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File: 1469805635581.jpg (97.56 KB, 500x700, o0500070013706353436.jpg)

No. 161532

Previous thread reached its limit

Twitter: @dakotakoti
Instagram: @koti.rose
YouTube: Dakotakoti
Website: kotakoti.com

No. 161534

File: 1469805797686.jpg (58.51 KB, 500x700, o0500070013706353870.jpg)

What is that behind her ear? A blonde streak?

No. 161535

File: 1469805849862.jpg (57.67 KB, 500x700, o0500070013706354150.jpg)

She looks so weird here

No. 161536

Her face in those last two kimono pics looks weird and dead/plasticky somehow… Like those earn 30's trophy wives who fill up on Botox because they're terrified of aging.

No. 161537

lol she i s workin for disney

No. 161542

holy shit thats an awful airbrush

No. 161544

File: 1469809627616.jpg (94.43 KB, 526x400, 2016-07-29 18.26.05.jpg)


dat Bruce Campbell chin kek

No. 161553

That red lipstick looks so bad? Its so splotchy, why didn't they fix that?

No. 161556

This is awful tbh. Ariel doesn't suit her at all. Her eyes look so small in comparison to other shoots/her personal photos. Her lips look weird in red lipstick.
Why is this allowed?

No. 161558

it is not the actual colour of the lipstick she was wearing, all the editor did was have her wear the makeup she worn in the other Disney shoots and they applied transparent colour over the colour it really was, and same goes for the hair colour it is not a wig, whoever edited these changed the colour of her hair and lipstick

No. 161559

I figured they did some temp dye job for her hair, but this makes so much sense. Terrible editing.

No. 161562

Trust me anon, it was way easy for me to point that out myself I mean not to boast about myself or anything but I would describe myself as "a pro" with Photoshop and my work compared to this poor standard quality of a job is more exceptional.

I find it alarming and lazy that they used this method of editing other than putting more effort into it by actually using hair dye and makeup. No wonder there are false advertisements online on most Asian online stores and I'm not saying that all online stores in Asia do this but this "Disney store" editor made this very easy to point out. How do they expect to get paid for doing such a bad job?

No. 161563

Why wouldn't they just use a wig? Her hair is awful to begin with

No. 161564

The shadows on the white backdrop look more realistic than everything else that was edited.

No. 161566

It's annoying that the previous thread is not linked in the OP.

No. 161567

I know they are advertising the costumes but if they are editing the shit out of her hair and makeup who knows they could be changing the colours of the actual fabric and they could be just selling something that is a completely different colour.

No. 161568

not normally in kota thread but saw OP image she looks cute soz

No. 161587

I honestly think she looks cute like this. They should have chosen a better red lip color for her, however. It's too bold for her complexion and hair color.

No. 161588

File: 1469815948450.png (125.54 KB, 326x189, Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 19.1…)

She looks better as Tinkerbell tbh and Cinderella

No. 161590

File: 1469816578192.jpg (93.07 KB, 480x640, 10443609_3_l.jpg)

She really does resemble a classic porcelain doll, just not the kawaii ball-jointed dolls she tries to look like. Since Anne of Green Gables is apparently popular in Japan, she should try to appeal to that fanbase.

No. 161595

it was easy for me too to figure it out, because it's a shit job. even her scalp is read.

No. 161633

File: 1469825732492.gif (784.38 KB, 500x226, huehue.gif)

>not to boast about myself or anything but I would describe myself as "a pro"

that you kaka

No. 161636

Nah, she's modeling for Secret Honey. They make a lot of Disney themed stuff. These are their Disney Princess Halloween costumes.

No. 161637

its the weird flared nostrils

No. 161700

File: 1469845576691.jpg (662.87 KB, 857x575, joyfuleri.jpg)

No. 161701

File: 1469845778993.jpg (665.26 KB, 627x617, joyfuleli.jpg)

No. 161702

I can't stop looking at her feet. They look so incredibly off to me????

No. 161703

Her face is so beefy outside of her shoops.

No. 161708

so depressing. who are the anons that think she's only using editing apps? she's still using photoshop liquify now more than ever.

No. 161715

I think there was a point she was just using beauty apps because she genuinely didn't have a ton of free time. But now that she hardly does anything, she's using PS again. Would explain why she's going way over board with the shoop too.

No. 161739

You can do that in the appa too though

No. 161755

File: 1469868875026.jpeg (124.36 KB, 725x800, image.jpeg)

Risa threw dakota down at the event too and her face isnt edited here…

I wonder when kaka and koots will report it kek

No. 161759

No way…

My friend said she just put "its her real face" as a comment and Risa has deleted it!

Explains with dakotas photo is blurrier than the rest. Risa is defending dakota


No. 161763

She might've deleted it because your friend was being rude.

A lot of models/girls in Japan edit their photos. They probably don't want to be criticized for it or something.

No. 161765

or simply due to the fact that Dakota asked for it to be taken down, or asked to remove negative comments in general. We don't even know if Risa's PR manager is managing her accounts, so it may have not been Risa at all, but a contract between models for good PR
tbh I dont think Kota has been in absolute good terms with any of these models. Acquaintances, but def not good friends. They don't even follow each other on instagram so I doubt shes doing that purely for the sake of protecting her as a "good friend" or anything like that

No. 161767

The boob difference in the photos is hilarious

No. 161768

No. 161773

True anon! I never thought of that… Neither follow her and kota definitely doesnt follow these girls either…

No. 161802

She's really looking like Kaka lately…

No. 161805

File: 1469888871237.jpg (694.47 KB, 774x612, bonbon2016.jpg)

No. 161809

File: 1469889291589.jpg (413.59 KB, 718x467, bonbon.jpg)

No. 161820

Oh for fuck sake ^

Kekking my tits off

No. 161831

File: 1469895306451.jpg (802.05 KB, 915x656, kotaface.jpg)

No. 161851

That feet positioning is so unfortunate.

No. 161855

Did she draw on her upper lip with her eyebrow pencil? ffs at least use the same color as your lips, Kota.

No. 161859

drawing her upper lip bigger just makes her face look more squished in the center (giving her a bigger forehead and chin).

No. 161860

File: 1469905277577.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x2560, 16-07-30-13-59-52-103_deco.jpg)

Dang risa was like "I don't give a f* about you" lol

No. 161872

Dakota just needs to get with the rest of the models and get plastic surgery all over her face. It's not like Risa looks like that naturally.

No. 161918

wow……….she really lost it, plus its so obviously fake, no dedication into it at all. I really miss her old shoops, at least those were prettier and looked better.

No. 161925

lol at the waist shoop. The bag strap is bending in.

No. 161949

And the boobs, sad thing is the pic on the right is also shooped. Just not with the added boobs, tinier waist and extreme facial changes.

No. 161979

I'm gonna be honest I kinda miss her kawaii era, her new wardrobe is so boring and uninspired.I think that if she wants to do mature fashion or western fashion she should buy some magazines or at least buy outfits that match or complement each other. Like she could go for summer dresses and add more accessories to her hair.And she could use a few new pairs of shoes. Just my piece tho

No. 161989

i feel like we get one of these every 20 comments

No. 161995

I feel like we get a comment like your's every 3 comments

No. 162002

File: 1469951109077.jpg (74.13 KB, 510x394, beardbillhill-thumb-510x394-44…)

her new look reminds me of a younger hillary clinron

No. 162044

No. 162074

Fuck she shaves away like half of her face in the shoops. Why can't this girl love herself a little bit more that's actually so sad.

No. 162075

I was thinking the same actually

No. 162136

File: 1470010048459.png (268.88 KB, 600x335, eird-al-yankovic-tin-foil-hat.…)

So, do you guys remember months ago when she was on some sort of game show on TV, and she was the judge or something? She ended up giving a low score to a really popular and well-loved comedian duo that ended up loosing the competition. She got some backlash from the public about it.

I was thinking, wasn't this around the time she slowly stopped getting work? I think she appeared in a few things after that, probably stuff already booked. And she ended up leaving PopTeen, didn't even graduate like past members do when they get older. She hasn't really been on any print ads since then either. Wonder if its somehow related at all?

No. 162145


Nah I just think her popularity has died down and no one cares about her as much.

No. 162148

the picture on the right is just filtered wtf are you talking about

No. 162149

The sad thing is the right is shooped as well. I'd love to see the left compared to her real face from that day.

No. 162200

Don't bring Bruce into this, he's too pure.

No. 162419

I was trying to edit those Ariel photos but the amount of photoshop it already has is disturbing. They tried to dissapear her ear in the second photo,and it looks like a copy-paste in the first, it's so weird. Everything in this photoshot was a disaster! including her make up and hair. I blame the team behind this, and Kota wtf this is Disney, SMILE!

No. 162422

I don't think it's a blonde streak, it looks like it was her ear but now is blurry.

No. 162447

These jeans look like a pair of thrift store jeans I used to own…. that sad waistband looks so frumpy and old…

now that I think of it she's totally been dressing herself like a thrify fina>>161831
ncial aid fashionista lately.


She would look so much better if she gave up on those circle lenses.

No. 162515

File: 1470136263635.png (297.49 KB, 579x470, Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.0…)

No. 162516

Before someone whines about the Japanese.
"Baby the Stars shine bright" is going to do a collaboration with a game called "Tower of Princess". On 9/10 (Sat) I will appear as a guest."
I wonder if she speaks proper polite Japanese…

No. 162521

Why is the first person's name Akira written in English but Dako's is in Japanese? To better spell out how to pronounce her name?

No. 162524


Cuz her stage name is in katakana and his stage name is in English letters. That's it. Most foreigners have their stage names in katakana anyways

No. 162538

I think akira is a girl tho

No. 162544

Please don't shittalk my handsome husband

No. 162751

File: 1470212419721.jpg (465.72 KB, 790x443, kotadraw.jpg)

No. 162754

File: 1470212890412.jpg (899.55 KB, 1043x609, dakoka.jpg)

No. 162759

That upper lip line needs to stop. Kaka, plz.

No. 162762

Face shoops looking a bit igorish around the right eye.

No. 162765

Her art is bad, I don't get why people here said it's good and that she should "make something out of it".

No. 162769

File: 1470217041775.jpg (149.26 KB, 500x708, emo_girl_by_betwinned.jpg)

Her art style just screams 2006 scene kid for some reason.
She could try and design shirts for Hot Topic, but that's pretty much it.

No. 162770

what a derail ugh

No. 162772

The faces aren't horrible, the eyes are nice, but the anatomy otherwise is complete garbage. She draws faces in the proportions she shoops her face into.

No. 162779

it is totally obvious that she is just drawing herself - however she wants to look.

no talent.

No. 162780


Her art is cheap. I hate smudged shading like that… Her drawing is the same as its always been since the KND days.

No. 162781

I don't get that either. Her drawing is not versatile. She's been drawing the same kind of faces over and over for years and there hasn't been any progress. I hope I don't offend anyone but even the people without a bit of a talent could draw like her if they repeated drawing the same thing over and over.

No. 162783

The hair is decent, I guess

No. 162784


Drawing-Chan here

Trust me its shit

But ofc the japs on telly would be amazed gaijin princessu babi can draw animu

No. 162785

Blind, jelly stans will always lick Dakota's ass

No. 162793

I didn't see the vid this cap is from but if you mean the hosts on the show compliment her doodles, they're probably being polite. Likely why that one time one when a tv host asked if she was wearing lenses (she denied) and he got up and looked her in the eyes for a minute, then silently sat back down again instead of calling her out; to be polite.
Also chuckled hard at her drawings, if you're only gonna half ass faces your whole life at least learn anatomy of the face. If anyone thinks her art is impressive or 'could sell at hot topic'(lmao sorry to indirectly call out other anon), I implore you to start drawing, you will easily get to her level.
I'm blown away she chose these drawings to be examples of her skillz for a tv show. You can do better than this Dakota, how many years have you been a renowned artisto for?

No. 162804

The smudged shading and the very obvious use of an eraser to put in the lightest tones (hair shine of the first drawing) both bother me - beginner shading mistakes. And I agree, her style hasn't evolved much in the last 6/7 years.

No. 162806


Akira is a female well known dansou/boystyle model along with the middle girl "Root". Each model in Japan stylizes their name for self branding. Akira is a Japanese name but written in English. Root's name is kinda english but written in Katakana always. Dakota's name would IMO be cuter in English but she usually uses Katakana in her releases for events it seems. Maybe pronunciation or just stylized to seem different.

No. 162807

I don't remember this lenses incident. Do you remember which tv show?

No. 162843


No. 162849

She is obviously trying to copy Audrey Kawasaki and failing. Some anon mentioned that's probably what she's trying to shoop herself into, too. Kota and Kaka never have any original ideas, they always need to imitate someone else or jump onto bandwagons.

No. 162861

File: 1470254984963.jpg (193.38 KB, 500x700, 16-08-03-15-02-48-808_deco.jpg)

don't eat me. Haha

No. 162868

he asked if its the real eye color, not if she is wearing lenses

No. 162876

He asked if it was her real eye color ad she said yes, so it was still a lie. Without those bright blue lenses her eyes are grayish blue and not very striking as far as blue eyes go. There's a pic somewhere she uploaded forever ago to show off some pink/white mascara and eyeshadow she did.

No. 162886

File: 1470259230691.jpeg (53.8 KB, 333x499, image.jpeg)

No. 162891

File: 1470259828546.jpeg (165.52 KB, 465x699, image.jpeg)


Here's another older pic of her without lenses. The blue in her hair and outfit bring out the blue in her eyes but you can see she doesn't naturally have the thick limbal ring all the lenses she's worn since have had.

No. 162897

lol I thought her artwork was some creepy fanart from fans. She really hasn't improved since she was a teen, just changed her style.
>also that total narcissism of drawing yourself

No. 162927

this whole pic is badly photoshopped and the colors are probably heavily altered.

Dakota has pretty eyes. She just doesn't have a dark limbal ring and ginormous irises.

I'm pretty sure Kiki has been wearing subtle circle lenses while claiming not to, as well as altering her eyes to be a deep dark blue. But who knows.

No. 162966

File: 1470279094361.jpeg (45.72 KB, 396x704, image.jpeg)

I never said they weren't pretty, I just said they're not the color she edits them to be and claims they are.

No. 162979

oh, god forbid she forgot to mention what SHADE of blue her eyes really were. Jesus anon, the guy obviously only cared to know whether they were really blue, or if under her lenses her natural eye color was brown or something. she didn't lie.

No. 162984

He asked "is that your real eye colour" ad she said yes. That was not her real eye color. Therefore she lied.

He never asked "are your eyes really blue" which is what you're trying to imply he really meant, which doesn't matter because that's just semantics. Besides, it's a well known fact that Dakota lies about wearing lenses and lashes already.

>getting so upset and defensive of Dakota over some old shit everyone knows about since ages

>"she didn't lie (about her eye color)"

I'll be so glad when summer is over.

No. 163004

File: 1470289353777.jpg (188.88 KB, 500x384, fb.jpg)

>getting so upset and defensive
>my first post vs your 5th post on the subject
lmao. i didn't say anything about lenses or lashes. I said she doesn't lie about her eye color. you're literally the first person to say that. her eyes are gray-blue and the lenses are artificial blue, literally no one but you cares about that tiny useless detail, they're both blue, period. she doesn't choose lenses to change the color of her eyes, she chooses the ones that blend in the best with her natural eyes so she can pass them off as naturally BIG. that's the only purpose of her wearing circle lenses.

>Without those bright blue lenses her eyes are grayish blue and not very striking as far as blue eyes go.

>There's a pic somewhere she uploaded forever ago to show off some pink/white mascara and eyeshadow she did.

it's hilarious how you referenced that one gif from "forever ago" where her eyes look the dullest they've ever looked in a photo. That's because when you make a gif in photoshop it makes the image grainy and less saturated. in a normal picture with her fancy lighting, they can look prettier than her lenses.

No. 163019

you both need to shut the fuck up

No. 163044

Not anon from earlier but if we're gonna nitpick what he said: seems rude to ask a guest on television, whose gimmick is beauty- if she's wearing lenses. Asking if that's her real eye color could have been a roundabout way of insinuating he thinks she's wearing contacts, especially since vast majority of lenses are colored. (they do make lenses that are only limbal rings with no color though they're less common)

But it's a nitpick lol Dakota adjusts features on her face depending on what beauty trends she's into at the moment. Can't blame anons for questioning authenticity of minor facial features.

No. 163069

i thought it was entirely staged, that it was in the script that yu shirota should ask her the exact question, as advised by dakota's agency.

the hosts even tried to pair yu and dakota together as a couple, but it didn't catch on. kek

No. 163073


It doesn't really seem that insulting? Circle lenses are insanely common, so it's not exactly taboo to change/enhance your eye color purposefully

No. 163097

On one show she was wearing green contacts m8 and said that was her color.

No. 163108

Pretty sure it was on the Korean show where they were disenchanted with her because she looked nothing like her shops.

No. 163341

Oh man, Kota's Korean Debut remains my favorite thing about her going viral to this day. Especially her lying about wearing lashes and faking a Japanese accent because she didn't know one of the hosts spoke American English. And how pissed Koreans on Twitter got at her when she said she hated kimchi. That episode was pure gold.

No. 163721

Her art is good to people who don't know anything about art and actually believe that artists are ~born with the gift to draw~ and that non artists just aren't capable of such a thing. Anyone can learn to draw, even Dakota if she would clean up her anatomy (which, judging by her shoops, will never happen).

No. 163869

kek it looks like she's drawing her shooped self.
That's kinda sad.
I think her art is fine and even kinda nice despite all the face/neck anatomy fails and shit but really she couldn't make "something out of it".

No. 163996

File: 1470637275704.jpg (127.94 KB, 1200x1200, CpUOvU4UMAA67j7.jpg)

Someone break her goddamn phone.
It's just catastrophe after catastrophe.

No. 163997

this is the stuff of nightmares.

No. 163998

She's starting to look like a Hartley Hooligan.

No. 164004

Lol, look at those yellow teeth. Makes for an very unflattering, uncanny valley-tier pic.

Somehow she doesn't realize how creepy she looks.

No. 164007

they keep getting more and more yellow. gross

No. 164019

File: 1470649588508.jpg (101.54 KB, 1280x720, gallery_cbb_frenchy.jpg)

how awkward does it get when she meets people for the first time IRL and she's not E.T

No. 164029

Speaking of people who look like Hartley Hooligans…

No. 164031

don't get rude

No. 164042

36 degrees and she's still using long sleeves. She never goes out, does she?

No. 164065

Why go outside when the sun gives you cancer and makes you less kawaii

No. 164141

Of course not, there's people out there who might see her real face. Can't have that happening.

No. 164584

Kek, she untagged herself from Risadoll's photo. https://instagram.com/p/BIermAoAt4n/

No. 164588

File: 1470841578438.jpeg (149.28 KB, 750x1151, image.jpeg)

No. 164589

File: 1470842263661.jpg (166.77 KB, 1200x1200, Cpfl_SVUEAERZ4O.jpg)

Here's a higher res version

No. 164590

File: 1470842298752.jpg (278.68 KB, 1200x1200, CpfmShGVMAAQBaz.jpg)

No. 164591

File: 1470842403584.jpg (180.91 KB, 1200x1200, CpfnZPVVIAAkF9_.jpg)

(Ugh fucking flood detection, come on.)

No. 164592

Her feet look massive.

No. 164593

How does she shoop her legs without morphing the walls/floor? Especially if she's using an app?

No. 164595

People have speculated that she's probably using PS for some things, especially since she has so much free time.

She could also stretch the picture which would make her look skinnier in general.

No. 164599

of course the letters on the background are warped

No. 164602

her lips look so nasty. dakota pls stop this.

No. 164730

I wish she would just fucking use eye liner again. That dark ass limbal ring from circle lenses looks best when it isn't the darkest thing on your face. When the lash line is darkest/as dark as the limbal ring it makes her eyes look more balanced.

I agree, the part above her cupids bow is the darkest part of her lips which looks like she has shit or food smeared on her mouth, not Kylie Jenner lips. You'd think she'd edit that part as light as the rest of her lips but no she's proud of her ministache.

No. 164738

File: 1470878068643.gif (1.87 MB, 500x281, tumblr_nmv7unFer31snosjno1_500…)

it looks like she stuck her lips in a vacuum and then rubbed a chocolate bar all over them. its just looks painful. people need to explain to her show terrible it looks.

No. 164739

Oh my god, her lips look fucking disgusting. Why does she overdraw them only at the Cupid's bow? It makes her mouth look like a filthy triangle. She needs to take some tips from western Instagram queens so it won't look so damn nasty. If she's so self-conscious of how thin her upper lip is, why doesn't she get fillers??? It's not like she has a busy modeling schedule.

No. 164748

>that backpack
As always, she has no taste. Jfc.

No. 164772

Need candids from this event

Detective-lolcow, onegai!

No. 164775


No. 164783

cannot unsee

No. 164787

Is she trying to warp herself into Taylor? Trying to be thin making herself tiny.

The fuck is with the SPLICE eyes though.

No. 164788

What's the name of the event?

No. 164789

Some shit for Samantha Thavasa

No. 164792

Those legs though… what a shit PS job Dakota why are you so lazy?

No. 164793

No. 164809

Seems it was a public event and she went alone because no candids.

No. 164810

what is she turning herself into

No. 164818

File: 1470903994382.jpg (110.29 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20160811-092211_1.j…)


a snapchat filter (pic is Gigi Hadid)

No. 164840

File: 1470909641756.jpg (1.32 MB, 2300x2754, 20140212_110829.jpg)

I can't wait till she goes full Novi stars

No. 164854

youre welcome. its how i've been envisioning her irl.

No. 164857

File: 1470921893187.png (715.03 KB, 478x597, 6ea8e97a5b0f225e0a5f613a022856…)

oh kooters no matter how hard you try if you go to an event we will find candids

No. 164858

File: 1470922123587.png (466.96 KB, 548x594, nodiff.png)

like… idk I'm convinced she's shooping herself so that when people see her in person they think she looks cute but making her boobs bigger says otherwise and I just sigh a lil

No. 164860


Oh for fuck sake… she looks quite nice too. I wouldn't call her drop down beautiful kawaii elf goddessu white girl perfection. But she looks decent, nice and normal.

When will it end

No. 164862

God, I know, right? She's a cute, pretty girl. She needs to stop with the shooping herself like a drugged out alien. It's unflattering and weird. Does she have severe body issues or something?

