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File: 1655955070798.png (367.71 KB, 375x666, 1655258795312.png)

No. 1569364

New camgirl thread

Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/Morgan Hoffman:
> Moves in with Cody to find out he was fucking another women. She was friend-zoned. She still let Cody drive her car around
>Claims she had a miscarriage but didn't tell anyone about it
>Claims an Uber driver sexually assaulted her and she lost her $7000 ring in the car
> Claims she has an auto-immune disease
>Claims she got chlamydia and it ruined her chance of having kids
>Gets livestock tattooed on her
>Claims to be celibate but then brags about having sex
> Claims she was approached at the mall, the guy stuck his boner in her face
>Claims the maintenance man of her apartment entered her apartment without permission
>Claims a man was pretending to be her neighbor but he didn't actually live in the building. Posted a video of two men getting in a fight in the hallway of her building. Begged for money to move out
> Claimed she was two months pregnant and was getting an abortion.
>Tried to profit off of her pregnancy. Claimed she had such a tummy from being pregnant but the next day it disappears
>Spoke like she wanted to keep the baby but made a big show of attempting to get an abortion
>Claims her abortion was $750 dollars.
>Went out with Ty and claims she woke up on the side of the road naked and bleeding even though she should have still been bleeding from her abortion
>Pretended nothing happened
> Got her drivers permit so she can crash I mean drive her 100k car around


> Has gotten even large breast
> claims she is she/her bi-gender transmasc
> Streams with her fuckboi husband Mike


Megan Marie/megvnmvrie:
>Has two kids
> Still a Financial Dominatrix
> Posted a weight loss jouney on Youtube using her photoshopped pictures as her before pictures


honorable mentions is Darcy Nicole who continues to fuck up relationships

Previous Threads:

No. 1569447

File: 1655960910604.jpg (257.69 KB, 960x540, 7741EDCC-7EE6-4D28-8581-59F4A0…)

About a month ago, Kati3kat accidentally leaked photos of who I would assume to be her boyfriend since one of the pics shows the same man lying shirtless in bed and another one of him playing with her dog. It doesn't seem like too many people noticed this.

No. 1569461

What’s up with kati3kat? Is she just as trashy and delusional as the rest of them? She seems to have a good following/do well on Mfc.

No. 1569478

File: 1655962820446.jpg (33.9 KB, 742x236, Capture.JPG)

more darcy nycole drama

No. 1569479

File: 1655962843805.jpg (168.71 KB, 922x2048, 289226947_553461096274902_4096…)

No. 1569481

File: 1655962907361.jpg (74.08 KB, 640x1421, 288510736_553478676273144_1013…)

has a whole public thread of screenshots and drama .

No. 1569612

pumpy needs to make up her mind about her fake age already lmao shes claiming to be 20 now on IG

No. 1569656

File: 1655979708919.png (811.79 KB, 1370x565, as8t4h89sr4hts9r8zj89sr7z4.png)

Is she dumb?
Also, wouldn't she have been underage when she started camming according to this lie?

No. 1569699

It seems like they both deleted everything now

No. 1569794

Read the last thread, she faked cancer on tumblr or something (a long time ago)

No. 1569877

I heard she also runs scams and people are still waiting on videos/merch they paid for, yet she never delivered. I’ve watched some of her streams and this chick has a major alcohol problem along with an entitled attitude. She will get drunk and literally yell at her chat when she’s not meeting token goals and call out specific regulars if they aren’t tipping to her standard. Smh.

No. 1569907

Are YOU dumb? She’s clearly stating she’s 20 in an “I wish I were still 20” way

No. 1569912

Pumpy loves to pretend shes a millionaire, but katiekat is literally a millionaire with her camming money. She probably doesn’t care if she loses a few fanboys here and there along the way.

No. 1569934

Katie n Zia seem to have both taken their money, invested it, n kept quiet about their net worth. Both of them own properties n stuff too. Both of them have had their share of milk but keep quiet about personal stuff enuf to not really be cows.

No. 1569956

Yeah, agreed. They have sense to not air out everything on social media and save their money. Kati3kat is definitely a millionaire off of MFC success. I think she’s regularly one of the top girls. But she is an alcoholic for sure, hope she can reign that in someday soon so she doesn’t end up like a lot of these others kek

No. 1570056

She's threatened to doxx an ex members wife (she went on a drunken rant of "I KNOW YOUR WIFES NAME YOU BETTER FUCKING WATCH WHAT YOU DO.") as well as threatening to doxx other members. She also has passed out drunk multiple times on cam and MFC has had to shut down her broadcasts cause she would just be laying on the ground blacked out for an hour. Before becoming a cam girl she was famous on tumblr and ended up claiming terminal illness and then abruptly stopped posting to insinuate she was dead and there was an influx of rip Maggie posts. She doesn't post much about her personal life on social media, but gets really trashy when she's drunk.

No. 1570191

File: 1656022865799.jpeg (699.96 KB, 3263x1835, 94E80456-812D-45DB-B682-30AEBA…)

Sure Jan, anything to make sure people stay focused on your weight

No. 1570348

File: 1656034795144.jpeg (279.86 KB, 750x1116, 2C2A40FE-C470-4E15-BB3C-1FC0C7…)

Looks like his URL was -everysecond. I always knew she had milk but could never find any, I heard that she/her coomers used to raid other camgirls’ rooms with Every Day Is Katie Day spam. She does go hard on her drinking nights on cam lol, she makes like $100 a shot. I scoured tumblr for any RIP Maggie posts but they’re probably from 2011 and buried/gone.

No. 1570765

Did any catch Pumpy's stream on MFC last night?

No. 1571097

I was wondering when Pump would show up and try to redirect the conversation back to herself

No. 1571115

File: 1656111581362.jpeg (389.01 KB, 1284x2282, 84CA0F59-24DF-416E-9CF1-972123…)

Pumpy rambling about how she’s rallied so hard in the past for abortion rights, even though she’s never so much as discussed abortion until this past month faking a pregnancy to fuck with Ty.

No. 1571177

File: 1656119761665.png (2.54 MB, 1242x2208, 86251C2C-D566-45B9-A6A7-67F770…)


No. 1571181

Isn’t that her exact tattoo? She’s branded herself as that so what’s she crying about exactly? There’s no way she takes herself seriously…

No. 1571188

Eye roll. She can’t help but make current events about herself by inserting herself into the conversation. She was bragging not too long ago about how she hasn’t had a pregnancy scare until recently. Now her story has shifted to being a cum dumpster for unwanted children. Whatever fits her narrative I guess. Also, Ty doesn’t respect her if all she is is his personal ATM and fuck buddy. She’s embarrassing and delusional.

No. 1571195

A fair amount of her tattoos are just self demeaning that she's a whore.


>Spank me
>Money slut
>Baby girl

Absolutely embarrassing.

No. 1571210

Daddy on her elbow, Devour on her throat, Insanity on her wrist.

No. 1571434

File: 1656135123784.jpg (256.61 KB, 1080x1144, IMG_20220623_153639.jpg)

No. 1571478

Bruh he literally quit his job to and moved hours away to save money so that he can move to the states. Get fucked.

No. 1571942

File: 1656188772015.jpeg (483.24 KB, 1170x1957, A6783FD0-A430-4826-AAE1-7A88E7…)

Is she saying Ty tried to have her keep it? Or that the clinic she went to tried to pressure her to keep it? There’s not a single part of any of those rants where she mentions womens rights as a whole just a lot of “me me me me me I this I that”. She’s so painfully uneducated always trying to rant like she knows anything at all.

No. 1571970

The clinic would do this just to double check that she wanted to go through with the abortion at that point.

No. 1571977

they double check you still want to go through with it, but i donno if theyll try to convince you to keep it

No. 1571998

She is fucking stupid and seemingly went to an anti-abortion office at first. They label themselves as “women’s care” you call and tell them on the phone you want an abortion, they tell you to come in, then make you listen to the heartbeat to guilt you, tell you lies (like “you need to wait 4 more weeks” when they know that puts you too far out), and try to pressure you to keep it.

According to the stories she’s posted about how the first place she went made her listen to the heartbeat and try to get her to keep it without actually setting an abortion date, her dumb ass went to the wrong place. Unfortunately they’re pretty common.

No. 1572006

File: 1656193515612.jpeg (478.75 KB, 828x1186, DC720A2E-FCCE-423A-8437-CE00F4…)

Oh she’s discussed her stance on it before.

No. 1572168

It's the fact she mentions a star sign that is weird.

She's obviously not gonna know health workers birth dates.

Astrology people are pure retarded though.
Oooh dear.
She only ever acts like she cares about something if she can personally relate to it herself, so shitty. She'll never publicly admit and apologise for these things.

No. 1572206

She said before the baby would have been a Capricorn, along with saying “yeeted that bitch” I’m assuming “fucking hate capricorns” was in reference to her own fetus. Yikes she’d make a horrible mother.

No. 1572230

reminds me of plasticnproud/arianna mcmillan, another e-thot who declared that she aborted her "gemini demon"

No. 1572544

File: 1656244350733.png (8.58 MB, 1170x2532, ED1B7900-7E47-4E87-83F3-A07942…)

Out with Ty’s friends, drinking, and attempting to buy their friendship with overpriced booze

No. 1572882

File: 1656269173377.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1284x2250, 539F51F9-5385-4DA3-8534-8B49D3…)

The lies just never end with her, she probably molested some other girls after being sexually abused herself as a kid, but she was NOT about any g/g stuff from the time she started camming. Except with Loretta. And she’s so fucking awkward.
She could never turn any woman on bc women don’t want to fuck malnourished little girl bodies. I’m so grossed out rn lol.

No. 1572989

I mean she’s hooked up with girls on cam long before Loretta but yeah I don’t buy that she was fucking women before men because all she talks about from her teens before camming was that one emo guy she likes to post a few times a year.

No. 1573087

It’s common for molested kids to inappropriately touch other children because they don’t know any better. It happened to me with a childhood friend who was sexually abused herself. I have a feeling this is the case with Pumpy and it’s gross she’s flexing like this. She had no chemistry with the women she worked with on cam so it’s hard to believe she’s genuinely sexually attracted to women. Once again this is attention seeking behavior because she has to make pride about herself.

No. 1573431

Lol Stormy is so fucking ugly.

No. 1573434

File: 1656325343752.png (2.2 MB, 828x1792, ECF3EFAB-262F-4BFF-A56C-81C631…)

Look at that face tho when she makes this face she’s the most ugliest bitch I had ever seen she brags that she’s better then everyone else and thinks cause she’s anorexic her body is nicer and better then everyone else’s.

No. 1573438

File: 1656325631803.png (1.55 MB, 828x1792, 63E03752-90E7-4FBD-8849-7540F2…)

No. 1573537

This is gross. The way she’s fetishized her own pregnancy and abortion is soulless.

No. 1573539

Lmao buying a table for 3 grown ass employed men? Adventures in pickme-ism I guess

No. 1573564

File: 1656340175743.png (3.35 MB, 828x1792, AE7265A9-6E2B-4B25-8DB5-7DAE69…)

This account that Stormy has looks like a necrophilia account

No. 1573628

File: 1656344738139.png (10.07 MB, 1284x2778, F8781C37-FFEE-4F2D-AB46-AB9920…)

No. 1573629

File: 1656344788246.png (9.79 MB, 1284x2778, B97614D2-6C86-41A5-B064-368D31…)

And then posting this minutes later

No. 1573656

Its so laughable when the same chick littered in “daddy issues” tier tattoos is turned off/red flags scrote behavior that is just the genderbent version of hers. Its like she senses even as a hypothetical that atleast the moid had a mother who loved him and seethes over it kekw.

No. 1573711

U didn’t crop n left one of ur accounts visible in the bottom right nonnie, she’s gunna block u

No. 1573747

It's weird how she spirals between loving him and then saying she's single and he's her fuck buddy. She should know deep down he won't ever be committed to her or make her his wife. Has she ever even met his daughter or anything? If he really loved her like how she loves him. He doesn't seem committed at all to her besides a simple follow back and appearing in her stories when he's sleeping

No. 1573788

He's not even remotely committed, and is likely embarrassed of her and her behavior. Men are transparent, so if he wanted to be in a real relationship with her it would have already happened. She's an easy lay and buys him and his friends stuff so that's why he sticks around. Pretty sad at her age she refuses to see this.

No. 1573880

File: 1656360070671.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3464x3464, E6B5FCD5-352E-4F75-979D-C0786D…)

Lol I’m sure he never wants her to take pics of him/with her so all she has is secretly taking pictures of him unconscious. So embarrassing.

No. 1573906


Ty had Brina out trick or treating with his daughter, if he had even remote interest in Stormy then there would be some involvement. She’s just a shameful activity for him, like midnight snacking. Imagine how embarrassing being seen out in public with her would be.. he probably has his friends tag along to diffuse association among them. It’s hilarious because she thinks that she’s a flex.

No. 1574020

It’s smart if he doesn’t allow her near his daughter. Pumpy seems the type of person who is jealous of anyone she has to share attention with. I’m sure she’s jealous his daughter actually has a permanent place in his life. She’s also beautiful and is a constant reminder Ty has dated prettier women (the mom). Pumpy doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body and is too emotionally immature to be around children.

No. 1574026

Pumpy would "yeet it"

No. 1574226

Sabrina is no better option to let his kid go trick or treating with kek. She plays mom for a few days then forgets their existence, like her own 3 children. Ty only flexxed Sabrina because she had a huge following on IG at the time, and Ty is only about the clout. He's the one who called her out with proof for being an escort then kicked her out like she deserved. kek

No. 1574275

File: 1656386176654.png (3.83 MB, 828x1792, 03A0DF35-794F-4763-8A31-6C521D…)

Morgan hofmann is soooo ugly lolololol.

No. 1574276

File: 1656386206114.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, C46A176B-207A-49E9-9BFE-EF5ED2…)

Wtfffffff is this shit?

No. 1574279

File: 1656386284581.png (2.67 MB, 828x1792, 8F45D1EC-C067-425B-BA3B-1688C0…)

She literally thinks she’s that amazing and that’s why people talk shit about her um no Jan your literally a shitty person nobody is gonna like a person like this cunt.

No. 1574280

File: 1656386336530.jpeg (86.53 KB, 828x991, 43A31CFF-9A75-44E5-8181-7F7930…)

Stormys “new account” just to talk shit about people lol.

No. 1574310

File: 1656389224214.jpg (135.08 KB, 810x644, calf-with-nose-ring.jpg)

I actually think she is cute but she sure is ugly with that thing in her nose. I actually hate the zoomer septum piercing in general but hers is particularly egregious, idk if it is supposed to be blinged out or what but as a farmgirl who grew up around actual cows all I can ever think about is that if the bull was going to trample you you were supposed to pull on picrel and if she ever gets into a hair-pulling fight on the street which she might with her attitude then oh dear.

No. 1574432

Please explain what you think is cute about her.

No. 1574605

Okay if she’s been in love for 2 years with Ty then she was emotionally cheating on dean and Cody which makes her no better than the “home wrecking” girls who physically slept with her bfs… cheating starts in the heart lmao what a terrible person. …. Also weird that she’s back with TY after he left her naked and bleeding on the street…. Unless that’s was ANOTHER lie. Looks kind of suspicious…. She has 4 accounts now after she went on a rant about not posting on Instagram anymore she’s such a narcissist.

No. 1574665

She’s been questioned a few times about bragging to be "literally so loyal" while having these guys come over to stay the night n fuck the second she has a falling out with whichever one she’s obsessed with at the time. She brags about not following other men while in a relationship n how she’s so perfect n couldn’t do wrong but she sure as hell has these guys numbers saved on speed dial for the second things don’t go her way to try n flex she found someone else or someone "better". She’s for the streets, nasty n ran thru.

Shes spent prob around $45k on her face so far between fillers n her nose job n fixing her teeth so at least someone thinks she’s cute kek nothing even slightly okay looking on her body naturally ever looked that way

OT but I get such a gross feeling this bitch smells like cat piss n sweat.

No. 1574748

i think her original face was cute but she looks so weird now. barely even human.

No. 1574912

Lmao smells like cat piss and sweat she looks like the type of people I used to go to school with the ones that would come to school In skin tight clothing or pyjamas and would smell like shit sweat and cat piss tbh it’s disgusting I can believe she smells like that(newfag)

No. 1574986

>>1571177 Ty is literally the one who dumped his "unwanted child" in her. She’s chooses to be treated that way, she’s even said her livestock tattoo is her favorite one she has. Has she ever listened to herself? She treats herself like a cum dumpster for washed up men who don’t wanna be seen around her then gets mad when other people treat her that way too. Everything about her spells sneaky link and sidechick. I wonder when Ty kisses her if he ever thinks about the fact her mouth has been used as a human urinal, there’s videos of her letting dudes piss in her mouth and feed her their cum out of a bowl.

No. 1575016

File: 1656460736936.png (2.17 MB, 750x1334, F6649DE6-B28A-4D0F-931D-D78D1D…)

Gross and Proud

No. 1575030

File: 1656463020750.png (3.79 MB, 828x1792, 06D4FD95-3388-4F61-9CA4-9495F3…)

Love the crosman air soft canisters for her “gun”.

No. 1575080

File: 1656466476014.jpeg (661.95 KB, 1170x1500, F6136AAF-B9D1-4FF4-8354-FE1560…)

No. 1575195

The fuck just donate your privilege in the form of money to an abortion fund.

No. 1575227

She should just stop. This weird combo of trying to sexualize her pregnancy/abortion, act like an abortion activist, pretending like she regrets her decision and is “grieving,” pretending like Ty is her loving, mourning boyfriend or even cares. It’s too much all at once. Pick a lane or shut up until you have some genuine perspective on your situation.

No. 1575401

File: 1656503844043.png (860.46 KB, 828x1792, 1592118D-7758-4600-B7DD-1EB353…)

Onlyfans girls are whores and should get a real job tbh they wonder why people bash them and talk so much shit because they are nasty and disgusting to other people how they speak to others they think they are sooooo much better then everyone else just cause they do sex work lol prostitute fuckin Whore.

No. 1575402

File: 1656503906294.png (567.7 KB, 828x1792, 9B574993-E4C0-43D2-A8CD-DCC481…)

lol at this dumb fuckin bitch.

No. 1575452

Whippets, very classy and sober of you, Pumpy.

No. 1575461

They look the same but airsoft is co2 not no2, you can’t huff a crosman canister. OP is right this is for her “gun”.

No. 1575694


“Trying to keep my head down about it” Has a day gone by where she HASN’T pushed it in people’s face? I’m still not entirely convinced that she even had one, as too much is not adding up & I guarantee she can’t conceive with her body in the physical state that it’s in. All a ploy to soak up attention and throw Ty through a loop. “Her partner” who literally doesn’t give a fuck.

No. 1575701

they are better then you with that outlook

No. 1575708

File: 1656528430715.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x2274, ACBFF6F9-B772-4FCD-8896-E81665…)

I wonder who she thinks her audience is while making these stupid stories. For anyone who misses it, it’s Pumpy getting all medfag about NPD. I don’t know how to make videos (don’t crucify me). Her demo is literally the pedos who find her malnourished child body attractive and then people who laugh/gawk at her evident NPD.. one thing mutual among these two crowds is being people who do NOT value her or take her seriously. She’s talking like she’s a celebrity or even influencer with a following that looks to her for thoughts/information.

No. 1575739

This NPD/BPD rant of hers is one for the books. Copied one of my favorite parts verbatim:

>“Another thing that narcissists tend to do is

>whenever youre having a good time or youre
>celebrating something, or something is
>supposed to go really well in your life, they
>will make sure that it doesnt. They will shut it
>down, or they will make you feel bad about it,
>or make a scene to make it not good
>anymore, or, um, kind of like, make - make
>sure, that you can’t enjoy it. Because that
>makes them feel like they are in control on
>the situation, and your emotions.”

Lmao you mean EXACTLY LIKE SHE DID on Tyler’s birthday a week or two ago?! Getting pissed off, posting about being pissed off, drinking until she blacked out (probably only 3 fucking drinks since shes 70lbs and does not eat), blocking each other on instagram that night, her basically openly accusing him/his friends of not keeping her safe and getting her dropped off on the side of the road passed out (possibly without her clothes!), all on his birthday!

No. 1575746

File: 1656530356027.jpeg (192.23 KB, 1170x1465, 15B89ECE-6A3D-4B03-B6BD-549781…)

Actually the most retarded bitch on earth, that’s why she gets manipulated, not cuz she has self diagnosed BPD. She made this post the other day acting like she’s ever sought help and gone through what it takes to manage her self diagnosed bullshit. Pretty sure it was mentioned a few times in the last thread how she doesn’t give a fuck and feels everyone around her needs to change, not that she needs to work on her own issues so her "BPD" is entirely unmanaged. She feels like everyone needs to treat her special cuz she self diagnosed some bullshit she doesn’t even pretend to seek treatment. If she did have it, she would be teaching her audience jack shit cuz she’s never had the patience to sit down and do the work to treat the root issues. To treat the root issues she’d have to be honest about her past and not have a new story every week trying to manipulate everyone to feel guilt and anger for her, but wait it’s not NPD… eyeroll

No. 1575783

File: 1656533736771.png (8.33 MB, 1170x2532, 8D66234A-2E84-4336-A16B-4563F4…)

Wow a whole TWO already dying, cheap ass gas station roses! From the man she wastes hundreds/THOUSANDS of dollars funding his and his friends music careers and nights out at the club! Omg yeah that is SO heart eyes

No. 1575796

So how broke is Ty or lack there of? He makes it seems like he has money and has got his daughter a lot designer shit in the past, flexed his new car when he got it, forever parties at expensive clubs in his stories with top dollar alcohol / sometimes bottle service, traveling etc and seems to blow through money. Why is Pump funding anything at all for this guy? He’s very capable of doing it himself. She is so cozy in less than the bare minimum, cum dumpster ass doormat.

No. 1575818

Oh wow, he spent a whole $2 on you after you bought him and all his friends drinks the other night? What a catch! Lmao

No. 1575899

Kek, probably from one of those guys who walks around selling roses in a bar and most guys cave cos they don't wanna look like an asshole.

>A rose for the lady?

No. 1575916

She already deleted this rant. She sounded so ridiculously retarded. She was literally describing herself

No. 1575932

File: 1656545767723.png (4.72 MB, 828x1792, 483264C6-0A1A-491B-86E4-5443B9…)

This bitch is literally sooo dumb didn’t she talk about bleeding after her “abortion”

No. 1575933

File: 1656545798246.png (4.6 MB, 828x1792, C6EFC726-DF70-4B48-BD87-60FB28…)

lol imagine being like this on the internet.

No. 1575934

not to wk but do you know what happens during an abortion?

No. 1575941

Imagine posting this then going on a rant about how well versed you are about NPD n sperging about being a victim kek big mad cuz she hates how real it feels when people keep saying she has NPD, hits too close to home eh pump, sucks to suck.

No. 1575987

We don’t defend OF here, also learn to sage. For whatever reason this thread is always full of unsaged commentary
So she definitely bought these for herself.

No. 1576502

File: 1656595784782.jpeg (129.93 KB, 699x293, 03ECC024-4BBF-4180-B060-7552A7…)

kek, “20” — at least she got gremlin right.

No. 1576574

Why she got shorter too? Lol. Always used to be 5"2

No. 1576584

A literal compulsive liar, she can’t even help it anymore it’s all she knows how to do. Nothing about her is ever consistent, she’s one fake pile of bullshit who clings to other humans to leech their happiness like gum stuck on the bottom of a shoe.

No. 1576941

File: 1656618823761.png (3.98 MB, 1242x2208, C6D0786A-D41F-4443-ADF9-3F4338…)

I know we say it every fucking day but WHAT A DUMB BITCH.

No. 1576943

File: 1656618856343.png (694.9 KB, 1242x2208, 9F5D2E1C-BBCA-4996-9E41-274163…)

No. 1576972

File: 1656619780055.png (5.05 MB, 1170x2532, 75FEBE38-8EDC-4B90-9F42-107304…)

Getting pregnant, getting an abortion, and being on birth control pills are all “things that could kill her” because she’s a scrawny fucking 70lb retard. It is truly so unsustainable to attempt to live life at that weight, maybe she’ll understand one day. Not today though.

Maybe stop getting nutted in if it will “literally kill you”??? Literally why can’t Tyler’s dumb ass pull out and nut on her knobbly knees instead of in her dried up pussy ??

No. 1576981

Anon… you can absolutely get pregnant from precum. Do not have unprotected sex.

No. 1576985

lol this bitch managed to post tl;dr on TikTok of all places

No. 1577002

Probably a lot less likely to get pregnant from pulling out than letting him nut in her like a sperm bank, there are also a million contraception options out there, not just condoms and birth control. Ty still fucks other girls tho, that’s why sometimes he’s her “fuck buddy” and sometimes he’s “her man” and sometimes he’s just her “best friend”, so it’s downright gross she’s fucking him raw.

No. 1577041


Lets be honest Pumpy doesn't use condoms and brags about raw dogging. She is as gross as Ty. I am not surprised she hasnt gotten more STDs

No. 1577157

File: 1656634668761.png (1.7 MB, 828x1792, 10407B5C-C29F-4BF8-9C33-7091BA…)

No. 1577159

File: 1656634715149.png (2.96 MB, 828x1792, 332E656B-E68F-478E-9251-F377EE…)

She’s definitely fucking crazy also very stupid it’s not fair to everyone that she is this psycho.

No. 1577165

She really can’t help but try to make every single thing fully about her. I get the vibe she’s the same way in person, one of those people where no matter what you say they have to turn it into something about them and one up you. Not a single thing isnt about her inside her pea brain. Not gonna get into the Roe overturn on here, but in the state of California in her lil beach suburbs her reproductive rights are perfectly fine, there are a lot of women whose rights really aren’t. It’s not like she’s on the ground protesting anything and it’s not like she’s smart enough to take it to the ballots. She probably knows nothing on a state or local level.

No. 1577197

What makes you think she has npd? It kind of doesn't make sense really. I know she self diagnosed or whatever but she very obviously has it.. everything points to it, her flip flopping emotions and contradictions within the hour. I ESPECIALLY think bpd because she even uses that as an identity, and says the stereotypical "I'm crazy, but that makes me sexy" statements. People with bpd can also have moments of psychopathy, lack of emotion empathy etc

No. 1577207

Let’s just start with the extreme exaggeration of self importance, rage and hatred being her main emotions, exploiting and harming others for her own gain, her constant sense of entitlement, her being entirely unwilling and unable to care about the damage she causes to the lives of others, her non stop need for validation and to have her ego stroked, treating others as inferior, her saying herself she will do whatever it takes to make manipulate people into feeling how she wants (including make up stories and cry)… the list really does go on and every single shoe fits. To be fair she might have both, but she very clearly has NPD.

No. 1577494

I think you have a crude understanding of narcissism. You mostly see her being taken advantage of by really gross men ( extremely common bpd behavior ). it's very uncommon that you'll see a narcissist being taken advantage of. Npd needs narcissistic supply ( a very specific thing, it is not "entitlement" or attention), we don't see that with her. But meh who knows, I just hate seeing people throw npd around. Kathy showcases narcissistic behaviors to a T, pumpy not so much

No. 1577555

Ntayrt but I see your point. Vicki and Kathy are who I think of when I think NPD. I think pumpy just constantly overcompensates for her mediocrity and that's why she might seem a narcissist.

No. 1577589

File: 1656675392470.png (515.83 KB, 389x693, BEC03A7E-ED43-40BC-953A-31E78D…)

Idk if she deleted this or if it just expired but I saved it from yesterdays rant.
She just got diagnosed with what at the same time she found out she was pregnant?
Lupus? I thought she’d already been diagnosed forever.
I wonder if she keeps a notebook to keep track of all her lies?

