64 MB, 1170x2532, 42BA2143-4DDE-40E5-A5C2-880645…)

Saged for no milk but Kaya finally posted to her socials again.

No. 1442386

File: 1644786191130.jpeg (388.89 KB, 1186x2011, 505C5F2F-F869-420C-8C23-4968CD…)

The Stump has tonsillitis ..poor lil thang.

No. 1442389

File: 1644786443862.jpeg (225.99 KB, 1368x1293, 8FFE57F2-F289-44C2-8742-951B0F…)

Stumpy’s fans are a different breed. Inbred

No. 1442437

Meanwhile jake has tonsillitis kek. And if he's still smoking "out of stress" like he claimed after the breakup I wouldn't put it past him to smoke through it and make it worse

No. 1442504

imagine simping this hard for an oversized pillsbury dough boy who dresses like a literal clown

smoking was an especially dumb move considering he said he's a hypochondriac and left america cause he didn't want to get covid

No. 1442535

Bullshit he's immune to covid, he got super super sick at the end of his tour RIGHT when his bandmate Connor (aka Best Valu Chris Motionless) got covid, and then denied he had it too. Probably spread it to tons of his fans. Then he made videos hacking and coughing a ton. Real classy. Also, that person needs to get their eyes checked if they think he looks 25. Even when he WAS 25 he looked like a haggard piece of ass.

No. 1442544

>Wanting people to pay for this

No. 1442580

File: 1644822299949.jpg (153.58 KB, 1080x587, 20220214_011128.jpg)

No. 1442634

Agreed. A lot of people do this. Shaynus
> doesn't look a day over 25
More like 45. Delusional.
I do feel really bad for her. It's fucked that she has to quarantine in a studio. Is anyone bringing her food? Jake is such a cunt.

No. 1442688

This!! He was such a preachy little holier than thou asshole at the start of the Pandemic about restrictions and staying safe and then as soon as an opportunity actually arose for him to do something he wanted any and all attention to safety or restrictions went out the window. He's such a hypocrite in every aspect of his life it drives me nuts. Honestly wouldn't be surprised his "tonsillitis" is Covid, he's been jet setting across the pond chilling in airports and sucking the air of other social climbers. He's explicitly happy putting other people in danger to please himself.

No. 1442750

It probably just looks slightly above average proportional to his minuscule 5 foot tall body.

No. 1442781

File: 1644848212855.jpg (418.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220214-151621_Ins…)

No. 1442796

I’ve seen past videos of when he vlogged and you can definitely see his junk. He isn’t a show-er, so it’s highly unlikely he’s a grow-er.

No. 1442798

File: 1644849307545.jpeg (431.43 KB, 750x841, 04087F62-416A-4E24-B11F-D581B1…)

Jazmin bean is starting to look really thin
Also unless I’m actually retarded isn’t she posing in a children’s casket?

No. 1442801

That is a child casket yep

No. 1442806

>smoking was an especially dumb move considering he said he's a hypochondriac

Also dumb seeing how he considers he's a ~singer~. He couldn't even last more than three shows without complaining about losing his voice.

On the "he looks not a day over 25" thing, that's not much of a compliment with it only being 5 years younger than he is. His skin is aged beyond his years which is visible when he does clown face and you could fall into his forehead lines.


No. 1442815

>On the "he looks not a day over 25" thing, that's not much of a compliment with it only being 5 years younger than he is

kek I was going to say this exactly. Honestly I think he looks older than his age and even more so when you can clearly see all his wrinkles. hell I know people nearing 40 who look far younger than him. He and his fans are deluded

No. 1442875

Maybe I'm oversensitive but imagine purchasing and posing in a CHILDREN'S casket just for the ~*aesthetic~*, imo that's fucked in the head even if it's just for edgepoints. How old is she, 20? Isn't she too old for this?

No. 1442886

She just turned 19

No. 1442943

Don't really have a problem with this. Owning coffins is fine. I don't think posing on an actual person's grave is okay, but she's hardly the first edgelord to own an unused coffin.
Coffins are just boxes. Owning them is a bit much, but not outrageous.

No. 1442948

File: 1644860104381.jpeg (81.03 KB, 1282x569, 32D6FB60-2F8B-49DD-8C34-6F8B27…)

Those followers are dropping

No. 1442951

It’s the fact it’s a child’s casket and being used purely for aesthetics and to show how small she is. It’s not the worst thing ever obviously but it doesn’t sit well with me at all

No. 1442956

How has she been able to evade the people she's has had to spend nights away from in her car? So she hasn't showered in days? Maybe in this case she should have isolated at a hotel, it's not unheard of.

No. 1442975

Quarantine hotels are mostly just for travellers and very expensive. I doubt she can afford it without losing her safety net of money. She hopefully has.

No. 1442986

I agree. Usually I have no issue with people owning coffins but going out of your way to purchase a pink child’s coffin to pose in like this just doesn’t sit right. Probably being over sensitive but that’s just how I feel.

No. 1443000

Even for someone who's still technically a teenager surely you'd realize what an awful idea it is to pose naked in a child's coffin for your social media, it's so beyond tacky and insensitive

No. 1443107

Almost definitely has had it, looks like an unwashed 40 year old. What are his fans on.

No. 1443123

I think she's just slim and the pose pushed her shoulder out making it look spoopy. What's milkier about her is her MySpace reject music and that she wants to get top surgery (or already has, I don't know) because muh identity.

No. 1443125

>Best Valu Chris Motionless

No. 1443127

don’t underestimate how echo chamber-y the internet has gotten for zoomers. what’s normalized in many online spaces, especially those overrun with teenagers/gen-z, is downright nasty. their undeveloped prefrontal cortexes can’t process that not everyone is coddling to their fucked up aesthetic

No. 1443256

So true about echo chambers, but to be fair, this struct me more as edgy myspace era millennial, like early J* when things were offensive on purpose. Either way it’s pathetic lol.

No. 1443390

Absolutely. I'm a zoomer and I feel so gross looking at that image. Fucked in the head I tell you

No. 1443396

Sorry for the manifesto, I wanted to post this in the vent thread but /ot/ is down.
Anyway I've been rewatching thegothicalice's old video's and really enjoying them. I especially love her videos talking about art, and I love her crankiness. Makes me feel like I might have a good life and friends and everything, even as a cranky weirdo. Also I really miss old goth youtube. Dorian's 'vlogs' were one of my favorites back then as well, I'm so sad she deleted most of them. Even Toxic Tears, Adora and Black Friday were fun to watch, they made makeup tutorials, dumb tags and the occasional shoe collection or haul. But overall it was a community of creative cool people with a ton of diy stuff too I remember. It wasn't polished, just a cool looking rando talking to a camera. These days it's all 'killstar demonia lookalike on aliexpress!!!!' and I can't stand it. I'm not even a goth but alternative youtube used to be something creative, now it's a bunch of retards fighting over how much slave-made shein crap they can buy. Sokolum79 was around and did some really interesting looks, Amy Nekrotique made super imformative, Liesjaa Anna did good reviews even if they were a bit shallow, Psychara made short video's and even though they were mostly hair and makeup tutorials I enjoyed them. None of them make video's anymore. It makes me sad, it used to be a community of creativity and now it's just another form of consumerism. God I sound like Angela right now lol. Does anyone remember this time? It was around 2016 that there came more hauls and less creativity

No. 1443426

A manifesto in response to yours. I miss it too. Glad I was a babybat around that time and not now. Now, probably helped by the rise in "alt" tiktok, e-girls and e-boys, and low effort emo sound cloud rap, all of whom abuse #goth and popularised a watered down non music version of the subculture (and if they include music it's the aforementioned rap), it's all about who can find the best goth in a box deal from shein as you said and who can cater to the "kinky goth gf/bf" stereotypes and memes the most. Basically it's all for clout and wanting to be associated with something cool despite it not applying it to you. And many of them get defensive and call you a gatekeeper and oldhead if you point this out. Or if you point out that being alt just to feel trendy makes you the exact opposite of alt. At least that's what I think and have seen as an older zoomer who used to frequent "alt" tiktok.

No. 1443455

>Or if you point out that being alt just to feel trendy makes you the exact opposite of alt.

I don't use tiktok for my own sanity but this is so true. They think they're going against the grain by buying 50 dollar Shillstar dresses, most of them have never even heard the Cure (or any other basic goff band for that matter), call themselves goth and get mad when you point out they listen to some emo shit. I don't get why they want to be 'goth' so badly. Just do your own thing. But doing your own thing, like what you like. But shying away from the crowd is unheard of for zoomers apparently. I feel sad about it, 5-10 years ago 80 percent of youtube video's were diy's. Now everyone wants to look 'different', but not different enough to be made fun of. It's truly a sad generation, I hope things will get better.

No. 1443819

I've wanted to make goth inspired diy YouTubes for the longest time but I'm very insecure because I'm overweight and I know I'll get shit for it so I don't sage for dumb blog

No. 1443837

File: 1644939014316.jpeg (388.46 KB, 750x845, 3B3DEF53-511D-4894-A821-7D1025…)

Kaya‘s situation doesn’t really seem to get better, I’d love to know if Stumpy’s got anything to do with these intruders to intimidate her or smth

No. 1443849

That doesn't matter so long as you have cool ideas nonna! Go for it, if self posting wasn't prohibited I'd watch your videos ♥ The hardest part is starting it, just jump in! We need more diy's

No. 1443855

Ayrt. Fr they want to "stand out" only in ways they've seen others do it and fit in a box. I've seen people ask "can i be dark academia and cottagecore at the same time?" Just do what you want. They want to feel like the main character, but they aren't, by their own standards kek. At least some of us have brain cells to rub together but what good does that do when most of my peers don't?

Gothtube is dry so it'd be a welcome addition, and IBF and Drac Makens are overweight but apart from some questionable fits they weren't made fun of. And if they were ig they had a comment filter.

No. 1443907

I'm amazed Amy Necrotique doesn't get mentioned here more. But she did most of her messy shit offline, and her music videos were really great and informative.

No. 1443931

He looks like he just smelled his own fart

No. 1443938

She's at a commercial place, doesn't seem too strange.

No. 1443952

She doesn't know shit about industrial, but sure as fuck likes to pretend like she does. Get out of here with that cybergoth bullshit.

No. 1443958

what messy shit?

No. 1443981

Exactly. And she's been posting on her socials about being there and her break up got attention on her regional reddit. People in Belfast love a gossip, people probably suspect where she is.

No. 1443995

A friend of mine worked at a venue where she used to organise clubnights in Buffalo. He said she was just a pain to work with. Always late with paying guest acts, trying to get people to do sets for "exposure" instead of paying them, while still wanting to be paid herself. A whitr DJ friend she invited kept helling the n-word while playing hiphop and speaking in a jokingly "urban" way. When people complained and the venue asked her not to invite that guy back she threw a "pc culture is killing industrial" shitfit. But all of this was years ago. No idea how she feels now. And again, I didn't witness any of this myself.

No. 1444008

File: 1644952059534.jpg (512.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220215-200452_Ins…)

Mai is being copied again.

No. 1444009

I've seen people ask "can i be dark academia and cottagecore at the same time?" Jesus, seriously? No wonder zoomers are made fun of, you could dress in a flower embroidered burlap sack for the rest of your life if you wanted to, wouldn't have to call it 'burlapcore'. I wish there was more of an emphasis on being yourself no matter what and expressing it through your looks instead of being just something to look at and put in a box. God I hate labels.

No. 1444011

It was locked "this time". Why isn't she keeping it locked whenever she's there? There's no problem if it's locked.

No. 1444013

Sorry I meant to greentext >I've seen people ask "can i be dark academia and cottagecore at the same time?"

No. 1444014

Also, speaking of putting people in a box, I think the child's casket has seen a lot of use, maybe as a prop. It's been relined (they never use black in a kid's casket) and the upholstery from the inside lid is missing. Obviously using it for edge points. Nobody wants to think about dead children.

No. 1444043

File: 1644955384906.jpg (976.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220215-200207_Ins…)

No. 1444048

Could even be a ‘fan’ who has figured out where the studio is or even a jake Stan god knows how insane they are

No. 1444071

Probably someone testing the doors to see if one has been left open. There is probably lots of expensive equipment lying around in those rooms and opportunists looking to grab it. Not that it makes the experience any less scary.

No. 1444148

Are amy necrotique and Renee the same person?

No. 1444302

File: 1644978160036.jpg (808.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220216-032036_Ins…)

Getting proper care during a medical setback. Must be nice.

No. 1444310

I mean…is this milky? Are we supposed to be mad his tonsillitis is gone?

No. 1444320

I think they’re referencing Kaya in a studio with no heat, shower, or kitchen with Covid.

No. 1444401

File: 1644987360339.jpeg (71.98 KB, 788x393, FB2608D1-BFC7-48AD-A391-2FE574…)

Who’s who? Didn’t know Stump had a twin!

No. 1444419

File: 1644988821258.png (165.47 KB, 360x450, Humpty_Dumpty.png)

Thankfully it's not all… but it is a big chunk. At least it's mainly just on tiktok, probably as it's a very visual and attention seeking app. And it's not just aesthetics they make up sexuality and gender microlabels, and for kwerky points say they have an illnesse from "symptoms" that are normal behaviour. If you tell them lgbt and illnesses don't work like that they scream gatekeeper, they want to be in the cool kids club too and insist they are. Same with the goth subculture. Basically they're using too many labels, and for existing labels warp them to mean something else. Apparently I have a lot to say on this shit. I'll stop there.

Marilyn Manson, dir en grey, rottenhollow, tim burton's tweedles, uncle fester, and now this guy. What's next kek? I propose puss in boots humpty dumpy picrel

Repost to make it make sense

No. 1444437

File: 1644991599556.png (6.91 MB, 1242x2208, 755EBEE2-FB98-4E98-BF98-17C4A0…)

Okay Jude, don’t pretend you give a shit about the ethics of OF when you were silent during last years controversy. You quit because your shit got leaked and ppl no longer had to pay for overpriced lewds and pictures of you cutting yourself
Saged for off topic

No. 1444524

I remembered a cow today I used to follow, Ismini Nekron? Looked around and saw instead of being a chonky mess of makeup she's now really toned down, I miss the old crazy photos

No. 1444680

File: 1645020472987.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.86 KB, 894x1438, Ew.jpg)

No. 1444843

File: 1645036193545.jpeg (757.15 KB, 1446x1139, C4B8E8E7-2C9D-4B79-BCAC-D57BB5…)

Lol! I’m surprised she’s not decked him.

No. 1444873

File: 1645038235142.jpg (Spoiler Image, 341.96 KB, 1080x2004, 20220216_121838.jpg)

I've been following this guy for a while and can't believe he hasn't come up here yet. Is anyone here familiar with Xilmordas? He's in Adora Batbrat's friend group, he does shit like grab his ass on Instagram, has a history of drinking blood with Victoria Lovelace, does edgy ASMR, and he's active on Swedish antivaxxer forums to boot. If anyone is interested, I have receipts

No. 1444878

lmao at the #twisted. very edgy
would love to hear more about his weird asmr. this thread could use fresh blood (no pun intended)

No. 1444918

Yes please! He sounds like a winner.

No. 1444935

Let me guess: He spent one summer working at Grönans haunted house? He did amateur theatre at Folkets Hus?

No. 1444957

File: 1645047123916.jpg (503.92 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220216-163140_Fir…)


Here's a sample of the Swedish antivax shit, more here:


He seems to have privatized the ASMR, but he still has the next best thing up

No. 1444960


No. 1444961

He also makes "music" every now and then

No. 1444964

She seems to be proud of the fact its flat given the hashtags, if I were her I would be concerned with showing off such a long flabby bottom.

No. 1444971

File: 1645047887534.jpg (Spoiler Image, 454.96 KB, 1080x1363, 20220216_224432.jpg)


Checked his instagram. This guy is hilarious. Thank you nonnie.

Loved this little video of him

No. 1444972

How is this bloke almost 30 and acting like this. I don’t know who’s more pathetic, him or adora

No. 1444976

I know men age like milk, but there's no way he's younger than 30

No. 1445007


According to his instagram he is 29

No. 1445046

File: 1645057397463.jpeg (114.06 KB, 1059x1324, C27C5302-140B-4BAB-9AFE-F334C5…)

I know an obsessed fan got a bad tattoo of him, that’s the extent of my knowledge of his existence

No. 1445089

File: 1645062894481.png (7.07 MB, 1242x2208, A6EFA9A1-E0A5-4A80-B647-39B9E4…)

It gets better

No. 1445135

Note that she's using Jake's music. Guess who she has been hanging out with?

No. 1445145

Who wants to bet she's one of the 'guests' Fake has said he'll do OF content with in the future?

No. 1445150

Awhile back after the breakup (but before it was confirmed) he was saying how he was gonna invite her over

No. 1445157

She is a complete downgrade compared to Kat and Kaya. Would he stoop so low to mess with that.

No. 1445164

she looks like she reeks of BV and bad breath

No. 1445211

It gets so much worse, the attached playlist is possibly from the same fan


No. 1445294

Is that stupid power button a forehead tat or does she stamp that shit on?

No. 1445305

Nope. That's an actual tattoo. Between that and the world "fuckdoll" tattood on the backs of her legs, and all of her shitty friday the 13th flash tattoos, she's a great example of poor life choices.

No. 1445336

Yeah this vid basically proves Dorian "got" anorexia for attention. She wanted her parents to care about her I guess?? Sure, her life seems not that great from what she's told, but she still does everything in her life for attention. Shouldn't she have grown out of that by 30?
Flaunting her body in sexual ways when she's not interested in sex, getting into ridiculous arguments and shit-stirring, hopping on trendy video topics, often just saying ridiculous shit and sensationalizing tp bring even more attention to herself.
She really is starving for it. Literally.

On one hand I pity her. She seems extremely sheltered and lonely. On the other hand, by her age you kind of grow out of attention-seeking I would hope so?

No. 1445438

Mental disorders don't magically disappear at a certain age it's not just being immature

No. 1445465

Exactly. And if a teenager cannot get her parents to take her pain seriously unles she starves herself, that's kind of fucked.

No. 1445502

File: 1645125223676.jpg (925.25 KB, 1080x1920, 1620583405935.jpg)

She's actually posted about getting STIs on her story a few times kek. Picrel, from one of the dead threads

Don't forget the retarded window she cut out of her bangs to show off the forehead tat.

No. 1445543

Thrush isn't an STI though

No. 1445570


Thrust isn't an STI its from an imbalance of ph that can be caused by a lot of things, for example soap

No. 1445612

Why do people itt call her ''Dorian''? Isn't her name Jen?

No. 1445642

Name changes aren't milk, never mind she also changed it legally. People know her as said name so why make things difficult.

No. 1445666

Because Dorian is a retarded name, that's why.

No. 1445667

it can also be spread by genitalia and also shit hygiene

No. 1445687

Yeah. But it's her legal name. Would you prefer "Jen Who Is Known By Everyone Online As Dorian?"
It's the name everyone here knows her by. If you have an issue with stupid names, better not bring up Adora or Raven.

No. 1445689

Seriously nonnie, you are on an altcow forum. Half the cows have weird made up names because theyre alt/ goth. Not milk.

No. 1445692

The fact that it's her legal name shouldn't mean that much. Troons change their ''gender'' on their ID and their legal names too and we aren't fooled by that. I agree that everyone here knows her better by Dorian but how difficult it is to change that and start calling her Jen?
>better not bring up Adora or Raven.
Shit, I don't know these cows, I thought those were their social media names. I'm not arguing about it, just wanted to ask.
Why the hell do you say ''not milk'' as if I hadn't saged my post? Don't be that thirsty.

No. 1445693

Are you new? She's been going by Dorian for years. I didn't even know Jen was her real name for a long time cause everyone calls her Dorian, here and elsewhere.

Oh yeah, Adora's real name is Harriet. Not milk, I just kek'd when I found that out. And an anon said one of the witchy goth's (I think it was Manic Moth/Annika) real name is Lisa Marie.

No. 1445711

I watched some videos of her a long time ago, maybe 2016, and I can't say if she wasn't calling herself Dorian at that point. I'm trying to find any video where she addresses this topic but it seems like she has deleted a bunch of her older stuff.

No. 1445714

>how difficult it is to change that and start calling her Jen?

You being hung up on this is kind of weird tbh. You can't change your sex but you can change your name. Everyone knows her as Dorian and is used to calling her that, I don't see a reason to change that. If she had changed her name from Jennifer to Jessica or Eleanor would you still be insisting we use her original name?

She had a whole video about legally changing her name, but she deleted a lot of her old stuff so it might be gone now.

No. 1445722

I'm not calling a 35 year old anorexic attention seeker woman with pastel hair and ugly drag make up who still lives with her mother Dorian. The Dorians were a greek ethnic group, if she changed her name to Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way I would call her that instead of Jen.
Makes sense.

No. 1445725

Whatever her name is, I wouldn't believe a word Jen/Dorian says about her family. She's obviously bitter they didn't give her the adoring attention she wanted and she's so narcissistic she's filtering everything through her tainted perception. Unless the world revolves around her, she's going to paint her family in the worst possible light.

No. 1445737

I assumed it was for Dorian Gray, and honestly 99% of the Dorians I meet are women. A lot of fakebois choosing it for pretty boy namesake, and ladies whose moms chose it as just a pretty name.

No. 1445738

File: 1645140657797.jpeg (123.34 KB, 640x480, 20C0981F-F756-497E-8564-E72D7C…)

Jazmin isn’t in a baby casket. It’s a display that’s only 3 ft of a casket to show what it looks like. I sell caskets so..lol

No. 1445744

I don't really get this. Most names have origins dating way back, for example Jennifer came from Guinevere. Lots of common names are rooted in ancient Greek history as well like Helen and Alexandra. Seems like a weird bone to pick but you do you.

No. 1445754


Wtf is this retarded tantrum? This is some 8 threads ago shit. Stop acting new.

No. 1445755

Call her whatever you want yourself.

No. 1445773

I love how this went from "I'm angry that this person changed her name" to "I'm angry names change over time and that not everybody on this thread will coddle my hangups."

No. 1445778

Ayrt my bad, I wasn't calling thrush an STI, she'd posted about having an STI in another story and I couldn't find it but I did find the thrush one. Either way still not a good idea to overshare that on insta or to tell people you're not taking care of the thing you overcharge for on OF

No. 1445805

File: 1645145112161.png (92.95 KB, 1384x842, Screenshot 2022-02-18 at 00.44…)

No. 1445825

Dang, where is OF leak anon. I need some good cringe

No. 1445946

Stumpy isn’t worth $35.00. Going to be difficult to find someone willing to throw it down.

No. 1445962

Someone already paid for it in the last thread iirc

No. 1446007

It's quite literally an infant's casket. You can see the hinge at the back. Either your job doesn't sell baby caskets or you are just a shit liar "anon8675".

tbh they should just let him keep posting and wait until there's some actual content to post beyond the same tired shirtless pics and the seemingly crying in the shower shoots. There's really no milk to be had here yet

No. 1446017

Didn't he post a pic of his self proclaimed Magnum Dong?

No. 1446033

Pretty sure no one’s dropped the cash on his OF yet, anything that’s come out so far has been stuff he’s posted on his Twitter etc.

Not sure I want to his cringe, badly shot nudes to be honest.

No. 1446039

I feel like if it was leaked his narcissistic brain would thrive of that and be proud

No. 1446149

Anon stop imaginig things, nobody is angry here, curiosity is not anger so you know.

No. 1446195

File: 1645197116037.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220218-161043_Ins…)


No. 1446235

There really is something about a guy who markets himself with the "make it a great day" slogan being such a miserable, negative, cynical douchebag 100% of the time

No. 1446262

Awwww is winter cold stumpy? Imagine how shit is would be to spend it living in an industrial space that’s impossible to keep warm? Wanker.

He must have been a right pain to live with. All he does is fucking moan! If he hates it so much why doesn’t he move? It’s not like he has a massive circle of friends and family to keep him there. He chucked the only person who was willing to put up with him long term.

