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File: 1463512479542.jpg (82.81 KB, 592x597, we dont know how she stands up…)

No. 144651

Hi, newfags!

We do not know how she is still alive.

We do not know why she isn't sectioned.

We don't know how often she binges.

So, Ash has rekindled her friendship with Jackie. She still hangs out with herself at Target.

Last thread saged and /pt wouldn't feel right without an Ash thread.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/

No. 144652

File: 1463512629253.jpg (95.3 KB, 921x620, pretty.JPG)

Latest fb profile pic.

No. 144653

I wonder if she's lost her ability to stand on her own

No. 144654

Comment from her mother o_O(o_O)

No. 144655

Fuck off bonelord.

No. 144656

Who has her FB? I thought she only accepted people she knew??

No. 144657

You can see it's a public post in the screenshot.

No. 144658

File: 1463518225045.png (384.86 KB, 403x483, ashkek.png)

Caption: ghost.in.my.pocket SO THESE ARE A THING?? ? What has America come to lol. Anywaysssss, if you have tasted these morsels, I applaud you ?? maybe one day I'll be okay with myself.. to be able to buy something like this. ? Each day is a tough ass battle, but I'm still here..??

No. 144659

Doesn't she binge junk food all the time?

No. 144660

Yes, which makes it funnier. Wonder if she's trying to move away from writing about binging.

No. 144661

American Milky Way is UK Mars bar. I wondered where the caramel came into it, so I found that fun fact.

In NO WAY is Ash nasty and rude.

>wastingzoeI'm actually fangirling like crazy because you noticed me thank you for making this tough day better for me


She's still got that band aid on. Of course she eats this shit. I guess she's doing this >>144660 unless someone who's binged and puked so much gets to a point where they can't do it any more?

Tell you what "brave" would be, Ashley. Check yourself in for treatment. It'll do more for you than being "brave" enough to keep down a box of brownies.

No. 144662

File: 1463522087190.jpg (19.58 KB, 294x128, Capture.JPG)

I dropped the pic to the nasty and rude comment.

yup, it's her profile pic so everyone gets to see it.

No. 144663

I honestly think she bought it and binged/purged the box.

Also does anyone know what was with the band aid?

No. 144664

File: 1463523733983.png (62.43 KB, 860x343, fake ana fakeboi.png)

kek at ashley's followers using it pronouns

No. 144665

My pronouns are taco and pizza kek
I don't care if someone wants to use he/she, they/them. But IT? What are you, a table? Well, it's 2016 and Tumblr is taking over world

No. 144666

File: 1463548524814.gif (1.99 MB, 500x279, ff.gif)

No. 144667

File: 1463554740920.jpeg (299.57 KB, 512x512, image.jpeg)

without her drawn on brows

No. 144668

File: 1463557094032.png (135.73 KB, 416x321, Chicken-Wing.png)

No. 144669

Oh shit anon I was about to say the same.
Truly disgusting

No. 144670

It might be close to accurate considering they aspire to look like a real life spoopy

No. 144671

It's actually fatter.

No. 144672

I didn't realise how tiny she is. Comparing her to the size of that regular-person wheelchair shocked me.

No. 144673

havent been to an ashley thread in 6months because its too depressing but damn she looks even closer to death (didnt think its possible)
this is too sad
dont most people that get this sick die? like hardly anyone recovers from this level of ana and even then, you have permanent damage :/

No. 144674

Yes, anon. It's a mystery she's alive but she'll die eventually.

No. 144675

Ash can feel her body shutting down, that's why she's finally being a bit more open about the possibility of an eventual recovery. She's too scared to do anything about it though, but at least she's not hell-bent on slapping the "recovery is not for me" label on herself like she used to anymore.

No. 144676

She fucked her chances at full recovery by letting it go this far. I hope she's happy with herself for being so stubborn about just fucking eating shit and not throwing it up. I really can't imagine she's happy or has any joy in her life in any way. I don't understand it.

No. 144677

How can you be happy when you have no quality of life?

And it's not like Ash just has anorexia, she also has BPD and that's an extremely difficult disorder to treat.

No. 144678

chicken wings have more muscle that ash

No. 144679

She's never known what a decent quality of life is really. On her youtubes she's walking around and messing about but for the majority of her adult life she's known nothing of actually having a life where she travels, dances around in her room, has the thrill of a new relationship, etc, so she doesn't know really what she's missing. It's like she doesn't miss it because she never had it. She's used to her life as poor as it is.

No. 144680

I don't know about that. She has old videos of her messing around with a friend of hers, rolling down hills, playing cards, etc.

No. 144681

That's what I was talking about on the youtubes, but she was only 17 or 18.

No. 144682

She was 15-16 in those videos.

No. 144683

>She's still got that band aid on.

Any wound she gets will take forever to heal…if they even do heal at this point.

Her body is in complete triage mode, trying to keep organs functioning. It doesn't have the resources to repair surface dings and scratches.

No. 144684

I wonder how bad the wound is. I mean, she's got other open sores on her face, so the one under the band-aid must be almost an actual hole.

No. 144685

one of the signs of being near death is unhealing wounds

In the wheelchair pic its surprising she can even hold up her phone. (Fun fact shes at a dooney & burke outlet store with a $80 vera bradley bag)

No. 144686

Guesses on how we find out she's finally croaked?

No. 144687

Either an obituary or radio silence. She seems to reblog or post on tumblr once every 3 days. If she doesn't update in a month or two or reblog then I'd say she's passed.

No. 144688

ash herself said if she was absent on all social media for two weeks or longer to just assume she's dead

No. 144689

File: 1463614308363.gif (1.14 MB, 200x147, 1428361633950.gif)

No. 144690

Never having experienced it before, I am curious about how much pain she is in. It must be constant. Her bones are only covered by a very thin layer of slowly decaying skin.
Just one accidental fall will snap her like a twig.
On her tumblr, she reblogs the occasional nude photo of a girl. Not emaciated girls, mind you, but full fleshed tissue and fat everything girls. Mainly ass or tits. She tags them as "sexy" and "nsfw".
Is she past the point of feeling jealously? Is she even attracted to girls? What happened to her thinking healthy weights were fat?

No. 144691

Hi newfag.

No. 144692

Do you guys think anyone will mourn her?

No. 144693

Her mom probably, for sure her stans. A bunch of them will blame farmers for cyberbullying her to death, and how brave she was, total fighter etc.

Just wondering, who here would classify Ash as pro ana? I know the majority of her fans are but otherwise she feels pretty lowkey next to Ember and co. What do you think?

No. 144694

She intentionally triggers people and used to brag about her binges so I'd say maybe she used to be pro-ana but toned it down a bit.

No. 144695

I don't think she's pro ana, I think she goes out and says 'triggering' shit just to prove she's the most spoopiest spoop ever and nobody else is as good as she thinks she is.

Her whole identity is presumably wrapped up in how little she weighs so by calling another anorexic fat or telling a little kid she's eating too much food ash bolsters her stupid sense of achievement.

No. 144696

I agree, Ash thinks she's queen of the spoopies when the reality is, she's not the skinniest skeleton that ever was, nor is she the most attractive or most interesting. She's not even the whiniest skeleton. She's mediocre at being spoopy. But still, she has to prove to the rest of the world just how successfully she's fucked up her body. Being anorexic is her only real accomplishment in her life.

No. 144697

Yep. Denver Acute takes people Ash's weight all the time. She will never be as special as she thinks she is.

No. 144698

At this point I think she's at peace with the idea of death. It's coming in the next few months for sure.

No. 144699

Anorexia is her identity, without it she has none. She had a determination to keep it that way.

No. 144700

BPD is a bitch.

No. 144701

I really wish she'd write more from her perspective.

No. 144702

Ugh, it would be all about how everyone has wronged her.

But I would like a factual account of her daily reality. Sleep amount, daily routine, what functions she does or doesn't have, how she cares for herself, how she enacts her ED. Ditto the same from her mom's perspective.

No. 144703

All she does is write from her perspective…..

No. 144704

Same fam
I wanna know if she faints when she gets worked up and yells or mid-binge.
I wanna know if she drinks water at all, if she has any continence left, if she drifts off mid sentence because her brain is so broken.
How much has her brain shrunk? What's her usual blood pressure and temp?

Who cares about ash whining, as a person she's boring as shit. she's a great guinea pig or lab report though.

No. 144705

Sure is anon, but it's also manageable.
Speaking from experience.
She's never needed a reason to get better, so why do it? It takes a lot of work and self reflection. Bitch is no where near humble enough.
She's earned her situation.

No. 144706

Ash could be the new chip-chan if she had a webcam, lol.

No. 144707



truest shit I've read about Ashley.

Of course her personality is made SOO much worse by the anorexia. Being that hangry makes you into a super omega bitch. She doesn't seem to wanna fix any of them.

It's been said so many times before but imma just chime in and say that the best thing to happen to her is death. And that doesn't come from spite…it's the sad truth.

No. 144708

>friendship bracelet
Damn. Even if we disregard the fact that Ash is a terrible person, why would anyone ever do that? She's on the verge of death, cutting ties is the only sane thing to do at this point. Why care about a person who's given up?

No. 144709

Frankly, this thread is the biggest reason I come and lurk on this board.

Real-life Skeletons are spooky and she haunts my nightmares.

No. 144710

Dreamt that she came crawling towards me on all fours like a spider last night

I wonder if she crawls around at home. Can't imagine she bothers with the wheelchair inside.

No. 144711

her kneecaps would shatter if she tried to crawl around

No. 144712

File: 1463857486134.png (229.35 KB, 615x380, ash2.png)

that's not a recipe, that's putting flavor drops in water

No. 144713

She called this a recipe? Her poor nutrient deprived brain.

No. 144714

Ash x Anna cookbook when

No. 144715


Is she trolling?

No. 144716

Anna vs Ash.

The battle of stevia vs chemicals.

Who will be the worst 'chef'?

No. 144717

Funny how she never said recipe? She said ingredients. Learn 2/read. And upon the definition of the word 'ingredients', she didn't do anything wrong or stupid lol. You all are just butthurt she has almost 300+ likes on a photo that's of bottled water. Yeah I might be a white knight, but you guys are getting really pathetic.

No. 144718

rattle rattle

No. 144719

k, Ash. Back to the chairgrave with you.

No. 144720

Hi Ash, haven't seen you here for a while.

No. 144721

i would love that

No. 144722

uuuhh yeah…we're all super jealous of your "likes."

No. 144723

When will you guys grow up.

No. 144724

You know what growing up is? Taking responsibility for yourself.

No. 144725

>she said ingredients

>making my own concoctions

Adding drink drops to water isn't your "own" concoction

a squeeze-top water bottle isn't an "ingredient."

Cute attempt at being pedantic, though. I can't wait til your cookbook made with professional glitter glue comes out.

Sample Ash recipes:

Krispy Kreme Surprise!
24 Krispy Kreme donuts, assorted
Place donuts into mouth. Chew and swallow. Allow ingredients to mix briefly in the esophagus. Vomit up. Serve with garnish.

Macaroni and Cheese A La Mode:
Kraft Instant Mac and Cheese:
Place Mac and Cheese into mouth. Chew and swallow. Allow ingredients to mix briefly in the esophagus. Vomit up. Serve with hot sauce.

Mashed Potato Puree:
Baby Food Blender
Place potato into baby food blender. Blend. Place blended potato into baby food container. Place container on counter. Ignore.

No. 144726

asks for hello kitty toys, baby food blenders, calico critter toys

lives with mother

has never had a job or an education

can't drive

literally cannot bathe self

wears an adult diaper

wears toddler sized clothing

>When will you guys grow up?

No. 144727

File: 1463869732747.jpg (Spoiler Image, 376.94 KB, 1024x661, AYY LMAO.jpg)

That bottle is photoshopped in. Is she so weak that she can't lift water bottles anymore?
She should hook up with this guy.

No. 144728

Holy hell, what happened to him??

No. 144729

That's what happens when Ash comes for you in your dreams and you don't wake up in time.

No. 144730


>dating skelly mc spoopy

that person doesn't deserve more suffering anon

No. 144731


No. 144732

>Funny how she never said recipe?
Lol, fuck you.

a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required

She was instructing people on how to make her special drink using a fucking water flavor enhancer and a bottled water as the "ingredients."

>because it got 300 likes it means it's not stupid, right?

WRONG. You are a whiteknight, a really bad one.

No. 144733

Clearly that man was burned alive though, and given the choice would have been cooking delicious meals and eating a plate of food. Y'know, living. I don't think they're comparable.

No. 144734


About me: 28, hospitalized x14, current rads: 190 HR: 250 GR: 900

Today I broke the microwave door and stood in front of it for 20 minutes #bodygoals #mentalhealth #spiderpowers

Today my mom found out that I was camming in exchange for vintage 1950s toy chemistry sets
#parents #grounded

Anyone else like to make concoctions? I call this one "Yellow Tingle". Ingredients: one light bulb (not the spiral kind), one hammer. Smash bulb with hammer and suck on the filament.
#dolightbulbsradiate #struggling

No. 144735

He wasn't burned though.
It's radiation. Totally different beasts.

No. 144736

Oh, radiation burns. Makes sense.

No. 144737

File: 1463876244952.jpeg (70.79 KB, 1500x1500, image.jpeg)

Only thing she should've hooked up with a loooooong time ago

No. 144738

Nuclear accident; Google "Hisashi Ouchi".

No. 144739

He royally fucked up while mixing up a batch of fuel for a small experimental nuclear reactor. He managed to make it go critical while he was leaning directly on top of the vat full of uranium (I think), and wound up absorbing an insane amount of radiation. Japs, being sick fucks who brought you pearl harbor, tentacle rape, and anime, kept him alive for 80 or so days before letting him die. At that point, his DNA was destroyed, and his body was pretty much dissolving.

No. 144740

I bet he's received over a dozen messages from spoopy skellys in his area that just can't wait to meet him.

No. 144741

File: 1463885992732.png (8.09 KB, 492x177, capture-20160522-055850.png)

No :)

No. 144742

What counts as exercise for Ash? Walking to and fro the bathroom sink and Krispy Creme?

No. 144743

It's not like she could run or jog, a liter bottle is probably horribly heavy for her so she's not lifting. Any distance over 70m seems too far for her to shuffle across without falling.
Does she do a sit up or two before the skin over her vertebrae breaks and she has to rest because it was too much exertion? Squats to tone her asshole gap?

No. 144744

5 reclines in the chair

No. 144745

I mean, if she were eating enough that day and not exerting herself, a workout for her could actually be healthy. She needs to keep those muscles moving so they don't atrophy completely.

No. 144746

Prob explains how she's still able to lift bottled drinks, walk a bit, stand upright, etc. She's not completely in a vegetive state, no how many times you guys say she is.

No. 144747

>she's not completely in a vegetive state
As I'm sure 400-500 pound morbidly obese people aren't either in the sense that they can stand up, waddle around for spurts, and have the energy to lift bottles of soda.

It's still a comparatively limited state of being.

No. 144748

Stfu Trashley, we all know you push your wheelchair out of frame when taking your garbage Target selfies. You're dying with osteoporosis and you expect us to believe you have the strength to do anything but bitch and hurl? Toppest Kek.

No. 144749

Nobody has ever said she's in a vegetative state.
She is however pretty much the same as all the other women just as anoretic as she is and their behavior and capabilities are well documented.

She's not vegetative, she's just pathetically weak.

No. 144750

Nah, not the bonelord, thnx.
And I've seen her walk w/o any chair or motorcart. Not for miles, mind you, and it's odd to see, but her body does it.

No. 144751

G-gia? Holy fuck!

No. 144752

How long can she walk?

No. 144753

Meh, I don't believe it unless there's proof, tbh.

No. 144754

Ashley suffers more than any of us will ever understand. Her anorexia is a symptom of her OCD. She doesn't have BPD. She has OCD.

No. 144755

Care to elaborate? It's acknowledged that ED and OCD are often comorbid, but they are diagnosed and treated as separate but potentially related illnesses, as opposed to one being 'a symptom' of the other. Anyway, there are also many cases where ED is not comorbid with OCD; what makes you think that Ashley belongs to the former group?

No. 144756

Depends on the location. This was at Trader Joe's, a lot of stationed standing, but was able to clear the majority of the store, using a shopping cart, from what I saw while shopping. I guess she has to use a cart like everyone else when there aren't any motorcarts. Trader Joe's only has one or two of them.

No. 144757


>the armchair doctor is in, anons

No. 144758

>more than any(!!) of us will ever(!!) understand

Hi ash

No. 144759

No. 144760

isn't she really short? I'd imagine reach a shopping cart is hard when you're like, 5'1.

No. 144761

Does anyone else think she'll be alive by the time she's 30?

No. 144762

Still pray for you every night. ♡

No. 144763

File: 1463946900108.gif (529.62 KB, 500x238, tumblr_inline_ndt3pbGEho1qh3a5…)

go back to mpa please.

No. 144764

Please enlighten us, we really want to understand. Ash, come on now.

No. 144765

>Ashley suffers more than any of us will ever understand.

How can people like you say this shit and be so fucking self-assured about it? You seriously believe there's not one person browsing who could have possibly been diagnosed with an ED and OCD? There's no one else with a medical condition here that's as insufferable and painful as Ash's? Jesus tapdancing christ.

No. 144766

Children use shopping carts..

No. 144767

It's illegal to video someone in Florida without their consent.

No. 144768

well gtfo then

No. 144769

Radioactive materials can be hot and explosive. Radiation and heat usualy comes along.

No. 144770

Radioactive materials can be hot and explosive. Radiation and heat usualy comes along.

No. 144771

I've only ever seen older children use shopping carts, like pre-teens and teenager, never litle kids.

No. 144772

5'1 isn't little kid height

No. 144773

Fine, you're right.

5'1" is still super short for fully grown adult and is the average height of 13 year old female.

I'd imagine it's difficult for a short person to go grocery shopping and use a regular cart, unless they're a lot shorter than I'm thinking of. I'm realllyyyy bad at guesstimating prorpotions since I'm a bit on the taller side.

No. 144774

The average shopping cart is about 40" cm tall or 3'3. As a 5'0 girl I can promise you it isn't hard to push them, the tops rest under my tits.

No. 144775

Ah ok, thanks. Like I said, I'm really bad at guessing.

I have a hard time believing Ash could push a grocery cart, though.

No. 144776

Yeah, her having the strength to push a cart isn't very believable, at least not for very long. Doubt she could do it a whole trip on her own.

No. 144777

I doubt anyone here suffers more than Ash because if they did, they would understand and they wouldn't spew bile about someone who suffers just like them.

No. 144778

Nobody gives a shit when all your suffering is brought on by yourself.
You can spend your entire life setting the table for a pity-party like Ash has, but it doesn't mean anybody is gonna join you.

If she's a victim its only of herself. Why feel sorry for someone who's deliberately a waste?

No. 144779

She has had ten years to stop suffering and chose to refuse every opportunity. Any suffering she lives with is because she invited it in and then begged it to stay.

She could have been someone but she knowingly chose to be a sick miserable bitch and she knowingly chose to take it out on anyone she sees make better choices.
She's a cunt, regardless of how pitiful she makes herself look. Being pathetic isn't permission to be bitter and mean to anyone else.

Ash can pretend her mental health is an excuse to be nothing but a bitch but it doesn't make it valid.

No. 144780

I actually believe she a victim of her own mental illness, tbh. Personality disorders are tricky. And yes, she does jack shit to help herself. But in the end she'll be the one dying early, not us.

No. 144781

She was forced inpatient as a teen, so she did get help in some respect. She just didn't continue to get help, refuses to admit she has problems and worst of all, she sabatoges other people's recovery and tries to get people to relapse by sending them binge food.

She also used to talk a lot more about binging and purging, my guess is she stopped doing so because it made her look bad.

No. 144782

Mental illness is a bitch to deal with but refusing to try is just self sabotage. She's made no discernible effort to improve her life. She chose to victimize herself.

No has never been unable to help herself. She's not psychotic, she's just a petulant demanding baby.

No. 144783

Well her mom got her forced inpatient at least twice. And Ash once mentioned she was in a coma at some period.

But I agree that after that, she's made no real effort to help herself, to tell the real truth which I believe she is absolutely incapable of telling. It's always her version of the truth and it always will be.

No. 144784

Deja vu. It's that ex friend of hers again. The orange old chick. Can't remember her name. The one that came her to give her "juicy gossip" about Ash, but it was things we knew about.

