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File: 1648249785703.jpeg (529.4 KB, 1125x683, 38960022-0AFC-493F-AE24-3BC2D9…)

No. 1481424

Please can someone summary below(horrific thread)

No. 1481426

5 minutes i’ll get social links

No. 1481428



No. 1481432

I'll give it a go.
Last thread we had Fiona "taking time to breathe" as if she does anything else
Hxn looking better, too bad it's all from the toob.
Cece's got a new job and she's already relapse baiting.
N2f is living out her eccentric hoe phase with various chavs.
Hangry anons debate if Ham is ugly ugly or just plain
Porgie has munched her way into another toob surprise surprise
Nik still hasn't been heard from
Niamh the narcissist appears to be doing well but will it last?

No. 1481435

File: 1648250672130.jpg (265.75 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20220325-192352_Ins…)

Bonus headbanging maxi pad from Em

No. 1481438

here ya go anon….

No. 1481472

File: 1648254251492.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.42 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20220325-192140_Ins…)

Is K back?

No. 1481520

my god it’s like a fever dream

No. 1481555

shit thread

No. 1481565

All of the pro ana scumbag threads are shit threads. It's time to put it to bed. Over half of it is bone rattling a logging.

No. 1481621

no one is forcing you to read or contribute.

No. 1481719

File: 1648276230265.jpg (100.26 KB, 1080x664, 20220326_012933.jpg)


No. 1481789

File: 1648282523980.jpeg (313.23 KB, 465x876, 82B38451-E960-49D6-BC59-9FDE99…)

We need to keep the thread alive so we can witness nourish pounding ass left right and centre. They all look like the kind of men to sell ketamine too.

No. 1481835

Queen, bless her

No. 1481862

Agreed, why bother making it if you’re not gonna put any effort in

No. 1481876

I love her but is she referring to her tinder hookups as her boyfriends? And what kind of pic is this to post on her socials o man this girl is wild, imagine you hook up on tinder for a one night thing and end up passed out on some girls social media

No. 1481886

File: 1648292043239.png (6.97 MB, 1170x2532, 2CAEA5FA-E7E2-4F89-B4B8-91A7A3…)

em in denial that she’s simply gained weight.

No. 1481889

File: 1648292117931.png (6.63 MB, 1170x2532, 3B5CD956-C808-455B-A5FE-548E58…)

god what a state. “swelling” is the new ~water retention~

No. 1481906

File: 1648293674924.jpeg (308.83 KB, 1170x1012, DFB68C73-41C9-4585-9153-114C1F…)

Not that anyone is surprised, Cecelia has been hinting at it for ages but she has defo lost quite a bit of weight. Excuse my shitty edit but pics are September 2021, then December 2021 and yesterday

No. 1481943


Don’t mean to wk but her face is definitely puffy, either from head banging, plain old water retention or crying or something similar. She’s gained a lot of weight but she’s still small, still underweight.

No. 1481954

>>1481719 that's a glitch anon she was replying to a totally different comment. A funny glitch though.

No. 1481955

>>1481886 Good God does anyone know if she has some other mental illness besides anorexia

No. 1481957

>>1481886 Yikes. Hasn't she been ip for over a year too?

No. 1481960

>>1481889 It's not really wking. Anons latch onto the fact that she's gained but of course she has she's been ip for ages. And it's a good thing she gained. Now to get her to stop with the head wounds and shaking on camera.

No. 1481961

What’s up with the icons in the top right? Ive never seen them on any other posts

No. 1481964

>>1481906 The milk runneth over, bet she's gunning for an erc vacay. She kept posting last fall that she would NEVER return to treatment too which we all know is bullshit

No. 1482006

>>1481961 just my crap editing. I selected the image through instagram stories and then screenshotted it to crop it and put them together. So the icons are instagram story editing, its the text, sticker and filter options.

No. 1482031

File: 1648306190744.png (6.67 MB, 1170x2532, CC33C422-2D99-40B6-84E1-D2F950…)

she looks pretty close to normal to me

No. 1482045

>>1482031 I don't think it matters her milk is the ridiculous headbanging and hitting nhs staff

No. 1482046

>>1481886 Reminds me of ghost/may. Anyone got on update on her?

No. 1482056

File: 1648308030754.jpg (36.73 KB, 448x244, n2f.jpg)


No. 1482139

Could be redistribution but either way she’ll be loving this discussion. Still normal, still healthy, still pathetic as a 30 year old woman so desperate for the validation of residential stays

No. 1482140

>>1481789 She's kind of adorable. Like a feral cat.

No. 1482147

File: 1648314190139.jpg (34.29 KB, 348x375, 1648236384536.jpg)

what kind of dopehead is that one..?

No. 1482159

File: 1648314954322.png (1.48 MB, 1651x1140, Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 11.1…)

Didn't think Ash's disease could get any worse but nope…

No. 1482171

She has EUPD

No. 1482173

Que ceces summer vaycay

No. 1482174

Quelle surprise! Are there any cows here (apart from maybe n2f & pencilnik) who don’t?

No. 1482199

just out of boredom i gave this some thought
reckon zara doesn’t, probably not anna or paige either. jas the photoshopper seems unlikely, and i think gainer is BPD-free too. ham isn’t borderline, just pathetic, and niamh (too young anyway) is just a narcissist, rather than a BPD-type.

No. 1482202

I think you’re right although both Anna & Paige seem like narcs honestly

No. 1482205

samefag forgot to say not armchairing or diagnosing, just pointing out their sense of entitlements

No. 1482234

actual new thread >>1482231

No. 1482245

>>1482231 piss off this one's fine for an already shit thread topic. I will be waiting on Cecelia's summer vacation with bated breath tho.

No. 1482247

>>1481886 Is May the one who claimed like forty plus lb weight gain was organ failure for over a year lol

No. 1482254

Fuck you and your new thread

No. 1482397

File: 1648328921258.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x2167, E3CFF61D-4420-4DBF-AFEE-94A9DF…)

she’s still about, still healthier (not bone rattling, it’s not a bad thing). posts are deranged tho

No. 1482400

File: 1648328998850.jpeg (416.02 KB, 1170x1285, 702F6782-735C-4F71-B118-7B8200…)

this was her first post since july 2021

No. 1482452

File: 1648331968887.jpeg (451.26 KB, 1125x1999, 679524DF-5A76-40BE-B11E-B0742C…)

It’s not “reality” porgie - it’s your choice to munch - don’t try to play victim

No. 1482475

File: 1648333033533.jpeg (146.56 KB, 1124x559, 5C586CE3-303A-474E-8F54-F04110…)

Lmao not Laura saying “stay tuned” when she told people to back off a month ago (because obviously she’s too busy on dates and sniffing macaroons at the Hello Kitty truck to actually go to treatment)

No. 1482514

Can almost feel the smirk in the photo kek.

No. 1482582

Zara too. She's very narcissistic imo. Holds others to wildly different standards, can't accept criticism etc.

No. 1482619

The tube honestly looks ridiculous on such a fat face

No. 1482696

Oh for fucks sake. Not wking, but I saw the original comment she was replying to which was "post more."

No. 1482698

>>1482452 it's buried in her fat kek

No. 1482702

>>1482247 Is this the one who did camwhoring from a hospital bed? The glory days

No. 1482727

>>1482452 living for the porgie comeback honestly.

No. 1482792

>>1482452 I know we nitpick some cows to the point they can't win but it looks like after all this time porgie would stop posting tube pics

No. 1482881

>>1482247 Yep, that's her. Glad to see she's a little healthier. Is she still claiming it's all edema?

No. 1483016

File: 1648358209305.jpg (255.52 KB, 1080x1804, Screenshot_20220326-221612_Ins…)

ERC in…3…2….1

No. 1483038

Amazed she is still alive

No. 1483041

>>1483016 Followed by a slide about having a continuous glucose monitor. Subtle Cece. Subtle.

No. 1483044

File: 1648360974594.jpg (163.88 KB, 1080x1396, 20220327_135747.jpg)

I know she is really emaciated but I don't know if it is really realistic to have wrist of that size. Or is it shooooop idk

No. 1483059

>>1483044 She's disgustingly emaciated tbh. I don't see any signs of shoop in this one, and I see the bones in her hand/wrist where they should be. It doesn't have the "rubbery" appearance of shooped body parts.

No. 1483061

File: 1648362009118.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 987.44 KB, 828x1410, A1E19B0E-F0AF-4643-A029-6A7E28…)

Wow, just two weeks and she’s well and healthy on the inside! It’s a miracle! She looks so great and healthy now!

No. 1483065

File: 1648362112064.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 703.94 KB, 828x1487, A1495D4A-6A82-4B0E-9323-C544CD…)

Another wonderful outfit check on this beautiful summer day….oh wait.

No. 1483067

>>1483044 She's just gotten sicker. The anatomical structure looks correct/proportionate. But besides that it's splitting hairs. She should be in hospital on a drip, not running around with her friends or that skelly fetishist.

No. 1483068

>>1483065 Kek what is going on with her head it looks so…odd

No. 1483090

Her whole body is off. I think it’s her huge pants, short torso, and long head that throws me. I don’t think she grew properly.

No. 1483107

>>1483068 she looks like a botched Polly Pocket

No. 1483301

Maybe she’s moving out of her Eating Disorder Era and into her “Chronically Ill as a result of my ED”/Munchausen’s Era

No. 1483303

There is something seriously wrong with Laura, and no, those proportions ions are not natural even if starved. Imagine hanging out with a grown adult who wants you to carry her on your back. That’s disturbing. It’s not cute. A grown women wearing hello kitty and snuggling stuffed animals is disturbing.

No. 1483309

Tried the porky-pie porgie comeback last week, was basically told I was deranged so don’t see the point in continuing to spill the milk (and no, not a nurse at the clinic). It appears there was three or four different people posting though.
I can only see her profile posts, because I’m not “speshul” enough to be on close friends list. I do believe one anon is though.

No. 1483416

she’s so strange, she doesn’t look particularly skinny but her body is so oddly stumpy and her head is bloody huge

No. 1483431

File: 1648385610122.jpg (984.06 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220327-134458_Ins…)

I just can't get how people are still buying her recovery bullshit when this is how she looks. Her face has deteriorated massively since starting uni in September. She used to look quite young despite the severe AN but looking at this picture, I cannot believe she is only 18. She looks like a corpse

No. 1483448

Believe it or not she's even more shocking irl, saw her randomly standing outside of abertay uni library on friday and she stands out from a mile away. The state she's in is genuinely concerning.

No. 1483496

>>1483059 She's just an emaciated skelly Nona. I don't want to powerlevel but I am pretty sure I saw her at the hello kitty truck (my friend wanted to go god) and my god she is beyond emaciated. It was very jarring. She needs to be in a hospital.

No. 1483498

File: 1648389153496.png (1.05 MB, 1351x702, new cow.png)

Possible new cow?


Pretends to be recovered but now has anorexia athletica and does 5+ hours of exercise every day, other than the ones she declares rest days, and are 'only' 3 odd hours. Then she complains and bitches on about being injured like life is so unfair and she doesn't deserve it.

Has now entered half marathons and marathons as an excuse to continue and justify her disorder, and calls anyone who questions her insane regime a hater. Head bangs just enough to have a permanent scab there for attention.

Also dropped out of college after precisely one day because it interfered with her obsessive working out and she couldn't stand sitting still for an hour/not burning calories constantly.

Lastly she can't stand her dad accompanying her to the gym and watching out for her, when she shouldn't be allowed in a gym at all. She's totally nuts.

No. 1483506

>>1483016 Wonder if dear Cece will gun for acute again

No. 1483530

File: 1648390430756.jpg (451.36 KB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20220327-071301_Ins…)

Does Fiona have the 'rona? Or is she hoarse from crying

No. 1483542

she’s 22. good lord

No. 1483563

Could do, omicron is rife here and it presents with cold-like symptoms. Not sure if she can get free testing, ours is ending here and no kits available.

No. 1483571

>>1483530 I'm having flashbacks to when Becky had the flu who remembers

No. 1483574

>>1483530 "Mustsr a smile" this histrionic bullshit. She's coddled 24/7 and taken to musicals. Her biggest problem is just that she won't get on with it and recover properly.

No. 1483625

>>1483530 inb4 anons rush in ti say covid will kill her. Some of these anachans are like roaches. Outlast anything.

No. 1483650

>>1483530 The white person seeing you in a store smirk.

No. 1483651

She goes to dundee uni though, not Abertay? Suppose they campuses are pretty close together and dundee centre is tiny. I can only imagine how grim she looks irl. I just don't understand how she is swanning into tutorials and lectures like this and it isn't ringing alarm bells for anyone. Saying that, even her own parent don't seem to give a shit so why would uni.

No. 1483659

>>1483530 The rona barely touched Eugenia.

No. 1483683

>>1483016 Kek it'll be the highlight of the summer if she tries

No. 1483694

Probably hoarse from all the crying and face rubbing because of all the super difficult appointments, always being “so, soo cold” and the really difficult days, every day. Don’t worry, I’m sure she’s being coddled back to health though by her amazing parents. It must be so difficult having a life as stressful as hers at the age of 25, kek.

No. 1483702

File: 1648400891145.jpg (591.03 KB, 1080x1920, 20220327_175059.jpg)

I'm suprised no one's spoken about this girl? All she posts are toob selfies & crying when staff suggests she could loose weight.

No. 1483705

File: 1648401306754.jpeg (894.73 KB, 1125x1100, 903CB15D-FCFB-452B-B308-1C197F…)

this is the saddest fucking friend group i’ve ever seen lol

No. 1483724

good lord she has a stories highlight just for her NG feeds?? fuckin hilarious

No. 1483726

Is the entire unit tubed? Jfc

No. 1483735

File: 1648403322409.jpg (939.85 KB, 1080x1851, 20220327_184311.jpg)

Yep…many highlights dedicated to her NG feeds. Its quite sad

No. 1483736


Yeah, this girl is a fucking nightmare. One of those that has been in a psych unit for years on end and likely always will be.

No. 1483758

She is definitely NOT a cow. Keeps to herself most of the time, doesn’t write posts for attention. Has had severe AN for a very long time. Very say to see her this way.

No. 1483759

File: 1648404432284.jpg (730.15 KB, 1080x1795, 20220327_190237.jpg)

She's been inpatient for that long (atleast 4/5 years) it's become her entire identity. She would do so much better out of hospital tbh

No. 1483792

File: 1648405959377.jpeg (751.74 KB, 2048x2048, 3291DEE7-0CDF-42CA-A707-89E0A4…)

Was curious to see what Dharma was up to and legit surprised she isn’t just a muscle spoop. She’s like a regular insufferable tiktokker now, boring and unfunny with garbage music taste, good for her. Wish she’d do some of Ganer’s angry gorilla poses tho.

No. 1483797

I really don’t understand why no one seems to call her out. She’s really no better than Niamh, claiming weight gain and telling everyone else how to recover when her face is getting more sunken by the day

No. 1483860

Yeah, the amount of white-knighting that she gets drives me nuts, along with her insufferable posts about recovery and how traaagic it is that she has a health condition that she's now exploiting as an excuse to stay underweight.

No. 1483861


She looks worse than Niamh ever has.(sage non-milk)

No. 1483865

Was she in a wheelchair or was the skelly fetishist carrying her the whole time?

Shooped or not that's a weird post. Gotta show off how tiny she is.

No. 1483912

>>1483797 The Zara worship is ridiculous. Zara is a delusional narcissist with a superiority complex to other ana chans.

No. 1483921

>>1483496 The tall guy with her had her in a wheelchair for the waiting but she kept fidgeting trying to pace. I left before i saw anyone get to the front but it had to be her. Absolutely skeletal, that pastel cardigan, the ratty thin hair. I cant imagine shes strong enough to wash it. I saw them from behind but it was so surreal. Honestly just…sad.

No. 1483923

>>1481424 Good for Dharma we love a graduate

No. 1483936

Tube clique

No. 1483942

>>1483705 Do these people not realizing how embarrassing this is.

No. 1483962

>>1483797 Zara is infuriating. She's so smug to have the "gotcha" of chronic illness. I think she's as damaging as Niamh

No. 1483971

why would she need a continuous glucose monitor if she isn't diabetic?

No. 1483980


She’s hoarse from all the breathing she does.

No. 1483986

>>1483530 hoarse from screaming at her parents behind the scenes

No. 1483989

she's implying that she's hypoglycemic so often from restricting / being a poor frail anachan uwu that she has to have a cgm

No. 1483997

And the milk is? Just seems like she’s sick from your description.

No. 1484027

>>1483530 Can't forget that she's a "walking snowman" never heard anyone else use that phrase besides Fiona

No. 1484045

File: 1648416668340.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 828x1138, 668BA9B5-6CC1-4AC4-9D3E-222EB7…)

Death warmed up. How can she manage to worse?

No. 1484053

>>1484045 The pooh plushie makes this ten times eerier

No. 1484067


Mostly that she fights with anyone who calls out the insane amounts of exercise she does and goes on as if she's in a healthy recovery.

No. 1484072

I wouldn’t even say warmed up. Maybe it’s the photo editing, but she actually looks grey.

No. 1484073

I just don't get this at all. Doesn't everyone have glucose dips at night, because we're asleep and probably not eating before bed? "Thank goodness for breakfast"? Yeah, that is why a good portion of people enjoy eating or need to eat breakfast. (Not everyone, I hate it personally, but w/e)

No. 1484079

everyone's blood sugar gets lower overnight, the danger is that if you're actually severely malnourished it can get so low that it's dangerous. A healthy person's blood sugar might get down to like 60-70, but a genuine blood sugar in the 40s is dangerously low.

Now, who knows if Cece is actually going that low.

No. 1484124

Agreed. She loves to shoop but with her arm twisted like that I think we got an actual glimpse of how awful she looked. I’m sure she looked like a dying starved animal out in public. I don’t say that to be mean but it’s accurate. No way this boyfriend of hers should be supporting her being out and about, he’s got to be some kind of predator.

No. 1484125

God that’s sad. I mean on one hand, I would be more than happy to see Laura have a legitimate (non fetishist) boyfriend, and living her life like a normal 27 year old.

Like yeah she’s finally no longer posting horrible mirror pics in her parents house but if she actually recovered, even if she half assed it, she could enjoy her hobbies and be somewhat normal. Is this really worth it Laura? I know she reads here.

No. 1484132

>>1483921 Anon that spotted her in the wild. Eh I think she's 24 or 25? I could be wrong, and not that it makes much difference. She looked completely emaciated in person, it was so disturbing to see someone that sick just out and about. I couldn't get the image out of my mind. I think anon upthread has somewhat of a vendetta bitching that no normal adult women like hello kitty LOL. It's very popular in the weeb crowd. It's cringe but not worth constantly repeating.

No. 1484135

She'll probably go back to posting them, since her boyfriend is home now or something.

She says she wants to live in all of those gofundmes that she's so embarrassed to post. She must mean live as she is because being skelly and little is part of her personality.

No. 1484140

>>1483971 Someone should suggest Cece needs a cgm for type 2 diabetes kek

No. 1484148

>>1483997 Ganer Vibes. Denial is always fun. Sad too

No. 1484227

why DOES she have one though? don’t they cost loads of money?

No. 1484239

Is the nhs really so slow that the uk cows can be inpatient for years and years and still be really underweight? Or are they just larping recovery? Also if cece really was 60% of her ibw why was there that asterisks on her chart?I bet if anyone asked she’d say that was personal (unlike literally posting her fucking medical records).

No. 1484269

This looks like her driveway?
Did they deliver a phonebooth for a photoshoot?

No. 1484275

Sorry but you can’t fake blood sugars. If she’s having readings in the 40s-50s it makes sense her gp would make her have a cgm

No. 1484277

You could "fake" it on a manual reader by using a control solution or the like, but yeah it's not really easy to tamper with a cgm

It is surprising that her insurance will pay for a cgm rather than just having her use a manual, though

No. 1484344

She never was 60% of IBW. It was a charting issue describing malnutrition in children that was not verified by any medical professionals. You can go back 5 threads or so before bmi was banned to see her lowest weight

No. 1484372

I was at ERC with her. She may not have been 60% but she was pretty skelly, as much as no one here wants to hear that(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1484402

ayrt. didn’t think so. i feel bad for her

No. 1484411

I definitely agree. If you go to her YouTube video right before she went inpatient, she does look sick. Maybe because we don’t see her in skimpy clothes like other cows, she doesn’t look as thin. Also she’s short.

No. 1484426

File: 1648440641149.jpeg (281.59 KB, 1170x1708, 253918BC-7450-4F61-8609-565045…)

Queen photoshooper is back again

No. 1484551

I doubt anons would say she wasn’t underweight but she wasn’t near her deathbed. She was average skinny in the erc population. Not concerningly spoopy and not normal or chubby like most patients erc accept. I don’t say this to bone rattle I say this because she’s toeing the line to muchdom with her exaggerations

No. 1484560

she literally posted videos where her arms were clearly visibly much bigger? who does she think she’s fooling, kek.

