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File: 1611277889624.png (84.28 KB, 362x287, Screenshot_20210121-191101~2.p…)

No. 1138599

Previous Threads:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition:
Marilyn Manson #2 : Chin of Sin Edition:
Marilyn Manson #3: In Search of Lost Tooth Edition:
Marilyn Manson #4: Fake PR Moves Edition:
Marilyn Manson #5:
Marilyn Manson #6: Baby Manson Time Edition:

Old thread bio updated.

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 52-year-old drug addict, washed-up rocker, serial abuser, and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young, and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

>Accused by multiple ex-girlfriends, including Evan Rachel Wood, of rape, physical, sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement, and forced drug use.

>Uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse, and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video, or wanting a serious relationship.
>Long term on-and-off relationship with Lindsay Usich, 35 year old NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other women he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans.
>Publicly talked about wanting to beat Evan Rachel Wood's skull in with a sledgehammer.
>May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls. Also alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18 year old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them.
>May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underage, and tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella (@sourgirrrl).
>Has an assistant (sockpuppet?) named Judd who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuse and stalking towards young girls.
>Got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by Lindsay.
>Torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and is still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image.

No significant social media links, except for the official @marilynmanson.
Lindsay Usich's instagram is @lindsayusichofficial, comments disabled.

Discussed in First Thread:
>Receipts from multiple accounts discussing accusations of abuse/assault by Evan Rachel Wood, Esme Bianco, Clare Buley, Louise Keay Bell, and Ashley Morgan.
>Harassment and death threats from Manson and his orbiters including ex-assistant Judd and anonymous “online troops.”
>Horrorshow performances from Lindsay and her mother, Hope Harvey, harassing and talking shit about and to Manson fans.
>A discussion about who is the controlling one in Manson and Lindsay's relationship.
>@mansonisabusive kindly shared many receipts and info.
>Paranoia and suspicion a-go-go about the general circus that surrounds El Chinno Manson and his Hollywood Hareem.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Second Thread:
>More receipts, maybe from trolls, maybe from genuine victims of abuse.
>Lindsay concentrates all of her efforts into sharing updates from blissful quarantine cohabitation: plants, cats, and the usual boring posts, but most importantly – usually flashing what looks like an engagement ring.
>Also shares a post from her cousin, who speaks of an encounter with Manson, when he referred to Lindsay as his “fiancé.”
>Farmers work out this anecdote actually reveals that the engagement happened around six years ago.
>It's decided that Madelyn is a deluded pick me, although entertaining. Farmers made a half-hearted attempt not to give her any more airtime as she self-posts and encourages orbiters to post.
>A slew of other batshit fans come to light.
>@mansonisabusive IG account visits and shares very interesting caps. We thank her.
>Still waiting for the @666fearless full story.
>Die Antwoord/Zheani/Manson connection is mentioned. Zheani has dirt on Manson, but no one knows what.
>Discussion of Linday's catfish accounts including Ticklish Witch, Mina Lowry, and multiple others.
>Talk of a super-fan turned super-hater, Tiziana Collins, aka Titti, and whether she faked her own death to return as her own mother.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the second thread for:

Discussed in Third Thread:
>Receipts Lindsay fought with ex-side-chick, Viktoria (Twitter: @LaPetitMort_), and made her personal information public via her Twitter.
>Receipts from Viktoria's twitter of Manson talking shit about John 5 (with whom he was about to tour).
>Extensive evidence of Lindsay's full-of-cheap-bots followership, poor PR, and desperate attempts to build a fake last-minute career for her.
>Manson and Lindsay's engagement announcement (with zero media coverage no matter how hard they tried).
>Louise Keay Bell, one of the victims, came to the thread to milk her trauma and change the narrative of her experience with Manson when no one had been talking about her.
>Receipts Manson sent legal threats to Louise Keay Bell and more of her and Jessicka Adams claiming Lindsay grooms underage girls for Manson.
>A social statement of Louise Keay Bell saying Lindsay was part of Manson's sexual assaults.
>Even though Louise Keay Bell was very vocal on her recent abuse case when nobody actually asked her, she was not brave enough to address anything from the above.
>Proof of staff molesting female fans and abusing their position.
>Michelle's (@666fearless) abuse case was fully revealed. Some anons questioned her credibility.
>More evidence of his abusive, toxic, racist, misogynistic behavior from various interviews.
>Proof that Manson forces his orbiters to sign NDAs.
>Poor fake and full of shit PR moves.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fourth Thread:
>A video of Manson admitting to fucking underage girls on stage.
>Madelyn was accused by anons of sitting outside of Manson's house in her car on Lindsay's birthday. A photo Madelyn had taken of herself in her car and a few of Hope Harvey's tweets (quoted) from before she went private were posted as proof.
>Questioning why Hope went private in the first place. Deduced that Manson's lawyer probably reached out to her because she was sharing too much personal information.
>Talk of an account (@_noname666_) that commented on one of Madelyn's posts, mocking her and her “relationship” with Manson.
>Suspicion of whether he and Lindsay are already married or not after he posted a photo on his IG page, wearing what looked like a wedding band with the caption, “The Price of Darkness.”
>Receipts of now deleted hate accounts and subscriptions that Louise Keay Bell posted. @666fearless was also being harassed. Both blamed Judd/Manson for it.
>Screens from a website claiming Lindsay had a “baby bump.” Debunked as a hoax.
>Dawn (@miss_dangerx, @guitargunn, @dawn.slays and possible other accounts) splurging and accusing Manson of being a pedophile. Also claims that he had a fake FB account (Mark Peak II) and harassed her, using her personal phone number. Was passed off as a troll.
>@_noname666_ joined the thread for a bit, revealing that Manson's was (allegedly) formally diagnosed with both bipolar and narcissistic disorders. He was prescribed lithium that he sometimes forgets to take, which is supposed to be an excuse for his behavior. They also alluded to Manson being Lindsay's financial supporter and main source of income, even during periods where they weren't living together.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fifth Thread:
>Manson finally released his single, “We Are Chaos.”
>Speculations that Manson/Lindsay post in the threads after someone dropped a private picture of Lindsay. Anons couldn't find a source.
>Screens from Reddit of people saying that Twiggy/Manson had sex with them while they were underage.
>An anonymous ex-side-chick leaked some messages and shared some information on Manson. She claimed Lindsay harassed her during the entire period of their relationship via fake IG accounts. Anons finally got an answer to what “Baby Manson Time” is.
>The full album was finally released. Lyrics are derivative of his older works and most of the songs read as digs against his accusers/Lindsay.
>@mansonisabusive finally made their account public again.
>Lindsay posted in her story that her mother, Hope Harvey, passed away. Cows made sure to milk her death as much as possible.
>Their marriage was confirmed in an interview he did with Nicolas Cage.
>Manson incriminates himself after hanging up on a journalist and refusing to answer any more questions after being asked about the Evan Rachel Wood situation. Rose McGowan posted screens of a message she sent Manson in her story on IG and tagged Evan, claiming she, “wouldn't be used as a shield,” not long after.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Sixth Thread:
>Evidence of Lindsay supporting hate accounts.
>Laney Chantal shares her opinion on the situation. Caps of her liking some of @mansonisabusive's posts were posted.
>Lindsay getting fan accounts to harass anyone that speaks out against them.
>Edwin Costa makes a video covering Manson's history.
>Proof that Manson cheated on Rose with Dita.
>More comments from one of Lindsay's abandoned IG accounts, @lindsay.usich, saying that she was never a photographer before she met him.
>Edwin Costa's Twitter and Louise Keay Bell's Facebook accounts were hacked. Anons speculated that Manson was involved.
>Cow tries to repair all of his damaged past relationships in an attempt to find allies.
>A ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

No. 1138628

File: 1611279712452.jpeg (12.5 KB, 355x351, 76897950-10C9-431B-B4A8-F89BFE…)

this is like QAnon but for Manson right? we crashing the right party?(mental retardation)

No. 1138678

Thanks for the making the new thread.

As requested, a list of victims:

* Evan Rachel Wood
* Esme Bianco
* Gabriella
* Ashley Walters
* Ashley Morgan
* Louise Keay Bell
* Jordan Arentz
* Clare Buley (underage when they met)
* Lexa Vonn (debated but she does have proof she knew him)
* 666Fearless/Michelle
* Amie Nicole Harwick
* Lexus Amanda
* Lola Blanc (wrote a song about Manson)
* Taylor Momsen

No. 1138695

Omg who pulled this bullshit list out of their ass? Did any of these so-called victims press charges on Manson or file an actual lawsuit? Other than Evan and Esme - Manson might’ve been an asshole to these other women, but doesn’t make them victims. Taylor Monsen never made any accusations on him. That Lexa charges got dropped , which means she didn’t have evidence.

No. 1138701

File: 1611285229292.jpeg (408.09 KB, 2175x1127, E5472B2B-EEAB-4057-A5B6-E9C564…)

lkb insta is lit rn !!!!

No. 1138752

I don’t understand why this betch won’t just make a new email address

No. 1138762


Holy shit she literally made a whole song using some comments from this thread. She’s lost it lol. That was sooo wild to watch.
Starting to feel kinda sorry for her at this point. Maybe we should stop poking the bear but at the same time she needs to keep the fuck off this thread if it triggers her this much.
She knows people will just continue to talk about her here after that cringey video.

No. 1138792

He choked Taylor Momsen during a live show they did together. One of the stagehands posted a video about it. There's another video of their concert on YouTube. You can obviously see what he did.

No. 1138793

LKB and Michelle pressed charges.
No lawsuit means it didn’t happen? Evan said she got death threats if she named her abuser, why would it be different for the other women.

You admit he abused Evan and Esme, that’s enough to for him to be called out. There’s a fine line between “asshole” and narcissistic abuse and many of these women have said or implied he was abusive.

Taylor Monsen’s assistant made accusations of Manson’s behavior towards Taylor.

If her name is being dragged through the mud by possibly Judd and being publicly discredited I’d want to know what was said about me.

No. 1138798

What were the charges? How does a poor woman in Scotland bring charges on a person in the US? Think he’ll get extradited?

@666fearless Michele Meyer said she couldn’t press charges because whatever her fake story was took place not just in her mind but in another state.

don’t think any charges have been brought on anyone.

No. 1138799

File: 1611292103597.png (223.54 KB, 720x375, Screenshot_20210121-225912~2.p…)

Were they wrong? It's ridiculous that she's still doing this shit. If it damages her mental health that much, then she needs to go to therapy instead of reading the forum. It's honestly her own fault if she let's this affect her. She was the one that chose to read the comments about her.

No. 1138805

Right. She puts all her personal business out there on her public social media and expects in to not be talked about.

LKB I know you’re reading this.
Please take a much needed break from the Internet girl seriously. You’re clearly going through a lot and need to take care of your mental health. Turn the screens off and put this energy into your art.

No. 1138812

> ‘ Taylor Monsen’s assistant made accusations of Manson’s behavior towards Taylor. ’

“Her assistant said…”?!?! Now we are accepting second hand statements as first hand accounts of abuse. It was a consensual theatrical performance, on a stage, in front of the public. That is not abuse. Gtfo. take me to your dealer

No. 1138816


> “ If her name is being dragged through the mud and being publicly discredited I’d want to know what was said about me”

willing to bet Manson and Judd and Lindsey and whoever else feel that same way. LKB and Michele Meyer both made a online timeline of how they have spent years dragging other people’s names through the mud. It’s a wonder that anyone would take either seriously anymore. Bigger wonder if either of those woman actually end up in some kind of legal trouble themselves over this.

No. 1138817

Her assistant literally said she ran backstage yelling that he'd choked her. That is a first-hand account. Stop trying to discredit victims when there's clearly evidence in their favor.

No. 1138838

> ‘ Her assistant literally said she ran backstage yelling that he'd choked her. That is a first-hand account. Stop trying to discredit victims when there's clearly evidence in their favor ‘

What you just described is exactly what a second hand account is. If she says “she was abused” as opposed to “I was abused” that makes it second hand. No one needs to try and discredit this nonsense. It’s not credible to begin with.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1138840

Wow this thread.. At this point I think it safe to point out that it’s almost exclusively Mansonisabusive, Judd, Madelyn, and Dawn arguing with each other. (An easy way to tell which one is Madelyn: she’s the one who says ‘stop talking about Madelyn!!’ anytime you bring her up sksksk)
The incel sounding posts: Judd the MM simp
The ones vaguely discrediting Manson victims and esp the posts trying to crap on Lindsay as much as possible: Magalyn
The ones trying to circle back to the point with some Lindsay hate mixed in: Mansonisabusive
And the psychotic ramblings well we all know who those are by.
Cue magalyn at home in her parents house rushing to comment ‘I’m not Madelyn’ in 3..2..

No. 1138863

Everyone involed in this is fucking nuts. All this over some fat drugged out washed up rocker no one cares about? I am seriously not understanding the obession with this coke head who stopped being relevant circa 07 and drugged away what little talent he had left.

LKB needs to get a job, actually listen to her therapist and stop this shit. She looks like a clown reading this forum then getting upset.

Magalyn get a job its over. He pumped and dumped you, then married Lindsay. You lost. Oh and Prager U isn't an actual institute of higher learning. You won't get a BA in owning the Libs with conservative talking points from there.

Mansonisabusive turn off everything and go outside. Like seriously. You're obsessed and need help. Go get it because you're well on your way to ending up like LKB&Magalyn.

No. 1138865

Moving along…

Don’t think this has been brought up but I’ve noticed in the recent MM interview with Apple at around the 46:45 mark the interviewer brings up his relationship with Lindsay…

“You’re now in, from what i can see from the timeline, a relatively long term relationship…” then MM holds up 4 fingers indicating they’ve only been together 4 years altogether? Found that pretty interesting.

No. 1138869

MM&Lindsay have been on and off for so long, add in the fact that he is a serial cheater and a womanizer, and it doesn't surprise me he can't even remember how long he's been with Lindsay.

No. 1138880

She needs help asap.

Call me Madelyn one more time, lol. I always ask not to post about her, and I do it politely, because she doesn't add anything new to the thread. I am surprised we didn't get milk from her when MM married.

No. 1138925

Where's that Lindsay hate anon is talking about? Wasn't really hate was it

No. 1138926

Yeah, Manson is constantly intoxicated. That video has been discussed.

No. 1138941

The video is obviously intended to be humorous and she's turning the negativity into something creative. In her stories she said she's doing better mentally and is starting up her art business, working on projects and no longer needs antidepressants. As for the legal action, the organisation she mentioned she's working with give free legal services to abuse victims.

No. 1138961

Judd/Manson/whoever are obviously pissed that victims are standing up for themselves so they're on here bitching trying to start a hate campaign against them, it's pathetic and hilarious.

No. 1138963

It's her fault for reading it, nice victim blaming. She's smiling in the video, she's obviously poking fun at the trolls.

No. 1139035

File: 1611322903782.jpeg (347.68 KB, 750x747, FF2E3B20-D2AE-40AE-A602-4F36AB…)

@666fearless now public and archiving all the shit being sent to her, allegedly by Judd.

No. 1139093

It's not victim-blaming. I get that no one wants to be gossiped about online, but she can't expect to do the shit she does and then not be talked about.

No. 1139136

Does she post stories now? Since when?

Is it okay to discuss Manson in AG?

No. 1139158

666fearless Michele quite using a fake text app to send yourself messages so you can post caps to make it seem like people msgs you. anything for attention

No. 1139180

It's just getting ridiculous at this point. I've never seen a thread with so many trolls trying to undermine victims' stories.

No. 1139187

It’s the same troll, report for ban evasion.

No. 1139233

It’s an anonymous thread so who knows but outside of Judd I don’t think any of those people are posting now. Madelyn and Dawn have a distinctive writing style and mansonisabusive would put their name in the in the subject line when they posted in the past. I keep trying to circle back to the point and I’m not MIB.

Yep, and if the troll is Judd obviously what’s posted here threatens them or he wouldn’t fanatically discredit victims.

No. 1139262

@mansonisabusive at least reads the thread because the majority of proof that she posts in her story is from here. But who knows if she actually posts here or not.

No. 1139270

True enough, she does post reddit finds here in her stories.

No. 1139272

"do the shit she does." Like what? She pretty much only posts pictures of her cat and her creative stuff. Her posts about abuse were years ago. Not including the screenshots of recent harassment/spam.

No. 1139296

I wasn't talking about what she posts on her page. She visited the thread and argued with anons, which is understandable to a certain degree, but she should've known better than to keep going back and forth with them. Then there was “Anal Whore Queen of Glasglow.”

She needs to turn off her screen and go outside instead of obsessing about things people say about her on the internet. If she decides to share everything out in the open, people are gonna talk about it. That's just they way it is.

No. 1139302

Anons are so triggered over her arguing with people one time lol. If anons are so sensitive, maybe don't call people prostitutes and post false info.

No. 1139305

> >>1138961
“obviously what’s posted here threatens them or he wouldn’t fanatically discredit victims. “

what’s obvious is lkb and fearless are both full of it and are being shown as such. finally. that lkb ig video is golden

No. 1139311

Nothing”s been shown except you’re an unhinged piece of shit. You have no credibility or proof they’re lying.

No. 1139312


> It’s an anonymous thread so who knows but outside of Judd I don’t think any of those people are posting now

challenge: can you contradict your own logic in a shorter sentence?

“it’s anonymous, except for this one person…” ha ha seriously. what would lkb say? numpty

No. 1139316


they haven’t proven anything so what are you talking about? someone doesn’t have to prove that what someone is saying is a lie, the liars have to prove what they’re saying is actually true. that’s how it works(ban evasion)

No. 1139319

File: 1611343341468.jpg (45.69 KB, 750x533, 3upk66.jpg)

I'm holding out for things to get better. Sage

No. 1139320

What the fuck are you taking about, do you have proof Manson is innocent? They provided many screenshots, if you think they’re fake that is an opinion, not fact.

No. 1139332


you got it backwards. it’s innocent til proven guilty. they should have to prove that it’s real, not the other way around. a fake screenshot does not prove anything aside from furthering the point that they are lying.

did anyone record the lkb music video in full??!

No. 1139351


the proof Manson is innocent? TF kind of justice system do you believe in? But ok, I’ll try. How about: he’s a free man. There’s your proof. lynch mob over here thinking some fake screenshots can prove accusations of some pretty serious shit lolz

No. 1139352

>it’s innocent til proven guilty.

And they provided their proof. You came with ridiculous excuses. How would you prefer they prove they’re real? By showing private email addresses and phone numbers?

No. 1139354

>How about: he’s a free man.

Lots of guilty people are free.

No. 1139355

I don’t think this is Judd

No. 1139358

File: 1611345472981.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1746x1170, E8A05038-BC63-46C0-8B29-AA34D0…)

(ban evasion)

No. 1139369


obviously they haven’t been proven so. and so they are innocent in the eyes of the law.

No. 1139387

We are missing Teale Coco, Nikita Andrianova and Carolina Ballesteros.

I've been noticing Lindsay following/liking pictures of Coco and Carolina. I wonder why.

No. 1139391

Judd is imitating LKB's speech because he's unhinged and insanely obsessed with her.

No. 1139392

File: 1611346980887.jpeg (782.12 KB, 1789x1137, 52024B92-833A-46C0-BA27-70892C…)


interesting use of ‘coward’ in BOTH this fake fearless text and post by 666fearless ig. and she uses the cow reference to the forum!! hehe

a while back she was claiming he did some horrible things to her (drugging, beating, and even etceterra!!).
in this post currently on her account she denies having ever been involved with him. it’s not a question of IF she’s a liar, clearly she is. it’s a question of what if anything is even true? it’s also the same post LKB liked. odd

No. 1139395

She's calling you the stalker, Judd, you stupid piece of shit. Your gaslighting is out of control and you're not even good at it.

No. 1139404

Because she invented the word coward? Wtf.

>a while back she was claiming he did some horrible things to her (drugging, beating, and even etceterra!!).

I must have missed that, cap please.

No. 1139408


Ok so is he a stalker that she’s never met? or is he the one that drugged and beat her and etceterra’d her? hard to keep track of her lies at this point(ban evasion )

No. 1139412

She never accused you of rape, drugging or beating, Judd. Only stalking and harassment. Same with Louise. The fact that you're obsessed over assaults which had nothing to do with you is bizarre.

No. 1139413

Guys let's just stop and focus on something different from infighting?
Y'all will stick to own opinion anyway.

‘Coward’ is a regular word. ‘involved with’ should be about some kind of work together or any other communication.

Search for her full story revealed in one of the old threads the pics in which she showed her bruises had caption saying it was Judd's doing.

No. 1139418

She never said the bruises were caused by Judd.

No. 1139422

She posted a long text about what happened to her in Las Vegas with #metoo. >>975040
It starts with
>I was drugged, assaulted, and beaten
Add a comment in which she says
>He also said it was YOU who was responsible for what happened to me in Vegas
Your interpretation, anon?

No. 1139423

Just noticed she said she had surveillance video. Judd told some people to drug and beat her?

No. 1139425

Manson threw Judd under the bus?

No. 1139426

File: 1611348894694.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3721x2153, 15A5A71D-9DEA-490C-BED0-820CA3…)

She said this @hueperson harassed her and blamed Judd.

No. 1139431

That's exactly what I posted.
Somehow Judd is responsible for what happened to her in Las Vegas, i.e. getting drugged, beaten, assaulted.
Idk why she believed Manson's words though, but let it be.

No. 1139437

places in Vegas just be giving out surveillance tapes to anyone that ask

No. 1139438

How I read it is she doesn’t blame Judd for the assault in Vegas but whoever this @hueperson is blamed it on Judd. Maybe I’m misinterpreting though.

No. 1139439

File: 1611349963394.png (2.21 MB, 2532x1170, 92130940-3210-4C67-ABDC-395A90…)

pretty clear quid pro quo right there

No. 1139451

That’s what I’m saying, “He (hueperson?) also said it was YOU who was responsible for that happened to me in Vegas”

Obviously it wasn’t Judd who directly assaulted her or she would already know he was responsible. This hueperson blamed Judd for being involved.

No. 1139456

not really. it looks like michele meyer @666fearless blamed him herself.

HE is probably manson no?

No. 1139467

How are you getting that?
“He also said it was you” meaning someone told her Judd was involved.

No idea who He is.

No. 1139484

…and then SHE went and said it all on her own on the internet.

No. 1139494

Are you playing dumb or something?
These are several caps of posts and a comment made into one collage. ‘He said it was YOU…’ is a comment, it's not part of the post with @hueperson, and He means Manson. If you are gonna tell me it's not, you must be trolling. Hopefully, anon who posted this will show up and tell us more.

No. 1139503

Urarchdandyisanarcissist was mib what's up with that?

Louise n michele arent the only ones who had some pretty serious stuff to say about manson just sayin he's guiltyyy judd deal with it
And you are an arsehole

No. 1139509

My bad, I thought it was a comment on the @hueperson post. If “he” isn’t hueperson then I’m sure she’s referring to Manson.

No. 1139516

Why are you so obsessed with lkb on the first place? She never accused manson of rape, didn't report him to the police and probably doesn't have any intention to. Her case isn't that known. There are already plenty of tourbus stories in these threads.
Manson is going to be remembered as an abuser and a rapist not bc of lkb. There are still four of his victims. ERW, esme, ashley morgan and ashley Walters. Deal it, Judd and sick fans.

No. 1139523

her online activity dismays literally every thing you just said

- she did accuse him of assault and groping her
- she did say she filed a police report
- as recent as this month she said got legal help.
- as recent as yesterday she posted……well, that you have to go see for yourself. @lkbellart on ig

If she doesn’t want to be known, she should probably stop posting made up stories about famous people and the people around them on the internet. pretty simple concept

No. 1139539

File: 1611356407204.jpeg (923.14 KB, 1170x1885, 71796C3B-6EA1-4AFC-87E8-D21BEB…)


a cyberbully playing the victim…interesting. louise, have you read your own twitter feed? use that magic and disappear(ban evasion)

No. 1139545

My point is: name real victims. REAL illegal shit Manson has done. NOT a list of who Manson dated and was an asshole to.

Taylor Momsen has never made any claims. directly. This claim came from someone else saying she got hurt on stage. This doesn’t make her a victim.

If Fearless and Louise were assaulted by Manson, then why didn’t they go to the police and press charges immediately, so there would be evidence. Louise doesn’t have any type of physical evidence. Technically this is a “she said, he said” situation. And this makes her case seem weak because she came out with her accusations a year later, after the fact that Manson didn’t help her out with the movie thing.

Fearless is a liar and her behavior is inconsistent, and she was trying to lie for Manson. She does bizarre shit.

The charges they said they pressed were against Judd. But what’s really gonna come out of it for emails and making profiles? If he’s sending death threats and actually going to fearless house and contacting her personally, then yeah. But if he did all this, he would’ve been arrested by now.

No. 1139549

Who did she cyberbully, Judd? Projecting much?

