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File: 1654431988710.jpeg (1013.53 KB, 2388x1668, 1653881692494.jpeg)

No. 1549888

previous thread: >>>/snow/1533184

the rundown of our starring cows:

cece remains a 30-year-old attention whore and is giving up her ‘kind’ persona by fighting back against the heat from family and followers for flaunting her recent weight by posting very obvious body checks and a&e visit

@/emisfighting is seeming like she’s doing better despite still having a tube.

ham continues to eat like a toddler with a diet that consists of pancakes, nutellaNutella, biscoff and a dusting of raspberries

n2f is still a con despite having some sort of an eye infection?? maybe one of her many bfs farted on her pillow.

porgie is eating for two-three if we count the nose hose for her super severe gastroparesis, which she displays proudly during her public binges.

narcissist Niamh relapse-baits on her stories, but anons remain hopeful that her new and improved look will persevere, and the posing might die down… the wiser among us aren’t holding our breath (making Fiona proud).

new cow @/livonfilmbyhanna gets called out for ridiculous photoshop whilst claiming she was trying to remove her brother from the background

fi continues to have tough days but doesn’t worry, she keeps remembering to keep breathing despite her burnout.

remember to sage, quit the blog-posting, and just breathe.

{shit thread cause no one decided to link one}


No. 1549897

thanks nonnie

No. 1549902

I can't handle the thread picture, it's just too good.

No. 1549906

that thread pic is truly a piece of art

No. 1550003

kek funny that American Gothic is on the cover I saw the original w my moid a few weeks ago

No. 1550026

Someone made two threads (the other one is >>1549884), so which one is going to the 78th thread? I think it should be this one since it actually has #78 in the thread title.

No. 1550036

This one most likely, I think the other one was a glitch duplicate

No. 1550038

How do we get a mod to lock the other thread?

No. 1550043

Report it for tripfagging since the OP used a trip code

No. 1550048

I should probably know what that means, but unfortunately I don't. I know, I know - "lurk moar".

No. 1550117

File: 1654451645113.png (327.12 KB, 430x632, Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 5.14…)

cece confirming everyone's suspicion that she didn't really need to go to the ER and was just sent there as a consequence of general liability-reduction policies.

No. 1550123

No. 1550128

Tbh I’m surprised she didn’t leap for the ambulance selfies

No. 1550133

Ambulance rides can be thousands of dollars.

No. 1550162

File: 1654454135186.jpeg (662.56 KB, 828x1563, DFAD0BEA-2E08-4114-A07C-6FEF57…)

Sniping this from the other thread since we’re not using it (sorry anon who originally posted it)

No. 1550166

File: 1654454495758.jpeg (397.23 KB, 1170x2069, 0D553F13-C216-47CE-A566-F01F6F…)

i honestly dont get whats going on with this one.

No. 1550187

File: 1654456236883.jpeg (88.94 KB, 640x491, BD65DEE7-E50C-44E0-BFA3-379918…)

This comment on Niamh’s new picture is really mean. The account only follows one person and has one follower, and it’s this girl (1/2)

No. 1550188

File: 1654456268984.jpeg (460.02 KB, 640x905, DFA99AF4-8941-4CBF-A887-87C9BF…)

No. 1550189

Also Niamh has a Tellonym where she says she’s had an ED since aged 12 and she’s never had a period

No. 1550191

File: 1654456562886.jpeg (474.74 KB, 640x1050, 80458F87-EB62-4BA1-B890-9D662F…)

This person is a fucking freak wtf

No. 1550196

now we know who the vendetta anon in here is..

No. 1550200

At first she complains how niamhs mother is letting her die and then mocks her body like this, like that's going to help niamh recover?? This is some cow behavior.

No. 1550232

File: 1654459147391.png (5.55 MB, 1170x2532, D924343E-B3EC-4A48-8A77-BA6C92…)

CC is literally flexing her feet in this video to make them look skinnier it’s so weird

No. 1550235


Back at it. She's probably going to keep her bullshit in stories now to avoid comments.

No. 1550259

1996 wants it's shoes back

No. 1550284


kek, she just HAD to mention the kids section because she's sooo dainty guizeeee

No. 1550292

Yeah, most Priory clinics have NHS patients. I can't think of anyone who ever stayed there that long. Going to the media must've helped (or rather not in her case).

No. 1550293

It's inappropriate to wear see through shoes when you have a big toe like a finger.

No. 1550294

No. 1550309

What in the white saviourism? Do they have any connections to or experience in Sri Lankan culture? Do they speak Tamil? How exactly will two unqualified and very privileged girls help to improve the mental well-being of people likely in a very different situation?

And how have they raised over £3000 already? What a waste. That money could actually be used to help people, rather than paying for plane tickets for Fiona’s vanity project.

No. 1550311

is this still happening though?
That started over two years ago. Fi clearly cant go and shes not even in uni, Harriet could have graduated plus, are they even friends?

No. 1550317


It IS inappropriate to look for clothing in the kid's section, once you're a grown-ass woman of thirty years of age, Cece.

No. 1550318


what a little leech she is

No. 1550320

its cheaper

No. 1550323

Her foot size doesn't shrink. You can buy those hideous things in adult sizes, which is what she did. Her feet look pretty big thanks to the toes.

No. 1550332


I don’t think she’s saying she got them in the kids section, just acknowledging that they are childish shoes

No. 1550341

agreed. As much as I hate Cece, anons are reading too much into this comment.

No. 1550347

Asos has jelly sandals like that for women.

No. 1550369


I think the flex is the literal flexing of her feet, not the mention of kids' section.

No. 1550521

File: 1654476296308.jpeg (737.93 KB, 828x1498, DCB4AD9B-9B8D-4913-B67E-D40332…)

She ate A roll. A single roll. A roll of low calorie vegetables and some rice.

No. 1550539

Please explain how she’s “flexing” her feet, foot-fetish anon.

No. 1550546

Yeah the trip is now planned for summer 22 so like July? Or like Sri Lanka summer so like December? Not sure which it’s referring to but it’s a fucking joke. Also love if Fi’s going to show them how bad mental illness can make you

No. 1550547

amazing that she "needs" a wheelchair to go to the grocery store but is all good for international travel

No. 1550568


Flexing as in the foot manœuvres point and flex? She's straining her toes up to look thinner

No. 1550584

are you okay?

No. 1550710

Sri Lanka is going through a time of political and civil unrest right now, with protests and subsequent killing of civilians and peaceful protesters by police. It’s been advised not to travel there for the past few weeks and will probably remain unstable for some time. Personally I’d love to see Fi go to a near-warzone and whine about how she can’t find the right brand of juice.

No. 1550715

Maybe she’s going to watch a musical in Sri Lanka, nonnie! Because they also seem to give her the gift of actually using her legs and not being pushed around in her pram- I mean chair.

No. 1550721

Bumping this because some nonnie made a third for God knows what reason

No. 1550740

breakfast was chocolate raspberry protein pudding, with strawberry unicorn cream, topped with whipped caramel butter yoghurt custard, lots of peanut protein gummy worms! part 2 was cinnamon raisin toast with coconut milk syrup, candied orange, rainbow sprinkles, pink teddy bear sprinkles, strawberries, clotted cream, mint jam, and toffee sprinkles. part 3 was jelly donut with marshmellow mango fluff piped inside, topped with peanut butter cinnamon protein power. part 4 was banana bread yoghurt topped with a honey crumpet topped with cherries topped with whipped cream topped with extra biscoff. part 5 was whole milk topped with chocolate cream cheese custard syrup. part 6 was magic super unicorn gummy topped lemon cinnamon bun. part 7 was

No. 1550742

File: 1654502139822.png (381 KB, 402x522, Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 2.55…)

Jesus, Ham.

No. 1550743

Of all the new cows that popped up she’s by far the cringiest. The fact she pushes this uwu So frail and delicate and dainty uwu shit with the oversize clothes and infantilizing herself gives me second hand embarassment.

No. 1550746

if she's lucky maybe (i bet she won't even go) she will get a taste of how difficult life can really be.

not bone ratting but damn she has really gained weight. her arm looks fine but that doesn't just look like bloat to me… and are her pants huge or is it just me? does she see herself as a frail waif that needs to gain into that size lmao? she was never underweight. anons last year called it, she just wants an excuse to eat herself into obesity

No. 1550747

rattling* oops

No. 1550753

At the risk of sounding rattly myself, I feel very confident her BMI falls into the “overweight” category now. I agree that it doesn’t look like bloat - it looks like she’s over-eating so consistently that her stomach is seriously engorged with food that hasn’t even had time to digest.

No. 1550759

I think the pants are purposefully baggy/large as a style thing - they look a little more reasonable in some of the other pictures she posted.

But yeah, she seems to have objectively put on a decent amount of weight and it can't be very healthy for her. Maybe we'll get the "doctors are fatphobic" story arc soon, when she sees her GP next and they comment on her weight.

No. 1550775

And we are to believe Ham was anxious in the restaurant in case people looked at her arms!No Ham,just no.You have been flaunting your chubby arse in underwear for the world to see, your arms are the least of your worries. Another classic example of Ham getting her larp all wrong. Big jeans trying to pull off the waif look? copying Dora and co but failing miserably I'd say.

No. 1550795

Uhh sure bloating is normal sometimes but not to this extent surely! She looks pregnant! Did she have beans on toast for every meal or how did she manage to get this bloated?

No. 1550798

File: 1654507675323.png (248.13 KB, 370x262, hammie.png)

Her whole midsection is a round ball

No. 1550813

File: 1654509251092.png (1.86 MB, 1057x862, porkypiggu.PNG)

She's also arching her back and possibly pushing her stomach out to make the bloat look worse. That being said her whole social media presence right now is this corny "not a before and after" shit. I wonder what she'll pivot to in like three months when she can't clench and contort herself into looking thinner.

No. 1550818

I predict she'll start dancing and jiggling her fat as much as possible and try to become the new bodyposipanda

No. 1550827

File: 1654511410661.jpeg (508.75 KB, 828x1239, A16693FB-CBA8-4E48-88EE-76426F…)

Yeah, you can’t usually “squish” bloat. I don’t care if someone is heavier and has some meat on them or has a belly, but calling it “bloat” and acting like the paragon of anorexia recovery when you’ve just been eating a little too much is icky.

No. 1550831

congrats ham, when is it due !!!

No. 1550837

lol this reminded me of the "Hawaii? You can't even go to the doctor's on your own. Pmsl" conversation from the Phoebe tickner thread (RIP)

No. 1550844

File: 1654514277019.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x2167, 65BF244A-9FD1-4D10-B85A-CE752A…)

im actually very impressed and proud

No. 1550859

So her whole body is bloated. Overweight is fine if she's okay with it, but stop it with the "bloat". Her hips are noticeably larger. Her diet is dreadful though.

No. 1550870

>copying Dora and co but failing miserably I'd say
vendettachans get out reeeee

No. 1550874

File: 1654517721312.jpg (72.36 KB, 438x766, gl with that.JPG)


No. 1550876

File: 1654518054745.jpg (635.68 KB, 1920x1280, Hamfightsthis.jpg)

It kills me her handle is still "Hannah Fights This" because she doesn't even post weepy burger chomping anymore. there's no struggle only positivity. Safe to say you've won against big bad ana girl you can stop fighting now it you'll need to fight BED and insulin resistance next

No. 1550878

She genuinely looks wonderful

No. 1550879

Boggles the mind how she's tubed at all let alone at home

No. 1550881

>Whilst very real and painful
Kek gotta love that she's self aware enough to know most people assume her final diagnosis is Munchausens. Two months to get the tube out though? While she's eating full meals already… This will never make sense to me.

No. 1550882

there is a difference between normal bloating and having a painfully rounded stomach from all the 800-calories choccy baked porridge that's fermenting in your stomach. She pisses me off to no end - I'd be happy for her if she was eating meat and vegetables but no, everything has to be drizzled in chocolate sauce and she expects to be praised for it. She has the appetite of a 5 year old autistic boy.

No. 1550900

You know how most of the anas have untidy rooms? It seems the MORE weight she gains, the untidier her room. Unless it was Hammum who tidied her room before she left.

No. 1550950

File: 1654525405720.jpg (302.13 KB, 1284x1904, 20220606_172228.jpg)


No. 1550965

Why is she surprised about being banned

No. 1550981

somehow, that makes me so damn angry. She can't walk alone, can't eat alone, but wants to travel to another country to teach them something about mental health? She isn't a professional, she just has mental health issues like thousands of other people do. Fi doesn't see how privileged she is, most people going through mental health issues can't rely on other or stay at home for years without earning money, the last thought those people have is raising money for a holiday. Also, it makes me angry because my last vacation was over 10 years ago and I don't have people donating me money to travel somewhere to improve my and others mental health, same goes with friends of mine, fighting every day, alone, not a single day free or able to rely on others.

that's not a bloat, that's what happens when you gain weight, mostly from sugar and other carbs.

No. 1551001

File: 1654529560603.png (354.32 KB, 402x522, 1654502139822.png)

fix'd it for you, hun

No. 1551014

File: 1654530585843.png (311.42 KB, 277x697, preggs.png)

No. 1551026

How much food do you have to eat to get a bloat like THAT? Her stomach looks so tight and uncomfortable I can't understand why she's proud of doing this to herself?

No. 1551032

Why is she posing like it's a maternity shoot kek

No. 1551037

its her biscoff baby uwu

No. 1551038


Topkek, nonnie

No. 1551043

Why does this look like a death threat lmao, calm down

No. 1551049

WTF is your problem..?

No. 1551050

all for milk, but there is no need to post this. this is a level of low.

yeah han is annoying and cringe but fat shaming her like this is disgusting. she’s a human being who can see these things. i just think this is too far and pro-ana in itself

No. 1551054

but she's also a fat cow

No. 1551059

You out of your fucking mind, are you not?

No. 1551060

Ham brings out the bone rattlers like nobody else

No. 1551065

If you think that Ham isn't overweight, your sense of normal weight has been skewed by the fact that so much of the population is overweight. She's obviously not the fattest person ever, but she's genuinely at a point where she should be eating less unnecessary sugar and not letting her weight keep going up.

No. 1551067

Ayrt, sure she's overweight but she's hardly a Tess Holiday landwhale and there's no need to a-log about it

No. 1551069

Biscoff is the new Nutella lol with the larpers

No. 1551074


I have to agree. I don’t know why people continually obsess over what she eats. We get it, it’s old news at this point. Bring new milk to the table already.

No. 1551110

We call her "Ham". Han refers to other people called Hannah.

No. 1551137

It's honestly sperging after a point. She's not going to die of the betes from her childish oatmeal bowls. She's chubby, end of.

No. 1551149

im actually happy for her, hopefully she can keep it up especially when shes home but shes actually come a really far way

No. 1551152

i’m baffled too where she got the idea to pretend to recover from AN. is this due to anti-diet culture? would ham be doing this if it wasn’t for FA/HAES movements? did she start to feel her clothes getting tighter and decided to eat a salad instead of fish and chips once and it made her feel sad or something?
does she just want to become e famous and this is the avenue she chose?

i wonder if she is genuinely delusional and thinks she really had AN or she is just LARPing for attention. maybe it’s some combo of the two and she is very unaware of herself. healthy dieting is perfectly fine… doesn’t mean you’re getting an ED the second you diet. and she appears to have an odd, codependent relationship with her mom- anons have pointed out before she doesn’t seem to have friends who are peers. and hammum doesn’t seem to care if ham gets a job, continues her education… is fine somehow with her daughter’s bizarre social media attention pining “hobby” that now includes taking an increasing amount of pics in her underwear! instead of wanting her to develop skills or grow into a mature adult.

the only obvious fact is ham intensively seeks validation re: her body and eating habits from strangers. i’ll never understand how that will ever make her happy, validation comes from within. SM attention seeking rewires the brain and becomes a never ending chase with no closure, no happiness. only an immature desire to fill a void that can’t be filled with this immaterial, performative “self love” that exists falsely just to get praise. glad i don’t understand it.

pity the cow.

No. 1551156

She started posting photos in her underwear the minute she turned 18. She has no friends. I believe she does this all for attention and validation. Now that she can flaunt herself on the internet half naked and get tons of compliments by default because of her "ed background" she feels good about herself finally.

No. 1551167

>fat shaming her

No. 1551170

i think you’re right. i guess it’s an unfortunate reality since many girls her age struggle with self esteem issues, and this is how they scramble to fix it.

pity poor ham, but not because of the fake AN. i pity the obvious lack of self respect and self esteem. it’s like watching an animal on a treadmill running full speed believing it’s going to get that carrot (cake) on a stick.

No. 1551186

Why does this child want to become morbidly obese? Is it a feeding thing?

No. 1551205

Anon are you lost? You can't moralfag on the farms we are mean

No. 1551266

Comfort eating? She pulled the ana thing out because she lost a bit of weight. Her parents were fighting to the point they're divorcing. It's not difficult to say it was an attention thing - losing weight. Maybe now she's comfort eating. I agree that most of her ig behaviour is because it's the only place people take notice of her.

No. 1551273

File: 1654544850889.jpg (382.9 KB, 1080x2023, Cecebait_e.jpg)

Cece continuing to relapse bait on tiktok

No. 1551299

Wow, what an actual pro-ana scumbag. Fucking horse face out here purposefully triggering her followers, who are presumably in recovery themselves since that was her whole thing for a while. She has no shame.

No. 1551300

File: 1654546193292.jpg (31.77 KB, 350x470, twins.JPG)

No. 1551303

File: 1654546472880.jpeg (93.27 KB, 828x1534, 06C47EEE-F8AB-452A-889A-ED0ABF…)

Why is Hxn’s room so bare? It’s worse than an ip hospital room

No. 1551336

File: 1654547993946.jpeg (298.23 KB, 828x1439, F85A3275-BA92-4DAB-AEB4-1552E0…)

I’ve seen influencer ad declarations that are more noticeable than this TW

No. 1551343

still don't understand how someone can post on social media but tells the public that they aren't able to complain or act in any way.

No. 1551352

Give her some chapstick

No. 1551384

pretty sure if she was actually in forced treatment she’d have lost access to the internet already

No. 1551393

Yet here you are complaining

No. 1551438

Jfc this is sad

No. 1551455

Yet no bridle on the ng?

No. 1551457

What happened to manilife peanut butter? Or is that so last season now….

No. 1551490

The heyday of Elzani comes to mind

No. 1551492

Might depend which country she's in

No. 1551539

Jesus. Someone please take this poor girls phone lol

No. 1551563

Her entire camera roll must be crying toob pics

No. 1551587

Just checked to see if her old one was gone, @crystalkaro is still up and this is a catfish.(namefagging)

No. 1551608

Glasses are doing her no favors

No. 1551657

Is this Porgie admitting to a psychosomatic illness not super severe GP??

No. 1551667

File: 1654567950317.jpeg (495.93 KB, 1170x1962, FAE5142A-55FD-4488-8E65-A6450D…)

I can’t even with this one. it’s almost as bad as her post on Feb 20 just gone.

No. 1551668

File: 1654568123155.jpeg (276.58 KB, 1170x2532, B49E40A8-3915-4215-AC4F-B24D88…)

Dedset think that imogen is aware that she is also clickbaiting with her red knuckle that looks a lot like it’s from purging. ????

No. 1551695

I’m not even trying to be mean but she actually needs to recover or at the very least stop murdering her hormones and minerals with the purging because it looks like she’s starting to grow a mustache.

No. 1551700

lol i cannot comprehend how her lips are so white

No. 1551710

Haven’t seen her in ages! Is this a new account or did I randomly stop following her?

No. 1551765

File: 1654575529070.png (109.78 KB, 720x298, Screenshot_20220607-051725~2.p…)


Looks like a nude lipstick.

No. 1551859

"Involuntary" (=totally planned but portrayed as involuntary) ip stay coming on July, who's taking bets?

