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File: 1652934857607.jpeg (274.04 KB, 1170x1132, 8DB0158B-08E5-4077-871F-1B86AD…)

No. 1533184

Previous Thread: >>1507879

the rundown of our starring cows:

fiona is still draining the life out of the NHS and her parents- the beloved (and MUCH NECESSARY) wheelchair seems her favourite accessory when in public places, and she continues to provide us with daily reminders to breathe, which we are all most grateful for.

@/emisfighting (emily jones) removed the diaper-style bandage from her face to reveal a second vagina of a head bashing scar- a wonderful look for an aspiring nurse.

meanwhile, another emily (@/emsinrecovery) commences her own podcast to share how we too can advertise exercise-purging and run marathons

zara (@umhiimzara) sees a doctor!! but yet continues to look like the walking dead, and remains somehow unsectioned- though the tiktok recovery community tide seems to be turning against her and her emaciated ‘recovery’ image.

ham’s desperate semi-nudes are turned into more trashy articles- influencer status achieved.

speaking of semi nudes… n2f is partaking in a spot of rather revealing shots herself, much to our …horror? amusement? who knows.

cecelia actually lost weight for once- sadly she remains an ugly middle aged attention-whore, and dedicates her time to making bug-eyed tiktoks about herself

porgie is eating for two- three if we count the nose hose for her super severe gastroparesis, which she displays proudly during her public binges.

narcissist niamh relapse-baits on her stories, but anons remain hopeful that her new and improved look will persevere, and the posing might die down… the wiser among us aren’t holding our breath (making fiona proud).

scarlett still looks like a gnarly chicken, anna quit her instagram, abby’s tiktok was deleted for the billionth time, and an army of minor cows provide occasional amusement.

remember to sage, quit the blog-posting, and just breathe.


No. 1533289

sorry for the new thread

No. 1533335

This thread pic slays

No. 1533337

File: 1652956467038.jpeg (2.33 MB, 1170x2045, 2565962F-DDF4-47B1-BD10-63133F…)

At least you bothered, nonna, thank you. We’ve had much worse.

Let’s kick things off with another balanced, nutritious and *~nourishing~* breakfast from Ham. Setting herself up for a tOuGh day sitting on her lonesome at college with sugar, sugar and more sugar.

No. 1533339

it looks like a child’s dream… imagine the prep work going into this

No. 1533344

I couldn't eat three of those things… how the fuck do they manage to swallow so much sugary shit without feeling nauseous

No. 1533345

Sugary or not who the fuck eats that many pancakes in one sitting?!

No. 1533386


fat cunts who've never had anorexia…

No. 1533389

It's so funny to me how Ham has had no issues with her digestion or anything like that after her so so severe anorexia. She just hopped straight to bingeing on junk and sugar with no ill effects whatsoever. Truly a miracle.

No. 1533455

ham eat a vegetable challenge

No. 1533497

Genuinely would not be surprised if she ended up with scurvy kek. A couple of raspberries on top of her dessert for breakfast monstrosities occasionally isn’t gonna cut it

No. 1533509

File: 1652976171139.jpeg (2.03 MB, 1170x2163, 1364C5D3-B0BF-4A35-B113-B3C95A…)

a salad with a side of potatoes

No. 1533512

File: 1652976507505.jpeg (17.68 KB, 213x240, C8246CAD-CBEF-4163-8206-DF29F7…)

Ham and Fi should swap plates

No. 1533611

File: 1652984200664.jpg (119 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220519-193018_You…)

Saged for dried milk but I felt like checking in with one of the older cows from the pro ana threads, Molly (who was fucking hilarious while she was still doing anorexia content). She shifted to studytuber content for a while but looks like she nuked her whole channel. I wonder why

No. 1533614

We've been over this already. She couldn't handle tattle talking about her.

No. 1533631

File: 1652986294661.jpg (Spoiler Image, 383.95 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20220519-145019_Tik…)

Not our number 1 recovery kween giving low cal options to get at Starbucks

No. 1533718


The amount of asspats she gets for eating a side salad and 3 fries is pathetic. She has that smug look on her face because she knows she got away with restricting yet another meal but has made everyone around her think she did something so brave and is doing so well.

No. 1533747

Fi is a ‘ lady who lunches’… and the other day ‘ she did a spot of gardening with mum’ ….

No. 1533757

File: 1652999568056.jpg (285.58 KB, 1080x1524, Screenshot_20220519-170402_Ins…)

Does anyone else find this image deeply disturbing?

No. 1533764

oml, the shooping level on this cow is getting ridiculous! look at his hand/her arm/her everything.
who does she think she is fooling? and is he aware of her shooping antics?

No. 1533765

Laura just is disturbing in general but yes .

No. 1533766

And he's holding her two fingers like she's a litteral child ,noncey.

No. 1533767

Wtf is that and why does he look so smug, honestly he looks like a retard fetishist or some shit. Like he's wanking to the thought of a bag of bones. Idk either of them and I don't know if I even want to but this scared the shit out of me while scrolling

No. 1533789

How does Fi's stomach hold all that?? She has to be purging or shell go raw vegan as "recovery"

No. 1533797

Yeah it does, her arm, chin, and leg looked curved and blurred. did she wear big clothes to hide her body and shoop it?

No. 1533802

Big kek

No. 1533804

Thats not a salad anon those are GRILLED veegetables. Ultra scary for grandmothers who decided to skip adulthood and let their parents take care of them like Fi

No. 1533815

Good point anon

No. 1533849

What happened to Dasha? Is she still around?(sage your shit)

No. 1533857

Undigestable fiber and a few carbs from the potatoes what a joke

No. 1533917

She edits her photos a lot

No. 1533929

Thats creepy

No. 1533932

he looks like andy samberg

No. 1533957

File: 1653019063527.jpg (636.58 KB, 3211x1402, theseshoessuck.jpg)

Laura selling shoes vs normal people selling shoes

No. 1533968

I'd much rather see her eat fast food then at least she'd get a tomato or a portion of iron rich protein. How does anyone keep eating that much sweet food, biscoff, and syrup without eventually wanting more variety? Like savory items to choose from? Han's body must be missing certain nutrients and it comes out at cravings for sugar

No. 1533970

Jesus Christ

No. 1534031

I can imagine that as one of those giant diner dessert, you know the ones where you eat half and have to go "no, one of you has to finish this, it's too much and too sweet". Yet she's eating this as breakfast.

No. 1534044

This is sad but also the shoes look so comically big in comparison to her body, like a cartoon or something

Yeah this is disturbing. Idk if this is sick to say, but can you imagine how grim their sex life is? She's all spindly and weird looking. I can't imagine a guy being able to sleep with a full on anachan unless they have a fetish for emaciated women

No. 1534050

File: 1653038890841.jpg (34.98 KB, 480x493, 1652999568056.jpg)

"I'm gonna break you in half."

No. 1534051

this actually makes me feel nauseous. it looks like shit you’d get from creams/sprinkles/kaspas or one of those other ridiculous dessert places for a special occasion or something to share with a friend, not a breakfast you’d have before lounging around the house in your sweaty dressing gown all day. proper elzani skinwalking with the autistic placement of the pancakes too

No. 1534053

I liked the show, it did also get through to the underweight individuals the majority of the time (come on you can't say they enjoyed it, it was emotional too). But good, the obese individuals needed the wake-up calls. In this day and age, they are coddled and encouraged by HAES and the way the projectory is going I wouldn't be surprised if unneeded deaths and complications from morbid obesity will rise. This younger generation is scuppered.

You're assuming she eats it all, kek. Aly tended to pose with food as well but still stayed ill because she wasn't actualy eaitng the stuff.

Yes, she's still around afaik, she was mentioned in that last thread. (Bt on private) @dp.trendsetter

No. 1534055

She deleted her Instagram ~4 months after deleting her YouTube as well despite mounting concern in the comments of her posts from followers she didn’t leave a goodbye message or anything. Not sure how a 4 page tattle thread got to her so much when she already had stuff on these threads about her and her brother

No. 1534122

He has to have a fetish for extreme anorexics. Why else would he want a beyond emaciated woman. He probably gets off on how skeletal she is. He could break her with a finger and he looks like he knows it.

No. 1534124

It's so unsettling that a normal grown man would be into someone that obviously anorexic. He'll snap her in half one of these days.

No. 1534134

That would end up being the most boring episode of Supersize vs Superskinny. Ham would eat the fries but not the veggies cause she didn’t realize it was food since there’s no coating of sugar. Fiona would cry and breathe and cry and struggle and cry and that would be all her segments. In the end she’ll say her eyes have been opened and it was challenging but she *~*survived*~* and then she’d milk it for asspats for the next year.

No. 1534136

The stuff on these threads about Molly was way worse than anything anyone would say on tattle. Weird.

No. 1534137

Does anyone remember hilarious Jamie’s insta?

No. 1534141

I wish I did. Molly was a modern classic. They don't make cows like they used to but she came close.

No. 1534144

File: 1653054301498.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1242x2040, D726AEF9-E620-4DDA-B813-C38215…)

brianna.recovery has the nose hose back

No. 1534178

Isn’t this the same one who just bragged about eating four donuts in treatment the other day

No. 1534203

most likely. she posted a throwback tiktok 6 days ago showing off the tube and the views were double her normal (3000 rather than 1500) so i assume her bpd self missed the attention and demanded the nose hose back

No. 1534224

>nose hose

Looks like an old apple ear bud shoved in her nose with the cord taped to her plump round cheek.

No. 1534255

I’m sure cows do this on purpose to get posted here for the precious attenshunz but I’m pretty sure that’s an earbud in her ear on one side and an actual hose on the other- this has been debunked on other cows multiple times before

No. 1534270

no, the one who ate four donuts + two cupcakes is an american, @taylorrlucas92

No. 1534271

how does she even get the tube so easily? she must go there, cry over one meal and ask for it.

No. 1534272

File: 1653067180469.png (596.88 KB, 766x736, sad.png)

just the ana queen checking in.

No. 1534281

this has deffo been said before but it's weird how her legs are smaller than a gnat's bollock yet her stomach/ribcage area is like average girl empty stomach morning skinny

camera adds ten pounds though so i'm not bone-rattling i'm sure she looks convincingly ash-tier irl

No. 1534293

this is so fucking scary

No. 1534304


No. 1534305

tbh I feel like it's the opposite, that they have a very chaste adolescent relationship that wouldn't read at all like a real adult relationship to most people

No. 1534315

God she's not even thinspo for me anymore. This is gross

No. 1534317

Wonder how long it'll last…Ash/Bury wingless crows had a BF and he disappeared within a few months

No. 1534351

File: 1653073980641.png (361.35 KB, 367x649, 30thbirthday.png)

"How did you celebrate turning 30?"
"I made videos to flaunt my weight loss on an app designed for people half my age"

No. 1534356


Never understood how fatties like her have a nose hose when literal skeletons like >>1534272 and >>1533757 are just freely roaming and slowly dying.

No. 1534396

Bona-fide skellies avoid the tube at all cost. They don't want to gain weight.

No. 1534400

Damn she’s almost back at her pretreatment weight

No. 1534402

The dude def gets off on how emaciated she is.

I miss Molly and her fucking bowl cut.

No. 1534430

It's easy to understand anon,

Munchie attention seekers just need validation for their imaginary illness and show off their tube to as many people as possible

While those with actual eating disorders who e-beg gaslight their audience refuse treatment to keep their starving and shopping addiction going

No. 1534433

The difference is one is voluntary the other is not. You can't section an adult unless they're causing harm to others. And even the police couldnt enter Eugenia's home without permission

No. 1534455

She is clearly relapsing. Talks about ED. Triggers her ED again.

Just like Of Herbs and Alters did….both if them older to.

No. 1534461

my bet was back in treatment around July, guess I will be right and she will have her sommer vacation at a hospital again. Still wonder if she owns clothes that aren't beige or something like that.

No. 1534513

Not just anorexic but literally dresses like a small child. And from what I can tell behaves like one eg always wanting to be picked up.

No. 1534525

For someone who is so self conscious of her sh scars and showing her arms she sure does own a heeeellll of a lot of tank tops.

Honestly impressed by how much weight she actually lost though kek. She sure did prove to us that she is in fact, a totally useless dysfunctional chronic mess! Man that must feel so great for her. Showing some online boolies that she is really a little sphesul snowflake instead of just, I don't know, living her actual adult life.

No. 1534530

Cece posting their ana inspired meals and tiny portions. (only the salad topped with goat cheese and a half green apple was her meal)

They keep getting less and less. Please stop preaching recovery if you're still intentionally restricting.

No. 1534541

Yeah this is more than a skelly fetish. Nothing is wrong with liking childish things but Laura and her weird bf get off on her acting like a sick child: asking for presents off her wishlist, the bows, never having a job and just doing nothing besides coloring all day, being picked up, fangirling over one direction, wearing her shirts with teddy bears on them…all of it creeps me out immensely

No. 1534558

File: 1653088787886.png (Spoiler Image, 4.14 MB, 1125x2436, 4804B1EA-7619-4D87-8811-F88184…)

Lmao just saw this and instantly thought of Laura’s shooping

No. 1534566

File: 1653089510261.jpeg (426.47 KB, 1170x2151, BECC40E4-641B-4538-AB9D-C2BCDC…)

Cow like behavior from someone that toots true recovery

No. 1534589

Kek one day he's gonna sneeze on her and she'll break. Disintegrate into dust. So it goes.

Don't get why this one isn't brought up more. Constant transformations, tons of self-promo, daily body checks etc

No. 1534590

Miss piggy is struggling out here without Kermit

No. 1534599

File: 1653092691349.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x2080, A2D3F8B9-5212-4B66-9D7A-DEE9BD…)

is she ever well?
and who tf cares about her protein bars?

No. 1534602

It drives me crazy that she calls it foodie finds. Find me a foodie that is excited about protein bars.

No. 1534607

Every day she says sorry I’ve been absent when literally posting multiple times each day on several different accounts

No. 1534609

Tinfoil but what is Ham was just strung out for a little bit on mommy’s painkillers or something equally pedestrian and that’s why she looked pale and tired in her “before” pics and also why she craves sugar like an addict…would also explain why (besides being insufferable) she’s got no friends if they were all also using drugs and she’s stopped

No. 1534615

it's probably not that advanced. she probably just picked some bad pictures for her 'before' pictures and some nice ones for her 'after'.

No. 1534700

Cece don't let us down
This summer:
Continues to decline.
Looses job.
End up in hospital.
Sh again.
Its so hard adulting.
Comes up with a mental disorder on top of her ED to explain her failures.
More tik toks in "recovery".
Says anyone can have an ED at any age and don't shame her

Starts from 0 again.

No. 1534703

File: 1653098793462.jpg (244.76 KB, 1074x1423, 20220520_220429.jpg)

Sure Jan

No. 1534705

File: 1653098837624.jpg (732.4 KB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_20220520-220524_Tik…)

And here she is today.
Turned 30.
Relapsing hard

No. 1534706

File: 1653098879452.jpeg (478.67 KB, 1170x2251, C2125919-6E3C-42AE-AB13-7F0FBA…)

Alice honey… even the most delusional have to see that she is not recovered. Her fake recovery “inspiration” is so embarrassing she’s emaciated af

No. 1534720

"Recovery" aka not going to put on anymore weight at this point

No. 1534722

"Foodie finds"? Wasn't she just crying about not being able to find the correct "safe" yogurts at 3 different grocery stores?

To be fair, her brain is lacking fat and glucose… you'll never feel well when you're lacking/food and sleep. Always feeling unwell can also be a symptom of depression so I don't nitpick when she complains about zero energy or will

No. 1534724

I mean, her foodie finds are just a rotation of the same protein bars over and over

No. 1534735

Why is she bugging her eyes out wtf

No. 1534745

>Let's show the younger generation how to age gracefully.
Cece, you're not a grandmother. 30 isn't ancient, kek. As for aging gracefully, stop your bs of having to show you're the best ana ever. Already embarrassing in teenagers, but now full blown clown behavior.

No. 1534760

She just wants asspats for being a brave warrior while also wants to garner concern that she's "absent"

No. 1534765

I guess Cece comes from a little bit of money or something idk I don’t remember what all she said about her savings or whatever but she HAS to come from money because no broke person could keep doing this same shit over and over for that long. Even if a person is still ill, they HAVE to be at least stable enough to keep a job/pay bills/be responsible. The older you get the more devastating being a revolving door patient has on your life including stability and finances. Unless mommy and daddy are there offering you and bunny a place to stay and covering your bills while you break a lease for the billionth time to go to treatment (which ain’t cheap). I’m not even trying to sound like an ass I just don’t get her end goal here. At some point it’s either stop/get it together or become a Eugenia or Ashley and I don’t see her becoming like that.

No. 1534770

File: 1653105027007.png (5.15 MB, 828x1792, 222D43E4-EF20-4438-B5C5-F5B933…)

Fi, in awe of her amazing SHEIN pjs, stated atleast four times. Once again she’s freezing. Suprise. Very cold apperently. Her brain cells are obviously decreasing she can’t even make a well constructed message. I feel like it’s a dementia patient. She’s getting ready for a big weigh in before her birthday! She might STAND out of her chair. Ready for her to announce it like it’s progress and she hasn’t been doing it all along.

No. 1534786

File: 1653107164322.png (4.48 MB, 828x1792, 7278EB0C-328C-4289-99FF-EB956A…)

Poor things genes rlly fought her. Can’t tell she lifts a damn thing. Chubby looks slightly better than her spoopy pics did though(ana-chan rattling)

No. 1534788

I hope they gift her a vacation IP for her bday her mother deserves it

No. 1534789

Heavy filter. She’s ugly and she knows it

No. 1534832

Nah, she’s talked about her “lower class” upbringing on YouTube. Parents divorced, dad is a builder, mom works in a nonprofit or some shit. She has loads of debt taken out from uni, but seems (annoyingly) self sufficient. More so than Fi and the like at least

No. 1534847

File: 1653114425565.jpeg (96.84 KB, 750x626, C9C00403-2BED-47BF-9E30-59ABD2…)

The fucking crazy eyes omg she looks like a maniac. This bitch works with kids??

No. 1534857

File: 1653115402284.jpeg (58.33 KB, 600x400, A7E695F3-82F3-456F-A61B-EEE4D3…)

You’re gonna make the zoomers even more afraid of ageing you droopy dog looking bitch. I’ve never known a 30 year old with a mug like that. They age better in fucking crack houses.

No. 1534858

File: 1653115571521.jpeg (151.33 KB, 768x1024, 01B2D3A4-C48C-45F3-8864-DE16B6…)

That’s Betty Spaghetty

No. 1534913

Has she actually gained any weight at all? Her face still looks dire

No. 1534914

This cracked me up

No. 1534952

I think that’s just her wrinkly ass mole rat face (but also no)

No. 1534956

this might be the biggest bone rattle of all time

No. 1534965

Fi is the most unfortunate looking of them all

No. 1534991

it will take more than that trainwreck face of yours, cece

No. 1534992

Nah, it's Eugenia Cooney with a blonde wig!

No. 1534997

That’s just her face, kek

No. 1535001

Bless her, kicking off her 30s with a well timed relapse, trying her hardest to secure that coveted ACUTE bed. Just give up already Cece it’s never gonna happen

No. 1535024

she looks like her eyes are looking two different directions, like one eye is straining to make eye contact with the camera while the other eye is busy eyefucking her own collarbones KEK

No. 1535030

it really is. i reckon plenty of people read this thread purely for the trigger of people endlessly calling bmi ~18 fat

No. 1535046

samefag meant to reply to this

No. 1535048

I reckon Dharma posted this herself. She’s called herself fat, seemingly without a hint of irony, before and as proven last thread has no idea how to sage. Also I can’t see the ‘more data’ icon in the bottom left on any other tiktok screenshots - is she logged into her account?

No. 1535049

File: 1653146202893.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1125x1764, 9D1749E9-622D-4845-905D-A02F67…)

Knee reveal

No. 1535113

In what world is this slightly chubby. Go rattle somewhere else

No. 1535114

File: 1653149325034.jpg (898.76 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_2022-05-21-17-06-22…)

Dainty as ever

No. 1535142

File: 1653150658127.jpg (311.62 KB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20220521-122900_Ins…)

More relapse baiting, want to punch her so so bad

No. 1535143

If she can drink liquids and tolerate a sandwich she can eat canned progresso soups and still lose weight. If she has anorexia doesnt she want to lose weight? Or is it the attention and feeling of being "terminally ill" she wants?

