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File: 1665594845697.jpg (181.24 KB, 1500x1500, ohno.jpg)

No. 1673641

-A community of people that identify as being disabled while being able-bodied
- Many fetishize the idea of being disabled
-Use unneeded canes and wheelchairs to fulfill their desires
- Others fight for the right for elective surgery to reach their desired disability
- Community is sprinkled with troons, usually men who get off on the idea of being crippled girls.

-Some people with BIID may actually have a mental or neurological disorder, where they feel as if their limbs shouldn't be there. This may be different than those who “identify as disabled”

Links: https://www.reddit.com/r/biid/

No. 1673647

oh lord. kind of hoping there’s not enough milk on this to justify a thread but I’ll stay posted

No. 1673664

Please let this be a joke… noone can be like this.

No. 1673675

File: 1665597184939.jpg (57.99 KB, 627x377, Jewel-Shuping-blind-desk.jpg)

>For most people, going blind would be a nightmare, but for Jewel Shuping it was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream
From 2015 but it was viral when it came out. Crazy woman poured drain cleaner in her eyes. Sorry, I still don't know how to embed youtube.

No. 1673692

Am I considered transabled if I was born normal but didn’t become a seizing spaz until much later in life

No. 1673693

Is this a new term for Munchie? I thought there was some rule about the munchausen threads not being allowed because it attracts other munchie freaks.

Muh DID and muh EDS

No. 1673703

Wait how the fuck did she find a psychologist who did this for her?

No. 1673705

There's a subtle but sharp distinction - munchies pretend to be sick while transabled admit that they're not sick but aspire to be, and as OP mentioned there may be an actual neurological disorder involved for at least some of them. Munchies are much more fun because they're dramatic as fuck, but it'll be interesting to see where this goes

No. 1673739

Do people like pixilocks who pretend/convinced themselves they have DID and autism count as transabled or is it just for physical disabilities?

No. 1673856

I've read somewhere that like 1 in 5 transes have BIID or vice versa (don't remember the exact figures but it was something absurdly high)

No. 1673882

File: 1665609678604.jpg (59.25 KB, 660x332, 458214.jpg)

No. 1673887

This level of retardation should be grounds for euthanasia

No. 1673889

This person sounds like they'd really benefit from a combo of getting a fucking hobby and doing lots of strenuous exercise or work.

No. 1673890

File: 1665610460675.png (Spoiler Image, 114.89 KB, 500x503, 10-minutes-ago-224223992-22422…)

No. 1673892

Ah yes, the "i want to make my life hard for no fucking reason" kind of retard

No. 1673901

It has to be for attention/care right? Unless it's an actual mental thing like described in OP, it has to be people thinking they will be cared for by others/seen as heroes or survivors (kind of like munchies?) Or else it's a sexual thing (and given that it's mostly men doing it, I'm sure it's a fetish too). Anyway I'm interested kek I'll be scouring the reddit today.

No. 1673910

File: 1665611351271.jpg (443.09 KB, 1762x856, bid.jpg)

>for no fucking reason
It's a fetish

Obviously they are using liberal talking points to normalize this.

No. 1673927

It's a hoax.
>He explained that he worked with dry ice and used it after a busy day because he didn’t have regular ice packs ready at the moment. It would have a powerful effect. He’d been overworked and slept through the harm.

No. 1673936

I read about that too! There seems to be a lot of crossover between the extreme body mod community, trans types, and BIID shit.

No. 1673937

File: 1665612593663.jpg (65.55 KB, 995x512, biid.jpg)

It's a fetish.

No. 1673939

File: 1665612647720.png (193.01 KB, 1444x984, nextfetishplease.png)

This one's so obviously a LARP it's hilarious. Claims to be a female with congenital missing legs and hangs who then developed bonecancer that led to more amputations. "LeglessSara" claims seven days ago that she just found out about BIID, but in an "Update" from nine months ago she already states her interest in talking to people with BIID. "She" also has a "GF", a foot fetish, and is interested in roleplaying as a body pillow because her estrogen cream makes her horny (but no pics, stop asking you dirty boys!!). Big keks

No. 1673944

yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve read research studies that came to the same conclusion but it’s been awhile.

No. 1673947

How is it a hoax?

No. 1673951

File: 1665613095142.jpg (225.33 KB, 966x732, amputeefemboy.jpg)

No. 1673952

he didn't do it on purpose

No. 1673961

Do you have his username? I don't believe someone could fall asleep with their hands in dry ice even if they worked for three days straight. It hurts to touch it barehanded and can cause frostbite in seconds.

No. 1673973

File: 1665613915906.jpg (209.07 KB, 1115x813, ice.jpg)

I'm pretty sure it was on purpose. The dry ice amputation method is well known in the community.

No. 1673990

He took too many sleeping pills and never said anything about wanting paws before the accident.

No. 1673994

TBH I’ll never believe this was unintentional without indisputable proof.

