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File: 1661707734030.png (4.58 MB, 4248x1840, 1632079179685.png)

No. 1628532

SUMMARY: Effina Hyatt aka Fotouh Al Sahlamm is a silver spooned, 23-year-old self-hating Kuwaiti and plastic surgery/filter addict who rose to z list notoriety after she married washed up has-been/former MDE member, 38 year old Charls Caroll after a whirlwind courtship of less than year.


>Effina marries her senpai Charls Carroll after years of stalking MDE despite Charls being 14 years her senior and openly fetishizing virginity, she flies out to live with him in his squalid rented apartment

>Effina is caught editing her own baby photos

>Effina’s online fashion “boutique” which she claimed included clothes designed by herself is exposed for being cheap Aliexpress sweatshop dresses which she was inflating the price of tenfold

>Screencaps found incriminating Charls for being involved with underage fans in previous years.

>Candid pictures of Effina are uncovered showing the extent of her plastic surgery/video editing and photo editing which she still denies

>Effina claims to be an uwu trad virgin waifu despite flying out to Sweden when she was 18 for dick whilst lying to her parents and Charls to this day by claiming she was staying with friends.

>Archived 4chan threads are found in which Effina posts about her hate for “immigrants”, “n*ggers” and “subhuman spics”. Effina also brags about her arab billions and details the beautiful story of her and her Swedish lover that she was seeing in secret. These threads are proven to be posted by her due to timestamps and links to her previous Instagram handle which she posted herself

>Charls continues to be schizophrenic on-stream attempts to clearpill his audience with shitty takes and then threatens his own fans on stream whilst Effina draws fan art of him in the background

>Effina features in online streams full of twitter scrotes where she’s largely ignored by moids whilst she tries to virtue signal about how knowledgeable she is concerning history and politics (she reads Jung, duh!)

>Effina posts in the previous thread proving she’s been lurking and admits to heinously editing photos, getting plastic surgery, selling Aliexpress clothes, getting fillers, lightening skin and wearing contacts. She tries to deny ever having a posting on 4chan and having a Swedish boyfriend due to Charls having a moid meltdown if he finds out she’s not a virgin.

>Effina gives birth to two twin boys who remained in hospital for a month after they were born assumedly as a result of her own health being underweight and emaciated whilst pregnant and post partum.

>Charls continues to bald and schizo stream to support his new young family

>Effina continues to edit her pictures to insane degrees and looks to have lost a considerable amount of weight.

>Trolls call Effinas sons deformed and she goes on an online Instagram story sperge seemingly unable to take the insults despite being a 4chan race baiter/avid slur user a couple years ago.

>Effina opens two new business instagram accounts. One for skincare: https://www.instagram.com/gaav.skn/

and one for jewellery: https://www.instagram.com/carrollandco/
Considering her last business venture one can assume she will again be dropshipping poor quality chinese goods and extorting her followers for more money.


TWITTER: https://twitter.com/effinacarroll
https://www.tiktok.com/@effinacarroll?lang=en(shit thread and op didnt even link the last thread >>1328455)

No. 1628541

File: 1661708030344.jpeg (255.23 KB, 828x1265, 1661665964181.jpeg)

The top pic posted by a girl she hung out with shows motherhood has not changed Effina-chan one bit. She is still shockingly embarrassed of her real face/ethnic features all whilst raising two baby boys.
She needs mental assistance, no children should be raised with a mother this self hating

No. 1628600

File: 1661710746291.png (403.32 KB, 524x468, effina_1.png)

fotouh is getting sloppy

No. 1628602

Being a plastic surgery mom with some old guy husband isn’t milk and also isn’t cow behavior. If we did this for every single woman on instagram who’s been racist and had lip injections or used tret while pregnant, lolcow wouldn’t even be functional anymore. Seriously just find a hobby.

No. 1628605

>No children should be raised with a mother this self hating
Do you think she’s the only woman in the world who’s ever altered her appearance while also trying to reproduce her own children, or

No. 1628607

Yeah NTA but some arab being insecure, racist, and a trad-LARPer is just the entirety of Kuwait City. There’s no milk here, ladies

No. 1628610

>Effina claims to be an uwu trad virgin waifu
Yeah the exact same way millions of other bored teenaged/early 20’s girls on the internet are right now? I miss when cows were actually milky and not just random girls that nonnies have a bone to pick with

No. 1628615

I just think it's funny that she regularly retweets the @womenpostingLs account while being a massive L herself

No. 1628673

File: 1661713413215.jpg (127.8 KB, 1080x943, IMG_20220828_210251_524.jpg)

Lol Effina actually saged while making 10 posts in a row saying how unmilky she is. Impressive. But the thing that surprises me most is how she still hasnt started facetuning the goblins she created with that aging schizo despite them looking like they'd welcome the sweet release of death kek

No. 1628730

Check my ip girl, I’m an actual human not some ex-hijabi mouthpiece. But I’ve been on lolcow for years and there’s literally no milk here.
This chronically online Arab has plastic surgery and is dating an older, racist man? Unheard of! We must alert the media at once!

No. 1628732

I don’t know who this chick is but her kids didn’t do anything. All they got was the luck of having an anachan mom who refused to nourish their growing fetal forms while they were in her womb. Don’t talk shit on preemie babies just because they’re related to some attention seeking loser, you retard.

No. 1628736

>Someone didn’t agree with my thread so that must mean that it was the person I’m obsessing over and made it about!
Don’t be so hopeful, sweetie kek

No. 1628741

the missisisipi department of education? This thread assumes I’m already invested in some kind of celebrity that doesn’t exist. Bye vendetta-chan

No. 1628866

Do not ask to be spoonfed
Read the previous threads and the Sam Hyde threads

No. 1628874

Where is the milk supposed to be? There’s not anything interesting about some pedo and a fangirl reproducing defective children just to turn them into iPad babies.(unsaged asking to be spoon-fed )

No. 1628905

File: 1661722705781.png (261.06 KB, 722x404, 783787352.png)

i watch charls streams. he did one in kuwait and recorded her without the filters and got deleted right away… made me feel a bit sad to think how secluded she may need to live her life to keep the delirious fantasy of being white. i guess that's the price if this is what she really looks like >>1628600

No. 1628935

Jesus…mods have become so autistic that they’re not understanding a rhetorical question isn’t actually asking for milk that doesn’t exist. Snow is really the worst board on this site(ban evading white-knight. 9 out of 12 posts here you wk-ing Effina)

No. 1628939


mods: put to pasture for whiteknighting, pls

No. 1629049

File: 1661729463136.png (391.28 KB, 1262x542, 657354764623764238.png)


I didn't know if effina was starting to accept herself by not editing her face in this picture. Then I saw her legs and concluded she might just be getting lazy.

No. 1629056

File: 1661729964337.png (258.12 KB, 742x896, lollol.png)

well that was fast, fotouh, haha

No. 1629101

poor kids.

No. 1629106

I'm glad she didn't have a daughter, having an ana mom, especially one with issues like effina is fucking awful.

No. 1629119


She left them in Kuwait, by the way. Seems like she's already getting bored of her own trad larping. Wonder what her crusty barefoot mommies would have to say about that, specially them being so young and still breastfeeding.

No. 1629279

Woah where is the evidence that she abandoned them? That’s a massively bold assumption

No. 1629282

File: 1661742697494.jpeg (119.75 KB, 1170x1098, 6DFF7886-C3BE-40BE-9E00-421E8F…)

She didn’t even do anything problematic other than be mildly hypocritical and insecure kek…why is the internet so unforgiving to mothers? The world may never know

No. 1629309

i think shes literally just packing up their US apartment then returning to kuwait. why the fuck would she take 6 months old on a 12 hour or however long flight instead of leaving them with her family for a week or two? these effina anons are clinically insane, actually claiming “she abandoned her children” for going back to the US for a week to pack up their shit then go back kek

No. 1629314


KEK that sounds deluded, I doubt charls would move to Kuwait for good. It would anihilate his streaming income and transform him into a full-time parasite.

No. 1629322

uhhh you realize he can stream from kuwait right? lol

No. 1629333


Right, at what time I wonder? The time difference is a killer for sure.

No. 1629362


Wait but she gave birth in the US and already dragged them to middle east? Also, still at that age being away a week or two is massive. Little babies need their mother, and not only for the breastmilk. (Like ana chans could produce any anyways). Especially if the thing she's doing instead of taking care of them is just hanging out with other eceleb pickmes and bodychecking her starved body. Packing stuff would def not take that long.

No. 1629540

She looks drunk

No. 1629704


"mod here" lol, you are embarrassing yourself footy

No. 1630227

nta but i was a preemie baby and have always been told i looked really cute, i didn't look any uglier than other babies? not cool to attack babies for their looks but they do not look like that because they're premature. that's just their genetics combined.

No. 1630386


It's okey: they are fugly.

No. 1630426

maybe they will grow into their faces idk. so sad lol. the idea of carrying babies for 9 months only for them to turn out that ugly is terrifying. its also sad that she started covering her babies faces after people were calling them ugly. honestly id just not post my children on public social media like that ever they cant even consent to it.

No. 1630513

I was a preemie baby too. You eventually grow into your face by 6 months in. Preemie doesn’t mean you are deformed. Are you actually retarded?(learn2sage)

No. 1630581

god i can’t believe she’s still editing every single pic when her own friends are posting candids showing her real face. she is completely insane

No. 1630584

kek they look like the middle aged turkish guy who tries selling bootleg cigarettes around my campus

No. 1630598

File: 1661836862469.png (58.68 KB, 641x821, 32a779db875ef3cad45b4809a5d4f6…)

ik that is such a stupid comment. but there's reason to be concerned for them because she was SO thin during her pregnancy and fetuses greatly rely on glute and thigh fat for brain development in utero. having an eating disorder like she does throughout pregnancy is really dangerous. it's fucked that she would jeopardize her babies brain health and possibly even intelligence for her own self-absorption. this is also why low WHR and curves are so attractive on the female body, and part of why scrotes who specifically go after ana chicks much younger than them seem so pedophilic even if they're with grown women in their 20s. it's nonsensical from an evolutionary standpoint to be attracted to that. women who purposefully try to stay as thin as possible are really not meant to reproduce, or anyone who cannot put their baby's interests before their own really.

No. 1630910

File: 1661879597569.png (24.05 KB, 616x236, loool.png)

i think she may be reading this thread as she usually does; posting her goblin's faces won't make them any less ugly though

No. 1631129

she looks like anna khachiyan but wants to look like dasha

No. 1631161

File: 1661894840958.gif (1015.11 KB, 220x322, smile-joker.gif)

Hell, that busted comissure reconstruction makes her look like Jack Nicholson's joker

No. 1631482

File: 1661916098885.png (58.51 KB, 633x299, f0553fa2ea1d0cc577f4951dbf7781…)

i was just thinking that nonnie. she covered their faces in several previous posts, today of all days she decides to post them, plus deactivating her account after this thread was created. if you are reading this effina, you should really start eating, your legs look so thin >>1629049 that this is alarming if you intend on having more babies.

No. 1631536

File: 1661920394365.png (574.1 KB, 832x602, 66768896.png)

yes haha, this picture reminds me of cringe bathroom selfies I used to take with my girlfriends feeling sexy/goddess/rebel but actually being absolutely pissed

No. 1631633

This legitimately looks like two different people, she’s unhinged

No. 1631638

File: 1661933044795.jpeg (188.22 KB, 1242x389, 361588F2-76C2-4E7E-ABBF-F5C116…)

nta but you're not wrong. she's editing her face to be shorter and a really weird angled jaw. why? the top legitimately looks better.

No. 1631795

Why does no one call her out on this shit irl?(sage)

No. 1631926

Nobody irl cares about her.

No. 1632147

Woooaah. I see too much cheeks fillers there

No. 1632162

Is there any side profile of them? I'm trying to figure out if she photoshops their nose to be straight because they seemed to have inherited her natural one before

No. 1632180

File: 1661982512580.png (14.66 KB, 1158x123, f20a72045aaafff53aecb2e8dcff85…)

nta, babies noses don't look the same as when you're full grown anon. the nose never stops growing. i don't think she's photoshopping their faces yet, but i wouldn't put it past her.

No. 1632294

Do you really expect AI to be flawless?

No. 1632336

no i don't but this one i've seen other nonnies using that i've tried has provided consistently good results, with some obvious errors. it will often detect women who are using your regular tiktok/ig/snapchat filter as the same person as their tagged/candid images, but women who are clearly photoshopping themselves new features as a different person. i've seen a couple of instances where it mistakes you for someone who looks kind of like you, but overall it's not unreliable enough to be discarded, from my experience. do you think that picture isn't photoshopped? she's had rhinoplasty but from the images above, she still edits her nose to be smaller than even most heavy filters, which honestly are like a gateway drug to uncanny valley for some of these bitches. it's one thing to blur your face a little bit, but when you start giving yourself revision rhinoplasty and other plastic surgeries you need to start reevaluating your priorities. a lot of ig/snap filters are not much better either though.

No. 1632343

File: 1661995401695.jpeg (119.66 KB, 1200x890, E__EbmVUUAIzOWS.jpeg)

She photoshops herself to look more like Charls, I swear. Heavier brow & a Superman jawline. I go back and forth on whether or not she's truly milky. Her connection to Charls is really the only thing that sets her apart from a normal self-hating young woman. I do think it's vaguely interesting that her husband has seemingly no qualms about her extreme face editing, but he's some schizo has-been who should just be happy to have any woman put up with him. letting her edit all of their pictures together before he posts them is a small price to pay. I hope they take care of their children well, it always feels tense when a cow has a kid. if they do move to Kuwait it's probably better, they'd have familial support from her family.

No. 1632381

i think when they're a self-hating racist photoshopping themselves to look whiter and giving themselves different features even post op it goes beyond just being an insecure woman who uses heavy filters, BDD is common but hers plays into more because of that and if that's the case it makes her kind of a disease. i don't know the validity to posts in the previous threads alleging she says "somalis are better than spics" and all this other shit, >>1333240 but it's disgusting if she did that and it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1632395

I find her relationship with charls fascinating because there is obviously something off about it. I wonder what's really happening between them.
And she recently involved herself more or less in the Remilia Kaliacc Miya thing whatever that was about, it was mentioned in the egirl thread a few months ago. You have to wonder why she would hang out with a cult of pedo groomers as a mother of two young children.

No. 1632417

kek i was about to accuse the mod who banned >>1628874 of being the faggot who keeps letting remilliatards break rules/vendetta- and selfpost but this is god tier redtext. i guess everyone heavily involved with effina is a cow, both the haters and the WKs

at the risk of summoning aforementioned retards, does anyone know what even happened, how they got involved, and why they seem to hate her now? i know miya would constantly approach emotionally unstable microceleb girls and get very angry with them if they broke away from him, was that all?

No. 1632439

File: 1662005000089.jpg (637.37 KB, 2048x2048, EDEDB21C-65C9-439F-814E-E417D0…)

rohit okhandiar/krishna/miya and remilia need their own thread and i've been saying this then getting accused of being the indian pedo by anons who are probably trying to protect the indian pedo, it makes no sense. but you're right they're not new to imageboards and would just get summoned and derail like effina did in previous threads. i think their involvement may have had something to do with the fact she was in BTR streams on youtube and a lot of adjacent kaliacc ppl participated in that, but then there was the schism and she ended up talking to miya and sporting a milady, even though miya wasn't in those streams. then anons would post on the last thread about how she was using face editing software on zoom. idk if she was even in miya's groupchats she probably was and i didn't know they hated her now, why do you say that? the chick she's hanging out with in those drunk photos @mkultragoth is i guess @mkultramoney 's gf too and that guy has been in the remilia circle for years now. picrel is him with charls and bonus one of him with harvey weinstein just because lol.

No. 1632499

Stunning. The pinnacle of pickmeism right there, shitty manlet moids with connections to the worst scrotes possible, like pottery.

No. 1632524

File: 1662016043723.jpeg (548.24 KB, 2048x2048, D2609A45-8485-4FB1-9F22-35D888…)

the funniest part to me is that the way rohit edits his his skin to look lighter reminds me of fotouh lol, if this was a pre op pic i'd say they almost look related. at least rohit isn't changing his eye color though. this is what happens when you decide to be a cuck for neo-nazis as a brown person.

No. 1632615

File: 1662031330802.jpeg (840.23 KB, 2048x1540, B34AA259-0EB1-4715-9305-81DB21…)

Nonnies did we just help this woman develop self awareness?

No. 1632620

This is actually sad, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her real face, she’s a regular, cute middle eastern girl. This goes beyond the standard fare colourism that’s rife in the SWANA region t. a light skinned North African she really hates her features

No. 1632628

3 years ? 3 years of marriage or 3 years since they met ? damn it really moved fast. she seems completely obsessed with him now but I hope she doesn't regret this. I dont see how the relationship could be perfect considering there is Charls involved.

and I mean, there is definitely a way to use social medias without over editing your face, scamming and befriending the worst people online. I don't think she is stupid tho, good for her if she wants to focus more on her real life that's what she should be doing

No. 1632633

surprisingly whitepilling, let's hope this is actually genuine. Even though she blames "social media" like girl you did this to yourself tryna impress a crowd of strangers kek

No. 1632634

Good for her. Hope she comes back with her real face

No. 1632637

Good for her, way more cows should come to this realization

No. 1632639

Pretty sure met, I remember around end of 2020 is when they married

No. 1632679

That photo is still edited as hell. Fotouh, if you are reading, -for sure you are- a good first step would be to post your real face once and for all.

No. 1632799

wow, I don't think it's the wisest decision she could have made. I feel bad for her honestly, something sad about people who are clearly insecure about the way they look but base their entire online presence on that precisely. she finally made a female friend irl and now she has to delete her twitter because the girl posted her real face, I agree it's not a good way to live and it's nice that she is taking a break.
When she still had twitter she was liking quite a few posts about instagram and how men shouldn't be liking or following half naked women because it's bad for women's mental health, disrespectful or something. It was like a scream for help tbh. I don't think Charls can do better and he should consider himself lucky to have found a woman- any woman- who wants him but I feel like he is definitely the type to do all of this and it doesn't help

No. 1632853

i hope she's able to go through with this and actually change things. i'm rooting for her if she really means it because i imagine it took a lot for her to admit this when her whole life revolved around the facade. she may never post her real face but that doesn't matter, as long as she stops the self hating editing, interactions with sick fucks online like kaliacc, and actually cares and raises her children right then that's a win i think. because many cows who are moms never even come to a realization like this

No. 1632965

I don't think it was a real friendship, she knows that effina will not like it if she posts ugly photos of her while putting a heart on her own face to cover it. She shouldn't posted them and made her feel bad about her face. She probably used her to get more followers or something like that

No. 1632967

It's a good start. Let's hope there are real actions not just empty words. It's really hard to try and keep up with the fake online persona while you can't actually change your face rl.

No. 1633234

File: 1662076680922.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1535x1831, B78D023E-21B8-48DD-AD16-FEA793…)

Her poor babies are probs gonna be as blind as their dad…

No. 1633272

shes been on this atonement arc for a while. charles fangirls and vendettachans in this thread find it in ur black hearts to let this girl move on

No. 1633320

File: 1662085873710.png (431.91 KB, 1312x1208, 1620070295190.png)

So did she come clean regarding all the racist disgusting shit she was called out for saying in previous years or did she always maintain the lie that it was her "swedish stalker"? Atonement would entail taking responsibility for all of that too right? Not just the OBVIOUS photoshop that has already been confirmed and just makes her look like a clown for denying? I think the comments are just starting to get to her more now that she has children and she wants people to stop for her own sake, which is understandable and if she stops providing milk, no one will care to milk her.

But being one of the people she's referred to as "subhuman" i think it's more than fair to consider her a cow unless i'm missing something and she's admitted to what she's already been caught red handed doing. Not to mention some of us subhumans actually have the skin/eye color you bleach and photoshop yourself to have Fotouh so maybe admit to what you've said and stop appropriating others looks for neo-nazi scrote points online. Then no one will laugh at how ridiculous you look doing it and let you retire from your career as a lolcow in peace.

No. 1633380

his eye sight isn’t genetic I recall him mentioning it was due to him being born very premature and in the 80s they blasted the preemie baby incubators with oxygen which destroys eyesight (they weren’t aware of its consequences at the time , my dad has bad eye sight because he was a preemie in the 70s) fortunately they don’t do that anymore so preemies don’t damage their eye sight

No. 1633408

lmfao you are ill

No. 1633524

File: 1662121194481.png (1.3 MB, 640x1136, 1644358557637.png)

Yes, the swedish "stalker" who she maintained was just a moid that was obsessed with her to Charls & her family despite there being evidence of their romantic relationship. She only travelled to Sweden for him, had sexual relations with him and cut him off for Charls. Sorry to this man but Effina, just own up to your shit, ALL of it.

No. 1633526

Peak cow confession where she doesn't confess to anything kek. Keeps speaking of a "mess" and "facade" blaming it on social media but doesn't actually come clean about anything therefore allowing herself to continue the shitshow when her body dysmorphia flares up again. Stop the cycle, post your real face, delete all your edited photos and start fresh. Break the cycle you tard, instead she's vaguing about it but not being honest at all. Expected.

No. 1633797

I knew him and Effina

No. 1633801

calling people ill for exposing you doesn't make you any less brown Fotouh(hi cow )

No. 1633809

Groomed her when she was 15 onwards and was a horrible and vile piece of shit. Did the same to me except I was just dumb and not groomed because I was a naive 19 year old back then. We reported his ass to the police in Sweden because he had CP on his computer in the from of preteens and 14/15 year olds masturbating on Skype. He went crazy after they cut contact and went after us. I had to delete my Facebook account because of it. I met him through a mutual on Skype before discord was a thing and e-dated for several months. I can’t find any of his socials but have his mum and sisters FB accounts which are easy to find. The police never did anything and he’s probably still grooming young girls on discord now. I feel uncomfortable talking about it because I want that part of my life gone and she probably feels the same way. Fuck that pedophile piece of shit ^.^ He was on 4chan 24/7 and used to constantly try and make me say the n-word, called me Latino slurs and my openly gay friend the f-word. He groomed her and brainwashed me into that mindset and I’m glad we won’t have to deal with him anymore, I just wish that piece of trash was in jail so he couldn’t do the same to other girls. FUCK HIM and his ugly ass face(emote)

No. 1633811

File: 1662146497843.jpeg (40.5 KB, 540x960, FEC96331-3B85-4967-B71D-693F58…)

Found this photo of him on his mum’s FB

No. 1633813

Nothing else just baby pictures. Can’t find his socials anywhere. He’s probably anon so he can be a pedophile without getting in trouble

No. 1633815

And I’m sorry for posting this Effina I know you hate it and don’t ever want to speak about him but whatever. I hate his guts and sure you’ll understand

No. 1633854

He is so fucking ugly and looks like a classic sex pest pedo. How vile, but now I can see she has a type and it explains why she ended up with Charls who also rocks the bottle bottom childmolester glasses. Poor girl, self hate is a helluva drug lmao

No. 1633878

I went through an extremely similar situation at 15 where someone I met thru 4chan lovebombed me then revealed he was a pedo late into our friendship/relationship. When I cut contact he messaged everyone I knew IRL blackmailing me so honestly I don't blame her for disassociating from him entirely.

No. 1633880

We were both victims of that vile pig. The worst part is she was 15 at the time, I can’t imagine how much he impacted her brain. This is what he does: he preys on preteens or young teenagers online and tries to ruin them for his own enjoyment. He used to constantly call his mother a whore and was into incest lolicon, constantly talking about how he wished he had a little sister. Thank god he doesn’t

No. 1633882

I went through the same but was 19 (same Swedish pig as Effina). I feel traumatized. Funny how those hardcore RW pigs always turn out to be massive pedos

No. 1633892

LEGIT they are always right wing edgelords

No. 1633894

Oh and he blackmailed her constantly. We used to speak on a regular basis when it first happened because we were both experiencing the same bullshit. She was so stressed and would breakdown constantly because of it, she just wanted him out of her life and he wouldn’t stop. I never met him irl (thank fuck but I honestly would have if I could afford it, I was fucking dumb). He actually posted the pictures of them because no one else has those. She was extremely private about the whole thing because her parents hated him. He used to try to separate us from our families, telling us they hated us. Classic manipulation. He literally convinced me that my mum hated me and that I should cut her out of my life, did the same with Effina. He also constantly asked her and me to send him money and buy him pizzas LMFAO I’m not joking. It’s like these 4chan pigs find young girls, groom them into becoming racist shitbags like themselves, convince them to leave their families and abuse them emotionally. I remember once posting a picture in a swimsuit and he freaked out started calling me a whore and blocking then unblocking me, called me crying talking about how he has a Madonna whore complex because of his mum

No. 1633895

Genuinely hope you recovered from that because that shit is TRAUMATIZING. I feel disgusted when I think about him or see his face

No. 1633899

I have thankfully. I already had a suspicion that she was acting out of character years ago because of his influence + general insecurity. From pieces of information about him from these threads he came off as a total sperg. Hope you are well too

No. 1633904

that's awful anon, i'm sorry you and others here went through that and it's sad to hear that you were victims of grooming, i sympathize because i was groomed online at 15 too though thankfully not in person. i still don't think she's on any atonement arc if she's pinning all her racist posts on someone else even if it's a pedo groomer, it's been pretty much confirmed that it was her and the idea that he's responsible for those was debunked, but i don't doubt he played a part in turning her into the racist scrote panderer she is.

