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File: 1661270860040.jpg (327.52 KB, 1908x1146, gordon ramsay's daughter.jpg)

No. 1623442

this thread concerns nepo babies who are as not famous enough to be on the Celebricows threads, A nepotism baby is someone working in Hollywood right now who has some sort of family connection to the industry—usually famous and well connected parents

No. 1623448

File: 1661271351603.jpg (90.23 KB, 634x793, 24898528.jpg)

So picrel is Gordon Ramsay's, daughter, Holly Ramsay, she is a full time model and influencer

>She's the daughter of a Michelin-starred chef but Holly Ramsay has decided on a very different career route.

>The 20-year-old daughter of chef Gordon and his wife Tana signed to Established Modelling Agency last year
>'Holly is navigating her celebrity routes and channelling her own identity using her profile and platforms to inspire others with a focus on creating unique and relatable content whilst travelling between London and LA,' her profile reads.
>Holly's content can be described as nothing less than authentic, automatically putting her followers at ease that anything that she promotes is truly brilliant'.
>'She has a passion for fashion, trying new styles and trends and is currently studying Fashion Design at university with a dream of getting her

No. 1623456

Lol they always end up being models because they are completely talentless.

No. 1623462

File: 1661271965422.jpg (145.39 KB, 900x650, Untitled-1-2.jpg)

I'm always amazed that Potato Moss has a better career than Lottie Moss. Before she went down the cocaine and Only Fans route, Lottie had a soft Victoria's Secret sort of look.

No. 1623470

isn't Steve Jobs daughter also a model

No. 1623473


"navigating her celebrity routes and channelling her own identity using her profile and platforms to inspire others with a focus on creating unique and relatable content whilst travelling between London and LA" - literally the worst attempt at PR word salad I've seen to make seem like a nepo baby is actually doing something

No. 1623479

Same as Bella Hadid. Talentless uninteresting model who only got there due to money

No. 1623481

And ripping off Carla Bruni's look.

No. 1623482

File: 1661273544026.jpg (97.4 KB, 634x633, 24898530.jpg)

I mean at least Bella Hadid is tall and you'd notice her, but this is just any random girl you'd see in London and not even remember

No. 1623483

I feel so bad for Steve Jobs' family so weirdly distant, but I can only find 1 photo of Eve Jobs on a runway all of the rest is just red carpets and instagram shit

No. 1623484

All children from celebrities become models because it's so easy to do when you are rich. You have acess to personal trainers to say fit and slim, connections and if you are not tall enough to be a runway model, they make you a lingerie model instead. You don't even need to be pretty, since make up and photoshop can help an unlucky face. I hate how these rich girls try to make "relatable content" by doing shit like traveling overseas and parading their luxury houses/cars/eletronics. How's this relatable???

No. 1623485

She either lost some major weight or is using her hair to hide the chipmunk cheeks, she's pretty but not model pretty. Totally a nepo baby.

No. 1623488

100% I think Bella Hadid actually puts work in, or at least GETS worked by her insane mother like its heavily implicated she forced her into an eating disorder and that whole 'eat an almond' thing.(sage)

No. 1623544

File: 1661277521698.png (2.37 MB, 2887x1932, n.png)

yas queen give us nothing

No. 1623546

Sage your shit, barely any of this is milk

No. 1623548

Even the celebrities that aren't nepo babies usually come from wealth and some sort of privilege or connections. Hardly any celebrities made it 100% by themselves.

I hate it when people sneer at lower class people who go on reality shows when that's often only option open to them to move up in life. Shows like American Idol make it seem in the advertising that anyone could win when in reality only people who have received singing/dancing/talent lessons for years have a chance. People from poorer backgrounds won't have had that opportunity, or the education to know that they are being taken advantage of by manipulative producers.

I hope in the future talent starts to be prioritized over privilege and everyone realizes that shows that prey on people from less privileged backgrounds are cancelled.

No. 1623567

whose daughter is this

No. 1623573

Kate Moss

No. 1623585

I mean being a model really doesn't seem all that hard to begin with, all you gotta be is tall, thin, confident and have an okay face
this random shitposting youtuber went to the top of london fashion week as a joke and also did actual modeling afterwards and then went to paris fashion week

No. 1623589

It's actually harder than it seems as you have to be able to tell what expression and poses look good without being able to see yourself. Pro models get very little direction and have to move constantly and fluidly. You also can get put in uncomfortable clothing and situations (cold, bugs, etc) and have to stay that way for hours.

This is why so many nepo models look so bad. They haven't had to work their way up and improve.

No. 1623592

okay but then please explain why a shitposting youtuber managed to bear all that and become a top model after he started as a joke

No. 1623599

Haven't watched the video but some people are naturals and it's also less competitive for men.

No. 1623601

File: 1661281245025.jpg (153.59 KB, 1080x1080, 59847008.jpg)

you're right, not just anybody can pull this stunt. the guy(who isn't actually a youtuber he's just a friend of the shitposting youtuber) already did have those model features to begin with.. not buffy, tall and slender and yes, CONFIDENCE
I mean just look at him and tell me he doesn't look like model

No. 1623603

Average Joe is not going to know how to pose like that or be relaxed in front of a camera.

No. 1623653

He doesn’t look like a model, anon. He’s ugly.

No. 1623837

Nepobabies are so interesting to me. Many of the parents of the most useless ones come from humble beginnings. The ones who actually seem to maintain a name for themselves have parents who come from wealth/are nepobabies themselves. Somehow none of the hardwork of the parents rub off.

No. 1623873

clothes are nice, but his face, posture, physique, appearance is not

No. 1623907

KEK, came here to say this and also its because any other route in Hollyweird requires being conventionally attractive, talented, skilled. (acting, singing, etc.)

modeling agencies allow literally anyone in as long as they're tall and willing to be an anachan, or are classified "diverse", or if their parents paid their way in. the only nepo-child i could find even a sliver of respect for is kaia gerber.

No. 1623911

You want a good laugh at a nepo kid, go to Amazon and read the reviews of Brooklyn Beckham's "photography" collection.

No. 1623931

>Nepobabies are so interesting to me.
What is there to be interested in? Nepobabies interesting, that's an oxymoron lol. i mean fuck, this is exactly something that isn't there. they're most boring, most talentless and at the same time most narcissistic people on earth. they often don't even have any hobbies, just attention whoring 24/7, just skinwalk their idols. calling them out & laughing at their "artworks" is oddly satisfying tbh

No. 1624059


No. 1624112

I've been waiting for a thread like this so bad…
Holy fuck this is bad.

No. 1624218

File: 1661347492914.jpeg (72.17 KB, 647x680, 7158510C-7063-4307-B22C-EB1C9A…)

No. 1624253

Fuck yeah amateur skills sold as a professional boon I love it

No. 1624314

File: 1661355541271.jpg (196.47 KB, 2048x1536, DDAvppVW0AQ6v08.jpg)



imagine being the editor

No. 1624330

I almost feel bad for laughing but these are terrible

No. 1624345

why did i click i'm so mad now

anyway, margaret qualley's massive toothy drool maw scares me. i feel like she's the awkward loud sheltered girl at summer camp and is about to stain my face with koolaid

No. 1624347

what a retard

No. 1624348

his face is deliverance-y

No. 1624350

she looks botched here. she looks like caitlyn jenner

No. 1624820

BB always looks like he should be on suicide watch

No. 1624997

He was studying photography at NYU and left when Rankin - fucking RANKIN!- offered him an internship. Which he squandered, apparently, since "don't photograph in shadow" is the rule right after "take the cap off the lens".

Apparently the Beckhams tried out their lax parenting on their eldest. He has about 100 tattoos and 70 of them are to do with his own rich-kid wife.

No. 1625223

he's actually retarded lmao

No. 1625346

File: 1661435225742.png (579.5 KB, 801x919, 84543k.png)

Please make it stop. Marc Anthony himself is bad enough, now he's pushing the ladder out to the most shameless idiots

No. 1625351

File: 1661435950780.jpg (102.91 KB, 773x479, nepo-weirdos.jpg)

she has had loads of surgery. also these people are like a cabal and a racket, i always see one nepo enabling another one to get the foot in the door and this even crosses sexual, racial and religious lines.

they never pay attention to those with more humble origins, other than whichever sportsman or rapper they can use as a sperm donor

No. 1625445

File: 1661443422690.jpg (168.74 KB, 1280x1024, garn38-7.jpg)

she looks oblivion-esque

No. 1625466

Jesus christ that man is hideous

No. 1625487

>don't photograph in shadow
he could also have adjusted the setting in camera and post to somewhat salvage the elephant one. he clearly had no idea what he was doing

No. 1625491

Brooklyn making a sandwich (start at 0.40)

He's completely devoid of personality

No. 1625512

So exactly like a model?

No. 1625549

File: 1661450285236.png (633.68 KB, 957x641, nothing less than authentic.pn…)

I looked up her IG and she seems like a completely different person

No. 1625562

>going into a thread solely to complain about that thread
if that doesn't say "painfully bored and needs a job" i don't know what does

No. 1625585

I am painfully bored and I need to get a job can you help me nonnie?