No. 1551862

File: 1654585896796.png (489.31 KB, 398x690, Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 12.1…)

this is honestly just really sad

No. 1551868

Cece will totally be "involuntary" ip on July. Wonder how many years she's planning to keep up this cycle of "relapsing" and then a 6 month vacation in treatment centres. You know why we say you're larping your sooper severe ana, CC? Because no matter how thin you get, your main goal, always, is to get to treatment. You know it, we know it. You can only keep up the ana larp for half a year max, all the time waiting when will the magical day arrive when you can get the toob again.

No. 1551873

Nope, the new account isn’t a catfish. @crystalkaro is her personal account, nonnie. She goes by crystal on her ED accounts and Karoline on her personals. Not surprised you didn’t know this since you also namefagged kek lurk moar

No. 1551874

Sadly she deleted her vent account on IG, but she’s still on twitter. The screenshot above is from her private IG

No. 1551881

File: 1654591619955.png (1.05 MB, 1170x2532, 7890750B-8718-4FD2-8E61-586F53…)

Porky porgie has a girlfriend. Imagine holding her fat rolls out of the way when going in for a cunt lick #gross

No. 1551883

>>1551881 more like an enabler or fat feeder. Unless this gf is the one who's made her see sense and start the process of getting the tube out

No. 1551884

My money’s on “her” being a tranny kek

No. 1551904

No. 1551916

File: 1654602484803.jpg (359.12 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20220607_124646.jpg)

sure you are, porgie! because it's not as though you could easily turn your head slightly more and the toob wouldn't be visible in every single selfie! it's very obvious she's loving the fact she has a toob as she makes sure it's very obvious in every photo she shares - she's definitely gonna make the most of taking selfies over the next few months!

No. 1551918


it's either an online catfish, another fat bull-dyke, or a "George Glass" aka doesnt really exist.

Anyway, thanks for the mental image of the cunt lick. you've made me literally gag!

No. 1551926

Whoa I didn't know she was gay/bi. Has she ever mentioned this before?

No. 1551940


i call it hedging your bets, when you're that obese and fugly the chance of finding a male who is into you is rare. adding another gender of attraction increases your chance of getting some by 100%.

now you know why there are so many fat lezzos.

No. 1551953

porgie has been one of my favorite cows since thread 40, but I don’t remember her being gay either!
if only her and cece were closer, I have no doubt they’d fall into a whirlwind ana romance.

No. 1551958

All her photos look exactly the same why not just wait until the toob is out

No. 1551976

File: 1654606766660.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 49.13 KB, 413x742, images (2).jpeg)

>Hammum is fine somehow with her daughter’s bizarre social media attention pining “hobby” that now includes taking an increasing amount of pics in her underwear!
They're from Birmingham, where the heights of clout and local celebrity when Hammum was young is being a Page 3 glamour model. If you don't know what that is, basically topless thots that don't do actual porn starred in these lad mags before internet porn/onlyfans was a thing.
Let's not forget that she's got a dad too who signs off on this behaviour. Both her parents think because she has followers that the humiliation is part of a budding career or income stream. But she's been doing this for two years and hasn't even landed a peanut butter sponsorship? She could put so much energy into her studies or even making irl friends instead of constantly creating chubby pride content.

No. 1551977

I bet they're probably from a different state/city/ country and their dating online. I'm guessing they're unwell aswell and meet in some chat or something. 'Don't say or live is any less just because we can't be physical' etc

Just my guess

No. 1551979

No. 1551980

Tinfoil she's in love with one of her nurses or medical team and that's why it's "secret" but she's suddenly hype about getting better

No. 1551981

Didn't some anon find Georgia's bumble once top kek

No. 1551983

Another one. Gtfo
What's with you edge lords
Go back to 4chan

No. 1551985

Porgie should come to America she'd love ERC

No. 1552011

It's funny how we only started getting selfies again when she got the tube

No. 1552012

ERC went from having a legitimate group for LGBT stuff to everyone there suddenly being blue haired and flamingly over the top gay, as if they’re in competition to be the sickest AND most LGBT/oppressed. The groups are like one big rainbow circle jerk about made up problems and not legitimate issues like identity/family acceptance. Half of them have to be putting on an act, I can see Georgia also lesbian larping for asspats.

No. 1552014

For a second I thought you were saying that Hammum was a page 3 glamour model and I was shocked. Then I learned to read properly, thank god.

No. 1552052

That's a Photoshop challenge nobody wants to see kek

No. 1552096

be less moidy please

No. 1552128

File: 1654617636115.png (7.02 MB, 1170x2532, E9A744AC-29EC-4ECC-8FDD-99D40A…)

She does look less spoop in the face. Good for her I guess

No. 1552131

This is nice to see. Hoping she doesn’t sperg and end up relapsing.

No. 1552138

nta but no u

No. 1552140

idk anon has a point, a lot of lesbians are not… conventionally attractive, it doesn’t seem like a coincidence

No. 1552141


No. 1552146

My bets are on a caretaker ass wiper situation type deal à la amberlynn reid

No. 1552150

Do we really have to be homophobic? That’s not what this thread is for

No. 1552162

Just because you're butthurt doesn't mean you don't have to sage

No. 1552163

let’s be done derailing now nonnies

No. 1552167

File: 1654619162353.png (985.02 KB, 1137x639, Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 12-25…)

No. 1552168

File: 1654619190609.png (8.96 MB, 1170x2532, A0ED6CF9-6D66-4789-9398-035067…)

Why does she use literally everything she does and everywhere she goes as another opportunity to bulk up even more

No. 1552169

i had to close the article as the first pic literally made me feel achy and uncomfortable

No. 1552174

File: 1654619327352.png (Spoiler Image, 657.85 KB, 1137x639, sickly.png)

how tf is she still on Youtube.

No. 1552178

shes getting really chunky. does she have bed?

No. 1552181

Bold of a farmer to moralfag.

No. 1552183

Her larp is apparently that she’s an anachan but based off her last like year worth of posts it seems like she’s had no problem eating

No. 1552189

yeah but it just seems like shes been gaining more weight, you cant tell me she doesnt have an overweight bmi at this point. i feel really bad that she cant seem to find a healthy medium but i hope she is able to stop herself before she keeps gaining…

No. 1552192

Can't be arsed to dig it up but p sure Ham admitted to having an overweight bmi. She isn't pretending to be a dainty waif afaik.

No. 1552193

File: 1654619938562.jpg (701.68 KB, 1080x1080, SaveEugenia.jpg)

Her mother is a horrible person. Reminds me of Dee Dee and Gypsey Rose….it will be too late to save Eugenia one day

No. 1552197

Woah I had no idea that Eugenia’s mom was starving her? Holy fucking hell

No. 1552204

Agreed, if this cringey proana ideology is what you’re into just because someone’s a bit overweight you absolutely do not have the moral high ground in this situation

No. 1552205

They're definitely a weird family. I went down her rabbit hole once, her brother is an enormously fat autist, potentially also an actual retarded person, who is obsessed with Disney. Tinfoil on her mom is that she is an alkie, and the dad works a lot and acted a bit weird during one of her livestreams. To be honest telling you daughter she looks young isn't necessarily weird on it's face but when you couple it with her obvious eating disorder it's fucked up. Something very off in the whole family, but it's hard to look into it because most people just want to talk about how awful she is for promoting being this thin to young girls. Which I agree, but I am more curious HOW she got this fucked up and with apparently zero attempts to help her from anyone within her family.

No. 1552209

it is ironic that her mom is fat too, maybe projecting? if that is the right word?

No. 1552211

so..both moms even look "off".

Something about them seems evil.

No. 1552215

there is no proof she is starving her, her family seems like enablers who let her do whatever she wants and live as a neet but i didnt see anything that might suggest that they starve her or encourage her, thats just rumors and speculations.

No. 1552219

not putting her into forced treatment and literally pretending Eugenia Looks normal is the same as starving her.
Thats literally abuse.
Her mother said in the recent video Eugenia's Tiktok was removed from haters, an that people are just jealous of her. typical narcissistic behavior to control and ENABLE her daughter.

No. 1552229

There’s not evidence her mom is actively starving Eugenia. But when she was forced into treatment, it was because a friend (Jaclyn Glenn) called a psych team to evaluate and section her. Jaclyn later said that the mom told her if she (Jaclyn) told anyone online about what happened, she would pull Eugenia out of treatment early. So not exactly a healthy relationship there.

No. 1552231

Yeah, it's fucked up. I've got to imagine it is at least partially a money thing, and maybe to a certain extent a living vicariously through her daughter thing. I can't imagine Eugenia earns that much, but I don't know. They also seemed pretty well off even in her earliest videos, so they didn't "need" money.

No. 1552233

File: 1654621393061.jpg (808.18 KB, 1080x1080, SaveEC.jpg)

Tired of Eugenia's mother not being held accountable. That is not normal behavior for anyone.

No. 1552234

Eugenia is 28 i think at this point people need to stop babying her and realize she is just like the other cows here.

No. 1552237

she might be 28. but her mental age we can agree is that of a teenager.
Deb literally pulled her of out of school at a young age to hide her child's start of her ED. Then enabled her mindset by living on the internet literally for years…she still a child mentally.
Her mother has stunted her growth being a controlling narcissistic parent. Turning EC friends into "the enemy" and anyone who disagrees with them as well.
Example: Someone autistic who is an adult is not mentally capable of making responsible grown decisions, relies on their parent to help them whether they are an adult or not. Trusting they are doing what is right for them.
No way her mind is in the right place either after starving herself for years. Her MOTHER should be the one helping her make good decisions, not poisoning her mind against everyone. She is a mentally abusive parent no matter how you see it.

No. 1552243

i cant bring myself to care about a attention seeking cow who has flashed her panties multiple times for her fetishizers and who has defended her creep moderators.
>her parents enable her so its NOT her fault
yes it is, literally all the cows in this thread have enabler parents but thats not stopping anons from shitting on 16 year olds here meanwhile babying a almost 30 year old.

No. 1552244

Go WK somewhere else she clearly hasn't gained a thing.

No. 1552245

not homophobic. i’m not afraid of gay people. just pointing out patterns. why would u care anyway

No. 1552248

because she is a binge eater and pretended to “recover” from AN as an excuse to eat herself into obesity

No. 1552249

I think her mom abused her as a child. she literally had a video saying "not incest" when she was younger when talking about her moms "love"<<that's fucking weird. who says that?
There is something dark with her family they are hiding. They way the two interact with each other is too weird and uncomfortable. Or maybe her brother was involved, either way there is a big hole in "why" she has her ED.

No. 1552252

god you should go back to reddit. we don’t know her mom is STARVING her. her mom is an enabler, they clearly have a bizarre codependent relationship but she isn’t literally refusing to feed her daughter, god damn. you need to be 18 to post here.

No. 1552253

Plenty of our cows are as emaciated as Eugenia but don't get the wk treatment. So sick of it.

No. 1552255

Literally anything about their family life is at best speculation but it's mostly tinfoils/sperging from the asshats on her subreddit who have parasocial obsessions with her and dream about her

No. 1552256

this is what i think. we have no proof her family hasn’t tried to help her before or after the 5150. i think there’s some kind of unspoken agreement since she clearly has an odd relationship with her mom specifically. i also think the mom is willing to let eugenia do her ED thing because i think her mom likes being a caretaker of some kind, she has to with Chip anyway. her dad appears to travel a lot and makes a lot of money- ECs family DOES NOT need the $$$ EC makes, that’s why she gets all this designer clothing. i don’t think EC’s mother is a monster honestly. i think she does look very sad and tries to hide it, and i think she’s at a loss and doesn’t know what to do. i also think EC behaves often like a person who has been taken advantage of sexually at some point and some stories she’s told are really bizarre to me and point at that.

No. 1552257

your literally just pulling out speculations out of your ass to defend the bonespo qween.
Also ever heard of saging newfag??
>>1552252 they would fit in well there with people who think euginia should be protected from everyone else and that any mean thing anyone has said to her is the cause of her ed.

No. 1552265

agreed. literally one day she will die from her ED, and he mother will have enabled her, her entire life. Its clear she has not been helped from her family, judging from how her mother reacting to the 5150.
her mother is a monster

No. 1552266

they would fit in with that obsessive fag “50 shades of chest pain” the jewish mommys boy who has been chasing fame for years by trying to use hot topics like incels and eating disorders. he’s made like over 20 hour long tirades about eugenia and literally just spergs about stupid parasocial theories and doesnt care about privacy. also he uploads tiktoks of “chubby thicc boy in the bath”. so annoyed at this jew and can’t believe i’ve only seen him brought up here 2-3 times.

No. 1552269

honestly i think her mom HAS tried herself and just didn’t appreciate an acquaintance of eugenia’s trying to do that seemingly out of nowhere. i understand the frustration at her mother but you need to try to think about her perspective and likely is mentally ill too. i’m not saying they are good people or have no fault but we have to look at it realistically. i think it’s a very complex situation. my tinfoil is since her family is so well off she very well may have some kind of harm reduction doctor. from what i understand the weight loss may put her in trouble with that but there are drs that will not try to 5150 you as long as your weight is stable and you get vitals/labs checked.

No. 1552270

You do realise this is 4chan for girls and isn't a ~safe space~, right? Lurk moar, newfag.

No. 1552271

File: 1654624104856.jpg (53.99 KB, 720x705, Homophobia.jpg)


No. 1552274

Anon this is literally a harassment board

No. 1552276

Why do people care so much about EC vs other spoops like Paris etc

No. 1552279

newfag found out about lolcow today kek, they dont even know how to sage.

No. 1552292

Yeah. Her mum's a lesbian. Georgie's had pics on fb with an ex gf. The gf wasn't even hideous.

No. 1552301

I think its because she posts so much of her life and blatantly ignores when people are concerned for her health. She is at times even rude about it.
She also has a huge following of minors who she says she does not influence. Which is a blatant lie.

No. 1552302

any porgie daters must have an “abomination” fetish

No. 1552311

File: 1654625595208.png (4.18 MB, 1170x2532, 63608F92-EE7B-4B02-AFE5-86BE35…)

And beige. And gray. Hi, Cece!

No. 1552323

File: 1654625924616.jpg (38.28 KB, 1117x357, journalist.JPG)

Georgies a journalist at a sunscreen company. What??

No. 1552373

this thread is starting to look and sound like eugenia's reddit forum kek.

everyone seems to be making excuses for eugenia bc her monster mother stunted her growth but then in the same second turn around and dog on her for being a fully coherent pro-ana scumbag? literally pick a side.

tinfoil is that EC's family is likely "normal" and taken her to treatment numerous times before, and its failed every single time. therefore, like most families, they've become desensitized to her relapses, manipulation, etc. her brother is a sperg, her mom looks exhausted, and her dad is never home, just working. not saying their dynamic isn't strange, just that it's not as deep as everyone tries making it.

No. 1552378

Is anyone else amused that Fi and Porgie's surnames are only a letter apart?

No. 1552382

She admitted herself that she has overweight bmi and back then she was looking a bit smaller than now.

No. 1552411

what happened to Fi? did she forgot to breath?

No. 1552412

No one said she isn't overweight it's rattling to act like she's a landwhale or that it's that deep

No. 1552416


No. 1552424

She's supposedly gearing up for some big announcement she can't bear to reveal yet

No. 1552426

>No energy even left to complain
….and yet, here you are, complaining.

No. 1552431

tinfoiling that it’s that documentary she mentioned a while back, when she was saying “I have to decide if it’s the right choice for me”.
either that or treatment, but I think we all know which is more likely kek

No. 1552442


Because that mad hag does generate a shitload of clicks..?

No. 1552449

File: 1654630865518.jpg (272.48 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20220607-213759_Ins…)

Even my cat cringed at this video. God. If I would be a kid at her uni I would bully her so hard

No. 1552456

How much do you wanna bet she sent this to herself? She's always out there describing everything as "nice" and that dm says her body isn't nice which is just a weird way to say someone's body's is not attractive.

No. 1552467

I just know she dmed this to herself kek…

No. 1552471

God the fucking disgusting pock mark on her chubby chest from picking at her skin. Why doesn’t she commit to the larp and become underweight, for the first time?

No. 1552473

it's just a pimple on her tit calm down they're normal

No. 1552475

she's so stressed because there's a breathing coming up, but now she's got a straw with a motivational motto on it.

[cue to small outfit of the day with her ugly, bare legs showing]

No. 1552482

kek, love you nonas, had to laugh so hard that I forgot to breathe for a minute

No. 1552493

She is on Youtube because she makes them a looot of money $$$$

No. 1552501

She's gonna regret not eating healthier in a few years…carrying that weight into adulthood starts hurting your body especially if you have large breasts. I'm overweight from binge/purge and only now eating healthier and prepping rounded meals because of the knee and back pain

No. 1552508

I think as long as Fi is getting some sort of attention and validation for being a super brave warrior she won’t mind either way. Documentary or appointment days!! , either would satisfy that crave for asspats. Guess we’ll all have to wait with bated breath, kek.
~just breathe everyone, we can get through this~

No. 1552519

Still trying to find out about some plausible excuses why she doesn't gain weight (and why her collarbones stick out like mad).

All that while filming herself munching on a cereal bar, for the hundredth time.

No. 1552530

thats literally just restating what i said multiple times lol

No. 1552542

My first thought tbh

No. 1552543

>>her brother is a sperg

A morbidly obese one. Just to have mentioned it.

No. 1552550

she'll claim that she's overjoyed that the toob has been removed, yet the daily selfies will quickly dry up, without her favourite accessory to flaunt! even when she uses a selfie as a background and covers her face with a question box, the toob is always on show. i guarantee that she will do everything she can to talk whatever medical professionals she sees out of removing the toob and desperately fighr to keep it in place.

No. 1552568

poor kid.. she's literally only 18. Not the kindest way to enter adulthood. Her whole account makes me want to cry for her…

No. 1552605

Hate to add to the ham weight sperging but I can’t imagine she is actually overweight, to me she just has unfortunate weight distribution and a terrible diet. Her pushing her stomach out in every photo causes her to look bigger but if you look at her arms or her body overall she still just looks like the average unathletic person who eats too much junk food
I’m an apple body shape myself and when I was her age my body looked similar yet I was ~15 lbs from actually being classified as overweight, my diet was just all cheap processed crap and I never exercised because le college depression

No. 1552607

Anons exaggerate because it's a bunch of self-righteous anachans. Hams chubby bur she's not porgie.

No. 1552614

nobody is saying she's porgie, kek. there's a lot of room between 'slightly overweight' and 'porgie'.

No. 1552622

She’s definitely not porgie, but you can be smaller than porgie and still be overweight. I can’t imagine that ham is taller than 5’5”, and she very likely is overweight based off the size of her face, the size of her wrists, her midsection, and obviously her diet.

No. 1552625

of course ham isn't porgie's size, but she's eating her way into that…

No. 1552635

She has the mind of a child skip to 6:45

Cant really blame her though all the years of being int he spotlight cracked down on her at this moment

No. 1552642

Jesus Porgie if you had an ED you'd be yanking that thing out.

No. 1552643

They'd either be too narcissistic to date someone who is fat or they'ddate someone who is fat because it made them look thinner

No. 1552671

That would take years for ham to become a hamplanet

No. 1552719

she has no signs of slowing down her eating habits or finding an issue with them. that's how people become obese. of course it doesn't happen overnight but yeah, years of denial. IIRC ham has been in these threads for over a year now, so that's one year of denial… a few more to go kek

No. 1552778

File: 1654663976937.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1090x1785, 4B78A8C4-F603-4495-B24B-A5D1DE…)

Nikol is back, this time with full shots of her pulling at her ass. How dainty

No. 1552834

File: 1654671610786.png (5.84 MB, 1170x2532, 5BEBBBB6-C327-4C3E-AEBF-31AFFC…)

what. the. fuck.

No. 1552835

The first person ever on this thread to be honest about the dark side of eds.

No. 1552836

Does anyone remember when she went to treatment and gained weight? or was that a dream? I could have sworn she did a documentary with Shane Dawson too.

No. 1552837

Like a deflated balloon

No. 1552838

anonn she said HERSELF she is overweight and that was a long time ago

No. 1552839

She could've just flashed them then and there like she always does

No. 1552840

Even if she recovered will she get her ass back ever?