No. 1484760

File: 1648455330836.jpg (366.42 KB, 1080x1986, Screenshot_20220328-091139_Tik…)

I wish the biggest problem in my life was not being able to find the yogurt I want.

No. 1484761

File: 1648455395978.jpg (874.57 KB, 1079x2019, Screenshot_20220328-091439_Tik…)

And then she refers to herself in the third person yet again…God I'm so sick of her.

No. 1484784

How old is Mia? She looks like 11/12 or something, maybe because she is so short, how tall is she?

No. 1484785

i think she did her a-levels last year so around 18

No. 1484790

nah she didn’t do a levels yet. she’s 18 though. i was at newbridge with her (sorry for blog just explains how i know). she’s several school years behind and can’t spell

No. 1484866

>The ones I needed
No, you manipulative arsehole. The ones you WANTED.

No. 1484873

How fucking embarrassing being an actual grown woman crying over yogurt. Life is so hard for Fi, not being able to get her special yogurts. God give me strength.

No. 1484879

whats sad is she says she only has stuffed animals for friends now.
you are almost a 30 year old woman and live like this….wasted life

No. 1484890

File: 1648470217624.png (4.85 MB, 828x1792, E96DD412-EFC0-43B8-9174-9E4F3B…)

I think @aliciasrecovery is in a relapse, looking worse again

No. 1484907

Her biggest problem is not being able to find the right teaspoon.

No. 1484908

The other day she said ‘ and we had my snack in the car’ - why not just say I.

No. 1484939

>>1484761 because she thinks everyone is "with" her cheering her on kek or so makes it seem like whoever else there had to plead with her

No. 1484960

Oh I know I was just saying it was peak bovine behavior to post it, knowing that on first glance Iit would appear that way (that she was omg soooo sick) to ppl who didn’t know any better.

No. 1484987

Has she shooped out her bellybutton? The arm is hilarious kek.

No. 1484993

..are you guys friends or why are you on her close friends list?

No. 1485019

File: 1648485603719.jpeg (208.18 KB, 960x1792, 3F2AA8F5-718B-435F-AD85-F0A5C2…)

when niamh doesn’t do weird poses she actually looks normal.

No. 1485030

>red leather coat
>red bow but the wrong red so it looks bad paired with the coat
>nylon tights, leg warmers
>big stompy shoes
>…at the beach?
This is Lillee Jean levels of styling herself badly like who does this

No. 1485032

File: 1648486310626.png (8.63 MB, 1170x2532, EB5C333C-531C-4F46-898F-B34128…)

yes, and pretty. that’s the most frustrating thing about her imo. she could be so much more than the detestable, posing. narcissistic persona that her adopted eating disorder focused identity makes her. she’s a cute teenage girl, the healthier she becomes the prettier and better she comes across. i hope to god she lurks here and sees this because gaining weight and behaving like a normal teenager suits her so much. i hope it actually lasts, and she makes something of her life rather than wasting it.

No. 1485037

File: 1648486458664.png (8.3 MB, 1170x2532, D50BC943-14C3-44FC-8282-BA279F…)

sadly she’s still tensing her knees and straining in most photos but maybe she’ll grow out of it once she realises how obvious it is? and how much prettier she looks when she doesn’t do it.

No. 1485062

No not friends but i know her a bit, she added me in her private story

No. 1485066

Is this picture from now? She is not doing well at all. She had always been very thin but now im worried, how old is Alicia?

No. 1485087

File: 1648491325297.png (511.82 KB, 490x814, u wot.png)

Yes, this is totally normal behaviour……

No. 1485088

File: 1648491383023.png (361.36 KB, 475x797, haha moron.png)

Because they don't still have EDs you fucking moron. It doesn't make you better than other competitors Scarlett. Stop being so smug about it.

No. 1485097

Wasn't it just last week she was posting stories implying she was miserable? Now she's on a weight loss high and has convinced herself it's making her happier than she was with more body fat…a classic eating disorder delusion.

No. 1485152

File: 1648496371384.jpeg (185.16 KB, 750x1046, B26D297F-BD2F-4F35-B31D-67FE73…)

Nourish really is the gift that keeps on giving…

No. 1485153

File: 1648496422799.jpeg (254.33 KB, 750x1334, F8609FEC-1F7C-4825-AD38-BB39BA…)

And Scarlett is definitely only using bodybuilding techniques. Nothing eating disordered about this. At all.

No. 1485183

soooo is her plan to stay stage-lean forever to avoid being depressed in the off season? does she think that's a normal part of bodybuilding? jeepers, what kind of example is she setting for her clients by saying this

No. 1485200

why is the tv on the ground?

Every time someone posts a new food creation of her here, I will tell my brother and we will talk about how British it might be or if she is just a little bit insane. I really think that it would be fun to go for a drink with her.

No. 1485256

>>1485019 She's pretty. Anons are so bitter and bent on being bitter that they say things that straight up aren't true sometimes. Niamhs vain and narcissist to a fault but she's cute.

No. 1485289

It took me so long to see what it actually was. When I saw it I just bursted out laughing
Absolute queen

No. 1485386

It's frankly charming that n2f is so unapologetically herself, as weird as that self might be

No. 1485398

File: 1648513537617.jpg (Spoiler Image, 440.54 KB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_20220329_012438.jpg)

mmm, n2f's sandwiches look particularly appealing…

No. 1485421

File: 1648515050728.png (726.88 KB, 720x1303, Screenshot_20220329-114252~2.p…)

New cow? She's a fully grown adult with a young daughter. Refuses to recover despite being offered all the help and resources. Is currently in hospital and fighting them tooth and nail despite being there voluntarily.

No. 1485422

she's been posted before. my sense is that she's kinda dramatic and dishonest, but doesn't post a lot of great milk. it is annoying that she keeps insisting that her daughter doesn't notice her behaviors, though.

No. 1485430

>>1485421 Cassie is a cow. A full cream cow. She even got caught and exposed self-posting herself as an example of a "real" anorexic compared to cece. Her personality is rank.

No. 1485480

File: 1648518623729.jpeg (590.48 KB, 1125x1498, A6999888-318E-4892-9938-31C497…)

Does this cow EVER stops with the e begging ??? She has zero shame

No. 1485482

File: 1648518688935.jpeg (429.85 KB, 1170x2047, AB6BE965-0911-494A-9E96-C1442E…)

Riv_recovers is still at. She came out of erc a few months ago, never was underweight, & is now begging her dr for an ng tube. He refuses to give one even after a gastric emptying study bc she clearly doesn’t need one. Erc tubes anyone for refusals, & now she has a need to keep the tube which she can’t get outside of erc. Gotta play that sick role. And also, what anorexic says they’re so hungry and just want to be fed? And what weight loss??

No. 1485486

File: 1648519021582.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1170x2183, 2914E0EE-6A34-43D5-8943-994425…)

This is not the body of someone dying soon. Just saying. You’re running around in Tiktok videos.

No. 1485514

Honestly i wish her well. She is legitimately mentally ill unlike these other dumbasses like >>1481435
Ashley reminds me of "emo cutter girl" from 2008. She's just on another level of suffering

No. 1485550

>>1485421 if you've got the goods nona don't hold back

No. 1485551

people still want to be rail thin? why would you want to look like a tranny?

No. 1485617

File: 1648527621932.png (142.87 KB, 719x805, Screenshot_20220329-150947~2.p…)

More Cassie milk

No. 1485618

File: 1648527725037.png (80.69 KB, 716x458, Screenshot_20220329-151006~2.p…)

Doc basically saying "I can't give you meds coz you'll pass out but if you can't breathe then I guess it's okay if you pass out"

No. 1485619

File: 1648527762590.png (610.56 KB, 698x1390, Screenshot_20220329-151246~2.p…)

Calorie Asperger's Cassie

No. 1485662

This doesn't seem all that milky, just sounds like she's really entrenched in her ED. Disappointing because I remember when she was caught self posting here…that was some good milk. Her posts now just sound bleak and sad.

No. 1485730

Really? To me it sounds like someone with a lot of insight and understanding who knows exactly what she needs to do to get better but prefers to take a nap instead, because that keeps the attention on her as medical professionals “duke it out” to keep this special snowflake alive.

No. 1485732

What is she even getting at here? It’s just a bizarre series of non-sequiturs.

No. 1485743

This sounds like Cassie self-posting again. Both she and the poster have misinterpreted what the doctor has said in the same way.

A lot of cardiac meds lower blood pressure and therefore cause falls and faints (and with someone so emaciated can cause brain bleeds and other serious complications eg broken bones etc). That is what he is cautioning against. Balancing benefits against risks. If benefits eventually outweigh risks then he’ll think again essentially.
This poster sounds like Cassie angry at her cardiologist to me.

No. 1485751

So u think she was pointing at the tv w her big toe cuz both her hands were full, love u nourish never change

No. 1485798

File: 1648551558696.png (1.57 MB, 828x1138, eygeniacoffin.png)

No. 1485816

No. 1485844

File: 1648556449087.jpeg (52.27 KB, 640x629, A241BC9B-9025-4CF8-9EC1-97DB0F…)

You are wicked

No. 1485860

just wonderful.

No. 1485879

>>1485617 Jesus Christ what a mess. She loves the attention of professionals. I saw anons in a previous thread wk her saying she has a job and a kid but clearly snowflake cassie is not working or taking care of the kid. Also her waxing poetic about how cold she is or using a literal still from to the bone christ

No. 1485881

>>1485618 She genuinely has the world's biggest victim complex.

No. 1485883

>>1485618 What's even her aim here she threw daily tantrums at acute, posted about pouring water on her cnas and throwing shit across the room at them. There really isn't an excuse for her nasty attitude.

No. 1485892

I don’t think this is accurate. She posted about some tantrums like when they took her coloring things because she said she wanted to die. She lost it and threw everything. I only recall one true outburst, and as she went through acute she quickly become compliant because she didn’t wanted to be certified. She refused to drink any water and believed the soda had secret calories. So they tubed her, but she wasn’t fighting because of the certifying fear. She’s also shared that working is getting to hard on her. Maybe she put in medical leave again?

No. 1485895

File: 1648560860855.jpeg (186.79 KB, 960x1792, BBE87169-C857-4C58-A249-0B295C…)

someone section this girl.

No. 1485963

sage ur non-milk, newfag

No. 1485980

why are you so obsessed with Zara? It’s getting annoying

No. 1485995

agreed, some anons have a real vendetta.

No. 1486032

I think some of it is probably a reaction to her weird cult of supporters on Instagram, who get pissed if anyone dares to suggest she's not healthy.

it does get really annoying to have her posted, though, because while she's skelly she's not more skelly than some of the other people who have stayed at low weights forever like eugenia, ash, etc. so all the 'she's going to keel over immediately if she's not section!' is dramatic

No. 1486055

>>1485995 It's totally weird agree anon bc she's skelly but plenty of other subjects are also skelly but she's the only one people sperg about. I don't wish Zara any harm hopefully she DOES get sectioned.

No. 1486156

wish I were one of those rich people, I would buy all the nice art here on lolcow, make you all rich and have an exhibition that would bring me more money than I would have spent on any of you.
Kek, I love that, hope you have an amazing day.

No. 1486233

Cece really reminds me of one of the girls off the THIN documentary. Shelley? Same mannerisms and attitudes

No. 1486248

Wow, you speak as if you know her on a personal level, anon (or should I say, CASSIE). Tip: the lack of saging is a dead giveaway every time.

No. 1486250

I don't really see it. Shelly recovered though from what I last heard after Polly died, and was working with others to help them through addiction amongst other things. Can't imagine Cece being more than clinging on to her larp for a holiday every summer.

No. 1486261

Was Shelley the one with the peg and a twin sister?

No. 1486271

Yeh. Though also had a husband/ fiancé and maybe kid(s)? I can't remember.
I see what anon means but I think it's a lot to do with face shape/ age/ BPD

No. 1486290

I think it's the whisper voice

No. 1486311

File: 1648590008742.jpg (631.62 KB, 1080x1866, Screenshot_20220329-173910_Ins…)

New snowflake found

No. 1486312

File: 1648590031924.jpg (707.87 KB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20220329-173844_Ins…)

She so sick you guys. See

No. 1486332

>>1485883 Cassie was by her own admission a holy terror at ACUTE and at alsana she would frequently break plates and throw tantrums and post about it.

No. 1486346

That’s some hideous bloating. It looks painful.

No. 1486376

Hi Zara.(hi cow)

No. 1486409

those were different anons, genius.

No. 1486410

>>1485619 All of her posts are word salad that boil down to her being the sickest

No. 1486432

Proof? Nothing stopping someone from replying to their own self-post at a later date.

No. 1486465

i was one anon and the other was someone else, kek? and so the zara obsession lives on …

No. 1486467

this seemed like tinfoil until this perfect set of two simultaneous replies, kek

No. 1486522

File: 1648607151167.png (22.55 KB, 692x337, Screenshot 2022-03-30 032435.p…)

Okay, Zara! If you say so!

Exactly. Thankfully I got a screenshot of >>1486462 before she deleted it.(hi cow)

No. 1486523

I honestly don't think it's Zara. She's very much the sort of person who would consider herself above posting here. It's much more likely to be one of her groupies.

No. 1486529

She isn't going to get us to stop talking about her by posting on here pretending to be others calling herself boring and by claiming that there's a vendetta. She IS milkly. Yes, she's ill, but what makes her milky is her narcissism and hypocrisy - she calls out others for exactly the same things she herself does and she lies to her followers. It's scummy behaviour. I wonder if I'm replying to her right now, although I wouldn't want to tinfoil, althought it seems I was right last time (see the screenshot above…).

Also to the stupid jannie who banned me "(hi cow)", look at the file name of that screenshot. It was taken an hour or so after those posts. I keep this tab open in the background, when I checked it the post (>>1486462) was still there but was deleted (green), so I screenshotted it. When I refreshed, it was gone. I'm not Zara, retard.

No. 1486530

oh, sorry if my post implied I thought we should stop talking about her - she's absolutely milky. I was just speculating that part of her sort-of sense that she's better than everone / 'above' the ed world might make her less likely to post here. Who knows, though. It's irritating whether it's her or a groupie.

No. 1486534

The fact I was banned for posting that screenshot makes me think she has a friend who is a mod here, but that's probably too much of a tinfoil… more likely just a case of dumb mod who can't read a file name and see that the screenshot was taken an hour after the posts in question.

No. 1486601

File: 1648613094954.png (746.37 KB, 615x672, Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 11.0…)

Cecelia "subtly" contrasting her soooo challenging dinner with a regular meal

No. 1486684

Fucking gross. You can see it dangling in the back of her throat.

No. 1486776

Good spot. She’s so insecure and manipulative.

No. 1486782

File: 1648641727011.jpg (1005.86 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220330-130039_Ins…)

So, even if she isn't posting, she definitely lurks here.

No. 1486786

p sure almost all the cows are well aware of lolcow, particularly zara who has created quite a stink and complained about haterzzzz so much. regardless, it’s not milk for them to try to avoid being posted about, it’s to be expected.

No. 1486797


She will not learn.

She will not improve.

No. 1486822

File: 1648645574020.png (5.29 MB, 828x1792, 39565289-2819-43ED-8044-B6F847…)

@emsinrecovery seems to be doing much better lately and stopped with the milky neck-strained body checks. But she included this in a tt saying weight gain made her prettier. While she’s noticeably gained, can’t help but think she’s going down the ortho fitness pipeline with only ever showing fruit & veg meals and tiny bowls of oatmeal she seems to be consuming every day. Eating the same foods daily, wearing a lot of gym clothes, posting on her personal instagram she’s training for a marathon. sounds to me like we have a scarlett wannabe. while the milk is more subtle with her and she’s doing well on tt, she is definitely going under the radar while she secretly becomes a ganer-scarlett replica kek

No. 1486825

File: 1648645731456.jpeg (31.85 KB, 200x200, F9B98F64-15C9-4F4F-BFA4-5020BE…)

for reference, this was her a few months ago. i believe she got called out for using it as her profile pic for months while preaching to everyone how you shouldn’t post bodychecks. same old hypocrite, just happy to see her gaining and getting a life

No. 1486871

>>1486782 Never got why anons think it's milky for the cows to try to get some semblance of privacy/avoid being posted. It's more sane than self posting for sure

No. 1486915

File: 1648653196812.png (6.96 MB, 828x1792, F9953DB5-BE09-4B3A-A992-19D108…)

bit of a nitpick anon but i agree. her camera roll of food (which is disordered in itself) is mostly rice cakes and low cal fruit and vegetables. some ~recovery~

No. 1486923

File: 1648653491542.jpeg (754.21 KB, 822x1555, 53DC1B8A-7BB0-4067-BEB1-23C90A…)

her “wellness” account screams orthorexia. loaded with low cal recipes and obsessive fitness posts and “pbs”. good recovering em. you’re not fooling anyone!

No. 1486939

File: 1648655066018.jpeg (420.25 KB, 1337x1122, 54135F03-A6B5-4628-90F7-F917FE…)

if anyone remembers @br0ken_bambi the pro-ana photoshopper who was posted a while ago and then came and commented on the thread (username now kay bites back)- it’s only just dawned on me that she has a full on influencer recovery account at the sage time as she was running her pro ana account?!

No. 1486959

A lot of them have separate “vent” (aka body checks, numbers, bones & tubes galore) accounts but something about this particular girl really gives me the creeps, I can’t put my finger on it tho

No. 1486990

File: 1648658665228.jpeg (525.61 KB, 1080x1440, A1C624A3-696B-435A-88F7-BD95B1…)

Anyone remembers kdailydiaryk / Lucia? The girl who pretended to be anorexic and Norwegian (kek), some time ago she tried to bullshit me with pretending to be 2 different people (Babi and something like Skae I think), is she still spewing the same nonsense?
Old milk was that she kept saying she dies every few days and gets CPR’d to life, that she has schizophrenia, etc.

No. 1487002

This the same one who bleached her hair banana yellow and insisted it was her natural nOrDiC geNeS, yeah? I never thought schizo was much of a reach tbh her claims were genuinely batshit

No. 1487017

File: 1648660588508.jpeg (730.82 KB, 708x1470, 8DA8E7F4-6AD3-414C-B6CC-B4A2A9…)

Does Dani count as pro-ana scumbag material yet? I know the munchie threads were locked but she’s now ED relapse baiting after putting actual shit in her tube and consequently getting her TPN taken away. Reddit are Pearl clutching over her “severe ED” but bear in mind she’s overweight precisely because she stuffs junk food top of tube feeds…despite claiming not to be able to eat a thing

Sorry if this is the wrong place but all I see is Cecelia in 10 years time

No. 1487078

File: 1648663657528.jpeg (122.11 KB, 1170x1065, B1B975A0-65DF-474B-8952-A555CA…)

she’s just so blatant with it

No. 1487111

Wait, I’m sorry, she put feces in her tube???? Sounds like cow material to me. Also how did she not subsequently die of sepsis?

No. 1487129

She grew a fecal bacteria in cultures from her infected line, suggesting either deliberate or accidental contamination. It can happen just from poor hand washing which honestly is just as likely with Dani because she lives in absolute filth and has done things like prepare her meds on the toilet seat lid.

She did get sepsis, but it was caught before she went into septic shock. She got IV antibiotics in the hospital for like three weeks or so. (There's a difference between sepsis and septic shock, which a lot of the attention-seekers exploit to get more sympathy. Sepsis is just any bloodstream infection, whereas septic shock is the whole going to the ICU, probably gonna end up losing limbs or fingers due to the heavy duty meds you need, etc advanced version of sepsis)

No. 1487196


I thought it was her, I remember she posted on her influencer account a ridiculously shooped picture of herself and when her Bambi account was posted here I thought I recognised her from somewhere.

No. 1487333

The very same - she was batshit crazy, wonder what happened to her.

No. 1487394

>>1486990 Was this also the girl who would use random photos of random people claiming it was herself too

No. 1487487

File: 1648690758781.png (1.28 MB, 1742x1314, CleanShot 2022-03-30 at 21.20.…)

Mild French cow. Early 20's. BPD. AN/BP since at least 2017, seems to reach a normal weight once or twice a year, but seems mainly motivated by prancing about/doing stupid tiktok dances in something sleeveless every time she loses weight with random floaty "recovery" foreground text.

In this post she can't wait to tell us about how the manager at a chain lingerie shop told all the employees that their customer is anorexic.


Raw google translation because I'm lazy and not on mobile (so can't use IG translate feature):

This is what I heard when I entered the Etam store in my city.

Me all proud wanting to look for pajamas on sale, I hear the manager say to all the sellers present "she is anorexic"

Shocked, I put back the pajamas I had found (in my size to be precise) and I break.

My mum is going to Etam today and is asking for an 80 A bra for me since I was working.

The reflection of the manager was "even an anorexic does not put 80 A"

Results the bra suits me and for them a client in me.

No. 1487501

Sage for French sperg but she is saying she put the pyjamas back and left quickly

No. 1487507

Oh god. I stopped paying attention as she got out of rehab, and she relapsed? She looks even worse than ever.

