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File: 1663151298088.jpeg (29.09 KB, 155x275, 1663137007682.jpeg)

No. 1647740

previous thread >>>/snow/1638661

The milk is drying up faster than the Sahara desert, have we found a new breed of ana chans or just attention seekers?

Fi seems to have be found but this leaves farmers wondering how long can she go before she needs to rest her weary legs again back in the chair?

Zara has admitted to anorexia taking its hold on her earlier in the year but promises us that she’s dedicated to recovery now. Will we see weight gain? We doubt it but stay tuned to see!

Niamh has decided she IS recovering again. After seemingly holding her weight to avoid an inpatient stay.

And finally farmers are happy for Maria who has discharged from services and leaves Katy behind in services! They leave for a trip to Thailand soon, will Katy try to turn her back to the dark side or will Maria be the influence Katy needs to finally gain a gram…

Stay tuned any of these anas succeed in breaking free from their chains or will they crumble with out their constant stream for attention?

Meanwhile, we ask ourselves if this dry milk season is revealing the true queen anas:

With cece in treatment and out of the picture for now she seems to have missed her golden opportunity to take place in the final sprint but we are sure to see her to her participation medal!

Moms fav continues to decline with out intervention from her family. Have they truly given up on her?

Hxns wants in as she plays catch up showing off her weight loss in body checks which she sips her soup and cry’s over the consistency of porridge.

Nikol changes her username again but reveals a dirty truth of her incontinence. Will EC be kind enough to lend her those diapers?

And a wildcard reveals its self in the race as Ganers pre competition cut leads to a rather concerning hint of a relapse but not to worry because we look out for her as farmers continue to track her intake of rice cakes

rainsrecovering - YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com

No. 1647742


you fucked up the title pic, nonnie

No. 1647744


No. 1647747

File: 1663152075348.jpg (2.47 MB, 2000x1125, desert_spoops.jpg)

It is linked to a small version of itself, not the original.

<- This is how you do it.

No. 1647896

Ganer is so fucking monkey looking. She looks horrifically awful. The big blocky stenciled on eyebrows slapped up onto the round head with the protruding forehead and receding hairline, paired with a fucking carmel coloured tan that absolutely does not compliment any of her “features” (more like what she’s lacking), all on top of a body that’s attempting to be masculine.
Women and men both aren’t anatomically built or designed to be pumped up and overly muscular looking. So not only does it look awkward because of how fucking horrendous looking she is, but it looks uncanny because she’s literally just what happens when Instagram obsessed “eating disordered” ugly women who are really just grasping at straws in an attempt to become beautiful continue broadcasting every thought she has.

No. 1647903

File: 1663171753064.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x2037, 7B733A70-1555-482D-9E24-4031FD…)

Momsfav is going to Acute.

No. 1647937

Oh no poor girl didn’t get the coveted Angel flight this time, no clout pics for the gram what on earth will she do

No. 1647995

What a ghoul

No. 1648024

She looks suspiciously pleased, perhaps the quest for ACUTE was behind the “insurance won’t approve me” facade all along

No. 1648075

for the anon with poor reading comprehension in the previous thread, this is the post where LegoHead describes the hanging attempt. learn to scroll up instead of getting salty when people don't want to spoonfeed you.

No. 1648076

It has been posted and discussed before dumb fuck, I guess you were at school that day.

No. 1648077

Samefag to say kek anon, hivemind

No. 1648082

She looks absolutely hideous, I really hope she actually decides to recover this time

No. 1648091

why is being at school supposed to be an insult lmao

No. 1648094

why didn't you just link that post, lazy-chan

you've been referring to a post that is seven days old

have you got too much time on your hands or what

No. 1648175

Bruh she looks like death she doesn’t need to be trying for ACUTE that’s probably the only place she can go on death row.
Tbf she was pretty pleased to go to treatment last time she was death skelly so she must just feel so like she’s gonna die that she’s happy to accept treatment and wants to go.

No. 1648193

At this point it makes sense that’s she’s grateful for help. If you’re dying it’s life saving.

No. 1648201

She’s been dying for a few months now and did not seem to care at all

No. 1648219

Not to blog or wk, but when you’re in this situation and exhausted it can be a relief to have help to eat. You can struggle but when you’re actually at deaths door not want to die.

No. 1648232

True, true. She’s just a scum bag for Tik Toking away leading up to this point. If she’s headed for the ACUTE to ERC pipeline then I doubt any lasting changes will be made.

No. 1648236

Yeah I just really hope that she doesn't leave and relapse again… like that is just totally a waste of time and her life. Would insurance cover a 3rd stay idk…?

No. 1648249

acute is a medical unit in a hospital, not a psych unit. Her medical insurance can't deny coverage because she's relapsed in the past the way they can with residential treatment. If she's medically compromised enough and it's in network, they have to pay for it.

Same way they have to keep paying for hospital stays for DKA even if a diabetic isn't taking their insulin at home

No. 1648273

Her face completely changed in just a couple of days, that's scary.

No. 1648317

Her medical insurance can absolutely deny ACUTE if it’s out of network. What they can’t do is deny medical hospitalization all together. ACUTE is specific to eating disorder complications but it’s not the only medical hospital that can treat severe ED medical complications, any major hospital should be able to do that. It’s just famous for being where all the best** ED patients go so ofc when ana chans go there it’s something they have to brag about.

**”best” as in the gross romanticized version of EDs where being the sickest is some kind of achievement where they’re now some special delicate waif who is the prettiest girl ever who everyone loves and who can do no wrong. ACUTE is the gold medal of the pro ana crowd.

No. 1648344

the post you're replying to said "and it's in network"

No. 1648347

She’s serving full skull realness. Any place would have taken her. She didn’t need acute but congrats. Def not gonna be going through the same song and dance in 6 months.

No. 1648355

Did you idiots not read the last thread, she just got denied admission via a local ER

No. 1648378

File: 1663204971142.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1170x2013, 70F0DA5E-502C-40CA-A685-94E5B7…)

Fiona posted on TT! a video that she hasnt posted anywhere 100 times

No. 1648392

They are all a bunch of idiots on here. It's almost like these scumbags are jealous that they aren't sick enough for acute. So instead, they bash others.

No. 1648407

Nta but literally just scroll upthread in the previous one and read it for yourselves you anger mismanagement retards.

No. 1648471

I wouldn't go to ACUTE because I wouldn't move to live in the US if you paid me to do so.. such a fucked up place rn

No. 1648556

Move to mars the whole earth is fucked!

No. 1648582

If I see that bint with her bloody fake wheelchair one more fucking time, I swear.

No. 1648622

she did this last time.
she must seriously dehydrate and fast to deteriorate so fast, in all honesty tho i don't see her recovering

No. 1648675

Exactly, I don't understand how she's losing so much weight so rapidly. I get that she's not eating anything at all but it still seems awfully fast. God knows how fucked up her body is at this point

No. 1648676

You might be right, unfortunately

No. 1648687

I feel like there should be something between acute and ER. Not a jealousy thing so much as it’s a lot of drama and extraness when most hospitals do have basic Ed units that she didn’t seem to apply for/that take insurance and people without insurance (offer charity care and/or assistance). Getting not approved for acute isn’t the be all end all so much of a badge of honor. Again, if she works on “real recovery” and not pulling drama for the interwebs after she’s released then I’ll eat my hat. Until then, I’m just gonna shrug and keep scrolling.

No. 1648705

File: 1663245873389.jpeg (2.58 MB, 1170x2038, D4F8DD7F-D2C7-4624-AA42-A18448…)

Why is Ham getting sent this protein stuff when she doesn’t exercise, like, ever? I get they’ve probably seen her cavity-inducing ‘breakfasts’ and thought she’d endorse anything to be seen as ~relevant~ but still… I can’t believe how ‘far’ LARPing a whole illness has got her, she really thinks she’s a proper ~influencer~ now

No. 1648714


Gwdddd she looks awful how are people not calling her out!

No. 1648861


Ha. Scarlett will be fuming - Macro Mike ditched her around the time she was at her most contest shredded I mean emaciated and her attitude obviously got her in trouble so they didn't want her representing their brand so badly, I assume. Anyway it's hilarious that they won't be affiliated with her when she's the self-styled fitness kween yet they'll send Ham so much free shit when she's never picked up a weight in her life.

No. 1648875

Kek, Ham is a food influencer now. Soon she will get skinny syrups like our queen N2F

No. 1648961

File: 1663265107053.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x2013, 68F9B4E2-2CCC-434D-8040-3A5F8B…)

why bother unpack at this point

No. 1648995

I agree, anon. Amerifag hospitals do tend to not know what to do with superspoops. There needs to be a more standardized protocol because not everyone in that state can get to acute and acute doesn't take public insurance either.

No. 1649185

File: 1663284382833.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.76 KB, 634x916, B392A0BE-CA8E-4FC4-8D83-69C599…)

This is hands down the worst shoop I’ve ever seen, even for Laura. Using the #nymphet hashtag too I see, isn’t that for pedos?

No. 1649199

Did momsfave delete her tiktok? Sage for possible dumbfag

No. 1649206

knowing that she shoops to simulate childlike proportions in combination with that style of dress is just profoundly gross to me, that the photo is taken from behind her also adds to the discomfort because it makes it look like her "chaperone" took a photo of their kid on a trip to the museum and wanted to document it.

No. 1649208

It's still up as far as I can see

No. 1649210

She's so emaciated already this is just depressing. Weird how she's the opposite of Fi, trying to hide her wheelchair use as she gets worse.

No. 1649212

File: 1663285392405.jpg (331.33 KB, 1080x1488, Holein1.jpg)

If momsfave ends up at ERC we will have her, Hole, and Cece all in the same place.

No. 1649213

is cece still at summer camp?

No. 1649216

She dragged this out longer than the queen took to die kek

No. 1649217

Is hole midget tier or does she just crouch??

No. 1649223

Patiently waiting for Cece to appear in one of her "bestie" posts

No. 1649229

Very few of us have Cece access, but my guess would be yes

No. 1649235

Has this one ever had a job or is repeated admissions to erc her full time gig

No. 1649260

File: 1663287859929.png (655.25 KB, 1056x508, Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 7.25…)

Just had to get that last t00b selfie in and let us all know she's still too much of a frail ana to drink water

No. 1649261

I miss Cece, hope she returns to us for her relapse baiting when she gets home. Really I hope she doesn't and just fucking recovers

No. 1649263

Momsfave and Skelly Laura be damned, this is the true qween ana

No. 1649264

File: 1663287957490.png (471.58 KB, 389x628, Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 7.27…)

classic moonchild.etc

No. 1649267

She cannot be afraid of fucking water kek

No. 1649268

File: 1663288046191.png (435.11 KB, 388x619, Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 7.28…)

No. 1649271

File: 1663288134070.png (14.54 KB, 325x63, Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 7.29…)

kek at this comment

No. 1649273

File: 1663288232313.png (459.11 KB, 390x636, Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 7.31…)

last screenshot

No. 1649278

Porgie is quaking

No. 1649327

A must for the next threadpic

No. 1649510

That's a bloody huge slice of pizza for someone with a restrictive ED, but i guess it wouldn't feel it if you're stomach is stretched to the size of a football & you think that anorexia is not feeling 100% full all the time.
It does fascinate me in a way, I wish I could see them on a bad ED day, do these people ever show that? They all seem to be "in recovery from a restrictive ED" as a justification to eat like a pig.

No. 1649676

File: 1663333054414.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x2042, 22E7A44E-51DB-436B-9DF1-469569…)

that went well

No. 1649688

It's a huge slice of pizza for anyone

No. 1649736

Fuck me that was quick…remind me to stop rooting for these cows, I'm always left dissapointed.

No. 1649767

It doesn't make sense, wouldn't she want to enjoy her freedom a little?

No. 1649870

File: 1663346903741.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1125x1841, 7CBFF5D8-810D-4E8E-B42A-148197…)

This is actually no negativity to Niamh, she’s promoting recovery here and is actually good. So no hate to her. Just kek though.(Sage, non-milk)

No. 1649874

What's the context?

No. 1649882

Sorry, things her ed made her do. It’s the unromantisizing trend.

No. 1649887

this is non-milk and you have to sage it, numbnut

No. 1649889

They can call it unromanticising all they want but it still translates to as "teehee funny shit that happened because I'm a part of this speshul club". Especially on tiktok where the videos are made in a certain way, it makes anything look "cool" somehow, it's not like a serious sit down talk video on youtube, it's quick and has to be made entertaining. It's not unromanticising. It's just look at me me me I have/had an ed give me attention and validation. Anything that's a tiktok trend is inherently toxic imo.

No. 1649895

File: 1663347878543.png (527.51 KB, 1690x604, Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 2.05…)

kek this reminded me of an article i read a while ago written by a morbidly obese girl who was diagnosed as anorexic by her haes therapist because she 'only' eats 3,000 calories of cheesecake factory a day

No. 1649921

Ok Anachan way to not actually have much reading comprehension. She said she sometimes would do that and although not a healthy meal, it is true that plenty of people go out and have a burger and fries plus dessert, and it is not binge eating nor are they obese.

No. 1649924

not going to start infighting with you about this, but you do not have to be an anachan to recognize that an obese person who regularly overeats by thousands of calories is not anorexic.

No. 1649930

How does shitting in a sock have anything to do with an ed im confused

No. 1649938

This person? Definitely exaggerating. But many of the superspoops are restricting water, as well. It helps them end up looking like momsfave. I remember Niamh mentioned she didn't drink water for a while

No. 1649939

Damn, I actually had hope

No. 1649941

Okay but that's actually gross and why does she think telling people that she shit in her socks will somehow prompt the thought "wait she's right, i really have to recover"

No. 1649942

I agree 100%

No. 1649946

Possible interpretation: she fucked up her digestive system so much that she couldn't reach a toilet on time and had to resort to… her socks. Why am I even taking the time to interpret this fuckery in the first place is beyond me

No. 1649950

No. 1649956

This article is hands down one of the funniest pieces of ed related media on the internet

No. 1649971


Same anon, same shit

No. 1650016

Im the anon who asked the question and have never commented on niamh before, stop wking and let people talk about what they want

No. 1650032

If you knew how to click on links, you'd know that not what the 'article' said.

No. 1650042

wtf is this teenager crap, literally
just go to another board

No. 1650043

She doesn't eat all day and then consumes 3,000-5,000 calories in one sitting. That's binge eating disorder. I'm very sorry she has binge eating disorder but in a weird way she's contributing to the pro ana mindset of anorexia being the "best" eating disorder, it's she has to have the cool skinny girl ED and not the common fatty ED. inb4 "she has lactose intolerance so she's purging," anorexia is also not getting the shits from cheesecake factory.

No. 1650046

According to the article, she went to the same PHP as Cece iirc. Opal?

No. 1650048

it would be triggering as fuck to see this woman in a recovery unit

No. 1650052

I don't recall her saying she eats 3-5000 calories in one sitting. Not in this article, at least.

No. 1650081

File: 1663361532912.jpeg (161.24 KB, 1170x1555, 4F364D98-33AD-4652-B334-E9D419…)

What is it with Legohead doing live videos and just staring into the camera in silence, occasionally taking a hit of her vape?

No. 1650087

File: 1663361833598.jpeg (73.41 KB, 786x412, 1_lqPcrzq8V6nXQUXliqj5nA.jpeg)

She's a certifiable fatty anon

No. 1650102

She said she would eat a burger, fries, and cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. If you check their nutritional information, the lowest calorie cheeseburger is ~1200 calories, french fries are 530 calories, and the lowest calorie cheesecake is 830 (but you know she's not getting plain, kek). That's 2560 calories right there, at minimum.

The other meal she listed was chicken alfredo (1560) + tiramisu (1270) = 2830.

So both of the meals that she admitted to eating regularly are close to 3000 calories.

Jesus, I'm mad that I even spent the time looking this up.

No. 1650123

Not to rattle but that's also a low guesstimate given most people under estimate their intake. Honestly feel for article girl, seems like HAES clinicians convinced her that her disordered eating was anorexia

No. 1650132

File: 1663559107101.png (Spoiler Image, 3.2 MB, 1895x1385, ganers pooper.PNG)

welcome back everyone.

i present you with Ganers pooper 2 ways. please enjoy.

No. 1650174

damn the fact that you can see the lanugo on her arm from that distance is crazy

No. 1650178

Does anyone know why the site was down for so long?

No. 1650210

File: 1663567041398.jpeg (469.77 KB, 1170x2106, 8DE7EF68-A465-45A5-AE18-0C1D7F…)

Haydenfightsthis is actually going IP. Does anyone know where he’s from? Cause I want to dig on the clinic if it’s like where porgie goes (new farm?) or that new Australian residential place?

No. 1650212

too long

No. 1650226

File: 1663568872326.jpg (557.5 KB, 2160x3840, 20220919_182218.jpg)

How the actual fuck does this happen? God, even Sydney didn't get hospitalized yet this waddles up and gets a toob… I bet they want to just colour the tubing and run water through it.

No. 1650249

File: 1663571471996.jpg (16.02 KB, 623x97, thatrecoverylol.JPG)

Blame it on the troons probably. I wouldn't be suprised if it was part of the ops to get kiwifarms shut down. Heard they were hacked yesterday. That or adminchan didn't feed the hamsters in the wheels yesterday.


It seems to be @thatrecoverylife__

No. 1650251

File: 1663571610755.png (2.08 MB, 843x1496, porgie.PNG)


a challenger appears…

No. 1650277

I wish you’d post a link or something, I want to watch the full vid.

No. 1650281

Pretty sure Northside in Sydney.
Still Ramsay Health. Still a shit hole. Fatten them up and get them out.
Or at least from what I can see all of his posts are in Sydney so just making assumptions

No. 1650291

What do they do with patients who don’t need fattening up? Tube them anyway? Sorry just trying to understand the Aus system/ a reason for this whole larp.

No. 1650292

Cheesecake factory meals are all around 900-1500 calories, I'd consider that a binge. I think the cheesecake alone is close to 2k.

No. 1650297

It'd be hilarious if they ran a low calorie filler doped with nutrients and an appetite suppressant in it.

No. 1650329

Anachan, it's not a binge. It's high calories yes, but binges in general are the feeling of being out of control and scoffing a lot of food in one sitting. It sounds like a treat meal, the one's you don't repeat often. (But by sounds she did, so probably why she was so fat, goes to show IF/OMAD doesn't work if you're not eating decent foods).

No. 1650348

If it's northside St Leonards that's a good program… Northside west is a piece of shit. It's
Almost definitely west because at Leonards has an approx 6 month waiting list and is pickier with who they take because of this. West you can literally walk in off the street, no waiting list (because it's so shit). Hope he gets his super special ana experience!

No. 1650349

Northside rarely tubes and until recently didn't tube at all. They will fatten you up with their meal plan though, it's high regardless of your weight or disorder.

No. 1650351

File: 1663586082623.png (1.34 MB, 574x1388, ganer_loses.PNG)

peep our megamind gym junkie here. the clothes are literally swimming on her now… wtf. grim as.

No. 1650355


what the actual fuck is her head shape? i swear its gotten ever weirder than it ever looked in her spoop days!

No. 1650357

You don't get many of them to the pound

No. 1650358

Does anyone ever call her out on her constant spoop-posting? Generally ed recovery types frown on before and after pics

No. 1650369

I’m not sure Ganer’s really a part of the ED cOmMuniTy like other cows here. I wish she would be called out tho (not by anyone here before newfags start thinking of interacting). She’s starting to look really crummy again and if she truly was ‘over it’ she wouldn’t still be posting her spoop pix all the time or selling her sToRy to trashy magazines

No. 1650420

File: 1663593825464.jpg (45.57 KB, 500x649, ganer lineage.jpg)

More or less this shape.

She looks miserable af.

No. 1650442

Looking even worse in the face

No. 1650448

personally think she's more ill than any of the subjects here because of her lack of self awareness

No. 1650477

She's bent in a way that you can literally see the bend in her arsecheek where her butthole is kek there's no way that this is a normal pose for fitness people

No. 1650515

The return of table tits

No. 1650577

File: 1663602236669.jpeg (735.41 KB, 1125x2060, C99DF7E9-2823-43E5-98C4-8A953C…)

Happier than a pig in mud (or porgie with a mudcake)
Also - fundraiser has hit $40000; but he has private health so that’s a load of wasted money pretending that he needed it to save his life

No. 1650593

I'm not trying to rattle and don't know his medical history but it seems pretty over the top to say he was planning for end of life. He doesn't look anything like the dying twins,
skelly Laura, EC etc. I know you don't have to be emaciated to that degree to be sick but every post he claims he was on the brink of death. So how is he medically stable enough for this facility, which looks more similar to a residential than a hospital.