No. 1139560

Someone standing up for themselves when harassed is not cyberbullying.

No. 1139563

Judd, you obviously want to be a victim so badly. Why don't you just go ask your master to beat you?

No. 1139566

Victim list:

1. Man pressed charges for sexual assault.
2. Evan
3. Esme
4. Manson getting child pornography from Clare Buley.
5. Louise (no physical evidence, but makes claims of being sexually assaulted by both Manson and Lindsay)
6. Coming soon (not assault)

No. 1139578

How do you differentiate victims? All the women listed, with maybe the exception of Gabriella, claimed or were subjected to assault or narcissistic abuse. That makes them victims.

>Taylor Momsen has never made any claims. directly. This claim came from someone else saying she got hurt on stage. This doesn’t make her a victim.

Her assistant witnessed firsthand her being upset about being choked by Manson.

He deserves prison time for Evan and a Esme alone.

No. 1139589

I differentiate by actual victims of a crime that was committed, where they take legal action. Taylor did not press charges. And yes, Manson should be in prison for Evan and Esme… and much, much more.

No. 1139613

Evan and Esme didn’t take legal action either but that’s because he threatened to kill them if they did.

I don’t want to assume why these women didn’t press charges but since it appears he’s a sociopathic asshole who brags about ties to gangs and silencing victims I can see why it would be intimating. Making a charge against a famous person, with the press and attention that brings, would also be intimidating, I imagine.

I’m just saying no charges doesn’t necessarily equal his innocence.

No. 1139647

I find it so strange that there are so many threads about Manson when there isn’t even much milk. I wish you transplants would just make yourself a fan forum or something instead of indulging your obsession on here.

No. 1139664


6. Billy Idol?

No. 1139669

Judd is known to drug girls and stalk + harass them. No doubt this incel sounding anon shitting up the whole thread is him. Shannon aka creepy huge beard is the same piece of shit, creeping on innocent girls asking for sexy pictures and promising them backstage passes.

They're all the fucking same. It is beyond me why these men are still backed up by this toxic community. If it wasn't for their fame/their famous boss they'd all be in prison by now. Including the famous boss.

Unfortunately Manson fangirls are just like Michael Jackson fans. They always find an excuse for everything. Makes me wanna puke and shows how much they really care about fellow women and victims of rape and abuse.

No. 1139680

And the fact that you cant comment on Mansons post unless you follow him says a lot. If he had nothing to hide he would make a statement or at least defend himself. But he knows he can't cause there's far too much evidence. Makes me happy he's stuck with an anorexic lowlife that has nothing else going for her apart from being his wife. Makes me even happier he resents her and can't go out and shag young girls right now.

No. 1139697

No, but in a sense they did do something legally and gave a testimony.

I just wouldn’t define all these women victims unless they personally came forward with something.

In the most general sense, a victim is anyone who experiences injury, loss, or misfortune as a result of some event or series of events.


No. 1139709

I wouldn’t say she’s cyber bullying, Is she threatening violence and making death threats? No.

No. 1139744

No. 1139749

> If he had nothing to hide he would make a statement or at least defend himself. But he knows he can't cause there's far too much evidence.

This ^ 100%

No. 1139756

Personally I think any drama surrounding or has to do with Manson is milk. The Louise drama kinda has me entertained.

No. 1139760

File: 1611372316688.jpg (992.35 KB, 2336x843, IMG_4062.jpg)

milky milky milky milky milky milky

No. 1139761

Louse and Michelle are being bullied by an incel is not entertaining.

>a victim is anyone who experiences injury, loss, or misfortune as a result of some event

Which these women experienced. You’re going to define their mistreatment for them?

No. 1139763


Starting to sound more like michele meyer and louise keay bell are the bullies tbh. that louise shit is entertain af

No. 1139764

You think that because you’re a super fan.

No. 1139765


is that supposed to be insulting?

No. 1139766

She reposted a video. Ok? They used to be friends.

Bullshit. You attacked her for taking an antidepressant, called her an anal whore, called her a cunt >>1139358 and trying to discredit them with misinformation.

You are the bully.

No. 1139770


it's not a repost. it's the same post by the same person. you can't reshare youtube videos to IG or vice-versa.

No. 1139773

666fearless has another alias? charmedlife90

No. 1139775

You can download YouTube videos and share them. I don’t know if that’s her YouTube account but if they were friends but I don’t see how this vilifies her.

No. 1139803

Yet other anons are going to define who was or wasn’t victimized by Manson?

E.g. take Lola Blanc, has she said anything about him committing any crimes towards her? He was an asshole for what he did, using her for sex and playing mind games. But is that a crime? Does that make her a victim?

I’m looking at this from a legal perspective.

No. 1139808


I don't think you can

No. 1139818

Honestly LKB needs to just private her stuff make a new email (shit is free for fucks save) and keep it pushing. The other girls did it when they saw they were being stalked by a bunch of psychos just for dating/smashing Manson. Idk why LKB won't just move on and live her best life. At this point I would not be shocked if she conjured this harassment thing up herself. She seems like the type who enjoys always being a victim. Just look at her twitter feed.

Doesn't mean Mansons moomoo ass isn't a dick. Dude needs to lay off the coke and women half his age. Stop slinging his dirty dick everywhere and be honest to women if he's not committed to them. The cheating and smashing all these girls around the sametime is actually gross af. He coulda exposed those women to some disease. Being a celeb w/ desperate fangirls trying to fuck isn't an excuse to straight up lie to these women. I think this is where alot of the issue stems from. This is why he's in this situation now. He deserves it.

At this points its just Manson Obsessed Fangirls (Magalyn) and Manson Obsessed Antis (Mansonisabusive) who are on a
cringy crusade when it comes to this shit. Literally no one else cares. I'm just here for the milk cuz Manson is a huge moomoo.

No. 1139841

Sorry, but if people choose to come on an entertainment site to air Manson’s dirty laundry and theirs, it’s entertaining.

No. 1139852

Google download and share YouTube videos a ton comes up.

No. 1139859

Narcissistic abuse is more then being an asshole. Manson is a narcissist, that wouldn’t change from one woman to another.

I’ve already explained my view on the legal stance.

No. 1139883


666fearless ig follows all the same bands as the charmedlife90 youtube page, its probably her page

No. 1139893

Why is that even relevant? They used to be friends. It makes sense for her to post his videos on her page.

No. 1139906

File: 1611391035932.jpg (924.84 KB, 1659x1170, IMG_4072.jpg)


she was saying on her ig it happened 1/12/18 in las vegas. so that means she posted a vid of the show 3 days later. ???

No. 1139908

Do you even know what you’re doing anymore or just reaching for anything?

Manson did not assault her. She was still talking to him at that time. Why wouldn’t she post it if they were still friends and he wasn’t involved.

No. 1139909

That depends on if there’s malicious intent behind it. Not all negative interaction online or on social media can be attributed to cyber bullying.

No. 1139915

She blamed Judd for her assault, not Manson. But I still don't know why she would post a video of him when he supposedly didn't fire him after that happened.

No. 1139917

In one of her caps and I’ll try to find it again she said Manson told her he fired Judd.

No. 1139920


when you read louise keay bell's twitter page, what kind of intent is behind mentioning manson / judd ?? lkb is super unhinged and derranged obvi, not that it should be an excuse for her behavior

No. 1139925

Very true. He’s a narcissist of the worst kind and embodies every characteristic of a criminal narcissist. These disgusting sub-humans need to be shipped somewhere away from the rest of society.

No. 1139934

File: 1611394801522.jpg (924.73 KB, 1418x1170, IMG_4077.jpg)

This one? Jnuary 13 2019, 2 days after the post with the false accusations. her reasoning for the post becomes a bit clearer. she also becomes a bit more unhinged. a lot more

No. 1139939

HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD! This pic is frightening! This looks like a leaked photo.

No. 1139967

Fearless sucked Manson’s dick. And Manson sucked Judd’s dick. Maybe Louise should do a song called ‘Judd the Cocksucker’.

No. 1139969

File: 1611400967840.jpg (958.82 KB, 1170x1976, IMG_4079.jpg)


666fearless IG following vs
charmedlife90 IG following

this was accurate up until >>1139883 was posted.


No. 1139974


in that case it would be called "Manson the Cocksucker"

Agreed though, she should make more music videos ! so good ha ha

No. 1139994

I don't get it, what's wrong about having a YouTube account? Is it milk or exposes her/Manson/Judd?

She removed that profile pic. Lol. Lurking here is fine, fearless. I don't blame you.

No. 1140014

File: 1611409542838.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, E6A88F63-CDCD-4948-9B7A-AC1057…)

Pic dump incoming, can’t collage in one pic right now.

LKB all guns blazing, tbh I’m all for this right now.

No. 1140015

File: 1611409592541.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, 0548F4F0-0C80-4C60-8574-A89C99…)

As I’ve said many times, not an employee but a super fan.

No. 1140016

File: 1611409648630.png (3.56 MB, 750x1334, CB743FE5-465A-4287-9CC6-1186E4…)

Didn’t know Cringeon was involved.

No. 1140017

File: 1611409709946.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 0CB23316-F153-446B-956F-B6889A…)

Obvs we all know about Marcy.

No. 1140019

File: 1611409766216.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, C3E30CA1-78C8-4E5F-B032-C9F241…)

>has gone into full panic mode
Would like to know what LKB is basing this on.

No. 1140023

It was speculated in the MM Cult he is a pedo (I am not Dawn lol), aiming at teen boys specifically. Posts got deleted since then, sorry for no caps.
Cringeon is what his nicknames says. He recently opened his insta, nothing interesting there though.

No. 1140027

That's potentially milky. An ongoing FBI case?

Why doesn't she add Lindsay Usich Warner? She basically did similar things. Cyberbullying, impersonating. Fearless claimed Lindsay used M's phone to send her shit. Would love to see Mrs Warner by her husband's side ya know.

No. 1140080


Obvs LKB is doing a little flying-monkeying on behalf of michele meyer 666fearless.

No. 1140089

>michele meyer 666fearless
Try harder kek

No. 1140091

And Louise said that she helped him assault her.

No. 1140161

ooo sketchy betch

No. 1140168

File: 1611424527063.jpeg (203.93 KB, 750x1065, F0964EC3-6153-474C-9804-B97B87…)

So that's not her?

No. 1140173

I am a victim of manson. My child is being adopted out because of my involvement which was minimal. I am killing myself on Monday. This is not a joke.

No. 1140179

wait what? do you have any proof or receipts? And if this is actually true can we get more of a back story on this?

No. 1140185

No. 1140190

Hitting your head against a wall repeatedly and having a friend give you cyanide is not lies of suicide. It is intent.

No. 1140191

File: 1611427137422.png (1.43 MB, 1242x2688, 6E6D2147-BCF2-4E1C-875D-AE2630…)

No. 1140193

If what you're saying is true, then post your story. If not, stop suicide-baiting and integrate with the rest of us. The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8256.

No. 1140197

Suicide hotlines don’t get you your family back

No. 1140198

neither does posting on gossip boards

No. 1140200

I don’t know anything about these people, like I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Manson song in my life except maybe in passing on the radio, but the unsaged anon in this thread has unshakably convinced me that Louise and (fearless? Michele?) are victims of serious crimes. also that Judd is a stalker misogynist who should be locked away from all women forever

if this is true, please stay alive and fight for your son’s sake. this isn’t the end of the road for him. please don’t leave him alone.

No. 1140209

Each time we move to a new thread some strange shit happens. It's a tradition already.

No. 1140210

Lindsay, or someone pretending to be her, even texted someone close to me asking for drugs, in effort to set me up. We told her to get help.

No. 1140211

WTF?? Stop saying such things. That's insane.

No. 1140218

If your rich ex is Manson, you should contact Illma Gore @illmagore on IG. Her email is illma@phoenixact.com

No. 1140221


No. 1140236

Are you the same anon who claimed fans harassed you and called child protective services? >>1072019

No. 1140242

Not sure if I’m the same anon.

No. 1140244

For the love of satan, why is no one fucking naming him or selling their story to huge media companies. Expose the cunt and ruin his reputation. Irs about time to do something about this psycho. I'm getting angrier by the day cause there's so many people whining about him on a gossip forum instead of heading straight to the police of at least some sort of huge media company. He's trash, take the trash where it belongs.

No. 1140247

FBI said not to

No. 1140250

CIA said not to

No. 1140258

..you don’t know if you wrote that?

Agee. Someone please press charges on his fat ass instead of posting here.

Not to be rude and I know you’re in a bad place but I don’t understand your story. FBI? Why are you posting here without giving context.

No. 1140261

FBI & CIA?!?! WTF OMFG HAHAHAHAHA louise must be off her meds again

No. 1140269

>for the love of satan

No. 1140271

How the fuck do you keep evading ban, rape anon? Your trolling skills are next level.

No. 1140272

File: 1611432656256.jpg (584.51 KB, 1379x1170, IMG_4113.jpg)

No. 1140287

It's a fact that the FBI was contacted. Ask the people who work for the Phoenix Act.

No. 1140290


A simple yes would have been enough..
Is she almost as old as Manson?

No. 1140299

Kys for being triggered by a joke regarding sAtAnIc Manson, cunt.

No. 1140303

He's justin sherman. He knows all the tricks, lol. Disgusting rape supporting incel dwarf that would never ever get pussy if it wasn't for manson.

No. 1140312

File: 1611434981714.png (2.55 MB, 2532x1170, IMG_4120.PNG)

looks like a trend

No. 1140317

Nice try, that account was a victim blaming account coming after Esme and Evan, they followed Louise and a bunch of other victims. Obviously trying to trigger them.

No. 1140320

only thing obvious from that cap is that louise keay bell is a miserable cunt

No. 1140322

Only thing obvious is that Judd and the rest of the Manson crew are trolling psychopaths who cry on gossip forums when someone fights back.

No. 1140336

Louise the Troll says what?(this is autistic)

No. 1140342

I need proof that they contacted LKB “kindly and respectfully.” All we see is LKB’s response.
@whoresarealwaysomethingtofear, which is a shady af account that posted a supposed DM from Manson, seems to be a parody account making fun of Dawn and Madelyn.
They follow/are followed by a bunch of fake accounts, I wouldn’t be surprised if @fuck.e4t.kill is another one.

No. 1140348

What's a trend? Louise being a cunt? I definitely don't doubt that she's a victim because her story was too consistent with what other women have said about him, but the way she acts is bizarre. It's completely normal for her not to want anything to do with Manson or his fans, but she has the bitchiest way of handling it.

No. 1140353

So she's supposed to be nice to nasty accounts who are dragging victims?

No. 1140355

When did that account try to drag victims?

No. 1140357

That person uses multiple accounts. One is called you_are_a_great_actress which drags Evan and Esme.

No. 1140362


If she has been licensed for 17+ years she's got to be up there

No. 1140370

Where's the fucking mods? Someone ban Judd please. We all know you're a women hating bastard by now. No need to waste more of your precious energy typing that you normally spend wanking over girls you'll never have. Xoxo Gossip Girl.(this is autistic)

No. 1140422

Louise posted another song.(integrate better)

No. 1140427

Woah LKB is coming unhinged. At this point I feel like this is all her doing for attention. I have a hard time believing any of these ppl actually care about her enough to harass her like this. She's no where near the level of ERW when it comes to potentiality calling out Manson and ruining what little career he has left.

She should log off and focus on her art but at the sametime, the milk tho.(integrate better)

No. 1140436

Singing… is her focusing on her art? Maybe you should make a song, Judd. I'm sure it would be incredibly milky.

No. 1140439

Lmao now I'm Judd too. Okay Louise. Go take your meds now hun.

No. 1140444

I really don't understand why she keeps dragging it out. Her assault happened over 2 years ago. I know that's not something that someone gets over easily, but she never shuts up about it. And it would be so easy for her to just make her accounts private, change her email, and ignore the thread. It's just ridiculous.

No. 1140464

Idk anons. I do appreciate LKB reported him. Kudos to her and fearless for that.

No. 1140471

Guys it's a cover song lol. And she hasn't even mentioned her assault.

No. 1140481

Isn't that… exactly what Manson and Judd want? For victims to delete all social media, evidence and go silent?

No. 1140540

No one said they have to be silent, but they complain about the harassment, then continue to do nothing about it. All Louise and Michelle have to do is change their emails and phone numbers. If they went private, they could monitor who saw their accounts and limit the hate they get, especially from the Manson camp. It's simple.

No. 1140542

Tbf they shouldn’t have to.

No. 1140557

Right. Thats all most of us are saying. What the fuck is coming to lolcow or posting on SM gonna do? We aren't the police neither are the other SM media platiforms. They need to just private their SM, change email addresses and handle it legally. The shit they have been doing for the last 2 years clearly hasn't been helping them, or their case.

In fact many ppl are now not believing LKB because of how she acts. Its unfortunate but she put themselves in this situation.

None of us are saying Manson aint a dick, but there is a way to handle things if they believe they were assaulted and are being harassed.

No. 1140558

And I think that's partially their point.

Online harassment is so hard to pinpoint. What's happening to them could be coming from literally anywhere or anyone. Especially considering how absolutely solidly intent some of his fans are on making a good impression with him.

I am one of the people who has experienced the breach of security flaws people can exploit with technology and I can tell you it leaves me feeling vulnerable and lost but also completely disappointed on how easily you can be tricked by somebody with malicious intent and more technological resources than you.

It feels like a stand your ground thing
Where they are aware of the risk know what is happening but would rather the intruder leave than to flee.

No. 1140566

File: 1611449211716.jpeg (87.89 KB, 352x640, FE9F268E-B021-4EA2-B349-17D3C5…)

No. 1140570

"Because of how she acts"- you mean showing screenshots of the abuse she received? Standing up for herself when people called her a whore? Posting pics of her cat and retweets of Studio Ghibli art? Lol.

No. 1140573

Anons never had faith in you, little junkie. Ew.
Kinda makes me sad.

No. 1140575

What is with this trend of typing like a retard on purpose, I felt like i had a stroke reading that

No. 1140576

Its stuff like that, that doesn't help potential victims. Offering to pay her to "expose him" whoever doing this needs to stop.

No. 1140582


Anons be jealous to see her handle being a sidechick like an adult. good for her, telling the truth

No. 1140583

it's what desperate people will do to make a story when there isn't really one

No. 1140585

Hey sorta off topic.

In infinite darkness he warns that "someones gonna die soon/dont get in the way /you're not the hero"

I wonder if he really felt that and who he was talking to and also if he felt bad when Lindsay's mom died…having made such an ominous song.

Do any of you care about the occult aspect of what he brings to the table musically and artistly?

No. 1140597

I doubt he knew Hope was going to die unless she was chronically ill or there was something else going on with her that could've predetermined it. That lyric sounds more like a threat than a premonition.

No. 1140616

I feel like Mansonisabusive is lurking this thread again. It's blatantly obvious based on writing style. So Ima opt to ignore them.

Back to Manson. Unless he's been been sober since marry Lindsay I doubt he has that creative ability anymore if thats what you're asking. He used to do that stuff but the drugs and alcohol have wrecked him.

No. 1140683

>when it comes to potentiality calling out Manson and ruining what little career he has left.

This ^ That’s exactly why he never went after her and just makes idle threats, and sends Judd to harass, because he doesn’t feel threatened by her.
Rather, he goes after people personally he knows who will ruin him.

The FBI has also been contacted about Manson engaging in sexually explicit conduct with a minor.

No. 1140689

No it sounds like it’s a song about himself. That lyric could also be metaphorical for something, not literal. He’s a song writer.

First class on the astral plane
Just 'cause you're famous doesn't mean you're worth anything
In this world or the next one or the one before
'Cause I'm not forgiving
Not forgiving (said I'm not forgiving)
Not forgiving (said I'm not forgiving)
I'm fast and ghastly (fast and ghastly)

No. 1140717

Interesting. This anon sounds very familiar.

No. 1140724

Who were you maliciously tricked by?

No. 1140761

If I said the capitalistic pigs of facebook and instagram would you be satisfied.

No. 1140800

That’s where you are wrong,.. I don’t know about anyone else, but I post what I do, because I know that the police and FBI are watching.

Fucking right? Manson needs brainless retards like her to stroke his ego.

No. 1140808

> Do any of you care about the occult aspect of what he brings to the table musically and artistly?

NO. The only type of “artist” he is, is a CON-ARTIST who is really good at stealing someone else’s emotions and pain, and using it as his own.

No. 1140812

Whoresarealwayssomethingtofear is so annoying.

No. 1140813


No. 1140848

Is it a bad thing though?
They gave us a ton of juicy caps. I think nobody minds them.

No. 1140849

Hmm… thought you meant someone specific.

No. 1140867

File: 1611485990461.jpeg (549.96 KB, 1800x1302, BF4280F2-C92A-446E-9B76-628D51…)

No. 1140896

Context would be helpful.

No. 1140931


what are is this? >>1140896 samefag. contextualize this

No. 1140950

“Fast and ghastly” is not an occult prediction. He’s just singing about his old man diarrhea.

No. 1140978

File: 1611508796672.jpg (1.33 MB, 2322x869, IMG_4144.jpg)


that charmedlife90 secret ig account michele is using keeps erasing and re-adding that stripper profile pic ha ha. fearless started adding stories about stalking too (see caps)

666fearless (or is it charmedlife90?!?) must be reading. milkchele meyer lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1141016

"Milkchele Meyer", "Loser Key Balls," find some better puns Judd, you sound pathetic laughing away at your dad jokes.

No. 1141018

File: 1611511458958.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 0D437D06-5CE7-4A49-AAA7-5A809D…)

No. 1141021


did you accept the invite?

No. 1141028


lkb, girl. you have to post it to social BEFORE you take the screenshot. otherwise we can all tell it's you

No. 1141031

File: 1611512773644.jpeg (356.83 KB, 1132x2077, CD8CBE89-21A0-431B-A95C-0FF6C9…)

She did 37 minutes ago.

No. 1141039

whoops. original post has no IG screen tags, looks like an original file. weird that an anon would take the time to crop her username off the top of a picture of her, and the comment bar at the bottom. >>1141018

No. 1141048

LOL what a numpty

No. 1141058

No. 1141062

Yes, I'm sure she was in the middle of typing her story, quickly screenshotted it then uploaded here, knowing how much everyone loves her here and how much praise she'd get. Judd, you're obviously lurking her every move at every hour of the day, get a life.

No. 1141065

Louise, for fucks sake stop this madness, pls.

No. 1141085

I think this thread is just Judd talking to himself and accusing himself of being Louise.

No. 1141089

Deleted? Wtf?

No. 1141091

Anons thought my post was Judd the other day lol

No. 1141127


>old man diarrhea

This ^ omg I can't

No. 1141138

She’s getting pissed now.

No. 1141146


No. 1141150

Lmaoooo LKB got caught slippin. Honey it's best for your mental health not to be on here. You ought to unplug for a bit. This aint a good look.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1141158

I know Louise irl, she's a total attention seeking cow she threw herself all over MM and lied about him funding her. Shes legitimately unstable in all ways. No defense on MM he's a cunt but aye just wanted to add that. I wouldn't trust the wee skank as far as I could throw her! She needs serious help, hopefully she'll get it kwam(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1141165

STFU, Dawn!

No. 1141172

Why are you calling them Dawn? Did you see “sick” or “pedophile” anywhere in there? lmao this is one of the worst threads I've seen.

No. 1141181

Try harder Judd, your use of Scottish words is cringe.

No. 1141190

>I know Louise irl

>wee skank

You sure you’re not this anon?

No. 1141207

Don't encourage the sperg.

No. 1141225

The focus is on LKB because she put it back on herself posting here and accusing anyone who doesn't agree w/ her stance as being Judd.

If she would put as much time into her professional goals as she does this, she could have raised the funding for her movie already.

No. 1141234

She finished the movie, tf you talking about. Crowdfunding was like 2 years ago or something. Can you move on from your obsession with her? No one cares.

No. 1141281


it's finished duh. it just never came out. it's just in the long hard process of editing and finishing the animation…for the last 3 years

louise scammed manson for money

No. 1141299

He only gave her a few hundred dollars. That isn't a lot of money to someone like him. And she's probably too busy reading forums and gossiping with Michelle to work on her film.

No. 1141326

Manson bought artwork from her. It wasn't a donation. He bought products. Why do you care so much? Move. On.

No. 1141333

Are you mad you couldn't pocket the money for yourself?

No. 1141356


status update: tmrw is monday y'all

No. 1141365


pull quote from glasgow article:
"Louise Keay Bell's short film, Tea Leaves caught the attention of Marilyn Manson when it was first released.

The American rocker has praised the film and has contributed £750 to Louise's crowdfunding page to produce the film.

Since the film received funding from the star, Louise has re-launched her campaign on Indiegogo ."


contribution - donation. same thing. doesn't mention any purchases or buying products. its also a higher number than lkb said, by a lot because the pound is worth more than usd.

