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File: 1466189718939.jpg (2.57 KB, 88x80, images.jpg)

No. 144554

No. 144555

File: 1466189915888.jpg (178.38 KB, 1000x908, jeffree-star-nathan (1).jpg)

No. 144556

delete this shit

No. 144557

No. 144558

Unless you have proof of something lolcow worthy he's done, Shit thread is shit thread.

No. 144559

Why? Not a lolcow in the slightest.

No. 144560

His whole existence is a joke.

No. 144561

that pic though

No. 144562

File: 1466190560680.jpg (21.34 KB, 332x465, j1.jpg)

No. 144563

File: 1466190574500.jpg (24.05 KB, 357x505, j2.jpg)

No. 144564

File: 1466190584529.jpg (22.86 KB, 344x517, j3.jpg)

No. 144565

File: 1466190600122.jpg (17.39 KB, 311x461, j4.jpg)

No. 144566

File: 1466190621684.jpg (17.06 KB, 289x437, Jeff1.jpg)

No. 144567

File: 1466190668095.jpg (17.21 KB, 287x437, jeff2.jpg)

No. 144568

Skip to 19:44 for info on latest drama. Including Rocky Roadkill and Shayla.

No. 144569

Isn't there something going around about him doing black face and saying he'd throw acid on a black woman to lighten her skin tone??????

No. 144570

Yeah. The blogger goes into that in the video that was just posted.

No. 144571

those mall photo shoots are killing me. I did not ask for this Nam flashback anon.

No. 144572

File: 1466192220884.jpeg (81.14 KB, 640x465, image.jpeg)

I found the cow guys, it's cool.

No. 144573

any used his products?

No. 144574

File: 1466192498842.png (468.21 KB, 500x589, tumblr_inline_mvivzp6mTW1qawfn…)


this is the only black face can find

No. 144575

Jeffree is definitely a cow. He starts hella shit withe every one over everything, will cuss out customers when they point out shit like his stock issues, talk shit about other makeup brands when his own shit literally falls apart in the mail, just generally acts like an obnoxious, self centered tranny all the time, etc etc etc

No. 144576

And this is just pettiness on my part but quit using so much fucking highlighter dude, it's like shining a flashlight into those huge fucking craters you call pores

No. 144577

It's amazing despite how many things he's done that could easily be considered scandalous (one wrong word on the internet these days and hordes of people will be all over you, much less something like this where he's acted clearly terribly for a decade) he is making major bank. I think for one thing it's that IG/YT have a huge trend now where they think any man who wears a fuckton of makeup is so amazing and cool and special.

No. 144578

omg who fucking cares

No. 144579


I think he is making way more money than ever before but I also am almost positive he lives way beyond his means and has a shit ton of debt

No. 144580

Isn't his family super wealthy? I'm pretty sure they fully supported him during the scene days because the music and Hot Topic merch wasn't that lucrative. He strikes me as someone who might never really know debt until he's cut off.

No. 144581


Someone wanted the recent black face picture which he posted on IG before quickly deleting it straight after but all I could find was this one while so yea Someone did care.

chill out

No. 144582

This should've been added to the OP links as well.


He was a MASSIVE cow back in the day because he could never keep his gob shut about anything, the only reason he got "internet famous" in the first place because he would stir up shit and cause drama on a daily basis on a shitty blogging site called "Melodramatic". It was his main soapbox platform before Myspace became popular. I remember he had the most followers, friends and visitors than anyone else who blogged on Melo.

He used to be very, very similar to Onision in regards to attention seeking and narcissism… I don't know if he's changed his behavoir though since he started his makeup business, but I know I don't hear too much about his bullshit these days.

No. 144583


he claim to be homeless once

No. 144584

didn't he used to be a sugar baby or something like that for creepy internet old guys when he was a teen?
I totally agree with this. Idk if he leases that rolls royce and that other fancy car (I know fuck all about cars), but how could he own that shit with a start up? He's not public right? I want the receipts on that business.

No. 144585

File: 1466195088724.jpg (14.97 KB, 400x264, 3817042.jpg)

No. 144586

>>didn't he used to be a sugar baby or something like that for creepy internet old guys when he was a teen?

I've no idea, back when he first posted on Melo, he already had his "Jeffree Star" persona on show.

I've never heard of him before then, but judging from the photos posted above that look like his teen years - he looked like an average angsty mallrat emo.

No. 144587

Shit thread start out, but yeah he's pretty lulzy.
He lives in a huge house in Calabasas, which is where a bunch of celebrities live like the Kardashians and Justin Bieber. I have no clue how he affords it, he probably doesn't make /that/ much through his makeup considering it's out of stock 90% of the time. It's fucking odd

No. 144588

A friend bought me his liquid lip in I'm Nude a month back as a bday gift, super streaky. Also crumbled off after around 4 hours. Why do these Instagram makeup pages hype up the WORST liquid lipsticks?

No. 144589


Jefree was a huge cow back in the day. Don't know about now though. I've been hearing a lot of praise abput his lipsticks from irl friends, never heard anything about him having shit products anywhere but online.

No. 144590

Really? I own one of his lippies and I love it. Lasts forever.

No. 144591

was't his boyfriend just some random he picked from Insta?

No. 144592

He claimed he used to live in downtown Hollywood for years just before his popularity hit it's peak on Myspace. I've no idea what downtown Hollywood is like but the place he was living in looked like a crustpunk dosshouse.

It's like the only expensive thing that he looked like he owned was his makeup collection at the time, and it was that slutty, trashy glamor teamed with his edgy, rude and opinionated personality that attracted all the little emo scenesters.

No. 144593

Story is Nathan messaged him on Instagram and they started talking regularly. Then Jeffree eventually moved him out to LA

No. 144594

drama or gtfo newb

No. 144595

No. 144596

No. 144597

No. 144598

Where's the slap supposed to be? I'm sorry but that gild was being rude and all he did was jump. You're supposed to ask permission before doing that shit.

No. 144599

Surprise no one posted this. Goes off on some IG make up person, and basically calls her a cunt and that he'll beat her to the ground the next time he sees her.

No. 144600

and this.

A fan got one of his highlighters and it fell out of the compact and shattered it when he first opened it. he went on Youtube, basically said how much he still LOVES Jstar, will always be a fan, has mad respect for him. But was just upset that his highlighter broke and that apparently his customer service wouldn't replace it or give him a refund.

Jstar comes into the video and goes off on the guy, even those he was really nice about the whole thing in his original video. Jstar deleted, made another comment about how they working to get him a new highlighter and that he hadn't even watched the video when he first commented on it. Deleted that too.

He is MESSY AS FUUUUCK and just rides people's dicks that will give him more exposure. Is one of the OG lolcows out there. He was super irrelevant for a long time, but its clear he hasn't changed at all and he's almost 30

No. 144601

What even is the bad here? He's just shopping
but >>144596 Jesus Christ, did she even touch his junk on purpose? Sometimes at concerts you get shoved and hands go in bad places which is what obviously happened here >>144595

No. 144602

2:40 in

No. 144603

No. 144604

No. 144605

No. 144606

No. 144607

Never understood Jeffree's appeal; there have always been more interesting and talented queens to follow.

No. 144608

I only heard of him because of his liquid lipsticks but after finding out how awful he is I'm kind of annoyed at all the 'make up gurus' that support his goods.

No. 144609

He's been awful for a long time, but it's funny how this has all been rediscovered due to a fan of Lime Crime/Doe Deere's. Jeffrey and Dough have been at odds for quite a while.

No. 144610

From what I've seen he's not even a queen. He's just a flaming gay guy who likes make-up.

No. 144611

Pretty much this. He has the attitude of a 2edgy4u 13 yr old and tries to hard to be controversial.

Yeah its weird they act like makeup is like gold dust i'm pretty sure you could find those items cheaper and better quality somewhere else. There are so many make up brands you can afford to be fussy and I would rather not give my money to a spoilt ungrateful asshole tbh.

No. 144612

It used to be hilarious when he wrote blog posts about how original he was and how he'd "cut a bitch" if anyone said otherwise.

He'd claim to be above the drama he caused on a daily basis, he was extremely volatile with people who didn't suck up to him and he constantly encouraged his fans to harass anyone who dared to criticise him.

He's been a lot more low-key since his failed music career, I wouldn't go as far to say that might of humbled him… but I think that with his makeup line proving to be a bit more successful, he's probably keeping up appearances for PR reasons as his shitty edgelord attitude might be unprofessional for running a legitimate cosmetic business.