No. 1633952

He used to make fun of her for not being white and her weight too. I think that’s where it comes from because that was her first real exposure to the internet. He made fun of my breasts at some point saying they were too big (calling them cow tits) which isn’t surprising considering how he’s into children and loli. If she tells the truth about the 4chan posts she’ll have to tell the truth about him and I don’t think it’s easy for her to do that. She just wants to forget him like I wanted to

No. 1633986

I don't think she is cow-worthy. A lot of us have done stupid shit as teens that we obviously wouldn't want put on blast to the entire internet. We all know that she said racist things, and did some damage control over it. No one has to forgive her, but it's old at this point. I sincerely hope she can heal during this time with her family and take a break from social media.

No. 1634029

File: 1662162534442.jpg (1.41 MB, 2048x1863, MASHHAD.jpg)

He clearly influenced her but she reminds me of a woman her age i met on discord from her same hometown (Mashhad, Iran) and the obsession they have with looking whiter is insane. She spammed slurs for attention, flirted with racist scrotes online who called her sandnigge*, bleached her hair blonde despite claiming she preferred it dark (her racist ebf who had a Sam Hyde pfp liked blondes), lied about being part russian because moids she talked to openly fetishized slavic girls itc, was caught editing the same picture she'd already posted giving herself blue eyes/lighter skin. She'd talk about loving paleness and humblebrag about how she can't find a foundation light enough despite having the same olive complexion most Iranians have while saying actual white women look "basic". She begged her parents for rhinoplasty but they refused so she used snap filters that make the nose smaller. And according to her Iranian moids will even idolize ugly troons over attractive women as long as they're pale/blonde/ have light eyes. I may have the edited/original pic comparison saved somewhere.

Persians are often thought of as white but nowadays are all mixed with Arab, that + racist scrotes online + trend fetishizing "MENA baddies" on /pol are all a recipe for disaster: self-hating middle eastern women desperately trying to look whiter to appeal to these freaks, so it comes from him but also her ingrained fetishization of whiteness a lot of people seem to have where she comes from. It's a fixation you don't often see with western beauty standards, girls often apply shitty self tanner instead so it's a different problem.

No. 1634086

That's just sad. Those moids spend so much time on 4chan they know that racism and colorism are also really prevalent in MENA culture and use that to neg girls from third world countries into wanting their validation. They think being accepted by racist white westerners sets them apart and makes them special, not like other MENA girls. Pickmeism with a self-hating racist twist, grim.

No. 1634111

File: 1662168409406.jpg (728.19 KB, 1242x1174, IMG_9994.jpg)

She had posted this and Fotouh commented ily why do you think her friend knows about these threads? If she does this seems kinda deliberately mean? IDK how Fotouh has a sense of humour about this, this image almost looks more like her real face than her photoshopped whitewashed ones.

No. 1634128

File: 1662170956339.jpeg (477.58 KB, 2542x2048, 6D08EB11-8518-4298-9FB5-0CF595…)

Hmm I think she’s more than milky, not only the self-hating but also her marriage to a literal jobless pedo schizo moid that only choose her because of his virginity fetish.

Her Alladin-coquette cosplay gets tiring and makes her look like a child with the face of a 30 yr old, she even dresses mentally ill
All these designer clothes yet lives in total filth in Charles smokers lounge(picrel)

I came to the realisation that every single so called "Instagram model" basically needs public validation, because they don’t get it elsewhere. Even if footy decides to step back from the game, she eventually come back because that’s all she has.

No. 1634228

can you take your meds? maybe then you'll have more sympathy for young women abused and manipulated by psychotic moids. stop hi cowing and you wont be called schizo simple as

No. 1634232

So true, I wouldn't doubt its her in here and her remiliatard friends defending her.

Except why are you so mad that other people don't feel bad for her lol? I was groomed too as a minor, I didn't call anyone subhuman because of their ethnicity or pander to neo nazis, what part of that aren't you getting? Everyone knows she's living a facade editing herself to look white, nobody has to pity her for stating the obvious, she took 0 responsibility for anything and blamed social media. This is just a cop out and you're either retarded enough to buy it or you're Fotouh or one of her friends. Unfortunately for you there are no meds to help your retardation.

No. 1634787

0% chance that the girl who posted this pic isn't aware of these threads. Her stupid twink boyfriend
is James Healey (@MKUltraMoney/@WomenPostingLs), a deeply pathetic Sam Hyde wannabe. His shitty neckbeard podcast just recorded an in-person interview with Charls, which is probably why they were all hanging out. I watched 5 seconds and had to stop from the full-body cringe.

Posting this pic is straight-up mean girl behavior and I don't think Effina realizes it (or has the balls to call her out).

This @midwestvampire bitch is probably just jealous that she didn't snag herself a real MDE boy and had to settle for a bargain-bin knockoff.

These girls are truly on another level of pick-me behavior.

No. 1635437

I completely forgot about her for months and then I saw the Sam Hyde boxing fiasco and looked up her insta not even 4 days ago. Obviously I saw the tagged pics between her and goth girl and was freaked out, couldn’t believe she was still editing so much. But this is whitepilling. She’s vaguing probably because this is embarrassing, shitty, awful, and toxic. Imagine being stuck in her head lol. I wouldn’t be able to last a day. And now she has kids so it must be hard to deal with. Effina is milky in a lot of different ways but one thing I like about this board is that there are still a lot of us that root for people to get better, including her…so I hope that she does. And if she’s reading this I hope she learns to love herself and not be a hateful to herself or others and accept what she looks like because to pretty much everyone else, she looks like a normal young girl and doesn’t need to edit herself into a totally different person. It’s like, you made that mistake and now you can finally move on from it. So yeah I hope she can find her peace and be a good mom and I also hope she doesn’t make me eat these words later on kek

No. 1635590

If Fotouh stops being Milky anons will stop milking her it's really quite simple

No. 1636317

Never in my life would I have thought anyone would consider the mde boys as prizes(emoji)

No. 1636517

holy fucking shit, her catfishing charls and then her babies looking horrendous/nothing like her as a result is the ultimate cherry on this milky sundae.(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1636580

ikr. anons saying she's not milky like editing your skin, eye color, race, changing aspects of your background, all to appeal to the most bottom of the barrel grifter scrotes don't count as milky and making it about how she was groomed as if that isn't even more insulting to people who were also groomed but didn't resort to being racist pick-me sacks of shit for scrote approval. like starving yourself as a new mother isn't fucked up and selfish and the opposite of what you're supposed to do while you're pregnant or nursing especially. then collabing with miladyfaggots when their project was started by an ana fetishist indian groomer who also happens to edit his skin to look lighter. these people are all milky as shit kek.

No. 1636672

What a low bar for milk. Why does this thread get bumped daily when it would be in the graveyard otherwise.

No. 1636717

Where do you set the bar for it? Seems like Fotouh's pals itt are just trying to set it as far away from her as possible

No. 1636952

She photoshops herself into a completely different person how is she not milky af

No. 1636955

She looks like she puts her makeup on with a paint roller

No. 1637215

Vendetta-Chans with a bone to pick with rw micro influencers. Effina hasn’t been interesting for like three years but because of her tangential affiliation with the new class of kalliac grifters there are some angry ladies trying to throw her under the bus.

No. 1637519

people are spoiled from the other cow because she photoshops her daughters face onto herself in order to make porn. Fotouh seems almost normal in comparison just photoshopping herself to look like that schizo moid

No. 1637903

Kaliacc split apart and the people who started it disavowed one another over a year ago, you're misinformed and out of the loop. What's left of it is Remilia, and Remilia is indeed ran by a proana groomer. A vendetta is when someone personally has something against someone: people, in general, have issues with groomers and people who promote anorexia, those types are often subjects of threads online. People, in general, also have issues with racists, especially ones who are self-hating and edit themselves to look like another race for attention from scrotes, this too is not exclusive to Fotouh. Literally nothing about this thread indicates a vendetta. It indicates that she's in fact milky, which is why it exists in the first place.

However your comments about how unmilky Fotouh is >>1628673 (i'm, surprised this person didn't get banned for hi cowing) do sound just like something she'd say to defend herself, or like what the remilia faggots (who are known to use imageboards) would also say. Fotouh hasn't been "interesting" (openly racist) in 3 years because she got caught, that's it. She's been photoshopping her face in the exact same way this entire time, though, and it's why someone made the new thread clearly. You are also welcome to not click it if it isn't milky enough for your seemingly very biased standards that conveniently protect these sorts of people.

No. 1638004

File: 1662417771803.webm (1.08 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cc5b2kbc77uckv0s7g…)

Reminded me of her. So sad.

No. 1638030

Indians have always been super racist like they have a whole social caste system only based around how light your skintone is kek

No. 1638084

you've been posting the same bait for threads on end now and no one has bitten in months. take some of the money you got from milady and go take a vacation or something. seriously, it's sad to watch

No. 1638092

Lol what bait? You are a useful retard and like Miladyfags are desperate for ppl to shush about how they're proana groomers, too bad for you several other anons have provided more information, even about people I've never heard of (and learned about through these threads). Please do tell how calling out proana groomers, racists, ridiculous photoshoppers and the like counts as a vendetta? And seethe about them getting milked (because they're milky) in the meantime

No. 1638149

File: 1662427322838.jpg (164.06 KB, 1241x2000, FTUY9FPXwAIu8so.jpg)


Effina still doing the one thing she knows and hawks milady like a street merchant (>>>/snow/1515922
) even after the hot pot group chat was leaked last year and she was revealed to spend her time around freaks that harass children and women online, racists, schizophrenics, scam artists, pedophiles. just like her husband!

something that went under the radar during the cancellation is Kurabbu's admission (picrel) that the kaliacc/remilia/hot pot group chat were CSAM peddlers and that material was obtained by others in the group chat. this is the same Kurabbu who groomed and solicited an underage girl in their discord server and posted photos of the other girls on imageboards and instagram: >>>/snow/1514324

so why was effina in a group chat with CSAM peddlers? this is not incidental–she had #miladysladys in her bio, was in the group chat, she wore the pfp, she has physically worn and taken a photo in a hat with a neochibi loli pfp on it months after giving birth.

No. 1638203

how do u know that's kurabbu again anon? just can't find the post confirming who that @LilithXb9 account is

No. 1638238

you are just moidbrained if you cannot sympathise with women reacting to being groomed in a myriad of ways that are fucking uncomfortable, get a fucking grip, you do realise there are women of similiar traumas who resort to even further exploitation as a coping mechanism? your bpd black and white world is showing and its cringe

No. 1638240

I don't think she condones CSAM or anything like that to be fair I think they are just manipulative grifters with shaky morals that deflect accusations and come up with excuses and she wouldn't go out of her way to doubt them or create trouble. From her past she has a pattern of gravitating towards right wing adjacent micro internet celebrity grifters, she even married one. That's all it looks like to me. It just makes her look especially bad to associate with the likes of these people since she's a mother and also used to edit pictures of herself as a child.

No. 1638243

I sympathize with a lot of women who were groomed, not ones associating with groomers as mothers. I understand nuance quite well, and no one is obligated to pity Fotouh. Your cringe whiteknighting is showing.

No. 1638247

stay refreshing this thread and replying to my posts in mere minutes vendettaqueen

No. 1638253

I was responding to someone else and noticed you replied actually. Pretty sure there are lots of other threads on ridiculous photoshoppers. Why are you so adamant about defending this one in particular?

No. 1638332

File: 1662432067072.jpg (404.7 KB, 959x980, 9847392.jpg)

she looks 10 shades darker there than in her selfies effina looks like her dad and her dad looks like old kanye

No. 1638414

One thing I truly don’t understand about Fotouh is how she edits her skin lighter with these grey ass filters, when she absolutely has all the resources to use bleaching creams? Like wouldn’t that be more convenient for her white girl larp? And don’t even claim she’s already using skin whitening, when she’s clearly still very much brown in unedited pictures

Also Fotouh in her own thread shitposting that she’s not milky ultimately proves how stupid she really is, also stop telling anons to take their meds Footy, when your stinky schizo husband is refusing to take his kek

No. 1638581

He does look like old Kanye kek

No. 1638591

Jesus her nose was massive(learn2sage)

No. 1638660

dasha follows effina lol

No. 1639093

I'm sorry if this is a nitpick and OT but please just call it CP. Lots of libfems have started saying CSAM to argue that "it's not cp because pornography is always consensual", I've started seeing actual pedophiles use the same rhetoric. We all know 90% of pornography is filmed rape, either coercion or full on force. Probably best not to use sanitized words. On another note it's horrific how she's always associated with awful fucking moids. She's like an ultimate pick me or some shit. I don't want this to sound bad or dumb but she is very lucky to still be alive, we all know what happens to girls and women who get way too close to these kinds of scrotes..

No. 1639293

nta and idk about the 90% of pornography being filmed rape stat but wtf. i didn't know that's an argument people even made, so much porn is nonconsensual. once a whore who uploads sex tapes/videos sucking dick/masturbating/spread asshole to onlyfans (objectively porn by any standard) tried to make the argument that someone i know is also a pornographer/whore because pedophiles recorded videos of them naked when they were a minor and they didn't care at the time. like yeah a child being taken advantage of by an adult definitely consented to having their cp recorded. it was actually sickening i didn't know that was an argument used by libfems, these people need to be shot.

No. 1639300

anachans of a feather flock together

No. 1639312

I used to be in the hotpot/remilia gc on twitter with Effina and to be fair she was invited randomly because she was friends with Alessandra and Soph. She had no idea what it was and barely checked the gc or engaged in conversation. She even thought charlotte/mya was a girl kek. We both left after the allegations came out. Whenever I messaged her about milady or remilia she always asked what it was and was completely clueless and this was before everything came out. I can only recall one or two times where she actually typed in the gc and it’s because people spam mentioned her and she responded. I’m suspicious that a lot of the hate she’s been getting on here recently is from the remilia peeps because she pretty much disavowed them and seized contact and it probably hurt their feelies

No. 1639317

Wow footy sure has so many different people coming to her rescue and providing just the right amount of details!

No. 1639324

Oh really you think she thought this person was a female? >>1515922 You have to be literally retarded to think that just from his typing style alone and the kinds of things he says lol. I think it's the opposite actually and remiliatards are in here defending her. Look at the people she's hanging out with, if she openly disavowed them how is that the case if James Healey blocks anyone who criticizes Milady on sight? You realize they made the same argument about nyabeat right? Even though Rohit Okhandiar/Sonya/Miya/Charlotte specifically took control of nyabeat's social media, yeah definitely just a random girl added in by other girls who has 0 idea who the people she affiliates with are. Either a wk or an actual useful retard

No. 1639339

I can verify it if she reactivates her twitter actually but whatever y’all crazy!!

No. 1639354

Get back to us if she does but yeah if the woman who spent the past decade of her life willingly surrounding herself with racist pedophilic microinfluencer scrotes, not just as a teen but also as an adult (and started a family with one) disavowed Remilia for that very reason, why would that be? Because of morals? Or because she got called out? But thank you for confirming that Rohit's orbiters are in fact itt defending Fotouh

No. 1639358

that pic can't not be photoshopped nonnie someone must have edited it to make her look worse by making her nose larger holy shit

No. 1639363

her nose doesn’t even look that big in old pre op pictures and it was originally posted by a hate account or the swede pedo guy so i wouldn’t be surprised if it was edited to look that exaggerated

No. 1639426

File: 1662499827605.jpeg (63.04 KB, 781x168, E48BE3D5-E376-4A8F-BC6B-F10A87…)

Found this in the last thread. Her “friends” probably lurk

No. 1639447

hi cow

hi cow 2

Your mental state seem to be in decline since you can't get the dopamine from random coomers pressing Like on your photoshop creations anymore. Why don't you try to read up on how to properly care for your little goblins instead of obsessively posting here? Was them being preemies and then forced to drink soy formula only because youre too busy starving yourself into appeasing the nastiest moids and getting drunk with fellow pickme snakes not enough abuse yet?(hi cow 3)

No. 1640508

File: 1662534018549.png (274.25 KB, 862x848, 1624308325387.png)

think he edited this one too? it looks like her fathers

No. 1640553

Check my IP bitch

No. 1640740

File: 1662558885522.jpeg (284.99 KB, 1170x1820, 1F38E48A-9E15-4795-985E-81957D…)

Wow. This is really sad. The self-hatred runs so deep with this chick. She is BROWN.

The irony of it all is that after all the photoshop, all the “I’m not brown,” all the pandering to MDE online racist pedos, her babies (who are innocent) are getting the same type of racial vitriol directed towards them that their mother spewed online when they were just tiny egglets chilling in her ovaries.

No. 1640919

They looked so weird in that photo with Charls tbh that above anon posted but she posted a recent picture the other day on her story idk if anyone saved and they look way healthier and chubbier. I think it was because they were still premature and most newborn babies especially baby boys look like ugly old men. Idk if anyone saved I feel weird taking screenshots of someone else’s kids

No. 1640962

jesus leave their kids alone and get help

No. 1641354

Lol. I said her kids were innocent and was pointing out how Charl’s followers turned on him for marrying a brown woman and having non-white babies. This is the sad reality of white moid-pandering, self-hating brown women, unfortunately. (And I say this as a brown woman XD)

I don’t care if her kids are ugly. This is a milk thread, so why don’t you log off “Effina” for your own mental health like you said you would?

Maybe instead FaceTime your babies who you abandoned in Kuwait while you traipse around with e-Celebs and your milk dries up?

No. 1641358

stop hi cowing me it’s seriously irritating and you’re clearly mentally unstable + she posted that she was back in kuweit weeks ago and you know breast pumps are a thing right?

No. 1641511

As I've been saying they are either Effina's friends who were in the hot pot gc with her and have already admitted to being itt (some of them may be snakes and secretly hate her but this is a group of people) or they are useful retards who feel bad because she's getting dragged for starving herself despite being a new mother (the most important time to be putting on healthy weight) editing herself to look white for years despite having been exposed for saying extremely disgusting shit about other ethnicities being subhuman etc, and just overall cringe pandering to scrotes who say those types of things as well. I do think her developing the tiniest amount of self awareness in regards to the lie she's been living is a positive, but it's not atonement, and it doesn't make her unmilky. That's just them coping about this thread's existence and other anons not eating her shit up because lots of us have also been groomed and know it doesn't excuse any of that. If you go in the other threads there's an anon saying this same exact shit about how it's a "vendetta" but can't explain how lol? Literally nothing about this is personal, i didn't even know who this person was prior to reading these threads.

No. 1641545

Also sorry for samefagging but obviously her MDE husband is going to get racist comments denigrating his preemie mixed race babies appearance, that's a given considering his audience. That's not anyone's fault but their own for putting their children in that position, if probably a good 90% of your audience weren't racist channers you willingly pander to, that'd be more uncommon. The least you could do is not post your babies online to that audience and not close friends while they cant consent to it? Duh. Know your audience.

No. 1642204

File: 1662646480562.jpeg (459.44 KB, 1170x2532, 7096BC8A-15A4-48DA-9F00-CF6006…)

See, I don’t think the “atonement”-posting is legit. It’s obviously because she wants to solidify her spot amongst her MDE husband’s e-celeb friends and possibly use that clout to grift.

And it’s been evolving over time. First it was “handmade” dresses, then she started posting her food and recipes that helped her during pregnancy (I guess no one believed she was actually eating full-fat raw dairy and meats..?) to get in on the anti-seed oils SolBrah alt-lite grift. She’d also promote her husband’s twitch channel. Now the grift is kindergarten craft jewelry.

No. 1642221

See that bit of chunky gold ring she’s wearing? That’s jewelry design and making. Gluing chains to resin crap or stones other ppl mined and polished is not “making jewelry”. Go spend two years taking a metal smithing class and come back. There’s no “craft” in that shit, it’s putting together shit she bought.

Then again I doubt women are allowed to learn metal smithing in her part of the world. I can only assume MDE sped daddy hates the brown ppl but likes how they treat women and esp likes her brown daddy’s money. Pathetic

No. 1642508

File: 1662663627668.jpeg (212.39 KB, 1170x986, FBFF76F7-7F14-4251-8B8C-65F51D…)

Now posting on a friends-only account, it seems.

No. 1642601

She's lurking and crying and screaming and pissing and shitting and projectile vomiting on her alt twitter @effy99999999 about how unfair it all is and how much of a victim she is. Still interacting with Milady weirdos too.

No. 1642718

File: 1662673952381.jpeg (458.16 KB, 1170x1812, B6443AE4-3EAB-46CA-9C6B-F0689D…)

Shes a public figure, don’t you know?

No. 1643082

Thank yooou nonna. CSAM is a stupid liberal euphemism designed to protect porn, not children. It ignores the fact that kids aren’t just being sexually abused on film for no reason, they are being marketed as commodities for a large audience. It is absolutely necessary to acknowledge the fact these kids are being doubly victimized through the buying, selling and trading of porn far beyond the initial abuse.

No. 1645873

well good for her you gotta give her that, she admitted to living a lie, she created private accounts as she was encouraged to do, she is doing more than 99% of cows to acknowledge and change her behavior even if she can't own up to her racist past. at least it seems she gets that if she stops being milky, the thread will die, and others will let it die. idrc about her grift, considering most female grifters start using their social media presence to shill onlyfans she's still leagues above that as long as she doesn't sell her spread asshole, which is a low bar but it's what we've come to since that's so normalized now. every gross woman doing that by default is more of a cow imho.

and if you're reading this effina, everyone can tell when you do this to your face >>1138482 you did it here again >>1628541 it's why the AI can't recognize you as the same person >>1631638 just take your much needed break, and when/if you come back, stop doing this shit and i for one think no one will have a reason to say anything anymore since the rest of your milky behavior seems to be in the past. it looks fucking stupid and the original is 10x better. don't you want to have pictures, memories with your sons that you can look back to when you're old and think of the moment they captured before being reminded of your BDD? we're all gonna get old, looks fade. you're gonna miss your real youthful face and wish you appreciated it.

No. 1645924

Lmao pandering to the milady fucks is not milky enough for you?

No. 1645930

>Then again I doubt women are allowed to learn metal smithing in her part of the world
LMAO this is so ignorant, the Middle East isn’t a monolith, some of you have never left America and it shows

No. 1645931

Nice to see her making an attempt to step away from this attention instead of trying to use it as PR the way most wannabe famous instachan moms do kek! Maybe she’s Woman’d up (and actually begun to adhere to the religion she claims to) and has started to learn to accept the face Christ gave her which is why she’s left the public internet behind. Good for her!

No. 1645978

i think like i said that she isn't going to create trouble for herself and openly disavow any remilia affiliated people over allegations they claim are false, why would she go out of her way to do that and turn friends into enemies when she already has so many people talking shit about her as exemplified by these threads? plus there are claims that people met her irl >>1639426 are snaking her, who knows who she's actually close with. her main problem has always been pandering to racist scrotes and editing herself to look white (lighter skin, lighter eyes, different features) and i think that she knows is obvious and is what she intends to stop doing. she needs to learn to accept herself for who she is and not posting to pander to that kind of audience who are going to make degrading comments about her babies is a right step, as is deactivating her social media that has all of her whitewashed pictures. eating and nourishing her body that has been shrinking since she gave birth instead of pandering to proana scrotes is also a big part of that but people just see it as follow policing if you try to control who they talk to, the proana groomer is rohit and other people are other people, otherwise that's just guilt by association. she's come clean about living a lie, what other cow have you seen demonstrate that kind of self-awareness? you gotta give credit where credit is due.

No. 1646052

File: 1662978485074.png (681.69 KB, 1152x2238, egirltournament.png)

Milady fucks need a separate thread. Being added into their gc a year ago doesn't make her a part of Remco. Fotouh is just drawn to right-wing twitter adjacent micro internet celebrities as you can tell by Charls and Eggy and that's what Miya/Charlotte/Rohit’s account was. A lot of people found Miya's account when it participated in an "egirl tournament" that included egirls who were relatively popular on rw/frogtwitter, like Sydney @custardloaf and Tara @beefwhistle so he could troll them and leech clout off their simp followers. It was set up with polls so people could vote to choose between two egirls, whoever got more votes moved on to the next round. When Miya went against Sydney for the final her nudes (which I think she said were cp) got leaked, Tara’s either were or she was threatened with it and this allegedly happened to several egirls -as leaks came out they'd get made fun of by Miya for being roasties pandering to trad/frogtwitter, who were quick to stop simping them. Miya won later claiming it was all an elaborate troll set up so he'd win all along and claim himself "queen of frogtwitter", but the nude leaks did happen. Who knows how much of this Fotouh was aware of, or whether she saw Miya/Sonya's tweets about underage girls, anorexia, caste, etc. But given the other egirls he's interacted with it's safe to assume Rohit associated with her for the same clout-chasing reasons she did. What they share in common is they are both self-hating brown grifters who sought attention and validation in racist online spaces.

No. 1646351

Stop hijacking every thread with this irrelevant ugly indian midget no1curr

No. 1646404

they've been fading into irrelevancy since they got exposed if they had a thread there'd be no new milk, others pointed out she stopped affiliating with them. pajeet had to make himself seem extra creepy and orchestrated a cancellation last year just for drama and notoriety, only for the real cancellation this year to kill his brand. take that out of the picture and what you're left with is almost too painfully boring even for lolcow.

No. 1646867

File: 1663049311543.jpg (16.69 KB, 503x229, 1324350.jpg)

jealous kek

No. 1646899

That girl literally has nothing better to do in her life than seethe about her appearance and how others perceive her lmfao
You'd think having two babies would cure that, so fucking selfobsessed

No. 1647138

I think it’s a Remilia fag or Miya blathering about himself in all these threads. He obviously can’t handle being an irrelevant internet nobody, so he continues to insert himself into various lolcows’ threads as if anyone cares.