No. 144785


No. 144786

File: 1463971904514.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

No. 144787

It's definitely ol' Man Hands. Sometimes I think Ashley's friends are more unstable than Ashley is.

No. 144788

I'm curious…when Ashley was Hamtaro-Chan she looked normal and all. But then after her mom found out and Ash threatened suicide and she got forced inpatient, she started getting spoopy.

I believe she explained at one point that going into the hospital is what made her start purging. I thought maybe she became spoopy to get revenge on her mom and throw it in her face but I guess not.

No. 144789

>became spoopy to get revenge on her mom and throw it in her face

That is always a part of it. Now she's just rattling and puking rather than throwing it.

No. 144790

Poor Rebecca. I bet the apartment is a literal hell hole.

No. 144791

I thought she was also actively bulimic during her Hamtaro-chan phase? When you see pics of her she looks like she has bulimia cheeks at least. But either way she was a deeply disturbed girl and now she's just a rotting woman. You can't even feel bad for her because of how rotten her personality is as well.

No. 144792

She said her trip to the hospital is what made her bulimic. I know she's said and I may try to look for caps or something later, but this is Ash and she could have been lying.

No. 144793

File: 1464096416658.png (26.92 KB, 695x308, gutsspillingover.png)

here you go, anon. From guts-spilling-over.

No. 144794

>thinking none of us will die early.

Some of don't have a choice, Ashley.

No. 144795

Yeaaaaah, I am not Ash. I've seen my fair share of people dying young from stuff like Cystic Fibrosis and other illnesses. It is not their choice. Ash has a choice to improve her quality of life, get real help, etc and refuses to do so which is why she'll die young and that's her problem.

No. 144796

Aah makes sense now. I guess she's been disordered for a very long time though. Now it does seem like she's just being spiteful by going even further into her bone-state.

No. 144797

Well I brought it up because it was a sudden thought I had. We all know Ash hates her mom so it wouldn't surprise me if she's doing fuck all to spite her mom and make her mom as miserable as possible until Ash dies.

No. 144798

File: 1464103562401.png (656.33 KB, 855x530, friendshiplol.png)

So Jackie gives Ash a Hello Kitty bracelet/watch or whatever and Jackie gets this in return. It looks like it cost maybe four dollars or some shit.

No. 144799

Fucking hell. There's Jolto again.

I know Jackie's special needs, but I thought she was pissed off with Ash enough to never bother with her again. Usually the ex friend breaks ties completely. Jackie must be so easily manipulated.

No. 144800

They must have made up. Jolto is up everyone's ass on IG so I am not surprised.

I feel bad for Jackie. I remember she came here and was so pissed at Ash. Jackie, if you're reading this, you need to stay away from Ashley. She hurt you once, and she'll do it again.

No. 144801

Jackie's sister told us how much $ she'd spent on Ash. In return she sends her some fucking pencils.

No. 144802

Jackie doesn't have a sister.
She has a neighbor that she calls 'sissy'. Jackie has NO REAL BLOOD-RELATED SISTER.
The Swatch watch wasn't from her,
the hand-made FRIENDSHIP bracelet was from her.

No. 144803

hi Ash!

No. 144804

You know how we shit on Ash for spending a lot of money on expensive stuff when she cries she's always poor?

I have a theory: Ash gets SSI [presumably].

One of the rules of SSI is that you cannot have more than 2 grand in the bank at any time. If you do, your benefits are suspended. When Ash got her inheritence from her grandpa, she had to spend it down.

No. 144805

Theoretically she could just withdraw the cash and stash it.

No. 144806

Yes and no. If it were small amounts, yes. But big withdrawals would look suspicious and then the SSA [social security administration] would ask Ash what she spent her money on.

No. 144807

Ash said in the past she doesn't have a bank account.

No. 144808

Ash says a lot of things.

No. 144809

Any more suspicious than frivolous purchases from known clothing retailers and malls though?
At least cash isn't traceable, if they really wanted to nail her about unnecessary spending all they need do is look at the statements.

I think the easier answer is that government entities just can't keep track of every individual unless fraud is directly reported.

Someone in that household's gotta.

No. 144810

There a possibility Rebecca is a representative payee for Ashley if Rebecca has stated that Ash can't be responsible for money. In that case, Ash would have an account that Rebecca controls.

No. 144811

I'm inclined to believe this is the case. I doubt that Ash would be seen as competent and independent enough to manage her own finances.

No. 144812

Could be part of why Ash hates her mom so much.

No. 144813

Has anyone tried to report Ash?

No. 144814

File: 1464146308161.jpeg (56.19 KB, 640x432, image.jpeg)

Ash reading this thread, probably looking like this.
I really like the thought of someone reporting her.
Ash, someone is going to fuck with your bread and butter.

No. 144815

Yes a million times. She's been reported in every which way people can because *~someone~* always thinks it's a good idea. She's an adult, none of it works, don't even bother seriously.

No. 144816


No. 144817

File: 1464150995076.jpg (184.3 KB, 1338x413, spoopy.jpg)

Because of the raid, this thread on doxxing came to the top of /g/ from 8 months back.
Am I new to Ashley threads and this connection was already established?

In relation to this, kinda

No. 144818

She probably hates her mom for putting her in inpatient, and thus directly (in Ash's mind) causing her anoreixa, since she said she was just bulimic before. I'm armchairing hard right now, but I wonder if Ash refuses to get help not because she wants to be number one spook, although that is likely a part of it, but because she feels like if she goes into recovery, she's letting her mom "win." Likely everything she did before was in defiance of her mom, so when she was involuntarily committed, she felt like she had been one upped. Ash has stated before that her mom used to have competitions with her, so I really wouldn't be surprised if Ash saw this as one.


No. 144819

That's not Ashley. The typing style is all wrong.

Or are you just referencing the way this girl was treated for how Ash may have been treated? In which case, it's a possibility that she experienced that, but she did show off her boobs (at least), so the pedos might have been satisfied with her. There's really no way to know without her telling us.

No. 144820

Hmmm, the money spent is an issue but you should think of the emotional expenditure Jackie has made. To me that seems even more spiteful than to just exploit J for gifts.

No. 144821


She was anorexic before, bulimic after. Not the other way around.

No. 144822

To be fair, Ash never called Jackie retarded. That was all us.

No. 144823

What's the sauce on that? speculation?

No. 144824

I don't have any screenshots of Ashley -not- calling Jackie retarded unfortunately, but if you ctrl+F "retarded" in previous threads you'll find farmers calling her that multiple times.

No. 144825

Right, but is or has there even been proof that Jackie is mentally slow or whatever? I wonder where that idea came from.

No. 144826

She didn't actually say retarded, but it was insinuated.

Her ig videos.

Ash commented on one of Aly's pics today. Imagine getting your head around recovery and that spoops face pops up in you comments.

No. 144827

File: 1464217653077.jpg (83.96 KB, 655x414, 1446652054593.jpg)

Her fall out with Jackie is documented here

No. 144828

That is hilarious because I cannot fathom a world in which Aly would ever deign to talk to someone like Ash. I imagine Aly being totally disgusted by Ash in every way and not wanting to be associated with her. Hey, for all we know, Sly's recent weight gain might have been inspired by being linked with Ash!

No. 144829

I DO like how Aly is talking about how she realises how "ugly" (I'd say "ill", but she sees it as "ugly") she looked at her worst. That's kind of reassuring that Aly wouldn't get ~triggered~

Hope the bitch doesn't say something like TOO MUCH FOOD to her though.

No. 144830

Oooooooh, thanks.

So, Jacie wasn't good enough for her or whatever initially, but she suddenly has no problem with Jackie anymore?

No. 144831

The only actual proof is a video that Jackie uploaded where she's talking to a cat. She has a speech impediment that makes her sound "slow".

No. 144832

No. There've been more, including one of her at Disneyland with Ashley. One old one in particular made it obvious she has special needs. I'm not saying this to be nasty at all because I know Jackie struggles.

No. 144833

That's sad.

No. 144834

And most likely, Jackie doesn't realize Ash is manipulative because Jackies is desperate for friends.

No. 144835

I feel like she's mentioned it somewhere herself, an ask.fm? Or maybe I'm dreaming. And didn't she wear velcro shoes in the Disney pictures? Poor girl, I wish she had more support.

No. 144836

Speach impediments don't always mean someone is desperate or slow. I followed Jackie for a very long time on ig and she is a really overly caring girl with a lot of forgiving.

I think she feels bad for Ash.

No. 144837

Either way, Jackie deserves better than to be manipulated and used by Ash. She's a nice woman, she's struggling, and she's never hurt anyone as far as we know.

Jackie needs real friends, and Ashley isn't one.

No. 144838


No. 144839

Jackie is really the only one of Ashley's friends that I like.


I mean, velcro shoes don't mean you're mentally handicapped either.

No. 144840

Velcro shoes don't mean someone is intellectually disabled but it doesn't speak well for them either y'know. You don't see too many intellectuals getting around in Velcro sneakers.

No. 144841

Have any of you considered that that's kind of part of the disease? Refusing to admit to anything being wrong? Maybe she doesn't even feel she deserves the help. You really cant speak about mental illness as if it's rationality thought through by the sufferer. Every mental illness will have some alarming affect on how accurately a person is able to percieve and/or deal with the world. It makes no sense to act as though the people with the illness are fighting cancer and are just stupidly choosing not to get treatment.

Anyway, sage. I don't care for Ashley but you anons are ridiculous. She's shittt, and I dont think hrr mental illness neceszarily excuses it, but its as if you paint broad strokes about all mentally ill based on her or your own thought processes.

No. 144842

She deliberately allowed herself to get to a point where she is incapable of reasonable thought or action, and incapable of rational decisions. She chose to get there, despite intervention.
She was a petulant, stubborn bitch when she could have recovered, and her spookification has only exacerbated those traits. In the end its her own fault she's in her disgusting state. If she's gonna insist on attention whoring, begging for shit, and being awful to better people she's gonna get picked on for it.

No. 144843

Man, can you guys just sage the autism till she's dead?
A lot of these questions have been proposed ad naseum. Read the old threads new fags.

No. 144844

Like I said, can't apply rational thought process to something as irrational as mental illness. If she didn't want to help - because of the illness- what makes you think she's going to take advantage of the help she's offered? The disordered thinking doesn't just start at spoopy level. It continues because it started far earlier. It's hard to change even then.

There are plenty of other things to complain about.

No. 144845

Where did I say I thought she's ever use anything helpful?
We discuss it because she's a thing to discuss. There's never going to be an answer to most of what anyone really wants to know but people are clearly gonna speculate.

Move on if you don't like something instead of complaining. Nobody is gonna moderate their discussion to suit one whiner.

No. 144846

That's bullshit because both Erika and Ashley have personality disorder yet Erika went into treatment to get better.

It's not a mental illness thing, it's an Ash thing.

Also how does Ash having a mental illness not excuse the racist crap she's said? or the fact that she goes out of her way to sabatoge other people's recovery? or that she used to brag about binging and purging on tumblr?

No. 144847

every time I see this thread bumped I think she'd gone.

No. 144848

I agree. Ash is shit for many reasons, but not wanting to get help/get better is one of the key aspects of the illness. Sure, there are plenty of people who choose to go into treatment and recover, but there are also plenty of people who end up languishing in their homes until they die after going into treatment multiple times and then giving up (or never even going at all). I just find it weird when anons say she's doing it to herself, cause that's not really how anorexia or most mental illnesses work.

No. 144849

Erika has children. She has a reason to get better.

No. 144850

Yes anon, someone says it.
Ash has nothing, absolutely nothing.

No. 144851

Ok, but Ash could try to get better simply to have a better qulity of life. Ash could go to Japan, see the world, etc. But she doesn't want to recover and that's her choice, it just gets repetitve that she says she has goals and wants but does nothing to improve her life.

No. 144852

All this because Rebecca didn't let her keep putting her tits on /b/.
Surely it at least merits as a really good tantrum?

No. 144853

You know as much about her case as all us other anons. Nobody knows what goes on in her head, but as long as she puts herself out there, people are going to discuss her.

No. 144854

I know, I never said I have any problem with the discussion. Just adding my two cents as to the whole "She's just doing it to be spiteful" thing.

No. 144855

Is that thing even human? It's hard to believe someone like her can exsist

No. 144856

well she won't for much longer.

No. 144857

the tantrum to top them all.

No. 144858

No, she's actually a smol reindeer.

No. 144859

kill yourself

No. 144860

I know I'm not the only, but I still feel bad for not feeling bad that Ash is going to die quite soon. Like, when she finally does, I will feel nothing. Maybe a little disappointment that she'll no longer be around to give us spoopy milk. That's about it.

No. 144861

>Poor girl, I wish she had more support.

She has plenty of support. Jackies family is decently well off, she sees a therapist regularly (and discusses ash with both her therapist and mom), and I believe she goes to a day program for people with developmental disabilities. I can't remember exactly, but Jackie has a lot of support. She thinks she's doing a "good deed" by being Ash's friend, bc she thinks Ash is about to die. But yes, Jackie would definitely be better off if she cut ties with Ash, but Jackie really wants to be anorexic herself so I guess thats part of her obsession with Ash/being her "friend".

No. 144862

File: 1464486839234.jpeg (111.23 KB, 640x938, image.jpeg)

Yeah ash, we are so so horny.

No. 144863

it definitely brings us a little horny

No. 144864

Wow she's proud that her tantrum is actually longer. Do you guys think she'd be less or more of a cunt if Rebecca had of just let her loose posting her CP on 4chan?

Yeah that's right ash. You're a child pornographer. Victim your way out of that you fat fuck.

No. 144865

Fucking savage anon , I like it.

No. 144866

15 years?? That doesn't seem right?

No. 144867

>life threatening
I think she's way past a threat. She's the walking dead now. Does she not know she's going to die in like a year or two? I've always wondered that. If she feels herself closer and closer to the grave.

No. 144868

Lurk moar. She was diagnosed at like 11.

No. 144869

Ashley has exceeded about twenty different life expectancies – in late 2013 she was told she wouldn't see 2014, now it's 2016 and she's somehow spoopier. I feel like at this point she's going to outlive us all. The universe itself will collapse in heat death, but Ashley will stay standing.

No. 144870

Is she were responsible for her own self she wouldn't be alive right now. It helps to have a roof over your head and a live in caretaker.

No. 144871

I've been following for a while but never knew that somehow. I thought it started sometime after the 4chan nudes shit

No. 144872

She'll be standing in the wasteland of Disneyland, puking up ancient funnel cake and hotdogs pretending she's superior people who aren't oxygen-thieving wastes of space.

You know Ashley, if you took up more space you'd be wasting less of it.
This sack of shit should really just lie down and let herself die. Hashtagging the word recovery doesn't mean you are.

No. 144873

where did you get this from? I only knee about her being in therapy around the time she was whoring herself out on 4chan. with her tits instead her bones out to get attention. looking at her from this point, she never changed, not even a bit.

No. 144874

File: 1464529221792.jpg (31.41 KB, 481x242, mostabsurd.jpg)

Ah, the debates of people who believe in freedom of choice.

No. 144875

File: 1464530980178.jpg (170 KB, 486x356, whatever.jpg)

Ash's tumblr. Someone asked her how she feels about us saying she's had a ten year long tantrum, and she replied that she has had anorexia for fifteen years, not ten.

No. 144876

Is Ash learning disabled?

No. 144877

This was posted already, anon.

No. 144878

Ok, but another anon wanted proof of where it came from so I provided it, big whoop.

No. 144879

>and horny
Lol she wishes.

No. 144880

>Victim your way out of that you fat fuck.

this is a phenomenal sentence. anon, I love you.

No. 144881

It's hard to say. I imagine Ash would still be the same no matter what, tbh.

No. 144882

I just realized…Ash never went to college, never traveled, never had any sort of life. That's depressing.

No. 144883

Ash has never gotten drunk. Never had sex. Never done a lot of things.

No. 144884

Ehhh, we can't say that for sure.

No. 144885

Magnificent, isn't it? I laughed more than I should have. Brava, anon!

No. 144886

Someone on these theads is a revelation that around the time of her camwhoring she was meeting up with men off the back of it and this is another reason why Rebecca went ballistic. Therefore, I'd say she's probably not intact, or at least she's definitely touched a cock with some part of her body.

No. 144887


No. 144888

She wouldn't have a gag reflex left.

No. 144889

I think you're right tbh, although if she had of stayed on as hamtaro-chan I think she'd have been a bit wilder. Possibly promiscuous.

No. 144890

Honestly i do feel bad for ash. Having an untreated mental illness is shit. Having bipolar disorder treated by ssris (diagnosed as chronic depression) spiraled my into a series of life threatening behaviors. It included anorexia nervosa, alcoholism, and heroin addiction. It wasn't until i was final put on antipsychotics that i realized how stupid my behavior was. I know she refused treatment, but so did i at first. The mental health care system is broken and it cand it can take several years to properly diagnose you. Sage for blogpost

No. 144891

She only has refused treatment as an adult. She has been in treatment before because she was underaged and it's easier to force it.

No. 144892

Also in the first thread, she was reported to APS multiple times. Nothing happened.

No. 144893

Cool diary fam.

Ash has access to treatment and assistance and ash refuses it. Ash has previously had treatment and she immediately and deliberately engaged in illness as soon as she left it.
Ash chose this shitty existence every day. Fifteen years of opportunities to say 'I will get better and have a life'
5,475 days. 5,475 times she said 'nah I will not try'
She CHOSE to spend her life stuck in a wheelchair or a recliner, pissing and shitting her toddler-sized leggings, too weak to wash the vomit out of her wig. She picked this life instead of any other.

I don't get why anybody feels bad for her.

No. 144894

Back when I first heard about Ash, I felt bad for her. But then she said something about being scared of black people, and then there was the various fights with all her friends, who confirmed Ash is a shitty person.

Then I stopped feeling bad for her.

No. 144895

ash is such a liar. she even said on facbeook [as a life event] that she was diagnosed with anorexia in 2005. That would make it 11 years, not 15.

No. 144896

I almost donated to this girl!! This thread is what made me realise what a POS she really is and how she just whines about her situation

No. 144897

That is one stark summary of her life. Totally accurate, of course, but still a bit of a shock to see it laid out like that. I've never felt bad for her in the first place, but I'd certainly stop if I had, after reading this.

No. 144898

>a she even said on facbeook [as a life event] that she was diagnosed with anorexia in 2005. That would make it 11 years, not 15.

Poor girl. She lacks so many nutrients she can't even tell time.

No. 144899

Honestly, even typing it out was gruesome. I can't imagine living it.
I wonder how long its been since she could even recall feeling okay.
Or, for that matter, warm, comfortable, strong, and alert.

She's less functional than a five year old.

No. 144900

No she had ednos if i remember before her diagnosis of anorexia so thats what she was saying

No. 144901

Honestly, I'm just waiting for her to finally hit the grave so that I don't have to see her ugly spoopiness on LOLcow anymore

No. 144902

ps. personal blogging is bannable here, saged or no.

No. 144903

Diagnosed with anorexia at 14.
Diagnosed with an ED was 11.
Learn to fucking read, her blog post was posted twice you fucking morons.

No. 144904


No. 144905

Don't you have anything better to do, Ashley?

No. 144906


Seems like everytime someone says she'll kick the bucket soon, another extra year is added to her lifespan kek

No. 144907

Yep, although I highly doubt she'll be around when she's 30.

Apparently, she doesn't.

No. 144908


Jesus christ


Agreed. I'm surprised she's lasted this far tbh

No. 144909

>I wonder how long its been since she could even recall feeling okay.

Possibly not that long, but its a delusional sense of "feeling okay". Anorexics often think they feel just fine at emaciated weights, and its not until they start the refeeding process that they realize they felt/feel like shit.

No. 144910

I hate saying this, but Ash doesn't pretend she's ok.She talks about having to use a wheelchair, she talks about not having energy and sleeping a lot.

She used to act like she could do everything early on but she's been slightly more honest about how she feels the last couple of years.

No. 144911

Why doesn't she just admit herself to the hospital if she feels so terrible?

No. 144912

Because in all likelihood, if she went to the hospital, she'd be forcefed and not released for quite some time.

No. 144913


she basically wants to revenge by suicide her mom, imo

No. 144914

Probably. I mean, she cries about how her mom got a boob job and how it was expensive, yet I bet the bills from Ash's inpatient stays were expensive, too. If not more expensive than getting your boobs done.