No. 1552846

Ham is overweight. Fact. Sure she isn't going to be harpooned on a beach or make it onto my 600lb life but kidding herself can eat so much shit in the name of recovery is deluded.She was never underweight, never needed to weight restore and if she continues will be eating her way to obesity.Time for the ana larp to stop and for her to put some fucking clothes on!

No. 1552892

Still better than her spoopiest but good lord some things aren't meant for the internet. Does she have a humiliation fetish?

No. 1552895

Those are the sacrifices they're willing to make, huh…

No. 1552899

Once you got lose skin you got it permanently she could potentially grow it back however it will always have a slight ‘loose’ look

No. 1552901

Don't forget about a lot of inner organs and the whole bone structure, since they are fuck'd as well.

No. 1552902

File: 1654682208248.jpeg (449.8 KB, 1170x1239, 287BBE9F-ED2F-47A5-B766-964E9A…)

Exactly. The WKing is ridiculous, she didn’t need to gain anything. Don’t forget we’re talking about someone who’s lied from the beginning about suffering a serious mental illness for internet clout. The irony is she probably DOES have disordered eating now, just not the type she wants. Her entire diet consists of sugary shit, chips and burgers. She looks like a dump truck already, it’s basically a one way ticket to obesity

Anyway, I found picrel interesting. Her content is all so performative and one dimensional, apart from the college stuff who even is she? I’m glad someone said it

No. 1552914

File: 1654685366089.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x2197, 27158782-B8B6-4CF4-A494-D255C4…)

Fi spreading hummus on a bread and calling it lunch

No. 1552920

File: 1654686648415.png (721.32 KB, 695x1347, Screenshot_20220608-210355~2.p…)

1auren_lives on Instagram /1aurenfraser on tiktok

She's been posted before, the "inpatient for a whole year" but always a normal weight attention seeker is back toobed again. She will make recovery tiktoks and then be alleging she's sooper dooper sick and needs a toob. Judging by the shit eating grin, she's not at all upset.

No. 1552945

She looks like she was homeschooled kek

No. 1552955

Seems like a pretty normal lunch to me. A fine middle ground between a single rice cake with one cucumber slice and 20 pancakes smothered with sugary toppings

No. 1552994

Rattle rattle

No. 1553003

File: 1654696777535.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1067x1422, 06AE9C60-9A36-4374-8E0E-C3408F…)


No. 1553010

take your fucking meds anon. A strand of hair isn’t milky.

No. 1553035

wtf is wrong with you?
under no circumstances this enough

No. 1553049

who gives a fuck?

No. 1553051

I'm sure this is the same girl who harassed her on instagram and photoshopped her photo wide.

No. 1553052

could be. even if it’s not a vendetta, i wish retards would fucking learn what milk is

No. 1553060


just continue your vendetta elsewhere

fuck off

No. 1553102

The point is that it's normal food, not some disordered combo or decorated to hell and back but just plain food.

No. 1553124

Quit rattling anon, that is no way near enough

No. 1553125

Yes she did, but she never really wanted to get better. She was forced into it. The whole video was an act. She started declining again right after the video.

No. 1553127

Does anyone know what happened to Sarahfinallysmiling? Her account no longer exists.

No. 1553128

nta but two pieces of bread slathered in hummus isn't enough?

No. 1553129

The amount of non milk lol
She probably didn't see the hair strand

No. 1553130

No, it's not anachan. Should have veg/protein

No. 1553135

Everyone knows that even non-disordered people don't always add that to their meals, especially a quick lunch, ortho-chan.

No. 1553154

File: 1654706045346.png (2.37 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220608-122923.png)

Not to add to the ham weight sperging but she really doesn't look overweight in her fully clothed photos. She's not thin but she really does look to be a normal weight. Will she stay a normal weight if she continues to never eat anything with nutritional value ? No but it's not like she's already even necessarily overweight. Would love for the anons claiming that she already admitted to being ow to prove it. Regardless, her weight isn't what makes her milky and I think that we all need to take a step back from the bone rattling and just focus on her larp when she talks about it. Maybe one day she'll develop a personality and post about that instead kek

No. 1553158

“A quick lunch” kek. What does she have to do other then to just breathe and go to an appointment. She should have time to eat a meal. It would be different if she actually had a life.

No. 1553161

She has a little bit of my respect just for that, to be honest.

No. 1553187

She's posing in a way that makes her legs and hips look smaller

No. 1553191

Despite preaching the exact opposite kek the hypocrisy. How her almost 20k followers buy this shit is beyond me

No. 1553194


Maybe enough for a regular person. Absolutely not for someone who is supposed to be on a weight gain meal plan. What is that - 400 calories? Add the rest of what she shows to that and I doubt she'd gain at all, or if she did it would be slow as hell.

No. 1553195


why don't you stop your fucking bonerattling??

Fi's screwing up at her appointments and stressed, because she does not gain weight. And she knows the particular reasons for that, we can be sure.

It's as easy as that.

No. 1553198

Nonnies I'm scared. Protein and exercise will save me from this, right?

No. 1553202


No. 1553203

No normie would look at a dry ass sliver of bread with hummus and call it a meal.

No. 1553208

After a certain point of eating at a deficit, probably not.

No. 1553210

Agreed considering she's supposed to be in recovery. Three meals plus three snacks. That's where she should be, no matter how small the snacks are. The bread and hummus (no doubt reduced fat) would be considered a snack, not a main meal.

No. 1553212

I feel like I've been on this thread for years and I've become desensitised to the spoops. I was more interested in the books on the floor. Not complaining, like. It gets you that way after seeing so many skeles.

No. 1553215

Oh m8, too tight near the crotch. Ouch.

Remember she used to buy account follows by the 100s.

No. 1553224

Oh wait, sorry, I might have misunderstood. At first reading, I thought that you were talking about harm reduction. If you are trying to weight restore, then building muscle and having a balanced intake could help fill things in again.

No. 1553226

Unconnected, but this post reminded me of n2f. Anyone have an update on her situation?

No. 1553228

Nikol may have done a lot of good sharing that photo of her granny ass

No. 1553249

File: 1654710280455.jpg (306.02 KB, 1080x1821, Screenshot_20220608-134343_Ins…)

She's just genuinely deranged. She seems so out of touch I can't tell if she's trolling.

No. 1553259

Bath is really pretty but all ham can think about is food. Bleak.

No. 1553260

No, and it's not like it's dripping with hummus or something.
No significant protein, not even some salad and dressing basically just carbs and it's very plain so it's still a very restrictive lunch for someone in recovery especially.

No. 1553280

she's one of the only cows that i would believe if she flat out said she was an autist. there's something very off with her.

No. 1553301

She's got to be. She behaves far out of the realm of even other anachans.

No. 1553324

because it would be so helpful for her 100k+ followers she just posted it on TT as well

No. 1553373

ya but anon she has to breathe A LOT.

No. 1553381

File: 1654716325440.jpeg (493.3 KB, 1536x1536, ECAC435C-BFA8-44E5-B0A3-E7AB42…)

Ok so this might be a bit too shiny and metallic for some of you but I’m getting the feeling that liveonfilmbyhanna might be self posting? I’ve highlighted the comments so far about her that seem weird:
- Keeps bringing her up out of the blue.
- The comments are always WKing and “so sad for her really want her to get better” - no one talks like that about any of the other cows
-and the writing style seems very similar every time.
- Could be a reach but the accent sounds like English could be their second language like Hanna.
- Fits with her need to be the sickest Ana (as in the fourth picture one of her ig captions plus the ridiculous shooping fiasco).

Definitely not saying all comments about her are self posted but this weird pity party for Hanna anon is definitely weird.

No. 1553421

Possibly agree. I mean she is milky, so I can see someone else posting her. But also yeah I don’t see how anyone here would actually feel bad for her because even though she’s only 18 her insta is FULL of pitiful crying faces. She likes showing off the restraints and tube, otherwise she wouldn’t post them every other post she makes. This is like the whole principle of being a cow, you can be authentic and have a difficult time/genuinely struggle but constantly showing how sick and sad you are is weird. People who post crying selfies are the worst.

No. 1553453

I see where you’re coming from but I don’t think she’s self posting. From her posts, her English seems more stilted than anything posted here. It also seems like she wouldn’t have the mental capacity to work out how the site works (e.g. believing people would fall for that shoop)

No. 1553466

Yeah except she’s not non-disordered and tries to preach recovery to her followers. This isn’t anywhere close to an adequate meal on weight gain protocol and it’s obvious this is why she never gains, yet continues to get asspats for this BS from the idiots who follow her.

No. 1553501

>Your posts are boring and repetitive
>omg thanks I know! You're such a big help!
Ham has no shred of self respect lol. Why respond to shit like this at all, especially if she's truly passionate and believes in what she's doing, why admit to wanting to pivot after a single mild criticism. It's so obvious she only cares about likes and not where they come from.

To shed some light with a humble PL, I have the same body type as Hammy and yeah it's easy to catfish from a front-on angle because she has a defined waist. She carries weight in her lower belly, hips and front of the thighs. You'll notice all her purposely chubby photos are standing in profile and her cute posing photos are always head on, outfits are high waisted to make her look hourglass.
I do believe she's at the tipping point between normal and overweight, not from her crazy bodyposi posing but because her face has filled out in the last few months.

No. 1553505

Also doubt she's a self-poster. This site isn't user friendly, especially not to the zoomer crowd, and her English is pretty broken. People just tend to be softer on younger cows as a rule. Except Ham lmao she gets no mercy

No. 1553544

File: 1654725218009.png (1.95 MB, 1080x1963, Screenshot_20220608-175012.png)

here is the post where she admitted she's overweight, and this was 7 months ago and she's gained since then. overweight doesn't mean 600 pounds. she is medically overweight and she admitted it herself. she has admitted to gaining since then. end of.

No. 1553546

Thought I saw somewhere Fi had complained that the "hate" she was getting on Tiktok was unbearable

No. 1553553

She's definitely well-covered lol idk why this is a debate. I'm not gonna bmi sperg but I believe her you don't have to look like tess holiday to be overweight

No. 1553556

Anything that isn't endless asspats and gifts to her p.o. box counts as "hate" to Fi

No. 1553559

Haven't seen Fiona mention her p.o. box gifts lately tinfoil her parents stopped supplying her funds to piss away on etsy

No. 1553561

Kind of shocked she didn't accidentally kill herself with refeeding syndrome binging like that

No. 1553566

File: 1654725981196.jpg (363.71 KB, 1040x1848, Screenshot_20220608-180536_Chr…)

She's got the hood pulled up to look extra uwu frail

No. 1553572

Calorie-free beverage in hand. Kek. Classic Cece

No. 1553609

Honestly she posts crying faces but there are never any tears/ red eyes/ blotchy face ‍♀️
Croc tears.(emoji)

No. 1553648

The walls of texts about how the doctors say she's the most severe ana ever are also lulzy

No. 1553653

File: 1654730622677.png (211.76 KB, 473x446, Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 6.23…)

The sickest ana, living up to her claim that she's not posting anything that might trigger/upset her followers.

No. 1553663


How did she take the picture when restrained in segufix?

No. 1553666

Here’s the thing. People who are genuinely sick are more likely to downplay their symptoms and illness. Cece, on the other hand, makes it out to be like she was on deaths door when she had like a 3 day voluntary medical hospitalization because she purposefully dehydrated herself to get admitted.

No. 1553680

KEK at the fucking poem she picked

No. 1553681

Didn't Cece admit she was in the wheelchair bc asked for it and bc of lithium tremors?

No. 1553690

Yes, cece admitted she was in the wheelchair because of a tremor from the lithium she was taking. Her posts are truly comical at this point

No. 1553694

File: 1654733594600.jpg (305.86 KB, 1080x1836, Screenshot_20220609-101033_Tik…)

Keeping up with the relapse baiting

No. 1553712

File: 1654735611404.jpg (480.35 KB, 1080x1955, Screenshot_20220608-204641_Ins…)

Pepperidge farm remembers.

No. 1553741

File: 1654736974640.png (6.6 KB, 225x225, 799BCA6F-2646-4C98-94A7-949AB4…)

serving Olive Oyl realness

No. 1553778

Not to wk but she was vomiting up the water involuntarily, she didn’t dehydrate herself. And she was in the hospital over a week. We can hate on her because she sucks but at least be accurate

No. 1553782

> she was vomiting up the water involuntarily, she didn’t dehydrate herself

According to who?

No. 1553792


Cece of course!

No. 1553793

The world's most reliable narrator!

No. 1553805

I doubt anyone hates her it's not that deep

No. 1553809

ok and how are you so sure it was involuntary anon (or should i say cece, kek)

No. 1553855

This is the most coherent and logical response to Ham, so I thank you for that anon.

Agreed that she knows her angle, audience and also, let’s face it, how to play her parents. She won’t be looking for a “new angle” for her Instagram account because she doesn’t own a personality outside of it. She’ll say what needs to be said in order to seem to innocent and naive whilst continuing to manipulate a young audience - all because she doesn’t have a single friend beyond the world of IG

No. 1553869

No this is true, she was posting all that triggering shit about not keeping down gatorade or water for weeks beforehand, which is common with electrolyte issues

No. 1553877

have you ever considered that…. not everything she writes is the literal truth?

If she actually couldn't keep water down for weeks, she would have died. You can't just wait weeks to need to go to the hospital if you're not keeping any fluids down. It has nothing to do with being a "good" anorexic or not, it's biologically impossible.

Was she maybe throwing up a little bit but nit everything she drank? It's possible. Do lots of people lie and claim purging is involuntary vomiting? Uh, yeah.

No. 1553883

"(Again)" lol

No. 1553884

Exactly! You can even convince yourself it’s involuntary
Mostly likely she could just stomach less liquids (not no liquids)

No. 1553915

Either way that’s kinda a serious problem. You guys shit on her ik but she’s legit been sick. Sage for wk again sorry but not really

No. 1553934

Yeah don’t disagree its a problem, but there’s no need to broadcast it let alone an exaggerated version…
To me it’s like not only broadcasting spoopy body checks online, but exaggerating them by shooping

No. 1553936

exactly. Notice that the original post >>1553653 is making fun of her for sharing this when she claims to totally not be posting unhealthy, toxic shit or bragging, not even commenting on whether any of it is true or not.

No. 1553941

What was mostly funny about cece's ip fiasco was how she kept larping it was the exact same as acute. No one said she wasn't sick or dehydrated or malnourished nona

No. 1554195

"Things that probably no one gives a sh*t about"

No. 1554197

File: 1654759921949.jpg (177.11 KB, 1080x1608, Screenshot_20220609-173124_Tik…)

No. 1554224

I like your tinfoil, anon. The very first time she was posted the thread was slow and I was bored and I looked at her IG. Her following was super small and still is (200 followers). As you say, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t posted by someone else because she ticks several cow boxes, but it just stuck out to me.

No. 1554233

Pretty sure they’re only using the waist strap seeing as that’s the only bit she’s ever shown and evidently her wrists are unrestrained.

No. 1554244

No cece, proudly implying that you haven’t adhered to your meal plan to your vulnerable & mentally ill followers who are mostly minors since you insist on posting to TikTok. Very different, you dumb, stunted cow.

No. 1554255

kek i posted her first and im not her

No. 1554261

I'm not saying everyone has to have their shit together at 30, but it's extremely pathetic that she's so proud of relapsing that she's making sassy tiktoks about it. Most girls half her age have already outgrown this kind of behavior.

No. 1554275

Yes shes said it before. Shes dated both genders throughout her lolcow journey

No. 1554277

Is barely anorexic for like 2 years
Let me laugh.

No. 1554282

Has Fi actually shared or given a clue as to what this massively stressful week that she has to try to survive is?

No. 1554286

Tell the twins to move over, Cece is the real SEED case

No. 1554287

The fucking rupi kaur poem

No. 1554288

World's most punchable face. Why so smug, Cece?

No. 1554289

"massively stressful week" = appointment with a doctor, (who's pissed off asking the same questions) concerning her calorie intake and non-existent weight gain

"try to survive" = larping on Youtube as a frail elven princess

No. 1554294

If any of this is even slightly true, she needs to get her shit together fast. She was barely underweight last year but was experiencing all these complications? Even though she is definitely exaggerating, that shows she has a low tolerance for weight loss and restriction. She’s 30 now, her body is only going to get more intolerant of weight fluctuations and purging.

No. 1554300

File: 1654773513654.jpg (270.47 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20220608-224842_Ins…)

She posted a comprehensive list of her complications that's still in her highlights lol

No. 1554309

File: 1654774104968.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1682, DIDlol.jpg)

DID and anorexia larper reminds me of Ceces tiktok, kek. Her name is Ash but she uses Tamzyn now and makes videos to validate how sooper sick she is. I bumped into her path when she was in Melbourne briefly and the stuff she's claiming about her sooper severe ana is made up fantasy she justifies with DID (secret BPD cow)

No. 1554312

File: 1654774297682.jpg (983.55 KB, 1079x1668, DIDlol2.jpg)

Which personality is she larping ever had this happen? Top cow

No. 1554314

File: 1654774432281.jpeg (934.45 KB, 1170x2411, CF3AF8C7-186F-4940-9E55-1BCDCA…)

saving shan seems to be heading down just an open relapse route …. that she simply has to tell all her followers about ??

No. 1554317

she is/was very close friends with Mellymoo, one copying the other much?

No. 1554328

She didn't have a bowel movement for SEVEN WEEKS? Wtf

No. 1554335

File: 1654778097248.jpg (127.32 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20220609-133124_Ins…)

Probably the 100 meds she's on…Christ I feel bad for her.
She was malingering before, but all those meds have fried her brain. Poor girl, no one deserves this.

No. 1554336

It is sad. This one's pretty much the definition of "fuck around and find out."

No. 1554362

File: 1654780234710.jpeg (49.83 KB, 828x554, 30FFC97C-3C2E-4A59-96AB-A2FD18…)

Notice how she only posts this shit on her personal - because the anas who follow her recovery account will be able to see through her lies

>cold intolerance so bad that I was wearing sweaters in summer
Yeah, but Washington isn’t exactly a tropical climate, is it?

No. 1554373

She said she was on neuroleptics and that stuff taken long term gives you brain damage. Poor girl indeed.

No. 1554375

Sage for dumbfag but even Ash tier spoops get warm if it's 100 degrees?? Cece is so extra. If she went two months without shitting she'd be dead or having major surgery.

No. 1554393

File: 1654783128629.jpg (157.5 KB, 720x1315, 20220609_151729.jpg)

Omfg, the BEST mentally ill gay person on the planet!!1!1
Dear Cece: maybe your dates and "cute girls" don't seem to stay because they lurk at your insta/tiktok, then see this fucking trailer of what a shitshow of a narcissist you are, and think "wow, no thanks!" And no, I'm from germany and not one of these girls lol

No. 1554407

File: 1654784018472.png (17.91 KB, 147x320, AECB7B20-31CC-4EED-953E-8C811D…)

Wtf is this one going absolutely insane ? She is followed by some known cows so it seemed appropriate to post. Milky in a "give me all your attention because I practically live in IP" kind of way

No. 1554426

She’s been in and out of treatment vacations since 2013, as she likes to point out. That’s nine years, seems pretty chronic to me

No. 1554429

she's certainly been sick for longer than two years, so that anon is wrong. But her high intensity treatment has all been more recent, so she hasn't been in and out of hospital-based/residential treatment for nearly that long (which is what she's implying). So, again, it's an instance of Cece presenting things in a way that she thinks will make her look more sick. Her style is exaggeration, not outright lying.

No. 1554437

Sure, CC.

No. 1554443

It’s funny because she’s probably been in treatment longer than she’s actually been underweight, conclusion- attention whore

No. 1554468

To be fair she’s a purger, you don’t need to be underweight to be sick

No. 1554469


its too blurry, i cant read it.