No. 1625635

IIRC he was using an SLR from the 90s. So he could have played around in the darkroom to make the image clearer if he couldn't take a decent shot in the first place.
If he even develops and prints his own kek

No. 1625646

File: 1661456467955.jpeg (37.38 KB, 615x337, 0_Strictly-Come-Dancing-Tilly-…)

His other daughter appeared on the UK version of Dancing With The Stars last year and seems less plastic in the face. She has the more tradition Celebrichild job of "social media influencer".

No. 1625665

Madonna's daughter makes music now as well.

>“Honestly, actors really annoy me and I can’t be around them. As for music, I can sing. I just don’t care about it. Maybe it’s too close to home,” she explained, adding that privacy is the key to keeping her life as normal as possible.

>“I’ve been judged from a young age, but I think that privacy is the reason why I was able to keep my wits about me and not find myself in a mental asylum,” she said. “I want to figure out who the f–k I am before I let anyone else try to tell me who I am, you know?”


No. 1625673

she is a lazy vocalist and wears drag queen makeup, how embarrassing

No. 1625677

God that's awful

No. 1625697

File: 1661458483020.jpg (111.95 KB, 1200x1200, lourdes_leon_gyow8ay3z6.jpg)

imagine having the world's greatest artists, designers, visionaries, and thinkers at your fingertips through the connection of your mother, and your personal taste is truly so disgustingly basic and inauthentic that you never developed any conceptual intrigue of your own.

the privacy she maintained was wasted, she clearly never developed a personality.

picrel is her at the MET gala, THEE MET and she looks like this… even upon close up it looks unintentionally cheap. they don't make nepo babies like they used to. where are the devon aokis?

No. 1625753

One of my colleague is the granddaughter of a worldwide famous writer and from an aristocratic family. She has absolutely no personality. Her only hobbies are bragging about her family and shit talking other women.

No. 1625767

Give us some kind of hint about who she is connected to, like the writer

No. 1625890


Except he isn't really a random shit posting youtuber, he's max fosh and basically a nepo baby himself, his dad is this guy https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Fosh
and he went to one of the most expensive schools in the country, he also has a sister that i'm almost positive has fashion connections lmao

No. 1625903

Is this for real lol. Lolahol more like Cholahol. This makeup looking muddy as fuck(sage)

No. 1625944

>devon aoki
never knew she was a nepo baby. knew she was short for a model but figured her diversity (for the time) and unique face got her hired

No. 1625951

She really wants to be a Latina goth girl, kek. Other than that, I don't think the song is really that bad, I expected far worse

No. 1625972

She's MADONNA'S child…what did you expect? Kek Madonna is absolute cow-tier trash herself

No. 1626009

His dad isn't famous. Most of the people who go to Eton or Harrow aren't famous, they're just rich. Fosh sr was a minor cricket player but never got to play at county level.

No. 1626017

his mom is a daughter of a diplomat but i still don't think that makes him a nepo baby. he's just a "it's a prank bro" youtuber.

No. 1626026

so an edgy moid with a youtube channel. hardly special!

No. 1626153

her brother is the famous DJ

No. 1626190


i learned really recently that their dad was the head of the benihana empire. makes sense that they'd need a crazy rich dad to be so successful in industries like modeling and DJing
(turns out that yumi nu plus sized model jordan peterson called 'not beautiful' is their niece as well kek)

No. 1626364

The song is cool, but she actually is the worst part IMO. Completely lifeless vocals and visuals. She's whisper singing and enounciates badly, like some mumble pop shit. She gives dead eyes and lazy mouth the whole video.

No. 1626376

yes she is! i just miss when nepo babies were silent like devon, and just honed their craft.

did they get a huge leg up and/or probably only got opportunities to begin with because of their family's connections? yes. but did they end up being very talented on their own outside of that? yes.
nepo babies trying to become "relatable" and desperately trying to prove how they are just like us is annoying.

someone said this recently and it just clicks
"If your only social plight is not being able to say that you're self-made, then that's a disprivilege you can learn to live with."

No. 1626721

This song sounds like a rip off of PinkPantheress' music

No. 1626762


dinners are also difficult to photograph.

No. 1626782

i only learned this bc of that hulu show solar opposites

No. 1627084

Lol no. Any short model is almost guaranteed to be a nepo.

No. 1627873

File: 1661662069104.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2074x1382, A41903C3-04A6-4A42-A40C-628A6F…)

Did anyone watch season 3 of American Crime Story? Jonah Bill’s sister Beanie Feldstein was an awful choice to play Monica Lewinsky and such clear nepotism casting. Ik Monica got shit for her weight back then but she really seems so lean compared to Beanie.

No. 1627886

yeah they did monica absolutely dirty.

No. 1628200

What's about Madonna's other kids? Iirc, her son fled to London to his dad and is quiet at the moment. Wonder whether he'll go the same nepobaby path as Lourdes but with leaning towards his dad's craft i.e. directing, screenwriting, etc.

No. 1628341

File: 1661697573460.jpg (295.74 KB, 1280x894, Monica-Lewinsky-son-histoire-a…)

even in this loose suit she looks less frumpy and large than jonah hill's sister

No. 1628345

I honestly don’t think it was nepo casting. She’s in the same circles as a lot of people that the creators have worked with & do work with. Her casting in Funny Girl, however, was definitely due to some strings being pulled.

No. 1629256

File: 1661741167463.jpg (19.92 KB, 345x345, 275889784_3001036093540463_233…)

Her son Rocco makes bad paintings.
At least the fine art world is harder to break into from nepotism, than other fields.

No. 1629261

This is the worst Bacon knockoff I've ever seen

No. 1629318

lol no. nepotism is alive and well in the art world. artists become famous from good reviews from critics. people are going to give their pal's son a good review always. working as an artist also requires a lot of privilege. you don't see anyone from a shit tier public school getting into fine art.

No. 1629328

File: 1661746224968.png (292.33 KB, 253x842, 1661745661425942 (1).png)

She looks fine. You guys are just nitpicking.

No. 1629346

File: 1661747291245.png (616.5 KB, 796x647, who-plays-monica-lewinsky-in-a…)

No. 1629351

File: 1661747492829.jpg (409.23 KB, 1143x1796, 51400398.jpg)

No. 1629354

File: 1661747884955.png (1.07 MB, 918x1197, 1622001366090.png)

I think Monica put on weight after it went public and her lawyer probably dressed her in less form fitting clothes to make her seem more demure (I remember another woman involved in the case was given pants suits to wear for this reason).

It looks like they gave the actress a weird 50s bullet type bra to wear when Monica never wore that.

No. 1629358

Maybe Beanie Feldstein just has large boobs.

IMO they did Linda Tripp dirtier, made her life look proper sad and empty. Not that she deserves much sympathy.

No. 1629621

Yeah it's the torpedo bra. Beanie's a fine fit considering the short supply of Hollywood fatties. The alternative would've been someone in a fat suit which triggers the masses.

No. 1629630

File: 1661785389974.jpg (167.45 KB, 1126x1126, 00-promo-monica-lewinsky.jpg)

>Monica never wore that.
Lmao she should have!

No. 1629778

They sure got triggered over Sarah Paulson’s fatsuit!

No. 1630068

At this point I’m more surprised by who isn’t a Nepo baby. Every time I look up a celeb even if they don’t have overtly famous parents they always seem to know someone who knows someone. I can’t even get mad about it anymore tbh.

No. 1631872


Madonna's style also looks cheap and no taste despite the millions in the bank.
I expected a worse song, but her singing is totally average and the video quality low (probably on purpose to make her seem more relatable and indie like she seems to want to look like). With Madonna's connections she could've produced something much better but I think she wants to give off the indie edgy zoomer vibe and like Madonna being her mom has no influence on her.

No. 1631877


Is Kate Moss a nepo?

No. 1631884


Everything is about connections in hollywood. You may be talented and work hard, but you need some type of networking to get the ball rolling if you want to make it big. Not just hollywood, also for us regular folks when it comes to getting jobs and stuff.

No. 1631899

No, she's one of the rare cases that isn't a nepo. She was discovered young and was expected to grow more but because she had an iconic look (heroine chic) she was about to continue.

No. 1633500

i always was surprised that she got the jobs despite being so short. i never saw mentions of her being scouted so nepo baby origin is logical option. though she has really distinct face and attitute which made her iconic as a model.

i feel jeremy scott never would have his career if not working with devon, she's got load of connections after all.

No. 1633503

>>1631899 put down it perfectly
most of models until 2010s were usually scouted, huge amount nepo models is current phenomenon. russian girls who were in vogue during 2000s often came from very poor families and it was their chance to have better life.

outside devon aoki, maybe stella tennant (rip) . her father was a literal baron. she sent her pictures to vogue and her friends gave her connections to some fashion writer.

No. 1633597

This is true. My FIL is an author and his wife is a painter in NYC. Her art is bottom of the barrel tier but that won’t stop her from getting gigs.

No. 1634637

jeez all she needed to do was learn to wash her hair. not get fucking bogged.

No. 1634639

her scouting story was always "i snuck into a rancid concert when i was 13 and got discovered there"

No. 1634640

she's twice monica's size and looks 15 years older

No. 1634641

beanie is like lena dunham in that she always looks sticky and/or smelly.