No. 1141376

LKB is that you? I feel like >>1141326 needs to get that was banned. The salt is too real.

No. 1141381

Manson supported the Kickstarter campaign. You can see Brian Warner listed as a backer. The Glasgow Live article was correct as of the time it was published. The Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful. When Kickstarter campaigns don't reach their funding goal, all money is returned to the backers. Manson got his money back. Louise later sold art prints under Manson's advice. Manson bought art prints.

No. 1141386

Judd, why don't you just contact Louise directly instead of ranting on here? You obviously have an issue with her. Put on your big boy pants and behave like an adult.(autism)

No. 1141414


If she really wants to move on from Manson she needs to stop publicly sperging over it in posts like this that don't really add to anything to her narrative. I believe her story, I think he def fucked her over (like all his sidechicks) but I am also starting to believe that besides that, this is also an salty chick with low self esteem who was dumped by a cool older man and can't admit it to herself that she still wants him so she mentally suppresses those thoughts and it comes out in cringey stuff like this.

I can understand now why he was into her tho from this picture, she looks a little like a lowkey dita in the face.

No. 1141415


yasssss!! you know the caps would end up on her sm(integrate)

No. 1141430

She cut him out of her life, if you read her statement. She is very obviously disgusted by him and is only posting now because of the ongoing harassment.

No. 1141446


I agree w/ everything you said except for cool older man lmao. Manson is just as big a trainwreck if not more. That's why he has a thread. He a moo moo. He just happens to have alot more money.

Manson stopped being talented after Dita left him, and he decided to simp over Evan to cope. And his peak was Mechanical Animals era.

I do think Louise is upset because she feels Judd is the reason Manson and her parted ways. I remember the portion of the email she showed (woulda loved to see the enitre exchange) where he was flipping out on her, accusing her of using Manson as an atm. Judd shoulda just stayed tf outta it. Manson is grown ass man lol. He wants to cheat and lie to all these women, let him deal with the consequences.

No. 1141447

Louise parted ways with Manson because he's an abusive piece of shit.

No. 1141479

I've never seen this photo before of her hugging him, idk I'm a lil older then a lot of posters here and I've lived life and this just projects unresolved feelings to me. There was no reason to use this photo or even make this (kinda useless) tidbit of information public. It looks very histrionic and borderline to me. If she wants constructively deal with his harassment she would just stop giving him public acknowledgement and showing him that he still lives rent free in her head because for a pathological narc like him there is no better compliment. It wouldn't stop her from staying in touch with the Manson abuse community in private and staying in tune with the latest developments.

No. 1141488

She was assaulted wearing that dress. She said she's reclaiming what he stole from her by wearing it in her performance of that song, which is about surviving abuse if you pay attention to the lyrics.

No. 1141495

File: 1611546824562.jpg (133.84 KB, 750x995, IMG_20210125_035126_381.jpg)

Lol Judd's ex posted a photo of herself wearing a Manson shirt.

No. 1141497

I'm honestly surprised he ever had a girlfriend, especially someone that looks like that. She seems more like Manson's type.

No. 1141500

Yeah I know. IDK It all seems ridiculous and borderline, I saw the same stuff so many from women who secretly were still thirsty for the dude, and so many narcs like him who got off on that shit. At the end of the day you know the only thing this does is puff up Manson’s ego. So many year later and he still ~effects~ her and influences Her as an artist, he’s so ~important~ to her /gag

No. 1141504

I bet she was only with Judd to get to Manson. She was a longtime fangirl then ditched Judd after he was fired. And seems now he's on lolcows being an angry incel.

No. 1141505

File: 1611548387278.jpg (135.24 KB, 750x1110, IMG_20210125_041851_658.jpg)

Partner in crime? Wtf could that mean?(derailing)

No. 1141508

>There was no reason to use this photo

Personally, I think she used that photo to prove that she at least met Manson and was allegedly taken the same night as her assault. Some of her haters claim her whole story is bullshit and that she doesn’t know him at all.

No. 1141514

She literally called him a shitbag and used a vomit emoji. And stands up for all his victims, calls him out for being an abuser. Keep reaching anon.

No. 1141516

Right. It also just makes her appear unhinged. Alot of ppl believed her initially, but her sperging has made ppl doubt her because she's coming off like a total basket case. Obviously that wasn't her original intent. She should just go private at this point. Hopefully I sage right. Sage.

No. 1141518

Anons keep repeating this over and over. Pretty sure no one cares about lolcows. You guys are obsessed with her and it's honestly creepy.

No. 1141521

Woman: posts proof

Dumbass anons: we believed her before, but not anymore

No. 1141530

You act like that's how all of the women that have spoken out against him are treated. It's not. Louise was only discredited because of how she acted when she visited the threads and how obsessive she is about him.

No. 1141535

>her sperging has made ppl doubt her because she's coming off like a total basket case.

Right, she should shut up and go away. Who cares that a criminal incel is stalking and publicly discrediting her, she shouldn’t post about it or defend herself. Victims are only allowed to react a certain way or they’re obvious liars.

No. 1141544


she posted LOTS of proof that he was abusive towards her. Its out there, there is no reason to keep re-visiting it. "reclaiming" the dress she wore is just bizarre and attention seeking to me, it doesn't do anything pragmatic, it doesn't contribute to him being prosecuted, and it doesn't mean anything to people who are doubting because the people doubting her are probably manson fans and don't care about anything she says anyway. She seems to thrive off of attention she gets from being associated with being victim of Manson and until she moves past that she is never going to be happy in life.

No. 1141553

Encouraging her to better herself and not come to a shit talking gossip site known for being ruthless? How stupid of you. Clearly you should encourage the meltdown she's broadcasting all over her public account. Obviously this is empowering and advocating for victims. (Since LKB is clearly reading this thread, this is sarcasm, just so you know, and no this isn't Judd.)

Any milk on Manson tho? Seems like COVID&Lindsay got him on a tight leash. I'm wondering how long until a new side chick half his age comes outta the wood work.

No. 1141563

He'll probably be way more private about his affairs post-quarantine, just because he knows he's not being ignored anymore.

No. 1141578

Exactly. She seems to me like a fucking face zero trying hard to be a celebrity. It'll never work, boring girl. Usich tried the same. Lmfao.

No. 1141579

Don't think others are as retarded as you are. You're recognized among thousands. You're completely insane. Get a goddamn life, sicko.

No. 1141586

File: 1611559188250.png (1.46 MB, 976x1712, 20210125_081732.png)

Sorry for going off topic but I just laughed so hard.
This shit here is supposed to say "I am so well read and intelligent. I am such a super wife and completely on intellectual level".
Holy crap, with her the IQ is obviously in the single digits.

No. 1141590

Well atleast Lindsay secured the bag lol. Lindsay maybe a narcissist NEET, but she can now spend her days doing nothing but spending Manson's money. Then if (read when) he cheats on her, she can just divorce him and get more money. Didn't think she could get him to wife her considering all the side chicks he's had in thenlast 5 years alone.

No. 1141628

Maybe she did it for her own healing and not for any "pragmatic" reason or to prove anything to anyone.

No. 1141632

Cats, flowers and dumb amateur pictures. She's such a boring fart. I doubt she would get a divorce. Hopefully he made a prenup. Lol.
Countless sidechicks, she deserves it lmfao.

No. 1141644

As stupid as Lindsay is, nobody deserves this shit. Yes, it's her own fault for marrying this fat potato instead of dumping him long ago. But she's in clearly not right in the head and probably manipulated by her sweet husband.

No. 1141690

Why would she get a restraining order against him if she still wanted him?

No. 1141835

I don't think she wants him as much as she wants the attention. There's nothing wrong with her being vocal about her abuse, but it only makes her a bigger target for Manson and the people that say she's a liar. And it's probably the biggest compliment to him when she publicly shows how much damage he did to her.

No. 1141857

That's not true. I know an admin of it and she has followed LKBell because she has believed Louise and she have accidentally followed Lexa. She has not victim blamed anyone and attacking, she just have posted some evidence. Louise,I know that it was written by you.

No. 1141860

There's no proof of it, but the one who wrote this has showed me a conversation of them both. She has been really respectful. And yes, whoresarealwayssomethingtofear is a parody acc, but idk anything about dms. They didn't say that it was M when they were posting that screenshot, maybe it's really M, maybe it's fake, maybe it doesn't have anything to do with M.

No. 1141993


Anon have you read the third thread? Do you understand she keeps doing this over and over? she came on here to try to weaponize her abuse, thought bizarrely she was a main character in the discussion when barely anyone was talking about her, then started losing it when anons wouldn’t play along and toe the sjw party line that always worked for her in the past on twitter and whatnot and tried to spam the discussion with random links about kiwi farms suicides trying a custards last stand of swj thought policing. I feel bad for her, I hope she never reads this and get a therapist that will help her GROW normal self image and be happy.

No. 1142007

I feel like I had a stroke reading this. Anons were writing novels about how she's a prostitute, that's why she came on here. If she hurt your feelings that badly, maybe get off the internet or get your facts straight.

No. 1142070

Those were just semantics. The majority of anons seemed to collectively agree that she was a victim before she posted here. She's a typical attention whore. It's fine for her to be an abuse advocate and to speak on her own experiences, but the way that she presents herself just seems very disordered and histrionic. She doesn't get to act like a bitch and have no repercussions for the sole reason of her being a victim. She should've gone to therapy instead of posting on gossip sites in the first place.

No. 1142094

Also, anons were discussing her rape thinking it was Manson when it wasn't. Can't blame her for getting upset. Imagine experiencing that kind of traumatic event then seeing a bunch of strangers discussing it and calling you a whore.

No. 1142104

Closing the website usually helps unless someone from here went to insult her in dms.
I am of those anons who believed her and I still believe but I couldn't agree more with >>1141993
She was insufferable when she visited the third thread, cherrypicking anons' opinions and fighting with them burnt my butt. In the end, why didn't she bitch about reddit when they did exactly the same thing some anons did and, in addition to that, didn't believe her at all? No answer needed.

No. 1142115

Burnt your butt lol. Poor baby.

No. 1142158

Who is this anon that seems to know me so well? Lmao.
You’re correct, haven’t been here in days. I don’t type like that and never bashed Louise.

No. 1142226

This is gonna be chopped full of sage but fuck it. We get Louise off topic but she comes here in vain trying to defend herself so we've circled back.

Look this is lolcow. This isn't kiwi farms or PULL. No one here cares about ppls feelings. Ppl get called whores, fags, retards, get made fun of for being drug addicts (Claire, Manson's ex side chick for example), etc. Basically any woke-aholic SJWs worst nightmate. Ppl come here to roast moo moos, hence the damn site name

So I'm confused at what LKB was thinking, trying to argue her point here of all fucking places. Other than thriving off of the (all be it negative) attention. Why else keep providing this thread with milk about herself?

Tell her story, spill milk on Manson's narc ways? Go for it. Thats what this place is for.
Sperging on and on about how anons MUST believe everything Mansonisabusive is saying, that all the girls are victims, you can't question her story, and Manson is a big meanie poopy pants doo doo head who needs to die in a fire, ppl can't say otherwise? C'mon now. All that does is open the troll floodgates.

No. 1142228


Honestly Ive been thinking about it and she is like the funhouse mirror, inverse world version of Madelyn. If this was a David Lynch movie they would end up being played by the same actress.

No. 1142295

Maybe we should just stop discussing Louise. We're obviously not going to come to an agreement anytime soon.

No. 1142310

I'm game for not discussing LKB but if she comes back, responds to the last couple anons trying to defend herself and accusing everyone of being Judd, she'll get the attention she so desires.

Speaking of Magalyn I am surprised she went down w/out a fight after M&L got married. Lowkey miss her "muh monster" cringe tweets. She still seems to support MM and refers to Lindsay as an unstable woman (this was recent). Maybe she's taken the less public route w/ the stalking.

No. 1142341

I will bet anything it is because Manson still talks to her and probably gave her that same spiel that Lindsay “blackmailed” him into marrying her. Omg, how dumb does a woman have to be? It is so cringey & pathetic to pine after a married man. I don’t care how unstable Lindsay is, he married her, and IS still fucking her. That doesn’t seem like someone who is blackmailed. What is with woman that don’t have any self-respect and morals?

No. 1142351

I honestly don't think he would've married her if she didn't have dirt on him. He tried too hard to get rid of her for all of those years for me to actually believe that they did it because they love each other. And I know a lot of people don't believe that he and Madelyn ever had a fling, but I don't doubt that he at least had sex with her a few times until he realized she was the same breed of boring, vapid try-hards that he usually hooks up with. I don't think L. would've put so much effort into harassing her for so long if nothing ever went on between them.

No. 1142367

Someone messaged me saying that their model friend was texting with Manson (He pretended to be her friend so he could fuck her) and then Lindsay started harassing her and accusing her of cheating with Manson although that girl had no interest in a physical relationship. Seems to be a pattern.

No. 1142372

Was that recent, as in post-marriage? I don't know why she even cares who he sleeps with. She'll still have all the money and pseudo-fame she wants, whether he cheats on her or not. I'm curious how she even finds out about the other girls unless she actually does go through his phone like people have said she does in the past. It's pathetic that she's that insecure.

No. 1142374

That and her mom too.

Lindsay’s (supposedly) had dirt on him for years tho. What would change all of a sudden he would marry her. Their relationship definitely isn’t based on love. Manson is incapable of love.
I don’t think he ever tried to get rid of her. I think it was Lindsay who left him a couple of times. That time when they first met in 2010, and when that whole break-up letter thing happened.
The only time he claimed to have supposedly broken up with her was publicly in 2015, but yet she was still being seen around with him.

No. 1142395

No, that was about two years ago.
I'm pretty sure their relationship is nowhere near healthy.

No. 1142420

I don’t think she cares who he sleeps with. I think what she’s really worried about is if he might be getting too close or romantically involved with one of them, because they could potentially take her pay pig away and she would have to actually get a real job.

No. 1142426

A real job? It will be difficult on the job market when you're in your late thirties and have probably never worked before. Does she even have an education or a high school diploma?
I imagine these job interviews will be interesting af. Lol.

No. 1142431

I think he never really cared if she's around or not. There was an interview posted a few threads ago in which he said he had gf at the time just because that girlfriend was willing to do anything to stay his gf. And it was Lindsay and it was 2016 or 2017.
I don't believe she tried to leave him in 2015 it's more like she had a meltdown (which is understandable).
We had Courtlyn saying Lindsay threatened to sue him (and her), we had Manson's texts to fearless alluding to blackmail, we had anon who's supposedly his ex who put it straight that L has dirt on him and that's how she's around. I am not sure but I think there's a video out there of a live in which he was talking about being blackmailed or something? But again, not sure, I can't find it.
I personally believe that he married her because of the allegations by Evan, Esmé and, strangely, that crazy hoe, I don't remember her name. I remember mmnews posted that she changed the date when Manson supposedly assaulted her and prior to that fearless wrote in the comments that Lindsay is his alibi and Lindsay said she had been with him that night.
Most likely there are many reasons and motives why he married her, and love, respect or desire to settle his family life are not among them.


No. 1142434

Being replaced is her only fear. But it shocks me she doesn't care she's living like a slave with an ageing psychopath who happens to be obsessed with anal sex and his exes.

No. 1142529

Lindsay is the biggest Pickme in the world. I think it's a combination of sunk cost fallacy and narcissistic trauma bonding at this point. There's got to be more than money here, I don't think any money in the world is worth putting up with this shit.

Maybe she got abused and is getting her revenge by cockblocking him. Damn it woman, get some dignity.

No. 1142535

File: 1611675983953.jpg (231 KB, 720x653, _20210126_094023.jpg)

Judd was either never fired or he's still friend's with Manson. Here he is with M. and Norman Reedus behind the scenes of “Don't Chase the Dead,” which was filmed just a few months ago (in last September, I think).

No. 1142550

This is gold if that's recent. Can you post the link please? Is it from ig?
They think ppl are idiots? Why did they let him be in the picture? Why didn't they try to hide him?
Omg. Now his stance on LKB and fearless is clear. He doesn't care.

No. 1142560

Of course he doesn’t care. Why would he give a shit about anything said about him, he has orchestrated a wonderful campaign of “normality” and has surrounded himself with people who are prepared to protect him, for whatever reason. The only two people who could really damage him are refusing to name him, which is their prerogative. The Manson camp has closed ranks and right now have nothing to fear.
If - and it’s a big if - it could be proved beyond doubt that Judd and others are the ones stalking and spamming LKB and Fearless, then that would have some effect. At the very least it would be embarrassing as fuck for them.

No. 1142583

I think its just Manson's crazy fan girls. They're the only ones who truly care about that. No one else does.

No. 1142608

Cares about what? Judd?? Why would you talk for anyone but yourself.

If Judd still works for Manson and he’s stalking women that’s criminal.

Type sage into the email field, attempt to integrate.

No. 1142610

Manson would never abandon his most loyal flying monkey. They are both the same; disgusting human beings.

No. 1142619

File: 1611684062241.jpg (895.71 KB, 1182x1170, JPEG_015711.jpg)


photo could be from this time they were together in 2018. both posted photos on ig. nic and norman's is a restaurant in atlanta owned by the walking dead people. looks like they all went there before/after the concert?? that pic may not be recent.

No. 1142620

I thought it’s possible that pic is from the Ride with Norman episode but I did a reverse image search and I can’t find that pic anywhere. It’s unsure where it’s from unless OP links it.

No. 1142646

File: 1611686320712.jpg (75.74 KB, 669x446, 49.jpg)

It's an old photo from that restaurant.
Compare the walls and the sofa.


No. 1142657

They look like they're dressed differently in the photos?

No. 1142658

I'm >>1142535. That picture was posted by a fan account with some other behind the scenes shots from the video, so I assumed it was from the same set or taken around the time the video was being filmed. I don't remember the name of the account, but I can go back and check if the post is still in my feed.

No. 1142677


not to me. do you wear your sunglasses and jacket to sit down to eat?

that picture >>1142646 sort of shows that the photo >>1142535 is definitely inside the restaurant nic & normans's in ATL and NOT the "don't chase the dead" videoshoot. you can even see a piece of drape in the upper left corner. unless they flew to atlanta to shoot it?? unlikely with the pandemic but possible i guess

No. 1142697

My thing w/ Lindsay is why even put yourself at risk being with a man that cheats that much? Dude has one of the dirtiest dicks on the planet. Will fuck anything with a pulse that playcates his massive ego. As we saw with Dita, a ring literal means nothing to him.

No. 1142734

It seems like a mixture of her being incredibly insecure and having no self-respect. No normal woman would stay with someone like that, even for the money.

No. 1142768


cries in Magalyn

I know there's debate over if Madelyn being a stalker,or Manson actually leading her on. But there is something hilarious about the ladder. Madelyn wasting what? 7 years waiting for Manson to kick Lindsay to the curb and be with her, and still blaming Lindsay. Buying the "she's blackmailing me and the other girls were distractions for Lindsay." Just considering her personality, how she constantly calls other women unstable and unintelligent.

No. 1142942


I actually have that book (the language of flowers) it's a victorian era book about how to use flowers to mean different things. This was back before modern media when things like flowers were used like emojis. It's a cute book but it's really something you "read", just keep on the coffee table for guests to flip thru.

That 90s golden gilded little girl dairy is embarrassing as fuck tho, she's about 13 years too old to be doing this 90s throwback lolita thing, but I guess she has to stay ""young" for her man

No. 1143014


Don't worry, anon. Her new monster is Trump. She's sperging about him 24/7 now. Waiting for her to claim she's had am incredibly beautiful affair with him.

In all seriousness, I do wonder why she's stopped posting 'MUH MONSTER MERLIN MANSON. NOTICE ME. I POST EGON SCHIELE PICS JUST 4 YOU" shit. Possibly cause their marriage brought her back to reality and out of her 7 year long psychosis lmao

No. 1143081


at the very least it exposes her second account which anons agree is a pretty shady thing, having multiple accounts. like, why? creep much? we all hold manson to the flame for having multiple accounts, same should go for fearless.

No. 1143148

Well, in terms of spirit, the diary of a 13-year-old fits her quite well.
Visually, however, there is nothing young about her. On the contrary, she looks at least 15 years older.
All these embarrassing postings are so transparent, probably to suggest "knowledge and intellect".

No. 1143220

That’s incredibly fucking sad. Lindsay has no education and job experience.
She could put on her resume “gold-digger” and “whore”. LOL

Oh… on the contrary, a woman most definitely would. There are a lot of women in this world who are that desperate and don’t want to work at a real job, and would literally do any disgusting and degrading thing to get money and a rich lifestyle. Especially with someone who has fame & clout.

Manson even said in an interview he had a g/f who was willing to do anything to stay his g/f. That tells you what exactly what type of low-life, sub-human scum they both are.

Madelyn is another example of a Lindsay. Manson has fucked around with so many women and she’s really going to buy the whole “the other women were a distraction” thing? So Manson had to go thru hundreds of women as a distraction for 7-8 years? Are you fucking kidding me?! Can anyone be this fucking stupid?! Maybe -but I don’t think so. She’s hoping and eventually thinks he is going to leave Lindsay and she’s going to be the next “DITA” or whatever bullshit. That’s also why Madelyn would keep talking and fucking with a man who is now married.

Who knows if he’s really being blackmailed. You have to remember, he is a compulsive liar and this is something he’s only telling other women.

She isn’t a stalker. It’s because Manson talks to her. It’s already become a pattern that is said about every woman.

I will bet a million dollars that the stalker shit and “she’s some crazy fan” is exactly what he told Lindsay. This is what Manson and his cohorts M.O. is. Exactly what they were even trying to do about Fearless and Louise. Time to wake people.

No. 1143231

At least Louise anyway. I don’t know for sure about fearless. She is shady as fuck and was trying to defend Manson at the end of 2019.

How do they know it’s just Judd and not Manson too?
For one, there isn’t any laws for online harassment except for minors. Mostly predators who prey on children. If fearless has physical proof Judd stalked her at her house, then why hasn’t he been arrested?

They should also keep in mind if they make accusations about Judd to law enforcement, I hope they’re 100% sure about it, because if not, there can be serious consequences for making criminal allegations that aren’t true. I got accused for an account that didn’t even belong to me.

Unless they have something very specific that pinpoints it to Judd for the online stuff - how can they even be sure it’s him?

No. 1143249


I think the reason their relationship has worked this long is because she an impotent, tepid version of him draped in the rotting skin suit of Dita circa 2007. If she had anything going for herself, any source of her own income, career or hobby besides him she would never be as useful to his ego. I don’t have it off the bat but wasn’t there an interview were dita said he wanted her to quit performing and let him financial provide for her?

No. 1143332

Yup. He wanted Dita to depend on him financially because he wanted to take full control over her so he could do what he wanted without her walking out on him.

Even though she doesn’t consider herself a victim and takes part of the responsibility that the marriage didn’t work, is probably because he manipulated her and guilt tripped her to feel that way.

No. 1143357

How sad Madelyn is wasting her life being strung along & led on for no outcome from it , by a man who doesn’t publicly acknowledged her. If he has never acknowledged her once, he never plans to.
The only reason anyone has heard of her is because of fake accounts that went around and said Manson “pumped & dumped her”.

No. 1143394

It's sad but then funny because like I said she is constantly putting down other women (especially other side chicks or women who call him out for his abusive behavior/cheating) calling them unstable and unintelligent. Its like how ironic. She legit thinks she's some deep scholarly intellectual. Meanwhile she still believes all Mansons lies and blindly followed everything Trump said for 4 years. Its surreal.

But like yall are saying this is how Manson is able to keep stringing along women. Constant lies. He's doing the same thing with Madelyn and Lindsay, that he did to Gabrielle, Clare and Jordan. Lied to each about the others being crazy fans.

No. 1143444

File: 1611767225453.jpeg (371.91 KB, 1686x1564, 6DA5169A-6FE4-4997-B180-C1561E…)

She tweets all this cringey ass monster love shit… meanwhile…
Her monster was busy hitting up and trying to get with Bella Thorne.

I just can’t with this bitch.

No. 1143584

File: 1611777719568.jpeg (363.04 KB, 1766x1168, F8ED241E-83EE-4E72-A6F9-4E1BAC…)

While she’s tweeting disgustingly about “true love”…here he is on a date in Nov. 2016 with another woman.
Then hooking up with YET another woman (Lola Blanc ) around the same time at the end of 2016.
Yea…this sounds like “true love” to me.

No. 1143587

She's almost on L.'s level. It's pathetic that she doesn't have more self-respect than that. I don't know why she doesn't just move on. She could obviously do much better than him.

No. 1143590

When did M marry Lindsay again? Cuz Madelyn was still calling Lindsay crazy last year.

No. 1143610

File: 1611779558612.jpeg (30.39 KB, 818x146, 68879FE0-E919-4F34-9F01-37064D…)

According to Lindsay’s obscure IG posts it was in May last year.

it’s either one of two things: She has a serious screw loose, and like Lindsay, a clout chaser and wants to be the next “Dita” or some shit. Manson is probably the closest she’ll ever get to having some association to a celeb.