Hi Miya - YWNGYOT (You Will Never Get Your Own Thread) so kindly fuck off

No. 1647208

I'm not a remilia fag lol but I can see why you'd think that and you're not wrong, Rohit is old news by now and narcissistic enough that he would prefer infamy over having no one talk about them at all. I do wonder how well Fotouh knew him when she got involved with them and why they dislike her now

No. 1647212

Her "friends" could’ve helped her in other ways instead of defending her in this thread. Fotouh needs professional help and nothing else, I’ve realised that Charles schizophrenia swapped over to footy and eventually will be passed onto her kids….run footy RuNN

No. 1647322


her friends only chime in to inform the thread that she didn't know anything and thought miya was a girl so associating with miladyfags doesn't make her a cow. like the moids she's surrounded herself with don't indicate that she'd befriend a proana pedo without demur knowing that's what he is. her only real reservation would've been knowing he's as brown as she is kek

No. 1648087

Her "friends" probably hate her and low-key love all these threads exposing her brown ass, since they see Aladdin in real life and are openly racists. They only associate with her because she’s Charles ugly ass wife and they leech for the cloud

No. 1650377

File: 1663588649885.png (736.39 KB, 1170x787, 96d5e1f10da37c6052f6513d828c72…)

New pictures Charls posted with the babies and the response they received. I feel bad reading these some are so nasty and the pictures are cute but again what are they expecting with his audience and why is he playing along with the jokes about their appearance? Comments denigrating them for being mixed race from white nationalists and arabs alike, as you would expect

No. 1650447

This is so sad tbh. I mean yeah, both effina and charls suck, but keep kids out of it. this is what happens when you try to appeal to the worst type of people ever. this is your doing, charls, you’ve done this to yourself. but why he even engages with these people is a whole other thing.

No. 1650452

why do they keep posting the kids when they know this is the kind of reaction they're going to receive. is it so hard to just keep your kids faces off the internet? retards

No. 1650636

All those commentors are absolute shit stains. I hope they all kill themselves.

No. 1650654

File: 1663605783496.jpeg (77 KB, 900x251, 4474E5A0-ECF3-4E3B-B27A-B37702…)

My fav comment kek it is more of a diss on the dad. babies are always ugly, and it’s normal for them to look piggish and wrinkly. I hope they didn’t get their moms nose for their sake.

No. 1651203

This isn’t any way to talk about children. Really disgusting that this “father” is laughing along with this shit…even if your wife has had plastic surgery it feels very inappropriate to laugh at jokes of people calling her AND both of your sons ugly.

No. 1651217

This is the MDE target demographic though, real face eating leopards moment there

No. 1651268

that comment was one of the least offensive ones. it’s really upsetting that their innocent children has been flung into all their shit and have these loser strangers have a say in regards to their kids. I can’t believe Charls is responding to all the comments. Even on his ig he is liking all of the comments even the really awful ones about like how it’s bad to race mix etc. Like what the fuck

No. 1651269

Men are so fucking scary jfc

No. 1651274

Charls has gone on record saying how much he hates the MDE fan base

No. 1651286

I had kids with a manlet with growth hormone issues and they turned out gorgeous compared to his…wtf is going on in that genepool?

No. 1651292

Lolcow users posting Ls

No. 1651354

my tinfoil is that he and Fotouh actually hate their new children and lifestyle

No. 1651364

The saddest part about all these comments is that they’re true (racist shit notwithstanding). Charls must have known that this is how his groyper followers would respond, he’s a fucking idiot for subjecting his kids to this, if Fotouh wasn’t such a handmaiden she’d give him a hiding for his fuckery, the kids are unfortunate looking (but then all babies are so it shouldn’t even be a talking point) but they don’t deserve to be mocked ostensibly by their own father

No. 1651374

I get what you mean but it's not like the kids have access to the net and are gonna read up on this. Charls and Effina are niche people to 'follow' despite their being swamped with comments by racist tools cause MDE, none of what is typed here will reach those children before they could understand what's being said. Gives me more 'beat the bullies at their own game' vibes especially with >>1651274

No. 1651410

I remember the first few months they had the kids he used to show them on his twitch streams and people went crazy over them, it was pretty cute. I don’t think the majority of MDE scrotes watch his streams considering how he averages 150-200 viewers… but unfortunately they do follow his twitter and instagram and like to make fun of him for having a brown wife and mixed children. It’s pretty disgusting and I’m not sure if he could ever escape it especially since being an e-celeb is his only stream of income if I’m not mistaken. Not sure if he has a real life job, someone said he does construction on the side. I do personally think the kids look cute but I have major baby fever, and not that we should even be discussing the appearance of babies. I checked the instagram and twitter comments and most of them were nice so it gives me hope in humanity lol but those MDE scrotes need to crawl into a hole and die ASAP. Sam Hyde definitely enjoys pandering to that crowd but Charls doesn’t seem to, which isn’t surprising to think of it since he doesn’t want to associate with Hyde or MDE anymore.

No. 1653165

Her kids are fucking ugly,so? Many kids are, especially when their parents are fuck faces themselves. Not everyone can be cute and beautiful and that’s ok.
Her kids are innocent, but why post pics of them lil retards when you clearly know what type of followers you have?
I truly believe that Charles low-key likes these comments, no loving father would dare anyone speak on their baby’s in that manner.

Shizos are known for killing their spawn, specially when not medicated. Let’s pray for them godless creatures, amen

No. 1653983

The majority of infants barely born are ugly. And they stay ugly until probably 4 months to 6 months in. That’s when features start to really be noticeable. Lots of the comments were talking about how big their babies heads were and it’s like, all infants have massive alien heads? It’s completely normal. Goes to show how actually retarded these people are.
The fact that charls and effina immediately posted their children’s faces weeks after they were born is really fucked up. First of all, why? Second, you know that most are going to say some terrible things or joke about your child. I just don’t get it. They both can be train wrecks online all they want, but don’t publicly post your children too in the same accounts that you have cultivated your insane online presence.

No. 1654120

No. 1654494

Same thoughts anon, Charls and to a slightly lesser extent Effina know the audience they have cultivated. Weirdo race scientist incels are not going to be kind to these children. I can’t help but wonder if they do both resent their lifestyle now and allow the nasty shit to be said as a subconscious cruelty to children they feel ruined their lives. Like I have to imagine they weren’t planned - Effina is young and anachan, doubt she wanted to ‘ruin her body’ this soon. Charls just doesn’t seem paternal or interested in a normal life at all, he does that weird Twitch shit. And now they’re moving to Kuwait? Seems weird too. My tinfoil is Effina knows her parents will happily take a lot of childcare weight off her back and she’s looking forward to not being a mom 24/7. Can’t say I blame her considering how young she is, its good to have support, but is Charls going to be happy living in Kuwait? Just seems unlikely for a schizo, racist 40something to pick up sticks and move to the middle east.

No. 1654540

Effina is so ugly and painfully self-conscious that I honestly doubt they were having sex casually in the first place. I think it was all planned since it plays along with her alt-trad performance and charls' grandiosity delirium. The bad news is children are forever and highly expensive, and now they have to move to Kuwait for her parents to maintain the four of them.

How long would Effina keep dark without the need to run away from herself through her online persona? Not much, I believe; it's just a matter of time until we see her again.

No. 1654664

File: 1663878204169.png (673.82 KB, 506x892, troon.png)

hunchback and troon body haha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1655218

Clearly some of you itt are cunts cause she doesnt have a hunchback or look like a troon. I didn't even know she had a tiktok but upon watching the literal only impression im getting is that he is a hands on father and they seem to have fun with one another as a couple. You can point out valid criticisms without being a total cunt! The woman already has body dysmorphia and an eating disorder which we've actively been trying to encourage her to eat and accept herself, telling her to stop whitewashing her pictures because it's stupid and doesn't make her look any better, but this really isnt the goal for some of yall. Probably projecting too.

No. 1655288

a little hateful for no reason. I will say, her recent tiktoks are nice and she seems to actually love him and vice versa. he seems okay based on the vids but can’t tell what’s real or not, when everything else is fake.

No. 1655346

fuck off whiteknights

No. 1655385

Don't even like her, have added to this thread plenty, was even called a vendettachan for criticizing her calling people subhuman and taking no responsibility. A lot of us aren't here to be bullies, you don't know this website or what the women here stand for at all.

No. 1655398

Bro her hands are massive, like she can cover Charles fucking 8-head plus the balding I’m extremely impressed.
Isn’t fotfot tiny? Why these NBA hands? Not very coquette/Lolita of her

Her self-posting is the only reason this thread is alive anyways, like it’s that obvious.
She’s providing her own milk, that’s how retarded she actually is. Her cringe midwestern emo friends are trying their hardest as well, and probably sucking/fucking Charles on the low while she cries how brown she looks next to them

Footy stop already with that bullshit, don’t you have kids to care of? Go change diapers Aladdin and stop the fake stans, no one likes you like that kek

No. 1655408

File: 1663941663496.gif (61.62 KB, 190x275, 77A538DA-3D12-4D84-89C6-6A6830…)

Shut the fuck up ugly ass moid
Fotty hates woman, she LARPs as a tradwife while fucking around in Sweden and takes pictures with literal Incel nazis and hangs w/pedos. She’s not a victim, she is a cow.

We as women don’t claim that little boy as one of us, she’s subhuman and should be send to incel parties only to get gang raped by the people she panders to

No. 1655445

Yeah because you totally sound like a well adjusted woman lol

No. 1655456

you literally forgot to tag me are you okay? now i get why they think there's a vendettachan in here. calling females troons is completely against what the majority in this website stand for, troons already try to blur the line of what it means to be a woman, why would we help them? she's does not look like one in the absolute slightest, just a middle eastern with bdd which isnt unusual. and no one here condones anyone wishing gang rape on any woman, you're the one sounding like a disgusting scrote, rot

No. 1655459

ikr nonna what the fuck is wrong with these anons and where are they coming from

No. 1655523

It's either a tranny or a kiwimoids larping

No. 1656057

This is what happens when you get pregnant by a 30+ moid…they all have defective sperm

No. 1656068

I knew a Kurdish girl who was similar. She was really edgy and into gore and extreme porn and body modification, wore blue lenses and dyed her hair blonde and was addicted to plastic surgery. She was also extremely depressed and just laid around doing drugs all day while ranting online about big pharma and the American government. And she was also obsessed with mediocre crusty white boys, I’d see her flirting with wignats and poltards all the time.

No. 1656096

Are you exhibit A in this case, anon?

No. 1656813

They actually do have defective sperm and babies concieved from old sperm have more of a chance of autism.
Literally a whole other person wth

No. 1656937


No. 1657027

NTA but here


>The researchers found ASD prevalence was 66% higher in children born to fathers aged older than 50 and 28% higher in children born to fathers in their 40s, compared with those born to fathers in their 20s.

>ASD rates were also 18% higher among children born to teenage mothers.

>ASD rates also rose with widening gaps between the two parents' ages.

>ASD rates were highest when the father was aged 35-44 and his partner was 10 or more years younger.


>One study estimated that over a quarter (26.6%) of cases of schizophrenia could be attributed to paternal age.


No. 1657031

File: 1664076489764.jpeg (799.96 KB, 1242x1959, 80E2B064-0F73-4857-941D-4B0231…)

Also this

No. 1657035

I honestly worry for all the children born of malding autistic /pol/tards and their self hating, plastic surgery addicted, racist, ethnic safety wives.

There’s no way they’ll ever turn out normal.

No. 1657326

I’d like to think that there aren’t many, but I also feel for the kids that are born from these types of people

No. 1658617

Any tea on Footys sister, she looks more white or less ethnic, whatever you want to call it. Lighter hair, lighter eyes, lighter skin. Is she trying to emulate her mixed sister? Or does Foot just looks more like their dad.

No. 1659221

Her photos are still edited by foot so who knows what she actually looks like in comparison

No. 1659424

Has her sister been posted to any of her past threads? She deleted her IG but she had a picture of her mum, her mum looks more similar to what she edits herself to look like. Maybe the sister took after mum in the looks department.

No. 1659477

This thread is literally just a common room for special ed farm transients and scrotes who have a weird hate boner about this Muslim woman or whatever. Legitimately every time I open it there’s just new bait and no actual milk sans why this thread makes no sense? Is being married to someone who’s fucking disgustingly ugly and birthing premature babies because you hate yourself so much you starved your pregnant body considered milk now? Because we’ve got a few billion women to make threads about if that’s the case KEKK

No. 1659487

feel free to just not open this thread if it bothers you so much

No. 1659514

Stop bumping threads

No. 1659809

what ticks me off is that anon claiming she starved herself while pregnant with no evidence whatsoever. twins are literally almost always born prematurely and spend time in the NICU especially when they’re mono/di identical twins such as hers because of twin to twin transfusion syndrome which is what happened with her twins, literally has nothing to do with starvation. plenty of ana chans who are way skinnier than effinna have full-term pregnancies. it’s funny because they were claiming she got ivf and had designer babies, then claiming she hates herself because she got pregnant and “ruined her perfect body”, then claiming she’s too poor to give birth at a hospital but could afford ivf. clearly vendetta chans who just want to nitpick and make up accusations on every single thing she does to conjure up non existent milk

No. 1659821

that’s not the point and learn how to sage retard. you’re still talking about a milkless cow who’s not on social media anymore, and now dragging her sister into it for some reason. we don’t post people’s families here, it’s not their fault she doesn’t make anymore posts for you to obsess over kek

No. 1659853

Disagree with both. Every time anyone types in this thread there's an anon (probably remiliafag) accusing everyone of being vendettachans and saying she's milkless, this is in fact not true as she's (a) ridiculous shopper (b) self-hating (c) racist (d) panders to a groomer art collective (e) married to MDE scrote (f) anachan who very clearly lost weight around the time she had her babies which is unhealthy too and it isn't far fetched to think that contributed to her twins' prematurity, these threads clearly exist for a reason, any attempt to say otherwise is actual whiteknighting.

However- saying she looks like a troon, attacking her babies, asking to see pictures of her family members and continuing to try and find any reason to update this thread when she's not even on social media anymore does seem like a vendetta. It deserves to exist and was made for a reason, but it shouldn't be getting updated after she literally deactivated her account. Leave her alone at this point

No. 1660915

Nta but, gross.

No. 1661932

Does wearing contacts and dying your hair know counts as self-hate? White woman tan all the time….

No. 1662124

No but claiming that your contacts/bleached hair are natural and feeling superior because of it. Seen it way to many times

No. 1662773

Literally every single feature that she has naturally, she has changed completely. it’s actually quite sad. Two entirely different people.

No. 1662824

To be fair she was pretty ugly before, I’d also would change everything

No. 1662907

bollocks, that's just photoshop and losing weight. she had a rhinoplasty and that's it, no other cosmetic surgeries or if she had them they didn't change anything she still looks like her old self in her unedited ones just with a smaller nose. even her skin is still that dark. to me what highlights the depth of her self-hatred are the edited baby photos. i can't imagine not thinking you were cute even as a baby, that's very sad.

No. 1663273

She edits her photos to erase all her natural features. Are you blind?

- nose shape and size is much more narrow
- eyes are lifted into a higher foxed eye lift and made larger
- color contacts to brighten the eyes
- high Cupid’s bow to make lips look fuller and more dollish
- skin whitened
- face shape completely edited to make face more angular and chin pointier
- also her features are edited to look smaller from her nose to mouth

The only thing that isn’t fake or edited is her hair color. The self hate is beyond measure in this one. She couldn’t accept one good thing about her, except maybe her anachan figure.

No. 1663299

that was my point kek that the only thing that actually changed about her irl was her nose maybe some fillers too, she looks the same as before the rest is all editing.

No. 1663531

This entire thread:
>making fun of a statutory rape victim
>making fun of her skincolor
>making fun of her looks
>making fun of her children

No. 1663565

Nobody is making fun of the things she can’t control like her skin color or children. In fact the majority of posts are against the grotesque fan base of charls who are the ones that are actually making fun of her children. She has pandered to this crowd for years.

We are also defending the fact that she shouldn’t be ashamed of her body and her race and accept it as it is. What’s milky is that she photoshops her entire physical being into something that she is not and passing it off as the truth. We want her to be herself and not be this majorly insecure person which was only made possible because she frequented 4chan’s /pol/ and tried to pander to the worst kinds of men by being racist (including to herself).

None of this is coming from a place of hate, but would rather she just change this destructive way that she presents herself online and accept reality. If you photoshop your childhood photos and is obsessively controlling of your presentation online to the point that nobody in your irl circle can post candids of you since it clashes with your delusional augmented online self, that’s a problem.

She also claims that she is not “brown.” Why? She is, and as a brown girl, she is physically pretty, naturally. What is wrong with that? What is wrong with being brown and not having European features? There is literally nothing wrong with her natural face.

No. 1663569

You’re an exception nonna, but there are crazies in here who aren’t what you described.

No. 1663572

lol people already said to stop updating the thread and the moron victimizing the cow saying it doesnt deserve to exist is the one who keeps updating it. again, lots of people got groomed and taken advantage of as children. most of us aren't nasty ass racists calling people subhumans while photoshopping our skin to look like another ethnicity, ironic. plenty of comments saying she looks fine too and should stop the weird photoshop. plenty of us have stated we're against the racist and nasty comments about her childrens looks in general theyre babies. you're like the troons wanting to take down websites because some comments are a little too mean and some people are stalkers even though the site in general exposes shitty people, she's a self-hating racist anachan who panders to a proana groomer collective, even starves herself when she should be putting on weight for her babies, yes she deserves to have her own thread, no it shouldn't be getting updated if there's nothing new to add to it and she intends to change. yes there are nasty comments in here. there are also plenty of valid ones and she clearly recognized that herself when she made a post saying she'd stop living a lie. take your whiteknighting elsewhere you're more likely than not a retarded remiliafaggot

No. 1664874

File: 1664733448371.png (3.21 MB, 1284x2778, DD334209-3EF7-4AA7-B43D-4FD012…)

Guess who’s back! And now- in advertising after being ran off the internet a few weeks for having her real face posted

No. 1664889

good for her for deleting all the pictures with her face -really! she didn't untag the ones from her naive fans, though. little steps, I guess.

No. 1664916

Isn’t that Nick rocherfort’s antique shop? They prob sent her those candles and she’s promoting their shop, nothing wrong with that eh?

No. 1664940

No. 1664993

File: 1664742281561.jpeg (383.95 KB, 823x1377, 1DB68528-FC4D-4696-8D5F-57D500…)

Is she editing her hands to be enormous? Because isn’t she like super petite??? Her hands look normal in videos but in photos it’s almost as if she edits them to be bigger than her face, sum nonnie pointed this out but idk seems oddly uncanny

No. 1665038


No. 1665119

I think she just edits her face smaller so the hands look large in comparison

No. 1665292

Sometimes she will forget to edit other parts of her images or will be lazy and just put blur effect. Usually her face is edited to be shorter and wider so when that is out of proportion, the rest appears odd looking too. Very noticable in old images posted of herself on her IG.

No. 1665514

File: 1664792201507.jpeg (355.82 KB, 1629x1092, 917A2115-FC4D-402C-9582-621622…)

Have you ever seen Scandinavians like pic rel during the summer or just white peoples who live near the beach? Tanning is a natural occurrence that occurs when white people are outdoors a lot.

Huge difference between a natural occurrence like tanning and trying to be healthy and active outdoors and get vitamin D, vs pouring carcinogenic chemicals on your skin, getting plastic surgery to remove your ethnic nose, shooping obsessively to look more Caucasian and wearing contacts while claiming it’s your natural eye color. That and pandering to racist poltard scrotes and generally just being a racist POS yourself.(sage)

No. 1665515

I’ve seen a lot of ig influencers trying to shoop their hands and feet larger. Are they trying to make their limbs look skinnier or something?

No. 1665537

the anon youre replying to is responding to a person who was talking about a middle eastern woman they know personally who made herself look whiter not effina. and i agree as to natural tans but also plenty of white women wear orange self tanner and get bbl and fillers to look more ethnic as well, those are equally as bad as brown women who try to look white

No. 1665662

Why not editing your hands smaller as well?? I think she does it on purpose, maybe it’s a beauty trait in like Kuwait kek

No. 1667011

She likely makes her body look smaller, but forgets about hands because she sees nothing wrong with them or the app she edits pictures in simply doesn't have the option to edit hands (like snow)

No. 1671279

File: 1665361722079.png (730.4 KB, 1672x732, lolcow.png)

The trad uwu idk what 4chan is girl is still as racist as ever

No. 1671293

She's so ugly inside and out lol

No. 1671305

thats not even recent

No. 1671344

where is this from?

No. 1671355

Ok, so someone who had Effina has their pfp said this? Cause this isn’t steadfast proof that she said anything like that. Get us a screen recording of you opening her profile from clicking on that message.

No. 1671389

>trying to ruin the European bloodline
Her white husband is to blame for that. He’s definitely seen the before version of her, he’s 100% capable of rejecting his mammoul mami and finding a nice Dutch wife or something

No. 1671408

Her other racist close friend posts their interactions on a private account.
Funny you try to deny it.
Seeing how her old posts on 4chan were its not surprising she still talks like this to pander to racist scrotes online.

No. 1671412

It's so funny to me that even in her white supremacist skin bleaching/attempted fox eye LARP, she just makes herself look like Michael Jackson

No. 1671414

She's not black, so she can't even be called that lol. She's just a weird gross muddy Arab chick. There's nothing appealing about her, so her only choice is to try and be a knock-off white girl

No. 1671421

Asking for some more solid evidence isn’t trying to deny it. Stop skipping LRC, sped

No. 1671425

File: 1665375518726.png (2.74 MB, 2012x2164, ex.png)

Skip to 26:00 to hear more of her lies.

It was so unnecessary for her to add the lie that Charls is the "only man she's ever been with in her whole life" but she loves to seem like an uwu trad different virginal girl to these scrotes.

She uses the islamic brown culture that she hates and criticizes to push this innocent wife image for validation despite flying to Sweden to give some random guy oral sex which she admitted herself on a board because she loves attention too much. She lies about it to her own husband and family.

No. 1671431

File: 1665376040756.jpg (70.32 KB, 828x444, alice.jpg)

Effina's online friend is Aisha AKA 'Alice'. She is another brown egirl who panders to racist white men online.

A while ago Effina tagged her on Instagram but she removed the post, the girl is still in her following list.

'Alice' had many accounts on Twitter and has a lot of Telegram channels. This is a more private Telegram channel that she shares with friends:

Check it out while it is still here. You will find proof that Aisha is Alice and the messages from Effina are real.

No. 1671447

File: 1665378972373.jpeg (174.35 KB, 1080x730, 9B41E48F-1ED5-4264-BB99-2768C7…)

This is gross lol. These whores need Allah, they should go back to the Middle East and stay in the kitchen instead of opening their legs for random internet racists with 0 racial awareness since they’re ready to throw away their whole lineage for some exotic pussy.

No. 1671509

Fuck outta here back to /pol/ with this racist, misogynistic incel bullshit, moid

No. 1671545

lol, she is what, 20 years old in the vid? and she is speaking of Charls as if they were together for decades. Generally, when she speaks of her relationship with him she is solemn. She either painfully regrets not saving herself for Charls or likes to roleplay as traditional. I doubt she lied to her husband, though, he just doesn't care.

No. 1671594

>orange tanner
Doesn’t change the fact most white people naturally tan anyway, the chemical used in self tanner is a sugar alcohol, not exactly the same as pouring dangerous chemicals all over your skin. Look at any beach in Australia and see how bronzed even pale Brit stock white people can actually go.
Not only ethnic women can have big or perky asses you idiot. In fact, most BBL patients ARE ethnic women.
Okay so only ethnic women have lips or cheekbones or strong jawlines. No white person has that naturally, okay. Racist idiot.

No. 1671601

disgusting, to think she may have turned a new leaf with that post about how social media has negatively affected her and she still is being this gross and hateful in secret?
I don’t feel bad for her anymore. Imagine this person as a your mom lol

No. 1671622

File: 1665408185045.png (1.68 MB, 1674x994, 1.png)


Of course Effina is lurking this thread obsessively and they deleted the channel immediately but there are screenshots.

Aisha who Effina follows on instagram has the username ecoprincess123. Proof from their deleted Telegram channel that Aisha/Alice is ecoprincess123. [1/2]

No. 1671623

File: 1665408270720.png (1.15 MB, 1666x1152, 2.png)


The screenshots that Aisha/Alice posted of her conversations with Effina.

No. 1671625

Funny how as soon as she leaves social media and she’s not milky anymore, a new screenshot of her saying the n-word suddenly pops up. Like post a screen recording of yourself going to the dm kek her twitter hasn’t been up for over a month

No. 1671626

Effina doesn’t type in all lowercase but Aisha or Alice whatever her name is does, she could have faked the dm idiot kek

No. 1671628


All the proof was posted. That Aisha and Effina are close friends and there are interactions between them online, Aisha posts screenshots of her friends complimenting her or using racial slurs or whatever on that channel.

Funny how as soon as proof was posted, the channel was deleted and Aisha deleted her instagram account that Effina follows and you pop up to defend her.

Very suspicious lolz.

No. 1671634

File: 1665409071889.jpeg (72.14 KB, 675x1200, A0E160CB-11FD-494A-B701-A00287…)

James Charles called me the n-word

No. 1671637

File: 1665409359557.jpg (269.11 KB, 1086x1056, 1632506068275.jpg)

omgz the brown james charles loves the n-word too look here >>1633320

No. 1671638


gtfo whiteknight sped

No. 1671642

hi foot

No. 1671686

I don't think this person is interesting or important enough for anyone to fake screenshots of things she already does/says kek. Only she or her friends would have the autism for that (hence the James Charles thing - btw, kind of crazy how even a white gay man in makeup looks less plastic/ugly than the subject of this thread)

No. 1671693

File: 1665416266963.jpeg (68.16 KB, 406x552, 7651661665964181.jpeg)

How could someone so unappealing be this hateful? It blows my mind, honestly…

No. 1671796

Holy shit the vendetta is strong in this thread. How tf did anon access this Telegram between her and her friend, who has never been mentioned before in this thread? Why go through the effort to prove Effina's racist when most people here get that she is racist (marrying an MDE member is all you really gotta know, the /pol/ screenshots make it crystal clear) and why is her friend sharing screenshots like that to a telegram that apparently some rando anon can just access…unless anon is a friend of theirs who is being nasty about an acquaintance for some reason. If you're friends with these two racists you're probably racist too so why come here and cry about it?