No. 164865

Nah she shoops for her beauty goals as she always has. Look at the difference between the left and right photo.
Right face: She has a pretty face, albeit western face. It's longer than the left photo and has more prominent features.
Left face: Child facial proportions. Large foreheads look youthful apparently (look at anime, they all have huge foreheads. Having more forehead shrinks the other half of your face (eyes, nose, mouth) and she already has a big forehead so she doesn't shoop it. She's shaved her jaw into an extremely weak jaw (some people idolize this as feminine, also obv makes anyone more baby faced/makes their eyes look bigger in comparison). Hides all natural structure in face, 'flattens' face out by hiding shadows and highlights (and blurring). This marketed trend sucks for white people (this isn't just an asian influence, typical western ads flatten out all dimensions on womens faces with photoshop for much longer than japanese baby trends have been around over here) because it's another thing that no white people can achieve naturally without make up (we can't really get this look with makeup either you need photoshop), all of us have dimension in our faces. Ironically Asian faces typically have less dimension in their faces (less prominent noses, cheeks, chins, foreheads, etc) and a number of surgeries and make up trends aim to add dimension similar to western faces and what Kota is trying to remove from her own face.

The most upsetting this about this for me is thinking Kota really has bought into all the baby trend shit to a deep level, like she genuinely does not see herself as truly beautiful until she shrinks her jaw and enlarges/spreads apart her eyes. The whole rest of your life you're gonna have this face and it's only gonna age more, learn to like how you look or get surgery so you can have someone take a candid of you at an event and not have to shamefully untag yourself.

Honestly even if she does get surgery for her face she's still gonna have body issues and probably shift more attention/shooping to her body. Fix one thing, there'll always be a new problem to take the place of the last. She'll be mad she doesn't have Wang Jia Yun's body. She already shoops herself into a stick and lengthens legs a bit.

It looks like she intended more to cinch her waist in in the left photo which changes her boob to waist ratio making her boobs look bigger automatically.

No. 164867

File: 1470929077152.jpg (52.8 KB, 425x415, E.t..jpg)

~Kawaii uwu~

No. 164935

Dakota really should start working out, it's pretty clear that she doesn't and imagine the changes it could make to her whole look if she started being completely healthy and looking after herself, I know she thinks having some extra fat to her will make her look more childish and "kawaii" but shes going to age horribly and having a well developed muscle layer would actually make her look younger, she already has a pretty young looking face but my theory is that she's insecure because her face grew from when she started getting famous, and now she's got some sort of complex about how she looks. I want her to achieve happiness for herself, and she's still quite pretty but it seems like she isn't doing anything anymore and shes too shy

No. 165001

I just realized she made her eyebrows more fuller, especially at the centers, this time. Combined with her large prominent forehead and overdrawn lips, and her unmatching backpack, it makes me want to puke…that look is horrible.

No. 165022

I love how little she tries irl and makes up for it in shoops. If she's going to shoop her waist smaller why doesn't she just cinch it irl?

If she's gonna edit away 1/3 of her face why doesn't she wear big poofy or curly hairstyles or hairpeices and bangs that frame her face instead of the worst possible styling for a big face? It wouldn't look bad with her style either.

No. 165039


Can't believe she wore a black bra under those outfits.

No. 165057

i would date koots

No. 165133

A snapchat joke filter

No. 165135

File: 1471022328255.jpg (113.79 KB, 900x1200, CpiOD2pUkAE80Uq.jpg)

just saw this old pic. look how far you've come kootie

No. 165142


What the fuck is on her face? So wonder she doesnt wear as much make up anymore… she should wear make up on camera and off when she's at events. Look more natural in perfect because it does her wonders and eye make up in her lifeless pictures.

No. 165147

she was still doing 'youtube makeup' at that time
when you can control your lighting settings, this type of shit is perfect for photos/instagram
but god forbid you get caught in a dim room by a camera with its flash on, which it looks like is exactly what happened. she probably picked a 'luminous' eye concealer that had reflective particles in it

No. 165153

File: 1471029108031.jpg (39.75 KB, 540x779, angelina-jolie-powder-w540.jpg)

It probably didn't look like that in real life. The product she used under her eyes might just reflect flash. Hopefully that shit wasn't intentional.

No. 165298

she has a big forehead and chin because her features are already squished in the center. by squishing her face EVEN MORE.. it's basically like having a horse face and shooping it longer.

No. 165300

File: 1471074725330.jpg (48.31 KB, 408x600, fb.jpg)

i wonder how deep her BDD runs.
like, growing up with an ultra flashy appareance-obsessed sister like Kiki (pic related). the probable trauma of the tumblr days trying to prove she was not as pretty as her photos. even before she was a model Charms said during their hangout she would touch up her makeup every 5 minutes. and now as a model having to live up to the impossible expectations she made for herself. it's obvious she wouldn't come of all of that without severe self-image issues.

No. 165303

The size of her feet here is hilarious. What in the world is she even thinking with hese shops? She looks cute in the candids.

No. 165304

File: 1471075924908.jpg (61.14 KB, 600x600, 492b64c7.jpg)

One more from the Samantha Thavasa event snagged from her lineblog. That fucking wink is so unnerving man.

No. 165316

lol, remember when she photoshopped her winks to be higher up, in her good ole photoshop prime tumblr days?

No. 165449

It legit looks like she got punched in the eye and it's swollen shut, jesus Dakota

No. 166277

File: 1471382883391.jpg (140 KB, 1200x1200, Cp95VzkUIAAfKhP.jpg)

No. 166279

She looks like she has brittle bone syndrome

No. 166280

Why does she come across as not even human to me? Like I can't see a personality there. I feel like she doesn't even speak. Like she's just a cardboard cutout of something person-shaped floating around.

No. 166287

File: 1471384680180.jpeg (406.38 KB, 1600x1200, image.jpeg)

No. 166333

Lmfao this bitch surely was dropped on that big fivehead of hers as a baby

No. 166335

that editing is horrendous tho, it looks like those joke glasses with eyes printed on them

No. 166338


Is it just me or have we come full circle here? Sometimes it seems like kooter is trying to look more like Taylor, and not the other way around. Baseball caps, big faux glasses, over drawn matte upper lip…

No. 166345

those glasses are giving me Mrs Claus vibes

No. 166554

http://lineblog.me/dakotakoti/archives/9564345.html?t=1 she's gonna be making an appearance I think if anyone is actually interested.

No. 166555

sorry didn't mean to make a reply.

No. 166563

it's a pretty standard western trend. sporty, baseball caps, matte overdrawn lips, etc. although i can see how taylor would have a sporty style since she works out a lot whereas dakota……… anyway taylor was just the first to grow up and embrace western trends albeit still with a kawaii vibe. early bloomer tbh so many weebs have grown up and are doing the same. although i wouldn't be surprised if taylor sort of paved the way. i mean at this point being a weeb a-la abipop is embarrassing as fuck lol.

tbh dakota started wearing more western shit very close to the time taylor did. i wouldn't be surprised if the tables have turned and now dakota is copying tay because her being a previous kota clone makes her feel connected(not in a deep way just in a relevant "always on my mind" way) to her in some way and she wants to keep being above her which she still is. cos dakota is waaay more popular than taylor is. but she dropped the ball so fucking hard despite EVERY big opportunity she was handed. i mean she's way above taylor in terms of popularity but her star is dying while taylor's is growing, so eventually they're gonna meet in the middle and go on from there. unless dakota steps her game up. which might be why she's shooping to such absurd lengths out of desperate insecurity. this is just me talking out of my ass tho of course it's just me guessing.

No. 166572

her eyebrows are extremely thick and blurry. it makes her look hairy. stop it, koti

No. 166605

Claire looks better. And also can't help it.

No. 166619

File: 1471522948843.jpg (154.43 KB, 1200x1200, CqI4TwKVMAEzsir.jpg)

this has gotten so goddamn ridiculous lol

No. 166625

File: 1471527332765.png (3.7 MB, 2208x1242, image.png)

Totally forgot to take screenshots, but they basically just talked about the exact same things that were on other tv shows and when she first appeared on tv. There's no variety with her, it's always "I got popular from my pictures and people didn't think I was human so I had to make videos as proof bla has bla" also that she learned Japanese fluently by just listening.
Kind of a new thing she said at the end- she said she doesn't really see herself doing model or talent work, but wants to create things (because she likes drawing etc.) I find it hilarious they never mentioned her brand. It wasn't even on the list of her achievements they showed. Just goes to show what a failure that was.

Also there were quiet a few comments about her yellow teeth. Lots of comments saying "you should whiten your teeth" "the guy beside her has better teeth" (although his are super crooked)

No. 166629

when the japs knock you for having bad teeth you know you done fucked up

No. 166632

false advertising much.. and what's her manager thinking booking her tv gigs when shes looking like that on social media?!

No. 166633

This bitch is such a one fucking note if all they talk about are her pics. Kota should just vlog at this point.

No. 166634

File: 1471531904562.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1800x1013, image.jpeg)


No. 166636

File: 1471532370455.jpeg (698.52 KB, 1200x1200, image.jpeg)

Reverse shooped

No. 166640

I'm just glad she brought back a little eyeliner. Even with baby proportions, not to hate on natural blondes, but they tend to look better with mascara/eyeliner because they can look a sorta like two iris floating on a white face without a defined/darkened eye shape (example >>163996).
Interesting to see her try to make hairstyles for her middle parting. Middle parting is meant for rounder faces to help give an illusion of a longer face (that's why long faces are recommended not to middle part) but unfortunately for some reason Koots doesn't seem to experience the slimming effect, I feel like she looks even more wide-faced with it. Maybe if she curled the ends inward like she used to do it'd help the illusion?
Has Koots never learned her lesson to not look the camera head on? Take Ariana Grandes advice, you're always gonna look more like a baby from 3/4ths view.
I'm sad because your deshoop is still really cute.
That would be a dream come true if she went back to YT. I think Koots would think it too much a failure like backtracking to go back to YT, like she graduated from it and is now above it all. It would be funny to see her vlog, then we'd really get a chance to see how much she is influenced by Taylor, if at all.

No. 166641

Literally all they talked about was how she got famous, why she came to Japan, and how fluent her nipponese. Oh and also telling her that she looks like a doll/Barbie all the regular crap. Literally the exact same things she's talked about on every other show. I have no idea why she was on this episode, half of it was about the olympics and she said she has no interest in the olympics and also doesn't watch tv. Like etf Dakota at least prepare yourself to go on a NEWS show.

I laughed at the comments that said that they pamper her too much and wish they would stop.

No. 166642

but her nasolabial folds are missing though

No. 166643

There's only so much I can do with a beauty app, anon

No. 166646

She's so hammy IRL I love how delusional she is.

No. 166660

I love how she adds blur effect to the background and on her skin, obviously to hide the stretched pixels

No. 166662

Fucking l o l

No. 166663

File: 1471539604031.jpeg (200.58 KB, 1777x901, image.jpeg)

For good measure.

No. 166666

but… she actually looks really nice in her unshooped picture. maybe a little bit chubby but it doesn't make her look bad at all. in the shooped photo she's just ET.

No. 166667

File: 1471541089006.jpg (420.37 KB, 1024x816, koots.jpg)

No. 166668


I give up

I don't even have anything to say anymore

At this point I just laugh

No. 166708

Forgive me if this has already been mentioned, but has anyone looked at the #dakotarose tag on Twitter? It's endless accounts posting the same link to an article about the cute sexy human Barbie Dakota Rose.
Are these bots the work of Bravo?

No. 166709

File: 1471560664690.png (356.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160818-235032.png)

Sorry I forgot to include a screenshot

No. 166737

A+ anon

No. 166796

kota is getting too old for this dolly idol bullshit. She's a pretty woman, but she has a very mature face and is outgrowing this kawaii style

No. 166847

wtf talking about her yellow teeth? are japs that critical to do that on national tv?

No. 166849

File: 1471608549485.jpg (148.75 KB, 1200x1200, CqNta04UEAA3bHT.jpg)

I guess she showers with lenses and makeup on. Gotta admire that dedication.

No. 166850

It was in the live comment section, not the actual program.
It was a mobile tv program

No. 166855

This picture is staged. She didn't take a shower she just made a few strands wet and put on a towel.
What's up with those caterpillar brows lately? Her natural brows are nice why would she fuck them up like this?

No. 166856

File: 1471614929296.jpeg (84.1 KB, 750x730, image.jpeg)

lmao, full on with foundation, lipstick, blush, color contacts and eyebrows. I see some nose highlight as well.

No. 166868

probably going with the whole "thicker brows make you look more youthful" nonsense

No. 166869

Her eyebrows are to extreme for her over shooped face though. Cara delevingne's eyebrows look small in comparison, kaka what are you doing?

The full makeup/ full shop shower pics really show how insecure she is about her appearance. I can't imagine how extreme her body dysmorphia must be if she thinks her extreme shops are her ideal. What a mess.

No. 166870

has no one realized this was obviously a paid advertisement??

No. 166874

Pantene is a huge company, they have supermodels and celebrities advertising their products. They wouldn't have asked kota to do this.

No. 166887

Looking at the hashtag it's probably one of those things where pepole are paid a few dollars based on the amount of likes and comments.

Anyone can make money doing these instagram posts for brands. You don't need to be a model, but you have to buy and show the product. A lot of model wannabes do this though.

No. 166894

Gosh how the mighty fall, one day she's on tv in talks of getting a brand(which crashed and burned tragically), now its just one or two appearances once and awhile to keep bravo interested in her so she can stay in Japan(assuming she didn't marry for visa yet).I wonder if she's just gonna disappear soon, or will she ever move back to the states and live an average life? She could always get her GED tho.

No. 166895

dat gollum hair

No. 166904

Lmfao! ruthlessss

No. 166912

>>166856 When the width of your "face" is about the same size as your arm.

No. 166933

This looks so fucking creepy. The way she's taken out the natural line of her upper lip and messed about with the texture of her skin on her closed eye are the worst parts. She's starting to look like something a petite Buffalo Bill has sewn together.

No. 166975

File: 1471658080562.png (5.03 MB, 2208x1242, image.png)

No. 166978

I can't believe she's wearing those same shoes, its been like 6 years. Update your wardrobe woman

No. 166979

aren't those the taobao shoes she's had forever or did she get new ones?

No. 166988

Fake VW on tv, really? And who told her that hairstyle was a good idea? Emphasizes how thin her hair is and her face chub

No. 166996

do you have the link to the video

No. 166997

Where is her skirt from? It's kinda cute.

No. 166999

No I totally agree with everything you said. Maybe Dakota's desperation would go so far as to try getting into contact with the other Japan vloggers? That would be very interesting to see.

No. 167000

File: 1471665175923.jpg (183.78 KB, 500x744, enhanced-buzz-15706-1332873967…)

what the fuck is with that horrible hairstyle and awful matronly outfit? she looks bigger than the men.

The way she slicked down the front or her hair makes it look so thin and greasy. What even happened to her style?

No. 167002

Her feet can barley fit in her shoes and her legs look like corpse legs with that contrast of complexion.

The only real outfit coordination that's nice is just the white shoes with her white shirt but the skirt looks off with it. I don't think I would wear a black and grey cat pattern skirt with a frilly white top and bold/clunky white winged shoes.

I'm surprised she isn't wearing any jewelry (other than the ring) like something from her old line though.

Also that smile reminds me of Suzy's smile with that scrunched up hammy face lol.

No. 167009

No sorry, it was a live show on mobile and these were the only two screenshots I took.

No. 167010

kek she can't afford clothes.

No. 167011

theyre actually making a comeback since vivienne collaborated with melissa and bascially put out the same shoe again

No. 167015


is she wearing sheer stockings or something? why the hell do her legs look so blue?

No. 167059

> we will never get this kota back

That kota never existed though.

No. 167075

File: 1471692466927.png (274.85 KB, 724x387, abemaprime.png)

More pictures from the Abema Prime thing

No. 167076

File: 1471692506507.png (1.35 MB, 1432x709, abemaprime1.png)


No. 167078

File: 1471692676441.png (1.03 MB, 1433x700, abemaprime2.png)

This flood control thing is really annoying.

No. 167080

File: 1471693282489.png (956.24 KB, 1436x770, abemaprime3.png)


No. 167084

File: 1471694257883.png (1.26 MB, 1263x712, abemaprime4.png)


No. 167085

File: 1471694859671.png (1.37 MB, 1262x710, abemaprime5.png)


No. 167108


No. 167120

She looks so much better with fringe.

No. 167131

Covering that chin again.

No. 167133

She looks like Gollum.

No. 167151

I don't understand how she's just…okay with putting herself out there like this knowing that the contrast between her and her shoops is so great that every single person in the room is incredibly uncomfortable sitting with such a huge elephant.

No. 167161

look at that chunky cheeky chops chucky face tsk tsk

No. 167162

don't forget the disgusting mustache that fools no one

No. 167163

Literally shit hair

No. 167174

She has such a big head.

No. 167179

Omg why didnt they show any of her recent masterpieces

No. 167192

Her face looks so bloated and unhealthy.

No. 167236

fuck man all she needs to do is lose like 30 pounds and she'd resemble her shoops a little

No. 167254

This is exactly why I 110% know Dakota will break at some point in the future. Her life is and always has been about looks. When she ages, when she loses fans/modeling gigs, what's she gonna do? Fucking burst from her hermit cocoon as the beautiful fertile cow she was destined to become, spraying enough thick delicious milk to supply a continent.
On a serious note I think her future on the path she's on now will be dark. She's still above water, but give her enough time and she won't be able to stay afloat. But sad milk is still milk and drink we shall.

No. 167259

when she gets to the bottom she'll go back to the top

No. 167270

File: 1471753223082.jpg (147.55 KB, 720x960, o0720096013463801107.jpg)

i have not seen this before

No. 167271

File: 1471753255840.jpg (113.95 KB, 800x800, o0800080013465841955.jpg)

this too

No. 167277

She looks way better in these!

No. 167280

I rarely say this about Dakota, but she looks really good in these photos. They aren't unflattering screenshots of shopped to I recognizable alien baby fetus proportions.

No. 167288

Bottom left model is very pretty, who she?

No. 167294

This one is good. It actually looks like her, and she also appears to have an ounce of personality.

No. 167299


No. 167317

she looks so much better with bangs and more natural makeup.
her eyebrows look fucking stupid and her hair is so gross here, what was she thinking.

No. 167348

File: 1471784272919.jpg (152.92 KB, 1078x1488, Screenshot_20160821-135508_1.j…)

I get that the usually blurry hairline is because of the face tracking on her camera/beauty app, but that doesn't explain her scalp on the latest instagram post…

No. 167350

wtf. it almost looks like shes using makeup on her scalp to hide how bald she is. what she really needs to do is just shave her hair all off and wear wigs while she waits, and prays, for it to grow back thicker.

No. 167351

Holy shit. If she's planning on doing her eyebrows thick like this, why the ever living fuck does she blur them out?? It looks gross. Also her wink in this picture is so uncanny. her face looks all uneven and fucked up. It looks like she shooped her left eye downwords. Shits fucking weird.

No. 167364


Oh my god Kota just get your fucking jaw shaved!!! Then you don't have to shoop anymore!

No. 167366

Looks like gollum with those bulgy eyes and wet strands. Expression pretty gollum too. Wtf is with the mouth?

No. 167367

I know her lip make up is probably to blame, but her lips really look like they've been messed with cosmetically. I swear they were never this voluminous. I'm not saying it looks great btw. I'm saying this because I swear when she used to smile there was way more upper tooth show.

No. 167368

Hear, hear.

I will be there to toast the cows glorious return to the top with a tankard of the finest milk known to farmers everywhere.

No. 167397

She seems to intentionally smile to a lesser degree probably so her smile lines don't look so extreme. Makes her teeth show less than if she did a full smile.

No. 167439

File: 1471810258225.jpg (123.03 KB, 1200x900, CqYhgMFVIAA-5Z7.jpg)

Here's the higher res version
Her parting looks so goddamn weird

No. 167440

she looks like a chola now

No. 167444

With those teeth she looks like a character from Dragon Age Origins

No. 167448

omg that blur at her hair line
im dead

No. 167456

File: 1471815095683.jpg (17.14 KB, 300x250, c6c6f06458e06ea92df1d4d403bd8a…)

gotta cover than Robbie Rotten chin

No. 167462

fucking kek

No. 167483

I was gonna say, does nobody else notice the brown contouring shit on top of her head?


No. 167499

it looks like she shaved a stripe down the middle of her head, I'm weeping

No. 167536

lmao her shops are just getting so hopelessly bad.
But keep 'em coming Kota, they're hilariously amusing

No. 167537

This style is best for her, that classy, simple, american girl doll look, or whatever you call it, kinda posh and grown up? The one where girls wear like peacoats and neautral colours with like plaid and houndstooth and those kind of hats, she needs to start being fashionable again because I miss her! I said it before and I will say it again, I hope she starts working out, if she wants to still be attractive. She's not even that hot anymore, if you could call her that. I wonder if she ever lurks here? Do you think she ever works out? She just looks so soft and untoned

No. 167603

man. she's not pretty at all. i mostly mean this because she used to look incredible in those tumblr photos years ago. the fact that she looks like this and has the nerve to still say "people didn't think I was human, so i was forced to make videos to prove it", while looking so fucking ordinary. does it come to a point with these people where they believe their own lies, or is she actually aware that everything about her life is a facade?

No. 167700

She blocked me on instagram because I called her sister a bitch for blocking me, so I guess she reads her comment section after all? But she only wants go see the ones of people calling her a delicate beautiful little baby porcelain doll, not any to do with anything else. Does Dakota even have a personality anymore? Also,now I am really tempted to make a second account and tell her to start working out and stop editing her pictures to hell and back, would that be mean?

No. 167705

I used to envy her so much 2012 era but now I think all of us who idolized her and were jealous of her free trip to Japan at 16 for taking pretty selfies are very glad we are not her. What else would you do if you were in her situation? She wants to keep the fame she built as a teen cause it's what she worked for her whole life. I feel bad for her knowing this won't end well but also like excited and counting down the days. I was disappointed that she did her best damage control regarding the theatrics of her baby fang failure.
If she had just never gone on tv she could've been such a popular youtuber or livestreamer even with the obvious after effects and photoshop because we wouldn't have so much proof and material of her real face to use against her. In 2012 era I knew she photoshopped but thought it was minor touch ups and makeup, had no idea how extreme it was because we just didn't have much material of her real face to work with.
Did she ever have a personality? Constructive criticism is a step up from the typical comments about looking like a weird alien. Sounds like she'd just block you again though. I think it would be funnier if we raided her comments supporting her worst shoops like "your lips are goals what lip product do you use?" or something she could actually respond to. Maybe we can coax her into making more extreme shoops huhu

No. 167709

Rima, fuck off already. no1curr

btw your instagram is cringe central, no wonder she blocked you

No. 167715

kota is this u

No. 167716

Could someone elaborate on how exactly Baby Fang flopped? I wasn't aware.

No. 167729

There really isn't anything to elaborate on- everything just went poof and disappeared. And it was never spoken of again.

No. 167759

File: 1471919719214.jpg (25.93 KB, 300x250, IMG_0741.JPG)

My favorite Kota was when she was still in her kawaii phase despite popular opinion, but now I don't know what the fuck is going on with her edits.