No. 1577591

Also, a lot of people can fall asleep on aderrall (me included)
That’s not your resting heart rate because you had one incident where it was high.
You sure do move around and dance like you’re not in any pain (coming from someone with chronic pain)
You constantly complain about the line of work you’re in and you’re customers yet continue to do a job that makes you unhappy at the most basic level (human respect level).
You thrive off of being the victim so you stay getting harassed and putting yourself in dangerous situations to confirm your own beliefs and prove your own delusional thoughts correct.
“I fake a smile everyday” - go to a therapist. Make the effort to actually understand how your choices effect your reality and your emotions.
Or don’t. Just keep being a victim and let everyone keep making fun of you so it confirms your beliefs.

No. 1577644

File: 1656680696370.png (4.29 MB, 828x1792, D7B84E20-737A-434B-AD45-63D3F9…)

No. 1577670

Not trying to white knight Pumpy but Lupus is kind of the autoimmune you get labeled with last because it’s hard to confirm. You have to rule everything else out. There’s a chance they told her she has one and it’s likely Lupus, but they’re not sure and finally while pregnant confirmed it. She could also be full of shit on when she was diagnosed.
I’m pretty sure up thread she posted medical docs or something with Lupus listed finally and she hadn’t done that before.
Her description of Lupus sounds possible, and they definitely wouldn’t treat her like normal while pregnant. They have to treat Lupus with immune suppressants, sometimes chemo etc. the treatment for Lupus can make Lupus patients lose their teeth and even more of their hair. It’s fucked. If Pumpy really has lupus she’s going to physically degrade really fast by 30.

No. 1577705

She posted a little over a month ago being positive for ANA after years of saying she’s going through testing to figure out which autoimmune disease she has. Not sure if she legit got the lupus diagnosis, but they’ve been narrowing it down and it did likely seem like lupus from her test results.

No. 1577710

File: 1656685654404.jpeg (837.23 KB, 3263x1835, 0E1D4F9A-8ACF-4853-B254-28AA96…)

Subposting about Ty

No. 1577734

File: 1656687732205.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 848.91 KB, 1095x1104, 8CD0612B-9B74-44EA-94FB-9181CE…)

Her facial hair is insane in the sunlight. Lil miss skincare should start shaving it.

Spoiler for close up on pumpys face(nitpick)

No. 1577770

kek don't be this stupid. SO many ppl get pregnant from the pull out method. You are a lot less likely to get pregnant if you use a condom, NOT if you ask your scrote to pull out. Telling you this so you don't endup pregnant.

No. 1577771

Ew wtf is going on with her ear?

No. 1577800

Bruh lmfao I know women have light facial hair but what in the Furby

No one said you can’t get pregnant from pullout just that it’s a better option than letting him nut inside her every time, sperg out tho with your sex ed crap

No. 1577855

The fact that she put her age as 20 in her bios and then makes TikTok’s about being in the industry for 7 years is so disgusting. Shows that she is still obsessed with pedo baiting. Wants people to believe she is 13 in her old content

No. 1577868

Which is fucked n she knows what she’s doing cuz she’s gone on long rants recently about feeling like she was groomed n finally realized that pretending to be young for old men who get off on fantasizing about u being underage is harmful, even if ur an adult pretending to be young. She was nearly crying about the realization on her ig about 2 months ago talking about if u seek someone for their apparent young age ur a pedo groomer. Remember her rants about coconutkitty prending to be younger? Money talks I guess n can buy anything from this nasty bitch cuz she has no morals or boundaries she stays true to. She’s having a mental health crisis over aging thru her 20’s. She can’t stand a fresher crowd being just as successful, if not more successful than her cuz she’s ThE BlUePrInT pedo panderer, aka egirl.

No. 1577907

She claims every disorder under the sun except the one she actually has. The only thing that's going to "kill you" is anorexia, Pumpy. Nice lanugo btw!

No. 1577916

Yeah. True narcissists (with actual, diagnosed NPD) would never do things like chase after Ty, who obviously does not cater to her attention seeking behavior, etc. People with real NPD would seek out someone they can manipulate and get what they want out of, not accept breadcrumbs. Pumpy has a multitude of issues, but NPD doesn’t seem to fit.

No. 1577923


Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t false positives for ANA common enough that they standardly retest? I had a false positive years ago and a full screen afterwards then produced a negative. I was told that it’s not uncommon to test positive for ANA, only to retest negative later (which is why they never leave it at the one result). It might be different with American healthcare though, since you’re paying for everything.

No. 1578015

what you describe is the norm in the US as well

No. 1578041

Extreme Peach fuzz. Nitpick.

No. 1578046

Yes, extreme peach fuzz because shes skin and bones anorexic as fuck, consistently eats under 1k cals a day while telling everyone she eats 5k cals and “can’t gain weight” which is literally impossible. Basic science she thinks she can lie her way out of.

Relevant and not a nitpick imo

No. 1578099

That is fucking gnarly, that isn’t just peach fuzz. The anon who said lanugo…spot on.

No. 1578114

File: 1656716760862.jpg (145.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220701-175906_Ins…)

No. 1578116

File: 1656716874226.jpg (265.59 KB, 1066x1913, Screenshot_20220701-175920_Ins…)

Her hair looks like shit

No. 1578169

File: 1656721180377.png (6.75 MB, 1242x2208, F2FD6CA5-47E9-41EE-90CA-76DB74…)

Let’s just call it what it is… a beard.

No. 1578236

Lmfaooooo she’s a legit neckbeard thank you nonnie

No. 1578263

is she trying out for the circus with that beard holy shit, no wonder no man wants you, she looks trans enough as it is already

No. 1578279

lmfao it looks like she's growing mold

No. 1578280

File: 1656730369029.png (Spoiler Image, 4.3 MB, 1800x1565, CEDD3FB8-C177-47D1-8606-7B927B…)


No. 1578533

All women have peach fuzz like that you’re insane

No. 1578678

Id beg to differ on this on comment, that’s very bold of you to assume “all” woman have peach fuzz.

No. 1578687

Like the other anon said it’s not peach fuzz, it’s lanugo. It’s the fine hairs that grow more prominent on your face when you’re extremely malnourished/anorexic.

No. 1578954

Also chiming in to say it looks more like lanugo, I do know mannnnny women who have soft hairs on their face, and even those who have darker hairs toward the chin area. Definitely normal variations, maybe sometimes an ethnicity thing, maybe sometimes a hormonal thing.
Hers looks very much like downy, dense hair that the body would grow for warmth, such as in cases of malnutrition which she suffers from whether it’s ED or auto-immune disease related, or both.
I feel like in all her gross up-close shots we haven’t seen it though, which makes me wonder if the abortion pills made her body go into survival mode and sprout it all up over the course of two weeks.
I think we can move on from it tho considering she’s ugly anyway lol.

No. 1579175

File: 1656818479962.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 586.21 KB, 1284x2229, 604ED89D-95C6-4ABC-A6DD-E09832…)

I hope for her sake her toenails are just painted this ugly fungus color. Gross looking either way

No. 1579594

File: 1656874612494.jpg (263.51 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20220703-145119_Twi…)

Wasn't she on her Instagram stories crying a few days ago?

No. 1579604

All her behavior is starting to mimic plasticnproud

No. 1579732

File: 1656884597478.jpeg (407.07 KB, 1170x1957, 05AD9EFD-A557-45BC-962F-5D6540…)

Same pumpy, same, we can all relate

No. 1579733

File: 1656884755767.jpeg (117.6 KB, 1170x792, F31E9163-B344-4E56-9FEE-EF65FF…)

Hypocrisy is unreal, when someones mean to her or anyone treats her the same way she treats others they’re a bully n she cries on Instagram kek

No. 1579771

Great sex from a dude who would never post her on his Instagram or allow her to post a pic of them together with his face in it

No. 1579776

File: 1656888702903.jpg (79.1 KB, 1080x646, Screenshot_20220703-184024_Ins…)


She took the 20 out of her instagram profile

No. 1579865

File: 1656897305809.png (2.35 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-07-03_09-13-17_PM.p…)

Aren't those the chairs she already have?

Pumpy wishes she was an internet sensation… in the grand scheme of things she is a nobody.

No. 1580547

File: 1656980311824.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, C9E90C48-6626-4F9D-BF70-EC86F1…)

No. 1581054


no lie tho, ty is dumb af for still coming around this broad. lhe could easily swindle her into some financial domination shit (and she’d bite). he’s getting his dick wet elsewhere and probably has at least one or more options for east pussy.. why bother hanging around this clown for it?

it also kills me when she brags about ty not pressuring her for sex, like flexing their “connection.” he’s really just not that into you, stormy boo.

No. 1581077

I think he’s just learned how she responds. He’s been around the block a few times and knows how to get what he wants. He knows if he doesn’t ask and goes with the flow he gets it more frequently, when you beg it’s usually a turn off to most women and you start to get laid less. More guys should take notes tbh. Ty has options, but not ones that blow tons of money on him. I dunno how anyone handles actually being around her for more than 5 mins though, her behavior is insufferably gross even when she wants your dick.

No. 1581119

File: 1657048461725.jpeg (2.18 MB, 1284x2263, A5B6B150-E3AA-4AF1-9A27-A17721…)

One of the newer anons to Pumpy here, so is she on something or actually fucking retarded? Why can’t she spell or speak for shit

No. 1581155

She grew up in kentucky and is notoriously dumb when it comes to grammar, spelling, and general cognitive abilities. If you go back in the threads she claimed to have a 5.0 gpa at one point lmao

No. 1581349

File: 1657064038861.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, C3B159A5-F676-44DC-876A-8CA824…)

Ew. Legitimately grossed out by this post more then others. Is nothing private for you pump? No wonder he’s fucking embarrassed of you.

No. 1581351

Her ears remind me of those sticky hand toys from quarter machines

No. 1581420

File: 1657068343285.png (4.15 MB, 750x1334, 3346377D-8037-4DD3-BA28-A40D1C…)

She really thinks people should be jealous of this. She looks terrible. That hair on her face is wild.

No. 1581425

I get the whole dagger tattoo thing, but for some reason this one really looks like sideburns

No. 1581435

Can you imagine how awful they must smell? I bet she does stink!

No. 1581438


Seems like a weird flex. For a normal person their period would come back 4-8 weeks after the abortion. It has been a month since but who knows since she lies about the weirdest shit.

No. 1581507

File: 1657082726359.jpg (135.45 KB, 828x1471, zVfcDgyOHg4MjgmX25jX2h0PXNjb25…)

another one for the list of proof to refute her "never done drugs" lie

No. 1581516

Sage your shit obviously and adderall is a prescription drug, settle your boobies down.

No. 1581518

She’s always tended to lean toward pharmaceuticals while saying she’s drug free. She used to take pain and anxiety meds for the most random shit. She does seem to like pills.

No. 1581541

>>1581516 yeah? how come you know she's getting it from a doctor? dumb

No. 1581657

The way she constantly complains about being able to sleep on Adderall is all the proof I need to know she doesn't legitimately have ADHD. It's not supposed to keep you up for 3 days straight, like methamphetamine, if you genuinely have ADHD and aren't abusing it to get high.

No. 1581796

File: 1657126651427.jpeg (889.61 KB, 3263x1835, E3DBD5AB-5CC7-4C90-98D9-17B0BC…)

These posts are so weird cuz he still says he’s single and hides that he’s always with her. Anyone else feel like these “I’m so in love and we’re so in love” posts are cuz Cody actually did fall in love with Kira after his and Pumps breakup. Cody and Kira both show off their relationship together on ig. It seems like an attempt at showing off how happy and “in love” she is too. Either way, Pumps “relationship” with Ty is a joke.

No. 1581816

File: 1657128494726.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x2067, A2633FF9-9953-4FCA-9BB6-6A6A0B…)


nevermind the skin, her fillers are nightmare-ish. look at how jacked up her lips are and that is WITH a flattering filter. the “naturally beautiful” posts but this bitch has done nothing short of everything to completely change her appearance.


going to build on this and add that i think it’s absolutely cringe how she went from no tattoos to being aggressively tatted in such a short period of time. a great testament to how desperate she is to embody trends and copied personas.


their “relationship” that has no label and no trace on the internet beyond her sneak posts of his arm kek. she’s happy to share his music and posts so it’s obvious the absence of imagery of them or their time together is not her choice. she takes what she can get and that’s an inch or two of his body while he’s unconscious.

No. 1581864

File: 1657131720218.jpeg (530.98 KB, 828x1394, 4BCBC6EC-A664-45F2-A26D-CD18B2…)

I don’t know how to link post from old threads on mobile but oh how that caption changed

No. 1581890

I get the strangest feeling she's trying to appear Latina to impress ty. She started posting tik toks to bad bunny and listening to his music now.

No. 1582052

This! I was thinking the same thing about the fake love and fake happiness. She sees how happy cody is with his new gf, so she’s trying to put up this front like she’s soo happy with Ty. It’s actually so sad the lies she tells herself. Ty used to post brina all the time when they were together. I’ve yet to see pump on any of his or his friends stories kek(sage your shit)

No. 1582260

File: 1657154129613.webm (9.33 MB, 720x1560, 20220706_202017.webm)

This is interesting. She pays $300 a month for this company to make DMCA claims. She can make her own claims and it looks like she made a few towards lolcow. Stay mad Morgan Summer Hofmann.

No. 1582264

If they remove "everything" and she's directed them here then why is it all still here? And seen her crappy videos on multiple sites.

No. 1582304

File: 1657156813369.jpeg (289.03 KB, 1170x1957, 919C710A-CA57-4E86-8C52-014D6A…)

Here’s a screenshot of her trying to DMCA stuff off of here for those who don’t/can’t watch the vid

No. 1582327

File: 1657158894955.png (1.14 MB, 1800x900, D3EA2AE9-074F-4202-9CAE-A5474E…)

No. 1582545

is this for sure a dmca or one of those lawyers that suppresses google results

No. 1582593


I think it just supresses results on Google. Is there anyway to reverse the claim?

No. 1582595

File: 1657194993532.jpg (485.2 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220707-073644_Ins…)

No fucking way.

No. 1582597

February 2016, really trying to relive that one time she ever had that much and never will again because of her spending habits. Now that account will never show over $20k, if even, at the rate she blows through her daily payouts from OF.

No. 1582613

Now she complains about having to pay $750 for an abortion lmao

No. 1582661

File: 1657204705654.png (717.98 KB, 828x1792, 6AA0BCD9-735E-4DB4-A64C-6D1199…)

No. 1582663

File: 1657204735014.png (3.7 MB, 828x1792, A604735D-E904-455A-A77F-C14FB0…)

No. 1582678

did she really ever make this much? seriously?

No. 1582682

Of course she did. She was making bank when she first started and was living somewhat normally. Then she started renting huge mansions just for her to live in all alone, if you want to even call it living, and now she just blows everything she makes on other people to keep them around. She didn’t invest anything at all. It’s so pathetic and such a waste. It should be embarrassing for her to flaunt where she is when if she was smart and invested she could be way above where she is now.

No. 1582688

She’s been so fucking stupid with her money. It’s only so long before it really catches up. At some point this living paycheck to paycheck shit isn’t gunna pay her taxes any longer, then she’s really fucked, especially in her tax bracket. It’s not that she doesn’t make bank, it’s that she has absolutely NONE saved, she lives off of DAILY income and she has nothing to show for it other than her car, her dirty Nikes, and maybe 3 pieces of jewelry. What she has is not what she had.

No. 1582793

File: 1657211775305.jpeg (268.7 KB, 1170x1950, 0D296C1C-7710-48AE-983F-8CCD68…)

Here’s a ss I grabbed last week.
These income summaries don’t mean anything. We can’t see her bank account through them.

No. 1582802

File: 1657212366175.png (281.83 KB, 389x693, 9339A8B7-78F1-486A-932A-672224…)

No. 1582804

how does she even have that many subscriptions? she's a relative nobody. is she really this popular with gross coomers?

No. 1582806

If she invested in anything she would boast about it all the time just like she does anything else of worth she has. She really can’t help herself.

No. 1582837


I know she made bank back in the day but I have a hard time believing she managed to save over 500k. She has always been terrible with her money. It wouldn't surprise me if she stole these screenshots from someone else.

No. 1583023

File: 1657230713548.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, F05E79AB-AD94-4C48-B01A-EFD5E7…)

Starts posting about investing right after her lack of investing is talked about here. She couldn’t make it anymore obvious.

Morgan, you are sad and pathetic. You are not so successful like you think you are. You have nobody genuine in your life and you’re closer to 30 than 20. You’ve made more money in your late teens/early 20s than the majority of people will at that age and you have nothing to show for it. The only people jealous of this failure are 18-19 year olds who are just as broken as she is who think being at her status will make them “successful”…I encourage them to seek help rather than the attention of depraved men and money.

I think Morgan goes to bed at night and can’t actually get the reality of her continuously sad life out of her head. It must be torturous, actually.

No. 1583128

File: 1657239937618.jpg (274.21 KB, 1080x1378, Screenshot_20220707-202339_Twi…)

Is there a way to see how many people are in her room and if she getting tipped? Without subscribing of course.

No. 1583593


Nevermind she stayed on less than an hour and deleted the tweet, lol.

No. 1583601

File: 1657307924088.jpeg (296.33 KB, 1170x1419, 20DEEF51-A187-4FEC-82AC-53DCBC…)

I really can’t wait to see how their relationship progresses.

No. 1583761

She seems soooo delusional about Ty. Either she is batshit crazy, or likes the chase (or both)… or I suppose there is the very off-chance that behind the scenes Ty has chosen to commit to her and actually is treating her good as of recently. But I mean, we all know if there was any shred of tangible evidence of that, pumps would be plastering it all over her social media, instead of the pics we do see where she has to literally take a stealth photo of the guy. eyeroll

No. 1583779

File: 1657322373846.png (3.42 MB, 1800x1469, CD570899-51DC-49C6-AE6F-68C5F9…)

Taking a risk showing him with you, Morgan.

No. 1583789

File: 1657322902813.jpg (655 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220708-192817_Ins…)


I was coming to post this. The smirk she gives at the end was like a "fuck you, he is with me." Not sure if it was to us or some side pieces of Tylers.

No. 1583825

Once again he has no idea she's taking a picture of him. It's so weird.

It feels like the only explanation is he is hooking up with multiple women at once so he doesn't want to any to catch on.

Pumpy may think it's "serious" but it's a joke.
She's been used and abused so many times you'd think she may recognise the signs now but nah.

If dude didn't have tattoos he just looks like a small Indian boy, dunno what these hoes seeing.

No. 1583826

Dumbass should be taking advantage of finally learning of how drive while she has someone who can tolerate being around her long enough for her to have the opportunity… instead of handing over the keys to her fuckboy to drive every time cuz she’s a pussy n afraid of her own car.

No. 1583902

Hilarious the only photos she has with him are literally when he’s not aware she’s taking ‘em. C’mon stormy… show us something better than a sneaky pic. We need more evidence than that to believe your mans has turned a corner and committed to you. Kek

No. 1583920

These weird sneaky-pics are hilarious and creepy.

Also he is so ugly what the actual fuck

No. 1584321

it's almost like she wants to be Sabrina Nellies mini me minus the k hole of a life. She pretended to have a pregnancy with Ty just like Sabrina lied about. Also the fact they both try so hard to look like each other its hard to tell them apart sometimes because they both chose the same hoe face from their Dr.Also with Nathanial who Sabrina is still obsessed with, he tried to hook up with Pumpy at the same time they were talking kek, these stupid ass girls are nothing to these "men"

No. 1584331

I think Sabrina paved the way for a lot of these girls by setting a new tone to the camming industry back then, she was young, and her past lifestyle was something a lot of people desired truth be told, but it was all a facade and came down on her quick. Pump should be paying close attention to Sabrina’s downfall (you know she is and relishes in it) because Sabrina is also a prime example of why it’s important to save. Pumpy is not far from the same boat Brina set herself up for living paycheck to paycheck and as much as Brina is a shit hole the k is the only thing keeping her mildly okay with her past choices.

No. 1584350

File: 1657402229280.jpeg (268.01 KB, 1241x2194, 1CA5C449-7E48-437E-87BF-2E3680…)

No. 1584422

Not to be an ass, but why isn’t this saged? Where’s the milk?

No. 1584458

File: 1657408808315.png (3.72 MB, 1800x1260, 7808DCC8-B348-48FB-9A85-18BB00…)

I don’t think dumpy pumpy is trying to look like brina. She very clearly wants to be black or Latina so badly. It’s disgusting. Every trailer trash white girl does the same thing.

No. 1584492

Not trying to look like, but trying to live the past lifestyle of and is jealous of the guys Brina pulled with ease that Pumpy has to be a doormat for to even be acknowledged. Tbh one of the main differences is confidence. Brina is really arrogant and seriously full of herself and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks to the point of being purposely oblivious, you can tell Pumps confidence is super fragile and she’s big mad about what people think of her and tries to pass it off like she’s such a legend. Pumpy stays reading these threads and is very insecure, Brina has really never given a fuck other than when it comes to being a dogshit parent and wanting people to believe she’s involved in her kids lives.

No. 1584539

File: 1657419468259.png (2.47 MB, 1936x1290, Photo_2022-07-09_10-16-19_PM.p…)

Yeah anon sage shit unless it's milky. She has been boring the past few days

No. 1584671

Yeah. Pumps is jealous of Sabrina’s past lavish lifestyle, exes, etc. but she really shouldn’t be. That lifestyle was short lived and there’s nothing to show for it now at all. We’ve basically witnessed her major downfall over the last couple years. I mean Brina is now a washed up druggie prostitute, two steps away from homelessness, and the best thing she can catch these days (men wise) is her little manlet junkie J. Stormy should wise up and save her money so she doesn’t follow those footsteps. At least she hasn’t popped out and abandoned three kids.

No. 1584728

why do all whores fall so fast in such a short time? This whores also lie about the money 100%% they maybe made good money one year. It takes you years to become millionaire on MFC the top earner like katiekat probably makes 20k AT BEST MONTHLY. Women with hundreds of thousands of followers make millions on Onlyfans like Belle, but I don't believe a nobody like Pumpy is making mad cash. These whores just pretend to have a good life to scrotes so that they can sell a fantasy to them. Most of them are far away from being millionaires and they go insane in the process or get drug addiction or become alcoholics like Katiekat. Even Belle looks tired and exhausted from her work because degrading yourself in front of millions of stangers takes a toll on you. They also spend money like shit, give it to scrotes, don't invest and so on.

No. 1584729

why do camwhores literally pay for men to be with them LMAO it's like a wheel of fortune thing. Belle is literally paying Josh to be with her. Men pay them and then they pay men. Imagine being such a pathetic pick me to actually give your money to a scrote instead of having scrotes give you money. Pumpy also gives money to scrotes. I'd kill myself tbh. What's the point of being a whore or sexually promiscuous when you end up paying men? you cannot even get dick but the entire world has seen you naked

No. 1584797

Are you new? Pumpy isn't pulling the kind of money she used to get but when she started on MFC she was definitely making more than 20K a month

No. 1584800

File: 1657453779835.jpg (154.09 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20220710-074437_Ins…)

Saged for nitpicking, but she can't even hide her SW wrinkles with a damn filter.(ffs learn to properly sage: https://lolcow.farm/info )

No. 1584839

Both Pumpy and Kati3kat are making more than 20k a month lol. It sucks to say it’s true, but it is. Viewer counts on MFC are way down, but the top girls are still pulling 30k-100k a month. People in Pumpys percentage range on OF are making around 30k a month. People in Belle’s percentage do make more, yes, literally a million a month. Belle was raking in about 1.2 million a month, not annually. On Onlyfans you can request to be paid daily and Pumpy is literally living off of her daily paychecks and has no savings. The amount she makes a day is more than most people spend on rent and she has nothing at all saved because she is the most irresponsible bitch on earth. Somehow she thinks not having a savings and making good money makes people jealous, on the contrary it’s always been upsetting for your average to watch upper class people be wasteful as fuck. If you came from nothing and make bank, build something you idiot, whether your savings or a damn house. Having nothing to show for it says you’re a mentally and financially unsound thot, that’s not envy worthy. There’s something about a lot of rich / successful girls that dudes find unobtainable and chase, Pumpy is not that. She’s a lot more like gum stuck to your shoe. She’s always there to be stepped on and makes herself very available for it, then clings to you for dear life.

Not to wk cuz I hate Pump, but it’s not saged and she’s a human with lines to her face. Please don’t make her go Botox that shit she already looks fake as fuck. Let her be a literal human and not nitpick that considering how much there really is to nitpick and how much milk she’s full of. Skin has texture. Skin has fine lines.

No. 1584848

File: 1657461779267.jpeg (582.06 KB, 1170x1957, 5D0C4C20-25AE-4091-955D-B6021F…)

Again for the anon who asked how it’s known Pumpy is fully funding Tys “music career”. She apparently got him a bass too, not just the Fender and sound equipment etc. >>>/snow/1568458

No. 1584850

File: 1657462102685.jpeg (387.8 KB, 2048x2048, 51262301-A897-4614-AA93-187698…)


Agreed, anon. It’s ridiculous to nit pick small lines that are evident in harsh, unflattering lighting.. like of all things with this cow kek. I’m sure the anon posting has the same, if not worse, unless they are a literal newborn infant (sarcasm - if it’s not obvious to anyone).

She had a story that had Ty tagged saying “feat. xx” so I was half expecting him to come out and finally give us something of them together where he’s not unaware/unconscious. Of course, no bueno. She’s living this fantasy so hard in her head. He is not committed to her. He probably tells her whatever she needs to hear to keep her content so she doesn’t slander him everywhere for a month while he tries to promo his new shitty song.

One thing that I will nitpick about her appearance right now, is her obvious use of foundation/concealer (picrel) after her recent sperge about how she never wears either and the reason why she looks so youthful compared to the rest of us is because of that. Bitch, I can SEE it. As we all know though, Pump can’t keep up with her own lies (since she lies about everything) and if she does/doesn’t do something for a single day then SUDDENLY it’s her lifestyle.

No. 1584863

idk if it's the filter, but she looks like a tranny here

No. 1584864

File: 1657463698763.jpeg (332.91 KB, 1170x1937, 1AE175A7-F7C5-4FA0-8ABB-F9E333…)

Yeah that story saying “featuring Ty” was about his song playing in the background. He’s still completely unaware of these sneaky shots.

No. 1584865

Less the filter and more her obsession with deliberately making herself look like a little boy, in catering to gen z.

No. 1584867

kek your “boyfriend” is so obsessed with you but can’t even be bothered to do the absolute minimum that couples (who are both active on social media) do.

No. 1584894


Learn to sage newfags

You are crazy to think pumpy still makes bank. She is never on MFC and the few times she is live on Onlyfans she doesn't stay on. She doesn't really have a source of income. I doubt she much on Onlyfans. Also get the fuck out of here with that WKing.

No. 1584948

Her income isn’t restricted to live streaming, she’s in their top .3% which makes around $30k a month. The top .2 is making around $45k. The top .02 are making over a million. It’s not wking it’s getting annoyed with people talking about shit they clearly don’t understand and providing some perspective on what the pay is actually like there. Also, her funding her fuckboys music venture is pretty milky. Thanks tho mini mod.

No. 1585186

Yeah anons have to also consider the money that she’s possibly making untaxed through other payment methods that can be passed off as gifts. These girls incomes aren’t only through the websites they advertise. There’s many other ways to make money “under the table” as an ewhore.

No. 1585438

anon sorry I was a camgirl on MFC and I'd finish in top 100 like on 40 and I'd make like 6k. It's impossible they are making that much.