No. 144915

What's a few short months in the hospital compared to feeling like shit forever until she dies?

No. 144916

No idea, you'd have to ask Ash.

No. 144917

She makes no mention of her condition being painful, constantly freezing, and too starved for simple mental tasks either.
That's not a bad thing, its just not honesty about her condition either.

She's still clinging to the mysterious vibe even though there's no mystery to her.

No. 144918

She has hinted at being cold sometimes, because she wrote on IG once it was 90 degrees in Florida and she said she didn't feel warm at all.

No. 144919

Insurance paid the stays.

No. 144920

In the end it doesn't matter who paid what.
Ash can chimp out about it all the likes, Rebecca can do whatever she wants with her own money. Ash probably just got pissy about it because she expected presents or food to puke.

No. 144921

There's no point in asking her. She doesn't even know why she wants to be sick, cold and dying instead of in a hospital being taken care of.

No. 144922

I haven't posted to one of these threads in about a year, ignored them for the most part.
The thread caught my eye again today; how the fuck is she still alive? I really did not believe she would last another year, in fact one year ago I was confidently predicting she would be dead by now.

The human body is nothing short of a goddamn miracle.

No. 144923

File: 1464667554969.jpg (22.24 KB, 408x352, 1463175759748.jpg)

guys, the more you post about how amazing it is that her body is still alive, the more you feed her ego. she lurks here, let's not 'feed' her anymore.

No. 144924

She does a pretty good job of not feeding herself.

No. 144925

File: 1464669846285.jpg (15.62 KB, 301x273, usa.jpg)

No. 144926

File: 1464674311090.jpg (156.07 KB, 640x920, 0519e9306628d962914580af9d020e…)

Is it bad that I want to speed up her graveyard progress by swinging a bat at her? Or wanting to 'accidentally' bump into her so that her creaky bones shatter into a million pieces?

No. 144927

Tempted to request your IP to report for threats. You just threatened to kill her..

No. 144928

Lol how is that a threat at all? They never said "I'm going to". Their comment was the equivalent of saying "sometimes I just want to wring my friends neck because of their bad decision making"

Ashley, get off the board and go do… Anything else

No. 144929

lol ok trashley

No. 144930

File: 1464684028742.jpg (539.13 KB, 480x270, TE7RMnf.jpg)

No. 144931

No. 144932

Does Ashley want to die? I can't understand why she doesn't go to the hospital.

No. 144933

Ash wants attention. This brings her attention. It's as simple as that. It's her thing, her identity.

Hospitals can only help people who want to be helped. Florida hospitals will often not even do that much.

No. 144934

To those who say this isn't a revenge thing, this was posted in Ash thread #8 by someone named twatwaffle. I don't know who that is, maybe Gia, but it's someone who knows Ash much better than the rest of us.

"I don't think that sounds cunty or malicious. Ashley knows full well the mental/physical fatigue she puts Rebecca through and fucking gets off on it. She considers it "revenge" for Rebecca cutting off her whole "show my tits and bits on Stickam for presents," as was her suicide attempt after she was caught (which was a whole 'notha episode, hooboy.)

The Amazon wishlist is another "fuck you, Mom" endeavour as well, goes without saying. Anytime she begs for shit, I guaran-fucking-tee you that Rebecca told her "no" about something, whether it's another Target trip, a ride to Whole Foods, "will you leave me pizza money while you're at work," etc."

No. 144935

File: 1464724717367.jpeg (167.26 KB, 741x729, image.jpeg)

No. 144936

File: 1464724737441.jpeg (70.67 KB, 726x275, image.jpeg)

No. 144937

Looks like her mom

No. 144938

still has that bandaid. It's probably a gaping wound or something.

No. 144939

i feel bad for all the little girls who had to see her at this event

No. 144940

She looks like she has sores around her mouth too…

No. 144941

and one above her eyebrow. Maybe she's finally necrotizing or something…

No. 144942

>waaahhh I hate my mom so much she's such an abusive bitch
Sure Jan.

No. 144943

>Skin yellowing
Looks like she's entering the final stages of her boen phase.

No. 144944

Are the two little bumps in the crotch of OP's picture supposed to be her vag?

No. 144945

it's just wrinkles in her clothing

No. 144946

Oooh ok. It was hard to tell.

No. 144947

File: 1464730247288.png (12.07 KB, 484x307, skelly workout.png)

And again…

No. 144948

How is she even allowed in the gym?

No. 144949

I think she does her "work out" at home.

No. 144950

I highly doubt that, anon.

What on earth can she even do as a workout? she doesn't have a lot of arm or leg strength.

No. 144951

File: 1464731550670.jpeg (48.41 KB, 640x509, image.jpeg)


No. 144952

In her state she really shouldn't be exerting herself. She needs every last scrap of energy she has to live.

No. 144953

Jfc little kids don't need to see someone like her at a fun kids day. She's so determined to be a fucking child but she's gonna traumatize them with her face. She looks like cancer..those poor kids. Imagine taking your little one to an event specifically for 6 year olds and having to shepard them away from the stinking vomit monster who wants their toys?!

No. 144954


That's some scary shit. Imagine the children seeing her? Ashley is literally some Goosebumps tier shit on legs.

No. 144955

god her skin must be paper thin.

why live in agony to exact revenge on someone else? this is so pitiful

No. 144956

It's also stupid. Think about it, when Ash dies, Rebecca can live her life in peace. So Ash thinks she's screwing her mom over but really, Ash is just screwing herself.

that said, Rebecca is still paying for Ash's inpatient stays from when Ash was a minor, not to mention that apparently, Rebecca has no money to afford a burial for Ash.

No. 144957

File: 1464744771255.jpg (24.72 KB, 278x278, 6tag-53471537-1262509018955909…)

Looks like there's a big brown growth under it.

No. 144958

I'm sure the children can survive seeing a handicapped person.

No. 144959

She's not just some handicapped person.
She's a shriveled up vomit goblin twitching and rattling around trying to share toys with little kids. She looks like an AIDS victim for Christs sake. Would you honestly want this smelly, sickly corpse wheeling up trying to wheedle a trade out of your 8 year old?

No. 144960

After all her madness and sour behavior - I still wish someone/herself would save her. It pains me to know she's been in this state for so long.

No. 144961

maybe cremation would be even cheaper since they wouldn't have to burn the body so long to get to the bones

No. 144962

I'd let my daughter talk to her. Tolerance, motherfuckers.

No. 144963

Oh anon, that made my day

No. 144964

Ew. I'd keep my kids away. For all strangers know she's dying and contagious.
An actual disabled person is a whole different kettle of fish to some crazy bitch who happens to look pitiful.

No. 144965

Amen. She's still a person.

No. 144966

So are rapists, murderers, and terrorists.
Obviously ash isn't that level of horrible but, the 'she's still human' argument doesn't amount to shit.
Being part of the species doesn't mean you should be around small children. Get the hell back into your cave Ashley.

No. 144967

>Being part of the species doesn't mean you should be around small children. Get the hell back into your cave Ashley.

If you aren't trolling, you might want to seek help

No. 144968

Oh c'mon, you're only saying this because you've witnessed Ash being a stubborn brat on the internet about her illness.
To strangers who don't know her she could easily have cancer or some other such terminal illness. IRL people treat those with obvious signs of illness with respect because it's fucking sad, her dying is not subtle at this point.
Nobody would shriek with horror or ignore her, social stigma and being perceived as lacking empathy carry a lot of weight in first world society.

No. 144969

Not really.

No. 144970

not the anon you are addressing but when you see someone that close to death, human instinct is to look away. for all the things people say they would or would not do in her presence, that pretty much overrides it.

No. 144971

Certainly parents would not be making a scene and shooing their kids out of the store, no.

No. 144972

Ashley, your face is rotting. What will you do when your eyes rot?

No. 144973

Why does she draw on such terrible eyebrows?
It would honestly look better if she just left it instead of having two wonky, fucked up semi circles scrawled over her eye sockets.

She's got such trashy taste.

No. 144974

I really wanna see what that wound looks like. Help me anons

No. 144975

My morbid curiosity is niggling away at me too.

No. 144976

This is kind of gross but I always wonder how shriveled up and weird her genitals must look.

No. 144977

File: 1464783044687.jpg (66.34 KB, 537x450, IMG_20160601_070553.jpg)

I love how she feels the need to call people out

No. 144978

File: 1464783049537.gif (50.2 KB, 300x275, grapefruit.gif)

Probably looks like a half of a rotting and withering grapefruit

No. 144979

A hairy, shriveled ace wound

No. 144980

Axe, not ace.

No. 144981

Classic Ash. Has to bring everyone else down because she won't help herself.

No. 144982

i keep thinking her hair couldn't possibly look any worse but there you go

No. 144983

She doesn't have hair. She has a crappy wig she never takes care of.

No. 144984

Ugh. The event was supposed to be limited to 6-8 year olds, but I bet anything that Ashley pulled the "I"m sick and dying" card just to trade. Fucking disgusting.

No. 144985

That gets to me too. If she shopped at a store for adults instead of the kids toy store, maybe she'd find out that Anastasia Beverly Hills has eyebrow templates to help you fill them in nicely. But sure, keep buying toys, Ashley.

What she calls a "work out" is probably some sort of physical therapy she's supposed to do to keep her muscles from completely atrophying. I'm sure it's not exercise like we know it. It's probably just raising your arms and stuff.

And if I had children I'd keep them the hell away from her. They'd probably kill her by just knocking into her as a part of their usual running around. The kids I know have enough energy to knock down a healthy adult.

No. 144986

Ashley could probably pass as an eight year old with progeria.

No. 144987

She drew on really shitty eyebrows in her hamtaro days as well.

No. 144988

She's not handicapped. A legit handicapped person is someone who is disabled and into a wheel for reasons beyond their control; car accident, amputee, cancer, etc.

She is a selfish, greedy bitch who starves herself and doesn't care about anyone else. She shouldn't be around children. I bet they cried after seeing her skelly appearance.

No. 144989


I can only imagine ash spending the whole event mentally judging everyone's weight

No. 144990

she probably loves the fact that she weighs less than most of the 6 year olds

No. 144991


Mental illness qualifies as a handicap.

No. 144992

She's handicapped. A handicap can be self inflicted.

No. 144993

I remember her mentioning on her old Tumblr how she weighs less than an average 5-year-old kid. She must be very proud of it.

No. 144994

She's going just to call five year old girls fat and make them cry.

No. 144995

She weighs 41 lbs, just a little bigger than a female 5 year old.

No. 144996

…and how do you know that, for sure?

No. 144997

Ashley has never mentioned her exact weight anywhere. Unless YOU have witnessed her weighing herself, with your own eyes, do not make any assumptions of what her weigh is or is not.

No. 144998

secret_livez told us how much you weigh

No. 144999

secret_livez spilled the beans a couple of threads back. I don't see why she would lie, I mean..Ashley looks about that.

No. 145000

File: 1464829075551.jpg (63.55 KB, 400x400, 49029609.jpg)

Uh no lol. I'm just saying basically what >>144928 said. But ok Trashley have fun searching my IP address and reporting me, because I'm on vacation right now so all of my IP addresses are from hotel and public WiFis.

And if I had children I'd keep them the hell away from her. They'd probably kill her by just knocking into her as a part of their usual running around. The kids I know have enough energy to knock down a healthy adult.

But that's the best way to put Ash out of her misery…just let nature run its course and give her the Darwin Awards.((maymaygenerator.net))

No. 145001

the skelly is anger

No. 145002

You shouldn't brag about your weight to your internet patrons. It's hard to be omg mysterious when you want someone to buy you that perfect titanium Starbucks travel mug.

No. 145003

-rattling intensifies-

No. 145004

Hey Ash, you better start eating more grapes, your face is rotting off.

No. 145005

That's not funny! She could choke on a grape! Specify that is is a quartered grape or a blended kawaii mush grape.

No. 145006

She'll just use the calories in the bandaid adhesive.

No. 145007

Damn it anons, you're killing me

No. 145008

Reminds me of the "Faces of meth" slide show that they showed us in health class back in high school. Sores, emaciated, discolored, ratty "hair"…

No. 145009

File: 1464859864516.png (1.05 MB, 649x953, perpetually.PNG)


there ya go

she should stop rattling on about her weight and start saying stuff like "my brain is developed less than those of your average 12-year old"

No. 145010

She looks marginally healthier here than she does now imo. Maybe it's the filter

No. 145011

Lol I love how Ash wants it to be all mysterious like Y'ALL DON'T KNOW ME as though one day she'll unzip her skin suit and really have been a healthy weight all along masquerading as and adult who wears toddler pants. GOTCHA, INTERNET.

Or she's really a broom dressed as a horse dressed as a human. And thus, as a broom, weighs the correct amount.

No. 145012

Filtered pic for sure, smoothes out all the wrinkles and sallowness

No. 145013

I am a carnie who runs one of those "guess your weight" games

No. 145014

She was "healthier" back then, she keeps getting worse.

No. 145015

I know it's mental illness, but a part of me can't comprehend how being "fat" is scarier than looking like the undead. She wasn't ugly before she got this bad, but now she looks like a haggard 90 year old. I guess the attention is worth it?

No. 145016

>but a part of me can't comprehend how being "fat" is scarier than looking like the undead.

You're right. Fat is gross, anorexic is creepy. Like comparing a big grubby maggot to a pile of bones.

No. 145017

I love how Ash thinks her weight is some ~mysterious~ thing when she obviously looks like she's in the 40 lb range.

Get a grip, Ash. You're not as special as you think.

No. 145018

Because fat people are seen as having no control over their eating. The dread about being fat is really dread over losing control over your eating disorder.

No. 145019

Also dysmorphia makes them assume a healthy BMI equals fat. Being health means being normal, average, one of the crowd as opposed to being someone who stands out like a sore thumb and needs constant attention.

I see those pics of her, and just think what the hell must her mother be thinking when she sees her face every morning. Her mum must be so sad about how her daughters life has turned out. T

No. 145020

That too. I hate getting personal but at my lowest weight [bmi 16.8] I really couldn't see how thin I was in the mirror. But I could in pictures and my mind couldn't comprehend why the mirror was different than the camera, and I used to think the camera was lying.

But I got help and am doing better, though the BDD, impulses and mentality will always be a battle.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 145021

No. 145022


Nobody cares.

No. 145023

Still more special than you will ever be, obviously. How many people you can say are obsessed with you or your life? And now think of how many are obsessed with Ashley and her life. See?

No. 145024

aw ash you forgot to sage this time

No. 145025

Not everyone puts their embarrassing medical and mental life on the internet to be a laughing stock for attention, see how that works?

No. 145026

nigga, no one cares about your blog.

No. 145027

Id rather have friends and family who love me and a bright, long future ahead of me then a bunch of randos on the internet obsessed with me because I look like a skelly

No. 145028

Being special and having people obsessed with you are not related.

No. 145029

Nobody's ~obsessed~ with your life. As sad as it is, people come here to see if you're still alive every now and again. Also to see what happens to a body when it's barely alive.

No. 145030

Lol bragging about being .2 under your ideal bmi. Such anorexic.

No. 145031

Put your dick away, it's not an anorexic pissing contest in here. You're just as bad as someones personal diary.

No. 145032

Holy shit, Ash openly confirms the "doing it for attention" theory. We'll remember this when you try to hint that your dad molested you or that your mom is a selfish hag or that NO ONE CAN EVER KNOW THE TRUE ASH. the sooner you eat some humble pie the better for you an everyone around you. You aren't special, being anorexic isn't an excuse for your failings, and you are an enormous burden on everyone around you until the day you actually check yourself into inpatient. Pity does not equal approval or success. Stop wasting your precious time on earth.

No. 145033

Bless you anon, holy shit. Especially the humble pie bit.

No. 145034

File: 1464912864941.jpeg (74.25 KB, 640x745, image.jpeg)

Ash stop sending yourself asks.
Your response proves it.

No. 145035

Ash has never grasped that subtlety and a light touch are required for convincing "anonymous" self-asks. She's never fooled anyone, but she keeps on trying!!

No. 145036

because Ash is the only person who ~suffers~.

I wonder if, for even 10 seconds, she's ever given one fuck about anyone else whose life is dire, whether self-inflicted or not. No, thought not.

She's definitely suffering more than anyone else anywhere gas ever suffered. So special.

No. 145037

Has* not gas

No. 145038

I like the Attention Theory best, yet it hasn't occurred to Ash that attempting recovery would actually give her a whole new wave of attention. Even if she did a shit job at it, the pro-recovery communities would eat her up (see Aly). At this point people are only following her in anticipation of her death. Unless she makes a big move or change, her shriveled teats are outta milk.

No. 145039

If she really wants the attention/gifts without recovering she could jut join a fetish site and sit naked in her gross wheelchair.
No effort for a lot of attention Ash, plus you loved to cam before you spooped yourself

No. 145040

I've been wondering how long till her sight starts to go, I know she has glasses but her eyes look really glazed in photos, if she goes blind what's she going to do then?

No. 145041

Sigh. I really want to help this girl. I know it's cool to hate on her and sure she's done some shitty things but it's just so hard to watch someone rot and die before our very eyes

No. 145042

She really is beyond help, anon. Recovery isn't an option for her anymore. Even if she suddenly decided that she wanted to recover, her body is too far gone. It couldn't handle it.

No. 145043

she's closer to death now than to life. it's too late for her organs to recover. help would be… euthanasia.

No. 145044

I've thought about buying her a new wig a lot, but then I remember she's kinda mean.

No. 145045

It's hard to imagine being in her position…can she put her hands on her stomach/back and feel her inner organs?

No. 145046

That's like putting diamonds on a turd

No. 145047

Kek. Gold.

No. 145048

Probably. If you know what to feel for, you can feel them even at a normal weight.

No. 145049

I'm sure Ash was a sweet and loving girl before her brain atrophied.

No. 145050

Aside from those really shitty racist posts she made on her twitter and some ugly comments on other people, she actually was and still is really sweet and loving as far as my experiences is with her. quite nice thankful and caring. Just sick, nothing evil or laughable there. She's one who should not be on this site. dont care if you disagree and laugh about my english and opinion btw. laugh about people who deserve to be torn apart

No. 145051

Your English is fine, anon.

No. 145052

Erika is completely fucked up and disordered herself, so I think we should discount that whole saga.

No. 145053

I believe Ash when she says that she didn't make that phone call. I think Erika made it up and let Ash take the fall for it. That's why Erika never elaborated or revealed the number.

Do you guys remember her fake lashes from the garbage can? How about her Linux manual that was confirmed to be plagiarism by an ex? I honestly think that basing any feelings about Ash on anything relating to Erika is unfair.

No. 145054

Erika is just as bad as Ash. Remember Erika's self harming on IG? Remember the "bye guts!" melodrama? or the fact that Erika sent her kid to Brooklyn to live with the dad?

From what I remember, Erika was only loved here to piss Ashley off.

No. 145055

Ideed i have. Booh hooh mean comments, picture uploaded without permission and booh hooh i'm being used for car rides is my summary. I'm not a white knight here, enjoying other threads usually. but this shit here is nitpicking on a dying person and even some of you "just waiting to read she died" shit. dafuck man.. "not nice" alrighty then but not someone to "lol" about.

No. 145056

What's with the faggette deleting her posts?

No. 145057


Agreed, most of this stuff is nitpicking and the rest..well what do you expect from someone who is dying of starvation (yes, self inflicted, but it is a mental illness)

No. 145058

i wish she'd make an attempt at recovery. it's interesting seeing the small amount of progress aly's made and how much of a difference even a slight gain can make to face/hands/skin/hair. i'm super curious to see what would happen to ash if she ever started gaining. e.g. would she look like an older version of her hamtaro-era face or would the fat deposits go somewhere else and she'd end up looking like a completely different person?

i have so many questions tbh and none of them will ever be answered unless she surrenders herself to a treatment facility in the name of medical science or something.

No. 145059

lol omg no. i'm 5'1 and im fine using a shopping cart wtf???? were not midgets dude.

No. 145060

>surrenders herself to a treatment facility in the name of medical science or something

Why not surrender herself to a treatment facility in the name of survival?

No. 145061

Because Ash doesn't give a shit about survival, that much is obvious.

No. 145062

There's some serious thread de-railing going on here. The only thing that needs to die, imo is this disgusting thread. Ashley is a very mentally ill person and throwing down a betting pool on her death is just disturbing.