No. 167771

I'd love to see the original unshooped of this.

No. 167778

Same here anon, she should've stopped there with her shoops and kept her makeup/bangs like this.

No. 167801

Stop being paranoid. I'm just some random bitch who hates your inbred mug.

No. 167887

File: 1471970188547.jpg (526.52 KB, 599x579, risel.jpg)

No. 167898

Yikes, it's like her face is trying to escape her skull.

No. 167922

Is kaka going bald? That definitely looks like a makeup hairline. She should just go back to fringe, get some extensions, and stop shooping so hard…

No. 167931

My forehead is a bit bigger honestly

No. 167947

the wink is killing me. it's like some jizz or hair got in her contact.

No. 167948

You mean kooter, I could see how you would nake that mistake though, dakota is starting to look more and more like her sister. Also they're both bald, or at least their hair is falling out and incredibly thin. It might be due to their shit diets,kiki is anorexic and dakota doesn't seem to know anything about nutrition either she probably just doesn't eat to lose weight and the binges on horrible crap. It would explain why shes bloated all the time and why her skin isn't as great as it could be. I wonder if she knows we can all tell how much of a train wreck she is?

No. 167963

Totally agree. We all know that's shoop af but at least, it's cute

No. 168138

you're a fucking creep rima no wonder why they blocked you, gtfo.

No. 168140

the fuck is going on there

No. 168148

No one likes comments like those on their instagram, it's obvious she was going to delete those and/or block you, it's normal. Dakota and her sister read forums and they know exactly what many think about her edited selfies, you don't need to go and tell them anything harsh directly, that's harassment. Never interact with them directly.

No. 168160

>Never interact with them directly.

uh, if that's what they wanted maybe they shouldn't create a social media presence where any random person can comment..?
and yeah no shit people don't like comments like that on insta, they're raging narcissists looking for 100% validation all the time.

No. 168187

File: 1472077949306.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

You are the biggest raging narcissist of them all you fat fucking cow

No. 168208

>You are the biggest raging narcissist
that actually looks like a compliment. a cow like Rim can't be a narcissist without being out of her mind lol

No. 168215

I have no fucking idea who that is lol. take off the tinfoil hat for 5 seconds, not everyone on lolcow is obsessed with tangential kota drama anymore.

No. 168218


you're the one whining about how she blocked you and making another account to be edgy on her Instagram you fucking autist

No. 168239

…You totally missed the point.

They dont give a fuck if you believe they should leave all kind of comments, if it's narcissistic or not, they just do it, that's all you should know. all these years deleting such comments must be like a sport to them. Find a differnt way to express yoirself if you don't want them to delete your comments or block your account, they'll do it no matter what you think.

No. 168244

still have no idea who you're talking about and this thread isn't interesting enough to go back and check.
hopefully nobody bumps this garbage fire of a thread unless koter does anything of note… which she won't.

No. 168307

Why do you keep calling her kaka? That's our affectionate nickname for her sister, not her.

No. 168309


No. 168310

what a MESS holy shit

No. 168313

What a bore.
I have downloaded this in case she deletes.

No. 168314



But isn't it what you guys wanted for ages? I mean people on PULL used to complain how the always edited, never left the house and so on. Its a good thing and I think she looks totally fine to be honest. Not keen on her hair mind… but she doesnt look bad. At least she looks a bit more comfortable?

I think in a sense Kota is trying to compete with Tay now. Literally.

Also what if she starts getting into the habit of doing more natural videos like this? Maybe we will see a bit more personality from her finally since the scene days. Only except she's mature (so we hope).

God help she ever gets together with the Jvloggers and Venus tho

No. 168315

who is she trying to fool with that blurry face

No. 168317

I never imagined she'd go down the vlog route. Maybe her agency is pressuring her to use her online influence more.

No. 168321

Wow, this is eerily similar to a Taylor vlog, especially with her drying her hair in the opening.

No. 168322

Honestly, I liked the video. It was so natural and if Dakota would do more of them, I'm sure it would help her get new fans and to connect to them. But yeah, feels a little like Taylor.

No. 168325

>this is not even my final form

no, seriously why nobody at the agency tells her that new look doesn't suit her?

No. 168327

That freaking wrist

No. 168333

I knew Dakota would eventually start copying Taylor instead of the other way around. These people feed off each other. I'm surprised it took her this long though.

No. 168334

Her Japanese is actually really good. Colloquially speaking, I do think she's at an advanced level.

But if she is trying to get into v-logging, I don't think it'll go very well if she's only going to speak Japanese and not put any English subs.

No. 168337

Agreed, her Japanese sounds natural. She could make decent money making consistent vlogs in Japanese on youtube. I really don't understand why she hasn't done it sooner especially considering there are tons of unshopped photos of her so no one would be surprised by her real face.

No. 168339

Japanese audio with English subs would be great; best of both worlds. I don't care how Tay-like the video was, Tay already copied Kota so eh, full circle.

You can still tell how insecure she is about her face though, hiding behind her arm/hand, and covering half of it under her hair when she was lying down.

No. 168343

recording a video, editing her every angle in after effects, adding music, editing the footage, waiting 8 hours to upload the video and then adding subtitles? lmao i give her two more videos before she's back to being ghost. her hair tutorials were too much effort for her to keep up with as it was. dakota is lazy as shit.

No. 168344

She went to that event 2 weeks ago and is just now uploading the footage. So yeah, two weeks to edit a single vlog. I doubt she'll stick to this regularly. She commits to nothing.

No. 168345

And it's only 4 minutes.

No. 168346

This seems more like a video Bravo heavily encouraged her to do rather than something she wanted to do.

The first bit is clearly filmed and edited by her, while the bits outside were filmed by someone else and there is little to no angles/ editing going on with her face. She looks like her normal self which is great, but I can't ever see her doing regular vlogs like this.

No. 168347


it's been already said that it's really tay like but on the other hand she manages to upload a video every day and it's def longer than 4 minutes. At least tay doesn't give me the vibe of a lazy ass like kota does.

No. 168351

My reaction exactly, I can't even watch this After Effects mess!

PokemonGo isn't even a thing anymore, that's how late this video is.

Unlike Taylor, Koots can hold conversations and tries to integrate with Japanese society. Sadly poor Kota, she needs to spend 2 weeks warping shots that had her face and body. The video is also stretched taller in some places.

We probably would get one video like this per month at best. Because to do it and be competitive she first has to get invited to events and be timely with the upload.

No. 168352

Thing is I would LIKE to see Dakota vlog. Shes a snide cow in secret but it would interesting to see just how much shes "changed".

I think she really is trying to compete with Taylor and is trying to get her image back out there. Thing is Dakota is a bit late and she needs to keep up with trends in order to stay relevent. It isnt how it was back in 2006-2011 when she was at her height of popularity. Shes dying and needs to get herself back out there again.

The thing i wouldnt like is if she did vlog then collabing with annoying fuckers like Sharla, Mimei ect who would obviously leech. Finally Dakota and Venus might actually meet… I mean its no lie that Venus will soon be tagging with people like Tay, Sharla, Rachel and other bigger vloggers. They all use each other but the two "living dolls" in the same country, same city, competiting to maintain their kawaii ass crowns would be fun to see it play out.

No. 168364

what's a turn off is that she clearly only did it to compete with taylor. it seems bitter and disingenuous, because it's clearly something she doesn't like doing. so she's just being a fake once again while also being incredibly jealous. it's like, does this girl have no ambitions of her own? does she ever work hard to do anything? her laziness is extremely off putting. what is there to admire about her at all? her hair? her makeup? her outfits? her art? her photoshopping style? her blogging content? her personality? there's nothing at all.

>its no lie that Venus will soon be tagging with people like Tay, Sharla, Rachel and other bigger vloggers. They all use each other but the two "living dolls" in the same country, same city, competiting to maintain their kawaii ass crowns would be fun to see it play out.
i disagree about venus. she doesn't seem interested at all in merging with any other youtube star or collabing. she's just too antisocial. she has no friends at all as it is. and venus isn't even known in japan sometimes i forget she actually lives there.

No. 168368

Her chin is edited in the footage shot by someone else as well.

No. 168370

>PokemonGo isn't even a thing anymore
m8…do you live under a rock?

No. 168374

Its probably edited it a point, but compare the footage of her at the event and the footage of her at the start. Its still very different. The first bit is more of what she shoops herself, while the "candid" footage is closer to what she looks like, but still with heavy filters/ angles/ stretching etc.

No. 168376

oh that wiggly, wiggly lip.
I agree that it seems like her agency may have pushed her to make this video, or least use the event footage.
Pokemon go is still relevant but the video is a bit too late to be particulalry topical

No. 168385

She's not totally lazy. I mean she learned Japanese well, much better than any of the other Japan vloggers. And she worked hard enough to get herself over to Japan and remain there despite no help or encouragement from her family. It's more that she's just gotten too comfortable, not that she can't work hard. Maybe this is her trying to get out of the slump.

No. 168388

She has half a million subs on YouTube, if she sticks with it she could make quite a bit of extra money. That's also a good back up if she doesn't get enough gigs anymore.

(Unlike Kaka, who has about 60k. Too bad, hm?)

No. 168390

>if she sticks with it

if. she's had lots of followers for a long time. she could get lots of views by just making hair tutorials like she used to. but apparently that's been too much work for her to do for almost a year. vlogging is like…. 3x as hard. i doubt she'll stick to it unless someone helps. remember when she was sponsored to do those app review things? and it was just a bronwyn level single shot of her monologuing without subtitles? rip her if bravo are really the ones who pushed her to do this vlogging thing because that means she really doesn't want to be putting this much effort.

No. 168393


If kooter ups her game, stops being a lazy ass and puts down that DS I'll root for her. I don't even hate the girl I like her in a weird way despite everything. I feel like… she has (or had lol) potential. She can DO something still. But dammit kootie make the fucking effort.

No. 168417

she's had so many opportunities handed to her on a silver platter and she screwed them all up. she's worked with elle, etude house, ufufu, tsubasa masuwaka and popteen just to name a few. that's more than enough for models to start up their career. and where has she ended up? nowhere. all those connections are gone, too. just how bad do you have to fuck up for that to happen? she's not even in her mid 20's yet and is already desperately copying other youtubers far less popular than her as if that's gonna start off her career again. once again, lazy. no creativity. she art is still as terrible as it was in her scenekid days. this girl is just….. lord. she never progresses. is that an ostrenga thing?? i mean just look at her photoshopping she hasn't even gotten better at that. it's so fucking bizarre. it's a miracle she learned japanese at all.

No. 168418

Drawing yourself in the mirror is the easiest way to practice faces, anon. Though posting it online for asspats is narcissistic af

No. 168435

I feel like if she went all out, she could easily out-vlog Taylor. She's better known in Japan, speaks good Japanese, so she can easily work for two audiences. She also is more known in general. She might not look like her photos, but people seem to like her ugly mug in this vlog, so I guess it works out anyway.

No. 168444


Oh god yeah without a doubt. She could out do Taylor easily because she started the doll shit off before Tay was even known and in Japan. Kota just needs to work on it… If she came clean was honest, nice and shit I reckon she could out do Venus too

No. 168447

she looks very beautiful in the shop but the start of the video is horrible

No. 168449

oh btw does anyone where she got the dress?

No. 168456

I don't see how Kota's content will be particularly interesting. In this video she woke up, talked about ?, showed us her phone, shot of her in the car, and then walked around the store no comment. It's literally no different than the jvlogger crew. No thanks. She barely works and stays at home all day playing video games so what could she vlog about? And if it's for promotion, by the time she's finished editing and posting a video in two weeks time the event will cease to be relevant.

I know she's basically a flop and is trying to do other things to save her career but vlogging ain't it. She should focus on art, if anything.

No. 168460

File: 1472167317058.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2016-08-25-20-50-40…)


No. 168462


Am I the only one who sees… a face in her veiny ass hand?!

No. 168464

Woah what the fuck are those purple circles/rings? Good find anon. Fuck. First thing I thought of was cigarettes but cigarette burns look a little different and I doubt she'd let herself get those, I guess it's just because they look about the width of a cigarettes. I don't think it's likely to be scars but what the fuck is it then? It doesn't really look drawn on or like pressure marks.

No. 168465

It's only a Taylor vlog if we have six time lapses, let's be honest.

No. 168466

Wait maybe they're just kitchen burns, I have gotten burns like that from cooking.

No. 168468

With as many subs as she already has, and the fact that she has about 15 videos with well beyond a million views each, she really only has to do like 1 vlog a week to make (more) money. If she can manage that, she'd be golden.

No. 168473

And I mean, clearly she's comfortable as it is. Look at her place, it's bigger than Taylor's and Taylor's family is rich.

No. 168474

Yeah but a lot of those videos are at least two to three years old, I mean the last two videos she released got up to 200,000 or a little over 200,000 views,but still money wise I don't think it will be enough to fully support her. A lot of youtubers have talked about how just because you have a certain amount of subscribers doesn't mean you're gonna make that much of a profit off your channel. She would have to be very frequent with her video post and make them longer than 4 minutes for the most part.

No. 168477

I wonder who her tripodsan is, someone was using her camera at the event for her.

chin shifting 2:07
waist shifting 2:14

No. 168478

She can't afford new clothes or shoes though. Those old knockoff shoes aren't a good look.

No. 168479


Probably Taiko Katano her visa or some 'friend'

Doubt it's Yula since she's pretty busy nowadays with her new book. Funny… Kota and Yula were friends… you'd have thought Dakota would've bought her book and promo'd it!

No. 168481


Also has anyone else noticed.. Dakota always seems to get taxis? Never see the girl on a train

No. 168484

I wonder if she got a place a little outside of Tokyo that would explain how she could find a place like that she could afford, or maybe she does have a roommate who knows.

No. 168485

Most of the other jvloggers get more popular everyday just doing regular stuff, why wouldn't Dakota?

All you need to do to be popular as a jvlogger is be at least average looking and vlog often about Japan-y shit.

No. 168486

File: 1472170492072.jpg (102.08 KB, 701x411, wonky.jpg)

This is really noticable on the thumbnails because of all the distortion to make her eyes bigger but her body and shoulders tiny.

No. 168489

File: 1472170811614.jpg (27.49 KB, 399x385, what an idiot.jpg)

>She should focus on art, if anything.
>thinks there's money to be made in art

No. 168491

File: 1472170963537.jpg (405.06 KB, 2400x2400, image.jpg)


She's edited all the footage guys. My favourite part is at 2:14 where she's given herself a waistline. But she moves away from the window and the cut out waistline is "filled in" by her actual shape lol.

inb4 "it's because she bends her arm back in" - check out the spots on her dress and you'll see she's literally cut out the shape of the body she wants. Sad.

No. 168492

Not the same anon but I don't think this is a comeback, people on this thread get so excited over just one video and then she ends up going another 2-6 months without posting anything.I don't think YouTube is something she cares about because if she was still popular and getting work she wouldn't be posting anything , it would be another one of those "my computer broke" situations.

No. 168493

lmao you think she can afford all that by appearing on a breakfast show once in a blue moon and modeling for secret honey's halloween line? it's why people speculate she's gotten married secretly. you're right, not even taylor lives the way dakota does with her investments, sharing her apartment with her bf and making money off youtube. venus has more views/subcribers than dakota and she isn't living rich either. clearly dakota is getting money from somewhere else. hell, maybe it's why she's stopped giving a shit about her career. if she loves vomit and gross humor i doubt she'd reject an offer to entertain a sugardaddy every now and then for big $$$$$. god knows she's got fanboys out there.

No. 168497

Well that's why I mentioned the views, the views are way more important in terms of money, and Dakota has a few videos with like, 8 million views a piece. People can live off the revenue they make just from older videos that were really popular because they still get high amounts of views even later on.

No. 168498

she could sell prints, do commissions, collab with other artists, paint portraits, do galleries and make shirts/dresses. at least then it would give her something to talk about when she goes to shows instead of continuing to lie about how she learned japanese. a dolly white girl who models and is an incredible artist? it's a bonus. it's certainly more than what she's doing now which is nothing. making clothes with her art would be great since she's a model. her clothing line could be for her art. like, there's a lot of ideas and possibilities for her if she actually had the mental capacity to have a single aspiration in life.

No. 168499

Not just the spots, but the whole waistline changes and the thickness of the ribbon down the middle of her dress re-stretches.

In some shots her tummy goes out as far as her boobs. She doesn't have a waistline and the dress is too small for her.

For reference of how she keeps cutting out a waist then adding boobs >>164858

No. 168500


But why do any of that when you can have a sugar daddy and just roll up looking like gollum to a random talk show every blue moon?

No. 168501


kek I've also just noticed when her elbow and bag move her waist stretches with it, as if surgically attached

No. 168502

which is why i said
>if she actually had the mental capacity to have a single aspiration in life.

there's a lot she could do. it's not like she's homeless. she just doesn't want to. why support/care about someone who can't bother in any aspect of their life?

No. 168503

Even then that would not be enough to live off of ,she would have to be a frequent poster to make any profit worth surviving off of, also it's not just views but advertisement and many other aspects that go into making a living of youtubing, like spending hours editing and actually giving a shit about your subscribers she couldn't even put in the effort of subbing a 4 minute video, completely alienating her English speaking audience(the majority of her subscribers).

No. 168507

We already saw how the whole brand thing went for her, also her drawings look like some shit a 10 year old doodled up in class definitely not gallery material. And the whole drawing portraits thing well she technically draws the same person over and over again.

No. 168512

Wasn't her aspiration to become a model in Japan? Seems like that one happened. And she tried to have her own accessory brand, even though it didn't work out.

She isn't the most proactive person in the world, but I don't think you're giving her enough credit for the things she's already done.

No. 168514

wow what made her suddenly do a fairly involved video
( i say fairly involved because its more her usual sit in front of the camera in her bedroom)

No. 168515


And she already tried sponsored videos but did such a lazy, weird job of it. Her efforts are focused on staying still for easier AE edits.

No. 168517

it's not impossible to improve and put effort. people have overcome worse odds. she has a fanbase and they'd buy her shitty art like they do for so many tumblrinas. if dakota even came across as a compassionate person in touch with her fans they'd do a lot for her and support her, too. but she likes feeling superior and never associating with them. so she's a massive cunt. she's doing everything wrong.

she didn't work towards being a model lmao. she posted videos of herself brushing her hair, got scouted, did shitty modeling work her agency sent her to while feeding off her viral youtuber status and then fell out of favor. what has she done? learn fluent japanese like a good gaijin? the only reason she got famous is because she was the first one to do the living doll thing. ever since weebs and living dolls began copying her she lost her special points and is like any other kawaii white girl living in japan. we always said she wasn't particularly stunning. she was just special at the time and had an interesting scandal with the whole copyright photoshopping thing. now she doesn't have anything.

No. 168523

She's set to be magibon #2.

No. 168525

File: 1472174936567.jpg (51.26 KB, 303x320, ugly-Bündchen-2.jpg)

>she didn't work towards being a model
>did shitty modeling work her agency sent her to

Th…that's what you do when you work at being a model…and you act like every model can get huge one day just because she does some shittier work earlier in her career. 99% of models don't become well known and aren't able to move past a certain point. That's not really their fault, that depends on what agencies want out of a model and what the public wants to see. Like, Giselle Bundchen has a tiny-eyed, big nosed, man face yet she's the highest paid model in the world. Right place, right time.

Yeah I agree she's not anything special. But she has done things, that's a fact. She's done way more modelling in Japan than the "actual model" Taylor. And again you downplay the fluent Japanese thing. People harp on Taylor 24/7 for not knowing Japanese and not modelling enough, but Dakota is doing the things people keep saying Taylor should do but they're still not happy. God damn, get your head out of your own ass.

No. 168526

that style was so cute yet still mature she should have continued wearing that honestly it suited her. And it's perfectly fine for her age as well.

No. 168528

>I used to envy her so much 2012 era but now I think all of us who idolized her and were jealous of her free trip to Japan at 16 for taking pretty selfies are very glad we are not her.
This a thousand tiomes i was deadly jealous,then saw her real face,then after a while her style of shooping/clothing changed,aaand she slowly stopped being interesting to me. And now her future just looks dark and i am indeed very glad i'm not her.
OT for blogging but i am way less self conscious,solved my own BDD problem and got my shit together so it also helps, meanwhile she seems to struggle with a horrible BDD i wouldn't wish on my worst ennemy and similar problems

No. 168530

This is worrisome. What is going on here? That looks terrible.

No. 168533

Oh boy what are those? I hope she's not putting herself in danger

No. 168540

I was thinking cooking burns like other anon mentioned but they're all purple and round and the same size… whenever I've burned myself on the oven it'll be like a stripe not a perfect circle. Weird.

No. 168542

Plague is Kawaii

No. 168553

Are those recent scars? It looks like it could be cigars like >>168464 said.

No. 168554

modelling is a tediously subtle craft that only looks like it's based on chance to someone who knows 0 about the industry. fashion designers will want nothing to do with someone like that. no model starts off knowing that. they learn as they go, they take cues, they adapt, they find their angles, they IMPROVE and find themselves getting more work. a model who never improves is a model no one will want to work for. obviously they start off scouted in malls at age 15 but you're not supposed to stay at that level forever.

>Giselle Bundchen has a tiny-eyed, big nosed, man face yet she's the highest paid model in the world. Right place, right time.

dude you just don't understand the modeling world at all. giselle is a fantastic model who knows how to move her body in front of the camera and embody the essence of the brand she's working for. compare the print work of magdalena frackowiak to bella hadid and see the difference. in fashion it's never about how conventionally attractive you are nor is it about chance, it's all about molding yourself to fit every client's needs and that's a timeless talent which is why naomi campbell still gets jobs despite being old and haggard.

a model who can cater to every brand is a sensational model. a model who can only pull off one brand is not. dakota has never been able to pull off a single one. not only because she's a shit model but because news flash her measurements aren't right lol are we acting like she's isn't just false advertisement anyway and that her photoshopped face isn't what played the biggest part in no one wanting to work with her ever again? designers also lose their shit at models whose weight fluctuates and basically who look different than the person they hired. dakota never has. so no, she has no talent and she hasn't achieved anything. if she were to have kept ANY of her connections while working then that means she did something right. but she's been nothing but a disposable model who was hired for her e-fame and then dropped once that faded.

>She's done way more modelling in Japan than the "actual model" Taylor. People harp on Taylor 24/7 for not knowing Japanese and not modelling enough, but Dakota is doing the things people keep saying Taylor should do but they're still not happy

oh boy lol should've known you were one of those. get your head out of kota's ass buddy. you care more about her career than she does.

No. 168559

You said everything I wanted to say.
Also I'll add that Bravo has been throwing Dakota at clients since the beginning. For a while they even had her as a direct booking so potential clients had to book her sight unseen. She has been spoonfed every advantage in her career and yet hasn't managed to grow.And even now Bravo is paying in an effort to get her to blow up again. All of those "Real Barbie" articles and retweets that recently reappeared aren't random. Someone at Bravo has a personal interest in Dakota.