No. 1673999

File: 1665615392707.jpg (70.27 KB, 886x346, 5482.jpg)

No. 1674005

File: 1665615976816.jpg (110.08 KB, 917x369, biid.jpg)

No. 1674012

File: 1665616659250.png (54.13 KB, 719x377, Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 7.16…)

Not sure how relevant,but this was passed around in GC spaces for years


No. 1674032

>In 1977 the Johns Hopkins psychologist John Money published the first modern case history of what he termed "apotemnophilia"—an attraction to the idea of being an amputee
Of course he did

No. 1674125

File: 1665625947620.jpeg (247.12 KB, 605x1279, 6CC0256D-FA6D-4824-A1BF-AF5D0F…)

Kek, there's plenty of Larpers in that sub. One of them who was my short-term personal cow was u/AmandaElwood on Reddit.
Basically "she" (he) (is actually a Troon) claimed that he was a 20 year old British girl (is actually in his 30s/40s) who has BIID and wanted both legs amputated. A few days later he posted again, claiming that he found a surgeon to do the amputation. And then for the grand finale, posted about how he's looking for post-amputation job opportunities and contemplating doing porn and onlyfans (lol)
He also made an Instagram account @amandaellwoodgal where he made posts begging for donations and posted numerous "selfies", all of which were stolen from random girls and DeviantArt amputee fetish pages.
Eventually he got exposed after accidentally linking a PayPal account that had his real name and picture on it, so he deleted the Instagram and some of his Reddit posts. (I have screenshots of the deleted Instagram posts, I'll look for them)
Many people suspected the fake long before he was exposed though. Also kek at the roleplay posts in his post history.

No. 1674126

File: 1665625972405.jpeg (60.34 KB, 577x250, 9E76119E-5323-4E40-8F5B-6B4D46…)

No. 1674127

File: 1665626063133.jpeg (33.06 KB, 578x153, 151E1CD8-DB7A-4BE2-A85A-4B4907…)

No. 1674130

Oh god. Fuck no. How do I just know everyone on this thread is going to be a horrorcow?

No. 1674131

File: 1665626180275.jpeg (73.65 KB, 577x252, 7FE29DAC-1DC2-44D0-9698-4D94C0…)

No. 1674133

File: 1665626281610.jpeg (269.3 KB, 674x1059, E1E48B58-7096-45F9-9854-B2192A…)

No. 1674145


It's hilarious that these transabled people are more valid than transgender. If you smash you legs with a hammer you can legit become disabled. But pervy men will never be anime girls no matter how hard they convince themselves.

No. 1674152

If he wasn't a furry I would maybe believe he was just a retarded and it was a drugged out accident, but idk with these paraphilias anymore.

No. 1674184

File: 1665630603427.jpg (853.84 KB, 1991x1748, Untitled.jpg)

interesting how so many of them want the leg amputation. of course they realize how important arms/hands are and how they also wouldn't be able to use the internet as easily but if they can get rid of their legs they can be a useless piece of lard who gets sympathy points and is "helpless" while still being able to enjoy their hobbies (none of which involve moving, going outside etc)

i dont know of any outwardly transabled people but i do know of this munchie tard who refuses to walk and has atrophied her leg muscles due to getting fat and only using wheelchairs. it feels like the same thing

No. 1674219

It's an agp thing isn't it? They want to become the amputee girls they fap to

No. 1674224

There was an infamous “creepy website” that people talked about I’ll have to try and find sometime. The whole site was about a woman obsessed with having these really specific hooks she wanted to get for her amputated hands. Including a bunch of reference pictures and “beautiful amputees she wanted to look like” and how her husband was so on board.
Read like some autistic faggot moid’s fantasy, I found nothing creepy about it. The site is from like, the 90s. They’ve been at it for awhile.

No. 1674227

Probably the same losers who played Katawa Shojo, the dating sim about disabled girls.

No. 1674228

File: 1665636760197.jpeg (379.06 KB, 750x1225, 6B3AC866-F70F-41CE-9446-D629CC…)

No. 1674232

File: 1665637280875.jpeg (257.64 KB, 430x645, 23254F6C-10FA-43D2-8265-B41D2F…)

There’s also this fucking retard some people think might be the hook site guy since he goes on about myopia. He has a fetish for giant glasses??? He has been making these edits and writing about it for years. Men are catastrophically stupid

No. 1674305

If trans people can only have their dysphoria alleviated through surgery and validation, why would these people be any different? Insurance should pay for their amputations!

No. 1674374

I mean, mental retardation is a disability

No. 1674375

Trueee. Socialized cosmetic amputation now!

No. 1674463

>'dysphoria is more painful than limb loss'
god grant me the strength to stop myself from alogging, amen

No. 1674740

Sorry for insane terminally online rant, as these things do not come up in my everyday life and will never affect me. But I would genuinely like to see an argument on how these wannabe amputees are any different from trans people. They both have some sort of dysphoria about how their body looks and how society perceives them. Both want their healthy body parts cut off. That's it. If one is considered a mental illness/fetish then the other should be as well.