No. 1585444

If I finished on top 30-40 and made between 6k-8k it's impossible they make more than 10-15k. Katie probably makes 20k monthly from MFC if you make 20k monthly it will take you years to become a millionaire. They are just advertising it as a thing that makes you a millionaire very fast to pull in a lot of young girls. It takes you years to become a millionaire even if you are in the top. They actually sell this image that they are living a luxurious life to pull in a lot of costumers. I don't believe Pumpy makes one million yearly from Onlyfans

No. 1585474

File: 1657545052439.jpg (409.83 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220710-140243_Chr…)

I think it depends on how many active subscribers she has on onlyfans. I found this information but who knows if its accurate. I know she had regulars but no way would she have 1500 subscribers. I doubt she had that many fans back in the day.

No. 1585521

I’m a camgirl too and when I took top 100 the rank pay varied greatly and still does. In my run month placing in the 30’s I made 20k (March Madness), placing lower top 100 (90’s) I made 10k. Top 20 makes around $35-100k on their rank month. I’m sorry for your crap luck lmao. Clearly you’re no where near understanding what the pay is in the different percentage ranges on onlyfans as well. Sage goes in the email field.

No. 1585530

File: 1657549804586.jpeg (555.48 KB, 2447x3263, 9677165A-DAE6-4307-8045-B6473E…)

Samefag, but she’s in the top .3-.4 percentage range. Since you don’t know from experience what the hell you’re talking about, please just open Google and do any research at all before being stupid. I hate infighting, but god damn some of you spread misinformation like it’s fact worse than she does. Even making that much she’s broke af. No one gives a fuck when you have no savings and have to beg scrotes for $750 so you can have an abortion, she’s broke living the way she does. Paycheck to paycheck will never be envy worthy no matter what the check value is

No. 1585714

That doesn’t make sense at all. If you were making 6k in top 40 on MFC that would of been in 2010 or earlier. Stop making shit up.

No. 1585773

During my brief stint on MFC back in 2013-14 I’d make more than 6k/month and I never ranked top 100. Just putting my 2 cents in for what it’s worth…but ranking 40 and making 6k doesn’t seem to compute.

No. 1585851

I’m just curious. How many hours would you put in roughly to make 6k/month?

No. 1586038

File: 1657580306653.png (1.91 MB, 1936x1089, Photo_2022-07-11_06-53-57_PM.p…)

Highlights from the past 24 hours. I added the one all the way on the right to show off how her nappy her hair looks.

No. 1586086

lmao i just love how this reveals this thread is full of salty ex camwhores

No. 1586098

Right? Disgusting.

No. 1586145

File: 1657591873416.png (5.13 MB, 1170x2532, 63334089-A744-4DCD-B25B-9C7CB5…)

Constantly complaining how bad she wants to gain weight, she can’t gain no matter how much she eats, trust her guys she eats sooo much, its just her totally real lupus. Then posts this, being mad about gaining weight.

No. 1586216

File: 1657603181860.gif (71.47 KB, 869x93, is not real work.GIF)

The thread sorely needs picrel (someone please attach the original from Shayna’s thread)

No. 1586239

Not a surprise or anything cuz these threads started from people who use to watch camgirls and other ex camgirls. More people found it but they either watched / followed or were camgirls to have started the camgirl threads to begin with.

No. 1586549

Yeah, wish we could do a poll to see how everyone made it here, kek. Everyone should share how they did tho for fun.

I did because back in 2013/4 I had an interest in potentially camming for extra money and so I watched some MFC streams, found Sabrina (this was in her heyday), and followed her on IG. I never actually went thru with camming because I found out 99% of these camwhores have a hot mess of a life and didn’t want to fall into something bad. Plus, have always thought sex work deep down is pretty gross. Anyway, then I just continued passively following some of their social medias and watching their downfalls (especially Brina). Found lolcow only a couple years ago.

No. 1586590

No one cares

No. 1586809

I was very inconsistent, but I would generally do about 30hrs a week. Sometimes a lot more and sometimes way less. I also had a regular day job but I was very young and not sleeping like I should so I’d just log on when I was bored and got caught up with it for hours, kind of like a video game kek. I’m not trying to blog just trying to explain, but I did no research beforehand I actually just stumbled upon mfc and signed up without reading and forums or experience from other girls ect. I’d log in at such random times that a lot of my “regulars” were all in different time zones. It was exhausting and I didn’t care for it. It was a 24/7 thing even when I wasn’t live. I suspect I never got in top 100 because I read something about the token per hour being a thing? Idk…but sometimes I’d be on for hours with nothing. I did get a lot of offline tips sometimes too. I think my best rank was 238 if I remember correctly. I’m still not sure how mfc fully works but that was my experience back then.

No. 1586991

File: 1657685364183.png (3.54 MB, 1242x2208, B3622CFF-BD43-4072-AC07-561390…)

Pumpy telling someone to unalive themselves….. oh and she doesn’t like men? She’s never been in a relationship with a woman though…. Correct? she can’t even keep females that are “friends” kek she screams daddy issues, she wants a man to take care of her at all times emotionally, she seeks men attention all day, she’s in the sex work industry for a Christ sake, she feeds off of males. She claims to be an advocate for mental health but is telling someone to off themself? What the fuck is wrong with this person, she really needs to be 51/50 again and stay off the internet. One more thing if she really thinks she is hot shit and all that, why is she so upset by someone saying she’s basic pretty… she’s beyond unhinged and insecure and people like this are very detrimental. Ty should really stay away

No. 1587106

Shut the fuck up ignorant asshole.

No. 1587138

File: 1657713682300.png (3.38 MB, 750x1334, FB528BF3-E5F2-470F-A938-696C71…)

Is Not being able to keep friends or good relationships a flex now? Kek

No. 1587180

best friend and "person" who in no way, shape, or form acknowledges you. I can't imagine being this embarrassing online for all to see.

No. 1587196

I don’t like Pumpy either, but the scrote who wrote that absolutely should die, so…

No. 1587197

Aww sorry I hurt your feelings </3

No. 1587245

File: 1657727716597.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, B4A8FA1B-A86B-4240-B59F-46CFC1…)

Tyler is super fucking ugly, he looks like a goblin

No. 1587263

Pumpy cries like a little bitch when people a log on her, yet here she is telling someone to kill themselves like it’s an edgy comeback. Wouldn’t matter at all if she wasn’t such a hypocritical cunt who literally cries on social media when the situation is reversed. He was being generous tbh, pump isn’t a 7 even on her best days and he was spot on with her personality knocking her down several points kek that’s why she’s big mad. Can’t imagine being so triggered to write kys instead of just blocking and moving on with my day. She really has no life or hobbies other than sitting on social media arguing with randoms, staring at herself, and obsessing over boys like a teenage girl. She makes whoever she’s hooking up with her entire personality (aside from BPD) because she has none on her own. Can’t imagine being that boring and angry 24/7, makes my brain hurt.

Side note it’s hilarious watching her act like this is the first guy she’s been this into, like no bitch you say the same things about every single one of them lmao “omg I like latching on to him for dear life just like I did every single other past guy, does that mean I really like this one??” Queue her latching to Dean and stalking his clients, Cody, Kyler… she’s said the same about every single one of them. Only one she didn’t latch onto was the only one who ever really liked her / treated her with respect and showed her off, Jeremiah. She can’t admit she likes chasing men she knows she can’t fully have cuz they won’t commit to her. She stays trying to force things people don’t want with her.

No. 1587276

Die because they are calling out that she’s ugly as fuck even with her surgeries? Anything more than a 5 is extremely generous lmao. You’re either Pumpy or just as unhinged, if not more.

She has no natural look to her, factually and purposely…and she still looks like shit. While boasting about how great she looks naturally. KEK!

No. 1587288

File: 1657731749685.jpeg (104.7 KB, 1170x444, 842BA6F4-8047-4940-80B8-7038FE…)

LMAO the level of tone deaf. Pump is the most embarrassing bitch on earth. She should pay mind to her own relationships cuz every single one of them have been embarrassed of her and treat her like a side chick, including “her man” Ty.

No. 1587294

File: 1657732659780.jpeg (113.43 KB, 1242x1016, 7067E56B-5826-42BC-A464-BA8707…)

"Naturally" Pumpy looks like a dead animal my cat dragged in after playing with its carcass outside first kek. Does she think we forgot this is her real face?

No. 1587318

Kek, are you telling me Pumpy had to write this pathetic tribute to her bottom-tier scrote on a pic where it took me 15mins to realize Ty was in the shot at all?

No. 1587335

Lmao I know right. He’s fat, short, ugly and is a loser that didn’t seem to have a real job. Great catch Pumpy!

No. 1587391

I'm just waiting for Pumpy's relationship with Tyler to go up in flames. Thats how all of her other relationships go.

No. 1587596

File: 1657761925386.png (5.79 MB, 1800x1724, 98B69C0A-E4AB-45B8-B8C1-171F94…)

She looks so old. And the right one looks like she’s dead.

No. 1587600

File: 1657762191964.png (2.7 MB, 1800x898, 3B094217-3842-47E7-B84D-1F96C0…)

And I’m not sorry for nit picking, these lips are scaring me so much.

No. 1587609

It's wild that the skinny fetishists threw enough money at this for her to afford becoming >>1587596 . Shame it's not exactly a whole "glow up" though.

No. 1587819

lets not overlook the fact that ty is a catfish, he loves to facetune himself. look at his grid vs tagged pics

No. 1587824

did you see how bad her extensions look and how badly she’s balding(emoji)

No. 1587906

Her and Ty are each other’s looksmatch for sure. He knows it too, that’s why he doesn’t show her off like he showed off Brina and other prettier women he dated.

No. 1587939

File: 1657811040546.png (2.61 MB, 1800x1449, 524EACBC-A4D0-4598-9081-96D0A0…)

The extensions and this horrifying close up of her old ass forehead

No. 1587940

File: 1657811085583.png (5.2 MB, 1800x1602, 22B2C9AF-4544-4EE7-BE89-F4035F…)

Hundred percent. His arms are so short.

No. 1587942

My god he's actually hideous

No. 1587945

File: 1657811518375.jpeg (1.12 MB, 973x1538, A53304ED-9336-4A4C-A15E-ABFEB0…)

He looks like he belongs in one of those "Most Dangerous Prisons" thumbnails, kek

No. 1587949

what are those 16 year old chubby girl arms kek. He really is gross. He looks like a baby with tattoos

No. 1587968

He honestly looks like he has dwarfism with those arm proportions

No. 1588041

This is what happens when you choose to cover your body in shitty cheap tattoos at a young age, they don’t even blend what is this shit. Never thought Ty would have a dad gut under there, for some reason I pictured his body more tone/fit.

No. 1588063

Fuck can someone capture Pumpy's Instagram story. She is talking about getting her breast implants. It has some interesting stuff in there including she didnt want to go bigger at first because it went against her brand. Thats her admitting she appealed to men for being flat chested…wtf

No. 1588089

File: 1657827452104.png (1.13 MB, 828x1792, 4D8C81FD-6004-4252-9F70-E8F3F0…)


No. 1588095

Wow he looks terrible. Besides his face that upper body is just weak as fuck. He has zero neck or shoulder strength. It looks like his shoulders are sloping and just dangling the weight of his arms. Wtf does he do all day?

No. 1588097

So she loves her boobs and her doctor and wants to go bigger but I thought before she said her boobs were dangerous and she could die because of them or some crap

No. 1588105

File: 1657828878044.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1996, 73E3B98C-20BB-4BB9-A9DB-651E07…)

No. 1588107

All those type of implants were "recalled" as they were found to be dangerous and was recommended everyone who had them to get them removed. That was a few years ago now I swear. She talked about for a bit but not recently.

Seems smart for someone who is soooo "high risk"

No. 1588112


In the video today she said certain ones were recalled but not hers? I swear she made a big stink awhile ago saying she had to get them taken out and replaced. I will have to go back and take a look

No. 1588124

File: 1657831976193.jpg (885.75 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220714-164529_Chr…)


Yup not going crazy. A year ago she claimed her surgeon contacted her and said her implants were being recalled. She might have begged for money for new implants too.


No. 1588129

File: 1657832111391.jpg (807.34 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220714-164328_Chr…)

No. 1588155

There was a breast implant recall on hard shelled anatomical implants. A few brands use “softer” shell and weren’t recalled even tho they’re still sketchy, the companies with soft shell don’t have to comply so they didn’t. She likely has one of those brands.

No. 1588206

File: 1657838457844.png (3.24 MB, 828x1792, 110541B0-254B-4AE9-8136-A07822…)

The fact she smiled at the end kinda concerns me…

No. 1588207

File: 1657838499763.png (3.21 MB, 828x1792, E13D257E-53F5-42D2-9368-1EB369…)

This is why people don’t like her cause she’s always shit talking and making fun of people then cry when people do it to her lol

No. 1588213

File: 1657838979387.jpeg (690.59 KB, 1170x1790, 93868530-9D55-49B6-A06F-CC8923…)

Does she not understand that it’s her responsibility to maintain her cats health and weight? Olive is dangerously fat. Who fucking cares if it whines, you’re cutting its lifespan because you don’t wanna hear a noise. Deal with it and train your cat before it dies you stupid cunt. Animal abuse / dog shit pet owners make me alog, I’m out.

No. 1588223

Weird, I didn’t know this is what "grieving" looked like. Not like she depression baits for money or anything huh >>1575080

She’s right tho, she is looking soccer mom Karen af lately. Not exactly milf, but definitely like she should be driving a minivan

No. 1588315

File: 1657846628592.png (2.23 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-07-14_08-48-41_PM.p…)


I wish I had recorded her stories earlier. She said she is getting more implants like the recall didnt effect her. But the screens shots in >>1588124 >>1588129 contradict this. She can't keep her story straight. She probably deleted the story because I pointed out the lie.

Didn't she just say the other day she never met her dad. She googled his name and something about a serial killer came up? I am shocked no one has called her on her BS.

No. 1588320

File: 1657847411799.jpeg (703.07 KB, 750x1325, E5DB6502-AB14-4AE7-A441-D02053…)

This is the only new implant related shit I can see on her story. And also, yes, she did try to say her father was a killer and it’s literally some guy that’s been featured on trash like Snapped and Dateline/48 hours type shit. I’m pretty sure it’s in the previous threads but she really tried to claim that guy as her father lmao.

No. 1588379

She’s said before this was her stand in father type. Her moms ex, but not actually her dad. She’s said before her real dad kidnapped her and her mom or some shit. Then she’s also said she never met him and he’s been in jail her whole life for killing someone.

No. 1588387

Had a bit of catching up. Surprised no one caught that she "yeet" her baby because she "fucking hates" Capricorns isn't Sabrina a Capricorn?

No. 1588426

Yeah, so was Cody and Dean kek

No. 1588631


Yeah because she deleted it, anon already said this, learn to read.

No. 1588890

File: 1657914591170.png (3.89 MB, 750x1334, ED33FF48-1299-461F-999C-7889C2…)

She fell down the stairs and is going on and on about it. Her solution is to take a Vicodin even tho she thinks leg, nose, and toe is broken

No. 1588947

“Drug Free”

Did I catch her say in her stories she won’t call an ambulance cos she’s naked?
I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this. For a proud “sex worker” you’d think she’d just wrap herself in a blanket or sweater and suck it up.

No. 1588949

Yup she said that being naked was why she wasn’t calling help. But then, you prob saw, she’s walking around to show off the damage and guilt trip her man under the guise of “I’m such a nice person I never bother people when is inconvenient for them”.

(So glad I found this thread, she’s just like my old favorite scorpioasshoe)

No. 1588974

File: 1657922819405.png (4.59 MB, 828x1792, F5287DE5-E1A6-48F1-868E-03D2A6…)


No. 1588996

File: 1657925162517.jpg (799.3 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220715-184112_Ins…)


Not sure why Tyler can't take her to Urgent Care.

She said she fell on her face. I was hoping she broke her nose she paid so much so.

No. 1589016

Oh man the tea is hot if she busted her nose

No. 1589097

She didn’t break her nose….it didn’t even bleed. She bumped it and it probably hurt more than it normally would because it’s not a normal nose and is fucked with.

She said Ty was at work so she had to call her friend to drive her to urgent care for her skinned knee. When you have zero fat or muscle on your body it’s obviously going to hurt when you fall and hit your skin covered bones on the hard floor. She’s fine. Just malnourished and weak.

No. 1589232

these whores don't make millions they are LARPING they barely push a million in years of humiliating themselves and turn into alcoholics or spend their money like shit trying to cope with the humiliation they put themselves through. Belle barely makes millions and she's the top selling OF whore but she's too stupid to handle her finances by her own so she let's the moid handle it all. These whores are always broke and they look suicidal by 25 but complain about bad mental health. Yeah, you constantly humiliate yourself in the front of hundrends of thousands of men 90% which jack off to your shit for free. Soon enough you're gonna lose your youth and nobody is gonna pay you anymore. I bet Josh will run away with Belle's money.

No. 1589351

File: 1657956717498.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1170x1944, C0F4FA93-AB90-4685-9DB3-C9EF79…)

Quote from the video leading to this ss- “I find it so funny whenever I post a screenshot of how much I make people are like ‘teach me your ways’, I gatekeep. Y’all talk too much and everyone makes money now and that’s why money has no value. Like, don’t y’all know how economy works??”

Says some bitch who doesn’t understand economy at all with that dumbass take (which is why she has no investments worth jack shit or savings, and with her bitchy attitude and personality, no friends either). I’m on about 8 close friends stories of other successful women on OF, 2 of which are more successful than Pump and they are VERY willing to share with others in the industry how they’ve earned their legitimate success (with proof of savings/investments/advice). Choose your friends and who you take your advice from wisely cuz this bitch is nothing but jealous of the fact she’s not on top anymore and of the fact that people who still are on top have helped others become more successful than her. Maybe she’d have anyone at all in her life more than Ty and Levi if she wasn’t such a cunt. Every single person who has spent any time around her has bailed after realizing she’s nothing but evil/hateful/miserable, and they all have publicly outed how awful of a person she is. Even Dean outed how much she was happy to shit talk and dog out Loro behind her back. Loro had her through thick and thin too. No matter what people had to say about Pump she loved her. Pump is soulless and I hope it all comes down on her hard one day. Saged for sperg rant.

No. 1589352

these stupid whores never have friends they do sex work and have worthless old.men pay them but they can't even get dick. They have to pay moids to fuck them. They are cluster B personality disordered, ugly with rotten personalities and have 0 money management skills

No. 1589353

File: 1657956905738.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.91 KB, 956x720, preview.jpg)

all of them are fucking broken with cluster B personality disorders all of them are cows including katiekat. What's the point of having money when you are an alcoholic and drink on cam 24/24 just to stay alive and hope with the fact that you have to become souless to entertain hundreds of men with your dignity

No. 1589354

Bitch spoil shit like this

No. 1589357

katiekat looks like a fucking tranny and she's shitfaced drunk every stream. What's the point of making money if you ruin your body and liver by 30 or develop severe mental disorders? At least the OF whores don't sit 24/24 on stream

No. 1589360

File: 1657957460869.jpeg (572.75 KB, 3263x1835, 7F9E10BF-AAF9-47A5-9431-C1EA3B…)

Lmfao karma always finds a way

No. 1589361

What the fuck is 24/24? You sound pretty drunk and retarded yourself nonnie. Sage your stupid shit.

No. 1589367

Lmfao “24/24” ok you took that screenshot and are posting here because you’re fucking in love. You’re posting on a womens forum we aren’t like angry at these people you weird man. Take a break from porn, and maybe read why so many women now feel like this is their only option, and consider the effects of sexual conditioning girls have had to literally endlessly suffer through their male friends, fathers, teachers, policemen, literally every man on the street, bothers, cousins, uncles, nephews, and every other stupid ass male with an internet connection has forced on us. That’s not to mention the stalking, harassment, abuse, rape, and attempted murder. Like yeah no shit she might be going through it and making bad choices, it’s not that uncommon and maybe you should stop obviously fucking supporting the oppression.

Not sorry just over it like leave a bitch alone this shit isn’t funny it’s misogynistic and couldn’t be more out of touch with the hyper sexualized hell that girls grow up in, don’t understand, and get abused by. Fuck off.

No. 1589368

Do you think the concept of sex inherently hurts human females, or perhaps are male humans innate single brain celled predators who single handedly cause severe mental illnesses and substance abuse issues just to make living among men in some way tolerable, when they are openly obsessed with hating you and trying to force their jealousy and inadequacy onto you. I’m sorry no one wants to look at you including yourself, can’t blame the truth when you hate women it’s because you hate what you could never be.

No. 1589383

why do you whiteknight katiekat so much it literally sounds like you are her or someone that likes her. This is a gossip forum and it's the camwhore thread. I'm tired of only Pumpy being discussed but yea only your hate boner chooses who to hate and your vendetta. I think kati3kat is lulzy and cowish herself. She faked her own death and now gets drunk absolutely everyday to be able to cope with sexually degrading herself to scrotes. IDK why you support and love sex work so much. These trainwrecks should be used as example so other women don't end up like them. Kati3kat is cowish as fuck being alcoholic and having weird rants on cam after faking her own death. But I guess only the ex camgirls or present camgirls that frequent this thread are allowed to post Pumpy. Spice it up a little. You also keep lying and making it like you earn millions from myfreecams or Onlyfans when even the top girls have to work for years to make millions. Maybe some young woman is browsing this place and sees how you promote the SW industry and sees Pumpy's lies about making millions and she falls for it when that is untrue. Why do you think I'm a mysoginist for calling whores what they are in the camwhore thread. Most of these women are not victims, they love being sexually degraded in front of men and no matter how rich they get, they still continue to do it. They also contribute to how badly women have it nowadays in society when it comes to sexualization and normalization of sex work. Why can't Kati3Kat be called a tranny when you call Pumpy all sort of ugly things. You're clearly ex camwhores obsessed with Pumpy because she made more money than you did

No. 1589384

these women were not abused 99% of them are privileged middle class American women that actively choose to partake in profession because they give 0 fucks about the general well being of women and how they affect society. They are narcs that only care about themselves. They are not victims.

No. 1589455


Then show proof of her being a cow. Stop posting huge walls of bitching.

No. 1589529

>show proof of her being a cow

BITCH LITERALLY FAKED HER OWN DEATH and gets absolutely shitfaced on almost everystream and talks like a retard. You clearly have a double standard of who is a cow and who is not. I'm trying to spice up the thread. Pumpy can be lulzy but I'm tired of her and all the camgirls that have a hate boner over her that post here. Faking your own death to become a camgirl and getting drunk as shit is cowish as fuck. You nitpick Pumoy's appearance non stop and act like any boring shit she does is "milk" because you're a bunch of failed camgirls that obsess over her and your vendetta has turned her into a cow. This thread should be spiced up with more discussion about other camgirls or it should be closed since it serves basically as vendetta fagging thread for whatever failed camgirls.

No. 1589535

File: 1657988592462.jpg (Spoiler Image, 271.36 KB, 1080x1659, 20220716_192003.jpg)

Cherrycute is very creepy too. She's a pedo panderer acts like she is underaged and implies she is underaged. Her streams are very unsettling. She cams with her own mother in the room, shouldn't that be considered incestuous or be illegal? She talks with her mother in Spanish while she pretends to be an underaged girl to creepy 50 year old pedo men. This is fucking unsettling.

No. 1589612

It’s the same rhetoric in the recent Sabrina threads and the repetition extending to Pumpy is for the same reason: These girls lose their shock value alone. Their aging and narcissism aren’t interesting enough to keep the threads active with quality content. It deteriorates into obsessive nitpicking over their appearances, low IQ, and lack of self awareness. They’ve both burned almost all of their bridges and are stuck by themselves inside whatever four walls they can muster in the moment. Sure, Pumpy can still manage to have her own place, but she’ll be in a similar position to Sabrina in a few years. The only supporting character to the Pumpy saga right now is Ty, who has already been ran through by all of the camwhores. Again, it’s Pump just going through the motions of the typical camgirl downwards spiral. The abortion didn’t even feel milky because it was typical behaviour from her, we’re all desensitized. The only way Pump could actual pull interest again is if she tried to clean her act up and achieve something, because that would get all of the lurking camgirls something to seethe about and then the rest of us nonas could watch her fuck it up (as oppose to seeing her stagnant scummy existence on loop). Even Brina attempted to sort herself out at one point (RE: AJ era) and that’s what brought some interest back to her.

Seeing Pumpy’s blown out lips and malnourished body checks day in and out sprinkled with her attention seeking ramblings is like okay yeah: regular programming, nothing new to see here.

Might as well talk about other camgirls since this one is taking up space that could be dumbed down into two or three posts that covers everything in her boring existence.

No. 1589617

Learn how to use an imageboard. Where’s the picrel? If you want to post kati3 go for it, but this isn’t just a place where people talk, it’s a place where they post proof, not just vendetta sperg. It’s an imageboard. People post Pump a lot cuz she’s a cow they follow, I don’t think as many people follow Kati3 drama cuz real current milk hasn’t been posted other than someone ranting about her having a drinking problem. The faking her own death was talked about last thread. Post some new/consistent milk not just a screenshot of her dildoing herself live on cam. We get what a camwhore is so start providing the spice you said you were. Give us the deep milky proof, that’s all we want bro.

No. 1589703


That's fine if you want to talk about Katiekat and other camgirls but post proof instead of sperging you fucking idiots.

No. 1589714

You deliberately ignored my answers to exactly what you brought up again. I don’t even care about pumpy and realize she’s just mentally ill. Don’t even know who this other girl is, stop writing incel manifestos no one cares get help and stop posting here.

No. 1589717

You’re talking to different people. I haven’t said anything about pumpy’s appearance, her words are already way too much lol. People pointed out YOUR post was so vendetta, way too hateful, and not even remotely funny, now you’re still throwing a tantrum while trying to claim those exact criticisms as our own, when they have always been yours. You sound like a very whiny incel who is literally incapable of understanding how men create this problem in the first place. You want “the whore you hate” to be posted here but when you got called out by multiple people and didn’t provide anything funny suddenly we’re are all jealous whores lol. Go literally anywhere else with this bs.

No. 1589889

File: 1658035405062.jpeg (347.67 KB, 1302x1302, 7A16C5C4-0399-4AD0-82F0-28DDEF…)

Dude looks like a short chubby lesbian

No. 1589898

These guys are a dime a dozen on any bus in Los Angeles, didn't think they were anyone's type

No. 1589978

Yea, because this thread is frequented by like 4 circle jerking ex camwhores that have a hate boner for Pumpy since their camming days and they throw a tantrum if you post anyone else, although right now there's a handful of very milky and weird camgirls streaming on MFC. This thread serves exclusively as vendetta for pumpy and if you don't partake in the vendetta and post anybody else with actual justifications to why you're posting them, they act as if you're the one vendetta posting when you are actually trying to spice up a thread literally used by 3 people for vendetta so they project on you

I posted proof and there's plenty of proof and this was discussed in other threads too. Kati3kat faked her own death and is a drunk mess everyday but everything you care about is Pumpy's ugly botched lips. What proof you want me to post? I cannot record their streams.

>learn how to use an imageboard
>it's not a place where people talk, it's a place where people post proof TOP KEK
yet, nobody is posting any proof Pumpy is a cow because what it takes to be a cow on this imageboard is for 3 vendetta fags to form a sick obsession about you and demonize you. There's no proof Pumpy is a cow. There's proof that Kati3kat faked her own death which is more cowish behavior than complaining about sex work or whatever. If you refuse to discuss any other camgirls in this thread it should be closed as it exclusively serves as vendetta for Pumpy by 3 circle jerking ex camhoes

No. 1590023

File: 1658061311945.jpg (553.12 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220717-083307_Ins…)

Fractured elbow on one arm and torn tendons on the other. Do we think she begged for pain medication?

