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File: 1650557378579.png (1.55 MB, 1684x1191, SPOOP_LARP.png)

No. 1507879

Previous thread >>1481424

Last thread floated several potential new cows, but there was more manure than milk. Anons too shit the thread sperging over shoop accusations, most of which were debunked with groaning and bonerattling.

Cows of interest:
- Ash finds strength in the wake of her grandmother's recent passing to post her face more, even without the ancient wig. Everyone is spooked, but for better or worse the lich queen lives. >>1482159 >>1495533

- Em gets accepted into a uni nursing program >>1492340 but people without maxi pads taped to their foreheads fail the occupational health assessment for much less. Tough luck headbanger
- Meanwhile another Em uses charity as an excuse to exercise purge >>1488860

- May posts her first photo since last summer thanks to the shame of accidentally weight restoring, but only shows her legs, graciously sparing us the sight of her greasy, unwashed hair >>1482397 Still ebegging of course >>1485480

- Laura continues to post warped pics even though she is truly spoopy, triggering several shoop disputes.

- Anon notices Kay ran her recovery account/s at the same time as her proana account/s >>1486939 and anons sperg over a fucking shadow >>1497021 PSA: if you really think anyone's jealous of a cow, go back

- Self-posting spoop Cassie talks about her husband talking her out of treatment >>1491634

- Farmers praise N2F's no makeup pic as stunning progress from the feral cave dweller she was a year ago >>1504468 but also worry about her getting trafficked by one of the snoring chavs she brings home

- scumbag Nikol gets twitter banned for bonerattling way too loud even for edtwt >>1488080, >>1495550

- Ham keeps stripping down to lingerie to post pics of her gut, not sure if for male attention or just to trigger the anachans out of recovery >>1506983

- Ganer finally injures herself overexercizing, disrupting her OCD ritual exercise streak. >>1502946

- Fiona catches the rona, very mild symptoms, milks it for every last drop of sweet, sweet attention she can squeeze out of it >>1488056 also challenges herself to reviewing several scary protein bars

- narcissist Niamh tries to be fashionable in public by wearing leather and legwarmers to the beach >>1485019 and kicking library books, >>1497049 graciously includes a slack-jawed pic from ip so we don't forget how spoopy she was >>1489297 all using the same unnaturally strained leg pose.

- Eugenia poses with a stuffed Winnie the pooh bear to rest against whatever tacky garbage her mom dropped in the front yard, pooh has yet to recover from the trauma. >>1485798 also gets banned from tiktok due to "false reports" >>1488472

- Porgie tries to host a Q&A on lolcow to say she's not on benefits contrary to vendettachan's assertion that porgie just can't keep her lies straight >>1491048 but farmhands herd her back to her own grazing grounds, so she makes a private account to hide from vendettachan instead >>1491156 whoever pays for it, Porgie munches her way into a home tube for her "gastroparesis" because the poor thing just can't keep enough down to sustain her morbid obesity >>1492027, >>1492035

- Scarlett abuses some kind of hair serum to induce infertility for a show >>1485087 and carbo loads with 11 rice cakes smeared with a sneeze of sf strawberry jelly because that's the dream >>1488133 it was all worth it to win 1st in class! She was the only contestant, kek >>1491237 still screaming "no u" at the haterz for recognizing her mental illness and still an unprofessional disordered bitch >>1504599

- Zara is "consistently gaining weight" while working and attending uni >>1486782, >>1488117 but anons wonder how she's not been sectioned when she's hangry and fatigued and her chew/spit purging has her looking like giga chad, so she hosts a tiktok live Q&A where she gets mad at people for asking questions like it's some kind of Q&A >>1503915, >>1503962 turns out she can't take the Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement prescribed to treat her Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency because it actually makes her worse instead of better! Probably like how insulin can make some people with diabetes worse instead of better, that's just how diabulimia works she doesn't make the rules. We'll know more when she explains her latest tragic totally-beyond-her-control excuse for spoopin >>1506782 hope she doesn't munch herself into something she can't spit out!

- and finally, Dorian (of herbs and altars) our repeat loan from the altcows thread uses masculine fashion as an excuse to show off her ribcage with an open shirt >>1500143 and farmers dig out her old "bonespo" pics to prove she really was as spoopy as she says >>1501376 >>1128073

New cows:
@mary_yy_a (tt/ig) posted a clip bravely proving that being anorexic doesn't mean you can't bite into an apple. Incredible! >>1501301

@littlelivruns (ig) hard-core overexercizing muscle spoop with sh scars up the arms and a half-healed headbanging scar like a gunshot wound. Milk too scary for my taste but certainly meets bizarre criteria >>1483498


No. 1507919

File: 1650560856061.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 494B7E41-4C80-4A50-8BF5-E1BC6A…)

This is a Grade A thread, so thanks to the anon who created it!
To start us off, Fi is unsurprisingly “at rock bottom”, taking it ~one day at a time~.
The wheelchair is not going anywhere anytime soon apparently. She is no longer allowed to choose what she eats, as she was not finishing meals.
Same old same old.
So she has willingly decided to increase her mealplan surprisingly.

No. 1507934

File: 1650561546325.jpg (Spoiler Image,210.87 KB, 1030x1054, Screenshot_20220421-075858_Ins…)

Enily giving N2f a run for her money with the grubbiness, someone needs to teach her to clean under nails

No. 1507993

How can you upload that with the pure filth under your nails that’s vile. She must of noticed it?

No. 1508011

Excellent thread, thank you nona
Wtf, her natural thumb nail peeking out actually looks rotten. It’s straight up brown

No. 1508019

File: 1650568163118.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x1790, 15A9DA1C-AB66-41F7-AB78-C2EEBD…)

zara is currently on live and looks awful i truly don’t know how she hasn’t been sectioned

No. 1508061

File: 1650571660840.jpeg (527.92 KB, 828x1488, F56C3E81-E1D4-4DF3-96B7-868512…)

This is mayyybe one raspberry spread out between nine pancakes. Such health for Ham!

No. 1508073

i wonder why her family doesnt throw her in there,

you know, if you want to eat yourself fucking fat in the name of recovery, atleast eat good food.
not this absolute joke of pancakes

No. 1508094

Fiona loves the wheelchair. Of course it isn't going anywhere if she can help it.

No. 1508120

Too much life stuff to be around for a while but look forward to catching up. Good to see Ash here and lol about May.

Idk how old Ash's gran was but possibly 80s? Longevity in her genes explains that question that prolongs her life.

No. 1508136

Dying in your 80s is no longevity, it's normal nowadays. Maybe if her grandma was 100 or something…

No. 1508147

p sure she’s not in contact with family , plus in scotland family can’t do shit

No. 1508210

she mentioned having plans to see her mom for a day in her bitchy live, but that she canceled because she was "too tired". So she's at least nominally still in contact with her mom, but probably avoiding her to avoid comments about her weight.

No. 1508309

best thread summary in a while, cheers nonnie

no clue when scottish uni terms end but I feel like she’s heading for hospital once school is done. cannot understand how she continues to function

No. 1508365

File: 1650595805071.jpg (677.69 KB, 1080x1734, 20220421_202008.jpg)

Laura was too focused on her weird hand position to fully censor the name of the hospital

No. 1508367

back at acute? interesting

No. 1508372

Acute Care Pavilion in California. Children's hospital.

No. 1508379

ah, that makes more sense. I was confused about why acute would allow her to come back so quickly when she's clearly no more motivated than ever. Thanks!

No. 1508416

Good God her bony claw

No. 1508419

The single raspberry is sending me

No. 1508429

Elzani vibes

No. 1508441

Ash is just an anomaly. Don't overthink it.

No. 1508462

File: 1650603200938.jpg (915.91 KB, 2156x2508, Speedrunning.jpg)

Haha why make a new tiktok account to reupload the same crap that got you banned when you can make 3 accounts to reupload the same crap that got you banned?

No. 1508464

File: 1650603308236.webm (5.92 MB, 576x1024, VictimofPotato.webm)

Of all the garbage she thought was important to repost, this.

No. 1508465

Obey the walrus

No. 1508467

Anorexic whack a mole. Can't get rid of E.

No. 1508503

Not sure why EC is trying to break into the tiktok scene. She's never really been fussed about what's cool

No. 1508545

narcissism knows no boundaries. Tiktok is just another opportunity for her to play the victim, and freak orbiters like "1hangryjack" will probably throw her some fat tips on twitch to make her feel better about being so horribly cyberbullied that any attention is lucrative for her. Dude gives me the creeps but creeps are her target audience. Gotta keep those skelly fetish simpbux rolling in

No. 1508566

File: 1650611026994.jpg (506.79 KB, 720x1215, IMG_20220422_170243.jpg)

and a fag for heath

No. 1508587

She captioned this “life” and yet it was just a montage of a few pictures - two pictures of her sitting in a car, her with her dad, her vaping with a friend outside and this picture of her smoking. Life ain’t much for Zara right now, I guess. There’s three comments on the video, one of which is just “Are you okay?” kek.

No. 1508588

This really surprised me. She always makes herself seem like she’s above things like that cus she knows better. I always imagined her replying to a question of “do you smoke” somewhere along the lines of eww no, do you know how bad that is for x,y,z (These not just being health problems)

No. 1508589

Actually if you pause the video it’s not a vape, it’s the same cigarette she’s got in the last picture. Same outfit, same day. Did she just smoke it to be cool with her friend and then post it on TikTok? A yes Zara, life <3

No. 1508590


calm your tits, y'all.

she's just grabbing some attenshuns.

No. 1508594

Pretty sure she lives in an apartment on her own over the holidays. So no pesky intervention from the parents there.

No. 1508598

File: 1650615975241.png (134.48 KB, 619x647, Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 3.25…)

Laura's uwu fashion account either got hacked or she's lost the plot and is involved in some bitcoin scam. I thought it was probably hacked, but then she posted a video of herself talking about bitcoin to her story (which could be a deepfake, but who would go to that effort?)

No. 1508611

Scottish uni term generally ends between the middle of May and the middle of June depending on where your exams are in the timetable. Starts back towards the end of September. A full 3/4 months for her to get in an even worse state.

No. 1508613

She looks absolutely dead behind the eyes. The difference from this time last year is huge and she was in a bad enough way then!

No. 1508635

this the funniest fucking thing I've seen in a long time but not in the way she intended

why does it always look like a self post whenever zara is mentioned?

No. 1508673


I think it'd a deep fake. It was so out of character and she seems malnourished/branfried enough to be gullibleas shit and get fucked over.

No. 1508680

Man she is so delusional. Why am I getting banned? Err maybe because you’re a walking skeleton and your bodycheck tiktoks aren’t appropriate for children to watch??

No. 1508691

Just showing off my egregious self harm to a bunch of adolescents, ha ha so quirky, why am I getting banned

No. 1508696

Bitcoin hackers and scammers will go to huge efforts to make it seem legit (even though they fail). It's a deepfake. A skelly like Laura is the perfect prey because she's too braindead to put up much of a fight.

No. 1508697

I just find it lulzy that Fiona needs a wheelchair to go to the bloody supermarket but can wall around in London to see musicals when it suits her? I'm not saying she isn't in a bad state just the wheelchair is a bit theatrical

No. 1508765

Why is she holding her cig like a sped?

No. 1508766

Any seasoned anons remember EC's breakout video "How to ratchetly twerk?"

No. 1508767

Because she's smoking for that sweet sweet attenshun

No. 1508789

File: 1650645334227.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20220422-103230_1.p…)

Cece's newest video addressing the comments on her body check vid kek she's so condescending. And also such an eye sore. Those bug eyes and buck teeth truly give me the heebie jeebies

No. 1508795

She also posted a video of herself making a "coffee frap" that consisted of frozen black coffee, a single date (kek), and a zero-sugar 160 calorie carton of muscle milk. Relapse baiting so hard.

No. 1508800

File: 1650647050776.gif (1.3 MB, 250x310, 373AF5B2-425B-4DB9-B309-415986…)

Everytime I see her face I just wanna…

No. 1508802

Who the fuck smokes like that? This is what happens when you ban tobacco use on tv before 9pm.

No. 1508834

>the giant ugly glasses
> the bare fivehead
> the buckteeth
>the lips always curled in either a smug smile or a condescending snarl

It’s like she goes out of her way to uglify herself

No. 1508866

The sheer self-satisfaction on her face is unnerving. She looks like a horse fucked an undateable librarian.

No. 1508905

The worst part is she obviously has lost a decent amount of weight. Which is annoying to admit because she both over exaggerates the severity of her disorder but now also is totally relapse baiting while playing dumb about it. Her Tiktok is actually infuriating, she is such an insufferable bitch. Remind me to never look at it again because just woof.

No. 1508931

I’m not surprised. She admitted to smoking weed before so why wouldn’t she be smoking cigs too

No. 1508932

She talked about smoking cigs in her live, made it sound like she's been smoking for a while. Probably suppressing her appetite.

No. 1508981

File: 1650662464976.jpeg (23.68 KB, 300x438, 064A3227-3FD7-48F4-844F-C52F0A…)

She reminds me of this bitch from Chicken Run

No. 1509007

So is getting her parents to prepare her meals! She’s not 3 years old.

No. 1509011

Kek anon, at least 3 year olds can successfully (most of the time) produce real tears during their tantrums or when they want ~attenshun~. Fiona only manages to consistently rub her head and eyes, give that unsettling stare and tell everyone how much of a ‘bad and difficult’ time she’s having in that god-awful moaning tone of voice she does. At least she does share their preference of cutlery and snack boxes though!

No. 1509048

Fiona has to win the sickness Olympics every time. She can't possibly prepare a snack for herself at 25 nona! She'll crumble into dust.

No. 1509076

You left out "tricky" and whinging about "her head." Anyone else hate how cows say shite like "my head won't stop telling me lies?"

No. 1509216

File: 1650688706936.jpeg (29.3 KB, 468x339, C97C109E-E844-4E66-981A-F56495…)

She actually looks like she had that disease that makes ur eyes bulge. Like surely it’s not normal

No. 1509221

File: 1650688893660.jpg (20.42 KB, 360x450, Who-Wears-Beige-Better.jpg)

Kek, clothing askew so she can pop a little collar bone. Cece has such an unfortunate face, she only gets uglier when she loses. Without cheeks she looks like somebody shaved the charm off Sid the Sloth

No. 1509248

Stop she has the same body type too

No. 1509282


No. 1509298

she's probably gotten told by the scammer that if she makes a video they'll give her the money/account back

No. 1509329

It’s okay though because apparently her inpatient referral that’s been in ‘for ages’ is now being sped up after appointment day!! But, ‘I really don’t want to go into hospital’. Kek, yes you do Fi you absolute resource drain. Her outpatient team can’t wait to get rid of her, don’t get paid enough for cows like her

No. 1509335

File: 1650711267182.webm (3.64 MB, 1080x1914, WeekendAtLauras.webm)

Here's the clip if anyone wants to see for themselves. The filter glitches at the end but >>1509298 seems more likely than someone going through the trouble of believably deepfaking a bespectacled spoop

No. 1509343

File: 1650711755477.jpeg (814.49 KB, 1169x2021, 91E391A1-5DEB-4E4B-917B-A702A1…)

I really hope no one says this is body checking. She is just existing taking photos of herself sitting in the most comfortable, not at all contorted positions. This is a very healthy thing for all of her followers to see.

No. 1509349

File: 1650712723936.jpg (336.4 KB, 1055x1550, gainer wink.jpg)

Ganer giving a creepy wink. Whole caption was
>When you eat more in a day than you used to in a week
What's most fucked up to me is she tags this Calum trainer of hers in every post, so he knows that she's been eating the same carbon copy daily meals for months and clearly he co-signs it. Great ad for your coaching business.

No. 1509354

File: 1650713111259.jpg (526.96 KB, 1047x1524, calum_teamprocoach is a twat.j…)

I know Ganer acts a fool. But it makes me so angry this ugly roided out gorilla is making money from exploiting an OCD woman to the point of encouraging disordered eating and letting her exercise on an injury that sent her to hospital a week ago. Calum Raistrick @calum_teamprocoach is a bad trainer and a scammer. Ganer might injure herself permanently because this oaf prizes his paycheck over the health of his clients.

No. 1509359

Cute dogs though

No. 1509382


Lmao I thought this was ethan klein before I looked closer

No. 1509394

And the putting water on a donut ? Sounds very ED behaviour and can’t believe if her parents were preparing her snack they would have done it.

No. 1509404

It still might be a deepfake, but the skelly hand/neck make me think they told her they'd unhack her if she made it. Bespectacled spoop is right. It's sad honestly I'm glad she's in the hospital. She seems to have really deteriorated the past year or so. I know it's hilarious she fell for a scam if she did but her poor skelly brain I'm sure is FRIED.

No. 1509405

Brace yourselves nonnie, ugly crying Fiona content flood ahead

No. 1509406

File: 1650723224143.jpg (263.3 KB, 1074x1690, Screenshot_20220423-070106_Chr…)

Oh Cece. Her increases IBS narrative makes me wonder if she'd going to start munching.

No. 1509407

File: 1650723368187.jpg (324.21 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20220423-071503_Chr…)

Relapse baiting on tiktok lol

No. 1509435

Sad to think her only goal in life is an admission to ACUTE, hilarious to know that’ll never happen

No. 1509438

She'll have to settle for her beloved ERC summer camp

No. 1509467

She’s been light munching for a long time, she claimed POTS and celiac before iirc. And let’s not forget the time she claimed, as a normal weight outpatient, that she had bone marrow failure. She’s a habitual liar who’s life goal is to be the sickest snowflake of all time, so I would absolutely not be surprised if she eventually drops her “chronic anorexia” arc for full munching.

And since she’s such a basic bitch she’ll probably go for the munchie favs of EDS, POTS, MCAS and gastroparesis, and aim for all the munchie toys too since bish loves her toobs. I kinda wish she was an Aussie so we could have a Cece-Porgie cow crossover. I’d pay to see that, it’d be like an ana chan larper/munchie soap opera complete with terrible acting and ridiculous plot holes.

No. 1509498

b-but they cater for bulimics and binge eaters too and she’s clearly too sick and speshul to share resources with them, right?

No. 1509555

She wants the ACUTE status symbol for sure because they cater to the likes of Laura/ sooper spoops and extreme skellies. ERC takes pretty sick people on the ITU but we all know Cece cameltoe wants to be the sickest. Lowkey looking forward to her annual shenanigan of showing the acute webpage and sperging that ERC won't take her before traipsing into the ITU with a toob and a shit eating grin.

No. 1509558

The exaggerated facial expressions are sending me

No. 1509600


Zara isn't in the US? She's in scotland which is in the UK

No. 1509606

While obviously disordered, she does seem to have put on some weight. Doesn't look as uncanny as she used to

No. 1509610

She lives in Scotland, kek

No. 1509617


kek that she got those joke shop glasses just to make herself look a bit smaller.

No. 1509618


Is this just based on her tagging him in posts? How do we know he encouraged her to keep training through injury? If she hasn't been spoopy for a few years and eats sufficiently if monotonously, is there sufficient criteria to decline a client?

He does seem like a giga douche based on eyefeel but so does everyone in the body building world including Ganer.

No. 1509650

Anyone else think it’s Georgie vendetta chan just talking to themselves here? Idk what’s more embarrassing - your desperate Georgie fixation or your insane proana commentary


No. 1509668

Is it really milk to keep repeating this exact same comment every time she posts a new picture?

No. 1509669

Reminds me when to that Opal php and was basically whinging about being the sickest snowflake there

No. 1509674

Those are her regular glasses I'm pretty sure they're just "trendy." She's genuinely emaciated/skelly but the bitcoin fiasco is hilarious.

Cece g-tube and port saga when?

No. 1509677

she loves to talk about her basic bitch lactose intolerance

No. 1509679

Yeah it’s fucking weird I’ve been thinking self post vibes for ages

No. 1509717

File: 1650748874067.jpg (497.28 KB, 1080x1650, Screenshot_20220423-135315_Ins…)

Stay tuned, Fiona simply cannot fathom the energy to update (just to post several stories.)

No. 1509721

Who remembers her multiple stories at ERC where she talked about "excessive flatulence"

No. 1509740


Yes, I mean let's face it, whatever he said Ganer would still train through any injury and probably throw a tantrum if he even suggested resting. Someone would literally have to break all of the bones in her arms and legs to stop her, and even then she'd probably be trying to do leg raises in plaster.

No. 1509758

>>1509354 ahaha you're delusional. calum is one of the best coaches in the uk, if not the world, ask absolutely any bodybuilder. you're clueless. you lot have no idea about bodybuilding. please carry on talking about it though because it's hilarious to sit and laugh at you.

No. 1509761

Seems like he’s a real rockstar, amazing how far ganer has come with him. Can’t wait to see her get on stage looking like a completely normal non-exercise obsessed, adolescent girl. Get a grip bodybuildingchan you’re the one who sounds hilarious.

