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No. 91973

Not really a cow but definitely a snowflake.

She's pretty cringy and whines her way through every video.

I only hate watch her but it'd be great if anyone could spill any dirt on her prior to youtube.

instagram https://www.instagram.com/infrontofapple/?hl=en
youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlPMWbk0fy_zKvUDEnm0vw

No. 91977

idk. she's friends with omocat i guess, if that's even worth mentioning. i thought mei was pretty chill? i do like her videos to be honest. is there even anything worth ragging on other than being "whiny?"
sage for not really contributing anything, sorry

No. 92005

dat underbite

No. 92023

I wonder if she underwent any cosmetic surgery

No. 92044

shes very basic and boring. nothing to really talk about. shes seems like a nice girl i guess.

No. 92049

Never heard of her before watching this and she seems nice? She does an squeaky annoying voice sometimes but she doesn't seem so bad nor snowflakey.

No. 92059

I like Mei but I don't like how she associates with omocat.

-had a kickstarter and never fulfilled it
-had plastic surgery
-a very awkward person in person

No. 92131

Ahh this chick, I like her makeup for the most part but she seems boring af which is pretty disappointing.

No. 92132

why do people always point out when people got plastic surgery as if it's a bad thing? so many people get plastic surgery. it's so common.

anyway, this thread smells like pull.

No. 92150

This thread is obvi pull;
- focuses on editing, and calls snowflake out mostly because of that
- plastic surgery is a ''bad'' and ''snowflakey'' thing

No. 92165

She's does light modeling (cuz everyone is a model~ )in Cali she doesn't associate with omocat. She's posed for other brands too, and cosplay.

There's no dirt on her as far as I know. The only drama she faced was when her first screen shots of her YouTube video spread a lot of new followers said her love for rape yaoi was awful, typical tumblr stuff.

No. 92167

Where did she say she got surgery? Or are you just speculating…even if she did she looks great now. People act like if surgery wasn't affordable they wouldn't do something, you sound like the women who felt that way about makeup before it wasn't only available for movie actors….

No. 92194

Mei doesn't really do anything, Omocat is the one you want to go after since they pretty much scammed a fuck ton of money for a game they're never going to make.

No. 92203

Omocat took a long break and suddenly came back a thinner and had a completely different face at cons. It's speculated she used the Kickstarter money in order to pay for everything.

No. 92205

She has a thread and there's literally nothing to talk about other than that, which has already been discussed.

Honestly, who cares? It would be nice if she eventually put the game out but everyone seems to have forgotten. She makes tons of money from her store as well. T shirts $30 a piece and sweatshirts $50 a piece, and they sell well.

No. 92381

I feel like you guys don't know what a "snowflake" is.

Never heard of this person until I watched this video. Typical cute asian cosplayer wearing trendy fashion/green hair. Pretty standard vlog.

>it'd be great if anyone could spill any dirt on her prior to youtube.

Stop doing this. If you have nothing to carry this thread then it's not worth making one. We are not here to do your research for you.

tldr, Pulltards pls go. Sorry you're mad that you're not as cute.

No. 92386

Shit thread. I hope OP never comes back.

No. 92407

Where's the omocat thread, the only thing that slightly mentions it is the poppy thread

No. 93915

apparently shes a class A bitch and is incredibly catty with west coast cosplayers lol

No. 93944


Go back to PULL. Clearly you've not apart of the west coast scene because she's not even on the map as far as known cosplayers in that area.

So stop trying to keep this thread going, either provide milk or let this thread die. If you're claiming she's causing issue provide the source pulltard.

No. 93945

OP here. I have literally not replied to this thread even once. I think I made it pretty clear - I tend to find her videos either boring or I end up hatewatching them because I genuinely do find her cringy. She's just not my type of person and gives me bad vibes so I thought I'd bite. Now i'm not going to force this down anyone's throat or start a shitshow just to prove my opinion. I literally do not know her so if everyone disagrees I'll just be moving along as I was. I've only ever lurked PULL for the kanadajin incident so no i'm not from there. Sorry for tainting your precious board anons.

No. 93953


If you don't have any info on her of her doing snowflaky/cow related things then posts like these these shouldn't be under pt/snow. If you personally find her cringey and she gives you bad vibes then I don't think it deserves a thread, but if you were seeking others who felt the same way you could of atleast put it under b.

Why are you replying to that post in specific, they were talking to the post above it not the OP. As someone stated before it's not our job to find dirt, do it yourself.

No. 93956

it's a rite of passage to be told to drink bleach, or go back to pull / tumblr anon. don't take it personally.

No. 93964

Just didn't want you guys thinking there was some pulltard conspiracy against mei as some suggested

No. 97540

actually i am friends with some of her old friends since we live in the same area and shes not what she seems, shes reallllyyy rude actually and throws away her friends because she gets bored easily of them.

No. 97541

all her videos are honestly the same nothing changes but the color and its really dumb how people only follow her because she has the ~kawaii~ asthetic

No. 97542

i can honestly say that mei is really fucking stuck up. shes self centered and ever since she became a "model" shes been leaving people she claims are her friends behind because they are not up to her standards

No. 97545

>>92059 mei actually has a lot of shitty qualities and things she said and done to people who were her friends but its ranges to certain people that if anyone says anything well automatically know who said it thats why you guys think shes squeaky clean

No. 97546

I like her videos though lately she's always making the same content in every video.
I think she comes off a little fake in some of her videos.

No. 97547

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! OMG IF YOU GUYS KNEW THE SHIT MEI SAYS AND DOES! i really hope one day someone who can officially disclose everything makes a call out post for her

No. 97548

what did she do and say?

No. 97550

no actually your right, there is a lot of drama that occurred with her and she is snarky in person and bitchy and says bitchy things about other people, the attitude she gives in her videos is her being like "annoyed" in some aspect but she isnt really that nice and she tosses people when she doesnt need them anymore

No. 97551

because she is fake, really fake theres a certain group on tumblr who knows how fake she is.

No. 97552

its hard to explain all i can say is shes not what everyone thinks, not one bit she may act dumb and cute on her videos but shes really immature and catty and spoiled and bratty and i find it hilarious that everyone thinks shes soo nice when i can literally hear her laughing her ass off on how everyone thinks shes so innocent. i cant say anything thats how close everyone is in the online group and tumblr group that knows what she does and says and how she really acts and treats people i just hope someone who isn't afraid to say something finally calls her out on a lot of shit.

No. 97553

agree i know exactly what your saying and i hope so too!

No. 97556

i honestly wouldn't be surprised she seems really passive aggressive and immature in her videos.

No. 97557

i follow this girl on youtube and im starting to hate her make up videos because all her eye makeup are the same, she just change the colors omg

No. 97558

These posts are coming in way too fast to make me believe any of this.

Unless you have actual caps of her bitchiness then it just looks like vendetta tbh.

No. 97559

unless someone found this and couldn't wait to actually call her out either way idk

No. 97561

no ones going to have caps of anything unless the main people on tumblr call her out on it

No. 97563

Literally all of this seems like vendetta, how is this thread quiet the bam a whole bunch of posts in a short time span. Shit excuse for no caps. If she was really that bad they would of outed her already, drag culture is popular on that site.

No. 97565

im the one that posted the big paragraph about how shes bratty and spoiled and hoping someone calls her out, im not here to troll im just here because i dont want anyone to think shes so nice when shes not its not my place to put names or events or things shes done to the people or "friends" shes thrown away because they haven't consented to calling her out but i can say shes not nice and shes not this kawaii cute perfect snowflake~ shes mean and crude and bitchy and fake as they get. shes literally snarky and full of herself as any other snowflake and thats all i want to say believe me or not but one day if they call her out all im going to do is say finally.

No. 97579

Well then come back when you have caps, surely at least one person doesn't want to be friends with her and will provide you some. Otherwise let the thread die and stop posting baseless post, the OP didn't even set it up well.

Like surely you can atleast explain how she is spoiled, that shouldn't out your friends or anything. She models so wouldn't she be making money from that?

No. 97586

pls sage so you don't bump the thread

No. 97592

she actually doesn't respect trans people and their pronouns she like to fan girl over trans women about how pretty "boys" they are just like in her manga thats really dumb she drools over yaoi and pretty anime boys irl

No. 97624

Then go make a callout post about her ~*transphobia*~, no one gives a shit here, this isn't Tumblr.

No. 97638

I heard she basically got run out of the cosplay community because of her shitty attitude. Apparently she's been blacklisted by a bunch of photographers for temper tantrums on a 'bridezilla' level, and that's one of the reasons she stopped cosplaying as much and going to cons. The fact that she's always complaining about how awful and immature the cosplay community is kinda gives her away, I don't believe for a second that all this dramu just happens to make it's way to her. She has to be instigating.

No. 97639

Can we get a crumb goddamn proof though? Like, not that I don't believe what you all are saying (hell, I'd love it if this shit was true. I shamelessly live for any and all milk.) But could we get some receipts, please?

No. 97640

I want some evidence. She's extremely annoying in most of her videos though.

No. 97649

i mean if you want evidence shouldn't this be like shared on tumblr were she and all the people she pissed off reside?

No. 97656

I dunno, I think she is very pretty. Honestly didn't even bother if she had any drama. But from what I read there is no proof of drama? Unless I skimmed to quickly

No. 97660

i dont think shes pretty at all her jaw is awry and she has a shark mouth she also cant apply makeup for shit and her outfits are a mess but all the weebs think its so uguuu kawaii

No. 97780

she definitely knows shes pretty and that she can use it to gain all those kawaii desu ne~ people to follow her but like ive heard shes lazy as frick and is a bratty kid

No. 97788

she dated a girl once and didnt really like her but led her on for a while then when they meet up she dumped her plain and simple because she got bored there was a big commotion over this online

No. 97803


These posts all have a suspiciously similar syntax and errors, and this thread reeks of vendetta. Seriously idgaf what kind of beef you have with Mei. Your vendetta doesn't belong on lolcow unless you have actual evidence of her being at least a snowflake. Since you can't, it just seems like she got on your nerves and rather than addressing the problem with her face-to-face, you're whining to an online imageboard.

No. 97835

why are you so offended? you sound as if your the one being attacked?

No. 97842

I swear to god if you guys keep bumping this thread with hearsay.

Dig up some snarky tumblr, Twitter, YouTube comments or something. Even unflattering pictures would suffice. This is an image board and this thread is severely lacking.

No. 97849

I'm like 90% sure it's almost entirely one person

No. 97851

I'm not Mei if that's what you think. Just sick of people starting poor quality threads here. Learn to type and learn to sage, please.

No. 97857


Don't keep bumping the thread with literally nothing to add. If you want to start up a conversation about her, then please provide proof. The end.

No. 97858

File: 1456347867932.jpg (26.07 KB, 560x458, tn_1235245586270.jpg)

>This thread

No. 98037

she has a twitter called rottenmei. she just complains about everything and posts yaoi. she's rude and likes to start drama even though she's not that recognized. iirc she was trying to fite kpop fans a while back in a tweet.
tbh i think shes really pretty but thats all she's got. i realized how bad her personality was when i watched her video about playing in the snow, where she just complained for the majority of the video.
she also really likes to advertize the fact that shes vegan and sweatshop free, even though in her lookbooks, there are clothes from sweatshop stores which she claims are from before she switched over.
btw i found this site today and im not going to come back because im just wasting my time. i just wanted to give you a place to find some evidence. good luck!

No. 98044

>but the Aly thread was totally the one that attracts unwanted users
Yes you're wasting your time. Feel free to browse for a while and such, everyone is a newfag at some point. Just stop posting for now.

No. 98045

this thread is so funny because OP's post is a video not an image, and that makes the only image in this thread a reaction image completely unrelated to the thread.

No. 98057


ok gj anon bye

No. 98528

Hey ya'll I just copied and pasted this from PULL bc I'm lazy, sorry. (I'm the one who posted this on PULL as well, just in case.)


I used to like Mei a lot, but there are some things that she did that made me dislike her.

It's kind of weird, because we actually used to be mutuals on ig probably around a year ago? (We never really knew each other, though.) So I've seen the whole journey, lol. I do think that she has good taste and she is very pretty, though.

I'm friends with a couple of the soundcloud artists and Mei has consistently used music from soundcloud musicians without asking, or even stating in soundcloud comments that she used their track in her video. It's just… really disrespectful, and I honestly expected more of her? I think it's extremely hypocritical that she uses their music without permission but when someone uses HER content without permission, she got upset about it (when some FB page used screencaps from her video). I've tried to contact her/get her attention about this issue, and politely mind you. I tried 3 separate times, and she just doesn't see them or ignores my comments? I can provide pics of the messages if you guys ask. But anyways, that's my experience with Mei. It's just… disappointing overall, I guess.

I don't know what to think, honestly. What are your thoughts?

I'd also like to add to the hypocrisy is that she uses these artists songs but does not follow a single one of them. I kind of doubt she even has a soundcloud, to be honest. You guys may not think it's a big deal but I feel like it says a lot about her character, imo.

No. 98530

Yeah please post the pics of the messages!

No. 98531

Sure, give me a sec! :^)

No. 98532

File: 1456552106382.png (32.58 KB, 596x255, m1.png)

Sure, give me a sec! :^)>>98528

No. 98533

File: 1456552121282.png (25.65 KB, 830x128, m2.png)

No. 98534

File: 1456552143036.png (26.68 KB, 827x184, m3.png)

No. 98543

File: 1456554174206.png (23.55 KB, 623x226, Untitled.png)

It would have been more of an impact if you sent a DM or something? Especially if you guys were mutuals.

Did you delete this tweet? The original one is no where to be found.

Though I agree mei not asking permission isn't kind especially since she's an artist. Your friend should be the one contacting mei directly. They have about 12k followers on soundcloud and 2k on twitter, so their voice would have more of an impact.

No. 98545

Like I said, we USED to be mutuals but that was probably a year ago :0
And my friend did try to contact mei, but she didn't reply. It might be notable that instead of mei replying, her friend replied to him in the comments instead. Idk what was up with that, but yeah…

No. 98546

Ah also, I privated my account, if you were wondering about the tweet.

No. 98547

File: 1456555130609.png (42.64 KB, 595x357, Untitled.png)

also I see your friend is chill about credit and I can easily see how that might've been taken in a bad way.

definitely ask your friend to DM/tweet her directly and see what type of response arrives.

If it's ignored= Mei is confirmed bitch

If she replies= we'll check the message and see which route she takes

No. 98549

Yeah, he's a really good guy. I'll tell him that but we're both kind of wary of her by now, lol. (Since she continued to use his music even after I tried to confront her about it….)

No. 98637

File: 1456591209675.png (24.96 KB, 573x167, Capture.PNG)

so it's ok for you to be into fetishizing gay, incestuous manga boys(osomatsu san fandom) but it's not ok for people to be obsessed with k-pop stars? ok there mei.

it's almost like she's posting super controversial topics just to get more attention. she even admit's it
>ofc the second i mention kpop i get swarms of tweets saying we're not all like that & i get it but your point is?

No. 98651

i decided to check her out on twitter, yotube and yeah blabla and it seems like she only likes other asians HAHA
she doesn't seem like a huge fujoshi like she tries to be but ok

No. 98652

fetishizing manga characters is different than fetishizing real people.

so she didn't ask permission before using music by someone who has a very laid back policy on using their music.

i don't know, this thread is stupid and kind of a waste of space. people need to keep their vendettas on pull.

No. 98699

idk this thread is full of people that seem to have personally experienced her fuckery (or friends who directly have) but since she's on such a high pedestal they're afraid to post receipts in fear of backlash. She's a really infantile looking asian girl with a ~*~*kawaii~*~ aesthetic so I wouldn't doubt her getting a free pass even if people started posting their proof.

No. 98717

I'd like to just clarify that that twitter status was posted after all the attempts to contact Mei, lol. Idk. Like we protect/defend visual artists so blatantly (art thieves, reposting) but we don't do the same for musicians which is kind of fucked. That's probably a whole other topic all together though.

I actually think this is an interesting point. I do agree with the poster below who said fetishsizing characters isnt the same as fetishsizing people, but nevertheless I think anon made an interesting statement. I think like all the fictional ~pretty boys~ and yaoi kind of plays a part in all that romanticism (?) of real life people, I mean just look all the people who write Kpop fanfics - they probably in some way inspired by BL to write them. I don't know if what I said makes sense but I think BL and Kpop has an indirect link.
I apologize for rambling.

No. 99007

idk. but to me, thinking that kpop guys are all good looking does not count as fetishizing people. even if it does, isn't that just your average case of yellow fever? keep in mind, yellow fever pretty much originated from japanese pop culture (young schoolgirls, anime). mei is clearly into that, she even cosplays. i just think that's a little hypocritical i guess :/
lol and personaly, i think fetishizing incest is just as cringe as yellow fever

also, friendly reminder that if this thread offends you so much, you don't have to read it.
as long as this thread exists, telling other people to stop posting isnt going to make them stop posting if they have shit to say

No. 99098

Wow you sound like a tumblrina.

It's worst to "ship" REAL LIFE PEOPLE than fictional ones.

No. 99104

>complete lack of capital letters
>complaining about yellow fever
>bringing up incest fetishes out of nowhere
> :/
>friendly reminder

Definitely a tumblrina.

No. 99156

I didn't say anything about shipping though. I'm personally not a fan of the whole shipping thing in general. I'm especially against shipping real life people.

I'm sorry about my bad online habits. I usually default to typing without capitalization when I'm on any social media site but I didn't mean to be disrespectful.

My comment was meant to be a general reply to a bunch of the comments above. In regard to bringing up yellow fever, I was referring to Mei's comment about k-pop.
>kpop fandom is a mess jfc i hate the whole mentality that every asian they see is wow oppa so handsome!!
I wan't complaining about yellow fever, I was complaining about how Mei is against the Korean aspect of yellow fever but participates the Japanese aspect of it.

I was talking about incest fetishes because of Mei's obsession with Osomatsu fandom of shipping brothers.

Before you assume I'm a butthurt k-pop fan, I'm not. I'm just wary of people publicly shaming others, especially if they have a large following. I was just trying to say that Mei isn't the super sweet person that people think she is.

No. 99160

its not that its just that all her shit was made before her youtube started and before she decided to go the ~kawaii youtuber~ thing, if we knew she was going to shit over people to try to rise to fame because thats what she wants she wants to be a model and be famous and she uses people who are internet famous and pretty and populoar doesnt matter who but if your not up to her standards shell drop you if like people knew we would have screen shot her shit or something but now shes privates a lot of things and made a private twitter because she doesnt want anyone to know how hypocritical she really is and only her real friends who suck up know how she really is

No. 99162

She's a cute cantonese girl who knows how to take care of herself, I have no qualms.

No. 99164

No, she's a fujoshit. I've followed mei since long before her YT. This whole thread smells strongly of vendetta.

Her old tumblr was shinjesus (a url she doesn't use anymore.) She wasn't special snowflake, she openly said she was embarrassed that she used to have a SJW phase a few years back, and she didn't whine or seek attention. She just posted a shit ton of BL.

No. 99172

But; all that really isn't ''fujoshi'' and all the other names she want attached to herself

No. 99175

….what the fuck are you on about?
The salt is so strong

No. 99189

You're talking in past tense here. From her videos now, she seems pretty whiny. But that's just my opinion and other people have a right to disagree with me.


No. 99211

HA! you sound like one of her fans or something, i am actually friends with people who use to hang out with her we live around the same area but that was like before changing to shinjesus and when she was with tammy which is the girl she lead on and dumped

No. 99222

You have ten pounds of sand in your vagina. She's cuter than you, no one cares, move on with your life.

No. 99236

How did you fuck up the reply tag so badly.

No. 99343

Most of us faced her shit first hand. This altercation happened during a con. Her cosplay group basically spread some malicious rumors that stopped a few new cosplayers from continuing to cosplay. My friend unfortunately being one of them.

I use to follow her tumblr and found her fb where she posted a callout post saying really mean things about a girl who's copying her and deleted it after people said it wasn't cool.

No. 99399

>all lowercase
>no punctuation

Quit it, you're not on Tumblr. No one likes reading run-on sentences like this.

No. 99435

super vague, give us names so we can find it.

No. 109425

This is super irrelevant but I just saw a photo of this girl on a asian junkie IG lmao, she probably takes drugs too.

No. 109431

learn to sage or post caps, you non-contributing fuckwits

No. 109439

>This is super irrelevant but
And yet you felt the need to post it.
And bumped this sweltering garbage fire of a thread.
Lolcow is dying.

No. 109607

The vendetta is too strong with this lame ass thread. Prob some homely girl who keeps bumping up the thread

No. 109671

If you're going to bump the thread at least post caps or pictures of the girl.

Is the reason you're not posting anything because she doesn't have any unflattering pics? Come on.

No. 115025

She actually hates drugs and drinking. A lot of her friends who do those things and smoke pot just hide it around her because they're scared of he reaction. She's intensely judgmental and selective about who she rains hellfire down on though she pretends to be open minded.

idk about now but her skin went through a period of shit because she's lived her whole life doing whatever she wants to her body and it finally started to show which is why she looks like a druggie sometimes.

No. 115029


No. 115084

No. 115851

I didn't go to school with her, but we have a shit ton of mutual friends and she's been at a lot of events that I've also attended and she's looked the same for years. Her face matured but nothing that shows plastic surgery. She's only a year older than me and I've been aware (can't say I really know her since we've only exchanged a few words) of her since she was in high school.

No. 115854

Normally I would agree, but the area and community they live and grow up in is very secretive and they always keep drama deetz in their own groups. You have to know someone and be extremely close to them to even get a bit of info. I live in the area too. I'm just not as active as their part of the jfashion and cosplay community as they are.

No. 115862

File: 1459922893032.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1843, 1739r0q8q7q7w90r-1.png)

I'm not too sure, but I think this is the girl she used to go out with. The tags said something like #I have a date with her soon//(i forgot exactly what but it was something along the lines of blushing). She's deleted a few things from what I can tell. I used to heavily lurk her social media because I used to like her style, but not anymore I kind of grew out of it. I know she had a picture with the cosplayer Zeal XV because they did a photoshoot together and if Mei really is a drama mongerer then I believe something went down between them because Zeal has a really strong (and easy to clash with) personality. Unfortunately, anything that happened was probably on Zeal's old facebook account, which she deleted around this time last year. I'll keep digging though, but we probably won't get much unless her friends call her out or at least spill the details, which would be easier if they did that here bc the anonymity does provide a little help because most of those friends gossip together so she wouldn't really know who exactly let everything out.

No. 117099

She never dated that girl. Girls in the cosplay community say that kind of lovey dovey stuff all the time for fun so it can get confusing. She's had drama with Zeal, Nicolette/Yirico etc she has a bad reputation within the community it seems.

No. 150364

File: 1467576095118.png (26.63 KB, 619x123, Unnamed image (19).png)

Kek. As if she doesn't truly relish those comments.

No. 151624

Before Mei delated her tumblr there was pics of a girl in a Judal cosplay which from I gathered was the girl she was dating. (But, I also remember this girl and they do seem to have been romantically involved)

Anyways, Mei said that they broke up because this girl was dating other people besides her. My stupid self didn't screencap so all is lost :^)

No. 151971

lol i used to know may back in her ayumi seto wannabe days since her friends were my friends. she thinks she's the shit, she's judgmental, dated 2 girls, is a man hater, bitchy af, etc.

No. 151974

>she thinks she's the shit, she's judgmental, is a man hater, bitchy af, etc.

what woman isnt tbh

No. 151985

what video did she leave this comment on?

No. 152072


No. 152073


This was like. the loneliest convention vlog I've ever seen. I mean, I skimmed through most of it after getting tired of watching her order room service by herself, but….
she has over 200,000 yt subs as far as I know, and it didnt look like she had any fuckin friends or posse with her at any time during. i find that so sad for some reason. im super drunk by myself right now so perhaps that is why it feels so fucking lonely.

No. 152075

that's what happens after you throw your friends away. you have to be part of the chosen few to hang out with princess mei lol

No. 152076


Im LAUGHIN BC SHES what is considered "ideal" and she knows it.

No. 152289

She sure complains a lot about being mistaken as Japanese or Korean for a person who wears clothing and makeup from those cultures. We get it, Mei. You want to be a Harajuku fashion model (or something like that) but being Chinese-American isn't trendy enough.