No. 144613

My bad posted then deleted this. Hes so messy. A lot of projection going on here, talking about other people having a bad attitude kek.

No. 144614

I read this article about him when I was a kid. I think because some dude bought him a bajillion dollar camera and others bought him crap is the reason why I thought he was a whore.

No. 144615

So I was really close to him on myspace? internet of course, but we used to run in the same crowd. (I was also a friend with Chris Crocker, to the point that I called him after his "leave brit alone" video but thats another story) He is totally a cow. Like, I love him to death, and we lost touch over the years, but man he was an utter mess. He throws shade now like he used to then, but at least now he backs it up better.

No. 144616

File: 1466207943519.jpg (48.13 KB, 626x348, 1428495958904.jpg)

Jeffree is horribly sexist, even to this day. He claims over and over that he's changed, but his dirt in the recent years, (hell, even recent months) are so easy to dig up. He sells makeup to stupid women who would easily suck his diseased dick for instagram views. They choose that over actual quality makeup made with ethics.

He calls women cunts, sluts, etc and then backpeddles to say 'i can do this because i'm a gay man!'

Honey, no you fucking can't. He's just as bad as Lime crime in my views and would never get my money. He's petty, childish and I have no idea how he remained relevant for so long.

No. 144617

He's not even a Queen. He's just a faggot.

No. 144618

Yup. The entire second half of the video is pretty much something every person who supports JS and his makeup line needs to watch.

No. 144619

Is that Jac Vanek as Ginger Spice??

No. 144620

Oh shit, seriously? I had the same issue. I'm Nude and Unicorn blood were the only two lipsticks I ever got from him and I'm Nude was chalky on me lips and wore off. It also smelled off, so I tossed it after two or three uses. I even emailed his team about it and they said 'you must be using the lipstick incorrectly. Our formula is fine.'

No. 144621

He is literal white trash. Geez.

No. 144622

In Stephanie Nicole's video about his pallet and highlighters, she says she had the same exact issue. But people kept telling her she just happened to pick the two worse colors in the line. I've heard this said about almost every single one of the colors? Like the majority of them just happen to be the "bad ones" because of the pigments. Makes no damn sense and its clear people are just making excuses.

No. 144623

When he first started posting on Melo and LJ, he got so much attention that his posts were cross-posted on EVERY relevant lolcow community on LJ. Every post he made was a screaming queen rant about how much he was persecuted for being gay, how "fake" everyone was except for him and how much drugs and sex he was having whilst living a glamorous but trashy life.

To be honest, Melo wasn't really a popular site outside of socially-outcast edgy teenagers, it was no more popular than somewhere like vampirefreaks.com. He would post dramatic blog entries multiple times in a single day which of course made him the most viewed and added account on that site, so much that other users there began to think that he either co-owned the site or was an admin there.

When Myspace opened, that's when he pretty much jumped ship and abandoned LJ and Melo as they started declining in members. Then when Myspace began to lose popularity in favor of more current social media trends, he jumped ship again. I think that's when I started hearing less about his shenanigans, maybe because the demographic that first began to follow him had grown up, moved on and didn't care anymore.

I'm pretty surprised that this thread has been made about him because of that. Outside of his new business venture with cosmetics, he's not been relevant for a long time.

That's unless there's new milk that we don't know about, has he done anything lulzy recently?

No. 144624

I purchased the OH SO coveted Androgyny and was SUPER unimpressed. The colour was ultra pink on me (like Limecrime's Polly.) I was expecting the colour to be more similar to Colourpop's tulle..not pink -_-
The formula is ok. It doesn't last if I eat or kiss…and it smells rancid. Glad I spent 30 dollars on it.

No. 144625

>That's unless there's new milk that we don't know about, has he done anything lulzy recently?

Can you read the thread, good lord. People have posted multiple things happening in the last few weeks which outs him as a lolcow

No. 144626

I've read the thread, if you mean the videos, I can't see them unfortunately as the platform I'm using can't access them.

Can anyone give a rundown of what's happening?

No. 144627

I don't believe you have read it because people have given run downs. >>144599

No. 144628

I think he was just raised by his mom, he probs just whored around for exposure and freebies like every other myspace celeb at the time.

No. 144629

I really loved (still do tbh) his shade Redrum, it's probably my favorite red lippie I've ever tried. It lasts forever. But whatever that coral shade he had was AWFUL. So watery, it wouldn't even dry. Got a similar email when I complained, but lo and behold, they never brought it back when it sold out, and every other shade he's released has always been kept on, so obviously they knew it was shit too. Also, the first order I made sat for 2 weeks before being shipped out. Then took another week to get to me.

I wasn't really planning on ordering again - I was sorta eyeing his highlighters because it's a lot of product for the money - but in light of all this recent drama, definitely nah.

No. 144630


Wow, this was an excellent video. Totally called him out full force. I was reading the comments and even some of his fans had to agree with her or at least they were 'surprised' to learn about this side of him. Kek.

No. 144631

So a guy makes shitty make up and is still getting shit for his MySpace days, and then what? Have anyone of you listened to his music he made back in 2006-2008? I mean really there's nothing fucking new. Why is there a thread now?
Don't buy his makeup if it's so shitty, pretty simple.
He at the very least is making products that work for some and don't work for others.
Like myself, I can't do liquid to matte lipsticks. They simply don't work with my lips.
So, some products weren't made properly, ok.
How many indie make up companies are there? More than necessary.

No. 144632

He donated $2000 to the Orlando shootings official go fund me. Which is really cool

I've never tried his make up and I don't think I will though. I remember him being a whiny cunt back in the day but now he's just really fucking gay.

No. 144633

He did that shit for damage control and it's also a tax write off.

No. 144634

Jeffree Star is a rotten human. That is all.

No. 144635

>mfw this faggot has to do his makeup line swatches on the palms of his hands because that's literally the only damn part of his disgusting body he hasn't tatted up and slathered in makeup stain

Teenage me hated him during the 2004-2009 Myspace era, and I'm glad other people are outing the fucker for the fame-guzzling sellout whore he is. What a vile piece of shit. No redeeming qualities.

No. 144636


God, I can't believe how many lazy fucks are on lolcow. Read the thread stupid.

Here >>144599 and here >>144600 is the new drama.

No. 144637

Who fucking cares, he's a bitch and is mean and hurts people's fee fees.
I don't think he's ever been any other way anon, this thread is boring and shitty.
kill yourself.

No. 144638

I used to be a big fan of his when I was a 13 year old scene weenie bitch.

Now that i'm an adult and have work experience, I can't believe that he has not grown out of his sass queen persona.

He runs a business now.. A legitimate makeup business, and he is still using social media to spew hate when he becomes upset, he still cannot control his emotions apparently. Is he not embarrassed at all by it?
Had it ever come across his mind that since he is running a business maybe he should at least try to become more presentable? With the way he acts, does he even understand that it can affect the reputation of his livelihood?

OH YEAH. And check out this old video of him from 2007 making racist jokes. If you guys haven't been updated, this video has resurfaced and has turned away and upset many customers.

No. 144639

I've heard his make up is good, as far as celebrity brands go. He also called out Dahvie Vanity for fucking his underage fans which is good.

No. 144640

OMG, racist jokes in 2007! He should be crucified!
Seriously, who gives half a fuck other than tumblrfags and teenage girls?

No. 144641

I was debating on buying his stuff but after seeing all this stuff…I will not. I knew about all the crappy things, but I thought that he has change from the past. HOWEVER I was still wary of him…

I feel like if I buy from him then I am basically condoning what he has said or has done, so even if he did change. I am not going to risk it lol because I care about what I put my money into.

No. 144642

Have you even read the thread? Fuck off.

No. 144643

Stop sucking his AIDs-infested cock. Christ.

No. 144644

it reeks of samefag.

No. 144645

He only called BOTDF out after he got kicked off the tour with them. Before that he looked the other way and let it go on. He only called it out when he had something to gain.

No. 144646

speaking of Dahvie he's hanging out with some self proclaimed cat queen as his new BFF forever

No. 144647

Good to see he's still working the angles and using makeup to hide his extra chins.

No. 144648

Dahvie's bff looks like Alaska Thunderfuck.

No. 144649

more like Nebraska!

No. 148632

Nathan is clearly only after is money. He's not even gay really

No. 148633

So he just started his tour

No. 148669

Does anyone actually like his music? I tried listening to it but his very affected way of speaking just sounds terrible. I knew it would be terrible but I thought it would be terrible in a good/campy way.

