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File: 1489403345174.png (798.02 KB, 879x542, jeffree.png)

No. 268688

I know we already have a youtuber general thread but can we have a thread that just focuses on beauty gurus?
who do you hate and who do you like?

No. 268749

what a terrible picture.

No. 268845

can this count beauty guru drama too? Like I'm Just Here For The Tea, John Kuckian, Karina Kaboom, Sanders Kennedy, Peter Mon, etc. Anyways they all suck and John Kuckian in particular is fake as fuck.

No. 268853


i'd love some gossip about tea girl and cuckian. they both seem to be in the wrong

No. 268855

File: 1489427468866.jpg (26.07 KB, 400x400, T7icfaA3_400x400.jpg)

what do you guys think of Jaclyn Hill? She seems to be really polarizing in the community

in my opinion her videos are fine cause she usually goes in depth about her techniques and make everything super simple. but they're too repetitive and she hardly uploads so i'm not subscribed. also i think she looks tacky as fuck, with those god awful lips and just the way she does her makeup in general is just shit. bitch looks like an alien to me. but she's good when i need to remember to blend my shadow!

any other opinions?

No. 268863

I've never really been into her. There's something very vanilla/white bread about her. She's pretty, yeah. Her make up isn't bad. I'd rather watch paint dry though.

No. 268871

I dont really follow beauty gurus but what an unfortunate last name "Kuckian" lmao

No. 269039

Personally I like her videos and I like watching her cake on so much makeup because I don't wear that much. Idk I find it really relaxing to watch for some reason. I agree her makeup is way over the top 99% of the time. The amount of highlighter she uses is ridiculous.

I don't follow her on any other social media so I feel like that's why I don't hate her. It seems like as soon as you start following these people on snapchat or twitter you start to find things that make you dislike them.

No. 269104

I used to be really into Michelle Phan when she first started making videos, I really miss that type of simplicity and her looks weren't too OTT. They were wearable and cute. Fuck knows what she's up to these days. I can't stand "modern" beauty gurus on Youtube. Every single one of them tries to do their makeup like a drag queen.

I loveeeeee Pony's channel though

No. 269144

She got s severe case of butterface, also obnoxious as FOK

No. 269295

She got those video filters to hell and back. Jesus Christ.

No. 481340

>>>/snow/13218 has her own thread but its too old to necro and apparently full of white knighting anyway.

I've never understood the hype surrounding her channel. She constantly wears makeup that doesn't flatter her, her "quirky" behavior is irritating, she's always screaming, and she looks like Stinky from Casper. I don't agree with her 12 year old fans harassing Tarte back in the day until they gave her a palette (an ugly one at that) or when she vlogged that mommy-daughter shopping spree to NYC. In the latter, she bought her mom some designer bag and the strap broke, so they sent it back for repairs. She bitched about how long it was taking (because god forbid the thought-provoking, gracious graveyard girl wait like every other person does!) so her fanbase once again bombarded the company with emails demanding the bag. She thanked her fans and the company issued an apology even though they did nothing wrong by following protocol and filling customer's orders which came before Bunny and her trailer trash family.

I honestly don't get the amount of stanning for this person.

No. 481354

Has she done anything milky lately? Or at all? I used to keep tabs on her but she’s so boring. And her teeth.

No. 481405

PULL has a thread on her but its mostly fluff about the Tarte palette drama (she isn't a makeup guru yet she only got the palette through her incessant fans spamming the company, same as the broken bag incident), how she used to be sponsored by Lime Crime, photoshopping her eyes to look bluer than they actually are (pulling a Dakota), and that's basically it. A lot of people unsubbed from her because she became so obnoxious and they miss old Bunny content from her paranormal days. She knows nothing about skincare/makeup.

Also, something about her throwing away fan mail.

No. 481468

In her video with Guy Tang she sounds so annoyed the whole time. While he is pretty annoying, he did fly out there to do her hair. She could like, at least try to act a little grateful.

No. 481470

I pretty much feel like the people you mentioned. I used to watch her years ago when she was actually likeable. I can't stand her persona now and I can hardly sit through ten seconds of a video.

No. 481496

Out of all the makeup I own that trash Swamp Queen palette was legit the only thing I've ever given away. You can definitely tell she had no artistic insight of what she was doing and Tarte as a brand is so white bread they didn't even care about the quality because they knew her fans would eat it up. "Limited edition" yet sat on the shelves for MONTHS and even went on clearance sales after a YEAR.

No. 481505

She looks filthy, doesn't know what she's talking about, and thinks being loud and obnoxious is entertaining.
Yep, definitely appeals to the teen audience.

No. 481508

i dont understand her appeal at all.
one thing that has really bothered me is that she says her current bf "dogman" has been the only guy shes ever dated but in her old paranormal days she mentions something about a dead bf with a mohawk or some shit. it's like she retconned her own dating life for no reason

No. 481511

oh my god this bitch is a huge cow.
I've never seen anything about her.
>had a husband/bf who she called her sugar daddy
>he cheats they get divorced
>during her marriage to him she freaks on her fans because she says she'll never have kids ever
>like she made a (now deleted) vlog crying how she'll never have kids and her meanie fans dont understand by telling her she'll change her mind
>now has a baby
>with some weird dude she just met
>throughout 2011-now her youtube drastically changed
>she built an entire persona of being a biology nerd and what not but turns out she has no knowledge of the degree she has and is just an airheaded shopaholic

bleh she could have a whole thread but i have no caps i'm sure theyre out there somewhere though.

No. 481512

Agreed. Bunny has become a real bitch in recent years. She's basically used her tween fan army to bully companies into giving in to her demands.

I'm amazed you could even click on it. I can't stand her and I have honest to god never understood the appeal of her. I don't understand her stans on pull or in her /snow/ thread. I remember a few months ago when the hurricane happened all she could do was bitch on vlog that she was having milk in her coffee for the first time in days. Like oh poor fucking youtuber, going without milk in her latte! Meanwhile, other people lost their loved ones or entire goddamned house.

People defended her by saying that it was supposed to look "antiquey", but it didn't invoke that vibe to me at all.. It just looked very out of place and as mentioned before, Bunny isn't even a makeup guru yet she got the palette and she is referred to as one? Maybe I should buy some cheap ass Revlon and tuck my upper lip and try to get paid if she is apparently what qualifies as a guru.

Because she had to rebrand herself as some ~*quirky sippy white trash lolsorandum*~ amalgamation of wtf in order to get attention, because the old fans that she had weren't good enough for her.

Its honestly sad that she's only 32 yet has such an unfortunate face. Her hands were also recently posted in Suzy's thread and everybody thought they belonged to an old man at first.

No. 481521

It always irritated me that she deliberately puts on a stronger, even more southern accent when she's from Texas and in all my life I've never heard a Texan sound like her. She did admit it a long time ago because people were asking if she grew up somewhere else or her family were from the deep south, apparently she spent her childhood with a friend who had a more southern accent, I can't remember where, and that's why. When she's speaking with anyone else on camera she has a regular accent but then on her own does her best to sound like she's country. It's a stupid gripe but it never made sense to me. Also her eyes aren't as blue in person but that's painfully obvious, and I don't know why she 'teaches' young girls 'how to do their makeup' when she only recently started blending and she still makes her shadow both muddy and patchy, and her foundation has never matched her a day in her life. I doubt it ever will. She also talks extensively about how bad her mental health is and how she frequently has to take days in bed because of it, stays up all night and sleeps through the day, likes to come across as a poor fragile quirky flower. She makes it sound romantic, at least she used to, because Dogman stays with her through everything and he's pretty much the only one who does spend time with her now apparently which is a bit sad.

No. 482041

>>481511 KL is so annoying. I forgot that I had subbed to her until her Halloween acorn video showed up in my sub box and to my surprise she was pregnant. I had to kek about her carrying around a NUT! KL has always been one of those try-hard asian girls who wanted to be ~ ULLLZANG kawaiiiii ~ and she was ok back in the days of bubz and hanh. They were all just making shitty videos with no techniques or skills just catering to their cheap teenage asian audience.

I wonder if she will try the whole mommy vlogger thing. I actually enjoy bubzvlogs. I hated her other content it was so insufferable and immature. Her videos were Full of "pawsitive thinking" mantra bullshit, drives me up the god damn wall!! She's so much more likable now that she's acting like a normal human being.

No. 482129

To be honest I used to be subbed to her for her sewing videos
Those were enjoyable but who knew she was such a cow behind it all

No. 482282

there's a pretty decent discussion about Bunny on gurugossiper, she's really milky if you look closer

No. 482774

She was so much more likable some years back, when she was still making paranormal videos alongside hauls, ootds, and vlogs. You could tell she put a lot of thought into her videos back then. She was always a little goofy, but not extreme as now, screaming at the camera and everything. She says she just got more comfortable with herself, no shes clearly hamming it up to able to young kids (where all the money is on youtube now)
She stopped doing paranormal stuff as much now bc she doesn't want to scare her child audience kek.

Anon Im fucking glad you brought this up bc ive noticed similar inconsistencies in her videos. She used to talk about how bc her bad anxiety she would sleep with her hairdryer on in the bed with her, take it with when she stayed in hotels and at friends etc. The last time I watched a video of hers she said that she would never keep the hairdryer on while she sleeps and that she dosent travel with them? strange. I also rember her mentioning a dead boyfriend.

Theres also the recent mystery box drama, again her fans pestering people/shops. Shes more milky than I thought

No. 483039

Yeah, but people want to talk about it over here on lc. And Bunny's thread is about two years old with mostly stans ruining it.

No. 483049

>She stopped doing paranormal stuff as much now bc she doesn't want to scare her child audience kek.

No.. ?
She said it was due to a bad experience she and her boyfriend had and shit going on in their house.

No. 539430

Is it just me or in that collab with simply nailogical she acted stuck up as fuck? It was obvious in contrast with Christine. She also didn't include a collab on her channel and they filmed it in a hotel room…

No. 539651

Jaclyn is one of my least favorite out of the 'big' beauty gurus on youtube. Her makeup is boring at best, ugly at worse. Her style is tacky and OTT, but not tacky and OTT enough to be lovable and iconic. Her whole quirky basic white bitch shtick isn't my thing either.
The only youtube beauty guru I really dislike is nikkie tutorials just because she is beyond boring to me. All her makeup looks the same, all her videos are the same, photoshopping her moonface all the time, etc.

No. 551844

File: 1523388398112.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 70.23 KB, 368x608, AD5CF6A8-5486-484E-BC91-485E4A…)

MannyMua apparently found Jeffree stars boyfriends nudes and now shit is about to hit the fan

No. 551891

File: 1523391412743.jpg (231.61 KB, 900x900, jackieaina.jpg)

Jackie's name has been floating around a lot lately for drama. Apparently she said "konichiwa" while doing an ombre lip, then deleted the video and gave a half ass "Sorry you don't get my humor" apology. Then the giveaway winner who posted on reddit talking about Jackie was going to cancel her prize for contacting her when she had been ignoring the winner. The girl won in February and just got her prize this month because she complained.

No. 551895

File: 1523391673138.jpeg (26.18 KB, 500x374, C924AC26-EE81-41D1-8E01-A7B08B…)

Lmfao beautythots reaching to Pluto with “konnichiwa das racist”

No. 551927

I need somebody to sit me down through the mental fucking gymnastics these spectrum afflicted kids danced their way through to make 'konichiwa' problematic when she wasn't exactly in idk China trying to greet officials.

No. 551949

Ouch I used to be subbed to her, what a disappointment

No. 551968

gays are hardly ever in committed relationships, but i bet that jeffree's fans won't blink an eye. time for the next alternative daddy to make-over and do stupid shit with lol.

No. 551996


It gets even better, Manny thought he was being clever vague tweeting about finding the nudes so Jeffree tweeted "life's a drag" to leak the name of Manny's palette.


I didn't want to believe the old stories about Jackie being a scammer but looks like the loons on LSA were proved right

No. 552045

That's what he gets dating a 'straight' dude

No. 552075

I cant stand Manny MUA. I don't like most beauty gurus in general because their content just becomes obnoxious after awhile, but Manny just irritates the absolute shit out of me. He is so fake, and after slobbing on Jeffrees knob for so long he has become an ultra greedy cunt.

No. 552091

I’m in hell

No. 552108

This is the reason Jeffree put his balls in Manny's mouth so he didn't have to listen his stupid nervous giggle fits.

No. 552397

Do you have any receipts you can post? This is an image board.

No. 552821


i don't even like jackie but someone needs to enlighten me on how that is racist lmao

the beauty community just wants EVERYTHING to be racist/tied to race nowadays

No. 552825

it's not.

No. 552834

What's with that clasping hand gesture youtubers do whenever they begin an introduction or laugh at the start of their video? Is this a nervous tick, or is this a behavior that came about on social media recently?
I notice the really fake type of youtubers tend to make grand gestures, laugh, and look around a lot.

No. 552841


i used to enjoy jackie's content but stopped after the last year (maybe 2 years ago…)or so. unsubbed. she's annoying as hell and only reviews expensive shit or sponsored shit. the way she was shoving his stupid bf into things for a while bothered me too. and she openly liked kuckian but refuses to admit it now. her old videos are day and light. she was a quiet no bs reviewer and now she thinks being loud=funny=good video. she's grating. especially because her sound sucks, and she insists on screaming and shit. also she dismisses anyone who disagrees with her, but you'd have to follow her on twitter to notice it. it didn't surprise me that she treated the giveaway winner so poorly. she thinks everyone needs to worship the ground she walks on.

i really dislike jackie. and i still think the konichiwa heat was undeserved. she didn't do anything wrong. all the virtue signaling was the worst, talking about "why do people never call out racism against asian poc???" sure do talk about it but saying konichiwa isn't racism against poc you fragile bitch. she shouldn't have deleted the video. but she cries and deletes and acts dumb at the sight of criticism so no surprise. still, she did nothing wrong. its not even a microagression. its like someone putting on a beret and saying "Bonjour ladies!" who the fuck cares. the people who complained about that probably love kathleen n-word lights too, crybabies.

No. 553392

I HATE these learned youtube ticks that all of them feel like they have to do.
The absolute worst one is common especially with girls. They constantly look down or to the side while saying “so” or “and” and then immediately looking at the camera while cheerily saying “yeah!”
So sick of the constant “so…yeah!” “and… yeah!” That is not a normal speech tick and it’s originated entirely from them copying each other’s videos. Why. Stop.

No. 558262

File: 1524004957261.jpeg (139.49 KB, 750x902, 869AD5FB-DB31-41D9-9A67-834541…)

>my outfits this weekend has been absolutely sickening


No. 558440

File: 1524017908538.gif (999.24 KB, 250x239, ES1rrcvsb_500.thumb.gif.1d0949…)

James Charles is so gross and that outfit is hideous
How did this kid get so popular again?

No. 558448

File: 1524018274655.jpg (56.87 KB, 399x600, Charles Gross 3rd Annual Beaut…)

Technically not a beauty guru, but does anyone watch Charles Gross?

No. 558454

Sometimes. His lips are looking a little overfilled in that photo, but I like him. Is there some milk on him?

No. 558489

The amount of times makeup youtubers say "you guys" has made me withdraw from watching them for a cooling off period.

No. 558513


I watched Charles when he first started out, he actually made interesting videos about Hermes bags if into that that stuff, but once he got popular he ran out of ideas and just start trolling and became a discount Trisha Paytas

Poor kid has a million problems and needs mental help - he broke down crying because of his bad experience with Hermes, has social issues, family issues, overdone botox & lip injections, sex addiction, and fills the void in his heart with shopping and luxury goods which he later resells anyways.

He's an absolute mess

No. 558520

I thought he was fun when he was more candid and his stories about hookups were chill to have on as background noise. Now he's super paranoid about demonization so he censors himself and spares details so he's extremely boring. He recently sold all of his Birkins and is attempting to date a woman.

No. 558521

>he broke down crying because of his bad experience with Hermes
In this video, right? I never had the time/patience to watch it, but it seemed lulzy when I first saw it in my recommends.

Can anyone makd a TL;DW?

No. 558560


god I vaguely remember that drama, he was trying to find a not common blue Birkin, problem is that these bags aren't mass produced, so there's usually waiting lists and priority is given to frequent buyers/celebrities/etc, not someone who used to work in the birkin reselling world. So he felt like he wasn't getting quality treatment? And so on one of the Hermes employee's IG account (from the hermes store he'd constantly go to), the employee's friend made a comment about Charles and Charles saw it and went nuts. Even recorded himself crying on his bathroom floor about the drama.
Went on to email the company about his dramatic terrible experience, but I'm pretty sure in the end the Hermes gave 0 shits and did nothing about it.

He eventually got the bag from a reselling site I think
Anyways due to this tragic and horrific incident, his image of Hermes is tainted and sold his bags later on

No. 558579

I know some do it to sync audio and can keep it in for charm but mostly its just another of the persona ticks these people pick up from watching nothing but other youtube videos. Its like youtube's content becomes more and more incecstuous as it develops and you can't tell people apart personality/mannerism wise rip

No. 568789

Lucia Tepper should be talked about.

> grew her channel on being anti consumerism

> trashed different brands for packaging
> said she would never become a sell out like other beauty gurus
> is suddenly getting PR packages and became a huge hypocrite

all the drama on her is fucking hilarious.

No. 568795

don't forget how she looks like a tranny and can't do makeup for shit.

No. 568801


… this isn't a mtf???? LOL

No. 568818

File: 1524975916263.png (325.66 KB, 452x536, 12914834183.png)

No. 568824

No. 568826

>comments and ratings disabled
always a promising start to a video lol

No. 568912

nope. it's 100% bio female. i guess trannies should look to her for inspo then. they'll probably think they don't look so bad after all!

No. 568916

File: 1524982847348.jpg (188.54 KB, 1200x1726, 1200px-Wallace_Shawn_2014_(cro…)

Since when does Wallace Shawn do makeup tutorials?

No. 569006

File: 1524993911027.jpg (18.17 KB, 480x360, johnmclean.jpg)

john mclean is a very good makeup artist but I can't stand some of is facials expressions and the way he talk. I don't know if it's me who is ratchet but he really sound like a parody/ a try hard version of Lisa Eldridge. The video is to give a good exemple


No. 569014

File: 1524994366449.png (235.31 KB, 615x593, amberyelloweyeshadow.png)

And also this facebook post destroyed my side

No. 569019

His earlier tutorials were far better before he picked up the strange voice

No. 569021

There's this one episode of Willams Beatdown where he makes fun of him and I seriously can't think of anything else when I see him nowadays

No. 569048

STOP not this Mrs. Doubtfire ass robot!

No. 569274

the voice and try-hard words are a recent and deliberate jokey kind of thing, like he knows how ridiculous he sounds and plays it up hardcore and adds vampire references and stuff. Tbh I like it,I also like that he owns his weird taste in looking like extremely feminine, sophieellis bextor-ish, and still calls himself a man, in one video he even says "I am THE man," which I liked. However, his looks are all very similar, similar shapes and silohuettes to his eye work, contour, brows and lips, and extremely heavy mask makeup, so I stopped watching.

No. 576945


As far as I know, the most drama he's been involved in was when -after the adpocalypse 1.0 happened- he tried to open a Patreon account and everyone lost their minds. (His family is obviously pretty wealthy and he doesn't need any money from youtube to get by)

No. 583945

Never watched this girl but anyone know what happened here? Apparently it involves a video of her fingering her boyfriend's asshole but it seems like she's wiped all traces off the internet.

No. 583951

The Hermés employee made a comment through their friends account that Charles should "jump his faggot ass from a bridge and die" or something along the lines, so it's not like the comment was as nice as you're making it out to be.

Charles is a huge attention whore so he used that to be what he does best, an attention whore.

Charles does nothing else except complain how difficult it is to be a rich kid. He's trying to be the gay Trisha Paytas v2.

He's dry on milk 97% of the time and once a year he makes a decent video that is chuckleworthy.

No. 599146

It's not just you anon. That wide-eyed crazed look he gets in his eye from time to time when he refuses to blink is still very jarring. Just came back after a long while of not skimming through his videos and he's done a better job of toning it down but you can still see it for shorter bursts at times.
Either way it's obnoxious and try-hard.

No. 606926

Super late but I fucking hate so many of the anti-consumerist channels. I don't hate what they stand for or what they discuss. There are glaring problems with the YT beauty community, being disingenuous for benefits, dishonest reviews to stay on PR lists, pushing mediocre PR products and never touching or mentioning them again, all this stuff we already know. But channels like hers that just complain about the community and declare these problems like they're the first ones to ever point it out annoy me because they're so self-righteous. They pat themselves on the back for all the products they don't buy, brands they don't support, panning their products, talking about 'issues' in the community like they're heroes. There's nothing offensive about any of that but their self-righteous attitude is so annoying. How many videos can you make of 'I'm not going to buy this because I have this one palette with the same colors so I don't really need it.' But then when they get something in PR they're all giddy and excited, and all that 'I'm just saying the truth, I'm saying the things no one else wants to say' just strangely goes away.

Lucia Tepper is the worst offender, smug and yet fucking stupid at the same time. Her controversial makeup ads video is some of the worst overreacting I've seen in a long time, doesn't know how to pronounce Sid Vicious, and makes quick judgements without googling or doing any research. Thrifty Beauty has one good video, the Pop Effect, and the rest is being a smug, snarky bitch. I like that she encourages saving money and planning financially but I hate her attitude. Elle S makes really nice looks but she's so hipster and whiny, when people criticize her instead of ignoring it she makes a whole video about her dad getting cancer, her pet dying, trouble with her job, supposedly venting but just trying to get sympathy. Get over it, don't make content if you can't handle some people not liking you. She acts humble but thinks she's so special with her Stevie Nicks skinwalking and 70s aesthetic obsession.

All in all they come across as the bitter bitches that hate the pretty girls at the popular girls table but secretly want to be them. Any of them would shill for the kind of money but beauty guru's are making in a second.

Sorry for the essay, I've just been dying to vent about this.

No. 614185

File: 1529344003363.png (Spoiler Image, 347.68 KB, 1080x1229, Screenshot_20180618-134708~2.p…)

Charles Gross's sex tape leaked!(spoiler nsfw images)

No. 614227

Kimberly Clarke at least makes it obvious he is only trying the product because they sent it to him. I think with Drunk Elephant he concluded it made his skin feel good (after using it for several weeks) but it wasn't good enough to be worth the price. In general, his "not gonna buy" videos are good at pointing out how overpriced and stupid new products are.

No. 614267

File: 1529351733048.png (27.69 KB, 1093x104, Capture.PNG)

her uneducated video about how people buy stuff for the cute packaging and talking shit about well-known, high quality Korean makeup/skincare line was so dumb. and how the one toofaced donated part of the earnings of the clover palette to animal charity. she opens her mouth before researching things.

for those who don't know who she is and don't want to visit her channel, these are the titles of her shitty (but most viewed) videos
>makeup collabs you bought JUST for the celeb's name
>Makeup You Bought JUST For The Packaging
>Products People Buy That They Know Won't Work For Them
>Why "Collecting" Makeup Is PROBLEMATIC

She occasionally makes decent quality videos, but those don't reach 5K views.

He's so annoying, esp. how he dropped JS after using him for views and fame.

No. 614359

Abby Williamson is a bit like Elle S for me, she grates on me after a while but there's nothing important enough about her to complain about and at least she gives in to her desires and buys things now and again as well as giving logical reasons like she knows she wants that highlighter but has 4 exactly the same etc but she's another hipstery tryhard that just irritates me sometimes so I agree with you overall, especially about Lucia.

No. 614368

That comment says it all! They really are the girls who were bitter because they weren't unpopular but they weren't trendy and super popular either so they just take all that bitterness and dictate what is and isn't valid or valuable and why you're just oh so shallow if you buy yourself something pretty now and again. "Lucia, you have a pile of pillows on your bed, I know they're all different but you only bought them because they were pretty; wouldn't ONE pillow have been enough? All the girls who don't have decorative pillows are SO much better and more intelligent, they're not just sheep like you. Try harder next time and throw out your stupid pillows, you only need one to use til it's worn through THEN you can buy another"- doesn't that sound ridiculous? That's what she sounds like to me with how militantly anti-buy she is. I understand the financial aspect but bitching if someone buys more than one formula of a colour? god her life sounds fun.

No. 614955

He probably leaked it himself.

No. 620169

Yeah, he definitely doesn't bother me because all of his anti-hauls made perfect sense to me, while being really funny. He had actually good reasons for not buying certain products while being entertaining.

However, I hate the anti-hauls going from being funny to preachy SJW (I'm sorry but I can't think of another word for it) bullshit out of nowhere. So many of his anti-hauls just derail into preaching, and he's even acknowledged that it annoys people and that he should keep the ranting in his series that is specifically for those topics and keep it out of the anti-hauls that are a lot of fun.

I like the guy, never bothered me that he used the products sent to him (why wouldn't he, hell yeah I'd use Good Genes and DE if I got it for free) but I hate the SJW shit. Like saying that people that love Korean skincare are culturally appropriating and 'Orientalizing' it's like people want the products because they have good ingredients and they work. I couldn't give a fuck where the products come from if they are good, work for my problem skin, are affordable and at least being ethically produced. And you're supporting the Koran companies by buying the products anyway, it grossed me out that he tried to make people feel bad for wanting nice skin.

No. 632841


update on this girl:

>made q&a addressing drama that's been going on for months

>stated that she's still an anti-consumerism channel despite thirsting for sponsors
>flat out states that she would not be against collaborating with a brand (she claims to be ANTI CONSUMERISM) and releasing her OWN palette (specifically with colourpop as she's name dropping them repeatedly in her video)
>avoid dramas channels because they are gross and stated it's disgusting for them to build off someone's success despite building her entire channel off shitting on makeup brands
>admits that her channel grew because of drama
>"it's not about the numbers but i gained 40k subs in a month"
>still continues to have poor makeup skills and is unable to pick colors that match her skin tone
>continues to flip flop on her beliefs

this girl is still my favorite flake in the making.

No. 632871

This chick is boring. I agree with all your criticism, but she also just seems like a young girl who doesn't know what she is doing. She just finished her first year of college and she is like a standard college girl from a Christian family who thinks she is really grown up now, if that makes sense.
I think she will even out and just be boring.
Could be wrong though.

No. 632984

Seen a few of her vids, she seemed kinda stressed and when she ended up mentioning she had anxiety I was like "yeah girl no shit" idk she just seemed anxious when talking

No. 633042

she looks like the mtt lovechild of simply_kenna and lena dunham.

No. 634150


I initially started watching her because I'm thought her views on anti-consumerism were interesting. She got the tiniest bit of attention and she used it to beg brands to spend her PR even though she stated multiple times that PR was problematic. Then her mental gymnastics to explain how it was okay to get PR was fucking stupid. Basically she was like "I can get PR because I am trustable to give an unbiased opinion". How? Literally the only time she's anti-consumerism is when she's shitting on brands and other YouTubers. I fucking hate even seeing her videos pop up in my recommended tbh.

No. 634936

File: 1531438094358.jpeg (524.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-12-23-32-51…)


Bitch deadass bought from too-faced even if she talks shit about them in every.single.video she makes. Lmao, I bet she is just salty bc she can't afford everything she wants, like, most people.

No. 634938

File: 1531438143693.jpeg (595.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-12-23-32-54…)


So ~minimalist~ of her

No. 635029


so she bitches about two faced and then continue to support them? the audacity of this girl.

No. 635035

sounds like she's too faced.

No. 635037

ba dum tss

No. 635124


nothing says "minimalism" and getting "only what you need" than buying three fucking bronzers

No. 635292


I was thinking the same thing

No. 643103

Well, boys, she's really out done herself this time!

Lucia Tepper basically begged companies to send her PR just to try it once OR not at all and throw it out??

I could get throwing out PR that you never asked for, but to beg shop HUSH. to send you PR and then throw out two palettes they sent you without even trying them is ridiculous. I thought she said the reason she was asking for PR was to be able to reviews stuff for her viewers? It's obviously not about them if she didn't even take the time to even SWATCH the palette.

The audacity of begging for PR and throwing the shit YOU asked for out is beyond me.

No. 643363


she really is getting big for her trousers now, isn’t she? i’m just in shock that she would beg for PR and throw it all away, lol

No. 643419

she makes it sound like the PR companies sending her palettes is beyond her control. girl, you gave them your postal address! no one needs that much shadow.

if she was really anti-consumption she would have depotted the ones she didn't have problems with and then used them in looks (e.g. put any gold eyeshadow over lid) instead of buying new ones and recommending specific brands. she would be able to dupe a lot of new palettes that way.

I hate how beauty youtubers only donate their trash to charities. they never donate anything new, just used things to make themselves feel better about not throwing them away. poor people don't deserve your trash.

No. 644939

These people 'shutting down' brands because they didn't include a thousand shades for dark skinned people is so dumb. I understand it's an issue for a lot of people, but not everyone is fenty beauty and at least brands are making the steps in the right direction. There's no need to grill them 24/7.

No. 644980

I think brands need to come up with a mix your own thing. There's already white foundation for mixing, why not a dark version. Then just sell a light, medium and dark kit.

No. 653555

File: 1533142110850.jpeg (598.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-31-21-33-16…)


Update: Lucia apparently is selling the bronzer, didn't anyone give her a lecture about freaking used makeup?

No. 653557

*freaking selling

No. 653561

File: 1533142306664.png (518.28 KB, 620x725, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.4…)

Well, since the Jeff thread is basically dead, I'll post this here instead. Who's excited to see how biased Shane's "The Secret World of Jeffree Star" series will be?

No. 653568

tbh why would you even watch that… also you should sage posts with no milk

No. 653587

File: 1533144178740.png (101.83 KB, 300x256, 084.png)

>a series on Jeffree Star, literally the op image of this thread
>Jeffree Star, the milkiest shadiest bitchiest youtuber/beauty guru
>"would you even watch that"
>"no milk"

No. 653698

File: 1533152137549.jpg (430.02 KB, 793x1066, knuckles.jpg)

>>653561 tin foil, but jeffree trying to say he doesn't have an eating disorder when his knuckles are clearly scarred just doesn't add up to me

No. 653712

so you're going to take time out of your day to watch a long ass shane dawson series you know will be completely biased.. kek ok. also that's still not milk how new are you

No. 653750

Shane also did long ass videos on grav3yardgirl and Tana, both of which were discussed in their threads. Do you not understand how any of this works?

>Come to thread about /YOUTUBE/ gurus

>Talk shit about people watching /YouTube/ videos
I don't think you understand how dumb you are.