No. 1634644

sarah paulson's face triggers me. she looks like paul sheer and peter lorre had a baby that melted.

No. 1642565

She has a weird horsey face that wouldn't work if she wasn't a character actor. But somehow it works for her.

I just started watching American Horror Stories and Nepo Baby Kaia Gerber is actually not so bad in her role.

No. 1642898

File: 1662682316196.jpeg (141.78 KB, 750x506, F0F95813-F1EE-4695-95E5-CB3C27…)

The Director Richard Linklater chose his daughter Lorelei to act as the sister in the movie Boyhood.

No. 1643034

don't really have an issue with this, the film felt alright

No. 1643042

The movie was boring tbh.

No. 1643087

kinda makes sense in that case as he needed to work with the same actors over many years and using family reduced the chances that they would lose touch

No. 1643089

File: 1662694649949.jpg (372.23 KB, 1402x2048, licensed-image.jpg)

not sure about the rancid concert part but it is 100% believable that she would get scouted as she has a snooty rich girl look and has natural strawberry blonde hair despite being asian

No. 1643096

She's gorgeous

No. 1643097

Bad song, bad vocals, and her facial expressions, or lack thereof makes her look braindead.
I did like the first look though, but maybe that's just my bias for loose 90s clothing. Everything else looked cheap and awful.

No. 1643155

Rancid is a ska punk band, who the fuck would be scouting models at their show?

No. 1643156

a model scout who went to a punk gig?

No. 1643163

She’s one of the only people posted in this thread that is genuinely extremely beautiful and deserves her career

No. 1643812

it was just pointless male centrism, that's why.

No. 1643813

i've always unironically liked her since 2006, knew nothing about her but she's really pretty and fun idk. good vibes sort of person i guess. i regret nothing.

No. 1643899

Agreed! Devon is STUNNING. I think even without nepo she'd still be successful, tbh.

No. 1643903

I thought Kaia was just fine. No complaints, but nothing extraordinary. Paris Jackson is also in AHS & she's meh…really pretty, tho!

No. 1644677

imho since its a series being made today they need an actress who could look mousey and frumpy to an audience today, bc that's what people thought of monica at the time.

tbh i think beanie's performance was really good even if it wasn't 100% accurate in the looks area, she excels at playing that kind of slightly stuck-up sheltered rich girl character

No. 1644727

>she excels at playing that kind of slightly stuck-up sheltered rich girl
wow i wonder why

No. 1645317

File: 1662907503096.jpeg (587.06 KB, 1242x1463, 94578701-6375-4477-AF9A-3839A7…)

Kate moss’s short ass daughter is still catching heat after her horrendous walk lmao. nepo kids don’t even put in effort anymore but after all the mother who raised her is an overrated anorexia-induced retard so I don’t imagine lila is too well in the head

No. 1645328

Things like this show how underrated modeling is as a skill. It’s not easy to look good when you can’t see yourself and have no one directing you (which happens in shoots too). That’s on top of the will power needed to be thin enough.

No. 1645402

at the versace FW22 show posted in the fashion thread I didnt know who she was and was like that short one with a recessed chin resembling tiffany trump MUST be a nepo and sure enough, she is

No. 1645695

File: 1662930977170.jpeg (80.79 KB, 640x642, 9BA8245A-B80F-4A8E-BA00-43973A…)

>has a beautiful super model mother
>looks like a sack of potatoes

No. 1645715

And this is why you don’t let ugly males breed even if they’re “nice”

No. 1645846

she should try for acting if she wants an entertainment job. at 18 or whatever she's the same size as her 50 year old mother, whose niche skill was being insanely small for the time. she has a nice body but it's not anything close to entry-level runway thin, or even normal human height.

No. 1645944

I mean, poor girl, Kate Moss has fueled the dreams of countless shorties that they too could become runway models (me included kek). Imaging her being your mother. She even walks like she's stressed out about it.

No. 1645953

Exactly. Kate's half sister Lottie was pretty cute before she went off the rails. The bad genes are entirely from the potato dad.

No. 1646057

File: 1662980560890.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x2188, C958E0D8-AEBB-4BD8-8ACE-DCCCFD…)

What do you guys see in kate seriously..? even in her prime I always thought she looked average and please don’t see she had “a unique face” there are plenty of beautiful models with unique features that could easily outdo her. her personality is even worse than her looks shes just so trashy

No. 1646114

Kate Moss was 5'7" and barely made the cut for modeling due to her height. Her daughter looks about 5'3" at best. It's ridiculous.

No. 1646182

File: 1662998052396.jpeg (132.21 KB, 800x800, 4F22CF46-F8A5-4A91-8BCD-E6364E…)

She looks weird straight on as her eyes as too far apart (and she’s full of botox these days) but from a slight angle she’s really pretty.

No. 1646594

this is just the anya taylor joy conversation all over again. I think her eyes are gorgeous even in the story about the jonny depp butt diamond.

No. 1646633

File: 1663023776535.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1125x1791, 75437F93-95BD-4682-B5FD-5ACB34…)

She was also cast in that Robert Eggers movie. It’s unfortunate she inherited her dads potato genes instead of her moms.

No. 1646721

At least she looks better than Kate's kid

No. 1646740

OT but what's the deal with fucking miu miu? it's just eileen fisher with more polyester. i don't get it at ALL.

No. 1646766

File: 1663035047674.jpg (445.82 KB, 1466x2048, potato genes indeed.jpg)

Sage for OT–it's the baby sister label of Prada, and I guess it has its own charm, this cutesy-preppy look that's distinct from other designers. They stick to this vision between collections and I guess that's something to give credit for.

Her daughter looks so unremarkable, I can't wrap my head around why they might've thought to use her for the campaign (picrel). She really has nothing to offer. If you look at her Instagram you can see that she has low engagement on top of everything else. I get that she's in a film, but surely there's some TikToker they could've used or something.

No. 1646799

File: 1663040100037.jpeg (334.56 KB, 648x1080, whatthefuckiisthiis.jpeg)

Old school nepo babies had either talent or good looks. Zoomer nepo babies are absolutely basic at best or way below average for the role they're aiming. Certainly not model/actor material, any of them. We have truly fallen as a society for allowing this shit.

No. 1646803

man for some reason every couple years i watch a lindsay anderson movie and start kiiinda wishing for some silly 70s clothes to come back in style. just for little while, you know? what's the worst that could happen?

No. 1646805

Miu Miu is very high-teen preppy rich girl style. They often use teen influencers because that's their demographic.

No. 1646862

File: 1663047176023.png (2.03 MB, 2521x1418, B1693C79-1655-4A21-8209-761C55…)

Tbh if you're going to do a job that involves your appearance, you better look the part. It's terrible that fellow nepo baby Bella Hadid got a lot of plastic surgeries but she IS a model and she looks like one now. I would be pissed if she was getting all the gigs with her old face and body. I’m surprised that Kate didn’t push her potato ass kid to get PS but I guess that shows she is a good mother (unlike Yolanda cough) but needs to accept that her daughter is not cut for the industry

No. 1646938

File: 1663061665657.jpeg (56.16 KB, 640x501, BB29AC8B-CF2B-40D2-BF88-05D08A…)

Although a terrible actress, kaia gerber is a pretty good model she has the body and skills for it so I guess not all zoomer nepos are bad

No. 1647294

Sorry but Kaia is not a good model. Picrel was one of her first walks five years ago when she was still a teenager and it was her best. She hasn't been decent since lol

No. 1647406

her body is very odd for runway. without nepo she'd be catalogues at best.

No. 1647593

miu miu was really cute and feminine in late 90s but i don't get people giving a shit about modern miu miu, it extends to prada too. especially when fucking hack fraud raf simmons latched on the brands since miuccia is older and older and this is a sign she might retire.but honestly her designs were shit for past 20 years and there wasn't any other modern prada collection i liked. unfortunately vintage prada and miu miu are so damn scalped that my poorfag ass gonna have to make own knockoffs.

No. 1647601

>raf simons
he's such a fucking derp i feel like sacha baron cohen is designing those clothes or something

No. 1647604

ah, polyester explained. ty anon. zoomers really ruined fashion by validatin shein.

No. 1647612

raf simmons might be most overrated designer of his generation, heck of past 30 years. some of his early collections have some nice pieces but for most i hate these forced music references and dumb over the top forms.
designer brands are worthless nowdays and quality dropped from what i heard. even workwear brands like carhartt lowered their quality in wip line recently? i believe they wouldn't attempt it 20 years ago or more when workwear trend first started. getting vintage, good stuff in good state for normal prices is impossible nowdays. even shitty normie garbage is marked up and sold by girls who even can't shave these sweaters or stitch holes.
she got most unfortunate look, i wonder if she will age like milk as her mother did. bjork's skin was garbage already in her late 20s.
kate is boring and there were better models in the 90s. all of original supermodels and other not as known models beat her. she fitted corrine day's aesthetic and got hyped by the face a lot, entire "anti-fashion" and "style bible" circuit until they memed her into becoming a mainstream model. on top of this entire heroin chic schtick accelerated this. she was really skinny and dead looking so she was perfect for it.
holy shit they are so both ugly, her daughter is hideous. combination of ugly face and skeleton body is disgusting
i hate kaia but my hate for bella and gigi is bigger. these nepo hacks are disgusting and bella is just entirely plastic surgery. her style is disgusting and like most of idiots, she can't make good outfit inspired by late 90s fashion which she attempts so badly.