No. 1554472

Give her shit for going to treatment, give her shit for avoiding treatment? Make up your mind

No. 1554476

Hi Cecelia!
Come to any country where there's no private ed clinics and they wouldn't give you a time of day! In US any fattie can sign up for treatment if they just have the money. The only chronic condition with CC is the attention seeking.

No. 1554487

Nobody said you needed to be underweight to be sick but fuck's sake can the Cece white -knight gtfo. Nothing Cecelia says is credible.

No. 1554488

Do you think they’re just letting people in over there? You still have to meet medical criteria, that’s how privatized insurance works

No. 1554490

Cece definitely has an ED-I think what pisses people off is that she constantly EXAGGERATES the severity of her illness.

No. 1554491

You're correct, nona. Even death tier spoops get hot in very high temperatures. Wearing a thick sweater mid July is attention whoring

No. 1554495

You have to meet skelly criteria for ACUTE in Denver iirc because it requires prior authorization but Cece as we know never met criteria there. Anyone with decent insurance in the US can self-report ed cognitions and get admitted to res.

No. 1554503

This I don't even see anyone disputing that she's underweight and probably could use treatment right now.

No. 1554509

Could Cece use treatment? Sure. However, nothings going to change if she first doesn’t get more treatment for her raging BPD. Her ED is secondary.

No. 1554511

someone having an obvious psychotic break that has nothing to do with EDs is not milky and doesn’t belong in this thread anon

No. 1554520

Username and text are unreadable. Vendettachan?

No. 1554544

let's break this down. this video consists of cece bragging about:
>a college or university education
of course, she mouths to the camera "tWo DeGrEes". can't help herself.
>natural hair color
you don't have blue hair, here's a cookie cece (not that you'll eat it).
>at least one parent who isn't abusive
cece makes sure to add, *2 nonabusive parents! so something totally outside of your control is now a flex on victims? jesus.
>the ability to differentiate between romantic/platonic/sexual attraction
no way she didn't have a romantically ambiguous relationship with one of the 5 girls in that brunette clone friend group a while back.
>a full time job
You're. Literally. THIRTY. YEARS. OLD.

No. 1554553

Cecelia couldn't pull off blue hair lol

No. 1554564

Pseudo-seizures are also a thing. I’m guessing this is what the doctors are thinking as she said they are ‘routine’ investigations? (it’s basically a non-epileptic seizure)

Cecelia is trying to make her whole identity a lesbian-who-doesn’t-look-gay. She thinks she is the only lesbian ever to exist who has long hair that isn’t bright blue or pink. For a gay person she really stereotypes people.

No. 1554580

How can she not understand that this video just proves her mental illnesses are not significant enough to actually impact her life in any way?

No. 1554587

Nona, just because it’s not a “tropical climate” doesn’t mean the Pacific Northwest doesn’t get hot in the summer. Fucking kek

No. 1554588

She's trying for the persona of sickest daintiest tortured genius who made it through school and work and two degrees while being a SEED patient. Don't buy it.

No. 1554589

As a fellow anachan who also has seizures sometimes and isn’t epileptic, I’ve been told they’re just from “malnutrition” which Ik is a blanket statement

No. 1554604

Lol I should have been clearer with my tinfoil I only really think those specific comments I pointed out in the original were self posted because she just seems so desperate to do anything that might solidify her image as the purest daintiest Ana, but I reckon the rest and overall majority of them were not.

I hear you guys that said the site is too hard for her to use but she is obviously trying to start up a recovery IG account (already has a name “little fighters” for her ‘fans’ and other wannabe influencer type behaviour on her account ) with a curated image as a tiny frail waif so I’m sure she has/does googled herself to make sure her image is intact which would lead her here. And then all you have to do is Google “how to post on lolcow” and bobs your uncle.

So I think she was pleased to see she was being talked about but wanted to slip in a few sympathetic comments to make herself look better. I mean who wouldn’t if you were an anorexic teenager who is desperate for the sympathy and asspats that come from having a ‘recovery’ account where you post endless tube and hospital selfies, you had never heard of this site and you discover lolcow where people are anonymously commenting on your weight and ED and you can secretly steer the conversation away from how badly you photoshopped your last picture and back to how “truly sick and underweight she is and I just feel so bad for her”, to make it look like people are feeling sorry for you… it makes total sense.

Anyway who cares really I just think we should keep a bit of an eye on her and the context in which she keeps appearing in this thread

No. 1554632

This is way too long and detailed to not be a self poast kek
>we should keep a bit of an eye on her
I’m sure you’d like that

No. 1554662

She claims ‘chronic anorexia’ so yes you do need to be underweight to meet this criteria?

No. 1554664

Uh im not her Nona, was just sperging about what I think motivates people such as Hanna to selfpost in context of the previous conversation?

No. 1554666

When has she ever avoided treatment.

No. 1554671

Does Laura look malnourished to you? Also nice blogging skelly now quit it and go have a balanced meal.

No. 1554697

I’ve never looked at Laura so my apologies for thinking an anachan would be malnourished kek…she’s probably just lying about having any, in that case.

>now quit it and go have a balanced meal

we’re gonna focus the aggression towards the people this thread is actually about. that’s not a request.

No. 1554742

Inb4 "yes she's skelly" they're referring to @flourishingfxiry whose a bpd larger in the UK

No. 1554743

*larper kek though at the typo

No. 1554747

Anon probably means now but Cece can't go a whole summer without that sweet sweet validation on the ITU. It's not over.

No. 1554755

I doubt anyone is Hanna, her English seems quite broken and no one sounds like her.

No. 1554757

Exactly. This tinfoil is retarded.

No. 1554833

Her English is unbroken enough to type basically understandable soliloquies… I think she can post a few sentences here with regular English lmao

No. 1554872

Not everything is a self-post

No. 1554878

Words of wisdom

No. 1554965

I know Laura irl, she’s not larping bpd

No. 1554966

I don’t think anyone was suggesting that

No. 1554967

nta but think anon meant BPD larping an ED, not larping BPD

No. 1555008

We know nona. She 10000% Is a bpd-chan. Textbook. Missing her crotch shots and bloody face a little extra today.

No. 1555062

Could you do a clearer photo- I cant make out the name or the writing ?

No. 1555070

What's this "queer" nonsense. Say you're a "lesbian". Stop being silly.

2 years ago.
She quickly became institutionalised. She stayed in hospital because she went to the bridge (or w/e) and said she had an ED. Since then she's developed more things, face scratching, the other bollocks she does, etc. I think she does this to stay in there. Her seizures aren't going to be genuine. She's doing all she can to be seen as desperately unstable because she wants to stay in a hospital.

No. 1555071

File: 1654813037516.png (819.85 KB, 636x745, leg lifts.png)

Woah, dropped pic

No. 1555075

File: 1654813182472.jpg (37.3 KB, 450x422, marycry718.jpg)

No. 1555079

File: 1654813384212.png (3.73 MB, 1170x2532, 398F943D-AFE3-4C13-BBD5-17E49E…)

what was that about her looking less spoopy?

No. 1555103

Kek she ran around in public doing those "ballet" moves

No. 1555112

I think anons got fooled by her using filters to make her face look less sick

No. 1555121

Don't forget the splits on Starbucks floor!

Such a stupid move getting inked when they're thin. If they ever recover, they tattoos are going to look really odd.

No. 1555132

There was more to it then that. Jaclyn had an intervention while Eugenia was in Cali specifically to get her 5150d. The law in CT is very different. CT requires a court order first requiring two drs to testify or if a Dr, nurse or social worker affirm EC has psychiatric disabilities, is dangerous, gravely disabled and in need of imminent care.

No. 1555157

File: 1654819517896.jpeg (191.26 KB, 1170x2039, 6C2979BD-B2E1-4F1C-84A3-FBE719…)

more like she felt freedom to restrict

No. 1555162

Splits all over london

No. 1555163

File: 1654819979569.jpeg (686.47 KB, 1170x2159, F17CB005-54B3-4F54-9F42-DCCC98…)

why does she think she can post recovery content looking like this and why do people fucking believe her? God guess their brains are fried too if they follow her for the spoop

No. 1555184


No vendetta at all, my phone decided to take the worst screenshot ever for some reason.

Geez some people are really paranoid.

Anyways someone said it wasn't milky because it wasn't about ed's, even when some known cows follow her and she also had an ed for some time. Oh well. Next time I'll wait for a more obvious thing.

No. 1555190

dear lord I thought the piece of blonde hair near her ear was her scalp and I nearly had a heart attack

No. 1555231

File: 1654823263941.jpeg (400.46 KB, 1170x2108, 6B78BECC-3156-4B35-9D83-51222C…)

“I will block you if you call me out for bodychecking” the shirt lift and legs pushed out is not subtle

No. 1555257

I cringe to know she exists, does this dumb gross shit, and posts it online for the public. Total waste of oxygen, this one. It's really horrid seeing her face, especially after she hasn't been posted much lately, eurgh

No. 1555282

why is Cece "divorced" if she was never married? I'm out of the loop about this. And why would she mention this, since I remember her being pretty broken up over that failed relationship? If someone caused me that amount of pain, I wouldn't use some fun fact about the break-up in a TikTok.

No. 1555322

File: 1654825921731.jpeg (698.44 KB, 799x1065, E13F9FFC-1422-492C-B37D-489885…)

might be knit-picking but the red mark on her knuckle… also the cheek sucking in is embarassing

No. 1555340

I have this theory that prim-and-ordered Cecelia, whose home and closet looks like a pinterest board, is rubbing her knuckles on something to make it look like she's B/P and make people concerned because in actual fact she finds vomiting abhorrent.

She strikes me far more as a 100% in control no-bingeing ana chan.

No. 1555345

It was like five years ago and she’s dated quite a bit since, I doubt she’s still upset. Don’t know the details tho

No. 1555361

>100% in control no-binging
suspicious as hell.

if it was about her anachan cred she'd avoid being known as bulimic over anorexic

No. 1555362

Hi Cece

No. 1555363

yeah I really don't understand that… she said legally, so maybe she was considered common-law married with her ex? IDK

No. 1555370

Depending on the year it may have been before marriage equality in the US

No. 1555378

Gay marriage was 8 years ago, not 5

No. 1555441

Bloody hell. DID TikTok has bled into the ED space.

No. 1555442

that one has been LARPing DID for a long time now. She also started a GoFundMe to raise money for medical treatment that she "needed" because "new zealand can't treat gastroparesis" or what the fuck ever, aka they knew she was full of shit

No. 1555611

This one always said she has DID until someone on this thread said it was suspicious, then she went full-blown little-kid-voice ‘hi! I’m the young one!’ and it’s like a game where her followers guess who’s fronting. Only started after people here questioned the validity of her diagnosis.

No. 1555622

File: 1654844997132.jpg (669.51 KB, 1079x1778, Screenshot_20220610-080807_Tik…)

saging because this isnt really milk i suppose but got this on my fyp and thought…she looks familiar somehow? click on her profile and its cube head our old friend! love seeing cows in the wild.

No. 1555649

Not sad at all. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for this one.

No. 1555663

File: 1654850076328.jpg (28.28 KB, 520x221, AjRy8qO.jpg)

>>1555282> >1555363

re. divorce

No. 1555690

File: 1654853456884.jpeg (129.63 KB, 1080x1192, hammie.jpeg)

Ham is really trying to hide her lower body's width with all this posing. Is she not proud of her perfect body after all? She's so cross legged and leaning that she has to hold on to something to not tip over.

No. 1555699

Is it normal to have an armpit boob?

No. 1555701

Our queen back glad she's okay and happy it nice to hear that she's happy and well.

No. 1555702

File: 1654854866729.jpg (912.48 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220610-105304_Gal…)


My bad
My dumb ass forgot to add photo

No. 1555709

Armpit fat is normal, yes, but I've never seen anyone Ham size, not an absolute hamplanet, with that big pit tits

No. 1555728

File: 1654858879960.jpg (212.25 KB, 750x1289, IMG_4804.jpg)

Found a new tik tok Anachan. Claims to be in recovery while bodychecking and telling her followers that she is healthy.

No. 1555729

File: 1654859316351.jpg (25.65 KB, 491x308, IMG.jpg)

No. 1555730

Her panties get higher and higher with every photo kek.

No. 1555732


she keeps on getting bigger, I wonder if shes aware of the changes she's going through. At this rate Ham is going to turn into a feedee

No. 1555736

I will personally slowly push needles under your fingernails until you learn how to fucking sage

No. 1555737

Lego’s from Boston??? It all makes sense now. That place is absolutely grim, the natives are inbred af

No. 1555738

File: 1654860293763.png (497.27 KB, 1020x552, itshouldhavestayedindrafts.cec…)

There is very little that is more vindicating than watching Cece getting called out in her comment section and losing arguments about it with multiple people.

No. 1555739

Who hurt you, nonnie?

No. 1555741

hahaha. this one is proana in the sense that, upon seeing her """recovered""" body, any anorexic would decide to never recover.

No. 1555753

File: 1654862320949.png (Spoiler Image, 8.33 MB, 1170x2532, 2F9AD215-4485-4BEA-AE3C-F29ACB…)

is she genuinely delusional or just trying to trigger ppl

spoiler cause idk slightly graphic not really

No. 1555756

One totally doesn't need to meet any medical criteria for private residential stays. Renfrew, for instance. Remuda Ranch. They'll all admit with private insurance without "medical criteria" being met. Insurance may only pay for a short stay, but you don't have to be very ill (or all that sick at all) to make it into private res. ERC and Denver ACUTE are strict with their criteria, but the other lil places not so much.

No. 1555757

Correctamundo. There are loads of wannarexics in the residential treatment centers who pay out of pocket or have private insurance. Denver ACUTE is speshul. ERC is lenient insofar as 'medical criteria,' as well.

No. 1555762

What am I even looking at here

No. 1555764

File: 1654863906668.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2048x1030, E5F49D2A-66CC-463B-9A23-8C6AFC…)

And that’s why Cece’s so sour. She desperately wants to be ~speshul~ but she’s your run of the mill anorexic, never been anywhere near ACUTE level (which most aren’t) and it eats her up inside

No. 1555768

I feel weird saying that this caption warmed my heart, but I (and several others on here) do have a soft spot for n2f. Even though, admittedly, I haven't even been lurking long enough to see her pre-recovery.

No. 1555774

She just seems so mean and pathetic. It'd be neat to see if she'd freak out if we all stopped talking about her.

No. 1555775

I highly recommend going back to old threads and checking it out. It was real, real rough. I am so damned thrilled for her and want so much happiness in her future.

No. 1555778

I've actually been trying to do just that! Sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but could you tell me the approximate thread number?

No. 1555782

nayrt but iirc her bad days were all posted around thread 50? maybe some earlier threads too

No. 1555783

It starts in the 20s I think. Good luck nonna hope you have a strong stomach

No. 1555787

i wondered that too, but her explanation just highlights that she makes everything so unnecessarily dramatic. she wasn't married, but she was still in a registered domestic partnership which is a legally-recognised relationship status, thus ending a domestic partnership involves getting a divorce - which means there are countless other people in the world who have a legal status of "divorced", despite never having been married. she makes everything into a huge, mysterious drama by only sharing half the story, purposefully to make herself seem special and unique. no Cece, you were simply in a relationship, which then ended.

No. 1555791

File: 1654866878750.jpg (211.29 KB, 1080x1507, Screenshot_20220610-091350_Chr…)

This exactly. Some anons were sperging several threads back that ACUTE will take people who "aren't that sick" but tbh that's delusional jealous anachans talking. The medical criteria is pretty strict and they discharge once patients gain up to bmi 14.

No. 1555793

What grinds my gears the most about Cece is how much she blames her ex for her "spiral into anorexia." Cecelia refuses to take even a crumb of actual accountability ever.

No. 1555794

Kek good on her partner for running when she had the chance

No. 1555799

Exactly. So when the CC wk (who is for sure Cece herself) asked if anon thinks anyone can just walk into treatment in the US- yes they can.

No. 1555804

ACUTE is for skellychans, Cece has never come close.

No. 1555805

Larpers go to res or php all the time in the US.

No. 1555809

Yup. I like how she mentioned Denver here >>1553712 …technically not a lie but you know she wanted people to think she was on her way to acute. For a supposedly “smart” educated woman she’s ever so transparent.

No. 1555825

lol fuck off with your tinfoiling, I'm not Cecelia

No. 1555826

It’s not always based on BMI, I’ve seen normal weight patients at ACUTE but just with significant medical issues

No. 1555827

I'm pretty sure even Hobbitland can treat a common issue like gastroparesis. They just can't treat what you don't have.

No. 1555834

Ah right. She also genuinely has an ED too though but idk what her diagnosis is

No. 1555835

looks like a heroin addict's arm

No. 1555837

that’s interesting, so what’s the difference in California law that meant she could get formed while she was there?

No. 1555838

>She strikes me far more as a 100% in control no-bingeing ana chan.

Fuck off with your shit takes then. Presenting prim and proper on the internet is likely a cope and people aren’t buying it. Given her rampant BPD and hx of booze/drugs/shoplifting she probably B/P all the time

No. 1555845

That's what I meant dumbass. She wants to present this facade of being perfectly in control. Whether it's true or not, who knows. She's either micromanaging every aspect of her life, or she's putting on a very good impression of doing so while being a huge mess behind the scenes.

No. 1555856

lmao no wonder she’s constantly seething. I know lots of anons here like to pretend otherwise but you can be malnourished at any weight. And there’s Cece with her “chronic” “severe” “SEED” with zero ‘serious’ medical complications

No. 1555858

Which Cece never had, she just had run-of-the-mill dehydration and possibly electrolyte issues from purging that any hospital can treat. Normal-weight patients at acute tend to go there for things like extreme gastroparesis, SMA, etc

No. 1555861

I've heard Denver's ITU is full of BPD acute wannabes like Cece who refuse fluids, tube-yank, and throw screaming fits to get sent there rather then anything specific to their eating disorders

No. 1555863

It's sad. There are a lot of people who are genuinely physically and/or mentally ill from their eating disorders and who truly want to get better and are willing to put in the effort but can't afford good insurance. It's really difficult to impossible to get public insurance (medicare/medicaid) to pay for ED treatment. I guess that's just the way the world works though.

No. 1555865

Miss rule follower has a history of shoplifting? What she couldn’t afford all those beige clothes with her own money?

No. 1555876


does she mean attempt number six at trying to draw her blood? thats the only conclusion i could come up with.

No. 1555878

I'm pretty sure that's what it was. Not uncommon to take 6 attempts, but painful. I'm sure being a spoop doesn't help.

No. 1555883

Anon is correct. Any normal weight patient at ACUTE (few and far between) has significant, immediately life-threatening complications. ERC itu takes acute step-downs but it's much more common to be brimming with bpdchans

No. 1555885

But anon, Cece was in "acute care" for three days!! The daintiest

No. 1555888

File: 1654872505757.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x2078, C29EFCDD-EB1D-4FEF-BB23-30B2CC…)

Wow she looks awful in bikinis

No. 1555890


this makes me sick to my stomach. i cant help but wonder, would people still do this shit if it didnt get them attention? these poor fucking kids. that baby has almost no chance at a life without ED.

No. 1555894

what the hell is it?

No. 1555898

File: 1654873127373.jpeg (391.94 KB, 1170x2113, 8F8348F4-7543-4EE3-A24E-BE1D4E…)

You anachans are so disturbed. “Critically low weight” is considered anything less than BMI 15 (70% IBW) per the ACUTE website itself. Read here. Cece has definitely met that, and probably does now honestly. It’s the medical instability piece she doesn’t meet, but if your weight is low that’s not a requirement, again per ACUTE themselves

No. 1555909

Oh piss off with the Cecelia wking and acute sperging. The reality is that the vast vast majority of ACUTE patients are emaciated skellies. Seethe harder, Cece.

No. 1555911

she definitely seems to have BPD… reee i don’t care if you’re unhappy in this dysfunctional relationship with me, look what you did now for leaving me!!! i’m anorexic now and it’s all your fault!!
very mature cece lol

No. 1555913

Why..why did she not just wipe her face off?