No. 653801

have fun with your boring jeffree star videos and dead thread then! i wish we could contain you beauty guru spergs to reddit(mini-modding)

No. 653823

This is literally a Beauty Guru thread, nobody made you come here. What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 653905

OT, but I find jeffree really hot on camera and movement but not in photos. I'm saving my nighttime smoke for the video.(no one cares)

No. 653927

File: 1533162264923.jpg (72.41 KB, 618x412, buffalo-bill.jpg)

I 100% get what you mean. I know he's really hammy and over-sexualizes every move as part of his brand™, but he's like the only one who can actually pull it off. I'm otherwise kinda grossed out by him. I've also always found Buffalo Bill confusingly hot though, so maybe I'm just fucked up.

No. 654017

Theyve both got nice chests I appreciate you anon.

No. 654229

How are knuckles a sign of an ED?

I kinda believe him on that, the only thing I have done is weed seems harder to accept tho. I assume he is stoned a lot but not in the way you eat a ton on?

Anyways this video is more about how nice his place is. It’s crazy how rich he is and how much stuff he has. It looks like the second video will be more milky

No. 654268

File: 1533179501975.png (1.04 MB, 1428x776, screenshot.png)

I'm deeply uncomfortable with with his dog "cleaning his gums". Also I will never get tired of Andrew giggling behind the camera in every video. What a cutie pie.

No. 654300

what the fuck??? I know jeffree is weird but this is just fucking gross.

Do you guys think he's one of those people that open-mouth kiss their dogs?

No. 654301

Wait, is Jeffree's boyfriend straight? In the closet? Why'd you air quote this?

No. 654315

He says his boyfriend never dated another man before Jeffree. Dating a "straight" person or converting a person is not an uncommon dating preference in the queer community.

No. 654337

Blistered knuckles are called a Russell's Sign and usually seen as a sign of bulimia. But one look at Jeffree's sunken ass cheeks tells you that's not the case here.

No. 654350

File: 1533184612045.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.31 KB, 503x640, phqqvh3qgo2qbwe.jpg)

Tbh my knuckles look like that frequently just from eczema and dry climate (especially in the winter), and I wouldn't trust anything on his body given the amount of surgery he's had. I'd be more apt to believe it just based on his eating habits. "I don't gain weight and I don't sweat idk why!!!" just seems too easy, and especially since his teeth are fake too. Seems like he just eats 100% sugary junk food. Also this was one of the images I remember best from his Myspace days, so it only seems appropriate.

No. 654840

Idk anon guys hold weight weird. I think we all know at least one old dude who’s creepy skinny with no explanation. Plus if you ever watch his mukbangs he’s a crazy picky eater (only eats cheese burgers plain with one bun, only eats cheese quesadillas with no sauce from toco Bell) so he probably has disordered eating but not an eating disorder.

He just seems like one of those weird kids who got picked on a lot in school and never really grew up because of it. Hence the super obnoxious, racist, and just general shitty behavior.

I will say he does seem like a smart business man tho

No. 655213

File: 1533263654144.png (467.17 KB, 470x704, js.png)

Huh. I had no idea he did a song with Nicki and was signed with Akon. I feel like they really overestimate his music career overall, with Akon saying he's the "next Lady Gaga". Like his music fit perfectly in the Myspace Electropop/Synth shit scene days, but there's no way he could have had a music career outside of that. Seems like he kind of implies signing with Akon was his downfall, but….it sure seems like he's doing fine in life. He should be more grateful of where he ended up, because there's no way he would have made as much money in music.

No. 655259

Jeffrey Star may have sucked and fucked his way to opportunities but ya gotta admit he was masterful at socializing and proved himself to be a compentent businessman. I respect that.
He’s not “humble” in the way people expect but for someone who capitalizes on the lavish diva image, he seemed to have really invested in himself on an emotional level these past years. Vastly more mature and stable than most of these maladjusted blubbering messes of Internet personalities who came into wealth. /end shill
Relatedly, Shane’s incessant “omg im so poor” routine gets on my fucking nerve like okay we get it Jeffree makes everyone look impoverished and you’re trying to be relatable to your viewers or whatever but Shane you’re not poor in any materialistic sense of the word. That shit is just condescending.

No. 655388

File: 1533279638588.png (3.66 MB, 1334x750, 62691F75-CB5E-4109-9645-D4FA97…)

In that vid he says “I don’t sweat lmao” but minutes later in their designer closet he says “omg I’m sweating” so yeah.

Also am I the only one not that impressed with his house? It severely lacks furniture overall. Like yeah they have a grand bed and some pinball machines but otherwise it seemed pretty .. barren. I was more impressed by graveyard girls house.

No. 655554

It’s a work in progress, it seems like he is focusing more on his wardrobe rooms upstairs for his stuff. Having multiple rooms for your expensive shit and multiple bedrooms for someone who has “no friends” is excessive. Bunny though seems to be pretty much done in her house setup and focuses more on the dolls and old stuff she has vs the one area for clothes that stuff. Different priorities.

It sounds like he signed with Akon because he was broke and needed something but Akon’s drama made him a bad partner to have for music and he feels like that stopped him and not like that he isn’t that good. It would be interesting to see him do music again so I hope he goes for it.

No. 655582

I find the assistants so awkward - like Sims waiting for commands.

No. 655759

I normally like Shane but god damn he is annoying me recently with this Mother Teresa god of YouTube shit
>omg I’m gonna buy this shitty kid who hates me a car because spread love <3
>omg graveyardgirl I’m gonna save her channel
>omg tanacon was just a misunderstanding they aren’t bad people
>omg Jeffree should bring his music back because I SHANE know he wants to deep down
Bothers me more than it should but whatever. Lmao

No. 655982

omg im sweating is a phrase anon

No. 655987

I suppose as he was impoverish as a young child and teen he wants to use his monies and influence to help others in misfortune or need? I do agree the way he goes about it is annoying but he has genuine intentions behind it all rather than ‘look how amazingly generous and great I am’.

No. 655994

omg, this is so accurate. hahaha

No. 656013

Shane even stated on the No Jumper podcast that Fousey broke himself into that he’s been thinking about quitting YouTube so I’m almost wondering if he feels like collaborating and trying to help out other youtubers in this new docu-style to give himself a new way to enjoy making videos again, I mean Shane is one of the OG youtubers and is still kicking around so he must be sick of doing the same shit all the time
Honestly I’m loving his new style of videos he’s great with editing, and I laughed a fair bit in this new series

No. 656028

File: 1533340764630.png (876.17 KB, 820x572, myspacemusic.png)

Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing >>655987 said. I bet it's a holdover from his childhood, the same way he constantly talks about how fat he is even though he's obviously not as big as he was when he was a kid. Even though he has a nice house and money and shit he probably won't ever see himself as anything other than the "poor fat kid".

Oh yeah, I'm not saying he doesn't have charisma or isn't a hard worker at all, he certainly is. His wiki says:
>He later described signing to Akon's record label as "the biggest mistake I've ever made."
I just mean I don't think he should be sitting in his mansions with millions of dollars and a successful makeup line "not looking at the prices of things" and saying that Akon ruined his life. That's bullshit. He could have just as easily ended up like all the other Myspace celebrities who are now nobodies. He should be thankful that his music career flopped and he pivoted to makeup at just the right time. Also literally no one is stopping him from making music again now with his own money? He's obviously got charisma and a unique character, but it takes more than that to carry a music career and musically speaking he wasn't anything special. I just think it's shitty of him to act like he's being a big person and forgiving Akon for ruining his life, he obviously came out better for it. I found that scene where he was playing his music for Shane so awkward and I almost thought it was a joke because….the music wasn't that good or interesting or different from any of the shit on Myspace in 2008 but they're both acting like it was a crime that he denied the world of more of it.

No. 656038

I found the head bopping cringy also - why the fuck did he play Shane Love to my Cobain. Honestly one of his worst tracks, infact the music he did with Akon was some of the worst he had ever done. I can’t see Jeffree finding a genre to merge into in the present as although his old stuff was vastly popular with Scene and Emo kids back in the day there is just nothing currently that suits his preference for auto tune. Even current pop music would be a challenge.

No. 656057

File: 1533342109003.jpg (28.59 KB, 400x512, havok.jpg)

Yeah, exactly. I don't know Jeff's discography that well but in the song they played there he just sounded like he was trying to be an off-brand/auto-tuned Davey Havok. But AFI had a music career long before and after the emo/scene kid days, and Jeffree still ended up better off than them. I think if he tried to do music now it would just come off as same as any other youtubers that release songs because they have yes men around them telling them they're so talented and should DEFINITELY have a music career when really it's just subpar and only their fans like it.

No. 656089

I will never understand this fetish or how gay men like this can even think that they date actual straight guys. You rarely see that in lesbians.

No. 656139

File: 1533348093690.png (238.58 KB, 859x310, walmart.png)

Does anyone else still find Jeffree to feel….extremely fake and manipulative? I know he's playing a character a lot of the time but I still don't know how he expects us to believe he went from
>I was always poor!!!
>I made this company with the only $3000 I had to my name
>Walmart???? Ew what's that??? I don't own anything that's not Gucci
>I don't know how much anything costs and I don't look at prices
In less than 4 years? (According to google his company launched in 2014, but who knows how long until he made a profit) I don't think you can cry about being poor your whole life and your mom sucking off drug dealers then also act like you've never been in a Walmart before. Even other "rags to riches" YouTubers (Tana, JennaMarbles, grav3yardgirl, etc) still worry about money and talk about how cheap they still are. And in the Walmart series on Jeffree's channel with Jeffree's cameraman & editors, he's suddenly a huge philanthropist

Part 1, 9:45 -
>Ugh don't make me talk about this on camera but I just so HAPPENED to donate $125,000 to the LGBT Center earlier today and these OTHER companies only donated $2000
Part 1, 16:10 -
>I just want to say to the camera if this Walmart employee gets in trouble for helping us I'll hire her at my company!!
(Which, why even make that promise because Walmart pays shit, she's probably disappointed that she didn't get a better job)
Part 2, 1:18 -
>Omg all this was only $200, I can't believe it!! What a deal!!
Part 2, 3:45 -
>Insists on paying the bill for a "fan's" whole table at Olive Garden because it's her birthday

I just get the vibe that he's very carefully curating his image here, and Shane's just naive and believes every word because he's sweet. He seems like the kind of boss who would say that the employees aren't at the warehouse because they don't want to be on camera and we respect that!! but really sent them home for an unpaid day off because he doesn't want them around. (Speculating of course, he just gives off that vibe)

No. 656172

I agree that he’s fake it is kind of his job to maintain an image, it’s just business. People like his Regina George with a heart of gold shit because people love feeling like someone so unattainable will reciprocate their support.
>Shane's just naive and believes every word because he's sweet
Not really lol Shane’s doing the exact same thing, curating an image. Sperging out like he’s never seen a damn warehouse even though Jeffree runs literal whole ass companies… you can even see Jeffree looking at him like stfu multiple times. I’d let my employees have a day off too knowing dudes with cameras gonna run around screaming like little babies and getting in everyone’s way
>Jeffree you should do this and that!!! Cuz it’s not like you’re already more successful than me and your channel is doing fine without muh unsolicited advice and shilling

No. 656185

I stan Jeffree hard for a handful of reasons that I won’t clog the thread with, but I can’t imagine him making music now. I didn’t hate his music back then but it definitely wasn’t great, and he’s so much more mature now than that edgy hyper-faggot bubblegum Marilyn Manson aspect he had. Part of the allure to him a decade ago was how over the top and outrageous it all was. Those gimmicks don’t really work anymore.

No. 656290

Honestly I've always liked Jeffree's personality (his current YouTube personality at least, not so much back in his bitchy MySpace days) and found him funny and interesting to watch, but I had a hard time knowing he's been a racist POS in the past. Watching Shane's series on him and I honestly feel okay with him now, he seems really chill and down to earth and genuine. I'm sure some of it is an act for the camera but overall he seems like an okay guy, who sincerely regrets things he's done in the past. Filthy fucking rich and consumerist and quite vain, but he honestly seems likable.
I'm not trying to stan or WK anyone but I really think Shane's series on him is great.

No. 659987

File: 1533773153111.png (583.05 KB, 869x528, screenshot.png)

Is this…whole series just a buildup to them releasing a Shane Dawson palette? Yikes. I wonder how all the other million gurus would feel about Jeff giving Shane of all people a makeup line.

Also I know it's probably mostly a joke but Garrett is way too good and pure for Jeffree. Tbh I think Garrett and Andrew are too good for Shane too. (I do like that Jeff always says hello to Andrew though, I feel like even Shane barley acknowledges his existence)

No. 660593

i'm sorry but didn't shane make a two part video introducing andrew, saying he literally gave shane his mojo back because he's so skilled at editing?
you can also see that he invited andrew and ryland for fancy high tea to celebrate the success of the jefree series, saying "we did this" not I did this…
shanes not perfect by any means, but he seems to be really nice to his friends and to be working with andrew as a team at this point

No. 660677

Is make up truly that generic that they're shipping several brands from the one distributor? Imaigne if the beauty gurus actually told us how to get value for money if you truly are just buying a name. Also Wtf at Shane having a palette when that scene happened my mouth dropped. No offence to Shane but he doesn't come across as someone that cares about skin care or make up they literally are just shilling tack at idiots. And James Charles going on a rant calling himself underestimated, overpaid but yet not paid enough. You're just a gay stereotype and you're not that great at make up or singing.

No. 660681

Andrew is just Shane's hypeman and laugh track so we know the tea sis etc.

I like Ryland's editing I wish he would do more videos.

No. 660771

File: 1533848444230.png (2.74 MB, 2068x1384, tartentoofaced.png)

in part 4 you catch a glimpse of molds for Too Faced (love flush) and Tarte blushes.
To be fair though these brands are in the same price range as Jeffree, so it's not like wetnwild and Jeffree's makeup are being made in the same factory.
Plus, the brands can still choose individually what quality products are being used.

No. 660812

No, you're right. I just meant that he's considered part of the "squad" but he never gets to be as involved in the shenanigans as everyone else. I think Andrew is delightful and just as funny as everyone else but he just gets pushed to the side because he's not Shane and Ryland being super extra or Morgan being ditzy. He's acknowledged for his work ethic, while everyone else in the "squad" gets to just be a personality essentially. Even in Shane's other series with guests none of them ever seem to acknowledge him as anything other than the camera, and Shane doesn't go out of his way to introduce him or anything. I just think it's nice that Jeff actually says hello and treats him the same as everyone else in the group.

I guess I just compare Andrew's role in Shane's videos to Andrew's role in Garrett's videos. I've watched Garrett's Coachella videos multiple times because I just think he and Andrew are so fun together, and you can tell Garrett just adores him. Garrett doesn't use him just as "Make sure everyone sees how funny I am!!!".

Doesn't he have beef with both of those companies though? Kek

No. 660880

File: 1533859328100.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1026x1606, scars.png)

Big beats of the big emotional Shane convo and "giant bombshells" dropped by Jeffree is (Starts at 13:40ish)
>"So what I've never said before because I feel like if you try to defend something like…Racism or saying something really awful it just doesn't ever work out. But if you go and find the footage, the people I'm screaming at are caucasian. What I said was racist, but I wasn't saying it to a person of color. I was saying a horrible offensive word to cut back at someone calling me something awful. So it's not about race it's not about that, it's just about being an offensive, attention seeking, angry person."
>Shane shows clips of him doing offensive racist characters back in the day too
>"But you've apologized so many times!!"
>Shane says that he sees through all the petty tweets and drama to Jeffree's PAIN
>"People still think I'm the bad guy when I only loved and cared about all these people and boosted them and gave them all my connections and I'm still the fuckin bad guy"
>Says he tattooed his whole body to cover up from when he cut himself in highschool.
>Says multiple times that no one ever asked him WHY he was covering himself up and dressing like a goth in highschool
>Cutting was his huge secret that no one knew about
>Pulls down his pants and shows Shane scars on his legs
>Shane continues to praise him, "you're afraid to let people in!!"
>We hear Jeff sniffing loudly, but he's otherwise completely stonefaced the whole time.
>He's scared everyone's gonna backstab him
>More praising from Shane "everyone thinks you're so bougee but really you're just like us!!"

Nothing really surprising here. Jeffree seems to have a serious martyr complex and used to self-harm. "you misunderstood my racism! everyone treats me like a monster! but I only lash out because I'm really in pain!!!".

Tbh I don't even dislike Jeffree but trying to explain away his racist comments feels like a major backslide. He should have just left it at the apology video he made. Also he really bungled the whole "I came from nothing! I had to suck dicks to pay rent!" narrative when Shane tried to take him back to his "humble roots" and that turned out to be a multi-level 2 bedroom apartment with a loft and two balconies. I don't take self-harm lightly at all, but I just don't think it's that shocking of a reveal for anyone who lived through the Myspace scene queen aesthetic of "blood & razor blades & gloomy bear" everywhere. I also just think it's kind of a silly and immature notion for anyone to still be mad that other kids didn't notice notice their feelings, as if every single person in highschool isn't also going through their own self-absorbed puberty nightmare. Especially if your whole aesthetic even back then was to look as menacing and goth as possible. If I saw a goth kid with no eyebrows wearing head to toe black in highschool I would just think that's the style they're going for. How many people did Jeffree reach out to in highschool, huh? Also it's gross of them to go into another person's apartment and lay on their bed and talk about how much you fucked all over that same apartment. How long until Jeffree flips on the Shane gang for betraying him you reckon?

No. 660888

Besides the racial slurs and the racist charicature Jeffree has said/done he still has a terrible history of calling black women rats and cunts (Shayla or Jackie Aina). None of this seems sincere to me since he comes across still as extremely agressive towards fans and other beauty youtubers that don't kiss his ass.

No. 660900

god I feel like a dick for thinking that but that whole part was so fake and obviously manipulative. the whole swelling music and somehow Shane never having seen self harm scars and armchair diagnosing and Jefree being like "ya" etc etc. I thought there would be some comments or a bigger dislike ratio bc it seemed so obviously transparent but apparently it's fine.

also he portrayed his old place as some literal shithole and maybe I'm too 3rd world but it seemed like a really nice flat? like really nice?

No. 660904

File: 1533861659607.png (65.9 KB, 607x277, Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 7.36…)

Nah, I feel that way too. Everything was so clearly staged to be to cast him in the best light possible. Also lmao bitch hide what? We found out that the person who built a whole career off of being an emo kid….was an emo kid?! Literally he's bare chested and shows skin all the time in videos, it's not like it was stopping him.

No. 660907

NTA but I want to add to your comment that he usually targets women of color, and he uses racially charged slurs against them too.

The people at BGCr make me laugh so hard. They are so obsessed with Jeffree they will find any excuse to validate themselves liking him/purchasing his products. Just say you like him it’s ok, but don’t expect everyone to not think you support a racist/misogynist.

No. 660916

I feel like he's been trying to backpedal SO hard lately by shitting on companies that don't have a variety of darker foundation shades. It's definitely a problem in the makeup industry, but don't act like you care all of the sudden. It's like how he brags about his brand being CF, but then still buys/praises companies and products that aren't CF. If you really believe in CF why put money in the pockets of those companies? Why act like this is suddenly his hill to die on?

>I'm MEAN to people
>Why do people think I'm mean??
is just so dumb.

No. 660920

Beauty Guru Chatter? I've had the opposite experience reading comments- tons of people hating him and pointing out/arguing with people who like him about his products.

No. 660939

OT, but why does shane dawson act like he's still poor all the time? It's clearly not just because jeffree has more money than him since does it in his other videos too.

Also, he needs to lose some weight. He's gonna end up gaining it all back.

No. 660952

I think it's just because he grew up a fat, relatively poor kid, and while he may not be poor anymore, he's still in the mindset?

Kind of like how sometimes someone who was fat and lost a lot of weight for whatever reason (puberty, becoming more active) still feel fat, even though they know, logically they aren't.

No. 660964

Its understandable that he would crack 1-2 jokes about it but shane literally always makes jokes about being a poorfag to the point where 'i was poor b4!!' Doesnt really cover it and tbh it goes for alot of his comedy period like the body insecurities. Hes a grown fucking man who has talked about his issues for a decade yet never seems to face them like the rest of the YT gang, the closest he has gotten is datinf ryland which top kek ofc happens when LGBT takes off on youtube fulltime.

No. 660996

Oh don’t be fooled, that sub actually LOVES him and they are trying to justify liking him/buying his products without being labeled as racist.

Tbh, I don’t give a fuck if people want to buy his stuff, or express their love to JS. Just, don’t try to twist real events where he has been VERY racist and misogynistic so you won’t feel “guilty” supporting him.

No. 660999

File: 1533870434157.png (939.57 KB, 921x970, shane.png)

What >>660952 said, but also he just literally doesn't seem to ever buy anything. Like if you look at his videos he wears the same clothes every single day. He's not shy about how gross he is (wearing the same clothes everyday, not showering, not brushing his teeth). Seems like he only really buys Postmates and splurges on shit for his crew for videos. Even when he has a sponsored vid he uses the money for something crazy or donates it. (Bought a Jeep for that one guy, donated $30,000 to the Rescue where he got his second dog, etc).

Ryland and Morgan are the ones who are obsessed with Gucci and bougee shit. In the video where Ryland gets the G-Wagon Shane even says something like "I never spend money on myself because I have bills and people on my payroll and a mortgage, but you don't have any bills so you should do it!". So I would guess he's supporting Ryland and Morgan at the very least since they live with him, and probably his mom too. As well as paying Andrew for his work.

No. 661052

I don’t have any major issues with Shane. But I don’t think I want to ever meet him irl because he probably smells horrible and I honestly can’t believe JS sat through that and even went into his nasty house. also I know this is a thread about BEauty gurus but doesn’t it bother anyone else that Shane constantly complains about his weight but all he drinks is absurd amounts of Diet Coke and root beer and only eats take out.

No. 661103

Didn’t you watch the series anon? Shane IS a ~beauty guru~ he’s going to have his own makeup line!

But yeah jokes aside I enjoy their videos just fine but the idea of being in a car with that many gross farty boys who only eat Chipoltle and don’t bathe makes me want to puke. I’d say I don’t know how Morgan puts up with it but she’s one of the grossest ones!

No. 661143

right? that he had cutter scars wasn't really a secret. this entire series was just him playing his character as always.

No. 661169

Shane Dawson's screaming sad voice during the unveiling of Jeffree's scars did my head in. He's so off-putting when you catch on how forced he always is.

No. 661207


right??? i'm so sick of his 12 year old fangirls losing their minds over him. he is so fake and covertly arrogant. i can't remember the last time he seemed genuine in any of his vlo- i mean 'series'…

No. 661247


He's been on YT for years but he's never made money. His CPMs for adsense are shit and he's not brand/sponsor friendly.

Not only that, he started a company "Maker" with 2 other people that sold for 500 million, but he didn't get a single cent because he's dumbass.

(he talks about Maker sellin for 500mil, not getting a cent, starts at 30:07)

Some other parts where he talks about not making much from adsense

Starts at 17:02


No. 661253

JS and SD actually "collabing" to make a makeup palette, is anyone else bothered by this a little?

I get the initial idea was driven by filming documentary and JS wants to do something nice for a friend. But SD and Makeup? NO! I'm offended, actually.

Most of the time I feel that way about Garrett, but he really got under my skin after playing around in the lab. Especially after they even discussed the "rules" and was specifically asked not do do anything like that.

No. 661257

They implied sexual abuse at a young age even from his step dad but didn't get into it. This series didn't really reveal anything new. It's kind of interesting to know that there's a 99% chance Akon fucked JS though

No. 661305


Idk it didn't sound that crazy or triggering to me. These days literally anyone with money can hire a lab to launch a makeup product and a lot of them are Brand Themed (coca cola, crayola, marge simpson and even stuff like "Harry-potter-like" palettes and brushes) and they are successful (specially if the lab was good)

No. 661370

like everyone has said, JS is a smart businessman. he knows jeffree star x shane dawson palettes would sell out in an instant, and there's so much money to be made there for the both of them. obviously shane isn't a beauty guru but from a financial perspective, why wouldn't they do it?

No. 661464

it is a really nice flat! a lot bigger than mine and i would never say that i'm poor. his good relationship with his old landlord shows that he didn't have trouble paying rent either.

No. 661709

this video + shanes series on jeffree make me think these two are either gonna be or are currently banging

No. 661829

I thought Garrett seemed a bit uncomfortable with some of Jeffree's flirting in Shane's series but in this video he's quite flirty back. What was filmed first?

No. 661865

This was from months ago though, I assume it's because he did this one first.

No. 661871

>that soyboy grimace

No. 661881

Nah, we know from Insta/Snap stories that the Shane series was most likely filmed before the Jeffree/Garrett makeup video.

No. 662031

File: 1533970500311.png (26.41 KB, 600x144, js.png)

I guess it depends on when Shane's was filmed, but I'm pretty sure Garrett's was well before all of that at least. He didn't seem like he really knew who Jeffree was, Ryland was the one who suggested he do him for the makeup video. This is the top comment on Garrett's. I couldn't find this original tweet because twitter's just flooded with people talking about how they want Garrett and Jeffree to fuck.

Yeah, it felt weird. Garrett truly seems like a very sweet silly guy, it felt like Jeffree was a child predator or something. Garrett seems to be attracted to more masculine men though, I don't think Jeffree would be his type.

No. 662043

This. I cringed so hard and replayed the part where Jeffree told him off a few times. I found it bizarre they even included it in there. Andrew said no wtf, Shane was second to notice and seemed embarrassed and then Jeffree told him off. He was quite an idiot in that episode. I think he got too cocky because Jeffree kept saying he was attractive/cute and probably thought he was being funny by smearing the stuff on his face. He probably thought everyone was going to laugh at him and call him adorable when in reality everyone thought he was a moron for rubbing unknown chemicals on his face.

No. 662046

I personally don't get why people go on about how hot Garrett is. Take away his glasses and beard and he's a very average man. I feel like the gay guys only cream themselves because he's the 'straightest looking' one out of the bunch and the young girls only say he's hot because they are parroting the gays.

No. 662077

He is actually cute but you have to take into consideration that any average man is put up as a "super hot" guy by youtube standards, not to mention Garret hangs around Shane, Ryland, Drew etc and they are all beneath Garret in terms of looks ngl if somebody were to rank them, Garret doesnt even act nor look straight compared to Shane for example who is the epitome of your average to ugly man who doesnt care about appearances (if you null out the obnoxious tripple double decker homo act hes put on in recent years) he is legit the straightest of them from appearances atleast.
Ryland lowkey gets under my skin since hes such a basic fag who tries to be extra, One look at his channel with the thumbnails and music videos just cements how hard he tries to both work himself up to be a popular vloggy channel now that he has the resources, but he can't let go of his tackyness. Just like with most irrelevant people who gets with a youtuber, theres such an instant change and I just hope they all crash and burn with trisha & the rest cause honestly its all a big ball of cancer.

(also fml when will there be an apocalypse only targeted at the Viner immigrants who set up shop on YT)

No. 662122

Hmm 2 things stick out to me:
1) In "pt1" Andrew says he has never been to Jeffrey's house before, but we know he was over there with Garrett to shoot that makeup video
2) Jeffree acts like he has never met Garrett or Andrew before

Although, they could have all just been lying and putting on an act for some reason. I wouldn't put it past them. "Oh I just met J* and he let me cuddle with him on a dirty couch on the street, so humble, so normal"

No. 662197


Eh, those could go either way since apparently Garrett's video was filmed after the documentary, but what really fucks me up is SHANE acting like he had never met Jeffree before.

They have a collab from over a year ago reacting to hate videos but Shane in the documentary talks about how worried he was about filming with Jeffree in this documentary saying things like 'i didn't know if he was gonna judge me or if he was gonna be mean' telling him he had a whole different perception of him. As if it was the first time they had ever come face to face yet had collabed and clearly got along very well together in a year old video.

No. 662231

The constant lying is so fucking obvious and annoying, they are all fake. One example is James Charles coming over being a "surprise" to Shane. Another is when JS said he'd want to fuck Shane. The whole tone of it is planned out in advance and Shane playing the poor/underdog/intimidated by Jeffree role is about as transparent and fake as it gets.

No. 662336

Yeah, they accomplished what they set out to accomplish with this. Which was to trend and make money (by getting their sponsors back). Maybe they changed a few ppls minds who were on the fence about Jeffree, but honestly so many ppl talked shit about him and still bought his makeup anyways that it is all inconsequential. I don't see Jeffree getting much of anything from this series – although there was a flood of views to his old music videos.

No. 662387

I don’t get the Shane being poor tho? Like he doesn’t live luxuary by grandeur like Jeffree but I’m pretty sure if he wanted a nice car, even a Tesla, he could get one? He’s like one of the OG youtubers still being relevant and that’s gotta be worth something. He acts like he’s lower class but I’m pretty sure where he lives in California is pretty upper class.

No. 662452

Not WKing but Most youtubers will say that filming one video with someone doesn’t mean you know them. In the video Shane even says he had been in the filming room and they reference that video multiple times. I mean he was probably there for like 4 hours. Not really long enough to get to know someone.

Eah Shane is probably “LA poor” but he’s said a few times he’s appreciative of what he has, he said something about “wearing rent” when he had that 2k hat on and 2-3k isnt too high for a house in the LA area.

No. 662533

Jeffree has his own entire crew of camera men and editors, I highly doubt Andrew was over there with Garrett to film the video. Also Garrett barely makes videos anymore and iirc lives in a tiny house in someone's backyard. His full time job now just seems to be being a character in Shane's vids. I don't think he'd have the money to pay Andrew to be his camera man.

No. 662535

Nta but I'm 99% sure he doesn't rent unless he's talking about that other apartment he has. And since he's gone on 80 book tours, he has enough to postmate literally everything, his videos are starting to get monetized again, his merch is selling well, he had $10k to throw away on some random girl, etc. I doubt he's "LA poor"

No. 662557

Sorry, my phrasing was shitty. I didn't mean to imply that Andrew was there to shoot that video. There are at least 2 little videos (either snaps or insta stories idk) of Andrew in Jeffrees house. In one, Andrew is playing a VR game and Jeffree is talking to him. In the other, Andrew is high af and Garrett is trying to pull him up off Jeffree's couch. The timing of these match the Garrett makeup video.