No. 1143615


They have apparently hooked up when she was like 18. Did she move to LA on her own, or did he tell her to?

Girls are dumb when it's their first time, but she's like 27 now, time to grow up. If he's been leading her on all this time, it's super fucked up to waste someone's youth like he did with her. I think she got manipulated and lied to pretty hard. No one is that crazy. It's hard enough to accept you got played when it's a normal guy, when it's a fucking celebrity I can't even imagine.


Last year in May.

No. 1143617

How does he even have the energy to fuck so many women and tell all of them they're his soulmate and keep all his lies straight lol, does his assistant keep a little roster or something.

"Remember, this is one is Lola, Lo-la, not lilith".

No. 1143682

I think the thing w/ Madelyn is she thinks she's special because he never publically claimed her. I.E. took pics w/ her or liked her on the gram.
He took Jordan out, and took pics with her while they were out. He had Lilith in stage as well as commenting/liking her stuff. He was serial liking Courtlyns posts on IG. Gabrielle he outright posted and tagged on his insta. This was all post Lindsay break up, when Madelyn was in the picture. Its embarrassing when you really think about it.

No. 1143707

Maybe she sees herself sort of like pirate's gold, like she's so special that he keeps her hidden away for himself. That's the only logical explanation for why she would still pine after him when he's given her no social clout whatsoever.

No. 1143731

File: 1611786504953.jpeg (56.37 KB, 827x485, 4C2EA056-0A60-4332-B302-53F0B5…)

It looks as tho she moved there by her own volition.

I wouldn’t feel sorry for her. She’s just another Lindsay. She’s seen him fucking around with a lot of other women, which contradicts everything she says and puts Manson on a fucking pedestal, who has done no wrong.

No. 1143848

File: 1611793190825.png (157.14 KB, 720x755, Screenshot_20210127-180747~2.p…)

Weird that she marked out his name, especially since anyone could've just looked up the account and seen it anyway. No one was even saying it was her account anyway, were they? Maybe she was just hoping someone would notice her post and give her the attention she's obviously not getting from Manson.

No. 1143885

If I were Magalyn I’d be releasing all the texts pics emails whatever I have from MM. The sad thing is she so warped in the brain by him she still thinks she has to protect him. She’s not posting about him as much but if she really moved on she would delete those retarded highlights from her Instagram page all about him and L.

No. 1143891

Do you honestly expect her to be that clever?

I just re-read that twitter, looks like she met Manson in 2013, moved to LA in 2014, found Lindsay living with him, clearly, and possibly hadn't heard from him or seen him since 2015. Idiot girl.

I do hope she has pictures of baby Manson time. Come on, Maddie, you got played, got your heart broken, give us the dirt. Dirt on Lindsay is also OK. Dirt on Judd? A little scrapbook with pictures of everyone else he fucked with their eyes scratched out? Anything?

No. 1144114

Let's face it, Madelyn is useless. She is such a disappointment.

No. 1144126

He dated Lola in summer 2016.

No. 1144129

File: 1611819899163.png (738.35 KB, 581x738, Joke.jpg.png)

Jordan, Madelyn, Lola Blanc, Lilith, Courtlyn, Gabriella, Nikita and probably countless others were with him or had an affair, whatever you want to call it, during the period from 2010 to ??
Anyone who now has half a brain between their ears, can do math and has seen Lindsay's pathetically embarrassing stories should actually notice something.
"The love of my life, so happy, for ten years, my soulmate"….
Kek, he obviously saw it differently.

No. 1144160

He dated Amie Harwick in early 2017 so at least from 2010 (2009??) until summer 2017. Probably still cheating.

No. 1144243

File: 1611836867789.jpeg (160.57 KB, 816x1147, 4C3DDD91-54F7-4FED-B45C-F9854C…)

Did any bother to look at his IG? He obviously still associates with Manson. He just posted about him, wishing him a Happy Birthday.

No. 1144272

Madalyn is just as much of trash as Lindsay. And that’s why she still hangs around him, even after the fact he’s flaunted right in front of her being with a lot of other women—while still fucking Lindsay. As that anon said, she contradicts herself and goes against everything she claims to be against. That’s because she’s a two-faced opportunist. And maybe Manson is actually smart enough and sees thru that, and that’s why he keeps playing her. There was an anon who said they know Lindsay and Manson (a few threads back), and said they both laugh at her.
But she’ll still continue to lick his ass. She won’t reveal anything because she thinks he will leave Lindsay, even though he fucking married her, but she’s too dumb to realize there isn’t going to be any outcome for her.

She’s probably not posting about him because he told her not to.

No. 1144291

Omg, this the fakest fucking shit if I’ve ever seen. She posts as cringey as Madelyn. Yea… Lindsay continue posting your gross fake whore ass facade—like they have had this normal loving relationship. Her dumb IG won’t matter when Manson gets exposed and goes to prison.

No. 1144314

LOLZ I bet Judd posted this to this thread himself so we all will think he still hangs out with MM. Funny that in all his pics he tags everyone possible ..but not MM. Methinks Judd might be blocked and his harassment campaign against MM victims is to try to impress his former boss and get back in his good graces.

No. 1144329

Manson unfollowed him a while ago, but I feel like he might still keep him around to do his dirty work for him. Perhaps they want us to believe that Judd is an unhinged incel psycho stalker when in reality it's Manson telling him what to do. But no one would think so cause he was fired. Was he really though?!

If Manson fired him and they are not in touch, then Judd's post is comedy gold. Sounds like another crazy fanboy now.

No. 1144352

File: 1611849901771.jpeg (403.57 KB, 1051x1620, F34AACEA-E314-4DCF-9F96-64D432…)

Here… this bitch should add this to their perfect so-called love story…about how she uses him for money. It didn’t take a genius to figure that out. And she actually made hate accounts against herself. Wow… this is some next level shit. She is beyond fucking pathetic. I can’t believe Manson really bought into this… he’s dumber than he looks.

No. 1144357

>There was an anon who said they know Lindsay and Manson (a few threads back), and said they both laugh at her.
That's what he always does. He talked shit about Lindsay and Courtlyn with fearless (and Lindsay was around att), he trashed Gabriella in his dms to Lilith (and he dated her att), and he said Lindsay was his dumb psycho ex in texts to Jordan(?) I believe.
He doesn't change at all.

So, Madelyn, just release the milk. You should understand that you are LUCKY he's not with you.
If you don't want to release milk on Manson, tell us about Lindsay. If Manson ever talked to you as you claim, you should have very nutritious texts from him. Lindsay dropped a photo of her done titties a few threads ago without context. Just drop a few dms without context. We will understand (kek) and not blame you.

No. 1144377

File: 1611851285235.jpeg (200.13 KB, 827x1098, 91F4705E-9B7D-4639-9D14-79B64D…)

They probably all had to give Manson a blow-job and other homo shit to get their “jobs”. Lol

No. 1144390

Madelyn will never ever drop dms or milk. She's mentally ill and completely delusional. I'm still convinced they never even were a thing. She probably met him at the Marmont on one of her stalking sprees and they had a little chat and that's it. Maybe fucked once or twice. Then she moved to LA cause she was convinced it was true LOVE. Stalked him some more, and that's that.

She sounds like a vicious, dumb, lying idiot. She lies about everything and calls every other girl stupid or ugly or fake. She's clearly not right in the head.

Forever laughing thinking about her in her parents house making up scenarios that'll never happen.

No. 1144391

I'd be happy if it was only homo stuff. They're literally enabling a fat old alcoholic taking advantage of vulnerable girls. They know all about it and never ever thought 'hey, this is wrong'? They belong in the trash. Every single one of them.

No. 1144461

Yup, I know what you mean. It makes me sick that these people know what he does. Like this one motherfucker who tried to lie and cover for him. They both deserve to rot in hell.

No. 1144505

She's absolutely pathetic. Pretending to be a photographer and there's nothing going on for her at all. I'd be ashamed as fuck living on the money of "her man". Lol.
I guess "her man" has other interests than her Infinite boredom.

No. 1144568

What's also pathetic is Manson hiding his chins.. will he ever stop

No. 1144575

fr, the dodging and contouring is one thing, but those high neck shirt things make him look more and more like uncle Fester. He's also always opening his mouth or touching things to his cheeks to hide his face, and all the photos are from above like a MySpace girl.

No. 1144580

I remember him blocking an account called mansonschin. They only posted pics of his chins. I laughed.

No. 1144657

He does seem to have lost some weight beinng with Lindsay in like the last 2 years. But during the post Lindsay breaker up I mortified thinking how Gabrielle Jordan Lola Nakita Lilith Lexus Courtlynn and Madelyn (feel free to add names lol its more chicks than this) let that slop touch them. Like I'm surprised he didn't smush them to death w/ his fatass. I couldn't understand what these highly attractive women saw in this man. I think that was the most bizarre part because these girls weren't sugar babies. If they wanted, they could still be smashing Manson for serious bread, but choose to kick is ass (not Madelyn lol) to the curb. His manipulation game has to be on par with Future's. I swear

No. 1144689

Lol that's not true, he's got fatter. He used to be fat, just fat, now it really shows he is ill, he's like a balloon now, the shape of his belly is a textbook alcohol addict stomach.

No. 1144722

Where I live there are a lot of people with severe alcoholism, and he does have that very characteristic bloat. I'm more surprised he can get it up anymore, that cocktail of drugs and booze has to have messed up his blood vessels for life, not to mention the age and the obesity.

Are these girls beards or is he like injecting pangolin blood?

No. 1144817

He takes shitloads of cocaine too, so that might help. If not, there's always viagra. Wouldn't be surprised if he took it thinking he was the next alternative goff Hugh Hef, kek.

No. 1145019

Maybe once, not anymore. Pretty sure Lindsay shops his current pics, he looks bloated af in current interviews. It’s a bit strange to call a piece of shit “hot” unless you’re fangirling.

No. 1145046

My eyes are rolling all the way into the back of my skull from this comment. I think you should be telling Manson to seek help. He needs it more than anyone.

> women saw in this man.

Like Lola Blanc said in her lyrics: they see “fame and money”.
Even if it’s not for money there are dumb hoes that will sleep with a man just cuz of his fame.

No. 1145059

File: 1611912394981.jpeg (623.28 KB, 1714x1638, 7407228E-D08F-46C6-AE09-6E1CFF…)

It looks like people have been calling out Madelyn’s ass for years now. WOW. I can’t believe Manson associates himself with this pathetic embarrassment, an adult woman who still lives with her parents. She’s even more embarrassing than Lindsay.

What is absolutely disgusting about her is she tries to portray herself as someone with these higher standards when really she’s a low-life who knowingly fucked Manson while still being with Lindsay.

No. 1145063

Manson’s fate is PRISON.

No. 1145072

File: 1611914349141.jpeg (66.17 KB, 490x346, 5CDD6BE9-F107-4230-9130-779BFE…)

No. 1145078

>She’s even more embarrassing than Lindsay.
I don't agree on that. What can be more embarrassing than asking her minions to harass girls, including Madelyn, online? Her man keeps sticking his dick in every woman he meets but not her and she doesn't confront him, doesn't ask him to get rid of Madelyn, she only whines to her fans, who used to dislike her as much as they do Madelyn now, to cyberbully Madelyn. How does she explain her behavior to these lunatics? ‘This mentally ill girl who lives far away form California and who never met muh partner is a threat to our love?’
THAT'S the most embarrassing thing I've seen. Deranged fangirls aren't embarrassing, that's a typical thing. Nobody would even pay attention to her anymore if Lindsay and/or her minions stopped thinking they can do something about Madelyn. They should aim at Manson, this is where the problem lies.

No. 1145081

Sorry for being bitchy but these caps are recycled from old threads, there's nothing new about them and y'all acting as if Madelyn were the cow but she's not. Fortunately or unfortunately.

No. 1145093

You make a very good point. It’s even more embarrassing about Lindsay’s pretend photography career. Lmao
I’m surprised in all those years Manson can’t even at least get her some gigs with his connections.

No. 1145104

Even the best connections are of no help in the case of a complete lack of talent. They can help to open doors but with her bad amateur photos she prevents herself from entering.
It's also amusing that no one seems to notice her bot-buyings. The fact that she wants to make people believe that a completely insignificant person like her has 490k followers is somewhat comedic. For comparison, Susie Cave, who really works as a model and businesswoman, has 120k. Sheri Moon Zombie has been in business for decades and has 851k.
But the well-read brainiac is obviously not very good with reality. You can see it again and again clearly in the embarrassingly overblown stories.
But well, you need something to laugh about.

No. 1145221

WTF is this? kek

No. 1145282

Ah,sorry It's been a mistake. Sheri has 581k I meant.

No. 1145322

To people that come across her IG who don’t know who she is probably really think she’s this fancy photographer with all those followers LOL. But only the people that know about her know she’s not. Because when she had accounts before that one, she only had followers in the hundreds.

No. 1145335

But are there many people > that come across her IG who don’t know who she is ?
People who know who she is are farmers or her ass lickers from Manson fanbase who, as I said, actually dislike her.
If there is a brand who wants to work with her, their managers will be quick to discover she is just another poseur.

Meanwhile red ru hurricane (see my post >>1125818) got blocked by Lindsay, I don't know when though, I don't lurk often. Sorry for no caps, I can't give away my fakes.

Can you tell me what you remember about that video? Year? Album? Was it in winter or summer? Open air or club performance?

No. 1145351

Fact. Real photographers present their work on Instagram. What does she present? Lame flowers and cat pictures. And that too in a quality that makes you sick.

No. 1145393

Well, I’m sure there’s a lot of Manson fans who still don’t know who she is. But I mean people who maybe happen to see her profile on their home page.

I think we know she isn’t looking to “work”and it’s all just a facade, because Manson thinks it makes him look “cool”, rather than people seeing the truth of what a pathetic low-life loser he is that has relations with a whore whose real career is using him for money.

No. 1145412

Did she ever work? For heaven's sake, what? I would be ashamed to death if I depended on "my husband's" money.
Some women really have no pride or self-confidence. Embarrassing.

No. 1145550

She never worked, even before she met him. She said in an interview (before they were together) that Ashley worked and she was a home-maker. But that was obviously a lie because Michelle said she doesn't do anything around the house for Manson.

No. 1145733

Just because they’re gorgeous doesn’t mean their standards are high and if you’ve ever dated in la you’d know why they let it slide

No. 1145736

I can well imagine that. Probably her only purpose in life is Instagram, where she obviously hangs out around the clock. As soon as Manson posts something, you can find her stupid, pointless commentary on it. So embarrassing and pathetic.

Why was Red Russian Hurricane blocked? She's one of the few who don't kiss her ass, maybe that's why.

No. 1145746

I don't know if any of you still remember the account masi_da6. About 2 years ago she demonized Lindsay like no one else. Today she kisses her ass like absolutely no one else. Unfortunately I can't post a picture at the moment.

No. 1145865

Guys, do you know anything about one girl accusing Edwin of being a pedo?

No. 1145874

I know his Twitter was hacked and his hacker posted a bunch of his DM’s which included a girl who accused someone else of a being a pedo. Are you talking about something else?

No. 1145878

I am not sure but doesn't he or his gf have a thread? It might be more productive if you go there.

No. 1145949

File: 1612025935654.jpeg (541.98 KB, 2048x1538, B2CE9016-AE71-4170-A8FA-38721A…)

"We do all our shopping together" bc lindsay is co-dependent and doesn't have her own style or life lmaoo


No. 1145950

File: 1612026031867.jpeg (162.77 KB, 750x951, 5FBCEE25-4816-48BE-8B0C-102136…)

Ashley Usich is a PA representative at oak school? Glad she has her own life and activities

No. 1146001

How does she afford clothes shopping if she doesn’t work? Ashley pays for that too..?

And lol at “We went on a retreat, painted our faces and ran around naked in the forest.”

No. 1146006

But doesn't her husband own Cete? Someone posted a document from when they changed the brand name and he was the one that had to sign for it. It seems like both of them are dependant on their husbands.

No. 1146088

Family goals…

No. 1146120

But Ashley is a more successful poseur than Lindsay.
I don't buy their ‘best twin sisters’ shit. Lindsay has been jealous of Ashley her entire life.

It was BV or TPE. Lindsay was a red head and she was sitting on stage, filming the performance. It was summer and open air I guess. I don't remember if that was in the US or not. And Twiggy was on stage too.

No. 1146154

She squatted on the stage like a grandmother at a coffee meeting. Embarrassing. I would've liked to see her around moshpit. Ridiculous person. Dumb af.

No. 1146193

File: 1612040403279.jpeg (173.81 KB, 828x1096, 68E72F72-E61F-474C-AA58-3E3841…)

I wouldn’t particularly use that word for them. There’s nothing that interesting about them. They’re attractive, but basic. And Lilith is ugly as shit. Magdalyn (who Manson is apparently having an obsessive love affair with) this was her before all the work she had done. Or it’s just an unflattering picture without editing.

No. 1146200

If Manson didn’t have something really going with her he would’ve sued her for going around telling people she’s in a relationship with him like he tried to sue that one chick who allegedly said she was his fiancé.

No. 1146313

She hasn't had that much work done, at least not as much as Lindsay. It just looks like she had some filler put in her lips and breast implants. Her face is the same as it was then, just more cartoonish.

No. 1146315

Madelyn is pretty tbh (that is legit all she has to offer). Lilith looked cute before she went full on junkie. Shit even Lindsay is okay looking. Honestly alot of the girls are so out of Mansons league looks wise. If he wasn't a wealthy celebrity, none of these chicks would give him the time of day.

No. 1146400

manson's assistant brought me a hand written note from manson in 2016 and it was written on stationary from trump tower!! so i just think it's funny how now he wants trumps head. he's a long time trump lover.

No. 1146402

or should we say white male pig for white male pig

No. 1146409

File: 1612055150748.jpg (353.53 KB, 1080x1543, IMG_20210131_020546.jpg)


Lurk more. THIS is her before having work done. Your pic is after 80 lip fillers. Beautiful? Debatable.>>1146193

No. 1146411

Shut the fuck up, Madelyn.

No. 1146418

File: 1612055512239.jpg (340.56 KB, 1080x1566, IMG_20210131_021227.jpg)

LMAO v pretty

No. 1146430



No. 1146484

File: 1612061669261.jpeg (227.37 KB, 1013x1216, 384F53C6-7691-49D9-9624-5DBB02…)

No. 1146492

That's a plus. I have been that person bravo

No. 1146545

Can we knock it off with dragging these slags? They're not who the thread is about. I think Madelyn's very pretty in these photos, better than with the filters. She's going for femme fatale, but it just makes her look high as a kite lol. Most of those girls are very good looking, especially Nikita and Gabriella. Somebody needs to knock the filler out of those LA women's hands, they're just ruining their natural beauty and aging themselves faster for no reason.

Lindsay actually looked nice before whatever the hell happened to her face. How can you even be insecure when you're around the blob all day, just stand in front of a mirror next to him until you realise you deserve more out of life.

No. 1146665

Who the hell was ever interested in interviewing the bores and who cares where they go shopping? Honestly, looking at this cete stuff, in those ridiculous medieval 'dresses' I wouldn't want to be hanging dead over a fence. Lmao.

These discussions are indeed pointless and it's tragic how Madelyn wasted seven years but you have to hand it to her, she's far more attractive than Lindsay will ever be.
I can't think of anyone who looked worse than her.

No. 1146739

File: 1612073956624.png (881.73 KB, 1076x1080, 20210131_071646.png)


No. 1147158

Lindsay used to be such a generic American hipstress. It suited her better than Dita skinwalking. She used to have life in her eyes.

No. 1147421

I have found a website where one girl told her story about Edwin, but I couldn't open that website again, so I asked you.

No. 1147427

But I have written a meaning of that girl's story. It was a very long story, so I just have written the meaning of it.
I met this blogger, Edwin when I was 15. He was from Arizona and I liked him very much. I knew, he had a girlfriend but I wanted to be friends with him. He was very nice and kind and we began texting each other. I told him I am 15 but he began talking about sex to me said that he loves little girls that he is a teenager like I do that he likes to look like a teenager because he likes to have sex with underage girls. He said he had sex with many underage girls and it's nothing bad in it when people love each other. I asked him to stop talking about sex to me but he continued he wanted to meet me again and I was very scared and blocked him. Several months passed but I'm still afraid of him and have ptsd.

No. 1147436

Sounds totally legit. Are you that Russian troll who was going after Edwin on Instagram accusing him of "defamation" for his video on Manson?

No. 1147443

Even if that’s true and I have doubts, his coverage on Manson was well researched and he only used documented sources anyone could find. That would be a separate issue.

No. 1147481

I am 100% sure it's them, just look at that idiot who can't fucking learn to sage. Pathetic posts without receipts, little contribution, unsaged.

Aren't there too many errors for a native speaker? Or it's supposed she's not from the States? How and where did she meet him then? Sketchy.

No. 1147677

Ew, gross this sounds like Manson could’ve wrote this and he’s projecting.

No. 1147906

File: 1612170955595.jpeg (306.86 KB, 1242x1386, 83C663A3-A98E-4094-A15E-7BAF4D…)

She named him specifically on her Instagram

No. 1147909

File: 1612171739036.jpeg (879.13 KB, 2048x2048, 9DFB423F-A420-4CC7-B662-C84648…)

Ashley as well!

No. 1147914

Gabriella as well. Hallelujah. Well done, girls. 2021 is gonna be his downfall for good.

No. 1147916

File: 1612172943119.jpeg (604.53 KB, 2048x1024, BDF79DAD-DC09-468B-A7C0-2E0156…)

Sarah McNeilly

No. 1147920

I have chills!!!! in tears!!! She finally named him! People knew all along she was talking about him. I knew she would find the courage when she felt the time was right! I wonder what happened that all these women started coming out and naming him… Manson is done for!

No. 1147924


No. 1147925


No. 1147928

File: 1612176668949.jpg (147 KB, 1184x381, _20210201_044634.jpg)

I think this account might've been brought up and passed off as another Dawn in one of the other threads, but look how similar the emails are to the one he sent Ashley.

No. 1147929

I like how victims who spoke out before were bullied and labelled attention seeking whores but now that everyone has come out, they're brave.

No. 1147932

Now I feel personally guilty. Whoever posted it, pardon my reactions to your post.

No. 1147934

No one called any of them attention seeking though. Only Manson fangirls have done that. Wonder how they're gonna react to the news. If they still defend him I'm gonna slit my throat with a bread knife, kek

No. 1147940

Well, Brian, it's time for you to face the music. You've had decades to sort out your shit, sober up and go to a shrink.

You've had 3 years to stop raping everyone you meet, remember who you assaulted and grovel at their feet begging for forgiveness.

And now it's over for you.

No. 1147941

Search for the word "attention" on this page and you'll see many people accusing victims of attention seeking. As well as accusations of still being in love with him, being unstable, etc.

No. 1147943

I'm sure some anons did say that, but the majority of us have always wanted him to be held accountable. So naturally we praise these women for finally naming him as it does take a lot of courage, especially when you know you're gonna get a lot of shit from his crazy cult-like fanbase.

Anyway… I'm excited how all of this is gonna unfold. My guess is he'll stay silent and disappear for a while… only to then come back and play the "I'm the victim, they all have it out for me" bs.

No. 1147944

you can never tell if that's 'many people' or one idiot sperging.

No. 1147946

I want to know what Lindsay is gonna do now.
I am also curious where Louise and fearless are.
Manson will keep silence, agree about that.

No. 1147949

Where's Louise? She was bullied by anons into deleting twitter days ago after making two whole ass songs about abuse. Fearless is still posting.

No. 1147951

Why aren't they posting their stories like Ashley, Evan, Gabriella..????
Michele's stories become less and less believable.

No. 1147957

Because Louise already posted her story and named him a few years ago.

No. 1147979

So did Ashley Morgan.

No. 1147982

File: 1612187802457.png (13.73 KB, 611x152, trending.png)

Its trending in the UK here, maybe finally something will be done about this scumbag

No. 1147991

File: 1612189268574.jpg (158.24 KB, 640x1023, EtJWXWvXMAIeIXO.jpg)

No. 1147997

File: 1612189725336.jpeg (107.74 KB, 793x597, 657783FA-6597-45D9-B279-A5A6CA…)

It’s trending now in the U.S., too.

No. 1148010

Omg so glad to see this.
Thank you for posting.

No. 1148037

File: 1612192793144.jpeg (430.27 KB, 750x1007, 3034A643-4420-4B76-AA9B-1FE41B…)

LKB has a new account. @spooklula
Just wondering why everyone has saged the fuck out of this thread when there is ongoing milk?

No. 1148040

Gabrielle just spoke out against Manson.

No. 1148046

How many does it make?

Evan, Ashley Walters, Ashley Morgan, Misstorlyn, Mcneilly, Gabriella, LKB (she posted stories, idk why Evan didn't repost her).