No. 1555915

It's been years and she still bashes the ex

No. 1555930

File: 1654875429295.jpg (202.63 KB, 1037x1759, Screenshot_20220610-113515_Ins…)

This seems pretty blamey it's in her "about me" highlight

No. 1555933

She looks really pretty here!

No. 1555962

Def not BMI 15 we all have eyes.

No. 1555964

so cunty that she'd put her ex's face on here. calling off a wedding is not 'traumatic'

No. 1555968

KEK cece isn't bmi 15, and absolutely not lower. underweight, sure, but the point is that she's not in critical condition.

No. 1555976


Her ex dodged a fat bullet. Rude to put her pic out there while blaming her for her unstable mental health which is actually just due to a raging personality disorder

No. 1555984

Is there anything new with those two?

No. 1555986


I'm guessing she's just bragging about how many times they had to try to draw her blood

No. 1555992

As someone who takes blood, her veins look easy af

No. 1555999

Cece 100% has never been under bmi of 16 based on her pictures.

No. 1556007

5150 requires an evaluation first, CT does not. It only requires a dr, nurse (LPN or higher) or psy d to initiate the hold.

No. 1556015

hahaha you know why: more attention, it’s stronger than heroin to people with critically low self esteem

No. 1556102

File: 1654881538997.png (6.98 MB, 1170x2532, 8851AE26-7131-4357-BFC5-725828…)

oh my god.

No. 1556105

File: 1654881598086.png (7.03 MB, 1170x2532, FEB770D2-250D-46AC-9E65-F9254B…)

she 10000% knows what she’s doing

No. 1556106

That detailed chocolate fish tail thing is so delightfully on brand for Nourish. Like where the fuck did she even get that and why is it on her breakfast plate. God love her

No. 1556113

These retards wouldn't need to "disguise" their body checks if they didn't post them to tiktok. I'll never get that.

No. 1556114

File: 1654881789531.jpeg (234.74 KB, 1170x1962, 74074C0C-EEE3-4C02-BF4D-C72080…)

horse face is definitely trying to mimic zara with the whole in denial act. we see through u cece.

No. 1556121

File: 1654881943921.jpeg (212.81 KB, 828x1404, EC5BB137-AE00-41D0-ABC7-4D3A14…)

Whenever she’s challenged, the mask slips and she reveals her rude and bitchy self.

No. 1556125

What a wannabe

No. 1556128

File: 1654882237881.jpg (317.02 KB, 1080x1946, Screenshot_20220610-132934_Chr…)

It seems like she genuinely thinks she's quirky and adorable

No. 1556130

Despite claiming to be. Former dancer she can’t dance for shit

No. 1556133

Easily this website's most punchable face.

No. 1556135

Holy fuck stop rattling, you can be an attention whore about your Ed and still be very underweight. Her recent dance tiktok makes her look about a 14-15 bmi

No. 1556138

Cece is definitely underweight people just sperg out because she exaggerates everything so much. Hangry anons will do anything to feel like they're sicker than the cows it's such a cope.

No. 1556143

Your average acute patient is bmi 10-12. They've published a bunch of shit about it. They're known for taking single digit skellies

No. 1556147

She needs treatment, somewhere She can't have her phone to record every second of it.

No. 1556182

I'm sure part of the reason she goes to ERC is their liberal electronics policy

No. 1556191

Amerifag here, it's true that ERC allows more phone use than say monte nido or alsana. But the ITU can take it for weeks or months.

No. 1556195

Honestly I feel sad for old Cece. She doesn't look well. She's alone in her apartment. Cut off socially. I actually hope she goes ip.

No. 1556199

These people aren't addicted to losing weight, they're addicted to attention.

No. 1556202

I don’t. She needs more outpatient support that actually addresses the root issue that keeps making her relapse. Inpatient would just give her the validation she craves and reinforce the cycle.

No. 1556205

Hot take but this doesn’t seem bitchy to me. Tik tok babies take everything so personally

No. 1556207

I don't feel sorry for her. It's a contrived 'relapse' Practically fucking scripted. She planned to starve herself for attention and wants to go into hospital for validation. She knows exactly what she is doing.

No. 1556213

ACUTE takes normal weight people as well. It's not just for low bmi people.

No. 1556217

I agree. She definitely needs to address the core of her issues, which is likely the personality disorder. Once she learns how to better regulate emotions, tolerate distress and interact with others, she'll be less likely to harm herself to cope. Of course she will have to gain weight and maintain a balanced diet, but these kind of interventions can be achieved on an out patient basis, within the community.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that she's scripted her relapse because I do think that she is genuinely eating disordered. However, you are right to say that it feeds her need for attention and validation which isn't uncommon for ED sufferers with co-morbid cluster B PDs like her (and she definitely displays traits from most conditions in that cluster). You are also correct about her posts being specifically designed to cause concern and manipulate her viewers.

No. 1556220

The nails hit me with nostalgia. Good for n2f

No. 1556222

Lmao that's a pretty fat 14-15 right there.

No. 1556266

Someone being a thread topic doesn't preclude them from being spoopy

No. 1556284

Of course not, Cece. Fiona was/is spoopy. Cece however is not. Model thin? Yes. Spoopy? No. And never was.

No. 1556285

These cows think the weirdest shit is a flex

No. 1556293

This one. She should really treat the core issue. Otherwise before she knows it she's 40, still alone, has no kids (she wants kids I think), and has spent all her savings to pointless ed treatments.

No. 1556295

Speaking of Fi her silence lately is suspicious

No. 1556297

lol she concern baits on purpose just to spew some dumb pilpul rhetoric to try to justify the stupid "look im relapsing, NO DONT LOOK im NOT relapsing agh please look at me and say something about my weight!!!!" bullshit. she needs to grow up, i've seen better attempts at manipulation from a 16 year old…

No. 1556302

File: 1654890361392.png (128.56 KB, 744x700, Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 20.42…)

lowest bmi they've taken is 8.4, highest is 19.7, average on admission is 12.9. sage for no milk but acute is 100% for superspoops and those about to die from medical complications. cece is neither


No. 1556305

Cece won’t recover from her ED until her raging BPD is better managed.

No. 1556308

Agreed. In the US, if you have decent insurance, it’s not difficult to meet “criteria” for residential.

No. 1556309

It irks me that Cece doesn't crop out her ex-fiancee in the photo or edit it so you can't see her face. Also why is she still hanging onto the photo if it was "traumatic"? I'd have gotten rid of anything that reminded me of that time because why trigger myself. It feels like everything she does is petty and for attention. Glad ex-fiancee figured it out before the wedding.
Feels like she's challenging people to say she's too old by the way the description is written. Why does she over complicate? Dull. She's a no fun vampire who sucks the fun out of people. Can't just live her life, nah too pedestrian.

No. 1556311

Not at her age, when you’re older a slightly underweight bmi seems more obvious because you have less puppy fat. 15.5-16

No. 1556312

They've taken bmis higher than 19.7, it's just not published in their studies. People with normal bmis can have medical complications.

No. 1556317

Thank you nona. ACUTE is for people about to die. Superspoops and the skelliest of skellies are their bread and butter. I don't know why anons keep sperging that bmi doesn't matter the reality of that particular facility is that its a medical ICU for death skellies.

No. 1556321

If cece goes back to treatment, her insurance would be stupid to cover another 6 month round of traditional res, PHP, iop for just ED. It would be a waste of money. She needs intensive treatment for her BPD where they would immediately catch on to her attention seeking ways

No. 1556323


Exactly she needs her bpd treated and it’s dangerous obvious. BPD Anas love to flaunt their ED and body for attention. Actual anas do anything possible to avoid attention to their ED or body so they can carry on as long as possible without intervention. Her head would probably explode if we stopped talking about her here.

No. 1556326


Trying so hard to look happy and satified with herself, whilst radiating sadness, bitterness and loneliness. The thing with the narcs (if she is one) is, their behaviors get worse with aging if they ain't in therapy especially for NPD (they rarely are). So I would bet she doesn't change anymore, at least not for the better; it could be expected she gets more extreme, especially when her body starts aging visibly. And being malnourished is a good way to age faster…

No. 1556350

You say that like there’s a difference. Ana is ana, whether with BPD or depression or whatever other diagnosis they have. An ED is an ED no matter how prejudiced you are against the other diagnoses

No. 1556357

Look at today’s tik tok, no way that’s higher than BMI 14

No. 1556358

Samefag, I do believe she also has BPD, but the female narc vibes are strong with this one. Always complaining about others, having a shattered sense of self worth while also praising herself, thinking she's very special and important while she's an average person in so many ways (this isn't even bad, but average would never be enough for Cece) and pure lack of empathy for every other human being. This ain't "pure" borderline behaviors.

No. 1556364

Thats true but insurance companies don’t like to spend money on treatment that won’t work. Traditional ED treatment doesn’t work for Cece.

No. 1556367

Agree. We’re desensitized on here to spoops like Elzani and Fi who were 10-11, but this is what 14 looks like

No. 1556368

Sometimes I feel like anons are almost egging the cows on to get sicker. Raging bpd and all, Cece could use some help.

No. 1556374

what the fuck are you talking about dumbshit

No. 1556379


woooooah what a cunt. 100% Narc. My best friends partner was a serial abuser, pure evil and attempted suicide when she left them. Fortunately succeeded. Anyone who tries to control an ex-partner by threatening suicide is for sure an abuser.

No. 1556408

“Fortunately succeeded” what kind of sociopath are you? Suicide is serious no matter the reason

No. 1556410

ayrt, these records are from october 2008 to december 2010. i know that normal bmi ed-havers can have medical complications; i'm just arguing that cece-pd does not fall into that category, nor does she fall into the 11-12 bmi range that acute generally takes

crystalkaro/elfkaro got banned from edtwt recently but prime example, her tiktok is her twitter body check vids repackaged as aesthetic ootds

No. 1556412

File: 1654895732794.gif (2.57 MB, 388x696, MmmMilkyCece.gif)

nonnies drinking up the unabashedly pro-ana cece bodycheck milk right now:

No. 1556430

Ok psychfag here, we can’t just give people new diagnoses like narc just bc we don’t like them. Cece joke praises herself on tik tok but everyone does that, and responding to rude comments doesn’t mean she s lacking empathy. Dont come at me for wk I just don’t think throwing around narc is legit

No. 1556431

What the actual fuck

No. 1556450

File: 1654897434581.jpeg (188.96 KB, 736x1638, 2BACD47C-5C30-43FA-8AE3-B3C589…)

That thigh definition honestly got me triggered tho…

No. 1556465

File: 1654898031936.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x2018, 2FD53891-94F9-4C2F-A002-081FFF…)

No. 1556497

Gonna choose to believe this to be fake

No. 1556507

He was a psycho who would beat and rape her in front of her kid. He advertised online for men to come and rape her. He deserved to die. If you had to witness a friend going through that you'd want them to die too.

No. 1556508

Nah but why is this thread suddenly just infighting between gatekeeping skellies and pro Ana fat cunts let’s be honest you’re all worth nothing.

This thread has devolved into jealousy and homophobia. It’s really the bare skin of everything that’s wrong with mankind.

No. 1556529

I hope this thread fucking dies soon the bmi sperging alone is bottom-feeder content

No. 1556530

Can everyone shut the fuck up about BMI speculations you literally cannot tell numbers based off a photo or video on the Internet it’s such a stupid thing to argue about
Denver ACUTE is for people who are too sick for the ITU, whether that be low BMI or otherwise. ERC or any other facility does not want anyone dying on their property. They’ll kick you out of treatment if you’re a major suicide risk, too. ACUTE is a unit within a hospital so the skellies can go to the morgue.

No. 1556554

ACUTE actually doesn't deal with suicidallity or self harm AFAIK

No. 1556558

would be a shame if mods starting handing out bans for bmi sperging… oldfags would hate that, it definitely wouldn't single-handedly resurrect this thread from the dead or anything.

No. 1556566

I’m not saying they do, you would go to an inpatient psych floor for that. An inpatient psych floor cannot care for someone who is severely underweight, that’s why ACUTE exists.

No. 1556569

Or goes on autosage

No. 1556591


Yeah. By all means go ahead and keep guessing BMI, but it makes your post suck, no exceptions.

Cece is on the warpath to get spoopy, and farmers should respond accordingly.

She NEEDS to get admitted to ACUTE for her own selfish attention-seeking purposes. We expect it or some equivalent. She is living off of attention (and probably b/p and Adderall) at this point.


Shut the actual fuck up. Cecelia is probably fingering herself to your post right now.

No. 1556606

calling someone a narcissist is not the same as saying you think someone has narcissistic PD.

No. 1556631

Literally disgusted by Cece and the extreme body checks while pretending she’s still in recovery. someone needs to report her account

No. 1556639

Oh I don’t think she’s even pretending to be in recovery anymore. Hasn’t been for awhile, stopped using the tags and all that

No. 1556643

I think she replied to someone a while ago that she's not in active recovery atm.

No. 1556681

File: 1654909535354.jpeg (301.87 KB, 1170x1435, 1792309A-2202-40FC-8BF6-26EE2A…)

The messy hair and socks with heels Oh Ganer, never change(emoji)

No. 1556741

Anything is possible when you lie

No. 1556766

Her cocky responses to all her comments grind my gears more than anything. I want her to shut the fuck up but, at the same time, I enjoy watching her completely humiliate herself over and over again without fail.

No. 1556799

The fish tail was the highlight of my day.

No. 1556801

This thread wont die because there's literally never any new actual milk…it just breeds the same ex anachans or new anons who can't sage as they all post repeats of these cow's inane, unimportant shennanigans over and over again. I really hate how this thread has degenerated too OP

No. 1556810

I was verging on dying from a combination of boredom and rage at this thread. Just the same shit going around in circles.

No. 1556830

File: 1654921829820.jpg (355.69 KB, 1080x1802, Screenshot_20220611-142835_Tik…)

Looks like Ash is going down the Laura route. Why is she wearing ballet gear for a long haul train trip?

No. 1556837

I hope admin puts this thread out of its misery. Thanks for the memories n2f. It's run its course.

No. 1556839

you're welcome to stop reading any time

No. 1556840

File: 1654922309957.jpg (1.29 MB, 1393x2048, pixlr_20220611143659597.jpg)

Why does an actual adult think this is a good idea? She literally went around the Australian outback wearing a ballet costume.

No. 1556841

What was once milk has soured and devolved into a bunch of bloodthirsty anachans sperging about what bmi spoopy is

No. 1556842

Kek who is this? She has no shame

No. 1556843

is she on tiktok now? her instagram has been super locked down for a while, so I've been wondering if she was still munching it up

is her fat roommate still going on and on about fnd?

No. 1556853

those sperging about BMI totally miss the point of these threads too… i hold out hoping for a new molly, ham isn't as entertaining. N2F may live like a a barn animal but good for her for seemingly trying to be a normal person. cece will do for now but she is more insufferable than entertaining… oh well.

No. 1556888

>>1556842 >>1556843
Yeah its coffee cats/ash/tamzyn. Her BODY is called Ashleigh apparently. She's posting heaps on tiktok and still living with christine who doesnt
really post much anymore or at least not on my feed.

No. 1556951

File: 1654928784233.png (3.23 MB, 828x1792, ADF3F711-42A3-497E-BE48-841048…)

Cece being insufferable as per usual. She’s banging on about how TikTok isn’t just for children, not sure what point she’s trying to make exactly.

No. 1556961

ironic caption considering cecelia is a baby who wants the world to revolve around her. princess of projections lol

No. 1556969

She takes her heels to the gym and poses there. Is that normal in the bodybuilding community or is that just Ganer?

No. 1556973

Eating disorders make ppl very narcissistic, it doesn't mean the person is an actual narc. Many ppl will recover from their narc ways once they heal from their ed. Anyway CC strikes me as bpd only, personal opinion.

No. 1556980

Cece is the worst. Remember how she was triggered in treatment by one of the nurses being thin? Now she's triggering everyone flaunting her body. Losing weight isn't an achievement for her, it's just evidence of her lack of any personality outside an ed. Her life goal seems to be being seen as sick enough, and for a 30 year old that's pathetic.
Also everyone here speculating about her bmi congratulations you're playing into her need for validation and attention. She's a world class shit no matter what her bmi is.

No. 1556983

spot on. The BMI spergs are missing the point - Cece is a cow because she's insufferable and attention-seeking, not because she's a LARPer. She could be the sickest spoop to ever spoop and she would still be mockable because of her personality and the content she posts.

No. 1556984

I have only seen it happen once, but that was a bodybuilding champion giving a class on posing.

No. 1556994

Wasn't this cow larping gastroparesis? That wasn't convenient to becoming a 30+ year old ballerina. She larped her way to an NG, then a peg and pulled the peg out because it made miss prima ballerina too sore. Like magic she suddenly eats again and is back to full ana cow obsessed with attention.

No. 1556998

Its a modern day miracle.

No. 1557000

Just stop reading the thread then. Close your browser and go grab a snack.

No. 1557019

>WK Cece while calling tt users babies
>Cece WKs herself while calling tt users babies
Yeeeah she's so above self posting, our bright, kind, gentle Cecelia

No. 1557033

File: 1654938552773.png (8.19 MB, 1170x2532, CDB80EDA-7153-44FA-906C-7DF401…)

I am so sick of her screwing her face up like this, I’ve never seen any actual evidence of tears or crying. It’s non stop

No. 1557035


The Elzani vibes are strong with this one. At least she managed to squeeze out actual tears tho.

No. 1557043

Bring better milk then? Or leave? If you’re “dying from boredom” take your whingy ass and gtfo instead of just shitting up the thread with even more pointless content. And leave the dramatic exaggeration to the cows

No. 1557053

File: 1654942512898.jpeg (499.74 KB, 828x710, 02A3AA03-06CD-4921-AA43-252551…)

A lot of ED tiktok accounts are getting suspended.

No. 1557066


Good. Wish other platforms would do the same instead of being completely fucking spineless.

No. 1557076


Very normal to pose in the gym (in bodybuilder land at least). With heels, less so, but I don't think it's the weirdest thing she does considering she probably can't walk in them well yet.

I'm kinda hoping she decides to quit bodybuilding and just stick with strength. She's finally actually built some muscle and looks healthier. But cutting is such a fucking stupid idea for someone with her history. Ah well.

No. 1557082

She looks great though. From the neck down. Besides, being a little underweight is good for you.

No. 1557083

hello cece!

No. 1557084

Heels? Totally normal, even the socks with the heels is normal. Big baggy sweatpants so you can't even see what the heels and posing is doing to her leg/glute muscles (ie. The entire point of practicing posing)? Not so normal.

No. 1557094

it's about bloody motherfucking time

No. 1557095

Taking photographs of your never-changing meals every day, for years - Definintely out of whack.

No. 1557096

She's such a sperg no one has said jack shit about her age on tiktok she really doesn't get s lot of comments even when she fishes for them.

No. 1557097

dumb of you to think that anyone here would actually say that, cece/other cow

No. 1557124

>those sperging about BMI totally miss the point of these threads too…
well put nonnie, anons sperging about bmi are cows in their own right

No. 1557134

Exactly. A bunch of anachans having a pissing contest to prove they're sicker than the thread subjects. It's cow behavior.

No. 1557136

Not the white person at the grocery store smirk

No. 1557141

She's fighting to keep all the horse teeth behind those thin villainous sneering lips

No. 1557143

File: 1654958909410.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, A5748D3E-0459-4D8F-B97D-5C7FD4…)

Unabashed relapse baiting from Niamh kek

No. 1557150

KEK the way it’s cut into teensy little matchsticks… and to think we ever doubted Niamh’s cow status

No. 1557159

damn i didn’t notice that… cece WKs better calm down, looks like any positive comments just gas her narcissism up

No. 1557161

File: 1654960839082.jpeg (378.31 KB, 1242x1415, B7DD3DB9-CBD1-482B-936D-6FA018…)

from zara’s story

No. 1557168

There's no way Cece has this many fans/whiteknights and we all know she lurks

No. 1557173

Her face isn't even red lol

No. 1557175

same old shit, wish she'd come up with something new

No. 1557178

i think someone mentioned this in the previous thread but she seems to be losing weight again and she's started posting with those good old uncomfortable poses showing off god knows what which is always a predecessor of a relapse with her

No. 1557197

File: 1654964149120.jpeg (713.78 KB, 828x1491, 513107F2-6DBA-48FE-B655-276CB3…)

Long time no post from watermelon.
Looking like garbage.