No. 1509765

File: 1650752062378.png (661.11 KB, 750x1334, 732D1612-B200-4B91-B5AA-14B788…)

Anyone know what “accounts” Zara is referring to in her recent story’s? Sure the website is this one but I haven’t seen any posts outside of here calling her out? All I see are people worshipping her as their recovery queen

No. 1509768

File: 1650752351749.jpeg (538.52 KB, 828x833, 11D6A927-4028-4AEC-8E8C-A32A19…)

October vs Now

No. 1509769

How dare someone love fitness and exercise. Lets all just be lazy fucks instead and spend our nights chatting shit about people we don't know and assume things about them to make us feel better about our sad lives that are going nowhere.

Also please speak in proper english, you sound like a fucking freak putting chan on the end of words. Grow up. Learn some social skills and maybe society wouldn't reject you so badly that you have to talk anonymously on forums.(quit sperging, retard)

No. 1509772


Gotta love how she only posts body checks on her “recovery” account and never on her personal where she doesn’t have a bunch of vulnerable followers to trigger. She needs to grow up it’s embarrassing at her age.

No. 1509774

all over on tiktok , it’s all small recovery accounts that obsesseee with zara, alice nevin and niamh

No. 1509789

Learn to integrate your raging idiot.

No. 1509798

She strains her neck any harder she’s going to burst a blood vessel then cry about that for the next 4 or so videos.

No. 1509799

imagine thinking that your only two options in life are to be an obsessive bodybuilder or be an obese scooter-rider

No. 1509855

File: 1650758640090.jpg (20.07 KB, 480x360, 1010537905-disc001-file001-fra…)

She looks like Ben Elton.

No. 1509946

Kek she claimed to have burst a blood vessel from crying a while back

No. 1510004

File: 1650769975311.png (1.21 MB, 1004x1004, fi-habsburg.png)

her genes made her retarded

No. 1510129

Yeah, I also noticed Georgie’s Number 1 Fan talking to herself to try promote a dialogue kek.

No. 1510161

She looks much better on the first.

No. 1510168

File: 1650787595809.jpeg (362.77 KB, 1125x1915, 421CF6F3-3BD4-4C1E-BDB6-A62379…)

There are, no words

No. 1510216

File: 1650796601803.png (7 MB, 3000x4000, zara weaponised autism.png)

Saging for maximum autism and "hi cow" but I think I've got a bit of proof that Zara is self-posting. It was a slow day for me and she needs to stop being so fucking full of herself so I'm calling the silly bitch out.

Now bear with me because this looks really messy at first but basically I've taken some Zara-posts/replies and compared them to some of her instagram posts and there are a lot of similarities in the writing style. I think she tries to shake it up and throw in some Capital Letters when replying to herself but I'm sure most of these (if not all) are her, because I just don't believe she has this many white knights who give a fuck about her this much.

Everything in Purple is her weird typing style, including lack of capital letters
Orange is the random capital words she throws in when trying to emphasis something
Green is her repeating letters
And Red was just a really good question that started me on this whole tomfuckery
Also notice that the Zara posts never contain insults that aren't pointing how how frail and skelly she is?

I had so many more screenshots of anon comments and insta posts for comparison but it was already getting too cluttered but literally look at any Zara post or reply on here and pull up her instagram. It's her.

No. 1510222

Sorry that you wasted so much time on this shite anon, but I've posted on here about Zara before and I'm definitely not her. I'm a good 10 years older for one thing. Not saying she definitely doesn't self-post but this proves nothing and is just a bit obsessive and pathetic.

No. 1510224

File: 1650798701944.webm (2.84 MB, 888x1568, SkellyDance.webm)

Not saying shes never posted here, but there are a lot of accounts on tiktok always complaining about her in comments of videos calling out people in fake recovery so i think she has enough people wanting to post about her. One of these posts are mine so thats the only one I can know for sure. With the tiktok video, i think she just saved a draft and posted it on her instagram, this is the screen recording from her insta. I think shes too proud and wouldn't want her name associated with a website like this, but you never know how much people are dying for attention so i´m not ruling it out.

No. 1510228

People keep referencing this but I can't find one tiktok video slating Zara?? Are we sure they exist?

No. 1510229

One I saw recently was by @/123kitty666 on tiktok, has over 150k views and zara is talked about quite a bit in the comments

No. 1510235

Yeah, one of the comments featured was mine. Because I apparently wasn’t insulting Zara enough in that particular comment…? I don’t read these threads just to call people names. I was still snarking on her even if I don’t feel the need to hurl insults.

No. 1510241

I wrote one of those posts, so no. But curious how most of those would make her butthurt and you seem reactive to it. Inb4 hi cow.

No. 1510242

Holy shit anon. I’d buy you a beer. Maybe not all comments but I think you’re onto something because the pattern is there.

No. 1510244

I literally wrote 3 of the circled purple posts and 2 other anons have also said their comments are there. I doubt zara self-posts.

No. 1510250

she’s never given me self-post vibes and it’s clear given the replies that that anon perhaps has too much time on their hands.
i don’t think given her career aspirations she’d be self posting here and she seems to freak out at the slightest mention of her name anywhere out of her control. she absolutely and certainly lurks though.

No. 1510255

>>1510216 Or maybe people just don't care enough to post real milk.

No. 1510266

it’s awfully suspicious how many people are coming to zara’s defence. maybe I was wrong, maybe her white knights do give that much of a fuck about her.
oh well, I’ve wasted an hour on worse

No. 1510289


Firstly, you assume way too much.

And it's quite obvious that you've got too much time at your hands.

No. 1510294


Yeah, no. Her brand is strictly "recovery while skeletal because chronically ill", and while these posts aren't insults, they totally undermine that message. Zara doesn't want to be the skinniest without also being the most chronically ill and pro-recovery (otherwise she wouldn't get to sit her high horse, keep her independence, etc). It doesn't make any sense that these are self-posted.

No. 1510331

Awfully suspicious? Sorry but this is turning into pure cringe how serious you're taking it.
First post on the Zara topic, so don't come at me. Just get a life

No. 1510352

File: 1650818029827.jpeg (904.76 KB, 828x1434, FC10F2ED-C003-4713-96A5-EE0291…)

Fi makes her mum fetch her her bowl, cutlery, cereal and milk so she can record herself pouring milk on her Weetabix for TikTok

No. 1510388

File: 1650821313993.jpeg (988.68 KB, 828x1382, 6C8CD625-C1FE-4DB7-818B-A37C35…)

Mary passed out

No. 1510412

She looks like a fucking goblin

No. 1510424

Does she not have a job? Where's the income coming from? Her mom?

No. 1510491

She’s never had a job, always been babied and always will. She at least gets PIP (a benefit in the UK) as she’s complained about the process on social media before now. I’d be surprised if she wasn’t getting other claims too (not a dig to those who actually need them btw!). Plus her parents both seem pretty well off and are likely classed as her ‘carers’. I mean, they do practically wipe her arse at this point kek. Would love to have a life with no work or responsibilities except choosing what to cry about.

No. 1510605

And all her protein quest bars etc aren’t cheap ! She seems to get them from America too.

No. 1510802

I physically roll my eyes whenever I see Fiona. For as long as I can remember she has acted like a 16 year old recovering from anorexia for the first time ever and needs mommy to prepare everything for her because she is oh so scared to even touch a cereal box. Hasn’t she been recovering on and off for years? Isn’t she an adult? This getting really sad and cringe

No. 1510813

File: 1650853602163.jpeg (1010.72 KB, 828x1396, FAC8ECD1-F674-44C4-8A75-01C63D…)

Aidel please that is not the look for you

No. 1510916

hi kara.(hi cow)

No. 1510917

How is this milk??

No. 1510925

She should unironically kill herself. Not even trying to be an edgelord. Wtf is she gonna do when her parents die? She will still be “really struggling and taking it one day at a time”. If it’s that bad bitch just fucking kill yourself.

No. 1510931

That's fucked saying someone should kill themselves. You need help for posting such a vial thing.(lol)

No. 1510939

You are one rotten pile of trash if you ever think saying someone should end their life. You took that to far. Im sure your brainless self will moo and whine over my comment

No. 1510956

And yet you bumped it straight to the top of snow so everyone can see it, well done.

Never change, newfags.

No. 1510962

Kek that isn't even the cow we are talking about. Learn to read you fucking moron.

No. 1510977

Yep, I stand by it. Fiona is a useless, ugly goblin who sucks the life out of everyone around her and provides no value to the world, despite demanding resources and constant attention. If she’s really struggling that much, she should kill herself. She should be put out of her constant misery. The world will be a better place for it and it is one less parasite that working people have to pay tax for.
Also you should kill yourself too.

No. 1510997

So here are two of the newfags who have been shitting up the thread. You can’t come here and be shocked when people have opinions like >>1510925

No. 1511002

Unless one of them is Fi?
I know she lurks but has she ever posted?

No. 1511017

Totally don't care about the kill yourself stuff, but gtf with that whole "working folk who pay tax to subsidise ill people" bullshit. Fucking full on Tory shit. Gross, Anon.

No. 1511018

She does love to have that ‘hard done by’ victim complex, nonnie. I guess we’ll never truly know and have to just keep considering the possibility “one day at a time”.

No. 1511021

File: 1650877912158.gif (1.53 MB, 498x333, 1CAB3192-78B0-48C7-89F8-AC9515…)

No. 1511022

Worry not anon for I have a job and pay my taxes like a good little minion should. Tories, including you, are still fucking stupid cunts though

No. 1511031

You’re broadly right, but remember Fi’s parents are very wealthy (probably Tory voters themselves) and yet they’ve utilised free public health care for their daughters mental health condition for a decade. That’s fine. But when services tried to disengage due to Fi’s non compliance they went to the press to shit talk the NHS to force their hand into continuing to work with her when anyone else would have been discharged as hard to engage/non compliant by now. She literally takes resources away from people who would actually like to recover.

No. 1511036

I entirely see your point, but in terms of benefits Fiona receives it is very likely she only gets PIP and she would be entitled to that even if she was a legit billionaire. As to the use of the NHS, that is her right as a uk citizen. It is incorrect to say anyone else would definitely have been discharged and essentially left to die by now for non-compliance. We only have to look at the twins, journeytoemma, nikki grahame pre-death and the large number of Instagram accounts we don't talk about on here. There are many much older individuals quietly in that "community" who have been in services for years and years. Fiona isn't some exceptionally special case. She's just exceptionally loud about it.

No. 1511044

Is heartoftee still on instagram? Can't find her anymore.

No. 1511045

Changed her name to whatinthetee.

No. 1511049

Aw she's gone private. I thought she might have deleted because the last thing I remember seeing, someone's lawyers were threatening her or something. Hope she's doing well.

No. 1511089

At first I thought hmm, not convinced but good effort…
Then not one not two but five comments within 2 hours saying "you must be wrong, one of those posts is mine". Nothing to see here folks!

Latefag but wow, imagine wanting to suck this >>1509354 microdick if it even works anymore after all those roids. Heterosexuality is truly a curse.

No. 1511110

File: 1650889378066.png (702.45 KB, 1478x908, ghjkjhgfdsdfghj.png)

Sorry for my boomer-esque screenshot but I was looking through this girls tiktok and thought it was funny she has such a hate boner for Zara when she does the exact same thing.

No. 1511112

File: 1650889431572.png (1.28 MB, 1058x932, ghjkfsjlajhjg.png)

No. 1511114

File: 1650889548526.png (1.72 MB, 1525x939, ghhgsfhfhsdhvnk.png)

Why are all these anachans brainfried hypocrites?

No. 1511121

Block me all you want predator(s) from posting. This site has now been ported to the FBI & IV3.gov(dun goof'd)

No. 1511126

This is actually adorable. Do you think you're the first to try this? Why do you think it never works?

No. 1511137

Lmfao girl

No. 1511181

Or one of her friends ( either from real life or she’s met in units given most people with EDs know about this site and read it even if they deny it)

No. 1511182

Or smorven.
The person I don’t get is Paris - she doesn’t seem to get anything help wise - probably doesn’t want it .

No. 1511189

Exactly. Paris had plenty of help from services in her younger years. Now she just hides from healthcare professionals because, as you say, she doesn't want help or any input.

No. 1511192

She was in Rhodes Farm with Nikki.
Fundamentally Paris doesn’t want to gain weight and just likes to wallow in self pity weighing strawberries and lettuce.

No. 1511260

You answered your own question. It's the fried brain.
Dare I say, hypocrisy might just be a symptom of anorexia

No. 1511340

I’m not a Tory kek. I love how you think it’s perfectly acceptable to tell people to kill themselves but you draw the line at people not liking useless, parasitic leeches. Of course I’m not gonna say the same about a genuinely disabled person. At the end of the day, at least the tpries can tell you what a fucking woman is, unlike anyone in the Labour Party.

No. 1511360

Stop this retarded shit. Though I do find it kind of funny one of my posts in this thread was accused of being Zara’s whereas one of my posts in the last thread was accused of being Georgia’s.

No. 1511399

File: 1650910073005.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x2019, CC65B278-F941-4D7E-8ACC-8CDCA4…)

what even is this supposed to mean?

No. 1511417

File: 1650911685990.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2085, 4C0954D0-2AAC-418B-A95F-D5D845…)

when she says “edit” wtf does she mean? because nothing in her tt or yt seems edited, at least nothing that needs more than 5 mins and the bare basic skills

No. 1511439

i think it means she’s wearing clothes out of her comfort zone (jas has actually impie over dramatically of late so i’m guessing it’s meant to be a recovery win type post) but it comes across like she’s saying she’s lost weight- which she hasn’t. just clumsy wording

No. 1511441

It's all part of her playing the sickly-wickly girwy suffering from a baaaad ED.

No. 1511459

Agree, although it reads as though she’s lost weight back to her kids unit weight, she really does seem to have improved lately so I’m guessing it means she was discharged at a higher weight from her kids unit so she now fits back into it?

No. 1511488

File: 1650920286005.jpeg (567.18 KB, 1170x2406, 4EBB5A9F-052E-48EB-88E5-C79331…)

kek, so petty but watching the cows accounts get deleted over and over is hilarious. this is the photoshopping scottish one friends with niamh

No. 1511544

File: 1650923618938.png (1.88 MB, 640x1136, 91F60A45-2235-44C7-83D6-DC9F3A…)


> The world will be a better place for it and it is one less parasite that working people have to pay tax for.

Sieg Heil! (I don’t care for Fi either but this is what you sound like, btw.)

No. 1511586

Yeah, she’s a twat but that doesn’t mean she isn’t entitled to PIP or whatever it is, she’s not exactly independent. Although wasn’t she in hospital for ages? I thought they stopped it after a few weeks

No. 1511713

Nikki Grahame was in Rhodes farm in like 1996-1997, not sure Paris was even born then

No. 1511851

That should make you reflect. Stop bringing up irrelevant crap

No. 1511874

These anas are dumb cows with no prospects or lives, they're great to watch and groan
over their antics, but that doesn't mean mentally ill people shouldnt be treated as people dude

No. 1511892

She’s at least 24/25 . When she used to do YT she mentioned about it when Nikki was in BB

No. 1511921

God forbid people participate in the thread

No. 1512024

I checked on Ham after a while and she has gotten quite boring and repetitive. I understand why she isn't posted here anymore. But I wanted to talk about the quotes she puts to every post. They sound so empty. They're just platitudes. Repetitive. Same shit put up with different words. It doesn't help at all, it's so empty. Her captions are the same really, so much text so little content. Her life also seems to revolve around food, ironically.

No. 1512038

Yeah, her latest "things recovery has given me" post was literally a list of food-related things, nothing about a career or life beyond making social media posts about her super severe eating disorder and making her mom take videos of her saying "oh wow" after eating a bite of cake

No. 1512059

It’s not surprising it’s all surface-level shit because she’s 1. Copying others and 2. Doesn’t actually have any personal experience of suffering from anorexia. I prefer it to the fake crying though. Fastest “recovery” ever

No. 1512062

File: 1650966516843.png (776.59 KB, 720x1276, Screenshot_20220426-194547~2.p…)

Poor Georgie wasting away and debating whether to run feeds

No. 1512084

The only thing this one needs is an appointment with Dr Now

No. 1512091

Has Fi ever been sectioned? She is a grown adult , not under a section or CTO, so if she really didn’t want to use the wheelchair there is nothing and no one making her use it. She could just get up and go for a walk.

No. 1512140


Worse than that anon, she's 28 this year. Nearly 28 years old and still having regular tantrums over her 97g of strawberries and spending all her (benefit) money on winnie the pooh and other disney crap. What a complete and utter waste of life. Soz for sperg, Paris just infuriates me no end

No. 1512149

I have to agree- she’s worse than Fi.

No. 1512175

Who is telling her that she "needs" these feeds? Surely a doctor somewhere is enabling this for her to be able to have that tube?

No. 1512189

if im not mistaken the whole 2(?) years shes been in scotland shes been sectioned

No. 1512203

It seems her ed always activates when winter is around the corner.. Just something I've noticed

No. 1512262

Numerous times. Used to flaunt photos of her section papers all over Tumblr.

No. 1512431

How old is fi

No. 1512437

5? Sorry, I meant 25!

No. 1512515


No. 1512516

Asked as I only came across her when she stared YT.
Did her parents get her off?

No. 1512532

Yeah, she should run alright

No. 1512646

‘From real life’? Last time I checked, treatment is still real life. How would you feel if you spent months in treatment and someone invalidated your friendship?

No. 1512649

"Most people" aren't farmers that's a stretch

No. 1512674

aw, did someone hurt your feelings

No. 1512745

No, I just don’t like seeing my friendships targeted on a random online thread.

No. 1512747

so… yes, kek. This is not the place to look for validation.

No. 1512788

A dietitian at a private very dodgu psych hospital. The actual public drs said she didnt need it.

No. 1512820

Friendships made in ED units are never real ones , they are based around the ED and either acknowledged or denied competition. The ED is about the only thing people have in common.
It was looking through Fi’s friends on FB and so many of them are revolving door patients.

No. 1512822

At least lots of accounts have positive ( even if cringey) names about positive or fighting - Paris just has strugglingbstrawberry

No. 1512855

I don’t mind that personally. How many of the cows discussed here are really “fighting ““living” “flourishing” etc? Might as well say it how it is

No. 1512863

just our queen, n2f

No. 1512921

Disgusting rlly, just keep shovelling in the feeds PorgiePig, you’ll defo be the frail ana waif you dream of being if you continue down this route!!

No. 1512927

We should all support porgie's recovery from her very very severe anorexia. She needs to gain weight.

No. 1512984

I know Molly Jones isn’t particularly milky anymore but has she finally deleted her Instagram? She purged her YouTube but the Instagram was up for a while still and people were leaving many worried comments which she ignored. Weird how all it took was 4 pages on a tattle thread to compel her to erase her online presence after we documented her whole ana larp.

No. 1512993

File: 1651053402469.jpg (710.4 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220427_115152.jpg)

Hams rapidly approaching obesity

No. 1512996

Yet it wasn't long ago this poor lamb was apparently so startled she was too weak to wash her own hair and was constantly fainting..her ED stole so much from her. Not only a miracle fake recovery from fake anorexia but a true warrior kek

No. 1513000

She literally had a perfectly fine/healthy/attractive (to many people probs) body before all of this binge eating (sorry, weight restoration & intuitive eating!!) other than the fact she was obviously pushing out her belly in the second pic to imitate the bloat an actual ana would get when recovering. None of this was needed it’s kinda sad. Now she’s on the road to BED and being a hambeast

No. 1513004

I'm convinced this new underwear era is a cope after quitting college, she failed so dismally at real life that she's determined to be an influencer by any means because she has no career or prospects to make money now (I might be wrong about her quitting I don't follow her private account)

Are we sure Porgie hasn't nicknamed her overworked heart Eddy?
>My Eddy doesn't want me to run feeds

No. 1513028



No. 1513086


KEKK brb rereading all of Georgie's posts with the headcanon that her ED voice is just her organs crying out for her to stop eating

No. 1513088

I’m waiting for the inevitable TPN saga, her liver is gonna go berserk

No. 1513114

Don’t think she quit but obviously still doesn’t have any friends or a life to stick with pushing this unbelievable I hAd aNorExiA narrative. Like girl c’mon you had no weight to “restore” you can admit diet culture sucks without LARPing a serious mental illness

No. 1513186

Why is it always fat larpers that gun for tpn

No. 1513187

Does anyone here follow Ham's private account?

No. 1513212

She is far from obese, but yeah that is some pretty clear and rapid weight gain. She needs stop shovelling in the cake at this point and get an actual life

No. 1513216

She's not morbidly obese, but the bmi threshold for obesity is honestly probably not that far off. People who are obese look smaller than we expect because we've all become so used to morbidly obese people who weigh like 400lbs.