No. 1671931

so true nonnie. i get pointing out the comments and charls reaction to them because he shouldnt be joking with them. continuously posting about effina after she deactivated her ig and made a statement is pure vendetta, theres no proof any of those are real or recent. before the retard comes calling me a wk, ive contributed to this thread. by telling her to eat for one. also saying she looks fine when she doesnt do her weird photoshop, cause she does. she looks cute here >>1671693 and this is just the filtered one her friend posted that she didnt shorten her face in. post proof that she said that or leave her the fuck alone at this point. you're obsessed. if you look back the only reason this thread was even revived is because she weirdly photoshopped that one picture and people compared it to this photo from the same night, and she looks PRETTIER in the non-face morphed one with just the filter. you nasty little cunts and faggots calling her a troon, hoping she gets raped, attacking her babies and trying to stalk her sister and obsessively reposting these need to rot and this thread should be locked, you are bigger cows than her at this point thats the last im typing here. but watch theyll have no proof and just keep samefagging reposting shit cause theres no new milk.

No. 1671941

What the fuck is this shitty racebait?

No. 1672022

Probably her "friend"

No. 1672187

Literally nobody in this thread is doing or claiming the last half of your paragraph.

No. 1672200

She's sending her equally racist, demented friends to defend her and try to gaslight people ITT kek

No. 1672234

meanwhile she will sill bend over backwards and act muslim to get that sweet middle eastern moolah from her parents…
the real question is- does she have a clit?? her parents seem like the type.

No. 1672243

This is so true. It has the style of a self-hating (Arab) friend who hates Effina's life decisions and her husband, but at the same time pretends to be supportive and envious that Effina got such a man.

Either this or simply a racist, traditional Arab girl

No. 1672249

How fucking low would you have to sink in life in order to feel the need to pretend this deformed, smelly looking, balding, unemployed manchild is anything but a nasty goblin that should be ostracized from society as a whole

No. 1672261

No what I’m saying is that nobody in this thread is making fun of her kids and hoping she gets raped.

No. 1672275

NTA, but it was demented to say people write things like that here.

No. 1672335

This post was written by an anon that has to be her friend, it’s so obvious. Your friend is an awful person. End of.

No. 1672380

Also "nobody is doing that in this thread' >>1672187
Please read the post tagged above you imbecile. People are wishing rape on her talking shit about her babies and calling her a troon. Just because I like to gossip doesn't mean I'm nasty and would ever wish that upon another woman or find pleasure in calling females trannies when that's literally all they want is to conflate what the fuck it means to be a woman as I said before. I wasn't opposed to this thread existing I'm opposed to gossiping among deranged cunts who wish rape on women and call them troons. You do not belong here

No. 1672381

Nah, I don't know her lol. Learned about her through these threads cause she affiliates or affiliated with the indian groomer. I prefer to browse other threads but I find some of the posters in this particular thread unhinged and disgusting. Pretty certain the people posting fake or outdated screenshots are the same ones who were calling her a troon and wishing rape on her. They seem very angry that there's no new milk so theyre making up things to talk about. I like LC as much as the next bitch I come here to gossip but there is no gossip in this case. Literally get a life

No. 1672389

It's actually demented to say its not written here when you can control f type troon or rape and see it right there lol. Lukewarm IQ behavior. LC is a website for women by women, If i wanted to see people wish gang rape on one I would browse r9k, cunts ITT are acting like scrotes and they need to get out

No. 1672435

Since the calamity with that faggot Keffals and Jersh we’ve been inundated with (mostly moid) refugees from kiwifarms and a steady stream of malding troons, I’d put money on them being the ones racebaiting and wishing rape on Effina. Not that there aren’t some psychotic women who post here but this fuckery reeks of scrote. I can’t speak for anyone else but no matter how much of a shitbag a cow is, wishing rape and any other bodily harm on them is disgusting. We’re here to gossip and laugh at people for being jackasses and garbage humans, not behave like the degenerates of /pol/ and r9k

No. 1672439

Literally nothing about Fotouh says “troon”, it has to be bait, possibly posted by actual troons

No. 1672455

Look at the replies to your "proof", nobody's agreeing with that shit:
"People"? More like you and her other minions (including actual trannies, incels, and other variety of disgusting moids) planting shit. Maybe stop being a racist piece of shit, stop simping for Nazis, and try to find a reason why anyone with a non-rotted brain in their head would marry a man that would happily let other men shit on her own newborn babies' appearances. The truth is, there is none.

No. 1672639

Yeah, troons take notes. Even the ugliest, scrawniest, hairiest is 100% feminine. YWNBAW
Why so much vitriol for “spics” as someone who is Hispanic it just astounds me because she kind of looks like one herself kek

No. 1672649

it's an isolated case which no one agreed with. things like that are ignored or shunned and it's stupid to act like it's normal based on that. besides, the post doesn't literally say "I wish her to be raped". it says she should meet with the people she loves to appeal to (incels, pol, and r9k moids) so she would realise that they have no respect for her.

No. 1672863

Jealousy over thicc latinas. She is one of the most insecure women alive.

No. 1673030

This. When that anon posted that, nobody agreed with it.
This anon >>1663531 >>1671931 is claiming that the whole thread is agreeing on the disgusting wish to have her assaulted and harassing her sister, calling her a troon etc. Which nobody is doing other than moids trying to ruin and derail the thread. I don’t even acknowledge those gross posts because that’s not relevant to anything. And even those posts have like 3 replies condemning what they are saying? Get a grip, read the rest of the thread.

No. 1673102

So many bumps, so little milk. Grim.

No. 1673228


so true again nonna, zero even. theres still no proof this is real >>1671279 like i know most women dont agree with that, still why the fuck are you bumping the thread? she's practically off social media she doesnt post photoshopped pictures anymore (the reason this thread was revived) she admitted to living a lie, what is the point of all this. shes off taking care of her babies and people itt are regurgitating the same old points about her dating the guy who GROOMED her? its years old milk. anyone can read about it in the old threads. i do think she shouldve owned up to it but if she deactivated her social media and said ok im gonna stop all this who the fuck is anyone to force it out of her mouth. there is simply no new milk.

reposting years old shit as if its milk reeks of the possible troon who was reposting that gif from like the first thread wishing gang rape on her. weve been over the fact she said racist shit in the past and didnt own up to it, i too find it offensive and gross considering im "subhuman" by her standards too but how do you care enough to go in circles about it? i sure don't.
this actually sounds racist in itself considering im like multiple shades lighter than her and look absolutely nothing like her as a "spic"? we are all mixed and look like all different kinds of people she literally just looks arab which is what she is.

and if she was jealous of thicc latinas she wouldnt be an anachan lol, like duh, you people need to get a grip.

exactly like why don't you prove you're actually posting real milk? cause all i'm seeing are old screenshot and the same regurgitated points. just because it deserved to be made in the first place doesnt mean it should be getting bumped by vendettachans repeating themselves ad nauseam, please.

No. 1673241

ayrt, and i was one of the people to disagree with it lmao. not her minion. learned about her by reading this very thread because it was once posted in a server. didnt even contribute to the last ones cause i didnt know she existed then. hate the gross milady people and the ugly groomer they orbit, find her cringe as fuck for ever pandering to that proana pedo and anyone like him. but a lot of these posts are reeking of the same person who reposted that old gif and practically all thats being discussed on her since she left social media has all been said before. thinking that we are accepting whatever nasty troon faggot or cunt was making those nasty comments (and yes "should be send to incel parties only to get gang raped by the people she panders to" is wishing gang rape on someone, what she should do is stop pandering to them and stay the fuck away from them, thats it. there is 0 reason to bring gang rape into it) and gossiping with them about a woman who essentially was like "ok i give in im living a lie im getting off social media for my mental health this is too much im gonna focus on my family" you like beating dead horses? Its one thing if she was still online posting interacting with groomers while having the most obviously face morphed images, that makes one a cow. she isnt anymore. what is there to talk about on her specifically that hasnt been said before? nothing.

No. 1673254

anyways sorry for samefagging idc to be called a wk anymore i hate her crowd and i believe shes been a racist piece of shit in the past and that the people she surrounds herself with have ranged from groomers to freaks of all kinds until recently but i also believe what really matters to her since becoming a mother is her family. shes seen the nasty comments ppl made about her kids and her husband being a race traitor maybe thatll help her think twice before making comments calling people subhumans in reference to their race or ethnicity. is it atonement, not really atonement would mean owning up to shit you obviously did, but do i care to keep repeating the same shit about her groomer ex or old posts until or if she ever does admit to everything, no i dont give a shit. and neither should anyone else, but go on i guess.

No. 1673265

There is literally proof if you scroll up and actually read.

If the screenshot wasn't real and if Aisha faked it, why does Effina follow Aisha on Instagram? Why did they immediately delete the channel? Because IT IS real.

Also the screenshot was posted by Aisha recently. Anyone who searches about her in the future should find all the different updated evidence of who she is.

No. 1673269

Also I have never made fun of her husband or her kids or her family and I actually condemn that. I am only critical of her character.

I don't care that she says the n-word to her friends or whatever. What bothers me about her is that she's an insecure coward with multiple fake personas who doesn't own up to what she says. She plays different characters depending on which audience she's addressing and she goes into panic mode when these audiences overlap. She only deletes her Twitter/Instagram out of fear of being found out and also because she's a people pleaser. These screenshots are further proof of that and they are critiques of her dishonesty and lack of integrity. Not her appearance nor her friends or family.

No. 1673288

I was shocked by the audacity for her to say that Charls was the only man she’s ever been with in her life. She is trying to paint the picture that she is a trad virginal and innocent woman which appeals strongly with the incels who fetishize it. Yet, she is “based” because she is with Charls from MDE and says the nword and browses /pol/. She is dishonest and simply not a good person. The only reason why she is taking a break from social media (she made her ig public again, yet still kept that one photo of her photoshopped to hell) is because she got caught, not because she learned her lesson. The fact that the anons above that are defending her can’t see this is beyond.(learn2sage)

No. 1673293

Yes. Good for her for deleting her social media, but how many times has she deleted and restored it already?

When the first thread came up and she was exposed she went into hiding. After a while she came back and slowly started posting heavily edited pictures again and associating with the "trad circle". Then she was called out again in another thread and cowardly deleted her social media accounts again. It is a cycle.

She never admitted to plastic surgery until a famous Instagram account exposed her, and she is afraid of critique, so she made a video explaining how she got a nose job because she "broke her nose" to save face.

The cow just keeps coming back with more milk. Hopefully she repents forever and stops lying/grifting and heavily editing her photos. Otherwise, new threads calling her out will obviously keep coming up in the future.

No. 1673348

Her character is shit because she's hateful toward other races of women, and she's overall a massive pickme who doesn't even seem to mind throwing her kids under the bus to please random white men. At the same time, she'll never be white, and it clearly fucks with her brain how unremarkable she is, so I don't feel bad for making fun of her appearance or her weird husband. She can't help looking unfortunate, being Arab with brown skin, being unable to resist the urge to botch herself with plastic surgery and being a self-hating Photoshop addict. Another woman also can't help being latina, black, etc but she has no mercy for them, so I see no reason to be nice.

No. 1673511

FYI this wasn’t Effina, this was Aisha’s friend who was a guy and had her as his pfp. The second screenshot of Effina calling Aisha Mediterranean is her though. Aisha deleted the telegram because she doesn’t want random strangers from lolcow joining a private channel with just her friends, not because she was hiding anything. Why would she try to hide it when the screenshot is already out there? Bottom line is, it wasn’t Effina. It was someone else with her as his pfp and she doesn’t even type like that. So fuck off

No. 1673544

i can understand that because the things she said on those threads are very hateful but they’re years old and to my knowledge she hasn’t said anything of the like since leaving that swedish groomer. she genuinely seems like shes trying to grow and change as a new mom. many of her friends are poc and she is poc herself, i think she’s finally accepting that especially since growing out of her trauma that was caused by her groomer. yes, it doesn’t excuse her behavior but she’s trying. most of the fucked up things being said in this thread are probably posted by the groomer himself and that girl that was posting her tits and promoting her onlyfans in the last thread.

No. 1673553

File: 1665586080858.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3465x3465, 6E6E1675-7AC6-4BF4-8E9E-1A322F…)

who FYI also photoshops her pictures to hell while shitting on effina and dragging other women down on her tumblr. she’s still posting on this thread and i know that because she’s the anon that doesn’t know how to sage properly. she changed her tumblr or deactivated it since self-posting in the last thread because people were pointing it out. she was extremely woke on her tumblr but calls effina a sand n* and aladdin on here. and replied to herself on the other thread praising how perfect her body is and how she’s better than effina because she’s white.

No. 1673585

Just a small correction: she refered to other women as hambeasts, just a few months ago. I am not so sure about her whole redemption arch but that's just me.

No. 1673606

>average lolcow user

No. 1673620

why r u talking as if the swedish guy forced her to write those things at gunpoint?? she was an 18-20 year old woman not a stupid child and she would constantly post like that on her own. all the people she's associated atm are twitter racists. she just went through the 4chan to extremist twitter pipeline, no difference.

this woman is no different from effina they r both insane on the same level lols. both hateful racists who heavily photoshop their pics

post proof that it was a guy friend? effina had that pfp on twitter for a while and she would type casually in small letters at times. plus she would always claim that there are slaves in the middle east (like she did post on 4chan before that she has "filipino slaves", spams n-word and makes fun of jews) it's just smth that effina would 100% say

No. 1673683

that's charls' ex-girlfriend

No. 1673740

File: 1665600107441.jpeg (576.94 KB, 1168x1870, DCCF54FF-8D47-4896-BFC2-1DA181…)

yeah and she claimed they were together for 4 years and he forced her to get an abortion although she was with this kyle guy in 2017 (they seem to have been together for like a decade and broke up in 2019). she was saying that then started promoting her onlyfans and posting pictures of her tits saying shit like “does this make effina mad” while acting like a victim. she was also replying to herself saying “wow she looks so young” when she’s 30 years old.

No. 1673744

File: 1665600213675.jpeg (112.47 KB, 885x1212, 0131F5DB-6CF5-4A48-A223-E09C79…)

No. 1673753

File: 1665600775504.jpeg (1016.7 KB, 3465x3465, DD772F67-7AA9-4B49-ADE4-2CF404…)

oh and she photoshopped this picture of her deceased grandmother lol.

No. 1673759


No one cares. Go delete some more photos.

No. 1674064

No one cares about some girl who Charles hooked up with ages before, other than you, Effina. She was obviously smart and got out of that relationship.

No. 1674068

>>1673740 wow she's 30? She does look young, get over it kek

No. 1674267

>sand n*
Ladies, this isn’t twitter, you don’t need to censor your language
This is Foot’s thread, how is this ewhore relevant to current milk? I smell self-posting

No. 1674318

Could be reported as racebait, retard

No. 1685079

Effina is cuter probably why she kept spamming the thread

No. 1685109

anne was also posted in the twitter e-girls thread and on /lit/ about her disingenuous nazi-kaliacc sympathetic past so there's a habit of either self-posting or orbiting weirdos who post about her >>>/snow/1519571

No. 1685435

Fotouh and the word cute should be only used in a sentence when „not“ is between them

No. 1696528

Lmao at triggered fat roasties who can't find a man to raise a family with and a man to love you, let alone piss on you if you were bursting into flames to save your fucking empty and depressing life.

What kind of fucking fat, repulsive, damaged goods do you have to be to sit her and hate on some z-tier non-celebs and their personal life.

To charls, effina and family. Hate never comes from above. Only from below. These are the ugliest, most repulsive sad people that are too surrounded by their own shit and piss to realize the spiteful, shallow, and empty an existence they are leading.

Their entire input and opinion is largely useless to the universe and they are starved for attention and need to feel important in their own sad little world.(Charls and effina still bumping this thread to whiteknight themselves)

No. 1696532

you need to learn to sage and integrate or just leave. this is embarrassing for you

No. 1696732

fotouh is already getting bored from her hyatus lol

No. 1696771

>hate only comes from below.
Is that why Effina called Hispanics disgusting and dirty, cause she thinks she’s below them? Kek.

No. 1696865

That’s not how racebait works, retard
I wish her post history would be revealed, I reckon she’s self-posting even more than we think is

No. 1697011

Have you not now implicated yourself as below us as you're now hating on us kek
Plus Footface is definitely hateful, she even hates herself!

No. 1697053

File: 1668094265580.png (712.26 KB, 760x759, skelly.png)

should we move this thread to the pro-ana scumbags? shameless body check, plus some editing for dramatic effect. makes me feel a bit nauseated.

No. 1697068

She called them spics forgetting it's equally as ez to call her an ugly sandnigger

No. 1697069

KEK oh my god is this real??? Did someone actually go to the effort of typing this all out and then STILL thought it was a good idea to post it??? My fucking sides, this is a new frontier of cringe. Petition to make this the new lc copypasta.

No. 1697070

Smells like a self post. Please try to be more subtle.

No. 1697073

>damaged goods
>u can’t find a man sweaty
>um your FAT
Girl…stop dickriding 4chan scrotes and trying to sound like one, this tiny incel chode penis envy is pathetic, even for you.

No. 1697078

Arabs are some of the most racist people on the planet tbh, I went to school with a shit ton of them. They have a huge inferiority complex about being brown, big nosed and inbred, but they simultaneously think they are better than others due to Islamic brainwashing, oil blood money and the fact they believe themselves to be caucasoid. It leads to a weird racial schizophrenia where they are fine with being nasty racist pieces of shit to other races and believe they are white, but also feel an inferiority and psychosexual envy towards actual whites and are obsessed with bleaching their skin, wearing contacts and getting nose jobs to look more Caucasian. Very mixed up, mentally unhinged people.(racebait)

No. 1697079

>write rage essay
>still bump the thread
kek. i forgot about this weird, racist photoshop addict until i saw this thread on the first page. good job
/pol/tard nonsense = ugly, gross mentally obese behavior btw. find god.

No. 1697084

tbh not all arabs are like this, but i've definitely seen living examples of what you're talking about. it's very sad.

No. 1697086

I know not all Arabs are like that, but sadly a lot of them are. Especially the younger generation who are brought up with a lot of wealth. They also bitch about Jews constantly despite also being Semitic and obsessed with money like them kek, their lack of self awareness is funny.

No. 1697092

Old milk and I don’t mean to sound horrible but why are their eyes literally bulging out of their heads? Are they okay? Being ana chan during pregnancy is so harmful to the babies and often the mom too, I can’t believe someone would be so narcissistic as to risk their babies development like that.

No. 1697209

They just have an ugly ass dad

No. 1697648

barely born babies will always look weird. if they still have bulgy eyes after a few months, then yeah their dad is just ugly af as mentioned above by anon.(sage)

No. 1698908

Are you proud of losing your virginity with that Swedish pedophile and not being able to feed your children during and after pregnancy because being skinny is more important?

No. 1698957

I just had a baby (full term) and my newborn does NOT look like that. It honestly looks like either a nutrient deficiency, genetic (from moms side), or (most likely) because they were very premature. They’re a few months old in this photo, so they’re no longer newborns. I do feel bad that they had to spend the first weeks/months of their lives hooked up to machines in the ICU. no baby deserves that :((:()

No. 1699062

they come from bad stock and then their mom starved herself when she was pregnant, which made them retarded

No. 1699244

you're lucky to be another idiot birthing creatures with no future in 2022. if you were lucky enough to occupy this role as a middle or upper class western woman in the 1800s, infant and child mortality would be normal to you. many prolific middle class men impregnated their wives until they died.(calm down)

No. 1699264

Ok schizo? What was the point here..? I had no interventions so i actually birthed 1800s-style as I had an unassisted pregnancy and childbirth because unlike footy, I actually nourished my body and didn’t starve my baby in the fucking womb.

Effina’s kids would have died in the 1800s since feeding tubes and oxygen didn’t exist back then. She probably tells herself the $2 million NICU bill wasn’t her fault but deep down she knows it is.

No. 1699290

sage your weird mommy shit

No. 1699309

why are you so hostile? there was no need to be a retarded asshole.

No. 1699419

File: 1668399014160.jpg (390.15 KB, 1080x1073, IMG_20221113_230623.jpg)

Her shopped face is slowly creeping out on recent pictures. Not to long until she starts posting edited selfies again. Beware.

No. 1699420

Being unnecessarily hostile towards babies and mothers is not a personality trait anon. How unfortunate for you and your parents your mother birthed a "creature" such as you.

No. 1699428

I’m pretty sure it’s the tranny starting flame wars again

No. 1699470

Congratulations, no one cares about your crotchfruit and miscellaneous tradthottery.
Imagine bragging about your pregnancy on an anonymous gossip board, breeders are insufferable(infighting)

No. 1699542

lol, said someone annoyed by a person sharing info related to the topic about infant development. no one cares you hate mothers and children.

No. 1699646

File: 1668445005939.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1242x2168, 2E71F150-2E6B-4DA3-8986-43FCC9…)

at least she looks like her real color (brown) in recent pics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 1699658

Looks like her real chin too

No. 1699659

that's not a recent pictures and not her real face. also, just for the record, she is far more brown.

No. 1699712

i think its really nice that she's showing closer to a realistic skin tone and appearance rather than photoshopping. even if it isn't 100% real, its a much better route than a majority of instathots choose, and shes more or less sticking to her word if such is the case. looks pretty similar to >>1671693

id appreciate the irony of charls being the photoshopped one in this photo and effina being the more natural character, but id wager to say that they didn't do so for a laugh but rather to take any heat off of effina and claim "uh, duh, we're obviously both edited!" or something if his fans comment nasty things about her natural appearance.

No. 1700333

This is an old pic, she posted it on her story months ago

No. 1700649

File: 1668545302469.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1418x1910, C208EE16-7078-4935-B059-331FC7…)

Did she FaceApp smile him

No. 1702646

File: 1668748311455.jpeg (374.76 KB, 1283x1600, 40A3BF98-93D8-492D-8FB7-31B0BB…)

She tries to lighten her baby’s eyes to make them look blue as she’s stated before that both of them have blue eyes but they clearly don’t even with the failed shooped pics lol

No. 1702659

If she is she's doing a shit job of it that baby's eyes are like black kek.

No. 1702850

i don't think she's doing that? their eyes looked blue when they were newborns not because she photoshopped them, this is common, it can take about a year for the final color to show up sometimes up to 3. they can indeed go from bluish to brown. my eyes were blue for about that long then they turned green, but i can still see some blue in them when i take close up pictures.

No. 1702956

lmao imagine being a woman and not knowing most babies are born with blue eyes… unless…

No. 1705376

File: 1669016599264.jpg (264.38 KB, 1080x1362, IMG_20221121_024223.jpg)

That color is ugly as hell and she keeps editing her fucking eyes

No. 1705378

These babies are horrible as well, bloody hell…

No. 1705385

File: 1669018886193.jpg (201.03 KB, 1080x1196, IMG_20221121_031805.jpg)

She is also back at Twitter, with no selfies but retweeting fanart of her photoshopped face. Which means she is pretty much back at the same place. Go back offline, Fotouh, or at least show your real face and stop deceiving people.

No. 1708491

Shes also still edited her jaw this. she’ll never change, she continues to deactivate when the heat from the thread is too much and then she slowly slithers back when it dies down. There’s no real reflection or personal growth happening in this girl, she’ll be an attention starved cautionary tale no matter what

No. 1708804

Did she do anything actually pointedly bad, other than being insecure and having scrotish thoughts that she posted about before hopping into the tradwife pipeline? I also fail to see how being racist is cow tier material kek, but I guess she’s just an easy target because she’s an anachan who reproduce defective multiples with an ugly scrote

No. 1708943

nothing like taking a heroin chic selfie looking like you just got out of the ed recovery ward with your two newborns who were born premature because of your low BMI

No. 1708956

great to see her dogshit ugly sandnigger genetics are really coming out here.
before we know it they'll look like the middle aged arab men selling cigarettes at the corner store.(racebait)

No. 1709245

disgusting comment. I think she deserved the fact that her genes we’re the dominant ones and not charls so she can be faced with the reality that she isn’t white, but saying gross things about toddlers that have no stake in any of this is really messed up.

No. 1710128


Imagine having nothing better to do on Thanksgiving than to post about Effina on this sad, sad forum.

Don't you have anyone who loves you anon?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1710262

Don't you know that not everyone lives in the US and celebrates Thanksgiving?

No. 1710273

Nta but the unlovable, sad racist anon sounds like an American with nothing better to do on Thanksgiving.

No. 1711215

I used to have a selfie Aisha posted of herself on twitter saved but she’s very unattractive. She was wearing headscarf, had huge eyebrows and was wearing glasses. Genuinely an unattractive and dorky-looking woman so it’s kinda hilarious someone so mousy is a cunt online.

No. 1711697

Fotouh posting edited selfies on IG again. That's the end of her redemption arch, I guess.