7 women.

What's up with Esmé?

No. 1148047

I meant @misstoriilynn

No. 1148059

Im curious what Magalyn is gonna do. Between this and Biden being pres, she's prob not having the best 2021.

No. 1148113

I wish Lilith would've posted her side of the story. Him having a relationship with a 17-year-old would've really put the final nail in his coffin. Child pornography has no statute of limitations.

No. 1148120

I don't she will say anything bad about him. Still seems far up his arse for some bizarre reason.

No. 1148128

File: 1612199332192.jpeg (128.88 KB, 827x447, 9FCC1B04-41A4-457E-A25A-3FBF89…)

Someone reported it to the FBI and L.A. police.

No. 1148136

Has this thread been autosaged?

No. 1148145

File: 1612200792378.jpg (147.66 KB, 1110x602, tMpaqwK.jpg)

Agata Alexander worked with him as director. Will there be more women?

I second that.

Was it posted somewhere?

No. 1148148

She seems like just another Madelyn, pretending that they had this great love affair when she was really just another one of his victims.

No. 1148163

Vanity Fair article. I honestly never thought I’d see the day Evan named him, I’m so proud of her and the other women.


No. 1148170

I hope even more women will share their stories.

There's no doubt that colleagues and his fanatic fans will try to shield him, but I still have some hope that he'll eventually face some consequences,especially since there's so much evidence out there and because he has incriminated himself with his biography and countless interviews already.

No. 1148179

No, someone sent a DM and said they were so grossed out by the Lilith situation and reported it.

No. 1148186

Seen a lot of gross comments on Social Media. People keep bringing up Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, like 'Remember what happened to Johnny?! This is why we don't believe Evan!'

It's complete bullshit and it is beyond me HOW and WHY so many bitches defend this fat fuck. I'm not surprised about all the guys defending him. But girls? Jfc.

No. 1148188

File: 1612203972905.jpeg (415.86 KB, 1177x1398, 4CB17807-13D9-45A3-B0DB-4DC196…)

Erica Von Stein. Lindsay participated in the abuse.

No. 1148191

It's his charisma. But Evan and the rest of his accusers have actual evidence against Manson. Amber didn't.

No. 1148192

File: 1612204120071.jpg (15.87 KB, 551x129, twwet.JPG)

No. 1148193

Jokes on them, because Johnny was abusive too, which doesn't make him any better than Amber. Those idiots clearly didn't bother reading up on the case yet they'll blindly defend him.

Had to close my browser a couple of times today when I kept seeing comments like "uhm innocent until proven guilty, why are they coming forward now?" when there's clearly so much evidence out there. MM has been lowkey bragging about it for at least a decade.

No. 1148194

Even if he doesn't face consequences (which would be sad af) at least his next side chicks and groupies have been warned. If anyone still hooks up with him it's their own fucking fault. But i sure hope he never gets pussy again

No. 1148196

It would be okay to compare to Johnny vs Amber if it were Manson vs Lindsay now. But when it's Manson vs Evan and Co? Really? Idiots.
and yeah
>Johnny was abusive too

Hopefully, she'll be taken down with him now.

No. 1148198

I can't remember where I read it, but someone mentioned how the actress who gets beat up in his "Running to the Edge of the World" has some resemblance with ERW. I genuinely felt sick to my stomach watching it after I read that comment.

No. 1148199

LKB posted in her stories too.

No. 1148204

File: 1612204697304.jpeg (136.61 KB, 750x560, 19BAA08B-481B-4277-8AD7-ACC492…)

This ain’t gonna go away…Senator Rubio on the case.

No. 1148206

How many women have named him now?
Evan, Ashley Walters, Gabriella, Sarah McNeilly, Erica Von Stein, and of course Louise Bell. Am I missing anyone?

I hope Esme’s next.

No. 1148207

Image board, anon…where are there caps?

No. 1148210

ntayrt but I am almost done with the collage now

No. 1148211

File: 1612205018879.png (2.14 MB, 2154x2475, THANK YOU LOUISE.png)


thank you lkb!

btw there was a similar story posted in old threads

No. 1148212

omg reading this is better than sex lol

No. 1148213

I really hope this works out before some scrotes start moping about #MeToo. Sadly domestic violence cases have been skyrocketing across the globe during the pandemic too.

No. 1148218

File: 1612205537325.png (1.66 MB, 1800x1800, 32C67D03-9D2A-4B50-94FD-560038…)

Gabriella’s statement.

No. 1148223

File: 1612205721591.jpeg (131.77 KB, 750x453, 9D7EAC2E-10B3-4403-BE8C-581869…)

Comment on Erica’s post

No. 1148225

File: 1612205891881.png (3.65 MB, 2146x2667, @misstoriilynn.png)



No. 1148227

“He knew that my relatives are black and that I too share that DNA and would make fun of my race”

Racist piece of shit.

No. 1148228

that’s amazing the Senator of California made a comment regarding him… he’s getting serious heat. it’s interesting that she also mentions about “financial abuse”.

No. 1148230

File: 1612206281991.jpg (32.66 KB, 306x323, sk2x5oQ.jpg)

from the comments

No. 1148239

This is good. I hope she tears him - and Lindsay - a new one.

No. 1148252

I really hope Lindsay gets some major backlash too.

No. 1148258

File: 1612207401069.jpg (41.53 KB, 1055x205, 3JIMoag.jpg)


No. 1148260

File: 1612207532058.jpeg (125.47 KB, 804x686, 505E6AD2-507A-41FD-A8C2-51B4DE…)

No. 1148261

File: 1612207605958.jpeg (32.83 KB, 750x219, 21AB5DF0-74F1-439C-8EC0-10E2EC…)

Kek. I was just scrolling through the comments too, came here to post this one that made me laugh.

No. 1148264

lol what a time to be alive, right?

No. 1148265

Honestly feels like we’ve waited forever for this, and the thread is on auto sage. Kek.

No. 1148268

I have already been to meta and complained. You can do it too.

No. 1148272

Autosage has been removed.

No. 1148274

love you to the moon and back kek

No. 1148276

she'll get asspats because uwu she's abused too

No. 1148284

I do not understand this idiot Lindsay. She sends threats to that woman… yet participates in disgusting & degrading games with “teenage girls” >>1148188
with “her man” looking at them? Like wtf? What a fucking gross whore.

No. 1148285

she's not since she helped manson collect materials to blackmail evan and victims. I'll post about it tomorrow.
I've made it to leslee's server and there is some milky stuff.

No. 1148290

thank you.

How can you tease us like this? But also, excellent work anon.

No. 1148295

You can be a victim and still facilitate the abuse of others, it's not a stretch. ERW already shared Dan Cleary's old tweets about how Manson treats Lindsay.

No. 1148296

She's probably so infatuated by him that she'll participate in anything just to keep him. That's pretty common with partners of people who do atrocious shit to others too. She was most likely also manipulated enough by him to be like that.

No. 1148300

No. 1148306

Fuck yesssssss

No. 1148309

Holy that was quick. I almost can't believe it but FINALLY

No. 1148310

This is delicious to read, i never thought this would happen. It's hard cause i used to be Manson's fan, but deep inside his non psychotic fans knew. Good for all the girls, it's crazy how it's all unraveling, in a matter of minutes/hours there's more and more victim comments, screens and whatnot. Kek at his fans at his fan forum saying "So now we believe random instagram screenshots? I want proof", they say Manson is now "abused" by left wing people and cancel culture while "wise" right wing party doubts Evan & co. and call them attention whores, kek. Omg. From a former fan's point of view, i'll tell you all his deeds had a reflection in his lyrics, he's been lowkey bragging about this for years. It's crazy how he's been getting ass pats for being abuser for so long. Not anymore. What a time to be alive
The question is what Lindsay is going to do now

No. 1148321

They'll probably split up soon, especially if this ends as badly for them as I hope it does. The allegations against him and whatever dirt she has on him was really the only thing keeping them together. He obviously doesn't want her around or he wouldn't have kept trying to get rid of her for 5 years.

No. 1148323

I see many people commenting how they thought better of him because he seemed so mature back when they blamed him for columbine but it definitely makes sense now.
Manipulators are often quite articulate and come across as smart, which gives them the ability to manipulate in the first place. Plenty of the ones besides his abuse victims were manipulated too in a sense. Anyway, good riddance. It was about time.

No. 1148333

File: 1612210626609.jpg (613.09 KB, 1186x505, Yhm9HBc.jpg)

the thing is I have ~30 caps, I need to arrange them and it's the end of Monday for me, I am tired. Sorry for making you wait.

A few drops of milk.
I don't know if any of this is legit. I don't have time to do reverse google pic search, please do.
Leslee Lane (or Jaeger or Livermore) supposedly had sex with Manson and Evan while she was on tour with MM during EMDM and while she was in relationship with Rudy Coby and lived with them (the four together).
She posted a few pics I have never seen before. AGAIN idk if they are legit.

No. 1148336

File: 1612210722365.jpg (882.53 KB, 2160x1620, vul4xWj.jpg)

Evan with supposedly her brother Ira supposedly taken by Leslee

No. 1148341

File: 1612210813049.jpg (1.03 MB, 1516x2160, iWbj9C1.jpg)

supposedly manson's hand shortly after he got his heart tattoo, the photo is supposedly taken by leslee

No. 1148360

Amazing anon, thanks. I was only kidding earlier. Happy to wait since you’ve got the goods!

No. 1148363

And she just posted in her story that she doesn't believe Evan's story. She witnessed the abuse and she's still defending him. Unbelievable.

No. 1148364

True. His Antichrist Superstar era was a well-read, calm, cool, Nietzsche-reading persona charming everyone with this freedom-based, nietzschanean intellectual, Mechanical Animals shy Bowie-cosplaying nerd offstage/powerful kitchy glam star onstage and then Hollywood was a comeback to AS in a way.
He was always manipulative narc and sleeping with fans not bothering about knowing their age
but i think he went full into abuser mode after Dita and he was progressively losing brain cells then more than ever. Fans always said he lost his identity around Evan time and tried hard to be this Antichrist edgy bad guy. Drugs, money, power, getting away with everything gave him a courage to do worse shit but i never thought he would try all the package of possible disgusting things. All because "uwu i'm a broken man, i'm excused" mentality and a wide variety of BDSM kink degenerates he was observing and quietly admiring as cringey lunchbox thin nerd in 1995 (forgot the guy's name, i'm talking about roadie that tortured fans in bdsm device)


Kek Manson always presented Pogo (keyboardist) as someone with special needs, it would seem like he was the only decent person, hope he wasn't also sleeping with underage girls.

No. 1148374

I am an ex fan. Drugs fried his brain. I feel like I posted this >>1148310 but I am not OP. His fans always knew! Always since EMDM for sure!

you are welcome.

No. 1148378

I couldn't agree more.

No. 1148380

File: 1612212508317.png (199.34 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_20210201-144310~2.p…)

Madelyn's already starting her misogynistic bullshit. Also, Loma Vista dropped him. He's not listed on their website anymore.

No. 1148386

This really makes those early interviews with M & L even more gross than they seemed at the time. Him saying “I have a gf but only because she’s willing to do whatever it takes to be with me” and her calling herself “irrationally devoted.” She really eats up the romanticized Sailor and Lula criminally insane but bound to each other bullshit. She’s probably so warped by now. Hopefully he doesn’t leave her because she’ll never be able to function in another relationship.

No. 1148387

Ewwww. I can’t believe she’s STILL defending him. MADELYN. Baby. He never loved you. Still doesn’t. You can stop now.

And more to your point, we’re all aware women can lie too- you’ve been doing it for years. These women though, not so much.

No. 1148389

Why would anyone believe a fanatical Trump supporter who faked evidence that she was in a relationship with Manson?

Yes, women do lie and that includes Madelyn.

No. 1148392

Is his management website down? I can't open it.

No. 1148396

Just checked, it’s gone.

No. 1148404

I knew Magalyn would come through not believing the victims! I knew it. This is why I said it is hilarious that he married Lindsay and shes still head of heels for this cow.

And yes as yall were saying, Manson was always a narc, but his abuse started post Mechanical Animals Era when he started drinking and using coke. Rose said thats why she left him, because he started binging on drugs after being blamed for Columbine. Dita said he drank heavy during their marriage too.

Personally I think he was offended Dita left him for cheating and some how blamed Evan. Because thats how much of an ignorant drug induced cow he is.

No. 1148407

Also Magalyn started on Twitter. I sense a full on Mentoo sperge coming soon. This is too much today but I am here for all of it. Looks like she's still involed with him.

No. 1148408

She’s stepping in to Lindsay’s shoes when Lindsay and Manson inevitably split. That’s all. Imagine being that deluded.

No. 1148414

All the women should get together and sue him. I think for most of them it’s past the point of being able to take legal action, but they can still sue and bankrupt him. These people need to have their money taken away. Without money they have no influence and people are less likely to defend them.

No. 1148415

Management's probably thinking hard about what to do, also probably closed to avoid people bombing them with angry messages
Also no major label will sign him now. IF he continues with his music he needs to start his own label now

There's also Lilith left. She 90% won't say anything bad about him. I wonder if he contacts her now desperately trying to shut her up just in case.
Imagine the panic in mr and mrs Manson's mansion now

Yes but Manson was already on coke in 1996 or even earlier. Heavy drinking probably post 2000 and then that stupid absynthe drinking romanticized by him to hell and back

No. 1148419

>Imagine the panic in mr and mrs Manson's mansion now

LMAO I bet they didn’t see that coming. Where’s one of her cringey boring ass IG stories now about what a perfect life they have together? That really worked out so well for them. He probably thought Evan would never name him.

Manson had all these years to clean his shit up, get help, and take accountability… but what does he do instead? He continues down the same path being a druggie loser piece of shit who jerks off to porn 24/7, on social media and thought marrying a gold-digging whore would save his “reputation”. Now look at him….

And yeah it apparently looks he’s still involved with pathetic Madelyn. Fucking sad.

No. 1148429

Just because Madelyn is defending him vaguely on social media doesn’t mean they’re involved. She’s delusional and nothing she’s said has come true. “He’s never met her sister” literally next day a pic pops up with MM and L and Ashley. “He’ll never marry Lindsay!” Yep, now they’re married. She’s been making dumb claims pretending to have “insider” info for years and it’s all been wrong. He fucked get a few times and then dropped her and she blamed Lindsay. End of story.

No. 1148435

>he’s still involved with pathetic Madelyn.

I’m willing to believe they hooked up when she was 18 but past that I think she’s full of shit. She posted a ridiculous fake photo a few threads back to ‘prove’ their current relationship. If she was legit she wouldn’t have to fake shit. On the off chance he kept her on the down, down low and she doesn’t have texts or real photos to back it up it makes even less sense for her to defend someone who’s obviously embarrassed to be associated with her.

No. 1148457

Maddie, baby. He lied to you. Stop deluding yourself, stop hurting yourself. He's a piece of shit. He lied to, preyed upon and messed up dozens of girls just like you. You got exploited for your youth.

The sooner you move on, the sooner you can find actual love. This isn't healthy.

No. 1148459

I really wanna know what happened to finally make Evan name him. Do you think those people she was scared of got arrested? She finally realized she was safe? She MUST of gotten all her ducks in a row for this because it's about to blow up.

I am SEETHING for a comment from dita to slash him apart because you just KNOW MM is gunna reeeee badly from that.

No. 1148462

Looks like she wanted them all to testify all at once. 100% there's a lawyer consultation behind every single one of these. I wonder what happened with Esme that she didn't join.

Dita just posted some random bra, lol.

No. 1148467

It's been almost a day and M&L are dead silent. There's your confession if you need one.

No. 1148473

Were you expecting them to comment on it? You should've known they would disappear once the allegations resurfaced when he hung up on that journalist for asking about Evan. They'll probably either go private or delete their accounts soon.

If I were him, I'd just own up to it and apologize (sincerely or not) instead of refusing to acknowledge it. That would keep him from losing so many fans and not get him blacklisted.

No. 1148474

Lol, marilynmansonews has posted that it's all lies and there's Kate Riggs defending it. If there's one that's even more delusional than Madelyn, it's her.

I'm half convinced that Manson is running that account himself lol, it was all Lindsay trashing until they got engaged.

No. 1148481

File: 1612216860343.jpg (762.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210201-230116.jpg)

I live for this. I wish all Manson fans would act this way instead of defending their king when they KNOW he's guilty.

No. 1148485

File: 1612217091085.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 31DB6447-D3FE-4236-9A18-03C660…)

How many people do you think are reaching out to the other women that we’re not seeing publicly? Probably so so many. I really applaud everyone involved.

No. 1148487

File: 1612217100322.jpeg (447.02 KB, 841x1683, 0AB1F862-51CA-4B43-92F0-B762F2…)

Statement from Love Bailey

No. 1148489

This. But apologizing? It could have helped 2 or 3 years ago.
Basically everything started because Evan learnt he kept abusing women. Had he taken his meds and kept his psycho larp to himself, he would have been relatively fine now. But nah, fuck him at this point. He never learnt his lesson. His abuse of Evan and Esmé wasn't just one meltdown.

No. 1148490

He was fucking a random actress while bringing Lindsay as his gf to the set? Ok.

No. 1148491

File: 1612217358659.jpeg (186.28 KB, 750x775, A9ED19C0-6E4D-42BA-A835-A96FC9…)

Here’s the statement from his record label.

No. 1148492

File: 1612217403161.jpeg (242.91 KB, 1145x1331, AB127F82-E4D7-4918-BA0A-42D04C…)

Wicked Lady

No. 1148497

File: 1612217584244.png (864.68 KB, 750x1334, FAC7CCEC-3CE9-4D8C-8D2E-4AD886…)

Scarlett Kapella

No. 1148499

File: 1612217672982.jpeg (125.71 KB, 660x443, 2EE54522-19ED-4C96-ABEB-980E02…)

Interesting comment from Paz on the Bailey post.

No. 1148500

>while he was at his fattest

No. 1148501

How many more women???? Thousands??

No. 1148510

Wasn't Lindsay harassing Paz a few years ago before her old account was suspended?

No. 1148511

Paz sucks and she once called me a star fucker because she overheard me telling my boyfriend Manson hit on me. Maybe she changed her tune but she was ride or die team Manson for years.(ok dawn)

No. 1148515

You're welcome anon. Hoping this means it wont be brushed under the rug this year.

Wow. If she speaks out about him I think this will be significant. Shes one person I remember people said that he couldnt be a bad guy because Rose never said anything about him.

No. 1148517

She was.

>maybe I blacked it out

No. 1148527

I can't take Rose seriously anymore because she obviously has a double standard. She defended Victor Salva (a registered sex offender) and starred in his movie, Rosewood Lane.

No. 1148528

His career is over, he’s not bouncing back from this.

Whoa, admin are you saying Dawn actually posted that?

No. 1148530


No she was kissing her ass nonstop trying to get her to be one friend. I remember because I used to follow her Instagram and paz used to be a massive cow herself.

No. 1148531

dawn's been posting since the first manson thread tf have you been

No. 1148532

She was. I bet you confused her with noomie rapace.

No. 1148535

>used to be
Paz is still a massive cow herself.

No. 1148537


She’s mellowed out the last few years, got off drugs and no longer posting about how her mom sold her into satanic sex abuse to lizard people

No. 1148539


Samefag but also I think based off that commented she (paz) just doxxed herself

No. 1148543

Wait, what? Milk? Who tf is this Paz?

No. 1148544

Paz de la Huerta, mainly known from Boardwalk Empire and being messy all over the place.

No. 1148547

she sued weinstein for raping her too

No. 1148548

No I mean what's with the satanic sex abuse and what's the connection to Manson?

No. 1148550

File: 1612220173082.jpg (752.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210201-165526_Gal…)

Do you think they knew or do you think this is coincidental?

No. 1148551

File: 1612220177157.png (1.24 MB, 1072x2119, carolina.png)


No. 1148552

Ayrt who also posted the cap. That’s exactly what I’m thinking…

No. 1148553

File: 1612220215320.png (643.41 KB, 1078x2135, carolina2.png)

No. 1148556

Her abuse wasn't related to Manson. She was only brought up because of her past connection to Lindsay.

No. 1148557

Why isn't Esme saying anything?

No. 1148558

bailey didn't say anything about who the actress was so paz commenting makes it sounds like it was her. that's why she's been brought up

No. 1148559

File: 1612220589987.jpeg (542.67 KB, 750x1199, 63FD0B3E-96F3-486E-8A82-77165F…)

Rose has hit IG finally.

No. 1148562

Good on her. Damn her twitter is… a lil bit insane.

No. 1148567

Kek you don’t say, anon. She cray but I’m glad she exists.

No. 1148584

File: 1612221923001.png (949.67 KB, 750x1334, 57063F3E-D1FE-4848-9983-120198…)

From Linda Strawberry, who is very close with Billy Corgan and the pumpkins. How is this playing out within the friend groups? James Iha is Lindsays brother-in-law, what the hell conversations are happening right now behind the scenes.

No. 1148590

File: 1612222230077.jpeg (357.46 KB, 750x892, 6D4DD8C7-AD8A-496D-A407-F8FBE8…)

Have been wondering this for a while now. Billy, Chloe etc all still following Manson.

Interesting cow crossover, one of the Armie Hammer accusers, @house.of.regrets, only follows five people and Lindsay Usich is one of them.

This, unrelated, just popped up on Twitter.

No. 1148593

File: 1612222356287.jpg (579.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210202-003335.jpg)

No. 1148594

File: 1612222393990.jpg (289.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210202-003318.jpg)


No. 1148595

Like they didn't know. This makes me dislike Rob Zombie, because he's such a sober vegan with the sun shining out of his ass, and he had this shitstain touring with him and possibly peeing on random teenage girls while he was around with his wifey and yoga and vegan spreads. He ditched him and Ozzy was ready to pick him up. No way they don't know what he's like. Shooter Jennings is all smiles and American pies, and he worked with him.

Think Poppy, think Halsey getting a tattoo of him, think Yoshiki, Courtney Love. Courtney was around him forever, she knows what he's like and she brought Frances Bean around him. Dave Grohl invites him to his barbecues. Lana del Rey made a video with him where she gets raped. Asia Argento is a dear friend, too.

Lindsay tags Suzie Cave all the time, is Nick Cave a shitstain too?

And there were rumours on CDAN that he made Lily Rose Depp take nudes when she was underage and that he smoked meth with Johnny Depp while his kids were in the car. Obviously shit on CDAN is often made up, but what if it's true?

No. 1148596

File: 1612222512664.jpeg (189.48 KB, 750x1114, 94B4D279-F347-401A-A2ED-F19499…)

Esme isn’t ready yet but the fact that she spoke up at all today makes it so that no one can deny now she was also talking about him

No. 1148601

But that’s the thing with narcs. They’re reeeally good at having different sides they show to people. I’m sure Nick Cave has barely ever interacted with MM that much, and Susie is happy another rockstars wife is spending money on her dresses. I doubt these people have spent much time thinking about him at all beyond him being another rich guy in the Hollywood circle filled with many “complicated” people. And then also yeah some of them are just terrible people as well.

No. 1148607

Buckle up, guys, Magalyn will post a statement later cause someone is being viciously attacked and accused of horrible acts. I just can't with this bitch, LOL

No. 1148611

Norman Reedus has removed his posts with MM.

No. 1148613

Oh and btw, Johnny Depp isn't innocent either. They both hired bots to spread their bullshit on the internet like a North Korean dictator, but it's clear from the statements that he is a drug addict and prone to violence and that he and Amber are both human trash.

Looks like he distanced himself from his BFF for good.

Oh and fucking JK Rowling is kissing both of their asses.

No. 1148616

I get her whole thing except for Trump. Just… WHY.

No. 1148620

When did Rowling support Manson?

No. 1148623

She sent him flowers.

No. 1148624

She sent him flowers. He posted about it on IG and Twitter.

No. 1148625

File: 1612223524441.png (874.3 KB, 750x1334, 561C3454-CBFA-4980-B5C1-F9DAA6…)

Omfg anon, it’s an image board.
Here are the caps…

No. 1148628

File: 1612223567048.png (879.06 KB, 750x1334, F32F81B6-EA46-480F-9A29-1473B8…)

No. 1148631

DED. She is probably SHITTING herself over the opportunity to come rushing to his aid. All it will be is more sonnets about “women are capable of incomprehensible deceit” and vague references to “knowing this man” with zero proof that she’s ever even met him. Madelyn you are truly the dumbest, cringiest, most delusional fan girl of them all.

No. 1148643

I always thought it was interesting that Normans wife Diane never followed his “bffs” Lindsay and Manson. I bet she told him enough is enough today delete that shit you guys can’t play together anymore.

No. 1148647

Not to mention the fact that she uses Johnny Depp's case as an example every chance she gets. Manson's case isn't even close to his. His victims have proof that he abused them and none of his ex-partners have defended him. I've lost a lot of respect for Depp because there's no way that he never found out about what he was doing during their 20+ year friendship.