No. 1487510

Double-post but what happened to that Ashley girl? Atticus-something

No. 1487515

same old, same old

every time someone asks, she gets another year to live

No. 1487520

File: 1648693576438.jpg (389.63 KB, 1080x1660, 20220330_212336.jpg)

Posted and almost immediately deleted

No. 1487526

>>1487520 Does she have some kind of medical/physiological disorder? Her proportions always look wild, shopping rumours aside.

No. 1487529

>>1487520 I think she's just emaciated as all fuck. I saw the post two but it was up for less than five minutes that's fan behavior nonnie lol

No. 1487533

>>1487520 muscle wastage, she probably pisses and shits herself.

No. 1487537

>>1487510 Ash is immortal

No. 1487557

>>1486939 This is why you can't trust a skelly that says they want to "recover."

No. 1487579

File: 1648697379912.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 685.76 KB, 828x1478, 9F57EB3F-B6C7-4571-832E-AEAA16…)

She’s back….and the same as ever.

No. 1487612

File: 1648699443826.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1660, Untitled1.png)

No doubt she is very underweight but her edits are very ridiculous. Fixed the warping in the background

No. 1487650

>>1486939 She's emaciated as fuck, looks like she may have messed with the baggy sweater. Glad to see she's in hospital, didn't think she was going to make it

No. 1487652

>>1487579 I've never been convinced this Mau person was a real person lol

No. 1487664

File: 1648701380330.jpg (339.48 KB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20220330-213542_Chr…)

Bug eyed cece

No. 1487668

since it doesn't look like acute, it might be a local hospital that will just send her home in a few days. any anons who know what the rooms in the other spoop specialized programs like torrance, etc, look like who can say if she's there?

No. 1487685


how does she still have hair? this shit is so unfair lol

No. 1487698

>>1487520 extensions, anon. Extensions and someone upthread spotted her in person said she's skeletal with ratty hair.

No. 1487700

>>1487664 Amazed her coworkers even talk to her tbh

No. 1487719

>>1487664 I'd an hero if I worked with her. Anyone remember when she made a huge fuss about having scars to her coworkers

No. 1487721

I think she just over hears their convos personally.

No. 1487768

Torrance Memorial isn’t taking anyone from out of state due to COVID

No. 1487792

She’s just legs.

No. 1487869

Laura posted online months ago after she got booted from ACUTE about looking into Stanfords program and one other one in North Dakota I think. Not sure where she’s at but I hope they have a problem and can actually keep her there. She looks miserable.

No. 1487883

Why'd you be jealous of a spoop that kept their hair? (whether or not it's true), it's like polishing a turd at that point.

No. 1487887

>>1487668 Agree. I hope she's at a program for super spoops. I don't think there's any doubt that she is extremely ill. She looks terrible. I root for all these idiots.

No. 1487889

>>1487685 It's probably extensions with the state she's in. Nothing to be jealous of.

No. 1487891

>>1487652 Has she ever posted any other part of her body lol I remember her just being a pair of legs with a cult following.

No. 1487913

>>1486990 I think about this cow regularly "I have a chronic lethal life threatening heart threatening condition"

No. 1487954

yeah, I was hoping someone would recognize the room as being in one of those hospitals. guess we'll never know, though, since she's back to her usual twee instagram stories

No. 1487962

File: 1648720117624.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1170x2026, 6580AD50-EBAF-4D44-B56A-C1B159…)

pad on forehead has been replaced with a scarf

No. 1487968


It looks like it’s part of a children’s hospital based on the dog or puppy pattern on the partition/privacy curtain in the room.

No. 1487978

File: 1648723266056.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1170x2062, 41AF0741-D0F3-4ABC-B949-2A7405…)

could she get any uglier?! imagine voluntarily posting this.

No. 1488012


She’s actually pretty when weight restored, not pulling gormless faces and not with a maxi pad on her head. Oh, and without the grubby fake tan.

No. 1488015

>>1487869 I get it. If she posts about her hospitalizations it'll end up here because anons are curious. I don't think we can fault her for posting memes or whatever and not discussing it.

No. 1488016

>>1487978 She's not ugly, just ridiculous.

No. 1488027

>>1487954 If she's in the US a couple of children's hospitals have ACUTE-like programs for super spoops/extreme low bmi that will take up to 25. She's probably in one of those, don't think it matters which.

No. 1488056

File: 1648735937161.jpg (434.63 KB, 1065x1828, Screenshot_20220331-071118_Ins…)

Fiona confirmed she's got the rona.

No. 1488080

File: 1648738614629.jpeg (207.9 KB, 1242x1395, E6240F18-6D28-49FA-B8A2-DD4796…)

Went to see what some of the newer cows are up to and Nikol is still making people mad on Twitter kek

No. 1488089

File: 1648739021804.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1878, 76F63F11-88B2-4E7A-8F24-762216…)

2/2 And this isn't milk, I know, but I did find it quite funny.

No. 1488117

File: 1648741397032.jpeg (221.93 KB, 828x1297, 79B1204A-78B9-4139-83C8-7BBB28…)

Zara looks the worst I’ve ever seen. She saw her mum who is a GP at the weekend. She is still working and at uni. And preaching recovery. I am BAFFLED.

No. 1488119

File: 1648741545274.jpeg (178.59 KB, 828x1260, 0602D65C-A704-4F5D-9A5E-05956D…)


No. 1488125

How’s she going to cope when she can’t go to her ‘appointment days’ every day and then cry on YouTube later about how difficult it was?? Poor Fi.

No. 1488129

I also don't think that they talk to her, she probably just sits there and annoys her coworkers' conversations with her opinion.

Her scar thing was very funny to me, you don't announce your scars to your coworkers, especially if they aren't really visible. If someone wants to know something, they will ask or talk behind your back, that's it, but no one would have noticed her scars at all.

Oh, how I wish I would be her coworker, I would talk about food all the time and wear short sleeves even in winter. Give it a week or two and she would never talk to me again, kek. And I could bring you all fresh milk 5 days a week.
(I'm sry, she reminds me of a ex coworker of mine and I disliked that person so much)

No. 1488133

File: 1648742871958.jpeg (401.26 KB, 828x1359, F69523E1-A344-4B4E-B958-913054…)

If 11 rice cakes with a thin smear of (probably sugar-free) jam and the occasional slice of banana is ‘a dream’ you’re food-deprived

No. 1488141


She might get some "academic validation" at her autopsy.

No. 1488143

File: 1648743700602.jpg (340.29 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220331-155058_Ins…)

Shes actually looking like Eugenia level.. if this was genuinely down to solely medical complications she would be in general right now.

No. 1488145

Fucking hell look at the sun damage she has on her forehead!
Does she religiously use sunbeds or something?

No. 1488149

Pretty sure it’s acne scars from compulsive skin picking

Yes she’s skelly and it’s shocking she’s still at uni but can we stop giving her the validation of talking about her spoopiness every day? She acts like she’s above all that but I’m sure she’s loving it. Stick to the actual milk (her hypocrisy)

No. 1488152

>>1488056 I missed screencapping it but Fi had a story the other day about how hard it was to breathe complete with crying face selfie

No. 1488155

Did she take the tiktok down already?

No. 1488157

Because she spends every minute of every YT video and TikTok etc etc ‘just breathing’ no wonder she can’t fucking breathe kek. Give your lungs a rest from those deep breaths, Fi

No. 1488184

these screencaps don’t do it justice, she looks way worse in the video. BMI-11. easily.

No. 1488186

never posted it on tt i don’t think. just insta

No. 1488214

A general observation. I'm on a psych ward atm (no trendy illness,behaving myself).Out of all the women on the ward we have ONE headbanger and she definitely doesn't have the capacity to do sm. I was transferred from a place files from home. Again, ONE headbanger and we was severely autistic and in her 40s.

Both places (NHS)are strict as fuck with making sure no contraband (ie sharp objects or anything you could harm yourself or others with) is sneaked in.

I have no idea how the cows get up to the tricks they do. The staff must just be jaded af and let them do whatever for a quiet life.

Idk what I'm getting at but the world of hospitals they inhabit is unreal. Never been up for an ED, but wondering how different it is to how this lot portray it.

Soz if kinda bloggy, but seems the headbanger craze isn't as widespread as I'd imagined it to be.(no1curr)

No. 1488215

Apologies for autocorrect.

No. 1488218

File: 1648750516323.png (564.78 KB, 498x804, crazy.png)

So easily 5+ hours of exercise today. In what world is that not exercise bulimia/purging?

She wants to portray herself as an athlete and that she 'needs' this amount mentally but it's like, no shit Sherlock you need it mentally. It's called giving in to your disorder, just like other bulimics 'need' to throw up their binges.

This girl needs her gym membership canceling ASAP.

No. 1488223

I have no idea why you think this is valuable information to anybody

No. 1488244

What crawled up your arse and died. If you haven't got info gtfo.

No. 1488257

>What crawled up your arse and died.
nta but do you know where you are

No. 1488300

1.1 Do not blogpost.

1.2 Do not medfag.

No. 1488325

File: 1648757576517.jpeg (151.55 KB, 1077x1211, FPMnwHUXIAUMErL.jpeg)

nikolells posted this then deleted her twitter

No. 1488378

Or not going for dog walks or to musicals or shopping with her friends.should be interesting to see how she copes…. Probably a relapse!

No. 1488400

>>1488325 She's so unhinged

No. 1488472

File: 1648766468018.jpg (140.64 KB, 1024x897, herewegooo.jpg)

How many bans do you think it'll take for her to realize tiktok wont kiss her ass gap like youtube and instagram?

No. 1488484

why does she even need tiktok besides all her other social media accounts? There is more than enough of her on the internet. She will never realise why people are concerned and why it's a good thing that she gets banned from a platform. I will never understand how you can have all the money and the only thing you do is go a few metres out of your room and take creepy pictures.

No. 1488621

>>1488125 I keep trying to imagine Fiona with a job lol

No. 1488717

Claudia stop self posting on here your such a desperate attention seeker.(Hi cow )

No. 1488747

The weight gain is starting to show on her face now. She won’t be happy.

No. 1488816

She is such a fucking cunt. This is the most backhanded shit I’ve ever seen.

No. 1488820

Why would it have the tiktok watermark on it if it was never posted to tiktok
Did anyone save the video? It sounds so spooky scary I'm sad I missed it

Did she delete herself or did she just get b& for >>1488080 ? Retarded is standard fare over there but that was evil even for edtwt

No. 1488831

people can post to drafts or friends only, it private (save the video to post elsewhere)

No. 1488844

File: 1648803764921.jpeg (341.4 KB, 1125x1947, 59183B94-E426-4F48-863A-097025…)

Countdown is on until Porgie and her sooper serious case of gp (aka munchausens) leaves the farm with a set up for home NG. I’ve placed my bet, what about yours..?!
Also - hanging your tits out for visitors now? Is it the return of old table tits? No, no-one wants to visit you Porgie - maybe if you weren’t so vile to people you’d have some friends? Or is that the aUtIsM ?

No. 1488845

File: 1648804190172.jpeg (34.06 KB, 480x472, FDFBE51E-AD72-4CDB-B706-994CA4…)

>this outfit
Bless her. She really tried.

No. 1488847

Rumour has it porgie pig is already manipulating the dietician into organising an at home NG set up - all paid for by the Australian taxpayer thanks to her NDIS funding. Don’t let her fool you with her self ass patting, writing articles about how she’s gone from being sick to working. She congratulates herself for graduating from university in 2020, sitting around in her dad’s house on welfare until 2022. And she started work in January and has already peaced out on adulting so she can play pretend in the clinic. What an absolute joke

No. 1488848

I missed you sleuth-nonnie.
Keep us updated on her shenanigans. I’m absolutely thriving on the inside scoop of porgie’s batshit insane wasting of my tax money.

No. 1488849

File: 1648805198002.jpeg (164.6 KB, 1125x1274, F03B895E-5580-406F-B419-753917…)

For reference.
I present our disparaged journalist. Hitting goals on “The Mighty”.

No. 1488855

I will do my best to keep the milk as creamy and accessible as possible. This lying munchie is like an accident I can’t look away from

No. 1488860

File: 1648808372424.png (2.52 MB, 828x1792, 322657CC-EBDA-4507-B05A-EB54A9…)

emsinrecovery/pixieeats333 idk i can’t keep up with her name changes is using charity as an excuse for her exercise addiction. 200km in 2 weeks by running is extreme even if she’s ~recovering~ and what’s worse is she is posting it happily on her recovery account.

No. 1488869

i feel bad saying anything about it because it is a fundraiser but surely there’s so many other things she could’ve done but she chose intense running probably as an excuse to over exercise.

No. 1488870

and then posting it on her ‘recovery’ account.

No. 1488882

She can wolf down big steaks, she doesn't have gastroparesis. IBS or dumping syndrome sure due to her size and fatty food habits.

No. 1488900

She’s not even smart enough to be consistent with her lies. Now porg says she’s got severe GP when she said initially it was diagnosed as moderate. I also don’t get why her Gastro doctor who did the Gastric Emptying Studies and Scopes (could be another lie from her, who the fuck knows) was so concerned but discharged her for her to then present to another hospital for a tube? If she needed one to manage her GP why would the doctor send her home without one? It takes a couple minutes to insert an NG. She claims she didn’t get a tube inserted at the second hospital because they’re fat phobic. She’s a pathetic liar. A gastro specialist is not going to see you and tell you you need an NG to manage your condition, but tell you to go to the Emergency Department at another hospital to get it. The only situation that makes sense is she wanted a tube, gastro doctor said it wasn’t necessary, porgie doesn’t want to take that as an answer and goes to another hospital - where she is again told, by her own admission, she doesn’t need a tube. Then she follows her typical pattern of munching and tells her psych she’s suicidal so he has to admit her, and then fucks around and manipulates the dietician into giving her one. It’s as predictable as the sunrising at this stage. Her fat ham hocks will cling to that tube for as long as possible. If she weren’t so fucking fat I’d say she’s doing a happy dance over getting home NG. Next she’ll quit her job and be the revolving door patient or near permanent clinic resident she’s always wanted to be.

No. 1488923

I personally did not miss Georgie’s number one fan. “Rumours” don’t mean a lot.

No. 1488925

File: 1648817671268.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1413, E9D8A702-B62A-41FB-9357-0438FA…)

eats cereal once

No. 1488928

Georgia has a lot of fake friends on her social media. She discloses a lot to people too. You can’t just screenshot private messages from her - she lurks here and will figure out who you are, and then no more milk.

No. 1488957

File: 1648821510723.png (658.65 KB, 589x955, Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 2.53.…)

oh no!
our queen of breathing is back on the inpatient list again and she cried while she was explaining to us how much she doesnt want to go back to hospital but she is so sick that she cant increase her meals

No. 1488969

>>1488957 It's no wonder she got covid fucking around to musicals and shopping centres without a mask

No. 1489000

Record the stories from another phone somehow or use tablet and take photos w phone

No. 1489009

No. 1489028

I think anon is talking DMs or text messages. There’s no way to show those without being found out.

No. 1489048

She's in trouble becuz bIgGuR pOrTiOnS oH nOeZ and using her fAvOuRiTe sPoOnz u gUiSe.

Ain't nothing new, huh.

No. 1489052

Sluth or just Georgia pretending, like when she wrote about squish

No. 1489062

Haven't been on this thread in over a year and I come back and porgeys the same yet n2f is about to audition for Geordie Shore wtf has been going on

No. 1489094


I hope I’m not bone rattling, but her meal plan seems a lot for someone sedentary apparently not gaining? From what I see it’s three Weetabix, 1x toast with spreads, milky coffee, yogurt and fruit, sandwich and pudding, protein bar, moderately sized meal, yogurt. Where is she skimping?

No. 1489098


Oh and a banana(learn2sage)

No. 1489105

she's probably not actually eating all of it every day (hence, 'I don't post everything I eat') or is skimping on portions, exercising, etc

No. 1489141

yeah, that would be a normal day of food for an active person; she should be gaining on that

No. 1489148

File: 1648834921385.jpeg (657.51 KB, 828x1492, 1ADD45D1-55C0-43B5-A7E1-A3AAD6…)

kek. being called out for not recovering.

No. 1489156

rattle rattle

No. 1489161

File: 1648836742755.png (57.3 KB, 894x231, dslfkj.png)

I think it's really weird and creepy how much Laura likes to ride on people's backs. There's even an article about her and her ED that her friend wrote in 2016 that mentions the piggy back rides. I'm sure it's because it's validating to her that she's light enough to be picked up

No. 1489163


To clarify, it’s NOT a lot for an average, healthy weight person doing light to moderate exercise. But a severely underweight female, who hasn’t gained much, using a wheelchair to get around? It’s probably in excess of 2,000 calories.

No. 1489170

Impatient is exactly what she wants. By the end of the video she was quite upbeat like a kid that has finally got their own way whilst pretending she doesn't want to go into hospital! Frail princess doesn't want to recover but thrives on the negative attention of all her appointments. And what is with that fucking dullard baby voice!

No. 1489171

People who run or do other exercise challenges to raise awareness and/or money for EDs are the weirdest lot ever. It's just bizarre, like a fucking drinkathon to fund treatment for alcoholics. How can people not see it as a bizarre oxymoron at best? That BEAT organized walk that used to be about (still is? IDK) was such a joke.

No. 1489187

I couldn’t see the author on the article. Are we sure this isn’t Laura writing about herself? The word choices seem like things she’d pick

No. 1489192

The author is Sunny Cushing-Spiller. I can't confirm or deny whether or not that's a real person, but I'm sure Laura had a hand in the article.

No. 1489239

> Sunny Cushing-Spiller

kek, what a name

No. 1489253

I noticed that too. Also the little dig ‘the way beds are in this country’. How can someone who’s had countless inpatient psych admissions and an almost 3 year long admission in an EDU have the audacity to complain about the bed crisis. Weren’t complaining when you were bed blocking with your pre-discharge ‘relapses’ kek.

No. 1489295

>>1489192 Alright vendetta-chan, why are you posting some random article from 2016?

No. 1489296

>>1488957 that's nowhere near even a typical weight restoration plan. Quiet skelly

No. 1489297

File: 1648843737641.jpeg (156.02 KB, 828x1541, DDD99451-9441-45B9-981E-E4B601…)

Niamh posting before and after videos to show her weight gain and how super sick and spoopy she used to be. ‘i’ve come so far’ sure.

No. 1489303

>>1489161 anon it's even weirder how obsessed you are with it. Googling her constantly in your spare time is weird. And no I'm not saying she isn't a cow.

No. 1489313

>>1489170 Fiona is always whinging about how people are tired of her. A hospital admission is sure to reel them back in.

No. 1489323

>>1488844 The return of table tits has got to be the next thread title kek

No. 1489337

>>1489192 Because they're a vendettachan. We've established she loves to be picked up to flex how spoopy skelly she is. This is just thread clogging.

No. 1489339

>>1489170 she hasn't posted about her po box in a bit either. Hospital admission is sure to bring in the gifts.

No. 1489345

>>1488844 Good lord the dead eyes

No. 1489346

kek that was my first post in this thread, not sure what you mean by "obsessed". I was curious about her poetry.

No. 1489372

>>1489170 How many more engraved spoons does this bitch need

No. 1489380

>>1489303 apologies nonnie ayrt I just saw a lot of sperging re piggy backs on the last thread and jumped the gun. I'll grab an engraved spoon to calm down

No. 1489382

But going IP they will stop her using teaspoons for everything and stop quest bars.

No. 1489383

>>1489170 I knew Fiona was going to milk the covid for all its worth and possibly get into general

No. 1489404

Dead eyes + table tits + obese cow getting feeds … recipe for a good friend right there kek

No. 1489427

Is she trying to get laid with the nose hose in?

No. 1489428

her unnecessary tube feeds bring all the cows to the yard

No. 1489430

She is at “the farm” .
It’s where all the cows go to get their feeds with sooper serious cases of the munchies

No. 1489432

>>1488844 I'm howling can you imagine this being her tinder pic

No. 1489435

congratulations on recognizing the joke

No. 1489451

Congrats on being a hangry cow yourself.

No. 1489527

File: 1648859843340.jpeg (363.65 KB, 1125x1632, 0BA25603-512F-43D4-9BCC-2EA3E7…)


No. 1489528

File: 1648859952112.jpeg (293 KB, 1125x1309, 35B7278A-C3FC-42A1-B7DB-77C1D9…)

Sick allowed me to lay in a hospital, wasting time, money and resources, and not have to take any responsibility for my own life. Sick means I even get the toobs so I don’t have to waste energy lifting a fork to my mouth - because that’s exhausting work.

No. 1489531

who is this?

No. 1489532

>>1489527 is this Cecelia lol

No. 1489571

No it's from Georgia's article that was posted further up

No. 1489622

>>1489532 Georgia's not even a bad writer it's just all bullshit

No. 1489660

Didn’t realize that morbid obesity is a chronic illness, poor, poor Porgie. So very sick and frail she’s gotten.

Seriously though? Anyone who looks at her can see that she’s a fatty fat fat liar. The Mighty is a hive of munchies so it makes sense she’s writing there. She gets to play special snowflake along with all the other fakers trolling for asspats.

