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File: 1648061783716.jpeg (642.4 KB, 828x1128, princessmei.jpeg)

No. 1478914

This thread is being brigaded with overly aggressive posts and misinformation. We do not allow interfering with drama in any way (including contacting sponsors or relatives), posting revenge porn or wishing bodily harm. Ignore trolls and bait, report and move on.

Mei Yan is a Chinese-American YouTuber and model who creates content about anime, video games, and fashion.

Last thread: >>>/snow/91973

Sugaring, David, and Colette
>Uploads a video about her queer polyamorous relationship, featuring Mistress Colette, a pro-domme, and Olivya, an old friend. Mei mentions that she has two other partners as well, one of whom is “P,” aka David.
Video now deleted, reuploaded here >>>/snow/1471514
>Several comments on the video suggest that David is Mei's sugar daddy. These claims are further proven by Colette's blog (Mei codenamed M9, and likely M3 as well) and several photos of Mei in David's house
>Mei promotes Colette's mistress class to her young, impressionable audience in exchange for free attendance
>Mei flies around in David's jet, goes to Turks and Caicos, hangs out in David's Miami rental
>Colette’s mistress class has overall weird vibes, suggestive of finding new sugar babies for David and lovers for herself
>Mei deletes all comments about David and Colette, eventually turning off comments entirely. Colette and David go on a deactivation spree.

Responses and Damage Control
>Michelle Phan

Misc. Milk
>Comes out as gay
>Many awkward photos of kissing girls
>Embarrassing funeral for Ash from Banana Fish in a public library
>Partnered with TrovaTrip to host a trip to South Korea

The Main Characters and Their Links

Colette aka Mistress Colette aka Uyen Ly:
Dominatrix in her early 40s. Mei's girlfriend.
>https://pervette.com (archived version https://web.archive.org/web/20220315115808/https://www.pervette.com/)
>https://www.instagram.com/colettepervette/ (deleted)
>https://twitter.com/DominaColette (deleted)
>Colette’s unveiled face >>>/snow/1470042

David aka P:
Colette's long-term partner and Mei's sugar daddy. Seems to exclusively fuck Asian girls.
>https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-dacus-a09b751 (deleted)

Olivya aka O:
Mei's friend and "ex"-gf. Training as a domme under Colette.

Christina aka X
Sugar baby. Created an alternative sugar dating called Agency, of which David is an investor.

Please remember to write sage in the email field if you are not offering any new milk. If relaying new information, always add a screenshot.

(Sorry, this is my third time posting this, but I keep fucking up the links.)

No. 1478920

A better archive of the Pervette blog is https://anony.link/https://archive.ph/www.pervette.com

No. 1479504

File: 1648090904893.jpeg (70.77 KB, 828x939, 1C62751C-6734-4106-A186-A3ADCB…)

mei unfortunately has the perfect personality to get involved in a shitshow like this. colette’s narcissistic blogging obsession is what really brought all this to light but no one would’ve suspected mei being a part of it if she wasn’t so enamored with showing off this frivolous lifestyle. olivya is a shit person for throwing mei under the bus when she’s the one who introduced them and reaped the benefits of their clout chasing queer baiting realtionship; they’re both responsible.

mei’s only deleted recent posts about colette but her older ones are still up and they date back to december 2020. i doubt this is in regards to that but if she was so quick to message a rando like me about a bl meetup i can only imagine how much she reached out to recruit for this cult.

No. 1479673

were you guys even mutuals?

No. 1479687

Olivya didn’t introduce them, in the video they mention a different mutual friend introduced them

No. 1480166

That is a shitty thing to post when she was just nice to you. There's nothing sinister in her friendliness. She talked at length with her fans at the Kestan event, and zero "recruiting" of any kind went on. I was there, and anyone else who went will tell you the same.

No. 1480169

I don’t think this is the place for you.

No. 1480172

Why, because I'm not some fucking middle schooler talking shit about people they never even met in real life?(at least sage your wk-ing)

No. 1480181

Most of her fans 15-20 girls which you probably are too. And just because theyre nice in person doesnt mean theyre not weird offline

No. 1480184

NTA but because you can't even read the rules before posting, you absolute newfag

No. 1480210

You can go defend her on Youtube and reply to her haturz on Twitter, I'm sure she'd appreciate you so.

No. 1480352

So many of Mei and Vy's friends have unfollowed Mei, even those without a big social media presence and following. Guess they realized how fucked up she is.

No. 1480630

Who else? I only know Vy and Amy?

No. 1480634

ffs read the rules newfag

No. 1481330


Nice of you to check in, Mei(hi cow)

No. 1481344

File: 1648242331921.gif (319.68 KB, 661x960, received_537960827905301.gif)

Mei and Olivya

No. 1481376

I know some anons aren’t so keen on the labelling being a cult but the drug stuff is such a tell. In the vogue article the writer has known them a few hours before they have her taking hallucinogenics in “the orgy room” with some kind of “shaman” that the couple had chosen. She says other women had left the experience crying and feeling something profound but she just sort of blacked out for twenty minutes. Colette talks about ego death then makes it clear that involves hallucinogenic drugs, feeding your followers that kind of drug then guiding them to a “revelation” is a cult staple. It’s also telling that colette talks about plying the girls at the party with drugs when she herself didn’t take any and was overseeing. The sign at the party saying there was no booze but they would supply drugs also stood out to me. Honestly through all this I wouldn’t be shocked if there is examples of them dosing the girls without consent. I guess a big question since the thread is about Mei is whether she is now involved in drugs too. In that strange look at this mansion video she seemed very off and glazed and a bit confused. Drugging followers to keep them sedate and reliant is also a well established cult trope.

No. 1481450

I don’t really give a fuck about your rules for this 4chan wannabe site. I used to edit Encyclopaedia Dramatica pages, so you can suck it, kiddo.(embarrassing)

No. 1481453

kek what an achievement

No. 1481457

>I used to edit Encyclopaedia Dramatica pages, so you can suck it, kiddo.
thanks for the new copypasta

No. 1481486

unironically kill yourself, slag

No. 1481511

Sorry your faux dyke Chinese “princess” got caught sucking white dick for $$$

No. 1481529

That article was so gross. The writer kept praising Colette for being so sex positive or whatever and kept describing the orgies as chic. But I guess if you plan anything in a mansion it gets labeled as not creepy by gullible writers

No. 1481647

hallucinogenics are crazy debilitating too, if you take too much you can’t walk or think clearly at all. Very scary too it’s really easy to get a bad trip

No. 1481703

Yeah Mei talked about ego death & how it’s helping her navigate partnerships in her now deleted YouTube video with Colette

No. 1481706

lol i keep thinking about that and how unpleasant it would be to trip with these kinds of people. i can def see them using hallucinogenics to try and recruit more girls by giving them a "life altering experience"

No. 1481750

As said above the journalist was basically unconscious for twenty minutes who knows what they do to the girls when they have them in that state. Colette talks about her guru and guru culture is rife with sexual assault. >>1481703
I think it’s safe to say she has taken her fair share at this point and while there is no shame in weed being fed psychoactive toad venom by a millionaire to in Colette’s own words “fuck minds” is entirely different.

No. 1481757

Saged for samefag but it was glossed over this reference to Neil Strauss. He is a journalist who wrote a book about joining pickup artist groups and befriending them and creating his own pickup artist persona. He fell in the deep end and is now credited as popularising pick-up artistry in the mainstream. It’s interesting the David looks up to this guy and is associated with him and by extension a lot of the biggest pickup artists. I’m sure other anons know but the systematic way pickup artists abuse women is well documented and those views 100% do not line up with the idyllic queer poly situation Mei is presenting. They view women basically like animals to tame.

No. 1481784

File: 1648282301310.jpeg (727.64 KB, 1125x1283, EC180E0C-CE6B-422D-971C-CB3E53…)

more people are backing out of her trip lollll watch it get to 15 spots left

No. 1482002

The thing about the trips for me is no I don’t fully believe that it’s part of the ploy to traffic the participants but I also don’t see it as safe. The situation with the New York trip and Amy sets a precedent for predatory or abusive behaviour from Mei. If she is willing to do that to a mutual who was close enough to go on a personal trip who has a following then are nobodies she has no attachment to safe? There will be a huge power imbalance between her and the participants who clearly idolise her enough to drop big bucks to be near her. I don’t think Amy should be forced to air all the details but I worry about the people on the trip being easy targets who have no following and will be stuck in a foreign country with Mei who is being bankrolled by a millionaire. If she is straight up a predator then it’s dangerous.

No. 1482030

File: 1648306024692.png (92.63 KB, 1069x530, Screenshot 2022-03-26 144702.p…)

glad to know her actions have repercussions

No. 1482044

Yeah, a lot of her journal entries detail how he was an unsuccessful pick-up artist before he realized he could just drug women and buy them with Prada bags. Mei deserves every ounce of backlash for attempting to lure her fans into this lifestyle without making it clear this creepy scrote was financing it.

No. 1482194

It’s actually in 2023, I overlooked the year too.

No. 1482830

File: 1648350761466.png (31.36 KB, 876x361, mei1.PNG)

>>1481784 >>1482030
lol so basically theres an $850 deposit you can't get back once your spot is confirmed. instead it gets stored as "credit" for the website. plus a $100 cancellation fee. so people must really be wanting not to go lmao.

No. 1482967

File: 1648356276890.jpeg (190.88 KB, 640x1034, 3A5A22AB-C1DD-4E8B-B831-F6C661…)

Her Paris trip is sooner and has over 10 vacancies, she announced it was previously sold out

No. 1483100

File: 1648363952721.jpg (172.57 KB, 1080x1350, 19366945_446151609111327_71285…)

Hearing Colette's voice in this https://www.youtube.com/shorts/MDNeVAhx6Og video really makes me think she was born a man?

Would add up too since they weren't able to change her audio because it isn't their video. In photos her arms, legs, hands, shoulders, neck, feet and creepy personality all scream xy chromosomes. Considering she never shows her face except for that one blurry shot with super filler-stuffed cheeks, it is really suspicious.

No. 1483115

i don't think she's trans maybe she just sounds like that BCS she's fort and probs been smoking for a long time

No. 1483283

File: 1648374908923.jpg (5.73 KB, 180x180, 1647446896591.jpg)

According to the last thread this is what she looks like without the mask. Looks pretty female to me. Some women just naturally have more masculine builds and her blogposts scream desperate pickme in a way I don't think a man could ever replicate

No. 1483285

Since she overshares like crazy I have the feeling she'd somehow mention it in her blog entries if she was trans lol

No. 1483352

jesus look at that fucking bunion. woof

No. 1483433

I wonder if people are appealing to the tour company in some instances and telling them why they don’t want to go with her. I would be curious to see if they got their deposit back in that case.

No. 1484013

lmao she looks like that youtube hairstylist Guy Tang in his younger years, same eyebrows eyes cheeks

No. 1484057

Normally I'd agree because Colette looks very close to passing and there is definitely nothing wrong with a biological woman having a more masculine build (they are still beautiful)

But I can't help getting a strong vibe that she was born a man. In >>1466363 and >>1466365 her arm veins/thigh definition screams male, not to mention her calves/hands/feet all look very biomale. The voice is what really seals the deal imo because it sounds very trans especially in >>1483100 where there is clearly no editing.

Sorry I am sort of dying on this hill but there's a reason. In the past I have seen so many documentaries with this same situation: a man who pretends to be a woman (or who even transitions) who acts in this same vapid power-trippy way and winds up either trafficking or blackmailing victims to be a part of their creepy cult like groups. It's always sexual and dangerous. In some of these situations, they were not taken as seriously because at first they were a "woman" but once the truth came out, they are finally seen as the predator they are.

Can't help but get the same vibe with all of this, especially with how deep it apparently goes.

No. 1484078

File: 1648418407929.png (20.73 KB, 502x256, 1.PNG)

Doesn't this kinda imply that she's always had naturally big boobs?

No. 1484086

i really don't think colette is trans, are we forgetting that she's 40+? of course she's going to have some veins showing and a deeper voice it's not that crazy

No. 1484112

Colette is not trans.

No. 1484122

Shut up troll, she may be a creepy grooming Ghislaine but she is not born male. The video of her next to Mei makes that clear

No. 1484188

tinfoiling she's a male takes away from her turbo pickmeism. she is basically the final boss of pick mes.

No. 1484780

She really went through the effort to delete the 200+ comments about the allegations on her most recent yt vid … At this point I don't know what's she's thinking. What an idiot. She's just digging a deeper hole for herself

No. 1484920

I'd like to know when she's going to address this. The public that does know about these issues aren't going to let it go easily. There's still heavy activity and traffic on tweets regarding the situation.

No. 1484955

>She's just digging a deeper hole for herself
Agreed, she should have picked a lane quicker and maybe played victim sooner. If she came clean (and hid the more damning stuff) while playing up the "Akshually I was a victim too! I know it doesn't excuse my actions, I'm so sorry guys!" angle, I'm pretty sure she had a good chance of getting off the hook, though it does mean throwing her sugar daddy and Colette under the bus. This extended, borderline obsessive comment deleting isn't doing her any favors, it just makes her look guiltier, and if she comes out now and try to play the victim it's way too late, too much time has passed. She missed her chance.

No. 1484969

If she did that she would lose her lavish lifestyle and no more wealth flaunting on Instagram. Poor Mei

No. 1485143

I was watching Mei from her fox girl makeup vid up to when she was dating Sei wtf happened?? Was she always this fucked up?

No. 1485151

There's a whole history of her issues listed in her last thread (>>>/snow/91973), but I doubt anyone expected this shitstorm from her

No. 1485158

I'm watching through her poly video and mei wasn't kidding when she called Colette her teacher. Everytime mei says anything she looks at colette to see if she agrees and I think she fully believes that everything she says is right. I don't know if she was just too trusting when she met Colette or if she's just too simple minded

No. 1485172


I have a sinking "suspicion" that she actually was sapphic and had girlfriends and was loving life and then someone poisoned the well (whoever introduced her to this "fast and easy" lifestyle) and she got caught up in her own greed and obsession and started to use friends for her own personal gain. Tsk tsk, go hug your Miu Miu and Prada Mei. It's all you have left.

No. 1485512

File: 1648520447625.png (1.03 MB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220328-231802.png)

not her forgetting to delete a post with Colette(emoji)

No. 1485530

File: 1648521740348.png (653.32 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220328-233953.png)

more she didn't delete

No. 1485533

File: 1648521841733.png (730.18 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220328-233915.png)

Amy's comment giving cult vibes

No. 1485547


How is this giving culty vibes? Because she used the word magic? Lmfao.

No. 1485635

File: 1648529360648.jpeg (495.98 KB, 1084x1494, BE502DFE-A024-4BE6-8B85-613BD5…)

imagine being proud of spoiling your partners with the money you made fucking an old scrote who degrades you… such girlboss business woman female empowerment vibes amirite

No. 1485644


I honestly think so too. Hindsight is 20/20 but remember with her bf she really fell down this hole where she couldn't stop buying expensive things? She loves material items, and I think that led her down this situation. That sucks because she absolutely didn't need to do that but the materialism did her in.

No. 1485697

Checks out, look at it's giant head (and no I'm not referring to the bulimia cheeks) next to Mei's

No. 1485728

File: 1648537961573.jpeg (358.31 KB, 1170x2132, 395D16C7-A671-414B-B48C-55D5EB…)

Seems like Colette’s insta is back up but on private now. It was inactivated once that first Twitter thread was posted over a week ago…

No. 1485999

File: 1648570846775.jpeg (66.58 KB, 376x657, 6A7355E2-0329-4E96-9309-AB5E1B…)

Mei’s back

No. 1486004

She doesn’t address anything of course, but she does let us know she got her nails done.

No. 1486013

I have a super similar body to Colette’s and I was definitely born female. y’all are fucking weird

No. 1486035

Unpopular opinion but I wouldn’t mind if she just started posting content again without addressing it because what is she gonna say? She doesn’t think anything wrong happened, she doesn’t think it’s a cult, she has stopped promoting Pervette, we haven’t confirmed any criminal activity, and as far as we know, Amy is the only one who got “hurt” (we don’t even know how or if it’s related to the “cult”). It would just be kinda boring to run her off the internet. I’m moving on unless a victim speaks up (I have doubts that there will be).

No. 1486057

She’s still wearing the friendship bracelet she shares with Olivya and Colette lol

No. 1486058

Yeah, I’m currently in the same boat. I think a lot of people speculated that Amy’s issue with Mei was something related to Colette. Maybe Mei crossed boundaries with Amy on a completely separate issue. Who the fuck knows?

But yeah, a lot of the stuff that’s been shared on the internet especially the more disastrous allegations is just speculation and hearsay.

Until an actual victim comes forward and actually confirms these theories, it’s just conspiracy and hearsay to me.

No. 1486070

File: 1648576930791.png (9.91 MB, 1125x2436, 7BEF2585-8EF3-476C-8693-6BDB54…)

went on a date with her other man

No. 1486073


I wonder how long comments will remain off on her posts. I'm surprised she has comments allowed in her stories.

No. 1486078

I feel like she's trying hard to prove that the recent backlash isn't getting to her and that she's still happy when we all know how suicidal she felt over PULL ("harassment and bullying" in her words)

No. 1486081

File: 1648577580183.jpeg (357.59 KB, 1125x1896, B9765622-C062-4B5D-9F73-267DB9…)

did david buy his sugar baby a new lady dior bag? she should keep her bangs down

No. 1486087

Putting her bangs up ages her by like 5 years lmao

No. 1486101

Is this shooped or just weirdly posed? Her waist is the same size as her shoe. But her shoe is also leaned up against the wall so who knows.

No. 1486205

her face looks ugly and bloated

No. 1486220

Does she even have any women left who will partake in her sapphic bait content, she seemed to be purposefully leaving her male partners out before. Can’t really post Colette or Olivya anymore so I guess the boyfriend finally gets to see the light of day kek.

No. 1486249

I'm still confused af about her sexuality… she comes off as asexual to me

No. 1486293

She's just bi(curious) LARPping lesbianism for internet cool points, like many female influencers these days. It's not that deep

No. 1486299


She looks rough… like, she didn't even lose a noticeable amount of weight or anything but her face somehow got super haggard. I guess Colette won't be feeling so threatened by her youth and cuteness anymore…

No. 1486335

tbh the only way I see her addressing this is if she starts losing sponsors like Disney or miHoYo

No. 1486341


Is there a way to contact them? Maybe something would happen if we did mass email them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1486342

I'm honestly just curious to know if mei and seen colette's blog posts. She mentioned in the poly video that she got into journaling because of colette. Or maybe she also writes the same…

No. 1486347

Does anyone know what happened to Sesame (her and Sei’s dog)? It’s like he just disappeared when they broke up.

No. 1486352

File: 1648594675081.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1125x1906, 46A2DFD3-A640-4ACB-B36B-B7BF28…)

She posted this in October so I'm pretty sure she still has him. He probably lives in her family house

No. 1486354

She explains that she has Sesame: https://youtu.be/e4DQs2om5gQ?t=403

No. 1486355

She is still actively deleting comments about the blog posts…she def knows about them.

No. 1486575

may will never talk about this because she's ignored away every single one of her scandals thus far: her nasty depop clothes, her bad cosplay comm reputation, her fake veganism, her starting drama with karen o and never apologizing, her breakup with sei, this, etc etc. she's never been held accountable for her actions but i think this situation is just too awful to let pass by.

No. 1486583

Yeah this is weird, her build (especially her waist-hip ratio) is clearly female. There’s enough milk in here already without this bizarre tinfoil.

No. 1486587

she's so trashy. people like her shouldn't be allowed to have a platform

No. 1486589

File: 1648612146484.jpeg (137.54 KB, 2200x2200, 798C06AE-7D9D-4D24-B7F3-D95F79…)

I think she’s just wearing these massive sneakers that have a rly long sole

No. 1486628

>her starting drama with karen o and never apologizing

sorry 4 off topic but wtf when did this happen? lol what a random, super down to earth celeb to decide to beef with

No. 1486629

It's not that Karen O. It's someone named Kareno >>>/snow/1139728

No. 1486651

What was the depop drama about?(sage)

No. 1486662

She was selling dirty clothes with stains and holes. She'd also "repop" aka sell clothes she'd previously purchased on Depop at a way higher price than what she had paid. She's always been greedy

No. 1486728

Anyone else think the weird forced staged kisses with girls always looked off. It looked like those horrible little porcelain dolls old people collect, you know the ones they are like kids and they lean in and peck on the lips. Who kisses their partner like that. It’s even more odd since she said she and Olivya had sex, I just can’t picture it at all though I guess there was probably a lot of drugs involved given it happened in the drugged sex mansion.

No. 1486846

I don’t really see how these are scandals and why she would need to address them. Just seem like a couple petty quarrels. And “her breakup with Sei” would be a strange thing to want to hold someone accountable for, especially since we don’t have any information about what happened between them anyway.

No. 1486860


Probably a combo of it's just awkward to film kisses and knowing Mei, she probably wanted the most "aesthetic" soft sapphic looking kiss which in her mind is this awkward, almost sexless kissing. I don't think it's that deep, just lol-worthy because Mei is so obsessed with her instagram image but is kinda dumb about it.

No. 1486902

Sexless is a good word for it, I have seen drunk straight girls in the club kiss more convincingly than our sapphic queen. For me her hiding having male partners then the reveal of who they were and that one is her “main” partner just poisoned the well for me. Maybe I am cynical but she was pushing the sapphic thing so hard and making it her brand so I feel lied to and betrayed that the whole time she was posting all that content her main partner was a creepy man.