No. 1650594

"Caring for me in their homes" sounds like his friends enable him

No. 1650605

My god she is ugly

No. 1650614

Does anyone happen to know her age? She doesn't look a day over 38 but factoring in testosterone she's probably only in her mid to late 20s

No. 1650617

It’s basically new farm clinic (where all of our munchie cows are from) picked up and dropped in another state of Australia. Same company owns it, same shit programas .. ironically they won’t accept you if you aren’t medically stable and will send you to the medical hospital..
so clearly “I’m dying” is the simple way of saying “I want money and attention… oh and toob for the selfies”

No. 1650662

It's a female anon. FTM transtrender afaik.

No. 1650663

File: 1663606332860.jpg (472.81 KB, 1080x1957, Hayden.jpg)

Part of one of his captions on a recent post.

No. 1650665

The Llama is giving fi

No. 1650669

Imagine being stuck in a facility feeling utterly miserable and you see this gurning idiot prancing around, utterly elated to finally have a bit of attention after scamming a bunch of well-meaning people over the internet. Not that someone’s weight needs to be “critical” but I don’t know what to say….

No. 1650757

Shut the hell up cece hasn’t been milky for a while, she’s gone private, why would you want her to relapse. Stop being pathetic. Why can’t you just hope cece recovers this time!

No. 1650774

Ntayrt, but read the post. Anon said they hope Cece recovers this time. It's right there. I'd like to think we all hope the best for her.

No. 1650785

He’s kinda spoopy anon, despite all the theatrics of it, he definitely needs a few extra pounds

No. 1650791

and where’s the tube?!

No. 1650795

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve never heard of a dying person in desperate need of urgent medical care, overthinking the ways the staff would bully them, and deciding not to get potentially life-saving help because of that. Strange

No. 1650805

He's definitely underweight. Anons need to learn that disliking a subject doesn't mean they aren't underweight. That said he's super over the top about it

No. 1650808

File: 1663616574015.jpeg (612.09 KB, 1170x2083, 2325FC3E-847E-49E0-8E5E-6C3102…)

our dearest Fi is giving useful advice while breathing in Greek islands with her family.
Expecting crying stories/videos when she is back at how triggering her sister was

No. 1650816

File: 1663616741442.jpg (35.59 KB, 1236x82, spergyanon.JPG)

It's a she anon, i'm not too sure she is that underweight compared to if they were actually bio male.

Which makes the seething anon all the more ridiculous. Who rattled your bones? kek

No. 1650838

File: 1663617830471.jpeg (84.06 KB, 828x1593, FFDB901B-C616-41C1-BFBC-8B6F01…)

Kek, mom’s fave must have got busted for posting Tik Tok stories from ACUTE. Good for her treatment team, the insatiable thirst for Tik Tok likes has always held her back

No. 1650988

File: 1663622580244.png (2.99 MB, 828x1792, IMG_2373.PNG)

Since the site was down for a little, I didn't get the chance to post these gems of Zara calling out the recovery community. It'd be a good point if it were coming from anyone else.

No. 1650991

File: 1663622610327.png (1.15 MB, 828x1792, IMG_2374.PNG)

Samefag 2/2

No. 1651064

Ohhhhh, New Farm. That's where Georgie checks in for a tube and vacation.

Anorexia and suicide ideation is the lesser of her mental illness. Is NF a mixed sex facility?

No. 1651206

This was honestly a smart move

No. 1651230

it’s a good point regardless.
zara has become less and less milky lately

No. 1651236

Unpopular opinion maybe but even when she was milkier zara was one of the few cows I didn't mind bc her posts actually seemed like they'd be helpful, also she's got an "excuse" for her low weight so for the followers who bought that not much harm was done imo

No. 1651378

File: 1663641071120.jpg (497.68 KB, 2160x3840, 20220920_143021.jpg)


Ahh yes look at her caption

No. 1651500

Posting multiple pictures of your gaunt frame and granny features is even less helpful, Zara.
God I want to feel bad for her but she’s such a TWAT. Who says something so stupid when they’re as skelly as she is? At least they’re fucking trying jesus.

No. 1651592

I don't think he does have private health. That was the whole point of his fundraising. HOWEVER in Australia you can sign up for insurance and get a waiting time (3 months) waiver for psych… So if he got all that money and then did that he's scum.

No. 1651593

Awareness of how sick one is and a desperate desire to recover are 2 characteristics you don't usually find in an anorexic. It's sus.

No. 1651596

Newfarm is in Brisbane, he's in Sydney. Same company, different hospitals. One is worse than the other (there's two in Sydney) but they're nothing like newfarm.

No. 1651621

There’s a wide world of difference between an underweight person who needs to gain a few pounds and a true horrorcow death spoop. She is clearly the former while larping as the latter. It’s giving scam.

No. 1651629

No. 1651634

Some insurances can and will waive psych wait times now - so either way, it’s made a shit load of money for him to do … colouring in at summer camp with

No. 1651691

Not buying it. He has an anorexia shaped head but his hair seems somewhat healthy for someone who is supposed to malnourished to the point of planning a funeral for themself

No. 1651711

Nikol is back on twitter under the username @smallervanilla. It's mostly her sperging about how her BMI is whatever number, but that her body fat percentage makes it look So Much Higher~
Just her usual insanity but more than just IG story posts

No. 1651721

This exactly. I don't think anyone's issue is that Hayden isn't a little underweight, but more that he's acting as if he's a death tier skelly with tons of theatrics about how "near death" he is

No. 1651729

He's also pulled a Fi and has a wheelchair prop. Says he needs it because he had appendicitis kek

No. 1651738

Wow. I was going to say she looks rough for mid 30s

No. 1651746

File: 1663680952131.jpeg (85.32 KB, 828x662, 5914FC8D-A416-42B7-B3C4-6CE3D4…)

Of course they are bitch, that’s what happens when you publicly post about starving yourself with hashtag ed recovery. It’s not like it’s difficult to find. The hospital is trying to keep you from returning by curbing the attention whoring which makes perfect sense. If only someone would do it for the ERC cows, maybe then they wouldn’t need repeat trips to quench the attention thirst.

No. 1651771

Maybe I'm just an idiot but it seems very off if hospital staff are really looking at these girls socials on the regular. I think the ACUTE policy is great but it feels wildly unethical if the staff truly are just looking up each patient, finding their socials, and scouring them. Very odd

No. 1651773

Does she not understand that people who praise her and people who criticize her are both a group of strangers who follow her and watch her videos? She's awfully ok with people "stalking" her when they're telling her what she wants to hear

No. 1651775

It would’ve been weird 5 years ago but the Tik Tok phenomena has got skellies absolutely addicted to the clout. Moms fave literally needs a professional to step in so she’ll stop posting her skull face

No. 1651777

Momsfave is an attention whore but she's right that the way ACUTE goes about enforcing the no social media policy is very weird

No. 1651778

Fair enough. It just seems like it'd be outside of their jurisdiction to keep tabs on every patients ig tiktok whatever else. If momsfave gets shipped to ERC next we could have a hole crossover though

No. 1651800

I guess the just made their experiences with patients and social media und therefore check on them. Most people use their real names today or one e-mail address for everything, so it's easy to find them.
Most of these girls would really benefit from some time with a complete lack of internet access.

No. 1651808

File: 1663687201032.jpeg (541.61 KB, 828x1506, A4E0BA36-1179-4F9C-9F91-6D17A7…)

Sage but 123 kitty at it with the attention seeking, needing validation. I went to IP with her and she got kicked out for posting pictures of herself with a tube she requested, to the point she got her phone taking away for posting pictures, then claiming there was malpractice by the psychiatrist because she wouldn’t feed into her attention seeking game.

No. 1651817

She really requested a tube, yikes

No. 1651822

Some patients are regular people with a private account though, I don’t think every patient there is as much of a social media whore as Sydney is

No. 1651871

Sage but when you’re struggling asking for a tube makes sense. Weight gain per an ip’s meal plan can be hard so asking for a tube to make the weight gain easier is ok. You’ll have to gain either way so it just helps some people who want to get better but need the boost.

No. 1651893

Not when you only request it for social media purposes and don’t even do feeds

No. 1651908

goddamn, there's no way that T isn't shortening TIFs' lifetimes significantly. I almost wonder if it's like a passively suicidal thing for some.

No. 1651913

To be fair, i think she tagged some of her posts with inpatient, i tried searching tiktok with that tag to find the handle of thatrecoverylife as a jab in the dark and ran across momsfavs posts. She shouldn't have been so retarded about it or had a public account i guess.

No. 1651949

My best guess is that a therapist on staff at ACUTE combs through the Acute location tag or certain hashtags. I agree with other anon that it'd be weird if they were scouring every patients socials but I don't think that's the case. Had a friend there last summer, she posted once on a private ig and no one ever said anything to her.

No. 1651976

Is she even underweight? Her legs look normal. Are they treating her as a pretend man or woman? She'd be scrawny as a man but as a female she looks ok. Either way she's fug.

No. 1651990

I mean as long as they’re looking while she’s actively in treatment, it isn’t that odd. How else would they figure out she’s breaking rules she knows exists and agreed to upon entering? It’s not that different from a school monitoring the sites you visit while using school computers or them taking your phone if they catch you texting memes during English Lit.

No. 1652011

God, she just looks like a hairy woman

No. 1652067

File: 1663703279744.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1170x2077, 29B94EDE-8059-47E7-8B42-EFB3DB…)

Fi exposing her BPD traits (1/2)

No. 1652068

File: 1663703306865.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1170x2044, 05BC2026-AEFF-49A5-8E73-AE26BC…)


No. 1652110

Full nitpick but her hands look so lobstery.

No. 1652129

This seems less bpd-y and more just obnoxiously privileged and tone-deaf to be whinging while on an expensive holiday

No. 1652200

At one point he said his BMI is below 15 which would make him 40kg/88lb so he’s definitely lying about his weight

No. 1652239

unless she's really short, which would be quite funny.

No. 1652259

She did actually blame literally everything on her BPD diagnosis back in the tumblr times anon (recovery-vs-relapse19) before she decided to larp others’ symptoms to get a more socially acceptable excuse kek

No. 1652373

I dont think ACUTE staff are searching tiktok. As someone who works in Healthcare, that's 1. Really not okay and 2. The staff will not be allowed (or have time!) to just scroll through tiktok.
My best bet is that a fellow patient or even a follower who was a patient reported it. Perhaps a staff member stumbled across it and reported it but I highly doubt they go snooping.

No. 1652425

File: 1663716059136.png (807.65 KB, 689x1354, Screenshot_20220921-001836.png)

She looks on the few inches shorter side for a female.

No. 1652444

TIFs always out here getting heightmogged by other women, I'd laugh if I didn't find it so sad

No. 1652604

File: 1663724205218.jpeg (469.8 KB, 1440x1440, 6D4E16D2-A000-475B-BAC1-26E7C8…)

Not that short when you compare to the other women. Going to call bullshit on 15 bmi, that’s probably why no doctors wanted them admitted

No. 1652696

Agree, no one who works at acute (or any hospital) would actively search social media for patients just in case. Either someone who knows her told them or they caught her posting or filming or something. She’s also a major attention whore so she easily could’ve told on herself. Or she doesn’t want people to see she’s gaining weight (even though it’s the whole point of being there) so she’s lying about being caught as an excuse to not post.

No. 1652715

Yeah anons can be so deluded healthcare workers should not be scouring social media to spy on patients. It doesn't matter if the policy is good for their recovery that's not appropriate. Very likely one of her 40k some followers snitched

No. 1652720

God, those fugly glasses make me want to punch her in the face so hard. On top of everything else.

No. 1652984

Whether it’s a she or a she, it looks very underweight (nowhere near momsfave and laura but you get it). Also don’t forget that Hayden’s been on hormone treatment so that’s also a factor

No. 1652985

True, she might be a hypocrite but her content is fine

No. 1652987

Lol the audacity to demand gifts from strangers

No. 1652989

True and Sydney has what, 30k followers? I’m guessing a third of them went to Acute and some of that was caused by Sydney

No. 1652991

Rattle more. Her legs don’t look normal and look at her arm.

No. 1652993

Samefag. I meant “she or a he” but I guess the other way is more accurate

No. 1653038

I'm wondering if maybe she's doing BMI calculations for herself using male instead of female. Wouldn't that throw things off a few points?

No. 1653043

File: 1663751480370.jpg (355.18 KB, 1080x1544, Fastingpro.jpg)

Kek some fattie wannarexics are so delusional

No. 1653063

File: 1663753244528.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1732, BBD673B0-7932-43B7-94BA-552419…)

No. 1653084

Oh my word, at first I thought this was porgie.

No. 1653089

no. bmi is a weight to height ratio

No. 1653099

There is so little muscle there omg

No. 1653108

Tbh, I can't see any muscle at all, behind that wall of pale blubber on these legs.

No. 1653112

Why do her legs look like they've been amputated at the knee????

No. 1653144

Oh true I’m sure someone has brought up her “recovery” account in a therapy session

No. 1653156

she's so desperate to post on tiktok for attention, it genuinely wouldn't surprise me if she had starting filming a reel in front of staff - of she's on 1:1 - or staff caught her filming while doing checks, even to the point where staff or other patients were captured in whatever she was filming, staff would take away her access to social media, because it would be totally inappropriate and obvs if they saw her filming, they would be aware of the content she uploads, which would also be deemed inappropriate when she's in treatment. i doubt staff needed to scour tiktok to find her content, which would be unethical, because she will have been filming on the ward and making no secret of that fact.

No. 1653171

Oh stop ana chan posting, it's a picture of her thighs purposely spread out to be wide, she has a very normal, average looking british lass body

No. 1653173

File: 1663767241676.jpg (73.03 KB, 485x552, not ocd.jpg)

Call me soft, but good for her for breaking her OCD for once

No. 1653182

Think you need glasses nonnie. That pic is revolting. Nothing average, normal or british about those pasty lumps of spotty flesh.
Why would anyone post that pic. her legs look deformed!

No. 1653185

Very likely her sitter caught her filming

No. 1653192


U wot? I'd hardly call that breaking her OCD.

Yes, it's going to a different gym, but it's more than compensated for by the fact she'll be comforted by likely burning way more calories because it's a fancier place with better equipment.

Real progress would be taking a goddamn rest week. Or year, in her case, since working out is so fundemental to her disorder.

No. 1653205

Although I appreciate the softness, this is just an example of how Ganers varying disorders both interact and oppose one another. The eating disorder cognitions beat the OCD cognitions this time around.

No. 1653233


I just don't believe she really changed her ways overnight.

If you train the same way, you'll stay the same way. Her repetitious daily training AND eating likely have reached a plateau already.

No. 1653248

File: 1663773757263.jpeg (173.77 KB, 828x1792, 22396740-032B-4C02-9EDA-D4CD36…)

Sage but more poor me attention seeking from kitty123

No. 1653307

This doesn't even make sense and how did she know the other person had BED

No. 1653316

Who is this?

No. 1653369

I'm assuming she was a chonker/HAES type, people tend to assume they have BED because of how difficult it is to naturally eat yourself to morbid obesity. Or maybe she's opened up to her, whether in a positive or negative way/trying to relate or trying to get her to shut up about her anorexia and eat a burger.

No. 1653374

It’s pretty privileged to assume someone is diagnosed with bed by their size

No. 1653412

Umm. No, sorry. Britfem speaking. These thighs look like they're from a race of albino amputees who survive on lard.

No. 1653421

The angle is naturally unflattering for anyone who I will give credit here, but this is not a normal weight. Saying so isn’t being an ana Chan, that’s not healthy and she’s definitely overweight.

No. 1653426

Kek whatever fridgechan

No. 1653430

there's some anon who seems really fixated on Hannah not being overweight.

No. 1653441

She is purposely spreading her thighs to look as wide as possible, it isnt how they naturally sit. Or at least thats my assumption from the image

No. 1653447

has anyone watched Emily Jones yt video?
anything milky or not worth wasting my time?

No. 1653455


It really does!

I'd happily undertake the "challenge" of being on holiday in that environment.

No. 1653496

Disagree, she has her knees so far apart to try to make it look like 'yeah I'm relaxing my thighs' when in fact she is desperately trying to make them look smaller than they would if her knees were closer together which is why the picture is so fucking weird. Face it Hammy your legs are huge regardless of how you try to manipulate the photo

No. 1653500

It really looks like that's just how her legs are when she sits, they naturally spread like that since she keeps gaining because all she eats is processed sugary foods. It doesn't look like she could put them closer together if that's what you mean

No. 1653548

>anachan posting
She's stated herself she's overweight, 'according to bmi'. And given her looks, well… we didn't jump to conclusions, we stepped and there they were.

No. 1653559

"same everything"

Yeah, that's her problem.

No. 1653650

lol no it isn't.

No. 1653662

Uh no.. how was I 'ana chan' posting when I didn't call her fat, I said it looks like she's had her leg amputated at the knee.

No. 1653734

am i the only one who doesn’t think ham looks that bad? like yeah she’s definitely a big chunky but i doubt she’s bmi wise actually overweight. she just looks like the higher end of healthy. has she admitted to being overweight?

No. 1653743

she has literally said her bmi is overweight. this has been reiterated many times, see: >>1653548

No. 1653754

File: 1663802999087.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 2046x1815, FA8C761D-B72D-4FFF-B75F-1691C3…)

Fucking unrelated but EC really tried to act like someone chalk drew an autumnal jack Skellington threat outside her house and then fucking did a wedding video with him. I’m surprised she has the strength to doodle on her driveway but wonders never cease.

No. 1653827

File: 1663807561583.png (222.52 KB, 1016x694, Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 7.45…)

@taylorrlucas92 just posted an Amazon wishlist that includes a $45 card game

No. 1653828

File: 1663807610697.png (504.35 KB, 475x690, Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 7.46…)

our brave warrior got her tube out

No. 1653830

The issue isn’t if she’s overweight or not, who cares. It’s ‘how does she even walk up stairs with the lack of muscle’

No. 1653992

I mean it's kinda normal that ur legs look thicker when u sit down and also ur muscle definition won't show when u sit. I have very muscular legs and when I sit down they look normal. But I still argee that her legs look deformed and chubby

No. 1654004

>autumnal Jack Skellington threat

No. 1654093

omg why are her kneecaps so small and pointy, this made me laugh so hard her legs are shaped like Patrick from spongebob holy shit kek

No. 1654187

is that a pimple? kek

No. 1654203

it's the weird pointiness of the knees that are truly bizarre - her thighs are normal enough, but why do they end with such pointed knee caps? they look malformed.

No. 1654236

Oh like you'd never ever get pimples. Grow up. There's way more critique worthy things in ham but pimples are not one.

No. 1654271

The problem with Ham isn't her weight. It's how she claims she was a spoopy ana and this is how well she's done in "recovery". She's showing off her lack of thigh gap as a way to prove that it doesn't make you less of person not to have one.

THAT'S why she's a problem and provokes so many negative comments (and why she's part of this thread).

No. 1654277

They look like elbow joints or really malformed tits.

Anyway, suppose we should drop the ham thigh theme. Might make her anorexic or something. for the first time

No. 1654327

Anawannabes are so selfish. How attention seeking to post their wish list and tube when they obviously aren’t struggling with food and taking the spot from true anorexics that need treatment but have to wait long lists because of the people that just don’t want to be in the real world

No. 1654430

She's wearing the capybara shirt from her amazon wishlist lol i hope nobody bought that for her

No. 1654544

kek, I didn't even notice that

terrifying that she's down to a dainty xx-large now

No. 1654780

File: 1663885038403.png (99.75 KB, 1128x422, what.png)

I don't even know if this is milk more like just Nikol being unhinged but why is this the first thing I see when I checked her twitter after seeing it mentioned here

No. 1654876

Anyone know where she's ip at

No. 1654878

she's at Veritas, as usual

No. 1654919

File: 1663895565812.jpg (530.44 KB, 1069x2883, Screenshot_20220923-130920_Tik…)

I dont know if this is milk as she doesn't explicitly speak about anorexia, but her account is about as pro-ana as you get, the body checks are so obvious I'm embarrassed for her.