No. 168560

They look a LOT like cigarette burn scars to me. I've seen people with the same looking scars from cigarette burns.

No. 168563

It's just luck. It's not common, but it can happen.

No. 168564

Come on, guys. Probably just weird mosquito bites. Look at dem veins. Such a feast!

No. 168566

I obviously didn't say Dakota had talent, I just said she's like the majority of other models. They stay in one place and then their career is over.

>but she's been nothing but a disposable model

Yeah, like most models. All I'm saying is, at least Dakota did that much. You're acting like she could be something big if she tried, but even you admitted that not everyone has the talent for that.

>you care more about her career than she does.

Clearly, so do you.

No. 168568

They look like cig burns to me too. I had a friend who used to do it up her arm. These look like they've been healed for a while. Although it could be anything. This is her left hand and she's right handed, so that's something to note.

No. 168570

>Someone at Bravo has a personal interest in Dakota.

I wonder who, because she sure doesn't make them any money but spends a lot of time at the agency building.

No. 168573

Disclaimer that this total speculation on my part, but if I had to guess, I think she is probably involved with her main booker who is a Japanese guy. Now whether it's a real relationship, a "benefits" situation, or even just Kooter stringing him along, she's not getting this special treatment for no reason. I mean Bravo goes through their foreign talent like tissue paper season after season, but Dakota remains on their board even when she is hardly working and when she is sooooo far below their usual standard.

No. 168582

>at least Dakota did that much
aka nothing. being a disposable model is no accomplishment. it means you took a taxi to the places your agency sent you to and failed to appeal to any designer. it may be common among models but that doesn't change the fact they're failures who weren't cut out for modelling. just because dakota got handed job opportunities doesn't mean she worked hard for them. the essence of a successful model is the fact they're able to evolve and impress brands on their own.

no dakota definitely could be something big if she tried. the thing is that she never tried at all. maybe if we saw her have drive and dedication in other aspects of her life like blogging and hair tutorials then i would believe that she tried her best at modelling and failed. i would've given her credit for that. fact is she didn't.

No. 168604

File: 1472195224443.png (806.31 KB, 1377x488, lol.PNG)

Does anyone speak Japanese and know whether she mentions what happened to her phone?
I was like wow how did she afford the samsung galaxy and the next time she shows it off it's cracked lmao

No. 168605

Probably dropped it.what surprises me is that she couldn't afford to fix it. Lol but knowing kota she probably was too lazy to get a warranty on it

No. 168608

Probably dropped it because wearing those gigantic fake nails.

No. 168612

Why do people buy expensive ass phones and don't put cases on them? It's fucking idiotic.

No. 168615

From what I understand, it broke while carrying it around in her bag.

No. 168618

She said in the video that it dropped out of her pockets when she was taking out the garbage, which is the exact same way she smashed it the first time

No. 168619


Well from what I remember she recoeved this phone from Samsung because she was in their promotions

No. 168632

Her hair is so thin and lifeless, I genuinely feel bad for her.

No. 168644

It's actually insulting to compare kooters to actual successful models. I don't know why but people seem to forget that she wasn't scouted the same way that all traditional models were? like a live interview, natural head shots, and actually seeing her in the flesh before she got hired? she conventionally got into modelling from her over photoshopped alien pics and some social media. That's definitely not the same comparable success that a lot of models worked hard way for. She's nothing but a glorified con-artist tbh. And even with that she still didn't do jack shit despite being presented with a lot of opportunities that many dont have

No. 168660

well, i mean, hair is not alive to begin with…

No. 168724

>Wasn't her aspiration to become a model in Japan?
No, it just kind of happened. Her only goal was attention, she didn't care where it came from. She ended up going to japan probably because it's the promised land of kawaii and that's the direction she was going in aesthetically.

No. 168730

File: 1472248780683.png (456.05 KB, 466x581, Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 22.5…)


No I think Dakota always wanted to. I remember some shitty old profile said how she'd wanted to be one since she was little. Also her old ass tumblr, she used to constantly blog models and I even remember her doing this picture trying to palm it off as "runway" make up.

No. 168732

Lol, i actually really love this look, reminds me of strawberry icecream.

No. 168803

It's just so flat and greasy, and damaged from years of bleaching it when she was young. All she can really do now is wear wigs or something.

No. 168817

Same here anon. I think >>168730 is really cute, and would love to see Kota wear this with her new style.

No. 168863

uhh no?? i followed her tumblr since the day she made it, and she never once posted or reblogged, or even talked about any person that wasn't her. and she never said that gif was "runway model makeup" how can you lie about this when her tumblr with that gif still exists? lmao the only comment along with it was that her eyebrows were still pink days later. www.kotakoti.tumblr.com

as for the aspiration, she did want to be a model but not Japan specifically. anon is right that she probably chose it because her aesthetic was heading there, before that she tried and failed to be a model in the states.

No. 168878

are you seriously implying she has even an inkling of a chance of becoming an incredible artist?

No. 168996

No, that's just how her hair naturally is. Hair grows you know, you don't just keep the same old hair you had when you were a kid…

She has had hair extensions though, which will thin out your hair over time.

No. 169003

she could probably still be a tv personality. whether anyone here agrees or not she has some kind of a sense of humor. she'll just be an aged model (which is a common character trope)
she looks adorable here

No. 169094

Now that anon brought up the weird marks on her hand, that's all I notice in her new pictures. Even though it's heavily blurred.

No. 169271

She certainly can't laugh at herself though, which she'd have to be able to do if she wanted to play that kind of role.

No. 169282

File: 1472414808050.jpg (165.93 KB, 1200x1200, Cq3LCgBUsAARkcr.jpg)

No. 169284

File: 1472415077577.jpg (274.6 KB, 1200x1200, CqwpwQNWAAAnK3Y.jpg)

No. 169297

the right eye is melting off

No. 169298

dude how does she leave so little trace of shoop
fucking wizard

No. 169303

I'm assuming it's a warp tool, they're great for scooting things around an image with little to no blur.

Also, Kaka has been shooping herself for how many years now? If she had a better understanding of proportions, she could probably make some good money as an image retoucher. Instead I just imagine her feverishly shooping away her own images for hours on end.

No. 169305


Kaka stands for Kirsten aka Kiki aka Kota's sister

No. 169347

Look on youtube on how to use warp tool, Kota uses the thing where you can paint an area and be sure it doesn't warp too much.

No. 169351

You can see the blur on this one, between her lips and chin!

No. 169411

File: 1472445777522.png (483.45 KB, 401x411, welp.png)

so much for a comeback lmao

No. 169415

File: 1472446014308.png (1.03 MB, 718x374, 1.png)


No. 169416

Jesus, this shit terrified me. I just came here from the front page.

No. 169420

She's getting lazy, everything under her mouth is really, really blurry. More so than usual.

Glad to see her huge as fuck are making a mega comeback.

No. 169422

I know its petty, but I'm going to make fun of her for re-wearing an outfit.

Way to re-wear an entire outfit Kota. Lazy, you're suppose to be a model!

No. 169423

I never thought I'd prefer her concealing her lips to appear smaller. It looks so much better than the chola thing she's doimng.

No. 169425

File: 1472446580349.jpg (414.72 KB, 600x900, A92Z9513590.jpg)

the anime shit was cute. i mean we've always known she shooped but at least she shooped as something aesthetically pleasing and anime related. now she's just a poorly shooped western girl with 0 sense of style who randomly speaks japanese. ? where is the market in that. she's such an idiot.

No. 169427

File: 1472446795499.jpg (245.64 KB, 800x1142, 077.jpg)

her prime tbh

No. 169429

We gave her such shit for this look as well, but now that we've seen what she's morphed into this era looks normal.

No. 169435

She cucked herself. If she'd just stuck to the YouTube thing, included her western fans and not embarked on this nasty new style of shooping, Taylor never would have overtaken her.

No. 169455

I'm pretty sure that is a throwback pic from the same day as the one with the old guy

Jesus fuck this outfit was hideous

No. 169457

Man this is some cute shit

No. 169467

File: 1472463926855.png (194.32 KB, 407x374, 1466351187819.png)

irl her face is too wide for concealed lips. Yeah, with after effects it appears fine, without editing it appears a bit strange. I think she started making her lips bigger to maker her face appear smaller.

No. 169481

Holy shit I hadn't checked on dakota properly in nearly a year.
She's literally lost the plot, wtf happened to her?

No. 169482

It wasn't always that bad. She's obviously tightening her lips/doing a weird smile here.

No. 169491

This is freaking adorable, Kota go back to this ASAP pls

No. 169495

On youtube if you don't upload for a while, lets say over a month, once you upload a video it won't show on most of your subscribers feed so rip

No. 169498

back when if you hated her you had to begrudgingly admit she looked cute and was v successful. rip her. i can't imagine her being "goals" to anyone.

No. 169502


I don't think she really liked this era it was all for pop teen tbh

now nicole fujishi (is that her name?) has taken her spot.

No. 169503


you gotta try harder kootie if you wanna take back the kawaii desu crown!

No. 169507

that and >>167000 were the best kota eras

No. 169508

I think if she started to upload more frequently she could definitely start to catch up. In the next few years she's probably going to have to decide if she wants to focus more on YouTube/her western audience or gradually fade from the limelight.

No. 169524

I thought that's why she's been doing it too. Honestly I don't mind the concealed lips look at all though, but I can see why maybe she thought it made her face look bigger or something

No. 169528

Really? That seems really dumb design-wise

No. 169544

She looked great and cute but not 2012 tumblr era or Scene era Kiki … Aka the shit that went totally viral.

Every year or so she jumps to a totally new style to try and see what is going to make her go big again. Thin concealed lips Kota, anime shortened-lolita dresses Kota, now she's trying to look like a high-end russian alien prostitute because why not …

It's not like her first crazy editing and lies caused her any problems, it started her modeling gigs. She definitely won't go back to a style that didn't go viral and certainly not without the help of some crazy shooping.

No. 169547

Well now that Kota's 15 minutes of fame is up I wonder who will be the next foreigner to be semi-popular in Japan, first I think it was Magibon, then Beckii, then Dakota. And I wonder what will the next "thing" Beckii kinda started the jpop dance covers trend, Yukapon started the forever 13 trend, and Kota with the living doll trend.

No. 169548

Maybe Ashley? She could kickstart the living dead trend.

No. 169552

She's fucking lost it

No. 169555

File: 1472495940512.jpeg (55.56 KB, 750x858, image.jpeg)

This needs to be posted on /x/

No. 169564

Taylor/Kota-clone is doing a lot better than the original. Maybe Kota should copy Taytay…

No. 169583

kota's downfall is both incredibly sad and yet so fascinating to see

No. 169602

it must be incredibly frustrating for kota to see someone who obviously envied her try and who once tried to hopelessly copy her now stop, do her own thing, and slowly become more more relevant, likeable and tbh prettier that dakota– at least to kota. taylor is much thinner and taller than kota so we know she's already envious of that. she also has long hair. i mean who would be envious of dakota's holiday ham face and cankles? taylor might not be blowing up to viral status but at least she has a very stable fanbase and is steadily growing in popularity. she's also very dedicated to her craft and is an overall genuine vlogger who actually talks to her fanbase, something kota never gave enough of a shit to do. total downfall. kota did EVERYTHING wrong. if anything she serves as an example of what not to do.

No. 169603


Very true anon.

Now that Tay's chummed up with Sharla and now Venus she's defo gonna get more fame.

No. 169605

>Maybe Kota should copy Taytay…
i feel like she already is. i gave her the benefit of the doubt with that apartment tour video a while after taylor's bedroom tour came out. but TO ME AT LEAST her going with a western high fashion style, doing aegyo sal despite this no longer being trendy or likeable, overlining her lips in the same shade taylor's often is(that very dark matte mauve), photoshopping herself to look taller, and trying her hand at vlogging to me seems… sus. again, to me.

No. 169606

This thread makes me kek

We all know Dakota copies Tay and she still shoops. But yet being complained about a Venus thread. As if kootie has much milk these days either…

No. 169607


She should just go back to her first ever video style. Seriously it was better

No. 169645

I never understood the Ostrenga's fame thirst but unwillingness to interact with the people who look up to them. All they want are strangers to fawn over them but they won't have anything to do with these people lol. That's so fucking lame.

No. 169647

maybe kota should do a throwback. it might help her if she makes fun of the silly things she did with her makeup back then. a little self-deprecating but that would humanize her.

>promise phan's video

No. 169652

why is this pic so creepily full of symbolism?
the twiggy
the big posted called faces
the bg posted called 'funny face'
the matilda pic
the cross and roses

No. 169662

The hair gives it away for most of these dolly chicks, even the better shoopers like kooter. The hair around their face/shoulders is always mysteriously curving inward or weirdly kinked, or defies gravity. Like the hair on her arm here >>169282 is not laying naturally, it looks like the ends are stuck to her arm.

No. 169666

Lmao, she definitely halved the size of her shoulders/dat arm, you can tell.

No. 169673


>maybe kota should do a throwback…a little self-deprecating but that would humanize her.

Kota looking back? Self-depricating humor? I doubt it. Her ego is too damn big. Dakota even til now can't reconcile what she and Kirsten did in the past. Dakota just wants her past to burn and forgotten, she'll continue evolving herself to whatever is trendy and gets her paid. The shooping of her pictures will continue, the same as she shoops a genuinely fake personality.

No. 169684

mte. A year ago my money would have been on Kaka to be the one to watch fail in slow motion.

No. 169686

Ultimately, I think Dakotas biggest downfall is her unwillingness to interact with her followers and how unrelatable she is. The fact that she hardly ever responds to anyone makes her seem cold and distant, and quite unrelatable. Tay is getting more efame than Kota because people watch her videos and can relate to Tay, because she's very down to earth and girl next door. I'm not necessarily a Taylor stan, but I do see why she has a lot of subscribers. And I completely respect Kota wanting to immerse herself in Japanese culture, but if she's trying to cultivate a new fan base she needs to start speaking English in her vids.

No. 169695

Newer versions of photoshop have a tool in the liquify filter called "freeze" that allows you to paint over an area and make sure that it doesn't warp or distort when you liquify other areas of the image. That's how she keeps background lines straight when shooping herself thinner.

No. 169708

English subs would be enough honestly

No. 169821

>being this mentally ill

No. 169876

File: 1472579793834.png (790.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-30-13-52-35…)


Funny you say that. This spunds something Kiki would say.

No. 169877

File: 1472580233243.jpg (181.18 KB, 1200x1200, CrHFpm0VIAImnF7.jpg)

Im surprised she replied to something like that.

I don;t think she's had plastic surgery, she still looks the same in her candids. Its just her overuse of PS

No. 169878

Holy shit, does she lurk here or what?

No. 169884


She lurks around Anon, she always does, at any site where her name is mentioned. Not just her mind you, but Keeks, Momma Cath and some of her fam. lurks and whiteknight on her behalf. It's the same pattern she/they did back in /cgl/ many years ago.

No. 169886

I saw this on IG too and was stunned. Kota replying to someone? The fuck.

No. 169905

File: 1472586336339.jpg (57.18 KB, 688x500, fb.jpg)

>we live in a wonderful world with makeup
you can live without makeup koot, photoshop is what changed your life -insert crylaugh emojis-

No. 169908

Anon, she wanted to say 'we live in a wonderful world with photoshop' but her Ostrenga roots made her type makeup. You know, they're all natural and photoshop doesn't exist in their dictionaries.

No. 169917

>if i did any plastic surgery i would lose my job in an instant
Except shes already lost her contracts with every single brand she's ever been set up with and she no longer gets work because of her heavy photoshopping and fake measurements. I mean. Implying she even gets work anymore LMAO.

And why does she act so obtuse no one thinks she's had plastic surgery like… no one. I promise. We all know you shoop, Kota. It's been four years. Everyone knows she photoshops. How is she not embarrassed to write that lmao. How pathetic.

No. 169926

did you guys notice she doesn't follow the suspected BF account on Instagram anymore?

No. 169938

Honestly, It's kind of cringey looking back on it.

No. 169940

>pretending she can afford surgery and is above having it bc this is totes her real face


No. 169961

holy fuck
please someone show her this, she has to be stopped

No. 169971

File: 1472604242136.jpeg (64.61 KB, 750x686, image.jpeg)

She only has 64k followers, and this video clip got 500,000+ views? That's hella weird, but I suspect it was linked on a board or something (maybe people were laughing at her real face).

No. 169979

Isn't that a clip from her Pokemon go vlog, which only has 55,253 views. It is pretty weird.

No. 169990

That's just views, not likes. It was showing up on the explore page for a lot of people so it probably just got a lot of views out of curiosity

No. 169995

She is the Viral Queen, after all.

No. 170329

Also isn't it funny how we follower count is steadily growing, yet her pics still only get the same amount of likes they always have?

No. 170330

What a bitchy response, good ol' Kooter still hasn't changed a bit I see. This is why she shouldn't go back to using English honestly, nobody else is gonna kiss her ass and swallow her bullshit whole like the Japanese will, so if this is how she handles comments about her that have been around since she went to Japan, she really shouldn't try to go back to using English and just keep ignoring anyone and anything that isn't grorious nipponese. She's not cute/popular enough anymore to go back to publicly being a salty bitch. It was "cute" when she was still getting deals with Popteen and Etude House an Candydoll, her little rude American tomboy brat persona, but if she starts acting like Kiki she's gonna lose a lot more than just some jobs. She should know better than that, as lo as she's been there and as well as she speaks Japanese, they don't like that bitchy, snide narcissistic shit. That's why Kiki never got anywhere in Japan, even though she was skinny, pretty, and willing to fuck whoever for whatever she wants.

No. 170331

>since I was 16
Again with these lies lmao.

No. 170332

>Oh, but Kota's CHANGED, guys! She's totally grown up from her past and matured!
Now where are these anons? Once an Ostrenga, always an Ostrenga.

No. 170333

>as well as she speaks Japanese, they don't like that bitchy, snide narcissistic shit. That's why Kiki never got anywhere in Japan, even though she was skinny, pretty, and willing to fuck whoever for whatever she wants.
You'd think they'd realize that to make it in Japan, you have to put on a sweet public face.

No. 170345


You can actually buy views for your YT videos, etc., just as you can buy (fake) facebook friends and twitter followers. Plus, Kooter's dad works for Juniper Networks, which is one of the subcontractors for IT Intelligence for the US govt. He might be working his connections for Kooter.

No. 170352

how was that even bitchy though?

No. 170429

>why risk your health for vanity when there's photoshop :)

fixed it.

No. 170435

I'm at fault for that, I'm the one who told her to do it. And it's a good tip–if done right. Full lips WOULD be cute on her, if she'd get actual fillers done by a seasoned professional. But nah, she had to go and over line her lips like a god damn chola.

No. 170445

Good one, delusional-chan.

No. 170448

I agree. This is how her and Kaka were raised since they were children. Neither of them will ever change.

No. 170452

Delusional chan? How about no. I'm a farmer, that had been fairly consistently sending her snide messages telling her that her tiny concealed butthole mouth did her no favors and that full lips will make her face look less like a Christmas ham. She listened. No need to tinfoil hat something so simple.

No. 170453

File: 1472706906744.gif (856.64 KB, 300x300, image.gif)

Ho boy

No. 170547

I'm anon. Chill out dude. I was taking responsibility for a disaster, as in she listens to us sometimes but. Girl can't even take advice properly. She just Frankenstein-monsters everything we suggest into a chimera of fail.

No. 170695

File: 1472782507436.jpg (50.29 KB, 560x539, gab.JPG)

idk if this girl tries to look like dakota on purpose but dakota this could be you if you did ya lips right

No. 170696

File: 1472782562784.jpg (24.66 KB, 342x389, uhsor86hjcw8.JPG)

or this
she's basically dakota with wider set eyes

No. 170697

Who is she?

No. 170699

She looks like CL! ^^

No. 170718

oh please sweet jesus, not this again

No. 170722

Is she Russian?

No. 170723

Cathy's gonna post in this thread saying she looks like a fish lmao.

No. 170728

shes way better looking than koota

No. 170762

File: 1472820921075.jpg (196.99 KB, 1200x1200, CrVSWMLUMAAp0mC.jpg)

No. 170767

Lol she couldn't un-wonk her eyes with photoshop because it would warp the straight lines of the pencil.

No. 170783

Maybe this is her way of trying to get another brand contract, since she's not getting shit for work lately.

No. 170791

did she edit a fang in or has she always had that snaggletooth? i can't remember.

No. 170799

make herself look like dakota how??
have you people seriously never seen cute white girls with bangs?

No. 170809

You can't even see the eyeliner. What's the point?

No. 170810

Who is this? Way better than Kooter.

No. 170812

File: 1472840641115.jpg (55.42 KB, 634x726, FromPULL~~WhoDatPokemon_EshKot…)


A liquid eyeliner instagram spam? Shit kooter, you need to get sponsored by Adobe and promote their Photoshop liquify tool, youre gonna be swimming in golden butt nuggets

Meanwhile back at the pulltards a shitty Dakotamon gets posted kek

No. 170821


In order for this girl to be "making herself to look like Dakota" then Dakota would first have to actually look like her shoops, which she doesn't. So really, Dakota is trying to look like her. Also this pic just goes to show how bad Dakota needs to go back to bangs.

No. 170849

I'm just surprised she'd putting actual colors on her face

No. 170852

goddamn her top lip looked fucked up
Bad shoop kooter

No. 170864

Ew, her eyebrows are too thick and ugly.

No. 170886

Not sure if selfpost. Her shoops are as inconsistent as Dakota's.

No. 170888

she's cute, what's her name?

No. 170901

CL is nowhere near that pretty.

No. 170904

At least blend in your actual lip color with your ugly lipliner in photoshop, Kooter.
For how much she photoshops, she still does such a shitty job

No. 170907

LMFAO, the way she blurs the top lip to make the actual cupids bow blend into her horrid chola make up is so blatantly obvious and pathetic.
Not fooling anyone, Dakota, knock it off already.

No. 171083

File: 1472948276457.jpg (91.45 KB, 450x745, taobaotankerbell.jpg)


Either Kooty has a missing philtrum or she shoops the shit out to blend with her face. If she's got a missing philtrum then this is a sign that she used to be a baby born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (way to go Momma Cathy). If she's got that philtrum IRL then she really needs to cut down on the shooping or totally go cold turkey

No. 171103

File: 1472953590333.jpg (146.09 KB, 460x394, what fas looks like.jpg)

She's got a shit eating smirk in every photo, on many white girls their upper lip tends to smooth out when they smile. It's not indicative of FAS. FAS has very distinguishable symptoms that are diagnosed at infancy, not every white girl with a flat face has FAS and I wish this meme would die.