No. 1486941

tons of zoomer or terminally online lesbians act like this nowadays. lesbianism has to be this sexless, pure act, and anything else is looked down upon. ironic that mei was subscribing to that retarded way of thinking, all things considered

No. 1487127

She actually pings for me and I think she's legitimately attracted to women, she's just an awkward sperg and doesn't know how to approach or date them without being weird and male gaze-y about it

No. 1487189

File: 1648671373855.png (1.87 MB, 1622x1139, CbvX4KlvTrK.png)

New post's comment section is gonna nuked in 3… 2… 1…

No. 1487212


And it's been up now for about an hour yikes…

She needs to take a lesson from all the other cancelled influencers and wait at-least a few months before showing up again

No. 1487218

File: 1648673386505.png (5.74 MB, 1125x2436, 035E0F36-197D-4BFA-A006-CBB814…)

Are they kissing on the bottom left? What happened to being sapphic??

No. 1487223

He is one of her two boyfriends, the other is the fetishising weirdo. Olivya and her broke up according to Olivya and we can only assume she is still dating Colette but yeah, she has been dating men the entire time and just omitting that fact. She called David the weirdo her main partner in the deleted video.

No. 1487224

That's her other lover she mentioned but barely showed because it would ruin her sapphic image. Now that Olivya left her she is probably desperate for his attention.

No. 1487225

kek what a liar she is. "men repulse me" you got a man with his hands firmly on your ass sis.

No. 1487226

I think she had mentioned something about him having… sapphic qualities or something… so I will personally let it slide~ also, this kiss is just as awkward as the wlw ones so maybe that’s just her kissing style, who knows~

No. 1487228

I’m pretty sure he IDs as a they/them genderspecial so it’s ~still sapphic uwu~

No. 1487229

Ah yes a 6' 2" ex MMA fighter just screams sapphic

No. 1487235

Well he looks absolutely thrilled to be there. The two of them don't even match at all. I can only imagine he's another sugar daddy

No. 1487236

Uh he wears nail polish u hateful terf, that makes it totes sapphic and lesbian!

No. 1487237

And all comments mentioning Collete and David were now deleted.. She left the replies to them though kek

No. 1487238

He visits the sex mansion too so he’s probably a john or has an asian fetish.

No. 1487239

What the hell is going on with the panty ass grabbing playboy pose. Part of this whole thing that has been odd to me is how she all of a sudden after joining the sex cult was being overtly sexual and posting so many underwear shots. Sure if it was just her finding herself but the drugged coercive sex cult thing really puts a different spin on it.

No. 1487240

I have a feeling he isn't and is just the good dick they keep around to offset the nightmare of sleeping with David. Good deal for him tbh

No. 1487243

kek pretty sure her ex Sei is queer and uses he/they pronouns so what's the difference? why is this crusty ugly dude okay when she HaTeEs all men so much?

No. 1487246

I think they’re joking anon

No. 1487250

I am too, nonna!

No. 1487252

lmao i don't get why she can't just admit that she's attracted to men too, like it's fine to be. he's clearly a masculine man i can't really tell what these so called "sapphic qualities" are. she's so retarded man, everything she does is to cater to this image she's made for herself even though it's fallen apart

No. 1487261

She’s your garden variety insecure bisexual e-thot. All this sapphic larping, the pink hair, the uwu pastel gay aesthetic is her attempt to look special and empowered.

No. 1487273

>I don't wish to interact with men anymore!!
>~100% freed from the male gaze~
>mEn RePuLsE mE

KEK guess lesbianism was just an aesthetic to her, to go with the pastel hair and flowers and animu filters. Disgusting

No. 1487301

FYI, this is the actual cannabis company that David Dacus is founder of https://levelexperience.com/

No. 1487321

this bitch doesn't have an authentic bone in her body, it's actually repulsive

No. 1487338

Dude is blasted out of his mind all the time according to Colette’s blog. Makes sense.

No. 1487339

I saw that she liked a new picture of Olivya, I thought they weren’t friends anymore or is Mei in denial?

No. 1487351

Pretty sure Mei and Olivya are still friends considering someone said Olivya was still following Mei on her private Instagram. They’ve been friends for over five years, it’s easier to fake cutting someone off on the internet.

While privacy can be important, isn’t it more important that influencers are held accountable and hold each other accountable? Using the excuse after some shady shit went down that you’ll only say the bare minimum due to respect for other people in situations like these are kind of iffy. She definitely knows more than she’s letting on.

From what I’ve heard from those who know Mei, she isn’t really the type to keep those around / still interact with people if they cut her off. She would’ve unfollowed otherwise.

No. 1487372

naw he's 23, new in LA, and pursuing music… doesn't sound rich to me anon

No. 1487376

they have been friends for so long, i imagine anyone who associates with mei like that is just as shitty and manipulative as her. she definitely knows more and is just using the privacy excuse like every other vapid influencer hoe that gets caught in a lie

No. 1487384

It's just her way to disguise what she is, plain and simple: A common asian prostitute chasing clients that will fetishe her race, because that's her only substance.

Everything else are cliché gimmicks in her attempt to seem interesting. Saying that she is "so not animu, you guise!", pretending she is fetishised instead of seeking for it herself, acting as if she was so "empowered" for hooking with various people as if she did anything other than that.

If this were to get pretty bad she would cry wolf and say she was "groomed", and is an innocent victim. Again using racial cards to play the "poor naive asian girl" to the gullible spectators.

No. 1487402

There were two major threads on Twitter with all the screenshots and timeline of all this drama. Now both threads have been deleted. And I’ve still seen plenty of confused comments on Mei’s recent ig post that didn’t know what was going on. I’m considering making an anonymous google doc recapping all this information again, and sharing it directly via dms with those who want to be updated. I’ve been following all this like a hawk since day 1. Is google docs the best format for this? What’s an alternative that won’t get taken down like the Twitter threads?

No. 1487480

this one is still up and will hopefully remain up since it’s the last major thread left: https://twitter.com/buildyourcastle/status/1503974284724621313

No. 1487486

Why did i think this was lil pump???

No. 1487489


Their relationship seems so forced and unnatural… And I know she never said she was a lesbian but what happened to all that talk about comphet and not wanting to be with men?? Like ooohh aahh being with Sei was so draining because I was following societal norms~~ But ironically she seemed the most natural and happy when she was dating him. I don't get this bitch one bit, she has no personality or identity, she just does what she thinks is gonna get her clout. She's gotta have some sort of undiagnosed mental illness

No. 1487493

I also think it's sus that Olivya ended their almost decade long friendship over Amy but Olivya's boyfriend Jeremy and her best friend Angela also unfollowed Mei on social media. They used to be Mei's close friends. Another girl who was Mei and Vy's friend also unfollowed Mei; she was recently seen hanging out with Vy in her story. These people don't have a big following or platform and weren't involved in the Colette drama, which makes me hopeful that Vy really cut off Mei.

No. 1487522

She mentioned that she likes to act like the sugar daddy so maybe she likes to take him around for rides lol
Also I think what she mentioned in the video was that he has his feminine sides and his masculine sides so she liked that he has both (though she said right after that it doesn't replace her "need" to be with women)

No. 1487785

google docs sound good, you can upload the link for people to view on twitter or reddit

No. 1488113

File: 1648740966388.jpeg (76.55 KB, 750x433, 3D915F29-345F-4874-A9E9-69DB66…)

What happened to this?

No. 1488115

File: 1648740990225.jpeg (74.88 KB, 750x425, D71B84DF-DD41-4BC9-9BAD-3E2FD3…)

And this

No. 1488116

File: 1648741035043.jpeg (74.65 KB, 750x428, 98B19CA5-3FA6-4813-A00C-9CD0EA…)

I guess she’s still pretending… She should just delete this whole video

No. 1488120

File: 1648741554058.png (54.76 KB, 166x171, Mupps.png)

It's okay M9, Wittle Mupps is a female on the inside :3

No. 1488426

File: 1648764231563.jpg (258.6 KB, 1080x1905, 20220331_160423.jpg)

Seems like she stopped caring about turning her comments off

No. 1488428

shes just flaunting her designer stuff and her sent flowers and new nails. just lil sugar baby things

No. 1488454

The comments are still being filtered & limited though

No. 1488498

She posted a story that she's gonna be streaming for genshin tomorrow at 12pm, wonder how that'll go(post milk)

No. 1488515

Her boyfriend is in this jubilee video https://youtu.be/NdrVNwZZsMI really showcasing his femininity(learn2embed)

No. 1488716

File: 1648785787329.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20220401-150235.png)

She hanging out with virtual characters now? Lol

No. 1488746

File: 1648789321936.jpeg (2.14 MB, 3840x3840, 2F3120C6-7A4B-4D02-8FCB-A88770…)

still has the genshin bag secured

No. 1488778

she looks like she lost weight, like her cheeks were really sunken in that genshin video. i mean, staying completely silent and mass deleting comments and posts while just pretending like everything is just fine, shes definitely not fine. why would u so actively talk about it and then when ppl ask u the real questions u just sweep it under the rug? i cant imagine her chat being completely clean of all this. she can mod and ban keywords all she wants but ppl find their ways around it and most of her active fanbase already knows. also sorry for no ss attached but she also posted a story of her on her tip toes from the back and u can literally see her sex bruises on her thighs below her ass. nice mei. very queer of u. (she is literally staying with her 2nd bf rn)

No. 1488782

she needs to give her hair a break. you can see how dry it is and all her breakage sticking out at the top ever since she went blonde again.

No. 1488806

File: 1648796617556.jpeg (163.28 KB, 828x1117, C81DF479-C42B-4AC5-82B1-46306D…)

No. 1488825

Is it cynical of me to think that her great coming out ark and her return to BL are related. There has been a lot of discussion online about how gross the straight fans of the genre are and how they fetishise LGBT people and shouldn’t be welcome in the fandom space.

No. 1488856

File: 1648807508062.jpeg (211.08 KB, 1124x1703, B2C4E95A-4D23-4448-A370-077882…)

Even after going back to posting like nothing happened & deleting comments to cover this up, she's still been loosing followers everyday. You're not getting out of this you bitch.

No. 1488931

i have a feeling it will only get worse from here. she will continue to lose followers from avoiding discussing this and waiting this long shows she is guilty. i know people will also e-mail the sponsors and at some point she will have to speak out lol.

No. 1489036

She looks like 30+ yr old obsessed with gay porn

No. 1489116

Who cares? That's not the problem here.


What is MiHoYo going to do? Though a retard and a liar, Mei really hasn't done anything (illegal) to warrant losing sponsorships. Also contacting them probably counts as cow tipping.

No. 1489124

while it is cowtipping, mihoyo probably wouldnt officially sponsor someone who does sex work iirc

No. 1489150

homegurl looks haggard, I guess being an empowered sw isn't so good for your skin

No. 1489155

is it the hair or did she get a face procedure

No. 1489208

Chinese businesses are usually very conservative. Young people are more liberal but the general sentiment would be against her sex work and affiliation with hard drugs. Chinese people in China with a following have been blacklisted and harassed off the internet for less. I wouldn’t be surprised if they dumped an influencer for weed even if they are smoking it legally in their own country.

No. 1489212

Her face is looking a lot more angular, it looks less like work being done to me and more like she is emaciated . Druggie ark when kek

No. 1489214

shes been wearing a retainer for her teeth and jaw plus shes lost weight so she looks very bony

No. 1489215

onlyfans soon?

No. 1489225

15 mins past the start time and no stream, wondering if hoyoverse dropped the sponsorship? unless she’s just really late

No. 1489227

someone mentioned that she might limit her chat but I don't even think she knows how to do that, it seemed like Olyvia was the one helping her with the tech stuff when she streamed. Also wondering if she might even skip the stream completely since it hasn't started yet

No. 1489242

its been almost half an hour. yeah she used to have olivya at her place with her and helping her with her tech issues so it makes me wonder if she has any clue what to do on her own. she hasnt posted any update on her being late or having issues

No. 1489245

Maybe this is the second time she's delaying the stream? In yesterday's story she said that the genshin update had just come out, but it came out on tuesday. Either she recorded that earlier and didn't post the story so she wouldn't have to stream yet, or she just got the dates wrong i guess

No. 1489250

I an not sure I understand the link?(newfag)

No. 1489260

Ti Shan Wein, and it's gmail too lmaooo

No. 1489273

its been an hour now id already assume she forgot or isnt doing the stream anymore lol

No. 1489276

File: 1648843070596.jpeg (85.75 KB, 405x665, 8BB7821B-1905-4775-94C1-929F29…)

Nice of her to wait an hour to tell us

No. 1489280

The amount of spots left in her Korea trip went from 6 to 4… seems like people are signing up again?

No. 1489285

Make anonymous please

No. 1489288

Dude just delete your comments

No. 1489291

Deleting. Sorry(newfag)

No. 1489320

Just stop dude.

No. 1489322

Her face looks skeletal in that genshin IG story. Looks like she might be developing an ED or shes been experimenting with some harder substances than the LSD Colette mentioned.

No. 1489332

Mei has LSD?

No. 1489334

There are 10+ spots now open on her France trip lol

No. 1489341

whats the link to the france trip i can only find the korea one that shows the spots left

No. 1489347

No. 1489356

Stop newfagging you goddamn retard, write sage in the email field

No. 1489358

I'm pretty sure it's been at 10+ for a while now, though it was supposedly sold out before. Wish it gave us the exact numbers

No. 1489369

I worried about you Mei :-((:-()

No. 1489370

she deleted all her recent comments on her youtube video again, maybe that’s why she postponed the stream.

No. 1489373

What the fuck

No. 1489374


we're shitting on mei here! get lost!

No. 1489378

Dude wtf lmao this isn’t a place you can talk to Mei

No. 1489379

Go read the fucking rules, I'm begging you

No. 1489386

stop posting until u can figure out how to use this site. if u cant figure it out then dont post

No. 1489399

is she really just sitting on her ass eating chinese lunch and going outside instead of streaming like she promised wtf. she posted stories of some dumplings and plants outside

No. 1489406

The irony of this coming from a twitterfag is astounding. Learn to integrate.

No. 1489437


Yes, shows how much she cares about her Mihoyo contract. At this right they might terminate it without the cowtipping lol

No. 1489488


Uhhh… lots of big claims here. It could simply be because she’s depressed and anxious because of this freaking debacle and has lost her appetite.

It’s not that deep.

No. 1489494

This is not how this website works. Mei does not chat in here.

No. 1489496

Sage and stop being dumb

No. 1489535

STOP. You cannot contact Mei through this site. People here will not contact Mei no matter how many times you post. Put "sage" in the email field when you post so you stop bumping the thread with your asinine bullshit

No. 1489537

Mei unfollowed Olivya, Jeremy, and both David’s accounts.

She still follows Olivya’s domme account and Colette but it looks like she’s spring cleaning

No. 1489545

is this a troll trying to fk up the thread or wat?

No. 1489554

just report this idiot

No. 1489618

it might be her or her friends trying to get the thread locked on purpose since people mentioned messaging her sponsors today and most likely why she didn’t stream

No. 1489629

Whoever it is, they’re clearly clever enough to use a VPN to bypass their ban, so not as stupid and technologically illiterate as they’re pretending to be. Probably Vy or one of her friends.

No. 1489644

This. Exactly the oh-so-lovesick-admirer schtick these people would use to derail a thread, whilst doing exactly that only thing they ever did online: Positioning themselves as an object that should be worshipped, desperately seeking for buyers. Just please, call this woman a "sugar baby", it sounds sooo cuuuute!

Their whole thing is do to anything to conceal the only thing going on here - Prostitution.

No. 1489656

The retards are only incriminating themselves as long as we don't engage with it. Let's continue the conversation without them, they're not worth inflating the number of posts with their low quality bait.

No. 1489661


STOP!!!!!!!(do not engage the idiot. just report and ignore )

No. 1489666

Jesus Christ you retard you stop.

No. 1489672

File: 1648868406637.png (85.91 KB, 1742x272, 142534546765.png)

lol of course it's basic bitch "uwu marie antoinette macaron eiffel tower" shit. you'd have to be a huge sucker to book a tour with someone whose knowledge of the locale is "omelette du fromage"-tier

No. 1489700


Why do you think I’m from Twitter??????(ban-evading autist)

No. 1489702


This is good content. A relief from all this nonsense.

No. 1489707

File: 1648871688684.jpg (13.43 KB, 400x400, 37823782327823.jpg)

Do you wanna dress exactly like Marie Antoinette, but look actually hot in your insta feed?

Imagine paying this random woman to actually go to Paris, spend your days taking thousands of pictures in a sex shop version of a rococo costume, to select five where the macarons placement look "esthetic" enough in the tray next to you, so it can go to your insta?!

How Rotten Princess Mei cultural and fun approved. The insanity of people, really.

No. 1489716

Did she get kicked out of the asian fetish mansion?

No. 1489722

She has never seen her fans as anything more than cash grabs. That's why she sucks at interacting and doesn't respect her audience enough to ever address anything.

No. 1489725

What do people actually hope to gain from these trips that justifies the extra ~$1000 for Mei’s presence?

No. 1489729

sage, nonnie. you also don't have to reply to everything with one word.

No. 1489736

just report the unsaged retard(s)

No. 1489741

just go to the trip page and read about it yourself

No. 1489805

Why would anyone (other than Mei) want to feel like a despot?

No. 1489851

My guess would be she doesn’t want to post from the sex mansion now we all know where she is living and what goes on there, I think we will only get outside and hotel pics for a long while. She was being weird and evasive about where she lived the whole time and just got caught out, it’s not like she ever said it herself.

No. 1489900

damn this retard is still spamming the thread

No. 1489926

How the hell aren't you banned already

No. 1489965

Please stop trolling lol.

No. 1489995

People are already taking action on Twitter regarding her sponsorship with MiHoYo. I guess spamming this thread means she is panicking.

No. 1490007

We need autosage pls mods

No. 1490010

Screencaps pls nonnie

No. 1490017

File: 1648911675476.jpeg (478.65 KB, 828x1106, BE5F53AE-1152-40DA-AE5B-A9CEB1…)

was just searching princessmei on twitter and saw these(“was just searching”)

No. 1490020

File: 1648911744043.jpeg (282.75 KB, 828x950, EE72B6B8-9F21-4F04-A652-390BFB…)

tbh I’m curious what the emails look like lol

No. 1490039

Some retard is trying to lock the thread

No. 1490058

How does it feel to have literally zero reading comprehension? People here HATE Mei, Mei is NOT HERE. speak to her elsewhere she will not be here

No. 1490062

why are you seriously replying to a troll

No. 1490063

Let me fantasize about them leaving

No. 1490065

Shouldn’t you be working on music Devens?

No. 1490100

looks like a lot of people have been contacting genshin about their sponsorship with mei…not like she’ll care about losing sponsorships or being deplatformed as shes just a materialistic and vapid whore who could give two shits about her fans or content. funny how girls like her can display themselves as innocent and sapphic and caring but shes a druggie who sleeps around with multiple people and gets a dopamine rush from tangible things, not to mention shes too self obsessed and unaware to care for anyone but herself. i guess its just what being handed everything in life and never having to work does to you, makes you void of any personality aside from wearing expensive clothing and having sex. was the sustainable vegan arc for show at this point? just disappointed. she put on a good show but the truth will continue to come out.

No. 1490138

Awww poor Devens your music and tattoo career must be flopping if you have that much free time

No. 1490160

bit weird how they both want to be seen as Japanese so bad

No. 1490175

dating hideous dudes is sapphic apparently.

No. 1490191

So curious how Deven could possibly feel like her showing him off now is coming from a place of love. He only gets tagged now or has his full face showing after her other friends drop her.

No. 1490228

don't even get me started on those permanent forehead wrinkles… he looks 30

No. 1490244

File: 1648925576659.png (2.22 MB, 802x1380, 9B7518BD-013C-4426-A469-6B1113…)

i bet mei's dating him for the aesthetics only. like soft pastel pink uwu gf and her tall dark edgy emo bf who gives her motorcycle rides. reminds me of the scary biker bf & pink gf drawing by javi khoso that went viral. mei is also mutual with this artist lol. i wouldn't be surprised since everything she does is for clout.

No. 1490381

How are they still at this???

No. 1490387

Just post your credit card information and an admin will help you.

No. 1490391

Maybe your social security # too for good measure

No. 1490398

I wonder how much Mei is paying for these bot attacks, and whose wallet she's paying them from

No. 1490400

Is this dude a stalker or a troll? I honestly cannot tell.

No. 1490404

Even to lock or sage a thread so people won't read about her, the fixation with role playing a very artificial naivety is the first resort.

Legit a good insight at how unhinged her prostitution clique is.

No. 1490410

I'm thinking bots. It's a targeted attack clearly since whatever it is keeps using VPNs to circumvent bans. Plus all the messages are variations of the same thing.

No. 1490417

Is she even smart enough to do something like that? Maybe David is helping lol

No. 1490425

I was JUST thinking that actually. Idk though it could be literally anyone in that group they're all completely unhinged from what we've seen.

No. 1490485

fuck off laura.hernandez@gmail.com

No. 1490534

This thread is really getting to Mei huh, spamming it with images of yourself won't bury the information you are so desperately trying to

No. 1490539

File: 1648939428335.jpeg (928.77 KB, 2880x3840, 5F0A9E3B-8CBC-4060-AF93-E77340…)

Considering David’s infatuation / fetishisation of Asian women, there appears to be a pattern with Mei’s other partner which can be found on his public twitter.

No. 1490541

Her eyes are 10 km apart from each other

No. 1490562

jfc Devens is an embarrassment of a human being

No. 1490601

Of course there is, because Mei is a an asian women fetishist herself.

She joined a cult/ring revolving around that not by chance.