No. 1535145

Looks like she uses the term "malnourished" quite often. Just eat a healthy balanced diet with protein, fruits, and veggies while cutting out all processed food Georgia. Much of your IBS will go away

No. 1535146

>my body cannot tolerate large amounts of food
Is she seriously some kind of feedee? She's outright saying her goal is to eat a lot of food.

No. 1535148

File: 1653151415856.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1125x2011, C7E211F8-0E91-4F6D-ACDB-E1D7DC…)

Of course she will milk “I don’t have enough food, I want more uwu cute face*
And then a “strongly worded letter”…

No. 1535149

Ice cream is easy to purge doubt that last spoonful was a problem

No. 1535154

File: 1653151653971.png (1.44 MB, 1257x1633, Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 10.4…)

Marie says she's a model? For who?

No. 1535155

Doesn’t she have a ng tube? I thought those didn’t help with gastro/ food tolerance issues. Will she be aiming for a PEG soon?

No. 1535163

Nah, she was crying because her parents were fights lot. Maybe didn't pig out for some attention.

Implants? Big tits for a slim woman.

Then why doesn't she lose weight? Her feeds can't be maintaining her obesity.

No. 1535164

Is she editing herself to look like the girl from that one anorexia movie that's all over proana boards? Her face is eerily similar to that actress and she looks so plastic. Also reminds me a bit of someone else but I can't quite put my finger on it

No. 1535169


No. 1535195

TIL taking endless body checks counts as “modelling” now. What a world.

No. 1535197

She is probably purging as she managed to keep loads of food down whilst also tube fed before. Maybe she realised she can't keep the Ana problem enough long term but has now found another issue to have.

No. 1535233

Jfc "not great at eating" she's such a pickme tryhard

No. 1535247

How is it not just embarrassing to be a fat fuck and show off the nose tube you begged for?

No. 1535321

real talk, though, this isn't even that great of a spread? I feel like if you're having a party, you need more variety than just cheese, nuts, cake, what looks like bell pepper in the bottom left?

No. 1535322


Maybe she's so irritating that she doesn't know any normal people? Every healthy, respectable 30something I know would cringe so hard at this.

Sry minor blog but I found this forum by googling something like "Cecelia Rehms recovery annoying" like a year or 2 ago… she must just be too insufferable to see real adults' personal lives IRL.

No. 1535373

Something tells me she's not having a party.

No. 1535403

IKR. I was looking at it and even ignoring her irritating relapse baiting, that doesn’t even look like a fun party. Imagine you go to her party, not like she has a fun personality kek

No. 1535410

File: 1653165140195.png (3.3 MB, 750x1334, C313B0A1-BAD5-40E0-826E-A1115F…)

'i don't have the time' you say that now cecelia, let's reevaluate if you've stuck to that statement a couple months down the line when you're at your annual summer vacation at erc/acute

No. 1535436

Cece could not make her lurking here any more obvious. She’s soooo clearly reading everything posted here.

No. 1535442

Sending questions to herself again (on her birthday, no less) god what a sad little life

No. 1535447

Posting questions to herself so it can look like people think she is getting too thin kek. Poor cow. Manufactured 'relapse' is a go go go

No. 1535476

She's celebrating herself all year long already, so why all the effort?

No. 1535549

Cece is genuinely the most self-centered person I've ever encountered

No. 1535600

File: 1653179630520.jpeg (377.82 KB, 1125x1854, 8EF0E71C-D0EF-4AAF-BF9A-4B1BC5…)

I spy with my little eye the land whale known as Porgie posting on a feeding tube support page… Sooper desperate for another device to feed her munchie addiction to feeding tubes. I feel sorry for the people who she’s lying to… If only they knew she was a hardcore munchie.
Ps. I myself have a G tube for medical conditions, I don’t have an ED and never have. I just happened to see this post as I’m in the group and noticed the name of the poster

No. 1535687

I truly don’t understand why she is being so cagey about the fact that she’s relapsing hard. Seems against the chronic seed persona that she loves so much.

No. 1535693

She's not really being cagey about it anymore - she straight up said she didn't want to talk about it and wanted to stay in outpatient. I think she's making her relapse very obvious and is trying to transition into being a zara type account.

No. 1535704

Honestly if she took her last treatment stay seriously instead of turning it into an Instagram highlight vacation getaway maybe she wouldn’t be in this position

No. 1535720

Kek she’ll never get to Zara level spoop but I guess I see where you’re going with that train of through. Has it occurred to anyone else that she probably has kind of crappy, neglectful parents. They let her move out when she was clearly well into a relapse, she didn’t spend Easter with them, and no one from her family appears on her *~sooper speshul 30th birthday~* not saying that it should matter at this point since she is definitely a full blown adult but still seems weird that she moved to her hometown and they don’t seem to really give a shot about her.

No. 1535728

yeah, I meant more that she seems to be going after the "working so hard, in denial, achieving so much despite being so ~ill~" storyline right now

I don't feel like we have enough info to opine about her parents. It's not like they could forbid her from leaving the house, given that she's 30 years old. Same that they can't make her go to treatment.

No. 1535729

same anon, sorry, but I also remember her mentioning that her parents didn't want her to move out because they were afraid she'd do really poorly.

No. 1535730

Sorry samefag but I guess the beauty of the very broken US health care system is that once you’re an adult it is really easy to just do whatever the fuck you want and nobody will stop you, force you into treatment, or even really care. Most providers will just see you’re non-compliant and drop you. So I guess if that’s what she wants for her life she can certainly transition into a chronic person who has no treatment team. But man, what a pathetic existence. She is so smug and unrelenting about her “aesthetic” toxic positive femne existence. Woof. She should just pick a lane. Be a total useless drain on society or actually just get over it all and have the job and some semblance of a normal basic life. She can’t really have both. Ug I don’t know why but I really find her grating but also extremely sad and pathetic.

No. 1535738

File: 1653186451118.png (3.72 MB, 1125x2436, 9E373838-D81C-4222-96B9-1D6A31…)

Cece bodychecking in stories again. Who takes a photo that far away if they’re really taking a picture of their nails? Definitely not hiding the relapse. I bet she’s waiting for all the “I’m worried about you” DMs and comments

No. 1535815

She doesn’t even wear colored nail polish? God what a boring person.

No. 1535852

File: 1653196510336.jpg (696.46 KB, 1078x1541, Screenshot_20220522-151431_Gal…)

Omg the cringe.

No. 1535863

She’s literally acting like an eight year old in that video.

No. 1535879

I watched it a good 3 times. I don't know why… To hurt my own feelings?

No. 1535896

I dunno turning 30 is kinda a big deal, as someone who’s around that age. Most people have big parties like a 21st or 18th so it’s rather sad that she’s not seen family and got less friends at a party than fingers on one hand. But I guess that’s life of a spoop, I can’t imagine she’d be much of a friend as well

No. 1535897

I think this is any health system, so long as the person isn’t sectioned or even then sometimes they just give up

No. 1535905


Underrated comment anon

No. 1535960

This is so disturbing. She looks like a middle aged woman, but is acting like a child and wearing what looks like a shitty first communion dress. Chronic attention whoring really rots you from the inside out.

No. 1535961

You talk about Cece's face going bad, but check your comments. Fucking shallow wankers.

No. 1535971

Chill out, she’s literally just smiling in a birthday picture.

No. 1535984

Did she have an account before this one? She was mentioned in the previous thread as "new calf to watch" and only had roughly 300 followers then. It's giving major vendetta or selfposting.

No. 1535990

File: 1653217629522.jpeg (505.75 KB, 1170x1874, F20DFCC9-3069-431E-A8DD-358B7F…)

Fi might be in a doco. I really hope she is for the lols

No. 1535999

She’s 100% going to jump at any chance to be in said documentary. I wonder if she’ll share the malingered psychosis she played for a few years too. For somebody who ‘doesn’t like to be seen’ she sure does love drawing as much attention to herself as possible so she would never turn down an opportunity for optimum attention and ~brave & inspiring~ asspats. Laura v.2

No. 1536000


What personal life? Her friends finally dumped her for needing too many asspats?

No. 1536047

Is she calling have two friends over a birthday party?

No. 1536055

Since Cece “may not be great at eating” and is boasting her relapse… I wonder if she will eat her cake? Suspicious either way.

No. 1536060

File: 1653227156841.jpeg (1006.53 KB, 1125x1765, 8B858C2E-5E72-42D5-BE86-4421F2…)

Not Marie deadass “sneakily” using a picture of a hospital band.
She’d be hard pressed to drop anything but some dusty old mouse eaten skeleton bones.

No. 1536066


It's a sponge cake with whipped cream so she def is

No. 1536067

File: 1653227699803.jpeg (501.74 KB, 828x756, C35338C1-BB66-4A34-9BAE-1537D7…)

It seems like close family or friends? calls her out on her fake recovery

No. 1536077

Noticeably loosing weight.
Pretends like everyone else is stupid.
Clapping and smiling like a loser.

No. 1536079

Called out on her lying bullshit.

No. 1536084

File: 1653228841608.jpg (520.28 KB, 1080x1651, Screenshot_20220522-101252_Ins…)

Nothing like enjoying recovery pretending to eat with these giant hams singing to you.
These are her new "friends"

No. 1536088

Could that be her mom?

No. 1536096

what kind of sped meeting is that..?

No. 1536100

>a day off the wheelchair
…but she has “days off” whenever she wants, like going to see musicals? Idgi. It baffles me her team would even try to enforce it considering she’s stable enough to be outpatient and not exactly Ash-tier (not bone rattling, just saying). She likes it cos it draws attention and makes her parents’ lives harder but what’s the point?

Nail on head, nonna. Probably already planned her outfit for maximum spoop factor. It amazes me she’s never shilled her story to those trashy mags like Becky or Ganer

No. 1536103

Yeah I was just gonna say these two look like *~speshul snowflakes~* too. Probably only friends with them bc she looks thin in comparison

No. 1536118

That is def her mom

No. 1536119

It was def made with light cool whip

No. 1536140

What ever happened to cece's "five best friends" she always bangs on about

No. 1536141

I'm not sure why Fi acts so long-suffering and noble about the wheelchair when it's clear she enjoys the fuck out of it. There's no medical reason for apart from being spoopy and she has no problem taking the day off when she feels like it. Maximum asspats I guess?

No. 1536142

Kek or Ham

No. 1536151

Well, it’s not like Ham has any spoopy pics to sensationalise kek she’s never been underweight so I don’t think they’d go for it

No. 1536155

She already sold her story to one of the uk trash websites

No. 1536156

i want this dress though - anyone know where she got it?

No. 1536167

Probably borrowed it from a Victorian ghost

I can’t wait for it to air and BEAT having to keep the helplines open later into the evening because it triggers everyone. You know she’ll be acting up so much for the cameras

No. 1536201

That's probably the real reason she hasn't gained weight, so she can be spooky on TV

No. 1536208

File: 1653240192635.jpeg (752.83 KB, 1170x2027, BF56527D-E6C9-4752-BDF8-0FC8F0…)

Oh no, only 7 pancakes for brekkie?! Hope our brave little warrior isn’t rElaPsInG
(Also, what even is the point of those raspberries? They way she dissects them like this drives me nuts)

Guaranteed fresh milk though if any of us can stand her mug for long enough

No. 1536215

maybe they're the little bits that you get left in the bottom of a bag of frozen raspberries? that's the only sane explanation I can imagine

No. 1536216

Raspberries are not that sweet especially compared to her sugary spreads and syrups so most likely can't bear to have any more than that, it would be too sour.

No. 1536219

File: 1653240694309.jpeg (260.63 KB, 828x1407, DCA51663-D97A-417F-B7D9-60F5EC…)

Maybe I’m just desensitized to it, but it seems like Paris is just really small-boned so she looks thinner. All the other spoops hip bones stick out but you can barely see hers. Am I being an anachan or crazy?

No. 1536224

You are being an anachan. Thanks for playing!

No. 1536225

Look at her arms anon you’re being deluded

No. 1536267

she has a broad pelvic structure (bonewise) so her gluteus medius muscles drape more smoothly from the sides, that’s all
look at her feet, she is very ill and her circulation is clearly fucked up

No. 1536321

File: 1653245588273.jpeg (336.12 KB, 827x1438, 218D7C1A-C61F-4815-A69B-6E25E0…)

Oh Cece. Never change. The sickest, most treatment-resistant ever but can be coerced into treatment if she’s told her team will drop her otherwise (why was she even seeing them if she was “fighting tooth and nail” against recovery?). She’s sowing the seeds for people to encourage her to go back IP because she doesn’t want to seem too keen

No. 1536324

Sure Cece.
Hence why you did not invite any family to your birthday party..like your own mother….
Big surprise she doesn't want anyone there who can actually hold her accountable.

No. 1536325

File: 1653246033643.jpg (746.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220522-150010_Ins…)

Must hurt when your own mothercalls you out.

No. 1536328

File: 1653246267629.jpeg (364.77 KB, 640x976, AA3686CD-EF79-463C-846F-D11B3E…)

No. 1536330

File: 1653246319636.jpeg (486.73 KB, 640x919, 6411BD5B-9E2B-4C26-9308-C18D30…)

Updates on the treadmill drama

No. 1536340

File: 1653247092109.png (6.6 MB, 1125x2436, D4641A9E-E6EE-4F7B-B3E3-647CF4…)

When cows collide…just Katy body checking while watching Fiona, like one does. Id like to believe it’s a subtle jab at Fi and her wheelchair.

No. 1536359

File: 1653248042863.jpg (504.44 KB, 1080x1829, Screenshot_20220522-203047_Ins…)

How dare Paris' brother be busy or ill when he needs to get her Nintendo fixed!

No. 1536426


How do you get the Sunday scaries when you don’t have a job to go to on Monday?! Everyday is a weekend for her.

No. 1536432

Those two are bizarre with their middle of the coffee shop body checks. No shame their brains must be truly fried at this point.

No. 1536442

if this is her honest answer, it's the right direction, because live won't keep the triggers away from her and as much as that other woman's behaviour might be inappropriate, your triggers are your own and no one else can handle them for you.

No. 1536449

i cant decide whats more amusing, the fact she watches fi or the fact she uses elfbars kek

No. 1536451

File: 1653253382907.png (85.27 KB, 1434x474, Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 3.02…)

For the love of god Han please

No. 1536459

Lol did she shoop her legs?

No. 1536466

anything is better than the dead fish eye videos of her standing on the beach or in front of aa sunset or whatever

No. 1536473

She looks completely deranged. So I guess if I’m understanding her correctly, she is relapsing, she is not good at eating and didn’t really eat anything special for her birthday, her family are barely let of her life probably because they call her out on her bs, and she will not go back to treatment again because it has never worked for her in the past. Hmmm. Sounds like a recipe for an interesting cow decline to me.

No. 1536475

File: 1653255328230.jpg (Spoiler Image, 154.85 KB, 1080x741, Gloss Shades.jpg)

Stretching your entire arm across the screen is the best and only way to display color swatches. Obviously we're supposed to focus on the product smeared on her wrist instead of the shriveled bicep pictured front and center here. Rule of thirds who?

No. 1536489

Fuck sake, how grim.
I really hope she doesn't end up dead or severely disabled from her ED, this picture is just sad.

No. 1536516

its horrifying, but unfortunately shes probably past the threshold where she could recover without having long term complications. even if she did stick with recovery after the whole 5150 situation a few years back, shes probably fucked for life or has 5 years left MAX

No. 1536517

I think people really underestimate how much some bodies can take. I mean, ash has been spoopier than that for years and years

No. 1536544

File: 1653259742411.png (2.66 MB, 1850x1218, Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 6.47…)

No. 1536552

Cecelia looks really nice in that second picture, really natural.

No. 1536558

File: 1653261069505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 420.6 KB, 1079x1338, Screenshot_20220522-190921_Sam…)

Her feet look like they are going to fall off how is she standing

No. 1536575

File: 1653261984182.png (5.11 MB, 828x1792, 7631AB33-C3FB-435E-93BB-C53CD1…)

Naw I post her bc since she dropped in “apperently” I’ve seen how much she posts as a basic bitch. Not everyone has a phone version that updates to the more.
She tries way too hard to look good in her body I swear she’s gonna turn into the next han. I can’t see any evidence she works out.

No. 1536578

Hi cow way to self post retard

No. 1536588

I'm sure she's said she used to purge, so I guess the cake had a happy return down the toilet.

No. 1536592

Of course she's got one foot in the grave. She's gonna die. One less ana bragger on sm.

No. 1536594

From what I've seen reading about past cases (Such as the Kendall twins, Aimee Moore, Rudine Howard etc) usually these extreme anas recover up to 80 to 100 pounds but then die in their 30s from heart failure or suicide

No. 1536599

It's cause her legs are edite to look thinner

No. 1536606

Other anas who died in their 30s were Isabelle Caro, Pamela, Josie Maria, and Polly Williams from that documentary

No. 1536634

Polly’s death was always very sad. She clearly was struggling and the team let her go way earlier than she should have over some imo stupid reasons. Sucks that cows seem to occupy such desperately needed good beds while genuine patients are stuck in shitty facilities

No. 1536658

she's clearly back to it, you can see the marks on her knuckles in some pictures/videos

No. 1536685

Plot twist it’s ganer being jeleous that after thousands on a trainer she’s shaped like a brick

No. 1536715


But she's bad at eating and never binges! I guess she just does it to feel extra pure and dainty

No. 1536779

do the twins use baby plates and cutlery too?

No. 1536826

Josi Maria was only 24.

No. 1536890

File: 1653296168985.jpeg (937.19 KB, 828x1437, 048EDFDA-0E32-41E4-A9D2-F77873…)

Okay long time lurker first time poster so hopefully I’m doing this correctly (unsaged because I’m attaching a picture?) Anyways this is a personal cow but I think she’s pretty milky. Another skelly gone vegan recovery. She reminds me of Italian Ali. She posts all these pictures with her vegan food and preaches her “healthy” lifestyle while still being significantly underweight. And also…I just don’t believe there’s any way she could be eating that much food (vegan or not) and maintain that weight. Like it’s not an absurd amount for a normal sized person…and she looks better than when she was a true skelly…but still probably a lot more than someone maintaining her size. Her insta is survivingnowthriving,

No. 1536891

File: 1653296451433.jpeg (959.72 KB, 828x1401, 74CA63C5-1FD8-4B7F-AE63-CF2B7F…)

Also has a lot of before and afters without acknowledging any sort of ED although I think it’s kind of implied.

No. 1536894

How old is she?
Either way it is obvious she has an ED

No. 1536901

I found an article that said she was 24 in 2017…so probably about 29?

No. 1536904

Yeah this one’s been mentioned here before. She was on some breakfast show years ago for “makeup addiction”

No. 1536908

Gotcha. Her profile is so confusing to me because her photos from when she was younger look vastly different. And yeah the makeup addiction mirror article was the one I found her age from. Apologies for the old milk then. I didn’t think I’d seen her on here before

No. 1536949

File: 1653306058728.jpg (73.11 KB, 1080x1940, Screenshot_20220523-123754_Ins…)

Laura and Emily Jones are asking about the same place…incoming cow crossover?

No. 1536950

File: 1653306094208.jpg (228.85 KB, 1080x1982, Screenshot_20220523-123735_Ins…)

No. 1536969

File: 1653309568873.jpeg (213.25 KB, 1172x437, 28834F91-97FA-44C7-9D5A-D01CF8…)

No. 1536985

29?! I'd have said 40

No. 1537006

All of her posts ate incoherent as fuck and for some reason they all rhyme lmao

No. 1537016


i'm gonna tinfoil but these gotta be self-posts for pity points. she's probably the most boring ana cow currently, does anyone even care about her?

No. 1537032

I'm tinfoiling that this is a selfpost to get us stop talking about you Cece. The constant relapse baiting is milky.

No. 1537040

at this point, I think we all hate her boring beige bullshit and are happy to gossip about her

No. 1537042

Cecelia is hateable because she's so smug and self-absorbed. I think that's why anons have latched onto her so much. The milk runneth over.