No. 152324

It's really funny when she talks about not being part of the cosplay community anymore and says it is because of her liking to make up and fashion

No. 152331

Tbh i feel bad for Vy. She's always being humiliated by Mae and she seems like a nice girl.
Whenever mae gets comments on her videos about being a bitch with Olivya, people are like "shut up that's what friends do" like??? I get it but I guess sometimes you have to moderate yourself and your bad personality ???? Lmao

No. 152344

I'm wondering how long this buddy-buddy thing with the two of them is gonna last. Their friendship comes off as disingenuous.

No. 152412

Can someone explain me what was all that drama with yirico about?

No. 152772

ITT: petty socal babby drama

No. 153087

Her "freckle" tutorial looks like acne/rosacea. Why is this trendy and who actually thinks this looks good?

No. 153523

Unsure if this works, but I archived Mei's thread in PULL since it's shutting down.


No. 153527

This pull thread has more legitimate shitty things about what Mei is doing.

Why didn't you guys post that up here?

smh lazy ass OP

No. 153529

File: 1468208149517.png (217.14 KB, 903x391, mei.png)

It looks like Mei is breaking away from modeling with Omocat to start up her own fashion brand. This is mainly due to Mei wanting get away from the "weeb" scene and break into… another weeb fashion scene.

Mei looks good but its unfortunate her business partner/model looks fat and gremlin like next to her

No. 153531

File: 1468208213889.png (371.52 KB, 815x450, img20160707-120236.thumb.png.0…)

Overpriced anime weeb fashion

note the comments

No. 153532

File: 1468208317301.png (475.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160707-140440.png…)

I don't really care for omocat's designs but these photoshoots are shit compared to them

No. 153533

Fat? Ana-chan plz.

No. 153537

the 'brand' isn't theirs, they were modeling for a friend's (?) store or something

No. 153539

Wow I thought I was the only one who thinks she is annoying.

No. 153542

She's skinny but I meant next to Mei she looks not good

No. 154201

oh so this is how the site works…i didn't even need to input a name shrugs

No. 154202

File: 1468311562204.png (807.45 KB, 745x720, Screenshot 2016-07-12 at 1.11.…)

kinda off topic ig but the model next to Mei is gass.y on insta (or Olivya). it was just her styling at the time but imo i think she's a lot prettier than Mei in terms of facial features

No. 154203

she has beautiful eyes and lips but her nose in proportion to her lips is too big compared to meis

No. 154241

File: 1468327496379.jpeg (134.56 KB, 739x1099, image.jpeg)

She's trying to distance herself from her weebish image but she still exploits omocat to sell her overpriced stained clothes.

This is the cover image she used to sell a SKIRT.

No. 154327

seriously, I thought she was selling that pink omocat sweater when I saw the thumbnail. She has a picture of the pleated skirt in one of the photos, so why didn't she use that? misleading

No. 154328

meh, to each their own, I find Olyvia's fuller face prettier, Mei's jawline bothers me and doesn't look as pretty without makeup. Of course her smaller face shape allows her to have that doll-like fairy face. I won't deny she's stunning with makeup though.

No. 154717

It seems like she's going for that SJW/cruelty free/vegan image but she's greedy af. Her "cruelty free" skincare video included a good chunk of products that aren't cruelty free. The company pays her though so I guess she's fine with it.

No. 155086

she's hot

No. 155114

she's just trying to join the hype, she kind of seems snotty to me. Still cute tho, appearance wise but boring personality

No. 155116

I love Olivya! She's way sweeter than Mei and prettier too, she does videos as well.

No. 155364

Yea Olivya is really nice
She tries to answer all the questions from her fans everytime, not like mei

No. 155367

I'm going to have to agree with the other anons who think Olivya is hotter. I don't think her nose is big at all. She has striking features. Mei isn't ugly by any means, but she has kind of weaker facial features, still cute though.

No. 155424


Agreed. I don't know if it's because Mei doesn't have as much control over the camera and lighting in her omocat shoots, but imo she always looks kind of plain in the catalogue images.

No. 155549

File: 1468481874271.png (766.8 KB, 548x747, Screenshot 2016-07-14 at 12.35…)

Mei suits the omocat concept really well though :] and Olivya has a different style now so it's not as evident, but she can pull off cute looks as well, if you looks at her cosplays and past stylings.

No. 155550

fuck off

No. 156300

I used to know of mei before she became a youtuber and she's changed a lot. I feel like she was always crushing on or dating some girlboy or other every few months but she doesn't seem to do that anymore. Has she just become a lot more secretive about her personal life? I don't even really know who she hangs out with besides olivya.

No. 156653

No, it seems like she just doesn't have many or any at all beside Olivya. All the people she used to hang out with before becoming a youtuber are no longer friends with her.

No. 156654

Starting to think this is a self post because of the constant name drops

Is this a mei thread or an olyvia one? Idc about the latter

No. 156694

lmfao it's not a self-post. trust me.

No. 156868

It's literally impossible not to know who Olivya is if you follow Mei at all, because Mei gushes about her all the damn time lol.

No. 156887

>check Mei's insta
>on her front page of entries no mention of this girl

bitch where

No. 156894

Are you retarded? You don't even have to load the next batch of photos and there's one of olivya and mei. Mei mostly posts pics of just herself but when there's another person on her insta it's usually vy. Fucking amateur rofl

No. 156949

>Mei gushes about her all the damn time

Posting 1 picture of your current bff in a sea of fucking 50 isn't gushing you daft jealous cunt.

Do you have any milk on Mei other than she's prettier than you? Cus I can't see fuck nothing of what she's done from this thread except the mountain of sand from your vag.

No. 156962

Well it doesn't make her a lolcow but I thought it was HILARIOUS when she mutilated that purple lacefront wig. Also someone pointed this out (politely imo) and she/he were instantly harassed by Mei's bareage of whiteknights…

No. 157008

she deleted that wig video but i wish i watched it to see how bad she butchered it. and i don't frequent lolcow but is it composed of angry, unecessarily insulting users like the anons above?? why say Mei is prettier then said anon when she's average as fuck without makeup and that knife jawline and you don't even know how anon looks.

No. 157026

and because y'all angry like nothing good ever happened happened in your life, i will placate you with some "milk" whatever terms lolcow uses.

It's frustrating how Mei shoves in your face how she's working towards cruelty free (nothing wrong with that, to clarify) but she doesn't seem to truly make an effort.

For example, her latest skincare video, where she's sponsored by a NON CRUELTY FREE company. So she decides to go against her ideals because she's sponsored?
- She has an Iphone, where it was found that sweatshop workers are employed. of course i doubt she would throw it away because uguu.
-always makes mistakes in her cruelty free videos, lists products that aren't cruelty free, states ~oops, made a mistake~ why do you make so many mistakes where it's so easy to just google cruelty free products? money isn't an issue since her depop sells stained $5 goodwill clothes for near retail price. p.s. she bought some valfre dress for 70 bucks so I'm sure she can shell out bucks for the cruelty makeup she so seems to endorse.

i got some of this from PULL, in which there is so much more ~milk worthy~ shit and less people triggered by possibility of a self-post.

No. 157029



No. 157030

> i will placate you with some "milk" whatever terms lolcow uses

Please go back to PULL and never come back you sad sad hoe

No. 157039

Her PULL thread is full of crap and one or two mistakes doesn't make one a special snowflake.

You can all come back to this thread when she actually starts to produce "milk".

No. 157048

is this your first day on the internet or something?

No. 157054

> i don't frequent lolcow but is it composed of angry, unecessarily insulting users like the anons above?? why say Mei is prettier then said anon when she's average as fuck without makeup and that knife jawline and you don't even know how anon looks.

go back2tumblr u uggo

No. 157065

Michael Jackson?

No. 157078

>160 posts and 15 image replies
>15 image replies

shit thread

No. 157099

I HATE her but only cuz I'm jealous bc she's really pretty and makes me hate my own self so I try to pretend she doesn't exist lol(not your blog)

No. 157108

wait shes a legit weeb I'm no longer jealous yayyyyy

she suddenly looks 70% less cute

No. 157148

Jesus, stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 157230

File: 1468950855607.png (515.2 KB, 500x570, tumblr_m5uqk5A2TQ1r3dh4lo1_500…)

No. 157408

File: 1468991333663.jpeg (65.79 KB, 800x600, 1-ue49iXQjCtm5Qrf4pt69dg.jpeg)

Does anyone know if this is May's sister?

No. 157414

Yea possibly. I remember mei having an old photo on Facebook with a girl with gray hair named beverly yan. She looked pretty similar to the girl of your pic.

No. 157418

didn't she say her family didn't give a shit about her sister

No. 157538

File: 1469037504709.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-07-20-01-11-32…)

yes she is

No. 157573

tfw you a jealous catty bitch and run out of things to nitpick mei on so you move onto her family members

No. 157588


Man, this girl is way cuter and has better style than her. She looks so fresh and youthful. I don't know why so many darker Asians try so hard to do the pastel uguu kawaii aesthetic. They suit the minimalist/clean look much better, like this girl.

No. 157593

this thread doesn't even have a proper OP image anymore LOL

Fuck OP for using a video to open a thread

No. 158276

i had no idea mei had a sister, i don't ever recall her mentioning her anywhere. I know for sure Mei has a brother because she has mentioned him one or twice in her posts.

No. 158284

there is no one that possibly thinks that >>157408 looks better facially than Mei, and she doesn't have "style" it's a fucking black shirt. I really hate this "you'd look better if you dress normal and boring than if you wear colorful or weird shit" rhetoric, who the fuck cares, she's young so she might as well have fun while she can and she can start wearing ugly haircuts and dumpy clothing when she gets older.

No. 158516

Her sister is a fucking psycho apparently. I've heard it all over the place from multiple people. Supposedly she doesn't want anyone to know but nobody in this community can keep their mouth shut.

No. 158646


she looks like a 12 year old boy

No. 159014

File: 1469418946728.jpeg (25.34 KB, 311x314, image.jpeg)

I personally don't really like Olivya's looks. Her face just looks so full and round to me, and sometimes her eyes look kinda far apart (kinda like pic related but no fat) maybe it's her makeup/ angles. She looks better to me when she has on a different style of makeup.

No. 159032

What kind of makeup style do you think she looks better in? Just curious. I personally think her style of makeup suits her well.

No. 159464

She makes a big stink about transitioning to vegan makeup, but her latest video has a shot of her meal…with a big-ass fried egg right on top. Someone mentioned it in the comments and got "transitioning to a vegan lifestyle takes time :))))" from her followers.

No. 159559

She just privated the video in the OP. Chance she found us?

No. 159604

Laughing my ass off at this thread
Anyone got milk on this conventionally attractive petite asian girl who makes an effort to be morally sound with cruelty free efforts? yall sound stupid mei is normal as hell

No. 159609

Oh shut the fuck up, if you took the time to investigate it states she's hiding all cosplay related videos because she wants to get away from the cosplay scene

Stop being lazy as fuck

No. 159721

Wouldn't be surprised if she knew about this thread, she seems to know about the PULL thread (based on her actions). She seems to spend a lot of time at home/online so I don't doubt she has seen this thread already.

No. 160504

i'm sure the fried eggs she eats from the diner are locally sourced and cage-free

you're retarded for buying her "i'm so righteous" bullshit, it's just another gimmick to get followers

No. 160520

not really milk but i remember her. i modeled with her in 2014 when kokokim/swankiss/golds/ghost of harlem was there. she just told kimura u that her dream was to be a model in japan or something.

No. 160892

Yeah she used to be gagging for seto ayumi and was convinced that asobisystem was gonna hire her so she could be a model in japan. lol
but she basically seems pretty normal now the fact she doesnt wanna be seen as an anime character or japanese/korean idol stuff is funny seeing as that was literally what she wanted to be 2 years ago and what she panders to for views, so just sounds like complaining for attention.
that said there's no milk here

No. 160960

i just wish she didn't delete her cosplay videos though. also sad that she deleted her anime con vlogs but imig..

No. 160991

nobody fucking uses this, fuck off

No. 161115

kinda sad that she's leaving the weeb scene. I think she was a lot more interesting with that going on than this whole CF shtick…
she really is trying to cover up her tracks and backpedaling so much… its not cute mei

No. 161136

can you love yourself more

No. 161973

she looks nothing like that picture you cow

No. 161977

I can see it.

No. 161990

anyone have her old weeby videos downloaded? I actually quite enjoyed watching them.

No. 162182

>>161990 right? i love her weeby vids

No. 162480

There's no caps because this is all stuff experienced in person or just known in the groups in the SoCal community, but Mei has been known for drama for a very long time. She is very very feminist, and has posted things like "When guys think they have the right to talk to me" on Facebook (which has been deactivated ever since the PULL thread was made about her). She spread many things about guys being rapists when she had no proof and was not involved at all except through hearsay. She's said that she doesn't like people getting too close to her, and when they do, that's when she drops them. I've known her for a while, and we're not particularly close, but I know a lot of her drama since the groups we hang out with intermingle. Almost all of the "bffs" she's had over the years now dislike her or hate her, which honestly says a lot about her.

No. 162655

>>162480 if this is true, then woah. i have never met her, so I have really mixed feelings about her. She seems to have a strong "i take no bullshit" mentality, which is a trait I like in people tbh. On the other hand, she seems a bit pretentious and rude. I had a feeling I'd get along well with her initially, but I don't really know anymore

No. 162750

I've interacted with her in person too and she always leaves a horrible taste in my mouth after talking to her. I always try to keep my distance, but because my friends also intermingle with hers sometimes it is inevitable. She is very pretentious and rude and her no bullshit attitude goes way too far sometimes and she's very hypocritical a lot of the times.

No. 162824

Stop making your samefag obvious

No. 162846

Stop being so paranoid, intermingle isn't an uncommon word.

No. 162853

>There's no caps because this is all stuff experienced in person

So you're saying this is just hear say and you have no proof

No. 162941

Take it as what you will; she's deactivated or deleted all her old social media in attempts to cover up her tracks, anyhow.

No. 162986

lol you're being ridiculous but whatever. I couldn't think of a better word, but that doesn't equate to samefagging.

No. 162993


This is her brother. I don't have any evidence to post but I know her irl through a friend who's close to her. I don't know what name he goes by but I know that they are FtM trans, or at least he prefers to go by a male pronoun.

No. 162995

I think it's cute, it's always nice to see more asian beauty vloggers on youtube. Definitely subscribed!

No. 163006

When she was dating T she was still going around kissing other people and just treating it really casual while T was much more committed; when they met up at the con she just dropped T completely out of the blue (from T's view)
She's spoiled because her parents pay for and support everything. She only had a job for a very short while, and constantly bitched about how hard the work was, how terrible the owners were, how she had too much anxiety to work for such a horrible place, etc before quitting. The job wasn't nearly as bad as she described at all, just a normal serving job. She also attended school for a year or so before dropping/failing everything and quitting because she had too much social anxiety. Throughout all this, her parents were still paying for all of her shit: makeup, taobao orders, cosplays, you name it.
Many photogs refuse to shoot with her or dislike her because she is very selfish, and also calls them all creeps because she hates guys. The only people who shoot her are other girls/cosplayers.
She's not really a psycho; just had a lot of problems before (I believe with drugs?) and ran away/cut contact with their family. She came back to the family a year or two ago, and Mei still hated her for it and refused to acknowledge her sister.

No. 163279

Why is a Mei thread open but not Sarah McDaniel?

No. 163285

This might all be true but doesn't make for a very entertaining special snowflake thread.

There are no caps, no cringey videos, not even shitty looking ~modelling photos~ to poke fun at. Just let it go, guys.

There is a thread about her, browse through the catalogue.

No. 163355

>Why is a Mei thread

Post in /meta/ about this you fucking retard

No. 163437

that's so weird. I've heard that mei claims she's all sorts of abusive and manipulative (at least emotionally) but everything is hearsay at the end of the day

No. 163786

might wanna check that image again to prevent some self incrimination

No. 163792

I meant that the picture next to the reply box in the middle of the image gives away who you are

No. 163795

File: 1470560785025.png (283.85 KB, 1026x1112, image.png)

thanks for saving my dumb ass twice oops <3

No. 163800

File: 1470561768059.png (344.04 KB, 1016x1190, image.png)

pretty rude about her fans and complains all the time

No. 163815

Boring. If you want to talk about Mei so badly, there's a PULL thread about her. <3 <3

No. 163890

Did anyone save that cap before the edited it? That would bring some real milk for this thread

No. 945345

Anyone else find it weird she’s flaunting 4K shopping hauls but lives in an small studio with her boyfriend?

No. 950634

Yes, Just saw the video.
Unsubscribed a long time ago due to her style changing and not suiting my interests anymore but when i revisited I was horrified at the 4k shopping haul.
She was supposedly vegan (at least 3 years ago)but now she's buying from companies like Gucci and other luxury brands that are known to be cruel to animals and exploit workers. She is so different now than what she used to be and it's all about flex at this point. It's so sad that she has lost her values and anything that was relatable about her. She seems so fake.

No. 1032237

File: 1599041403900.jpeg (579.85 KB, 750x842, BF43E500-0C6B-454F-976B-D99D0F…)

earlier in the year mei was showing off her new boyfriend in her videos but she’s removed him completely off her insta and unfollowed. She kept the boyfriend tag YouTube videos up though.

They just adopted a dog and he quit his google job in NYC to be with her in LA

No. 1032238

I’m so confused, didn’t she used to identify as a lesbian? Or was she only a lesbian until she found the right bf to project her fujo fantasies on?

No. 1032245

i remember she ended upsaying she is pan at some point or something in her vids

well…that happened fast, i wonder what happened

No. 1032248

I think she identified as ace/asexual? PULL had a better compilation of her shenanigans.

Speaking Fujo, id rather Mei be a weeb with personality instead of whatever the fuck she is now. The only content she has is dyeing her hair a new color

No. 1032253

Have she done anything milky recently anyway¿

This thread seems empty and I never checked PULL threads because I assumed it'd be simply_kenna 2.0 kind of a thread.

I agree >>1032248 that she seems pretty boring now, even though I watch her only for hairstyle tutos. However they feel kind-of repetitive too. Not a fan of her or anything, only checking her instastories every now and then along w hair vids.

No. 1032257

File: 1599045893304.jpeg (493.48 KB, 828x1086, 61215387-2737-475C-A5BA-CD5941…)

Sei is spending a lot of time with Jessica Vu (@jessyluxe) and it’s kind of interesting that when Mei debuted her orange hair on July 5th, Jessica also posted a video the same day on her ig of her doing an “orange look” with a wig that looks just like Meis hair. I scrolled but couldn’t find anymore orange looks from Jess at all. Makes me wonder if Mei just got some female intuition… they’re still following each other though. Still, Sei is now trying to kickstart his youtube and Jess has way more followers than Mei.

No. 1032303

didnt she recently move back in with her parents? I know with covid it would be the perfect excuse to get away from things and go back home.

No. 1032556

Mei and her still video chat and workout together though, I don’t think there’s bad blood between them. It’s a weird situation

No. 1032691

Sei is a tranny chaser, like literally. I wonder if she found out about this somehow via his browser history or something he had saved and it sent her into a spiral.

No. 1032714

Any receipts?
He’s been pretty quiet online/cosplay community. He’s only been active on social media because of Mei.

No. 1034617

the girl in the post you are quoting is jess. vi or olivya is one of meis long time friends that she cams with while working out.

No. 1034624

i remembered seeing this video and when i went to jess' channel just now its removed lmao thats kinda suspicious

No. 1034690

samefag realized it was an igtv not a yt vid

No. 1055868

not trying to necro, but mei posted a new room tour and disabled all comments, assuming this is the nail in the coffin around her breakup with sei

No. 1079869

yeah messy break up, im getting serious kelly stamps vibes from this video. im glad mei is getting a personality again but copying someone to do it is stupid

No. 1129895

Mei addresses lolcow/PULL

the stalker she mentions is probably a pulltard because her lolcow thread has been dead

No. 1129920

I haven't kept up with her at all but it looks like she's back to liking anime/BL. Which is the Mei I enjoyed watching years ago.

I'm confused that she's blaming a stalker for making her dislike anime though. She made fun of anime fans and fujoshis way before she started getting clout on youtube.

No. 1130063

stalker is REALLY pushing it… more like a friend that got tired of being slapped around by her rotten personality. and she was distancing herself from the "gross" anime community way before her PULL/lolcow threads started gaining replies. now that she can't keep up with her rich girl charade (bc bye bye money cow Sei) to milk views she's attempting to backtrack into what made her popular in the first place and excusing herself for flaming her supporters by blaming a thread that she supposedly ~never read~… she MOST definitely posted a few times and hardcore lurked.

No. 1130110

She talks she has ana-brain rot; similar to Eugenia Cooney. She keeps saying like/um and can’t finish completely sentences.

No. 1130127

Way to say a whole lot of nothing

No. 1130152

File: 1610517625249.png (26.56 KB, 590x170, mm.png)

May has no content to upload, so she's resorting to getting ass-pats for her ~sooper lesbo sexuality~ and ~depression from online stalker boolying~.

My guess is that she wants a free pass to do Japan-inspired weeb shit again since it was arguably her most popular era. But after all the evidence of her being toxic, shit talking well-meaning fans and being a CHINESE AMERICAN ANGEL THAT SPEAKS PERFECT ZHONGWEN AND WEARS HANFU EVERYDAY!! not a perfect animu gir1 guiz!! she can't really do that. Hence this 3o-minute pointless blab to divert attention, absolve any accountability AND be the victim.

I'd rather see her come clean about being the bully herself in the cosplay com and with Karen O. Plus what went down with Sei, especially since she certainly had no problem putting him in every video and showing him off? I've never seen this girl address a single negative thing with her fans.

No. 1130162

Does the samefag in this thread know that people who naturally have ginger hair exist… and that no one owns orange wigs it's one of the most recognized common haircolors?

I don't really care about whoever that girl is but skimming this thread is making me feel like I'm on crazy pills.

No. 1130169

Anon you might wanna chill out because your disguise of someone who totally didn't have a petty one-sided falling out(just a guess from the info you provided that no one asked for) with this irrelevant costhot is slipping.

No. 1130237

you know how 4chan users complain about redditors coming onto their site? this is how i feel about this thread

No. 1130616

Wait who is Karen O and what happened between them and Mei?

No. 1130630

kek, my thoughts exactly

came on here to see if her "stalker" would say anything since PULL is gone and lo and behold bitch is still here sperging about irrelevant sad weebthot

No. 1133732

File: 1610857448756.jpeg (133.71 KB, 750x728, D6AC1751-F71B-495A-826E-B4E71F…)


No. 1136165

i love mei personally and enjoy her content but im so sad i missed the drama regarding her. did anyone save any caps from PULL? I'm so bored at work lol. Im probably gonna get hate but i truly believe alot of people hated on her so hard because she is extremely pretty and petite and got to go to japan and shit who knows.

No. 1137318

No. 1139728

Mei practically said Kareno Yeung copied her shoot when it wasn’t even original. It was something Mei could’ve just solved privately through DMs but she decided to put her on blast with accusations. What’s shitty is Kareno was getting over her miscarriage at that time.

If I recall, I don’t think Mei ever properly apologized but CMIIW. Kareno’s husband even called her out on it.

No. 1139731

File: 1611369066891.jpeg (791.33 KB, 2560x1920, F143D796-5AE8-4FE0-B7B3-F3EACB…)

The photos btw. Both boring and unoriginal lmao seen it many times. Bad pic quality, I couldn’t find the mirror pic on Kareno’s page and prob missed it on Mei’s

No. 1139772

Straight girls who queerbait are always the most annoying people

No. 1139783

She calls herself a Chinese princess but her Cantonese is so bad lmao I’d be embarrassed to call myself a “Chinese angel” if I barely understood my own culture/language.
Also didn’t they break up while he was living in May’s parents’ home? Awkwarddd

No. 1226065

she has come out as gay and claims that she has been super closeted the whole time and was a victim of comphet.

she mentions her relationship with sei and says it failed because she was gay (wasn't he her cash cow?)

she was open about being a lesbian 5 years ago, i guess that didn't happen

No. 1226104

cool ig, laughed at the part where she said "I talked to lesbians and trans people for the first time and realized I'm gay!"