No. 1490616

Do you think there is more to this fetish cult than has been uncovered? Why try so hard to bury everything with spam bots on an anonymous gossip forum?

No. 1490621

It's the shit English for me, post in chinese or something so we can easily ignore it kek(do not engage the troll. report and ignore )

No. 1490633

how is he not embarrassed to say shit like this? mei must love pathetic men theres clearly a trend going on here. also his tweets reek of immaturity hes 23 but acts like a teen

No. 1490637

File: 1648942419799.jpeg (241.07 KB, 1125x723, 4568E12B-3D81-4EC0-98F8-F6D37A…)

He sounds like a desperate coomer

No. 1490656

File: 1648943062183.jpeg (116.31 KB, 1125x411, 6EC8C862-4DFD-4850-A59A-9AD0AB…)

add this too

No. 1490670

Aren’t all his songs about Naruto too? Kek

No. 1490694

File: 1648944440039.jpeg (367.76 KB, 1242x2138, F97EA3CA-F13D-4A9A-B120-B6D020…)

Mei just changed her 2 recent Instagram post comments from limited to removed, she really can’t take any criticism

No. 1490700

Deleting comments just show how much the backlash is affecting her, the opposite of her "i don't care and i'm thriving" attitude that's shes trying to show

No. 1490736

File: 1648945686438.jpeg (712.51 KB, 828x1685, 3C2690D3-58EC-452A-9E80-4AF16E…)

Lmfao literally

No. 1490738

File: 1648945734370.jpeg (140.88 KB, 1242x2003, A667F72B-4F41-4CF9-851A-330E91…)

In order to access Colette Pervette’s website you now have to enter a ‘login’ page first

No. 1490748

where are the fucking mods, this thread is now unusable. mei is trying to make it seem like a troll stalker is doing this, but it's her own people (whoever she has left)

No. 1490753

They have been pretty good about deleting the comments but I guess they're backed up right now. I think this thread should be auto-saged until further notice tbh.

No. 1490763

Normally I'd agree but that's clearly the whole point of the spam. I don't think Mei and crusty old scrote realise we'll just continue to make threads, and Mei will keep spamming and go down as the most active lolcow in history.

No. 1490767

I think it is 100% a bot and not a single troll or Mei and whoever manually pushing out these posts. Notice how it only uses phrases and probably images as well that were already posted here. It's just regurgitating the same nonsense sentences at consistent 1-minute intervals. That all screams bot to me. Mei and David or whoever else are still drinking the kool-aid are probably definitely still behind it though.

No. 1490771

Basically, I don't think it would stop even if the thread were auto-saged or a new thread was made. Because the bot could just begin its activities there.

No. 1490772

Obviously it's a bot paid for by Mei, David and Collete I didn't think that needed to be said kek.

No. 1490776

All the bot is doing is keeping mei’s thread at the top of /snow/ so if they’re trying to drown out the drama they’re doing a poor job

No. 1490777

Then how would auto-saging not be a solution? It would stop boosting the thread unnecessarily.

No. 1490780

I guess that's true actually. Makes it harder to read the actual information though.

No. 1490782

Honestly I think they're just trying to make it unreadable until we hit thread limit and hopefully we give up. Little do they realise they're just incentivising us autists.

No. 1490787

The nice thing is that as long as you scroll all the way up the pertinent info is all there with the spammy bits deleted. So it's not like it's really making a difference when everything's already been said and compiled. The thread is still very much readable so they're failing at that goal too

No. 1490798

I don't even follow this thread but this is the most hilarious attempt from a cow to impersonate people I've ever seen. She's even dumber than rachel and that's impressive. Is she trying to suggest the people on this website are barely-fluent-in-english hitmen or something? I'm literally just browsing in my pjs eating cheezits.

No. 1490799

File: 1648947682818.jpeg (1014.19 KB, 2515x2048, 0F927E6E-C20C-4AB1-9F03-A592B7…)

Nice. Quality guy.

No. 1490811

File: 1648947896455.jpeg (208.25 KB, 828x947, 3431C02F-39DF-45B9-BEB8-47F831…)

Is this account David or some other random Asian fetishist?

No. 1490812

Kek isn't it ironic in a thread where the themes of infantilisation/fetishism of Asian women are present that smegma ridden creature David likely paid for a bot with broken English?

No. 1490818

They are going full crisis mode.

The back and forth going on amongst them must be insane. Colette is now "discreet". Mei is too innocent to understand what sex for Balenciaga sneakers are, of course, so more dull selfies and silence.

Clearly a real preocupation to what this thread may reflect on their public images. One can actually sense the desperation.

Premiering Devens. A normal straight couple. What are you looking at?!

This profiling on him is also very interesting.

No. 1490825

We will not be autosaging or locking the thread. If you don't want to see this thread, hide it.

Do not respond to the troll.

No. 1490832

Thank you farmhand-sama ♥

No. 1490924

Very much reminds me of alythuh's scrote boyfriend. I swear, behind every sex-positive uwu queer Asian girlboss is a fetishist coomer boyfriend

No. 1490929

Guy in the mask looks like it could be David. Something about the mouth.

No. 1490930

mei has been able to brush off minor stuff in the past, but this is probably the most serious shit will ever be for her. If she tries to come back or go back to normal on youtube or other platforms, people will bring this back up.

IMO, vy is the co-contributor to the ghislaine (colette) as others have theorized. mei is just not ..bright. I think she was manipulated, but refuses to apologize for whatever shit she did do.

No. 1490942

Haha, Mei is really can't take the heat huh? I was waffling in wondering if maybe the unsubstantiated darker claims were a bit of an overreaction but things are not looking good. What she's guilty of exactly who knows, but there is clearly a lot of guilt to go around. What a hypocrite.

No. 1490943

A lot of designer brands are also not cruelty free, Mei is a total hypocrite

No. 1490955

I want to figure out wtf happened with amy if it apparently didn't have to exactly do with the sex cult poly shit. Both amy and vy have said "she did something hurtful" which seems like they're trying to keep their story str8.

tinfoil: i think the bot is being done by p/colette to give more negative attention to mei and throw her under the bus. after all, the threads were originally about her. they're whole "business" is being thrown away because of this

No. 1490967

ofc, he wouldn't share her with a rich dude for money if he was decent or normal in the slightest

No. 1490993

Farmhands when you do your next round of deleting these spam posts can you please leave this one up? It's too funny

No. 1491001

he probably had to put up with her polyamory bs to date her lol

No. 1491007

kek wtf

No. 1491014

I'm starting to think it's not a bot but a friend of Mei who has too much free time on their hands… how would the bot detect the eyes in the video's thumbnail? idk

No. 1491042

File: 1648960057105.jpg (26.44 KB, 480x255, 1646626820673.jpg)

No. 1491086

File: 1648963861872.jpeg (142.5 KB, 941x940, d.jpeg)

I found Devens' name on his site. I'd guess that he's Thai/Nicaraguan by the looks of his parents (separated) and from the looks of it, his family isn't particularly well off at all. Really normal Ohio people. He was a wrestler in grade school and looked much better then. Looked like a decent guy until he turned into whatever he is now.

No. 1491092

Wtf he looks like an entirely different person

No. 1491101

File: 1648965827819.jpeg (2.49 MB, 3024x4032, 24371759234_d9fc876b87_o.jpeg)

Yeah, his stats looked impressive and I would imagine that he was a total normie, if not rather popular. What happened? kek

No. 1491116

I 100% believe it's Mei or a bot Mei is using to spam her thread. I know from mutuals that she religiously followed her PULL thread back in the day. No proof of course since it was word of mouth, but it's pretty obvious she followed her threads religiously anyways based off her "stalker" video

No. 1491150

what happened to those muscles he looked so scrawny in the jubilee video

No. 1491291

he sounds like an asian fetishising incel dear lord.
>only 1 like

ok lmao

No. 1491343

hairline jumpscared me at ~3:20

No. 1491385

thank you based farmhand

No. 1491400

LOL okay these ones are great. yeah, mei's trapped on a farm.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1491438

thank you farmhands for dealing with this fucking idiot with too much time on their hands

No. 1491455

Wait what’s all this about a farm and what’s it about? I can’t see it further up the thread, saged

No. 1491457

Mei and her group are trying to spam this forum to hide any actual information or allegations. Anything about a farm is just spam.

No. 1491458

it’s just degenerate mei and her weirdo lovers and/or remaining friends trying to derail the thread and get it locked by using vpns to spam with idiotic comments

No. 1491462

Deven is working overtime lmao. Sudden influx of spam when we started talking about him.

No. 1491468

yeah it looks like it’s devens’ scrote ass kek go worry about your girl’s genshin sponsorships getting dropped while you’re at it dude

No. 1491473

Its so funny how they are attempting new spam tactics to derail the thread/spread misinformation to probably make the thread look fake lol. Maybe try not to associate with pedophiles and asian fetishists Mei? it shouldnt matter to her anyway as she only cares about herself and money, once again.

No. 1491480

their retarded comments will keep getting deleted anyway so their efforts are useless.

on another note, it looks like mei needs to be reminded who she actually is. let us not forget that her real name is may and she went by ‘mae’ for years to seem japanese when she was a huge weeb (although she still is one) and trying to be seto ayumi’s clone. then, when people started getting called out for being weebs and it became trendy to embrace your own culture, she started going by ‘mei’. she’s always been a fraud through and through.

No. 1491481

honestly this spam is hilarious though

No. 1491485

kek 'mae' in japanese isnt even pronounced the same way as 'may' or 'mei' though, not sure how that even worked

No. 1491486

Didn’t her youtube page have the title Princess Mei? Now it’s just Mei Yan. Is it because of the Colette journal entry that mentions her moniker? Makes her seem extra guilty.

No. 1491494

she changed it to ‘mei yan’ quite a while ago, probably during her shift to less weeby content at the height of her ‘i’m not an anime girl!’ phase but i’m not sure.

No. 1491498

i dont think she cares about who she truly is/is in denial. i also believe she has convinced herself this thread is just jealous HATERZ!!! when in reality, even outside of this thread, former fans are seeing her true colors and the facade is dropping rather quickly. mei was born into money, and has always done things to seem trendy
> weeb phase
> sustainability phase
> genshin phase
she has no personality and like its been said before only cares about whoring herself out to predatory men and women who fetishize her, as well as money. i doubt she will speak up because she can still fall back on pedophilette and others in the group. you cant convince me she was clueless, despite being dumb as rocks, to colette's blog when she was always with her. not to mention she lied and lied and hid many things. as time goes on, she is making herself more guilty and will continue to lose her supporters and sponsorships.

im not trying to screech that i watched some of mei's videos before, although i was never some mega fan, and i enjoyed much of her past content. the reason im saying this is because, again, its not just haters calling out her bullshit but its people who genuinely supported her and some of her content up until now when the truth rears its head. she can try to do damage control but her image is ruined day by day as she shows her guilt more and more. and she wouldn't dare throw colette or david under the bus because then she loses their money and the luxury of being their sex slave as well. so what option does she have left other than to pretend she isnt phased and like nothing is going on? not trying to pay attention to the spam but its funny that mei and her friends are trying to pretend that she is a victim in a ritual now kek. mei isnt innocent and knew what she was doing. nobody forced her into this, nobody forced her to pretend to be in a sapphic empowering lesbian relationship and make videos and post photos about it. if she was truly in danger, she has a fanbase and the funds to escape. and its funny that now she is suddenly being held hostage as soon as shes losing her sponsorships.

tl;dr is she is a greedy whore fraud who will do anything to play victim instead of admit who she really is. she is an adult and can make her own choices, its just the path she chose to take and if she is so ashamed of the lifestyle she is living then maybe she shouldn't post about it. keep encouraging pedophiles mei. i hope you never have children of your own.

No. 1491503

It’s just nuts that she could’ve just continued on being paid by David and sucking up to Colette. But instead she had to be like, “I’m gay!!! Come be gay with me in this mega mansion!!” To a bunch of underage followers.

No. 1491506

i somewhat agree nonnie, but i feel like it wouldnt be mei if she didnt try to get attention from her lifestyle or flaunt it in some way. its what she lives for. there is no way she didnt know what she was doing, she just couldnt keep her mouth shut.

but i also feel like followers would have dug deeper into colette and mei's posts on their own had she not posted the video. like i said, if she is so ashamed of this lifestyle to the point she has to lie then its pretty clear she just wanted to whore herself out for money and attention without facing any of the repercussions that other girls who do this have.

No. 1491509


sorry to samefag but yeah the most fucked up part is her enabling these pedophiles and fetishists and THEN going and shilling this lifestyle and cult to her followers under the guise of it being some female empowerment group. the world revolves around mei and what she can get from people. she can go run off and continue whoring herself out and doing drugs for name brand items because she wont ever be respected or supported by other people after this.

No. 1491520

File: 1649010120839.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2548x2048, 092C6C83-9C5A-4209-A8DD-FFD501…)

Had to share more Deven cringe. Really doesn’t fit the empowered soft girl narrative that Mei wants to portray when she shares her partners.

No. 1491523

File: 1649010186210.jpeg (628.68 KB, 1641x1812, A3670745-C4FA-4294-9B0D-404D9C…)

No. 1491531

he’s a fucking scrote kek

No. 1491532

best ones are
>will he treat you like shit just the way that i did?
>i cheat on my queen for a hoe
>is it just me or do your relationships only last 3-4 months
>i cheat on my bitch if she goes on vacation

No. 1491542

spam stopping when devens has been directly named? lmao

No. 1491548

jfc he's really trying to play out the sadboy trope. Can't wait to see his next arc if Mei drops him

No. 1491557

Can’t imagine her dropping him, seems like he’s the only one left to post with. And he’s too infatuated with attention and uwu anime girls to not stick around

No. 1491568

Sage for no1curr but any sauce on this ? So her birth name isn't even chinese so she changed the spelling kek

No. 1491571

File: 1649013475795.jpeg (84.29 KB, 827x993, 20A4C661-D1DC-4E43-BFDB-152433…)

Word is definitely spreading. Her search results are changing.

No. 1491584

There's evidence here, along with sauces on her other snowflake behavior: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IKFSxgTWMIPiZZd8qQ3x2sBSi2dB6olvVDS8BAKCcsE/edit

No. 1491585

File: 1649014524613.png (692.74 KB, 523x877, Screenshot 2022-04-03 123430.p…)

don't have definitive source on her birth name being May but here's a relic from tumblr. You can see her old alias "Ringo Mae" being used here

No. 1491589

Wtffff is that picture of her riding Deven. Sure men repulse you.

No. 1491592

Oh, is that where the name “infrontofapple” came from? Jesus.

No. 1491612

>its pretty clear she just wanted to whore herself out for money and attention without facing any of the repercussions

This. It's her "not like the others" in her profession. She does it, but still considers herself above it, and too good for the "title". Huge ego on this one.

The fact that he actually frequents the whore house and partake in their activities, really makes me think this whole new "boyfriend" thing is a Collette and David endorsed public front to bring some perception of conventional normalcy to her feeds, whilst the situation is critical.

No. 1491619

File: 1649018924786.jpg (90.78 KB, 606x466, Mei.jpg)

This juxtaposition really shows that she was playing victim of comphet to milk sympathy from her followers kek

No. 1491627

wtf? am i blind or is her face in his crotch? honestly i never bought into the comphet thing because of how performative she was about the sapphic pansexual thing, but wow lmao

No. 1491643

I wish I took a picture but I bought something off her Depop years ago and the package said “May Yan” along with a cringe PayPal email “blueyeswhitedragonmay” or something.

No. 1491692

What farm are you talking about? Who's circulating info about an abduction? Isn't she just in LA posting about her life? Last story she posted was her eating dim sum which I'm pretty sure wouldn't be on a farm(don’t take the bait )

No. 1491697


It's a troll posting unsaged nonsense. Farmhands have been removing them in batches. Just report and don't interact.

No. 1491703

So it went from a bot using vpn with broken English spamming about how much they love Mei to someone actually taking the time to use vpns to derail the thread with perfectly fluent English about a false farm abduction??? Idk who is doing that but they have a lot of time on their hands LOL

No. 1491711

Could you make the Google doc available to the public to view? Right now you’d have to request access and I’m sure people want to keep their anonymity.

No. 1491740

I was able to access it just fine.

No. 1491788

File: 1649032392034.jpeg (893.61 KB, 828x1294, 1165160C-03A4-45EC-9DFF-8BF087…)


No. 1491814

File: 1649034625811.png (375.51 KB, 716x410, untitled.png)

I found her CA public records by using her siblings' names and confirming her houses, and yes, her name is officially May Yan. Plus there have been pictures on past threads or PULL that had her name being spelled out as May (like, on a birthday cake) by people close to her.

But also KEK at her weird larp about being so grateful and saving up and having pwoor immigwant pawents or whatever. Her dad is (and has been) a real estate agent in Arcadia, one of the richest neighborhoods in SoCal. Both her old house and her parent's current home are valued at or more than a million dollars and purchased close to such. She couldn't help chasing even more dollars than her millionaire daddy had, I guess.

No. 1491816

The spam started directly after Mei's sponsorships became the topic, let's not forget that. A few of us witnessed the whole thing before anything was deleted.

No. 1491845

Found her place too and she lives in a perfectly nice house, even if it was bought with daddy's money. Is it worth fucking some 46 year old scrote so you get to temporarily live in his orgy mansion when you already have a posh home?? She's so money hungry, her greed is the cause of her downfall

No. 1491847

Love that the people around her in their comphet relationships are "wtf" while she cavorts with halfnaked men in public, very distress much lesbian
This doesn't even make sense, you can force yourself to have physical interaction with someone but you can't force attraction itself. It's an oxymoron.

No. 1491861

File: 1649038724251.png (739.61 KB, 1230x736, maysa.png)

was an old friend of may, can confirm she followed the PULL thread and the first iteration of the lolcow thread. she is a bit of a drama starter and gossiper herself. also I wouldn't be surprised if she herself was or started this schizo posting.

No. 1491869

who tf is that?? is that mei??

No. 1491882

weird how they always surround themselves with other asian girls but never date asian guys

No. 1491896

yep. but she's pretty young here, like 13?, so she understandably looks a little different. from the years I knew her and now, the biggest physical difference to me would be her skin tone and undertone. she either abuses makeup and filters or did some sort of skin lightening once she got into cosplay stuff. she was more naturally like the color in this video.

No. 1491911

What? What was revealed earlier?

No. 1491912

How can that be the same person, unless she had a shitton of plastic surgery?

No. 1491917

if only she separated her more mature content into a different account or channel. i feel like in some aspects this is less serious than we think. but instead she chose to advertise to her younger, impressionable audience, and being silent is making her even more suspicious..she should have known better than to advertise kink stuff on her main account

No. 1491921

Wtf photo are they talking about?

No. 1491924

thinking its the bots again no photo was mentioned before

No. 1491926

shes still associating with pedophiles kek i think its pretty serious

No. 1492017

may and her scrote squad have learned to sage? lmao

anyway i saw someone on twitter say that they’ve made comprehensive google slides about her, which will make it a lot easier to inform people about the situation

No. 1492053

wait why is this thread pinned? did some more drama happen since the sex cult thing? I'm rereading the thread and all I see was some newfag multiposting.

No. 1492074

Not newfags, this thead is being brigaded by either bots or very dedicated trolls using VPNs to ban evade. Most likely mei or her friends/ghislaines friends attempting to get the thread locked/autosaged, or to drown out relevant information. Don’t reply to the troll posts, just report and keep discussion on topic.

No. 1492092

ironically, they’ve just given the thread greater visibility kek

No. 1492097

Surrounded by more hoes, that literally carry money on their underwear picking out in the middle of the streets.

I wish we could read the excuses for this innocent little animu girl habit of only associating herself with whores, in conceptualised little phases just like her love/sex live - Comphet today, sapphic tomorrow - A term for this very special behavior should very much be invented by her.

No. 1492117

im nitpicking but mei isn't 24, she was born in either 96 or 95

No. 1492121

have you guys never seen people's awkward prepubescent photos before or something? not trying to defend mei but i've seen a lot of asians look doughy and flat facially when they were younger and then just get anachan levels of skinny as they grow older and it thins out their features. personally i don't think she got work done

No. 1492212

actually it will. lolcow doesn't device ban, and even so paid vpns can hide your device.

No. 1492295


KEK at whore may and degenerate retard devons trying to integrate and derail by saging. how is may this fucking bored and pathetic? just when i think none of these people could get worse.

No. 1492297


No. 1492306

No, Mei, please stop trying to spread misinformation and go back to sucking dick for money. Your parents and sister must be proud.

No. 1492333

farmhands are working really hard but is it possible to just reveal her/her friends posts?

No. 1492335

Yes. Someone is currently hacking into her icloud to leak the screenshots she has of lolcow and the secret photos she has with david and colette. It will be posted soon and Mei's parents have been contacted by various sources about the drugs and whoring she has been doing.

No. 1492342

The sex rumors? Maybe she shouldn't be so trusting of David and Colette if they're willing to throw Mei under the bus and send personal information so secretly in private kek?

No. 1492371

lmao these idiots don’t even know how to convincingly integrate

No. 1492382

nobody wants you to kill yourself mei maybe you need to seek mental help if you are raging this hard over being a prostitute?

No. 1492385

“Our group.” Nona, we’re just a bunch of girls who like internet gossip. It’s not that serious.

No. 1492388

The anons here are insane. What did she do you to personally? Kill your cat? What Mei is doing is stupid but it’s not hurting you.

No. 1492389

File: 1649095205760.png (2.56 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1224.PNG)

Mei is truly the pinnacle of being sapphic and "I realized that I didn't want to be with a man"

No. 1492396

What the actual fuck Mei? Escalating the situation and spamming so that people think you’re being told to kill yourself? The level of delusion is too damn high. Fucking own up to the harm that introducing your young followers to wealthy pedos can do.