No. 1590106

Again, learn 2 use an imageboard, retard. Learn what the fuck these forums are for. Yeah, proof is what makes people give a fuck you idiot. No one cares to circle the drain around her fake death thing with you for 2 threads. What do you got that’s new other than the fact she drank last night like half the US population lmao, all we asked for was the real milky shit we can get into with you and you don’t seem to have anything at all other than telling us to watch for ourselves and that you don’t have anything and "there’s so many other milky people” yeah okay and its no one’s job to find new milk for you. It’s been discussed multiple times moving Pump to her own thread instead of the general like Sabrina a few years ago, but no one wants to feed her ego since she already gets off on being posted here. People have favorite cows and kati3 hasn’t been one of them. People from all over lolcow are here for Pumps shit now. More than 3 different people have said this has become their new fav thread over the last couple months and that she has more issues that PnP. Pump oozes milk with proof and can’t help to non stop contradict herself. We post proof of what we’re saying here, not just shit talk in tinfoiling speculation. Sorry that seems very hard for your brain to comprehend. It’s cow behavior in itself that you’re really upset no one took the bait when you posted a SS of her fucking herself as proof of “milk” and then continue on angry that no one cared lmfaoooo. If no one bites on your bullshit you post you move the fuck on and post something new later that you think we will care about instead of throwing a fit like a child that no one wants to play with you lmao. You don’t get to choose everyone’s interests, psycho.

No. 1590134


Dont bother, at this point I am convinced its some sort of troll.

No. 1590162

(Saged in email)
It’s apparent that pumpy is posting in here to derail the conversation about her - Just stop interacting with her. She posted that her “man”let is fine after a discussion about his looks is posted here

I’m starting to think at this point she threw herself down the stairs because she wants attention I’ve been following her for a few years now and I swear to god it’s always something. Her bf cheats, runs back to ty, he never claims her, her bf abuses her, runs back to ty, she’s assaulted on the street or in public every other month, non stop posts about a mental disorder that is treatable, she’s “never been this in love” with 3 different dudes in the last year, Cody cheats on her, Cody outs HER abuse to us all…. Then ty leaves her on the street bleeding, she gets pregnant, had to move because some crazy stranger was getting into her mail next door…. has an abortion, and now has thrown herself down the steps and “broke” herself . It’s always something every other week. Attention and sympathy money. She is either a narcissist or a damn good business woman because she’s getting paid at least /shrug

No. 1590217

We all should just report and ignore this person. For going on and on and onnnn about how many other milky camgirls there are, they haven't offered any actual contribution to the board. They're just here to argue

No. 1590254

They seem borderline brain dead like that person who comes here to sperg post about Roomtoavoid. Doesn’t have shit other than anger issues so they sperg out and try to medfag an entire group of nonnies telling them to shut the fuck up or post something worth reading/seeing. Boring ass bitch can’t even produce a tiny bit of anything interesting to say so they attack everyone cuz they’re like a retarded chihuahua that’s doesn’t shut up. At least the person who spergs about roomtoavoid comes with proof and knows how to integrate. Not to mention this fucking retard telling other people they have a 2 digit IQ is the same one who kept saying “24/24” kek

No. 1590289

File: 1658088426416.jpeg (425.84 KB, 2176x3264, 97509CD2-B8ED-4D25-A518-E32611…)

jdm hoes change tires pump, they also drive their cars. not sure she could name what a single thing is under the hood of any vehicle.

No. 1590327

File: 1658092072737.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1284x2266, 99A55BF7-D420-4692-A482-2313D2…)

She's moving her arms awfully well for someone who's so injured

No. 1590495

File: 1658109893342.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, 9CD787A0-291B-4DA7-9AFC-AD9A55…)

2 years of Ty playing you and you loving getting played

No. 1590517

File: 1658113320674.jpeg (246.95 KB, 900x794, 1EF855EA-5A80-470D-8F0B-ECA2F4…)

Check out this refund gap she has goin on, they’re looking awful over time. Sage for nitpick, but god damn a train could run between those things.

So does she just call every man ‘my moon’, cuz that’s what she called Cody too.. how unique n endearing kek

No. 1590545

File: 1658117401609.jpg (384.83 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20220718-000238_Ins…)

No. 1590845

lol and let me guess, she’ll need to get rid of her current one because it’s not a lifestyle fit for her and all of her imaginary friends.. nothing but an excuse for the impending disappearance of the current car

No. 1590847

I am surprised she hasn’t had any wrinkling or rippling issues with her implants with how thin she is. In a post up thread she was talking about going bigger. She’s already asking for trouble having large-for-her-frame implants and zero tissue. They are probably under the muscle which mitigates but you can only do so much before you get complications.

No. 1590889

File: 1658168834115.jpg (538.04 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220718-134830_Ins…)

Did anyone catch she said she found her septum ring? This doesn't look any septum ring I've seen. I am surprised she hasn't claimed more damage to her nose since she "fell face first."

No. 1590944

Uhh it’s just a dangly septum ring. Not really that crazy to post a pic of it, I don’t get the point of this post.

No. 1591173

File: 1658194061097.jpeg (942.76 KB, 3464x3464, A7E73541-9B7F-492E-A88B-ED9DE3…)

“My man would never make me choose between me and my job because he’s pro sex worker”

No. 1591181

File: 1658194667032.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1284x2270, 4541BA3C-0404-485E-9CFA-78EF73…)

Pumpy's already saving up for her next abortion

No. 1591183

File: 1658194707730.jpeg (409.81 KB, 1170x1253, F3F45C8C-395E-46BB-AC3B-CB27CC…)

He’s so loyal and loving with pump though right? sarcasm She’s so dumb and chooses to be blind. I can’t wait til she catches something from one of the other chicks he’s still fucking. She supports a man who ripped his daughter away from the mother and was able to do so because he used the sex work stigma to make sure he won. Truly awful and I hope the way she backs him eats her one day. Pump has no soul. This is the same level of shitty to read as when Brina fucked Nathanial knowing he had just beat the fuck out of Lissa, pick me bitches are a dime a dozen and worth even less.

No. 1591487

File: 1658229728707.png (3.37 MB, 828x1792, 885ADB9B-A89F-4FAA-B1FF-960ACE…)

No. 1591488

File: 1658229775560.png (3.63 MB, 828x1792, 6FC77567-BC05-4C69-B7D9-3F59B3…)

No. 1591489

File: 1658229800349.png (4.47 MB, 828x1792, 5E2A259B-75B7-4E7E-A6B1-7F9043…)

No. 1591613

>Natural human being

…we've seen the truth of this statement and it doesn't look like the above GMO pic

No. 1591622

File: 1658244626124.jpeg (538.75 KB, 2048x2048, 849CDDCB-AA75-49DA-B766-80CFCB…)

No. 1591732

She's such a terrible pet owner https://streamable.com/0t1jyw

No. 1591892

File: 1658272559837.jpeg (582.62 KB, 1681x1611, 7467A502-7A5F-4D0C-9F97-976024…)

She’s mad lurking….someone this in love doesn’t need to overshare so much

No. 1591905

I love how in all her "proof" he's always ignoring her or asleep.

She's definitely posting about his ex, the mother of his daughter. But hey Pump, which one of you did he actually want to keep his baby?

No. 1591916


She is definitely lurking. It also sounds like she is over compensating for a bad relationship.

No. 1591920

The giveaway is sooo cringe. Pump, we can literally scroll up to you complaining a month ago about him abandoning you during your abortion and his birthday. NVM the fact that he doesn’t claim you and NEVER will. It’s a one sided relationship that doesn’t exist outside of her downgraded apartment.

No. 1591936

Wow who yells at a cat like that the poor thing was just trying to be loved

No. 1591973

File: 1658282083148.webm (6.35 MB, 720x1560, 20220719_212330_edited.webm)

This Tiktok comment about men not opening doors for her really has her triggered

No. 1591996


Fuck not sure why my webms dont have sound, one moment.

No. 1591998

i can hear it just fine!

No. 1591999

She’s so god damn trashy trying to start problems with his daughters mom. Stella will be part of his life to some extent forever, Pump won’t. Fumbled him? Bitch did you not read the part about cheating and mental/emotional abuse, now she’s to blame? Triggered by Stella saying all he dates are sexworkers now? Cuz it’s true, and the shit she’s lowkey supporting, a child being ripped from a loving mother for being a sexworker, is par for the course for how dogshit of pick me ass bitch she is. Pump will never be his #1, ever, never. She will never be anyones with her fully dependent mindset. Healthy relationships aren’t like this, it’s downright fucking psycho the way she fawns over him like she’s a teenager. Another human should never be your sole source of thoughts or happiness, she’s absolutely a nobody on her own and is a mirror of whoever she’s obsessing over at the time, male and female.

No. 1592000

File: 1658285367241.webm (8.69 MB, 720x1560, 20220719_220901_edited.webm)


Oh good I thought i had fucked it up.


No. 1592001

File: 1658285487779.webm (6.24 MB, 720x1560, 20220719_221135_edited.webm)


No. 1592022

File: 1658287266741.webm (9.09 MB, 720x1560, 20220719_230348_edited.webm)


No. 1592034

File: 1658288126312.webm (7.35 MB, 720x1560, 20220719_232336_edited.webm)


No. 1592146

It’s so weird how these women live in different states and they end up dating / fighting over the same men. I remember Tyler and Stella originally broke up because he cheated on her with Sabrina while they are all on a trip together (I think in Vegas?) a few years ago. And Stella and Sabrina stopped being friends for awhile. Nobody considers leaving a serial cheater and abusive man fumbling a bag!

No. 1592181

completely different nose in each pic

No. 1592283

Bad? it's non existent. They aren't actually together she's just mentally ill and coping. The only reason he hasn't called her out for being a psycho is because she fucks him and he wants to keep that going.

No. 1592332

It’s cuz she buys all his music equipment and funds his shitty little music venture on top of being a pocket pussy for him that doesn’t mind being used and hidden. She has no self respect or dignity lol.

No. 1592351

He did cheat on Stella with brina. I believe they were all sleeping in the same bed while they were in mexico. Brina admitted to it in Vegas while she was also with Rhett at the time and that lead to her being kicked out. Stella answered some questions on tumblr back in the day about it. Stella didn’t fumble anything, she got out of an abusive relationship

No. 1592485

I remember all of this other than the being kicked out part. Wasn’t Rhett living off of her when this happened? I know they split for a bit because of it, but wasn’t it Rhett leaving her Strata high rise? I felt like Rhett only stayed for the money and the fact Brina was a top tier slut back then. When they got back together and she was a nobody anachan on her death bed who had lost everything he didn’t chase her ever again.

No. 1592497

I think they meant kicked out of Vegas room. Rhett and Sabrina continued to stay together a while after it happened

No. 1592745

To be completely honest ….she’s very unattractive maybe it’s her personality? But those fake lips and super skinny body not a fan at all.

No. 1592908

Did anyone catch the part in that opening doors rant where she said “expected to take care of your ratchet ass children”?She’s already showing clear signs of jealousy and hatred for Ty’s daughter. Remember her last “you’re welcome for doing the younger generation a service eyeroll” when she showed his daughter Pokémon? kek this is just waiting to go up in flames.

No. 1593263


She also made a comment about her paying the man's bills. Keep getting played Pumpy.

No. 1593416

Of course she has contempt for his daughter. It’s easy to imagine her being super bitchy towards a child and verbally lashing out over something minor. She’s not even nice towards her own cat. Ty should not let his daughter be around someone volitile. Can't wait for this relationship to inevitably blow up in Pumpy’s face and her mental breakdown.

No. 1593735

I think the huge diff between kati3kat and pumpy is that pumps is constantly posting new ridiculous shit for us to talk about. Kati3kat, correct me if I’m wrong, doesn’t play-by-play her life on ig stories, etc. So yeah, while kati3 seems like she probably is a hot mess (faked her death and became an alcoholic cam whore) there’s no real new milk here to even talk about when it comes to her unless we want to screen cap her mfc shows but they are all the same.. nothing new. Pumps is on ig stories regularly acting a fool.

No. 1593763

I was the one who heavily argued back with the Kati3 person and I legit just wanted proof of milk. They said she passed out drunk multiple times and MFC had to pull the plug on her shows, was she in frame when she passed out? That’s milky if so and if there’s proof, especially if she’s done it multiple times recently like they said.

No. 1593836

File: 1658448954875.png (Spoiler Image, 337.65 KB, 720x1001, Screenshot_20220721-191148~2.p…)

No. 1593879

Yeah, it almost seemed like that anon had some personal beef with kati3. Cuz yeah, it’s like show us the screen caps then of her literally passing out drunk on cam recently. Even then, big deal, she’s an alcoholic mess. Still not as milky as a lot of pumps ridiculous shit she chooses to post on social media for everyone. As messy as kati3’s personal life likely is due to the sheer fact she’s an alcoholic cam whore, she at least has sense to not expose every last thought and feeling online, so there’s just naturally less to poke at.

No. 1593885

No. 1593889

I thought that was intentional feet pic whoring for a second before I realized this slut just passed out.

No. 1593900


What was the point of this post? Sage your shit.

I am still weary, why did an anon respond to the sperg post from 5 days ago?

No. 1593934

Some of us forget to check this thread every day.

No. 1594017

How long did they let her lie on the ground passed out like that before pulling the plug on her show? High key embarrassing cuz how do you log on the next day like “hey guys so about last night, that never happened… and it’s time to drink again cuz we’re #9 bitches!!!!”

No. 1594105

Pumpy is legit embarrassing, buying new clothes for her dude paying for all his shit and he STILL won’t post her

No. 1594122

Feel free to judge (I know), but I passed out drunk exactly like that on mfc once & they cut my stream after about 1.5 hours, so….probably about 1.5 hours

No. 1594128

I'm not going to judge you as you seem to have pulled your life together unlike her.

No. 1594140

File: 1658477955549.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, FDB8FE4C-9C57-409E-9F81-50EA1D…)

No. 1594144

Is any of this milk or are all of you jilted cam girls seething because she exists

No. 1594163

It's just funny to see her with some actual reprehensible human being and act like she's super duper happy and also luuuuckkyyyyy kek

No. 1594173

NTAYRT but the first pictures he’s been in with her that aren’t sneaky taken of him asleep and he’s grabbing her tits, I personally find that milky. She’s just ass and $ to him, that’s all lol. Sorry you’re pressed, but this is the thread she gets mentioned in so if you hate it / her being talked about fuck off or something idk.

No. 1594289

File: 1658493243191.png (2.84 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-07-22_08-33-16_AM.p…)

Pumpy gets so mad when someone calls her bluff.

No. 1594429

He never posts her. Even while vacationing with her in a house she paid for, he still tried to make it look like he was there alone. She posts paragraphs about how much she loves & adores him and he never posts a single thing about her. Any normal woman would consider this a serious red flag but it’s pickme Pumpy.

No. 1594492

File: 1658508784946.jpeg (566.61 KB, 3263x1835, 7F3097C6-FCFD-4160-895B-50AA12…)

Someone last thread mentioned she probably has toxic implants causing her auto immune disorder. She posted this yesterday.

It’s not like he’s inactive either, just purposely makes sure he doesn’t post anything about her. If you only knew him from social media you wouldn’t know she existed in his life at all.

No. 1594497

File: 1658508948714.jpeg (417.41 KB, 1170x1989, 2440B0E2-D685-4A9C-900A-88F850…)

I caught that kek

No. 1594567

File: 1658513314218.jpg (471.1 KB, 1075x1911, Screenshot_20220721-211838_Ins…)


She also posted this

No. 1594652

“This is very educational”
> doesn’t post anything educational other than a girl having her implants removed with no details other than “it wasn’t lupus, was implants” warns them of nothing at all.

Even with knowing all of this she still wants to go bigger cuz she knows no one stays around her for anything other than being a sex object and her cash flow. Tits are more important than her health cuz it’s all about competing with other womens looks to her with her dud ass pick me personality. In her mind, everything that matters is physical, deranged and harmful to even herself. There are lot of ugly bitches in happy marriages and relationships cuz they’ve learned to be comfortable with themselves and let the internal shine, not the external. The external fades, the internal is who you really are. She will never be happy and no one will ever be happy with her when all that matters in the relationship is vanity. What a shallow life to lead.

No. 1594724

Yet wasn’t her dumbass talking about how she wants bigger implants. She’s fucking so stupid as we all know. But it’s like if you have autoimmune issues, the first thing you probably should have done is remove any fake shit (implants) from your body. Breast implant illness is a real thing that’s been recognized for years. Maybe she is just now hearing about it.. she should really have them removed if she cares about trying to heal her body. They very well could be the cause of her issues.

No. 1594756

File: 1658526302681.png (2.02 MB, 1936x1290, Photo_2022-07-22_05-17-21_PM.p…)

Anyone notice Doeprudence posted about face timing with her and Tyler's daughter the same night Pumpy is complaining Tyler isnt there. So Tyler doesnt keep his daughter around Pumpy? Hhhmmm thats telling.

No. 1594790

I knew about Tyler in his brina era and I vaguely remember a video (I believe it's in his highlights if he didnt delete it) where he was asking his daughter if he could get a gif cause he wants one and she says "nooooo we dont want you to get one" so his kid probably wouldn't be happy

No. 1594793

Does Ty live with his parents or what? He stays the night at Pumps a few nights a week. Does he drop his kid off with grandma to see Pump a few days a week? His daughter is his #1, he’s been in an on and off thing with Pump for years and he keeps her away from his daughter, that says a lot. That says everything actually. He doesn’t intend on having her involved in anything “family like” aside from Pump throwing childlike tantrums about being able to go to Disneyland with them.

No. 1594900

File: 1658538819381.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, C164C529-2702-49DC-B59A-2D79CC…)

A flex about how “her man” doesn’t workout

No. 1594985


These sex worker women who brag about being the bread winner are so embarrassing. That’s not your boyfriend or husband, that is your pimp!

No. 1595188

Is it just me or do her arms move perfectly fine lol

No. 1595347

File: 1658590754883.jpg (947.51 KB, 2509x2509, Picsart_22-07-23_17-38-02-777.…)

She's such a liar for no reason, never partied but has multiple stories bragging about going to clubs and concerts , "pregnancy boobs" but they're implants and she was pregnant a whole month and a half

No. 1595370

The bra she’s wearing is a Victoria’s Secret push up bra, might even be bombshell. They are the only ones who had that loop thing on the straps recently. Implants in a push-up bra are going to look way bigger obviously. But she’s doing this to advertise to men who want to fantasize so it doesn’t rly matter lol.

No. 1595372

she's so bland looking, no wonder she has to simp for druggies, appealing to pedos inflated her ego and now she has nothing to offer.

No. 1595602

nitpick but her ears gross me out something bad when she doesn't have plugs in or has those disgusting heart earring things stretching them downward. all the money she makes she should have those things stitched up.

No. 1595633

They gross me out too and she should keep the plugs in all the time. For someone so vain idk why she had them stretched in the first place.

No. 1595637

They gross me out too and she should keep the plugs in all the time. For someone so vain idk why she had them stretched in the first place.

No. 1595649

File: 1658612087416.jpg (67.04 KB, 1080x373, Screenshot_20220723-173300_Twi…)

How wasteful. Doesn't Tyler live in the city?

No. 1595897

She’s so embarrassing. Nothing appealing about her at all even with all that work she got done.

No. 1595907

File: 1658632702300.jpg (241.03 KB, 1045x1881, Screenshot_2022-07-24-04-14-38…)

Lol. You don't have to have any kinda disease to lose hair in lil clumps like this. You just unhealthy girl from diet etc.

That's not a major hair loss and I dunno why she wants to act like it is.

No. 1595948

No that looks like a lot lmao that isn’t normal but it’s because she’s anorexic and calls it lupus instead. Idk if she gained weight people would insult her as much. She’s an idiot but she’s not ugly and I don’t understand why people care it gets old but OK.

No. 1595962

imagine being anorexic and your bolt-ons are literally poisoning your body, and you post proof but insist it’s just ~muh lupus~

No. 1595973

I lose more hair than that every time I shower LOL SHES REACHING

No. 1595997

sage your shit, you balding newfag

No. 1596022

File: 1658652744013.png (7.01 MB, 1284x2778, 5D1C12EB-19F8-4900-82C4-CF1132…)

And after reading the thread she has finally managed to get their faces in a picture together kek

No. 1596025

File: 1658653619656.jpeg (195.6 KB, 1024x1536, E44F4006-07C1-4C22-9435-76B111…)

With all the time in the world she has those extensions aren’t blending, girl said (picrel). She looks so giddy and awkwardly excited to finally get pics with him she didn’t have to sneak. Still waiting for any of these to make it to his account though, he didn’t repost it to his own story. She’s paying for this weekend out partying and a hotel for them 2 and he still makes it seem like he’s alone. To some that’s not milk, but he reposts almost everything people post on their stories about him, except when it’s her.

No. 1596157

God he is just so ugly lol I'm shocked all over again with every new picture I see of him

No. 1596163

Will Tyler ever take a picture without lifting his neck? Is he trying to look taller? Hide a double chin? He's so ugly

No. 1596166

this is the guy she’s been bragging about…? girl…

makes sense, they’re both ugly

No. 1596191

He must be an absolute manlet, isn't she only 5'1"? And they're nearly the same size kek

No. 1596202

Holy shit you're right, he's 5'3 or 5'4 at best. Actual manlet

No. 1596246

File: 1658683948611.jpeg (146.21 KB, 841x1053, 928718E5-3DF6-439A-BD44-119D80…)

They both look like ugly pre teens. Damn, her nose is bad in this shot.

No. 1596290

Nitpick her nose looks fine(sage your shit)

No. 1596303

i like how his hands are clasped in front of him and hes not touching her at all lol you can tell she asked him to be in the pic with her. that lame ass upside down cross earring and him being like 5'3", this is funny af. she has her sock pulled down a little making sure that shitty livestock tattoo is visible kek

sage goes in the email field.

it has a decently big lump at the top for someone who paid $16k for a nose job. she gets pissed when you point it out and posts a couple pics where it looks straight even though she was upset about the lump herself a couple months after the nose job reveal. at some angles it looks the exact same as her old nose and the lump at the top is still there. Shes lucky knocking that nose ring out didn't do some damage.

No. 1596359


Like the anon said before she spent 16k on a nose job and it was a complete waste.

No. 1596376

Tbh I didn’t think she was that bad looking until I saw the stuff she puts on pornhub. Her porn is fucking disgusting she is the least sexy person ever, and her body is disturbing. So it makes sense she’s with this ugly midget who still dresses like he is in middle school

No. 1596401

Sage goes in the email field you fuck. It’s really not hard to post here.

Those boots shes wearing are platforms and are like 3-4inches in height. But he is still very short regardless, but he’s not 5’3 kek. He’s basically the same height as Dean just not as “chubby” so it doesn’t look so stumpy. I’d say 5’6 at most and he has zero upper body strength to the point that his weak shoulders are drooping. He just looks like a moping fish. His mouth reminds me of a fish mouth.

No. 1596575

kek she probably bribed him with something fucking ridiculously expensive to take this “friends” picture with her. as anons already said, not like he shared to his story anyways. she thinks she’s proving this thread wrong but she can only manipulate reality so much.

No. 1596585

She looks like a barred out Lights Poxleitner

No. 1596597

She looks like a fangirl at a meet n greet taking a pic with her favorite boy band pop star the way they’re posed lmfao

No. 1596716

This pic is actually hilarious. Like, why does she chase after Ty… As others have said, he’s not even good looking, and seems to just mooch her money. It would make sense only if he treated her like a princess, and made it obvious he cares for her and that they’re together. Instead Pumps literally settles for breadcrumbs. I mean after the abortion drama and the way he seemingly treated her thru that… she still is pining after this manlet. Pretty crazy.

No. 1596749

Is Levi gay or something? Why doesn’t she just date him. Even he is better looking than ugly ass Tyler

No. 1596847

File: 1658721143833.png (234.48 KB, 389x693, F0917C40-7CBB-4F9A-A0F3-5F5D08…)

And then the next one she posts is hidden again.

No. 1596852

File: 1658721745764.png (2.89 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-07-25_12-01-21_AM.p…)

They stayed at The Hollywood Roosevelt. It's the same tray seen on their website. She is so fucking dumb.

No. 1597037

File: 1658745587718.png (3.35 MB, 828x1792, 8D58001E-B75B-4C27-942C-C0A4C3…)

This video on her story pretty much admitting she hates other women

No. 1597112

Hey Morgan, we’re bringing your blueprint back to the threads. You know, the one who Tyler actually dated and claimed. Time to ante up the shitnanigans to get your own thread or at very least hold the spotlight. Ball is in your court, babes.

No. 1597187

“I’m not a girls girl” yeah you’re no one’s girl, pick me pumpy

No. 1597194

kek, going right for the jugular. strange because usually people who have a hate-on for all other humans at least redeem themselves by being animal lovers. this scum abuses and mistreats all living things.

No. 1597280

File: 1658773336191.webm (4.59 MB, 720x1560, 20220725_130147_edited.webm)

And this is why someone called her out the other day on Twitter. She is not taking care of her arm. Doesn't surprise me, she did the same thing with her boob and nose job.

No. 1597391

sorry to alog, but i can't wait till she causes irreparable damage to herself acting this stupid like brina did with her finger.

No. 1597462

File: 1658786695871.jpeg (180.54 KB, 828x1458, E451F386-5C79-46FE-9644-14EF2B…)

So from what I can gather…she and Ty went on that little hotel getaway because one of Ty’s friends had a restaurant grand opening party. She couldn’t control her anger once again and got in a fight with another female (hence her bragging about not liking females and getting into a fist fight with a “broken arm”). Her miserable ass is now back at home and Ty is still there partying with his friends. I bet everyone just absolutely hates her idk why Ty even bothers to bring her places. Probably cuz she pays for everything….

No. 1597482

how did she whet into a fight and how is this a normal thing? it’s so fucking weird, most high school girls are beyond that shit. and doing that at an opening for her partner’s friend? i’m not shocked she has no conflict resolution but getting in a fight isn’t an option. other countries have crazy strict rules about that for good reason. ew.

also not being a girls girl isn’t a choice, it’s because you fucking suck lol

No. 1597490

Wait I’m confused when did she fight a girl at the opening?

No. 1597558

Everyone else: happy having a good time
Pumpy: trashy, angry edgelord who wants to fight everyone

Also admittedly hates women and kids. Called his daughter ratchet and said he’s welcome for her doing him a service by showing her Pokémon. What a great figure to bring around your child, Ty. Her stupid brain has no idea what is and isn’t appropriate to do/say around her in private either. She’s malicious and full of hatred in everything she does.

No. 1597608

File: 1658794127516.jpg (455.88 KB, 1076x1912, Screenshot_20220725-200606_Ins…)


What makes you think that anon? She just posted this but this could be an old photo.

No. 1597760

File: 1658804696626.jpg (98.13 KB, 1080x512, Screenshot_20220725-220110_Twi…)

No. 1597775

Shes on cam right now talking about it. Said she “got in a fist fight and beat this girl’s ass for being a dumb bitch”. Bragging and acting proud of it. She’s embarrassing.

No. 1597861

She did horrible on cam made practically nothing

No. 1597868

Her camscore's probably shot to shit cuz she never streams anymore…she'd honestly be better off switching to chaturbate

Her mfc days are over

No. 1597873

why do you pretend like she cares lmao? It makes you sound like a salty camwhore. She makes money on OF and has made more than most models on MFC. MFC isn't really a money grabber at all. You constantly sit in front of a cam putting a show on for hours which is emotionally draining and having hundreds watch you for free. OF seems like a better cash grab and also takes less effort.