Honestly, what's happening to Ham is one of the unrecognized big risks of all the recovery bullshit that you can find on social media. Some of it has really crossed the line to normalizing unhealthy overeating and unhealthily high weights. There's more nuance to "it's not necessarily unhealthy to weigh a little bit more" than these bloggers/viewers realize.

No. 1513225

It almost seems like it's illegal to eat anything healthy while in recovery.

No. 1513227

yeah, a lot of these people have really misinterpreted it being okay to sometimes eat junk food instead of healthier food as "if you don't eat something unhealthy as soon as you think of it, YOU ARE RESTRICTING AND GONNA DIE".

No. 1513251

File: 1651078115285.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20220427_174357_com…)

Why would she post this when all she does is whinge about how miserable she is and wants to recover and hates herself? Obviously quite proud of her spoopiness despite everything she says to the contrary

No. 1513265

File: 1651079671354.jpg (148.29 KB, 1080x1748, 20220427_121135.jpg)

She really fucked up her face with this shoop

No. 1513306

What a shit tattoo

No. 1513324

She has borderline personality disorder so basically she needs attention and validation

No. 1513383

File: 1651087382483.jpeg (Spoiler Image,318.02 KB, 828x1524, 788BBD99-AFD5-45B3-AEAF-AB963F…)

I don’t know if this girl belongs here, but she popped up on my for your page. Very underweight and argues with people in the comments that don’t kiss her skeleton ass, says she doesn’t want help but cries how sick she is all the time. All around cow behavior.

No. 1513421

I'd be more worried about the jaundice. Is she a drinker as well as a spoop?

No. 1513434

it's insane how her family just enables her. they just film her haunted dancing videos and reels of her eating half a muffin and looking sad, and it seems like they don't try to intervene at all. just let her go on living like a child, collecting plushies and crying over a misfits bar.

No. 1513451


She always posts this shit. She will never recover because she doesn't want to. She will end up in her 40s like the twins but worse because she will never have achieved anything, least of all a medicine degree, and will likely still be living at home with her mother (if she's still alive). At least she doesn't waste the time of services I suppose.

No. 1513472

kek this isnt a cow they arent anorexic they have a metabolic disorder that is killing them

No. 1513480


No. 1513499

File: 1651094334848.jpg (Spoiler Image,526.49 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20220427_221535.jpg)

The baked beans in the broken ramekin though

No. 1513503

Bullshit. She claims to have had a rare stomach syndrome and says she has now recovered from it, but she is clearly talking out of her arse. Don't be so gullible, anon. Agree she probably isn't a cow though

No. 1513505

Did she specifically state what the "syndrome" is/was, or was she ambiguous about it?

No. 1513507

Brilliant, is that some cut up sausages in her baked potato?

No. 1513513

cut up sausages and chicken, drenched in one of her probably expired condiments

No. 1513520

Oh, I 100% did not believe the gullible anon who thinks she isn't anorexic. I was just curious what they thought "proved" that, lmao, since she doesn't seem to have posted anything about it.

No. 1513522

Does her mum work or is she at home with Paris all day? What happened to her sister/brother?

No. 1513529

Her brain is mush she gets confused often between BPD and BDD - she has them both but blames them for the wrong thing.
She must have some medical input as she says she’s on anti depressants.

No. 1513551

SMA. Superior something or other syndrome. She has a pinned post about it on her tiktok

No. 1513668

That's not a metabolic syndrome. It's a compressed artery that causes pain when you eat and is often caused by sudden severe weight loss. The treatment is weight gain. It's not super common but happens to some spoops.

No. 1513708

Salad is basically a death sentence for frail ham, nona!

No. 1513714

What’s she up to in there? Showing off her fan mail and begging people to buy things from her Amazon wishlist? Aka the usual ugh

No. 1513718

I will never not love our girl n2f she is iconic

No. 1513740

I think pretty quiet. Still skelly, still in hospital. Uneventful tbh.

So much rattling about Ham. She's probably overweight but not porgie level by any means. I'd imagine mildly.

No. 1513753

That potato looks like a bad case of trenchfoot

No. 1513804

File: 1651117939840.png (7.54 MB, 1170x2532, 8BA51742-EF5A-44EC-9670-ACEDCC…)

lels in treatment yet still posting abt how ~*~tiny~*~ she is

No. 1513807


No. 1513813

She’s in treatment??

No. 1513824

File: 1651119806593.png (3.33 MB, 1284x2778, 6E9CC345-DFFB-4FF6-8332-7E86A5…)

No Nikol, being skinny isn’t the whole worlds focus. Love how she speaks for everyone just because she was born into a demented family

No. 1513832

Definitely quiet. She's probably posting about it on her private instagram.

No. 1513886

Ayrt- I'm not the anon who said it was a metabolic disorder, I said it was a rare stomach syndrome as that is what Google told me when I searched for it. I dont believe her anyway.

No. 1513892

It isn't bone rattling if the subject matter is actually fat (which Ham is at this point)

No. 1513967

Didn't she admit that her bmi is in the overweight range?

No. 1513986

Oh it is a potato! I thought it was a pickle

No. 1514028

Ham did post once that her bmi is in the ocweweight range cant be arsed to find it but I'm pretty sure.

No. 1514029

Overweight bmi is called overweight for a reason. It's not healthy, Ham is not healthy. I predict more weight gain and diebetes for her future if she doesn't stop having junk for every meal of the day.

No. 1514045

Her sister /brother is trans
Her mum does nails- she has an IG account ( which she also uses to comment on what Paris posts , which is even more weird and creepy)

No. 1514047

Is Fi friends with Smorven? She’s another drain on resources

No. 1514067

File: 1651153551184.jpeg (164.23 KB, 640x306, 13A98A71-F963-45A6-BABE-C9F042…)

No. 1514092

I wouldn't say friends but I'm sure they're aware of each other

No. 1514126

I’m with you nonnie on the Zara self-posting tinfoil, and obviously anons were gonna pop up in response to your image saying “that was my comment so I know it’s not her” bc that’s exactly what she would say if someone called her out. I think she feels safe doing it bc she knows everyone thinks it’s so out of left field for her

No. 1514131

you seem awfully angry about it

No. 1514133

Can you guys stop shitting up the thread with all the Zara sperging. Move on already

No. 1514151


No. 1514154

Hi Zara.(hi cow)

No. 1514157

especially since she seems to carry most of her weight in her stomach/abdomen, which is higher risk for health problems. She is genuinely making herself less healthy by continuing to gain weight.

No. 1514180

Oh shut up. I was one of the anons, check the IP addresses they’ll all be different. The vendetta posting is out of control lately. Zara is annoying, rude and arrogant, and almost certainly making a public scene out of starving herself to death, but a self poster does not fit in with her hysterics and bleating about boolies.

No. 1514197

File: 1651163559858.png (1.74 MB, 1170x2532, 6767FA6C-0A85-494B-9FB7-E7552A…)

ok but i’m really curious as to why she’s talking about how sexy skinny girls are with her cousin? this honestly reads like he’s a male and asking her for the exact kind of photos you’re thinking of

No. 1514229

Oh let it fucking go and stop shitting up the thread with your obsession. Zara is an annoying, lying, sanctimonious little shit but she doesn't self-post. All that little tinfoil from the other obsessed anon proves is that they have too much time on their hands and spend a lot of it thinking about Zara.

No. 1514240

This is pretty tinfoily, but is that actually her cousin? If I remember correctly, she is Eastern European and Phoenix isn’t exactly a European name.

No. 1514275

Seriously. These posters who are wasting space going on and on about Zara and how you and I are most definitely her are as demented as any of the cows.

No. 1514276

Not that tinfoily considering she wrote “cousin” in quotation marks inferring it is in fact not her cousin

No. 1514306

i thought the quotation marks were here making a joke about it being her second cousin or something but i have no idea why she’d joke about someone being her cousin and asking for wishbone noods

No. 1514370

VPNs exist.

No. 1514417

"you can't come here and be shocked when people have opinions like…"
proceeds to be shocked when people have an opinion about the opinion

No. 1514424

why do people on here always talk like anime villains

No. 1514450

Weeb brainrot

No. 1514548

As the anon who asked about Zara's tiktok watermark I feel responsible for setting fregoli-chan off on the hunt for Pepe Silvia and I am so sorry. I was satisfied with the explanation that she probably recorded it on tiktok and downloaded it from drafts. Zara's been getting heat on tiktok and knew people would report that clip for self harm, but on instagram you can rattle as loud as you want. Zara just wanted to show off how skelly she is without getting banned from tiktok. She's a proana scumbag but probably not a selfposter. Thank you for your service spergchan, but it's time to take this tinfoil out behind the barn and put it out of its misery

No. 1514586

File: 1651193878186.jpeg (775.51 KB, 828x1566, EEB11A7F-2B0B-4977-955A-B1F06A…)

Looks like someone’s been lurking

No. 1514694


Legit neurological dysfunction. She parrots language/concepts without having any identity of her own. She is a cow but a cow whose case study i would love to read. Who maintains a bmi under 13 their entire life since childhood or w/e? I don't even really doubt it. She is just.. beyond. Would love a good speculative medfag from someone.

No. 1514698

Alice Nevin got called out by multiple accounts for basically being in fake recovery/being pro and then posted a video for “responsibility” while deleting all comments that didn’t agree with her … the other comments claimed that her emaciated figure “helped them with their body dysmorphia”… very milky

No. 1514758

Not all but a lot of farmers fancy themselves vigilantes/above the cows when they're dumbfags too

No. 1514760

File: 1651204192669.png (1.11 MB, 776x1348, survivingnowffs.png)

Not terribly exciting, but this cvnt annoys me to shit, anorexic vegan food tour guide in Belfast who posts many before/after selfies which are just emaciated+sad vs. emaciated+smiling+makeup. People give her money IRL to show them skinny people food.

No. 1514814

it's probably a still from a video where she's talking

No. 1514816

nutrient dense foods that arent processed flour and sugar would be a good start for college… Id eat oatmeal, eggs, and bananas with cinnamon then tuna salad and greens for lunch with pkenty of water…Helped me focus all day and I needed it more than coffee

No. 1514834

Sorry for blog posting…
Id just hope Han reads this and understands recovery includes nourishing your body with nutritious foods and full, scheduled meals throughout the day. A Routine which has been reccomemnded and proved beneficial for all patients.

I hope she finds friends and hobbies that have nothing to do with posting about her ED on instagram. But maybe Im too optimistic for the people on here…

No. 1514840

What happened to Aisling Bannon (Ais)? Numerous IG accounts. Irish. Always maintained she wasn’t anorexic and larped the autism thing. Last I heard she was in Vincent square yet again?

No. 1514859

Oh my god she is so annoying. Always posting before and after pictures where she looks exactly the same. I don’t think she eats any of the food she posts, otherwise I guess she must have bulimia.

No. 1514867

File: 1651212759833.jpg (728.42 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220429-160743_Ins…)

Preshus princess

No. 1514877

There's a post here 5 months ago: >>1367763
Her facebook profile picture was updated just before Christmas so she's probably still kicking I assume.

No. 1514904

Having SMAS isnt cow behaviour.

No. 1514914

>Oh shut up. I was one of the anons, check the IP addresses they’ll all be different
Ah but that's just what a selfposter with a VPN would say… kek
Here's a free lesson on imageboard culture. When you don't like the discussion, you hide the thread and move on. You don't call people cringy retards for "obsessing" (posting) about a cow on a thread about cows.
It makes you look like a sperg at best and a selfposter at worst. This is not your tiktok feed tailored to your every desire. Threads like this are self-regulating. When a cow is milky there is more discussion, when she's boring nobody cares and nobody talks about her. But when you try to control the conversation, it always makes people more interested in topic you hate seeing.
TLDR close this site and have a snack

No. 1514917

Wonder if she’s getting coffee with her friends after college like other people her age or if it’s with her mum again- she lurked and had to prove she was at college but lacks the means to prove she has college friends

No. 1514924

As she doesn't have and has never had anorexia, never been undernourished and never needed to follow any sort of meal plan and hasn't been a 'patient' of any kind all she needs to do is get a life, stop pretending to have suffered from a mental illness in order to pretend to recover. Posing in underwear, stuffing her face and preaching recovery/anti diet culture is beyond pathetic. She doesn't need nourishment. She would benefit from some exercise and eating a healthy diet

No. 1514926

Take your own advice, retard

No. 1514931

Hint: denying that SMAS is caused by rapid weight loss, that she lost weight due to an eating disorder, and that gaining weight would fix the problem is cow behavior

No. 1514935

why did her cousin say he wants pictures especially if they’re of her? why would he tell his severely anorexic cousin that skinny girls are hot? bizarre

No. 1514938

It is bone rattling anachan because being slightly overweight isn’t actually bad for your health at all, in fact those who have a slightly higher bmi actuallt have longer life expectancies in older age as it’s protective. I think she’s daft for larping AN and milking it for sympathy even now but at least she says she’s recovered and has actually done it?

No. 1514939

>>1514240 Phoenix is her boyfriend not her cousin? She’s said so on her story before so Idk why she wrote cousin

No. 1514943

Hi Zara(hi cow)

No. 1514944

I'd like to assume you replied to my post by mistake since saying Zara just didn't want to get banned on tiktok like EC and every other tt spoop was more of a contribution than your braindead lecture about imageboard culture. I'd like to. I actually enjoyed the tinfoil even though I don't think it holds water. So here's another free lesson, and its not just for you: if you have nothing to contribute, don't fucking post. Milkless opinions like posting just to say "ditto" are not the valuable insight you think they are.
Regulate yourself, retard

No. 1514948

Kek that's hilarious. Good for her for sticking with schooling, but it's wild to think she's posting her pale ass in knickers on a public account and then going to college with a straight face. It's one thing to be confident in your body around peers, but I can't imagine the idea of lecturers finding my #bodyposi #lovemystomachrolls content, I'd die of embarrassment

No. 1514954

Stop mini modding, retard. It's against the rules

No. 1514961

File: 1651226066883.jpg (2.76 MB, 2915x2602, Neckbrace.jpg)

Imageboard, newfriend. Please post pictures, not just written descriptions. At first glance Alice seems like a regular zoomer who isn't solely focused on her ed. When she posts outfits they seem like regular zoomer fashion, not just awkwardly strained body checks trying to look skellier… but what is this neck strain on ig? These are all from this year. Why

No. 1514963

She could be pushing her shoulders down to make her jawline sharper, would explain the straining. Lots of girls my age do this (early 20s/zoom zoom)

No. 1514968

It is bad for your health if you under 75 which ham is and she's closer to the mid to upper overweight BMI range, she has gained a significant amount of weight in a rather short amount of time.
Also can you recover from an illness you never actually had?

No. 1514972

I'm terrible at spotting shoop but there's a lot of uncanny valley in these pics. Her neck is half the size in bottom right as it is in top left. And in top left her chin looks smooshed up and it looks like she has two jawlines somehow? It's surely not just angles is it?

No. 1514976

Holy shit I have no idea who that girl is but she is beautiful. She is absolutely straining to make herself seem thinner in these pics though. However, this does not a cow make anons. More pics/evidence of cow behaviour please.

No. 1514984

It’s just angles

No. 1515093

File: 1651233736500.jpg (412.17 KB, 1440x2483, Screenshot_20220429.jpg)

She quickly found out about being posted on here, cowtipped before even becoming a full blown cow. Looks like she's going for it though

No. 1515097

Which retard posts on social media, especially on tiktok that they are suicidal? What ACTUAL suicidal person would do that? Fucking attention seeking monkey

No. 1515106

anime villians, cartoon villians, call it what you want. people on here talk like try-hard dweebs

No. 1515122


This is an every thing other week occurrence for her.

No. 1515124

Paris would !

No. 1515130


No. 1515175

shes absolutely gorg. been following her for quite some time. Even if she still struggles with anorexia, it doesnt seem to be t
her center of her life

No. 1515196

Rly? I feel like being as an emaciated place as she is that there’s no way an ED isn’t the center of her life

No. 1515201

File: 1651246925966.png (6.85 MB, 1170x2532, 8B8B38FD-A1D3-4A03-92A3-C4B9B4…)

It seems she has to show off how sick she was in every post she can we get it you looked VERY skelly she’s also been in a program for like 6 months now and went into another one. At this rate she’s gonna stay a revolving door patient with her looking at her sick photos and shit(emoji)

No. 1515202

File: 1651247111869.png (6.64 MB, 1170x2532, 7234BA53-4456-4A3C-8921-461601…)

Another spoopy anachan that’s “in recovery”. Body checks for daysssss queeennn

No. 1515206

File: 1651247604388.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, E7131DED-F8AF-4D2C-9464-659B73…)

Abby (shitty shooping head banger who’s besties with Niamh) finds any excuse to post botched photoshop body checks:
“Why do you always check your friends have eaten” “cus nobody did for me boohoo”
using EDrecovery hashtags as if it’s not blatantly pro ana

No. 1515209

File: 1651247751225.png (9.32 MB, 1170x2532, B0440F29-9EAE-4198-A4B0-A2009F…)

She says she’s “thriving” but idk doesn’t rly look like it. And then she gaslights her audience that she hasn’t been able to gain bc of refeeding even though it’s been a YEAR LMAO

No. 1515210

Oh god anyone that’s besties with Niamh needs a psych checkup

No. 1515212

wait, so her boyfriend is asking for twig nudies from her mutuals? that’s even worse. i really didn’t realize just how low the self worth of these Slav anachans are

No. 1515519

Is she still larping the autism thing?

No. 1515535

It's Bethlem not VS
Still IP. Claiming she's desperate to get out but not under section. When she was kicked out last year she was there voluntarily for months and in total a year.
Major binge purging stuff with shop lifting and hoarding. Her room in hospital will be FULL of stuff and she always has bags and bags with her.
Acts super innocent like she can't understand why people don't like her but deliberately is triggering to patients genuinely just trying to recover/ get on with treatment.

No. 1515545

File: 1651270363529.png (177.15 KB, 299x289, dear god.png)

Jesus fucking Christ Ganer's form is bad. I can't believe she's posting about hitting PBs as if she's some amazing athlete when she's rounding her back like this because the weights are too heavy for her and they're pulling her shoulders forward. Have fun with that kyphosis you dumb bitch.

I'm actually embarrassed for her, hanging out with serious lifters when she's just pathetic at everything. I've never seen someone try so hard at something yet be so unequivocally shit at it. She has little defined muscle and she can't even lift with proper technique, yet spends her entire life believing she's dedicated to training. What a sad little person she is.

No. 1515546


For reference, that monstrosity is supposed to be a deadlift in her mind.

No. 1515551

File: 1651270740845.png (27.33 KB, 440x111, ffs.png)

she posted this comment, clearly trying to flex. Luckily everyone else is not having it, she is getting roasted pretty hard.

No. 1515560

Sounds like she hasn’t changed at all.

No. 1515585

File: 1651272636016.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x2172, C00517AE-3C86-46D4-8222-BF8F37…)

lmao she looks bigger now anyway, though granted the amount of photoshop makes every photo of her look stiflingly warped. comments are a kek.

No. 1515589

File: 1651272717211.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2143, CEFB0F11-1326-4977-A3BF-EA3ECE…)

deary me…

No. 1515591

File: 1651272825483.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1170x2142, 32E21F83-8BF6-4542-BBAC-AB0341…)

it’s like she thinks we all believe she is built without a skeleton..?? the proportions are awfully edited

No. 1515599

File: 1651273079659.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1029x2133, E70FA3F6-D4F1-4C4C-8497-C16550…)

she’s certainly not spoopy looking in the face. i reckon she’s underweight enough for a standard inpatient admission, but certainly nowhere near deaths door like she was implying. bmi 13 /14 at the absolute least.

No. 1515600

I don't keep up with her, do you know what happened to her forehead?

No. 1515603

are you serious. head bashing is the latest in attention seeking self injury

No. 1515607

I did think that would be what it is, but I wanted to ask sorry

No. 1515641

This girl is a total acute & erc cow. Agreed. She has to show how sick she was. She made a Amazon wishlist to get gifts in treatment. She shared multiple times how she was hiding food & not gaining weight so they tubes her. She’s like Bekah trying to squeeze into small cabients like a child. She was out of treatment & in php for all of 2 wks? Then sent back to res bc she kept using behaviors & shared on tt. I’m starting to he convinced all acute patients are the worst.

No. 1515722

File: 1651283023312.jpg (266.51 KB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20220430-112722_Ins…)

Cece you're 30, you don't have birthday months… In fact nobody has birthday months. They're called birthDAYs for a reason.

No. 1515724

File: 1651283181497.jpg (389.58 KB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20220429-205821_Ins…)

Coffee cats recovery has gone full DID

No. 1515725

File: 1651283275533.jpg (597.62 KB, 1076x1478, Screenshot_20220429-205842_Ins…)

No. 1515745

Wow this is the skinniest she's ever made her jawline look, well done posing Porgie.