No. 662837

I was so annoyed when I saw Jeffree's old Apartment. it was a really nice place, and he acted as if it was a shithole.
I'm really curious what happened between only having $3000 and making his own makeup line.
it was about 3-4 years, so what did he do in that time to make the money?

No. 662850

Prostitution probably.

No. 662890

File: 1534094604275.jpg (38.07 KB, 389x500, 4076819364_4ede0df449-1.jpg)

He is literally a leecher. Has been since the beginning. Piggybacking can be very successful when done correctly.

No. 663285

He was really well known in the emo/MySpace era so when he started his brand a lot of people already knew the name. They really are good quality and he’s done some pretty “revolutionary” shit. It might be normal now to see lipstick in pretty crazy colors but he was one of the first brands to do it (I know his was the first all white liquid lip) plus just because HE only had $3000 doesn’t mean the company that produces his shit only put $3000 into production.

No. 663336

File: 1534128924429.png (553.43 KB, 1093x417, yt.png)

Nah, all the "revolutionary" shit you're referring to existed in stage/theatrical makeup for decades already. It's not like he even made them more easily accessible to the public, because it all had to be ordered online anyways. That's a lot of what's so confusing to me about makeup trends these days. All of these "new" fads like contouring/highlighting, high coverage foundation, vast shade range etc have all existed for decades. My guess would be that since drag has become so much more main stream nowadays that that's why, and queens always used stage makeup out of necessity. It's the same as how phrases like "yas" or "tea" (as we now use it) have been super popular in recent years, but if you look at stuff like "Paris is Burning" or "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" those phrases were being used in the drag community even back in the 80s/90s and probably earlier. TL;DR basically everything being sold as "revolutionary" is just stolen from and existed in the drag community for decades, including Jeffree's whole persona but the only difference is he's a millionaire off of it.

But back to the question at hand, it still takes time most small businesses YEARS to turn a profit. If a successful company was investing it's own money in it he would obviously have to prove that he was worth that investment or have someone vouch for him who already has an in (KVD says this was her). If he put in $3K and they put in $20K and it was a giant flop, that would be a giant loss for them and why would they take that risk? It's not like just because he put his "last $3K" in with an already successful company they would pay him a living wage until it was finished or they made money. His persona was basically the whole selling point, and since it was sold online it's not like you would see it at CVS and go "Oh, I remember Jeffree from myspace, I'll give that a shot". As far as I can tell he didn't even start being a "youtube beauty guru" until about 2 years ago. At that point of starting his company, he was just a washed up "singer" and myspace personality, so other than using KVD's help and "in" (which he denies completely) how DID his makeup line become so successful? $3K to multi millions in a essentially 4 years ( >>656139 ) by someone who constantly starts shit with other companies and essentially claims "Yup it was all me and no one else helped!" is highly suspicious imo. And Shane's series did nothing to clear this up, all it did was give him more of a platform to brag about how mean everyone is to him but he prevailed. Same as >>656028 he just seems like he just blames everyone else and is completely ungrateful to whoever did help him along the way, even though he's now a multi-millionaire.

I swear yall haven't read any of this thread because you're just asking the same questions already discussed.

No. 663339

File: 1534129070862.png (521.77 KB, 613x743, car.png)

Also samefag, but what does this even mean? Because someone has a pink car they're copying him? Christ what a narcissist. I don't know if it's the outfit or the pose or what, but this is just such an awkward unflattering picture. Also I might be an idiot but is it a good idea to post someone license plate number to your millions of followers?

No. 663342


Kat Von D helped him a lot when he started getting into the beauty industry (back when they were still friends) so there’s your answer.

No. 663415

In terms of makeup, Lime crime and Sugarpill were the first modern companies to popularize bright makeup especially liquid lips (limecrime). Sugarpill/shrinkle focused on drag whereas lime crime was focused on wearable but bright obnoxious colors for women. J Star came well after that and his initial launch of colors was considered to be a ripoff of limecrime

No. 663418

Btw I agree with everything you said, just adding that info since most people forget about that. A lot of the work was already done in terms of marketing his brand- by limecrime and sugarpill. The initial audience was the same, and a lot of people jumped to J Star from Limecrime after her site was mysteriously hacked at the exact same time as he launched his copycat liquid lips

No. 663714

Oh yeah, for sure, but if you look at his video responding to KVD he basically denies that anyone helped him. Now Shane's given him even more of platform for that narrative.

Ooh, thanks for the info. iirc Sugarpill is still pretty popular in the drag community, and everyone seems to love the creator, so that's nice. I do feel like that explains it quite a bit, I remember the whole Limecrime hacking controversy going down, I didn't realize that they jumped ship to Jeff because of that. Interesting.

No. 663717

File: 1534186094099.png (1.4 MB, 738x1024, kvd.png)

Also just to clarify, I'm not a KVD stan by any means. I think she's just as nuts.

No. 663818

He could still be “bulimic” My knuckles look busted because I still try to purge despite not being able to get anything up due to a killed gag reflex, with a lot of purging plus I imagine he’s sucked a lot of dick, I wouldn’t be surprised if he still tries despite no reflex.

No. 663845

Tbh could be scarring from punching walls or scraping knuckles against bricks seeming as he was a major self harmer in the past.

No. 664115


tbh i feel like he could be, because he's lost a lot of weight since being a teenager and he's smaller now than ever. sugars are pure calories and i don't believe for a second that he's being honest about what he actually eats, or what he does for the weight. sure, genetics are a thing, but he's 30 now.. metabolisms don't last forever? esp looking like him. also, it's super easy for some people to purge without using a hands/utensil, as well. So bulimia is a possibility still imho.

No. 664310

Small sage but sugarpill was not designed for drag queens. It was actually designed for young adult women but then drag queens got ahold of it and they started catering to them because it was more exposure = more $$$.

No. 664524

File: 1534278001399.jpg (80.99 KB, 770x466, bt.jpg)

Not sure if this is the right thread to discuss this in or the Celebricow one (she is dating? Tana and sells all of Tana's shit on her website), but speaking of celebrity makeup brands Bella Thorne seems to be off to a terrible start.
>"Filthy Fangs"
>$50-$60 palettes on her website with only 9 shades
>Apparently they're complete ripoffs of a black owned beauty brand "Juvia’s Place" but at double the cost.


No. 664771

File: 1534299689420.png (75.08 KB, 810x457, ff.png)

is this dumb bitch really trying to sell repackaged EOS lip balms with her name on it? lmao

No. 664825

Man I see so many products ripping off this though. Saw deodorant the other day. Cant remember the brand but I was like are you kidding me?

No. 665869

File: 1534384669218.png (62.81 KB, 1016x151, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 8.53…)

I can't keep up with all the Laura Lee / Jeffree Star / Gabriel Zamora shit, seems like it's just Oops! All Racists!

Jeffree just can't not start shit it seems. He really could have used Shane's exposure to be a better person. I'm counting down the days until he fips on Shane. It's only a matter of time.

No. 666326

Can you really flip on someone you arent actually friends with in the first place? Like..I dont believe ANY of these people are actually friends. Everything they do is for views. Jeffrees entire existence has been hooking up and "befriending" random internet personalities, using them for views and clout, only to have staged fights with them at some point later on. Raquel, Audrey, Jac, Hanabeth, Most hated Crew, Kat etc. I cant think of anyone he DIDNT fight with that he hung out with other than like.. Davey Havok. And I might have even missed that.

No. 668729

lmao these captions

No. 668733

File: 1534749775220.jpeg (58.68 KB, 980x551, DDF1585A-A335-4692-9665-E864D5…)

I only lasted about 3 seconds. She sounds like what this picture looks like.

No. 668738

Sugarpill /was/ started because of drag queens. Amy (the owner) used to buy and sell pigments and tried to create brightly coloured shadows for her drag friends. She started sugarpill almost a decade ago. She’s very pro drag and so supportive of that community.

No. 668747

squints i.. kind of see them?

No. 668753

Where are the tears? What is she wiping off her face?

No. 668775

Her former fans, unsubscribing.

No. 668805

Jackie Aina is just as bad as him. She goes after other women of color calling them thieving criminals with no proof and no valid apology. I wish people would stop using her as some excuse. She is the definition of a rat.

No. 668829

Oh my fucking god, I'd think this was a parody if I didn't know any better. Shameful.

No. 668832

this is the worst apology video i've ever seen wow. the fact that she thought making an apology video was a good idea is just horrible on it's own. why does she want to bring more attention to this? does she want people to hate her more?

No. 669502

File: 1534851408112.jpeg (53.98 KB, 1242x384, 7D4EFFD8-2F49-4D13-835F-DD49AB…)

Incoming dump of new shitty tweets, didn’t know where to post them, so im archiving them here

*none of these tweets have been brought up by any drama channel or called out or posted on twitter, and all them are still posted on their respective twitter pages

No. 669503

File: 1534851424224.jpeg (144.55 KB, 1242x609, 5DC87BFC-E226-45AC-BE62-127754…)

No. 669504

File: 1534851441436.jpeg (143.21 KB, 1242x695, 30682D12-5479-4327-B07E-4E8C28…)

No. 669505

File: 1534851467995.jpeg (63.49 KB, 1242x245, 0C436855-F6FA-4036-A8F8-3818A3…)

No. 669507

File: 1534851486662.jpeg (139.45 KB, 1242x571, C22F97F3-A1F6-4B4A-966C-FAEBA9…)

No. 669508

File: 1534851504386.jpeg (91.98 KB, 1242x452, 4C46C208-ED7E-4482-BCF5-9F92F0…)

No. 669509

File: 1534851521080.jpeg (88.91 KB, 1213x482, 4DCC99CC-E1FF-4F61-B079-DFE984…)

No. 669510

File: 1534851536502.jpeg (124.48 KB, 1242x558, B085A69C-E265-4B5D-9E2E-51FC7E…)

No. 669511

File: 1534851559419.jpeg (365.08 KB, 1242x1638, 881356A3-435A-49E2-9B42-F47115…)

No. 669512

File: 1534851580197.jpeg (92.43 KB, 1242x341, DB890FAE-845B-4846-AE8F-8D1571…)

No. 669513

File: 1534851613926.jpeg (66.63 KB, 1242x393, 135E2698-27D6-40CE-BC08-26D3C1…)

No. 669514

File: 1534851651611.jpeg (129.06 KB, 1242x390, 7F61A7B3-BF11-4742-8967-D01579…)

No. 669515

File: 1534851664850.jpeg (95.47 KB, 1242x527, E9BABA94-9B73-4D70-94BD-B33FF3…)

No. 669516

File: 1534851760650.jpeg (74.55 KB, 1242x461, 5BF45611-51FC-4B2B-B15B-E9E919…)

No. 669518

File: 1534851924829.jpeg (90.59 KB, 1242x559, CA5965A7-56B1-426C-94F6-DC8E00…)

And the last one….this is the only tweet that has been posted/“called out” on twitter out of the tweets above, a screenshot of someone else screenshot

No. 669519

File: 1534851986021.jpeg (105.58 KB, 1200x1200, ED4CC3AC-9619-4AE7-BDA6-1966D9…)

And Gabriel Zamora using manny’s tweet in his apology

No. 669520

File: 1534852113379.jpeg (226.85 KB, 1241x1129, C73898D7-77E3-4ADA-B39F-929A9F…)

No. 669524

File: 1534852577596.jpeg (72.71 KB, 1242x269, 0617EE55-7155-45C1-814B-590781…)

Sorry forgot this one too

No. 669538

Could've posted them on imgur. These aren't particularly interesting to non-sjws

No. 669573

How is so pigmented Manny's phrase when literally most gurus use it? It's like that Jordan bitch who says Manny copied "brutally honest" from her. He uses the phrase for merch, but Manny is an idiot for never trademarking it. Snooze ya lose.

J Star calls other people cunts, he called Laura Lee evil. It's not exclusive to black women. Rats historically is NOT an insult that was created to be directed towards the black community, rats is associated with what people called/call Jews.

Jackie Aina literally doxxed another Youtuber for fraud that had absolutely no legitimate proof. Idk how people can take her side over J Star after she pulled that shit and did a half assed apology after the damage was already done. She's just as sneaky as J Star and also loves to stir up drama.

No. 669594

I see nothing wrong with these.

No. 669629

I just wanted them archived in case they were deleted, I think the worst out of them are the ones where Nikita is shitting on sex workers/black and Asian semi-racist tweets and Gabriel using fag, the other ones are just similar to the other exposed tweets and way more mild obviously.
Ie. “Fat” shaming tweets (like Laura lee’s)

And the photoshopping ones I just thought were ironic since they both sh00p the fuck out their photos

Yeah I know, but a lot of these beauty gurus are sjw’s and all their followers are majority pro-sexworkers anti-racist pro-lgbtqrstuv pro-trans bodi posi sjw tumblrinas/instathots. If you’ve ever been to or seen one of their “fan meet ups”, the fans who attend (in multiple cities in the US and UK) fit that discription to a T. So they would get offended over this shit, and probably lose they’re shit over less, since theyre obsessing over minor call-outs right now on twitter, after all the big juicy receipts came out. ESP surrounding nikita, I’ve noticed, who ironically has a lot of fans who do sex work themselves.

Apologies for dump anon but imgur kept crashing on my mobile

No. 669694


He said another friend (not kat) lend him the money????

That's still shady to say he's "self made" cause he's admitted to taking money from friends

No. 669757

File: 1534879331927.jpeg (232.41 KB, 750x915, 1937224C-9EA5-4C40-A0F5-F41574…)

Oof, this Nikita person gives me major “haha I’m more woman than u bitch ;)” kinda vibe. Like trannies that just hates women and just wants to upstage them. “Pussy stuntin’” like nah man you still have a penis.

No. 669902

When people say "uncanny valley", they usually use the term pretty loosely. But it is not hyperbole to say that this image is very confusing to look at and I'm not sure if it's human or a new generation of Real Doll.

No. 670222

On some level I agree but some of these I found pretty funny cause Nikita is a massive whore and she was still a dude when she sent those tweets. So basically she hated on women, became a woman, then starting being what she apparently hated women for. The hypocrisy is what really gets me for some of these. Especially cause I'm pretty sure she's cheated on a guy before. Her obsession with calling girls whores is kinda intense, even for her excuse of being a sheltered boy from the south then. (>>669511)

No. 670302

50 bucks to whoever can finish this

No. 670312

Lmao, wasn't Gigi Gorgeous the same? These dudes are just mad because they will always be men, even if they cut their dicks off.

No. 670330

He's still a dude and he probably still thinks all this shit. Troons are jealous, misogynistic dickheads.

No. 670338

No. 670340

No. 670709

File: 1534978816325.gif (488.28 KB, 500x269, paramore.gif)

Eh, stupid and annoying, but literally everyone talked like that in that time period? That was at the tail end of the Myspace days, all anyone did on Myspace was to try and prove who could be the biggest edgelord.

No idea, never seen a vid of his but I've definitely heard other gurus say it particularly when using his palette

I also just overall don't get the mentality of "CANCELING" a person even if they apologize? Even with Jeffree people are still screaming about his racist past on twitter. I'm not a stan at all, I think he's fake as fuck but how are people supposed to grow and learn if we don't give them a chance to? I guess it depends on how real the apology feels – Jeff trying to justify his actions on Shane's video saying "I wasn't even calling a black person that!" feels like he's just making it worse. Idk, there's plenty of OPENLY racist people nowadays, if they see people still piling on people who have changed their tune, why would they ever bother changing?

No. 670717

File: 1534979339365.gif (2.74 MB, 480x270, mean_girls.gif)

>Raise your hand if you were ever called a slut, whore, fag, n-word (still not gonna do it lmao), cunt, anorexic, fat, etc regardless of skin tone, sexuality, weight or sexual experience between 2005 - 2010ish
>Raise your hand if you heard or made or laughed at a rape joke or race specific joke in that time.
Those insults didn't even make sense in the context most of the time. Just ways for shitty kids to be cruel or edgy or try and fit in.

No. 670972

I know MySpace era was like that and people slung shock jock edgy slurs left and right. Which is why I find it weird that jeffree gets dragged from saying nigga in a skit, and to three white girls a decade plus ago. But the others said worse shit or similar more recently in 2012-2014, and are not being dragged anywhere near as much as js was for saying nigga. I would think it’d be the opposite especially with call out PC culture being at its peak and all their audiences being comprised of sjws.

No. 672660

File: 1535162074817.png (289.72 KB, 609x663, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 8.49…)

Kek. Also did anyone watch Jeffree's most recent video "REVEALING MY LAST DARK SECRETS…"? I don't want to give him the clicks.

No. 672689

he lied and said his aunt was actually his mom when as of last december he hadn't spoken to his mom and ten years, and the last time he self harmed was 3 years ago


No. 672698

File: 1535164434958.png (80.92 KB, 858x151, ss.png)

It took him a 30 min vid to say that? Also the mom thing is confusing. Why would he lie about that? Wasn't get going off in Shane's thing about how his Mom was sucking dick and doing drugs all the time or something?

Also this thumbnail is so dumb. He tryna be moe or some shit?

No. 672702

No. 672747

>calls her mom
>"everyone started believing she was the mother, he just didn’t know how to correct it and went with it"
?????? dumb

No. 673066

I agree. Maybe it's just because I was in school during the early 00s and everyone was still using "that's so gay" as an insult and calling things retarded, but I also think that what >>670709 said is very important. Most people have done shitty things in their past, but you can't go back and undo them. All you can do is do better, so that's what I look for in a person rather than giving a shit about years old stuff being dredged up. I dunno if I'd say Jeffree is trying to do better these days, I haven't really paid attention to him.

Besides I've always thought that Kat Von D practically being a Nazi sympathizer was much more serious than anything J's ever done, but barely anyone seems to care about that. Kat's never been "cancelled".

No. 673364

Wha? I haven't heard of that, sure you're not thinking of the LimeCrime lady? Also KVD has most def been cancelled by everyone since she went pubic with her whole "I'm not gonna vaccinate my baby fuck yall" stance. (See: >>663717)

No. 673373

Definitely KVD (although I think Doe Deere had a Nazi costume incident?), this site outlines everything: https://forward.com/schmooze/403064/makeup-mogul-kat-von-d-blasted-for-anti-vaxx-where-was-the-anger-when-she/

She literally named a lipstick after the word Nazis used to choose who was going to die in concentration camps

No. 673434

File: 1535249831347.jpg (28.27 KB, 482x372, kat-von-d-anti-semite-photo.jp…)

The photo she left her old boss Ami James is pretty antisemitic

No. 673435

Hooh boy. Yeah, this article make a good point, because I definitely didn't hear about any of this or see any uproar at the time, only the anti-vax stuff. I'm surprised that Jeff hasn't tried to claim this as the reason why she's shit, lmao.

No. 673514

File: 1535268620592.png (154.39 KB, 530x530, 170906_single_packshots_1132x1…)

This will probably make me sound like a wk, but I also really don't get why these "insults" are so career ending… I live in germany and nobody would blink an eye at you for using "gay" as something negative, people still do that regularly.

>She literally named a lipstick after the word Nazis used to choose who was going to die in concentration camps
Very far-fetched, "Selektion" has many different meanings, nobody would even think of the holocaust when hearing it.

>In another murky example of her alleged anti-Semitism, Von D apparently developed a lipstick color called “Selektion,” a German word that is now considered taboo

Again, completely false, e.g. pic related, you can use it just fine.

No. 673600

sorry if this is widely known, but is there more info on this? im curious

No. 673979

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good summary of everything that's going on/happened in the past at this point? This video popped up on my recommended and he keeps talking about some video Manny liked or something and blah blah blah. I just can't keep up with all the drama.

No. 673995

I can't find it at the moment, but try googling and "beautyguruchatter Manny Mua megathread" and you might find it that way.

No. 673996


No. 674060

File: 1535332539439.png (775.31 KB, 1022x536, lux.png)

Do people actually like Rich Lux? He's listed as a source for info somewhere in the megathread >>673995 suggested. I guess I don't really get his whole….character? It doesn't seem like he actually says anything that interesting, just tries to talk shit just for the sake of it. Am I missing something?

No. 674148

he’s fucking annoying i can’t stand him. he seems so fake and trying to regurgitate drag queen lingo but it’s really inauthentic

No. 674241

I gotchu fam. The top six or so posts here are all the megathreads about the recent drama from the Reddit beauty guru community.


No. 674444

bless u anon

No. 674569

So, someone leaked the emails between Jaclyn Hill (+her mom) and a former employee at the MUG discussing her collab that never came to fruition (also costed MUG to lose one million $). Holy shit I never had any opinion about Jaclyn, but now she looks like a fucking scammer, liar, and would throw her friends under the bus for money. This is actually so disgusting, how do people even defend her behavior?

Screenshots were included in the original upload of this video, but they were removed for legal issues. Someone posted them all on GuruGossip though, if you want to see for yourself what a piece of shit Jaclyn is.

I feel sorry for the professional, polite employee who had to deal with Jackass and her mother

No. 674633

justhereforthetea on youtube seems to be covering some of it. She's kinda a cow on twitter but I like her channel just fine.

No. 674634

Marlena from MUG spills the tea on the true nature of these beauty influencer, it’s a short video but to summarize it in one sentence: some influencers would ask for $60,000 just to show MUG products in their videos, and if Marlena (MUG ceo) doesn’t like it, they will bad mouth her brands and products/never advertise them. (CoughJaclynHillcough)

Definitely give the video a watch there’s some delicious milk

No. 674638

She dated an outspoken antisemite too didn't she?

So glad a lot of people are finally over her though

No. 674659

File: 1535413454474.jpg (116.7 KB, 747x919, jh.jpg)

Completely unrelated to the content…..but what is this girl's accent? Also I don't know anything about Jaclyn Hill but did she get a bad nosejob? Why does everything about her look so fake?

No. 674662

It's about time some of the makeup brands stop babying all these dumb ass "influencers", it's so out of control even from an outside perspective

No. 674665

BTS accent: I actually don’t know, but I can understand her so I don’t really care for her thick accent.
Jaclyn Hill: I actually used to defend her because I couldn’t believe it was possible to be in so many scandals and thought people were lying about her this whole time. Turns out I was a fool and she is indeed a shady, money hungry scammer. I’m at the mobile site, I will try to write a quick post about all the scandals she’s been in later.
One thing for sure, she always throws brands that collab with her under the bus.
Latest one is her telling her fans to “scrap” the top of the eyeshadow collab she did with Morphe (The Vault). When the Vault first launched, it tanked so hatd, so many people didn’t like it and thought it was patchy mess. She then blamed the manufacturer at Morphe and they had to pull the palette for three months to “reformulate and repress”. Three months later, nothing changed and the collection is still a mess. She’s trying to cover her ass by telling buyers to “scrap off” the eyeshadow lmao. Many people in their reviews asked if Jaclyn even swatchd the shadows on her eyes. Judging by the leaked emails, she only does hand swatches and is good to go! Even the MUG employee had to beg her to swatch the samples on her eyes.

No. 674882

No. 675699

File: 1535568141453.png (243.88 KB, 615x593, bthWb3dYAUAbINzrhVg3r7AUnhUWdY…)

Thoughts on john maclean?

No. 675727

can't stand the fake exaggerated accent he does. all his makeup looks are the same. not into it

No. 675747

I scrolled through the thread and didn’t see it mentioned but the Isabel bedoya vs eden the doll and all the drama surrounding the boxy charm/pur Mexico trip is so milky. Isabel is such a clout ho.

No. 675948

File: 1535583788699.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, 3D9C5FE0-BE9D-4941-A196-88DC52…)

This chick has a YouTube but is more popular on instagram…something about her face is so fucked up to me. She swears she doesn’t use hard drugs despite being rail thin and having horrible teeth… idk what to think about her other than she’s pretty offensive looking and has horrible style

No. 675949

File: 1535583807768.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, 53A7F55D-8158-4B1C-9D59-09A3CB…)

No. 675950

File: 1535583849456.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, E58DC379-0AE1-4AEE-9755-B6D435…)

She also has horrible fashion taste imo

No. 675969

She looks kinda ana in my opinion. Would explain the bad teeth and boney stature.

No. 675975

The translucent blue legs are horrifying. Watching her YouTube videos, her skin and teeth are so awful and she’s only 22? Hard drug use, definitely.

No. 675977

Fuck, man. I’ve followed her for YEARS and even after her pregnancy, she got that small. Her makeup has actually improved from when I first followed her. Her eyebrows were something AWFUL.

No. 676057

after watching this video i'm convinced she's on hard drugs…

No. 676060

i've also followed her for a few years! she doesn't seem like the druggie type to me. She explains her teeth in a video:


she seems awkward af, but she seems like she just grew up in a household where oral health wasnt a big issue.
if she was on harder drugs i feel like she wouldn't be able to keep up with a youtube channel/social media in general. even if she did, it would show more obvious signs.

tinfoiling here but i just think she's a stoner girl who forgets to snack and just keeps up the smol ass body.

No. 676093

Her pupils are pinned af in this video and she is obviously strung out. Sorry to break it to you but she's smoking much harder shit than weed.

No. 676101

Pretty Pastel Please finally saying something somewhat interesting.
Too bad it's completely unedited so it's a 40 min rambling monologue.

No. 676112

She’s using bright ass lighting for filming, you can see the ring light reflected in her eyes. Of course her pupils seem pinned. They’re taking in a ton of light lol

No. 676115

File: 1535599893313.png (25.35 KB, 624x143, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 11.2…)

sage, but this was in the comments on that video. probably not a dash account but w/e.
But yeah she's high as fuck in that video.

No. 676117

File: 1535600047552.png (75.27 KB, 204x263, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 11.3…)

tried my darnedest to get a shot of her eyes without the insane ring light reflection.

No. 676124

File: 1535600570925.png (2.32 MB, 750x1334, F2E47273-2306-45CC-93AB-28471D…)

You don’t get this thin from forgetting to snack

No. 676127

i haven't seen this account so i detract that statement lmao

No. 676168

File: 1535609314899.jpg (15.95 KB, 400x226, jim.jpg)

>How much for you to say you bought this with your own money and this is not sponsored?
>$25K for one mention in a multi-branded review video
>Some people with 200K instagram followers can make $50k-60k for one insta post
Damn. She does ramble on a bit, but this was a pretty educational video. I thought I had a vague understanding of how sponsorships/ads worked with influencers on youtube, but apparently not. This explains a lot. >>674634 This one too. I guess I thought influencers got paid from adsense and some paid ads here or there but really only if you were a big name. And I didn't know it was THAT much money just for mentions or one insta post. Good to know not to trust anyone now!

>Pic related me thinking about how many dumb shitty insta posts I make for lulz and how some people could pay off my student loans and still have enough left over to pay for 4 years of my rent with just one insta post

No. 676186

She looks like the dragon from Shrek.

No. 676213

its not just the pinned eyes but the skin tone. can't explain it but people who use hard drugs tend to have this off-colored, kinda yellow skin tone??

No. 676267


I first came across her years ago, before her son and everything. I kind of just believed she had a condition or something, and that her teeth really were from years of subpar oral hygiene. Every time I see her now I REALLY don't doubt she's on some harder shit than weed. She's emaciated, her jaw looks like it's been through the gates of hell and back, her skin is terrible and she just litetslly looks and acts exactly like she's doing drugs. I always feel bad for her poor son, it's a terrible thing to say but I've never seen her seem particularly passionate about him.

No. 676274

kek I love that you can see where she wiped off her foundation between her brows

No. 676369

File: 1535648930484.png (945.35 KB, 857x620, twitter.png)

Peter Monn as well. I've watched a couple vids of theirs here and there, but I don't get it? They don't seem like they have exorbitant amounts of views but it seems like the comments will be like
>holy shit rich lux/peter monn covered _______!!!!

Just cause they talk about youtube drama? Peter has 161K followers and is hanging out with Shane and crew? Rich Lux has 190K was personally invited by Jeffree to hang out in his hotel room? I just don't get what's going on. Seems like they should just be any other nobodies making reaction videos or something.

No. 676485

sometimes i try to watch peter monn videos because he covers some interesting drama but i his ntro is so fucking cringy that i end up tuning out most of the time before hes even started discussing the hot goss

No. 677704

can someone recap jeffrees new vid for me? i don't wanna watch it

No. 680164

Apparently Manny Mua got paid 70k by Lilly Lashes to bash Lashify. I knew his video review was fishy because he didn't want to ~read the manual. He didn't mention Lilly Lashes but he put their affiliate link into his description lmao

Here's the insiders comment from Reddit:
>Ugh this is all true. I worked as an intern at APA and remember a phone call I put through for his manager Cristina closing a deal with Lilly Lashes. He got paid 70k to bash them. Y’all remember Manny’s negative review of Lashify lashes???? Paid for by Lilly Ghalichi.

Here's Mannys bash video:

And here's Pretty Pastel Please video about it:

No. 680895

File: 1536093215127.png (250.77 KB, 423x425, jh.png)


I just watched TeaSpill's vid on Morphe/Jaclyn Hill. I've never followed JH or anything but goddamn I cannot wait until we get away from this phase of makeup. This is the kind of shit everyone is going to look at 5 years from now and be embarrassed of. That much highlight and contour and such heavy eye makeup is meant for drag and not day to day wear. This doesn't even look like a human face anymore. I'm also so tired of the giant nude/greige lipstick phase that just makes you look dead or dehydrated. She and Jeffree etc etc just look like straight up aliens to me at this point. At least with Jeff I feel like that's kind of what he's going for.

I've only ever tried like one Glossier thing and it was just fine but I'm glad they're kind of leading the charge towards the more natural look, even if their ads are the most exaggerated version of that.

No. 680896

Alright, sperg over. Here's that vid if anyone's interested.

No. 680905

File: 1536093746735.png (301 KB, 450x487, jh before.png)

Just kidding last thing I promise. They also show a clip of JH from back in the day and holy shit. I've only ever really seen her popping up in her current form, I had no idea she used to look like this, she's unrecognizable. She went WAY too hard with the fillers.

No. 681059

the invention of fillers was a mistake.

No. 681085

File: 1536109097917.jpg (40.3 KB, 600x600, jigsaw.jpg)

No. 681129

This just seems….stupid on Nikkie's part. Pretty fun to watch the beauty community go up in flames tho, not gonna lie.

No. 681135

File: 1536113046204.jpg (45.8 KB, 300x300, thumb_1515700519-artwork.jpg)

No. 681184

Yeah, but is anyone seriously going to stop using their favorite product over this? Not saying KVD is most peoples' favorite anything, but next to nothing could make me stop using any of my HG products, Tattoo Liner being one of them.