No. 1597880

File: 1658822794613.png (Spoiler Image, 432.97 KB, 1247x342, kati3kat.png)

This woman drinks absolutely everyday. How can your body even handle that? Getting shitfaced drunk daily. I just don't get it. She's been drinking daily for the past 10 years.

No. 1597888

File: 1658824023303.png (Spoiler Image, 424.52 KB, 1250x377, alexis22.png)

this girl literally looks like an ET, something grotesque and she's also an alcoholic. Why do all of them look so sad and empty? Like they've literally sold their soul to satan and no attention or money can make them happy anymore. This shit is so depressing. All of them also seem lonely and like they have no real friends or like they pay ugly moids just to keep them company because they have developed severe social paranoia and are rejected from society and to them everything is a matter of exchange, even love. So, they do not understand how to seek love without it being conditioned by some form of financial exchange. If you do this, please get away from it. It's consuming your soul and turning you into a lonely and isolated narcissist. Only someone with narcissistic delusion could tolerate watching themselves for hours on a cam where the attention is not focused on anything else but their bodies. They all look equally ugly, void of any sort of vitality as if they have literally sold their soul to satan and they will never be happy again, they cannot be satisfied. This shit is literally demonic. If you do something like this and post on here, please get away from it. Run as fast as you can and try to be a human being again. This is absolutely demonic. They all look like souless suicidal puppets. They probably don't think about anything else besides their camscore, rank and how much money they've pulled that day. They are stuck. This is literally hell on earth and people are taking part in the competition of whom can degrade themselves more and lose their soul the most. It's a competition of capitalist dehumanization. You make money and are succesful, then why are you an alcoholic, why do you pay men to fuck you? When you make money and are succesful you're supposed to be happy and confident, but this sort of money is poisoned and cursed and cursed money will never be spent wisely

No. 1597909

You sound crazy

No. 1597972

you sound like a coping empty prostitute

No. 1597992

Keep rambling about demons, satan, and hell schizo

No. 1598014

retarded word vomit

No. 1598061

wtf is this shit, go have your sermon on facebook or something.

No. 1598067

someone's mad they don't throw enough at these 2 hoes to get any attention n still watches them n cries about it every night. probably got banned by them kek straight vendetta sperg with absolutely no milk again other than whining about the fact they drink. kati3 is holding a hard cider, not a single person gives a fuck about this. if you wanna go off, at least talk about the time Alexis got herself into hole saying some dumb racist shit or something n went to rehab n hid from cam for a while. even made a whole new twitter account cuz of it, but this "wah they drink, satan, wah" no one cares.

No. 1598094

you literally fucking criticize Pumpy for the same fucking shit. You say her surgery looks like shit, she looks botched bla bla bla but the others do the same shit and you don't criticize them. Alexis has botched surgery and is an alcoholic and does embarrassing shit. Katie literally passes off drunk on camera. If Pumpy became an alcoholic you would all be discussing it and saying it's "milk". KEK I cannot even imagine if Pumpy went on cam for 1 week getting drunk daily. You'd all go nitpicking her every action, saying her life is ruined ETC. Why are the others protected when they pull the same shit as Pumpy? This place really does feel like vendetta thread of 4 circle jerking fag ex camwhores that obsess over Pumpy. That woman does nothing remotely milky or interesting or out of the ordinary, especially compared to the others. She does the same shit the others do, yet she's worse because you say so.

No. 1598107

this idiot again?

No. 1598126

tbh how do we know that she's not just faking half her intake? like just drinking water and acting drunk?

No. 1598132

tbh i appreciate the kati3kat posts because i actually like her and find her interesting. i find it super interesting that she hasn't switched to twitch or onlyfans like a lot of cam girls have? she's still on mfc… it must pay a lot but still. i dont know much about he rbut she seems to have a devoted audience that would gladly move to twitch for her? does she just enjoy making porn or something i dont get it?

No. 1598139

I was going to say the exact same thing, I’m sure she fakes SOME of the drinking.

No. 1598167

man’s ever present madonna/whore complex.

No. 1598357

Yeah, I think kati3 has to fake some of that alcohol intake. But she prob does get decently drunk during her streams. Seems like you’d have to in order to literally fuck yourself online for a buncha scrotes. Anyway, who tf cares about her. There’s nothing there to talk about. Why does this kati3-hating anon appear randomly to rant about her with absolutely NO new milk. Big ass deal, she had a drink in her hand on stream. Ooooooooh, milky. Gtfo.

No. 1598373

holy FUCK, anon. control yourself. you are literally seething because we aren’t here seething over kati3kat’s alcohol use on cam or discussing some random time that she passed out on cam. claiming it’s infinitely more milky than pump’s bs. pumpy literally just fought a girl at her sugar baby’s (who she is in an imaginary relationship with) friend’s opening night, while having a fractured arm. she had a highly publicized abortion the other month, during which she tried to fetishize it and sell her piss sticks, because she “didn’t want a capricorn baby” and ended it all with lying about being left naked/bleeding on the side of the road (as a cope for her manlet not giving her enough attention on his birthday).. what has kati3kat done in the last month or two? worked her job? drank a cider every day? gtfo. who cares. control yourself already.

No. 1598397


Don't even bother anons. Shit for brains doesnt understand the concept of this board. We will ask for proof of Kati3/other cam girls being milky and all we get in return are long winded vengeful rants.

What I am trying to figure out is who is behind all this shit-posting. An angry scrote, another camgirl or Pumpy/A regular of Pumpy's that is trying to get the attention off of her.

No. 1598408

Alexis went to rehab? When was that? I heard her mention on cam earlier this year she had a drug problem (Adderall) and was giving her doctor blowjobs in exchange for various prescription medications.

No. 1598447

Obnoxious camgirls who drink too much are a dime a dozen. It’s not that uncommon or big of a deal. If someone’s stupidity isn’t documented or easy to follow on social media then no one will care. That’s why Pumpy is popular because she’s always acting the fool on Instagram and is easily provoked. It’s funny and entertaining. If you want to include someone here then stop being lazy, compile quality posts and avoid long boring walls of moralfagging text.

No. 1598553

I mean why isn't she fat then? Alcohol tends to make you a fatass as it's just empty calories, and I'd drinking that much then a person usually in a position to keep up with exercise or anything.
A few years of daily drinking and you'll pork up. And as tolerance increases and you drink more and more it gets worse.

No. 1598580

Yeah, but! She is still pretty young plus prob has some good genetics on her side, so her body might be filtering it OK for now in terms of keeping weight off. I’ve known a couple heavy drinkers who stayed thin through their 20s, but seemed like once 30 hit so did the weight. Also if she mostly drinks hard liquor/shots, that’s not nearly the same calorie toll beers/wine will have.

No. 1598595

What about Zia? Is there any milk on her? I know she’s another camgirl whos actually decently rich off MFC/CB (probably a millionaire), she used to tweet screenshots of her giant tips and it made the other girls seethe lol. I kind of remember she had a huge tipper a long time ago who she started dating, then he died? Then later drama with some member Bones who used to tip her biiiig, then left her and became a Kati3kat fanboy.

No. 1598600

I’ll try to come back with the proof if it isn’t deleted, it was circa 2017 or 2018. She got herself into a pile of drama and almost quit completely.

No. 1598603

Did Ultron actually die??? I thought he just left and ghosted her after his cancer got worse. I also thought he had issues with her and her roommates closeness. I know Bones legit stalks these girls. He’s married and tries to control these girls, either Zia or Katie threatened to talk to his wife if he didn’t stop harassing them while they were live one day. I think it was Zia and that’s when he went hard in supporting Katie.

No. 1598644

inb4 "salty camwhore"…yes. I'm a camwhore on cb. Obvs I'm jealous af of the top mfc girls! I want to make as much money as they do. W/e!

I follow K3, Alexis, Zia, etc. & am mutuals/friendly w/ some of them. Here's what I've gathered (not that anyone cares, hence saged):

The biggest issue people have w/ K3 is that she's failed to deliver content…apparently she's offered some pre-pay vids during rank month & never delivered. That's not milky, just bad business. Also some scrotes are mad b/c she says she's single & isn't.

Alexis is for sure an alcoholic, but she isn't milky. She does like to talk shit about other girls on stream but again, w/e!

Zia is genuinely sweet, albeit naive af. She had some shit go down with Bones (major mfc high-roller) & posted about it - obvs it was only her side of the story, but dude seems sketchy af. She was a dumbass for ever meeting him in person, though, but not milky.

IvyGrace is also an actual, hard-core alcoholic. Her entire cam persona centers around drinking. However…she's non-nude & manages to make top 20 all the time, so who knows how much of her shtick is simply a cash grab.

AriaNina….I have no words.

All these girls are making like $20k-$50k/month. Are they investing wisely? Idfk!!

No. 1598702

AriaNina should be mentioned here more often her drama is endless like Pumps, but not sure if worthy of mention cuz she’s said she intentionally gets into the shit she does cuz she knows there’s money to be made in drama. She was involved in a bunch of shit on twitch with some streamer named Destiny. She also does nude body painting sorta like Kickaz did on MFC, but on twitch kek

No. 1598733

I almost wanna start getting into drama to make that $$$ but idk how kek def a lot of top mfc girls play into shit for the money….except maybe RocknRose. She genuinely puts so much effort into her shows & produces really beautiful, unique content! Kinda sucks she lost RocknKing because he learned she's married or something?? Like wtf, most camgirls have longterm partners & even if they don't, not like any are gonna date a fucking tip simp…the delusion is disturbing

The whole Rockn shit was def entertaining tho!

No. 1598771

Out of curiosity, could you share with us your usual number of spectators and how much you make camming?

No. 1598818

Sure! Just checked my analytics site (I pay $12/month for the service cuz cb doesn't provide stats) & I average…..16 viewers & $30/hour. Obvs I'm not balling out by any means, but it's more than I could make in a vanilla job considering I don't have a college degree. I spend the majority of my streams fully clothed just chatting, but I do NSFW stuff too. I also have an OF & sell vids so I make some passive income as well. I'm pretty new, so I expect my earnings to increase over the next few months.

My best ever night (which isn't included in the analytics bc I just signed up for the service) I made $4000.(salty camwhore blogpost)

No. 1598819

Shit I forgot to sage…..my bad!!

No. 1598845

I’d advise against giving any info about yourself here incase one of the models brought up wanted to try pinpoint who you are. Stay anonymous, anon.

No. 1599241

File: 1658947549763.jpeg (1.31 MB, 3464x3464, 9B6A916A-E9FF-4B3C-AECD-2A86EB…)

Pumpy doesn’t know what she wants. She wants us to feel bad for her poor broken arms that she can barely bend yet she needs us to know she’s super tough by mocking concerns from people and putting up this ALL IMPORTANT stuffie net by herself instead of waiting or having someone else do it.

No. 1599250

sometimes I get scared I'll go blind by accident without feeling it when iu rub my eye and it gets blurry and white/ maybe I am going blind but I can always see again in the end/. It isn't worth mention to the optermist anyways.(off-topic)

No. 1599265

Anon honey, this is a thread for a camwhore, not ot. Get your eyes checked.

No. 1599385

File: 1658955904388.jpg (705.32 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220726-185003_Ins…)


Yeah I noticed that too. Like if she actually fractured her elbow I dont think she would be able to extend without pain.

Did she cam last night or nah. She said she was going to cam every night this week. Doesn't surpise me if she doesnt.

No. 1599449

Thanks for your concern, anon! Fr! I considered that before posting but tbh there are thousands of mid-level camgirls like me…there's no way I could be pinpointed from these posts

No. 1600294

File: 1659022113384.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1284x2265, AC04CCD1-2D65-48CA-B011-E795FC…)

cue the incoming excuse that she needed to go off bc because of its effects on her body/mental health and oops she’s pregnant again

No. 1600297

File: 1659022247115.jpeg (919.4 KB, 1284x2236, 95982813-9EA4-432D-98E0-61A4B0…)

samefag because i couldn’t upload more than one image, but it’s giving “hey i saw you guys talking about sabrina posting 5/6 year old pictures, talk about me too please”

No. 1600303

She posts those stupid timehop things a few times a week talking about “IvE aLwAyS bEeN sO pReTtY” “bLuEpRiNt”, it’s not cuz of us talking here it’s cuz she’s full of herself. God damn she used to look like Smeagol tho.

No. 1600311

i dont know why anons are shitting on you, they are probably sex workers themselves who are coping. you are right nonna. they are soulless and degenerate girls.

No. 1600333

File: 1659024166993.jpeg (543.76 KB, 1170x1966, B22EAB30-6BE5-41CD-8ECC-40E207…)

Shut the fuck up Pump, you’ve latched onto, tried to show off, and spewed the exact same bullshit about EVERY single one of these dudes. None of them want to show you off in return. She’s so fucking retarded and seems to convince herself of this shit. All she does is be pissed off all day and rant on social media about it or post about whatever guy she’s obsessed with at the time non fucking stop. Bitch has no life or hobbies other than trying to live “her man’s” life cuz she hates her own and doesn’t know how to form a real hobby. Her only personality trait is whining, mostly about how you should treat her extra special cuz her mom was dogshit, ya Pump, that’s life and you’re not the only one. It’s gross that Ty caters to that shit and I wish he would drop her to prove a point that she can’t force and expect him to be her sole source of happiness. Something about the level of dependent she is on him to make herself happy isn’t ok, it’s actually batshit insane and unhealthy. This is why everyone has always cheated or left like her dumbass rant said before. Her self awareness is non existent. All she ever does is talk about “muh abuse, muh shitty mom”, “I hate ____”, and the tried and true “my boyfriend is so perfect”. We’ve all heard about the abuse she “hides so much of” almost every damn day. It’s been proven most of the time she initiates the “abuse” then only posts the parts that make her look like a victim after pushing people to the brink intentionally cuz she thinks it’s funny.

No. 1600450

This is hilarious because she said the same thing about Cody when she got with him talking about how all her eyes were abusive which she included tyler. She has a pattern with these dudes

No. 1600595

yeah i know, i more was trying to get her panties in a bunch with sabrina comparisons. as previous anons have said, it must kill her that ty at least showed her off and openly claimed her but never willingly associates himself with pumpy.

No. 1600749

File: 1659048668388.jpeg (270.18 KB, 1169x1775, F95C19EE-4DA0-460D-8E7F-F5BBB6…)

THIS! She’s clinging on because she thinks he’s gonna blow up and take care of her so she doesn’t have to work anymore.
She’ll be waiting forever.

No. 1600765

Kek. Don’t hold your breath, delusional pumps.

No. 1600779

Of course TY post all the repost of his new music video except for pumpy LOL

No. 1600921

If Ty ever “blows up” you know he’s leaving Pumpy’s ass behind. She better hope he never does, cuz at this point Ty is only hanging around so he can mooch off her, obvi.

No. 1601073

Shame his music is shit.

No. 1601126

I literally prefaced my first post by admitting that I'm 100% a salty camwhore, & this one was just a response to a question asked….are we seriously not allowed to discuss camming in the camgirl thread??

This is terrible modding, but w/e…fair enough! I respect your judgment.

Obvs we're never gonna move off Pumpy, I guess. Why not just give her her own thread at this point?? She doesn't even really cam anymore, so she doesn't really fit here anymore…

Sorry, mods. I know I'm sperging. I'm sorry.

No. 1601196

I think they got you for being unsaged and talking about urself, that’s not allowed and why they called it a blogpost. Even though you said “shit I forgot to sage” you had the ability to delete the post and repost it saged for up to 30 mins, but instead made a 2nd oops post. I agree Pump has needed her own thread for a while, she’s become a person people frequent to see her train wreck on lolcow like they did with LBW and PnP.

No. 1601416

Is it the same anon in here crying every other day about camwhores being in this thread or are there multiple of you? I mean…who would you expect to be in here besides camwhores/exwhores or the losers who have actually spent money on these girls and come to hate. I mean really…these girls aren’t known outside of camming so who would know about them besides those mentioned above?

No. 1601423

Not at all true, have you ever been to the Shayna thread? Or Brina? Or PnP? Or Dasha? People now know Pump from these threads aswell just like them, but these hoes don’t only exist on camsites. A lot of us know them from Tumblr, Twitter drama, Reddit, ig, and a plethora of other platforms.

No. 1601447

I never became a camwhore but had a short-lived interest in it for extra money. Which then led to learning more about them and realizing what a shitshow a lot of their lives were. Then I just stayed following for the ride and lolz. So, no, we aren’t all ex-camwhores or pissed off scrotes. I bet there’s a lot of anons on here like me, or who came from Reddit/other social media.

No. 1601484

File: 1659127677174.jpeg (228.58 KB, 1170x1800, A749052A-76B9-4A29-9C92-BCA0F4…)

No. 1601485

assuming she has any coomers left, why would they want her to retire? that’s all she’s good for, to them.

No. 1601487

File: 1659128103993.png (3.72 MB, 1800x1240, 25F501FE-8DCA-4A62-9140-30F73F…)

Since we’re bringing brina and Sandra back to the camwhore thread I’ll just drop this here instead of the almost maxed out thread of brina’s.

“Visiting”. I bet that’s all he’ll let you do bc he knows what a piece of shit you are to live with.

No. 1601489

Pump acts like she’s spending her time wheeling pathetic men but really she’s obsessed with seeking validation from other women. It bleeds through almost everything she does. Hashtag muh mommy issues.

No. 1601490

lol like i don’t understand this gift is it a bottle for brina to fuck herself with

No. 1601500

File: 1659128660327.png (4.77 MB, 1800x1562, D3D27BA4-4503-42C0-8D3C-B08FC8…)

All these girls doing sex work, paying for “their man” to make it big in music so they can stop doing sex work.
Like if they ever got big they’d even remember a single dime or any emotional effort you put into them and simply move on to the gang of groupies that come along with fame.
Grow up.

No. 1601513

At first glance I thought it was a bottle with a dia de los muertos graphic on it till I realized that’s some hand painted Belle from Disney, wtf. If her dad is so great and her mom is so awful then why is her mom making sure Big C isn’t homeless and not Brinas weirdo ass dad? Was Brinas dad involved in her life when she was growing up or only in adulthood? Afaik she always made him sound… dead/absent?

At least Awhy has stayed consistent in Sandra’s life and doesn’t seem to put her through the same loop that last absolute psycho did. Hopefully the consistency further encourages her to seek help for whatever’s going on in her head. A lot of people will be like “it’s drugs” but drug problems usually start because of deep rooted issues and Sandra does seem like she wants some semblance of a regular life. Not wking, but I hope at some point she finds some mental relief. Her life seems like it’s been strange as hell.

No. 1601606

Pump has never been happy a day in her life. All she does is complain. She admits she only surrounds herself with people who won’t hold her accountable for her actions like it’s some sort of flex kek


No. 1601653

Ahh fair enough! That makes sense. Thanks, anon!

No. 1601677

Yes I’ve been in a few of the mentioned threads regularly and I wouldn’t compare Pumpy to any of them. She’s relatively boring considering she’s done the same shit for years. She never does anything more extreme or different and has just been the same consistently sad human being m except for the new men here and there. But she treats them all the same and talks about them all the same…actually word for word.

Ok so you didn’t become a camwhore but you wanted to and found Pumpy that way. Cool. Same thing, kek.

No. 1601696

File: 1659138712406.png (1.52 MB, 828x1792, 78D69507-27F3-41DA-A863-6F46B2…)

The only attack camwhores have against people “you do this for free” lol growup dumb e thot.

No. 1601802

File: 1659144957692.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1284x2527, 12142494-511D-4148-BA8C-2F0013…)

Yeah, honestly A-Why is just young af and that’s why he is so easily babied by Sandra. I truly believe that if A-Why had the means, he would at least be doing something for Sandra or treating her here and there. He openly claims her clowny ass and even participates in her porn & weird dress up stuff with her. They have an actual relationship. Ty is a grown ass man just using Pump until he figures out a better move. Doesn’t claim her, doesn’t participate in her interests or anything. She claims he supports her emotionally but there is nothing to back it and even during her abortion he was out partying elsewhere. Hell, even JJ being the deadbeat broke ass that he is will find a way to do things for Sabrina. Where there is a will, there IS a way.

also, speaking of Sabrina, she’s looking less skeletal these days (picrel). The weight gain probably hasn’t occurred in a healthy way (nodding at her taki tacos from the other day) but she looks a million times better regardless. Too bad she botched tf out of her face.

No. 1601803

samefag but Pump does it for money (subs & customers) AND for free (Ty) so I don’t know what she thinks her high ground is here.

No. 1601812

Yup. While A-Why doesn’t seem like a winner, he is consistent with Sandra and actually does make it obvious they’re together. I think he’s good for Sandra and I know a good amount of anons root for Sandra to get her mental health in line. Hopefully she can one day.

No. 1601872

That’s totally normal…? Ride it out and stop getting knocked up, dumb bitch.

No. 1601873

File: 1659152197605.jpeg (996.19 KB, 3264x2611, F58FFB32-7566-4B9D-83D4-347F21…)

Pump admitting to taking adderall for upper effects – she doesn’t do any drugs though –just pharmaceutical meth. She’s posted a pic of them all crushed up before too.

No. 1601877

These threads are lousy with fat ugly bitches who hate anyone capitalizing on their looks because they can’t. Don’t let the haters bring you down, Cady. I enjoy your input.

No. 1601906

Bahahahaha you crack me up!! Also let's just kill this interaction right here bc it's literally the dumbest shit ever & it's just derailing a thread that already get's shitted up all the fucking time. Obvs the majority of anons here are salty camwhores. Boo hoo. Nobody cares about inter-camwhore vendettas. Also nobody knows who tf Cady is…shushhhh, anon, shush.

No. 1601982

It’s a Mean Girl quote you dumb bitch and if you don’t care then stfu and don’t reply? It’s not that deep and you’re only proving my point with this bitter bullshit, fattie. Quit derailing the thread with your insecurities, no one was even talking to you.

No. 1601988

Ok, fattie. Triggered much?

No. 1601994

No shit, retard. Stop trying to make this shit about you, no one cares. Go touch some grass, yeah?

No. 1601999

I’m not upset I promise lol and bless you for not being the obvious bitter fattie and recognizing the quote. Now let’s quit derailing before we all catch a ban.

No. 1602003

But actually, in reality, it’s not the same thing at all. You’re a fucking idiot. Having a brief interest in something vs. doing that same something are completely different things. Some of you anons are literal morons.

No. 1602005

Pumpy has entered the chat

No. 1602014

Imagine thinking diddling yourself for a few cents from gross ass incels is some kinda flex. Dead.

No. 1602020

File: 1659165809018.jpeg (993.79 KB, 1170x1809, 3E9C2357-E330-4967-83EF-E65E4B…)

No one cares for any of your infighting shit ffs, include a pic of a camwhore or a camwhore interaction or something. Stop filling the thread with stupid catty dumbassery.

Also ew, who the fuck wants to feel / look like they have cum on their hands for weeks on end???

No. 1602022

Lmao… the sky is blue, jizz is white. Ok cool. Thanks for the breaking news, Doctor Pump. Are his wet dreams also matte and crusty like your nails? Probably.

No. 1602077

File: 1659179166979.jpg (736.91 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220730-070417_Ins…)

They look like plain ugly nails, nothing special

No. 1602228

She just sits there obsessing about Ty all day. If she doesn’t say something about him then her relationship doesn’t feel real enough to comfort her delusional ass, because the relationship doesn’t exist outside of her/her world. She will literally reach for anything to say, no matter how stupid. Meanwhile, there is a girl out there right now who probably actively has Ty’s cum all over her hand kek. Does it hurt, Pump? That he fucks them for pleasure? And you’re just the necessary evil who is going to buy his equipment and studio time.

No. 1602233

No thoughts cross her minds other than her hatred for things, bizarre takes that show she’s a hermit with no friends, and her obsession with whoever she’s fucking. None. She said in that streamable up there she has a big personality… bitch is a dud. The only hobbies and thoughts she has are saying pressed and staying unhealthily obsessed. She couldn’t form her own authenticity if she tried, she’s just a mirror of other people when she tries anything other than those 2 things.

No. 1602244

Exactly this. She’s all about Ty because having someone with an actual life, friends, hobbies, and interests is the only way she can feign having a personality… because really, she is nothing but a mirror on her own. Hate, jealousy, and possession are her lone features. She thinks that she’s deep because of the intensity. It could be, if it motivated her to do something other than post about it all day on IG.

No. 1602364

File: 1659208747571.jpeg (403.89 KB, 1170x639, 70AC6A68-CD97-427E-82AE-BFFC98…)

Came across this pic of Ty on Twitter. Is his ear ripped from stretching? Gross af.

No. 1602401

File: 1659210255164.jpeg (579.04 KB, 1170x1584, 2C24AA37-2E64-4358-AC25-DBAA43…)

If he’s so trustworthy and perfect then why is she limiting his actions? If he hasn’t cheated or given her a reason to think he would then insecurities like this aren’t warranted or healthy. People should be able to follow whoever they want as long as they’re faithful. If your man doesn’t limit it to a like and slides in the DMs, sure, then there’s an issue, but if you never feel security in your relationship without telling a person they can’t be themselves or like a picture on the Internet then maybe you shouldn’t cling to them and try to force them to be who you want / with you. She’s trying to force herself somewhere she doesn’t belong, just like she said she hasn’t done in a long time yesterday. She’s saying she won’t even allow him to have female friends. He’s grown up there his whole life and likely has female friends from as far back as childhood. Not to mention she wants him to blow up as some big music star, but she won’t even let him have a female friend. Being with her sounds awful. (Reposted to fix typos)

No. 1602410

File: 1659210882317.jpeg (75.87 KB, 1170x279, F5C47FED-CB7F-43C6-A71A-D41DAB…)

Samefag, but stay pressed Pump cuz he has more than one insta attached to that email kek. When you start limiting people they start hiding shit from you.

No. 1602429

Huh? It's a feature IG has had for a while that lets you block someone's account and any other accounts they make. It doesn't mean they have other accounts. Ty could but just sayin, it doesn't necessarily mean he does

No. 1602440

File: 1659213866603.jpeg (159.79 KB, 1170x444, AB94E747-2514-43C8-9063-2F0F94…)

Yes it does. If it shows more than 1, they have more than one. Here’s an example, just blocked both of these people at random on “any accounts they may create”, if they have more than one it will show, but it won’t tell you what the account is. 1 of these people do, 1 doesn’t. Hence why it says “includes new accounts they may have created”. This went viral as a trick to tell if people have multiple accounts about a year ago.

No. 1602470

File: 1659215346674.jpeg (2.05 MB, 1284x2272, 19BD418E-01AB-4691-A4D3-4F28B4…)

Ty posted a story with a picture of his daughter 3 hours ago. So you're telling me Boyfriend of the Year isn't around spending Pumpy's birthday with her? Will he show up just in time to go out and party on her dime?

No. 1602508

she fucked up his birthday terribly, i'd hope he doesn't even show up for hers (again like NoBu kek)

No. 1602639

Now she's saying tomorrow is her birthday

No. 1602753

File: 1659234172707.jpg (519.37 KB, 1058x1775, Screenshot_20220730-222132_Twi…)

Tomorrow is her birthday?

Do we think Tyler actually got her this stuff or she bought it for herself?

No. 1602762

he may have given that shit to her, but imo it does not matter what he secretly gives her. he has still never once posted her on his page or even his story. she’s a fucking embarrassment

~30ish hour countdown begins now, to see if she gets ANY kind of bday post or acknowledgment, directly from him!