How do you live in LA all your life and never encounter a lesbian or trans person lol

No. 1226726

imagine if she acc came out as gay because of this comment hahahahha

No. 1227335

I might be too sympathetic but I feel awful for Sei. Imagine leaving your NYC job to move to LA for your partner only to have her come out as a lesbian. Yiiiiikes.

He probably has trust issues and will be more reserved moving forward. :\

No. 1227375

every deranged tumblr pink haired bitch who says "comphet made me do it" always has borderline, is trying to reinvent themselves and get rid of their past. can't wait for the backtracking. also hate her childish ana anime aesthetic, go to therapy for your obvious man trauma instead of calling urself pans, asexual and lesbian once per 3 months pls

No. 1227384

aww poor baby boy!!

No. 1227769

No. 1227912

you are lol fuck him. Ive been watching her for a while and tbh i always got gay vibes from her. You can just tell idk i cant explain it. Obviously this isnt an indicator but i do remember when PULL still existed reading about how the posters on there were mad that she had multiple posts talking about how much men disgusted her lol. It honestly made me stan. That coupled with her never really being in a relationship save for with Sei who seemed way too perfect and curated. It felt off to me

But idk when she started dating Sei I could tell they werent going to last.
I always got the vibe that he liked her more than she liked him. He was always touching on her and i could just tell from her body language she wasn't really feeling it. I think she probably privated all of their vids together but ugh i wish i could show it.


I honestly think she is a lesbian and lets be real most women are basically subconsciously forced to be attracted to men. SO it makes sense that women are doing the reading and trying to figure out where they fit.

No. 1228000

iirc actually she was Sei's cashcow, they lived together at her parents extra house didn't they?
Mei's family has always been rich as fuck.

No. 1228037

Mei has always been a big fucking walking backtracking contradiction but this was definitely expected. Good for her.
This. I've been following her since her tumblr days and she has always talked about hating men. Also her relationship with Sei was too picture perfect and uwu anime-like, it felt disingenuous to me, like she chose him for her aesthetic.
He'll live.

No. 1228309

File: 1620788528507.png (463.63 KB, 1246x758, cajGnZH.png)

really? he worked at google as a software engineer. when they were dating she was doing all of the big haul videos, and showing her expensive beauty products.

mei's family definitely seems loaded but i thought sei was spoiling her. it seemed like a dramatic change from the old mei who was into sustainable thrifting.

No. 1228326

i didn't keep up much with their relationship but i always thought sei dumped mei since she was the one who unfollowed him and deleted all presence of him. someone please correct me if i'm wrong.

No. 1228911

>talking about hating men on tumblr makes you a lesbian even when you've been pansexual, asexual, stan boy love anime and had a boyfriend

No. 1228913

>I honestly think she is a lesbian and lets be real most women are basically subconsciously forced to be attracted to men
crazy bitches enabling a crazy bitch

No. 1228985

>most women are basically subconsciously forced to be attracted to men

Off topic, but why is it that men don't seem to be affected by comhet as much as women, even though they would face similar backlash?

No. 1228989

Did you reply to the wrong person?? I was agreeing that she gave off gay vibes not that she's a lesbian.

No. 1228991

Samefag but I meant to reply to this comment, my bad.

No. 1229302

She always stroke me as one of those "not like the other weebs" holier than thou girl. They mock ppl (often teens) who are deep in their weeb phase because it reminds them of their own cringe past self, kek. I love how these people who complain about yaoi, weebs and japanese fetishisation are always big closeted weebs who secretly glamourize Japan

No. 1231338

bitch now labels herself as a pan lesbian, just say youre bi and go, fucking weirdo.

No. 1231685

idk this bitch but "pan lesbian"? that's somehow worse than the tranny male trend of calling themselves "bi dykes"

No. 1231720

I’ll believe Mei is gay when she posts pictures with her imaginary girlfriend she keeps talking about

No. 1233884

Her boyfriend doesn’t have a his own three, but one his tiktoks alludes to me being gay and he had an insta story about pronouns where his was he/they. Basically they were both queer and probably never unto each other

No. 1233995

does mei have anything better to do than to change her sexual orientation once every 3 months? kek
what's with everyone being queer these days

No. 1234037

tbh her boyfriend gave me gay vibes, so i wasn't super surprised to hear they broke up. it didn't seem like they had chemistry more like they were just using each other as accessories.

i'm also not sure if this counts as milk, but she's been posting a lot of pictures and videos of herself skateboarding on her instagram without pads or a helmet. a lot of fans were commenting telling her to wear protective gear for her safety. i think she deleted it, but i'm pretty sure she responded on instagram telling people not to worry about her and that it was her choice to skate without protective gear lmao. would post caps, but i can't find it so as i said i think she deleted it.

No. 1234129


No. 1234174

Idk if the anons commenting actually have any experience, but unknowing/closeted lesbians dating men for the sake of trying to be normal isn't an uncommon thing. Slapping "pan" onto it is kind of weird though she could just say bi/female lean or just a lesbian if she can't actually function in a straight relationship. Also her twitter pic w/ Olivya is funny if they aren't dating (they probably aren't).

No. 1234188

I think shes just a bi attention whore at best

No. 1234487


was very confused when she came out as lesbian because i have been following her for 5 years.. always thought she was (also) into men bc she mentioned she had crushes on guys on instalive and youtube (one of the grwm videos relating to "mystery meat") and her newyork video where she mentioned she genuinely liked a guy?? idk im just confused, but wishing her all the best

No. 1234973

She came out as a 'sapphic pansexual' which sounds like a convoluted way to say bisexual with a preference for women

No. 1235776

Sei.han. Fourth tiktok to the right is him lip syncing to an audio saying he’s a little gay

No. 1235960

ntayrt but that's what I thought at first but then in her video she kept going on about how she kept forcing herself to like dudes but couldn't so I think "sapphic pansexual" is just an annoying way to say lesbian but ~ inclusionary to (female) trannies and enbies ~

No. 1236010

Afaik a lot of people would also argue that the reasoning behind that is transphobic because the person doesn't see transfem as "real women" if they add pansexual because of that kek. I don't really know what she's thinking

No. 1236079

File: 1621744364547.jpg (613.32 KB, 1536x2048, mei.jpg)

she has an OF

im pretty sure they've known each other for a while, i've seen olivia comment on her videos for the past few years.

No. 1236091

They're not dating. Olyvia has a boyfriend that she lives with in SF.

No. 1236124

File: 1621754111981.png (769.11 KB, 750x1189, M54ZFBb.png)

Could you confirm this because they keep posting coupley pictures together.

No. 1236129

File: 1621754629798.jpeg (214.72 KB, 1463x855, I3Lv19U.jpeg)

Just did some digging and I can confirm they've been together for 3 years as of March. Really gross gay baiting, I can't believe I fell for it.

No. 1236357

wonder how he feels about his long term gf kissing her best friend in pics about her being gay etc

No. 1236603

well vy has been doing onlyfans for a long while now and he seems super supportive of her and she seems like she is enjoying her life happily. lots of girl friends like to be all lovey and affectionate with each other platonically. its really common dude. its not that deep.

No. 1236609

ngl but these recent posts reek of jealousy. i had been a follower of mei for years and had a point in time where i was drifting from it and annoyed at her but im enjoying her content again these days. she came out and seems so much more cheerful and happy. shes actually fangirling over her dorky weeb shit openly again. shes just enjoying her life and being openly gay. now ur shitting on her for saying she likes girls wtf. guys thats not even milk. im happy for her honestly. like ya she had some questionable things in the past that were milky but at the moment i dont really see any issue? it just smells of personal vendetta. like yall shit on her when she was in a straight relationship and now ur shitting on her for coming out wtf is this thread. yall sound so hostile and im trying to wrap my head around what she did that was so bad. sorry if this is coming off whiteknighty but c'mon. let the girl be gay.

No. 1236622


i wonder what mei's girlfriend thinks of all of this, too. gay bait is so cheap, but i expect nothing less from somebody who labels themselves a sapphic pansexual and proceeds to call themselves gay. i know loads of girls who do this, and a lot of them tend to be in ltr with men too.

No. 1236633

They're best friends or something as far as I know, in her deleted highschool video I think she said she met Olivya back when she was barely an adult.

No one's jealous, it's just puzzling why she chooses to gay bait w/ her platonic friend while probably knowing that it's a big disappointment among the lgbt circle. If you go under the tweet it's a bunch of people either assuming that they're dating or asking if they are. Sure, friends flirt with eachother for fun, but I would feel weird kissing my close friends and vice versa. Saged for possible blog.

No. 1236639


Her thread was really big on PULL. She did some mildly shitty things documented there, but since the website has been down for a year, and Mei is more active now, I imagine PULL refugees have moved here.

Mei is just an attention seeker, terminally online type. She makes cute videos occasionally.

I don't think it's jealousy, btw. I don't know why that gets thrown around. Gossiping about the online circus is just fun.

No. 1236686

Can someone explain to me how a lesbian can be into BL? I’m not into guys in 3D so anime boys don’t do anything for me, and gay anime boys relationships seem pointless. Never heard of a non-straight non-degenerate dude into yuri so how does it work

It’s not that deep

No. 1236690

bl is just manga dude, it's not that deep

No. 1236705

Yuri is a lost cause if you're an actual lesbian and if you want attractive gay content without forced ugly people pandering you go to yaoi or bl. Imo seeing two guys in whatever cliche trope is more entertaining than some dude being a dick to a female protagonist

No. 1237754

it’s not that deep lol people are allowed to find it weird that she kisses her best friend who is in a ltr with a man like they are allowed to have found her past rship with sei weird too

i like mei’s style a lot but i’m still gonna find her behavior questionable sry2say

No. 1237760

File: 1621965268196.jpeg (225.27 KB, 750x801, 7CF8C78D-5532-490C-BAC0-F37537…)

unless they’re now actually in a throuple with olivya’s boyfriend, here is more gaybaiting for twitter attention

No. 1237866

disappointing she would stoop so low as to gay bait but what do we expect from someone with no personality.

Every haul video was soulless, and now that she's back to doing anime things it's glaringly obvious she has nothing going on. The main points of her discussion is wow i bought this, how much it cost, i love shopping etc.

No. 1244026

File: 1622598217166.jpeg (168.64 KB, 750x789, 0DDC2810-8469-4AC1-8B82-03D19B…)

kek at this point olivya is coming off worse than mei unless her bf is some loser cuck for real

No. 1254141

File: 1623526393854.png (524.27 KB, 1098x859, asddd.png)

mei just posted a video and mentions the girl shes seeing, apparently they are not in an exclusive relationship…idk why this just makes me think its Olivya and her cuck bf lmao

No. 1255335

Found this while browsing fireflypath's stories and I’m shook with the skin color differences between this professional pics and the ones she posts.

No. 1255336

File: 1623613607225.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 447.97 KB, 1242x1528, 2879B09A-2C90-4210-B227-E9C791…)

forgot to attach lol

No. 1255339

File: 1623613884972.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 316.36 KB, 1241x1499, 902136F5-40F2-4F68-929E-3D5FEB…)

Just makes me wonder if mei is truly darker and lightens the heck out of everything she posts on the internet.

No. 1256503

what is this shoot for exactly? she looks like a fly rubbing two hands together

No. 1259809

tbh it looks more like the shadow on contrast was upped in these pictures to make it look more dramatic. i could be wrong but compared with the other photos of her I would say that the colouring in the fireflypath photos was messed with, not the other way around

No. 1265328

File: 1624783670694.jpeg (871.33 KB, 2048x2048, C3245E76-5835-4259-A1F9-BA2AF4…)

Why does every photo of her kissing a girl look so awkward and performative? And that weird hand positioning with two different girls? I didn’t really think she was gaybaiting before but these look like exactly the kind of pics that straight girls post of them and their “besties” kissing on a night out lol

No. 1265330

it seems more like they're just terrible at holding poses for pics, or whoever is taking the photos for them sucks and takes forever. either way, it looks extremely uncomfortable and the way they're holding each other especially here >>1236079 it seems like they're just hovering over their bodies to create the illusion. no actual, genuine, loving grip of the other.

No. 1265360

I don't understand why she feels the need to post a bunch of pics of her awkwardly kissing her friends. It's one thing if she were straight and gaybaiting so she could pretend to be bi and therefore ~ woke ~ because at least that has an understandable, if skeezy, motive. But she's actually gay and has a gf so why can't she just leave it at "I'm gay but my gf and I don't want to post about our relationship"? What does she have to prove?

No. 1265387

It juts looks like she's trying as hard as possible to look like a yuri manga cover irl

No. 1265856

File: 1624837499751.jpg (136.24 KB, 720x991, Screenshot_20210627-164328_Twi…)

Olivya, one of the girls Mei was kissing, made a coupley pic with another girl who replied to someone on twitter abt the decriminalization of polygamy. At this point I'm willing to believe that they are all in one awkward fivesome. Saged because it mentions her groupies more than Mei herself

No. 1266043

Imagine announcing you’re gay by revealing you’re part of a weird cuckold threesome

No. 1266526

Another ex-tumblr woman mainly known as ilovebrucewillis. As far as I know, she’s from Australia and married an American a while ago and was working doing arts/education with children for a few years, kinda went on the downlow for personal reasons, then recently resurfaced.

She really doesn’t put much out there, but I’m guessing her marriage is opening up a few windows. I liked her for having a good balance of motherly/creative/humoristic vibes but it’s weird seeing her with Mei who is a trainwreck of childlike confusion.

No. 1268811

File: 1625127339202.png (101.48 KB, 820x691, Vy.png)

sage cuz not actually mei, but olivya came out as pan and polyam, so maybe she really is cucking her bf with mei rather than awkward gaybait

No. 1268846

File: 1625136315381.jpeg (228.92 KB, 750x1147, A8E5527A-A60E-4E53-8F2E-8861AF…)

lmao he likes all of their tweets… truly a cuck

No. 1268959

sage. seems more like an excuse after they all got called out for queerbaiting / joking about be lesbian on twitter. kind of a weird time to come out directly after you get called out.

as an inside source i can confirm they aren’t partners or lovers(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1270449

i use to hang around this chick ages ago, she would pull the same "sapphic" vibes around any girls when she had a boyfriend. she would be very creepy and obsessive around seto ayumi (jp model) no clue she was still doing this shit.

No. 1285293

Someone tell her that lesbians don't have long nails, omg!

No. 1291284

ok, ages late on this one but her stalker vid came back up in my recommended so i gave it a rewatch– came here because i assumed that she was crying about lolcow but seems very tame. checked the pull archive and up until the end of the entire forums that thread was also honestly tame and was 99% complaining about her depop items… no like personal anything. the only thing maybe more "personal" was some screenshots of her weird weeb behavior but that was on a public facebook profile so…??? and it was mentioned in the beginning then mostly dropped the rest of the thread lol, nobody went into anything just took it at face value and moved on.(integrate)

No. 1291519

I watched her stalker video ages ago and also had to take a second look at her lolcow and PULL threads because her narrative of what happened did not match what I remembered was discussed here/there. There wasn't a single stalker anywhere. Instead there were a bunch of different people, who knew her at different times of her life, talking about how poorly she treated them in much of the same way. I used to know this bitch too and am not surprised she spun up a false narrative to paint herself as the victim to avoid apologizing to those posters. She strikes me as someone who would deny the truth up and down even if it was in her face because her fragile ego cannot handle being humbled. She also strikes me as someone who would play the victim when faced with the natural consequences of her bratty behavior. We've seen examples of these already in her PULL thread. That being said, this kind of personality is very common in the real world and isn't enough to warrant her having a thread on lolcow. When I think of lolcows, I think of someone like Chris-Chan and Venus Angelic, and Mei doesn't belong in this group.

No. 1336537

File: 1632848852396.jpeg (642.4 KB, 828x1128, 62DB651E-67DB-408A-A67F-7AA7B8…)

Did anyone watch the video she posted with this picture on Aug 14? The whole thing seemed forced like they were just posing for pictures. Mei grabbed her face a few times to kiss her over and over. I understand her friend collette teaches a dominatrix class but it just seemed very awkward.

No. 1336574

I honestly think she’s just asexual and forcing herself into a cube. She’s so lifeless and mind empty, if she got into a legit relationship again I’d feel bad for their partner. All those vlogs with her ex were filled with her trying to replicate the image of a relationship, shit was awkward

No. 1336785

I think she's just repeating what she did in her last relationship but now with whatever's happening with her current friend group. The whole "I'm sapphic now!" thing she's pulling with her friends seems so forced and unnatural

No. 1337511

I have no empathy for her new partner(s) or sei for that matter. If they still chose to be with her after reading about her character online, then they deserve what’s coming.(sage)

No. 1337666

havent heard of this girl in a long time so its funny seeing this thread bumped lol does she sapphic because she is wiccan now or something? i cant see anything about that in the thread unless shes trying to do some cutesy magical girl thing or something?? its weird to me she still has no sense of identity, around this age you typically get a job and learn more about yourself and so on.

No. 1337846

i'll apologize beforehand if my comment comes out as rude or racist, but i'm curious about this, since i don't live in america and i don't really see this phenomenon often (tbh i only saw it in mean girls and i thought it was a stereotype) …

why is her group of friends only composed of asian girls?(namefag)

No. 1337847

Lol its fine. Honestly, I noticed this where I am from as well… Asian girls tend to stick together and in general Asians just tend to stick together from what I have noticed. Other groups tend to spread around more and I am not sure why this is the case

No. 1337863

it's because she lives off her parents and doesn't have a job tbh, they spoil her and let her quit jobs, school, basically everything so she never had to grow as a person.

No. 1337874


The area she’s from is primarily Asians. There’s lots of cities with just Asian populations in the US

No. 1337919

Nayrt but I think the only one she was initially friends with before her current “influencer” phase was Vy.
Mina Le is from New York, Amy is Australian who recently got her green card in the US, the others I’m not so sure about.

No. 1341698

File: 1633458691131.jpeg (683.75 KB, 1124x1843, 3D4A9CE4-46D6-4331-93C0-A885AB…)

her dream was to go to new york and host a funeral for an anime character that died? jesus

No. 1341807

Uhhhh… wtf? This chick is 25 years old but acts like a teenager. It’s not cute anymore. Just sad and cringe.

No. 1341937

I get that we wanted her to express herself more instead of forcing the "boujee la influencer" shit back in 2018-19, but this is too much

No. 1341941

I don't think I've ever seen even scrotes going to the real life location of an anime chars death, what the fuck lol. mental illness

No. 1462456

honestly most of yall complaining just want to complain. im not even a fan i just watch her videos randomly but some of yall need a better outlet to be angry. she's literally doing nothing to hurt anyone and you all are really mad at how shes spending her money… weird.("not even a fan")

No. 1462459

Good job bumping a thread that's been dead for 5 months, retard.

No. 1462475

well look at you responding ,good job it worked! not dead

No. 1462478

So who’s gonna bring up her sugar daddy

No. 1462522

wait i thought she was a lesbian with rich ass parents backing her influencer/youtube career

No. 1462529

you could at least provide some details.

No. 1462815

No. 1465402

her newest video explaining her 4 different relationships….just seems so weird and not healthy at all. i feel really sad for mei

No. 1465534

Just watched it too…I can't wait in a couple years or so when she switches back to monogamy with a straight dude and this is all just a big embarrassing phase for her. She hops on LGBT trends like dicks, she looks so lost despite acting like she has it all figured out in the video

No. 1465788

Mei is giving “I just came out” with all of this poly shit. I went through one of those phases as well and it’s pushed in LGBT communities when I just don’t find it to be realistic and it screams “I can’t commit to anything or anyone fully”. But I have to say I don’t believe for one second she’s a lesbian like she’s claimed and I’m finding this whole ark cringe and a little insulting because I know this is just another thing she’s doing. I wonder if she gives at all in her encounters with women.(sage your shit)

No. 1466002

The video.

At the end, Colette plugs her mistress classes, and Mei says it's life-changing. It's a little bizarre.

No. 1466009

sage for blogpost but my personal gripe with this video is how selfish polyamorous people appear to be. mei literally says "one of my lovers who i'm currently obsessed with" as if she's talking about an object, and then lists off reasons why having multiple partners is good- the two examples being "someone who financially supports you" and "one who gives you gifts". it just feels like one giant cope for needing excessive attention & being unable to be in a stable relationship, not being able to build your personality/wants/desires individually, and wanting to use people for your own benefit/gain. but packaging it up as some healthy thing, actually. it's fucking whack

No. 1466313

Genuine question but: Is Colette a man?

Something seems very off about the way her voice sounds, the way she talks, her movements and also how creepy-happy she is that her house is used for… poly awakenings?

What really made me start to wonder was Mei admitting she is now in a relationship with a man while being poly after previously coming out as only wanting to be with women. Something seems off. Maybe the face thing she wears is actually to hide some telling features?

No. 1466342

I just figured she was a smoker or an older woman. Her chest does seem strangely broad, but it just could be that she has an unfortunate build.

No. 1466363

File: 1647193110091.jpg (196.03 KB, 1440x1800, c1.jpg)

I thought so too but after hearing how she talked and what she said along with her mannerisms, I am seriously wondering. I just took a look at her IG and I don't know of many women who get veins like this?

No. 1466365

File: 1647193259510.jpg (91.47 KB, 1080x1080, c2.jpg)

Hips/legs/arms/hands all seem very male?

Mei is allowed to change her mind but it's weird she made that whole statement video about not being attracted to men in the slightest. Maybe she just meant cis men?

No. 1466404

She’s 40, so I really just think it’s a case of being a bit older.

No. 1466526

Mei did mention on twitter that one of her ~lovers~ is 6'2 and the other is 5'0, and she was probably referring to Colette and Vy respectively since she tweeted it right after she posted that video with them, so if Colette is that tall it definitely makes one think…

No. 1466535

Yeah, ironically I feel like she seemed a lot more natural back when she was with Sei compared to now. Every time she talks about being gay it just feels so affected, like she's playing a game. It's so cringe whenever she kisses another woman because she cranes her neck so much and sticks her lips out so far it's like she's trying to keep her body as far away from the girls' she's kissing as possible like how straight girls do when they kiss each other for shits and giggles

No. 1466685

File: 1647214110922.png (122.76 KB, 1273x767, 2022-03-13_19-26-21.png)


No. 1466687

File: 1647214137596.png (136.32 KB, 1236x835, chrome_2022-03-13_19-27-54.png)

No. 1467232

With all this, I just have a feeling Mei may be sugaring with her partners. This whole situation is just a bit weird, it’s insane how much she’s been changing since I started watching her.

No. 1467338

File: 1647273265277.png (168.43 KB, 654x1047, m9.png)

>>1466687 some of the blogposts https://www.pervette.com/dear-u-july-2021/ ctrl-F "m9"

No. 1467462

File: 1647281391778.png (27.04 KB, 907x232, sugarp.png)

Wow, this is a lot juicier than I thought it would be. I am surprised that Colette openly talks about sugar daddies on a public blog, as well as financial dealings (Mei promoting her classes on instagram as payment). It's really fucking weird. You think there'd be an NDA.

Anyway, is P Japanese? Colette says she met him in Tokyo. Also, pic related: they lived in that house together.

No. 1467545

File: 1647286176489.png (70.99 KB, 989x693, p1.png)

Some more on P from Colette's blog. It really seems like copium here, good god.

No. 1467549

File: 1647286229593.png (93.6 KB, 1002x836, p2.png)

No. 1467553

File: 1647286321139.png (74.73 KB, 898x832, p3.png)

No. 1467567

File: 1647286808388.jpg (149.46 KB, 964x788, mei.jpg)

These are the blog posts about Mei AKA M3.

No. 1467569

File: 1647286870987.jpg (85.19 KB, 995x554, mei2.jpg)

No. 1467575

No, Mei is M9.

No. 1467576

File: 1647287160683.jpg (26.83 KB, 944x120, mei3.jpg)

Hot tip for the ladies. This lady has some serious issues

No. 1467579

File: 1647287264150.png (61.33 KB, 1008x608, m9.png)

Presumably, when Mei was in Turks and Caicos (and Miami), she was with P.

No. 1467584

File: 1647287401148.jpg (Spoiler Image, 228.74 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20220314-144730_Ins…)

No. 1467590

Michelle Phan is involved too. She follows all the girls on IG and promoted Colette's class.