No. 145063

I wonder though if ay such a low weight, the damage to her organs is already done and at most a hospice would be the only option.

No. 145064

I think most people liked Erika because she was trying. Yeah, she was fucked up and disordered, but that's not really her fault, and she did start trying to improve her life for her kids. I'm not WKing her, I do agree with you, but to her credit she isn't broadcasting her life on instagram anymore for attention, or coming here to blogpost.

Ash on the other hand is fucked up and disordered, not by her own fault, but does jack shit to get better while still demanding asspats on the internet.

No. 145065

No. 145066

I'm guessing that she's going to die in august. Her skin is yellowing, which is a bad sign.
How about you?

I call dibs on her skeleton.

No. 145067

Hospice, a hospital, either way she is a girl that direly needs trusting love and compassion. Not to be Dr. Armchair, but a life of seclusion and obvious cries for attention for example Hamtarochan days. Would you want to sit in a hospital bed being the laughing stock of a ward? It has to be intimidating and no pun intended, gut wretchingly terrifying to an already vulnerable person. She is mentally ill. She is severely physically ill. She retaliates out of insecurities for valid reasons.

tl;dr I think she needs some privacy and compassion.

No. 145068

If that's what she needs, then she should get off the internet or start using the internet in a private way.

No. 145069

"Laughingstock of the ward"? Do you think we all work at inpatient clinics or something? How would anyone at an inpatient clinic know about her online life and what's more, why would they care?

No. 145070

What I meant was if she did go to a hospital, you know damn well everyone would be talking about her and trying to get a look. Nothing to do with online, chill.

No. 145071

you don't just say hey I've got a deathwish so let into a hospice. they send you there. Ash isn't going to present herself for medical help anytime soon, even though she probably feels terrible pain. she probably prefers that her mother have to find her corpse.

No. 145072

i'd be surprised if it was that soon.

what do you think her fans' reaction will be like? she interacts enough with pro ana insta that they would be able to figure out what was up.

No. 145073

Really? I would expect the medics around her to be a bit more mature and professional than to treat an emaciated, dying patient like the "laughing stock" you suggested.

Hospices treat frail and emaciated patients daily, why do you think they would gossip about Ash!

No. 145074

That's an even stupider suggestion. You think medical professionals who deal with ED would fall all over themselves to gawk at her? Please. They've seen it all.

No. 145075

Medicalfag here.
We talk about patients among co-workers,it's really not that absurd.

No. 145076

I agree anon.
She's a advocate and supporter of eating disorders, not recovery. She's nasty to people that are in recovery, she has picked on underage girls.
Let us not forget that everyone is responsible for their actions despite their illness, she had been completely unapologetic.

No. 145077

She certainly wouldn't be a
>laughing stock

There are sicker people in hospice.

No. 145078

>You think medical professionals who deal with ED would fall all over themselves to gawk at her?

Other patients would though, not so much on a medical unit/in a private room, but if she went to any ED tx center after stabilization? I can't imagine other patients wouldn't recognize her. Not that thats a good reason not to go. Totally hypothetically of course, ash isn't going to get help.

No. 145079

Those other patients would a.d.o.r.e her.

No. 145080

File: 1465072216742.png (257.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160604-202715.png)

This is exactly the victim mentality I despise. She is blaming the internet for somehow stopping her from "moving forward," as though words written here have anything to do with whether she goes inpatient or not. We are just another excuse for her to use to not recover. She is always a victim and nothing is ever her fault. I have never once seen her take any responsibility for herself.

No. 145081

You are giving her way too much credit. She's not that famous. Barely anyone knows who she is and not every anorexic is on the internet 24/7 looking for other anorexics.

No. 145082

Yeah of course you do but it's not like you're all pointing and laughing at patients because they are really skinny

No. 145083

I don't understand … if she thought she was going to die soon wouldn't that be more of a reason to stuff her face with amazing food?

I mean, if I knew this was my last week or month on earth I wouldn't give a shit about calories. I mean as people have stated, her body is too far gone for recovery. I mean the only way I could see her recovering is if she went to the hospital NOW. But not only has she not, but she is still continuing to "work out" what ever the hell that would be at her weight.

So fuck it ash, go nuts. It's your last month alive, just eat all the food you love!

No. 145084

That's what's so sad about Ash. She is dying and won't let herself enjoy her last few months because she's so far in denial.

No. 145085

Patients in hospital are there because they're ill and feel like shit. They don't gaf what others look like.

Seriously, nobody gives a shit what Ash looks like and she's not spectacular. I've seen worse states on medical wards and tbh didn't even care what their problem was.

She thinks she's "famous" because a 1000 pro anas know her face from instagram. If they see her elsewhere they don't even know her name. Nobody cares about her in the real world. She's just a sick person on the brink of death.

No. 145086

I think people on here lose sight of the fact that she is actually suffering from anorexia…regardless of the reason why it started, it's a serious disorder, and most sufferers don't want to eat favorite foods, not worry about weight, etc. It's their entire life and what contains their anxiety, fulfils their obsessiveness, and the fear and disgust at food and weight would not make it something fun to indulge in.

No. 145087

If Ash checked herself into the hospital, I'm sure the nurses would fawn over her.

No. 145088

I don't see that happening. Can you imagine the tantrums and her being a bitch at them all day? She'd be a nightmare patient.

No. 145089

I've had nurses talk about me. Please leave me alone.

No. 145090

I'm sure they've dealt with far, far worse than Ashley.

No. 145091

I just wish you liked yourself.

No. 145092

stop playing the victim all the time, Trashley. Life is hard. Get over it.

No. 145093

No. 145094

271459 - she doesn't sleep much
She b/P every day

272446 - Has a bank account

271628 - she hates Kraft M-n-C

271712 - she does core exercises

271797 - she's VERY OCD

271925 no she said it was Publix not Trader Joes

272356 - they live in a 1 bedroom. Ashley has so many toys it looks like a hoard

272362 - she became bulimic during a trip to Disney

272389 - she accepted Ashley's apology because she said that she knew she didn't mean it and it wasn't true what was said here

272465 - One reason she hates how Rebecca says Ashley "brags" about all the gifts she gets from her followers for no reason. (which she does) Everything Ashley does is a competition and now Rebecca is losing weight so Ashley is double mad

273343 - she's still friends with Jackie so likely will soon be friends again with Ashley if not already

No. 145095

Thank you.

Why do you think she won't go to the hospital?

No. 145096


Do you ever regret it? Wasting the one and only life you have? Knowing there is an entire world you'll never experience?

No. 145097

Ashley, you are worthy of help. Do it for yourself.

No. 145098


to her going to hospital is like asking someone else to kill her

No. 145099

Quel horreur! Not gasp TALKING about you! DASTARDLY.

You're a victim again, what a surprise. It's your mom's fault , your dad's fault, the nurses' fault, Rando's on the internet fault. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE.

No. 145100

It would be asking someone to save her. She's killing herself and she doesn't even understand.

No. 145101

Alright. Continue being a whiny, helpless little baby for the rest of your life. Trying to make something of the gift you were given if just too hard for someone as pathetic as you.

I have no sympathy for your wasted life.

No. 145102


That's just it. She doesn't get it. To her the hospital means she'll be forgotten, left to die. All this, lolcow.farm, IG and any other social media is what's keeping her alive

No. 145103

Is Ash medicated for her OCD?

No. 145104


Nope. She can't even medicate herself for an eye infection which is just some drops

No. 145105

Jesus. An eye infection could kill her.

She must be so tormented.

No. 145106

Just fill out this form. You don't have to make a commitment right now, just see what they say.


No. 145107

Wait why ?

No. 145108


You're wasting your time

No. 145109

They talk about everyone. You're not special.

No. 145110


Her OCD won't let her. Germs

No. 145111

Nah. Not buying that one.

No. 145112


NP. Proof is she still has the same eye infection from Jan. Asked and answered. All you get

No. 145113

That's so sad. She needs to be committed.

No. 145114

How can you have a fear of germs and go to Disney World? There are tons of international tourists. Disneyland, which has far fewer international tourists, had a measles outbreak last year. If I were immuno-compromised I wouldn't hang out at a theme park.

No. 145115

OCD isn't rational.

No. 145116

No sympathy. There is treatment for OCD, so…

No. 145117

>>145114 don't read into it. Her fear of germs into her eyes. I didn't say she was a germaphobe

>>145115 exactly

>>145116 no sympathy asked for. Asked and answered

No. 145118

I didn't ask the question either, so touche.

No. 145119

There is treatment, yes, but OCD is utter hell and agony and can't actually be cured, only "treated."

No. 145120

>utter hell and agony

No. 145121

cure is not impossible. it's just that only some people can be cured while others can only be treated.

No. 145122

With medication and lifestyle changes including behavior modification therapy

No. 145123

Lol liek udder amirite

No. 145124

> gut wretchingly
gut wrenching…

No. 145125


No. 145126

Way to be an ungrateful cunt

No. 145127

Jesus, 6 months with an eye infection. What if she goes blind? She won't be able to look at instagram, tumblr, no 3ds, no Internet, no anime and no looking in the mirror. She'll be literally trapped inside her own body in total darkness.

No. 145128

I hope she goes to the hospital before that happens.

No. 145129

As if.

No. 145130

You're right. Poor girl.

No. 145131

I don't know if you've noticed Ashley, but lots of people talk about you. Here we are on a image board, talking about you.
we are not the reason you are the way that you are. look inward ash,
It's easier to blame everyone else but yourself.

No. 145132

Talking about a patients care plan and behaviour isn't akin to being mocked.
Ofcourse medics will converse about their patients, it's hardly a surprise.

No. 145133

Core exercises? What kind of? Because that is very hard to believe, almost impossible.

No. 145134

I think fellow dying patients in a hospice have more important things to think about than Ashley.

No. 145135

You can't milk the 'poor sick frail bby' pity tit in a hospice or even a hospital. There's more presents to be had by staying sick, petulant, and convincing herself she's some fascinating mystery.

No. 145136


No. 145137

seriously, ash is not that different from haes land whales screaming "muh pcos"

you're not famous, ashtray

No. 145138

No nurses "mocked" ash anon, so stfu.
That's her paranoia and self importance that made her think that.

No. 145139

>Rebecca is losing weight
Is she losing weight for a normal healthy reason or is she trying to compete with her deathly ill daughter? If it's the latter I think I'm going to be sick.

No. 145140


>is she trying to compete with her deathly ill daughter

Or more like the innecesary stress Spoopy McSkelly is putting on her

No. 145141

Ash has talked about her mum puking in napkins. Her mum is a piece of work.

No. 145142

Someone saw her mom in person and she's extremely thin. Her mom sounds like a piece of shit tbh but really no matter how shitty your upbringing you can't use it as an excuse to wallow in your mental illness and get asspats.

No. 145143


she has anorexia too

No. 145144

You'd think someone who has limited time left would actually tell the truth and be honest about everything but nope. Not Ash.

No. 145145

Rebecca is still in debt from Ash's IP stays. She lets Ash live for free, takes her places and buys annual Disney passes. Yeah, she's a real monster.

No. 145146

it's gotta be a mess living like that though. eating disordered mom and 40-something pound eating disordered adult-child daughter, totally codependent and messed up

No. 145147

Her "story" wouldn't be much more extraordinary than any other person with disordered eating. She's just a lot more stubborn than most. There's no great mystery.

There's only a certain amount that Rebecca could've done to help Ash, because it really is down to Ash ultimately. Help's there but she chooses not to take it. There's nothing anyone else can do.

No. 145148

Rebecca never paid for any stays, and they do not own passes. Shut the fuck up like you know her personally.

No. 145149

Fuck off and maybe thank your poor mother for not kicking your incontinent ass on the street to and leaving you to be a hooker Ashley. God you're such an ingrate.

No. 145150

You have a poor understanding of mental illness.

No. 145151

Ashley has always stated her mom makes fun of her ED. that's not exactly inviting for recovery.

No. 145152

Where is the irony?
Stfu and take your own advice. You wouldn't know if some anon knew Ashley personally unless you are Ashley yourself. Your body must've devoured your brain.

No. 145153

Baw baw. People get the piss taken out of them for mental illness every day but they have the balls to get help. Excuses, excuses.

No. 145154

Ashley says this, Ashley says that,….
You can't believe anything that bitch says. She spins everything in her favor, she is way out of touch with reality. Nothing she says carries any weight.

No. 145155

Careful now, lest you incite a barrage of projecting anons that'll say "not everyone is that strong anon." Etc. etc.

No. 145156

Doesn't Ash have BPD? That's usually caused by abuse during childhood from what I understand, and I've known a few people with it who had abusive parents.
I'm not saying for certain that her mom is an abusive piece of shit, but it would be quite likely.

No. 145157

File: 1465168577037.png (193.12 KB, 622x467, for baby.png)

You're right. I just ordered loads of this from ebay to wrap the sensitive one in. Only enablers allowed, innit.

No. 145158

Being mentally ill is no excuse for being an ungrateful, bratty leech. Ash is a cunt, and she would be regardless of any illness.

No. 145159

From what I understand, it's not good to write "too much food" on a recovering anorexic's instagram post.

No. 145160

I don't know that it's ever been confirmed past the whole armchair psych bullshit that goes on here, but it's also reported that despite many of them reporting abuse, many of those stories a reportedly not grounded in reality.

No. 145161

Not puking, spitting. Meaning the food was never swallowed.

No. 145162

Too bad Twatwaffle already confirmed that Rebecca did in fact, pay for treatment when Ash was a minor.

No. 145163

File: 1465170057789.jpg (57.4 KB, 500x281, image.jpg)

Sure thing Doctor anon. Can I get a winning lottery number with those psychic powers of yours plz?

Mental illness isn't an excuse. Especially BPD. We aren't special precious babies who need to be coddled and have our bad behavior excused and tolerated.

Ash isn't owed shit by her mum just because Ash still doesn't wanna be accountable. Her suffering is her own fault at this point and Rebecca doesn't owe her accommodation, lifts, or anything.
If she was my kid if have forced her into professional care years ago.

No. 145164

shit's gonna hit the fan when (if) ash turns 26 and has to get her own insurance

No. 145165

She'll just get disability

No. 145166

She's already on medicaid and gets SSI.

No. 145167

The causes of personality disorders are multi faceted. You cannot take a diagnosis like BPD and make assumptions about "causes" like parental abuse. Especially not with the unreliable reporting notorious from BPDs

No. 145168

Ash says a lot of things

No. 145169

Ashley says a lot of things, ok. That doesn't mean she has the mental ability to not push caring interpersonal relationships away. I personally think Ashley has strived her whole life to fit in somewhere, and when she has been denied this justice her entire life, it is only to be assumed that any expectation of normalcy is going to be heavily skewed by her past. Do I believe a great deal of these posts are striving for the same acceptance? Yes, I do. It's not a matter of peer pressure, but rather to fit in a clique or group and be on the outside with all of the others. The focus isn't on you, therefore you've made some sort of an achievement by having a laugh at the cost of the suffering. No matter the causation of the cattle prodding, because the other is at your understood fault, it is therefor acceptable to perpetuate ill behaviour? Live and let live, work on empathy, forgiveness, and God barring, care?'Ashley, if you find yourself reading this, imagine for a moment the reality of who could be of any variety of antagonisers. Have a laugh yourself, if not for the humour, but for the absolute absurdity of everything.

No. 145170

Yes mental illness has many causes, including just having messed up brain biology, it is kind of shitty to invalidate all stories of abuse as victims "looking for attention." I realize some people will lie about abuse, but many people with BPD have experienced abuse and trauma that has contributed to their instability and it sucks that they can't talk about it even with their therapists because they are automatically labeled as liars.

Sorry for off-topic, I'll take it to /b/ if I have more to say.

No. 145171

Is Ashley posting here because she know she doesn't have much time left?

No. 145172

Ashley has not been diagnosed with BPD. Aside from bulimia nervosa, she has only been diagnosed with OCD.

No. 145173

She's posted here off and on since the early threads. I'd put it down to boredom and her not having anyone else to talk to at any given time.

No. 145174

That's kinda sad.

No. 145175

We're probably the longest relationship she's had. She runs everyone else off within weeks, but we're always here. That's probably why she comes here so often; she knows we'll always respond when she posts, so she can pretend that she has a circle of people that actually wants to interact with her.

No matter how spooky and stinky you get, Ash, you know the farm will always be watching you. It's the closest you'll ever come to having friends.

No. 145176

Anons have been nice to her. She wanted advice on starting her iphone case shop and people encouraged her. Next day she calls lolcow a bunch of evil cunts on tumblr. Rinse and repeat.

It's annoying that she cones get, talks in third person about herself with the intention of giving off ~mystery vibez~ and behaves like the sort of prick that earned her her cow status.

If she spoke normally to us, ignored negative comments and focused on the positive ones then she's welcome to open up a bit if she feels the need.

We don't fall for manipulation though and any talk of recovery to her and it's bye bye. Idk what she really wants. I don't like anyone feeling lonely, but she makes it difficult to warm to her at all the way she operates, so … insert shrug emoji.

No. 145177

Apologies for wall if text.

It's annoying that she comes here*
Fkin autocrap

No. 145178

Eh, she has a right to defend herself. However, nothing she ever says is helpful and most of us don't believe anything she says, anyway.

No. 145179

That made it even sadder, haha.

Yeah, pretty much every time I start to feel bad for her, she does something to fuck it up. The most recent example is probably the "too much food" comment on that girl's recovery account.
She's infuriating, and in the end, she is a shitty person. She keeps trying to say that we're dragging up her past to say that, but then she also keeps proving that she's currently a shitty person. I cannot excuse that, no matter what mental illness she has.

No. 145180

She absolutely has a right to defend herself, but her defense is almost always "you don't know the full story wah wah I'm the true victim" so really what's even the point

No. 145181

True, but she never truly defended herself. She just made excuses and deflected the reponsibility onto someone else.

No. 145182

Yeah, true. Typical Ash.

No. 145183


>>buys annual Disney passes

no she doesn't

No. 145184

Y'all need to start thinking about her as if she was a 10 year old child. You're treating her like she's grown, but mentally she's regressed.

No. 145185

We don't need to do shit.

But accepting your assertion, I know a ten year old child and she is WAY more responsible, capable, lucid, and well-manered than Ashley.

No. 145186

you don't "need" to do anything, but constant posts of "why doesn't she xyz she's an adult???" get annoying when she's very obviously not functioning anywhere near a healthy adult level.
Beyond her being selfish, being an attention whore, being mean, etc, she is seriously mentally ill and does not have the tools needed to take steps to get any better.

No. 145187

>>145185 But that 10-year-old is not starving to death…it can take over and completely change your personality and thought process and make you completely irrational, which includes seeing recovery as the worst thing possible.

No. 145188

Ten year olds are way more functional, mature, and capable. Lots of ten year olds have achieved more than Ash already.

I think its more like the terrible twos with all her tantrums.

No. 145189

wasn't ash showing her tits to 4chan at age 10

No. 145190

She was 17. First start posting in 2007.

No. 145191

i was kidding, but thanks for the ashley lore

No. 145192

And I think that's why most of us feel little to no pity for her. It's not necessarily her mental illnesses that attract attention to her, nor is it her tragic life, it's her narcissistic attitude towards it all that brings criticism.

Her use of social media to garner sympathy, and her constant posts that are directed to her 'haters', shows that instead of finding nutrition in food, she finds it in attention. She finds it in using her position as someone in dire need of assistance as a means of projecting authority over those suffering from the same ills. Many of her posts directed to others are categorized under "pro-ana", people who are OK with food disorders and giving motivation to others to continue harming themselves.

She knows her conditions can be defeated, but it requires the help of trained professionals and would force her to make drastic changes to her life. Changes that would be difficult and no doubt would require her to stop posting on social media. Instead, it's easier for her to post her woes online and compare herself to others.

No. 145193


No one could have said it any better than this anon.

No. 145194

I would throttle any ten year old of mine who behaved as Ash does

No. 145195

File: 1465334683002.png (883.03 KB, 951x616, ash3.png)

she's yellow as hell… and for god sakes ash change that face bandaid

No. 145196

I wanna know how bad that wound is under the bandaid.

No. 145197

necrotizing fasciitis especially on the face is one of the latter signs of your body saying "fuck it im peacing out" so she may be on her way out! Her body will just shut the fuck down pretty quickly if it gets too bad.