No. 681298

File: 1536127189627.jpg (72.43 KB, 636x382, kvd.jpg)

I feel like people have already disavowed her shit over the vaccine thing? I tried the tattoo liner in the past and decided to try it again because of that one review. Still doesn't seem like it's anything revolutionary, so I definitely won't buy it again now. That post was the most self-pitying bullshit I've ever seen
>And, if you don’t know what it’s like to have the entire world openly criticize, judge, throw uninformed opinions, and curse you — try being an openly pregnant vegan on Instagram, having a natural, drug-free home birth in water with a midwife and doula, who has the intention of raising a vegan child, without vaccinations.

No. 686284

File: 1536721487120.jpg (72.22 KB, 964x649, mannybetterhelp.jpg)

Nobody is really talking about this but since dramagedon Manny has continued to fuck up his rep. I'm not even talking about the fact he posted his pathetic scripted apology, this time he's posted a "self help" video about betterhelp.
Yes, affiliate link included. No different than the shit jaclyn glenn and laineybot have pulled in the past.

No. 686297

Given that Taylor Dean did a betterhelp sponsored vid and claims her sponsor fee starts at $30K and goes up from there, god knows how much money he's making from this. He has so many more subs.

No. 688547

I don’t understand the hype around John Maclean right now.

He jumpcuts way too many times just to make filler for big words and basic American bitches go crazy for his accent. I tried getting into his videos but the way he holds his lips and the amount of bottom teeth that show while he speaks just put me off.

I’m pretty sure him and Jeffree will be doing a collab video soon so I’ll be interested to see how each group plays off one another.

No. 688615

I first watched one of his videos ages ago to see what he had to say about eyebrows. In that video he drew them on like you'd rough sketch an eyebrow on paper??

He's obviously Scottish and he's trying really hard to sound aristocratic or some shit like that.

His makeup's really too much aimed at trans guys, I think. I notice he uses theatrical cosmetics from Charles Fox.

It's pretty remarkable how he goes from a fug ginger to a passable female. I learned nothing useful from him and he's annoying af. I briefly subscribed, then unsubbed.

No. 688617

(trans guys as in guys who want to pass as a woman or they've had gender realignment surgery and know flap all about how to do makeups).

No. 688823

I think it's because he's "pretty" and gay, I'm sure he has some fujoshit subs who rub themselves over his "femboiness". The only male Youtube MUA I watch/like is Wayne Goss, the rest of them look dumb, niggas with beards with a full face of makeup on LMFAO, it looks ridiculous.

No. 689770

File: 1537133524928.jpg (175.68 KB, 960x1200, DTctutuV4AE3ZlK.jpg)

For real, I've never seen a dude with typical glam Instagram makeup on that didn't look fucking absurd. It's one of those things on social media that make me feel like Will Ferrel in Zoolander when I see a guy with a full face of makeup on and the responses are 'GORGEOUS!!!!!' 'Omfg girl you slaying this look' 'I'm a girl and you look way better than me with makeup on lol'

Like are we looking at the same thing? It must be disingenuous and these girls feel like they have to think these guys look good or they'll be called homophobic or whatever, but come on, who are you kidding? They look so stupid it makes my stomach churn. And why did the one community pretty much only for females have to get flooded with flamboyant gay men taking it over, starting fuck tons of drama, and most of the time acting like bullies, while promoting the ugliest makeup looks and if you say anything you're homophobic?

You can't fucking tell me this shit doesn't look ridiculous.

No. 690761

Everything about Jaclyn just seems so fake, personality and her gross swollen lips. I don't her appeal at all. Trying to get her to respond to an email seems like a real nightmare. Honestly her reading through the emails was stressing me out so much how unhelpful and uncooperative Jaclyn was being. (Super long vid)

No. 690769

File: 1537247256086.jpg (23.48 KB, 352x550, 153203988-352-k48728.jpg)

They did the same thing with modeling, filled it up with 12 yo boy looking women, now they're replacing them with semi-passing, blow up doll looking transgenders and the women who're left are morbidly obese/bad built with bad skin. People are praising it because "equality" but nah, it's something else there. And those dudes love those "Hehe, you look better than me in makeup, and I'm a girl!" comments. Their fugly makeup looks will always get excused once they pull out the homophobe card, and will ruin female MUA's career over something so stupid.
Yas, slay girl, indeed.

No. 690774

File: 1537247850673.jpg (175.54 KB, 1024x682, conchita.jpg)

Reminds me of that one Eurovision guy. I mean, the technique and artistry is great and all, but it's just so jarring.

No. 690779

i disagree. instahoe makeup always looks like shit, full stop. sure in picture with some filters it looks fine, or in videos maybe, but IRL it makes you look like a gross drag queen with 50lbs of obvious makeup on.

No. 690786

How hard is it to just put an eyeshadow on your eye an THEN email

No. 690803

That just screamed to me that she probably hadn’t swatched it at all

No. 690808

It does seem like some kind of absurd type of sexism. All over the world women wear makeup. Yet the handful of men who do as well are the ones who immediately shoot to fame. Most female beauty gurus are at least semi attractive, but those gay dudes can be as ugly as they want. Most women who talk as openly about sex and being slutty as them also never make it that far.

I feel like he makes a show about how 'manly' he is despite dressing feminine, constantly says "I'm a man" etc. He also doesn't outright admit that he's a fag, so his female teen fans think they've still got a chance.

No. 690809

Instahoe makeup is trash. The reason men are so into it is because unlike real women they need a lot of makeup to look pretty. You put that same makeup on a woman and she just looks like a dirty,greasy, cakey mess. You can't use angles and filters in real life.

No. 691251


Say what you want about James, but I actually agreed with him here, especially when he put it into perspective via the numbers. It kind of makes Marlena look like a bad businesswomen ngl.’

No. 691380

I feel like this got swept under the rug as well, and it's absolutely bonkers
Part 2: https://youtu.be/Bzeok2B7__Q
Part 3: https://youtu.be/hRAGoUK6IVs
(Also touches on him trademarking Manny's shit >>665869)

Jeffree publicly shit talks and bullies Filipino youtuber Michelle Dy for "stealing his series" by using the word "approved" and threatens her with legal action saying that "Jeffree Star Approved" is trademarked in America even though
1. It wasn't at the time he threatened her
2. She doesn't live in America
3. She was using "MD Approved" not "Jeffree Star Approved" obviously
4. Other (white) youtubers (he's friends with) have done "xx Approved" videos before and he said nothing.

She ended up taking down 2 videos she posted and apologizing to JS on twitter after insane harassment from JS's fans, Can you imagine being so up your own ass that you think you own/created the concept of approval/disapproval and no one else in the entire world can use it?? Or the color pink? >>663339

No. 691381

File: 1537311103353.jpg (59.25 KB, 540x540, etv_smart_cat_stickers-r798e7a…)

He comin after Smart Cat next

No. 691400

It angers me that Nikita was let off the hook pretty much damage free. Just because he's mtf and poc?
Jeffree was forgiven (because muh homophobia), nobody is saying anything about Gabriel and Manny anymore as well, but Laura received the most hate.

No. 691412

File: 1537312388495.png (88.62 KB, 654x453, Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 6.12…)

Oh, also turns out Tati Westbrook has had the copyright for "Tati Approved" since April 2018, Jeffree didn't apply for "Jeffree Star Approved" until August 2018. He threatened MD with legal action in July.

No. 691420

I thought it also had to do with her being best buds with Gabby also? Like, Gabby didn't call her out in his vid like he did with Laura/Manny iirc.
I mean I know her apology wasn't great either but tbh the argument of "I was a different person back then" is a much stronger argument coming from her than from other people probably. I think it just comes down to Laura and Manny being so full of shit in comparison.

No. 691441

nta but who do you mean by "her"? the tranny?

No. 691444

File: 1537314555461.jpg (201.12 KB, 961x1200, DbLem_8UQAA8y7r.jpg)

Yes, who else would I be talking about in that context?


>Just because he's mtf
Come on now, this is stupid. It's not like she's some tumblr fakeboi going through a phase. I thought we were past this.

No. 691493

File: 1537318127704.png (330.12 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180918-174603.png)

Elle S gets on my fucking nerves she's so easily triggered, defensive and has this low key humble brag attitude when she acts like she's so cool and unique. Too attention starved and boring. She's also such a fake ass SJW. Kek I really can't stand her.

No. 691532

Girls with tiny turtle upper lips wearing dark af lip shades trigger me

No. 691543

Agree. Elle S is ugly asf.

No. 691777


she is so annoying

No. 691866

>Yes, who else would I be talking about in that context?
I mean, if you're using "she" I would expect it to be laura or something, not a man.

>It's not like she's some tumblr fakeboi going through a phase

They're all the same. He looks like a drag queen/a gross, sexist caricature a la Gregory.

No. 691872


If that's how you're gonna judge people, you gotta learn to love yourself anon. The people discussed here have so much to criticize them for yet you're gonna stumble over a trans person's gender identity.

No. 691933

>not respecting troons' retarded identuhtees is self hatred
imagine being this big of a handmaiden. go back to gurugossip.

No. 694022

Literally if I passed this person on the street I would just think "lady" and keep walking. Why would I waste the mental energy on the entire history of their genitals? nta but I agree with >>691872 there's plenty to criticize without being as personally invested in their crotch as you are, anon.

No. 694147

Stop the derailing. There are plenty of threads to discuss trannies in /ot/ and you can go to tumblr to argue over pronouns.

No. 695046

Oh hell yes, I've clicked on this bitch's videos so many times because she has interesting titles and video ideas, and I can't learn a fucking lesson. I cannot make it through one of her videos all the way through, I quit halfway through or just skip around because she's so boring and yet infuriating at the same time. Everything you said is true, but she also is just so full of herself when she talks about her makeup inspirations 'I'm really inspired by this classical painter or the Baroque era or this totally obscure Dutch artistic movement from the 18th century' like come on. You blended some blue and green, get over yourself.

Also, she talks until she's completely out of breath, gulps in some air, and then talks non-stop again. Like girl, learn how to breathe and talk at the same time, holy shit.

No. 695157

Fuck I love minsooky but I feel like she is edgy ass hell at the moment. Always saying she is poor, trying to sound like she is not acting like a basics artsy White girl with her road trip . ( her channel, she is truly talented : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC4_I3wwF9lv_q3nCeEdPXaw )

No. 695197

File: 1537729272899.jpg (Spoiler Image, 348.71 KB, 1538x2048, 20180923.jpg)

Have we reached a verdict on shane dawson being discussed here? His new series looks like it will be a shitshow.

And he looks like a disgusting foot as per usual.

No. 695198

Well he’s not a guru so…

No. 695213

Can't wait to hear him pander see him slouch and watch him pick his chin the whole time. Also fuck Jake Paul is this how he finally gets on the trending page since he bitches about YouTube not promoting him?

I like Shane but Jake Paul does not need empathy or whatever the fuck spin he'll put. I wish they were still doing the Morgan Moving Out Saga. Why does she always sound so off her face slurring all the time?

No. 695217

Neither of them or beauty gurus go to the YouTubed thread

No. 695221

she's not white

No. 695233

I hate both of them at this point. Jeffree, tana, and graveyard girl didn't deserve empathy either. He keeps making all these shitty rich youtubers out to be ówò innocent lil victims who dindu nuffin and need to be coddled, including himself and keemstar now, apparently. It's gross. He's gross.

No. 695250

i've never understood why so many people give shane an immunity shield for criticism. he got famous for making dead hooker jokes, racial jokes, and sexist jokes at the expense of his female friends, and anytime i've pointed it out i just get "lol he's just joking though" or "you know he's gay right?"

like i'd understand if the people that defend him just don't have a problem with offensive humor for anyone, but that's not the case. it's often people who are willing to call out plenty of other youtubers for being ~problematic~ but for shane it's different somehow. why is that?

No. 695674

File: 1537774227689.png (90.65 KB, 500x386, anti-cial-9-01-getting-a-chipo…)

I thought the Graveyardgirl one was good though, it actually made me sympathize with her because she's clearly losing her mind and actually needs help. Jeffree and Tana etc are just fake idiots, Jeffree especially. I bet it's gonna be a lot of
>I showed that body in the forest because I wanted to make people laugh!!! bro
>I have feelings too no homo

When is he gonna do Onion tho? He must have considered it, right?

I can't stand his constant refrain of "I'm too busy being successful" and then pulling this nonsensical shit. I can't wait until he turns on Shane. Shane's series has only made him more awful and self-righteous.

Wait, are they really not doing that anymore? I find Morgan and Ryland both pretty obnoxious, but it's absolutely absurd that he got attacked for asking his 21 year old mooch of a sister who's been living on their floor for months to move out, especially since she has money (from Shane essentially, since that's the only reason she has subscribers) and is basically being offered an insane multi-level apartment that Shane's not even using. People are upset that a 30 year old wants to live alone with his boyfriend and not have his lazy dropout kid sister living there for free anymore? I guess it's because all their fans must be tweens, so they can't fathom that Morgan is a human disaster and has made 0 effort to get her shit together. Moving out would be the LEAST she could do to repay them.

not tru anon, if you watched the Jeffree series you know Shane is a huge beauty guru, why else would he get his own eyeshadow palette??

No. 695680

i think alot of it (outside of his pandering) is that he's been around for along time, he started out with the "i dont care' shock humor everyone did at the time, but had the chance and gained the popularity that he had to change to stay relevant, so he did.

his problematic shit in the past means literally nothing if he's not out here scamming people out of their money or something, and he's not. Tana did, Jeffree lies all the time, Morgan and Ryland were spoiled kids all their lives its easy to tell but thats about it for them (but i dont watch them anyway i cant stand morgan)
I think alot of people like to like shane because the content he's making lately is better and more entertaining then the stuff we are used to on youtube as well (the docu-series stuff) he's not problematic now? he doesnt make racist or homophobic joke/slurs now? pretty sure on a few podcasts he's explained why he used that humor and why he wont anymore

seems like people just wanna shit on him because he's popular? if you have receipts of him being shit bring it and show people why he shouldn't be so liked? (also not trying to wk just playing devils advocate here)

No. 695690

I thought this was that blind youtuber for a minute and I was like is nothing really sacred here

No. 695693

John Maclean is actually a troll!
Back in the earlier days of the internet, John was actually a campy cybergoth who took up this persona as a way of having his own shtick in a sea of campy gay makeup artists.
This is just a persona for income. I dig it.

No. 695710

I think he gets a pass because he "matured" and changed with the times and because he's been so open with his ed. Plus he's openly gay which means lots of people, especially young women, will overlook his faults.
The thing I really don't understand is why his fans seem to believe he's super sweet, genuine and innocent. He always comes across as kind of douchey and self absorbed to me. I feel like it would be so draining to be his friend as he's constantly acting out and bringing up how much he hates his body. If he acts like that in videos I can't imagine how much worse he is during his day to day.

No. 695724

Hes openly bisexual and it took him two seconds to go from a sorta effeminate dude to turning into an obnoxious stereotype of gay men. I have never heard someone repeat dead jokes as many times as him and people still find it funny.
His interview bullshit is such pandering garbage and people calling it in anyway good really are scraping the bottom of the barrell bc all i saw was cringy shit interactions adults who never emotionally or mentally matured past teen hood.
he was poor how many years ago and still defaults to using it in his schticks, self deprecating jokes (usually the same ones like not bathing, wearing black, dirty shirts n not caring, gainging weight) and generally trying to as faggy as he can.
I hate how amped up his whole shitty personality has gotten just to match his transition into a gay relationship v conventienrly at the cusp of when lgbt junk became popular on YT.

No. 695749

i imagine the video personality is really over blown like alot of other popular youtubers, he honestly comes off as lazy and an easy quitter to me, and self absorbed but what youtuber with over a mil subscribers isnt now a days really? i imagine the reason he doesnt have friends tho is because he's really hard to deal with day to day as i imagine like you said the "im fat, omg, SCREEEEECH" would be enough for most people to nope the fuck out of interactions with him

his coming out stuff, he's already said on the nojumper podcast he doesn't really know what sexuality he leans, he's still confused over it because he likes men more, but still really likes to have sex with girls. so yes he IS bi, but the over blown-ness might be because he feels more comfortable about being that way now? i always imagined he was the over-effeminate type of gay when he was younger and it kinda proved me right in later years, and at least the guy can make fun of himself for how over-dramatic he made it back then too

and his docu-series is objectively better then alot of shit on youtube (that includes his normal vloggy stuff), regardless if anything comes from it or not have you seen the shit on that site lately? it's all commentary channels, shitty podcasts and highstyle wanna be vloggers

like he's over-rated but he doesnt seem like an actual shitty person y'know? I dont understand the seething hate or the overblown love, i kinda like his content and he matured, but he's like… bottom of the barrel milk, only thing there to hate is that he's cringy and pandering, like phillip defranco, who i would argue was just as bad in the past and is now 10x more pandering and cringy then shane

No. 695870

>his docu-series is objectively better then alot of shit on youtube
That doesn't really say anything. Putting forth more effort than your average daily vlogger =/= quality lol.

Real shit: the only reasons why his videos are being shilled as good are
>A. 99% of the shilling is done by his vast legion of obnoxious, easily impressed 12 y/o fans who never shut up online and
>B. as you mentioned, Youtube is a hellscape right now and his non-conspiracy/spooky clickbait videos have higher production value than the majority of content on the platform.
In reality, his videos are mediocre at best and a good chunk of those depressed tween girls who make kpop crack videos have objectively better editing skills than both him and andrew. So sick of people hyping him up.

No. 695948

That’s why I said objectively, because everyone is going to have different tastes for what they like and what they consider “quality content”
And with how horrible everything is on YouTube at least it’s not the same shit that’s normally being pushed to the front page, I won’t lie and say it’s the best, but it is the only thing I’m subbed to him for
Mind you this will be a new trend in of itself soon and be just as tired and lame as everything else on the site
Once this new series comes out I kind of feel like this will be the last one he’ll really grab views with and it’ll be done, and he’s not going to be nearly as popular into next year like he was with this year

No. 695955

uh… are you sure you didn't mean "subjectively"?

No. 695969

yes, sorry realized this all after im too tired to be posting

No. 696095

Jeffree Star got caught being racist, yet again! He called Jackie Aina a gorilla two months after he posted his apology video titled "Racism". Here is a video showing the text messages with his former hairstylist and matching the dates of these text messages with the posts on Instagram. A person on reddit actually did the investigation to prove the legitimacy of these texts since all Jeffree stans kept calling it fake.

Also, if you read all the text messages, you can see that Jeffree unfollowed his friend the hairstylist just because the hairstylist posted pictures of his work on Jackie… he refused to follow him back until the stylist deleted these pictures (which exist on Jackie insta at least) lmao what a sensitive bitch!

No. 696097

File: 1537822237226.jpg (236.16 KB, 1125x2072, l3dc1avhq2o11.jpg)

samefag, but here is Jackie response to this whole scandal

(Apparently he also accused her of tax evasion and started up rumors about her wedding and shit? What a sad human)

No. 696110

I don’t think I trust scissor hands. He claims he found an old android phone but all his old Jeffree texts are iMessages? Don’t add up. Jeffree is a piece of garbage but this guy is clout chasing for sure.

No. 696113

I guess I should have watched the newest video before, it explains the screen caps. Still, he’s definitely throwing him under the bus for fame.

No. 696161

I don't give a fuck about the Daved dude, but my focus isn't on him, my focus is on the hypocrite J* pandering to the black community while calling them rat and gorillas behind their back. Don't shift the focus

No. 696162

I’ve never agreed so much with - jeffree is an asshole; but I think he’s smart enough to not be racist with anyone who’d rat him out if ever he was… after his whole “video leaks” and apology video, I’m pretty much 100% he wouldn’t throw around that language in case of being called out.

No. 696194

apparently they have been friends for years,so I can definitely see J getting comfortable talking like that with someone he's been friends with for so long. Gabbie even admitted it (before he got scared and said he lied to get on Jeffree's said) he admitted that J still uses that language around his clique

No. 696197

I agree but you’ve also got to bare in mind, a lot of these texts apparently took place after Jeffree replaced his hair stylist (because the original one who’s leaking this was working with his ex friends he didn’t trust?) it all seems like clout chasing from the stylist in my option, and jefffree fan or not it’s so obvious what he’s up to

No. 696198

Same fag but, you’ve gotta get the fact that after the recent J* popularity boost, there’s always gonna be people ridding it. I’m fairly certain that’s what most of this thread will amount to be!

No. 696201

Also j* is really not that smart concerning his racist behavior. He called Jackie and Shayla rats (referencing hoodrat) and threatened to beat Shayla up even if he went to jail for it. This all happened recently too, not a "10 years ago" incident

You know why he thinks he is powerful and can get away with it? Because he apparently pays people to dig dirt on everyone (remember when he leaked Nikkitutorials contract with Too Faced? Yeah), his rabid and obsessive fans are also his strongest weapon. It took only less than two days before they dug out dirt on every member of his ex-friends (Laura, Manny, Nikkita, and Gabbie)

No. 696208

He used to work with Laura and Nikkita even before he stopped working with J, read the messages carefully and look at the one where the hairstylist talking about slaying Laura's hair. J didn't have a problem until the hairstylist posted pictures of his work on Jackie.

Also just a quick reminder, it's none of J business to dictate who the stylist should be working with or not, and jeopardizing their friendship over professional work is really manipulative of J. I can see why the hairstylist felt played and angry at Jeffree. Not that I care, fuck them both anyway

No. 696429

Yeah, that whole "delete the picture of that person so it's not next to a picture of me and then I'll re-follow you" is some insane manipulative shit. I mean unless he had him on retainer and was paying him, there's no way he can expect that of someone. I think it's fair to question the stylists motives, especially cause he basically said he was gonna start his own youtube channel and if he got enough followers he would do ~story time~. And it seems like he was going along with Jeff's behavior until he stopped getting paid, but either way Jeffree is trash, so if someone is able to profit off of showing how shitty he is, good for him. Shane's gonna have to do a whole new docu-series every time his racist shit is exposed. Honestly, how hard is it to not drop the n-bomb around everyone constantly?

good thing he's too busy being minding his own business and being successful to directly start petty drama! god he's so full of shit. Someday he'll find this thread and then his lawyers will be in touch with each and everyone of us

No. 696473

I know she is half obviously but her attitude made me think about that kind of girls

No. 697446

File: 1537976648554.png (628.73 KB, 910x566, lux.png)

I really can't stand Rich Lux but his vids always pop up in my recommended so sometimes I skip around on them. He's definitely jumped ship and turned super biased towards J★ since he hung out with Jeff that one time. His 2 recent videos on the matter have just been him basically crying FAKE NEWS and saying "hairstylists should have doctor-patient confidentiality with their clients!! Jeff's the victim here!! these are OBVIOUSLY fake texts". Jeffree definitely knows what he's doing to shine himself in the best possible light.

I agree that the stylist guy is obviously being opportunist, but that doesn't make any of his claims less true. If this was the first time Jeff was accused of this shit, maybe, but why would the 2043rd person accusing Jeff of racism so unbelievable? How is fucking Rich being any less opportunist by making clickbait videos about J★ with like 15 ads each?

No. 697465

considering how fast he turned and dropped JK when shit went south during the JK/Peter Monn fiasco, everyone should have seen how snakey he was.
I liked his friend, the drag queen he has on with him and they do the gossip chats but even those are mostly talking shit with no receipts so no one should ever take him seriously, fuck the man sits in front of a camera pretending to be a "youtube celebrity gossip channel" with giant ass white triangles on his face and lashes the size of tarantulas.

I feel sorry for the idiots that can believe him and take his word for truth

No. 697499


I made a separate Shane thread if anyone's interested, since he's being discussed in multiple different threads now (Youtubers, Beauty Gurus, Grav3yardgirl, Tana, Onion, etc)

No. 697502

File: 1537981107819.png (818.88 KB, 1008x668, Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 11.5…)

He's also in Bunny's most recent video? I didn't watch the full video, I just scrubbed through to confirm that was him, cause….why? They both live in Texas and are obnoxious so they're best buds now?

No. 698514

So apparently HFTT2 and Teaspill cancelled their Jaclyn hill series because she threatened to kill herself if they released. Ha.

No. 698516

File: 1538062379284.jpeg (421.29 KB, 1242x2096, 2609B3F7-E2B2-44ED-A1E2-C6B3A4…)

No. 698520

oh lmao that's one big L for jaclyn. but i'm also sad we won't be able to see those videos, how will i waste my time now

No. 698523

I've heard so much shady shit about HFFT2, and I'm not surprised she dropped this the second Jaclyn started crying "booolie"

It really sucks tho because I actually got pumped for this hoping to finally get a full-all-receipt Jaclyn expose but now… ahh well

No. 698526


What have you heard about hftt?

I’m also disappointed she fell for jh’s manipulation. She’s just looking for a valid reason to quit yt anyways. She barely even makes videos anymore so idk why she cared so much about this specific series.

No. 698532


Samefag but also curious about Jeffree stars dm. I wonder what he said to them. Hopefully they’ll show us in a video explaining the situation.

No. 698546

mostly just rumor stuff from around twitter, she's on there all the time, and most of the beauty gossip commentators follow her (like i said i HEARD shady shit)

I'm not going to take the stuff JK said about her seriously because he has a bad habit of calling anyone who says boo to him a pedo, but the stuff i heard was

>steals/doesnt/didnt credit receipts from other youtubers

>Talked a lot of mad shit about everyone in the beauty gossip community and lost alot of friends
(I've actually seen a few people admit they didnt follow or watch her stuff because of shit she pulled in the past, pretty sure one was Tawny Michelle but I could be wrong)
>would post fake/bad receipts and info without researching properly
>Known for starting witch hunts with Dustin Dailey against people in the community they didnt like, mostly smaller sub count people or people like Mango Tea
(The MT stuff was pretty good tho imo)
>Known for having a really stand-offish, know it all bitch attitude with everything and everyone

I wouldn't take any of that as truth, but it's what I've personally heard and seen from twitter and youtube. I follow her and pretty much everyone in that comm. so I can probably do some digging and see if I can find anything concrete, same goes for any other anon who wants to look into it.
But from what I've seen she's not very popular among some her peers, they seem to shit-talk without @ at her often.

No. 698567

Thanks for the awesome summary! I was just curious as to what you would say. I recall reading on GG that she was “friends” with some gurus including Jaclyn hill which would explain her reluctance to cover certain topics about them. I’ll try to find the post and screenshot it. But yeah basically she has biased opinions and only posts certain things bc she’s “in” with them.

No. 698576

no prob anon! And yeah pretty much, she has a habit of getting into or making 'cliques' with certain youtubers, I've seen her lash out a few times, never @ at people but just bitching to her followers and you can tell who's part of her group of friends because they always be shading people without naming them like they know who she's bitching about.

I really dont have anything concrete atm but I'm hoping she hasnt deleted anything so maybe I can see if my claims can be backed up

No. 698585

File: 1538068075238.jpeg (29.66 KB, 527x340, 1A35EC1B-35AC-44AA-B37E-2C18E4…)

from what i’ve seen she’s your typical batshit crazy narc/bpd cow. i’ve been following some of her drama on gg. pretty lulzy, though i get kind of stressed out from how much of a volatile sourcunt she is lol. she claims to spill tea but all i see is milk.

she made an entire video on the most
minuscule shit about jeffree star because she was butthurt he unfollowed her. that combined with how she seems to block people left right and center for daring to disagree with her on twitter but supposedly unblocked a girl just to call her a cunt after a comment she made on someone else’s post really speaks to just how petty, infantile and plain retarded she is.

i also find it funny that she comes for other girls’ looks when she has a face like this lmao. no wonder she’s so bitter. she failed as a beauty youtuber and decided to start crawling up the asses of people who succeeded. she‘ll happily talk shit about people only to turn around and thoroughly rim their asshole in a heartbeat. a literal parasite.

No. 698593

Oh wow, so everything I saw is probably right then? KEK fantastic. I heard she was known for being a super bitch and had seen some of her bitchfests but where i'm not a real fan (i just like tea) I try to not pay her much mind because the things I heard where hard to confirm but hard to ignore too, I'm really gonna have fun digging

And holy shit now I know why she goes through such lengths to keep her face off youtube and twitter now… unfortunate

No. 698602

Holy shit she’s fucking hideous! I’m legit cackling oh fuck. Yeah I came to the conclusion that she was a wannabe beauty guru who failed and then turned to bashing everyone instead because she feels like she does it better so she deserves millions of subs and free shit. Clearly a batshit narc. You can just tell from her content how salty she is.

No. 698603


Tbh this doesn't really seem like milk to me. Their channels are about drama and rumors, of course they're gonna be shady? This is like saying "I heard TMZ might be shady!!". I just like her vids because it's less conjecture and whining like Rich Lux and the likes. I was really looking forward to a deep dive into the history of JH.

Also what minuscule Jeffree videos are you talking about? Jeff is an insufferable cunt who is the shadiest of all of them and constantly snaps at his fans for no reason. All the vids I've seen on Jeff have been him being legitimately shady.

No. 698610

>Also what minuscule Jeffree videos are you talking about? Jeff is an insufferable cunt who is the shadiest of all of them and constantly snaps at his fans for no reason. All the vids I've seen on Jeff have been him being legitimately shady.
oh trust me i hate jeffree and think he deserves to be ripped a new one at every twist and turn but anyone with half a brain could tell what her true motive was for making that vid. he’d literally just made an ig comment along the lines of “don’t be sorry if you missed one of too faced’s holiday palettes because they all look the same.” on a trendmood post. then she tried to twist that into him somehow going back on his apology about past racism which is just absurd.

jeffree is shady as shit and has done a ton of gross things and continues to do so and yet, instead of going for any of that to make a decent vid that’s actually worth watching, she scrambled for the first littlest shady thing he did after he unfollowed her. i dislike jeffree and love too faced but c’mon now.

No. 698611

I'm >>698546 and >>698576
wasn't posting milk, was asked for a summary of what I meant (because i had heard she was super shady) and posted said summery
I think she's got milk, just what >>698585
said with the blocking, unblocking just to call a girl a cunt, and the very obvious shit talking she does on twitter for everyone to see, is milky. Bitch can't handle an opinion that isnt hers.

Was also sure she was up J* ass before she started posting call out vids on him, I guess after she got blocked, again, pretty milky. She only does this for the vendetta

No. 698619

File: 1538070801425.png (43.54 KB, 713x172, js.png)

Right but, can you link the video? I'm not doubting you, I just wanna see what you're talking about.