No. 1467593

Whoa they're not even hiding that Colette & "P" are running a pyramid scheme sex cult, and Mei is using her YouTube channel to recruit fresh meat. Getting NXIVM vibes from Colette's "MistressClass" videos with the weird screaming. Fucking creepy.

No. 1467594

P seems to be white, assuming that's him in the video in the July journal (linked by someone above).

I believe she mentions a few times in her journal that she sometimes loses track of the code names, so it's possible that both refer to Mei.

No. 1467607

The screaming video is pure insanity. I have to wonder if they're on drugs. Several of Colette's blog posts mention DMT.

No. 1467619

This part made me cringe

No. 1467646

File: 1647289973500.jpeg (511.62 KB, 750x1056, 62937AF1-7D5F-42BA-9CF0-C57C9C…)

promotion on her twitter.. if the blog is true then she really is in some business deal with these guys to “recruit” some more young women

No. 1467680

She just privated the video after everyone in the comments started calling her on out the bs.

No. 1467681

File: 1647292054380.jpg (53.86 KB, 620x426, mei4.jpg)

No. 1467690

it really looks like a guy with lipstick…

No. 1467717

File: 1647293983368.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x1172, 22F4F9B9-B1C0-4633-A3EC-74B622…)

anyone else find it odd that her mistress classes only recruit specifically Asian women? this whole thing seems sinister

No. 1467720

>a lot of mentions of sugaring, viewing members of the polycule as "teenage daughters you can f*ck"
This is just completely disgusting. I have seen some of Mei's cringe polyamory posting popping up recently but never realized it was this bad

This really does feel like some NXIVM shit, I have no idea how she thought nobody would put two and two together. This thread seems like it could become really interesting now.

No. 1467738

has anyone downloaded the youtube video she posted and deleted?

No. 1467747

not to be that guy, but I just KNEW something was sus about all the designer she had suddenly been wearing. Prada, Chanel, Balenciaga , LV. Sure, many influencers can achieve this eventually. But I just felt it was so rapid, and those influencers also have 1 mil followers and bigger brand deals.(sage your shit)

No. 1467756

File: 1647295405929.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.89 MB, 828x630, thepowerofthefemainananaianeie…)

Sorry, reposting to spoiler.

No. 1467838

Mei says shes safe, but thats the problem with sex cults or cults in general… THAT THE VICTIMS FEEL LIKE THEY BELONG IN THERE

No. 1467846

i had a friend date a pro domme that reminds me of collette. posting that kind of shit publicly (and without consent) a massive power imbalance under the guise of sex positive, polyamorous kink.

i hope mei is okay. i’m relieved everyone called this out.

No. 1467854

someone mentioned in the video comments that colette mentioned doing a photoshoot in ‘81 that her mom “wouldn’t approve of”. if she was really 40 that means she was doing photoshoots without parental permission at a year old. my guess is that she’s already nearing 60 which honestly good for her, she looks great for that age. bad for literally everything else about her though. i hope this backlash makes mei open her eyes and she can get the fuck out before it’s too late.

No. 1467857

This bitch is not 60. It was probably a typo.

No. 1467866

She deleted the twt post… i guess hes now stuck in her head thinking she f up again bc of her life choices

No. 1467868

Just checked Mei's twitter and the tweets about deleting the video are now gone. Not a good sign

No. 1467870

File: 1647298783294.png (1.13 MB, 1178x1420, PBirthday.png)

I'm pretty sure "P"/David is 55 based on a video posted by mariaxliu on insta

No. 1467876

Did anyone happen to get a screengrab of the video with P in it before Collete took down the blog?

No. 1467879

How are we sure David is P?

No. 1467880

File: 1647298962358.png (158.46 KB, 368x406, P_headshot2.png)

I took one

No. 1467887

idk ya'll keep thinkin mei's the victim but her and olivya are probably more like business partners to colette. they're getting money from this

No. 1467889

In the video posted on mariaxlui instagram dated July 4 2021, I heard someone saying "David" and he turns and looks. idk I thought because it was his party and Mei and I think Colette?? and others are there.

No. 1467890

File: 1647299134580.png (381.01 KB, 656x812, P_headshot.png)

screenshot from same birthday video

No. 1467907

This. Mei has always been a manipulative opportunist.

No. 1467909

So her entire "sapphic" coming out journey was just performative lesbianism for a 55 year old yellow fevered coomer. You can't make this shit up.

No. 1467946

On colettes' blog, it's gone now.

No. 1467953

she wore name brand and spent like crazy with her ex, her vapid rich life style making her turn out like this is not surprising

No. 1467954

File: 1647300626461.jpg (53.9 KB, 503x862, 1.jpg)

No. 1467956

File: 1647300666667.jpg (64.44 KB, 519x855, 2.jpg)

No. 1467958

File: 1647300696539.jpg (50.15 KB, 501x856, 3.jpg)

No. 1467959

File: 1647300726458.jpg (54.01 KB, 504x863, 4.jpg)

No. 1467982

File: 1647301218943.jpg (682.95 KB, 1080x1921, IMG_20220314_203945.jpg)

Adding: her diary on her stories visibly says "my relationship with David" at the very top.

No. 1467991

peeked through mei's tagged photos on instagram and found her tagged with a lady named christina who runs a sugar dating site, so she may be involved with multiple sugar groups or companies


No. 1467992

File: 1647301585257.png (324.13 KB, 1408x1202, Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 4.46…)

No. 1467997

Because the PUA pimp financing them has an Asian fetish, why else? I can’t believe these women are dumb enough to pay for this though, no one needs a “class” to become a sex worker or get exploited by gross old BDSM scrotes. They’re supposed to pay you, that’s literally the only plus!

It’s hard to know how to feel about this. It’s entirely possible Mei is a victim here and doesn’t realize she’s being used by her “queer polycule” to recruit her followers into a sex cult. But I could also see her being in on it, especially since she seems to be benefiting financially. The whole thing is disturbing and I’m glad her fans are seeing the red flags.

No. 1468003

wait… who's Mei's fourth partner? I'm only seeing Colette, Vy, and P being discussed. I didn't get to see the video before she deleted it.

No. 1468010

I don't think she specified exactly, but I vaguely remember her saying someone on the east coast?

No. 1468019

i think its some farm girl that she keeps only to herself

No. 1468021

File: 1647302422343.jpg (255.49 KB, 828x1407, amy.jpg)

maybe this girl? shes gorgeous

No. 1468025

isnt that colette? her hands look big and that adam apple like neck…

No. 1468026

File: 1647302581186.png (785.76 KB, 1169x817, Screenshot (8).png)

Here's the video's bio, if anyone was wondering..luckily I still had the tab open for the video lol

No. 1468028

File: 1647302695460.jpg (231.9 KB, 828x1516, S__7168021.jpg)

no its this girl name Amy.

No. 1468039

File: 1647303301685.jpg (345.79 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20220314-190812_You…)

This seems moderately sketchy considering most of her fanbase is young and Asian.

No. 1468051

I thought this and the Paris trip were gimmicky before any of this came out but now I can't hear Mei saying "long time friends" without seeing some kind of sex cult recruitment subtext

No. 1468061

wow she became so fucking shady lmao

No. 1468072

I was pretty jealous of this event cause it seemed like a rich girls spring break trip. Tickets cost $4k alone. Now I’m just grossed out that it’s seems some kind of grooming scheme disguised as a luxury vacay

No. 1468076

>3-star hotel

No. 1468077

I was thinking in the trips to France (?) And Korea!! She said on her instagram that it was to meet new people and have fun times. I think its pretty obvious the target. Im scared if somehow a naive girl gets entangled on this mess

No. 1468085

I just skimmed her story announcements. I wasn’t aware of the actual accommodations so never mind lmao

No. 1468110

The archived link here >>1467338
still works. (Hover over the link to see [Archived Copy]

Here are the other blogs:

No. 1468115

File: 1647306566419.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1639x842, video.png)

Another interesting link I found via searching Pervette (and clicking the ENDLESS links)

https://dominacolette.com/album/507bfq (very very nsfw)

No. 1468125

The guy sitting next to her in this photo looks like the “workout partner” she just posted to her stories. His @ is devensmusic.

No. 1468145

Seeing this website and then Mei's instagram feed is so strange

No. 1468262

File: 1647315062273.jpeg (261.29 KB, 1125x1697, CA94D1C2-3CC1-4449-A38C-4C4B21…)

the cognitive dissonance kek i’m glad she’s getting called out for this mess

No. 1468295

I just realized – these photos were taken in Mei's house, right? It's the same location as the Halloween party she hosted.

No. 1468298

Im pretty sure that's colette's house. mei just pretends it's hers haha

No. 1468299

I thought Colette's house had the natural wood frames around the windows.

No. 1468330

What a mess. It wasn't long ago I was watching her wasting money on gacha, to think that she was sugaring/in some weird cult while doing it is sobering.

I don't know what to think. I do think that she's being taken advantage of but at the same time the way she isexposing her fanbase to this is super gross. Her greed us going to cost her so much

No. 1468344

File: 1647321643043.jpg (251.65 KB, 1080x576, Screenshot_20220314-162641_Chr…)

God the part in parentheses is so disturbing to me. I'm so confused cause she just made a whole thing about coming out as sapphic too

No. 1468350

i find it hilarious that mei is holding these "how to be a successful influencer 101" classes when she isnt even a successful influencer. she only seems like one on the surface because she travels a lot and has all these clothes. but she isnt self made and it isnt even her parents. her parents are solid middle class decently well off but they are not wealthy by any means. this is why mei never wore expensive designer clothes and accessories her entire life until she started dating rich men. she is not and has never been a lesbian. anyway. she is trying to convince her followers that she is successful enough and knows enough to teach "content creation workshops" but her key to success isn't anything she can teach. her key to success is her being a sugar baby which she will never acknowledge. her pretending that she did it all on her own and is a girlboss who can teach other women to live like her while leaving out this massive piece of information is so misleading.

No. 1468357

The whole thing is disturbing. She’s trying to present her “kweer polycule” as this soft sapphic woman empowerment thing for her YouTube fanbase, when the primary goal appears to be recruiting & pimping young Asian women into hardcore BDSM sex work.

No. 1468359

long time viewer here. I'm not even sure where to start, but it's funny that everyone caught on… no offense, but ever since her Halloween party and posing with all the Chanel, Prada, LV, etc., I kept asking "How can she afford this?" it's ironic how I found out about thrifting in high-school through Mei and seeing how her lifestyle has changed.

I agree with pretty much everyone. her relationship with Sei felt so wholesome, I know that being in a relationship shouldn't complete you as a person but for the first time in a while I felt like Mei was being herself again.
although she is "open" with her life recently, I just always feel like she's never herself. idk, am I crazy or when she was with Sei she would have these vlogs traveling together? I remember the Japan vlog and she seemed so happy! now that she's traveling to turks & caicos, radio silence?(newfag)

No. 1468364

because she was with her sugar daddy the entire time and didn’t want to ruin the illusion of being a dainty sapphic girl boss princess

No. 1468365

her other partner is @devensmusic, he is the one who is 6’2” (from her tweet about about her partners’ heights) and you can see him in her IG story from today. he was also seen in her IG story from that innisfree dinner a few weeks ago and in pictures from the tea party. tall guy with red dreads who was an MMA fighter.

No. 1468366

File: 1647324190667.png (216.21 KB, 1122x2048, FN3j6pdXIAEkYvh.png)

Apparently this is one of Mei's friends. Any ideas on who this is?

No. 1468367

File: 1647324262302.png (149.17 KB, 1047x2048, 7676.png)

Also this is fucking gross…

No. 1468368

I honestly don't know how while claiming to have learnt and grown so much and being involved in all of this she can still be so naive as to think no one would see through their bullshit or dig a tiny bit further. Pretty much anyone with common sense did. It's so ironic picturing her asking Colette to shut down her blog so people won't see more truth while hours ago she was praising Mei for 'living her truth' on insta. It's all a facade and it would be just her problem if she wasn't so actively promoting and marketing whatever this is while using the LGBT community and women empowerment movement as an aesthetic kawaii wholesome front for this shady shit, you just have to be held accountable for that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1468373

And yes I also think her 4th partner is her 'fitness partner' daven guy or whatever. Simply bc if it was a woman she wouldn't have shut up about how she's so in love with this GIRL, GIRL, GIRL. Sigh.

No. 1468381

I don't know if this is allowed on here, feel free to report my comment if it infliges any rule.

1. what kind of healthy partner tells you "baby, you need to let go that ego of yours to be happy" tell me it's not creepy? Isn't your ego what tells you your self worth and manages your self esteem, since when its a bad thing?

2. since she started to get in touch with them every single post she makes is about sex, nothing more! Before that she started sharing her hobbies and more personal stuff. I dont mean to come across as prude, fuck that shit, what i mean is that sex appears to be her everything lately.

3. Doesn't she finds something odd in a mummy who seems to be ONLY AROUND -younger- women who happen to be lesbians and asian? With an older woman who talks about him like he's charles manson?

No. 1468382

the mental illness

No. 1468385

File: 1647325878416.jpeg (70.21 KB, 828x120, B71625D3-7FC1-4A2E-8F02-C66161…)

Haha it gets worse

No. 1468394

File: 1647327097988.jpg (129.74 KB, 1170x1017, comments.jpg)

the comments HAHA

No. 1468400

holy shit that's so gross. everything i've read from her blog is disgusting. i get being open about sex especially as a female but this isn't it. at this point it seems like the guise of an obsession.

No. 1468410

File: 1647328846025.png (53 KB, 918x376, 1DCA60AD-49D8-4122-A7BE-B58029…)

No. 1468411

File: 1647328888421.jpeg (100.04 KB, 922x793, 4FC33202-882B-4012-AB12-28AE89…)

These people sure do talk about fucking kids a lot

No. 1468418

File: 1647329953020.png (8.17 MB, 1125x2436, 9C3EBAA1-B119-4686-9592-F22630…)

Yall! It's NOT Mei's House. It's P's.

In this tiktok by Christina.dates you can see that the house is IDENTICAL to the house Mei showed in her Halloween pics. Christina hangs out with Mei and I'm 100% sure they're both involved in sugaring with P.

I find it ridiculous and sad that she tried so hard to pass off this house as her own, like look at me uwu I'm a successful female influencer living this lavish lifestyle~ When in reality it's some obscure sex dungeon they refer to as "gay mansion", where tons of young Asian women part of a sex cult reside, owned by some creepy white Asian fetishist.

No. 1468422

collette’s place would be the one with the wooden panels where mei and vy do aerial silks. that place is located in berkeley while this mansion is in LA.

No. 1468424

yes ur right. its still not mei's house by any means tho, im guessing its some shared house for p's sugar babies to live in/use. she was probably feeling some sense of superiority seeing her super impressionable audience asking for a house tour under her halloween pics lmao(don't use emojis)

No. 1468430

Your pfp is showing but you still have time to delete

No. 1468431

I suspect X is referring to christina.dates/@xtinaa.kim, depending on when this was posted. in her tiktoks posted on 7/26/21, she says she’s 23. if the blog post was written in the previous year, she would be 22.

christina’s sugar dating startup, “agency”, is tied to P at the very least through using his LA mansion to host their events as shown in her tiktoks.(learn2sage)

No. 1468446

no its not, thats the picture of the person who uploaded the sound on the video.

No. 1468448

clues to p/david’s identity:
- met in tokyo (source: colette’s blog)
- “the creator of a mega-successful tech startup that has something to do with weed” (source: https://www.vogue.com/article/breathless-karley-sciortino-fear-of-normalcy)

meet david benett, founder of bento.com, a weed delivery service. if you look at his linkedin, it shows that he used to work in tokyo. his interviews also reek of yellow fever whenever he talks about anything asian. I think we got our guy.

No. 1468451

File: 1647335410802.jpeg (292 KB, 1125x1441, A31D1AD6-9C47-4637-B46A-113C90…)


No. 1468455

Is the whole pervette blog missing now or is it just me?

No. 1468456

File: 1647336355365.jpeg (123.63 KB, 828x290, 0AE1C863-BC50-4E86-9AC2-D0CF7B…)

LMAO now we know why she selling other women out to a creep. It’s part of her fempire. Colett is a girl boss guys. Mei is not a victim I’m pretty sure she’s just learning especially with the 4K trips she been shilling.

No. 1468462

Oh yeah, I’m with you. I remember finding her lifestyle quite fishy for a while because she definitely didn’t seem successful enough as an influencer to afford her lifestyle. Well, now we see how she does it…

I’m very curious to see what people make of her influencer trips now.

No. 1468470

David is quite easy to find on linkedin. He owns a cannabis delivery company called bento delivery in california as well.(learn2sage)

No. 1468471

yeah that’s from his interview about the company (btw you can put “sage” in the email section of a new comment so you don’t keep bumping this thread)

No. 1468486


Are these blogs old? Isn't David the guy who had is 55th birthday? It says he's 42 here. Two different ppl?(sage)

No. 1468488

File: 1647341308072.jpeg (378.01 KB, 1125x1706, 787B0170-2160-43C2-B202-DE6C4D…)

lmao olivya’s boyfriend takes their photos for them? bizarre

No. 1468498

At this point I don’t believe Mei is a victim. >fake house tours
>what Colette wrote in the blog about her Disney/cutesy audience
>shilling sugaring & BDSM lifestyle to young fans while leaving the sponsor out and pretending it’s really about “sapphic empowerment”
The deception is too calculated.

No. 1468500

Not bizarre at all if he’s in on the grift

No. 1468540

remember when her gf had a marie antoinette style let them eat cake picnic bday party clearly funded by P? ex tumblr attn whore too

No. 1468546

Is there any way to still watch mei’s now deleted video?

No. 1468558

this shit is repulsive and i can’t stand how colette writes these posts like everyone is a character in her story and not a real person.(sage your shit)

No. 1468567

I find it interesting that she went to therapy and came out as sapphic and then all this came out. I hope she goes back into therapy to be honest, Collette and P are fucking gross especially with how they keep talking about fucking these girls and viewing them as teenage daughters?
Like bdsm and kinks aside there is just something that irks me about the way Collette writes on her blog.

No. 1468580

File: 1647351096542.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1992, 14E49EF5-D356-4B94-B7A6-B54C67…)

more people are catching on I guess

No. 1468584

no you're COMPLETELY right. writing about fucking your "daughters" like whores is so fucking gross. they all have deep issues and hide it under their liberating polyqueer cult(sage your shit)

No. 1468586

Kek I always thought it was weird that she used to DIY all her stuff and then all of a sudden she was sporting Gucci and Prada without uploading regular YT content to monetize. It makes sense now that shes a sugarbaby…gross

No. 1468602

I'm confused, didn't she mention in one of her coming out videos that she felt repulsed by men? Why is she now with P? Probably hopping onto the LGBT trend bc she thinks it's fashionable..

No. 1468614


been thinking the same thing. i think she probably is just in it for the money she gets from sugaring. david is an old weirdo asian fetishist white guy and idk how she’d be into him genuinely

No. 1468638

For the cash, trips and designer crap, why else? She’d hardly be the first “lesbian” to pretend to be into gross old scrotes for money. My issue is her selling this as an empowering lifestyle to young girls.

No. 1468640

This is genuinely scary, she's basically hyping up Collette while Collette herself is just the Ghislaine to the old creep's Epstein and then also planning these trips to lure girls herself

So even a site as sketchy as SA kicked him off

No. 1468737

ive literally never posted on here so forgive me if im doing this wrong. idk how to reply either so i'll just compile stuff here.

yes, xtinaa.kim on ig is X on colette's blog. she's a pro sugar baby and runs a sugaring company called Agency, on the blog there was an entry where colette either went to an Agency event or co-hosted it, dont remember well. P is david, sometimes nicknamed Dan, he runs Bento and i believe the ig account petdecolette is his. O is olivya. one of the As on the blog (i believe A2) was amy chan, the breakup expert that hosted a bootcamp w colette mei seems to have gone to. M8 is the other main sugar daddy involved in this, and he's the artist alphachanneling on ig. colette mentioned on the blog his amount of followers, his art style, and his coloring book, idk what his real name would be nor his age. m9 was mei, m3 potentially was also mei or not mei, in one entry colette does mention she sometimes confuses the code names if she doesnt use them for a while. also, i absolutely have no idea how this works, but on the blog 'Cutie' seems to be a panda plush with its own ig account cutiebellesweetpea, idk who runs the account.

No. 1468741

Thanks! This was super helpful.


There's been milk, anon… Also it was necroed several dsys ago.

No. 1468744

Nonnie, calm down and have some warm milk

No. 1468747

Sorry for and for deleting my bitchy reply kek but that is why you don't browse lolcow high. Muh pologies, nonnies.

No. 1468750

File: 1647360911188.jpeg (824.86 KB, 1125x1654, 1C53E17B-F402-43CF-ABD2-E60567…)

oops, the other david was a different one? thanks for the info @ulfricslagcloak, since you’ve visited this thread and may return.

No. 1468801

does anyone know if the q&a with colette is reuploaded somewhere? i didn’t get to finish it and want to see if i can pick up anything else weird in the vid

No. 1468838

Yup, this is him. In searching his name, I found the house that Colette lives in. Does anyone know Colette's real name? Is it Uyen Ly?

No. 1468846

File: 1647366340496.jpeg (196.75 KB, 1125x1061, F99A17E9-FF1D-4231-923F-BA38FD…)

david’s website dacus.com is just… this is who all these girls are fawning over?

No. 1468852

He looks like a muppet omg I’m embarrassed. Why do we allow mediocre white men to get away with so much. This is gross. No amount of money would have me getting naked for Kermit’s lost brother

No. 1468858

please sage. and no, it’s clear that m9 is mei.

No. 1468863

god someone teach rich white dudes to groom their eyebrows what is even going ON there

separate question:
the wild conjecture in this thread is fun bUT

has anyone actually been able to prove that mei is actually 'recruiting' for this dude? because it sounds like he's using at least two different agencies to find sugar babies, so i have no idea why people think he needs a social media influencer to act as a third, esp. considering that if they really were disguising the recruitment process as something completely unrelated, the venn diagram out of that population between 'women who he wants to fuck' and 'women willing to fuck him' is going to be pretty narrow.

No. 1468870

no, I don't think there's any concrete proof that Mei is recruiting for David specifically. Not everyone that Mei is involved with is involved with David (for instance, Olivya doesn't follow him) but the fact that she's his sugar baby and proclaiming her ~qweer polyam~ sapphic fantasy as liberating herself from the male gaze is highly hypocritical at best

No. 1468871

remember when mei used to HATE when ppl would refer to her like an anime character cause she was asian with pastel hair. like she would aggressively tell people to stop. but now its okay for david to fetishize her because he showers her in money, trips, and gucci and prada. looking through her ig, ever since she started being around colette with vy around nov 2020, shes been going for the whole sexualized baby angel asian nymphette look with designer everything. this guy is making his own young asian harem where they can all be "queer" while they all still sleep with him for money so they can run off being spoiled asian princesses. they are really fucking up their reputations and fanbases with everything coming to light. how is it so "empowering" when its all being ringled by a white fetishizer with a mountain of cash? shes no longer relatable at all. even from when she was with sei, it seems she is only happy and in love when she is spoiled rotten.

No. 1468880

Hence the monikers - Rotten/PrincessMei

No. 1468881

didnt she say in her post of taking the video down that shes taking time off because of all the "misinfo" being spread? shes probably going through a deep depression cause hes cutting her money off from this bad publicity. mei do you really feel empowered for being what you used to hate? being spoiled with money and designer clothes to live your princess dream life in return for being a sexualized asian "little daughter/sister" and being taken advantage of from a creepy middle aged white man? is it only empowering because its easy for you and you are getting a lot of money out of it? disgusting honestly.

No. 1468883

the funny thing is she chose the name rotten mei because behind her ol cutesy princess facade she was always going on about how gross and lazy she was irl. hense how every expensive or unique piece of clothing she sold on depop back in the day had food stains and rips in them. now you could say its cause shes a spoiled rotten girl.