No. 1647614

wrt bella i just feel nauseous thinking of anyone with a chin implant. like wtf you put a wedge sponge INSIDE YOUR FACE? holy fuck it's not worth it. she wasn't even ever ugly at all.

No. 1647620

his dior collections were awful

No. 1647895

File: 1663171372447.jpeg (566.15 KB, 1235x1163, 811F91DC-71B9-49A4-B016-A99A78…)

jesus bella needs to fucking relax with the fillers she’s looking more and more alien everyday

No. 1647901

File: 1663171680106.jpeg (122.34 KB, 828x1024, 13274121-7C7F-4DA5-9766-928008…)

How is she 25 pushing 50
the plastic surgery clinics in malibu needs to be shut down and investigated. they got them all looking like madonna

No. 1647916

her face looks like it would burst if she just would blink or barely open her lips

No. 1647925

all this work she has had done has her looking older than my sixty-something year old mother

No. 1648173

>Head like a skateboard in a wig
>autistic girl trying to sirenmaxx eyes
Idk how to word this but she looks like a big retard. Imagine someone looking at you like this irl, she has the same expression as an Oblivion NPC

No. 1648198

File: 1663190490140.jpeg (50 KB, 572x800, 5E95913F-FC26-466E-B0F6-30C8BE…)

she’s desperately trying to replicate carla bruni’s whole vibe and it’s very eerie this a whole new level of skinwalking.

No. 1648271

Ayrt she really does not have the ability to do that at all. She's a plastic nightmare with sci fi service droid eyes there's just no way

No. 1648358

Bella wants to be Carla so bad, she's lucky Carla is classy and doesn’t say anything about it

No. 1648466

her mom should be in prison

No. 1648467

but carla is famously botched kek

No. 1648468

she really looks on heroin here. i'm sure she's not but that's the expression she's making.

No. 1648605

the daughter looks like sidney sweeny, same butterface

No. 1648996

so is bella. her nose is botched

No. 1649372

some young people have more mature faces like blake lively and lorde. Bella never had that atrocious overfilled look as for example Dove cameron or kylie anyways.

No. 1649477

blake lively has had plastic surgery on her face too

No. 1650637

Is Eileen Kelly of Going Mental a nepo baby?

No. 1650955

She seems to be from a super rich family yeah, She also hangs out with Lily Rose which is a famous nepo baby example. she seems sweet and all but she gives me this "very spoiled rich girl" who is pretty and skinny and only hangs out with vapid kids like her

No. 1651015

This is literally just half of the uni students from any big city lmao they all look like this

No. 1651241

Null shoulf jist give up at this point. It's over.(off-topic)

No. 1653398

File: 1663782936793.jpeg (397.08 KB, 768x1080, ncGE7uu8.jpeg)

lila for vogue uk. lmao her face
never cared much for young kate, but at least she was kinda cute unlike this embarrassment

No. 1654106

She has no presence at all.

No. 1654792

this person doesn't know how to stand like kate did. kate moss can sit in a lawn chair and sstill show all the important parts of a dress

No. 1657054

Bella was insecure, Gigi was the blonde and the natural beauty and witch Yolanda probably worsened her insecurity (and made her have a "lyme disease" arc when she'd had major plastic surgery. I wish Bella had been able to stay as she was and ripped the heart out of the whole reality tv momager industry. I'm still sure that she was behind this one heartbreaking submission to BlindGossip about being trapped in fame pushed onto her by her mother.

No. 1658815

yes kinda of. the owner of storm model management saw he and handpicked her at a very young age. so, she got all the opportunity even when she wasnt nearly qualified. that woman was intent on giving kate moss a career. i believe her and her brother sold controlling interest in storm back in 2009. when is the last time anyone cared about kate moss.

No. 1658873

That's not what nepotism is

No. 1658941

yes and in fact getting scouted as a model in the usual way is in fact the exact opposite of nepotism

No. 1668673

File: 1665065833783.png (686.09 KB, 1388x514, Screenshot 3.png)

>nepo baby gets a tattoo
>someone writes a whole article about it on celebnews.com

>Making the most of her time abroad, the blonde beauty paid a visit to Miles Langford's professional studio, opting to expand her existing tattoo collection with a touching new addition.

>Taking to Instagram, Holly posted a carousel of snaps giving fans a rare glimpse of her entire tattoo experience. From the obligatory skin prep to the final unveiling, Holly revealed each step of her journey.
>The star chose to embellish her wrist, opting for an elegantly written 'love myself' inking in black ink. Holly captioned her post: "This one was special, thank you @mileslangford."
>Her fans raced to weigh in on the post with one writing: "Such a statement! Love this," whilst a second penned: "Love love love. I need to remind myself of this."
>"Self-love is the best love. As soon as one realises that everything will fall into place," noted a third, and a fourth chimed: "Powerful stuff".
>The middle Ramsay child is free-spirited when it comes to her ink collection, from abstract motifs to handwritten dates, Holly has been known to experiment with her self-expression.
>And during a video interview for London Social Tattoo, Holly told viewers: "I'm getting a cherub and the dates of my siblings and my parents' birth year." How sweet!
>Holly's tattoo transformation comes after she shared a series of summer throwbacks last month. Reminiscing about the warmer weather, the 22-year-old posted a slew of stunning snaps featuring a risqué animal print dress.
>The blonde beauty posed up a storm in the ultra-chic mesh dress, featuring a body-skimming fit, rippling maxi skirt and sheer fabric in daring animal print.
>Holly layered her slinky number over a high-rise black bikini for the ultimate glamorous beach get-up.
>The podcaster let her blonde hair fall past her shoulders in natural waves, highlighting her beautiful features with eyelash extensions, a honey-hued blush and rosy lip.
>Holly elevated her look with several delicate pieces of gold jewellery, including a mesmerising signet ring and statement Cartier bracelet

No. 1668790

i dont want to a-log but none of gordons kids turned out particularly good looking, honestly. hes passed on some really unfortunate features to them

No. 1668811

File: 1665078127165.jpg (84.86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

his other daughter is fat and his son is just basically just a young version of him

No. 1668965

Why do the ugliest people always have the strongest genes

No. 1669575

Second pic is such a bizarre optical illusion, it looks like their torsos are badly edited onto their legs kek

No. 1669885

wow I didn't even recognize her. she didn't inherit any of the Moss jawbone genes, that's too bad for her. just smooth features (which is fine too, but she's not doing anything with that in the photo and neither is the stylist/photographer).

No. 1670510

File: 1665260782361.jpg (10.11 KB, 210x295, odessa-azion-1.jpg)

I watched the mediocre Hellraiser reboot last night and was so curious about the very unattractive, duck-lipped, irritating lead I had to look her up. Nepo baby of actress/writer Pamela Adlon and a German director. Goes by the barfy name Odessa "A'Zion".

No. 1670540

Why is Gordon Ramsey kind of hot oh my God??

No. 1670574

Gordon Ramsay has always been fangirl material for bored women trapped in unhappy marriages

No. 1670599


celebrities get the fucking stupidest tiny tattoos everywhere and end up looking like a middle schooler's notebook

No. 1670640

those lips are atrocious, who would cast that!?

No. 1670652

omg i was staring at her duck lips the whole movie. also in the running for the most unlikable lead in a movie ever.

No. 1671588

Oooh that’s why there were so many unnecessary, drawn out scenes of her doing basically nothing. The movie really dragged

No. 1677045

File: 1665957119778.jpeg (171.2 KB, 640x1300, 062468DC-6C27-454F-958F-3C1242…)

Don’t know where else to post this
tf but I’m almost certain the not so secret reddit account of Chet Hanks (problem son of Tom Hanks) is u/complexwork. A quick google search shows in college he was previously outed as a horny reddit perv when he went by the rapper name Chet Haze.
>90% of this account’s post history are comments on porn subreddits like r/gonewild & r/gonewildcolor
>he wrote about being embarrassed of his role in the Bratz movie (he played Dexter)
>name dropped his interactions with Robin Williams, Cameron Diaz and other celebrities
>he thought he had butt herpes and asked Reddit for help - turned out to be a hernia due to weightlifting
Still reading through the comments and laughing/cringing my way through. Anyone else think it might be him?

No. 1677046

iirc that was confirmed to be him years ago. One of the most entertaining failsons for sure.

No. 1677076

>>says n word
>>obsessed with anal
>>talks about how he's seen a lot of Asian dicks in porn and they are pretty small
>> thinks he has ass herpes because he probably had some chick eat his ass and probably is into pegging shit because he's so obsessed with assholes..
Kek, Chet Hanks is hated on Lsa, somebody should make a thread on this shit. He's disgusting

No. 1677082

The fact he thirstposts to porn in between replying to posts about his dad makes it rather obvious it's him kek

I'm sure he has a third account where he puts the real juicy stuff, this is the decoy account that he wants people to see, based on infrequent activity. Like how do you casually stumble upon reddit porn with months or years in between, that's the activity of a frequent/daily user

No. 1677107

Damn I want to find his other account unddit didn't show anything

No. 1677194

His comment history confirms he’s always been a POS. Gross unsolicited offers of his “white cock” and his pornsick mind. They’d enjoy the info on LSA but I deleted my account last year and can’t access the celeb darkroom anymore.