Sure, that makes sense. I just can't believe yall are talking about this instead of how Laura Lee is back and Jeffree is now accusing her PR team of hiring his ex-stylist to spread lies about him so she could make a comeback. I don't care about LL or his stylist either way, but honestly Jeffree is the most self-obsessed cow and his fans just feed his delusion.

Also just in general I'm so fucking tired of all these gurus constantly involving themselves in and instigating drama and their refrain of "I'm just living my life too busy for all that drama!". (Not just JS but he seems to do it the most)

No. 698620

here you go fam.

full disclosure i haven’t watched it but the snippets of it in other people’s vids, rants on twitter and the comment section say it all lmao

No. 698651

File: 1538073307491.png (78.91 KB, 509x209, jss.png)

Honestly all of her big points in the video are 100% valid. She literally never said that the TooFaced comment had anything to do with race? She's talking about how he's a giant hypocrite. He made a huge dramatic PR public declaration that he was never gonna be involved in or perpetuate drama (in his Racism apology video) and then immediately left a public shady comment about a company he had a history of beef with. And then he went on to make several snapchat vids continuing to shit talk the brand….again, right after his huge dramatic declaration of "NO MORE DRAMA!!".

Also watching it with today's context….she's not wrong about anything?
>Obviously he did not stick to his promise of never instigating drama again, lmao
>Jeffree shading TooFaced for "acting like they own Unicorns" when he literally threatened legal action against a guru for using the word "Approved" a few months ago ( >>691380 )
> (Also TooFaced owned the rights to "Unicorn Tears" at the time Jeff was accusing them of "Acting like the own Unicorns", Jeff didn't even own the rights to "Jeffree Star Approved" when he threatened legal action against the girl for using the term "Approved" on his channel)
>Shading TooFaced for deleting a tweet "if you had the balls to tweet that in your mansion you should have the balls to keep it up on your instagram. People want receipts always!"
>Jeffree, in his giant mansion, CONSTANTLY deletes his tweets.

I mean, I guess I could see where right after this video was released it might have seemed like a lil bit of a stretch, but she didn't turn out to be incorrect about anything she was accusing Jeff of. I would just say you should probably watch it before you start making accusations.

No. 698728


Sam looks like Tana mongeaus (?) older crackhead sister who steals grandmas norcos and sucks off security to get into the club on ladies night

No. 698776

They said they're stopping the series bc JH's mental state, yet they leave part 1 on youtube and are still profiting off it's ads. Makes me think it was never a series to begin with.

No. 698802

File: 1538083901230.png (654.39 KB, 700x1119, thanos.png)

Well, I would assume her mental state is (in part) BECAUSE of the Part 1. I'm sure there was going to be more parts, cause she just kind of scratched the surface of JH in the first part.

I could see where
>Bad reviews of her product line
>Multiple channels revealing her shady behavior
>Everyone calling her money hungry and two-faced
>And now series promised to be probably at least 2 hours just focusing on how bad of a person she is
could make someone lose their mind. I still don't like JH though.

Pic related, JH doing her Morphe collab

No. 698832

>I just can't believe yall are talking about this instead of how Laura Lee
See I'm not thinking about that all that much because that's exactly what I would expect of all of them. Of course Laura's going to try to come back, of course Jeffree's gonna have a lot to say about it, yes some other clinger-on is going to claim involvement for attention. Isn't this what happens every time? Here for the Teacakes And Crumpets is something almost new. Not talked to death yet, at least.

No. 698978


I agree. She’s the most interesting hag in my opinion right now that hasn’t been milked to death.

Apparently she started out trying to be a beauty guru and failed? Anyone know more about this?

No. 699012

The dude is a drag queen so I guess he gets a slight pass

No. 699508

File: 1538157240322.jpg (55.75 KB, 1784x1080, james-charles1.jpg)

James Charles is the worst. He tried to contact Netflix just a few days ago because he found out that Marlena from MakeupGeeks was making a documentary about influencers with Netflix. Everything must be about him to the point where he discredits other people like Marlena by stating that she is a bad business woman

No. 699515

'Contact me immediatly' Sit the fuck down you fakeass faggot

No. 699517

> contact me immediately
who tf does he even think he is???

No. 699580

He’s not technically all that wrong though. Marlena has actually made bad business decisions, and her randomly throwing out that 60K number was incredibly inappropriate imo.

No. 699581

Those messages look very fake and I’m suspicious of when he posted them.

Jackie accused a YouTuber of stealing her personal info, reported her video because she didn’t like it and has yet to make a full apology. J * is a petty asshole but don’t pretend that Jackie Aina is this saint or better than him.

No. 699635

Supposedly James charges even more than that. I think there is a reason he is so defensive about her video.

But regardless of that, he is being petty as fuck over Netflix deciding they'd rather work with a brand owner than a little boy that lied about how he got into the industry

No. 699638

File: 1538167099097.png (276.97 KB, 591x779, BIG BOOLY.png)

It seems she responded.

No. 699711

jimin really let himself go even more jfc

No. 699903


James Charles makes everything about himself he’s such a fucking cunt. I can’t wait to watch the Netflix documentary. I hope she exposes people by name. Also, not picky I know but am I the only one who wants to rip their ears off hearing James Charles talk? He talks so fucking fast and sounds like he has peanut butter in his throat it’s infuriating as shit.

No. 699913

File: 1538183886862.png (400.03 KB, 499x780, Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.13…)

What looks fake about them? There's clearly conversation happening before and after what he shows, it's not an isolated text of Jeff saying the n-word or something. People screaming Fake News at this are just doing exactly what Jeffree wants them to do. Yeah, Daved is clearly doing this for fame, but that doesn't make the texts any less real? Jeffree literally has a proven history of saying racist things and being shitty, why is it so hard to believe even more proof that he's said racist things and is shitty?

No. 699929

Omg yes anon i watched him for the first time in one of tatis vids the other day and his fucking voice juste GRATES. He sounds so fake and disengaged with everybody he talks to because of that voice

No. 702068

Is…Jackie mtf though? Because all these texts are referring to a guy…kind of obviously…and he refers to someone called angel. Also why is the word gorilla in a different text and colour…

No. 702326

it's because there's an emoji available. https://emojipedia.org/gorilla/

No. 702387

I get that certain eyes looks aren't going to look good or apply well on everyone, but for real I wish Tati would do a larger variety of looks. I can only watch so many product reviews that are 80% story time 15% talking about the product and 5% showing application techniques if which,
0.0001% percent of them are mildly different from other looks

Like even some good color theory/mixing for eyeshadow looks would be nice from someone whose original job was a MUA

No. 702683

File: 1538505596816.jpeg (79.12 KB, 501x767, D086602D-8EDA-4632-AF67-3D48C0…)

Apparently the youtuber Zabrena is getting a lot of heat for using the work "jipped/gypped" which is apparently a slur towards Gypsys/Romani people? (I didn't know that it was considered a slur either but okkkkk then)

But instead of learning from Laura Lee's drama she is doubling down and attacking anyone by going 2 years into their Twitter history to find things to call them out for.

No. 702688

Posts like this ARE NOT MILK. AT least sage your shit if you are going to insist on making these kinds of posts.

People flipping out about 'gypsy' being racist are annoying af

No. 702840

The name is mysteriously blacked out with ink, but you see star at the end. But the letter just before looks like a g. Some screenshots are in a way that hides some context that may be important. Even there we only can imply who is the gorilla, they were not talking about her here.

It’s also too easy to fake screenshots like this. Suspiciously he is saying he will make a video and has been filming it for a while so it doesn’t help. I do believe Jeffree has said some shit to this guy, they have been friends for a long time but this is attention seeking

No. 702860

Nta, but this is a thread about Gurus….we're allowed to talk about Gurus. Calm down, anon.

No. 702866

what a fucking psycho. it's a J O K E.

No. 702925

Lmao anon getting "gypped" is in reference to the gypsies who live in underpasses and send their kids out to pickpocket real citizens. Nobody cares about the gyps/roma any more so society has generally forgotten that its a slur, but yes, this is exactly where it came from.

I hate gyps too but dont wave your ignorance around so much, it makes us all look like retards.

No. 703130

She's flipping out on a 2 year old post, way to act triggered!

No. 704412

Idk if this counts as milk. I usually like tati but she just got done whining about how no other influencers supported halo when it came out. (can't blame them for not supporting someone selling magic pills) I don't really know much about emily noel or this palette but from what I can see most people like it. In this video she doesn't even seem to be trying with the shadow palette, like at all. She spends a couple minutes of the video talking about how amazing her skin is from taking the kiwi pills are even though she has a breakout.
Also turns off ratings and comments due to "verbal abuse" check description. She's been a bit of a mess recently.

No. 704419

I really enjoyed her reviews but when she started to hang out and support Jeffrey Star, I knew she was a hypocrit. She is no better than any other beauty guru and I hate her talk about being honest, genuine and bla bla. She acted like a saint when shit hit the fan with the beauty community a month ago and made an obnoxious with James Charles acting like they are sooo above all drama.

No. 704421

She actually disabled all comments. I've never understood what people liked about Tati though.

No. 704423

I discovered Tati like two years ago and for a while I really liked her. Mostly because she has so many videos and they're painfully boring, you can just put them on and zone out for hours. She's also consistent and made very thorough reviews before doing so was really a thing (like swatching all the colours of something instead of just a few).

Over the course of about a year she started to get more popular, do more collabs, and the drama started slowly creeping in. She went from being very low-drama to drama all the time. The magic beans were the last straw for me because I couldn't shake the feeling that she had tried to take advantage of the trust she had built doing (mostly) honest reviews for years. She took her fans for saps and assumed they would buy anything with her name on it… I guess she was right, though.

No. 704431

I thought i was the only one who watched Tati while doing something else just for the sound.

I never understud why everyone looked up to her, she was really sketchy with some reviews (specially with the Kardashian's related)
Like when the contour stick broke and she didnt even try to cut completly that part.

(Hooktube doesnt work anymore)

I pretty much stop watching her when couldnt stop crying over not being invited to certain PR lists.

No. 704468

File: 1538702283030.gif (7.17 MB, 648x410, source.gif)

>But the letter just before looks like a g
It's not legal documentation, he probably had a nickname in the phone. The last name isn't even capitalized so clearly he doesn't care.

>Even there we only can imply who is the gorilla

You would have to be actually stupid or not understand how the english language works to not understand who they're talking about
>Hairguy posts pic of Jackie
>Jeff unfollows Hairguy because he posts a pic of Jackie
>Jeff says "are you done posting that gorilla"
>Hairguy says "I erased the pic of Jackie"
>Jeff follows again

Also if he was trying to convince us these fake texts were from Jeffree would he bother to say "gorilla", instead of straight up calling her the n-word? Wouldn't calling her the n-word be more "on brand" for Jeffree, since that's the slur he's publicly linked to?

If they're fake, why bother to show us the texts on the physical phone?
Why not just open photoshop and make fake screenshots? If he sat down and thought to himself "how do I make these fake texts look like they're from Jeffree Star?" wouldn't putting the sender's name as "Jeffree Star" be literally the first step? You think he went through all the trouble of coming up with a fake conversation to put in fake texts to then put in a real phone just to convince people and then just went "Ahh fuck, that was so much work I'm too tired to put his first name! 'sdjfhhskdjfhg star' should be enough to convince them."

>Is…Jackie mtf though? Because all these texts are referring to a guy…kind of obviously…
Again, same thing here
>Daved wants to unfollow Angel (the "he" in the convo)
>Jeff says Do It (Unfollow Angel)
>Since they're talking about unfollowing people on Insta, Jeff slips in a comment to remind Daved that he's not following him, because of the "gorilla" (Jackie)
>Jeff then goes back to Angel ("he") again.
>Daved responds to the comment about Angel, and then responds to Jeff's gorilla comment by saying "I erased Jackie's pic"
>Jeff follows back

>Jackie accused a YouTuber of stealing her personal info, reported her video because she didn’t like it and has yet to make a full apology. J * is a petty asshole but don’t pretend that Jackie Aina is this saint or better than him
Oh ok good point anon, I guess since she's been shady before then she definitely deserves to be called a racial slur. After all, calling a black person a word that has a long-running history of being frequently used to insult the appearance of an entire race of people is the best way to convey that you aren't racist, you just dislike this one black person in particular! Just like how those random strangers who screamed "faggot" at Jeffree from far away in that video he cried over weren't homophobic, they were just critiquing Jeffree's work!

Honestly did yall pull a muscle with how far you had to stretch here? Is it worth making yourself sound that dumb just to stan Jeffree-senpai?

No. 704472

File: 1538702608506.png (1 MB, 1334x762, Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 7.41…)

But anyways, whatshisface posted a boring vid where he shows turning on his phone and going to messages and finding the Jeffree text. It also shows the name as "Jeffree fucking star" which explains >>702840

I've also never watched a Jackie vid in my life, so I don't care about her, but the Jeffree cronies got me heated. I can't believe people keep letting him get away with his this shit over and over again. Quit yelling fake news and just admit your senpai is a terrible person, but you're willing to overlook it because eyeshadow or something.

No. 704477

File: 1538703734341.png (596.21 KB, 987x696, Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 8.27…)

I mean, Doe whatever isn't even running Lime Crime anymore and people are still yelling at them as recent as a couple days ago. Jeffree has been proven indisputably to be a racist and overall shitty person multiple times over, and STILL people pay for him to have orgies in his mansion with his 17 designer dogs and trophy boyfriend. And it's not like with LC where you could just see some eyeshadow at Riley Rose and impulse buy it not knowing anything about a former-CEO's history. Jeffree IS the brand. You have to go to HIS website to buy it, and you can't even get to where to buy the makeup without running into some of this drama along the way.

No. 704553

I don’t necessarily think tati is trying to take advantage of her viewers. She just seems like any dumb rich yuppie who goes ape-shit over stuff like that and actually truly believes in the ‘benefits’.

No. 704680

jefrees snap says he's gonna take out one of his 6 figure brand offers he gets and show everyone the details.. but gonna donate the money… anything for attention lol

No. 704683

not trusting no one with some busted ass phone

if your phone isnt right your life aint right

No. 704720

File: 1538727697040.jpg (174.05 KB, 1200x1200, CpiTb4DXgAAYOjz.jpg.29079e1c59…)

That's not even his current phone tho? That's his phone from like, years ago? He's said that multiple times since day 1? goddamn why are yall so brainwashed? it's not even the lazy route, you literally have to do so much more work to try and justify his actions

he can't even justify his actions properly
>omg the people I screamed the n-word at in that one video were WHITE so it wasn't even racis! duh! YOU guys just misunderstood! anyways muh self harm

No. 706117

Tati never showed have made those stupid fucking pills. I'm not sure when I started watching her but it was a pretty short time ago compared to how long she's been around. Her videos were not too long, well shot and edited, and pretty inoffensive. Tati seems so overly sugary and fake but seems sincere about being super into makeup and loving it. Perfect to watch while folding laundry or something.

But then those stupid pills come out and she was insufferable. So smug that she wasn't just slapping her name on a lip gloss and was going to make this beauty empire that no one was asking for. She thought she was so much better than all the other influencers who have their own brand for thinking outside of the box. No one was interested in $40 beauty supplements and so many of her videos she shamelessly promoted it ('have to take my HALO before my morning skincare routine teehee') and then is just weeping and trying to guilt her fans for not supporting her dream while pretending it's a huge success.

I stopped watching but didn't unsub until she did some Giving My Son a Drag Makeover with James Charles. No fucking thanks.

No. 706996

Well, this explains why Rich is just all the way up Jeffree's ass now. I can only assume this was shot months ago cause one of them tweeted a picture about this a long time ago. Also cause Bunny says she hadn't seen Rich in like 9 years, but they just did that video together before this one came out.

I didn't watch the whole thing, but Jeffree makes a comment about being vaccinated as a child that I can only assume is a dig at KVD. It's weird that this is Bunny's video and Jeffree pretty much takes over.

(OT but they also mention that Rich is apparently the reason Bunny got into yt and they have history together, I am actually interested in that)

No. 711706

Shit hit the fan and Thomas Halbert is exposing and confirming everyone's suspicion about Jeffree Star, he is still racist to the core and just faking to be an ally to POC for money

No. 711726

I like Thomas and him exposing Jeffree is something I’ll always support, but fuck this forced wokeness and these asslicking comments make me wanna vomit
It just feels so weirdly condescending to me

No. 711727

Oh please Thomas halbert can fuck all the way off. Have you ever seen his twitter? He’s try hard pc and is oh so depressed and mentally ill for boo hoo relatable sad gay boy points I can’t even bring myself to watch his content. But besides my personal hatred for his obvious ploys to be edgy and relatable, everyone he associated with was a racist. He did not care bc it was under wraps and his views were growing. Now that the hot ticket to views is drama and exposing people, he’s of course going to jump on that band wagon. Sorry my guy, Shane made the normies like j star again. You’re late.

No. 711735

I don't like Thomas either and he is definitely a fake woke, but I honestly wouldn't focus so much on Thomas when the main problem here is that J* is still a racist piece of shit. Multiple people are coming out to confirm that he is still a racist but that would not be enough to make him hold accountability (funny how everyone canceled Laura Leech for the same reasons they praise Jeffree). Everyone who is trying to excuse J and his recent racist remarks is also a racist piece of shit. Shane is also a racist piece of shit and his stans are far from normies.

What I find hypocritical is that Jeffree is trying so hard to be "all inclusive and an ally to POC" while calling POC gorillas and n*a behind their back. Just admit you are a racist fuck and just want the poc money.

No. 711738

File: 1539411767042.jpg (109.21 KB, 1024x1139, dumer63o9vr11.jpg)

>you think I would ever say that word around him?.

Oh so you admit that you still say the N word despite acting like an ally… but not around Thomas?
Funny how he was quick to respond to Thomas but dead silence on the whole "gorilla" thing.

He also LOVES to divert the attention to Manny or Laura Leech because he KNOWS his idiotic fans will focus on that instead.

No. 711743

Because people who don’t like jeffree are never going to just believe him if he says that he doesn’t. The point is jeffree is smarter than to say that to some fake woke clout chaser considering how much he has to lose. It’s 2018 and there are plenty of people out there who make racism their actual platform. If you wanna bash jeffree, especially after the shane thing, why not just talk about what you actually don’t like about him (such as his general bad attitude and blaming everyone else for his failed friendships) instead of finding some pc trump card?

No. 711750

People don't believe Jeffree because there are definitive proofs every where from multiple sources that he is still racist. What infuriates me that Jeffree acts like he's such an ally to POC, have their best interest on mind. When in reality he's just chasing after that POC coins and calling them names behindtheir back. He seemed to have fooled you all with his fake allyship that even local retailers in my 3rd world country carries his products.
But sure I also hate him for the other points you've listed (going after women with violent threats, his extreme misogyny towards cis women, dragging that one fan who received a broken highlighter through the mud and beyond because the fan didn't like the product, telling his costumersto kill themselves when they have complaints about his products) and he is racist too so I can hate him for multiple reasons not just one.

No. 711760

Man, this Tati stuff. Feels like when Emzotic's neuroticism came to light. Someone I liked taking a big left turn into Psychotown. I've been subscribed to Tati for years. Don't even mind the Halo stuff. I'd rather see youtubers make money on their own product than from sketchy "sponsored content" that's suspiciously positive. But she's really lost her damn mind with this reply video. Talking about how she's being cyberbullied and even criticizing the girl for swearing. How did she possibly think this was a good idea?

No. 711766

you are too emotionally involved in this, man.

No. 711768

To be fair, the comments she received were really nasty. People were saying she deserved having fertility issues because of the fucking negative review. That's kind of ridiculous and I don't even like Tati. So I understand why she got in her feelings about these comments.

No. 711813

Ikr? It's crazy how triggered she got that she couldn't even deal with a small youtuber claiming she's full of shit. Fuck off and grow a thicker skin. The girl was right in saying that had Tati just left it alone the girl would have just came off as a bitch and that would be that but now Tati seems weak, baited and in the wrong lane.

No. 712005

Not to defend Jeffree here but, context is important. For an example I have a lot of friends who are POC, inc people who are black, Asian, mixed raised etc etc. But, many of them make jokes around me enough about stuff in their culture like “oh god, I’m cold but I’m gonna shut up cos all I can hear is my Nigerian mum telling me I needed to take a coat” and I’ll sometime, when she complains I’ll often joke “I don’t wanna go all Nigerian mum here…”. Which, outside of context or if anyone over heard without knowing could be seen a racist comment.

If he meant “I’d never say that word around Thomas as he’s not my POC friends” in that, then fair play. I wouldn’t either. If he means he’s watching his mouth because of how “woke” Thomas likes to pretend to be, then it’s shady

No. 712250

I don’t even mind Jeffree being a racist but seeing people try to defend his behaviour is pathetic. It’s okay, he doesn’t like black women, move on

No. 712397

Stereotyping, which you are describing, can be incorporated into racism - but is not always racism.

No. 712469

i really don’t like salti.

she whined about not being on anastasia beverly hills’ pr list like bitch you make millions from testing free shit and have more than enough to buy whatever makeup you want. i hate it when influencers act like entitled brats like fuck, no one owes you shit and you have everything handed to you on a silver platter but waaaah a makeup brand doesn’t kiss your ass, oh the humanity.

she also pissed about jerrod blandino allegedly making her cry and therefore deciding to boycott too faced, which would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that the supposed incident happened waaaay back (at the sweet peach launch party) and she’d been promoting them happily after that but suddenly when jeffree star had his beef with too faced she suddenly pulled this out of her ass as an excuse to become buddy buddy with jeffree. /of course/ she conveniently refused to elaborate on what jerrod actually did that was oh so terrible and /of course/ her braindead subscribers followed boycotting and bashing too faced without knowing what or /if/ jerrod actually did something. yawn.

No. 712493

I can understand if she is upset about the PR, it is not because she doesn't want to pay for the products (I mean, look at her makeup room, the girl has a problem) It is because PR usually arrives earlier than the launch date of the products. Therefore, she can make and get her review up before anyone else. It is all about the business side really.

But yeah I agree with you about her boycotting Too Faced for her bestie Jeffree, that was so stupid.
Also, it was hypocritical of Jeffree because he got into an argument with the owner of Too Faced over the owner being angry that Tarte stealing Too Faced tradmarked unicorn design. Jeffree defended Tarte and shaded Too Faced over this, but dragged Huda Beauty and called "thief, liar, and a snake) because she had a similar campaign ad to the brand of Beauty Bakery.

No. 712563

File: 1539536054962.gif (2 MB, 200x200, what.gif)

What the fuck is wrong with yall? Honestly I'm so fucking tired of Jeffree's brainwashed cronies. We've now had 7000 different examples of him being racist, and people still don't believe it which just enables Jeffree to keep playing the victim and claiming everything is "FAKE NEWS!!!" and nothing is ever his fault.

It'd be one thing if he was just some dumb rando being shitty and racist with no influence, but he's not. He lives in a giant fucking mansion with millions of dollars and millions of people subscribed to him. He's proven to be a racist piece of shit time and time again and hasn't faced any consequences. I hope it all comes crashing down around him and he ends up on the street, honestly.

If you like his makeup, fine, that's one thing. Just say you like his makeup and move on but you're seriously deluded if you try to justify supporting him with >but context!!!

No. 712601

Anyone here watch Taylor? I used to really like her back in the day. She was actually legitimately unique as someone doing pale makeup reviews back when every single guru looked the same. But he whole attitude of like ~I'm just a chill gurl makeup's just whatever, I have a real job this is just a hobby~ totally doesn't work anymore cause youtube is definitely paying all her bills and paying for her excessive travel and her switching apartments and houses every year.

Her recent video of what she packs for travel makeup is absurd. She literally says
"I keep it fairly minimal cause I don't usually even wear makeup when I'm traveling" and then packs:
>2 Eyeshadow Palettes
>2 Concealers
>3 Mascaras
>Eyeshadow Primer
>Lip mask
>2 Brow products
>2 Face Powders
>2 Contour products
>1 Blush
>1 Highlight Palette
>2 Lipsticks
>4 Eyeliners
>1 Setting Spray
>5 Foundations
>15 Brushes
And of course every single product is "I can't live without this"

Again, the whole "I barely even wear makeup I'm just a low maintenance chill gurl" thing she's still trying to do is total bullshit, this is probably more makeup than I own honestly. I'm also tired of her recommendations because she literally can't use one single product for anything. She has to mix and layer all her powders and foundations and lipsticks….it's just absurd and no one else wears makeup like that? I just wish she'd stop the whole ~not like other gurus 2chill just a hobby~ bullshit.

No. 712610

File: 1539538728785.png (245.28 KB, 451x420, cb.png)

Also all she does now is shitty clickbait thumbnails. I can only assume this is because she doesn't seem to have her "real job" anymore and relies fully on those youtube dollars now.

No. 712621

Yeah I don't like her either, but holy shit that Beauty Bakery foundation review was hilarious!!!

No. 712623

This. Here are so many whiteknights coming out of their holes like anal worms to justify Jeffreys racism. All I see is male privilege because any other female youtuber will be shamed to help like Laura Lee. And I don't care if he is gay and so oppressed and he doesn't like black women so what, he will never change, everything is taken out of context bla bla. His career should be destroyed and all his fcking enablers careers like Tati.

No. 712625

*shamed to hell

No. 712700

I agree. I'm so damn sick of j* getting a pass because he's gay. Which cares? Some of the most sexist men out there are faggots. The people defending him are trash that excuse his racism and prejudice against black women.

No. 712708

But the problem is that that will never happen. He has too many braindead stans who don’t give a shit about him being racist, that’s why I don’t even bother anymore. Stop giving this man clout and if we’re lucky his hype will die down

No. 713013

Yeah but again, this isn't some rich cow like Elon or Trump where their wealth was achieved separate (at first at least) from their personality….Jeffree IS his brand. Literally the only reason he has that mansion and that money is BECAUSE of people ignoring this shit over and over and over again. If people stopped lining his pocket, what would he do? Try to restart his shitty failed music career?
>well if we just ignore that he's racist again people will forget about him
That's not how it works? That isn't how it's worked the past 50 other times he's been proven racist, why would that work again? Honestly defending Jeffree should be bannable offense at this point. This is so fucking stupid I can't believe we're even having a discussion about it.

No. 713043

File: 1539585000772.png (184.86 KB, 500x427, tumblr_inline_mghpk5oWff1qzd8a…)

Guys, I have to be honest with you. The Beauty community was awesome and shit (there was some little drama here and there, but nothing like this one)
But ever since Skeleton Star joined the community, it went down hill and they are still in the gutters. When I tried to search for his past and previous communities he was part in, so many problematic shit jumped out.

The one that sticks though is a comment I saw about his problematic behavior before, when he was in the music community:

>"[Jeffree saw] Dahvie Vanity bring underaged girls into their tour bus to take advantage of but he didnt say shit cause the situation benefitted him".

So I tried to search for receipts, and that tweet above is Jeffree calling out Dahvie after he already took advantage of him.

So tell me Jeffree, how is okay for YOU to social climb and then expose others for fame, but it is not OKAY for Thomas and Manny and whoever else to do the same shit you pulled in the past?

No. 713059

You included my reply in there about stereotyping but it had nothing to do with Jeffree, it was about Nigerian mothers as mentioned by the person I replied to. I think you misread it.

I 100% agree with you about him - and the excusemakers.

No. 713066

>Tati seems weak, baited and in the wrong lane
She needs to stick to what she does best and stay in her calm, endearing mid-aged woman review channel lane. She honestly comes across as crazy lately.

>blandino allegedly making her cry
I really can't relate to adults that sincerely cry over dumb shit like that and then advertise it for asspats. Am I rly supposed to feel for her unhinged ass?

True things, anon. It's really strange to come to a thread and WK the cow, reminds me of retarded poltards that try to "redpill" people on other boards. Nobody is fucking buying it and it's cluttering the discussion.

On one hand cancel culture is retarded and pushes people to try and cover up past mistakes rather than admitting to them and learning to be better bc they're gonna be #cancelled either way. However, J* is not someone that will change, so no point in forgiving his snake ass. He'll just apologize for appearances and his handmaiden stans will eat it up.

No. 713073


Of all the things jeffree has done I don’t think calling out a dirty pedo should be held against him.

No. 713075

Good that he called out the pedo, but only when Dahvie didn't benefit him anymore? Yeah he is a piece of garbage.
Ironically, his stans will shame everyone who tries to expose Jeffree by social climbing and clout chasing, when their Jesus Star did the same thing to Dahvie. Fucking hilarious

No. 713083

Are hairstylists under the same umbrella of Beauty Gurus? There's a video of a "popular" youtube hairstylist who destroyed a girl's hair to the point that all her hair fell off.

No. 713084


idk if it is or not but i'm requesting that link pls

No. 713086

Hair rant start at 8:32 if you want to skip the tutorial

So she is a Beauty guru that goes by the name Snitchery, she went to Brad Mondo with an already damged hair (and a pixie cut) to bleach it. It was disastrous, not to mention that her hair is type C (she is a biracial so that changes her hair texture) and Brad had already confessed that he doesn't know how to handle kinky hair or type C hair

I'm gonna post more links

No. 713087

This is the second part she did in collab with Brad Mondo on her channel. Brad Mondo deleted the first part of the collab from his channel though

No. 713091

He deleted the video because a few days ago another famous hairstylist on YouTube (Britney Gray) did a reaction to his video and explained all his fuck ups and how she would correct that. Britney Gray is also biracial and she has a first hand experience working with this type of hair, she said she wouldn't even attempt to do anything with Snitchery hair without resorting it from the damage.

She mentions something interesting at the end of the video. She says that Snitchery hair is probably not the same type anymore (type C hair) and that honestly horrified me, Brad completely obliterated Snitchery's hair!

No. 713096

bitch even if that is an old phone how you gonna treat your belongings like that. idgaf and am not stanning anyone im just saying a bitch with a busted phone is a busted bitch.

you gotta tone it down on your persecution complex though lmao "weh they dont blindly believe me they must be whiteknight sheeple!!1"

No. 713100

File: 1539595049830.jpg (458.39 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20181015-121440_You…)

I tried to take a clear screenshot so y'all can see the fuck ups. Blue roots and blue patches, the bleach looks olive green and not frosty silver that they were going for.

I am not a hair expert, so I wonder how did it end up like this? What happened?

No. 713156

It could be because parts were uneven and more porous than others, it turned out patchy. I haven't watched his video, did he use a toner?