No. 1446281

I thought he'd leave NI right after he dumped kaya, I thought her keeping him afloat was the only reason he was staying there despite hating it. But I guess he's too busy throwing cash at bikes and trips to America to afford moving.

No. 1446283


hes staying for his new gifriend? they didnt ruin their lives for a one time hook up, theyve been seen about town already

No. 1446295


So get some heated moto gear like the rest of us you fucking poser ned

No. 1446300

As in you've seen them, or

No. 1446306

I’d absolutely throw away a one time $35 payment just to get a good laugh and share it with you guys. Too bad I don’t have the extra cash at the moment. Guess we’ll wait and see if anyone else does it before I get a chance.

No. 1446311

In that “Jake hated Belfast” compilation video posted last thread, one clip was Jake saying how he stays in Belfast because “it’s cheap” and that “I’ll be traveling all the time anyways so I won’t be in Belfast much”. With how much he’s spending to buy first-class,1 week trips to America though, that money isn’t going to last long. He might as well live somewhere he doesn’t hate so he doesn’t feel the need to travel constantly, but he probably thinks this is some “metal star celebrity lifestyle”. We all know how he hates the common folk.

No. 1446338

The way he whines about Belfast reminds of how Gravy would always complain about Christchurch in her videos. I guess the only difference is that she actually moved to the US.

No. 1446347


i always got the impression he was riding K's coattails in order to move to the US somehow. I can't say I know how it works r.e. immigrating over there but is this possible or could he only move if he had a green card or work visa or something???

No. 1446371

Apparently the easiest and fastest way to immigrate to the U.S. is by marrying a U.S. citizen. You need a lot of documentation and proof that you’ve been a couple for years though. It may be why Jake is taking so many trips and filming all the vlogs with K, so they look like they’re in a relationship.

I’m not sure if K is a big enough fan though to want to marry Jake, solely so that he could move to the U.S. She’s a lesbian and I thought I saw a post saying how she was already engaged to another woman, but K doesn’t make any frequent mentions of a spouse.

I think Jake has definitely asked and pushed for her to do it though, with him helping her move into a new house.

No. 1446380

He's too cold to ride his bike in the winter. Bet he isn't maintaining them either and they fuck up. That's what happens when a dick buys something because they think it's cool.

No. 1446404

I've seen first-hand the attempts made by numerous couples, some more successful than others, to put together essentially social media portfolios of "look how legit a couple we are" in order to clear for emigration. It's cringe and obvious as fuck, and while Jakey-boy absolutely is cringe as fuck, I'm just not getting those vibes.
All an immigration office needs to see is the repeated "We are just the bestest of besties and besides, K likes women" messages and it would be over. They're savvy to the "just marry someone and emigrate" thing, it takes work to convince them.
See, this I am way more interested in.
I've seen people posting that they have caps, yet not posting said caps, and then deleting those posts anyway. Come on guys, share.

No. 1446413

I’m actually immigrating to the states this year. Since covid is a thing the process is taking much longer than usual. I’m actually going to apply for the change of status marriage visa because at least I can stay in the country while it goes through. The only thing they’re worried about is intentions on you being there.

No. 1446429

Nah. He said in one of his videos K is strictly into girls and their friendship is just a friendship. I know Jake isnt the brightest but I don't think he'd be so dumb as to go on record saying they're not in a relationship while trying to convince people they were in a relationship.

If he wanted to do that, he'd probably have better luck with Jude Bishop (although I don't know of she's American)

No. 1446431

Yeah, anon already mentioned that she was a lesbian so it likely wouldn’t happen. But I wouldn’t put it past Jake to try for it anyways, being the narcissistic and entitled shit he is. I could see him trying to convince her to marry “as friends” so that he could stay in the U.S. He’s used people before to get where he wants.
Or maybe he’s taking frequent trips to meet an American fan deranged enough to do that?

No. 1446433

Sorry I deleted and reposted.

But yeah he has a ton of crazy fans who would probably do that. Although he probably wouldn't want to marry an obsessive fan for obvious reasons.

No. 1446438

I'm pretty sure Jude lives in England, so no help to him unless he wants to fuck around/make OF content.

No. 1446439

forgot to sage, my bad

No. 1446450

Yeah it’s WAY more complicated than just “oh I married a US citizen! Look at my social media profile!”

You have to literally prove it’s a legitimate relationship - which is not easy. I’ve kept phone records and receipts and packaging from parcels me and my boyfriend send to each other for when we eventually have to face immigration.

Also as far as I know (and someone who’s been through the process can correct me) but you can’t work for a year after marrying a US citizen whist you wait for your greencard? I’d totally get why they’d do that but it makes life bloody difficult. I’ve known people in the past who have been in long term relationships with Americans give up on trying to live there and settle in the UK because their immigration is so strict.

So it’s not as simple as 90 day fiancé makes it out to be. Jake would have to put in a lot of effort to get a greencard through marriage

No. 1446479

There's no way on earth he'd pass as her partner, let alone spouse.

They even fall short now because I think Kirsten was on tour the last time Stump was in the US. Also, does what she does constitute a "job". They'd have to make sure she could support him financially.

No. 1446482

File: 1645222343820.png (145.26 KB, 1169x1175, Untitled.png)

Dropped this

No. 1446486

Which new girlfriend, Kat or Jude?

>Nah. He said in one of his videos K is strictly into girls and their friendship is just a friendship.
This. There's nothing romantic going on between Jake and K. Plus K is dating some girl right now.

No. 1446501

Don't know why you guys are still obsessed with this tinfoil. He's not trying to pass K off as his gf and never was. Says around the 1 minute mark of this video she's only into chicks.

No. 1446505

Faced with that fugstump, any woman with taste would say the same.

No. 1446511

the sooner him and kat go public the sooner yall will stop tinfoiling on him moving to the us,
we all saw the the message where he said hes in love, kaya saying hes got delusions of love, and hes trying to backtrack on hating kids. they went on a holiday together. in what world does that add up to him trying to marry for a green card to the US.
he reads this forum no doubt he loves the side tracking into delusions

No. 1446520

Jake has spent his entire online presence bitching about NI, yet I just watched the start of one of his other videos and he called Nashville useless for not having covid tests available on new years day.

He never. Stops. Bitching. If he actually moves to Barcelona with Kat no doubt he'll find things to bitch about there too.

No. 1446537

Nothing is ever good enough for a narc. let's be real he will never be satisfied with any place unless he was the president of a country, named it after himself and with everyone as his slaves

No. 1446597

just passing by but wow the face in this thumbnail makes me want to a-log badly. what a huge faggot

No. 1446727

He's like a grumpy old man at 30, literally hates everything around him at all times, down to weather, accents, anything he can hate he does. It only gets worse from here.

No. 1446943

That’s a pretty hard swerve away from that big whingey queerbaiting video where he said he was a bisexual and all men fancied him a few years ago.

(Not saying that validates the K tinfoil because it doesn’t)

No. 1447021

File: 1645286152145.jpeg (230.59 KB, 750x619, 83923BC9-D043-4DCD-88B6-910140…)

Ohhh look at him, what’s he gotta prep for if he’s sitting so well?
I’m also surprised that artist is booked out so much, the tattoos they have done on Jake all look like hot garbage kek

No. 1447023


Funny, I recall him being a little bitch baby when he had his silent hill sleeve done. Necks hurt. A lot.

No. 1447066


Sitting well? Didnt he moan in one vid that he couldnt sit for more than 4-5 hours? LOOOL

No. 1447114

I hated Fake even then but his normie chav look was way better than the wannabe shit he is doing now.

No. 1447166

He just cannot resist trying to humble brag about himself either "thankfully I sit well" wow, great job sitting Jake, we're all very impressed.

No. 1447169

"I sit well," isn't actually about sitting, it means he has a high tolerance for discomfort and so can have longer tattoo sessions. not sure how that claim meshes with his whiny bitch attitude though.

No. 1447184

File: 1645304014238.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220219-215241_Ins…)

Good for Kaya.

No. 1447191

Sage for tattoo sperging. He's moaned about getting tattoos before and is a general little bitch. Some people have to tap out after a few hours and that's fine. Those who keep going when they shouldn't are twitchy, whiny nightmares who end up jerking around so much it fucks up the ink. If you know your limits you can plan around them. It's not even just pain tolerance, sometimes your body will react on its own. He's trying to act the tough guy when he's made a fuss over a few hours before - we'll see how the tattoo turns out.

No. 1447192

File: 1645304501835.jpg (202.18 KB, 1080x922, 1254_Twitter.jpg)

If this is an example of their relationship and the conversations they have, Jesus Christ what a couple of retarded bores.

No. 1447200

They're like the dollar tree version of megan fox and MGK.

No. 1447220

I wonder how kat feels about jude's constant hovering

No. 1447228

File: 1645307473093.jpg (322.72 KB, 1080x1920, 20220.jpg)

She tries so hard to be edgy lmfao wtf is this. All the filters and dumb expressions can't hide that caveman bone structure.

No. 1447229

File: 1645307493946.jpeg (118.83 KB, 828x1452, 63C7D47C-FB74-4C32-A491-78E68C…)

He’s like a cult leader to a mediocre group of peasants.

No. 1447260

They are the discount bin at dollar tree versions because mgk and Megan fox are already dollar tree material

No. 1447263

Yeah it was less offensive to the eyes. And he was more open about being a skin walker (Casey Neistat at the time) and now he pretends its all him, he's so unique and a deep tortured artist kek

No. 1447358

File: 1645316758994.jpg (881.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220220-012326_Ins…)

I know this isn't news to anyone here. But good god, his proportions are so unfortunate. He looks like an Ed, Edd, and Eddy character.

No. 1447382

File: 1645318645696.jpg (629.33 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220220-005209_Ins…)

It's her go-to expression, eyes rolled and tongue out, the retarded ahegao expression that a lot of weeb e-thots like. And yeah she's a big tryhard with a big ego, no wonder she loves jake.

No. 1447405

His head is so…square. And idk what the hell is going on with his hair, it's so choppy, looks like a bad emo toupee sitting on top.

He's always been ugly, but does anyone else think that he's actually looking even worse now after the breakup? Must be all the smoking and alcohol

No. 1447454

His hair at the moment is especially tragic, it really makes his head look extra square like you said, part of me wonders if it's because he's had to start doing his own hair. It did seem like Kaya always helped him with it in the past.

No. 1447491

Agreed before when he was fat he looked healthier now he just looks sickly

No. 1447632

Honestly, IMO the worst thing about this bitch is her fucked up lifestyle? Idek what to call it but the pedo stuff and now she’s asking people to fantasise murdering her. Some one please take her phone away

No. 1447658

And yet she thinks she's so morally superior to people. She isn't woke, she's delusional. The kink stuff makes her look like she's into incest and little kids. Like, literal incognizant babies.

No. 1447667

I’m really surprised she’s gone so long without a serious call out from someone. I’ve seen people with smaller followings get ripped to shreds over less than what she’s put out.
She was silent during blm and talked about how her mental health was more important than a global crisis that anyone with a brain should be fighting against.
She was silent during all the drama with OF and SWers but profited off of her own OF while shaming porn and other SWers.
She’s into pedo shit, promotes it to her mainly underage following and openly said it’s okay to do so.
If this is what she portrays in the small snippets she shows the Internet image what she gets up to irl
I’m stumped at how she’s still doing what she’s doing.

No. 1447762

is this something you can report to instagram?

No. 1447765

File: 1645356836541.jpg (560.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220220-123224_Ins…)

Good to know I guess.

No. 1447766

Don't forget exposing her underage fans to fatboi, and only warning them about him being a predator s fter they fell out. And her NSFW discord server that was full of minors sharing lewds.

No. 1447771

literally, no one is saying that. this is as obvious as those "ups I sent this to you on accident" first messages

No. 1447788

Wait what? People were tinfoiling about her and Kat's ex on this thread.

Honestly though, wouldn't be surprised if this is something stumpy is saying to deflect.

No. 1447839

File: 1645370277626.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220220-161724_Ins…)


No. 1447858

imagine being flattered that men wanna rape and kill you. pickme-ism is a disease

No. 1447866

File: 1645374969056.jpeg (358.22 KB, 817x1472, 9FA200B3-E673-4DC1-B495-164363…)

Stumpy doesn’t look too good at all. Not that he ever did

No. 1447896

Her OF advertising when she used to do that got taken down but I don't know if anything else has. Her "I want u to fantasise about killing me cos I'm so edgy uwu" stories were up for at least a few hours, probably the whole 24

No. 1447908

Wonder if he's becoming an anachan again would explain the smoking and the drinking

No. 1447939

Smoking yes. But drinking only if he's sticking to low-sugar stuff. Him becoming an ana-chan again and falling the fuck apart would be pretty sweet tbh. He looks rough and weathered. Meanwhile Kaya looks better than she has in years

No. 1447957


It's not really though, is it. Im sure there were posts hypothesising about her and kats ex-husband. Regardless, at least shes addressing things that people bring up instead of doing what fake is doing. he still seems to think that ignoring everything is going to bring those subs back

No. 1447977

File: 1645384723304.jpeg (192.84 KB, 828x1496, D9044005-B23C-4A27-815C-E058A7…)

The only thing Stump is really good at, getting drunk.

No. 1447983


Lol why does he love showing off that hand tattoo, the edges are so blurred it looks like he's covered in shit and had his arm up a cow's asshole.

No. 1447985

File: 1645385654969.png (1021.99 KB, 914x1022, Screenshot 2022-02-20 at 19.33…)

They are out together it seems

No. 1448000

Back in my day this was enough to get you sent somewhere with grippy-socks.

No. 1448006

She's definitely either a gold-digger or an escort. There's no way she'd spend time with someone like Jake unless she was getting something out of it, like his money.

No. 1448009

he buys her coke, but she can afford it herself just found someone willing to do it with her

No. 1448010

I knew her briefly years ago, I don't think it's anything sinister like that, she's just extremely dull and dumb.

No. 1448011

thats why he looks so much more shit all of a sudden^

No. 1448013

It has become apparent that Jake is taking drugs. His appearance and personality has gone off the rails in only a few months. Definitely looks coked out and deteriorating.

No. 1448015

Kek this is irl shit. Keep tinfoiling yourself.

No. 1448051

I didn't know men could have a 'hip dip' this bad

No. 1448151

more like the dumpster behind the 99-cent store across the street stocked with nothing but bootleg chinese merchandise

No. 1448176

Kek, lurk harder idiot. I’m a relative newbie to this thread and I knew what she was talking about.

No. 1448180

No shit we know what she's referring to. But it has hardly been a topic of speculation or even a "rumor". Honestly if she was dating anyone that would be a surprise to me. Seems like a prude.

No. 1448185

Man that tattoo is so bad, I thought he had a massive bruise on his hand from punching a wall or something

No. 1448190

Can all this layabout do is just take photos of his fat shitty tattooed hand holding drinks?

No. 1448192

If I didn't know any better I'd say it looks like he didn't wash his oil-stained hands after a day at the shop…

…except we already know he doesn't believe in meaningful work and doesn't know shit about vehicle upkeep kek

No. 1448193

He's always been a shit, plenty of evidence of that over the last few threads but it wouldn't surprise me if he started on coke a lot of people in bands do it, usually because they have a very busy schedule and need to stay awake during tours but it tends to be bands that do more than 8 dates a year. Would totally explain the weight loss and papery skin though.

No. 1448201

And you seem like a Jake-stan, trying to make your boy look better by casting aspersions. The fuck out here.

No. 1448206

I think it started with K around the time they did the road trip. He looked fucked up in a few of those shots and K already looks like a tweaker.

Right, I stan a cokewhore. You seem like you want to kiss Kaya's ass.

No. 1448239

File: 1645406978454.jpeg (111.27 KB, 1281x628, 7612CC48-8CE7-4F7C-B3A1-505F5F…)

Since the break up he’s went from 101k to 99.7

No. 1448358

File: 1645417589176.png (2.6 MB, 1351x1637, Julia's wife is creepy.png)

Not gonna bump her dead thread for this but I wondered how Julia is doing and…she's ditched alternative looks as has her wife, wife is embracing being a greyhaired oldie and now Julia is a pinup blonde bikini model, literally the dumbass man's dream girlfriend. Bet random men are furious everytime they see Julia and realise that oldie is not her mum but her girlfriend.
But it seems obvious to me that Julia ditched her alternative style to please her wierd wife.

No. 1448372

I realize that this is the hill you've decided to die on for some reason. But apart from discussion here, her post said she heard it wjile going out. Unles you've spoken to people who know her irl, how exactly would you know?

No. 1448409

Samefag, after further investigation she might still switch back to pink hair sometimes, or is posting older videos from the queue idk, their relationship continues to be suspect though and the lingerie wearing is new, she used to dress more alternative/kawaii rather than just…well, underwear in multiple videos. Julia look great tho imo but seems to perpetually attention-seek with her choices and I'm not sure why since she hits like 30k max views despite the clickbait.

No. 1448467

File: 1645437500635.png (Spoiler Image, 2.55 MB, 1536x2048, 439F7CB3-CCB4-4024-BF7A-A64138…)

Makes me actually eye roll now.
Anyone else think his career is kind of over? I mean a break like he has had, is no doubt really damaging. As far as I’m aware he barely posts or does vids now, not like before. He just needs to fuck off at this point.

No. 1448566

File: 1645451946393.jpg (933 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220221_145853_com…)

Not milk but bad shoop, how is she getting pr and stuff with all that badly edited hair

No. 1448568

File: 1645452000417.jpg (817.17 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220221_145847_com…)

No. 1448572

File: 1645452674238.jpeg (581.23 KB, 960x642, 50DCB9E1-62BC-4879-8FE7-BFDADC…)

From why I can tell these days Julia decided to “bimbofy” herself. She’s no longer “goth” and idolizes Legally Blonde. I’d say her granny wife Eileen is still very sus for sure. The way she ogles Julia like an old perverted man is the creepiest thing ever.

No. 1448580

It begins.
IBF whinging about how hard it is to buy gothy babyclothes, plugging her amazon wishlist of gothy babyclothes, and showing off the gothy babyclothes her fans have already bought her.

No. 1448582

Already planning the baby's outfit for when she'll bring it to WGT. Never give up on chasing that German/Scotish gothqueen dream Freya.

No. 1448621

are the bangs just photoshopped on? why do they look so strange??

No. 1448635

I totally forgot she existed lmao

No. 1448669

Ugh - these two are so creepy.

No. 1448715

File: 1645470043345.jpg (799.42 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220221-163837_Ins…)

Jude is doing yet another q and a. For those who don't know, after being silent during the blm and getting backlash and losing some followers, she stopped posting, wiped her insta and began rebranding going even harder on the ddlg shit but only daring to post q and a's now to show off how deep she thinks she is. Also peep her stubby hand's ill fitting tat kek

No. 1448736

srsly Jude? that's where you draw the line? not sucking on a pacifier while getting jackhammered or all the nasty shit people have been writing in the previous q&a?

No. 1448753

The older lady is so fucking creepy

No. 1448793

I think so? It looks so bad

No. 1448903

Wasn't he pushing 500k subs on Youtube, too? Now he's at 477k. Oof.

No. 1448956

Genuine question, why is his pinky always out like that. Who’s style is he ripping off. It’s hilarious.

No. 1448961

Genuine question, why is his pinky always out like that. Who’s style is he ripping off. It’s hilarious.

Are you retarded? There were dating rumours in literally the last thread.

No. 1448966

Who needs to nurture a career when you can get pussy? /s

No. 1448984

As if actual murder and rape isn't "having the power to control someone's world". This bitch's morals are so misaligned and contradictory, she actually sounds psychotic. Does she not have any family or friends who care about her? Someone needs to call for a welfare and get her checked in somewhere.

No. 1449031

File: 1645491896518.jpeg (30.92 KB, 684x448, images (14).jpeg)

Call down and stop clutching your pearls. Thats not a child casket, it's a sample casket. As the name implies, it's just a small box made to show the materials, the finish etc. It's usually not sold to the general public, it's shown by casket manufacturers so purchasers (mostly funeral home directors) can take a look and feel the real materials in person before making an order. It's kinda "rare" they end up on random people's hands so they're sought after, people store their record collections inside or make beds for their pets. These are just samples, nothing disrespectful about using them, they were never intended for burying the dead into, they ARE for viewing and showing.

BUT they are really fucking small, like they're bulky but the actual space inside is minimal because the walls are thick, I'd say you can fit a medium cat comfortable inside of one. What shocked me is how can she FIT inside one of those? I don't know who this is, but this is fucked up. If she keeps at it, she'll be needing the full size actual casket pretty soon

No. 1449121


This is so photoshopped it looks like a sim… So uncanny
(sim porn anon stay back)

No. 1449122

They probably look off because of how blurred the face looks in contrast

No. 1449147

Her name's jazmin bean and she's a 19 or 20 y.o. who got mildly e-famous for a makeup style she doesn't even do anymore, for being a barcroft alumnus like jude, and for her J star type music. Iirc she's mentioned having body dysmorphia and an eating disorder, and toootally unrelatedly she claims to be non binary and wants her chest removed.

No. 1449208

I would not have had a clue who she was if it was for the fact Ginger Wildheart is her dad.

No. 1449246

dont summon her

No. 1449275

No. 1449289

I‘m kinda surprised Jazmin in the casket rubbed so many here the wrong way, considering how everyone is super edgy, transphobia and fatshaming being a regular thing but then y’all draw the line at a casket?? lmao

No. 1449291

I personally don't see the problem either but that's maybe a personal thing. I have friends who have caskets as coffee tables.

No. 1449341

It wasn’t that it was a casket. I like them. Love them. It was that it was a child’s casket. In my view, that is a line, posing in a child’s coffin for the aesthetic just doesn’t sit well. It feels wrong.

It’s totally my issue though. I’m not expecting everyone else to agree with me.

No. 1449344

Ayrt I didn't even know that, she never mentions a father. She does mention her mother angie k adams though, who helped her get a record deal

No. 1449348

File: 1645538622600.gif (2.43 MB, 640x492, wont-somebody-please-think-of-…)

Same. Transphobia and fatshaming are fine. But posing in a childrens' coffin is somehow a major moral transgression?
Not saying that people can't be upset about things, it just seems like a weird line to draw given the contents of these boards.

No. 1449360

I mean given the content of lolcow, I wonder why some are surprised at twansphobia and fatshaming. But child's coffin or not, what's stranger is that as a young adult she's skinny enough to fit in 1/5 of a coffin.

No. 1449429

I think we can all agree she's disturbingly skinny. I think she's short as well. But this is just emaciation.

No. 1449518

File: 1645554998049.jpg (662.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220222-193400_Ins…)


No. 1449550

No. 1449552

It's an affectation.
I haven't seen youngER people do it much, but I've seen upper middle class older people do weird thing with their pinkies. He probably holds his cigarette in a really affected way too.

It's a female board. Even if we don't want children of our own, I'd say it was a natural reaction for a woman to feel some primal sadness and distaste at using a child's casket as a prop.

No. 1449553

Looks like she asked for an alien/fairy/mandrake hybrid. That's shite.

No. 1449591

>primal sadness
lmao, it's tacky of her but this weird gender essentialist take is a bit much.

No. 1449596

Agreed. As a woman, I don't give a fuck haha.

No. 1449600

Same. As a cis woman of childbearing age, I couldn't give less of a fuck. Guess I'm not a "real" woman. Because womanhood is determined by your need to have and protect babies. Unlike guys, who are generally pro- dead baby.
Gender-essentialism is bullshit.

No. 1449602

Absolutely weird lmao wtf, has absolutely zero to do with that.
Also, circling back to the weight thing, I feel like you can’t do anything to please people. Being a bit above or even average weight means you’re fat but being skinny apparently isn’t good either, I’m so confused lol

No. 1449608

If she wasn't e-famous, and she showed a portfolio with stuff like this in it, I doubt she would get any work. Not unles her prices are super low, but I doubt it.