No. 1655110

>trans masc people can be feminine
>trans femme people can be masculine
And trans black people can be white right? kek. The kind of mental gymnastics these genderspecial people go through is mind-boggling.
If you are enforcing a gender binary & defining yourself within it then no, you cannot be both of the two options. That's not how it works sweetheart. You are & will always be a woman as your sex. Literally everyone can see that by looking at you. Your genderfeelings are completely irrelevant. But ohhhh because you have ~masc~ genderfeelings sometimes, you think that makes you special & different & in need of protection? LMFAO. Get a fucking clue. Gender nonconforming women have existed for centuries. I would even venture to say that MOST women, if not most people in general do not conform to your narrow & bigoted definition of gender roles. It's only within the past 10-20 years that a small percentage of these normies have decided that because they have a little bit of yin to go with their yang that means that they are some kind of unprecedented unicorn.

No, Barbara. You are just a normal-ass woman.
When you try to redefine everyone in terms of 'binary' and 'nonbinary' you are just creating a new binary…

No. 1655113

BRUH. The size of her knees vs her ham thighs… She has to be well into the overweight BMI category now.
Hannah - this is not what recovery looks like. Putting aside the fact that you never even had a restrictive ED to begin with - at this point you've given yourself a real ED. The unglamorous kind that has now made you fat kek.

No. 1655116

tell me you're a coddled brat & have never experienced real trauma in your life or had someone close to you die without telling me

No. 1655117

>hoodie w stick legs
>26.6 mill views
Tiktok is fucking cancer

No. 1655131

File: 1663912017072.png (337.63 KB, 430x625, Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 12.4…)

It really doesn't look like Zara is continuing to gain any weight

No. 1655180

File: 1663915723949.png (181.42 KB, 543x474, Surprised Pikachu .png)


<= some anorexic little bitch and doesn't gain weight

No. 1655345

File: 1663934297413.jpg (128.94 KB, 1080x1350, 307849756_n.jpg)

Ganer is doing the Skeletor (again).

No. 1655348

Why is her thumb so orange? Has she been applying Ganer's fake tan?

No. 1655373

God I hate those ugly plastic stripper heels. She has almost no breast tissue…is it possible she dopes? (Also sorry if this has been discussed I missed it)

No. 1655375

File: 1663938294195.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x1952, 0925A0E6-8E2F-4924-BE1F-88F031…)

fiona looks … good??? like genuinely. i’m happy for her tbh but astounded

No. 1655393

No I don’t think she dopes, she’s not overly muscular, she just has very low body fat but it’s a body builder thing, none of the women have boobs because to get that muscular looking, you have to lose your body fat including your boobs. A lot of the bodybuilders get boob jobs for that reason, which Ganer will have to do if she really wants to be able to compete properly in the bikini category (it’s a more feminine class).

No. 1655402

I hope for her sake she doesn't get brainwashed into getting implants.

No. 1655415

Just imagine her having some DD bombs.

No. 1655417

She's had an ED since her early teens at least so just never went through normal puberty / got boobs in the first place I don't think. Probably why she's short too

No. 1655448

She’s a full loon and I’m here for the ride but I hope she’s not looney enough to actually do it.

No. 1655466

Mte anon, every time I see that shit

Kek she keeps a spoop pic of herself above her bed, I think. Granted maybe her mom is in it but girl, other pics exist.

No. 1655473


I doubt she'll get implants. Nor will Scarlett, and they'll both hit a ceiling because of it. Both of them want to look as thin as possible but with visible muscles and definition, which is why they don't really suit the bikini aesthetic. They aren't interested in looking feminine, because feminine = fat in their minds, but neither will stay in a surplus for long enough to build enough muscle for figure, which Ganer in particular would be better suited to, though still a total failure at.

Anyhow, can't wait for her Arnold's shitshow. Scarlett was hilarious enough turning up like a flat, emaciated turkey, but watching Ganer try to pose at a big show like that…oof, so much cringe. But she deserves it for all her gross spoop in the gym pics.

No. 1655733

I swear 99% of these cows live in monstrous houses with pools and whatever. I can never feel pity for the rich anachans, especially when they always look so smug about slowly killing themselves. What an absolute waste. There are so many people that would kill to be in their positions and have access to food.

No. 1655803

I was also in treatment with both y’all and it’s funny bc I know exactly who you are. 1, she didn’t request a tube, they gave her one because she was underweight and non compliant. 2, she didn’t get kicked out, she left AMA. I would call you out by name but I’m not gonna dox, but you were literally called a bully by everyone in treatment and everyone knew you as the tattle tale. And everyone knew dr. G treated people badly, if you just look her name up online you’ll see so many bad reviews. Stop bullying Lily just because you’re insecure. And stop calling her out for having BPD when you do too lol

No. 1655854

Jesus Christ are you done with your sperging? No one has time to read a novella about you having a seizure over how much nonbinary pronouns trigger you. I swear to god sometime you guys are more annoying than the people you’re bitching about. Kek.

No. 1655884

Is this “pay me $50k a year to even have a spot in my private practice and $200 a dr visit and I also refuse to accept insurance” Dr G?

No. 1655892

Why are you being so coy about the doctor's name? I assume you mean Dr. Gaudiani?

I'm guessing it's a typo, but for other anons: her website says $5k/year to be part of her concierge outpatient practice and $250 for a 25min appointment. Concierge medicine in general is pricy.

No. 1655933

Anon touch grass you're worse than they are

No. 1655934

Probably not if they were in a treatment center guadiani is outpatient

No. 1655938

She used to work at ACUTE, no idea if she was anywhere else before starting her outpatient clinic

No. 1655939

Yeah she went straight from ACUTE to opening her private practice. Mehler took over for her at ACUTE and I’ve heard he’s an ass. Was never dainty enough to go to ACUTE so I’ve never met him lol

No. 1655942

Mehler founded ACUTE, Gibson is the one who became the new medical director. Mehler is technically retired but visits the unit most days and does rounds so he basically still has his hand in everything going on there.

Not that any of this really matters that much, it's just weird and vaguely annoys me that those anons won't just say which doctor they're talking about. Protect individuals who aren't milky, sure, whatever, but the doctors are pretty much public figures.

No. 1655966

This post tube face is way worse than Porgies. Her head is a literal moon

No. 1655970

It's… The Return of Table-Tits!!

No. 1656006

That's highway robbery

No. 1656008

concierge medicine is all for rich people who want to feel like they have a personal on call doctor. They keep patient loads really low (like, her total patient load is 70) so they can make time for you whenever, have frequent long appointments, etc. It's all ridiculous.

No. 1656023

Porgie also uses high angles to hide her double chin. A picture of her with her toob and a big greasy breakfast with her double chin was posted a few threads ago and it was egregious.

No. 1656059

Hana stop responding to yourself it’s embarrassing

No. 1656083

what the hell is happening ITT

No. 1656150

I believe you think this is a hot take (as do a lot of people on this board) but a basic sociology class would tell you that sex and gender are entirely different. a simple biology class might help you too.

red text me but i’m sick of the transphobia and outright bullshit on here. calling pro ana scum out is one thing but why add bigotry to the mix? kek

No. 1656165

Gender is being misused anyways. The word that comes from the root of Genitalia, genes, progeny, generations… is ABSOLUTELY a physical thing. People are just looking for the wrong word for "personality". "Oh I'm actually female" No, you're FEMININE, and that's fine, is what it is, cool, own that. Someone's gonna love you for who you are. But you're not a woman, that word has a meaning already. They can pick up a chair bent 90º at the waist, head against the wall… and they steal yo hoodies. That's a woman.
We just gotta stop overthinking it.

No. 1656184

I am sure there are other places to make fun of ana-chans for you, tran-stan-chan.

No. 1656188

File: 1664002672256.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220924-165542_Ins…)

This pic is definitive evidence of the hospital he is at and can confirm it's super shit and will take anyone who pays.

No. 1656193

Definitely a swipe at Paris

No. 1656194

Fucking hell nona, I googled that chair thing & did it with my nigel, with the expected results & he tried to argue that all women 'interpreted the instructions differently / wrong' & that was a more plausible reason than physical differences. Ruined my morning this argument he's such a retard

No. 1656195

Not sure why it did not post properly. However the post from Zara about eating and filming fear foods is a swipe at Paris for sure!

No. 1656200

sage your moronic shitposting

No. 1656209

No what’s embarrassing is your assumption that I’m Hana. I’m not. I was at treatment with her though

No. 1656212

Yes sex is real and gender is bullshit made up by pedophile john money

No. 1656219


No. 1656233

File: 1664012080495.jpg (473.41 KB, 2160x3840, 20220924_213152.jpg)

Who remembers dainty little Grace? Crikey, for someone still claiming to have a restrictive ED in April.. she sure as hell blew up quick. I nearly didn't recognise her.

No. 1656312

What makes Guadiani better than any other ed specialist dr though is my thing

No. 1656313

Bullying anachans is just as mean anon

No. 1656315

File: 1664023955179.jpg (444.33 KB, 1080x2145, Hayden1.jpg)

Hayden's latest caption. What happened to needing a toob and getting refeeding syndrome, and I quote, from "one small snack."

No. 1656322

Wow $50k a year and $200 per session just to be coddled or if you are actually sick told to consider hospice and killing yourself.

No. 1656330

“Ginormous” “yucky” the Peter Pan syndrome among trans guys is obviously strong with this one also being an anachan. It’s like a venn diagram of people who won’t grow up. Of course not all trans guys or anachans are like this but it does appear to be a majority. Why is that I wonder

No. 1656331

File: 1664026999237.png (907.6 KB, 571x970, delulu.PNG)

soooo Ganers on her way to another failure session (competition) today so expect another influx of posts.

thought id kick it off with this one.
context: the "carbs" she has eaten to make herself "fuller" consisted of 2 rice cakes with jam (just the same as last comp) but this time she has added a BANANA.

…a fucking BANANA.
as if that will help get her gold.
fucking delusional this one is.

No. 1656334

File: 1664027394001.png (2.28 MB, 787x1250, bornornor.PNG)


samefag, here is her carb-loading meal.

and no, you cant convince me that she didnt cut out a segment of that banana and trash it because it went over (x) amount of weight her ~*mAcRoS*~ would allow.

as if that 20g of banana would really throw her off track. topkek

No. 1656368


Yeah this isn't what a body builder eats to get gold, it's what a ~vegan~ influencer pretends they eat for their day in the life videos kek

No. 1656371

Sage for nitpick but why mocking vegans, this meal isn’t even vegan… there’s literally an egg.

No. 1656373

Fml, she should know better than that after years of daily training. Well, at least her mail order coach should tell her.

No. 1656381

Hana if this is true why did even the PSYCHIATRIST say you were doing it for attention to the point they took away your phone. Your absolutely nuts responding to yourself. You harassed everyone and was the only bully. You harassed clients who actually were trying to get better just because they “triggered” you and posted about them because they were more underweight then you. And requested a tube just to make attention seeking tik tok videos. So they took your phone. People who have known you in laureate can speak to this but you come on here responding to yourself as a different person. And still making poor me videos for attention.

No. 1656422

File: 1664033147271.jpeg (90.1 KB, 640x800, s5.imginn.com.jpeg)

This is the winner of the women's bb comp

No. 1656435

File: 1664034155505.jpg (23.35 KB, 501x506, no teefs.JPG)

Oh god.

No. 1656444

If you're seriously having a tantrum over this then you are on the wrong website nonnie. Cope harder okay?

No. 1656451

I’m laughing so fucking hard

No. 1656458

I agree, if I didn’t know who she was I’d think she looks radiant.

No. 1656460

Bodybuilders are weird as fuck and I will never be convinced otherwise

No. 1656467

If her parents weren't around every day for her support she'd be falling off the wagon in an instant, I'm sure.

No. 1656469

File: 1664035719415.jpg (66.4 KB, 638x521, transsomething.JPG)

That winner >>1656422 is also a former ana
>I built the physique on the left from anorexia where I was 6 stones and did it by myself. I did get the offer of working with a dietitian that the doctor offered me to help me, I decided I wanted to do this alone because taking yourself out of a dark hole takes some serious strength and mental fortitude and that I believe I have…

Does this online coach groom these women?

No. 1656470

Oh, and call me a bone rattler, but that's not 6 stone.

No. 1656473

File: 1664036070013.jpg (134.71 KB, 1080x1350, a_guy.jpg)

Such a cute gains goblin, isn't she.

No. 1656477

So how did ganer do in this latest competition?

No. 1656479

File: 1664036596441.jpg (120.06 KB, 1160x631, spiderman.jpg)

Looks a bit like some tired and overworked Tobey Maguire.

No. 1656481

Nonnie as funny as she looks she doesn't belong in this thread. Tell me about Ganer.

No. 1656484

Why am i glad all of a sudden that nourish didn't end up down this route? weird random thought cross over.

No. 1656485

Not one pic of Ganer in coach callum's hundreds of shots from the contest.

No. 1656489

I'm pretty sure she measures every single gram of her portions. She's (still) a fanatic calorie counter.

No. 1656492

I’ve been thinking this too…

No. 1656495

File: 1664038443291.jpg (177.41 KB, 654x1160, flex.jpg)

Tomorrow's the day.
Showing her meager goods in the motel.

No. 1656496


Kek, omg this is just too perfect. If it wasn't for the fact she isn't the subject of the show and it's Ganer I would nominate a mashup of the two images for the next thread pic.

No. 1656499

WHY always rice cakes and egg whites? If she's talking about carbs, why not eat potatoes? They are a better resource than those nasty rice cakes. She could literally eat meat and potatoes.

No. 1656500

Also raw spinach is just disgusting… How did she even manage to build any muscle eating like this at all??

No. 1656502


Since she obviously didn't enjoy a thorough therapy so far, she probably still distinguishes between "safe foods" and "fear food", shunning the latter.

No. 1656507

File: 1664040253488.jpg (56.68 KB, 429x493, MLE_posttext.JPG)

I don't think she was saying she was 6 stone in the picture anon. She says everywhere that she had anorexia 2013-14, just bumped into the picture shared in >>1656469 and the caption says it's from 2015 so she's gained since then. Granted i couldn't find any other socials or photos from the 13-14 time period so who knows. Just hope it's not someone larping anorexia history again for profit.

No. 1656512

You know what, I still think the bodybuilding thing is disordered af (in a more socially acceptable way) but in comparison to Ganer? Good for her tbh. Ganer didn’t even weight restore before getting into this did she? Going by the constant before and afters. Never even gave herself a chance and now she’s heading straight back to square one. Girl is deluded

No. 1656529

File: 1664041988856.jpg (51.47 KB, 666x156, sched.jpg)

I guess that's the schedule for her bIg cOmPeTiShUn dAy.

No. 1656530

Ngl I kekked

There really is no hope for her. If she loses, then she’ll starve more for the next show. If she places at all, she’ll starve with a sense of accomplishment for the next show. Either way she’ll remain delusional and full of herself til she drops dead while doing the same weak ass mirror posing she does in every pic

No. 1656596

File: 1664045876124.png (520.74 KB, 518x808, wrinkly face.png)

Her face looks spoopy

No. 1656606

File: 1664046653577.jpeg (231.81 KB, 828x1388, 12BEEB70-7500-4C69-8AFF-A49F4E…)

Was Scott Murray ever posted here? I learned about him on the Eugenia subreddit. He was praised in the weightlifting/body building communities for his “high volume recipes”. Dropped dead of a heart attack while making dinner. This could very easily be Ganer’s fate but we all know that already

No. 1656607

File: 1664046685645.jpeg (290.51 KB, 828x1386, 9FB71727-1085-4A94-96E9-42C133…)

More skelly face gym bro

No. 1656615

File: 1664047355062.jpg (110.22 KB, 750x450, Big-Book-of-British-Smiles-750…)

No. 1656619

File: 1664047529465.jpg (929 KB, 854x371, ded.jpg)

From some article

No. 1656692

Fuck if that ain't Ganer's fate. She aggressively starved herself to emaciation and then aggressively started bodybuilding. There are YEARS of cumulative damage there, and she hasn't given her body a single DAY to heal from any of it. Her body is absolutely fucked and she's going to die because she refuses to take care of it. I wonder if she knows deep down how unhealthy she is. Does she really think she's healthy, or even ok??

No. 1656747


spoopface is real in this one.
its honestly a detriment, like i get their goal is to have 0% bodyfat, but who actually looks in the mirror at a face like that with those sunken cheeks and thinks "yeah, this is a prize winning mug".

No. 1656763

File: 1664058874861.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x1954, 4A403C32-9857-4E89-BAE2-AD319E…)

glad to see Lauren is still using the ed recovery hashtags

No. 1656766

it's amazing that people who comment on her posts still seem to believe her claim that the psych ward i only giving her vegetables. Even a general psych ward wouldn't do that for weeks at a time.

No. 1656780

Oh you mean sociology classes run by people who want to aggressively push their trans ideology agenda onto impressionable undergrads? And if you think biology classes would back up your troon bullshit you are in for a VERY rude awakening lmao

t. neurobiology grad student

No. 1656785

oof she's competing in the Arnold? that a huge show…id be surprised if she even gets in top five anything. why'd her coach have her sign up for this knowing she can't take a loss?

No. 1656857

Probably cause he gets paid either way.

No. 1656860

File: 1664063819532.jpg (535.93 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20220925_124251.jpg)

Speaking of, you reckon they all get permanent eggheads after banging their heads one too many times?? Looks stupid.

No. 1656861

Shut up you’re both annoying

No. 1656941

When did this become 100% about body builders. This thread is only about hanger who isn’t even an anachan anymore I miss the cece days..

No. 1656948

Knees are looking spoop-esque too.

No. 1657014

I said what I said, keep crying about it kek. You'll always be a woman.

No. 1657053

Kek I'm fine with being a woman, thanks. Hopefully another random Twitter profile with they/them pronouns will finally give you that gender rage-induced aneurysm you’re so desperately gunning for so you can shut the fuck up for good. Save the tl;dr gender sperging for the TIF threads and let’s get back to the pro-Ana twits.

No. 1657186

File: 1664091012299.jpeg (341.8 KB, 750x1291, 126F68E6-F8CF-436D-8178-FDDF38…)

Haydenfightsthis refers to vitamins as medicine for refeeding syndrome kek

No. 1657196

Are the big white disc ones Australia’s version of Tums?

No. 1657200

Probably electrolyte effervescent tablets or something

No. 1657204

Not to wk but they actually do give multivitamins, thiamine and phosphate prophylactically for refeeding syndrome.

Phosphate and/or potassium effervescent tablets.

No. 1657219

Meh I see it as fair game to a degree, they based their IRL and online coaching career around the fact they recovered from anorexia and now obviously on another end of mentally ill/body manipulation. If she did legit recover from anorexia then good for her, but isn't it a bit off to base your identity still around it? It does seem like people with anorexia hop the fence a lot to body building, so weird to me.

No. 1657222

Has anyone looked at one off mjslayingtiktok lately obviously she has made a video off her being hungry and then showing batteries like honestly go look at her page. Gastroparesis warrior my ass

No. 1657229

sorry for triggering you nonners

No. 1657232

Or you could, you know, post caps/video. It is an image board after all.

No. 1657237

They’re phosphate - been to that clinic - everyone gets the same “cocktail” of “drugs to prevent refeeding” aka thiamine, phosphate, span k if necessary, centrum and a bunch of other big arse vitamins. Nothing special at all

No. 1657239

It’s like he’s convinced himself that he HAS refeeding syndrome .. it’s rare buddy, yeah obviously more prevalent in the Ed community but get over yourself Hayden, you’re no more at risk or special than anyone else - you could have done this at home Had you not convinced your followers that the public hospital system was against you.. fun fact, it’s not - it’s an underfunded department that cant just admit someone because they say they need refeeding via a toob - you actually have to meet a specific criteria which you clearly did not.
end rant these Ausfags all screaming at a system to have their every want and need pandered to and then crying and GFM’s when they don’t get it is getting beyond ridiculous

No. 1657252

File: 1664100599142.jpg (192.35 KB, 1080x1350, 309049891_n.jpg)


…to look like some rotisserie chicken.