No. 148815


Pretty sure he is lolol it takes a lot for a guy to pretend to be gay and fuck men for something that he isn't even promised. Unless they get married, none of that money is his.

No. 148856

I bought several of his lipsticks (four of them) over the past 2 years and needless to say, after seeing how fucking shitty he's been acting as of late (because who in the fuck treats their fans the way he did in that Rocky Roadkill scandal?), I won't be buying anymore of his products. I like my lipsticks and they feel good, but fuck Jeffree. He's not getting anymore of my money.

Props to Stephanie Nicole for doing that review on his new eyeshadow palette and highlighters. They looked ugly in the packaging (how the hell would you use all those colors in the Beauty Killer palette for a non-drag look???) but after seeing swatches with brushes? Even worse.

No. 150648

File: 1467668611154.png (81.56 KB, 1038x493, jstar.png)

So Jeffree just came out and apologized for it all on Twitter.

No. 150655

which video is he even talking about?

No. 150661

The one where he talks about throwin th bleach on a black women's skin to lighten it so her foundation would match

No. 150668



It's just to cover up he's probably still shallow inside. He's gotta make cash tho so yano

Same with kaka and kota "buh dey were jus teenagers!"

fuck off they were old enough to know better

No. 150672

oh my god and his apology for that is 90% blaming the other dude

No. 150674

But he still acts like that? evidence being his snaps about the IG makeup girl…

No. 150761

He still acts like an asshole though. I probably never would've known about this shit if it weren't for him acting like a jerk to that one fan in his YouTube comments. It's sad how people who were old enough to know better don't grow up. He still has a legion of dumbass teenage white girls who keep telling him to drag people and keep slaying. Ugh.

No. 150883

But it does, Jeffree has been a huge asshole for like a decade, but now it can really hurt his makeup line so he needs to apologize to his ~fans~

No. 150902

He's a terrible person but he's not exactly a lolcow.

Look at normal lolcows, they usually have more to them than being terrible people such as having no worth or skills etc. Jeffree has the terrible person bit down fine but he's running successful online PR and his own products and has a sense of personal appearance etc.
A crooked owner is hardly rare in the media or business world.

One thing that's probably helped him is his networking with so many 'infamous' celebs like Kat Von D and Ru Paul. I hate his over-egged use of 'YASSS SLAYY HUNTY QUEEN etc'to fit in with the current thing but it's clearly working for him just fine.

No. 150919

Same. I started buying his lipsticks when they launched and I own about 4-5 now, but his attitude is disgusting. He won't be getting any of my hard earned money either. Image is everything and he treats women like shit (his MAIN AUDIENCE) as well as straight men and black people.

His highlighters look like shit and I'm convinced anyone who uses them are teenagers who think extreme highlighting is a normal part of makeup. I'm sick of woman looking like drag queens because of these tumblr and IG trends. Bold and heavy makeup is not sexy. Jeffree is a manchild and a piece of shit.

No. 150921

He's so fake. He's the same racist and sexist person he was 10 years now. Only now he can't hide his words through IG and twitter. if you're going to be a makeup ambassador, you better be careful what you fucking say.

No. 151812

Can we talk about the fact (other than his lips) that he claims he has never done any [plastic surgery to his face that he was ''born this way''

No. 151821

it's excruciatingly annoying bc everyone who is one of his rabid customers thinks they're so much better than everyone else. I remember talking to some girl who talked shit about everyone who got Kylie Jenners lip kits (which suck now, no doubt) but at the time she had bought every single fucking one of his lipsticks. And fucking Pixielocks gloating about how she went over to Limecrime's booth to put on Jeffree's shit in front of Doe as if Jeffree isn't cut from the same damn cloth that bitch is.

No. 151831

you could say he was.. an udder mess

No. 151842

To be fair I think he's telling the truth on that one except maybe some butt implants. He is a guy so his face hollowing out and his jaw becoming more defined the older he gets doesn't seem unrealistic at all.

No. 151869

He admitted to getting a hairline procedure too

No. 151870

Pixie is a cunt and you're right, both Jeffree and Doe from Limecrime are horrible people with bad makeup and even worse personalities.

No. 151871

He's so unattractive. Why do people worship this jackass?

No. 151885

He admits to botox and always has

No. 151890

He must have butt implants. He posts nude pictures of it on snapchat occasionally and considering how skinny he is with zero muscle it shouldn't be possible to have a butt like that when the rest of his body looks like an elongated 10 year olds.

No. 151902

File: 1467831975865.jpg (16.74 KB, 363x292, jeffree.jpg)

of course he got implants

No. 152730

The first 8 or so minutes of this video are of him trying to do damage control. Jeffree, the damage is done.

No. 152956

File: 1468053789677.jpg (85.76 KB, 832x467, ss (2016-07-09 at 01.42.13).jp…)

Anyone else he put this random black girl in his video from the re-surge of his drama? To seem more PC or whatever

No. 152960

Honestly their whole chemistry/interactions are very awkward and weird

No. 152961

File: 1468054451173.png (106.73 KB, 247x285, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 09.5…)

>It's so…everyday.

No. 152963

That ass looks 52 years old. It's horrendous. Rode hard & put away wet?

No. 152964

Wait, his ass looked that old ten years ago?

No. 152967

That's his assistant/former manager from his singer days. She's in his other swatch video from when he announced the Skin Frost release

No. 153107

All super forced but then again, she gets paid to do this shit.

No. 153202

File: 1468117272760.png (216.52 KB, 1080x1223, He's jus unique~.png)

Honestly his fans clearly aren't much better (let alone brighter) than him. They deserve each other actually. Kek

No. 154893


I already admitted to it

No. 154904

No. 154906

He looks like a detroit fuck boii i see them walking around all the time lmao

No. 154909

She makes a good point, I thought about the chance of Nathan being with Jeffree for his money before. I mean it makes sense, like she said he was just this sheltered stoner kid and now he's driving a Rolls Royce and living in fucking Calabasas.

No. 157076

File: 1468913414310.png (878.09 KB, 939x609, kvdjs.png)

Kat Von D just publicly ended her friendship with him


No. 157079

File: 1468913926397.png (26.9 KB, 578x187, 286ec56d97c7600d1c5e73073a9834…)

No. 157084

Haha I was just coming here to post that. Even Kat is fed up with his bullshit and she's no saint either. That's pretty bad.

No. 157095

What artwork?

No. 157177

File: 1468941672846.jpg (17.05 KB, 583x101, 0eh2JT4.jpg)

One of a few quickly deleted replies

No. 157178

File: 1468941740611.png (46.23 KB, 589x228, 9trV4uj.png)

No. 157180

File: 1468941924226.png (23.83 KB, 603x119, NI1Y9jz.png)


and a bit of back and forth, jeffree has decided he is too good for shit stirring, despite making a fucking career out of it.

No. 157183

He's already made his comments though, like in >>157177

Drama queens always stir shit up and then when they have nothing more to say, they play the "but I'm not gonna stoop to your level!" shit. These morons aren't staying quiet out of peace and love, it's because they'd already told everybody everything.

No. 157194

He's not saying anything else because he knows she's right. Otherwise he would have took to Snapchat and dragged her ass just like he did with everyone else he ever had an issue with.

No. 157201

And Kat has posted her video regarding the drama

No. 157205

File: 1468946382540.jpeg (74.54 KB, 733x728, image.jpeg)

Love her and she comes across as a real person with concern for an artist and even still some concern for Jeffree here. Really sad to have thought of Jeffree as a creative person when he has so little regard for artists who helped make his brand what it is.

Can't wait for the inevitable snapchat tirade from Jeffree though lol

No. 157206

His star logo with the J's that's on all his makeup. Kat in that new video even shows the preliminary sketches by the artist that Jeffree never paid.

No. 157240

We all predicted this was eventually going to happen when word would get out that he's actually a nasty piece of work.

Maybe he just didn't get the memo that preaching your own fucking agenda is bad for your business.

No. 157241


Not that I'm supporting this mess on legs but there will always be fans to sadly big him up.

No. 157243


How did this pounce even get to where he is today despite Myspace?

No. 157244

The same way as the Kardashians did but without the sex tape, he was an early adoptee of internet drama and would interject himself anywhere he could.

No. 157245

he's been a MUA for years and he sucked up to the right people who would promo him. KVD, Sugarpill, etc.