No. 1685298

His first freestyle.

No. 1685310

He made a remix of Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" but it was called "White and Purple" and about Northwest University.

No. 1685313

His scene in the Bratz movie. I can see why he's embarrassed by it. After all, the movie doesn't have a good legacy.

No. 1685320

Holy shit he was such a dweeb

No. 1685494

File: 1666815513104.png (59.97 KB, 1238x296, Untitled.png)

Omg you all didn't lie, all he does is namesearch himself and make thirsty comments on porn subs. What a fucking dork. I did find this exchange hilarious though, what happened with Colin?!

No. 1685516

Colin talks about Chet here.

No. 1685802

File: 1666837082140.jpg (672.51 KB, 1973x3377, Paddington-Cutout-3-faces-Shar…)

Kek the picture on the right looks like one of those tourist things you stick your head through to take a photo.

No. 1686399

The title of this song got a lot of controversy because people thought it gave off “white supremacist vibes”.

No. 1689579

File: 1667185714228.jpeg (183.75 KB, 750x1087, A01DA93C-1C1E-4DFF-B22B-C5149A…)

Leni Klum, the daughter of Heidi Klum, claps back at the haters accusing her of nepotism. https://www.eonline.com/amp/news/1352466/heidi-klums-daughter-leni-addresses-nepotism-comments

No. 1689867

Yay another nepo model
>Heidi told E! News that after Leni had been "begging me for years" to start modeling, the supermodel finally caved in. "Her being 16, almost 17, I said, 'fine.’”

Lmao Heidi really cut the legs out from under her. I don’t really blame her, but 12 is the perfect age to start runway modeling if you’re serious about it

No. 1689959

File: 1667227697523.jpg (5.68 KB, 290x174, Flavio_Briatore.jpg)

She's also got a potato face hahaha.

It's a miracle she doesn't look worse though. Because her bio father is this guy:

No. 1690147

She’s also 5’4” lol. Her walking the runway is ridiculous. They would have had to tailor clothes just for her size

No. 1691756

File: 1667406964340.jpeg (87.34 KB, 750x432, 4886A3F5-342C-4FC2-806A-6AA83E…)

Heidi garnered a lot of controversy for doing a photoshoot with Leni where thy both wore lingerie:

No. 1695533

ah yes. they also starred in an awfully dumb tv advert of this, here in europe its frequently aired.

No. 1696570

Madonna's daughter made a new song and music video. She looks and sounds like Walmart fka twigs

No. 1696597

Lol at Dave Gahan's daughter doing a really bad impression of him.

No. 1696622

All the DM babies are untalented weirdos somehow. Except martins daughter who seems able to make music and not mention her dad constantly
Also, are replies in ot broken? It hasnt been working for me for a few days

No. 1696695

I don't know this is adorably cringey to me, I like it lol. I went and listened to her other stuff and feel the same way.

No. 1696722

File: 1668045428044.jpg (89.62 KB, 477x690, Sofia_Coppola_Cannes_2013.jpg)

is Sofia Coppola the only nepo-baby in history who was actually as talented as her parent

No. 1696777

Shes not talented at all. Her movies are empty . Shes a female, non rapist max landis.

No. 1697106

Her movies are emotionally empty but you can’t deny she has a talent for beautiful cinematography and aesthetics

No. 1697117

She mogged her father hard. That old hog could never

No. 1697151

that's a uncalled for, I agree with >>1697106 her films are beautiful and she's a competent film director but she is overhyped and would have never gotten anywhere if she weren't Francis Ford Coppola's daughter

No. 1697154

File: 1668103517408.jpg (69 KB, 650x430, 6c4a925838bd4beea9bedbebcc0eeb…)

They really are trying to make the Beckham brothers happen. None of them look as good as their father. They're all ugly with the exception of Romeo but he isn't that exceptional either. Pic rel wants to start a music career and was given a magazine cover.

No. 1697156

quick, slaughter the white boy rapper before he has access to impressionable teenage girls!

No. 1697172

I'd bet that if he tried for a goth/rock look like he'd have an easier time

No. 1697235

Goldie via Kidzbop

No. 1697252

I screamed nonna, I was thinking KidzBop Riff Raff but that’s even better

No. 1697321

No. 1697475

Goldie via Chet Hanks. Eeesh.

No. 1697601

you are 100% wrong but that’s okay

No. 1697604

ntaryt but you are a retard and that's not ok. learn to sage

No. 1698741

That is not strawberry blonde hair. Looks dyed too.

No. 1698804

He’s a pop singer, but he does have that emo sadboy hip-hop look.

No. 1700409

Liza Minnelli is a good example of a nepo baby who’s actually as talented as her parents. Of course, she actually has talent and charisma and an identity beyond “famous person’s kid.”

No. 1701766

File: 1668650293746.jpeg (667.28 KB, 1919x2388, FC54B82D-9A93-43F3-B1CE-139234…)

because appearing in the film “yoga hosers” is basically the same thing as delivering babies and treating diseases

No. 1701903

She's retarded just like her father.

No. 1702051

Same with Anderson Cooper. I didn’t even know that he was Gloria Vanderbilt’s son until I saw it get mentioned on the PBS show Finding Your Roots.

No. 1702246

File: 1668713543051.png (30.26 KB, 545x329, Screenshot 2022-11-17 143125.p…)

I don't really mind nepo babies in the sense that of course most people are going to follow the path their parents took if it was successful, but acting like you don't have your parents to give you handouts is dishonest and fucking retarded. She has no talent, she is fucking short, an influencer is probably the best path for her since at least zoomers like her style. She also attempts to get our sympathy for attempting to pin her being called a nepo baby on misogyny. Fuck off with that.

No. 1702355

They really try the hardest to walk away from the nepotism label.

No. 1702742

File: 1668764159575.jpg (127.14 KB, 1200x1314, mq.jpg)

margaret qualley is an excellent actress and better than her mother but andie macdowell didn't set the bar very high. i also find her extremely beautiful. awful taste in men unfortunately.

No. 1702757

That ad is just awful. She's 18 years old ffs

No. 1702760


Why do all these beautiful models have children with ugliest scrotes imaginable?

No. 1702798

People literally do say this tho? Has she never talked to another human? People are roasted all the time for following the family business instead of going their own path

No. 1702872

he look like deep roy

No. 1702890

File: 1668789661707.jpg (147.56 KB, 780x438, intro-1661102753.jpg)

She's pretty, but I find her sister way prettier tbh

No. 1702896

File: 1668789938776.png (1.8 MB, 1090x1372, iris-law-3.png)

Who do you ladies think is the prettiest nepo baby? My vote is Iris Law

No. 1702919

They're both incredibly genetically blessed, but Andie MacDowell was smart and had kids with her looksmatch. Makes the nepo'ing much easier than the usual scenario, where beautiful women have sex with hideous old rich guys and we all have to pretend their weird-looking spawn are hot (countless examples itt alone kek)

No. 1702941

File: 1668793409014.jpg (71.02 KB, 800x451, Screen_Shot_2018-10-26_at_11.4…)

she looks like miley cyrus

No. 1702943

Ah yes, because all actors have to pass exams to be allowed to practice their careers and people totally don't talk about nepotism in careers without barriers such as kids getting jobs at daddy's company. And it's not like there was a famous scandal recently where rich people were paying bribes in the form of "alumni donations" to get their idiot kids into a university that won't let them fail.
This woman worked hard to land her role in Yoga Hosers and please ignore the fact that her dad was in every Kevin Smith movie in this filmmaking era, her family is very closs with Kevin's family, and she was best friends with Kevin Smith's daughter who also starred in the movie where they played BFFs.

No. 1702991

Oh wow they’re both really really beautiful. I always had a crush on Andie tho growing up watching 80s movies w her on TV so I may be biased kek (I still think she’s a mega babe now)

No. 1703005

Miley wishes. She looked awful back then

No. 1703009

Sometimes nepobabies are talented. I think Elijah Blue Allman (mom Cher dad Greg Allman) and his band Deadsy was really good. Jacob Dylan on the otherhand…. notsomuch.

No. 1704122


This thread with all of the models speaking out is amazing, curious to see what the Hadids say

No. 1704146

wtf deadsy was by cher's son? kek TIL

No. 1704196

Because money. Flavio Briatore is a rich businessman, and has been in relationships with numerous younger women. The mother of his son is three decades younger than him.
Yes he kind of does.

No. 1705477

maybe John c Reilly's son, he's a pretty popular musician with a niche audience and for anyone wondering, his mom is half thai

No. 1705531

Anons calling all kinds of pretty women ugly on this site but apparently, these two girls who look like inbred medieval peasants are considered beautiful, what

No. 1705534

finally someone else notices this, like I don't wanna be mean but they do look what I expect the habsburgs would have looked like

No. 1705782

margaret qualley looks really gross to me. she has a gigantic slobbery mouth and simpsons overbite teeth. her sister just looks like some girl on the bus. i think there are just a lot of normie-fashion/regular girl anons on this site and the qualley sisters are about the peak attractiveness you can expect in that type of woman.