No. 171159

No. 171164

Well in terms of her personal style she is miles above Koots, but when it comes to her actual looks it's hard to gage. Her face is different in every picture. Strange shoop.

No. 171176

This made me realize my friend's kids have FAS, damn.

No. 171195

She probably had to do it. She's not been getting enough jobs so she literally has to take these jobs or she'll be broke

No. 171207

I don't think they can really see the contrast. Aren't Japanese kinda blind towards foreign faces?
If you showed them Kota and this girl >>170695, they wouldn't know who's who. Kota's shoop-face and real face probably look the same to them.

No. 171212

File: 1473002705234.gif (70.25 KB, 200x161, E-T-Face-85889.gif)

>Kota's shoop-face and real face probably look the same to them.

No. 171249

Japanese society is weird and super overly polite to attractive foreigners, to the point of it ring embarrassing, but they're not completely blind and retarded. If they were, she would still be all over Popteen, Etude House, Candy Doll and Dolly Wink, not struggling to get Halloween costume-tier modeling gigs every 3.5 weeks.

No. 171264

Yeh she's just another shoop monster who never has candids.

No. 171308

She switched her Instagram bio to mostly English instead of "ダコタ・ローズ 20歳 モデル・タレント" and whatever to just "American model based in Japan". Also she took off her Line blog URL, too. She's slowly transitioning more and more to English on there too.

Meanwhile on Twitter, she's still hamming it up in Moon with Tsubasa and Yula, as well as replying to several fan tweets about her.

No. 171316

I think she's having money problems. She has had the same manicure for over a month and it's growing out of her hand. She also reposted a pic of yet another pair of old shoes she never leaves the house with.

No. 171317

She's probably doing it to get more into the "Instagram girl" thing for money. Maybe she's realizing she needs to give off a more approachable persona with English.

No. 171368

File: 1473063401378.png (452.93 KB, 484x603, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.15…)

I saw >>170695 and thought she was pretty, but in pic related she looks disgusting. Christ.

No. 171381

File: 1473070782921.jpg (117.54 KB, 440x675, tumblr_m07v33D7fM1qzy8r9.jpg)

I'm pretty sure the ring in this picture is the same as the one from her tumblr era too.

Its kind of weird she's suddenly posing with all these old clothing accessories lately. Its all been in the last few weeks too. Maybe she knows these sort of cute-edgy-statement pieces is what helped her get popular, and is hoping for history to repeat. But none of this really fits her boring style at the moment.

No. 171382

She looks like she has Waardenburg syndrome in this photo.

No. 171423

Just another white girl abusing the bloat tool and overdrawing her lips to kingdom come, yawn

No. 171433

maybe she just likes the accessories… she didn't get famous for being edgy she got famous for being a beautiful (fake) dolly girl.

No. 171442

Looks like Benedict Cumberbatch in drag.

No. 171543


The level of instagram filter & tweaking is close to the level of Dakota's shooping. Just check her entire instagram (https://www.instagram.com/gabriellehyland/) and you'll find another privelleged attention-seeking girl. I'm tired of these girls trying to ride on the faded living-dolly fame donkey, especially coat-tailing the kawaii erufu godessu (Dakota); inserting this girl in this thread has the odor of self-posting. This isn't /cgl/ 2012 all over again, y'all need to stop this shit.

No. 171552

Dakota didn't get famous for looking like a doll or being pretty though, she got famous because she was good at editing and makeup and nobody could figure out for the longest time how she did it. Now that more people are using photoshop, lenses and editing apps to take even basic selfies for IG, she's nothing special. In 2012, After Effects was still widely unknown by anyone who wasn't into photography or professional video editing seriously. Dakota used professional tier software and setups to make herself into what she wanted to look like, which was impressive for someone who "quit school at 8" and never finished high school, but that's all she had going for her. Models don't need to know how to edit, and she doesn't have enough angles to work or a versatile enough look to be a serious model, not to mention she's too lazy to even take care of her figure of whiten her pumpkin teeth. She only became a model because someone in Bravo had, and for whatever reason still has a massive, throbbing gaijin pussy hunter boner for her and her ~all natural forever 16~ act.

No. 171554

Dakota didnt invent this shit.its the same shit as every current photo trend. Just remember the scene girl trends. Same shit, new look. Dakota isnt the queen of this look.
And theres nothing living doll about her.

No. 171569

Good catch anon, she definitely hasn't been making bank for a long time. These little $5 instagram posts won't cut it for her.

I'd agree, but she self posted in this thread so it's clear she's following Koots.

No. 171586

She popularized it for white girls though. If she hadn't taken gyaru/ulzzang makeup techniques and done them so well(plus the clothes and the shoop), I'd be surprised if the kawaii japanese dolly look would have ever gotten any real attention in the west at all. If not for Dakota, the only living dolls we'd know of would be all those russian girls trying to be barbies. And people like Venus would have just fallen into the lolita category and never really gone anywhere.

No. 171588

No she didnt. Most ppl dont know who the fuck Dakota is.
Shes not this super popular it girl you try to make her out to be.

No. 171590

I'm not saying the general public knows who she is dumbshit, I'm saying Dakota gave that look it's 15 minutes of fame with the right crowd of people, and now basically anyone interested in asian things knows about it and can replicate it.

No. 172123

This video literally popped up in my "popular videos you might enjoy" section of Instagram and I was like damn what the hell. and I commented to someone who was going off about how much she looked like a doll "it's all photoshop" and I as blocked so fast lmao

No. 172283


they don't need to know the person behind the trend. hell i don't even know who popularized some trends I've taken part in, but someone's gotta be the first, always.

No. 172290

Fuck me, it really does.

No. 172454

File: 1473394082542.jpg (140.58 KB, 1080x1080, 14276418_183190008773461_88839…)

Odd shapes everywhere.

No. 172472

I really dont know where her career is at now, I feel like she is just slowly ruining what little thing she had going for her self.

No. 172491

File: 1473415706810.png (544.4 KB, 580x572, koot.png)

No. 172499

damn. that makeup looks so cakey, and with those lenses too big for her sclera, i think i know how she must look like up close lol

No. 172505

the number sixteen looks like it's in front of her hair. how?

No. 172513

File: 1473422927534.png (917.94 KB, 640x420, getThumbnail.png)


No. 172514

File: 1473422963786.jpg (122.6 KB, 650x460, d6410-184-491974-1.jpg)

No. 172515

File: 1473423112086.jpg (48.18 KB, 800x320, Cr4K6uOUsAAraA9.jpg)

Why would anyone want her on their mobile phone???

No. 172516

Me so i can feel better about my ugly mug. kek "if this pasty bitch can do it so can you"

No. 172519

She will be in a furisode fashion show in October.

No. 172732

File: 1473486125325.png (2.62 MB, 2208x1242, image.png)

Here guys!
I caught the last bit of her live event just now.

No. 172734

File: 1473486178812.png (2.69 MB, 2208x1242, image.png)

No. 172735

File: 1473486561271.png (4.34 MB, 2208x1242, image.png)

No. 172737

File: 1473486846863.png (4.32 MB, 2208x1242, image.png)

No. 172743

What the fuck she looks way better in thr firdt one than in the second one!!! Dakota, what are you even doing? How can she think looking like a cross between smegol and a gremlin can possibly be a good thing?

No. 172747

I don't mean to fatshame her or anything but I feel like her body type is kinda wide and shit, maybe thats why she isn't as famous as she should be? Why oh why don't you just work out already Dakota? Then you won't need to shoop so much :( she used to be a dime piece back when she was pretending to be 16 lol

No. 172748

She's way more famous than she 'should' be if we're judging by her real life appearance. And her body is definitely not the issue there.

No. 172750

Ignoring the flagrant shoop for a quick second, why does this silly heifer not put waves in her hair more often? In almost every picture that I've seen of her with some kind of texture in hair (as opposed to wearing it bone straight like she notmally does) I think she looks dramatically better. She sucks so hard at styling herself a lot of the time. Sometimes I genuinely feel like she wants to delibrately sabotage her career with how ugly she makes her photos. I don't even know anymore.

No. 172758

I actually like her looks when modelling for BtSSB

No. 172766

you're bitter and jealous, she's not wide she's petite, and it's completely understandable why she went viral

No. 172767

oh gawd not again

No. 172776

No. 172778

Her natural hair texture (thin & baby fine) looks like the type that wouldn't hold any waves or curls without some serious heat styling & product,and even then the waves would probably drop out super fast. Knowing how damaged it already is, she probably doesn't want to make it worse.

No. 172791

She's cute tho!! She looks like CL

No. 172812

Kooters was definitely saved by the low-res blurry up shots with these candids. I cant wait to see the pics of her up close and her cringy shooped version

No. 172940

Her outfit is a 10/10 but good god that hair.

No. 172977

Can't wait for candids of this.

No. 172984

Braid waves. She could wear braids at night and throw some hairspray on it in the morning.

No. 172986

File: 1473563576927.jpg (68.86 KB, 625x435, 2746-1428530856-9.jpg)

Not sure why you keep saying this.

No. 172987

It's a script/auto-reply. Started as a joke when a self-poster came to lolcow and claimed she looked like CL. So it became a "thing" to mock photos.

No. 172988

Actual nightmare fuel

No. 172994

Because she didn't style herself.

No. 173021

Why is she in the shadows in those pics?

No. 173117

Thank you anon for the new candids. Can't wait to see the high res photos and her shooped versions. It's great when I see the kooter thread has been updated with horrible pics, she looks like Gollum in these with her stringy limp hair.

No. 173150

Probably because the only reason she still gets gigs is because her manager gets them all for her. Nobody is reaching out to hire her anymore.

No. 173155

where is the nasolabial-folds sperg-chan when you need em

No. 173170

then why didn't she go viral the 7 previous years she was on the internet (and even more fame hungry than later?)

No. 173354

one eye looks swollen

No. 173439

Can anyone access this site and cap the stream? Dakota was in this show but the site requires a Japan IP address:


The show's summary with Dakota:


No. 173527

I live in Japan and I'm not fluent.
But this leads me to an app that has different live channels on it. Pretty cool, but I don't think I can find the old show with her in it.

No. 173540


The caps from that show are from this picture and down. Unfortunately it was a live show so there is no archive of it…


No. 173687

File: 1473794951386.jpg (153.34 KB, 480x720, 002_size6.jpg)

No. 173688

File: 1473794988604.jpg (112.59 KB, 480x720, 004_size6.jpg)


No. 173689

File: 1473795035010.jpg (89.84 KB, 480x361, 003.jpg)

No. 173690

File: 1473795105475.jpg (64.42 KB, 500x310, thumb-12143-101822-technology.…)

No. 173694

I'm going to be honest she looks like a pig in this

No. 173696

Everytime I see her in a group of large people (3+) she always seems so awkward.

No. 173702

She looks like Gaya in this

No. 173704

had the same thought!

No. 173706

The upper lip with dark liner looks so bad here. sup Ronald McDonald

No. 173717

if it weren't for the lips it would be okay

No. 173723

She looks like a shitty CGI character on the left.

No. 173727

I'm loving how they just stuck her on the end in the shadows, LOL. She's not even smiling in the second pic, wow.

No. 173729

This is pretty cute with the more soft wavy hair and without the super intense eyebrows she's been doing lately. Her lip liner is still too dark of a color but otherwise not bad?

No. 173733

sure whatever you say anon..
She looks incredibly average in my opinion.

No. 173782

She's like that one person they put on the side to make the others look good.

No. 173785

I could tell which one was her on my phone from a thumbnail due to her trademark shit smelling smile.

No. 173789

Dako desperately needs bangs

No. 173800

Oh fuck she does hahaha and thats not a compliment

No. 173853

Man, 2012 /cgl/ would have torn this coord apart. It's so busy and yet somehow bland at the same time. Classic Dakota, can't dress for shit lol

No. 173856

she didn't choose or style that outfit herself.

No. 173948

Don't break their illusion they need to rip on everything Dakota does to make life look a little less bleak for themselves.

Her lip lining looks bad otherwise this would be a really cute picture.
wavy hair really does suit her

No. 173956

You literally have no way of knowing if she did or not. Aside from the tacky character costumes she's worn, every other time she's been in Lolita she's looked super cute except this time.

But I guess the onslaught of random and completely coincidental yet suspiciously timed Kota whiteknighting is starting now, interesting how we average about 1 post an hour, until someone keeps calling her cute over points people keep saying look like shit.

No. 173973

Are you high

No. 174053

She looks like shit and it's a fucking miracle she's able to book anything.

No. 174087

No. 174090

File: 1473906743024.jpg (79.41 KB, 640x397, 688085.jpg)

No. 174154

File: 1473922593369.jpeg (137.11 KB, 675x776, image.jpeg)

Dat sexy coldsore

No. 174167

New video

No. 174171

wtf is she doing with her lips? This is the worst phase of her koti lip evolution.

No. 174173

She wore those obnoxious glasses for easy motion tracking on the parts she's warping.

No. 174175

She looks like a complete idiot here,and the glasses god help me They look like one of those snapchat filters. She's starting to look old as fuck ,seriously those lips are not doing her any favors they just bring out those unfortunate laugh lines.

No. 174180

She talks with her teeth/jaw closet, lol. Probably thinks it'll prevent more wrinkles and lines.

No. 174185

I think that's just smudged lip gloss.

No. 174187

jfc her lips look like prosthetics.

No. 174190

File: 1473939620888.jpg (212.36 KB, 2417x1074, image.jpg)

her jaw keeps changing in this segment.

No. 174195

looks like liner or lipgloss that unfortunately caught the light

No. 174196

Her lips look like an asshole.
And whats with these bad shots of her playing video games trying to get some lets player cred? What was she saying during?

No. 174207

Kek, she's warped the footage via after effects just like in her last video where she cut herself a new body shape and trimmed her jaw. Koots, who are you kidding?

No. 174208

>> 174190

I think that's because she filmed her TV from above (myspace angle) to make her chin look smaller.

No. 174215


i thought it was just me who noticed this

oh kooter

No. 174218

Pssh . Weve seen the screenshots from when this aired, kota . Also never do this hairstyle again

No. 174223

File: 1473951769287.jpg (18.9 KB, 833x134, Sieppaa.JPG)

Wow, she left the ratings on, and it's looking pretty bad. Also her instagram video announcing the youtube video has like 65k views and the youtube one is doing quite bad considering her amount of subs and followers. Poor thing. She looks so incredibly bad nowadays so it's no wonder tbh

No. 174224

I really think she tweaked the third one though.

No. 174226

she's going for the hydrocephalus look.

No. 174228

It looks like a pile of shit sitting on top of her head, like one of those emoji types

No. 174238

I am actually really surprised the video has hardly any views. 10 hours old and not even 5k views? She honestly dropped the ball with her YT success, and no amount of shitty vlogs that show NOTHING will fix it for her.

No. 174247


That was literally one of the most boring videos I have ever seen in my life.

No. 174264

This. She has this huge chance to get a back up to modeling by doing vlogs. But she fucked it up.
You know how many peoole will love to watch a couple of model vlogs. Kota dropped the ball

No. 174285

Seriously. She didn't even add commentary to the TV segments she filmed or talked about it at all… So boring.

No. 174293

Camera roll vs snapchat

No. 174310

File: 1473989880377.png (Spoiler Image, 830.32 KB, 784x545, Innocent World screen shot.png)


>onslaught of white knighting

…Where? Honestly, where? There's a couple comments here and there about something someone actually likes about her, and then a shitload of sperging about how she's an ugly swamp creature from a fantasy novel and they only put her next to literally anyone else in the world to make the other people look good by comparison.

The truth is, Kooter is not a hideous bridge troll. She's just an out of shape pseudo model who doesn't know how to style her hair or do her makeup in a flattering way. I'd put her at a 6/10(maybe less right now because those lips are getting BAD), but she could definitely be a 7 or an 8 if she stopped trying to fake it on the internet all the time and got her real life shit together.

No. 174332

It actually legit makes me mad, even though I know it shouldn't. She had the world on a silver platter with her YT channel and her modeling and she pissed it all away because she hasn't learned to grow with today's internet culture.

Ad revenue and brand-deals are the way to go today when you have a large following, even if you have an ~irl modeling job~. Jesus, supermodels like Karlie Kloss have a YT channel because they know thats what their fans want to see now, AND you get a pretty penny from it.

Dakota let her channel rot for too long, no one is going to want to see a vlog from 3+ weeks ago of some sort of event. Her true fans would have already seen this footage anyway. As far as I can tell she doesn't talk about the experience or anything. Just creepy shots of her face and some behind the scenes footage.

But why am I surprised, she does absoluetly nothing all day. This vlog is literally of her in her apartment, curtains closed, playing games, and watching herself on TV.




No. 174353

I don't think she'd ever want to show her real face, so vlogs aren't in the future for her.

Not to mention, she's not very creative or interesting so she has nothing to vlog about, so nobody cares to watch (as seen on the poor viewcount and votes).

All those people years ago who said Kota won't get very far since her short career was based on a lie are finally able to say "told you so".

No. 174356

Half-assed and looking shitty. Classic kota. She really does think she doesn't have to lift a finger for anything.

No. 174358

>Onslaught of white knighting

That will be you anon the protection is a bit obsessive. If someone thinks something she wears is "ugly", or comments on her "odd" appearance, there's is no reason to freak out because someone doesn't like something about her. Just ignore it. You think she's pretty, fine. But getting so defensive to the point you are attacking farmers for there personal opinion, makes people suspicious.

No. 174359

their my fault

No. 174364


>uploads 'Innocent World screen shot.png'

>sets image to 'SPOILER'


I was gonna comment on some of the spergy anons comments but damn it anon, you just went full retard. I hope you're not handling Hillary's e-mail at the moment.

No. 174365

I'm not that anon, but it's too easy to hit the spoiler image option by accident when trying to post. Happens to me all the damn time.

No. 174366

>and can relate to Tay, because she's very down to earth and girl next door

She's hardly relatable, Tay lives a very spoiled, privileged lifestyle (without even really being aware of it, she's so nonchalant about breaking an $800 camera and then buying another one that same day) thanks to mooching off her rich parents. I like her videos, but come on.

No. 174368

I agree, there's nothing down to earth or girl next door either of them. Every little thing you see is carefully planned.

No. 174379

Why in the fuck does she keep posting these videos with the worlds worst lighting that does her no favors?? Sausage face aint cute Kooter

No. 174392

No. 174393


No. 174415

She really should've started vlogs when she went viral, she could've been a popular youtuber by now and there was plenty of good material like she could've made a vlog about when she went to Korea to model for Etude House, when she modeled for Popteen, when she modeled with Tsubasa, etc. And it would been a breath of fresh air compared to the other jvloggers. It seems she really didn't do anything to take advantage of going viral and getting semi popular.

No. 174426

The sad piano music makes it come over as a post mortem documentary.

No. 174443

there's more to a human being beyond being financially stable. it's not like taylor is kylie jenner posing next to range rovers and sipping champagne in a jacuzzi. she's furniture shopping and making bento boxes and talking about hormones and how she likes barbies. if she weren't a relatable person she wouldn't have thousands of comments talking to her in 2nd person about her experiences lol. she clearly does.

>come on

No. 174450


True. Common sense should've told her that and if she kept her old style, for e.g the most realistic video she looks in is the one with her old style, first came to Japan and in that black lace top where she curls her hair. She could've done her make up like that style and just blogged/vlogged still.

No. 174484

She's not relatable, she's aspirational to people who can't afford her luxuries. Same for why Taylor watches the Kardashians, she aspires to be like them.

No. 174510

File: 1474064600991.jpg (110.44 KB, 742x1170, Dakota 2011 tumblr-famous.jpg)


Webm link is dead anon. Any better alts?


She tried starting a vlog way back in 2012 and it's still in her YT video list, now in 2016 (jfc that's 4 years already!!) she's gonna (re-)start it again.

But if some of you who have followed Kooter (& also Keeks) even way before 2012, you're already familiar of how _SLOW_ she makes real content. The vlog is gonna be another agonizingly slow content production. Why? Because it has to pass the Kooter quality control & adjusting, so that it blends well with the image that she wants to portray. Despite her admirable tenacity, she's an unfortunate master procrastinator. There were so many things that she could have done right & better in the past years, from 2012 on after she got luckily signed by Bravo, but those never materialized, especially when Keeks & CrayCat are whiteknighting, internet sock-puppeting, DMCA-ing every critic & worst, creating even more unnecessary drama around her.

Here we are, still watching her doing the same predictable pattern, albeit now in a updated but different style. New marketing box label, same old Koots inside.

I do miss her look in her tumblr-famous 2011 days (PIC related).

No. 174520

You can say whatever you want about her, I never told you not to. I said some not so nice things about her too. All I did was point out how badly some of you seem to need her to literally be Gollum or something in order to feel good about yourselves. Talk about being obsessive…

No. 174526

where's the music from anyway?

No. 174531

Have a look at her recent IG post and look at those comments. Its basically YT all over again.

"Is she Japanese?!"

"Is she real?!"

And all those fake fucking accounts… Shes obviously buying views and followers now.

No. 174544

It's from Persona 4

No. 174574

>she's furniture shopping and making bento boxes and talking about hormones and how she likes barbies.

She's shopping for clothing and vegan food (which is highly expensive) literally everyday. Tay isn't relatable at all, more like people are watching her because they're living vicariously through her or want to aspire to be like her. People in her comments have pointed out how loaded she is before, in which she got defensive and lied, claiming she worked for all of the money she has.

No. 174575

I remember the days when Koots would selfpost to CGL this photo and call herself the most perfect dolly girl or someshit to get people jelly.

Look how far you've come Koots!

No. 174581

I don't know, before she went viral and moved to Japan she was uploading videos/ pictures at a pretty decent rate. it probably doesn't really seem that way now since she ended up deleting most of the videos. I would say she posted a new video at least once a week and then a few pictures/ gifs throughout.

She's either too lazy to keep that up, or think she's too above doing that sort of thing.

No. 174588

no need to samefag. at least switch up your writing style lmao.

No. 174589

>crying samefag now because both anons said "aspire"

Whiteknights sure are weird and desperate.

No. 174590

I was the first one and a mod can confirm it's two people. Who's laughing now?

No. 174592

thanks anon

No. 174593

File: 1474088963069.png (3.94 MB, 1164x1182, 14724148j08050.png)

been meaning to upload this since forever rip but have some unshooped kota

No. 174595

You forgot her lipliner mustache, anon

No. 174653

File: 1474109139677.jpeg (47.96 KB, 749x562, image.jpeg)

No. 174654

File: 1474109217892.jpeg (61.39 KB, 750x770, image.jpeg)

No. 174655

File: 1474109364275.jpg (35.74 KB, 1080x819, wtf.jpg)

Higher quality

No. 174668

Oh god

Please say shes not getting into larme fashion

No. 174677

File: 1474112873152.png (287.5 KB, 1080x819, New Canvas.png)

enyoj my horrible skills

the hartley hooligan face fit perfectly over hers. amazing. like mouth on mouth and eyes on eyes

No. 174682

have you seen unshooped pics of her…. this looks like a whole another person lol

No. 174687

File: 1474116169286.gif (1012.45 KB, 500x267, giphyricci.gif)

That Christina Ricci metamorphosis

No. 174706

File: 1474122066376.jpg (76.81 KB, 720x724, _20160917_102048.JPG)

It's a match on the rings and nails… Pic is from august 27, btw.