No. 157278

The internet is a vector for culture-bound syndromes.

No. 157346

I like Kat, I think she's genuine and really creative. Also, not really involved in any drama these days so I do believe that she only posted this as a last resort for her friend to be properly compensated and credited. I don't know anything about this artist, but maybe he doesn't have the means to take this issue to court or something like that.

No. 157349

File: 1468970248765.jpg (27.51 KB, 463x237, jeffrreefaketweet.JPG)


No. 157356

Lol his ass is going to burn just like Doe Deere did! It's no ones fault but his own. Like Doe, he'll still have Dumbass minions to defend him like how they're doing on Kat Von D's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

No. 157357

File: 1468971716462.png (36.03 KB, 593x355, kat.PNG)

In the midst of Jeffree crying about how BJ and Kat are lying, Kat comes out with another bomb. He's pathetic.

No. 157474

You're a little late, anon.

No. 157478

Well, he didn't go on some rant on snap chat but he's gonna make a video revealing "the truth" soon.
Looking forward to whatever bullshit he has to say

No. 157492

I think Kat's a bitch too. There's a reason why she got along with Star so long. I'm sick of bitches saying "I've held my tongue to this horrible racist individual, but now that I'm fucked over I'm going to say something about it."

I have a lot of JS's lipsticks and they're all mostly pretty nice. Not too drying like ColourPop and most of them have staying power. I really like them, but I stopped buying from him because he's just too much of an asshat. It's secondhand embarrassment. I'd rather spend a few more bucks and buy Lancome or something.

No. 157498

>"I know people are expecting me to pop off and be crazy, it's like, I don't– that's not how I react when something is not true because I have nothing to be angry about"
He is so fucking full of shit, honestly. That doesn't even make sense?
Why would you be less inclined to get angry when someone is (supposedly) lying and talking trash about you that isn't true, as opposed to if they were telling the truth?
I'd be much more furious if someone was trying to make up false rumours about me than if they were just calling me out on shit I'd actually done.
And isn't that what he's always done anyway? Gone off on shit like this, trying to 'drag' people. By that logic, does it mean he was lying, wildly over-dramatising and making shit up when he got mad and defensive all those times? The whole incident with that Shayla girl, for example; when she denied saying any of the shit Jeffree claimed and he proceeded to chimp out on Snapchat.

Looks to me like he's guilty as fuck and doesn't know what to do with himself. I'd assume he's now afraid of how this, on top of all the other recent drama, will affect his career and popularity.

No. 157513

Bets on how many seconds he'll make it into his 'truth' video before he calls Kat a bitch, slut, whore, etc.?

No. 157528

If he has any sense of self awareness he will make the "truth" video very calm and inoffensive to try and pretend he's mature. If he goes off on Kat and calls her a bunch of bullshit he knows he will lose fans since there is an overlap in his fans and Kat's who are still riding the fence or waiting for a chimpout before unsubbing.

Though didn't he delete one of the tweets where he was like "no wonder no man stayed. What a bitter dark person" haha

No. 157531

Don't leave out the possibility of cunt! He called one woman a cunt twice in one of his snapchat fits.

No. 157545

I hate both these bitches but watching jeffree get dragged is the shit. When she subtly dropped that his Bentley or whatever is leased, you know kat is shading him so hard.

No. 157568

File: 1469044935304.jpg (267.98 KB, 750x500, jeffree_star___natural_light_b…)

oldie but goodie.

No. 157572

Disgusting. I ran into him at the cure show back in the early 2000's when he was MySpace popular and and he looked like lurch in horrible make up, hunch back and all. No one was paying attention to him but he kept posting on MySpace that he was "running into fans left and right!!"

No. 157599

The cure show? As in The Cure, the band? Just curious.

No. 157604

File: 1469052338496.png (332.05 KB, 415x613, Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 23.0…)

god this one always disturbed me

No. 157605

File: 1469052524616.png (621.71 KB, 651x547, Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 23.0…)

Anyone ever watched Whatstyleistonickel? He doesn't blog as much anymore. But he always reminded me of JS too

No. 157607

w h y would anyone ever think that this was a good idea for a photoshoot

also it looks like blood literally shot out of his nonexistent vagina like a bullet from a gun. that spatter pattern…

No. 157610

File: 1469053197355.jpg (64.65 KB, 500x750, theclassic.jpg)

Because this is literally what profile pictures for scene kids were back in the Myspace times, it's nothing abnormal.
This one was the classic though, it was everywhere.

No. 157611

God he looks like a meth addict here lol.
I don't think he understands how periods work..

No. 157612

I understand that he had a popular Myspace/scene aesthetic but apart from that he is just a bitchy man dragging up or as his fans would say "sassy".

Nowadays he just looks like a monster. Where is the appeal?
I liked how Kat mentioned his hypocrisy regarding vegan labelling on his products. The man comstantly buys non vegan cosmetics and brags about his designer leather goods on his beauty channel.

No. 157649

Jeffree's posted his reply video, for the tl;dw

>Kat was supposed to be an investor for his brand but then stopped replying to his emails, from there he used his "life savings" to start it up

>BJ Betts didn't know what was going on when Jeffree went to contact him
>Jeffree never responded to Kat with "fuck off" after she asked him what was going on
>since Kat's video Jeffree's family have been harassed and doxxed

No. 157666

his new thing is buying a shitload of those horrible cinnamon bites from taco bell filled with non vegan icing lol. He's just getting the vegan dollar with labeling, like kat said.

No. 157668

In the video he just posted >>157649 he says he's not vegan but made the lipsticks vegan because a large number in his following is vegan and he was just trying to cater to everyone.

I've seen both kat and jeffree's videos now, and honestly both of them are pretty convincing
when his video came out I definitely thought he was going to go off the rail and yell and berate just like he always does, but he was really composed

his text messages serve more proof than kat bc she didn't even show any of that

what i find odd is how he says his lawyer contacted BJ to pay him, but he says he didn't steal his idea
if you didn't steal his idea then why does he need payment?

No. 157680

yeah I just finished the video now actually haha.

I was really shocked by the maturity of his response and his side is really convincing bc of the texts.

And my thoughts exactly, he knows the idea was from BJ and that he was just being a cheapass who wanted to pay a buddy far less for the same basic idea.

Glad the artist was paid in the end but I do also agree it was bullshit for Kat to speak on the artist's behalf after accusing jeffree of stealing lipstick formulas or whatever from the lab.

No. 157682

He responded to this very maturely, I'm surprised.

I think his points are valid too, but I hated how he had to bring up how his family is getting doxed. Makes me discredit his claims a bit.

No. 157684

yeah I cringed a little at that, as if getting doxed proves or disproves anything. Luckily he didn't harp on it for much of the video or cry about it or anything.

No. 157707

He's being "mature" because I'm sure Kats bank account surpasses his lol. If kat was a nobody he would have went off as well. He's backed in a corner now.

No. 157711

Too lazy to watch, but he didn't he tweet that he said "fuck off" and blocked Kat when her post came out? He said something along the lines of "we hadn't spoken for a year until sat when I told her to fuck off and blocked her" or something?? I'm trying to find it but it's not there, but I swear I saw a tweet like that yesterday.

No. 157719

Yeah in the video he said he meant face to face. Still dumb tho. Crazy how much he contradicts himself in this video

No. 157735

File: 1469087400503.png (845.97 KB, 912x872, Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 08.4…)

I think they're both trying to out victim each other

No. 157739

The thing is, your own texts are not really evidence (unless you are Margo Palermo, lol). It's obvious from the sketches Kat showed that Jefree did not really 'pass' on using BJ. He took the idea, changed it a bit and ran with it. That's not 'passing'.

No. 157744

The hypocrisy of his response was nauseating. Pretending to be so shocked and disgusted that Kat Von D would use her celebrity platform to call him out when he slams total nobodies on twitter/snapchat/whatever frequently. Why is it okay when he sends his rabid fans after people with a handful of followers for the slightest transgression? His response to Kat was only so 'mature' because for once he wasn't picking on someone beneath him.

I like Kat's products but I wouldn't call myself a fan, and I've never used any of Jeffree's (there was a time when I wanted to but his shit is never in stock), so I don't feel the urge to "pick a side" or anything. However, knowing of Jeffree since his MySpace days, I didn't need to see any of these videos or tweets to know that he's the asshole in this situation. He just always is. When it comes to drama he's a pig in shit.