No. 1492410

Do you have screenshots that this is happening? Where did you hear this from? This an image board.

No. 1492413

damn these derailing tactics are getting more and more retarded

may, go suck david’s pasty dick

No. 1492418

Its probably best that no screenshots are posted in the thread nonnie since mei and her friends are refreshing like crazy and telling her to kill herself. No need to give her the upper hand in trying to play victim as she religiously pretends to be different posters each time

No. 1492434

They're trying to derail the thread by making vague references to information that has never been mentioned before. It's best to just take everything with a grain of salt unless some actual proof or screenshots are posted. Then we can speculate what's going on.

No. 1492443

It’s probably fake. I checked Mei’s social media accounts and there’s no mention of it.

No. 1492453

Why would mei mention people contacting her parents on her social media? Shes trying to play victim not admit to what shes doing kek.

No. 1492826

File: 1649120022802.jpg (501.29 KB, 828x1497, IMG_5811.jpg)

Wonder where this "more cohesive interview that properly answers your thoughts and concerns" is. It's been over three weeks, Mei (Mae?)! It's time to own up

No. 1492831

She posted that before the pedo pervette blog posts got spread around. Damage control is no longer possible.

No. 1492866

She also ended up deleting the tweets so she took back what she said.

No. 1492892


She owes us more after what she’s done to us all. Hopefully we can watch her grovel and beg forgiveness soon.

No. 1492926

File: 1649126551581.png (1.02 MB, 1170x2532, 95E43F7F-11D1-4B91-93E5-216FB8…)

Olivya’s Twitter is suddenly private after posting normally for several days. Did something happen?

No. 1492936

stop with this cringe shit

No. 1492947


Oh cry me a river May. The witch and the scrote strike again. Not feeling sorry for you.

No. 1492951


Everyone's features sharpens when they lose weight or get older, it isn't exclusive to race/ethnicity you idiot.

No. 1492957

These Bay Area Liberal kink obsessed hedonists are the classic example of western decadence and capitalism. They're so out of touch from their parents/grandparents home countries in Vietnam or China. These women would've been better off living through Communism than being the degenerate white worshipping idiots that they are now. Asian Americans (and diaspora in general) are really embarrassing.

This is why people need religion.

No. 1492964


There must be some way we can make Olivya pay for this. It’s not fair if she just gets to walk away to a normal life again.

No. 1492967

Nothing of note has been posted to her Twitter

No. 1492969


The problem is too much freedom. These girls have lost their way, their families, and god. If they were sent back to the countries we immigrated from, they couldn’t get away with such behavior.

No. 1492970


Her reputation is already down the drain, every time someone googles her name this thread will pop up. She is definitely being talked about by people locally too.

No. 1492978


Western culture sees no value in collectivism or discipline. It only promotes individualism and "freedom" but what they been by that is freedom to be your lowest self.

It's honestly so cringe how Mei and all the new wave of bisexual women are labeling themselves "queer" or "sapphic". Calling yourself bi is too normal and not unique enough now.

No. 1492983


This is why it’s our responsibility to hold these people accountable and act as the judge and jury of their abominable behavior. Otherwise things would just go to chaos. There are probably other ways to get them under control but for now this is the only realistic option.

No. 1492987


What more can you do? Afaik she hasn't done anything illegal for you to press charges for.

No. 1492988


Say what you will about communist China but they keep this under control. There is no way she could get away with this there.

No. 1492993


Umm… did you not see where she molested several children?

No. 1492997


China isn't very communist. International students from China are very materialistic. I also notice Chinese diaspora assimilate very quickly compared to Indians. Chinese are always so quick to name their kids an English name bc "foreigners can't pronounce it", but have you seen Indian names??Indians still name their kids names from their language, they don't give a fuck if a white person can't pronounce "Sulekha" or "Gurpatra". But a Chinaman will hop off fresh off the boat and be like "My name is Bill" lol.

No. 1492999


Why don't you go to the police then? Or confront her in person?

No. 1493002


North Koreans should see the freaks posted on this website so they would never want to leave their country. It would work better than any anti-American propaganda they have.

No. 1493003


Bingo. The west is a morally corrupt cesspool of bad behavior. If you tried this in China you’d be held accountable by your community and then the authorities.

No. 1493004


North Korea gets a bad rap as it does not have the problems we do in the west. The community cares for each other and the people are taken care of.(tankietard #1)

No. 1493005


Very understandable why they censor stuff that comes from the West. They don't want all these Mei Li's and Jing Yans walking around with rainbow colored hair talking about orgies.(tankietard #2)

No. 1493011

If it's true Olivia molested children, why doesn't anyone press charges or beat the shit outta this lady???

No. 1493015

is brigading this thread the nightly activity at david's house now? lmao this shit is so bizarre.

No. 1493016

And now Mei's ilk are derailing about communism. Guess they figure they will seem less obvious if they sperg about how Mei is an American devil kek but this
>This is why it’s our responsibility to hold these people accountable and act as the judge and jury of their abominable behavior
>The problem is too much freedom. These girls have lost their way, their families, and god
>There must be some way we can make Olivya pay for this
is just blatant

No. 1493017

The molesting children thing is even worse. It’s just blatantly retarded.

No. 1493046

It's absolutely bizarre to watch the levels of self-fetishization Mei and her inner circle craft seeking racial "social value", playing all aspects of fetishism in their flesh market.

They obviously heavely rely on having these white weirdos as their prime target consumers, so that the "exotic" appeal can be, at least artificially, maintained. For asian men, they are just women, but for The White Men, they are Asian Women, and thus they are kept as the biggest spenders. These people all share the same homogeneous, multi-racial capilitaist, and nothing else, burlesque culture.

The only amusing thing left is the inversion of power - People are always reinforced the stereotype of the objectified submissive asian woman, and here is Mei and her colleagues, asian women fetishists themselves, addicted to dominating and objectifying white men in all ways one can imagine, likely for power trips, financial profit, and sexual gratification, all intertwined.

And so it is: The mighty asian women. The delicate pale white men.

No. 1493054


Mei herself is "delicate and pale" lol, does anyone think this baby faced looking girl is really "dominating" anyone?

No. 1493058


There is also cultural appropriation of second generation immigrants in the west who take on these fetishized exaggerated female Asian stereotypes. These women should be called out and held accountable as they are not true asians and certainly do have the right to call themselves as such or identify in this harmful manner.

No. 1493060


Call us "tankietards" all you want but being a Sex Dominatrix Shaman or whatevet tf Colette calls herself wouldn't be a thing in the DPRK.

These women are over privileged parasites. They legitimately think they're better than someone who flips burgers but in reality they're useless like 99% of "influencers". I don't even feel bad for the moronic women who are getting scammed by Colette, they're brainwashed libfems.

No. 1493062


I don't think Mei is culture appropriating, she's just a cosplay Kawaii uwu nerd and most women in East Asia are not even into that as much as she is.

No. 1493078

Makes me laugh. Mei playing into the "boo-hoo, imma little princess animu girl!!! I was kidnapped" tired schtick. Exactly the role people expect her to play, so they get played with themselves. Look who can see her true colors… Colette. The dominatrix that rules the mansion and puts men in maid dresses and fishnets, and took her under her wing an into her heart. Nothing about her is delicate, she is a cunning sex worker.

These women are just playing with it for logomania bags and shoes and sleeping in mansions in their first world country, whilst actual asian women in less favored areas get the absolute crap of this deal.

No. 1493082

Confused why farmhands are no longer deleting the obvious spammy and derailing comments made by Mei and friends

No. 1493084


It’s absolutely disgusting that we have people on this thread who regard the sexual abuse of children as “retarded”. This is not funny and not cool.

No. 1493087


Because it’s not Mei and her friends. I for one can verify that at least.

No. 1493096


It feels like those of us born in the actual countries of our ethnicities are being belittled by the “superior” white Karen’s of thread. You should do less talking and more listening and check your privilege.

No. 1493100


Yeah a lot of racist white women in this thread for sure. Anyway, derailing or not, it wouldn't change the fact that the more you you respond to this the thread the more it will show up at the top of the search the engine… If Mei really wanted people to stop talking about her I don't think she'd keep responding to the thread instead of just letting it die, you brainlets lol.

No. 1493105

Where is the backlash against David? Has he responded to any of this scandal? It seems like people are only targetting the women (which ofc they deserve it) but this guy is literally the center of this R Kelly style sex ring and is a cringey 40+ y/old Orientalist.

No. 1493110

well david is a nobody online so people can’t really do anything about him

No. 1493111

I fail to see how a thread about an asian women sex ring, that has as clients white men, has anything to do with "racist white women", honestly.

That was the biggest scape goat, which is self-explanatory. I'll just wait for the so-not-racist people to assume this reply was written by a white women.

No. 1493112

Can't y'all get him fired from his job or sum shit?(cowtipping request)

No. 1493116

Show me the child molestation proof because there is none in this thread.

No. 1493118

For what? Being a fetishist isn’t illegal, and though absolutely vile, calling an underage girl “attractive” also isn’t illegal.

By the way, he’s the CEO of where he works so who’s going to fire him?

No. 1493119

File: 1649137267923.jpg (498.75 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20220405-004010_Chr…)

No. 1493124

Thanks. I’ve seen this cap: I was the one who originally posted the blog entry last thread. Is this molestation or child abuse? I assumed molestation = sexual contact, i.e., touching.

Anyway, anons in this thread are saying Mei and Olivya are the ones involved with children, but that is Colette’s blog.

No. 1493126

ayart I'm Viet but sure, go on accusing someone of being white on an anonymous imageboard with your whole chest.
>check your privilege
Way to make it obvious you're not an actual farmer. Did PULL suddenly migrate here?

No. 1493131

It’s clear they’re Twitterfags.

No. 1493132

Learn to integrate damn new fags

No. 1493133


Viet-Americans have inferiority complex like Michelle Phan and Colette so y'all might as well be white.

No. 1493136

Most Vietnamese in America overly compensate and try to prove they're a good minority like Andy Ngo for example. They're the Asian version of Cuban gusanos, right wing white worshipping shills.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1493139

…careful you’re sounding like one of Colette’s personal slaves or something, Referring to her as a ruler lmao who has soooo much power she makes them kneel before her lmao lmao this sounds like the copy for Mistressclass. Don’t give her too much credit, I see that other dommes teach classes about bdsm/consent and doing activism work while juggling sw but Colette is leading her own shaman narcissism cult as some ‘mother/goddess’ figure while entangling her personal life with business. Maybe she can’t work anymore because she developed carpal tunnel or something idk but prolly should have taken that house and ran, instead she’s stuck w David and his whims lol. Mei brought too much attention to the situation w her YouTube vid. I wouldn’t consider either of them to be cunning.

No. 1493141


They're not cunning , they're a bunch of retarded whores.

No. 1493144

Ok yeah then I agree lmao
Hey Ghislasian if you’re reading, why didn’t you save up a nest egg for retirement? Spent it all on drugs and orgies? Let David get too jealous and tell you you can’t see clients/other subs anymore ?? Student loan interest compounded too much of that degree you never used??(sage your shit)

No. 1493145

No. 1493159

File: 1649140540482.jpeg (742.84 KB, 828x1396, E04FB706-1F9B-4606-9DCB-7575FA…)

At least screenshot.

No. 1493193

This website is used mostly by women, Tonight’s may brigaders have been posting paternalistic rambles, sexism, and weirdo conservative talk like that’s going to fool anyone into thinking they integrated lmao. The thread wouldn’t have gotten pinned to /snow/ if they just stayed on the down low, they’re just making this drama even more visible than before and it’s kind of pathetic.

No. 1493201


Not Mei or her friends. Making commentary about how these women are a product of their upbringing in western culture is relevant bc it collectively makes East Asian women as a whole look bad.

Non-Asian Women seethe all the time whenever they see white men dating Asian women. Non-Asians look down on Asian women who date white men will never have the same type of hateful energy for say a black or Asian guy dating a white woman. That's a fact.(race derail)

No. 1493301


for anyone who missed the "kidnapped" spam a few days ago and wants a laugh

No. 1493302

File: 1649158290711.jpeg (86.81 KB, 736x736, 8CAADDCC-B64D-4FF2-BDC9-B6C8BD…)

sorry for ps tinfoil but it just looks like a double lid surgery and rhinoplasty. her fringe hides her low set brows and she overexposed her photos to look pale.

No. 1493305

her nose looks the same to me

No. 1493307


Don't you think her nose would be a lot pointier if she got it done ? Idt she got eyelid surgery either, sometimes small folds/hooded eyes can look like monolids in some pics.

Also no offense but nobody cares. Everyone knows she's average, people don't follow her for her looks but more for her style.(nitpicking)

No. 1493315

sage your non-contributions

No. 1493328

so the spam topic jumped from possible kidnapping to racebait arguments? huh

No. 1493330

File: 1649161249493.jpg (459.86 KB, 1276x1188, 48238989842389238.jpg)

Looking at Mei feed, all her photos are very distracting from herself as a raw subject. Lots of tinsel grabbing the eyes popping all around.

Pic one: Very pale, her features almost indistinguished except for the pale rose cheeks and neon-y peach lips. Her stardard image of herself: Pristine, ethereal, "angelic".

Pic two: A more rare no-bangs Mei. The usual pale rose cheeks.

Image three: A still from a filtered video. Probably very close to her real skin tone.

Image four: A still by Mei herself, again probably looking the most like she is irl, and the "angelic" aesthetic comes in the form of a literal angel costume.

No. 1493334

are we resorting to nitpicking at her photos now? we all know her looks are elevated by her style

No. 1493337

The point is that she is all image, and part of that is just artifice, not her actual look but simply how she portraits herself publicly. Calling these common overly edited instagram imagery 'elevated' is quite a strech.

And I see nothing wrong with "picking it apart", since it's her whole claim to fame and what she wants to be valued for.

No. 1493344

the point is it’s old milk

No. 1493371

The unintegrated racebaiting and tankie sperging are so obvious and dumb at this point, please stop replying

No. 1493378


Has anyone confirmed if this really happened? I really don’t think it did. She’s probably just in hiding waiting for this to blow over.

No. 1493380


Go home white Karen. You’re not welcome here.(go home racebaiting retard)

No. 1493390

The line of space between each reply triggers me the most

No. 1493403

ofc it didnt happen kek it was random spam as part of this brigade they're doing here

No. 1493447

It’s actually hilarious how dedicated the brigading attempts are here. It’s obvious this thread REALLY gets under Colette, Mei and David’s skin. While they can easily lay low & wait for Twitter wokies to get bored and move on to the next scandal, this thread archives their culty bullshit forever. They can send all the bots and trolls they want, nothing will restore their reputations.

No. 1493457

i never said it was exclusive to race or ethnicity, calm down and learn to sage you tard.

her nose is still flat, it just looks like a beauty filter on the pic to make it slimmer here

No. 1493486

File: 1649176774482.png (72.97 KB, 490x859, p_248325.png)

You would think that with all that money they'd be able to ignore online comments and go on a yacht trip or whatever it is empowered sugar babies do for fun. But who knows how long the money will last? Picrel is from a 2020 post on Colette's blog. It's not as if they're in dire financial straits just because they had to sell some things, though you do see a bunch of techbros get rich quick and then blow it all pretty often.

No. 1493514

Four days to recover… to me sounds like they took mdma or some other drugs and depleted their serotonin for a few days.

No. 1493525

File: 1649179085839.png (1.85 MB, 1008x1138, so-angelic.png)

Imagine sharing this image to your teenage audience…

No. 1493528


What's hilarious about it is that it's still despite all the bdsm gear and lingeries it's so sterile. Like leave it to May to make anything the least erotic possible. Still gross all the same but kek.

No. 1493565

easy way to disregard a post at least

No. 1493638

Man what a dumb bitch, why be a sugar baby groupie cult member for an ugly autist when you look like that and have that following? Could've at least got a sligtly handsome cool sugar daddy.

No. 1493642

uhh is the spam still going on? the latest replies still aren’t making much sense…did they learn to sage?

No. 1493729

Yup. All the racebait, random messages about nudes and kidnapping, and introducing names that have no relevance are all spam trying to derail. Thread hasn't updated with any real milk for a few days.

No. 1493775

In your reply, you are associating yourself, by using your race, to "little children" that needs to be "defended", and some "special centerpice" attraction at a dinner table.

The only women fetishizing anything here are the women fetishizing themselves, as you just exemplified.

This behavior is obviously a theme of the thread, because it's common in Mei's racial sex cult.

No. 1493792

There is no indicative that Mei isn't anything but a very controlling person. Her image, what she shows, whom she shows, how her persona is portrayed, etc. She wouldn't allow "her dom" to pose her in a way that she isn't looking "angelic".

It's not that it's just sterile. It's that one can see that Mei isn't a sub, and her "dom" is just there as her accessory, to emphasize her fragilized sub shtick for the cameras, because that's how she wants to be perceived as. On her knees, but completely in control.

No. 1493803

Man they arent even being subtle about it, kek.
Thanks nonna, i completely missed this! This is more cringe than i thought.

No. 1493889

sage for off-topic, but given may's name changes, is olivya nora a real name?

No. 1493907

No her real name is Vy

No. 1493928

File: 1649205727034.jpeg (541.47 KB, 1126x1606, 8A8EB0AC-0A1A-473F-90BD-D08843…)

Reading pervette in my sleepless night

Colette and David went to Indonesia. C was tripping in acid and David was whiney manbaby bc he couldn’t smoke weed as it’s illegal in Indonesia. Manbaby is intentionally triggering Colette’s disordered eating. Autist or not, how hard it is to stfu about sensitive topic your SO has issues with? It’s clear who’s the real dom here…

No. 1494050

Her real name is Vy Nguyen

No. 1494266

File: 1649227341892.png (1.29 MB, 750x1273, PGg16tq.png)

While all of this is happening, Olivya on tinder kek

No. 1494279

Not surprised she’s likely using it to reel in more clients since she’s an OnlyFans hoe. It’s trend now for OF girls to infiltrate dating apps like tinder & hinge to find simps & stage it like it’s some fated and organic encounter

No. 1494288

File: 1649229976394.webm (487.64 KB, 368x640, Mei_on_Hinge.webm)

nowadays you can find local singles and sex workers

No. 1494338

is that really her? or is it a fake dating profile?

No. 1494399

Send them to the gulag

No. 1494406

>omg they are victims of gommunism

The role play of self-victimization surrounding this flock of prostitutes is endless.

No. 1494515

This isn’t milk, every hooker uses dating sites to fish for clients lately. It’s part of why they’ve gotten so crappy to use.

No. 1494518

That’s because there’s way too many people doing porn now and they’re not making the big money they were promised. They have to get aggressive to find clients because they’re desperate.

No. 1494521

These whores need a good punch in the nose. Now they’re recruiting for their sex cult on dating sites? This is disgusting.

No. 1494533

Eww, fuck off scrote

No. 1494536

I met Mei once many years ago. We used to be mutuals, I'm honestly shocked to see what's been going on around her the past couple of weeks. She seemed sweet irl, and she is pretty pale actually. Not trying to whiteknight her, just my personal experience. Funnily enough we actually had a brief conversation about sugar dating, it wasn't very serious but she seemed wary of it

No. 1494656


Posting an opinion that isn’t fueled with hatred and anger towards the person of topic doesn’t mean they’re fucking mei you pseudodetective cuck.

People hate to leave their fucking echo chambers I guess lmfao

No. 1494710

Oh hi yes this is mei speaking hehe haw haw

No. 1494822

Finally some new milk. Kek..

No. 1494876

imagine spending all this time derailing ur own thread when u could be making an apology video to try to save ur brand lel

No. 1494914

Calling May and her grift a brand is giving her too much credit

No. 1494978

Did something new happen?

No. 1494982

Nothing worth twiddling your nub to unfortunately.

No. 1494988

We need new milk. This is getting lame.

No. 1495125

Learn to read you fucking moron. I said "send them to the gulag", not "they are victims of communism". How did you interpret that sentence as self-victimization when it's actually advocating for them to go do hard labor instead of scamming people into their cult? Retard.(derailing sperg)

No. 1495168

Because of things like this >>1493301
It's pretty obvious feigning attacks in attempts to engage gullible saviors to step in to protect these damsels in distress is something on their cards.

As prostitutes from the U.S.A. that like flexing mansions in California, and tacky expensive european brand stuff, pretending they are getting attacked by "the tankies" is something out of their dreams. The only other equally bigger-than-them paralel of victimization would "the nazis" (i.e. racism).

No. 1495385

Finally some new milk. Kek.

No. 1495389

Lame. yawn

No. 1495438

This has become just a big circular regurgitation of old milk. Moving on…

No. 1496166

i think mei is actually deluded enough into this this sugar baby relationship with the asian fetishist is going to eventually turn into a situation where she can lock him down into a real relationship and permanently get money from him… that's why she's been so quiet over everything, she doesn't want to risk ruining whatever situation she has and that's also the reason why she's so buddy buddy with colette, since colette is his "main bitch" in a way and has been for years and colette is likely the only reason she even landed that sugaring gig in the first place. it's more important she doesn't cause any waves with colette rather than the guy because colette can easily cut off mei from the entire situation.

No. 1496228

Is there literally nothing new? The best we get is this last post which is the same one posted six weeks ago? Somebody bring some actual milk for fucks sake.

No. 1496500

There isn’t any milk, everyone deactivated or went quiet when the scandal broke. Unless there’s another secret blog or something, we won’t get any new milk until they start sticking their heads back out.

No. 1496515

Mei already tried to post/stream again once since this scandal blew up. Give it a few more days and her thirst for e-thot validation will convince her to post again.