No. 1711874

This is so awful, it seems like Charls doesn't encourage her to gain weight at all, on the contrary, he enjoys it…

No. 1713114

File: 1669685174999.jpeg (79.81 KB, 719x543, EE0124A8-3CA6-4F2F-B3A3-DD6B11…)

No. 1713115

her baby looks like a swollen mini me

No. 1713162

File: 1669687739596.gif (3.25 MB, 480x204, CB77B0A1-5C61-4027-9CCA-273F21…)

Anon, how dare you say that

No. 1713209

Damn bitch buy a lint brush! Reminds me of that twitter tradthot who doesn't iron her cheap wrinkled skirts.

No. 1713221

All her recent stories and posts she's knitting and reading the Bible w/ Charles and wearing Hijabs. These people are so hypocritical. Footoo gets her nose broken and cut off to look like a different person at the age of 17, sleeps with a pedophile from Sweden and now she is raising children of the biggest MDE scrote, how can she be so proud? Is she actually delusional?

No. 1713240

The child has downs?

No. 1713242

Fotouh is far from the only one (see: Grimes, Kardashians… so many others) but why do people who hate their own phenotype enough to have it surgically altered go on to reproduce?

No. 1713286

Being insecure about one of your features doesn't mean people only reproduce for what their child may LOOK like. I doubt you're a looker yourself and we could all probably find a few things you could surgically alter to look better, why would you reproduce? The people in this thread are as pathetic as ever, completely milkless since she left social media

No. 1713289

Oh sorry, she came back and is posting… pics covering her face and her babies again just for anons to gossip about them. Imagine not choosing to be born and already within your first year of life having to pay for your mothers mistakes with grown women talking shit about you on a forum you don't even have the brain capacity to know exists, that I don't stand for, how would you feel finding this out when you grow up searching archives of your moms name? I hope they don't. And I know she shouldn't be posting them because of the types of people who follow her but jumping on that bandwagon is just gross.

No. 1713293

Something is severely wrong with that child

No. 1713312

Nah but they could impose their BDD on their kids in certain ways, my mother would always nitpick her appearance and then was surprised and a little insulted at how insecure I was about things I inherited from her. Insecure self hatings racists shouldn't have kids.

No. 1713328

baby inherited her original nose lol.
how will she spin this later when they get older? is she going to photoshop all their photos too?

No. 1713339

They have a mix of effys fathers nose and Charles hook nose, even worse

No. 1713415

NTA, but you completely missed the point. She is insecure about nearly all her features, some of which her children inevitably inherited. She will hate those features on her children. That is why people who dislike their appearance so much that they change everything shouldn't reproduce, at least not before they realise it's messed up.

No. 1713420

Charls and Effina are trying to lead the "trad life" of being married, rising children, crocheting, reading holy scriptures and…violating their children's privacy by posting their pictures on social media to show to strangers.

No. 1713617

God, everything looks so cheap ando tasteless in kuwait…

No. 1714278

Yes she shoops herself to have different eye color and skin color and changes a lot about her face it wasnt just one surgery and everyone else is pointing out its because of self hatred nonnie one surgery isnt the same thing but she still cant accept herself obviously from all the other shoops after her surgery in these threads that it's not any specific feature its the whole face. Its like how some people use some filters that will make it look like they had multiple surgeries and fillers but add changing eye and skin color so ethnic inferiority is a part of it

No. 1714433

File: 1669801038346.jpeg (393.56 KB, 1125x1862, 93AA802C-3611-458C-9036-B10175…)

No. 1714495

still photoshopped but at least her skin color is closer to her natural one

No. 1714523

how does she post this shit and think it looks okay lmao

No. 1714534

Obviously she didn’t because I think she deleted it now lmao

No. 1714539

File: 1669818238496.jpeg (360.41 KB, 1365x1344, 8C6DE5B3-43FA-47DC-9B0A-570A9D…)


No. 1714553

That's one real ugly retarded looking spawn. In nature, parents in the animal kingdom would kill it. Both spawns are fucking deformed and retarded. Subhuman. Should've been an aboytion.

No. 1714561

Omg look at those two fucking ugly retarded spawns. Just look at those defective genetics. I've never seen such ugly deformed babies before in my whole entire life lmaooo narcs need to be sterilized.

No. 1714591

Oh my god, being an anachan means your child will come out as a mongoloid? That’s horrifying

No. 1714597

How retarded do you have to be to suggest an ugly baby would be killed in the animal kingdom? The baby is just ugly, not deformed. some really weird, unintelligent babble right there.

No. 1714611

Weirdo loser samefag.

No. 1714721

How retarded are you to not understand it is implied animals in nature kill their own offspring if those young are defective and deformed and that humans should do the same? You're fucking stupid.

No. 1714763


I like this terminology

No. 1714809

Her beauty mark is bouncing around lmao

No. 1715053

Oh god, here we go againnnn
Her eyes and nose are STILL photoshopped. After all this time being away from social media, she just can't be saved from her own shallowness. A very lonely one.

No. 1715485

She legit looks like a troon here

No. 1715489

All babies are fucking hideous but Foot’s crotchfruit are especially unfortunate looking. I’d go so far as to say they’re the ugliest babies I’ve ever seen, no hyperbole

No. 1715686

POV: You hold Effina and Charles’ baby and you are Latino (it’s parents trained him to hate all brown people except mommy)

No. 1715754

In reality, she could easily pass as Mestizo. She really is a self hating racist. She looks much more ethnic here than in any pictures she has posted of herself that I've seen, and than she deletes it. Nothing wrong with appearing dark. Fotouh is not smart and would rather trick her young girl followers into thinking this amount of self-hating is normal, than own up. It's not normal.

No. 1715784

File: 1669905117164.jpeg (85.29 KB, 1170x1252, 553F96B4-A691-4574-A8EE-2BCB8F…)

At least she is kinda self aware. Kinda hard to sustain life when you’re living with a full blown ED. Hopefully she doesn’t reproduce again, for the child’s sake.

No. 1715839

babies are ugly retards plus they will inevitably grow up to be terrible people who deserve it based on their demonic parents' genes. you couldn't pay me to care.

No. 1715864

it was born schizo

No. 1716062

File: 1669928988219.jpg (52.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

He looks just like his father!

No. 1716747

A face only a mother could love

No. 1716863

Bro I’m pregnant rn and lowkey terrified that my son will also look this retarded, I’m also ME and my hubby is white pls pray for us

No. 1716958

as long as you are healthy and so is your husband, your baby will be fine. also it’s not the end of the world that your child will not be the cutest child? what you should worry about is your baby’s and your own health.

No. 1717343

File: 1670068068570.jpg (207.56 KB, 1000x930, 24c57854-7300-11ed-bb5a-525400…)

No. 1717346

Kek Charls the trade waifu

No. 1717390

kek her face is so man-like even the ai thought so too.

No. 1717394

That’s not Charles…

No. 1717471

Ew why’s she posting this random fat guy

No. 1717508

You’d know if you read the fucking threads

No. 1717541

File: 1670090631174.png (71.53 KB, 275x155, 1620615378866.png)

It's her pedo ex lover.

I wonder what she tells Charles about the context of these pics. "Oh he's just a good friend" lmao
I don't think if he was just a good friend that he would have made those accounts with pictures of Effia and him together after she got with Charles. I wonder if she feels bad about leaving the Swedish Pedo for the American Pedo like that.

No. 1717624

People itt are creepy fr. Why are you trying the anime AI bot on this woman and her pedo ex bf? Thats gross.
Also imagine being pregnant and sitting here talking shit about babies appearance.. gross women.

No. 1717812

Bro no1curr. Tell it to /g/

No. 1718054

you are just as bad as her if the only thing that worries you is the appearance of a child.

No. 1718115

she has a type

No. 1718145

Why do people think she is lying to Charls about the Swedish guy? There is no way he doesn't know, he just doesn't care she had a boyfriend.

No. 1718300

Which is what?
Disgusting psychopath white men, who are probably pedophiles?
Seems fitting for someone as awful as her, she probably knows that she's bottom barrel.

No. 1726583

She looks black here

No. 1727131

I hope that they're at the pediatrician to figure out why the kids look retarded and/or deformed

No. 1727140

don't forget balding!

No. 1727144

To me she looks Hispanic kek maybe that's why she's so vile and racist towards Hispanic women.

No. 1727648

foot wishes she was Hispanic

No. 1727764

her lips always look so fucked up and I assumed it was the result of fillers, but seeing that her kids have it too makes me wonder: was Effina inbred? I have never seen a human with such weirdly flared lips with no blending to the skin. wouldn't surprise me that her trad muslim family interbred tbh.

No. 1727766

also @ her anorexia- she poses and angles her photos SO HARD to hide her literal birthing hips that she gained from having kids… it's disturbing to say the least.

No. 1728090

File: 1671131152414.png (818.32 KB, 742x960, alejandro.png)

this is the girl who had "persian sumerian princess" in her twitter bio and posts about how she's "not brown". only thing she inherited from her persian iranian side of the family are her eyes and love of plastic surgeries. her big nose tip (even after 2 nose jobs), big lips, tan skin and long face really make her look african arab more than anything else. peep the jawline it looks drawn on

i remember seeing that aisha girl. she sends thirst traps for white scrotes online and she only ever posts pictures of herself as a toddler. she does have big frizzy hair, thick eyebrows, a big nose and no lips. like effina, she only posts about how much she hates jews and browns (both races that they resemble strongly). birds of the same feather?

No. 1728104

File: 1671131855609.jpg (72.38 KB, 816x719, effy.jpg)

not to say that she's ugly but it's pretty contradictory to look down on ethnicities that you look like you may belong to.

No. 1728621

She hates herself so in her mind it's justified to take out that hate on people that look like her. Where did you get that image from btw? Are those one of the ones she posted on 4chan?

No. 1729379

i dont believe the persian ancestry larp, i do believe shes arab/saudi/kuwaiti admixture though.

any persian ancestry is likely ajami people which are sometimes are shia muslim ( unsure if effina is shia or sunni) and have admixture from arabs in gulf countries they settled in ( might be inncorrect here).

even then she doesnt look like gulf ajami people.

she does look run of the mill kuwaiti/gulf arab.

many who are very pretty not saying this as a diss.

No. 1729380

File: 1671260200208.jpeg (416.95 KB, 959x980, 16EDF734-3ED3-4B15-9128-B85144…)

pictures ive seen of her dad looks like he has black ancestry mixed with arab.

No. 1729415

her dad looks like fat yeezy and i will never be able to unsee this

No. 1729472

File: 1671286849952.png (1.74 MB, 1125x2436, 5BEF49A7-1166-4228-A9BB-25753B…)

No. 1729473

File: 1671286872473.png (2.54 MB, 1125x2436, 5124B22F-F32C-45EC-BE94-90BDFB…)

No. 1729482

I feel sorry for her dad. Imagine having a daughter, loving her, and she ends up hating any resemblance to you and speaks badly of your African ancestors because she wants to be cool to some 4chan scrotes.
Similar thing with Gigi Hadid, she was influenced by her racist mother to change her face so that she doesn't look Arabian like her father.

No. 1729510

40% of Gulf Arabs have maternal African ancestry(due to the slave rape) This is a typical look for gulfies and it wouldn't considered "black" in those regions like the west
He's probably just as racist as her, she just extends the gulfie racist to her own kind

No. 1729522

File: 1671291911224.jpg (561.53 KB, 828x1423, RI.jpg)

Living in the U.S. gave her a reality check. She went from photoshopping herself to look whiter and claiming she isn't brown to meeting people who mistake her as the "spics" and South Asian "browns" she hates so much.

No. 1729528

File: 1671292216523.jpg (399.12 KB, 996x1003, Screenshot_2022-12-16-07-30-05…)

ring ring Hello Fotouh, this your father calling you to tell you to stop denying your heritage. click

No. 1729541

File: 1671293631829.jpg (2.22 MB, 4096x2730, GridArt_20221217_080309253.jpg)

She has photoshopped and plastic surgeried away all of her supposed "Persian" features to look white. This picture looks like two people of different ethnic origins, definitely not father and daughter. Her mom is Iranian for crying out loud, you're telling me she has zero Arabic features like the nose and the skin and yet she has slanted, light eyes too? I don't think so…she really must think other people are below her and actually, "intellectually challenged".

No. 1729588

Sorry if I’m stupid for only just now realizing this but apparently her and Charls have only been in a relationship for 2 years…and they’re already married with 2 preemie babies that are likely malnourished through having a carelessly anachan “mother”. Why do I have the feeling that this is going to come crashing down soon kjëk

No. 1729590

File: 1671301875933.jpeg (406.69 KB, 797x787, C92E29B3-80BD-4556-B524-DDB8E3…)

Sorry samefag forgot to include the pic

No. 1729687

Rhode Island isn’t really representative of the US. It’s very liberal and they have a ton of foreign international students there so they’re very used to Asians and Arabs and Indians and Jews.

No. 1729688

File: 1671315618872.png (6.48 MB, 1242x2208, 60DCB857-7127-4BF3-A17B-51F371…)

That’s just most Iranian girls though, they are obsessed with plastic surgery and hate looking ethnic. They have a weird complex about being ‘Aryan’ because it’s a Persian word and origin theory. At the very least most of them get a nose job but in Tehran you’ll see women who have had so much surgery they look like western bimbo pornstars. That whitewashed yassified look might be considered problematic in the west but in Iran it’s so common that nobody bats an eyelid.

No. 1729690

File: 1671315767645.jpeg (26.81 KB, 345x345, A5772BE7-7E4E-4D99-A7E3-CE9919…)

Another example of a bogged whitewashed Iranian woman. Fotouhs obsession with surgery is honestly mild compared to many of these women.

No. 1729714

File: 1671318540040.jpg (2.45 MB, 4096x2730, GridArt_20221217_150557441.jpg)

Yeah guys Effina only got plastic surgery to not appear Iranian and used Photoshop to appear white in a mild way, so it's okay. kek

No. 1729727

Yeah I feel like getting weird plastic surgery to resemble a sexy cat is just quintessential Persian girl culture lol

No. 1729895

File: 1671342494502.jpg (106.87 KB, 450x568, Lurs.jpg)

what's even weirder is the fact that these same women look down on the few ethnic groups in Iran that do have these features that they desire, simply cause they are poorer and don't speak proper persian

No. 1729950

I don't really care if plastic surgery and bizarre features are the norm where she's from, her parent's still paid a doctor to bleach her skin and chop her nose off and fill her face with fillers so that she could become Michael Jackson.

No. 1729963

File: 1671356825521.jpeg (329.76 KB, 1170x1458, 2B4AC84F-38DF-4EFC-9A95-71F5FC…)


No. 1729983

File: 1671362449590.png (112.07 KB, 300x300, lol.png)

ur wrong about that. fotouh makes herself look just as cartoony as her iranian cohorts

& trust me she knows exactly what aryanism is and deluded herself into thinking that shes some persian-aryan indo-european goddess.

No. 1729986

File: 1671363430052.jpg (403.06 KB, 3454x3100, teehee.jpg)


she has so much self hatred its unbelievable. hangs around people who post about truth & beauty, both things are foreign to fotouh. it doesnt even stop at plastic surgery & photoshop.

she doesnt even like her given name and replaces it with an alias instead. doesnt identify with her race, ethnicity, family, religion NOTHING. she is a terminally online herd woman with no real identity outside the internet.

No. 1730029

Damn sucks to be an Iranian woman

No. 1730131

You can have a problem with it but you’re not gonna stop women from getting surgery to look like pornstars, it’s deeply ingrained in their culture and women have been getting nose jobs since the 60s and 70s

No. 1730381

Arabs can be pretty racist. The trans-Saharan slave trade (where Arabs enslaved blacks) lasted thousands of years. There are still remnants of it in countries like Mauritania.

No. 1731880

File: 1671955819079.jpeg (890.02 KB, 1242x1674, 3A084062-C351-4CF1-8201-8E2408…)

she did the ai art thing where she looks 5 shades lighter than her real skintone again

No. 1733141

File: 1672229373227.png (8.31 MB, 1125x2436, 3BB7BD33-5B74-4936-BBEA-9874D8…)

No. 1733142

It’s so sad seeing infants abandoned to the hands of a man. Where is their mother? Why is this balding fat scrote holding them?

No. 1733151

He looks like a pedo neighbor who broke into their house

No. 1733287

No. 1733292

I guess props for Charls for being present as a father but both him and Effina need to be more offline

No. 1733299

This is a deranged nitpick nonna, he’s their father. Expecting mothers to hold their babies 24/7 and do 100% of the parenting is extremely scrote brained.

No. 1733375

I don’t even understand posting pictures of a random person’s kids without context lol is that milk?

No. 1733829

File: 1672340034453.png (13.41 MB, 3048x2014, fotouhai.png)


Made some with her more natural pictures and closer to her real skintone and eyecolor. Happy New Year Fotouh!

No. 1733976

File: 1672355681787.jpeg (1.63 MB, 3465x3465, D081E9AB-03BD-419A-9024-295911…)

Sage for autistic tinfoil but
Am I the only one that thinks Fotouh wants to look east asian rather than white, instead of photoshopping traditionally european features I think she shoops east asian ones. I mean, look at the comparison. Her style is even more in line with the elegant korean "Ulzzang" style than any style that white girls wear (Which is why footy randomly wears vintage dresses.)

No. 1733984

A lot of Middle Eastern influencers worship both Asian and white beauty standards. I can’t remember her name, but that Dutch-Persian instagram cow who got a nose job and photoshopped her pics was obsessed with kpop. Apparently she even moved to Korea to find a Korean bf but she was too ‘ethnic’ for them RIP.

No. 1734019

File: 1672360885605.png (1.05 MB, 801x865, FC5D3926-73C4-42FE-BC36-F2B8AA…)

No. 1734030

Did she FaceTune her ugly ass husband too? LOL

No. 1734043

who was that?

No. 1734075

File: 1672368698916.jpeg (95.06 KB, 720x720, FEA632E6-AF37-4DCA-AC0A-F7CFED…)

Sorry I couldn’t remember her name but I remember now. It was Negin Vaand. She was popular in like 2017. She would have identity switches like only uploading selfies and outfit pics with one kind of aesthetic, then suddenly deleting all her posts and starting all over again with a completely different aesthetic.

Couple years ago she had a kpop phase, went to Korea, took lots of pics there and would hang out with only Korean girls, as far as I know she tried hooking up with Korean guys and even had a Korean bf for a little while, then he dumped her and she posted some rant about racism in Asia then deleted all her old posts and started posting a different aesthetic again.
She would intentionally whitewash her pics and put the palest filters on them as well as trying to do her makeup more Korean style.

No. 1734080

File: 1672368957259.jpeg (422.56 KB, 1242x1053, 77CEE7FB-1329-42D8-8F67-343D64…)

It’s hard to find milk on her since PULL was deleted, I did find this post from another forum though which confirms my memory of it. She would frequently lie about her race and background, at first pretended to be Chechen and even said her dad died in the Chechen war in the 90s which was completely false lol, then she started larping as half Korean for a little while.

I think it is quite common for Middle Eastern girls to latch onto Korean standards because they share some ideals (skinny, big eyes, neotenous, pale skin, straight black hair etc)

No. 1734199

glad she found a solution for the BALD

No. 1734633

I’m not surprised that someone like her would pretend to be Chechen, women from the North Caucasus are ridiculously beautiful (yet all the moids look and act completely inbred, if god does exist she is definitely a woman, kek) and have features that are very much “prized” amongst Muslim scrotes, and have been trafficked and enslaved for hundreds of years as a result. But I digress, that particular LARP is a blatant attempt for tradwife points. The way these racist pickmes fetishise specific ethnicities and schizophrenically adopt their traits in an effort to cope with their self loathing is fucking disgusting. To state the obvious.

No. 1734651

File: 1672450771303.png (56.13 KB, 900x900, 1672450145671.png)

>great to see her dogshit ugly sandnigger genetics are really coming out here.
>before we know it they'll look like the middle aged arab men selling cigarettes at the corner store.

No. 1734742

File: 1672466339861.jpg (55.17 KB, 768x704, kek.jpg)

More like picrel. Your pic needs a trans flag pin and it would be more accurate.

No. 1734801

Nta but I doubt it. There's a lot of racist women out there and they can get out their true thoughts on anonymous image boards. So glad lolcow has a rule against racebait/racism

No. 1734853

Kek, if they are reeing about sand n word, then they are male, it's what polfags call people.

No. 1734856

Samefag as >>1734853 but you must be a newfag to think that is a women.

No. 1735009

Theres are reason why it's against site rules to post kids

No. 1739014

File: 1673059423106.jpg (729.92 KB, 1080x1919, IMG_20230106_214229.jpg)

Footy is back at her usual deceivings. So long for all that time for reflection, I guess.

No. 1740212

she looks so dead inside

No. 1740232

What even is that pennywise hairline

No. 1740386

Bump for porn

No. 1740520

File: 1673295099053.jpeg (711.39 KB, 828x1555, 9CFF4AFE-0FF9-4386-BCC3-443816…)

ah yes! was definitely waiting for the racist who spent the majority of her life photoshopping herself into looking white and having green eyes to preach us about racism and self hatred! thank u fotouh

No. 1748015

Meanwhile, Effina:

No. 1748386

File: 1674162647347.png (1.35 MB, 1440x1140, 1.png)

sage for child bullying

No. 1748563

why is she speaking for latinas again after calling us spics? fotouh you are brown and as a pale latina with light eyes please stop trying to make yourself look lighter and talking about other women wanting to get "railed" you're unbelievably nasty and ugly

No. 1751706

What’s with the photos of cathedrals and churches? She’s not Christian or Catholic. Has her larping as a white woman made her denounce Islam too? Why no photos of her home country or their places of worship? Girl you aren’t European.

No. 1751756

Virtue signalling to the tiny remainder of her tradcath poltard audience

No. 1751876

She clearly posted photos of a Muslim temple complex in Iran, but yeah, it's a bit weird that when she was in Europe, she took pictures of churches and not mosques, although, it's nothing new that she isn't a devout, proud Muslim.

No. 1751897

Is she still into bashing black women? Lol

No. 1751899

File: 1674639224945.jpg (774.6 KB, 828x1359, mozlim.jpg)

She larps as a believer of different religions every few months depending on what's considered based on 4chan.

This is a pic she posted in May 2019 in Sweden, when she was still with her ex boyfriend. It was during Ramadan (holy month for muslims where fasting is mandatory during the day) and she posted this pic of herself drinking in broad daylight lolz. Her muslim followers were confused in the comments because it's a sin not to fast during Ramadan.

No. 1751946

what did she say? I only know about the 4chan posts with Hispanics and somalis

No. 1751998

>nooo you can't be mean and racist if you're A REAL WOMAN!!! women have to be nice :(((
your internalized misogyny is showing, but I sincerely hope he picks you

No. 1752602

I noticed that too, but it’s like 1 photo versus 100 photos of churches. I’m exaggerating, but you know what I mean.

No. 1752680

It's hilarious she describes her ex-boyfriend here. Ugly racist basement dweller insulting minorities on /pol who drooled when Fotouh showed interest in him and had no issues with having sex with her.

No. 1752836

that looks like sparkling water….

No. 1752980

isn’t sparkling water usually crystal clear? It has a slight yellow tint, which looks like white wine

No. 1753022

Racism is a scrote hobby, all of it to do with primitive moidmonkey tribalism, muh dick insecurity and having ‘their women’ taken off them. If you’re racist you’re just a scrote in your soul.

No. 1753031

Drinking water is forbidden from dawn till sunset during Ramadan

No. 1753060

Maybe she was on her period, feeling a bit sick etc

No. 1753420

That definitely doesn't have a yellow tint from what I see nona. It's probably sparkling water. I'm not going to begrudge her having a drink of water during a period where she's not supposed to according to some archaic rules. Her LARPing as a muslim or a christian is really pretty boring in the grand scheme of things, they're all monotheistic religions with a lot of rules broken by most of their followers.

No. 1754215

nah she definitely was projecting when she made that retarded ass tweet lmao, her description sounds way too much like her

No. 1756415

lol, is that why she is talking only about brown/arab/latin women? because she looks like them? racists obviously target asians and black women as well, it would have made more sense to just say it's embarrassing to make fun of people because of their race/ethnicity.

No. 1757175

TBH I'm looking forward to Effina leaning into her woke anti-white phase. More inferiority complex but coming from a different direction should be fun!

No. 1757235

I think it’s common for certain nonwhite women (especially those deemed ‘spicy whites’ like pale East Asians, ‘white’ latinas, pale Arabs etc), and especially those who are dating white men, to start believing and feeling like they are white by association with their white scrotes and hope as long as they ‘look’ Caucasian enough they will never experience racism.
Sometimes they become arrogant and try to bully and look down on other ethnic women who don’t pass as white so much. I’ve actually seen this a lot, I know Arab and Pakistani women who are racist towards black women and call them racist names, I’ve seen and overheard NE Asian women being racist towards SEA women and other brown/black women etc.

However, 9 times out of 10 these women will eventually end up being racially profiled, abused or attacked for being ethnic and it serves are a wake-up call to them that they are not actually a protected white class and can indeed suffer from racism.

With Effina it seems like she thought she could larp as white, but with all the online shit, especially with people saying how ethnic she looked before surgery and how ugly her kids are, calling them mutts etc).
Finally it hits them and they eventually they realize that they will never truly be white and they start lashing out because their delusions of whiteness and their safe space of whiteness has been shattered. Often they end up becoming more anti white or larping as SJWs. But they still usually retain that nastiness and superiority complex over other ethnic women, they just start to hide it more while playing the victim.

No. 1757236

Also, I saw this happen a lot recently particularly with whitewashed east Asian women. A lot of these women thought as long as they hang out in mostly white spaces and only date white scrotes they can eventually fuck and schmooze their way to being white.