No. 157745

>Pretending to be so shocked and disgusted that Kat Von D would use her celebrity platform to call him out when he slams total nobodies

Exactly. Somebody did a review of one of his products that was basically "oh it arrived broken, that's a shame but I still love it" and he went off of them even though it was a pretty positive review.

No. 157763

The way people are lashing out on Kat is pathetic.

>> for u to think he owes his brand to u!!!11

Like seriously. The fact that she explained how she helped him get to where he is and pointing out how he apparently acts like she never supported his brand is ridiculous. She even stated he could have started it without her help, only not in the same way or on a similar platform. It doesn't take many brain cells to process that. But brainless drones will be brainless drones, I guess.

It's kind of scary to think that some people have such difficulties to put two and two together and simply think on their own.

No. 157784

Jeffree's side of the story has was too many inconsistencies and his clearly rehearsed video was filled with emotionally manipulative retorts.

>>he never did artwork for me, and we passed on using him
>>Kat shows preliminary sketches BJ did
>>Jeffree backtracks like a motherfucker and claims AFTER seeing the sketches that he couldn't afford BJ's work
>>now claims to have paid BJ - even though he said in his message to Kat that BJ never did any artwork for him. If he didn't do any artwork, why pay him?

Surely, if you're working with someone professionally, and money is an issue, you ask the costs BEFORE anyone does any artwork whatsoever. Regardless of whether it ends up being used or not. Also, I assume BJ has been paid off also from revealing his side of the story in a NDA type way. If BJ was in the middle of being paid on Friday (like Jeffree is insinuating), surely he would've said something to Kat, right? Instead of going off and derailing the conversation about the Too Faced thing (which is hilarious as Too Faced definitely describes Jeffree anyway).

No. 157811

>Jeffree never responded to Kat with "fuck off" after she asked him what was going on
And yet, he himself says "She accused me of something that wasn't true, SO I TOLD HER TO FUCK OFF and then blocked her number-" in this tweet right here >>157178

Hello blatant contradiction.

No. 157829

I think he was trying to say he still paid bj for coming up with sketches even though he didn't end up using them. At least I think that's what he meant. Fuck jeffree

No. 157834

He took an entire day to come up with this 23 minute script and still couldn't say what he meant? If he was telling the truth (not skirting by it to make him sound like a victim), the correct wording would be straight forward enough for him to find. There would be no ambiguities and there certainly would be no need for anyone to say "I think this is what he meant by that" etc. Like, I could understand it if someone shoved a camera in his face and took him completely off-guard while demanding a response 5 minutes after watching her video, but that's not the case.

No. 157843

Jeffree's video had a few cuts in it as well, where as I don't believe Kat's had any and was one straight shot.

No. 157848

This. Not only that, but his personal info has been available online for years considering he's a lolcow, it's just that he's kept a relatively low profile since his Myspace years and the milk dried up, so people were no longer interested in him to continue harassing him.

No. 157864

He's only composed because Kat Von D is a huge name and celebrity. It would be business destroying if he went off in a rant saying 'this fucking cunt' etc like he does to everyone else. He probably wanted to go off and say shit like >>157177 but he actually had the intelligence to realise that would be complete damage to his rep and his business. He's still a cunt though and I would not trust his snake ass.

No. 158652

Lime Crime's Instagram now has more followers than his brand (it used to be the other way around by a huge margin). He fucked up big time and I love it.

No. 158663

Oh boy, that's an epic fuck up.

No. 158664

I almost cant believe that
Like Lime Crime really fucked up and now J* whose dick everyone was sucking a week ago is below them?

Maybe there is a god

No. 158673

Did anyone else notice he made sure to have 2 black women as his accessories for his latest video?
Jeffree wearing black models as accessories doesn't stop you being racist.

No. 158674

probably because his JS cosmetics page got hacked and deleted like 2 weeks ago, so he hasn't had time to accumulate followers, retard

No. 158675

I really like Kat von D's makeup products, so I'm glad this cut this cunt off. It sucks though because a lot of Jeffree's 12 year old followers came to Kat's Instagram and flooded her with insults, even though a lot of people told them to go to Stephanie Nicole's video with evidence of Jeffree's abuse to women and morally bankrupt view of the people who buy his products.

They will still defend him. It's really irritating. I say good for Kat. She doesn't need his toxic persona hanging around. I have a hard time believe Jeffree is under attack considering how he is. His products aren't even good quality compared to KVD.

No. 158676

Haha, Good. It would be great to see Jeffree lose business. He clearly has issues with women and is very vocal about it. I'm surprised people still support his products. Both lipsticks I got from his brand were streaky and dry. I tossed them after a few uses.

No. 158752

>Kat was supposed to be an investor for his brand but then stopped replying to his emails, from there he used his "life savings" to start it up

Haha, he means he had to be his own adult instead of getting his monies handed to him for just being "sassy" and having penciled brows. Boohoo faggot lol.
Kat probably knew he was a loose cannon, would ruin his brand eventually, and that's why she didn't take the risk. Smart move on her.

No. 158799

No. It was brought back with all of his followers after he talked to ig about the false reports.

No. 158870

Scrolling the thread and noticed he deleted a lot of his old videos. I'm actually surprised he didn't do that a long time ago, to be honest.

No. 158893

That's okay. Once it's out there, someone might have archived the videos. He's screwed no matter what. He's already been proven to be a racist and sexist faggot.

No. 158903

horrible quality video, but it sure does show what a lovely attitude he has

No. 159011

Yeah no, you idiot. I was one of his Instagram followers up until about 3 days ago and checked the numbers before I unsubbed, so he still had his followers even when it got deleted and came back. People are unsubscribing from his shit.

No. 159017

What was the video? It went on private

No. 159050

I guess i am the only one but i find his level of swearing extremely annoying. I mean i swear a lot myself and love it but does he really need to call everybod and their mother a 'stupid ass mothefucker'? And then expects to be taken seriously?

No. 159053

You're not the only one. His excessive swearing comes off as immature and unprofessional. It's on a level that try hard love. They're probably screaming, "But he's being Jeffree!" He's the face of a brand and is unprofessional as hell. Even smaller beauty bloggers on YouTube don't really swear but of course, the ones that do complain about how they never get sponsorships. Imagine that.

No. 159091

I love me a good swear word fom time to time but damn he has to stop. I cringe everytime he calls somebody a hoe or bitch or motherfucker. Representing a brand and trying to come across as professional this is pretty stupid of him…

No. 159112

Jeffree's been trying to remove a bunch of videos as of late and Tweets etc. to save his dying reputation.
Someone reposted a video on Facebook he's been getting removed all over YouTube of a series of clips from his MySpace days of him being racist etc. to others
But multiple people are reuploading it to YouTube en masse thankfully

No. 159187


Is he literally so stupid to say such things when representing a brand? Does he really believe it is okay to say this

No. 159237

This was before he had his cosmetic company

No. 159242

Honestly though he's had his name as a 'brand' for a real long time though, I'm glad karma is coming back to haunt him.

No. 159277

I honestly want to join the mass upload. He deserves all the hate he gets.

No. 159278

It wasn't though. He posted a series of snapchats calling a black woman a cunt and worse shit because she disagreed with him. Not to mention the black MUA who bought his highlighter and Jeffree trashed him on his youtube even though the guy was a fan of Jeffree.

No. 159280

This. And then without even watching the video, Jeffree publically trashed the poor guy. He deleted his comments soon after, but screencaps exist. I'll go look for them.

No. 159335

Didn't he say in a video at one point that he grew up as white trailer trash? It clearly shows.

No. 159366

Are you for real take insulting black person as racism?
>innsulting poc = racism
It'ss tumblr tier loogic.

No. 159451

Calabasas isn't expensive. You Americans have no idea how lucky you are to have heap housing. In England, London, you can't get a 1 bedroom flat in a decent area for less than 250k, and even those ones are shit and horrible.

No. 159463

Calm down anon chan we were talking about insulting/swearing while representing a brand in general not about insulting black people specifically.
Don't read tumblr shit into every comment, okay?

No. 159469

File: 1469529773374.png (69.08 KB, 259x194, untitled.png)

anyone remember this putrid little dweeB?

No. 159470

File: 1469531567709.png (301.64 KB, 635x819, brandonhilton.png)

also anyone remember Brandon Hilton?
I've followed him longer than anyone else he's such a full blown cow and the milk never dries up.