No. 1537053

Are you colorblind? Her feet are fucking purple

No. 1537157

Especially as she lurks and posts such blatant responses (i.e. >>1536321 >>1536330) to whatever’s discussed here. No way is she not a farmer herself, probably one of the bitter bone rattlers claiming Fi & Paris ~aren’t that skinny~

No. 1537207

nonnie you gotta be joking, cece is relapse baiting like an absolute fiend lately!! I don’t want to speak for other anons but I get the feeling some of us are anticipating a “I refuse to go to treatment” relapse arc for cece this summer (another coveted 5150, anyone?) But as of right now I’m content with the beige and taupe frenzy of images featuring her dainty NEDA tattoo wrist, clutching a la croix or black coffee because solids are ~difficult~ right now.

No. 1537208

Can't wait for ercation

No. 1537238

The La Croix killed me. Girl knows what she’s doing with the extended thin arm that’s clearly lost fat and the zero calorie La Croix. She literally couldn’t relapse bait any harder.

No. 1537259

"I worked specifically hard"

Is she for real?

Also, "walk got increased" - really goes to show how mismanaged her outpatient 'recovery' is. No inpatient facility (in the US) would give you outdoor time, much less lengthen your walk, at such a low weight and with very little weight progress.

No. 1537260

She is definitely a farmer. Not 100% sure about self posting, but she's been interacting a lot with these threads in her stories. Whether it is about herself or her opinion on other cows like Scarlett, making posts where she calls out people's behaviors that just have been mentioned in the thread. Because she is sooo above it all.

No. 1537290

File: 1653332341402.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x1905, B8891BC2-E0D4-4FAD-94C9-7A3911…)

the legs of someone whos in recovery for 8+ months. I guess Fiona, eating just protein bars or a bite of your veggies does help in keeping your baby chair

No. 1537323

Fucking hell. What an absolute joke, kek. I’m actually starting to feel almost… second-hand embarrassment for her?? Hope birthday princess had a fun day walking around (was it still a really SHORT walk tho??!) celebrating not ‘needing’ the chair, despite the fact she magically doesn’t need it when going out with friends to busy cities watching musicals. Another year of having no adult responsibilities and draining the people/support around you. Idk why but she is my worst cow atm, something about her really, really boils my piss

No. 1537328

The sash kek

No. 1537337

Ham vibes

No. 1537347

I guess those worried comments she got on her bodychecking tiktok satiated her need for attention kek. She's so pleased with her life, being 30 years old and acting like she's 17 online for asspats. Depressing and hilarious.

No. 1537428

What, beyond asspats, is the purpose of the chair?

No. 1537446

If you are on bed rest then you must use a chair to prevent any calorie burning from walking. Super milky to use outside of a hospital.

No. 1537461

“touch and go”

No. 1537462

File: 1653345592214.jpeg (350.65 KB, 1170x2196, D7066199-ADC5-4AD0-A26F-9F8F39…)

Posted soon after she was crying about people calling her pro (she claims she is in recovery and food freedom) and saying she was going to “cover up” in her new videos

No. 1537463

Yeah I get the use of it in hospital and ip wards but was failing to see how or why her doctor could enforce use of it at home it seems purely theatrical

No. 1537469

File: 1653346024726.jpeg (364.97 KB, 1170x2023, 4276D3CF-0043-472B-A240-1A5597…)

Pt 2

No. 1537473

the only legit reason would be if her balance were so impaired that she was at risk of falling and hurting herself

with her? it's 100% attention seeking

No. 1537488

It just doesn't really make sense with her being outpatient and allowed to galavant to musicals and shops and cafes that she's so sick she MUST use a wheelchair.

No. 1537536

She’s unbearable. Truly the worst of the new tiktok cows

No. 1537565

File: 1653354270841.jpeg (401 KB, 1170x2434, 38DF28DC-8ADD-459F-A0C0-D80D3B…)

Agreed. Even her YouTube is an anorexic jump scare

No. 1537570

to be fair she looks like she's slightly gained but definitely not recovering. probably more like 'ill gain a bit to stop myself from going ip'.

No. 1537571

the lack of boobs is a joke. they're inverted at this point.

No. 1537653

File: 1653361116796.jpeg (368.48 KB, 1169x1906, CB5C2668-584F-4EB7-938B-103626…)

It could be angles, but she does look mildly better. Also whipples disease can be fucking brutal. Credit to her if she continues restoring

No. 1537662

Are you self posting…Zara is not restoring. She is slowly dying while posting hypocritical #yourmentalhealthmatters posts.

No. 1537668

Looks like she’s gonna die within the month rather than tomorrow lol stop self posting Zara. Also claiming a malabsorption disease sounds familiar….Dharma and her lipase deficiency (or whatever the fuck she said it was) anyone?

No. 1537670

since when has she had whipples disease? she's always claimed EPI

No. 1538177

She looks exactly the fucking same anon. She's just wearing makeup in the second picture

No. 1538298

File: 1653382556744.jpg (683.8 KB, 1080x2135, Screenshot_20220524_115428.jpg)

Did Nikol gain? She posted this a few days ago. Or is it not even her in this pic?

No. 1538305

i think she said that she's in treatment so it would make sense. i don't see much gain though, just different angle.

No. 1538393

She said a few weeks ago whippels was preventing the normal EPI medication working for her. Apparently now they know about the whipples there’s an alternative treatment that will work for her. I guess only time will tell if she is actually improving

No. 1538428

Oh look, another Zara WK (or selfpost)! Just…go. Shoo. Begone. She still looks like shit.

No. 1538459

File: 1653396802673.jpg (178.17 KB, 1080x477, Screenshot_2022-05-24-13-47-36…)

N2f broke up with the guy she posted sex pics with!

No. 1538460

Damn straight it's his loss

No. 1538465

N2f is my spirit animal

No. 1538487

Nikol has been binging thousands of calories, I’m sure she has gained

No. 1538489


No. 1538497

Absolute queen

No. 1538532

Thinking a guy could be ‘the one’ after the first date, oh no nourish, this is when the facade is up at its very highest. I hope she doesn’t let any of these dates take advantage of her, she seems very sweet. I’m glad she has such a good attitude in her post though, hopefully this is her true headspace and not just a happy post for Instagram.

No. 1538547

I think she's just being mildly incoherent, as usual, and means that she's not going to stop going on dates until she meets someone that she feels like could be the one. Not that she feels like the new guy is the one.

No. 1538552

Claiming two malabsorption disorders is super sus but maybe it’s legit and I’m just a jealous ana-chan, hard to tell

No. 1538594

If there are any medfags around, maybe they can tell us if it's possible to have whipple's misdiagnosed as EPI. Both cause malabsorption, but I think the test for EPI looks for specific enzymes in your poop - would those also be low/absent for someone with whipple's?

No. 1538627

File: 1653410919245.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1125x1916, 3A3E2C33-7556-4500-BDFC-A94DA3…)

She’s THRIVING though and her followers feed into it by congratulating her,I think they genuinely believe her bs

No. 1538652

It’s the same as everyone believing Fi. Unless you have lived experience, it’s difficult to understand how manipulative EDs are. Lots of well meaning but misinformed people in the comments just fuelling their disorders and jumping on the people actually calling the cows out.

No. 1538713


Sigh another middle class white girl talking to the press about their so severe ana recovery. Bet it’s Stacey Dooley again, first laura then another one got aired about some posh uni students ‘recovery’ but I’m sure fi will make sure she comes across as the soopiest.

No. 1538780

not that anon,
but nikol has been posting for ages now about her binges on twitter and instagram
saying that if she wants, she can snap out of it again while simultaneously complaining about said binges,

No. 1538783

yes, they could be confused
basically you can’t diagnose Whipple’s without screening for the bacterium, but since the classic patient profile is “white man over 50” it wouldn’t be on a routine screen for a young woman

No. 1538805

She's all the crazy of n2f without any of the charm

No. 1538866

Stinks of self post especially cos shes been known to do that

No. 1538947

Regardless of her having it, she is still just living out her disorder with constant ass pays for “recovering”. These diagnosis scream excuses.

No. 1539009

definitely! Whipple’s is incredibly treatable, you just have to take antibiotics religiously for a year or so. If she doesn’t look any better in a couple of months, it’ll be clear that it’s not Whipple’s.

No. 1539039

or that it is and she's being noncompliant with the antibiotics to continue having an excuse to stay skelly

No. 1539083

now you’ve got me wondering how many anachans selfpost asking “did (i) gain weight?”

it’s possible many do… what a ridiculous attempt to body check and/or receive validation.

No. 1539084

sorry i didn’t sage! haven’t been around these parts in a year

No. 1539160

What's the one about the posh uni student? I wanna see it lol

No. 1539201

not a self post by Zara, ausfag here.

No. 1539292

File: 1653482587559.png (7.06 MB, 1125x2436, A458CAAF-8B51-4149-B064-247AAB…)

Laura’s new man looks traumatized

No. 1539311

Looks like a scene from some horror movie.

No. 1539359

I really don't understand what qualities she has that he could even find attractive. She dresses like an idiot, obsesses over kawaii tween bullshit, and isn't physically capable of doing anything interesting.

No. 1539413

Good God her face/neck… the bony ass jaw…gross. what does he want with a beyond emaciated woman?? He seems like a regular guy

No. 1539418

She's looking really skelly. I know spoops are sometimes like roaches but I'm not sure how long she'll last.

No. 1539420

Anyone else find it weird that Nikol showcases all her binging online most cows are very hush hush about it

No. 1539423

File: 1653493337222.png (Spoiler Image, 4.85 MB, 1125x2436, F6816679-6DA4-46D2-9B6E-F92288…)

ganer is an inspirational recovery icon according to r/EC apparently

also ot but has she ever been cowtipped?

No. 1539427

I wonder the same like Fi they both seem like to type to sperg out publicly if they knew.

No. 1539430

Attack of the living skeleton kek

No. 1539431

The EC reddit is full of braindead sots who constantly wax poetic about their weird parasocial relationships with her. They thought Elzani was a "great example" too.

No. 1539435

cows attract cows. if i had to guess based off his face alone, he looks kind of crazy or “off” to me, like a serial killer phenotype lmao

No. 1539437

ayrt and i disagree about ganer tbh. i think she’s possibly the only cow here who might not give a shit about being posted, she seems to be in her own little world

No. 1539442

It's been years of ganer being a thread subject she has to know

No. 1539451

niamh seems to be right back at square one with the relapse and bodychecks, how utterly devastating

No. 1539456


No. 1539458

File: 1653495456617.jpg (368.44 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20220525-121702_Ins…)

Eh not really nona

No. 1539463

she’s not the spoopy mess that she used to be but she seems to be losing weight again and she’s been taking photos in those ridiculous poses

No. 1539465

Only time will tell with Niamh. She's still pretty fresh out of ip

No. 1539492

Would rather see her being an attention whoring zoomer than a spoopy sad anachan

No. 1539534

damn that’s unfortunate. i don’t like niamh but i’m rooting for her, she’s so young that she has real potential to tackle her ED if she tries, and stop her obnoxious behavior online. she really needs a break from social media. her popularity is super detrimental to her recovery, and she uses her platform the same way EC does - for validation of her “progress”. hope she grows up

No. 1539536

File: 1653502023329.jpeg (160.24 KB, 828x1628, DEA66165-D6BC-42B5-943F-4823B6…)

ash’s rendition of waltz moore has me in stitches

No. 1539540

File: 1653502233209.jpeg (331.47 KB, 1124x1982, 91AD4E71-CD2E-4042-B8A5-742B79…)

samefag but just saw this…yep, relapse baiting hard

No. 1539542

File: 1653502332936.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1170x2170, 8287E7E5-ADF2-4185-9EC7-F641FC…)

Fi announced a new TT account, so now she post to both?!
oh and heres a body check, sorry, ootd

No. 1539543

She'd get plenty of attention just being pretty lol she really doesn't need to pull an EC

No. 1539620

How many accounts does she need she has like five separate igs

No. 1539781

if you’re going to post thinly-veiled bodychecks as “ootd” then you should at least make the outfit nice or interesting. she always looks like shit. what’s the point? oh right. bodycheck.

No. 1539801

Cecelia hasn't posted on IG in at least 24 hours, wonder if she is celebrating her birthday month with a not-so-dainty potassium drip.

No. 1539819

she posted on her “main” ig

No. 1539834

File: 1653518595092.png (380.4 KB, 433x468, Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 5.42…)

Now you just have to take it regularly, Zara.

No. 1539968

File: 1653523375961.jpeg (952.24 KB, 982x1661, FB826EF3-9212-465C-87D3-D9F25F…)

not sure if she’s been mentioned before but erica.recovers remains underweight even though she’s 1) been in hospital for years 2) has a g-tube (permanent ng). how the hell is she managing to keep the weight off. compensating somehow?

No. 1539974

You can tamper with feeding tubes

No. 1539976

true but she also has a “sitter”, which sounds like the canadian version of being on 1-1

No. 1540139

she's definitely UW but her knees looked shooped to death

No. 1540145

The whole calf area just seems…strange. not saying it's shoop but her legs look weird

No. 1540356

malnutrition fucks your muscles up
anachan not even once

No. 1540357

invasive antibiotics
give me a fucking break here, people are dying

No. 1540360

File: 1653535743304.jpeg (369.25 KB, 1125x1590, 0C81BE13-BD1E-41E2-BBBC-64C47A…)

Has Melly Moo ever claimed/talked about having DID before? I thought all of her munching was tube munching.

No. 1540362

she talks about it and uses "we" instead of "I" constantly. It's been at least a year, probably more but I didn't really follow her.

No. 1540638

She always uses ‘we’. Definitely lurks too - a few weeks ago she was brought up here and someone mentioned she seemed to have dropped the DID thing. That was when she started posting with full on different outfits/voices for her different personalities.
She will sometimes post in a really babyish voice for her ‘16 year old Anna’ and get loads of comments saying ‘hi Anna!’. I actually blocked her because it was so annoying.
From memory I think her dietician also sees her tiktoks and she sometimes posts talking to her dietician. Wears very revealing clothes and calls it a disordered thing ‘because her disorder wants her to be cold’ despite it being warm outside.

No. 1540640

The trauma a person needs to go through to actually develop DID is insane. There was a lady in aus recently who finally sent her dad to jail for raping her from like age 2, so bad her entire abdominal organs are fucked. She has DID, this just seems clutching at diagnoses.

No. 1540650

File: 1653549837261.png (324.48 KB, 404x647, asdfghjkloiuytgrfedfghj.png)

Saged because this is a milkless blogpost but the absolute day ruining disappointment on Fiona's face when the grocery store didn't have whatever white chocolate protein cheesecake thing she wanted made me laugh so hard. This is the face a person makes when they're called into work on their day off, or when you come home after a long day to see your cat pissed on the carpet, or when you leave your car lights on overnight and drain the battery. Grow up Fiona holy shit lol

No. 1540655

It will never stop amusing me that she loses her shit over how much she loves the stupid fancy 'protein' desserts that she buys from some rando on instagram, but would pretend to quake in fear if someone just handed her a piece of chocolate. It's only safe if it's in a protein bar, in which case she can wax orgasmic about the chunks melting in the microwave for paragraphs at a time.

No. 1540656

File: 1653550902475.png (230.91 KB, 432x681, Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 2.41…)

Way to make everything about you, Cece.

No. 1540664

Is she going to use the state of the world as an excuse to relapse now as if her family don’t have enough to deal with.

No. 1540669

I think if there actually was a shooting while she was at work she would just lock herself in the bathroom and take crying selfies while the children are slaughtered outside. They all would.

No. 1540690

I can literally imagine that.
Narcissism is one helluva drug.

No. 1540710

i took a screenshot from a video
check her tiktok she’s been posting a lot of body content recently

No. 1540729

Why not at this point just brave a piece of chocolate

No. 1540769

I bet her parents buy them for her ( along with all her other food) rather than her money

No. 1540818

They must, because one of the places that she gets stuff from is https://www.proteinpatisserie.co.uk/ and they're charging 15 pounds for 4 bars before shipping, kek.

No. 1540847

This is my expression when I have to get up at the arse-crack of dawn every day to work and study, then realise my wage just about covers cost of living, medications and bills, rinse & repeat. Thank fuck I don’t have the stress Fiona must experience being wheel-chaired on a middle-class supermarket crawl for some overpriced snacks to be bought for her though, kek. Imagine if these cows actually had to live one single day acting their age and having adult responsibilities. They’d drop like flies.

No. 1540849


Literally camping to see her updates as I cannot find any of her accounts that are public. Ooooooof

No. 1540858

Audibly kek’d at this. 100% would use as a reaction img if her face wasn’t such jump scare material

She’s saving that for the documentary…

No. 1540879

Can't believe she's the supermarket that won

No. 1540901

File: 1653583071105.png (1.95 MB, 1529x1144, Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 10.3…)

Han still larping about her past mild anorexia…how does Han find a place that sells a giant bowl of porridge with a glob of Nutella?? If you're going out then why spend that money on what you eat at home??

Recovery involves trying a large variety o foods. Good on her at least stepping towards college it's more than most cows achieve

No. 1540904

Cece always does this.

No. 1540922

File: 1653584194152.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1886, 474D5326-8F11-4D37-AB35-CBF0D1…)

Wow she’s physically regressed so quickly after being in treatment for 6+ months she really is a true ACUTE patient through and through

No. 1540926

File: 1653584310468.jpeg (437.18 KB, 2151x2151, 35BDD8E0-4FAE-44A3-8C5B-E1A2BF…)

2 month difference… not to be a terrible person but what is actually wrong with her who wants to fuck up their life this often this much

No. 1540929

boring self post

No. 1540936

Idk most acute patients r milky and it’s obvious she regresses severely every time she gets the chance lmao

No. 1540972

It’s been like a month since this anon and she’s been in college for ages, keep up
>mild anorexia
No. She went on a diet, lost a few lbs which took her from a normal, average BMI to…a normal, average BMI, stumbled across recovery content and decided to emulate Elzani and her pancakes because aNorExiA rEcOvErY = instant “friends” she was too insufferable to make in school. If she really wanted to ~~treat her body kindly~~ she’d allow it some fruit/veg other than the lettuce in her Big Macs

(sorry nonnies I knew it’s all been said before her LARP is just enraging)

No. 1540978

Sydney we get it you went to ACUTE you don’t need to self post. Also the answer to this question is she only got likes when you could see the indentations of her skull in her face and she will probably forever try to regain that high.

No. 1540980

It was the 6th picture on her instagram thought everything was recent because she posts daily on stories and feels like a star now that she got an article

I havent checked out her full ED history it's buried underneath the rambling affirmations

No. 1540984

File: 1653588227960.png (3.44 MB, 2398x1563, Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 12.0…)

Tinfoil, Han's mom convinced her she had a serious ED or someone else in the family did? It's scary how much of her identity she's linked to an ED…has she been obsessed with the idea being an ED snowflake like this for years??

No. 1540987

File: 1653588402341.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x2078, C6C2D04B-98B1-44D8-AE2F-C1EEE1…)

of course is Ro

No. 1541008

She's been saying things are nice on video for years now. Come on, Ham, lie more consistently.

No. 1541068

Start from here >>1090359

No. 1541101

the wording of this is so off. hate to call self post but why would anyone else talk about her like she’s some ana queen

No. 1541116

I've NEVER called self post before but… this is just so blatant. And she's definitely the type who would

No. 1541120

File: 1653597113654.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 542.51 KB, 640x1124, EB132D79-D975-4205-AF2D-AE98FF…)

Aidel is looking rough

No. 1541169

did han ever say how long she was struggling with anorexia for before she chose recovery?

No. 1541172

Yeah she lasted until lunch time

No. 1541192

who is this? I don't think they've been discussed before

No. 1541208

This comment killed me nonnie

No. 1541228

Who is she?

No. 1541271

stinks of self post to me

No. 1541281

tragically denied herself second breakfast

No. 1541297

I don’t think it’s a self-post but a personal cow. She isn’t really pro-Ana, just kind of chronic. Also private…she’s a Canadian.