No. 1489678

File: 1648868672308.jpg (Spoiler Image, 667.6 KB, 1079x1551, Screenshot_20220402-105957_Ins…)

Has this person been mentioned on previous threads? Her handle isn't in the list. If not I may have found some milky

No. 1489683

File: 1648868928664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 424.81 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20220402-105802_Ins…)

She's claiming to be in recovery (going down the fitness freak road) but it's still ridiculously Disordered. She's giving out advice and recipes. There's so much body checking on her account in stories and in recent posts. It's so blatant. It's the rule for thee and not for me kinda thing. She's even mentioned how much she was eating on kcal blah blah lactose

No. 1489763

>>1489527 The mighty is more munchies than non munchies

No. 1489767

File: 1648876433855.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, BB0202CA-C575-4A1D-B472-CF4D5B…)

No. 1489773

What country is she in?

No. 1489785

Germany I think

No. 1489791

File: 1648879158251.jpg (Spoiler Image, 611.71 KB, 1080x1602, Screenshot_20220402-105744_Ins…)

Gotta get them splits in
New Laura?

No. 1489794

File: 1648879502740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 540.8 KB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_20220402-135042_Ins…)

Sure jan

No. 1489858

The place is going to get shitted up again with vendetta-chan spergy fairytales. Great. It wouldn't be so bad if there was evidence, but it just sounds like a retard sperging especially with the use of language.

No. 1489881

>>1489767 kek the skeleton

No. 1489883

Sadly there is a lot of evidence, but it comes in the way of text messages and DM’s so anything of that kind cannot be posted here.
It might sound like made up shit; but anons need to ensure porgie doesn’t figure out who is posting. She talks to so many people and cannot keep up with her lies.

No. 1489915

I don’t think pretending to be someone’s friend and then reporting back here is milky, just bitchy. Maybe others disagree but for me at least the funny part is cows being so performative in public and so brazen on social media. I get that sometimes texts or private messages are relevant and often the most entertaining milk. But someone posting a scammy begging DM from Luna Slater, or a client of Icky Vicky posting proof of how rude she is over text is one thing - something just feels gross about having what sounds like a fake friendship with someone to the point they frequently text you and knowingly listening to lies and encouraging them to then repeat elsewhere and mock that person ongoingly.

No. 1489922


You're weird af. Nobody is THAT bothered about Porgie and her milk. She's just a sad fat girl. Your vendetta is embarrassing

No. 1489935

>>1489883 You're being fucking weird anon. Dming/fraternizing with the cows is not only sperg behavior its also just pathetic. Having no interests outside of the cows is weird. Not to mention constantly sperging that you text and dm porgie will probably alert her/have her cease contact. Fucking vendettachans.

No. 1489960

There have got to be some good cows out there somewhere.

Will Fi really be going back IP?

No. 1489988

File: 1648910584124.png (129.5 KB, 229x340, 282C4864-A101-4CDB-9D62-0D8307…)

I just finished reading through ALL (!) the old italian Aly threads. She was the best cow and her milk was delish, lush and SO DANG (!) oily. My mood was over the stars and I felt like a happy blondie child.
Now coming back to these dried up threads with all the boring cows… (back emoji) I wanna die into alcohol. Sorry girls but I kill me.
Hope in your opinions.

No. 1489993

File: 1648910964944.jpeg (91.29 KB, 275x275, CC91A2E8-0FF3-48D7-9F24-AE5A94…)

i remember this guy

No. 1489999

this really reads like some anorexia fetish porn shit, what the hell

No. 1490005

so you don’t know any aly-isms it seems

No. 1490012

are the italian aly threads part of the old pro-ana threads or did she have her own standalone ones?

No. 1490016

she was so super milky that she had her own ones

No. 1490043

and this might be my favorite one

No. 1490054

>>1489960 Fi is one of the best newer ones. Most of this thread is vendetta sperging but we love a good "I've got to get Fi back! Breathe! Increase day

No. 1490057

>>1489988 Dante. Feels like an old friend.

No. 1490059

no we don’t, she’s ugly and boring

No. 1490060

the italian stallion

No. 1490066

>>1489988 Was aly the one who took weird kiss pics with her brother lol

No. 1490072

File: 1648915287167.jpeg (85.53 KB, 812x594, 8064F13D-B685-47E6-B7CE-115802…)

lol yes
she truly was the milkiest

No. 1490165

>>1490066 long live a legend. Her and n2f

No. 1490170

I still fondly remember Aly's premium milk. A truly exceptional cow!

No. 1490173

She got fat these days.

No. 1490196

rattle rattle

she's within a normal range, just not especially thin

No. 1490202

>>1490072 Shut up anachan. She's just normal.

No. 1490239

anyone got a link to the first aly thread or has it been baleeted

No. 1490248

Damn she must have been neglected as a kid

No. 1490251

>>1489993 Fond memories of Aly posing in her underwear on her parents bed

No. 1490255

>>1489171 Have always thought neda walks were funny too.

No. 1490267

File: 1648926175381.jpg (505.34 KB, 1080x1969, Screenshot_20220402-120129_Ins…)

Anyone remember Berto, Alys boyfriend? Looks like they're still together.

No. 1490268

I didn't think to screenshot it, but Cassie was talking about how she was looking forward to going to the NEDA walk near her

No. 1490270

enjoy the wild ride anon


No. 1490273

>>1490255 Cassie has so much potential. Keep us posted anon.

No. 1490275

remember when she said she couldn’t move in with him cause he got no wheat

those were the days

No. 1490279

and she removed the framed picture of mother Mary
Oh how i miss Aly

No. 1490295

>>1490251 Wonder if her brother ended up needing therapy

No. 1490325

File: 1648928232356.jpeg (242.42 KB, 828x1350, A9526635-2D88-4AB4-951B-BF9565…)

Scarlett won her competition. She is going to be so bloody smug now

No. 1490336

who cares

No. 1490350

>>1490325 Rotisserie chicken looking ass

No. 1490361

She’ll be smug for a minute, but she’s miserable deep down and some fleeting validation and medals for tormenting herself won’t undo that

No. 1490369

>>1490325 I honestly feel sad for her. She's in so deep.

No. 1490416

File: 1648933162844.jpg (327.03 KB, 1080x1787, Screenshot_20220402-135852_Ins…)

Cece is moving out. ERC part 3 forthcoming?

No. 1490418

she's 100% working on a relapse. There was some foreshadowing a few days ago with "my parents don't ant me to move out because they don't think I'll stay in recovery"

No. 1490436

File: 1648934089793.jpeg (505.41 KB, 1170x1356, CAD7E40B-2FB6-4A58-B982-DEB91B…)

Rice cakes, tuna and sparking water. She’s begging for her followers to ask about relapse

No. 1490453

>>1490436 she's been relapse baiting in earnest for a few weeks now. And popping the collarbone on her stories.

No. 1490510

She gets ndis??

No. 1490511

looks like zara’s given herself bulimia

No. 1490531

Glad there are others who also find these constant “Zara is soo spoopy how is she even alive” comments irritating and bizarre, she really isn’t any worse or more shocking than any other cow who looks like theyre about to be admitted. if it was anyone else I would think they were self posting but I’m sureZara couldn’t think of anything worse than appearing on a site like this and potentially tarnishing her gleaming academic record. Which makes it even weirder like who are these anons desperately trying to validate her ED every time she’s mentioned? I mean yeah the original point that it’s nuts that people believe she’s in recovery looking like she does is valid but why all the splerging about her bmi and “shocking” appearance?

No. 1490533

Don’t think so. That whole post is a crock of shite -
She’s been working full time since at least September, moved out in October. And was working as a tutor before that. She’s never been unemployed or on disability as far as I know.

No. 1490649

It’s the constant hyper-anachan comments about porgie’s weight that make it sound like nonnie probably runs a 2012 pro Ana tumblr in her spare time

No. 1490654

>>1489858 Right, like we know porgies fat. Porgie knows she's fat. The over the top sperging is a little much.

No. 1490705

“Neglected as a child” does not give Laura permission to be a scumbag though. She can have childish interests and work through stuff but instead she’s happy having borderline skelly fetish stuff written about her and being a complete NEET

No. 1490716

i find them non-milky and irritating- but it’s ridiculous to say she looks no worse than others on the verge of admission. she’s eugenia level spoopy, and clearly her life is at risk but she’s somehow at university and seems so capacitated it’s really jarring. it’s not milk though

No. 1490721

> eugenia level spoopy

That's exactly the point. She's real spoopy, but so are other internet anachans

No. 1490792

Yes, she does. You can work and still get NDIS. She’s diagnosed with Autism and subsequently gets funding. And referring to something as a rumour is to be facetious. Georgia has told multiple people her clinic dietician is organising for her to have an at home NG set up. As another anon said - you can’t always post her DMs or you’ll lose access. As for it being “bitchy” - I don’t think anyone gives a fuck tbh. If she wants to sperg to people she barely knows and only contacts because they have EDs, then people sharing your cringe is the consequence.
Georgia is still on the NG feeds and is going home with it, paid for by NDIS. It’s not a secret. She’s positively giddy and telling everyone.

No. 1490839

>>1490531 Anons point is that while there are many other extremely skelly cows Zara is the only one who gets all the fawning concern from anons here and it's weird.

No. 1490840

>>1490510 Calm down Porgie fan.

No. 1490843

>>1490511 Not this or the gland sperging again jfc

No. 1490848

that anon is probably reacting to a story she posted about waking up in the middle of the night and eating an unplanned 1,000 calories

which is just as dumb, because that's not bulimia

No. 1490861

Aw it’s nice to see her doing well, she was a dim bulb but I don’t remember her being malicious. Her style is still awful, bless.

No. 1490874

I think the whole Zara being a spoop thing is that she is still at uni, relatively free and no adult or dr has forced her into hospital or at least made her drop out and move home etc. and I think that’s why it’s so jarring. It must take a lot to actually have brain function at that weight. The twins and EC and Fi aren’t writing essays and shit in their spare time.

No. 1490878

File: 1648950358783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 625.96 KB, 1080x1824, p.jpg)

Am I alone with this really common mental illness diagnosis? You know you're not. You know the DSM like the back of your hand porge.
Keep casting that line. Ensure you're still mentally unwell still so you can flip flop between the two

No. 1490883

weren't the twins spoops when they went through medical school? i thought they'd been sick since puberty

imo, there are a fair number of spoops who are in more demanding jobs or education but they're not usually the type who post a lot online. the combination of those two things is the only thing really unusual about zara.

No. 1490885

How would it affect her academic record?
Do colleges go on Lolcow now?

No. 1490887

File: 1648950788597.jpg (Spoiler Image, 681.4 KB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_20220402-135202_Ins…)

All these anas doing their gains is just an excuse to over exercise and body check and still restrict
This one loves to show mention how small she was/is while preaching body love. It's worse than tumblr days

No. 1490888

if she goes into law, it's not unreasonable to think that future employers might google her before hiring

No. 1490890

>>1490531 A lot of anons here have a super overly inflated sense of lolcows reach and importance. Its just chatting shit, and probably in some places/by some people considered boollying/harassment. Sperg all you want but employers and universities aren't trolling the forums or reading the farms.

No. 1490897

I just can't get my head around this. Like I know she wants and ng for munchie points but like, she loves to eat, whats she going to do? Live off feeds only or have ng and eat and gain even more?

No. 1490900

have the ng but not run the feeds

No. 1490902

File: 1648951136008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 589.63 KB, 1080x1283, Screenshot_20220402-104910_Ins…)

Gotta mention shopping in the kiddie section and feeling special

No. 1490905

Either don't crop out the username or reply to a post so we know who the fuck this is.

No. 1490913

She hasn't changed has she
So technically if she lives on her own (which many super Ana's would be happy to have time alone to lose as much weight as they want) she should be spoopy or at least lost some weight. If she supposed to have G.I troubles which makes eating difficult there's another factor that would affect weight. But she has stayed the same weight basically for the past 4+ years. That's not even common with bulimics. Their weight usually fluctuates. She's one of the worst malingerers I've seen, apart from Jonezie. Bring back milk like that

No. 1490917

File: 1648951690417.jpg (Spoiler Image, 562.29 KB, 1080x1626, Screenshot_20220402-105857_Ins…)

Yes mum

No. 1490954

She’s eating in the clinic, she hasn’t tried to hide or deny that. She claims she can’t eat an adequate amount to maintain her weight/nutrition. Again as another anon said, she probably will keep the tube for ass pats and not use the feeds. I assume she feels special now she has a dietician who, by her account, is telling her how unwell she is etc. Georgia is exceptionally competitive with people with EDs. She adds anybody she encounters with one to all her social media, without having the awareness of how stupid that is. Any interaction is just her telling you how much sicker she is than you, and fishing for validation and sympathy. Typical munchie, BPD and ED behaviour, this is true. But it doesn’t change the fact she provides her milk willingly to people she shouldn’t trust. She isn’t disliked to the degree she is by people IRL simply because she’s morbidly obese. It’s because she has to be the winner of the Suffering Olympics, and because she has an awful personality.

No. 1490999

It's pretty common but I've never heard of picking your toes, ew. She could try trimming her nails to make it harder to pick, but maybe she'd try picking with her toenails

No. 1491028

File: 1648959528441.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1081x1874, B97AB346-4B3A-4B79-83FC-32E722…)

You’re on NDIS, Georgia. You have a support worker funded by NDIS. Interesting that Centrelink is still paying her to find a job when she apparently has a full time position already? Guess doing product reviews on sunscreen from the comfort of her favourite psych clinic isn’t enough for the Australian Government?

No. 1491048

Your favourite fat pig here - no I don’t. My support worker is provided through my private health insurance not through NDIS. I have zero NDIS funding. Stop making random crap up about me, it’s not a good look.

No. 1491054

>>1491028 Georgia when will you learn commenting here only feeds the fire

No. 1491059

I was thinking I should do a Q&A here, really clear the air…(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1491066

It’s not random crap. You told people it was NDIS - so you’re a liar who can’t keep her story straight? And still getting welfare when you work? What a drain on society you are. Nothing you say makes sense.

No. 1491076

there's no food here. leave

No. 1491078

while you're here, it's pretty rude that you apparently blocked me on instagram because I can't find you by searching

also, please explain why you've never lost any weight

No. 1491082

Okay, I’ve got a question for you - how’s it feel to know your doctor told another patient that you worry about looking like a My 600lb Life Patient, and that he says you do? And that he says you weigh 114kg and that it’s embarrassing to see you with an NG tube on a unit for anorexics, taking up resources you don’t need? He thinks you’re a munchie, Georgia. Quit idolising him and the clinic and find a doctor who doesn’t gossip about you. He might deny it, but you’ve got to know it’s true.

No. 1491085

Stop wasting a bed with your malingering. Although it's private insurance so it's basically a hotel room and will shove a hose in anyone cause insurance will pay for it all. You haven't lost any significant weight in 5 years. Not consistent with either EDs or GI issues. Research your disorders before you choose to munch it

No. 1491089

The fact you're on here when you're meant to be in hospital working on recovery.
Get off here, forget what randoms on the internet. Stop coming and feeling fire because you feel special to be mentioned on an ED thread. Stay away from ED bullshit and bullshitters and you'll get better. You're choosing to stay sick. You've never tried properly to recover. Youve never gone more than a few months out of hospital.

You've had more ECT than any person I know of, I'm surprised you're not a zombie because usually thays what happens w that much.
Stop making this your identity and find something in the real word to feel special. Ffs you have so much resources awarded to you. Fucking use them and be greatful cause most have to go through public or don't get any help at all even though their health would be more at risk than you (even when you dehydrate yourself so your heart goes weird. It's cringingly obvious and I guarantee the nurses roll their eyes when they see your name on the patient list.

Tldr fuck off and recover properly

No. 1491121


kek rice cakes. God she's in for a slog, trying to keep that self-assigned SEED label from expiring.

I assume she'll get to a BMI of 17.4, acknowledge "struggles", ho-hum a bit but decide she just can't go back to her secret fake LW once she gets too hungry.

My bet is she's not (self-)admitted anytime soon because she doesn't want to burn all her professional bridges, but some sort of "hiccup" is imminent.

No. 1491126

At least three people told you not only is it bitchy, it’s weird fucking behaviour. You’re not meant to fraternise with cows. At least one person pointed out nobody gives that much of a fuck about Georgie. Get a hobby.

No. 1491136


then stop picking, fatass

it's as simple as that

No. 1491138


yeah, that might give her some kind of reward for the moment

but she won't realize how unimportant it really was

No. 1491144

This is a thread to mock the pro ana chans isn’t it? Georgia is morbidly obese and LARPs having anorexia while constantly posting her personal information for anyone to see. She’s a cow and people are sharing milk that Georgia herself is serving up. As for it being bitchy, nobody’s taking the moral high ground and saying that it’s not. Georgia’s an adult, she should have the common sense to not share information with just anyone she meets in a literal psych clinic. Plus she’s known for a long time people talk about her here…but she still tells anyone with an ED she meets her whole life story and all her medical information. She’s a fucking retard; and people say they want evidence, but whenever someone posts about her it’s a “vendetta”. Maybe she’s verbally sperging to people? Short of recording her, how do you prove it? I’m not interested in tik tok screen shots of Fiona but I don’t say other people can’t be and can’t discuss her.

No. 1491147

We have more relevant info for you than you have for us. So let me tell you something for some reason you can’t accept: until you admit to yourself your life is shit because you’re obese and it’s result of OVEREATING and you’re a lazy undisciplined fatass deluding self with fantasies about ana perfectionism, you will never amount to anything. Stop playing the victim, lose the weight and the burgers. You’ll get somewhere.

No. 1491156

File: 1648975139356.jpeg (266.01 KB, 1061x1074, 9A43094A-C1FD-4DB3-8C9F-4C69B7…)

Look who’s created a new profile because she can’t trust people on her old one.
Guess people aren’t making crap up like you said, hey Georgia? Pity she didn’t stick around for her Q&A, I’m sure it would have been riveting.

No. 1491160

I cant get my mind around how readily newfarm gives out ect and how many rounds and how close together. It seems super unethical.

No. 1491170

File: 1648978404074.jpg (359.66 KB, 1080x1199, Screenshot_20220403-113157_Ins…)

Ham complains about a person saying she let herself go. She actually looks chubby in the first pic.

No. 1491171

It’s super unethical. To be fair, a decent number of psychiatrists there don’t prescribe or perform ECT. For a handful, it’s their bread and butter. At the end of the day it makes the doctors and the clinic a lot of money, and keeps people inpatient during the course/s, which again makes even more money. You’re right though, it’s ridiculous how it’s used on some people.

No. 1491177

Love the profile picture of the feed bag trying to rein in the pity and validate herself.

No. 1491179

File: 1648979581093.jpeg (56.51 KB, 596x628, 09DC7022-0197-44DC-9D88-BF527F…)

That profile picture.
She is desperate to come off as super ill. Bitch you willingly pay and malinger so doctors give you anything because besides your lack of discipline in keeping yourself from devouring every junk food you can find, obesity and PCOS is your only illness and it’s not fucking special. Just move to USA, plenty of food for you and you’ll eat yourself into disability welfare and you can settle in Florida and thrive on complaining and bitching with other losers.

I don’t get why she gets inspired for her bullshitting online by anas, she’d have better chance just shaving her head and pretending to be oncology patient. If you’re gonna pretend you’re mentally ill why pick one illness that manifests visibly and are direct consequence of eating habits lmao.

No. 1491180

Nah, it’s just a standard bag of IV fluids. I’m sure the page will be full of NG feed pics and that morose, dead-eyed moon face soon though.

No. 1491181

If you drink only sweet drinks and no water no wonder you get dehydrated. Normal people just chug a bottle instead of going to hospital to get an IV.

> muh perfectionism

No. 1491190

Holy fucking shit anon. Just give it a break. You are OBSESSED and it is shitting up the thread. Get a hobby.

No. 1491191

Thats not anon, that’s porgie sperging to defend herself.

No. 1491203

Learn to read, that post isn’t Georgie, it’s vendetta anon

No. 1491213

She’s no worst than Katy and Maria

No. 1491222

I’ve rewatched the story where she’s given one of the medals and the announcer says: ‘Scarlett is our winner and she’s the only athlete in open class A’ so it’s really not that impressive

No. 1491231

So all she had to do is show up
All that work totally worth it

No. 1491237

File: 1648988980080.png (1.09 MB, 1170x2532, 6A3AD066-B8C2-4F3C-9F5D-F82593…)

hmmmm i smell cap

No. 1491239

File: 1648989417775.png (3.29 MB, 1170x2532, D50597E1-64A5-414A-9096-E93830…)

i swear she makes a post like this every time she’s discharged kek. anything to prove she’s valid despite her being overweight.

No. 1491243


Yes I noticed that too. Also, the medal from one of the other classes has 2nd place written on the ribbon, so no win there either. There were probably 2 girls in that class kek how pathetic. She'd never win a real comp - the first one she did she obviously knew the organisers and it's a known joke of a show anyway.