>pretends he 'took the fashun wurld my storm when he was 13 years old'

>pretends he used to be myspace famous along with Jeffree, regularly alludes to it as if it's such an achievement
>wrote long posts about how he's mates with Lady Gaga & Paris Hilton
>LOOK THIS IS US HANGING OUT IN THIS PHOTO (you mean you waited in line for 4 hours and paid $100 for a selfie)
>spent a long time being a gaga imitator and making the cringiest music videos of all time
>even made a fucking movie about himself where he plays his own mary sue
>claims family was shot up in some burger king heist

the thing is he's been on the faking-it grind so long he's actually amassed a following and I even think his haters forgot about him.

At the moment he seems to have jumped on the drag race bandwagon and trying to inch his way to fame that way. (he even has more followers than a lot of previous stars!?) I'm almost hoping he'll be on the next season so I can watch his talentless ass flop once again for the millionth time.
>he must be almost 30 at this point

I was gonna make a thread about him but I wasn't sure people cared about him anymore. Should I?

No. 159572

Jeez what a twat. just another Pearl-obsessed part-time queen… I love him pretending he's doing something more than just standing in an audience at a Gwen Stefani concert.

No. 159574

VIP. VIP!!!!!!!

No. 161691

So his limited edition summer line of liquid lipsticks sounds like a huge flop. The most popular color, Watermelon Soda has numerous complaints of it being streaky and the consistency is too liquidy. People on his IG are demanding refunds and are talking about doing PayPal charge acme since most are not hearing back from customer service. Jeffree's solution? Stick it in the freezer for 5 minutes then take it out and shake it up, all better! How shitty. If never want a lipstick that you have to go through that much trouble for. How would you reapply it after eating when you're out?

No. 161693

I forgot to mention that this is happening with two of the other colors too so 3/5 of the lipsticks released in this line are unusable.

No. 161770

He's been claiming copyright on people that use clips of him being racist on YouTube. Kat Blaque just got a copyright strike for it and because YouTube has a 3 strikes and you're out kinda policy anyone with an actual following is going to be scared of posting videos with evidence.

No. 161795

File: 1469884475202.jpg (341.44 KB, 620x757, 57ed93893454deaf57c312aade0b0e…)

I hope people stop buying his stick. In all honesty, Kat Von D and MAC are my go to lipsticks. If Sugarpill even went to lipsticks, she'd be set. I'm already in love with her eyeshadows, and they're very pigmented and well priced as well. On top of that, Amy may be a bit insane, but she's a sweetheart. Jeffree is a scumbag and the quality of his lipsticks drop every launch.

No. 161796

It's not like it's infringement. It's a legit video of him being a racist piece of shit. Damn, he's really scared.

No. 161804

Good. He should be. Soon, he'll be just a crazy nobody with a handful of autistic stans like another someone with a thread on this board.

No. 161806

SP has a line of lipsticks they sold at IMATS and one liquid lipstick that had a limited run. They're planning on doing an actual release this summer. The liquid lipstick is a beautiful peachy pink with gold sparkle and the matte lipsticks are pretty boring bright pink and red. I love Amy. Her style is cringe worthy, but she's genuine. Instead of disgusting neon signs in her offices she rescued a dumpster cat to hang out in the office after paying all the vet bills.

No. 161811

I bought trinket on its limited run, can confirm that it's beautiful. it was my first liquid lipstick and definitely didn't turn me off.

No. 161812

God, first lipstick I was ever mad about not getting. It sold out in the first minute. I know it'll eventually be permanent, but SP's lipsticks have taken forever to come out.

No. 161826

He's probably claiming that because the video came originally from his or a friend's myspace account that the video belongs to him and is being used without his permission.

No. 161939

File: 1469925635139.jpeg (14.13 KB, 100x97, 34249142.jpeg)

holy fucking Stickydrama nostalgia. He posted the most ridiculous shit back in the day, barely even believable I always thought he was a troll. He's still a nobody I love it

No. 161960

Brandon Hilton needs a thread of his own. I'm surprised no ones caught on to him yet

No. 161991

I know they had a slight difference in the two trinket batches and I think because of that, Amy cracked down hard on the formula to try and make sure it was consistent and perfect every time

Sage for OT

No. 163668

who else is watching the drama with kat go down

No. 163671

>>as if it's still ongoing
We did when it happened 3 weeks ago. Nothing new has happened since Jeffree released his video on it so nothing more to discuss on that end tbh as Kat didn't clap back after that.

No. 174550


>"i'm as humble as they come"

how does one spend so much money on shit that looks so damn tacky?

No. 174552


sooo edgy

No. 174554

File: 1474076170099.jpg (44 KB, 564x564, 4b0c1dd80f560087d35298665ef390…)

last post i promise:

the new lipsticks… actual vibrators
he said he's been working on them for years, but they look like he put them together in two weeks

No. 174567

those tubes are Lime Crime cheap level. You'd think he'd spring for more expensive looking packaging, since he's all about that lux~ life. But I guess if he cheaps out on packaging thats mor emoney for him.

No. 174656

I hate this persons face and she seems to be one of those vegans who can't go 5 minutes without saying about how she is vegan.

No. 174661

Honestly speaking, what can you expect from some sham of a person like him?
Money over quality.

No. 174730

Oh gosh they look so close to Lime Crime too (as in, not really close but maybe close enough to bother Doe) that I'm surprised Doe doesn't go after him for copyright infringement.
She should anyway. I'd love to see a catfight between these two.

No. 174731

Seriously those tubes look like they'll crack and break. Revlon probably has got sturdier packaging.

No. 174765

God they look like kiddie lipsticks

No. 174783

>introduces new product
>6 out of 10 shades are pink

Even hardcore fans were disappointed.

No. 181828

Fucking hell, it's vids like this that make me think Jeffree should be on /pt/.

>shameless bragging about designer stuff it's 2003

>his persona is evermore unoriginal and absorbed from other unoriginal cringefests like laganja

Skip to 9:34 he shows has about the intelligence of a rock
>'got a problem with being poor? work harder'
>'life's all about spending time with others and having fun'
>entire online persona and message has been about showing off his material wealth

No. 181857

just like "his" rolls royce, I bet all of this stuff is borrowed or rented.

He is not making enough to be living like kylie jenner or something. he seems to only show each bag like once (wear it a few times I mean) even though he is so "obsessed" with them so I bet he leases them for a month or two through a service or buys and returns them.

he would do anything to seem rich.

No. 181858

That comment about working is just more proof he hasn't changed at all tbh.

No. 181860

I hate him so much. You can't just "work harder" there are people working 3 jobs who barely make enough money to pay their bills and eat. The here's this cunt showing off all the shit he got handed to him for being a myspace famous bitchy tranny, and claiming it all came from hard work. Get fucked Jeffree Star.

No. 181867

Pretty sure every purchase is a tax write off or business expense for his channel… but the only thing is he doesnt monetise his videos..so idk

No. 181868

File: 1476197234873.png (97.42 KB, 187x260, Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 15.4…)

>handed to him for being a myspace famous bitchy tranny
kek yeah what he's built a career off the kind of surface-level edginess that was only relevant 10 years ago, and he wants to call it 'hard work'. Soz we didn't all catch teh myspace tranny train

No. 181871

also his boyfriend is really hot but it's like he was some weener that was bumming round in LA and has now found cushty existence where he suffers jef's company and getting his dick sucked by him, in exchange for financial support and e-fame.

No. 181875

Ugh, the fucking bag charms are so tacky…

No. 181876

Nah, his bf lived with his parents somewhere else, and then Jeff just couldn't date someone who lived so far away (I think they met up once, can't remember) so he gave him a job and let him move in with him. He's pretty much his sugar daddy.

The dude also isn't gay/b0 he 'dosen't care about that stuff', so yeah Jeff is the first man he's with, feels real fishy (and in the video I saw all the bf wanted to do was get high and chill lol).

No. 181894

yeah i just feel like he must be more interested in the idea of the lifestyle, the fact he's financially supported and can smoke and skate etc. in LA and be seen on youtube because who the fuck could put up with that flaccid personality. If jeffree has to have sucha fake persona the least he could do is express a whiff of originality. he's not even committed to it which make his 'gurrlll' and 'mamas best believe' 100x cringier.

No. 187973

File: 1477370011434.png (195.91 KB, 540x454, tumblr_ofiexwiiPW1r0jce3o1_540…)


Saw this on tumblr and thought it was amusing (why would anyone think this was a good idea)

No. 188059

I'll never understand why he releases products and then says they're meant for something different than the name says.