No. 1541421

She's building up momentum for her dramatic return to erc

No. 1541423

File: 1653624214145.jpeg (163.9 KB, 750x527, 3734A35B-DBD4-4F2A-B077-F708D7…)

Crystal (@blushydior on twitter) has been forced inpatient. Will be interesting to see wether she keeps her page blatantly pro-ana or turns into a recovery account once she realizes that weight gain is inevitable. (screenshots are from her private account)

No. 1541424

stop self-posting

No. 1541427

OP here. Not a self post, nonnie.

No. 1541433

I’m pretty sure she has absolutely no idea this site exists considering she’s never really been a recovery account. I highly doubt this is a self-post

No. 1541472

inb4 Ham has NOT recovered after all and oats are just her uwu safety food and we'll get a new fear food challenging saga.

No. 1541493

Oats, pancakes, pizza, burgers, chips…

No. 1541507

Whenever she didn’t put sugar in her tea she “ReLaPsEd”.

No. 1541527

But have we seen her eat anything but oats for months? Just tinfoiling for my own amusement here.

No. 1541536

And pancakes. With those sad crumbs of raspberry on top.

No. 1541549

Christ I miss Molly. Can anyone remind me of the threads she was on? in need of a laugh

No. 1541555

edtwt absolutely know about lolcow, this isn't the first time she is posted here either

No. 1541602

she first appeared on thread 40

No. 1541616

I'm retarded how do I find thread 40?

No. 1541617

Anon never said edtwt doesn’t know about lolcow. She just really doesn’t seem like the type of person that would lurk on here. At all.

No. 1541659


here u are retard-chan (just teasing you)

No. 1541662

her "mum" is obese, I could see her having said something of the matter when Ham had a growth spurt and lost some baby fat. She started her ana larp pretty young and has kept it going for a while after all, it's only recently she started really packing on the pounds. Maybe it was the best way she could think to get some of Mum's attention before she divorced dad and ditched her kek.

No. 1541664

Sounds plausible. Maybe she tried to direct their attention to her and show them how their issues affected her.

No. 1541675

Ham's oat mono would make a great band name kek

No. 1541677

File: 1653668501957.png (6.74 MB, 1170x2532, 9C2B2AF4-6CBA-4FFC-A927-30AA26…)

The body checks will never stop ig

No. 1541678

File: 1653668644513.jpg (42.8 KB, 1080x255, Screenshot_20220527-122258_Chr…)

Crystal is a pro as they come

No. 1541689

Some random 20something year old on twitter body checking and posting about uwu Diet Coke and tiktok fast fashion isn’t interesting. That’s like 50% of twitters users.

No. 1541691

How provocative..

No. 1541692

File: 1653669665619.jpeg (345.6 KB, 828x1101, 796DF6F4-CDC9-40CD-8FBD-310BB6…)

Never seen a finger quite that long before

No. 1541708

The finger looks fine nona. Andy Samberg the skelly fetishist has big hands. All the better to wrap around our hello kitty spoop extraordinaire.

No. 1541709

This made my skin crawl. Isn't Niamh like 16? Reminds me of the good old days where Italian Aly took underwear shots in her parent's bed.

No. 1541711

She looks like she's constipated

No. 1541712

File: 1653671389467.jpg (64.53 KB, 1080x404, Screenshot_20220527-130903_Chr…)

Kek priorities of an anachan

No. 1541715

I don't think anyone is trying to make her a thread regular but crystal does have her fair share of milk

No. 1541719

Ha i remember her. I knew the recovery ~attempt~ was just to ship up her mom

No. 1541720

She's a try-hard off-brand EC

No. 1541721

She always has the same vacant, dead stare. Completely self-obsessed.

No. 1541723

Not to mention the fish mouth. Looks like a still from some jailbait porno

No. 1541728

It's the cheap granny pearls and ten hair ties combo that's doing me in

No. 1541734

Sage for dumbfag but what I didn't get is that she was ip last summer and fall and what not but seemed like she was always at home or out to museums etc amerifags in ip ate confined

No. 1541746


They're looking like in some Depeche Mode video from the late 80s, kek.

No. 1541753

No. 1541759

That or there's just a bunch of vendetta chans for niamh

No. 1541763

Spooky scary skeletons

No. 1541766

File: 1653674449789.jpg (545.81 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20220527-140011_Ins…)

Her parents need to take a look at what she's doing online jfc

No. 1541786


Why don't you just stop it, vendetta-chan?
That's quite a lot of non-milk that you're spilling around here recently.

No. 1541798

Yes thankyou anon people need to post milk. This is every ED account.

No. 1541808

This is such a reach. His fingers look proportionate for a tall man. Will be interest if skelly Laura gets hitched.

Underrated comment anon. It's amazing to me that Ham is still larping after all this time.

No. 1541811

Crystal is about as dry as they come. She's smug but she isn't entertaining. That's why she's never taken off as a thread subject.

No. 1541817

File: 1653679133695.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x1957, 3D267C58-BF35-4B0E-B662-0D548E…)

Cece attacking people

No. 1541818

She posts a lot of full body images for someone who doesn’t want any comments on her body

No. 1541819

The classic forcing the thighs as far apart as possible pose

No. 1541825

>doing well mentally
I’m fairly sure she’s doing better physically than she is mentally. Sure, she’s lost a significant amount of weight since het discharge but is also posing hard. Mentally she’s completely trapped in the ana identity

No. 1541829

You know she probably is living her ana dream with everyone asking about her relapse/weight loss.

No. 1541845

She’s literally BEGGING for attention with all these posed pics and captions. Don’t know how those people can be braindead enough to comment on that and feeding into her weird ana fantasy. Relapse baiting at its finest kek

No. 1541863


Nooooo don’t do Depeche Mode like that.

No. 1541867

Notice she keeps "subtly" mentioning her zero cal beverages

No. 1541915

File: 1653684926929.jpeg (70.26 KB, 827x425, 09A870A4-543D-4BF8-BB3A-68AEBE…)

The good old ‘you can unfollow’, only used when you have no response to criticism

No. 1541944

File: 1653686846187.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, B21291BC-6DD2-441E-AEFF-CD0E34…)

Cecelia is akin to a sleep paralysis demon who's standing over you waiting for you to notice them

No. 1541952

she must be reading here. Someone (or more people) commented if she owns any clothes that aren't off-white or beige and now, suddenly, she has black batik dyed trousers.
Also, those pictures are body checks (feet apart, standing slightly on your toes, etc.) and she lost weight and I give her until July to be back in inpatient. The more aggressive she reacts to peoples "concerns" the more we know she fucked up and isn't doing well.

No. 1541961

I miss elzani - she was excellent milk

No. 1541976

i really, really dislike this one. can't put my finger on it - think its the fact she deliberately lost weight to get attention again and go back into treatment. she uses weight as a manipulation tactic… And the minute she loses weight is suddenly posting pics of her body, posed, legs apart, showing collar bones. So immature for someone of her age. 30 and still doing this shit? We all grew up and left you behind, Cece..

No. 1541977

I agree with you. Again I don’t understand the annoying ass white knighting for Laura, he can have long slim hands but that is definitely shooped. Because nobody has Voldemort fingers quite that bad and we ALL know Laura shoops everything.

Love when she gets posted here with a shoop and for being a well known shooper and all her little fans come out in droves to defend her.

No. 1541985


Yes not only all this, but her writing style is so aggressively condescending. "Get this through your little brains", "me and my treatment team make your comments irrelevant despite my baiting you to make them", she really thinks she is the arbiter of reality and we all have no choice but to believe her.

No. 1541989

File: 1653690206732.jpeg (262.12 KB, 738x1162, B209B911-96EA-4E79-88E8-BFDA56…)

Jesus Christ, I’ve never seen her this angry. She’s really gone mask off, and it’s equally hilarious and concerning. Not exactly the gentle, soft-spoken image she likes to put forward. Also she’s getting absolutely ratioed in the comments of her own post (not that uncommon for her, happens on a lot of her milky tiktoks) and multiple people have called her out for the pigeon toed posing

No. 1541991

File: 1653690242747.jpeg (620.84 KB, 750x1253, 47A3327B-BED5-4623-9B4D-E6AC59…)

Sage for not really milk, but anyone remember Lego head?
Cow crossover with Laura.
Double pints for leg lift.

No. 1541993

'You're just jealous because I'm thinner than you'

Thats all im getting from that conversation.

No. 1541995

Where was this? St Andrews? And what is going on with Laura's crotch?

No. 1542008

Omg legohead lives

No. 1542009

Hey now anon, I guess skeletons are punk rock

No. 1542014

Nightmare fuel, Cece. Never change

No. 1542027

This is very interesting to see as laura has refused to post a recent pic due to her weight gain. I wonder if she knew it was going to get posted? Also her underwear is showing. Amazing.

No. 1542031

She is such an insufferable cunt. She could easily post pictures of herself without flaunting her weight loss. There is no way in the world that she is not 1000% conscious of what she is doing. She wants to show off her weight loss. That is the beginning and end of the story.

No. 1542033

>"Recovery Warriors"
My brother in Christ, her entire brand is based on being an "aesthetic" ED "recovery" account. I won't give her grief for relapsing or being older with an ED, but this "look at me, don't look at me" schtick is absolute cringe. She's taken offence because she knows that commenter is right on the nose about what she's doing. Whenever you strike close to the truth, a guilty person is likely to have a meltdown. As messed up as they are, at least the more overtly pro ana accounts are honest and up front about what they are doing. Enjoy flashing your wrinkly vagina armpits Miss Cece.

No. 1542038

File: 1653693426688.jpeg (142.36 KB, 1289x293, 7EEB7F08-B171-42F2-A3EF-B903AB…)

helen admitted and triggering her audience for validation

No. 1542050

File: 1653694195065.jpg (390.28 KB, 1040x1284, 20220527-192551.jpg)


Props to her treatment roommate for this response.

No. 1542056

Good on her treatment roommate for being honest and for with such grace.

No. 1542065

File: 1653695123239.jpeg (373.74 KB, 828x1182, 20D73D52-2985-4109-922B-C73C76…)

Family is even getting involved

No. 1542072

So she loses weight and posts body checks so that people will notice.
Then, when people notice and comment, which is exactly what she wants, she is unbelievably condescending to them?
Holy shit, she really is the worst.

No. 1542074

she's just trying to bait even more concern and set herself up later to talk about how she was just too sick to even know it

No. 1542077

In an ideal world, her followers would actually take Cece's invitation to unfollow her account. Withdrawing enablers and superficial validation would probably drive her and people like her mad.

No. 1542091

File: 1653696919011.jpeg (642.47 KB, 1125x1740, 8B5AA924-6718-4EC2-85D6-C08765…)

cece part 2

No. 1542104


I wish I could but her narcissism and immaturity are so perversely entertaining. Never change Cece, you make me feel so grateful for even the most obnoxious people I know! (Except do, for the health of your family and followers)

No. 1542106


I'm sure she loves getting this skinni validation from IRL people. Sad. I wish someone would tell her mother that every comment about her weight loss == 10 BPD HP.

No. 1542109


She deleted the post, but her mother's responses truly made my day, ty farmers for the screencaps

No. 1542112

I appreciate the sacrifices you've made in order to bring us this milky bounty.

No. 1542115


peak Cece insanity.
the posts are honestly less triggering than the bratty discourse she so desperately baits.

…and yet i cannot turn away

No. 1542145

Cece’s mom is honestly an angel. It must be hard having to deal with her constant relapsing and attention seeking. Imagine having kids (I believe Cece has siblings) and having to dedicate all of your mental energy to one not dying

No. 1542156

Yeah this made me sad. Cece quit acting like a smug brat flaunting your weight loss when your mom gives a shit about you and says she’s worried and loves you. You can’t choose to have an ed but choosing to do a big “fuck you” to everyone else by hurting them and flaunting it on pages they can see is cruel. Her poor mom!

No. 1542162

sorry for the blogpost but my mom passed away in december and i wish i had a mom like cece who cared about me and wanted me to be healthy and that loved me. cece you are so selfish and so foolish. you're torturing your mom and now pushing her away like a bratty spoiled child. you'll lose time with her because of your ed. then when she dies you will regret it. sorry it's just really fucking sad to see her mother post so openly expressing her pain and love for her. so fucking ungrateful. I'd trade my life for my mom again and we didn't even get along. so many people dont' get a good mom and this girl is out here misrepresenting her families actions and squabbling with them instead of just getting better. wrap up the dog and pony show and get to work heartless wench

No. 1542167

File: 1653703313309.png (1.29 MB, 726x1116, 126357812653-12938871263-12983…)

kek "Now if anyone needs me, I'll be sulking in my room and you can't make me come out" is she 12?


i don't see cecelia being in danger of dying anytime soon, unless bodycheck attention withdrawal is fatal.

No. 1542173

File: 1653703778644.jpeg (558.43 KB, 1125x1915, 4214599D-91BA-407A-A491-0D1FA9…)

Don’t worry, CeCe reposted.

No. 1542174

File: 1653703918033.jpeg (614.43 KB, 1125x2118, 9151C1B1-D413-4261-B47E-70926F…)

And went full on mega triggered (Kek) asshole for everyone. Not very “bright, kind, gentle and sensitive” of you now is it?

No. 1542177

File: 1653704059679.png (1.68 MB, 1170x2532, 441EE4B9-CC49-46D0-A568-13C442…)

The caption is so manipulative too. If you don’t like what people have to say about your account then don’t post???? Don’t have a recovery account??? She’s far too old to be acting like this.

No. 1542179

Then post pictures while sitting and not posed. Post pictures where you're not straining and posing to show off gaps and bones. If you don't want to be accused of "body checking" then post normal pictures.

No. 1542183

Sorry anon didn’t see you posted it already but interesting it went from 5 to 2 comments

No. 1542185

No worries Anon, it's okay. I sort of feel bitter too, because while I can understand being in that ED headspace, I would still feel immensely guilty about how it hurt my loved ones. Maybe Cece does care on some level…I don't know. I'm really sorry that you lost your mother, it really sounds like even though you two didn't always get along, that you really love and appreciate her. The loss is still very fresh so please take all the time you need to process what happened. I hope that with time the pain won't be as oppressing and that you grow to be able to provide yourself with everything that you would have wanted from a loving mother. I'm cheering for you Anon.

Alright, Cece. You got me. I'm admittingly more concerned with how your ED is harming others (including your poor mother). You heard the woman, no more concern trolling, pack it up. Maybe next time her followers can say that she looks "nice and curvy", that her weight looks good on her healthy frame and comment on her inspiring and filling snack portions instead.

No. 1542189

File: 1653705244362.jpeg (552.46 KB, 828x803, 497809E8-296D-41CB-95D4-FCD4B9…)

Sorry, I know you’re Cece-posting right now but look how ugly Aidel has gotten in only years.

No. 1542191

this is now two posts of this person in like 24 hours that assume we're familiar with them when, as far as I remember, they've never been mentioned before. Sorry to tinfoil, but it makes me suspect self-posting.

No. 1542193

I don’t recall this cow ever being brought up here before. Reeks of self-post to me.

No. 1542194

especially because it's such low effort bait - no milk, just a generic insult to try to draw other people into making fun of them

No. 1542196

Are you serious? She’s never been mentioned before? I saw the other post but I’ve been on lolcow for years off an on and I’ve followed Aidel for years. She was obese as a kid and skelly as fuck for years. Then she gained a ton of weight when she was forced to go inpatient or whatever the Canadian equivalent is. She was there for like a year. Now she’s lost it all again and I think it’s her goal to look as disgusting as possible. She has a couple thousand followers so she’s not exactly obscure. I didn’t know she wasn’t posted her but I’m not her. I thought this is where I found out about her.

No. 1542197

at least not in the last year or two, as far as I remember

If you want to post some background milk so we can get a feel for her, she sounds like she could be milky / good material. Sorry for tinfoiling, it just seemed really low effort with no context.

No. 1542204

She even had a go fund me and raised $8000. Can’t believe no one has heard of her here except for me and the other anon.

No. 1542206


I’ve heard of her. She’s a hot mess, saying she’s fine and recovering meanwhile relapsing. She’s going to treatment Monday. I also know why she got kicked out.

No. 1542212

I know. I can’t imagine having such a loving support system and rejecting them all to post body checks on Instagram. Self sabotage at its finest.

No. 1542214

File: 1653707918595.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1125x2436, 9A6E7A3A-E8D4-4681-BFA5-76EA06…)


she’s not in her room reading her book. she’s over on the TikkyTokky making more hot content.

No. 1542215

Like clockwork.

I may have missed it, but has she shared her other mental illness diagnoses? I'm not the betting sort, but I wouldn't be surprised if she had a personality disorder diagnosis.

No. 1542216

ptsd, I think maybe bipolar?

No. 1542218

BPD, depression, and an anxiety disorder IIRC.

No. 1542221

Might just be me, but has anyone considered the slight possibility that Cece could be posting these comments from her mom’s account just to create the illusion of people worrying for her? I doubt that’s what’s going on here, but it’s completely possible considering she’s got BPD and a uniquely unquenchable thirst for attention kek

No. 1542229

I know from personal info that that’s not the case.

No. 1542236

Well this is ominous lol

No. 1542241

Cece, if you’re on here to try to defend yourself, just say that.

No. 1542244

File: 1653711244924.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1536x2048, 1FB3B6EA-B39A-45D2-8AB9-87C663…)

Her head shape

No. 1542246

Kek. If I wasn't browsing on mobile right now, I would be firing up good ole photoshop.

No. 1542253

Not Cece lol, I just know the mom’s account is legit because of previous interactions. I followed one of Cece’s recovery buddies

No. 1542280

God I almpst have pity for her at this point. Shes isolating herself from help like a drug addict (prpbably wants to be Eugenia Cooney) and now posting this stuff…she really needs to interact with real people and take care of herself. Idk what kind of attention she wants online but none of it is certainly the attention she needs

No. 1542306

File: 1653720894933.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x2134, 7351B336-DC2B-4B85-8B57-5926C4…)

Dunno if she belongs here but found this spoop lurking around the egl community with her creepy arm veins & red ass hands like gainer or something. Not sure why this obvious display of bodychecking has gone unchecked but I guess the lolita community is trying to be all ‘body positive’ now considering petite_tomato is still a thing- look her up if you wanna see the majesty of a land whale in replica brand. She doesn’t mention an ED as far as I’m aware (she was just recommended to me on my discover feed, surprise surprise Instagram) but it’s obvious she’s an anachan

No. 1542307

Ugh I’m caving…what got her kicked out of tgh last time?? She was being super coy about it on her tells

No. 1542309

Petite_tomoyo, sorry for the autocorrect, she definitely doesn’t belong in this thread though unless for BED

No. 1542310

Marie follows her. Now we know where she gets her petite woodland nymph inspiration.

No. 1542312

Sorry we can’t all be megamind like you Cecelia.

No. 1542320

the weight loss makes her look at least twice her age holy shit. part of me wants to feel bad for her but i can’t help but laugh now that the jig is up. she finally broke her ‘uwu delicate ana’ character and showed how fucking batshit crazy and bitter she really is.

the only person i feel for is her mom, who obviously cares for and wants her 30 year old daughter to grow the fuck up and take accountability for her actions

No. 1542329

File: 1653723648666.png (842.06 KB, 1125x2436, 170086B7-8DEB-480C-89D7-1456C3…)

who called the relapse baiting

No. 1542330

File: 1653723693352.jpeg (112.88 KB, 878x1390, 901C34CF-DAD5-48F8-8C29-B78A51…)

No. 1542336

anon you left your pfp in the screenshot… i’d reupload b4 megamind starts lurking here

No. 1542340

She's the one hosting a recovery account and then triggering her followers on purpose for whatever fucking reason, then gets mad when her followers who are there for recovery content call her out. Truly a scumbag.

No. 1542342

I wonder how Satara is doing and how Elzani is coping

No. 1542354

File: 1653725719953.jpeg (178.36 KB, 828x1223, B5452005-F592-43AD-87D8-ED69C3…)

No. 1542358

She's enjoying this newfound attention on her weightloss kek. She had the same reply to comments on her body on TikTok.

No. 1542359

a they/she law student talking shit on lc.. KEK

No. 1542366

Her head is literally shaped like a lightbulb kek. ironic for someone so dim.

No. 1542370

Anons who say Cecilia isn't milky are missing out on this passive aggressive milk kek

No. 1542371

Here is a mother who is following the advice of professionals by putting in the boundaries that she needs to, and maintaining her love/care/empathy toward her child without being enabling or enmeshed. Fi’s parents should take notes if they want their daughter to outlive them.