No. 145198

Probably can't take the bandaid off, it'll tear her skin.


No. 145199

Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

No. 145200

I regret googling that thing


No. 145201

I work with people that are hospice patients, and I find it incredible that she can stand.
It's a good thing she is, because of her weight prolonged sitting can and will lead to bed sore.
I wouldn't rule out that she has bed sores though.

No. 145202

She doesn't stand very often though. Just long enough for pictures otherwise she's in a wheelchair

No. 145203

Take the wig and plaster off, you got some nice nightmare fodder right there.

No. 145204

Then she most definitely has bed sores. I'm assuming her immune system is similar to someone 90+ in age. Any abrasions or sores will stay as is, there's no way anything can heal.
Ash if you're reading this, I hope you truly know what you're doing to yourself. the fact that you're parading your misery for people that wish to be you, is absolutely disgusting.

No. 145205

File: 1465349305543.jpg (19.15 KB, 294x164, enigmatic.JPG)

It's not necrotizing fascitis, it's "personal".

Seriously, what's the point of being all ~shrouded in mystery~ over a fucking sore on your face? Okay, if it's something embarrassing, ignore the comment, but if it's connected to the state her body's in wouldn't it be helpful for others to know that this is a result of malnutrition? Duh, forgot she doesn't want to help anyone.

No. 145206

Her eye doesn't look infected.

No. 145207

Necrotizing fasciitis is the flesh eating disease. If she had that, she'd be dead ages ago.

No. 145208

I thought that as soon as it was mentioned.

I took it as sarcasm from that anon. Idk or really care what it is, but like >>145204 said, if she gets sores they're just not going to heal. I doubt she has much zinc, Vitamin A etc in reserve. If it's particularly nasty, it's going to get worse because all kinds of infections are going to attack it.

Must hurt like a mofo.

No. 145209

Maybe she just has a particularly nasty pimple.

No. 145210

She's had it for weeks though. Plus there're other brown spots coming out.

No. 145211

pls be real

No. 145212

Maybe she just scratched a bit too hard and her paper skin ripped and got infected or it could be a possible self-harm. Remember when she literally ripped off one of her nails during a bitchfit?

No. 145213

it probably is just a fucking zit her greasy face got and she fucked with it cuz ~OCD and it just WONT heal bc duh dead immune system.

No. 145214

She also tends to punish herself by using pain, if she breaks one of her "rules" she must punish herself no matter what.

No. 145215

But it has a range of causes, including (where I come from) bites from a particular spider. It happens as a secondary result of something else. Ash isn't healthy anymore… she's more vulnerable to bacteria and keeping that plaster over whatever it is is providing a breeding ground. Whatever she has there, sore or necrotizing, it's not healing but spreading.

No. 145216

To add, I know someone who is alive just fine but can show a two-inch circular divot in his calf. It doesn't always have to kill but you are thinking of a particularly rampant bacterial version that does do what you say.

No. 145217


yep also could be MRSA. her face would be a prime spot considering open sores that wouldn't be healing, plus if she purges and it splashes up it could've gotten into one of the open sores. Especially when vomiting in a toilet that could possibly splash up and infect. i get her shit is compromised but sometimes these infections are slow and deadly. wouldn't be surprised when she dies if secondary infection would be a factor.

No. 145218

It's nice how her skin almost matches her t-shirt.

No. 145219

That's possible anon, but how would she have come in contact with MRSA?
Unless she is making secret trips to the hospital or her mom works in healthcare, her chances of coming into contact are quite slim.

No. 145220


Nah MRSA can live on your skin basically. all it takes is one tiny abrasion. It's a common misconception that you can only get it from point A, B, or C. You can get it anywhere.

No. 145221

I was wondering if it's a scratch from her thumbnail from when she purges - if you think about the placement of the hand when you stick your index and middle fingers down your throat, and the convulsions when you retch.

No. 145222

That would be some nasty scratch, then. Although I suppose it wouldn't be hard to get it infected considering Ash has bad hygiene and probably no immune system.

No. 145223

She most likely does not have a greasy face though. The body stops producing as much grease when you're that far gone because it's a waste of resources. For example, older people will sometimes only have showers once a week because their hair doesn't get greasy.

Most likely, she missed while purging and scratched herself, and now it's not healing.

No. 145224

Whoops, I'm slow. Yup, I'm going with the theory that either she missed like I said or it was from her thumb like >>145221 said.

No. 145225

True anon.
They only shower once a week because old people hate being cold, because they can't self heat (shiver) properly.
Ash is probably so stinky.

No. 145226

Ammonia, vomit, and piss.

No. 145227

She's had it for ages. Someone said weeks, no, its been months.

I'll say it again, whatever nicks and scratches she gets aren't going to heal. Her body is in triage mode. Whatever nutrients she gets from…god knows where…are going to be diverted to vital organs and there are no leftovers for healing.

Fuck healing. It's pretty clear her body doesn't even have enough to keep the organs functioning fully. Can't build new skin and flesh out of nothing.

No. 145228

I'm dying to take this girls vitals, I'm so curious.

No. 145229

File: 1465413278463.jpg (497.21 KB, 960x960, caesarapp_201668141245834.jpg)

2 years apart.

No. 145230

Her eyes look soft and cute on the left.

No. 145231

Even though she is extremely sick on the left i still agree on the eyes. She looked alive, weirdly enough.

No. 145232

man how many years can you keep this going? I mean at SOME point your body have to give up on you.
either way she looks even worse now, which you wouldnt think would be possible

No. 145233

and in a few years we'll think what she looks like now is relatively "healthy"

No. 145234

Just die already, Ash

No. 145235

No. 145236

Anon, you have to give her positive feedback so she can do the opposite.

No. 145237

you're going to whether you like it or not

No. 145238

So will you, omg spoilers.

No. 145239

File: 1465421347612.jpeg (1.8 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)


No. 145240

I wonder if she is stuck with the smell of nonenal (old person smell) from her skin breaking down.
I'd love to take her vitals, observe her in a clinical setting, all that shit. She's not interesting in the way she thinks she is but her deterioration is.

Maybe she does know, and that's why she never tried to recover. She knew she'd be boring and normal without it.

No. 145241

At least were not dying in our twenties, after living a life as purposeful as nipples on a fish, just to get back at our mothers for not allowing us to be in underage amateur porn.

No. 145242

The BP cuff would snap her arm!

No. 145243

File: 1465424734380.jpg (347.07 KB, 1173x2080, image.jpg)

Do you think these two had a relationship at some point? I just searched his name oh bloody hell.

No. 145244

This is random as fuck anon, why?

No. 145245

Sounds like Hank59 from Tumblr.. I clicked the link and hit veiw profile , lots of interests listed about anorexia and he even reads books on severe anorexia.. He even listed his number in his profile.. He is really disturbing in some of his comments

No. 145246

He followed me on tumblr and I saw some reblogged post where he was a little too friendly…

No. 145247

needs more skeletons

No. 145248


Imagine the sex tho

any friction between those two bone lords would just help them go extinct

No. 145249

No. 145250

Bonelords, kek.

No. 145251

Looks like he left tumblr. Has not posted in a long time, looks like he found a better place with loads of deathly thin anorexics.. I am reading his postings and is writing really disturbing stuff to them

No. 145252

It's him. We found his facebook, but I cba to go back to look for the link.

No. 145253

No. 145254

Found my arsedness >>261585

No. 145255

beat me to it

He should keep his clothes on.

No. 145256

From looking at his Facebook pictures , he looks like he weighs more then 137 pounds in which he is saying on that site. What kind of person would want to trigger such sick girls?

No. 145257

I don't understand these emaciation fetishes. Does he also get off to starving African kids?

No. 145258


How do you know this is him?

No. 145259

nm, same city and high school.

"The more weight lost the more lovely she becomes!"

Fucking shitbag.

No. 145260


No. 145261

After discovery, I used tinyeye and Google cache. It's pretty easy to find a dirty old man who follows the same girls around.

No. 145262

re: ash's bandaid -ive been wondering for ages too and wonder if its literally just her skin has gotten so paper thin there that the bone has broken through and shes using the bandaid to cover the gap/hold her skin together?!

No. 145263

I doubt that tbh.

No. 145264

that's not how bodies work; come back when you're 18

No. 145266


Right, but NO ONE knows how Ash's body works; shes a medical anomaly so at this stage anything is possible.

No. 145267

her eyes look so dead now. reminds me of my grandma during her last week.

No. 145268

She's not an anomaly you retard. Uncommon, sure. But there's plenty of others in similar or worse states.

No. 145269

See >>145243 a lot of these girls are thinner than Ash

No. 145270

I've mentioned in the past an Ash tier anorexic I know. I hadn't seen her around for almost a year so presumed she'd died. Saw her last week with a male friend. She actually walks and she's in her early 40s. Ash isn't astounding. This one I know is the same state to look at, but obv healthier (however that's even possible).

Back to Henry Roth, I don't pass judgment on sexual tastes so long as it's legal and doesn't hurt (unless that's want the people want!) BUT encouraging young women to lose weight for his jollies is criminal. Idk. He should cease to exist tbh.

No. 145271

I wonder what that creep did to Ashley. Seriously.

No. 145272

I'm guessing that she's going to die in august. Her skin is yellowing, which is a bad sign.

Probably BONED her.

No. 145273

I'm still itching to see what mysteries lie beneath that wig.

No. 145274


Yas it does

No. 145275

Anon, it's not just that she's thin, but that she's starved herself so long that's there's so much damage. Even if Ash were to magically seek recovery today, her life prospects don't look good.

No. 145276

age to post here is 18

No. 145277

I wonder if she's been told that there's no point in recovering because she's going to die regardless.

No. 145278

Does anyone think that there is a possibility of her recovering, say if she was hospitalized? She seems to be able to still be able to go out and about.

So it might be possible.

No. 145279

It would explain why she always claims she's an exception to recovery, but I don't think so. She just recently claimed that doctors have been telling her she's going to die for ten years. They most likely said, "If you carry on like this, you'll die," and for some reason, she took that as a challenge. One that she's eventually going to lose, but hell, cutting your life down to less than 30 years is totally worth proving "everyone" wrong!

No. 145280

She might recover - if she wanted - but she'll always have a damaged body.

No. 145281


Wait, is Henry/Bill also Hank59 from tumblr or are they two different people?

No. 145282

ash looks worse now than the emaciated corpse of my mother who died of dehydration. even though she seems to outlive all our guessing games, it's easy to see she's closer to death than ever.

if you've ever been around the dead and dying you know the sickly sweet smell that comes off of them, i imagine she smells like that all the time. imagine what their home smells like

No. 145283

Seriously, she's not as special as she and a lot of wanas and people on this thread seem to think, and she wouldn't be "the laughing stock of a ward". There are units like Denver acute that deal with deathly emaciated patients all the time, and even general hospitals have literally seen it all.

No. 145284

Bill, Henry, and Hank are all the same people , the pictures on Facebook are what he looks like in real life, and not the super skinny ones he posts on the Henry site .. He posts them to trigger girls on the VK site

No. 145285

She can recover mentally, but her bones, organs, reproductive system and heart muscle in particular are already damaged. You can't undo that.

No. 145286

File: 1465471237925.jpeg (118.76 KB, 508x861, image.jpeg)

Bill has an interesting Facebook like nestled in between his liberal talk shows.

No. 145287

File: 1465471262147.jpeg (49.75 KB, 750x271, image.jpeg)

No. 145288

She's probably completely bald.

No. 145289

Omg, news flash! We're all closer to death now than ever before, not only her. Who would have guessed?!

No. 145290

still, people thinner than ash exist. she's not special

No. 145291

And neither are you.

No. 145292

No. 145293

You're up early, Ash. What's under the bandage?

No. 145294

yeah no shit I don't post in this thread, just creep, hut I had to because I saw the name Hank-whatever & he followed me on tumble, to which I blocked him due to such creepiness; THEN I get a friend request on Facebook a few weeks later from the same guy.
So yeah it was just weird to see another mention of this creep.
He probably jerks it to underage anachans.

No. 145295

excuse my spelling my phone is screwed.

No. 145296

this occurrence was a few years back now keep in mind, so I was a LOT younger, enough to set off alarm bells upon his manifestation.
>>yeah done my bad
>>back on topic comrades

No. 145297

File: 1465491672773.jpeg (365.85 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Anyone by chance know this girls IG after Henry wrote this to her she really has lost a lot of weight, l saw pictures of her today she looks very poorly and ill . I will post one

No. 145298

she was thane_of_windhelm or something like that, right?

No. 145299

File: 1465492103375.jpeg (105.89 KB, 640x604, image.jpeg)

Her on June 7th.. Henry now claims to weigh 118, looks like he wants to trigger girls even more with putting down weights that females are around

No. 145300

yes, she is thane_of_windhelm and also recovery_to_ride. I genuinely like her and she seems to be struggling hard to recover. She's about 5'8 and nearly 68lbs at this point.

No. 145301

Proof that Ash is not that special.

No. 145302

No. Ash's bmi is still lower.

No. 145303

So? there are still plenty of women Ash's bmi or lower. Or was. Isabelle Caro, Valeria Levitin. Yes both passed away but they were thinner. Also Denver Acute regularly takes people in with single digit bmis.

No. 145304


i like her too but she does make up illnesses and false doctor orders tho for lax abuse to
make her victim

No. 145305


that is much under 118

No. 145306


her hair about 1/4 inch long

No. 145307

Isabelle Caro wasn't thinner.

No. 145308


she sleeps in a recliner loaded with blankets and pillows. She doesn't have a bed

No. 145309


Ash is only as special as this page and social media make her

No. 145310

HENRY claims HE weighs 118… Not HER….

No. 145311


thanks for the correction. missed that in my updating

No. 145312

File: 1465498039341.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.24 KB, 931x547, bellathaneofwindhelm.jpg)

I've been seeing that too, but it feels more like part of her disorder than her being an Ash-level attention whore. There is just something weirdly likeable about her that most anas lack.

No. 145313


ya, I think it's hard to hate someone when you know they're genuinely messed up and "sweet" then a bitch to every like Ashley even tho you know they're both lying out their asses and you've caught them

No. 145314

I appreciate that the pro-ana scumbags general thread in /snow/ is clogged with selfsame pro-ana scumbags, but that's probably a better place for discussing Henry etc.

No. 145315

>i hate scale numbers
Then throw damn scales away you attention seeking dumbass.

No. 145316


LOVE you!

No. 145317

He's Ash related, but I'd like this Henry Roth chat to go to general Ana thread because whatever the underage Ana chans who post there think, it's NOT an ember thread.

I hadn't heard of this thane chick before. They all think they're so unique but they're all so similar and predictable. They're just flaunting their low weight, innit. Wow. Impressed.

No. 145318

I tried to move it there and they all screamed "selfpost."

No. 145319

I gave up on that thread a while ago. If you're not posting about Emily or Ember they think it's a selfpost.

No. 145320


Fuck em. I hate the lot that post there now. It was good in the beginning. I've no problems with anyone posting them here. It's not like it's derailing. Henry Roth is Ash's friend and these girls are being used as spoopy comparisons. Idk if admin would care about putting them here, but the dicks from the other thread need to stay the fuck out. OMG, EMBER! EMILY! JENNA! Ffs.

No. 145321

Quick, somebody take one for the team and throw a bunch of gasoline on this guy and light a match

No. 145322

His friend is creepy too. He posts pre pubescent gymnasts and ballerinas and I remember him getting hot over icovery who's 14, I think. https://vk.com/id288829472

No. 145323


Go back to your tumblr ash. Unless you're gonna show us what's under that disgusting wig or bandaid nobody wants to talk TO you. You're an insufferable, greedy, retard.

Nobody here is dying like you are, and if your brain wasn't shriveled and you weren't so stupid you'd know that you won't outlast your vigil. Give it up. Your barely coherent screeching has never stopped anyone from coming here to watch you rot. You're a cheap sideshow.

Btw your mums boobjob looks great.

No. 145324

You anons sure are bitter over all this anorexics..

No. 145325


No. 145326

Even if you do post Ember and Emily, they scream selfpost. You really can't win.

No. 145327

Her body could repair itself to a point, given adequate nutrition. Her brain could return to relative normal as well as her digestive system but her bones are definitely fucked. Her heart maybe could as well.

No. 145328

Not bitter at all. Pissed off that they post their bony bods all over a social media site where there're impressionable kids. If someone wants to do that shit they should keep it private, but ofc attention 'hoes.

If you're implying we're ~jealous~ you should probably head to the ana thread in /pt

No. 145329

Correction: /snow not /pt

No. 145330

Not Ash, you fucking idiot. Lrn 2 IP

No. 145331

Not implying jealousy at all. Just find is strange that every thread with an ana-chan in it gets responses like
>they're not special! They're not unqiue! There are people with BMIs much lower than theirs!
like who gives a fuck? If you want their profiles out of the eyes of impressionable kids, you can report them. ToW has been deleted before, it can be done again.

Maybe it's the slight presence of self awareness.

No. 145332

Ashley would be quite interesting if she were fucking honest and real about her life, not all ~*speshul snowflake mysterious*~

People respect honesty and unbiased, candid introspection. Not attention whores

No. 145333

Yes, we can see your IP. It's located in Florida. Use a better proxy service, your free one can be exposed with a simple fenetre-generated ping.

No. 145334

You pretty much have to take it there. It's a containment thread that exists for a reason.

No. 145335

We've been discussing Ashley's sugar daddy, Henry Roth, here since about the second or third thread. We don't have to do anything.

No. 145336

What's interesting about a person that's homebound? Ash does nothing.

No. 145337

You do know that Ash isn't the only person who lives in Florida, right?

No. 145338


Watching somebody's body literally decay in front of you is pretty interesting (although morbid).

No. 145339

I meant the anons talking about starting a new thread / other guys. Sorry for the mis-referencing. I know he gets discussed here

No. 145340


Nothing if you put it like that. Personally, I'm fascinated by mental disorders and all things psychological, so in the sense of a documented illness I'm sure lots of people would tune in.

Too bad we'll only get bitchfits and Pokemans. Sigh.

No. 145341

They're just trying to act 'computer knowledgeable'. I would say the majority of Ash lurkers are prob in FL

No. 145342

…Are you retarded. Bedsores don't have to literally be from a bed. It's a term referring to "areas of damaged skin caused by staying in one position for too long. They commonly form where your bones are close to your skin, such as your ankles, back, elbows, heels and hips. You are at risk if you are bedridden, use a wheelchair, or are unable to change your position." Thus, Ash almost definitely has bedsores (also known as pressure sores), like previous anon said.

No. 145343

You have to be 18 or older to post here anon.
p.s use google and think real hard before you post.

No. 145344

shes a sweetheart and I genuinely hope she recovers ASAP.
Nothing like ash apart from her level of emaciation.

No. 145345

I never say this unless I mean it but I genuinely hope he kills himself. Shame he probably won't

No. 145346

I wonder how much Henry Roth influenced Ashley's disorder. Did he talk to vulnerable, suicidal, Fatherless Ashley like he talks about emaciated women on VK?

>Just a little more baby… You're almost perfect….. Just a few more pounds and you'll be beautiful…

No. 145347

>Just a few more pounds and I'll buy you that game you wanted…..

No. 145348

Possibly. During her cam days, Ash would constantly talk to strange men and that was part of why Rebecca flipped out.

No. 145349

I wouldn't put it past him at all. He seems like a predator.

No. 145350

I would actually love to know about Ash's life. Problem is, everything is from her perspective and she can't tell the truth to save her life. You'd think since she's close to the end of her life that she would be more open and honest but nope.

No. 145351

File: 1465589150405.jpg (44.74 KB, 617x488, bodyworlds.JPG)

…and possibly would fuck a corpse. He's well into veins n shit.

No. 145352

I wonder if he's ever done anything sexual with his steak dinner or fried chicken or something. Why does he get off on bones and veins?

No. 145353

She doesn't understand that she's dying. She thinks she has years left.

No. 145354

A part of me wants there to be a Henry Roth thread, but I also like the thought of ash reading through this.

No. 145355

I think I enjoy the idea of Henry reading this even more.

No. 145356

Yup. But the increasing sores on the face, the yellow tint on the skin, the bandaid that's been on her face for months….she probably doesn't have more than 2 years left.

No. 145357

2 years seems like too long.