No. 1497316

File: 1649543301062.jpg (225.34 KB, 1080x1920, rk2AbPqn1.jpg)

From last night. It looks like Mei's having a good time not owning up to her failures and taking care of her fucking mess.

No. 1497395

Finally!! Something truly exciting. Kek.

No. 1497759

Idk why anyone would expect accountability from this vapid ho, I’m sure she’s on to her next scam already

No. 1497876

who posted this story?

No. 1499841

File: 1649799550362.png (1.65 MB, 1329x908, la nights be like.png)

No. 1499842

File: 1649799581665.png (1.06 MB, 1329x908, u know i know you do.png)

No. 1499975

Sadly not new milk because these are reposts of her story a few days ago

No. 1500141

File: 1649822478443.jpg (33.25 KB, 1353x475, 20220412_220052.jpg)

Someone shared this on twitter.. looks like mihoyo might be looking into her.

No. 1500146

It seems like a copy paste response, I doubt anything will come of it, although the drama would be funny.

No. 1500352

File: 1649855364360.png (3.53 MB, 828x1792, 836ABCDA-F714-4416-BF1E-1706C6…)

You’d think she’d at least ask people to stop posting her since she’s almost in hiding at this point

No. 1500386

She herself was literally posting last week, she’s not in hiding she doesn’t give a fuck

No. 1500448

Does she have no one else but this pathetic coomer to hang out with ever since her scandal? lol

No. 1500678

Anyone who gave half a shit about their social media reputation dropped her. Deven is getting her pussy for free and doesnt have a following to lose

No. 1502366

File: 1650046593440.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2208, 1057CD2A-477C-4B63-B10B-9B8C05…)

Colette is back to posting

No. 1502369

File: 1650046655345.png (3.22 MB, 1242x2208, DBAF4261-4690-401C-8019-9B53F7…)

She’s promoting someone else’s classes

No. 1502405

File: 1650049366727.png (3.05 MB, 1242x2208, E368CE7C-FB57-40AA-9988-B05C8E…)

Still promoting her “power of the feminine” bs, nothings changed

No. 1502442

Is "domme pyramid scheme" the new girlboss hustle cult?

No. 1502792

Why would anyone be stupid enough to ask her for promos? She has social herpes right now. No one in their right mind wants anything to do with her scam classes and Asian sugar baby orgy scheme.

No. 1502982

File: 1650114024048.png (1.13 MB, 1125x2436, 80ABB7CA-6CE2-4AFC-8F47-986B79…)

was this website in colette’s ig bio before?

No. 1503036


No. 1503053

Do they hear themselves lol? If it's accepted then surely it isn't a taboo anymore, and it loses its erotic and counterculture value. For a community of people who devote their lives to S&M they really do not understand the most vital aspects of it

No. 1503331

imagine paying people to learn how to become a ho

No. 1503387

I know, it’s such an obvious scam. You don’t need a class or certification to become a sex worker, most people just end up falling into it.

No. 1503535

Theyre basically pickup artists for women who want to be sugar babied instead of racking up one night stands. Both base their worth on what they can get from the opposite sex.
Selling etiquette classes for prostitution as "feminine empowerment" is all the more insidious knowing the lifestyle of the madame behind it is made possible only by living off the teat of a moid.

No. 1504686

File: 1650312595942.jpeg (307.93 KB, 611x981, F89A9940-2B32-4A07-ABB4-AAF581…)

Not aliexpress using her pic as a product image. Poor taste kek

No. 1504911

who cares twitterfag
how is this relevant to anything? post milk

No. 1504972

File: 1650334857910.jpg (284.06 KB, 1080x1861, 20220418_201854.jpg)

Just going to keep smiling and acting like you can do no wrong.
girl boss mei

No. 1505088

Looks like David’s house

No. 1505113

so much for that genshin stream. ayato’s banner ends in a few hours. I wonder how she’s going to explain this “delay” away or if hoyo really are looking into her

No. 1505171

i looked up her genshin profile and she already pulled ayato which means she deliberately chose not to stream. so maybe they did cancel their partnership with her

No. 1505173

That's one ugly dress Mei should ask David to buy her better looking outfits

No. 1506860

You know how Asian women are, the white obsession always makes them do stupid shit(racebait)

No. 1506886

Idk what's worse the shitty slang in the caption trying to seem cool or midwest lil pumps matted locs. This is why nobody checks for Asian women beside pedophilic white men. Sad!

No. 1508873

>Asian wimmin
Imagine posting on an Asian inspired board filled with Asian cartoons and Asian fashion and being jelly of them. Enjoy your miserable lives kek(bait)

No. 1509211

I remembered Mina Le was in a picture with May and I was watching Mina's latest video and she says something very interesting in the middle of it.

>I can't even tell you how many influencers I have either seen or personally know who just fake their entire online precense.

>They fake the kinds of opportunities they get, they fake the kinds of events they get into. They fake the amount of money they have how they get that kind of money.

Could be nothing but the fact that she specifically said 'people I personally know' makes me wonder if she was referring to May.

No. 1509227

Imagine responding to two day old low quality bait

No. 1509371

Yeah i watched the video too and found that interesting as well. Definitely thought of May as well when Mina said that.

No. 1509523

File: 1650734432536.jpeg (135.9 KB, 704x1287, AD6A3692-8EB6-4323-9655-C9FE96…)

Found David loll

No. 1509544

File: 1650735580390.jpg (256.81 KB, 1048x1780, 20220423_113444.jpg)

Own up to the mess you created. May is terrible at hiding.

No. 1509552

So this imma.gram account is a "virtual influencer" that mints ugly nfts to scam nftbros.

Not surprising at all to see Mei being well connected with other social media grifters

No. 1509565

I came here to post this.Is there any tangible evidence of how deeply she's involved or is she just a general friend? I enjoy her videos and was shocked when I saw her in the photo

No. 1509619

I love her videos too but I'd say it's safe to assume she wasn't part of the cult. I kind of feel like all the female Asian influencers are 'friends' with each other but I don't think they're all actually besties. It's like how all the popular twitch streamers always comment on each other's posts even tho they probably hate each other lol

No. 1510101

yeah I really don't think any of the girls aside from Olivya were a part of the dominatrix or poly mess. also imo most of them seem like they're a little closer with one another than they were with Mei. like you can tell from the way all of them went out of their way to unfollow and publicly separate themselves from her when shit hit the fan, and just little remarks from them like lilmixedhunny saying the trip made her uncomfortable so she left early. even Olivya "broke up" with Mei after Amy came out and said Mei had done something to hurt her/ cause trauma because she's evidently closer friends with Amy. (although I still think the timing of that is sketchy on olyvia's part. who knows whether she knew about whatever happened with amy earlier or only when everyone else was told about it but idk, it still feels like she would have been fine associating with Mei had she not gotten canceled so hard)

and I mean Mei in general just gives me total superficial friendship vibes so I'm not surprised that literally no one except for weirdass Colette and the scrotes stuck around with her

No. 1512439

File: 1651002976653.png (460.78 KB, 937x1233, Screenshot 2022-04-26 125530.p…)

Mei just dropped a statement addressing nothing and claiming zero responsibility

No. 1512447

Half an essay to literally say nothing kek. This is pathetic.

No. 1512450

>queer Asian woman
The more marginalized she makes herself seem, the more sympathy she thinks she’ll get.
I always thought she was a vapid loser who can’t ever be wrong in her own eyes, but she keeps impressing me with a new low everytime.
Never thought I’d see the day where even Shayna has more self awareness of being a whore than Mei.

No. 1512499

Not Mei trying to paint herself as a marginalized victim while not bringing up the fact that she is/was dating 2 people that have documented their own pedophilic tendencies.

She must really be hurting after those trip cancellations kek

No. 1512506

holy fuck what a vapid and selfish bitch. no acknowledgments or even an apology kek. how does she think this will make things better? and why is she calling herself queer still? she just gave her fans more of a reason to dislike her, shes truly a braindead whore

No. 1512509

I don't get it, was that post supposed to be how she addresses the situation? When she didn't really explain anything about it? Or is she supposed to address it later when she "reconnects" with her community?

No. 1512541


She'll never address it. This is her first attempt to sweep it under the rug and hope that when she ~officially~ returns, people will have forgotten about it.

No. 1512609

“Accusations” “Harassment”
Bruh tell Colette and her journals about that.
“Past few weeks been rough I need time to heal, I’m still queer tho.”
Yo I don’t think you’re that traumatised you went on a date / road trip with that guy you hid from the Q&A video, got your nails done, got gifted some flowers, had dinner with some other influencers. So tell me how ‘rough’ that was for you? Huh? Tell me how ‘gay / queer / bisexual’ you really are without David’s funding?

No. 1512635

I can't believe she thinks she's faced 'insurmountable challenges'. Unbelievable. The reason she's popular is BECAUSE she's asian, not in spite of. She literally marketed herself as Japanese in the beginning because she knew that was what would get her the most attention.

No. 1512638

The only support she receives in this situation is from clueless underage fans and her positive comment bots she payed for kek

No. 1512965

“Taking time and space from all parties involved” except isn’t she still living in their house and Devon is involved and knows all of them no?

No. 1512977

literally just lost the LITTLE respect I had left for her, what a fucking loser

No. 1513007

She didn't even bother with a fake shallow apology, good job May!
KEK her pull thread was boring and tepid and her thread on here is one of the more milkless nitpicky ones, come on May.

No. 1513419

Ofc the dumb bitch hides behind being gay. Being gay for play doesn't make you queer, all you are is a pick me Chinese girl who doesn't want to seem like the other girls and even enjoys being a pedophile's fetish. Bitch even larps as a Japanese girl. Here's to hoping the horse face leaves the internet forever before someone underage gets groomed into this faux polycule. I hope she gets charged for being a predator as well as her sugar daddy, at this point she's complicit. Congrats on your sorry excuse for an existence

No. 1513514

File: 1651095308970.jpeg (50.94 KB, 1125x206, F59B7443-6BC4-4C1A-BE5E-CC324F…)

she lost 600 followers after posting that vapid empty statement

No. 1513532

at least Olivya had the decency to apologize and to acknowledge Colette and David's fucked up actions even if it was to save face. May doesn't have enough IQ to do that apparently!

No. 1513560

So has she actually lost sponsors? Why did she pick now to post that?

Side-note I wonder how many of her fans know her real name is May

No. 1513725

I don’t think May thinks she’s done anything wrong, and by extension, David and Colette haven’t either. her statement didn’t say anything, but it’s so telling.

No. 1513819

If May actually apologized properly she could have played off as being blissfully unaware and just being a dumb bitch. Now she has proven she is 100% complicit in this.

No. 1514473

she knows her letter was bullshit. she still has comments turned off and now her likes just say “__ and others” instead of her past post that would show the amount. she keeps posting as if nothing happened but is blocking off interaction on her socials. shes so fake. she is losing fans and followers and is just blocking all the feedback out. she isnt gonna grow as an influencer going this route.

No. 1514686

May just posted the same terrible letter on her Twitter and is about to get ratioed so hard. Love to see it!!!

No. 1514690

File: 1651200033584.jpg (290.28 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_20220428-193501_Twi…)

She limited the replies to the post but people aren't happy in the quote retweets

No. 1514779

Girl is getting absolutely clowned on in the QRT

No. 1514780

I have no idea how some people can still blindly support such a trashy person. Maybe her fans are as deranged as she is.

No. 1514782

Her media is heavily curated to only show her at her best. Most average people aren't going to know about the drama unless they come across the twitter threads. Aren't a large chunk of her followers children too

No. 1515635

File: 1651274855871.jpg (436.41 KB, 1080x1871, 20220429_172418.jpg)

I think she is still getting money from David. Idk how else she would be able to afford all of these trips without her sponsor money. Would also explain why she didn't mention any of the David&Collette controversy in her "apology".

No. 1515707

File: 1651280996130.png (3.02 MB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20220429-180500.png)

Whos this RevZilla guy she tagged? Went to the account and it's some middle age white man into motorcycles. You think she's part of her queer girlboss lesbian polycule too? kek

No. 1515720

Pretty sure that is Devon's motorcycle so probably the bike shop owner he goes to or something. Wouldn't put it past May to fuck him for money too.

No. 1515750

kek is she going to try to recruit ayumi? oh noo

No. 1515843

Forgot to screenshot but before David deleted his ig he followed Ayumi

No. 1516341

how surprising she’s hanging out with bunny again after she also got outed for being an abusive sexual harasser and scamming an independent figure manufacturer out of thousands of dollars.

No. 1516356

nonny, those aren't the same "ayumi"

No. 1516529

What's everyone saying? I can't see it

No. 1516538

File: 1651362427589.jpg (319.37 KB, 1080x1510, 20220430_174320.jpg)

You have to select the tweet and click on where it says '172 Quote Tweets', Nona.

Its basically just 170+ people calling her out for not bringing up the fact that her partner Colette is a pedo or yellow fever cult leader David. I think only 1 or 2 people actually said something positive to her kek.

No. 1516788

wow, I used to watch her on YouTube in highschool, never thought she was this much of a cow.

No. 1516978

File: 1651424038207.jpeg (37.49 KB, 828x1792, 5C518DF1-62AE-4DCB-BBE0-98E93A…)

not directly related to mei but michelle phan (after promoting then defending colette) has now gone full faith healer insanity. pic related is one of her insta stories about it, here’s a link to everything she posted https://m.imgur.com/a/dcyJlaa

No. 1517253

File: 1651441279445.png (750.97 KB, 946x2048, h3xdCEN.png)

I wonder if Michelle is going to invite her friend Colette into this actual cult lol.

Michelle Phan has to be as dumb as bricks to not realize that healing "miracles" performed by cults & Pentecostal churchs use actors.

No. 1517373

i don’t know why this is reminding me of that embarrassing ass short film she made about being a nail salon employee that was vapid as all fuck for someone who was like 30 at this time - and based off non existent “fan mail”…kek so attention seeking apparently makeup tutorials weren’t serious enough for her

No. 1517374

File: 1651450412525.png (664.23 KB, 1170x2532, 7AD6F418-CE98-4EBF-BC99-3970A0…)

i mean…nowhere in her posts does it say that her meditation retreat was a “pentecostal miracle performing gathering” nona. let’s use our reasoning skills kek. she’s obviously playing up what actually happened because i really doubt she’s “seeing angels” and making paralyzed people walk if they’re doing this all day

No. 1517483

This literally sounds like cult indoctrination. No sleep, no piss breaks, “constant work”, eating once, and being taught “science for hours”.
What’s with these rich Asian bitches and cults

No. 1517509

For some reason this culty babble along with misspelling "meditation" repeatedly is making me suicidal

No. 1517590


Lol nonny, maybe you should use your reading comprehension. Anon mentioned cults in addition to pentecostal churches. Considering this is a retreat, it's pretty easy to rope some underemployed actor to do some sitting to walking tricks in an isolated setting, and let some dumb person's imagination do the rest of the work.

No. 1517653

Does anyone know what happened to Mei’s dog Oli? I dipped out of watching her content for a while and now she has a different dog? The new dog looks like a Pomeranian so much more conventionally cute and a desirable breed unlike Oli. I don’t want to make assumptions but it’s making me think of how Kim dao dumped her old dog with her parents and now has a purebred shiba inu she spam posts.

No. 1517658

Both her dog olli and the black dog sesame are adopted, and both are usually with her parents so you rarely see either, but olli was more of a family dog originally anyway bc she lived at her parents when she adopted vs sesame was around more as of recently because she got him while she lived with Sei

No. 1517982

all these responses about michelle phan joining a “meditation cult” all because she went to like, some kind of summer camp for adults is not only childish (“muhhhhh they meditate for 5 hours!!!!”) but also ill informed lol. Michelle Phan has the kind of net worth where she can afford to go to those dumbass silent retreats for like a month just to pay $60,000 to get told to shut the fuck up. She’s not some run of the milk cow. The likelihood of this actually being a “cult” the way michelle is describing it is incredibly unlikely. who even knows if she’s telling the truth about their activities? she very well could’ve just posted it and will continue posting about retreats to get her D-list makeup artist friends to waste their cheque on them too kek. You’re blind to actual signs of cult indoctrination and religious abuse if you really think that you can point it out just because someone connected to the Wagyu that this thread is about said some attention seeking “esoteric health” shit kek

No. 1518148

Newfag who can't tag responses, of course this could be a cult. What about being rich bars Michelle from getting involved in something exploitive or even potentially dangerous? David is rich and perpetuates his sex cult lifestyle, Scientologists are some of the most well off people in Hollywood and Jarad Letto is a pedophilic sociopath who larps as Jesus, with his fans being his worshipers… "Attention seeking esoteric health" could easily adapt into something dangerous as anything could when you relinquish your power to strangers.

No. 1518247

File: 1651549233870.png (3.16 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9172.png)

No. 1518264

1) not a newfag, just don’t feel like tagging because why would i do that when it’s not required and i could just make a general post that someone will still respond to.
2) I don’t think scientology is an actual “cult” it’s just a rich people club but emotionally abusive, you know, the same way they all are kek.
3) jared leto’s expensive fan club for fatties isn’t an actual cult. they want it to be, they want it to be a cult so badly that they’ll run around screaming “this is a real cult join us we’re soooo not like other people” - which, newsflash, actual cults don’t usually run around using the world “cult”.
my 4th point kek. she’s probably just a partner with this meditation company or has stock in it. i really doubt it’s a “cult” the way you kids want it to be but it probably is a scam.

No. 1518269

>I don't think Scientology is an actual cult
If you want to redefine the term "cult" with your own specific logic that's up to you nonnie

No. 1518278

can you be done with this scientology derail? No one’s participating in it (in this thread) so don’t clog it up arguing over some short guys religion

No. 1518282

The point was being rich doesn't mean you can't fall into a cult/be exploited/separated from your family (which is completely relevant to what was posted by Michelle). You know we're both different anons, we're not arguing just because we disagree kek. Contribute something you deem worth discussing then anon.

No. 1518291

Okay, to contribute - I don’t think that >>1517982 was trying to say that just because MP is rich it means she can’t be indoctrinated into a cult. I assume that anon was probably trying to say that this was just another rich person bullshit pyramid scheme where they sit around wasting each other’s time all day, and whenever someone gets the chance to talk in front of people they whinge on and on about how special their experience is and how embodied they feel by being soy different from other people and like they’re being called to go on a “spiritual health quest”. Even what MP described just sounded like it was just an advertisement. It is, most likely, another vapid mlm kek. I don’t really buy it being a cult though. It sounds like everyone is obsessed with giving clubs or even just groups of people they see participating in the same event the title of “cult” but it just sounds like it’s downplaying how serious being indoctrinated into and abused by a cult actually is. like let’s just be realistic with ourselves, how often do you see “famous” people posting about retreats? you think they’re all in cults? Obviously not.

No. 1518308

Lmao fucking joe dispenza. He's a chiropractor who claims he healed himself from a spinal injury.

No. 1518470

File: 1651582734834.jpeg (672.21 KB, 1170x1614, 31F11938-9B15-49B6-9771-2789D0…)

when Michelle joins a “chiropractic cult” that’s just the exact rich person puff center it sounded like kek. Hopefully this can end the grasp at milk that she’s in a cult because if we’re gonna expose a “cult member” then we should at least be right about it kek

No. 1518910

why would you not post screenshots on an imageboard? so tired of ppl itt saying "OMG did you see this!!!??" and not posting caps.

No. 1518942


People who study cults recognise that not every group that qualifies is immediately and fundamentally dangerous to all participants. Cult and ritual abuse can be absolutely brutal, but the entry point to being called a cult can begin at benign.

It's worth noting overall that cults don't have to be uniform to be cults. Rich people want purpose and a reason why fame and money haven’t made their lives as good as they thought it would, so that’s the button that gets pressed; it’s like trying to tap into a market. The kind of cults that take root in lower class populations are going to exploit different needs and cater to different interests both on the part of the leaders and the participants. It’s especially dicey with people in between the two, who are very vulnerable to being told a story that someone can give them a better life than the one they have, plus a bonus community. They also love-bomb and affirm a specialness in people that those who are desperate for positive attention are vulnerable to. It can seem like petty vanity or a BS party, but there’s still something dark going on.

No. 1520073

File: 1651720892065.png (7.87 MB, 1170x2532, F6F3DE31-4B49-4E13-89B8-A71474…)

Day ??? of May still pretending nothing happened
Also these photos she posted (posing with chickens etc.) is so ironic because chicken in Chinese = 雞 = prostitue (that’s how it’s called in Hong Kong and Guangchou, may differ in other countries)
(P.S. no offence to sex workers, the industry is tough and I respect your choice of career, I do hope you all are safe in this industry)

No. 1520076

does anyone have the "power worshiping screaming" video?

No. 1520108

File: 1651723445889.jpg (595.53 KB, 1080x1934, 20220504_220110.jpg)

May's really trying to pretend nothing is wrong kek. I can't imagine the mental gymnastics Lily is pulling to still be close friends with Mei.

No. 1520114

File: 1651724202622.jpg (155.67 KB, 1213x698, Maytwitter.jpg)

The Michelle Phan thing has been trending on twitter bringing attention to May as well.

Some of the twitfags are saying Michelle is in the same "cult" as May lol

No. 1520148

even tho its nice people are still talking about it, i wish the people spreading the word about mei under the michelle posts would fucking read. the two "cults" are different. so far theres no connection between mei and the current retreat michelles talking about. michelle did promote colettes class in the past and went to it but that and this are different.

No. 1520169

File: 1651730351073.jpg (51.46 KB, 397x602, 7832783278328732723.jpg)

She has such an L.A. prostitute visual, with the super bleached hair, and wearing pink camisoles in public. "So iconic". She should get a pink car to match her pink LV monogramed purses and glasses >>1500352 and take some "girl boss" pictures with her gigolo for the insta.