No. 1449610

File: 1645563735918.jpeg (550.18 KB, 750x1023, D667419D-88AF-4963-83FD-F4CCBB…)

Nobody cares about your stupid bikes, Jake.
…except for this weird lady I guess?

No. 1449613

That is not a lady, anon. That's a lonely and confused man.

No. 1449619

File: 1645564258121.jpg (674.8 KB, 1080x1532, 20220222_220915.jpg)

All her work is so derpy.

No. 1449623

File: 1645564756124.jpg (219.61 KB, 1080x1053, 24.jpg)

Hate to break it to you dude, but you can't "get wet".

No. 1449624

Where the fuck are it's teeth,holy

No. 1449637

File: 1645566170530.png (1.04 MB, 1392x893, Schermopname (969).png)

Emily Boo got her lip double pierced after taking her labret out

No. 1449638

Oh yeah, because laughing at autistic middle aged men who think they're sexy anime cat girls and using a child's casket as a prop are totally the same level of edgyness.

I wasn't one of the original anons who was offended by it btw. But your logic is pretty funny.

No. 1449640

Looks unflattering but whatever.

No. 1449651

Can we quit infighting about the stupid child's coffin, she's anachan we get it can we move on.

Anyway, wonder how Jake feels that the ones getting wet for him and vagina-less trannies, yikes.

No. 1449653

Bet he's pulling his hair out that all he's attracting is troglodyte's, Kaya is the best he was gonna get

No. 1449663

Between that and his band going nowhere, no wonder he’s so haggard looking, dude has to be depressed as shit

No. 1449691

Idk that girl Kat looks a lot more appealing than Kaya.

No. 1449696

I was the original anon that posted it and I’m shocked at how offended people got, I was more drawing attention to how skinny she is especially when u compare to old photos of her where she’s chubby
Jazmin has so much more important milk between being an industry plant, being gender special, scamming fans and hanging out with racists and nazis.
It’s been days drop the coffin talk guys

No. 1449697

Her body art is nice and her aesthetic is more out together even her model photos. They look similar in some photos, like you can see Jake has a type and not a complete detachment to Kaya. When Kat has dark hair she's very similar to Kaya.

No. 1449699

Imo I disagree. Kat may be conventionally attractive, but that makes her basic looking. Kaya has more unique features.

No. 1449700

I mean Kaya def does have a hook nose in comparison.

No. 1449702

She cheated on her husband and broke up her kids family so she can play loves young dream with a moaning edgelord who by his own admission thinks it’s acceptable to ‘physically educate’ children. Pretty she may be. Smart she is not.

I’d take a thousand Kayas over that any day.

No. 1449708

So which is cuter. Kaya's hook nose or Kat's thin white girl lips? Kek.

No. 1449709

>scamming fans and hanging out with racists and nazis.

Now this IS milk. Please share.

No. 1449728

who were they talking about?

No. 1449729

File: 1645573550867.jpeg (307.43 KB, 844x2122, 95D33CCE-34ED-4359-86EE-876C30…)

I don’t know if I’d call this conventionally attractive, she’s just better at editing her photos.

No. 1449732

I'm one of the anons who got offended, it's because I care a lot about children and the thought of them dying while their life hasn't even started yet makes me so sad. How someone could use that as a cute aesthetic is beyond me, it's why I was so mad. Making fun of trannies and fatties who post themselves online for everyone to see is somehow worse than taking the piss out of dead children though? Get yourself checked anon. (I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it, she probably didn't even think about it. It just shocked me, it's why I overreacted)

No. 1449737

File: 1645574202413.png (386.48 KB, 720x1207, Screenshot_20220222-145152.png)

Quite the contrast from her IG photos.

No. 1449738

File: 1645574282284.jpg (146.22 KB, 1080x418, Screenshot_22Twitter.jpg)

"Arm showing" what the fuck hahaha. This isn't the Victorian era. These people need to touch some grass.

No. 1449739

Don't tell this dude Jake has an onlyfans where you can see his bulge. He'd have a heart attack

No. 1449741

OMG okay I retract my "conventionally attractive" comment. She has a whole 5-head and Jay Leno chin.

No. 1449743

True about the chin but I'm not seeing the fivehead, it looks normal to me

No. 1449744

gtfo pro-lifer nobody here cares that dead babies make you sooo sad lol

No. 1449746

File: 1645574935199.jpg (17.44 KB, 300x300, 54cb5fb1479bc_-_megamind_1110-…)

I think it's the hairstyle. Makes her head look really big on top. It's giving Megamind.

No. 1449747

Is that supposed to be a marilyn monroe tattoo? Kaya is no avant garde style icon. But this bitch looks so basic you could pour vinegar on her and turn her into a science fair vulcano.

No. 1449748

It’s not a five head, it’s a wide head. Her grill is busted. She’s normal looking for the most part, but what makes her ugly is leaving her baby behind to get drunk with Jake

No. 1449751

File: 1645575158781.jpg (200.56 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20220223_001211.jpg)

Thought she looked nice in this tbf.

No. 1449752

Does posing with a coffin mean taking the piss out of dead people? Man, wait until you find out about the goth scene…

But I forgot! These are BABIES! Won't somebody please think of the children!
If the suggestion of the mortality of children triggers you that much, you might want to work on that. It sounds exhausting.

No. 1449753

File: 1645575359724.jpeg (150.72 KB, 610x1413, DCF6793D-720C-439A-B7EF-26A579…)

Another candid. Saged for no milk. Jake wouldn’t be able to pull a girl that looked like her edits. She’s a trainwreck. So yeah I’m going Kaya > this twat

No. 1449757

Considering it's a poised and edited professional maternity shoot, yeah I'd hope they can make her "nice". Still as basic and boring as you can get.

No. 1449758

I mean, is she suppose to look ugly in that? Idk. You can see how Jake was attracted. She kind of looks like Kaya, they dress similar, Kat works and doesn't blame the weather for being inactive etc.

No. 1449759

She also has no assertive opinions. Jake loves a compliant woman.

No. 1449761

True. But Kaya didn't break up her family for the privilege of fucking a guy who talks about how he should totally be allowed to hit kids. So meh.

No. 1449762

I mean obviously there has to be a mental defect to date Jake.

No. 1449763

What? I don't like children dying, and I don't like someone presenting it as 'cute' or edgy or whatever. I think that's vile. I don't care about people using coffins as props but that it's a children's one makes me sad. (I really love kids, that's probably why). I've been in the alt scene 6-7 years and have seen some shit but I'm not completely desensitized like you two.

No. 1449765

Suppose to? It probably wasn’t her intention, but yeah. She looks like a “I’m a cool mom”

No. 1449766

Oh sorry, you're not like the other girls. Okay.

No. 1449768

What's confusing about a healthy body weight not being too fat or skinny but in the middle range? Obviously everyone has different body types but neither extreme of the spectrum for weight is good.

No. 1449771

Wait, not fainting at the mere mention of a childrens' coffin or believing that the need to protect babies fills everyone with a uterus with a weird primal rage makes me a pickme? Damn. I kind of think that's the vast majority of women. At least the ones who aren't on the tradwife market.
Go clutch your ovaries elsewhere and fuck off to mumsnet.

No. 1449772

File: 1645576479516.gif (723.78 KB, 500x500, rly.gif)

You are way too easy to wind up.(infighting )

No. 1449775

Do tell. I follow her casually and I know she got signed to interscope records with the help of her parents who are/were in bands, and that she thinks she's gender special bc of her body dysmorphyia and assburgers. But spill about her scamming fans and hanging with nazis?

No. 1449776

>women are not a hivemind who all feel and think the same thing

>wow look at this 'pick me' bitch


No. 1449777

Says the one who freaks out at any mention of dead babies? Give it some more time in this forum and you'll be desensitized like the rest of us. You're shitting up the thread with your irrelevant pro-life whining.

No. 1449780

File: 1645577570905.jpeg (9.05 KB, 183x275, download.jpeg)

Fuck off. Clearly this is not the thread for you.(infighting )

No. 1449781

Different anon, mate.

No. 1449785

Bitch, you got triggered by an ethot and her prop.

No. 1449789

File: 1645577991184.jpg (803.47 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220223-004656_Ins…)

Should jazmin be a minor cow on here? Iirc it was discussed in a past thread but forgot what came of that. As well as what >>1449696 said, her music is subpar MySpace tier stuff save for a few of them, and without her parents connections she couldn't have or would've struggled to make music videos that got her mills of views, attention from people like grimes (pic) and couldn't have gotten a record deal. Good for her but yeah nepotism.

No. 1449792

I think she'd make a good minor cow. I'm just waiting for >>1449696 to spill on the scamming and nazi stuff.

No. 1449801

When she ran her merch shop lots of people ended up either not getting the items or only got them after emailing over and over for months, (there was some stuff about an old depop account she ran but she would of literally been like 12 at the time so I don’t count that) And she would promise over and over to refund people who didn’t get their items but again people would have to email over and over and she would buy expensive clothes and chokers but would say she didn’t have the money. She made a go fund me for her video for princess castle and got a couple thousand in donations from fans, a year or so goes by and she finally makes the video but it was after she had been signed and so probably given a budget. I also remember people saying they didn’t get their signed hello kitty’s they were meant to get for donating a certain amount. The racist and nazi thing is kind of a reach but she was best friends with nyabeat, nyabeat gets cancelled and jazmin says she had stopped being friends with them but started following nyabeats new account on tiktok months later. They also have like 5 tattoos by and hangs out with that tattoo artist with the Nazi finger tattoo and gross animu gore tattooslil bo weep hangs out with

No. 1449808

NTA but cope, seethe, dilate lmao. You're this mad over what? Enough with the edgy infanticide LARP, if only your mothers felt the same (I know half of you wish it too)

No. 1449829

File: 1645581249769.png (68.13 KB, 644x800, d90.png)

I'm sorry, I saw the thumbnail and I had to.

No. 1449836

His little bulge pic is a thread or 2 back. Little it is

No. 1449839

Why are you still even talking about this? Seems baity.

No. 1449847

It's wojake

No. 1449852

Fucking kek

No. 1449857

Nothing says goth like a globe in your background

No. 1449890

Anon, you are a treasure. Vote for next thread pic.

No. 1449955

File: 1645592033107.png (334.68 KB, 768x385, iu.png)

Girl needs to touch some grass…

No. 1449957

She is ok looking, sure, but she also quite publicly cheated on her husband/the father of her child and got fired from the shop he owns just to get fucked by stubs. What does Jake provide? Promises of selling your drunken sextape? A few long island iced teas and a cheap hotel? Hope it was worth it Kat. lmao

No. 1449960

sage for samefag but kek at this grown woman wearing a naruto choker.

No. 1449968

Got catfished good and proper by the profile pic
>pic: pretty girl
>actual: metalhead dude
From my knowledge of the mtf threads maybe he means he pissed himself since they think it's the same thing

No. 1449972

desperately resisting urge to hi cow she looks like a mid 30s knacker here, what do you mean

No. 1449975

Sorry for samefagging (same anon as >>1449972 >>1449968 ) but what's with the coffin sperging, it's the most middling Myspace Jeffree Star tier edgy photoshoot, I don't get the offense in a goth thread of all places where coffins/crosses/graves/mourning outfits are aesthetic. And it seems to have been established it's not even a child coffin but an industry sample, >>1449031

No. 1449979

She's so fucking basic and boring imo kaya is way prettier and I like her nose it's unique

No. 1449980

the coffin spergs already got banned for infighting hours ago (not to mention the original discussion happened 8 days ago but some jackass had to revive it and awaken the twitterfags) just stop talking about it and move the fuck on. you guys are more annoying than the sims spergs because at least that was funny.

>I don't get the offense in a goth thread of all places

this isn't a "goth thread" it's a thread to make fun of alt dumbasses and their OTT attempts at being edgy and g0ffick. we are always pointing out when they go too far to be edgy (like adora's rape victim costume) pointing out someone doing something tacky/in poor taste is what usually happens in this thread (and no I am not comparing adora's costume to somebody posing in a small coffin)

No. 1449993

File: 1645596560711.jpg (305.15 KB, 972x2288, Screenshot_20220223-055606_Ope…)

>she would buy expensive clothes and chokers but would say she didn’t have the money
Well if she's spent their money of course she wouldn't have it… I looked it up and a few said they received after ages, and some thinking it's a scam picrel. Now since she's signed she has overpriced merch with universal music group (at least, the store T&Cs links you to them) and there's no scam complaints about it.

Basic edgy pink MySpace is her entire aesthetic. I kind of liked it at first but she's just stagnated there. If you've seen one of her pics or songs you've seen them all.

No. 1450038

lmao at the arms just disappearing

No. 1450072

How dare her not have all her home decor by Shillstar.

No. 1450126

File: 1645622831802.jpg (422.67 KB, 1080x1420, 54_Twitter.jpg)

This is in Jude's Twitter likes…

No. 1450128

File: 1645622855494.jpg (151.97 KB, 1080x1075, sowoke.jpg)

…so I fixed it for her!

No. 1450171

File: 1645630291657.png (Spoiler Image, 3.43 MB, 1536x2048, C0D216BA-AA1F-4045-A649-FF9B5A…)

Awww stump bought her flowers.

No. 1450178

It’s as if he knows he’s punching above his weight and desperately clawing at her heartstrings to try and keep her around.

No. 1450184

He’s just in the lovebombing stage. Wait until they “make it official” and he tries to make her dependent on him.

No. 1450212

Yep, I can’t imagine Fake feeling any love for anyone but himself. The flowers and drinks are just for show, a lure, there’s no feeling behind them. Also, there’s no way he’s going to be okay with taking care of her kid if Kat and her ex husband have shared custody. Though I suspect Kat to be the type to hand over the kid to her ex, and shirking any responsibility so she can run off with Stumpy.

And I wonder if they as a couple will ever get to the point of Kat asking for another child with Fake? I don’t think he would ever be open to having kids and if he does, would be a terrible father.

No. 1450214

I understand you anon, I miss it too though I remember a little further back than 2016 as I got onto YouTube in 2012 and the alternative side of it was just so fun. This was back when Sebastian Columbine, KazLovesBats who now goes by Goblin Queen, Laila Autumn, Dreiiabat, and a few others who have escaped my mind at the moment were around. I know people don't like Sebastian Columbine and I get it, she can be annoying but I actually did enjoy her old content back during her Goth days, she would do tutorials and do outings with her friends and sometimes talk about Goth music. It was pretty fun and definitely engaging. Same with GoblinQueen back when she was going by KazLovesBats, DIY projects, music talking, vlogging, etc. And I'll admit that I did like some of Dorian's old ramble videos as well, y'know before we found out how crazy she really is kek. And theGothAlice, she made all kinds of engaging videos, you can tell she was compassionate about art and creativity.

And even when clothing was involved, they were mostly thrift hauls and these people (Alts in general) would find all kinds of different things. In short, it was all repetitive shit like you see with the Shein, Killstar, and Aliexpress stuff. The styles were a lot more creative back then since people were making more of an effort working with what they could. I really hate that when you search for "alternative" in Youtube nowadays you just get what >>1443426 mentioned, its just a bunch of shallow bullshit of people who don't give a shit about what alternative actually is including music-based scenes like Goth and surprising enough, even Emo nowadays, I never thought I'd see the day that Emo started getting this vapid treatment of it's scene that way Goth has.

No. 1450218

* "It wasn't all repetitive shit like you see with

My bad lol

No. 1450224

I'm the same way anon. I had a friend tell me that I should get on TikTok to see what the Goths are up to (she's not a goth herself and doesn't really understand it) but from clips I've seen posted on Youtube, all I see is just shallow vapidness. These people don't even listen to Goth music like 80-90% of the time and if they do, they'll usually just play The Cure and it's not even one of their Goth songs. It doesn't help that I'm also on the older end of a millennial and I feel so disconnected from the zoomer generation in general.

>Just do your own thing. But doing your own thing, like what you like.

This FR. That's also what I miss about old "alt-tube", so many different alternative from different scenes just doing their own thing and everyone looked so different from each other too. Now it's all about having the same "fits" and it's so cookie-cutter and boring.

Go for it anon. if you've got ideas that you want to share, share them. If anything it might help bring some creative flair to the YouTube scene that is slowly dying.

No. 1450226

>She doesn't know shit about industrial

Eh what makes you say that anon? I remember her videos and they actually were informative on a basic level. She was correct about the Industrial subgenres like EBM, Aggrotech, and Industrial metal and all that. it's been awhile though since I've seen them.

That's pretty crazy lol But that makes sense because I remember in one of her older videos she did mention about PC culture killing the Industrial scene. Do you think this kinda stuff is why she stopped making videos and just became a solely DJ channel?

No. 1450228

>Thankfully it's not all… but it is a big chunk. At least it's mainly just on tiktok, probably as it's a very visual and attention seeking app. And it's not just aesthetics they make up sexuality and gender microlabels, and for kwerky points say they have an illnesse from "symptoms" that are normal behaviour. If you tell them lgbt and illnesses don't work like that they scream gatekeeper, they want to be in the cool kids club too and insist they are. Same with the goth subculture. Basically they're using too many labels, and for existing labels warp them to mean something else. Apparently I have a lot to say on this shit. I'll stop there.

Dang anon, you should do a YT rant, I'd watch to hear what more you'd like to share because I agree with you. It's all the more reason why I miss pre-2016 when there was still some sense and people weren't trying to get famous just for having a TikTok while having these multiple sexualities, gender identities, and mental illness, especially the latter because I've been hearing a lot of alt kids these days feeling the need to mention how they have things like ADHD BPD, and autism without even being asked and I'm just like, why?

No. 1450245

I stopped following jazmin when she posted the video of her singing a marina song in a club while rubbing chicken blood and organs on herself, you can hear someone in the crowd yell “that’s gross” I think it wasn’t even an alternative club but literally a normie gay bar… she also said in an interview that she also did a performance pissing into a cup and drinking it around the same time but I don’t think there is video
Chicken guts video is still on her account
She also would of been underage at the time

No. 1450257

What a sparse, uninspiring spray.

No. 1450263

He got those from the petrol station. I’d put money on it. Probably while he was picking up his ciggies. The romance! If he did get them from a florist he’s been had off.

She best enjoy this while it lasts. Once he realises the kid isn’t going to evaporate and he may have to deal with it he’ll be out of there quicker than you can blink. I’d laugh my ass off he suddenly does a 180 and becomes Mr Family Man imagine having him turn up to parents evening to hear how little Johnny is getting on at school. He has no idea what life with a kid is like.

No. 1450265

kek was going to say the same thing. that or he picked them up from a supermarket, but even those are better. Those just look sad and pathetic, kind of fitting for them both then I guess

No. 1450276

Those stream donations must have really dried up if he can’t even ring up interflora or you know, pop inside Tesco to look at the slightly fancier arrangements to get his new girlfriend flowers.

No. 1450282

He doesn’t give a shit about her, he’d rather spend his money on his motorbike or video games than buying something expensive for her. Even if he had the money, it would only go towards him or something that benefitted him (buying her drinks to get her drunk enough to have sex for OF). She sure got a catch.

No. 1450283

File: 1645642518928.jpg (Spoiler Image, 285.05 KB, 1080x1783, Screenshot_20220223-134440_Chr…)

Found some of his OF content that was leaked. Make sure you're not eating if you wanna look…

No. 1450288

Stump has no clue what he’s doing..that bouquet is so sad looking. And he gave no thought into picking out a bouquet. Those Roses are so basic.At least get her mixed bouquet or rainbow roses, black roses, etc. Think outside the box the damn moron.

No. 1450289

You were right, his dick looks disgusting. I gagged. It looks like a canine penis.

No. 1450290

£30? Hahahahahahaha. That is one ugly cock. What's wrong with his balls? He's proud of that. Wow.

No. 1450291

Looks edited and fake.

No. 1450294

File: 1645642893042.jpg (33.5 KB, 426x602, 615496ac2691f20001d9a005_mediu…)

She has no standards, obviously. The roses and the winkle.

No. 1450295

Eww….as a female, that thing looks dirty and discolored What the hell is wrong with it? Nasty looking thing, What is he so proud of?kek

No. 1450297

File: 1645642980378.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.11 KB, 1080x1647, Screenshot_20220223-134349_Chr…)

More OF leaked content.. Let me know if you guys want more I don't wanna spam this thread with those disgusting pics.

No. 1450298

His ballsack looks weird. The whole area doesn't like right kek

No. 1450300

Yep. The balls are wrong. His perineal raphe stitch line is missing.

No. 1450303

His nutsack looks just like a meatball. I hate it

No. 1450304

ewww, does he have a filter over it or is he just that grimy? he looks filthy and what's with his balls? lmfao

No. 1450306

He's smoothed out the pube area and his dick. His thighs are so ugly.That brown patch/birthmark is ugly. His face! He has no veins on his dick.

No. 1450312

Probably the most underwhelming cock I've ever seen tbh.

No. 1450331

File: 1645644420821.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.7 KB, 720x1281, kek.jpg)

Ew, found some. What a twat.

No. 1450332


So underwhelming for $30. His expressions look like he’s dying inside. It doesn’t take much to make an ambient set up to take sexy photos boudoir-esque. Why is he doing this if he looks like he doesn’t enjoy doing it? Is it just because Kaya didn’t let him so he must do it now that’s he’s single?
0/10 would not recommend. Dead eyes, uninspired poses, and shitty editing.

No. 1450336

File: 1645644613366.jpg (Spoiler Image, 286.54 KB, 720x1255, Screenshot_20220131-170130_Chr…)

Whatever do you mean?

No. 1450337

You left out "ugly mini cock". I bet Kaya and the various women in his life are just laughing at this behaviour

No. 1450338

I can't unsee Les Battersby >>1450336

No. 1450339

thats fucking disgusting, i think i just threw up a little

No. 1450345

Did you pay for this or was it leaked on a website?

No. 1450349

it was leaked from a website, no way i'll pay for that haha

No. 1450351

I found them on maybe the same site but idk how many a loser gets for their $35. There's one of him flashing his unattractive arse. Would that be in a set or a stand alone? None of this trash is worth $35.

No. 1450352

Leak them all

No. 1450353

Yes come on, we need a good laugh!

No. 1450355

File: 1645645937298.jpg (Spoiler Image, 199.78 KB, 720x1425, heroin pants.jpg)

I'll do one. It's half chav, half clown.

No. 1450358

File: 1645646051262.jpg (Spoiler Image, 214.54 KB, 720x1213, spotass.jpg)

No. 1450362

Hairy ass equals a more hairy asshole. Not cute

No. 1450363

He’s a prick so yeah I agree.
don’t give him any money leak them so no one has to pay kek

No. 1450366

File: 1645646169580.jpg (Spoiler Image, 283.06 KB, 720x1261, syndrome.jpg)

This one…

No. 1450368

kek nice cankles fake

aren't these the kind of shots you'd see in gay magazines? it's just funny that he's trying to appeal to women with these

No. 1450369

He has no girth….females like girth. Makes it fun. What the hell is he so proud of? Kek

No. 1450373

File: 1645646459237.jpg (Spoiler Image, 236.19 KB, 720x982, Screenshot_20220127-111203_Chr…)

He seems sexless to me. Like he doesn't know what flowers a woman likes. He thinks he's a stud and he just looks like a sad little boy being naughty.

Washing the sex off himself apparently

No. 1450375

He’s charging £35 a month for THAT?! Why is he holding it like that? It looks… dry and sore and crusty…

Not exactly ‘impressive’ either…

No. 1450378

Oh that is just… wrong… it’s like a little hairless nub… oh I don’t like it… but post them all anons. They should be leaked. He can’t get away with charging money for this…

No. 1450379

File: 1645646800278.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.09 KB, 720x1281, fatstump.jpg)

Last one from me. We'll now have to pay to view this phew, hot content!

No. 1450383

tbh bigger than I expected but as another anon said no girth

No. 1450384

He literally has no balls. None.

No. 1450404

It just looks really shopped to me.