No. 1657253

File: 1664100869622.png (28.3 KB, 855x457, skinn1gossip.PNG)

did deanna oerman break up with her gross neckbeard pedo bf

No. 1657256

File: 1664101155539.png (177.47 KB, 1137x856, scrote.PNG)

samefag but here is a post of anachans defending their king scrote and explaining why he isnt a pedo creep

No. 1657258

ive said this a couple of weeks ago (w/o the cece part) and i receive a shit show of comments.
Glad im not the only one

No. 1657259

No. 1657261

didn't think she could look worse than in her posed photos. she looks more emaciated than ever in this

No. 1657267

She is choosing just vegetables all NHS hospitals have menus you can choose your own food from. Yes they even offer vegetarian and halal options even on psych wards.

No. 1657275

File: 1664103082508.png (265.67 KB, 501x318, wtf.PNG)


agreed, she looks haggard af here.
wtf is this bone/tendon?!

if that is her actual pelvis bone then i am legit laughing at her now.
that sparkly green bikini sure is getting a workout tho. is it commonplace to keep on wearing the same getup at every event?

No. 1657284

That's what raw spinach leaves and dry rice cakes do to you.

No. 1657287

File: 1664104709906.png (9.46 MB, 1170x2532, 22DB33D6-CEC1-4A4B-91B4-2D91F8…)

hayden saying how he can’t say he himself has anorexia but has no problems saying others do or in other words trying to play the “uwu in denial” card whilst having entire accounts detailing his ED kek

cbf cropping pfp out but it’s not mine and can’t ID me with it so yolo

No. 1657293


how is it possible to be that fucking ugly

No. 1657294

Depends on the competitor, but the sparkly bikinis are expensive (sometimes more than £500) and because they're so emaciated, while there are rental bikinis out there most girls seem to buy their own so that they'll fit them properly and not hang off their bodies. I'm not that surprised that Ganer only has one, doing the same thing over and over is what she does best.

No. 1657295

He says he has anorexia in his insta captions…he doesn't deny it. He just thinks he needs sooper speshal treatment

No. 1657331

The constant jack skellington shirts–is he larping as Eugenia kek

No. 1657357

File: 1664112317634.png (2.82 MB, 816x1468, Capture.PNG)

KEK, another failure. What a shock /s

how many times has she acknowledged that she needs to GROW, yet continues to purposefully shrink? I cant wait to see her punish-restrict over the next few days.

No. 1657377

I can't believe she placed that high…

No. 1657378

Wait, I don't recognize her. Could you share a before photo or at least her username?

No. 1657380

The (extra 2 and half grams of) carbs have done what exactly? I'm not even sure she's eating what she's showing

No. 1657384

how can she rank that high? how bad were the other girls? the only way i can imagine ranking lower than her is to literally never go to the gym

No. 1657385

Different anon but it's not about whether it's vegan or not. It's about the whole "vegan influencer genre" if you will, where the people are weirdly thin and always show completely inadequate meals while preaching the whole "food is fuel" thing. Nothing wrong with vegans who actually eat normal amounts of food

No. 1657388

Pity for her anorexia background so she doesn't go absolutely insane and relapse.

No. 1657390

I laughed a bit too hard putting Ganer and this person side by side

No. 1657392

When did this anachan war come from, eat your snacks and calm down

No. 1657394

I hate saying this but this "woman" looks absolutely hideous. A troll through and through

No. 1657407

Not a doubt in my mind that a freaking mental facility is forcing her to survive on a 20 calorie lunch. I am absolutely sold

No. 1657411

Jesus Christ this is so grim

No. 1657417

like some Barbie ripoff that didn't pass quality control

No. 1657426

"Needing to grow" = Train that puny body even harder and restrict yourself even more every time you do a bikini contest.
Now that is a promising direction. The milk must flow.

No. 1657431

Why doesn’t she say her actual ranking? Is it that below 5th place they just clump you all together or do we recon she got 10th and is embarrassed?

No. 1657456

Yea this has turned into a whole body builders thread. It’s boring

No. 1657460

Yea usually they'll do like a call-back of the top 10 or whatever, then again the top 6, top 3, whatever. It's partly so judges can look more closely at them when they're deciding the winners.

No. 1657462

File: 1664118779990.jpeg (276.08 KB, 828x1792, 5E72D176-8CF6-4C2C-BC1C-256D21…)

Kitty123 attempt at another poor me video

No. 1657464

The fact she uses #abuse awareness

No. 1657474

Anons don't want to let this thread die but the reality is it's pretty much run its course

No. 1657478

Wah wah the content isn't especially to my liking wah wahh. Go find milk that suits your taste then you fucking baby.

No. 1657481

File: 1664119870376.jpg (165.42 KB, 1080x1350, poser.jpg)

Here. Just for you. Want some more?
Now piss off.

No. 1657484

ntayrt but lol at criticizing someone for sperging then responding with a sperg out

No. 1657486

I'll never understand when they post about this site or directly address it thinking it'll make anons do anything but double down. Bullying 101

No. 1657490

Not only is she ugly, its amazing how much she just looks like a woman with a 5head and a beard

No. 1657498

Ganer is deeply, deeply in denial because of she’d could acknowledge the truth she’d be shit scared and need to actually challenge her delusional thinking. I’m pretty sure she once admitted a doctor had told her things about the state of her health that she simply chose not to believe. I wonder what happened to Ganer in the first place for her ED and OCD to be so extreme.

No. 1657503

Her father died.

No. 1657507

I think he killed himself? And she was about 10 or something like that.

No. 1657510

The suicide factor undoubtledly made it even worse.

No. 1657511

I’m assuming you and people posting about “wah wah too many bodybuilders” are eating disordered teenagers who have only recently starting frequenting the threads to feed into your weird delusions. These threads frequently go through phases of focusing on particular people and different specific aspects of online pro-ED culture so the current focus on Ganer and the bodybuilding is new but par for the course. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read.

No. 1657512

I bet they're some wannas who look for thinspo and ana gossip from these threads and nothing more. Cece was probably a great motivator for many because of her weight loss and that's why they miss her so much.

No. 1657513

Jesus Christ that’s awful, thanks for spoon feeding me anons. Can’t believe I missed that bit of information but it sheds a lot of light on the state of her mental health.

No. 1657515

It’s a good bet, I’d put money on it kek

No. 1657526

That's because she is a woman with a fivehead and a beard

No. 1657529

Yea she doesn't talk about it much at all so we don't have many other details (not that she should share it all online, obviously), it's just come up once or twice on the anniversary of his death iirc.

No. 1657585

File: 1664126666529.jpg (45.96 KB, 905x274, dead.dad.jpg)

From some article.

No. 1657641

The way she’s going, that sentence is like some eerie foreshadowing

No. 1657644

*last sentence i mean

No. 1657668

I guess she took the goblin pill

No. 1657669

> gym bro
Nahh, he was just popular with gym bros for his disgusting macro "friendly" recipies, he had the physique of a starving 7 year old child.

No. 1657674

So she basically admits to be a huge control freak..? Well, who would've thought about that, what a suprise.

No. 1657783

File: 1664141724921.png (2.16 MB, 944x1480, Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 4.34…)

That didn't take long.

No. 1657785

File: 1664141779374.png (1.54 MB, 760x1086, Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 4.36…)

No. 1657791

She kinda looks like a fat version of my mom. Not sure how I feel about that.

No. 1657841

File: 1664144625944.png (3.15 MB, 1620x1407, ganers first steak.png)

nawww, it feels like our bbgal is growing up right before our eyes.

Ganers finally eaten some protein that wasnt originally in powder form.
could this be a new stage in the life of our OCD ana queen?

(but honestly, has she never thought to eat red meat before in not just her recovery but her whole life? wtf?!)

No. 1657850

Wow, good for her! I’m actually happy for her.

No. 1657853


whoa steak AND 'tatos. who tf even is this?
oh nevermind i just saw the bowl of plain iceberg lettuce and that told me. never change Hannah kek.

No. 1657873

Whoa maybe she's finally tired of placing mid and actually trying to gain. Good for her.

No. 1657944

File: 1664150132717.jpeg (364.97 KB, 750x1179, 54CDA540-E4F8-4184-A04C-17C85F…)

maybe just me but some of these girls don’t seem as muscular/big as i expected? like the second from the right has about as much muscle as a regular person idk maybe i’m nitpicking but all i see are ribs

No. 1657954

Yea depends on the category. I forget which is which, but bikini is basically skinny with some muscle showing. It's really not very muscular at all just slightly appears that way because they have no fat. Most average athletes would look like this if they lost body fat.

There's also…
-Wellness (this one is like, fitness influencer).
- Figure (more muscular).
- Fitness (weird and has an awkward talent show section).
- Physique (more muscular again, still not insane though)
- Bodybuilding (full-on madness)

Not all shows have all of them, and not all of them are equally popular.

No. 1657955

Yea they just look skinny and like they do hiit twice a week

No. 1657996

File: 1664154397486.png (3.78 MB, 828x1792, D1FE8337-9AE2-4932-878E-7ADA6F…)

What’s with cows self diagnosing themselves with autism as if it’s some badge worthy flex

No. 1657998

She’s not milky will you just stop.

No. 1658000

Unsaged vendetta chan

No. 1658006

File: 1664155324378.jpeg (392.85 KB, 1169x2000, E06F6F37-353C-4182-8561-181C81…)

What Hayden said when he got asked why he’s not using a tube.
Dunno why he thinks public hospitals do this. Legit they don’t if you are compliant. Cause normal anachans hate the tube

No. 1658010

Translation: she self sabotaged to feed her attention seeking vendetta and they want her insurance money. Result=inpatient more insurance money

No. 1658012

She’s better then ganger she is actually milky

No. 1658023

He’s so obsessed with looking visibly sick, it’s why he larps with a chair on his main but will post about over exercising on his anachan account

No. 1658045

starting to think it's literally just you posting yourself over and over

No. 1658076

This is the bikini category. It’s the smallest/least muscular of the categories and also the one that is most focused on beauty/sex appeal. Basically a beauty pageant with a little bit of muscle tacked on. One of the reasons Ganer is not likely to ever place very high in that category is because she’s ugly. Though I will say that whoever did her makeup this time did a much better job than the last one.

What is crazy though is how many shows she has done back to back. NOBODY does that. It is not healthy or advised in the bodybuilding world to keep your body fat at stage ready levels for more than a couple of DAYS at a time, and she’s been there for weeks now in order to do three shows in a row. You need at least a few months between shows to recover, most people will do maybe two per year if that. Her coach is once again being irresponsible and unprofessional for letting her do this.

No. 1658197

Literally anyone can do this, autism or not. It's sad these zoomers are so brainwashed into thinking every normal behavior is a symptom of a disorder.

No. 1658211

Right!? I swear this has blown up on tiktok recently with zoomers being like ‘symptoms I didn’t know about that were caused by my eating disorder’ and it’ll be like some personality trait. Or the same thing but ‘things I didn’t know were autism or adhd symptoms’ and it’ll be a completely normal variation of behaviour like bouncing legs or being creative

No. 1658212

File: 1664181741661.jpeg (452.32 KB, 1169x1903, 3193223D-EDAA-4282-9F7A-D06269…)

Hayden moved from refeeding meal plan to normal meal plan so clearly refeeding period risk is gone and he’s fine. He’s been IP for 1 week btw

No. 1658225

Fucking performative anorexia bullshit, Hayden is like the classic example of social contagion, on steroids (literally)

No. 1658236

Why the fuck does everyone have adhd these days to the point its nearly glamorize. ADHD was not a fun diagnosis to have 20 years ago. tiktok really has become 'my mh guide to self-diagnose'

No. 1658240

i was already getting the vibe with his constant posting about "anorexia says this" or "my inner anorexia voice" shit but naming it Ed makes me thing he's setting up for some DID bullshit

No. 1658241

I had the exact same thought process! Steak is a step up, but the bowl of iceberg lettuce just remind me she’s demented. She bangs on about nutrition and food and then chooses to easy crunchy water leaves instead of spinach, chard, kale or any leafy greens with actual vitamins and flavour.

No. 1658247

Thanks anon, this is interesting and insightful. I did think it was odd she was doing so many shows - I’m not well versed on body building but from what I’ve seen before the shows are much more of a bit one off event that someone gets ready for at a particular time rather than a run of multiple different shows they have a go at. It’s alarming that the people around Ganer are supporting this.

No. 1658248

File: 1664186498457.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, FA4CF332-94D5-45B4-9008-67022C…)

Am I crazy or has she not gained a single pound in months? How is she still alive while doing uni, as well??

No. 1658249

(It’s zara for anyone who doesn’t recognize her)

No. 1658251

smashes no idc
Anyone with eyes can see how the goblin is doing. She’s so smug I can’t—

No. 1658290

Urgh nitpick but I cannot stand when people personify their eating disorders.
I know it’s cognitive defusion or whatever but it’s also creepy. Plus at some point you have to take responsibility for your own behaviour.

No. 1658301

True but y’all also dragged Ganer earlier in the thread for eating spinach. Not to wk the girl, she’s obviously milky and insane for doing the back to back shows and getting sinewy.

No. 1658377

File: 1664199705565.png (579.12 KB, 520x682, maybe 300 calories.png)

I felt optimistic when I saw her steak meal, however, she is back to her usual crap. Never learns. She made a post with her mother and I cant help but feel so bad for her. Watching your daughter still be so deep in an ED

No. 1658380

Being out of the refeeding window already doesn't really support his narrative that he's "inches from death" kek

No. 1658382

File: 1664200279593.jpeg (347.91 KB, 920x1798, received_491069462888401.jpeg)

His older posts are milky too. Here he is throwing a fit because general hospital discharged him "before it wad medically advised"

No. 1658387

File: 1664200644507.jpeg (196.7 KB, 920x1720, received_614060750125441.jpeg)

He milked his week in general for all he could too

No. 1658394

I promise I'm not trying to rattle any bones, but she seems a normal weight? And kek, what a manly thing to do

No. 1658399

Hideous. I was just about to eat but lost my appetite.

No. 1658402

File: 1664201261362.jpeg (223.79 KB, 920x1804, 7head.jpeg)

What the fuck

No. 1658404

Men get fat so fast.

No. 1658405

Oh, it's Groundhog Day again for Ganer.

No. 1658409

stop being retarded referring to her as a "man" or "he"

No. 1658411

It’s a tif? She passes surprisingly well as a soyfaggot.

No. 1658413

I agree he talks about himself like he's laura/ec/momsfave level but he doesn't look low bmi

No. 1658416

How is it "not medically advised" if the hospital doctor did it

No. 1658418

are you kidding? blind??

No. 1658420

she, herself, she's, she

No. 1658426

File: 1664203563418.jpg (258.47 KB, 1080x1350, bronson.jpg)

Meet the trainer and his paypig.

No. 1658427

Tha pedostash is not doing him any favors

No. 1658437

Eugenia published a jumping rope video and she's acting like a total retard in it. She acted like she couldn't jump and even made a sad wittle girl frowny face. Definitely fetish content you can't change my mind. How does she have the guts to publish that kind of shit to her young followers? She's a disgusting person and I wish she'd go get help. I hope she gets fat tbh. Yeah I know it'll never happen but I can't alog so that's the worst I can wish upon her skelly ass.

No. 1658447

Ok now you sound obsessed. I personally didn’t care before what people were refer to Hayden as but now I hope everyone keeps “he”-ing them just so you can clog up the thread with more of your “buh buh but it’s A SHE!!!1” reeeeee-ing.

No. 1658450

reee someone misgendered the ugly troon reeeeeeee

No. 1658453

So gross seeing this well-fed oaf next to Ganer who literally looks like she’s wasting away.

No. 1658458

Image board. Also
>I hope she gets fat
Stop, your ED is showing if that’s the worst you could conceivably wish on someone

No. 1658460

Well I can't alog here so it's the thing that would hit her where it hurts the most.

No. 1658461

That’s literally the only insult that will work against her. That and the diapers.

No. 1658464

Does he have BPD??? It seems an awful lot like it…

No. 1658481

File: 1664208256092.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1541, 7E633017-8B81-468B-844D-282B97…)

niamh couldn’t have us thinking that she actually had anything with fat in it. I see recovery’s going well

No. 1658483

Her wieiad actually looks good. Why do you think she’s lying, vendettachan?

No. 1658485

This thing haunts my nightmares.

No. 1658504

File: 1664209598621.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1125x1564, 9C09DC05-3195-49EB-9C01-61D2C2…)

Sage because no milk but holy, look at Fi. She looks beautiful.

No. 1658512

Wow I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but she looks lovely and good job! Always makes me happy to see a cow thriving. Speaking of, does anyone know how N2F is doing?

No. 1658538

Oh the disappointment of getting better more quickly and getting to leave the hospital early

No. 1658548

How old are you

No. 1658549

Wow, fingers crossed she actually keeps this up. She’s way less punchable when she isn’t attention sobbing and needing to breathe.

No. 1658552

Different anon but even though the wieiad looked good, it’s so weird that she felt the need to explicitly specify that she didn’t get cream in her coffee especially given her history

No. 1658553

She actually does, let’s hope it sticks

No. 1658562

I was the anon who said this - my bad. I didn’t read what Niamh wrote. Sorry to original poster, I shouldn’t have called you vendettachan when it was my mistake. Now that this is pointed out agree with both of you. I wish I could delete but it’s been over 30mins.

No. 1658597

stop posting irrelevant BS, vendetta-chan

No. 1658608

She looks lovely. I'm soft but this is what I wish for all these people.

No. 1658613


I know. Even the worst cows seem so much nicer when they recover, probably because their shrunken, starved brains are healing and they can actually think properly. All the warm fuzzies when they get better and/or make genuine progress.

No. 1658623

I thought it was fair. Saying specifically no fat is not helpful. The rest of the wieiad was very good but she should have done without the specifics, knowing the audience.

No. 1658632

eat your porridge

No. 1658693

File: 1664218956803.png (5.52 MB, 1170x2532, 19F49D0E-99AB-4E70-856C-6273B2…)

This is the first slide of her most recent post

No. 1658694

as long as they're happy & healthy with that, I'll root for them

No. 1658706

File: 1664220116883.jpg (313.39 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20220926-210953_Tik…)

Just saw this on tiktok amd I can't believe the amount she eats… Also, everything is so hardcore unhealthy, wouldn't she get extreme stomach pain? I don't get this "all in" bs

No. 1658727

Image board but you got me curious. Obvs more fetish posting for $$$

No. 1658745

So good to see her doing well and looking like a complete mess lol. Never change, you unwashed feral queen.

No. 1658832

File: 1664227691860.jpeg (118.83 KB, 750x601, 65D96E99-AD61-4EB1-A394-AFAA31…)

Definitely some split personality thing

No. 1658834

File: 1664227786052.jpeg (313.82 KB, 1242x1257, EEE71B6A-1D0D-46BE-979E-28C375…)

Nikol says her body fat percentage was “too high” at bmi 10.8

No. 1658838

Never heard of this chick, but she looks good, yeah she eats a lot but I don't think this video was particularly milky. Regardless, thanks for the Food porn kek

No. 1658841

Oh dear God she is fucked.

No. 1658890

Rattle rattle

No. 1658951

She can pretend to be a man all she wants but her posting style and BPD ana chan antics make it obvious she’s female. Guys don’t do this type of shit, even skeletor Nik posts like a dude even though he’s effectively neutered himself through starvation.

No. 1658979

Disgusting moid

No. 1658996

File: 1664238400505.jpeg (703.69 KB, 1169x2119, 5E4E0851-7B49-40D2-A619-FD7395…)

I was curious cause sweet tooth people exist and some prefer sweeter or junkier options whatever but holy shit a 10,000 calorie CHALLENGE??? Wtf that’s like let’s do a binge challenge I’m so confused and the comments are so supportive

No. 1658999

They look like aging ex pornstars here

No. 1659000

Right, i can't even read the posts because everytime they call a severely mentally ill woman a man/he I want to alog.

No. 1659002


i keep seeing these “recovery” calorie challenge vids all over my fyp. it’s funny how many anachans end up as binge eaters. i’d feel bad if they weren’t so batshit insane about it.

No. 1659004

Damn, sorry, I wasn't expecting people to get into a fight when they put their balls on the table, but it's still impressive that someone actually tried it.

No. 1659026

Does anyone actually know how tall Ganer is? Average male height is something like 5'10 and she only gets barely to his shoulders.

No. 1659042

Is Cecelia still LARPing or is she done for a while now that the school year has started and she is presumably back to work? The only account I found for her is private.

No. 1659059

File: 1664242473944.jpeg (275.3 KB, 750x634, C3CE9F8A-F03E-4612-B503-F74C19…)

She is a working women!

No. 1659075

How is this milky ? she is doing something normal for once and you make fun of her ? Or did I misread the tone of your post ?