No. 1705914

>that type of woman
kekkkkkkkkk. i love when you retards start posting shit like this as though you’re really stunningly beautiful - it makes me think of that ugly hook-nosed, jam-jar glasses woman with her 29 incel boyfriends that anons have been posting lately. like, you’re on an anonymous site like the rest of us, retard. nobody gives a fuck about your ‘natural beauty’, especially when it’s so clearly a larp. you’re posting on lolcow. even if you were more beautiful than famous actresses and models, you’re still autistic as fuck. your ‘good genes’ can’t hide your retardation.

No. 1705998

Kekkkkkkkk are you the one who got assblasted in her thread thinking nonas are "sympathizing" with her, kekkkkkk?

No. 1706013

File: 1669069422865.gif (4.08 MB, 250x312, b14b4686c8a72b323a3bca2e525d00…)

My favorite nepo baby of all time is the daughter of one of the most popular actors in Japan.
She's your average shortlegged asian girlie, yet they have her on the Chanel runway kek

No. 1706017

File: 1669069535606.gif (1.82 MB, 320x251, 30126015566f91a5df4f8f3446e57b…)

timeless, elegant perfume add

No. 1706019

File: 1669069644998.png (762.54 KB, 1079x716, image (2).png)

Her newest work: 2 goddesses and a rando kid

No. 1706027

It’s not even that she’s short (I’d like to see more short runway models tbh), but she’s literally got knock knees???

No. 1706038

Average Japanese woman fashion sense

No. 1706050

this is literally hilarious she looks so out of place

No. 1706062

these are insanely funny
this is cute, I kinda like the goofy-ass transformation lol

No. 1706150

kimutaku done fucked up. Doesn't he have another daughter as well?

No. 1706174

i don't understand how this person came from john c reilly

No. 1706334

asian genes are a different type of strong

No. 1706351

she reminds me of that gangster's botched daughter edison chen was sleeping with

No. 1706352

kek triggered. the anon you replied to sounds more like an old chubby goth than whatever you're reeing about

No. 1706353

haha she's STOMPING on the runway even in a still photo. nvm i kind of like her now

No. 1706641

he has an older daughter as well, who looks exactly as homely as >>1623482 so no amount of money was able to push her to her little sister's level of "success".

No. 1708770

sage for offtopic but who is the model on the left?

No. 1709154

this is such a strange choice for how this perfume smells?? i am so confused. i'd assume it is eau du: gucci envy me, myspace photos from 2006, ten magazine L.A.M.B ads, and an angry aim away message

No. 1709158

you know what this could just be an ad for all of those embarrassing perfumes gwen did

No. 1725196

File: 1670802218062.jpeg (96.96 KB, 521x773, EBB13DA0-B628-442F-AC61-3F7E87…)

Dex Lauper, the son of Cyndi Lauper, is:
>a struggle rapper
>accused of abusing his ex girlfriend
>rode in a stolen vehicle at a fellow rapper’s funeral

No. 1726011

His first song "Wavy".

No. 1731121

File: 1671491762772.jpg (144.43 KB, 720x900, FkWl6c8WAAE1_Ar.jpg)

No. 1731135

The two I actually like on this cover are Maya Hawke and Jack Quaid

No. 1738828

File: 1673039727938.jpg (51.4 KB, 600x800, E-4jtsTXIAQx6cB.jpg)

Greta Thunberg’s grandfather was a successful Swedish film maker and actor

No. 1739105

File: 1673076280831.png (285.14 KB, 783x490, tumblr_ndo72dWFRn1qdejcbo1_128…)

No. 1748028

Iris Law is blessed with her mom's facial features and her dad's cheekbones and chin.

Although when i see her I can't help remembering circa 2000(?) reading how she'd been rushed to hospital as a baby after eating an ecstasy pill she found on the floor at home. Tsk tsk parents. I'm an oldfag lol

No. 1748038

Sorry for late reply. It's Adut Akech.

No. 1760160

File: 1675442831472.png (1.85 MB, 1440x2323, Screenshot_20230203-103421.png)

No. 1760162

File: 1675442983712.png (1.35 MB, 1439x1958, 1674958773500.png)

No. 1761077

Ew, why would anybody be fans of her. She's talentless and has horrible hygiene from her pap and red carpet photos. All the money in the world can't buy you class and a good working ethic, apparently. I want to shower after watching her video.

No. 1767189

File: 1676293111607.jpg (197.17 KB, 1170x774, IMG_5917.jpg)

There is a "band" that goes by Johnny Goth which also happens to be the chosen name of the lead singer, Jonathan "JC" "Johnny" Chavez . Despite the name and try-hard aesthetics, they are completely pop and not goth at all. They advertise themselves as self-produced with no label, and while it's true they're not signed to a major record label, they have industry connections. All three members of the group went to a private performing arts school in Los Angeles and ride off their families' connections. Main connections come from the Denvaer-Dimperio family which includes a longtime makeup artist mother that put Johnny in Birds of Prey as a stand in for the joker because she did Margot Robbie's makeup. They all mooch off of her and live in her properties despite being well into their twenties. Johnny's girlfriend is a nobody stripper with a failed onlyfans from bum fuck nowhere that thinks she's going to make it in Hollywood as an actress with zero acting experience. She went as far as begging her followers to tag Ryan Murphy on instaram in order to cast her in American Horror Story. She poses in band photos alongside the other weeb's girlfriend despite nether of them being a member of the band (picrel). They don't seem milky at first glance but once you look into them and start paying attention to what they all post, the milk starts flowing. Johnny at one point tried to ride off the coattails of Vanessa Hudgen's sister Stella. Didn't work and now we are here. Another desperate nepo group.

No. 1767239

tbf a lot of mainstream punk bands(and pretty much every riot grrl group) in the 90's had the same story, upper middle class and going to some performing arts school, the only reason they could be independent for so long was often cause of their parents money

No. 1767243

No. 1767244

middle guy and guy on the right look like serious fucking rapists

No. 1767246

aaaaaaa that makeup makes me want to barf
no it's true. her mom is a fame-obsessed has-been D-liste actor. her dad is talent management/enetertainment business agent too. greta is used by her parents as a meal ticket/fame source like child actors.

No. 1767248

lol how tf do you live with yourself getting mogged by your mom all the time

No. 1767250

she's hot but she looks like she smells really bad and takes a lot of xanax.

No. 1767295

basically their story isn't unique compared to other successful pop-punk bands

No. 1767507

Do you not know what thread you’re in?

No. 1770090

Just found out Bono’s son is in a band, I listened to a few songs and their sound is kind of all over the place can’t tell if they‘re trying to be oasis or the strokes. not terrible but not good either

No. 1770164

Inhaler is good
My honest face and ice cream sundae are bops
I dont even really know who bono is

No. 1772419

File: 1676884707934.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1136, DD086BCC-E333-4B36-B303-FA90E8…)

This would be cringey if they were teenagers but this is absolutely inexcusable for scrotes pushing 30. How do they look at any pictures of themselves and not feel shame? There are thousands of goth makeup tutorials on YouTube but they rather walk around looking like a child did Halloween makeup practice on them. I am so sick of mediocre males and their never ending audacity.

No. 1773368

File: 1677004390948.jpg (Spoiler Image,520.74 KB, 2260x1410, lily rose depp.jpg)

lily rose depp entering her anachan era

No. 1773372

never realized she had a full on underbite

No. 1773378

I know nothing about fashion trends but if heroin chique is really coming back we're going to start seeing a lot more anachan behaviour à la Angelina Jolie among celebs but with better lipo tech (I haven't seen the weird wrinkle belly in a while) and now with this creepy buccal fat removal. The buccal fat removal must make real ana chans mad, instant Skelly look without any effort. Off topic but imo the buccal fat removal might be worse than breast implants, it's permanent and going to age quite disgusting. At least girls won't be getting butt injections now (or at least less will be)

No. 1773381

She’s been anachanning for many years

No. 1773383

File: 1677006215930.gif (2.86 MB, 245x368, EF5A9CB4-F101-4D22-B6A7-078F2D…)

No. 1773592

nitpick but her head size bothers the hell out of me. she looks like a bobblehead.

No. 1773625

She wants to be Kate Moss so bad.

No. 1773644

File: 1677030702807.jpeg (151.48 KB, 634x1072, 6B0C5C29-9C76-4F51-9A3C-571915…)

Didn’t her dad and Kate date? I wonder if he romanticizes her and she’s subconsciously taken it in… wow I just looked it up and they did. The first article is Johnny giving Kate her first set of diamonds and he positioned them in his ass crack kek. She has been the the “coquettes” new age ana queen for a bit but if you look up lily rose depp cankles you’ll get a lot of “unflattering” pics I’ll never forget from the celebricow thread the skinny gossip bitches invaded over that. Picrel was from the celebcow thread

No. 1774233

>I’ll never forget from the celebricow thread the skinny gossip bitches invaded over that.
Skinny Gossip posters are honestly insane. Remember how the admin of the site (who they have/had to simp over and defend to keep membership in) turned out to be some morbidly obese programmer who verbally abused his wife (the mod)?