Then there was an explosion in attacks against East Asian women during covid and its almost like it made them realize they really ARE ethnic again and will never be able to escape being racially profiled for being Asian, and I think realizing this made many of them deeply uncomfortable because they realized they will never be white. Effina has probably had the same realization recently with the amount of hate she got.

No. 1758476

File: 1675280465614.jpeg (972.45 KB, 828x1357, 2F50F173-FBC4-4B5F-8169-5CC1BA…)

jumpscare فتوح ردي سوي فوتوشوب كسم خلقتج يا تكرونيه

No. 1759073

the most “real” looking photo of her yet.
I don’t get why she wants to change herself so much. She looks fine naturally, despite what any nonnas say here

No. 1759112

I think she is actually decent looking. Main reason I think she does the changes are that her features are basic Brown eyes and black hair so she wants to change it up.

No. 1759317

File: 1675356680533.jpeg (698.26 KB, 828x989, 93E02868-BA2F-4ED0-8C5E-013EC0…)

very much the same person(emoji)

No. 1759332

Extremely accurate, holy shit. I've seen this go down so many times, it makes me sad.

No. 1759340

true but like at least she’s slowly introducing her real face, which is good. we want he to just accept herself

No. 1759360

Well when is she going to stop posting photos of her twins WITHOUT eye filters on? She exposed herself by filming the boys and posting video on Instagram and thats how it was found out their eyes were same as Effina’s and not Charls’ (claiming they “have their father’s eyes”)

No. 1759945

maybe she meant they have retard eyes like their father

No. 1759947

Should could just brighten her hair and wear contact lenses, no need to change her entire face.

No. 1760042

File: 1675426161540.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x2058, F9BCD4D4-6175-4BA3-B029-35865D…)

Honestly from what I’ve seen she is most embarrassed of her jaw/mouth shape. Even more so than her skin color. This is why EVERY single shopped photo of her has the weird angular jaw and cherub lips. She has a slight overbite maybe? Or a protruding maxilla… I don’t know exactly what it is, but without fail this is the feature she hates the most. She is posting her natural color more often recently but hides her mouth area. Pic related.
(It’s also probably not easily fixable with surgery.)

No. 1760078

She looks like a 95 year old woman

No. 1760408

So wearing a big fur coat equates old woman? nonna you’re just nitpicking now

No. 1760743

nope, it has nothing do do with that actually. your weird placative performance towards other cultures that would happily cut off your clitoris, force you to be chained to the stove and pregnant for life , etc, etc is really pathetic.

No. 1761008

Nah it’s everything, her shrunken frame, her wizened little crow legs, she looks like an old crone.

No. 1761123

>moids of other cultures are shit, so i will abuse women of those cultures! i am very smart!
Get your chromosomes checked

No. 1761272

She just looks like an average Qatari girl wearing lots of makeup. Not ugly, not gorgeous, just normal. Her complexion will always be naturally sallow and dusky and even when she shoops herself extremely pale it is not glowy or bright but just makes her look sickly because she isn’t meant to be pale.

No. 1761274

>muh white daddy will save me!
White men want to do all those things to women too kek. They just can’t because there’s legal repercussions, but if society in the west broke down tomorrow, you bet your tranny scrotum they would be forming incel rape gangs, taliban style militias and chaining women to the stove.

No. 1761280

File: 1675559333063.jpeg (341.57 KB, 1242x780, BC3A89FE-5C37-4ACF-B2F7-57E848…)

this. just go on /pol/ or right wing twitter, enslaving women again and legalizing pedophilia is what all racist moids fantasize about.

they don’t believe women should have rights, want to marry 11 year olds, and think all unmarried non virgins should be stoned to death.

polcels bitch about how muhammad married a 9 year old in 620AD, which of course is disgusting.

but remember the age of consent in the USA was 10 years old up until the late 19th century, and just 7 years old in states like Delaware.

JFL if you think a certain nationality of scrotes are different.

No. 1761445

Imagine being a woman in Delaware in 1871, where you have to contend with the reality of 10 """not being low enough""", why not make it 7. Though death penalty to pedos sounds good.

No. 1762148

typical anachan

No. 1762527

Thats some serious one eye symbolism in the profile pic. Might actually be a troon.

No. 1762567

why don’t we still have the death penalty for ‘statutory’ rape? we’d be doing the world a favor.

No. 1762723

>implying the death penalty was ever imposed for scrotes who fucked a 6 year old instead of a 7 year old
Don’t be naive Nona

No. 1763536

I think she looks good. So weird how when she’s natural people find something nasty to say.

No. 1763562

At this point, they just do it just for the sake of doing it. For years, we wanted her to reveal her true face, she finally sort of does and they are still dragging her. I’m glad she’s accepting actual reality. Maybe motherhood has allowed her to set her priorities straight. I figure it must be tiring to keep up with the facade. She has to give it up eventually. I also agree that she looks fine, hopefully she keeps it up with her real face, or just retires entirely from being online.

No. 1763628

Seriously, who wrote something nasty about that picture of her? You are looking for negativity where there is none, people just wrote they are glad she is finally revealing herself.

No. 1764458

File: 1675962826875.jpeg (516.69 KB, 2048x2048, C8EB1E9C-AB0B-4019-8523-1C174F…)

The one thing Fotouh inherited from Charls was a false sense of elitism. That was, until he just embarrassed her on IG eating food he described as “something so good you could never find it in America”.. well how good is it?

No. 1764481

File: 1675965647383.png (11.13 MB, 1284x2778, 6A907D14-6232-4411-9C4C-B65003…)

oh gosh.. you all don’t know about about the fotouh underbite

No. 1764491

Looking back its very sad to see she shooped her boys’ eyes and tone.

No. 1764560

File: 1675971581458.jpeg (283.42 KB, 1170x1964, D4386FC0-9E6B-4FA4-B053-C17F23…)

No. 1764891

lmao anon I’m dead the تكرونية part took me out I can’t stop laughing pls post more in arabic it’s so much funnier

No. 1764978

Her teeth are a disaster, I don’t know why she got a nose job but didn’t bother to her that mangled mouth fixed

No. 1764986

She looks like some kind of ugly angler fish

No. 1764987

You are coping, she doesn’t look good. She looks like a dead frozen Middle Eastern tranny that they propped up to take pictures of as a joke.

No. 1765209

No. This is an English language website.

No. 1765706


No. 1765712

i would rather die than have compassion for a racist who surrounds herself with pedophiles and other racists like herself

No. 1766607

File: 1676226280227.png (1.71 MB, 1546x758, beforeafter.png)

Side-by-side comparison of the picture that made her famous and her recent picture.

I am sure she is embarrassed enough about her editing past and is remedying that but it's something I wanted to touch upon. Do you guys think she would have been as known as she is now if she always posted real face? What constitutes beauty in the digital world if it's not fillers/surgery/photoshop? How do we stop average women from trying to compete with actual beautiful models on Instagram?

No. 1766699

File: 1676234614919.webm (5.79 MB, 1080x1080, EffinaandCharlsTurkishDrunkRag…)

Turkish Bar crawl goes wrong and in the midst of consoling the schizmoid breakdown, Effina is able to stop triggering Charls by becoming triggered herself

No. 1767072

I don’t agree with racism but Footow deserves a taste of her own medicine for being such a nasty racist bitch towards others for years. She finally experienced cruelty based on her appearance and race and learned she couldn’t hide behind white scrotes forever, about time she learned, but sadly we all know nothing will change and she will continue to be a nasty racist bitch.

No. 1767184

They both sound totally deranged. Why is she sperging about not being on camera and who is Charls mad at?

No. 1767207

This is such a small part of it, but Charls went on a 1½ hour drunken rant about how pissed he is at Sam Hyde while Effina is there the entire time. She basically only says something towards the end going "We're out in public…"

No. 1767560

Hell, I saw that stream too. I don't have a whole theory about what is going on with Charls for him to be so spiteful. But I believe him falling for Effina's false online persona only to be met with an ugly chick and now being chained to her with two ugly goblins while ALSO being MDE's fanbase laughing stock is a big part of it.

No. 1767710

lol, She continuously asks him questions throughout the rant which makes him fall into total emotional despair, at one point, breaks into tears over a question about Orangy.

No. 1767814

Makes me think he is just acting and had it rehearsed with her to bring down Sam for some reason

No. 1767851

Anyone got a link to that stream?

No. 1767902

how would it bring down sam?
he's just finally saying everything he's bottled up for years after years, and she's encouraging that, might honestly not be the worst for his mental health to experience catharsis.

No. 1767921

No. 1767996

File: 1676393242049.jpeg (827.82 KB, 1284x1000, 67C76CBE-75A1-4E4D-AD25-D63F73…)

That nose is like a natural canopy

No. 1768005

File: 1676393880595.png (249.12 KB, 552x350, hahahahaha.png)

the fucking lies, man! that chick is so ugly !
no brainer charls is pissed haha

No. 1768011

mods need to close this thread…are these just jealous kuwait instagram followers she has? she was getting harassed for her delusional photoshopping but now that she is showing her real face, which honestly is not ugly by any means, i think she looks rather cute…she is getting hated on? damned if she does, damned if she doesnt. ill take my ban because i dont see effina as a cow at all, i feel really terrible for her.

No. 1768036

i thought this was ai generated by a nonnie here to troll but she actually said those things about herself on stream. she didn't mature in the slightest, how is she going to raise her kids to love themselves at all?

No. 1768044

Tip: it will justo get worse.

By the way, her father looks like he stinks of sweat and piss.

No. 1768081

wow reading this thread made me hate women even more. You guys are so mean please get life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1768136

You're the best, nonna

No. 1768281

she hasn’t shown her real face she literally looks different in each pic and is constantly hiding from her husband’s camera lol and even if she does show her face she’s still a hideous racist who is married to a schizo pedophile and should be dragged to filth for it idk why that’s so upsetting for you(sage your shit)

No. 1768555

Because he says damning things about him. And it comes from his close friend, not some ex-worker or someone briefly hanging out with him. Lots of people will believe Charls or at least start to mistrust Hyde.

No. 1768656

I agree. Posting her old shopped photos against her more recent real ones isn’t milk. It’s stale and regurgitates the same thing over and over. She’s being more honest now, let her be.

No. 1768709

File: 1676477129652.jpg (126.66 KB, 1080x516, IMG_20230215_110505.jpg)

Apparently, not perfect enough.

No. 1768953

File: 1676494235885.png (16.13 KB, 945x175, 1676266634643.png)

Sam Hyde is based for making that retard Charls spazz out. It all started because he saw how much money Sam made from his streams. 2k-4k for 2 hour streams where sam does nothing kek

No. 1769218

nah sam is a billion times worse than charls will ever be. It’s based that Sam is forever blacklisted. sam fanboys please be gone.

No. 1769327

People are donating money to fund World Peace 2 so it's not really Sam's earnings, he was always rich and Charls could have had a meltdown over this at any time in the past. Not to mention, people donated money to Charls on his streams during which he also did nothing. He is just bitter because he isn't included in working on the new material and Sam reaps all the praise

No. 1770129

Lol muh racism. This entire thread is some basic brown girl projecting her inferiority complex.(sage your shit)

No. 1771556

This is huge cope. The only white men who are 'drooling' over brown women are ones who are ugly (like her Swedish ex) or old and balding (Charls).(racebaiting)

No. 1771561

Are there any interracial combos that aren't ugly white person with non white?(racebaiting)

No. 1772225

As religiosity declines in the Arab world we are going to see A LOT more e-girls like this. Arabs basically worship white skin, if it wasn’t for Islam it would be Thailand-tier frfr(unsaged racebaiting)

No. 1772247

My hot take is that Charls going back to WP2 will turn out not so good for out girl. Exposure will make evident how ugly and deeply deluded Effina is, and let's not forget how racist MDE fanbase is. That's it.

No. 1772251


No. 1772259

you're right frfr anon

No. 1772274

File: 1676862259888.jpg (457.36 KB, 1080x1001, IMG_20230219_220209.jpg)

Photoshopping is back. She even added hair to Charls head kek. Embrace yourselves.

No. 1772302

retard that's just the angle and how his hair is lying. what else do you think is shopped here btw? you could at least use your chronic online gay obsession to learn an (incredibly minor) skill like learning to use 29a photo forensics.(sage your shit)

No. 1772309

you've gotta be a disgusting little faggot to be posting here. go offline man. "no milk" "out to pasture" imagine saying this stuff in real life. but the people who think you're an absolute spastic are just silly normies right sweetie?(sage your shit)

No. 1772341

>embrace yourselves

No. 1772382

No one says that offline because the phrases are limited to this site and the only spastic here is you, go back to 4chan

No. 1772394

Jej at the fact she WILL one day be the butt end of an MDE skit (hint hint Wine Party)(sage your shit)

No. 1772499

your autism has got you missing the forest for the trees. imagine acting like this. people can talk about their interests in real life. if you would sound like a deranged little misanthropic faggot describing how you use your spare time to your grandma, maybe do something better with your life(sage your shit)

No. 1772508

stop engaging with the scrote

No. 1772513

do we still even fully know what happened between them? only bits and pieces but no full picture

No. 1772516

sage your bitching, also scrote detected

No. 1772528

kyselves(sage your shit)

No. 1772552

I think it's about time this whole thread is closed(sage your shit)

No. 1772693

File: 1676920153925.jpeg (817.74 KB, 1284x1618, F40584C4-600A-44E6-A89C-ED36F9…)

Poor kiddos.. their parents truly believe a country like Kuwait is going to be a better off place to start than THE land of opportunities vs. a place their own mother is discriminated against(unsaged nonmilk)

No. 1772729

File: 1676923667930.jpg (532.94 KB, 1080x1360, IMG_20230220_150111.jpg)

Attempting another photoshopped identity to the new WP2 scrotes, the ones that may not know about her yet. Wonder if not mentioning his wife is going to be in Charls' contract.

No. 1772732

I’m not trying to be facetious but I’ve never understood what was interesting about this woman. If being a vain anorexic wannabe tradwife was considered milk then literally ever single Sylvia Plath type woman from the 50s would have a thread dedicated to her kek. Whole thing just reeks of personal vendetta. Cow on cow violence is more pathetic than an actual cow drowning in its own milk.

No. 1772734


Asking to be spoonfed.

No. 1772735

i saw that, you can always tell when she's shortening her face, and that isn't her real jaw or chin. but honestly given how people criticize her real appearance it was only a matter of time before she started changing her features again

No. 1772743

that website is shit lol ive tried shopping pictures to test it and it didnt detect it, fotouh is an ugly brown racist woman who wants to look whiter married to a disgusting MDE scrote, you're a retarded whiteknight and sound rly mad that people can tell when fotouh is shopping without shitty tools that dont even work

No. 1772747

samefag and id like to add, ive seen women who use the most drastic filters that change their jaw, nose, and eye shape posting their photos ran through that tool to prove that theyre natural, ones with very visible asummetries without those filters, completely different face shapes and larger noses, you're lukewarm iq if you believe that proves anything

No. 1772748

File: 1676924589514.png (517.22 KB, 794x630, 564367462874.png)


uh oh(learn to sage)

No. 1772750

File: 1676924755290.jpg (62.39 KB, 720x720, Mt3xprkHfIaXSgzD.jpg)

I dont even like Fotouh but damn, even unshooped she looks way to pretty to be with that balding uggo. I feel like her insecurities played a huge factor into choosing him. No sane person would fuck this short cuck.

Fotoh posted how her sons are already so tall, which they are, but being taller younger means that they won't grow much when older. It's science. She's coping extra hard since charles and her are below average height kek
Shut up "Eff", if I was you I'd be more worried on how not to become a single mom of 2 with your aging shizo hubby. Once he'll get that WP2 money and hype he'll find a new self-loathing pick me he can impregnate. I really feel sorry for them boys. You choose this life for your kids.

Damn at least it's her natural skin tone, we've come a long way kek

Pic of charles cuz he's too ugly to not be posted

No. 1772755

you are forgetting she is massive racist cunt herself, with a putrid personality so…

No. 1772756

No I’ve read the whole threads and done my studying but the thing is that this isn’t even abnormal behavior on a global scale kek like wow so surprising some imaanchan is racist, mentally ill, and popping out babies for some old guy.

Wait until you find out about harems!

No. 1772764

Yeah but are you really comparing a rich old pasha in a harem with broke ass infertile charles?

Why is she with someone who'll be most likely completely broke by 50? He's a burden. For Footys family and her kids. She doesn't gain a single thing from being with him, not even financially.
Yeah people tend to forget that, she's no saint whatsoever.

Also…as long as she still calls herself 'Effina' and teaches her sons to call her that….she's a self hating brown gal with internalized racism. I dont buy her 'omg im less edited so pls dont bully me on lc' scheme
Stupid lil fotouh hasn't changed much. Also I could swear she bullies Belle Delphine on here, she's that type of person

No. 1772768

Oh my god learn how to fucking sage, newfag. Just because your thoughts are interesting to you doesn’t mean they’re milk. Not only that, but do you think everyone in a sisterwives harem is rich? You’re not gonna enjoy the reality

No. 1772779

Shut up fattie I forgot to sage but thanks for reminding me that you haven't eaten today you lump of lard, cum on mama eat those burgers(raging and not saging)

No. 1772785

Calm down nonnie kek this was most likely fotouh herself so the part about not eating was kinda true(samefag)

No. 1773221

Infertile? The man had 2 kids!

How many have you got?(sage your garbage)

No. 1774129

File: 1677068776893.jpeg (856.18 KB, 1125x1392, 86217777-522D-4B43-AD68-A4417C…)

She actually looks beautiful here, is it edited? I can’t tell.

No. 1774145

most likely, even if it isn't she's had tons of work done. nothing about her is real

No. 1774236

she looks great if unedited.

I think she’s only had her nose done and maybe lips, but that could also be the application of how she uses her lipliner and over lines a lot

No. 1774314

lol its definitely edited just look at her ig feed she looks like a different person in each pic its funny(learn to sage)

No. 1774322

File: 1677086388307.jpeg (135.74 KB, 828x1472, 4D1C5716-3952-487B-98BE-564B82…)

here’s an edit fail that i love lmao

No. 1774326

Nose job and brow lift

No. 1774343

surprised the other girl (gasstationgoth) hasnt been discussed here, she is a cow in her own right. plucked up by the womenpostingLs loser when she was 17 and regularly takes her account private after going on unhinged rants about black people

No. 1774525

Charls has a bit of charm to him. He looked pretty attractive 8 years ago, but he's aging like milk. Nick was dealt with the same hand, unfortunately.

No. 1775184

He needs to shave his 3 hairs off and just wear a wig or something, idk what the obsession is with trying to preserve what's left when it looks like shit.. I will never understand men

No. 1775215

>if unedited

No. 1775219

Really? He looks more attractive than her here, but sometimes he looks rough. Footy kisses his feet because he’s white and puts up with his erratic behavior, she is seen on charls twitch clips bringing him his vape and doing random things for him. all while strategically hiding her face the whole time due to her catfishing hijinks

No. 1775221

She’s out of her mind. She’s what, 5’2’ and charls is 5’6. He has a large head that makes him seem taller until you see full body. Those kids have no chance in hell of being tall

No. 1775253

File: 1677179417335.jpeg (384.98 KB, 582x940, 72934AFF-B9E8-41C9-89DE-AB5B64…)

She’s looks part camel. Gross

No. 1775281

File: 1677182604689.png (92.05 KB, 295x219, XFuA3oN[1].png)

No. 1775444

File: 1677198884405.png (9.19 MB, 2778x1284, CFD17CFD-51C3-4652-B946-ACB0BD…)

she just went live and gagged all of y’all here LMAO. she looks gorg and even though she might slightly edit her pictures all of these other “exposing” pictures here are obv way far fetched.(sage your wking)

No. 1775485

File: 1677202138809.jpeg (680.82 KB, 2697x3465, B95BE7CB-34DC-44FD-9AF7-C78E97…)

i dont even think her editing is extreme at all anymore and its much more natural than say snapchat and ig filters which lots of insecure girls use and nobody bats an eye even though it changes their entire face shape nose and eyes, but just because you look at this and think gorgeous doesnt mean thats a fact or that most agree with you i dont find this attractive. i'll hand it to her that now pictures like this one look the same as her face >>1758476

No. 1775488

File: 1677202730246.jpeg (13.48 KB, 169x201, 68EE6E44-A47F-479B-A5E7-3DEBDA…)


this is the kind of beauty that makes me gag, fotouh could never. this girl had nose surgery too and she has the real skin and eye color fotouh edited herself to have for years. fotouh looks like a hideous goblina next to actual gorgeous girls, don't lie to yourself to whiteknight a cow kek

No. 1775489

if she apologizes for the vile shit she said then I will forgive her. She posted here before but she tried to pretend she was ignorant and that her crazy swedish ex boyfriend impersonated her.

No. 1775491

samefagging and going to sound like a whiteknight for effina, but i feel like some of the anons here are or were way worse than she ever was. I have not forgotten some of the vile shit e-girls have said about non-white girls. for effina it sounded like she was mostly talking about the men anyway

No. 1775492

it's so funny that she's only bothered by people critiquing her photoshops and not any of her nasty, crazy behavior. i don't even think she understands why other people find her so unlikeable. anyway she gets the scrotes she deserves. she's going to get treated exactly like nick's wife as soon as she's no longer in her 20's. tick tock.

No. 1775506

how does nick treat his wife? never heard anything about this

No. 1775508

She actually looks pretty and not that far off from her editing, she just needs to fix the ugly teeth

No. 1775510

Looks scary

No. 1775524

Is it just me or does it look like she fixed that weird crowding she had on her lower jaw? Compare to >>1764481

No. 1775526

NTA her overlined lips are a bit much, but honestly she's really not ugly.

No. 1775547

agreed, reading this shithole just confirms my fears on how much more psychotic women are with anonymity(male)

No. 1775555

Reading this thread confirms fotouh is a racist self hating skelly.

No. 1775711

File: 1677242357508.png (1.18 MB, 974x1134, Screenshot_20230224-063748.png)

I want the return of discount Vin Diesel kek. It seems more like Charls is just lazy. I bet if he had his hair shorter, instead of whisped out and untamed, his balding wouldn't look so bad.

No. 1775713

File: 1677242454790.jpeg (218.78 KB, 701x624, 1D64F493-BD94-4402-9F43-43B639…)

Looks better from this angle at the end of the stream

No. 1775720

Their chemistry feels so off. Mail-order-bride dynamic.

No. 1775753

she looks good and anyone that says otherswise are now just being hateful for no reason. you don’t have to find her beautiful because it’s just preference, but she looks way better than her unrealistic edited face. she learned her lesson and has changed—at least showing a more natural face. all she needs to do is just apologize about some edgy gross shit she said and it’s done. This thread should be shut down. Also like the other nonna mentioned, posting the same old photoshopped photos is not milk.

No. 1775755

She looks like a troon to me

No. 1775756

I agree. I doubt she will ever apologize about the things she said online, though, since it's pretty on brand with her husbands new boss humor.

No. 1775757

For having a confirmed nose job and how much makeup she’s wearing, she’s not that attractive. Charls was better looking when he had hair. No matter what way you slice it, she does not look like her hyperedited ig pics. She edits her skin lighter too. Very self hating

No. 1775760

Does she bring money to the relationship? How much will he will make after wp2? She’s in trouble if charls is going to be making bank and getting more exposure. Hotter fans will be messaging him. We know about his past penchant for petite blonde girls

No. 1775762

File: 1677248351065.jpeg (86.99 KB, 900x900, 15E646DD-F764-48A1-B937-ECE75E…)

She looks far more attractive in her edited photo. What a loser

No. 1775763

File: 1677248513221.jpeg (22.06 KB, 275x155, 69362ED7-76A2-4F9B-AE46-BE388A…)

You said?

No. 1775765

How old is she? She looks both younger and hotter in her ig pics and almost looks a different race. This is one weird bitch

No. 1775766

At the end when they bring their twins on it feels so awkward lmao. Charls boosts himself up like he's an expert in raising children, but all he does is stop his son from touching his equipment and make monkey sounds. It's a very funny sight to see them parent. They're really no different than a couple who accidentally became parents.

No. 1775769

What egirls? She hates her own race. You can embrace the way you look naturally or prepare for hate. Can’t have it both ways. White girls that get giant lip injections and wear braids get just as much hate because they’re self hating

No. 1775777

They are going to be hideous if they inherited foot’s natural face

No. 1775783

You’re in a thread of a woman who edits herself unrecognizable. This is in no way normal behavior, most normal women do not edit themselves to look like a different person

No. 1775795

> Groomed her when she was 15 onwards and was a horrible and vile piece of shit. Did the same to me except I was just dumb and not groomed because I was a naive 19 year old back then. We reported his ass to the police in Sweden because he had CP on his computer in the from of preteens and 14/15 year olds masturbating on Skype.
He looks like a female to male transsexual. charls is a step up at least

No. 1775804

File: 1677254049224.jpeg (90.86 KB, 482x246, FCE16D72-492E-4F6D-8758-11CBCB…)

The princess edit next to the toad reality

No. 1775808

What’s your problem? Jesus Christ

No. 1775813

My problem? She is beat and pretends not to be on social media

No. 1775822

Why is that your problem?