No. 1491259

>>1491082 Quit sperging. It's fucking weird to gossip to her doctor. Everyone knows Porgie is a munch so I guess it's nit really gossip kek

No. 1491278

Bit off topic but have you ever watched the YouTube channel of Scarlett’s idol- Georgie Cooper (pt, body builder etc- no Ed and not a cow) just inter3sting to see how much scarlet copies her even the same bikini. Anyway Georgie made a comment in her last video ( from about 15 mins in) about the reason people get into body building etc for all the wrong reasons and it takes over their life. ( sorry very off thread but this thread is so shit anyway)

No. 1491298

That can't be good for the ol self esteem. Any wonder she's in XGames mode

No. 1491306

Yes, it's the new "Raw vegan recovery' Recover by doing a sport that is dangerously and fatally strict on food and body appearance is a way of being Disordered while still being Disordered under the vail of "recovery". Just like a number of years ago. If I say I'm recovering with raw veganism then I get to be Disordered. There airways seem to be a fad. Just like when all the skinny no cal syrups were apparently a part of recovery too.
Gives good excuse for body checking and photos

No. 1491349

disagree. but even so, they are both extremely skeletal

No. 1491363

Please can someone anonymously show scarlettvfit the stuff that’s said about her on here. She’s so entitled and smug and narcissistic she needs to be taken down a few pegs and realise that no one falls for her conceited bullshit and that she is actually a bitchy pro Ana coach. I hate her so much more than anyone that’s ever been mentioned on these threads. Repulsive veiny bitch(not your personal army)

No. 1491364

I would do anything to punch Scarlett in the face

No. 1491366

>>1491363 No spergfag we aren't your personal vendetta army

No. 1491367

sheesh calm down, vendettachan. read the rules + lrn2sage etc

No. 1491399

At least she has a good attitute about it. Still, it wouldn't surprise me if she's getting ready to go full HAES influencer. It would probably suit her more.

No. 1491406

damn those swollen salivary glands

No. 1491413

give it a break, nonnie

No. 1491414

Zara reminds me of Kara… Snarky, spoopy ? , liar, even career goal- law… Probably more but dunno any of them well enough

No. 1491417

I miss Aly so much and I read the old threads too, anon! I love them so much. We had some real fun there

No. 1491442

>>1491170 not wking,but tbh I don't get the ham vitriol. She's not bed blocking. She's not using resources. I mean the larping is funny but anons actually hating her is wild

No. 1491445

She’s probs gonna ~attempt~ now because of us meanie anons hahahaa calling it now cuz she’s so predictable I swear these cows lives are like that movie Groundhog Day

No. 1491464

Nobody said this to her it almost like when she went to shop and a cashier said the muffins? were fatting so she grabbed more or some bullshit that never happened just like her eating disorder.

No. 1491472

oh, all those fond memories…

aly staring at a bagel.

No. 1491492


Yeah I fucking hate her too but no cow tipping. I'm not even sure she'd be bothered - she just brushes off and bitches about haterz rather than getting really upset about it or changing.

No. 1491493

File: 1649008244596.gif (669.68 KB, 275x275, 2096EF09-5FF8-414A-AB3F-0FCF92…)

No. 1491501

Yup.Pure fantasy yet again. The comments are hilarious 'you had an eating disorder that was trying to kill you' errr no you went on a diet, got to a normal weight and claimed anorexia recovery for likes. The ridiculous 'all in' scoffing she does like she was emaciated and needed to weight restore whilst larping and telling her fictional ed to fuck off have just made her overweight. Silly girl Ham

No. 1491514


I do remember her. One of the worst recovery fakers ever.

No. 1491521

>>1491472 Hospital day control flashbacks

No. 1491554

i desperately want to know what Pa „Don Casati“ is up to these days.
and Dante. Never forget.

No. 1491605

grazi nonna

No. 1491634

File: 1649020184079.png (399.49 KB, 720x1318, Screenshot_20220404-070630~2.p…)

Cassie WANTS acute but her partner talked her out of it because "she's not dying yet"

No. 1491642

If any of that is true and her boyfriend did talk her out of treatment by going on about treatment setting people up to fail it’s kinda fucked. Yeah ED treatment and residential settings are far from perfect and sure success rates are low, but when the alternative is watching your partner starve themselves to death in your home that seems a little weird.

No. 1491648

File: 1649021295114.jpeg (714.81 KB, 1170x1785, E9AF18F8-3401-4E8B-A4D8-02E2B4…)

she looks like she losing instead of gaining.
so much for “recovering”
nose hose content coming soon

No. 1491655

he's actually her husband now

I suspect that's what she wanted to hear and so she presented the idea to him a way that would make him agree with her. People often do that, consciously or subconsciously, when they want other people to validate decisions they've already made.

No. 1491662

I would believe it because she was basically dying last year before she ever got treatment. Who lets their spouse go that far and doesn’t take some serious steps to stop them? She clearly can’t make consistent recovery choices. They went to the ZOO the day she was picked up after being kicked out of Alsana. She has photos on IG. I would have been so angry if my spouse got kicked out. We surely wouldn’t have been taking a zoo trip & making a mini vacation out of the area. And why does he allow her to work and do all the other things she does? She should have already been forced back into treatment.

No. 1491665

>>1491634 She got kicked out of res for her abhorrent behavior/tantrums

No. 1491667

I mean, he can't actually make her do anything. His choices are to give her an ultimatum (divorce, kicked out) or just try to convince her to make better choices while taking care of his kid. Obviously the ultimatum is the "right" choice, but a lot of people don't have the emotional strength to make that choice. Same reason a lot of the other cows' families haven't cut them off, people stay with spouses with drinking or gambling problems, etc. And it's probably harder with an ED, because if he kicks her out then to everyone else in their lives he's the monster who abandoned his dying wife.

No. 1491672

Let me add in there’s even pictures of them at an amusement park right after being kicked out because they were celebrating her “health” and “recovery”. Why did he reward her??? He sounds like an enabler.

No. 1491698

It bothers me that theyre sick and always off somewhere doing something for Fi and Cassie. They’re almost the same. I use to have her on fb. Both of these families are basically going out all the time and pretending like their fine and kind of letting them do whatever they want. Her and those expensive shows and wheelchair. Cassie doesn’t use a wheelchair and they do family hikes and ballets and seem to bring the kid out every week. Now Fi is hiking/walking trips? Cassies got a video of them at the trampoline park. Yea, that’s exactly how we treat relapsed Anorexics. Let’s go on walks with them and jump on trampolines and let them stay home. i bet they’re so use to them being sick and having so many meltdowns that no one wants to disturb poor Fi or Cassies feelings. I think both of their families are very responsible for their state. So they just ignore the problem and give them whatever they want and go about life like all is normal. That’s why neither one of them are better. Could also be that their families are just exhausted by their disorders. I’m so sick of Fi’s I’m in recovery, it’s increase day, I’m so upset blah blah crying in camera for attention, the same everyday. At least with Cassie we don’t get this same load of shit? We just get no improvement, from either of them. She actually admitted her meltdowns and bad choices. Not that it fixed anything.

No. 1491761

>>1491667 Cassie self-posted a pic in a wheelchair at the zoo once

No. 1491766

That’s really old news and before she went to acute last year.

No. 1491772

It doesn't count if you purge it back up, Zara. (Not saying you're her, but we know she lurks here.)

No. 1491791

The worst part of Zara is she keeps pretending she’s so strong in recovery and some kind of leader. She’s the ultimate cow. There’s lots of spoops out there, but they aren’t all being hypocrites for recovery when they’re dying.

No. 1491795

all of her posts with recovery advice are infuriating hypocritical

also, she recently posted one about "distractions in recovery" and the first suggestion was to make powerpoints, kek

No. 1491966

I'd be pissed if my SO posted about me talking them out of treatment over some tinfoil about how doctors are evil and only trying to keep you sick… well, I'd be pissed if that wasn't exactly what happened. What a surprise a skelly found a fetishist who wants to keep her sick and projects that desire onto the healthcare industry. Good luck, Cassie

No. 1491977

>>1491761 Oh for sure just for anon implying she's above Fi for not using a wheelchair

No. 1491978

>>1491634 I honestly think she's just painting him in a bad light. Cassie can be very manipulative. We don't know his side of the story.

No. 1491982

>>1491634 She could do well at a treatment center she just would rather throw shit at staff and not comply with anything.

No. 1491983

it's also pretty shitty that she blames her entire relapse on her sister making toxic comments about her weight during a one week visit. Yeah, that's shitty. But she had just left treatment and could have you know used some coping skills that she was presumably taught or LEFT EARLY or something

No. 1492027

File: 1649054630046.jpg (733.6 KB, 1075x1580, Dpufo6ofuf7p.jpg)

To sustain yourself?? You could be on a desert island for weeks and you'd still be alive. She's probably just getting low blood sugar and then actually freaks out and bloop inpatient

No. 1492028

Sorry, samefag as above

It's porgie ^^^^

No. 1492035

File: 1649056200130.jpg (567.04 KB, 1079x1786, Porgie.jpg)

And she's done it folks. She's living her dream

No. 1492050

With that smug smirk, she totally looks disappointed.

No. 1492145

File: 1649077028624.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2357, 8263703F-41C1-41E5-8D4E-2C2363…)

Cecilia admits to purging finally but has to make sure she ads in she quit because she wants people to secretly know she’s a pure restrictor and so spoopy and ideal. Then she compliments herself. This was obnoxious.

No. 1492152

does she not know restricting can hurt teeth too? but oops she’s never been ill enough for that has she

No. 1492153

"Likely perfect as ususal" top kek she is really too much

No. 1492154

>>1491982 That's what Cassie does. It's always someone else's fault, she's always the victim, she never takes responsibility for her own actions. When she was in hospital I think around January or so she kept posting how unfair and mean it was that the doctors didn't cure her when she was bragging about hiding all her food. She is as scummy as they come.

No. 1492164

Where’s the actual proof of her saying hey I hid my food today? Haha. I think it’s terrible she hasn’t recovered yet, but you’re also probably twisting for your own pleasure if you don’t have proof.

No. 1492177

Fi’s full of crap- she says stuff who knows if it isvtrue. She can go on dog walks and to London yet is still in the wheelchair?! Now she’s mentioning IP again- truth or attention seeking?

No. 1492187

File: 1649081921894.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x2064, 6BBC7A27-2BB1-4B09-A236-3C35C3…)

I’m sick of her food shares about bars and porridge and damn crying every single day!! No one needs to hear what you ate or didn’t. What’s the point of sharing that you were so sick that could only eat your favorite bars? The bottom line is Fi has had months to make progress but hasn’t. I honestly don’t think she’s lost OR gained anything at all. Which means IF she needed the wheelchair she should still be in it. It’s Fi’s world, & her family is just in it.

No. 1492204

File: 1649083526289.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 412.35 KB, 1170x1166, F8D0FC04-F346-4221-939E-D1AFC6…)

There’s a lot of ways to throw this. Cassies a cow because she has resources but is still sick. Or she’s a cow because she’s blamed others for her sickness and had breakdowns and admitted to acting in ed behaviors. Yea, that’s cow like behavior. It’s also just typical behavior of someone with a severe eating disorder. You also have the same person who has, at times, acknowledged that her recovery is her responsibility. She clearly states she either gets better because she did herself, or she dies. I don’t think her husband is bad despite letting her drop so far in a couple months. I think he’s trying to help her accept the responsibility and actually change instead of just acknowledging it. Unfortunately, I’m just not sure that she has the power in herself to get better, and it seems they’ve both accepted she might not. You see the daily struggle in her story posts. The more I look at her page, I don’t know, it’s just sad. I think she’s a good person, but her eating disorder, mind, and trauma really may be too much in the end.

No. 1492235

>traditional treatment has failed me
Goddamn, these cows. Treatment didn’t fail you. You failed treatment.

No. 1492271

>>1492204 What's with all the wking of Cassie??? Many othet subjects of this thread are genuinely, severely ill. She's a cow. For fucks sake also treatment didn't fail her she only did one incomplete go of it as an adult afaik.

No. 1492324

idk what anyone says. cassie is a self-centered fcking skelly with a useless husband who let her do this for years without any treatment or intervention. then they throw their hands up and say oh well, do what you want after one round of treatment. this girls been on and off sick for years and they did NOTHING until last year. theyre careless and more concerned with their image than her recovery. theyre both why she is still like that. one round. yea, wow.

No. 1492330

Probably self posting. We know she used herself as an example of what an ‘actually sick’ ACUTE patient looked like so I wouldn’t put it past her to try to make herself look like a poor delicate waif who is too sick for this world.

No. 1492340

File: 1649093005307.jpg (226.04 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20220404-182151_Ins…)

I guess they just let anyone into uni these days. Although with brexit decimating the nhs, it's not actually that surprising

No. 1492341

wonder which uni. Do UK nursing courses have any sort of fitness exam or does that wait until after you finish and need to get a license? I'm an Amerifag and don't know where in the process she'd need to demonstrate that she's actually mentally and physically stable enough to practice.

She seems to be eating more actual food, though no mention of progress on ditching the tube

No. 1492352

Yeah until she starts headbanging out of nowhere….. that’s her favorite activity after all. That’s what normal people do, right? Also, there’s a statistic that only 1/3 of people who attend college actually graduate. Getting in is often the easy part for lower level.

No. 1492397


Yes, definitely, you have to pass occupational health. It’s usually really quite strict. Blogpost but I know multiple people who haven’t passed occupational health, who haven’t been NG’d for best part of a year/don’t permanently have a maxi pad on their head.

No. 1492426

File: 1649096817791.jpg (48.01 KB, 626x680, FPg-MgZXwAQPvJ6.jpg)


nuff said

No. 1492515

She will definitely need to pass an occ health assessment for fitness to study and it is highly unlikely that'll happen. People fail them on these kind of courses for much less and understandably so.

No. 1492527

Zero chance she will pass occupational health. Also the first placement is during the first semester. She will not survive 13 hour shifts!

No. 1492608

An anorexic posting about eating a high cal quest bar giving her comfort?!

No. 1492611

rattle rattle. A Quest bar has 180-200 calories. that's not "high cal".

No. 1492835

How do you know that? I don’t remember that ever being mentioned

No. 1492836

Agreed x3

No. 1492852

No she actually did post about it fairly regularly on her story that she was hiding food. I don’t think badly of her I just think she’s very ill, but it was a little much after she left treatment and was with her sister (who she claims does exactly this triggering behaviour every time they’re together) and made zero effort herself to ask sister to stop or establish any boundaries or remove herself from the situation, and basically just said “welp oh noes look what she’s doing to me I’ve got not choice but to relapse”. She recently answered a question about it on her story saying that she knows it was her own responsibility to stand up for herself and tell her sister no but that she still just “never does it” - idk I felt she could have put a little more effort to remove herself from what she knew was a toxic situation before just succumbing and thus wasting all the time, work and money her and her family put in to support her through treatment

No. 1492934

File: 1649127001829.jpg (292.12 KB, 822x862, emily.jpg)

*second saddest ha

No. 1492943

why is the one with no nose hose or forehead maxi pad willing to stand with them, kek

No. 1493023

Everyone who sees her in public with a tube is going to assume she is a cancer patient on steroids. That's fucking insane. Gastroparesis is becoming the new hYpOtHaLaMiC AmEnOrRhEa .. such trendy.

No. 1493215

Her doctor must be one corrupt mf
Do we know if he's a public or private Dr? Cause it's absolutely crazy how fast she gets ip or a hose or suddenly G.i issues that need toobies at home when you're not underweight, or even a healthy weight and the g.i symptoms just suddenly appear. She'll end up with a PEG if she has her way

No. 1493223

nah, she's going to end up with tpn because she's soooo frail and can't sustain herself on tube feeds

No. 1493243

He is a very horrible doctor. There have been many many patients complain and many others and professionals wondering why he still has a license. He is private which is why she gets her way because he gets his holidays. Most of the NFC munchies/revolving door patients fall under him.

No. 1493246

It’s like she doesn’t want to be a normal weight. She claims to have lost “so much weight because she can’t eat” yet she’s still obese, she could stand to lose a lot more and might find that her “GI” issues are actually GORD from being morbidly obese.
It’s mind boggling to have seen her stories where one day she’s out eating bacon & eggs and hollandaise sauces and the next shes “frail and malnourished” and cannot possibly eat.
What a waste of tax payers money. Guarantee is she was in a public psych ward she’d have stopped this shit years ago.

No. 1493247

Well she was trying to figure out how to get a port a while ago because her “veins are so hard to find”… apparently it’s hard for ect .
It’s because they’re buried under layers of lard.

No. 1493309

They wouldn't even admit her to public because there's essentially nothing wrong. You have to wait for beds, you're not coddled, you've got every mh issue in one ward, the nurses don't g.a.s
She wouldn't last a week in a public ward. And they sure wouldn't entertain her ED narrative

No. 1493358

What's Cassie's insta? I tried looking up the UN from the screens posted here but it's not coming up. Did she change it? Delete?

No. 1493418

She deleted ig & still has fb but deleted people there too & made it all private. I had her on both. Now her insta is gone, & I’m removed from her fb. She’s very two sided. She shared a lot about their lives & actually seemed like she was decent person despite letting all of ig know every waking moment she had w/her ed when she was alone. I think she can be very self centered & manipulative when it comes to her ed, but there’s more there. She’s admitted on ig she’s a lot sicker mentally after res. I’m free with the above that she’s been “a lot” since Alsana bc yea she was. She was obviously cow tipped, read & didn’t like the discussion & locked down or someone finally got to her. Why else would she have done it? She’s been in the Ed community forever. She’s never disappeared before. Nothing else makes sense. She’s not getting attention for being a chronic skelly if she disappears from the communities view. Something definitely happened.

No. 1493433

>>1493358 Cassie is a regular poster on here. Not only the infamous self-post, She also sperges in dms about her hatred of Cecelia. She's a snake, and she's got a nasty attitude and a victim complex.

No. 1493586

wonder how long it'll take her to remake her instagram

No. 1493595

We can argue what’s wrong with Cassie and Cecilia and why dispute all day. Cassie is an attention seeker and has always posted everything online for her needs and flaunted her disorder. The fact is, what is she going to get out of dropping off social media? None of the disordered shit she always thrived on and made sure she kept going. How will she even operate now without that stream? That’s a new one even for her. Something had to have happened privately. I’m glad she’s gone because she’s competitive and toxic. Hell, maybe she’ll finally get her shit together too.

No. 1493606

maybe someone cowtipped and contacted her husband or workplace? that's really all that I could see making her go into delete fucking everything mode

No. 1493622

File: 1649185712672.jpeg (387.5 KB, 766x1369, 92EF69D0-0EC4-4B09-B3E2-71C86D…)

forgot to post this yesterday but zara made a cryptic announcement about having no context with family or something yesterday, and i didn’t screencap the whole message- did anyone else?

No. 1493637


probably her GP mum coming to her senses and trying to tell her she needs to be IP

she's always alluded to being closer to her dad

No. 1493653

why does every “announcement” need an unrelated skelly selfie to go along with it

No. 1493656

gotta remind you how recovered she is

No. 1493657

it occurred to me how it must drive her ‘friends’ with EDs wild to watch her exist freely whilst so spoopy (she’s friends with niamh, for example, or hxn.. must be shit to be forced IP and gaining weight whilst watching others get away with everything)

No. 1493844

i swear to god the headbanging is just competitive social contagion in treatment centers, what a bunch of losers

No. 1494055

File: 1649212365459.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1046x1787, 4769C45B-EC12-496B-BA2E-05ABA6…)

Georgia’s here to remind us she’s got an NG and is choosing to let her psychiatrist give her more brain damage to “improve my mood”.

No. 1494077

File: 1649214456450.jpg (452.49 KB, 714x1408, IMG_20220406_130703.jpg)

despite preaching "not needing residential treatment to validate ur ed" uwu bullshit imogen preaches, it's good to see she is upholding her "no tube pics" position despite gloating about how good residential was. now that the cow is weight restored, she's finding other ways to subtly brag about how uwu smol and underweight she was by selling her sick clothes on depop and advertising it to her masses of followers…is this just another way to show lw photos without actually showing lw photos? classy impowering

No. 1494085

File: 1649214871459.jpg (808.88 KB, 719x1912, IMG_20220406_130902.jpg)

eek imo isn't it kinda irresponsible to be advertising on ur recovery account selling your sick clothes to all ur sick followers. she very actively preaches that only 6% of ppl who have an ed are underweight, she should surely know that based on that fact 94% of her demographic would no where near fit in her clothes. she has no benefit of advertising her depop despite bragging about her size 4 jeans

No. 1494210

she is just selling clothes anon

No. 1494217

Advertising selling clothes on your recovery instagram is whack. It’s competitive

No. 1494226

agreed. get the 'impowering look-book'…. she's even wearing the clothes in the pictures, subtle body check? kek

No. 1494354

I’m not so fussed about her selling clothes she is now too big for. What I can’t stand is how she admitted she wasn’t really recovering , went away to residential for all of one month and immediately returned to posting exactly the same preachy content . I really hope she is actually doing well now but there’s no self awareness or remorse for having misled her followers for so long

No. 1494364


Y'all are arguing about WHAT..?