No. 1557238

This is so fucking weird considering she works with children like shut up you’re not even old you’re just insufferable

No. 1557275

Cece’s deleting so many comments lol

No. 1557284

Is her ex fiancee a moid or a woman?

No. 1557285

File: 1654968449269.jpeg (1012.02 KB, 1125x2187, 3CCF1903-9E6B-4979-910C-982E3B…)

I don’t want to bring traffic to this account but they are definitely a scumbag, this is pretty sick. Found them in lucinda’s Twitter because her thread was quit so I thought I’d check on her. I’ll delete the post if it doesn’t belong here but they draw disturbing pro ana art

No. 1557287

Gtfo she looks fine and a bad dye job is certainly better than being a death skelly.

No. 1557312

She's a woman afaik

No. 1557350

File: 1654970430816.jpeg (282.28 KB, 1170x1699, CBCB8B88-4186-4D68-8C0F-DE2EC0…)

out of morbid curiosity i had to look up couplespo and oh my god these people are insane

No. 1557365

She said, on her stories, she got other diagnoses she doesn’t agree with. Ideas on what those diagnoses may be?

No. 1557366

A personality disorder

No. 1557374

Kek what if Zara is a narc

No. 1557416

File: 1654973609613.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x1983, 43280521-0B35-4866-8ED7-B64578…)

someone in the comment section called her out saying it’s bc she’s malnourished not adhd

No. 1557419

Oh and she claims to be in recovery and has like Alice stayed the same spoopiness for like 5 months

No. 1557420

She’s 100% a narc she’s so similar to cece tbh

No. 1557439

its … really horrendous

but i expected that

No. 1557440

Why would she basically call herself ugly? Lmao

No. 1557462

I'm not sure if it's pathological but she definitely thinks she's better than other people lol

No. 1557479

thx for sharing, didn't know people were THIS sick. i knew many fetishize the illness but geez… they are basically pandering to creepy ana fetishist moids. weird how it's kind of a reverse feeder/feedee dynamic - the man enables her to starve herself because he gets off on being a caretaker? disgusting, these people need to get a real life lol

No. 1557514

File: 1654978974335.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 517.31 KB, 828x1231, 91DB863E-C991-4BAA-9D82-D8D4CF…)

cece back at it with another attention seeking selfie. this time complete with popped collarbones and a weird arm angle that will surely get her some concerned DM’s, to which she will reply that she’s fine and “has support!”

No. 1557515

kek didn’t mean to spoiler that. my bad

No. 1557535

File: 1654979818873.png (8.79 MB, 1170x2532, C86EAD28-BB4E-4B59-82F3-EA12C6…)

Here’s momsfavdisapointment making sure she reminds us how super sick she was that she lost some hair. It burns me up that she’s pretending like her video was suppose to be about her solid recovery. It’s just a bragging post and reminder that she use to be sick. She sits her & awkwardly pulls out her side hairs to make them look worse. Lots of people have those. Totally normal. Her hashtags are total bull. It’s not “prorecovery”. It doesn’t “endthestigma”. It enforces it. She’s also not “inpatient” currently. She’s just trying to get more followers & back pats with those hashtags. And if you were actually worried about looking like a “clown”, you wouldn’t put it up or video it. Idc if she was a skelly & still relapsing. She’s a cow with no interest in actually recovering.

No. 1557536

Oh shut up Hana

No. 1557594

She is liiiiiving for the Zara cosplay rn

No. 1557635

Sage your shit you vendetta posters god

No. 1557642

still here for the July hospital vacation saga. I somehow feel sorry for her, I'm a little bit older, also struggling with mental health stuff, but I can't imagine how horrible and annoying it must be to be an adult and to only get satisfaction from (way younger) strangers commenting on your social media account and planing your holidays around stays in a hospital.

No. 1557644

I’m not trying to be mean or funny but I saw this and immediately thought of Laura and her boyfriend. Like both of them have to be in on this as a fetish, it’s not a normal relationship or one where she’s slightly ill. She gets off on dying and being carried just like this and he gets off on carrying her. It’s really sad and gross.

No. 1557653

this is embarrassing (1/1)(don't post minors)

No. 1557654

File: 1654986025945.jpeg (257.81 KB, 828x1545, 4880F7A1-3BE0-4D4F-8A39-E59951…)

2/2 (i meant 1/2 before)

No. 1557670

glad i’m not the only one who noticed it omg, and people are calling her out in the comments like CRAZY, i think she’s been deleting some and keeping some for whatever reason

No. 1557679

this gives off vendetta vibes but either way, she’s either relapsing hard and fast or she’s got rEfEdInG like everyone else. her face was super puffy (or normal?? idk) right before she got discharged and now just a couple months later her face looks the same way it did shortly before she got admitted (like before you could see the color of her bones through her skin) so idk why she’s going on about the hair growing

No. 1557683

i misspelled refeeding, god forbid

No. 1557684

yeah i thought it was weird that i didn’t see any comments about it, she definitely deleted some

No. 1557690

Fuck off. You don't know what I have or haven't contributed. People need to be told how fucking boring they are because they obviously have no self awareness.

No. 1557692

but the funny part is that she goes like “can everyone stop commenting about that” and then when you go through the cs there’s nearly nothing lol and also she said the whole copying ro’s videos clip by clip was unintentional but like… they’re nearly identical? i get using some of her phrases or whatever but it’s like a spooky non ironic parody (whatever the term) of ro’s channel.. kinda sad

No. 1557708

The countdown to treatment is officially on. How long is everyone wagering? I give her a month tops.

No. 1557712

Is she british? Is it mandatory to wear a sash on your birthday? I've never seen this in aus.

No. 1557724

She looks horrible. And that horse face does not get any better looking by losing weight, quite the opposite.

No. 1557735

File: 1654989246075.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, 168CACA6-8ADB-4D11-BF54-D95F55…)

Deleted and re-posted without her (obviously tensed) arm in it. Probably got one too many ‘mean’ messages calling her out for it. I get more embarrassed for her every day kek

No. 1557743

So she's doing all of this attention seeking bullshit for that below average chapstick she was engaged to? She really needs to chill. Lesbians she would be into have no standards. She could pull an okay looking chick without all the histrionics. Just stop Cece. It's overkill. You think you're punishing her but she doesn't care.

No. 1557750

I really don’t feel sorry for her whoops, she acts like her shit doesn’t stink. July admit isn’t happening because she’s will not accept treatment again until she meets ACUTE criteria so she can wear that admission as a badge of honor. Unfortunate existence.

No. 1557761

Can still see her fresh purge knuckle though from the dainty Ana who doesn’t b/p

No. 1557764

Tinfoil but she isn’t working at a school anymore so won’t get summer off. Further proof she is aiming for being ‘forced ‘ into ACUTE

No. 1557769

"old lesbians" is so cringe

No. 1557772

Thats a red raw lots of recent purging mark too. She curates her pictures to her own cece perfection so she definitely knows it's showing. What's the motive here?

No. 1557785

So Cece went to a concert and has done nothing besides post these pics and a video of herself flaunting her body and eye fucking the camera. Not a single image of anyone or anything else, just obsessed with her image. And yes this is an image board and I would post a screenshot of the video where she’s tensing/posing/eye fucking but I don’t want to lose my Cece privileges lol

No. 1557821


ooo she's relapsing.. she's lost so much.

No. 1557848

File: 1654996930726.jpg (471.85 KB, 2880x2880, 20220612_131846.jpg)

Sorry no idea if she has been discussed before but here, have a body checking skelly. Poena_ on tiktok.
Wears shorts in every vid, walks backwards and stands like an awkward pigeon. I'm embarrassed for her, what a life.

No. 1557868

File: 1654998712018.jpeg (926.08 KB, 1170x2374, 02340EB1-0400-4310-B017-56D198…)

uh oh… zara might want to hide, the true ana queen is arriving for the scots

No. 1557871

how would she know it's u? plus she obv likes being posted here, just show us or don't bring it up ffs

No. 1557894

Fucking kek doesn't niamh live there too

No. 1557895

I’m so confused because I didn’t see any videos on her socials today but maybe she posted & deleted?

No. 1557941

She’s obviously mentally ill and was long before the engagement, I don’t think anyone cares about the fiancé anymore besides cows on this board

No. 1557943

That mark is tiny what are you on about? Not like she’s ever hidden that she purges anyway, it’s the only reason she’s ever been medically unstable

No. 1557968

File: 1655010788714.png (948.13 KB, 720x1304, Screenshot_20220612-132803~2.p…)

No one could be more surprised than her. I can see why she doesn't want psych involved, it might mean getting her BPD sorted out

No. 1558007

File: 1655017156602.jpeg (211.88 KB, 828x1545, 61D2C03A-3162-4C70-91F8-BCBD86…)

The comments on this Cece post

No. 1558009

File: 1655017198191.jpeg (217.01 KB, 828x1540, 64AEC02D-9BE3-48E1-A01B-3B55B9…)

No. 1558018

cecelia calling the commenter anon kind of proves she lurks if she had never been one herself why not just call it person, anonymous user, throwaway account, comment etc like people who've never been on any of the chans would

No. 1558023

Lol she definitely lurks but using the word 'anon' doesn't prove anything. It's used widely everywhere on the internet.

No. 1558044


I've never seen it outside imageboards.

No. 1558078

Half the users on tik tok are anonymous and those are all the accounts that are getting comments deleted

No. 1558114

File: 1655032487880.jpg (389.06 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20220612-130017_Ins…)

Is she fucking kidding me… Her fear food of olive oil, so she "challenged" herself with a healthy meal with "lots" of mozarella and tomatoes??? She has literally zero clue from nutrition if this is her "fearfood" but she can gobble down a ton of sweet pancakes covered in chocolate and sugar everyday. Also her birthday pictures were cringe af, what teen has the nerve to document their birthday with a ton of boring food photos? Her life is a joke

No. 1558120

…does she not know what a caprese salad is? She should, seeing as she’s describing it and ate it.

No. 1558126

When she said fear of oil she meant salad. Every post is now accompanied by plagiarised cut and paste quotes and anecdotes from other recovery accounts. It is beyond pathetic.You are not a recovery warrior Ham, you dont know what you are talking about and never have. Just fuck off and get a life and stop pretending to have recovered from anorexia. You look and sound silly

No. 1558130

maybe she has ARFID

No. 1558131

File: 1655037892180.jpeg (377.63 KB, 1242x552, 1428248E-CA4D-4D42-BC5A-412D04…)

i wonder what our darling em got up to this week

No. 1558138

she posted somewhere last week that she did something stupid and Lauren saved her. She did again today.
I really wonder if the other poor girl, literaly saved her from an attempt or something

No. 1558139

Cece is a lurker and I'm pretty sure she comments those little wks about herself. No one on tiktok uses words like "anon" and "larp" in that context

No. 1558144

dont remember her using LARP but if she does yeah she definitely reads here all the time lol

No. 1558160

Iirc she's used "larp" on ig stories

No. 1558162

Half those wks are me not Cece (sorry) but I’m sure she lurks

No. 1558164

Maybe we should all just stop talking about Cece and see what she does. She’d have a breakdown without the constant attention she’s baiting.

No. 1558165

I don't think we're her main audience.

No. 1558168

Taking a screenshot of someone’s story tells them “xx person took a screenshot” so yeah it does tell her.

No. 1558170

Yes, she prefers to trigger a vulnerable audience instead. :((:()

No. 1558171

has instagram changed their policy on that recently?

No. 1558175

"Anon" is/was very commonly used on Tumblr as well. I can see Cece being a Tumblrina circa 2011-2016 or so.

No. 1558176

I just log into instagram on a desktop computer & take a screen shot that way, it doesn’t notify a user when you screenshot on a web browser.

No. 1558178

thats not true

No. 1558180


On instagram thats only the case for dm pictures, not stories

No. 1558263

No I don’t but if it’s anything like your previous whiney drivel than you haven’t got much of a leg to stand on lol. Yeah but someone else had already given the constructive criticism, your comment was about dying of boredom or something lol. So if you feel that strongly that it’s affecting your health then leave or whatever idc. Anyway this is also boring let’s stop

No. 1558266

No. 1558270

I prefer that a lesbian call herself a lesbian. Makes a change from all this pronoun/queer/non binary shit. The cringe is the thought she's looking for a girlfriend. It's amazing her fiance stuck with her so long. Imagine having to put up with this bullshit day and night. Imagine wanting to marry Cece. Who was the most mentally ill??

No. 1558274

Dumbanon is probably thinking of snapchat

No. 1558276

That one has written "desperate measure" all over it!

No. 1558279

Guys we know the woman lurks we don’t need to analyse her exact wording to figure that out kek

No. 1558283

She could've avoided the spiraling if she'd watched a few youtube break up videos. Or not been so co dependent.

No. 1558289

i thought the "old lesbians" thing was a hint at her looking for a new victim too lmao. the most mentally unstable abusive people ALWAYS are convinced they just need to find "the one" and then their life will be perfect when in reality they always just abuse those around them.

No. 1558313

File: 1655054222936.jpeg (369.98 KB, 1170x1970, 41121B8B-B149-42C0-AD73-16F7CD…)

Body check queen at it again

No. 1558335

Surely on tiktok it’s only a ‘random anon’ if it was a some ‘user2747592’ with a grey prof pic. This person has a picture and a name, not that anonymous.

No. 1558346

"A sociopath and some old lesbians come to a concert."

Sounds like the beginning of a very bad joke.

No. 1558357

File: 1655058121633.jpeg (342.7 KB, 1125x1599, F9615CFB-C42A-43E9-9829-7E6192…)

There’s been some traffic on Poena_ lately, but has anyone mentioned how weird she looks?

No. 1558366

File: 1655058835175.png (7.99 MB, 1170x2532, A3D4CB8B-A266-43E9-993D-4E0B9E…)

She is actually delusional

No. 1558486

Cece is lurking big time. Someone here mentioned that she wasn’t posting anything about the actual concert and just selfies and what do you know, now she’s posting pics of the concert saying “not my usual stuff on this account.”

Cece this is SAD. Why do you care? Just live your life or whatever. All she cares about is validation from her followers and people from here but is pushing away her own family

No. 1558550

The eyebrows

No. 1558586

for context: she posted her lowest weight pictures saying “those who have been looking for these”

No. 1558587

Who the fuck dresses like this in the hospital?
Half the girls in there don’t even bother getting out of pajama pants.

No. 1558600

Who are you talking about??

No. 1558624

File: 1655076466147.png (3.36 MB, 750x1334, D74B254F-11F2-4F1A-ABA6-FA3591…)

It’s like she’s trying to flex the lanugo, kek

No. 1558636

Or maybe she was actually just living in the moment for once and not spending her whole time on her phone? We hate on her for constantly being on SM but seems like she’s trying to actually live. Future Zara of America but better this than making it all about the ed

No. 1558650

she looks like a normal, slim teenager now. god shes going to ruin it for herself all over again. good luck to her tbh.

No. 1558652


Whenever an anon will bring in someone new they automatically say self-post so that’s why it’s the same people

No. 1558673

Hi Cece!

“Living in the moment” does not mean posting endless selfies, nor does it mean run to post pictures of your weekend after this site brings up that you’re doing nothing but posting selfies. She’s only posting pics of the concert and not her bodychecks because we pointed it out. This is neither clever or authentic. Cece would be way less sufferable if she DID actually post more fun things instead of endless body checks and “proving” to us she’s at a concert.(hi cow)

No. 1558679

Sage for wk but two selfies isn’t “endless” vendettachan

No. 1558694

This doesn’t even make sense… you’re mad that she posted videos but also she should be posting the videos? This whole thread is so stupid honestly

No. 1558726

Some of you need to crawl out of your favorite SEED patients ass. Not to mention she’s been the only real source of milk for ages now. Act like a cow, get posted for it.

No. 1558736

the saddest thing about cece is that she thinks her eating disorder makes her interesting and that’s why she embellishes and tries to seem sicker than she is, but it doesn’t make her interesting at all so the exaggerating is just pointless and annoying.

No. 1558737

File: 1655084707751.png (1.55 MB, 1170x2532, 8A27A582-EE22-405F-9C63-092426…)

I know this cow has been posted here before but she was underage at the time. Well she’s just turned 18 and is still on her shit.

No. 1558744

She has multiple accounts but posts basically the same thing on both accounts. Also claims DID and FND. Munched her wAy into a wheelchair.

No. 1558746

File: 1655085016455.jpeg (328.52 KB, 1170x1983, 187E2FBC-5AF5-4C5B-8BB7-4902A1…)

Sorry forgot to post pic

No. 1558787

Lanugo is seldom that dark and coarse, those like regular arm hairs tbh.

No. 1558794

>They’re only triggered because they wanna look like that

girl who is they

No. 1558804

Is her stomach ok? It looks like she’s burned it from using a heating pad too long or something. Kinda red and splotchy and I’m not aware of this being a skelly issue or anything

No. 1558843

Uhm no. A cool 16.4 maybe. 14 is reallllyyyy spoop.

No. 1558871

Stop with this BMI bs jfc. This thread is supposed to be for proana scumbags, but you guys are just as proana as them at this point.

No. 1558878

heating pad or water bottle, normal thing among people starving from an ED, are mostly freezing all the time, so one way to stay warm.

No. 1558889

tinfoil, do u ever think that maybe she was in forced recovery? idk i don’t think an anorexic would binge that much.

No. 1558902

i think that's just fake tan wearing off

No. 1558936

Sorry for the blogpost but I don’t understand how someone can maintain such a low weight and “feel fine.” I was never a bmi of 10 or 11 and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack or pass out every day. No one can naturally maintain that low of a BMI and “be fine.” She is so delusional.

No. 1558987

Those are clearly normal arm hairs. Moron.

No. 1559031

You could have left the second sentence out and made exactly the same point. no1curr about how ~sick~ you felt, save the blogging for elsewhere

No. 1559093

File: 1655120457802.jpg (283.83 KB, 1080x1742, Olympics.jpg)

B1 and B2

No. 1559103

File: 1655122198243.jpeg (896.21 KB, 1242x1586, 738CD455-C5DF-46F2-AE7D-7FB380…)

i wish she would stop posting pics of herself severely HEAVILY underweight. and admitting that the first pic was only a month ago?? when i’m sure she was still claiming she was fine and recovering well.

No. 1559130

I think the Cece wk is probably all one anon

No. 1559141

File: 1655126540305.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1954, 138ABD3A-6331-40E8-915C-6168A6…)

*haul. because everyone needs to see your underweight body (1/2)

No. 1559142

File: 1655126561832.jpeg (927.52 KB, 1170x1918, 980AD4C4-C961-4C20-ADF6-2C1EDD…)


No. 1559147

god she looked horrendous. wasnt a month ago she was still at uni and when she got whipple disease? it makes sense that shes gaining weight now if thats being treated. not to WK but good for her, maybe she will be more tolerable now

No. 1559149

Why buy a clothing haul when you’re planning on undergoing weight restoration? Or maybe she isn’t planning on recovering after all, surprise surprise

No. 1559171

2 weeks left til July! don't let us down!
You got this Karen…I mean Cece.
Because you are totally not trying to relapse right.

No. 1559207

>>1551026 It could be IBS or something, she needs to lose weight before starting to feel really unwell and not be able to eat even one pancake. She'll probably cry more about having to not eat certain foods, than any ana ever did about having to eat kek

No. 1559210

one thing I like about Niamh is that she puts on outfits nice enough that the whole “it’s an OOTD not a body check!” excuse, while still an obvious lie, is at least slightly more believable.