Looking at her all I can see is a pastel toned Angelyne.

No. 1520230

Runner up for the ugliest body awards

No. 1520389

File: 1651745717202.jpeg (230.46 KB, 1000x1499, CAC0192F-D2D4-48B4-B1B9-D6D1C7…)

Kek if she’s trying to ignore all the allegations she’s doing a weird job of it. Picrel, Soey Milk is also an Asian girl who’s “dating” an old white guy. He was one of her professors when she went to art school, talented artist but apparently kind of a creep with yellow fever. Maybe she and Mei bonded over that.

No. 1520473

Why is it always the creepiest, fugliest white moids with racial fetishes? And why do these women indulge them?? (I mean I know why$$$)

No. 1520484

yea she looks a little crusty. before she looked more interesting/cute.

No. 1520609

File: 1651767888154.jpg (218.15 KB, 675x1312, 1449900764415 (1).jpg)

cause actual chads and good men don't have racial fetishes and like women regardless of race and ethnicity, if any guy goes "oh asians/latinas are so much better then white/black women" he is automatically a beta male

No. 1520749

Are you being sarcastic

No. 1521059

File: 1651791158447.png (2.71 MB, 1080x1978, Screenshot_20220506-085208.png)

Lmao curating a q+a to seem like she's communicating to her followers, sure

No. 1521061

File: 1651791503714.jpg (438.44 KB, 1080x1933, Screenshot_20220505-154631_Twi…)

She also posted some pictures on Twitter but kept the replies off

No. 1521094

what the fuck is she wearing, is that lingerie?

No. 1521259

yes, she's wearing a lingerie dress with garters with her whole nipples out. idk why.

chestlets feel comfortable doing this bc it looks less lewd I guess.

No. 1521265

The way she talks about how being wanted by men "empowers her" sounds so sad & stupid. Is that the only measurement of her self-worth now? lol the only men that look at her flabby ass are weebs.

No. 1521429

>"(P.S. no offence to sex workers, the industry is tough and I respect your choice of career, I do hope you all are safe in this industry)"

I cant stop laughing

No. 1521606

File: 1651849166854.png (465.3 KB, 1138x678, sjgldjlsf.png)

I feel bad for everyone that has to see her run around with her whole ass out.

No. 1521609

May is literally a prostitute, this is their uniform

No. 1521639

how's your back?

No. 1521646

it’s giving toddler’s 1st petting zoo visit

No. 1521712

Nta but sorry you're so insecure you're projecting on /snow get well soon

No. 1521732

I'm sure David chose this outfit for her. Totally fits his infantilized smol asian girl kink.

No. 1521829

…fine? lmao

No. 1521899


Literally been 22 hours since her Q&A story post and hasn’t posted a single answer, plus lost another 1k followers to boot lol

No. 1522007

File: 1651885081543.jpg (345.77 KB, 1080x1927, Screenshot_20220506-185554593 …)

Yeah she def isn't posting any responses lol. What a dumb bitch for even trying that.

No. 1522077

What I meant is: I’m totally okay with someone admitting they’re doing sex work for money (I.e. for schools / loans etc.), and I hope they are safe and can get out of the industry soon. But in May’s case, she’s 100% involved with sex work but refused to admit it, pretend nothing happened, said ‘she worked hard for the money’ while the money she ‘earned’ is from sugaring, I feel like this is somewhat offensive and insulting.

No. 1522203

has anyone seen this before? https://youtu.be/MDNeVAhx6Og(learn2embed)

No. 1522223

wtf lol is this scripted or something? bc why would she willingly participate on something that paints her in a bad light like this
the comments are from half a year ago before all of this blew up… also a really low view count for an uploader with over 100k subs
collete is so creepy though, she never takes off this blindfold (?) thing that looks like lingerie or something
also mei is kinda ugly in motion, surprising considering she's photogenic lol i wonder if she's insecure about her overbite, she clearly has access to money to fix it

No. 1522227

Agree with most of your comment but if Mei is ugly in motion, then the rest of us must be complete ogres.

No. 1522284

trust me im ALOT hotter than uggo bod mei. Shes gross. Girl next door doe eyes are ugly(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1522363

she's not hideous or anything but she's kind of plain and she's so stiff and awkward that it's hard to believe all her empowered sex kitten claims. it's the same with other 'sexworker' cows like shatna or kathy, only mei is somewhat cute

No. 1522467

File: 1651945012436.jpg (3.07 MB, 4096x4096, Uggomay.jpg)

Disagree she is pretty busted. In east Asian and chinese beauty standards she would be considered very uggo. Upturned asymmetrical nose, overbite and deep laugh lines make her look like a rodent. Without makeup she has the face of a poor farmer. Sort of shocked it looks like she hasn't had any work done to fix that mess of a face.

All this with a prepubescent flabby body is not a good package. Old white men seem to love that combo though I.E. yumiking.

No. 1522658

The dumbfounded facial expression when he asks “what is your job?” and her stupid response “we make art out of love”
Just admit you’re a whore already

No. 1522865

File: 1651995077131.png (629.3 KB, 419x708, 1235212442.PNG)

Okay but when is she dropping her urgent care makeup tutorial?

/tinfoil/ it looks like a beauticians office lol

No. 1522875

This girl has never heard of toner has she?

No. 1522876

Health professional here. I don’t like Mei but will confirm that is medical equipment in the top left corner (screen for monitoring vital signs, blood pressure cuff tubing, pulse oximeter.)

No. 1522901

File: 1652003573080.jpg (68.38 KB, 430x628, 55543563533.jpg)

>mei is kinda ugly in motion, surprising considering she's photogenic

This. It's surprising when you see how her face moves, and that's still in a really flattering light. In pictures, it's like her face is always softned, with the absence of her expression's creasings, wich are particularly accentuated.

No. 1522903

These people are so tacky with this "art out of love" (the refurbished "art of seduction" that already souds dated) vapid talk.

It's a snippet, and the weirdo is already goofily shouting "art out of love" after Mei like a well trained parrot. White and submissive, he seems like he would fit right in that picture of the men in maid dresses and fishnets doing… "Art out of love" at Pervettes's command.

No. 1523709

Mei is like that one girl who thinks they know fashion but they don't know fashion

No. 1523778

I don’t understand what everyone’s purpose for taking the time to actually write on here. To connect? To bully? To complain about their dissatisfactions with how these ppl live their lives? What nobody seems to get here is that all top influencers and celebs have had to do something controversial or unconventional to be with where they’re at. None of us have real proof on how accurately these people live their lives from what they share online. Even those blog posts written by Colette could also be fake and exaggerated since it’s obviously not written for the general public, but for the bdsm clientele. Idk But this thread has gotten super toxic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1523779

I don't understand why you newfags cannot read the rules before posting, oh no lc is toxic.

No. 1523840

Mei already had a following so this makes no sense. If you think its okay for two women to encourage pedophilia and for Mei to lie to her audience of young girls about being lesbian while catering to a man’s sexual fetishes for money you have a screw loose.

No. 1524027

If you don't understand then leave, retard.

No. 1524284

begone white knight
>Even those blog posts written by Colette could also be fake and exaggerated since it’s obviously not written for the general public, but for the bdsm clientele.

Who would make up having bdsm photos of an 8 year old and being attracted to them? Colette needs to be locked up.

No. 1524738

I didn’t know that. I don’t read the blogs throughly, but I can see why. Yea it’s extremely problematic that those blog posts are out and mei tied herself to those kinds of ppl.

No. 1524745

They look like sisterwives, not the lesbian couple they larp as.

No. 1525199


Trying to be as nice about this as possible, but you didn’t even try to read up Colette’s blogs more thoroughly before jumping in here and whiteknighting them?

No. 1526476

so i guess we're not getting that q&a. comments are still turned off so what's the point.

No. 1526964

File: 1652387145746.png (6.27 MB, 3510x2532, D0FE2D79-957B-4013-94E8-D5107D…)

What kind of drugs is Michelle Phan on?

No. 1527316

The kind that make you think it's appropriate to tell the whole internet you masturbated in your back yard, apparently.

No. 1527750

She has a berserk blanket I have to stan her wacky antics I’m sorry

No. 1527993

I just want to know where to buy that blanket.

No. 1528001

berserk is for basic bitches

No. 1528279

You can get one for yourself at Joe Dispenza’s retreat.

No. 1528434

No. 1528815

File: 1652561808800.jpeg (658.42 KB, 828x1456, 14A83785-FC86-41F6-BBC7-7D5188…)


No. 1528834

she really has no other fucking “friends” but this dude(emoji)

No. 1528872

Idk why I've only been paying minimal attention but I expected both parties to be cuter than…this

No. 1529152

He looks so nasty. Can she seriously not find one decent looking scrote to hang out with?

No. 1529155

girl you can do better than this lmaooo
what a downgrade from sei tbh, if you're gonna throw the whole 'i'm a lesbian & victim of hetcomp uwu' shtick away then make it worth it at least. he also had money

No. 1529255

Wild that she’s fallen so far. Maybe if she got therapy and moved out of LA she could turn her life around instead of fucking grimy dudes who haven’t showered in weeks. This is just embarrassing

No. 1529339

File: 1652607432059.png (5.36 MB, 828x1792, D66F2EF6-5AC9-4574-805F-278362…)

She referred to this faggy looking guy as her darling too. Is this another bf? He literally picked up the other scrote’s busted up bike off the side of the road.
Seems like too much of a hassle for a scrote that’s not getting anything in return.

No. 1529341

File: 1652607510550.png (2.03 MB, 828x1792, 5001FA4F-590E-4248-B768-943803…)

No. 1529400

I think she refers to most of her friends with stupid pet names

No. 1529429

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say her “darlings” are her gay orbiters, this is not a straight man nonny

No. 1529565

yeah not wearing socks is pretty gay

No. 1529568

he looks like he smells like ass covered by cologne, leeches off women, and has no job.

No. 1530418

File: 1652676435198.png (7.92 MB, 1170x2532, ABD5DD99-0590-4F76-930C-3CBF23…)

May: starts randomly calling her friends ‘darling’ as a disguise to get away with the milk spilled here

No. 1530438

oh that nate guy is the one who introduced her to colette kek

No. 1530505

File: 1652684713876.png (5.21 MB, 828x1792, 860E8966-9044-4FFA-ADBE-00E226…)

Jesus those jowls. I guess her sugar daddy is cheaping out on her filler budget this month

No. 1530645

damn she has not been looking cute in the face lately

No. 1530688

Lookin like a fish
No wonder she covered half her face with a mask when she was modeling for Omocat

No. 1530699

holyshit, her face is really busted without filters and angles.

No. 1530722

File: 1652711003869.png (10.02 MB, 1125x2436, CA8FF5D0-7AB0-4C20-BEF9-D014B6…)

darling this darling that every single time she features someone else

No. 1530723

Underwear on the outside like captain underpants

No. 1530725

She has to kiss ass hard to the 5 people that didn't drop her

No. 1530751

wtf is going on with her cheeks??? they make her look so ugly and emaciated

No. 1530794

only those with a low following who couldn't care less about their social media reputation are hanging out with her.

No. 1530892

File: 1652726208166.jpg (90.7 KB, 700x525, 5d9ce6afac143c068459f7c2.jpg)

It looks like shes going for the human ken doll look with those cheeks

No. 1530948

Filler is pretty much guaranteed to migrate, more noticeably so the more anyone uses, so it's no surprise it's warping her face

No. 1530956

It's always the ugly balding boys with locs that are two seconds from falling off what am I looking at

No. 1530960

He looks smelly and dirty. When did her standards drop so low? She'd always aim for those pretty boys like Sei or Danny Lian

No. 1530964

So much for being a "victim" of comphet and a sapphic lesbian. She sure chose the grimiest straight dude to date.

No. 1531053

>>1530505 I'm aware she has had the healthiest hair but damn it looks fried and grimy here

No. 1531300

File: 1652758558226.jpg (491.04 KB, 1080x1879, UWRFJWNAUDBDBQJ.jpg)

May "passed out on the floor" but was conveniently able to take a selfie for her insta story.

Fun fact - That Rimowa suitcase she has in the background costs more than most peoples rent.

No. 1531329

she’s such a loser for posting this shit kek the definition of brain dead poser in LA who’s always on drugs

No. 1531349

May loves to boast about being injured or sick lol. like look at me i'm so frail, weak and petite and i faint all the time uwu

this bitch is about to turn 26 for god's sake. act like it

No. 1531363

sage for speculation but it might be an antibiotic which she's not supposed to take with alcohol, but is drinking on anyways, causing the nausea and vomiting. not to say antibiotics can't cause gi issues, but it would be on brand for her tbh.

No. 1531520

literally who

No. 1531557

File: 1652793605541.png (8.65 MB, 1125x2436, 9E30E905-E222-4DF4-99B1-54B115…)

still getting booked for modelling but it’s no surprise that it’s with fellow white man lover soeymilk

No. 1531730

Soeymilk's husband is 60 years old. Mei must be getting tips on how to pull wrinkly white men for their money.

No. 1531853

File: 1652814526834.png (7.77 MB, 1170x2532, F9E412EB-C1A9-42C3-AF13-78DDC0…)

Did Michelle Phan use this tool to heal the man in the wheelchair?

No. 1532016

thought that was some kind of butt plug at first glance. maybe it is, wouldn’t surprise me since she’s gone crazy >>1526964

No. 1532043


Is it not? Looks like the butt plug version of a JO crystal.

No. 1532254

no wonder that wheelchair man started dancing. she put a butt plug up that man's ass(sage your shit)

No. 1533301

File: 1652949798863.png (4.42 MB, 828x1792, C85E2D26-E14D-43AB-8416-1CB0F4…)

Do you think she taking antibiotics because she got STDs? I’d imagine her sugardaddy fucks any asian woman within a two mile radius.
Colette literally just uses vinegar as birth control and STD prevention so just between the two of them I’d imagine they’re a goldmine of sexually transmitted diseases.

No. 1533377

Expensive haircare? It ain't showing, girl.

No. 1533498

Not a medical professional here, but don’t you use anti-viral meds when it comes to STDs, which mostly are viruses? She mentioned vomiting/ flu like symptoms, I guess maybe a URTI?

No. 1533551

Don't get how she is a shameless fujoshi , a lesbian repulsed by the male sex and in an open relationship that includes 2 men.

No. 1533595

The most common ones are bacterial infections, so I wouldn’t doubt she’d gotten an STD

No. 1533601

Sage for non milk but I've just realized most of May's male friends are white whilst most of her girl friends are asian (except for that one token black girl when BLM was trendy kek). Pretending to be a male-repulsed girlboss dyke to hide her white sugar daddies was peak hypocrisy.

No. 1533752

>Colette literally just uses vinegar as birth control
HUH??? I know it must smell crazy in that mansion


it could honestly be anything, there are a few meds for totally different things that have extreme side effects for some people. not to blog but when i was briefly on effexor (an antidepressant) i couldn't get out of bed because of the nausea/ dizziness/ fatigue, my dumbass psych didn't bother warning me about how extreme it can be for a lot of people. but I had the same reaction to a pretty generic antibiotic once. so it may not be STD related, could be as un-milky as a minor medical issue or like her feeling depressed because she got canceled and lost all her friends in a week lol

No. 1533835


welcome to the most banal of trends among young AsAm women who like to shittalk men but then date the crustiest of them. It's literally so common that when she dated Sei I was genuinely surprised, but nah she really turned that back around to date old crusty white men.

No. 1534374

File: 1653075996582.jpg (654.99 KB, 1079x1289, Screenshot_20220520-093513_Ins…)

That's fellow sugar baby Christina Kim to Mei's left. Wonder why she's still sticking around.

Also, Mei looks horrendous in this screenshot, jeez.

No. 1534812


Those candles look creepy af, what a weird choice.

No. 1534915

Mei looks horrendous period. This shot is NO different

No. 1535090

holy shit i feel like i never realized she got lip filler until this angle

No. 1535196

File: 1653154236043.png (7.07 MB, 1125x2436, CC2F5193-1B5D-4E61-993D-EB3D5D…)

look how weak and frail she is guys

No. 1535203

Kelly Ronahan is that you?

No. 1535211

She's been wearing those same ratty triple s for a while now. I really don't get it since they haven't been in style for a long time

No. 1535604

Imagine you're a nurse and your "sick" patient is just doing some yoga shit, blocking the bed for people who actually need it.
Like sorry, if you're still able to do that you probably don't belong in the ER.

No. 1535622

it's so funny how someone comments on here that it may be STD's and she does that pose lmao

maybe this confirms it? because knowing her she would be winning over what quiky sickness she got but until now its only "the antibiotics uwu"

No. 1535922

its cuz her sugar daddy wont get her new designer sneakers anymore after her scandal

No. 1536362

I think she’s a queen

No. 1536546

why is she looking more and more like a crusty bimbo? lmao

No. 1536895

She better not drag ayumi into this sex work bullshit. Also mei’s ig engagement has fell the fuck off. I’ve seen genshin artists with 1/5 of her following doing better than this wtf.

No. 1537065


Honestly really fucking hope every time she turns comments back on people ask her to address this bullshit. In addition to this entire situation turning people off of her, engagement is tanking partly because she doesn't turn comments back on so I'm kind of feeling she may turn it back on in the next couple of weeks.

No. 1537213

File: 1653328338338.jpeg (546.87 KB, 1125x2436, 72DFC006-0950-445A-8C84-EB1B17…)

You would think she could afford to have her roots done better than this?? They’re straight up orange

No. 1537389

Crying at crimson chin and his twin in this one
Expensive hair color but has roots showing yeah okay sports clipz

No. 1537755

big ole feet

No. 1538607

File: 1653408901040.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1642, 50464CA8-3D5C-4A6E-9B39-BAB44C…)

looks like @dearmiju on instagram stopped doing her hair for free because of the drama/loss of engagement? last colour posted september 22nd

No. 1538656

Vid was deleted, did anyone save?

No. 1538659

Wow, her roots are completed untoned and banding badly. I guess she paid $50 for this? it looks bad

No. 1538767

dont post unsaged shit when you cant even do proper research, shes still getting her hair done there she posted an insta story about it like 3 weeks ago

No. 1538768


Nah, they did her blonde hair too (her last video before the infamous Q&A), and she posted a Story some weeks ago getting her touch-up done there by the usual people (didn't find it important to save, obviously).

No. 1538942

those roots are straight up nasty

her hair has always looked like shit. she needs to find a good colorist and actually pay them.

No. 1539131

i'm so confused when i see people praising her hair lol. the texture is frizzy and fried, the ends are straw like.. her short bangs are atrocious too

No. 1539453

Mindy is moving to Australia lol

No. 1539612

came across this jubilee video where her "darling" devens appears https://fb.watch/degcFS-nxu/

No. 1539787

File: 1653516792681.jpeg (478.08 KB, 828x940, E8D2B604-E7BC-4DD2-9FA7-578DB4…)

may and ayumi got matching miumiu friendship bracelets
is ayumi in danger? kek

No. 1539998

Even the "friendship bracelet" has to be some random euro brand logo meant as a flex. Honestly, these prostitutes are crazy, even the tackiness isn't jarring anymore.

No. 1540191

File: 1653529792034.png (8.5 MB, 1170x2532, 50E9B4CA-180E-4685-BC72-C039EA…)

Not this Niko guy again please
(And Mei went to have pizza with Ayumi, but Niko is not in the photos)

No. 1540275

Same anon here, stupid me found out Niko is not the guy who introduced Mei to Colette and David. That was Nate.

No. 1540434

i never realized how tan May is, the filters she use on her selfies and videos make her so washed out compared to her actual skin tone

No. 1540770

How long is this dry shit going to be pinned?

No. 1540862

she wants to be perceived as japanese so bad

No. 1540909

File: 1653583528701.png (4.37 MB, 1125x2436, AA30F70B-8F55-46FA-A340-71FD5F…)

she made ayumi watch her fave anime and she looks bored out of her mind

No. 1541288

You do know that east Asians naturally have a light tan right?

No. 1541333

what’s your point?
colorism exists in asia too
she lightens her skin tone in her all her photos

No. 1541443

NTA but wanted to chime in. I'm SE Asian and our culture is one of the most colorist one I know.

No. 1541577

Mei is a cow and deserves a thread but the narrative you push of her "trying to be perceived as Japanese" is so cringe and dumb.
Mei is a Chinese name and being pale is not exclusive to Japanese people. She didn't present a fake DNA test saying she's Japanese like Himeahri and Hanabunny had a I'm jap phase but she eventually she dropped it and said she's Viet.

No. 1541656


She literally unofficially changed the spelling of her name to look more Chinese, she also went by the Japanese spelling for a while so your point here is moot

No. 1541824

Kek she literally used to say her name was Ringo Mae (which isn’t even the correct spelling) and then changed her name to Mei. She also edits her skin lighter than it is. She used to be obsessed with wanting to look exactly like Ayumi Seto, a pale Japanese model. No one said only Japanese people can be pale, weirdo.

No. 1542832

File: 1653769765219.jpg (493.65 KB, 705x587, Meiisback.jpg)


>Mei announces her return to Youtube while still manipulating her viewers and keeping comments off

No. 1543113

>peroxide blonde looks like shit, even the beige she originally had was better
>mei looks incredibly gaunt
>confirms poly relationship is dead
>insists her content is age appropriate
>shills another hair tool and gisou hair oil
>talks about the trauma of ~online bullying~
>family hate her whoring around
>genshin streaming will be back, likely without a sponser

No. 1543153

ok so is her plan to keep comments off forever?