No. 1774250

Is there a link for that?

No. 1774256

No. 1774709

god she looks so much better here

No. 1774954

I haven't dug deep enough but I reckon that kid that played spider in Avatar 2 is a nepo baby.
His acting is fucking HORRENDOUS and he also apparently had a small small in avengers endgame (Idk what part I hate marvel)

No way someone that young and shit got that part. He's someone's kid for sure.

No. 1781636

File: 1677844491397.jpg (2.34 MB, 3080x2500, 8u46nzkuSElfKp.jpg)

Do Pamela Anderson's kids count as nepo-babies?
The eldest(brandon lee) is a minor actor who has a golf-wear clothing line, and the younger(dylan lee) is an EDM DJ. Obviously, their parents position and connections helped them with their passions and careers, but at the same time, it seems like these are their genuine passions; like you're not going to get famous being an EDM in 2023, and I have never seen them shilled on social media like the other nepo-babies; like, I don't even know they existed before her documentary.

No. 1781737

She named her son Brandon knowing he would be Brandon Lee? Like Bruce Lee's dead son Brandon Lee? Lmao

No. 1781756

I don't think she had bruce Lee's dead son in mind when naming her son

No. 1781803

I would say they got connections but dont qualify for nepo babies since they chose semi-unique and not so "in your face" interests. The golf clothing line was probably because he couldnt find any golf clothes that didnt look like they were made for someones dad and the DJ was probably just to live that party life dream.

Idk what pamela anderson does (sorry for being a retard i dont pay attention to celebrities or their names i just watch the movie/listen to the song/buy the clothing and forget about it) so unless she is in golf clothing lines and DJ circles i think its just her sons trying to make names for themselves and it just so happens they were born to rich and famous parents that helped along their careers.

No. 1781864

They aren't making names for themselves, they're buying names for themselves with mommy's and daddy's connections just like every other nepo baby. It doesn't matter if it's a "genuine passion" or not, if their parents weren't rich and famous they'd never in a million years make it as artists on their own merit.

No. 1781904

EDM isn't popular anymore? I have never been into EDM but I'm generally really out of touch and haven no idea what's popular right now.

No. 1792147

she played monica lewinsky?! shes twice her fkn size

No. 1792719


you will NEVER be as skilled, intelligent or as above criticism as a doctor FUCK YOU FUCK YOU narcissist

No. 1835862

File: 1685240650862.png (300.73 KB, 1168x964, notliketheothernepobabies.png)

great news: maya hawke is super fine and chill and reasonable with being called what she factually is!

No. 1835872


> Totes fine being a nepo baby

That certainly looks like someone okay with being a nepo baby


EDM was more mainstream ten years ago but it’s still a massive industry and you can make a comfortable living DJing small clubs alone. The deeper into the rave scene you get the more incestuous and shallow it is.

No. 1835908

Literally who?

No. 1835919

apparently she's the daughter of uma thurman and ethan hawke, so double nepo baby. never heard of her either kek

No. 1835922

File: 1685249198369.jpg (6.28 KB, 224x225, SFsSe7a.jpg)

Believe it or not she's only 24 despite the luggage bags under her eyes and established marionette lines.
People online are quick to defend her as she's supposedly a decent actress and does music on the side…However it's obvious she would have never got a main role on Stranger Things had it not been for her connections as she barely starred in anything before then.
Also I think this cringey meme template played a role in her success. Tarantino bros who thirsted after her mum in the 2000s naturally redirect their lust towards her daughter.

No. 1836119

>EDM was more mainstream ten years ago but it’s still a massive industry and you can make a comfortable living DJing small clubs alone. The deeper into the rave scene you get the more incestuous and shallow it is.

I hope that he doesn’t get used and abused like Avicii did. (Speaking of Avicii, he was also a nepo baby. His mother is Anki Lidén, an actress who has starred in multiple movies).

No. 1836747

File: 1685383564445.jpg (153.38 KB, 1908x1146, vanessa paradis.jpg)

>be Vanessa Paradis' daughter
>look very similar to her exactly like her
>except your teeth actually don't look all fucked up like mommy's
>smoke cigarettes anyway
I don't get it at all.

No. 1837016

you have to be 18 to post here

No. 1837018

what's up with zoomers unironically doing the devil horns and sincerely thinking it's cool? same with the fobsign (peace sign?). it's weird to see.

No. 1837332

It's an extremely common rock symbol, were you born under one?

No. 1837661

French people don’t care about teeth. Obsession with having big white toilet bowl porcelain veneers is 100% an American obsession and status thing. Also Vanessa was insanely beautiful in her youth and largely halo’ed by her huge bright green eyes, in a way I feel bad for Lily Rose because although she’s pretty she will never be on her moms level of unreal beauty.

No. 1837699

File: 1685480001697.jpg (136.09 KB, 1066x800, mlkjhgc.jpg)

>French people don’t care about teeth
You're replying this to me, a French woman who has seen people from all over the country across generations making fun of Vanessa's fucked up teeth. I'm not talking about having straight white teeth I'm talking about the gigantic gap and the fact that she looks like a chain smoker for decades. The people I've seen compliment Vanessa were saying she looked good despite her teeth, even they aren't indifferent to that. Anyway, more pics to show other anons how much her Vanessa and Lily look like each other.

No. 1837854

wtf are you on about, her teeth are part of her charm
and lily doesn't even look that much like her, she has goblin features

No. 1837997

I know a woman who is a Parisian socialite and her teeth are literally brown and nobody in France says anything because nobody cares about teeth there kek

No. 1838327

We don't hang out with the same people at all then kek

I didn't say Lily looks good. Just that she looks a lot like Vanessa. Even if you think that's not the case you can at least admit she looks a lot more like her mom than like her dad.

No. 1840003

kek no one's done it sincerely since the fuking 80s anon. it's like saying "groovy", it's from the past. that's why it's weird to see kids doing it seriously again.

No. 1843373

File: 1686305654639.jpg (118.97 KB, 458x713, img.jpg)

More nepos. Kate Moss' agency provides gigs for her friends' kids/Lila's mates kek.


Stella Jones' dad is Mick of The Clash
Bliss Chapman's father is one of the Chapman Brothers
Stevie Sims is daughter of famous fashion photographer David
Elfie Reigate is daughter of model friend Rosemary Ferguson
Vincent Rockins is the son of fashion label Rockins parents

Surprised Iris Law isn't signed. Kate's little sister Lottie is such a lolcow she should have her own thread. The other models seem to be minor celebs, probably friends of friends. I think models as we used to know them are over, unfortunately.

No. 1843379

Someone explain to me why nepo babies feel the need to pursue acting/musical/modelling careers in order to be in the spotlight/famous. They are born into rich families while having te option to lead a private luxury life, isn't that the best? Instead of having to live in the public eye! I know that some of them might crave their parent's fame and aspire to be as well-known and praised as them, but don't they realise it also takes talent to be something more than a simple commercial actor? Being a socialite sounds much more glamurous and interesting than being an actor nowdays. I don't know, do they even get the impostor syndrome at some point or are they as shallow and vain as they look? Sorry for ranting…

No. 1843396

It must be hard to have a supermodel mother

No. 1843397

What is wrong wit her legs? Like they move so strangely, she looks spastic kek

No. 1843418

I think you answered your own question
>might crave their parent's fame and aspire to be as well-known and praised as them
Plus I think it’s the easy route and it’s probably gloryfied by the parents or friends etc

No. 1843438

the desperate need for fame comes from too much positive attention as a child. that's why spoiled children from every walk of life try to become models/actors/influencers.

No. 1844072

I looked up the director of "bottoms" and looks like her dad is the owner of The Seligman Group, a firm that’s primary focus is being of the top providers of medical supplies and total net assets of more than $3 billion. He’s also an actor and her mother is an entrepreneur and a branding executive/manager for roughly 27 years, which is funny despite her wealth she made a film about being an empowered sugar baby


No. 1844107

File: 1686409047881.jpg (178.1 KB, 1080x1841, 7sf62gm6fc7a1.jpg)

god, she's probably the saddest nepo baby ever. is born into a filthy rich family yet sells her body…just imagine telling an 18th century person that nowadays princesses prostitute themselves… she quit twitter because of pic

it seems like nobody likes to be "less" than their parents, e.g. that beckham video of him claiming to be a chef who can afford his sports car comes to my mind. even tho he isn't a model/actor, he still is too prideful to admit that he just uses his parents money.
this is not just the case for celebrity kids tho, there are so many (especially asian) youtubers who were clearly born rich and miraculously immediately get good jobs in the very same company their dad works at, yet claim this is all due to their hard work.
they feel better than us poorfags/normies and somebody questioning that maybe they're not actually hardworking really gets them mad

No. 1844163

File: 1686416213775.jpg (32.41 KB, 500x500, 000457715517-8b515m.jpg)

>Seligman is bisexual and Jewish,[8] and uses she/they pronouns.[9] They were raised in a Reform Judaism Ashkenazi community in Toronto and had their Bat Mitzvah ceremony on Masada in Israel.[10] They moved to Los Angeles in 2021.
She honestly sounds like a parody of a liberal Hollywood director

No. 1844192

She seems fragile af. And jealous. Quits modelling, blames Kate. Becomes an OF whore to empower herself lmao. ♫ Maybe she's borderline ♫

>When I started out, I was always just Kate Moss's sister. That was really hard for me growing up, especially not being that close with my sister. Back then I was bombarded with people constantly asking me about my sister – I’d go to my friends’ houses and there would be pictures of her on the walls – and it really triggered a lot of abandonment issues.