No. 1659081

It's guy, this isn't the place for your woke insanity

No. 1659091

Hayden is biologically female.

No. 1659116

No. 1659136

Yes… that was the joke

No. 1659148

Read “a working women” again.
If you are ESL, I apologize

No. 1659166

Do you know where you are? Women are not men. She is a woman.

No. 1659203

Nobody fucking cares. This is a pro Ana scumbags thread, not a trans thread. He, she, who cares? Just ignore it and carry on instead of sperging and clogging the thread up.

No. 1659282

Why do people on this site not respect the self-identity and pronouns of MtFs (rightly so), but do so with FtMs like Hayden? I assumed the hatred for troons was universal, not just for MtFs specifically. Hayden is a female, stop saying "he".

No. 1659284

kek, that's some "barely 18yo schoolgirl and janitor" stuff

No. 1659289

You must be new but actual farmers don't do this, only posters that stick out like a sore thumb do. We have a FTM thread you know.

No. 1659291

I don’t want to derail/start a fight but it’s because a lot of posters in here only stay in this thread and came from edtwt or tiktok, so it’s safe to assume some here are tifs or thembies themselves and instead of integrating, they are all “idc how others identify it doesn’t hurt me!!1!1”

No. 1659293


This makes sense.

No. 1659309

god she’s stupid

No. 1659344

Doesn’t surprise me that she’s benefits scum, proud that she’s worked as a shelf stacker at her big age, how embarrassing

No. 1659364

Fuck off with your benefits sperging, wagie

No. 1659393

Anyone know how LegoHead (Sharni) is getting on? Account is private

No. 1659399

She doesn’t work at a school anymore, she is in early intervention and can pick that up again whenever she leaves ERC

No. 1659402

I wonder if the lack of attention/asshats calling her fat got to her. I almost feel bad for her.

No. 1659443

t. jack monroe

No. 1659451

haha povvo is triggered? These people use ‘mental health’ as an excuse to do nothing and it’s so gross

No. 1659456

Better than popping out multiple sprogs to get benefits, and drug/drink themselves enough/neglect their development enough so they end up with the 'tism, to reap the DLA.

No. 1659528

File: 1664291809849.jpeg (765.61 KB, 828x1227, 503D7AE0-F093-4B50-92A4-57F8E0…)

Must be nice Kitty123…

No. 1659529

File: 1664291859948.jpeg (655.37 KB, 828x1271, 32512CAA-9E18-4C99-AE6F-D38845…)


No. 1659534

Wk but she’s right. This whole site is a troll and other than fixing their behavior to be helpful, no one should take hate from here seriously. They should do better but so should this site.

No. 1659570

It's amazing how many anons on a literal bullying site think they have the moral highground because they're "calling out" anachans. This site isn't going to do better because it is, as its core, a hate forum.

No. 1659579

Exactly why Kitty123 is right not to take it seriously / to heart.

No. 1659602

File: 1664297683482.jpeg (530.09 KB, 1170x1947, 45D8099C-395B-4805-8C81-74583F…)

Look who is in acute, taking pictures and so uwu triggered. (She is the one who was called her followers fat kek).

No. 1659607

File: 1664297998757.jpeg (482.81 KB, 1170x1924, 18D38862-C41C-49AE-B424-B458CB…)

Sid the sloth

No. 1659608

She’s not in Acute now, she is at ERC now and will be going to residential from there.

No. 1659615

Lmfao I'm gagging Legohead looks like one of those ugly goldfish with the buggy eyes

No. 1659637

No I agree nona. I won't pretend to be superior since I do lurk this thread, but none of the cows IMHO need to take the nasty comments seriously. If anons really had constructive, helpful feedback for cows they would dm them instead of blasting it to a bunch of deranged chanfags looking for a laugh.

No. 1659639

Oh fuck off newfags, we dont feel we have the higher ground for "calling out" anachans, this isnt 2014 tumblr, we just like to laugh at the freakshows because this is lc

No. 1659643

Zoomer fashion is atrocious

No. 1659646

Why'd they cut her hair? They did an awful job too. Holy fuck.

No. 1659647

exactly kek no one’s claiming to offer great advice for the cows, we’re just having a laugh bc if the cows post milky stuff publicly people are allowed to make fun of it

No. 1659653

File: 1664299824060.png (390.75 KB, 1350x291, wtf.png)


Farmers don't have the moral high ground but neither do the cows, particularly not Ganer. She ain't innocent in anything, preaching her OCD bodybuilder bullshit everywhere and getting comments like this.

The only way she'd be a good role model for those actually wanting to recover from anorexia is if she dropped dead from a heart attack, either from pushing herself too hard or too much of that damn pre-workout. At least then it would be a cautionary tale and salutatory lesson. As it is, she's just encouraging seriously ill people to kill themselves in the gym.

No. 1659660

Long time lurker I've seen a lot of anons claiming this is just calling them out and not mean. Could have just been a crop of newfags

No. 1659670

File: 1664300621417.png (98.13 KB, 1145x643, pedoscrooote.PNG)

Honestly why does FashionThin always jump to defend molesting minors. its probably a tranny

No. 1659685

Also is it just me or has all info about skinnygossip forum admins been wiped from the internet? Some time ago they god doxxed because of that kate upton article, but now you can't find anything on google. Tbh I'm dying to see who that amazing male specimen who calls himself animal genitalia is irl. Some fat coder iirc? Not to mention that he's a pedo. Are there any pics of him kek

No. 1659725

A lot of women on that site seem to be very male-identified but I'm not really surprised, they pander so much to the perverted obsese coder who they all suck up to. (All the women on the site have to "thank the bullcock" because he keeps the site up. If you're a member who doesn't do it they'll call you out.)

No. 1659726

File: 1664303174341.png (Spoiler Image, 559.54 KB, 600x600, download.png)

Play spot the difference.

No. 1659762

sorry but did she just repost the same pic? how does she even manage to look exactly the same in every photo?
started to make me feel unsettle kek

No. 1659900

that stare haunts my sleep

No. 1659905

File: 1664312009894.png (Spoiler Image, 484.31 KB, 600x600, download (2).png)

lol this may be my magnum opus

No. 1659968

what on earth is that THING on her forehead? the derp button?

No. 1659996

maybe its a button that administers electric shock every time she headbands ffs

No. 1660023

I think it's a foam wound dressing

No. 1660061

I actually rarely think this about any of the cows but her face is ugly in a really unsettling way it’s a bit nauseating every time I see her face on this thread kek can’t figure out why

No. 1660062

File: 1664320535362.png (Spoiler Image, 547.07 KB, 600x600, download (3).png)

No. 1660303

bag of bones dusty negataive ass skelton looking corspe

No. 1660331

File: 1664336357329.png (5.26 MB, 828x1792, 96CEA649-6C3A-4C38-8CCE-D5F8C3…)

Paid $750 to get confirmation there’s nothing wrong with her

No. 1660332

File: 1664336382789.png (2.27 MB, 828x1792, D6808F11-CF92-4DA0-9431-C5923C…)


No. 1660415

Kek that's golden thanks anon. That hand flex.. definitely a skellie right there.

No. 1660498


Stop just stop with the self posts now, everyone has ignored them all, just leave it.

It’s either self post or vendetta at this point with your obsession of this girl. Get actual milk and come back. Also learn to sage

No. 1660499

File: 1664353632148.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 458.82 KB, 1284x2778, 430F4716-8022-48E3-B891-8C4F69…)

Saw this girl on tik Tok the other day, very good milk from her, posts all about recovery whilst looking like death.

Does dances to do more subtly body checks, strains her arms to make them look worse. Does like daily videos of what she eats/ her supplements.

Also is pretending she’s eating fear foods makes them and has them in front of her but I don’t believe she eats them

No. 1660500

Nta but girl this is actual milk, stop sperging. I've posted her twice before in previous threads, I'm assuming the others have been separate anons. Not every post is a vendetta or self poster, chill and let us few find her milky.

No. 1660501

Fuck I forgot to sage, sorry. I'd delete but it's already bumped now don't redtext me mods

No. 1660513

File: 1664356471194.jpg (94.27 KB, 719x593, Screenshot_2022-09-28-11-02-33…)

Looks like the fat scrote forum admin changed his exes profile. Anthony really is a used tampon of a human kek

No. 1660515

Stop posting your unsaged shitposts ffs, vendetta-chan. We know it's you all over again.

No. 1660517

I didn't post the skellychan retard. And I apologized for forgetting to sage, how is that any shitpostier than your useless "wahhh stop posting her wahhhhh." Once again not every anon is the same fucking person you spergy shizo, there's clearly more than one person posting Lily example being the posts above that weren't me. Why do some of you act like little middle schoolers trying to moderate who posts what? Go to therapy for your control issues weirdo. This thread attracts the most annoying bpdchans istg

No. 1660518

What the fuck is going on that site

No. 1660519

Did you post this in the wrong thread?

No. 1660524

NTA but it's a screencap from the Skinny Gossip forum. They claim to not be pro-ana but think anything over a BMI 18 is fat and even at 18 you're on thin ice. To join the forum you need to submit pictures to prove your weight is what you say it is, which is a source of controversy - as you'll see upthread.
Seems like there has been scandal amongst the userbase; SkinnyGurl has been rebranded by the retarded siteowner called Bullcock as what you see is in the screencap. >>1660513
Decided to help out and explain because SG isn't a regular feature on these threads but I think they're fucking crazy and worth a mention. Sometimes on celebricows I swear there are anons who use SG posting there, one particular example being an anon claiming to be a well to-do model who was busy weightsperging and shitting up the thread (apparently there are real models which make up a sizeable userbase of SG, and they love tearing celebs to shreds for being fatties. Sounds like larping bullshit to me, but what do I know).

No. 1660527

wtf fuck off

No. 1660542

kek i’ve always thought the anons furiously bashing people for posting certain cows are sus, i asked one question about niamh earlier not even saying she’s milky and a nonnie said i was the same person who kept posting niamh when i’ve never said anything else about her, i just assume these nonnies are the cows themselves bc who else would be so pressed

No. 1660565

I'm starting to think that too lol. The accusations of vendetta channing and self posting are so aggressive and random, maybe it's just one spergy anachan but this thread is always the most rabid. One of them accused me of being a pedophile ana groomer based off me saying I found the male ana cows boring, lol the absolute back breaking reach.

No. 1660579

File: 1664366317541.jpg (2.86 MB, 4032x3024, PXL_20210309_194454964.MP_.jpg)

Oh i agree that they def deserve a spot on this thread. They basically worship a fat ugly perv scrote while claiming to be an exclusive club. Whats not to laugh about. Also they worship a zero muscle shapeless bloated skeleton look.
When your idol is this fat scrote.

No. 1660583

No. Which sg admin are you kek

No. 1660589

This just makes me look back and laugh at the delusional posters who were defending that website on here. Run by a nasty obese turd of a pedophilic scrote who talks about child models having "dicksucking lips", proudly fetishizes women with EDs and does this shit. Class act, very chic.

No. 1660594

File: 1664368051932.jpg (52.85 KB, 640x428, 5zbm0flwat461.jpg)

He has no light in his eyes. Subhuman swine.

No. 1660595

Billy Corgan is that you?

No. 1660607

File: 1664369164794.jpeg (868.57 KB, 1170x1924, 1664297998757.jpeg)

hiya georgie

No. 1660619

Also their specialty are spergs about how minors can ackshually be attractive so its not pedo to creep on them blah blah blah
They also cried over gemma ward not looking 15 at 26. Not even weight gain, the overall maturation. But "no pedo"

No. 1660722

Exactly anyone who says 123 kitty isn’t milky is nuts. She’s been posted here multiple times for her outrageous content. She’s more milky then hanger or any of the other losers posted on here

No. 1660743

nonnie I am wheezing holy cows

No. 1660746

Still talking to yourself, huh

No. 1660781

Her recent post says she's in San Diego. Must be talking about that children's hospital that takes adult superspoops ( Skelly Laura went ip there for a few months). I think it's an ACUTE type place

No. 1660784

New thread pic I beg

No. 1660807

Acute level weight kitty, my ass. I’m calling bs

No. 1660891

what's with the candy jars. that doesn't seem on brand for someone running a proana website lol

No. 1660920

Kitty is not even spoopy more like a bpd hypochondriac. She post that no ip will take her this making her feel invalidated. Her bmi is way above 16

No. 1660932

Rattle rattle.
Her BMI most definitely is not way above 16. Get your eyes checked.

No. 1660989

File: 1664396638560.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.23 KB, 1470x2206, Kaia-Gerber-in-Jeans-Shorts--0…)

SG is insane. I wish I could lurk more, but I don't have an account. I found them through the Kaia Gerber thread back when she looked really unwell, yet everyone there insisted it was natural and that she was just lanky due to her age (despite the fact that she actually weighed more prior to her modelling career).

It's just so funny how they always have their token skinnies that they defend to the death as being "BMI 15, but in a healthy way", then inevitably nearly every single one later gains weight and confesses to having had an eating disorder.

No. 1661029

Not to mention that their ideal phisique is really a toneless anorexic, not healthy in any way. It's not even the athletic cyclist/runner skinny. It's just the sedetary+not eating bloatkween type. Like they praised Kaia for being so skinny and tagging her underage bikini pics as "jizztastic". Tres chic. Seems like anorexia really does eat the brain away.

No. 1661081

kek this is amazing anon

No. 1661129

File: 1664403173748.jpeg (614.56 KB, 750x1119, C8DD6E50-2B47-4A76-A43A-83E099…)

why is she eating the exact same stuff after repeatedly posting that “its growing season” and that its time to gain kek

No. 1661143

um excuse you, there are exactly three more frozen raspberries in that slop, it's gainz o'clock

No. 1661148

Ah true forgive me, how could I not notice, truly our recovery queen

No. 1661157

File: 1664404283347.png (43.8 KB, 861x625, Untitled.png)


your answer lies within the wall of text she posted the other day about LOVING prep (aka restricting again).

She is "bricking it" meaning "shitting bricks" meaning "scared out of her fucking mind" about eating more and gaining weight.

looks like she's already letting her 5head get in the way. (not pictured is her usual egg white/raw spinach combo, which she also posted today.)

No. 1661223

I’m sorry if people have discussed this already, but how is it possible that her /entire head/ has grown massively (forehead area especially) during her time bodybuilding? Is that like a side-effect from steroids or HGH? It’s really apparent in theseside-by-side pics.

No. 1661228

File: 1664409495000.png (427.8 KB, 828x1792, F97067E5-9AD7-4029-A5ED-E5E698…)

Posted from lily herself

No. 1661233

You know they’re a wannarexic when they’re sad they don’t have DanGerOuslY LoW labs..

No. 1661240

Still trying to keep us from talking about you Lily? Or is she just your tiktok ~thinspiration.~ Sorry but the bpd antics and the multiple attempts to get hospitalized on a fucking children's ward despite being healthy and medically sound are milky, take your control issues to therapy instead of clogging up the thread every time a milky bpd bitch gets posted.

No. 1661274

huh why is she trying to get into a childrens ward?

No. 1661296

She's talking about Rady and they cater to extreme superspoops in their ip unit

No. 1661318

Asspats, pure and simple. There’s been a few high profile super spoops that have been put in children's hospitals as adults so naturally she wants to be IP in one too despite clear medical evidence that she’s fine (physically at least).

She needs mental health treatment, but not IP and certainly not in a program at a children’s hospital where she’d be the worst possible adult role model for the actual children. And that’s if she didn’t traumatize them outright with her antics.

Putting her IP wouldn’t help in general since it’s the exact same attention she’s acting out for and would only make her behavior worse so they’d keep her longer. There’s a reason BPD is treated more successfully outpatient.

No. 1661372

File: 1664416270919.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 859.24 KB, 1082x1842, A70F2A6E-9BCD-488C-B861-0C4965…)

zara claiming to be fine and near a healthy weight is so ridiculous. her skin looks like it’s been stretched over her face

No. 1661399

Also for being such a smartie she doesn’t know the difference between plural and possessive.

No. 1661411

I kinda doubt ganer’s on the juice. My guess is it’s because she pulls her hair into a tight-ass ponytail everyday - traction alopecia.

No. 1661441

Lily we all know this you, you have made aware on your tik tok in Instagram you lurk on here. And have contributed yourself. Instead of posting attention seeking antics and trying to get into a medical ip to prove who knows what, get help for your raging bpd.

No. 1661490

>"ask me anything"
>"don't ask me that, it's not your business!!!"

No. 1661555

Didn't his girlfriend (Deanna Oerman) start a modelling agency called Nyx Models, and have him as a photographer ("top fashion photographer" lol)? With his blowjob obsession. He's like a failed Weinstein hiding behind a pickme.

No. 1661569

How in the fuck does she get these admissions? And so quickly too. No waiting lists/times and toobed the minute she gets there. It's a fucking joke and she's just taking the piss

No. 1661580

File: 1664434843999.png (38.41 KB, 632x512, trash.png)

Comment section is cancer, no surprise there I guess

No. 1661623

File: 1664440607705.jpg (16.04 KB, 400x400, sA7rlLYj_400x400.jpg)

To his credit anthony does have some meaty dicksucking lips himself kek

No. 1661626

File: 1664441156864.jpg (34.19 KB, 259x499, 503992014_f4d69d2636.jpg)

Samefag but this is his professional "photography".

No. 1661645

I’m so glad to see SkinnyGossip on here, that site is milky af

No. 1661657

Uh did tee ACTUALLY die ? I’m so confused

No. 1661666

File: 1664450814982.jpeg (336.63 KB, 643x847, D1266695-53AC-41CB-BE41-D08E97…)

Uuhhhh the skellies know each other? What’s the bet they’re all competing w each other to ‘maintain’ 💀

No. 1661669

File: 1664451264140.jpg (325.85 KB, 412x600, Flockenhaus-Hansel-und-Gretel.…)

No. 1661671

He actually looks like a really nice guy, I hope he’s not a hidden douche. Good for her

No. 1661675

What are you talking about?

No. 1661680

File: 1664452822153.png (5.44 MB, 828x1792, E78CC34C-97EB-4116-A1E6-3BBC7E…)

The fact she uses the music “you are ruining my chances of getting a puppy” because the health care system sees she’s ok and not feeding into her bpd attention seeking antics

No. 1661689

Niamh should stop hanging out with that poisonous bitch if she wants any chance at all of recovering.

No. 1661699

go back to twitter

No. 1661702

"Before I die" Oh ffs her bloods are fine, she's fine. She's underweight but no closer to death than any other slightly underweight 20 year old. So dramatic lol, I wonder how much all of these ER overnight stays are costing her and if it's really worth it just to pretend to be a dying anachan for a night.

No. 1661706

The reason why I think we should all stop posting Kitty123 is because she lurks here / probably posts herself too. By engaging with it you’re just validating her which is why she’s on the site in the first place.

No. 1661707

there’s no mistake in that photo anon..?

No. 1661709

to her credit, niamh is hardly a “skelly”… and seems like that video is very old, i’m sure zara used it for her birthday LAST year as well, kek.

No. 1661711

So has probably like half the people we already talk about. Cece probably lurks, Niamh definitely lurks, Zara knows about LC and probably lurks, I'm sure Fiona has too. She's milky, get over it.

No. 1661720

I just assume most of the cows regularly lurk here already

No. 1661721

Why is she so desperate to get into a children's hospital she could be accepted at literally any residential. Her story also says she's too sick to travel?

No. 1661731

Residential is too twiggering for her, probs because she gets called out for her bullshit

No. 1661740

Hey retard if you’re going to pick a fight over it. Clearly you don’t know the difference between plural and possessive either. It’s university’s not universities

No. 1661760

God she’s so annoying. Universities, at least here in the US, absolutely can and will kick you out (put you on a health leave) if you’re sick like her. All it takes is one professor putting a flag in the system and yes they can require a doctors note WITH BMI to return to classes. Zara is just a sneaky bitch, no “team” or “advisor” would allow her to be a liability for any university here in the states

No. 1661778

Why is she even trying to get admitted to an inpatient treatment program? That's supposed to be reserved for like long term super spoops that have exhausted all other resources, why doesn't she just go to normal therapy like any other typical anachan lol

No. 1661796

File: 1664464424229.png (3.54 MB, 828x1792, F97A3B53-3D96-4720-9764-71FCA9…)


No. 1661800

If you have been following for a while since last year she has been trying to get into acute but they denied her because of her weight(which she posted about) so my guess is she’s trying to get her ana Chan badge of honor being inpatient to prove she’s a sick puppy but clearly keeps failing because still she is being denied and getting kicked out of residentials for her bpd behaviors or ama-ing claiming everyone is too triggering for her so she leaves

No. 1661801

you are all dumb little fuckwhores


No. 1661802

File: 1664465072759.jpg (296.15 KB, 948x1138, feels bad man.jpg)

Genuinely feeling bad for Ganer. I know I shouldn't pity a cow but it is actually quite sad to see her continuing to eat her cut meals on her bulk, and admit to feeling lost. But I think she's too far gone for any actual help.