No. 174717

If that is a fucking Sailor Moon cell in the window, where it is literally bathing in damaging sunlight, I might kill her.
Put it in a gd frame on a wall if you want it for decor. She is just destroying it as fast as she can.

No. 174718

So, she's dressing up to take a bunch of pics she can sporadically post them later to make herself seem more active?

No. 174719

>muh "casually" (horribly) placed kawaii shoujou animu reference
>muh "casually" placed VW purse for some reason hanging by itself from a window ledge

How obvious can you get Dakota? Such blatant fandom pandering. Next she'll upload a "candid" of herself ~casually~ playing PS4 in some frilly Lolita nightgown with full makeup and anus lips.

No. 174722

Wtf the nostrils are massive?

No. 174724

Well maybe if she pandered harder to weebs she could revive her dying career since it was built on an anime girl image and weeb fanbase.

No. 174725

No. 174726


That doesn't work either.

No. 174728

File: 1474128212967.jpg (86.92 KB, 1100x1303, image.jpg)

Jfc this is terrifying. Why Dakota? Whyyyyy

No. 174729

She only wants their attention, she doesn't want to be associated with them. She thinks way too highly of herself to admit to being a web, that's why her story of how she became interested in JFashion/Japan changed from "my parents bought me an anime DVD when I was 5" to "America just doesn't have fashions this cute!" to "Japanese horror movies/horror manga".

Dakota probably likes to imagine herself as some high class fashionista just because she can call herself a model and wear poorly arranged brand clothes and tie her hair back in a ponytail.

No. 174733

It literally looks like she pasted another face on her own. What is she thinking.

No. 174734

Cool those eager buzzwords, newfag. Everyone can tell just from this post that you hopped the border from pull.

No. 174744

her teeth look like corn kernels

No. 174747

wowi didnt know she sold merch in her likeness http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/197a/

No. 174775

Charms confirmed Dakota was a chain smoker when they were still friends, even before she got to Japan. Even if you have to be 20 to buy cigarettes and alcohol there I know it isn't impossible to get them if you're younger, like 18-19.

No. 174776


With the stress of her living with that fucking loopy family of hers, Im not surprised she smoked like fuck. I would too.

No. 174780

I love how she looks like that one nutty girl who tried to copy her, b4by.jpg/xoseraphina or whatever her name is

No. 174782

Her nose is almost as wide as her mouth. I guess she left her nose alone because her face would literally warp into a whirlpool.

No. 174788

File: 1474148097071.png (162.68 KB, 525x344, Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 5.31…)

Just noticed this also, lol. She's so lazy, she knows she can get away with these obvious shop fails.

No. 174794

She has no defined waist or ankles, that's why her waist and broken ankle shoops are always so comical.

No. 174797


I'm from No. 174510.
Those glorious 2 years (2011-2012) of /cgl/ will never come again anon. No one has ever seen such severity of tripfag infestation, e-drama & shitposting to a degree that the once slow board even got the attention of and intervention from moot himself. I dare not even speak of the names of those self-posting trips that keep resurrecting shitty threads, reinserting their blandly pathetic personal drama. Crap de la crap of shitpostings at its finest.

I first encountered that pic of Dakota in /p/ on one of the threads for portrait photo critiquing. I might still have the EXIF data on the image but its in a dead PC ATM; I'll post it here if I can find it so you all can see the details on what camera she used, the settings, focal length & all. Too bad it wasn't a RAW file & it didn't have the GPS coordinates in it as far as I can remember; but what stood out to me was that JPG went through Photoshop (CS3 I think) before it was posted in /p/. Normally, when you post images in /p/ for critiquing, you post it _unaltered_ with EXIF data, preferrably RAW. About a day later I see the same pic posted in /b/ and some btards went apeshit bonerz and later in /cgl/ where Koots/fam selfposts her tumblr pics when its clear she has no relation with the issue of cgl at all. It's history from then on. There were rumors in one of the chatrooms though that a cgl janitor might be in cahoots with Koots fam; this didn't surprise me at all, especially when in every opportune /cgl/ thread, Koots gets posted.

No. 174813

everytime we say kota doesn't try anymore, she goes ahead and proves us wrong

No. 174817

YES! I was trying to figure what creepy pig face this reminded me of. She really is starting to turn into her copycats but a worse version of them. How sad.

No. 174827

File: 1474164858803.jpg (160.61 KB, 1265x674, xPHzHKAAvgs.jpg)

Idk why it doesn't work anymore. Anyway here's a screen shot of the end of the video. She was waving goodbye and laughed about it.

No. 174828


Man she really needs to get her bangs back. She looks so old and witchy hiding behind her long hair like that, reminds me of Kiki

No. 174831

File: 1474167069336.jpg (57.67 KB, 300x408, cabelos-compridos-2013-7.jpg)

I noticed a lot of people in here saying she needs the bangs back, but I don't think the bangs are that cute either. The problem isn't going to be fixed by having a bunch of hair hanging around a different part of her face, she needs to wear it differently altogether. Side parted and tucked behind her ears or something. Her hair is already so fine, cutting bangs or those side pieces takes away from the overall volume of her hair. Grow that shit out, put some short layers around the bottom or wear it wavy.

No. 174846

She literally dressed up when she had her nails done, did a bunch of pics in her apartment and latergrammed them when she had time to shoop.

I had no idea she posted herself to other boards. I only semi-frequented CGL back then, but I'm not surprised she was attention whoring in other places. She just can't help it.

No. 174847

File: 1474175415930.webm (3.53 MB, 1280x720, ダコタ ローズ 2016 Takaoka 着物 Festa …)


>"their my fault"

their my fault =/= they're my fault == they are my fault

God you are a dumb spergy & butthurt DQ. Learn to code your grammar. Go finish middle school & get your GED certificate. Quit trying to fluff this thread with your dumbasshatery drama. Contribute or GTFO. Never mess with the farmers farming or the tolerance of Mod-sama…


See attached vid or try this reformatted link, it worked for me:


>goes defensive on an anon critic

>labels said critic as 'newfag'
>mentions that 'site'

First off, seasoned "oldfag" farmers (incl. ex-cgl's) never even dare mention the name of that 'other' site because citing it is an indirect promotion of that site. Since you mentioned that name & stirring the drama-pot, it only confirms that you are: (1) a foetus here suckling your way to be edgy-cool, (2) you are the one that hopped over our border from 'that' site, and (3) drama-stirring to derail a thread is a typical behaviour of users from 'that site.' Therefore, YOU ARE FROM THAT SITE. BTW, you are aware that our Mod-sama knows your IP and can even bar you from the farm, don't you? Not to mention all the silly and wonderful things available at hand…

Contribute or GTFO, foetus.

No. 174887

What are you sperging about? It's over a day old and I was correcting the last sentence where I said "you are attacking farmers for there I meant Their. You know what you are getting ridiculous someone perm ban this sperglord. You get into the most petty arguments. You aren't contributing anything but derailing.

No. 174899

lmao sperg harder

No. 174900

She can't because then her Photoshop ruse will be entirely null to a global audience.

No. 174906

>that perma-grimace

No. 174922

Oh boy, it's been a while since we've been treated to an autistic meltdown of this magnitude!

No. 174925

The worst part about kooter is that she thinks by leaning her head forward she'll look more like her shoops but all it does is make her already fairly dark teeth look like they're gray and dirty. it also means that the lights are just gonna emphasize her facial lines/wrinkles that much more.

No. 174928

File: 1474219848155.jpg (221.11 KB, 798x1000, 1464313181979.jpg)

No. 174952

is this a new copypasta

No. 174968

File: 1474234934842.png (403.19 KB, 360x524, lol_bad_opening.png)

I found it more hilarious at the opening. Granted it's natural (for one eye to close sooner than the other when blinking) but it's still funny.

No. 174974

Please mom, I don't like it when you drink. :(

No. 174975

File: 1474237216708.png (458.3 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1722.PNG)

I love how Dakota updated her age on all her profiles, but only made a little post on twitter about turning "21" with a cake emoji.

Most people just say "it's my birthday'" like Kiki did, but Dakota has to keep up with her age story by being so specific with "I just turned 21 cake emoji". lol @ both of them posting birthday stuff at almost the same time.

Also, isn't t weird how her IG follower count keeps shooting up? She followed more people on twitter too yet her amount of likes on IG/faves and RT on twitter stay pretty much the same as usual.

No. 174978

>American model based in Tokyo

For some reason I can't help but feel like this is a subtle ploy to make people think she was a model before she moved to Tokyo to make her seem more important/popular? Like, the only reason you're even loosely considered a "model" anymore is because Bravo won't get rid of you. Nobody books her for gigs unless she's in Lolita, a costume or some ridiculous OTT outfit decked out in her VW. Without Bravo booking all her gigs and translating for her nobody would have ever hired her as a model after she let herself go and started dressing like every other wannabe fashionista on Instagram who also claim to be "models".

No. 174983


It's the lolcow version of /k/ copy pasta, with a pile of /cgl/ bile & rustled ruffles. XD

No. 174985


Don't skip your meds this week hun

No. 174986

>>Most people just say "it's my birthday'" like Kiki did, but Dakota has to keep up with her age story by being so specific with "I just turned 21 cake emoji".

Nah. The way she wrotes it is how it's normally done in Japan.

No. 175007

>dumb spergy & butthurt DQ
>code your grammar
>never mess with the farmers farming
>Contribute or GTFO
>Such essay

Thanks for uploading the video, but you don't have to go this far. It makes you look bad. Calm down.

No. 175049

That's exactly what she is trying to do. Trying to sound like she's an established model or something.

It reminds me of how she always said she came from Chicago and not Florida.

No. 175070

File: 1474268914768.png (101.47 KB, 205x240, cccccccccccccUntitled.png)

No. 175107

Her "dad" got her a pentagram necklace for her birthday. She still being super specific about her age, as usual. She looks drunk or something, and I can't tell what's even happening with her fake cleavage. It's such a mishmash of shadows and blur.

No. 175110

File: 1474294447727.png (105.94 KB, 640x983, IMG_1736.PNG)

No. 175114

Lip nipple

No. 175115

Isn't that like $7 at Spencer's gifts

No. 175122

She hasnt mentioned her parents in years (if ever ?)

No. 175130

Sugar daddy maybe?

No. 175135



Really now.

No. 175138


She says her dad gave her a 13-year old necklace that has a lot of sentimental value. Although I can't imagine why she would mean Scott, why would a cheap looking pentagram necklace have so much sentimental value to him unless it was left over from his band days, which were more than 13 years ago.

13 years ago Kiki and Kota were just starting to build their online scene presence and Scott and Cathy were both still working class normalfags before the grandma died and left them her house and money.

Although her silver ring she's worn every day for the last couple of years is equally as simple looking, yet Dakota claim once when asked about it that it was her grandma's ring she inherited? She only started wearing it roughly 2 years ago, yet grandma Tierney died before Kota even had a Tumblr.

No. 175148

lmao floridians

No. 175149

Her and Kiki didn't even acknowledge each other on their birthdays (with timezones they were essentially on the same day) and Dakota still copyright claims everything with her last name on it that's in Japanese. There's no way to tell if she cut off contact with them completely, but she has put a lot of time and effort into fully severing herself from them publicly.

No. 175172


Dakota has to distance herself for Kiki. If a new fan of hers googles her background this is what they usual get:
>googles Dakota Rose: gets results associated about photoshoping, fakery, Kiki Kannibal
>googles Kiki Kannibal: gets results on encyclopedia dramatica, Stickam drama, racism, that Rolling Stone article, false flag DMCA's, online harassment, etc.
>finds old Dakota Rose scene phase, photoshop use, online fagotry, etc.

Oh noes. She has to stiry away from controversies otherwise companies would shy away from her as a model sponsor/ spokesperson.

No. 175173

Lol at that one edited shiny anime titty. Nice editing, kooter.

No. 175179

I have a feeling that if it is from Scott, she's just using the sentimental thing as an excuse for why it's a $2 necklace. "Its okay its so cheap looking guys, its SENTIMENTAL"

Okay koiots.

No. 175209

File: 1474324156804.gif (1.24 MB, 520x375, no need to be upset.gif)

The best way to discourage derailing is: not participate in derailing.

Don't derail the threads, please.

No. 175210

Glad I was mentioned in this lmfao!

No. 175216

Nobnto mention how it isn't even on a chain. TBH it looks like some tarnished piece of crap leftover from Babyfang she had laying around.

No. 175229

You can tell how small her boobs are here kek
has she always had that mole/pimple/mark under her eye?

No. 175237

Yup, she just used to photoshop it away sometimes.

No. 175243

It is on a chain if you look closely under her hair. It's just that she had to shoop her chin down so much it nearly obliterated the chain.


I know this is reaching, but damn if Kooter was looking for a new way to get e-fame and became a Felice Fawn clone that would be an amazing turn of events.

No. 175258

File: 1474336110442.jpg (165.13 KB, 768x1024, IMG_1748.JPG)

Her babyfang line had a lot of pentagram/star of David charms clusterfucked all over various lengths and colors of ribbon and chain. Also the knockoff VW orb logo, random crystals mixed with studs and spikes. It was a clusterfuck. And of course the only i a left of it are heavily shooped pics of Dakota wearing her own stuff.

No. 175267

>every shape that's trendy with any group of people

Oh. Well damn.

Seriously though, are there any cows out there right now doing Felice's look(I'm not sure Mila counts anymore)? I want to see Kooter try hard to be "so goff" and "satanic". Honestly it would probably suit her sour bitch personality better, and her chain smoking habit.

No. 175275

She's balls deep in her high fashion moderu persona now, but she's had elements of goth/punk in some of her coords over the years, and she did a "Sid & Nancy" photoshoot years ago (that had no look or feeling of punk or anything relating to S&N) and her hardcore fangirling for Vivienne Westwood might tie into that (Sid & Johnny wore some of Vic's shirts and jackets and jewelry).

No. 175293

File: 1474342749990.png (49.29 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1754.PNG)

Lol, Dako-chin's birthday falls on the same day as a Japanese holiday this year.

>Respect for the Aged Day (敬老の日 Keirō no Hi) is a Japanese designated public holiday celebrated annually to honor elderly citizens. (Wikipedia)

No. 175297

Any news on that kamen rider guy she was/is dating? Did she wear more of his clothes after people figured it out?

No. 175298


She gained 500 new followers in a day, and all she posted was a sad looking pajama birthday selfie that barely has 5,000 likes. This girl's stats are always so weird, like that one video with the huge glasses she did that got over 1,000,000 views next to selfies that usually only get ~5,000 likes.

No. 175301

Somebody pointed out the view thing, that it includes people that don't follow her. Her stuff constantly ends up on the front page of IG, so its not insane to think people were viewing it without actually giving a shit about her.

No. 175313

VW dressed the Sex Pistols, was married to Malcolm, and basically started the punk fashion movement

No. 175317

How can she just be turning 21? I swear to god she was claiming to be 20 back in the days I used to browse /cgl/ and she was posted all the freaking time and that has to be over 5 fucking years ago.

No. 175365

She's been lying about her age for years, slowpoke. That's why she deleted everything with her 1993 DOB on it, claimed she was always lying about being older and now writes "09/19/1995 21歳" everywhere. Of course lying about her age doesn't make her any less bloated or unremarkable. She shot herself in the foot by abandoning the kawaii dolly look, it might have been in the way out but it suited her very well and got her jobs, now she just looks like Kiki Lite and sits in her apartment all day warping her head and waist in PS.

No. 175443

File: 1474401983403.jpg (178.56 KB, 1078x1539, Screenshot_20160920-210201_1.j…)

I could be reaching, but this could be a stab at Dakota?

>look at me I don't have to shoop my jaw!

No. 175444

>Rivendell Archer Swinton Bowie lovechild

lmao. she looks like any other mediocre florida woman all she's missing is 100lbs extra and the "let me speak to the manager" haircut. she's painfully average.

No. 175447

We already discussed their age in Kirsten's thread, they are not lying about their age. Dakota is 21 and Kirsten is 24 now. We already proved it several times, even admin sama there said it because an anon was refusing to accept reality. Go and read it yourself.

No. 175451

She's so trashy, jeez. She needs to stop trying to talk like a 2008 valley girl trying to sound "hood".

No. 175476

omfg she needs to just get on with it instead of meticulously trying to assuage people's opinion of her image.

we get it, you're pretty. do something

No. 175480

Is she…parodying herself?

No. 175488

They're lying. There's police reports with their birth dates on it.

No. 175489

>even admin said it

When will everyone understand that the Dakota age argument will never be settled until someone stops being a scared organ and just spends the $25 to run a background check on her? Anyone can say anything they want and claim it's true, every Ostrenga alive is proof of that. Dakota's entire life post-2012 is proof of that. She lied her way into a modeling contract in a country where she didn't know anyone and couldn't speak the language.

No. 175490

Lol not anymore there aren't. Dakota copyright claimed all of them, the most recent copy to surface was struck down not even 3 months ago. I mean, she obviously has enough free time to scour the internet for any trace of her past since she has no life and her career is a thin shadow of what she likes to pretend it is. Or hell, maybe her career flopped so hard because she spends all her time lurking websites looking for traces of herself to surface so she can strike them down.

No. 175493

She doesn't shoop her jaw but she still uses angles or a particular lens to make the lower third of her face look smaller than it is. The distance from the bottom of the nose to the chin is almost one third less than it should be.

No. 175534

File: 1474421112001.jpg (140.49 KB, 500x467, IMG_5475.JPG)

No. 175537

it was settled, period. there are only a small number of retards like you that still won't accept it.

literally read what it says next to the underlined "09-19-93" it says "age: 15". on the top it says the report is from 10-19-10" do the math. 1993 - 2010 = 17, but 1995 - 2010 = 15.

go read the fucking kiki thread, this is argument is over. Dakota is the age she says she is.

No. 175544

There's no reason to believe the written age on that report is the accurate one. Maybe the cop is bad at math? Really, you have no proof whether the written age is real or if the date of birth is the real thing. We're all just guessing which one tells the truth.

It's interesting that no one seems to debate that Kaka is 24 though? Which I assume is also based off her birth date from this same police report?

No. 175554

Going with the cop was bad at math. When making a police report they ask for some form of ID. Source: I've made a few

No. 175568


Kiki is a walking parody of herself and her "electrodub" is the Yoko Ono music of the genre. Just watch the YT Electronic Division channel for her promo-dj-vidyas and prepare for the cringe:


No. 175579

Thanks anon, I don't know how many times we've explained it, damn pulltards are slow.

Just go and read Kiki's thread. Spoiler: Dakota = 21, Kirsten =24.

No. 175580

so there's two options.
1 points to the age she says she is, and other documents says she is. totally coincidence.

the other points to an age that has never been seen outside of this single police file.

obviously. it's the second option~ let's just assume the police was bad at math! hurrrr durrrrrrrrrrrr. No really, how are you so stupid? are your parents siblings?

No. 175590

File: 1474439061790.jpg (70.75 KB, 680x510, God damn admin is going into f…)

No. 175596

Lol. Anon, have you been to Florida?

No. 175639

Did you hear about the cop who beat and teased a teenaged white male into a coma because another cop messed up putting in a license plate number for another car? Or the countless stories of cops shooting people suddenly because they "feared for their lives" over something trivial like a traffic stop?

Not all cops are qualified to be cops. A lot of them only decided to be one so they could carry a gun and feel important and waste taxpayer money running errands and going to lunch in their police cruisers.

No. 175640

you do know that the cop put kiki's eyes as BROWN in the report?

Also dakota showed her fucking passport on camera. Are you dumb?

No. 175655

File: 1474464147738.jpg (91.01 KB, 800x600, 2413657-skeletor.jpg)


No. 175656

I'm upset she STILL haven't fixed her ugly eyebrows.

No. 175678

Wait, does this say that both kiki and kota have brown eyes?

No. 175704

You're aware they were standing outside in the driveway at night when they were filling that out, right? Blue eyes aren't obviously blue in the dark, they can look brown.

>expecting upper middle class white neighborhood cop work from shitty Orlando cops who answer white people domestic disturbance calls in the suburbs


No. 175801

No. 175827

I read Kiki's thread, it was literally the same type of sperging going on here, and then a mod red texted.
>a mod said it so it must be true, mods know everything

The only thing we know for sure is that there is no definitive proof of Dakota's real age available right now. All we can do is guess.

No. 175853

Ayyy, if only she had as much personality as Skeletor.

No. 175873

Jesus who cares about her age. We know she lies through her teeth about her age, that's all that matters. Arguing won't change that.

No. 175920

File: 1474534749188.png (799.65 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_2016-09-22-18-57-22…)

Is this the end of the stache lips?!

No. 175928

it looks so much better. hope she never returns to them.

No. 175942

hello cold sore

No. 175946

Probably not, I feel like judging by this picture it's her version of "no makeup." The stache lips will return

No. 175950

She looks like an mmo character. If I were a person who had never seen her before. I would have thought she was a template for a "make your own character". It's so whooped her eyes aren't even straight

No. 175951


No. 175953

why shoop the face to hell but leave your gross flabby arms alone

No. 175957

I think her body shoops are even worse every time she does it. Maybe she gave up and focuses only on the face? Isn't it what people look at first…

No. 175959

Calm down Ana chan her arms look fine

No. 175970

She's pursuing her lips slightly to make them look more "pouty", but it looks like she finally got the fillers. Either that or she just shooped them bigger, which would explain the 5 different textures going on there.

No. 175971

File: 1474556024115.jpg (521.23 KB, 1080x1033, 20160922-1088060809.jpg)

My attempt at a de-shoop with Facetune.

No. 175975

File: 1474557282040.jpg (112.33 KB, 640x400, IMG_1778.JPG)

It's good, but you made her face too long, realkota has a wide face and a longer chin.

I went on her ED to get pic related and this caught my attention.

It says that Kiki and Kota are 3 years apart, but it also says Kiki was 14 in 2005, which would mean she just turned 24 (correct). But if Dakota was 11 in 2005 wouldn't that have made her 18 in 2012?

>2012 - 2005 = 7

>11 + 7 = 18

I admit I stuck at math, but it seems to add up?

No. 175976

File: 1474557337838.png (373.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1780.PNG)

No. 175986

File: 1474561306483.jpg (46.5 KB, 480x600, image.jpg)

>being this retarded

No. 175987

it doesn't look proportionate. she has a pencil neck with a huge head and flabby arms.