>releases black highlighter

> "use it for contouring!!"

>releases yellow lipstick

> "use it as an eyeliner!!"

No. 188094

I bought Watermelon Soda and was so disappointed. Jeffree said it was because of the California heat that made customers Lipstick liquidy. I'm from Ireland so I don't know if that's an actual thing that happens to liquid lipsticks over there.
I bought 714 just to be sure that I just didn't get a bad MS but it was the same and super streaky. I'm not buying any more of his products.
For the price of the liquid lipstick and shipping it cost be 28 euros for that piece of crap.
NYX lipsticks cost me 7 euros and I think they're amazing

No. 188132

Pretty sure thats just a bullshit excuse. I've bought make up online from all over and have never had something like heat melt/ liquify the product. If its sealed and stored correctly than it shouldn't be an issue at all.

No. 188138

Why would black highlighter ever be a thing?? I don't use highlighter, but aren't they usually a sheen color?

No. 188141

714 just has a terrible formula or something. (I bought one, and it was fucking awful.) The first release of it was so terrible it was the only lipstick he didn't restock out of all the colors he released. Then he finally brought it back for summer and I guess it was more of the same.

I really did like Redrum. Probably one of my favorite red lipsticks I owned and didn't budge. But I'm not repurchasing.

No. 188143

Because JS likes to release unwearable colors and call it innovation, or something. That black highlighter looks unusable unless you're doing drag-tier contouring or Halloween makeup.

No. 188189

i feel the same, wearing yellow lipstick and black highlighter is never going to be a mainstream thing.

Although, I do think the gothic culture could use that highlighter in some creative ways.
Sight de-rail. But there's a Youtuber called "ItsBlackFriday" and I feel like she is the only person who could possibly pull that off.

No. 188193

I've seen people use it as eyeshadow mostly, which is retarded. Why not release a shimmer eye shadow singles/ palette with these colors? Like the mint highlighter as well. I guess its good for the consumer since you get a shit ton of product in the highlighter, but its so bizarre from a marketing stand point.

No. 188220

She literally looks like she smeared lead all over her face.

>that Hitler stache


No. 188252

Goodness he's so fucking annoying-he uses a lot of AAVE seems to think hes a black girl which is ironic given what hes said before about throwing acid on a black girl so that she'd be lighter.

Also hes a blatent poser, he keeps stroking his hair and trying to be "cute and sassy" with the way he talks (like seriously if you played the drinking game you'd be dead from alcohol poisoning in this video alone) also the comment he made about "if you know a lipstick in this colour" doesnt he have his own make up line why not just make one in that colour. WOuld be better than that horrible banana one he has unless some people like dressing up as boho the clown (well tbf i guess thats jeffrees asthetic.

His BF is hot tho, damn.

No. 188261

Yeah pass. Not buying a giant fucking compact of what amounts to black shimmer eyeshadow.

No. 188266

So people can't bitch when the product is shit at what it was designed to do/is actually unwearable as a highlighter any day its not Halloween. Honestly, who is going to use a black highlighter as a highlighter at any other time than Halloween than someone showing off their #undiscoveredmuaskillz on Instagram? He's trying to pass it off as a multi-use product without claiming it is in the official marketing to get people to buy it before realising they've been ripped off. It's very clearly a gimmick ("limited edition") bullshit product aimed at Instahoes with too much disposable income who will buy fucking anything he puts out.

No. 188842

I feel like if you do goth makeup, as in very pale foundition it could good as a contor shade as its pretty ashy but i dont think it could work on anyone as a highlighter imo. Also, note how jeffree hasnt posted any pics of it being worn as a highlighter, just as shadow. he knows its awfull and people are only buying for the gimmick.
i watched someone use it as a shadow, its not pigmented (as a shadow) at all!

No. 188845

lol looks like shes turning into a silverfish also
>highlighting the bridge of your already oily ass nose

No. 188874

I swear jeffree is just throwing shit at a wall and see in what sticks at this point.

No. 189145

>7:22 that glance down
as if he fucking understood anything about kurt cobain having become the person that he is.

No. 189187

He also neglects to mention that he was a guitarist, what an idiot.

No. 190521

This was flattery. Really.

No. 192876

Aaaand this is another reason I refuse to support this jackass, aside from his racist past coming to light. No matter how much money he has, he'll always be a tacky bitch.

This is nothing more than an overpriced black eye shadow. I don't think even emo and scene kids would've ever gone through a pan that size back when those subcultures were a thing. He's great at showing the world how stupid his fans are, cognitive dissonance and all.

The stupid thing about that "highlighter" is that his retarded fans are trying to push it as a highlighter for black girls. What the fuck!?

No. 195241

So I guess people are going in on him for releasing another skin frost with a ridiculous color, bright as fucking pink. Brighter than even a blush.

I think some parts of his fans are getting fed up with his blatant money grubbing.

No. 195249


At his point it's passed drag queen and gone straight to clown makeup.

No. 195381

I noticed in a lot of videos, he says he writes off his exorbidant purchases like the $200 lipsticks and $1000 face masks or whatever they are for the OMG videos as a tax write off?

With how much he makes, I feel like this is extra insulting, especially since he makes money for the video itself…

Is there any way to report that? Or is it completely legal?

No. 195401

it's a business expense for his youtube channel, so he can do it.

No. 195404

as soon as he did black highlighter I knew this shit was ridiculous

No. 195416

His highlighters in general are ridiculous. As soon as they were announced he was bragging about how pigmented they are when a good highlighter shouldn't be highly pigmented, it should have a nice reflect. You don't see people with highlighter on walking down the street with a shiny gold streak on their face (unless they can't do makeup). The whole thing has been a scam since the start.

No. 195420

That's a disgusting loophole. Tax payers are paying for his shit and he is profiting from the videos to boot.

No. 195422

LOL. Even on a black girl this would probably look like dirt. Holy shit. Just swipe up some dust and rub it on the face!

No. 195430

it's not specific to jeffree and it's not really a 'loophole'. business expenses are business expenses, and they deduct from the inflow to form profit, which is then taxed. any smart youtuber is treating it as such, just as any coffee shop owner is doing.

No. 195431

it's his bragging that is distasteful.

No. 195438

File: 1478598162831.gif (213.79 KB, 275x100, 1476126698197.gif)

he is perpetuating a sense of glamour and a lifestyle that he himself cannot even afford this shouldn't be allowed

No. 195462

Even people that don't know who he is are making fun of him for this stupid useless item. I remember watching his Kat Von D response video and he kept talking about some completely unrelated shit about how she told some formulator at Too Faced that he was trying to steal their formulations. The fuck? That seemed so stupid to bring out and now he's bringing out a highlighter that looks almost exactly the same as one of their eyeshadow colors named "Totally Fetched" and his so called highlighter is named after the Mean Girls queen herself, Regina George. The fuck is going on? It's common industry practice to dupe other brand's colors, but really? Down to the product's reference material?

…he's doing OMG videos? I'm probably reaching here, but that's what Tati does every week on her channel for ridiculously expensive items.

Agreed. I was beyond finished when he came out with a mint green highlighter. It's a god damn pastel eyeshadow in a pan so big that you won't hit the pan for at least three generations.

Ugh… Manny is Jeffree's biggest cock sucker so this isn't surprising at all. He's part of the YouTube bitch trio along with Patrick Star.

No. 232261

I know that it's been a while since anyone's posted but Jeffree's done some real shit recently, mostly concerning his attitude with money.

VERY recently he burned through (literally) a 5,000 dollar Chanel bag with a hot knife (video related) for shits and giggles,

Released a lipstick that might have caught on fire (could have been the packaging, but it still apparently has a smell rancid enough to cause headaches) Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d_vBzzmGQY

Took a video of himself and his workers smoking weed in his own warehouse: https://www.reddit.com/r/BeautyGuruChat/comments/4zckbu/jeffree_star_cosmetics_employees_record/ (actual source deleted but proof here, also some complained their packages smelled like weed)

People have taken photos of hair inside their highlighters that they ordered from him.

I wasn't sure whether I should make a new thread since this one hadn't reached capacity, so here is all the info I can think of, for now.

No. 232321

This video is so stupid and dangerous. Why the hell would he think cutting/burning a bunch of synthetic materials in his own house would be good idea?! Not only could they get burned but they're also breathing in toxic shit, smh.