Get a grip.

No. 1494384

This. It's embarrassing
She doesn't even look small in the jeans so it's only normal to show what they look like on a person.
It's a bit shitty to flaunt an xxs jeans on your recovery page but size means nothing as every brand can just put any number on it. Just like the whole "look at me fitting into an XXL kids shirt"

It's not milky, just shows your own jealousy if you trip over something like that.

No. 1494453

>>1494085 She's selling clothes, presumably that she outgrew in residential. This is such a nitpick. Reach harder

No. 1494468

can someone find out some more info on scarlettvfit. She’s the most toxic cow on here because she tries to make money by indoctrinating people into eds . I want to beat her so bad so she knows what a repulsiveeee veiny piece of shite she is. I know who her sister is I might just troll her until I find out more. What an irresponsible family letting someone among them lift weights all day and take over the kitchen with skinny ana meals for clients she must stink i best her hair falls out everywhere and her flaky skin that she picks is all over the house. Disgusting and gross.

No. 1494469

>>1494077 This is literally just a stock photo of the clothing item kek anon stay mad.

No. 1494470

If yall actually hated Scarlett for what she does you’d direct her here anonymously so that she knows just how hated she is. Fucking toxic bitch

No. 1494471

>>1494468 Not your personal army vendetta-chan.

No. 1494472

Personal vendetta funny way to define the whole of this thread. I don’t hold a vendetta I just want to see her face karma the ugly bony veiny bitch

No. 1494473

Come on let’s troll Scarlett I really wanna have fun watching her fragile ego break down because it’s what she deserves the flaky Ana skelly c*nt

No. 1494474

punch Scarlett in the face. Let’s see her cry hahahahahahahah(a-logging)

No. 1494475

ur a clown go do it yourself

No. 1494476

Don’t pretend all of you don’t want to punch and kick these trolls especially Scarlett.

No. 1494477

Lol I have done but you are all cowards saying it but never doing it because you’re too scared your mummy and daddy finding out lol DONT take the moral high ground going on this thread means you can’t take any moral high ground you all wanna do it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1494481

Hilarious how you all talk shit but don’t take action like I do. Cowards. Stupid bitches go and troll and torture Scarlett like I have. The nasty flaky cow making money from murdering people. You love to talk shit but when confronting Scarlett the murderer you don’t do shit. Snowflakes!!! Pathetic!!!!

No. 1494483

shut the fuck up schizo

No. 1494487

>>1494477 Most anons don't literally hate the thread subjects. AFAIK it's just idle gossip mostly. You're weird anon.

No. 1494496

it doesn't help that you have no idea how to reply or sage anon. at least try to integrate.

No. 1494510

her delusion is honestly just tragicomic at this point. she genuinely believes that people will look at her face and think she could be underweight. i don’t think she actually knows what she looks like.

No. 1494512

>>1494055 The only thing small about porgie is her chin

No. 1494513

and her brain

No. 1494527

You sound like you're one of the clients' mom.
Also, fucking sage

No. 1494529

Fuck off spergchan 2.0. You’re an embarrassment and no one here is emotionally involved with cows so we don’t care about your vendetta.

No. 1494553

>>1494481 Being this invested in any cow either way is fucking deranged.

No. 1494598

What the fuck is wrong with this alogging retard? We're not your personal army, we don't interact with cows because it spoils the milk, learn to integrate newfag or go touch some grass. You sound unhinged and I hope you don't own firearms.

No. 1494617

File: 1649268296254.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1170x2103, 22EC8597-319B-4F4D-8117-3B7C49…)

niamh looks great now but she STILL does that straining leg pose in all her bodychecks. why why why can’t she give it up and actually get on with her life, every time i think there’s hope for her she seems to remind us all that she is in fact a huge attention seeker

No. 1494659

>>1494617 This is a little harsh she's probably just self-conscious from weight restoring

No. 1494706

>>1494617 Better to be a normal tiktok attention whoring zoomer than a spoopy one.

No. 1494719

File: 1649274821555.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, DD26FDF4-7F91-4C8F-86DC-57F920…)

Chenoa the body checking “guise im totally recovering watch me preach about it at a bmi of 12” Zara ripoff is back in hospital.
Expect upcoming vids of her removing her own nose noodle again

No. 1494738

bmi of 12…??? i don’t think so anon. she looks healthy compared to the likes of scraggy zara, kek

No. 1494771

Fi and Paris irritate me more than Scarlett

No. 1494790

If anyone remembers Leigh, shes jn new farm with porgie on a toobe. Just need shay and the whole gang is bacm together

No. 1494816


Kara irritates me the most out of anyone. Pretending to be totally recovered when she's still in a body way smaller than her pre-ED one, arrogant, knows she's pretty with her perfect skin and hair. She freaked out so much when she had a teeny bit of hair loss because it affected her looks and I think she's totally vain. Others have it so much worse looking and feeling like shit 24/7 during and after recovery. She has no idea.

No. 1494819

File: 1649282313937.jpeg (498.62 KB, 827x1711, 141A3261-2661-466C-9AC6-41397D…)

Smorven’s back on the EDU wasting taxpayer’s money.

No. 1494856

Vain sure, but she’s not even that pretty? Just average girl

No. 1494862

Totally agree. Full of herself? Yes. Praising her weight restoration while still looking much thinner than the pictures she has posted of herself pre-ed and post real treatment? 100%. Claims she is more recovered than she is (ex demonstrates pretty regularly that she still counts calories)? You bet. But pretty???? That is not her strongest suit. Not here to throw shade on anyone's looks because that's not what this is about, but wondering if your the same anon who ran to defend Ham.

No. 1494873

File: 1649286555808.png (4.38 MB, 1170x2532, 2E3B85F0-A3E6-41A8-9881-EF492A…)

Lee fake pretending she hasn’t spent the past week asking for the tube. At least she’s not an obese cow. What is it with new farm and the munchies

No. 1494924

I missed this BPD train wreck and her unnecessary toob, nice to see she’s still an absolute drain on the Australian medical system and society at large. She’s got to be pushing 30 at this point, yeah?

No. 1494937


Nooo I do not think the same about Ham. No way. I just look at skin and hair before other features. Kara is obsessed with herself and the comment was meant to be more a reflection of that as well. For all her insecurities about her nose she clearly thinks she is above everyone else when it comes to intelligence, looks, everything.

No. 1494951

>>1494771 Fi is unsufferable

No. 1495015

no one stays at a low end healthy bmi eating the kinds of portions she posts consistently. she could be just posting the most indulgent meals and the rest are normal, but the way she captions things is misleading and implies she eats that way all the time. I suspect she purges

No. 1495031


What date was this posted?

No. 1495100

File: 1649304746058.jpeg (374.82 KB, 1124x1840, BDA27C00-EEE0-4847-AC58-80F474…)

Just Laura, posting pics she makes other people take of her in the hospital, while shooping so badly that the frame of the hospital bed is warped. Same old same old.

No. 1495108

Possibly medfagging her, but related to her cow behaviour
Georgia is claiming gastroparesis yeah? Yet NFC have given her an NG tube, which feeds into the stomach. If she can tolerate feeds through an NG, she can drink enough to sustain herself at home without it, she’s just choosing not to. I think it’s a joke that they’re willing to go through such interventions without significant weight loss/evidence of failure to thrive/malnutrition

No. 1495110

Zara pretty? HAH. What's next? Shrek being gorgeous?

No. 1495113

File: 1649306440540.png (293.99 KB, 345x600, Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 11.4…)

Looking like a straight up goblin, the face of recovery

No. 1495153

>>1495100 It's not warped I know what hospital that is if shes in the US. the beds have rounded handles. Not wking not fussed either way.

>>1494055 The fact that porgie was given a toob at all is almost…malpractice. she doesn't need it. Boggles the mind.

No. 1495161

what hospital?

No. 1495162

It is straight up malpractice anon, not even “almost”. Hospital conforming to a patient’s feeder fetish while the patient is obese should be banned and slammed in media.

No. 1495181

>>1495153 Porgie needs a gastric band not an ng

No. 1495192


Yesterday. Wonder if anyone’s on her CF list, I miss the tantrums (just a bit!)

No. 1495264


Nonnie means KARA as in recovery.chii or whatever she goes by now, not Zara.

No. 1495273

That’s fine, still ugly.

No. 1495303

Mate, get yourself checked into a psych ward. You're fucking mental

No. 1495306

File: 1649322869147.png (1.97 MB, 1140x1307, Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 5.13…)

new cow. recovery Rebecca (on instagram) is a plus-sized cow faking anorexia.

No. 1495307

File: 1649322963741.png (1.71 MB, 1009x1324, Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 5.15…)

No. 1495308

File: 1649323037927.png (1.88 MB, 1302x1294, Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 5.17…)

No. 1495309

File: 1649323082910.png (1.79 MB, 1301x1304, Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 5.17…)

No. 1495310

File: 1649323127402.png (2.05 MB, 1310x1302, Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 5.18…)

No. 1495312

File: 1649324163532.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1831, 79A22E8C-DB00-448C-8E00-9AD996…)

Not words! That can’t be real

No. 1495314

Zara always presents these little motivational statements as her “recovery work” and “advocacy” but to me it just seems like cope. She’s trying to convince herself moreso than anyone else.

No. 1495315

Challenging physiology by not having a period despite having absolutely no fat loss in the face! The land whale cows always use anorexia as an adjective instead of a noun

No. 1495316

I always thought that you can still lose your period at higher weights, it's partially due to having a shit diet/low nutrition, not necessarily low body fat. Morbidly obese can lose their periods/have irregularity too. I do find it awfully ironic how they say they shouldnt have to sacrifice heath for a lower weight >>1495307 so why not eat yourself to ill health too. Every pound of excess body weight was about 4-8 pounds of pressure on the knees. It's going to catch up to them eventually, i don't envy how hard it must be to lug that around on the daily.

No. 1495318

File: 1649326408043.png (440.11 KB, 678x971, Screenshot_20220407-195738~2.p…)

KEK 20kg lower and still morbidly obese

No. 1495323

Good job, Porgie! Nobody can hunt you for your blubber if you gobble it up yourself. Keep up the great work, and enjoy your new skin flaps!

No. 1495325


It’s real, not edited, it’s her face shape.

No. 1495330

you spastic.
it's always you who posts niamh stuff.

haven't you got a better hobby?

No. 1495334

File: 1649329275847.jpg (410.16 KB, 1080x978, iTsNoTwArPeD.jpg)

Can't say I see the benefit of engineering a hospital bed with lines this wobbly

No. 1495336

I love how she thinks she’s proving something. She’s got to be gaining with the NG and all her eating she’s hiding in order to not lose her precious tube.

No. 1495347

There is obviously a filter on it but her face is literally this shape in real life. Also, she's not a cow. At all.

No. 1495393

>>1495153 She's emaciated either way. Not to say she isn't obnoxious as fuck. I do feel like it's the same anon posting screencaps within seconds of her posting too.

No. 1495396

>>1495318 Why would she even want it she could just uwu snd pose with a fortisip

No. 1495400

does she just not understand that she’s digging her own grave at this point? she needs to stop trying to fight everything that’s said about her because it makes her look 10x worse every time but at least it’s entertaining i guess

No. 1495402

just opened thread and i thought this was eugenia cooney

No. 1495445

>>1495334 She's fairly similar. Extreme skelly with probable hair extensions just less audience

No. 1495446

>>1494496 This is so deranged. This is a place to gossip, not actively harm the thread subjects.

No. 1495459

Did Ingram delete her insatgram?

No. 1495470

>>1495318 Porgie will have to be rolled out of nfc at this rate.

No. 1495471

>>1481719 no she just blocked

No. 1495472

>>1494055 Her Dr. Needs his license revoked.

No. 1495516

File: 1649351031713.jpg (416.53 KB, 1080x2288, IMG_20220407_190304.jpg)

she's a wild one

No. 1495519

File: 1649351767417.jpg (449.95 KB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20220407-131117_Ins…)

Kay aka broken.bambi (changed her username) pretending to be in recovery again but asking her followers for low fat foods and acting like her 20cals increase is making her a recovery queen meanwhile ignoring the comments calling her out

No. 1495522

File: 1649351972886.jpg (340.09 KB, 1080x2123, Screenshot_20220407-131755_Ins…)

"It's 1/4 my body weight" uwu so special and dainty

No. 1495524

>>1495519 Saw her floating around edtwt too

No. 1495525

>>1495522 can somebody explain what's going on with her legs

No. 1495526

Oh god, yeah because thats definitely what someone "in recovery" needs to be on, what's her username kek

No. 1495528

File: 1649352490492.jpg (316.16 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20220407-132738_Ins…)

Is she delusional? Does she not see the hypocrisy?

No. 1495530

File: 1649352706361.jpeg (210.75 KB, 1080x1741, 82721819753.jpeg)

>>1495153 I capped this last week just because she hadn't posted much this admission. It looks like lines match up. I hate to disagree with a callous, but she didn't warp the hospital bed.

No. 1495531

Same fag because I'm an idiot chan *callout

No. 1495532

>>1495516 Genuinely a great picture of her. Good job Alicia.

No. 1495533

File: 1649352785003.jpg (Spoiler Image, 278.73 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20220407-133152_Ins…)

Wasn't ready for this nightmare material to pop up

No. 1495538

>>1495533 Fucking christ where is the wig

No. 1495542

Nothing. It's from a video, she was wearing baggy sweatpants.

No. 1495550

File: 1649354635268.jpeg (150.71 KB, 828x549, 5A1678EF-31BF-44BF-BFC5-9E8F9A…)

Speaking of edtwt, Nicole recently deactivated but not before posting these gems

No. 1495551

The Laura wk is getting old. Every time she is posted, the wk comes seething in. You can tell as they’re the only one who never leaves a line after the reply number.
E.g, You claim you have seen her in person and you know what hospital she stays in, bit sus

No. 1495559

She's one of the worst people I've ever seen on here personality wise

No. 1495561

>>1483496 Not the same anon actually but she's at radys by looks

No. 1495562

Probably some weird friend or follower of hers. Tinfoil one of her irl friends posts here that's how they saw her at the truck and know so much.

No. 1495563

File: 1649355574740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 920.25 KB, 972x2755, Screenshot_20220407-141853_Fac…)

Can she not walk or something? Is she always being carried around?

No. 1495566

This is so tired its the same picture that's been posted before I think twice we've already established its weird she likes to be carried to validate her skelly status.

No. 1495567

>>1495550 Nikkol is an underrated gem of a cow

No. 1495568

Bmi 15? That's fucking high is sending me and may be one of the funniest things I've ever read here.

No. 1495576

Did Nikkol delete her insta?

No. 1495596

no, her new username is nikolvanilla. she only has one post now, though.

No. 1495614

I love n2f so much, but I'm struck by how thin her hair looks here? She used to have crazy thick hair and I'm sad for her

No. 1495631

>>1495516 Might be fried from product

No. 1495662

Thank you Nona. It's easy to believe when she makes her knees the same size as her wrists like in >>1495563 (kek she looks like a wooden puppet)
but currently I'm more bothered by whoever keeps replying to the wrong posts

No. 1495665


She is certainly a cow, but her posts call her self-awareness into doubt. She seems to be farther along on the spectrum than most. Like this is what autism + anorexia in women actually looks like (Dorian take note). Definitely some kind of personality disorder if not (a hardcore one, maybe schizotypal)?

Not trying to medfag. Her posts just don't make sense. Usually our cows post (ineptly) with the goal of getting sympathy/envy from other ED'd people, or to titillate perverts, but Nikol's posts are a disorganized mish-mash with a huge helping of straight-up incoherence.

Again, cow, but legit mad cow.

No. 1495668

File: 1649365955510.jpeg (74.8 KB, 561x1000, Nutcracker.jpeg)

Samefagging but when spoops shoop their legs straight up and down they look like nutcrackers kek

No. 1495847

Here to confirm it looks like Radys MBU. I’m sure she’s loving being at the childrens hospital

No. 1495881

>>1495576 She'll be back with more. They always are.

No. 1495965

Rady’s website says they specialize in Maudsley method, well that will certainly be a treat. She’s loving the baby treatment but won’t love it if her parents actually follow their advice and start attempting Maudsley

No. 1496001

Gonna powerlevel slightly but radys mbu does take adults up to 25 or so, usually who are too skelly for anything else and either can't or won't go to ACUTE. A friend had to go there as her only option because ACUTE didn't take her insurance but she was deathly ill. They don't use maudsley for the adults. They medically stabilize and release.

No. 1496007

Someone should tally up how much she's cost the government

No. 1496022

Is this the same Bambi with the awful shoops and bmi guessing

No. 1496030

The MBU is for stabilization. They use a modified Maudsley for kids in PHP and have recovery rates that are better than residential. They’ll take skellies for PHP. In CA you need to give consent for parents to be involved in treatment. UCSD doesn’t shy away from medical guardianship. Laura might fall into that trap

No. 1496048

she’s in psych. they don’t tube there unless it’s for step 3.

No. 1496053

You lose period when fat because fat tissue impacts your hormones - it produces some and dilute others, hence fat people look like unisex giant shapeless toddlers.

No. 1496075

Oh Ash :(
I know we say it ea h year, but w her grandmother gone now, not sure how long her body an hold on. If her brain gives up the body will too. I know this is a lolcow feed but this is heartbreaking

No. 1496079

Here's new milk. Monique Castaldi from Queensland, Sunshine Coast of Brisbane. She has highlights on get IG on her 8th admission munching away at a gastro/NG tube. Really a huge embarrassment on how she loves feeling validated for "being sick" etc even though she's never been skeleton death weight range (because we know anorexia isn't all about weight and appearance right??)

No. 1496081

This is a picture feed so bring evidence and pics. We're not doing the work for you

No. 1496086

File: 1649412923614.jpg (322.12 KB, 1080x1992, Screenshot_2022-04-08-19-52-49…)

Check out @monislife

No. 1496088

File: 1649413173421.jpg (609.41 KB, 1080x1993, Screenshot_2022-04-08-19-53-19…)

It's a sad life… When one looks so happy to be taking up hospital resources while studying at uni. @monislife is living it up both in the chronic illness community but real life too! These people are absolutely revolting

No. 1496093

Is she using the text box to hide the fact the "before" picture is of a perfectly normal weight kek. These morbidly obese "recovered from anorexia uwu" cows are heinous, I wonder how many genuinely anorexic girls are scared of recovery because of people like this making them think recovery means blimping up to this extent.

No. 1496097


This is SO disgusting. I've relapsed back into restricting so I would never ever look like that. Thank you for the insight on Porgie's delusional insight.(absolute newfag)

No. 1496098

Mon is well known to be a huge munchie. She thrives on the attention IG and social media gives her. She munched her way to a PEG tube into her stomach yet had the clarity and audacity to call on "Ryan's Rule" - in Australia that's when you have the authority to overrule the Drs and nurses because you personally feel you need emergency medical help and are about to die. It's disgusting if this Mon girl tried on Ryan's Rule to get her way when so many people are dying elsewhere.

No. 1496102

Learn to integrate or gtfo

No. 1496105


I'm learning to?
Calm down.

No. 1496106

Anorexics who become obese during recovery aren’t really recovered . They’re just replacing one ED with a different one. The goal is to create a healthy relationship with food, not bounce from one extreme to another.

No. 1496119

nta but sage or fuck off

No. 1496121



No. 1496122



No. 1496130

File: 1649420411481.jpeg (28.24 KB, 321x626, images (24).jpeg)

Kek not what Ryans Rule is or how it works but grasp for straws all you need to satisfy that hate boner.

No. 1496141

yes. she also posts her disgusting sugary meals on her stories

No. 1496158

File: 1649424843899.jpg (537.05 KB, 1080x1985, Screenshot_20220408-063329_Ins…)

The relapse baiting continues

No. 1496168

This bitch has been like this since my ED started, I know this is what everyone says and has said for years but how is she still alive

No. 1496197

Yup very same Bambi though now she goes by her real name cus she's a recovery queen now

No. 1496198

by just asking this you’ve extended her lifespan by ten years.

No. 1496201

File: 1649430129195.jpg (4.55 MB, 4096x5461, Polish_20220408_105758990.jpg)

"Real recovery no bullshit" literally pacing from room to room in her most recent story video bragging about how happy she is her parents are letting her buy gym equipment for her to exercise, while the post right before it she says how she knows she needs to gain weight

No. 1496204

How is this even remotely milky

No. 1496206


She recently said she got a hair cut but I think that meant she just wasn't wearing the wig anymore for some reason. Maybe it was causing pressure sores or she just can't support the additional weight on her neck or something.

No. 1496210

That ‘falafel veg bowl’ is very obviously the same one she posted on 29 March. She’s clearly doing it on purpose at this point

No. 1496212

The daintiest anachan of them all: cece is afraid of fruit

No. 1496213

Are people seriously not allowed to enjoy life whilst they have a medical device????