No. 1468887

File: 1647368630031.png (30.94 KB, 597x206, Screenshot 2022-03-15 112242.p…)

Gives a whole new meaning to this tweet I guess

No. 1468894

mei rn: "boohoo the internet is being mean and isnt seeing my queer sapphic sugar baby sex cult dream as empowering anymore. please send me $$$$ and expensive pink flowers from my favorite flower shop cause im depressed" if you watched the vid before it got deleted then youll understand what im referring to lol

No. 1468901

I'm surprised nobody has pointed out that his twitter bio says "angel investor" while mei's instagram bio begins with "chinese angel". could be a coincidence but come on.

No. 1468902

Expecting/hoping other people cheer you up when you're down is fine and all but demanding them to give you stuff at the same time..isn't it.

No. 1468906

an "angel investor" is a tech term lol it just means he invests money into startups(sage your shit)

No. 1468907

File: 1647369753579.png (105.57 KB, 979x1178, Screenshot 2022-03-15 114234.p…)

it's also the same terminology that x.tinaa.kim's sugar baby startup uses.

No. 1468910

Notice how this “Chinese” “angel” stuff came about around the same time she started this “influencer” lifestyle and started sugaring las if she started to fetishize herself.(sage your shit)

No. 1468916

in her now deleted video she was talking about how her diff partners are good for diff things. financial, emotional, physical time spent, etc. and how if your needs arent met, or jealousy of him spending time with another girl makes her lonely, to give a specific request to fulfill her needs such as "hey im lonely and depressed id love it if you could send me flowers from my favorite flower shop"

No. 1468920

I think she’s had “Chinese angel” in her bio for a long time, before her coming out video from a while back.

No. 1468922

just a tinfoil hat but i cant help but wonder if when she was talking about how her "previous ex" (i assume sei) was too busy for her or not emotionally available for her if she was unhappy cause he wouldnt spoil her like she wanted when he was away working for google. idk if she realizes this but having long distance relationships where you demand gifts and money is still considered SUGARING

No. 1468923

how on earth does she see this as a healthy relationship model. it sounds so manipulative and transactional

No. 1468928

yikes… using partners for "different things" thats not a principle of polyamory that's just selfishness

No. 1468931

Moms normally know when something fucked up is happening, even without hard proof… imagine telling your daughter to keep on selling their body for nice things…… because i doubt that her family is THAT open minded and no… being a sugar baby ITS NOT sex work, Colette IS a sw most of the time… sugar babys arent.

No. 1468932

Went to college with her and am friends with the omocat circle. Everything with her is transactional

No. 1468937

being a sugar baby is sex work… this is why it's disturbing bc she's advertising this type of lifestyle to her young fans without disclosing that part of her income comes from sex work

No. 1468941

aaaaaand she deleted even more posts. basically every mention of Colette is gone from Mei's instagram, other than comments. Colette also deleted most of her posts, including the most recent "tea party" pictures and videos where Mei appeared

No. 1468948

I don't believe sugar babies are sw because that relies on the "im his girlfriend" instead of providing a service with specific schedule or fixed/established wages.

No. 1468950

File: 1647371698521.png (42.06 KB, 590x281, Screenshot 2022-03-15 121322.p…)

looks like this checks out. So she has two men in her list of partners. Whatever happened to being sapphic wlw and repulsed by men?

No. 1468952

if you dont want to risk the truth being exposed then dont be shilling it out to the public every week on posts, stories, reels, and youtube videos. they are only scrubbing it clean from the internet because sugar daddy has a rep to keep and a lot of cash in hand. they are all probably in the dog house rn. i wont be surprised if her budget is plummeted for the next few weeks. girl was pumping like 500-600 dollars on genshin wishes to get the full constellation set of a character she wanted at the given time.

No. 1468953

You're still trading sexual favors for money/goods though. Even if it's not on a fixed salary the fact that there's a transaction makes it sex work

No. 1468955

welcome to life as a woman if you're with a man

No. 1468957

she didnt want the men-woman ratio of her partners to be known cause in her eyes as long as she still has some woman partners she can continue the ~gay queer sapphic dream~ shit. 1 man ok sure but 2 men? not gay enough so she left it out lol

No. 1468958

what?? girl no

No. 1468959

there is a fixed salary. see colette's blogpost about the girl who asked for 8k a month. anyone who gets into sugaring thinking it's not sex work and that they should expect the 'girlfriend experience' is an idiot, sorry to burst your bubble.(sage your shit)

No. 1468960


damn, thanks for the declaration, i honestly didn't know!

No. 1468968

its gross how her fans are supporting her for her "poly representation!!!!" guys shes poly for pay. she is being sugared up and shes spoiling her friends back with sugar daddys money. i mean good for her and all but she wasnt being transparent that there is a sugar daddy involved. imagine if david wasnt in the picture. colette wouldnt have her mansion and money either. i doubt mei would even think of joining if it wasnt for the luxury involved.

No. 1468974


the transactional nature of this stuck out to me immediately. it also made me wonder if any of these people have friends outside of this circle…

No. 1468975

wow didn't expect this thread to be bumped like this. this is wild. where are the days when she was starving herself to be skinny and was into bl? kek
i also think she had a "feminist" phase a long time ago. she just jumps from trend to trend and tried to get money no matter what.
when she was at therapy at some point i thought she got better but obviously not. sad

No. 1468981

reflecting about this situation now, it's funny that nobody would have been suspicious of mei and colette if they hadn't written and said the things they said in the video. even tho colettes blog was public, nobody would have dug that deep to find out these relationships are just for money. all they had to do was act normal enough for the camera and they couldn't even do that lmao

No. 1468984

doesnt she have her fan group korea trip coming up soon? she had 20 spots and last time i saw her post it was 3 spots left. imagine being a fan that spent thousands on this just for all of this sex cult shit comes out lol. can u even get a refund or are u just scammed

No. 1468988

shortly realizing that this trip could just be a short cut for mei to seek her richest and most willing to meet her fans that she can just yank into her harem. so nvm lol shes smarter than she looks

No. 1468993

I feel bad for her because it's obvious that she's lost and keeps jumping from identity to identity. But at the same time I've been watching her snowflake behavior for a long time and it's finally turning into milk

No. 1468994

colette’s mistake was seeing mei’s following of 200k+ as potential for marketing reach for mistressclass (as quoted in colette’s blog), mei’s 200k+ followers is obvs not the target audience due to her previous innocent, anime-filled, child-at-heart content, hence people digging up all this and the resulting unraveling

No. 1468998

i think the trip is unrelated, its through a website thats been partnering with a lot of youtubers recently

No. 1469001

and yet she still hasn't deleted the initial tweet which linked the interview…they still want to see if they can catch a few unsuspecting fans in their web just in case

No. 1469036

The pervette site is being wiped

No. 1469040

anyone else following this twitter thread with @angelnumber420 https://twitter.com/angelnumber420/status/1503827207587655680

No. 1469043

File: 1647378161409.jpeg (401.37 KB, 1170x908, BAD0F92A-AC3E-4639-A79D-A388B4…)

I was just looking at that Twitter account, interesting that they mention shadow work a bit suspicious.

No. 1469045

it’s a bit ironic that Mei was a big fan with Ash’s storyline in Banana Fish with everything that’s come out now

No. 1469047

lol this is such a dumb take, i'm sorry anon

No. 1469062

File: 1647379688842.jpeg (144.15 KB, 828x495, E1AEBCC8-BE90-4594-83D5-653769…)

Can you imagine paying this much for the privilege of being groomed

No. 1469066

Every time I come to this thread I’m sad to see the transformation Mei has gone through.

She was perfectly fine liking BL and anime. But she cared so much about how she was perceived by randos on the internet so she tried to become the “perfect girl”. In her pursuit of being perfect, she’s turned into a sex worker. Can’t make this shit up…

No. 1469081

i wonder what happens if they get a non-asian applicant lmao

No. 1469082

"shadow work" isn't that uncommon of a term in new age woo woo psychotherapy circles. Their vehement denial of ANYTHING predatory in David & Colette's business is pretty sus though.

No. 1469083

File: 1647380377232.jpeg (747.93 KB, 828x1631, 010411D1-8B93-4D78-9DD7-144EC5…)

Yes, the birthdays match.

No. 1469085

File: 1647380403393.jpeg (360.47 KB, 828x1162, CCE36177-D7FF-4B48-B6BD-7A9F43…)

No. 1469093

I can just imagine what mei is gonna say about this whole thing given her past with the "stalker" situation etc. none of the things she did will actually matter because people are "stalking" her and Colette and everyone

No. 1469124

File: 1647383177841.png (1.11 MB, 1207x709, Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 3.08…)

okay, idk if this is a huge stretch/ major stupid tinfoil or not but there have been several mentions of the theory that Mei might be being trained to be a recruiter of some kind and also that this cult seems to lean specifically into luring Asian women. I noticed a few months ago that a couple influencer girls I follow are in this huge friend group of almost exclusively ALL asian or half-asian girls where they'll all get together on group trips, hang out and take these like virgin suicides/ tea party cottage aesthetic photosets where they're all wearing white and in stories and posts they all seem super affectionate with each other. now that all of this about mei has come out I'm looking back at it a lot differently. the group at times includes Amy (amylouisev/ former tumblr famous artist), Creepy Yeha (very popular bdsm pastel lingerie designer, they were wearing her sets in the deleted video), Ceilidh (lilmixedhunny, also has an OF), Mina Le (fashion youtuber/ gremlita), and others, and obviously also Olyvia and Mei. just something to keep in mind if thee are more developments, these girls might be ones to watch

No. 1469127

File: 1647383351670.png (1014.09 KB, 1388x1260, Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 3.05…)

Pretty sure I found David's Miami apartment that Colette mentions. If you compare the images of the listing with these instagram photos Mei took you can tell it is the same place and proof of her sugaring.


No. 1469129

File: 1647383428735.png (493.7 KB, 1254x776, Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 3.28…)

bathtub in apartment

No. 1469131

File: 1647383448991.png (4.42 MB, 1158x1773, IMG_5300.PNG)

mei's photo

No. 1469133

File: 1647383496337.png (1.29 MB, 1228x740, Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 3.27…)

pool at apartment

No. 1469134

File: 1647383549900.png (6.1 MB, 1151x1748, IMG_5302.PNG)

mei's photo

No. 1469137

There's no windows in the photo you provided, though.

No. 1469141

mei's photo>>1469137
might not be the exact unit or its a mockup of the bathroom, not sure but seemed worth posting

No. 1469142


It would be pretty disappointing if Mina Le is sugaring for some white fetishist, when she is a very outspoken feminist and anti racist activist. However, I noticed that while Mei follows her and likes her post on instagram she doesn't follow her back.

No. 1469146

File: 1647383780742.jpg (27.11 KB, 640x427, 640x480.jpg)

No. 1469151

Lmao sure dates a lot of white dudes for a loud Asian feminist but I guess that’s the gag

No. 1469155


mina is another can of worms. i am not sure about the sugaring part but mina is from a rich family and has always wanted to be internet famous and will say or do anything for social justice points even though in college she used to talk about starving herself for fun and not wanting to be fat and talk about wanting plastic surgery all the time, but now shes making videos on body positivity and diet culture and criticizing plastic surgery when in private she always wanted it. her parents also paid her rent for the longest time and that is why she was able to pursue youtube. if i recall correctly she tweeted about being uncomfortable when people mentioned money.

No. 1469159

i also saw someone on twitter who knows mina's boyfriend saying that he sucks irl. they all love white men.

No. 1469178

If she pulls that card it would be obvious that she got on here, read everything and WILFULLY DECIDED to continue her harmful fuckery just for money, "fuck the minors and people who care for me, they dont give me prada things, dick or free vacations"

No. 1469188

olivya also dates a white man, they all do

also mei just deleted her last ig post where people started calling her out in the comments

No. 1469197

Anyone have a clue as to why the op vid was deleted?

No. 1469203

Uhhh olivyas bc is definitely Asian lol

No. 1469204

I’m begging you newfags to sage.

Type in “sage” in the email field if you’re not contributing new information. Otherwise you bump the thread for new reason, and if you bump it enough for others to get annoyed, a mod could limit permissions in the thread.

No. 1469213


no…. His name is Jeremy also big_shids on Twitter, he shot the photoshoot with mei olivya and Colette. I’ve seen them together in person

No. 1469214

he looks half asian to me

No. 1469219

Yeah I'm pretty sure he is mixed.

No. 1469226

looks like jeremy has privated all of his accounts and colette deleted her alternate ig account

No. 1469240

yup with the privating and deletion of posts/accounts she's def going to pull the "we're being stalked and bullied" card… i can see it from miles away. why can't she take any criticism? i'd imagine her friends and family would be genuinely concerned too. instead she's acting like some 60s cult hippie with way too much time on their hands.

No. 1469255

which alt are you talking about? dominacolette and colettepervette are still up for me

No. 1469260


yeah I'm not sure whether Mina is like, directly involved with this, she and some of the other girls might just me mutual friends in the friend group. I was just saying it's sus that the whole friend group is a bunch of mostly asian conventionally attractive girls in their 20s, and a lot of them have big followings too. what with this whole recruiting theory. wouldn't be shocked at all if Yeha was involved in some way though

No. 1469264

assuming she has any friends left that aren’t directly related to the cult. mei has been called out in the past for cutting off anyone she can’t gain anything from. guaranteed anyone who wasn’t bending over backwards to asspat her for her ~*kweer liberation*~ she broke it off with

No. 1469274

Disappointed but not surprised. All YouTubers are hypocrites in some way. And it figures her family is wealthy considering Minas apartment. I didn’t think YouTube payed all her bills or her antique clothes

No. 1469280

File: 1647388021874.jpeg (222.59 KB, 973x1202, 8F400552-57B4-4F98-B63E-B48092…)

No. 1469297

Oh wow. I followed this girls youtube for about a month or two not too long ago. I thought she was cute but I couldnt put my finger on what weirded me out about her so I unsubbed and forgot about her.

Having a sugar daddy in itself isnt really a shock at all in fact it's completely expected, but learning she has that AND basically has a Madam(female pimp) and together they're essentially trafficking her around places..that's just insane. Then on top of it, trying to lure other young girls in and offering some weird trip? What the fuck? Like sure, maybe they arent selling her out to other men but that's a huge yet. Most young prostitutes will readily admit that they way they're introduced to that life is via someone they're dating suggesting they try it. That's how pimps become pimps. They intentionally look for vulnerable looking girls who's families won't come chasing after them and promise them the world all in exchange for them providing sex to them and 'some clients'.

Is it worth it? Those clothes she wears and her bags and other things. Is it worth it? Every time she wears those, the reality is she had that gross white mans dick and balls rubbed all over her face to get it. She claims she's some man repulsed lesbian yet her face smells like a scrotum and for what?? Outfits that immediately stop fitting her the moment all her emotional trauma from this finally catches up to her. It's all just so sad. Her legacy all gone for some suckysuckymeloveyoulongtime teen asian fetishy shit. Heres to hoping her fans see right through this instead of trying to pretend it's somehow empowering

No. 1469300

olivya’s bf jeremy is half korean

No. 1469306

Archived copy of all of Colette's blog entires is here if anyone wants to go dig for more information: https://archive.ph/www.pervette.com

No. 1469342

File: 1647390572400.jpeg (209.74 KB, 1125x654, 9C3EE455-5348-4762-8BB6-3DB37A…)

look at this take

No. 1469343

cows collide

No. 1469348

the gasp that i just gasped,
how does this yt men does his money
yeah, shit is madddd fxcke up

No. 1469356


she must have missed the video of colette screaming at a room full of girls and the other big red flags

No. 1469372

@daviddacus his twitter is so goofy, i feel like astroturfing his mentions :///(:///)

No. 1469382

File: 1647393492000.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 651.11 KB, 1170x1694, CC3208F7-AFD4-41EF-894B-DF2DF1…)

Not sure who x is but more from the blog

No. 1469384

nothing wrong with BDSM, polyamory, or consensual transactional relationships, but to expose that to a young, impressionable audience, it’s easy for the internet to now see it as a “sex cult”, just saying

olivya has been very open about being a sex worker/kink positive/poly for years and the reason no one has really batted an eye is because of her audience demographics. her audience is roughly around her age and is more sex/kink positive. mei’s audience is different from vy’s though with a lot of them looking up to her as some aspirational queer big sister and that’s one of the reason’s why this has become what it has become.

No. 1469385


someone here mentioned x is probably christina.dates/@xtinaa.kim

No. 1469402


Mei deleted this tweet like, 5 minutes ago, and is blocking people on twitter and instagram who are point out how weird is everything

No. 1469408

File: 1647395835284.jpg (123.17 KB, 1078x719, Screenshot_20220315-215355_Fir…)

i'm starting to think x could also be mei. didn't her i was stalked and bullied for years video come out around this time?

No. 1469411

i bet they’re trying to recruit more asian women through the classes, christina’s “company”, and maybe even mei’s korea trip.

i think x is christine, she went to usc and makes girlboss “sugar baby to ceo” tiktoks.

No. 1469415


just checked her insta page (xtina) again and she took of her Angel agency from the bio, it was there earlier. this is confirmation that someone is def lurking on here lol

No. 1469420

File: 1647396442680.png (461.25 KB, 990x996, bleeding.png)

lol sex is definitely a HUGE part of David's MO. Colette even writes about how he's made "X" bleed from being so rough.

No. 1469425

File: 1647396735694.png (286.36 KB, 866x694, p and x.png)

Also here's P getting giddy over new underwear he will dress his asian sugarbaby X in the same day Colette's grandma dies. She's crying upstairs, and he's just thinking about his next nut.

No. 1469430


No. 1469431

File: 1647397070748.jpeg (408.12 KB, 1125x1179, 2C6A40BE-3628-4D56-8D29-8F628B…)

seems like she meant this literally

No. 1469434

File: 1647397165841.jpeg (378.34 KB, 1125x1213, 6150DAA4-538B-4E7B-9C3E-3373E7…)

the cognitive dissonance is on a whole new level… don't wanna interact w men yeah right

No. 1469435

>>1469425 the fact that Pimpette's still supporting this type of behaviour from him despite clearly being fake & unhappy with a lot of things as inferenced from many of her posts where she tries reassuring herself that she's completely happy with these situations demonstrates she completely sold herself, her needs and wants in exchange for a luxurious lifestyle. He's just the easy meal ticket, and she bears with his sugarbabies on the side whilst pretending she's happy

No. 1469441

that video was just her complaining about pull (and to a lesser extent, lolcow) without explicitly directing her followers to view the caps and stories, lol.

No. 1469446

I am loathe to admit it but I cannot stop reading her blog. It's like watching a trainwreck. It's insanely interesting.

No. 1469449

I believe ai_online on ig is A2 since I’m starting to understand the code name patterns and I’ve been digging into the circle via tagged photos. Are any of his fuck toys not young and Asian??? So empowering of Mei to help the right hand woman of this white autistic man build his fantasy Asian female harem

No. 1469450

So "O" is confirmed to be Olivya:

Colette was training her to be a domme. Some posts talk about how Olivya shadowed Colette when she was working. Gross bio. Who writes about grade school children to showcase someone's sexual prowess?

"Her story started in grade school at the kinkiest age of 6."

No. 1469458

No doubt these weirdos were real giddy for Mei to start advertising and baiting in impressionable asian teens fresh out of grade school, judging from the demographic of genshin impact fans. Good luck to the girlies going on that south korea trip

No. 1469492

watch her try to be giddy about being a poly queer princess from this point onward. shes been deleting posts and blocking anyone mentioning the truth. if she tries to brag about her poly queer life in a post or video, people are going to be commenting about this all over again. she cant keep scrubbing her accounts clean forever. she needs to come out and address this but she wont. at least she wont see anything wrong with it and just call people haters. you can scrub your ig and twitter all you want but you are a public influencer and the internet is forever. if you didnt want people to dig and be in your business, you didnt have to post about it on a weekly basis for so long. you made it public. and plus she was paid a lot of money to be posting about it promoting it. i hope the destruction of your online reputation and fanbase was worth the prada and lavish trips mei.

its hard to see this as empowering and beautiful when theres so many public red flags for us to see. no one is making anything up, its all information taken from screenshots and colettes blog herself. if there truly was "malicious misinfo being spread about her lovers" be a grown woman and come out with an explanation as to why we are wrong then. id love to see her try to fix this cause damn the hole she dug is deep.

No. 1469498

her writing has so much pedophilic and incestuous undertones. This is so not worth a Prada bag or Gucci slides. I wonder if she’ll be embarrassed enough to cut ties or if she’s happy being associated with freaks so long as they keep the money flowing

No. 1469520

File: 1647403382695.jpeg (65.83 KB, 750x567, 9E2E80AB-3CE6-4F26-A69F-8AC288…)

Sex parties…

No. 1469525

what the hell is sapiosexual porn

No. 1469526

i think she will still associate with them as long as money is involved. i doubt she will cut them off. plus with how colette likes making recordings and porn, id imagine they have some blackmail material on hand if mei decides to stray or put them in a bad light. this is just me assuming of course, but people blackmail all the time. this kind of situation isnt a safe one. theres power dynamics, money, fans and sponsorships involved.

No. 1469533


sapiosexual. porn……

the sapiosexual line plus how in one of her other posts she calls herself an “empath” alone is enough to make it impossible for me to take her seriously.

No. 1469536

>kinkiest age of 6
>Tiger Mother

100% these people are into age play, race play and prostitution. Way too many references to incest, CP and Asian fetish stereotypes. It’s all such a faaar cry from the uwu empowered sapphic poly princess bullshit Mei was trying to sell it as to her young fans.

No. 1469589

The blog is an interesting read. Lots of Colette gaslighting herself that it’s totally cool and sex-positive for her rich scrote to ignore her in favor of much-younger sugar babies. He sounds like a weird sex addict and she sounds too dumb & pornsick herself to realize she’s being used. There is also nothing “sapphic” going on, her lovers are male and she calls David’s other sugar babies “sisterwives” and clearly views them as competition.

No. 1469592

File: 1647408540511.jpeg (361.58 KB, 828x1154, CA412B9B-D234-4F50-A51B-BC7B68…)

No. 1469595

you can just tell that colette is one of those pseudointellectuals who thinks she’s smarter than she actually is. all her blog posts were terribly written yet reeked of pretentiousness lmao. too bad her manipulation is actually working on these girls.

No. 1469597

File: 1647408978038.jpeg (81.19 KB, 1024x285, 44268B07-D999-446B-8B53-B01BBB…)

mei’s been talking about going out with girls and not mentioning the middle aged autistic man at the center of all of this lmao

No. 1469599

File: 1647409039816.png (10.83 KB, 473x118, firefox_LI3RMCKpOc.png)

this was in one of her journal entries

No. 1469621

File: 1647411504349.png (41.62 KB, 721x527, 6FDFC7AE-658D-4E5B-8B97-CB10C5…)

kek colette didn’t even know her blog posts were public

No. 1469623

File: 1647411973667.jpg (65.93 KB, 434x475, Screenshot_20220316-072112_Chr…)

as people here expected, they are recording their orgies (which can be used for blackmailing), and there are lots of drugs involved during the "parties"..

No. 1469631

anyone got a reupload for the video?

No. 1469638

For the people asking about the video, I believe all the red flags were picked up and listed on this thread already. Without the red flags, the content would in my opinion have seemed quite nicely written and was interesting, with some tips on how to deal with frustrations/jealousy and things like that. Olivya didn't seem at ease while "unexpectedly" taking part in it, I think because she was probably aware of the way things were being twisted, while she's openly doing sex work on her side in a non "shady" way. The really really upsetting thing was to realise that this video pretended to be informative about polyamourous queer relationships, while it's actually an add to lure women into "reclaiming their sexual power" through sexwork/Colette's classes (which would potentially allow them to grow the harem of this disgusting white dude)

No. 1469639

Watch Mei disable IG comments next lol.

No. 1469644

File: 1647413847430.jpeg (319.68 KB, 1061x1670, 0D7AEA6D-7D88-46AF-B54B-17094F…)

Colette has to know that P can replace her with a younger, skellier Asian woman at any time. Why does she keep trying to recruit more girls?