No. 145358

every time you guess when ash will die her lifespan extends by that long

No. 145359


lel it's worked so far

No. 145360

I wonder if we could get Ash to dish on Henry.

No. 145361

>implying anything ash says is reliable

No. 145362

I would love a thread about him, but it'd only attract the ana chans. Maybe on /b? Idk, but I have suspicions about the post >>145324
He looks her for sure and…


I find it weird that some uber skeles like Valeria thingy manage to walk, and the one I know walks, but Ash is condemned to a wheelchair. Her bones must be her weakness and the others take it harder elsewhere in their bodies? I'm not particularly interested in Ash's "story" because I don't think there IS one that's interesting. I'd be more interested to see pics of her decline from Hamtaro-chan to what we see now. It's not a burning desire, but it'd be interesting.

No. 145363

File: 1465601413318.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.55 KB, 649x587, 2.JPG)

I meant to include a Roth related pic. Here it is with him being a triggering fuck. Spoilered for nips and saged for slight OT.

No. 145364


Them's some weird nips. They look like those little marshmallows.

No. 145365

I kind of like them. Probably because mine never seem to get erect except when I shiver.

No. 145366

he and ash make the same kinds of inflammatory comments. maybe in another life they would have gotten along

No. 145367

So tempted to make a thread on /b, but again…it'll attract the dregs of the random ana thread.

I notice he mentioned he said he's on an adderall diet again. You know, putting that idea in their heads.

No. 145368

What a waste of life. I can definitely imagine him saying stuff like this to Ash.

No. 145369

You know someone should be put out of their misery when they call tiny amounts of remaining muscle on a clearly emaciated body "fat." Bullet to the brain for cunts like this, it's the only way.

No. 145370

I really want to believe he wouldn't do that, but I think I am wrong. His comments, what the flying fuck! How long has he known Ash?

No. 145371

With her weird smile on the right it looks like she had a stroke. Or her muscles have decayed so much she can't even smile properly

No. 145372

Wow, you can really see the decline here.

No. 145373

The name of his album is so creepy
Petite and Trained babes

No. 145374

Her lower arm is bigger than her upper arm and it's seriously freaking me out. :/

No. 145375


Well this pretty conclusively proves that she is wearing a wig. The haircut has been identical over these two years. No barber cuts hair exactly the same every single time.

No. 145376

That's the name of the group he belongs to. He joined every single fucking anorexia group on vk.

I hope that if she has a stroke while she sleeps (or otherwise) it snuffs her out there and then. Rebecca has enough to deal with than having to look after a paralysed, drooling Ash for potentially years. It's awful to think that way, but damn, I hope she goes quick for her mum's sake.

No. 145377

I'm not sure how long he's known Ash, but I get the feeling he's known her for a long time.

No. 145378

This has been known for at least a year now…you're late as fuck

No. 145379


I've read some things that made me think people went back and forth on it sometimes. even recently.

No. 145380

In another two years, we'll be looking at the picture on the right compared to an even more decayed Ashley and feel nostalgic for the relative health of 2016.

I have an aunt who's on the opposite end of the weight spectrum from Ashley. BMI of ~80, thirty years of uncontrolled diabetes, past necrotizing fasciitis, poor mobility, confined to a nursing home in her 50s. She's been maintaining her current level of 'health' for about eight years now. Hell, she even has all her limbs still. Having seen in real life how drawn out a death from extreme weight actually is, I don't expect Ashley to keel over tomorrow.

No. 145381

I do doubt this though. If she is making herself vomit so frequently that is putting a huge strain on the heart and imbalancing her electrolytes. Bulimia can be fatal, this with her emaciated state is a ticking time bomb. If not the heart, then the kidneys or liver.

You here all to often with people that have had long term disordered eating barely survining for years like Ash having organ failure. It's a harsh reality.

No. 145382

Oh, of course. She's actively rotting away, but she'll be actively rotting away for a long time.

No. 145383

Not too much longer. Her skin is noticeably yellow, so her kidneys are probably failing. And without knowing how often she goes to the hospital for checkups, she might not even realize it. She'll be in so much constant discomfort and pain that any major changes like that are indistinguishable from one another.

No. 145384

I bet we're going to lose Ash this summer.

No. 145385

File: 1465770486235.jpg (14.4 KB, 463x344, 72f54f0b8491ff8460e41b982b5d7a…)

Nah, she can still stand. I bet she'll keep slowly withering until everything is completely atrophied or her all her organs fail. Another 6 months at least.

No. 145386

is she even purging anymore though? she doesnt post binge hauls as much.
purging literally drains you

No. 145387

We are going to keep getting IG updates even after a year, i promise you.

No. 145388

she's the tupac of ana

No. 145389

Fuck anon, my sides. kek

No. 145390

How is this bitch still alive?

Like, my sister had a near heart attack from shit like this but she was no where as much as a wrinkly gross spoop like this skeletor.

No. 145391

Electrolyte imbalance (usually from purging) and overexercising will kill your heart quick. I don't think she's even capable of either of those things.

No. 145392

See >>144651
>We do not know how she is still alive.

No. 145393

Lol it is uncanny how much that thing looks like Ash, just needs a wig

No. 145394

File: 1465792770380.jpg (29.28 KB, 340x255, qOVS7jD.jpg)

No. 145395

Maybe she is actually dead and is just the start of a zombie apocalypse.

No. 145396

I wonder what would happen to her if literally everyone who knows about her stopped paying attention to her.
If every thread about her was deleted, all of her followers and friends unadded her, etc.
Do you think she would get better?
Would she just say, "Welp, no more attention to be had here. Guess I should go join the Westboro Baptist church or something."
I feel like if the attention dried up, her diseases suddenly would to.

No. 145397


You clearly have no idea about ED's. Even if it started as a way to get attention, ahe can't magically "snap out of it". If it was few months into it she probably could but not anymore. Not after years. It's a mental disorder as much as physical one. Her body will refuse food. Her mind will make her refuse to eat food.

And even if she tried to get better she wouldn't get better. I'm afraid she has gone beyond that point. All she has left is to wait her body to give up.

No. 145398

Wait, then why are we still making fun of her?
If she can't help it, that's horrible.

No. 145399

Because we're all a bunch of amoral bitches, mostly.

No. 145400

File: 1465798802371.gif (763.38 KB, 108x160, 1420004293619.gif)

I'm not an expert, but that's bullshit given the fact alone that people who had severe ED's have gotten better.

Almost anyone can get better if they have the motivation and determination to conquer their mental demons.

Ash enjoys being a victim though. That is her real problem. She loves it, she lives for it, she doesn't want to get better. There are people who are weak and say, I want to get better, I just need help. Ash could get all the help in the world (and it really has been offered to her) but she doesn't WANT it. You have to WANT it. People have tried being kind and honest to her, telling her that she is valued and that her life is worth living.

She just wants to cover her ears, scream "la la la!", and be smug about surviving each and every day while being a victim.

Ash will be a victim until the day she dies, who knows when that'll be, but that's what she wants.

No. 145401

Of course she could get better if she wanted but what I was saying is that the ED doesn't go away simply because the attention feeding it goes.

At this point she doesn't just become normal weight and healthy in a matter of weeks or months. Even if she tried, it would get years to get even near normal weight and even then her mental state would be still at anorexic thinking.

No. 145402

These ana fetishists always seem vaguely pedophilic to me.

No. 145403

Because acting like a spoiled asshole made her fair game?
Because she is ridiculous no matter how you look at her?
Because its interesting to watch someone rot and without feeling an emotional response to it?
Because she's a bad liar and white knights herself or sends herself asskissing anons to her blog to draw attention to herself?
Because she really really wants us all here watching and talking about her so she gets to keep thinking she's mysterious and interesting?

No. 145404

Ashley has been underweight way too long to get better without really fucked side-effects.

Isabelle Caro died while she was recovering. At this point I can sort of get Ashley. Her ED is all she has left, she doesn't have to fight it and enjoy the attention she gets.

If she tried to get better not only would it be extremely painful mentally and physically BUT she would also know that whatever she'd be doing would be potentially useless as she could die quickly anyway. Plus that would make her face a very unpleasant reality : she's an uneducated jobless twenty something and people would quickly get bored of her if she returned to a healthy weight.

So not saying she can't do that, just that there's not a lot of positive if she tried anyway.

No. 145405

Nah, i think she can turn a recovery in to a real goldmine. First of all she would easily be able to crowdfund every cent of cost of recovery, has happened before and will happen for her. After the fact she could make tonnes of cash from tv deals and being a touring speaker at schools etc. she could truly speak on this topic, and the stubborness of EDs if she just gave people the opportunity to help her. Also would get all the toys and attention she could ever want.

No. 145406


Agreed. People love a good recovery story.

No. 145407

While I agree with you, your whole premise is that Ash is rational. We all know she is not.

No. 145408

but then she wouldn't be able to tote around her "i'm the sickest most fragile ana on the planet" badge

No. 145409

She could IF her body wasn't fucked by years of starving and purging. First of all it'd require a pretty solid motivation to overcome a decade of ED. It's something that Ashley grew up with for her whole teenage and adult years.

So she could try and feel like utter shit and still relapse and get nowhere. At this point she could just die before even fully recovering (like Isabelle, who managed to write a book anyway and it's not like she packed rooms when she made an appearance to sign it)

So if she manages to recover and not die in the process, she'd still have fucked up organs and have to work her butt off for the first time in her life. I doubt she'd be swimming in cash especially since people's attention is very limited. Once a person has recovered and doesn't share her shock pictures anymore, nobody really care.

It's sad but while the whole recovery thing would work for a while, it's something that wouldn't last long in term of popularity. Idk what happened to Erika but once she started putting some weight back on, people patted her on the back and went for another lolcow.

No. 145410

No….Erika was over the top dramatic about something and decided to delete her IG, tumblr, etc due to the backlash. It had nothing to do with Erika being dumped by lolcow.

No. 145411

File: 1465837293598.jpeg (783.97 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

I am a long time of Jackie's I found some of her old school papers, she made honor roll here, I just want to say Jackie is not slow, or mentally challenged. She has college papers as well saying she made the deans list and presidents list several times

No. 145412

Not only is she not rational, but she doesn't care about helping others. The only reason to do tours and tv shows and such talking about her ED would be to educate and help others going through the same situation. Ashley doesn't give a fuck about that. Ashley Isaacs only cares about herself.

No. 145413

Is Jackie autistic? Some autists are very book smart, just socially retarded.
Hence, her "friendship" with ashes.

No. 145414

I hoesntly think she needs to be moved to /snow for these reasons. Her saggy tits have been milked dry and the big reason why she still thinks she's "special" is because she's basically always been the poster child for /pt ,at least since I've been lurking,and she loves the attention. Now that shes out of milk she's no different than any other snowflake and we're just basically watching her die now which is the equivalent to watching paint dry.And if there is any milk postable it's the same stale milk that she's been dishing out for a long time now and it's boring. She isn't of interest anymore and unless she croaks or decides to (try) to recover she never will be of interest.

No. 145415

To be fair, it was the farmers that were calling Jackie retarded, not Ash. It's quite possible Jackie has Aspberger's or something.

No. 145416

I'm pretty sure that even if Erika didn't freak out, most people would have kept an eye on her for a while before completly forgetting her. I'm not trying to defend Ashley and her rotten behaviour but there's a reason that people want to see emaciated bodies or grossly overweight ones. I'm not even going to cite all the shows around people with crazy bodies.

And I'm just like everyone else, I loved Medusa website. I'm fascinated by people, alive, with extraordinary bodies. I'm impressed by recovered people and might gave a shit about their fucked up side effects but aside from that, they lost their shock-value.

No. 145417

Well, /pt's fascination with Erika was 1. to piss Ash off by supporting Erika and 2. Erika was a big contrast compared to Ash. Erika actually engaged with other people on IG without being a huge bitch like Ash, never sabotoged other people's ED recovery, and so on.

Erika isn't without fault, though. Putting up self harm pictures on her IG was really disgusting.

No. 145418

File: 1465846797079.jpeg (2.66 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

Jackie's long time friend of 11 years, she is like a sister to me, and she is not mentally challenged as the rumors say. At her local college she was in the top 10% at the the time was admitted into the Phi Kappa Honor society.. It is rude to call her names just because she likes and is friends with Ash

No. 145419

How come the fullview on this image is rotated and the thumbnail isn't?

Anyway, Jackie has starved her brain for so long that she's not very intelligent anymore.

No. 145420

If Jackie is on bipolar meds, it's possible that they've dulled her mental capacity as well. A lot of these medications can actually physically damage your brain.

No. 145421

It's true. Sorry for blog post, but lithium ruined my ability to function in high school.
I felt retarded.

No. 145422

Jackie has suffered with both bipolar and anorexia long before she she even went to college, and plans on continuing her education. She plans on getting a job in which she can help animals and tend to their needs. She has always had a great love for animals, and wants to make this world a better and safer place for animals in need

No. 145423

At least she wants to work, unlike skeletor.

No. 145424

Jackie is posting here lol. Sup Jackie

No. 145425

Hey Ash. Did you get the coloring book I sent you?

No. 145426

Not the skeletor, but good try mate. Jackie is posting those photos, and Jackie is here. She has also posted about Ash here, and I don't think Ash knows it. So really, Jackie, since you're reading this, how does it feel to be a backstabber? To be just as much of a bitch as Ash? Woohoo let's get this drama going.

No. 145427

Good job Jackie!!
I really hope you get where you wanna be.>>280309
Calm down Ashley. Jackie will always be a better person than you. Stop manipulating people you hungry orc.

No. 145428

Too bad Jackie doesn't actually try lol. And fuck you. I'm not standing up for ash or Jackie. I'm just saying that they're both pieces of shit.

No. 145429

His life is obviously suffering and it's not like he'll ever meet any of these 'delicate' 'fragile' 'angel' husk people he so longs for and even if he did, they'd never live up to the expectations of his imagination.

No. 145430

Azog, post proof of Jackie being unkind or manipulative or go back to Moria.

No. 145431

Care to elaborate why you think Jackie is a POS?

No. 145432

>the big reason why she still thinks she's "special" is because she's basically always been the poster child for /pt ,at least since I've been lurking

Newfag detected. She's been doing this long before /pt/ gave a fuck, and us not giving a fuck isn't going to change anything. And if you weren't retarded, you'd know the only poster child of /pt/ is our Queen. Just because Spoops brings in the anafags with starved brains doesn't mean she's any more important than the occasional powdered milk she provides.

No. 145433

File: 1465860326487.jpeg (91.42 KB, 655x414, image.jpeg)

Yeah just farmers

No. 145434

File: 1465860548884.png (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160613-192709.png)

Lol yeah Ash because your family should have been worried that you were out partying at the gay club.

But whatever it takes to make a national tragedy about you, I guess. Please tell us how much 9/11 changed your life and how Columbine jump-started your ED.

No. 145435

Hey Jackie's friends and family, pls dont publish personally identifying information about Jackie online.

Also people can still have cognitive disabilities but still make honor roll or Dean's list. It is possible to get good grades and still have a handicap. Jackie may not be "retarded" but it's very possible that she is delayed in other ways.

No. 145436

File: 1465860762868.jpeg (47.32 KB, 500x483, image.jpeg)

Holy fuck that was so fucking self centered

No. 145437

I really wish Ash would spend some time looking up the concept of co-opting other people's feelings. What's the thing about the empathy circle that was being passed around for a while? It was like a tool to help you situate yourself in a crisis to determine what healthy responses are?

No. 145438

No. 145439


ash please make next self asks less obvious

No. 145440

File: 1465861469356.png (375.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160613-194348.png)

No. 145441

This is from Ash's perspective, and Ash is a known liar. Now they are friends again because Jackie is desperate for friends an Ash…well, she must want something out of Jackie.

No. 145442

That's not the same. All Ash said was that something is a little off about Jackie. Farmers were straight up calling Jackie retarded before Ash posted this.

No. 145443

File: 1465866010166.jpg (201.98 KB, 530x558, 1465348962028.jpg)

Actually, that was me. I just wanted to see what was her opinion on what happened, but welp, as expected from country-grown skeletons.

No. 145444

Lol they obviously didn't ask her if she was alright wtf is ash thinking they just wanted to know if she had better scoop as to what was going on in Orlando. Even her ass kissing fans wouldn't believe she wheeled herself inside a gay night club lmfao.

No. 145445

If she isn't mentally retarded then why is she so ugly? How old is she anyway? I'm assuming she's somewhere in her 20's but she looks like a 40 year old mom.

No. 145446

She's in her late 30s.

No. 145447

Ouch, geez.

No. 145448

Thank you someone noticed this. Ash might be cruel, but she never flat out degraded anyone. Once again, I'm not the stupid skeletor. I might be guilty of white knighting here, but I'm done.

No. 145449

Because she's more horrible.
Also she's gone so far into skeleton mode that it's a moral obligation to both point and laugh, and wait in anticipation for to shed her skin and finally join her undead brethren.
Boneshu akbar.

No. 145450

Cool story bro.

No. 145451

is that a promise you piece of shit.
reference old threads before removing doubt you dumbass.

No. 145452

Oh, Ash. The only person I've seen who could somehow make a national tragedy all about herself. I don't know whether to laugh or be digusted.

No. 145453

uhhhh,nah.She was never interesting. She has always only ever been a side show: for the /b tards and basic www crowd.She never was interesting, don't insult the queen you fag. The thread would be chill if people saged irrelevant/non-news worthy posts, but it keeps getting bumped with no new content.

No. 145454

Actually know her before you reply looking like a complete ass, you fucking moron.

No. 145455

How's your autism doing?

No. 145456

Wait why are you all bashing Jackie? Did I miss something? It looks like she was just trying to defend herself tbh.

No. 145457

Yeah, totally not Ashley…

No. 145458

I send Ashley a tumblr ask last week wanting to know what she saw in her future and what "being better" looked like to her. Disappointed that she has instead ignored me and chosen to go on a capslock rant.

No. 145459

Anon, that's what she does. She ignores all the nice messages and publishes the mean ones as proof that people are out to get her.

No. 145460

File: 1465908459566.jpg (102.23 KB, 521x623, i want to give her a 'PHYSICAL…)

It got worst. Jfc how can one person be this self-centered? "Yeah, I knew people in the hospital (doubtful), but I'M THE ONE IN PAIN OKAY."
No one else was roaming Orlando related to the shooting either. Way to obviously make up shit, Ash.

I just seriously cannot comprehend how she thinks she's a victim here. I knew she was bad, but this is a whole new level that I never expected, even from her.

No. 145461

She needs to be diagnosed with Histrionic Personality Disorder already. This is fucking ridiculous. Ash, everyone would prefer it if you'd just pass on quietly.

No. 145462


hahahaha as if some terrorist would know about your existence, let alone especifically target you ash

No. 145463

Wasn't there a time when Erika dropped Ash off at the apartment and Ash was freaking out because she thought she was being targeted?

No. 145464

I'm curious..how did Ash get attention before 4chan? 4chan was the platform that made her e-famous.

No. 145465


I'm guessing she didn't. Or she at least felt like she wasn't getting any. Hence 4chan.

No. 145466


No. 145467

Oh shoot, I forgot about that.

No. 145468

And the only nice messages she answers are from herself.

No. 145469

Plot twist: Ashley's Florida white knight is Erika.

No. 145470

Wow. Ash, there are terrorists "roaming" around the whole of the Western World - USA, Europe and beyond. Everyone who leaves their house is a potential target.

Having dealt with agoraphobia because I FUCKING TRIED RECOVERY FOR YEARS AND SUCCEEDED (/end personal blog) I've seen people shot, battered, attacked as have most people who actually go about living a life outside of a chairgrave where they're content to rot.

What you do is get out and show these people their terrorising (in w/e form) isn't going to affect your life. THAT is the ultimate "fuck you". Saying FUCK YOU to someone who points out your victim complex does nothing. You're so useless and pathetic because you never tried to get out there and do something to actively show your potential "attackers" you're not going to give a shit and you'll risk all for personal freedom.

If you want to come across all ballsy then drag your ass to a Pride event. THAT'S making a statement. Writing some shite to an anon on Tumblr isn't.

No. 145471

Ash can't be in the sun long enough to go to a Pride event.

No. 145472

File: 1465928190416.jpg (21.81 KB, 392x352, ashmobile.jpg)


She could rent one of these for the day. Looks pretty cosy tbh and could customise by draping a rainbow flag over the shade part.