No. 1542373

I didn't even know there were genderspecials in Ohio

No. 1542377

Don’t sound so surprised, all kinds of people post here.

No. 1542395

OMG, she's looking like my aunt in her sixties..!

No. 1542396

Isn’t she a addict in remission? Not sure what her substance of choice was, but there’s always the chance she’s fallen back into it and that’s adding to the isolating herself, weight loss etc

She says it’s just a personal account as if her username wasn’t ‘cecelia.RECOVERS’ just a few months ago. No Cece, your personal account is cecelia.frances and you changed the name on this one because you’re just living, not recovering .

No. 1542397

File: 1653731890411.jpg (53.26 KB, 536x536, jo.jpg)


No. 1542400

hey, what's the weather like in Shrewsbury?

No. 1542407

I feel really bad for her family. Must be exhausting to constantly worry about your daughter that already is in her 30’s.

No. 1542408

Tbh I think the people calling her out must be triggered by her relapse baiting/bodychecking rather than the weight loss itself

No. 1542419

WTF is this response? Good for you?? Most of the people following you are not there to see you post full-body shots in pajamas. Nobody benefits from seeing your shrinking body on any account where you're advertising recovery content.

No. 1542421

kek underrated comment anon

No. 1542433

File: 1653738122908.jpeg (321.88 KB, 638x785, E2C8AF08-A66C-4D0A-A476-859C46…)

She looks awful in every way kek

No. 1542435

Bethcichan is right tho. She’s thinspo now so she’ll keep posting body checks and stuff for likes and attention

No. 1542436

File: 1653738395094.jpeg (245.07 KB, 1024x1024, 3CED3C60-B3D0-45C9-9E2E-C91F23…)

Also for those regular viewer, jaz is actually doing well and I’m happy for her

No. 1542439

File: 1653738643049.jpg (193.39 KB, 829x1000, cece_art.jpg)

not quite photogenic

No. 1542443


I’ve been reading these since 2015 and if she’s ever been mentioned she wasn’t significant enough for any real discussion. the lack of milk/commentary beyond one or two anons insisting she’s milky is sus to me

No. 1542444

Cece wouldn't even look that much older if she stopped making those stupid faces.

No. 1542446

there was this post in the last thread >>1510813 but it was odd also

No. 1542466

Does anyone know what happened to Skylar Brasch? She hasn't posted ED-related stuff in a long time. Did she manage to recover?

No. 1542484

is this an old cow or something?

No. 1542491

No. 1542492

File: 1653746247744.png (218.1 KB, 536x536, 1653731890411.png)


No. 1542493

It’s in the most recent couple of replies- this is just a picture of someone who forgot to crop out their profile pic in a screenshot of Cecelias comments and then someone decided to post it here for some reason (probably cece herself as vendetta but what do I know)

No. 1542497


100% Cece failing to integrate and control her BPD rage.

PFP anon, you're good, it's a pretty ambiguous pic despite Cece's pitiful doxxing efforts.

No. 1542498

File: 1653747134290.jpg (2.02 MB, 1536x2048, Thececream.jpg)

I tried. It was scary how well her face shape fit.

Also had to do a quick delete and repost because i forgot sage goes in the Email, not Name.

No. 1542503

That one's absolutely marvellous..!

No. 1542505

Will Cece go rage at her personally I wonder

No. 1542507

Isn’t this the worst Cece’s been. Do you think she’ll actually make it to acute this time

No. 1542508

These are gold! need to be in the next thread pic

I don’t understand why anons keep trying to expose those who forget to crop out their pfps. I’m not sure it’s Cece though, she’s too busy pretending to read

No. 1542519

Honestly maybe. She seems really in denial and even her family is trying to intervene right now. I think Cece is finally becoming a chronic who won’t give up her disorder

No. 1542520

That's 100% what she's going for and if she does we'll never hear the end of it kek

No. 1542524

She looks good her face is pretty

No. 1542525

File: 1653749623555.png (276.88 KB, 371x429, ig534564.png)


No. 1542526

cece: posts an obnoxiously obvious body check à la please look at my thigh gap

also cece on the same damn post: I’d rather NOT discuss my BODY if that’s OK!

smh you know that comment made her fucking day

No. 1542528

tbh she's not in denial, she knows exactly what she's doing. she's literally diagnosed bpd, and it's always seemed like her ed is way more a borderline ploy for attention than anything else. she is absolutely loving all this concern, i think it's exactly what she wants. more even than being told she's skinny she wants to be fussed over and told she's sick and special

No. 1542558

The complete tantrum Cece has been throwing for the last 12 hours shows that she really is losing it. Her facade has fallen off.
I don’t buy her ‘I’m never going back to treatment’ bullshit at all. She’s just saying it to make it sound more involuntary when it does happen.

No. 1542564

sage for autism but anon I need you to know that I had almost the exact same comment typed out about an hour ago but got distracted before actually hitting reply:
I don’t think she’s in denial at all, I think she knows exactly what she’s doing. Very intentionally manipulating people is not a component of denial.”

top fucking kek, cece white knights be gone us nonnies know the score

No. 1542566

bless you anon, my vote for next threadpic

No. 1542575

Iconic anon

No. 1542576

File: 1653753754695.png (357.78 KB, 420x754, GrandmaCeceIsTriggeredByAnon.p…)

nonnie I think you triggered our dainty waif…! boy she really lurks huh

No. 1542580

Hard to tell. She's making herself look smaller in her pics as we all know. I would guess her bmi is still over 17. At least she now realizes how ridiculous it is to get a tube at this weight, so she's aimig a little lower. Will she get to a bmi of 15.5 before a tube saga on July?

No. 1542581

Someone sounds very hangry, indeed.

No. 1542587

Cece, love. You need to stop this attention-begging online. It's the only true way for you to recover. You're 30. You have money so log off, put that phone away, book a vacation abroad and see the world a bit.

No. 1542588


Agreed, she's obviously exaggerating it with the angles, but she's working hard!

She'll get to 15.5 with some combo of drugs/purging disguised as restriction (given how she's clearly willing to give up everything else in her life to attain her skinny goals).

No. 1542595

Let’s break it down:
1) the founder of every major social media network is 10-15 years older than Cecelia so not ‘her generation’
2) no one is saying thirty years olds shouldn’t be on social media. We’re saying thirty year olds shouldn’t be humiliating themselves online because they are so desperate for a shred of validation. Oh, and you also shouldn’t be talking about asking for a reduced meal plan and hating nutritional supplements on an app targeted at people literally half your age, especially when your audience is especially vulnerable
3)> think the world revolves around you, and you only
The complete lack of self awareness in this sentence alone. Jesus Christ

No. 1542607

>We’re saying thirty year olds shouldn’t be humiliating themselves online because they are so desperate for a shred of validation.

exactly - if anything they should be setting a precedent to act responsibly on SM. but of course 30 YOs like cece are a dime a dozen, just like hysterical zoomers. wonder if the internet generations will ever recover from the pervasive shame… sigh

No. 1542611

What drugs does she do just curious

No. 1542623

She’s acting more immature than any Gen Z right now.

No. 1542627

File: 1653756602075.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1971, 9F833DC7-D466-4779-9752-C1428C…)

possible new cow? she tags Fi on her posts

No. 1542628

She has only indicated alcohol abuse. She has talked about secretly drinking in high school and college. Hasn’t said much about drugs. True to her style, she probably likes to intentionally keep it vague so people think she was a hardcore drug user when in reality she just likes to drink.

No. 1542630

File: 1653756729513.jpeg (370.82 KB, 1170x1957, cece_gap.jpeg)

Come on gorl, don't be so shy.

No. 1542633

And never come back. Or if you do, with an acc showing the places you traveled, the ppl you met, the latest decorations to your home, you know, the normal stuff for people your age.

No. 1542643

don't forget the all the psych meds she munches for lol. if she doesn't actually need them then it can be considered drug abuse too

No. 1542648


I have a maybe-invented memory of vaguely worded non-rx uppers but nothing to confirm

No. 1542650


I would truly be really impressed if she took some time off, actually recovered, and blogged about what it's like recovering when your identity/validity are based off social media and you have co-occuring BPD. Would be helpful and interesting.

No. 1542670

Next she will tell us that her generation invented the internet, kek.
Honey, there is no problem being on social media, I'm in my 30s, my friends are in their 30s, we all have social media accounts and some even have mental health issues, but none of them would post body checks or their failing recovery online for the whole world to see just for the attention. Ever heard something about being an example for others? If you want to own a recovery account you shouldn't be triggering people and refusing much needed help. Grow up and stop ruining your health just for attention.

No. 1542674

seconded that I feel like I remember her claiming drug abuse outside of alcohol, but I can't recall the specifics either.

No. 1542676

Cece is a retard. That being said, Instagram isn't targeting teens anymore, they know they migrated to Tik tok. They just want to become a new market place to buy random stuff where you also can occasionally post videos and pics.

No. 1542683

Huge kek

No. 1542685

The comparison was her pushing treatment and thr peoplr who care for her away like a drug addict…not that she did drugs. Maybe she did drugs and alcohol but anorexia is still a helluva drug

No. 1542697

File: 1653761187602.jpeg (909.2 KB, 750x1084, AA0618C7-E90B-4E07-9DE7-9AA619…)

What in the world..

No. 1542734

remember when she claimed that she was bmi 12 once? and then denied it later…? iirc it was bc of some cocaine addiction, not sure though

No. 1542744

She said “in the 12s” which probably means 12.9, which she would be if she was really 75lbs as she claims

No. 1542748

People will look back at 2020's fashion and cringe so bad

No. 1542769

Agreed, but at least her bloody forehead isn’t visible in this and her tube is fairly innocuous. I’m hoping she will remain less milky now she seems to be genuinely making progress

There is some potential in the constant sharing of unnecessary details but her account is only 10 days old. I’d say give her a while and see if she improves with refeeding/time before we make her a subject here

She never mentioned coke in relation to her bmi of 12. She achieved it by the power of being such a good ana.

No. 1542775

She was never that thin. The thinnest she ever got was about the same where she is now. (Based on her pictures.) And soon CC will be like "I never posted my lw pictures!" Sure, Cece. As if she would turn down the opportunity to post skelly pics if she ever had any.

No. 1542778

This girl always looks like some sort of Oompa Loompa…..

No. 1542786

Using baggy clothing to hide the body convinient style

No. 1542795

How do you call that particular style?

Is it "Dollar Store Explosion"???

No. 1542810

"trashy shein thot after being given $10"

No. 1542831

File: 1653769734378.jpg (341.88 KB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20220528-222740_Ins…)

She really doesn't know what to post anymore

No. 1542834

imo she looks better in the reality picture. plus, it's not like she edits her pictures on a regular basis right? what a shit example of "ig vs reality"

No. 1542835

File: 1653769995077.png (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1286x769, QueenOfTheWintergirls.png)

I agree that her low weight pics from her My Journey to Recovery (top fucking kek) youtube video seem about the same as where she's at now.

No. 1542837

she's just copying other influencers now. i've seen countless of photos like this.

No. 1542852

"Blowjob in the short bus"

No. 1542874

Ugh I’m gonna sound so anachan but when I was on a med that made me lose a bunch of weight I was around a 14 bmi and was about as bony as she was. How is she not that small?

No. 1542878

File: 1653772851651.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1293, 5FDEC138-ED99-4823-8AC5-9D9CC8…)

How old is she …. Thought the last time people wore sashes were for their 21

No. 1542899

it’s all lighting, posing and sucking in anon.

No. 1542900

She’s only five foot three.

No. 1542906

"birthday princess"
well not only on your birthday, sweaty

No. 1542913

Look at the thighs. Those are not bmi 14 thighs. She's sucking in like crazy. Some ppl have upper bodies like this at a normal bmi.

No. 1542919

Plus the most shocking part of the picture is the chest/sternum. That's pretty dependent on the person, some people have really obvious ones.

(She's still underweight but it's not like, as horrifying as your brain thinks it should based on first sight).

No. 1542930

What everyone else has said but she also probably dehydrated herself to throw off her bloods which has the side effect of making your bones pop out

No. 1542961

File: 1653776222200.png (6.52 MB, 2048x2048, 05870110-3FBE-40CF-AC05-F28832…)

This super severe GP took herself to her old secondary school to have a “careers” talk with current senior students/families- and of course we had to show off the tube for extra asspats .. what’s the career fatty?! “How to bleed to health system dry, fake GI/anorexia and how to excel being a munchie.. ?
rumour has it she’s planning on doing teaching at university kek. God help those children

No. 1542968

Rattle much, anachans? This is what BMI 14 looks like when you’re pear shaped like Cece is. Not everyone has Princess Fi’s thighs, you’re just desensitized to it

No. 1542991

Kek I’m remembering Cece’s meltdown about the girl walking on the treadmill during group. But posting this bullshit on the Internet is fine? And yes, being 30 means you have the responsibility to use your fully developed frontal lobe to post on the Internet responsibly. You might have had a 5 year olds bday party the other day but you are GROWN.

No. 1543004

left is how her body looked before the ED larp, right is how she’s let herself go under the guise of “recovowyyy”

No. 1543008

Why does a fatty need a feeding tube lol?

No. 1543019

That is definitely not BMI 14. At least 16/17, previous anon was spot on about lighting and sucking in.
Though she acts like she was at a BMI 12, milking the “dying” ana Queen narrative.

No. 1543020


Kek I totally forgot about the treadmill saga. No one is allowed to be triggering/skinny except Cece!

No. 1543022

Sorry for the blogpost but I was a BMI of 15 and she looks slightly worse than I did so she definitely is a bmi of 14-15

No. 1543023


i find cece annoying as the next farmer but she doesn't look healthy to me there. not even borderline healthy. you can be ill and still milk the hell out of it and be annoying about that one time you were really underweight.

No. 1543028

Wow no way I'd be letting my mum follow my ed account. Especially when actively and performatively relapsing.

No. 1543029

Ok, Cece.

No. 1543030

the fact that she allows her mother to follow that account really shows how attention seeking she is about everything. Most adults with EDs who are actively refusing treatment want others to stop worrying about them and will go out of their way to pretend to be doing better than they are. There's no way in hell that someone who didn't want to be pressured into treatment would give someone in their real life that kind of access.

No. 1543033

It's a public account, her mom would just have to make another account to see what she posts anyway. the only way to keep her mom off it is to make it private, which we all know Cece would never do

No. 1543034

ayrt - I think we're agreeing with each other. If Cece were a less transparently attention seeking person, she'd have her ed account private. Especially since she works with kids whose parents might google her name.

No. 1543036

The bone rattling whenever it comes to Cece is absolutely absurd. Yes, some people have visible bones in their chest at a normal BMI. Literally no one has their entire sternum and every rib visible. She's like BMI 15 at most here.

No. 1543038

If you look in her followers her mom doesn’t actually follow her, which might even be more sad? Just apparently checks the account t

No. 1543041

I am very much not Cece. Go bone rattle somewhere else.

No. 1543047


Maybe we should just agree (kek just a long shot) to stop guessing specific digits, and that she enjoys flaunting/exaggerating her underweight body and that she is not emaciated.

All number guesses end up sounding like bone-rattling, WKing, self-posting or blogging regardless of intent.

No. 1543048

File: 1653787564749.jpeg (323.88 KB, 828x1435, 3C18D143-6B7D-4AE1-B71C-D46D9D…)

God, Cece doesn’t even realize that everything they’re saying is true

No. 1543049

Rich of her to call someone else a kid. The fact that she actually works with children & is so sick that she can't even make her ig private is insane.

No. 1543050

why are anons suddenly wk-ing about cece being bmi 14 in this pic? as others have pointed out, she likely took that in specific lighting, sucking in and all to emphasize her bones sticking out for asspats on the internet.

anon i see where you're coming from but even most folks who are "pear-shaped" would look far more emaciated at a bmi of 14 or even 15. i agree that she looks underweight but not at death's fucking door as she likes to claim.

No. 1543051

that lil retard has far more sense than cece honestly

No. 1543052

Holy kek dat file name. Thanks for the laugh, anon.

"You dastardly kids git off my lawn!". She really likes to sprinkle gratuitous "y'all"s in her posts, I've noticed. I've always found it cringe when people who don't come from backgrounds where that kind of language is the norm, use it that slang liberally in their social media posts.

Seconding this >>1543047. Depending on a multitude of factors (body composition, weight distribution, bone structure, frame size etc), people will present differently at the same BMI. There isn't really much to be gain from arguing over numbers.

No. 1543053

>underweight vs at deaths door
there's still an in between though if you ask me where a person still clearly is sick. you can be mildly underweight and not look ill but you can definitely be at a level where you look ill.

cece is irritating and immature and that's the milk with her, not like she isn't clearly ill in those pics. still attention seeking of her to post them though

No. 1543060


given the posts that happened since this was posted, yes.


"Y'all" is widely used/promoted in (North American, at least) English (esp. in helping professions) as a gender-neutral replacement for "you guys" (i.e., plural "you").

No. 1543065

before twitterfag language took over the internet, it was much less common to use "y'all" online especially if you aren't living in an area that uses it frequently like the southern usa

No. 1543066

THANK YOU someone finally said it. Not only is she getting off from it (we all know she lurks) I could care leas to see people arguing about her BMI and reminding us of theirs. I come here for milk not edtwt behavior

No. 1543070

regardless of bmi, I think one number we can all agree on is that Cece is 100% a vapid asshole

No. 1543072

Agreed, nonnie. It’s a huge possibility that Cece is behind a lot of the responses defending her weight, but there are obviously some anons on here that need a reality check. Keep in mind who we’re dealing with here. Cecelia is her name, exaggeration is her game.

No. 1543084

She also doesn’t use y’all right half of the time which makes it superrrr cringe

No. 1543087

It’s really not used often in the pnw if you’re white and not from the south

No. 1543088


She is in a profession where it's likely used IRL. It's just a plural "you" in this context, and is therefore "correct", at least for the thousands of teachers and counselors etc who use it in this manner. The real cringe here is her anger at a retarded halfass teenage troll.

No. 1543096

File: 1653792682970.jpeg (175.61 KB, 1124x1900, 6AFE509F-A5A7-4398-A988-5AE2F9…)

Enara munching her way again- continuous glucose monitor much?

No. 1543136

Hi cece! you finally learned how to sage!

No. 1543180

File: 1653802916782.jpeg (372.55 KB, 828x1136, CA46C39B-C2BF-4022-AE38-0872D4…)

Last year I dm’d Cece and asked her lowest bmi, she said it was 13.1 in October-November 2020(cowtipping)

No. 1543195

nonnie I’d delete this if I were you, interacting with a cow counts as cowtipping and we all know she lurks like crazy

No. 1543216

How is her gastroparesis ridden body handling those greasy sausages? She just can't bring herself to eat healthy even when she's supposedly sick.

No. 1543219

interesting as it may be, this is cowtipping

No. 1543222

File: 1653807930608.jpg (756.77 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20220529-100211_Ins…)

This is literally her in October 2020.

No. 1543225

But nonnie it was short lived, thankfully! And we all know Cece does not post lw pictures.

No. 1543231

beige and self-absorbed, don't mind the BMI

No. 1543233

Yes. It was for one day in October 2020, she didn't post pictures that day. Then she went back to 15-16 next day. That's probably her explanation anyway…

No. 1543240

Do you think she’s seething so much because now the same teens she surrounds herself with can hit her with “you’re literally 30”?

No. 1543251

I doubt she had a bmi of 13.. her lowest picture doesn't even look like a 15 or 16. Idk but to me I’m confused why people are concerned because she doesn’t even look bad, I’ve seen worse like Sydney or Eugenia. But anyways, it’s sad she is instantly there to respond and needs to explain herself to people her lowest bmi, like it’s a badge of honor.
But “short lived” yea right. I’ve seen people who look 12 bmi and on deaths door but weight carries differently for them and are 15. She definitely has never been below 15.

No. 1543269

I think people are concerned- not because of her exact weight atm- but because of the fact that she's 30, and these weight flunctuations up and down can definitely take a toll on her body. Especially added the dehydrations she does before finally getting tubed.