No. 1148649

Johnny Depp's texts were leaked when he was suing the Daily Mail. Dude's a violent psycho just like Manson.

No. 1148650

Madelyn, no one cares about your defense statement. Let it go and seek therapy.

No. 1148651

Tbh I felt Depp and Heard were both massive disaster cows, and neither was a standout victim. Biased, as I know someone v close to Depp and can’t stand that person, but was my general feeling. All scumbags.

No. 1148655

Kek, right “I shall be making a statement”
Literally no one cares.

No. 1148656

Amber is definitely psycho too, but that case got adopted by MRAs and now it's brought up any time somebody speaks out about abuse.

No. 1148658

>while he was at his fattest
i cant fucking breathe.

No. 1148674

File: 1612225888375.png (2.03 MB, 1080x2107, jehH7fhb6.png)

Now we know what dirt she had on him.
That girl outed Ninja from Die Antwoord. They shared the management with Manson.

No. 1148747

File: 1612230297564.jpeg (314.31 KB, 1170x1169, 9B47A146-72B6-4AE8-9093-473253…)

He reading y’all threads lmaoooo

No. 1148748

File: 1612230447530.jpeg (391.47 KB, 1170x1635, 7EA9A332-C9D4-4A17-A2CC-18EFA6…)

My fault forgot to include his name and shit

No. 1148749


Oh put a sock in it and go get anger management, you POS.

No. 1148750

Yep, making everyone else sound crazy once again. I'm tha victim!!! Bullshit. What a surprise. Yawn.

No. 1148752

Uh why’d you like that post though

No. 1148755

It was genuinely an accident. Was trying to hit the comment button till I realized he disabled it.

No. 1148757

He turned the comments off probably cause he knows he’ll be called a liar. So countless women came forward today just to fuck with him? Right.

No. 1148774

Carolina B is live now but I can’t watch. Any of you anons can?

No. 1148790

Lindsay girl, secure the bag then run!

No. 1148791

I just creeped the Manson Reddit and even his fans think his ‘statement’ is flimsy af.


No. 1148803

She’s unfollowed at least 10 people since this started I’m so curious who got the axe

No. 1148812

File: 1612234398151.jpeg (231.31 KB, 1152x2022, 9DD0B9AE-2E7F-44CE-910B-C7407A…)

She’s not live now but she posted this too.

No. 1148825

I'm honestly getting pissed that there aren't at least a couple of male musicians who aren't speaking up on behalf of the victims already. His former bandmates, artists he's toured with - somebody HAD to have seen some of this shit go down. Speak up, cowards

No. 1148826

They're all scared it'll get turned around on them. Which they should be kek

No. 1148846

Give it time, the allegations just dropped today. Former band mates and crew have spoken out against him.

I don’t see how it could be turned around on them. His label dropped him, there’s a FBI investigation. His career is over.

No. 1148850

>former band mates

No. 1148853

i hope you enjoyed that last splurge lindsey, because the honeypot is about to dry up. write that down in your middle school flower diary.

No. 1148857

It always does. "Why didn't you do anything" "you had to have known he was abusing them" etc etc

No. 1148882

It's probably a mixture of them being afraid of losing money/connections,having to bear consequences for the shit they participated in and simply not caring for any of these women.

No. 1148898

If Lindsay has any braincells she'd file for divorce or annulment. Especially now that the FBI and State of California is involved. This is about to be R Kelly 2.0 if the rumored underaged fans start speaking up.

No. 1148900

Tbh idc about Lindsay. She deserves to go under with that ship. Hope he goes so broke eventually that he won't have anything left to give her if she decides to divorce.

No. 1148901

File: 1612238283044.png (1.15 MB, 1196x1350, Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 10.5…)

Here's one man speaking up.

But seriously, would love to hear thoughts from Rob Zombie, John 5, and other big name musicians who had to have known about this.

No. 1148902

File: 1612238326406.png (878.82 KB, 588x509, 19585322771998.png)


No. 1148903

So many happy hippie types like Rob Zombie & Sherry Moon turn out to be POSs, especially regarding women being abused… I haven't liked Rob & Sherry ever since they complained about kids making noise at the skatepark near one of their mansions.

Glad Manson is finally being outed

No. 1148925

What an unbelievable fucking coward. If you're so macho, then be a MAN and own your bullshit.

Manson is an eternal 12 year old boy and everything is always someone else's fault.

No. 1148928

Fuck I'm sorry but I cannot fucking stand Rose McGowan. She is incredibly conceited and she shares anti-lockdown Covid conspiracies. She's a moron.

No. 1148931

I'm just curious what Lindsay's next step is going to be. He's eventually going to run out of money if he doesn't sober up and get clean. Cocaine is very expensive, especially in big cities like Los Angeles. All of her major reasons for staying are gone. If there really is an ongoing investigation, he would probably get 10-20+ years. It's not like she's going to wait for him. And she's not innocent either because some of his victims said she helped him, so there's still the possibility that she could be prosecuted too, even if neither of them have to testify against each other.

No. 1148932

I think Manson has to be the biggest, most glaring example of someone getting everything they ever wanted, letting it go to their head and pissing it all away to the point where they're much worse off than if they were never famous at all.

No. 1148939

Well,he was a loser as a kid and still is a loser now.

No. 1148942

Corey Feldman jumping on the trend train again.
Fucking Hell, this sound like a "they liked it tho"

No. 1148948

Oh boo hoo,he's just a poor controversial and misunderstood soul and those evil witches just want his fame and money /s

Kinda wish Dita would've said something too though, at least as a symbol of solidarity but who knows..more and more victims are starting to speak up.

No. 1148951

Dita just posts fancy underpants. She's probably snorting into her porcelain cuppa happy that she dodged a bullet.

No. 1148956

It's always infuriating to watch the entertainment industry and people therein climb on their soapboxes whenever allegations like this start getting press. Like, if a bunch of randos on a tibetan yak-shearing forum were aware that this guy has a long history of being a sex pest then you bet your ass that the entire industry knew too. Opportunistic motherfuckers

No. 1148960

This. One hundred times this. Hey, the only way to prevent a "situation" is to give these people the cold shoulder when YOU know it, before everyone else does. We have the internet now, these things will always end up public knowledge.

No. 1148964

Yeah they're obviously just trying to save face.

Honestly, I'm glad the internet serves a purpose like this, especially since topics such as abuse within the industry are starting to be talked about more in recent years. There's obviously still a long way to go though, but at least it's a start.

No. 1148969

File: 1612244537699.jpeg (347.51 KB, 1131x2113, 276869F4-BD27-4BA9-A909-1B6ED0…)

Brittany Leigh Tarot

No. 1148970

She's never said anything outright, but she alluded to something terrible happening to cause their divorce - her words were something like "something pretty bad must have happened to make me pack my bags and leave him on Christmas Eve after 6 years of marriage."

She's always been fairly hush hush about her personal life though so I don't expect her to post much if anything.

No. 1148978

Well, she doesn't have to talk about her own experience if she doesn't want to, but some solidarity would've been nice, since she considers herself a feminist.

I get not wanting to say something in case she has some underlying traumatic experiences that she doesn't want to relive, but in this case it would help a lot if she at least publicly acknowledged the victims.

No. 1148986


That's the thing though, Dita has been so tight-lipped, if she speaks up with so much as an "I support and believe" she would be outing herself as a victim and open to additional attacks. I don't blame anyone for not being ready for that kind of thing.

No. 1148988

File: 1612247152605.jpg (149.07 KB, 730x444, Dita.jpg)

But didn't she already allude to something like it in an interview ?(pictured)

I don’t think saying something like "I stand with the victims" would’ve given away more than what she had already alluded to herself in the past.

Obviously, it’s not certain whether she was talking about abuse, she could’ve meant cheating or something like that too, but theres definitely a possibility because her reason for moving out seemed so damn urgent. Might just be me, but it gives me the illusion that her safety was somehow threatened in that moment.

No. 1148991

I don't think there's any bad blood between Dita and Manson, regardless of their history together. They're supposedly friends now. She even put him in her book. But she's done some questionable things of her own and she doesn't seem like a good person either judging by @mansonisabusive's messages with Amie Harwick. I wouldn't put it past her to lie for him or make a statement in his defense if it benefited her in some way.

No. 1149001

>Like, if a bunch of randos on a tibetan yak-shearing forum were aware that this guy has a long history of being a sex pest

This is what I think, if this bunch of literal whos on lolcow have all the dirt on Manson's shit, no way absolutely every industry person doesn't too. There's literally no doubt any of it is true.

No. 1149002

File: 1612248240269.jpg (123.73 KB, 1252x1070, dita by manson.jpg)



>“I get the impression he thinks I was unsupportive. But the truth is I wasn’t supportive of his lifestyle, and someone else came along who was.”

>She issued an ultimatum, but, she says, “It didn’t work. Instead it made me the enemy.” So she moved out on Christmas Eve, almost empty-handed. “I left with nothing. I knew that there was an inappropriate relationship going on in [the home], and I didn’t want any part of it around to remind me. I didn’t want that sofa. I didn’t want that bed.”

No. 1149067

I bet Dita will sell her story to a big magazine or something.

No. 1149076

I am surprised they haven't removed Lindsay's ig yet. If she speaks up, everyone will see she's full of shit and bots, she's useless. If she doesn't speak up and keep her page, people will read their love story in highlights and draw parallels because it has exactly the same plot line his victims described, with asking her to come to take photos, being extremely romantic and watching movies until dawn.

No. 1149077

I second that kek

No. 1149092

Manson doesn’t have a care in the world about what’s happened and what these women said. He isn’t worried one bit over it.

This right here. I’m wondering this myself. People thought she would never name him until he was either dead or in jail.

No. 1149096

She’s under Manson’s control and now has to protect herself from allegations, you can’t trust anything she posts.

She participated in and knowingly concealed crimes, there’s no way she didn't know about all these women and his shady means to blackmail and silence people. She keeps referring to themselves as “Sailor & Lula” -a criminal couple on the run- like it’s a cute game. She enabled this shit.

No. 1149102

^ I heard he’s getting actual criminal charges pressed on him, that’s when he’ll care. Now with all these allegations being out in the open and him being reported to the FBI and has the Senator of California on him, there’s a good chance he could get arrested.

No. 1149106

File: 1612262468713.jpg (234.02 KB, 1080x800, IMG_20210202_114205.jpg)

No. 1149110

sage for no milk but I kinda like his long time fans' responses.
PM is run by Cringeon, LKB posted about him not long ago.
TW: they posted a video of MM playing with a magic wand, be careful while reading.(integrate, this is an imageboard)

No. 1149120

Spot on anon. No one would give this washed up, crusty, weak-chinned, lanky dude the time of day without his money and status. He always looked pretty unremarkable (physically) without the make up. Not that there's anything wrong with being lanky and weak-chinned - he could more than make up for it with what very little talent he had and his brains way back when but even that went down the drain.
When you look at him in the light of day, there's nothing redeemable about him.

Is it confirmed the FBI is on his arse? Been googling it and can't find any reference to that. Saw in the thread that some victims contacted authorities with evidence but that's about it.
Very happy he's going to the bins of history, right where he belongs.

No. 1149126

I can't believe he's not even trying to make up some shitty excuses for his behavior (muh drug abuse, muh childhood trauma, muh mental illness) but straight up denying everything. Not surprising for a Narc though. They're very veeery good at portraying themselves as the victim and making others sound insane and unhinged.

It's so sad.

No. 1149131

Theres’s a FBI investigation, Evan posted it too. >>1148593

No. 1149132

it's a request. Hopefully, there will be an investigation.

No. 1149136

I knew he'd probably gaslight everyone into thinking that everything was consensual before ever admitting defeat. Typical narc behavior. I'm sure he's hopeful that his enablers are going to pull him out of this, epecially if he likes to blackmail people.

No. 1149138

Sara Lee Lucas posted a statement on his private. Won't post it without permission.

No. 1149142

File: 1612265970429.jpeg (329.24 KB, 1212x1181, 4D636F8A-F1C0-4456-8B74-93FEEA…)

I hope more people in the industry speak out when they’re ready.

Take this with a grain of salt because I don’t want to name my source without permission, but I’ve heard from a close friend of a well known victim that there’s already an ongoing investigation. With these many women and a senator now promoting it, there’s little chance the FBI won’t take it seriously.

No. 1149144

wtf? it's imageboard
give us milk!

No. 1149145

thank you for the intel anon. Here's to hope FBI indeed takes it seriously.

No. 1149147

ayrt, I want to believe you plus LKB said there is an ongoing investigation.

What are your expectations anons? Next thread is Prison Time Edition? btw current thread should have been Milkmoon.

No. 1149148

At the very least trial time, time to face the music…something along those lines for sure.

No. 1149149

File: 1612266484314.jpg (159.93 KB, 768x636, djAXZny.jpg)


>Bitton, who uses her partner Leon Bitton’s last name, said, ‘We didn’t go out long because I cut it off after he would nonchalantly say he fantasized about burning me alive. Sexually he liked to bite, and it was disconcerting. He is a lot. To say the least.’

>She added, ‘Once he started speaking to me violently, I was like… goodbye Brian. Also the bruises from him biting me weren’t fun.’

No. 1149151

File: 1612266756426.jpg (84.31 KB, 356x618, B5gOySO.jpg)

from SLL's wife I guess. Idk if there's more.

No. 1149153

Isn’t Provider Module run by Alan Penn-Berkely also? He does all those Manson art edits and edited a Nazi rally photo but put the Manson logos on the flags instead. Then had to take it down after getting shit from everyone, including someone whose family was involved with the concentration camps - and Alan then tried to defend it!

No. 1149154

I don't know, I can't be sure. Cringeon is a long term adm. I have never heard of Alan before. Has he been around for a long time? Bc PM is like 10 yo.

No. 1149157

Two irrelevant nutters, but fair enough.

No. 1149171

Hahaha this is great!

No. 1149185

File: 1612272034997.jpg (86.36 KB, 360x563, Screenshot_20210202-120430.jpg)

The fact hes being dropped so quickly from so many places suggests people knew about this but had to wait until someone came forward to do it. I know people get dropped when allegations come to light but not this fast and by so many. They knew.

No. 1149188

Hear hear.
Someone above in a picture was explaining how his label would fly groupies to "entertain" him and his band. If true, that might possibly qualify as trafficking. If any of them at any time was underage…dear lord.
If there is an investigation coming, the FBI will definitely get hold of this information and it would be surprising if it's just Warner incriminated. His label and close circle will most likely be investigated as well.

No. 1149191

Good point.
His manager Tony Ciulla has nuked his website and social media accounts, I googled him a couple of weeks ago it was there. One could only guess why he deleted everything.

No. 1149195

File: 1612272768977.jpg (19.64 KB, 887x618, Rqz0hqx.jpg)

wait a second, it was gone yesterday
see >>1148392 and >>1148396
Now it's like that.

No. 1149200

Thank you anon for posting this. Very professional of him to leave an email address so the FBI knows where to contact him kek.

No. 1149258

It feels good when fans are crying about their favorite artist turning out to be a scumbag, meanwhile my favorite artist co-founded RAINN.

You know, when reading MM's thread fans were screaming "I MET HIM AND THIS DOESN'T SOUND LIKE HIM." or "I often worked with him and he is not like this." And I thought that MM's allegations from multiple women were well known. I guess if these threads are worth anything, they can at least scroll through and see the screen shots of women accusing Manson. At least there's some documentation throughout some time and nothing is about what the victims are doing is opportunistic.

No. 1149272

There's absolutely no doubt fans didn't know about any of this. I'm sure they did. It's just that none of them want to admit that it had to blow up before they REALLY believed it.

No. 1149275

What I find more disturbing than how fans acted about all this is fellow musicians and artists. That's Hollywood for you I guess.
I wonder if Courtney Love will stick to her story and defend him with her private account or act all shocked and be like OMG, I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS. HOW AWFUL. MY HEART GOES OUT TO HIS SURVIVORS.
That would be topkek

No. 1149285

File: 1612285072048.jpg (48.3 KB, 603x563, denial.JPG)

when you go through the marilyn manson tag on insta you see those arguments SO MANY times. buhuhhh cancel culture is toxic!!!2 don't do this to this innocent human bean sad face

No. 1149286

File: 1612285162078.jpg (52.39 KB, 609x510, denialpt2.JPG)

No. 1149291

If you ever read his autobiography he used to submit these awful short stories to horror magazines that were violent and disturbing. None of this is surprising. (By the way if I remember right, he was rejected constantly)

No. 1149292


don't you just love it when these poor wittle girls who want to fuck famous abusers are ~totes abuse victims too!~ and therefore they get to dismiss evidence as they see fit. unless you had at least 15 paparazzi inside your home filming what went on and then broadcasted it for the whole world to see, it's not evidence, just slander and opinions. even when things do get caught on film, it's faked, obviously makeup and oh so terribly shopped. it's never abuse. it's always false allegations. i don't fucking get how an actual victim would throw other women under the bus like this?? comes across as though they're bitter this ugly mediocre man didn't fuck them and now the ones he did, who they are jealous of, have the audacity to not be grateful for the attention. "i'm a victim" is just the get out of jail free card to be able to say this shit without being told to stay in your fucking lane. solidarity is a joke apparently.

No. 1149297

samefag but it is obviously from twitter, not Insta. Stupid typo.

No. 1149300

Looks like she sent him flowers a year ago (Jan 2020)
But fucking…why?

No. 1149307

File: 1612287193308.jpeg (269.9 KB, 1164x2043, 5AB57105-8476-43F9-B6F6-A4FE87…)

Nikita Andrianova

No. 1149319

File: 1612288164571.jpeg (111.32 KB, 828x720, DFA54C26-563F-415F-AD5B-CCF4D0…)

Not sure if this has already been posted.. but looking on the likes of MM’s bullshit statement and Sheri liked it (Rob Zombies Mrs)

Doubt we’ll hear anything from the Rob zombie clan or worse they’ll defend him.

No. 1149331

Hmm.. not sure what to make of that.

Looking through the likes I don’t see Lindsay or many checked names.

No. 1149339

Tony Ciulla manages Rob Zombie too.

No. 1149343

File: 1612289535313.png (350.12 KB, 1080x1627, likes.png)

Lindsay is probably locked somewhere.
That's whom I follow and see. And Paulababy, his long-term assistant.

No. 1149345

damn, disappointed in alison mosshart

No. 1149356

Really? Not a surprise for me. Also Asia, she was always gonna support.
I think Courtney, Billy, Dita are all going to remain neutral.

No. 1149373

I'm bloody disappointed in Courtney. She even talked about her rough times with an abusive partner in her Manson birthday post. So for her to call everyone commenting something negative about Manson a liar was so hypocritical. I'm sure she'd be the first one to lose it if someone defended her abuser. If she remains neutral she's an actual piece of shit too.

Rose was right, Hollywood is such a toxic place. It started in the 20s and 30s when agents and big companies like Paramount and MGM tried to cover up all scandals and even murder and suicides. Sickening that it hasn't changed since.

No. 1149391

File: 1612292893242.png (612.64 KB, 765x1372, Laney.png)

Laney weighed in

No. 1149394

Heads up Carolina B on live now. She’s not revealing anything huge but is discussing the fact that the news is out there.

No. 1149409

Courtney will probably defend him, either publicly or on her private. Remember that bullshit story she posted about how he helped her get sober and got her out of an abusive relationship? He gaslit her into thinking he's a good man like he did with all of his other orbiters.

No. 1149413

Laney is married to Twiggy Ramirez (former bassist for M.M) who raped and abused Jessicka Addams. She’s so quick to throw Manson under the bus and “stand with her girls” but wheres that same energy for the woman victimized by her own husband? What a joke.

No. 1149417

That's the story I'm talking about. She literally mentioned her abusive relationship in that post. And then went ahead and used her private account to tell everyone who brought up the abuse subject to basically fuck off. Wouldn't be surprised if Manson had dirt on her too cause it's been a long time since I've seen someone being so far up Mansons ass.

No. 1149419

Laney left Twiggy years ago after the JA thing came out

No. 1149420

They did break up after the allegations came to light, didn't they? And you can't really compare the two cause there's like 10 or more speaking up against Manson now. Rape can never be excused, but it does make a difference whether or was one time with one girl or 8036 times with countless girls.

No. 1149422

For those that didn't watch Carolina's live:
She mentioned that they loosely knew each other through mutual friends but officially met at a M&G
He love bombed her and made it very serious very fast

She also brought up Lindsay and said that she was "violent and threatening" to her and sent her nasty messages, then a few months ago was trying to be friends with her and a lot of the other girls that he had been with. C said she felt like this was really weird and it made her feel like she knew something was going to happen soon, but she went along with it bc they live in the same city and she thought "good if I see L around then I know she's not going try to fucking kill me or something."

No. 1149425

>If she remains neutral she's an actual piece of shit too.
open your eyes, she's been one for a long time, if not always. Especially since she was buddy buddy with Manson and they both were PRing each other.

No. 1149438

Did you save the live?

Lindsay is the most despicable piece of shit. She has probably been through the same tortures and yet she defends him.

No. 1149442

It's hard to believe that she's not dropping him since she made that statement at the end of their joint tour about him fucking underage girls. She literally publicly said what a piece of shit he is, but now she's defending him.

No. 1149444

It was really interesting - confirmed everything we’ve tinfoiled for years, such as Lindsay befriending exes like Teale Coco, Gabriella etc, obviously to get them on side.

In addition to what anon said here
>In response to “Is Lindsay complicit or a victim” she replied that she didn’t really want to say but basically Lindsay isn’t all that different from Manson i.e. they are both trash people.

No. 1149449

No matter what he does to Lindsay, I can't feel sorry for her because he kept trying to recycle her for 5 years and she still managed to hang onto him. If she wanted to leave now, she could just make a statement and she'd have endless support from his victims. She's had dozens of chances to leave him, but she wants to stay. At this point, I consider anything he does to her consensual.

No. 1149450

Exactly that! It makes me wonder if he got dirt on her that she doesn't want to come out. Certainly feels like she HAS to stay silent or even defend him.

No. 1149455

I think he gaslit her and conditioned her to think he's innocent by helping her. Someone that helps victims leave their abusers obviously couldn't be one themselves, right?

No. 1149460

File: 1612296182728.jpg (585.36 KB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20210202_210217.jpg)

Lilith statement 1/2

No. 1149463

File: 1612296244089.jpg (193.68 KB, 1080x688, Screenshot_20210202_210240.jpg)

Lilith statement 2/2

Not surprised.

No. 1149468

I could feel my braincells evaporating as I read this. But at least she confirmed that he fetishizes younger girls. It's like he tries to get as close to a Lolita dynamic, something that he's idolized for years and was one of his main inspirations for Eat Me, Drink Me, as he can without actually being a pedophile.

No. 1149469

File: 1612296795660.png (630.95 KB, 1282x785, discordforlolcow1.png)


I am >>1148333 back.

Lindsay was asking Leslee for photos that could potentially ruin Evan's career. The date is American: month/day/year. So Lindsay messaged her asking for photos in June/July of 2020. Leslee posted her dms in channel for mods, I don't have access to it. Lindsay also requested them to harass Madelyn (LOL) and Mansonisabusive.

I still have access to the server. Any search words suggestions? Should I search Rudy Coby more? Dita?


No. 1149472

File: 1612296990918.png (706.58 KB, 1303x807, discordforlolcow2.png)

No. 1149473

Hi Leslee, this is the FBI, kek

No. 1149474

File: 1612297131239.png (311.4 KB, 653x621, discordforlolcow3.png)


I was sure they lurked here idk why she hasn't nuked her server since it was posted here for the first time.

No. 1149481

File: 1612297599177.jpeg (322.15 KB, 827x1402, 9162EC3F-A3C1-402E-B228-8FE678…)

annoying narcissist and vintage lolcow bunny alexander weighs in

No. 1149484

Either Lindsay or Leslee have been leaking pictures because the other day @oatmealosbourne posted a picture of Evan dressed up as Hitler, like the one she was describing.

No. 1149486

Could you download the entire server logs in case you're removed?

Here's an exporter program you can use:

No. 1149491

File: 1612298113237.png (1.93 MB, 1786x1549, discordforlolcow4.png)

Will it out me somehow? I did nothing wrong and used a fake but kinda want to be safe to the most possible extent.

No. 1149493

Nobody will notice, it just runs a code through your account that saves everything in an HTML file. If you're running into any issues let me know or if you don't mind sharing your fake acc I can do it for you. You can hover over my name to see my email address in case you want to contact me.

No. 1149506

I don't care if they notice, I fangirled and roleplayed an abandoned teen a lot to go unnoticed by them. This is cringe guys, I myself don't want to see my messages again lol.
Stay there in the next 10 mins please.