No. 145473

Doubt Ash is able to stay upright long enough to actually stay at a pride event.

No. 145474

Strap her upright. They did that with my gran when she was dying.

No. 145475


Anorexics for you, they always want the pity party because they have a 'muh illness feel soz 4 meh'.

Fuck off Ashley

No. 145476

File: 1465931952977.jpg (16.58 KB, 490x179, rough sex and dinner.JPG)

She has no comprehension of what life is like outside of her apartment/Target, yet she wants people to believe that she's into "rough sex and dinner dates".

I can't remember what autopsy anon said about anorexic brains, but would Ash's brain be hard like a walnut or mushy like sludge at this point?

Shame she never wanted to go to Japan and go on dinner dates enough to recover, but whatever.

No. 145477

That is the cutest beardie picture. Sage for ot.

No. 145478

Tbh I don't know why Ash just doesn't do anorexic porn or something. She clearly has/had no problem exposing herself online to complete strangers, gets her endless attention and admiration from people who will actively encourage her to starve. Win win, right?

No. 145479

they should carry her in a casket

No. 145480

You're forgetting she's lazy as fuck.

No. 145481


Don't most women in porn just lie there and take it anyway?

No. 145482

>dinner dates and rough sex

that's a funny way to spell "binge dinners and deepthroating fingers to purge"

No. 145483

File: 1465933963510.gif (3.42 MB, 320x240, top kek you done there anon.gi…)

Even that would be too much effort for her.

See reaction gif…ily

No. 145484

This makes me fucking sick. Out of all the shit she's said and done I never thought she'd stoop this low. I hate her. I really truly hate the miserable bitch. She is sickening. I'm just glad that for once it's not a good person suffering needlessly, it's someone who truly deserves the pain. Her. She deserves this. Every morning when she wakes up in her chair grave I hope it hits it: here I am, back in this life… Stagnant and suffering. Please god just die already. Please please please.

No. 145485

She's living because it makes you angry lol.

No. 145486

Yeah she wrote a whole whiny post about it. "I felt unsafe waahhh." As flawed as Erika was, it was probably very clear to her that Ash was either seeking attention or delusional, and it's good that she didn't feed into it in either case.

I completely agree with you. She's vile. I want her to die already too, but she deserves all the pain she's living with. I'm glad that every waking (and probably sleeping moment) is physical agony for her, because it's what she deserves.

Shut the absolute fuck up right now, Ash.

No. 145487

How can you feel so much hatred towards an Internet persona? That's not healthy.

No. 145488

Proof of post or get the fuck out

No. 145489

Obv they're obsessed imo

No. 145490

We have Ashley among us guys, looks like wishing death upon her triggered her into talking to herself too ^^^ lmao

Just go die Trash, ps the world doesn't revolve around you. Personally I never wished her any bad until she decided the Orlando tragedy was all about her and her "trauma" from it. Honestly, how does one become such a selfish asshole?

No. 145491

Proof of what? Ash whining about Erika leaving her? that was many threads ago, maybe you'll want to search them.

No. 145492

Her friends got shot.

No. 145493

Ashley is such a selfish, stubborn, vile little creature and I sincerely hope she will face enough physical complications in the near future to compensate with all the obnoxious waste she is spreading around her. Both figuratively and literally, in this case. I don't believe in "good" nor "evil" people, but Ashley Isaacs is the MOST self-absorbed and malicious person I've ever come across. Stuff like telling an anorexic she's eating "too much food" was nothing compared to this amount of ignorance. Fuck you.

No. 145494

You're taking this pretty far, anon. Ashley's not well. She means no harm, and it's not her fault she's self-centered. You have to be when you're in her position.

Don't be so angry, anon. You'll hurt your heart and your mind. Anger is toxic.

No. 145495

What friends? She doesn't hang out with anyone except for Jackie once in a great while [I think Jackie lives in a different state…]

Ash's only IRL was Erika. There was Gia but that didn't last long.

No. 145496

She mentions two friends in her Tumblr.

No. 145497

Nobody's obsessed with you Ash.

No. 145498

Not everything she says on her Tumblr is true…

No. 145499

LBR, nothing she says on tumblr is true.

No. 145500

Ash clearly you should be thanking us, it seems that we are the only ones that give a shit about you.

No. 145501

Wrong again, n00b! People on Instagram love her.

No. 145502

Ash loves the idea that she's special and important enough for someone to be obsessed with and/or stalk.
Maybe Erika made her feel self conscious so Ash decided to pretend she's being targeted by someone to establish herself as more important and victimized. (And in Ash's stunted mind, way more special)

No. 145503

Fetishists and chubby little girls who collect thinspo. That's a great audience right there.

The real question is who objectifies her harder, and how hard does she get off on her disgusting fans?

No. 145504

Jealousy detected.

No. 145505

she means all kinds of harm

No. 145506

Nobody is friends with the screeching incontinent skeleton. Nobody.
Maybe some neighbors or register staff at target feel sorry for her and are nice.

There's not a soul in the world that visits this gross rattling woman-thing. She sits around her mothers apartment sucking down food and throwing it up, then wheeling back to her pissy recliner to post attention seeking bullshit online while she drifts in and out of consciousness, then shits herself. Throw in a few trips to target to waste people's tax money on toys, toddler clothes and DVDs, and to take some selfies, a visit to a drive through, and a visit to a donut shop then straight back home to puke some more and you've got skeletors whole life.

No. 145507


And people who say the Hartley pinhead kids are "cute" because they feel sorry for the pitiful creatures.

Also noticed she doesn't get many comments now. Most of the people who do comment don't even seem to know much about her.

No. 145508

Wonder if Ash wears Depends/adult diapers. I bet she does.

No. 145509

Who wouldn't be jealous of an ugly ancient looking woman soaking up literally any attention she can because she knows nobody loves her?

No. 145510

She did go to high school in Orlando, so it is possible that she's telling the truth. It sounds like a lie to me, but we really have no way of knowing.

No. 145511

Ugly fat women who get even less attention than she does, obviously.

No. 145512

Even if she did go to school with some of the victims, she's not their friend now and she's certainly not gone to see them in the hospital.
She's too starved-stupid to even make sensible lies.

No. 145513

Nobody's jealous of Ashley. Even pro anas think she's repulsive.

No. 145514

Whatever helps you sleep at night you lonely fuck.

No. 145515

Truth. She's be admitted the second she set foot in the hospital.

No. 145516

I've actually noticed that the vast majority of Ashley's fans are on the chubby side. It's weird.

No. 145517

File: 1465943467557.png (467.17 KB, 1158x843, Untitled.png)

I clipped these comments from mpa. There're more "jealous" comments, but tbh I can't be arsed because the signature pics on there are annoying af.

Even the people she wanted to impress find her nothing but a curiosity and her novelty value is passed the sell by date.

No. 145518


No. 145519

Alright, someone deleted their comment that said Ashley sent them a text, saying that Ash hopes their 78 year old friend has a heart attack.

No. 145520

File: 1465949984114.jpg (116.48 KB, 670x503, 1464790896888.jpg)

No. 145521

I am >>145519 and was replying to a post here. But two seconds after I posted, it was deleted.

It said that Ash sent an anon a text, saying that Ash is selfish and only cares about herself, and that Ash wished this anon's 78 year old friend died.

So I said "huh?" because I had no idea what this person was talking about, and the comment didn't make sense. And then boom, that anon deleted their comment.

No. 145522

'Twas but a troll.

No. 145523

Oh. I thought maybe it was Ash trying to stir up crap, or Jackie.

No. 145524

Uhh, I'm pretty sure Ash doesn't know a single person that was in that club. It was a gay club, on latino night for that matter. The only latino ash is good friends with is that anorexic tranny and she lives in texas iirc.

No. 145525

Ash is gay.

No. 145526

Are you talking about Jackie? I thought she lived in Pennsylvania.

No. 145527

File: 1465951346932.jpeg (117.49 KB, 640x896, image.jpeg)

This one anon.

No. 145528

Is that really a tranny? Is Jackie?

No. 145529

Geez, those shirts. I'd be embarrassed wearing those past middle school. How old is she? Mid-twenties? Why are anas so infantile?

No. 145530

Never seen this friend before, got deets?

No. 145531

No. 145532

Anon, go read some old threads. This is not Jackie.

No. 145533

I think it's a sense of accomplishment for them to be able to wear children's clothing.

No. 145534

This one is a trans woman, still able bodied, lives with parents.
They've exchanged "friendship bracelets"

No. 145535

Ah ok. Thanks.

No. 145536

Is Jackie a tranny?

No. 145537

Has Ash ever even had an adult relationship?
I mean as a teen she was stripping for dudes online so I doubt she's actually gay.

Its not like she'd have any sex drive in her state anyway so her sexuality is hardly even a talking point. Even if she is gay, the shooting didnt affect her beyond 'oh no gay people were murdered how do I make this about me?'

No. 145538

Doesn't matter if Ashley knew anyone who was at the club. The whole problem is that she's making the shooting about her????

Also wtf does she mean by "I DONT HAVE TO HAVE A PHYSICAL INJURY TO HAVE A MENTAL ONE!" Liiiike I know this bitch has purge brains but what does that statement actually have to do with anything at all????

No. 145539

She was saying that she was mentally scarred because she saw her friends after they had been shot.

No. 145540

So she's claiming she's been to ICU to visit her injured "friends"?

No. 145541

The Disney/juvenile phone app fame t shirts are a badge of anadom. They must own matching cutlery and placemats too.

No. 145542

I highly doubt that those people are actual friends of hers. It's typical BPD story retelling tactics.
Maybe she read on facebook about a relative of a friend of a colleague of her mother's who was there that night.

But just imagine for the sake of it that friends of hers were actually shot.
That would make her first answered ask even more morbid and self-centered.

Whichever way you look at it.

No. 145543

File: 1465957396293.png (314.52 KB, 480x490, wp_ss_20160615_0001.png)

Posted this, looked at tranny's account, rolled my eye

No. 145544

I had a strange dream about Ash last night.

It was 3-4 AM and I was alone in a dream-version of my place of employment. I was walking back through stacks of books in the dim lamplight, and I saw Ash standing back there in the shadows. She was grinning up at me with this sickly smile. Her arms were just tiny bones covered in skin. They were in a state of horrible decay, and held together onto her body with black fabric straps to prevent them from falling off. She picked at the rot with her fingers and bits of her own flesh constantly flaked off like cigarette ash. She appeared to me as intensely attractive – a type of infatuation I am prone to, like that of old-time smitten gentlemen suitors, where I want to shower them with gifts and sacrifice everything for them, enduring great suffering in the process, and taking a kind of emotionally masochistic pleasure from it. We have a long conversation, and I fight the urge to caress her skin, as I don't want to damage the decay further.

I returned later at dawn and her flesh was restored, as if by magic, no longer rotting, shining with a dim radiant light. She was still emaciated, but less so – more like BMI 13 – and appeared much healthier physically. She smiled at me again and it appeared genuinely joyful. There were other girls smiling and laughing around her in the daylight. This evoked a sensation of deep terror and loss, and a horrible loneliness and isolation.

I woke up with a start in a cold sweat, and then had to explain the dream to my boyfriend.

What does it mean, /pt/?

No. 145545


it means she gon die.

No. 145546

It means that you're attracted to her because she's decaying, and if she recovers you'll no longer wish to stare at her.

No. 145547

Claiming to be close to other people who have experienced tragedy is def a classic BPD thing to do. It's just a way to make it about them. Ash probably went to HS with two people there and saw something about them on facebook. She co-opts other's crises to gain attention/sympathy for herself. See: her grandfather's death, her mother's surgery.

Also lolz at the claim that there are terrorists running rampant in Orlando. Yes Ash, and they're coming right for your condo! Lock the door!

No. 145548

File: 1465988186568.png (250.46 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

jfc jolty (1/2)

No. 145549

File: 1465988217298.png (208.96 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 145550

No. 145551

Holy shit. You lurk jolty AND ash? Fuck, get a hobby.

No. 145552

I feel like it's really Ash and Jolty who need hobbies….

Also whenever skeletor comes in here to say that farmers have no life I laugh because I check it while I'm pooping at work.

No. 145553

Starbucks is a hobby.

No. 145554

Jolt is a cow themselves. How many cows does this creeper try to befriend? Are they trying to get popular by proxy? Being Trash's taste tester isn't going to get a thread, Jolt.

Hey, Jolt. It's not hard to see someone commenting and check on their insta to see if they really did do it.

No. 145555

They always have some intense Peter Pan syndrome. They're all scared of growing up and having to adult.

No. 145556

Jolty creeps me the fuck out. Like bitch, why do you stalk and comment every cow? And also come here? Bitch can't simply watch from afar, always had to comment and insert herself into the drama. Creepy ass goofy looking bitch.
Does anyone know if she's banned?

No. 145557

> Ash probably went to HS with two people there and saw something about them on Facebook

Ash Facebook friended me once. (am as mystified as you, trust me) She had like 11 friends and it seemed pretty obvious none of them were real world friends.

No. 145558

Unless you have proof no one gives a shit lol

No. 145559

Clam your tits. It's not hard to find her Facebook page and see that her only friend is her mom.

No. 145560

Maybe Ash looked up gory pictures of the shooting victims.

No. 145561


She's never identified herself if she actually does post here. She just lurks and then tries to befriend every anachan or wannarexic that gets posted here.

I think she's been trying to get her own thread here. She's been doing this shit for over a year now, starting with Ash.

No. 145562

Its kinda hysterical that she's even mentioning sex AT ALL as anorexic's vaginas go into a state of necrosis due to the inability to produce a healthy bacterial environment which keeps the vagina clean. Her vagina would smell/feel like a rotting steak by this point. Who the fuck is fucking that?

No. 145563

How do you know this? I always assumed sex would kill her if she could even still feel it, but is her vagina literally rotten?

No. 145564

I remember a surgeon on Reddit describing it. It was brutal. Also, apparently vaginal ulcers: http://eatingdisordersreview.com/nl/nl_edr_23_2_13.html

Forgot to add, vaginal prolapse in anorexics is extremely likely due to a complete lack of pelvic floor muscles.

No. 145565

No. 145566

oh god, how did she keep the food hidden up there? wouldn't it fall out?

No. 145567

I've never felt more pity got Rebecca than I do now. Imagine the scent of the chairgrave.

No. 145568

Only if she had a super floppy vagoo.

No. 145569

Not just the chairgrave, but Ash herself. The vomit infested wig, the putrid breath from purging, the body odor from breaking down and not being able to take baths. Yuuuuck.

No. 145570

I don't even think Jolto is mentally ill. I don't get why she follows this board so closely and wants to involve herself in the drama. She follows embers.recovery, corpse_queen_, margaretpalermo, raggity.annie, emilyologist, shmegeh, jackielovespeace79, kadeeliveslife, recovery.owls.has.moved, mendingmyselves and probably other cows and flakes mentioned here I'm not familiar with. I remember she sent Erika $5 a couple of times. I really don't get it. She's got to be trolling?

No. 145571

oh yeah, and was blocked by fitginge

No. 145572

I really don't think it's trolling. She seems so simple and lonely that she views lolcow as a lonely hearts directory or some bullshit. Cows seem to be her idols and maybe they could be friends too, if she sends enough awkward comments and gifts.

No. 145573

I'm sure their neighbors often notice the smell of death wafting out from under their door.

No. 145574

I'm pretty sure that's shit person or personality disorder behavior, not anorexic behavior.

No. 145575

Was meant for:

No. 145576

Some are trying to maintain a child-like appearance like when yhey're not ready to grow up or something.

No. 145577

No. The vagina is very much like a book if you will. The walls are collapsed until something enters or exits. Which is why tampond are able to stay in place.

No. 145578

File: 1466062660389.png (482.85 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 145579

File: 1466063992326.jpeg (39.12 KB, 300x300, image.jpeg)

I don't get it. Like, bitch, you don't have your own thread and 75% of posts about you are pitying the shit out of your Sid the sloth looking ass. This site isn't even something highly referenced or heard of outside of other Chans, pull, and tumblr so it's not like the discussion here gets leaked to national news or ahit like TMZ. Hell, you don't even have to come here. Get over yourself bitch.

No. 145580

No. 145581

So evil that her sister came here to tell us how Ash had used Jackie for cash.

Melodramatic bishes.

No. 145582

Ok Jackie, but no one is being mean to you. Did Ash get to you or something? don't forget the crap she said about you after you two ended your friendship the first time.

No. 145583

it still begs the question of why she KEPT the food up there for so long

No. 145584

It's because all of Ashley's friends are self-obsessed weirdos.

No. 145585

The OP said it was chewed up, so maybe she couldn't get it out.

No. 145586

Cringing so hard. Imagine having to examine her.

No. 145587

I notice Erika is the only person who "liked" Jackie's fb post. Erika, the one who received several donations and encouragement from farmers here. Farmers she chose to speak with. Now she thinks we're evil because we called her out on her amateur dramatics. This lot make me barf.

No. 145588

Oh yeah, and Henry Roth/Bill Bockmann is Erika's fb friend. You know, the perverted fuck who triggers women to be bones?

No. 145589

I do think people here have been unfairly mean to Jackie. She's not a cow. She hasn't done anything shitty to other people that we know of, so I don't think she deserves people calling her retarded/autistic.

I feel bad for her. Ash is using her, and she's getting her self-esteem slammed on lolcow for no good reason.

No. 145590

Thing is anon, this isn't a coddle farm and those terms are part of chan culture. Everyone here gets called that, plus a "fag."
I've been dedicated to this puke fest since the beginning, and while I don't like it when anons shat on Gigi and Jackie, it didn't happen for too long.
Jackie gets called a retard today because she stupidly went back to Trashley after Trashley was a major bitch to her.

No. 145591

If they come here bawbawing, or sending someone else here to do it for them and we listen and give sympathy that they have a shitty deal or been shafted by Ashley, it's not "fair" that when the tables are turned on them somehow, or they make up with Ash, they suddenly start calling us the Devil incarnate. It just don't work that way.

No. 145592

I tried getting some milk from Henry on VK. But he just seemed normal and polite in the dms. Strange.

No. 145593

Jackie gave Erika over $200 dollars. I should hope Erika is nice to her.

No. 145594

Pose as a chubby snowflake and ask for weight loss help.

No. 145595

I wonder if Henry/Bill follows this thread.

No. 145596

Probably, but he's just scanning for photos.

No. 145597

rip in peace ash, good night sweet prince ;_;7

No. 145598

Jackie loves that we talk about her. She's been playing this card for too damn long.

No. 145599

Oh please, Jackie probably loves it. Why else would she be friends with ash?
She's an adult and I hardly give a shit about a person that sees any good in ash. They use each other and yes they're both retards.

No. 145600

I think he scans this whole site. I've noticed little things that point to him having been here on his vk account. He's posted skeles who were posted on the ana containment thread a day or two after we posted them. He picked up on Ash's weight after we mentioned it here as well. Dirty ol' bastard.

No. 145601

No wonder Erika is BFFS with Jackie. Erika knows Jackie isn't capable of catching on. And if you look/compare, Jackie follows everyone that Ash does. Jackie has no real friends of her own, unless she sends them cash. and yeah, Jackie loves that she's getting attention now; even when really, no one could give less than 2 shits about her.

No. 145602

Right? She's pathetic, but then so is everyone else that hangs around skeletor.

No. 145603

I wonder how Ms Bonez herself would be if she somehow got out of the ED circle? Like… I'm sure she'd still be problematic, but would she not be 'as much'? As impossible as it sounds, I just wonder what would happen if she tried to be friends with someone with an actual life other than their IG account. Sage for rambling

No. 145604

I wonder if this bish takes multi-vitamins.

No. 145605

"liberal talk shows" do you know what liberal means

No. 145606

I don't think so. I hadn't even thought about these threads in months. Then suddenly she pops up in my dreams.

No. 145607

Sometimes I think we should be able to revoke voting rights based on comment histories.

No. 145608


I used to talk to him on tumblr when I was deep in my ED (he made it appear that he was severely anorexic too) and weirdly enough was a pretty nice guy. I had no idea that he had other accounts dedicated to pro-ana photos. Creepy as hell. It'd be interesting to know how many other anorexic women he tries to get close to by relating to them. I wonder if he did that with Ash?

No. 145609


The healthcare provider who asked the question about an anorexic patient with vaginal bleeding is from Orlando, FL….