No. 1602789

She bought him 2 guitars and he got her some flowers kek

No. 1602930

He probably got it for her but I mean the girl
Funds his whole life….she’s spent thousands on him. Also so funny how the whole bleeding naked on the street on his bday just vanished and now he’s her moon and so amazing

No. 1602950

I mean, yeah, he prob got it for her. She would look straight up retarded (to Ty, specifically) if she posted that and Ty didn’t give it to her. Kek

No. 1603008

File: 1659246685843.png (Spoiler Image, 2.88 MB, 1800x1475, D92AAF2E-CCBE-450F-B799-7FB1AF…)

She knows she’s aging horribly. If you don’t know the reference on the right it’s a movie about staying young and beautiful forever.
I don’t know why I find the finger so funny but this clown suspenders lingerie is perfect for her clowny ass life.

No. 1603021

>this clown suspenders lingerie is perfect for her clowny ass life
You tried

No. 1603207

File: 1659268422823.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1284x2254, FB0CE2BC-4EFC-4692-AC10-B373D2…)

Funny that Ty spent Saturday out having fun with his daughter and Pumpy wasn't invited. He definitely doesn't want her involved with his family at all (can't blame him obv)

No. 1603272

I hate that one lily lol. What a shitty arrangement.

No. 1603288

File: 1659276394512.png (2.54 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-07-31_09-59-51_AM.p…)

These were put on social media an hour a part. Take that as you will

No. 1603301

File: 1659277793072.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x2242, 4E4BAACA-FBEF-43E0-A36E-85CAEF…)

skincare won’t save your eyes from the bags thanks to evil eyeing the fuck out of your “man’s” feeds while he goes and lives his real life with people who he actually loves and wants to spend time with. her disdain is all over her face, no matter how well she thinks she’s hid it. those other girls don’t need to obsess over their every blemish or pore to be hotter than you, pumps (or to get ty’s attention).

No. 1603305

File: 1659278343425.jpeg (457.75 KB, 1893x1884, 588A79D2-4FB6-49A9-A8A3-1CF44F…)

pumpy wishes. silly af tho that sandra is posting the uncensored faces of a-why’s young family members on an account she does sw on.

No. 1603312

she has makeup on though?

No. 1603317

That’s the problem with people like Pumpy, they subconsciously KNOW how easy it is to pull wool over their own eyes and then they expect everyone to be as stupid as them. Morgan, if you are going to claim to not wear face makeup then at least shade match ffs.

No. 1603356

File: 1659282260286.jpg (96 KB, 1080x484, Screenshot_20220731-114246_Twi…)

That is just weird.

No. 1603371

Do not post photos of a minor here without fully censoring them. Reporting this post for removal and hopefully others will do the same. We already went over this thoroughly in Brinas thread. They were also posted nearly 4 hours apart, not an hour.

No. 1603396

File: 1659284318481.jpeg (141.07 KB, 1170x1800, E3F8FE62-F6D0-49FF-AD53-51D59D…)

$1.50, straight up making fun of her begging for bday money on ig kek

No. 1603544

File: 1659288867844.jpeg (296.65 KB, 1170x1832, 1DEA2030-E7F9-4B34-B3E7-9C5EA1…)

This is disgusting and I wholeheartedly believe she’s bought her own flowers and is lying about everything that she says Ty does for her.
She thinks if she writes it down she can manifest it.
Hey lumpy pumpy, you’re not using filters to look older so you stop attracting pedos, you’re obviously using them to fix the 16k nose job that got fucked up.
You don’t look 18 in any photos, you either look 16 or 26.

No. 1603586

I mean she obviously pedo panders and wishes she was still younger, but like the other anon said it would be weird as fuck to be lying all over social media about a “gift” someone got you when they follow you on those platforms and you see them in your daily life. I dunno why you’re so deluded, they’re just flowers. He didn’t buy her a car or something extravagant, he doesn’t even acknowledge their “relationship” publicly. Their “relationship” is a joke, but even friends get each other flowers for birthdays nonnie. Don’t reach so hard. There’s plenty of milk.

No. 1603618

Nevermind extravagance, he could at least do something sentimental. There are always ways to make someone feel special, these flowers are superficial as fuck. Probably a PR move on his end, he’s dropping tracks and doesn’t want a disgruntled psycho on sm fixated & making false accusations (like she did on HIS birthday).

No. 1603661

Maybe a nitpick, also a rhetorical question, but why couldn’t he have bought her a custom arrangement or some of those pretty forever rose boxes or whatever they’re called? This looks like they’re from the grocery store. I mean my bf has bought me grocery store flowers before on a whim when he was just there picking up stuff for dinner and that’s nice…but for my birthday after I’ve spent thousands on him? I’d be insulted quite frankly.

She’s promoted his new music multiple times now and he still hasn’t reposted her stories but has reposted multiple others. He also had stuff posted with Brina of her and his daughter going down slides together and shit like the that when they dated. It could also be that his BM doesn’t want him posting pics anymore as she doesn’t really post her kids either but I find it funny that he doesn’t even repost her for things like his own promotion.

No. 1603671

Samefag but I meant posting his kids with other women he’s dating and things like that.

No. 1603675

File: 1659292558759.jpeg (505.08 KB, 1284x2248, C5F904E7-5062-4588-BC8B-98FA13…)

Weird flex

No. 1603711

You think he even looks at her stories or posts at all? Ha! He knows she shit posts all day, he’s not paying that much attention to her. She definitely makes shit up about him and posts it because she knows he doesn’t watch her stories.
Could also be the reason he doesn’t repost her ads for his music. He doesn’t look at her shit posts because shit posting is her job and he doesn’t want anything to do with her job.

No. 1603729

KEK. Flowers aside, I’m telling you that she bought her own cake for sure. This wording is so careful, he’s definitely picking up the cake that she bought for herself and is going to pretend to eat.

Interesting take, anon. I almost wonder if he is also blocked from her stories when she posts shit like this? Anything is possible. All that we know is they are not in a legitimate relationship.

No. 1603740


Yeah I agree anons. She bought the stuff for herself and pretended Ty bought it for her. The dynamic between them must be interesting. I think she is making the relationship seem grander than it really is.

No. 1603743

File: 1659296012172.jpeg (478.4 KB, 1170x1954, 8D4303DA-2B71-4AF7-AF94-03F349…)

WAIT A goddamn minute, you mean to tell me she’s only known cucklord ass Levi for 3 years?! I thought they were friends from high school or some shit. Ty can’t have a female friend, but she pays to fly this cuck out to see her every few months, he stays with her, and she hangs out naked around him and plays with her pussy in front of him? The audacity… really goes to show she can’t keep anyone in her life for shit. Her most "long term" friendship is 3 years. This is just embarrassing, for both of them.

No. 1603749

File: 1659296706120.jpeg (370.05 KB, 1800x1773, 7720EB76-8D10-44DC-BFEA-AA5D28…)

Only gets to post him when he needs to make up for cheating.

No. 1603797

File: 1659300266655.jpg (369.05 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20220731-164403_Twi…)

No. 1603852

she’s not wrong here, tbh. first time ever

No. 1603853

File: 1659302370862.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1284x2258, 71620F00-10B5-4472-B432-8CC05B…)

Did Pump ever give the story behind the fight? Sounds like maybe the girl was getting too cozy with Ty by the way Pump calls her a whore

No. 1603899

File: 1659306246814.png (4.92 MB, 828x1792, 2B9D46C6-51B7-4D05-BF91-1350C8…)

Quick capture of this since she keeps lying about her age

No. 1603998

She’s always bragging about beating up other women like she doesn’t have twigs for arms and 12 inches long nails that would break and rip off right away. Besides she wouldn’t even be able to make a fist in those. She’s really the worst pathological liar besides cows like Victoria or Amanda.

She probably just looked at the other chick nastily then proceeded to dump her drink on her own hair.

No. 1604007

she has anger issues. i can imagine she maybe pushed some chick and made her spill her drink and Pump got escorted out. if she got in a serious fight that ugly nose of hers would get rocked and she would be on social media immediately after red faced ranting about it. these are dumb little scuffles. shes like a chihuahua.

No. 1604012

File: 1659314517752.jpeg (775.22 KB, 3263x1835, F618A22D-34E6-4864-B10D-803FE9…)

No. 1604019

File: 1659314815859.png (1.45 MB, 1936x716, Photo_2022-07-31_08-43-10_PM.p…)


Yeah I thought it was interesting she is acting like she is against homewrecking when back in the day she promoted it.

Her extensions look like shit

Is she high and or drunk in the last story???

No. 1604046

Is her finger permanently like that?

No. 1604051

I really don’t see what people find attractive about him kek. What does he really have to offer as well? He’s not my cup of tea at all. Why does he look 5’8? Maybe he’s packing?

No. 1604056

File: 1659319060269.png (1.95 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-07-31_09-57-36_PM.p…)

Just a reminder Pumpy use to promote being a homewrecker. Hell she made videos about it. Pictured are just some examples from an older thread.


No. 1604059

Pumpy stays wearing BPD-tinted rose-tinted glasses. 1) no one would ever wreck this home 2) you have to have a home to wreck in the first place 3) this is rich coming from the blueprint of pick-me ass bitches

No. 1604076

Yes. She has to get surgery on her tendon to fix it but we all know that’s never gonna happen cuz she’d have to do physical therapy for months afterwards and who wants to do that when you can just take drugs and forget?

No. 1604085

He's probably 5'6" at most. Little ugly gremlin

No. 1604135

File: 1659327754476.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1284x2262, AB8F4C81-817E-4E57-9916-72A0C3…)

I've seen nicer looking decorated cakes at Walmart. If Ty did buy it (doubtful) he really didn't put in any effort making sure it looked nice

No. 1604214

File: 1659337712718.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x1978, 6C187D25-7DAA-4C14-B963-2C3471…)

What’s with the tacky costume jewelry cross when she’s all AnTi GoD sAtAN 666 99.9% the rest of the time?

No. 1604254

I know this thread is mostly Pumpy but let’s change it up? Any other chaotic cam girls we can talk about? She’s actually so boring and only talks about herself (literally all her posts are talking about herself or her boyfriend). why do I feel like half of these posts are self posts anyways.

No. 1604257

Must be something she saw some other “bad bitch” do and then copied lol

I am rock hard over tyler not even making one lil story post about her on her birthday, when she posts about him allllll day long on the reg. So fucking embarrassing!! He must feed her some bullshit about not being able to post her so he doesnt “scare away his female fans” lmao WHAT FANS???

No. 1604261

So sick of random anons bitching about Pumpy’s pathetic life/lies being documented. She has been a cow for years, that’s not going to change anytime soon unless she ever starts eating food regularly (not gonna happen) and the synapses in her brain finally start firing enough to make her realize the constant posting and lying is insane.

If anything I’d accuse your post of a self-post, as she is clearly embarrassed about not meaning shit to tyler, even on her birthday, and wants us to stop talking about it. She doesn’t even tag him in her stories anymore because she knows it’s pointless, he’s not going to share it

No. 1604271

If you have new milk for the thread on any other camwhores, then post it. Otherwise shut the fuck up about posts you personally don’t want to see. Scroll past them, retard.

No. 1604307

roomtoavoid is very weird. There's been posts of her in previous thread. Someone had evidence she's involved in a sex trafficking ring. Her room is very milky. She acts like she's way above other camgirls because she doesn't do masturbation in public but she sends anal videos to her high paying regulars. Her room is constantly a mess and her regulars are really milky too. She constantly talks about her "father" which seems to be the pimp that owns the studio she works at which she's dating. Now there's no milk anymore because she's hiding behind club shows and doesn't show herself anymore to the public. She also appears to be a munchie she claims to have hundreds of illnesses that she has no proof over. Her regulars are milky and insane too. She's attracted the worst fanbase and has the shadiest background.

No. 1604308

she's a huge edgelord pick me too and panders to 4channer scrotes. Her regulars make jokes about bestislity, fucking dogs, jews say nigger but she never gets banned. She also says that she hates women constantly. It's dangerous to post her here though, last time she was posted this place got immediately flooded with CP and scat porn probably spammed by her and her regulars. They are very gross and mentally ill.

No. 1604309

there's literally a rabbit hole around her. She has so much drama. Apparently she also made a girl commit suicide and harassed her for years. She has a fanbase of mentally ill dedicated scrotes that follow her around the internet and start spamming CP and scat porn or start attacking anyone if she gets posted. I'm not gonna say more. I was in her discord server for a while, shit is a mess. They talk about bestislity etc she has extreme fetishes and wishes to have sex with dogs but on MFC everyone treats her like she's not like the other girls and not a whore.

No. 1604356


Post the milk you newfag. This is an imageboard.

No. 1604390

Did you no read the posts? When people post about her, her incel fans flood the thread with cp and gore. No one wants to bring that here.

No. 1604394

I still can’t believe Ty didn’t post a happy bday to her at all. He posts them to all the people he’s even a little bit friends with when it’s their birthday and will post pics he has with them. He’s fully showed off everyone else he’s ever been with and pursued cuz he wanted them. He entirely hides her. She’s only met a few of his guy friends who say things like "Ty gettin banged out" when she’s around. No respect lol

No. 1604414

File: 1659369877730.jpg (234.31 KB, 1280x627, four_limbs-MFC-201905020544_l …)

I will post milk and I have already posted. Now RTA and her incel simps are laying dormant because they are scared of legal repercussions. They harassed another woman into suicide and spread her CP. That woman killed herself on Twitch 2 weeks ago apparently. Her simps are scared because they own and have distributed porn of a minor. Also, apparently RTA and her pimp have been reported to Ukrainian authorities for tax fraud and sex trafficking, so they are laying very dormant out of fear and RTA is taking a break from MFC

No. 1604430


Well either post milk/proof or shut the fuck up about it. It's not that hard. It's fine if anons wanna talk about other cam girl but actually show proof.

No. 1604434

not gunna lie this seems like some deeply disturbing shit i don't want to know about or get involved in, personally. not saying milk isn't there nonnie cuz wow, this is just… quite a bit much. CP is involved, the milk is poisoned lol

No. 1604446

Agreed. I come here to poke fun at and laugh about dumbasses. The RTA chick sounds really dark and honestly depressing

No. 1604448

File: 1659372620032.jpeg (284.61 KB, 1170x1983, C6633859-34B3-4B1F-86FE-711A01…)

Super weird because he’s obviously taking some sort of video of her birthday here. Guess it’s just for his eyes only.

No. 1604450

File: 1659372764521.png (2.34 MB, 1800x1480, 3E390E66-2D90-4663-81F3-DCFFC5…)

Welcome to her new pose until she gets it fixed.

No. 1604456

Omg. He looks awful. His head looks like Mr. Incredible's lol

No. 1604458

Brina's out here with permanent finger guns

No. 1604464

Watching the whole vid, it kind of looks to me like he goes to hand the phone back to someone else. He doesn't even watch her blow out her candles lol. The phone case also doesn't match the one he's holding on his IG in a post from June. Of course he could have switched it up since then but the way he turns at a moment you think someone would watch and reaches his arm out, I def think he was taking a picture for another guest

No. 1604502

File: 1659376453055.jpeg (213.2 KB, 1284x2229, A0AAA108-DF12-4836-A9BF-5235FF…)

interesting, probably taking it for her on her own camera tho (at her request).

No. 1604529

Honestly think he stretched his arm so he could get a better angle at her blowing out the candles instead of just the angle from the side.

No. 1604549

Did you watch the video? You can see that his head turns, his ear faces the camera

No. 1604591

Why does her cake have her sw name? Does she legit go by Stormy irl??

No. 1604637

She tells Twitter that’s her real name but I think most people irl call her Kat, which also isn’t her real name. It’s just influencer shit, which is ironic because she can’t accumulate any sort of following that aren’t long-time simps because her accounts get banned once a week.

No. 1604639

My friend recently commited suicide. Sorry for off topic but it breaks my heart she suffered so much and that now she's dead and her CP is getting posted on the internet. Is there anyway to report MFC to authorities for allowing a minor to get naked on their website. There is proof the girl in question was in fact underaged when she cammed. Also, not a burger fag.

No. 1604660

Most influencers and sex workers go by their real names in their private irl lives. She goes by Kat/Stormy, but her Facebook says (said?) Morgan the entire time. She tells people Stormy was her moms stripper name too. Personality disorder shit lol. To insist your boyfriend and closest friends call you by your moms stripper name and your once successful cam persona name.

No. 1604696

Ehh I wouldn’t say most go by their persona names in real life, kek. Maybe if they’re friends with others that they met through sex work then yeah. But most people who become SW had a life long before that and tend to separate the persona from the real person. Obviously some of the extremely broken ones do because they have identity issues or something, but definitely not most.

No. 1604711

Nonnie that says most go by their real names in their irl and private lives, kek. It only mentioned dumpy going by a persona like it’s their real name.

No. 1604721

File: 1659395301791.jpg (551.73 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20220801_190747.jpg)

Kek! I actually can't believe some of the pictures she reposted because the difference of how she looks in other people's candids and her own photos is insane

No. 1604738

File: 1659396880075.webm (1.19 MB, 720x1280, 01.webm)

No. 1604740

File: 1659396931539.webm (1.54 MB, 720x1280, 02.webm)

No. 1604741

File: 1659397010345.jpg (344.2 KB, 1284x2282, 03.jpg)

> Happy Birthday Stormy
Here’s the cake in question.

No. 1604747

File: 1659397467106.webm (4.63 MB, 360x640, Just say unlikeable and go.web…)

Don’t mind me, just your local autist archiving things.

No. 1604756

I guess my retard is fully activated today. My bad.

No. 1604765

Thank you, I tried to post this as a .webm, but it wasn’t working for me so I went with streamable >>1601606

No. 1604769


No I appreciate you anon. Pumpy changes her story 5 minutes so its good to document everything she saids.

No. 1604782

If true, that’s beyond fucked up and she should be booted off the site. How did she end up with a high rank end of last month though? Is she laying low as of today? Are there any twitter/reddit threads or other places on the internet corroborating what you’ve said?

No. 1604783

i thought she was turning 27

No. 1604984

There's a lot of evidence. The girl that killed herself because of them was my friend and I even met her in real life. I keep mailing MFC with evidence but they ignore and do not answer my emails I've sent screenshots of her regulars making jokes about bestiality or saying racist stuff but they never care and they do not do anything about it. She also has BPD and is incredibly manipulative and tries to get anyone on her side. She has a legion of mentally ill simps that she sends around the internet to harass people. Last time she was posted this place immediately got spammed with CP and scat porn. Now they are scared and laying dormant since my friend killed herself because of them and they have been distributing CP of her on the internet. There's plenty of evidence. She's very shady and constantly does illegal things. Roomtoavoid has been speaking about her "father" since I started watching her. I looked more into it and it turns out her father is a pimp and her boyfriend. He owns the studio she works at. My friend which used to be in direct contact with her also confirmed it. She also goes to the mental hospital to groom mentally ill girls and takes them to her pimps studio and makes them start camming. If you could send an email to MFC reporting her it would also help. She has BPD and is very manipulative so she has a legion of mentally ill dedicated simps. In public she only does not explicit stuff like gets naked but doesn't masturbate, but It turns out she sends anal videos to her highest paying regulars.

When her anal videos got leaked, her simps started spamming videos of my dead friend from when she was 17 years old to get attention off her anal porn.

No. 1604985

she's made millions until now, she's very rich but gives a lot of the money to her pimp boyfriend

No. 1604989

File: 1659433336974.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.34 KB, 240x180, 1 (4).jpg)

she's also a groomer and a sex trafficker. She self admits to the mental hospital and grooms mentally ill girls to come to her pimps studio. She's probably made a million or more until now but MFC refuses to ban her. Although her chat is filled with edgy bestiality jokes, jokes about gasing the jews and so on. On MFC all scrotes praise her for not being like the other girls since she doesn't do explicit stuff. They call her an artist and shit but it turns out she does hard-core porn like anal and sends it to her regulars.

No. 1604996

File: 1659433978950.jpg (Spoiler Image, 259.2 KB, 1280x576, HisokaGay-MFC-202104200206_m.j…)

this is the girl she groomed and works under her pimp boyfriend. Her pimp boyfriend "father" is also 50 years old.

No. 1605006

You hate RTA, i get it. But what Hisoka did to you? Why you lying about her? She is already refuted all this bullshit.

No. 1605016

Crystal Methany.

No. 1605058

No. 1605072


She seems pretty normal and not that milky. Are you the cam girl that hates her? Is this vendetta posting?

No. 1605074

this is the girl they harassed. She used to be my friend. She commited suicide a couple of weeks ago from harassment. Her insane simps started posting CP of her after her anal porn got leaked to diverge attention.

Her simps keep commeting on her anal porn video. It turns out she's moved out to Australia with one of her regulars. So, she left her pimp in Ukraine.

No. 1605076

No, this isn't roomtoavoid. This is the girl that they harassed until she killed herself. Roomtoavoid is actually milky. I mean she and her simps harassed a woman to suicide and keep posting her CP.
this is RTA's leaked anal porn it has 100k views and it's being used as a thread to discuss her now. After this video got leaked they began harassing my dead friend out of hatred. They kept posting old videos of her from when she was 17 to diverge attention. They also sent her constant death threats and followed her all around the internet threatening to ruin her life. My friend passed away from suicide 2 weeks ago. Olena's RTA simps find absolutely everywhere she's discussed and then spam CP of my dead friend or try to bring attention onto her. They've harassed her until suicide.

No. 1605080

this is a video of my friend that passed away. She's clowning on RTA for faking panic attacks on cam to get money. RTA is literally a horror cow and has insane paraphilia like having sex with dogs and is an edgelord. There's nothing remotely normal about her. She harassed another woman into suicide and sent her simps after her. Her MFC room is also a mess filled with 4chan incels. RTA has a daddy fetish and loves being dominated by men. Until recently she used to live with a 50 year old pimp but now she's moved with an old viewer of her to Australia. She's also a homewrecker just like pumpy. She moved in with one of her viewers strum06 and convinced him to divorce his wife and leave his children for her.

No. 1605081

but she's not as stupid as Pumpy. She keeps everything hidden in her gross discord but a lot of her simps have turned against her but she still has an army. She's an ex child trafficker and now convinced her Australian tipper strum06 to leave his wife and children for her and she's moved with him in Australia. She keeps going from country to country out of fear because she doesn't pay taxes and also distributes and owns child porn. Her ex pimp boyfriend ran a weird underground business and did CP and snuff films. RTA has extreme paraphilia like scat or having sex with dogs. Apparently her ex pimp went to jail. I've also witnessed insane shit in her room like her regulars making jokes about the holocaust and many other insane shit. It's literally like /pol/ but on MFC.

No. 1605086

Can this person be banned ^. I don’t want to see this shit and they are replying to everyone with the same responses. I get if English isn’t your first language but I just got a headache from this typing and it’s too weird anyway

No. 1605092

This poisoned milk ruins the whole thread it’s disturbing not entertaining I agree w the latest post to ban that person that keeps bringing up cp

No. 1605095

so Lucinda and Soren are allowed but this isn't allowed?

No. 1605097

Yeah I agree, ban this person. I am all for new milk but they are just posting walls if text saying the same thing over and over. As well it seems more like vendetta posting.

No. 1605102

you're literally a samefag probably Olena simp. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1605107

I hate this roomtoavoid bitch mostly because someone has been astroturfing her on here in various threads in both snow and it for about a year. I get that a handful of dedicated weirdos really hate her but the massive unsaged paragraphs that follow her drama aren’t worth shitting up every thread for. I wish you guys would just make her a thread in snow and see if it gets any traction because as far as I can tell it’s mostly conjecture.

No. 1605111


Learn to integrate newfag and stop shitting up the thread with your vendetta paragraphs. No one cares.

No. 1605112

I agree Lucinda threads shouldn’t exist, but at least Soren had a shocking and hilarious paper trail via numerous blogs dating back almost a decade. One vendetta chan who keeps derailing about “their friend who died,” 4chan, and apparent bestiality among other things is not milk. It’s derailing.

No. 1605171

It’s Romanianon, why isn’t she taking this to OT I don’t know

No. 1605206

File: 1659458021377.jpeg (468.44 KB, 1284x2363, 71A8933B-3D45-459F-837F-C24E32…)

Strange - Sabrina deleted (/archived?) all of her photo posts. I wonder what prompted that, it’s a pretty weird move considering she’s always had a fairly full feed at all times.

No. 1605208

yeah this person posting RTA comes every few months or whatever and posts the same shit, acting like other anons are wrong because “oMg tHis iS soOo miLkY” but then also starts warning that just even bringing up her name is dangerous & will result in simps shitting up the threads with CP. like why are you doing it then? seems as though we have a pedo on our hand looking for a fix.

No. 1605211

Didn’t she just make a new account? Maybe she came down from her high and realized how ridiculous she looks.

No. 1605269

Yes, this was her second or third comeback account and she instantly was spamming all her prime pics and a number of her recent shooped ones (like from the shoot with Poppi & JJ)

No. 1605373

Pumpy is going on long ass rants about sex workers. Its so much I am having a hard time uploading it all.

No. 1605383

Maybe just do the high lights?

No. 1605403

I got you nonnie, here’s the full 8 1/2 min rant (don’t wanna bother with trying .webm)


No. 1605414

File: 1659476424113.jpeg (71.38 KB, 1170x344, AAB96297-B0F7-4B72-946C-EFB78E…)

Samefag. The minimum subscription price you can set as a creator is $5, just throwing that out there. Stay pressed Pick Me Pumpy (with a FREE onlyfans), survival sex work is valid and only one person is uneducated here (and the white girl privilege IS showing). What promotions and deals other people run are none of her business. She should stay in her little privileged lane.

No. 1605428

File: 1659477584948.jpeg (623.24 KB, 1836x3264, 07741ECF-15FC-421A-B000-6A50A4…)

She’s just mad the $3 aren’t being spent on her kek. She always stresses “new girls”, she’s so pressed that new girls come in and find success. Their socials gain more traction than hers and they easily find success on a site she’s somehow delusional enough to believe she had anything to do with creating. Leo didn’t buy the site cuz Pump was on it. Leo bought the site and took it over when it was fresh out of a lawsuit. It was some girls project that was stolen from her by the co-creator, she sued him, and it ended up in Leo’s hands in the end. It’s kind of insane she’s somehow literally convinced herself she had a hand in starting success in online sex work. She has no idea what reality looks like, her mind is so far gone bro.

No. 1605434

Hahahaha fuck you OnlyFans for causing this inflation/recession! Kek

No. 1605453

File: 1659479481581.jpg (297.53 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20220802-182916_Twi…)


Thank you so much anon. I appreciate you.

What kills me in this rant is that

A- She thinks she help create OnlyFans.

B- She claims she was sex trafficked and she saw her mom raped

C- Rants about sex workers and white privilege, and its very obvious she is talking out of her ass.

Pictured is Pumpy calling other sex workers lazy. Didnt she sit on cam doing nothing and expect to make money?

No. 1605462

File: 1659480103630.jpeg (668.26 KB, 1836x3264, 14EE8549-43A8-4927-9B4F-0AFE06…)

Here’s the reply that set her off

No. 1605475

Tbh Leo is pretty cow-ish

No. 1605537

File: 1659485344055.jpeg (305.05 KB, 1428x730, AEE23805-6E09-478F-B912-31C966…)

Pumpsy needs to get a clown tattoo next to go with her humiliation fetish because what the fuck is this? It sounds like Ty is disgusted by her lack of personal hygiene / self care too.

No. 1605552


Anon this was already posted. Sage your shit.

No. 1605599

File: 1659491546553.jpeg (267.51 KB, 1284x2237, DBB878D7-AB9E-4D5A-9623-77BD2A…)

Looking as crazy as she is

No. 1605616

File: 1659492902314.jpg (244.14 KB, 1080x1731, 20220803_051415.jpg)

Drama going on in RTA room rn she's confessing her scat porn love and her ex simps are questioning her moving with one of her sociopathic tippers named strum in Australia while she acts clueless. Strum06 her ex simp left his daughter and wife behind for her

No. 1605621

File: 1659493547932.jpg (164.95 KB, 1080x1291, 20220803_052554.jpg)

No. 1605692

File: 1659502996221.jpeg (599.36 KB, 1800x1692, 27152958-10E2-4F67-9972-55C8FD…)

So now he’s stealing peoples artwork???