No. 1543278

File: 1653821101159.jpeg (315.95 KB, 1125x1961, 45FE0CA0-D6BF-47D7-886F-F761E6…)

Oh dear land whale / you’ve over eaten your entire life and NOW, only now “you’re eating way beyond your limits”. Is that because you feel the need to eat a 6 course meal on top of your “super duper important” NG feeds? And of course you’re not using a 1.0kcal feeds, it’s either a 1.25kcal or 1.5kcal - did ect fry the part of your brain that stops you feeling full?! Dull those hunger hormones?
News flash sweetie, you don’t get land whale status by eating celery & carrot sticks.
Put the cutlery down, and back away from the bowl porker.

No. 1543282


Not CC, sorry for blog, but I listen to podcasts for work and this (pronouns etc) was a subject on one of them.

Yes I forgot to sage for 1/200 of my /snow/ posts, my eternal bad.

No. 1543286

If she's able to eat food why does she need the ng? Yes I know, larp, but holy fuck is she stupid. She did this to herself. No one else but her is forcing food and feeds in her. Then she complains about the issues that come from it. Can't wait to see her balloon up even more as a result of this. Or maybe she'll start claiming bulimia next because of all the supposed vomiting.

No. 1543287


Intermittent bulimia seems reasonable, isn't that what she's doing already? Basically anything that lets her be sick/suffering (but not too much) + have the attention of having a tube.

No. 1543289

She could live off of feeds alone if she absolutely had to. Since she HAS TO have the nosehose. But that's no good. She can't give up food. That's why she's fat. She's probably running the feeds around people too so she can satisfy her tubelarp fantasies. What a pathetic life she's leading. She could stop any time but she'd rather make herself sick on purpose to get even more asspats.

No. 1543293

That's probably it. I do believe she's at least in discomfort from being over full all the time- just that she's so addicted to both food and the toob that stretching her stomach to the point of pain on the daily is probably worth it. Of all the cows here, she's the one I think is most likely to end up 600 pounds.

No. 1543296

With her SEED?

Diabeetus educator who nabbed a monitor for munchie perks.

No. 1543306

Oh yes her seed that people have been calling her on

No. 1543308

poor enara, dying of SEED as evidenced by her claim that she lost 30kg in 6 months which is… about the recommended pace for someone obese.

Also, huge fucking kek that she recently admitted to spending $100 on peanut brittle or whatever candy (I might be misremembering, I just remember that she ordered it online and posted a story about it) and doesn't seem to realize how stupid that looks when she's claiming to basically never eat.

No. 1543311

hahahaha she was so excited you asked, loves showing that off, what a bpd maiden

No. 1543319

File: 1653827939555.jpg (56.75 KB, 429x849, burblurblur.JPG)

PS much.

No. 1543321

kek, is that really the image she posted or did the anon shop it to make fun of her? It's not even slightly believable (click back to see the full image in full size, where it's extremely obvious)>>1543319

No. 1543322

I nearly didn't post that pic because I thought it might be a joke post. Unless Cece is new to shooping.

No. 1543323


Anon made it as a joke. Scroll up like 1.5 seconds.

No. 1543324

here's the original

No. 1543326

Soz. I'm catching up after a few days and scan reading isn't a talent of mine. You probably triggered her with that fake pic. Bad anon.

Oh, and can anyone remember if she went to AA or NA? I remember her bragging about her chip for 6 months or something, but not if it was for booze or drugs.

No. 1543330

I’d be surprised if it was booze because sCaWy LiQuiD cALoRiEs but maybe she’s the type to think ‘they don’t count’

No. 1543332

anachan, blog posting moment but I lost 30kg in 3 months so it’s not even that impressive. Y’all are just bad anas

No. 1543333

File: 1653829575783.jpg (152.4 KB, 1708x790, nosehoseofc.JPG)

Found this on an old thread. Sober but toobed.

No. 1543334

you're fucking lost, anachan, nobody here was posting about their own weight loss or gives a shit about your weight loss

No. 1543335

(note, even her tie dye is a beige sickly colour)

No. 1543336

Exactly the reaction I wanted lmao hilarious seeing ur knickers in a knot anon

No. 1543337

ah, yes, you truly are the troll mastermind king shit ana

No. 1543339

well I wasnt gonna say it myself but right on the money

No. 1543342

aww, poor baby is feeling all bloated and in pain as a result of "eating past her limits"! what does porgie expect when she's shovelling sausages and soup and whatever other entire meals she doesn't photograph and share on IG down her throat, along with an additional intake of a full day's worth of feed via her toob! if her body can't manage solid food, she doesn't need the toob and if it can, she needs to rein in her greed and stop forcing food down her throat when she knows she's just going to throw it back up. i don't believe this gastroparesis larp for a second, but if she's claiming she may need an NJ tube because an HG is insufficient as her stomach can't handle food or feed, she logically wouldn't choose to cram food down in her face at every possible opportunity. she's either parading around with a toob taped to her face as a fashion accessory, or unable to control her utter greed and abstain from shoving food down while fully aware of the outcome, and despite being fed her necessary daily calorie intake via her toob! she only has herbsself to blame for the pain and bloating she's mentioned to get herself some sympathy.

No. 1543344

She posted her medical paper a while ago and blanked out the diarrhea (can't spell). If anything, she might have irritable bowel syndrome. Brought on by her terrible diet and greed.

No. 1543349

Maybe you were just fat

No. 1543352

congrats, you're more ana than… enara

No. 1543354

File: 1653831306738.jpg (868.84 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_2022-05-29-14-33-43…)

That chicken literally looks completely raw

No. 1543355

JFC, I think it IS raw.

No. 1543363

>Still working on sobriety from other drugs
>I'm clean, sober, and free
Pick one Cece

No. 1543366

I'm putting my money on option B
>she is unable to control her utter greed and abstain from shoving food down

No. 1543367

And that sushi looks very old given the rice has had the chance to stain that much. The cucumber makis are BROWN on the inside. The pasta looks very dry and so do the beans.

No. 1543374

File: 1653833436637.jpeg (840.41 KB, 828x1293, 8493481B-F630-4323-B924-B2232F…)

Has anyone seen this tik toker? She claims to be anorexic and is a recovery advocate. Other people called her out on her bs, but says weight loss is not good. I feel like it’s just as unhealthy and in denial as an ana who refuses to gain weight. This isn’t healthy either but they use their anorexia to stay in denial(emoji)

No. 1543377

No one cares

No. 1543382

She’s really not anywhere near as milky as Georgia or the like. And obese or not she’s definitely more healthy than say, Cece or fucking Eugenia, so who gives a fuck.

No. 1543384

I swear this thread has the wildest food combinations. >>1543354 looks like something Amberlynn Reid would serve.

No. 1543389

Rattle elsewhere idiot no one cares

No. 1543393

she just lives off two small milk cartons remember?

No. 1543397

Tiktok is the worst place for kids glamourising or faking mental illnesses. I mention that I was recently in hospital for plain old depression with a faker called loopylauren. The staff called out her fakery. She faked "psychotic episodes" to a hilarious degree. Anyway, this relates to Lego Head. I saw she'd commented on this shithead's tiktok "If you ever need to talk I'm here, I've had a lot of psychotic episodes. Eye roll. It was strange to see Lego Head again. I'd almost forgotten about her.

No. 1543398

ugh i’ve been getting her recently too. objectively probably not milk, but ‘eating school’ irks me so much. she also posted a huge celebration a couple weeks ago for ‘1000 days out of treatment’ lmfao like it’s been 2.5 years then move on

No. 1543399

At least she has better taste in specs than Cece (although it must be difficult finding a pair that suit Cece's odd shaped face).

No. 1543407

Literally nobody cares about your super ana weight loss

No. 1543412

“still working on sobriety from other drugs” us anons who thought we remembered cece mentioning drug use outside of alcohol were right!!

No. 1543417

iirc i think she had a problem with pills? bendos, downers etc. might be wrong but remember seeing something about it a few threads back

No. 1543425

>gatekeeping an illness
What are these people on? The low weight thing is literally in the DSM/ICD, can you imagine them saying this to a shrink

No. 1543426

Imagine saying that about other illnesses.

No. 1543427


Having a major problem with downers OR uppers doesn't make sense. She managed to get her degree and work through a major addiction problem? Who agrees it's yet another invented illness she claimed just for asspats?

No. 1543429

munchies totally do that with illnesses
doctors are “gatekeeping” Lyme Disease from the chronic Lymers by insisting that you have to actually have the bacteria in your blood, for example

No. 1543430

I totally forgot about munchies.. Of course they'd do that.

No. 1543432

I’d be like, just take your OSFED dx and gtfo girl. Seeing stuff like this makes me think their so-called ~advocacy~ is bullshit, if they really cared about “inclusivity” or whatever wouldn’t they be campaigning for increased support for that rather than trying to cram themselves into a box that doesn’t fit?

No. 1543436

Cece actually (claims to be) the other breed of sooper dainty ana who can't handle solid food. she's claimed to have survived off liquids for months at a time. tbh I think its plausible that she only kept down liquids (obviously she was still b/ping) during that time frame, she did get underweight and for some people liquids only shuts down hunger cues

No. 1543462

cece is my all time most hated cow, but I think it's a bit douchey to imply someone struggling with addiction can't get a degree.
do I think cece is exaggerating her drug use for asspats? absolutely yes.
do I think her having a degree is evidence of that? wtf no kek

No. 1543466

She probably microwaved the chicken and the pasta, who knows how well

No. 1543467

Drugs AND alcohol. Are you kidding? A night on the piss makes classes…difficult when you're hungover plus nodding out with benzos/lack of sleep.

No. 1543470

There are a lot of high-achieving students at rigorous universities who have substance abuse problems. It's actually an incredibly common issue.

No. 1543471

We're talking Cece though. Does she look like she'd be a high functioning alcoholic?

No. 1543472

I mean, her "drug problem" is just as likely to be rolling a few times or smoking weed on weekends as to be a serious problem.

No. 1543474

and the hard liquor would be alcopops. Saying that, Ham claimed to get wankered on a bottle of wkd.

No. 1543476

based desu

No. 1543477

if she left SM, she might have a chance at sobreity from her attention addiction, sigh

No. 1543487

>> Does she look like she'd be a high functioning alcoholic?

Nah, but more like a 50+ secretary that ran out of her luck.

No. 1543515

thank you anon for understanding that I was talking about college students in general, not cece larpenstein.
my point was that grad students make up a huge chunk of the high functioning drug user population, so saying "her degree proves its a larp" makes no damn sense, her larping proves its a larp kek

No. 1543520

samefag but anons were tinfoiling about uppers as well, do you think being hopped up on coke & adderall would make classes harder too? kek

No. 1543524

To give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she was given an Atypical Anorexia Nervosa diagnosis (all of the criteria for anorexia nervosa are met, except that despite significant weight loss, the individual’s weight is within or above the
normal range).

Oldfags will remember Shmegeh/Michelle, who on top of her anorexia, was a raging alcoholic but still managed to scrape by and finish her English degree. Substance abuse is not uncommon among patients with BPD. There are people with substance abuse issues who manage to function at various levels. Cs get degrees, and her domain of study doesn't sound like it demanded too much.

No. 1543526

>>1543524 Ohh I miss Shmegeh days, the milk was good quality not semi skimmed like now

No. 1543555

File: 1653849389044.jpeg (991.09 KB, 828x1282, BABF0463-B7F7-4F0C-8BD5-920E8D…)

Alright, Cece. If this wasn’t a body check, why did you post it? What benefit is there of posting your shopped thigh gap and clear relapse if it wasn’t for body checking? It was either a BC or a cry for attention, and both are pathetic. You’re not helping yourself.

No. 1543558

Does she read this page?

No. 1543561

Oh my gawdddd Cece get over it already. How is she still seething about this

No. 1543564

This is what, day three now of Cece screaming about her illness and body checks, throwing tantrums, and insisting she’s “taking a break to read”….she is mighty upset isn’t she? Cece you’re a grown woman, turn your phone off and go touch some grass. Screaming and snarking about it doesn’t make you look cute it makes you look like an unhinged insufferable asshole. Yet provides milk, so perhaps continue.

No. 1543568

totally agree with you anon, but just a reminder that the shooped gap was posted by a nonnie for laughs, cece didn't post the shoop version.

I can't get over how bonkers all the numbers make her sound… 49 pics 8 bikinis 20/17/14 bmi & 1 loony cece! she's frothing at the mouth over this body check debacle.

she lurks like mad, I think that's why she's still seething, she's been reading all the anachan nonnies sperg about her bmi, topkek

No. 1543569

She is so mad, she's working hard and now ppl don't want to see the results.

No. 1543571

cece's original bodycheck vs. the shooped version made for giggles, just because I've seen multiple anons confused about this

No. 1543572

if you are a recovery account, went into inpatient, recovered to a healthy weight and then, in a time of a few months, you look way thinner and you mother voices her concerns, well, that's when people will tell you that those are body checks. I know that it's hard to recover but she is old enough to understand action and reaction and maybe she should take some weeks away from social media, for her own health.

No. 1543576

File: 1653850406797.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x1999, A93D74F2-DA63-46E5-A843-99BB13…)

Dang Nikol is buff

No. 1543578

You can tell she’s thrilled people called her out for the body check (I.e she believes people think she’s thin, when it’s probably just the posing and relapse baiting that is pissing people off). I’m so tempted to respond with ‘don’t worry! It’s wasn’t a body check, you looked super healthy in it’ just to watch her flip (I obvs won’t though). And is she trying to imply her BMI is 14? Top kek

And finally: I don’t think the person posing nude will have an ED so it’s not exactly relevant. How many of those mirror selfie’s involved people standing with toes together, heels apart and arms pressed to their sides?

No. 1543580

Nikol go back to EDtwt

No. 1543581

Exactly. She knows all this and yet still can’t believe people dare to call her out, seriously is she that much of a narc she thinks she’s untouchable? All this for a pic that - let’s be honest - isn’t exactly that shocking weight wise. She needs a hobby.

No. 1543584

File: 1653850810756.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1170x2109, 636B51C5-1D8D-44B9-99C4-467C93…)

Cece said she was going to take a break from sm for the weekend.
Instead she spend her time reading here

No. 1543595

Is the Russian skele Dasha still alive? I can't remember her insta url.

No. 1543597

She loves that she’s being put in the same ‘body check debate’ category as people like Niamh. It means people can message her and tell her it’s because she’s skinny enough now that it’s a body check. She’s literally saying that in this shot.
‘Is it a body check now because I’m thinner than everyone else posting body shots?’

No. 1543609

uhh TW advice blogging
cece somehow i pity you. you need to get off the internet. are you just gonna keep reading lolcow posts that upset you and keep posting this passive aggressive stuff, a vicious cycle every day? why don't you get a hobby?

No. 1543628

Second this.

She really want to make it seem as if people are being petty and hyperfocused on her body size when that is not even what it is about. I think it just happened to be that someone called her out on that post after seeing the same behaviour repeated on multiple posts. She does this thing where she pretends to show off her nails/flowers/whatever but what she is actually doing is body checking. (Pro tip: if you want to be subtle about it, don’t place your thigh gap/collar bones/uwu dainty wrist in the absolute centre of the picture kek).

And she makes such a big deal about being so ”bright”, educated and mature, but doesn’t want any of the responsibilities that comes with being grown up and throws the biggest tantrum when asked to stop acting like a literal child.

No. 1543639

As someone whose never had an ED or struggled with my weight and my BMI is 21, especially when I suck in, you can absolutely see every rib and bone in my chest. I have no tits and a long torso which is why its easy to see them. So to believe Cece is manipulating her body to look smaller than she claims is completely valid

No. 1543644

Agreed. If she wasn’t so toxic and performative, nobody would be bothered by it. I haven’t counted how many moderately underweight non performative people on my feed get away with posting mirror selfies though, so I can’t be certain.

No. 1543647


You're blogging, stop.

>> All number guesses end up sounding like bone-rattling, WKing, self-posting or blogging regardless of intent.

No. 1543649

you must be new here

No. 1543652

Jesus, she's really losing her shit. I predict by the end of June she'll be inpatient. And she's manufactured all of this, so she'll go in 'involuntarily' because she wants everyone to worry about her and look after her, and that's why she's pretending to push people away. Sage for the pop psychology, but this manipulative female shit pisses me off. Grow up, Cece.

No. 1543656

She would probably benefit from getting her personality disorder treated at a clinic with an intensive DBT programme. It's usually better to address the core issue rather than playing wack-a-mole with the comorbidities that come up.

No. 1543682

can we stop with the body sperging please

No. 1543687

thank you. I honestly thought no numbers / bmi became a thread rule because nobody fucking cares what you guesstimate a cows weight to be, it always ends in anachans blogposting back & forth.

(not trying to mini mod just agreeing w/ other anons who have said the bmi sperging is out of control lately)

No. 1543698

File: 1653861888711.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, 27B8F4A4-DF3C-4470-BEFE-2ABB78…)

What a weird thing to post on an ED recovery account. Does she think people really care about shit like this?

No. 1543700

you should have spoilered this anon kek. never would’ve guessed i’d be forced to look at cece’s nasty ass feet this evening but here we are.

No. 1543701

Why are her big toes like 3 feet long?? Jesus fucking christ

No. 1543704

did you believe that she actually posted to inform us about waxing?
she is showing the bruises that malnutrition cause

No. 1543709

Wow didn’t even think of that, but you’re right nonnie. Anything to stir up concern, kek.

No. 1543718


Any body photo at this media moment in Cecelia's life is… baffling? Bodycheck Friday 2022 is too recent for the benefit of the doubt from any corner.

No. 1543726

I >>1542214
My eyes are bleeding, you win for horrorcap of the thread. That should be in the next header photo! Fucking horrifying

No. 1543728

nonas sorry if this is in anyway ot but im genuinely curious as to why deanna oerman is rarely mentioned in these threads?

for ref. (public info btw), both she and her fat scrote bf are the ones behind the site skinnygossip.

No. 1543735

There's one reason and it's because you run your stupid little 'recovery account' so people expect responsible choices? How fucking dumb can you be? I'm honestly shocked she is employable

No. 1543746

She claims to have some fucking genetic toe disorder kek

No. 1543749

chronic Lyme doesn’t exist

>>1543470 >>1543524
It was probably adderalll. She clings to her “success as a student” so much. Legal meth will keep you productive and prevent hunger if you don’t have ADHD. I think the joke about coke started because it’s commonly abused by BPDers who are trying to lose weight

Cece acknowledge your BPD challenge. If she goes back to ERC I’m sure she will run into some anons

No wonder she could never get over her box en pointe

No. 1543755

I mean look that the twins. They qualified as doctors for a bit there

No. 1543756

Looks like trying to get a chubbyemu video made about her with that grey sushi jfc

No. 1543759

whether she wants to admit it or not she posted this as "omg you're so skinny ): are you okay?" bait

No. 1543764

is that FashionThin on SG? i thought nobody knew who was running it besides it being FT and her husband/bf (believe his username is alpha bullcock or some cringey shit). i had a feeling they weren't so thin themselves lmfao. is there evidence of it being deanna oerman? i'm really interested.

No. 1543777

File: 1653870841182.jpg (589.6 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_20220529-193245_Ins…)


No. 1543781

Lunacy. By making her entire pelvis narrower than her head, she's given herself man shoulders.

No. 1543785

She's fucking emaciated I don't know why she does this. Maybe the skelly fetishist will get her some actual help.

No. 1543787

Not to rattle but she doesn't look that bad here just the toes

No. 1543792

glad you're interested and i hope other anons are because both the people running the site and the site itself are milky as hell.

deanna's username on SG is SkinnyGurl and they were actually doxxed twice iirc so this is all public info by now. the first was by anons after deanna fat-shamed kate upton and was forced to apologize. second time was by users on MPA (kek). there was an entire thread about this mess but it looks like it got scrubbed along with the bf's info.

"SkinnyGurl" turned out to be a not-so-skinny woman larping as a model scout and her boyfriend was a confirmed fatass coomer with an anorexia fetish larping as a "fashion photographer". his tumblr account is disgusting to say the least. the most i gathered about FT is that she's indeed a booker for ELITE Models out in NYC but that's it.

if anons want more info, i shall provide. otherwise, ill stfu and we can go back to cece being a sperg.