No. 1543155

Still talking about these "poly relationships". Is there anything more palatable for a woman in the U.S.A. living in a "hip place" like NYC or L.A. working as an influencer, or making mediatic articles for glossy magazines talk about "modern" relationships?

She is so manipulative, in the way that she conventionally paints herself as a "sexually liberated woman" that suffers from "bullying on the internet". Anything to hide what her sexuality actually is: Self-fetishising her race in a prostitution career to flex Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Fendi trinkets in her insta selfies.

No. 1543167

according to the video she seems to be out of her poly phase and into her monogamous straight girl era probably to please her family. although i wouldnt be surprised if shes still sugaring because shes still friends with girlboss pimp xtinaa.

her and devon are both emotionally retarded and unable to hold a relationship so we’ll see how long that lasts.

No. 1543206

She's absolutely going to continue sugaring, she's just learned not to do it so blatantly. lmao

No. 1543249

It was interesting that she said they all chose to go their own ways, so I wonder if that includes collete and p separating or if she meant her and some others. Also noticed that she said she moved back with her parents because of covid when it seemed like she was living with Collette before (also apartment hunting now and not staying for long)

No. 1543264

So I guess the scandal + people emailing mihoyo about it actually made her lose her genshin sponsorship? What a dumb way to get blacklisted, she should have just sugared on the dl instead of… whatever the hell that video with collette was

No. 1543280

I highly doubt Colette and David split, they’ve been in whatever relationship they have for at least 7 years (Colette’s first tweet with a photo of David was in 2014). They’re not gonna end their co-dependant arrangement just cause one of their “daughters they can fuck” got into a silly little scandal online

No. 1543359


She never moved with Colette or anyone else, IDK how people got that impression bc it's one of the few things she never tried to fake otherwise (in fact, she always made a big production of it on her IG whenever she traveled to Colette's). In any case, you can clearly see in all the content she put out, and even her Genshin streams, that she was always still living in the same place, in her family home. I guess that video with the dude who "spontaneously visits rich people's homes" confused people who aren't familiar with Mei's channel? Those kinda videos are scripted and shit, don't believe them lol

And what she said tracks true. She deleted all her videos with Sei, but I remember she moved into an apartment with him for a few months in 2019/2020 and then they moved back in with her parents when lockdown started. Then they broke up, and she's always lived in the same place ever since.

No. 1543456

File: 1653841801443.jpeg (190.54 KB, 1125x1393, 7263CE20-2054-4BE2-B878-AFC149…)

Not sure if I entirely believe she’s split from Colette because a PULLfag pointed out she was possibly at her birthday party and seen for a split second in the video but not in any other pictures, so probably trying to keep her on the DL

No. 1543538


Uuuh of course she was there. Because that's very obviously from last year.

What's up with people not bothering to check basic stuff lately?

No. 1543547


The video's not even deleted. Took 1 minute to scroll and find it.


No. 1543724


Since it all became clear she started to drape her gigolo in her brand acessories and publicly parade him in this regular straight girl stunt.

The fact that she actually made a public declaration that is just vaguely saying to her audience "I'm distancing myself from this subject" without adressing anything speaks for itself. She is basically pretending to be a "born again christian" at this point.

Come on, Mei. Make an inspirational video about the morning routine of a whore. Let's not pretend nothing happened, shall we?

No. 1543779

File: 1653871194322.png (303 KB, 799x404, dislikes.png)

went ahead and checked to see what the like/dislike ratio would be like. not surprised. hilarious that she wants to talk to her fans yet all the comments are still turned off.

No. 1543800

Olivya dropped Mei & Colette after the drama. Mei is distancing herself from Colette & David/P to try to come off as innocent.

Mei and her 4th partner Devens are still presumably dating.

David is too autistic to leave Colette and she relies on his money so there's no way they split up.

No. 1543815

Her skin looks disgusting

No. 1543831

File: 1653876319156.jpeg (319.84 KB, 828x472, 8D877764-3E6B-4BA5-97FF-004777…)

who’s house is this?

No. 1543864

pretty sure that’s david/p’s house, also why is the christmas tree still up

No. 1543916

File: 1653883178521.jpeg (48.03 KB, 387x685, 69356FD7-36A4-433D-9E80-E60B8D…)

Ps tinfoil but I think she got buccal fat removal and that’s why she’s on antibiotics

No. 1543977

File: 1653892559588.jpeg (225.52 KB, 1125x432, AB538418-12E4-4963-A726-7D334A…)

She definitely lost her sponsorship with Hoyo. Her last Genshin related video was 12 weeks ago.

No. 1544003

Genshin nonnas, I remember an anon here was able to look up her Genshin profile or something. Is she still in the private content creator discord and whatnot? I don't play or interact with the community myself but the manipulative way she's framing the canceled stream is making wanna know.

No. 1544013

Samefagging, but Seto Ayumi hasn't been even slightly relevant in Japanese fashion or pop culture for like a decade. She has a failing youtube channel and a hideous brand that can't secure a physical store/gets marked down 50-70% off all the time. It's funny to see May flaunt their friendship like it means anything when they can't even actually communicate without using Google Translate. They're both just using each other for clout that doesn't exist and it's sad.

No. 1544045

Let’s be honest, what could Ayumi gain / benefit from Mei? To me it’s more like Mei is trying to get fame with her old ‘we look like twins’ trick. Mei is posting photos with / of Ayumi 24/7 when they’re travelling together, but Ayumi posted only 3,4 photos of Mei / them together lmao

No. 1544259

File: 1653928250045.jpeg (86.22 KB, 1125x180, A67C5D16-AA36-4330-A357-F513C8…)

Ayumi's engagement rate is laughable really. Despite that she's gaining an average of 3k followers per month. Definitely pays for bots

No. 1544341

File: 1653934726171.png (9.32 KB, 559x88, screenshot.PNG)

cue to her bdsm pictures and videos

No. 1544440

File: 1653940856232.jpeg (578.49 KB, 2448x960, ayumi.jpeg)

Sage for J-fashion sperg, but before the whole cult scandal business and just looking at follower counts, May would've been considered to have a decent audience on YouTube/Instagram made up of mostly Asian pop culture/fashion-interest-oriented teen girls. Ayumi with her dead brand and 30 likes per IG post would definitely want to tap into this. She was never big in Japan past being a Zipper model and only grew an international audience from Asobi Systems promoting her as a "kawaii model and designer" at American weeb festivals and cons. Zipper, aomoji-kei, and that era of Harajuku fashion is completely outdated and irrelevant in Japan. Her first label is dead. Her second brand was never popular. She's hitting 30 and can't speak English. Having May model and letting her tag her in so many photos is for exposure to her English-speaking audience. Whether or not Ayumi is aware of the scandal, she has nothing to lose.

On the other hand, May is using Ayumi to pretend like she has any friends left/is still getting gigs/to flex on her remaining 14-year-old fans that she is uwu so in touch with her weeb side and can totes speak Japanese.

Ofc with May's latest video hitting only 10k views in two days it seems like her (600k subs) and Ayumi (<10k subs) are racing towards having similar YT view counts.

No. 1544454

may turned back on comments but limited them kek

No. 1544457

i find it hilarious that may never promoted ayumi's yt channel on her socials

No. 1546866

File: 1654168925945.png (36.16 KB, 585x503, crazy.png)

who is she talking to?

No. 1547408

probably her instagram comment bots

No. 1548610

I didn't get to screenshot but her latest post on instagram had a comment that said something along the lines of "we won't forget, mei" with quite a couple of likes, probably why it's not there anymore lol

No. 1550607

Of course it's Genshin Impact again lol
Before she was exposed she wouldn't even ask her fans to vote (if she wanted the character so badly, she just pay and pay until she draws the character) , seems like she ran out of the sugar daddy fund, tight on budget huh?

No. 1550856

Mei posted a new video on her YouTube channel. That video made more or less 7000 views in 11 hours, and for me it seems kinda weird…

No. 1551655

11k views and less than 70 comments. All her comments are positive and say the same thing “omg pretty pretty woman kawaii”……….Is she buying bots? Her instagram is mostly like that too.

No. 1551658

No. 1552139

Can’t you just tip Mei off to the FBI for being involved with the child BDSM shit? or is that cow tipping? sick of seeing pedophiles get away with shit, i dont understand why we cant contact her parents and their jobs in this scenario for her being a sick fuck with collete and david?

No. 1552186

We could but I don't think there's sufficient evidence, also no trolling plans allowed. If you personally do it anyways, I wouldn't blame you she needs to get booted from the internet

No. 1552207

i dont think id do it myself because i doubt anything would come of it, as you said, due to the lack of sufficient/tangible evidence. but im sure karma will continue to hit her.

No. 1552275

So, her new personality trait is Marin? Cosplaying as a teen once again… She started losing her mind the moment she became a FULLY legal adult (21) and then with all this borderline p3d0 cult and David giving her all those childlike dresses and she "feeling liberated"… makes me wonder, why does she cares so much about being treated and perceived as a child or a much younger girl? She never even attempted to do a "instagram baddie" look back in the day when she "was so scared of wearing pink and be true to herself", it's like she rejects everything a woman would do except of course, money and sex related stuff.

Also, I'm not saying cosplaying underage characters is bad on the least, it's just that on her looks suspicious.

No. 1552286

someone made a video calling her out for queerbaiting but it’s in spanish(?)

No. 1552545

Pretty concise and well done overview of her overall shenanigans+how this plays into the negative stereotypes of bi girls being fake. I disagree with the point about people turning to polyamory out of failed mono relationships in Mei's case, she really just chose Burberry over besties
Youtube's auto-translate CC's are fairly serviceable for this video so hopefully it spreads

No. 1552805

File: 1654668171431.png (356.88 KB, 779x550, dislikes.png)

she is really not cute at all without makeup on. also still a lot of dislikes. probably less because you can't see them normally. also did she get something done to her teeth, they're all fake and look too big for her mouth now. maybe her gums are just receding

No. 1552979

A lot of those women are that way because they place extreme value on their appearance and internalise sexist views that a womans value is only her youth and appearance. Especially in the sex work industry as they get older they become more desperate to cling onto appearing young. I noticed also that a lot of asian women in particular play into this probably due to their societal stereotype.

No. 1553470

There's not a single part of her "cosplay" that actually matches the character? The hairstyle/bangs are wrong, piercings and accessories are wrong, skirt and tie are the wrong color, even the button-up shirt sleeves are the wrong length. I don't think people would recognize this as the character without her saying it was Marin, she just looks like her normal self wearing a school uniform.

No. 1553488

is there anything she doesn't do half assedly?

No. 1553595

How are you able to see the dislikes ?

No. 1553853

just add any extension for youtube dislikes to show up again. firefox has a decent one

No. 1553931

Why is this shitty anime girl so popular with thots?

No. 1553984

Because she's popular and cosplays just like them!!

No. 1554023

shes always had larger teeth but shes been wearing an invisalign for the past couple years so theyre just straighter than they used to be. they used to make her jaw area look very one sided

No. 1555402

shes super easy to dress as and a big part of her character is being a hot and nerdy comic con incel fantasy

No. 1557206

File: 1654964505098.jpeg (541.2 KB, 1125x2026, 802C05E0-D7DA-422A-8322-6A95BC…)

Mei was featured in a watchingnewyork post on ig (1/2)

No. 1557207

File: 1654964603180.jpeg (705.93 KB, 1125x1872, 7ED7FE66-9EF3-4EDB-BE02-C97421…)

the comments are calling her out or shitting on her style lol
(also “#thrifted”? Mei would never anymore)

No. 1557461

yikes. going through the comments is making me embarrassed for her.

No. 1557500

imagine spending $1200 on a shirt to look this basic in it… everything about her outfit screams bland LA whore. she has no sense of style, she just jumps on the bandwagon to buy whatever is pastel and trendy. her 19-20 year old self dressed better than she does now

No. 1558825

File: 1655091495229.jpeg (206.48 KB, 828x749, C7AFAD09-CD5C-4DFD-89E5-6EBB4B…)

Someone drew fanart of the sex cult stuff and tagged May, Olivya, and Collete

No. 1558835

File: 1655092129674.jpeg (Spoiler Image,674.7 KB, 828x1357, 47CF6A81-0AE8-4015-8E43-4408CF…)

At least post the art.

No. 1559041

This looks appropriately weird and sinister kek.

No. 1559249

Yeah, the spanish-speaking community is talking a lot about her, it seems like tons of ppl followed her before and saw all the candal.

No. 1562037

She's posting about her Paris trip again. Now there are 10+ spots available. Weren't there less before? She made a feed post about it on Insta and there were 2 comments but when I clicked to see them they were gone. Still delering any criticism, I see.

No. 1562080

Pretty sure the Paris trip had around 10 people going at first. She said the first 10 would get a discounted price and I remember seeing her say that there were either few spots left or than they had run out of the discounted spots months ago

No. 1562272

Didn't a ton of people drop when all of the cult shit got out?

No. 1562451

File: 1655363844845.png (11.8 MB, 1170x2532, BB702E49-7A2F-4CF9-852E-7D13D3…)


No. 1562639

This is so weird and such a cash grab. “watch me create content”, “q and a”, just upload a video? Provide BTS footage on whatever photo shoots? Why would anyone waste their time and money to go to Paris to get what could be essentially provided online.

No. 1565267

No. 1565320

At least the comments know she isnt from New York. You can spot a non native a mile away.

No. 1565501

I ask this same question about attending University

No. 1565918

OT but god she looks so awful with yellow blonde.

No. 1567394

File: 1655780530010.png (332.79 KB, 785x390, dislikes.png)

people are still disliking pretty heavily

No. 1567587

File: 1655804058930.jpeg (234.16 KB, 828x1207, 01E840FA-BB5D-4149-8BEF-DA5657…)

Anyone else wonder what happened to her patreon? I noticed all the content seemed to be deleted. Did she rlly fuck over the patrons who paid $25 a month for her “content creator” courses and delete all of her content??

No. 1568014

File: 1655837463542.jpeg (864 KB, 828x1516, 7B8D892C-BC55-43F8-B2DA-EEAF03…)

No. 1568018

File: 1655837595843.png (1.18 MB, 720x1600, 2.png)

No. 1568019

File: 1655837632778.png (1 MB, 720x1600, 3.png)

No. 1568020

File: 1655837659616.png (956.83 KB, 720x1600, 4.png)

No. 1568021

File: 1655837690603.png (731.96 KB, 720x1600, 5.png)

No. 1568022

File: 1655837719737.png (1.05 MB, 720x1600, 6.png)

No. 1568051

Looks like she lost all her uwu cute asian friends

No. 1568075

This is very strange, what would warrant this but at the same time she has been fine enough to be running around doing all that she has been. Are we tinfoiling a cosmetic surgery that she is trying to hide under the guise of illness?

No. 1568080

File: 1655840036253.png (272.94 KB, 583x839, 452452452.png)

No. 1568089

Omg why? She is literally in a different place every single day :/( :/)

No. 1568261

Either mental hospitalization for suicidal ideation a or some kind of rehab (drug/ED) is what I feel like she’s suggesting.

No. 1568460

File: 1655871905187.png (5.21 MB, 1170x2532, BE9C0E18-0241-438F-BCD0-DA64C6…)

Why would you start a fire at the beach lol
Btw I don’t trust my face-blindness but I think the guy on the left look somewhat like David
Also there are tons of Asian girls at the party so if it really is David I won’t be surprised

No. 1568465

File: 1655872164478.png (7.49 MB, 1170x2532, 16C1D5C0-B973-40B6-966D-34CA91…)

To supplement with screenshots of the reel Mei uploaded. All the females attending are Asians.

No. 1568470

File: 1655872998388.webm (2.41 MB, 480x854, All the female attendants are …)

No. 1568541

Is this what constitutes as milk in this shit thread? It’s really normal to have bonfires on the beach retard

No. 1568705

Idk I feel like if it was for her mental health she would have blamed the “misinformation” and “bullying” regarding the sex cult to continue her lie that she didn’t do anything. I remember she posted that bizarre story where she claimed she had passed out on the side of the road then that image of her with her leg in the air in a nice looking medical facility which could easily be her lying and she was there for a consultation. Someone tinfoiled in the thread earlier she had an STD from the sex cult because they don’t practice safe sex and Colette does some bizzare home made shit where she blasts her cunt with vinegar kek. I know some sugar babies have surgery bought for them so honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if David is upgrading her body and she can’t be honest about that because it’s not on brand. It would be fun if her parents are actually locking her up in rehab because she licked too many toads with the cult.

No. 1568778

i feel like she's trying to get people to feel bad for her by posting how she's being hospitalized all the time. i bet her pea brain thinks that making herself look chronically ill or some shit will uncancel her, but of course she won't reveal what she's sick with

No. 1568780

This thread has been dead for months, the stories have been inconsistent cause newbies just chime in without reading, and more than half of them are such stretched claims it doesn’t make it fun

No. 1568790

Nah it’s not, he’s just white. Plus I’m pretty sure it’s up in the thread + talked about they’re not dating/seeing each other anymore. I think it’s been like that for months.

No. 1568850

Having a bonfire is a totally normal beach activity sperg

No. 1568880

Ew, the crows feet to the middle aged Asian lady lips. What the fuck is the posing here for this? And why does everyone look like they have chlamydia? Can nobody there afford a chair why are they just sitting in the sand this is so pathetic.

No. 1569164

everyone looks so trashy

No. 1569168

I’m surprised no one’s talked about how David is an anti-lockdown Peter Thiel republican with seemingly anti-lgbt and anti BLM views based on his (admittedly limited) Twitter presence. His latest retweet is Ted Cruz lol. This isn’t really milk but it’s extra funny that a liberated sapphic pansexual would date him, I always figured he was more like a rich guy who playacted liberal at least

No. 1571421

did someone post this already? sorry if someone did

No. 1571487

Good lord she looks 50 and malnourished here.

No. 1571523

What stimulants and cheap plastic surgery do to a mf

No. 1571983

I really think her parents got her commited into a mental institution as a last resort to try to get her "fixed" because her last twitter post sounds like something a "suicidal" person would say / a way of defying authority regarding the content she posts. Also some institutions strictly prohibit phone and Internet use, why may explain her leaving everything for a while despite she loves attention

No. 1572507

I'm sorry but it's weird to me she's wearing such a tiny ass bikini around her 'friends' and they're all dressed normal. She looks sick here

No. 1573085

What's his Twitter handle?

No. 1573443

The relevancy is that her white sugar daddy and his Asian partner like to collect Asian women for their poly sex cult for creeps who fetishise Asian women. So scenarios that include Mei where all the women are Asian and the men are not now look strange with that context.

No. 1573978

>didn't read OP
>didn't read the dozens of posts that made this thread so active
>video explaining everything is right there

I'm not even a regular on this thread and I was able to piece together the context.

No. 1574332

But she said I’m her Q&A she’s not seeing them anymore, and there are clearly mixed girls and guys/ Asian guys in the photos, there’s only one or two white people there. Like if she hangs with only Asians people say it’s suspicious, if she hangs with white people it’s suspicious, what race/gender is okay to hang out with

No. 1574426

you trust everything she said in her video?

No. 1574490

Have you seen any actual proof saying otherwise?

No. 1574731

Mei bought some ugly Miu Miu flats in her recent NY vlog bc the boots she brought hurt. And then she says she's not even sure she likes them. Us lowly peasants would just buy some cheap shoes at H&M or something, but not princess Mei!

No. 1574751

Well she seems to be back already? Very odd how catastrophic she made it seem and it was no time at all.

No. 1575108

Is she in a relationship with Ayumi? She said they shared a bath together

No. 1575245

it's common in japanese culture to do baths together like hot baths and stuff but she might just be revitalizing her sapphic label.(sage your shit)

No. 1575249

File: 1656481092196.png (39.86 KB, 795x212, dislikes.png)

No. 1575370

Yeah her stories aren’t worth posting per say but she looks completely fine. She made it sound like there was actually something wrong and she would be hospitalised a long time then need care but she was gone only a few days and is up and about shopping and posing in a gym? Wtf was she supposedly in for it’s so strange. Any kind of surgery including cosmetic presumably she wouldn’t be up shopping and looking completely normal already.

No. 1575511

File: 1656515138898.jpeg (552.68 KB, 1125x1994, AF52B6D3-C89C-4818-9A59-160393…)

at the gym like this?

No. 1576289

she’s mentioned before that she’s anemic and faints sometimes. might be the reason she was in the ER earlier too

No. 1576307

The way she was posting is so melodramatic if she just has anemia though, what a drama queen.

No. 1576712

May loves to over-inflate small or simply normal things in ways that fit her narrative or make her seem better and/or more pitiable. I still can't get over her constantly bringing up her taking cc courses as a high schooler as if she was some 10000 IQ genius that went to university early.

No. 1577455

Anemia is literally one of the most common things that women suffer from. She’s not special if that’s the reason why she’s hospitalized. And it’s also so easily treatable. I agree that she seems to over exaggerate things and even talks in ways that a narcissist would. But she’s smart enough to use the nuances so that she’s still always the victim.

No. 1577510

She badly inserted shopped herself in that gym. You can see a white wispy line around her. Also that floor goes harshly from one color to the next all weird..

No. 1577534

I am into this conspiracy kek, is she not really free from whatever hospitalisation and lying? Did her parents really lock her up.

No. 1577588

this psycho actually photoshopped herself into the picture… why?

No. 1577666

File: 1656682253539.jpg (389.38 KB, 1079x1461, SmartSelect_20220701-092927_Sa…)

She badly inserted shopped herself in that gym. You can see a white wispy line around her. Also that floor goes harshly from one color to the next all weird.. >>1577534
I zoomed into the worst spot of her insertion.