No. 1605695

Umm…sorta looks like chrislovesjk stole some artwork. Wtf is your point of self-posting your stolen artwork, chrislovesjk?

No. 1605701

Attention whoring, for himself and not for a gayop.

No. 1605711

What a weird unsaged self post of non milk. Ty isn’t tagged anywhere in this, this wouldn’t come up googling for him or in any twitter search for him. Chris, you have like 25 followers.

No. 1605713

File: 1659504813348.jpeg (351.28 KB, 828x968, C312CD6B-A010-4836-BD87-B5AFF7…)

Meanwhile on twitter. Pumpy is such a dumb bitch. Glad people are calling her out.

No. 1605720

I went to the quote tweets on Pumpys original post n she’s getting absolutely annihilated by some girls with huge followings in the quote replies lmfao

No. 1605723

File: 1659506961900.jpeg (946.75 KB, 1170x1798, AB1B25EB-A398-468B-B7B9-24545D…)

pumpy pretending sex workers that charge less than her are the reason why she doesn’t make the same money she used to, not cuz she’s insufferable, gross and has entirely changed her look. her pedo fanbase isn’t interested in her aging bolt ons, tattoos and balloon injected face. she has to lower her prices cuz no one wants to pay overpriced bullshit for her bottom tier porn anymore lol. she’s just like every other hoe now, fake tits, fake face, overcompensating her lack of personality with plastic surgery. she’s pissed she can’t sit there doing nothing other than pedo pandering to make $ like her old days.

No. 1605764

Why would pumpy in her little rant be so concerned over whores losing custody of their kids due to revenge porn when ty did that to his baby mom?

No. 1605857

File: 1659530904464.png (387.55 KB, 828x1792, E97940FF-93B5-43A5-8689-3EEC10…)

Awe poor baby is so insecure with people talking about her she doesn’t allow people to message her ugly crybaby ass.(cowtipping )

No. 1605859

File: 1659530926709.png (1.08 MB, 828x1792, 8AC75673-1DD7-45EF-9C89-D2A7D7…)

No. 1605861

File: 1659530953032.png (951.57 KB, 828x1792, 5883D306-4F96-41C6-855F-F1481A…)

No. 1605862

File: 1659530978030.png (1011.5 KB, 828x1792, 9F0B7615-41B3-4AAB-BA48-3974B0…)

She sounds and looks dumb honestly anything she says or does makes her look dumb.

No. 1605870

Sage this fucking shit you cow tipping idiot. No one cares that you had an unhinged rant to yourself she will never see.

No. 1605880

Wait is this about pumpy?

No. 1605889

So she’s mad that a bill was passed long before the pandemic and that new people didn’t sign a petition against a bill they never knew about and is somehow placing blame on them for a bill they didn’t create? I thought she was happy now or something? This is her idea of a hobby and a “big personality”? Or being unbothered in her lane? Can she please (without googles help) have an unhinged rant where she explains what she thinks sesta/fosta entailed other than saying it put pandemic sex workers in her space? Cuz I 100% guarantee she’s trying to use old educated sex workers arguments verbatim as her own defense cuz she’s entirely uneducated on what it ACTUALLY was/did herself. Seems Ty wasn’t there last night and this is what she gets into when she’s bored cuz her only real hobby is being a jealous and hateful cunt.

SAGE. Don’t bump the entire thread looking to be spoof fed cuz you didn’t fucking read. This thread is filled with newfags who don’t know how to read the rules or use the forum.

No. 1605925

Short answer, no. Sage and don’t feed the Romanianon.

No. 1605943

honestly If you refuse to discuss any other camgirls why do you not call it Pumpy thread? You think only Pumpy has milk and attack anyone that brings somebody else up. Why not call it Pumpy thread?

No. 1605951

ppl talk about what they find interesting. you could do the same, instead you’re bitching about someone milky being posted in the thread they’ve been discussed in for years. provide something ppl want to talk about with you, if ppl don’t care that’s no one’s problem other than your own. RTA comes with CP and gore, she should require her own thread cuz ppl don’t want to have to look at that shit in camgirl general. pump will probably be moved to her own thread eventually and this thread will fall off into obscurity like these hoes cam careers.

No. 1605962

ON THE FUCKING MONEY. Pumpy had that “ugly duckling” but innocent look to her before that her pedos loved and provided a safe space for them to fantasize in. It didn’t matter that she was hideous, it actually helped her “brand” and made her seem/feel more real to her twisted audience. She fucked with her look, which fucked with her money. She expected to keep the interest of people who started with her OG appearance all of the way through to this new trashy botched blown up one. Even with all the pedo-bashing she tries to feign moral superiority by doing… like, it’s evident that she’s actually just rattled they aren’t still simping over her. Although, she does try reaaal hard to convince us that pedos still love her because she looks “so young.” Had she gone about her new look strategically and not, for example, get a bunch of shitty tattoos all at once then she could have transitioned into an edgier demographic. She looks like every other girl on the internet and that’s why she’s diluted into THEIR space…

I’m for discussing other camwhores but I can’t bring myself to get into RTA, shit is too dark. As some others said, you might generate interest doing a solo thread on her (if the saga is ongoing). If it’s any consolation, I also avoid Lucinda’s thread too. I’m just here for the clown cows. I think there will be more variation now that Sabrina and Sandra are reintroduced from their brief stint in solo threads. Everyone loves to hate Sabrina, everyone loves to pity Sandra.

No. 1605967

File: 1659538518402.jpeg (398.04 KB, 1284x1706, E73E655E-58DA-43B5-8D7F-D3F24C…)

kek, going to make a correction here and say that mentally ill bitches just think the world loves them as a part of their neurosis. for those who don’t know: poppi doux, sabrina’s camwhore “friend.” big into the baby/pedo play.

No. 1605994


If you stop bitching and read the thread, anons have said we are fine with other cam girls being posted but no one every post milk. All we get are long retarded rants. Post milk of other cam girls.

No. 1606007

so, a camgirl moving with her tipper and wrecking his home and him abandoning his wife and daughter for a Ukrainian camwhore is not milk? And her saying on MFC she likes destroying people's life and likes scat porn isn't? She isn't that dark, she's a clown and very similar to Pumpy in very many ways. She's horrible at lying and her room has so much fucking milk, her "fans" are insane. She's literally just like Pumpy, lying, prideful, emo, BPD, homewrecker, making jokes about pedophilia. There's no point in making a different thread about this camgirl. This is the camgirl general. Posting another camgirl does not derail the thread, just ignore it.

No. 1606011

She isn't that dark? Uhh yeah she is. Make her her own thread or stfu. Multiple people have made it clear that we don't want that disturbing shit in here

No. 1606012

Samefag but you all posted when Pumpy's fans said pedo jokes. RTA is a clown with a failed life and grandiose delusions just like Pumpy. They are almost splitting images. If you only want to discuss pumpy just turn it into a pumpy thread and don't mislead anons into making it a camgirl general. This is the purpose of the thread and I am using it for its intended purpose. Making a thread about this person would be stupid when we have a general already. I provided the milk, it wouldn't surprise me if her simps were here doing damage control. Again, just change the camgirls general into a Pumpy thread or make a Pumpy thread if you just want to discuss her and nobody else.

No. 1606014

Maybe you're right. I will have better luck moving to kiwi farms probably but there's a lot of funny parts to her drama. Like her insane simps going crazy over her moving to Australia with one of her tippers, she also uses bots to boost her room, makes her new boyfriend tip her anonymously, does anal porn in private while on MFC she almost acts like she's non nude and thinks she's some evil INTJ genius. There's a lot of similarities to her and Pumpy and I wouldn't be surprised if Pumpy's ex regulars moved to her room since they both fit a very similar niche

No. 1606018

pumpy pandering to pedos is absolutely not the same as actual CP, scat, beastiality, pushing a girl to suicide, etc.

No. 1606024

stop being hypocritical LMAO pumpy beats other women and did shady fetish shit

No. 1606025

Pumpy didn't beat anyone. She's all talk and when confronted by other females she starts crying.

No. 1606033

File: 1659545843203.jpeg (771.61 KB, 1836x3264, 6419EBE8-FCB6-4763-A2DA-546B2E…)

If you ignore them and don’t give RTA the traction they want they’ll fuck off. No point in infighting.

Anyway, I’m here for the replies. Little miss uncancellable getting absolutely roasted and dragged after digging herself into some shit with her rants yesterday.

No. 1606038

File: 1659546058883.jpeg (514.45 KB, 1284x1543, 5287B45A-CD64-4FD2-944D-5A5EEF…)

trying to seem in control but she’s clearly panicking kek. she’s such an idiot, who or how does she think that she’s going to manipulate in this situation? in just a couple of clicks, all of these people can find enough dirt to run her busted and exposed ass into the ground. serves ya right, morgan.

No. 1606041

File: 1659546388834.png (1.25 MB, 1800x970, E704C99B-0011-4ACD-95E4-6AD5E1…)

I love all the hate she’s getting.
I’ve only seen one person agree with her.
She just wants any kind of attention, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. She needs attention otherwise she’s just a nobody like everyone else.

No. 1606053

What’s really funny is that she thought changing her look would help her but individuality and personality are what keep porn fans attached to a performer.
She took all of her uniqueness and threw it out to skinwalk IG influencers because they influenced her so much they convinced her changing her look was the right move.
Porn really isn’t about looks, there’s enough people in the world for everyone to profit off of porn. It’s literally the oldest job other than farming and people spending money on it spend money on performers they can relate to and feel comfortable with.
Keep transforming into the generic model, Morgan. You’ll continue to lose more and more because you’re so unrelatable while new, unbotched, and quirky porn performers get all the attention.
It has nothing to do with price and everything to do with personality.

No. 1606054

To be honest I’m dying laughing at the ppl in her Twitter comments because they are all hideous posting rly ugly gross content for $3. I actually agree with her about it being ugly ppl ruining sex work online with the reposting etc it’s cringe

No. 1606058

seconding this, pump didn’t beat anyone. she’s an anachan with a supposedly deteriorating body. her hair is falling out in clumps (nevermind the injuries). pump tries to look tough because she thinks she’s convincing us that she’s not weak. even when she flexes having abs or biceps, it’s laughable. not to be that anon blog posting, but i’m also underweight - not anachan, just an amazon (nearly 6ft). even being only a bit underweight, i can look like i have ab definition easily. literally as simple as tensing up my stomach and moving side to side a couple of times a day. by no means, am i strong (or working out for that matter). there is a lack of fat so the muscles are easily pronounced. there is also a nearly zero percent chance that i’m going to do damage if i try to “knock” a bitch. if anything, i’m probably going to injure myself in the process. same goes for pump. if anyone is familiar with the enneagram, pump is the most classic example of an unhealthy six.

No. 1606061

Ok lumpy pumpy.
I checked out the people replying too and they’re not ugly at all. They’re human.

No. 1606066

some of them are actually really attractive. most of them have photos with regular 6k+ traction. try again kek.

No. 1606073

File: 1659548328260.png (2.95 MB, 1800x886, 067A5F73-1EB7-4AD0-B00B-D4B9D7…)

But look at that muscle definition! Kek
Starvation is the new workout.

No. 1606082

100%. These girls are very different. It seems the general consensus on this cam girl thread is we don’t want to see deeply fucked up shit. Take RTA’s poisoned milk somewhere else.

No. 1606086

i love that her idea of "working out" is cat scratching at her ringside bag till she breaks a nail, shows the nail off like a workout flex, and goes inside LMAO

No. 1606091

I think she's implying that she shared this bad take for attention and now she's getting OF subs out of it, and that was the manipulation? Lol

No. 1606096

She will say anything to try to make herself seem in control of the situation cuz this backfired on her pretty bad

No. 1606097

if anyone is stupid enough to sub to her of without googling and finding these threads full of her milk and content first then they deserve to be trolled by pumpy

No. 1606105

How awful of people trying to survive after covid. If you are the "blue print" and claim to be amazing as you are with everything then why are you going off on everyone else clearly you suck and people don't want to pay that much anymore for you cause they have other options. People like what they like just because they don't live up to your standards doesn't mean someone else doesn't mind seeing it or paying for it hence your aggression towards it so keep playing pick me pick me with Tyler instead of trying to have everyone pick you with only fans. He probably won't seeing how much he posts about you. Also if you are a apparently a millionaire I don't see how it hurts you in anyway that others make money. Stay mad.

No. 1606115


Didnt she pay a lawyer to get this lolcow thread taken off of google? Damn shame.

No. 1606148

Unattractive and unknown people obviously need to price their content cheaper in order to entice people. If someone has a dedicated and loyal following and what they provide is of value, then they don’t need to be all butthurt and insecure over what others do. She should be completely unbothered. Maybe she relates to being ugly and having declining popularity a little too much…

No. 1606165

Lmao so Pumpy deleted the tweets that were getting her so much attention.

I was keeping an eye on the quote RTs and she was getting dunked on pretty hard, but I think her final straw was getting RTd by “miss b nasty” who has 1.3 MILLION twitter followers. She was getting a lot of replies about what a stupid asshole Pumpy is.

No. 1606204

File: 1659559649988.jpeg (865.74 KB, 1242x1796, E3964356-FFF7-491C-B1B5-AB8C21…)

Glad someone is calling her out

No. 1606223

Yup I saw the MissBNasty quote rt & was like oof that is NOT someone whose bad side you wanna get on kek

No. 1606253

Hahaha love she was called out and got owned. Thanks for saving this. She’s such a fucking moron.

No. 1606285

she didn't kill herself. I know her, we are not friends but we talked about rta when this drama started. She left camming and she is working as web dev now

you will never sent proof she killed herself because it is not true and you are just trying to create milk where there isn't. It is just two cam girls doing drama between each other

No. 1606288

lol you sound like a butthurt client who is jealous because a camgirl doesn't like you. And if you really think that the title is true, then you are a stupid simp. no milk here. next

No. 1606303

I agree there just needs to be a Pumpy thread and a brand new cam girl thread. Keep them seperate. No one can get a conversation going about anyone else because it either gets flooded or someone bitches about it. I wouldn’t mind talking about others cam girls and others have previously stated too. Her simps need to find their way to a new thread or vice versa. Not everyone wants to talk about Pumpy unless you want to just call it that.

No. 1606308

Anyone who wants to make a new thread for anyone, can.
Otherwise we’re all staying here where it’s compliant under the title.
Stop complaining and do the work if you want it to happen.

No. 1606314

No one is refusing to discuss other camgirls hence Brina and Sandra being added to this thread. The problem is no one wants to provide actual image proof of the milk and instead go on weird long rants. And yeah, sorry we don't want to talk about someone related to gross and disturbing fetishes in here. That's the type of shit that needs its own thread for the weirdos who find it entertaining

No. 1606332

I vote yes on the Pump thread if someone wants to take the time to make one that isn’t all fucked up and explains her different sagas/links back properly.

No. 1606360

Pumpy does not need her own thread to inflate her ego even more. So what, she gets her own thread so the RTA obsessed retards can take over this one?

No. 1606371

It’s not about ego, she does overwhelmingly take over this thread and produce consistent milky behavior. A lot of people frequent this thread pretty consistently now to just catch up on and post about Pumps bullshit not caring about camgirl drama other than hers, she doesn’t even cam anymore, maybe once a month at most (if even that much). Y’all still have Katie, RTA, Darcy, MeganMarie, Brina, Sandra, Charms, and whoever anyone else cares to include that actually is a camgirl. It’s a general thread, pumps train wreck exceeds general at this point.

No. 1606409

fuck no, no one can't take the same 3 retards talking to each other over RTA, they just flood the thread and pressure us into this nonsense.

No. 1606414

Pumpy needs her own thread & RTA needs her own thread…for different reasons, obvs. But I feel like that will open this thread to better discussion of other camwhores. I'm not gonna do it bc I just don't have the time/energy, but can another anon please just do it???

No. 1606419

Nah, at least I will not be one of those people. They was brought up recently for a brief period and others have said how uncool it is. They should read the room before bringing that crap up again.

No. 1606437

If someone makes a Pumpy thread I think Brina and Sandra should be added to it since there's a connection. Plus if people wanna say Pumpy isn't a camgirl anymore then neither is Brina

No. 1606438

File: 1659573604416.jpeg (868.44 KB, 1170x1858, B1065AED-D552-4C77-BAB6-16BD79…)

>my bf getting so excited to see me smile

the only time she’s “happy” is when she’s being a pick me bitch for male attention (Kyler, Michael, Dean, Cody, Ty). ironic for someone who claims to hate men so much kek. This stinks of mommy issues, it’s such a problem in her life. She’s approaching 30 fast, maybe she should seek therapy for it cuz no one wants to help your unchecked trauma that far into adulthood.

My favorite part of the pumpy saga was the part where she maintained a “5.0 gpa” all while self proclaimed homeless, in and out of foster care, kidnapped by her dad, sex trafficked, and watching her mom get raped and turn tricks daily in a “trap house”. Poor little pick me dumpy pumpy, the world owes you so much kek

No. 1606442

File: 1659574009824.png (52.8 KB, 138x275, FD0FDA45-8573-4DFA-871D-DCA388…)

Ooo remember this, pick-me pumpy? Bet he still misses her pussy more than yours.

No. 1606446

File: 1659574292607.jpeg (503.99 KB, 3263x1835, A6D3DCFE-DF57-47CC-A087-454576…)

Man the amount she has absolutely destroyed her face in just 2 short years is insane. She doesn’t look at all like the girl on the left anymore.

No. 1606458


This. Anons are fine with talking about other cam girls but absolutely no milk has been provided. Show proof of other camgirls being milky so Pumpy isn't the main focus.

I agree if Pumpy got her own thread it would be a huge ego boost and she doesnt need that.

No. 1606460

Yeah, but 95% of discussion here is about pumps. She may as well have her own thread; this pretty much already is.

No. 1606464

Brina and Sandra were just moved to this thread a few days ago. They just haven't done anything milky since

No. 1606473

Lmao yeah she is fully re-writing history with these tweets. Multiple people who were at her Nobu bday dinner posted about being there, but didn’t post shit about her, or it being her birthday.

They don’t know her, they don’t care about her, they aren’t the “supportive loving people” she claims at all, they’re vapid fucking wannabe influencers who just wanted a nice dinner to post on IG. Fucking pathetic.

Then the tiktoks with her 24th birthday, full of Loretta clips. Like holy shit get over it weirdo, you’re not friends anymore. None of the people in those clips are her friends anymore or ever gave a fuck about her, besides Loretta. She truly has no shame with her constant blatant lies.

No. 1606488

You anons are just are retarded as her if you think there’s anything legitimately ego boosting by being posted on lolcow kek no one fucking cares that her narc ass gets off on being talked about for being a trash human. Having your own thread on lolcow isn’t a good thing and you degenerates need to stop pretending it is.

No. 1606503

Clearly you're the retard saying it's not an ego boost and that she gets off on it all at once. No one is saying she SHOULD be flattered by being posted on here but she takes it that way

No. 1606510

She 100% is ok with making up a fake reality to brag about because she thinks she can manifest it if she writes it and believes it.

No. 1606519

File: 1659580198386.png (4.88 MB, 1800x1344, D729D25A-D5D5-4247-B931-C15BF2…)

I remember Rhett saying he wasn’t with her anymore and thinks he’s an undateable man. I’m curious what happened.

No. 1606521

No one cares about narc/bpd cows false sense of importance. It’s cow behavior to believe there’s anything to be proud of in being frequently talked about here. Let the milk flow.

No. 1606590

>shows bobs and vagene

help I'm gonna a log

No. 1606646

welcome to the thread Sabrina, and I doubt after giving birth to 3 abandoned kids is better than someone with 0 kek, you live with your dad, get a life

No. 1606657

To be fair, that Snapchat filter on the left completely changes your features. She’s always been hard to look at, but her nose job and disgusting lips definitely killed whatever “cuteness” she had before.
Also those caterpillar ass, shapeless eyebrows are terrible.

No. 1606731

File: 1659593456694.jpg (45.38 KB, 1000x750, 57992980123cf1e84e33344fb58332…)


This is RTA's leaked annal porn and in the comments there's a huge thread basically of her ex fans discussing her there's so much milk flowing RN

>anal porn gets leaked

>turns out she's been doing hard-core porn all this time for money
>her image as a camgirl that is homely shatters
>her entire image has been built upon her being a "friend" to her audience and not like the other girls that masturbate
>the incels in her room that thought she was different go insane
>still tries to cover it up and continue being non nude despite videos of her fucking herself in the ass with bottles are leaked
>moves in with her tipper named strum to Australia
>strum leaves his daughter and wife behind for her
>her other viewers go insane over it and basically make a thread out of her leaked anal porn on anonV
>she keeps om saying that she enjoys ruining people's life on cam

No. 1606736

Eh. Brina and Sandra have been dried up for awhile. Wish they’d do something milkworthy, but it’s been a long long time. Hence why they got moved over here instead of renewing their thread.

No. 1606740

Wait, what. Did Rhett date Pumpy at some point ?? Brina’s Rhett? I’m confused.

No. 1606763


Same shit you've been rage posting all over the Internet for over a year. You present as if you're stating facts but have provided no proof to back any claims. You also clearly try to act like multiple people are talking but you have a distinctive style of communication that makes it easy to see it's you talking to yourself.

No. 1606781

File: 1659598825514.jpg (113.44 KB, 960x1706, a2b5e739d43a9b968b3f09537dbb80…)

she literally loses control on her hands sometimes guys.. literally…

No. 1606787

how have I not provided any proof? The proof is literally in the link of my post. Do you want me to spam this thread with hundreds of her screenshots. I have provided plenty of proof. It's not my fault you choose to ignore it.

No. 1606803

Just fucking stop. Nobody wants her here. You've been told so many times: MAKE A GODDAMN SEPARATE THREAD FFS!!!

No. 1606820

stop feeding the idiot by replying to them.. altogether so they shut the fuck up. PLEASE stop giving this fuck any attention at all.
why is it this so hard for yall.. pump has never looked like that, had a kid sitting on santas lap, had a bf who posed in pics with her, or had the name lexis like it says as the poster of those photos. basic reading shows this has nothing to do with pump.

No. 1606825

Are you retarded? That person wasn’t asking if that specific post had anything to do with Pumpy, they were asking if Rhett himself had anything to do with Pumpy.

Anyway no he doesn’t, I assume that was posted because of Sabrina also being in this thread.

No. 1606850

>op: wait, what. did Rhett date Pumpy I’m confused
Asked on a pic of him, lexis and her kid… are you? I’m not here to infight, but some of you should read the threads before posting. Comprehension is pretty important too.

No. 1606851

then change the name of the thread to Pumpy instead of cam girls general. It's not a general at this point if you refuse discussing anybody else, although RTA has plenty of milk. Learn how to make threads properly and don't whine when the thread is used for its intended purpose.

No. 1606920

This is a sad attempt at integrating Brina into this thread. This pic is so old also Rhett hasn’t had anything to do with Brina in so long and Lexis and her kid certainly don’t have anything to do with Sabrina and last I heard she wasn’t even with Rhett anymore. I’m confused on why this was posted in this thread.

No. 1606985

File: 1659623542318.jpg (304.58 KB, 1075x1910, Screenshot_20220804-102001_Ins…)

The fact that pumpy thinks its a flex she has stacks of ones, lol.

No. 1607000

love to store the contacts that go in my eyes in a bowl filled with filthy money. disgusting.

No. 1607003

I thought this was some sort of flex to make her look dangerous with brass knucks after arguing with everyone on the Internet for 24 hours and threatening to fight everyone. She knows she’s accessible in the LA/OC area and she went to the fair right after. Seemed like a “don’t run up on me, I have these I’m DaNgErOuS”.

No. 1607005

I love how she's always showing off her weapons but whenever she's been in a position to use them, she instead comes on IG sobbing about how she was assaulted, etc

No. 1607018

File: 1659625192828.png (695.37 KB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-08-04_10-36-51_AM.p…)

She posted these screenshots but these could be the stats for her free OnlyFans. That's the one she has linked in her Twitter bio which is ironic.

No. 1607029

Even if I were to agree with elements of your posts (discussing other people outside of Pumpy), the fact is that you’ve tried to integrate RTA multiple times and no one is interested. In fact, are telling you they are not interested. You say that she’s “not that dark” but have also said more than once that it’s dangerous to even discuss her because her mentally ill clients are known to shit up threads with CP, beastiality, etc.

Whether Pumpy is moved to her own thread or not is irrelevant because anons aren’t going to discuss RTA regardless. You’re getting mad and keep coming back with rants and screens, when the reality that’s been both shown and voiced to you is that you’ll need to make separate thread for RTA if you want to discuss her. You can’t get mad that no one in here cares about RTA as much as you. That’s silly behaviour.

No. 1607041

It’s for sure a nod at Brina integrated back in here. Rhett made a few comments on Brina/their relationship during his anon AMA so maybe it felt relevant to mention his current relationship fell through (and obviously not on good terms). I would love to see a Rhett/Brina reboot, those two always spiral together and Rhett gives Brina some character. Here is to hoping.

No. 1607057

omg you fed them a whole wall of text. they’ll be back with more bullshit. thanks, you’re so smart.

No. 1607065

I know, I know. I was hoping that telling them RTA isn’t going to be discussed whether Pumpy is in here or not might be a final deterrent.

No. 1607088

Golden showers and toilet content gives her character?

No. 1607099

I think we made that clear to whoever tf this person is. We don’t want to see RTA in here, and we all seem to agree she needs her own thread… this stupid anon knows that by now… stopping further engagement with their posts about RTA would probably be best bet for them to go away. They’re feeding off of the responses to their posts and they’re hostile.

No. 1607152

File: 1659633716096.jpeg (454.34 KB, 1170x1809, 9FFAF219-6A4B-4888-8405-E63081…)

Poor cuck boy Levi gets unintentionally shit on by her left and right lol. He’s forever taking care of her and trying to help her stupid ass out.

No. 1607154

Samefag. I know the picrel is about Ty, but her “no one ever” is really just her over romanticizing Ty’s every movement and forgetting she has a doormat there for her whenever she needs anything.

No. 1607191

File: 1659636418854.jpeg (214.27 KB, 1170x684, 832B9600-A7C2-4052-9E0A-237B06…)

No. 1607250

The begining of that tweet is so irrelevant, she could've just said she wants to buy a house but I suppose it's anything to scrape some attention from followers ey pumps

No. 1607257

Whatever happened to Pumpy's live-in "assistant" Angel? The one with the gap between her front teeth

No. 1607286

File: 1659643640704.jpeg (529.44 KB, 2048x2048, 1F12B1E9-2FBD-4C4A-9F5C-37A247…)

How embarrassing to brag all the time about how much money you make then show you're behind on taxes and trying to setup a payment plan

No. 1607287

The last thing pumps needs to do is procreate. She was smart enough to get an abortion and go on birth control, for now at least. She needs to stay on bc. Her stupid ass is absolutely not equipped to raise a child. She will be Sabrina nellie 2.0, guaranteed.

No. 1607294

I was just wondering earlier if anyone had proof of what happened between her and Soleil. I know right before she moved out of her place to play pretend house with Cody she was subtweeting her a lot saying stuff like “pay so much for rent and don’t even feel welcome in my own apartment” etc

No. 1607342

Sorry if this is a late reply, but I have a need to say this: no, prostitution is not the oldest profession. That phrase was coined by a colonizer describing Indian women.