No. 1149508

I'm around, and don't worry nobody will judge you for larping for info lol

No. 1149514

> >I was 18 and dealing w/ a 46 year old man making fake accts to find out this n tht etc etc i rlly cldnt even describe how fkkn weird all this shit was

Thanks for validating his fake accounts. She may have met him when she was 18, but seems like she is purposely leaving out the part she was actually a minor when he first started talking to her according to this text >>986152

No. 1149521

File: 1612299283262.jpg (700.55 KB, 1943x1836, IMG_20210202_211221.jpg)

I've been lurking and posting on here for a while and am finally ready to share my story. Not an abuse story but a lil glimpse of how meet and greets work and how he picks girls and what happens after shows.

Went to the m&g wearing next to nothing cause I've heard that's what you need to do in order to make him like you (I was a delusional FANGIRL ok). So that's what I did. It was during the time he had his broken leg/ankle whatever. And I sat down in his lap for the picture. And he said "Are you going to sexually harass me?" I thought I was being witty and said yeh. So right after that he gave me the backstage pass and said he was looking forward to see me after the show.

So after the show there was let's say 10 girls all hyped about meeting Manson. Then someone came in and took me to the bus (could've been Judd, I can't remember cause I was shitting myself)
They took my phone away from me, and onto the bus I went. Manson was eating and not wearing makeup.

I kept apologising for being quiet cos I'm actually shy and Manson said he liked it. That way he could talk more, lol. Judd was around, and he kept talking shit about him and the other girl on the bus. So we went upstairs. To his room. He tried to force me to do cocaine. I said no thanks, not tonight. And he was like "Why, you have a drug test tomorrow or something?" lol

So when we were upstairs we talked about everything, and like many people said… he's amazingly good at building you up. All my flaws suddenly sounded like things to be proud of. Like, being shy and quiet. He knew how to push my buttons. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but he didn't force me to do anything. I put my hand on his leg and he started kissing me and he genuinely made me feel so special and even said so multiple times. "It was fate we met." But then shit like "Did you talk to that one girl before the show? I hope you didn't. She's stalking me and she's trash. In fact, all of them are trash, look at my texts! They keep harrassing me!!!" I didn't know what to say, so I kept smiling.

We eventually ended up having sex, and in the end he claimed I forced him to do so as he "never has intercourse on the first date" LOL…dare I say it was unprotected as well.
He also took pictures of me naked, saying "Don't be self conscious now" instructing me what to do with my arms and legs. And after a while Judd came in with more cocaine and I was still half naked and felt super uncomfortable and Manson told him all about what just happened. Manson legit said "She's as tight as a 10 year old, Judd. And she's so shy, you can do everything with her. But she made me have the intercourse." And Judd went like "Do you need something? Like to kill the possible babies?" And then Manson was like "Why didn't you tell me sooner." And started touching me again and wanted to have sex. But we were near my hotel then so I started getting dressed. But he said he really wanted to see me again as I was so special and he gave me his number and everything. So…

We did end up meeting again two nights after (I was so overwhelmed and starstruck, I totally blacked out the red flags) [the same procedure as the first time. I met Judd before the show and he handed me an aftershow sticker and I was stuck with 10 girls all hyped. They blatantly lied to them and said "Manson can't see anyone, his foot is hurting a lot"…and Judd secretly grabbed me and took me to the bus] and he made me take THE pill before he even acknowledged me properly. So back in his upstairs room on the bus we repeated the same shit. And he was even more into the whole idea of lying to my face, saying how much he liked me and that I should totally come to another show. He even made the effort of getting Judd to hand me their personal tour plan, lmao. They also drove me to my hotel the first night and got me an Uber the second night.

So after that, I genuinely did plan to go see him again, but his texts sounded really lazy and like he wasn't interested anymore. And that's when I started to hear stories that sounded exactly like mine. And my heart was fucked. And I ended up having a psychosis and doing crazy shit which I'm not gonna go into detail now.

But so, his m&gs are purely for him to pick girls he wants to fuck. 300 dollars. He's not cheap, is he. And I can only confirm Jenna's statement of him being into biting a lot and leaving bruises.

No. 1149542

hovering over your name doesn't work. I kinda need your help.

Please contact Evan. You are cool and brave.

No. 1149549

if you're on desktop, hover while looking in the lower left corner of your browser

No. 1149569

Not that I ever thought Lindsay was a good person but holy shit. Trying to get dirt on Evan so she could secure her purse aka MM. I wonder if Evan knows about that? That seems like pretty important info considering it makes Lindsay very complicit. What an absolute low life. Her gallery should know in addition to representing an entirely mediocre photographer they’re also representing someone who tries to help silence rape victims.

No. 1149579

Please contact the other women, or one of the accounts like @mansonisabusive. This was awful to read. Honestly, you say it’s not abuse, but it’s just…gross. Hope you’re okay now.

No. 1149589

File: 1612301852363.png (682.53 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_20210202-153433~2.p…)

No. 1149605

But I'd feel like I'm mocking the actual victims/survivors as I wasn't physically hurt…

No. 1149616

leslee seems like a proper cunt

No. 1149617

What a bullshit story. If this isn’t a telltale of who wrote it.

No. 1149621

Me again. Want to share something else. Decided to go to another gig hoping I'd meet him…6 months later.

So I did met Judd. I was backstage. And then he said 'Manson isn't gonna see anyone tonight. He's not in the party mood.' and right after that I blacked out. And the other girls with me blacked out too.

And then I received a text from Manson at 3 something saying this. Fucking sketchy.

No. 1149623

File: 1612302826938.jpg (79.76 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_20210202_225120.jpg)

No. 1149624

You are so fucking stupid. I can recognize the shit you write anywhere.

No. 1149627


this picture only confirms what kind of shit she's been through. manson is high as a kite, but evan's eyes look completely dead. despite her makeup she is bluish under the eyes and her facial expression looks like someone who is very far away at the moment. drugged, dissociating, possibly both. this is the face of a woman who gave up a long time ago.
also not at all strange that she'd wear a hitler costume. i'm not excusing that shit but manson's been openly hinting since TGAOG about his nazi obsession/collection, flirting with nazi imagery and memorabilia in his videos and such. i'm not surprised that a young, naive woman completely broken down mentally would don a vile costume like that in theme with her abusive boyfriend's sick obsessions. i believe there are probably more or worse pics of her to be found, doing shit like this to fit what he wants from her, and that she's equally dead-eyed and empty-looking in those pictures as well.

No. 1149630

Hun, I wrote it and my name is Jasmine. Ask Manson. He should still have nudes of me.

No. 1149632

Fuck you and go back to worshipping Manson. And my name is Jasmine. I've never made a secret of my bloody name.

No. 1149633

LOL okay whatever…

No. 1149636

>tight as a 10 year old
>well I totally black out the red flags

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST how does he even know unless he has experience with children??!! GROSS! I hope Manson dies painfully and slowly, he is fucking trash. I’m going to burn the rest of MM stuff in the backyard, because I’m ashamed to be his former fam. And you anon, need to learn to love yourself girl. The guy was a million red flags walking on two legs, not worth a single second of your time. Pick better guys in the future and don‘t beat up yourself, he ain‘t worth it.

>but it‘s not abuse

Everything you described here IS abuse, holy shit. I‘m so angry that he made you go through this.

No. 1149642


She looks dead inside.

No. 1149647

I believe you but please contact @mansonisabuive with any evidence you have - m&g photos, texts, phone numbers to collaborate your story. I’m sorry you went through that and thank you for sharing.

No. 1149650

I literally looked at him and said how do you know what the fuck. And he started laughing and said "It was just a joke. I can joke around with you, you get me."

Actually I didn't and still don't. But like I said. I was too overwhelmed to even say anything.

No. 1149661

What is your point quoting me here?

No. 1149663

No one with a brain would think that. You could always remain anon if you’re frightened of morons attacking you. Tbh it’s not so much the bruises - although they are bad and back up what JJ stated - but it’s the way he picks up then discards women, the way you were treated like a commodity. It’s revolting. People can and do say “well it goes with the territory” etc, even ppl I know who have been in the music industry for years. Performers. Whenever I reply with “well, would you treat someone like that?” the response is always “fuck no!”
It’s gross and you have every right to have your voice heard, if you wish to - the bruises photo backs up what you’re saying.

No. 1149666

Pls don't you tell me Dawn was right.
Pls no. Not bc I dislike Dawn. I just don't want to believe. If this is real and everybody around him knew about it, it's beyond sickening.

No. 1149679

I'm gonna do something crazy and log into my main jazzminenoir account and share everything I just shared on here. Fuck marilyn manson and his crew. And his Fangirls.

No. 1149683

Please be careful and contact Evan and mansonisabusive.

No. 1149699

>paid 300 dollars to see him
>dressed up according to his preferences
>witness how he talks about other girls and how he paints them once he's done fucking them
>still go along with it because he says ~you're not like the other girls~ (lmfao)
>you have sex with him because he's a celeb you like
>not using protection
>going back to have sex again
>take plan B provided by crew instead of using any other kind of protection

Choices were made. He's an abuser, but this incident is just a thot meeting a fuckboy, damn. If any of it had involved pressure then it'd be a different story, but this sounds like you were actively chasing him were all too eager to let him butter you up with some generic as hell sweettalking and now you're disappointed because your consensual hookup with him didn't work out the way you wanted it to. This is sad. Don't detract from actual victims.

No. 1149706

I thought you were a teen based on your account here but I'm guessing early 30s based on your photos and interests on Instagram?

I can see why Marilyn liked you, very pale and gothic looking. But please be less stupid in future, trusting any strange dude to the extent you did is bad, nevermind someone as openly abusive as Marilyn.

No. 1149718

>mansonisabusive blocked me during my fangirl stage


No. 1149721

File: 1612305447424.jpeg (515.9 KB, 1012x1506, 6F9FD436-BC00-4F53-BC03-9564D8…)

Chloe Black

No. 1149724

The damage control is on full blast, huh? Pathetic.

No. 1149734

Anons, that was really uncool. More so you, >>1149699…wtf? God forbid you even make any mistakes in your life whilst being impressionable.

No. 1149737

I messaged @mansonisabusive to let her know your story is up until tomorrow.

No. 1149742

>He confided something so dark, violent and incriminating that I thought that there was no way he was going to let me leave that house alive.
What is she hinting at?

No. 1149750

I’ve honestly lost count on how many women have made statements, we need an updated list. >>1138678

No. 1149756

Judging by her reasoning it can't be murder, so maybe straight up torture or animal abuse?

No. 1149763

There's victimhood and there's being a starfucker. I stand with ERW and the other ones who were abused, not this grown woman being disappointed that her groupie stint didn't end in something more romantic.

No. 1149766

fuck off

No. 1149767

>Evan Rachel Wood
>Chloë Black
>Sarah McNeilly
>Ashley Walters
>Ashley Lindsay Morgan
>Louise Keay Bell
>Carolina Ballasteros
>Lilith Levisis
>Rose McGowan
>Paz De La Huerta
>Nikita Adrianova
>Love Bailey
>Torrii Lynn
>Agata Alexander
>Scarlet Kapella

I'm not sure if I got everyone. There are probably more that I either missed or who haven't shared their stories yet. That's still 10+ women.

No. 1149773

File: 1612306876180.png (690.73 KB, 750x1334, 9AF92F3F-1A33-4672-9253-CAAA89…)

She says herself, in her post
>this isn’t a story of abuse just a lil info on how M&Gs work
She made a mistake. She was treated like garbage. Realised what was actually going on, that the guy is a total predatory cunt, and has stopped supporting him. Leave her be.

Also, here >>1149621, is she claiming that the time she tried to hook up months later, she was drugged (along with the other girls)? That’s not just messing around with a “starfucker”, that’s criminal.

Adding caps for posterity.

No. 1149775

File: 1612306931766.png (758.84 KB, 750x1334, 5D967A1F-1C6E-4142-B006-AC5920…)

No. 1149783

File: 1612307024942.png (760.71 KB, 750x1334, C07D7FC3-BE38-4114-8E42-4AF9A0…)

No. 1149787


Hmmm…underage girls come to mind, perhaps?

No. 1149799

Love Bailey has changed her IGTV statement, censoring Paz’s name
>out of respect to the actress seeking legal council

No. 1149803

Yes I understood she was drugged up along with her friends. There's been other accounts of fans being roofied while on his bus if memory serves.
I'm thinking >>1149742 might be a story along those lines, potentially with underage girls and perhaps with evidence of it.
Or something worse, because clearly she thought she was gonna die.

No. 1149806

Right, I'm wondering what happened. No way they'd all black out at once if they weren't drugged. What was he planning?

As for the "dark" thing >>1149742
it's got to be child abuse, the hint was to bring up 10 year olds to Jasmine. >>1149521
You don't just say something like that. And maybe this was the final straw with Dita too. These edgy women might forgive BDSM, abuse and death wishes, but far less women would think child abuse was a fun edgy interest.

No. 1149810

The way Ditta phrased it always seemed a bit strange. Had the same conclusion as you anon when reading it. Something bad enough that she was like, nope, and left suddenly.

No. 1149819

I don't think he's into children for anything other than aesthetic purposes. It's probably something more along the lines of extreme torture. I don't think animal or child abuse would make her question if he was going to kill her. It had to be something worse than that.

No. 1149838

File: 1612308776544.png (572.79 KB, 750x1334, 7B210F69-1281-4D52-8745-2F3251…)

And here’s the answer, about being drugged…

No. 1149843

File: 1612309067451.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, EA467B5A-8437-41CE-AC22-B876B4…)

Last one.

No. 1149855

There is a lot to unpack in just that one picture, this is so fucked up.

No. 1149896

Off topic but can anybody tell me if there is any bad stories about Rammstein or specifically Till Lindemann? I was a huge fan of MM and i am heartbroken to find out that hes such a evil psychopath. I dont wanna find it out too late about my second favorite band.

No. 1149901

Didn't he get groupies to suck him off under the stage before a gig and showed the audience live without the consent of the women?

I'm sure I heard that somewhere

No. 1149905

Jasmine here. Two of the girls that were with me blacked out the exact same time. You can't tell me it was coincidence. Something sketchy went on but I still don't know what and why Judd would drug us. (he was the one bringing the alcohol)

No. 1149908

lindemann recently got caught donating to a charity that's run by a german neo nazi, in case that counts. he's also written some rape-y poems that were published last year (probably more because that wasn't his first published collection). no allegations so far but this guy (and his band) works with what's the german equivalent of murdoch press, so you can bet your ass that they'll make those stories go away. dude's a disgusting creep, even without allegations.

No. 1149910

samefagging, also their music fucking sucks. grow up, you can do better.

No. 1149916

you hated it so much you went back for more and posted multiple pics fangirling out after it happened, thanking him for the experience and how it was the best weekend ever.(infighting)

No. 1149919


No. 1149920

I do not feel sorry for her. She wanted to get fucked by Manson, and that's exactly what she got.
She is just another groupie to the list, now trying to get some clout out of this just because Manson rejected her desperate ass for a 2nd round. Not a victim.

No. 1149922

Can you say the name of the charity? And why do you think hes a creep?
Their music is great and its personal taste. I am a germanfag, so i maybe understand the poetic in the lyrics more.

No. 1149924

Learn to read, she met him several times (two times iirc) in person, and the last (third) attempted meeting was the sketchy time where she was drugged by Judd and he text her at 3am when she was completely out of it.

No. 1149927

Ok but is there not something to learn about his strategy of herding, drugging and having sex with meet and greet members? She describes his strategy in detail and I think it's a relevant story.

No. 1149931

Fair enough. I ACTUALLY wanted to spend time with him and talk to him. And I keep saying I'm not a victim. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me. I just wanted to share my experience? JFC

No. 1149932

i'm also german. we call this shit kirmesmusik for a reason. sure, it's personal taste, and you seem to be into some real pipi kacka music.
anyway, here's the story about the charity. it's paywalled though.


note that this is not the first time they're treading dangerously close to neo nazis. most recently, their remix collection from last year features their logo stylized as a black sun. i'm sure you're aware of the rest.

No. 1149937

Thank you. I always thought they were leftist. Can you tell me other indicators of them being nazis? And tell me your 3 favorite artists/bands

No. 1149939

Courtney Love is just as abusive as Manson. This is a woman who punched Kathleen Hannah fucking hard in the face in front of a crowd. She's a thief, a liar, and a violent drug addict who loves to psychologically torture people. What the hell did you expect? Does she get a pass for being a womyn or something?

No. 1149943

the video for their cover of stripped is just reused leni riefenstahl material, for example. i really don't feel like going through the history of this turd band right now, you can surely do some research on your own. just a hint tho: why would a supposedly left wing band work with springer presse to do their album promotion? does any notable lefty? no? weird, huh? and as for why i think lindemann is a creep: how do you notice a pattern between this guy and manson? the content of their lyrics and "art", the rapey poetry, the art, the porn, the preference for young women, the non-stop affairs? like, are you in denial? it's just a band, he's not your dad. see it for what it is. (it's dreck).

No. 1149944

Ignore the Manson white knights. Don’t feed the trolls. Most of us here are with you.

No. 1149946

I am not in denial, i am asking because i want the truth. You didnt provide any evidence and i googled and didnt found any story or posts about Till or others being predatory. I like the nazi aesthetic too and i am from oriental descent and leftist. Also, just because Manson did edgy art and abused women doesnt mean that every edgy artist is an abuser.
For Manson, there are numerous weird interviews, videos, stories, posts etc.

No. 1149951

Wrong thread

No. 1149956

what the fuck do you expect from a five minute google session? did you notice that there's several threads on this board for manson alone? and how it took years and years for him to experience any sort of blowback even though he basically admitted to assault in his autobiography 22 years ago?
i do not keep a folder of screenshots for any musician i despise just in case i come across a fanboy that needs convincing.
i'm sure you're well intentioned and i come across as a dick right now but come on. i'm not going to digg through his shitty poetry for you just to avoid getting negged for "not providing evidence".
his recent girlfriend was 30 years younger by the way. perfectly normal, nothing to see here.


let's just stop here, i actually don't want to derail this thread.

No. 1149976

If you want to discuss Rammstein go to the celebs thread and stop derailing.

No. 1150016

why does she type like she's mentally retarded?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1150025

Because she is.

And leave the name field blank. Type sage in the email field if you don't have anything to contribute.

No. 1150178

ugh. i’m really not looking forward to what rob had to say (if he says anything)

No. 1150202

File: 1612324027089.jpeg (268.69 KB, 1574x574, 37A27537-C6DE-44C5-BD95-1C7B95…)

Just remembered this one from the Lunchbox single, probably not the best choice of terms to describe yourself:

No. 1150225

Not surprising. Sexual abuse was a big theme for his early albums. He's been outing himself for years, but no one really started listening until he started acting out his fantasies.

No. 1150440

File: 1612339579792.jpeg (786.8 KB, 1242x1977, 28378010-99CC-49ED-823A-1EA761…)

PR Brown Manson’s main designer for Antichrist, Mechanical Animals and photographer for Holy Wood has spoken out:

No. 1150568

File: 1612354406801.jpg (273.75 KB, 1600x1600, J98NnoGnW_0.jpg)

Ppl from russian forum baginya org are discussing manson now and are talking of his alleged encounters with russian famous groupie Alyona Makeeva who appeared in Rammstein video. They said she used to brag about her experience with manson and that they first met when she was 12 and he tried to get her to have sex with him. They met next time when she was 14 and she allegedly admitted they had oral sex. Alyona used to hang out with him when she was already adult and posted a lot of photos of them in a hotel but she admitted that she did met him while she was underage on her insta. She just didn't say anything on sex but maybe she was talking of it somewhere on vk or chatted with someone.

No. 1150580


>return to kindness

He can do whatever he likes in jail for the rest of his life.

No. 1150635

going through the entire thread and uhhhh where's the proof…? I have no interest in defending or damning either side but this is the flimsiest witch hunt built on corny instagram posts about [YOUNG GIRLS] and [VAGUE ABUSE] I've seen yet.

No. 1150642

>where's the proof
>dozens of mainstream public figures come out confirming or sharing their own abuse experiences with Marilyn in the past day

What do you want, a 4k video of each incident?

No. 1150649

She also procures girls for Till Lindemann

No. 1150652

Sage for long post but from what i've seen, it all has rather opposite effect. People are more prone to take Manson's site, not only his fans. General public seems to be only aware of Evan's accusations while they have no idea about countless others. Most people came to conclusion it's Evan Rachel Wood's private vendetta against Manson to ruin his career and that Manson is poor innocent cutie and by the way, he was for years with his beautiful loved wife Lindsay, how did he get time to commit such crimes when he was with his beloved girlfriend? How could he be racist when he loves rap? How is he violent when Rose never criticized him? That's what most of people think. Manson's fans know nothing about Lindsay's position in all this or the extent of Manson's side chicks in the timeline.

I can't fight the feeling that Lolcow is much more informed on everything than anyone else, i mean general public and Manson fans. I'm sure nobody wants an army of whiteknights here, so it's not possible to show this thread to everyone. Also it's literally 7 long threads. I hope somebody out there is archiving and publishing these victim stories, as well as proofs of Lindsay being tangled in this as well cause people outside think it's only Evan + 2 random nonexistent chicks when in fact it's how much of them, 10, 15? More? They compare it to Columbine blaming etc. News sites aren't helpful either, unfortunately it might all end up as "lame actress wants more fame so she makes an abuse claim" storyline in people's eyes. Maybe Edwin makes next video

Problem is people won't believe unless victims show everything videotaped or whatever and they probably don't have videos cause how could they?

No. 1150665

There are so many better musicians doing the SS aesthetics thing that are full of poc/with decent politics would u wanna stan an edgy dad rock band if that’s what you’re into in the first place

No. 1150680

I don't think anyone would qualify ERW as a "lame actress". She has had (and still does enjoy) success in her own right with Westworld and other stuff. That's the general feeling you get from reading articles in mainstream media.

However, I agree the general public would not see more than the tip of the iceberg. Without being a fan, I did listen to MM occasionally and I had no idea about any of that until finding this specific thread, just by chance (and I'm a longtime lolcow reader). I suppose most people have no reason to be aware of the extent of the allegations against him.

For the rest, if there is an investigation…it does not matter whether people archive things or not. If the testimonies we have read are accurate - and it would appear, they corroborate each other and are consistent across victims - Warner has incriminated himself with taking videos and pictures of several of his victims without consent. Even if he deleted them, you can be confident law enforcement or the FBI will retrieve every file and data he thinks he obliterated.
What we need to see now is whether such an investigation will take place. Might be too late for ERW and others, but might not be for any other younger, most recent victims he might have assaulted.

No. 1150710

There are interviews where he personally humble brags about some of the abusive shit he would do. Check out his Spin 2009 interview.

No. 1150714

File: 1612366086610.jpg (407.68 KB, 1080x1602, 20210203_152640.jpg)

Found on CDAN. 1/3

No. 1150715

File: 1612366115454.jpg (276.87 KB, 1080x1079, 20210203_152655.jpg)

No. 1150719

I mean that's what Manson fans and others say. They know she's on Westworld but for some reason people say she's lame and not famous cause she's not Meryl Streep level or whatever

You're right but i hope at least FBI takes it seriously and finds anything. Remember how he boasted about that film Groupie he did in 1996, how it was oh so illegal and can't be released cause he would go to jail? Wonder what happened to that one. He's been bragging violent acts all the time yet everyone's surprised lol

Damn there's more and more people speaking against him, even record labels people but that's not enough for others. A few years ago people would believe it but now they say Evan is Gone Girl. As if it was only about her and not countless other girls waiting to get some justice

No. 1150721

File: 1612366234597.jpg (165.03 KB, 1080x826, 20210203_152708.jpg)


There are a few other comments from her on the post. Idk if this person has been brought up here.

No. 1150782

Thanks for posting, anon. That's extremely disturbing to read.

No. 1150785

File: 1612370895185.jpeg (210.33 KB, 828x1467, F0DDF26D-09E1-4045-A0F2-81D3B5…)

It’s all coming out now. He IS a pedophile.

No. 1150788

I don’t think you understand what pedophilia is. It’s an attraction to PRE-pubescent children. Not teens under 18. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still gross and wrong that a grown man wants to have sex with 16 year olds but that’s not a pedo.

No. 1150790

File: 1612371202883.jpg (630.26 KB, 1920x2800, PhotoCollage_20210203_17534819…)

Courtney Love is still defending him with her private account.

No. 1150791

Honestly, I didn’t want to believe Dawn, but looks like she really knew along. I’m completely horrified by this.

No. 1150794

there's literaly screenshots of him hitting on 13 years old kids, he's still a fucking paedo. stop derailing and defending a creep.

No. 1150797

>They said she used to brag about her experience with manson and that they first met when she was 12 and he tried to get her to have sex with him. They met next time when she was 14 and she allegedly admitted they had oral sex.
Not surprising. The anons who have been spending all these threads claiming he's not a pedophile and that he only likes children "for aesthetic purposes" are fucking delusional.