No. 1674807

> on the one hand
ba dum tss

No. 1674977

Fucking google it moid there are written articles about it. Stop sperging to your own fucking posts if you're so terminally online

No. 1675128

nayrt but name one argument you can use for one that you can't for the other.
she's right, it's the same shit

No. 1675645

https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2000/12/a-new-way-to-be-mad/304671/ is a good article on the topic (of amputee fetishism) which also brings up AGP. It was written in 2000 and certainly could not be written today.

No. 1676445

Transabled people are more valid imo because you can actually become disabled if you hack your own legs off. No amount of surgery or hormones can turn a man into a girl.

No. 1677659

Also they've proved themselves to be retarded to the level that qualifies them for disability.

No. 1682171

File: 1666538320596.jpg (38.97 KB, 640x569, x7p44245h2d91.jpg)

No. 1682172

File: 1666538354685.jpg (104.79 KB, 640x1005, moqtruedm3b91.jpg)

No. 1692809

File: 1667503158189.png (366.45 KB, 696x392, Untitled-design-89-696x392.png)

From REDUXX: Norwegian Man Now Identifies as a Disabled Woman, Uses Wheelchair “Almost All The Time”

A man in Norway is sparking outrage on social media after he was sympathetically interviewed about his decision to begin identifying as a disabled woman.

On October 28, Good Morning Norway (God Morgen Norge, GMN) aired an interview with Jørund Viktoria Alme, 53, an able-bodied male who now identifies as a disabled woman. In the interview, Alme stated that he had always wished he had been born a woman who was paralyzed from the waist down.

Alme, a senior credit analyst for Handelsbanken in Oslo, has received positive coverage in Norwegian media since he first announced his trans-disability publicly on Facebook in 2020. He has given several interviews, often alongside his wife, Agnes Mjålseth.

Despite having no physical handicaps, Alme currently utilizes a wheelchair “almost all the time.”


No. 1692909

Intersectional retardation or just a thinly veiled fetish?

No. 1692962

I can't believe it's real. It's so disgusting, knowing how men abuse disabled women because they know they can get away with it easily.

No. 1693002

>lolis on the flag
ofc it’s made by a troon

No. 1693026

men's sexuality is so twisted and depraved, i refuse to believe men are human

No. 1693199

I'm willing to bet that venn diagram the men* who want to be amputees and those who look at amputee porn on the regular is just a circle. Become your own perfect amputee girlfriend.

*I know some women like blind-lady up there have BIID. Women seem to be the minority though.

No. 1693205

Why the fuck would someone take sleeping pills before holding their hands in dry ice?

No. 1693211

I have legit disabled rage at this. God I fucking wish I could choose to not need a fucking wheelchair some days. This "fluid" identity is flat out insulting, at least commit to the lifestyle you so desperately want instead of leaping out of the wheelchair for the stuff you want to do. Because "disabledfluid" it's not a fucking 'identity', it's a get-out-clause.

No. 1693389

Nonnerinos spoonfed me pls I'm confused at the drawing, how is having a broken arm a disability?

No. 1693535

The point of the fetish is incapacity, sort of like the point of the agp fetish is degradation. A broken arm is enough to incapacitate you, and therefore enough for some of these freaks to get their rocks off.
As for how it’s a disability, I’m no disability expert, but Ill do my best: incapacity fetish = pure retardation and retardation = disability

No. 1693651

Can someone explain how these supposed fingerless or handless people manage to type and browse Reddit all day?

No. 1693740

File: 1667590002489.jpg (177.44 KB, 615x755, ohno.jpg)

sage for not really milk but this particular excerpt is… a lot.

No. 1693820

Plenty of other ways. Voice to text, holding a stylus in their mouth, tapping with their nose and maybe even nub if they manage enough precision.

No. 1693946

Thx nonna, didn't know this. I wonder if any actually take the larp this far.

No. 1694928

File: 1667692964753.png (699.33 KB, 1920x1080, 50fa30c243560f493f54639b5bd600…)

Now this is tinfoil, but I wonder if this is the seed for society adopting transhumanist beliefs. Fist with transgenderism, then a lenient society where no one "kink shames". I fear there will be people chopping off healthy limbs to get shitty cybernetic implants for the ~*aesthetic*~(not the tinfoil thread)

No. 1695512

File: 1667771040782.jpeg (674.77 KB, 1262x1879, 0745A25D-F669-4BE1-B4EF-98D9B6…)

Pray for this poor moid’s handmaiden…

No. 1695514

File: 1667771173883.jpeg (701.77 KB, 1228x1248, 5609A2D3-5B75-470A-8296-B952D2…)

These people can seriously 41%

No. 1695966

His girlfriend? You wouldn't know her, she goes to a different school.

No. 1698480

File: 1668269075080.gif (1.49 MB, 320x240, 0AIb2c.gif)

I hate this new world so much

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