No. 1515769


I assume she just takes a few bites of things, she seems too proud of her food to b/p. Plus most of that vegan cake stuff would taste like sand in binge quantities.

No. 1515814

File: 1651287588464.jpeg (771.1 KB, 828x1493, 690ED3A8-DCFA-49D8-AEB2-BF1F75…)

New calf to watch. Looks like she’s 12, actual age is 19.
Claims to be four foot seven. Posts videos of herself swaying to music, actually just body checks.
Reading through her tellonyms, some of the things she types just sound so unnatural. She’s trying too hard to sound proper and perfect. I believe she has another account, but I can’t find it. Could be worth a watch.

No. 1515921

Oink oink

No. 1516013

In one post she bragged about being able to lift, or hip thrust idrk, 120kg easily. Oh ganer..

No. 1516029

Tbh, she's not the skelly any longer, that she once was. But her OCD mind just switched into another direction. Her bland meals spell O-R-T-H-O-R-E-X-I-A.

No. 1516035

Why do anorexics fall into this style constantly? Molly used to dress like this as well, sorta. Theres a weird connection between anorexia and also styling yourself vaguely like ye olden days preteen

No. 1516038

waif aesthetics or something

No. 1516079

Cece jumpscare. Unfortunate. Why does she think these over the top facial expressions are cute

No. 1516080

ACUTE patients are the worst skellies in the US so it checks out they're unhinged. I saw on tt she was back in res after six months at erc too. Lasted all of two weeks. Dumbfag but why do anons care if the cows have Amazon wishlists I see that brought up a lot

No. 1516082

Good lord her teeth

No. 1516144

File: 1651329520428.png (5.42 MB, 1170x2532, F3CDB345-FDD7-42E7-A5D7-5CA6AB…)

cece showing her “recovery” glo up. oh and SO subtly flexing her SOOOOO severe sh scars and how sick she was

No. 1516205

I understand and know that there are pictures where you can't crop out self-harm scars and people shouldn't have to hide their scars, but that isn't one of those pictures and she at least could have cropped it somehow to cover the not faded scars as those might trigger others and her following consists out of mentally ill people. Wasn't she the one throwing a fit about being triggered by other patients?

No. 1516207

Such a subtle flex of her low blood pressure. And this is supposed to be better than when she was a spoop? Cece has been promoted to the absolute scummiest cow.

No. 1516234

Things Cecelia has been triggered by: other patients watching birdbox, her parents exercising, sex toy adverts. It’s one rule for her and another for everyone else

No. 1516240

No. 1516248

Oh calm down nonnie, they’re healed scars, not likely to trigger anyone

No. 1516275

thanks for the summary, kek.

as someone who has self-harmed and knows many who also did, I know that not faded scars can trigger some people and I only pointed it out because she has always been the one whining that other people's behaviour triggers her and that even from things that aren't common triggers among mentally ill people.

No. 1516316

File: 1651343216750.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, 40A10E98-FDD8-45B4-95A2-17D384…)

Cecelia what is this

No. 1516329

File: 1651344283158.png (5.54 MB, 1242x2688, B1782B13-CCC7-4D50-9EE4-F53041…)

This girl looks worse and worse each day how is she not dead? Honestly how has no one stepped in it acc baffles me how her uni is not doing something

No. 1516333

don't know anything about the system in the UK, but in Germany no one cares about the health of the students. If you appear at class, okay, if you don't, also okay, maybe your friends will tell you that you need help, but the people working and teaching at an university don't care most of the time.

No. 1516334

File: 1651344512326.jpg (686.85 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220430-194712_Ins…)

Wild to think this was her a year ago. And she was still skelly then! She probably isn't gonna last

No. 1516345

Literally unhinged. She set up the camera for that story of her drinking coffee. What life? Going to Starbucks and making low engagement tik toks of your butt ugly face?

No. 1516369

Zara literally looks kinda disgusting. And deleting comments about how sickly she looks is a proana move tbh

No. 1516379

Ashley Isaacs is still alive, damn.

No. 1516381

congrats, you just added a whole year

No. 1516383

Ooooo, spooky

No. 1516391

Genuinely don’t understand why her parents haven’t frogmarched her into a and e. She clearly knows how to use make up to appear a lot less sickly but even so, surely people must have reported her to mental health services for a wellness check?

No. 1516396

I don't get why she wants to look like this. She looks uncanny and like an extra in a crypt keeper's film. The university might not care or take what she says for face value.
Who knows. The body is oddly resilient.

No. 1516398

what I've learnt from dealing with mental health issues myself is that most people don't care. You can trick your parents, if they even care, some of them are just happy you are gone, "friends" at that age want to have a good time and if you seem okay 30% of the time, no one will mention anything. It's just easier to assume that everything is alright instead of trying to help and people with an eating disorder know how to get people to shut up and not worry anymore.

No. 1516400

File: 1651349176144.jpeg (318.53 KB, 828x1458, DEADF6A4-D829-43BC-A563-F48C11…)

For a lighthearted intermission in the Zara-is-about-to-keel-over show, have Scarlett tagging someone to let them know she thinks they’ll do badly in a bodybuilding comp.

No. 1516451

She used to be beautiful

No. 1516457

File: 1651354894882.jpeg (Spoiler Image,505.48 KB, 1170x1593, D23BB050-41B9-4FF0-9DC6-31A1BD…)


No. 1516487

Dumbfag, but does anyone know why the word trigger is always written in red?

No. 1516490

It's kind of creepy how need and orderly her cuts are.

No. 1516492

This is actually so rude. Also does she really think there are people sitting around hoping for her to be online?

No. 1516503


lol, N2F looking beefier and stronger than Ganer… things I wouldn't ever believe 2 years ago.
Imagine the jealousy and rage that Ganer must have rn, being outperformed by this casual scrub while she is literally tearing muscles off bones while over-exercising for no visible progress.

No. 1516522

Long live the queen

No. 1516548

Ditto with "nonnie", and what does "nonnie" even mean? I've been keeping up with these threads for months but I still don't get it.

No. 1516567

nickname for anonymous, get a brain, kek

No. 1516593

Is her surname singleton? Is she related to elzani? Not exactly a common name

No. 1516594

File: 1651367395690.jpeg (413.13 KB, 827x921, 21826CD0-ECCB-4BCC-BD9F-3EC5B4…)

ok but has anyone heard of this waif before? seems to be chummy with cardamoncollie. I followed her on her old running Instagram. She was severely emaciated and then disappeared for a few months. Honestly thought she died. Apparently she almost did of refeeding syndrome, per her Instagram. Unlike the other anas here I do genuinely pity this girl and hope she can keep getting better. can’t understand her puffy face but toothpick legs though

No. 1516602

I finally realized who Cecelia reminds me of. Alisa from that movie about Renfre, “Thin.” Always exaggerating, always speaking in boring platitudes, obsessed with their own (fairly mild/moderate) suffering. Alisa wasn’t underweight when the movie was made but apparently she went in to lose weight after filming and get treatment (off camera) and recover. Cecelia is so fucking performative as was Alisa.

No. 1516603

hypothyroidism probably, not terribly uncommon in normal women actually, but considerably more common in people with fucked up hormones, say, from not eating properly
t. fat shiba inu head ana-chan

No. 1516606

yep, followed her old acc too. It's a shame because she was genuinely very talented

No. 1516610

Iconic N2F. She’s bizarre af but I love her regardless.

No. 1516619

I’ve noticed that there are three different types of skellies:
Ones that flaunt their illness for attention like Cecelia
Others who are in denial and preach recovery like Zara
And some well…some I just feel straight up bad for because they obviously don’t want their illness or try to glamorize it.

No. 1516621

this is what Cecelia thinks she looks like, lol. Honestly would be so entertaining to see that cow standing next to actual skellies

No. 1516626

Don’t start bone rattling, Cece was actually skelly she just didn’t body check at every chance like the other cows

No. 1516631


when you have an adult frame, it’s harder to look like a stick and u look bonier easier. This girl looks prepubescent, probably why she can look like a rail while Cecelia looked worse at a higher BMI

No. 1516665

skelly?!!!!! in what world. she was underweight, but nowhere near the realm of “skelly”

No. 1516682

Jesus christ that's Zara? She's SO pretty when she's not killing herself. What a disgrace! Maybe she's not been reported cause nobody recognizes her

Also do you faggots even know how to sage your nonmilk? Please type "sage" in the email field, or just don't post your noncontributions at all. Do you even know what "sage" means or what it does? lurk more or go back ffs

No. 1516692

Which is smorven?

No. 1516694

This is obviously fake. If she had this low blood pressure she wouldn’t be taking and posting pics (or just taking at the time). My guess is that she took her BP without her arm correctly in the cuff then put it on after it finished. Cece is just as much a munchie as she is an ana chan at this point.

No. 1516710


That BP reading is low but it isn't like a non functional BP especially if you're used to having low BP. Some people just live with this kind of BP on the daily from various medical conditions

No. 1516718

Yeah that's her just over a year ago. Looks like an entirely different person. Everything about her face has changed

No. 1516722

File: 1651389849731.jpg (338.44 KB, 1080x1691, Screenshot_20220501-092242_Ins…)

Hams disgusting bowl of sugar.

No. 1516733

you can have chronic low bp and no symptoms at all! thats not extremely low

No. 1516735

It was me that posted the old picture of Zara, I'm far from a newfag and it was saged?? Fucking calm down anon. Even if it wasn't, it is hardly a personal insult if someone forgets to sage.

No. 1516742

big scars like that can stay reddish for like a year. she’s supposed to crop/censor healed scars for months? I find cece literally insufferable but her not hiding healed scars is not milk

No. 1516749

File: 1651396638715.jpg (715.33 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220501-101551_Ins…)


Can we give the Zara hate boner a rest and let it go flaccid for a while? The girl is clearly close to death so she must feel like utter shit anyway and she is getting cow tipped every time she's mentioned which seems to be sending her over the edge. I must be getting soft in my old age but I'm starting to feel really bad for her.

No. 1516751

ive followed zara for a long time. the person who initially posted her was a vendetta. she was getting anon messages threatening to post her on here. i don’t have screenshots it was a long time ago.

No. 1516754

Big?? Those look like papercuts.

No. 1516755

Zara just reminds me of early Aly realrecover now, liar & attention seeker. She doesn’t care who she misleads or hurts, just cares about her followers licking her exposed skelly arse hole.

No. 1516765

It’s written in red to highlight how fucking dumb it is like 90% of the time it’s used. Are you “triggered” or are your feelings hurt/you’re mad? This is a prime example of why the word is highlighted in red >>1516275

No. 1516798

KEK fair, I more meant they look deep/wide enough to take a little extra to turn pale, but you’re right they are like a cm long. truly not milky at all

No. 1516802

Zara absolutely deserves to be on this thread. People on this thread legit seem to give more of a shit about her than anyone in her actual life. Even though it might hurt her feelings or whatever to be on here she ought to actually pay attention to what people are saying. It grinds my gears to see her writing so clearly about mental health problems on her insta as if she's an expert while she's DYING. Most people here are legit concerned for her and want her to get help. I really don't feel bad for her at all for being posted on here, she's earned her cow status.

No. 1516804

Are we really judging someone's very obvious self harm scars to be not large enough? That just comes off as a really gross thing to say to me and is pretty bullshit tbh

No. 1516805

Yes, I know how long it takes for some scars to hell. I think people don't understand where I'm coming from, I don't care for her or anyone's healed scars, but Cece has always been the one whining about other people not taking care about her feelings and again and again she is showing that she after all doesn't care for anyone else than herself, she is only online to show everyone how serious and bad her case is.

thank you, find that discussion about the severity of self harm scars very annoying, hurting yourself is bad enough, you don't need to reach coldnessinmyheart level…

No. 1516811

Calm down, all I said was that they're not big. Just a factual observation. Obviously harming yourself in any capacity is bad.

No. 1516821

Not to be a creep but n2f has got a cute butt and such good legs, im kinda jealous af.

No. 1516829

How is she going to eat those huge slices of banana? Could've chopped them smaller, not an aesthetic bowl at all. And nutella.. barf.

No. 1516831

Please don't tell me she works out in her underwear in the garden..

No. 1516834

tbf it’s from a cafe which is also mildly horrifying that you can purchase such crap in a restaurant

No. 1516839

Wow that's really bad from a cafe. Hope it came with a knife.

No. 1516851

blog but i know somebody at uni whose flat mate was found dead in his room after two weeks and only because of the smell … unis really don’t care kek

No. 1516863

File: 1651413507012.jpeg (901.37 KB, 1170x2391, 4EB0A784-8294-4A1C-AA53-60AD7F…)

Fiona keeps reposting the same stories just in case someone missed it and cant tell how sick she is

No. 1516868

So what have we got wrong with us this time…. can’t be covid again.

No. 1516869

I bet she’s devastated she’s back home and didn’t get to stay more than one night. She really is a different level. Suppose being babied by mummy and daddy is better than being babied by overworked and underpaid nurses though

No. 1516879

Would Fi be considered a SEED patient?

No. 1516891

is ED caused by BPD really a formal diagnosis?

No. 1516895

A severe and enduring excessive drain maybe

No. 1516918

We should actually maybe stop commenting on Zara on this thread. Yes, a part of her may dislike the attention on her disorder, because it equates to more scrutiny and the potential that people IRL will intervene. However, her disorder is DEFINITELY basking in the attention she receives, and is DEFINITELY super happy that she looks way more sick than she did this time a year ago. I wonder what she would do if we all stopped giving a fuck. This is her identity and each time we post about how 'skelly' she is on here, the more and more it becomes cemented as who she is, the more her disorder receives validation. And furthermore, she's actually an absolute idiot right now for letting herself go, because sectioning for anorexia is far more common in Europe than it is in the States. Instead of recovering on her 'own terms' which she insists upon doing, she is literally bringing herself to a point where she will most definitely be hospitalized…I mean she's definitely NOT medically stable at the moment. Obviously, ED recovery isn't all about weight…but acting like she is a magical fairy princess that can remain emaciated yet recover is absolute bull shit. It's pretty simple. Calories in, calories out. If you are actually recovering, you will be gaining. I also have a suspicion that the reason she isn't in contact with her family is because she's pushed them all away so she can continue to get sicker, or is resisting their attempts to help. If her mom is a GP and aware that she is in this state, it is actually just child neglect, considering she went to medical school and supposedly understand the longterm health damage that is happening to her daughter. Her pancreas doesn't work yet uses that s a lil ED 'flex.' It's the saddest fucking thing. Wished she would be shipped off to ACUTE and stay there for a good six months in the US.

No. 1516960


stop your whiteknighting, nonnie

and sage non-milk

No. 1516963

if 'seed' stands for super-exaggerated egomaniacal dumbfuck, yes

No. 1516970

Would be better with an only fans

No. 1516975

This gives me a huge, lovely hateboner, Zara..!

No. 1516977

Nope she is just a woman that has been babied by her parents who fight for her no matter what. If she didn't have parents like this the NHS would leave her. You can blag anything when you have your nearest relatives you live with fighting your corner. People in more critical states than this get ignored as they have no nearest relative to fight for them as they don't want to put them through it as an adult. The NHS system is messed up and so many on here show why as the majority if not all have parents backing and enabling them

No. 1516980

what the heck does sage white knighting and non milk mean(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1516984


What, and let her recovery fanfiction be the only result on Google? That's not how being a skelepresenter works.

No. 1516987

No. She does not need to be exploited like that.

No. 1516988

You don't belong here. Shoo.

No. 1517034

>Straight up working out in her underwear. >Not even a sports bra and shorts, a Lacy thong and bra
>in the garden
She’s absolutely mental kek. I never knew she had so many tattoos.

No. 1517037

File: 1651428033535.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20220501-114732_1.p…)

My god she is so self absorbed

No. 1517039

Lurk moar

No. 1517047

Something about her writing style is mega annoying. I just can’t quite put my finger on it.

No. 1517054

It’s overly flowery. she writes as if everything she has to say is just earth shatteringly profound. she is probably SO exhausting to be around in person…

No. 1517121

Late to thread but these descriptions are top tier kek OP/Anon

No. 1517176

Maybe because she sounds like she’s a 12 years old writing a self-insertion fanfic but is 30 years old, and way too ugly to get a cute pass.

No. 1517186

File: 1651436646998.jpeg (248.83 KB, 1170x1979, 59723C18-6329-4403-97FD-ABBCBF…)

I know we don’t wanna talk about Zara but she is just a whole…. other level. She says not to post about her yet posts recovery shit/comparison to a year ago when she is clearly very ill RIFHT AFTER her post crying about being posted. I don’t get her.

No. 1517190

File: 1651436826344.jpeg (316.24 KB, 1170x2180, 09B7187D-677A-43BD-B4C0-6C57E3…)

Thoughts about this anachan ?

No. 1517197

Obvious self post, that's what I think

No. 1517204

not OP but its unlikely to be a self post considering shes widely known on tt for being a serial bodychecker and ebegger for YEARS. was active on ed twt until recently where she would post "shopping lists" of her ridiculously expensive drug orders (ket, benzos etc). iirc in lockdown 1 she would beg her followers for money to pay for residential ed treatment, get "kicked out" over and over again and use her followers money to buy benzos. ive been waiting for her for be posted here

No. 1517206

also im aware being an addict alone isnt cow behaviour, but her tt bodychecking is so blatant and has been going on for a long time

No. 1517235

she just did an interview on that soft white underbelly youtube and she literally admits that like being on proana twitter is rotting her brain kek. she also acknowledges that people (mostly young girls) only follow her because she is as skinny as she is but she literally doesn’t care

No. 1517251

This is the first thing I saw when I opened insta this morning and it was a great laugh.

No. 1517288

How long has she been ill?
There was a debate a few threads back as to if SEED or SeAN was an actual thing.
It is . Not sure Fi fits it though

No. 1517296

the more responses about Zara I read written like this, the more I start to believe that tinfoil-anon here, >>1510216 , was correct and that we are dealing with a self-poster.

It's the random capitalized words for me…

No. 1517299

samefag, but another point-in-case: >>1517186

No. 1517306

I think SEED is a real thing, after all who wants to give up real life for constant hospital

No. 1517318


Just watched that video, god she is detestable. She looks so smug when she admits that her TT is basically just thinspo to trigger other young women. It sounds like she's suffering badly so I really hope she does get better, but why try to drag others down with her in the meantime? She knows exactly what beast she's feeding with all the bodychecking nonsense but is too addicted to the validation to stop.

No. 1517355

Half the cows would love to give up real life to be in hospital. Coddled and looked after 24/7, no adult responsibilities, constant attention and validation, asspats and pity points?! A cow’s dream right there!

No. 1517358

File: 1651449208252.png (7.07 MB, 1170x2532, D33F1FC1-F774-4D44-B69E-724BBE…)

Porgie still eating a full diet on top of feeds like the land whale she is. If she actually had such super severe GP she’d be vomiting that tube out her mouth every other day with the shit she’s eating. Magical that her dysfunctional stomach is tolerating heavy feeds too, such true gastroparesis warrior

No. 1517405


geez, have a look at them trotters. as if she needs anymore calories.

No. 1517408

Sorry if this has been covered but does she have an NG or NJ tube?

Because if it's an NG then hard lol no on the gastroparesis, she'd just be grateful to keep the soup down and leave it at that!

No. 1517412

She is in love with the smell of her own farts, this one

No. 1517504


>my mum

is from USA

>hopes, dreams, endless imaginings

center of everyone's universe from day 1

>lover of science

token non-princess thing

>baby Cecelia

third person cringe

>bright and kind, gentle and sensitive

Is a massive karen with no insight

Her posts are so infuriating yet emblematic of this thread, every line is like a window into a cow factory

No. 1517552

She has an ng which just makes the whole situation even more comical because if she did have gastroparesis then she’d need a nj because it’s all just going into her stomach like all the food she eats but if she had GP then what’s the difference of eating and using feeds they both end up in the same place. My lord she frustrates me. Like before you start munching at least have grip on the syndrome and pathology of your ‘illness’

No. 1517583

Yeah that smells like utter bullshit to me. If you potentially vomit up every meal (and risk the tube coming up too) then be happy with the soup you've kept down.

I get sporadic stomach issues and it's miserable when I can't eat. I can't imagine how bad actual gastroparesis is. Maybe Porgie is faking it in order to lose weight with a crash diet kek

No. 1517605

lets just enjoy watching her balloon

No. 1517649

She has been deleting all the comments explaining why her content is problematic (preaching recovery while looking like that) but not the ones just expressing concern about her weight. She knows what she is doing.

No. 1517688

Every time she says "my mum" she cements her status as the worst. Also "bright and kind" top fucking kek

No. 1517690

A fighter from day one says the upper middle class white girl celebrating her entire birthday month at age fucking thirty.

No. 1517723

Of course she had to include black coffee for anachan points.