No. 1543796

I knew about the SG forum some years ago but I never knew that the owners were doxed. I vaguely remember SkinnyGurl posting pictures of a thin, modelesque (at least the woman's figure was, the face was censored) and claiming that it was her. It's not surprising that they are both sleazy fetishists given that they ask girls and young women for body pics in order to join. I'm also interested in learning more.

No. 1543799

thanks for the info! i lurked SG a while ago and found it amusing, also did see it discussed on MPA while lurking there as well. bone rattling is hypocritical when coming from a person who doesn't even meet their own "skinny standards" lmfao
i have seen on MPA the hypocrisy on SG and how users on there bully each other for "being a bad girl" (overeating or gaining weight i assume). idk about other anons but i'm interested in any more info you have. is needing to submit pics to SG of proof you're "skinny" and a "I <3 SG" fansign pic true too?

i looked at deanna's IG. funny how she made fun of upton for being a little chunky when i think they look to be the same size…

No. 1543806

>is needing to submit pics to SG of proof you're "skinny" and a "I <3 SG" fansign pic true too?
This was a long time ago, so I would take my imperfect recollection with a grain of salt, but I do remember that there was a BMI cut off and that prospective members had to provide full body pictures (preferably in form fitting clothes or bikini) with their application in order to prove that they were "thin enough" to join. I forget if there was an age limit, but I would not be surprised if there are pictures of underage girls to be found in what no doubt was meant to be the forum owner's wank bank.

No. 1543807

Can't believe that site is still up and running. But then again so is this one

No. 1543808

She has posted on other socials that she has made end of life plans. It’s really sad but she isn’t going to get better.

No. 1543814

File: 1653874323683.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 516.03 KB, 828x1204, 8F9AB629-3F66-45FD-B1AF-9282D0…)

These body checks are…unique.
Wonder if “change” will just be tubie pictures

No. 1543817

Slight tinfoil but I can't imagine cece drunk lol

No. 1543818

Leave Aidel alone, do you have no life ? It’s sad you go on this sick site to hate people at least she’s getting help. You however need help for posting sick stuff bashing people

No. 1543819

Yeah she's dying dying. Looks like they've just given up and are letting her waste away at home. Hospital was a pit stop to prolong the inevitable

No. 1543820

Who is this and why are anons trying to make her happen

No. 1543828

What happened to ovi (negligeenymph) haven't heard about her in a while

No. 1543832

The landwhale?

No. 1543836

Nayrt but if I'm not mistaken, they're referring to a pair of British, 40-something, twins who suffered from severe and enduring anorexia since adolescence. Despite being sick, they were able to get into medical school in the UK and become doctors. Sadly, neither of them are practising medicine nor have they really been able to build any kind of life for themselves.

No. 1543838

Damn, that is sad.

No. 1543848

Honestly I only check her socials to see if she's passed.

No. 1543850

That was a misclick I think anon was referring to negligee

No. 1543870

Yeah sorry I didn't mean to reply to that comment about the twins

No. 1543875

Wasn't there another set of deranged anorexic twins back in the aughts the wallmeyers?

No. 1543900

File: 1653881692494.jpeg (1013.53 KB, 2388x1668, 0E9C4A7C-369D-42A0-9F4D-43306C…)

sage for autism but I tried to compile some of my favorite moments from the thread

No. 1543901

next thread pic?

No. 1543921

No anon, I think this is her way of showing us she IS in fact capable of posting normal pictures of herself when she wants to, so everyone will get off her back.

No. 1543933

She is loving the Niamh similarities. Notice that Niamh is 15+ fucking years younger than she is.

No. 1543939


if it wasn’t obvious, both
>>1543814 and >>1543818 are more than likely self-posts bc unsaged and somehow an immediate WK when this girl has never been mentioned before.

i will never understand some of these anachans obsession with wanting to be posted here. do they have zero self respect?

No. 1543969

She’s been mentioned twice now, several people on lolcow follow her. At this point, who cares if it’s a self post? She’s definitely a cow. I’ve followed her for a few years now. I’m so sick of the same five people being posted about on here. I’d welcome any new cow suggestions.
Cecelia? Yeah she’s about the worst one here.
Porgie? Yes she’s fat with a tube. Welcome to America.
N2f? She’s a hot mess but she’s not even an eating disorder account anymore.
Everyone is so quick to claim it’s a self post every time someone new is mentioned. Yes of course. Who wouldn’t want to get made fun of when they’re already being made fun of on tellonym? The Ed community is huge on Instagram. Surely there are more cows than the ten people that are focused on.

No. 1543970

the posts about new cows would be better received if they came with actual milk, not just "wow lol isn't this person ugly"

For those of us who don't follow them, how are we supposed to join in without any visible milk?

No. 1543976

I love you anon

No. 1544005

I was reading on there just yesterday and wondered if I should post here. Would a separate thread about that place be fitting? The people who post there are the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen. Nothing is ever good enough for them and they critizise even the tiniest of things. I'd love to know what goes on in the not public section

No. 1544007

It feels like cece alone resurrected these threads. Maybe she's a farmer and wants to keep these threads up too kek

No. 1544011

I’ve been wondering that myself too!
Can’t remember her IG but think perhaps she made it private?
Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!

No. 1544018

You also need to make a ‘thank the (bull)cock post’ when you join. It’s far more toxic than MPA because at least there they admit to being unhealthy and don’t bash teenage celebrities for gaining a couple of pounds

No. 1544021

well done anon, that's a real stunner!

No. 1544038


Lmao new thread's photo please

No. 1544072

I’d completely forgotten about her kek. She was like a funnier porgie.

No. 1544080

You crying complaining babies claim everything is self post. Get a life instead of being hypocrites by bullying poor people on here(lost newfag)

No. 1544088

I think it might be something like dp.trendsetter ? Unless she changed it again

No. 1544130

Easily one of the best thread pics I've seen. Kudos, nona.

No. 1544137

Bold of you to take the moral high-ground on a thread about harassing anorexic women kek

No. 1544139

fuck ooooffff, skelly..!

No. 1544181

Any idea what other accounts lauraingrampoet has

No. 1544182

File: 1653921961340.jpeg (109.95 KB, 1536x1022, 55153499-F183-4F2A-84BF-A3DF52…)

new story post! loving the look girl

No. 1544188

She claims she’s doing DBT, and stresses that it’s RO-DBT almost every time. And yet she can’t see that she’s not actually mad about people accusing her of body checking, she’s probably mad that she’s just had her 30th birthday but is engaging in the same patterns of behaviour she has since she was a teenager, including weaponising her weight to try and elicit undue attention, care and concern from those around her. She’s an adult with a good job, a supportive family and some friends, yet she wants to elaborately LARP an eating disordered little kid and I bet she hates herself for it.

No. 1544194

>I'd love to know what goes on in the not public section
ugh me too, i lurked for a week or so and it was funny. too bad i'd have to submit actual pics of myself to get in, yeah no thanks

i'm personally open to a thread for SG. surprised there hasn't ever been one afaik. dunno how other anons feel about it.

No. 1544208

omg this is brilliant. We need Fi and Cece photo bigger anon

No. 1544220

Sage your shit and she has Facebook. She used to have a fashion Instagram but it got hacked by a bitcoin bot or some shit lmao

No. 1544228

The Fi and Cece photo is easily the highlight of this miserable year

No. 1544230

Niamh is genuinely pretty but the pout kills every look. Frog mouth.

No. 1544231

agreed, it's the obvious narcissism you can see in her eyes as she stares at herself… she is so young, i hope she grows out of it. unfortunately i think social media and having a following makes it very difficult to grow out of that.

No. 1544242

File: 1653927079301.jpeg (155.28 KB, 644x800, 1653881692494.jpeg)

here ya go!

No. 1544250

The way she eyefucks the camera and tousles her hair is so unnerving

No. 1544261

Someone (not me kek) could go through old cows from previous threads see if any of them have new milk? At least then there’s some established milk less likely to be a self post maybe, maybe I’m putting to much faith in some cows though

No. 1544309

Yeah, that's it. I was following her on a sock puppet account, but she kicked me off (probably) even though I didn't comment once.

Also wonder if quarantine13's dead. She hasn't posted on twitter for a couple of years. Most likely dead. Should check on Becky the Dog as well. Remember last year when they were dropping like flies.

I tried that a while back. It was good to see some recovered. Others were the same old. I'll do some more digging, but a lot went private.

No. 1544310

Oh soz for tumblr style post style. I'm propped up weird on my elbow.

No. 1544315

File: 1653932604101.jpg (712.79 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20220530-124135_Ins…)

She remade her "fashion" account recently but hasn't been posting much on that or her main account. I've stumbled across other accounts of hers but she only uses them to like her own posts.

No. 1544342

Kadeelyn will forever be the GOAT ana landwhale

No. 1544353

Sage for idiocy and blog posting but my heart is breaking. I was “a part” of the insta community and knowing old “friends” are dead hurts more than I thought it would. Tried to make a new account to genuinely check up on people and was immediately suspended. Take care of yourself friends. No matter the lulz here, there’s a lot of really good people in there.

No. 1544359

From the cows I know of:
Scarlett and Dharma are still pretending to be recovered while flaunting exercise addictions
Australian Sophie is actually doing well, spending less time in a and e/ making tik toks with her bpd friends
Zara looks a little less death-adjacent but that might be make up
Hxn, Lauren, Imogen and Dora are all living life to varying degrees.

No. 1544380

I always think of this as chatting shit rather than straight up virtriol for the cows too nona

No. 1544411

File: 1653939516346.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x2095, 3B7402A9-2887-4016-989D-7A4147…)

burnout from…?

No. 1544412

File: 1653939564653.jpg (52.29 KB, 449x673, uh huh.JPG)

Struggling to keep water down, eh.

No. 1544413

OH GOD, has she stopped breathing??

No. 1544417

burnt out from eating 200 calories a day

No. 1544418

it's hard to find a different affirmation spoon for every bowl of plain oatmeal with two banana slices, anon!!

No. 1544444

it’s dp.trendsetter, it’s private now. i remembered she existed a couple weeks ago and requested, she declined

No. 1544461

I figure out she culled her followers and who she was following. Probably because she was posted on the skinny fetish pages on vk and, erm, elsewhere. I can't see she even tried to recover, but she became almost Ash tier, and I wonder if she can still function the way she used to - the fancy restaurants, following basketball players around like a groupie.

No. 1544465

File: 1653943624009.jpg (168.5 KB, 1524x778, Capture.JPG)

This one's been mentioned before, and most agreed that older skeles are too sad or taboo to talk about. Still, I'm posting this because she had Covid - AND IS STILL ALIVE.

No. 1544540

File: 1653951927315.jpeg (726.54 KB, 828x1628, F286B32A-6B22-4367-9B11-1E2725…)

No. 1544541

So did Eugenia. The body can withstand a lot more than most people think.

No. 1544555

holy shit the megamind killed me you’re an artist anon

No. 1544560

ayrt figured the same. i have to wonder if she might have culled her followers to only people she knows because she’s truly in end stage now and can’t pretend to be functioning anymore

No. 1544564

The braids are doing her no favors

No. 1544565

Not sure whose smile is creepier

No. 1544568

Put sage in the god damn email field.
But also, steven assanti of my six hundred pound life and lifebyjen also both had it. I think those who managed to get to super skele or super deathfat must have crazy strong constitutions.

No. 1544578


im seconding that they may need a separate thread due to the sheer volume of content to go over and ass-kissing that these anachans do on the forum (which is hilarious btw)

and you know anachans are braindead when they call kaia gerber a fatass.

No. 1544597

Georgia is very ill, but not physically in the way she thinks she is. Psychologically she's nuts

No. 1544599

Maybe the stomach pain is due to bullimia? Can you purdge with a tube?

No. 1544600

more likely, it's from overeating. That can genuinely make you feel bloated and sick and then she's reacting to any discomfort by assuming it means she needs to eat more

No. 1544614

File: 1653958988271.jpeg (381.43 KB, 1125x2000, 2CA1D272-75AA-4927-9EDE-373FBF…)

saw this comment and cece’s response on her ig. interesting but unsurprising how she thinks the negativity of social media is all external. hopefully she actually takes this advice but I doubt it lol

No. 1544637

File: 1653961847308.png (1.46 MB, 1549x1144, Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 7.50…)

Those collar bone photos are the cringiest thing I've seen all year. Reminds me of The Ring girl too

No. 1544640

File: 1653962624513.png (619.78 KB, 644x800, 1653927079301.png)

No. 1544642

So she's eating a lot but just not the right foods in normal amounts? How does any doctor not see through this? Georgia must have some serious persusaion skills she could put to use elsewhere

No. 1544643

I mean, it's not complicated. She's obese, isn't losing weight, and says that she doesn't eat = she's lying about what she eats. It's not like doctors are following her around checking to see if what she reports is true.

No. 1544647

Sitting on her arse all day

No. 1544649

Omg this is amazing! Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Fiona wanted to be literally spoon fed like a baby since she acts like one

No. 1544650

Not at all to wk Cecelia but at least she has some semblance of an adult life. Fi is basically a baby in a pram pretty literally with the chair (stroller)

No. 1544652

Her hair is like 90% of her bodyweight kek

No. 1544653

I mean they prep and plate all her food so spoon-feeding isn't that far off

No. 1544654

Fi wont be there to take care of her parents and thats kind of sad actually

No. 1544656

She's also alienating her two sisters from the family

No. 1544657

Posing with food wont fill you with life Cecelia. Eating will do that

No. 1544658

good thing they have another daughter who seems like less of a NEET

No. 1544662

One is married with a child. The other seems to be in school. Fi is more of a baby than the infant

No. 1544679

Is it just me or does lauraingram‘s face look too normal for how seemingly spoopy she is. I wonder how much photoshop she puts on it but idk if photoshop can hide skeletal faces like momsfavdisappointment at her worst

No. 1544689

Some extreme spoops retain some "normal" face shapes like eugenia. She's young and airbrushes it no doubt because she's vain. I don't think the question has ever been is she really emaciated it's just why she fucks up her proportions and why she dresses like a fucking five year old. Oh well.

No. 1544692

How can she claim she's unable to eat…fat doesn't appear out of nowhere

No. 1544698

Can't imagine Fiona ever holding down a job

No. 1544700

The parents have as much fault as Fi for babying her

No. 1544703

Anon…Literally everyone online who has a "kawaii" aesthetic airbrushes their face

No. 1544704

It's you but your mileage may vary by the spoop…Had this thought about Crystal/blushydior the other day. She's posting fit checks from ip

No. 1544707

File: 1653969508487.jpg (208.84 KB, 1078x1693, Screenshot_20220530-234852_Ins…)

She is spoopy, but seems like the type to hide hair loss/ana smile lines etc as much as she can as to still be "cute."

I get that the contrast is up but she posted a picture of her hand a while back that squicked me

No. 1544708

Opposite eyebrows but both equally bad

No. 1544709

I thought that was a fin at first kek

No. 1544710

Now she just wants to be Ghostinmypocket

No. 1544711

Cecelia is the only full cream cow these days s2g

No. 1544712

Spooky scary skeletons

Fi still delivers now and again. Porgie too.

No. 1544714

Same hairstyle too. Same fivehead.

No. 1544718

File: 1653971269145.jpg (210.41 KB, 1080x1821, CeceInstagram.jpg)

Why does she always pout

No. 1544722

This makes Han's acting look immaculate

No. 1544744

File: 1653973353778.jpg (339.18 KB, 720x1125, Screenshot_20220530-230107_Ins…)

No. 1544745

File: 1653973425659.jpg (232.75 KB, 720x1172, Screenshot_20220530-230115_Ins…)

Happily celebrating a 21st birthday with a tube up her nose…she looks at a weight she could start eating solid food. Her instagram says recovery so…where's the cake???

No. 1544753


Thanks! Tbh I feel very sad for her. She is truly sick and don't know why she is still shooping her photos when unshooped ones will still scare shit out of people. But no go for her previous account that has shit loads of bodychecks in the name of fashion and kawaii crap

No. 1544756

It’s nice to see her wear something that isn’t beige, grey, black or white.

No. 1544774

She eats solids often nowadays. Keep up with the milk, nona.

No. 1544779

What's with cows and sashes?

No. 1544782

im one of those anons, the FUNNIEST part about SG and MPA is they have a huuuge rivalry over who is really “pro ana”. they hate each other’s guts and the arguments are both dumb because both sites are just a different “framing” of encouraging ED behaviors. MPA users assert that SG encourages EDs (only anorexia though because SG really shits on purging and often will accuse celebs or models that don’t look good or have noticeable weight fluctuations as yucky purgers) via body shaming and normalizing pretty restrictive eating behaviors. at the same time if a celeb or model has admitted to having an ED some users really defend them and don’t think it’s right to discuss them. like if someone openly said theyve had an ED some users think that person is off limits. SG users seem to have delusions that compulsive overexercise and following very strict diets or fasting is normal and NOT ED behaviors. they encourage each other to do it too. so yeah MPA users are correct.
SG on the other hand asserts that MPA are the “REAL” pro anas because “ITS IN THE NAME” and they actively discuss their EDs and inadvertently give each other tips even though they claim it’s for harm reduction, there’s still a lot of unhealthy behaviors like body checking threads and bmi guessing (which happens to exist on SG as well). so SG is correct too. they’re all hypocrites basically.

No. 1544788

i’m preparing to be shit on by anons, but cece is the human equivalent of a beige wall. she is so boring YET milky but i still legitimately hope she gets the fuck off SM. she would help herself so much to stop reading here and stop posting vague responses to what we say here, it’s so obvious every time. her ego and megamind forehead are just too annoying to bear for me personally. i understand why she is milky but some cows would fucking help themselves so much (and stop boring me) by just never posting again.
cece are you gonna just read here, post public vague responses to us, rinse and repeat forever????

No. 1544808

Attention seeking behaviour

No. 1544814

the confusing thing to me is that she seems to eat pretty challenging meals/snacks on a reasonably regular basis now (which is good!) but still has the tube. I know she also has a personality disorder, so is she just only eating some meals/snacks and then refusing everything else so she has to keep the tube? It's bizarre that they're letting her eat unsupervised now yet she still has the ng.

No. 1544815

still mentally 12

No. 1544828

In all fairness, she did have cake and posted it on tiktok. I can't really fault her at the moment, seems like shes actually trying.

No. 1544857

How old is she?

No. 1544859

The only reason she checks herself into clinics is because she wants people to look after her. I can't remember her exact quote, but she said something to that effect. She wants people to look after her.

I believe she has stomach and bowel issues, but that's because she's obese and has a really, really poor diet.

No. 1544866

File: 1653995321988.jpg (35.74 KB, 600x399, FLR05_COL_LaineyGossip1-600x39…)

No. 1544872

to be fair to her she's celebrating her 21st birthday, which is the event that anons upthread said was the last acceptable occasion to wear a sash

No. 1544888

File: 1653999682426.jpeg (150.92 KB, 640x653, 4589AAB4-2404-4955-95BC-A1FB66…)

Zara story 1/2

No. 1544889

File: 1653999711148.jpeg (111.19 KB, 640x497, B5D8B278-C504-49DD-85E4-6BB227…)


No. 1544897

Aushwitz body isn't hello kitty cute laura

No. 1544899

This is so obnoxious that she acts like she's above it all whilst running a fucking mental health account for clout

No. 1544904

She's probably just caught in the mentality that it's never spoopy enough. It's obvious to everyone she's an emaciated skelly, like how her hands are ash tier. I feel sad for her

Is Porgie a munchie or is it like a fetish to be taken care of yikes

No. 1544917

Zara is a chii copy with less followers

No. 1544922

File: 1654004203286.jpeg (220.36 KB, 1056x1493, 67157E0C-D68A-4241-B55A-C97405…)

She acts all dumb, when she people are genuinely concerned about her. I came across this the other day, but I’m not sure if this has been posted yet.

No. 1544936

She keeps with this ana shit because she's so ugly it's all she's got.

No. 1544937

This is literally the most irritating shit ever. She knows damn well what people mean. Why does she act braindead whenever she gets called out?

No. 1544938

Is her brain just mush at this point then
This ask didn’t appear to mention mental health at all?