No. 1661803

All the cows lurk on here even cece but kitty is actually milky with her outrageous posts and tik toks

No. 1661805

I don't think they were picking a fight kek. It reads like an esl-chan being genuinely confused.

No. 1661806

Hi Kitty hope Stanford’s nice

No. 1661807

lol which ana chan are you? or are you that bloated washed out corpse of a man from the skinny gossip thing?

No. 1661809

Hope your standford vacation is all you wanted and you get all the attention you need

No. 1661819

ACUTE and Rady are both superspoop stabilization units. They aren't designed for bpdchans wanting a vacation, it's for extreme spoops to safely begin refeeding.

No. 1661822

>to be able to gain more muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus
>yes that means we will gain body fat - that’s NORMAL
Ugh, cope. I think this is my pet peeve. People writing out these long captions under the guise that they’re just educating others or normalising something or advocating when I’m reality they’re trying to convince themselves. Get a diary

No. 1661823

I think Fi might not, because surely she'd be in hysterics about it.

No. 1661830

annnd this is why one should not start intensively bodybuilding before fully recovering from an ed

No. 1661839

Sorry for the blog but I live in the US and I was at college last year and they kicked me out 6 weeks in due to my weight/BMI. She’s absolutely delusional for thinking it can’t happen because it DOES and I really don’t know how tf her school hasn’t forced her into a hospital yet

No. 1661846

No one cares about your BMI and Zara does not live in the US, kindly shut the fuck up

No. 1661912

This largely depends on the university. How big it is, and who notices. It can go either way.

No. 1661918



"Boo-hoo I'm getting F.A.T. again."

She'll never learn and needs some therapy.

No. 1661952

Her major problem seems like OCD. If she could deal with that, that'd be the start to stop ritualising her food. Maybe. Her life's so wound up in rituals.

Haven't read here properly for a few days, so need to go back and not scan read, but why the fuck are anons still refering to that ugly Hayden as "he". Just stop it.

Oh yeah, and a thought popped into my head - did recovery worrior Ham do shit with her A Levels because I don't see her at uni.

No. 1661967

File: 1664474828017.jpg (334.25 KB, 1080x1867, Yummy .jpg)

The harping on fear foods is so tired

No. 1661979

Oh god. Someone check if she follows Fi

No. 1661993

Ganer you talk a big talk, now do it. Change your diet, enlist a nutritionist who works with athletes and bodybuilders. Someone SAFE, healthy, not someone who makes you eat this. This isn't enough. Have another steak. Eat more beans, more vegetables. Roast sweet potatoes or Brussels sprouts. Spinach is not enough. I wish you could see you're not fueling your body correctly for muscle mass.

No. 1662098

“Mango is so yummy and I let Hayden have some” ffs they sound like a child.

Jenni Scaefer (probably a cow in her own right) published that “Life without Ed” book back in like 2006 and it made every single provider think that patients should treat their eating disorders as completely separate people inside their heads and it got really carried away. Hayden is doing this but they’re not the only one. And no I’m not WKing, ew, this is incredibly annoying and outdated and childish. Take responsibility for your actions anachans!

No. 1662104

File: 1664481231303.png (13.01 MB, 1170x2532, 293FE5A2-547D-4186-8F82-57653F…)

Apparently to kitty this is spoopy and dangerous. Not a pound under a bmi of 18.5

No. 1662118

File: 1664482008418.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1123, F48DA1CD-F319-484A-B397-749CBA…)

let’s not shame for weight. That’s not the issue here. She is underweight. It’s the BPD and antics that is the problem.

No. 1662145

Yeah Hayden does follow Fi. Also follows a bunch of young teens with EDs which is gross considering he’s in his late 20s

No. 1662172

ah well, most of these cows are mentally young teens anyways

No. 1662189

Please elaborate anon.

No. 1662377

File: 1664496224090.jpeg (294.87 KB, 828x1428, C9AE3DF8-0B40-4253-BD0F-76FADB…)

Morven smorven is back in EDU…any guesses how many months/years she’ll be hogging the bed?

No. 1662383


Released from her almost infinity stay mid-July and swhoosh off we go again. Not a Britfag but this waste of resource pisses even me off.

No. 1662386

I would love for someone more autistic than me to calculate an estimate for how much she's cost UK taxpayers.

No. 1662427

No one’s saying she’s not thin, but she’s claiming she’s near death which is obviously not true. She’s at or close enough to an average healthy weight for her height; her ER report that she posted called her normal weight. Her main issue is her BPD and asspat-getting antics, true, and her false claim of being on her deathbed is an example of that.

Jenni Shafer is definitely a cow, she turned an ED into a career in the most obnoxious, attention-whoring way possible. It’s bad enough she created the “ED as a person who lives inside your head” trope. She acts like she’s the ED treatment world’s Jesus and expects to be treated like such, basically you better kiss her ass and fawn over her at all times. If you don’t you’ll be ignored or worse looked at like you’re a pile of dog shit. It’s like a cult in some ED tx circles, you’re either all-in with the Jenni hero-worship or your ED is obviously in control and you can’t be trusted or in recover. Top hats here but Jenni Shafer can go fuck herself.

No. 1662454

the SkinnyGossip milk has finally runneth… ive been waiting for this one!

i read somewhere that FashionThin is a booker for ELITE Models but that's the most i could fine. both she and bingeonvogue are the biggest pick-mes on that forum. SG members swear there are top models on that site but i am almost positive its all just a larp. the sad reality is that most, if not all of the members on that site are anorexics who larp the 'model lyfe!11!!' just because they equate being underweight with being on a runway/modeling. kek, the delusions of being an anachan i guess.

nona how did you even find pics of this scrote and where's the proof that this is in fact the site owner? in any case, he definitely looks the part if its him. fat scrote who knows how to write code and has an anorexia fetish. whatever anon is posting this milk is either deanna herself or a former SG member.

No. 1662560

Someone doxxed the site owners like …6-7 years ago? Anthony Citrano and Deanna Oermann (skinnygurl)

What makes you think FashionThin is a booker for Elite?

No. 1662617

bumping to hide cp

No. 1662620

As another anon explained they were doxxed a few years ago. It's all been wiped it seems but there are still some remnants online like this finnish forum page.


No. 1662635

That’s not how autism works. I’m embarrassed for you.

No. 1662636

File: 1664530124256.jpg (367.47 KB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_20220930-102557_Ins…)

Amy still deluding herself and others with dishes of how much she eats while looking like this. Check out her stories she is obviously feeling the cold a lot more since the weather has gone down a notch with what she is wrapped up in.

No. 1662725

File: 1664546897849.png (332.22 KB, 404x754, not bodychecking.png)

Ganer not bodychecking. "More food" - where? She's eating the same egg white, rice cake and spinach combo along with her bowls of slop.

No. 1662732

File: 1664547616690.jpeg (620.33 KB, 1170x2075, 2CC794BD-4A84-4BC6-891E-509C86…)

she looks great and healthy.
but its all up to deep breaths

No. 1662738

I've seen her out irl a few times, she's been fully trussed up in thermals, parkas, hats, scarves etc since spring and all through the summer heatwave. Pretty sad.

No. 1662747

Treating it like an accomplishment kek

No. 1662778

Pretty sure it’s 123 kitty, lily kr Hana what ever her name is lurking on here

No. 1662782

The fact she’s standing next to a skeleton. Her dreams of becoming a skelly

No. 1662814

File: 1664553166754.jpeg (246.57 KB, 828x1792, 55DA7FD1-DDD1-49B8-B0C8-0E86A8…)

Well considering a 6 month stay costs this particular NHS trust £78,000 and if she’s in a private unit due to a shortage of beds on the NHS wards it’ll be costing the NHS twice that, I don’t even want to think about it.

No. 1662825

I'm usually the first to roll eyes when nonnies call posts about a new cow a self-post, but something about this kitty person reminds me of sorcha. Don't get me wrong, I don't give two shits about people posting her either way (I'll just keep on ignoring), I guess I just don't… get what's special about her, since every now and then the exact same calibre of an anachan gets posted, but gets shot down immediately, because they're boring as fuck. Just something I've been thinking about, feel free to ignore the sperg ig

No. 1662835

this idiot gal should be bulking with steaks instead, after those pointless backyard competitions…
now she's in love with her new "zero-fat" looks.

No. 1662837

"transferring my meal plan to new settings" = "I don't want to eat more than that"

I for one won't be fooled, and her healthier looks could deteriorate in a hurry.

No. 1662838

so fucking iRoNic, isn't she

No. 1662856

me neither.
but i know she lurks here and “you look healthy” “you look so good” are oh such huge trggers for her and she told us more times that she said breathe, not to say it.

You look Healthy and so well Fi, well done

No. 1662867

She’s been well and then relapsed numerous times since being about 14. It would be good if she finally got out the cycle she’s been in for god knows how many years, but her whole identity (especially since the 2016-2018 Glasgow admission that her parents complained to the news about) has always been around hospital, her mental illnesses and having an ED. Hopefully this time around she’ll sustain it, it would be nice to see her actually move on and not be dependent on services and her parents, but who knows.

No. 1662888

She's a pro ana scumbag and this is the pro ana scumbags thread. The cows don't have to be ~special~ to be talked about they just have to be milky enough for people to want to discuss them. It's not that deep, stop trying to get us to stop talking about her.

No. 1662899

I don't get this endless quest for the perfect cow. Milk is slow lately, just take what you can get mates

No. 1662905

I'm pretty sure she won't be able to maintain that state without external pressure and/or supervision.
Her stupid breating exercises will do jackshit about her ED.

No. 1662962

File: 1664563273455.jpeg (850.5 KB, 828x1135, E1B42B44-364A-4027-BF10-F1CE65…)

Fun favorites from 123 kitty

No. 1662969

I don’t get what more milk you want then 123kitty. Her attention seeking posts to be the sickest of the sick, and claiming to be dying is absolutely absurd. More milky then ganger

No. 1662973

what did that last one even mean

No. 1662976

Person on the right is talking about their famous cat who died, kitty is making it all about how sad SHE is

No. 1662990

It’s absolutely sorcha all over again, anything that isn’t a self post by her has to be some lost newfag.
I’d say 95% of the 321catlady posts are self posts. I’ve been trying to just ignore it so she can get the hint that nobody gives a fuck, but at this point it’s mucking up the thread a bit.

….though, I must admit, when she phrased an IP admission as “I got into stanford!!!” It reminded me too much of a college admissions announcement to not get a teensy kek out of it.

No. 1662996

They were friends until Zara publicly cut off Niamh for being a triggering hypocrite while Zara is doing the exact same thing

No. 1662999

I know that half of the posts about her are either vendetta or self-posts but this girl has some nerve. She might be struggling or whatever but she seems absolutely fine. Why is she being such a goddamn bitch to the hospitals while stealing a bed from someone who is actually on death's door?? How much of a spoiled brat can you be really

No. 1663001

You did absolutely nothing with that

No. 1663002

That's the first time I've ever seen anyone refer to anorexia as "he"

No. 1663009

I noticed this too, pretty based tbh.
If they’re going to personify a debilitating, often fatal, medical condition they should absolutely make it a male.

No. 1663072

Does anyone have any archived links to proana Livejournal communities from back in the day?
Writing an essay for my psych class

No. 1663076

ah thanks nona

No. 1663077

Wait did this actually happen?? didn’t she wish niamh for her birthday though

No. 1663084

fucking hell…what a tremendous waste.

No. 1663123

i’m pretty sure they’re friends yeah

No. 1663214

Just stop already. There’s not enough milk there. And the obsession you seem to have and constantly posting her whilst ignoring the rules of saging demonstrates it’s mostly like a self post or could be vendetta. I don’t know, don’t care, but quit it with her already.

No. 1663216

I agree, it seems off. Obsessive. Awkward. Like there’s not even milk with her. She was posted once and within a few hours she’d posted on her tik tok about how she was being talked about on here. Either she lurks on here, or she posted it for attention l, either way it’s pathetic and she’s crying for attention

No. 1663217


This isn’t a BPD thread…it’s a pro ana one. 123 Kitty it’s so obvious it’s you and that’s why you’re like “don’t shame the weight” have you been on here? Weight is discussed frequently, people are judged all the time it’s pro ana milk we want not BPD, sometimes they go hand in hand, but don’t tell us not to shame her for the weight…and just focus on that. And learn to Sage already?!

No. 1663286

FashionThin seems like a tranny to me…I don't think their identity has ever been doxxed/made public. I have tried to infiltrate the site out of curiosity, but after getting my application accepted I still wasn't able to access takedowns iirc. They make you jump through a bunch of hoops before having accessibility to certain parts of the site, being able to use some reaction emojis, etc. Including adding onto the super weird and porny "thank the bullcock" thread. Fuck that lol
I wonder though, how are these random men getting into the site? I doubt the obviously-male ana fetishists you see on the site meet the >18.5 BMI standard, what's going on? Do they have different acceptance criteria for men than women?

No. 1663294

The Bullcock guy probably let his male anorexia fetish buddies access the site for free. Definitely some pedo shit going on with young girls being told to send this scrote pics.

No. 1663389

Nta but why are you assuming every person posting kitty is the same anon? Let it go already she's milky. If you "don't care" then shut the fuck up and ignore it dumbass. I couldn't give two fucks about half these cows so I ignore them, I don't post "wahhhh stop posting her she isn't milky wahhhh!!" every time I see them. There needs to be rules against anons trying to control who gets posted cause this is getting fucking annoying.

No. 1663473

I’m referring to when she was posting stuff about how people in the ed community are being harmful by bodychecking and faking recovery while being very aware of it and everyone knew she was talking about Niamh. She unfollowed her from her recovery account then and completely stopped interacting with her on social media. I don’t know if they made up but they definitely stopped being friends a few months ago.

No. 1663488

I specifically prefaced what I was saying in the og post, but I guess it still didn't stop you from saying "STOP TRYING TO GET US TO STOP TALKING ABOUT HER!!!", I literally said idgaf if you do, I was just sperging

No. 1663490

I like how you tried to phrase it as if I'm the one shitting my pants over it meanwhile you're the one who wrote out a whole paragraph as to why we shouldn't post her just to be like "I don't care though" lol sure you don't

No. 1663517

I was just curious to see if anyone got the same vibe. And yes, you were shitting your pants for no reason, because I went out of my way not to set off people who seem to find her milky, yet you still sperged. Most cows here I find boring, but she really just seemed like another Sorcha to me. I get it though, the last few threads have been so dry and boring, I understand that anons take whatever's available.

No. 1663524

oh damn I had no idea, thanks nona

No. 1663530

I don't think you know what the word sperg means. I literally just said she's a pro ana scumbag so she's getting talked about here. Then you incorrectly paraphrased what I said and added a bunch of all caps and exclamation points that weren't there to begin with. It's not my fault you're so triggered about the cows that you're reading tame posts as rage filled sperges. Lol relax

No. 1663534

I did not incorrectly paraphrase, that's word for word what you said (granted, without the !!!). You're the one making this whole shit bigger than it is, I stated an opinion and sought out people who might've had the same opinion (which some did). Furthermore, I am not at all triggered, and I cannot place your last sentence, since that was the first time I've ever commented on her. But let's stop the infighting, because it's literally about nothing, I don't even understand why it's happening lol. I stated an opinion, which you could've just ignored. You're free to post whoever the fuck you want, no one's stopping you.

No. 1663535

stop that infighting, bitches

No. 1663536

Omg you are so autistic, girl bye.

No. 1663539

>Furthermore, I am not at all triggered

No. 1663558

Sage but please knock of the fighting, this is pointless and ridiculous.

No. 1663563

It was done an hour ago you're late

No. 1663589

File: 1664633635526.png (3.23 MB, 828x1792, D8BB682D-52C8-44FC-B0AD-349A8D…)

No shit Sherlock, IP is not a fun and games vacation like you hoped it to be..Kek

No. 1664253


Geez she really got some chipmunk purging cheeks going on there

No. 1664349

File: 1664675679780.png (8.4 MB, 1170x2532, 02B96F0D-9D4C-49B6-8A90-C59DB4…)

so does han

No. 1664359

Damn she is looking rough, sorry to ask for a spoonfeed but does anyone know how old she is?

No. 1664531

She's only 21

No. 1664560

File: 1664697846280.png (4.41 MB, 1125x2436, 21E252A4-0C9F-48CB-B573-C2A5A5…)

Im Powering is totally getting people annoyed today. Xx

No. 1664584

Ah yes because it’s always the obese anachans that die from starvation. Forget about Zara everyone! It’s actually Porgie on deaths door even though she eats enough for three people.

No. 1664586

I don't think they were referring to obese anas, rather to oher eating disorders like binge eating disorder or bulimia. You don't have to be anorexic or underweight to have complications from an eating disorder. People with binge eating disorder die all the time.

No. 1664588

This is an interesting take.. the post isn’t really about anorexia at all, it’s about how fatphobic it is that society pathologises being overweight when it doesn’t increase risk of death any more than being underweight does.
i.e. the idea that being ‘healthy’ means looking thin is inaccurate and harmful
Im has said plenty of shit but I think this post is fine

No. 1664590

I agree, the original post is fine and that’s exactly what it is saying. The person freaking out about it missed the point and is projecting. Yes plenty of people die from BED or bulimia but it’s annoying to watch the Tess Hollidays and Moonchilds of the world act like they’re suffering as much physically as people who get bruises from sitting down. Atypical anas are valid and all that but ffs to a point

No. 1664599

Just because being underweight increases the risk of death more than being obese, that doesn't mean that obesity doesn't have health consequences. "Fatphobia" is a made-up, first world problem.

No. 1664607

the reposter took this so out of proportion. statistically the underweight bmi class has a higher risk of death but the post was referring to how society views obese people as a higher risk of death when in reality…

No. 1664708

File: 1664721605001.png (137.37 KB, 710x487, sgsc.png)

Skinnygossip on why they aren't anachans. Sounds like denial to me but what do I know. Can any psychfag weigh in? Saged for nonmilk

No. 1664747


Psychfag here, this is denial, it's irrelevant whether one percieves significant mental distress when they meet the criteria for a diagnosis. Most 'real' anachans (not the bpd attention folks) don't experience there eating disorder as a bad thing but they get diagnosed anyways.
Just compare it to covid, you can have covid while not feeling a thing at all, but the virus is in your body so you get the diagnosis. How you feel about it is not relevant to that

No. 1664775

Anorexics aren't distressed about their low weights either, that's kinda the entire point

No. 1664949

She’s wacky

No. 1664997

File: 1664742474774.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1170x2032, 1BC85E23-92C6-4D08-849D-B3AA51…)

tell me that this is not a body check

No. 1665011

It definitely is but the WKs will come running saying she’s not doing anything narcissistic and milky as usual

No. 1665083

File: 1664746844820.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2005, 02EFF72F-0A1C-4069-A7B5-26A99C…)

absolutely no need to post this? seriously such an attention seeker

No. 1665089

What an odd this to post

No. 1665157

Oof that niamh cpr photo is full cream milk, lol wonder how much concerened attention she got off that one.

No. 1665201

She’s wearing a sweater not milky at all stop with the vendetta chan

No. 1665206

Learn to sage and how to use lingo, newfag. It is.

No. 1665207

have you heard of… legs

No. 1665221

oh hey niamh how’s scotland!

No. 1665224

shut up retard

No. 1665226

At this point i don’t believe this isn’t niamh lol there is absolutely no way a nona would go this far to defend her every time - there’s cows on here idc about or don’t want to see but i just scroll it ain’t hard

No. 1665271

agree. Legitimately every time she’s posted, this anon has to chime in. And since none of the other cows have such a loyal defender…

No. 1665348

Kitty has a pretty strong wk fanbase as well

No. 1665464

she's sixteen years old. give her a break ffs.