No. 1559211

Sometimes even skellies snap and binge. I guess more surprising she didn't purge.

No. 1559237

File: 1655133559201.jpeg (883.1 KB, 954x1362, 49B19A0E-EEAE-4A24-9D0C-7C6BEA…)

when niamh isn’t weirdly flexing her legs she doesn’t look that underweight

No. 1559239

File: 1655133632712.jpeg (865.13 KB, 902x1366, 729B99FB-2A2C-46F3-8301-772695…)

starting to make me think that she isn’t relapsing and rather just going back to her old attention seeking poses

No. 1559240

How are you so sure she doesn’t purge?

No. 1559243

Niamh was ip for several months she weight restored it's a good thing

No. 1559244


she didn’t fully weight restore she admitted on her ig story she’s maintaining a low bmi

No. 1559245

Ntayrt, but my best guess is anon is referring to the fact that Nikol gained 9 kg from binging

No. 1559246

Why is it the britfags are never fully weight restored

No. 1559256

from my experience at least; you don’t need to be fully weight restored when leaving inpatient if they think it’ll “push you too far” and you’ll relapse. they prefer you to maintain a lower bmi. i’m guessing this is what niamh agreed to

No. 1559260

Unless you’re sectioned you’re allowed to choose any bmi 15 or above to restore to in uk inpatient

No. 1559278

If the US allowed more agency like this there might be less revolving doors a la Cece

No. 1559279

She looks okay here. She actually has nice legs. If she's doing all this faux model stuff, it's a given she's going to want to be underweight.

A good sign is that her head looks in proportion. She hasn't got the lollipop head. She should give up the ana lark and concentrate on studying fashion or something. Seems she's wasting an interest. It's actually good she has an interest. People lose all interest in everything except thinking about food when they get into the ana thing.

No. 1559282


NHS treatment has a fixed amount of sessions for aftercare. In the US it's private, so clinics see $$$ and I think that's all they care about. Keeping them stuck in there and don't mind the revolving door. Just tinfoiling, but probably accurate.

When an ana's out of the danger of fucking their body up big time, they get left with other therapies to go to, also limited sessions.

No. 1559287

Well damn no wonder, I always just assumed it was because Americans are fat

No. 1559295

My exact question about Alice’s endless hauls

No. 1559311

she doesnt look it, she looks normal

No. 1559331

Looks kinda normal, like a teenage girl.

No. 1559344

The whole “Niamh looks normal” sperging is just as bad as the retarded bmi sperging.

No. 1559347

Thank you nona. Deluded anachans think anything short of an actual dead body is "normal". Inb4 fatty I'm not saying niamhs a superspoop atm. Just anons have no idea what a typical teenager looks like.

No. 1559348

Simple answer: they don't

No. 1559369

File: 1655142544290.png (577.41 KB, 427x756, 0145677666.png)

In case you already forgot, here's your daily reminder of who's the real ana queen.

No. 1559378

Reading this while looking at her mostly milk drink was a real kek. But yeah Cece way to brag to your audience that you would never eat what they do. Definitely not pro ana bullshit

No. 1559420

Imagine intentionally describing protein bars in a clearly triggering way to others in recovery, just to try and feel better about yourself. When I saw this post I was disgusted in her. Seems like she might have struggled with a binge recently and needed to convince herself of some shit. Pointless.

No. 1559423

Highly processed high sugar… she couldn’t even TRY to hide her shaming. And for many people those bars are their few safe foods.

No. 1559442

Now she’s orthorexic - New eating disorder symptom unlocked

No. 1559444

Cece, you’re not a better ana than Fi sorry to burst your bubble. Now go do your fucking job and write this stupid shit in a diary.

No. 1559447

She is truly hateable in a sea of non-milky anachans. Good lord. "Processed-sugar" stfu Cece. Fi is no doubt quaking.

No. 1559466

File: 1655147408855.png (234.9 KB, 395x584, helpfultipsbycecexxxx.png)

no worries all, cece has been kind enough to give us some awesome tips on how to eat a fucking protein bar
>just get used to having them in the house
cece is allegedly so anachan that even having food particles within 1km of her living space is enough to trigger her.
>just bites
fingers crossed she posts a video of her sobbing while working her way up to a microscopic bite of a 200 cal protein bar à la Fi
>approach them as a dessert
I'm about this close to alogging. She really made a post solely to trigger her followers & then manipulated her followers' well-intentioned (albeit playing into her narc fantasies) dms into a "helpful tipz & trickz!" follow-up post that is equally histrionic. She is the most evil cow in this thread I swear.

No. 1559470

Most of the cows aren't evil at all. Cece is a different breed. She clearly only made this post to feel superior.

No. 1559472

What a horrible, spiteful cow she truly is. She knew fine well what she was doing and what her intentions were with this ‘I’m iller than all you lot bc scary sugar content’ bullshit. Truly one of the worst.

No. 1559476

Imagine being thirty fucking years old and having a pissing contest with sick teenagers on instagram.

No. 1559485


She's a stupid cunt as well as an evil one. The bars she's likely referencing aren't high in sugar - that's the whole point. Quest bars and the others Fi eats use SF chocolate. The so-called 'natural' bars she eats are likely stuffed with dried fruit and nuts, so are more calorie dense and higher in sugar. Huge Ana fail there. What a dumb bitch.

No. 1559487

Doesn’t even make sense when most protein bars are low-sugar anyway, like 1-2g sugar and she drank those starbucks drinks with your daily allowance of sugar.

No. 1559491

she needs to take a leaf out of hams book

No. 1559494

File: 1655148755218.jpeg (833.77 KB, 822x1410, 6EF29A98-7D86-4EBC-A8D9-BAF0A2…)

Apparently she saw this because she made a new post just to specify that it’s almond milk… kek. Also she says she didn’t even drink it.

No. 1559502

I think Cece is potentially in need of a taste of her own pro ana medicine a la “I could never drink something so milky, that looks good though!” “your thighs look so healthy and muscular! I don’t know what these commenters are talking about you look fine.” “Are you sure you should be eating cake?” Etc.

No. 1559504

I don't understand this at all, if you don't like highly processed foods, just don't eat them. I don't like protein bars, I won't eat them. They are not part of a healthy diet, most people in recovery eat them as they have a lot of protein and are small enough to not feel guilty. Even if you never had a protein bar in your life doesn't mean you don't have treats or miss out on some good food.

No. 1559549

does cece have an actual diagnosis of bpd or is it just assumed due to her attention seeking behaviour?

No. 1559551

goddamn. how does Cece manage to make herself more punchable everyday?

No. 1559555

nonnies aren't even tinfoiling at this point
>nonita makes joke about how much milk she's drinking
>cece posts within an hour specifying that it's almond milk & she didn't drink it
no way this is a coincidence. she hasn't dropped lurking hints this obvious since she used LARP in her instastories a while back (still searching past threads for that pic, it's bugging me that I haven't found it coz I'm definitely remember it)

No. 1559558

Imagine living such a boring, fucking life all the while looking twenty years older than you actually are because you are too retarded to understand how to properly take care of your body.

No. 1559586

The combination of the OTT mask and the sleeveless gilet thing make me so irrationally annoyed. She reminds me of all the 'be kind' braindead locals at high school, the pickme ones who base their entire personality around being inoffensive

No. 1559598

Why is she dressed like that, it's summer???

No. 1559602

To keep up the charade that she's so cold intolerant

No. 1559603

Because she's soooo malnourished and critically underweight that her body can't regulate its temperature.

No. 1559615

Maybe if she actually ate some sugar for once she’d be able to think clearly and stop making these shit posts. A chocolate protein bar could do her some good

No. 1559673

File: 1655160551657.jpeg (622.32 KB, 1170x2082, 66C37933-6A84-4EA4-9DB2-A0E09F…)


No. 1559675

side note does cece drive, or is she constantly a passenger?

No. 1559681

She works in home health, surely she must drive?

No. 1559710

The phone just flipped it, iPhones do. She’s sitting in the drivers seat.

No. 1559713

Love that Cece is playing dumb as if she didn’t know calling a food highly processed and high sugar would be triggering to people who are afraid of food. She knows full well what she did. She just wants to flex how she’s effortlessly triggering because she’s soooo sick

No. 1559714

It’s still cold and raining in the Pacific Northwest right now.

No. 1559730

Do buildings in the Pacific Northwest not have insulation or heating?

No. 1559735

She does but she has also said she doesn’t think it’s an accurate diagnosis and has claimed doctors during her last IP stint said she didn’t have it/it was an incorrect diagnosis

No. 1559742

My god, she is such a piece of shit lowlife.
This is truly twisted, rancid behavior and it's all so thinly disguised.
Like she truly believes people will read this stuff and believe she's just innocently existing – it's the meanies who take issue.
I'm almost in agreeance with the anons who say she's evil at this point.

No. 1559752

That non-apology for the protein bar post finally did it for me. I genuinely detest the fuck out of this girl. I rarely think this about anyone that gets talked about on here because I consider the farmers first and foremost (and basically everyone who interacts with this site, myself included) to be the biggest bunch of cows out of the lot, but fuck Miss Cece for making me side with all you cunts who are 100% right about what a complete and utter ass she is.

No. 1559766

I’m learning?! FOH you’re a grown ass adult you should already know better and you do, you just need to prove to everyone how sick you are to make yourself feel valid without caring who you harm on the way. Pathetic

No. 1559786

If this >>1559673 backhanded "apology" is anything to go by, she might just be a bitch-no personality disorder required.

>>1559735 With all of the stigma around BPD (even within the medical community) I can't blame Cece for wanting to put some distance between herself and the diagnosis. A BPD diagnosis is kind of like the kiss of death for a patient because any legitimate health issue (psychiatric or physical) can be written off as cluster B attention seeking antics and clinicians might refuse to investigate further.

As for Cece, she strikes me as the sort to (if she hasn't already) gun for an OCPD diagnosis because it is a personality disorder that is seen in a more positive light (ex: the reserved, orderly, workaholic perfectionist) and it is the one that is most often found in restrictive subtype anorexics. If BPD is accompanied with an ED, it is usually the "less glamourous" ones like bulimia and the b/p subtype of AN. Despite the image she tries to portray with her carefully curated home décor and outfits, Cece's traits are more inline with cluster B personality disorders than with OCPD or any of the other cluster C conditions.

No. 1559799

File: 1655169843837.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x2029, 29848FEB-BDF4-4C9C-8A85-8E7CF5…)

No. 1559801

This thread has become a Cece orgy and it’s so fucking boring at this point. No one cares about her diagnoses. She’s a bitch and that’s all that matters. Someone bring some actual ED milk back to this feed, Jesus Christ

No. 1559822

She was on her phone enough to post multiple selfies and a video of herself. Gtfo with this WO crap, CC is a plain and simple self obsessed loser who will never be happy unless the entire world drops everything and switched their attention to her and only her.

No. 1559824

cece sucks and is insufferable but to be fair she is milky. but i agree i miss the funnier insane cows… i'm holding my breath anon

No. 1559825

I mean…you could bring some new milk if you’re so upset about it.

No. 1559838

Feel free to bring something to the table besides your complaints then.

No. 1559865

Where’s Fi at? I feel like I haven’t heard of anything she’s been up to since she wore her birthday sash last month.

No. 1559870

File: 1655176183068.png (296.93 KB, 683x758, zaraweightsperg.png)

saged because I'm not sure this is really milk but Zara posted a series of tellonym things about her weight. if they're such dumb questions then I don't understand why she can't just, y'know, not answer/post them?

No. 1559872

File: 1655176471231.png (477.36 KB, 394x624, thisisntmilk.png)

samefagging to say I spent a little bit looking around everyones socials for milk, and aside from Zara, all I found was this funny meal from ganer. That's literally it, milk is pretty dry lately outside of cece's overflowin udders

No. 1559873

whoa, is ganer eating something new for once???

No. 1559921

She’s just breathing and taking it an appointment day at a time, kek.

No. 1559931

This is drastically different from her usual autistic meal. There's noticeably less carbs. Is she starting to cut now? That half plate of spinach is so sad, she could've mixed it with some other veggies to makea proper side salad. That's literally 3 ingredient dinner with some ketchup on the side.

No. 1559992

>They are not part of a healthy diet

not everyone who eats protein bars are anachans. they're a far healthier option/snack than the lateral for normal or even recovered folk who struggle getting enough protein in throughout the day.

No. 1559995

>raw spinach (purposefully spread over half the plate)
>3 boiled eggs
>half a potato
>ketchup (99.9% sure its sugar free)
>half a cup of milk

wow ganer, such recovery, such gains!! jokes aside, this meal is so pathetic. she and dharma are prime examples of what anachans should avoid at all costs when recovering.

No. 1560108

Protip: She eats this every single day. But first she takes a snap and puts it on her Insta.


No. 1560201

Cece is my new fav cow she’s so vile

No. 1560265

Nobody is talking about
>Food waste fear is real for someone with a history of food scarcity and poverty
Has Cece ever given evidence she was anything but upper middle class? She went to college, traveled a lot and stayed at private clinics in the US annually, her family is loaded??
Imagine being so desperate to avoid criticism you lead people to assume you grew up in Ethiopia with rickets

No. 1560266

go on girl, give us nothing

No. 1560267

Those potatoes look like they've been hiding under N0urish's bed for weeks

No. 1560305

She knows better. Guess she wasn't getting enough attention

No. 1560307

they are good for people who don't like eating a meal before working out. It's not good to exercise on a full stomach, but not great to do it fasting either. Also great to keep one around for emergencies (no time for lunch, before an exam, etc.) Definitely better than a candy bar.

No. 1560309

I mean, someone like Ceeeec who claims to be so busy some days could actually make use of these bars, especially if she is having some blood sugar issues (though that larp/brag has been set aside for now). But yeah, no real reason to eat them unless your lifestyle makes them useful

No. 1560312

Cece should take the V out of her usernames and it would be a much more accurate representation of her content kek

No. 1560337

File: 1655214803004.jpeg (660.93 KB, 1125x1228, 4098330A-29E1-482F-9B77-0BF590…)

Kay’s back online after a stint in hospital, blogging about weight gain and faking recovery

No. 1560340

Bottom line: Cece is mentally disturbed bc she’s obsessed with being “sick enough” and is more interested in this desperate attempt than a true recovery. This site fuels her to continue doing so. She’s not triggering. She’s sad and stuck yo-yo-ing. She’s an easy cow bc she has an endless stream of content. I do get tired of hearing about her. Where’s the old cows from the last several threads?? Any updates on them?

No. 1560341

There is no fucking way this happened unless she's in a third world country, and even then probably not… they'd just give them cereal or rice or some other carb exchange

No. 1560347

sage goes in the email field

No. 1560351

ayrt I almost included a note to say “honestly for all I know she eats this every day too, it’s been a while since I’ve seen her slop rituals posted”
good to know ganers as dedicated as ever.

No. 1560369

She also went to an expensive private all girls high school in Seattle

No. 1560379

Cece deff seems like the type to not go on a Bahamas vacation one year of her childhood and turn that into an “I was raised in poverty” claim

No. 1560428

as if any EDU would allow patients to miss two meals simply because there was no bread available! the would either replace the bread with a different carb - cereal for breakfast instead of toast, or whatever - or they would exoect her to drink fortisip or ensure or whatever!

No. 1560441

File: 1655221264147.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1388, F23F1270-930F-4B98-AE92-7EB66E…)

please tell me someone’s watched this, or is willing to watch it. I don’t think I could handle the second hand embarrassment

No. 1560442

File: 1655221547017.png (6.86 MB, 1170x2532, F78D8F4B-2350-402F-AB73-EB4321…)

Didn’t Alice say she wasn’t going to wear skimpy clothes in hauls bc she knows her body is triggering like??? She must know a huge amount of her followers are just kids with EDs and she’s giving them thinspo.

No. 1560445

she barely posts her body. yes she shouldn’t be pretending like she’s actually been in recovery for a year bc that’s clearly bullshit but she doesn’t really post her body that much.

No. 1560452

All she posts is hauls and ootds? Like wearing baggy clothes can only do so much she’s not fooling anyone. Like how she claimed she hasn’t gained bc she had refeeding syndrome..: for a year…

No. 1560455

I’m not defending her or anything cuz she’s definitely a cow with all of that fake recovery bs but to be fear she does seem to actively try to not show her body much and most of the hauls/ootds are partnerships.. I’d probably post the hauls if I was getting paid too

No. 1560480

Honestly you’re best just checking the subreddit where people will have broke it down in the comments of the video post, but there’s a moment people are obsessing over in the video where her mom mutters ‘bury me now’ under her breath whilst filming and Eugenia has denied it on stream despite it being clear as day, Eugenia claims her mom says things like ‘shoot me now’ as a joke but never towards her and she definitely didn’t say ‘bury me now’ on the video, absolutely not!

No. 1560498

File: 1655224820940.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1977, C209E295-8743-4A70-B2EC-711E72…)

No. 1560503

Kek. Gives off "we could barely pay the maid" energy.

No. 1560512

kek what the fuck she’s really starving her braincells huh

No. 1560569

My exact thought wish people would post her more here she’s pretty milky with all the medical bullshit and
“omg I’m so sad people got mad at me for bodychecking uwu I’m only going to EVER wear sweatshirts”
One week later: showing off emaciated arms again

No. 1560601

she's ESL, she's from austria

No. 1560611

This feels almost like something off the dark web

No. 1560615

File: 1655230390967.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1498, 5A631A97-6823-4C38-96AA-92BC9D…)

She’s literally eight years old.

No. 1560629

heh don’t say that anon you’re feeding her creepy “i want to be a child uwu!!” delusion

No. 1560632

Wish we knew literally any information about her personal life. I’d love to see what her family thinks about her acting like this.

No. 1560634

probably somewhat akin to how elzani’s dad was in her yt videos kek

No. 1560639

Her dad’s a builder and mom’s in nonprofits I believe. Neither went to uni. She’s clearly financially fine now but I don’t think she grew up that way

No. 1560660

File: 1655233734526.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 68D11568-5E3B-4BB6-B6A9-2462C7…)


No. 1560663


Here comes the erc vacation

No. 1560665

File: 1655234199521.jpeg (430.87 KB, 784x979, B78FCD86-3DCE-4E25-A2C4-9F9A22…)

Kek, as soon as I saw that fod, this guy came straight into my head - even has the same crazy eyes

No. 1560670

File: 1655234845711.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 371.22 KB, 750x695, 955F02AE-F25B-40DB-880F-C82AB8…)

she’s a dead cow but the way she needed to position her arm in the thumbnail is sending me

No. 1560682

kek, for once in my life I might be right, I said hospital vacation in July and we might get that. Also, if you don't want to share something, just don't post it online, no one knows that something is going on if you don't write about it.

No. 1560699

I assume (unless of course the whole thing was made up) what really happened is she refused breakfast and lunch because whatever they replaced the bread with was unacceptable to her/her ED. Supply chains are really bad now, I can see a hospital running out of even a basic item like bread. She just phrased it in a way to imply something else that definitely did not happen.

No. 1560713

Not only is this movie old news in the ED community, it’s notoriously triggering kek. They know that and chose to talk about it anyway

No. 1560724

Totally. She also knows she triggers people and hopes people find her that will follow her bullshit as isn't her account still public? Not checked recently but it were before. She's a grown ass woman.Yes an Ed and mental illness isn't just a young person's issue however by 30 most wouldn't try to highlight it as much as she does and them claim to still be learning so didn't mean to trigger anyone.

No. 1560734

File: 1655239393154.png (2.53 MB, 1170x2532, F5481806-FC9F-4EC4-82A4-5D05CA…)

Lol, like she needs an ensure

No. 1560744

laughing at the fact dorian had to stick her arm in the thumbnail. of course, what else should we expect from her

No. 1560769

File: 1655241687694.jpeg (264.37 KB, 828x1472, 0C8D801E-950B-436B-9179-DDD20F…)

how has no one talked about rosierecovers? she claims to have been in recovery for like 9 months and has not gained any weight, she has probably lost weight. it’s giving zara.