No. 1469646

Ok they use “Mupps” because he sounds like a Muppet right? LOL

No. 1469658

From what I read, I think Colette sees P as a source of income? She obviously isn’t comfortable being in the same room with P (she’s clearly happy to have the house to herself, also said something “need to take the time to reunite with P” during quarantine, felt stuck with him in the house etc.) She seems a lot more relaxed staying with M9, her lover. But I guess P is financially supporting Pervette / the Dungeon where she host sessions, where P can benefit from with many young sugar babies. If I remember it right, Colette said she doesn’t have sex with P (but there’s occasion she had sex with P and another sugar baby)
Idk their relationship is hard to describe in words I don’t even know if that really counts as a kind of relationship lol

No. 1469679

File: 1647417233049.jpeg (124.93 KB, 2436x1125, 8313912B-85A2-4ECA-A9DC-4C070A…)

colette’s website is down, so they all know they’re fucked up but are staying silent and blocking people calling them out.

No. 1469686

File: 1647417999057.jpeg (312.44 KB, 838x1386, 3A237CEC-6BD1-4E5E-9794-A29378…)

Private her IG.

No. 1469687

File: 1647418042448.jpeg (301.86 KB, 859x1364, F6B6B65C-CDD1-4CEA-9A10-04C276…)

Both have been privates.

No. 1469689

File: 1647418218748.jpeg (85.33 KB, 1296x653, 8D9C8091-A086-4B27-9489-F8F7F3…)

Deactivated her Twitter.

No. 1469698

Are u ok? Maybe stop scroteposting.

No. 1469699


could this spam comment be colette or P unleashing their frustation on this thread? because they are exposed? hmm

No. 1469705

I don't think she'll disable her comments bc that would definitely indicate something's wrong. She's just keep deleting comments

No. 1469707

New people gotta keep commenting her videos/insta posts so that others can see what's going on. I think she blocks old people so that they can't continue to comment.

No. 1469710

that's what i thought too lol, someone def knows about this thread

No. 1469716


Them at the “Gay Mansion”
Sorry for not posting the video properly, wasn’t able to get the upload to work.

No. 1469720

this entire video is just awkward and weird i can’t believe they did this lmao

No. 1469725

the way they try to pretend they're a lesbian girlboss couple is hilarious and wild. where is this from?

No. 1469728

so i’ve found that as well as being part of a snapchat series, it’s on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/reel/CV85B2MlHcA/) and youtube (https://youtube.com/shorts/MDNeVAhx6Og). the best thing is that they won’t be able to remove it or delete comments because it’s not their video.

No. 1469729

The Millionaire Mansions guy season 2 ep 14

No. 1469730

We need a better rec with sound lol(sage your shit)

No. 1469733

File: 1647421366840.jpeg (520.2 KB, 1284x2111, 23C04A2A-2ACB-47BA-9ED4-85A37A…)

No. 1469736

File: 1647421652443.jpg (187.84 KB, 720x1268, Screenshot_20220316-100916_Ins…)

she forgot to take this super cringe post down lmao

No. 1469737

a pulltard managed to link the full video download, but it's around 40 minutes long. it'll be reuploaded onto youtube soon.

No. 1469741

>michelle phan
holy shit lol… how far does this rabbit hole go

No. 1469745

please share the link with us if you happen to find it! really appreciate it, thank you

No. 1469746

File: 1647422581021.jpeg (31.22 KB, 302x227, 5C6F62F1-89BF-4B02-9CAA-65E59A…)

Michelle Phan in the Power Play promo

No. 1469747

File: 1647422641343.png (1.77 MB, 1295x973, 1136BC76-DD8F-4078-AFCE-5C1D1D…)

No. 1469748

that's the cringiest thing ive seen in a while… and girl you know that's not your house nor colette's…

No. 1469749

Drop the scrote and they are living my dream.

No. 1469755

Same. I'm reading through and this David guy seems like a total douchebag who seems to tease her about her weight and throw manbaby tantrums any time things don't go exactly as he wants them to. He's gross.

No. 1469758

Are we sure this is Michelle and not Amy Chan, who is an open collaborator of Colette’s? (https://www.instagram.com/missamychan/)

Michelle is definitely involved with Colette, as she is active on many of the girls’ socials, and at the very least she has attended one of her courses and promoted it in an IG story, but the woman in that picture does not look like Michelle to me

No. 1469762

You’re right that Amy

No. 1469763

No. 1469771

File: 1647426508620.jpeg (88.67 KB, 1125x291, BDE9C494-CBBF-445D-97EA-FD437C…)

so empowering and free from the male gaze

No. 1469779


looking back and missing the simpler days, when we were just speculating dumb poly shit and not… a full-on sex cult

No. 1469787

File: 1647428668378.jpg (819.25 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20220314-202102_Ins…)

possible tinfoil hat, but mina here used the same term (sister wives) as colette for a conventionally attractive asian girls trip including olivya. they seemed to be very comfortable with each other based on the vid she posted

No. 1469788

File: 1647428816808.jpeg (191.09 KB, 944x996, 861A8D4A-C32D-498F-9B50-EE0FDE…)

Colette using Pervette to find sex partners

No. 1469791

File: 1647429174686.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1125x1618, 5446D1FC-05D6-4423-9283-11C20B…)

I wonder if any of Mei’s ‘lovers’ aren’t involved in the cult. I thought the girl with a farm was a random poly chick but nope

Mina has a white boyfriend too. Is everyone in this friend group into queerbaiting?

No. 1469794

i’d be disappointed if mina is involved considering the type of youtube content she makes.

i also hope ceilidh/lilmixedhunny on the far right isn’t involved after all the shit she’s been through (drug addiction, getting sober, relationships with older men, etc.)

No. 1469822

She’s now since deleted it within 3 hours of this post. Chances are it’s Mei herself checking this thread at the very least.

No. 1469827

File: 1647431448997.jpeg (411.7 KB, 828x959, C2AFCFFB-EDEC-4668-A40E-C220A3…)


No. 1469828

it’s still up (https://www.instagram.com/p/CSj8waVl-D5/) but let’s see if she removes it

i find it hilarious that colette always covers her face – such natural footage

No. 1469864

the way she talks about him and his autism is disgusting.

No. 1469865

Such spergy and neck beard behaviour by her tbh

No. 1469885

I love Mina’s videos and I badly don’t want her to be involved in this weird sugaring cult, ugh

No. 1469893

File: 1647438750067.jpeg (490 KB, 1125x1394, BB209F86-3429-44DE-9370-9E0B60…)

God David sounds like an exhausting man baby (1/3)

No. 1469897

File: 1647439038549.png (64.83 KB, 666x440, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 8.56…)

Mommy issues confirmed (2/3)

No. 1469910

File: 1647439555505.jpeg (376.96 KB, 1125x769, C4C97112-2CED-41AB-A322-008184…)

>weRe JuSt 2 dUdeBrOs iN a LocKer RooM bAnGinG ChicKs

The amount of emotional labor Colette performs on this moid’s behalf is exhausting. She’s the cool girl, the nice mommy, the therapist, she brings him younger girls to fuck. Anything to keep the sugar flowing. I’d almost feel bad for her if she wasn’t actively deceiving and scamming other women.

No. 1469926

The way she deludes herself into thinking this is an arrangement she's totally satisfied with is extremely sad. "Cool girl" is the perfect description. She insists in writing that she's not jealous of these girls that she's training as sister-wives, yet she compares her body weight to theirs (eg X's 95Lbs body will make her 110-ish body look like a cow) and writes about how he can't even be bothered to care for her when her family passes.


The last sentences in the entry about her grandma is her trying to brainwash and coax herself into being okay with him not caring.

Meanwhile she talks about how she will avoid engaging with male partners in front of P to make him more comfortable and justify her own lack of jealousy as ego death LOL.. girl I'm sorry but you're doing way too much for this dope.

Side note, disordered eating habits? She always has a small section about "what I put inside myself" aka her food diary. She seems militant on only putting things that are "clean" in her body and is a hoe for Erewhon.

No. 1469941

I mean it’s LA, everyone has disordered eating habits. Her diet of raw walnuts and organic fruit is probably the least disturbing thing about her lifestyle.

No. 1469945

nah fuck em. She’s clearly been doing this for years and the only thing I hate more than pornsick scrotes are women who will do anything for their validation.

No. 1469950

Collete’s main insta is back up but every single post is edited. I don’t have proof of what they used to look like but I think she’s edited them to make her marketing for her webinar clearly targeted towards pro dommes. Even tho before she was casting a pretty wide net for any young girl who needed “empowerment”

No. 1469964

File: 1647442678233.jpg (120.84 KB, 828x1546, S__7193061.jpg)

She disabled comments on her "latest" post.

No. 1469965

File: 1647442942971.jpeg (380.72 KB, 1125x1112, EB88A792-67E7-4D9C-8BB3-66CE25…)

comments are not disabled but she has been deleting them. she hasn’t gotten to these new ones yet.

No. 1469988

File: 1647444403945.jpg (94.8 KB, 700x610, messageImage_1647444351588.jpg)

Someone saw it coming

No. 1470011

Shut up, everyone knows anyone involved in those things have a couple of screws loose.

No. 1470033

kek colette has a cameo page with a hilarious sample video: https://www.cameo.com/pervette

the irony of claiming “I have a knack for empowering women and emasculating men.” when she basically pimps out young asian women to her yellow fever having male partner

No. 1470042

File: 1647446896591.jpg (5.73 KB, 180x180, FN53mvpXwAgh29m.jpg)

this is collette without the veil and dominatrix gear

No. 1470044

She's actually pretty, wtf. Looks great for 40.

No. 1470063

Gotta stay young for Mupps

No. 1470065

colette also appeared on a podcast: https://girlsgottaeat.libsyn.com/bdsm-for-beginners-and-beyond-feat-dominatrix-colette-pervette

i haven’t listened to the whole thing but a reddit user said: “If the episode was about making a dominatrix seem relatable then I don’t think it achieved that goal. PhD, converted to Mormonism by choice as a child, extremely open relationship, and being a sexy muppet? I’m sorry… I just don’t connect with her on any level. And her delivery probably just made that worse.”

No. 1470068

she's appeared on this podcast as well about how powerful bdsm is and how she's such a quirky misfit who never fit in.


No. 1470071

she’s super cringey tbh she should’ve used that phd in education for something useful

No. 1470076

I can't with the muppet stuff. Of course everyone has inside jokes with their partner but sometimes they shouldn't see the light of day lol

No. 1470078

Here's an article some chick has written about attending Collete's class. This is part one, but it doesn't look like there's a part 2. The first assignment she asks the girls to do is come up with a "domme name" lmao


No. 1470088

I believe I found the "gay mansion":

The purchase history is so strange. It was bought for 1.5m in 2021 and then sold again this year for $85k, I assume in a private deal. Estimate worth is $1.7m(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1470090

File: 1647448753566.png (727.65 KB, 1860x900, Website 2.png)

She and one of her friends have also previously tried to create some "divine feminine" community to get women to attend their "unique" gatherings. There's something so off and strange about all of this.


No. 1470091

File: 1647448840417.png (111.97 KB, 1840x847, Website.png)

You have to pay $200 to attend some weirdo sex party but don't worry if you can't afford it- they offer "scholarships"- which probably entails fucking her puppet-looking husband.

No. 1470095

I found this the other day. It's under David's name, obviously.

Has anyone found the other house, with the big windows and pool?

No. 1470097

“We are Colette and Liara, two femmes striving to bring feminine balancing energy to this world by creating a beautiful refuge from our patriarchal structure.” damn these people are sick for real

No. 1470109

No that's P's private condo in Miami. The mansion with the glass panes and pool is in Bel Air, LA.(sage your shit)

No. 1470110

File: 1647449645115.png (1.28 MB, 1848x867, Screenshot .png)

The Liara she mentioned here is someone Colette has made porn with.

No. 1470111

This is the Miami house. I meant the one in Bel Air.

No. 1470112

is this necessary to share? this is against the rules(sage your shit)

No. 1470113

Not Miami sorry, I meant Florida.

No. 1470115

learn to sage and shut the fuck up.

No. 1470117

File: 1647449776753.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1905, CFF9DD03-E635-4DC5-A7C4-F9A228…)

instagram comments have officially been turned off lmao

No. 1470118

The full price is actually, $1,111. That was just the deposit.

No. 1470153

"If the pricing is out of our range, please let us know, we do have scholarships available if you're young, Asian, willing to fuck autistic fetish scrotes until you bleed for a handbag, and also have female friends we can exploit! #goddess #empowerment"

No. 1470154

File: 1647451502452.jpg (505.16 KB, 4000x4000, InCollage_20220316_141157325.j…)

sorry unrelated but. facetuned ass. lmao

No. 1470157

bitch is shaped like the men in black aliens

No. 1470165

KEK I was just thinking that

No. 1470180

This thread could singlehandedly peak any libfems who still believe the lie that BDSM is empowering to women. Even the most glamorous "dominas" rocking the latest fetish gear and hosting play parties in LA mansions are still just glorified sugar babies degrading themselves for gross scrotes and pimping out other women to survive. I'm actually glad this all came out. Imagine how many of Mei's young fans would've seen this lifestyle as aspirational if they didn't get front-row seats to how fucked up and exploitative it really is. Colette is putting her PhD in Education to good use, these blogs and scam websites are HIGHLY educational.

No. 1470183

File: 1647452606052.jpeg (176.98 KB, 828x357, 18089CBF-70F1-4634-A9FF-D55C22…)


No. 1470190


this is quite possibly the worst screenshot from colette’s blog yet, and i’ve seen some shit

No. 1470203

That blog is FULL of sexualized references to kids. I don't think she's putting this stuff on her solicitation website by accident. LA is a mecca for rich well-connected pedos, I wonder how deep this rabbit hole really goes. The people involved all seem greedy and amoral af so nothing would surprise me.

No. 1470232

I'm beyond disturbed. How do you write something like this and not realize how fucked up it is and how fast you should contact someone about it

No. 1470254

There's something so fucked up about the dichotomy between mei's/christina.dates tiktoks of lavish luxury hotels and colette's blogpost abt them getting fcked in a 4way with 50yr old men AND FILMED…. like they really pussyfooted around the true cost of luxury.

Christina said 'lots of sugar daddies are young, actually' but it seems like David so old and unattractive (and ill-bred) that even his handmaiden can't stop bringing up how unattracted she was to him initially. That and how it's hilariously pathetic that it took him meeting a PUA to realize that the sugarbabies don't actually love him LOL

No. 1470266

Which blog post talks about them in a fourway that was filmed?

No. 1470276

here on her birthday party post >>1469623

No. 1470279

File: 1647456686374.jpg (88.86 KB, 720x409, Screenshot_20220316-195152_Ins…)

Sad to see she's been hurt by mei, but happy she's answered some questions

No. 1470282

any idea of how mei hurt her?

No. 1470285

there are many options, but queerbaiting, trying to use her for fame and profit, or trying to lure her into the group

No. 1470310

i was wrong, the 4way only mentions christina specifically (in fact every mention of christina/"X" in the blogposts seems especially pornographic and gross, it's kind of a sad contrast w/ her girlboss image on tiktok)

No. 1470317

File: 1647457983740.png (80.82 KB, 569x493, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.38…)

Some random weirdness from Colette's blog (thankfully not as weird as the kid in the corset, jesus)

David acting like a deranged child and Colette mommying him as usual

No. 1470319

File: 1647458048763.png (58.22 KB, 530x388, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.32…)

David and Colette creeping on a stranger in a restaurant

No. 1470324

It makes her grifting tiktoks even more jarring. There are women in her comments interested in applying for her agency when irl she got this far by becoming David’s ‘sexkitten’ and fucking him until she bleeds.

No. 1470328

File: 1647458192699.png (49.19 KB, 590x327, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.34…)

David being creepy again, confirming he enjoys hurting women during sex (b-but the Prada bags!)

No. 1470331

jesus so this is what happens when you let pornsickness take over your entire life

No. 1470334

File: 1647458397134.png (87.14 KB, 592x547, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.51…)

David being a total asshole at a fancy resort restaurant

No. 1470336

File: 1647458440005.png (85.21 KB, 506x538, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.54…)

David sperging about the seating arrangement at the restaurant

No. 1470338

File: 1647458490334.png (57.96 KB, 539x495, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.56…)

David reminding Colette who pays the bills when she asks him to stop sperging over restaurant seating arrangements (ok this made me kek a little)

No. 1470344

File: 1647458609799.png (130.83 KB, 577x610, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 2.00…)

Colette posting her sex work recruitment spiel for a random Vietnamese waitress she met (what's with these people acting deranged in restaurants?)

No. 1470352

File: 1647458775339.png (68.36 KB, 557x453, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.46…)

Colette casually hiring a known predator banned from the kink community to beat up her "friend" for a porn shoot

No. 1470354

File: 1647458815969.png (64.23 KB, 550x304, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.47…)

Colette's deep thoughts on racism

No. 1470356

File: 1647458855585.png (47.12 KB, 496x330, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.53…)

More ana chan sperging

(there's more but it's all too gross, I'm going for a walk)

No. 1470360

omg stay away from the viet community PLEASE.(non-contribution)

No. 1470363

can you guys imagine how bad the reek of the gay house is? Even as a perfectly healthy persons humans have an odor, imagine 20+ people bare foot, the reek of old man armpit and most of them have dyed hair which mean they fully shower MAYBE 2 times per week

No. 1470365

File: 1647459109469.jpeg (251.62 KB, 828x587, B251B427-62FE-4A63-B08E-0DAEE8…)


No. 1470371

okay what the fuck does mupps mean, is it some kind of kink slang or just a pet name for p lmao

No. 1470373

this freak doesn't even see women as human. He wants to prey on underage girls. How is Colette supposed to be some teacher of great feminine power when she chooses to stay with this man

No. 1470375

File: 1647459381770.jpeg (404.69 KB, 1125x674, 005F5154-9CA4-468F-BDCD-E95890…)

kek mei’s queer polyamorous lovers ended up just being her asian sisterwives. this really does sound like a cult

No. 1470381

I’m barfing, she’s dressed up this white man’s racism and pedophilia as something endearing. How down bad are you for this guy?? Preaches about the divine feminine and then locker room talks about “Asian sluts” and children. How do you think this man views you? Open your eyes. And no, his Asperger’s is not an excuse to enable his misogyny, racism, and pedophilic tendencies.

No. 1470385

I think it means 'muppet'

No. 1470386


Wow she is truly like Ghislaine

No. 1470388


No. 1470398

Make sure to keep the commentary to a minimum unless you're contributing new information. New users, please familiarise yourselves with the rules and usage info.

No. 1470408

File: 1647460876606.png (23.86 KB, 720x626, Screenshot_20220316-165751-035…)

so it looks like olivya unfollowed mei from instagram and twitter too

No. 1470412

On the Girls Gotta Eat podcasts Colette went on, she basically confessed her desire to be accepted by white people by joining Mormonism… she saw it as her in to a “white cult” and wanted to disavow her Asian-ness. Obviously she never grew out of that self hatred as she’s so ready to throw her Asian sisters under the bus to please this white dude, who she described as her soul-mate.

Bitch please. In what deranged world does your soul-mate not give a fuck about you grieving over dead family members and embarrasses you in front of others at restaurants over seating arrangements???

No. 1470420

This girl has a husband. So she was playing him for Mei? Seems shes just as screwed.

No. 1470422

File: 1647461586478.jpeg (159.11 KB, 1124x1205, 09783B52-4A79-4CF3-9D36-0489CD…)

Yeah, looks like she did on Twitter too. I wonder why…

No. 1470425

Liara Roux is a cow herself >>>/snow/986457

all of pervette.com is archived on the Wayback Machine btw https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://www.pervette.com/

No. 1470426

jesus that last paragraph is foul. way to not even attempt to hide the fact that you’re actively grooming young girls to bend over for your creepy pedo bf

there’s no way these two haven’t gone after actual children with the way they both talk about fucking kids constantly. i really hope mei shining a light on their cult leads to a former child victim coming out and every last one of them rots in jail

No. 1470438

File: 1647462340955.jpg (360.48 KB, 1080x2073, Screenshot_20220316-162033_Ins…)

people are putting space between themselves and this whole shitshow. it's also a lie because agency events have been hosted at david's place. so maybe a half-truth that agency is not related to mistressclass. but it is related to David and his sex cult and david is probably just a big spender at her sugar baby company.

No. 1470444

File: 1647462550823.jpg (665.21 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220316-161335_Ins…)

lilmixedhunny just echoed amylouisev's comments on the situation on her IG story

No. 1470450

File: 1647462740758.jpeg (501.23 KB, 1125x1478, D92A6627-174A-4D0D-B1B0-ED1ACA…)

Christina definitely sounds like X. I wonder if David is the third co-founder

No. 1470455

safe to assume that everyone who says they aren't involved here is definitely involved…

No. 1470460

How is this SAFE to assume? It’s not safe to assume ANYTHING. Do your own research idiot.

No. 1470463

Absolutely. Everyone's just trying to do Damage control. Also in regards to amylouisev didn't she come out as gay but has a husband? Either it's a lavender marriage or she's queerbaiting

No. 1470468

correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve only seen her say she’s “married” and refers to them as her “partner”. I haven’t seen any references to gender.

No. 1470471

oh hi amy!(hi cow )

No. 1470476

File: 1647464331885.jpeg (430.55 KB, 1125x1417, D3BF64DE-F593-4A28-B27D-CD24EF…)

who’s her husband?

No. 1470480

File: 1647464358995.jpeg (265.94 KB, 1125x746, 8701EFD6-CED1-48F1-A580-DAF387…)

She has a husband. She tweeted about him multiple times in the past.

No. 1470484

File: 1647464452296.jpg (320.69 KB, 1080x2049, Screenshot_20220316-165604_Ins…)

looks like amy was a victim/almost a victim of whatever the fuck colette and mei have been plotting. my issue is that it's been a known thing? did olivya know and just not give a fuck? what about all of the other girls? did they all know and just turn a blind eye? god i hope not. that's disgusting.

No. 1470490

I'm getting slightly mixed signals here bc in her story she implies she knows nothing about "whatever this is" but then she says she was a victim and therefore knew about it? and the wives thing? also why is the picture of her and Mei kissing on a pool still on Mei's insta? wouldn't you ask to take it down? not denying she is a victim just tryna make it make sense

No. 1470491

she needs to spill the milk if she wants to clear her name

No. 1470496

File: 1647465063177.jpeg (371.5 KB, 1125x1947, D9C19BD5-A1C5-4146-86AC-671B55…)


No. 1470497


I was a little worried for ceilidh because she's been open about surviving one of those troubled teen industry boarding school cults and is outspoken against them. I'm not sure whether that experience of being a victim of that kind of thing would make her more or less susceptible to being sucked into another one, but I had a feeling she wasn't involved and was just friends with some of the girls. although she also very briefly mentioned having an ex-gf on her twitter and deleted some of those tweets, so i wonder if that ex is one of these girls. this >>1470279 comment by amy actually makes me wonder if amy, ceilidh and any other girls in the friend group were approached by Mei attempting to get them into her weird shit, like it was a fake friendship to recruit more girls basically and that's part of what amy feels "hurt" about.

also, I just checked and on IG, Mei still follows Mina, Amy and Ceilidh but NONE of them follow her back anymore. someone itt said the same thing with olivya. something def happened or is happening behind the scenes to make her friends all drop her like this

No. 1470499

File: 1647465232700.jpeg (685.53 KB, 1125x1765, 549A0B0F-9794-4394-96CB-F63E9A…)

olivya liking tweets about asian lives while ignoring the fiasco surrounding her mamasan…these girls are full of it.

No. 1470503

i know ashleesummer who is friends in the group of girls pictured with amy and lil mixed hunny had said she was going to attend mistress class fairly recently… but has since unfollowed colette…. it looks like all of the girls were unaware of what was going on and are distancing themselves and rightfully so after all of this weird shit has come to light

No. 1470504

Olivya still follows Mei’s other Instagram, @dirtymei
They are still lovers / best friends however right now everyone is trying to do damage control

I can confirm Amylouisev and Lilmixhunny are not involved however Amy was aware of the activities taken place by Olivya and Mei with David and Colette. I can also confirm Mina Le (@gremlita) is fully aware of everything as well but she will not address the situation because of how severe it could be to her social platform.

I’m unable to provide proof because lolcow’s rule maintains that people must stay anonymous. Do with this information as you will.

No. 1470505

no one should have to explain what someone did to traumatize them in order for you to not think they are in a sex cult that fetishizes underage girls jesus fucking christ y’all

No. 1470509

she doesn't have to say what Mei did specifically, but she needs to say what she knows

No. 1470516

You liking the comment is in the screenshot where people can find your account, anon.