No. 1450408

My thoughts exactly.. it looks a different size in every picture?!

No. 1450411

This one looks shopped as hell!! his cock is legit a different colour! Thought it was a strapon.

No wonder he’s only attracting troons. Photoshop and looking like he’s been rolling around behind a dumpster

No. 1450412

Don’t worry, someone will keep inflating his ego and we will get the sex vids from him and Kat and see his actual size

No. 1450413

It looks a tinge orange here, like he's been waving it around in a packet of Wotsits. His balls are like marbles.

No. 1450415

why did you spoiler this

No. 1450416

Like a sad birthday clown having a depressed wank akt the end of the day.

No. 1450418

No. 1450419

why do his balls look so weird? like a perfect circle? and he looks so sad and tired in each photo, who is jerking off to this

kek anon

No. 1450425

Washing is something he needs to do more of. That thing looks unsanitary. These pictures just made me slide closer to "lesbian" on the bi spectrum.

Lol. When he jerks it you hear clownhonk noises.

No. 1450426

>who is jerking off to this

The person who uploaded them is "Cartoon Boy", so either a desperate gay who prefers non threatening looking dicks, or a girl that forgot it was boi not boy.

No. 1450431

I’m more surprised he clean shaven. It bigger then I expected tbh

No. 1450433

>> 1450379

I’ve not even paid money to see these and I want a refund.

No. 1450435

It's all the inconsistencies for me. It honestly looks like a different dick in every picture.
This, my god, so much this. Nothing about any of these shots was sexy. He puts more effort into his yellow bordered YT thumbnails than any of these.

No. 1450443

>hairless little nub
Kek I know what it reminds me of. Looks like one of those weird FtM skin sausages after SRS. They’re just as hairless and raw looking.

You mean “washing the long walk off” kek. He edited it

No. 1450445

File: 1645650598766.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.56 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20220223-155711_Twi…)

More sad clown dick pics incoming, can't wait for those to be leaked, funny af.

No. 1450447

keep trying to create a jawline with the paint fake, kek

No. 1450451

Think I'll skip that one, thanks. Boring now.

No. 1450452

File: 1645651169291.png (474.98 KB, 908x828, fanbase.png)

No. 1450471

His stance in the pic where he’s showing his flat ass looks like he’s fucking the bike plssss can y’all imagine how awkward this shoot must’ve been, that boring grimey garage is so unappealing. I’d assume it‘s really difficult to get your dick hard in this environment but given how obsessed he is with his bikes he was probably dying to finally get to do this kek

No. 1450472

wonder if he’s filled with narcissistic glee that she’s been fired and it’ll be easier to make her depend on him

No. 1450475

She works in another studio now now, iirc.

No. 1450480

omg that nasty faucet in the foreground???

No. 1450481

Ayrt. I'm also >>1443396 and >>1443855. I have considered writing or recording what I think actually, and I've basically been doing it here already. Glad people here share the same sentiments.

I guess I stillccount as a "baby bat" as I'm just an older zoomer but this still annoys me smth special bc labels aren't meant to be deep. They just apply if they describe you. But, a chunk of tiktok zoomers are making it deep by distorting them bc they don't fit the label but desperately want to be included, since they want to be unique but aren't creative enough lmao. Then they try to kick out people who identify with the real label and discredit them as gatekeepers (or whatever other buzzword they're misusing when it's not the words pick me, gaslight and trauma). I've noticed that disorder and lgbt fakers also like faking being alt by slapping on fishnets which solidifies to me they just want to manufacture being unique, and manufacturing uniqueness is sadly a given on social media. The flavour is just goth and emo right now (and has been before but not to this extent iirc). And people with large followings are catching on, off the top of my head corpulent husband called e girls goth in his song, and machine gun Kelly wrote a song about loving an emo girl but couldn't describe her past her looks and that she knows all the trap songs and nothing else.

At least people were clowning on MGK so maybe there's hope. And the goth subculture is irrefutably based on the music (ofc hard of hearing people are exempt, I've literally seen people use "what about deaf people") so I think fakers will give up and leech off another thing eventually. And I have seen a few who realise this and dont misuse the labels, people who genuinely like the subculture who discovered it through tiktok, and seen "gothtok" which has some non faker goths. I think that's all I have to say on it tbh. If there's more I'll add. About people announcing their disorders by the way, they're more badges of uniqueness.

The newest trend is faking DID and tics, and the word "fakeclaimer" to discredit people who call them out.

Repost to add paragraph breaks I didn't realise I'd written this fucking much

No. 1450484

File: 1645654656758.jpg (37.92 KB, 500x500, images.jpeg-147.jpg)

sage for slight blogposting but i love goth music but i dress in weeb tard shit, it's literally very palatable moody 80s music, any Boomer mom would listen to that shit to clean the house with glee.
I don't get the hang up over it that other zoomer goths and goth cows have over listening to it, it's not some screeching black metal.

No. 1450489

He seems to keep covering his balls. Maybe he only has one. Some dudes randomly get testicular torsion and lose one. Sage for tinfoil

No. 1450493

Reminds me of my ex's sack. It was thick and leathery and his balls would like disappear inside him when he was hard.

No. 1450500

File: 1645656215840.jpeg (194.68 KB, 1125x646, FABA1E05-1EB2-4710-92F4-6741C8…)

Whatever is wrong with these people is no little thing.

No. 1450515

His tear troughs are so deep. And his pose looks like he's squatting to shit in a literal trough kek. As for the crotch I agree with other anons, it's too smooth. Some guys can pull off being shaved but cpupled with his genitals having no texture like veins or anything, because of a filter or because actually it's giving pre pubescent which is jarring.

No. 1450520

Doubt it, it’s just a bad nut sack shoop. No one’s balls are without wrinkles when they’re as old as he is, even when hard

No. 1450535

his fanbase is starting to feel like a cult

No. 1450586

These photos make me want to sew my vagina shut.

No. 1450587

Homeboy really has a slouching problem

No. 1450615


This is some of the least erotic content I have ever viewed

No. 1450618

This is one is especially hilarious, he looks like he's angrily staring at himself in the mirror

No. 1450628

File: 1645666410721.jpg (Spoiler Image, 514.26 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220123-095734_Chr…)

Looks like he's going for the amputee porn people here

No. 1450631

(btw, that's not my ss, so I'm not the gay in the pp)

No. 1450635

I wanted to throw up, but I also laughed so hard at these pathetic photos kek

Looks like a hobo trying to flash people on the street corner.

The way he grabs his penis is so gross, looks more like trying to take a leak.

Again with the no effort, angry-resting face. Does he not enjoy taking photos, or does he think that that's actually appealing? Disgusting.

No. 1450641

Right? And there's so much variety with goth music too. Goth rock, death rock, dark wave, ethereal wave, etc. There's something for everyone I think, and yet they don't want to listen to any of it.

No. 1450646

LMFAO I spat my drink

No. 1450655

Jake's leaked OF photos are spreading all over twitter now if you look under "Jake Munro". Wonder how he feels about that.

No. 1450657

He does have a pretty apparent hunchback. Probably because he has spent a massive amount of time sitting on his ass heavy breathing over his computer for years.

No. 1450659

All of the build up and suspense for… that tiny, underwhelming thing. I think Jake leaked these himself. It would be on brand for a narc.

No. 1450668

You can tell it looks like a stubby little thumb while flaccid.

No. 1450671

You can tell that he's really shit at sex.

No. 1450672

I thought this was amputee porn for a second.
Everything thing about this is just all around terrible, sweet christ

No. 1450673

File: 1645669533616.jpg (408.23 KB, 1080x1419, Screenshot258_Twitter.jpg)

It's delusional. Jake only pays attention to you because you pay for the attention. When in reality, he would never give you a second glance otherwise. Imagine bragging that you pay for sex work.

No. 1450683

File: 1645670609270.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165.62 KB, 312x303, 0fEqFTX.jpg)

spoiler for nsfw/stitches
the single sack/small balls, the hairlessness, the pencil-thin girth…it looks a lot like a ftm that got srs, picrel

No. 1450692


Kaya's nose has more length, Kat's has more width.

No. 1450721

Awww how nice, the bare minimum of generic gifts. Generic gifts for a generic girl I suppose.

No. 1450729

with the money he makes from live-streaming, being "e-famous", and his other e-begging endeavors, stump should be able to buy her one of those eternal roses bouquets.
I agree with others, he is too selfish to spend any money on her even this early on in the honeymoon phase when he should be trying to impress, and claims to have plans and resources to travel the world and buy more motorcycles for himself.

No. 1450732

the girls are fighting!!

No. 1450754

It's not the biggest not the smallest, just the most boring ass white dude dick you could find on any street corner… who would pay for that..

No. 1450768

Exactly. Certainly not daddy's big dick. Just a sick. A very boring and dirty looking one at that.

He was never able to fool us with his method of all shaved pubes with the lowest pants possible trick to make his torso seem longer. Now that we can see the whole picture, specially without any pubes at all, he looks even more like a small little burly gnome. There's so little space between his belly button and dick, makes me uncomfortable to look at. The dick is just meh, but everything else around it is a nightmare

No. 1450782

File: 1645680255172.jpeg (7.32 KB, 192x263, images (1).jpeg)

Took me forever to figure out what this reminded me of fucking hell why is he standing like that lol

No. 1450801

File: 1645682154790.jpeg (30.05 KB, 403x389, 7081C837-73EC-4E45-8164-5DE696…)

Ok the head jut tho? I knew it reminded me of a meme. Also fucking kek I bet he’s doing it bc he doesn’t have on his normal neck makeup to fake a jawline. Gotta make do ig

No. 1450803

>It honestly looks like a different dick in every picture.
He definitely photoshopped it much thicker in that first motorcycle pic >>1450283
compared to the one of him holding the skinny curved atrocity in >>1450297


No. 1450814

The dick looks photoshopped on just because the pose is so unsexual and out of place, what an odd, weirdly edited photo. Also his legs look disgusting.
That grumpy old man face with his dick out, very hot can see why Kaya was depressed now
Holy shit this one is terrible, looks like a random bloke going for a piss or something.
mighty kek what the fuck are these photos
Looks like a retarded caveman, these are so much worse than I expected kek jesus. I hope these follow him around online as karma for ditching Kaya in a freezing studio in the dead of winter.
Love all the grime in focus in the front of the image, but at least his face isn't in this one
These are all so bleak
The one with the makeup is probably the real size, it looks smaller there >>1450355

He's making it sound like they are fucking irl, like spreading a rumour about himself. I wonder how many of his subs are male now as these photos couldn't possibly appeal to women.

No. 1450819

He's basically stopped making any content except for the occasional stream, and these bleak as fuck OF shoots. Like, I've seen unsolicited dick pics with better lighting and more effort. The only time he's ever come even remotely close to a 'sexy' expression for the camera is that clip on his insta of him feeling up his abs as he eye fucks himself.
I really hope people keep leaking and sharing the OF pics so his revenue stream dries up once people see the garbage he's charging for. Watching that stumpy little pubeless goblin descend into poverty and have to get a regular job again would be such sweet karma.

No. 1450844

File: 1645686406012.jpeg (321.77 KB, 1157x1718, F65C5869-AAD0-46A9-80AF-C8F446…)

Multi Award winning my ass. If you actually take a closer look at Kat’s work. Her linings and shading is NOT very good.

No. 1450852

this "witch" is walleyed as fuck lmao

No. 1450854

File: 1645687759581.jpg (347.33 KB, 1079x1183, Sc5_Instagram.jpg)

The facial contouring on this one. What the fuck, unaward her.

No. 1450855

The cankles, the UK size 5.5 looking feet with stubby little fat toes, the fucking shapeless pudgy torso, the “Kill me now” expression in every photo and the blatantly shooped dick…I honestly would have paid the £35 to sub for the laughs alone at this trainwreck’s expense. Whoever leaked this, you’re a hero. Best laugh I’ve had all year.

No. 1450857

It's like without Kaya he has entirely lost whatever small sense of creative flair he may have had. The content is dead.

No. 1450861

What the hell is that? That is a shitty version of Alicia Silverstone as Cher in the movie Clueless.

No. 1450867

File: 1645689415359.jpg (107.52 KB, 1080x515, Screenshot_20220224-043057_Ope…)

She was 15 at the time, and the performance was probably just quick shock value because iirc it didn't even go with the song and it wasn't part of a performance, she was just singing and rubbing some blood

No. 1450868

*didn't even go with the song and it wasn't part of an act

No. 1450869

the contour on this is giving me bearded lady/tranny vibes

No. 1450871

The line work and blowouts is crazy bad.

No. 1450874

Exactly and what makes it even more jarring is that Goth music is much more accessible now than it ever has been. YouTube, Spotify, etc. It's all there and open for anyone who'd like to give it a try but these people are just too lazy to do that but yet then turn around and complain about "gatekeepers" who rightfully say that if they want to be Goth, they have to have likeness for the music which is once again, available for anyone more so now than it ever has been.

No. 1450899

File: 1645695901279.jpeg (144.79 KB, 1503x356, 1409B16E-2FE5-4112-9E34-DAC99F…)

Stump recently seems to be trying to do damage control, looks like he’s now having NICE TIMES. It’s too late, everyone knows what a “better than thou” ass he is. Hairy ass at that

No. 1450910

omg the pic where he looks like a butch lesbian crying in their room is a nude photo LOL nice socks asshole

No. 1450911

Once again, puts more production and emotion into his tacky thumbnails then the nudes he's charging for. Proof that he has a basic grasp on lighting and expressions, he just doesn't think he needs to put the effort in because people will pay to see his gross, painfully average dick and won't care what the rest of the pic looks like. Probably hasn't wiped the dick and ball prints off that hideous bike yet either.

No. 1450916

giving the john wayne gacy vibes.
couldn't he wait until the sock indentations were gone? I guess that's why he wore socks in the other one. LOL edema much?

he has no sex appeal! no wonder Kaya seemed ok with the "we don't have sex" vibes they put out for so many years. he is cringey! and low effort. and he made fun of people (mostly teenagers) who aren't self aware like that. this is too silly.

No. 1450918

File: 1645699742173.png (Spoiler Image, 747.82 KB, 720x861, stumpy.png)

Couldn't help it, that pic was just begging for an edit.
This may be the most cursed thing I've ever created…

No. 1450922

hahahaha oh my god that’s a close contender for the new thread pic if we don’t choose that other gem, I’m crying

No. 1450924

I can't tell what part of this is edited, it looks normal

No. 1450929

holy shit anon this explains so much, seconded for next thread pic

No. 1450947


O my god anon, I'm crying. Thank u

No. 1450957

Imagine you're the guy who's sharing the garage with. You're just walking in on a thursday afternoon, and come upon Jake buttnaked on his motorcycle, bleakly staring into space. You hurredly excuse yourself and leave. You spend the next two weeks asking yourself if you should adress it, failing to meet his eyes and wiping down every wrench and bolt you pick up before you use it. You check your own bike for sweatstains every day. Finally you decide it's just not worth it, and try to find an excuse to break your lease.

No. 1450984

That has to be the next thread picture.

Oh god I forgot he shared that garage.

No. 1451004

I feel terribly for the people who have to wrap his motorcycle as well, imagine having to handle a bike that's had this dudes dick rubbed all over it

No. 1451061

I agree with all of what you said and ironically I found a recent video that pretty much embodies the shallowness of today's youth when it comes to goth and just alternative in general.

"Gothcore" is not even a real thing and it's especially annoying how these people are acting like Goth had been dead for all this time but is now making a "comeback" because of vacuous TikTokers and all the posers on there thinking they're goth for wearing black and fishnets while making e-girl & e-boy faces.

You know I find it very interesting how everything has changed when it comes to music-based scenes since it's not just Goth and Emo having this issue. I'm seeing it with Grunge and I even found an example of a metal one where this girl admittedly she only plays Metal when she's filming her "metal aesthetic" outfit videos but outside of that has no interest in metal except for the "Aesthetic".

It's like nowadays everything has to be an "aesthetic" now and they only focus on the clothes and not on the thing that these music-based subcultures are centered around, the heart. Sometimes it feels like the millennial generation was the last generation that found interest and camaraderie in music.

>The newest trend is faking DID and tics, and the word "fakeclaimer" to discredit people who call them out.

Yeah this one is arguably the most pathetic. Why can't these people just try to develop a real personality lol.

No. 1451065


No. 1451084

He really is stumpy. These ones were he's sitting he looks like a fucking tree stump. He should start calling himself a thicc goth. He probably grunts like a pig during sex and he looks like he isn't fit enough to even go long or change positions. No wonder him and Kaya hadn't fucked in years. Jesus Christ.

No. 1451090

I'm dying to know how Kaya feels about her ex's nudes being shared online. It has to be weird for her. For years unless he was cheating, she was the only one seeing him naked and now everyone is getting a peep.

No. 1451105

File: 1645722715023.jpeg (722.05 KB, 1170x2112, 282FB028-AB5F-4574-91AC-2F0A6A…)

Might be an insight to how she’s currently feeling about this all but that’s just speculation ofc.

No. 1451114

Honestly I emphasise with her. She seems loyal and I can respect that. I dated a man whore and once his mate showed me these photos he took of my ex camping and he was naked and the guy was showing loads of people, even girls and I just felt humiliated somehow. It hurts I don't know how to explain it.

No. 1451134

Not everyone is cool with dating a sex worker. No matter how normalized this generation makes showing people your genitals for money it's still what it is. Talk to anyone over the age of 35 who didn't grow up pornsick and they'll probably all say they wouldn't feel comfortable with their partners taking pictures of themselves naked to show other people. I think that would even involve exes too even though that feeling is a deeper sense of "this was the person I used to sleep next to and feel safe with" now not just privately sleeping with other people/talking sexually about others but openly, doing it where you can see and where others can see too and not only that but then having people pay for it ontop of that must feel like salt in the wound. Worst thing Jake did even besides kicking her out in the cold was giving her absolutely no decency or privacy when it came to healing from her grief. He couldn't even fuck around privately like most scrote fuck boys do, he had to post it to instagram that he was on a date and then like hours later posted on his onlyfans how he was "washing off the sex". Seeing your ex fuck you over like that with another woman that you knew real time must have been absolute torture. Even if she wasn't looking she definitely had people asking her about it or giggling about how cringe Jake is. He embaressed her on all fronts without even a drop of shame.

No. 1451141

Yeah, I didn't want to come off as possessive since that's been used against me before Kek. But like I'm old fashioned I like loyalty and i idk but when I'm in a relationship I conduct myself with respect to the other party always. Like you're an extension of each other in a way. He really is being fucking vile. There's been no consideration towards Kaya's feelings. And he's boasting about his trips and excursions and it's like, if it was that great surely you don't need the validation from Internet ransoms or is he so spiteful it's to hurt Kaya. There's no need. He's been globe trotting and she's been living in a commercial unit. You don't also have to traumatise her with your desperation to be sexy.

No. 1451143

agree with you both! I don't think it's possessive or old fashioned to want your partner to be loyal and not show off what should be for your eyes only (assuming you're not both "open" types or poly or some shit) Sure they're no longer together but it's still scummy behavior and shows no respect for her or their long relationship at all

No. 1451145

I think there is also a degree of being stunned/shocked by how much someone has changed, being confronted with it in such a big way. Despite being hurt and humiliated by someone, you're still very likely to harbour feelings for the person that you fell in love with. I would imagine it is hard to see that person change so much. Not only is your relationship over but the person that you loved is possibly changed to the point of being completely gone. Someone else.

No. 1451151

There was only a Polaroid camera option for partner sexypics when I got with my partner so it felt safer that the world weren't going to see them by internet. I'd just feel disappointed if we broke up and did a Stumpy, but can't explain why. It's just tacky. Stump's are tacky, anyway. (So is his bike seat ha).

The person who leaked the OF said
>I did not renew my subscription (ended Feb 13th) because it's so expensive.

I read that as "not worth it for so little".

No. 1451153

File: 1645725352734.jpg (765.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220224-185405_Ins…)

Hope she can get out of that studio and out from under his thumb soon. I'm pretty sure she'll start spilling if he can no longer hurt her.

No. 1451157

Lmfao. Is he naked wearing fakin socks?

No. 1451179

I think it's the duvet cover or whatever is on the bed. That shiny red material (bed under sheet) looks like a rubber incontinence mattress protector.

No. 1451190

>imagine having to handle a bike that's had this dudes dick rubbed all over it

Idk if that bike is actually owned or it's on a lease deal, but I'm sure whoever owns it next would love to see some of those photos

No. 1451197

>Sometimes it feels like the millennial generation was the last generation that found interest and camaraderie in music.

Zoomers seem more into stan culture whereby if they're not getting attention/likes/popularity for their interests, they drop them, hence the focus on gothic imagery versus actually being a goth and listening to the music/getting involved in the culture offline. Easier to get attention from an image, why bother engaging in an interest without attention to be derived from it?

The internet made people attention-hungry to the point they are all performing rather than living. But stan culture means very intensive interest for as long as the community (interest/popularity) is sustainable. I assume though as they get older they'll grow a personality and develop interests outside of a public performance, being insecure and finding yourself is all part of youth, they are simply acting out online what young people have always done.
Maybe we'll see the next generation be performative and fake in the same way, but hopefully maturity will follow…we can hope.

No. 1451200

>I would imagine it is hard to see that person change so much

Seeing the state Jake has made of his life in such a short time probably makes it easier for Kaya to distance herself from him emotionally, if getting her ass frozen off didn't do it of course, it'd be hard to think fondly about an ex posting the cringe shit he's been doing online for all to see.
(samefag as >>1451197 and >>1451190 )

No. 1451207

So much for not making any more tiktok content such new and exciting videos

No. 1451225

He only said he was going to stop making "thirty year old man talks shit about alt teenagers on tiktok" negative videos, and was going to try "thirty year old man tries to be positive about alt teenagers on tiktok" instead. I guess to try and avoid all of the people calling him out for essentially building his career on bullying alt kids. Which, in fairness, he did do.
In his latest vid he comes real close to talking shit about a vanity tiktok but pulled it back just in time. Before going on a really weird dysphoric rant, including a story about allegedly seeing a cosmetic surgeon to try and address issues he has with himself. Way to promote dysphoria and self-hate, self-image issues, all from a supposed PMA "make today a great day" youtuber. For someone who loves himself as much as he seems to, he has some real insecurity.
He isn't bullying these kids anymore but it still comes off as "guy with intense self-image and insecurity issues gets jealous of people who look better than he does" only now it's combined with being jealous of people who are also younger than him.

No. 1451235

deep down narcs are incredibly insecure, so it makes sense

No. 1451237

Really feel for her right now, it must be humiliating to have your ex behave this way, especially doing it so publicly. It just seems like he’s having some massive turning 30 crisis and has decided that torpedoing his whole life and fucking over his long term partner wasn’t quite the life reset he needed, so he’s spending his time rubbing his dry looking dick over motorbikes in his shared garage as well. Just for good measure.

I’ve just clocked that she’s listening to ‘with or without you’ by U2. I remember my first real proper, heartbreak at age 17 and spending far too much time listening to sad songs (particularly that one I’m ashamed to say), it’s sad for her that her first proper breakup has come in her late 20’s and she doesn’t get to just let it all hang out like you do when your younger. I know she has her issues but she has held her head high throughout all of this. Kinda proud of her.

No. 1451239

I'm so bored of how they call everything an aesthetic/core, wear and do what you want without pigeon holing yourself. But they want to stand out on a visual based and attention seeker rewarding type app, so the uncreative ones have to manufacture individuality and uniqueness they don't have by hoarding labels. And making new labels up for things that already exist, to water them down to just their aesthetic. And when you tell them they're using the labels wrong they scream that no you're wrong and they can do whatever they want. But that's what I'm saying, Stacy. You can like and do whatever so stop faking it, stop putting labels on yourself like a sticker book, and rewriting existing ones just to dilute them.

I've seen them try to take over grunge too and think a dirty nirvana tee is all it takes. Thankfully there are sane people who see this shit for what it is too but the insane ones are the vocal ones, as per.