No. 1560783

Will be interesting to see if she goes somewhere different.

No. 1560789

>you are sick enough even if you’ve never been IP/underweight etc
Constantly posting about how underweight she is, how her doctor doesn’t know what to do, how she might die. Classic

If she didn’t want the concern she wouldn’t have mentioned the medical thing at all, she could have just said ‘I’ll be taking the rest of the week of social media to have some me time’ and no one would have questioned her

No. 1560797

File: 1655244155420.png (1.03 MB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220614-230026.png)

You missed the best bit. This is why BPD is so stigmatised, textbook shit right here. They fuck it up for those with BPD that want to get better in life.

No. 1560800

She could have also just not posted. No one is going to miss her for a few days or freak out with concern. No need to announce it.

No. 1560811

Cecelia doesn't seem to understand she is allowed to just…not post

No. 1560822

She posts because she wants attention, acting ""cryptic"" will give her more attention, and not posting makes her miss out on that sweet validation. Wonder what her co-workers think about her especially since she keeps relapse baiting online. Is she doing it at work too or just keeping her head down?

No. 1560831

Her wieiads are a lot of food tbh. Well over 2,000. She’s not weight restored but she seems to be eating well.

No. 1560834

Laura is too comfortable in the hospital. She gets fluids and asked to drink an ensure, what more could she want?

No. 1560865

Anyone remember when she crapped herself in a dance class and posted about it

No. 1560881

what?? when was this

No. 1560890

Gtfo. Is a She. There's no room for the pronoun game here, anon

No. 1560894

she doesn’t seem to have gained a single pound and she’s in fact lost weight while posting those. a bit suspicious. she raves about how amazing and life-changing recovery is but she still looks dead in the eyes and has been getting thinner and all of this has been going on for almost a year if not longer

No. 1560923

File: 1655253302858.png (184.67 KB, 425x757, 666.png)

"Wont be on here for the rest of today"

No. 1560925

Ugh nobody gives a fuck about her 2 degrees. Get a life, cece

No. 1560927

one of her hobbies seems to be listing her 'achievements' in life on a daily basis now

No. 1560931

Cece might get admitted

No. 1560946

Insider? Do tell us more.

No. 1560960

Are you lost?

No. 1560967

Can’t say too much. Don’t want her to see

No. 1560980

She's said before that she has a "complicated relationship" with her twin who is off at college, so I imagine that means that her twin hates/resents her

No. 1560996

ceces hobbies include bitching, whining, and exaggerating her illness on SM. and NO ONE thinks her life is perfect lmfao, who would want to be this cunty?

No. 1560998

yeah, but who knows if she actually eats everything

No. 1561076

One tt and one ig story isn’t daily, calm down

No. 1561128


fuck. off. Cece.
seriously, could you make it anymore obvious it's you.
No one has that many WK's, especially an insufferable cunt like you.

No. 1561137

Not Cece this time, just finding this whole thread fucking grim

No. 1561149

so she has two degrees AND a full time job yet still has the time to attention-seek and trigger people half her age on a DAILY basis? BDP / HPD priorities i guess, kek

No. 1561154

File: 1655270758890.png (8.27 MB, 1170x2532, BAD79A35-BDCB-4659-B4D5-66786E…)

New cow? Apparently in recovery but has a spoop pic pinned on tiktok and subtle body checks throughout her tiktok

No. 1561159

Eh I don’t think she’s milky. Been posted a few times, yeah she’s underweight still but she’s at uni trying to get on with life

No. 1561203

Kek, I got her on my fyp yesterday too. Obvious bodycheck is obvious.

No. 1561223

She has always said she wants a wife, kids and her own home. Now a lot of her friends are probably at the age where the first two are happening, I think she’s probably feeling behind in life. Might be why she keeps mentioning her fucking degrees. Also seeing friends and family 2-3 times a week is likely a lie as her mum says she is pushing people away. Unless she is counting her care team as friends?

No. 1561239

If we take this at face value - it’s bizarre Cece brags about her intelligence and yet can’t see her social media presence is just an extension/manifestation of her need/attempt to be the “perfect anorexic” and the best thing she could do for her recovery is log off for good.

No. 1561268

File: 1655285731856.jpg (294.86 KB, 1080x979, 287248821_1396316280792940_873…)

Cropped the image because the poster isn't a cow, but you know whose OP she's on about kek you were right

No. 1561275

a very level headed and mature approach, what are we betting that this account is run by someone 10 years younger than cece as well. Never disliked a cow as much as cece, she treats life like the struggle Olympics with her ‘food scarcity’ bs as well as everything else and just generally being insufferable

No. 1561280

I’ve always found it odd how Cece doesn’t really interact with any other recovery accounts. It’s probably because, like in treatment, she is too ill to relate to any of them.

No. 1561295

She’s probs too bpd to form genuine relationships without an immediate payoff or benefit to herself

No. 1561317

File: 1655291149280.jpeg (518.66 KB, 1170x2026, 0DE3D938-D227-46A5-9FC6-68FF73…)

Taking bets on how long before she’s back inpatient for the millionth time…

No. 1561323

So ridiculous! It’s a public hospital not a summer camp

No. 1561325


This isn’t really news is it?! it’s what she’s been working for all along

No. 1561363

Self post? I don’t recall this person being mentioned ever and theres only like 40 followers…

No. 1561364

File: 1655296894884.jpeg (680.87 KB, 1164x2096, 0587A190-EEF0-4AA6-9489-651EC4…)

She’s alive and looking even more skelly. This along with loads of her stupid protein bar ratings

No. 1561375

Such an inspirational recovery ~warrior~. She’s almost as unbearable as Cece, “almost”

No. 1561414

I am by no means WKing her so I hope it’s not taken this way but the mentality of those wards IS like summer camp for some reason. The same girls at ERC went back every year during the summer for ages and would post pics of matching outfits, making bracelets, movie nights (that’s where I saw that they were back) and I think it genuinely contributes to the problem and makes them worse. I mean sure nothing is wrong with trying to make the day more positive but that’s not what I see so often with these ladies who go back over and over. It’s like they can’t function without being in a place that 24/7 supports them and operates like a summer camp, and furthermore allows their patients to. I wish they would channel that summer camp energy into rebuilding their lives and making the best of them.

No. 1561417


Completely agree. The IP program I have gone to discourages you from having relationships with other patients after discharge and I think that is for the benefit of all involved. It is extremely difficult to recover when you’re still tied to people who are also sick IMO.

No. 1561419


How long has she been at her job? Certainly not long enough to have job protection through FMLA. What a way to ruin your future.

No. 1561440

She is definitely milky, it’s literally gaslighting a young Ed audience into thinking being that grossly emaciated is normal in recovery

No. 1561471

lol these girls are going to eat each other alive. ana style political correctness. reminds me of the daily arguments i’ve seen on MPA. they want a safe space to discuss EDs yet you can’t state half your disordered cognitions even if you acknowledge they are disordered.

No. 1561494

Instagram recovery accounts should not be arguing the way retards do on MPA.
Cece is trying to have it both ways by flapping her "disordered cognitions" and spinning around to act like she isn't being pro-ana because she is struggling. it's a very dysfunctional and disordered hill she's dying on and the callout posted upthread is valid

No. 1561545

That hit the nail on head. I was at erc and it’s basically summer camp. We made bath bombs, had a talent show, did face masks. Even went to karaoke. I can see why so many people want to go back. Most of the girls there are a normal weight or overweight. They keep them there just because insurance is paying for it. They don’t help people. You get talk therapy once a week for an hour. So when insurance drops, the girls get sent home with no plan whatsoever and are back in a few months.

No. 1561546

No bodycheck at all, nooooooou

No. 1561550

I'd imagine she constantly makes innocent, passive "observations" that just barely cross the line into food and weight shaming. Also little "hints" that she's sooper sick.

No. 1561561

Wow, when we’re you there and what location? I’ve been to Denver four times and it’s never been like that. Strict, people get room isolation for noncompliance, girls are so competitive with their eds that no one makes friends. Yet… still end up coming back, because ERC doesn’t work.

No. 1561582

I wasn’t at Denver. I’m aware Denver is more of a strict/intense facility because many of the patients there come from ACUTE.
The other ERC locations take anyone off the streets pretty much.

No. 1561604

>instagram recovery accounts shouldn’t be arguing like retards on MPA

look i dislike cece too but insta recovery accounts are the SAME retards on MPA, just less anonymous. there is absolutely no difference to me. the discourse and rhetoric on ANY ED related site or part of SM is 99% idiots so why would i expect “better” from a dumbass who thinks “recovering” and sharing it on MSM is even a good idea.

No. 1561616

I was transferred from acute to ERC, most of the patients were at the high end of normal weight. Few of them seemed better as it was too crowded, the groups were not genuinely honest, mainly just putzy crafts and meals, no therapy or close attention to get you to work out your Ed and how to get past it. Sadly the program is a revolving door, because they really don’t give the needed recovery incentive. Only temporary distraction and weight restoration, which works for some when it’s a “phase” and they can have continued support on the other side. But for most it’s not a good program to truly help the problem.

No. 1561626

All they care about is making you gain as much weight as possible. I requested my medical records. They sent me 8,000 pages on a usb drive. They set my “goal weight” 30 lbs higher than I’ve ever been just so insurance would keep me longer. I’m sure that’s why most of the patients there are a high “normal” bmi. Jeez you’d think after four months, I wouldn’t still be on 3000+ calories a day. There’s no meal plan decrease or preparation real life. That’s why girls stay there for years. A lot of the people there are soooo drugged up they can’t even stay awake during groups.

No. 1561628

Denver has two locations pine is very much like a summer camp but willow is whete cece's beloved ITU is

No. 1561630

File: 1655313318353.png (Spoiler Image, 10.22 MB, 1170x2532, 439A5A02-3CDA-4C3A-817F-826170…)


No. 1561631

The filters make it even more uncanny valley. They both seem so brain damaged.

No. 1561634

Can you retards quit with the blogging already. There are ways to make the same point without inserting yourselves into it kek go braid each others hair and sperg about how TrUe and vALid you are somewhere else

No. 1561638

Cece, meet true severe, enduring, chronic anorexia nervosa. Apart from the fact they barely share a brain cell between them anymore, they’re constantly in and out of A&E with fucked bloods, fractures, complications from gastroparesis..one’s been referred to palliative care. But by all means, dehydrate yourself for a couple of days to prove the haturs wrong and enjoy your refeeding friendly cooked breakfast !

No. 1561639


Bwahaha, fuck off skellys!

No. 1561650

Let me guess, you chose something by Superchick

No. 1561654

Seems like anons on this particular thread think being sooper severe gives them a blog pass

No. 1561655


Someone’s hangry - go eat a fucking snack

No. 1561670

Nobody was claiming being a spoop at all. If anything, they were insinuating people at erc are fatties. Erc takes anyone with insurance. You don’t exactly have to be at death’s door.

No. 1561694

>reddit spacing
>snickers reference

No. 1561743


Do you stupid fucking retards want to quit blogging? One of the rules of this thread is that you're not allowed to talk about yourself and your ED. No one gives a shit you were dumb enough to starve yourself to that point, and it clogs up the thread.

No. 1561795

They (ERC) also have residential locations in Chicago, another inpatient/res in Dallas, a res in Washington (which is where CeCe’s bird box bug out took place), and I think they just opened an RTC in Maryland. All that said, the US ED treatment system, outside of maybe ACUTE and the other medical stabilization programs, are designed to act like the bubbles of a “summer camp”. They’re soft, and cushy and often opened in lavish mansions in affluent areas of the country. They get field trips, chef cooked meals, TVs with streaming access, and extremely green clinicians who tend to code patients. The whole environment is so lovely/caring/warm/supportive uwu, with people that will given you stupid praise for eating one forkful of air, that it churns out repeat offenders like full fat cream on top of milk. It’s disgusting.

No. 1561817

File: 1655324046485.png (878.69 KB, 726x502, Scaled (77%).png)

did u miss me??

No. 1561819

teleports behind u

No. 1561835

File: 1655324832255.png (756.14 KB, 828x469, skellyarm.png)

looking as good as ever

No. 1561844

Agreed. You can shit on US treatment without making it about yourself. US res is retarded and ERC in particular allowing the cows their phones to post dumb “I’m so sick give me likes” content is mildly infuriating.

No. 1561848

Dying bog witch vibes

No. 1561868

Like momsfavedissapppointment filming herself hiding from staff kek

No. 1561870

File: 1655327054821.jpeg (392.66 KB, 1170x1940, 87FF0577-DBBF-4690-9A7B-AB5A4B…)

She is so fucking milky she will never let people forget her ACUTE ERC stay

No. 1561878

File: 1655327592211.png (5.36 MB, 828x1792, 01875132-7221-4FB2-9D25-D4C254…)

In the interest of new milk, anyone keeping up with this ERC child groomer. Talked to an ERC cow before admitting with her, said cow turned 18 in treatment, and now they date AND live together. This girl (woman, I should say) is 22 or 23.

No. 1561879

File: 1655327649971.png (3.83 MB, 828x1792, 700F6EB5-6B85-4472-AF95-E8E6AD…)

“Fuck the rules in res” they literally just wanted you to act like a responsible adult.

No. 1561892

I didn't know it was possible to have a longer face than Cece wtf

No. 1561899

Her name is Hannah and she's 25. She's had iirc over ten erc admissions

No. 1561902

File: 1655328591313.jpg (297.84 KB, 1080x1767, Screenshot_20220615-172925_Chr…)


No. 1561905

She’s 25??? Why the actual fuck is she dating an 18 year old?

No. 1561910

It's giving grooming

No. 1561924

i gotta say she does look incredibly creepy and her hand looks oddly marshmellow-esque

No. 1561960

>happy healthy hole

No. 1561970

How do you know she’s dating an 18yo and who is she? Bring the milk don’t just sperge

No. 1561984

File: 1655332930841.png (3.39 MB, 828x1792, CDC04165-B1D2-4746-A057-019220…)

Gladly, or you could just look at the account and figure it out yourself

No. 1561985

File: 1655332968410.png (4.82 MB, 828x1792, ED194EF3-C9F9-4FE6-9287-8C92BA…)

No. 1561988

File: 1655333069114.jpeg (186.24 KB, 828x1401, 0F6DC405-8D58-4AF3-9C36-286646…)

No. 1562000

oh shit, what a goddamn recipe for disaster. ty anon, this looks promising

No. 1562002

So many blogging anachans.
JCU2 is in Australia. It is an 8-bed medical stabilisation unit in a public hospital and serves a large area. No one should be trying to get admitted because those beds are much-needed. Nothing to do with your ERC pillow fights

No. 1562014

I feel like a lot of people have weird gay awakenings in res summer camps and fuck while there/afterwards and that’s milky and all but I’m disturbed by healthy hole’s interest in underage girls

No. 1562016

File: 1655334536575.png (6.76 MB, 1170x2532, B312EC9E-E7DC-4014-9DBE-DB2D3A…)

Cece made a series of videos showing us all her kids’ sized shoes “in case anyone didn’t believe her”. so smol. dainty! god who gives a flying fuck Cece

No. 1562017

Kek why does the groomer have a toob

No. 1562019

She could easily wear adult shoes a girl's four is a women's 6 iirc

No. 1562024

Such a flex. Kek. She's obsessed with numbers. Cece reminds me of Bethany Frankel. Hope to god she never has kids because I could see her wearing her kid's clothes like Bethany. Just the thought alone is down right creepy.

No. 1562032

She talked for like, several minutes about kid's shoes. She showed that her women's shoe size is 5.5. At the end she literally said "it's not because I'm ~dainty~ or anything, I just have small feet". And gave the most rage-inducing smirk.

No. 1562034

Eric screaming at Amberlynn NO ONE CARES

No. 1562045

Wasn't she taking the week off insta?

No. 1562056

For fucks sake, how many stories did she make? Reminds me of how Laura/Anna etc always used to go on about how they could fit into kids clothes.

No. 1562057

File: 1655336535376.jpeg (155.59 KB, 867x1554, 40CCA211-0DBA-4FB9-BEDC-78DF81…)

Definite response to talk on here about the childish jellies. Just confirming that they are kids size and she is tiny in every way

No. 1562067

Even the worst skellies don't need a down vest and sweater in June fucking hell

No. 1562070

isn't it a bad idea to stay friends with people in res though? isn't it generally worse to get into a romantic relationship with someone you met there?

No. 1562073

Happy hole used to live with another erc alum too

No. 1562079

Ohmygod the 18 yr old just posted about their “two month anniversary”?! How long have they been living together? This goes beyond Uhaul lesbianism this is indeed some weird grooming shit. What 25 yr old moves in with an 18 year old let alone that quickly? Ugh this is giving me hives

No. 1562082

I think you can make appropriate friendships with people who know what a god damn boundary is. You definitely should not fuck people in rehab. You also should not move in with a fresh 18 year old you met in rehab. It would be weird even if they weren’t fucking and if any level headed adult was involved in this situation they would tell the kid to run

No. 1562084

so she's a serial… person who dates people she met in res lmao. i think that is weird, personally

No. 1562085

Can you imagine the public reaction if happy hole had a penis

No. 1562093

I'm not sure if the other erc girl was just her roommate or her gf. Either way it's fucking weird. She's like obsessed obsessed with treatment. I think she used to have a recovery account it's just ancient

No. 1562100

File: 1655338596900.jpeg (191.85 KB, 828x1420, 1E1EA249-AF6B-40EE-A1F3-4801D9…)

No one is going to send you hate for your average sized feet, Cece. We’re going to laugh at you because you care so much about letting everyone know you actually do fit into kids shoes.

No. 1562101

File: 1655338601584.png (5.55 MB, 828x1792, 3EEA60C6-FE1B-490E-90B6-4CBE4B…)

This whole lot live together currently

No. 1562106

File: 1655339041400.jpeg (396.39 KB, 1170x2074, F90BA315-4AC7-4438-9CF4-E9E0F2…)

I think they have a point, Alice.

No. 1562107

So summer camp continues just at an apartment where they all live together? That’s weird and unhealthy but especially if two of them are dating. The 18 yr old is on a “gap year.” Curious if her parents talk sense into her and she makes a run for it/attends college in the fall or if she blows it off and keeps living with her treatment buddies and making tiktoks with them.

No. 1562109

I think they’ll all be cozied up somewhere with a nose hose in a few months time

No. 1562114

Do any of them have jobs how do they pay rent

No. 1562116

File: 1655339547482.gif (3.38 MB, 480x341, giphy.gif)

Amazing how she just wants to pick fights over nothing. You are 30 years old and picking fights on an app targeting teenagers. Grow the ever loving fuck up.
>No one is going to send you hate for your average sized feet, Cece. We’re going to laugh at you because you care so much about letting everyone know you actually do fit into kids shoes.
Priorities of a grown woman. Kek. She has no real personality. What a shame.

No. 1562121

File: 1655340206644.jpg (350.83 KB, 1080x1939, Screenshot_20220615-203133_Chr…)


No. 1562125

File: 1655340442265.jpg (11.69 KB, 240x240, chin.jpg)

No. 1562130

So fascinating… Not. That's like 36 in EU size, not an abnormally small size for a short woman, lol.

No. 1562142

Hahaha omg I couldn't think of the character but this is it. Thank you nonny

No. 1562149

This is absolutely disgusting and truly unhinged behavior. Dating someone seven years younger who you met in the psych ward? Gross.

No. 1562159

File: 1655343269731.jpg (184.05 KB, 694x694, 20220615_203223.jpg)

She is (was?) friends with Laura. ERC pals, no doubt.

Her birthday is in November, when they were at summer camp together. Looks like Hannah waited for the moment she turned 18.

No. 1562170

got to offset the extra-large face somehow I suppose.
Cecelia even if someone did send you hate, all you would do is screenshot it and cry about it on your stories because all you know how to do is act out for attention and lament about you got dumped years ago and won't get over it (because attention).

No. 1562194

What the actual fuck. How has this absolute nightmare never bee