No. 1496215

and stop blogposting

no1curr about your ED

No. 1496312

Not according to the spergs on this thread.

No. 1496313

File: 1649442665304.jpeg (542.45 KB, 1170x1796, 7E74E8FF-D088-4E99-A157-012E6F…)

Contortion, crop tops in the workplace, and ceces self harm sperging

No. 1496315

I kinda like her fit for once though. Except for the open shoes, I hate people who wear those to work

No. 1496316

The shapes aren’t terrible. I’m old school and think white and cream shouldnt be worn together and crop tops and sandals aren’t appropriate for work

No. 1496322

This is such a shameless thirst trap kek. Love her antics atm.

No. 1496323

wtf is this outfit? she dresses like a randomised sim

No. 1496331

Ok I have a heavy one. Self called IT girl, writes in her blog her bulimic/restrictive episodes, talks all the time about being fat, vape diet coke gum diet vodka everything, unbearable way of talking about her (French-English), craving attention everyday etc. https://instagram.com/megsuperstarprincess?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

No. 1496341

Notice she is holding the trousers from the back to make thigh gap more visible! (and making them hang weird at the knee)

No. 1496348

File: 1649445623947.jpeg (75.82 KB, 800x450, DC803BFA-71EC-4258-A935-A6F952…)

Pulling your trousers like that also manipulates your thigh shape to make it smaller. Picrel.

No. 1496361

Imageboard. Post caps or gtfo

No. 1496376

File: 1649447568166.png (792.04 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220408-214939.png)

ok mama, enjoy

No. 1496378

File: 1649447595920.png (603.52 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220408-215050.png)

No. 1496380

File: 1649447638209.png (548.4 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220408-214924.png)

No. 1496382

File: 1649447681529.png (548.85 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220408-214821.png)

No. 1496383

File: 1649447703110.png (410.58 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220408-214641.png)

No. 1496385

File: 1649447730575.png (877.25 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220408-214509.png)

No. 1496386

File: 1649447757288.png (602.44 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220408-214500.png)

No. 1496388

File: 1649447783036.png (497.57 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220408-214448.png)

No. 1496389

File: 1649447806828.png (675.39 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220408-214702.png)

No. 1496391


jesus stop spamming and skinny != cow. this all sucks and is irrelevant.

No. 1496393

stfu are you blind or just stupid

No. 1496396

She just looks trashy, you haven't posted any ed cow material from her and what you posted isn't even amusing.

No. 1496398

her Instagram profile is public and everything is cringe or a body check, ana behaviors etc.
milk is dry here and this one is interesting, fyi.

No. 1496399

Literally nobody but you thinks this is interesting

No. 1496404

I posted this less than one hour ago jesus chill out

No. 1496407

She gives me 2014 ed tumblr vibes in the worst way lol I see potential milk

No. 1496408

"Hopefully no one notices"= hope they all notice

No. 1496421

learning to crop goes a long way. your profile pic is in all of these nona

No. 1496432

ah. i am not 'indiesleaze', this is a famous account about fashion haha

No. 1496434

ah (2) i see now! not a problem for me.

No. 1496440

She looks like a skinwalker shedding it’s disguise before it dies

No. 1496450

She's body checking sure but there really isn't enough explicit ED content to count as milk. Spent a few minutes scrolling her actual blog and aside from one offhand reference to having "bullemia teeth" it's exclusively party-girl speedfreak rambling that's too specific to her life to be broadly entertaining.

No. 1496457

File: 1649452570219.jpeg (272.54 KB, 726x1295, 91BB4BD7-066A-431E-980E-7DEF3B…)

Paige is relapse-baiting again. She obviously knows what she’s doing with the oversized fleece/tight leggings/chunky trainers combo. Seems like she went offline because she didn’t like her healthy body and then - surprise! As soon as the restoration weight is gone she’s back to thinly-veiled body checks and fake positivity.

What a waste of two years of NHS resources.

No. 1496459

File: 1649452785147.jpeg (935.99 KB, 828x1658, 6CFBA91B-C452-4210-8E5C-AC5A53…)

Sage for samefag but she’s also attention whoring over on Tiktok again now too with the crying videos, hospital shots and the fucking #trauma

No. 1496462

What country is she in?

No. 1496539

File: 1649460582760.png (Spoiler Image, 621.29 KB, 567x722, Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 6.27…)

Ham is absolutely going to regret posting this shit someday if she ever wants to get a professional job

No. 1496548

>>1496158 Wonder if she'll later "confess" she didn't eat the fruit

No. 1496577

Idk nonnie. It's pretty standard normie behaviour to post pics in your underwear these days and everyone seems to still have their job

No. 1496665

A lot of farmers have lost touch with reality. This is a fairly standard normie body and she's not naked. Cringe doesn't mean unhirable.

No. 1496670

File: 1649473793006.jpeg (320.13 KB, 1170x1142, 8ACC916C-37A8-49AC-962A-26B73C…)

We didn’t say it was a body check. We said you were holding your pants and posing, Cecila. Thanks for confirming you lurk every day!

No. 1496740

you sound fat, nonna

No. 1496891

File: 1649496151262.jpeg (327.41 KB, 828x1578, 690904B6-3981-4879-8547-6B14D6…)

i don’t get how this girl doesn’t get talked about. always posting weird body checks and sometimes clear pro ana shit. i’m sorry but no one said these things to her lol.

No. 1496892

File: 1649496195595.jpeg (296.23 KB, 828x1548, 614610BD-AFF4-4B69-A47E-E12BB7…)

No. 1496893

File: 1649496685163.jpeg (200.12 KB, 828x1393, 73D5E86B-7712-4FCF-B952-6D90E3…)

I know she has a filter on but lifeofhxn is sounding more coherent, happier, and generally… not milky. She also looks great? I know we all love the milk but also love a success story so fingers crossed.

No. 1496894

Why are so many goth girls anorexic? Or like mentally ill in general. The venn diagram of goths, BPD nightmare cases, and anorexics is a fucking circle. You never see them go Disco aesthetic it's always goth

No. 1496921

File: 1649503444632.jpeg (476.11 KB, 2048x2048, 057724AF-93C2-4C8A-A8E9-24A8D5…)

karo is just spiralling further and further. she just dropped below bmi 13.0 according to twitter and a tiktok of hers got some traction so now she’s defending herself over there. at least she’s honest with having an ed but it’s getting very unsettling at this point

No. 1496926

should someone tell her, that even white scars will be noticed, but most people just don't care and won't say a thing? She won't get away with wearing short sleeves and going unnoticed, even with those tiny scars she has.
Well, she will have read that now, as she is lurking here often, kek.

No. 1496957


quit bonerattling and learn to sage

No. 1496971

Just bc u got English words letters spelling does not English make. Learn to sage and not be cringe

No. 1496973

you have be 18 to post here kid

No. 1496976

What is with the retarded newfags posting irrelevant anas, learn to integrate and spot milk, this is water.

No. 1496982



No. 1496985

File: 1649513904971.jpeg (263.48 KB, 828x1275, CA9ADEEE-E9B3-459D-9E61-CA35F0…)

I’m hesitant to post Scarlett with the unhinged anon still around but from this story., she clearly knows we talk about her. I don’t know about you nonnies but I think I am far happier with my life than she is with hers - but wait, I’m over 5% body fat so must be miserable.

No. 1497003

hey, on the one hand I can’t play xylophone on my ribs, but on the other hand I still have nice hair, not just a few Cryptkeeper strands

No. 1497004

Scarlett - you are a vile, disgusting predator who encourages and pushes vulnerable people into life-destroying behaviours. I know what and who I’d rather be.

No. 1497021

File: 1649518155036.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1170x2391, EC8B9A61-C198-440B-BBC5-AC22AE…)

LOOK AT THIS PHOTOSHOP KEK, this girl must be actually brain damaged.

No. 1497024

File: 1649518413906.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2173, A069A7F5-2183-4753-B805-345891…)

how has she not been called out??!!

No. 1497049

File: 1649521246427.jpeg (237.96 KB, 873x750, C147B4A9-250D-4159-A992-654B1B…)

Not sure if this qualifies as milk so saging just in case. Niamh is back at straining/tensing her legs to try and make them appear smaller.

Pic from post she put on her story vs first pic in the post

No. 1497053

No offence anon but where’s the photo shop, I’m all for calling them out when it’s obvious but maybe I’m just bind cause I can’t see no obvious shopping?

No. 1497061

File: 1649522967752.png (7.97 MB, 1170x2532, 3DA56C26-8319-44E4-980E-A56330…)

yeah you are fucking blind.

No. 1497076

This isn't really milk, she's just posing. Same as everyone else on insta.

No. 1497077

The lines look straight but the knees look weird

No. 1497081

No. 1497103

This is the least interesting thread. The amount of repeated posts, people that were shared ages ago (yawn), and trash 'news shares. Hopefully 76 can be redeemed

No. 1497126

I’m so sick of people calling out others for photo shopping when there’s literally no evidence! Her knees look weird because she spoopy and underweight, can we please stop all this shit! It’s the exact same with Laura. Its not milk! It’s not interesting! Unless there’s clear and I mean clear evidence of photo shop like jas’ bendy legs or something we can kek at stop blocking up the feed with your dry ass jealousy

No. 1497130

idk I see plenty of fat goths too

No. 1497138

You still have to sage, dipshit

No. 1497146

I'm with you nona. Or people insisting despite no warping that there's warping like with that hospital bed that was shown to be built with curved arms in multiple stories or Bambi's door being perfectly straight.

No. 1497147

Spoopy legs look weird. Plain as that.

No. 1497148

A-log chan is back lel

No. 1497153

Seems self-explanatory why goths would want to look like a spooky skeleton.

No. 1497164

File: 1649533246926.jpeg (143.97 KB, 828x1522, 307D2A5E-D043-40D9-A3C3-38AFE9…)

our recovery queen

No. 1497190

File: 1649535057361.jpeg (50.18 KB, 500x333, A0A0DCF5-2E19-47E0-B9CD-FC7389…)

You know why she's not milky??

Because (likely it's you) she's being trashy on purpose with 100% self awareness. She's going for that negative attention trashy chic thing. It's not milky to look like a heroin/meth addict…. on purpose… over and over again… as a lifestyle.

Cobra snake peaked in 2007. It's played out already. There'll never be another Cory Kennedy.

This b*tch is trying way way way too hard.
Cobra snake is a pedo anyways. Forget him.

No. 1497191

File: 1649535064431.jpeg (657.08 KB, 828x1550, 2DF05C30-3706-40FF-8A39-B073B2…)

here we go again

No. 1497215

Lmaoo she’s trying so hard. Even posted herself in the thread request thread.

No. 1497221

I’m sorry to sf but I actually read her captions from the spam
>name an edgier bitch lol
>le _____
What a cringey millenal. I say this as a 25yo you’ll never be cool again

No. 1497263

i am the spammer lol
for me this is milk for trying to hard.

No. 1497302

This is so embarrassing. I actually feel embarrassed just looking at this post. Imagine taking selfies like this in a bookshop.

No. 1497309

imagine working in a bookstore, walking around the corner to shelve some stuff, and stumbling across her doing that

No. 1497338

File: 1649543742182.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1078x1920, Screenshot_20220410-083535_Gal…)

What is even going on here?

No. 1497444

anon are you blind, look at the lines around her right leg under the knee >>1497061

No. 1497506

File: 1649557958897.png (1.2 MB, 1006x1146, CleanShot 2022-04-09 at 22.28.…)


ntayrt. Agreed with you that it looks obvious, but upon scrolling her feed I noticed this photo has the same wonky lighting in the same place.

No. 1497518

File: 1649559356320.png (357.67 KB, 500x481, tuquoque.png)

I love when cows think people "spend their days" stalking them as if it takes more than 30 seconds to have a quick laugh at them and put your phone away.

No. 1497556

Eat an apple and go back to edtwt, retard-chan. No one's jealous of your ugly smeagol knees and abusing punctuation won't bring your hair back!

Bed looked bendy and Laura's a serial shoop abuser, but nobody started screeching when anon showed the bed at another angle.

That's the shadow from the TV. It lines up with the paneling on the door.

No. 1497564


right yeah, wonky but not shopped imo, it's just how the light falls. unless people are talking about some other artifact in the original pic?

No. 1497608

She looks like the kind of person who would be too scared to speak to retail staff so she’d probably turn heel and flee in embarrassment. Probably trip over one of her leg warmers in the process, fall over and shit herself.

No. 1497616

Again not milk !! We need to cut down and on all this nitpicking and pointless jealousy posting. Just because someone is skinnier than you does make them milky.

Milky cows must meet 3 out of the 5 following criteria:
- An unhealthy desire for attention
- Failure to accept criticism
- A lack of self awareness
- Delusions related to their skill or self importance
- No willingness to improve upon their behavior

All subjects must have:
- A documented history of bizarre behavior displayed online
- Some sort of public presence outside of private circles, groups or irc channels.
(Personal cows can go in the personal lolcows thread.)(minimodding is also against the rules )

No. 1497620

Nobody is jealous of that hideous bitch Zara

No. 1497621

Again, you're retarded for assuming the other newfags posting soy beverage and calling it milk are just jealous of average looking girls because their knees look like gnarled driftwood. shut up and integrate please I'm begging you
1.5 Do not derail in an attempt to moderate other users (minimodding). Report and move on.

I hope Niamh is being careful not to rest her crusty clown shoes on those poor books. It's so awkward

No. 1497630

File: 1649577708301.jpeg (150.67 KB, 828x1428, B28AD57D-8F69-472C-A0EE-97F43D…)

Scarlett has responded to the ‘hate’ with an old body check vid. Given under 48 hours ago she was moaning about how miserable she is, I think she needs to accept her exercise addiction will never make her truly happy.

It really shows how messed up some cows and anons are if they think people are jealous of spoops. The only cow I could ever envy is Anna and her five holidays a year.

No. 1497651

File: 1649582830794.png (3.4 MB, 828x1792, B9199EC5-4178-4751-82CF-CE8FA0…)

Has anyone noticed how much weight Tee has lost recently?? Relapse surely ?? She does look better smaller but a bit concerning considering she still claims recovery

No. 1497662

File: 1649585142425.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.33 KB, 462x895, Screenshot_20220325-091509_Ins…)

I dunno her thighs don't look the same and her legs arent as wonky looking when she's not wearing pants compared to the other pics

No. 1497669

File: 1649585930748.jpg (1.77 MB, 4096x5461, Polish_20220410_061606055.jpg)

Notice how she never responds to the comments calling her out or questioning her, but she responds to the people with proana usernames and who kiss her ass or gotta make sure anyone who says they are proud of her she must make them aware how much she's struggling truly pathetic

No. 1497671


Embarrassingly obviously self-post

No. 1497719

>She does look better smaller
I wholeheartedly disagree, and you have fat eyelids anon. Btw were you @nikolells from edtwt? Be honest.

No. 1497720

Kek at the user name of the person she did reply too

No. 1497751

does she have a inst or twitter account, i seen the tiktok(namefag)

No. 1497756

File: 1649595126577.png (390.44 KB, 750x1334, B4EF9803-2398-457F-902B-DE3A5F…)


Hi Kay. Pretty obvious you’ve been self posting on here. Thanks for the confirmation. Photo attached incase you delete your obvious self post(hi cow)

No. 1497779

>>1497651 Not surprising she lost weight, considering she has been constantly nauseous. Definitely not a relapse.

No. 1497797

Lol what a reach
She's stressed and busy so might be incidental weight loss not intentional. Recovery is a process
Wtf is with these vendetta posts and weak ass watered down milk
This feed is being bleak. If not what it used to be

No. 1497799

Not seeing it
Explain why

No. 1497805

god can you retards stop sperging about the state of the thread? it's been posted 200 times, just post better shit or stfu

No. 1497875

And where is your good content… 0/10 for the petty threat. False photo shop claims. Random emo posts. Repeat boring offenders.

No. 1497883

this bitch coming after me without the brain cells needed to reply or sage? wherever you came from, you need to go back

No. 1497890

Honest to God think kay is on here panic posting other people to try and get the focus off of her

No. 1497892

File: 1649607410229.png (1.43 MB, 2096x840, CleanShot 2022-04-10 at 12.09.…)

German cow is taking a yoga teacher training course in Bali. Google translated.

No. 1497900

Because relapse baiting & claims of lost weight when she looks healthy, not the anon you replied to but upon seeing that post I also got suspicious that it was a validation-seeking self post

No. 1497905

Cry me one(newfaggotry )

No. 1497929

File: 1649614600652.jpeg (2.23 MB, 3253x3465, healthqueen.JPEG)

Ah I knew I had some screenshots from nikol's weird shit. She really is crazy or just pretends to be nuts for her own entertainment but I highly doubt it. She's also said she's studying psychology. Why do all the craziest cows want to work as therapists? Especially ones who don't believe in therapy to better themselves??

No. 1497961


Sage for autism.

Narcissism. They fully believe they’re better than other people. It’s just an adjunct step up the narc ladder. They’re so smart, and so disciplined and so much better that they can simultaneously exist in anorexia, exist in recovery, and sherpa people toward salvation.

I think that for some of these cows, anorexia nervosa is really just a symptom of some underlying personality disorder. Anorexia isn’t driving them to do all of these weird antics. Borderline / histrionics / narcissism is. Can’t treat the anorexia out of them unless you really focus on the underlying personality disorder.

No. 1497982

who cares?

btw she's from switzerland, not germany

No. 1498009

Can you not see the screen shots are from her instagram and her username is visible nonnie?

No. 1498017

File: 1649620977171.jpg (3.74 MB, 4096x5461, Polish_20220410_160117744.jpg)

"An active rest day" kek this cow really is something, how can someone feel good about themselves knowing they are lying to everyone and living a delusion

No. 1498022

File: 1649621256293.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1079x1778, Screenshot_20220410-160648_Ins…)

Uh oh ems gotta make sure you know her headband isnt covering the pad on her head

No. 1498085

What country is she from?

No. 1498141

File: 1649629479509.jpg (Spoiler Image, 427.18 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_20220410_231707.jpg)

n2f seems to be getting more experimental with her food combinations again. the well-known toast toppings of…yoghurt and pools of skinny syrup in varying flavours, including chocolate, custard and "gooey egg"! she's also. started adding squirty cream to her breakfast toast.

No. 1498148


ahh yes, "squirty scream" aka "sweet cum". yummy!

No. 1498190

Did that Nutella expire in January 2020 or so I need my glasses checked?

No. 1498198

I’m 50% happy for her and 50% worried for her. I don’t trust her to not get trafficked by a tinder guy at this rate.

No. 1498301

or pregnant kek

No. 1498306

>Yes, it's a risk, but just letting my life go on as before is just as dangerous.
She has a point. If what you're doing isn't working something's gotta change, and if she can afford to cross the globe to terrify some Indonesians with her skeleton dance good for her (and imagining the reactions of locals makes me kek)
Why would kay want the focus off herself when she gets the validation of dumbfags accusing her of editing and bone rattlers accusing them of being jealous?
I wonder if somebody's posting uninteresting anachans as some kind of backhanded shoutout.

No. 1498332

Oh my god it literally looks like someone ejaculated on that piece of toast

No. 1498439

Looks like it says 2020 to me

No. 1498473

Did Georgia ever go home with the tube??

No. 1498498

File: 1649668663581.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x2142, 253D54C1-FE97-40EB-99CA-095919…)

major bpd vibes

No. 1498503

Her Dr has or is going on holidays this week - she’s switched to a new account and has only accepted a few people so I dare say she’s posting it all on there and not sure if anyone here has access to it? One nona posted a pic from there the other day so maybe?
And she 110% will go home with it, happy as a pig in mud with that thing. Sickening.

No. 1498517

thanks for the spoiler, nonnie

No. 1498541

Wow I feel bad for her parents

No. 1498569

Don’t, they obviously enable this shit. It’s beyond time they cut her loose

No. 1498579

'hitting rock bottom', that's what she calls it.
but she's been crawling along for years there.
absolutely nothing changes with her and still she literally bathes in self-pity.

No. 1498597

File: 1649679876785.jpg (822.79 KB, 1079x1875, Screenshot_20220411-082326_Ins…)

No but why doe nikkolels look semi normal here? Weight gain looks so good on her?

No. 1498599

She’s been doing this shit since she was about 14, and they, if anything, baby her more at 25. The worse her ‘rock bottom crying’ is the more attention she gets from literally everyone involved and she knows it. I don’t feel bad for them at all.

No. 1498621


The small part of her body that you can see is obscured in shoulder/hair. I think your brain is filling in what it wants to see.

No. 1498622

Why are you complimenting this cruel bitch?

No. 1498629

I thought her parents were doing all her meals anyway already.

No. 1498632

She will never stop. She won't. When I knew her on Tumblr, she was so stuck in attention seeking, so impressionable to cling onto any diagnosis, any symptom. All these hospitalisations have stunted her development and she knows she doesn't need to function in the real world because she needs to be a babied child. There were so many others like her on Tumblr, but they grew up and moved on. She stuck with it and I don't think she'll ever make it out.