Agree with your second paragraph. They inherit the ego but rarely inherit the talent.(emoji)

No. 1846807

Wht happened to Avicii? I mean obviously i know he killed himself but I know little about the DJ /EDM scene.

No. 1846808

It's definitely not just an American thing. I'm a UK anon and there's not a single reality star or tv presenter out there with their own teeth I swear to god.

No. 1846810

Being fair, Shiva Baby was a really good film. I'd never have guessed the director/writer was so young.

No. 1846813

She's 24 years younger than Kate. They didn't grow up as siblings so I get the weird disconnect, but trying to emulate your half-sister who is a whole generation older than you is weird. Not that I think Lila would come close to being Kate's heir either.

No. 1847118

File: 1686857538866.jpeg (29.79 KB, 736x414, IMG_3654.jpeg)

>nepo baby thread with no mention of him

No. 1847873

No. 1848894

Wow this enrages me. I only just now saw this. Probably doesn't know how to work a fucking camera or what any of the numbers mean.

No. 1849961

He couldn’t cope with the pressures of the music industry. He retired but was still being forced to work. He had depression which wasn’t taken seriously.

No. 1850903

just say youre not apart of the rock scene anon. thats all you needed to say.

No. 1853899

>rock scene
neither are you, lawl

No. 1857321

Broadway has to be the worst place for nepotism babies because they stick out like a sore thumb. After using a porn tv show to launch her career Maude apatow is showcasing her mediocre vocals in not one but three different broadway shows

No. 1857324

Her vocals in comparison to the previous actress. I am tired of vanity Broadway productions from people like maude and beanie feldstein. The fact that maude is taking up a cheesy British accent along with her flat vocals on the west end cabaret screams narc with a hubris.

No. 1857343

File: 1688362019789.jpg (420.24 KB, 1080x1549, gom51d9.jpg)

I love how the idol was supposed to be emmy bait and help lily get taken seriously as an actress but it got panned kek.

No. 1857383

I'm honestly shocked it got 41% audience score. How many moids are upvoting this trauma porn mess? I haven't heard any one person say any one good thing about it so far.

No. 1857415


4chan moids are trying to defend it

No. 1857431

wow that was pretty bad kek

No. 1857447

i just saw something about how it’s gotten 500 recent 5 star ratings, but only 9 of those ratings were by an account that has rated something else before. so yeah, probably a 4chan raid.

No. 1857463

It actually a combination of weeknd and blackpink stans betting reviews. So every review is either 1 star or 5.

No. 1857485

You’re retarded. What a weird nitpick for a hand gesture that is extremely common on photos. Do u leave the house?

No. 1857962

File: 1688466002590.png (198.86 KB, 672x698, garynuman.png)

Gary Numan is trying to shill his boring daughters now that they are all coming of age.

No. 1857963

File: 1688466042584.png (266.55 KB, 839x924, ravennuman.png)

like, imagine your father trying to sell tshirts of your ass on a tshirt. fucking weird.

No. 1858145

So his daughter is a goth thot and he had her as his support artist this year, lul. The onlyfans tier photo is taking it a bit far especially as she seems to be a very new artist, like way to accrue the worst fans possible

No. 1858209

>coming of age
So she's barely 18 and her father is selling soft core porn of her on a t-shirt to promote her I presume music. There's no way grooming of some kind didn't happen here. Even the lowliest of onlyfans ethots get creeped out when they find their dad's secret accounts following them seeing stuff like this. Sad that her dad totally believes that to be a woman in the scene is to be a singing video hoe and raised his daughter that way. Rock scrotes and their gender roles are so fucked yet they think they're better than 50s husbands. Bet he thinks he raised her to be "free"

No. 1858497

File: 1688545406380.png (916.85 KB, 1032x552, ravenpersia.png)

This daughter is 20 now, but his freshly 18yo daughter is performing support alongside that sister often scantily clad as well. Raven doesn't seem to dress as revealing as her younger sister Persia on stage which is surprising considering the merch. There's also a 16yo sister named Echo who hasn't taken the stage yet, but I feel like her parents are just counting down the days till she's 18 to do so.

Their father married the president of his fanclub who is very much so the plastic bimbo type. Seems the kids are all following in mommy's footsteps with daddy's blessings tbh.

No. 1858503

File: 1688546095181.png (1.96 MB, 1293x912, numan.png)

picrel are both the parents

No. 1859344

Kek, the blonde one is giving Taylor Momsen visually and situationally it's giving Arrow de Wilde and her famous pervy grandfather/father/stage mom

No. 1859625

She's even using his stage name "Numan" too. Their real last name is Webb.

You just know those two feel like they lucked out having three daughters.

No. 1861535

Numan is autistic. He met his wife when she was eleven years old, her dad was in the music industry I think. She told teachers her life plan was to marry him and she stalked him for years until he agreed to date her. She admitted to stalking women who attended his concerts too.

No. 1881422

File: 1692030846408.jpg (218.2 KB, 988x2048, 27kWoTq.jpg)

Drake and Bobbi Althoff, a girl who he had a viral interview with allegedly felt out. She deleted his interview and they unfollowed each other. I'm guessing they hooked up and she was over him. This is at least the third girl that drake hooked up with then went on to become more famous (Jorja Smith and Ice Spice are the other two).
Apparently her husband is a billionaire and she is signed to the same management as drake. I'm not surprised she's a nepo baby. It's crazy she was getting interview with musicians and actors on her own platform when she literally popped out of nowhere. It's not even like the hot ones or chicken date interviews where you can tell they are journos for journalism is filled with rich kids

No. 1881426

File: 1692030951418.jpg (38.97 KB, 712x497, mvuhO41.jpg)


No. 1881484

isn't she married with kids? Why are you assuming they hooked up? It's also never been confirmed he hooked up with Ice spice either, they are just plants that "Drake" seeks out. "Drake" is always connecting himself to the next hot thing. I doubt he pegged any of these women.

No. 1894499

File: 1694108397955.jpeg (240.09 KB, 1080x1350, 32969D5A-B10B-4159-88FA-129986…)

Lila moss and Iris law in Victoria's Secret launch campaign

No. 1894501

File: 1694108583630.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1350, DDA2A2EA-2084-437C-B27A-6FB1FA…)

For reference, this is an actual professional model.
They look like kids playing dress up in their mom's closet lol nepotism used to be exclusive now it's just them embarrassing themselves

No. 1894503

They look any other self important ass-holes in new York.

No. 1992640

File: 1715182726153.png (319 KB, 717x762, 799827.png)

>Willow Smith says her success is nothing to do with her parents

No. 1992662

Becomging a Chanel ambassador at 16 was totally from her working hard anon

No. 1992707

She looks like a postapocalyptic mutant.

No. 1992785

these celebrities constantly fail to understand that these nepo accusations is mainly a observation of the fact that their family ties help them get through the door. It's not commentary on their talent, that's a separate matter. It's irritating. There are artists on her level but have nowhere near the success that she has and it's nothing to do with hard work.

No. 1992840

It is maddening. These tard celebs are incapable of urderstanding that their parents names give them visibility. Who the hell would willow smith be amongst the sea of artists that everyday try to achieve this level of success and fail, despite having talent? Probably nothing if not for some luck and connections. These days everything is about connections. Stupid celebrities be stupid.

No. 1992881

This retard and her brother 'invented a language' of gibberish because they believed they were celestial beings or some shit.
Of all the nepo babies, she's possibly the most out of touch and ridiculous, and she didn't even need drugs to do it.
So please anons let's not pretend that fucking willow smith of all people is going to be anything less than absolute clown.

No. 1992884

the thing is I have known the children of actual fucking aristocrats, who seemed to be less delusional then celeb kids for whatever reason.

No. 1992894

actual content of the interview for people who want to read past the clickbait headline, she actually didn't say that
>"I definitely think that a little bit of insecurity has driven me harder because people do think that the only reason I'm successful is because of my parents," she said in her interview. "That has driven me to work really hard to try to prove them wrong. But nowadays, I don't need to prove s* to anybody."

>"I truly believe that my spirit is a strong spirit and that, even if my parents weren't who they were, I would still be a weirdo and a crazy thinker."

No. 1993183

Neither one of them is ugly but in no way shape or form do they have features for modeling holy shit. Maybe MAYBE catalogue modeling oof. The one on the right has early 00’s “hot mom” face.

No. 1993296

Like >>1992894 anon pointed out, she didn’t actually say that and Willow is one of the most talented nepo babies.

No. 1993349

well are they in the spotlight often? constantly having strangers pry into your life and being publicly scrutinized all the time might be a factor

No. 1993626

Imagine nepo babies of yore who went on to achieve their own historical significance for their wild ideas in their discipline of choice (say, for example, Ada Lovelace or Shuggie Otis) describing themselves as
>a weirdo and a crazy thinker

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