No. 1665481

What I want to know is what are they gonna say when she’s no longer “a child”? “Guys she’s only 19 give her a break!” Fuck off. She should not be posting on the internet in the first place if she’s just “a child” and that’s her mother’s fault.

No. 1665483

This is the girl who brags about shitting in a sock, what do you expect?

No. 1665493

Please read the rules

No. 1665497

What a disgusting bitch.

No. 1665577

Niamh, you’ve posted about recovery lately. You have a lot going for you a life people dream of. Friends, university, you have what people want. Please forget this site and enjoy what you have, your life, and recovery.

No. 1665593

kek this was funny cant lie

No. 1665594

shut up snowflake. so many others like zara, ham, etc have been discussed at 16. read the rules. and niamh is 17…

No. 1665653

Kitty is an wack job, niamh is just a kid

No. 1665654

She barely turned 17

No. 1665655

if she’s old enough to post for 37k people to see she’s old enough to be talked about. don’t want people to talk? don’t have a big public account then. also sage your shit niamh

No. 1665682

What is it with that vendetta against that kid Niam? Tiktok is full of her ilk.

No. 1665697

File: 1664813845442.gif (494.21 KB, 592x978, ezgif-4-170fcf7297.gif)


No. 1665745

God, this is just grotesque. She looks like a zombie covered in spray tan. Either be a body builder or be an ana-chan, but don't be both. Trying to be both just makes her look like beef jerky.

No. 1665752

I appreciate you moving the conversation on via a spasmodically dancing Ganer gif kek

No. 1665757

File: 1664818795457.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x1948, B3C9BE4F-E3F5-4680-A354-D9CA5E…)

just bringing a littke joy to your mondays anons- elzani is actually looking like a beautiful healthy person. there’s hope for the cows , never forget

No. 1665772

Speaking of any hope for the cows, does anyone have access to nourish?

No. 1665776

She looks fantastic, honestly warms my dead heart. Good for her

No. 1665785

I think this is a moot point but… anyone with Cece privilege know how she’s doing? I wonder if she’s discharged from ERC and is home yet.

No. 1665830

I feel bad for her. I feel like she'd gain weight to be a proper bodybuilder if she could but is just genuinely anorexic. She's gotta be frustrated on some level.
This is wonderful to see.

No. 1665851

I’d be curious to know too. She lived with her parents last time she got out, I wonder if they wont let her come back or if they’ll have really strict rules for allowing her back

No. 1665940

File: 1664831593925.png (2.99 MB, 1801x1221, Capture.PNG)


our grime kween is still looking good.
The caption states she's struggling a bit tho.
its of point to notice because she hasnt mentioned anything about her ED in forever.

Hopefully she doesnt relapse and break up with her bf, otherwise that tattoo she got with his name ~2 months after meeting him will get old reeeaalll fast kek.

No. 1665974

good for her. wishing her all the best.

No. 1666002

She looks like she's not wearing underwear

No. 1666007

Outta here, scrote

No. 1666033

Her mom didn't want her to move out this last time because she was worried about relapse, so I imagine she'll want cece to live with them for longer once she's discharged.

No. 1666042

True, Cece went downhill FAST once she moved out last time

No. 1666125

File: 1664845408836.png (76.83 KB, 1144x320, umm.png)

This just really confirms how EDs really make anachans slow huh

No. 1666174


Their poor nutrient starved bodies can't spare the extra energy needed for critical thought. It all goes to keeping the bones nice an rattled.

No. 1666232

I actually can't believe how amazing she looks. She's done remarkably well. I never thought she would do it - I don't think many people believed in her and she has really showed everyone.
I do really want to hear exactly how she is feeling now, like does she actually feel completely better/still struggles a wee bit/struggling a lot with her 'new' body. I would love to know just how she has coped with it. I'm so pleased that she's gone away from the ED community, and that's promising, but I have so many questions for her!

No. 1666244

Blogpost sage but I genuinely became stupider when I had an ED lol, I was also really anemic and started forgetting very basic words and phrases, or would forget what I was talking about 10 seconds earlier. It really does make you dumber. Also reminds me of when Eugenia started having mini seizures/fits on stream. Her brain clearly wasn’t getting enough blood.

No. 1666267

lol my ed made me a dumbfuck too :(. I'm better than I was before recovery but actually getting tested for pernicious anemia because I still feel like ass most of the time.

No. 1666273

you're definitely still a dumbfuck if you think this is the right place to post this

No. 1666284

I was literally responding to someone else's comment that was interesting, but fuck me I guess. It's a discussion board with a lot of people, not everything is for or about YOU cranky.

No. 1666297

She looks amazing, i am loving her slutty blonde bimbo era. Good for her

No. 1666346

File: 1664859849326.jpeg (286.65 KB, 828x1248, 50666207-D39C-44A0-A158-EB18E9…)

new cow? Possible but it doesn’t seem milk is regular enough. Been in “recovery” for over a year, calling out other people. Clearly some blatant hypocrisy (1/2)

No. 1666348

File: 1664859881845.jpeg (242.71 KB, 828x915, 8F1D2425-8836-4E0E-A225-C2B97A…)

Continued (2/2)

No. 1666387

No, stop. No blogposting. No fucking “:(“ faces. No admitting you are an eating disordered dumb fuck same as the cows we’re making fun of. >>1666273 is right, read the fucking rules.

No. 1666393

Holy shit she looks incredible, even her hair looks better, I'm so happy for her

No. 1666495

she has a YT account too and she makes the most boring videos ever
“Only eating biscoff for a day” etc

No. 1666525

can someone link this kek

No. 1666577

File: 1664886980323.jpeg (3.61 MB, 2574x4032, 32C92FE8-3C05-47F8-91BA-BACF0D…)

Despite her looking healthy and so well,
latest vid at 4:45 apx she talks about how she has certain routine and things to do before weigh in days that she cant break.
i.e. she doesnt stop exercising and barely eats

No. 1666582

No. 1666610

she might look healthy on the outside now

think it's the constant pressure from fam & doc

No. 1666628

Not really, this moreso showcases that Nikol is simultaneously retarded and insane. A lot of her posts are about denial of an ED

No. 1666686

No one cares how sick you were

No. 1666689

File: 1664896775799.jpeg (463.04 KB, 828x1626, 55AF5164-A9D5-4761-B540-FBBEF2…)

I don’t care if this is not “milky” enough but lily 123kitty is finally getting the vacation she always wanted. Plus having an old cow visit her too

No. 1666690

Nta but can you read? She didn't say she was sick dumbass, and sage your shit.

No. 1666693

She gained weight because of constant 24/7 supervision and support. It definitely doesn't mean she's really "in it" recovery wise.

No. 1666755

Genuinely lovely to see. Good for her

No. 1666811

sure but she claims she is and preaches it

No. 1666878

I want to give her a hug. I really hope she won’t relapse. If they’re arguing now, he’s gonna be completely useless/possibly make it worse if she does. Also, I wonder why she doesn’t try to find something part time instead of waiting for seasonal work?

No. 1666965

I was following her for a while because I suspected milk but there really isn't any aside from the fact that she used to post severely inadequate WIEIADs back in the day but she even made Youtube videos reacting to them and talking about how sorry she is that she posted such bullshit while deep in her ed.

No. 1666969

I'm actually really happy for her, she's definitely one of my favorite (former, now?) cows. I'm suspicious about how "recovered" she is if the ed thoughts are still having such a big impact on her daily life but at least she's aware of it and working on it. I'm also loving the british street chick style, what a queen

No. 1666992

File: 1664918452035.jpeg (317.15 KB, 1169x1881, 54FE6018-05AD-44CE-82FC-8A7D5F…)

Interesting interactions. Not really a cow but just an Australian SEED anachan that I follow is on the unit that Hayden is on. Apparently they besties now.

No. 1667096

wtaf are you on?.. my post was about Elzani. Nothing to do with myself at all.

No. 1667097

fucking love her & rooting for her relationship! that makes me sad she’s struggling; i actually believe she’s trying (unlike breathing fi) and hope she stays on right track

No. 1667099

seems like it might be a misclick, since there were a posts after that were actually blogging about being sick

No. 1667284

File: 1664936628517.jpeg (463.42 KB, 750x1092, 85EF6082-BCDA-4436-9AD7-C0D9A2…)

how bad must the other competitors be for ganer to place 8th damn

No. 1667299

why is she telling someone about someone else’s private life? did this chick give her permission to share this to a stranger on IG?

No. 1667300

Are they only allowed to do this one pose?

No. 1667469


Sick of Ganer blaming her height for how she placed. She does it in every post about the Arnold and it's like she acknowledges she needs more muscle, particularly glutes, but then has to find another excuse for not placing top 3. There are plenty of short bikini competitors who do just fine. She doens't stand out because she won't eat enough to grow decent muscle, end of story.

No. 1667470

There’s that one pose where they show off their bikini-clad assholes like baboons… can’t unsee those pics of ganer

No. 1667474

Bodybuilder anon here, i have some insight about this.

At least a few of the competitors in every show aren’t really there to compete. Either they aren’t completely finished with their prep and entering the show as practice, or just entering to get feedback but not expecting to win. It’s super common. You can probably eliminate at least 5 competitors from a show this size for that reason, making Ganer solidly mediocre.

Honestly, her OCD would make her a pretty perfect competitor in this sport, if it weren’t for two major things:
1. She will never let herself gain enough weight to gain the muscle mass she really needs, and 2. She’s ugly as fuck and bikini class is largely a beauty pageant.

No. 1667476

Bodybuilder anon back with a double post, but her height isn’t a problem. I’m 5ft even and placed second in my last show. That’s just a lame excuse kek

No. 1667527

It's an amateur show. The other gals would do it as a hobby and might have some relationship, family, and maybe a decent job to handle…
Not everybody is a single-minded fanatic like gan0r. It's even below 'mediocre' if you have bundled all of your resources to focus on your pRo bOdYbUiLdEr cArEeR and still fail.

No. 1667645

I honestly hate her. Its like shes so subtly a cow but nothing blatantly obvious. She thinks she's superior to everyone

No. 1667663

>>1667645 I think she’s genuinely gained weight and committed to recovery though there is something off. She has called out herself on YT.

No. 1667664

I was thinking this
Seems quite inappropriate. Also kinda presumptuous to speak on how close and bonded they are? Kek
Just Hayden validation-seeking by trying to become two peas in a pod with a notorious death-edging anachan.
Also: “I’m grateful to have her here as I go through this” in Alysia’s comments… Could Hayden say “me me me” any louder?

No. 1667718

File: 1664981231346.jpeg (230.77 KB, 828x1792, B2552B33-E259-4F39-8E48-D421DE…)

Apparently 123kitty claims she is “going to die from her Ed”, yet is able to dance while making TikTok videos

No. 1667737

File: 1664982559623.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 720x1600, 310189748_467187385182625_3574…)

1/2 - Omg so I was looking through alysiaconditis's insta and i found this comment from Nikkolels telling her she looks healthy. Lol what a cunnnt. First pic spoilered for trigger, second pic has comment at top.

No. 1667738

File: 1664982581268.png (Spoiler Image, 213.56 KB, 720x1600, 310647653_508634690693891_6001…)


No. 1667748

Well she seems to be enjoying her little vacation.

No. 1667749

Stop with the Ganger shit. She is boring AF and dry milk. There needs to be a separate thread for bodybuilders

No. 1667750

Most definitely

No. 1667754

Nta but there's only one bodybuilding cow right now, that's not enough for an entirely new thread

No. 1667761

Agreed. I find Ganers stuff boring but 1) milk is dry so I take whatever is posted and 2) I keep scrolling as we all do when a subject bores us. Bodybuilders in general could probably have their own thread but Ganer and Scarlett couldn’t hold up an anachan/bodybuilding thread by themselves imo

No. 1667762

She easily could have gone to any residential couldn't she?

No. 1667783

NTA but I love the bodybuilding drama from ganer and scarlett kek.

No. 1667808

Nta but I think ganer’s weird relapse is entertaining as hell. Not enough for a thread though, non-anachan bodybuilders wouldn’t be as milky because they’d use basic nutrition logic and make some actual gainz

No. 1667819

Someone could make a bodybuilding cows thread, but I still think ganer is too far into the ana category to be considered a body builder really.

No. 1667827

Honestly, no. In the US inpatient is so much easier to admitted to & to get insurance to cover. Typically most residential facilities require you to be medically stable, unless attached to a hospital. Insurance sees it as “oh they’re medically stable so they don’t need us to pay for them to go to that facility.”

No. 1667841

Didn’t mean to imply that BBs weren’t insane, just that ganer is a little more so bc she still refuses to eat properly

No. 1667873

Nikol is genuinely one of the nastiest, most unlikeable cows. She's as unhinged as n2f but she isn't charming.

No. 1667964

File: 1664997558624.jpeg (931.17 KB, 1170x2532, 7C1B250C-018C-400E-A728-5397B5…)

This has to be the wokest thing I’ve read.

No. 1667969

Repost because I forgot to sage but Hayden responding to things like a PR disaster is honestly unhinged. He really thinks he’s a celebrity

No. 1667995

File: 1665000171970.png (Spoiler Image, 591.76 KB, 720x993, 310024921_596015698939320_5482…)

Luka milk, jesus can you imagine being her friend on that night out? Crazy lol

No. 1668007

He's got to be kidding

No. 1668016

Hayden is virture signalling, which is publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one's good character or the moral correctness of one's position on a particular issue. Total self serving bullshit, very on brand for Hayden.

No. 1668084

So spooky

No. 1668105

File: 1665007750469.jpg (310.58 KB, 1079x1862, Screenshot_20221006-102757_Ins…)

God Zara .. yep you've gained sooo much weight, doing soo well there you brave soul.

No. 1668137

imagine if the person who told them that was trolling lmao

No. 1668158

Being in this social circle sounds exhausting.

No. 1668166

it was mentioned i. the previous threat too that people are not interested. You must be the only one.
Time to move on and leave the anorexic junkies for another threat.
This threat is shit because we absolutely couldnt care less about bodybuilders and their dry af milk

No. 1668175

So glad i'm not a zoomer fag afraid of SPoooOoky words

No. 1668177

ATTENTION: Sorry guys spooky szn is called off kek

No. 1668180

diff anon here, can confirm op’s not the only one interested. bring new milk or ignore the ganer posts then

No. 1668183

please for the love of god can you at least learn how to sage and spell "ganer"? you're very obviously the same anon desperately trying to generate discussion about 123kitty per >>1658012 and >>1662969

No. 1668196

Kek good call out nonna

No. 1668217

File: 1665015786431.jpeg (524.95 KB, 1170x2532, 6557565C-A86C-4E4C-A029-9BBFB9…)

Not Scarlett being featured in the Snapchat superhuman story. I watched it and it was basically 10 mins of body checks and saying how she went from starving to working out everyday and eating Whole Foods. Great thing to promote Snapchat!

No. 1668271

knew it was the same anon, nice one

No. 1668283

File: 1665021162105.jpeg (551.33 KB, 750x1124, 79B3F437-A09A-4DE7-8313-545AB8…)

saged bc not very milky but i’m more shocked that laura hasn’t been home from the hospital in 3 years??

No. 1668323

Another anon responding to say that the other 2 Nonas aren't the only ones interested in the Ganer milk, and Ganer used to be a regular cow here at her spoopiest it's not as if she's new. Also wanted to add that you're retarded for thinking there's only one person posting Ganer and only one person who cares about the milk. Seriously what is it with some of you dumbasses thinking you know who posted what and how many people are reading the thread for it. Go touch grass moron. And it's thread not threat lol

No. 1668425

Woah what is going on with those pinpoint pupils, looks like she's on heavy opiates. I feel sorry for her, she seems so lobotomized.

No. 1668430

Agreed, ganer is still interesting milk despite the complainers. Oh no, a post isn’t to your exact taste! Go find some fresh spoops or a different forum if you’re so bored jfc

No. 1668433

File: 1665038589722.png (558.8 KB, 1030x491, Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 1.42…)

I'm guessing she's about to turn 26 and age out of her parents' insurance. What will she do then without free trips to summer camp for feeding tubes??

No. 1668435


Ganer is also one of the closest to the literal title of the thread. She's a total pro ana scumbag, whereas so many of the other milky cows are just plain nuts. Her whole story of going from one form of restrictive ED to another and calling it recovery means she deserves a place here, and that's without all the other crap like her repetitive slop pics and shit baboon posing.

No. 1668448

All she said is that weight gain is still her enemy.

No. 1668452

Ganer is a premium cow, because she shows that EDs have many faces. From just-not-eating over OCD-like restriction to obsessive training: Same thing, same outcome, different approach.

Worst thing is, that she might not even realize she's still inside of it. She might point at her additional pounds but is happy to lose it all again to bolster up her miserable self-esteem.

No. 1668494

File: 1665048122946.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x1882, 076FD3D3-AC31-4A48-B1F4-C6B267…)

wth happened with Emily?

No. 1668499

What is the context of this post? Did she attempt suicide or something?
Destructive bpds with social media is a bad combo.

No. 1668502

3 years and she’s only gone 9 days without incident? What are they even doing for here there? Clearly not rehabilitating her. I honestly feel bad for her she’s completely institutionalized.

No. 1668503

File: 1665049567863.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x1976, DC80372D-F3EC-4EC8-8398-A561C1…)


dont know if she posted context and deleted ot or posted it just in close friends.
next story i can see is this

No. 1668513

Okay yeah seems like it's about a friend of hers from the States. That's a relief haha I like Emily

No. 1668538


I think she has Medicare insurance, which only covers a small amount of time in total.

No. 1668553

As soon as they release her she does something stupid to get re admitted. One time she deliberately took a “laxative overdose” and “collapsed” during a ballet lesson. That was HER account. God knows what happened cos I’m pretty sure only one thing happens when you OD on lax. So they said fuck you bitch you’re staying put! No more days out for Costa. You love it here so much? Just stay.

No. 1668573

Yup because any time there was talk about stepping down on her restrictions or possibly letting her earn leave, our BPD queen would mental boom and have incidents because she has to be the sickest patient there.

No. 1668575

3 years. What a sad little existence. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

No. 1668597

>my friend is missing
>I don’t think people realise how hard this is on ME ME ME

No. 1668623

Stop trying to make this thread exclusively 16-18 year old tiktok ana thinspo. Ganer is the best ana cow right now, unless you're reading this thread for weird reasons. Get yourself off somewhere else.

No. 1668625

Bro, wtf.

No. 1668660

Stop just report and ignore it

No. 1668699

I think it's an old pic nona

I really hope she does get out and goes back to living a normal life but I remember last time she was about to leave something happened and it was all called off at the last minute. This was like a year ago maybe…

No. 1668701

Gained weight where? In her finger nails..?

No. 1668706

Every time someone brings new milk it’s “not milk” “self post” or “vendetta”

No. 1668718

Who pays for the costa? Is it the hospital? I hate thinking about the taxpayer money these people waste

No. 1668723

Yeah it’s pretty normal in institutionalised patients, which sadly is what Laura is. They are genuinely excited for discharge but then reality starts to sink in and they spook and self-sabotage. Some units will just hold the risk and go ahead with discharge anyway but it’s certainly a gamble.

No. 1668729

File: 1665071156177.jpeg (930.22 KB, 1073x1685, 2D9E3CE0-F878-44CB-AB5E-20A4F7…)

jenna posted this, the man is a very creepy ana fetishist that follows thousands of skellies. he’s friends with nikol and was the guy in that photo with the hands around her waist.

No. 1668795

File: 1665076239302.jpeg (133.12 KB, 1094x735, Web capture_6-10-2022_17930_ww…)

What is with all of these ana folks starting recovery on their birthday and then going full on Ro Mitchell?

No. 1668798

It’s because ana’s have no personality at all. When they start recovering, they mock someone else because they think that somehow is the best way to do it.

No. 1668814

my first language is not english and because she was focused on her so much i got very confused and thought it had something to do with her.
Her bpd is ranging! when your friend is missing the only post you should make is their photo and info to find them. It has nothing to do with you

No. 1668825

basically someone from the US is messaging emily about how badly they are doing mentally and don’t want to be around. emily has been talking back to her to try to be a comfort but it’s becoming a lot on ems mental health, because if anything happened to her then she would blame herself. she posted about 2 minutes of stories asking for what she could do to try to get this person help instead of then just messaging her. she had contacted the police already but they couldn’t do anything because emily only knows her name, age and that she’s from the US.

i watched the stories which she must have deleted soon after, but that’s what happened

No. 1668843

Thank you for the synopsis.