No. 1775833

Fout made the choice to present a fake version of herself. Take it up with her. Her socials are linked. Once a cow always a cow

No. 1775848

yall mad for the wrong reasons. instead of critiquing her looks etc she should be held accountable for the stuff she said. beauty is subjective and shes just presenting herself the way she wants, no different than plastic surgery.(aaaand sage your shit)

No. 1775865

File: 1677258216006.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3318x3424, 66F2769E-C8DF-4EE3-BF19-C6E83F…)

you can try to find a good angle and that still wont make this person attractive these are also from the end of the stream. what cracks me up is that everytime she smiles shes quick to cover her mouth because if you remember when the threadpic of her smiling was posted she went crazy posting a photoshopped version of it saying people edited her to make her look worse, but her face looks the same when she smiles during the stream

No. 1775876

samefag but im personally not mad though i can tell there are some vendettachans idk the cow just saying this is not what i consider pretty, and to say we gagged from how gorgeous she looks that's just funny. but id be in favor of locking the thread too if she owned up to what she said cause her edits arent extreme anymore, so shes not a ridiculous shopper. dont think she will ever

No. 1775882

why are u faggots so pressed that a beauty-obsessed and self-hating brown anorexic who married a pedo and photoshops pics of her children is being called ugly? she’s a terrible person and you bitching and moaning about her “not being held accountable” isn’t gonna do shit she’ll give u a bullshit apology and move on because she doesn’t really care about u beaners, the only thing that could actually hurt a narcissistic bitch like her is being exposed and called ugly because that’s what she really is(no u)

No. 1775888

That’s probably 80% of the women on the internet though, you obviously have an unhealthy obsession, log off, stop hating women.

No. 1775892

There is no vendetta. Don’t drastically lie on social media about your appearance then you won’t be made into a cow. stop white knighting this freak
No it’s not 80%. Most women don’t drastically change their face shape, nose, eye color, and skin color on purpose for years. She is a cow. Sorry if it hurts your fee fees

No. 1775895

Lmfao Korea and China entered the chat. It’s normal.

No. 1775900

> the only thing that could actually hurt a narcissistic bitch like her is being exposed and called ugly

No. 1775904

China and Korea isnt the whole world and a lot of Chinese women are too busy working to even post photos online. You’re uneducated. I can tell you most American women do NOT alter their pics to the extent she does. If she had presented her real face from the start, no one would have cared. No thread would have been made

No. 1775914

She thinks anyone cares about her enough to edit her uglier. She isn’t Leonardo dicaprio’s girlfriend, she’s some z list celebrity’s wife. Stupid bitch

No. 1775929

>guys close the thread oh no someone called her a bad name

No. 1775934

Nta, It’s true. A lot of cows have this not just fotouh they don’t care if you call them out in being racist, scammers, pedophiles, etc. but when they get called ugly they get so defensive. Yeah she doesn’t photoshop her pictures as bad as she used to but that doesn’t mean we should lock the thread.

No. 1775938

the thread should be closed because there's just never any new milk.
aside from the edited photos (which everyone and their grandma already knows about) - there was a few racist posts on 4chan, made by an anonymous user, and it seems like that user MIGHT have been Effina. that was like, what, 2 years ago? since then the threads have been nothing but bunch of sad vendetta-chans circlejerking about how ugly Effina is, how ugly her husband is, and gloating about how ugly the children will be. what's the point?

No. 1775940

Who cares about Korea and China? Don’t marry a guy with a following online if you don’t want anyone to talk about you online and don’t post 500 highly edited photos that look nothing like you. I know many women who haven’t done either, and they don’t get a gossip thread started about them. Weird right?

No. 1775979

File: 1677267122522.jpeg (468.01 KB, 828x1720, AC8A2459-8198-40D1-B81E-D0811A…)

wdym might, if it wasn’t her she would’ve denied the subhuman comment and wouldn’t know what i was talking about(do not cowtip)

No. 1775980

yes that has been the point from the very beginning of the threads about her, but she isn’t editing her face lighter anymore. Going back over and over is so stale. There’s nothing milky about her lately.

No. 1775984

Shut it down. Delete all posts. Fouto I mean effina is scared

No. 1775986

the fact that you took the time to watch the entire stream, then screen grabbed every single time she was smiling, then put it into a collage, one by one to post here is actually really pathetic. you are so miserable and it’s hilarious. you’re just as bad and hateful as effina in her prime milky era. all to prove that she is indeed ugly. Okay, so she’s ugly to you. So? now what?

No. 1775988

when you hate women so much you shop yourself to look more masculine. truly a cursed culture

No. 1775990

Nta because I don’t care to screenshot a video 500 times but maybe people are intent on exposing her because she took the time to present herself as a different person for years so her husbands racist fanbase wouldn’t flame her for not looking white enough? Why didn’t she marry a guy that doesn’t have a racist fanbase if she’s so innocent? If she didn’t lie for years maybe this wouldn’t be happening to her

No. 1775994

She looks more feminine in the after I think. Lighter eyes, lighter skin, smaller mouth

No. 1776056

Those racist posts were made in February 2018 - literally FIVE YEARS ago. Do you see what I mean when I say there's no new milk? Not even Twitter schizo-posting because she's not active on Twitter anymore. Look at this thread. It's nothing but years-old stale milk and nonnas repeating over and over that she's ugly. What a tragic thread.

No. 1776060

As much of a racist piece of shit Effina is, I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for her and relate to her insecurity in terms of being ethnic. She is desperate for white approval and whitewashes herself, associates overwhelmingly with whites and acts racist to try and get points from white people but because she is never white she will never truly be accepted. It’s hard when you’re a racially ambiguous girl trying to make it in a world that only praises Eurocentric features. But at the same time she needs to stop being a gross racist pickme and show more respect to both herself and others.

No. 1776074

clearly she’s shameful for the racist comments she used to say. she’s not that person anymore, motherhood has made her grow up. imagine someone constantly bombarding you with comments you’ve made over 5 years ago and never letting go of that. even if she did a heartfelt apology, you nonnas will still continue this thread. I suspect that there are like 3 vendettachans in this thread that can not let it go. we get it, she hates herself, she said horrible stuff in the past. but she’s passed that and is finally accepting it and her face and is trying to grow. at least she didn’t deny it like most would.

No. 1776088

i didnt watch the entire stream, i watched the last 15 minutes fast forwarded to the end where its fullscreen when anon i replied to said she looked better there. she was lying about that being edited to make her look uglier i realized when i saw how it looks when she's laughing, she posted about it with a photoshopped version claiming that was the real one. this happened after all the racism on 4chan and after she got plastic surgeries

its not 80% here but in iran where she was born and shes part iranian, i grew up with a lighter persian friend so ive heard her talk about it many times, its very common for whiter girls to look down on girls who look more arab like her, its why the she lightened her skin and wore colored contacts for so long and got multiple surgeries. here plastic surgery is common but people dont change their eye and skin color on top of it. thats more common in countries where the majority are her skin color or darker, opposite of self tanning that is the trend here. maybe she didn't realize that would make her a cow because so many girls do it where shes from, so china and korea isnt a good example, but its normal where she was born

No. 1776180

why the hate for her kids? yeah effina is a weirdo, but her kids don't deserve any of your a-logging

No. 1776217

I’m convinced that that post is by her vendetta chans or pol scrote from 4chan. those are the only ones capable of being so vile and hateful

No. 1776222

I agree, maturity would be acknowledging and apologizing. How would her sons feel knowing at a point she's said some hateful shit about people that look like them? Everyone makes mistakes but you've gotta own up to them especially if you choose to be in the public eye.

No. 1776224

skin color has nothing to do with femininity. if that were the case white men should be regarded as extremely feminine

No. 1776229

if you are going to post shit of yourself and your family publicly be prepared for people to do anything, screenshots of a known shooper are pretty tame when there's scrotes out there making deep fake porn videos.

No. 1776287

So this entire thread is that through some shit Effina posted on 4chan years ago (maybe) triggered some other brown girls inferiority complex so hard that they have kept vendetta threads going against her for years? Imagine being this fragile lol

No. 1776294

That’s what it seems like basically. And I can’t necessarily tell if it’s someone who saw the original 4chan posts and later on discovered that it was fohtoeüh or if it was some girl who was obsessed with her and later on found out her history and felt the need to post it here? Either way none of this is particularly interesting or different from what we’ve seen before and tbh it’s mild and very harmless compared to what a lot of women on this website are doin publicly…

No. 1776323

sage for non-milk but what is going on with this threads WKing and newfag simping of her. is it the MDEfags pretending they can assimilaye?

No. 1776361

File: 1677312311228.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3464x3464, 59F7BA9E-E167-4F48-9904-08F0A6…)

No. 1776363

File: 1677312521852.jpeg (1.92 MB, 3464x3464, F51174A3-BE0D-4ADC-B35F-8CF93A…)

No. 1776366

who did she even send these to?

No. 1776396

She is continuing to use the pfp of her eye that’s not her real eye color. She will never learn

No. 1776397

Why would anyone have been obsessed with her back then? Other than the creepy Swedish pedophile guy.The only reason people are obsessed with her now is because she married an mde member then posted these beautiful photos of herself on social media then people quickly found out they were not real. That is why the thread was made. No one cared to be obsessed with this weird racist bitch before that

No. 1776399

No it’s because she edited herself to look like a 10 when she’s barely a 5.

No. 1776401

she self posts in here all the time

No. 1776402

She is brown. She was hating on herself, not only other members of her race. She is milky. The thread is not going to be closed

No. 1776405

File: 1677319632555.jpeg (33.55 KB, 583x616, 5D0CC4FB-4400-48AF-B6E7-A92B6B…)

She’s desperate for approval from her white husband, 4chan scrotes and mde fans. Picrel is mde fans trying not to call charls a race-mixing traitor

No. 1776407

If true, I'm surprised more are not doing it out in the open. Shoe0nhead fans flipped immediately and openly when they found out she previously dated a black man. They seem only to care if the man in the relationship is not white. There's even a joke floating around of the "libertarian white guy with his Asian wife". Tbh the racist MDE fans would see Effina's case as a good thing because Charls is spreading his white genes. I really am more inclined to believe they only care if it's the woman who's white. Patriarchy, baby!

No. 1776414

>Uhhh why aren't Charls fans being racist towards Effina?
Have you considered that most Charls fans are just… not racist?

No. 1776416

she's kinda white-passing

No. 1776443

This was good enough to want to stop me from lurking, there is no milk anymore. Peace out nonnas

No. 1776447

Thank you Effina, I was the poster that said I was willing to forgive you if you apologized and I do forgive you. I know this must've been difficult for you and I appreciate it. Doesn't it feel much better now? the white skin thing is so fucked up, because that confirms that you ever feeling the need to do it in the first place is a symptom of a much bigger and nastier problem. why is white skin on non-white people more desirable? Anyway yeah thanks and I hope you and Charls are genuinely happy. Raise those boys with good morals and never let them succumb to self hatred but also to treat women right.

No. 1776458


As the OP of the first ever thread created about her, this means my work is done. She has admitted everything and realises where she went wrong. I hope she continues to embrace herself and be a positive example to brown girls everywhere and her son whilst never falling back into her old ways. This was an interesting journey y’all.

No. 1776459

File: 1677331209346.jpeg (159.49 KB, 485x617, 57FE939F-8C88-48B4-9D3A-FC9AF8…)

Next thread pic?

No. 1776460

There’s no way they’re happy. They’re on borrowed time if charls is about to come into his own money. Fout was never his ideal type

No. 1776461

She’s not at all

No. 1776462

Not only white skin. Smaller nose, different eye color, different jaw shape. She’s fucked up for ever doing that. People don’t change overnight. If she stops posting we can end the thread

No. 1776463

I think it’s because he was never openly racist the way Sam was, so they don’t hold him to it. Nick and Sam were more the openly racist one, Char was just kinda there for the ride. Not to mention effina purposely made herself look more white passing on social media this entire time

No. 1776466

The racist ones watch Sam and Nick and don’t pay mind to Charles. Nick and Sam get a lot more views because they put more effort into it

No. 1776468

> Tbh the racist MDE fans would see Effina's case as a good thing because Charls is spreading his white genes.
Not sure why. It’s the same end result no matter if it’s a woman or man

No. 1776474

Seriously the wk in this thread is crazy. the thread reveals the truth of her lying about her face for so long. its not only a bit of editing if it looks like a different human being

No. 1776490

She really does not look good here, so no unfortunately I haven’t been “gagged” >>1776397
I have no idea what MDE is or why anyone would care about that but if you were obsessed with her pedophile baby daddy before you knew about her and made this thread I think that’s a bigger issue than her being a pathetic racist anorexic “housewife” who just sits in the groupchat all day

No. 1776500

that’s kinda a stupid demand to be honest. She clearly likes social media like we all do. She has the right to post, but she admitted to all her faults. She changed and isn’t editing her photos drastically anymore. The thread is over. All you can do is make fun of her real photos now, then that’s boring and not milky, but also embarrassing. I forgive her and hope that she will continue to stay true to herself, not only for her but for her boys. I wish her happiness and to heal from all this. Because it takes a lot to admit all the shit she said was a mistake and that is was actually her. She could take the easy way out and deny, deny, deny.(go elsewhere)

No. 1776539

File: 1677344162015.jpeg (79.24 KB, 837x885, BD9A052A-6A21-41D1-849D-196D15…)

It’s funny how this creature is trying to come clean so we stop trolling her even though she hasn’t really changed since her 4chan days, she still photoshops not only herself but her kids too, constant racist innuendos in her earlier streams, videos, group chats etc. this is just her personality, that’s how she is and forever will be.

No. 1776547

nta but i agree and i've talked shit about her on here, mainly because i am a "subhuman spic" and she edited herself to have light skin and light eyes while i actually have those features i'm very pale with blue eyes and i found that pathetic, to insult other ethnicities that even fit the eurocentric beauty standards she tried so hard to look like because some of us are actually mostly european despite being mixed, while she is brown, but im surprised she admitted to it. people are "wking" her because we realize she did change and there's no more milk. and now that she stopped blaming the swedish pedo for things she clearly said, i have nothing else against her. i'm in favor of locking the thread and letting her continue to grow as a person and mom. i know that people here continuing to spread lies mixed in with real information and comment on things they don't know about must be stressful. to just try to go on about her day and see the thread has been updated again and again with no new milk and the same people tearing her appearance apart calling her husband a pedophile, who i actually think seems like a good and caring dad and husband from what ive seen and theres no proof of any pedophilia on his part. i don't think she's ugly and i have insecurities of my own, i'm sure all of us here do. that is not enough to warrant a thread, especially if you've come clean about everything else and actually feel remorse. i don't know if farmhands will actually honor the results but here is a poll: https://strawpoll.com/polls/NoZr3z0ENy3

i vote yes. let's leave this woman alone she addressed everything and if these anons carry on this is harassment at this point

No. 1776577

Too late. She tried to appropriate the features of beautiful Caucasian women with light eyes, tiny noses and square jaws. Her race doesn’t have those features. She should have accepted that earlier. She’s an adult

No. 1776579

No one is harassing her because nothing is being said to her directly. Do you know what harassment is?

No. 1776580

>she edited herself to have light skin and light eyes while i actually have those features
>i'm very pale with blue eyes
>some of us are actually mostly european despite being mixed
Who cares? Why do you think it's important to mention? Do you think yourself better than others because of your "European" features?

No. 1776582

She thinks European people are better. Take it up with her

No. 1776584

ofc not. most in my family are tan with darker eyes and i dont see myself as better than my own family who i love, my point was that its pathetic to call other ethnicities subhuman while trying to look like some of them, lots of latinos are not as dark as she is, yet were the "subhumans". i'm sorry if you read the entire post and your reading comprehension failed you as that obvious point didn't come through.

No. 1776587

She looks like a femboy from South America. Maybe Sam Hyde will clown her in one of the sketches

No. 1776594

I suggest you hold people to higher standards. She lied about the way she looks. for years. If you think this deceptive behavior doesn’t seep into other areas of her life then you are stupid

No. 1776598

File: 1677348385834.png (154.66 KB, 352x358, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 9.03…)

No. 1776599

No wonder her husband barely looks at her while he’s streaming. What a gross mouth

No. 1776610

la creatura

No. 1776613

File: 1677349826049.jpeg (217.91 KB, 750x984, A4403DBF-A811-4596-B20B-004741…)

Isn’t she supposed to be rich? How did she not have braces earlier?

No. 1776616

File: 1677350312707.jpeg (187.1 KB, 646x678, EA66C0A0-53A8-4B1F-A8C1-35F94F…)

>I don’t wish I was white

No. 1776621

you don't have to say it to her directly, you're adding nonmilk to a thread she knows exists in a gossip site where the subject has admitted to everything that once made her milky. how is repeating the same opinions about her looks milky? it isn't, she's been very honest while like the other anon said, she could've continued to deny it. the point of this website is to troll cows who have no self awareness, she's very aware and remorseful, and actually looks like herself in her pictures now. what the fuck is the point? there is none. not to mention all the horrendous things said about her babies. leave her and her family alone. harassment can be defined as "the act of tormenting by continued persistent attacks and criticism" she's taken the criticism, owned up to it and changed. if you're trying to force her to delete her socials or continuing these attacks that she's already owned up to, that's harassment.

i believe her. i self tanned and i didn't wish i was another race. it's the same thing but the other way around in middle eastern countries, almost everyone has dark skin and dark eyes and she wanted to stand out. let her learn to accept the way she looks.

No. 1776626

forgot to add, nta. i've never personally interacted with her. i just don't understand where people get off on persisting to insult her and i thought the things she said in the past were very gross and ironic considering how she edited. but the fact she came clean shows personal growth. and now i am of the opinion that vendettachans in here are bigger cows than she is because the obsession makes no sense.

No. 1776639

More self posting. Shut up ugly

No. 1776641

File: 1677352514333.jpg (484.17 KB, 2266x1178, Capture.JPG)

From today's livestream

some suspicious shapeshifting going on

No. 1776642

> i believe her. i self tanned and i didn't wish i was another race. it's the same thing but the other way around in middle eastern countries, almost everyone has dark skin and dark eyes and she wanted to stand out. let her learn to accept the way she looks.
So you’re ugly too then

No. 1776644

Just keep spamming the pic of her hideous mouth, it will bother her. She’s a lying piece of shit who felt the need to convince people she was a 10 on Instagram for no reason then continued to lie about it for years

No. 1776646

This makes me think she lied about her wealth too. What will she not lie about?

No. 1776647

not saging nonmilk again. those are facial muscles and bones moving. you are retarded.

i'm ugly because i self tanned? i see beautiful women self tanning all the time lol. what an obsessed loser you are my god. you can't be attractive at all talking like this, attractive women don't get off on this type of stuff. talking shit about her after she's admitted to everything must make you feel better about yourself because you're unhappy with your own appearance and life.

i'm not effina, and again i've criticized her on here before too. i'm pleasantly surprised with her honesty and now i can tell those of you who can't stop have a personal vendetta and obsession.

No. 1776648

>I’m not foutuh
You’re either her or someone who looks a lot like her. Gross either way

No. 1776649

Shut your hole. If this bitch didn’t want judgment she shouldnt have married a streamed and digitally edited her entire face for years

No. 1776651

i look literally nothing like her, i'm just not a nasty creature on the inside and outside like you so bullying people who are remorseful doesn't make me feel better about myself. it's different to call someone out on racist remarks. she admitted to them. what else could you possibly want? to force her to go dark or continue to talk shit about her face? that isn't milk

No. 1776652

They look bad together. I like how she’s staggered back behind him like his dirty poopy secret

No. 1776653

No one cares. Go be a hero somewhere else

No. 1776657

Charls poopy doopy wife finally comes clean. Or dirty?

No. 1776664

those are unnatural shapes you blind faggot. you can also clearly see skin-tone pixels that go beyond the face outlines.

No. 1776669

It has to be a self post. Who else would care enough to keep defending her like that

No. 1776675

File: 1677355347066.jpeg (268.39 KB, 623x793, A1B569A8-CCDE-4191-ACFA-82259E…)

At the stage of a baby’s life where it’s supposed to be the cutest, little tyke looks like a Turkish shop owner(dunking on a baby)

No. 1776706

u gotta be one sick and miserable motherfucker to take ur misery and self hatred on a child lol, he’s just a baby you bugchasing obese fag its not his fault that his parents are assholes

No. 1776731

He's a pretty cute kid unlike his ugly parents. And he looks pretty Arabic or ethnic, I bet you it crushes Fotouh and that's why she backtracks on the racist men she made an audience of.

No. 1776732

"people" who take out their vendetta on literal toddlers may be the most pathetic lifeform on the planet

No. 1776740

Get over it loser. Go cry about something someone online did for years and changed about it over and over. I bet you think about it before you go to sleep every night. You are pathetic. You actually sound hideous and probably look it too.

No. 1776744

this thread is absolute garbage. to all those who are saying disgusting things STILL after she came clean and apologized AND still attacking her literal toddler’s appearance? y’all are some hateful ugly people. someone nuke this thread, effina’s vendettachans are at full throttle and can’t let this go. like go get a hobby or do something productive than making fun of how a child looks.

No. 1776749

He is not cute

No. 1776750

Ugly baby is ugly. Cry about it

No. 1776753

Ok fotouh. I mean effina. Imagine having such an ugly birthname

No. 1776754

>dis thread is garbage because someone made fun of baby
Shut up you hysterical cunt. No one cares

No. 1776755

someone is upset their baby doesn’t look more like it’s white dad. arab potato genes coming thru too much?

No. 1776764

What about any of this is funny, idgi

some random bitch ran a grift like 5 years ago, and you're mad why?(learn to sage)

No. 1776768

nah, this thread is full of MENA vendettachans and jealous racist pickmes who wish Charls was their husbando

No. 1776772

One of Sam’s employees told me they talk so much shit about charls and effina and in their group chat

No. 1776775

Fartouh kek she needs to go care for her chitlins

No. 1776783

Nobody is jealous that they don't sleep with an ugly balding skinwalker cryptid man. He looks like he's on familywatchdog. He probably smells like hotdogs and milk on a hot day.
Of course she thinks Latina girls are jealous of her. Not everyone is a gross mde pickme who hates themselves for being anything besides white.

No. 1776806

why are you speaking to a pedophile's employees? sam is a bigger cow than charls and effina combined have ever been

No. 1776817

File: 1677369714707.png (4.29 KB, 860x42, 34857839.png)


imagine being so disgusting and miserable that when you realize most nonnas don't want to keep this thread going because there's no milk you resort to making fun of a baby. misery loves company, if they don't lock the thread you few vendettachans will get to circle jerk in here talking shit about babies like the nastiest skanks i've ever seen who should never reproduce because after her apology anyone with basic decency and common sense is not going to agree with you. and you're breaking the rules, not only are you not discussing drama, you're involving a baby who wasn't even born and isn't at fault for anything she said in the past and already told the truth about. i hope you rot

No. 1776818

Just sam? There was milk in an old thread of charls messaging some underaged girl

No. 1776820

BLA BLA BLA BLA shut up footface

No. 1776836

the most that can be said here is "a woman was insecure"

Geez guys that's crazy, never seen anything like it(sage your shit)

No. 1776886

File: 1677375617443.jpeg (176.75 KB, 342x406, 4000F27C-296A-4E57-9375-E996B8…)

If effina looked like this, how she wishes she looked, maybe her baby wouldn’t be so hideous

No. 1776893

The fartou hates that her baby looks like a middle aged man

No. 1776895

someone end this thread. it’s the same 4 miserable cunts posting shit like this >>1776886

please get a life

No. 1776901

I agree with them. Sometimes you see an average Arabian girl like Effi and think oh she’s cute then you see a drop dead gorgeous blonde and realize effi ain’t shit

No. 1776956

File: 1677377284725.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1777, 5394CE7E-DE23-424A-8A6B-D225EE…)

> drop dead gorgeous blonde
this is an average looking woman without filters that shes using, and one woman's beauty doesn't take away from another's. why do the same few anons who want to keep this thread going sound way more racist than effina? i've seen ethnic girls 100x prettier than this one. you ran out of things to talk about so now you're dunking on a baby, dunking on her face over and over and comparing her to random blonde tard wives, what a sad way to spend your time. she confessed and apologized, let her move on

No. 1777131

File: 1677381581487.png (151.46 KB, 342x304, effinaa.png)

I find her reasonably cute but sitting here debating on it isn't milk and that's all this thread is when they're not fixating on her babies. She would be far cuter with several more pounds on her, remember to have a healthy BMI ladies because as you age that facial fat loss isn't going to be doing you any favors unless you're overweight, the blonde is cute because her face is plump. I know those braces will fix her teeth way before any of you bitches talking about her children will ever fix your souls. God knows we could all sit here and compare each and every one who types itt to a girl we find more beautiful as well as pick apart your insecurities and anyone with half a brain realizes that doesn't count as drama.

No. 1777506

quit false flagging us femcels and go back to pol. it's obvious you racists feel like charls betrayed you and you want to lash out while making the mean gossipy women here take the blame

No. 1777545

File: 1677399607696.jpeg (307.96 KB, 750x814, 5C0895B9-56F4-41D6-B359-369175…)

Still better than this creepy little Arabic boy

No. 1777547

She’s not wearing makeup. When will foot go without? I’m thinking never

No. 1777561

This thread is a mess but it shouldn’t be locked yet, especially with MDE coming back. Half the posters here are genuinely deranged.

The babies are super cute and footy looks beautiful ngl. I thought she’d look like a goblin.

No. 1777565

>Sometimes you see an average Arabian girl like Effi and think oh she’s cute then you see a drop dead gorgeous blonde and realize effi ain’t shit
>someone is upset their baby doesn’t look more like it’s white dad. arab potato genes coming thru too much?
Y'all sound just as racist as Effina sounded 5 years ago LOL

No. 1777576

File: 1677405140960.jpeg (179.6 KB, 750x507, 6E18BCF8-97AD-4FC1-9257-C0FE42…)

He doesn’t look like his dad at all. Charls seems like the kind to get a paternity test

No. 1777577

obviously edited. The self posts continue

No. 1777578

We need to keep some baby pics in case the foutcreep starts editing them to look more like charls

No. 1777579

She’s cute at best. Knowing she’s got some surgeries she should be looking better than that

No. 1777580

This bitch looking like a cartoon dog. Those lips look disgusting too. Like some kind of plastic surgery botching

No. 1777587

File: 1677406372384.png (121.47 KB, 257x275, F9E5B631-88F1-4B17-A4D1-701EB7…)

The 500 faces of footy

No. 1777628

yo xan get ur boy dawg

No. 1777629

File: 1677417119441.jpeg (782.24 KB, 1170x1788, A8C47298-3038-470B-A311-C4F23F…)

you really think you have the audacity to call others racist when this is how you talk

No. 1777644

That’s not the same poster. Are you concussed?