>these people are acting like Goth had been dead for all this time but is now making a "comeback"

Yeah they think it's new and making a come back just because it's new to them. No awarenes outside their bubble, plus the pandemic and being glued to their phone is making them regress istg

No. 1451251

You reminded me of that one chick featured in the “goth styles” video where she was a “grunge-goth”. Her style was fishnets, bad egirl makeup, and ragged nirvana tshirts. No grunge or goth music though, just SoundCloud rap like all the other posers that claim they’re goth. These people really like collecting labels.

No. 1451273

>You can like and do whatever so stop faking it, stop putting labels on yourself like a sticker book, and rewriting existing ones just to dilute them

Agreed so much with this. No one is saying that these kids can't be into looking edgy but they should at least understand that they don't need to be Goth/Grunge/Emo/etc to dress alternative, especially if they have no interest in the music. I'm so glad I'm not alone in thinking this, I was really starting to wonder if I was being too judgmental about this but I can't help it, it just comes across so shallow and it saddens me that this is the state of the alternative scene nowadays but it makes me thankful I was born in the early 90s where I could experience the aforementioned camaraderie with music with my peers at the time and I'm especially thankful when I come across kids from gen z who actually do get it and actually take time to explore what the music scene has to offer outside of mumblerap and soundcloud rap.

>Yeah they think it's new and making a come back just because it's new to them. No awareness outside their bubble, plus the pandemic and being glued to their phone is making them regress istg

Yeah it's just annoying because new Goth music comes out pretty frequently but it's usually not raking in views because it's a niche genre but just because it's not popular, doesn't make it dead lol. But yeah I too noticed how this stuff became more frequent during the pandemic and we saw the whole "cottagecore", "dark academia", and "gothcore" shit pop up but when you look into it, it's just again, vapid interest that is all about the aEsThEtIc.

No. 1451280

Oh god "Grunge-Goth". Pff and you know it's a double fail when people who call themselves that term don't know any Goth and Grunge bands kek. I hadn't watched that video because the first two from like 2015-2016 annoyed me so I didn't want to risk watching the follow up, especially when I've heard it's even more ridiculous.

What I don't get is that isn't the woman who made those videos Goth herself? Why is she not putting actual goth sounding music in them?

>Her style was fishnets, bad egirl makeup, and ragged nirvana tshirts

Yikes lol. But you know I'm getting tired of the Nirvana thing, do these people even know that Nirvana is a band? I was talking to one of my coworkers who's about 10 years younger than me and when we were talking music, I mentioned nirvana to her and she didn't know who they were until I drew their logo and she was like "Oh they're a band? I thought it was a Target clothing brand". Definitely a "I'm getting old" moment on my part lol. And nevermind that even if they do know, it's kinda silly thinking that liking only one grunge band is enough to make you grunge when there other grunge bands out there worth giving a listen to.

No. 1451304

She’s one of those “Goth has evolved” idiots. She thinks that mumblerap and soundcloud rap should now be included in the goth subculture. Her and the “grunge-goth” were called out for using that music, and their response was that “it’s racist to not include rap”.
She also argued that it was a “Goth FASHIUN” video, so no one should be mad at her for not playing Goth music over it. This is another dumb argument, because if it was just a fashion video, she should have called it “dark” or “alternative”, but we know she uses the word Goth as clickbait. And by calling it Goth fashion, people are at least expecting fashion inspired by Goth artists, not tik-tokers.

No. 1451322

>I'm especially thankful when I come across kids from gen z who actually do get it
Glad we met then… on a gossip thread about altcows and Fake's shitty nudes kek

>Oh they're a band? I thought it was a Target clothing brand
I've seen ironic tiktoks of people like this but the people unironically exist fuck

Not including rap is racist? Ironicly that statement is closer to racist, implies that's the only thing black people make and listen to so you're excluding them by not including it.

No. 1451324

Samefag *ironically

No. 1451454

File: 1645754435738.jpg (14.58 KB, 619x134, d2EChbX.jpg)

Imagine still spending money on this loser after everything was leaked.
Fake probably didn't expect his OF fanbase to be trannies and gay men that like drag.

No. 1451569

Idk I swear he said in a video somewhere that he was uncircumcised

No. 1451624

That's the person who leaked the pics.

No. 1451628

File: 1645772168779.png (46.12 KB, 720x405, Screenshot_20220225-065356~2.p…)

No. 1451651

I remember this, too. or that he was critical of circumcision. idk if he is uncut or is cut and feels mutilated for it. with all the mommy and daddy issues he has, it could be the latter.
admittedly I didn't want to look at it that closely, I find these pictures nauseating. but the skin pulls back the same way. it's hard to know if someone is cut unless flaccid, especially with camera angles.

No. 1451684

He looks uncut by the way the skin is folded up a little around the back of the head but some circumcisions are botched and can leave guys with a bit of residual skin. Some men even try and restore it through stretching etc, but imo, looks uncut.

No. 1451769

File: 1645792123120.jpg (1005.71 KB, 1080x2220, 10023Instagram.jpg)

This was from the other day but what the fuck. Who is doing Mamie's nails? They look like a child sculpted them out of clay.

No. 1451777


These are definitely a home DIY job she does herself

No. 1451820

File: 1645801230953.jpg (384.16 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220225-190614_Ins…)

Sage but is there a thread on princessbinky aka shroomwaifu? She recently posted a video of her changing in public will post photo

No. 1451842

Come on anon, don't be a snitch, we all know Stumpy checks this thread and will block him now lol

No. 1451885

File: 1645810385164.jpeg (47.67 KB, 815x502, 219EE4F7-CF5F-4973-8126-103A54…)

Jake Munro has the most unattractive, desperate fan base I’ve ever seen!!

No. 1451894

If a dumpy stump like jake gets this much attention, imagine if an actually attractive guy filled in that “masculine alt male youtuber” role. He would rake in the money.
These people have such low standards.

No. 1451922

File: 1645814322388.png (86 KB, 1330x707, cunt.png)

Could have his latest nood later. This is the tranny that leaked the others.
Even Jake's "kink" talking dirty to the woman during sex is so mundane.

No. 1451926

Funny that this guy doesn't realize he was outed on here and that's why he was blocked, but he may also have a point about Jake blocking male subs since it's a bit embarrassing for his image to have ugly transwomen and men replying to him. So maybe a bit of both. The reality is most porn subs of other men would be men, since women can get all that (and much more/better) for free, so why sub?

No. 1451929

The site they were posted at is for gay men. I don't know if I'm the usual female, but if I thought someone on yt was "hot", I'd have a look for leaks out of curiosity, but not pay. Can't imagine pleasuring myself over a series of pics of the same person (especially a body as unattractive as Stumpy's).

I'm browsing the other web personality threads and, woah, they make Stump's tackle look like a grain of rice. If I had a nth of liking for him, I'd feel so gutted and embarrassed for him.

No. 1451939

No. 1451942

Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past Jake to be a big enough prick to block paying gay men. We know that he likes to deny, deny, deny, and hide things.

Honestly, Jake might have been lying about the whole “bisexual” thing. Has he actually dated a man or expressed any interest in men? Back then, scene and emos thought it was cool to label themselves as bisexual. Scene guys (which Jake sort of looked like during his Jeffrey Star skinwalking days) were really popular when they said they were gay and took photos kissing other alt guys. Jake might have just said he was bisexual for the fan service.

No. 1451944

File: 1645816209963.jpg (90.72 KB, 1080x778, Screenshot_20220225-190133_Ope…)

The 3 guys on there seemed happy about fake's half assed content anyway

No. 1451945

That would only be possible if he used the same username for his Twitter and OF subscriber account, I tried to find him on Twitter with that same username and it didn't exist. How could Fake possibly know that he is that specific guy from the gay forum?

No. 1451946

I thought this too. It could be a narc thing of wanting more attention even if it is from bi/gay men, when he really had no interest in them romantically or sexually at all

No. 1451947

~Nice~ dick. Nice. Only "nice". Bit wishy washy.

No. 1451956

If you look closely, you can see his profile picture in one of the leaked screenshots. Meaning it came from his account. He also said that he'll resub "after getting his tax return" both on the website that it was leaked on, and directly to Jake himself like the idiotic noob he is.

No. 1451959

So Jake is blocking everyone on twitter that comments about his meager man meat. He bragged and lied about having a big one. He should be embarrassed

No. 1451961

Any HOPE? And this freak doesn’t see anything wrong with that? I hate Jake but on principle making those kind of comments while leaking his nudes is some creepy fucking shit.

Regardless of whether Jake is bi (he’s not, he was queerbaiting), he definitely knew he’d get male subs on OF and either ignored the fact or it gave him an ego boost. But his fans need to realise that he does not actually give a single shit about their parasocial issues, and that’s why they get blocked as soon as they’re too weird or irritating.

No. 1451962

Men who brag about having a big dick are either actually hung like a horse or below average and compensating. There is no in-between.

No. 1451965

It could be that he is, you can understand why I didn’t want to zoom in to check kek. If he’s intact then he’s pulling it back to the extreme to appeal to American audiences.

No. 1451977

Still haunted by the (very attractive but) tragically oversize guy who used to message multiple times on a dating site I used many moons ago. Oversize men actually have a hard time dating since no woman wants vaginal tearing. Average dick size is the average for a reason, most guys are 5-6inches, whatever they tell women. Fake looks like on the lower end of that.

No. 1451982

File: 1645820192054.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15 KB, 315x270, lacklustre.JPG)

He's uncut. You can see it's pulled back. (Yes, I went there.

No. 1451992

Kek the head looks like the surface of the moon. Why's it got indentations on it? Reckon he keep his pennies tucked in there and didn't give the skin time to breathe? Seriously such an ugly cock and bless you for zooming in

No. 1452002

This is not surprising in the least bit, it's typical "hobbyist straight guy pretending to be a sex worker" fare. Unless he caters to guys as well this will be a very short "career" because women are a pretty small audience and considerably less likely to rebill, tip or pay for customs etc. Even men who exclusively make straight porn, make most of their money from it from a male audience.

No. 1452010

Would things not be a little different considering he has a YT following? His initial pricetag is exceptionally high but at that price he only needs like 10 subs to turn up, realise he isnt worth it and bail the following month. Add to that the 20-30 redbox mommies who will stay subbed no matter what and he's likely got a huge chunk of his bills covered just through OF alone.
"Pay for me to notice you" is this guy's entire MO and OF gives him venue to offer that in a sexual context to his fans. And priced the way he is, he doesn't need them to stay loyal or stay subbed forever.

No. 1452013

Why? Why did I click on that spoiler. I’ll wash but I’ll never be clean.

No. 1452017

Alienating a portion of your viewer base is such a terrible idea regardless of the content he's producing, it seems like he's been making quite a lot of questionable professional choices recently.

No. 1452021

Yep. His monthly trips to America and Barcelona in first-class aren’t going to last too long. He was already begging for first class tickets in a stream while looking at flying rates on his phone.

No. 1452069

File: 1645827164585.jpeg (397.14 KB, 1284x2778, 696E86DD-926B-4ABC-AF98-5A63F0…)

Fake posted this 5 mins ago and his pet troon posted this comment a minute later. The desperation to be noticed by this twat is just embarrassing at this point

No. 1452072

Is it member only?

No. 1452079

No it’s on YouTube! I’m actually watching it and he confirmed he’s not circumcised. Poor little man’s gotta defend his peepee

No. 1452081

Jake doesn’t particularly seem pro-trans. He puts up with K, but she’s a fake boi and Jake probably sees her more as a butch. Jake’s not bi, he’s not gonna fuck this troon in the ass. I don’t get why this tranny is hovering around and paying him when he hasn’t really made any clear stances on anything, as far as I know.

No. 1452082

Beetlejuice is covered in mold and has a receding hairline? So hot.

No. 1452087

kek makes it so obvious he lurks here

No. 1452097

File: 1645828498294.jpg (712.75 KB, 1052x1669, Screen1_YouTube.jpg)

His views are doing bad compared to the past couple years and are gradually getting worse, even on the Tiktok reactions which were the moneymakers. Almost as bad as when he was starting out with vlogs. At least he's not doing those hideous and retarded facial deformation edits in the thumbnails anymore.

No. 1452118

nah back when he was doing vlogs he was usually getting less than 10k per video

No. 1452123

Nothing clocks a troon faster than them saying "MEOW!" for no reason.

No. 1452132

Don't come for me but Beetlejuice actually is kinda hot. This edgy twit doesn't hold a candle to the true Problematic King.

No. 1452138

Ooh I see the Of was already leaked! Good! He literally has no clue how to post good nudes. What the hell. It's so mediocre. I hope this tanks his OF :')(:'))

No. 1452200

File: 1645835880226.jpg (496.17 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220225-234038_Ins…)

Seems to be working since fake pretended to care, picrel, though I bet its also because he blindly shares fan stuff for an ego boost. Like when he posted the minor doing a suggestive pose, and most likely didn't bother to check her age. It's sad that she felt she had to post that for his attention ofc but he should've checked

No. 1452222


No. 1452231

Naw that troon is in his stories constaaaantly. He’s just posting any fan willing to tag his merch or music. It’s just sad that they actually believe it means something(sage)

No. 1452254

She looks like my friend. Who is 53. She seriously looks like a tweaker in this pic. How old is she?

No. 1452264

Is he straight up copying the little nose thing Emily Boo started doing? Or is that a new makeup thing I’m not aware of? I’ve never seen anyone do it and thought she was being quite unique. If it’s the former then he really needs to get a grip.

No. 1452269

Just found out Casey Strange is already of jail and back on his bullshit
There’s a long rambling post on that Rozz Williams Scholar Society YouTube page
“A kind soul” didn’t he beat up his ex?

No. 1452352

>the most unattractive, desperate fan base I’ve ever seen!!
Somehow worse than William Control fans kek

No. 1452378


Didn't he bitch about Kaya being untidy or something before? He's had that same crusty old opened wine bottle sitting there for months(sage)

No. 1452395

Nails like this should be illegal

No. 1452396

Lot of goth egirls do it with pink or red for past year or two

No. 1452422

I'm assuming he didn't say anything noteworthy in his last couple videos? Asking because I can't take the psychic damage from watching them myself or giving him a view

No. 1452439

File: 1645877039234.jpg (739.99 KB, 1440x1569, Screenshot_20220226-070232_Ins…)

She's not unique for that stupid nose blush. It's fucking retarded kek Her whole new look is screams cringe and try hard. Not to mention her new gay/nonbinary identity. Gay? She has a fucking husband. Bitch has to be relevant no matter what and her fans are just as stupid as fakes

No. 1452442

There was a turning point online of women in long term relationships with penis-havers posting about how they are an oppressed gay, I remember being very pressed about it when it first started (maybe around 2016?) but it's water off a duck's back now, the internet is like 90% people claiming unsubstantiated shit about themselves now

No. 1452444

this reads like Raven's outed postings on here kek, but agree with the identity nonsense

No. 1452446

So boo is now recoming out as bi? But will probably continue to say with her cuck husband

No. 1452448

Funny cause I was hoping he would get leaked so I could see what he was bragging about now that it leaked I couldn’t care less about him he boring now

No. 1452449

Holy fucking shit I literally cackled when I saw this one. someone take this mans camera away. How desperate are the moms who find this remotely sexy lol

No. 1452450

people can be bisexual and married are you guys fucking braindead lol. Stop reaching for shit that makes zero sense. There’s enough logical things to criticize about Emily you don’t have to pull retarded shit out of your asses(sage your shit)

No. 1452451

Sage your shit

No. 1452459

Struck a nerve did we? Wanna talk about it? Not feeling gay enough?

No. 1452483

Well just going off of >>1452439 picrel she said she's coming out as gay, which is different than bi. For a "gay" woman, it's weird as hell to be married to a man

No. 1452502

Gay is sometimes used as an umbrella term it’s not that big a deal

No. 1452529

We'll never understand the oppression ""gay"" women face while having heterosexual sex with their long term male partners nonny, it's fruitless to even try, the societal rejection, the beatings, the lost jobs, the conversion therapy faced by heterosexual sex-havers is unprecented suffering which is too difficult to even put into words

/s fuck off attention-seekers

No. 1452571

Umbrella terms is how we ended up with troons erasing lesbians. Bi is bi, gay is gay.
She’s not gay

No. 1452581

I mean you’re right, Raven. Emily is such a try-hard these days. She wrecked her face with the giant x’s tattooed on her cheeks.
What was the whole point in her removing her piercing scars if she was just gonna bust her lips again?

No. 1452586

What gets me is that they don't seem to know what a poser is. We always called people who weren't into the music, but dressed like it, posers.

Do they even use this word? >>1451769
Fuck. I went to school for cosmetology and thought the nails I did were bad. Girl is a mess and needs to watch some fucking makeup and nail and wig tutorials.
Yes, and stalked the fuck out of her. And threatened her current partner if I remember correctly.

No. 1452596

File: 1645902087958.jpeg (186.91 KB, 750x1084, 171FA2F1-D397-4069-A2F1-2C4DC6…)

Someone made an account with Fake‘s OF pictures, the captions are killing me

No. 1452597

File: 1645902118384.jpeg (176.32 KB, 750x1070, 3779A95B-C5EE-4DCF-98F0-AB8507…)

samefag for adding the other ones

No. 1452599

File: 1645902143317.jpeg (162.03 KB, 750x1084, E675CABA-EA03-41DE-97C7-4C4973…)

and last one, sorry for spamming!

No. 1452604


No. 1452610

Oh my….he is going to flip his lid over this

No. 1452626

It's gotta be that guy he blocked, blocking a fan is a guaranteed way to grow a vendetta-chan

No. 1452630

This user's been on Twitter since the day these photos were leaked on this thread >>1450655 It's just some random troll, it's not vendetta from the guy that leaked the OF photos. He got blocked a day or two later >>1451922

No. 1452644

I put this in the vent thread a while back, but since there's been some goth-specific vents here, I wanna post this: I don't like how woke shit has infiltrated the goth scene. I don't care if you support trannies, just don't go calling everyone else "nazi's" because they don't believe in enbies and don't think that mtfs get periods. I'm more of a radfem, but literally all I want to do is just talk about Goth music. I don't want to argue about ideologies.
I tried to join a small "Goth" discord (They advertised it as goth, but it was mostly metalheads and one old guy into punk). I only wanted to talk to other goths and make friends with that interest, but it wasn't long until there was discourse about "the validity of sex work" and "sex is bullshit". I would have tried to ignore all of this to make friends regardless, but all of the mods were loud TRAS, including an enby zoomer that only talked about consooming. Since they were the mods, there was no way around it (I probably would've gotten kicked eventually for being a "bigot"), so I left.
There's Reddit, but we all know what happened to KaiDecadence. I think it's mainly online that has this issue, but online is the easiest way to talk about goth music or meet other goths.

No. 1452676

It does suck, and unfortunately that's happening with basically everything nowadays

No. 1452711

Nobody gives a shit. You’re berating “wokeness” but just used the term radfem to describe yourself, embarrassing.

No. 1452713

Nobody said she’s unique and I don’t think she pioneered the idea, but she is in a similar career and genre as Jake, and she’s the only person I’ve seen doing it - genuinely wondering where it came from. My point is that Fake’s never had an original idea in his life and if he did copy it off Emily who actively is on Kaya’s side that’s hilarious.

Bisexuals can lcall themselves gay, calm the fuck down. Y’all need to understand the difference between simply being gay/trans and being a milky attention seeking grifter about it.

No. 1452715

>Y’all need to understand the difference between simply being gay/trans and being a milky attention seeking grifter about it

Yeah because being a woman in a longterm het relationship who has likely never touched a woman in her life calling herself "gay" on TikTok totally isn't attention seeking or grift-y. Oh wait..

No. 1452738

This site of full of radfems, do you know where you're at? It's an easy way of saying you don't give a shit about pronouns and have more feminist views. It's more embarrassing calling yourself some xe/xey and expecting others to go along with it, when you just want music discussion. You sound like the same cringe ass anon >>1452713 defending Emily Boo of all people. Embarrassing.

No. 1452743

>It's an easy way of saying you don't give a shit about pronouns and have more feminist views

Nta but that is not what a radfem is, radical feminism is a specific branch of feminism. Not pandering to troons and being against porn don't automatically make you a radfem, there's a lot more that goes into being a radical feminist than that. A lot of us have views that align with radfems but most of us are not radfems.

No. 1452762

This lol. It’s a gossip board and that means noone’s obligated to respect the special little label for the blogpost on your political views.

No. 1452785

Did you forget to take your meds granny? This isn't Mumsnet

No. 1452793

can yall spergs stfu already about what's gay or what's really radical or whatever the fuck else. no one cares

does any anon have access to jake's twitter? has he said anything about the leak situation

No. 1452795

The forum is too much :D I legit can't wait till fake is brought to his knees where he belongs(:D)

No. 1452799

kek why are you offended, are you a troon? or do you just support them because you think it makes you look like a good person?

No. 1452801

He has not said a word about it yet. I doubt he will. I would love to see his face when he sees the edit of the boots on his knees though!

No. 1452804

He said something and then deleted it

No. 1452812

Did anyone catch it? lol I bet he is livid(learn2sage)

No. 1452816

No idea but he'll threaten with his "Lawyers" - which we all know is him and his Simps using google to try and make him right

No. 1452828

Isn't that what he did to Major?(unsaged samefagging)

No. 1452829

Emily has referenced being bi several times in her videos and it's not a sudden change it crops up in some of her older ones. And it's not needed as 'proof' but she has referenced having a girlfriend in the past

No. 1452835

Fake should've known there would be leaks eventually, that's just a risk with OF.
Stumpy's simps haven't attacked the dude that leaked them yet (at least not publicly on twitter), but I can see Jake messaging him privately and threatening him.

No. 1452836

Is it just me or are his tattoos awful? I'm no tattoo expert but they look like such a mess, I can't tell what they're supposed to be

No. 1452840

It came out a while ago that he appeared to threaten anyone who spoke out, when his ex streamer friend and Mod spoke out he kept looking at his phone and ended the stream very quickly(learn2sage)

No. 1452872

Posts are by two different Anons but Mumsnet was hilarious. Not everyone cares about your opinions on lolcow, go cry about it. I could care less about anti-trans sperging here but it’s not milk. My issue is with >>1452644 blogposting because they didn’t get enough attention in the vent thread, grow the fuck up. Moving on now.

No. 1452878


Anyway, of course bi people can be in homosexual relationships and call that being gay. But with Emily boo she isn't in a homosexual relationship

No. 1452880

Exactly. The ones who constantly scream "I'm so gay" are always in straight relationships. I've never seen a bisexual in a gay relationship being like "I'm so STRAAIIGHT" 24/7. I wonder why.

No. 1452885

your sperging isnt milk either, retard. other anons were posting in this thread about the state of the scene as well instead of in the vent thread >>1443396, but there wasn't a shitfit about that until someone brought up trannies being an issue.

No. 1452918

That would make sense if that were the case. Anons were speculating it was Kaya texting him but personally I doubt it because he kept saying he was waiting for "proof" that Jake had cheated, but if he was in direct contact with Kaya he probably would have just asked her instead of waiting for the whole thing to blow up publicly.

No. 1452961


gay anons are right, your sexual identity is not dependent on your partner's gender.

No. 1452981


There was an MTV Catfish episode about this, where this social media male model was being catfished by a gay man and his friend who was a hot female model that the male model thought he was talking to online. The woman planned to help her gay friend by meeting the dude in person and having a threesome with them both as a way to set them up. Don't you set up all your single friends like that? LOL.
She was freaky and so hot, honestly I can't see anyone not doing it for her. Anyway, the woman helped her gay friend because they both thought that the male model should expect that kind of attention because the clicks of gay men are the ones making him successful. She said that if a woman wanted to ask her out she would entertain the idea because gay and bi women are also paying her bills. I guess they found him hypocritical and snobby if not a little homophobic. Nev or whatever his name is disagreed that you can't decide someone's sexuality for them just because you're a supporter/subscriber and you want to go out with them, and that their plan was rapey and dishonest. The male model realized the hottest bitches be cray and if it looks too good to be true, it is. Sorry for the sperg but this interaction made me think of that.