No. 713163

He did use the toner, you should watch the Britney Gray video it is super informative and made me scream in horror for what he did

No. 713182

>It’s okay, he doesn’t like black women, move on
Nah, fuck off. He uses black slang and tries to get popular by complaining about lack of diversity in makeup palettes. It's not okay. Hope this ugly, eyebrow-lacking, reptillian genetic mistake loses everything, and I hope his brain-dead fans break out in cystic acne from using his products.

No. 713196

Oh great, these fucking retardeds (Jeff and Thomas) are fighting on Twitter and Thomas leaked that Jeffree has a blackmail video of Nikkitutorials saying "sand n*a"

Can we just throw this whole beauty community to the garbage? Fuck them all, they all deserve each other and I hope they fucking disappear into nothingness

No. 713252

File: 1539613641955.jpeg (34.27 KB, 394x329, E9C034BF-1A97-4090-AD58-8547C6…)

It’s getting gud. Hope all these beautythots crash and burn so they’ll have to get real jobs.

No. 713267

As a person of color, fuck both Thomas and Jeffree and their brain dead fans for using racism to "expose" each other.

Garbage creatures

No. 713333

File: 1539620011898.jpg (56.94 KB, 816x640, 47c.jpg)

This is so wild to me I just truly do not understand why it is so difficult for these people to just not say the n-word?

Honestly, I don't even think Laura and whatshisface all those people should have been destroyed like they were, cause that was nothing compared to the shit Jeffree's said/done, but everyone still lets Jeff act like a martyr. I honestly can't believe we're letting this one go under the rug too >>691380

No. 713366

Nah fuck them, they all need to go.
They're the same vapid, butthole lipped, think they know something cause they have a following, better help sponsored typa cunts.
Im so exhausted with seeing youtube feeds filled with the same personalities, the same makeup and twitter talk all for what? I don't understand how an industry can be so fundementally shitty and Pointless. Plus its so horrifying seeing all these young women and girls who can't do makeup for their face but just follow a basic recipe made by instathots thats based on years worth of plastic surgery. I mean the moment a "beauty guru" has fillers any lipstick review is useless, their lips are not the same texture as your average persons especially the baboon lips everybody got. The return of men being listened to more than women because ofcourse all the femme fags had to bust out the gate and get a piece of the cake so now we have Jeffree who gets a free card to calling women cunts and bitches because hes ~gay~ and it just isnt the same!
Letting these youtuberd get a career out of doing their makeup was a mistake like when Vloggers started gaming channels.

No. 713401

Goly shit YES! The men in this community are so fucking toxic they instigate drama and scandals all the damn time. Their drama is super nasty too compared to the women drama in this community.

No. 713472

File: 1539631543328.png (196.55 KB, 983x896, d59ai66dbes11.png)

Nikkitutorials responded

No. 713649

File: 1539645306646.jpeg (754.57 KB, 1292x1764, CA57DE9D-20FE-4128-B906-CAD2B1…)

Shit has hit the fan for clout chasing Thomas halbert and I am screaminggggg at his attempt to apologize lmao! J* released audio and everything omg. Incoming caps from j stars twitter once I confirm they haven’t been posted already here

No. 713659

File: 1539646551753.jpeg (230.69 KB, 1242x1153, 939173B7-8303-4CE7-8884-55105F…)

Starting from Jeffrees response outing Thomas on Twitter after Thomas released his video. Please don’t ban me for samefagging, I’m just bringing caps for le milk

No. 713662

File: 1539646600112.jpeg (251.54 KB, 1242x1232, 600B0810-1EF6-45FE-A190-A42C4D…)

No. 713663

File: 1539646620359.jpeg (230.05 KB, 1242x1097, 51A64DBD-3B72-40EE-A6D3-DE94F5…)

No. 713664

File: 1539646636628.jpeg (246.33 KB, 1242x1101, 064409A8-9ED4-4197-B6C5-85DB16…)

No. 713665

File: 1539646653796.jpeg (360.72 KB, 1242x1615, 6BD48FAE-E44E-4353-A796-4EE6B7…)

No. 713666

File: 1539646693867.jpeg (319.8 KB, 946x2048, 134EE766-2BB1-4DF0-BA08-9A3FD1…)

The texts from previous post

No. 713670

File: 1539646715910.jpeg (282.77 KB, 946x2048, 96A4CACA-92B4-41F6-8436-65D474…)

No. 713671

File: 1539646734715.jpeg (420.54 KB, 1236x1723, 00E1A45B-3876-4F27-81F3-20C68E…)

No. 713672

File: 1539646754852.jpeg (257.28 KB, 1220x1179, 47643BD2-09DF-4916-B5DD-84B468…)

No. 713673

File: 1539646772393.jpeg (234.44 KB, 1217x1153, 82D549D4-8CC9-4FBB-A0A9-00BB6C…)

No. 713674

File: 1539646789565.jpeg (382.39 KB, 1242x2034, F2BBC14E-F1FA-457A-931D-1DF2A7…)

No. 713676

File: 1539646816324.jpeg (284.25 KB, 946x2047, D19A27CA-DA0A-44D5-AC00-E08116…)

No. 713677

File: 1539646849235.jpeg (245.52 KB, 1237x1212, F84522B1-ADB5-49EA-8789-0F8418…)

No. 713680

File: 1539646865846.jpeg (239.23 KB, 1228x1264, F276A0B2-C31C-470B-BAFD-F278FB…)

No. 713684

File: 1539647029178.jpeg (309.32 KB, 1234x1800, CDE6A4DF-2986-44DC-BCFA-F9720A…)

This tweet includes audio of Thomas he sent to Jeffree. To quickly summarize he’s apologizing to Jeffree and licking his ass after Jeffree catches him up. He then goes on to say how he was trying to gain info on manny to expose him lol and reveals his evil plans to Jeffree which makes him look like an idiot and shows his true colors. It’s still up to hear on jeffrees twitter.


No. 713686

File: 1539647103021.jpeg (451.9 KB, 1224x1819, A62C16A3-F75B-4670-AFB8-F1DD85…)

This tweet is regarding thomas’ shady past. Apparently he faked a giveaway and came at a black woman? I didn’t dig deeper into this one but here’s the cap

No. 713696

File: 1539647785175.jpeg (385.28 KB, 1242x2096, 1B515B19-F888-4668-801A-C3C565…)

Okay now, continuing from thomas’ response on twitter. He posted the above explanation/apology and continued with these.

No. 713697

File: 1539647811371.jpeg (285.77 KB, 1152x2048, 23DDC0F4-15B7-40B1-886A-E38C2D…)

No. 713698

File: 1539647824605.jpeg (272.72 KB, 1152x2048, 7C4A7FAA-9191-44DC-8499-A016C1…)

No. 713699

File: 1539647842612.jpeg (426.65 KB, 1242x1821, 8AA1E4B9-761B-4B87-B897-A5C1C5…)

No. 713700

File: 1539647856253.jpeg (580.16 KB, 1152x2048, 8708ED51-7035-41C2-B5D4-D324A0…)

No. 713701

File: 1539647878067.jpeg (349.39 KB, 1152x2048, 4043E517-91EA-4FEA-9F78-F56FBF…)

No. 713702

File: 1539647896479.jpeg (435.14 KB, 1242x1876, C65588BB-4AA2-4F3E-BAA3-3624CB…)

No. 713706

File: 1539648017868.jpeg (243.38 KB, 1242x1276, B8708402-5F53-4BAB-B551-459ECD…)

No. 713707

Anyway, both Jeffree and Thomas can go fuck themselves in the ass.
This group is such a cancer to the beauty community (no offense to those who are inflected with cancer)

No. 713709

How is this evidence of J not being a racist though? This is very convenient deflecting. J knows there's no hard evidence too so he can freely go in.

No. 713712

Alright, I’m done with the cap dump. Discussions and opinion time! I’m ecstatic Thomas has been exposed. I fucking hate his fake woke ass. His wholeeee twitter is basically a tumblrina sjw on steroids and it’s so transparent to me I don’t know how anyone could believe he’s sincere? He tries to say he knew Jeffree would expose those texts but i really don’t think so. J always stays quiet but he had time today and no one expected it. I really hope he’s over, for good.

No. 713716

Hmmm, weird that Jeffree is going so hard on Thomas but stayed pretty quiet when Daved exposed his racist, Skeleton ass.
Fucking racists trying to use the pain of POC for their own agenda, fuck them all tbh

No. 713719


It’s not, j didn’t really post evidence of that but how can he? He denied it of course but that’s all and then came for Thomas for being the shady bitch he is. I don’t like j either, I hate them both in fact. J is a racist and there’s no denying that for me. But Thomas is also a piece of shit for many different reasons.

I wonder if this video j has on everyone will ever be released lol. Imagine the shit storm. Also annoyed as shit about hftt horse face ass always involved in some way playing faves.

No. 713726

Do Youtube beauty drama channels go here? Petty Paige released a long ass video on Peter Monn - don't really have one opinion or another on Paige but I really don't enjoy Peter Monn, he's just aggravating.

No. 713786

He wasn't silent, he accused Laura Lee of hiring Daveed to make up fake stuff about him so that she could make a comeback or some bullshit like that. He's fucking insane.

Jeffree likes to act like he's a big self-made business man, but I'm honestly starting to just feel like he just blackmailed his way up the chain. Especially since in the Shane doc he mentioned how he's had sex with soooo many famous people. His career literally makes no sense otherwise. His music was shit and the amount of money he's made in that short of time (especially since he doesn't sell in Ulta/Sephora) doesn't make sense. He just has shit on everyone and uses it to deflect from his behavior over and over again. If his success was really just based on his myspace popularity alone, why aren't all the other "myspace musicians" or scenesters millionaires now?

Crazy how he has so much shit on everyone considering he's just over there living his life staying in his lane #cantrelate!!!!

No. 713789

Oooh, I'm definitely interested in this. I've been wondering what the deal is with Monn and why he seems to have so much influence in the community even though he has <200,000 subscribers. Same with Rich Lux or whatever (though he's all the way up Jeffree's ass as well now)

No. 713886

File: 1539659532806.png (107.47 KB, 601x442, Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 10.0…)

jeff and thomas both suck, but p convenient you forgot to post jeff's 826th "woe is me" with his same old tired refrain in that string of tweets

pretty soon he's going to try and claim copyright on martyrdom

No. 713968

Remember anon
>"he has dirt on everyone".
I believe your idea of him blackmailing his way to the top, what a disgusting creature

No. 713986

Since Jeffree is sucking out the fun of everything (like always) I thought of sharing a video I like by Samantha Ravndahl. She does some sort of Q&A and has really insightful answers.

I especially loved her answer about "being overly generous but when people do not reciprocate, you get angry and feel used. When it was your fault for giving too much and expecting too much"
I definitely relate to that, I even started to be aware of my own behavior instead of pointing fingers at others being "ungrateful!"

No. 713994

it kills me that this dude made his career by piggybacking and being a hanger on of a large list of minor celebrities that would dump him months later after finding out what he was up to and he still thinks he's some sort of god worthy of literally anything

No. 714032

take your "uwu the beauty community is so negative" to bgc. this isn't a board to discuss makeup and what videos you like.

Jeffree clearly enjoys making videos. Sam is the one who "sucks the fun out of everything". She's bored and bitches in every video. She's an influencer who hates her job but is too lazy and spoiled to leave it. She openly states she only does the gig for the money and finds it unfulfilling. All of this for what? Some more Aritzia clothes and west elm furniture? sad…

No. 714047

>who do you hate and who do you like?.

Bitch did you not read the OP post before blindly sperging?
I swear you Jeffreaks are more retarded than your Jesus Star.

No. 714098

Everybody is in for the money. Sam is honest and Jeffrey isn't.
And stop crawling into Jeffreys slimey anus, you seriously need some education. You stans see in everybody unapologetic flaws like being annoying, honest, loud or whatever but Jeffrey is untouchable because he ~ApoloGized being racist kek

No. 714845

File: 1539762467710.gif (171.55 KB, 220x225, E878419B-A840-4362-8103-06734E…)

I know he’s technically a hair youtuber but hair counts as beauty so I think this is okay to post. Does anyone else fucking loathe guy tang? He’s unbearable to watch. His mannerisms, voice, facial expressions etc drive me nuts. He’s such a weirdo and I can see how u comfortable his clients are when he’s saying weird shit and giggling like a retard. His work is great though so I feel like everyone sucks his ass to get their hurr did. Also he’s making music now, lmfao. I don’t know why every beauty youtuber (Patrick Star cough cough) is trying to break into the music industry with terrible, stereotypical gay club/drag music.

No. 714862

Wasn't he also a gay porn star once?

No. 714864

File: 1539764509969.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 34.55 KB, 640x388, 7462709F-4914-49D4-A7B7-EABBF3…)

I regret googling to confirm >>714862

No. 714870

I, too, regret googling.

No. 714906

I was just watching a video he did with Glam&gore

Him repeating the word "pubes" to describe her hair got really uncomfortable real quick…
I know she started it but she only did to break the ice and didn't hang up on it like he did.

No. 714944

So I have nothing against Antonio Garza but he's definitely a guy/trans woman right? In the collab with James the highdef camera isn't doing him any favours.

No. 714949

nobody knows their gender, but just going off the name alone, i assume they're mtf as well. pretty talented kid that more or less keeps to themselves and isn't problematic afaik.

No. 714970

well his name is still Antonio, a male name. I think he's just a super fem male, not everyone who goes against the gender norm is trans. Like Johnathon from Queer Eye.

I went to go check his social blade, because I am rooting for him. But he lost 37K subs today? What happened? James Charles isn't considered that problematic anymore and he's very popular. Their videos don't have a lot of hate comments. Did Youtube do a big purge of spam accounts?

No. 714977


In regards to Jeffree using blackmail to get ahead that's very believable. In fact you can hear it from his own mouth in a deleted snap from last summer. Go to 13:40 in this video.

No. 714985

>defending drama channels
Whether or not you like JS, Sam IS fucking annoying and bitches in every video. And this is coming from someone who doesn't stan JS, and used to really like Sam's videos. She's extremely biased, and thinks that youtubers owe her an explanation for her videos. Then gets upset when youtubers block her for being another stupid drama channel and don't want to get involved with her.

I unsubbed a while ago. He's another channel that every few months, he has to make a drama video or a big collab to stay relevant, because his makeup skills aren't that great and his personality isn't that great either. His videos are boring.

Like this tweet, he loves to start shit, and then can't handle any sort of backlash and people challenging him. So he tweets things like this. Just from following him since he had around 10K, it's pretty obvious that he blew this all out of proportion.

JS probably did say some racist shit in front of him, but Thomas didn't give a fuck until JS decided not to work with him. If he was so bothered by what JS said, then why was he using all of his makeup in a collab with Tati? Why didn't he say things right after they happened, BEFORE Shane's series began that changed tons of people's opinions of JS?

Because he only gets 1-5K subs a day and needs bigger amount of subs right now for more growth.

No. 714991

File: 1539784832141.png (505.25 KB, 954x488, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 8.57…)

Honestly I didn't hate the parts in the beginning with the other youtubers, I thought the aesthetic with the lights and stuff was nice.

But then it's like…this video had 4 different directors or something. Or like, 1 director had a nice idea cohesive idea and Guy was like "yeah but how do I shove MY ABS in every other scene". Woof. This video is a mess.

(For what it's worth I think hair youtubers totally count under the umbrella of Beauty Gurus)

No. 714993

File: 1539784908964.png (670.49 KB, 955x496, tiddy.png)

Sry for double post but this made me laugh out loud

No. 715000

File: 1539785841706.png (1006.71 KB, 1165x702, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.04…)

I dunno why he thinks it's a cute/quirky thing to screech like this all the time. He kept trying to make "paranormal hairtivity" a thing. iirc he did the same thing with grav3yardgirl

Not shade on him but remember when he worked with Gabbie Hanna and she said "do whatever you want to my hair I don't care!!" and then he talked her through everything and made it look really nice and purpley and she was like "omg perfect I absolutely love it!" and then the next day she threw a hissy fit about how much she hated her hair cuz MUH ANXIETY!! Not Guy's fault she's crazy at all, but that was wild. sage for ot

No. 715012

As much as I don't like Guy Tang, Gabbie was kind of a bitch for that move
Heck, even her fans turned against her in her hissy fit video lmao

No. 715255

nah he didnt fake anything. he hosted a giveaway, the girl who won was difficult about giving him an address to send the prize to, so he eventually just picked another winner and sent it on. The fact she was black is just coincidental.

No. 715382

If you have to insult others in order to make your point maybe it's bc your points suck dick hunty

No. 715539

I know that Sam is annoying af and she shouldn't behave like that but she isn't racist.

You all act like being annoying is as bad as being racist.

You don't need to like Sam or anyone else. That's ok. But can we please stop down playing racist behaviour? Like "b..but she is annoyinggg!!! I hate herrrr!!! Jeffrey isn't that bad, I don't care if you don't like him!!!"

Where is your common sense people? Seriously!

And PS I love calling enablers and stans slimey stinky anal worms <3

No. 715591

So Tati decided to upload her response to all the drama that has been happening due to her review of The Wants palette.

No. 715592

>everything u said is invalid bc evil Jeffree is racist!

How long are u gonna play this game here on this thread?

No. 715714

Jeffree is racist hunny deal with it, I don't want to hear from his stans how he "isn't racist, he apologized!!!, gorilla is not even a racially charged insult!!! Why do you all hate and bully POOR Jeffree waaa waa"

Sage your shit

No. 717224

Does somebody here know Eltoria? She is a British beauty youtuber with around 140.000 subscribers. She is known for reviewing advent calendars and subscription boxes. Last year when Zoella had a shitstorm because of her advent calendar which was sold for 50 pounds but was worth 10 pounds, Eltoria was the only one who gave her a positive review. She deleted this video btw

Now this year she wanted to make an advent calendar by herself and she promoted her calendar on her channel in September. It cost 49 pounds plus shipping and it had 12 packages. She promised her subscribers that the calendar would have a Blood Sugar palette by Jeffrey Star which is 40 pounds worth. Apparently her advent calendar sold out in a few days because she only had 200 in stock.

Now the juicy part: Eltoria gave her subscribers her old used PR samples and products from other advent calendars and subscription boxes. She once said in a video that she would donate stuff she doesn't need but apparently she gave just wrapped the items in paper and sold them to her subscribers kek. Oh and nobody hot a Blood Sugar palette but when everyone started to complain, she gave her own palette a subscriber with a channel to proof that the calendar indeed contained the palette.

I think it's really disgusting to take 49 pounds for partly used PR products and false advertisment. She even refused refunds and she didn't justify herself to this day. She just deletes negative comments. Oh another juicy point is that she studies law and she sold PR samples which are forbidden to be sold at all, so she could be seriously charged.

No. 717306

okay honey, post the receipts cus its literally just you sperging like a conspiracy theorist

lit the only solid shit was over 10 years ago and are you really gonna be /that bitch/ and hold onto it like gospel?

No. 717336

Guess what happened just recently. Right, Jeffrey called Jacky Aina a gorilla. 2018. This happened not 10 years ago. Jeffrey WAS a racist and IS STILL a racist.

Here are the receipts honeyyy. Sorry it's not Fox News which you clearly prefer:


No. 717352

Something is fishy. White knights are getting called out in every thread on lolcow. But here in this particular thread you can't say anything against Jeffrey. His racist behaviour is proven but someone is white knighting him with passion. I can't think of anyone to defend Jeffrey but Jeffrey himself. Seriously I think some of these posts are from Jeffrey himself.

>okay honey, post the receipts cus its literally just you sperging like a conspiracy theorist

>lit the only solid shit was over 10 years ago and are you really gonna be /that bitch/ and hold onto it like gospel?

Who is even talking like that? That comes straight out of Jeffreys mouth. Plus I can imagine that Jeffrey is the kind of guy who engages in gossip sites like lolcow, kiwi farms, gurugossiper

No. 717383

Typical Jeffrey stans also type like that though, yt comment sections are full of this.

No. 717388

sage your autism, jeffree* types in a really distinctive way that’s completely different from the posts you quoted.

No. 717404


this is just gonna get that stupid bitch wet thinking she talks like someone she deems so "iconic".

No. 717410

>sage your autism

Jfc. Jeffree Asterisk is fucking garbage. Always has been, always will be. Pretty simple.

No. 717414


errr, plenty of people would defend him. some people grow up racist and never realise what behaviours are actually bullshit and not okay.

No. 717422

>people can’t have different opinions from me!! It HAS to be Jeffree!!!!

Calm down sperg

No. 717436

I'm getting sick and tired of Jfree and his psycho stans fucking up this thread


wow a LAW student and does this shit??? the guts…

No. 717439

File: 1540025825661.jpg (57.24 KB, 540x960, ugvb7olzy6t11.jpg)

soooo, Alissa asked for inspiration and ideas for a Halloween look. A fan/mua responded to her with a pictures of her own look and look what she responded with

No. 717440

File: 1540025877408.jpg (56.39 KB, 539x960, WE7WBxG.jpg)

original tweet by Alissa

No. 717441

File: 1540025956942.jpg (57.72 KB, 1152x2048, o76ewF7.jpg)

Alissa doubling down

No. 717442

File: 1540026010673.jpg (63.04 KB, 1152x2048, gNe0bi4.jpg)

the girl apologizing

No. 717447


samefag but what do you all think? Alissa was so fucking rude to the girl for no reason. Alissa herself couldn't become famous without posting her face on every platform (promotion) but gives this girl shit for doing the same?

and even if the girl was promoting herself (which I see nothing wrong with, since Alissa ASKED for ideas) she could have just ignored her?

Alissa has always been rude to her fan base and shitting on them whenever she can, I literally cannot see why people LOVE her when she has a disgusting attitude like this? like seriously, would it have hurt her to be nice and professional for a second?

No. 717448

Idk there’s a shit ton of posts complaining about Jeffree “stans”, but the posts people are referencing aren’t even stanning they’re just not being rabid and hateful towards Jeffree so therefore they MUST be a stan.
I think some of you need to realize at this point if someone chooses to not hate Jeffree than they are never going to change their mind ever.

I’ve followed him (NOT a stan so calm your tits) since MySpace and also Stickam days (an old streaming site) and there used to be a site called “Stickydrama” that would post about people on Stickam…. many people speculated that Jeffree perused the site and he knew a lot about other people’s drama whenever he did go on webcam. I don’t see it being unlikely that Jeffree visits “drama sites” today and would post, but I honestly don’t think any of the mentioned posts were him.

If he is visiting lc it’d be more to collect dirt on others and this thread has nothing exclusive in ANY way so he would’ve left a long time ago when noticing that.

Unfortunately most of stickydrama was never archived - the people who hate Jeffree would have a field day with the shit he used to do and say on Stickam lol - Jeffree lives off of shocking people back in those days. I’ve tried looking through archives before but maybe someone else would have better luck…

No. 717494

I'm new to this thread and just caught up, but as far as I can tell, here's the problem; this isn't a fan board. We aren't here to discuss people we like. There are plenty of threads where the subject is there because people straight up don't like them/find them annoying (June for example) and think they're a lulzy asshole, racist or not. Jeff fills those requirements. White knighting or defending people is generally frowned upon here, so why do it? Why can't people not like someone you like and vent in this thread? It's not like it's just the people who dislike him arguing, any time someone says he's shit someone shows up to be like "he not tho this fake news who care about 10 year ago" or some garbage. If I like someone people are shit talking I hide the thread, you don't need to read it.

No. 717550

where the fuck do you think you are right now? this isn’t beautyguruchatter. alissa isn’t “so fucking rude and mean” for not wanting to do those tired ass self promo looks.

No. 717597

Then your insecure bitch idol Alissa shouldn't have ASKED her fans for MAKEUP LOOKS AND IDEAS
I'm so fucking tired of these lame ass gurus acting all high and mighty for javing basic makeup skills

No. 717605


That whole situation just isn't milky tbh

No. 717608


No. 717630

Yeah I agree, but after witnessing her lash out on her fans for years, I thought she might finally get called out on it you know? Well, seems like everyone is still sucking her ass so I shouldn't post on this thread anymore.

Some people here are getting triggered whenever I post something milky/sketchy/rude their favorite guru did lol.

No. 717633

File: 1540054682277.png (36.49 KB, 373x173, 30ayhz8.png)

The stickydrama site still exists, there's lots of pages with text. Many of pics are missing but the ones that remain are pretty entertaining.


No. 717634

God I miss Hanna Beth
Speaking of which, where’s Audrey Kitching now? Isnt she a MUA?

No. 717637

File: 1540055817932.png (194.77 KB, 583x655, Screenshot at Oct 20 19-17-01.…)

Audz lost it a few years ago, is now selling crystals and candles online and her tweets sound like they came straight from a new-age bullshit generator. http://sebpearce.com/bullshit/

No. 717638

File: 1540055843809.png (366.15 KB, 596x663, Screenshot at Oct 20 19-16-12.…)

No. 717643

Stickydrama is a goldmine for referencing all of the horrible shit that today's successful former scene kids have done. It's just a great read in general. It's a shame that all of the videos (and most of the images) are lost to time.
New Age is the swan song of comfortable adult women who've realized that they're getting too old to keep up with the current alt youth trends but spent so much time in alt youth culture that they failed to cultivate an actual multi-dimensional identity that isn't completely based on a trend.

No. 717672

i’m not even subscribed to her. i’m just tired of reddit and gurugossip fags leaking into this thread and pretending it’s the same environment. it is not. consistently making yourself stick out like a social justice sore thumb is the last thing you should be doing on here.

No. 717708

File: 1540064381773.gif (572.95 KB, 500x291, IMG_1739.GIF)

Ah I remember this chick. I unsubbed when she started making videos about her pregnancy. I can't stand people who get knocked up from very recent relationships and act like they're this beacon of mother hood and miracles and completely loose any ounce of personality they had before they got knocked up.
She seemed really annoying and entitled at the end and I didn't think I was going to be subbed much longer anyway.
>sage because I just got into this thread and this is an older post.

No. 717733

Speaking of comfortable, how the hell does Audrey make money??

She lives in Hollywood, doesn't she? She does 'modeling' jobs, but other than that and her bullshit crystal online shop, how does she afford it all?

No. 717899

File: 1540088697805.jpg (52.39 KB, 500x667, cunt.jpg)

What >>717494 said, but also the problem isn't this at all you idiot. People aren't saying
>yeah Jeffree's done some shitty stuff, but I don't care I still like his makeup
>I only care about makeup, I don't care about drama
>Even though he's problematic I still like his music/makeup
This isn't a Jeffree stan, this is someone who just likes makeup. Whatever, that's fine, no one would give a shit.
What people ARE saying is
>YEAH WELL the person who has proof that Jeffree is racist said THIS mean thing on twitter 3 years ago so therefore their proof is invalid
>This proof is obviously fake because [insert reason that makes zero sense]
or (like your dumbass in this case)
>it doesn't matter if we've been show 487 instances of him being a bigot and overall terrible person, nothing's going to change so we might as well never ever talk about it again and instead sweep it under the rug again. Because talking about his racist behavior is only going to bring him more positive attention somehow!
>But context matters when you're calling a black woman a Gorilla!
>But context matters when there's video proof of you screaming the n-word with a hard r at someone!
THIS is a Jeffree stan. This is someone who doesn't care about the makeup, and is only defending Jeffree himself. So yeah, the people on here who slither out of Jeffree's asshole to whiteknight him any time someone mentions the CONSTANT barrage of shit he starts, they are stans.

It's even worse that you're not a stan, because basically you're saying that someone who's been shown time and time again to be a horrible racist manipulator and blackmailer is a person you're STILL standing by because…..you kinda liked him on Myspace 10 years ago? You're not even a makeup fan or obsessed enough with him to turn a blind eye? That's all it takes for you to disregard human decency? Clearly some anon calling someone else a "stan" is more offensive to you than Jeffree calling multiple people racial slurs, since that's the one you're throwing a fit about. Get some morals my dude.

No. 717906

wasnt she and all of those little scene queen starfuckers from rich families?
thats how they could afford all the shit back in the day too im sure

No. 717922

There are legit so many better make up companies to support and honestly, the people who support J* after everywhere are assholes themselves.

No. 717930

Yep apparently she studies/studied law, so I am curious why she thought this advent calendar with PR stuff and used products was a good idea. Some people in the comments speculated that her boyfriend might have been a factor for this stupid action since he started to moderate her comment section with his private youtube account. He wrote something like "her money is my money" and everytime someone gave her critique, he would write something abusive like "I would break your legs". No joke. I try to look for the comments and will post them here if I find them

No. 717950


This is the part that pisses me off about this huge blow out with all the beauty youtubers. None of them actually give a shit about racism. If they did all of this shit would have came out years ago, and no one would be constantly covering up for each other. They're just using it for leverage to try to one up each other.

Fans, too. You think they give a shit about racism? Nah. They just want to gotcha the beauty guru's they don't like, or defend the ones they do by finding racist shit on other people's twitter.

NONE of these people give an actual shit about racism.

No. 718089

OMG just found out about this today and was gonna post.

Whats really scummy was her reaction and damage control over the backlash she got for her zoella review and tried to play the victim, and yet shes trying to do the same thing RIGHT NOW. Fucking lol-this video is tha latest from the channel covering it.

No. 718112

I hope she isn't going to get away with it. She already has set several videos private which proved her scammy actions. Someone commented that she made 10.000 pounds and invested nearly nothing except for the packaging, China earrings which are only a few cents and candles which were hers anyway.

No. 718136

Lit every thread on lolcow
>someone doesn't agree with me?!?
>they MUST BE (insert cow)

Grow the fuck up you're embarrassing

No. 718567

File: 1540196182831.png (783.84 KB, 1368x914, HAHAHAHA.png)

Not only that but this is her recent video-notice whats shes done?

Her instagram comments is now full of people asking when she is going to address the calendar issue and she is just ignoring them.

She should actually be worried because apparently whats shes done is illegal and there is talk of bring action against her given there is enough evidence out there to take to court. Also her disgusting boyfriend is sending death threats to more people, this bitch is a mess.

No. 718576

She just steals/plagiarizes all this stuff which is so ironic considering she's doing this whole "karmic spiritual cleansing" shit. It's not hard to make up this shit and yet she still fumbles to come up with something original. Tumblr chicks are eating it up.

No. 718622

ty lmao, its literally been the bitch trying to say this shit over and over again

No. 718661

File: 1540220124060.png (1.04 MB, 1034x901, oops.png)

I've now seen quite a few saying they will take legal action, I wonder if she will finally address this or will ignore in hopes it will go away.