No. 1777849

you must be a moid if you can't tell the obvious eyeliner and lipstick lmao

No. 1777907

She's doin' them on 4chan as well.
I mean at least dont make it that obvious? It's extremely embarrassing footi! But I secretly live for her self-posts kek

No. 1777908

File: 1677443374656.jpg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-02-26_21-22-10-292.…)

Top kek

No. 1777929

The knock at Hispanics is funny when she looks like an ashy brown Mexican cunt. Her hubby was dumb enough to believe her older pictures weren’t edited now he has to cope with his ooglee sons looking nothing like him. Interracial marriage has a really high divorce rate. Buckle up, race mixing trash

No. 1777932

The flag is American, Charls is in Kuwait. Why are you lying? This is crazy.

No. 1778049

Don't you have two babys to look after instead of relentlessly spamming this thread? Your poor kids have an absent chronically online mom. Instead of fighting with strangers on the internet you should invest your time into your family. It's really not that deep, go cry somewhere else.

No. 1778051

literally whiter than you, senor ximenez

No. 1778056

Her kids are going to be ugly incels like some of charl’s followers. Circle of life

No. 1778081

who let the race-baiting scrotes in jeez, i'm no fan of fotouh but the moid energy here is startling.

No. 1778220

Yeah, nothing in that screencap clearly indicates that's Fotouh and not some low iq MDE moid simping. Could she be on a vpn? Maybe, but also likely it's just a retard simp.

No. 1778290

Is this on /pol/? What thread?

No. 1778304

Fotouh and Charls are in Kuwait right now. Why would they be posting under the American flag? There is nothing to suggest these posts were by her. Unless you think everyone who ever says something positive must be Fotouh herself - in which case you should seek treatment for paranoid schizophrenia.

No. 1778306

>ashy brown Mexican cunt
>Buckle up, race mixing trash
JFC this thread has become Stormfront tier by now. Is it racist Sam Hyde fans, or are Effina's vendetta-chans literal nazis?

No. 1778309

You didn’t read them, look at the dates on the posts. They’re from last week. This makes me think you’re off self posting again footface

No. 1778310

No one has anything positive to say about foot except other brown women who defend her maybe. Not even her own husband cares to defend her directly

No. 1778321

She won’t stop. No one is in her corner. Her own husband resents her because their relationship began with a lie. He thought he was meeting up with a gorgeous model with light eyes, small nose / mouth, angular jaw, then he gets a short brown girl with a big potato nose and giant lips. He accepted it because he’s very short for a man, mentally ill, and not that wealthy

No. 1778325

I looked it up. The thread is mysteriously deleted. You can see the dates. only a week ago

No. 1778331

Her kids are going to be so ugly and short. They inherited charl’s squinty eyes and foutuh’s brown eye colors

No. 1778358

>Have you considered…
if people did that then threads like this wouldn't exist; that's why none of them responded to you, because it would put a damper on their willfully baseless speculations.

No. 1778364

File: 1677509650556.jpeg (213.89 KB, 682x394, 9A19DF3E-AE1F-4ADC-8CB7-AE5E2F…)

Hey Fotouh. This is a member of Remilia. We are not happy with you. Please come clean on your social media that you deceived people with video editing software, as shown by screencap on right. If you can’t come clean about this on your social media, thread stays up. Do it for the sake of your sons.

No. 1778375

File: 1677511090380.jpeg (162.49 KB, 522x350, 3DAB2810-AFBB-4FDA-AC5A-2EF26A…)

>refuses to accept her true race and ethnic name
>continues to use deceptive video editing software on her current streams to this day
She has deceived kaliacc and we are not happy. The thread will commence until she apologizes to us(autism)

No. 1778378

From what I could gather people on Charls' stream are getting tired of Footy's face and cringe personality pretty quick. How could you not if you regularly sound this retarded.


Also, I get a weird dynamic between them. He sounds tired of listening to her mickey mouse voice. Fucking depressing.

No. 1778388

>From what I could gather people on Charls' stream are getting tired of Footy's face and cringe personality pretty quick.
i didn't see anything indicating that
>Also, I get a weird dynamic between them. He sounds tired of listening to her mickey mouse voice. Fucking depressing.
he just sounds tired after streaming for 4 hours and wants to go to bed. i think you are trying to find milk where there is none.

No. 1778395

File: 1677512311325.jpeg (311.44 KB, 632x759, 002CAF8B-257E-441F-A2C3-28EA54…)

She looks so weird

No. 1778477

File: 1677519308245.jpeg (186.26 KB, 1241x920, DD8970CB-E304-4522-B9EE-B3B1D8…)

Reminder of how she edited herself at the time she met charls. He must have enjoyed the beautiful wife compliments so he didn’t tell her to stop. I’ve never met anyone in my life who would alter their face so much. Disturbing

No. 1778482

If she wants to stop getting trolled she can stop streaming. Ever other content creator knows the rules. She can go be a mom and stay off the internet if she can’t handle it

No. 1778521

File: 1677522836524.png (6.62 KB, 447x106, 534543536.png)

No. 1778542

the stream has 35k views, you can find examples like that, but you made it seem like a larger sentiment. there are 2.5k likes to 13 dislikes, and reading through the comments i see they are overwhelmingly positive. in fact the only unsupportive comment i saw was someone saying "lets not racemix" in response to someone saying they want a trad arab gf. i think it's safe to say you are attempting to invent a narrative that has no basis in reality.

No. 1778545

File: 1677524628763.jpg (152.46 KB, 1207x933, Picsart_23-02-27_19-57-01-653.…)

Aww poor footy she put on a ton of make up and such and still managed to look utterly unhygienic, oily and musty. Her hair has been a mess lately, her overlined lips with the muddy brown color really made her look like she ate ass kek

I have a question for OP, do you know she is wealthy or "silver spooned"? She seems middle class, not super rich. Some nonnas need to clarify

No. 1778551

File: 1677524941393.png (Spoiler Image, 150.26 KB, 352x358, Picsart_23-02-27_19-29-58-438.…)

He's such a hard worker, streaming and chainsmoking all day n night, laying in bed after work must been soooo rewarding for him.

Jumpscare warning!!!!!

No. 1778552

File: 1677525100598.png (19.08 KB, 985x163, 673689473874923.png)

i am sowy i hurt your feelings

No. 1778553

4chan is supposed to be the "grassroots of MDE fans"? That's a good one.

No. 1778566

File: 1677526084216.jpg (218.45 KB, 1430x1080, Picsart_23-02-27_19-39-01-909.…)

Sage for child bullying

No. 1778567

why do you present these theories as having credence with virtually no evidence? if a woman rolls her eyes at her husband once do you immediately go "omg divorce incoming!" and tell everyone you know shit you have no clue about? you are just trying to keep this thread going out of spite even though this woman is boring as hell. i understand the accusations of vendetta posting in this thread, clearly there is some personal hate stirring up drama where there is none.

No. 1778568

File: 1677526359355.png (313.73 KB, 1478x523, charlsclips.png)

The stupid youtube shorts and clips you make for Charls are cringy and fucking embarrassing to look at, Foot. Seeing you so full of yourself would be funny if it wasn't humiliating.

No. 1778572

>accusations of vendetta posting in this thread
Accusations? There's clearly at least 1 poster ITT who's obsessed, posting screengrabs of Effina's face over and over again, as if we haven't seen it already:
^ this is what mental illness looks like

No. 1778574

She faked being rich to help sell the idea she was this beautiful instagram model and help her grift of marking up the price of cheap clothes. It’s all in older threads

No. 1778576

Those are different posters. Stop trying to get the thread shut down because you’re fragile

No. 1778579

File: 1677527324096.jpg (510.82 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-02-27_19-34-51-329.…)

No. 1778581

>googles biracial marriage divorce rate
>googles divorce rate of man being 15 years older
>both mentally ill
If they do stay married they will be miserable

No. 1778582

would that make you happy?

No. 1778584

These are just facts. Don’t blame me for choosing the wrong guy

No. 1778585

Would it bring you joy if they're divorced and unhappy and their children are ugly?

No. 1778662

File: 1677536228159.jpeg (287.5 KB, 727x467, 1AF56A22-E5A0-43B3-8EFC-785325…)

A very honest person

No. 1778679

she's so scary looking…. like a skinwalker

No. 1778694

This makes me question how many MENA girls edit their pics like fot? I’m thinking only a very tiny amount of these bitches really look like their pics. many are fat nosed, dark eyed, with giant mouths

No. 1778711

just looks like bad lighting to me

No. 1778715

File: 1677542497502.png (793.27 KB, 680x659, 1519765824290.png)

you mean a member of this pajeet pedophile's friend group is mad she ditched them? lol

No. 1778719

Interracial divorce varies greatly by couple. White women have increased divorce rates in interracial couples while White men have lower divorce rates in interracial couples.

Age gap is for second marriages.(sage your shit)

No. 1778721

then why does this pic >>1778477 have bad lighting but somehow she looks good? The beauty is fake. She is a beast that abused photoshop for years. Don’t cap

No. 1778726

File: 1677544182801.jpeg (139.59 KB, 750x413, 4A177790-75A7-4384-92BC-4430A2…)

There is nothing about second marriage and people from different cultures have high divorce rates even w/out the added age gap. charls is an unstable creep who messaged underage girls in the past. He chose Effotuh for her young age and “virginity”. not out of true love. He will begin neglecting her or treating her like shit soon if he isn’t already. If they don’t divorce i maybe he will snap and end up killing his family or himself

No. 1778728

the lighting isnt bad in that one

No. 1778762

File: 1677547801690.jpg (467.64 KB, 1080x1633, IMG_20230227_202855.jpg)


No. 1778782

kek that is good. I agree this thread is just vendettachan central though. Catch a big whiff of racist MDE stans and the occasional middle eastern insta girls who are obsessed with her name being ugly.(sage your shit)

No. 1778790

Narcissists need attention whether it’s good or bad. Which is why Foot lurks this thread and posts in it too.

No. 1778797

I’m concerned her kids have some kind of syndrome and wonder if she’s had them checked out, it could be some congenital thing.

No. 1778843

the children are already ugly and they already seem miserable, a divorce would maybe just reduce their misery as they dont have to deal with each other's antics. Also why ask if it makes a nonna personally happy as if this wasn't just a site to laugh at stupid retards kek

No. 1778892

That syndrome is called race mixing(racebait)

No. 1778912

File: 1677558786930.jpeg (115.35 KB, 750x194, 5560960B-339B-4734-A96B-E10C3B…)

They’re not being very nice

No. 1778913

File: 1677558810602.jpeg (136.19 KB, 750x301, 12E3E892-5803-45DF-AF6E-0EF5AA…)

No. 1779235

Probably due to her eating disorder. She was more concerned not becoming fat during pregnancy and bounced back immediately to her ana self while she was supposed to be breastfeeding. This is actually quite detrimental to a baby's development, wouldn't be surprised at all if theyre medically retarded, and all just because she's so narcissistic and vain

No. 1779239

The kaliackers seething they fell AGAIN for a nonwhite acting racist online

No. 1779361

Skipped to random time to see their dynamic. When she talks he talks over her. You can tell he would rather stream alone. He married some submissive mena trad wife only to have her butt in when he doesn’t want her to. This won’t end well

No. 1779390

>women with ed’s have trouble producing milk
>formula babies have weakened health and get sick in childhood often
>sick kids are stressful
>husband barely respects her
>vain and her kids are not that cute
her life is going to get worse. kalliac revengelords got their wish

No. 1779421

File: 1677616827356.jpg (156.68 KB, 1080x619, IMG_20230228_153408.jpg)

Everyone thinks she is annoying. If she doesn't back off I predict a new schism.

No. 1779473

No offense, but reposting random moid opinions isn't really milk. I have no doubt that Sam is going to be incredibly shitty, snide, and snively about Charls' wife though. He's that kinda faggot - spiritually, not literally, but maybe literally.

No. 1779670

Still, it's funny to see her trying to get the stream's attention by showing her kids chimping out in the background - making them clap, dragging them to walk, putting them in Charls' face and in front of the monitor so he has no alternative but to acknowledge her presence. It's all quite weird, but also pretty entertaining.

No. 1780191

Seriously retarded behavior, imagine this is your life. She thinks she won the prize but all I see is a musty niche streamer who peaked a decade ago.

Why is fotouh so hyped for WP2 anyway? Does she really think millions of people will watch it and they'll get famous and rich????? People on 4chan really need to touch some grass, no one cares about the 1% of overweight white autistic males that spent 20+ hours online.
Also doesn't Sam secretly hate Foot?
Tbh they seem fine imo, ugly, sure but not retarded. I'm forever mad at the boring ass vanilla names she choosed for them. Noah and James really don't work for them at all. Incels often have a fucked up race identity.

No. 1780198

File: 1677703962483.jpg (295.36 KB, 1673x1080, Picsart_23-03-01_21-51-27-402.…)

Sage for lulz

No. 1780529

>People on 4chan really need to touch some grass, no one cares about the 1% of overweight white autistic males that spent 20+ hours online.
And what exactly is it that you are doing here? Obsessing over some literally who Arabs personal life. lmao

No. 1780562

why does sam hate her anyway? sexual jealousy?

No. 1780612

nta but probably because charls has talked shit about him, because sam is a pedophile and racist and shes a grown nonwhite woman who used to photoshop a lot and just easy to hate on for those reasons as you can tell by the entirety of this thread which has been milkless for a while

i think because her unique ethnic name gets made fun of a lot and vendettachans call her footface she learned to give them boring names. i would try to get a name that works better in her language too, arabic or farsi, and also in english, there are many persian and arabic names that work in english but maybe she didnt like them as much. i do agree that whitewashing your childrens names may just fuel inferiority complex shit but she could just think it will make them fit in better when they move back here.

No. 1780617

shes not a lolcow shes just a cringe ethot LOL

No. 1780620

File: 1677742320461.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1669153190684.png)

Bump for cp

No. 1780666

nonnies who are still posting have no life. they're the real lolcows here. she got happily married to the man she loves and brought two children to the world, has a good relationship with her family and has made a lot of good friends and world peace is back lol. the 4chan posts were years ago (and don't act as if the rest of you don't make racist remarks/jokes ever) and she stopped photoshopping and shows her real face now. there's no 'milk'. you seethe and gossip and stalk her online trying to 'sabotage' her life when her life is only getting better while you stay bitter. please seek help immediately(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1780683

learn to sage you retard

No. 1780776

> don't act as if the rest of you don't make racist remarks/jokes ever
This. Literally look at this thread - it's full of people (I'm assuming at least some of them are males) making fun or insulting Effina for being a "brown" Arab. These posters have zero right to judge her 4chan comments (from 5 years ago BTW).

No. 1780792

He’s a white supremacist

No. 1780795

>happily married
That’s a good one. Did you watch charls drunk meltdown stream? She reached out to fix his hair and he moves away from her and he tells her to get him a drink and she refuses and says some weird violent thing to her. She gets upset then he says it’s “from a movie”. Very happy couple indeed, they understand one another so well

No. 1780819

can u post the clip or at least the stream where this is from i want a laugh

No. 1780878


56:48 she says something and he goes “ I don’t know what you’re talking about it’s like you’re not speaking English” she babbles more, he goes yeah sure whatever
1:06:59 he rambles about “paying for cunt” as she fixes his hair and he moves away
1:08:15 “I’m just a fucking loser no one gives a shit if I live or die” she says stop
1:16:30 she says you’re coming across wrong he goes I don’t give a fuck
1:23:30 he tells her to get him one more drink she says no no more. he says “one more or ill break your neck” with a serious face. she gets upset he says he is kidding it’s a quote from straw dogs

More rambling then he starts going off about Sam being gay toward end. Yes, very happy marriage. How will efftard try to cope with this one

No. 1780879

He just hung out with Adam Friedland, a Jew, like two days ago…
I bet she's hoping Charls will deep down pay attention to their children without being so online. I bet she's hyped for WP2 because it'll get him to do more things IRL and she gets to see him use his creative skills rather than just zone out next to a mic and 3 screens for 4 hours straight.

No. 1780881

u proved my point that u really need mental help. watching some hour long stream to catch a moment of when he was drunk & mad and then imagining that it represents their whole marriage is making me lol, that's just vendetta at this point and it isn't milky.

No. 1780882

In come the self posts. It proves he doesn’t respect her. He doesn’t treat her much better while sober

No. 1780883

Adam friedland is Jewish but white passing same with every guy Sam works with. Sam’s ex is white

No. 1780892

u cows don't even know how to refute things without accusing everyone who disagrees with u here as effina self-posting.

conflicts in marriages happen, people express love differently, men can get frustrated with their wives & vice versa. the fact that her family accepted him & how they were able to integrate into each other's lives & how they speak of each other indicates that they're happily married to me.

even if we go with your assumption that they aren't, how does it make her a lolcow if her husband 'doesn't respect' her?


wow u must care so much about how effina feels & how her husband treats her. it really shows in this thread

No. 1780893

An anon needs mental help for timestamping a shitshow of a stream but charls the drunk bitter creep, who disrespects his wife in front of a live audience, doesn’t need help? What’s your agenda here?

No. 1780895

He says during the stream he only had 2 drinks. It’s not like he’s plastered. He doesn’t like his wife. Sorry it bothers you

No. 1780896

ur original deleted reply: "Why do you call anons bitter losers but not her husband for being a bitter loser while disrespecting her in front of a live audience?"

why not make it a thread about charls then? again, how does the way he treat his wife make her a lolcow? my agenda is that there is no milk anymore & she's happy with her life & husband atm. that's why anons here are bitter losers for trying to continually smear her name & overanalyze every single aspect of some micro-celebrity's life

No. 1780897

> even if we go with your assumption that they aren't, how does it make her a lolcow if her husband 'doesn't respect' her?
It makes her a lolcow for putting up with disrespect from an older, mentally ill man. Normal women do not put with this

No. 1780899

She find a normal man who doesn’t live stream if she doesn’t want her shitty marriage witnessed

No. 1780900

Bro wtf this was extremly hard to watch, almost unsettling. I've never seen such odd behavior from a married couple let alone from two parents. I could be wrong but Foot seems extremly uncomfortable and embarrassed by his behavior. At least.

Look Fotouh, I get that you're young and you weren't raised in the west but I guarantee you his behavior is not normal at all, by any standards. How is this even a fun activity to do while on vacay? Depressing. Sitting around in a bar and babysitting this drunken idiot.

No. 1780905

Does anyone know why he was so mad at the chat circa at 1:23:00? He got really really mad for some reason and now I'm interested kek

No. 1780906

again, ur overanalyzing & making up imagined scenarios of their marriage from a few clips.

sure he hates his wife. why would he introduce her to his family & closest friends. if he's such an abuser how did her family accept him into her life & are happy with him & their children? if he hates his wife so much why does he defend her online & post on streams with her, why did they go through long distance together, etc. it doesn't require a lot of brain cells to reach that conclusion nonnie

more proof that u cows are mentally ill & can't find milk anymore. now that she apologized & repented, ur trying to find leftover scraps to criticize her on & the last "milky" thing ur hanging onto desperately is her husband bc there isnt anything else left to criticize

No. 1780915

Stop calling yourself Effina. Your real name is Fotouh Al Carroll. Accept it. Effina won't ever happen.

No. 1780918

File: 1677783195258.png (905.6 KB, 1514x1080, Picsart_23-03-02_19-49-25-053.…)

Stop Footoouh! You have the nerve calling people mentally ill when your husband is a drunken shizo. Don't project your own insecurities onto other people, footface. Also go change some diapers.

No. 1780921

can't refute my point about her husband & now ur panicking & reaching for more leftovers like her name. ppl can use aliases online & not reveal their real names nonnie <3 they're also allowed to change their name legally if they don't like it! keep whispering to urself that it's somehow milky & problematic

No. 1780976

>sure he hates his wife. why would he introduce her to his family & closest friends. if he's such an abuser how did her family accept him into her life & are happy with him & their children? if he hates his wife so much why does he defend her online & post on streams with her, why did they go through long distance together, etc. it doesn't require a lot of brain cells to reach that conclusion nonnie

just saw this in passing this thread on the main /snow/ page, went here to see wth was gping on and i just want to say that's a weird way to defend this. idk these people but someone can be manipulative and deceiving to anyone around them, even in long term relationships. for someone who really wanted to call out everyone for talking here you yourself are spending a lot of time on this thread.

No. 1780986

it's ur first time coming across this thread & ur assuming i spend months on here posting vendetta like other nonnies. i used to occasionally come here before to laugh at her & now i can see that the milk has expired & anons are acting more ridiculous.

even if someone's relationship is a facade to delusional ppl, that doesnt excuse constantly posting/spamming old milk & random hate & it's still an assumption. post evidence of REAL abuse & then we can discuss but so far i just see name-calling & low quality trolling

No. 1781011

Milk is fresher than ever, Fotouh. This is only season 1 of -The Chatotic Carrolls- I'm down kek

No. 1781021

Effina is going to get to a point (certain age) where she realizes she married an alcoholic with brain rot that will stare at himself in the camera for hours and belt out the same drunk catch phrases night after night. How does the smell of cigarettes and beer farts every morning effina? Most tiny chat moids do the same exact thing. It will unravel soon.

No. 1781023

Same poster but I just have to add, locking yourself in with this idiot for life with children was the worst mistake. Lol.

No. 1781033

You actually sound very poetic nonnie I like it haha
Cmom Footouh we all know you hate being a brown woman from North Africa. That's why you constantly claim different races as your own, you are not Iranian, greek or anything european. Leave us outta your racebait. Instead embrace your rich culture and don't pander to racist basement dwellers that see you as beneath them. You have to accept that marrying a edgy shizo streamer will attach you to that lifestyle of neo-nazism. You manifested this life, accept it.

No. 1781046

File: 1677790754871.jpg (578.37 KB, 1262x1080, Picsart_23-03-02_21-58-39-861.…)

No. 1781047

jews are white

No. 1781050

nta but ashkenazi jews are only a minority of jewish people, and sephardic and other jews are definitely nonwhite.

with that said, and as someone who used to post here, this thread is filled with vendettachans. she made a very honest and heartfelt apology. posters who can't let go are bigger cows, this woman is just trying to raise her children in peace.

No. 1781070

Stop saying vendettachan in every post. The thread isn’t going anywhere

No. 1781097

you are forgetting the huge european diaspora of polish, german, and russian jews

No. 1781122

Am I the only one who just sees a normal girl with body dysmorphia and an edgy past phase here?

Photoshopping and plastic surgery is quite common among female MENA influencers, hence why her Arab fans do not care about whether or not she was editing her photos and they still find her beautiful; albeit beauty is subjective.

Many male-female couples have an age-gap of 10+ years so it is nothing surprising. It is also normal for virginity to be valued in women, especially considering that a higher body count increases divorce rates.

She says her old 4chan posts were jokes but her generalizations of each race are true to some extent. Perhaps people are too thin-skinned and took the racist posting seriously but I do not view it as something heinous. She also never insulted her people and by 'brown' she clearly meant Indians if the autistic people here did not understand the 4chan-speak.

Grifting is also okay. If someone is too lazy to order from Aliexpress themselves and they have enough money to buy a China-made item for double the price, they will find a business to buy it from whether it was hers or not. Again, businesses like these are very common among Arabs and they are widely accepted.

Where is milk? AFAIK she is not so deranged. There must be a Kuwaiti or an American girl who had a falling-out with Fotouh and isn't giving us the real milk but creating multiple threads instead.

No. 1781135

She isn’t beautiful in her home country and she’s not beautiful in America either. Her marriage is milky too. Thread stays up

No. 1781147

Trust me, I know far more than you do about Arab social media and she has been trending way before she met Charls. Even after she stopped editing she still gets thousands of likes and compliments from those same Arabs following her. Most of them turned a blind eye to whatever you Americans are posting here about her real face and whatnot.

Let me in on how their marriage is milky though. I know she was a fan of MDE then got to know Charls online and married him. Personally I am against race-mixing but their age gap, kids, and streams are not milky honestly.

No. 1781148

Disgusting thinking of yours. Please refrain from posting.

No. 1781153

Free speech, love. Going by your logic, everyone in this thread should refrain from posting for their thinking.

Using racial slurs as a teenager is not a big deal. This is not different behavior from the 2015 stan Twitter girls trying to expose a celebrity for saying the N-word a millennia ago.

Oh, if the body count and age part hurt your feelings, the truth is most men do not find an aging ran-through woman desirable. Cheers.

No. 1781176

>Many male-female couples have an age-gap of 10+ years so it is nothing surprising.
You’re fucking retarded. In America at least this is not true at all. Most married couples are within 5 years of age

No. 1781190

File: 1677799973899.jpg (224.99 KB, 1080x1203, IMG_20230302_183013.jpg)

Certainly more desirable than a photoshopped monstruosity. No wonder Charls hate her guts as clearly shown on last streams.

No. 1781191

If she was popular it was because of her fake face. Either way she married an American, she gets judged by American standards now and it’s considered insane in America to catfish people. So kindly fuck off

No. 1781243

Truly a cursed culture. Being born a woman in an Arab world must actual be hell.