No. 1607360

Lol it shows her government name at the top of that photo on her browser tabs

No. 1607364

i don't know why she flexes her income when she suicide baits, can't eat more than 500 calories a day because of her unchecked eating disorder, and can't get a man to stay around. She's deeply unhappy. Even if she had 3x this amount of money she still couldn't keep her tattoo dicks around

No. 1607372

She only owes $60k in taxes this year?? Her income is WAY down and she’s flexing way more than she’s actually making if that’s the case. Her little “I’m broke” rant disguised as “wahh stop selling $3 porn you hurt my prices” is so transparent. That means she made around $250k last year, which is less than half of her old income from before she changed her looks.

No. 1607465

NTA and you're both prob right, but since e-SWers are technically self-employed contractors we're required to pay quarterly taxes (~1/3rd income per quarter) so this might be he quarterly payment which would put her yearly income in the $720k range…..but somehow I feel like this ISN'T the case bc it is Pumps, after all

No. 1607466

Kek you're right! She literally doxxed herself wtf she's dumb

No. 1607502

Your effort to blend in are embarrassing, you are just as awful as the cows you try to laugh at

No. 1607508

kek… stupid whores thinking they're somehow better than the other whores posted in this thread…

No. 1607519

can you all bitches stop coping? this thread has like 5 ex camwhores vendetta fags that are obsessed with Pumpy because she had some sort of success

No. 1607536

It’s inevitable that she will at least try to have another child with Ty, if she was even truly pregnant with the first. She’s going to see it as a way of keeping Ty around her all of the time buuuuuut if Ty did his bby mama as dirty as he did then imagine the hay day he’d have taking custody of a kid from her (just so he wouldn’t have to deal with her crazy ass). He’s probably not worried because there is no way Pumpy’s malnourished ass is going to complete a pregnancy. Nevermind survive childbirth. An anon once said that Pumpy’s BMI put her in spontaneously drop dead territory and that’s exactly it.

No. 1607567

OP here: Yeah "we're"…I'm a whore, too. Not trying to hide it. The majority of anons who follow/post in this thread are whores. This is the CAMGIRL thread! Of course it attracts camgirls. Is that surprising? Shouldn't be.

This is super ot so let's kill it here.

No. 1607579


lol stay mad cow.

No. 1607580

The way she lowered her apartment cost 3 times, barely made enough to cover her nose job surgery on time, said she wants to get rid of her car, non stop complains about money and other peoples prices lowering her value, asked publicly for $750 for an abortion, and is setting up a payment arrangement says it’s probably the former (closer to $250k). She’s living paycheck to paycheck, while they may be larger than your average vanilla workers, her money and ability to earn it back as easy is dwindling fast.
You guys sometimes have to learn not everything needs a reply and to stop responding to people who are derailing. Have some self control to not keep giving them what they want (a response out of you). You know they will keep going. It’s not hard to blatantly ignore them.

No. 1607700

I'm OP on both posts and I just wanted to say: THANK YOU, ANON!! You're 100% spot on. You're so right that bait shitposts don't need responses. I pledge here & now to ignore & move on. Ily for the inspo & appreciate your response sm

Also agree that she's prob making closer to $250k….which is still a SHITLOAD and should not necessitate she live paycheck to paycheck AT ALL!! She made (and still makes tbh) sooooo much money & just blows it all on dumb shit & bad men. Doubt she has a Roth IRA or any sort of longterm savings/retirement plan, which is insane af because she totally could!! She could already be set for life if she invested wisely, but she didn't & doesn't. It's semi-infuriating to see, but I guess that's what makes her a cow

No. 1607757

Yeah what happened with her and her old assistant? Anyone know?

No. 1607771

She still follows V on Twitter, but they don’t seem to interact at all anymore and it seemed sudden (after Pumpy stopped paying her to be around), she had a falling out with Soleil, but I don’t have proof or the fine details. She hated that girl at the end of her living in her place.

No. 1607784

Girl can’t keep any friends

No. 1607917

File: 1659701302720.jpeg (332.4 KB, 2048x2048, C08B9A2C-ED4F-4F04-BD2F-E06B4B…)

brina’s scrote on another one of his enlightened IG rants but making sure to hit that vape each and every time he starts a new sentence so he’s blowing smoke everywhere. kek only the finest of manlets for these whores.

No. 1608084

Kek. JJ is the most loserish dude Brina has ever got with. Sometimes I’m surprised it’s lasted this long, but then again at this point the only thing Brina can pull is a brain damaged manlet. Who else could sustain a relationship with a 30 yo drug addicted prostitute who is fine with the fact she abandoned her 3 children.

No. 1608160

File: 1659719197600.jpeg (922.04 KB, 3264x3264, 1F1594F6-719A-4F84-A48E-FC670B…)

Same, Morgan. Karma works fast. Interesting take to have after falling down a flight of stairs and fracturing both arms too. Still tone deaf. Still ugly inside. Still ugly (and now mostly bald) outside.

No. 1608162

File: 1659719383763.jpeg (253.53 KB, 1170x1300, CCED7392-BDC5-4610-92D0-509873…)

No. 1608185

He looks so rough and that hairline is tragic

No. 1608210

She will simply never admit all of her problems with her hair and body stem from an ED she’s refused to acknowledge and get help for.

No. 1608216

File: 1659724875949.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, D7C38B65-E92B-4F6E-AE1A-5E8CE1…)

Ew dude wtf I did not need to see that

No. 1608267

“bro” “bro” “bro”

sex work is super valid and fulfilling

No. 1608269

Let's be real, Pumpy wouldn't be happy in any job or situation. She's a miserable person inside and out

No. 1608319

File: 1659735608622.jpeg (812.13 KB, 1284x2017, 8449B481-7911-4F9E-9C1B-84C9B7…)

A real feminist icon

No. 1608339

A true anti homewrecker. Fighting for these men to be loyal and encouraging healthy behavior in relationships. Again, karma finds a way. In this case it did with both Kyler, Cody, and Dean giving her a taste of how it feels to have your man more interested in someone else. Keep up the behavior Pump, watch Ty closely.

No. 1608362

File: 1659739324932.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1992, 8D387C4C-4C50-430C-801D-52D251…)

So which is it? >>1607152
This is funny to me cuz she’s surrounded by no one who loves or supports her. The only time she has friends is when she’s paying for them and every one of them are embarrassed to associate with her other than Levi. You wouldn’t know Ty had anything at all to do with her unless you’re following her. She keeps asserting that she’s important to Ty, but Ty makes her seem non existent lol. Levi and Jeremiah seem to be the only ones who ever publicly love(d) and want(ed) to associate with her insufferable ass. They’re the only ones who have ever been proud to have her around. Maybe if she keeps telling herself this it will be true one day, manifestation, am I right Pump?

No. 1608404

she's so desperate to prove a guy is around and nutting in her lol, the only thing they do apart from nut in her is buy her cheap basic cakes and let her buy them dinner while they're
dming other chicks but pretending they're scrolling. >>1606091 she's so scared of aging, the birthday pic is the only one where she actually looks her age, the rest of them she shoops herself to look like her 19yo self with huge lips.

No. 1608446

Also, she’s even brought awareness to the fact that breast implants cause auto immune problems… yet, she won’t take those out either?? Seems that would be priority if you’re having bad autoimmune symptoms. Whine whine whine but does nothing to try to heal her body. She’s a moron.

No. 1608452

That’s because she’s vain. Her looks are more important to her than her health. She wants to go bigger instead because she thinks that’ll make some men like her more. That’s all that ever matters to her, male validation, even though she claims to hate men so much. She hates them because they don’t want her for anything other than sex or money, yet look at how she presents herself. She’s shallow, there’s no depth to her at all, so people treat her as such.

No. 1608486

I mean a lot of her original fanbase hated that she got fake tits in the first place because she was just bait for pedos and anorexic fetishists. Bonelords don't have tits and she ruined the illusion for those moids.

No. 1608488

Are men even that into fake boobs? I’ve always thought they look so…fake. When it comes to Pumpy’s, specifically, hers are straight up bad lookin’ bolt ons, kek.

No. 1608596

So does Levi know her from childhood or ???? I don’t think Ty is that bad I just think he is mostly interested because she uses money to keep people around her. Free gifts free pussy….

No. 1608658

Read the thread and sage nonnie >>1603743

No. 1608847

File: 1659802329667.jpg (154.57 KB, 950x874, 20220806_190611.jpg)

RTA being compared to Pumpy. These women are the same person literally. I wonder if RTA will get PS.

No. 1608854

File: 1659802848916.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x1777, 716E29A0-BE83-4546-BC65-00D2A8…)

Seeing this pic, those girls on Twitter are right. She does just benefit off of skinny yt privilege. She’s gross. Her hair, her face (she’s smart to hide half of it), those nasty ears flopping around. The entirety of her success has been for being small, white, and pedo pandering. (Don’t feed the troll post above me, don’t take the bait, don’t do it lol)

No. 1608861

File: 1659803360748.jpg (379.77 KB, 1080x2179, 20220806_192849.jpg)

RTA being compared to Pumpkinspice nr 2

No. 1608864

File: 1659804018214.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1284x2202, A055E041-6613-460B-BFB3-C03131…)

nightmare fuel - pump’s age and deterioration shows worse than the camwhores who are literally out drinking and doing drugs every day (example, sabrina).

No. 1608865

Lips out there lookin like a labia

No. 1608916

File: 1659809059552.png (5.58 MB, 1800x1800, 4AD7D084-6B6C-4D21-AEB4-E31E7F…)

Honestly, idk why she always posts these same photos. She looks the absolute worst in them.
Ridiculous Hagrid lookin ass

No. 1608948

I don't understand how she can look in the mirror and think her lips are attractive. She looks like she is suffering from a permanent allergic reaction

No. 1609019

can you imagine how ruined Pumpy will be in 10 years? She will probably kill herself. These whores don't have savings and don't know how to work normal jobs. She'll be too old to make porn. They are also stupid, annoying and low value so a wealthy man won't accept them

No. 1609028

File: 1659816188163.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 842.14 KB, 1170x1861, D93D4D59-193B-4D3F-8260-1A724A…)

Pumpy really can’t decide if she has so much hair she doesn’t know what to do with all of it, OR it’s all falling out and she’s sooo sick and needs medical help ??

No. 1609063


Is that a matress on the floor or a inflatable mattress on the floor? Geez this bitch be tacky either way

No. 1609355

File: 1659845260134.jpeg (435.85 KB, 1836x3264, 3B7DF594-05C4-4CE6-BECF-0E0794…)

Wasn’t Levi supposed to fly to see Pump for her birthday? I distinctly remember a post the other day she made saying she was excited to see him in 3 days and it’s been longer than that. Their relationship is weird. He has a gf. I wouldn’t want my bf staying holed up in her place for a month as her personal servant while she’s also naked and playing with her pussy in front of him. This is Levi’s girl. She’s a lot better looking than Pump, donno if she’s a sw or not.

No. 1609378

I'm sorry but how the hell did Levi manage to get with this girl? He's not attractive imo and seems to not have much of a life or job since he can drop anything and run to Pumpy whenever she needs him

No. 1609550

I didn’t get a screenshot bc I didn’t think it was relevant at the time but I did see pump comparing the size of his legs next to hers in a car together when he visited her last week.
No other pics tho, idk why.

No. 1609557

She tagged the person in that video and it wasn’t Levi, it was some other guy

No. 1609605

File: 1659888681780.jpeg (310.16 KB, 1170x1992, FB235D7B-AA58-43B1-ADFD-308BE3…)

What the fuck is wrong with her legs why do her knees do that, they turn fully inward kek

No. 1609611

File: 1659889327195.jpeg (882.65 KB, 3263x2447, 5BFC119D-EB4B-4764-A0C0-ACF378…)

“Look at me I’m so hot and sober while everyone else is drunk”
This is why she has no friends lmfao. Pick me bitch can’t stop. Out on a double date, everyone else is having a good time and she’s out by a dumpster taking selfies talking about how she’s the only sober one. Her lack of self awareness is a gift that keeps on giving for us.

No. 1609636

she has to follow ty around so he can't cheat on her

No. 1609644

File: 1659891631871.jpeg (2.02 MB, 1284x2245, 17BE9616-A8BF-4E7B-83C1-CA662B…)

kek does anyone remember when she went on that “mY eYeS arE sOo bEaUtiFul” story rant a little while back, essentially saying that it took her years to realize how amazing her natural eye colour is but now she’s fully embraced them and has done away with contacts for 1yr+? this bitch is so weird. every passing thought or “phase” becomes a preachy public rant for her to contradict herself with once the wind blows a different direction.

and yes, i’m canadian. i don’t care enough to camouflage in a general anon board.

No. 1609646

Won’t work, he’s cheated on every girl he’s even publicly admitted to dating and showed off. Even with their “best friend(s)”. None of his exes found out bcuz he was the one being honest about it kek. Ty has no shame in dogging out absolutely any chick. Or hiding it from them and lying straight to their face with no remorse if they don’t have proof.

No. 1609649

She has so much rage that she has to put everyone down for literally anything.

No. 1609653

I don’t know why he still bothers to take her out. His birthday and her INSANE drama she created, the other day when he took her out with his friends and she fought some girl for “being a homewrecker” (topkek), and now this. She’s so bitter, hateful, jealous and awful at his attempts to be with her publicly. Every single one of them.

No. 1609749

I didn’t think he cheated on Brina? I thought he dumped her when he found out she was prostituting.

No. 1609765

She's probably just afraid of the calories

No. 1609766

He immediately DMed a girl he told her not to worry about before fully ending it with her iirc. It was a messy fun milky time. Last time Brina was milky really

No. 1609981

After Ty publically announced on twitter where everyone then had proff she was a prostitute, that's when Sabrina really started going down hill being used from guy to guy and on so much drugs she doesn't even realize no guy worth anything wants to be with her more than her body. When she OD's no one, not even her 3 abandoned children will miss her

No. 1610004

Levi was there at her bday dinner he probably didn’t stay for many days

No. 1610017

File: 1659925290817.png (3.44 MB, 828x1792, D9458536-CEAA-4744-8DED-DD8211…)

Why does she look so psychotic?

No. 1610037

because she is?

No. 1610059

File: 1659929421629.webm (4.31 MB, 720x1280, 001.webm)

Incoming all Kat/Stormy has posted in the last 24-ish hours. I’ve merged some of her videos together as she has posted over 25 stories. I won’t include anything she’s simply reposting or any of the things that have already been shared. I will note them for the sake of documentation.

No. 1610060

File: 1659929453380.jpg (234.37 KB, 960x1706, 002.jpg)


No. 1610063

File: 1659929539481.webm (1.89 MB, 720x1280, 003.webm)

That pained expression at the end, is an she’s trying to convince herself.

No. 1610064

File: 1659929702923.webm (11.04 MB, 720x1280, 004.webm)


No. 1610065

File: 1659929802141.webm (2.63 MB, 720x1280, 005.webm)


No. 1610068

File: 1659929936082.jpg (142.23 KB, 960x1706, 006.jpg)

This was posted in between the two clips merged to form >>1610065

No. 1610069

File: 1659929993510.webm (1.77 MB, 720x1280, 007.webm)


No. 1610071

She posted some meme from @notthirststraps that my autistic brain didn’t register as interesting enough to repost here. Then she posted the floor/shoe picture posted >>1609611 I can post the larger version if anyone wants it but there’s nothing of note in it.

No. 1610073

you can see her saggy ass cheeks through her thigh gap kek

No. 1610074

File: 1659930374343.webm (1.83 MB, 720x1280, 008.webm)

Here’s the .webm of the second image in >>1609611 ‘s post.

No. 1610078

File: 1659930849913.jpg (223.95 KB, 960x1706, 009.jpg)

Attached is her last relevant post. After she reposted a @fuqnicolette’s TikTok which includes a bit of >>1604740 and a @nintendo.grl’s TikTok in which she showcases her tacky nails & “plays” her keyboard.

No. 1610117

if they weren't, SWs and strippers and pick me's wouldn't all have them
men are retarded and dont give a fuck about fake shit,
its basically supranormal stimulus

No. 1610405

Ehh. I would say normal men either do not care, OR oppose it. It’s prob mostly scrotes who follow SWs that find bolt ons sexy, and that would make perfect sense for why pumps wants to go bigger, instead of remove them when they likely are contributing to her autoimmune issues. Sucha moron.

No. 1610409

Levi wasn’t at her bday dinner, not sure why you think that.

No. 1610458

I find it creepy that Pumpy has no real sense of self or identity. Her entire identity is built around being obsessed with Brina or whatever her name is and being better than her, well they are both failed but Pumpy is more milky. Also, she seems to not earn as much money as she pretends to. She loves faking shit.

No. 1610507

If pumpy was making the money she claims she is, she wouldn’t have been soliciting on social media for money for her abortion. She definitely lies about her income to keep up the facade.

No. 1611193

File: 1660057945792.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x1992, 730569E0-2D45-40F9-A038-5B9F42…)

More sneaky and creepy pics she’s taking that he has no idea about lol. Kinda weird considering she’s a sex worker and they’re all about consent, no? Does that not apply to people sneaking pics and recording you in your daily life when you don’t know about it? Anyway, She has no life at all on her own and she loves to confirm that, she needs to make sure everyone knows. She is gonna handle this breakup WAY worse than all the rest.

No. 1611202

File: 1660058780472.jpeg (316.84 KB, 1170x1960, 90AA3BAC-1A6A-4BC2-9B6C-EA6826…)

And if he treats her so well why is she making tik toks like this?

No. 1611220

File: 1660060823153.jpeg (853.89 KB, 2647x1094, 02E55D07-0EB1-4DA7-B197-05E55B…)

Super random cuz I’m sitting here eating a honey bun, but does anyone here remember Pump telling everyone she eats honey buns all the time (just a few weeks ago on her story) and telling people they’re a good vegan snack aside from the honey? She does this I’m super better than you cuz I’m vegan thing and this makes me wonder how many other absolutely non vegan things she eats cuz she doesn’t read labels and just assumes stuff in her pea brain. We already know she claims to be vegan, but eats fish regularly. Apparently milk, eggs, and honey too.

No. 1611364

Kekkkkkk. These sneaky pics are so hilarious. Oh pumps, your “man” doesn’t wanna be publicly associated with you…… when are you gonna stop accepting his breadcrumbs and get on with it….

No. 1611454

File: 1660077555126.png (1.02 MB, 1932x1678, Photo_2022-08-09_04-34-27_PM.p…)

Tinfoil. At one point she had a second phone. It wouldn't surprise me she is using a second phone/ finding a way to spoof their conversations to make it seem like Tyler cares.

No. 1611473

Their relationship is dogshit, but y’all are weird to think he wouldn’t be manipulating her super easily and leaving the smallest crumbs knowing she eats it up and makes them into a big deal. He does follow her on social media and makes attempts to drag her around (where she always tends to act like some sort of feral cat and fucks it up), but he doesn’t wanna publicly be known as her boyfriend or have her as his girl. He just wants the shit she does for him and easy pussy. Flowers and telling someone goodnight / good morning aren’t hard to do. Sure, if he was some imaginary guy none of us had seen, but we know Ty and we’ve been knowing he’s using the fuck out of her and easily manipulating her really very dumb mind. She’s naive and easy. We’ve also been knowing she’s had 2 phones since dating Dean. She has a Samsung Fold aside from her iPhone.

No. 1611596

File: 1660088361042.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1170x1972, 68133B61-E8D3-4318-9D8F-295CD8…)

This is a new one. Pump has never spent a day in a gym or owned a gym membership (maybe when she was into Jeremiah cuz he was a body building nerd? but that was about 5 years ago). She plays with a ringside bag at home and calls it a workout. She documents everything, especially everything and anything that takes physical effort, and has never one single time posted a real workout, being at a gym, a body check in a gym mirror (we know she wouldn’t be able to resist), or a drop of sweat on her body due to physical exertion. This is purely to try to get people to fawn over her weight/size and it’s kinda weird she’s trying to convince anyone at all that she hits the gym.

No. 1611603

Samefag, but this bitch doesn’t even drive and admits to never leaving her house. When is she spending all this supposed time at the gym? Oh wait, she never has. Why does she lie just for the sake of lying…? She needs some very serious mental help.

No. 1611641

I’m watching fboy island because I have a reality trash tv guilty pleasure and one of the “self proclaimed fuckboys” was like I’m juggling 3-6 girls at any given time and all they really need is a goodnight and good morning text and I go about my day. Good luck pumpndump

No. 1611650

The vibrator just left on the bed where 2 cats are chilling kek. Gross.

Her massive skeleton hands scare the hell out of me.

No. 1611653

File: 1660093378667.jpg (106.82 KB, 642x967, AugSticker.jpg)

Her new sticker is so bad.

No. 1611660

This is NOT a rich bitch's bedroom…this is a dorm room, except even dorm rooms come with bedframes

No. 1611718

File: 1660098948422.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x1803, DBE4A033-A24C-480A-96D1-55E117…)

Can wait for this to take off just like her DJ and tattooing careers she had interest in for all of 5 mins when she was bored one day. Just because she applies products doesn’t mean she knows anything at all about making them. She might be able to get a loan to slap her name on someone else’s products they created like Kylie, but it definitely wouldn’t take off kek

No. 1611726

those dots on the left look like her real nose when she's not controlling angles >>1606438

No. 1611732

File: 1660100058013.jpeg (64.24 KB, 750x615, 24F769C9-F4BE-4383-9292-F8BA4F…)

Pumpy having a baby with Ty be like

No. 1611744

She has literally said that the only reason her skin cleared up is because she moved out of Vegas to Cali and the change in climate helped. Ty must be with his daughter today so Pumpy is at home bored rotting away in bed with no purpose while he’s gone.

No. 1611789

She also stopped living on cam for 18 hours at a time, while her hygiene is still something atrocious it’s leagues better than it was when she was Vegas living and spending all day on stream touching her face, sweating, touching her pussy, then her face again.

No. 1611806

She needs to check-in to an eating disorder rehab, not a gym. She’s gonna be lookin’ like Eugenia Cooney before too long if she keeps going down this road.

No. 1611975

File: 1660136247237.webm (14.79 MB, 720x1560, 20220810_082453_edited.webm)

A dump of a few interesting things from her social media.


No. 1611979

File: 1660136345805.jpg (159.36 KB, 1080x924, Screenshot_20220810-085543_Twi…)


She always has been known to spend a ridiculous amount at the grocery store for food she doesnt eat but I am curious what she got.

No. 1611982

File: 1660136395830.jpg (297.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220810-085425_Ins…)



No. 1611998

omg why is literally nobody talking about worldwide inflation
thank heaven this chick is breaking the story

No. 1612004

It’s onlyfans fault, remember?

No. 1612067

File: 1660143795231.jpeg (132.61 KB, 1170x1195, B583681E-6D15-49A6-9877-CA6997…)


No. 1612147

File: 1660151673249.png (4.19 MB, 828x1792, 12308C51-24A0-4C00-A7D5-293858…)

e whores be so proud to be in a trap house selling pussy.

No. 1612149

File: 1660151701978.png (3.11 MB, 828x1792, 30C09240-C7AB-479F-A9CA-87EB9B…)

“I don’t do drugs I’ve never done a drug my entire life I don’t even smoke weed” LOL.

No. 1612151

File: 1660151744187.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, B41F1CA1-BF9C-4E23-9F7F-0671AD…)

No. 1612152

File: 1660151794658.png (3.18 MB, 828x1792, 0E4C429E-4F7E-40D5-B314-433D6F…)

Posting photos and pretending it was in 2021 this girl is so stupid and makes herself look dumb with all her lies.

No. 1612155

she's always fucking lying. The incomes of MFC whores are lies. It's impossible to make 80k on there monthly. She made 20k at best. She's saying all this shit to appear as powerful and cope with her shitty life choice of being a camwhore.

No. 1612174

before she ruined her face, what a shame

No. 1612220

You are so dumb. Some scrotes are so pressed that these hoes actually do make that much. I hate her too, but there’s no need to spread misinformation about what the ranks were making on MFC. She used to take top 20 every month and the lowest rank in top 20 is usually making 30-40k that month. #1 used to take in about 100k+. I don’t know about currently, but that’s how it was back in Pumpys prime. She absolutely was blowing through that much.

No. 1612222

File: 1660158901223.jpg (294.56 KB, 931x803, mfcleak.jpg)

Here is the old earnings leak from 2015
1 token= 5 cents

No. 1612232

When you post an old photo from your camera roll to your ig story you have the option to include the date on it from your camera roll. These are pics of her from last May when she was about to turn 25. She’s obsessed with her past self. I don’t understand the confusion here tbh.

No. 1612234

File: 1660159684257.jpeg (536.24 KB, 1170x1937, B222DAED-C9FE-43CC-9DFD-248569…)

Maybe she should work on making her presence remotely bearable then come back to this one. Sounds like even her “friends” are sick of her bullshit and lack of self awareness and accountability.

No. 1612250

Sure she made that back in the day, but what gets me is that she is pretending she still makes bank
However if she really did she wouldn't have had e-begged for the $750 for the abortion.

>>1607018 pointed out, she posted these stats for her OF but those could be for her free one.

Also if she was still making bank she wouldn't be so stressed that she owes the IRS 60k as seen in >>1607286

No. 1612251

Well I mean you can also pretend and type a fake date to ig don’t stop that either I noticed she posted that photo with the date and another one after wearing the same thing she also looks the same in both photos messy hair tied up looking like she rolled outta bed idk I could be wrong you could be right if I’m wrong my bad I guess it’s cause I see her lying so much online no one knows what the truth is with her anymore.

No. 1612300

Oh she’s absolutely without a doubt not making that much anymore. I was the one who guessed up there that she made around $250k this year based on her $60k taxes. She’s fallen a long way from her peak.

No. 1612307

File: 1660164549702.jpeg (232.64 KB, 1170x1517, 2230A926-E948-4922-8A31-ED97AF…)

KEK that’s all you can get at best pumpndump

No. 1612316

File: 1660165333065.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1737, F6466C58-CFEC-4879-92D8-048336…)

Peak happiness. Just documenting this for when she goes on one of her “I’m so happy, I’ve cut everyone out of my life” rants again. She’s deeply miserable and has no way to hide it so she lashes out at everyone else and is extremely hateful to anyone and anything that challenges her insecurities, and boooooy are there a ton of them. Since her last post on her page before this she’s been going on about how she’s the happiest she’s ever been in her stories… glad the truth is surfacing.

No. 1612326

She reminds me of that Tesah Jordin chick, constantly talking about being uwu so happy & rich in between hysterical meltdowns. I swear BPD cows are all exactly the same.

No. 1612385

Are there any reuploads of her old 14+ hour streams?

No. 1612407


No. 1612420

File: 1660171847685.png (149.54 KB, 828x1792, 2622C5AF-0AD9-41F9-ACC5-85EEA6…)

Pumpys tiktok got banned

No. 1612452

File: 1660174096286.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1170x1808, 37CC55B1-AB09-450A-9D0D-C8DCD8…)

I truly wonder what she thinks a 26 year old is supposed to look like, skin wise. She’s extremely ageist and is deathly afraid of getting older, but she actually looks her age. These shots at women in their 20’s where she think they’re supposed to look old and wrinkled are just… weird, but I guess typical of Pick-me Pumpy? I don’t think she realizes most people don’t deteriorate into wrinkles even into their 30’s. It’s more of an unlucky bunch that do. I have a feeling a whoever her injector is does a good job at re-enforcing this mindset into her knowing it’ll continue to bring her back cuz it plays massively into her insecurities.

No. 1612475

File: 1660174850891.jpeg (344.49 KB, 1170x1988, 5D133FBF-72A6-4A65-9BE8-AF5988…)