No. 1668876

Holly has been a part of ED Instagram community for years, well before Ro. She left Instagram to “recover” awhile back and well clearly it didn’t work. Holly’s posts have anyways had this type of aesthetic and calming vibe to them. I don’t think her raging OCD would allow her to copy other people’s content anyway.

No. 1668911

Snapchat already featured this a year ago, this was already posted 3 times on here but still, the vid is pathetic

No. 1668914

She is not 26, she is 30. 30(!!!) and doing this shit.

No. 1668995

File: 1665095138858.png (2.08 MB, 998x1248, Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 5.19…)

She's not really milky but is definitely scummy. And is pure nightmare fuel. Also if you look at her pictures, the comments are always from creepy skinny fetishists. She knows what she's doing.

No. 1669020

her entire account is a massive ro skinwalk. even trying her best to pop her collarbones and pretend to be a fragile waif….and filtered to the maximum.

No. 1669061

this has probably been answered in some thread but i’m curious why hospitals still take in people like her who just continuously do this?

No. 1669064

And every time you post it’s unsaged hmmm

No. 1669067

Does anyone remember when laura posted about this? I recall it mentioned in an older thread but can’t remember which

No. 1669078

File: 1665100438280.jpeg (313.82 KB, 750x1078, CB340291-17A3-424C-AC9A-E3604C…)

these are getting so bad it’s funny at this point kek even a child learning to skip is better than what eugenia does in the video

No. 1669082

one bad fall and she's fucked tbh

No. 1669088

Nta but she's right, unsaged or not

No. 1669091

Eugenia has a stalker who is making creepy videos with dolls. Check out the reddit it has his posts/socials. He's giving off serial killer/pedo vibes.

No. 1669096

Isn’t that the point though? To make a video showing how stupid, feeble, and useless she is to her coomer viewers who fetishize dying malnourished girls?

No. 1669128

Caps or it didn’t happen.
I recall a weird doll person on that sub once, but they swore up and down it was only due to “autism” and Eugenia is their special interest but it never went as far as you’ve implied. Whatever though, the people posting there are a special level of insane.

No. 1669135

File: 1665106876222.png (Spoiler Image, 805.59 KB, 720x1600, 310820369_3240464079565109_249…)

Context: Eugenia made a vid "marrying" a Jack Skellington doll. So this was the stalkers response. He's made comments about putting fleshlights in his dolls.

No. 1669159

At this point even if she dgaf about her ED surely she would be so creeped out by people like this??

No. 1669175

Omg this creepy mother fucker, pretty sure his account on Twitch is 1hangryjack and he sends her hundreds of dollars per stream. Talks to her like a demented child, autism isn't an excuse and shouldn't ever be, hope he gets murdered tbh

No. 1669185

Someone alert the FBI, this dollartree mr.clean psychopathic simp has surely murdered at least 10 women.(sage your shit)

No. 1669313

>>dollartree mr.clean

No but that's creepy af

No. 1669322

Holy shit I just found a few videos about him and he is way more depraved than I thought. He ran the youtube channel "Stop Bullying Eugenia Cooney" but it seems to be taken down now. I thought he was just an obsessed fan and a simp who threw all of his money at Eugenia but he has a set of bizarre fetishes for mannequins, clothes, and emaciated women. Here is a compilation of his posts about mannequins and the ones he owns. Including a child sized mannequin he named "Krissy." One of his posts he says his house is filled with mannequins and he converted all the rooms into "their" rooms so his house now looks like it belongs to "them." This is seriously fucked. Eugenia needs to put in some heavy duty home security, he knows where she lives and sends her gifts. Sincerely hope he gets murdered or kills himself, men like this shouldn't even be allowed to exist.

No. 1669325

Apparently Eugenia's moderator James banned 1hangryjack a couple weeks ago after finding out about the child sized mannequins he drilled holes into and then inserted fleshlights into the holes. Holy fuck I hope he dies I hate scrotes so much!! So she finally allowed her mods to ban him, here is her longwinded explanation of it. But that could be why he's ramped up his creepiness, the supposed "rejection" from her probably just pissed him off and fueled his obsession even more.

No. 1669335

saged bc not milk but is it just me or is Eugenia at her lowest yet.
even more fucked up are the people telling her "she looks healthy" etc just to fuck with her and make her starve more.
As usual- fuck her mom.

No. 1669336

Uhhh this man is actually deranged. This is terrifying because this is the type of behavior that comes before he will try to hurt her. I'm actually scared for her, when men like this get (rightfully) banned they go batshit and will try to kill their obsession

No. 1669352

I’m pretty sure at this point Eugenia wants to die so I don’t think she’d care about getting murdered.

Remember that time she started having heart palpitations on stream, just coughed was like ‘woah :D’ acting like she didn’t almost just die.

No. 1669365

Sage your scrotey comment nona there's a difference between being stupidly complacent in end stage anorexia and getting raped and murdered or held captive as a sex slave by some disgusting bald pile of grease. No woman "wants to get murdered"

No. 1669367

The only weight she’s gained is a few extra jackets

No. 1669434

Agreed but she’s always been that way.
I didn’t like her content before and still don’t.

No. 1669469

maybe some additional makeup lol

No. 1669517

My skin is crawling from this guy. Is there a thread for creepy terror scrotes? Cause he should be the constantly spoilered face of it.

No. 1669531

Lmao so doll stalkers vids on his main channel got removed/privated today. However I did some digging last night and found an alternate youtube acoount with some of his songs. YES SONGS lmao

No. 1669554

File: 1665157778988.jpg (7.69 KB, 164x307, images (7).jpg)

Okay last one, please ban if no one's interested in this creep. I just keep finding weirder stuff.
He has phone cases and portaits and books you can buy online, what a raging narc lol

No. 1669610

Buying dolls and implanting Fleshlights is no way to go through life, son.

No. 1669617

What's hilarious is that skinnygossip anachans would probably say that the girl on the right should be embarrased to take photos next to such a "jizztastic" modelesque skinni

No. 1669641

File: 1665164773068.png (880.14 KB, 1150x1652, charlottekaia.png)

SG anachans calling a girl hulkish and saggy. Kaia Gerber is in the black bikini. It's also messed up bc they were probably underage here and she literally looks like a skinny toneless teenager. Like these people want to look like tweens with zero muscle tone.

No. 1669645

i always found these people talking like that so creepy ew

No. 1669652

oof I've never read those forums before but this is so creepy how they objectify the womens bodies and analyse the seperate parts they like/dislike, yikes

No. 1669658

The ugly moid who runs that forum is an unapologetic pedo (his personal blog was even worse) and there's a ton of creepy discussion around teenage girls on SG. There's even a "jizz" emoji that users constantly post on photos of young girls.

No. 1669691

my God my thoughts exactly. was ready to reply the same thing!

No. 1669729

File: 1665172797219.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x1982, 49B6B62E-39CC-4AE2-A7B9-4A2381…)

enlight a non uk person. Whats the “sexy suit”?
is it like the anti ligature sheets?

No. 1669733

no idea but how did she break her wrist?

No. 1669737

So you mean exactly like here? Lmao.

No. 1669746

Is she still on that high-security ward?

No. 1669752

i think she's saying 'sexy suit' as a joke because it looks ridiculous and unsexy.

No. 1669770

ok i hear you. but if it wasnt given for a purpose, why buy such an ugly thing and then post on your mh account “for absolutely no reason at all”.
I think she meant or wanted people to believe that she was made to wear the top for a reason

No. 1669792

It does appear to be some kind of safety garment they forced her to wear, but non ukfag so idk for what purpose

No. 1669799


It’s a rip-proof gown. Mental health wards have them in replacement for normal clothes that patients can make ligatures from. They have them in the uk too but are usually blue and a lot thinner than that

No. 1669823

Things like this keep happening, and certain kinds of pickmes will still doggedly insist that ana fetishists aren't often pedophiles. Shit boggles the mind

No. 1669851

Learn to sage. However I agree this forum is very body shamey sometimes. Not everyone here is like that though, being an anonymous forum unfortunately you get everyones unfiltered opinion/thoughts.

No. 1669856

File: 1665184045293.jpg (466.05 KB, 2160x1678, IMG_20221008_000437.jpg)

kek which one of you did this to the cube

No. 1669858

samefag to say the person who liked the comment was good old dustbinflower, bit rich of dusty bin to be cringing at legohead

No. 1669868

what's with this random "I love elzani" posts ? They sound exactly like something she would post herself. Glad she isn't an anorexic cow anymore, but she is still acting like she is 15.

She is a perpetual teen, which isn't healthy. 10/10 will become anorexic again when her parents are gone.

No. 1669871

not the “oh you look at this site so you must agree with everything anyone says here”

No. 1669879

That jizz stain in the last comment made me throw up a bit what the actual fuck

No. 1669998

File: 1665196687678.png (206.63 KB, 680x564, d04.png)

lol this makes me think of the coomer meme

No. 1669999

File: 1665196717772.png (Spoiler Image, 231.63 KB, 435x502, deranged.png)

What happens to a man during his development to make him like this? That's my question, like what kind of end stage inceldom drives a man to just say "fuck it, I'll just get mannequins and pretend their alive the rest of my life" it'd be sad if he wasn't a disgusting perverted pile of dogshit

No. 1670002

>this is considered anorexic in america

No. 1670003

"I'd have a heart attack walking behind either of them lol!" Boomer, for sure, that's an old ass boomer scrote pedo, without a doubt.

No. 1670013

Holy shit I forgot about her, what's she been doing these days anyone know? I miss her tumblr posts about the bpd antics she'd get up too.

No. 1670053

ffs why is my sleep paralysis demon out in the world collecting mannequins?

No. 1670107

"we are Farmers, bum-ba-dum-bum-bum-bum-bum."

No. 1670113

File: 1665208277180.gif (498.81 KB, 220x327, skeleton-dance.gif)

No. 1670158

File: 1665216723422.jpeg (83.8 KB, 750x541, 445EFC1E-568E-4E23-9DC6-6B64EF…)

nikol is seriously a fucked up mean vbitch

No. 1670161

What prompted her to comment this? From what I've understood that russian girl is no longer as sick as she were and this is just rude.

No. 1670213

i didn’t mind Nikol until now
How dare she to insult Kate Kusmina like that

No. 1670234

You're minding her shitty behavior only now that it's the oh so ethereal Kate Kusmina she insults. Are you a fangirl wannachan?

No. 1670255

nope but she’s trying to recover and doesn’t deserve such a comment (no one does ofc)

No. 1670293

File: 1665240479716.jpeg (258.02 KB, 1125x1224, 2A0F4536-9F1C-4042-8594-E09B3F…)

I was looking for Nikol’s comment. Looks like an old calf found it first.

No. 1670338

Nikol is easily the nastiest cow I've come across.

No. 1670340

Some people like to see people get well. Living with one's parents by itself isn't necessarily cow behavior

No. 1670382

Oh my god, dusty. I can’t believe she’s still at it
also hi fellow oldfags I luv u

No. 1670387

smorven as a close second (albeit not so much online, more terrorising underpaid HCAs and fellow patients in her marathon admissions)

No. 1670512

Wtf get out. She's not a cow just because she acts younger than she is. She was severely anorexic that's just a part of it. She can live at home as long as she likes, it doesn't make her remotely milky. You sound like someone who is jealous of her relationship with her parents.

No. 1670514

File: 1665261595849.jpg (115.19 KB, 1079x1079, Screenshot_20221009-093816_Ins…)

What the actual fuck is this shit conversation? Nikol is dirt.

No. 1670570

File: 1665270069458.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1925, B295D907-CD5D-4E79-9A49-16F7CB…)

possible new cow? she is “in recovery” and eats a normal amount of food on the daily PLUS an entire tub of ben and jerries (1500 calories) a day but doesn’t seem to gain any weight. ice cream is known as one of the top purge foods because it comes up so easily so i reckon she is using this pint of ice cream as a controlled b/p session. anyone else? her tiktok is @y_o_g_u_r_t_r_u_g_o_y

No. 1670573

she has been doing this “one pint a day” since the end of august and looks the exact same. there’s no way that an extra 1500 calories a day for that long wouldn’t make a visible difference, ontop of an already substantial amount of food

No. 1670589

Not to mention the videos she posts about running heaps, and weird separated yogurt and cereal, she’s definitely in denial about a few things

No. 1670592

File: 1665272094490.jpeg (485.75 KB, 1181x1189, 8FA2B3DA-C462-4DBA-9BCC-CFF7A3…)

You can’t convince me this isn’t disordered as fuck

No. 1670593

File: 1665272139853.jpeg (358.88 KB, 1327x977, 6721E2DE-8AD5-45CF-A3EB-0D0872…)

(More on the running)

No. 1670604


She looks more like a purgative subtype than a binge purge itself, giving the small amounts of bites she takes every time.

Anyhow, why is she milky?

No. 1670611

She’s such a hypocritical cunt. I kinda hope Kate blocks her so she spergs out over it in her stories.

No. 1670619

Nikol is trash, I think she has actual brain damage from anorexia. A bmi of 13 is obese for her, lmao her brain is gone

No. 1670648

Going to disagree, anon. I don’t think she has brain damage as much as she has the somewhat-common pro ana scumbag attitude of superiority. Nikol loves being emaciated and thinks being a skelly makes her better than everyone else. She was probably an insecure and immature child when she started her ED and it morphed into being self-centered and competitive after years of mental illness, with the added internet asspats for being skelly on top of it. Even if she was nice before, her ED has turned her into an egotistical mean girl who’s only personality feature is being underweight. And since that’s all there is to her she’s turned her “success” into a superiority that her still-immature and now just plain mean brain gets a high from putting down other ED sufferers (especially other skellies). She’s becoming just like the Lich Queen, which doesn’t predict a great future for her. She’ll likely end up a withered husk of pure spite surviving on people’s death predictions for her, miserable and alone but also acting like she’s better than everyone else.

No. 1670709

wait i’m confused i thought nikol had a different account name or is this another of her accounts?

No. 1670710

100% agree w this one, her brain’s definitely fucked but she’s mostly just a piece of shit as a human being

No. 1670842

All the other stuff sounds pretty disordered, but I don’t think “eating hummus on toast” is symptomatic of disordered eating.

No. 1670856

File: 1665311086653.png (4.04 MB, 1170x2532, 7803C2B3-A2CF-41D3-94D3-EE7514…)

australian porgie 2.0 is back!
isn’t is crazy how she seems to have lost no weight, in fact maybe definitely gained…

No. 1670857

All anachans think like this, 100% of them. it is the very nature of the disorder. at least she’s brave enough to admit it.

No. 1670858

File: 1665311402881.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.03 KB, 1080x1080, 310186327_n.jpg)

Ganer is doing the "before-after" game again, but is going the wrong way this time.

Spoilered b'cuz spoop alert.

No. 1670865


Girl needs to give up on the deltoids and stop skipping leg day. She looks like a troon on steroids.

No. 1670888

Wtf, I won’t blog but I can confirm not true.

No. 1670895

File: 1665317773859.jpeg (23.57 KB, 157x250, 62F7354A-72AA-4145-8F99-579FA7…)

Makes you wonder what’s under that beehive

No. 1670897

These people are very mentally ill and have severe body dysmorphia where their perception of reality is literally delusional. They’re not different to incels who go on lookism boards and crywank over pictures of male supermodels all day, bully each other and aspire to have full face and body plastic surgery one day. What NPD does to a mf.

No. 1670916

Cope and seethe bone rattler.
I think we all need to start giving anachans less sympathy. They are narcissistic, self centred cunts who suck the life out of everyone around them. People are drawn to them because they’re gaunt like a person who has come from a concentration camp so that tricks people into caring for them, but they don’t deserve it. It’s all a contrived act to shirk responsibility, run from adulthood and manipulate people into caregivers. It’s a scapegoat that they can pin all of their nasty and abusive behaviour on.

No. 1670925

>the jizz emojis
I’m sorry, what jizz emoji? Are you talking about the champagne bottles?

No. 1670928

My bad, yeah, I meant that and the freaks on the forum calling teenage girls "jizzworthy" and getting heart reacts/support from eachother for it lol

No. 1670931

File: 1665322750265.png (3.27 KB, 110x67, jizz.png)

Samefag, nvm, I had it right the first time kek

No. 1670964

>>It’s a scapegoat that they can pin all of their nasty and abusive behaviour on.

I disagree. I mean, if you take the cows of this forum as an example it totally looks like it, but most of the time a person with an ed has a history of abuse and a traumatic childhood and it's how they try to cope.

No. 1670969

idk she gives off rosie recovers vibes. eating thousands and thousands of calories a day but never gaining weight. there must be some compensation

No. 1670992

Well you sound like a person who believes anyone that suffered from a mental health issue gets a life long pass to act 15, live for free on their parents hard earned money, and be overall disconnected from reality.

I don't agree. End of conversation.

No. 1670995


Totally agree with you. No one else with any other type of mental illness gets the free pass and sympathy anorexics get, probably because they don't look visibly ill. Anorexic cows are the worst people and get away with it because they know they look fragile so they can trick most people into feeling sorry for them. I just think they're repulsive, physically and mentally.

No. 1670998

Nta but you started the conversation by saying everyone who praised Elzani's recovery is Elzani herself. Obviously people are going to reply to that and explain why they're praising her. It doesn't matter whether you agree or not, if you start a conversation, expect replies. The conversation doesn't just automatically end because you disagree and decided the convo is over, you weird autist. You sound like fucking headcase, do us all a favor and stop posting here. Why is this thread so goddamn insufferable?

No. 1671064

Because the only people that care enough about anachans to bully them are also anachans and anachans are all insufferable no exceptions

No. 1671065

A young adult living with their parents is not unusual in most cultures. Elzani really isn't online much these days, and being stunted alone isn't cow behavior is probably what people meant.

No. 1671077

Haven’t heard that name in a while, has she posted anything milky lately? I don’t really keep up to date with her

No. 1671099

Someone is just pissed off their parents kicked them out and left them short on cash kek. You're so embarrassing anon. What's this free pass you're on about? So many people I know in their late 20s live with their parents, if you looked beyond the walls of america its not uncommon to live with family into adulthood. Money smart people would much rather contribute to their own family than pay rent for some random landlord's mortgage. Elsani barely even posts anymore, she may be working, you have no clue. So stop with your pathetic vendetta.

No. 1671130

how do we even know she still lives with her parents though? she hasnt posted anything personal in forever. her life is private and good for her

No. 1671132

Lol we were praising Elzani for no longer being an anachan. And by that logic you're an anachan too, sperg. Also I'm not an anachan dumbass but your going to continue to believe what you want to believe.

No. 1671160

she looks so be finally gaining a bit of weight as her face looks fuller but barely, still faking recovery no doubt

No. 1671319

File: 1665366144421.png (263.7 KB, 1080x960, Screenshot_20221009-213410.png)

Nikol is top tier pro-ana scumbag in my opinion. A majority of people who liked this tweet are minors, and she just constantly spews a narrative of how she doesn't have a restrictive disorder, and how she maintains her weight with the amount of calories a normal person Actually Eats. Sure, anyone who just buys that is a dipshit, but young teens are notorious dipshits and it's so sad to see people like her spewing this shit in a community full of younger teens

No. 1671326

nikol’s twitter is a shitshow kek i feel bad for some of the cows mentioned here but nikol is one of the few who actually deserve all this hate tbh

No. 1671374

File: 1665370296683.jpeg (624.87 KB, 828x1576, 0E7EC638-8256-4B2A-B908-C0966E…)

This girl was on my explore page. She eats 2800 calories a day you guys!!!!
Also there’s a comment from Nikol on her pic.

No. 1671379

File: 1665370894415.jpg (Spoiler Image, 346.96 KB, 1414x2160, kaia.jpg)

nona this is exactly the comparison i was thinking of but just couldn't put my finger on it, the delusion is absolutely insane on that forum. you know the BDD is severe when even kaia gerber is considered "fat"

(picrel and spoilered for obvious reasons)

even worse, getting accepted onto the forum (which most definitely is screened by a scrote, you can't convince me otherwise that a female is screening it) makes these anachans feel as though they're apart of some special club to discuss how their bodies are so truly superior to someone of a normal bmi with a normal relationship with food.

the funniest and fucked up thing about skinnygossip is that the scrote who runs it is VERIFIED on twitter, a confirmed fatass, and a liberal who demands photos of mentally ill, underweight women online.