No. 718728

File: 1540228776399.jpg (41.59 KB, 596x628, 343.jpg)

Omg I hope they actually take action and it is not just empty threats. It is so funny because she obtained a law degree according to this interview 3 years ago: https://www.google.de/amp/s/henleybschool.blog/2018/02/21/sam-meets-eltoria/amp/

No. 718745

She disabled all comments kek. She swears that she had permission from companies and actually worked together with them on the advent calender. Sure Jen.
Is it even legal insisting to have a contract although she is obviously lying? I mean if she says she has permission that means she must have the receipts/a contract. I could also say I work with Loreal and sell stuff in the name of them. That's highly illegal.

No. 718761

File: 1540231987901.png (40.56 KB, 624x296, oof!.png)

One of the videos exposing her was made by someone who deals with this type of law-they were giving tips for those who want to take action in the video and encourage others who had bought the calendar to contact them if they need further assistance. I will see if I can find-but interestingly they said if you paid via paypal you can get the money back and there were at least 4 comments I saw saying they are contacting paypal right now to get a refund.

>She swears that she had permission from companies and actually worked together with them on the advent calender.
Now this is the most stupid thing she said because this is exactly what she will get sued on-not just selling their products illegally but I doubt the companies are going to want to be connected with a person who has a reputation for scamming her fanbase and whos boyfriend threatens them with violence.

No. 718824

well James used she/her pronouns when talking about Antonio. Idk if that's just gay lingo or if Antonio really is mtf

No. 718888

File: 1540243833389.jpg (43.34 KB, 540x720, Jeffree_Star50.jpg)


Nta but read >>717899 because that's literally why? I'd honestly love to hear a defense of him that actually holds water that isn't just "fake news" or "but myspace", so nows your chance my dudes. No one here who is defending Jeffree has ever mentioned his makeup or given any reason as to why they're a fan other than just attacking his accusers. So let's hear it, why do you like Jeffree? Why is he worth defending to you? I'm legitimately curious.

No. 718904

holy shiiiiit. Brad Mondo loves to talk about knowing hair this and that, but he destroyed her hair. And that cut is also bad.

She can pull if off (good for her) but both the cut and color are massively patchy and uneven. He's a terrible 'hair dresser.'

No. 718908

He used vol 30 on her roots, which is a huge no. Like, he really had no idea what he was doing

No. 718909

Being mildly racist really isn't a huge deal in tons of places, sorry, but it's true. If I decided to dislike everyone in my extended friend circle who has ever said racial slurs, I might have like 2 acquaintances left.

No. 718931

i like how he initially half admits to being manipulative, then immediately uses manipulative, sympathy seeking bullshit on everyone he talks to. he always resorts to very big and scary but very vague emotionally charged phrases like "so much darkness" and "i wanted to die" and "idk if you know what it's like" etc etc. he knows that no one has horribly mistreated him enough for his side of the story to speak for itself in plain language, so he has to try to make people care by claiming the biggest vaguest sadness possible. fuck weak minded self obsessed little twerps like him.

No. 719033

As far as I know Brad is still in training at the salon hes at. Being licensed myself SO many of the things he talks about or advises are just basic knowledge. Hes never shown anything that takes skill.

No. 719061

>Being mildly racist really isn't a huge deal in tons of places, sorry, but it's true
First of all, what about screaming "N—ER" at the top of his lungs and calling black women gorillas and rats is "mild"? And that's just the things we've seen. You don't just wake up one day at JS's age and say "I think I'm gonna say the n word for the first time today!", obviously he must be using it in his personal life as well.

>I'm shitty and all of my friends are shitty so therefore you guys are the incorrect ones
So you're in an racist echo chamber? Cool. Sorry to inform you but being racist is in fact a big deal. And if it's not a big deal to you or your friends, then you need new friends.

Seriously like >>718888 said if you're that offended by being called a Jeffree goon than literally give me one reason other than "I think racism is ok" why you support Jeffree.

Also this is a makeup thread? Why the fuck do we constantly have to debate why it's bad to be racist?

No. 719085

File: 1540261432071.png (57.37 KB, 326x326, 5387A65B-6356-42F1-864B-D3C089…)

Should he have used olaplex or is that just a meme?

Also YouTube always recommends me his videos which are complete trash 5% content 95% gay/ black people slang.

No. 719106

I think anon is just saying being racist isn't milk, but that's not what the complaint about Jeffree is. He is manipulative. I know he has a business and all, but he should own up to his shit. He can't just apologize for saying racial slurs, then turn around and call Jackie Aina a gorilla. I'm not surprised he's still a racist fag, seeing as Chris Crocker was his BFF. There used to be a video of both of them together saying racial slurs, it was kinda like a compilation. It seems it's been wiped from Youtube.

>Youtube's terrible recommendations
Blah, I really wish they have competition. Youtube used to be a lot more personal, now it's crazy fame hungry people there. Also, I keep getting reaction videos recommended to me, alongside drag queen makeup tutorials lmao.

No. 719574

Eltoria is now taking down video after video from people who are exposing her. Even Zoella had the decency to leave her critics alone. And it's not the automatic copyright system by youtube but it's definitely her targeting videos she doesn't like. She's pulling an Ostrenga and is giving everyone copyright strikes. Someone on YouTube showed her email address and I almost died. "Eltoriasecrets" like Victoria's Secrets kek

No. 719611

I have more of an issue with his hypocrisy than his ~mild racism~

You don't get to drag makeup companies for not having a wide range of makeup shades so that you appear woke but also call black makeup influencers gorillas.

No. 719620

Indeed, I noticed that youtuber had at least 3 of their videos pulled-however a lot of other youtubers are covering this.

I would love to see her pull this on petty paige, she will get her ass handed to her by petty's fans but moreso petty, it will tank any future career for sure.

No. 719656

There are a lot of people like Valentina and Laura Lee selling their PR too

>It's not against the law , per se. But you do have to sign contracts, saying specifically you agree to not sell the items and that if you do sell them, they are liable to press a civil suit against you. So it's not a law, it's a legal contract. Same concept, different idea.

So Eltoria could get sued. But most likely she would get blacklisted by some brands, because I don't know any youtuber getting sued by selling PR but many youtubers who got blacklisted.

>So, here's the 'technical' stuff about income on such PR stuff. A company that gives her over $600 retail value of product, will give her a 1099 form which she is supposed to file with her income tax as income. She has to claim anything over $600 and that, again, 'technically' is to be for ALL her PR freebies for the year. So, if she has 7 PR companies give her $300 in product each, she is suppose to claim $2100 income and pay taxes on that.

>If she has any products that she sells, and makes over $600 in a year, she is supposed to claim that as income too. And, there will be income tax assessed on that.
>Again, technically, she is screwing herself for being a scammer. She probably isn't claiming any of that PR as income. And, she isn't claiming any of what she makes by reselling it on her income tax. That's a WHOLE lot of fraud!!!

I believe that's US law. Idk how things are in the UK but I believe it's fairly similar. You have to declare your free stuff and pay taxes as you have to pay taxes on your profit. Eltoria said in her video that she made no profit and she bought the stuff from her own pocket kek that's tax fraud!

No. 719715

>Idk how things are in the UK but I believe it's fairly similar.
Not quite, I would advise you look up UK trading standards. Given the way things are going she could be in serious shit for this for a number of reasons-taxes are the least of her worries.

No. 719807

I just looked it up and ouch you're right. She's in bigger trouble than I thought. Her career as a youtuber is over when it's not even started yet. No one will ever trust her ever again. Plus I don't think anyone would hire her as a lawyer because she apparently didn't even know the basics of trading laws. Damn girl, I think you need a completely new job and a fresh start

No. 720299

File: 1540403932199.jpg (78.42 KB, 719x705, DpzQrIXWwAACi6m.jpg)

Yep, some of the issues are covered in pic related.

No. 720345

I remember being really uncomfortable myself watching this. You could clearly tell she wanted him to stop after a while but didn't want to say anything on camera. Her body language said it all though.

No. 720441

File: 1540420874939.png (385.42 KB, 923x439, Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 6.39…)

kinda love this

No. 720471

I mean, all she did was remove his makeup

No. 720498

Why is her face so muddy? Is it the foundation? The contour?

No. 720570

She tried self tanning for a video and it made her looked fucked up

No. 720603

He looks shocking good in that makeup. I'm surprised.

No. 720604

Underrated comment. hahaha

Mykie looks bad here. Like the other anons mentioned, her self tanner did her no favors.

No. 720607

I think his work is fantastic, but i cannot stand his personality. He is really over the top and uses the whole 'i'm gay ' thing to the extreme. I will admit he's talented, but my god, he is freakin annoying as hell.

ewww, his dick is disgusting. Literal pencil dick

No. 720693

It's funny because Voldemort is Harry Potter's wizard equivalent of a racist supervillain

No. 720708

Girl, you're looking cute but your self posting isn't. (the statistic bar on your tweets is showing, which is uh.. giving you away) Anyway, agree that person was rude but ranting abt it on this site is definitely not the best place..

No. 720729

I actually took the screenshots from the girl's facebook post before she deleted it lmao

No. 721021

Petty Page nailed it. She contracted as many companies as possible but only Jeffrey responded that he has nothing to do with this calendar. Eltoria tries to use a loophole and now says that those items are gifts kek. Page contacted Action Fraud and opened a case, let's see what happens next. I really hope her customers will get their money back..

No. 721025

File: 1540489825183.jpg (345.44 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20181025-194856_1.j…)

Her latest instagram post. She sees herself as the victim, doesn't she?

No. 721039

File: 1540490892803.png (13.73 KB, 519x96, BIRCHBOX ADVENT CALENDAR 2018 …)

From eltoria's new video, she really is being a passive agressive bitch and people are laughing. I'm sure she wont be laughing when trading standards come knocking.

She really is being stubbon and making it worse for herself.

No. 721319

File: 1540513293355.jpg (179.14 KB, 750x1062, 20181026_031852.jpg)

I thought Jeffree said that he doesn't care about Manny and blocked him? and that he doesn't even think about Manny at all?

No. 721381

he's addicted to drama. perfect example of the kind of person who says "they don't do" drama and that they try and stay away from it and that it's everyone else's fault. they actually CREATE it.

No. 721477

if he could stay self aware for 2 seconds he would be so much more likeable. he's one of those people who says some provocative shit, and then when people get provoked, goes "omg why are people coming for me!! must be because i'm just over here living my best life." he's always been a little trickster which can be fun and funny but it gets ruined when his fat ego compels him to say shit like "oh people just try to ruin my reputation because i'm so successful!" even when he himself has apologized for things and admitted to starting drama.
like i don't care about manny mua and the drag was kind of funny but you can't do shit like that and then act all shocked and victimized when a lot of people bitch about you

No. 721498

File: 1540540160040.jpeg (160.6 KB, 1242x1229, F5A37201-4E38-4077-BE89-C1F0AF…)

Apparently Jeffree not only is friends with all the drama channels, he found his comment SO interesting that he just has to send it to Rich Lux asap (I’m rolling my eyes so hard)

Most people know Jeffree loves creating narratives, but usually he isn’t this sloppy. A simple crop would’ve helped.

No. 721506

Ohh, nice catch anon. So he is purposefully trying to create drama,for what exactly?

No. 721508

because he never actually worked on his attention and conflict seeking issues, but instead just said "oh i've moved on from that! i killed that part of myself! i'm a professional now!" but that's not really how it works so his repressed lust for drama finds its way out for the most retarded of reasons.
he was just starting to gain more favor from the public. how long until he's hated again? he needs to make up his fucking mind and stick with it. maybe instead of trying to kill and bury angry jeffree he needs to accept that that's a part of himself and MANAGE it.
i mean maybe i'm giving him too much credit and he never intended to stop being petty and callous, but to me he really seems like he doesn't even know if it's more worth it to be petty or if he's above all that now.

No. 721513

samefag but alternative theory:
jeffree made a trade with rich. jeffree acts as rich's personal tea kettle, whipping up spicy comments for him to make giant monetized videos about when the regular tea is dry, and in return, maybe, say, jeffree gets to preapprove any rich lux videos about real drama concerning himself.

No. 721779

Idk it could easily be an account with the same pic, it’s not like twitter where you see the user stats if it’s your own comment

No. 721782

It literally says "Add a comment as jeffreestar…" next to it this is the kind of JS stanning bullshit no ones wants here.

No. 721786

Damn cunt chill out, with all the fake shit posted lately it’s good to have healthy skepticism instead of believing blindly

No. 721806

File: 1540589058031.png (755.32 KB, 994x699, Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 4.18…)

Well, we already know that Jeffree reached out to Rich to meet up with him a long time ago when he was in TX (and they also did the grav3yardgirl video together, though I'm not sure if that was the same time) so obviously it was a ploy on Jeffree's part to get Rich on his side since his videos are all about beauty drama. This has shown to be the case in Rich's videos since then, where he doesn't have a bad thing to say about JS. It just validates his victim complex even more if the people providing all the info on drama are playing him to be the victim as well. Rich also said in the video where he talks about meeting Jeffree that he asked JS for youtube advice and they talked about how to further his yt popularity. Appearing in a video with JS would obviously do that, so there's a clear exchange here. Jeffree fucking sucks but he's very business/PR smart. He knows EXACTLY which people to play and how.

Case and point: See the posts about when HereForTheTea made a totally valid video criticizing JS and everyone jumped down her throat about it being a vendetta and her being a jealous fatty. Even the anon who posted it here hadn't watched it but claimed it was a vendetta. (and then deleted the comment where they said that lmao)

What fake shit tho? This is what I'm talking about with the Jeffree stanning. People post very clear irrefutable proof and suddenly people come out of nowhere to either attack the character of the person who posts it, or go way out of their way to question it with no proof as to why it may be fake other then "idk looks fake". It's the exact same shit as the Daveed video.

>HereForTheTea makes tons of JS videos with evidence of his shadiness

JS Stans: she's just jealous cause she's ugly and couldn't become a guru!! Let's start talking shit about HER instead!!
>Daveed posts texts directly from his phone. Shows him turning on his phone, going to the texts and opening them, proving they could not possibly be faked.
JS Stans: idk seems fake
JS: Laura Lee HIRED Daveed to make up fake texts to that she could make a comeback!!
>Screenshot of Jeffre's comment with Jeffree's icon that says "Add a comment as jeffreestar…"
JS Stans: idk seems fake
>Video of Jeffree screaming the N-word at the top of his lungs
JS Stans: but context!!! that's barely even racist!!

Literally give me one example of the "fake shit" you're talking about that has been proven to be fake outside of Jeffree claiming it's fake because everyone's jealous of him. The character of people doesn't make the claims any less valid, it just makes it easier for Jeffree to manipulate the narrative in his favor by distracting everyone.

Seriously mods, can we get this shit out of here? Valid opinions/commentary on JS is fine, but this shit is just clogging up the thread over and over and over again.

No. 721900

Okay, not a Jeffree stan but technically those texts could easily be faked. Texts are just data stored on a phone, you're viewing a local copy when you scroll. With a rooted phone you can change anything about them (time and date stamps, who sent them, the content etc). If it was WhatsApp or something else it would be much harder, but with texts and iMessage it's super easy.

I think that it's unlikely they are faked because Daveed doesn't seem that bright, but to say categorically they cannot be fake just because he showed his phone screen is wrong.

No. 722057

sage your excessive autism.

No. 722067

Ok, fair, I think this is an informed opinion. I'm literally begging yall to back up your baseless defenses of Jeffree with even one thing, and congrats you're the first person who's actually done that. And it's not even in defense of Jeffree.

What about this needs to be saged? I'm taking about a beauty guru drama in a beauty guru thread, regarding topical info. Or is it just because it's about precious victim Jeffree?

No. 722080

ok nta but seriously where is your proof of this "fake shit"? we're all fucking tired of the baseless derailing of Jeffree talk, show some proof or get out.

No. 722122

What would he gain from rooting a phone to concoct texts with jeffree talking the same way he's been known to talk for years.

No. 722138

Yeah, this is the confusing point to me as well. If he just wanted to make up fake texts it wouldn't it have been less work to just photoshop some? Especially considering he didn't end up getting anything out of it (though obviously that was his intent) his video where he shows himself turning on the phone and going to the messages only got <30K views and all the comments are Jeffree stans attacking him. I don't understand how rooting/jailbreaking works really, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on this video then.
(Start around 6:00 for the actual phone, he blathers on forever before that)

Either way Jeffree did his usual magic of flipping the narrative and sweeping it under the rug by blaming Laura Lee/declaring them fake/starting new shit for people to concentrate on/playing the victim instead. Most of the conversation turned into:
>a hairdresser and their client is a SACRED BOND how dare you violate that!!
>this man used to PAY you to do a JOB and you betrayed him!!

…..because both of those things are worse than racism, I guess? It even fits in with the >>721806 Rich Lux narrative, because Rich's video on this was all about how Daved violated this "client/hairdresser confidentiality" and was butthurt because Jeffree was using another hairdresser. (I agree with the latter point, but again, doesn't make his claims any less true)

No. 722142

If these texts were fake then Daved had to be super genius to match the dates of the texts with the Instagram posts they were talking about in the texts (see >>696095).

While also making Jackie Aina post his work at those dates, making this whole scheme in the duration of months…

Yeah that ain't it, these texts are real

No. 722148

Oh, interesting. Good point anon, I never even considered that.

No. 722293

I don't buy that they're fake, but it wouldn't have to be anywhere near that elaborate to pull off. Like it'd be pretty easy if he'd had those conversations at the time with someone else and then just changed the name in his contacts.

No. 722329

it is Jeffree though and cannot be anyone else, the Jackie photo Daved posted was right after Jeffree's photos of a magazine shoot he did. No one (at that time) had a beef with Jackie except Jeffree, that's why he told his hairstylist to "delete that gorilla" and how was disgusted to have Jackie's photo right next to his. He even unfollowed Daved UNTIL Daved deleted Jackie's photo (which can be still found on her Instagram)

unless you mean another person staging this, then that's too elaborate to do during the entirety of 2017. Daved ain't that smart nither is Laura Leech (because she was accused of doing it lol)

No. 722344

File: 1540660283435.gif (3.86 MB, 600x338, v7htnoe.gif)

I know you're saying you think they're real, but yeah even so the mental gymnastics required to make this even a plausible situation is absurd. It's Trump levels of "FAKE NEWS! Idk you figure out how that's all I've got bye" or a giant conspiracy involving at least a year of pre-planning and multiple conspirators and breaking a phone and concocting a made up conversation to surround the racist remark that has to align with Jeffree's real public feuds and real events and confirming it with instagram dates to have ready to go JUST IN CASE Jeffree starts working with another hairdresser or Laura Lee annihilated her career? And for what? It just gets swept under the rug and Daved's reputation is probably ruined.

The Occam's Razor version is "guy who we know has been racist before is still racist".

No. 722373

Yeah like I said I think they're real, just it's not completely implausible that he might have been bitching with someone else, especially someone in the same friend group, at the time about similar things (not that it was staged all the way back then, just that with the right reframing could look like it was coming from JS––wouldn't take a super genius to pull that off). But, again, I think the more likely explanation is that they're real. Jeffree's dramastorm coverup rn is pretty telling too.

No. 722392

Wasn't Mykie good friends with Laura Lee?

No. 722510

I remember Jackie used to be friends with Laura lee before Laura joined the Jeffree clique. Do you have any receipt of their friendship?

No. 722558

File: 1540691746978.png (118.72 KB, 1272x444, Eltoria Advent Calendar Unboxi…)

She sure does. soon-to-be-wilson commented on her now infamous video that eltoria and her rabid white knights posted some nasty comments on the video which then disappeared. These ones have resurfaced, not sure if these are the ones she meant but as you can see eltoria is yet AGAIN trying to spin the victim "woe is me, you're all bullying me i'm all about positivity etc" bullshit. Linking the video in case you wanna view the replies to eltoria down below there are many!

No. 722602

Poor Eltoria11!!! Leave her alone, you are all evil kek

No. 722753

Well Mykie is friends with Manny

No. 723220

File: 1540793447323.jpg (198.13 KB, 681x1024, 4th Annual NYX FACE Awards yf0…)

I'm surprised Mykie hasn't popped up here before, is she that ~beloved~? She was definitely unique back in the day but I find her a bit obnoxious now. She seems like the type of youtuber that professional FX MUAs would hate. Has she ever worked professionally in that capacity? I know she did some haunted house/halloween type stuff, but those places will usually take any random theater kid who's taken a stage makeup class. Has she ever actually worked in Film/TV doing FX makeup?

No. 723227

>is she that ~beloved~?

She doesn't get involved in drama and she seems nice and down to earth, so I don't know why could she be considered lolcow

No. 723243

She and her Makeups are pretty boring these days. I liked her a few years ago, but now I can't stand her anymore

No. 723269

I never liked her but there hasnt been anything to talk about(milk) and im not one to sit around nit picking another snowflakey guru with cringe friends. Shes boring at best, acts like a myspace scene queen in terms of lel so randum xD act while also trying to come off as some big internet mom, her normal makeup tutorials are like any other (boring) and the sfx is….just dissapointing, bland and another average guru who gets their ass ate for pinterest tier tutorials, what really riles me is she had a video(it was a small part of some q&a or something) where she mentioned youtubers who dont practice safety etc for sfx tutorials and it harms viewers but really? The woman putting some latex and cotton on her face wants to suddenly talk about being certified and safety while she never outs the yt'ers shes complaining about, which comes across like such virtue signaling when all she can do is vague post about ~muh safety, am licensed professional uwu, they r doint bad thingz~

Beauty gurus all act the same tbh, she just seems like the dumblr version of the community. Plus considering she has no qualms with people like Jeffrey or that greasy white guy with the long hair who can't but chooses to rap i can't say she has any good judgement of character

No. 723274

The only "milk-ish" thing I know about her is her going after Target because apparently they "stole" her idea for an FX makeup or something. It came out later that it wasn't her original idea and and another Youtuber did this fx look before her (I think it's called Speak no Evil makeup) also, she went after them for putting "Zombae" on their shirts which apparently she thinks she came up with it. She even copyrighted the term for online use only lol

No. 723275

Receipts for those who are interested (this is such a non milk though)
This the first tutorial using this specific fx with the phrase "speak no evil" uploaded on September 2013

No. 723277

Mykie then uploads the same FX look with the same phrase on November 2014 (one year later)

No. 723278

File: 1540807955018.jpg (85.89 KB, 640x1138, ook99y8gptn11.jpg)

and then she went to Twitter this year to say "fuck you Walmart" because they "stole" her idea.

No. 723343

I think she has a LOT of drama lurking but she's smart enough to cover it up.
-Probably cheated on her bf with the guy with half red, half black hair. The videos were SO cringey and so much sexual tension. It seemed very weird

-Currently dating spankie on the sly. If you watch the very end of the spankie video where she covers mykie's apartment with pictures of herself, it really looked like a couple.
At the same time she uploads videos like "Gets Tinder guys to choose my makeup"
-The "pregnant???" Clickbait thumbnail for her Q&A, where she had an obviously made up and lengthy boring story about mistaking a fan for being pregnant, just so she could use that thumbnail. The fan of course never shows up in the comments.

Her videos used to be good, but she just posts trash now and blames the algorithm. See also hawking $30 wigs at $99. She's like a slightly higher class version of the rest of the Youtube crowd. I feel like she sold out recently.

Also she has a Tesla car and Alexa and whatever other tech junk is popular, which just says to me she cares too much about popularity/what people think of her.

No. 723384

If I'm recalling correctly, I think that was aimed at Ellimacs because they had been suggesting people use raw meat (such as bacon) in their makeup tutorials. I know they got a bit of heat for that at the time, and I think there was something about stealing ideas off of Instagram. It's been years, so it could have all been deleted by now

No. 723415

this post is 100% tinfoil and reaching. please polish your crystal ball a little, anon.
tbh mykie is so annoying, she has no outstanding quality. also she looks like she worked in the mud all the time due to her dirty looking fake than.

No. 723420

File: 1540835420266.png (423.52 KB, 721x406, gg.png)

I do like that she's not afraid to be….ugly I guess is the word? Like basically shaving off her eyebrows (or letting them be that light) and shit. I think she's very pretty and she's legit the only person I've ever liked a side shave on. But yeah the whole "so randum! xD" with the edited high pitched voice is pretty annoying. I felt legit bad for that tinder guy when she had him wipe off her makeup, must have been pretty startling for him.

No. 723434

she looks prettier on the right tbh. she looks like paula dean's edgy niece on the left.

No. 723444

I enjoy watching JS because I find him entertaining, but I will never understand the denial his fans are in about how overflowing with shadiness he is.

That video wasn't nearly as milky as I was hoping and tbh he kind of hurt his own career by making it. Celebrity clients don't give a fuck whether or not your exposure of someone was justified, they just care that you exposed a client. This is a massive turn off for the kind of people he works for. The fact there was an attention whore element to it doesn't help his case at all.

Seconding the anon who called tinfoil and reaching. Let's not get carried away.

I think she's quite pretty, it's just her lack of eyebrows doesn't do her any favors.

No. 723617

I used to really like her, but recently her content has been very lackluster at best. I unsubscribed from her after following her for 3 years

No. 723620

seriously. she has a terrifying grin.

she's not ugly without makeup and most dudes who aren't virginal robots are well aware and don't give a shit that women look different without makeup. I doubt tinder guy was really all that shocked to wipe off her makeup and discover -surprise!!! - she's still an attractive girl, she just doesn't naturally have giant lashes.

No. 723641

She has had Vi Neal(and they seemed comfortable with each other)on her channel before. You don't run in circles like that unless you've worked in the industry.

No. 723662

File: 1540865807595.png (1.12 MB, 669x2260, mykie.png)

Are you sure though? If you try to find Mykie's credits what comes up is 2 IMDB pages under "Mykie" and "Mykie Valenzuela". They both look like her, but Valenzuela isn't her last name so idk what that's about.

I know her real name is Lauren Mychal Mountain, but she's said "Mykie" is her working name. Even if you try to find an IMDB under LMM the only thing that comes up doesn't look like it could be hers at all.

(Sry for giant pic)

No. 723664

File: 1540865947536.png (169.8 KB, 469x660, Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 8.57…)

(Continued) This looks like her resume from laurenmountain.tumblr.com, I'm sure it hasn't been updated in forever but even then it just looks like the haunted house place and some internships?

No. 723672

File: 1540866973011.jpg (77.78 KB, 445x600, Ve Neill Mykie 4th Annual NYX …)

I mean, I don't really have a problem or dislike Mykie, and obviously there's nothing wrong with being self-taught. But I just think it's kind of misleading for her to portray herself as a "professional" SFX MUA, or to criticize other FX channels for "not being professional or trained enough in safety like she has".

>You don't run in circles like that unless you've worked in the industry

Full disclosure, I just skimmed that video but I don't understand this line of thinking? If she really met Vi Neal just through working in the industry, why would a 3x Oscar-winning film makeup designer take the time to sit down with one of thousands of random set makeup artists? (because that's all Mykie would be at this point). Seems like Vi Neal was trying to promo her makeup classes in that video, which would make more sense why she would appear on Mykie's channel since Mykie is a yt celebrity and more or less the face of FX makeup on youtube.

I would guess they were both just involved in the Nyx face awards and met that way (pic related).

No. 723703


Valid points I guess. I like G&G and the only problem I have with her is her loosing the 'gore' (I understand why everyone is chasing those YouTube bucks) part. It was what separated her from other beauty Guru. Also her Halloween series is boring and messy.

No. 723765

These are two completely different styles of mouth makeup though. And a year apart is long enough, isn't it?

Getting mad at Walmart is pretty cringey though.

No. 724130

She's less obnoxious than other gurus, but she's definitely misleading and up her own ass. There's also this video where she tells people how to get into the industry and how to be a makeup artist like her….and it's just bad? Other than working at the Mac store and the haunted prison or whatever and a few small productions she never mentions any other "industry" experience and just spends the whole video giving really obvious and self-serving advice. I don't understand why she thinks she can give people advice on how to break into the makeup artist industry….when she really has no experience in it at all?
Her hot tips:
>guys take pictures of your makeup!!
>you need to have pictures in a portfolio!
>just don't give up!
>be a fast learner like me!
>lie on your resume like me!
>work on as many different people and faces as possible!!
(even though basically all of her videos are just on her own face)
>"It takes a lot of commitment to get to where it does pay pretty well"
(she's literally never reached that point though? she's rich because she's a youtuber, not because she ever made money as a makeup artist)

She acts like getting a job selling makeup at a mall in Pennsylvania is some big crazy break she got because even though she didn't have experience they could just TELL she was gonna be great. Same goes with the Haunted Prison or whatever. As someone who works in hair/makeup in the Theatre industry I can assure you both of those jobs will basically take any highschool theatre kid as long as they can train them.

Her timeline also confuses me. She says she worked as a cocktail waitress for a couple of years to save money to move to LA. She moves to LA to be a makeup artist…with no portfolio (hence the advice "take pictures!") and then didn't start a youtube channel until she had been living in LA and starting doing makeup on herself to build up a portfolio (presumably because she couldn't get work). There's no mention of her ever doing any more production work after she starts talking about how she got a youtube following.
But I swear I remember her talking about how she was a cocktail waitress in some of her vids years ago when she was already doing popular tutorials? I could be wrong though. Doesn't matter either way cause how the hell do you have a degree in Film, and think you can just make it in the industry with no portfolio or real experience? Especially with years in between to prepare and build up a portfolio? She absolutely just lucked into her success.

Anyways TL;DR Mykie loves to give advice on how to be successful in the makeup industry, even though she makes money from youtube and has never been successful in the makeup industry just on it's own.

I have no qualms about being self-taught or being a beautuber, but just admit that's how you make money and that's all you are? Don't act like you're better and smarter or different than every other self-taught beautuber/FX hobbyist just because you worked on a couple of no-name productions you were barely even paid for.

No. 724149

I think everything you wrote is correct, and she does it intentionally to make herself seem more professional or qualified than other youtubers. But it's all for nowt when she just makes trash clickbait content now. She is very good at makeup but the initial thing I liked about her - that she was somewhat clever and creative - seems lacking now. Her old videos were big productions with twists. Now it's just mykie in a room. It's disappointing because she can do more. I noticed she updates instagram a lot less now too, and what she posts is not linear, and almost random. There used to be a narrative of some sort.