No. 1517776

extra kek because she used to post all those coffee run pictures with decidedly not-black coffee

No. 1517829

newfag but I've lurked for some time now and wanted to ask what the fuck is it with all the WK-ing for zara?

we get it, she's sick, but being a spoop doesn't void you of responsibility for what you post and the way you act online. i just don't/can't feel bad about her being posted here. if anything, this should serve as a reality check for her.

No. 1517856

Gotta keep that most sickest anachan ever larp up by any means necessary. Eagerly waiting for the relapse post.

No. 1517858

Frankly, the Zara WKs should realize that being called out repeatedly, rather than enabled, is actually better for Zara. If she exists in an echo chamber, then she'll never have any reason to change.

So if they really cared about her wellbeing, they would be in favor of people pointing out to her that her behavior is hypocritical and unhealthy. Instead, they just want to virtue-signal.

No. 1517864

I'm sure she'll say she didn't really drink it

No. 1517906


THIS. Couldn't agree more.

No. 1517999

Why did Fi go to hospital?

And why does everyone recovering from an Ed (or claiming to) have an obsession with quest and protein bars?

No. 1518140

She's been "very very unwell" with an unspecified virus

No. 1518145

File: 1651539135281.png (5.69 MB, 1170x2532, BACC4C9B-C125-4B60-9D1D-4C8223…)

Lurk more porgie, now you suddenly have been puking up the tube?

No. 1518146


It's just a less intimidating way to be eating snacks, it's an easy pick for a "recovery safe food". Easy snack, you don't have to think about it too much and protein is probably the least threatening macronutrient. It's like a step up from supplement drinks, people just use them because it can be really helpful in recovery

No. 1518190


“snack” kek. quest bars are meant to be meal replacements. the fact that fi considers them safe enough to eat every day baffles me.

No. 1518193

bone rattle somewhere else, a 200 calorie bar is definitely fine as a snack

the real reason the anachans love them is because they can tell themselves it's healthy while partially satisfying a craving. That's why they all lose it over the chunks of chocolate.

No. 1518203


You may be surprised to learn this but you actually need to eat a lot of calories a day to recover from anorexia, a Quest bar is definitely a snack rather than a meal if you're in recovery… and they're a pretty normal snack for people without ED too

No. 1518213

Don't mind my tin foil hat here, but I'm starting to believe that porgie and Lee are posting eachother on here. I'm sure not Manu people are on porgies cf list but I'm confident in saying that lee would be. Lees always been a snarky back stabber. Sweet as pie to your face and then rips you a new asshole behind your back. What do you think?

No. 1518294

Also she moans about feeling guilty for everything and how undeserving she is, but she’s quite happy to let mummy and daddy spend money on quest and protein bars for her when an ordinary chocolate bar would be far cheaper- even snickers is a fraction of the price.

No. 1518307

Meal replacement? Kek. Imagine thinking 200 calories is a meal. *Bone rattling in the distance

No. 1518333

File: 1651563214648.png (1.29 MB, 1084x1434, Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 3.32…)

Nikol's Asian fetish?

No. 1518334

Nikol is. so unhinged.

No. 1518335

File: 1651563275601.png (2.03 MB, 1038x1303, Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 3.32…)

No. 1518340

She can't just say she's caught a virus lol it has to be "I'm very very unwell". Fucking drama queen.

No. 1518360

so unwell that they immediately sent her home without even keeping her overnight

No. 1518367

Take the bone rattling to MPA anon. A 200kcal bar of artificial crap is not a meal replacement and is most definitely a snack ffs

No. 1518368

The shape of that creature is fuking gross. Small bones r uggo and not hollywood ideal. if this girl legit thinks shes hot shit Shes dead wrong. Gross.. .no better than a deathfat. Sorry chica, done no one want u

No. 1518392

Because they know their audience is made up of mostly people with EDs and mental health issues (many of whom are also minors or not working) so using your vulnerable audience to try to get them to feel sorry for you and buy you stuff is fucking gross

No. 1518394

Zara at least make an effort and come up with something else to say, every time I see this identical reiteration it’s giving me deja vu. we’ve had this conversation more than five times now

No. 1518414

File: 1651575070256.png (8.29 MB, 1170x2532, 38539BC0-B1BA-47F1-A3B6-8A4FAF…)

Why does she still have a tube up her nose? Also love the weird arm body checking

No. 1518450

File: 1651579429035.jpeg (537.46 KB, 750x1092, F485BCA7-DB1D-4B99-A87D-602927…)

Looks like Abby got hacked, kek.

No. 1518481

As someone who's been in Zara's exact physical state from their anorexia and denied the severity of it, I just hope she has the mental ability to make the switch to reaching physical stability again but for her, this has gone on so long with such blatant denial that I think only a serious medical event will lead her to saving herself. It's horrific she's carrying on this way. She looks like walking death and it's incredibly alarming.

No. 1518490

stop blogging

No. 1518546

Okay it's official Z is the new S*. DNI

No. 1518548

>as someone who
Shut up and go have your snacks you poor fragile waif

No. 1518555

File: 1651590992547.jpeg (975.1 KB, 977x1806, BAC817CF-EC60-43A5-8823-E518D0…)

There, Porgie, I fixed it for you.

No. 1518563

Porgie’s obsession with food is seriously kinda scary. The only explanation I can think of for her feed tube obsession is she’s like those creepy feeder fetishists, but neurotic, like she has a need to keep gaining and gaining and will stop at nothing to do so.

No. 1518568

She is being purposefully vague about what type of virus too just keeps reiterating how unwell it's made her.

No. 1518574

she has gastroparesis. its an nj

No. 1518582

Probably Norovirus or some shit, that’s been going around a lot currently, spewing and shitting and feeling like crap. It’s Fi though so she’ll probably have been the most severely ill like she was with Covid lol

No. 1518606

She's doing a bad job at gaining if she's a feedee though. Ham might have some tips for her though.

No. 1518614

There is also a particularly bad cold going around right now, which is what I imagine Fi has.

No. 1518629

What is wrong with this fucking moid orbiting ec?

No. 1518645

2 days late but that part wasn't directed at you hence the reddit formatting and bitching about shit you didnt do love u nona appreciated the throwback
Zara deserves to be posted here but not cowtipped, its against the rules for good reason. Shes been known about the thread and lurking hasnt helped her yet, why would it suddenly help now? Are the cow tippers really dumb enough to think theyre helping or are they just being bitches? Not wking I just don't buy the moralfagging

No. 1518653

File: 1651601356402.png (7.3 MB, 1125x2436, 55DED4F7-624C-4B70-B3C6-8005A6…)

Recovery kween posting pictures of her shiritaki noodles and mushrooms. At most 100 calories. Such recovery.

No. 1518686

but nonnie, shiritaki noodles are better for her pancreas!!!!! didnt you know she was gluten intolerant?!?!

No. 1518756

Cos mummy and daddy have her wrapped up in cotton wool and she caught a cold? So off to hospital we go

No. 1518759

They are disordered eating habit and eaten by lots of ED sufferers. Consumption probably suggests quasi recovery at best

No. 1518787


Recovery is a life long process and it looks different for different people. It doesn't happen overnight, some people in recovery probably are in "quasi recovery" but that doesn't mean they're not in recovery if they're working to learn skills to bounce back after slips, move forward and challenge themselves. Which is stuff you can't really see on social media.

No. 1518810

Right, which is why blogging and videoing your recovery is probably not helpful for you, nor for anyone who is also recovering and watching you content.

No. 1518835

You are on the wrong forum

No. 1518844

Recovery accounts are proana and nothing else

No. 1518845

File: 1651616663288.png (2.85 MB, 2469x1590, Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 4.23…)

Ash selling their posessions to support themselves? Aren't they on welfare and subsidized housing? Medicare is also pretty good to people on disability compared to medicaid so they can be taken care of elsewhere

No. 1518892

probably to support her b/p or supah kawaii plastic crap that she desperately needs. she probably gets enough to live from the government but it wouldn't cover those luxuries

No. 1518895

lol at this mean, nasty bitch making a sad face in her selfie

No. 1518978

No hate but who the fuck cares. Eat what you want and go preach elsewhere.stop blog posting here - from the likes of it- you sound like Kara on her high horse

No. 1518982

Finally some form of intelligence has been spotted on here.

No. 1519070

welfare for people who have never worked is less than $1,000 a month
even with subsidized housing and health care she needs to sell shit so she can buy shit, her one true joy besides starving

No. 1519192

File: 1651652494218.jpg (265.25 KB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20220504-091401_Ins…)

Why would you consciously choose to upload such an unflattering pic?!

No. 1519210

All she has is unflattering pics, nonna. That’s what happens when you look like a giant fat toddler who’s salivating and has fried brain.

No. 1519230

She has to flaunt the tube as much as possible

No. 1519250

File: 1651664439582.jpeg (363.38 KB, 1170x1569, 5E181A79-5D46-4A7C-A0CD-13512F…)

Ham, please put your arse away and concentrate on college (added some bonus delusional commentary because kek)

No. 1519254

File: 1651664893600.jpg (511.56 KB, 1059x1738, Screenshot_2022-05-04-21-35-12…)

This Monique Aussie loving her munchie life using taxpayers money to feed her eating disorder

No. 1519263

File: 1651666392091.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1170x2082, 22F1C73D-AB4D-4FCF-806B-5949F0…)

this countdown for birthday gives me 5 yr old vibes

No. 1519266

Spoiler alert: it will not go well. The only birthday present she wants is an admission

No. 1519287

that stupid porcine smirk she always does makes me wanna alog

No. 1519302

Taurus worst star sign confirmed

No. 1519319

How does she have so many appointments

No. 1519323

Who knows - and no doubt mostly private not nhs

No. 1519341

Oh no, she’s very much rinsing the NHS as is tradition.

No. 1519358

She really highlights her dump truck of an ass by pulling her underwear so high up like that. I'm convinced that she wanted to become an influencer from the start but she had to do the fake "I'm so sick" act before she could start posting shit like this. It was all too quick and now her content has been the same repetitive motivational quotes and body shots and "reality vs posed" pictures. How fucking scummy to use anorexia to get yourself an influencer status. Disgusting.

No. 1519379

She looks like shane dawson

No. 1519384

The comment calling her thin feels like a sneak diss. She is objectively overweight and gaining.
I can hear the mouth breathing just looking at this pic kek. She’ll have a foodie beauty style deformed palate from never keeping her mouth shut at this rate.

No. 1519391

>that ass
pick one

No. 1519419

Nitpick but her constantly expanded irises creep me out. A permanent reminder that she made herself retarded with electroshock "therapy" just for a little munchie attention.

No. 1519420

Porgie needs serious therapy damn…

No. 1519447

It’s almost jarring to see Fiona continue to maintain weight (or even lose, visibly) while purporting to eat a weight gain meal plan for the past 6 months.
It’s so clear that she is just casually omitting the details of her obvious decline. She is obviously aggressively exercising, secretly purging or manipulating food somehow. And I suspect waterloading for weigh ins.
Why does nobody in her family call her out on it? It’s so blatantly obvious after all this time.

No. 1519461

and still all that compulsive bodychecking.
no lucky bowl/spoon in the world won't change that idiotic posing, fi.

No. 1519467

I think she's just not eating all of it, which is why she "only films some things". She's mentioned in past stories that she's been unable to finish her main meals, etc, so I imagine she's just refusing enough each day to keep her weight from going up.

No. 1519469

Her parents may be enablers who want her to stay their little girl forever. She dresses, acts and lives like a spoiled elementary schooler, while her sisters fucked off and don’t even come visit for the holidays. There’s some serious family dysfunction here.
Same with Porgie’s family, I can’t think of any other reason why parents would go along with the massive overfeeding and brain zapping unless they want a retarded eternal child daughter that will never be able to leave them.

No. 1519484


Why does she always show off those spindly pins, for chrissakes.

No. 1519511


That's why she's complaining about the stressfulness of her appointments.
Doc sees no progress at all, then begins to ask uNcOmFoRtAbLe qUeStIoNs aBoUt hEr eAtInG.

No. 1519545

You're an adult Porgie, you can refuse medical treatment any time and go back home do something else inbetween

No. 1519582

File: 1651691051833.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1170x2278, A8711F43-B605-4067-91F8-6893C6…)

How can her parents afford a whole ass wheelchair for someone that just needs to be in hospital/can walk soon? Feels weird

No. 1519592

it's not a nice or expensive wheelchair. They might have it on loan from the hospital anyway.

No. 1519595

I mean to be fair these kinds of wheelchairs aren't that expensive

No. 1519597

This says everything about Fi.She doesn't need to be in a fucking wheelchair!Shame on her parents for enabling this bollocks to continue.If services believed she needed to conserve life saving energy she would be sectioned, put on bed rest and tubed. Ideally she shouldn't be exercising but a wander from the car for an unnecessary visit to a garden centre..she could behave like an adult, stop seeking negative attention and walk!

No. 1519605

she's fucking elated and sooo smug. her ED is 100% about making everyone around her bend to her will.

No. 1519644

File: 1651695302549.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1571, 94B81401-C605-42AE-9C5E-0B3BAD…)

Found a new cow lmao. I can’t believe tiktok is keeping up the extreme body checks.

No. 1519715

File: 1651699044922.gif (2.59 MB, 320x240, 08E743A3-1F1B-4868-9475-9767B7…)

No. 1519718

Yeah, the fact she actually uses the wheelchair speaks volumes. She revels in making her family push her around like an invalid and take 567823 pics of her gurning for the ‘gram, but it’s not like it’s being ‘enforced’ in any way. The garden centre trips make me laugh though. They’re super popular with pensioners (at least where I am) and you can bet Fi thinks of herself as ~frailer~ than 90 year old Doris by the perennials with her basic ass walking stick

No. 1519728

File: 1651699706592.jpeg (82.94 KB, 640x474, 9A52E16F-2607-4ADB-A691-9D37E5…)

No. 1519749

Looks like a frickin dude with crappy makeup on. Also what's up with this moustache. You can see those kind of people do not have any other qualitys in starving themselves.

No. 1519751

Are you sure this is a girl tho? The face looks 100% like a man.

No. 1519765


Why did you post your email address Hana?

No. 1519766

Now shes not being told her weight will be interesting . If she was eating all she claims to then she would have gained weight by now .
There is no one stopping her from walking or forcing her to use the wheelchair - she likes the sympathy vote - she could walk if she wanted to - probably spends the day walking up and down the stairs or pacing.
Probably purges - must know how to after so long in treatment .
But she’s definitely not telling yt or ig the full story about what she eats. Oh I’ll have s meltdown so mummy won’t make me finish dinner or snack .

No. 1519800

>have s meltdown so mummy won’t make me finish dinner or snack
pretty sure Fi would have a “meltdown” over anything as long as it got her attention. She tried LARPing psychosis for a while but that didn’t work out too well. I’m wondering the same as >>1516891 tbh

No. 1519982

This is definitely a private hospital so less taxpayer stealing shenanigans. No public hospital has walls that nice

No. 1520042

If she needs a wheelchair she probably shouldn't be going out

No. 1520096

File: 1651722505357.jpg (1.26 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220505-134655_Ins…)

Sweet sweet milk from the gods

No. 1520128

is she really asking that? Cece, honey, work on your triggers, not everything is about you and you surely don't care for other peoples triggers. Maybe that woman doesn't have a spare minute in her day except for that 2 hours? Still, I hope she brings it up and we will all get new milk.

No. 1520152

Tbh I’d be triggered too, 2 hours on the treadmill is excessive even for someone without an ED…

No. 1520171

Not every unfortunate-looking girl with bad skin and a stache is a man. She has a feminine skeleton from the curve of her legs to the size of her hands.

No. 1520176

Nah it’s a public hospital on the Sunshine Coast in Qld

No. 1520181

Theres… nobody on video… is that treadmill so loud it's distracting her while they're all on mute? Grow up Cece. I hope she gets her own so their 2 hour therapy group can be a walking group. Wouldn't that be fun?

No. 1520194

Relapse baiting hard

No. 1520204

This reminds me of when Demi Lovato trashed that froyo place for selling “diEt” foods. Get a grip, Cece. The world doesn’t revolve around you and your problems.

No. 1520208

Depends the speed, to get 10k steps in a day at a slow sped you'd need to do 1.5-2 hours of walking or there abouts. I've got a feeling she's not going ten to the dozen, and if you're sitting most of the day it's encouraged to either get a standing desk or use something like a tredmill to help maintain your physical health.

No. 1520215

Put a post it over her box then you dumb fucking cunt

No. 1520232

I’m losing my damn mind at this, everyone is off video and on mute so Cece is… triggered by the audio of the treadmill whenever the person unmutes themselves?

No. 1520240

my real question here is - is this an ed group or a depression group or what? If it's an ed group and someone is actually doing this, it's nuts that the therapist hasn't told them to either stop or get kicked out. If it's a depression group, then suck it the fuck up cece, some people don't have eating disorders and can walk on a treadmill if they want.

No. 1520241

but then how would she justify needing to quit her job and go back to treatment again?? gotta be triggered

No. 1520243

Ngl when my uni went remote in 2020, i just told ppl my camera broke so i ckd workout rather than see their gross faces on zoom. I jusy had the audio and mic on when needed. Also standing desks r easy to obtain. Theres no excuses to get fat at a white collar 9-5(no1curr)

No. 1520244

1) learn to sage
2) fuck off and stop talking about yourself

No. 1520420

no1curr go blog on mpa.

No. 1520439

I’m guessing you don’t have a lot of friends

No. 1520471

Can confirm it is public in Australia. It’s quite a new hospital which is why it looks so good. So many munchies live out at this joint. As you can see in the op pic, they love to tee up admissions to hang out together!

No. 1520489

Totally off topic but do you know what happened to Courtney ? ( not a cow - just Australian )- cordigal cat or something - she vanished off YouTube - was in and out of Hospital units a lot.

No. 1520549

I believe it’s her DBT skills group that she only refers to as RO-DBT. The irony of continuing to claim you need RO-DBT when relapse baiting and bragging about your drug/alcohol history and general histrionics. She tries so hard to present how she thinks someone with AN acts

No. 1520607



No. 1520649

I’m glad you brought this up nonnie because she’s always tried to present herself as the “perfect” most “restrictive” type of anorexic and it’s bullshit. She’s a mess

No. 1520767

But it is an RO-DBT group, it’s not regular DBT… She’s shown the facilitator on her stories, Kristi Colwell is a nationally known RO-DBT therapist

No. 1520820

right, the point is that her attention-seeking behaviors and history of substance abuse might benefit more from dbt than ro-dbt, but she ro-dbt fits with her 'narrative' so that's what she's choosing to do

No. 1520838

Omg best anorexic

No. 1520864

Are you kidding me, Cece is the most overcontrolled bitch out there. Chronic depression, inflexibly thinking everyone should cater to her triggers, refusing tube feeds and getting on room isolation over and over, her ocd around counting and her weird clothes/no colors ocd. Classic overcontrol, RO to a tee

No. 1520990

She has never worked, so she’s never paid into Medicare. Therefore, she is not eligible for it.

No. 1521008

File: 1651788448269.jpg (575.49 KB, 1079x1811, Screenshot_20220506-000458_Ins…)

Zara casually telling her followers that they "don't need" their psych meds.

No. 1521010

as much as I hate to defend Zara, I think you misunderstood. The asker said that they're not prescribed any psych meds but feel like they should need to take meds and zara is saying that if you don't need them, you don't need them.

No. 1521029

Ayrt, I might have misunderstood her answer to her followers' question, but the rest of the text still reads as "psych meds are obsolete" to me, which I highly disagree with and I think is quite a dangerous generalisation to make. Hope that made sense.

No. 1521037

she's not being very coherent, probably because her brain is mush by now, but I think it's an attempt at reassurance by saying that everyone is unique. Definitely easy to misread, though, as we've just seen

No. 1521066

File: 1651791756850.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x2003, 64D10CF8-9B60-4199-93E1-403E30…)

Ahh, another one of the tiktok skellies that claim to be in recovery for several months just to excuse body checking. In her case 8 months I think.

No. 1521117


wtf is going on with her right kneecap/edge? remnants of a shoop?

No. 1521152

Nope just dodgy camera, blurred movement. God not everything is a shoop

No. 1521268

she's probably wary of them because of weight gain side effects

No. 1521394

Much recovery.
Wonder if it's the same with her other meds that supposedly don't work .

No. 1521411

God I hate anachans. All of them are selfish cows.

No. 1521412

It says Queensland government on the linen. I've never seen government linen in a private clinic.

No. 1521419

She’s such a joy thief.

No. 1521428

Man Sunshine Coast has some nice public hospitals then

No. 1521454

A total fun sponge. These cows always expect the world adapt to their needs, fuck everyone else. Can you imagine them all on a ward together it’d be carnage

No. 1521456

Chuck them in the Big Brother house

No. 1521482

File: 1651835980284.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x2221, F1474BB2-F2CC-4073-BB23-EAF947…)

In other news, apparently our old friend Laura’s been causing so much chaos on her new ward that she’s been put in segregation.