No. 1150798

he said one of the young girls had a pussy as tight as a 10 year old? do the semantics really fucking matter at this point? hes clearly pushing pedophillic boundaries.

No. 1150801

I was going to say just that. What the f is an example of non-creepy "aesthetic purpose" use of children pictures or whatever? What in the heck??
13 is prepubescent in my book.
Regardless of the semantic, this is vile. Disgusting.

No. 1150802

I already believed it, he’s proven himself to be degenerate scum. However, thinking back to the “tight as a 10 year old” comment makes me even more sick to my stomach now.

No. 1150807

I hope there will be evidence.

No. 1150808

File: 1612372241027.jpeg (607.27 KB, 1242x1401, BE6E75E4-B2B9-4AE7-902D-01BE82…)

Ok there’s so many of these spazz testimonials popping up claiming that Manson was using Kik to groom minors, but it’s really sounds like there was just some Manson impersonator tricking a bunch of naive and/or mentally ill teens into thinking it was really him. But tbh he’s so pathetic it is possible he really did use Kik to talk to kids. I want a cyber forensic team to get to the bottom of this lol.

No. 1150809

That comment instantly reminded me of this scene. "Ass like a 10 year old boy" (0:39).
Remembering that he was creeping on that kid from The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things (both in the film and in that video of the afterparty), he gets creepier and creeper.

No. 1150838

Considering the strides he’s taken to stalk through sock puppet accounts (let alone what he would do to fuck fans before even MySpace was a thing) it really wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. He’s insanely narcissistic and obsessive. All he had to do was adjust his methods after the advent of social media.

No. 1150845

>He knew that my relatives are black and that I too share that DNA and would make fun of my race.

>He said many racist and anti-semetic things and laughed at my outrage. He belittled me for listening to “black peoples music.”

>I should also mention, he is an extreme racist. I’m Caucasian, yet, once he told me I looked like a “dirty Mexican whore” and told me I was fat.

If you still support this flaming racist, fuck you.

No. 1150847

File: 1612373788796.jpeg (127.71 KB, 750x1334, 6329D37E-12A8-4921-BD3B-03EACA…)

Evan’s reposting a lot of past articles about him cutting himself and so many girls have mentioned him cutting them and it makes me wonder if all of Lindsays weird scars were caused by him

No. 1150850


god, i loved Courtney love + she actually talked abt fentanyl abuse when a lot of celebs don't

ik it's cognative dissonance + she has called out abusers (Weinstein) but i can't stand it until she geninuely apologizes to the victims/does something somewhat (even if performative) substantial like put money towards sexual abuse victims

She let her daughter around this monster-no wonder Frances has a volatile relationship with her

No. 1150864

Is it an odd ritual for him? To secure she stands by him? getting tattooed is painful. He seems to like that idea of getting hurt as a bonding method. The timing of her tattoo getting retouched is odd and disturbing.
And when will Lindsay be called out too?
She keeps buying bots btw.

No. 1150866

not trying to denounce her statement, but gummo was released in 1997, not 1995 when her story takes place. he would have been on his dead to the world tour during that time, and was definitely famous by then as antichrist superstar had been released around that time.
just found it kind of curious.

No. 1150872

Yes. The correct term is hebephilia but ppl conflate the two all the time.

No. 1150884

She is an absolute trash person, and has always been an absolute trash person. I know this for a fact.

No. 1150891

Looks like they took that girls story down that said the album We are Chaos was about her and the song Blood Honey

No. 1150892

you can cuss on here, anon, it's okay

No. 1150896

Cause the only people who care about the difference are fucking creeps.

"Uhm akshually… it is not pedophilia cause I want to bang a 14 year old instead of an 8 year old".

People like that can fuck off and I will happily call them all pedos.

No. 1150901

If her story is true it sounds like she knew him for a while and it was a continuing situation.
>when I first met him at the 1995 concert
>I was probably 16
>He continued to pursue me until I was about 18

No. 1150905

Colloquially, pedophilia just means attraction to children. Even if 16 isn't considered a child, he's also gone for 12-14 year olds. No one here is trying to do a medical examination of the victims, so what is the relevance of the distinction in this context?
Like, does it change the ethical status of the situation if the 12 year old(s) were starting to hit puberty? If not, what's your point?

No. 1150916

This. There is no difference, because it’s all immoral and fucked up. No point in trying to be “precise”.

No. 1150920

yeah, you're probably right anon. my b

No. 1150921

The point is whether you like it or not we have to be careful with what we accuse him of because of the amount of people defending him and claiming this is a witch hunt and that people are taking his “jokes” too seriously. When you start going off the rails and throwing around words that aren’t pertinent it becomes easy to dismiss and then so do THE ACTUAL VICTIMS. The goal here is to not discredit the people coming forward by making accusations people can easily disprove. Until someone comes forward and says “he fucked me when I was 9” it’s unwise to go around shouting pedophilia. Underage- meaning under 18- yes. Shout about that all you want. I think he’s vile and awful and disgusting and deserves to be in jail- but I’ve seen first hand someone escape justice because others started accusing them of unfounded things- and it cast doubt on the actual accusations, so I’m sensitive to it.

No. 1150929

File: 1612377367193.jpeg (275.24 KB, 1422x811, 3261C2B4-B043-4790-A821-4540C6…)

No. 1150932

Nobody except pedophilic, brain-dead stans who would've defended him regardless is going to take this less seriously because it's "technically hebephilia!!". That's the weakest argument, a lame technicality that changes nothing. It's all abhorrent, and it's all illegal. The word "pedophilia" is absolutely pertinent when we're discussing 12 year olds.
>inb4 you try to talk about the age of consent in Italy like anyone here gives a fuck

No. 1150938

then maybe he shouldnt have made pedophile comments if he didnt want to be accused of being a pedophile kek

No. 1150942

I wanted to add this.
>old man who talked about how someone is "as tight as a ten year old" after already having a history of pursuing minors, has admitted to things that none of his partners feel comfortable publicly speaking of, one for fear of her life (but it apparently wasn't murder he admitted to)
>"What?! How could anyone call this person a pedophile?!"
Make it make sense, lmao.

No. 1150949

File: 1612378220267.jpeg (460.16 KB, 1012x1800, 30D30388-F8F3-4916-9035-3DEE5C…)

Aaron Bird, Lindsay was involved again.

No. 1150959

This is Erica’s boyfriend no? I wish more of the girls would release all the harassment they got from Lindsay over the years. If for no other reason but to completely remove her as a “credible” source to defend Manson.

No. 1151056

No. 1151077

I mean…one of his music videos clearly references lolita (I'm pretty sure this one had Evan rachel wood in it) and his later/post 2000 videos fans said there were hints of this, like he was bragging about it in a way through his vids. So no surprises here. I just hope pharrel williams gets exposed next as he likes them even younger.

No. 1151081

There's no shame in liking younger girls (18+, obviously). It's not about their age. It's about how he groomed and abused them.

No. 1151084

>I just hope pharrel williams gets exposed next as he likes them even younger.
OMG really?? Source?

No. 1151094

Cant tell if you are being deliberately facetious or have somehow misread my post.

No. 1151115

It's just one of many brainlet scrotes lurking this thread and adding their 2 cents without reading shit.

No. 1151117

I can't find that comment regarding Manson anymore. Either I'm dumb or Courtney deleted it.

No. 1151168

File: 1612388762525.jpeg (354.29 KB, 859x1498, 4858FBCA-D2ED-4DF5-9BAF-8272E4…)

Courtney is a hypocrite if she supports him, she witnessed his horrible behavior.


No. 1151176

Yeah, so which is it now, Courtney? It's sad she obviously can't remember the things she said about him back then. I wonder why she's so far up his ass now. Cause he 'saved' her when she was fucked and on drugs?

No. 1151183

wtf is an enema contest?!

No. 1151187


"Trent Reznor still remembers when is all got out of hand. It all happened one night in '95, in the gothic surrounds of New Orleans' Nothing Studios, a one-time funeral parlor in which Reznor had recorded 1994's "The Downward Spiral". He was there with a little known support act called Marilyn Manson and a group [of extremist "entertainers" called the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, locked in the dead end of Nine Inch Nail's "Self Destruct" tour.

Given that it was the first tour that introduced Marilyn Manson to cocaine, things had already been eventful. For instance, there was Jim Rose's beauty contests in which naked groupies competed to see who could hold an enema in the longest before evacuating into a bowl of breakfast cereal that was consumed by the Circus's penis strongman, Mr. Lifto."


No. 1151190

Fuck Courtney and honestly fuck Dita too. So many are using her to say “well if he’s so bad why is Dita still his friend??” and even if that didn’t happen to her she knows what he’s capable of. I never got a good feeling from her and I bet you a part of her still hates Evan and so she won’t do the right thing and just say yeah, I believe these women.

No. 1151197

How fast do you think that picture of Evan will spread?

No. 1151211

I don’t know but I think it’s insane that Lindsay is still following Leslee. She must not be reading these threads because I’d think she’d want to distance herself from the person she was trying get blackmail against Evan from. Those people are all such a bunch of idiots.

No. 1151213

what picture? I browsed tje thread but I am not sure which one you are referring too

No. 1151216

It probably won't. Leslee's account isn't that big or well known in the community. Even if any media outlets do start covering it, that doesn't discredit her story, even if it does put a black mark on her career.

No. 1151220

No. 1151232

Has Dita said anything yet in support of him or has she just been silent?

No. 1151236

Silent so far, I'm not sure if she will say anything, she's generally been a fairly private person.

No. 1151244

Lindsay's up 3k since yesterday. I don't know why I'm surprised. I thought her last braincell might've been bigger than that.

No. 1151269

I think it’s pretty telling that so far NO ONE has come out in support of him, except for his dumb fans. Even Courtney only defended him in her comments and using her private account that not everyone knows at that. At least Johnny Depp had exes and friends publicly state support for him. Meanwhile even mansons “best friend” Norman Reedus just deletes all pics oh him. Speaks volumes.

No. 1151273

File: 1612395902639.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 94ED2B6A-6AB4-4B77-AF2C-7BDE8E…)

We all forgot about Lexa Vonn. I did, at least.

No. 1151280

Not a word. Quiet as a church mouse, still selling panties and posing with feather fans. I doubt she does, to be honest. I like her, but she has been photographed with both Manson and Lindsay in the last couple of years. So I don't think it would behoove her to say anything and she knows it. But i'd love to be surprised

No. 1151283


"I don't know why people suddenly care"

Miss girl, what? I can't tell what she's getting at with that statement.

No. 1151288

Private person or not, she has a responsibility to state where she stands. I’d also like to hear from Billy Corgan. It’s so cowardly if they don’t at least hint at their stance.

Her mind isn’t all there. But, yeah…wtf.

No. 1151297

Welp, Trent has officially denounced both Manson and that little tidbit in his bullshit "memoir". I remembered him saying that story was bullshit back in like 99', but I guess twitter got ahold of it and decided Trent was also a serial rapist.


No. 1151313


I think she said that because back when she announced that Manson abused her a few years ago, nobody believed her. It went to the court and she was dismissed because she used to sell Manson memorabilia. It was literally the reason, they dismissed her cause they judged she's just trying to get attention so she can make more money on MM sells.
Lexa Vonn was a part of "proffessional groupies" hanging out with Manson throughout the years, she played in some band with early MM spooky kids vibes, they even had female that looked alot like Twiggy. She had a HUGE collection of very rare Manson merch starting from early Spooky Kids days. She was selling it out slowly through the years and she always seemed obsessed about Manson band up until the accusation, so nobody believed her. At that time, what she said seemed so ridiculous that nobody gave her a time of a day to consider this, cause it involved her being tied up, blood ritual/cutting or something and everybody just laughed at that. It seems more believable now

Guess Lexa is bitter that they only want to hear her story now

No. 1151314

Hmmm… idk, Reznor decided to make a music video in Tate's house just for the shock I suppose so Idk how moral Trent really is. He might have just been trying to cover his ass. Or maybe Manson was just trying to be shocking as usual. 50/50

No. 1151316

Typical Trent bullshit though right? He doesn’t say anything regarding the allegations- just I don’t like the dude and everything he said about me is untrue. I bet if people didn’t start spreading rumors about him he wouldn’t even have spoken up.

No. 1151320

I read Manson’s book years ago and a lot of the stories in it came across as fabricated for shock value. If women come forward with actual accusations against Reznor, I’ll take them seriously. But if Manson is the only source? Nah.

No. 1151331


That's where I'm at too. I don't believe shit Manson says about shit.

No. 1151341

Idk about Trent, he might have been similar sleeping around with chicks cocaine guy in the 90's but i don't think anyone came out with news that he's been sleeping with teenage girls yet?
Long Hard Road Out Of Hell shit is one thing (and Manson was in war with Trent at this point cause Manson was jealous that Trent kicked him out of Lost Highway soundtrack session with David Bowie or something) but Manson also claimed they had threesome with Trent and Dita in 2000 i think… (Or was it someone else?) Which i think Trent dismissed a few years back but i might be wrong
Hard to tell if there's any dirt on Trent but i wouldn't believe Manson on anything regarding Trent considering he was fighting with him at the time. Not the best person but even in 90's Trent seemed more normal than Manson. Trent sure won't provide info on Manson past 2000, they stopped talking for good aroud 2003

No. 1151343

Same fag, I wanna add Trent did Starfuckers Inc with Manson in 1999 which was after Long Hard Road out of Hell, 1998. Those allegations are disturbing and I'd want to be 1000 miles away from them, not in the back of a limo with Manson in drag

Fair enough, no women have come out against Reznor… I wouldn't be shocked tho…

No. 1151355

File: 1612399613076.jpeg (197.79 KB, 828x876, BA464B4D-2FEA-4C22-B64A-22D6BF…)

No. 1151358

Well god damn! I’m surprised she said anything.

No. 1151365

Infidelity, drug abuse…… and his horrible temper and breaking the windows in their house and throwing things at her

No. 1151374

She's not really siding with anyone here lol. Simply saving her ass by saying "well gee, that wasn't my experience."

No. 1151379

I'm almost positive nothing will come of this.

No. 1151389

She's in an awful spot: defend her trash ex and past choices or agree with the girl he cheated on her with.

I personally would prefer silence than such a bullshit non-statement TBH.

No. 1151412

for what its worth, trent was still an addict at the time and didnt get sober until 2001. so

No. 1151417

I’m with you unfortunately. I imagine this will be more of an Alexander Wang situation where everyone just ignores it and moves on than a Harvey Weinstein situation. I hope I’m wrong.

No. 1151420

What you mean? So far there’s already a lot coming out of this. At least I think… I think it’s going to turn into a Harvey Weinstein situation.

No. 1151425

I was part of that group of hers in 2008-2014. Can confirm Lexa/Yvonne was full of shit. She said he talked to her thru billboards and street signs. She needs help.

No. 1151429

Good point. Trent was pretty high in 1999

No. 1151435

It’s pointless that she’s even saying anything. She’s already had her case looked at and it got dismissed because there wasn’t sufficient evidence. Case closed.

No. 1151441

Anyone see Evan's latest stories? Rolling Stone is CANCELLED. Page Six is CANCELLED. Perez Hilton is CANCELLED. Madonna Wayne Gacy is a white supremacist who is also CANCELLED

No. 1151443

File: 1612404777579.png (Spoiler Image, 93.4 KB, 1877x246, yuck.png)

Ty anon.
I made the mistake of looking up the pol board and there is a thread supporting him and saying nasty things about his victims. Theres also gross detailed stories about what he did which some may know but is pic related, warning its gross.

No. 1151454

Bier was never not cancelled. Kek.

No. 1151456

Something already did come of this. Loma Vista and the CAA dropped him. If you think he’s making a comeback after 12+ women accused him of abuse you’re delusional.

I was a fan when Lexa made her allegations can confirm she’s a strange one. One one hand her abuse allegation is consistent (being cut with a knife) with other victims but on the other hand she does seem to have mental health issues.

Cancelled? She pointed out how the media enabled his behavior and victim blamed when she was with Manson.

No. 1151457

Whether she had mental health issues is besides the point. She didn’t have enough evidence to back up her claim.

No. 1151460

I think girls with obvious mental health issues are very easy targets for abusers and they get written off for being crazy.

They don't even prosecute non-famous rapists that often. Only 25% of victims even report it, and few of those reports end in a conviction.

No. 1151469

I don’t know who that is.
I guess that depends on what kind of mental health issue. Was she off the wall, seeing people that aren’t there kind? Or…? Not all can be categorized the same.
But I do think people who idolize celebrities or rockstars aren’t that intelligent.

No. 1151477

She thought he was communicating with her through billboards and signs. She did have proof that she knew him, but she's never been a credible source. Whatever went on between them is debatable.

No. 1151478

Is Lindsay just never going to be allowed to talk again? I’m kind of surprised she hasn’t made a “my beautiful partner would never do these things” statement yet. What a fucked up situation she’s gotten herself in here.

No. 1151485

File: 1612407697869.jpeg (53.01 KB, 758x570, 9F2ED5E4-E2B7-44F9-8209-B060D8…)

It seems she did know him.

No. 1151494

His representatives probably won't let her lie about it. That's most likely why his management wouldn't let him blatantly say that he didn't do it, because they didn't want him to look worse when evidence was released to the public. And she's been involved in his abuse for 10+ years. It's probably a good idea for her to just keep her mouth shut.

No. 1151528

Linds, gotta say, gonna miss the out of focus pictures of flowers and cats.

No. 1151549

Ot, nta
Wait a minute. Marilyn Manson is 52??
All this time, I really thought that he was an edgy senior citizen. Dang. Evil doesn't age well.

No. 1151557

Lol that Lindsay took “@shopcete” out of her bio and has unfollowed 21 people. It’s gotta be ugggggly behind the scenes.

No. 1151588

File: 1612414538741.png (306.73 KB, 1280x1024, 1.png)

No. 1151589

File: 1612414561203.png (277.81 KB, 490x600, 2.png)

No. 1151590

File: 1612414611389.png (277.68 KB, 528x606, 3.png)

No. 1151591

File: 1612414656762.png (235.01 KB, 482x601, 4.png)

No. 1151592

File: 1612414704406.png (118.07 KB, 586x598, 5.png)

No. 1151598

Wonder if the drug she's talking about could be scopolamine?

No. 1151601

I'm not usually one for victim blaming but that last one seems almost fabricated

No. 1151605

Yeah, the two anonymous accounts posted to mansonisabusive seem almost like fanfiction written by Dawn. There's all sorts of weirdos.

No. 1151608

File: 1612416492494.png (128.04 KB, 796x868, Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 12.2…)

This was just posted on Page Six. Not a whole lot of information but wonder what it's all about?

No. 1151609

From The Sun:

According to onlookers on the scene, police showed up due to reports of an alleged loud party - though it was not originally clear if the bash was being held at Marilyn's mansion or his neighbor's.

However, the original call was made to Marilyn's North Hollywood address, cops confirmed to The Sun.

An eyewitness revealed that police originally repeatedly knocked on the 52-year-old rocker's door, but no one answered.

Officers then rang the doorbell of Marilyn's neighbors who appeared to have been involved with the party being reported.

This is just the media having a field day with it at this point

No. 1151611

Is he for real having a party? For what, pedo reveal?

Or is it just his lawyers making a ruckus?

No. 1151617

>a disturbing incident

Some anon just posted not too long ago on here about someone reporting him to the LA police. I wonder whatever they reported if it has to do that.

No. 1151618

If she provides proof I’ll believe her.

The police just responded to his home for a welfare check. Published 22 minutes ago.


No. 1151619

The person taking the video says the heard someone in the house shouting that they want to leave and that someone wouldn’t let them

No. 1151620

Lmao about the pedo reveal.
Tbqh fuck the anon who keeps sperging about how preying on minors isn‘t pedo. And fuck the anon picking on jasmine, as if young fans aren‘t gullible and easily exploited. Fuck courtney love and dita for obvious reasons. i‘m sure dita knows what‘s going on, if she can‘t take the side of the victims because she is still salty about being cheated on, she can go fuck herself. Fuck you all.

No. 1151621

Oh no, Lindsay's in the bad girl room!

No. 1151622

Those who still defend him by saying that these girls should've known better fail to realise that plenty of them were minors when these things happened and that MM was the adult who should've never given into that sort of thing. Therefore he should bear all the consequences imo.

No. 1151624

Honeslty, women can be literal prostitutes, drug addicts, mentally ill, deranged groupies, whatever.

There is a limit to what you can do to another human being, you always need enthusiastic consent, and if it's some crazy deranged shit that could lead to criminal charges, you still shouldn't do it. It's messed up to get so violent and cruel with another person.

No. 1151625

LMAO Good one.

There’s some crazy shit going down in that mansion. I wonder who it is they won’t let leave.

No. 1151626

I’m legit scared for Lindsay. He’s batshit crazy and with the current recent events, probably capable of anything.

No. 1151628

exactly. the scumbag in question is like a decade older if not her dad‘s age, how is the girl supposed to outwit him? this kind of bs can only come from someone who was never exposed to abuse.

No. 1151632

Yeah. She's an accomplice, but I have a feeling that he knocks her about more than the rest of them combined.

No. 1151633

Can someone from LA check out what‘s going on? Because we need 4k video of the deed, otherwise retardchan will tell us shit never happened LOL. If MM chooses to suicide out of this mess I want my first row seat.

No. 1151637

Do not post addresses.

No. 1151639

No. 1151641

Which one of these can we listen to? https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/201

No. 1151644

One of the (now deleted) anonymous stories posted on @mansonisabusive's page said that he idealized suicide and constantly talked about killing himself and how they should kill themselves too. But I honestly doubt that he has the balls to kill himself. Lindsay's probably in trouble. I can't feel sorry for her. She had multiple chances to leave and she didn't, even when he actively tried to get rid of her. He obviously shouldn't be doing what he probably is, but she's at fault for staying. I know it's hard to leave abusive relationships, but it's been 10+ years. Move on.

No. 1151645

Yeah but I think she’s just not as smart/strong/stable as the other ones. They all said he tried to control them, isolate them, and for some of them it worked for a while. I think Lindsay was just the right amount of fucked up to become truly brainwashed- hence going along with everything. He tells all these girls they’re nothing without him and unfortunately I think she’s the one who really believes it. To be clear I am NOT excusing the fucked up shit she’s done. I think she’s a legit garbage person. But I do feel sorry that his abuse worked SO well on her that she’ll probably never leave.

No. 1151646

She probably had delusions about struggle love, partners in crime, fighting for her man and getting married like it was a prise for all the suffering. Idiot girl. Now she's actually complicit in crimes.

I hope neither of them off themselves and he doesn't do anything to her. They deserve to face the repercussions of their actions and I hope that after they're done serving time they can get psychiatric help.

No. 1151651

>The person taking the video says the heard someone in the house shouting that they want to leave and that someone wouldn’t let them.

Maybe she finally came to her senses? But only now, after the abuse allegations resurfaced and Evan named him and she knows that it's time for her to pay her pound of flesh. If she did what she's being accused of (and we all know she did, judging by her history), she doesn't deserve to leave. She deserves to be punished, just like he does.

No. 1151653

Who knows honestly. His ego and pride seem huge and he's constantly drunk and drugged out. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up killing himself (or possibly considers a death pact with Linday) in case the FBI is serious about this and he doesn't have enough hush money to get out of it.

No. 1151655

Didn't Lisdsay already try to kill herself before?

At this rate it wouldn't be surprising if MM tried to off himself or murders.

What more has he to lose? He will know what has came to light is too much to cover!

No. 1151658

Damn, this would make an excellent Lifetime movie with Nicholas Cage.

No. 1151659

No idea north hollywood?

No. 1151661

Lol I can already see the headlines " Nicholas Cage to star in movie depicting MM's tragic life story"

No. 1151662


>stupid joke about stealing something else than the declaration

>manson with his hand stuck in a 10 year old

No. 1151664

Let's call it… Mr. Rockstar

And we start off with footage of obese Manson eating birthday cake and Lindsay wiping his mouth.

Hollywood, you there? I demand 10 grand for this idea.

No. 1151665

File: 1612421673766.jpeg (61.62 KB, 625x390, 0DAC431D-9603-4972-9301-837120…)

it‘s for research purposes, i swear

No. 1151668

File: 1612421850561.jpeg (54.47 KB, 600x450, 1CE57EC1-3C59-47D2-A6E9-80FE9A…)

How are they not the same person? I wouldn‘t even know which one is Nicolas Cage if not for the make-up.

No. 1151669

No. 1151670

Mortifing the paparazzi on the tmz video telling the cops they heard someone shouting they wanted to leave (mm's house) wtf is going on there!!!!

No. 1151671

Did they actually check after that guy told them that? Maybe they need to be doing a welfare check on Lindsay.

No. 1151676

it‘s the woman in his special play room, kek
seriously the cops need to check on him and lindsey for real and not being chased off by some pa.

No. 1151677

No idea, as far as the video shows, no, the cop was like, ah! :S(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1151680

He's probably just high out of his mind