Funny note which I realised a month or so ago: She is wearing colored contacts 80% of the time, but never mentions it. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes not. Generally it's only mentioned by fans in the comments if it's a sclera lens. I don't know if that counts as false advertising, because lenses play a huge role in how a makeup look turns out and she's never once mentioned it. Idk. I wish she would put some effort into her videos, in summary, like she did in 2014-2016.

No. 726273

File: 1541302566655.png (6.4 MB, 2208x1242, CC4E3FD3-45AD-43E3-AF47-8FD106…)

I wish she’d go back into sfx makeup, her old videos were a little bit better then they were now bit even then I don’t think she was that great of a sfx artist
But lately I’d barely consider her one, her looks are soooo basic
Using a wee bit of latex and a shit ton of makeup doesn’t make you a self taught artist anymore
I consider a good sfx self taught artist to be ellimacs
At least she makes big good stuff

I think if mykie actually tried more and took it seriously, then she could do something great. She at least has the semi skills to get somewhere
But I guess views are in mediocre makeup looks and lazy sfx works

No. 726467

No. 726927

The comment section is a mess full of J stans defending their lord, even when it was proven that he is racist (yet again)

Am I the only one creeped out by how cult-like he and his fans act though? They don't ever see him in the wrong & will end your life (Laura Lee) in a second if HE wanted them to do so

No. 726982

Yeah we know you’ve mentioned it over and over again.

No. 727066

Mentioned what again? I was talking about the video because there are new info about this scandal, so yeah maybe you thought I was repeating something.
You sound bothered

No. 728513

Anyone getting Momokun-tier vibes from Thomas lately? He seems to be ~totes not bothered~ about being cancelled and it is unbearable to watch him now. Why can't he just admit being a snake and befriending people for tea is bad and apologize?

No. 728614

Wait didn't he say that he is leaving the ~toxic~ beauty community?

No. 728623

How is he going to leave the beauty community without quitting YouTube? Serious question. If he is doing beauty related stuff, he will always have a connection to this community somehow. Thomas has no logic at all. He burnt all bridges and he will disappear in irrelevancy because everybody quit him. You need connections in this business unless you have millions of minions like Jeffrey Star. But I bet before that happens, he will transform his beauty channel into a drama channel a la Tana Mongeau or maybe 'spill the tea' style. Who knows.

No. 728729

It seems easy until these influencers realize their money comes from the shit they hate.
Go into actual MUA jobs if you hate making videos so much? I don't get why he has to leave the beauty community to feel release from being a snake.

No. 728738

Does anyone else think that James Charles is acting like a complete train wreck recently? I mean even more so. He's been acting so entitled especially in his last videos about his palette. Isn't morphe made cheaply in China?

No. 728772

File: 1541703023993.gif (5.99 MB, 640x385, 20181108_214436.gif)

James is so funny to me, he did a double swatch for one of the colors in his palette (because let's be honest, Morphe is shit) and he tried to disguise it as a one swatch = full pigment

No. 728781

Morphe is the meme of the beauty world, a genius idea really. Someone private labels from China, gets a bunch of gurus to do free advertisement = hella profit.

Regarding James, he’s a complete tool and I can’t stand his persona.

No. 728790

File: 1541705513073.png (1013.7 KB, 1437x807, Screenshot_2018-11-08-12-28-50…)

Probably not the best thread for her but I couldn't find another one.
>gets thousands of dollars worth of painful cosmetic surgery
>looks no different
Nice try Elaine. Maybe you should just try loosing weight?

No. 728812

Elaine is such a cow honestly. She scammed her viewers cause she had a “life threatining disease” and needed money for it. Seems like that disease was complete bullshit cause we never heard of it again.

No. 728825

What the fuck. Just over 1-2 years ago Elaine said that she rejected a Korean ps clinic who offered her nose, eye, tit, lipo and chin jobs for free in exchange her advertising. She said something like she wouldn't do that to herself and she doesn't need it other than wanting chin lipo and now she gets fuckton of surgery?? Funny how last year she gets the fat freeze treatment for her chin and kept doing mukbang vids lul. Elaine is a walking contradiction.

No. 728833

File: 1541709189667.png (267.72 KB, 720x962, 2018-11-08 15.28.19.png)

Your viewers aren't stupid Elaine. I bet she used all the money on the ps, I'm guessing the clinic gave her a 30-50% discount for the advertising. It still ain't cheap considering she had 6 procedures done. 10 bucks she's gonna lie through her teeth and be like "I SWEAR TO YOU GUYS I WOULD NEVER DO THAT, I NEVER USED THE MONEY TO FUND THE PS" I'm so done with Elaine.

No. 728859

I loved his "I was making a makeup documentary first!!!" tantrum. Honestly James no one cares…

No. 728886

She didn't use any money on the plastic surgery. No offense but watch the fucking video? Maybe? The surgery was free for her review.

No. 728917

File: 1541718119859.png (1.06 MB, 724x755, 1-1.png)

She got lipo but still looks fat??

>travels to Korea for ps

>6 procedures
>4 hours under the knife
>looks exactly the same


No. 728921

why does she have corpse colored legs

No. 728922


Could be the after effects of the liposuction

No. 729609

Tati made a review of James Charles pallette and it's hella biased. To be fair, she mentions it in the beginning but there are so many inconsistencies in comparison to Emily's pallette. For example Tati rambles about the fact that Emily collaborated with Makeup Revolution and apparently it has such a bad formulation. She didn't get the bad batch btw. Morphe, who did James palette, has the same formulation as Makeup Revolution since both companies share the same exact manufacturer and Tati thinks everything is pigmented and soo smooth in his palette.

No. 729613

As long as she can get some fame from big youtubers, she will give them always positive reviews but not so much for smaller youtubers. Remember the Nikki Tutorials x Too Faced collab when everything about this palette was bad and chalky but dearest Tati who is the best and most honest beauty guru gave this palette a positive review? I hope people will see through her bs and nobody will care about her anymore

No. 729645

Tati's old ass shouldn't be wearing half the colours in that palette

No. 729656

She's always been like this (see her reviewing Michelle Phan Em cosmetics, they were so shitty even Tati's fans are calling her out)
Of course, she would kiss ass for the bigger YouTubers, but will be so critical for the smaller ones.

No. 729670

That was so confusing to me,she didnt change AT ALL. why would anyone go through so many painful procedures (that take months to heal) just to come out the same as before?? You can tell she even shooped the after picture to clickbait ppl into her surgery review video, and when you click the video she looked just like ever. In the video itself she didnt even have before and after footage like people usually put in those kinda videos. Maybe because she knows herself nothing changed.. very weird.

No. 729702

Everything about this surgery sounds shady. People commented under her video that it's uncommon that a clinic doesn't offer some kind of aftercare since she is an influencer and typically they get treated the best in order to give the viewers the impression that this clinic is professional and the best choice to get surgery. Imagine a normal human being getting surgery there - he/she would be kicked out of the clinic the moment the doctor did his last stitch. And the fact that she looks the same is an indicator that this clinic is shady. Even if her face was fat af, you would see a difference since vline surgery removes bone but skin and fat would just hang down. But there is literally no difference whatsoever.

No. 729788

Her nose is too short for her face and she looks like a monkey. It bothers me so much

No. 729791

Now everyone is gonna want to stay away from Dream clinic since their results are non existant

No. 729804

Rip jeffrees house, birkins and cars

No. 729806

What happened?? Didnt he just release the new holiday lip line today?

No. 729814

Wildfires in Cali

No. 729857

Just watched his stories and no his house isn't on fire but they don't seem to have much clue about why to evacuate early. They have money, Nate should take the dogs and valuable papers and go to a hotel, not wait for a fire to come and bail out in the car.

No. 729888

He’s got a whole other house in another state. Like I would have grabbed necessities and flown to my 2nd house. Byeeee

No. 729901

The doctor told her that she is overweight and has to lose weight but according to her she wears a size small and you could totally see her disbelief in the video kek how tall is she again?

No. 729933

idk i thought it was shit too but the snaps are hard to fake

No. 729946

Unless he did eye swatches on the snaps I won't be convinced that Morphe ain't shit.
I will be waiting for Thatgirlshaexo video on the palette, because she is the only BG I know who does eye swatches (which honestly should be the standard of swatching colors)

No. 730036

Anyone see Alexis Stone's new face after plastic surgery? This is that makeup artist who was popular for a while for doing recreations of celebrity faces using makeup on Instagram

No. 730040

The only celebrity he resembles is Joan Rivers.

No. 730041

Fuck that's unfortunate, his old face was a lot cuter. Now he looks like a terrifying botched old lady, all just for a drag character. He's definitely going to regret this.

No. 730063

Holy shit, I knew he was going to fuck his face up even more but that is just disgusting. How about these people try out therapy instead of plastic surgery

No. 730064


Never heard of this dude before but he is 25 years old??? Dude looks like a granny now yikes

No. 730072

Can someone post a before and after of him without makeup/ costuming? I clicked through this video but he's in makeup and whatever and I can't tell what the actual PS did

No. 730080

she always looks bloated due to botox, so imo she looks like shit

No. 730106

There is a picture on his instagram when he is still in hospital

No. 730111

elective plastic surgery should be illegal lol

No. 730117

File: 1541882456206.jpg (91.84 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20181110-133539~2.j…)

No. 730120

this was him in january of 2017
No no-makeup videos or pictures of his post-surgery face yet but he said he will upload one once the swelling's gone down

It's honestly tragic. I'm all for letting people do what they want to do with their body and I know he's struggling with mental illness but leaving aside the fact I think his face looks absolutely awful now I can't see how this will hold up long-term considering he's still in his twenties. There's so much he had done I feel like his face will just collapse eventually

No. 730128

What a shame

No. 730143

No. 730168

Thanks anon, also, >>730143
Oh my fucking god how mentally unhinged does one have to be to do this to themselves

No. 730319

File: 1541909439170.jpg (Spoiler Image, 367.11 KB, 1596x948, alexis.jpg)

He based his jaw on Priscilla Presley and his eyes on Jocelyn Wildenstein.

No. 730436

She legit looks like she's a midget. Her head is one fourth the lenght of her body…

Shit like this triggers me.
Short and fat af, but
>I fit in a size small, I'm so tiny teehee

No. 730611

File: 1541974147648.jpeg (228.99 KB, 750x1061, 65CD26D2-9F12-4624-BD54-BFC841…)

He’s trolling right? Or is he just in hard denial of what he has done to himself?

No. 730617

He's gotta be insane. Now he looks like a 60+ year old woman with massive plastic surgery

No. 730620

Men are so stupid. haha wtf

No. 730715

Isn’t this the guy that did the metallic corset thing for felice fawn?

No. 730719

File: 1541986185369.jpeg (448.12 KB, 1242x1494, 0C51EB30-17BA-4013-9F46-272E95…)

No. 730721

File: 1541986245674.jpeg (72.36 KB, 640x960, FB24A250-0FBB-4647-99CC-A01498…)

He used to be really cute/attractive.

No. 730737

How can he unironically reference Jocelyn Wildenstein as his inspiration? She’s basically THE prime example of botched plastic surgery, to the tune of $4 million. If he was looking to look like her, he definitely hit his mark.

No. 730741

He says in this video that he sees these two women as people who successfully achieved their own idea of beauty. He also mentions Pete Burns so we can see the direction this is all heading. He has more surgeries coming next year.

No. 730742

Is there a reason behind all this? Is he a transfag?

No. 730744

He's properly dysmorphic it would seem, but he says he isn't trans.

No. 730754

Wow..I used to watch her like 4 or 5 years ago? When she had that wild acne and was just clearing it up and was so cute to hear from. This is her now?? That's..disappointing. She should have just lost weight the natural way. What a waste of money

No. 730785

He's probably still riding the plastic surgery high and soaking up all the attention he's getting. I'd like to say it'll sink in eventually but there's been worse looking PS victims that claimed to be totally happy with their abysmal appearances so who knows.
Whatever the reason it's got to be some kind of mental illness. Needing to sink that far into into a fake character you made up to feel good about yourself is not a particularly good sign.

No. 730806

Didn't he get famous for his makeup transformations? He practically killed his Youtube career with the ps.

No. 730808

Yes he's been hiding behind makeup for a long time. He's also known for being a raging cunt at times. I expect once this surgery glow wears off he'll return to form.

No. 731424

Is there any milk on gabriel zamora? He's such a snake after putting his "friends" in an uncomfortable position,and then throwing them under the bus when he got the backlash

No. 731430

Please give us more information on the putting his friends in an uncomfortable situation, and then throwing them under the bus thing.

No. 731461

He posted a photo of Laura, Manny, Nikkita, and himself flipping the finger and tagged it "imagine stanning a racist" which was a dig at Jeffree Star (all of them were his ex friends) even though Manny and Laura took the photo for other reasons and they weren't aiming at Jeffree. Manny even told Gabriel to delete the tweet because he wasn't trying to start a fight with Jeffree.

Jeffree fans of course started digging in their history and found a racist tweets from Gabriel and the infamous Laura Lee tweet that ended her career. After receiving so much backlash, Gabriel went on camera and threw his friends under the bus "they were talking bad about Jeffree so I believed them" "I'm sorry Jeffree I shouldn't have trusted these fake people bla bla" even though Gabriel was the one who instigated this whole drama without his friends knowing. Now he is all up in Jeffree's ass and is still throwing them under the bus whenever a drama channel wants receipts on Manny or Laura.

I just wanted to know if he had any milk though because he's such a snake and everyone is so hypnotized by his acts

No. 731475


I don’t think there’s much milk on him besides that. He was irrelevant before, and he’s still irrelevant. People only checked for him when he was talking about Jeffree/manny/Laura. He def rode that wave out. He’s a failing beauty guru who is desperately clinging to any popularity and online attention by talking about other people because he’s so damn uninteresting lol.

No. 731494

Whoever did this is a criminal. A surgeon without any integrity at all. I've seen surgeons from Russia and Turkey turning potential patients down because they recognized body dysmorphic disorder and advised them therapy instead, and then you get glamorous Beverly Hills surgeon seeing someone who walks in their office looking like >>730117 and agreeing to work on them… and doing a shitty job, too

No. 731538

I don’t think any of his surgeries were done in America. I think his awful nose job was done in turkey, but I’m not positive.
He’s from the UK

No. 731558

Why is he using so PS for those transformations? All that makeup going waste when he could just cut&paste the person face on top it and call it a today.

No. 731567

Ah, I must have mixed him up with another MUA from the US. My point still stands, the surgeon is a no-morality moneygrabber

No. 733758

Finally also JaackMaate made a video about the Eltoria scam. Nothing new yet but it's nice that a bigger channel is reporting her scam because she hopes that her actions will be forgotten as the times goes on. Funny thing is that in all of her videos the rating and comment section are disabled plus she deleted her explanation video kek

No. 734005

File: 1542515969201.jpeg (31.6 KB, 320x320, 66850059-8B99-4BD1-8509-0DAA20…)

That’s him without all that makeup. His face is forever fucked

No. 734016

Holyyyyy fuuuuuck. That's intense butchery and he LIKES it.

No. 734043

Why would you want those smile like lines? Or is that a side effect from srratching his skin? This is bizarre

No. 734045

File: 1542520254319.png (322.64 KB, 588x405, 524255248521.png)

I was diappointed with his video its pretty shit and a rush job. It was interesting tho I went to eltoria's twitter and for the few weeks running up to this video she had been retweeting jaackmates tweets and I wonder if it was a plot to get him on her side as he says he thinks shes alright and hes clearly not done his homework she was slagging him off last year.

Also bitch is a skinwalker, and her face looks weird in this, I assume its been edited?!

No. 734047


No. 734049

File: 1542521457153.jpg (191.52 KB, 1440x720, IMG_1781-1440x720.jpg)

i feel mean for this but sh's tested my patience by doing this so many times. i really don't understand why she keeps forcing the zoella comparison. when she tries to replicate the pose and outfit she looks like a much harsher, less attractive version of her. if i had a face like hers the last thing i would want to do is bring attention to someone who looks like me but a lot more cute and feminine. shit would be depressing.
I feel like she tells herself she looks just like Zoella to convince herself that she's not plain looking but she really out to just cope or find her own way of being pretty. I never even quite got the hype about zoella's looks other than her being cute and youthful looking, but when you stick her next to someone like eltoria the difference between her and an average looking girl really jumps out.

No. 734053

I hate this shit. Why do the 1% of people born perfect and beautiful have to fuck it all up with surgery and drugs. It's like they're rubbing it in. "Watch me completely destroy something most people desparately want and will never have!"

It's like watching someone take a sledgehammer to a Ferarri, or burn a Baroque painting.

No. 734170

File: 1542548872613.jpeg (525.97 KB, 2048x2048, 949C1B51-51E7-4DBE-8463-2CEDDA…)


No. 734180

He went from a guy in his late teens to early twenties to a late fourties to mid fifties man woman weirdo trying hard to cling on to youth through a lot of plastic surgery

No. 734187

apparently he's "still swollen" but holy shit this made me feel weird and uncomfortable looking at him in action too

No. 734188

File: 1542551145172.png (853.51 KB, 720x1150, 3.png)

Maybe he has a 60 year old milf fetish hence why he dropped thousands to look like one lul

No. 734190

File: 1542551177121.png (610.06 KB, 720x829, Alex.png)

No. 734191

File: 1542551216880.png (137.23 KB, 720x823, 2.png)

How long is this "happiness" going to last tho?

No. 734205

He has more surgeries on the agenda for next year so the buzz should continue for a bit.

Interesting to see him in motion to see how much he's gone in on his cheeks (the video version)

No. 734207

I am really shocked to see her acting this calculated. She knows for sure that jaacksmates took a large part in destroying Zoellas credibility. In his video he was definetely soft on Eltoria in comparison to Zoella last year. Zoella sold crappy overpriced stuff and what Eltoria did was illegal. So he condemns capitalism but thinks acting criminal is okayish. He didn't even mention that she has a law degree and probably thinks she is getting away with her scam since she is above the law or whatever. I think people should call him out for his shady behaviour.

No. 734212

He had such a cute face too (the before) literally what the FUCK?????

No. 734216

How did it get worse? And this pic is probably edited too oh my god. How will he even do makeup transformations now?

No. 734239

Is that seriously the same person? This is fucked, he clearly has BDD/some mental illness.

JaackMaate kind of a cunt tbh, I don't like Zoella and her antics but he seems to have a huge hateboner for her for…what exactly? Her being a capitalist shill? He talked about her overpriced advent calendar for weeks.

No. 734245

a lot of the youtubers like jaackmaate who lose their minds over zoella and overpriced merch go on about exploiting children, as if youtubers are the only people selling to children and that children aren't already a market for advertising

No. 734297

they did mention her law degree early in the video and also said what she did was significantly worse than zoella due to it being illegal. did you watch the whole video?

No. 734331

this is so fucking sad

No. 734363

I feel physically ill looking at him. Plastic surgery needs to be regulated…like getting signed off by a therapist before allowing this level of botchery to happen.

No. 734386

So sad that he thinks the "backlash" comments are against him and his ideas. He's too blind to see that it's quite the opposite when people point out he needs help. Whoever enables and encourages his mentally ill behaviour is far from a supporting friend. This guy has major issues and is already a Pete Burns. Sick.

No. 734388

Oh ok thanks, probably skipped it somehow! But in my opinion he was much nicer to Eltoria than to Zoella though.

No. 736866

this video was exhausting.

No. 737391

I didn't know having plump cheeks was atractive even for male in korea ( or maybe it's the kpop singer aestetic ). Kind of ironic a lot of dude would want to have his natural cheekbones

No. 738532

File: 1543255387034.gif (811.98 KB, 402x300, 21f171f0342c616eb50bae5e1e4746…)


I tried his palette at Ulta when it first came out and I have no idea what fucking product he had in his hands or he sent to other influencers because I swatched that shit and it was TERRIBLE.

It was patchy af and not at all as pigmented as what people claim it is. I thought maybe I was being too critical but I have the Jaclyn palette and it swatches 100% better, they also had it at the store and I compared both and oooofff…James sure got the short end of the stick with that formula. It is pretty trash. No wonder he had to fucking give everyone instructions on how to use it. One wrong move and that palette is trash.

No. 738539


This guy keeps popping in my feed and I don't get how he is getting attention at all. His make up is awful, his reviews are obnoxious and the more I see of his videos the more he is starting to look like a mother fucking ghost. Like he just slapped his face with baby powder and let the residue be his foundation.

I get that he is going for the whole k-pop vibe but his make up looks nothing like actual k-pop artists when they do music videos or are in concerts. He only tries to recreate the overly photoshopped pictures that are obviously not an everyday look.

No. 738543

weird, he looks like j-hope in white face

No. 738894

He's a cow tbh he could have his own thread. I couldn't stand his former brick eyebrows, glad he realizes now they looked bad too.

No. 739408

i dont mind his content i just dont understand why his voice is so nasally, TALK WITH YOUR THROAT BITCH

No. 740679

he sounds like he has a deviated septum or something. gets like the only excuse he has for talking like he's congested 24/7. like get that shit fixed.

No. 741066

On a side note. I remember seeing on twitter a video of jeffree calling BLACK WOMEN the n word but it got deleted. He said it to black women not white women. I wish i could find it

No. 741083

File: 1543553091608.jpg (45.87 KB, 750x655, IMG_20181129_223718.jpg)

No. 741107

Wtf is that kind of logic?

No. 741110

right, because it's not like black people have been compared to apes for centuries or anything like that!

No. 741119

doesn't john literally make the same vampire joke like every vid now

No. 741126

File: 1543559584308.png (94.34 KB, 740x172, Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.3…)

well this is his logic, but that's so subjective you could just as easily say "at least a vampire is romanticized and intelligent, a gorilla isn't even human!" Even if he somehow didn't mean it in a bad way he's an idiot for acting like a widely held opinion is objectively wrong because of his minority opinion. If he had a shred of a point, he presented it in the stupidest, most provocative, unclear way possible, instead of communicating with literally anyone.

No. 741129

racism is over guys, every black person who has ever been compared to a gorilla can now sleep easy at night knowing that the people who called them that just meant they're beautiful. thank you john maclean

No. 741204

>James sure got the short end of the stick with that formula. It is pretty trash. No wonder he had to fucking give everyone instructions on how to use it. One wrong move and that palette is trash.

It is interesting that you say that, because I saw a video of someone comparing his palette to an old and discontinued Morphe Palette. Basically what she concluded is that some shades are identical to each other. Looks like Morphe is using James to get rid of leftovers from the discontinued palette.

No. 741553

I could not stand this dude, and seeing these tweets come to light I feel justified.

No. 741572

she was trying korean makup not Japanese makeup
so I can see why it was considered racist.

No. 742183

This girl on youtube did some heinous makeup to show what facetune can do for those who unaware. She name drops James Charles in the title since he openly admits to using it.

No. 742204

I'm not surprised that James is very mediocre at makeup and relays heavily on Facetune. After all, he messed up so bad without his studio lightings, filters, and facetune in this Covergirl Campaign.

He really fooled Zendaya and Covergirl with his over-edited pictures, and embarrassed them in this challenge lol

(You know, since Zendaya saw him recreating one of her looks and tagging her, she recommend him to be the first male Covergirl model. Little did they know that he basically just edits his photos and isn't actually skilled)

No. 743327

Apparently hes tweeted more derogatory shit about women and poc and liked/retweeted conservative/alt right stuff but went on a deleting spree, if I find receipts hopefully by someone who got them before he deleted I will post.

A real pity because I thought he was one of the few non-shitty BG's. Guess I was wrong.

No. 743816

File: 1543966112349.jpg (111.37 KB, 1000x1155, james charles facetune.jpg)

No. 743830

His mouth bothers me SO much. I don't understand the appeal of this makeup/photoshop look, it's fake as shit

No. 743981

He's so ugly. How did he ever become popular in the first place?

No. 744190

By photoshopping his highschool pics and it going viral.

Proof you can be popular with a bunch of lies

No. 744585

Something really similar happened to me, I was starting a sfx instagram, since I really liked her work, and in later october / early december we had this event called ''Zombie Walk'' which I made like an eye hanging zombie. I didnt saw this make up anywhere in that year, non even youtube (tell me if I was wrong) I posted in my ig and obviously I tagged her for the likes and what not. Later she made the same make up look but with a neon zombie… That was pretty disappointing but I didnt know about lolcow and I didnt think to share it but since its not the first time she does this.
Sorry I blurred my picture also I changed my ig name and that post is
archived but If you need more proof I can show it


No. 744586

File: 1544077239454.png (Spoiler Image, 699.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181206-025831.png)

No. 745001

I don't think yours is similar enough to say it was copied, it's more likely she saw it in the tags and it sunk into her subconscious.
In the same year (I think) she did a butterfly makeup that was inspired by a painting I posted on my Instagram. And then made a video about inspiration and mentioned being inspired by paintings. (it wasn't mine btw and all happened on the same day I tagged her in a post which she reacted to)

She was a lot more creative back then so I think she was looking everywhere for inspiration.

Poor guy.

No. 745895

File: 1544305552926.png (53.57 KB, 1120x300, jackie 5.png)

what do yall think about this whole Jackie Aina thing ?
Tbh out of all thinks she should have gotten "cancled " for
woudl be the fact that shes still with two-faced cosmecis afetr their Ceo just posted a photo with his cake saying "rich lives matters "
but Jackie being Jackie usually picks and chooses what type of activism she wants to partake in.
would like to know everyone elses thoughts on this ?

No. 745897

File: 1544305594629.png (146.05 KB, 936x706, jackie 4.png)

No. 745898

File: 1544305641984.png (110.95 KB, 963x558, jackie 3.png)

No. 745900

File: 1544305665020.png (54.07 KB, 943x295, jackie 2.png)

No. 745901

File: 1544305754866.png (59.26 KB, 976x275, jackie 1.png)

No. 745918

Anon, I don't understand what you are trying to say? Why should she get cancelled for previously collaborating with Too Faced (who just now are getting exposed for being racists?) Should we cancel Nikkitutorials too because she did a collab with Too Faced years ago?

I really don't give a damn about Jackie, but if there's some missing milk you didn't post, then this is just stupid

No. 745947

Don’t agree with you on the due skold be canceled bs but I hate when poc like her make comments that generalize white people
Bitch would lose her shit if someone said this same thing about black people.

No. 745958

I didn't mean cancel as I'm canceling her myself
but rather referring as others doing so
I should have worded it better

No. 745959

No. 745985

Oh sorry then, my bad for misunderstanding you

No. 746000

nah your good fam ,it was me who worded it wrong sorry !

No. 746034

Yeah Jackie ain't shit and only calls out someone when it benefits her.
But those who are screaming "reverse racism" at her are just fucking cringey.

No. 746221

Holly shit this Kenza Cosmetics drama is getting pretty insane. Those fucking scammers selling Aliexpress brushes that are priced at $4 for fucking $70!!! It's not like they make the brushes too, you just pay them 70$ and then they make Aliexpress ship their 4$ brushes to you.

So anyway the Beauty guru in the thumbnail did a video exposing them and now they are trying to sue her and everyone who tried to expose them too lmfaoo

No. 746265

Isn't that the shit Tana promoted? People are still waiting for their brushes but Tana isn't responding and still promoting as if nothing happened

No. 746288

It is! This is the original video where she exposes the company (warning: she speaks really loud if you're sensitive to that stuff)

No. 747843

>uses palm to hold foundation, swipes it right on her face.
>has a weird commentary throughout the video about "skintone" and the clothes they browse/bring home to try on with Megan

No. 747860

Even though she was really caking it on, there's a reason why this kind of makeup was made for dragqueens, videos, and photoshoots. not irl

No. 748156

What the fuck is going on with Thomas Halbert’s tan recently? That shit is bordering on blackface and looks SO BAD. Seems like he’s changed his hair color and got a tan to try to distance himself from all his drama & change his branding.

No. 748203

File: 1544648274271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.87 KB, 640x1138, aPEexRf_d.jpg)

Cleaning Jeffree's image part 2

No. 748207

I don't like Thomas but blackface? Really??? He just looks orange. He is also not blackfishing or whatever this sjw whores make up

No. 748388

could also be varicose veins, who knows

No. 748392

what kind of eczema color wheel would a Shane Dawson palette even be

No. 748395

Honestly had to do a double take because I thought that was Kris Jenner at first glance. What the fuck is he thinking?? A look is a look, but honey that ain’t it.

No. 748397

I'm wondering if he did that tan himself because oh BOY that looks nasty.

No. 748414

Featuring new shades "Dressing Gown" and "Bottle of Piss"

No. 748488

>Hey do you want a collaboration medium that I have nothing to do with/interest in and will never personally use or have any say in besides packaging because you're all brainless moths flying around my ass acne who can't see through even the most transparent pieces of money hungry shits.

I just don't understand why you want makeup collabs from rando content creators when the ones coming from Beauty Gururs are already majority wise shitty from colour choices to quality. Im just convinced his viewers actually 100% eat feces because how do you look at that sweat soaked rag of a man, all his conspiracies and ~sew deep documentaries~ yet not see his scam/usage of fanbases for the sake of pure sales.

Calling atleast one shade to be called Hemorrhoid, thats a dark brown neutral.

No. 749989

take it to the Shane Dawson thread, not here.

No. 756279

James Charles is acting out again. First he gets pissy when a someone who made a video about him constantly hitting on a straight friend who looks uncomfortable. Then some girl on tiktok destroyed one of his palettes and James and his messy fans act like she smashed a faberge egg or something.

No. 756286

I find JC pretty insufferable, but this video seems like some real reaching. The "drama" is that he doesn't like people making accusations and that he was kinda mean to a girl and then apologized and told his fans to stop harassing her? Is this a self post or something? This vid was posted here like an hour after being posted on yt from a random nobody channel with only 1000 views…

No. 756291

Megan is stupid. Yes, they both are with the same youtube managers but why would a poc woman let edward do her makeup. Megan has jumped the shark.

No. 757102

Alexis Stone trolled everybody with prosthetics.

No. 757104

Thank the lawd he didn't really ruin his face. Actually so happy for him, good trollin'

No. 757117

thank god.

No. 757133

File: 1546315939163.png (585.6 KB, 834x894, Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 11.1…)


but he's still hideous though lol

No. 757199


i had a huge hunch he was fucking with us this whole time!!!

No. 757251

I bet everyone who commented “ur gorgeous kween yasss fuck the haters” feel stupid now lol

No. 757417


yeah i'm still like, boo you went from this >>730721 to this >>757133 in what, 5 years?

what even is overdoing it with fillers…