No. 1521483

My god how bleak. What do you even do in a sterile room with 2 nurses all day long?

No. 1521490

She used to be my fave cow but god, this is just sad. Imagine watching your life pass by as you languish in a hospital, seeing everyone else living life while all you've got is old pics and videos. Her brain must be so fucked from the meds they surely give her, plus the mind numbing boredom. Wonder if she'll ever live anything resembling a normal life?

No. 1521494

Another neuroscience anon?

Damn that's bloody grim, i miss the keks prior, but seeing stuff like this just tinges it. Would have said it looks like she's normalized in weight, good for her, but it's probably the medication.

No. 1521496

Cece is convinced the entire world revolves around "baby Cecelia"

No. 1521501

I think this is an old video anon.

No. 1521531

So grim. She's been in there for 2+ years now, there was some talk about her getting out last year I think? But then she went back to square one

No. 1521548

I’m not against psych wards but I don’t understand how anyone will get out of the system when they’re put in a completely stripped room as a punishment for trying to kill themselves? It sounds like absolute torture

No. 1521552


That’s even worse than Smorven.

No. 1521565

And she seems to enjoy the hospital life for some strange reason. She always fucks herself up more when she's about to get out or move forward.

No. 1521598

She really does, that’s the enraging part. This is what she wanted for years and now she self-sabotages at every opportunity to stay in for longer. I agree that segregation as a punishment for trying to kill yourself (if her claims are to be believed) is an awful punishment but she goes out of her way to play the system to have these types of measures put in place, the bar just keeps rising as time goes on.

No. 1521618

File: 1651851717173.jpeg (454.58 KB, 1170x2126, E372400F-EDF1-4F65-A50D-14090C…)

The cows that put recovery tags while obviously relapsing r such terrible people, who do they think they’re fooling?

No. 1521749

this one gained a huge amount of followers and attention when she was severely underweight last time.
i suppose is a great reason to be uw

No. 1521790

Segregation is damaging for people and therefore a lot of paperwork and staff time/resources (constant monitoring of the patient and they’re usually 2:1) and not a decision made lightly. It really is the last resort. Psych wards are set up to manage and prevent suicide attempts. There’s lots of steps taken in terms of emotional support, environmental restrictions, medication and unfortunately physical restraint before segregation is used. It’s for when someone’s behaviour is completely unmanageable.

No. 1521805

Anyone remember when Cecelia threw a tantrum because other patients at ERC wanted to watch birdbox

No. 1521814

File: 1651865481791.jpeg (606.1 KB, 1170x2532, 4BF4BA78-1830-4AE5-A18E-DF3425…)

Do you think she gets these things from a random positive quote generator?
‘You’re doing better than you think you are’ kek imagine saying that to her followers with actual EDs who might have just been told they’ve got to go IP

No. 1521822


I don't understand how the zoomers like Y2K fashion but still do these terrible eyebrows.

No. 1521839

I feel for Laura at this point. I know she's an attention seeking brat but she must be truly fucked in the head and this sounds absolutely grim and soul destroying. Like you say though, it isn't a decision that will have been taken without good reason.

No. 1521843

It isn't a punishment as such, anon. It really will be because all other options to keep her safe have been exhausted. They also have to consider other patients. I start to wonder at this point whether they're really don't her any favours. Ofc they can't just let her kill herself, but fucking hell what a miserable existence.

No. 1521851

File: 1651868139931.jpeg (533.71 KB, 828x1080, C42447C5-0027-4B17-961D-3FE8F9…)

I just saw this comment on Circe’s post.

No. 1521965

I do too. She must be genuinely really mentally unwell to be getting up to all this shit. Bpd chans can be manipulative and truly suffering.

No. 1521977

Does anyone know/remember what happened to ally, the girl that thought she had bugs under her skin, not the Italian one

No. 1522006

I hope no one here pozloaded the negholep. The milk goes sour when farmers try to create it instead of just harvesting.

No. 1522018

Can we not engage with cows pls, ruining it for everyone

No. 1522053

File: 1651889611268.jpeg (340.33 KB, 1170x2023, 1633C9A8-F9E9-400A-BFA6-002936…)

The IP streak is gonna have to end if she doesn’t wanna die from her Ed

No. 1522055

Did Laura I discharge AMA from Rady Children’s Hospital. I saw she posted from home for her cat’s birthday, but she was at Rady in April. Usually Rady wouldn’t let someone leave until they are medically stable. I know ACUTE discharged her because she refused everything but do you think that’s what happened at Rady too? Does anyone know?

No. 1522056

No. 1522057

What’s her insta, I swear she got hacked

No. 1522059

her fashion account got taken over by spammers, yeah.

No. 1522061

File: 1651890367132.png (563.06 KB, 1074x508, Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 9.25…)

major kek that this larper who likes to post pictures of herself with ng tubes has started tagging her posts with #fatanorexic

No. 1522067

File: 1651890681544.png (998.99 KB, 1230x564, Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 9.29…)

Here's a post where she claims to have literally eaten nothing between July and when she went back to treatment at the end of september

No. 1522068

File: 1651890737716.png (1.01 MB, 753x748, Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 9.30…)

truly the face of someone who fasted for three months

No. 1522069

literally thought this was porgie for a second but i dont think shes claiming to have completely fasted for 3 months, just cut out grains. still hard to believe lmfao

No. 1522071

no1curr but bullshit she did aside i think she's pretty cute, just needs to be careful because the pipeline from chubby to obese is real and no one is cute when obese

No. 1522073

ayrt, oh fuck, yeah, I see that now. I read it as the idiom "haven't eaten a grain [of food]" but now see that I was just being dumb

but yeah, basically the american porgie.

No. 1522074

File: 1651891519645.png (668.7 KB, 603x620, Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 9.44…)

last post about her, but she also shares pictures of these hilariously gross looking meals that she's "challenging", along with videos of her eating

No. 1522106

Agreed. Sedrica is full of bs. She wants followers for being sick. If she wanted to get better she would have went inpatient long before she lost that much. This girls been on the decline for months with the same fake, no action hashtags. She’s clearly not keeping the food she’s cooking down. It’s so misleading to younger followers. It makes me angry, and she’s grown. She knows better.

No. 1522129

File: 1651897748374.jpg (390.03 KB, 1080x1209, 20220506_232831.jpg)

Laura appears to be home and is still very spoopy

No. 1522131

probably spent her hospitalization refusing to eat more or get tubed, as usual

No. 1522169

File: 1651900431692.jpg (300.92 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-05-07-15-04-52…)


No. 1522171

File: 1651900505406.jpg (Spoiler Image,345.81 KB, 1080x2073, Screenshot_2022-05-07-15-05-11…)

When you upload your 8th hospital admission….

No. 1522174

Not to mention she was in last night for apparent septic shock

No. 1522177

Laura is just annoying. She’s a textbook anorexic who refuses to grow up and wants to keep her disorder. I’m not entirely convinced she avoids self-posts here. Most posts are either poetic or making sure she’s called some form of “truly spooky” while still acknowledging the photo editing. She’s a liar and a manipulator. She should go on live stream if she wants people to actually believe her.

No. 1522185

What’s elzani up to now ? Her TT and YT are quiet.

No. 1522190

She just spits out lame quote after quote and expects them to help someone. It's platitudes. Empty words. Just to gain that sweet influencer status.

No. 1522200

File: 1651905046534.png (16.34 KB, 768x171, flourishingfxiry meds.png)

These are her meds, according to her tellonym. Neuroleptics make you fat, but topiramate makes you thin, so it might be a wash. Both also massively fuck with your cognition, combining both probably makes her borderline illiterate at this point.

No. 1522204

Sounds horrible. They're making her a vegetable.

No. 1522217

With any luck, she's living life.

No. 1522243

They can't talk about you by name for privacy reasons, idiot. If you overheard it so could someone else. You really want everyone on the ward to know your name and how sick you are for what? A crumb of validation?
I'd give my right tit to watch this

No. 1522244

Drug induced worms aly is pushing up daisies. >>1203376 tried finding the post on these threads but couldn't. I thought it was talked about again in the past thread or so.

No. 1522257

Kek Laura wishes she was a textbook anorexic. She's been chubby for years (probably in part due to her meds tbf). She's just a severe case of BPD. That's the cause of her regular foray into ED behaviours. All about the sweet, sweet attention.

No. 1522259

wrong Laura, anon means >>1522129

No. 1522261

Does Laura still have her gf? Wonder how that relationship works when Laura is just living in hospital.

No. 1522263

Ah, my mistake. That definitely makes more sense


Na, they broke up (on pretty bad terms I think). Just a few months back iirc. Probably for the reason you said. Laura lives in a hospital.

No. 1522265

I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did

No. 1522299

She looks about a second away from keeling over. The bones in her hand/arm are giving me the heebie jeebies.

No. 1522300

Looks like the hospital didn't do much for our hello kitty skelly.

No. 1522308

Cecelia wouldn't last a day in any kind of group living let's be real she's insufferable.

No. 1522310

this is so profoundly shopped. bones don't work this way no matter how much weight you lose. look at someone like ash and the difference is obvious—her proportions and bones are still human size and shape whereas Laura looks warped and plastic. it's impossible to tell what she looks like or even if she's spoopy irl bc her PS is so bad and she's always posing. i agree with >>1522177 that all the posts screaming about how SHE JUST REALLY IS THAT THIN are sus. just bc there aren't warped walls everywhere doesn't mean she doesn't PS hard, just the anatomy makes it transparent. it's been years since we've seen an unedited pic so we don't even know what she really looks like. there is no evidence she's any more than an average underweight malingerer like fi

No. 1522326

You can tell she's emaciated–doesn't mean she isn't a cow though. For me it's whatever at this point, nothings ever new with her. She's skelly and childish and has a creepy boyfriend.

No. 1522327

File: 1651933528132.png (10.06 MB, 1125x2436, 913E1D6C-82B6-4CA8-B989-8C9E32…)

I suspect all the annoying WKing several threads back was Laura as well. Also check out the coffee cup, dead giveaway of shoop

No. 1522329

Never does. She goes on FB and cries about how everything is so hard and that she’s “figuring out what to do”, finally goes somewhere and posts tons of pics of herself with her sailor moon blanket and obnoxious toddler bows, as well as all of her fan mail and new toys people buy off her wishlist. Then she either gets kicked out or leaves AMA. The cycle repeats a thousand times and everyone from previous treatment stays she’s FB friends with just pat her ass and tell her how “strong” she is.

No. 1522333

She wouldn't be admitted to units like ACUTE and Radys MBU if she wasn't spoopy/emaciated. The issue with her isn't that she's not profoundly ill with anorexia it's that she doesn't try to change and just fucks around and refuses to gain weight or be tubed.

No. 1522335

I'd pay good money to hear from any of Cece's college roommates.

No. 1522344

There are a couple of others on seg too, it’s not the type of ward that usually does it so they’ve doing crazy shit whatever it is. Shame as there are so many people who want to recover!

No. 1522353

I don't think anyone really believes or is even saying she's isn't spoopy/skelly. Just that she's a textbook case that won't ever change. Not really anything to argue.

Agree seems odd that an exercise addict would grin like the Cheshire cat being carted around by mummy and daddy. But that's Fi for you.

No. 1522364

Segregation is grim and not "treatment" and even munchies don't deserve it

No. 1522415

Yeah not to derail too much but why can’t she be on 2:1 just in the ward? Why isolated in an empty room? It really does seem like a cruel punishment. If she’s on 2:1 obs surely they can manage her risk so they are using it to force her into complying. It’s pretty draconian.

No. 1522428

Any Smorven updates? She's a favorite of mine, even if it's just the same old.

No. 1522439

What happened to her Jewish larp? It was JUST Passover. Did that lose her interest because she didn't get enough attention? I don't even ironically fucking hate that painfully ugly peice of waste.

No. 1522441

File: 1651943703654.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x2023, 475D7345-47AC-4F65-9050-AC7A43…)

More relapse baiting with hating “feeling full” and dieticians

No. 1522444

It's not derailing. She was a pretry popular subject a couple years back. Not all farmers are straight sociopaths. I don't think she deserves isolation.

No. 1522446

She just had to add shit to remind people she's the uwu sickest

No. 1522449

she posted ~mindful journaling prompts~ like usual and did not appear to go to a seder

No. 1522450

"sex", kek, is she going to go on about being asexual next?

No. 1522455

She’s totally going to get a nose tube soon

No. 1522457

she's going to try to wait until she's spoopy enough for acute, in my opinion

No. 1522466

Summer is coming, wonder when the dehydration arc is coming again so she can fast track admission.

No. 1522468

Pretty sure she said she wiped out her savings on her last round of treatment.

No. 1522489

I don’t know, she said her insurance didn’t cover acute (probably was lying though) and anyways she doesn’t seem the type to wait on help before getting that emaciated

No. 1522492

She probably either already has or will have private insurance through her employer, so maybe this is her chance kek

No. 1522498

To not be allowed in communal areas, they are a risk to others as well themselves. They don’t make the decision lightly. It will be for other patients safety and to make sure their treatment isn’t interrupted. It’s not a PICU.

No. 1522501

All of our ACUTE cows are spoopy as fuck. In ceces dreams. Cassie, Laura, Momsfavedissapointment etc. Not to praise Cece, but the ACUTE patients are far sicker, more entrenched, and less functional. She's larping. She didn't achieve an advanced degree despite being deathly ill, she achieved it because she wasn't.

No. 1522502

Can't really imagine Cecelia holding out that long. She's never been spoopy.

No. 1522503

Her facial expression is the single most punchable I've never come across on these threads.

No. 1522504

don't have to be spoopy to get a tube. See examples like >>1522068

Cece has had plenty before because she just refuses a few meals/snacks until the center's protocol requires a tube.

No. 1522507

Momsfavdisappointment is still in treatment and seemingly has lost weight again

No. 1522509

I don't think she's lost weight, she's just been posting a bunch of old pictures

No. 1522528

She’s like daisy in girl, interrupted. Daisy would wait until she had 6 chickens and then she knew it was time to go. She was a seasonal patient at McClean, like Cecilia is at ERC.

No. 1522535

File: 1651951483741.jpg (Spoiler Image,275.33 KB, 1080x1449, 20220507_142206.jpg)

No. 1522541

File: 1651952047128.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1170x2124, 8E0C10E3-31EB-4B02-B130-900CBC…)

poor baby she “just wants to feel better”

No. 1522546

just wants to get more attention, more like

No. 1522549

Oh honey no…

No. 1522552

File: 1651952573826.jpg (Spoiler Image,227.94 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20220507-204119_Ins…)

Only matter time before she has a of

No. 1522576

File: 1651954974392.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1798, 65001E6B-5786-49E3-9B66-6B1BF3…)

it’s so nice to see niamh looking genuinely normal and posting actually attractive photos. maybe she’s finally going to grow up and grow out of her anachan persona

No. 1522595

Please shut the fuck up, so creepy

No. 1522598

ah yes, the classic creepy move of … saying that it's nice that someone is doing well and not posting pictures in weird as fuck outfits that make them look bizarre

No. 1522637

Oh man she has her nipples pierced….think when she says work we all know what kind of work she means.

No. 1522656

File: 1651963934999.png (5.45 MB, 1125x2436, F438272C-A9ED-429F-A0F3-EAE372…)

more relapse baiting

No. 1522666

kek I saw that. She really is trying to say that she eats celery and carrots in mustard, as if that isn’t the most MPA thing ever. It’s because mustard has like 5 calories whereas Mayo has hundreds and ketchup has up to 30 a teaspoon. But she’s totally gonna say it’s personal preference or some shit

No. 1522692

what’s her issue with bird box? sandra bullock is triggering?

No. 1522693

I think it was stupider than that and she just doesn't like scary movies or something

No. 1522712

I hope not, but signs are pointing towards yes.

No. 1522716

Looks like a shooped photo. These skellies are annoying

No. 1522739

At least reply properly to posts, nobody knows who you're talking about. Click the post number of the post you're referencing.

No. 1522745

I did but Im on mobile so its weird.

I was refering to this one >>1522327

No. 1522757

They forced us in teenage hospital unit to watch a 40 minute film about a kid that wascompletely paralyzed from drunk driving. That was super triggering…why is Bird Box so bad? Its even less scary than A Quiet Place(no1curr)

No. 1522765

Anyone who has read Wasted (which includes all anachans) knows that Hornbacher mentions eating carrot sticks/celery with mustard during one of her restricting periods. Cece is insufferable to actually TELL other anachans that when they have all read that and all know that it’s bone rattling bullshit to eat it. Cece is just too dainty for condiments teehee definitely not showing all the others that she’s still the Best Anorexic

No. 1522781

She is absolutely relapsing and has lost a lot of weight since her discharge. (I think the photos were on the last thread) but doesnt need to wave it around in the air

Then again, maybe she just likes them. When youre on your period, stressed with school, or not eating full balanced meals anything salty like condiments and jarred pickles are the only thing you crave

No. 1522792

File: 1651978979254.jpg (352.73 KB, 720x1449, Screenshot_20220507-205713_Ins…)

Not much milk, but Fi sounding like Han is cringey to read.

These people need to realize recovery involves filling your life with things beyond posting and thinking about food or positive affirmations. For the love of god please I hope they stop posting about their EDs and get a life, even havinf social interaction or a vacation that has nothing to do with talking about "how far I've come" and being in tears not being able to find their yogurt at the store.

No. 1522816

File: 1651983047086.jpg (68.03 KB, 500x500, artworks-000513068865-up0kgo-t…)

I've been calling for months, never trust lovebombers, all of them, are straight out narcs, unless they are truly insecure depressive people deep down. Wich she isn't.
I call it out when she suddenly started soft-posting her body more often, she was testing the simping grounds and men will simp, no fail.
Her entire person it's completely fabricated, on top of that I will not disregard the notion that "mum" was on it all along for the easy IG cash grab as well.
Maybe in the next months, she will be no longer on this thread, instead she will be in some OF snowy post. It depends on how desperate she is for attention and money at the end.

No. 1522823


Didn’t the twins manage to get medical degrees despite being emaciated as fuck? And there’s y’all’s fav Zara seemingly handling uni despite looking the way she does.

No. 1522842

I'm not going to "hi cow" but why else would saying she looks good here bother you? She seems like a vapid little girl with no interests deeper than seeking external validation for her appearance so I have no hope for her getting a life worth living, but I agree she looks nice here. Usually the way she styles herself I can't tell if she's trying to look 17 or 37. Keep it up Niamh, the preppy looks suit you. Get a hobby though

No. 1522854

Why does she workout in her underwear?? She should at least get a sports bra and hotpants. More comfortable and wouldn't look so deranged.

No. 1522855

>I'm anti condiment
>Well actually I like this and that and this

No. 1522895

When you're anti condiment but still need to show you do the pro-ana tricks I guess. So super widdle and sick.

No. 1522896


That's the spoopiest she got in non-shopped videos, anon. She's a lot more "weight restored" now.

No. 1522915

I mean, I like mustard and would eat it with carrot sticks, etc., but she is definitely fabricating her way into a new relapse. On the picture before she wrote that she doesn't approve "taking sick days", so now, wenn it's time to go back into hospital, everyone will think how bad she must feel, because she is sick and doesn't want that. I give her until the end of July, after all it time for her summer vacation.

No. 1522920

File: 1652007584408.jpeg (464.03 KB, 828x1439, D8E12B84-4659-4A48-AA88-CB0982…)

You forgot this gem as well. In all her coffee pics she has a latte or something similar. But got to let everyone know ‘black Americanos’ are her favourite because she is just naturally an ana prodigy

No. 1522924

Could be: she’s hurt staff either accidentally (in restraint or throwing things) or on purpose on more than one occasion so even 2:1’s don’t feel safe, her incidents go on for so long it disrupts everyone else’s care (others can’t access a space because she’s in there/staff are all having to deal with her and can’t safely support others/she’s loud or verbally abusive which is triggering for others), or has been trying to abscond and hurting people trying to enter or exit the building whilst trying to get out. Those are just a couple examples of when segregation would be used over 2:1.

No. 1522929

>a coffee is an extravagance I don’t deserve
>here I am with my coffee, validate me

God she’s so manipulative

No. 1522932

File: 1652011057876.jpeg (279.05 KB, 1169x2051, 3A067821-BECE-4BD0-B3BF-25BD3F…)

Anyone know this tiktoker than nikolels shared? Making some weird barely put together statements about women or something. I think her brain is made of porridge.

No. 1522940

Her skelly fetishist boyfriend should he taking her to a hospital not fucking around with cats and hello kitty. She's going to keel over and get a creepy burial with plushies. Christ.

Cecelia is the single most embarrassing human being on the planet.

No. 1522942

"I didn't get my normal black Americano" she can choke.