No. 1578122


I think May will pivot to being a chronic illness account, since their fans tend to baby them

No. 1578758

File: 1656781941217.jpeg (170.65 KB, 1107x326, 23692E2F-4D23-4ACC-8536-FFB27F…)

Mei liked this tweet. Idk if it has anything to do w her feelings about her cancellation/the sugaring situation

No. 1579293

Right? This forum gets pretty weird/ stalkerish sometimes , makes me feel creepy(newfaggotry)

No. 1579373

Why is she speaking Japanese like that,her obsession with Banana Fish is weird

No. 1579502

This thread has turned into a bitch eating crackers meme. The milk stopped ever since she and those weirdos parted ways from each other, and since she's likely not going to address whatever went down, ever since then this thread has been nothing but a constant reach over the most ridicule nonsense. Nothing more to her now than her regular vapid dumbassery. Most of y'all are doing way too much with way too little, and some of the shit brought up says more about some of the people here than it does about her kek

No. 1579636

^^ tru(^^sage)

No. 1579777

Finally someone says it lol. Obviously a lot of the people here are just shitting on her bc they hate her/might even be jealous. It’s not even interesting to read anymore it’s just sad.

No. 1579782


No. 1579978

May getting mad and shifting the blame

No. 1580062

Instead of writing a random unsaged comment, embed the video for context newfag.

>Mei calls Ayumi her best friend in the video title (tragic)

>Mei and Ayumi are in NYC
>They’re at a restaurant, Mei without makeup while Ayumi is dressed up
>Mei complains about the flight and trip, Ayumi apologizes and feels guilty
>Mei makes Ayumi watch Banana Fish
>They go to Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton etc (sugar daddy money)
>Mei switches to random Japanese
>Ayumi replies in English kek
>Ayumi calls Mei’s Japanese manly

No. 1580097

Just like every other thread on lolcow? Hide it and move on.

No. 1580099

You guys have such strange/interesting morals. It’s like you want Mei to acknowledge her wrongdoings but you won’t acknowledge your own?. You both turn blind eyes to being complete assholes lmao. Monkê mentality

No. 1580111

compared to Venus Angelic's thread where people spent 100+ comments arguing over a strand of hair, I think we have a much reasonable discussion over here. idk. If you don't like it here then leave and have a good time, maybe go to a restaurant and have a feast?

No. 1580118

1. Learn to sage dipshit
2. This is a GOSSIP website what sense does it make to acknowledge our own morals or whatever we shit you deluded yourself to believe
3. If you hate the thread so damn much there's an amazing feature called the exit window button you should exercise that
4. Get off lolcow and go back to whatever backwater country taught you English summerfag

No. 1580132

4.) Get off lolcow and get a job… or make friends… or have some sort of productive life… maybe date, idk something ^ that none of the people here are doing…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1580162

File: 1656942143817.png (438.85 KB, 640x1136, 4815F302-057C-4D44-BFA7-F9ABF8…)

Mei has been desperately pushing her Paris trip recently (multiple stories, insta posts, ads in her videos, recruiting Ayumi as a guest) she gets paid per guest that attends and let it slip that there are 13 of the original 20 spots left. The company she’s working with has a mandatory minimum of 8 guests for a trip to be confirmed. Since her trip initially sold out it was confirmed but then a bunch of people cancelled. Do you think she’s reached 8 and is posting for greed? Or in danger of the whole thing falling through?

No. 1580348

KEK yet he doesn't mind his ""girlfriends"" playing pretend lesbian w each other. This scrote is disgusting

No. 1580352

tbh it’s hard to tell how many people are actually going to go, i can see her saying she had a “major health scare/hospitalization” if the trip falls through lol

No. 1580404

why are you here then?

No. 1580685

If you guys hate mei so much there’s a thing called the unsubscribe button(at least sage your wk-ing)

No. 1580758

Because I’m like y’all… unemployed virgins(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1580802

File: 1657016321815.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-07-05-13-11-31…)

Her ED is showing in her tagged posts on Instagram

No. 1580886

Look at those anorexic wrists just commit yourself and quit posting embarrassing content. She's never going to get her subscriber base back.
May stop sending your retarded friends here and go get your malnourished farmer faced ass into a mental hospital already. Learn how to integrate you buck toothed uneducated yellow slut(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1580969

She looks fine, I agree the milk has dried up and nonnas are nitpicking at this point

No. 1581159

i feel like she's always looked a little decrepit

No. 1582353

she must absolutely SCRUB the comment section, all the comments left are so fake and overly sweet/happy

No. 1582354

File: 1657160761206.jpeg (152.09 KB, 1170x943, D0120298-EC50-4F0E-B59B-9C1380…)

Guess her Twitter replies are public again

No. 1582361

File: 1657161057479.jpeg (77.95 KB, 828x927, B1CBF36D-DE9C-4684-A1A6-511A38…)

Picture taken off Twitter but apparently she is still following Colette lmao what is wrong with this bitch

No. 1582368

How the fuck is she gonna say she’s hospitalized and then go to a huge convention without a mask. Literally every cosplayer in her pictures and videos have masks on except for her… Insane

No. 1582369

Convinced there are maybe 3 very dedicated anons itt

No. 1582442

This thread has people going 'n-no milk!!' more than any other thread kek I wonder why

No. 1582453

Legit, kek at the retard you're responding to.

No. 1582504

Because there isn’t. This thread reeks of vendetta.

No. 1582592

It’s so strange she was saying she would need care but she is up and about on her feet in the heat all day just fine with nothing visibly physically wrong. It’s so bizarre, she had the breadcrumbs before with the hospital pictures and claiming she had passed out on the side of the road. There has to be lies involved because what she has claimed doesn’t match her behaviour. Is she hiding some kind of cosmetic procedure behind her claim of illness.

No. 1582672

Why doesn’t she talk about what happened then? Why not clear everything up? Must be exhausting constantly deleting comments and limiting posts and sending bots and stinky weebs to drown out her actual hurt fans.

No. 1582885

do you even know what the term vendetta means? it's not a vendetta when there have been multiple threads about her and she has a clear track record of being a cow. learn to integrate better

No. 1582922

File: 1657221789020.jpg (362.93 KB, 1080x2141, Screenshot_20220707-122135_Twi…)

People are grilling her in the replies lol

No. 1583250

File: 1657254120867.png (88.82 KB, 1678x528, Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 9.15…)

I sent TrovaTrip an email regarding May and was told they would look into the issue. I think it's worth reaching out to them since technically, May has been in violation of Section 5.24 Traveler Booking Terms regarding Pre-Trip Behavior, seeing as how she did use social media to promote SW/sugaring to her general audience/largely underaged following.

It's not even about being petty but genuinely I am curious how she plans on conducting an overseas trip with a bunch of impressionable followers… like what is she going to do if someone brings up the controversy about Colette/sugaring sex cult? Since she won't take accountability on social media and continues to scrub all her platforms, how can anyone vouch for her to conduct safe practices overseas and not secretly try to promote sugaring/SW during these trips?(cowtipping)

No. 1583291

They’re beating a dead horse at this point.

>b-but vulnerable viewers and LGBTQ looked up to you

And? She’s already made it crystal clear she doesn’t give a shit, maybe just unfollow her? And it’s not like it would make any difference if she apologized or made a statement at this point, people are just annoyed she’s not producing milk for the Twitter mob anymore.

No. 1583297


I keep seeing these words thrown around as excuses for cowtipping, framing her followers as helpless babies who need to be protected by brave vendetta-chans. At this point anyone who’s still blowing cash on this known scammer deserves whatever they get.

No. 1583518

File: 1657297507048.jpeg (233.77 KB, 1125x602, 374E4FAE-F036-4925-9CC2-95126F…)

I hope she got covid from ax lol

No. 1584280

File: 1657395566389.jpeg (257.88 KB, 828x1033, 8707E1E7-69D1-4709-8BA6-70EBCE…)

Mei if she had good plastic surgery and didn’t join a fetish sex cult. Weird thing is this girl is called Mei too

No. 1584290

no, that's not mei if she did those things… what a weird and retarded post

No. 1584746

she has the same botched nose and filler moustache as mei, twins!

No. 1587954

She hosted a livestream yesterday. Did anyone catch it?

No. 1587971

Watched parts of the stream, then had to stop because I was going to lose audition points as she's screaming all the time like a retarded weaboo.
Ppl asked about her going to the hospital several times in a row, she said she prefers keeping some privacy and "hopes to be able to share someday what brought me to the hospital"

No. 1588836

No. 1588871

File: 1657913180708.jpeg (82.58 KB, 979x1178, 45A5A329-8187-4837-BDEB-2535E5…)

is she still sugaring on the dl since she has “Chinese angel” in her bio?

No. 1588906

idk what this pic is going on about. Angel Investors are called that because they are like angels for their generosity, not because they are investing into "angels." It's so obvious I don't get how someone would get the idea wrong

No. 1588920

This is from David (P)’s sugaring agency website

No. 1588928

hard to tell but I wouldn't take it as a sign. She's called herself a "Chinese angel" for years even before meeting Colette and co

No. 1594615

sage because not actual milk but devens was in this video and was the first person to get kicked(learn2embed)

No. 1596039

No. 1596748

The show's rule is if they got the fake one kicked out then the real ones win, so even though Devens was kicked out the first round, the game was still going on, so they were considered one of the reals in the game. I’m not judging one’s identity here, I know there are people who fake their sexual orientation, but what’s the point of trying to prove Devens’ faking queer or not? We can’t prove it right or wrong anyway, let alone they have been identifying as non-binary most of the time.

No. 1598511

devens is a man

No. 1599070

No, the "reals" have to unanimously vote that they've already voted the liar out to end the game.

No. 1599248

"A lot of the LGBTQ community looked up to you" did they really? It was abundantly obvious to anyone with critical thinking skills that the whole ~lesbian~ thing was for clout.

No. 1601924

Youtube and Twitter especially are filled with young qweers who will latch onto anything remotely "mlm/wlw", including obvious heterosexuals who are just posing for clout. Par for the course really

No. 1601945

i feel like she's filtered out "cult" and other words from the comments sections cause her content has been bad and it just seems like stans that are commenting or bots. if people want to keep pestering her to address the issues, she should just address it already. people won't forget and it'll come back to get her

No. 1602582

I hope she's remembered as that one fake lesbian and white man's whore forever kek. Knew she was just cosplaying it the moment she began a weird poly group with women that have boyfriends/are married to men. And now she's just conveniently "pansexual"

No. 1607274

is being asian a requirement?

No. 1631172

she spent 1k for a root touch up and color correction because she had an allergic reaction to bleach on her last session at a diff salon. explains why her roots looked so fucked up months ago. but honestly she should give her hair a break. at the end result you can see how much breakage is sticking out at the top. in her before photo with her bangs clipped away you can see her baby hairs under her bangs are so heavily broken off and going in a v shape. ive had my fair share of salon bleach fails but even for living in la, 1k for bleach pink hair is insane. shes in the comments trying to justify her investment saying la stylists charge $100 an hr wtf

No. 1631177

samefag but just adding a reference that when i had a color correction done as well as a bleach sesh going from black to blonde it cost me about $400 plus tip.

No. 1631308

Idk, I'm not really mad that she spent this much on her hair. I've done my hair myself most of my adult life and have only let someone from a salon touch it twice in that timespan. The most recent time was for a temporary color glaze and was literally $260+. For her to have these results in one day (with her hair length, mind you) without needing to stand like a statue in her own bathroom making a mess everywhere really isn't that bad. I wouldn't do it, but again, in my experience, $1000 for what she had done really doesn't seem that crazy to me.(unsaged blog)

No. 1631766

It’s her money whatever but she spends so long in the video justifying the price and making out how essential it is for some reason. Maybe she is trying to look poor and humble but she is in designer all the time, she tries to have a rich girl aesthetic so why the handwringing over the price which she didn’t even need to state. It’s in the title which is usually what people do when they are flexing. It’s just a weird tone to the video.

No. 1632356

File: 1661997328590.png (10.98 MB, 1170x2532, 9D5561B0-4FB7-46E2-A468-F5F433…)

Not milk, but the way she wore her yukata wrong is pathetic. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube, at least learn how to wear it and respect the culture. Oops I forgot May is too lazy to learn proper Cantonese but repeatedly saying that she wanted to know more about her country, sorry my bad.(unsaged nitpick)

No. 1632362

Let alone the fact that a yukata is Japanese rather than Chinese so

No. 1632387

It’s not about the money, it’s the fact that she spent that much and her hair still looks fried to shit. If I’m blowing $1k on one salon visit I’d better walk out looking like a fucking mermaid.

No. 1632415

the high up pigtails make her look especially retarded

No. 1632507

Shut the fuck up weeb

No. 1632653

I know Yukata is from the Japan. My point is : May uses a country’s culture as her ‘aesthetic’ , she could not even take a minute to learn how to dress the yukata correctly. That is somewhat offensive in my opinion. She also used to say how she wants to embrace the Chinese culture, at some point she had a live on instagram asking people to teach her Cantonese, and gave up simply because it was too ‘difficult’ for her.

No. 1632860

Go outside. Turn off your phone. Shut up.

No. 1645717

So did her france trip even happen???(sage your shit)

No. 1647106

It was scheduled for early September so I'm guessing not.

No. 1656673

She’s going to try and either never bring up the trip or blame the company 100%
“Due to issues with the travel company. I was not able to host the trip ”(don't use emojis)

No. 1656767

Kek I just found this thread. Always knew Colette had cow potential. I remember listing to a podcast interview she did (can't find it now) where she went on and on about how the consonants in the word buddhism are the same as BDSM (but they aren't kek) as though this was deep cosmic significance. Seems she does too much ayahuasca and fried her brain.

I also refuse to believe she has a PhD. The closest thing she has come to a doctorate is her indoctrination cult.

No. 1656974

Hmm used to like this girls’ makeup and hair videos back in the day when she started on YouTube. It’s cringe that she’s gotten even more immature but I don’t expect better from a proud fujoshit. I feel like she only gets gigs and attention bc she’s so pretty, otherwise who would want to work with someone who acts like a 15 year old tumblr user. so unprofessional.

No. 1662421

So did the trip company bail?

No. 1670793

File: 1665297760161.jpg (297.22 KB, 1080x1853, Screenshotinstagram.jpg)

A little old but they were also at her beach party

No. 1680133

she started selling beads under a new handle on instagram
surprised comments aren’t limited

No. 1683919

File: 1666668620374.jpg (217.35 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20221024-202814_Gal…)

She actually deleted comments questioning her jewelry prices, and later deleted the post too

No. 1684933

yeah she announced it everywhere, and despite having 200k+ followers the account got 400 followers. also one of the only posts she made just had people roasting her for her pricing because sellings kids crafts for 80$ is ridiculous and she deleted that post (anon posted screenshot above before it was deleted). she's trying so hard to hustle but its not working out

No. 1684938

sameing but also on twitter she responded to her haters with a speech about how "hard it is to run a small business and im actually underpaying myself", literally what real artists who get constantly devalued for their craft say, but she buys plastic from michaels and makes a kids bracelet in 10 seconds and that's such hard work.

i think people like her who grew up in wealth (her parents arent rich they just have a huge house in LA with a pool and a gazebo) its just inconceivable to work a real job and any minor action deserves them thousands of dollars

No. 1686836

most "high class" escorts are like this too. wouldn't surprise me if colette and her friends are the same. liara roux who did some class or something with colette she wrote a "poor me" flop book about her rich upbringing


No. 1686919

File: 1666963761122.jpeg (716.84 KB, 828x1231, 8934D28E-1983-433E-B717-B10F51…)

Mei posted this misa cosplay featuring the hand of this creepy e-boy(? seems ftm) luwucifer. He posts POV reels of himself manhandling girls wrists in a DoMiNanT way and such. His content is too trendy & juvenile to feel aimed at adults. I guess this type of person is the natural update to the tumblr daddy doms of the past decade

No. 1687032

File: 1666971850428.webm (1.5 MB, 720x1280, 309880169_471332248261030_7252…)

Very sapphic

No. 1687042

Laughing at the fact they did a DDLG photo shoot at her parents house

No. 1687293

File: 1666986999190.jpg (186.63 KB, 1152x2048, FgGS9pRVsAAPTvx.jpg)

more cringe dom photos

also getting an ftm vibe but can't verify.

No. 1687312

what the FUCK this is so cringy mei what happened???? just. so embarassing lmao pack it up mei delete your ig and twitter go back to community college learn coding and get a job as a front end ux designer because this ain't it

No. 1687335

misa cosplay is so 2005

No. 1687438

i mean mei's account has always been about looks and now that the whole "hihi im a delicate lesbian" thing has fallen through because she is neither, she's embracing the edgy tumblr bsdm asthetic now

No. 1687439

It's because of the extremely edited half hidden selfies. Usually people do that when they're just ugly

No. 1690100

File: 1667237573940.jpeg (179.33 KB, 760x1334, luwu.jpeg)

LMFAO this dude's whole shtick is that he's so tall dark and ~sexy~ but even with platform boots he's barely taller than torierobot at 5'4. May is also short af, like 5'1 or 5'2. I hate all of these cringy Corpse Husband-type fugly short moids that masquerade behind some toxic dom facade so much

No. 1690165

File: 1667243304545.jpg (43.47 KB, 676x953, pd.jpg)

samefag but the pulltards have this pic of May's newest totally queer tumblr daddy dom luwucifer

No. 1691852

Lol he looks like an uglier version of sai (mei's ex that she left due to "comphet"). What a downgrade

No. 1691857

Are his wrists the same size as the smol tiny waif he's trying to daddy dom kek

No. 1703527

Dont beat me up but I rarely feel bad for men but I kinda feel for sei. Imagine you dated someone and then you quit your job (at GOOGLE) and move cross country for them only for them to say society forced them to date you, they break up with you and leave you for an aardvark looking white man with an Asian fetish and proceed to still date men over and over after you. Like damn!

No. 1705493

Talking about a moid and forgetting to insult him? Prepare yourself to get owned by the entire board nonna

Tbh I don't disagree. Despite like the cardinal sin of being male, Sei seemed decent during the time Mei was dating him, if anything a bit spineless. The problem was that he was too much of a normie for Mei since she couldn't get fake gay/strange bdsm clout from him

No. 1706671

uhh apparently she moved in with ayumi ?

No. 1706693

File: 1669133113295.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1330, D459E77E-8E68-4C82-90A6-4B0A23…)

I don’t think she’s actually moved there. We’d be hearing about the visa process and all that.

No. 1707163

she needs to return to her natural hair color and leave her hair the fuck alone. it looks like straw.

No. 1707173

Speaking of sei, I think they’re on okay terms now? I noticed that seis cosplay friends are back to following mei again. That or they’re following her for the dumpster fire she’s become lol

No. 1707260

why tf do her bangs always look so choppy.. its like someone gave a toddler scissors

No. 1707262


lol nah theres no way she moved to jp if she rlly did she would sensationalize the shit out of it. shes prolly just freeloading at ayumis for the rest of stay there but calling it roommates makes it sounds better

No. 1707542

The only friend she has anymore after the scandal is halfway around the world who probably doesn’t know what the fuck is going on kek.
So she just abandoned her dogs(again, like when she kept traveling back and forth to David’s Berkeley house), her “business”, and the new room she had her parents renovate for her?

No. 1707757

File: 1669238418829.jpeg (123.91 KB, 554x1200, 0B89D759-9BBB-4000-BEC5-409D11…)

No. 1708394

I've always thought Olivya was/used to be a less of a cow, but I think she just hid it better. She was Mei's bff after all and started getting more insufferable when she began larping as some wannabe pinup girl. I'd pity her moid but who knows, maybe he gets off to this shit

No. 1712634

File: 1669651418226.jpeg (2.13 MB, 1297x2200, A04B0D87-33CD-480A-BC95-47CC49…)

I think she is trying to rehab her image as a soft kawaii lesbian, she is posting Ayumi like she is her girlfriend and they have a cute domestic life. I wonder wether Ayumi knows about the drama or realises that Mei is using her to once again queerbait. Either way people always get a bump social media wise when they post about Japan.

No. 1715678

I heard her trip to Paris didn't actually happen but does anyone know if the second trip is still happening lol

No. 1718180

Her new video is up from Japan and it’s mostly uninteresting but at the end she explains she bought a one way ticket and is planning on living in Japan though she doesn’t know how long longer term is possible. She is living with Ayumi and pays rent. She also says she has a small dog they care for together. I guess she is trying to become a j-vlogger and is just ditching her life in America and running away from the mess she made. She didn’t mention what has happened to her own dogs back in America.

No. 1718654

Mayuge? Wasn't that Ayumi's dog, though? lmao

Anyway, here's the video.

No. 1718674

Oh, so she thinks she'll win back fans sympathy through coming back to larping as Japanese girl? lol. guess sex cult saga is definitely ended and she got kicked out, now she wants to just leech Ayumi/be her sugar baby? she's living with her and baiting lesbian relation (again)… what about her dirty haired scrote? She's moving without him? did she ditch him to use and abuse Ayumi's hospitality and naivety now?

No. 1719635

does she have a work visa?

No. 1719993

she’s claiming mayuge is her dog now and that ayumi’s apartment is also hers lol

No. 1720016

It’s just dreadlocs, let’s not be racist here

No. 1721386

He gives filthy energy for reasons separate to his hair - clothing, eye bags, expressions, cringe ass tweets and captions. Mei really knows how to choose them

No. 1721407

He was on the Freak in the Scenes podcast where he admits he doesn’t drink water so he’s fucking disgusting.
I find it astounding how May only chooses to be photographed with women who fit her tidy instagram image but loves the most vapid, ugly men.

No. 1722241

He’s not really famous, do you guys follow him?