No. 1544941

File: 1654005743562.jpeg (49.46 KB, 735x1000, AD3A9610-5740-4F9A-B92D-DD7A89…)

I love that cece is wearing “colorful” clothing for once and it’s…. navy and denim. still technically neutrals.
never change, cece, never change.

No. 1544957

the way zara cannot physically take a compliment either. even about things like her accent she always has something to say and it gives me such an ick. someone said abt her accent yesterday on her story and she replied like “oh my accents not that nice it changes all the time depending on my mood and who i’m talking to”. just say thanks and move on girl

No. 1544960

It's all performative with her

No. 1544963

File: 1654008754970.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, 0B0140CA-5EB4-4C58-BF02-104FF9…)

I really thought Niamh was making good progress, but no. The painfully obvious bodychecking has returned full-force.

No. 1544964

Wasn't she forced IP? That almost never sticks

No. 1545042

Yeah but she's only sixteen so I guess there's still hope

No. 1545059

Hardly. She's 18. Chii was still pulling this shit in her late 20s. If Zara isn't dead by that time then I highly doubt she'll still be pissing about with this Instagram shit at such an age.

No. 1545075

Chii has always been one of the most unlikable threads subjects imo.

No. 1545083

it was priceless when she got caught posting about other cows on here after acting so high and mighty kek

No. 1545124

Kek didn't she used to post stories about how she was above using "that website"

No. 1545221

File: 1654024625658.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1170x2187, 4FC1705B-4069-4733-B2D2-03B3AB…)


here you go. this is how she doesnt gain weight

No. 1545235

File: 1654025142976.png (439.88 KB, 456x644, Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 2.25…)

Cece accidentally summarizing her entire life.

No. 1545283


“A fully dressed salad” the amount of asspats she gets for her pitiful intake is absurd. She needs to get off the internet with this BS - it’s not helpful for her or anyone around her.

No. 1545295

There's literally nothing on the pizza either

No. 1545301

looks like a meal someone would post on a pro-ana page kek

No. 1545314

That “meal” should be size of a snack kek. Who does she think she is fooling?

No. 1545322

File: 1654030394448.jpeg (746.46 KB, 828x1340, 51CDCCBE-89CB-4D90-9923-A03B66…)

For someone is the first to make videos bashing other peoples recovery when they actually are in recovery rather then her relapsing and being in denial but thinks this video is ok or not triggering.. yea ok

No. 1545335

Not her putting a sticker over her legs and then purposely showing them a second after. Like what was the point of the sticker?

No. 1545354

To draw your attention to her legs.

No. 1545358

Her face is so droopy

No. 1545429

looks like she's going to be milking the few months she was a superspoop for attention indefinitely… I bet her parents really regret letting her go away to college

No. 1545432

she's clearly working on going back

No. 1545433

File: 1654037883228.jpeg (620.59 KB, 828x1148, 073E3C57-D474-48ED-B482-A0C9E0…)

Like don’t bash other peoples recovery’s or videos when you post the most triggering non recovery focused stuff, and joke about getting kicked out of treatment

No. 1545439

Was she kicked of the emily program? Jonzie throwback

No. 1545441

she's been kicked out of melrose at least four times and emily program at least once. All for noncompliance.

No. 1545444

Yes that’s what she said joked about; and it’s in question if she got kicked out of Denver or just left after her cert

No. 1545470

Deleting comments of people calling her out too, classic

No. 1545471

“Stop glamorizing this” “like my body check video or else”

No. 1545472

the best part is that she didn't even understand that the trend she was replying to was about things being bad even though they seem good on the surface, so they're literally posts about why EDs suck

No. 1545478

File: 1654041044451.jpeg (517.83 KB, 828x1228, 6D229E88-9DC4-4FDC-AE5E-918355…)

ERC vacation time has begun folks

No. 1545479

Oops accidentally cropped out her name. It’s Cece though, as we all know

No. 1545493

why the hell is she complaining? In Germany she can wait more than 10 hours. But well, she had to make a post that she is at the ER, not the reason why, just that she is there and will be home soon posting her stupid regular stuff again.

No. 1545494

anddddd here we go again

No. 1545498

She’s so entitled. Why would they be rushing to help her, a medically stable person, over all the other people in the ER??? My bet is that she dehydrated herself on purpose just to get admitted. Classic Cece behavior. Absolutely no regard for other people, just selfishness.

No. 1545499

she'd wait a lot more than that in most ERs, sice she's probably there for asymptomatic low potassium that her doctor just happened to catch in labwork but that isn't actually causing any life threatening problem

But no, Cece is more important than people woth actual life or limb threatening injury or illness

No. 1545502

samw anon, but the attention seeking anas get so worked up about potassium levels that any regular internal medicine doctor or cardiologist wouldn't give a shit about. Newsflash: unless you get admitted to the icu, your slightly low potassium wasn't actually life threatening and you can stop posting about how you almost died

No. 1545504

File: 1654043062626.png (118.87 KB, 982x566, Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 8.22…)

was catching up on sour milk and oh my god this woman is so vile. i'm gonna say something controversial, if your online "brand" is eating disorder recovery and you are against eaitng disorder culture/promoting behavior, and you openly admit you're struggling, don't post a photo of your body. yes, every single photo you take of your body when you have anorexia is a body check. no amount of denial can change that. it is so incredibly disingenous and immature (isn't she 30?) to behave the way she does.

No. 1545518

I mean she’s obviously not a healthy person, you can tell that by looking at her. Maybe not emergency room tier but let’s not pretend she’s fat and healthy like the true larpers

No. 1545519

ERs aren't designed to treat all unhealthy people, though. The entire point is that all they do is medically stabilize people who are going to die or have serious immediate consequences like losing an arm, kidney failure, etc, and then get them either admitted to the hospital for further treatment or referred for more outpatient treatment. It's fundamentally a bad use of the ER to send someone there who can be treated in a less intensive setting and it's selfish of her to complain about having to wait when she really is wasting resources.

No. 1545522

File: 1654044755639.png (2.16 MB, 881x1498, n2fblackeye.PNG)

well, in a break from all this Cece bullshit I present to you our recovery qween N2F with a black eye!
I wonder who she went fisticuffs with and how well they came out of it…

saged for non-milk
(also blacked out full TT username as i am one of >30 ppl following, dont want to risk her finding out & banhammer)

No. 1545524

File: 1654044908255.jpeg (72.35 KB, 1170x518, FBC9335F-AB60-4A11-A227-E41103…)

She doesn’t only act dumb, she acts downright aggressive and condescending

No. 1545525

zara is a straight up bitch and it's bizarre that she has so many die hard fangirls. They must just envy her spoopiness because it can't be about her personality.

No. 1545526

File: 1654045008629.jpeg (116.76 KB, 827x1036, 6676B6B5-F685-47FF-A76A-3A247F…)

Is it just me or is Fi somehow getting uglier as she gains? Sage for nonmilk but …ew…

No. 1545533

Has anyone noticed her nose is absolutely fucking huge

No. 1545541

That looks more like an eye infection than a black eye?

No. 1545544

File: 1654047023116.jpeg (535.1 KB, 828x1374, DF3336DE-6D05-4374-BC33-534F1C…)

Crece literally could not lurk more. She is always reading these threads kek. But looks like she downed some pills again and is gonna do another 72.

No. 1545545

hey cece, way to be an asshole and post a picture of another patient. Shouldn't you understand that's not okay by now given all the time you've spent in treatment?

No. 1545546

Such a dick move. She should know better. Bet she’s going to beg for inpatient and then pretend she was sooooo forced in.

No. 1545547


The waiting room is empty but there’s a wait because people are coming in by ambo and/or are waiting for a bed to open to be admitted, aka higher acuity than this speshul snowflake. God she’s insufferable. She must be hangry - go eat a snickers Cece

No. 1545548

yeah, I was just going to point out that she has no way of seeing whether all the rooms in the back are full since she's out in the waiting room

Also, you know, be an adult. They're not making you wait for shits and giggles. Nobody wants to deal with patients who are pissed off about waiting. Maybe they're understaffed, maybe there's a really acute patient, who knows.

No. 1545549

File: 1654047416586.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x2081, 825ED9F3-E541-4F7E-A310-1B2479…)

She ate less than 1000 in this and acting like she’s the definition of health. Also ignores all concerned comments / deletes them

No. 1545550

I'm sure she's sitting in the waiting room right now seething about these responses

No. 1545558

and? what about it?

No. 1545566

Yikes sorry I didn’t mean to send it to you

No. 1545577

File: 1654050045155.png (Spoiler Image, 56.29 KB, 300x300, 012A86F3-60E8-4ADC-8F3E-F1D16A…)

New cow?

No. 1545602

What a joke, clearly her doctor only sends her to the ER to cover her own ass so in the off chance something happens Cecelia’s family can’t sue. But based on everything we’ve seen of ol’ Cece over the years, even her sickest was not an immediate emergency. Her last hospitalization (not residential, and she’s never been to a medical ED ward) was because she purposely dehydrated herself to get admitted. Even her “suicide attempts” have been for attention, she’s managed to post every detail each time. The queen of narcissistic BPD won’t off herself, she can’t get asspats if she’s dead.

Now that she’s 30 I don’t see her getting better. Her ED might, but she’s such an attention whore that if she “recovers” she’ll just move on to some other self-induced problem that she can plaster all over Instagram and TikTok. She’s already tried to pull drug addiction and alcoholism, and has edged quite close to becoming an outright munchie. And before she was the SEED star she’s playing now (she was a lolcow feature way before she ever claimed that which is why we can see through her bs so clearly, more on that in a sec), she was a special snowflake lesbian until that got too common and she stopped playing the “marginalized LGBT” card. I’m not even going to touch her random conversion to Judism, other than the fact that she picked a religion no one in her family practices and that happens to be one of, if not the most, persecuted religions in western history doesn’t just want to be sick, she wants to be special. And when she stops being special enough she picks something new that gets her asspats. I would not be surprised if she eventually does go the munchie route, she’d fit right in with all the other specialest-ever munchies out there.

Now back to that oh-so-valid and definitely real SEED diagnosis: When Cecelia was first posted on the farms here, she talked a lot about how eating disorders are valid even if a person’s never been hospitalized or IP. Because at that point she’d never been in a medical hospital and had been to residential once (which we know because she herself posted that). Then suddenly last year (?) she’s claiming numerous IP stays and hospitalizations and that SEED diagnosis. If that diagnosis is even given out in the western US, it’s extremely rare and requires a much more severe and enduring case (not just being underweight on and off for a couple years while being weight restored for a decent portion of that time). ED treatment providers in general in the US hesitate to label anyone chronic as the general attitude is that recovery is possible for every patient. Even if a patient is labeled chronic, they are often sent back to some level of treatment eventually in the hopes they can still be saved. It doesn’t seem to be a permanent label at all, unlike what Cece says.

TLDR: Cecelia is so full of shit she can be smelled from the moon. Cows are just gonna cow.

No. 1545605

File: 1654053229379.jpeg (603.44 KB, 828x1436, 07D7F628-74E0-4BDE-A20A-F11E93…)

Wish I could speak other languages. Instagram keeps suggesting foreign anachans to me. Such as this one. She’s 40, dresses like a zoomer. Really seems to be trying to act younger than she is.

No. 1545606

Instagram has a translate option

No. 1545607

File: 1654053422345.jpeg (810.92 KB, 828x1524, 9ACE08AB-6D64-4EB1-96A0-E811EF…)

Apparently she’s some sort of fitness weight loss coach? I see posts about “Click here for how I lost weight”

No. 1545616

sometimes i wonder if she has some kind of a feedee fetish honestly. as if she wants some kind of feeder caregiver

No. 1545617

i unironically love our chav queen

No. 1545638

File: 1654056404353.jpeg (229.86 KB, 828x1137, 24D1B682-FB1B-4120-9EE7-58370C…)

Wow we have Cece’s biggest fan over here. Sorry to say but it’s not hard to meet SEED criteria when you’re as old as she is. Fact is, she’s been in and out of treatment her whole 20s, she’s clearly unmotivated to recover, and has let this thing ruin every aspect of her boring life. That’s a SEED patient.

No. 1545640

anon's point is that it's only been causing serious functional impairment recently so she doesn't really meet criteria (3). She's only been in and out in he last, what, two years? And just as much for her overdoses as her ED admissions.

I think this is also something that really differs geographically. Compared to the UK or Australia, the US really doesn't label these patients as often and you don't really see this as a diagnosis.

No. 1545641

just as a little evidence of this cultural difference, melrose experimented with having a harm reduction program for SEED patients and they discontinued it after a few years because they didn't feel it was ethical

No. 1545646

Kek what are you on anon. This is not even a recognized diagnosis. And she doesn’t meet the “criteria.” She’s only been ducking up her life since her fiancé realized what a loser she was and ditched her. Which was only a few years ago. She’s going to be pushing 40 when she’s finally able to even get this coveted “dx.” What a pathetic life she lives. If she wasn’t such a truly horrible person on the inside I would almost feel bad for her.

No. 1545649

hmmm those knees sure do look pixelated…

(also, don’t enter anything in the name box)

No. 1545654

Not American, but I would imagine that clinicians would be reluctant to give a patient the SEED label because of the potential negative implications such a diagnosis would have for that patient in terms of their health insurance. Insurance companies might increase premiums and may even refuse to cover future treatments because the condition for which that treatment is indicated has officially been deemed chronic and refractory. I'm making an assumption about why the SEED designation seems less common in the USA, not that Cece's eating disorder satisfies the SEED criteria (just to be clear lol).

No. 1545657

All good points. Even more basic, there's no billing code (ICD) for it, so you can't get reimbursed by an insurance company unless you bill under an actual recognized diagnosis.

No. 1545659

you can always tell which american cows are picking tings up from british anachans that they follow rather than from firsthand experience because they start using terms like SEED, section, etc that aren't used in the US

No. 1545661

From my Amerifag experience psychiatrists use personality disorders to explain chronic EDs. Chronic b/p is because of BPD. Chronic restriction or obsessive exercise is because of OCPD

No. 1545663

if anything a chronic SEED patient would not receive treatment in the US. Treatment centers require compliance and most states do not allow involuntary ED treatment. A SEED label would reduce access even more whereas in the UK it seems to open up options for private therapies

No. 1545671

she really does lurk like crazy, gotta say I love how openly hangry she’s been lately.
>either this or she puts me on a psych hold
5150 saga coming this summer nonnies!

No. 1545683

I genuinely hope it is an infection. My immediate reaction is “one of her tinder boyfriends chymped out on her and smacked her”

No. 1545690

File: 1654063290372.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1492x1175, 570AE76B-DCA3-49A4-A45F-2A7C85…)

Has this cow been posted about? She’s been preaching about recovery for years (sometimes in English, sometimes in German). Her feed is all body checks and food she can’t be eating. Over time she’s getting more preachy, more spoopy, and less dressed in her body checks.
Despite her physical deterioration she has just flown to Bali for yoga instructor training.
She’s genuinely ill, and I feel bad for her, but I think she’s harming her audience and herself with her content.
(Also she complains about 8-year-olds whispering about her size? It’s not their fault!)

No. 1545702

Was there any context behind this video I’m genuinely worried for her

No. 1545724

Looks more like an infection or allergic reaction to me. Not super surprising, given her low food hygiene standards/general level of filth. (still love u though N2F, never change)

No. 1545729

That’s one of the foreign anachans I was talking about earlier. Instagram keeps showing me her too. There are a lot of accounts like hers.

No. 1545731

yeah, most treatment centers in the US really shy away from anyone they perceive to be a potential liability. Even when the really long-term spoops are able to get into treatment, they often are only there for a really short time and then get discharged either for noncompliance or because insurance says "well, they're medically stable now and historically treatment doesn't seem to work so we're not going to pay for any more". And if they're too dysfunctional to work, then they're on medicare and most places aren't covered. A lot of people with EDs on medicare end up getting shipped to horrible programs several states over in a single-case agreement because there's literally nothing else.

Cece, of course, totally ignores this bleak reality and is content to pretend to be among the sickest of the sick while having good insurance and a seemingly supportive family to fall back on.

No. 1545733

After recovering, which honestly I don't think she fully is recovered yet given her bizarre meals still, her behavior has been really worrying.. I hope she's not in bad company and that her parents at least look after her a bit even though she's an adult. She might be trying to live out what she feels like she missed out on when she was ill but no this isn't it Alicia..

No. 1545780

No, you can just tell that there are young people using the site. SEED isn’t a commonplace term in the UK either, and not just because there’s no clinical code or clinical pathway for it. I saw a 20-something Britfag on TikTok claim to be a SEED patient. It’s just a lie.

No. 1545781

File: 1654075220377.png (14.35 MB, 1170x2532, 62FFA729-2F9D-450E-B4E2-87B382…)

Sage for non milk but wtf look at the size of her hands. Saladfingers much ?

No. 1545783

That dog is so ugly it’s almost cute, I love pugs. The labrador dog is cute too.

No. 1545786

File: 1654076070283.jpeg (177.65 KB, 1170x2532, 9E6ECF35-F9E5-45FC-AAA7-B2E839…)

our favorite BED survivor nikol has reactivated her TikTok @nikolvanila and is following multiple pro Ana accounts and anorexia recovery accounts. Very BED of her

No. 1545787

File: 1654076093816.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1920, 8B36705F-3994-4830-AFEB-2A3604…)

No. 1545790

Reply with Thanks Ms. Skeletal for strong bones and many calciums

No. 1545794

My tinfoil is that Cece’s mum is not talking to her until she actually commits to recovery which is why Cece is so angry. But we and Cece all know she still looks at her ED account.
So all this ED baiting isn’t for us or her other audience, it’s to goad her mum into breaking and talking to her/taking her in/apologising.

From what we saw her parents weren’t even at her 30th which she went on about for months. I think that’s why she’s so angry all the time now and getting more baity.

No. 1545811

I can’t help but picture her hunched over furiously typing on her phone with a big horse teeth grin on her face like “That’ll show them!”. Hurting her family and irreparably damaging her relationship with them for pity points and to show up anonymous women on the internet. What a sad, lonely existence kek

No. 1545847

Lowkey agree with this anon. Cece wants her "mum's" coddling

No. 1545851

I honestly think you’re probably right. Her posts have only included friends she’s never mentioned before and herself. I’m willing to bet people stopped giving a shit about her and told her they will only support her when she actually tries to recover

No. 1545854

Is she still active on twt

No. 1545855

Where did she find those two anyway I wonder she has always banged on about her "five soul sisters" kek

No. 1545859

She deleted her account when everyone got angry about the whole fetishising asians/retweeting pics of fresh self harm thing

No. 1545865

File: 1654090589450.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x2015, 10D47348-AE09-46A4-A059-950836…)

Jesus Christ

No. 1545869

She definitely enjoys getting admitted.
She tried to screw her life up. Again, running bets she is forced into a hospital for recovery by July…
shes got a whole moth to get worse

No. 1545871

social media pushing everyone and anyone to become "brave voices for the unheard" was truly a mistake

No. 1545889

How old is she?

No. 1545894

I'd also like to know, she looks too young to be posted and too young to be a real cow.

No. 1545899

Absolutely she is so manipulative with her illnesses, it’s disgusting.

No. 1545900

My thoughts too - too young for here

No. 1545902

she is 18! constantly posting pictures semi naked with her ribs showing, always crying and attention seeking with the toobe.
She also tags every post with cows like Emily, Fi etc

No. 1545919


How does she manage to take pictures of herself while in restraints?

No. 1545920

She's biding her time until she can dehydrate herself into another hospital long weekend

No. 1545944

She looks way younger than 18 wtf. Could be that she's fucked up puberty from starving but idk, I'd be skeptical until there's proof because she could be lying about her age.

No. 1545949

Nothing says cow like managing to take a selfie in restraints

No. 1545976


Cece: I’m taking the rest of the week off social media. Goes directly to TT to post a video showcasing her hospital band

No. 1545988

File: 1654101468962.jpg (336.17 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20220601-123713_Chr…)

No. 1545991

File: 1654101737495.jpg (335.96 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20220601-124125_Chr…)

All grey lol

No. 1545993

Trying to look as dainty as possible by placing the hospital bracelet on her hand like that. Poor Cece. So frail and ill.

No. 1546014

Gotta love the shorts but fuzzy coat fashion statement. Needs to show off her twiggy legs but also make sure we know she’s freezing cold from malnutrition.