No. 1522944

What the fuck is going on with her lips

No. 1522963

File: 1652017743660.jpg (Spoiler Image,244.74 KB, 1079x1919, Screenshot_20220508_144547.jpg)

Pixyteri I'm pooping vibes

No. 1522964

I'd love to know what goes on in that head, what is wrong with her. She must be missing a few brain cells.

No. 1522965

It's some attention whore tard (luka scout) who was mentioned last thread I believe, I kek'd at the comments about her spine. It's like a dodgy shaft animation.

No. 1522977

File: 1652019162357.jpg (Spoiler Image,289.31 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20220508-084839_Tik…)

Please spoiler this bitch, @lukascout is as shameless as EC (and shares her love for baggy diaper shorts). Her whole tiktok feed is bodychecking in her underpants. She has a blog with a section labeled Eating Disorders, and what little I read was so cheesy and pretentious its probably worth reading more for a laugh

No. 1522978

File: 1652019226372.jpg (428.47 KB, 1080x1638, Unravelled.jpg)

Sample of Luka's shitty writing

No. 1522988

After having quick peep at her tiktok, i've concluded that this: >>1441375
must surely be sarcasm

No. 1522989

Love n2f. So unhinged, so unapologetically herself.

No. 1523007

does anyone here know if that russian girl from Kazan is still around? i think the name was Darya, forgot the @

No. 1523028

This eye squinting is not a good look at her age. Those lines geez

No. 1523063

Is it Dasha/Daria Parxom out of curiosity? Just randomly searched the threads and the closest names I could find. >>1372866 Still kicking i believe if so. >>1424169

No. 1523074

Cecelia has the most unfortunate smile that's what

No. 1523107

File: 1652031955922.png (76.97 KB, 223x447, 4A3A5D35-051D-416D-9B6D-FF823E…)

It’s a good job she’s asexual because she is sinfully ugly. She reminds me of that sad dog from loony tunes

No. 1523112

Part of me think “leave her alone! She’s just working out she can wear what she wants!”
The other part of me thinks
“Holy fuck. She is bonkers”

No. 1523128

File: 1652034468748.jpg (383.38 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220508-192625_Ins…)

Christ, that GP is gonna get a shock seeing the state of her walking in the door. Sounds like she hasn't seen a Dr in a while. Maybe they'll actually attempt to do something.

No. 1523130

File: 1652034567180.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1151x2121, 67595CF4-5B9B-44CF-956A-E9D796…)

it buffles me how they can be so unwell yet still manage to take a pic in the a&e for the world to see

No. 1523132

Shhhh, don’t spook her

No. 1523136

Dont the mentally ill stay in bed for days? If you were unwell you would not be able to get out of bed. And IP wont force you to

No. 1523137

Honestly if you did a drinking game and took a shot every time she mentioned she is ‘really really unwell’ you would be absolutely paralytic or dead, kek.

No. 1523141

She has hundreds of likes on each of her Instagram posts definitely happy for the vain validation

No. 1523144

A coffee that size is 4$ is she super poor?

No. 1523225


I mean it's a common symptom of a lot of mental illness but it's not like every mentally ill person stays in bed constantly and can't drag themselves up even if they're dealing with physical illness also

No. 1523229

File: 1652042025860.jpeg (377.36 KB, 1170x2348, FD4EDF38-F24D-4349-9146-25A6F7…)

While we’re on the topic of TT bodycheckers. This one got called out and still pulls this move every vid

No. 1523263

File: 1652044781301.jpeg (284.58 KB, 828x1356, 562B795C-2D8B-48C7-A277-24DAFB…)

Scarletts been fairly quiet recently but revealed in the 2(?) years she has been ‘training’, her compulsive bodyche- sorry, posing practice has fucked up her back to the extent she can’t stand up straight anymore. The delusion needed to justify that as being OK is pretty impressive

No. 1523270

how old is she? Bodybuilding will ruin your body sooner or later, but not being able to stand straight anymore, she needs to go back to therapy and not only for that.

No. 1523279

File: 1652046366776.jpeg (436.02 KB, 960x1765, BE9A8666-DB64-4146-B989-3A6895…)

How are we not talking about Anna DeBeer ‘s new porno promo

No. 1523288

This is better than lying about MCAS

No. 1523308

File: 1652048407243.jpg (376.83 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20220509-001604_Ins…)

The way she's pulling up her panties looks uncomfortable. Also, why.

No. 1523325


Fiona's on Tiktok pretending to eat a Biscoff brownie as an OMG huge challenge when it's actually a protein bar (Alpha Bar). Bet she thinks no-one will realise because they're not mainstream bars. Fuck me they're expensive though. Good job she sponges off her parents or she'd be broke just for the amount she spends on bars.

No. 1523326


Fuck didn't mean to post that as a reply to something about Zara not Fiona. Oh well I'm retarded. What's new.

No. 1523336

"Porno"? Grow up

No. 1523374

File: 1652056490556.png (715.87 KB, 1099x511, Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 7.34…)

Why on earth is she being encouraged to eat four donuts for breakfast while in residential?

No. 1523377

Because some HAES type eating disorder clinics love to force feed you like a duck if you have to gain weight instead of increasing calories in a more normal or healthy way. If you’re on a “level x” meal plan and it’s donut challenge day yeah they’re going to make you have four of them and tell you it’s totally “healthy” and necessary

No. 1523379

this person isn't underweight, they're actually quite overweight >>1522068

No. 1523415

Ffs that doesn’t even make sense by inpatient standards then. Why the hell are they feeding her so much?!

No. 1523419


nowhere does she say they are force-feeding these to her tho. i think fatty just felt like binging on some donuts, then felt like bragging about it online.

No. 1523521

Inpatient facilities always have challenges a few days a week.

No. 1523525

eating four donuts and two cupcakes isn't a reasonable "challenge" that a facility is going to assign as part of learning normal eating, though. That's not bone-rattling - sure, eat a donut or two for breakfast and a cupcake later in the day, live your life, whatever. But that quantity is ridiculous for someone who shouldn't be on a weight gain mealplan.

No. 1523590

File: 1652072370621.png (8.96 MB, 1170x2532, A998D605-3434-4E04-80C5-6BD4AA…)

Porgie seeing a new GI specialist today looking like a fucking land whale. She’ll be laughed out of the office

No. 1523648

She's doing those influencer tricks to make her hips look better. It's weird how she's all for body positivity but then uses all these tricks and poses to change the way her body really looks, to fit a standard. To fit the insta influencer standard.. Funny that

No. 1523672

Once again proving how stupid she is. Sure, posing fucked her back. Unless she poses for hours and hours a day, I’d be more inclined to believe her shitty form and inadequate nutritional intake combined with her compulsive exercise is what’s actually fucked her back.

No. 1523674

File: 1652080365208.png (2.1 MB, 851x1473, moo cow milk.PNG)


also on the topic of Porgie, check out her NG at home supplies. A fucktonne of calories that she clearly doesnt need AT ALL!

No. 1523695

Only one more to get if off main, sorry gals

No. 1523698

She is OBSESSED with the tube feeds holy shit. I didn't think she'd go this far with it. She's loving every second of this.

No. 1523699

That’s a week supply kek

No. 1523706

whats even funnier is she still manages to hawk down huge steaks.

She's trying to blame an ED on her super serious gastro issues when its likely pre-diabetes related health problems.

Time for a Glucose Tolerance Test Porgie.

No. 1523885

Getting dressed at that size must definitely be a challenge

No. 1523940

bump for cp. gonna bleach my eyes now

No. 1523953

Cackling at the image of Ham hopping around in the kitchen in her new sweaty polyester knickers trying to find a thick-but-cute angle, instead of doing her uni work or hanging with friends. She's a zoomer cautionary tale.

No. 1523963

You'd think it's physically impossible to binge through a tube but Porgie is trying her best. >>1523590
The proportions of the door behind her… Is there a skinny filter on this whole photo? And her legs have too crisp an outline compared to other lighting in the photo. Unless she carries wait like an alcoholic man (all belly) I think she's shoopin.

No. 1524025

If she is so body positive, why is she sucking in?

No. 1524043


No. 1524045

>>1523953 Had to laugh about 'I've never had a thigh gap' No shit Ham because you have never been underweight! Then tries to say its all down to bone structure..Nope If you are underweight you will have a thigh gap Ham but keep convincing yourself

No. 1524061

This isn't actually true. Underweight is a huge spectrum and some people really do have a bone structure which isn't prone to a thigh gap. But yeah, she's never been underweight or anorexic.

No. 1524067

File: 1652108374330.jpg (646.49 KB, 1079x1891, Screenshot_20220509_155855.jpg)

not really milk, just the most punchable face I've ever seen

No. 1524145

Agreed some peoples bone structure means they are more or less likely to have natural thigh gap however if you are underweight regardless of hip/pelvis make up you will have a thigh gap when your thighs are thin. Ham is just plain dumb.She thinks posting pics of her chubby thighs in her underwear is inspiration. How the fuck she can use #anorexiawarrior #anorexiasurvivor as a hash tag makes her as stupid as she looks. She boils my piss

No. 1524272

File: 1652116293966.png (2.19 MB, 992x1561, Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 11.1…)

The strained acting is really painful to look at. If you were this nervous you'd be an anxious wreck unable to take selfies. College will mess your mind up

No. 1524305

she would be perfect as an actress in a German soap, she has the same acting skills as them. Also, those eyebrows are killing me, I hate those eyebrow trends of the past years.

No. 1524369

Why is she taking a levels at this age? I thought you sat for them at 16/17?

No. 1524395

Maybe she got them mixed up? She was homeschooled? Or she's behind on education which is fine at least she's catching up

No. 1524405

yeah, I don't know, this feels like a silly criticism. It's pretty normal for teenage girls to take selfies like that so Ham is actually acting more like a normal teenage girl for once. Much better than her LARPing.

No. 1524409

File: 1652125499964.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x1821, 103E6647-05B6-4CF9-81DD-0A2C9A…)

Her face is actually starting to look kind of bad

No. 1524412

She previously dropped out due to depression

No. 1524427

Cece just has an unfortunate horse face. Ofc the relapse isn't doing her any favors.

No. 1524491

You know she likes her booze

No. 1524512


She's just naturally ugly. I'm already over her relapse charade.

No. 1524531

It’s like someone described high cut panties to her didn’t tell her that she could actually just buy them.

No. 1524561

File: 1652138532094.jpeg (288.53 KB, 828x1415, E1A54D55-6A43-4B2C-B374-D837E9…)

crossover arc

No. 1524563

Was just about to post this, damn who would have thought that cecelia and nikol would interact

No. 1524566

No FR I saw it and wheezed, it was fucking wild. I think Nikkolels def lurks here bc that comment was said right after someone posted about her horse face here.

No. 1524567


Exactly why she’s posted it. So everybody can see. Her pretending to be innocent about her blatant manipulation is more than irritating.

No. 1524596

a few times a week? I'm glad we only did it once a week.

No. 1524599

no one cares, anachan

No. 1524611

kek wtf

No. 1524612

What was that in response to?

No. 1524615

File: 1652142859059.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x2124, 297DFFA9-6516-454D-9F4C-DE767D…)

Mmm some more Ed recovery with a side of strained neck/collarbones

No. 1524674

File: 1652150035369.png (262.73 KB, 340x578, neigh.png)

No. 1524685

Admitting that she's heard horse face her whole life

No. 1524692

imagine being like 30 replying directly to your lolcow thread on IG. ##that grande dragon drink has 115 more calories than an iced americano. marya hornbacher is disappoint*

No. 1524694

don't worry, she'll dramatically confess in two or three months that she's stopped eating what she posts

No. 1524706


So obvious she took 10 photos to get her arm at the smallest angle. She hasn't mentioned being SEED in a while, I guess she's realized she oversold how sick she was and now her only means of damage control is to lose weight (briefly… or do coke and b/p again).

How do employers not google her and see this stuff? I guess this site would have too much jargon in it to make sense. But I would not be keen on hiring someone whose social media clout hinges on their self-induced dysfunction.

No. 1524755

Surprised Elzani hasn’t taken her long hospital one down off YouTube - does she really want employers to see that?

No. 1524762

ahh my fave kiwi cow, i haven't checked up on her in a while. good to see she's still exactly the same.

No. 1524786

She's a brave warrior and wants everyone to know that

No. 1524796

bold to think Elzani will ever get a job and stop spending her entire life making pancakes

No. 1524820

She’s ostensibly replying to Nikkolel’s message

No. 1524826

Is that even the real Nikole, or someone’s sock puppet? It only has 1000 followers compared to nikolvanilla’s 10k. But kek, does it say they follow each other?

No. 1524831

She’s thirty now. Facial fat has decreased with age and now the weight loss

No. 1524839

you do a-levels when you're 17/18 but i think ham took a year out for her mental health

No. 1524865

Nobody tell Ham the chubbier her face gets the more ludicrous her Pixar dreamgirl expressions become. I don't think she realizes what she'll lose (no pun intended) by becoming truly overweight if she stays on this path. She's young and pretty (imo) and she's eating it away.

She's already too big to be an inspiration to ana girls who want to be normal but still attractive, looking at her as the "recovery after" is scary to them. And she's not thick, she doesn't carry weight in the way a plus size model does - no matter how high she hikes up her undies.

Good for her for carrying on her education though. Hopefully she'll make like Molly and grow out of this phase.

No. 1524886

Ham's always been a cautionary tale against recovery: a normal weight turned overweight wannarexic, aiming for obesity and calling it recovery? There's a lot of fear around trading one ED for another so if you don't know what you look like to other people and see "anorexic" looks like this chunky bitch, how the hell do you justify further weight gain? Why trade the health risks of anorexia for the health risks of obesity?

Ham's whole social media presence is poison to recovery and I'd think she was doing it on purpose if she understood the thought process behind the disorder, but she's just a munching fraud triggering imposter syndrome in a mentally ill population she wants so desperately to fit into and can't, pun intended.
And I agree, Ham actually is pretty in a plain, girl-next-door sort of way so it's a screaming shame she's such a cloutsick scumbag. It's clear why she has no friends but she could stand to get a hobby so the larp isn't absolutely all she has

No. 1524893

File: 1652184625909.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x1997, E75A1936-22F6-498D-B2A6-A0FA59…)

our “just breathe” queen might be in a competition with Niamh as to who's legs are furthest apart in each photo

No. 1524916

Her proportions look strange. This pic is a bit uncanny valley

No. 1524924

No offense anon but of course she looks strange, she's starved herself half to death, there is no way to look normal when you're this spoopy.

Same goes for any other subject ITT, some anonitas are a bit too quick to cry shoop considering the tragic state of their bodies.

No. 1524933

Anons also are dumbfags if they think someone can shoop themselves skelly. Some of the skellies or death tiers do shoop but it doesn't mean they aren't spoopy on top of it either. Fi is unfortunate looking for sure though.

No. 1524980

I don't really think employers can or will take a gossip forum littered with the faggot and retarded as gospel kek. I'm sure they see it though.

No. 1524999

Blowing it up in photoshop the image says something like "taking the – of the weekend of from social media, see you in a day or –" two words were too blurry for me to guess, but that's the jist.

No. 1525001

Cece posted on her story saying she was taking the weekend off social media or something like that but that she'd be back

No. 1525075

File: 1652204084935.jpg (606.78 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20220510_183146.jpg)

If your messy closet is bothering you why wouldn't you clear it out instead of making whiny posts about it? As though it's something completely out of her control, instead of something she could easily fix with an hour's work. It's not like she's got anything else to do but post creepy eating/dancing videos with copy-pasted sadgirl captions. She's so wilfully helpless and it's infuriating.

No. 1525079

I would definitely have a look at a gossip forum (besides their social media accounts) before I would hire someone and I would exclude people from even being interviewed. No way I would employ someone like Shayna, Amanda or Cece or all those troons.

No. 1525106

I couldn’t even imagine having Cece as a coworker. If she is annoying in person as she is online, I would go crazy

No. 1525142

Good grief the plushies

No. 1525204

But we never or rarely use people's real names, so how would an employer even find them? Do we even know Cece's full name other than Cecilia Frances something-or-other??

No. 1525205

OP and dumbfag all I had to do was search "Cecelia sap Seattle" to find her full name.. it's Cecelia Rehm…

No. 1525257

Are there any full body weight restored potoroos of her legs on her IG or TT?

No. 1525268

she has it on her insta anyway lmao, so people could write to her at erc

No. 1525269

it's really easy to find people on social media, phone number, names, names with cities, like nonna above said. If it's important for you, that the people you employ fit your company, you will have a closer look and today there are people that put their public social media account even into their application

damn, I had a look at her linkedin and that wall of text is killing me.

No. 1525279

File: 1652222183656.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1889, 82DD8435-B095-4334-B184-81FFDD…)

oh dear. somehow the poses are even more infuriating when she’s a normal size.

No. 1525317

Grow up

No. 1525427

File: 1652238615395.png (5.07 MB, 828x1792, ED1074DF-82BE-468D-9FCA-47A3E5…)

No. 1525428

File: 1652238642384.png (5.2 MB, 828x1792, 5B4FB52B-DA2A-42C2-ACC1-B3BE4F…)


No. 1525436

>What inspires me most about Leila is her faith in me, nature, and God

No. 1525447


Hey, Hana Belt, stop self-posting and work on helping yourself. I know exactly who you are and it’s disappointing that you are creating situations you can then use as excuses to keep being sick. Work on yourself.

No. 1525450

I love when people self post and then discover that nobody is interested in talking about them anyway

No. 1525462

She's just being a typical zoomer. She isn't straining or anything just vain.

No. 1525480

File: 1652244470165.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1145x2071, 89B1D953-4348-4943-920E-587CF6…)

Inspirational music while she eats a tiny sliver of cheesecake

No. 1525499

No doubt with an engraved teaspoon

No. 1525505

Other people deleted their accounts on social media when they grew up! Lottie lives, Lucy ward, Emily newly. Paris never posts on yt but not because she’s green up. Lolitaisdeadnever does either.

No. 1525521

File: 1652252037565.jpeg (327.2 KB, 640x819, 2AB34282-35A2-404D-907D-6B9ACE…)

Kek go watch the full video it’s so funny.
Just wtf are these poses? She looks special needs.

No. 1525522

She needs to wash her socks

No. 1525527

I wish she’d clean her room

No. 1525547


No. 1525570

Did she self-post before? Feels odd she's trying to get inserted again. Good to know she's changed from using @starvingcat though.

Oh wait no, she posted about this person >>1519644 kek. She yeah, she probably has self-posted.

Foound her instagram because she tried getting another lady to drop her Instagram so she could have it. Is she actually studying neuroscience? https://www.instagram.com/lily_beltt/

No. 1525641

OT but that's a cute outfit. Lavender and yellow suits her well, also she really isn't milky and I don't think anyone has cared for her antics except EDtwt cows ITT

No. 1525651

“normal” ok anachan

No. 1525733

File: 1652281360983.jpg (132.68 KB, 720x706, Screenshot_20220511-085802_You…)

Bringing up a certain type of veganism as it is basically forcing your body on a famine diet… these raw foodies spread proana ideology in their youtubes

This one is TannyRaw who lies about her botox and fillers on her face at 50-60… proudly touts that she lost 100+ pounds eating nothing but raw food to sell her book.

No. 1525736

I’d wager half of the regular posters itt are anachans or fat wannarexics kek

No. 1525739

File: 1652281660313.jpg (81.67 KB, 720x526, Screenshot_20220511-090630_You…)

Get Fit With Natasha also spotting a full blown body check in their recent video enough to get banned on TikTok but not YouTube

No. 1525752

And Freelee with her exercise addictiong and lies about how much she eats..

No. 1525757


Theyll all be feeling the effects of 50 bananas a day when they get osteoporosis and B12 injections. This ex-vegan shared how the raw food hippie cult affected her and her children very well.

Unfortunately these gremlins were able to breed and now force their low fat, fruit only diet on their babies. Their kids starve while they do body checks and talk about how much "life and vitality" they have slowly starving to death on Instagram.

No. 1525768

File: 1652284035276.jpeg (336.44 KB, 1170x2158, E62F6792-8D46-4DEE-BAFE-E42B52…)

When will she stop posing like this oh my god

No. 1525772

this is not the flex you think it is

No. 1525775

this is no great revelation nonnie , it’s not a secret that most anons on this thread have EDs.

No. 1525790

Speak for your fucking self and not the whole damn thread. Not all of us are so proud of our pathetic life status and we even have enough self respect to have never graced the shit lined walls of MPA and just come here for some keks.

No. 1525839

Anyone familiar with Valerie Lundquist? Popped up on yt, she’s blatantly underweight but either makes post defending her skinniness, insisting she’s trying to gain weight, or talks about working out 7 days a week

No. 1525883

She's a model though, they're a dime a dozen on youtube & not interesting. I thought it's part and parcel of being a model, though a fair few fake eating pizzas and the likes for the camera to avoid being accused of eating disorders etc.