No. 1470517

File: 1647465696909.png (1.25 MB, 1170x2532, B370CB6C-7FAC-4BC3-903C-639F91…)

i hope this means she’ll come out with her version of events soon

No. 1470520

she doesn't even have to tell her story or re-traumatize herself, she should just spill what she knows about these people/what they're doing. tbh if it's really that bad, they should've done it from the beginning but now we're here

No. 1470524

Who cowtipped?

No. 1470526

why wait to come out with this now? these past few months mei has one, maybe two photos up of her kissing Amy on the lips, being coy about them being girlfriends.

No. 1470528

olivya and amy still follow each other on twitter but neither follow mei (who still follows them)

No. 1470532

they're all stalking this thread. no one had to cowtip.

No. 1470534

>>1470526 It's understandable if Amy is not involved with Pimpette's cult and wants to keep her personal trauma with Mei private however Olivya Nora, Gremlita and the other girls are definitely just doing damage control while pretending the whole situation doesn't exist :> The fact that Olivya Nora was training to be a BDSM instructor under Pimpette and had sex with Mei in David's mansion (talked about by Mei in the deleted video, if anyone else who's seen the entire thing can confirm) shows she's definitely involved and/or knows about the activities taking place.

No. 1470538

File: 1647466463257.jpeg (483.16 KB, 1170x2061, 2F426CFC-21FC-4493-A1BB-B234D4…)

No. 1470542

File: 1647466498247.jpeg (134.18 KB, 1170x638, 9EAB6792-58FE-495A-9681-D2D71E…)

Amy is doing damage control. She claims she has Mei blocked but if she did Mei wouldn’t be following her anymore.

No. 1470543

yeah I agree, people need to chill out with any baseless tinfoiling or harassing of these girls, especially if they say they're not involved. pushing them to say shit like this >>1470517 is more than enough "proof" to realize Mei put her and possibly other girls through some real uncomfortable shit. It's not amy's or anyone else's sole responsibility to answer for the fucked up shit someone else has done, especially if they've been traumatised by it.

also just saying, if things get baseless and out of hand mods could easily step in and ban you or put this thread on autosage. If you want to keep this thread alive I'd advise some of you to stop being overly pushy and definitely do not fucking cowtip, lol. I know it's been spread on twitter so it's not just farmers doing this and there are probably tons of newfags itt but please chill. at the rate things are going and have been in the last day or two, we'll get plenty of milk organically.

No. 1470544

>>1470542 Oof this has me changing my opinion on her entirely.

No. 1470545

so her trip with them in September triggered a PTSD relapse, but she also didn't realize she was a victim and had no idea what was going on until this all came out last night? hmmm

No. 1470549


TBH I would've believed her but the random lying and omission about having Mei blocked is sus af. It's still entirely possible she doesn't know anything about the cult but she's not helping her own case lol

No. 1470550


I can confirm in the video they said Mei and Olivya had sex in whatever mansion they were in. Mei brought Olivya into the frame, introduced her as her lover, then Colette said something like "actually, the first time you two made love was in this house" and went full "awwww"

No. 1470551

Power move honestly, hope mei sees all that lol
Amy calling herself a victim to mei isn’t a light allegation

No. 1470554

i can 100% see Mei keeping the pictures up just for the aesthetic despite being asked to take them down lmao but aren't you supposed to not be able to follow someone who blocked u? anyway no one here is attacking amy, just checking the facts, we all know who's at the predators side at this point and checking who else might be

No. 1470559

INB4 they all come out with simultaneous statements calling themselves victims. Glad this thread exists with evidence of the contrary. Imagine falling for Pervette's sham lesson and paying the low low price of $888 to be pimped out to a creepy white dude by a narcissistic sociopath.

No. 1470560


this is tinfoiling imo. no need to push amy that hard, specially considering she's reading the thread. so far she's been the one that has addressed the issue most directly.

No. 1470574

tinfoiling? its a fact that when you block someone they're forced to unfollow you and cannot view your account at all. wtf are you on about anon?

No. 1470576

The David Dacus and Domina Colette thing is interesting because its another Epstein(David)/Ghislaine(Colette) situation except in this case they're taking advantage of impressionable young asian girls to satisfy David's (Epstein) fantasy(whiteknighting scrote )

No. 1470579

File: 1647467984705.jpg (40.63 KB, 1080x640, IMG_20220316_185832.jpg)

now officially blocked. why lie about that? sus.

No. 1470581

I'm one of the farmers who's been sharing milk itt, and I'm getting really uncomfortable watching people harass random Asian girls on Mei's IG to "prove" they're not part of this cult. So far the only people we have EVIDENCE of ACTIVELY promoting the cult are Colette, Mei, Olivya and David. We don't know if other women in their circle were involved, the degree they were involved etc. so please stop harassing them and focus on the actual milk. It's highly possible some of them are victims and will come out with their stories eventually if people aren't assholes to them.

No. 1470583

really interested in mina Le's involvement here

No. 1470586

File: 1647468161979.png (6.77 KB, 193x34, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 2.58…)

edited your post three times to say essentially the same thing but you namefagged and outed yourself the first time, "Roger Jin". wtf is a CEO doing on fucking lolcow of all places, what else do you know about them lol

No. 1470587

File: 1647468166868.png (646.55 KB, 1024x1676, E71107BC-5441-48F4-B88F-99D339…)

She went and did it just now because she’s lurking lol.

No. 1470588

File: 1647468183059.png (86.49 KB, 1401x302, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 2.59…)

samefag but icymi

No. 1470589

I think bringing people who haven't been seen to have any contact with Colette/David/the whole mistress class shit into this is a bit much and doesn't help. As in, this Amy girl, Mina Le… Idk, I think it's unnecessarily harmful? Mina Le (and some of the others, can't remember their names) seemed to only be friends with Olivya anyways

No. 1470590

He's in the SF area apparently, I wonder if Mr. Roger Jin knows them…

No. 1470591

i don’t think mina is involved at all she is just friends with them….she lives in nyc they all live elsewhere and never has she ever mentioned anything remotely bdsm / kink / sexuality related.

No. 1470594

Huh? How does falling for a scam and getting pimped out to a narcissistic sociopath not equate being a victim? What "evidence" do we have that these other women perpetrated anything?

No. 1470595

another anon said she's a whole can of worms on this thread so its good to be cautious. very much ana chan from mina. maybe she isn't a part of this fucked up storyline but i have a hunch shell be a future cow

No. 1470599

Yep. Reminder, one rule is to not harass any people we discuss. I don’t think Amy owes us an explanation of her trauma. Implications and what we know already are more than enough to assert that this pervette shit is horrible.

No. 1470601


THANK YOU. this is getting so annoying and out of hand. Mina and Ceilidh live all the way across the country, Amy is clearly not involved and seems genuinely traumatized, probably by Mei manipulating their friendship for the sake of her weird sisterwife orgy cult. we are only going to know what these girls decide to tell us, and nitpicking and doubting their every word and action is only going to ostracize them and turn them away from us. you think you're doing good detective work here but you're only going to deplete us of milk. Mina still hasn't said anything yet, and for the sake of her youtube brand that she likely wants to upkeep, she probably will eventually come out with some more info, that is if people would stop making baseless assumptions and accusations. I'm super interested to see what she has to say but at this rate yall are going to ruin it. save the tinfoiling for Mei and Colette since it's been proven that they're genuinely shady and fucked up.

No. 1470602

It was poorly worded but just to clarify, I was referring to Olivya and the rest of the girls who are involved and actively know about the situation :>

No. 1470603

File: 1647468749605.jpeg (211.26 KB, 1125x753, 40DE3B4C-85C0-429F-A200-30ED9A…)

looks like this youtuber with 370k subscribers wants to make a video on the cult.

No. 1470606

Yeah, and Mina's expressed discomfort about the glamorization of teen sexuality in media and whatnot, and I've never really seen her do anything that contradicted that. In any case, I've followed both her and Mei on ig for a few months, and I don't think mina ever followed mei. Seemed to be one of those "friend of a friend" situations. Sorry for not being able to contribute more, I just hope this doesn't blow out of proportion and expose more of anyone's audience to harmful stuff, or any of the girls being discussed without anything to back it up

No. 1470612

damn roger come back and spill the tea

how do you know he's talking about the princessmei stuff?

No. 1470614

X/Christina’s girlboss sugar baby business reeks too! trafficking vibes and weird parties with white men lounging with asian babygirls

No. 1470616

No. 1470617

File: 1647469051895.jpeg (402.15 KB, 1125x1140, 1A78E630-1B9B-4597-9709-B91476…)

it’s def about mei

No. 1470622

Olivya is sus as hell for still being friends/gay for pay with Mei and appearing in her video as her "lover". Also seems like she's the one who initially contacts influencers like Amy/Mina Le and asks them to go on gaycations with her and Mei. Considering she's still close with Amy shouldn't she have also distanced herself from Mei after the September NYC trip if she's innocent? Something's not adding up.

No. 1470624

Leave the other girls alone and focus on the real creeps. all the witch-hunting is going to dull the truth

No. 1470629

I hope he doesn't. It's too early to make a video about this. There's a lot of rumors floating around – and not a lot of concrete evidence regarding the sex cult thing. It may be true, but nothing directly points to it. Colette herself is milky and worth making a video about, but we don't know for sure if Mei is, like, scoping out other Asian girls for their sisterwife harem.

No. 1470630

Roger Jin is CEO of a snack delivery service…isn't David a weed delivery CEO? Some type of business rival maybe? adjusts tinfoil hat

No. 1470634

the thing that weirds me out about xtina and separates her in my mind from the less involved girls (aside from all of colette's creepy insane blog posts about her lol) is her instagram bio right now and the way it's worded >>1470438. blatantly separating her own shady company from colette's is funny because to me that only connects them more. idk it just comes off so weird and forced? I kind of want to dig through her posts now

No. 1470643

xtinas tiktok is more juicy than her ig if u wanna check her socials lol

No. 1470649

jesus christ i used to watch mei's videos 4 years ago… at some point she just became kinda weird and not making the same content she was making (this was almost half a decade ago). weird how this shit just happens. sage for blogpost

No. 1470652

LMAO this is funny bc i remember Mei saying in a vid she only washes her hair once a week.. ik it smells crazy in that house

No. 1470657

He could make a vid about the situation without directly alleging Mei is luring girls into the mansion. The entire situation in its own accord is fucked and if anything it'll bring more attention to the 2 real sick individuals behind all of this to begin with (looking at you "Pervette" and David)

No. 1470661

File: 1647470318221.jpg (7.08 MB, 6000x4506, oof.jpg)


>literally recruiting young asian women to be a "sisterwife" for her white manchild fetish.

>Is having these women perform sex trafficking in the form of commercial sex acts



No. 1470662

Stop sharing potential commenters names in here, this is how you're gonna get the thread closed

No. 1470665

when was this debunked? I thought david (p) was behind the bento delivery service.

No. 1470667

Stop derailing, it’s the first post in the twitter thread and sage your shit, david dacus

No. 1470669

Why is it that any comment questioning holes in people’s logic automatically mean they’re one of the “alleged” peoples in question? Quit being so basic in your thinking lol.


I’m just an observer looking for answers and watching this all unravel.

Right now everything is purely assumptions and interpretations of screenshots, photos and videos. Nobody is receiving answers from the primary sources (people involved in the situation).

These are all just the public’s interpretations & assumptions of the situation. And until answers come out, people are gonna keep spiraling out of control with their gossip and assumptions of the situation. So until I hear answers from the people directly involved in this situation, I’m taking everything else as rumors.

And please google what sex cult is. I see people throwing around the word sex cult so casually it’s actually disgusting and downplays victims of actual sex cults. Just because people are polyamorous and into kink/bdsm and engage in play parties (which is a norm within the kink community btw), doesn’t mean they’re in a sex cult. Please do your research before you throw around these words.

This honestly seems more like a situation dealing with sugaring, polyamory with kink contexts and a class on how to be a professional dominatrix. Mixed with a bunch of outsider’s opinions, opinions from people who seem unfamiliar with the kink scene and who also seem to be anti-sw.

This is an absolute shit show and it will continue to be a shit show until people directly related to these situations explain themselves. Because im sure this situation isnt going to blow over, overnight.

No. 1470673


colette can’t stop telling on herself.

each screenshot here is worse than the prior. incredible.

No. 1470675

File: 1647471112022.jpeg (329.5 KB, 1125x1510, 7DC6469E-6701-4758-8D04-0F2186…)

P/David with X at the same Bel Air property…it is mentioned in Colette’s blog that she was present at the Agency launch party as well

No. 1470689

Pretty vicious that you guys are doxxing people, even going out of your way to writing out the alleged full name of observers and commenters who have nothing to do with the situation except for pointing out the obvious that others already stated. Not like anyone can't just fake an email right /s

No. 1470691

Go home Roger

No. 1470701

Clicked on the link on @xtinaa.kim ig (the ceo behind agency) Looks like Christine shared her side of the story. Finally somebody who is directly involved in the situation said shared their perspective.

I’ll share link here:


I’m tired of listening to baseless gossip and tinfoiling. I just want answers. Prolonging the truth only prolongs this shit storm. But I understand it takes time for people to process the situation to better address it. I’ll keep waiting for more answers from people directly involved.(screenshots needed)

No. 1470704

this pussy deleted the tweet lol :/(:/)

No. 1470711

i hope the rest of the people who address this don't focus specifically on the sex cult part, for now we don't know if people were pressured or forced into those relations.
my initial concern was the throuple romantisizing their sex work/sugar dating and not being discreet enough about it to potential minors. no, i don't think creators should censor themselves but the least that could have been done was put the video behind a patreon paywall or some other website for those who were interested

No. 1470713

File: 1647474794296.png (109.53 KB, 1156x720, 2022-03-16.png)

No. 1470714

File: 1647474819671.png (164.48 KB, 1244x748, 2022-03-16 (1).png)

y'all need to learn how to use lolcow

No. 1470717

File: 1647474857408.png (131.55 KB, 1184x700, 2022-03-16 (2).png)

last one

No. 1470719

>Please keep in mind that locker room talk can be inflated by whomever is bragging about the situation or telling the story.

This is such a horrible defense especially when some of the locker room talk is David talking about how hot a 16 year old was in Seattle and knowing that he is a sugar daddy. The sex cult stuff is w/e you can be weird but this David if these blog posts are true seems like a dangerous person, and the thought of younger girls being drawn in by influencers to a space where they can interact with him is something that absolutely needs to be addressed.

No. 1470737

No. 1470760

File: 1647476289012.jpg (239.5 KB, 2048x1366, 976743_10200778541217746_19689…)

weird old creep. forever judging Mei and anyone else who gets involved with these scrotes

No. 1470775

Sugar this, sugar that-you're prostitutes. and you got fed up that the biggest prostitute platform for young women to sell themselves to old men on wasnt making it easy enough since a lot of guys probably lie about their money and a lot of girls put themselves in harms way (See;Mackenzie Lueck). You wanted to make a more effective and likely VERIFIED hot teens only site and pull in big bucks providing a sea of "trained" bdsm asian fleshlights for rich men to pick and trade while their unsuspecting wives wait for them at home. You were completely onboard until you realized that surprise surprise, the slut trainers had absolutely no boundaries and in fact thought "the younger, the better!" which goes against your moral compass, but none of what you're doing is right either. It's ok to prostitute yourself, but stop trying to find ways to prostitute others. Fucking wannabe Madams.

Are any of these people really as shocked as they're claiming they are or are they just trying to save face so their family and spouses dont drop them in disgust? The ones claiming to be victims dont half make sense either because why are they only victims now that this is coming to light? They werent devastated before and seemed perfectly happy with mei and co. NOW all the sudden they can't believe any of this and those two are criminal mastermind exploiters? If they were this adamant about it before, then why did they collectively avoid the topic and allow her to keep trying to recruit others? They have Mei literally hosting trips in hopes of recruiting unsuspecting young viewers. They were all going to sit back and let that happen with a clear conscious? What a bunch of fucking weirdos

No. 1470779

Just say you’re a misogynistic incel and leave. Your paragraph wreaks heavily of sexism and disdain for women.

No. 1470781

>I don't think it's fair to judge those who choose to partake in the sugar lifestyle because you have no idea what their social/economic background is like.
I'm so sick of these airheads acting like they didn't all come from rich & privileged backgrounds. they were just too lazy to put in the work to maintain it themselves.

No. 1470783

i looked through vy's ig feed and couldnt find any recent pics with mei anymore. i swear she had some but either im misremembering or maybe she deleted them all? it seems mei has destroyed a lot of relationships she had with all of this coming out. everyone is separating themselves from her. i hope vy deleting her is for her own good rather than saving face from the public. they were best of friends for years so its sad to see mei choose this lifestyle over her long time friendships. thats not very wlw of you.

No. 1470790

vy’s still following mei’s finsta. i think she unfollowed the main one just to keep appearances

No. 1470791

The problem is that she brands herself as a proud Asian sapphic influencer while hiding her fetishizing sugar daddy from her young fans. Why can’t Mei be honest about her “lovers” and admit that at least two of them are men? Because it doesn’t fit her dreamy pastel lesbian aesthetic and it would piss off her fans.

I stopped feeling bad for Mei and Olivya once they promoted Colette’s classes on social media. They all know that Mei’s fan base is made up of young Asian girls who see them as “relationship goals”. If they love women and Asians as much as they say they do why are they promoting these weirdos to them?

No. 1470792

File: 1647477935905.jpeg (86.21 KB, 960x818, D6D764F9-2A57-442A-9328-A356F1…)

They are still friends/lovers. Olivya only unfollowed Mei on Mei’s influencer account. She still follows Mei’s other Instagram. As far as unfollowing Colette and Mei, it’s just saving face. If we look at the screenshot of Colette’s blog where Olivya is referred to as “O”, Olivya is equally responsible and profiting off of it as well as being legally in a contract with Colette not to mention she is Colette’s dominatrix in training. We have to hold both Olivya and Mei accountable, not just Mei.

No. 1470802

I know that "trips to recruit young unsuspecting women" sounds more dramatic, but it's a little tiresome seeing serious shit like this being thrown around to see what sticks - especially when it has been previously clarified. mei seems to have been shady in some respects, as has already been discussed, but the promoted group trips are independent from this and with a company that has been reaching out to a bunch of influencers lately. don't create unnecessary alarm for typical influencer stuff, it really doesn't help anyone

No. 1470803

also pretty sure that Olivya is who introduced Colette to Mei in the first place. They are all involved in this together, don't let the unfollowing fool you.

No. 1470811


still confused as to why mei is the only one who is being ostracized when olivya is the reason these girls are aware of collette in the first place

>Olivya is who introduced Colette to Mei in the first place

No. 1470816

im unsure if thats the truth because in meis deleted video she said she met colette through her friend nate. all of them followed him when the video was released but i havent checked since.

No. 1470825

same anon here but i went ahead and checked. mei, vy, and michelle all follow him. i guess he is a videographer/photographer and it connected them all. i dont see him being involved so ima withdraw from using his user but its easy to find, just seems like a friend that does camera work for all of them.

No. 1470826

Because Mei is the one with the fanbase I suppose.

It's interesting to see what are they going to do now. They have no morals, and they are hooked to the money, but sugarin publically is going to socially costly

No. 1470838

File: 1647479585025.jpeg (310.76 KB, 1125x1049, 7539F97C-D1E5-40E6-8511-BDACF1…)

Olivya isn’t blameless but Mei has a larger following and had a feeling her anime/genshin loving audience wouldn’t be down with whatever “power play” is.

No. 1470844

as of now, vy has unfollowed mei's private ig dirtymei. interesting

No. 1470846

apparently mei is blocking everyone who interacted with the call-out thread on twitter

No. 1470856

I think the main issue here was mostly that it was irresponsible to not be transparent about sugaring & glamorizing sugar baby lifestyle without talking about safety to an audience that was composed of mostly impressionable minors and young women/femmes. So that’s why Mei is under scrutiny. Olivya has an established 18+ nsfw demographic.

No. 1470857

No. 1470862

Also a source from a student, but most of the the students of MistressClass are in their 30’s and older(well duh that makes sense since the price is so expensive you have to be a working adult to afford it tbh), they are all fully consenting adults that can decide whether or not to engage in whatever activities they want tbh. There are no minors that anyone was aware of. Take with that info as you will. ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 1470866

It's misogynistic to not want young girls to be lured into some whacko sex cult to be turned into young prostitutes for these weirdos to make money off of???? Go back to twitter with your retarded "sex worker" worship and tiptoeing around. I already said it's ok to be a prostitute if you want but don't try to trick others into it promising some grand fun girls only trip when in reality the trip is centered around some disgusting white scrote with a throbbing young teen girl fetish. You're not being a liberated lesbian girlboss sucking dick and cock and promoting it to others as a career choice, stupid. They're not promoting some cute little glam camp trip, it's borderline sex trafficking. Whether it hurts your feelings or not, sugaring is prostitution. and prostitution is very dangerous to get into. I'm sorry that's not woke enough to coddle your delicate feelings.

No. 1470871

There are so many newfags being gravitated to this thread. For the love of god please learn how to post here

No. 1470872

Use some common sense. Mei sells herself as a professional influencer, that’s why she’s selling the trip to Korea. Mei has made a living the past 5+ years by doing fashion, makeup, skincare, hair tutorials, and lifestyle content online. Any half decent influencer is aware of their demographic. That content isn’t watched by 30+ year old aspiring professional dommes that have $1k to spare. Her primary audience is mostly young women, probably between the ages of 16 and 26. And she’s been marketing herself with a ~queer sapphic~ persona for a hot minute, bringing in even more young fans.

No. 1470876

finally some logic

No. 1470881

imagine letting this dude touch you let alone fuck you until you bleed. bro looks like a walking i studied the blade meme.

No. 1470885

File: 1647482055581.png (120.36 KB, 1336x316, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 9.53…)

I think it's interesting that even the degens in r/polyamory found this to be weird https://www.reddit.com/r/polyamory/comments/tdt93s/princessmei_comes_out_as_polyamorus/

No. 1470886

Yes, I would agree that targeting mei’s demographic was not the right move. It just seems like an irresponsible move given the circumstances.

But I was more so pointing out the age group of the people in that class. As it’s info that contradicts with people’s idea that the class was somehow some weird recruiting tactic to lure minors into some kind of sex cult.

No. 1470898

File: 1647482714488.png (99.12 KB, 767x843, chrome_W4qrSB8bqz.png)

No. 1470899

saving face. can she explain why she blocked people who raised valid concerns? kek

No. 1470903

literally who has said anything about her family

No. 1470904

File: 1647482992587.jpg (200.66 KB, 1500x1000, 738209_10200778530977490_35991…)

No. 1470907

imagining this muppet trying to act like a daddy dom is vomit inducing

No. 1470909

File: 1647483115962.jpg (133.09 KB, 667x1000, 963802_10200778531697508_20592…)

No. 1470910

File: 1647483280942.jpg (304.06 KB, 2048x1586, 964743_10200778546057867_10012…)

No. 1470911

>I have never been in a cult or have promoted cults
Do these people think cults say "this a cult" when recruiting and grooming

No. 1470919

File: 1647483760407.jpg (422.07 KB, 2048x1905, 966787_10200778541417751_58708…)

No. 1470922

there’s no way that olivya didn’t have a clue what mei has been doing. she’s trying to clear her conscience when she was literally in the video with her that started this whole exposé. her boyfriend even took pictures of them at the mansions together. she’s just scared of losing her friendships now and is siding with everyone blaming mei and colette to absolve herself of wrongdoing. i don’t think she’s innocent at all.

No. 1470923

File: 1647483788353.jpg (48.52 KB, 527x527, 980830_10200778534137569_19843…)

heeeeeere's DAVID

No. 1470927

Olivya has been besties with Mei for fucking years and to suddenly boil it down to some girl she only briefly dated is hilarious to me, but I guess she doesn’t want to go down with the ship

No. 1470929

no reason to spam personal photos w ppl who are uninvolved, we know what he looks like

No. 1470935

he's the new cow of this thread. stop mini-modding

No. 1470936

can you sage

No. 1470944

mei literally made her famous. kek

No. 1470947

The autism just oozes off this creepy moid. He obsesses over Asian women the way other spergs obsess over trains.