But I don't think Jake had reason to feel unsafe unless this dude is harassing him or cyber stalking him. It seems a bit homophobic if he is bothered by the question to the extent that he needed to block and refund. Maybe he should list he is "straight" in the bio section if he doesn't want to talk about it in Q&As. Or do sex workers on OF get the luxury of picking and choosing their clients? I guess if you have other ways of making ends meet you do. How convenient.

He sure wants gay male views and dollars to fund his patreon or give superchat donations so he can travel the world, but they can't pay to see him naked or get a sext? I do remember the story time as well about how he was exploring his sexuality when he was younger probably before he met kaya, and was considering seeing a guy who Catfished him.

Maybe the gay fans trigger him due to internalized homophobia, or denial of his true sexual identity.
I mean, he poses like he looks at only gay porn. I can't blame them for getting the wrong idea.

No. 1452984

He didn't block the dude because it's a gay man. He blocked him because it was established he had been leaking nudes. Cool story though.

No. 1453028

Gravy isn't the only person who doesn't like Emily. Just because a cow doesn't like someone doesn't mean that person gets a free pass on their own milky behaviour and Emily is plenty milky

She is a milky attention seeker and always has been. That retarded nose thing is everywhere, where the fuck have you been? And >>1452264 said she was unique for it. Lurk moar

No. 1453061

I'm sad that gravy's thread is dead

No. 1453070

File: 1645956432664.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220227-110526_Ins…)

Not really milk. But after a night partying (you go girl) Kaya has been locked out again

No. 1453101

Same. She was one of my favorite cows on here and while I don't actually think every Emily Boo poster to be her, it's hard not to read it as her every time I see one.

No. 1453107

Why would you go out so late if you know you've got to walk all that way home and that there's a likelihood the gates will be locked when you get there, it's such a dangerous thing to do especially as a woman

No. 1453128


She really needs to get her act together and apply for any or all housing so she has somewhere safe to stay. Leave the cat at her mums, she really cant afford to be picky right now.

No. 1453139

She takes too many risks.Maybe we've all done stupid things in our teens and v.early 20s, but she's old enough to know better. She freaks out when someone tries her door yet she doesn't lock it. She doesn't leave a social until late yet she knows there's a likelihood she'll get locked out. Someone needs to talk to her about her behaviour. Yeah, I sound mumsy, but rather that than have a woman raped or murdered.

No. 1453158

Maybe the sense of recklessness is a result of her situation? I’m sure plenty of us have been there- your life gets turned upside down and you just go a bit off the rails in some form and lose a bit of common sense with it.

Either way, we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes or how many houses she’s applied for. I just hope that if she gets low, she reads some of these forums absolutely slating fake to pieces.

No. 1453187

i cant stand Emily Boo either and I'm certainly not Gravy lol, but that message >>1452439 sounds like her especially if you compare it to all the confirmed Gravy posts archive on this site

Me too, she was such a train wreck. what's happened to her??

No. 1453188

> your life gets turned upside down and you just go a bit off the rails in some form and lose a bit of common sense with it.

I think that began when she told Stumpy to live with her in NI.

No. 1453189

I have done the same in a particularly low period of my life. Like Kaya I'd go out late but by myself, get intoxicated, miss my last train and find myself stranded in unknown towns. I'm amazed nothing happened to me being a young female then

No. 1453215

Fuck you for insulting me like that kek

No. 1453331

I’ve seen corn dogs with more girth

No. 1453407

his career was a short time fad, he is clearly fake and hates what he's doing and he's been after money which made him get an audience he doesn't want and made him develop an online persona he doesn't truly want to be. His "career" will soon collapse and he will face an existential crisis. He should have tried to make a Youtube/internet persona that is more in sync with his true self. He said he hates making TikTok reaction content but it is what has brought him money. He also clearly hates his fanbase. He doesn't have much artistic talent either, I listened to his songs and they are mediocre or less than mediocre. Simply bad, unauthentic, just dry music with no real artistic expression. He has no creativity I don't know how he has the guts to present himself as some "lost artistic soul" that had to make Youtube react videos to fund his dream of being an artist. This guy is empty inside. He has no ambitions of his own truly, no real self of his own.

No. 1453424

File: 1645997685697.jpeg (192.89 KB, 750x598, A5245ACD-219C-4DCA-93F6-4AEE3A…)

Such a busy bee, wonder what kind of projects they’re gonna be

No. 1453428

Probably a song cover, maybe with K
Nothing exciting whatever it is he has no creativity

No. 1453449

I don't know why he decided to make Onlyfans. It's horrible with his brand. If he wanted to be a sex worker, he should have started with that from the beginning. So much for "building a digital empire" he seems so marketing and social media illiterate.

Him making an Onlyfans has probably alienated some of the girls that had a real crush on him and would donate hundreds to him because they feel like he has cheated on them. Not to mention if he continues with a band and such people won't take him seriously.

No. 1453465

I think he did it as some sort of sexual gratification for himself more than the money, which many male sw's do. Men just like exposing themselves. He gave up a lot of fans and other reliable sources of income for it.

No. 1453490

It seems like everything he's been doing lately just keeps hurting him more. Bad decision after bad decision. The fact that he kept making obvious lies about the breakup, then being overly sexual and alienating fans (there are screenshots in the last thread of his fans not being ok with his sexual content and he straight up blocked them), then making his Twitter private. Oh and his IG got shadow banned too after advertising his OF on there.

He had such a good gig going, would get thousands per stream from desperate simps and all he had to do was not fuck it up by being an asshole but he couldn't even do that apparently.

No. 1453491

Big project? Has he ever done anything big? I haven’t seen any as of yet.

No. 1453494

He's always claiming to be busy and promises big projects but only delivers a fraction of the time. Where's the tour vlog? What happened to streaming more? What happened to focusing on vlogging and less on reaction videos? What about going to Arizona, Texas, LA, and all these other random places he says he's visiting and vlogging? He's actually just aimless most of the time, gaming and masturbating.

No. 1453836

Yeah, struggling to be sympathetic. She should be staying with a friend after clubbing really.

It’s incredibly obvious he’s always just wanted his ego stroked. Any OF content might’ve been bad for his brand but at least some streamers hop on the trend in a funny/clever way. He goes on and on about kit, with literally everything from boards to bikes to drones, it’s always about having the best thing (and then getting bored within a month). He has good cameras and lights, so why on earth is his expensive OF shit SO BAD? And so grotty looking? It’s crusty phone pics with the worst possible choice of filter.

I’m so convinced he was projecting all his insecurities onto Kaya. I’m bored of her “forget hustle culture I just want to make art and hang out in the woods!!” schtick, she takes it way too far and just wants to sit on her ass all day, but he is just as bad for clutter and executive dysfunction and demotivation as she is. He’s just incapable of introspection so he claimed she made him miserable. Classic narc etc etc.

No. 1453954

The tour vlog shit cracks me up. Flying K out to film the sets and get a load of footage for the "tour vlogs and behind the scenes" and yet not a fucking crumb surfaces outside of a few photos of himself on Instagram where he thought he looked good. I totally get why people thought they were fucking. Just looked like he'd flown his new piece out for a good time on tour, they even caught the same "bacterial chest infection" or whatever together. His tour was around the time the "thirst trap" postings on Instagram stories began too. You can pinpoint the breakup almost exactly to when that crap started. He honest to god thought he was a legitimate rockstar.

He mentioned during a stream some bullshit excuses as to why no live footage of the tour could be captured, for any of the gigs. Gave a bullshit solution about "recording the full set in a studio" so that all of the fans he'd promised could see some footage… could see some footage. And yet still nothing. For all of his "rise and grind" bullshit he does fuck all. He records 2-3 videos in one sitting which are just "complain about being old over the top of someone else's content" and that's it. Half-assed editing (in his most recent video he refers to text that he presumably was going to edit it.. but it's not there… lol) and a shitty yellow border thumbnail and good to go.

No. 1453972

>For all of his "rise and grind" bullshit he does fuck all
At this point it's probably a cope and that he knows this

No. 1453979

He’s unravelling. He’s been wanting to break up with Kaya for years and thought he’d strategically timed in a way that his own fanbase could support him. He was wrong and like other Nons pointed out, couldn’t avoid being an asshole for five minutes to avoid backlash. Now the facade’s all falling apart and with it the quality of his outputs. Hilarity.

No. 1453986

Honestly it seems Jake is a typical narc moid and he was constantly having to one up his girlfriend who he came up off. Compared to Kaya getting up before noon and doing chores is rising and grinding but compared to people not out of touch with the world he's coasting. Then the only fans shit it's like he was compensating for being in a non romantic relationship for ages. Him and Kaya are two shallow materialistic people, it's like all his queer gain gym selfies. Like he still looks unfit but compared to the rut him and Kaya were both in he probably feels like he's ran a marathon or something. Total cringe.

No. 1454062

He really did a killer combo of death blows to his career in such a short span of time.

Breaking up with his long time also-an-influencer girlfriend from whom he adopted the majority of his viewer base was already going to be a risky professional move and he rolled the dice and lost when it came to the tone of his "break up video", you could tell he wanted to downplay it as much as humanly possible and you have to applaud Kaya for not allowing him the luxury of that with her own video. Then he also hard cut to only concentrating on producing only fans content completely back seating his vlog, music and terrible reaction videos as well as alienating the chunk of his audience that has no interest in seeing his razor burnt genitals.

It's hilariously egotistical to assume that enough of your audience is going to pay for your nudes that you can neglect to pay attention to literally any of the things that built your platform in the first place. It's so frustrating to see someone be so actively bad at their incredibly cushey job.

No. 1454120

File: 1646079312568.png (40.38 KB, 1076x170, Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 20.14…)

His fans realising they paid $35 and he's barely posting. Just wanted to flash his dick, once he realise it's old ladies and trannies he's stopped.

No. 1454138

His OF photos are as bad and grimy as unsolicited dick pics, so he shouldn’t have any problems posting. His fans seem to lap up bathroom selfies. It has to be he’s unsatisfied with whose paying (gay men, old women, and trannies) or doesn’t want any more leaks.

No. 1454537

I write for a music zine and it's so easy to get photos and footage and interviews of bands that are as unknown as his. Has he even done an interview? Kek

No. 1454556

>He has good cameras and lights, so why on earth is his expensive OF shit SO BAD? And so grotty looking? It’s crusty phone pics with the worst possible choice of filter.

Don't ask me why but I ended up on a subreddit once of men reviewing onlyfans accounts. They were all bitching about stuff like being charged too much for stuff like anal and other hardcore porn for like $9. It's hilarious he thinks people are going to keep paying $35 a month for his half assed (lol) dick pics in his dirty garage. I'm sure some fans would pay for a month or two out of curiosity but to keep doing it month after month for such last content? He should have just stuck to streaming, when people would give him hundreds just to sit there and talk. But now he tarnished his own reputation and it seems like he's not making as much.

No. 1454638

Especially now that his nudes have been leaked there's seriously no point in shelling out £35. In the UK the average weekly food shop is apparently around £26.50, this man truly believes his lackluster badly shot and horribly filtered pictures of his raw,chicken skin genitals are worth more than a week's worth of groceries and it's so sad that to some people it is apparently worth that much to them. There are so many better, worthwhile, fulfilling investments you could make with that money

No. 1454639

So suss how Jude posted a couple of days ago how she’s at the airport and neither of them have posted (aside from jake reshaping a fans mention on his story) since. Bet they’ve met up and Jude has a new daddy and jake is living out his pedo fantasies

No. 1454640

this wouldn't surprise me. When he mentioned his "big project" I had a feeling it was something to do with Jude. Probably going to do a shitty OF together kek gross

No. 1454642

His fans are going to hate it lol. Gay men don't want to see that and it'll make the lonely old ladies jealous.

No. 1454696

There’s some gay guys into straight men and will watch straight porn, but I think even those moids would be disgusted having to see someone like Jude next to him. She’s grimy and always has infections.
Fake releasing an OF with Jude will definitely drive off any of his fans left.

No. 1454768

can we stop giving him free advice? he will ruin his own career

No. 1454797

I do get where you're coming from anon and it can be annoying. I used to be in the Goth Facebook group and the members there actually did talk about Goth music but eventually they started bringing in all these other topics about troons and left vs right type stuff. It was okay at first because it wasn't so frequent and you could just scroll past it but eventually they started to become much more common and I just had to take a break from there and I haven't returned since.

I was gonna suggest maybe joining a discord but it seems you already tried that and this BS is being posted there as well. Honestly your best bet is to maybe just stick in the groups and try to ignore the posts you don't care to see. Try to make some friends there who you can eventually talk with outside the groups. I did that with the Facebook group and though I only made one friend who I still talk to today, it's really all we can do when it comes to online.

No. 1454845

Fake never listens to the advice anyways. He does what he wants and ignores everything and everyone around him.

No. 1454855

I’ll maybe try another discord then. I would have stayed, but in that particular group those types were the “people in power”, very aggressive mods that would gang up on anyone with a different opinion, when they were the ones that brought up the BS in the first place. It was hardly music discussion. If there were more neutral mods, then that could work and I can ignore the other members that only talk discourse. Thanks for actually giving advice.

No. 1454864

She's still up to the same old same. Still with trailer man child, told her viewers that she has to lie about her life cause of crazy stalkers(which bitch who), also obviously means she told them all the baby was fake. And she still keeps getting deals with shotty Chinese contact companies.

I check in every 5 months to see if she's done anything new.

No. 1454882

Who's giving him advice? We're just laughing at his stupid decisions

No. 1455024

Yeah he does no publicity such as interviews for his band at all. It's a vanity band so I would've expected him to plug it constantly kek

No. 1455117

>Him making an Onlyfans has probably alienated some of the girls that had a real crush on him and would donate hundreds to him

For sure, he's too dumb to realise why they donated which is they thought he was unattainable and they had to impress him (with money, his fans are also morons but that's beside the point)
Making an onlyfans is precisely the opposite of what you should do if you want to look elusive and alluring.

No. 1455363

Interesting theory and makes sense, I could never stomach his streams but I always thought it was more because he was accessible. Like #breakthejake seemed to me like they thought he was this really sweet guy having a genuine freakout over these kind donations like your friend squealing over a birthday gift or some shit. And they could simp over someone with a relatively intimate following who seemed to speak to them directly when they were fatigued by all the big channels having drama. Obviously all these assumptions are totally totally wrong on their part but I get the impression its always been about community and being heard, and now he’s revealed himself to be just another moneygrabbing horny dirtbag. Just my tinfoil. Either way, barf.

No. 1455429

The 'breakthejake' stuff started back in the gaming channel days. On MAG streams there were a couple frequent, large donators. One in particular always seemed overly interested in him and even bought him the Silent Hill Nurse statue when he whined about not having money for it in an LA vlog. There were several streams where they got donations totally a couple grand at times, including the donator who put 1k towards him shaving off his eyebrows, the literal catalyst to him becoming 'goth' again. (Watch the vid on Kaya's channel, he whines like a little bitch about shaving them off the a few weeks later this whole 'filthy goth' thing starts.)
Back in those days, he usually seemed very emotional and grateful, and shocked, each time it happened, which then led to people wanting to get that reaction every stream. I have since wondered if those fans migrated over to his channel and what happened to the ones that didn't. Seems like most of the MAG fans were usually a bit older and less desperate, compared to his 'snaccs', tho a few of them even back in those days definitely seemed to be obsessive about him, even though streams were most often Kaya playing games and him prattling on about how bad she was at them/stupid the game was, or how much something stupid annoyed him.

No. 1455584

File: 1646217136405.png (36.24 KB, 593x479, Capture.PNG)

Saw this in Kaya's likes, some insight on how Jake has been acting behind the scenes of all this?

No. 1455603

Old MAG viewer here, though it was brief- I stopped watching because Jake would be so relentlessly negative and angry/ranty that it just wasn't fun to watch at all, it also made me realize how much his "make it a great day" act was just performative positivity for the sake of views, it made all of his content afterwards feel completely ingenuine and shallow. There definitely did seem like there was a push or a pressure in his viewer base to donate and do it big. "Break the Jake" became a more frequent thing purely (in my opinion) because it would force Jake to engage with his audience positively, it is the only way to be acknowledged by him and it's not surprising to me to see that a lot of his die hard fans tend to be the kind of demographic that is very, very easy to take advantage of. He's gross, he's always been gross, he'll always be gross and it actually really makes me sad to think how much of Kayas anxieties, depression and self esteem issues stemmed or were exacerbated by being around someone as aggressively negative, cynical and self centred as Jake

No. 1456044

Not new news, back when it all went down that kid that streamed and spilled some of the beans posted screencaps of Jake being like "Kaya is the one that abused me actually she hurt me so bad!' lol as if it's even remotely believable. All narc abusers gaslight their victims like that and try to spin the narrative

No. 1456049

Can someone explain what #breakthejake was? I've been following this thread for a pretty long time yet have never heard of it somehow

No. 1456052

It's the hashtag his fans made for when they donated a bunch during a stream and caused him to have an emotional reaction to it. Like they broke him. Of course, any real sincerity in that reaction was faked after made the first or second time something like that happened (which was during the metal ass gaming stream days) so basically it's just a way for people to toss money at an ugly clown and feel special for a few minutes.

No. 1456056

You mean major? Yeah he seemed like he was sitting on some receipts, and he kept checking his phone and suddenly ended his tea spilling stream which makes me think he was onto something and jake (or whoever, most likely jake) didn't like it

No. 1456074

I mean, you could argue Corpse Husband is partly that and we know how successful he is/was.

No. 1456129

Major has also been pretty silent and doesn't stream as much since they stopped being friends. I feel sort of bad for him. Jake started including them (Major_Backup and SimplySilver) in his streams right around the time he broke up with Kaya. I could always tell he was using them so that he could put less effort into the streams. He would constantly be on his phone and just let them talk while still being the one to rake in the money. I wonder if Jake ever even gave them a cut. Major and Kaya are now on friendly and supportive terms. She even follows him on Tiktok which is sort of random. Must feel like shit to a narc to have so many sources of validation switch sides.

No. 1456135

I don't feel bad for Major, really. He said he wanted to wait for proof that Jake had cheated before he turned on him or whatever. Which is reasonable, but there was already proof that he kicked out Kaya to go live in an unsafe studio. I don't see how that's much better if not worse.

Wow, pathetic

No. 1456191

Until the illusion of the handsome eboy his fans imagined him as broke, yeah he was raking it in. Apparently people really want someone to fill the "edgy male social media personality I want to stan" (edgy female is already oversaturated by e-thots) but nobody's really stepping up. Or if they are, it's people like Fake kek

No. 1456306

Jake was obviously telling them a different story to make it seem like he was still taking care of kaya major seems like a decent guy he just didn't believe Jake could be that awful narcs are very good at fooling everyone

No. 1456336

File: 1646282985321.png (4.35 MB, 1242x2208, ED754D0F-4121-4BAB-8949-89BEEC…)

I wonder if she’ll go on another rant about how affected she is by the war in Ukraine while living in her cozy little house in in the UK like she did with BLM.

No. 1456576

File: 1646314318953.png (4.02 MB, 750x1334, FA7B783A-219F-45E6-A09A-7C90E0…)

…is it, though?(don't use emojis)

No. 1456578

File: 1646314405930.png (4.43 MB, 750x1334, 0803E1E5-8216-495A-A26D-9C5743…)

The columns were already part of the stencil last time btw, I bet he isn’t gonna sit through all of that today either kek

No. 1456581

that looks such a fucking mess

No. 1456602

All his tattoos are…I’m no expert, but the tattoos on his upper arms just look like scribbles. And his right hand looks like mold. It’ll probably be the same on the neck. A big, scrawled, unintelligible mess.

No. 1456618

Kek, fake trying to make himself a decent jawline via shitty tattoos.(sage)

No. 1456622

See, there'd be nothing wrong with talking about mental health, except its coming from slacktivist jude who only talks about issues to make herself look good

No. 1456652

Did he let Kat’s kid design this tat? What the hell is this scribbled mess?

No. 1456674

I know tattoos are subjective and most look ugly but there is such a distinct uglyness to a neck tattoo. Is this so he doesn't have to paint a jawline on

No. 1456681

That blank spot with the keyhole(?) looks so odd when surrounded by all those scribbles. This looks almost as bad as the Jude forehead tattoo.

No. 1456685

I’m not too sure but I feel like they’re gonna be eyes? I’ll keep y’all updated once he posts more kek

No. 1456708

File: 1646325747941.png (955.64 KB, 668x852, Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 16.40…)

Omg, he looks like such a chav, the guys you see with cheap veneers and gold chains. Hilarious

No. 1456710


it looks shit as well because its an uneven line (tentacles?) not the clean black line he can draw on his jaw to hide all the fat, LOLL

No. 1456713

he's not a chav though anon he wears black, has piercings and a pentagram phone case!!! goffffick as they come kek

No. 1456731

Is he a satanist or just trying to look cool?

No. 1456738

It’s so high up on his chin and face…I guess he is using this tattoo to cut out a jawline kek. It looks stupid though.

I guess they are supposed to be eyes kek, since there’s tentacles there. It’s so hard to tell. The pupil looked like a keyhole or something to me. Couldn’t even tell those were tentacles at first either with all the haphazard lines.

No. 1456771

LOL if does the opposite of giving him a jawline. Also doesnt fake go through phases since he's such a trendy bastard? Not long ago he was dressing normal. His chest tattoo is ugly af and immature looking, he's going to have to have his stupid aesthetics match his dumb tattoos. What a dweeb

No. 1456776

That's a tattoo to regret. Is he growing a tash? Never seen a life crisis as full on as this.

No. 1456823

File: 1646334408662.png (3.79 MB, 750x1334, E3958BC5-B1A4-448F-8389-8902FA…)

It’s originally a video, showing how unbothered he is. What a champ lmao

No. 1456827

Is it just me who thinks it's weird to film yourself being tattooed? if I was the tattoo artist I'd find it weird if my client had their camera out aimed at themselves, anyway. I get if it was for a vlog or to document the process or something similar but then you don't really need to show your face, just the actual tattooing. What a narc lmao

No. 1456848

He’s a rough 30…all the drinking, smoking, and heavy makeup really took a toll. Those grimy tattoos don’t help either. Looks like the eyeballs aren’t gonna get filled in much, looks dumb.

No. 1456862

Can’t get over how the pupils of the vampire with its mouth open have been drawn
Wonky as fuck

No. 1456873

it looks more like a keyhole, why have it right in the center of your neck? I don't even know what the entire thing is meant to be, it just looks a mess of random shit

kek can't un-see that now

No. 1456884

honestly surprised he was able to sit through a neck tattoo, those hurt like a bitch because of how sensitive your neck is. he probably went the pussy way out and used a numbing cream or spray or some shit kek

No. 1456909

it makes his jowls look even worse somehow lmao

No. 1456911

File: 1646339583344.png (3.86 MB, 750x1334, 071727EA-F776-4FCB-9582-CBECF6…)

Not the smug smile, I’m gonna throw up

No. 1456915

Nothing wrong with numbing creams, why suffer more than you need to?
It’s only shit if he was to use it then lie about it

No. 1456919

gross and he looks fuckin fat, even with that arm attempting to cover his belly kekk

No. 1456923

never said anything was wrong with numbing creams, this is fake we're talking about though. he'll probably go on a rant about how he's so strong and manly for getting a neck tattoo without any numbing cream or anything when he secretly used it kek

plus a lot of tattoo artists hate when clients use numbing cream, it makes pulling lines more difficult and the skin reacts differently to ink than if you didn't use numbing cream. all in all, it's a pain in the ass to deal with as a tattoo artist

(repost bc forgot to sage)

No. 1456932

How is he fat? Are you stick thin? Or a fattyfatty boom boom that projects there own insecurity on others ‘kek’ you making its ovs what comments are yours by saying that

No. 1456936

Put down the donut and relax Fake

No. 1456937

nta but a lot of people here use ‘kek’

No. 1456939

I kinda agree he an annoying asshoke but he isn’t fat

No. 1456944

Are you new? "Kek" is common on imageboards

No. 1456962

Nta but Fake posts all the time on instagram how “fit” and “ripped” he is and brags about going to the gym. Obviously he’s got a potbelly in these photos and isn’t as muscular as he makes himself out to be. Anons wouldn’t point it out so much if he wasn’t such a braggy gloating asshole about it. They were calling him fat plenty when those OF photos leaked anyways

No. 1456969

Those ‘keyholes’ are on his shoulders too. Just a stupid tattoo overall.