No. 175990

where the fuck do you see flabby arms
they're not even on the picture

No. 176016

her shoulders are broad and rounded and there's no definition from her collarbone down. for her tiny neck and giant head it should be at ana levels of thinness. otherwise they look big in comparison. if she kept her head small and her neck normal they wouldn't stick out. it's all about comparison.

No. 176021

Wow she's so lazy, you can see where the blur area abruptly ends in her eyebrows and the hair next to the eyes when you zoom in. She's not even trying.

No. 176038

the pic on the left makes me lol every time. It's liek greedy little goldilocks knows she has been found out but she's trying to look smug for the camera at the same time

No. 176062

Well when you think about it, that's exactly what was happening.

No. 176065

File: 1474578954031.jpg (46.3 KB, 496x598, IMG_1779.JPG)

She doesn't have to try, she's famous for her shoops, not for actually being pretty/model tier.

No. 176085

File: 1474581911641.jpg (124.87 KB, 1080x1080, 14294861_1659862310995907_1965…)

it's a shame she didn't end up like anastasiya shpagina who grew out of the extreme shooping and looks more confident and happy and managed to make a career out of her fanbase. i mean she's ugly now lol but she looks happy. and clearly no one cares since she has 1.2 million insta followers and plenty of fans.

No. 176088

what cold sore? There's nothing there. I think you and >>174154 (or maybe that's you too) have no idea what a cold sore looks like. It's literally just shine from her lip gloss or whatever.

No. 176117

Makes me laugh how the (her left) side of her waist doesnt match up underneath her arm. Kooter pls

No. 176131

Yeah she literally made herself a whole neck.

Every inch of that pic was shooped, only for a candid to leak.

No. 176134

Is this shooped? She looks fine here

No. 176137

Well I mean, she had some talent. What's kooter going to do?

No. 176152

I wonder if there's someone maybe in Bravo who is leaking them? She barely goes to events anymore, she only takes taxis when she goes anywhere to avoid being seen, and yet we still get candids leaked here and there.

It is, heavily shooped.

No. 176153

It's weird that you posted Anastasiya's Sarah Paulson transformation without explanation, while mentioning she's ugly. It's misleading.

But you're right that she has made something of herself and set herself apart from the other girls. She threw away the living doll gimmick and instead became more creative and pushed through her insecurities. She surprised me so much.

As we have seen from recent sketches(and shoops), what existed of Dakota's talent has regressed and her online personality is so dull and uninspired. I was honestly rooting for her to grow up and gain confidence while being away from her family, but she's so cardboard now.

No. 176162

>"It's weird that you posted Anastasiya's Sarah Paulson transformation without explanation"
>implying i know who that is
>implying her caption wasn't in ukranian and when put in google translate made no mention of sarah paulson

No. 176174

File: 1474596554823.jpg (666.11 KB, 420x236, 8SjBpGS.jpg)

You know, a simple "Oops. I didn't know she was in character." would suffice.

No. 176214

Koots might eventually go into loli gravure modeling if there isn't enough gigs for her to do, I mean she's already pandering to the lolita festishes of middle-aged japanese men. That will be inevitable if she doesn't go far by her 5th year "modeling" tenure.

Either Keeks or someone in Bravo is leaking the candids. Bravo really supported Koots fully just to save face. If you check out Bravo atm, their modeling talent pool has gone down in quality and in number.

No. 176219

>being this buttblasted about your own incompetence

No. 176221

she loves her tits too much to ever do loli gravure. she'll probs settle for the regular kind.

No. 176236

File: 1474617071661.gif (2.06 MB, 1295x1264, output_jyh9Nb.gif)

No. 176243

She always shoops her eyebrows so far apart from her eyes.

No. 176244

File: 1474620441219.jpg (98.87 KB, 600x800, tiarra.jpg)

It's on the same spot every time.

No. 176245

File: 1474620473744.jpg (45.18 KB, 600x800, tiara.jpg)

No. 176283

I bet, I wouldn't want to work for a company that bent over backwards to cater to a flabby, rude redneck while also having the nerve to call themselves a high fashion modeling agency. She dragged their standard for models through the mud and I can't imagine everyone in the company is happy about it. As long as she's with Bravo she gets to stay in Japan, and log as she's Hiroshi-sama's little token gaijin they aren't going to get rid of her. Even scrolling through their FB feed, all the models look shorter and more average looking than the type of models they used to hire before Dakota.

No. 176285

File: 1474640897046.jpg (67.22 KB, 600x800, IMG_1785.JPG)

I love Tiara Milly. They make her look cute to sell their brand but they leave her cold sore on her to keep from making her look too good. It's nice and big in this one, even with the extra lip color.

No. 176288

It's gotta be someone in Bravo, Dakota isn't stupid enough to send her candids to Kiki.

No. 176300

File: 1474650409705.jpg (53.68 KB, 480x600, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 176303

File: 1474650922921.png (1013.57 KB, 1440x1473, 20160923_131355.png)


No. 176308

Fabio/10, A+

No. 176320

She doesn't have the face or body for gravure though, she's a square with no boobs.

I wouldn't be surprised if these non models are doing escort work or someth on the side to keep Bravo afloat.

No. 176408

File: 1474678019559.png (3.32 KB, 280x272, cGIay9e.png)


I'm sorry, but your shoop looks nothing like her real face. It just looks like you shooped her into a 3rd person.

No. 176412

Well then it's still not a cold sore? They aren't permanent, they come and go and aren't in the same place every single time.

Didn't she have snake bites back when she was cuter? It's probably that.

No. 176422

They don't come and go in a day or two, they stick around for up to two weeks at a time. Dakota had the cold sore in several different shots by TM, but everyone else lets her shop her lips as she pleases. And even if it isn't a cold sore, there's no way snake bites from 2 years ago would cause a 1cm sore on her actual lip above where they were placed.

No. 176492

why the fuck does it matter though? a massive chunk of the world's population will have a cold sore at one point or another in life.

No. 176496


I too was about to dismiss the notion that because of Koots' body type she won't go into gravure, but the weirdness of middle-aged japanese salary men and their fetishes is just astounding, even shokcing at times, like it just has no bounds – there would be a specific niche for Kooter in the gravure market, afterall shes filling a niche for Bravo atm.

No. 176534

agreed - it's a pretty minor thing

No. 176561

File: 1474725023929.jpg (44.52 KB, 600x521, cf4c19cc.jpg)


No. 176564

alien teas

No. 176565

File: 1474725663816.jpg (9.88 KB, 200x200, 87BC06E5951115551137022541824_…)

No. 176571

File: 1474727533298.jpg (23.79 KB, 600x429, 124326425614.jpg)

Looks like an anime character mask.

No. 176575

File: 1474728898564.jpg (224.09 KB, 1360x654, 13549685.jpg)

No. 176579

File: 1474729601811.jpg (411.16 KB, 1500x1202, n2pvFZc.jpg)

No. 176580

What the everloving fuck is she wearing

No. 176581

Just spat out my drink hahahaha
That show gave me nighmares.

No. 176583

File: 1474731140305.jpg (583.89 KB, 620x930, IMG_001251.jpg)

No. 176584

File: 1474731187440.jpg (569.92 KB, 620x930, IMG_001271.jpg)


No. 176585

File: 1474731324472.jpg (211.9 KB, 620x413, IMG_001311.jpg)

3 out of 5

No. 176586

File: 1474731360200.jpg (226.44 KB, 620x413, IMG_001331.jpg)


No. 176587

File: 1474731394285.jpg (530.96 KB, 736x1104, IMG_001382.jpg)

Last one

No. 176588

I just laughed in public hahahahaha i love the picture comparisons

No. 176589

Wow. I don't mean to be a conspiracy theorist here but how much is Bravo paying outlets like this to ensure Koots is put in the best light. Why do her pictures look so much less raw than literally every other person at that meet up. Compared to the other pictures, hers look smooth and filtered at the very least, probably more since they also seem to have enlarged her eyes a huge amount.

No. 176592

File: 1474732863892.jpg (11.84 KB, 251x242, 2fbeQPg11titub2o1.jpg)


When pics from this event first came out everyone was laughing because they put her off to the side in the shadows, but now it's "oh they put her in the best lighting and only shooped her and no one else"? Come on anon, seriously. You can see her lipstick mustache clear as day.

No. 176596

I know that the original raw pictures looked like shit. That's why I was surprised that she looked so much better in this particular set.
I didn't mean literally best lighting, I meant they tried to make her look better compared to the other participants. They left the lipstick mustache because that is her thing right now, but that picture looks smoothed and processed and tweaked.

No. 176598

general pics from the event =/= the obvious photoshoot that was taken seperately. Looking at the pictures kooters probably just had someone making sure she looked 'dolly' because in all of those pictures not a hair is out of place and the lighting is nothing but flattering.

I think the best point is to compare her eyes to everyone else's. You can pretty much make out everyone else's eye veins but her eyes were definitely whitened.

No. 176602

File: 1474734509522.jpg (540.84 KB, 1104x736, IMG_000641.jpg)

ikr literally everyone else got musty closeup photos with the flash on

No. 176603

File: 1474734540543.jpg (518.48 KB, 1104x736, IMG_000522.jpg)

No. 176604

Cold sores aren't a big deal, but reaching so far as to try and write it off as "snake bite marks" from years ago. No need to fly off the handle over it.

No. 176629

>greasy-skinned big-faced asians with unnatural looking hair and contacts.
>implying anyone there could have looked better than kooter anyway

Kooter may not be the prettiest girl in the world, but don't act like these people are better looking than her, that's just delusional.

No. 176642

looks like she definitely had a reflector in this shot (one of those big white screens or umrella type things which soft the light on the subject)

No. 176644

File: 1474747139511.jpg (65.78 KB, 600x800, kirk-cameron-birthday.jpg)


This is giving me such Kirk Cammeron BDay feels

No. 176648

File: 1474748564838.jpg (843.49 KB, 1104x736, IMG_00030.jpg)

What about the group shots? She looks pretty much the same here even though she has a shadow across half her face.

No. 176655

We're not comparing the group shots we're comparing the close ups. Dakota obviously had a reflector where as the others just got a ringlight with no buffer. You can tell in her eyes too the ring reflection isnt as sharp.

No. 176657

And the point I'm making is, she doesn't look different in the group shot versus her solo shots. The likelihood of them only giving her reflectors or better lighting, or only shoping her, or whatever else you guys want to pretend to know for sure happened, is low to non-existent.

Like really, let's shit on her for something legitimate like that horrifying birthday picture that looks like she's wearing someone else's skin, not debate about something that there is no evidence for. Getting real tired of how far some of you people will reach.

No. 176685

For once she's not the worst looking of a group

No. 176706

I died.

I have to agree with this anon. Her photos were taken and treated differently, her photos were run through lightroom while the others are raw AF.

Wouldn't be surprised if her jaw was messed with. We already saw the candids and video of her face, lest we forget.

No. 176710

>We already saw the candids and video of her face, lest we forget.
ikr where are those pictures of her in that etude house conference with her tiny hair bow lmao.

they used a huge reflector on her face for these closeup pics so her face looks 2d. i think they're trying to make her look appealing so she can get jobs again.

No. 176718

Sarah Paulson?

No. 176719


These are standard shots that can be used for padding her modeling portfolio Anon. Bravo already poured a lot of money on Koots and the yield on their investment has been quite lukewarm at best. Dakota could've been working on both sides of Japan and Korea, weren't for that "Kimchi-gate" incident she made. I have yet to encounter an agency that treated a model with the benefits of living expenses, residence in prime real estate, and even special coaches, all the while only doing modeling work once a week or even less. How is Bravo even recouping the losses? Clearly the relationship between Bravo and Koots has gone far beyond a typical agency-model/talent relationship…

No. 176721

uncanny as FUCK bro

No. 176724

The problem with Koots is that without photoshop she has never been model quality.
And honestly she hasn't improved with age. In the last year or so her features have become really hard.It's just growing up and getting older but I think facially she was in her prime some years ago.

And I agree that someone at Bravo has a hard-on for her.

No. 176744

> facially she was in her prime some years ago

Years ago, like when we saw her first candid in Japan, her face was still pure potato.

Anything we saw before this video was shooped and after effected to hell.

The difference is that her lines are more pronounced, jaw or nose have gotten larger with age. Her forehead is huger due to hairloss.

Not to mention she seems to be heftier and wouldn't fit into her old taobao knockoff clothes, which is why Kaka is wearing em. Meanwhile Kota is swimming in sweaters in the summer heat.

No. 176759

Her posing is terrible, she hasn't learned a shit about modelling in all these years, it's amaizing.

No. 176772


saging for Dakota ass-licking. I generally don't give a fuck about her and only started paying attention to her because of her hilariously awful alien fetus shoops, but I'm starting to feel really bad for her.

Her self-image must be in the gutter right now. She keeps wearing these gigantic clothes that hide her body shape, her facial shoops look inhuman and hideous, and she's hyper-focused on certain details to the point of obliviousness (e.g. shooping the hell out of her head without realizing that she made it tiny compared to the rest of her body). Normal people with a healthy self esteem don't do that.

Add in the fact that she's practically a shut-in and she has no follow-through (Baby Fang fell apart almost immediately), and it really seems like she's in a bad place right now.

I mean fuck, she had (has?) a boyfriend but he hid their relationship. She kept posting pictures of herself wearing his clothes, so I really doubt she was a big fan of keeping their relationship a secret. That alone had to fuck up her self-esteem.

For nearly half her life, she's been tasked with being famous for being pretty. Her parents were pushing this on her at an age when most parents are upset that their daughter wants to wear mascara. She's been constantly judged, told that every single inch of her is terrible by legions of internet strangers, whom she's been taught are the people she must please.

And now she's 21. She's already past her peak. Instead of being a famous model, she's doing crappy dolly shoots and her boyfriend refuses to be seen with her in public. She's a failure, and it's almost inconceivable that that'll change.

No. 176775

>She's a failure, and it's almost inconceivable that that'll change
she's not a failure just because she's not some e-famous kawaii model, no one gives a fuck about that beyond underage jvlogging stans, she's still so young she could do anything with her life

if anything she's successful because she'll have an interesting story to tell

No. 176785

An interesting story to tell? Like how she conned her way to modeling agencies and shoops herself hell and back?
Tbh I'm just purely disappointed in her. I thought that at least if she faked her way through she would show some admirable qualities like being a hard worker or actually taking modeling seriously. I still don't find anything admirable about her despite how much opportunities she had to grow

No. 176787

I agree with you. I mean sure, she was an obnoxious teenager but with only her awful sister to look up to you can see why. Her parents have a warped view of success and have fucked her up entirely.

No. 176789

I'm there with you anon, being famous for scamming and lying is not success in my opinion. Her and her sis have some sort of mental ailment, and it shows in every single post. People forget it's more work to maintain and hold up a lie than it is to be real.

No. 176797

Damn anon, you must have super low standards for success. She aint even educated or connected enough to do "anything" in life. She isn't young anymore.

No. 176798

Why is everyone acting like her life is over because she's 21. She's still so young, she still has time to turn her life around. She probably won't… but she could if she truly wanted to.

No. 176799


She isn't 21 ffs. People keep saying she is further up in the thread. She's fucking 23 now jesus christ. She doesnt even look 21, you can tell she and her sister are well in their 20s now.

Even the baby picture she put up on her Instagram with Cathy holding Dakota. Kaka is in that picture too and shes a baby there too. They're practically near the same age. She's 22-23 at the most. Now buying the "buh she is 21!" fuck off.

Both are toddlers in that picture.

No. 176800


Because in nipland your teens are what sell to the perverted old salarymen

No. 176805

Absolutely frightening. This looks like a ghost photo or something.

No. 176806

File: 1474809982933.jpg (377.15 KB, 960x1280, ayylmaomask.jpg)

I got Ayy lmao mask vibes tbh

No. 176808

File: 1474810547920.jpg (23.95 KB, 206x275, image.jpg)

There, that's better.

No. 176841

Fucking kek. Should have made the eyes bigger though

No. 176843

This is exactly why Dakota copyright claimed all the copies of that pic that were scanned from Popteen and capped from the tv show it aired on. Once people started pointing it out that they should look further apart in age, she took them all down.

No. 176846

There's at least 1-2 copies of it in the old Dakota threads in the /pt/ catalog. I don't have time rn or I'd look myself.

No. 176872

File: 1474829130833.jpg (106.17 KB, 650x975, 25-27.jpg)

i think she's trying to look like these dolls which is… better in theory lol

No. 176877

holy fucking shit
the eyes are batshit as usual but the neck…
girl THE NECK, you fucked up bad this time

No. 176882

File: 1474832134839.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1800.PNG)

Hey guys, I saw Dakota's sentimental 13 year old heirloom pentagram on FB today.

No. 176885

File: 1474832447481.png (55.35 KB, 320x251, Aliensimpsons-1.png)

i see no difference

No. 176894

File: 1474836542943.gif (3.72 MB, 347x244, vladimir-putin-laughing.gif)

No. 176897

Even 23 is a great age to start something new and sell yourself. Taylor is no spring chicken and her vlogging thing seems to take off more and more each year.
Kota's age isn't the problem here, and I would argue that neither is her fakery. The problem is that she's given up, we were really rooting for a redemption arc with Babyfang but after that fell apart she seems back to her hiki ways.

If she would either just become a boring jap housewife, become actually serious about her talent/modelling or instead just do any other actual job then that would be something. We can't know what she is really up to all day but right now it looks like she's half assing something in between the three with no real aim. It's frustrating to see that.

No. 176903

the modeling gigs she was handed were the stuff of dreams. she even got to work alongside shinee with fucking etude house. and nothing came of that??

she didn't put the effort to shrink into the fake proportions she was submitting to her agency, she didn't market herself right, she stopped uploading videos, she kept changing her shooping style, she stopped blogging on her official website, she didn't put subtitles, she didn't interact with her fans, she didn't learn how to model better, she didn't make connections with people, she didn't work hard, etc. she was randomly rude and boyish then fake sweet. she was talking about loving vomit and gore movies while modeling for popteen. she did everything wrong. i've never seen anyone be handed a dream career on a silver platter and then lose every last bit of it.

No. 176926

She's never acted like she wanted any of this. What if her mom sold Kooter off as a child bride to someone at bravo? You know, like Maggot always wanted to do with Venus? Reaching af but at least it makes the whole "flushing the silver platter down the toilet" less frustrating

No. 176929

Lol. She did want it. She pushed and lied for it. She just couldn't be bothered when she discovered that modeling/being a talent required actual work and not just people kissing your ass 24-7.

No. 176936

I assume most people here are teenagers, that would explain it. If not, then they're "college educated" 20-somethings who think they're smart just because they got a degree in something worthless like art or women's studies.

Koots can turn her life around, but probably not in Japan unless she marries some rich guy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Japan has the kind of educational opportunities for adults that America has. If she went back home she could get an education and gain some experience in the work force, and/or find a nice western guy that likes her real face and doesn't know anything about her alien exploits. She could maybe have a decent setup for herself a few years down the road.

I doubt she will do any of this though. She's far too wrapped up in her kawaii alien baby world at this point to just quit and move on.

No. 176938

you're so delusional, ignorant and stupid, holy shit. and that "she's nothing in japan unless she marries, better come back to the U.S and get a normal job and find a nice white guy" jesus F christ

No. 176943

lmao no one is saying that her life is over forever until the day she dies. models have a short shelf life and at dakota's age and with her reputation she's fucked forever. it also has to do with a judge of character seeing as she had a million opportunities handed to her and failed to progress at any of them.

it's a fact she's currently a failure. and she doesn't seem to try to do anything else since modeling isn't working for her. modeling? failed. blogging? failed. open a store? failed. vlogging? failed. she still draws like a 12 year old on deviantart when she's been drawing her whole life. the prognosis looks… bleak lmao. plus she's an ostrenga. her family went into debt and moved in with a family member who knows what they're doing i mean they relied on their own kids to make a living since they couldn't. kiki is still an unemployed loser i mean. oh well.

No. 176944

… the fuck did I just read? …"Correct me if I'm wrong" your WHOLE POST is wrong.

Omg really don't ever post that amount of misleading information again.

No. 176946

You must be one of the types of people I insulted.

I didn't say white guy, I said western guy, as in someone who lives in the west. They would be much more compatible with her culturally, and wouldn't be looking for some mythical forever-16-year-old girl to bang.

What do you propose she do in Japan to correct her situation other than marry someone rich? She trashed what little career she had, and she's uneducated and has no other prospects.

No. 176948

This thread is cancer.

No. 176951

different anon but… What the fuck are you saying? Like listen to yourself, do you really believe Japanese people are like that? Wtf it's painful to read your non sense bs just shut up ! you probably read that shit from other PULLtards… from all the stuff about other cultures you can pick up from the internet you learn the worst of the worst.

No. 176952

She's 21 and she can study something later, it's not like her career is over now or that she has no options for her future. This discussion is stupid.

No. 176953

are you high? what would her mom get out of all of this? From what we've seen Kooter has had no real interaction with her family and they havent even visited.
To say that she didnt want to be a model is the most bullshit thing I've ever heard in this thread and that's saying a lot. She's blatantly bragged about her 'connections' and stuff and if her mom was pushing dakota then why not Kiki???

Is her mom in Florida magically taking shitty photos of her in her apartment and shooping them? If Dakota didnt want to be a model she could have easily just not put any effort into social media and shit like that.

No. 176956

>i must defend the honour of my glorious nippon~
go home weeb

No. 176959


That's what I was saying in my original post. She can study and get work experience, in America. I have no idea if Japan has that kind of opportunity for people that aren't the traditional college age, it doesn't seem like it, but again I don't know for sure.

Everyone's just getting all pissy because I insulted ~muh feminism~ and suggested that one option she had was to get married. Like it or not, it's true.

No. 176962

Exactly! You know nothing about that so please shut up. She's in her early 20s and its up to her if she wants to study or not, she has many different options for her future even in Japan, and since she speaks Japanese and she's obviously learning more everyday at work then her possibilities to get a different job in the future increase. She's 21, she has many years left as model, it's not even an issue right now. About the marriage, yes thats a valid option too but stop with the stereotypes of the Japanese people or what type of person its better for her.. that's bs.

No. 176967

Someone told me once, The Ostrengas are a dead horse they keep beating off…

No. 176969

So what are her options in Japan? You can't just pretend she has "many different options" when clearly you don't know of any. She's also a foreigner, which limits her options even more. It doesn't really matter that she can speak Japanese, that won't help her much in a lot of fields. They'd rather hire a fellow Japanese. Someone who has been through their school system and will stay with the company for a long time. Call it a "stereotype" again if you want, but if you look into it you'll see that it's mostly true. Western foreigners = English teachers and that's about it.