No. 1525946

No shit. This thread is a cesspool of sperging and infighting about things only anachans care about like hams non existent thigh gap and if it's normal to occasionally eat a cupcake.

No. 1525983

File: 1652296695577.png (4.21 MB, 2190x1150, Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 3.14…)


if you look at her instagram you can basically track the progression from normal thin girl to the kind of thin that would make someone question an ED like the other anon. i understand how it's an expectation of the job to be in shape, and it's probably more just her trying to be employable than actually having serious eating issues, but i have no idea why she thinks it's a good thing to talk about on her social media. talking about diet and a rigorous exercise routine is naturally going to raise questions.

the other thing i don't get is she seems to be more of an ecomm/instagram brands model than a runway model, so she doesn't actually have to be as thin (and toned) as she is. maybe she's trying to get online fame for her body? i honestly can't tell.

No. 1526022

Oh yeah and she posts videos of food from multiple days to try and make it seem like she eats more in a day, and takes minuscule (like squidward biting into the burger meme) bites of dessert. She even posts tiktoks that make jokes about her being too skinny etc. Seems a lot more milky than other models that are just orthorexic

No. 1526025

Tbh i don’t understand her wanting to be skinny to get famous, her body isn’t even desirably skinny like other models. She just looks like an anorexic boy

No. 1526028

File: 1652299339127.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x2036, 84DFFF48-1830-4D88-B6A0-ECC5DD…)

wth is she talking about?
all i read/see is notice me, feel pity for me

No. 1526075

Emma is always munching and pretending she's on the verge of death. It's especially tasteless because her mom actually died recently.

No. 1526076

File: 1652303010034.jpeg (416.49 KB, 1170x2143, 926987B6-2AB0-42DD-B48F-6EB18C…)

Not S trying to convince us she’s only now gotten to a healthy weight as if she wasn’t on admission

No. 1526081

"through the grave of God" kek

No. 1526102

File: 1652304776434.jpeg (2.13 MB, 1170x2259, 45FF3E60-B4EA-4484-922C-19F15A…)

did Fiona mentioned at all that its her birthday next week?

No. 1526120

File: 1652306421249.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1170x2127, 78A68204-DB3F-43B3-B814-D28A23…)

lurk moar, niamh

No. 1526165

File: 1652309447620.jpg (789.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220511-183710_Tik…)

She did a dance tik tok and you can clearly see she is trying to relapse.
She looks unhealthy now

No. 1526177

File: 1652310288911.jpg (1003.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220511-190434_Tik…)

Such a punchable face

No. 1526179

Her face looks thinner when she has her hair framing her face. And knowing how manipulative and premeditated she is, I think she partly does this on purpose to make her cheekbones look sharper. It’s an old trick.

No. 1526198

File: 1652311527587.png (734.61 KB, 526x927, asdghjkl;lkjhgfds.png)

Cece awkwardly angling her arm to look as spoopy as possible, in the process making her tits look like they're sagging to her belly button. She's late 20's right? How much longer does she think her body can put up with these rapid weight fluctuations. And for what? Validation from strangers online about how ~sooper serious~ her ED is? What a waste of a life.

No. 1526199

Yes. Very late 20s indeed, she'll be turning 30 this month.

No. 1526216

She really won't do well with this in her 30's. Hope she's prepared for hair loss, gum recession and bone loss, premature aging, joint problems, worsening digestive issues. And eventual heart/organ damage from the constant stress to her body. I literally can't wrap my head around her motives. Some of these cows I get it, they feel hopeless and without purpose, people like Fiona. But Cece is smart, well educated, financially stable, has a career that will probably always leave her with job opportunities in her field. She has everything these cows need to succeed, why not just get a different hobby other than ana larping? Her antics leave me completely baffled.

No. 1526220

I don’t think Cece can handle the real world. I think she’s scared of actually being successful. She’s worried that people are going to see right through her and think she isn’t particularly smart/talented/pretty and she needs to just always be the best at something. She defaults to anorexia because she knows it’s the one thing she will always be able to do if she tries hard enough. It’s honestly really sad but I think she really doesn’t have enough self esteem to get other accomplishments without self-sabotaging

No. 1526222

No. 1526270

Kek, she got a whole ass gossip news site to praise this shit. Imagine her peers and colleagues seeing this. Essentially showed the whole world her body.

No. 1526277

File: 1652315703989.png (653.36 KB, 674x851, kjhgfdswertyhujk.png)

I kind of feel bad for her, I mean this is just embarrassing. "Influencer" lol

No. 1526281

File: 1652315887116.png (679.05 KB, 651x847, lkjhgtfrdsderfghjk.png)

And it's creepy how the article highlights the fact that she's a barely legal teenager, scrote culture is gross.

No. 1526283

File: 1652316001776.png (43.16 KB, 665x519, kiuytresdcvfbhnjm.png)

The comments on the article don't offer much praise lol

No. 1526311

Honestly you are the creep for taking it that way, it's common practice to state the age of the person they are talking about in any article. Why would you immediately make that connection 18= barely legal ? Unless you are thinking about fucking her, that's one weird way to think about anon. You perv.

No. 1526321

Nona I am a grown ass straight woman, you think I'm thinking of this little tubby teenager in a sexual way? I think of her as an annoying kid making bad choices online, which she is. Bitch the people I wanna bed are like 50 year old men lol, it's creepy the article wrote about a teenager in her bra and panties, sorry for using a well known term to emphasize the creepiness of the article, shoo you little grammar nazi.

No. 1526347

Confused about why we say Cece is larping. She’s been clearly ill in the past and seems headed that way again. Not like true larpers Ham and Porgie

No. 1526355

cece isn't larping, she's just insufferable and attention seeking

No. 1526364

File: 1652320487465.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1474, 202C599F-07A2-4941-890E-B50A2C…)

Zara just because you’ve managed to go this long without dying doesn’t mean you’re fine. You get worse by the day. I actually like Zara, I think she has great potential, but she is deeply in denial and needs to grow up and realize she needs help.

No. 1526375

Agreed. She genuinely is sick and has an ED. She just won’t actually put in the work to recover and live a good life

No. 1526376

It's more that this thread is full of bottom feeding anachans who will say anything to invalidate even the skellies and spoops. Many thread subject are actually emaciated/ill. Cece may not be spoop tier but she's definitely not pretending to have an ED.

No. 1526378

Ham is cute. She could be a girl blogger if she stopped larping.

No. 1526386

She has in the past (and probably will again in the future) portray herself to be far more severe than she is. She is not SEED. She was not acute level. And she has not been at an unhealthy low weight for the majority of the time that she claims to have had an eating disorder (pretty much only the last year or 2 IIRC). But she does obviously have a real ED, which she absolutely loves and has made a core feature of her identity so I doubt we’ll ever stop hearing about it or that she will recover. So she might actually become her coveted SEED diagnosis after all. Also she is just the worst and is extremely toxic and manipulative online.

No. 1526387

I agree she's underweight, that's why I said her body isn't going to be able to put up with rapid weight fluctuations as she gets older. I just don't think being underweight for attention is the same thing as anorexia, that's why I said she was larping. But I should've clarified that better in my original post, my bad. Definitely not denying her weight is ana tier though.

No. 1526388

ayrt - I absolutely agree. It's her exaggerating, unpleasantness, lying, and attention seeking that makes her a cow

No. 1526397

Who predicts an ERC summer vacation?

No. 1526398

I mean 75lbs is pretty close to acute level for her height. I’m the one who was in treatment with her and honestly she’s pretty legit, as much as I know we hate her on principle

No. 1526402

Unless you have any kind of proof that she was 75lbs I would never believe that number and would even think that you might be Cece herself, on here to further her narrative.

No. 1526411

She sent someone pics of the scale, pop up if that was you

No. 1526426

“Home health” for birth-3 is early intervention, which is not a prestigious SLP position at all. It’s the lowest paying type of SLP position in fact as it’s entirely funded by the state. I really thought she was working in a hospital, that’s what she made it seem like. Consistent with all the other attention seeking. Yeah, she has an ED and is an SLP but makes such a big fucking deal about it as if she is the most special and unique individual in the entire world. She’s not, she’s up there with most irritating tho

No. 1526431

I work in media, we always specify the age of the people who are the main target of the articles. It isn't creepy. Her pic is just not a good one, but she is wearing the same amount of clothing she would at a public beach.


No. 1526439

You don't need to work in media to understand that age is usually disclosed in an article retard. I'm saying it's creepy for someone to write an article praising an 18 year old for taking her clothes off. It would be just as creepy to me if they posted her in a swimsuit as well. Go suck Ham's sweaty dick elsewhere weirdo

No. 1526443

School SLPs make a lot less. Besides she works at a private clinic that does early intervention, not for the state. Also not sure what this has to do with her ed, vendetta much?

No. 1526445

oh no, poor cece, gotta defend her on the internet!!

No. 1526447

Pretty sure mommy and daddy are paying her rent and helping her pay for appointments.
Post pics or shoo. Scales are easily manipulated just like her height that changes depending on the day
Flooding of unsaged posts? Not suspicious at all!

No. 1526448

and you know where she works how?

No. 1526450

File: 1652327340703.jpeg (Spoiler Image,703.43 KB, 828x1170, 66BA38E4-E14A-4956-AEE5-2C41E0…)

I can’t recall Cece admitting to purging lately but I noticed what looks like Russell’s sign.

No. 1526454

she’s been a chronic purger her whole ed history which is the only reason she’s been hospitalized so much, wouldn’t be surprising(learn2sage)

No. 1526466

sage. please

No. 1526470

gramma core

No. 1526484

No. 1526503

Go back to reddit if you want to cape for scrotes; did you write the article or something? Talking about a barely legal teenage girl's changing body and showing photos of her in her underwear is absolutely fucking creepy and if you can't see the pedophilic undertones in that context you can fuck off. There are 2 reasons that article has no "before" photos:
1, are they really gonna show an underage girl in her underwear or can we all agree that would be inappropriate?
2, she was never underweight. Any images of her at her lowest would be much less shocking than whatever readers can imagine, but inviting people to imagine an underage girl's body is still gross.
At least if poor Ham was posting that crap to onlyfans she'd be making money off the embarrassment, but instead she's giving her lewds away for nothing but exposure. Clout is a disease

No. 1526505

Eating disorder survivor?? Not sure which is funnier that or the influencer claim kek. Ham reaches a new low with Daily Star article (the only low she ever will reach as it doesn't require self control)

No. 1526509

Careful, grammar-nazi anon will accuse you of wanting to fuck Ham too for using the term "barely legal" lol tinfoil but it could be one of Ham's simps trying to whiteknight for her, if she has simps

No. 1526520

Also the "underwear covers the same amount as a bikini" crap is a classic groomer fallacy and you're wrong for trying it. Underwear isn't meant to be seen like swimwear is, and she's not in public, she's in the privacy of her home. Eugenia wears more than that to the beach and still flashes her diaper on Instagram. Are upskirt photos not creepy because they're technically fully dressed? Foh

No. 1526521

Russel's sign more obvious in >>1526177

No. 1526530

Kek its the guy that eats only raw meat, went to a mental hospital for 2 months and was tubbed because he only would eat raw meat, and ate raw meat at a vegan festival. Nothing wrong with raw veganism!

No. 1526532

I'm watching this guy since years now. Most of the things he says are facts and true. Raw Veganismn is just stupid

No. 1526533

If u think that's "cute" u really need to go more outside…

No. 1526536

Isn't he the guy who made a video saying all women should give birth young so their bodies get bigger hips and breasts and then they wouldn't be insecure. He said that girls and women walking around today don't look how they're "supposed too" because they didn't give birth young, and that doing so was their purpose. If so he's retarded and I hope he dies of e. coli

No. 1526537

Shhh anon don’t draw attention to the obvious signs of purging cece is a delicate restrictive ana queen

No. 1526547

There it is. All she wanted was to become an influencer. Now she's getting the attention her parents probably never gave her. Now she'll keep stuffing her face because she gets praised for doing that because she "had severe anorexia". This whole thing was orchestrated from the start. Good job Ham. Enjoy your diabetes and health issues that are to come.

No. 1526555

She looks older then her mother

No. 1526558

It’s so weird to have the attitude of “screw you all, in living my best life!” whilst she’s literally starving herself to death. Bizarre to act high and mighty when she looks like a jaundiced skeleton with bad makeup and passed only the FIRST year of uni. Half of the first year of uni is getting library tours and learning to reference. Literally everyone passes their first year kek.

No. 1526582

How much do you recon she weighs??? Above 65kg?

No. 1526583

Zara, saying you'd end up in hospital by the end of the year wasn't a fuck you it was wishful thinking since you're obviously too far gone to help yourself. Anosognosia's a bitch I guess, but so are you, telling people "fuck you" for worrying about you. No wonder nobody cares enough to get you help

No. 1526586


No. 1526587

I think around 65-70kg

No. 1526595

File: 1652351801617.png (9.41 MB, 1170x2532, CFDEA9F3-9FFE-4843-AACF-77D092…)

i hate the term body checking but come on lol

No. 1526600

Exactly how I feel about Zara. Unfortunately at this point it's looking like she's gonna drop. Probably doesn't help that she's cut out her mum. I was holding out hope she'd be hospitalised after her Dr's appointment the other day but no such luck.

No. 1526617

Raw veganism is stupid, but so is eating only meat. He’s no better than a raw vegan.

No. 1526619

Depends. How tall is she?

No. 1526653

Kek I love how she always wears the old lady pearls no matter how bad it clashes with the rest of her outfit. With the pony beads? Really? And if she wants to pretend she's posting for fashion how is everything she owns so wrinkled like her whole closet lives crumpled in piles on her bedroom floor?

No. 1526657

I wrote the last two but not the previous ones (not Cece, just another thread regular). I’m literally saying she’s throwing her life away for attention, in what world would she say that about herself

No. 1526662

This is what i don't get and it makes me feel ancient, why would you body check on social media? I can't imagine there being the same level of compulsion, and body checking normally is a very private thing. Is it to phish for responses or something?

No. 1526664

You’re obviously not that regular since you can’t fucking sage your non-milk non-contributions.

No. 1526670

nonnie type sage into the email field so that your 'anonymous' name is blue

No. 1526673

But.. but men need raw meat for that bloodlust anon! Modern day non-work is highly competitive! (partial reference to a debate interview i saw that gave me plenty 'o keks). Searching for him, and he's a flat earther, who would have guessed. But i take back my bloodlust reference, by sounds he's already stabbed people in the past (class mates), maybe he should go raw vegan kek.

No. 1526684

File: 1652364879306.jpeg (231.48 KB, 750x914, BDB72D93-E899-4E9B-818F-439510…)

Didn’t see this coming kek

No. 1526691

I agree, it is weird to write an article about body positivity and use pictures of an 18 y/o in her underwear, you can’t really deny that. Especially with that comment from happyboy123 (probably an old scrote) saying he’d sooner look at her than Victoria Beckham or whatever.
Yes, he said those things and even more shit like men shouldn’t wear condoms, bragging about how he has never worn one and that real women should have 20 babies in their life. Nonnie if you actually have watched him for years you should seek mental help and maybe check your colon for cancerous growths if you actually listen to him.

No. 1526701

It’s telling that she thinks we are wishing her harm by saying she should be hospitalised l. No babe, we just don’t want you to die. Sure, IP can be unhelpful for recovery in some ways but it’s clearly necessary when someone can’t get out of the spoop territory alone. the way she is so so against it just shows how terrified she is of being made to gain weight and more importantly, might make people who need a higher level of care feel like they don’t need it if recovery kween Zara says it’s a bad thing

No. 1526702

I honestly can’t tell if Zara is self-aware or just straight up delusional.

No. 1526748

I literally said it’s another thing that she over exaggerates on the Internet, like her ED. She acts like the greatest SLP to ever exist, just like she’s also the sickest ana-chan to ever exist

No. 1526752

If think she’s self aware and getting off on being a recovery queen and a spoop at the same time. Probs looks at the posts of her konjac noodles juxtaposed to the inspirational recovery bullshit and laughs maniacally

No. 1526756

What's with all the unsaged Cece wking? She constantly exaggerates how sick she is. Nobody said she doesn't have an ed. She also waxes poetic about how sensitive and bright she is. It's what makes her so punchable.

No. 1526758

It reminds me of Chii back in the day acting superior and shaming all the other anachans for needing ip since she was "sicker and did it alone"

No. 1526765

Back in the day? Chii is still doing that shit.
Also kek- still can't believe chii outed herself here with vendetta on nik

No. 1526777

File: 1652373999220.jpeg (202.45 KB, 640x680, 78505FEE-39FE-466F-82A8-0A710F…)

The comments lol

No. 1526778

File: 1652374124141.jpeg (51.31 KB, 640x308, 4AEEF6EA-F2AC-43C6-8DCD-21A9F6…)

No. 1526781

Tbh victoria beckham is an orthorexic mess, hearing David and what his family go through with her was awful. Kids are normally a huge motivator for people to recover, especially when they have daughters. And "men prefer women with curves" eurgh, with her looking older than her age i assume some creepy guys are getting off on her.

No. 1526788

Oh kek I unfollowed chii a while back because she's insufferable, even for farming.

No. 1526790

File: 1652375434849.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x2163, 870A4183-6BA2-4BAD-A6E1-C6A5D6…)

God it seems like almost no recovery insta is safe from sick body checks

No. 1526796

Dani is incredibly boring because she just posts sick body checks and dumb orthorexic lifting bullshit over and over. An American Ganer, honestly.

No. 1526798

Nothing new there with Dani, she sucks and desperately needs a therapist instead of a tik tok account

No. 1526808

This bitch annoys me more than ganer but I can't put my finger on why.

No. 1526827

Chii being outed as a farmer after years of acting superior is still one of the funniest things to ever grace these threads.

No. 1526930

File: 1652383835491.png (7.83 MB, 1170x2532, 3A04B949-67C0-472D-B81A-1BE264…)

im surprised Erica hasn’t been talked about. Every video is her in her hospital bed being oh so sick, except when she dances with her legs pushed apart. Literally all her videos are the same boring shit, “oh no it’s hard to see the scale go up”, “oh no I’m struggling so much”.

No. 1526953

File: 1652385962980.jpg (167.68 KB, 720x1416, Screenshot_20220512-140407_You…)

Fi's full recovery breakfast is a large bowl of oatmeal and a few slivers of banana. Your body needs protein, good fats, fruits, and veggies every meal not this nutritionally deficient sluge.

No. 1527013

I honestly just think it's for attention. They love getting the "omg you're so tiny I'm worried" responses.

No. 1527016

Tinfoil but the only person I know to say pop up is Fi…..

No. 1527028

Honestly any sane doctor would take one look at her, check her weight and send her straight to A&E. What’s her BMI like 11, it’s been done for higher that’s for sure.

No. 1527030

Fiona's farmer arc kek

No. 1527049

Zara is absolutely delusional but I think deep down she knows she’s fucked. There’s no way she functions well at her size.

No. 1527050

can yall please fucking sage nonmilk. please. the last 2 days have been ridiculous.

No. 1527054

but niamh is now pretty healthy looking post-IP (a good thing, she looks great)

No. 1527055

spooky scary skeletons
send shivers down my spine
Shrieking skulls will shock your soul
Seal your doom tonight(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1527097

File: 1652397051569.jpg (Spoiler Image,187.93 KB, 720x1413, Screenshot_20220512-170706_Chr…)

Update on Eatglitter, no longer selling her vegan date, lettuce, and tomato diet…but now selling 200$ set of skimpy underwear with FREE thinspo under her new brand!

Because of EG I'm almost glad Han is advertising underwear and might get paid for it with her follower count.

No. 1527150

Exactly but this has me wondering. If Fiona’s parents and team have control of her meals and her parents are still making her food, why are they putting the smallest slices of banana possible on top? I’m guessing Fiona would start rubbing her face and fling herself on the ground like a toddler if her mom put normal sized banana slices on there.

No. 1527195

Of course fi and cece share a sign

No. 1527202

seriously. she would have to be way under 5 feet tall for anyone to believe she was that low in weight- we’ve seen the picture. It’s so unnecessary and stupid to lie.

No. 1527215

Cece actually is pretty sick anon, theyve lost a looot of weight since discharge. Its noticeable in side by side pics.

Yes, he made a video titled "A woman's purpose" to mirror his obsessive pregnancy fetish and stated it's not wrong to be physically attracted to budding 15 year old girls.

His raw vegan interviews are great but the other mysoginistic, transphobic rot is still there.

No. 1527221

Han is very pretty, I hope nobody takes advantage of her, may not be a problem since she is with her mom a lot.

She still has a lot of time to move on from posting about her oatmeal bowls and ED every 3 seconds

No. 1527291

leave, faggot

No. 1527296

Dani is a clown, but not really in the same league as the ones in this t