No. 1456981

Haha he couldn't even cut himself a jawline properly. It's meant to start at the base of your ear not behind it, and it's not meant to cut into your chin, it includes your chin.

Alternatively he could, you know, lose weight to get a jawline, instead of working on his arms and nothing else like he seems to do judging by his body. Nothing wrong with being pudgy until you advertise yourself as a fitness god that you clearly aren't.

No. 1456994

How's he not

No. 1457006

Jake getting a jawline tattooed on, definitely an insecurity of his

No. 1457027

Jake is showing his age. Those jowels are coming through.

No. 1457054


For all the time and money spent on his appearance, and the amount of photos and videos he takes of himself…you'd think he could invest in a skincare routine.

No. 1457073

He's actually bragged about how he "doesn't need a skincare routine" in plenty of vids.
Mhm, sure.
I'm vain as fuck and in my early 30's and I'm all over that shit. You're a fucking moron if you care even remotely about your appearance and aren't taking care of your skin.

No. 1457084

I could have sworn his current channel started out as a makeup and skincare channel but I guess it was "beauty and fashion". His skin def looked a lot better back then tho.

No. 1457123

yeah i agree his weight is fine, it's bizarre that anons make reaches like this when he already does plenty of dumb shit and has plenty of ridiculous attributes. like there's literally zero reason to reach, the dude's already a trainwreck

No. 1457141

He's one of those guys that unless he's basically starving himself, he doesn't have a six-pack, just fat in the shape of one. And you can tell he's sticking his neck out and pushing his jaw forward to hide his weak chin.


If he wasn't someone who's been so toxic about weight, has admitted that the only time he was super thin and in shape was when he had an eating disorder then spent several years on and on about 'gains' only to very cleary go back to disordered eating to get a 'ripped' stomach, I don't think people would be shitting on his looks/weight so much. He's just such a vain bastard, he needs to be knocked down a few pegs. He's of an average weight and body type, but he constantly has to brag and preen and tbh, he's nothing special to look at, especially not for $35 a month.

It was a makeup channel, then a band channel, then a 'Best Valu Casey Neistat' channel, tho admittedly his vlogs were pretty good and well made, and now it's just the hot mess that it is.

No. 1457153

File: 1646351558316.jpg (52.46 KB, 714x341, jiI3BGr.jpg)

think the anons claiming he ISN'T fat are triggered insecure "fatty boom booms" because how can you look at that pot belly and not think he's even slightly fat? lmao

No. 1457161

Regular heavy drinking in your 30's will do that even when he's got a gym routine. That's what we call the good ole booze bloat.

No. 1457178

File: 1646352996118.jpg (171.45 KB, 1200x1103, bw.jpg)

Is that supposed to be an octopus or Kraken? That central "eye" (that's possibly the octopus' sucker) looks like a really bad trannies neo vadge (they're all bad, I know). Is img what it's supposed to look like? Fuck me, he's hideous.

Definitely a beer gut. For almost a decade he's been talking about how he works out yet he's all doughy.

No. 1457181

(I know that's not a great tattoo either, but for example it actually looks like an octopus and not a blob with mutilated inverted penises)

No. 1457183

Oh god, now that you've said that all I can see is a top down view of a penis in the middle of his neck

is it really meant to be an octopus? if so it looks even worse than I thought

No. 1457184

The entire neck and chest are based on Legacy of Kain videogames. There's a big squiddy elder god involved. So… yeah. Tentacles and eyeballs.

No. 1457188

File: 1646353832418.jpg (254.67 KB, 500x734, The_Elder_God_3.jpg)

Thanks. I searched for it. How unfortunate. Does not make good tattoo material. At least it's him who has to live with this teenage deviant art artwork on his neck until death.

No. 1457270


THIS. he is fucking fat. the triggered hey fatty boom boom hit me with the ching ching anon need to stop white knighting a fat asshole. the is not a body-positivity forum!
and it has nothing to do with "taking him down a few pegs," either, as diplomatic anon suggested. toxic or not, he never was up there even with all the bragging about the gym and his protein shakes. he is puffy because of laziness and excessive alcohol consumption, and needs to stop with the "bro science." he is 30 years old, not some underweight 18 year old. it's making him look puffy and heavy, not chiseled. just because someone is a man, they can't eat their way into a better body, you have to cut back on foods and do more than lift!
objectively he is overweight and puffy, not fit or cute, and he is delusional about how he looks. yes he is "average" in an obesity epidemic. that's not any reason to say he's "not fat."

No. 1457304


oh yes, his boy in beauty attempt. he really did try everything to see what would stick.

No. 1457319

File: 1646365038967.jpg (634.72 KB, 1200x1600, Defiance-Promotional-Public-Hi…)

Dude really got half his stubby torso, from his tits up to his chin tattooed with some hideous mediocre game. lmao

No. 1457324

File: 1646365390933.png (26.83 KB, 391x349, Screenshot_20220303-184120.png)

Why do so many people find this clown attractive. I know some people are desperate but come the fuck on now.

No. 1457359

Shrek and spiderman let themselves go huh

No. 1457446

Idiot that his ribs(sage)

No. 1457449

Sus he got a 6pack here but where is it here >>1456576
Somebody photoshopping

No. 1457482

File: 1646387456750.png (572.11 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_20220304-094830~2.p…)

Nya but look lower. This ain't ribs. This is gut. Oh and learn to sage your wking.

No. 1457489

it's pretty funny watching Kaya real time get in better shape while Jake is in denial about chonking up

No. 1457515

File: 1646394664575.jpeg (529.96 KB, 750x1077, 6EFB366E-F99E-4763-9DE5-C6DDE5…)

He looks so miserable for someone who sits soo well lmao

No. 1457520

"I'm so happy with it :| "

No. 1457521

Well Stump, you now have penis holes on your neck. Of course you’re happy about it.

No. 1457522

File: 1646396692305.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1650, 7C04FF69-D9B5-4DE3-B576-4CB184…)

Looking a bit watery-eyed there, Stump. What’s the matter? Does it sting a little bit more than your hard-man persona has capacity for…?

No. 1457577

He looks utterly miserable, crazy that buying motorbikes and tats isn't actually the path to happiness

No. 1457595

File: 1646408298900.jpeg (94.29 KB, 1284x963, 489F399E-DD0B-40E8-9DE2-DB9310…)

Ok I know we’re here to talk shit but this is from Kaya’s twitter, following a hiking outing or something with some friends and she looks so happy and free. It’s a nice juxtaposition to how miserable and unhealthy Fake’s ugly ass has been looking lately lol

No. 1457653

She’s really blossoming without Stump. Out with friends, having fun in the fresh air, whilst he sits at home looking bloody miserable. The effects of smoking and drinking are showing as well. He looks tired and sick.

No. 1457677

Kek can’t unsee that now

No. 1457686

Go best friend

No. 1457733

what NPD does to a MF

No. 1457745

What are those planks under the thing with the penis eye? Is it a broken fence or candles? Looks like he absolutely hates it. Rightly so.

No. 1457790

They're sacred pillars from the soul reaver game. That whole tattoo area is themed on the game I think, the wonky characters, the penis eye octopus, and the pillars.

No. 1457831

Did Kat do the penis hole tattoo?

No. 1457883

I wonder if he regrets leaving her now? He was loving the ‘high life’ when they firs5 broke up with new woman going America ect but now it’s starting to go down hill with the of leak, chain smoking , less and less YouTube views now forever inked with penis tattoo

No. 1457917

I reckon he severely misjudged just how much goodwill and audience came his way because of Kaya. People were willing to support him and look past his near constant moaning and general arseholery because that was another way of supporting her. Now he’s shat on her from a great height those people have fucked him right off.

It’s great to see it. She made him
And without even trying she’s breaking him as well.

No. 1457993

I don't think so. If you look at the hands in the picture where he's getting tattood it looks like a man's hands

No. 1458037


It's probably the white dragon place in belfast all his tattoos are from

No. 1458132

File: 1646442721455.jpeg (112.47 KB, 1282x651, DE8195A1-CBC2-4FC9-BBFA-16535C…)

Since the break up he’s gone from 101k to 99.2.
Not looking great. Also he’s newest photo has 3000 likes in 3 hours.

No. 1458244

Yeah ngl, I hope this continues on the way it is because lmao. Stubs is looking mighty bloated.

Honestly makes me wonder how much of her exhaustion and misery was a result of trying to keep this idiot narc from making awful decisions constantly. Dudes been on a roll.

No. 1458251

File: 1646453147906.jpg (327.83 KB, 1080x618, Screenshot_20220305-040132_Gal…)

Stump's new video, he's talking about how Britney was hounded by the press before her breakdown jn 2007. Feels like he's lowkey trying to align his own recent problems with hers here

No. 1458256

File: 1646453541605.jpg (330.81 KB, 1080x655, Screenshot_20220305-041155_Gal…)

And this is hilariously ironic if he's talking about her nudes

No. 1458399

He lost another 1k followers and the photo is at 5,5k after 12 hours, this must hurt his ego so much kek

No. 1458408

If he lost another 1k, he'd be at 98.1K. I think you mean he lost another 100. Basic math, anon…

No. 1458480

File: 1646489383417.jpg (362.99 KB, 1080x1747, 20220305_060711.jpg)

Psychara just posted the most pick me shit to Tiktok. Complete with spinning around and arm flapping like a baby. Oversized shirt doesn't equal looking like a toddler. Please don't tell me she's going to start on this DDLG shit now too.

No. 1458517

It was early in the morning for me so my math wasn’t mathing lol, no need to get this pressed about it

No. 1458522

Math harder next time.

No. 1458773

I’m sure the people on the street stopped and grasped because she totally looked like toddler! Did she not wear a coat over it? What’s even this story

No. 1458806

I think you're reading way too much into this, she's just being silly

No. 1458864

Kaya out getting wasted and hanging out at the zoo with friends. Honestly good for her. It's hilarious how much she's thriving and Jake is falling apart

No. 1458883

Jake a middle aged man,didn't get anywhere in life, band never went anywhere.Spends his life watching and talking about damn Tik Toks. Horrible looking nudes, sweats alcohol out of his pores. Looks like a clown on a comedown of heroin.Looks unhealthy and miserable. Then there's Kaya, looks like she's having fun and living life. Thriving without the Stump.

No. 1458931

I'm kinda loving the contrast of seeing Kaya out and about with a bunch of friends while Jake just seems to be sat on his own. Must be sad to have to fly halfway around the world just to hang out with people. And I'd guess that most of the random people in his insta stories from his last trip out were friends of K's, so like, friends of friends. Sad.

No. 1458944

lmao imagine being this pressed over someone miscounting. doesn't matter if fake loses 100 or 1000 subs/followers, the point is he's losing them. don't need to get your panties in a twist kek

she's not 'being silly', she's being an attention-seeking pickme because she can't go five seconds without attention or she'll die. stop wking cows kek

also same here. so glad to see her thriving. it looks like she's continuing to lose weight, which is good for her. i doubt she'd get back to how she looked as a teen, but then again could any of us do that easily? i still don't love kaya, obviously, but it's great to see how she's clearly thriving while fake is faceplanting in the sand and whining like a baby kek

No. 1458984

>stop wking cows kek

Not that anon but what are you talking about? What you posted isn't even soy milk.

No. 1459105

He really can’t stop himself being hyper critical.

No. 1459111

> Honestly makes me wonder how much of her exhaustion and misery was a result of trying to keep this idiot narc from making awful decisions constantly
So much this. It’s great to see Kaya out the house but I cannot BELIEVE we never saw her doing this stuff with Stump in 10 years of dating. Okay, even if you factor in when they were broke and car-less, all they did was go to chain restaurants, everytime she went for a walk or a picnic latterly it was alone. As for chavs yelling at them in the city centre, a better couple would be able to laugh it off, whereas he got aggressive. Her posts totally negates his whinging that their area is ugly or there’s nothing to do.

No. 1459186

I really don't think Jake considered just how much of his audience he was time sharing with Kaya, I'd say it would be interesting to see how many people actually turn up for any of his gigs now after the break up but considering we still haven't seen any hint of a video about the last tour I doubt we'll find out. It's no wonder he's still losing followers, he hasn't kept any of his promises, all he's done is concentrate on his only fans and there's only so long you can rely on the middle aged women and sad gay men to pay for that. You can also tell that yeah, all the complaining about not having friends and having nothing to do in the area was all just part of Jake's being so insufferably negative, you can tell how fucking awful it would be to spend any amount of time in his company - Kaya's out here visiting places, sights, pubs and seeing a huge collection of friends old and new while Jake has to hop on a plane across the world just to appear as though he has one friend, singular.

No. 1459192

Honestly, even though he lost a good chunk of his fans after the breakup he could have recovered pretty easily. He was still getting ridiculous donations on his streams months after that. Then he made an OnlyFans which I'm sure alienated some people just by itself, but then he had to go and block anyone who had a problem with him posting overly sexual content on Twitter and then make it private after that. He doesn't want anyone to be able to reach him who isn't an absolute asskisser and that weeds out a lot of people. I didn't watch his last stream but I think an anon said the donations were much smaller last time.

No. 1459213

Also he didn’t tell fans until the tour started kaya wasn’t going I’m sure some bought tickets to see her too.

No. 1459285

Exactly. They always complained there was nothing to do but NI has so many forest parks and green spaces even in towns and cities. Tourists that come here always compliment the beauty of the island. They also lived near the train routes and could very easily have explored elsewhere in Ireland. Jake is just a depressive cunt.

No. 1459325

File: 1646581841951.png (837.17 KB, 654x1024, Screenshot 2022-03-06 at 15.49…)

She looks great, meanwhile Stumpy dick is at home sharing his troons screengrabs of him lol.

No. 1459369

It's really cathartic seeing Kaya actually living her best life (despite her situation, which only makes it better to watch) while Jake pretends to be doing so with his blatantly vapid posts.

No. 1459371

The funny thing is a lot of us knew this and predicted this would happen. We all knew he was sucking the life out of her and that he's been wanting to ditch her for a long time now but needed a bigger following first, since she was his "bread and butter" for so long, so to speak. What this dumb fuck didn't realise is he is thoroughly unlikeable and a huge chunk of his following were just Kaya's fans believing they were supporting their favourite person's partner. He severely underestimated this and lost followers in the process, but like another anon said he could have recovered from it if he hadn't posted that slimy video acting so nonchalant and lying about aspects of the break up and then parading his new girlfriend in everyones faces.

You only need to look at old videos and photos of her to see she was happier, positive and had fun outside with friends before Fake entered the picture. The thing with dating a narc is you either eventually become like them in order to placate them or you have to leave them because they're too much to handle. IIRC she had only recently broken up with a previous boyfriend (who had also cheated?) before meeting Fakeand she was young, naive and probably just desperate for affection after that. Not to excuse any of it but I think we need to consider this when looking back at her past behaviour

sage for blogpost

No. 1459408

File: 1646587855124.jpg (538.74 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220306-165942_Ins…)

She's reconnecting with so many friends for free because they like her, meanwhile jake wants his fans to pay for business class so he can see his 1 "friend" who is busy with being engaged and doing some nasa thing, and whom he never mentioned until after the break up

No. 1459422

I’m happy for her she’s able to sleep somewhere warm for once kek

No. 1459442

Been meaning to ask for a while, but did Kaya get lip fillers

No. 1459447

in her defense I have full lips myself but in some photos and from certain angles they can look thin, so whilst it's possible she may have had them I personally dont think so. She doesnt have that typical overinflated duck mouth look most people get with fillers kek. She also has that lip plumping gloss she used in that green GRWM look so it might just be that? her natural lips arent super thin either

No. 1459554

Yeah normally the way to tell is when their skin past their lips protrudes, and when they open their mouth and the inner side is doing the melty droopy thing. Some jobs are subtle but subtle jobs aren't in right now. Kaya doesn't seem to have these signs though.

No. 1459580

Even Jakes new American coattail K is better than him. Must suck to always be stuck on the bottom rung on the ladder of life.

No. 1459635

he is live, he looks so miserable and out of it and there are a bunch of senile ladies in his chat that make no sense. He sold his soul for a couple of bucks when he already had everything.

No. 1459640

He's playing the game he got his huge chest piece based of and he's complaining about the camera angles and getting lost, you'd think after getting all that ink he'd know how to play the actual game

No. 1459827

Not major milk, but Angela released a video talking about buying fast fashion. She quit her Shein and Romwe sponsored try-on videos because people were complaining about it being fast fashion. Wonder if Angela will ever do those sponsored videos again, now that she's said that she's fine with buying fast fashion? Or if she'll never do them again because she doesn't want to bother with the negative comments.

No. 1459831

samefag, posted too quickly. She is going to make a new Shein video soon.
>they're gonna be really mad
Apparently she stopped because the quality has gone down (it was always kinda crappy though), but I know people weren't fans of the videos either.
I'm kinda glad there will be another video. I don't buy from Shein or Romwe anymore, but I thought her videos still had some inspo and I liked the music. Angela said that this new review is going to be an actual critical one though.

No. 1459858

Def not fillers. It's this lip plumping lipstick stuff she's been using, she used it in her most recent GRWM where she's wearing the lime green boa thing. It does look atrocious and she should stop tho

No. 1459912

File: 1646624648881.jpg (715.12 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220307-033606_Ins…)

Jude is sperging about batman. For those who dont know, she idolises him and LARPs as him, saying she wants to be her fans' personal batman and she'll save the world. I watched the movie too and it was OK though the music was repetitive, but go off sis. If batman was real he'd stay the hell away from you kek

No. 1460066


I watched that vid and I Cant find the name/brand of the plumping gloss, which one did she use?

No. 1460262

Shein is pretty hit/miss with their quality. I've bought some stuff from there and some of it has been decent while others, not so much. I actually didn't mind the videos for the same reasons as you, she's good at modelingg clothes and she picks some pretty good music for them as ell. Plus it helps that she has her own way of styling the clothes and not making them look so generic and boring like a lot of other channels tend to do when it comes to Shein.

No. 1460381

Yeah Shein is like… not ideal and there's a lot to be said about how it's contributing to various issues but it has it's uses.

Like my experiences with their stuff has been 'it's not that bad' and I find it personally about the same as a lot of brick and mortar fast fashion places, it's like set your expectations sort of low and double check everything before you order it like it's useful for supplementing your wardrobe like I've found a fair few basic things there like mesh tops and stuff I was struggling to find elsewhere and also they really are filling the plus sized clothing niche.

No. 1460398

File: 1646676544076.png (10.34 MB, 1284x2778, 49E5FCAF-DA53-4149-83B2-9ABFB2…)

She’s really out here loving her best life with friends while stump spirals. Seriously rooting for her

No. 1460441

Meanwhile stump's comment section in a nutshell

No. 1460446

File: 1646678510140.jpg (453.24 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220307_194138096.jpg)

No. 1460472

How embarrassing he's devoted his upper body to a game he's not even leet at lmao

No. 1460473

I love her hair like that, she looks really well put together. If she could style looks like this and not the clunky garish shit she'd be leaving Stumpy behind in the dust.

No. 1460487

File: 1646680970572.jpg (1.15 MB, 970x2967, Screenshot_0997d_Twitter.jpg)

Kek. Jake the boring wet towel.

No. 1460495

File: 1646681291577.jpg (321.95 KB, 1080x1871, IMG_20220307_192653.jpg)

Ugh the other woman has been taking career advice from stumpy. Trashy af

No. 1460501

File: 1646681451776.jpg (132.21 KB, 1080x592, yt followers.jpg)

No. 1460504

She looks like a dolly again like she did about 7/8 years ago early YouTube days

No. 1460505

Huh, dyed her hair a different color after years of having it red. I guess she doesn’t want to be recognized anymore as “the redhead wife that cheated with Jake behind Kaya’s back”.
Will she release her and Stumpy’s sex tape? kek

No. 1460506

This will be the collab stump's talking about

No. 1460507

File: 1646681606478.jpg (227.56 KB, 1080x1726, IMG_20220307_193217.jpg)

Can't believe the audacity of this bitch. Who's gonna pay this much for her pictures?!

No. 1460508

Collab incoming.

Ugh. The photos were bad enough. No one needs to see the stump in action.

No. 1460514

Perhaps times are hard now she's not a business owner and has to pay her own rent.

No. 1460515

Risky considering stumpy just got leaked and Jude. she end up being next

No. 1460516

File: 1646682089990.jpg (359.61 KB, 1079x1111, Screenshot_2-114011_Chrome.jpg)

$30/month for implied nudes, at that. These dumbasses are so painfully and obviously new to sex work it's actually hilarious.

No. 1460519


She's so vain she shares these on her Instagram constantly anyway. Hardly anything new or interesting

No. 1460523

I think being an ‘associate’ of stumps pretty much guarantees her OF’s getting leaked. Especially if that little sex tape of hers and fakes is released.

No. 1460526

Her and Jake both went to the school of bad life choices evidently.
They always say they will only do lewd or implied nude, but girl has already filmed a sex video with Jake, so I think these claims are simply to keep face in front of their families/friends.

No. 1460528

Maybe that's why she's just doing implied nudes

No. 1460529

He didn't bother to mention you get shadowbanned or deleted on Instagram for soliciting? She put an onlyfans link and didn't even censor the text, her account isn't gonna last long

No. 1460533

What a cool and completely normal way to introduce your new girlfriend to your audience,Jake. I'm sure people will have a great reaction to seeing Kat for the first time through an only fans collaboration.

No. 1460534

She looks like a babe, this Jake-free arc is so healthy for her.

No. 1460536

I don't think he sees her as his new girlfriend, just a f* buddy. He was way to excited to be free for all the willing woman he imagines thirsting for him

No. 1460540

I feel legitimately bad for her children. She cheats on their father, constantly gets fucked up and wasted, and now does porn publicly. Hopefully Dean has his shit straight and is able to raise those kids or else they will end up traumatized.

No. 1460541

Little dud he know that these “women” were a bunch of troons and gay dudes. And he somehow managed to piss the gays off first

No. 1460543

but at least the Reilly dude is still aggressively thirstin

No. 1460573

File: 1646685250308.jpg (405.83 KB, 1080x1886, IMG_20220307_203341.jpg)

Lol, silly bitch

No. 1460574

kaya looks so good here. happy for her

No. 1460594

I guess this got taken down now. She also has her onlyfans link right in her bio on Instagram. She’s going to lose her whole account soon. Great business move.

No. 1460597

Wow…she's looking really good. I am actually attracted to her with this look. Impressive to see such an amazing turn around after dropping the dead weight. Then again, been there done that so I had hope for her! Hope she finds a good living situation soon and does some DBT to not be so complainy… I think if she starts putting out content of stuff like let's plays along with GRWM and the un boxings which apparently get good views so she wouldn't stop those, she could get popular again. She does need to learn to stop whining so much tho, but I think she will and it was just a symptom of being around an abusive raging depressive narc 24/7

No. 1460607

Agreed, she’s a much “classier” beauty as opposed to “Kat -Instagram Deleted My Onlyfans Plug So Here’s My Onlyfans Plug Once Again In Blatant Clear Sight For Instagram To See And BAN Me- Paineintheass”

No. 1460620

Can't believe this dumb chick has never heard of linktree. But then again she's charging 30$ for implied nudes, so.