She could continue to model, maybe, if she hadn't taken a shit all over every good opportunity she's had so far. Her career is in shambles, you'd be delusional not to see it. It would take A LOT of hard work that I highly doubt she is capable of to save her modeling career. And her age is a factor here. If she had had some success up until now, yes undoubtedly she could continue for a long time. But she really hasn't been successful, it's like she's starting over from square one every time she gets a gig. 21(or 23) is too old to be moving that slow. She's going no where.

Marrying for money, marrying to have a family, or going back to America to get educated are her best options.

No. 176977

Wtf? Really your stereotypes are just lame. I lived there and I know a lot of foreign people with different jobs there, nice jobs, from engineers to translators, not only teachers and there are students from around the world there in different programs and not only for a semester. she's still young she has time to decide. Actually since she's in the fashion industry she can find a job there, not only as a model, there're a lot of jobs related.

No. 176982

Even if she gets engaged to a Japanese dude you're going to criticize her for that or find any other excuse to keep raging about her.. this is useless.

No. 177002

>I know a lot of foreign people with different jobs there, nice jobs, from engineers to translators, not only teachers and there are students from around the world there in different programs and not only for a semester.

first of all i call lie since you say you know all of them lmao instead of having heard of them. second of all bruh in what way does any of that apply to dakota lmao. age has nothing to do with it we've seen her character and we've seen how her entire family are losers even as adults. her parents relied on their daughter's cheap accessories store to pay rent and you're talking about kooter like she's magically gonna grow up and change? we're talking about the opportunities for her with the qualifications she has aka none. her resume is also poor considering they'll only see that she's been handed a variety of jobs none of which she was able to stick with. no shit there's successful foreigners in japan with a wide range of fields. how does that relate to kooter lmao. she couldn't even branch out from modelling to being a tv show host OR starting her own brand. she's done for truly.

No. 177009


you're being delusional anon. she doesn't have a degree unlike engineers, and I doubt she's taken the JPLT. she doesn't have a lot of skills or qualifications or education

No. 177014

I KNOW foreigners living in Japan with different jobs since I've lived there and I made many friends, I don't need to lie about those things, that's why I said your information is misleading and full of stereotypes, but anyway anon keep believing what you want, keep saying Dakota has no options and that she's done… but for now, the reality is : She's still there. The day she leaves the country then you talk about how much her career is over.

She doesn't need a university degree for certain jobs, and obviously she's not going to be an engineer, are you stupid? when I mentioned the engineers I was pointing out not all foreigners living in Japan are teachers, don't be stupid, read again.

She has experience in the fashion industry, she can get a job behind the cameras when she gets older. And she's still working as a model anyway, the day you see her leaving the country then you say her modelling career in Japan is over, but for now she's there. She has time, Taylor is still a model and she's like 7 years older than Dakota.

No. 177024

Yeah but Taylor actually keeps herself fit and interacts with her fan base, Dakota doesn't do either.

No. 177026

It's not just about age. Taylor has been funded to have the lifestyle she does in order to vlog it. She can't lose because even when she half asses it, she can literally buy content and followers. Videos containing shopping, eating, travelling or getting beauty treatments all cost money.

Koots had more to lose. She doesn't have the money or lifestyle to vlog everyday. She can't afford to half ass anything, and yet she did. Look where she is now. The whole babyfang thing was textbook lazy.

I don't think the ostrengas are capable of any type of education. Weren't they homeschooled?

Degrees don't guarantee people jobs or livelihoods nowadays. Work experience and connections do. Even if Koots was able to get that far she'd be like 30 and competing against far more capable young grads who have connections.

No. 177029

Well, that's a better discussion. Yes, I think the same, Taylor is better model than Dakota, definitely. Dakota's better at Japanese tho, that's important for TV.

No. 177030


kota has a bad rep as being ugly irl, faking her measurements, being antisocial, being rude, having a shitton of haters and drama, having her own encyclopedia dramatica page how does that sound like… someone people want to hire. she's practically blacklisted. time doesn't make that go away. it's set in stone. you google her and it's THERE. she went viral and made a laughing stock of herself and she's immortalized that way. she's messy. she changes her voice and her demeanor all the time you don't know if she's gonna say something sweet or offhanded in her masculine voice when you invite her to events she's very unpredictable. there's no consistency she's a mess. you can get another white girl to model for you without the drama.

No. 177033

Kiki is/was studying at a university and she studied a semester in Japan. Anyway I don't think Dakota is interested in studying at a university, she said she's more into fashion and clothing, she said he dream was to create her own brand. Idk what really happened to babyfang but it doesn't mean she can't try again.

No. 177037

But the thing is that right now there isn't that new dolly girl taking her place so…
She's still in Bravo and getting hired for TV talk shows, fashion events and magazines, and that's the reality for now girl.

No. 177038

Did we ever get receipts of Kaka actually doing something educational in Japan?

Kota obviously has many dreams and wants, doesn't mean she will put in the effort. Babyfang was her chance to prove it, and all she did was sell overpriced tacky ripoffs.

No. 177053

the nearest thing she did related to education in Japan was attending some meeting/conference/whatever it was that she tried to pass as ~super serious scientific studies~

No. 177070

An anon found her university back then, she was a exchange student in a Japanese university when she was dating Taku.

No. 177071

I agree, she could try going to a university in Japan but other than that and the options you gave I don't see what other realistic options she has or that she'd choose. She could've atleast been a popular youtuber..

No. 177072

It was a conference about the poor working conditions and the abuse many Chinese workers suffer in the textile industry, they were talking about UNIQLO, a Japanese brand with factories in China.

No. 177114

Were talking about university and shit,did she even get a GED yet.

No. 177116

No. 177125

no one is looking for that new dolly girl anymore lmao. markets change. just like we find the living doll thing old they do to. they can live without hiring dakota's mediocre white ass. the only reason she was hired in the first place is because she went viral and was thought to look like a cgi character which she doesn't irl.

>She's still in Bravo and getting hired for TV talk shows, fashion events and magazines

she literally gets less than 1/3 of the jobs she used to before. she's working less often than a japanese model in the same field of work. she has a bad rep. no one likes her lol.

No. 177129

you're right anon, that one.

Wasn't Kaka posting on ig stuff about human anatomy around that time?

No. 177138

THIS entire post.

If people were still craving for that hardcore 'dolly' look Taylor would be way ahead of Dakota anyway. Hell even Himezawa would be doing better than she is now if people were really craving for the white girl/Euro look.

It's laughable for people to say 'she's still getting hired tho' since she's literally gone months without a single sign of a job this year. I'm pretty sure we can count the actual gigs she's gotten this year on our fingers. Hell even Taylor who obviously doesnt care as much about modelling as youtubing has gotten more jobs and more impressive ones imho (working with ladybeard > anything kooter has done this year imho)

There's only so far you can make it in Japan by being wishy washy with your image. It's the kind of thing where you have to stick to it 100% or people will stop caring. If you look at the well known of Japanese pop culture you see a lot of people kind of sticking to their 'genre' and kooter never did that.

She wanted to be a dolly fairy real life gamer girl fujoshi barbie who just likes pastels n flowery things but jk because she talks super manly and brutish but isnt that charming while she sits there trying to portray the barbie look until she says something crass?

No. 177207

File: 1474920952264.png (86.72 KB, 268x325, 1473066486196.png)

no like how she transported herself from her bedroom in Florida to Japan and away from her nuts family, that I'm sure the average weeb would be desperate to do

She isn't young anymore
She's in her early 20s… she's fucking young.

>it's a fact she's currently a failure.
fucking hell so many jealous salty bitches here. She's done a stint in Japan modelling, it's chill.

>Marrying for money, marrying to have a family, or going back to America to get educated are her best options.
literally shut the fuck up what a depressing outlook

unlike a lot of people her koots might have grown up a bit and be slightly disillusioned by the whole kawaii modelling thing and just be going through the motions doing the jobs she can, which would explain her lack of enthusiasm.

she should go travelling or something and vlog that

No. 177208

File: 1474921007794.jpg (184.31 KB, 600x800, IMG_1831.JPG)


I don't think Tiara Milly liked Dakota very much, they never did stuff like this for any of their other models. Check out dat glaringly obvious pantyline, yeesh.

No. 177209

File: 1474921148518.jpg (209.45 KB, 600x800, IMG_1832.JPG)

And then this time when they completely erased her retinas. Wtf was that even??

sage for doubleposting

No. 177212

>20's isn't "being young"

I feel sorry for you anon.

No. 177213


ikr? the only decent thing Tiara Mily photoshoots had was the hair styling. Everything else is cringe worthy

No. 177214

File: 1474922536618.jpg (155.86 KB, 600x800, IMG_1835.JPG)

It's weird though that it wasn't like that for any of their other models, just Dakota.

>that time they literally copy/pasted a dress on her and shooped her arm over it

No. 177215

holy shit, WHAT. why have i never seen this before!

No. 177217

Damn, this is ugly as fuck

No. 177250


The Rolling Stone article matches Dakota's age timeline as well as Kiki's timeline for when she joined MySpace and had the Danny Fiasco.

However, we know Kiki and Dakota both joined MySpace in 2006, and that the minimum age to join was 13. So if, according to RS, Kiki was 13 in 2006 when she joined MySpace, Dako was 11 when she joined.

Of course Dako says she lied about being 13 to join, but that would make them the same age in 2006? Not "1 year & 1 day apart" like Kiki claimed before Dakota got a Tumblr.

No. 177252

Well from what I've read on here she never even graduated high school. I don't think any Japanese school would touch her with a thousand foot pole.

No. 177254

She made a timeline of her life on a TV show he did a couple of years ago that said she was from Chicago and that she quit school when she was only 8. She also claims she has a degree in sound engineering (from before she went viral at "15/16" as she claims she was) that she never used because she lost interest in music. This was supposedly during the time Kiki was making music as Kiki Mimieux on ITunes and had Dakota design the cover for her "IDORU/いどる" EP.

No. 177256

File: 1474931566729.jpg (63.58 KB, 500x375, IMG_1837.JPG)

If they were really 3 years apart, Dakota would be a lot younger looking than Kirsten in this photo.

No. 177257

>She's in her early 20s… she's fucking young.
Not for a model. And certainly not for an unsuccessful model. She may as well be 30 and done for she draws so little interest and so few jobs now.

>what a depressing outlook

Keep living that fairy tale dream anon. You can't be 18 years old forever with the whole world ahead of you. Life catches up to you at some point and you have to start making realistic decisions about your future (unless you want to be a washed up mess that everyone avoids, be my guest).

Don't talk about being grown up like you are one.

No. 177258

Is this one of those "this dress comes in different colors but instead of the model wearing each one we will just photoshop the color on the original" type of pictures?

No. 177265

I'm the anon who posted some if the case caps from the news show she was on last month.

In her interview, she said that she doesn't re ally have any interest in wingback a model or talent anymore, and that she wants to "create" something. (Like be a designer, etc)

if thate so then it doesn't matter her age.

No. 177271

what… what the fuck happened here…

No. 177279

Right, except that she tried, blatantly stole designs, and got shut down.

No. 177280

not sure about that brand in particular but other jp brands tend to just put it on a mannequin and call it a day rather than doing that sort of hideous ps job

No. 177282

Truth is, we don't know anything about koti. The money she earned for her jobs in the past, she could have it invested and she could get herself a proper education and just never told that in public. Or maybe she just spent it and don't want to study.
We don't know what she likes. I don't trust much about her interviews, feels like she only tells what people want to hear.
No one can tell for sure also, that her parents never visited her. We can only assume it didn't happen because she didn't say anything about it.
Sure, from what we see it really seems that she is lazy af and just goes with the wind, but maybe she actually planned her future and we don't know.

No. 177299

So they haven't even attended grade school? Meanwhile people here are like "they can study at a university" topkek.

Is she pretending Babyfang never happened?

No. 177308

If her family visited her at least before kiki's disappearance we would have heard or seen about it. If she were going to school we would have found out about it (unless she got a private tutor which is doubtful).

Even with all the jobs she used to get it's impossible for that to have been enough to last her all this time. That is a fact.
If she had planned her future why would she be doing what she's doing now with low tier jobs and terrible shoops? If she didnt NEED to model she could have just stopped easily especially with social media.

No. 177309

They probably booked her thinking they'll get ~rearu Barbie~ in their tacky clothes, but they got an average Jane with broad shoulders and cankles, and was too late to back out.

No. 177311

Except they do look 3 years apart? Stop acting like your opinion is fact just because you have some weird sperg problems over Dakota's age.

No. 177318

File: 1474951256946.jpg (138.11 KB, 1200x902, Cs8gzKLUAAARI3w.jpg)


No. 177319

jesus christ this looks like a fucking creepypasta pic……. wwyd if you heard strange noises in the kitchen at 3am and walked in to find this waiting for you in the dark?

No. 177320

>baggy oversized grandma clothes
>long hair without bangs
>overlining lips
>heavy aegyo sal with no eyeliner
>posting photos of herself cooking vegan food

lmao. she legit looks like a taylor parody in this one.

No. 177322

her lips look like clip art she pasted onto a shoop. shes only frying peppers? the frying pan looks so large compared to her head, couldnt fucking shoop to save her life

No. 177323

File: 1474951864128.jpg (52.39 KB, 400x411, tumblr_o71mxxyDkH1rf27ieo1_400…)

>those lone peppers in a pan with no seasoning while the stove ain't even on

kek reminds me of this meme

No. 177324

peppers sauteed in olive oil. ah a kawaii vegan delicacy.

No. 177326

File: 1474952137147.jpg (68.75 KB, 520x678, 1408564383599.jpg)

No. 177335

File: 1474957474781.png (247.93 KB, 1200x902, ghost-of-peppers-past.png)


No. 177343

why is the pic mirrored

No. 177347

File: 1474960923237.jpg (54.51 KB, 500x500, meghan-trainor-makeup-121-500x…)

fucking hell who the fuck wants to be a model, it's hardly fulfilling
she said herself she's not interested anymore

>unless you want to be a washed up mess that everyone avoids
so marry for money or return to fatland where there's an even worse education system…gr8 advice tnx but stop posting

this threads is always filled with raging jealous weebs that are constantly trying to prove koots is an objective failure and has NO LIFE AHEAD OF HER WHATSOEVER SHE MAY ASWELL JUST BURY HERSELF NOW

srsly until she's single, 48, and living in a trailer on child support, it's just not an argument

No. 177353

Calm down annon, and keep your raging boner down for koots
She isn't a failure, shes just a failure with modeling after all this time. Her spotlight in that industry is fading and she obviously isn't pursuing it as enthusiastically. That's why she's actually saying shes not interested in modeling anymore and come to think of it, her baby fang was one way of trying something new. She knows she's not relevant anymore, so at least she can move into something she can work with. But in that regard, she did fail in becoming consistently relevant in the industry that supported her so much. It's just a missed opportunity on her part, and that's the truth

No. 177355

What does that ugly whale meghan trainor have to do with this? Lol

No. 177363

File: 1474967098148.jpg (38.04 KB, 536x461, Morso-sd3hzv.jpg)

No. 177366

I have.

No. 177374

File: 1474974205516.png (615.51 KB, 668x669, Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 12.0…)

She's going for the kiddy look again.

No. 177376

Hahahahahahahahaha this is it guys. This is officially the worst photo of her to date. Fucking lol

No. 177378

File: 1474975013243.gif (1023.85 KB, 500x281, done-af.gif)

She looks just like a toddler..I can't… I'm so done. Her and keeks are trolling with the selfies lately.

No. 177383

File: 1474977104101.jpg (155.96 KB, 960x960, 10254981_836143389771025_31625…)

She's trying to look more and more like Kristina Pimenova.

No. 177384

this is gross lol

No. 177386

i'm just thinking of the actual potato face she has with this hairstyle lmao

No. 177390

Lighting your hair on fire while cooking is totemo kawaii, ne?

No. 177392

This picture cracks me up so hard. It looks like someone really poorly transplanted the head of a mannequin on a child. Also, as a bonus point, note her normal sized reflection in the mirror.

No. 177393

Alien Baby was always a downgrade from 2012 Dakota, but this photo literally looks like a child. It looks like a 6 year old. If I didn't know who she was I really would have thought this a photo of a child. Not like, "oh, Dakota is photoshopping herself in a baby way again," this is like… nothing about this resembles a grown, adult woman, and it's very disturbing.

No. 177394

That's what I've been thinking for a while.

No. 177403

File: 1474981721821.jpg (99.65 KB, 1080x1080, 14504817_1096725087073144_9199…)

Larger version. Look at all that forehead/nose blur.

No. 177404

And wtf, did she photoshop her nose into a slope? Because she naturally has the most straight nose I've ever seen.

No. 177406

exactly. it's really disturbing watching her body image unfold.

No. 177408

She looks really cute here but… I mean cute like a 12 year old in a fashion catalog or something. No 21 year old woman looks like this…

No. 177410

i don't think she sees herself as a child at all actually. she's been consistently shooping herself taller and with big tits and a waist. the only reason she's trying to look like a child now is because she's desperate for fans and is being cheap by attracting pedophiles again. that's what's more disgusting to me. she's very sexual and has shown herself for having a "dark" mind so it'd not about ageplay. plain and simple trying to be pedobait. it's so gross lol.

No. 177411

12 years old? It looks more like a picture from one of those creepy toddler pageants, excessive photoshop and all

No. 177413

Holy fuck i thought someone shooped her face on a toddler it's seriously getting scary. Kooter please wake up.

I still want to believe in her. I just don't wanna see her end badly for some reason.

No. 177414

> she's really gonna go off the rails when she gets older and natural signs of aging start to show

she's 23 and doesn't take care of her skin - she's aging badly already

No. 177423

Yup. Let's not forget these gems:

No. 177445

Wow, that's legitimately creepy as fuck.

>fucking hell who the fuck wants to be a model, it's hardly fulfilling

Different people find fulfillment in different things. (Successful) models get money and tons of attention because they're so attractive and/or interesting-looking. It makes them feel special. It's also very varied; you're not doing the same thing nonstop for 40 hours a week, every week, until you die.

>this threads is always filled with raging jealous weebs


>that are constantly trying to prove koots is an objective failure and has NO LIFE AHEAD OF HER WHATSOEVER SHE MAY ASWELL JUST BURY HERSELF NOW

Most models are between 16 and 21. For that profession, Dakota is getting too old. She's highly unlikely to make it big at this rate, and the likelihood goes down a bit more every day.

She could be extremely successful at all sorts of things, but probably not at the thing she's been trying to do for half of her life.

Now get your granny panties out of a bunch.

No. 177453

File: 1474995571877.gif (495.56 KB, 500x275, giphy (1).gif)

it's the bitter face of the average lolcow user, she grits her teeth with a satisfying and deluded jealousy as she has a vision: her shit post will ultimately lead to the dethronement of all kawaii aidoru princesses, and one day it shall be her, HER ON THE THRONE AS KAWAII AIDORU OF ALL NIPOON AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHASKDASKJFAPNVNA;DKVA

No. 177461

Totally agree with you Anon, I actually explained them but nah they refuse to accept reality. This thread is flooded with jealous bitches and pulltards… they actually have a whole thread in PULL for confessing their jealousy towards snowflakes lol.

No. 177463

Taylor is fucking 28 and Alexa is like 25 and you still talk about " 21 is too old for a model " lol no is not even the average, yes usually a model STARTS her career at a young age (usually from 13~17) however they can stay as models all their 20s, even early 30s. Adult models are normal btw… anyway she says she has other interests like clothing design.

No. 177469

nice goat beard

No. 177474

File: 1475006355527.gif (657.83 KB, 380x254, raw.gif)

lool checks out thread

koots could do anything with her life she's so young, she could go on to be really fulfilled by something completely different and still be able to turn around and be like 'lol one time I went viral for being hot and I scammed my way to Japan and got paid for being hot, shit was so ca$h', meanwhile you boys will still be sitting there gritting your teeth and pointing out the bags under her eyes.

< you

No. 177476

waiyt what schmuck<?? tay is 28?! i thought she was like 19

No. 177482

Back to the alien toddler shoops again I see, she'll probably stick to this since it seems to be getting more likes than her other posts.

I'm not sure who Alexa is but how many gigs has Taylor gotten this year? Cause all I've seen was her modeling those Halloween costumes. Anyway it's not like Dakota is like Micky or Himeka but I don't see her having some big successful clothing brand or modeling for popular brands anymore since her Babyfang thing was a failure that she didn't even try to revamp, her youtube videos don't get alot of views like that vlog she uploaded a week ago only has 26k views…Dakota will probably end up like Magibon, Applemilk, or Beckii Cruel.

Oh and lol at all the "your just jelly" comments, this isn't 2012 when she was going viral, getting 1 million views per video, getting tons of modeling gigs, appearing in popular magazines like popteen, etc. all of that is gone and Dakota is just a girl who had her 15 minutes of fame.

No. 177492

Are you living under a rock or…?

No. 177510

exactly what part of "dakota has ruined her reputation and brand and no one wants to hire her because the first thing you get when you google her is a drama exposing forum, her encyclopedia dramatica page, and before and after comparisons of her with and without photosop" are y'all not understanding to keep insisting dakota is nothing more than a failure who will never get her life together lmao. her personality, looks and modeling are all bad. why would you hire her when you can hire a fresh gaijin. dakota isn't even famous or viral anymore. it's more than just her age lmao how delusional can you be. kiki is in her mid 20's and has still done nothing with her life. her parents are such losers they had to exploit their scenekid children for money. and you talk about dakota having potential as if she is not Dakota fuxking Ostrenga. like. please wake up. or stop samefagging i just can't believe so many people keep insting on dakota having a future anymore and ignoring how she's an iconic laughing stock.

No. 177518

Kota is a failure because she never used her work to network and build a name for herself. You honestly think models get work just on looks? Nope its all about that network and Kota never tried to build a network.

No. 177532

I have no words. We know what type of target she's after. Needs new sugar daddy?

The stans calling people "jelly" are the ones who secretly wanted to be her and live through her. They refuse to admit there's no chance for Kota to be relevant anymore beyond these fugly shoops.

No. 177547

This photo tho. You can tell that Dakota was the "fat child", genetically more predisposed to chub, and probably got a lot of shit for it (maybe from Cathy) compared to keeks. I'm not surprised she seems like she's struggled with EDs.

No. 177551

Yes Tay is 28.

Alexa is Taylor's friend, a Polish model living Japan since many years ago. She appears in her videos sometimes. Alexa speaks Japanese and is a model full time. Taylor is more into vlogging and youtube, she still gets jobs however she needs to keep working in her Japanese, she explained her agency is pissed about that situation, not because of her age lol she's still in her 20s and she looks younger than her age, their age is not the problem.

No. 177614

File: 1475049509331.png (835.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160928-165739.png)

Has…has she shooped the eyes on her baby photo?

No. 177615

I don't really follow the jvlog drama because it's so not lulzy, especially when they're making a bit of money and are just making haul vlogs etc. (kill me). That's why I don't think koots is that lulzy because she's had a good run, like I'd be pretty satisfied to go on an do something else fun now.