No. 145610

Jolty is all over margaretpalermo's IG these days, sucking up to her as hard as she can.
"Beautiful pic, margaret!" "love your photography, margaret!"

No. 145611

Jolty must love drama as much as we do.

No. 145612

I also don't remember his page being so restricted.

No. 145613

She doesn't even use lotion because she thinks the oils will sink into her skin and make her fat. Hell no she doesn't take multivitamins.

No. 145614

I wonder as well

No. 145615

I went to his page as we were discussing him a few days ago and it wasn't restricted, and literally a few hours later I went back on my phone and it was restricted.

He's lurking, looking for more victims and masturbation fodder. Fuckin' creepy-ass vampire.

No. 145616

She look somewhat healthy in this picture here. When was this picture of Ashley taken?

No. 145617

Uh, nah. I think more than anyone. Level headed farmers do not interfere with the cows.

No. 145618

Wat? she literally looks like a creature from the walking dead in this picture.

No. 145619


Somewhat healthy? Are you actually insane? She is slightly less spoopy. That's it. She isn't even approaching health. Health may as well be in China.

No. 145620

It's definitely more than 18 months old because it's from her ghostxperfume account.

No. 145621

I learned this the hard way, I've spooked a couple cows. I can only lurk here now.

No. 145622

Hey Candice.

No. 145623

Ashley's the only cow as far as I know who posted here in her own thread to ask advice/befriend us. Nobody even has to interfere in her life directly because she can't wait to get involved.

No. 145624


Hopefully this means the end of Candice trying to shit up every thread. You won't be missed.

No. 145625

That still doesn't mean we need to get involved on her IG and shit.

No. 145626

Yeah, Ash deactivated the url in 2012. So it's at least 4 years old.

No. 145627

Nah, she deactivated it in December 2014 after she was first posted here.

No. 145628

Ofc, I agree. I'm against all that. The only interaction I've had with a cow is trolling Aly.

No. 145629


I don't see anything wrong with some subtle trolling, just don't sperg the fuck out and don't lead them back here. There is also no need to "call them out" and shit like that.

Generally the milk provides itself, we're not necessary.

No. 145630

Wasn't that for sealed-up-tight though?

No. 145631

She deleted ghostxperfume first, then sealed-up-tight a few weeks later. Go back and ctrl+f in the first few threads.

No. 145632

I've read all the threads. I found out about Ash from StamRose, I just wasn't ure on the deletion timelines because she's had what…five URLS already? there's deartxatticus, ghostxperfume, sealed-up-tight, shred-my-anxiety and guts-spilling-over.

No. 145633

Jolty has literally known Ashley for years. She found lolcow through Ashley, not the other way around.

No. 145634


Has she actually stated this? I only recall it as a lolcow "she probably thinks x" thing, but now it seems to be gospel.

No. 145635

I don't think she's ever mentioned it, but I could be wrong. Anons noticed she regifted body lotions in her giveaways and as far as I know that's the only "proof" we had.

No. 145636

File: 1466274311677.png (19.37 KB, 1289x150, itputsthelotiononitsskin.png)

She doesn't think lotion makes you fat.

No. 145637

Sadly lately all of the farmers have been assuming things with no proof. It's getting boring, especially with this thread. Almost everything has been all talk. Sage because I'm complaining, whatever.

No. 145638

It's pretty frustrating. The cows make enough milk without farmers injecting their shitty soy milk.

No. 145639

That lotion thing is old. Nobody's been assuming anything, unless you mean Jackie having learning difficulties.

Are you the same anon who keeps talking about milk on threads? If so, it's like you only just learned the term and keep repeating it and it's annoying.

No. 145640

/cow/ had the same problem until we filtered it to "julay." I suggest /pt/ does something similar.

No. 145641

File: 1466290699438.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.71 KB, 720x480, vyuC3NpWgqI.jpg)

Roth's expression makes this photo more lulzy.

No. 145642

What a horse face

No. 145643

Hate to harp on about this shit but jackie did say she had learning difficulties on an old ask.fm, not assuming.

No. 145644

File: 1466293293931.png (39.63 KB, 622x141, Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 4.39…)

found it again. poor girl. Not saying that she couldn't do well at school or anything, i the end. http://ask.fm/ChickBaby1991

No. 145645

Too bad his hands are blurry, but I'm willing to bet that this is Man Hands who WK'd Ash on here before.

No. 145646

Fascinating. Nice duvet.

No. 145647

OMG HAHAHAHA I don't even know how I'm reacting here. It's gross but also hilarious. Oh, man. He's a class A deviant fer sure.

Thanks for posting this. From the moving videos I've seen of her it was so obvious she was challenged. Idk why anons think mentioning it is attacking her. There you go…from Jackie herself. That's the end of that debate.

No. 145648

Moving as in motion, not as in emotional*

No. 145649

Is this thread hit its max already?

No. 145650

Man Hands was secret_lives, aka Jaime Spinello.

No. 145651

Learning disability does not mean mentally challenged. Techically stuff like dyscalculia and dyslexia are learning disabilities. Doesn't automatically make one stupid.

No. 145652

Learning disabilities can mean numerous things, like mention below, and you can very well out grown them and later do wonderful at school

No. 145655

How many postings does it take to hit max limit?

No. 145667

700 to auto-sage, 1000 to lock.

No. 145714

Who is this Saged person, I am loss , I hear that name a lot

No. 145720

If you out grow them you never really had a disability to begin with.

No. 145730

Go back to tumblr or something Jackie.

No. 145831

Nobody needs to go anywhere, when ask a simple question .

No. 145837

Jackie, this place isn't safe for you. In your state of mind, the last thing you need is strangers from the internet being nasty to you. Please don't lurk here anymore, it's not healthy. You're too sweet. Why not keep yourself busy with a hobby, such as making bracelets or coloring an adult coloring book. if you continue to post on here then farmers are going to keep calling you retarded and etc.
Sure we don't agree with your friendship with Ash, but we can't stop you from being her friend, we can only warn you. Please take my advice and don't lurk here anymore. You're only hurting your mental state even more by doing that, and you deserve it.

No. 145838

*don't deserve it.

No. 145839

File: 1466449165737.jpg (100.42 KB, 900x506, legend_of_zelda_oot_7_sages_wa…)

I'm the Lolcow Sage. I protect this site. Nice to meet you, Jackie. I've heard much about you.

No. 145930

does jackie really type in caveman speak or are you all getting trolled

No. 145933


No. 145935

It's not my place to talk 'meanly' about someone, but that's how Jackie types. And sage because I'm not providing any juicy milk.

No. 145936

From what I've seen on her ig and twitter, she's generally okay with typing coherently although she repeats the same thing over and over. Her mind set is very mid teen wannarexic.

No. 145974

Why is everyone so mean on this site?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 145980

kill yourself you saggy cunt

No. 145987

I will, after you

No. 146014


Way to get this thread sent to /manure. Behave.

No. 146090

File: 1466492269427.jpg (22.45 KB, 223x262, nightmare fuel.jpg)

Here guys, enjoy Ashley's nasty and fucking horrific hands (from her latest instagram post).

No. 146200

I want to lick them.

No. 146202

anon! don't be weird!

No. 146247

Seems like someone likes her enough to sit there, expand the photo, and crop it. Need a hobby, mate?

No. 146249

Settle down, Ashley. Just because you struggle getting something done doesn't mean it requires effort for everyone else.

No. 146260

Yes they do. Because if you can't clearly read the multiple banners and words in red that direct you to read shit before posting, then you can fuck off newfag.

No. 146262

File: 1466539035996.jpeg (22.34 KB, 200x200, image.jpeg)

Fuck anon

No. 146289

The question is more or less why are they even looking and giving her attention lol.

No. 146337

Fucking hell.

No. 146384

I wonder if she isn't making the effort to get better just because she doesn't want to lose her disability cheques.

No. 146432

She doesn't get disability. Lurk.

No. 146434

STFU Trashley. We all know you get assistance.

No. 146550

Because fuck you that's why…?
Seriously though, this entire thread is basically giving her attention. Try harder.

No. 146552

This. It takes 4 seconds to do the enormous task that >>146247 described lol

No. 146612

She always accuses farmers of having nothing better to do than stalk her but I literally check this thread when I poop at work. Pooping right now, in fact.

No. 146613

TMI anon. I was fucking eating.

It's projection. She doesn't live a life worth living. She's just online all day.

No. 146614

online drama is a huge deal to her so she assumes it is for everyone else too

No. 146623

Is this comment a meme or am I losing my mind?

No. 147069

File: 1466636623501.jpg (111.6 KB, 541x960, image.jpg)

Sage for no content. Just Ashley's latest selfie.

No. 147528

File: 1466737483677.jpeg (56.51 KB, 640x553, image.jpeg)

No. 147531


#couture lol

No. 147541

>that spongebob reference

I like you.

No. 147544

they should look nice in the casket.

how dare you suggest she is so fat.

No. 147554

I wear glasses. Insurance only covered a fraction of my frames, and they weren't even that expensive. Coach frames can be pretty expensive without insurance. I wanna know what her insurance is so I can afford to buy a pair of expensive glasses in a few years when my prescription changes.

No. 147601

she's on disability, so she's probably on medicare, which i highly doubt covers designer glasses. she's probably using her disability money to get them on her own. you can get coach frames at lenscrafters, i don't think they're especially brag-worthy

No. 147636

They way she tags is so embarrassing.

No. 147674

Kek. Coach isn't something to brag about Ashley. You're white trash is showing.

No. 147676

Coach frames are sub $100. Not the bargain basement of LensCrafters, but right next to it. Considering frames from designers go much, much higher than that, she might as well be bragging about a new Fossil watch.

No. 147678


If Coach frames are that cheap I'm going to the States for my next pair of glasses lol.

In Canada they're not #couture but they're in the $200-$300 range.

No. 147680

They tend to run $100-200, definitely not bad as far as eyeglasses go.

No. 147684

Watch her glasses be fake Coach ordered from China.

I always love when people brag about their brand name items, when in reality they bought them at TJ Maxx. Which there's nothing wrong with that, but definitely no bragging rights.

No. 147708

Website shows nothing near 100$. Everything is basically close to 200$. And maybe to someone that's a lot of money? Who is anyone here to judge what makes someone happy or not. She's thankful and excited. If that's all of the milk you have to offer for her being a 'cow', then lmao that shit is pathetic. Fuck, you farmers need to take your head out of your asses.

No. 147710

And inb4 'Hello Trashley'. Not the bonelord

No. 147714


Nobody cares she got "designer" glasses, it was the #couture tag that tipped it. That was legit funny.

No. 147721


No. 147787

i can't agree more. it was already damn good that former admin closed some threads. this one was missed out unfortunately. fucking sickos here are laughing bout a dying person and picking at every single shit they see about her. hands,skin, glasses, wig or not wig , where she buys her damn grocerys (for her ugly disorder or not) fucking fingernails, her hashtags, writing style and whatnot- wtf people. months back i thought already this site is filled with pro anas who "apparrently" have perfect hair, nails, perfect make up and are all super skinny but not skelly or whatever. i used to enjoy looking at some weirdos that were posted here and i usually still lurk. And i don't even have shits to give if i get banned now or your gtfo, hi ash, blog post,booo whiteknight or whatever responses. i hope some fuckers of you read it (understand it despite the lumpy english) and think. or just feel bad for yourselfes in a few years for laughing about sick people whatever

No. 147789

Lol you gotta be Trashley. Nowhere in that post does it indicate that she's thankful.
Glasses are ridiculously expensive regardless. You're fucking retarded and ass blasted projecting if you don't realize that it's about the #couture.

No. 147790

File: 1466814161964.jpeg (86.93 KB, 643x820, image.jpeg)

No. 147793


I think most people here would actually like to see Ash go into treatment and get better, but as long as she keeps saying No. and keeps making an ass out of herself on the internet she's fair game, just like anyone else. Aside from the fact that she's dying she's no different from any other cow on the site (though I'm sure she'd like to believe she's just oh so super duper special).

Also the thread stayed open because Ash occasionally comes here to whiteknight herself and it's somewhat amusing.

No. 147800

I don't have a problem with Ash wanting to stay spoopy. I have a problem with the fact that she's a pathological liar and she uses other people with eating disorders as her personal puppets.

No. 147802

Specs are pieces of moulded plastic. If someone wants to pay $100s for that then they're bragging about being a mug. Specs as a status symbol. Lol.

No. 147804

Atrocious spelling btw

No. 147843

File: 1466831495987.gif (1020.67 KB, 500x333, 6359016102122145261136952318_I…)

No. 148138

File: 1466908761292.png (21.65 KB, 493x544, capture-20160626-053804.png)

No. 148144

Yeah, that's not very interesting, which is why no one posted it. The top question isn't new, and the bottom question isn't anything special. Though, it is surprising she didn't mention her "battle" again.
Sage because I'm not contributing either.

No. 148236

Nah, no one posts here anything anyway.

No. 148307

I'm mostly angry she put her nasty skelly ass in the #pokemon tag like that for anyone to see.

No. 148313

She also has her own tag on tumblr. Seriously, go through the ghostxperfume tag. I guess she has a bunch of fans for some reason.

No. 148574

Slight blogpost but I've never seen a severly anorexic person in real life until today on the train when a skelly passed by me, she looked absolutley horrible and stuck out like a sore thumb. I don't think she was nearly as bad as Ash, I can't imagine the shock people must face when they are picking up toilet paper or whatever at target and ashley creaks by on her wheelchair. God if I was a kid and I saw Ashley in public I would probably have nightmares.

No. 148577

Was she smelly?

No. 148613


fucking kekkkkk this website is so fucked lmao

No. 148620

Ash visiting is the only reason admin saved this thread. It's cancer anyway…

No. 148644

Trash, you're not that important.

No. 148663

lol I'm a fatty. I typically sage in this thread because of its cancerous-ness. admin literally said ash's visits were the only thing saving this thread… meh, he could have deleted it imo.

No. 148664

it's basically just all of us sitting around twiddling our thumbs until she dies

No. 148697

I'm late but this person just needs to switch to kilograms, she would have to be massive before reaching triple digits in kilograms.

No. 148892

You're so late that a comment said that on the original photo haha

No. 148961


lol tru i didn't even read the comments

No. 149077

Her bandaid grew

No. 149138

She is so yellow now that it is apparent to the even the unperceptive eye. In the past it was more like, is she or is she not yellow. But now she is yellow.

No. 149158

File: 1467184067629.jpg (149.12 KB, 572x588, yellow is kawaii.jpg)

Pics are nice.

No. 149162

File: 1467184976523.jpg (168.1 KB, 1185x929, tumblr_o1heqwprUR1u1e903o1_128…)

it's just lame that as a human being you wanna bend over backwards arguing for the right to make fun of someone who's dying lmao. that's like going up to someone on their deathbed and roasting them for looking like a skeleton because they were a bitch to you. i mean "nature of the website" aside i hope for your sake that you're still in high school or live in like indonesia or mexico because otherwise you're backwards as fuck. this is bad karma for you dude buddy my guy there's plenty of other snowflakes to entertain yourself with. let this bitch die in peace tbh this thread really isn't funny anymore lol.

No. 149163

also i should mention that i'm probably not gonna reply if anyone wants to argue i'm just drifting by this thread at 3am and will fall asleep in like 15 minutes lol

No. 149189

Holy shit, she's piss yellow. I know we always say this, but I really think she's getting close to the end.

No. 149197

Who pushes her around the store? Or is that a motor operated wheel chair? Obviously she wouldn't have the strength for a manual wheeled one anyway but the type of chair confuses me. It looks rickety as fuck.

No. 149216

It's not motorized. I'd say its probably Rebecca pushing the chair and being whined at to take the photos.

It must be horrible, having to take a bunch of snaps of a screechy skeleton in front of desserts or any food-themed item she comes across. Waiting while she slowly tries on clothing from the age 3-6 section and takes more photos. Having to stop just so she can ogle pastry or sandwiches.

I wonder if Ash gets all weird about food smells.

No. 149217

I think it's sad how into the concept of a fry shaped ketchup scented pen she is. Starvation makes people obsessive, Ash has shown time and time again how much she loves these kind of food themed novelty items.

No. 149237

It might be someone else. Doesn't Rebecca work a lot? plus Ash has said she's gotten rides from neighbors before….

No. 149242

The worst part is that I don't think it's even ketchup-scented or red. She either pulled that out of thin air due to memory issues or she made it up. If you look it up online, websites say it has black ink and none mention a scent.

And yeah, when you're not eating, usually food becomes the only thing on your mind. So she obsessed over food-themed items because she can't even have the real thing.

No. 149266

It's an adult stroller.

No. 149268

>or live in like indonesia or mexico

Wow, fuck you!

No. 149269

Joke's on me, I live in America which is worse.

No. 149280

Ash's racist side comes out again.

No. 149281

Those chairs are called "transports," they are wheelchairs that can only be moved by pushing from behind or if the rider uses his/her feet to pull themselves along. There are no big wheels on the sides that the rider can use, on small wheels close to the floor.

I know because we had to get one for my grandma in the last years of her life. It was cheaper than a traditional wheelchair and also folded up nicely for car rides.

No. 149282

*only small wheels, I meant to type.

No. 149286

File: 1467225220386.png (9.71 KB, 492x208, wellfuckyoutoo.PNG)

It's shit like this post…it's such an innocuous question and she responds in such a cunty manner, as though the asker should have known her cat was dead and is rude for not knowing. Ash bitches that no one should presume to know her and in the same breath bitches when people don't know something mundane about her.

No. 149287

I assume by default now that almost every anon ash gets is a self-sent setup for what she thinks is a snarky comeback

No. 149293

guys Ash appeared in my dreams last night.
For some reason, we seemed to be close friends and for SOME STUPID REASON I decided to ask her about diet tips. Bitch went nuts and told me some shit that I don't longer remember, but somehow I felt manipulated and scared of her, she tried to compete with me in my weight lost journey and told me things like "to be honest I want to become a skeleton" I looked at ther and thought "bitch what the fuck u already one" and I told her that yeah, I wanted to be skinny but not like that, if anything I wanted shmegeh's body (what).
We kept talking and she threatened me saying that If I didn't starve today she would appear again in my nightmares. then she smiled and I got really scared until I woke up.

No. 149295

That's sooo cool and interesting, anon.

No. 149297

Ash weighs a skele-ton.

No. 149302


You are way too invested in this shit

No. 149327

Sounds like some MPA shit there anon. Wanting Shmegeh's body and all. Sage for OT

No. 149328

To be fair I once dreamt Chris Chan couldn turn into a bear and tried breaking into people's houses.

No. 149365

>The worst part is that I don't think it's even ketchup-scented or red. She either pulled that out of thin air due to memory issues or she made it up. If you look it up online, websites say it has black ink and none mention a scent.

Holy crap, you're right. This is either really sad that her brain is that degraded or really pathetic that she'd lie about something like that.

No. 149368

Wow you dreamt about her! So fucking cool! What's your favorite color anon? Tell us more!

No. 149393

i knew you'd be from one of those backwards ass south east asian countries lmao.

No. 149405

OT but did the mods remove the Aly thread or did it just die because Aly is boring af

No. 149407


There's a thread in /manure/ for that shit

No. 149408

Aly's thread got locked with the others. Aly got so boring though so this time I didn't protest.

No. 149422

It was banned for some reason but it's on 8ch.net/bannedcows

No. 149514

Does anybody even go there?
I saw the thread emily made for herself Kek. Bitch is just talking to herself, it's so sad.

No. 149518

yeah there's a small handful of aly followers on there. the rest of the board is pretty shit tho

No. 149992

Is this thread at max limit ?

No. 150096

Not yet.

No. 150161

how about NOT making a new thread
let it rest in peace

No. 150202

So you're the farm police?

No. 150211

Rattle rattle

No. 150226

No dude, like seriously. Let this thread AND her R.I.P.
Least we could do is just leave her be. She hasn't started anything interesting. Ya'll are just picking on her for being alive, and that's pretty gross imo.
Other cows actually produce milk, this poor chicks is just living whatever life she's got.

No. 150233

I don't know what threads you've been reading. She produces milk pretty frequently including right here in her own threads. Things are just slowing down because she's going to die is all.

No. 150234

being demoted to /snow/ is pretty brutal though.

No. 150236

fuck, what is that thing on her face?? Whatever it is, it's
- not healing and

I'm picturing something…festering. or necrotic. or both. ughhhhh