No. 1460656

File: 1646692105808.jpg (566.68 KB, 1080x2010, warped.jpg)

A bit warped at the left, isn't it?

No. 1460659

kek men dont have waists like this. And what happened to the urethra on his penis eyeball tattoo? lmao

No. 1460665

OMG I hope the video is leaked. You know it'll be a comedy goldmine of OTT porny narc performative sex with no skill or emotion behind it. On the other hand:
Honestly same, she should be utterly ashamed. But she's a narc too so obviously doesn't even feel bad in the least. Considering the father didn't stand for her pulling this shit he hopefully has a good head on his shoulders and will raise them well with good boundaries. I hope.

No. 1460668

The whole pic so sad, wouldn't have needed that bad editing on top. With Kaya's latest pics in mind I almost feel sorry for this grumpy man in his bathroom

No. 1460670

I mean regardless of classiness, Kaya's just clearly a very genuine person. I don't feel attracted to vain, vapid, shallow women such as Kat at all no matter how good they look. I mean you can see it all in their goth bath bomb party. She just eye fucks the camera while posing as sultry as she can manage the entire time instead of engaging with the other girls. sage for lesbo sperg

No. 1460689

File: 1646694876567.jpg (60.54 KB, 500x500, iuMPVAJ9EF.jpg)

He looks more miserable with every subsequent photo

No. 1460693

I do love to see karma in action

No. 1460697

The difference between the two is really stark, she’s just come back from a really nice girls night away at the spa, she’s looking gorgeous and happy and is clearly having more fun than she’d had with him in a long time aaaaaaaand he’s taking grumpy looking selfies in his bathroom. You’d be forgiven for thinking she’d jacked him in rather than the other way around.

No. 1460698

The fact that it’s the same spa (I’m pretty certain?) her and Jake went to twice is such an incredible fuck you moment, especially after Barcelona, even if it wasn’t intended that way. From her Twitter it sounds like he was a total fun sponge on their trip.

No. 1460702

I think it is and she seems to allude to it with >>1460487 "…and didnt want to go back to the room early…"

they do say when it comes to break ups men are initially ok with it but quickly spiral and mourn what they had, whilst women take it hard at first but soon "get over it". I think this is a classic example

No. 1460737

Breakups with a Narc are a whole thing of their own. It's actually pretty unusual for the Narc to initiate the breakup, but in Stumpy's case he thought he could do better, and had leached Kaya of everything anyone else would want. What he didn't expect was not only the support base Kaya has and just how much of that was also his own by association and loyal to Kaya, but that once his parasitic Oompa Loompa poseur ass was gone, she would remember how to live again and to thrive.

You tend to see that sort of thriving in Narc survivors, and its good he did the breaking up because if she'd gotten smart and left his ass, he'd probably be crawling around trying to get her back, trying to control her again. This way, he's already made a big show of how he saw her as 'just a friend' for 'years', so he has no business trying to hook her back in, and will look like an utter fool if he tries. Not that looking like an idiot seems to deter him from anything.

I can't wait til she says 'fuck it' and just drags that motherfucker through the mud and finally tells the full story.

No. 1460787

> I can't wait til she says 'fuck it' and just drags that motherfucker through the mud
Whilst she has every right to, it’s kind of amazing that she didn’t up until now, PURELY because it means he literally wrote his own end.

No. 1460813

It'd be best if she never said anything about him. Kaya's been dignified throughout this time, and leaves with dignity intact and not using her situation for drama/clicks/cash. Stump on the other hand…

My dislike of Kaya, in retrospect, was based on Stumpy's behaviour. At times it was now obvious she was going along with his shitty moves and own behaviour to keep him quiet. Sorry she was stuck in that relationship. Whatever she chooses to do in future, she'll be okay.

No. 1460960

The fact she’s now comfortable posting pictures without 25 layers on just shows what that man must have done to her confidence and self esteem. Honestly I’m proud of her and I hope she continues to thrive

No. 1461016

She could always make it a patreon-only thing so its not just for views/clicks. You can tell she has absolutely wanted to talk about this shit, she's just either unable to because of threats from the edgelord Oompa Loompa or she's waiting until she's gotten a place and settled and feels safer in doing so. I really hope she does some day though. He doesn't deserve any kind of dignity, after the shit he's done and said.

No. 1461020

Letting Fake be the instigator in his own downfall is absolutely the best thing she could do in this situation. She is coming out of this well, really well. Once she gets out of that studio she’ll be home free.

Stump in the meantime is breaking up families, smoking and drinking, making seedy sex tapes, getting his funny looking dick out on only fans and generally spiralling. He’s losing subscribers by the day. Kaya doesn’t need to do a thing he’s done it all himself.

No. 1461028

I hope she goes on like this - looking great, having fun, staying classy & letting stump finish his downfall all on himself. Absolute queen move.

No. 1461030


Kat reminds me of an alt version of Crystal Harris, the last woman Hugh Hefner married before he croaked. Not exactly ugly, but a similar quite plain ubiquitous face, and Harris was the least pretty of his girlfriends. Kat has such little sex appeal for what you'd expect of someone who thinks they should be a sexy bullshit "lewds" model. Maybe she just photographs poorly.

Meanwhile Kaya's unique beauty is shining through whether she takes the photo or not. She is looking like a young Lily Munster or Vampira and doesn't appear to take herself so seriously, despite having actual fetish model cred.

No. 1461033

It may even be the case that Kaya doesn’t even feel the need to “tell all” about her relationship with Stump anymore. She’s happy, thriving, concentrating on getting her life back in order…maybe Stump’s just old news in her head now and doesn’t feel the need to revisit it all and dredge up old traumas of the past when she’s clearly now just living her best life? Giving him airtime by dragging all the dirt up about him is probably going to do nothing but put across the illusion that he’s still at the forefront of her mind when, by the looks of things, she’s MUCH more content without him and probably would rather just let the past be the past? Gonna sage for blogposting but being in a 10 year narc relationship VERY frighteningly similar to Kaya’s, I was surprised more than anything just how quickly and easily I got over him as soon as he decided to end things on his terms. It was a sense of relief and a feeling I had my freedom back rather than any long term sadness or anger towards him. I just wanted to make up for “lost time” so it were and live my best life like Kaya seems to be doing right now. Maybe it’s selfish to expect her to spill anything when all she seeks to want is to be left be, kept out of drama and get back into being herself once again?

No. 1461039

agreed, not giving a narc any attention is the best revenge. it's the only thing that makes them feel humbled. even being "found out" isn't as upsetting because they can spin it another way and are confident in their abilities to be believed. no attention is actually painful and stops them in their tracks. it's the end of their importance to someone else.
he's killing his own career himself, she didn't even have to talk about it. that is pretty powerful. if she doesn't want to speak of him ever again I'll totally support her as much as I loved the break-up milk at first. I just want to see her have good things.

No. 1461040


lol I hope his comments section gives him nightmares of not very attractive transwomen lusting after him and being called out as a cheating scum bag by cat ladies with vicious cats

No. 1461061

File: 1646732954939.jpg (528.35 KB, 1080x2310, Screenshot_20220308_104713_com…)

Was stump teaching her or do they learn from this thread?

No. 1461071

They lurk this thread probably more than anyone. Kat deleted her Facebook as soon as someone started posting those candid pics of her.

No. 1461075

lmao it's too late now, she's probably already shadowbanned

No. 1461109

idk, i like the idea of the best revenge being the stress on him knowing she could always decide to stop keeping quiet, and ruin him immediately with a single video if she wanted to. even if she never does, there's always that possibility for him to think about

No. 1461148

File: 1646748637687.jpeg (58 KB, 1282x298, D5A61BD8-E5F2-4BE0-BC90-306191…)

In four days he went from 99.2k to this. People are seeing the Kaya / Fake news slowly but surely. He should really address it if he wants to keep any followers

No. 1461161


Can you stop giving him advice. I'm enjoying seeing his downfall

No. 1461168

I mean it's obviously advice he's refusing to take considering how many times it's been said here and in the wider world of the internet. He wont address or come clean to the allegations because he'd have to admit to everything he's done, he'd have to come clean about being a thoroughly fucked up Narcissistic self centred morally bankrupt individual which would officially shatter any remnants of good will he has with his remaining audience. He would have to be brave and honest and we all know he's not the type to do that.

No. 1461189

His tiny upper body, and the way he pulls his pants down to make it bigger which actually makes it look even smaller, always makes me laugh

No. 1461214

The pube stubble looks atrocious, I really wish he'd stop showing it to us, he must be so itchy all the time

No. 1461215

Right same here lol. I mostly just buy the mesh tops from Shein because some of the ones they have come in styles that you just can't find anywhere else unless you get lucky and/or are willing to pay an exuberant amount on. The mesh tops tend to look just fine, it's the other stuff that is very "buy at your own risk".

And like I mentioned, Angela has a way of styling these things in a way that feels creative and actually looks "Goth" compared to the millions of Aliexpress and Shein Hauls created by posers who have no idea what an actual Goth style looks like.

No. 1461419

Does Lil Bo Weep count as a minor altcow or nah? I know she's not really been discussed here before but I bring this up because she's apparently passed away

No. 1461461

she has her own thread.

No. 1461551

File: 1646780592527.jpeg (556.53 KB, 1270x1995, CD414920-6A7C-4F53-82C6-6B637E…)

Turns out those assumptions were correct

No. 1461552

File: 1646780625451.jpeg (911.52 KB, 1176x2014, F76703F2-F2D3-43C3-AF82-50BC22…)

No. 1461555

who is this? Kaya?

No. 1461588

In light of recently developments what I’m getting from this is co-dependant on her end, controlling on his.

No. 1461716

she has her own thread it’s closed and no more threads to be made because she passed away, people are still curious to who she was last seen with during her death

No. 1461893

Where did you even get this from? Post proof

No. 1461914

Its from Kaya's Instagram

No. 1461916

NTA but I looked it up and got this

No. 1461917

File: 1646811861016.jpg (78.65 KB, 1165x372, Capture11.JPG)

No. 1461962

File: 1646819173884.jpg (931.8 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220309-090107_Ins…)

Stay classy, June and her followers

No. 1461964

June lmao dumbass I meant Jude

No. 1462133

Oh shoot. Do we know what was the cause? Overdose?

No. 1462143

She was an unashamed junky, so I'l give you three guesses as to how she kicked the bucket.

No. 1462181

Her father said something like "we lost her to depression, trauma, addiction" etc so I'd bet overdose or suicide

No. 1462204

She has multiple threads in snow. They are full and locked now and there will be no more threads. The last thread in Snow has tons of information about her overdose and went off the rails towards the end but has screencaps. The info you want is there.

No. 1462429

In Jake's last stream someone asked him why he removed all the MAG content, to which his response was "people were taking things I was saying out of context". (Referring to hitting children). But that got me thinking, if that's the case why not leave it up so that people could understand the context instead of removing the context entirely? It just makes it look like he's hiding things, which he is.

Also, in his new video he said he's going back to doing tiktok cringe reactions because it's what gets him views. He "doesn't care what people want as long as it gets him views". He also said that he was trying to break away from the tiktok reactions because that's what people wanted. That doesn't make any sense. If the tiktok reactions are getting the views, then doesn't that mean that's what people want?

Does he not realize how contradictory everything he says is?

No. 1462430

Those are some crusty fucking lips. Why do cows have an aversion to chapstick?

No. 1462457

He acts as if people didn’t read his comments in exactly the context they were intended, kek. It wasn’t a case of people picking a very specific soundbite to cancel him on. They watched the episodes, heard the whole conversation, and highlighted him saying something shitty. He can’t take accountabillity for shit.

No. 1462592

File: 1646876587081.jpg (508.52 KB, 2048x2048, FNbzvIzVEAQcYRG.jpg)

Can we just talk about how she lived with someone who was obsessed with photography/equipment/vlogging/taking pics of himself and not ONCE did he take a single picture as beautiful and flattering as the pics her friend has taken this week?? He always made sure any pics she was in were ones she clearly wasn't okay with, bad angles, covering her face with her shirt or hands out of embarrassment, etc. She looks STUNNING in these recent spa pics.

No. 1462594

she looks great, but you have to remember they're all highly edited to some degree. nonetheless these are far better than anything with fake, I always thought he intentionally posted pics with her that were unflattering to make her feel worse OR cared more about how he looked to even notice her

No. 1462595

highly LIKELY *

No. 1462619

She really does look stunning. You make a good point about him never taking good pictures.

Fake was talking about his face tattoo in his last video. He is going to look even more dumb than he already does. No tattoos anywhere except from the top of his chest. He will look like he is fully tatted up with minimal effort.

No. 1462623

The difference when someone who actually likes you takes your photos, turns out she's still a babe

No. 1462624

She looks so much happier

No. 1462793


she is beautiful! her bats on the foot look so cute. the spider tattoo on the hand looks like a prison tattoo, but she is incredible looking. Jake is an ass, had the best subject to capture pictures of and did her dirty by only caring about the rest of the shot. a lot of guys are like that, not caring about your angles, wanting to show off their wide lenses, etc. but it was especially inconsiderate for him to post them up as she has said over and over how upset she gets about images. horrible partner.

in Jake's vlogs no matter how dolled up and nice she looked, she had this constant sad look on her face like she was worried he was filming her from the worst angle possible when he'd turn the camera on her, and he was. and he wouldnt even say "you look gorgeous" except for way back in the day when they first got together and he totally love bombed/objectified her, he even used a softer 'baby voice' when talking to her in her oldest videos. it kind of gave me the creeps hearing it, knowing his real voice. she probably doesn't miss either one.

speaking of those old videos, the ones before Jake with just her friends, she looks so happy and lively, just like she does now. a new life ahead of her.

No. 1462834

Oooooohhhhh ‘out of context’ that’s his reasoning is it? Right o fake. I’d love to here what the context around thinking it’s ok to hit kids is. Wanker.

No. 1462848

she is beaut. jakes a fucking idiot.

No. 1462852

So Fake only put up about 3 pics on his OF in February, and 0 so far this month, 10 days in. How the FUCK is he getting away with charging $35 for no content??? He's barely making videos, so whats his excuse? Anyone catch any of his recent streams to see if he's raking in the donations still?

No. 1462854

He's also 'available' pretty much 24/7. What is he doing the whole time? Probably charging people like Reilly just to reply to messages, on top of the monthly fee.
The donations in his last stream weren't great. Reilly donated multiple times. Seems like a new Jake fan, never saw them before he started doing OF.

No. 1462857

>Can we just talk about how she lived with someone who was obsessed with photography/equipment/vlogging/taking pics of himself and not ONCE did he take a single picture as beautiful and flattering as the pics her friend has taken

To be fair, he doesn't even know how to take flattering pictures of himself. That is a good point though. In the initial break up video he was taking about how they weren't couple goals because they never posted eachother. Kaya would post him regularly, like that jump scare tiktok she posted RIGHT before they broke up. HE was the one who would never post about her.

No. 1462887

poor Reilly lol I guess his OF fan base does not inspire passionate sexts or hard dick pics… I guess he thought he'd have more barely legal "hot"girl fans willing to pay $30 for his bloated puffy fat stumpy bod with cankles, effortless dick pics, and riding a bike in the nude lol, and showing his hairy ass.
hot girls are not buying online porn lol they're out there with boyfriends, and are living their lives, getting social or romantic or sexual needs met. no need to buy a membership to see a fat naked clown!
the OF for a female audience was a dumb, dumb idea. and with the leak and everything he will probably tap out..

No. 1462940

Don’t feel sorry for the troon. Let him throw money at jake. Maybe jake will realise his ego is well big

No. 1462942

At this point, Kaya should get the person taking all the pics of her lately to help HER make an OF, she could probably do just the 'implied' nudes and cute pinup stuff and rake in way more then he does. And she'd have a probably largely female audience base, too. How fucking hilarious would that be for Stumpy to see his ex basically living the life he threw her away to have, and doing it better?

No. 1462950

I’m hoping she gets back into modeling. That would really piss him off.

No. 1462952

Has she ever dropped a haircare routine? It's always so full even with the sides shaved like that and her hairline always looks perfect.

No. 1462961

I really hate to say it, but if she got a job, she'd get a house quicker. I live in NI and she doesn't stand a chance when there's others with actual income.
Trying not to shade hate, but I really think she needs to come out of the lazy reality and into the real world, I'm sure she wouldn't even have to stay in a job long because of YouTube possibly picking up.

No. 1462964

I got a house very quick in NI and guess what? It's because I got a job and have an income, if I was a landlord, I wouldn't want to touch her either, she really needs to prove she can pay her own way or she's gonna be stuck in the studio for a long time.
Part of me thinks she enjoys it more than she's letting on..

No. 1462975

Sage next time

No. 1463024

Remember when her sides were fully shaved and she put it up on a tight bun? It was really unflattering, but this style does look good on her. She seems to have stopped dressing herself frumpily too, probably not feeling like she needs to hide her body anymore

No. 1463028

really makes you wonder what fake has said to her in the past. Like she would never have worn something that showed her legs like that around him (maybe she did, but never saw it as far as i can recall?) It's good to see she's actually confident underneath all that and it was probably fakey boy making snide comments here and there making her feel awful

No. 1463066

She probably is enjoying her own space, but it's probably also depressing living in a commercial studio. I agree though, she'd have an easier time getting a house if she had a more stable income. I work in a factory about 60 miles from Belfast and what I've noticed is that factories are crying out for production staff basically hiring them on the spot. If she was really stuck and wouldn't mind being on her feet there's good money and a lot of them are only 4 days since they squeeze more hours out of you. It could fit her lifestyle idk

No. 1463070

File: 1646929270836.png (686.03 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20220310-111926.png)

get a job like the rest of us?

No. 1463080

One of the funniest things in this whole video, was how he rants about alt kids on tiktok posting vids with mainstream music in order to catch the algorhythm and get promoted, to get reach.
But it's ok for him to make shitty tiktok reaction videos that he clearly has no passion for…. because that is what gets him views. It's ok for him to manipulate the algorhythm but not these kids on tiktok. Hmm. That or he is just so incapable of not bullying children that he couldn't refrain from talking shit about alt tiktok again, regardless of what anyone "wants to see".

He also made some snarky comment about how MGK is successful because he is tall and skinny and attractive, or something.
I've noticed a pattern, it used to come up a lot during streams when people would ask his opinion on bands, that he absolutely detests modern alt bands or musicians who are tall, skinny, attractive, or have frontmen who are. No matter what their music sounds like, if they're a successful band with a frontman considered "hot", he hates them. The only gushing over music I've ever seen him do, or bands I've seen him promote, are old bands who don't exist or create anymore, were popular when he was a teenager so their frontmen are a lot older, have female vocalists, or have frontmen most wouldn't consider "hot".

No. 1463087

File: 1646930542392.jpeg (441.61 KB, 1124x1980, DB5C9137-6FDC-4F87-8140-65DED4…)

Not sure if this one fits into altcows but still entertaining to watch

No. 1463094

File: 1646931068477.jpg (Spoiler Image, 899.65 KB, 1079x1971, Screenshot_20220310-115017_Ins…)

Holy shit, I just lurked her for nostalgia sake and what the fuck has happened to her? It's like she grafted 60lbs of fat only around her hips in a tire. Is that bad photoshop? It looks nightmarish to be in her body, or to find anything that fits besides bags. What am I seeing? Bad fat grafting? Bad lipo elsewhere?
Reposting to include an image

No. 1463133

Nitpick, why do people talk like they're on twitturd(y’all need to quit nitpicking)

No. 1463136

I mean lot of people hate MGK, especially after his blatant cash grab song Emo Girl when he clearly knows nothing about emos. But it's funny to think fakey is jealous of frontmen who are his looks goals.

No. 1463159

pretty sure she just got fat and poorly tried to photoshop a waistline, anon

No. 1463174

File: 1646938256805.jpeg (7.61 KB, 182x277, download.jpeg)

She used to be really fat but had bariatric surgery in her late teens. Looks like she's put on some weight and photoshopped her waist smaller, creating uncanny proportions.

No. 1463175

File: 1646938336411.jpg (146.59 KB, 530x312, 1427703134900.jpg)

No. 1463215

Nitpick but as someone from the south this is the dumbest shit. I have to say you all here and revise my posts to not get called a twitfag even though I’ve never been on Twitter

No. 1463232

not even from the south but people used that word all the time where i grew up in the northeast, but i get what you mean. people can stop pretending as if twitter invented it.

No. 1463290

Why has her pout always been so irritating both before and after fillers lmfao

No. 1463293

His pics are unflattering but he puts effort into them. I’ve always been stunned that he calls himself some kind of videographer and used to put so much effort into those slow mo and drone clips, but when he helped filmed for her blogs it looked like utter trash. Totally seconding what Anon said about him only ever posting the most uncomfortable footage of her. It’s so not hard to take nice pictures of someone you’re with all the time.

No. 1463310

Can the Kaya white knights/ her friends that are posting on here fuck off and make a new thread dedicated to licking her asshole already?

Y'all act like she never directly benefited from Fake's stans giving him/them donations before. They are both narcissistic, entitled pieces of trash who choose not to buckle down and work (vs begging for freebies) because it is beneath them. Kaya is just better at downplaying it then Fake is… probably because of all that time she spent on PULL learning all about how cows carry on online and how she could slide under the radar with her own cow behavior.

But sure, perfect princess Kaya gets a pass for everything. She's scared scary men are near the studio? Yeah no can't go to a inexpensive hotel for a few nights to shower, feel safe or have a proper meal. Why do that when she can *get drunk with friends and go to the spa, walk back to the studio at night all alone but uwu that's ok because she deserves all the fun times the poor precious baby!"

Nobody, who genuinely felt that scared over their situation would be fucking around like this. Can't stay with family, friends or get a hotel…she isn't contacting women's shelters for help WHY then? They could literally assist her in the house hunting process even with her depreshun/adhd impacting on it (but to fair, it's not about getting anything she can find right now. It needs to be the RIGHT home, the one she WANTS for her horde pile that she can't sell in an emergency for reasons)

Calling bullshit on the whole breakup. They both know they can't keep up this e-begging forever and have it be financially sustainable. Why not agree to go out with a bang? Both rake in views, donations and sympathy. No narcissist I've ever seen would be like "yeah totally use the equipment I gave you, have the car I helped pay off, stay in the studio instead of being on the street" after a narc injury.

No. 1463316

You sound like the deranged Jake whiteknight that was on that Reddit thread a while back (suspected to be K)

It clearly was not a fake breakup, and celebrating seeing a woman thrive after cutting off a gross leech like Jake is a normal response. Go whine somewhere else.

No. 1463339


And you sound like a simp living vicariously through her experience.

Don't worry I'm sure Kaya will finally acknowledge your effort to defend her if you can give her enough cash and send her some cute asthetic nick naks so she can take her mind off the massive trauma of being able to have the choice and support to do what she wants to do. Just like any other woman escaping dv lol

No. 1463345

>she isn't contacting women's shelters for help WHY then? They could literally assist her in the house hunting process

Tell me you've never tried to get help from a women's shelter without telling me you've never tried to get help from a women's shelter.

IDK maybe things are wildly different in NI but in the rest of the UK they're so badly funded that unless you're in immediate of your ex murdering you (and even then good luck!) you stand very little chance of getting any help.

No. 1463350

The spa Kaya was at starts at £300 per person for the basic stay and spa package so yeah the "I have no money" story doesnt really add up

No. 1463377

'Oh but it's all Christmas presents/money'

If her Christmas gifts are lasting until now then she has pretty generous/rich family so wtf is she asking for donations for.

No. 1463435

Incredible post from a newfren so obviously a Jake or a snacc that they don’t know how to sage.

People still read Kaya on this board constantly. There’s no rule that says everyone has to shit on her less milky posts, because her current trajectory compared to Jake’s is fucking hilarious.

No. 1463436

Aye, Kaya is a melter, but the level of angry you're getting about her makes me think you probably are too lolzzz

Also, please sage your stupid rants xo

No. 1463474

I'm guessing her friends paid for it