No. 1498670

Looking at Fi I can see exactly why some professionals just can’t even with BPD patients. All those resources, all that time and money, and the result? A useless womanchild who can’t function without asspats for the bare minimum.. yet conveniently can *~fight~* when there’s a new Disney musical she wants to see kek. It’s not like it’s super easy to become institutionalised in the UK these days yet somehow people like her, Smorven and Laura still manage it

No. 1498672


Well. You've given yourself away here, porgie. If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black!

Why don't you find something else to do with your life. No one buys your self insert fan fiction, not your "doctor", no one. At absolute best you're a munchie and that's still fucking sad. Get. A. Life.

No. 1498688


What gave her away?

No. 1498749

AYRT, I'm not porgie why would you think I am? you qupted the wrong thing

No. 1498785

File: 1649699091312.png (791.62 KB, 1235x694, Screenshot 2022-04-11 Fi’s fig…)

still eating sugary bagels in front of a camera.
nothing happens, ever.

No. 1498857

Eh small parts of skin showing but you can see how much she's filled out since the last time she posted, her bones aren't protruding out of her clothes or skin (hip bones or shoulder bones etc) I didn't say she was a healthy weight or anything, just was mostly commenting on the noticeable weight gain since even the last time I saw her. It must be what's gotten her so triggered lately. And when I said weight gain looks good on her that wasn't necessarily a compliment. (Although everyone looks better when they aren't spoopy)

No. 1498859

what a ridiculous, poor self-justification

No. 1498880

What a weird analysis of like the 15% of her body that's actually visible in that photo, you sound disordered

No. 1498884

File: 1649707387778.jpeg (70.06 KB, 1124x521, 6B12439B-4E08-4CA0-BF3A-7AECA4…)

Laura posted that she’s in hospital on her uwu kawaii hello kitty page. Interesting she wants to act like she’s not a scumbag when people like these two commentors are usually up her ass telling her how good she looks on there. She’s influencing people just like Eugenia. Shame.

No. 1498887

the ugliest fucking selfie, too. Definitely undermining her claim that that account is about uwu aesthetics rather than bodychecking, since she clearly picked a selfie that would make her look as sick as possible even though she looks like an alien.

No. 1498904

It's literally impossible to tell anything about her body from this shot. Rattle harder.

No. 1498905

File: 1649709055392.jpg (321.88 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20220411-133046_Ins…)

She's in such a bad state now I feel squeamish. Sad thing is there's not actually anything wrong with that style on non-skellys. Pic-related.

No. 1498907

How is it even "rock bottom" if she hits it literally every day

No. 1498910

How do her parents have time to cater to their adult baby all day every day she must be such a drain on the whole family

No. 1498915

tinfoil but i think it might be nikol self posting for meanspo

No. 1498918

She’s got a shovel.

No. 1498925

And we all know what she's digging.

No. 1498928

Nikol is deranged enough for this to check out. Shes truly an unknown quantity. I'm not sure what to make of her.

No. 1498929

Tinfoil but I bet Fiona is pissed she didn't get admitted for Covid.

No. 1498934

I'd pay good money for someone to take away those expensive protein bars and give her a normal snack.

No. 1498940

I wouldn’t worry too much about her disappointment nonnie! As she let everyone know in one of her repetitive videos she’s back on the list for an inpatient EDU bed, so she’s probably looking forward to packing her bags for another stupidly long NHS-funded holiday.

No. 1498941

File: 1649710441608.jpg (506.32 KB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20220411-134953_Ins…)

Had to use her friend's birthday as an excuse to throw it back to the ridiculous bobble hat

No. 1498942

I feel like all this talk of "rock bottom" is Fi foreshadowing another 2 year ip stay 100%. She's setting the stage.

No. 1498944

some fine day the rock will hit her back

No. 1498953

Bit of a nitpick but why is Fiona the only one with no mask on if she's so compromised it seems stupid

No. 1498963

And if she’s still covid positive

No. 1498964

Mummy and daddy bail her out.

No. 1498965

It's an old pic but the point still stands. She ran around without a mask showing off her sooper special wheelchair and got covid. Go figure.

No. 1499038

Doesn’t really seem like a cow to me her feed is mostly just normal life stuff, didn’t even realise she had a peg tube for at least 10 mins. She’s almost like the only person with a chronic illness/medical device in that community who doesn’t make it the highlight of their personality with essays in every post about how it affects their life in minute detail and other desperate sympathy grabs lol. Anyway that’s just my first impression though, could be I’m missing something cow like

No. 1499054

Nah I saw it on her story and the bottom of the wardrobe was way off, and this is consistent with her. Also she constantly baits for attention saying things like “does anyone know psychs that take patients with bmi below 12?” Or “can anyone tell me where to get uk size 2 jeans?” Because she’s desperate for people to validate her. But she posts other pictures (mostly the videos) where you can see she looks different. Size 2 doesn’t even exist in the UK the lowest is 00 (size 4) lmao

No. 1499059

Don't worry Nona, an evil bitch like that can't take "weight gain looks good on you" as a compliment, and I think its funny to point out she only looks okay because she's 85% hidden. However
This is a quality hat

No. 1499062

HAHA I fucking called it I knew she was self posting from the beginning ahahaha. Everything about Kay makes it crystal clear that she is not the type to try to get the attention “off her” LOL

No. 1499121

Agreed, it’s a cute aesthetic I just wish she didn’t mesh it with her anorexia. Like she has a genuine hobby/interests, but it’s sad her eating disorder seems to control that too.

No. 1499193

The amount of going she did in hospital was wild anyway. Why did she need all those trips to the store.

No. 1499371

It honestly looks cuter with nice plump skin and non dead eyes

No. 1499429

File: 1649759634444.jpeg (352.67 KB, 828x1551, 0F423109-0F0A-4416-9226-89F9EE…)

is it just me or is she really clinging onto the fact she used to be anorexic. she won’t let go of the label in all her videos

No. 1499531

This style on is own already screams cow. Who the fuck dresses like that on a daily basis.

No. 1499539

Does anyone remember sacha? used to be Tremblingofaleaf. Was wondering what happened to her.

No. 1499637

iirc she went private or off grid because people kept bitching about the constant uwu transformation photos

No. 1499707

File: 1649788922234.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 9426E67D-0FAE-4FD4-9946-D3D62D…)

a solid 10 second video of her posing and contorting to get a thigh gap - wait no you guise I just want to show off my generic beige outfit!!1!1
The stench of an upcoming relapse is overwhelming.

No. 1499718

I'd say, around July we get the heartbreaking relapse story, kek.

No. 1499727

Definitely, it'll be another uwu sad face crazy eyes I'm so sick I can't work again I have to go to hospital again and waste everyone's time again kinda situ

No. 1499741

Okay ik s is banned but omg surely someone has to be talking about the fact that now she’s not only wasting a hospital bed with her larp but one of the only 16 EATING DISORDER beds in the whole country…. Like come on it was bad enough when she was taking up a general psych beds but the fact she’s somehow got herself into a private ED bed & not only that but on taxpayers money bc she obvs doesn’t even have insurance… like it has to be talked about how is this not driving everyone insane

No. 1499755

File: 1649791575890.jpeg (205.35 KB, 828x724, 831CA496-849B-407D-98D0-0CF7F7…)

Has Scarlett shooped herself here? Unnatural shadows on the right side. Anyway, I don’t fancy starving myself to look like an inverted isosceles triangle so I think I’ll pass on the orthorexia coaching.

I actually thought she might be realising the adult world is superior to back-to-back treatment holidays but of course not. Classic Cece

No. 1499822

File: 1649796680184.jpeg (825.44 KB, 1170x1438, E54334AF-F0E5-4FB7-8532-46DB99…)

major kek at photoshopper abby’s caption-
> i could die from a cardiac arrest due to my low weight and bmi
….really? she’s underweight granted, but not compared to the likes of zara or even how niamh used to look. given that they’re all pally it’s a bit embarrassing to post that obvious shout for a spot of attention.

No. 1499831

> You will never feel valid but here are a list of validating ED experiences I’ve had for you to compare yourself with!
Agreed. She’s clearly underweight and we don’t know if she is unusually vulnerable to cardiac problems but I wouldn’t say she’s likely to drop dead on her 2:1 anytime soon. CAMHS often exaggerate the danger you’re in to try to scare you into compliance. The

No. 1499836

Cece camel-toe? My eyes.

No. 1499848

Just another tactic to draw everyone's attention to her crotch

No. 1499854

My understanding is that if she was at such a high risk medically, she would still be in a medical ward. If she was at imminent risk of cardiac arrest she would not be managed in a psych ward. No one in a general hospital is on 2:1 for medical complications - only psychiatric. Intensive care is 1-1 nursing.
If she needed an ED admission but there were no ED beds she’d be on 2:1 in a PICU whilst waiting for one.
My point is just that she is exaggerating the danger she is in a bit.

No. 1499888

TBH, that's one very nice bikini figure.
But unfortunately, Cece won't settle for it.

No. 1499909

she’s been on that ward (an ED ward) for months, no way is she still ~about to die~.

No. 1499937

my eyes just can't deal with her colour choice, her leggings look like they could melt into that wall behind her. Did she ever wear something colourful, her beige clothes remind me of a 90 year old grandma

No. 1499942


Do we have pics of set point Cece? Leggings and crop top are not what people wear when they're struggling as hard as she says she is to accept their recovered body.

No. 1500014

Either she’s relapsing hard and has lost a lot of weight since she got out of treatment or she was never very underweight for her body. I think it’s the former.

No. 1500041

Every time a pic of her gets posted, she looks darker. She’s tanned/shooped herself into a different race at this point.

No. 1500054

I must be old. I don't get this constant "I don't feel valid", "my ed isn't valid" thing kids go on a out these days. It drives me crazy. Eds aren't a fucking competion/sport.

No. 1500072

Darker than a solar eclipse Scarlett.

No. 1500075

It’s so that no one can call them out for faking w/o having any symptoms. See also DID, “tics” etc etc it’s exhausting.

No. 1500143

File: 1649822670751.png (1.85 MB, 1592x926, OOP82022283920220412.png)

There is such a huge difference between androgyny/non-binary identity and wearing masculine clothes because they make you look bony on camera (or just don't like feminine clothing).

Jen tells herself that she's non-binary because it's easier than admitting that she has a bunch of internalized misogyny fuelled by social rejection by other women, and years of not-unwanted reinforcement via sexual attention from alt men (not talking about stalkers and other creeps I'm sure she encounters, but I bet all the men who've been mutually into her have liked her style, nothing queer about it).

She does not want to be non-binary, she's just another alt chick who wants attention for skinneh.

And she is not naturally underweight. She takes methadone and is seeking ADHD meds.

I'm drugged I hope this is coherent. Her content used to be good, no vendetta intended.

No. 1500157

Damn. This site is a space for farmers with some sort of eating disorder for obsessing, venting, having vendettas (maybe said cow is more skelly,richer or wtvr) about those they're frustrated with or jealous of- kek. Farmers are cows and vice versa in many cases. Kara is a cow yet also a farmer, same with georgie, zara, cecelia, etc. The duh factor here- each farmer has their own vendetta here. So calling out a farmer for their vendetta is kinda pointless. Even if it's obvious af(unsaged sperging )

No. 1500193

who'd have guessed that constantly talking about the good old days when you were anorexic would lead to a relapse?

No. 1500217

Learn to sage because I started wasting my time by reading this before I realised it was just a load of shite

No. 1500331

File: 1649851066194.jpg (1.2 MB, 1079x1930, Screenshot_20220413-125647_Ins…)

Of course the only sushi she eats is the cheapo supermarket crap. Fucking pleb.

No. 1500337

niamh strikes me as so self absorbed in such a weird way, i guess its the case for many ppl on social media but her content lacks any kind of personal touch

No. 1500342

Weird how people pile on eugenia cooney but let this creepy attention whore who actually does profit off of potentially triggering people off the hook. Maybe eugenia should go the he/they route too kek

No. 1500351

She's a teenager. I think her scumbaggery was more posing constant blatant body checks and sperging about how little she ate than being an airhead zoomer.

No. 1500353

Eh, it’s always been that way. The twins have admitted to wanted to being the best anas (in their daily mail article) and even normies reviewing Nikki Grahame’s memoirs have picked up on her bragging about her LWs. Social media and how easy it is to see other anas probably worsens it though

No. 1500354

People act like Cooney is the most uwu sick ana-chan. No one seems to grasp that many run of the mill cows online are just as emaciated. I get that she's also a flasher extraordinaire, but drives me up the wall that the general public upholds her as The One Anorexic kek

No. 1500359

Eugenia is probably the most high-profile skelly, and she’s certainly spoopier than Jen, but it’s very clear that Jen is vying for Eugenia’s bone queen throne.

No. 1500373

She definitely relates real hard to Eugenia, you can tell since she's always talking about her personal takes on ~*the mindset of a bonelord*~ using Eugenia's condition as a mouthpiece. I would armchair diagnose that Herbs is fuming she was a teenage skelly a few decades too early to make it big as a professional anachan youtuber and wants to remind everyone that she TOTES could have been.

No. 1500414


Jen just collects labels so she can use them as excuses. Autism so she doesn't have to work, non-binary so her anorexia is just a reason to have gender-neutral body and now ADHD so she can manipulate and scheme her way into getting the medication she's after. I know exactly which one she'll want because it's basically lower level speed and will make her lose even more weight.

Only real diagnosis she might have is BPD and possibly narcissism. Can't stand her.

No. 1500417

Jfc you're seething over what kind of sushi an 18 year old is eating. Get help.

No. 1500441

kek this and tuna's thread is full of the most braindead nit-pickery i've ever seen in my life, it's amazing

No. 1500443

literally it’s not even milk. ham is far less of a cow nowadays imo

No. 1500478

This thread back with Aly and Ember used to be fun but it's devolved into nitpicking and jealous rattlers foaming at the mouth.

No. 1500508


why not.

No. 1500528

File: 1649873600269.jpeg (1021.88 KB, 1170x1809, 12A82B19-0A3A-446D-8F67-3DF371…)

wow hams a great actor

No. 1500529

File: 1649873633921.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1825, 376F572C-E4CB-41E9-AE23-68F675…)

wow she’s so strong! look at her eating icecream

No. 1500534

What's with the ham nitpicking anyway ? First poor man's sushi then this?

No. 1500559

How tf is this milk?? Not everyone has the money to splash on upmarket sushi, snacks, protein bars etc, unlike some cows do. Stop nitpicking.

No. 1500583

Right? Weren’t people mocking Fi for spending too much money on food and now this because it’s too cheap? What thread is this?

No. 1500588

some wealthy anon just discovered that the working class exist and is scandalized, kek

No. 1500589

Probably Anna with her £50 limited edition Polaroid sushi

No. 1500604

File: 1649879414893.jpeg (525.57 KB, 640x1053, 0DB1DB5D-3D1D-4B2A-8F95-02B2F7…)

No. 1500742

File: 1649890772117.png (1.36 MB, 1065x2019, Screenshot_20220413-175805~2.p…)

Looks like shes back at it with another tube

No. 1500772

amazing how she's always doing so badly that she needs an ng tube yet never loses any weight

No. 1500808

File: 1649893137807.png (719.24 KB, 720x889, Screenshot_20220414-002805~2.p…)

Ham's still a cow. Faked anorexia and then can't stop with getting her gut out. That's ALL she does.

Unless she's got knocked up.

No. 1500852

Seems like vendetta to me. How is this milk again??

No. 1500934

Where does that tube even go, I'm confused… Looks like bad photoshop or she has the weirdest nose ever.

No. 1500969

Yeah, has anyone found her "I was bonespo" photos? I feel like if it were as shocking as she claims, she would have dropped some hint about its specifics so that it could bring her indirect traffic/ana points.


Aren't stimulants really hard to get in the UK? Hopefully her providers aren't so stupid as to cater to her. But w/e, she'll find out soon enough that unless you have a huge dose/meth, stimulants do not a super-skelly make. Maybe she's trying to get something more obscure that interacts with methadone to kill your appetite or induce nausea or something. She also said at some point that she can't purge anymore; maybe it's something that will re-enable it?

I suspect she might have already gotten it, given her lack of weight gain and radio silence on the subject.

Whatever it is, I'm sure it's weight-loss related and it annoys the piss out of me that she keeps claiming it will help her fake mental illnesses. She would at least mention the class of drug if it was genuinely for that purpose.

No. 1500970

She looks fine. God this thread has gone to shit. Rattle on edtwt.

No. 1500992

Eugenia gets shit on for being a disingenuous fraud who markets her ana brainrot to children while pretending shes totally fine and everything she's just the innocent virtuous victim of bullying for the way she just like naturally looks and stuff so yeah. Stark difference in audience demographics. Dorian acknowledges that their appearances are triggering, apologizes for how visibly struggling affects their audience and tries to educate people on the mindset. Showing how skelly they are for the aesthetic is received differently because they present it differently. Sure, putting your facehugger ribcage in thumbnails is gross, but at least you don't see Dorian dressing up as skelly Elsa in a shitty plastic wig.

No. 1501061

Not with a bona fide ADHD diagnosis, but they prefer prescribing Ritalin over the proper amphetamine effect ones here.

No. 1501093

File: 1649911000733.jpeg (430.56 KB, 1170x2532, A11C7F21-17C5-42F3-89FA-D23B2B…)

So Chenoa is asking for funds to go to Wanda Neruda which is aus first residential treatment place that im powering went to.

No. 1501153

Tbh, that sushi looks completely okay to me.

No. 1501162

It's no N2F recipe but okay is probably the nicest you could say about it. It's mostly rice (cheap) and cream cheese has no business in a sushi roll (personal preference). Still, reiterating that Ham's a basic working class girl with bland prepackaged taste is more fuel for the bonerattlers than it ever was milky.

No. 1501256

Isn't anorexia a mental disease not a bonerattler physique? So she has anorexia but not thinspo worthy. How is that milk?
This thread is drier than a camel's butt

No. 1501260

Wow she is unfortunate looking. Doubt she’d get knocked up, she has a body and face of a misshapen child, not a woman.

Also can mods do something about the wild WK going around, it’s getting boring.

No. 1501261

imagine thinking Ham actually had anorexia

No. 1501263

Are you new to this thread?
She's never actually had anorexia

No. 1501264

Kek, what is this, a few threads ago everyone was making fun of Ham's shitty off branded food, now suddenly everyone is triggered because I said UK supermarket sushi is bad quality? She'd be far better off with literally anything else.

No. 1501265

I'm no mind reader. Brain scans may be able to tell. Yeah she's not skelly, probably nowhere near ever, but why the doubt of anorexia?

No. 1501268

Obsessing over your body and regularly making and posting lots of half nude photos of yourself to track and discuss progress and changes is not what a healthy person does. Like thin girls can’t even take 1 selfie without someone crying body check no matter what, meanwhile cows like Ham can do whatever and gets WKed because anons aren’t jealous of her body, meaning her gross body checks are totally fine apparently

No. 1501271

Triggered because how is substandard sushi milk?!

No. 1501273

Do any of these cows ever die? Looking at the more bone rattling looking ones in particular like EC, A, Laura, etc. How are they even alive and do they have anyone who actually cares about them?

No. 1501275

I saged it anon, what more do you want? If you're not interested, ignore it, really isn't difficult.

No. 1501276

Does Kara or Zara have a personality or is their snarkiness a result of hanger. Imagine being friends with the likes of them irl. I'd be friendless if I was that biting and self absorbed.

No. 1501277

She faked it for attention and still tries to, lurk more.

No. 1501279

Too many threads to go thru. Is there a link to a specific tread?

No. 1501285

No because they’re not genuinely anorexic. They’re fakers.

No. 1501288


No. 1501299


No. 1501301

File: 1649928941314.png (7.68 MB, 2872x4996, anappleadaykeepstheanaaway.png)

mary_yy_a on instagram, she has been mentioned before
not a huge cow but she's embarrassing herself once again putting up videos like this

No. 1501302

File: 1649929022777.png (1.83 MB, 1440x2149, Untitled0.png)

No. 1501376

File: 1649940403689.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.19 KB, 1080x810, Sourced-from-an-ed-discord-app…)

Do you know what an imageboard is? Show, don't tell.
Idk if Dorian ever hit Ash tier but she was EC skelly, and if she's happy to show how spoopy she is now it should be fine to show how spoopy she was then.

Reposted because I'm a tard and forgot to sage + spoiler

No. 1501377

i believe ham first appears somewhere around thread 50

No. 1501379


Do we have a choice if you mods are absolute shite at doing your job? Didn’t think so.

No. 1501380

mistyped the post I was responding to when I lost my original message and I'm still a tard. I hope that message got deleted because nona realized she could find whatever mpa thread full of dorian's pics she was talking about instead of just saying it exists

No. 1501389

People have found some yes, some of them were posted in previous threads

No. 1501408

You did not, in fact, sage it

No. 1501411

That’s factually untrue. This thread isn’t wanarexics and fakers. There are a few but most of the cows are true pro Ana scumbags.