No. 1470949

I've always thought Mei was filthy rich, besides the money from instagram deals. Becoming a beta white boy's fuck doll to buy burando is so fucking decadent.

Collete's classes had always sounded very scammy to me. 900 dollars to pack a room with girls in lingerie to yell ily at them is suspicious, to say the least.

No. 1470953

Colette’s ig has been deactivated or deleted (user not found message)

No. 1470957

This is laughable at best considering Mei’s video was posted not even a week ago where Mei addresses how in love and obsessed she is with Olivya including recently tweeting about Olivya’s (recently deleted) height in comparison to her 6’2 partner. Why would you post a video about someone if they became your ex? How can you be fine with someone posting a video about you like that? Not to mention Olivya retweeted the now deleted tweet of Mei’s polyamorous YouTube video. I personally can’t imagine throwing my best friend for years and recent girlfriend under the bus because of bad publicity.

No. 1470958

you're right.

if everything is above board, why are you hiding, Ghislasian?

No. 1470964

Honestly, thank goodness. Thank God. I'll take a noncontribution ban for this if necessary but this is such a relief.

This is possibly the worst part of reddit, so if even they are making negative statements on it you know it's all fucked.

No. 1470965


While I do agree, I want to mention that it's possible the person who was done dirty by Mei kept this information to themselves to keep the group peace. Maybe lied or downplayed what happened. Now that all of this came out, it probably got out between their group what really happened and that was the last straw that broke Olivya's back. She could have also been playing up how in lOvE she was for the cameras.

No. 1470966

File: 1647485270712.png (596.02 KB, 1024x768, scr.png)

she also deleted the gallery from dominacolette.com. it used to look like picrel a couple hours ago, and now it's just her name.

what is she hiding?!

No. 1470968

and how does that make it OK?? money hungry whores

No. 1470970

friendly reminder to A R C H I V E E V E R Y T H I N G

No. 1470975

holy shit autism squad

No. 1471002

Briefly dated? Mei’s been posting pictures of them kissing for nearly a year.

No. 1471005

they’d also been best/close friends for way longer before that lmao olivya acting like mei is just some random girl she dated for a bit is rich

No. 1471008

File: 1647488699733.jpeg (266.79 KB, 844x801, 31C20D8C-193C-481B-91CA-F98867…)

So is she saying she never took part in those MistressClasses?

No. 1471014

Ghislasian is removing herself off the internet so that means Mistress Class is no more? Hope the actual students get a refund and find another dungeon/mentor, honestly the other pro-dommes should denounce her, pretty sure many of them state raceplay, pedo bs, incest play, drug use during play as hard no’s for their limits and wouldnt accept clients seeking those things, let alone the mentees they’re suppose to be training.

No. 1471016

no, she’s just backtracking and saying she isn’t involved in Colette’s personal life. but she’s a colleague

No. 1471017

all these people are frauds tbh

No. 1471022

This is a repost, read the thread.

I seriously doubt it. I'm sure it's still going on. Colette has been candid about money problems in her blog (and not wanting to borrow money from David), so I doubt she can afford refunds

No. 1471026

File: 1647489553375.jpeg (595.76 KB, 1125x1142, CC651E23-A1CB-448C-A3AB-D78F9D…)

Either Olivya is lying about briefly dating Mei or they gaybaited for months. Also all of Mei’s kissing selfies look so…unnatural.

No. 1471027

David’s father is a Methodist reverend in Georgia, and he would be so disappointed!

No. 1471037

If I remember correctly I don’t think I’ve seen ghislasian even offering domme work anymore or even online content. If anyone else remembers, I don’t think she had a OF, manyvids or even patreon and those texting sites, so correct me if I’m wrong.
It seems like she’s semiretired from domme work and now scamming and pimping young girls.

No. 1471038

Yall, friends can kiss and its not queerbaiting. Kissing isn’t exclusive to intimacy/romance for everyone. It seems like yall are clinging to things to make issues about that aren’t apart of the main problem, which is that mei disguised her sugaring situation as a sapphic poly relationship and advertised these domme classdd to her fairly underage audience. Can we please stick to what’s important here

No. 1471041

Pretty sure that mei said in the video that her and olivya first had sex over a year ago in the mansion. Maybe they werent dating then but its still a form of relationship. She's also been tweeting about a gf for the past few months. It is kinda important cause olivya could be just as involved as mei but trying to clear her name now by downplaying things

No. 1471042

she did something called Pludo https://pludo.app.link/lfRqvLcwHkb and she possibly did irl domme sessions, but yeah it seems like her online work mainly involved pimping out young asian women and bragging about her PhD

also can newfriends please lrn2sage

No. 1471045

they’re all guilty as fuck, and downplaying because it doesn’t fit with their ~sapphic girl boss fempowerment~ schtick, which they’ve been milking for money AND to lure in new meat for David

also David will never have to answer for any of this, which pisses me off.

No. 1471051

File: 1647491749162.png (65.85 KB, 746x433, cuck.png)

No. 1471054

File: 1647491799258.jpeg (97.81 KB, 1242x800, 796AAC92-BE15-4653-BB91-3E879C…)

Both mei and olivia were featured in video on the pervette website prior to everything getting scrubbed. She’s delusional if she thinks she can play dumb about her involvement. That video was uploaded 72 hours ago.

No. 1471055

There's something Im confused about, was Vy dating Colette?? Or was Colette only dating Mei? I'm not sure how their whole poly thing works and I didn't watch the vid b4 it got taken down.

No. 1471058

They were all dating eachother plus a white guy named david.

No. 1471059

vy looked up to colette as a domme mentor. colette and mei were dating. colette and mei also shared david. mei was also dating vy. so they were all involved but vy was learning from colette and just with mei

No. 1471060

Guess this is why she's been dressing more child/anime-like lately. She says she hated being compared to anime/kpop girls but she's styled like one.

No. 1471078

File: 1647494655710.jpg (76.09 KB, 720x996, Screenshot_20220317-061921_Ins…)

Extremely shady behaviour from Olivya, who's known Mei since AT LEAST 2015. I genuinely can't believe how she's throwing Mei under the bus. I was less upset abt her behaviour in the beginning as she's never hidden the fact she is a sw-er (which without Colette and David's crazy disgusting behaviours would be ok), but now putting all of the blame on Mei for everything is a huge exaggeration. Please don't forget despite she f*cked really bad, Mei is still a young Asian woman who's probably lost everything (friends, "work", online reputation, and imagine if her family finds out all that…), keep in mind the bigger picture, and even if she benefited from it all ultimately the fault falls on Colette and David, who likely manipulated her to some extent as well. (talking about the most disgusting facts)

No. 1471083

She's known Olivya since 2014, so yeah that's 8 years of friendship thrown under the bus.

The only plausible explanation I see for this is that Mei did some truly fucked up shit to Amy but for some reason Amy only decided to tell Vy about it now.

If you look on Twitter, Mei and Amy's last interaction was in January. I wonder what happened in those 2 months to make her realize kek

No. 1471086

oh trust me, her younger family members know, like cousins and sibling. i can't give away anymore than that.

No. 1471092

Reading Colette’s blog archive LOL
“ P usually spies on my through the security camera and starts talking to me at night. Not tonight. He’s with A11 at Delusion. And most likely fucking her.
Even though my friends tell me not to trust her, and I have no idea what her intentions are, it’s nice that it doesn’t bother me at all anymore.
I guess I really am secure now.
And so is my relationship with P.”

There were mentions that P would get mad if she had sex with a different man, and she’s obviously coping so hard when P is fucking with A11 (an Asian domme) or the young Asian sb’s.
“ Oh wait, he says, there’s photos on this memory card from 2 years ago,
Of an Seeking Arrangement chick getting ready
P likes taking photos of girls getting ready, putting on their makeup
And her with a pony buttplug
Sucking his cock..”

So not only did Colette record the sexual encounters in MistressClass, David himself has a history of recording his own encounters while using a security cam to monitor Colette ??? I get she would want security cams in her line of work, so her dungeon was David’s mansion?? That he can spy on her as well as others that use the space ?

No. 1471098

this is an imageboard
post screenshots

No. 1471100

embarrassing and scary how people literally sell their dignity, geez

No. 1471102

File: 1647497184969.jpeg (174.26 KB, 939x572, 850FB91A-A7AC-49EA-B5A8-C9416F…)

No. 1471104

Are you able to post more info without giving away too much that it will reveal your identity? Like how did her sibling/cousins react when she told them? Etc etc

No. 1471108

Vy's boyfriend Jeremy's unfollowed Mei on twitter and presumably Ig too(sage)

No. 1471111


from what i gather vy promoted mistressclass because shes a pro-domme in training and a lot of her friends and following are already in that space as sw'ers or people who are interested in kink. she posts pics of her hanging out with other dommes all the time. she did not have anything to do with david and was not trying to recruit for whatever the sugar baby circle was. i think thats a separate thing from mistressclass. mistressclass perhaps was a scam but it seems that two different things were going on here and colette and mei were at the center of both. a lot of people who attended mistressclass are grown women who were already dommes or dommes in training but the people connected to the sugarbaby circle like xtina and mei are much younger

No. 1471113

let's just say… a lot of her family members share the same traits as her to varying degrees on the narcissistic spectrum.

based on what i know of a few family members, they are probably feeling 90% giddily about the tea spilt here with 10% worry/concern. if this drama came for them, they'd 100% dump mei too and pretend they have no relation.

as for me personally? i feel so, so sad. i remember when she was once a little girl. she was good at school. she was sweet to everyone and was fairly well behaved. she was very thoughtful too, and was always giving people gifts. i thought she was a fantastic kid.

that's not to say i don't think she deserves all this flack – she kind of does while acknowledging that the greater share of the blame should be on Colette/David. i'm simply sharing because i'm just wondering, what went wrong? and i'm so sorry for how she turned out and everyone she's harmed. this is 100% a parental failure, and at a smaller extent, a failure of her extended family too. neither parties modeled better behaviors and instilled better values. and frankly, it's a little traumatic to me to see that little girl grow up to become all of this mess.

No. 1471115

also, i know what happened to her older sister.

her dad was violent growing up: punching hole in walls, throwing a dish out the window, throwing furniture and other random items, and etc. when she was little he targeted her mom because "she made him mad". then her older sister became a teenager and started talking back, he began to target the older sister "for talking back" and once "for not cleaning her room".

mei saw this growing up with her own two eyes, yet when her sister finally hit back in self defense, all her family members, including mei, disowned her even though THEY WITNESSED THE ABUSE FOR YEARS. her family's a mess ya'll. just don't even associated with these people.

No. 1471118

Holy shit since when did Mei have an older sister? As far as we know she only has a younger sibling (younger sister who transitioned?)

No. 1471121

her older sister was disowned in 2012. the information about her being a drug addict is wrong. (unless your definition of smoking weed and doing ecstasy at music festivals = drug addict) mei went on a smear campaign on behalf of her family. frankly, i'm starting to think being estranged from this mess was a good decision.

No. 1471125

no, that's her fmt brother and beverly is his deadname

No. 1471126

Yeah, I realized that after re-reading the thread. Deleted my previous comment, had no idea her "brother" is actually a fakeboi

No. 1471129

they also tried to hire a private investigator to track her sister down when she went to great lengths to hide her residence and online presence.

i know her family members are reading this right now. wave hi ya'll, and fuck you.

No. 1471130

I thought Beverly was the disowned sister name?

No. 1471131

I dont understand the purpose of being a transphobic cunt, what does her younger sibling have to do w anything???

No. 1471132

please sage. i hate it too though it is the unfortunate aspect of lolcow, everyone seems to hate trans people here

No. 1471133

no, i can say with 100% certainty that beverly is his deadname. i know her older sister's name but i will not share it.

No. 1471134

File: 1647500944032.jpg (426.61 KB, 1000x1000, sum41_halfhour_1000.jpg)

No. 1471137

How are any of your replies related in the slightest to the drama now? Youre fucking weird for sharing all that

No. 1471138

You know what, now that you bring it up. I cannot find her sibling’s linkedin anymore.

No. 1471141

arent we supposed to leave the family members out of this? yeah its a gossip forum but they arent public figures they have private lives it feels uncomfortable talking about them like this especially if they are all reading this.

No. 1471142

it's related because they created the mess that is mei?

No. 1471144

i have no ragrets, mei and her family and enablers should've been called out a long time ago.

btw i think it's funny her enabler "friends" are all jumping ship now that the drama is coming for them

No. 1471145


Hi I hope we all can avoid prying into Mei's private life unnecessarily. We don't want this forum to be shut down bc of potential doxxing/false allegations. Hope the main focus would be warning young girls of these predators and to be vigilant.

No. 1471146

What a huge ass stretch. None of that is for you to share, how tf are we supposed to "call out" her middle-aged family members who don't use social media? You have to be terminally online to think that's at all normal

No. 1471151

File: 1647501927056.jpeg (379.3 KB, 1125x751, F9CBDBBC-E952-4948-A140-38F03D…)

Some of Mei’s old blog (her YouTube channel took off because she had a tumblr following) is archived on wayback machine. Her urls were shinjesus and meimutou.

I remember her reblogging anime gifs and posting about being depressed. I think some of it was because she left high school early, idk the reason why.

No. 1471153

“underage 2d boys”

No. 1471157

so it's okay for people to spread mei's words about her family/sister (that they've gleaned from her tumblr, etc) up above but not for others to come in to give a counter opinion about her family?

regardless i'll stop now because i def prioritize keeping this thread up to warn others of predators than w/e i want to say(learn2sage)

No. 1471160

No nonnine, please stay and spread the tea.

No. 1471162

IIRC, she also had a Shinee tumblr fan account when she was 15 but I can't remember the URL. She'd talk about being depressed/anxious, not fitting in at college, having trouble talking to ppl, etc.

No. 1471167

Why does this matter? Afaik she was a kid when she had her tumblr and it has nothing to do with what she’s currently involved in. Can we please stay on topic and not derail? Otherwise we really are going to look like evil scary anonmyous stalkers.

No. 1471173


Sorry for replying to 2 day old post but no, the rotten comes from fujoshi ( „rotten girl“) cause that used to her main interest.

No. 1471179

The unsaging newfag reeks of vendetta, could this be mei’s stalker chan? Just because Mei is part of a cult doesn’t clear your weird shit stalker chan.

No. 1471183

File: 1647505505882.jpeg (56.63 KB, 1125x411, B19914ED-663C-4736-B2EE-1CFA1A…)

someone who commented on her most recent video has uploaded the deleted q&a video!


No. 1471184


Wtf can you stop posting about shit that does not matter? Mei was literally a kid and you're trying to bring it up right now. Makes you look like a malicious bully. Honestly nobody gives a shit about who she was. Can we stop going off topic and stop posting unnecessary shit? Stop embarrassing yourself lol(can you start saging?)

No. 1471186

learn to sage and quit mini modding jfc. this isn’t twitter.

No. 1471188

its not that deep tbh shes underaged herself.

No. 1471189

who said it was “that deep” kek it’s just cringe

No. 1471190

yeah lol teenagers tend to be, anon

No. 1471192

talk about derailing

No. 1471194

saged but for posterity if olivya statement about her only dating mei for a hot minute falls apart when she shows up in this video and potentially dates their relationship back to end of 2020/early 2021 lel

No. 1471195

i firmly believe olivya is full of shit

No. 1471197

definitely trying to save face but she obviously has no morals and is trying to distance herself publicly because she wants to maintain her fanbase or work with brands but is definitely not cutting off mei/colette/david for financial reasons

No. 1471198

I wonder who the ex girlfriend is?

No. 1471200

oh no! the reputation of lolcow.farm will be ruined!

No. 1471210

I’m watching the video…why are Vy and Colette in BDSM gear while Mei is wearing regular clothes? And Vy is definitely lying because she says they’ve been fucking in the mansion since 2020.

They talk P starting from the 3 min mark and Mei says its her most serious relationship.

I think it’s X.

No. 1471217

i’m listening to this while multitasking and will try to note down anything interesting. so far:
> mei and colette met through a mutual friend, nate (@natefu on ig who has filmed videos of their parties, as seen on @mariaxliu’s ig)
> as soon as they met, mei was basically head over heels for colette
> they share ‘P’ (david) whom mei calls her “most serious partner”
> “in a monogamous relationship, it’s really hard to get one person to fulfil all of your needs” (idk maybe because people don’t exist for you only?)
> colette says with mei she plays a more ‘masculine’ role while with another partner (david?) she gets to be ‘little’ and ‘girly’
> “i feel like society really puts roles on people” – mei
> during conversations, colette always has a journal open and writes down what people say
> olivya was the one who introduced mei to the idea of polyamory
> olivya was also the one who asked mei to be her girlfriend (in the same mansion they filmed the q&a in, which mei calls “the house of gay love”)

No. 1471224

> mei felt upset that david was going on dates with another girl
> she spun it into being a self-aware girl boss who knew how to solve the issue herself (asking him for more emotional support when she’s sad)
> mei’s relationship advice: “identify the need and then give a request that can actually be fulfilled […] you can say ‘when we’re in a fight and i’m feeling insecure about our relationship, it would mean a lot if you would send me roses from my favorite flower shop’”
> mei started taking david’s ex-girlfriend out on dates (that christina girl?)
> colette refers to all the girls david has fucked around with as her “soul sisters”
> colette says her relationship with david is ‘better’ long distance as living together didn’t work out
> they promote colette’s mistress class
> mei about colette: “you change people’s lives and i think just by hearing you talk it’s such an amazing and magical experience” (she’s so far gone)

overall, the way mei speaks about her polycule comes across as childish, presenting it as liberation in a cutesy way

No. 1471237


actually mei’s "relationship advice" is a textbook example of nonviolent communication, which is a book they cited somewhere in the video.

No. 1471267

Comparing this video with Colette’s blog post, it seems to me like Colette broke down Mei’s… mentality(?) and molded it to the perfect sisterwife (her “vision”). I think Mei was being manipulated, and so could also be a victim.

And as for Olivya’s response, many folks in cults also consented and did not realize that they were victims.

No. 1471352

I apologize for being off topic but something stuck out to me in that deleted video ft Colette and Vy. Mei’s body language to Colette seemed super awkward/uncomfy when they were alone together doing the “interview”. But as soon as Vy entered you could see Mei’s whole personality shift and her inching closer toward Vy and away from Colette even when Colette was talking. She seemed kinda sad too as soon as Vy left. Also it was mad awkward because Olivya barely talked and was just there to be hot I guess? I honestly think she called her over because she felt uncomfy being around Colette or just flat out lying to her young ass audience by trying to convince them that they need to be poly and a dom. Very weird lol. I hope the video gets reuploaded one day so you guys can see what I’m talking about. It was a strange vibe aand I can’t stop thinking about it & wish I called it out earlier lol.

No. 1471386

I’ll have to disagree. The way Mei looks at and responds to Colette while Colette is speaking reminds me of the way Allison Mack looked at Keith Raniere.

No. 1471399

agreed, the NXIVM vibes were there. mei seemed completely taken in by colette.

No. 1471436

Jfc this thread is overflowing with newfags

No. 1471445

>I think Mei was being manipulated, and so could also be a victim

Poor victim, being used for her Instagram followers and getting paid to promote this shit. Whether she was manipulated or not behind the scenes, she still exchanged her influence and promos for money and trips.

No. 1471510

In cult like situations, people often look for clear-cut victims & perpetrators and that’s not how it works. Manipulators often demand their followers do bad things to show they have skin in the game. Alison Mack was mentally abused and beaten down by Keith Raniere, and then she turned around and maliciously did the same to other women to prove her loyalty. She was both a victim and a perpetrator. The world isn’t black and white. Mei could absolutely be a victim of Colette & David’s grooming & manipulation, and also be guilty of grooming & manipulating others.

No. 1471514

No. 1471530

Olivya is sketching me out I feel like she knows more than she claims. I think it’s fucked up for her to distance herself from mei. Even if she didn’t “know” and wasn’t intimate with David or collete. Just the little blurb describing how she’s always been kinky since age 6 should’ve had BLARING red flags. Like why would you have someone promote you like that? Also if Mei is your bestie and lover how tf could you NOT know!? I call BS. I’m sorry but if my bestie and I were both involved in something shady like this and everyone was turning on her because she has the bigger following and barely me, idk I would go down with the sinking ship because I knew enough. Which leads me to believe she probably only ever saw Mei as a comeup and nothing more. LA is a cruel place huh!

No. 1471534

Is the video not loading for anyone else?

No. 1471554


naw on the other hand, if i found out my best friend/lover brutally hurt my other close friend in a way that goes against whatever morals i have fuck that shit. you're drowning on your own.

No. 1471564

You are right! I forgot about that part. Mei must’ve done something seriously sinister for Vy and her bf to both distance themselves. Let me stop feeling bad for Mei she doesn’t deserve it right now. She should take accountability since she is dragging everyone down with her.

No. 1471588

Dont have to be a newfag to have distain towards the fact that most of lolcow users are 9-5 terfies. Still stay for the drama even though most of u cunts are not respectable(newfag)

No. 1471593

Go away

No. 1471603

Twittard trannies/fakebois go back.

No. 1471608

stop using misogynistic slurs + derailing and fuck off back to twitter.

No. 1471612

If you don't have any milk to add to the thread, shut up and stop derailing

No. 1471620

File: 1647537814191.jpeg (214.33 KB, 1422x656, 8E99F7DA-2441-4D2D-B7C2-C87288…)


Have you seen the head scrote’s ugly mug? Imagine that you are groomed to be a sisterwaifu for this loser with asian fetish. His yellow fewer makes it even creepier

I’ve been skimming through Pervette’s blog and there’s two things that caught my attention, in addition to stuff that is mentioned in this thread.
First, both Colette and David are daily drug users. Mostly weed and psychedelics. In their orgies there’s endless supply of MDMA, ketamine and other stuff. So the girls are heavily drugged during orgies.

And there’s definetly something sketchy about ownership of the ”Mansion”. Did Colette buy the house from David?

No. 1471622

Twittards have such an interesting parasocial relationship with lolcow. Constantly lurking and mining screenshots for their clout-chasing "tea threads", all while claiming they'd neverrr be caught hanging out here with all the ebbil radfem terfs!

No. 1471624

It's so obvious that they lurk and it's so obvious when they post. But I'm sure they'll either peak if they continue posting or stop posting completely and just lurk.

No. 1471642

kek fucking leave retard, no one is stopping you from gossiping on twitter. Or are you too afraid of being cannibalized by your peers for drama?

I don't have to respect people who are clearly mentally ill enough to slice off their dicks and call the open wound a "vagina" kek

No. 1471650

take the trans discussion to /ot/ and stop derailing. no one cares

No. 1471653

Literally mining a terf imageboard for ammo against their latest cancel mob targets while pretending they have any moral high ground over terfs kek

No. 1471666

The mansion was most recently sold for $85k earlier this year. Colette also mentions in the blog that David gave her the opportunity to take ownership of the property.

Also not uncommon for drugs to mix into the sugar scene. Used to fuck around on SA in college and at one point attended a party at some crypto bro’s blinged out trap palace, he joked(?) abt making it a cathouse & asked if I’d want to be a madame/invite friends next time lmao, started following this story bc it had similar vibes

No. 1471670

I hadn’t been following Mei before but has she lost any followers or subscribers from this whole call out?

No. 1471679

File: 1647540072026.jpg (263.05 KB, 826x674, YhBwteB.jpg)

Doesn't look like she lost any

No. 1471680

When will the police get involved?(Sage)

No. 1471687

File: 1647540235610.jpg (223.5 KB, 826x674, RfUxLuO.jpg)

No. 1471688

Get involved with what? LAPD don't give a shit about bored rich influencers getting high and having orgies in their mansions during a COVID crimewave, get real lol

No. 1471690

It's because the ebil drama sites are always the first to come through with details on stuff and they are all fighting to be the first one to get the news out and be the saviour and head sjw for the week. They should learn to be more silent and understand throwing misogynistic slurs at us won't make us like trannies. Twitterfags should be grateful for the clout stealing information from here gives them and not bite the hand that feeds them.

Holy shit you are retarded and also you need to sage. Nothing illegal has really happened here, it's just sketchy and gross.

No. 1471694


nothing illegal except perhaps Colette's public blog exponsing private details of people who have been, honestly, easy to recognise