No. 232333

He deserves to breathe those toxic chemicals. He's an idiot in every fucking way besides being a horrible person. If he's stupid enough to burn such an expensive bag with a hot knife, then he deserves the chemicals in his lungs. I'd hope for a cancer but I don't wanna be too mean heh. It will prob come tho.

No. 232334

Maybe it's a knock off, some of the "good" replicas still come with a fake authentication card

No. 232347

File: 1484288263314.jpg (218.84 KB, 1024x572, jeffrey star.jpg)


Jeffrey Star doesn't GET cancer, Jeffrey Star IS the cancer.

No. 232356

that bedazzled lazytown wig looks like something pixielocks would attempt

No. 232359

who the fuck burns lipstick? I reckon it's the mix between the lipstick and the applicator. If you watch the knife video the mac lipstick lights up for a bit. It should be because of the wax/fat though

No. 232360

such a punchable face

No. 232368

File: 1484292825693.jpg (145.89 KB, 540x810, tumblr_ly8o3wvcdU1qkvqfjo1_540…)

>hair and weed smell in makeup

ugh chinese knockoffs might have better quality controls

No. 235463

I saw this guy at a trade show today and I was amazed at how many girls were following him around, filming etc. This guy should be hated with all the shit he's done but now I can see how he can afford to do stupid shit like ruin a 5,000$ bag. If I bought one of his products and then saw that video, I would be so insulted.

No. 235772

I bought his first two lipsticks (redrum and unicorn blood ) when he launched two years ago. Now I'm glad to say that was all I bought. I could not support such an egotistical megalomaniac. He really is the epitome of tacky fake bitch. He thinks because he's gay he can say sexist and racist shit. Fuck his dumb ass. And his tattoos are beyond ugly.

I'm more upset he's still relevant because all he knows how to do is whore himself to young and impressionable fans.

No. 235773

He's so gross.

No. 235858

File: 1484620709459.jpg (103.85 KB, 1157x365, peteburnsplasticsurgery.jpg)

Has anybody noticed JS has a gross fake ass now too?

I feel like this is his destiny, we all know he won't be able to handle it as he ages

No. 235871

No. 235874

People on GG were suspecting it's fake, apparently there are more expensive grade replicas from China that come with authenticity cards and such so I wouldn't be surprised if he bought a fake bag with a fake authenticity card or even showed an authenticity card
from another one of his chanel bags he 'owns' so that he could spark controversy, he is so thirsty for attention but it's already suspected that he rents his designer bags, as if he really makes enough to buy one just to destroy. His fans are all stupid as hell and eat this shit up.

She probably would no joke. She's obsessed with Jeffree so no doubt she's seen it and thinks it's fashionable.

No. 236510

So if someone does something stupid in the past you hold it against them forever? This is beyond retarded.I doubt any of the bitches in this thread are same from even a year ago. Btw I hate jefree not because of some stupid waysist shit hes said in the past he just looks like shit tbh.

No. 236532

I think the point is he still acts like an ass now.

No. 338661

He finally made a response video regarding his racism.

No. 338695

Tbh I don't really care about that video and I'm black, it took place 10+ years ago and when I watched it I got a strong vibe that the girls antagonized him first (prob call him a fag or something). Not that this makes what he said okay, but I doubt it was him just harassing some random girls like the video seems.

If I were to take issue with something, it'd be more recent stuff like not paying the person who designed his logo until Kat Von D called him out on it. That's very sketchy to me among some other things.

No. 338716


There's video and screenshot evidence of everything he's said. There's no antagonizing until he starts shit because he needs to start shit. Without the drama, who even is he? Some Voldemort looking gay dude? No one likes that shit. His stans just like his "extra", bitchy personality and all the drama surrounding him.

No. 338769

Just because you're a coon doesn't mean everyone else is. Raycist shit like that really shouldn't be overlooked, no matter how long ago it was.

Could someone TL;DW this? His voice is annoying and I don't have time to watch it…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 338781

It's basically him apologizing for the old videos of him yelling at a black woman and then saying it's because he was a sad and depressed kid who had abusive/alcoholic parents and was bullied.

He basically doesn't take the blame for any of his shitty actions and instead excuses it because "muh depression".

Also conveniently doesn't bring up any of the recent incidents like him calling a black woman a man last year and threatening her.

No. 338828

what I can't stand about him is how fucking rude he is to fellow youtubers and fans. He called Jackie Aina a RAT just because she said she isn't going to buy his products. He's so unprofessional and basically a scumbag. I don't care about his old shit, but he hasn't changed at all from that video of him yelling at a scene girl who bumped into him, he just does it over social media.

No. 338983

Soo, what's your excuse for the racist shit he's said within the past year?

Anyways, I don't get how this horrorshow is even remotely relevant still? He's an amazingly shitty person and I'm convinced at this point his followers might be legitimately retarted.

No. 339010


>I'm convinced at this point his followers might be legitimately retarted.

Same actually. Why would you buy liquid lipsticks and highlighters from this douche canoe? Every single brand makes the same shit he does, it's not original.

The fact that people don't see through his bullshit makes me irrationally angry. He's such an attention seeking, trend jumping snake, how can anything he says be redeeming? I can't wait til he gets old and irrelevant. And for drag makeup to go back to drag shows.

No. 339177

I'm not a fan of Jeffree and don't follow his antics so I have no knowledge of these things, I was just saying that for me that video is so old it's beating a dead horse at this point to only ever bring that up and his apology was mostly about that video, so that's what I commented on.

Oh, ok. I only watched it once and that was a while ago, I can't remember it very well.

No. 342144

Stephanie Nicole being her BAMF self commented on his half-assed apology and his shit fans.

I completely agree with her statements, plus he only apologized for the old videos (and it wasn't even an apology, it was just saying he was abused and bullied so his racism was ok?) and he doesn't even bring up his current shit behaviour/racism.

Her comments on it all start around the 20 minute mark.

No. 342187

"when I watched it I got a strong vibe that the girls antagonized him first"

and 2 wrongs totally make a right.

No. 342428

Can't stand her voice

No. 342487

I bought a lot of his stuff before knowing all the shit he does. He's a huge attention whore, but I have tried dozens of liquid lips and his win best formula hands down. Don't really care to support him as much now, but that's a huge reason a lot of people still buy his shit.

No. 342504

>Not that this makes what he said okay

No. 598785

Bumping this dead ass thread because he got caught shit talking Manny in leaked DMs

DMs are around the 9:33 mark for anyone who doesn't want to watch the whole video.

>Manny is a piece of shit and it is very obvious that him and I haven't spoken in months and are no longer friends

>I would never tell you anything negative about someone but he is one of the worst people that has ever entered my life

No. 598787

they’re both cunts honestly, no surprise 2 catty pieces of shit fell out.

No. 598795

File: 1527802496850.jpg (277.52 KB, 418x685, 9GgG2n7.jpg)

No. 598797

File: 1527802527208.jpg (338.53 KB, 439x688, MyIznZy.jpg)

It was sort of obvious for months but he denied and denied it.

No. 598810

okay, but isn't that exactly what he did to KvD? lol

No. 598819

Are you shocked that Jeffree is a massive hypocrite?

No. 598826

It's really hard to take Jeffree being "backstabbed" by his friends seriously anymore, he goes through friends like popsicles on a hot summer day!
Never trust that one ho who has a new bestie every week and always goes "everyone is against me im such a nice person but everyone just uses me", you know who the real problem is

No. 598928

What a child. How is a 30+ year old so petty that he would shit talk a professional colleague to a teenager online?

That's the epitome of lonely and desperate for attention.

No. 598934

This is a long ass video from a while ago but if anyone needs catching up on his bullshit with other influencers from the last year here it is.

No. 600748

>I would never tell you anything negative about someone
Followed immediately with
>he is one of the worst people

Um. Ok, Jeff.

No. 649635

File: 1532801403721.png (226.67 KB, 619x477, Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 1.03…)

Thoughts? Couldn't find a link on youtube, so here's the video on twitter:

I've been really enjoying Shane's recent content of this type, so I'm pretty interested. But he's also best buds with Jeff so I'm sure it'll be super biased. I haven't watched any of the recent collab videos they put out yet though…

I'm honestly surprised this thread isn't more active. He's always putting out videos and being shady as shit and starting feuds with people. Is it just cause the thread image is for ants?

No. 649849

I feel like we need a combined thread to talk about the beauty/drama crowd. All their respective threads are dead but together it might work.

No. 651056

There's one here >>268688

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